Group Title: Legal Papers (correspondence, deeds, legal briefs, receipts, etc.), 1886-1906
Title: Legal papers: 1906
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Title: Legal papers: 1906
Series Title: Legal Papers (correspondence, deeds, legal briefs, receipts, etc.), 1886-1906
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Publication Date: 1906
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Box: 5
Folder: Legal papers: 1906
Subject: Jennings, William Sherman, 1863-1920.
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-7,',' /'/ ^ / -- -^

S. B. ROGERS, President. K W. CAWTHON, Vice-Preident.

Baptist Ministers' Assurance Association of Florida.

LEE.BURG. FLA Augst. 14th, 1903.
Dear Friend:
Your favor of recent date with enclosure of *P)0 fo f family
of the late Elder .- .. -- -b has been received,
for which, in their behalf, accept the thanks of

YoI ri fraternally,

(lE O. T. LEITNER, e-. iani Trea.,.
.L ._________________________________________ ___


A Resolution authorizing the conveyance of the lands, build-
ings, properties, equipment and moneys to the order of the Florida
Baptist Convention.
WHEREAS, a proposition has been submitted to the City of Lake
City on behalf of the Baptists of Florida, as follows;

which proposition was duly accepted by the City Council of Lake

City, Florida, therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED, By the City Oouncil of Lake City, Florida,

that in accordance with s aid proposition and the acceptance thereof
that the lands, buildings, '"-ncludlnhg equipment and properties of

every kind thereunto belong or in any wise incident or appentain-

ing, together with the Fifteen Thousand Dollars in money, recently

appropriated by the Legilature of Florida to Lake City, for educa-

tional purposes, which lands are more particularly described in a

certain deed of conveyance executed on the __day of A.D

1907, by the State Officials of the State of Florida, as members

of the State Board of Education of the State of Florida, to Lake

City, Florida, whichh lands and buildings were formerly occupied by

the University of Florida, which deed of conveyance and the descrip-

tion therein contained is adopted and referred to for greater cer-

tainty of description and made a part hereof, and

Be it further resolved that the President of the City Council

of Lake City be and he is hereby authorized and empowered and is

hereby directed to execute a deed to said lands, properties, and

instrument of conveyance transferring and delivering the said fif-

teen thousand dollars in money, in words ard figures as follows,

to-wit;, and cause to be affixed thereto the corporate seal of

Lake City Florida, and otherwise duly execute and deliver said deed

to the parties of the second part as therein named, which deed

shall be duly attested by the Secretary or Clerk of said City Coun-

cil, in accordance with law.

Be it further Resolved that the President of the City Council

deliver the s aid when duly executed to

to be held in escrow subject to the acceptance thereof by the Flor-

ida Baptist Convention in convention assembled on or before the

day of the A.D.1907, otherwise said deed

of conveyance and moneys so placed in escrow shall be returned to

the President of the councill of Lake City, Florida, at or after

the first day of September,



AI D. 1907.

A. fl. 1907.


S a..


r ;!..




The undersigned hereby associate themselves together for

the purpose of becoming members, under the laws of Florida
that provides for the incorporation of corporations not for

profit, with and under the following proposed charter:


That the name of this corporation shall be "BAPTIST COIN-

VENTION COLLEGE", and its business and affairs, as herein

provided for, shall be conducted in the State of Florida

and in other states of the United States of America, the

principal office and place of business of said corporation

shall be in Lake City, Florida.

The general nature of the object of the corporation, es-

tablished herein as hereinafter mentioned and set forth,to-wit:

(a) That the object of this corporation is to incorpor-

ate the undersigned associates and their successors in office

and thereby become constituted a body corporate, with per-

petual succession and, by the name of the Baptist Convention

College, to establish and forever maintain a Baptist insti-

tution of learning, at Lake City, Florida, which Baptist edu-

cational institution shall be to promote the general welfare

of education and to qualify its students to engage in the

learned professions and other walks, callings and aims, and

to honorably discharge other duties of life, and to promote

pious and useful education in the Baptist denomination.

(b) That the number of trustees of said institution of

learning shall never be less than twelve nor more than

eighteen, three-fourths of whom shall be members of the Bap-

.ist denomination, of good standing in their churches, and

wich number shall always include the President of the Baptist


~ it-

- ;-:-/Sji


Convention. The trustees named in this charter shall con-

tinue in office until their successors are elected and qual-

ified. Their successors in office shall be chosen and

elected by the Florida Baptist Convertion, assembled at its

next regular meeting. Three members of said number shall

be elected for a period of six years, three members of said

number shall be elected for a period of five years, three

members of said number for a period of four years, three

members of said number for a period of three years, three

members of said number for a period of two years, and three

members of said number for a period of one year and, there-

after, their successors shall be chosen for a term of six


(c) Any trustee ma removed, for cause, on a three-

'fourths vote, at any duly called meeting of the trustees,

after due notice has been furnished said trustees,of the

proposed called meeting.

(d) Said trustees shall have a common corporate seal,

which may be altered by them at t eir pleasure. They may

sue and be sued, plead and be iamo in their corporate

capacity, and thereby shall have the right to thus receive

and hold, to them and their successors, forever, any lands,

tenaments, rents, chattels, moneys, gifts, bequests, endow-

ments, and property of every kind whatever, which may be pur-

chased by them, or may be devised, given, bequeathed or con-

veyed to them for the use of said Baptist Convention College

or any department thereof, and to sell, convey, rent, lease

or otherwise use, or dispose of the same, at such time and

in such manner and on such terms and for such considerations

as to them may seem best adapted to promote the objects of

their corporation. They may also adopt, make and, from


time to time, amend such constitution, rules, regulations and

by-laws as their convenience may require, and are not incon-

sistent and unconstitutional with the laws of the United

States and of this state.

(e) That the trustees of the Baptist Convention College

shall have the power to establish, as their judgment and

the exigencies may at any time require, and as their moneys

and property may from time to time allow, and as a part of

said Baptist Convention College, schools of every descrip-

tion, in which may be taught all the branches of higher

learning, which may embrace separate departments of litera-

ture, music, and various branches of science, both abstract

and applied, cultivation of the fine arts, and all other
branches which may be included %-i.thin the propositions and

objects, or to be determined upon by the trustees of said

Baptist Convention College.

(f) That all the institutions and schools provided for

in this charter shall be located and built on lands conveyed

and situated in Lake City, Florida, formerly occupied by the

Florida University, or upon lands adjacent thereto or in the

immediate vicinity thereto, which may hereafter be acquired

by the said trustees.

(g) That the trustees of said Baptist Convention College

shall have the power to confer on such persons as may be de-

termined deserving, such academic and honorable degrees as

are usual and customary in other colleges.

(h) That the trustees of said Baptist Convention College

shall have the authority to,from time to time, prescribe and

regulate the course of study to be pursued in such education-

al institution and all terms attached thereto, to fix the

rate of tuition, room rent and other requirements and neces-


sary expenses, to appoint the faculty, consisting of a pres-

ident and other instructors, professors, tutors, agents and

teachers for every grade, and any such other officers that

may be needed in their judgment, in the management of the

affairs and concerns of the institution, to define their

powers, duties and employment, fix their compensation, to

contract with and pay the same, to displace or remove either

or all of such instructors, officers or agents, as such trus-

tees shall deem the interest of such Baptist Convention Col-

lege requires, to fill all vacancies among said instructors,

officers and agents, to receive and erect necessary buildings,

to purchase and from time to time, increase the liabilities

of the institution, to purchase books, chemical and philosoph-

ical apparatus and other suitabl-e means to facilitate inrstruc-
tion, including the establishment of an astronomical observ-

atory, with all suitable and convenient apparatus, to put

in operation, if deemed advisable, a system of gymnastic

labor, or otherwise, for the purpose of promoting the health

of the students and lessening the expense of the education;

to make rules for the general management of the affairs of

said Baptist Convention College and this corporation, and to

add, as the corporation may warrant and the interest of the

public shall require, an academic and a high school and pre-

paratory department, in which students may be prepared fur

entering upon the college or other departments, or the same

or any of them joined in one or additional departments for

the study of science as applied to agriculture, or other

science, or any or all of the liberal professions.

(1) That the trustees shall faithfully fill all offices

and agencies elected by them at the best of their judgment,

manage, improve, repair ard equip its properties, and in

I r I



erecting suitable buildings and in keeping up the same, in

supporting and paying the necessary instructors, officers

and agents of the corporation, in procuring waps, charts,

globes, philosophical, chemical, astronomical and other ap-

paratus, designed to aid in the promotion of sound learning

in the institution aforesaid and the several departments


PROVIDED, that in case of any donation, devise, bequest

or conveyance made to, or at any time hereafter to be made

to said corporation of which the trustees named in this

charter, or their successors, or any of them individually,

may accept in trust, as in such donation, devise, bequest

or conveyance may' be provided, vhicl tens and c-nditions

so attaches pinall be observed oy t.he tru.;Lees nmed ihe. --in

and their successors, and when accepted by said trustees,

the said trustees shall be uhder obligations to devote, use,

manage and apply such donations, devises, bequests and con-

veyances in conformity with the terms of said instrument of


(j) That seven trustees shall be sufficient to consti-

tute a quorum for the transaction of business, and should

there be at any meeting an insufficient number to form a

quorum, they shall have the power to adjourn from time to

time until a quorum shall be had.

(k) The trustees shall not have the right to be repre-

sented or to vote by proxy.

(1) The first meeting of said trustees, under and pur-

suant to this charter, shall be held in the city of Lake City,

Florida, on the daly of ._._ A.D. 1907,

and all subsequent meetings of the trustees shall be held

at such time and such place and on such notice to the mem-


bers as the trustees shall by rules and by-laws prescribe.


The time for which this corporation is to exist is ninety-

nine years.


The names and residences of the subscribers are as follows:

The affairs of the corporation are to be managed by a

board of trustees of not more than eighteen or less than

twelve, to be elected at such times and places as the Florida

Baptist Convention uay from time to time assemble, and such

trustees shall be elected by said Florida Baptist Convention.


The names of the officers who are to manage all of the af-

I _

~C--C-----U~--- ---..---- I

--~ -~~ --I'C----~-l

- -'~-.-----~- `-~- 1C -

-u~ -.-.~-.--- ,,.,. ~,_, ,,,,.,, ~.~,,,_~.,

--. -

,,,.,. .,.,,,,,,,., -^,,-,.--.---.--

., -----.,^.-.---- I-

.-~-~-,~.- r~---~---

-.--- - --.- -------------

-Ir. I-.-

--- - --



-~---------~-, .-,,,,

,~, ,,,,, _~ ____

_ ,,,,,.,,,.,~, ,,,,. ,,

- -~-

-. -----r.

u.- L-I-- -~ ~~---

---.--~---- r-----l

_,,.,,~,,,,,. -~~- ---~LI II----

---~-- ----- -- ~- -

~------~-lr---~------r I.-





fairs until the first election under this charter are

__ ____ President,

Secretary, __,


Treasurer, and


The by-laws of the corporation are to be made, altered or

rescinded by the board of trustees of the Baptist Convention

College, which by-laws shall contain a provision that this

charter shall not be amended so far as it relates to the man-

agement and control of the Baptist Convention College, until

said proposed amendment has been agreed to by the Florida

Baptist Convention, which provision shall not be subject to

amendment, alteration, or to be rescinded by said board of



The highest amount of indebtedness or liability to which

the corporation can at any time subject itself shall be

One Million Dollars.


"The amount in value of the real estate which the corpora-

M 0 1 -


I Il


tion may hold, subject always to the approval of the Circuit

Judge, shall be One Million Dollars.


Personally appeared before me, the under-
signed authority one of the
subscribers to the foregoing proposed charter, who acknowledged
before me that he is one of the subscribers to the said pro-
posed charter, and who, being duly sworn, on oath says that
it is intended in good faith to carry out the purposes and
objects set forth therein.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this

day of

A.D. 1907.

Notar'r yPublic State of l-P-'o.iida
at Large.


, *,** -



The undersigned hereby assuocfiate henselves, t .retler or
'*i *; I "(x-o-i L'-( >- **-"."< ,- ,^,:-"Y f .h".f.-'.. -
the purpose of become g a~~a:IFe, ndor the lawa of fuiorida

-pr-f--t 4-, with and vnder the following proposed charter:

That the namme of th;, a corporation shall be "nTAPTn e4, --

L ."... .* :"COTJ,...JE E", and it:. busi -s : d S'.,-, a, 'l*ri:.n

S" providedd for, shall b'e cnndcter r in tlie "'tate Lf "lurid,

'.' ": in oth'r states of Lri,- liite d statess -"f kA";Or'c., h."-.

wn:,!.;'. rinc ipln, offz.ce a i place o(' lhr' i. r:,s cf s:J i corporation

i'1 1 be i.n I-ke (.:i'-, loriida.

.- The general nature uf thc subject uf the corporation, ea-
...... .....
-a4-li .hed h rein as hereinafter mentioned and set-Torth, to-wit:

(a) That the object of this corporation iw--t~--inerpor-

^^ 11. .. ...nd.f. telln&&aasuciatC. kAfnlc- -encceBssor- Ii t.ff e

.. ........ ..
sr-ss t4Qg.1LLJ LoQ..Q0la.4 Lta o- nrporat@, a t~t-,*r

j;j1.A.g SfulsC-cessSn -ar4---A the nanree of -t he--7 101estteunv ertit n
:"' to establish and furver maintainn ar *ar i-r imnti-

'. .. tution of learning' at LalTe City, 'loridu, which bI44wi.. ..1;-

.4'. national institution shall %e Lu promote the :,f'..rral ,clfA're

of education and to qualify its :-tu.da
U learned professions And other walks callinrts and- aima, and
to honorably discharge other duties of life, .- L -

'... i.) rhat the numhor of tru: teec: ouf sjd institute in f

,: ', "' '1' thall nU':o r 'e! aIes than t.relve nor m::u..r t.l..n

....... t:-b'.e.-fourthh .whoaa -lhall he member. uf ". -

.', of good s standing in their churches, (a

.: sh:'..:. always include th- Prusident of--- th .aptft-t

Ck..., '.


C gpflftJJ I The trustees named in this charter shall con-

J tlnue in office until their successors are elected ard qual-
4 ified. Their successors in office shall be chosen and

elected by. the Plorida Raptist Convention, assembled at its

next rom:ular meeting,. Three members of said number shall

F e elected for a period of six years, t.hrrne :embers of said

S., .. '. number shall be elected for a period of five years, three

".-':.: .--;. en bers of said number for a period of fAjr 'ears, three

.::.' "l:e-._ber s of said nuLmbu fr or period of thres years, three

.:. :kLbers o f said numib:!r for & period of two .,ears, and three

4 --'. :'"bers of said number for a period of one year and, there-

S-:. ht ft:.. r, their successurn hall hbe chcos;n for a term of six

*. (u) Any trustee a Ye raJ.ved., for caPse, un a tlree-

rt ih vote, %t any duly called meeting of the trustees,

d:.. ue notice h als 'ocn fi.rnished said truastees,of the

4. .-n: : .ned called m..:l..ti r,.

S "." ', "I (d) Sfaid tr:.stecL sh*al ha-e a con-"nor corporate seal,
Q. ,,
.1'a .i u- he altered ti:.:.i,at t'he r, ple:iasure. The-. ma:

$S- .- ,'".d b sued, pl- :d -,d : r, i. thai r c rporate

c! a'citv, and there!-y. sball }'e -e ri-ht to thus receive

:,. and hold, to them a.nd heir succescurs, forever, ar"r larnCs,

:.-. : tenawments, rents, chattels, none:ys, gifts, bequests, -naow-

? .-.,.:,,...,: ..ents, .and property of every kind whatever, which .. 'i:, pur-
S :'a~ ARd '*' thetn, or m1ay he devised, given, bvRql!eathed or con-
h n ".m b,'....- I.- .... All
*:, r .:he!:i f'or the use of said Tp;t;.t "cn-ontLg-n rfollege

.... .-.ha.rt-. -I.-t thereof, and to sell, convey, rent, leauns

| J,,,wA .^ r ,. -: ur dispose uf the same, at such tire i',d
........ ..... .
,, : :.,. n aer :. oun -s:ch ter 2 and for such cunsideraLions
'y "?. i!,-: :" '. ';- ':'"' .
E ,'' ;..;E:...- ean best adapted to promote ith object of
/. .S-? Tha .' '. ,
ake .-. !
:ration, They :ay ralso adopt, make Lna,

(3) to time, aWOend such rosi. Jio.;Ltn, rul n* .. U .iunr and

b'i'-l-S as their convenience :.s require, and ar2 n,-.t incun-
A^J AL- ,
sistent u,4-;.l6:nsti t+.itI:.ti *-ms ". t:he laws of the United
* '.-. ii ,L sti..ieQ ..

r .:. (t3) ',hhat :.'f tri.steeF- ,.f t..e .a--i~a -iAwrvrT'ttvi College

1 h t ... '." e li.h, st e r ; ri, t ,.' c.

r xiefnci.- at LL. ..'- : e requi.e, nd a.'. t"eiri .oneyB

.. .o t ." t i : ..11 "., .Id .,.: :- io.ri of

R ^ 1;' ^ ;;1-'P.: 'r '. i 'i: 1 x
.r-. :. _. ..o -.- dr c.L *'$Ys " f L te.-

L .. uniC, *IuSad var'i us bhrkshu e- o-f svi eer ,--hoth f.e-wa4at

A', u . t
I ,,l., cul.i r o. .o-.rL ar n l f-tf- -
".,.j.; -..t u? n

JV. C inw" -Ln l cll si .
. . . . ... .. po er.o. .nfe o -l i - *n -u cm -

i,| |~1l:l tea.. .. -. 1 5. -,. . .ixh e
ne. :' .

,f .. 1 , ,

,: .'.., ,j

"4 .' ) ;hus(. '. .; tr^n-da l la t r fm s a J. d tr er e t o,-*?' V "oi x l let e

,. ',,..r.. ..... nd oh. h ,e q,.r .e.,'t' c a :,0 .8

-..,^ _._._ _ _ .._ __ __ta <_ __ _,_-_t_, _. I.x _:_ _..,
: s"a
W +.-. ,. ',f.' ::. )C G . J

-AL .:; i.,'..',. ,!,.,k. A t eQ, t p r u d m c e u.u
;.,.,. .. + ,, : +; .,,,.1a e



M S'

... .. ...
..',".: ' - "
A : : *.',.' *' ;. ." * '' '"
. *' **... "J';" :""'.. ." ;v r' .. '
i, i,..'A ,,.:.. ..,. ,,,,-.. ., ,.,,


sary expenses, o appoint the faculty, consisting of a pres-
\ f
ident and other instructors, professors, tuturs, agei!ts and

teac]Ler, for CveC Y rade, and any such cther Yfi'icers

vay he nued-d in 'their judgment, in the -ianagem.ent of the

affairs and cunce ns of the institution, to define their

S owers, duties and\.eamploy.ients, fix their compensation, uo

r. ur:ract with a vi I-.) the su.e, to displace or re:aove either

.. ll of such insztrLc tors, officers or .ents, as, uch tru-

f'tj ei ;; shall deaim I;e itereut of such of UAc er!un Col-

t *s equ a.Lcaa, to fill ll vacancies B.'u aid instructors,

t, '.&'iicers and agents, to ecei ve and occt n-ecessiar-, 'uildin:s,

.-."..... j .puirc'hase a'd from tiu to ti.e, tl-e liabilities

i '.i :.' ..e inB;itution, to pur chase hook, chemical and philosoph-

l apparatus an L-r s'..\ll ns t facilitate ij struc-

v i.. nc' i ludin. Lhe establishIent t an astronomical observ-

v.i .h all suitable L:d c nvexient auaratus, to put

..... ...p)er at. ion, if deemea advisabn e a sister~ or ;:,-mnastic

I ;U'r or otherwise, for tih purt usc f proi'-.ting the health

S.,tr.udents and lesseni.-._ '- :: ,\xp-.nse of til. edi.catiln;

.i'. -rules for Lho general uana e.ient of t--e affairs of
& ^ "' :.. ..>...".- \
~ :.. a j f.aiJ C.nJeW ifon Cullege and this corporation, and to

P iad"a, as the corporation j-a -warrant nd the interest ,f the

Spu -ic shall require, an acdomic acnd\ high school and. pre-

.)ara-tor' departti-.nt, in ich students ay be prepared fur
Se colle or othcr depar rents, or the saie

n; :' .: '0.-ined n one or additiuna departlients fur
w.e as applied t agricult re, or other of the liberal ..rofe iuns.

I trustees shall faithfully ill all office.

.. e ected by them tA best judgment,

"-:",';", repair a d .-quip its property, nd in

`'" 1 -

4.4,.: r. M.i

, .... ..1


C i


ilt.. r

t' '"i' even tr 'rtr? .11 'e -.. c' ,'.. .. .. -

S *.."--lr,,.t ,or i *. t,rr,n...ct i, f '.u l tnren E?. *. X Ic:
S'r'u rc t ha .

.' .. ,,.'
i '": ..... r. r the power io e ijo i:rn fr: i' l:.. to

""t.5d tr'tu!-t ,vQ n-:1, --

ter id in C c Q, i
da. oT, 1.C7,

S..etinras the trurjteen shal bhe hlcd

AUlb. l lace and on such r.otice tu th' ;a.I,-

'r ...r & '.a p.i. .I ; '.ho oc ..:: ;. u '-- ir st t ..r t ,, '.. '. r "

ec ..i 1t uit' L e I u r.t.i s and, i r.c rn- .~ ..,- e: i, T

1, o' os, .JI1.L tu.. L -. :...c v .: LL.ct2 n f *l.-'WJO. .: u L U. -

,. !k-; i s *!-)\ ..' i i r. the .Jru;:M i -. : ouini rni *
Q\ tJ' '.J .

"'-:' ,, . .. >

S .'. d 0 t U T .J .:. .. I 4

S"-.[. -' c, t c r ortJrl& .on cl .\'.ch j:. -. r s.'.e": .. a.. d ';..,.

t <.r, or t:-M-ir suCeKc as.9 ui .'dV u*1 th'2 inci "1i. ully,

c .pt. in trust, as in c' ci-Ti''. ioni, devise, bjqueat
-ne,.. : e u :\, .


S, l:' 'l bei t" E v d " ...., 'a -'.- ,,i '. ..... .i .

r nuccensors, c-n& *:.'lnr cc -tled 10" Li;,:.c. .0

'-0 0 un.. L, L,
.i. ..a ....... i s,
C: J' r .'.*^ *. a ..'- i "^ r \ B ; jf,' t i :..-',: r- I,

F ,?'.. .t.:;"... ,:, ; : .r ; vi +. .. ,L : a i t i : .



bers as: tr.o trucT.ees : hal by rul,'s and by-laws prescribe.
... III.

I i .
S. 1. . : ,.

/ .... 'Pre n. e, .;Lnd ri-:ide./ce., of Ut' .sutscribrs arE as follow;i

*.,.- -. .
^.' ,,AN4j *. -. ------- ----.----- .----- ---- ---
V$ -r., .
:. .....:"..."'.'.. ... .................. -. .. _- .... __ -_-. -_ -

.F ..:,.-"; ^ i' < #.', j,
N. v.

... AR

"VI .

~;Mart whr r 0 l -e--'- -- o-

-.3 ,-. .. .. --
:;..".'t ... .
. 4. ... .?,

jijl7 -4ida I Ii
A..l l,' .. ... ..
.4 s trasu

k. OMt~ lo- I..



fairs until the first election under this charter are

P ~ 3 -r~ar d~~1

a r' ;:'.


1 ,


Vi A. 3gI 3t'

~ 'fa6 3 I

.. ... . : . d or
A-. .. - .
' ; : ,. : o i i --.-- -.". 1 3.. n

13 .33 3.,I .3. I

(23. (3LA I - (I".I

. 1 ;

Li A!t i'.a~-. QCffI -x P C

Ui I . .

1 ytil

1-. .1 ~.I

S n, r h- i.' i :1'T .. 1 .,-. 1 I :lIs to

~'ltir aCtd r ..i.1in, or to be e scir -a C 'by sn.t 1 reLiIC i r'f

* a

*.* . . .. . .. :'. ; ^..: : '
p m,'"' : : f':: inde'-t~dness or liability to

*. (.,' ;i -i rc..., a', ary tiioe subject iTself pbiall be

S '" .ars.

S" IX.

S.....:. L value of the real estate whici- the curpora-

S *': ,.. '*'..

R .

" :

; L_



tion tfWutY hkld, iraubieat always to, the approval :~t ~ *irr*' 4


?'r naJ. 'a~ ...~rd eiIro no~, As urcuc-r

r rribcrs L i'' fTureru jllc rupu 5u;d c r t .er acSknc Joedged
rC3 ":0 tat' 4- > is Ofl2 of 'W Q nvwrcti' rs tu .1 WOO tflijn~ cI'rter, or h ~(uly sw. rn, UP CIA' W :3 t
'-. V A b" t.. :1'
:41 in ~;-
!,.A. It vWtendcd in guod :ai th ;. ca-r u;t &rL r ocan wC,

............ ...........

..... ......

*.... . '

4~. 43' ;1I
I Itp c .4 I t.'31k7.#. ..*.. . .

:br~-;.~: -:- In -7;

;j 1-~.`:, , 'Al'l


T t e' .a I. I.

*, 4, i .4.k f I
4.r. J"* 1I. 44t341 .. .4114

. .......
I -i~ 34 *t444. ~ j ~ l
**4'-'" j4'4

4. ..4 1


otics in herebyr given that the undersigned intend to. aiply .-::'"

to the Circuit TJdge, Honorable 3'. H. Palmer, Jud- 1 ..

Circuit Court in and for the Third Judicial Circuit, '. .;

ida, at ('ha-.obers, in the city. of Lake City, on the '"'

dc- of A.D. 1907, or as soon thcr;.:af t' ',

petitioners can be heard, for a charter, under the i. 1 ,

7:lorida to incorporate corporations not for profit, under

t}h *-.:0 Lrad st.'le Juf '-he eAPTIST C,)IrV1"TION' CULLATJG,, the

object of '.7hich is to incurpurate certain na'.ned of

'"T- 'oard of' Trustees and their successors in offi c., with

por iet;al succession, to estaB"lish and fj'rever u.aintain as

I-rrstees, a 'ptit t i.stiU L'.. t o.-f" le a.rnii., at L -':e ,'j t.-,

Florida, ,which shall he tu ;jrou2jote t"o "ieeral interiet:;'-i -

ed ,c.-. -.ion, Alld i t o n a.ilf i i.; :. t:;de'nt : t. en 'a-2 in '1.

loarnec. rrof-essions or U.t:Lr c:.ijloy.:.ents uf socit,.', u.*": to

t ...( h honor-abl-- .. ful. .:.. -va .: u tl. e ,- o, .J

ar -. t'L .,-roiulu e pioue ; u;ctjf l ._di.c At.:.n .i -. C. .. j, .

"*. '*''
; . -

,':., ::--.,'.'-.. ..

* . .

In re the incorporation ..;f the)
rBaptist Convention College. )


To the Honorable B. H. Palmer, Judge of sL

id C C rt:-
Lid CLrtrt: --

petitioners respectfully show unto your Honor that they r

citizens of the State of Florida; that they have associated

themselves together for the purpose of incorporating themselves 'U

and their associates and successors in office, under the laws .

of Florida providing for the incorporation of corporations not

for profit, under the provisions of Chapter 3 of the Gen ral -

Statutes of the State of Florida, with perpetual succession,

to establish and forever maintain, as trustees thereof, a
Baptist institution of learning, at Lake City, Florida, under

and in accordance with the terms, conditions and provisions

of the proposed charter, which is submitted herewith as "Ex-

hibit A", and made a part of this petition.

II. Your petitioners further represent unto your Honor

that due nLotice of intention to apply to this Honorable C~'~ .

for such charter has been duly published in __

--- __ a newspaper published i

City, County of Columbia and State of Florida, as will me,. -A

fully appear by reference to a copy of such notice and a pi. .

of such publication attached thereto, submitted with this pe- ,

tition and made a part hereof, marked "Exhibit B".

III. Your petitioners further represent unto your Honor

that the proposed charter, during the time of said publica-

tion, was on file in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit




Court in and for Columbia County, in the State of Fl '.da,

as will appear by evidence of the Clerk of t '". ..:';:,: .

attached hereto and made a part of this pi-.

"Exhiit ...

Your petitioners, therefore, pray that ..

tered by this Honorable Court, granting th..., .

incorporating the Baptist Convention College, i'r .

and purposes as set forth and contained in said pruA'J c ...

ter, and your petitioners will ever pray.

-- Counsel for petitioners.


Personally appeared before me, the under-

signed authority, who being

by me first duly sworn, says that he is familiar with the

contents of the above. and foregoing petition, the proposed

i i


charter, and the exhibits referred to in said petj. ..on, and
that the matters and things therein contained ,r, ,
the best of his knowledge and belief.

Sworn t-. and subscribed before me thi .
A.D. 1907. '

Notary Public State -1 -
at Large. .


. -

AC-1C /4'

*~ ~ .. .L..

*. 2

s St~ate


OL k

p p ;*

S. . 'o

S )




I I*

- i


A F.oolutlio' n i au-h:r s ing th oow. n of y'af lO.d', b..*. j.lin -3,

SCo13 t C- r. r,

WH' .-La, a CpitCSltn ht'c bi E stlmit 2.-^ to he City of La}e

City on b'"i' f tr1.j BaptistR of'L, 9. foi.ot:

PupoP ,.' ; OP ?;Ai aP'lITT .
1*- 'Lak-K Clt.y, ?lo't.l.a, Juno 18, i J0?.

T 1 ti

TrB.; -a -, '"'i w
h .-'', l 2 i. Cor l *i '. o .1 ;

"s "ab h e. '. ";), i"% !.' J 1 '.. ti n. :
0 't;. ;l..'I. A, "r nt'l '' .- L :t 3 E.' J. t..21r, ..

ro 1t, .2 to .v u :.ow l raro.J, O 1 ^ I -7 o C*)r it V*. ir -'- i :

": i. 7'. ,c'. .. '", to ... -"i-,. CO,',: *.l t.,' :",'.'i' :, to % ')'
V1. -i,. *.. i ,1-a.* 4. .i a.i A .. . .. t

n o -
Sal : i. '_ .. 'i t .. 'Ch '3 ". -

,4 -. 1t C a, 7 .' l. .>-i r *ai '
.... + -a ,.. --..., -

t. 0t ;' ..

t i r t." ." -- t y *" V; '-,' ;, t '. */ 7 1 -f.* i -" '>i: -
t1 U.' *,, . 1j to ai ,*:' Ci +-i5s L ,- .*-' 3,,. 'irp 1. ,- t .;,'t '.

.i:l.l in ct h h.m n ,_ LaK,- c it "y tni" L" i t'. fo- 'o u3 ..tit na':

a' .. j j !i .1 ." )1.

S. 1 -.

.., .. n i. as ,a a r 1 _t ... i .. *;

A- r .; ar 2 s.' ,ai, -_ ,at, ;' o '' '
't, . . ". . r -' - i'

f'; r : -. ' 0 ,. ,.' ., -' ^h _i, p 1 : .' .. .
rf. In' h J,% rv-, r 0; Lah.- -t It by for.. "jI'di9*;rt

4 L-. *, r a

t a ,r ,12 d ,J ..,. a -.
i\" F !" 1 _. 2 % ; .... .

.O5 ,," ,, ; ': r,,r O ? .f- "-', D ~ '-" !t' [ '}


pro -p Orty t" hi : trn,- *. r *, ',.. .1 pnrni.? .. . -... -. t il.i. ,, ., f.n.t'3 'i'.. l j :;"f, .

ba3 ck to ;0 'I-' jt .', l '** ?.' 1i. tC s. :.a :in .j..-:U' . .0 Di.

"rn v : 1- i. i iIy 'r1-'. I T. j ) ,

A. iiOO f."..

0i ri... tI :. .t. I

W io,' I.. c J. Ov.: .',ily ac.'O' t'id by ;* t' r .'L' .s '' _, ; ';i I,

F l -. l;..., t.... ,'r .. ,

'" IT' FEr O .LV r, By ,. 0 ', ..'I: ot ."-_' ,.3' -.t I":

S,' '0..:P' wit 2r .:. .it.ion a t tP *J, 1 .r P 't t; o, t, .-

l n '. :" 11 i ;o, inr-J.u"' i.jL e- 11.2 : an 't 7 7 ,' "'L it

0 Lf' 'c u1.'t i : on ; 0, o F J. '.1i'- to.- A- "l. 'to -_ .. ''.j r-.. .' ,, ,r j

wy _ic- '-: r'. r'.r .*:orf '2' .. i< .l.:;u rly .*' : ..: ii, -,. -.* ".. .in !-- I.. ,)" co:l-

v n''...i,) .. : .'t -I on t'~ '. " 0 '- A. T. 1.07. :y 9 th
Stj.t .o. i.1 1. +- t-t *.. l. t' o1 t A .te }oarl

of Etrlucction of t;-.; St-it. o' _-Lorlia, to Lak- Oitr, Floir-l :h

lan '" 'n buil ii t j' r. .. ...... t a..i, .: -.or''ila

w .i' ,,j. o ..' .Y'ry :. o .; ..-u : 1 '- : ':*- i.'. ,'i .. :.; i't *:'.'1:1!.. .1: 1 I':" a;.-
,, -, : ,.,.1 . . '. .. .. "
o-'t :r ang v-.:f, ; r' .r t r ' j 3t-;. y ..- K.i ty ' 2 rint on a1 e a L3a

CIty. b 3 3 J'l1 I .*.f 1' .. -. y u ,i '. l -' i :. .. *r* ..! 1 : -. ; I? 1 '*"):

ri '.., '. - a *'';' .' to '. .... .'. t i ', 1 1 St. '-1* :1 '.nt

co n".. ;yr nc '2 tr""- "', 'e.-r .. ..l v >, :T .Li, in. i t 1 ; .. t. 't'm j.' lol-

1Vre in i:o01-Jy, anl7 cus'e-j to he aff.x"3l to *-; 1 *'li.o>l tf) ':0or jr!'y-'te 9fl

Orl" L.. y, lo.. :''l.a ;, a., o,1 hI ~r'-r i'. lul' cx '> t* I.'' 1 ii r 1 '.:l-.,
' 1*' s-1.i t

+,o 0'...' l r 1. *' *: t: 1 :o "l : a J.i nfU ;'f, . I f c. l .i

l'' -t ;,t. ; iy th1 li1..v rI J rt;. o -I .l.l .ity in j io 'to qI lr : .

.A ...y of t. : 11 c n .n.t U "i LPr xinr;i r *:z.'':oQ s 1 *j .
oo f i .. ,t in. .. r) . ' "
O, t'*i

SII ",t, ? '. r r.' o''7l 1 t- ,. P,' l,, .t Of t ', i li-

" ;1r t}, a *' '.3 ; 4t "lai y Kjx c'.; t A *. j *' on *o t y'.. '- ...'.'. ,' -1,

Ecn. Cf L ,; .1.ty, :'. 'i:.l > .. 3 U I n '*. ."'.7 "'l tJj >'t . -.;.

,..,."; ': .... ', ;} , -'ori'"t Lt ..t .tt '*1O ;Tit,;' '- .. "" -. 4,, i -: c"- nO-'r


th. 4th --.Y of J'tly A.1. i ?07, ot.r..r.. -: :J -..j .1.. l .nYr. .-).. an"-I
. Oni-. . ,p i j.,.,. i.' :"row,'O T Ii 3L ) C,-tU.'_r A to ",h Pr''-t. i1:. j o t1'h

Oi ',t .I;n' ii I.''".. Q jl y 'ic 'i 1., Et t -' ar, -'. thn "i. t r ;:' 'fc

Re'ji.'. ').j A. _I. 1 07.

to, o
I. f j (I t











" t/





. 0


?I ;.



July 12, 1907.

Eon. S. Jennings,

Jachsonville, Fla.

Dear Brother:-

I thank you for the proposed charter of tr?;jproposed

college at Lake City and your request for suLEestions concerning it.

C&6?llying' with your request, I prefer, for one thing,

the home "Lake City College.'

2. I think the president should not be eligible to

a place on the !otjrd of trustees.

3. I think we should provide for twenty-five instead

of- eighteen trustees.

4. I r&thr; think all of the trustees should be Bap-

tists. If not, then say four-fifths.

I prefer Carson for freEident of the board of trustees.

He is one of our most conservative and level-headed men and would m.rke

friends for the school.

I should like to see you and Robson and talk about many

thinLs in connection with this enterprise. I may be in your city

-onday. I ill be at 2lachua Sunday.

'';ith best wishes, I am,

Yours fraternally,

"7 ^ -

t S, lenntiiings

ltrknsnuilk, Fla., July 15, 1907

Mr. J. 0. Harris,
Lake City, Fla.
Dear Sir:-
I am in receipt of your favor of the iSth inst.,en-
closing copies of all papers pertaining to C Qlege matter, inform-
ing me that these papers will be properly signed on Monday or Mon-
day night, for which I thank you.
Yours very truly,

/6 7r-
/6 67~7

I ,


Lake City, 7la., July 15th, 1907.

Hon. W. S. Jennings,

Jacksonville, Fla.

Dear Sir and Brother:

Youi reaseutar sas w-esrS riding last friday

afternoon by the College grounds that somethi;-; was said about se-

curing a man who could conduct a dairy and vegetable farm in the

interest of the college. I have such a man now in view, wo :,

that he is personally acquainted with jou, and he has ba

highly recommended to me as a straightforward and upri ....

able gentlemen. He has about irty head of fine cattle

could bring to Lake City at once, he also thorough l

the dairy business and vegetable business, his nai..

Centerville, Leon County, Florida. He has actae o a

County Commissioners of Leon County, and is a pr,

If you think it advisable I will write him and req.

here on July 25th, or would it be better to take thaj

later? He has several children he would like to ;

at once, and his brother who would assist him, also :;as &-

children to enter college.

Please advise me.

fr eternally yours,

Dict. J.O.H.1

li -,ORGANIZED 1794. --- es- :(,s-- CHARTERED 1810.
Lake City, Fla., July 15th, 1907.

Hon. W. S. Jennings,

Jacksonville, Fla.

Dear Sir:

I ;*nd you h 1re;ith three sheets belonging to the Coll;e 1

papers, on ;vhich .ou will note slight changes.

Page No. 7 of the deed has been changed very slightly

will note second line from the top. The resolution h,

changed slightly, You will please cut off the lo;.-,.

page 2 of the resolution and substitute page 3 e: ,..

lower clause and page 3 which you now have. The

placed in escrow in the hands of A. R. Wise acti?

stead of The Stt e Exchange Bank as contempl"'ta.

These slight changes really amount to not.

asked for by the Council.

Very tr.l,

Diet. J.O.H.


I _


ev"'t, t .. "

S. ... *. .. 1

anc .. ;


-, .. *i

*r~~~~~~ ~ *t j i1 '* 1 "*
*'rl mi' *-O t -i.

Ni r- -., o -. -

21 *, I* ** ,*
p .',^ ;* f : :" o .. . c .'.?* -',.,,* :.-' .

S.. J ( . . . i
S f 'i " ''

*.j *^ <* '-'('I': !! ."' *^ s ** *^ S ,"

= ... ... ** . id

S*4, r r .
* *, ..

*.* '. "" r-'. i t ly

1 of

"-: ". .' t. h Pr (-:.,r-u i,-

,r-' ; _'ty ton t.i;-'.. .tF;: t V1.w th Ctay.,.;: .

. *' ,

S-. .- ... .
P r. .
t y I 1

... .._. __ : ,_~" 'i )
*' -' T'4 "


.. -

,' ', 9 ,
-.-- --.--^ - ..-- -. -. .--.-_. '-**=

4 *- . *

S. .** ,

' : *' ." ,--. "" .'.. --, .. , ,- -
.*' .

2. -

t U


A-- + I .


SIt r r -cJv. -: T-:'1. l.'-. Ic it : Trr t1r' t. o ti':- y ( i l
hol f '. -. jp -,."*' : .ubj,. -.t. 'o l.;. '. .t .c.- +>'-reo. b-, +.? 1 (riAd

B +. .- ; : o b or t 25t. or .T 3007,

,- p . i :r-, .. -i-- i" , n n .,

fl y- o- , . 7.





Ln te- rPi.y, -.i.r ,-1,

Tr-ly 1. 07

ion. *4 . -

: rr t M.

c, . d o ,:";i ,
T' "
...... ...0 co .v 'rnI oI c:: c.C"ut : b th.

City or Ir-.p ('1 .y +.o0 .. or2 d.j P .pt.i t. ro. ,-;a.rTiY n, in -.- ', con-

VC yi -' .. ? : ;, ", ', cE' _,; : j 4 to-

gv. .. y C. -. r,, . . ( r- n

Jr;. .. t T.& t tc P . '( " ': o .3orid.S. ,
fcn "y 1 c ." .- Y:' . i s. . .' .0t'.

.", r -' a n ,'r ,l ,t

4o'- . :'. 'c *. :, *... .. -, ., p . :. ,.-d. t.o de "- :

livh r t .: : ,. .

.i..n.'' .- .

,f . ,* .

1 ** '

0 , I, 1 : .,7 1 ,- r ,

* : ;'C . > r 7

of T . 1y, '

.y or'. C" o' \'!'r PU

2 'p


- -, :; *.

-. -t, "I ..-.

". .. o -.l

,- ; .2 i ,
i .'"-.' l "i i-

i l 'i '_ *




(I r- I
r' t '''


J im"

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