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Title: Indian War Claims (Indian War of 1855-causes; hostilities; Everglades; abstract titles to state land):
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Title: Indian War Claims (Indian War of 1855-causes; hostilities; Everglades; abstract titles to state land):
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Subject: Jennings, William Sherman, 1863-1920.
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Memoranda Indec.


IIT RE S. I. WAILES' CLAIM - - - - - -

INDIAN WAR 1855 --- Cause - - - -- - -


INDIAN HOSTILITIES - - - - - - - --

EVERGADES - - - - - - - - - -










1 . *: -

7 ?.'' V.


Memoranda Index. PAGE.

Names of railroad companies. Statement acreage of
lands conveyed to each - - - - -- - - -- 1
Acreage approved by U. S. to railroads under Act 1856 - 1
Lands conveyed to Dickinson for coupons Fla. R. R. Co.
prior to 1866 - - - - - - - - - -- 2
Lands conveyed to Jackson for coupons Fla. Atlantic Gulf
Central railroad company - - - - - -- 2
Sale to Hamilton Disston 1881 - - - - - - 2
Proceeds Disston sale one million dollars used to pay
coupons and interest on bonds of railroads guaranteed by
the Trustees, Act 1855 - - - - - - - - - 2
Statement showing status of Swamp and overflow lands,1903- 3
Lands claimed by railroads, etc. with date of legislative
Act- -- -- --- 3
Excess of claims under legislative acts prior to 1893 over
lands on hand 585,339.77 - - - -- - - - 3
Other indefinite claims under legislative Acts - - - 4

Wailes' communication to the Trustees 1877 asking for
commission - - - - - - - - - - - 5
Wailes' commission by Gov. Drew, Oct. 30, 1877 - - - 5
Wailes' communication with proposition for 20$ of all
amounts collected 1878 - - - - - - -- 6
Resolution fixing compensation for Wailes' services be=
fore Department of Interior, 204, 1S78 - - - - - 6
For selecting swamp lands prior to 1861; Wailes' to re=
ceive 8 - - - - - - - - - - - -- 7
For procuring approval and confirmation swamp lands since
1861, Trustees to pay reasonable compensation to Wailes -- 7
Wailes asking Trustees to name compensation for procur=
ing patents. Board fixed same at 2 $ per acre, 1878-- - 7
Communication from Wailes relative to services of Dennis,
Chas. Pomeroy, R.G. & E. G. Ingersol and Coryell. Wailes
was authorized to adjust and settle the claim not to ex=
ceed 10% of all lands, 58000 acres, so patented - - 8
Wailes' letter 1879 claiming to have prepared lists for
3,382,358 acres ---- - - - - -- 9
Resolution of Trustees authorizing Wailes to enter lands
of the value of $17,917.50 under contract 1878 ---- 9
Wailes' request for compensation under contract 1878 pro=
curing patents 2,817.662 acres at 2$ per acre $56,393.024,
granted - - - - - - - - - - 9
Wailes claim 20% contract 6, 162-* acres, granted 11
Wailes' claim for services under 20% contract 4,658.71
acres, granted - - - -- - -- - - - 10
Wailes claim for compensation in Pomeroy settlement (8;)
17,141 acres, granted him - - - - - - 12
Wailes' claim for compensation,20b contract,
1,892 acres, granted - - - - - - - - -- 12
Wailes appointed agent to test ruling of Interior Depart=
ment, compensation fixed 2$ per acre - - - - - 12
Wailes claim for compensation (8/ contarcti,
1,956 acres, granted - - - - - - - - 13
Wailes' claim for compensation, 20/ contract, Pala=
tka Military Resrevation, 1,013 acres, granted - - - 13
Letter from Beard on behalf of Wailes, 1882 - - - 14


Wailes' resignation as the agent of the State before the
Department of the interior - - - - - - 15
Resolution defining Wailes' authority and future compen=
station sames as former contract - - - - - - -- 15
Wailes' compensation amounting in value to $43,452
paid in lands. Letter of Secretary - - - - - 16
Wailes' application for authority to represent Trustees
denied, 1890 - -- - - - - -- - - -- - 18

iNDIAN WAR 1855.
=m= ==B=====tt==t=
Cause of the War.
Legislature of 1853 directed removal of Indians - - 19
Appropriation of $50,000 for expenses of war. Author=
sized the Governor to borrow money - - - - - -- 19
Gov. Broome attempted to raise brigade 1853 - - - -- 19
Report of Committee on Indian Affairs. Gov.'s message -- 20
Hostilities begun by attacking Lieut. Hartsuff Caloosa=
hatchee - - ------ - - - -- 21
Report of first hostilities to Gov. Broome Dec.23,1855- -- 22
Reported to Washington Jan. 7, 1856 - - - - -- --- 23
Gov. Proome tenders troops to the Secretary of War, 1856-- 23
Gen. Jesse Carter tendered to the U. S. Companies of Ken=
drick, Durrance and Lesley - - - - - - - -- 24
Gen. Jesse Carter appointed confidential agent - - - 24
Gen. Jesse Carter ordered to raise five companies of
mounted men - - - - - - - - - - - -- 25
Hon. Jeff. Davis,Sec. of War,to Gov. Broome refers to new
campaign - - - - - - - - - - - -- 25
Gen. Jesse Carter reported to Gov. Broome certain com=
panies mustered out of State service and into U.S. ser=
vice 1856 -- - - - - - - --- 26
Second attack April 1, 1856, Dr. Braiden on Manatee River- 27
Companies and dates of service - - - - - -- 29
Gov. Broome to the Sec. of War- detail history of the
outbreak May 1857 -s - - - - - - - -- 30
Gen. Carter to Gov. Broome, Jan. 1857.Legislature of 1861
provided for payment of volunteers - a - - - 30
Ordinance Convention of 1862 repealed Ch. 1175 ---------- 30
Ch. 3113, Acts of 1879 provided for examination and set=
tlement claims against State- services during Seminole war 31
Ch. 3930, 1889, and Ch/ 4428, 1895, supplemental --------- 31
Statement certificates paid under Act 1859 for services
in 1849 - - - - -- - - - - - - 32=35


Commission to select seat of government for the Terri=
tory of Florida - - - -- - - - - - 36
Report Dr. W. H. Simmons, one of the commissioners,
Sept. 26, 1823 - - - - - - - - - - -- 38=47
Report of Jno. Lee Williams, commissioner, on location of
seat of government Oct. & Nov. 1823 - - - --- 48=66
Letter to Geo. Walton, Acting Gov. Feb. 16, 1825 select=
ing Tallahassee as the seat of government - - - -- 67
Letter to Armstrong, Acting Commissioner Interior Depart=
ment 1879 to Commissioner of lands setting forth reser=
vation, seat of government, history thereof, to Gen
Lafayette - -- - - - - - - - - - --- 68=75
Letter Commissioner Land Office 1901 advising that the
grant of State was absolute. Patent not necessary - -- 75
Letter from Dell, Gen. Land Office, to McLin, 1901 re=
lative to permanent location seat of government a - --- 78
Letter from Robt. Raymond Reid, Gov. 1840 to legislative
Council relative to the erection of a capitol building - 79


Brief history of the cause of the war - - - - - 94=96
Extracts from Gov. Moseley's message 1845. Letter to
President Polk - - -- - - - - - -- 96
Investigation by Judge Bronson. Letter of Gov. Broome
to President Taylor. Senator Yulee to Gov. Moseley - 96

II i


Names of Commandors and companies volunteers, by
Governor Moseley, 1849 - - - - - - - - --
Report of Comptroller- payments by Gov, Brown - - -
Sec. of War to Gov. Brown, and further details relative
thereto - - - - - - - - - - - -


Historical review of the everglades, descriptive of its
topographical and geographical situation, soil, area,
character, depth of water and character of growths - -
Expedition into the everglades by Capt. Dawson 1855 - --
Second expedition by Capt. Dawson. - - - - - -
Expedition by Maj. Childs in 1841, page - - - -- --
Diaston Co.s engineers work in 1880=1882. Gen. Gilmore's
partial survey under direction of U.S. in 1880 - - --
Surveys by COL. Hopkins, J. W. Newman, Maj. Wortz and
N. P. Keller establishing the altitude - - --
Examination by W. H. Caldwell, Agent U. S. Engineers
in 1901 - - - - - - - - - - - --
Ockeechobee covers area of 1,080,000 acres 5 to 10 ft.
in depth - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Ingraham crossed the everglades in 1892, trip 22 days-----
Kraner's report - - - - - - - - ---
Gen. Jesup's letter to Wescott, U.S. Sen. 1848 - - -
Buckingham Smith's report to U. S. Senate 1848 - - ---
Plan for drainage - - - - - - - - -
Prof. H.W.Wiley, Chief Chemist U. S. report(189.1- - -
Feasability of drainage by Jno. R. Mizell - - - --
Paramount interest connected with L. I. Fund is
drainage and reclamation - - - - - - -
The digging of a canal injuriously affects public water=
ways. U. S. can interfere - - - - - - - --
Canal St. Johns to Indian River, Ch. 4804 - - - ---
Land grant 6,000 acres per mile 1899 - - - - --
Contract by Trustees to cut canal - - - - ----
Citizens' application to close canal Lake Hicpoochee,
April 1902 - - - - - - - - - --
Resolution Trustees granting permission without liability
or responsibility - - - - - - -
Committee appointed to inspect canal between OnhOkeechobee
and Hicpoochee - - - - - - - - - - -
Report of Croom, Whitfield, McLin, Committee to in aspect
Hicpoochee canal - - - - - -
Resolution Trustees 1902 relative to canal proposed by
Hopkins, - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Contract dated Jan.31, 1881 between Bloxham and other
Trustees and Coryell, Linderman and Drake for reclama=
tion, drainage, etc. Alternate sections - - - --
Compromise proposition between Atlantic & Gulf Coast
Canal and Okeechobee Land Co. concerning the drainage
contract with trustees. Title to 2,000,000 acres - - -

Trustees I. I. Fund to the state of Fla. Fla Hospital for
the Insane located at Chattahoochee on tract formerly
known as "Chattahoochee Arsenal. War Department Washing=
ton Sept. 24,1868 lands transferred under order of F. D
Sewell, Acting Asst. Adj. Gen. -- - - - - - -
Order Judge Adv. Gen. to the Army Aug. 28, 1877 - - --
Description of property - - - - - - --
Deed Feb. 1903, Trustees to State of Fla. 3,000 acres
Hospital for Insane - - - - - - - - -
Report of Special Examiner Feb. 1902 title State property=
Report of Commissioners on location of seat of govern=
ment to Gov. Duval - - - - - - - - - -
Proclamation of Gov. Duval March 4, 1824 assembling legis=
lative council of the Territory at the new capitol inn
Gadsden Co. about a mile SW of the deserted fields of
Tallahassee - - - - - - - - - - --
























Council met Nov. 1824. President MoAroe appointed mem=
bers named - - - - - - - - - - - --
Hernandez elected President - - - - - - - -
Congressional Act 1824 granting laris for seat of government
Extract from the Co. Court, 1828 Lelative to location of
capital - - - - -
Fla. State College title unsatisfactory - - - - --
Normal School property at Defuniak Springs, title unsatis=
factory - - -
E. Fla. Seminary, Gainesville,title unsatisfactory - -
Fla. Agricultural College established 1870 at
Eau Gallie, Florida - - - - - - - -
Titles to lands Lake City unsatisfactory - - - - -
Located at Lake City 1877 - - - - - - - --
Deed held by State referred to - - - - - -
Deed to Reform School, Marianna referred to - - -
Deed to Deaf and Dumb Institute referred to - - -
Colored Norral School at Tallahassee,(description
defective) referred to - - - - - - - - --
Deed (missing) referring to State Normal, Defuniak Spgs, =
Titles to lands Bartow School referred to - - - -- -
Laws donating Chattahoochee Arsenal to the State 1870 --
Attorney General's Opinion 1877 and decision of the Judge
Advocate general conveying property - - --
Correspondence relative thereto
Foreman property Chattahoochee to State - - - - --
Title to East Fla. Se aminary, Gainesville - - - - -
Deed of Blount to State 1895 Bartow School lands - -









In re

S. I. Tailes Extracts from Minutes of Trustees Internal

as State Agent. Improvement "ind of Florida.

Tillahas.-ee, Tlorida, October 30,187 .

.. i:- n ;:- -.: -* * -* * :- * * .i ; c :- i ik .;.-- ; i "

TIT Governor 1.-id 1.3fore the Board a communication from 5;'dne;, I.

WAiles, 3sq., of W ashrlntOn, .-eisking Commis ions to reores.nt the 'tate

before the different departments of the Pove'.nment in 'Washinrton to as-

certain whit is due to the Mtate from th- United Stat s, mnd ilso author-

it-. to collect th-e amount due to the Pensacol. .nd eoar.-ia Rhilroad Corn-

p .n' for transporting the mills in the. 1a."F, EI.- 1'-. 7.

The Atto'.ney Seneral was requested to .reply: to Tr-. Wiles "'ith

reference to thL claim of the Pensacolra nd r=orpia -.ilroad Corp.iny;

and His 3xcellency, The Gtovernor, vas recommended topend commis:ions to

M.:r. '"'il.-' to represen, the State before the War .in," L-.nd apartments;

n,] the Secre tary was instructed to forw-.rdBlnch c.mnmi-. rion- with a

letter expl.lining thn- wishes and opinions of the Trustccs concernin.- the

execution of said commission,

-xecutive Office.

T ll- .anse~., Oct. .:0,1,77 .

.rnow- all men by these presents, that .'-*posinr.; spr,.ci :. confidence

in '.:'dne 1. '".uiles, I 1trve this day -api oint-d him Co-:ris s ioner Cir tihe

:'.tt -3 of 'lorida, to represent the interest uf said St .te in all m tters

of bri.: i-nss in the War 'ep r-,tment of thm United 't a'lt: ii aLshinrlton,

- s -epectfully nsk Ehc. heads of the -epartments '* d C1i. 'fs of rur3aius

cognize him as lonpr as this cOnmission rnmaina in fo. ce.

Te:jtimony ''hereof I do hereunto set m:,' b'-ind anrd c-iu-: to be

the Great Seal of the "t:.tte at T;-llahassee tht C.pit 1 this 30

Tber A, D. 1877 :ind of thb' Indcpendu(nce of th. Ulnits'il 't tis

Geo. F. Drew,
ova .nor of lorida.

"ect. St te.

.1 3imil-l" *.u ho.'ity 3 giv 'n to h-'. '."il s, :ir.' ted ;u :hu "L.:nd

D'- ,::tmrent of thr. United t.;tt in "'i.-'hnrntun.

T-il l .iac, 1urld-i,

?. bl rr' l:th, 1478.

.. otter from I. "*:il.r.. uo -:hi; ton, .. .. *. r:' th.

o- th .v -nc r ".- d th -!: r- t "r 1 .,.c ... -. '.

-:11 el -1 U, fo .' t jt'.l .. Q.T In t Ii. n 1 A vr n -^ i

c...'nt *. ll .1 ,nt5 c0 1 &w 1 ,n-i ti f .-

.1i ,.h : nd St.n in, t ,t i : :-
- Ic e 1- -v. c,. .- : .. r f' . -

r .. r th .: u... t: '*. : -,'-.', . .. a U '

ri, t h.: . t,'c "- wr r !; :t:r.' "J-l r . i t 'r f

i !'.7 :s ". .- ." th -c " i '-O 1 'r

in ,, I-;c f vo .b .

S -, . .'

-'. . b _, .; .- ; .. f ".' ' .

.i 1i- I, .. "' n 0 f9 vo- '

r" c;_,-.'.' .-.n tr tment of ..8 .'", n c!
1 h.. .n- ... .. . .- .,

h,7 1 c *' ,,.,n rlis' .i',T, .y'cl s ,.C.f-,2e 2 :'O" I" ne fl -

''I. 1t 1 .i p. i'; A!S .-d ; ..n1 t i '> '.u n.r c;

.'I hj 1o l:d .'- : .1 .i r i a Iu I ": .. ....
1Tl-.rd of "p In t rn -A tv 4

o, rid:1 ,o :., .h.-v M )..e: t-
'nir 't tlot.ldc, ;ith -c- Trc.n.nJto f- /.

-;nt of h1 Interi r ,t *! ::hin-.ton n I- lin: .: n '.lu-t.m nt of -Ic

c Pl-. '.f :t: f: r 1'.:nd: -. n .d -- "n. r2- .- 'nd::r the ct of -' P-

im. er T.' 12 hji. .r- 111 1... .' -0 .1- i 1 121 tr, nt, per cent,

of all money pai d over to the State on account of 'waamp Lands purchased

from the United States prior to the third day of I:arch, 1857, under the

.Acts of Congress of "arch 2, 1855, and ?Parch 3, 1'-l7, ind also twenty per

cent. of 1ll warrants or certificates ic''ued to the State under said Acts

on account of lands located by warrants or scrir prior to said third day

of t'.irch, 1I'1-7- And, upon the receipt of ;J'tt-nts for .in:: ;n'1 nt selected

by the St:ate, as Swam!p 1 -ics, prior to 1.'61, *,which hive not ;'Lt been pat-

enteid to the :;t:te for %n:;, reason, this n)ard will convey to the said S.I.

Wailes eight per cent. thereof, in considr-iti on of his !services in pro-

curinr: sari r.:tents. Arnd for procuring thu -. .!P 'v:.l tni n cnfi nationn

of the 1 -nnds selected for the .t.-ite, as 'S;anp l:-anis, snnce 1I.81, the

Board will pna such re.ason-able compensation as m;;' heire- after be ng;reed


*41 i i * .c *:* ** -iC ia* a *::* * *;. s e *

T llah'r.:e .., .loridri,0c ober 1:,,1's7E.

** L- k w *; * : ;i \ .: a ;* *e i -;** *;r * .. & u a ;. ..* *

The secret r ,:' liid before th:- oroard '- l cte"r fr I. '" ille 3,E.s ,,

statinwP "ha.t pro- ress had ben i.a-ide in the r::nar-il t ;nd Office towards

the arju1 tm-nt of 'he 1; cl im.- of -th,- Stnte, ind inq:ui '."h.t com-

pens:ation will be allowed d him for orocurinr; thA:i :-. .zr'v.:l .nO i:,.'t. ntinc, f

awammp land selected for the t.tits since IC,'.

It was ian-inimuusly agreed b:y L.hi. Heard t",. t '1,e:, '.ill allow as com-

P-,ensition to .Mr. U"ales for pro..'t;ing the clnfi:r:w.tion of swimrp l.nds se-

uctedc for the Stite -ince the war, twvo cents per -c.-re for -ver: acre p:t-

..nt3d to the 'State, to be paid in lands -.t th--. -rrn-rtnt pT-ices for 3ilch

linds ,t the date of an:.' I,-iymnt.

T'r llhasses, lori ] i F.bu :- 11,

... t: .. *:; + # O *t .1 O n : a- a a 1 a .* y : :** i; ;. *"' ... ... .:.. ;.

Several cormsiinications were laid -efne the "o':rd from 1. Th:iles,

Fs l., resFectinr the progress in procur-in:- -et-l.jwent of the -:nri claims

cf the "tate and the hindrances th,.seto, '-ni M'r. Ingham Coryell, of Wash-

ing;ton, -ppp-Ared before the Board, a.9 rprres'.nting 'Mr. ',ailes and made

verbal staItements upon the same matters. Amon other n'pers transmitted

hv ,wr. r''a leP wrn .: conv of an aonointment by governorr Stearns made Nov-

emblr 10, 1875, prointing L'On ,rd '. l
prosecute cliiims before th,; L:-nr' ep.:-.rtuent in 1'- hinm.- Lon; -.n .';:-.nant

between ;i..Id Dennia rnd -':il3 P neroy, r)C i ntin;, s1 Pomerov Ws At-

LoLrn-y "c- thf- p:rosdcuL.lon of u--, ell ir, Man'. :;r-.'in;-: 1 pC' him ten

i-.r cent in 1kiM "o' "i.-n:.- 3 -'p ,'.n : i-n .. -' ;,' hint- :in

affidvit ?' said '"-jrov etninn- li:A ~..- l ;m nt. L-; 1 De nni.: -.nd

]h At th 1 "is'll L of ri lab-oras hoe r d :" r,&i'i ..-; i:3:V1.,0 of 1 p e-,T.rnt

to the '- h.te hto. n:e "h 5 ,000 acre" .' ..,:nds1 ; ,l.- n1 t -a

fr om :,. *n -. C In g e r a1 1 / '-?.--.o .. . .. ...r.' ... >

th *' r5. stone: ;- thz "..n.r.l ",nd O 'f- ic e.n .' .. .t t'. n-1

o i --mud -2 --i thY.-li-1 un1il 2-.. ;:ettlwu. ;1t 'A' .. P ^T:-r 1 om ro

[ler cntl ige Thur" on. ".cc 'i n to .h& -. nI9 M.. b' r. 11r- in

hi:-! 1 rtera m!T' c ;' "r. ."*-: .-11, .h- wn rn a. r < l'ic- *.: ni :P U.

:) nis t e " -ent, P? .r.o: 1 . r X ,nO '. r.-

cidt. ri- d;
o ; "id r n t "Ak t th h fold" ,, ..irt: nt n .. ...i.... f

*"h-:r is, inf'or-"' :ti n -s b'n '--c v : b :.,- '. .nt

fc.- i c'L"t 'r;.,', .ras ',f '"- .mp r ;.ns; h -t.-: 1:- .' .r ,lvir-

:.ent of .hE Unit. ...- o t -: *3t : .: a l -,.. *. '- in t::

Genorail L:nd Officc ret .ined b; r-.atson oPf -:' "1. 2 -... -

the 3e-vice- 3 f h .-.: ,' ..t, n ;' In f-" c'. t-.e- -, .- i

cl. .- h .-*. i::' cr"ud by J-. .:- : "e.-.: ', .': .., .- h ,'rn.;

of '3 ri n, n. nni.3, for arl. y ncrnl::.;Un~~M i .;nt .." "!.: ,,. r 'h :I.u t of z n pe-- c.ntL. .* -.h 1 n:.', .--lr C in i. tent--

., ; --.~r; :: nn;, th:i h. i.-j.Bs:; :r '. : l ."- ;- ; h se -

vie'-j. ,;{' -f :-i1. Poairoy.

'., .t R0,F.jUtv i' th'-: No:-jrcl -f f'.L -- hr_ lint :rn-: Il Inc- ,mr..n'-':t

PT Th -3,',.n3y 1. '".iaT, t., ,ur .n-.n v.. -' .jh e A- n V.rt nt.

in "'-,na lnrton, be 'ithor1i:e to Ad.-::t :he .. 1i -r.c s. id ',-:r E

?Qor.i r:o b.y 11 ovinr c rins. i s ons not to .:r.c..: t-n p-" c-;nt of the 1 n9R

: :. tntoed ,is '.fcr or id, upnon rceiv1n' from 'r. ?Pon3rme ro' rel-aso from

himself ,nd- tbi- maid TL.on.:rd :. :.,Rnna .f *'.11 cl :Ir '-- in t :he t.-te or

th Inte~rn-il Imp ov.- lnt 'ind l n -cc. -unt uf t' P -'t.n inr: of 13 I- 1 nda.

"e it further R.solved, Th't i upon tv;: -rl;,j',-tienit of s- id cl-i. -r nd

the delivery of the said p',tent3, the 3i'd e ''arls Pcneroy sWih-ll be au-

thorized to select the 1 nds to '-:hich he 1 s :entitled, inA, th conveyance

thereof will be madi to him.

o nS a Qi n t: k a w : : : tr k> ) P :. ., ;: .: ; r ::- a ; s '.

T-t.ll .h.s .rqo 1 -'Id- i ,p-:11 25, .1 .79.

u *: ii ~t *, I; .. ;.'J i; */ -i O a." ii i;- .; .-* * .- * 3 *-. :. "*

Th, Governor I1- biefor3a -:: a 1.- ir fl'o, I. "'iile res-

rpe-At nr the cunldition .,f uii.- 3 d el:- ., 1n i .: 'i: th t 11 .tn h-ve

been pr.'prired or-' ho .ct ion of th," Ce,;)r.- ,O nd Offltc n .'.ntin: to

J3, u.2, ;35 icrcs.

T ll -:' se :, v. :' 1 '79.
?,V t- --) 7

'nh fo] .l-'"inr;; R .lu.1-'n .. .'n .nW mt& .3];,v ',:. t.. 1:

't...r le- ?"t;:nt: "' si. 17 n1i 1' f ~: r:.r 'T :;. .r)"',. tr i nc aville L d

.ist-"'ie :Cin( 1 .n;l:? tl. Ctoeld Por thi. '..: ic. :h ', r inc r .o at

2r tfIr r a tenti-rd, mountinr to 7, 75 ri lry -. l' b- r c..iv :

rrd 1-.-lnr be1 n pr r:cur*d Th-rJ.,i .'. I. ,ile .h- *- nr t-h'

t*t'ie in 'T ..hington, R~sclve9, Pi.-t the lsi cd to llow

.Mr. a ;ila. t u Sent1 r inds ur:?r hi.3 contn :ct '- -:.. :.- .,,t .? '1t ?, 17.', -

th-.t .moo nt r hi.- Oi.3rn.isAion:t n i '.t : -t.-dnt -i. 'i !,: t: f ts.

ip r ,crj ror 3Ach *c'e p t En Led s r' Rb : ';l!: n ." ct. l: th, I 7'.

.. ,* ._. .: :, ,:- ,. . , .; ; .. ., ..:. ;r .. -a- ... & s s .-. * s *

T .11 :hi..i V.' lorid:, "' re '., 1-'-,,.

-. ,, ,.. .: ; : 1 . ,. .. .. ... ... .. .. ... I *- < @ * t

h- :cc'unt :f '. 1. :i le w.. r' "* ., ..:,t n f ,r

p.:oc! : in,- h.. cOnfl t-' ition :n,; .: ti:n t i; : .:: ,:.. . crc : .'

Li id3, .,. t:vo cant.- Per cr -rmod ni n!j' to t^',. T. .. rr.

'ThP follo'ln,, res, Il tion '"-s un .ni w;".:l :,-rq:tCC2 :

'".':..eaa, P. tents ;;.:O. 1lCO .--? "- r T m- ;i, nor' r inr s ,nd

?itrict, arbcacin 1.n.'. s:1.-ctc. :,. the ,.: .3iet 'he '^ nd not

ynJ :Lnt 'a'.*1 '~-
i ttd, r ed

L on,

Re.iolved, Tint t.h.i 'Tle "'n b Inst '. ictedi to dII' '-r. "Ad lae to

enrer I :ndn :ndrir hi contract to t'. : munt of "5,~3:.'.4, tL ...t r..nlt

b-inr; hi n Co-L-a. .-luons ,-ron .. -t. .tns .h- e of i. '. cents for .ach

C:. ;;-, t .. i';. -in r- r r2 -..lA ti'n If -OcT 19, 1 7 .

.. ; . ; . .. :. .* .. . :. '+. i

. ; _.. .. .. :. .. .; ,.:1- :;:. ;, :.:* a ; *& R f t B .. z .- ": *' "
.7 ',:nr .".id tp-11 1, '. d

I Indt' 1. Ir 0
.. ....-', .. ... .
,u L t. -.' .g ci i: M 'SIg r -. 2 r :n- a 2 .32 n .cl r .- ;
V!R ?h.-.:i "i'tl r ,e37 c t. L'2 :h ; Z. f.-,r.- ; "- ,. 1:', r. ;'&-, lynr r .

1- ov o +v io
: th .. r it. 1; .n f^ r ^ r * ice ';*' "' -
'T i :' i L n : -.

... . . I .. i4 , -' -' a a .
T'. 1 .-,'. .:. -.'--., ':.,. :! :n .o f : nv !-, l ^' t.

.* * * *. * -

J-a. .I -d 'c b 14, 1
. T -. ", 1 . ". .'. o / "

I f- i c' "Rt tnp

*;e.s -Po o 1, t-lt -f i'in F t een r* facue t' ia. 1e 1:rvicef f
*c- o" U. E. i.i 3 i of 1, '. ,- : n-A. -..-- ;' o t* a T dl ;n t of

i.0 s- id c t un-er *-, cont :ct -In tl to t",.nty

1,., ...- t nt thE f in con p n a tion f .' .e. imounin t,. r. ., : r71
'.I >';2 .-.i, 2'V>A 'c "'her 14, 1' wl -', 'n *"n-' ; l' rL- n..

'.u.d .l .C .'. L.C1/ ,on .T..

,c"- ; :.n -:. f c t '' ". rCi n "I tI,.' i n l ty: It s3 orderedd
"Th t 1 '- r I 5 1 In 1 en i f r 7. lm re *' Cn
thi..+; c '.vi:lftc": f : 4rgrr c -ttifp. ;':., 0.'.' :CXX.

".hes." c rt I fic'-tt&-: h,'c'tn- 1een rF r c'a'9d t-,-u ib "'.: services Sf

'.ir' ; ... In e', of V'..' b 1n.:t on, t h" :. t.1c- "r::t, t for the? :d1iu r; nt of

].n' cdl'in. .-.n sild g-...nt bLinr un~e:" blR- cont :tct .4n2itleid to twv..nty

,.- cunt. the "-of In conpontlon ft" 'Ii. .3e'vices vrountin.r to 4,'" ).71

; f1-;t 20t"lcbt3.-. 3 e'r'cn .mi th i,.nt ty: It was ud4 red,


to the said ;idney I. 1''ila, and thca he bo rcqr.'tlitn'ted the .*fRent of

Lthe "t-.ite "or th,? selection and r ntr;; thmre~uf, .t hias '-".'n ex'-enire, and

thqit "rh, )-.veor th,: ilf.c :tun ,nin .-.nt- ies rh-ll be nT..- b;, him und i.-'ttented

to the 'ft*to i lnd r .a id :ert ifica te, L I. T' 'i l ,onve; '.h .i'nd

so :.-:sl ctcd dr :tcnte.l d to thed s- c .. 1. ',hi1e .:r 1i. -:. i.n .

,,. .- .. ... .. .

h.-'. .'"o rni .:: ion r tnnorh.flnc1e1 t!1' i.: ~, i '..c iveI C follow.: in; h'r-mp

L;nri Inm Tni vt CerT fict te; a u:-uiJr .- n, th .te ;rirl r l 0t

Ill h 'h r'-r-f -te R:, 1 '1/1' sc ..f n t i t/i 1 n i of

th.t -:mount of 'I m ia in ;'qor l ri :-,;.ac ,.f ,.T '.- nJ i I.:r I : ,' 1C-

o t Ion) t', nilit irt., b!,7 int: lU.nd ,ar :,nts i .e 'rm... .. 1",-',. 2i

j!. -or t.0 .i eh ., 57, whil i .v, b,.en a"A-,vpi to "': 1 n.

2ort ifIc 1 te 'o. 4, mb'qcir Snn ~. :. 2:, s.

5, 1 :, 7 "

0 i '.Lrt if ic. t as l-..vinr b.-;dn v;-cT..7 .'.ci'n ..h. .n '?" Of ':*r

;rine.' I. "'.,ile ;,nd~r th, co-ntr;ict a-lorin .ir VJ-nt ..;- r-nt. orft the

.muOun re'". ived crt-:e,..rl tlon for .Iervic"- 's, in 1. : : .P -' if'-

iC-,t' '": .5 e- ri : in -,1 .":.07 cro ,b. nr .-nt:, ;t C u'ln .. "--

e .:;d -tt L ; it :..*183 \

0Order-d, Thb it r- Id .r7 t f iRe a te ;o. '' F : .s.-bi. r1 n.r to o".-..: I. '..le ,

.,an th Iit 1. b.K ,--. c,'..ntod th ci 1 c..: t :. -.. c. in :-;

inri unterint thel 1..n,:i thi:reindur .n:' r- Th' *.h.n ':h. 1. .nr'- SO : 0b

nli- "i: id "t rTt ficatt e h'b ll .-: .- .:nrs t, ... "-L. 21 r"l '

,.jnr --'. by deer t thu .mld "'T ,I a. or bl aI i s..

I'T... .mj risc ionl er nl. ccd I- f., h n .*'n -...n- or

mrAm L:-:nds -"hich hqd T-..-en reclved frGan :'-e mr 'n, l nc ice t: v.'.h-

i i-1t Gn.

Patint ?io. 18 of the '1 .11 tll ass :..ind '1i ttriit. :b:.:cing: 5, 4 12/100

-cracs-pr;'curOtled throh th tr-rinc'y (Jf aisleses 'omeriUy.

Put'nt ,o. 1, T-m;n .a, n.-.w ,'.tinesa villa .lcn-(l D it:ic t, aq mbr'b-cin, :'14,

.271.7-, :UCrcL., of Swn.por. T_:intij sel.Ected by the ;t-.. lI idM Fp-tC to

i..8l1, t.-b 1 ind-1 :1..-ou'-h thu a ,enc.: of :. T. :1e.

Under the contr-.ct "it-h Chif Boar, I'r. "' ilen tbVin', .;ntiT le:i to

,i. ht par cent. of thi *.'n ;' L nd. .;2.:cted before th.. v itr 'nr. p.:t.n.ted

throur hM:i 5 FencY, it w..s ']rered, h-t !'r. "'rile.. h. dntI led to locate

17,141.71 .c rs of the :.: ; t-n ted s hi" r: on the 214

271.7 .-I cre- urnbriced In 7 "'pr P :t' r. 'T,'. :1.
... : .-. i .. .., ". ". O e ' " .- " ":" :" ""'

7. ,1 ,, ? -. 1.

7. :- .. r 1 C .i .. .. . "" -: "* ."."l i

..0. . ;:i." n~: 1t, 14 C7Y' .

" -1, '. .

S11. 71
1. I,'71 .71. I
i i;l' . ) r t r In t he. .,-t 1- -
*' rx''.$:,4.cj15~ '-c r3 ..... sfi* .-.!.. .,i., 't~', a r- nd

.7. .-. f a 1-... 1 .. c 'd

S" ,- -,t
b a?,-t -l -' .C .''"'"' :-' 1' 1 i'" 7'' : -"LL .

4 -, 0.. 11 C i ic . 1 1.

n< .,. ti r i .t. -* .in ,
-, *" .. .. T .* *. 7 U n -

Stin r

. ...t 1 : . r.. . . . . . . . .
*I. * .. -.. . *" .

1 t c-, .
1.. '), rnd r' .rd '; : o ": '. hi." : .. . st t c ,

-., n . ulir s"i of h L

i..n f '. 3 -..o i ion s id ot.
. ..o[li n- r .:ol tit n . tr L-
." "- ." .. c - 0n of tshe d ._

L-, + n.h .1 "'.. r .' b ..rtiitled utn-
I . ; .,- f u : m p L nn : n o :-' IAi" tu *
&L.' t(-. X.d :. ,.n-.. ..,1i% 0, 'n, th.t in cr;m;OnU-,tion thtrsfor he

shall receive two cents per acre for l-? lands selected by him and pat-

ented to thd State, to be p-id in l.inds t current prices.

* * if 8 :* :;- i .: ; & -.;* :.* .. ;; w ;. ?- :; ;;- *: *i *: *X -:- .' 9 i -

Tallahassee, Florida, TTovember 1, 1881.

-- -;. 3 -* -;, i*. -. -- .;*- ;, .:- :- :- ;:- -.i w -:- *..- -. * :- '*i -..'

The Governor laid before the Eoard the follow vinip, p; tents for swamp

lands received from the General Land Office:

Patent ?ro. 1j, ?Jein-ansville Land ifist:-ict for 15,R23.68 acres.

"14, 10.18 "

14, St A.-ust ine 77.7 "

S 22, T-mp 7,70. 77

-'mountin.c .-iitoGether to 214,461.50 aces.

Said pa-tents h:vinr been obt.iined thro i,h the agenc;:: of S.'dne;. I.

Wailes, who, i.nder his contract ",ith the Ro'-;'d is entitled to di,,ht

per cent upon all 1-ind- pate-nted of s-lecc icns rmde bvy the :tate prior

to 1Bl8G, the.i stid tiles i3 illuwedl to select the lquanLity of 1,95R.92

acres, beina. cif htl. per cent of the lands so ps.tented, in compensation

for hi3: services.

The C-overnor s.lso 1-id before the Pocard the foll'.'winf TwaRmp Land

Indemnnity P-ttents:

no. 1 for ',955.85 acred.

S3 8,598.19

4 14,552.57

5 5,10.85 "

':, 1,168.43 "

7 3,454.01

8 1,542.25 "

,"mounting altogether

to 44, 50.15 acres.

Also, the following Swamp Land Inderanity Certificates for United

States entries made in the former P'latka Filitar.' reservation, to wit:

ITO. 1 for 1,013.96 acres.
2 4,055.82 "

Total. ",0O,.3.7R acres-

- :r .;:;c;.t~C-r

~-""'--- --~--; ~

S id Certifict;te 'o. I for 1,Ol.1.-'" lcres, beinri tw:Jnt:. per cent

of thL whole -mount, w'-i oWrdr.,i' to ba .-s.ilgned, to I. ""Iile-1 in con-

sirder-ition of pirocurinr .S-iid cer ific'it e:-, he .:-in.' -;.ntitl:'- to .t'welnty

pe: c,.nt thdrwof un'i-r hi' c'ntmract z'i ti h ': .:'d ,f "-'t&nS.eas.

i} ; 0 8 .;- ., 'I -.i *d- ;. :: a .. . .- . .. ;.- .- . .- .*- .- ..

T -.l ,*i V 3 , -. if.i :. 'rLr. 1a,.

.. . :. ; .... a-. -. .- P i*

.I "ll l r.., rprin h' r c:a t l' 'il' ; l-. i ;i .... it to 2-" "a d-

nurnbere~ att z .ion oC 1 :nd t-nt3reO b:,. n .n c. r-.r :..l- ..d,

;-j d thi '". '"': c :-: ns: nt.n:' n t to .0 o r :d c r be -rrr El

to aJ L..:C t -.n.! cnl't r ';'=" -'- nrts in liu_:, iof Li' ': J ral in ;. i :h.d.

Th:- .'.rr.t:;t a ., in-sici.uet''l t n o r"o "r.r .i t.' the .a ,rd

. '. ., , ". .. . ... ; ,. ., i: -

-.' : n"."; .'..* :* c r -,

1"- -. ." ..- .o "1 ] "
3_. ,1 1 :; .

". .: .- 5 -" ": .- .; . '. - ". i ''r r . ' s *. t '.

r. *. 1 5 .a: r P, l. t
'ch c t"n n.- --- i i o 1 .nw5d.

*; .. : .. .o, . *... .:. 1I .: ,. :,.. .; ." a ss
n.11 1). 1i-

T: follcOlr!nr- resolution -.. .du; .teC:

'...1Ived, TFh'. if ":I. 1. "'iles -ill ',.a .n r t -. s : : "..

'o.. the',n {.:I ivt1: o r..'''nv ; t .: c.i on ;: vemn (7) T.r,"' i: .r't:.-on.; ( 1-t)

'-ath of .:,nre T',nt;'-t li re ( ) t, at or n.'t i tn :'ti. r,

th-i "o wrc ill :11'0- him to s..l-c'. .-nc.' -'. aecti'.n of :.t:. L nd In

Sii.1 ;'14 u .L-f.

i,* . * ***"

fll -T. n C n. L, .1 t
7le:.' ''4th, l n'6.

-; .- ;.* .'. '.. -I .a-.' .. .;- ., r .. .. .. ; : ": ". ." *. *".- :r .i 5 *

'h "u':,1 ' .-n '.-.. .. f-..! .i nr '- : ...u io n:

r :; ; '''n 1 .' ' " : [! r', h. i n t '-: "i" n t

S -h. -.:t: ,- "1, .ii r. ....-''.-.r the ..; : t -,. t -r .h In -r i -;" .it

i n ,. ~ . ,i ir r' .- f .'h. t n t: A'

1 ina ,s ., lectr .r ..nLd r" thI ,C' r U' .. i " v id i); L.. ...... .'- "t l- t1.a V

-i1'o hiLs r-.': .P' ,lti3n i 'l e.icc : '..'1 ti' % 1f l.:r r. I :'1it- c, t :.t he

will c in~ nu.t to 1.-', ..:lt the ':t all li t- -; --" ft ".j. in

Lh nu*ral Lain' Office on o: tfir2 .ri!l V.t, 1 *, ':.'T : "s i, the

said. "' ,il ,n h':3s r'e i.e-ted -.. h., t t: t --I' ci 11 a" -.-'-i T l.,.'. l; i-'l.

w l ii I ...X ct d tO C,-2I nf.. in ch t, 11 ..' ""v 4 Cit

,-o to .h.: *:st'nt of hi o izt u o '.;, nd t .t n.': "' nd. o :-:, i n: .',

h ra.iftJrr A-ise "'it: :- ,r Ird to 1 i;: 'it i u or C c n ',- :i'-n, T1h r -? 'e

iF3Slvffl, f-lit 'r' n3-j .' I. '.ilie? i ; c c- -f; . r.L-':ant 'Yhe i. Ite

before ta L nd r)c.-.-'~': n ',.t 1"tlttni nton 7.-h. A tr tinj

con l(n ind ...::t ntinr of th_ a;i.3 S l '.. -.. -- : .,. ; nder

t ct *.: r' *2'nrr "s "'of + rt r '8"th, i-,,,, l to ''' 1, :n; fot'c

the ,)U'-:pO of :-'*,- 'l ii f inridr ni' .' eit in -.- or c;-: Ti a .: f

All1 i-nda ^.9.1 -' tfor the '>-.-:tI 'F."c. r :, T"1 t ich h7,0d entf:--red orr I.c. ;t : in nthe Jn.t '- t...;. :.n( .'ice .s -t iu nt L.,)

r: ate:n'er or t. in5O, .-f .hi h the -.. '",.il o r "'ile 1t :.t

.nd ,s:; sb-.bli 'h ....; -,..f ,-.. th,'-r.* LP, .rE.nt, *1 In .' ,'err-in' .l :-".til ta

0 l\ nd. Sel...,:.ct 3 ninc.. 1 't b1:' "'t"l ll .,-I n,*rl v."' i 1 hI1 :: n,

^f _.,nn ",- l.::; ,' ,. n l', 1.,-.r n 4.'l. ,,I nr-. >.,,-; ;.nt:;~r ,r, ,1:3, i ,n r...' 0-

cu- inr n p itcnto fc; th': 1':ndr, solucted '". JT ".. nri., '.*n, r. l--.t Inp;

.*-r.nt, min '. .-- n b'.Lera3d from -, to r52 inert.,:iv, th:.- V'-tilef to

r co ,iv "in coTi.:n..nS3't ion f?-. h-1 3e: Cvie.~ T.h.- s.83.:- agreed i_',:on in

hi J c. nt tc s ".i' th.: T.':'u.-:tses.
;*. .'; ;.* i- .- ;, '..- .. .'. ";" ** I: Q i 9 i." '. ".; .; ,," ," "-

7Tll,-ih.3esse. 'lr., 'ar :-th, 1890.

. ; l .r .!/ .; ) ; *: , c - t a ; :. *. *: -. ; : .. .- *. i *: ; :. . b .

7Th, .mt. tr of the p-;,'m ntf. f con i n's iCnf 0 . I. .lles, iundsir

hbis 23nt' .c":! i 1- t..- rr, w.-i Th n t.:k n 'I r c; n. c r:, ti; R"a.s

di -ic.' .d s to -and t .- fcl.l c--vn.I co'r. .;nicarti Cn to '. ., 1. 1.1.3 :

.1 1 ,-.. 1 : 1 :h. 1 00.

'),; '4-'' ";.I -- L-"; ." .3' G q ; '* -a .. u f,.?" '7," ne-r, !I-, ::; .'i ." jr ,_t io T .:.; -

n l I.-p.ovem en*. "' rnd a." th ..-:E:: o* '-l,:)- iri'- ri : ] .'e :in- ;,r ^ rt :'*- t ,
' l. ch r n .t i; i, n' I y '. a v -:; s ] t ; i L -r.I^I fo"
"' t" ,.n. 1, .ICs L .,

S n Li .f .- ims uf Tjfl hj-i P.I *,iL.rii, f.* -'r i- iind s

GIn o b- th ct '.f nr ..a 2r '.'., t.. r', -Ih c r:n -

n A
t -; 1.: .-' tO. -n i r.- y th 'o r ... . ... h t -
r..n.e .t-'; :ct h'-K *n; r : ... 5 ,t ,, ht sn

c r.uf-it in'; 'st i: t5ion O .'t b en ":A e in 't -- ..: -.: *" --

vrTBIl d.- .af ti-: CL'ntrtc't.1 ;l:c-.Ter 1r3' 1 ."K/('. i : -,ua I .;. I.

"ai :.L-n, ri 'A .. i rl 1 -:h -mn l ", 't r .1rth, 1 ", '- '" it A 3 t "",' L

no 1 ct' ;o,',u ., '-in ft *i .-.v,.f 1' *.n:, Ut p. .c,,n ::_ r-.i1n .n .i. d

to .'ou ?7 :'1.. 'rd f 'f n --, ,f i:'.. T i rn '. V .[-1.,- i .tnf .if

th-. t .. of ori : r. "? .... .. . ;; t .:n

it :':"- r ..:'-\"aro th 't 11 : "'.r,,,a .: ", .. .. ..' i. n : ;

..pr11 13th -"nd :'c;. tl;3r 't.h, 1 7C i ''. :,..i. ,: ., i': 1 '. a : ;:1... . *- -

lar *c3. 1: i 2c in Pf ce -. r' .

., .h : ,}i f "il l .. +In ; u-. "' t ..., ";,p n .r 1 ,-;*.. t ;-u "! :
. *.. .. 1 .-

.1. 1 '1 . ,

Do, l. ., SS.i
30. ..' j.

j, 1 ', '..r'. ..
-, i 4-, "i .

!o. 5' . *

no. '. -OO

1. I. *"'*ile:a. 1,70 '.

Z 0. L. 11 t0
'0- r -;3

J; I ,. -.1-I t

~l, ii, i ..0
r0. ." i

In tVht tb2;tnci of an d:x'w-* t i.3n -'- .nQ iet o ref 022. 't <' to

e.f.nvJ;.V i s i- *a-:lon -h .t th 3um o? 7 ;,^'i.. r 21 r pb 3., t- ;cu

-in r--u
in :5' t'.; in : O 1 - t- i 2nt.. *-- i., :. inc" to th

. o" tl: ~ .* ,ii! T :3ir.r .- *.. .rji'. cr' -

.. v, .. uch an -L nl -s, it : :- n . r. t7a6 . '.rie? s If I nd

.ers ra ide in the 1 *n. t. ffic" ;'. on ;c. t1:.;i'..n Lu.

.oU .n:.: : c :...ct t}.. c-: fic l t tJf int:i," tuni'l ,-v.:r to

th.. i'ea- *'. r f thi. Be .rd ,hic ,ed hi: .-.. If I" . .- i. nt the: f

in ,I',1 I:: .a W .- ,'v : n,. '1 .' FS. .a h ;:. 1-1.- h ._ : iv.;'" ';i .' :h:.reC )r ,' : -ird

in .r r,. r to )'ffs3 Lt sbch dYit ':nt'isi ,h.. Tr-. &..;,er c.:, %.r,-.:! 1'.trslf

by ,-ntle.'ies :.;.f e -:r e.'.." fn inf .l ", ::.'ri ts as i :\' ,.-. been .i t .; .::- .r t -er

.;ou contr ,t -.n' omi t O to .,:: -. ,..:.lanr ,ti-.Li n h. fl sr In his
re cort, re.-rilnr l i:t 1h:tt m 2 : '112 undorst -d th.t
.-'Lt'ort, r'rea.: -i -inf n'- .''-* .t "Tl.jt f -.i a -- ..

:10 :.:";.l- ni't ion .'":. 7:-..Cesa:iry.

'n-.. : c lice -..f .nt:.f Z in. up 1 ... ,:..'-,... -'.. .t,. .:., un 'cC y .T:- .' con-

tr .ct.'. in th'ia ....." '::- l'.,nfg "irce ?-..,-, ,, ort ,nr**r L;' ,.. -, T;: a:.. ezr
it" n.h. r n 'rd.

Trust in thnt thi:? m .tut r has b-, ..-'.. ln'.- to. .ctir ai',tIs-

-? .:tion, I am,
""er truTl. ,' .,'l, :*-,- .

". "'0 in 'lin tr.,

";r.. t :r,' "c'C ir T'ru:t.eds Inter-
.' ... r' .'nt r ind o" a>
*t:" or 7!., ida,

D3CcrT b 23d, 139 ,

'.n -, .licatit n fro. '. I. 'ai ., ;.- ., r a.,: -' .:' to irl: .3t

Zch indS I .L r of t> 1. 1. 31 Ari btt- fu. ;h ni s..-n-i2> t n t .s-

in -ton, c i u 'uC-'. c.vl If l! -rniT.;.. .'1 .. 1. lini., -.'a ra-
a -"l ~ td' .nd i: tl J c l i,;' n d g-I n, n:..: *" .''I l n

on iL .: **, ..'-Ct.- it



'The depredations of the outlawed band under ETathiS Chopke in

1850-51-52 and the inaction or more properly speaking the perfect
indifference of the United States Government, impressed the people

with absolute need of some Dgotection other than that promised by

the United States The people became so thoroughly convinced that

the Government was not and would not be prepared in an emergency

should one arise that the Legislature on the 12th of January,1855,

passed an act to provide for the removal of the Indians from the

' State. The first section mnide it unlawful for an Indian to remain
in the State. The second section required the Governor to raise a

brig;,de composed of one regiment of mounted volunteers Hnd one reg-

iment of infantry of not more than one thousand men each. The fifth

section provides that the Governor shall tender such brigade to the

Federal Government The sixth section makes it the duty of the

Governor, in the event of the refusal of the Federal Government $0

accept such brigade, forthwith* to secure the frontier settlers" and
employ the brigade in capturing the Indians, &c. The seventh sec-

tion appropriated 050,000 for the expenses of the war and authorized
the Governor to borrow money at 6E The ninth section01uthorized

the Comptroller to audit the accounts and issue warrants upon the

Treasury for the payment. The eleventh section provided that v'hen

the Indians co~eenced actual-hostilities, the Governor shall carry

the act into execution. Governor Broome after his inaugurationtl853)
attempted to raise the brigade. The mounted re.imentwas readily

recruited but the infantry regiment could not be raised.

That a condition of peace prevailed even as 14tq as December

14, 1855, is conclusively shown by the following report of the "House

Corumittee on Indian Affairs" made December 11th, 1855, see page 118,

Journal of the Fouse, Adjourned Session began November 26, 1855.

The adoption of the resolution, December 11, page. 128. Its receptinn

by the Senate, Dec. 12, 1855. Senate Journal, Adjd. Session 1855.

Page 118. Its acceptance by the Senate :ec. 12th, 1855, page 119,

Senate Journal and its approval by the Governor, Dec. 14, 1855. P?
60 Res., Laws of Fla., 1855.


The Committee on Indian Affairs to whom was referred so much of

the Governor's (Broome) message as relates to the band of Seminole

Indians (see Governor's message p.:ge 13, Journal of the House, Adjd.

Session 185|5 which reads as follows: x x x x x x

There have been no depredations on the frontier reported 4* me since

your adjournment, and the forces stationed by the Government on the

border of, and in the Indian country has been sufficient to preserve

order) 'et remaining in our State have had the same under considera-

tion and beg leave to report:
That a remnant of the band of Seminole Indiand'numbering, as A

believed, about 800 souls of all sexes and ages, of which number about

one fifth are men and boys capable of bearing arms, still remaining in

the southern portion of the Flor da peninsular within the limits of

the State. Although at present, these Indians are apparently pacific,

yet from the experience of former years, and the unheard of determi-

nation with which they reject all approximation to our civil&zation,we

can not counsel you to rely either upon their friendship as a distinct

people or upon the probabilitY of their ever becoming useful citizens
if permitted to remain. Your committee,therefore, submit the follow-

ing resolution and recommend its passage.

Respectfully submitted,
A. S. Speer, Chairman.

Resolution No. 9, P. 60, Resolutions. Laws of Fla. 1855.

Resolution asking Congress to hasten the removal of the Seminole In-

dians out of our State.

Be it resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of

the State of Florida in General Assembly convened, That our Senators

be directed and our Representatives requested to use every proper ef-
fort with the Government of the United States, on and out of Congress,

to hasten the removal of the Seminole Indians out of our State.

Be it further resolved, That the Governor be requested to for-

ward to our Senators rnd Representatives in Congress, each, a copy of

these resolutions and the accompanying report.

9 S


S Passed House Dec. 11, 1855. (P. 128 H. J.) Passed the Senate

December 12, 1855, (P. 119 S. J. ) Approved, December 14, 1855. (P.60,
Resolutions, Laws of Fla.,1855)

The contingency anticipated by the act of January, 1853, occurred

December 19th, 1855 (subsequentfo the 14th and prior to the 23d). The
Indians commenced hostilities by attacking Lt. Hartsuff of the 2d Ar-

tillery in the box cypress south of the Caloosahatchie. (The troops

were engaged in exploring the country.) The Lieutenant with a fatigue

party from his command was out getting fire-wood, evidently some dis-
tance from the post. The Indians opened fire from ambush; there had
been no indication of any hostility and the presence of the Indians

in that quarter entirely unexpected. At the fire of the Indians the

party all fell except Lieut. Hartsuff, who, with a revolver in each

hand, charged the Indians, firing as he rushed at them. This action

so disconcerted them that the Lieutenant succeeded in reaching unharmed

and getting into a small pond or lake, whose surface was well covered

with bonnets and lily pads. Under these he concealed himself. The

Indiana lingered around all the rest of the day, firing at every sus-
picious object or movement on the water but never succeeding in hitting

the Lieutenant, At night fall the Indians withdrew convinced that

the officer. had been either killed or drowned, and Lieut. Hartsuff

succeeded in making his way back to the post.
All the conditions surrounding this occurrence the location,

thirty-five miles south of the southernmost point of Lake Okeechobee

and over one hundred miles south of the white settlement at Ft. Meade,

the fact that the Lieutenant went out with an unguarded fatigue party,

very evidently without any apprehension, to gather fire-wood, the

total lack of all precautions, all proclaim a perfect sense of security

on the part of both officer anbd men and indicate a condition of peace
of very considerable protraction, in fact there had been no trouble

with the Indians since the peace of '49- except with the outlaws under

Emathla Chopke. This band of renegades numbering about twenty war-

riors abducted and murdered Daniel Hubbard in Marion Co., Aug. 6",1850,

--;-- --I I


and the same band had an.enoeunter with Genl. Hopkins on the flats

of the St. Johns river 90 miles from a white settlement on the 17th
of March, 1852. The acts of this band were disowned and condemned

S by the other Indians.

rat to return to the attack on Liettenant Hartsuff. This was

the beginning of hostilities in the war of 1855. The incident is clear
cut, distinct and separate from all proceeding disturbances. Capt.

John C. Casey U. S. A., reported to Governor Brooms, Dec. 23, 1855,

"official information just received of an attack on the United States

troops in the Big Cypress south of the Caloosahatchee, by the Indiana"-

Correspondence relating to Indian affairs Page 2 Documents 1856.
W. B. Hooker informed the Governor Dec. 25, 1856 that he was

organizing a company and would at once move to the front. Page 2 Cor-

respondence Doc. 1856. W. H. Kendrick in a letter to Governor Broome

dated Dade City, Dec. 25, 1855, says The information reached me on
23d inst. that the IIndians had commenced hostilities south of this."

"I concentrated my company immediately*, etc. and tendered it to Col.

Munroe at Fort -rooke He advised me to write to you at once, stating

the fact that my company was ready." "He also said I should state to
you that he is now making out requisitions to supply the volunteers."

Page 3 Correspondence Documenta 1856.
Frances M. Durrance reported from Tampa, Dec. 30th, tBe enrollment

and organization of a mounted company of 73 members. P. 5 Cor. Doc. 1856
Jany. 3d, 1856, W. B. Hooker reported from Ft. Meade, That on

Dec. 28", 1855, he had proceeded with his command of forty men to Pease

Creek where he met the men recruited by his Lieutenants Lester, Curtis

and Edwards who had been sent forward. His command after the junction

amounted to 166 men Capt. Hooker wrote that he was personally meet-

ing all the expenses og his command and that in organizing and putting
the command into the field he was acting under the advice of Col. Mun-

roe, U. S. A. Pages 4 & 5 Correspondence Doc. 1856. Upon receipt by

the Governor of the several notices from the officers of the volunteers
the Governor recognized them as in the service of the State and at

once tendered to the Secretary of War.




Col. Cooper, Adjd. Genl. U. S. A.,Washington, D. C. Jan. 7, 1856,

in replying to Col. Munroe says "I have received.and laid before the

Secretary of War your communication of the 23d and 26th ult on

the subject of the recent attack on Lt. Hartsuff's party and the prob-

able renewal of hostilities by the several Indian bands remaining

in Florida. To meet this contingency, it being impracticable to send
reinforcements of regular troops, the Department has authorized the

calling out of three independent companies to be disposed as suggested

in your letter." Page 6. Correspondence Doc. 1856. The Secretary

of War in reply to the tender of troops by Governor Broome declined

to receive more than three mounted and two foot companies. Jan. 8,

1856, Hon. Jefferson Davis, Secty. War wrote to Governor Brooms stating

that Col. Munroe would be authorized to call on the Governor for three

companies of mounted men and two companies of infantry.
Jany. 19th, 1856, Governor Broome to Capt. Hooker. "You will

please advise me, by an early mal, the names of the officers of your

command, as the list furnished embraces the commands of yourself mnd

Capt. Leslie. So soon as both companies are fitted up, commissions will
be forwarded and each company considered as in the service of the

State, from the day on which actual operations were commenced on the

frontier, each man being entitled to pay and rations from the day on

which he entered such actual service. I have tendered your command

to Col. Munroe, etc., you will report to him. Capt. Leslie's command

is also tendered, etc. H. A. Crane will be commissioned as Quartermast'e

and Commissary, with the rank of First Lieutenant." Page 38 Corres-
pondence Doe. 1856.

Page 8. Correspondence Doc. of 1856.

Fort Brooke, Jan. 20, 1856. Col. Munroe called on Governor Broome

for a volunteer E MU x force to be mustered into the service of the
United States for six months unless sooner discharged, as follows:

One company of mounted men at Ft. Gatlin.
* Hichepucksassa.

S Ft. Meade.

and two companies of infantry at Fort Brooke.


Companies to be carried up to the maximum, viz: (P. 9, Doc 1856.)

One captain, one 1st Lieutenant, one 2nd Lieutenant, four Sergeants,

four corporals, two musiciaha and Seventy-four ptvates. In com-

pliance with the requisition the following companies were mustered

into service by Genl. Jesse Carter, Special Agt. of the State, apptd.

Feb. 4, 1856.( P. 25, Indian Official Doc. 1856.)

(P. 11, Cor. Doc. 1856.) Capt. Simon Sparkman's company mounted

men mustered into service at Ickepucksassa on the Feb. 18, 1856Capt.

W. B. Hooker's company mounted, mustered in at Ft. I.eade, Feb.

Capt. Gibson, 2d Art. U. S. was sent on Feb. 25 to muster in

the company of Capt. Aaron Jerniganmounted, at or near Ft. Gatlin.
(P. 12 ibid.) Capt. Rich B. Tarner's company, foot (25 men) was

received as a detachment, at 'Tort Brook, Mar. 3d, Realizing that the

force, numbering nly about 260 men was insufficient to protect the

frontier and to pursue the Indians, Governor Broome retained in

the service of the State the mounted companies of Capts. F. M. Dur-

rance, L. G. Lesley, W. H. Kendrick and Abner Johnsog, and afterwards
added a detachment of infantry under Lt. John Addison making a rank

ard file of about 400. (Gov.'s Message.)
I(P. 12 H. J. 1856) The State troops did splendid service, suf-

fering serious loss in several engagements with the Indians. On

the 26th of Jany. Capt. Hooker dismissed Lt. M. M. Edwards for cause,

from the State service ( Dissolution of orders P. 10 Doc. 1856) .
On the 14th of Jany. Genl. JMsse Carter on behalf of the State ten-

dered to the United States the companies of Capts. Kendrick, Durrance,

Johnson & Lesley. The tender was declined and Maj. Munroe refusdd
to furnish subsistence and forage for the same.

(Feb. 4. P. 25 & 26 Indian Affairs Doc. 1856)
Genl/ Jesse Carter was appointed confidential agent for the

State without military rank and charged with duties to be defined

as occasion required. The first duty imposed was, on arrival at the

frontier, to inspect the companies of Capts. Wm. B. Hooker, Simon
L. Sparkman, F. M. Durrance, W. H. Kendrick, Abner Johnson


and L. G. Lesley, seeing that such company came up to the standard

in numbers and equipment and then muster them into the State service.
SThe further instructions read:" You will diligently enjoin and as-

certain upon what day each of these commands entered ppon active
frontier service, in ~I K1 5 Indian hostilities, since the recent
attack upon Lieut. Hartsuff and his command, and the day upon wht6h

such individual of such command entered upon such service, and report

the same to this department. You will tender to Brevet Col. John

Munroe U. S. A., commanding troops in Florida, the mounted companies

of Capt. W. B. Hooker, Capt. Simon L. Sparkman and Capt. Aaron Jer-

nigan, the latter of which commands has not yet been recognized as

in the frontier service by the State and must be conformed to the

standard laid down for other companies. These companies to be mus-

tered into the service of the United States for six months unless

sooner discharged. * * * ** Should either of the above named
companies be found on inspection to be inefficient, not full or not

ready for actual service, you will tender in the place, or places

of such company or companies, those of Capt. W. H. Kendrick, Capt.

F. M. Durrance and Capt. Abner Johnson in the order in which these

names here appear* On acceptance by Col. Munroe he was to muster
them out of the State service. He was also authorized to tender ad-

ditional troops as required.
(Aug. 16.Page 27.) Genl. Carter ordered to raise and muster litto

the service of the State five companies of mounted men, to serve six
months unless sooner discharged, to supply the places the companies cf

Capts. Johnson, Kendrick, Durrance, Lesley & Lt. Addion, whose terms

of service are about to expire.
(Sept. 13, P. 33 correspondence Indian Affairs. Doc. 1856) Hon

Jefferson Davis, Secty. War to Govr. Broome "in reference to a new

campaign against the hostile Seminoles, and in reply, to inform you

that orders have been given by this department for the concentration
in the Peninsular of Florida early in November next of fourteen com-

panies of artillery and a regiment of infantry amounting to about

I (



2,000 officers and men. Bt. Brig. Genl. Harney will be assigned to

the command of the troops, and he will be authorized to call upon

you for 8 or 10 companies having the same organization as the com-

panies heretofore furnished by the State of Florida

(Feb. 29, 1856. Page 70. Correspondence Doc. 1856). Genl. Jesse
Carter reported to Governor Broome that on the 19th inst. he had at

Itchepucksassa mustered the company of Simon L. Sparkman out of the
service e and that on the same day it haH been received into the ser-

vice of the United States and commissioned No. 1.

On the 21st at F_. Meade the company of Capt. W. B. Hooker had

been similarly transferred to the United States serttce and com-

missioned No. 2.
I-. ,
On the 21st at Ft. Meade the company of Captain Frances M. Dur-

rance was inspected and mustered into the service of the State, com-

missioned No. 3.

On the 26th at Pt. Meade the company'f Capt. Wm. H. Kendrick

and Abner D, Johnson was inspcted and mustered into the State ser-

vice as No. 4 & 5 respectively.

The company of Capt. L. G. Lesley will be mustered in a few

days as No. 6,

Capt. Aaron Jernigan has been notified and will present his com-

pan: for muster about the 10th March. Jernigan&s company mustered

into U. S. at Ft. Gatlin by Capt. Gibson U. S. A., March 10, Num-

ber 6.

Capt. Lesley's company mustered into State service at Ft, Meade

Mar. 12.

Genl. Carter repeatedly noted disobedience of orders on the part

of Capts. Durrance & Kendrick and insubordination on the part of Jer-

nigan's men. On the 21st of June,1856, he writes to Capt. yendrick

reprimanding him for failure to ac knowledge and execute orieer of
May 31st, and also for furloughing 32 of his men for 20 days. On the

7th Aug. he writes "I am determined to disband the companies of Capt.

Kendrick and Lt. John Addison On Sept. 6, Genl. Carter reports

that he has engaged about 6000 bushels of corn in Sumter and Hernando

~r ~~~__ 11.1-~11.. --

1 It ~i( 1 .1..11.1. _ii...XIX~.~jiiP


at $1 and 41.25 delivered at designated stations.

On the night of April lat, 1856, the Indians attacked the house

of Dr. Braiden on the Manatee river. The building was concrete,

Stwo stories high with broad piazzas above and below and a wide hall

through the house. A negro woman, a house servant, was sitting on

the upper piazza and saw in the moonlight what at first she took

to be a lot of calves running through the pine woods and approaching

the house, as she looked again she saw one rise up and dart behind

a tree. She then realized that they were Indians and that they

meant mischief; with surprising coolness and forethought she rose

quietly, walked into the house, down the stairs and at the foot

turned into the broad hall toward the front of the house, walked

quietly forward humming a song and apparently unconscious of the

approach of the Indians who were then within a few yards of the
piazza in the open ground and running towards the house. Without

any hurry the woman entered the dining room where the family were

at supper and extinguished the lights at the same time telling the

family that the Indians were at the door. The Indians had gotten
on the piazza but when the lights were extinguished they jumped

back to the ground. The Docter caught up an 8 shot repeating rifle

and opened fire the fire was so rapid that the Indians evidently
thought that there were a number of men in the house and fell back

out of range, going to the negro quarters. There they took 7 negroes

as prisoners and making their way to the lot took 3 mules. The

alarM was given and Captain Addison pursued the marauders over -
taking the second morning after the attack at a point about 8

miles from Pease river. There were 7 Indians in the bamd, four were

killed on the spot and it is thought that the other three were also

killed or drowned as no trace of them could be found. The negroes

and mules were recaptured and returned to the Docter.
P. 133. In October 25 Genl. Carter still has the command of

W. H. Kendrick with him.

P. 134. Sept. 9 companies of Bell and Hughey discharged from

State service. Bell and Hughey ordered to raise foot companies for


U. S. Service.

Irov. 25. Geni. Harney mailed requisition to Genl. Carter for 7

independent mounted companies in addition to the mounted volunteer
(3) companies in U. S. service

The State troops with the exception of the companies of Capts.

Sparkman & Parker were mustered out Oct. 1, 1849. Sparkman & Park-

er's companies were overlooked and were discharged about the last of
June, 1850. P. 30 correspondence S. J. 1850-51.

August tth, 1850 Indians outlaws under Emathla Chopke abducted

and murdered Daniel Hubbard, a white boy in Marion county. Gov. Broome'
message P. 13 H. & S. J. 1852-3.

In 1852 S. L. Sparkman on the 28th of February reported to Gov-

ernor Broome "Believing as I didthat the times required scouting

on the frontier, and there being no militia officer anywhere that I

know of &M South Florida to give orders or report to &n case of emer-

gency, I appointed a meeting and organized a company. * You see

at once the condition we on the frontier would be in, in case of a

sudden outbreak of the Indians, which is much feared. Not a militia
officer anywhere to order out a force, or a rallying point on the

whole frontier. Such being the case, and witnessing a similar cir-

cumstance in '49 I have taken this course in order to prepare for te

worst. If you feel authorized in any way to commission on the returns

sent, you will direct to Hickapucksassy. No war or indications of

hostilities only anticipation of what may come.
Mar. 17, 1852. Genl. Hopkins under orders from Governor Brown

investigating the reports of Indian incursions came in contact

with part of Emathla Chopco's b-nd of outlaws near Lake Washington

in the flats of the St. Johns river by accident severely wounding

the wife of Innaha, who she reported had returned to the nation. In
this encounter 2 boys and 7 others, women and children were captured

The main body of the Indians were at peace, were in conference with

the representatives of the United States relative to removal. (Page

67 8@8. 1852-3.) After an interval of three years and nine months, m
Dec. 19, 1853 the Indians attacked from ambush a fatigue party under



Lt. Hartsuff in the Big Cypress. Again Sparkman and others organ-

ized their companies. Companies were formed by Hooker, Kendrick,

Durrance, Lesley, Addison, Farmer and others and went to the front

in Dec. and Jan. 1855-6 P. 2-12 Dec. 1856. Governor Brovwn Jan. 1I

1856, recognized companies as in service of State. On Feb. 18th,
Sparkman's company mustered into U. S. service. Feb. 21st, Capt.

Hooker's company, mounted, mustered into U. S. service. Mar. 5,

Farmer's detachment infantry mustered into U. S. service. Mar. 10

Jernigan's company mounted, mustered into U. S. service. From the

best information obtainable, the companies received in the State ser-
vice rendered service as follows:

17. B. Hooker from Jan. 5 to Feb. 21, 1856.

F. M. Durrance Feb. 21 Aug. 22nd, & to Dec. 21, 1856.

W. H. Vendrick, Feb. 26 " 28th, 6

A. D. Johnson " 26 Sep. 2, 20, "

L. G. Leslie Mgar. 12 Aug. 20,

John Addison, Apl. 8 Oct. 7th,

A. J. T. Wright 28 May 17 & to Aug. lst, 1856.

John MG Weil May 18 Aug. 12, 1856.
John MccNeil's also served about 3 months later in the year.

A. A. Stewart's from May 18th to Sept. 30th, 1856.
Robt. Youngblood "

Enoch Daniel 30th July 20

W. B. Hardee June 1 June 29

Alexander Bell 24 Sep. 50

Thos. Hughey Aug. 18 30

E. T. Kendrick Oct. 25 Dan. 1&, 1857.

John Parker 7 Dec. 15, 1856.

S. L. Sparkman ] Dec. 26, 1855 to Feb. 18, 1856.

R. B. Leslie seems to have served sometime during the summer or fall

of 1856.

Other companies have put in claims for service alleged to have
been -rendered during the years 1855, 56, 57, 58 under command of

I I I I 1 111 1 I II I I I


Capts. Carter, Stone, Ellis, Balleck, Horn, Crighton, Jernigan ----
not well
McGahegan and others but their claims haveAbeenAestablished, in fact

the claims are strongly tainted with fraud.
To return to hostilities, the next attack by the Indians was

on the home of Dr. Braiden on the south side of the Manatee river

April Ist 1856. The initial attack and the second being separated
by an interval of a little over three months.

On the 8th of IMay 1857 Governor Broome a'ldressed a communice-

tion to the Secty. of War giving a detailed history of the outbreak

and the circumstances that made it necessary to call out the State

troops. On the 31st og December, Genl. Carter wrote to Governor
Broome that he would "soon be able to report the State entirely re-

lieved of her military burdens and on the 16lh of January, 1857, he
wrote Captain Thomas Tughey that the "State forces have been en-

tirely disbanded, and General Farney does not desire State co-oper-

To meet the obligations incurred by this war the State legis-

lature passed Feb. 1, 1861, an act to provide for the payment of the

Florida volunteers, etc., for services rendered in the last war with

the Seminole Indians. Chap. 1175, Page 169 Laws of Florida, 1861.
Ordnance No. 60-Adopted Julp 27, 1862. Convention of 1862, repehls

Chapter 1175,Lhws of Florida.Ordfnances published in connection with

the constitution of 1868. Page 53 McClellanli Digest., section 8

declares all State Treasury notes issued or other liabilities con-

tracted by the State on or after the 10th of January, 1861, to the
25th day of October 1865 except such as are due the seminary and

school fund null and void and that the General Assembly shall have
no power to provide for the payment of the same or any part thereof.

Sec. Ordinance of Constitutional Convention of 1865, de-
dares no bona fide contract or liability/the State incurred or under-

taken prior to the ordinance of Secession shall be invalidated'.

Provided this aoxinance shall not apply to any claims which have here-
tofore been declared fraudulent or have been rejected by the State.

Adopted Nov. 7, 1865.




Chapter 3113, Laws of Florida, Acts of 1879, P. 56.

An act to provide for the examination and settlement of claims against
the State of Florida for services rendered during the last Seminole

Indian War, and for a settlement of the claims of the State of Flor-
ida against the United States

Z Approved Mar. 11, 1879.

Chapter 3930. Laws of Florida, Acts of 1889. P. 169.

An Act supplemental to an Act to Provide for the Examination, etc.

also Chapter 4428, Laws Fla. Acts of 1895, P. 185.

I _

9 )

Journal of Dr. i". H. Si'-rons,

Commissioner'to locate the Seat of Governmnnnt of the Territory
of Florida.

St. Augustine 3ept 2Gth 1823.

Left "t, Augustine and reached Buonavista, late at night the

road being impeded with water nearly the whole way, The flats being on

the other side, there was no possibility of getting my horses over

before the morning, I however p-ssed over myself in a canoe end slept

at Vibrillia

qseLt. 27th Vibrillia. The day stormy and the river so rough,

that my horses could not b,: brought across'till towards evening "'hen

the -'ind had somewhat abat ed. Though it had continued to rain at in-

tervals and the weather looked ve-y unpromising, I re:umned my journey

and proceeded on eleven miles, where I encamped for the night.

28th Set forward at daylight and arrived at Alachua at sunset

after a fatiguing ride of near fifty miles.

29th li chua Felt very unwell, and resolved not to proc=sd this

30th Found it necessary to pr-ocure another pack burse and did not

obtain one 'till it was too late in the day to pursue my journey.

Oct. Ist A rainy day, but there being no likelihood of better

weather I set out with two guides, two pack horses, and sufficient

provisions for ten days. Having been informed that an Indian who

passed through Alachua before my arrival there, ?had said that he in-

tended to take the boat from the lower crossing place on the Suwannee

and go to St. Marks by water, and that I should therefore have to raft

it if I went by that route; I determined to pursue whb;:t is called the

middle road, liich leads oveLI the "antaffy near to its junction with

the 2uwanney, as I understood there was an Indian settlement there,

where I could procure canoes to put me over the latter river. After
proceeding about twelve miles the weather became so bad that we were

__ (

obli!.ed t ttat-re shelter unde-- .ome bark c~np left bI the Indi n,v:.'
Swe re--ained fo.. the night, ~'u-r road crossed the; So thi aSt-. n end of
the great ATl., ua "*'iv-.nnah which at tbh time rAiC, not cont'-in nuch water,
anld presien-ve. 1-T,-tifu l fxp inse of e iP ", -n nI1 livin, d verdure, The 'ink
c-llci the All--.tor ole> at Its w-sHtern e-tremity, wh-rei the watter
dIiacharjre1l th.. rselve: Un i .r. -rcindc, I have never had an -n.L. ortunity of
examiining; but from the t-istimony of the Indi.-ns nd negfres it ,-ppears
th-.t thi account: tiven of it by Pirtr:im Is subst-:ntiflly cc.rect. !!ap-
pening cRsuaully to obse-rv-, that I --.,cnc srerd wvhr; tih water fin -ly
vented hv--'~S-tlveo, one uF my ,uidles, an Indi *n n -Tro,, promptly 'eplleed
t't-At th.-y r-itn into the ';'.-:annlEo. On cry ;a'-ing him nbo he knew thil to
be the case; he sa-id thRlt -omi' years a-"o, ;n Indi .n bathlinr' nrea. the
.,ink ywas drn, wnod and th'-it hi body was ;ft,:.- tvardr s found In th. e :'wnnney*
I -ive this story :s I r:c- ive" it. If it should be correct, this C...'.n-
na which dr .Ins a con..:cid:ahlo E.xtent of c untry, ;t.robl:.bly j oinse one
of tIh tri-.itarien of that n nticnerd 3iv;r. 3s th. co!utrY betwee6 n the
AlichuA ind t i"to 'wanney is b'ut little knc:'n-, I shall desc-'ib- as I pro-
Ceed such fte. of It .as ere .pre:. nted to me on this route,
nct, ',. Te..vVinc ou.' enci.r'n*, "'nt, we ttrivl'led through a eelon
of hil-h rolling pin! l'-nd, interrmixed '-ith som.e ca:ec nd hic'-ory; the
soil p&nerally ai .:-11.-'sh loan,. "''is re. ion xt-r.-ded for about tWYlO
miles, wihin re. r;Oach-d -cla-scol-ke, a ~m.-ll sloaet of water, -'here
cC.T:'.m3ne; a b:-.rutifil hb ..'-ck, through whichc h w"e rl(ie for nearly three
miles. The chief p:iowth ;,s3 of lofty and spreading punishh o:-a1s, set
wiide partr, h-.ving, a fine c5,'et of verduiA underneath. I "- Intfo-med
that it .:xt-il,.-: a. Colinarl-'.ble "*.ay to the north '.n:-f, -n fo -ns
a v.-y rich b'i( ', of 1-nda. Thb:re was a .ettlocnt of rn its
north ustern bo'der. It b'-rs dut. west rrom the Alachua 'hnv1nna 'n
pas.alin tlhrou;.h this tr.act, we --aln entered upon i'-ih pine land of rond
n'aility, being- inter pn s e 'ith o :.k and 'cl-T1 hcf-ory, Afterxn "'efr-sh-
Ir.-n m;r.:lve: :.nrd hc. :non 'it noon, we re-comiimnc,-6d our ,lrn.'ney, .nC trax-
:lled on 'till nine At ni, ht, in research cf water, -."ich is v.ry sca.-rce
in this r-.l on. fe -t -cn pth met .idth 1m 11 pond --"cr": .!' serc-nmped.
Fre-iunnt plit:; or flrunnel W1 pr''i p derl:?ssions in thic roll rccu red in this



and succeeding days ride; but no runs of water, though in some instances,

[l0 a pond lying a great deal higher ;ind in their immediate neighborhood,
was quite full. beforee halting, we struck the hammock that borders the
Santaffy. It lies but little below the level of the adjacent pine linds,

and does not appear to be subject to inundation, or at any rate could

be easily freed from it. The growth of live oak, bay, laurel, cedar,

mulberry, poplar, cypress &e. &c. It ruined in the night and we suffered
from the want of tent. I did not bring one from the icea that it 'would

prove too heavy in addition to the bagg-age.

Oct. ad. The morning proved clear, and we were on our way by half

past six. In about an hour we arrived at a stream running to the

north east It w!s of in-considerable width, but was up to our saddle

skirts at the crossing pl,'-ce. It is one of the tributaries of the lan-
taffy into which it falls near its mouth. M y -uide called it "Low Creek,

and 3ilid that it heded in a 1-ke on the southwest. There is a Low Creek

laid -owfl in Vignollies map, which is represented as heading to the -E.

The sources of the two streams must be in som. Icyr region or country in-
termerilate between them. After crossing the stream first mentioned,which

has scme very gcood land upon it, we arrived after little more than an

hours ride, at the Santaffy, but found it so high, that we could not

attempt to cross it without a boat; We therefore determined to go down

to a small Indian settlement to the west, where we supposed we could ob-

tain canoes. On reaching the tonm, which consisted of fourteen or fif-

teen houses, a public square, and ball-yard, we found the Irlians were

*unwilling to lend us 4 boat. A bribe however of two dollars, soon oc-

casioned one to be produced. They told us it was necessary to return a

few miles south to wTere there was a crossing pl.ce, by which ileaathla

has passed over but a few days before s:nd promised to brinr the canoe

around in time to meet us. We were nearly an hour in reaching the place

described, to which a trail led from the town, but from no other direc-

tion; though this would ce-tainly be the nearest point at which to cross

the river from Alachua. "'e found the river bluff on this shore, but ap-

parently low on the other. It was here bordered b:,' pine lands and is

a bold and broad stream not less than 150 yards wide. It is remarkably

rapid and as clear as a fountain. A chain of rich hammock extends from

1 9 1 1 111 -1

0I 9

Alachua along thi e -- -nt1_,affy all the to Its c'-nrl;._ice with the 'u-.1 1;inneyp

rind t)- re are hiicrh 'houlth1y pin,,;, Inds to th.; w hic'l would form

cli-ibe ates fto:' settltrlt nts - it I[~s'.irii to r;e~that t'- neihb'.r-

ho d of this crO3:iinr- p1 Ce woul;, -%ford a firia oitorition for a 'or;n.

Thte Tridian, soon -,'r ive,1 1 wth thF C o no t; hut we were a long time in 17-tting-

ovC~r, -in t1hu river, is sC bro--d .nd rz. idid thit we could not vpn'.urol to

swim over mrir t~h~-n one h1-.orse at a time ni' we haes five to cross. This

pl-,.a is not more thvn tibhue 'UV:-.rters of a.,mlle below '.Iierze the n- & Pfy

enters -h- -,w;fanly, 'T,.-- PL.rm~e rivdr is nearly ae -.IC6V a3 thle -Thwpnney

Its-,lf at thc U13P1 !ce, re it f,-4113 into 4Th latter. .'a ouf'-Lr. i 1--ere

very riucl- t:itiyucd, fromri trravelirnm, ui :i -r n-nd aaort of vif-lC, of r;od

we pm;-ocoend vr-g K;l1(v!rly fi;' the r_--t 'of the d--r, ir" K? dri r '-,t -o morae

than tnelve' miles, -,*f,.n we stoi-Ped for the nirfht. T1-- 0 r1-tns 'ttrcurih! which

we rp-issef (t' e trail keeping near 12m river thiir:: f'r) was a low 91i:bhy

pine barren.

(het, 4th.* were off at an b.oT v bu in th, ?n.1ii.jin,1- -aci. .-i;h the

'xc pt~on of- tt.t ?4l':; ra.3t at 1--oonn t. vellor1 8tr.iY 't 1 .f.

?h ount wy W5f thc- 3 C c~o:c'i'.ttof a. that V h. at r he pano-

celding d-vs There occuzrred nn:mereoltn ime.l ponds, a V"n. with

p.r-ices -of' mu7ed c!-llcdi by the Indi-nr ",pjYitalic'kn'Ey cn~ 'fkish fo'MeS a

vury :,ich T't1t1XreP;,fLr C -:ttlc, go that thisho tr )or r Ion -;,.I d Ft

le st affc-rd a finc 7-nr=7 :`o- stock!

Oct. 5'h. rur r t of travellln7- this &.1y ws th-h, 3a th ai 0 n

th,' prece'linr c(!,-yo T7h,?r,:; vs oo variation in thhc ch -r .ter of 'he soil,

until we ,eoc1-,&d a rIa!k'.b~e 3iInka, v"hlh I cK11ei W rc!cell.

Tii,-n tLLip lI-in bi-c-x'z hiuC ier onci we T- .7,7?d hamiilocks n thBe

left 't: to the no,',wast (their- ixt.-nt I could nct b --ta~in) znci

Th11'* of --in &ln'jr i f. rm,vwhicl to termin..te in low Cy rfSa

s7wamflps. ',Ii j bar,7n hit'larto north n t)--itv:r:t but frem The

rel1, Weltlr V tFrtl aCfldects no2thesterly and Contin,1.esn in ti-t J'1rectlon

for the di.'t-nc. of t-'iinty rnils, e tOir at nlr'ht, nc_-a a jun of

wit~r "h~bare our bo:rsebu .''ffrctd much fror runt of 't,:o6 ;"csdr.g6.

hi Ici hea vy fhower- *uirin;- the mann, od rot comrlet.-l1,! riete

Oct. 'tV-. As ,ur horses had no corn sinc- we cr-r-,u.-3fri the -uvwvtnneyq

a< d thi .ir-i~inr; ?: bl ~hera ~iC-tr)-ds we p riOe: edini to-c?..y very

13 o -,ly. 711n rgl'j..ljtty of thie IrvAF did nnt 'r-ry rn ttz-ritily until we *i r-

rivel at the :3oa-t!'arn boirder2 of t01-r bh.rnrr.-c1c "h- pctcllhee 701 c h :-t etchin

east :rnd v -est thteen the 'w:anneY -nil A,)-3,l1y for !ilhost twenty -rive

riles, and is r.-Cnt:.d to be forom tcn to twelve miles In brescth. W"

realchsl -fter sunset a Ifett -:'~It of1 0in# fijo nrc.oeo w-~re we :clgred

and iiucccedsc in obt-inin'- corn fr our 1:cr 3 F-r 3i3-,tance fron th'1

p~ltc'r '1~re IC O. th )Win,,f UIP to this I concibive to be not less

th y 1 jty3a tri::u, e t.-vellrl ais it ppere1 to me on the cliord

of thlie 'bow fl-- -Aver r-,:al'-fr'n the cu--ve to the east.

Oct, '7t-h. 1 ! n h, Indian t.h :t t0! -?Ct 6tat nc.:

f -Mn thi :023 tietto-j;?nnt to tilh ', jjwqlnjey be, 6%be sily ?rj in on- Ay.

I col'ld' net learn li',wv~ver h)low P r ICi: 1-2rvl zo -teendio toward t'-,, o -,St.

Y.y ho'..-s: 1h vtn-- strayedr1 durtnr the nb-ht I did not fF-t under ?,vy untll

late. A t the ar,! of five ot' ,I1x miles, the r;-.:d eAiceFr1e' f- c.i tim 1irZ

,ks '. a i t -nip -ho- 1 -1 ,i cC l we Jic-d !;cEt;ly tar. to OuLr E-. Atllr.

e fXr I n r s l-tsp .i~e ri2s 1n 13,is de of Vhe

'u s1 ly. .e T two or three Indi: n aettl+-1:t.: Tts ie T d.;, it rained

a little in the 2r'rnirng.

Oct. !Vt 71- et ouit -i a morninm- A:ith a prov'iect off.k bliut little

way, aur hours-s bein,- vorn flown xnd a ffood de-:. .r'-nted, thiroizh -e hbrd

tLICn pfrrat p_4nsn to prevent it. 9~n,2 f ther.! -n Indii't hi Wr-e that

rc1.ld- ,iOt cat t'-:en teo9nel to fall all tairethers ?!e p cCoecd, or

rat!h-r crimp't ;'t tim-.! rrite of -Fbont t~'rec mileS -rn r rm tn'e iin

MlOr..3 th:ln an hio;r and hnalf, Cm17..1L to thl: -iUA'ly fork, or- one of

our srmallest ho.e-se nearly 2w. hei breadth of -amt rrt of th channel

whiC~h w freJ f'4 c -..n (' ypQ. css wan :bow;t anven y r.s.s-, trile ti2r,

there ;-n we rncic"'.r; the Aiit-tty Itglf whicPr, %upt.; noww ve-!y 1-iih. !-e e-rmed

oUr hi de, 'Trnto, a br t )dih c-rnveyod rcr':rs '1 b J'r*.Ge fl'' i% ovl r Lur-

s,?lVe2 on 'no -no'b-ick. We !id n-t swim mtore th.n tcen yirds but. the wbrle

01,,t !nC,2 fro!' nshore to 'ViTnre 1,-i prot..bly 250 ,asrda; a con i-.r ble -:pi-.ce

ho--v3r on -It rirr n i 3ti'UO- o1-:i ` F-Y -rne, Th,.v -~nil cyrprs3n tr on.

The last s.aven mil,.n of (,7)-- rito to tVJ L aBllly WRB '11C70u h CoMpar~ttiwely

poor ptne VsT '--,silly le ilr boi'ndrlry of th- cOu'try called.

'h rmpelee or .:;ampelee bv the Indi.n.1; nd on the side comrlences

the hmnnr-ck of "!caznu!-'ies. The Ausilly when I c ossed it was running

nea 'ly due south, "'hi-n I c-aoser. it, bu C I ,m.nder3 tooc. th. t one thirty

miles lower down, it vz-kes a 3uddc ;, turn to the ,'e6t 'in'; ermpt es into,

the Re_ ::bout fi ft.en miles frcr,: the T.oul.t of the t. ,'trkl it :'uns,

bePf.'e m,.king a ti"n to" a s rt "ist.inee .'i-derr cund. t'rom the river,

..fter pL-nsilng :- n.,,r:-ow strip of pine land .'seros into a rich hammock,

Whi~ h orntinu'o' fC.' fifteen mills It is. iJte-rripted at one pl-ce by a

swamY if n. iethinrg more th'in a mile in widrth. 'Wep -sied throur. h an In-

dian .ettlem.-nt *nd .A'veral lxlr-i.-*ntt fieldW of co-n indr jas. awardss "i -- V 'be"r"widerord 1b LE numbtLr of tricl:i l't,:- injt tc' different

Indinl towns and :vande.'ed bout until .ft-er nine, 'h :n we ca:-3 up with

small Ind.ian settl-'rmnt .hrer we eencTrrpod,b-:in,: p-rmiser? 1Y. the people

to be put on tiCh ri--,t road in thle i.orninp.

Oct. t'.h. pur course. ] I:is alv, ".n:, ,: ithl -1-1 h' n: l- nds sore of

which "'a: c;'f r-'':i d:piality:, We c-rc se- t'rn-n:: mil:s i;i this side of

the .iusilly a pretty deep cree .5 or 1 yv.;'ds in r'ictth. It .n from the

scuth 'aut, ;..ti' into the ncholochney, n--ppe rP to be :,u.ject to

t.ixten. ve inundation, fror th,, ':-ark of a recent flod Luon it" S west

banks. Towards ni hI-t we relac .d a small h- -i- 1h T-,Tre we encarmped.

Oct. 10th. '(,r ccnr-se I.ry "hr, ',r; indifferent Tl.dnd f.r the greater

part rof the day, f r t.:n miles ]ho-:'ever b.-:foE.'c r \ r-c-ch:C "t. '"ark1:; we

posseer through a fine tract of hihh rL:' pint 1-rnd, which bocin.- backed

by; the -:ich ./ plon f thI I' 'al '-ic'ki "nrl. 'r,- t n vi: t ion, i.ould

form n el1 gible .iti-.ititon fr t a to-n.. 't s3u'it d::-'r vW- at thI. fort

wi'here' I w" 'i" hr.'spit.ribl' -:-'C. Ivel t h C4 t. 'c'lint-ick -n th-' -e.-.t of the

Officers I found that r. Villi mo, m-: colleaue, hAi not :r lived
The weat'.r .ll .lun: *'-!. wa r ind cloiidy1 with frl.'i:utnt showers.

'TI"t coil of the h,-m)cks of Chnmplaee ..n, "-tc1-. cki.c, i a b:o'n

lo m, of from ton to twelve inches thickness rectinr *on a foundation

of red cl:ay. The :-urftce is rolling and Intersected by, but few runs

of water. A few ponds occurred along the taril that I The. ero*th

consists of the various specie of oak:, ;l-urel, Inmnolia, bay, ?A.nlsh

cedar, si-r'sfraa, dog tood, -,nd some beech thi first I have obne.-ved

in Florida. The undergrowth in most pl.ccs is principally cane of from

t-n to fifteen feet in -eilth.

Oct. 11. The weather wisi-m n clear.

Oct. 12. *.ry cool -;nd clear,

Oct. 1:;t'h A,:- n v,Ll rni with fl'in.: cl1;.Or's.

Oct. 1.-th. ar"m '.4th .gretit uQ-p.ear nee off rFin.

'ct. l'jth. A vitolent FUP' stcrr. of r'in1 :.nli r'nin.

Oct. 1'th. r" --.: crol but cirly .:rD thr-atenjinr -:rin,

Oct. 17th. The we-the1 Pr, oi ,nrj r)n.-00,
net. n1th. leit out in conpr.-n :'.:" th :apt :in F:''li]t.-ck r'"mn,,.'ndr

of the Post, for Judg'e Ro lin.(-ns on T iitle ,"ivyr, In th -:-. :-.f re.-t-

inj- my coller-,-ur: in that :ir,-ction or nn !'-? -inT of .i. Thn dy w.s

fine -.nd c."-l 1 enuu-' fr front, r.-c pfn.r-id .th!izroirh 1> I." ps in- t.e:'Len,
the f:'at prt of the '.ay, t:--. t-vellinr .-.bout ten .nils, '- en^e-

ed a -. n h- lmnt;cek 1 .n- of ;-rc? q u.lity. TChis C'i not -;:t.:LP more than a

mil e '-n e a:cn pen.:r?. Into hlrh nine land. Thias r'.'ntin.:e-d to the

Och.'L. ckny, rs ain, tc, coI-.3idr.-c le hill2 bt';re-' it c-:Ci -.'-l., Mrivj r

Q,.nid becoming .:ls,: Frnor r. We pas.zne'd :cT; ;W-'nd. ,"!i c' b .r *if- T... e3 G. oln-

n'ected with thl; nurces of the 1'ac'-ulla, l;ynr -'bov.? its "-ard 9 inr,

we c"r one. also two :!numll tr-..!ms, b-thl of "hiih ci.-ierecc to be -cr. leads

from onln pond into 4.nother. r:-..:ch.-i .it ,-;d*:'n th'-, f rry th foh

olockncy, where -ve r':1,nt flt nirht i.inde an u"n nf"ir -d The river

h.'e sl not r reo than 20 :'.-ds wi3 v e, n'tl i .,pe, e.- c to -1u7c.C'' -1t.-;'v'cted

by li:.:. The Oe1-!,lorkney Is a'm':, but a vc:j,' onr. :'ver ...n.,t:.-ting

ft-r into ;e'rjr!r.. Thb-re I hut very little <,or-A I:.nd on its 9 .jt.-rn site,

but the;i- are zome tracts of fine .j',li ty on its vfwest : mn 1.'order.

Oct. 'Ith. er seed the fery, 'r nd soon mlt .'-:it' rr"e' ine 1 nd 1. ,l-
tern-.tingf with strips orf h ;mi!nck, until near Litte river 1 ,.. ve c --:zncOe

some of hei finest land Inhav seen in the 7lo !rias. on t'iis of

Littl-, river i t i: a black k. h'.;..mock in .c-~im plnco low but nc.t *coo '

so for cultivation; on .h0 no-thern '3lde, 'I. "thi h e Q ; 1 h .nd-

asme pl.nk< brirl-e, !built b: "-'.or R.:bin-on, th,'-. ll i', not v r. :-: mtil

near Judrge obirnaonsl whln it bec- Tl a r'.d lo m, .-.s "ting on cl-y. This

river -run -'bout t-":.nt:t ;ilen an'? -nptie int(o the nhlbolr.clnie, it p-

pe;.rced nwviGrble. Its head p 'on- e-llecd rh ?ir. i :n Lit'tle .Atta-y.rl1zl"'

h-ivn their snurcen hnip'v in eo-i. .. The Iridl.Ans c".llad thi:' region,

"'nchati, siagnifyin red rir.und and n chief n-:med 'cjnchnitmico or head

man of the red ground,h;ms a settlement somewheree in Lthe rnei'h-borhood.

I was most hospitably r-?ceived by Judpe i.obinson who h-. opened an ex-

Stensive plantation near TLittVl rivor, where the i-rc'oth of everything

evinced the reciness of a new and fertile se l. Thckottrn c-.op .f long

staple, "'r.a s.r.perior t o -ny. I hnve ever: seen ir. the 9-, lithern States; the

everago height f the :-tnlks wac from "ten to twelve feet nri man-.- of the

plants reached fifteen; ':t all were loaded with- f.: -nm and opening freely.

SOTrn rice and cane ihad been plnilted, which &,lsr flou:-ished well. The

Jur,.r T informed me that the hi-ii-h l-.nd d1 i n..t 3nr:rince crn r T; Vll th-: flrat

year but veay lT-,un0c.dntly the second. tr ttnn "'i.r? better the first :earr

th-.n corn.

Oct. 20th. The weather warn and cloudy.

Oct. ?1ft. Warn. wi th ano-e rain,

Oct. 2':nd. Very c'.ol and clear.

Oct. S2d. 'ool and c!reatenin; r-ain.

Oct. 2:th. '"ai-nr rrithlin of Mr. "llliarns I determriner] to return

t". t. "'srrkl, an? there wait a **"ek lonr:er; not being -ible to ex'trd my

stay beyond that tim-e, from the unforeseen .:3::penses to '-ich I have t-en

put, and the urpenc: of many cells I had In "t. nn :n: way I

stor-ped1. at Flli fhlur miles from the fe-ry.

Oct. '25th. Thi. morning "-'' '" n !ri 'n:,: ,; 1 .r, F ?ce er

came up on f'ict, hb.vinp arrived at St. "Th 'k y .ter, -*fter : p -,sacge

of tvenrty four days from Pensucol.i. A's :'r. Willifams lu.r' not been -,ble to

obtain horse: at the fort, I lent him mine tc '- to Judge Robinaons "'here

h- hope.r to p-.ocure them. In th evening bhe retur.-ned 'vinr he-:n unsuc-

c-seful. I no* determined that my two rtuide- should .7 lk r;.nd we wouldl d

forthwith coj-rcnce our survey with the horses I had,

Oct. 26th. VCe re.elved to t ke a view of the Pitration about Talla-

hassee s-hich had been represented as high, healthy nd well watered. We

had received satlsf'ictory information thtt there were ncr ellible ltes

,n the f(cholockney. tNot having been fu-"niseil with an:" fnds by the

Territory, and travelling being diffir'ult aned expensive, it was impossible

for us to undertake the minute survey, contemplated -y the act. 9e

c:'ossed the Ocholockney, -And set forward for 'T-tl'1i.a..sie lu '. ulng n .F

course. We camped -t the end of six miles as we had set out late -nd It

was now nearly dark.

r'ct. 27th. Renewed our journey. When near Neamathla's settlement,

crossed a water course, running to the north, which the Indians consider

as the source of the St. "arks. This would make the whole course of the

river not more than twenty miles. beqmathla and his people appeared mudh

disturbed by our visit, and Were inquisitive as to what object we had in

view. Te told him that we came to search cut a spot where the Governor

and his council could conveniently meet, and that we should not in any way

interfere with the Indians. H;e seeded however much dissatisfied Pe

invited us to spenr7 the night, and in the mnentime sent off for 'n in-

terpreter. The Indians were d-ncin.g the snake dance, a .uperstitious

and stated festivity, which was always h-ld in this month. Its object

is to lay the serpents, before they go out on their great hunting expi-

dition. 'Va slept under the shed of the Council House and were disturbed

a good part of the nicht through. I felt a melancholy interest in watch-

ing these last exhibitions of the Amrusements of these poor people who by

the treaty were saron t. quit th ^'country. In -ne of their dances called

the mad dance most of their esureus and movements were highly martial

and graceful and served to illustrate the natural elevation and fire of

their character. The Af'ican dances, on the contrary,' were characterized

by vulgar and awkward antics, and these circumstances alone evince a

rreat difference of character between the two people.

Oct. 28th. ileamathla arain questioned us on the purposes of .ur xt

visit anl on our re-assurinr- him that we had no design to interfere with

the rirhts of the Indi ns, he told u; we might proceed, but not to tell

any of the Indians that he had sent us. We passer to the old Tallahassee

town, where Chifixico, chief of the settlement, evinced an equal opposi-

tion to -ur proceeding. He angrily caught up a handful of dirt, and

presenting it asked if that was n,.t his land; he then nmunted his ho-se

wnd -ode off to Neamathla'R, to enquire further into the objects of our

visit From the behavior of this chief and other Indians whom we met

I am convinced that the-e people will not be removed without difficulty.
From thir7 point we proceeded down to examine the sources of the St..'arks.

For the rest of our proceedings I must be allowed to refer his Excell-

ency, the Governor to the journal of my colleague, as the vessel sails

imme lately, '" ich aiff.-ls t'-e on.y' opr;pcrtunity I sh l /e to tr:nmit

m,:, docrne)nt .iftel y to him.

-nec!. ) . T .ir.. nes.

-/ ".',; -- of John Lee "ill .. i ,

"o- ':ii on'rs i tc *"-te the e;et rf v':-.: t of the

Journal. of a voy- .-,:. enla St. .-' a :

-l uj l- .. .i -. .,, onth of Octo. 2 rd ..;..*, .- .. ..

o, .. nr .a .-s" t- f. 1-. a b .. In 1 -. 't ;

accc' n b :. .- er. be y1:l'- in p r vi l:. ~ fr .. -.' s.

In tle -'..? n;' . P F 2 -. .',li "-., 1 J at .sr P-' t, .4 miles.

Oct. l t. W **' .- c-.: ro to ta *- I .; bu ~ '.'-o that

c:.'- Ic.'t In :t would '- -ir he.'" :.. In th ev 'n e cro e

--, . t .- '-: r int,

Oct. . '... the ..-_t a er l.s *v :....- ," late 1in "h

Sv r,;,:: on .tm ;:. T. miles.

Oct. ..* '"'th t 'c t 1 l ;: we 'v... at V-.: --" ,ju t 'c -f .--

e '-;.- ;'~2 th. r-.t '. esc : v-.r r-in i -- ed .- i in r" torrents

:..,'f nar th'.: ni t. /:

.:'t, h. T r ri-' t t the ... r, (" n :-.)

".t. A .:e at the dawn of :.., f n V in! c 'i ft t.c

t VA, ".. n t 'r .........t-'nl-"" '.' C ....... 4 f- .
t. '". .t *nd. *. .,tel "-. 1 **, ,. l *r.'..n.;- ; '-, at 4 p .:".

.i;,c .r.-,i at T .s Cel,.l ,-. T-.e C. t .'n fe : In,. to to se~ ... la;..- !,,

tTic even7n,' we -~j .l1l nr2.t mCO3nin'. .;.:' miles.

"7,-.r intimi te *Ici' -ntance ,"ith. t'- country :.-.- 1. .....' tf

t' .nt~ r-:sb a -; i the ".'. Y : i:-. l tchie ? ,, I have ':.I, letd ..' bel eve '- :t

the ..h l l cf ne '"l t-,-~-th.tcb e river ; :;.' *1 ; th. :-.o.un .:-

t. .--t ,2r in. Tr-i-s is! .n t:: rf ,f .":a (.o-.

.,nri; 1'-cv; -,r.ul. 1 t'-.t -'n thV : )uL d n-id .r "stC- ?--y '^* foc med

of Li toe rrcr, ,' -i, i d lthnc.i tb .- re e n:; hells i ntermixsd '-~,

.ire aa yet but little :... . -.: "--, .t-ble rir: .-ins j re nes: ce .r there

i. no cl .:.' In .rneath tor .'j ;.' the In .' places on ?h.- -6'n-

in. ujl 'e nt 'e -: 1* ve e ,e.., Oi. '., v. -ed e:v-, -!-c ..-. n~ -- c:-;. "c 3s
in u if. L I

r. ts :,.nc, ,sI.. 8t"mtnps; I-rt the ""-i- li. ;;n -.: of rc. .nt .-pa: i-

..... a.. '., inrin a :*, i> i:... f -rr, t1- ",nk 5 :,C h-re". W-t eS

extrernel" pure and unta inted by Pn.y nminiral qu .lties.

Th? Doi rColastle- is cost ntly wearing off the leninsula to the

eta.3,t'.7- d .n' th : I l. n r .f 1. 5nt R s,- i s of cf i's e c +t inf 'l y increa s-

in In length.

The c, h ct-i.,h:tchi '-,; ,unst nec-s rily decrease in .ize -rn' ,e-pth.

The shoals Fnd i nrs~1es 'rr evidLtLly kingig flrthe.' into the bay.

Oct. ,. At 5 a.m. we :r.o needed from the Pass Into the Gulf ,-.ith

the wind not-th .;ni the breeze light, nothing; worth. of notice occurred

until this ov,-ning *'hen .v!s came to in a strong surf *-nd inchored till

T-,crning. 5 miles.

Oct. 7th. At 1.'rn1a hoisted anchor ind sailed ith a 1:--ht n.,rth

wit-in to it. .';ndre"'- -'y 'lhich we :each-d at 3 p. M. ""- could not p.-r-

uW-de o,,r captain t(. l*:ave it till e-ixt morning. We took some red fish

and eraibs b:lt fol.nd the mosi uitoes ext9!iemly annoying. In this pl ce

Dr. -,'.ter iand ;..7-.lf in f;el]in-; fresh water came s ,-denly up,-n a fnemaAe

allirator a numerous -tcod of yo;. ng ones on the surface of the

pool; -he ir-,ediately sunk, the .younr oneC di6r not -sem intimidated but

contain; -c to swim ahont barkin,- like -puppies, The water was brackish

-:nd hi-hl:y holoured ,with dec-:lir' veIetables. :,5 miles.

Oct. *t:-.. '.--:ly thi- mo ning we sailed around, .~ e pc 1.e, suprloa-

in- to be -.:.n las 4,nd enteredd t. Joseph's ?y, thininknr it was the

Apalaclicola. I was unable to p_:ocuire in Pensacola, either in p or chart

of th:e coast, it was 1 it in th] ev!enn-: before we reaci-ed the heac of

the bay ~-i :*i;cov--rer th t we were lan i.accked; our boat at l.:--ith ,:ot

on a "ho-:l froi which we were uni.ble to -emove it; beinr much f-.ti ued

we s',n f3ll .I -.lep :.t!,? e'st1ed until the next morning.
Oct. 9th. T' is no"nin.-- we took much p ins in ex-.7rni:tn the coast;

upon, th'e penilnsula ive in:eOi~t;'i j discovered that we could n-.t

be in Aa;-,lichicola Bay as there was no cutlet to the ro`thv.'ard. "'h here

s ." .:'n-' watr`^ovT v ini lh.ll fish of which the conchs -i'e extremely,
large. This be:7 althoub:h very ?de,:p at th- entrance, is very h:illow

after proceeding lI or 16 niles Inl ind. ThVi c-pne vhich Surrounrds the
sou'ih .in east si';?- is narrow -n," formed of sever-.i ch.r[ pur.llel

ri 3.'es of s -nd amonirst i".'ich wezre .-:.e 7or1s of fresh water. A l-arge

bayou '-t the southwest penetrates within 5 rods of the 'ulf. The south

--* N

shore i- I;-.ved 'i th be'lut iful shell. T'-i !- Iy '.il. rff-rd .- h-.rbor

for l-;:"; ves asels,.' .- :,'-: o .; y r...-iC a lcho_-cd -.t 12 p.m.

ju1 't behind (' -e f-n.;..'.l.n. ,t r 'f ':nltr '-ice .'i' .,,' ".t-.r, r rh wr ind
i it.h i it ? he !rind
blot' inr -' t i-" n .' C:. t.-th. "n ,1": . .'' -I' ..." .vr" finest
c , .., tr'h-s, 1at I'.n it s- ,i m" t :.,-o y ,- :'' in . ... r-:,rs ...- .il s.

Aftc:' -icub lin- .. p .in t, ** th s. .- iff r.. ., pleasant .1 1

'o---n : ~ San Pl1 ..s in i r ,'ver .t t: .. t i rn t ..t L ;... her'

"-,3 *"'. : nF lin, "'. .. L' : (m F '-i; ,-' i 1 :.- ' *. .". I ma. n .Tis h and

col' '2t: -., r': .;'h li ,'"' n a li ., t w ---. :."-0 '.? :'i '.p wv- se-i led

t- - rf flo I: fl- of ,i'..;B a to : e- Inp'- n '- ofa

A" *-1 c c /. .o ;" ,."- *1'..l c. ( this .i, i 1 .I '..; :-vaning

v -'L; he -: ti. ul .. : -. r:- a r:a ::t '" :'' :.:.'''. 2'" t .-r; in

tn I --. -= .-..-. :.. .- ' h i': I.) a. asi ".

eye c -n 'etch '. ..1 ,-. ." 'nkl. i \ b-..,uii i '--,:. r lnl.-t of

:.'th. ..m-n a'r : e- .-r '''.-.; 1- I n ti'fina ve ..',?,: e aff-t r .::- a e" -f 't+ .'-le Vl ef from

th s..\1in," .htt .''- ..' *:,;'*e; .o . hir- w> \:-_ .:: c. r-'n '::t t is

S .'.'":n ect ':-, ev r, II'- .. n a ?' -. u in i'~i- unes-.' ;.- rl ,

,'.-- c 'lci: .t, -. ". .' Tor,,; nore Vw't h -. 0.' as K.*.r!n.'es" ;. :, -c-'. : cur bri ll-

i ,nt l.n 3..o :i.2 v 'n~ h.''d, **'nr ., .' Mi0- sqion y..l '.r b ._."a '-icc:-'ded to

nci :1. u:'. n v-- v,'-.-.; '3 i ro,.,- '~ ac""' we r .' finally -1, ie L -

c'-:r r: ''. we -: v-.'--' -w (,1 th C.'. -; .n, i--' 2ro st' n, i-c e ;tr ;': -oreat

,r of Tl I-ha' .' .111 3 .

ct, 11t The .:f'i r4 tl-? "Ine' ntron ib--- '..: .-,re con'-T:.ll t.

6: c ln rn 't. Vi nt-n 'n I .l -r I ,.-,C.'- -.' r-un '.nd tr verR.rd. e T in v-ir-

io'-s "' r~i oti',ns. It I 1 f.. nl cr,',-,'.9 0. .." ::n~,- vith. .'" ch tu:.t ,

1 .n .. ... "" :: 5. -- in l. '. "-'.n,. on th ~-o th '-]-io t t'- 1rnrt o f

t. : ',<1 1 .' ,. -. ." jR a.r3.."'. tr It r .tt.: ":" t .' n6. .' --.-. this

rT-ni.n '1:l.. n-1 %-,," .-?r-- 1,,"'-'.' r.- we lay t :'.: :'un.s 'in -7: of t .-r '"b' ob

oulr c.:.rin 'n.'- i. t.' '': n 'i- i 'it 'ih r ur1 we i-rir-it s-Al. '"'~ *it-

t;-nptr;d it in t'h nin. ..ut f: 7r rc".'ing till o 'c]rok w~'ere 'vere

1. .ndru, in b ,i. ';. u '*' -"rti..'.';I ,] t," (m-r C :mlf' -i'?out 1. "

'.ct. 1 '. .i .. = .. ***, ith oor'- ".i F" i 'It c', ;:scd E.-. -',..v to

,- .north horc "'. ind wt.' ::'br : I ir;.;. 'nlorin- ',. r-.le fr.rr th'- ;a3 .

'': l1 'd3 .'"-i ..: ':i .i '- : en '- i a : "I ,T. 11 but [ I 3.:. S 'lt hla

.,cks on .: -' horse r'.:- 1- c: 0'-..'; tii ;". r",- o- r.: nil.:s I- i. n'.ersa cted vith

w ri.s. 3. n*i- fin n- :-.-. t.Vrl' we s at *:i in th .-e vcn-

.in.,- I k .. e o' '.h ',-t lle ih r .;t 1 1:t. I 1".n -'o.t ten
i l, e : the *i in" .- t- ly :'-. .' a r .. :- ., I In-

10 1 o.

J t
ct. 1 . .is :: '. - t i*-r :... i(de. to the Tr..,th of

the ., .1,. ic,"l -iver ,heo .._'e v,,- re .: .-.* 1 a' .- z;*! n;, : A< "

.-, .l ...-' ,- i V' :- ite a pine 1 n. t

o -. ..-. . en kin ,', e '. .. th e .. .) :

r-i ' **til. ti .. ; -nd e pr -';- '-~e r

.o i .rc *.' of It ":. v 2 .. v-w : "'t ien t "" '- r.. .t .. ,

t -, : ,' .t a t . .. into lt, ..* e's ,. n l

4n -' w.e ..r-rr, ,'-. .:"-.ri -, a.-i '; -, : --.- ,*' e '- - .e we n' '-1,

.. h .-_..M ,j at 1 ; ';tCLo sk. 1^ "-. 1 ^^.

Oct. "1 As *- re
:S well -. :. 1' : i 'om of ':b i` '.,',',. ;ns. -'' .is. ir --'- S ns .. .1.r C,

'i es ". .- /4 i --:, on '- o *'; of .1i .-I th

. .)m : ;...: '- : e e r. i.te o f : .. :.. )l e -I ..- : ...' I i ?

. .- t' r are i of -1 re t. e ", : -

o, t '" ". ,Ir: .. o n to -.- ..t.

aO t C"v .... "'t n j '.n,- F;" .-.'.

Th w n- it .. a :.,- we e. te in .. ,.-, to , .- :I

w.*/Vi-i-- we e.ontln, ad till. the ,,:X;-t morninoe -.. thin s cove A ....-tor

cov' a^ '(;, .e*int of i -, r_.:at ;nmb.-.-r of t1 eae -n.. -1. ,,l ich n' t 17t!,v
fT.oh ded on th. n"r-':-r,

*"i, 1 "-h. Alt "w "n -- ni was r .'.. .: .. --.. ,. '.'." ',' "' .'o-

ce..d, i.n.'n .., me to pr.. ,I -- t 'a-,t. 4 mila " i .,n. b .h,
,,.,c,- On'n ..

s':1,.,'.r 'e '"..t ,ol ,'! -;', i i r IStt h e e nceo v :e c!. r.

'.oom l,1 -3 rt v .'-' r .hieh we .hn .m '. r', r., d.b y %' ii [ A,- tP '* 1.', -'in. "h l l'.ad. T' i ,-,-, :v ,'(.,n :' 3 S ".S ." i'cr, ch" I
be a t' P;.:1.t tj.5d It 1:- r. ,rtely 1"t r .-e 1, 1 i ncr -

in viol ice, until it put out our fires, :unk our boat nd thi'etened

st':vin-: it in p ec.-s. V!'- weve .dferctly drenched with rain -na .11 our

larC-age s>:r'ecd th-. same fate.

Oct. 1 th. T:- i: :- us no relief, on t'- contrary a Tuc-

den .'Ise -f the ride, acc'-s-: oned '-:, the sea be. -! -i1 over t.-- island.

thr--i:eaizr. to d'r*'...A ut3 Ci,. t. In 'is : -':.r-,i; c., I .. ted rh-- capt ain

to -et U'-' bo:t u.nlo:, ..nri 1.- 1 -,, r out. '"c':in rel. i LY. : great

diffi L, W s--iled 'ba cl to '."i,-.- ton cove where iv ;.:." nt a ve-;: un-

co-'nlif''ttl-e n1 --t '-".r 1. 'in' -o-In- a 'ou C:l-. ., the noi'-th, f .c -ihich

point ,l-ie it !--.- I n..;, it blew f .riou-1iv att ,ei' ith s'cviers cf

r.ain In -fid-etin- ith out :: ..1, ihe c.:p ii broke the .re-ci of .:;

carbine an -..n -:-.:, r'-t of the v _.e rwe were without 1'- -,

lcLt. 17t'-. ;:-, up to t'i 0t -i-1' of the isl .- with r.'eat dif-

f(i c lt c-.',j: 'e r,. -,r qi la 1.n'. 3fs 'v:e' 'cl.hich at one time we (1 i---,, ed

the boat ner 4 rl.les.- .:. miles.

',ct. T'i-s .i:cr in,: ( ..-neL with -l.i-.tful weat',e- but withoutt

win .n' :h tiL '-r lr f. f : our boat ,Irot..-Icd. *'.r- -fj.e te 'Co! -a pleas nt

ramble on l-, s ? 'h.ore c;'- .': ;-- t'Wr.d.. .ibth the Cffects of tl- .-. -,:te

storm, r c'-les, conchs, m ;::s ;, e.c- newts, -'.-.':--;s, mos :;3

asn cor-:lines l.:' ble-,c'.lin; in 'he .,*-n wi .i an inf'. -ite nu., i -r of- s-nall 1

sh-'lls. I retu.-no:r to t..- hoI:t about 10 0o'loc". Iwas nearly float, "

rr. .ot :r brought in a 1 :-;-e ipli c-.a which ;'i c c'lc3d by a fish

he had t- k:n vei .--inr- r or p 'lbs. ".lose 1o *.:l fin riad ;.:-.n=^-r:tlc +t p,L--

ican's pouch fr.-,m '-ich he ".,a; ..n .l e to ext-:. cate it ]if.1-,.lf. Th- fish

afforded i.'3 a fine .-.e;e l :"e 3,0 on :o- -' 'r:'.r'y, :-.n .. all t '1:in- to the

oars crossed ove-r t' the :-.rt-, C.-ore ne the mothi of ': C rie,

A strong cu, -ren t ., .'-. '-: 't. Ot, .,-;rge's .r,;-,d into the 'ulf T:,et' '-n C" .
-eorg- 's e ":nd c Isl,'nd. '"e c- '. to an -nc'hor about sunS.' t 10

miles e,,st of ,' -ol:orl river, to ,,-t f-i'E1 water .-ni cook pro-..isions not

having eat: -.n-" -r'e.-fast or r7nIer. after .-tupper the .,,:n 1:b in'-: I

wished to p'-ocood ut: c' uld o move our e ptain, 1-ol.-'- our p:.-.-:A io

were exh:-ju-tor, for fF- lid V.' tro;".' all of his t1- foLt'tb cL y -.fter we

had i.eft Pens:-nola, p ..rd beingg; u '.i-lli n :- to lot him :in-i 1 -c~ y suffer we

had -]ih-red OU-- sto e c -c '-ith .irc till tih., v:erc no,': at an lnd:i 'X'Cxod "'ith

etern--l 1nneer'es ir;. Cr l' 1 yr I ,*"r. lerin :?,o , to the 1 -.7s.-. .' ly J nl,

accordincly, I left the '.c t. 1 ,riles",

Oct. 1.:th. At early ca"en I took as -..n;. _'t lel I Cetl l 1 c.onven-

'-nt1.' e.rry .n,' T c.c': ; the ':c at, ?ich 2. r on -rtir? t :n

a.W l r' c v'',-.'.? '"ith .-,l:n'. to *. A. :*.. r tr'-:.'lli'i l>be,' -- 1.i1s, I dis-

=ov.. _ci.rl T.rt of ithe :crt:;tra of .n ,rc;.F-.L:J;'.i: fir..; i.' ere 14 .nch- in

~a4Sa fltaO ': v ". : Of ..3: sktJ.: -t':n, with a hvrl ;..'8 Of i"c :'lnr:

fleRh, I foit r: towC ,* v.nrn," on h- 9. B .'I:':. n'." by w' L.*-y t..i zaLfide

c".- -3 .n ml t'*'.-3. IOn 1. Llt.ui. of the ;; I an olZ c--T;e, "'t

fter a -Vn'lng -y ..- -, in P-1'-ir:, It, I Ad' rt tf 1... it -' re,

-- r r to .h in .

.-n'n 'ula rL" it v entr. .-'- ai very ,* *.- r. 1I of

-':-.r. .r c .: I Tecr l.: .- -:;.'- Th no- .-t . nt n. high

*le sannt Co.- ., with cl e2 n .- of -hit : *,:r 1.ich :','a many

O'net s':,i '" of pu3re .', In .. :r-, : .. -...- reach-.. t'-.. .,, .nd

-I;-. ..-. Tat nro .* t 0(i.. .,., sar vi .it.-' e in tiT. ev.-T l,:

., ,-.'.. me t' 1. t -y h :' rln 4 or 5 i out the '-'- . .n'

Io' ,,'r t 7 t" er ::..-.1 *. ' d -' nee

t t I p '

,* 't, tc miles, I too a north fwe.t co:trs.e, rft .-n :1 to .W ike the f'lte 1

of tf-. '. c.ol-c ;' but ." 'er toilio-- till o .-: c .. ;, 'Mps

and mar ..' I ." .. f-int '...- want of ...r..vis3irn:8 .n : '? to -., .- 'w n e

east" dt, in < r to -reeh -' .o, 'ic I c -" lAihed to -: n-

inp-, h. it 5 ** il a - i. *:-ir, ; -.r. It i :' fl t.I ', I coui set
., .n r' t.. oe. n I w;:' .i on c- v..y. vi'. st uck fir
:. d ,. ti' }. i., low, I - t A e r.;-* .i f' ..n a .'ch ;. I

, n it. .-t .i.nil-. tiill " .l ni. .-J il -.

Oct. .lt3.. I c. ,.t .n; ..'hole .- ilini in ex: nif ~- i- ba .: at '.he

...oLbof t-he v ;:; V: '-1 0 e nel;a t~a'' t, oyster Is*

..i-k*- L.-. 1 oT a. ?c s *ich I ,u,,..nd in ,-.-'" a,- i

timbo". ,- 4 ft to a,-t..le ... i c..- t :/ I at 1, .,

c .,r.i ,.dh':. *. ...;t di 'f'i ulty, as n ithar pine nor .1., h' r

./ i ,,-..':. .~ on :. .tar. I .. ; t .-fc o.. r. o--- t s ek, f' .. n I1

.... . '- I -.c Iro'" t- ,f-

:... I ,. Ti_ jr, ,1i ;h .. f . i O f !
t, i i '.-. hat :r' !.' n.:d. ....

:.,;l .ina nd ^ le r 1*-* ^ ^V ** c 1t 1 red

oct eroaa it. 1 fore :.1 .. t^ coun. '.v--- .* of .h: Iv hich

I -Cd a3 ..3- <1 of i.- nd, rn-i : 'l'*t 1. I; "A

S cT c1 .i J-.- f n, n y. L t8, .. .
--.- r .r -l a n
i-L" :-,.. i.. n '.. t'he of ., iit .- .v '* .. ...
r'.. .* G .* S Tnilea rf *9 t- '
Liir , it n .. ory :t, : ,. h i h i

* ... it L n -- ,.- i s "- 1.' .*" -.a "
S t n -he.

U.O. l: -.-. U 1' w 1 0 flo. 1. -
.. .'" i ,.,. . o" r 3 ,, i 1 . .no...d.

S.1: t '- n 4 rr 5
S e.- ---.' i .'i fch -.^ .,' 1 :. l. i t_,, : .

lf r. .. n i T.-1 ,
r: .... .. n 18 1 .1 lo-t al -.. .

, .. Ob.. o .. I t- .- --;o -,--n it : .I- 4b- F; t i '"
b O I t e ...'" n f t "' tf ..i i ^h.- n i h i : l . c.-

Iac L s, v *yt. 1-) 3.
.. .. .... -" ", -*? I,:;. a,,.- L l ..,", 1- ^ i i a

C ,,, -;i t 1 T- a .
Cr -ith r to u

S" e .-.i.. ",. "tl'.- '.'l" in'," n -1 st "" O Aft

ir-hf rto znt,
raft t. ''ii3,. It r: L.* lI* t *- 0U2 " v i;'. Il ,, ,
.t n' ^, ,- .'**,- -- -,1;-l .t*y

s j"-. ,. i s, 1 I c to

t :. C tinati-n -.. c 1. 1 u
o r. c i, tim s it 1 .t 1O n .f -to ft ::r

en > int on .d*.- o lu:. n ly to t^- .n a i.- nr **^ *^1

rivey *-* 1 S^

n"t. ,^ ^ At i. .B ;3 ^ 1 . -- ^n disch -e,- rF.on

thr;.. : t;, `i .- p. i riv It .t .i. co rdi ng it, ind

GieliW \Wj;*~l.? te~L I~ll: -'-r- o 1 **-. R" e n. : bl -

-j i /,; in th. c11 LT of s ..Piciunt -. p .- * ^ n -i*e .t

1.. tha we -e I... - .1 c i onr ... tlinmtl. n .nd .cc...dingly

put ~:L"'t, at 3 p. m. we enter :d th -* .Ivr at ebb ti: -,.1r '-.-:t the

2 o j;:..ter "-.',u until ev Inin :'h .n ; :W c7..- to rinc" .r 1--'lind th_ ...'2 s- point.
bov t' 12 I dlicov-I-r'c r he tid h wavs fl..'"'. .1- into the river, I '._i rc;

awk.--ni d TDr, ;. i" t .1r 1itll his *..sistan,-e in about 5 'l-io.rc wte rodc up

to the it t. e re receive i ..7 Li-.;tsnant Hutton t:n.'- in c-..n1. n4,

( ICl .-io, vi ';- rv. i into tf- coun. 'y fo-u ,i 1 .:..lth) %.ith

very plea *ir.. "r ,: of ',,.:;~-tailit:. Dr. i- iions, -'.:, cll .. sue, '*. been

U ti. -iv .14 c ..s c h d .ce rnied 2 t. o in L -c into the


Oct. :' r-,. e f'~-rli t t 8 -' ;. to rest thi ." : .'. :. ; o '.

iron v. ., w :s myself be n :;o ''. -,' fatigue .. hunger that we

were un "ble to walk '. tout frteat f"iculi

Oct. *- th. 1 iscove-- this rorni.rl h that horses c:.ulc not be ...b-

tain?' ,t -s -.., n-' vibi -. -'oous to join v-i'. colleague a-: scon an

possible, I d temin..' to proceed "- to `he Oeholocney. In ord: -6e hc.wver

to miake th3 mrost of ou r t:I.:,e I ",Jc a per .. an :.-v-.'d t' ..a.ul:'

river to it. so 'c-', in this service Dr. "illliams, acting sur:.r.,. of toh

f-'rt I. R v olntIerec1 his 1srv ce" we ac~ :..' thZ surveyy at a ;:.t

So'lclo1 p.m.

'The "-Tf .T17 is ;lr'~:- t'o an -.' .' i'.:-r, at the i c .ii t of

.,--..ut 11 110asl f.'c-- I : its -t1.L..rt it bursts at i.,.c-.: from t'" th a

nari-g-abl.:e ,tream. ringg is a r;.:- uti .. ("v.- b:sin of 1imost -An un-

chomal i'sp'-h, it 'e..rts to the e.vC' a .-..l1 azU .ir tran1lcenit .-f.'ce,

-,-r -"'ich is seen .*-.:i.Aus. of fish in little .: '...niy at i' S rt-

,:, in the fle ,. .f .r C in di :.: 'if behi:.i the clifa of -ik *-.i''h

:,.'oject into :-..e ~'.tain. During the fi-:at nmil of its cou-..-c, the river

y be 10 -;"d- wi~ -, ;-:~ 0 feet .:':i. nd .-fter lea, i-' the in it

is "',11 'ran -. 'n- 1'.b: next three miles it is dislj'; into hj th-'-sand

isl' da c. r.'-;s ---"; o'"' n shoot up in .'- mi- i ." of a *3-.:,- .Cinnrel i

7h river then f 'r a mile --'r itwo bee me na rir ;, di .-p and cl.- of

.rr.t.. '.t rt ;'. .:c s old town it incr .:-.--es in d.-ti: -r, width .-d is

.''n iIcJ, l m,.mjded. by i1 .: .r-- i- m edir.-nt. To this police 6 -iles r om the

con i *:r'..,e i i d achoc ..': ..:\. a:il- with. t di ficulty. I

think T"? ,..t ,' water may be c.r" rid up to its ;o'. c= but '.-,yo the

i.'.l1 i e'hnel is wi.n:., nairro .,t difficult. .n l-.nd on its

banks has in se.reral pl-c-s be6:n cultivated '..ith rreat ydv-ntgpe end at

this tim., mil.;s above the or't on :he eastern .:.ore, a fit.i of ,:ur-ar

c :-n.-: rows IopSrior in size to :n." I have ever -:.en. T e water h *-ver

is highly -. with c '!-onite of lime. Th.-.---.unuMt .7;a'2:*._- v ith mos-

qui t;W', :-I' it i: to be 'rill pr:0ove unhealthy, r ,. 'the h--d of

the ra:- -lly to 1-, f- on t'-.. Oc'ocn y,a instance of i' niles, the

co tr; is .hi7th "se'' p ine li inte'rmixe] '::ith sink holes ;-. : p:nds

resc.ra .-ir i'n'. .~bt 'd:rly of t--.: .,.- ters '-ich s-ink ihro' the san-- L -i form-

ing th-Se st.':r--rlan Ir, e erge f.-on the -;r ..t springg of th, -, -

kully. Ye :!ft the 1.f-r.icue in the care of 't. Tilllri s i.'-ile Doct. os-

ter and :.'rIf s- t out on foot for the Ocklocney. ;/f-'er leaving r'cCul-

lor -sc '' -k anl passin- a cool -1..~ *.', we entered t. pine ba:ren .d

Arrive-r at the f, -', at -.hcut midnight Tere we remained till the '"rr.i-

i g.

Oct. '4' '. At :yligiht ve ,-:' s.ed f rry and proceed.-,: to r.

Ellis' h.z-:e we f.-un- Dr. Simmons, :had ..-come very A... .tient ..;': .i

thi7.'rnin#c about sitting out iir-. for ugu'stine. .-in'l offer- us

a co'-'le of his horre~ s to -ride to J5 ,-, -.insons and "'. a"' ites, about

8 -.iles, in S ,-_1.enit of horses to es-:lore the c: &'t y. Doct. '"-ite was a-

forti.o-.tely absent and th- J11".3a could -I're none o r bhis ho ses. C.:it.

IcClintock, ho-" v..r, 1imrndl' lo;-,-.'d? me one he '-.d In use for the present

and !.-e hi e noth'-o for '" *bster the next day of tho fe.: ,n, !'\. r.,* -.
I-i'. cl'lintc.-ck' and '.ico fbinson inot'o v,: me t,-t they -.11 lately re

ceived s-tr:iet orders to protect the I-, ians against any ...croa):ints i..nd
su,.:, -st-d that they mi. it bh inldi-posed to our proceeoing. Dr. Sim-!r ns
and myself determined to vinit the Fr.,llahaa3ae ovwn .- eni;.vor to pro-

pitiate th.- chiefs.

Oct. ith. -.,'.*: ie to ur doterminaTion of l- t venic- we set

f--.- .'d ..bo1..: 2 o'clock this d(ly, the cter '- ving hired -llis for a

.ide "- 1e Dr. Foster n1 -i black s- v !.t of Dr. i.. s d ratedd
to -. rt 1t. Marks 'r-- visionss T. C proc-e' ed .-,.'.Lt 6 miles .::.- the

OcN:l,-c ne. :".is -...nI ,; near a r -*hy pond where we -:,ent The

ni ht. r -ir our ri this evening the ,ss mJ..- have been f:.- itnt

SanP 7 ,: .nsi-ru, afforcdiln,- fine r: nge for s'ock. ~ pins 1-

qun nl- inter ine:--.rF with oak ..u' dogwooas on a 'r--y il, \ich I think

':-.ould produce (I ','ao rice and .".:tton

Oot, 'rth. At r: t 7 we p.'oc c'erJ .-istw-.;-r The 1 c c'ont:tn-

uw;:llv imp.-oviinr; in about an 1.;.-, it :-:oa into a 4ilightf'l1 hii.h rll-

I n. co,.. -rtry, Celi'h i with "' :' hickcL i dO '.u( .'3 ti li ;,-

on a -oil of chc:'].-te col -ru i loam. ". -..-.:' of.,'n o',Bserver tr ce of

the 01" n:.nih hi. 2"i":',wh ich we i-A".; also seen on tL- v'.'- s'l'-, of

the Ockl :cn.-y rivoi. At 1 o'clock p.m. my coll v :u r.-' "i.he -'ide

h~ovin-' leff ;'-"e 'rP-igto or .erve the 'ce ." the country to the south-

S,-' I v.' i tt It... new Tall-h .r. ... vlll .r . eain. ac fine ?.oit

Indilin in nut .. teh I left --., taor e .n,- acco tfc hi a:,'-in f lo- in-

f -..--tlon where tV .- chief of the 111 .". .r iternly ( .': rd

'- t I n;..' .. aio was .. 1d I t:l hid rere .ent to

Sin by 4.-:ve .-:ln : v-l d o in:."r.: him 'i t h. l PI. she to 'build a house ,

in which 'he m!.t r eet hi: council, th t th iac,-nce to St. ? : -ustle

wa.s lo i:ct, th-t he wi- ," to slet a et.- -: t" center of "h

territory. .T.t in .,i-;.. to -na e su a s election h, -'- s--rt Dr.

;.;i .. ns .eo.' d.' :if, -an h was re'qucstcd to MasaLst with his 3 d(.cc

a.nd cuc0nsl. After ..*r ',-si chtin .h :s .'--. me i" the governor Z 1

r1iv -' me .r.n- p .-,r. I pri..: to hi -': co imai:s. n He I (c'lat .?.

'rcn-r- '.l ', t -: s: 1 p inted to t'-. iigr-ture r:d. it and 1 "..,? ''! ;

name it was 1 tol hi- it was '.-. '1 ton's. -. ple-8S. h is

at-:',il rn m.sles for the first time '-.;.. n to relax. He sa!d Col. Wf lt,-'n

... a c Id man -ni his ri..,. Aft r satisfy inV his curiosity :.!. !-

piCions, '-: .Jv.ral O1her .r'tirnnt .i: tion:i, hbe :.i would conslcer

th: tn::t'. r. He -B,.n took r (ma t:o his :;"..r" .ncil. o.'t..r;ed n, cigars .ni"i

.4yjA,.ci nutls "-a.-,e the rest of nor on'- {l- n--. -l"* t i" rll':.;'-,;

was intrc. .-ea~.- to him ; -n- our ,irt, F,:' 'ith on M-. wo "C -'"it-

.. a.nno.'.-- him excel ; rliigly by inr-:'es, '-. tilklfin: I7hich I fo.'.' 1if-

ficuilt to ".v.nt. .omxathla trect ..:- to ,"- tu'n looLe

in his fiild .ind our i :,- d- e.) :slt_-d in .:- of hi : '.n..: il '-. ,i es,

"'':'i ch we a.ft' r'.r l o 'r 0 I..-; .

In the aft.o: o.", hi '.,' -.n n-' wom.n pla.- ; I ball : i st

c.C-- other 'i'"-. r:eat split. ball Fronl", is .a lar" *--i-le in

4.'ich is pleCAd l1 rg e ,l" .r i.nt:i this e:oc'h p .-ty t--revw the "--!1;

if .ht on :in '- p':ty '-l'c threw it +t-b~ tallied

two "7~.." were ill n.I i to the -"ti st and r rl=s in.:'.' f ma es exerted

-, Tt hc" ';,:'lvJ~ 3 With nearly ". I ,-! ::t;o~i ;/.
thtlvsas with nearly -1 *.I :3r'y. '" v1. ri l-,.dw t ball i. 0th

their h'.--2'., The men threw ..'i o i u-t it -"ith their btt 'tic s. '".n.,
cat ch or
:; a ,c,":'" .r b.i e-e.. '-! '. p--T' 1 ,tt. to,, recent th.. ball `..-.:1 i i ri g

c.--,..'.-t, "'' all n--'",, in -. ~- f t oo I',, :c. men ev,.; -.-.m Iv

th- .a to t f -'.le f'.: in 1: e' on j th r.: -. The a .','

w ere men.-n~:.d to brine 1 i-,1- od for the c'.rell 1i..e, -"'ichh havin.':

,.- oo '.- d T.'-.--y : '* into 8.:- r."-.t 6;_. .. ing all "! ; lile. Tl- e

:i.-. uar h:s council on e ., one of 'ich we Oc-

S .... .*Ct' ,-r aS cc.:' ..,:ied the w r.n, : Tr /,o held -0 mul-

tit..- of iIC ctla2ses. T'- ccnren. :m with a d.nce much like a r .&l'.; it

.,,'.i r'. "'d by th.e nren alone. Th-1 flpgL u, th. .t intricate,

*-I pr "oriad in i :.-fet o *-.E, '. "-e -attlesnake : .c- suce 'C U.t At

each Co.n',''' of t-'". siqu3re :c e"ne was :t., c in the .r uncl; at(rund th :.3e

th'.-; -- ced '.-*-*' corner to corner in .:'.--le file ,. back ..]a, also

ai in, in concert a nalncho- not nl nt ir.. 1 as "'--

ed by In Indian th t should in-' n.. touch the c: ocr w .ci, while coll-

inI r' -i it -. y would 'bb sure to be :itten by a rattlesnke on tlhiir

fir st hunt'.f : excur~, ion. The '-i-,..n n "r ., --ce sac ed. In it. .s

th', -vof n wore r:'.ttles on their 1.: h. ich ,'1_...;'' In p .t'f., t i;.r-; so.l-

.' 2mc'l tlile t .mb; :':, s' In th se .1i e::c "-':, rir '-:' :: wer e oft ,n

m;i.; ,n l ..ceful, th.-y presently i -...c. to :; k. obetis ancf and -in

i-r~ ir,-cO i:-. to thBo re. -inr *-rtlf -..- I f'..l .;i' ..;, b -'.'." their n ice

,b o teramnats-r r->.en I ,woke the square Gws deiset..-d .

1n T:e morning Mestmtbli call..i .I'-: oe~'ly with an interr, -vdr

desirdi us to .t t.'.-. to him l : fore his chiefs c-.:itlnctly '..i:.t out object

was in vit'iiting his c l;.nl'yv '": in"'-'.ored hifn as b-hJfore that we were -ari t

-v t.- .L:..vre: nt. to s'l.-t i, '.pot for him to build a house I-.r his --un-

cl1 to meet in that "b ri ar t.nce to It, i~; -tine wt~ so e -,:,t, thit

he ajijln:d theim to meet hin in the cCents.r of the -.;j.ritory. e;:thla

said thtn he ai much annuo- by people f:' m Ci.:ia, "ho,? en'le favored

to .'-t t 1i lJand :.. B2t .at 1 ngtah hl- told usf to --o "doW' o ..t we

pl.-'t-: d, -hur not to tell ..r:.r y tht t . sont us. ( 't no. t to -' u

Indl ns thfat -'. '- : ven us . n el .. eat cf
c7.,'L.r ~I."nt ) ie p .id hin two 'o2l.L'a for our horses r o,.. itnr in his

field, ,zi3 liin' th- r:.i'ht, and the oCe-.r-u :f his pecr,:Ie were enormous for

S jrn * J.'ut tooa. ', '. h rv'-'v l f+ them in f.;:ienr--io and n '-. i- nr,

th,.2o the numrous vill.-<-"' ch" aboi ,,T:.c'", in the woo.d for rA(r-- than

twenty r:iles we were never rmolest; d Neama thi i ea sir.-"u ;. t n..I

m;n, he -vit...:tl.' i.-i7 s ~o 'ff.-ction for the bie r n. 'is ir'.er-jst

res tr, ined him :-t hi ts ime, so -t h? *is; not to ob;t t'uc-t our xreynKX

S,-res but i' f. .. th-t hisl 1 iity '1 r "r hi 1 unpopular

his .ple. ( /

'-,ct. .'th. (-ta-ir.) At 9 a.. ? 1 ;f :iC eo i .eiil eouse dand --e

th .-i ,l i'- L ,l..;: see vill e, ,t thb iist! nce o? miles i e ; 'ich *x-

t.;r,~s over a hirih une b -nk, from- the trail near a mil -n,-' : il!d ,rR,

S*c. ..i. nK.-t:! .-tl.- to *v. .. ; l arg m rs or po:.-,. The. huts 'Are fe

in i;:- '.,r 'h :-h tihe f'1- i:L' are extensiv v '.:'e e .-

tr .s. '1 ifxico is the '-..lf of this town, h is repreosnte; to h

very rich. : in ...t.. aftor in P'. urd te ;mouth -;-. of

an i.;'..n-ive ?mPt h, *' in n-1:' ot throe honr *nter I n? ;:v; nr. L th' o

which ran the waters disch .:-.L by he old T.tlla.l:v'.-'. pond. This sav

anna wap3a 3-'ec.. y-:1 by pina. wood.: ,hJch +;exten.. to t"- mi -e ranch

the t' je a 1 -. rver. At i p. e enica!T.d, -f'- t he C t ter',.. 8,- '. "-+t

*'vith "the b.; ...--. :cid p. ro heei: 1 east, in .'--'c t t wc, mile. .:: +e reacr'-,:r?. the

eastern branch I rs it ent-rs the eaC th i ',-r ra n-atural- brir'j. It

iBs h .- ; consider: ble +. ide stream :'unnln. -rith *? '-..'I, c .ur.--nt. n"',

p :.'ty here divi:i-e: Si '.-_s .i:-'. th gui', rocce';- north'-riL ri to

tr- :- ,..o the .tream. : . -r ; f ."f c- ,' 'i.a we tward alr .--

the '1 'T "'hich m.+arkad the coliurse of a. river. "'2fer r .vell-

i.rl vL.r r 1 l.l we ".'-'-. unable to find .'b re the we.t -rs '- Cr' o 'ron

Si'l of t'ho '- rth, on account of c .n r 'l.. U- :Ii .':h, '"htih T-h'n-

dcer.:.'; It ac~..1ut *-.. imp net able. .'-. I,.'. ret.'r wa e were soon -jol1, d

b:. my c:;ll' L~ e. He ':*:" tracMed t-, ,: ;' V1-.' to the > 2i.1 -' which e..."e

sitmilak to t.ho0'y i-'bout 1r 1.a!-3-~:

0." J' ->. ( -.-.) ? -'i morning we return.'- -:;bout a mile to the

.t.l. of h l a, ee n" ,aiz;x I ck .ik-y trails an t,:r1,- re- I. 1

ter :nir 'lliwtAd it to t o is intersect 1 1- the Av"illy ;.-'i il,

h .r. wo I .- th i .ge .l 0 -,' '-'int3 -.r p': th" lat ter t "t .ri.out

-ril.: to an Indi n vill-" hre we ,:- in .ise-~'.-r&'>: t rive rs, the

several branches hnd prot':'-,tl: united, as th: st-':-m- flow;'ed in a chb-.nel

xx -rc~~y;.:,4x 6 or 7 feet dueos, ' was ho-. v'er much obstructed

^ with cypress e.-e3 and fallen trees. On returning to our ba, *aie we

took a ,;stern course to 'a:1k it extent of the highl:nd.3 .3' of the

Tall .hssey. In the course of this l-y we passo? .' ,n. scattering vil-

lai-eas of Indians,. Tho fa, mrgins of the wo:.dws ra marked with la line of

springs, ponds ,and .;-in:.s. 'e onc.-n 'd late in the evening on the 117-..ertf

ed fields west of Talla'a.IRsyv

Oct. -, (----.- -.) Leav -- .- servants at the ene rn:m.:nt to cook

breakfast we rode ve-: early to e--.plore the c,-,;.-try to the southwest,

The lando continued f rst rate for several Tniles. ...eetinr an Indian hunter
we inqui-"C- of him h.:h situation of an old .---nish fort, v!hich had been

mentioned to us as being in the neighbo-hhod. )he Indian for a quarter

of a oll.:r unlir'took to guir '- us to it and we reach-. it about 8 o'clock.

It -i si ,ted in a c'r ,--n.di-!g mnence a.t the north point of a which

narrow neck of highlands early mSrrourlrded by a deep ravine and swamp.

The M -.t, --' ::t, and bastians are str'on l;, --.rkz:7, the :outh front is

70 nc.ces in 1'ngth, tt north 55 'pacs, near a s,-.g in the eas-t ravine.

I'.'o old six founders were discovered the b.- "-c, of one and the muzzle

of the other broken off. T'-,.y were very long and *-uch cast, we

could not discover on them either letters or fi-ures. On our return 'ye

ex.-mi~-r? a de gi:ulf .-,ich h-.d been sceQop out by a teamm enterinr-

the earth, this ,ith holV about 14 feet deep an:, the old fort enabled

us to make the follr, in7 observations:

The soil of the uplo-nd consists of a fine da:'1- vegetable loam, to

the depth of 14 inches, then succ,'d, i d marly slay interni:..:-,d i:ith

small pi -cn of ...--1illaceous sandstone the outside whitened with c.irbon-1

ate of lime. This stratum continues about 18 feet which is succ-e. ed

by ,hitra lay int ..'-ixed w rith thb same fra,-'ments of san.,stone. This con-

tinues about 60 ffet and rests on a soft rock of carbonate of lime a~ncr-

phou- and intermixed various shells and marine excjc
over a bank
.he stream which falls into this gulf, ,e 20 or 30 ft. in height,

is infft'iciently lr -e to turn an overshot irill. The seat of .vernnent

is fixA about hilf a mile '1T'1 of this spot.

.bout 12 o'clock we retu;n.-'- to our ( mp. re I disch.r-ge our

.uidle _in.infi him worse than useless. 1 ve him 10, but .'.-.. o-r;'

to obc. -rve that m:.' colla- :;ue p r-t .fi"n',n him "Ith -'..- t. ?ftP :r.. C. r,

. :- -, n3 ;, ...r"-.'.,,. to old T1 li! has see, to vi:-it a "::,' ol, Indi.r..*'h o

was fi.d to rcrl~ct te t .tur and auction of th, ol f:.-rt e .td

visi'se.. Hs i ._fo '.-". th "'..cter, that this country was ermer.l !,:l1d

think' ~ t. : :i nish vVil -: -:. That ;.1 Y ; or h tribe ..:-e h ir

allies, '-'I.. t''- '" ecs were their 1 nema. :-; ; .. n t-m,

that '*'
l. ri cuat it in t r'i .t, f er lyin< trniins of ").r to

"r.,.-t their c;-.-sonthat boutt the 3same tiLe, ':n ol mnna st -;. was :-

t,- ".t, pt some i. t' : from t.his placc, in an e&si.erl.y ~ irction, -'- r

a a ":-r' h.-t1 is still to be 3...; '- ~-:sse were arly .estro-: d in

that war.

I, 'with t ;:rvnt, took an ol trail directly c:outh, which w.a ra bout

5 riles led '-:. to Indi an vill- -e situated on a hi.-'? hill, at the 1- .e

of which ve-*-: fine sc:rr -. ,ttout miles from this wc- enter .-. tIh'- rrTS't

i'.ll ::.,hassee tr 11. .. enca he:: ---' on iU;,i-*r so2e live oak t.m -.!i, wi0r:-

I was join, r at 9 00l3--'- by ..:* coll -..c.

r0---- (K' v. iv) Arri- d at .. a t St. :-. r.P:Mt & p.m.

ovr. let. n''. ,;':-. I h :.- ft-leCtr; ,: my elf -. .t our tour :".I'! ha e

termlnatts her;; hut mye oll. t .; entertained an fi:. that the U ey

river would f -cd to : nero .ttl.semnt alln the. .'" ntges of 0On .- reC

which c'1!- be ?I:u'r-.f- Pt could, not con:. -.t to loe.1te

the seat of government until thi :: river should b exarsin:,t f;e the re'fore

r -.'- rr -.'.:e tr, for a vo-" e t rd. Lieutenant 0l ton wi "' : his

usual ,r littes .s, provil,'.:1 us with ) no-e :and a older to assist me on

nmy rn :turn ..h.ile Dr. S'".,' n. was. prte,; f.--aticns for his return, Dr.

T'or;ter n", ysoelf r cor i-r''3 to --'. v ;. the :t. ..1:. r.

nv., :'3.-d. r pr '"-.* -' 'it: 4 riles to the b illock :.:n,"11. ?. :,

ho. : is -r. .,l two miles -.1ove this is a c;.rt *--pid o':--.'. 1roo

rcT -.- t .; a r 1 rct ,. th.n 4 feet -.; P at 1. 0 miles di n(e ,3

toother r. pic' 6- -',ces -i.'.ich continues ne.t.- a ehlf a mile .t .;.t the

.r.. nPth of water hfere t fll of the ... -* i*. on the ri. ht Airie

|g larre mlnera.l "..rinp a-t the
r.pld .nI- m ine-- 1 -:.inv on the ,weest si1u,, in a. little cove,. .- -, we
n te.-'d a pond :,. 1..' a mile and bhlf in 1 r, -th -nd A'. !f mile wide, .-:'oal

S:n l full of rocks, at t':. south .-ntl, and alt.:,-ethe-e covered '"ith 1rise!,

i..,.-.ul-i .'-ich ve 'erl with d;fficulty fo;oe our canoe 7. ~7I. river tIbco"l

is fr -3 f.'n t iss. On -; n ,: .1. north -:eC of the ion,'-, we l"cLrt! th-t

Snd beAa t if. 'l i
la-,rGe is not by -n:.' reanas c lear, as h. head of the k".:1y en- : at night on In island, at the< head of the- river.

r*'v., 't~, .At ea1r y 1-.n we P- .".: thej ponf L:. ".e'ild tThe min-

er,.d "..inr. .'n Jist h low, dis -, r a e .,. la ir,:. We lan te-' there

r."n ... 1 P,''. at some distn ence n extnn' '- with *:n Indlian
-J i ~rTm 1eai '.''1 onr p i :' 3.

'"-'r.-, thi pQlce :. "-- ruci3 northwird t'his e pWrsue bout 4 mfls

dt!rlnT ."': :,e1( course f which it was prl'ain to dI cern the ;. neal

coI.'F' of the f '.ter 1,-' i ,cc 1sion of t sin holes, :-:' of I' h o "?'.O l -

ly -". oi,." the b.-'i of the river, Lich imust v- : unnk in toh s: rth, not
far : ,-l.'w the Indi n vill:ige whi ch e visit.1 the t, th of October.

I ~;pk that ".'' ts dri in" 4 f eet of w ter may :sec; 1 to t. of

th- gonil. P:" h th." rpi..3 -.. br cleared out or e .,:.nod a n l"'- foot.

T-'. :r- r..'"i3s, at a21o events, will r '-Lnish ITod mill sheets. A`. 3 p.m.

we reac-'1-. tho fort.

Sjv. th. At a.m. mons anc i self twit to o ar. ;.-i, em-

bar '. in a ] rogue and in two hours doubled the sout~.. .. t point of t) .

Ar. l.'.aehie river, and t..'-i.ll an ea.terr co.-rse, i0Cross *'p ':;/ full rf

oy.-.ter b.*b-nks M.,.i sahoals and ; rocky bottom covered "ith lon- grass, we

re-il'-d ':t sunset the mouth of a:. sr. ~m -hich we .;. t the xx

"h'tta? b chia e ive r ,'2e 7e -nc .:ner,,d ur' r tan islet: of ca~. ,;. n-

c.dc .t, 50 mil :'.

,ov. 7th, S. il-d at 5 pr. a.m. ) The irshes a~ l o, shore ext';'r"

frio:r. 5 to 5 miles into tih *If among whichh 1. ~'p '*' s- ,-I. inlets -;-,'

th.. prr -.otb-y-,,- .,ih thr main :.>re ri3:s cove--...; with :hick woods

beautifully :r1rbld by a lii :t .:.-st into all the sh 'l:. of autumn. '.t

10 o'cloc!r p ,::-.d two slan'i of rock covm..'. with : luxuriant vee-tati-'n
Thys I ",i-;'~ d S!inmons' Islarn's, -bout mile east n the shore 1 a

Sm-rll.-- one and we presently .sccvr~ two ,-cre, on cur ri 't at 4 or 5

miles 1estant. There a ', .:.; I:r river appearedd to -ntcr "-c h th'.

. -cter pr o, .. tto be th.. A.'-ir:' l tchie we l d1i not then .n .n tiT-' to

examine it. one-,. :3 on a pleasant ::y n:. hO;-. shore of the ra;

ir*a h at o niln3 st. -50 miles.

".'v, 8th. Sailed aot C6 :. :,., th it our water w -. ..*xh ij..-t.d In

runin 8 les we pasi 3 three long polnta ".ich in : .:c.:.s! ioCn shot in-to

the bay each one farther than ti.he ':. ., r. Th, fi rst w?- n; :.i .-f -" nt,

* second : Poin"t un: th- third "' .: ;nt. Af.:er l r., the lat-

ter -.. d c v :ea a p 1'. I'' to -the nort-heast, .. a la." ..,; island dinret-

1y be-,:_-e us To the ~- st n;: 3mi'th ':. shar? exte.C
..-:sin behin th2 isl.i :*e ran 6 -- *nd the 11e ebb i. fast we

1 ,. t:f-e bof n cth ~" oI n..1 4i while t'e. docte . . w-nt in I .-- ch

of fresh water. 1 went ahead tZ .-. -l e,

walk: in F,'.it 5 rnilos, I four: (; ,.;! w:;cEr, h:;. at l h ,1 ....m ,int of ^. ;It:-.;

-* .ntk I vdiac Id place '-are the s 'vag hacd c'.( n an exIan ive

manuf. nature o of '..row 'mAn spear he .--:, "*4: thj fine nodules of flint fen,

be ..- in th, lime ock 'ich ben was out by the v, "e

the chip: I pic1 : ut fine arrows i th 2 o partly fini -.U-

my -turin I found that the ter ... bn un :';ce.: in : earchin&-

wat--':. I ac isited to . :: av... to ar h fl her. 'e

t'"- r ni tl' of thi- 1 land. W.. lct 3 hours by T-his d.. ;-., ci n had

much difficult .at last, to .--t into deep w ter throUca. t -:. s, A.

st;:an- .r .o this coast ccn sc'7rc= :ly ," rh ifficilty ten. 'in,

the navigation to o If we consirt.: frit 7.1t s. -ate: Is not mw-e

t'-- n 4 0: t at 10 til... instance "-* th th hae t gac-E &Gows mout

1 >:.' iant'. on th bottom and !ig h evy c r.r- nich of it s to ln up,

e-*1 is ah in m-e into th .a, .ftc: w- dting in :h ,., t sinks
n 01 ras : wos th it. At ebb ti(:- : 'i .h yo;-r h-": t

> r---.l it ith great fifftculty fo r "-u- pole or o ar . tr-tes to the

bottom, "e ', v.:' unable to procure fresh wat~r b-fortn nte n, :1 i. .-n

were obli"red tn -n u~p n hrbou x:xt; ndln 5 mile tLhrwo.h the arhat

l:ant we: ceac- -' the 'o.s :: the b' you terrined in f *- ,: of cool s c et

,-tr, .. ,. en.-. -' here for 4"'the ni '!t, havir' g run about 15 miles r';:

"ov. 9th. :"le. at 5 ).m. rei' ln. i the aea in about an '- .nd

one half, after -hich we w rea:-e fur 1 ..- .i-th *-.t a crit' ,' -leving

th-t the .- -- .~ encr -s a v-: d:. b *. h.-or:e 4s, as th1e solutl) rn

s-E--e convince 7' v that "e ~' run ;te .:!l extent of the .- -t 1 .!h ,chie

b-ay. At 10 o'clock w en-T.r.-ri th-e mouth of an .-t -r.-iv- river ,which

poured a broad flood through sev;rLl islets and 1:: s, as we proca.n;ed

,p its channel we were :ch eit : :.-b- t he novel; of its b .nks whichh

were ;.,-i-er lly fo: ..'- of -.r illaceous rock on -ilch were of'.-i sesn ca.

ia ep n- other trees on tables of rock ;n p;or:.. '. b" mall pll-.-s h .nging

over the water in ve . t -.n'ue forms, l s-,ort 1:.f.:f pin-S

were. i n .ir,.lng th. but the hanocks were _: erally roky. '

s,:i-v;L ed river up about 9 miles w':..-'r it 1auddenly b coke up into

numerous islan- r :,i tho shole of the channel bec me at once C'"\ -~:: -1:1

:f'r.- falls *.n- rocks. T. were astonish- -' by this un --1 i ..::-. :."nt,

e l1-ft the r.troue v ith the men, : ;. f-orc- ou: way up the t lif- b nks

f: several miles '.- fuo;, that the waters of the 2iiver were, inl;Jied,

united and the 3ta e-'o.. -'.: become broad nih. deep, but the falls were ab-

aoli -ely impassable. On a ull consideration we determined that this

could not '-. the '. "i'-tey, andi having travers :," the -. we concl-c.ed

that we hd paSS tt ive:. 'e an found that o: p-.ovisions were

nea ly ::'; 1 -itedad ad -':sh .r was Cvery he rd to hbe pro ,:..ed. The jon-

ter w"ra extl:reme ext' i.ted With fat;ue, an' he southeast ird .-reat-

en .. a i st t A : .'h oteri -:. to return, and in :about -.n hour

by taking court se cross th ck, reach.d Zour progeIe. After 't 1:ng

some .,-:'".-' t we return. to the th of the :iver and at e;.:linr

c. ,.;:d un'; .-r a -; .itry c *i. r, .t t i -C. *e o t- he ara h.

ov. 10th. Thi's nonirn I ri,.. a lare blanket on our gi-: .ndl

by way of a sail .', procu'- i an Indian : ,. 'e 'lie a ,reeze was ,.rin

i~-- up. .t 7 o'clock ws' set sail 1and in the evenin" e:nt'ered the nTrL Lth

of great beyou '.ere we : l.-)t on a plo.-is :nt key. T- rT :r foe'r..:. that

ou water was nearly exh11u.t dh "'*i .as le '. we :-termin _r' to make into

coff:, i-.vir 1oiloe1 it iwe sat .. .:. to 1, 'lu pe of oysters, all of us

very thi -tty. Roland in Bet-:.line across the fire kicked over r coffee

-,t and r -. killed eve <; drop, p. laid ourselve- dovm to rest ri-,'': this

mis C-T.'.'-e -1 waked rmuch less thirsty than i we '- 'r reason to e'-. *:t.

.'v. 11th. :' ob~serins n e' co st thi: n:r nin,.r 'e discove. .r by

1n Island i-..r, us th t e >-r' i ripi sailing yes-ter y, re'; -ed

.o:-' then half the dist-mc n b-ck to th- f ort. We sCil- at 0 clock a&.

and r':'; .h the fort before evening'

The vwhbole of the c.' ..a which we had travers-0 is 1 lo .*' -,' -.''-
------ - -.o T'e line of islat ne-

,-" .-. : bunt 'r ... ',-, pin *11..-v h" ik- al ;."- the ". 9 f"'Ti one

t6 :'-.*ae ,: et *-" '- wc:,n'1 : -,-s,. r" th e 'Auslt to the Ac-~ -''-'- .,IM e

iV.- t rtrn aI the -ivers ', ..e Ik s or Ilets m: ost 're-

'-nt and *ntn s. t 'arinnc some rnH--: orn botbh mi.; oil t he

m*: **, o'ntlin u 2 o -rph -o -:- '" v t' hholE .'-ist

It tlme: t r .'":. ..- .. .t -"pe$: r nee l e ", "-.F '. oi,. . ' 'f o 11 t1 of Ii i : : -. e 3r .

- ;?'-^ t-- .;"el3} .i *o -: aile x et *e I e a an "- -C -A (

:4f?~i1 r~.i 1 -. ;; -l 'n i tion ....-rr

S On a' 'fl t 1 t-s 's al fro-n pen'i 'a : wi a !'' t. ito

_ .' t.( port, On V' oa tJove -'.f'22 -f I 'K*-v'. "3 t

"nSaa Coi w. :'!, t *n'f l oi1 - nt in -" s,

n n a 'c, ?

," e t p n. 1 *r' ,1, ;a:' of th ico -, *.e :

ft-r to t'" nnrthe:- '4 l1e Lhe ... Utle . nlipal trl'- ry of the

usnn,, tur~ms stoe t teeir c : h t-..Ch in-'. '.ese

two )'reat rivers 'it1' tl6 1 f shore ecl & i e of 1, 1 the size

of '-"ich e .ver..' *'r1 .$ I.> i ' 20". '' I. s ah > '- o.f s -, :ct:t

si an .-c :"-'h" -,' llr tne tl nclin',w- to te ~'- cntre cf

., t ,.act o -. ,d ..'. a o.f .1 -. -, f.-em I 't to :'. feet o e c'0v -

sea, -- . th s .. i.!"s >a+ rs .en" o1n l s.,' ,- Is

rollr -..: .: trve -i ith a ll of t- ter hich often si1k

into the .i- C he r;e ve 4,.'- hih ? A .- C r,e sI:.'il :.s ,-" cceo-

lite colo:-.r' loiar ,n a r., r-1. l cla: .he te "b.-, 'p cipa'l: oklrs, h le-

ories, r'.. *.. ., ,* ,, .....' -*1i ck .. o'r.. e iar: in cf the tr7ec t is k- ..-,-

"'th '- lin of ,pr *r,' -. .I.S) Ti'h : vi .. j.: Vr :n,

S .', ,. to ,'. ols -'- t t'- s r nn rhy e sor1t'11h anr 3t *

iv;-"' on t ,: est west.

"-,e i'-. t --3 : -!'r-.'.1 c'ver. with sn princ I ?I r1 li-

clous but in om e p1:I..r' m ,:'rd fi t'1 cle 2. '-Us n't ter. I.l--ou-.: This

,.- .-, f 11- 3 oto,,. oo' : is oft'-.n 2:.: to pirot -'~. itself. It it inter-

s'-, ,'.;d 'ithb sm.c v-.r. r.,-r., hmmo'elo, eoireciallyy near water courses. ',

some rIl:ce'' bl..e:' jackc fit'. es :'..'.. een butt pr :.'- ":, sink 1,oles
,.' ext'"n ive .-.- -*; are +! p.. nt.

e1. P!-T..- pine b arrn e: t of '. .''. the n C --' extent f'-om

;3 tc 5 rlt.i L to :. 8 sea On t1i ,.^: :" :;c ,tter.;: little 1 r.'., c]'s

t.~CrS b

t '.b r,'1 -' live e :, ',', m ' . :

.- 1 1.'.' r2 ; i 2 1 : t

* *n i -

. .* ly .# 1f. alpi.-
, .- O -. m'. 1 : '" b '" "t.. "

bl .. t" nn il -*tici .,
h f s fi.. ; :
1 1. a.. 3.1; -*otin

\1 c norry .-", i! .; a.ffotInu
? ^r'.. G3can .:*}'' '*S *i/n3-i

,1 i . yellow ine
1 ek

''c5 in f o"t c :16 Ii Lnf tirnble "'* ,.

..- f4 .-'i, maiple

C "' 'h
'."Pe ash
liv'e -.,*:

cb I.: .i3 .I ~Ti it 3:to

*4 *i*.

'"jpir r 11 '

~.i.'. [ ;Ir.i~.a!iarts)
I'?:CT.IS $C 8~1.lrj~ (ti..ll'L ;1

"* a.< ^ ..; -- r> o : ^T 8 o *
1 0c Orl ine

*i tV s .

,' O 4 J, -i n 4C

*t r- in of-i0-nc tco ,our nst'..rctions I h:ve --ide ,:'i..ent etreare

a to ', rel pro-;rty of th: :t;:te -n- The d *ris th:.for --nd ber leve

to s.. it my ..:eport ', w'iever '.--sibsle, t'~e entry, da-t, inook,

e of record, inr' of i i9 .run".t with I t"'1- tK :..* i .inal edC i s or r.e -

c-rd co:.ies in ful1, *"hen o~ti,- n 1hle '-ith, latss or r-f'e -reie.

to th 'i a s of "o-. re.:.: b' -ich the Sta it old.-, pc3::.-a ion.

In :-:t"nr i. .' i '_; ..ort I d-'- .it not ilnSrocilate to enter o:_-ev at

into the o-.u:'-' hiat.-l:.' of .he .":tte, .nd tz-e Inci3 -nt '.1 that preceded ,

:s well as t!lo pere .'r .nt l--c -.ion of 1.h '.- ,tet 'pnitol.

The -irst 3cr9i '-on of t.? :r:- sltlve ro-.'ncil of ,be Tertr.itc r O

-.1o-'..1 ..I-;.q ,~.. ats Pca .cola June 10, lr"2., hit now:in- to a 8to(m, and

the -- At distance f-ro- th '-- s. of omer f toh: 3.:le:tes, h:re ':ere

but "'ve pro.-iont, :-nd the -rn cl ,1.! nc cr :nir'L; for' bi.'l0ess until

. 1:;17 l t: h. n ..-n aft-r its o-r: .nl.',-ti:.n, ." low fc7r ': ro!:'- cult -.nd "r.

J. '. ",)nl--.;h1, P -F i.f-nt -n nd Colhn o:r inCue fl Conn()or. t e Cle:-k of "hi

o-.nci, I-A. "h eo-:nll -r.ove1 "to .on r.n' el's p] -ce, 15 miles ,coth

of Pnci-rcole, -.T::: i t contlnfled its 3 '-8ion. until tept. 1I', 18: Tri

council ;iviLd thi- territoryy into forir nuntie-, ac'mbia e:mbr :ced all

the t- -:t.tO '-'Cit of tVr C!':tt'th: ch.-e rivr.; '.-lC n l I11 1 t,.Mvr.n the

%'1-tt:.,h' cee (or i l -1 h cola) :-nrd 'w*nns .-.ive s,; '..'v.1, all nor-.. of

line !?a--n fr,;- the ".':th of "he 1'v winee to the. tch'eth of the *- .T: *ns

River ,.? t. 'chns Cu,.:nty, ..-L-zrcil:; 1l twh: .-~e-'*.lder of the peninsu-

.!-e oc, 1on 9 3-s ion c' ? h-i ..o';nc c;nv..:r , rnc~" c .11 of o've--nor

'uval, .At t. u- i in *: I2. J2 v'rrnon in co. .eo -r-nde'nce

co:r' :nI uF' '*f' .liffti..I-.1 a ;. ,nd rnrers cncornt ed in tr rtn7 the

ter i t. ,' l rr ', :d:, fo'.., P n:i-: ol- ,: .., .'t. ', uo'' lt-lnr .1nd th,

I0 ,t L..::..;, nse md inconv:-ni'--'-es of -uch -i.- r4t~ nns.

- -~Y I


As the result of his message the Territorial Council passed the
following act whici- was approved June 24th, 1823.(Statute of Florida
1828 to 1R25 P. 33 & 34.)
S And Act for the establishment of the seat of government in the
Ter-Tito-ry of Florida.

actionn 1. Be in -n--cted by the Covernor -nd Le.islative Council of

the Territory of Wlorida that with a view to the permanent location of
the ce'.t of Governrnc-nt obr the Territory aforesaid (Florida), there
shall be appointed by the Oovernor, two commissionersr, one from that
part of the territory known as Past Plorida, -and one from that known
ag West Florida. ThAt the Com.ininsioners thus a o-ninted sha'1 meet at
St. ''"rrqs on the rulf of "Te-ico on the slt day of October next (1825)
and thence proceed carefully to explore, and cx--mine all that section of
country 4-mbraced between Ockoloekenee River on the Test -ind the :u- i
wannae Rlivr- on the ahst, and between the no-t-ern boundary line of saidI
Territory and the ulf of ':exico.

action 2. Pe it further enacted that the said commissioners shall be

anr they -rr hereby authorized -nd empowered, after m;kinr the exami-
nation aforesaid, to select the most eligible and convenient situation
for the se-t of governmentt fo-" the- Territory of Florida.

Section 3. Be it further enacted that the said commissioners shall
keep a journal nd t',ke notes on the Topo rph7, of -h- country examined
by virtue of tbha Act, particularly describing the quality of the soil,
its loc -1 situation .-ind the streamss by which it is wateri.e. Th'-t on or
before the first day or .T7nuary noxt the said 'o'rlmissioners shall sub-
mit. to the Governor of the Territory a report in vrriting of this act,

accorpinied -.ith their journals -nd topographical notes on the country
by them examined.

"SectiOn 4. -e it further enaet-d that if the said Cormisioners should
die rree with regard to thl situation on which the seat of "overnmrnt
should be located, then and in thit case, the journals -nd topographical


notes of the said Commissioners together with the subject of their dis-
agreement shall be submitted to the Covernor of the Territory who shall

be ',nd he is hereby authorized, from all the information adduced to

decide in fo.vor of the situation selected by either commissioner.

Section 5. Be it further enacted that the situation thus selected

sh5ll henceforth constitute the seat of Governr ent for the territory of


Section 6. Be it further enacted that the next session of the Legis-
lative Council of said Territory shall be held at the situation selected

by said Commissioners or by the Governor and either of them in case of

the disagreement of the Cor:-lzsioners, if in the opinion of the lover-

nor the Legislative Council can be accomodAted, other-ise the Covernor

is empowered, by proclamation to direct the assembly of the iConcil at

St. Augustine.

Dr. W. H. Sirmmons of St. Au.ustine and Mr. John Lee Williams of

Pensacola were appointed Cormmissioners under the ibove act.
Dr, simmons left St. Augustine Sept. 76, 1823, traveling on horse-

baekl, and from his journal, much of the time in the As he thcurht

a tent would be too cumbersome to carry on a pack horse he was without
shelter at nil-ht after leavin.T the 7t, Johns river, except vwhen he was

fortunate enough to find an old Indian camp and bo.rl- shelter. The Doc-

ter crossed the St. Johns soc-,ewhere near the place now knovm as ~vffalo

Bluff -,nd travelled westward crossing the south east end of P-iyne's

Prairie I'nd strikin.- the uwannee onhe e morningg of the 3d of October

at a point just below where the Santafee cnpties into the huwannee.After

crossing the river he travelled up the river for some distance. While

he neem9 to have kept a general IT. Wi. course he appears to wound

around a good deal as he did not reach St. ..arlk until the evening of

Oct, 10th just fifteen days, full of hardships, after leaving 2.t. Augus-

Acconp-nied by Dr. Cbas. T* F7ster, a boatm n and a boy, 1"r.."ill-

i-ms left Penscola Sept. 30th, 1823 in the afternoon in a small sail-


boat. They ancc-nt.,,red h r,11 -inds and storms, missed t.1eir w-!y, !x-

I-: u-uted their uiur'py of p r-ov isont, 1vy nut in th? r' -n ard ;~cre rem'

aduC.i to ',Iivtn on t-hr, -igh -Ind or-b- th;-1 could catlh cinn the o:.'itnre

~hc~ ,CrP on the~ bare#, ie.- thIkr ,ouxfrnPY a enO they viere delip'ted
over th': c0tur oe r: coon.

Ili a n.rty 9tivAd 7t 2t. ''.Th ,n 'hl- ev--,inr of r)ct. 7.1 itftc-r -4
S ;r of iJsirn, sai'l;ins, 'kAnv: *'n<2 'iin-. Mr 1Liifme 2'-:~'2 "Oct.

Toural, It n..ic'3i.ry to rc.t th11 dof, ji 0i ,% ; Tr1O ig l'hom T
o~l~ 3 ::Xhit- 3by fltuo and fiw tlit "Ye weire vn!ble to

.L"<{ witihoWi v!- .tt )jf'fj"urit1tY

Aftem- :!eO-PP:tt n- a jintc iton thkv Tto-r!iszrBer K:..clte, 1.' d :y c to 1d 0

*:.X;-11q111,V l oll Of t".'3 crointry tircu'n'tAAT1 T-Ijrib -5s 'g fl, 1 ( 41YIy to

t"h &xsirn~n-tion of' tir: co-zt :olth (fron, 'It. rkv-3 and f-com thb. dnLrrip-

tiori of -h:: river r b:y, r. LAr'''1 a', in y a in 3 v'a-tt -up th. 'tein~

hiritahie -IveO* 'te o the rfirom, troit 'hrtt point thry tu-nu.d brick to rt,

wdi oh 'cvv. st~lrted fo thei.e1 homca3.

Upon the report of "Lh he c!u ;- -i o e ri-, r, o va -no o ~lv vs1 uI,:-u,- the

foljo-74ng pzocl--,--.t';qcn. er? P-v~ i :'1!BC.l~t e W7".3 (O:rlTlr!C-~

1r~3~- Jfl44. orficc; -entt'' of

-P-r c'i:~-tIon.

hzrecif In T- !r.znce, of Fin aet Qft tMc. T1! .-ativa P ~i1 Of the

P.:err ;ory of -).O:I.V., ip,_-ovetl th, `ft') of' Juneg, V' 3, corlit
7 E 2- r-zJ fntfed to si elect the nost e1~riblc 'rid convenient s1t"1.tion +For

1P-2 Aettt of' gnv~r'n!rent of' tlic Tervito.ry of ckm-iCJo, *tnd thc .ii(I c13-410 r b7ravo --rnpnirter to mr. tiivt the,' yi-Me seleCt.d a site in the

'o7flnttg of (] Arircd';n Sit' 'Iit.- about o nile aoixt1-neat frtr hiv t fes-.rt-d

f flfld n. ~lly..rC', .bt tI,, f- -Ile m4"Ioth of' the Oc!:clOf(c,-o-ny

-nc1 Till'`i 9qe'c 9 r I point r t1ce 01 1 irl rwir` ip Inter-

sectfr! by a .T9-sl! tr*i,. wu-minjn- .-wolith WtrvlVy. In the rcxpcizi of

the ;itiCi'tflon In ne veitwr pr the n'.c .ot -:nf f'or thi- Info'-mation of

the' roo(I people of. this Thrrltory I 1- vc thoia,-rt Procner to i*.9ue my

,proclnimitiron rn,. "ln2 th; 2orner: of ,he r-mt 'v %nncll ofon t"e
Territory Of "1.r7id to 9ro&ble it the site ThOvedCribed on -11C da-


'::lnoflnted b:.' law for the n-.Kt se.s31ion thereof, Civen under my hand *and

the p.e-l or tb" sl:mi Te-ritor::,, at Penscola thi: 4th day of Ta:-ch In

the Yao rf Our Lord ,.n th:ous .nr, i, tn-'-t hundred ind t-'enty-rour, anM

th:. Indep-cnAlnce of the United rIt-tes of o'-ica the forty-e-l -th.

\ Tl. the trvorno.r,
Wif.11 iun P. nTvel.
,,n orge lt'
The first ?.'ond'..y in 'Tovt;rber wI-:. 'ipOintd t:.' one"r' for thlc

councill to be in its session for 1824. Pre:'ic.rint "'"nroe ap o!nt-.( t-lh

follZ-vitn m-.mbt'rs: Toin ea La r'uc; .rm.j-:rin D. i""r:ht Jo0t:h .ori:-l;-;

2.'Ichr~'-l J. ,mpton;. .T-.:ne, RirCht; TF.-.o,.s .b*.:a; JTnmes Z,.d.Cnd;n.o; Johnratv.t n

Robinson; br :1h,-, 7. .lTmy; J ~!-; L. .o r-ett; ""iflam i. Rqhyno1ls; Pzter

Mitchll nl r.9s. t:p ".. 1:ern-.n:.ioq;; -. All th'- r. bera -ere present ex,

C3pt J 'es T.dr :nt. Th'. "unnil elect, ,T.ip; .'. "c .-n .rde., Pr'ei aont,

the scnsion b fl:-.vibeor 1lth, 1324 -:rn etned Janur .y nd, 1"."5. TC

P!irt Lecri--.l::tve -"o'ncil to asen:ble at t: nr..At c'f governrint held

th-it.? ,di ons in a small log ,house on the south east corner of the

SL'res ent c pitpol eta-iir,

II I -- 'I



The location of the ;.'er,. ni nt ow't of Covrn--, nt for th: Territory

h.-ivlig b. an dctermnlned, ron:-:ress, by Act, -.: proved "'*-.y 28, 1824., bein

Chlipter '37, Colume 4, U, 2. '3Stitute:s at La're, P-.ic 30, r:.ide the lo-

cation b-r,:.inf:nt b' theF foll.-'ing:

S:n Act -,rom'1idin, for a er .nt ;f lEnd for thr- s:sat cf rCvoeinment in the

territoryy of 'lorida0. l- netj d by The '.n':te and 'icue.s of :o;:-e-

a..n':-tive- of the United .-iLate

S "tion i That th-t-.r -h:. l be, *-.nd :hreby is, f:*nted t., th; ter.:itory
.f l--'liz, on ernitre qu;-r-ter section n of lind, or freational section,

not ex.-inn^ b) -LtAtitjy onr qu rrt.;r section, o.--tho sett of govern.

mnet in t:hat te'rrlti,:r.,, to b~ loca'ted p:.Evn'u.ily to th2 sale o'+ the

a'2jaicnt 1 .n!, '.inier the rith.;rity of the rve-.vrncir ti-'reof, at thsa

point sol-.-terd f:.r mtc s*e-'n-nt seat of .'e'nr ent of t i-r ''to.ry,

tinf. 2. And b: It f..r. .c. .n-ict2d, Th'-t the .ove:n'r Tan'. Le-g. il-

tifr. 'Icuncil of the Trorito-'y aforesaid, or a majoci ly of t'il, be, .rnd
th,;. are hereby authcrizo.. to .ido t Asuch iasurega ,s .o thcn may seem

c:;:.:d4i.nt T*o th: .l le of tract of l-.nd, or .-.,:. Cr:t there -of, for

t}h pur'poe of raiinirn a t',tnd 'or i'-- er,.ctian of puhli '- i.1.1ln;a at

s id seat o? 'ov 1rrinm,

.:octicn 5. -. it ',-.rth- -n cited That th-_-re shUll hb., in. reby :.r

re'ervea- f-o-. as ile thCre :-ntire quarter actions of l.Ind.:-. of th: Urited

'.t- .t-'s, lying ,*ontilunou to, a.nd ;adjolinin:. thre 1 -rte section ,-r-.wted

by th:- P1-at :n.-ction of this .?.t, to be loc.t:.d by the -'ovrw -.nom of

alid Tecrltory.

"'-r 9 .olu Un'iiteod Statsa Stat.:;tu s at T.stri Piae 02-.'- ct

.,;:: moved -" ? '9~' "'-

:aIction 14 *;, nd be it furth-- enacted Th at it shall 1.: 1v..'ful to.' the

'ov-. CLor i.nd "o.' "'1ativ- c'.ncil (of l "nTL a) to A-.PL one -' tji: -enorveo

-iu .rter :;'lkifonn of 'lnul i;cc' nd il-.'ly tie proc.-ods to the

erection of public bi0llingfT, -.nrd it shall be rlaiful for them to re:-;erve

such portions of the Ini..rtr saotion to tFe to-r n rc T- ll ~.hsne rontic-

uous to t-he c:.eekr ;mn watorf 11 az :. 1., in their opinion, c,,ontrbute
to the health -.:nd convenience of tbo nh-.bit.nts 'in:' :hcy shall hmve

- .. I

power to pass laws for the preservation, and expulsion from, the other

two reserved qu~rt'r sections, all intruders, and to abate all nuisances,

! Chap. 39. Vol. 4U. S. S statutes at Larr,. Parce 02. Act of Conrress

approved "ar. 2, 1t?9.

Section 2, And be it further enacted, That the ollowirg quarter seec-

tions of land which have heretofore been reserved from sale to wit: The

(N!..) birthh east rhi.lrter and the North west r-irter of Section tI, Town-

ship 1, iio-th of Ran,:3 1, W'.est; the Torth east quarter -nd South west

quarter and "ni'th east quarter of Section 1, Township 1, -outh, of ,.inge

1 West, anl the Touthwest quarter of section 6, Township 1, .;outh,Rr:nge

1 astst on. ress by act r-uthorized :he location of the seat of rovern-

ment. The Lerislat&Y@ council ,by act empowered the Governor to *-ppoint
comrissioners to select the site. The CoTrissioners were appointed

and performed the duties assigned them, The !:vernor issued his proelam-

ation design-itin'; the place selected. The act of congresss grants a quar-

ter, section of land and certain other quarter sections "contiguous to

tha town of Tillh.hassee" but no ',here is the -FP of Section 56 Town 1

Range 1 ., & W, .s-ntioned in the Acts of Conrress as reserved for the

seat of government nor is it so designated on the maps. The ta3: iag
copies of correspondence With the Departtment at VWasbhington hereto at-

tchbed bearing d-te of Feb. 13th, 1825. Sept. 2'th, 1879 and Oct. 15,

1901 sets at ,-est all question of the title Anf right of the State to

hold the tract of lcndc now occupied by the State for Capitol purposes,

vio: qEP Sec. 66, T 1 N R 1 W.
The authorities at W17aehinn-ton hold that the. grant being absolute

in its character and the State in undisputed possession there is no

necessity for a patent. I beC to subrmit herewith the procl:amtion of

Acting Governor Talton deaiLn-iting the lards south of T.llahassee granted
by act of Tfay 24, 1814' "An Act providing for a rrant of land for the

seet of government in the Territory of Plorida for other purposes" to-

gether with cor-espondence of 7"r. Corley and myself with the Department

of the Interior also a letter from T'r. Dell, U. S. Land Office at

I- I I I I


An.1cavilUO with "ref,-rrce to tln mrn.e Trtter 'l c1nr to show that rhile

'he Iind oceiIed tm apitol *:nd b:, the 7it:. or T':1i;,o:itee io not

sdCr!ci Ibe'! Ienf'i In, !'' of b i -'rct 'ri'ilia'o the Th kpi-tol the
1tqtc.- 14 title t: tl n'mth P*It (ll To of -oction one (1) To-.nchip one(1)

.'!clt R,~ n--e on,2 (:L) Toot$ is Inlis'puted.
In /&'-itlon to h:Y:: :V-tiv-, mentlor .Jr! p r.-:. I su)b1.,J..'."t tlu.- or' 1nl 1 --,ot
~a ve !i' '1&LVQ Ciouncil s 'day Juli I a creatinga

co.-.ia ion to 1oc!-t.- seI nt of ov:;i'nmont. I -lso ati-ch a letter ad-
vrsrlrr~r 1i ert TrSnd L3(! d-tAd J:ny. O.
dr g 'F to tlnv- A'Cilin~r l '-. -vr c Rl:r ..m .
1L40 ree! tive to ti:- lTicnhtlir of the 'l-iitol 1-ul1ding.
~ith* thD for~:m~ir::: I '-e~ t'; '. -:n c' ,;ot- t and abstr-ict8 to the

opf trt Of thci rl cdir~a p.ricnr' A rflle; the iCQA3 to the Reforr

;:C11 Jaclmcnorounty; Tn:i .e. "lind. ncaf nri nuvrb Ims-lituteg, St. Aufruu9-

tine; th ie ::te '11rC a. *-Lfld ImlvUltri:.1 Cl.eO forr Color! '3:uderiS, T-i1-

I.13s e th- anseie to f.t on of tht pro;i-rty of T~he State L 'invd

chonI1 rcr ~thte T!::-. P rt n(-. "un-ak ._rinCs deeds ci'i edab itrct

of T itle to the i *':id -.a 'i:Uit-y ( '! T .( tirn,-.1 Inititu te, n -r.tov

icetic: :O 'A-~:tr;ct oa r2:-rtion cf t)- prO;ra0ty P oF :l orid.i -Lospitea

for tbQ 1 nqimtnv at C!. tti. .crr!; ::Tric, -oji;: of y4'C'a1 O'dr-Ir fo. 57 in-.

atrustiris th-2 : o Rfuee, T~edmnn onc / b- .Conod Lnd,, to

tCurn over the Thnt !norTh~e !..:11fml to th- ";ovorno'- of' idrij dftied

Qtob~;. 9, r ith tl-:. Act of 'or1 .ess, -,C. 161, 1,70, d.:n-itinp JmS

to th; -a p 1ct of tk!e 1ni in 1ue'ttcn, tat:etler ~tth ccrres-
ponrdence un Thi x'Th(ect. bstr ct and! rucc 3.pi es of Litles to prnoF..ty'

of Lt- 1F;t r1o4id ltoir nry, -'A,.nsvi1le rm! dcer from j '. As C.
to -10 rc-r P Thri" in PoI'- cc unty mtr2; "ith 1ctttp f-om

Mr *w,1'-l, Tjx 'o1 ctcvr 0 tr ,,h t co'int;y, -Alir4Int, a hr tile in t'-... title to
I b oI of" of ?' of ::"c. 14, T. ',"- .. T.

Th.'rc hqq 1)eeir I iilty in correspondonce -nn' In v_-ierrl in t:Ll~6
h fournd cJ:n'.'rrb1S ifftculty in tthnr the repixired tnfo-rl,-'

tion. -,)r d i nelni to ini'oir-,tion I bep., to :'-.fer yo- qkotBie rqpn rtd

Oil01731 SV 1 tc.rcts bOretO att:iC:hr.

In t"C c,> of U.Ju :T"i! 'Y ;'s. of the fs,,,:nnC- !vC?' new WJp

Plor2&: d t'-'te "`o:lt o ej, c79V Iml d no no o:o OyICept i!" Thu'.1ng

; I IL I

extract t from the Proceedinrs of the

County Court of Lo30n County. -Tallaiassee.

,- "At a aesslon of the Y(.unty Court of Lenn County, ":arch 2d 1828,

ordered, that the p- position of the Co'nr.:issioner of the City of T.lla-
ha:ssee to rive to the County of Leon the 4th square 7-orth of T-llahasese6

lIaying between the Streets of .7onroe and Adams for a- Court House and other

public buildings, in the section of land laid off in lots -creeable to a

law of the Legislative Council, in exchange for the same number of feet
of land in the County quarter r to be laif off in lots in confo rity to

the plan of the city of Tl.lahassee o:n!. ::-so to reserve ten acres of land
from the county quarter for the sire of the University of Florida by

the Judge of the Court in conjunction with said Comrissioner, until the
Le islative Council -nalkes such declaratory act or acts on the subject

of the :!i-@ of the said University of Florid r. 7 iling in this the land

to revert to the county.
( N. B. ) Prom the description it is evident the County Court desif;.nated

the pr-esent Capitol square as "Tall2hhassee." The lot or block described

is now occupied by the Leon Hotel and private residences.

The County quarter was selected by a 'o:~mission ap.iulnted by the

."oivnty uoll t of Leon County (see record office of County Judge 1825-1

P 5) Under authority of U. S. Statutes 1h -p. 137. Pursuant to the ac-

tion of the courtt the Coril ssiooner:? selected the S3T!: Sc. 36 T 1 :T,R 1 W.
Extract Proceedings County Cou:t Leon Cou.,nty, April 2Ith 1825.

County Court convened. Present Cary Nichols ind Arnmb.-se Crum, Judges,

'd 'an J. P. Action of the Poar-' of Co -Lissi owners to select l-nd
ratified ind ponsesison ordered taken of th2 sname in the n-ame :;nd for tlh

use of the County of Leon. It being the quarter next adjoining and lue

west froim the Towvn of T.lllFissee, viz: the '"'. of Sec. 36, T 1, N. of

P.n-e L, o. County Curveyor ordered to run out and mark lines by con-

spicuous blazes ..nd file plat in Clerk's Office Pa;Te 75, 76 on March 26,
1826. The United states conveyed the :74 of Sect. 36, T 1 N. Renge 1 W.

to Geo:-ge Tin.-le for the County of Leon. The above appears to be about

all the title the State has to property of the iFlorida State Coller:e

I I I ~J Is _



consisting of -bout "'0 cream now :rj rmb-ced in th e t--c. on hh!eh there

:, .s afen erected a ccr :-.dior.. t-c ntory colle -c tu. n .lir.- -f b"'ick 'nd

wooden .'.,rmi toe-les, n-.1e .anrr f.-:~.l1 the lat;r tI ilt l-t y:ear,

T'7- a yon, ng "it" nr' document cov1I-rq the pIrcperty of

the L'.:te no-I in u-:;e '*or r~li e pu-1-pnO,

If ..-nu will per:rit me, I will uj-..est thet the nccoass.rry stOns be

taken to establish the .: te's title to Lotas ,A, :, 30 & ": in ;',fun--jk

,r-ii,. r, ..*vi to perfr'et the title t t h.: p..c;: l rty. of the '.ist lo id 'A. m-

In r,:, -nE th::t, th T.'u:. te a- of t' o T-t o1.'id- 't -Iir- 'y ,n v t-.'l authlor-

Itie- o"' ^'e "'It of -. lneivlle. be c licitt-. to seike :he State full

titles to th-- p...ip:'' t:* in ,I-'t -,tion.

In .intice to the -:oplc, th.. ':tate ahoill.' h. *-boli)t control

of all Institutions alInt-ailnd .,y t. k;s levila on the people of the

Trua "tv- that the '- ro'.ii-r tor.:1'" r Ith a i .'2-" report .,'d a

.cu;" instructions d'-t *' *.p. 7, 1901, I .,, .-,

y.o"lu" v- ;ey r fullyllr

Sfn L. ov, tuon.




Tr.: 21crid ricultural Coll: .- A w-i: .-AtabliIed b/ L-),.l1SlaktieV* an-

act'ment in 1F.70 oifpt" 17t7ii, L--'v/ of -Elt'.'l rLove rCA b. 'h lh,187,

\.nl wan fi-n .: .taittd at an Gallic, in :rv;--v:2d county a p .ce -.h'-t at

th.t -ime :nd fo:" t- -nty-five zO.-r.i aft-'i w.-, lC inacceslible %sa to rake

the .?ct.l'ge utteirl:, ;orthls.:s to tha ';tte. A :* S.'u-tnt lef i.-slature

.at.rniTn(e to -.:-;.v '1:ho collf"'e E the et of "':.. 7th, 1t77. Ih-rter

0b.- 5 "..'vre h' re<].-l'i ul.uthc .'ity, A co: ,in Ci 51c, ..:~ ., .pr int J to .Irlect a
--t ..1 n.! ,i.-iir dhle location -nd ,uftr a-fu n aid ration selected

,L-..- -"<, ty. -i'- lI'oid:i:: Tricul tr<.-l nd .1ech a.nical "c oller'e .';s lo-

C-'t-... at .h t place. In 18'. '.,-,. fl.-a t pu -c-.^'a of l -n' were vimr? and

ti :. .;:,. .n r.: I,-c tion of the '`oil .P! ,, estI'.lt i he'El.

Th-e i-&,' occupl-..' 11.-- in

action n -' T. ip 3S. L'.r-n e 17 .

and 4 17 "

TI,- at -If of the south w=st *: r'(r, c0 wM'c- t-;c coll:e 2.l:nr is a

7-t, wa ;ptc ntend h,' ihe Un itr' States to T^. J. TKniht, ":r. I, IYJ7,

,,'I1.t-t :c.-: in ":'.~.inOlvent 'n. the titles "I ft-/ derived frrm a -her-

iff's ;..-**. : l i- i. :.' -'.,,,: *- -s ,~~ncf, atll -L records having g b n rdbs-

t..-uy, 4 b r;7 ',.- ,,c,:. ,n inng .-.,. y ,-,,, .- "b tracta .c:;-lain the con-

rin--c n,

The -1 *t .old th to 11-.lng; d .s3 to ':; pr.- ty in .!- :tion w"hith

r r'p:i;rt l In their crrld' r of r-.r e it r; e.r in n th1i Clerk

Office' at T. '* I

r C i i I

~"' I


:nhtry. "fir. 1, 1947.

United "t'.tor to P'tent i s'td .;.; 1I, I1 !'..
Piled .: pt, 2, prt 2 .
Josoph J-"c'l i e r- *ri ".:fght. !?,.'' "r d _c;'" 0
P -re .' .

';The '.-try a"n siul.-nied and hi.:t in .ay-1nge until .^pril la. 180,

. ".n thic i'. pp-n.Aion was rrm-rnved .nd the p-t'~nt is :nrd :. rsuant to the

or't-. nil.,

Joe~cib . 'o.vd

to ('o :' ';: n'-,. )

Tr~utees lori1- r.i-

cultural oil-".-, vi! :
. .' ater, '...-t. -,ttl e *''"-.' l af

He, .A. r'.- le "t .te T",-. .. '"orfforld

Tuc' -r, D, S. "',

J. .', "~-.&:-, C. ". ".-'th, "'. D,

:n-'a-n & T. ", "i'.nt-.

"ay 1 ''.

Reco *.. in D-U.ed

P nes' 1i-101-10-

Oct. 8 -9,I '*
J - ) 1

S .n;u'-1 R. f'arter rrant. D-ed.

to (Co: y of '.eri) "*. ., 1 -" .

Trus ",e.' Florida. :-gr ul- -:cr: t.*.-er, r-en .--rF 1 "1 m*

tur-.1 Coll:04-,. 40-1,q 407 & 40

Oeto, er:: 10, la '.i:,

I. B. 0o '.-lInli ,'' t of ,:ower, :o -* T', fncl th.~t ", "Trh: wI -

m:.-'' at the time of -mai:ng Med.

3. B. Tho-n.; c on %nrl

A. Ha, art

to (''ior' of Deed)

Trust.' .- ; 2 a, .'.-* 'c.1.

.'r . T_...i"i r '* i wl:, .m on, wife of S.

thia i,-le.d,

'"52yTanty r?.ri*

24, 1 ,.

'. ._en l'i-, -40.-., .*10, Oct,

1049 4.

Tho.:j_-eon, a.i,,s In execution of

I I ' I

----r I


AtAlle Niblick ",:'r-:nt:: rced

to ( 'o"p olf cetl) '.-y 24s, "1'.

Tru-ist, nc Tn-trlo 1r:--1nu weerrrey c "ccr ok "i

tor-Al r1ll,-.-e* P eS 411-41-: ct.10, 1894.

'!. ', "othin.-. to ini C-'t: whether p-".0rty of lit part -, H aR ,r.. nster,

7i .. or7 OP a -= ''0 -,

<" o1 i, oa'n -'tk nas

to ( .p. of e ..)


N. ,. In t".' <'- ., t', -:"*** of the :--..ty

1xr-c. .n .i'-r,.,- I no "' nr: to ir.1-iXc-te

10:;-1 ^" :.::l .:! 1 ( fe me Wole)


T:uI t e irl; i criul tural

o1l-l. to-,.t: "'-l.ter "'r"'

". !. hi . * -11: ,

,3 J., *'u .'f l .':1., ]. n**i*

.ir i P. ."*.: i .

Win 3. 'Th1'Iht


Warr.-.nty '

"*'-.y 2-, I '.

T)pes- 41", 414- Oct. '10, 1'g4..

of the slt :-*.t is conil cr bly

---'.*ther 1'- ma t ed owr r'le.

Q'uit Claim l'-t-vd

;url' '.t 15, l -,!.

Recorded :' :d :: .cc-!,


P. e-. "-' I

du is-uat "*tD,

*1 j

v' ;:4.

:;n] -ife

Hit T11

" 'n;st L.'., 1 ,'1

,unt 29, 1" '"'.

T. S. Crhil]:"


.. '. .: ":ter,

W, Wison, Co .

ri .in, .T D.


& -if: &

"-. Coll. to--it:

A, ':c, y --n :-r-

'*."llo'*'-y. *nd 'R. D.

."i..,rranty 'oied.

P,::- n t 1. Ij. 1 2.

"--c,, '-.~~D e in Der.-. l ok 7 1,.

P ":-.;': "''" & ,0 i> 'ep 2 ..- .

_~__ I


Tg.-uat:'e.~ 1a. r* c lt .l.. C l re


Trustees -In 'ir: ~criculma
tural ColleFe, to-wit:

A. J. Rupsell, D. 3. '-.rer, W. D. Barnes

J. 7. 00tker, C. H.& Oth, C. L. 'Itchell,
J. J. Younr L. R. "'ombwell, H. Wr. Lrng

& F. J. Pons.

J. P. Baya & wife

) Warranty DOed.
) 16pt. 1C0.
) Recorded in Deed
) Pook L.
) P .5:e EG.
) A'. 7, 1891.

Warranty Deed.
Aucust 5, 1891.

Trustees lordid'
agriculturall Coll -pe.

J:Acob C. millerr

:,c,--?n 'A D:ed 9cok L

Pige *.1, 1-pt. 14, '1901


S'. r- 1, ?m i-: m T'--.,o "il iims,

r, ". T,'nl.-h J. '"ri.-'t,

: ",.'1^ "' .: ,, .Ta-p' r :::p,

Irene PngCatt2 Jr'ono .:rigtt


Trunitr.,.im of 'ort';,sAr -1 cultural

"'o1 .. t(.-I-'It: ''.o, ''n ln n, ?,. ".*-.ris,

". A4. :r:.nno, J. "- rrott, ". 1,. "*'.'8,

J. '. CY11<'i'W-.' "-1'r Ly, Ti:'.'i"l on.

Lilt Claim '.;..e-d.

: .n-ch -'9i, 1901.

"'inr~. ned In De :i

1;il .n h. to i,.

-l~sl~ 11thl 1901.

~ I



", ,r. nct of I-.r Le -i e lture :p rnved/ .Tunr 4, 1979, -ain- C4-..1r.tar

45.S, Trva of -.lrid th It ste efnrw "honl ';.. enst-.bllaV'd :tnd ':Ws

located in Jnckon r(*.Ity, near 'rl i:ni. where t1e 'tte purchased and

: C nI .e9l 1.N10 acres as .-',n'.' by tl e follo".'!n-: e'ds

Theoas esat ncl wife


'-,u. l. ,xl ir', "o.rnor

t'. T, .. v-'r, At t;. f-enl. &

L. ".'*-:.. 'v.ll, 0o1. FCl.

Jotrfron !.. '-~. I'h 'i "e


'?. D, "lc xh-:m, 'ov., 'a.

. a, f. .. -1 .i li, .t~n n l .

,..ilroid fol. l:-'ly ;

'- -. th, 'PrfSt. and

'J* .1r .r.o, T'i nteeS, under

",Lrt".-'. :e .L.' -.h'" PM ir,.'s *,I'.'

:nd A'l-.ntic R:ail-',- d. '.


'ir. D. "Toxb:hn, Covernor,

T8. p: r-."ir, Atty. %enl. ndl

L. R'. Womibwll, 'eOTn. /.at.

y'arrant t; '.-d.

r ec. -?" en .. t, 1-97,

Pr,'" OO'

P "e !th. U.r 1.

*-'*: - C1 l ,l < .

.::;;e 1t;-;,

Api. '" 127""v.

:Warr'nt.' "-",e,.

January 1,'"1-.


P an 80.,

" .ch 3, l'n,).


W. J. "'ilton.

"loxhrim, Governor,

L .rr, Atty,. Genl. -nd

"'ombwel1, Com. 1t l.

R. D. Daffin & wife




.'. D.

L. T.

L. B.

Bloxb-'.m, ivl'ernor

Lamar, Atty. nenl. &

'mombwell, Cor. A^ cl.

L. Car ner.

nloxham, Governor

L 'r.lf Atty. 'enl.

"'ombwell, Com. A,'cl.

:ary S- Davia


D. D. B-loxl- m, Governor,

'J. B. Lamar, Atty. Genl.

L. B. "'ombwell, Cor. Agcl.

Alex:aner '.er tt, .Loulle Merritt,

'L%-ie L. lnith, Clifton v. "Fprritt,

"F1;lnie "er-rtt, "-irs "'n~0- T. Merritt


W. D. Bloxham, Governor,

R. T, -mar, Atty. G3al. -ind

L. B. Wombwell, iCom. A4cl,.

Reform school.

V!'rr-.nty eed.

January 12th, 1898.

Recorded DO--i .cok "LL".

P',.re 7,!.

a'rch 8', 1900.

Warranty Deeri,

J-nuary 13th, 1~98.

RecorierT Deed "ook "LL".

P-V-e 75,

farch 8th, 1900.

W-,rr nty D t-ed.

J,.nuiry 12th, 1898.

Recorded Deed cno1k "LL",

Ps-Le 77,

March 8", 1900.

Warra-inty Dted.

January 1!Lh, 1P9n.
Recorded T- d ook "LL".

Page 80.

pfarch 8th, 1900.

WcVrranty ;-~'ed.

February 11, l 98.

Recorded in Deed

Book WR.

P Se 187.

Apl. 8th, 1B98.






AlexLnder :Territt, & Toulle Merritt

p-,.ie L. 7mith, Clifton E, ',.rritt &

I,-nie T-erritt, HIeirs of Mary T. Merritt,


At D. Coenl. an., Lovernor, Cm. Ag,

Atty. >"enl. and L. *4. ^**vell, Corn. A!g,

Jefferson D. Smith & ,ife


". D. Bloxhbm, "'vve-nor,

:. B. Lamar, Atty. Genl. &

L. B. "om.bwell, rom. Agcl.

W. J. D-iniel & wife





lioxham, Governor,

LAmar, Atty. Genl.

Wombwell, Com. Ag.

". H. ilton, Jr & wife


D. 'llo:.x-m, Covernor,

VT. ?. Lim.a-r, Atty. Genl. &

L. B. '"onbTwell, ^ro-. 'cl.

R. R. 9nead & wife


I. D. loxhoam, rovernibr

. PE. Lamar, Atty. Genl.

-ind L. B. W!onmbwll, Com.

i agriculture,

WTa' ,ranty Deed.

February i, 2e28,

Pecor(red Deed

Took "IEf,

Page 189.

April 8, 187.,

"" -.irnty D-d.

Februaryy 23, 18P8.

.acC.ored C,1 u"- Book.

FE. 192.

April 8th, 1 8Fn,

7"arranty IFt-d.

'arch l0tl-, 1',8.

Recorded Deed Book "LL*,

Pa-e 72.

'-arch a, 1900.

'"".'arrant; r.ed.

".arch 10, IPFn.

Recorded r,-:-- r Book "LL".

Page 78.

March 8, 19n0.

. rr nty D) c;.

March 7, Pl''s.

:ecorded in Deed

Pook "LL".

P'.re 8E3h,

"arch 8th, 19H0.

I I ~ .3 1 ,


RcIcrt J. 'oone, '-. Isalioner,

1" ';. Plr,-".'T '( ...nor,

'' n. ..-.. tt' "cnl, '

L. ", "'o ,' 11, ,. ,^ 1.. ,

Ro'- ,rt J, :.on..-, i*. s.ioner,


' ). -:-n '!i '!, .v n' 1 r

'.', T, ..".. b, AttyV. "-nl.

F. L* '1'.v l 1


W. D. BloXrham, 'r.PYnor,

w . t,-.r a ty. 7 nl.

L '. ". -.- 11, -. .

J. P. "cm7ilton


W. O. ,''-*i ltty. snil,

L. " C .

'c -r' s ioner' s r- ed.

'^re>. r.t 1 ";:-,

Pfet" d ..*.. -- PC .T-n "F-,'-

P.-re 1i?5,

April .th, :' .

"co .r ,.i sooner' ". e.*

: h>, : e I t l .... ,


thrch :', 1 '
V' .'-.- ;F" k '.

R. .. :,-.(: ". .-, 01 ," ] LL1>


!* 1 !il l t3 h, 1:..

'I I I


Blind, Deaf and Drmb Institute,

it, Ar-,:ustine, Fla.

'a established by act of the T.3:i7l'tUe, r'.pter 3. 0, Pre r7,

Laws of 'lorlda, *nprovend ''arch 'tV, 1983.

Uniier the autho-ities of the above Act the ro rrl- of TrustaeC., ac-uired

by pur,:hise the property as s-t forth in the dee:s hrre-iith asubmitted and

describe, as follows:

3olomon "; rick, R-chelor, ) tW'rranty D,:e.

to ) Dated Apl. 10, 1'. .

.'. D. Bloxham, o''.'iernr, .) Con:'ideration. -'l,M4 .00

A. J. Ruasell, J. L. Crawford and ) R-cordd in De ?d 'ook "iD'.
e, P, R-ney, Trtees. P es ) 50. ny.
Geo, P, r ney, Tr-' tees. ) P-. es 43 & 50. JTny. lV'S.

Solomon ..y ick, :ichelor,


.'.' D. Bloxh-~m, Governor,

et al, Trustees,

John v:. R-iney & wife


W. D. Sloxham, governorr ,

et al. Trustees.

Warranty D- d.

Dated Jan. 3, 1-85.

To cover deficit in fo-'er title;

which deficit is fully set fPO

in deel. oifo consideration. No

evidence of record.

Warr -.ty D0.5 dasteO -oi. 18,1897.

2onsi~aration ."200.00

Recorded in Deed book "'K" page

604 &c. Recently verified.

.... ~.-~.....;-~~. ..~-.;..... I I



The State '"crmal and In, ustrial College for "olored Stuud.ents.

.Th'e lnr. oned. and occupied by the taite and us:. for Coloaed -Tr-

mal & Iniio' tri -1 Co01 f- p1; .n ts-s, lies in the 'o-t'7 "-*st :..;n- "uth 'vest
-qu.a-rters c-" ctionTo'-n.hip 1 South R n.'e 1 wNest. Thepart of the 'Torth

west m...-.rtcr in "-hi- the State is Interested ewd s certified b-.. the United

Statn. to I.
,*.-.rter was gran:-"n :Q the Territor; of Floridr~ by Act of Corrres$, 7'--rch

2, 1 '.,: being '" p)ter .3', "'olurnc. 4 U. S. Statutes at La:r 't, P-ens ,,7-8,
Section 2, of T-hich reads as follows 'nrl be it f-urther *naeted ,

That the following -utrter sections of land which have been heretofo-e

~6;e'rved from sle3 to -it: the North east and North west quarters of

7Jction 'S, To-,nsehip 1 '..rth R.n-e 1 'est, the 1Tortheast quarter and

sopithwest quarter and 'cuth east quarter of section 1 Tov;mship 1 -o'.th

iR.n:r- 1 'est .-nrd the jouth 'eat quarter of Section R Township 1 South

RnQe 1 It.

-ction 3 ?'r-it furthe" nict d. That the (cvcrncr and .'ri-la-

tAV@ Council of Floridc or m':,jority of them be and re hereby iuthcr-

ized to select any two of the *foraesid quarter sections of land to be

reserve? for !-.- ves:i-) in the State, should the T,.r-it or:. of Florid'j ever

be enacted into one, ih confcr--ity 'Aith the proviionof "ec. 1 4, act

P-b. 8, 1827, etc.

The .bstract -ccc-,n.nyinr this report shows the several tran*f3rs

of t]-- r of Lot 1 i'. PkI of .Lt 10 in th PF of T-"1 '-c. I T 1 S.R 1 W

al!o Lot "c.1 & E. of Lot 2 in O of ". "

Thie 'ollowivd instrumernts conveyin,- the Hlrnnerty of the "tnte m d

now 1..icd by the Colo.':Cd "." .'--l1 nd Inlust- tial Colle'.'e KlIso -cce'.;'-?ny

the po rt.

I I I I I -

I -

Alfred A. Fisher, Sheriff

H. -. :C'rnoTh n *-nM R. K.

Call, T.-,"-tees of ",ry D. walkerr .

7. P. Du "l


Harriett T. r-:n::chan

and Ri --h':rd K. Call

Trustees of ''try D. Walker,

1t iClottea P. P. Searcy,

Admin't. of I. G. Searcy


H. ?P. '-arnocb'in and

R. (. Call,~ru:tees of

i7ary D. .'alker.

Jam~; S. Lockie; & wife


Wm. A. Riwlus.

Interest of W.P. )uv~l.

record Book "F'.

P-:'; 199.

T' rnsfers int( r-et on 1 id udder

bon-1 for title June 5, 1i".

Reco 'd er in ,nok H

Page 2"0.

CQuit Clair,, rf-d

July 9, 1C 1'.

Rt-e:orded in look "I"

P--e 2302.

(Conveys remaining interest
(o t. -'c y
(of 5st. I. &. :earcy,

"'ort ~:.e F .eb. 19, 1p90.

.r-crded in ock K".

P .e 11, .hrch 8th, O180.

Tote. Te- tran:ffers between that of C. P. e:rcy to he Trustes. of

., I, Yi,ler dir Lockie & ~wleM are ahown in .rbstrPct.

J. S. Lockie


,'rancis P. "lesming et al

Board of Education.

Lease. /pi. 15, 181l.

St3.],od anor and ZO a. land.

eci;rled in 'cok "DD".

Page 192. -lay 25, 1891.

I -r

larch 2, 14, .


J,3 S. Lookie


7r.-ncis P, Fleming et ~1

lt'te Boacr of "Lu.:tion.

7'. A. R--les


J. S, Lockie.

Jesse S. 'en ~1:: .


State Board of F: e':tion

of Florl i.r.

J. S. Lockie and ,i-fe


T1-, State ro'-rd of

Education of "lorida,

J. S. "en, -df :

"c'ry Lockie and

J. S. Lockie


W, '. lo':7Tm ,,'vernor et al

The Board of "ict.tion of Fla.

Lease of 57 acres,. farm soith

gf HiRh:vood. --c.. 11/91.,

?eoordod in '?ok "D "..

Plea, 441, cb. :id, 18a2.

Release of ort,;gs.

Dec. 15, 'IT,2. Recorded in

Mortgage Ll -RSatisfaction

Book. P,,:.r 10. Dec. .., 1~9.

Quit Claim DP: to Hilhwood

Manor lanm .! .o.a*

Dec. 7, 1892.
R-corcded in Book "r:'. Pi-:e 116.

Dec. 15, 1'i2.

'arr'-nty Deed- to TUih'-iond Itanor

& ;0 acres l-nd, Dec. 7, 1T92.

Recor,::d in ;'ck "v " 115,

Dec. 15, 1892,

T'arranty De:d to 57 ac"-'sof

land south of Highwood. uinC. 7,


Recorded in Book "G'G P:;"l i'j6

Sept. 18, 1897.

Also a plat shocinlg tract as cc:ve;' by deed of Aug. 7, 1897. Re-

cordcd in Dc? rork "0OC". P. 5~98. Sept. 18, 1.3:7.

I I .

.. ~ ~~~~~~~~~~ .... I -__~~_ I _~

Aaron Van ^coy and urife

to D ?. "l'ynn

Andrew J. Stovall an; wife


D, W. C-'lrynn .

D. .". G.wynn


7rederick Williams.

J. S. Lotele & wife
D.. GZ.,nn

D. W. C-:ynnn


J. Henry Perkiis.

John H. Per-ina & wife


Ged. H. Gwynn, Clifton B. *ynn

Iran,'? '--lke :. r,,.jnn,

rCeo. H, r7.ynn et al

The ;t-ite T~oard of cd `c tion

of Plorida.

' T & J. W. "'.l.
7. P. Fl1ming, Governor et al

The "t-te PBoar. of "-'-'cation.

Warranty D.r3ed. Apl. 20, 1877.

Recorded in Pook "AAW"

P.-.f-es 56'3--i -. Apl. 2S/87.

"Wrr nty Do'ed
~bh, Tj6, 18-7.

Recnrded in roolk "Ak .
P-res 2'--51 7,

t'":ranL' D.t'a.
Apl. l- -h, 1rnT7.
,?Recorded in Pr.:k "'

Pa es 129-130.
"arch 31, 1891.

W r :* ty ) a -d
Nov. 2;-, 1891.
Recorded in Book "'D".
Pap e 374.
IT, .. r ', 1 91.

T;. r: nty ?d.

April 29, 1887.
Record. in Book AA.
P--res `79 & 580,
'.V 7, 1887.

Warranty '.ej.

-irch 7, 1 .*.

Reco".-' mthn Took aF" ch

30, 1,'"', ,>. ..- 501,

'Wa rranty Den

July 8th, 1i'. ,

Becorrv.d in 7ook TH .

P _e 544.
J -nu Cr 2,5, 1900.

'"' ,'r -nty -..-r '.
.-;' :. 20, 1 L'.
Recrdied '-:ok "FF"
Pce 14. May 18, 1893.



Crarvay ,ll and A;ife -,ranty C:,.

to Dec. ROth, 1'.2.

P. P, e inon 'cvorncr Ct al. Recrd-crd --nk "':..
Page 212,
the State "j% -rd of ;luc-ition. :'.y 18, lf93.

The *,ee' f 'or:. Caoraway Bll & wife is defective in the description,
which reads as follows- a point in said Sect. 1, ,-uth of the south

east corne-r of ~,uleve:rd Street -;nd forty fSe$ south of the said (F.C.P,)

railr'ot.- track and running west with the line of said railroad twenty-

three (2.) feet, then oiulj one 'hundred feet, thence east twenty-three

(23) feet, thence .u;th to thz place of -.esrinninr. The word south in

the last line should be north.

'II I ,

... ....I- ;.~i~.~.~-~-, ..~.. ~...

( ,3 .-. A. "cLe. :". i
' C' -,1 1 Ci rcuit 'art, )
;( irton county, )
( f'ni. -. -- in- ., lo.-- id-. ) Oct. -', 1-.01l.

':7ri. 'c- l. Ro2b;re)'rt-'n,

T'r? :^.b an8e, l8.
T-.:- ::'.r: Ir **-p'ly to yo of the lat. will -_~;: that I 1 -ve

j.:-,imin.l ..CordL-: .nd find .eeri .:u.. L. ... Plank to St-ate for Lots ?'.

68 .1 ,,; .r two : :'.;, o~: Allen .-. Jonei Po tr .=t L- x ;O tt4

'o not find ny ,:... f omnr J'ne:.- 'to St ,te frr -.t -_, ... & r;.. tj .; ich

lots "'e .ya ..- t is I:clAt d,

I -en, lose a :.'0o1i';-' pl-.t O., .i.'lif th. :..cun rs. ,
Yours very truly,

mi- A. `C "* 1


( PLAT.)

_ ._~I ~,,,



~ttate "'orm~l School, r'"~,niak lprinr s, .ton County.

Allen R. Jones & S. S. Jones, his wife to the State of Florida. War-

ranty deed to tract of land in SW corner of NTI7 of 7"r. of Sect. 36 T 5
N R 19 1 used for the -urpcse of a Normal Collere for the training of

whi t7 -teachers.

f. Allen R. Jones & S. S. Jones his wife to the StLt- of Florida. 7"ar-

Sr.-anty dr~od to trr'ct of l'1nd in 3W earner of the 1'- of 1.T"'3 Sec 25 T 3

N R 19 Rr. Uiedr for the l;uirpose of a normal coller-', for the trein-nr oj
white teachers,

L. ':, P'3nl' (wl-o,'ea'r) to the ctate of Florida. Warranty TDeed to

Lots 68 & 69 ~cco.-c.;, to a map of 'OeTurii'-k Sprinrs ir.n by W. J. '.an-

kirk in IPP5. Abstract of title and warranty deed fr,'::l;, cCormick Frae-
hear to rltate Eo-:-d Fdiuction for Lota 78 & 79 ?ccc'r~n1;- to map of De-

Tuniak fp:'ings 'ir-wn by V.. J. Van'irk.
.'ap of the land for wr-ich State hold title also sT'owrin location

of Lots ",, 29, 70 & E

On the 24th of /-:ril .1890 in i.ccrrd-ince wit'h a oppositionn 11.b-

.itted by A. R. Jones the State .o-trd of '. 3vtion ..d to purh'-:se

for ''OO, lots 2", 29, -0 & 56 accorOdng, to the plat of Dnlel 'amp-

tell ('ee pace :l15 minutes "nard.). It appearing on Nov. 19, 1890,
that Mr. Jones had executed a warranty deer to the State of Florid: for

lotas 1, 29, o30 & 56 as proposed, the Tshard oa-der'ed that a wcrran.'cr
;:Yr;x l1050.00 be drarn in payment for the sanne and warrant 7-'009

was 6(rawn !'ov. 20, 1890, and paid to A. R. Jon-es, ij,:. 21, 1820. The
deed to t'-'ee lots can not be found here -nd the letter of J Ames A. TFc-

Lean, Cla3k of the Circuit curt of 1".Iton County, bereto attached shows

that such deed has never been recorded.





"cuth F'lorr:L; "'ilit r; t; -nd .-: i.ic-t ional Institute," .t.- "Pol

F.'tabli.h:.d by L.-'-ilative enacts rnt, ter- 4-;,;4, La-:. of 'oIrlda,

Ac~ti 1.3, A. roved / ', 1 ", 1'-a Truster..- purch se rrj tr.-.nferr.Td

to ;.>, '~lat.t q property bo' s wn b:y acc---3 r,;-.' r.r .':'' tr-ect !In. r c-cda

Ua ?:t. lowse

"'-irtion 8, '"r 'nship 30
United States '3elieted by ltate i-.(ar %.t of


Trustf-se Intern1 Imj

Trustees Int:";il Im-


"',1A J ns t-;.h 1arn, .:-c',d.

his vric'.c-, Annie yarn, d;..;.u-ter &- W.

."nnr1e V.:rn, -.'in:ter,


1', arn it

.7 B Arnnie -.^n "*'.-'.

urnm. 'i"' at t cime of t'e- e; -,

". R, "-rcn, Jc1 -lor


J.aase Potter and

" evi .,. ""*en' t.

, R. ".'aan un' i-.-i;d ,t -..te tr-,n.ifer.

o.n- '"- of pt. 4, 1 1,1.

Selection a-proved ":- r"nl.

L-i .:; t -* on ... ..., 1~, 1~ 7.'.

Ct-':t July :- 7 ,la,-1naider'tijon

"1 -5/100 or acre,

r-..,'l-e'l in "o03o D.

P.-."-. -'',, J,.- ". 3, 1; L3 .. Polk "o*

r'. "arn cn.

n?-..-" oif Partltirn. 1"Ec. 1-., 188

I ntei:-.:.-t in '""' of 7"' -.-"c.e

T 30 R 26. s'"-ns.!r'..tion silent

:"?r:or, .... ^*-.i- ;-... e 1">a.

7 ir 5, 1.: Per' Co, 1.

?ar ran Tt, ;. T *. 31, I.' 3*

Cone' cr -ation ",'OI.00. O.c. z.:ed

p.'.. 7, 1' ',. "',..1k 'o., ?1T ,

"i oto -'ia "-. "-1rm,



Affid-ait of "'. R. 'rrn

that he was aO1ar"ridrl Spt.

5, Irf3, .an that It was

his first and only marriage.

Jesse Potter & wife Lydia

p. Potter 3nd LeT-is C. Con-iat(Bachelor)

to D. 77. "t-iley, C.. C. W'ilson and

"*'.,iren Tyler, Trus3tees louth Floridu

.'ilitiry and -1i'tional Institute,

Victoria 2T. Sherill
nee Victoria M. Varn
wldow: of Josiah `.rn
and 'u1 3ban3 Chas.C. 3erill


William 3. Jennin;s, Governor

et l..l State Bo-.rd of Fr1ication

and their heirs and assiUns'

AffidMvit of "'rz. Annie 'arn

Eivins th:it she i, the d-iiC,'iter

of Josiah Varn, .~hat she -.:Ji1l

.1, R. Varn, her brother, were the

onl7 chil6er' living at t'-., time

of of Josiah Varn -.nd thLn

she remrniin unmarried until Apl.

9, 1890.

Affid-w'it Jan. 18, 1835.

.-cor'ded Book 1 ('"*)
Pai-,e 107 Jany 18, 18W-.

Polk ~"cu'aty,

)-a:rranty Deecd.

)June 18, 1T01.

)Cunsideration :21350.

IRecorded Pook 58 P-~-Qe 349

)June 24, 101 Polk Co.

:.-it Claim =-d.

July 16I 1 031,

Consideration '1.CO
Rec-r Y:- k 59

Page 422. July 16, 1901,

Polk ro .


Jul- 15, 1901. ,

Recordr-:" '.-ck

P..:e *:.-': uly 16, 1901. Polk .

--- i- .. i


The southh Florid-i Military )

S nd "-ducational In-titute )

by D. Stanlv, '"r ren )
F' rlle" nrn C, C. Wilson )

Trustese )

W. S. Jennings, Governcr, )

Jno. L. C'rawfnrd, Secty. State, )
James B. Whitfield, State Treasurer)
William P,. T1',-, Anty. Genl. )

-nad r N. Seats, State Supt.

of Public Inst-ruction ind their )

succen-ors in office. )

'Wrarranty -need.

June 17, 1901.

Tnnsideratlon 0,nno.O0
Recorded Eook 59

Page 59^.

June 24, 1901.

Polk Co., ~la.

r ~___ _It

ST.-e 1-n,' now held .)nd occupied by the State ancr fcr-erly krCnon as

th= C'1-..ttahoochee Ar= .-nil, later as the Insane AsjP:irr. !'-t now knwon as

the Florld- State Hospital, c'.-I into possession of the State in 1nr,8

b, virtue of .; O,-r'r No. 57 issued from the "epartment-Buresa

of Ref,.L:'@s, :re'-..ien and Abmndoned Land dnled St. A*'1;t -ustine, l7oridu,

Oct. 9, 1] l and sainned by y. D. N ewall, Actinp Aast. Adji:iant C.ine 'il

a d re ; :.-'1 to Colonel John T. "pY- idue :*an an Iap'rve.- or(-er of Colonel

John T. A"jr".;-., i'r :.,d to VT.t "ajor Allen K. Jac&-srn, U. S. A.
Disbursing Officer, B. R. 1" & A. L. a copy of which ov.ers attached

hereto together with a letter f-om the assistant Sect. of bar bearir

date of !Trj-I. 18, 1901.
.3i',se3.untly Co n reass passed the follo-ing: 'hart. i U. S. Stat. at,

Lar,-e '' .... I ... An Act don'-tinF, Chattahooch-- Arsenal to thi'

State of Florid-, for Fii.'cationial purposes. Approved Dec. 15, 1870.

".:action 1. "e it enacted by the senate and :'use of R..:resentatives

of the United States of America in on rrras Assemrbled, That the public

pro;j.rty, '7. thi the r.oounds, buiidlnr;s, and Po,-, rtdnances th.-'rto be-

lon in, situated in C'Adsden County,in the State of Vlo-rl'V, and nlmwn

as the "Chattahoochee Arsenal" and at present o e ppled by s3.-1d State -s
a penitentiary, be, and the same are (is) hereby Prarlt erd nd donated

to the State of Florid-a for educational purposes.

Section 2. And, bo it further @ia.cted, That Lhe Secrete'.' of ':i- is

hereby authorized and directed to transfer said prope-ty to th. Poa-'

of Intern-l Imrn--ovo,-i. nt of the 3tate of Florida, to be l-Ad by thcm

in trust for the use, benefit and execution of the purposes of the .r.-~rt

or for e&e'. other public purposes as said board may "--'- pr'oer.


: I I: ,....




Ordnince Office "'.- D- -tmrnit.

WashinFton, Oct. 5, 1377.

The Attorney General of the State of Florida,

. al n.see, Fla.
Sir: The Jtd'.de Adv-c.Ate General of the Ar-.y, to w.l.., has been refa.-red

your communication of Auau-t 88th and .e.t. 15th has expressed to the
Secretar- -of v' .' an opinion that the State authorities of 7loridi,haviin

been in actual ocro 'A-rtion of the l-,nds and :.lli.i nvs of the .^.pal chicola

(or Chattahoochee)Ars.rnal at the date of the Act of Con.-reas of Decornber

15", 1870, donating them to th' State for 'duc--tion !1 purposes, the United

St tes cc.uld not thereafter sell the same as their own property. I'e also

holds, upon the strength of 11 opinions of the Attorn'- G,--neral, p. 49,

that no formal '.eeris are necessary to be given to the State of .lorlda

under said Act.
Th.; Secreta ry of ar has therefore that no action ..'- ced to

br necessary in the case but to take a -ec.;ipt for the property w 'i-ch

has been lawfully turned over. The "1.-iud," of the ,'l.chicola Arsenal
were reserved by the President Cf the United 1 t.t-s f' om toe public 10o-

main under dates of aTovemLer qd, 132;2 -.nd Octo' er *.0, 18,, 'rcd will be

found fully described in the records of the "L'Ini District of the West

Territory of lorida" for these ye-ira.
The "builfin:3 located on these l.-.nd. on Dec. 15, 1870, necessarily

to with The 1.Tnd. into the ownership of the St-.te The "Uirpurtenances"

of the lTndh. are --n.-ced in a d..od of J. W. Xing, Attorney, for Daniel

,nitchett, dated 'eb. 17, V`34 and recorded in Eook P, p. 37 in the Clerk a

Office of Gadaden ,o r.nty Court.

In pursuance of the decision of the Secretary of '"ar, I have thelre-

fo.-e to reqt-est that the proper authorities, constitutin- the Eoa:.d of

Internal Improv-:r ent of the 7tate of .lorida, will file in this office

suitable ac'-nowler!n-ent of receipt of the foregoinrg property ,' ich has

?:en turned over to them.
Respectfully your Obedieat r:'vant.
(SIned.)S.V. enet, BriFadier General
Chief of Ordnance.


.Tovc-.. .. er 18, 1901.

Dea~ '3ir:

1IPI I have the honor to acknowlvdSe the rece'pt of your letter of

SeptemberY "th last, in which you ask to be as to h-cw: the

State of Flo-ri', came into possession of the land aod buildin-s located

in CGqdsdn C-ounty that State, nd fo *....rly known as the Chatt]-i;ocree

Arsenal, prior to tim act of C'oi :-.3ss appro.'..r iece-nber 15, 1870, do-

nating th-- sme to the Stat- fo: educational purposes.

Applying thereto I be to invite attention to the ,Acajm'%)inling

copy of Special Ord:rs iT o. 57, He-T:,iiuarters District of Florid., Bu-

reau Refugees, fTa:d .n and Abiuconed n ds, dat : October 9, 10' r, re-

lative to the *lr.nsfer of the custody of this property to the Governor

of Flori- .,
The date on ,rhich the transfer was made hNs not been found of re-

c--:d in the '**'"' Department, nor anything further as to the circumLstanee

and conditions unrr -which the State of Florida came into possession,

.rior to the act above ref-rred to.
Very respectfully,

17. C mr g 3ater.

Assistant *"C .re tar-.' of "'r.

''r. --ed. L. Robinson,

P. O. ;ox 9UV,

Tallaasoe, Florida.

(Inclosure. 26 3-3.)

TaTllhh-is:;ee, Pcv. 35, 1901.

Ron. ~. *Robinson,

Register n. 7, L nmrs,

Gainesville, Fla.

. I have !.eni directed by the Governcr to ascertain the ~eets and

bounds of the old Chatttahoochee Arsn---1 prop=-ty,, r-,.nted to the State

by act of "onvress nec. 15, '170, C1-ap. 3, p. .CT-{, vol. 16, U. S. Stat.

The ^ct describes it as folnows:" the public property with th0: grounds,

biiildiLnri-, n- appurtenneces thereto belon- IrT, situated in 7 dasdcn Co.*

S"and l-nown as tL .- Chetaboochee Arsenal." ':- d!" to ^aincent propm-

ty now before e, I am led to infer that the pro-erty embraced in the

erant is loc+..ati-d in '.ec. 31 & 2 of T 4 N. R C !'. :nd that it e":--" cc

abcut 160c.! acre

If ,._i can assist me to this description I -'11i Freatly appreciate

it V r :, r espectf'.Tlly,
You rs

F'?"-' L. 92ber'.3s'n,

P 0. ox "S.

Cainesville, Fl., !"ov. 25, 1901.

Replyinr to' your letter I have to state tht the tract books in

this office show that only Sec.,-54 & 35, T.4 M., R. 6 7:. were reser'.-ed

for the arsenal. The township -.,p of T. 4 "., R. 6 W'. -; "' that Sec.

.6, P 'Y, 2S, 29, .1i & 53 were included in the rese;:"-tion for the arsenal.

The .Icneral T-.rn Office, -'shinrton, %. C. where the original record

are on file rcn infor-m oull of th, correct bournd-.'es. I cin find nc

letter or record information about this R.cerv:tion.
:'. G. 2nbinson.

Rerin ter.

g . I I ~I



No, 667,283. Official Copy. Date October 20, 1901,

Furnished to Th onor'a:le the Secretary of '.'-
---------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------

reac n-.rters District of Floridz,

'Bureau R. F. & A. Lands,

St. Aucustine, Fla., Oct. 9,1968.

",eci-l 0r.ders T.. 57.

The f, llowini- communication from the 'ia:r D., artment, -'re~ F.

& A. LIanrl, Is~ .'uli21,:d for the information of tb.. governor of 1t e

3tate of Florida:
.ar Department., Bu. R. ". & A. L-~i-is,

us,i:ingtcn, Sept. 24, 1808.

Colonel John T. ,:r .-ut,

,ARisstant Commissioner,

S't. ,i;:ustine, Florida.


I am direc":-d by the Commissioner to instruct ;ou to transfer the

ciga&ody of the *h-..ttahoochae Atrsanail, now in temporary, possession of this

B;.res-i, to the Governor of Florida, to be used for J. :'..tional purposes.

This property was turn-:., over to this Pureau for t.-E'porary use by

the Ordnance Department, until Congr-ss s ( uld proo de for its final dis-

position. You ,i11 tr: .fer it with the same liit tion, ;to sud t

as the R:ccu tzive of the "tate hall designate to t :ke charge of it.

\.Try respectfully Your Obedient Servant,

P. D. Sewoll,

Actini. Ast. ." adjutant Gene.-al.

Evt. 7,l1r Allan U.. Jackson, U. S. A, Distursing Officer, B.R. 7.

& A. L. is c,-"--._ c wi'th c .:- Irin out the instructions contain, in the

I above cor'3,'-ication. f-e will transfer the buildi n ,' jnd ground,. of the

U. S Arsenal at 1,-.ttahoochee, for the purposee b.ovy .. eci fed, to such

Agent as the Ioverno:: of the State of Florida m-,y -.:'. int to receive

them, ~i-ring invoices anr t ',in,' -.ceipts therefor.

Order of Colonel John T. ',,rr, ue.

Assi$.trint ':owi jni ionear.
('ot 'i n ed.)
Lieut. 7th Infty. 9vt. Y.aj. U. S. A.
A. A. A. G.


L8 'j

Aibe.tet of title to 5- acres of 1-i.n in the "--rthwest quarter of

North '-.i.t quarter of section Town-nhip 4, Forth;, -Rn-e 6 1fest.

? 0, CT T-x Assessor & Collector to John "ooten T;x nl,:d -

Apl, 20, 1 .J0,
'-. L. & L. Jones to Bristow -weet "'*,rranty ne-ed TJov-imber 20;

R Bristor Sweet to "'. Fo'rean, "arH-rnty Deed June 8, 1 '1.

Abstract facts to show trn-i.:fe- fro- 1"--ten to Jones but a letter

thbt accompanied the abstr:-ct explains that the .','. cmme into the poss-
esslon of "r. Jones by ?iheritance through Mrs.Jones one of the heirs

o.f -,it '".-oten 'state.,

Dc.-:r from Pristow'`-roet -n- ndelia Sweet, his wife, to `m. B.

.-,: -.ran. Warranty One for the 5I .crer described' in t>- abstract also

One for (6/10) ive-forty-ninths of an acre.

**-ed of lo0-- T' -. ri andc hr husl: 1-r, illiam B. remainan to ". D.

1Boxham,, Governor 'nrd Presi.i nt of the Board of Coimmissioners of :tate
T'Ititutions, W-rranty,.for (5 ,/3) Five and two thirds c'-cr :.nd for

(5/49) -ive-forty-niitbhs of an acre.,

Deed of Bristcw wcet anr V.ndelia -v",eet, his wife to W. D. Blox-

Ham, Ocvernor of Florid, as Preid-nt of the -..rd of C~--missioner

of StaLt Inetitution.s, v.7ranty, fo- (9/10) nine-tenths of an acre. ATL

the above situated in the N O.; of NE+ of Sect, ,5, T 4 N R 6 W.

Acco!rpinyinf l the abstract and deeds is a plat ishiwinG the tract
granted to the State by Act of Con:-ress ap. rover Dec. 15, 1870.

( PLAT. )


The E2st "'l -da emin.ryo, -l::esville, l

northh 1 of l'-ock 4, r, tne .nd

All 5, 8 To..- of '-.innocville, in sectionn 5,

Tomrnahip 10, ':. -an-:e 20 ,

I sublt C I-'rowith .ia:strect of title to 1he ,aove 4.G:sc- it.d property

mor.-etheV ,ith certified copies from the records of A.) I .'ia "T.einty -.S the

follo-.'Ing d-eds T im'beed 1 to 4 inclusive an oe an o,'l inAl d:-sd numbered

5 on the r.2rgin:

No. l A.ndriew robb,Ji ,g of Probate for A-ic:'u County to J:,.7es B.
-.\ -a~iney et 1a Tructees, '.. arrnty D-od to R-'!,k 5, a.8nre 8 Town

of C.i,-ie.ville clted -e..'Cmbec 7, 18B7. cccr%:- dd e:o C.P.10

nec. 7, 1857,

S2. J. '". IRo:er to "-ard of ,uc.alticn of the Cte-in'iry Nsat of the

-twnnee River. Dreed to -nck 5, Ratnire P Thwn of i.rineevl1le

Title reverts to Roper -r his heirs, in th ve-- vet the aominlry

is not -u.tzlnned by the 't-.te. F.xecuted ' 1, i18'. Re-
:jooes not .-iTO w how C'"me
cr:.rdd3 "o.: E, P. WR. ".'y 1, prsness,
5. J. H, Roper to Tovrn of ,'in.esville convey. reversionary in-

terust of J. W. In :ind to tie to :':c!: 5 i.:;;e 8 to

the Towm of T-i;neRsvile in the event thr "tate f iPs tro ustal

the, Pxecuted Feb. 10, 1.s3. i.c.eded c uok 0, P,0OO,

,e-b. ?8, 1833.

'4, To-mn of ,ineaville to Trus--s of Rinst lorir-- d" 'eminry, :.ut deedl to the ~.Tc rth of Boc ce 4,'e 8 Tow. of irinea-

ville An.:ua3t 10, 1:?3 Recorded Book : P/ 7r.

Aln original d(eri of

5. P"o;rdr of county "osmi slionerj of PluchuS Cf1unty to Trustees

of .*":st Flr:rid4 'THmiEary

'.T.:r-nt:y C -.: to the- of( Block 4 R-1nae 8 To -n :,f ".inesville ex-

ecuted ,oveber 5, 1Qi0. .R-cnrded in Pook -4 P, .-;..:-~no, Fove:ber Tth,
1001. Deed r.ade to -erfect t"-c' title of the oi(. .d .,r Trust,.es, --r to

eliminte rest-lctive cl ilse in r-.4., of A;-,:vrcw Tt :i-rr of Prob-Ate to

RMaina et '1 Tru.t:es : ,Y-r.teu. n m-c..,m.ber 7", 1:57. Record,. In Pool: C,
1 i.


The abstract 'oes not show a perfect chain from the Crown of pain

to the present `:older. The State of Florida and th+- title gr noted to

J. H1 P)oer is reversionary It would be but an act of simple justice

to the State and to the nerle that the title t tthe t-.te .haicl. b?

made perfect and that this~ o:-ii' nti rest "n on the city of Gaineaville.

The State his for a series of years r.ide large appropriations to erect

buildin-g and to support the seminary -ndl it will be called upon to ;ndre

still other and greater :rpropriations in the futitre to accomiodate the

growing demand of the- school a it is not sound policy or justice to
the people to erect permanent and handsome inprovenents on property,

the title to -hilch is nnt cloa- or, that, lnder. certain conting6ncles

shall pa.s from the control of the State ini the improvements lost.


J, *. cyd.

Tax oTllccter Polk Couirty.

rtov,, Pl., "ec. 6, 1901

Pon. wrec L. Rol:-tson,

Deiir I "r!-

In re"-pon.-t to :.,ours :R 'th olt. requesting, info n -ititon a to t- tua

n v li of e Of '.'. c.f R' :'> c 14 T 29 S R 21 i. & of S'."- of
.l p : 7 R E; conveyed by "r- A* C, P!.. unt to th e board d

of ro r,-.rion r.n cf '-t l*. Ina-ii:ut ons Truiteee &C. "

..:1eeor e- w :.Ie l,nr, -,nve.. as -crV'- to be elear of t .xe.

A11 t-ax it-l -f--'ctinl- it h-vin-4 -.ercn hcre+r- f : re ei-ncel.led.

Th. * Ot rer.r,.rn .hon' @r.-plete of title exc--pt in te

first d:'-c-ibeh 1..-ct tl-re- is a bhrrEk between James '* I:;lcry (the

o-ginal prI ch. r fr ron St- Ro r--. of '-diciat in) :nd .,'if"..a P, P !: .n

& w:ife Tilia ., T;r1ta .Trr-Rn is a ':r .i-thter or ;et..r relative of ITory

A t,"i nrbhnab liti:es fre thlit if the d<-edi w'as lde it wa nt":,," re"r-ded
Ru',.-: P. Jo.'c:-.:ns r.ostcffiee lis G ra-'~r r, Plat I C-., t know the

valje, of t i-' 1 -n; 'U Jut .ri'-c t b:: t.-.en on? &- '.1: d.- r11. r p r e .
V ,r' Respy1,

.. C., nlount (wl.lo'.) to Th, "',-.rd of "o -"lislonr: of State Inetttu-

io.n Tf.rrante r : d. 0-ne &y-lj'.e.- :t o.. 12. o i .n -l a1"

I ,-"). y)]- I: :1 8-" "'") 'xtow l. "o 0p

,i. Tette? o.f J7 '. .",o, Tax *'olle-tor Polk 'u.nty att,:ched.

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