Group Title: Legal Papers (correspondence, deeds, legal briefs, receipts, etc.), 1886-1906
Title: Legal papers (includes Internal Improvement Fund): 1905
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Title: Legal papers (includes Internal Improvement Fund): 1905
Series Title: Legal Papers (correspondence, deeds, legal briefs, receipts, etc.), 1886-1906
Physical Description: Archival
Publication Date: 1905
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Box: 5
Folder: Legal papers (includes Internal Improvement Fund): 1905
Subject: Jennings, William Sherman, 1863-1920.
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Volume ID: VID00015
Source Institution: University of Florida
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t njs.idt atMton f the tipluation.s hrmin named and of_ -- ---_. A

Does Insure < ...- ..C/. .d __ _--z-c- __" .

from the a -_ day of_ --' _6- 190., at noon, to the -day of

against rl4 direct loss or damage by fire, except as hereinafter provided,



- llars premium

for the term of---

/ ~/.

1' /'~~--1* 4

to the following described property while located and contained as described herein, and not elsewhere, to-wit;


,) c L %Oni, story
f *

Y- -'*r*1 2. f .-* building and additions thereto,

withS'/. tftt. '-r<'ool, including the foundations, ga- and water, and
fixtures, and all permanent fixtures for heating and lighting, a part of the
buildin- wn le occupied asa dwelling. situat .i - A '-

^ '' I, -- '

It i. hcrrh.- specially- agreed, that this Policy shall cv.-tr lo.s or damage b,' Lightning meaning therelch the conm-
monly accepted use of the term Lightning. and not in any case t, include lo,,s or damage by wind or electrical storms', to
the prnp'-rty hereby insured, not exceeding the sum in-urtd, whether fire ensue- or not. and provided, if there is other
in.urain,'-e up,-,n the property darned. then this Comp.any .s.hall onl be liable li-r -uch proportion of th- los, or damage as
the sini hi-rth\ inured liears ti the whole amo isa th le ainoi tereon. whether such other insurance contains a similar
.la -t. *orT lit.
Privilege s hcreb\ granted to use electric lights in the premises mentioned herein, when the electric equipment is in
ifll coinlpliaince with the standard of the South-Eistern Tariff AstIciation.

and also to repair, rebuild,, or replace the proper /i i tlher iiiiranl c r'Citmlitit. n arrantdil t,- be ,I concurrent hlrewith
no abandonment to this company of the prope of he it sur"bl val ue of the building herein desc-ribed i- fixed at _. '' to comply with Act of the Legislature
e o regulating the issue of policies bh fire insurance compani-c., approved Mas 31. 1899.
Thi entire p:,hcy -hall it- oiLl if the ins .-lutthed Io and t m- 'I Jli .--, -INS-RA E C'
fact ..r i:ir:tnimtance '. oner.nin thi. imratce or -l om*tng .i Ph. r C r / INURAN CO. ei
truly ;tate-l herein: or u .ia- ,f any fraud or t Dated _..""- N ANC C.. ..
Lth- iu ihjict tLere,'.t h,-il t.o re or after a oI .sC ... n rI. ...o a2,,,9 -- 'ti- t A A -- i A e nt
Thit -ntire po,:,hy i a,i-; therwiae provitled s ,, ,1 .-rt- I~cltl. ,; .I.1-I_'. I'A en -
tnlr'-.l now h.;a ,jr hll h-ri-a ter make or procure an, i .,,, ..- 'ii v r)ai, R ,rton. anrd I P-i, ie,
il whl., - ,r in p-trt ,,' tli. '3. . r. if tl ,- -il.i-t i. t i n-ir. n I- l ie a i n-a iut. ltringib c ....
or in part a lir t -li ti. r l h-r ti n e .,'. I nI k, .-r iit 11 .-.i- -. I .. ,- -, it,.d t..i iiinr-r t-i t-iin i.. ,- tivte rJa-v or i1 .. i ... .l i.. ,i,- iii sr i I' lVO tPnP. l tinlnPettia t- 1i0itir
ip reu--d hi v ,ly mnir t.i i-ithir. I lt ... t, .,r kin,. lr -d, i.t,t th.-i -,,.,l o r it i 1., ,.h .- I,. -. ,,i.,,. ..l ; hnJ. h n:.. alIt, ,na ,.r f .,,in t,,rt r ,i ,,,,,,.. t.,,i ,.,, it.. ..i i t.,. ,l..i. ,
ri ,..inr lc th w within .l-. lj l pr.uL i,'. or inir- t t-i i .i ,r i. t ..I It it- t -t h n,,n- I,,, .tli-r n ik .,,i l . .ri ,t th ,. .0 i,,i i i ,,. t|, .-i ,t ,
than iin-l n it n. l ,.x l o r l- l. .rvTv r hip ., r i t th,-i-us l. l ,,t nn-iri I.. 1 ,l i.l 1 ,, t njt ..r,! t .i ill i l t, i i t ', I. t-- i t -. 11. i t lun -l
f -lrip ehor if tT1 ,I,,2,-1 ill,'hI r h ,. ,In- 1In, h [tn,- t .'x ,h,
tew-.e rple. u ia i f ti vI --. .,e t ,ot .ii i ll.-l h,. Iepi r-',,ni i ,r.,[,.-rty i nI 1i,,- a -l,,.i. .i.'n- ii ,iil, r,r I,-h ., ,f iit,i i ,i,-rt-ti .. ,r t i li"l. p-m . -iinr',ii i nil ,trn t, l .ein in ti ,,l -,tr in i.-IHiu kLut'

r n rtooi or c t --Il '~ii n -tin.'5-- m fin ur. or-I. ti-- ir I .l .tin- hl ..-- .t . .'-, ue h l,- I 'i. i' l i. t .rri..r I. sI hall ni ,ir nne- tr '' 'ill it IIl l0I-1.I .i--r t 11l l r' li'
th l- tw l- l_ I ...t .tl-. jn .-l tr-..r r,' i '.r,... ,l n I-A- ,,,11 e., o l,, _, it.,-h ,, 1 1 ,.- ,. ,, ,p, . ,re:r ,l ,t |,t lth l .,.r .- t t hi tl .... r,.,l ,,i,,l ,it .lr -,thl r 1 h ti. ,r, i.- rt
pln.y l.e- virt, jl ,---.o n, .rt, -,r ,)r tr i-t il-.nt r t it a ri hI.0 -1, uu-t.- n t I I lr l l .1- 1 ,t iin,,r-.,l ik- |.l.. o t i lihii all in il ii J l.rl Hi, I.. ii rt. r- .iall .tl i,,r r- ir.- n- -I i li-h i r -,di I
It-r- title, .Or p -.i hii .f l hiilt t. i jr.t .-,f a I I -t. o- . ,-_I-r.l l,.in ,- ,al ..t r ..r- i tI .- U i ,, h. ir ,- int .. het,...r i 1,, a I .il tji.n tri ., hi i--. 11 ll .,l, IIr .i i' Ih in l 1 i t..lH,'
pru. i.- ,r judmceli nt .r l,v ..lnt. ry ,i t tht thlir .IrI. hI. .r t- itn. 1-i ,.t .,r. I I.- t. ,.,r if I 1! A11 1.t11 L- A i... l -, .i f ti i. .- ,,hn , ,,, i t,- r w .it t .]
-, I or v Ib, g n,-r.!t,--. in tli- ,.l rrl,,, ,1 li, ll, ii n ,.ir .d" ja -.r t!h'A.-r t. .l t r i h .* ,- it ,it rt n-... ,, ,. ,, l ..J o.. i ,t tr. lr- ,,ero, n i- I lh- l .. .. t t.r- .l il 4. I I ti r hi t r. ,lt.1
,.I r nnli tllt -t -r hr-w k th ni ..ur.- i ik l-i. -iti i t-r 'i -ii ,. l .t ,I ,,. t l .- .r-r .t i ri. i r 1
., ,l i,-r tn-plI.-oTr- Iph>-.hor, i ti lii-u .. ni or *ii i -r .t itt. i l rl iii IIrl .ini idt.ia ll i i. i l k.r i-t-u. Il .1 tb i-ii,' .'I .. iiiiI In' 1 iii.i .tut i .i ,iniI lu -I ,'- t" i in i- i .-.l h.,Ir
I'Qii f-t5 i h-i-.-, '- i -Iti I-rl( l. Ill
tt.- -taIs lid r I i.hii.h la-.t iIma t. i- .i fi r lit hti- i .1 kipt to r -iiitl'- I,. ,ir.ll tni- l o l .n it lin iiir'tlti.-- n c nt .:,-, .t" n l.- rii.,ij-ri., p ,hIh, Ihl l i rt t.ii
ir., i-.lnn it i.d tIrha -n a t ,l Inr till-h l l.,v in liI-i ,at e iat 1 il-t hini. l t pIt-. lh'n t. i. ti t r r,.,,e arti ,l -in .i i t 1. p r if J sh a l,-l t iii t l .' i i,.m-i,,l ...f r t.' r-., irt -Il ,,Iil il t tu -)D%
l iTii' ,lp.irl-v hl l heth ir ita -nI 'I ] tor ..... i pdn- at o ,,r -r .,r t,-narit. I .- ...- r lein ,l -i .iiit ,.r it-..t..,.upit L .1fts -th t m i.ti l,,r f r-;n ,lre ir-,.r le,,,l. ,,,,,u -ci.nlnt t .....ifrin .t .'i.- itiItr nithL I'l
ten -b i',' a,; ,t n ,t ,n ,. Ir. ,.lr,.,l. .h il pr,-l ,, t..,i iniiii.-ti, al l p,,al ,
Thb i .....u patio, -haIll nwit hI' la ,-'l- f or lo, i...uii-il .Ihre-.tly ,or in.i rei-tl l ry inv-.i,.n. I -ui rreT i ti-n. r. t. i. i il war ...r rismin io- tliir-ot it .ri nial- i, .ci, ,t unh r,,a-,-aile plaL.,- a
t. tii a r m iil.i,, -.j pi, r. .-r la i,-,..etr ,if i-yl ,.ivil t- n itl-.-ritt or ly th -'tt, ,- r I t, l.,i, i' ,t th,. i -i. r-.l ta i l,-' ll r-ui- l p'rn it -' I t. m ,l .lOpl>- ith -r ,.,f t.I h ei u tl -
,on.Ati i -ian- t ave si wl l pr- r- Ili the pr iop- rti .i t tii.l tel r ,li r.- ii r hi-n IhI prIl.- rt. y i m r.- it an- rh l .ti nir i r ii.i ihtr iiu I thc- .*-nt it ,f di-i i.-r.tuni t ai to t!h-- .n ...ii t. .t I-..
r n i -.r . ,r u nijr - ti r .*i mn- i. < i l i n I ht .i t .t t t ,o r t hl *l,. ,u i ,,vi lt. -.. ,n l\ I ,- 's pI,. .. ,,n ..t ,n k i n I. o r I i i n t l t a w l h. m t rr l d ., ,p p r, r .e r (t -. ,r,.r.l un d tl.- ,i ,, ,a n .
LaLiityi for r",.tt -.ln..1g. L, y li.htnii .g may i,,,* ;.i uli. .lb l y -1p1 A l .i.r.,n -l,.t lih r-.n. run! trInin.t. -ti.- I inLpitri. the .i|.pr. -ii. r- t i.. ,-tl e-. I.ill the
It h lil. h lutl : ..r any ,-ULjt th r....t tall., un th, r.-t i t f i nr .ill in uru l...l ey tl p,,l,.y % n -i i ..1 rt l,.tO)-o in or it- i.. it- tlta.i i ren t.hihl i r t,,o a r-. -hall inlllu it l tli-ir .IltT-el-n...
hall in'mn diariel. a -.i th'. a ln o lu- t .,t ,.h In.... tlh p mt]-. thellr.-t. I I.all .i t
l'hi- c omi pany hall nst I,.. ihi le fi.r lo to a. .-mitii hill- i n rren.. .,, .,-.i.,n..,. -,o f , if n,,. not-;. ..rr a ,iinti.tso e tl.u n -- ...t th .i rppi rn- l and ll m p r-
n.ii. Ji nl'- a luh i ailit t i- Ie. ih.lltr ai u. .l u lr ..-n. t..r l. r r .. .in -in lh.ui .. .i-t, .. ti-t -. r .. lii-. n|ln-ni- I'hn t uin intii hall ,n.t I" 11 t.I h.ia t w.uv-d h riv
jewel, mainti-. r pt, u1e,- 1 i1 n I -.. prtttrn-. pi>.tir.'- -. ,-ntLiti .a p.pir tir -. -ien- .t.rr- i r .th.. fiirnilr.- or hxtur,-i. .A..ilptiiure. rt-ijl r,-n it. .,.t, .-r pro,-eeding on it. i ,irt relating, to e
tool or prop-rtv h li- ci -t.r, .. ..r f..r, n..r. h tI.-,On. 1 th- .'t, !jl 01110*1h, 'l r,.yl, I., hie for I .. n. .I.,li.. hn,:ol I, L.y rr[in ,.,A- ,ha .ll .it lV 1 om .it p.-arhibl- 1111e I l Ixty ldjay at r the ,'C.t!.
or law r-:gulatini ,. Un-TI i.lii, 1 i-p.itir rf hlt l hn - ,.r by I LltrI ilp l i, t 1 laIi r Ili .. nIlI i rl n~ tl pi .ll l r or nith;Irrl.I .i r rN, t)!ir.l lit b.,-,r r,,--iv-d l y. th0 i _.; ,i ,,ij .1.L l itill]!i- I Ie a
for any grc-n _r ipr,.,p.rt..l n o, t tl,.- i.l ,.t plat ,l.K.1 tr4.-. ,o . l,-,.,or ,n thin thi 0t hi t l l- polih,.y -h ll .ar r.. the \ hol, 1lh -: ....I p.. n -liall n..t i luhl,- a u.ler theti pI..t t.
in.!rane,* on thr l uihli l .'.rrl.,-. I,,- a l -.i,, -- .. f ren .v, ol trot, p ,.l. -.i r.
It an adrp liruti u.. snllr y ..r h- s.lriptinon of pr.,-e rty he r,,-forrel tI 1I th; p..h.iy it -.1. 1 he a' j pI rt ,-f thl' Loit01 ,ltan inir,.inr .. w. v-h thn-r %v.i.I or not. .,r h.\ .-1,..lit nl.le-nr
a warranty Y hy th,- InQur,,l lt tL,- in .- ran.v i.,ld.r thi- p.livy cor ..f ll,. ....utrilmtin!r |
In any mai tt'ri rlativ;!i to til!- biuran..., nr. p, -r,,;!n. unil --- ,hliay Ia thoriize.l inl writinL .- hall Il- .. lie- the g.,-ht I h.a, a r.-'i'n-iit ..,r ...r I l tl n wi ltt,'u hr ,,r Ir .itta.:b ,,l .,r .Jmi',o
1im1i any h-r.-tmn.
lTh pI ma i n Y.n-aw.a h .ntinutil im.irn r the o)riiiin l tpultion rrin :on.-,n ot ,r-iniu (...r f It th- ren dthis ., !.-t11 \ .0hall la1111n 11that ihl- 6r w. I .i,-.I
Inrmn, pro,- ded" that auy iucrIea-d o.f hazard uI .t Iew madl- known th is o.,i- pani y .p t t-li- time of ren'ewdl or thli pl_1-.v shall I ..- void. ip.ll, thi, .... mlSh .L i.ll, 1,1 pa( yui .rnt ,,t th1e L ,,' I. V -libri
l'hI't p.liey v h ball br-. an.. l-.1 .it tny tith at th, reque-t of thr uil-ur-i. or y t- h- Iui tny 1 y '-ivNin tvhe da\'_ not' I of iui red for the t It I 'e lrutmg thir'.fr,,n,. and .uch right -1
-ebh n..nelation If thi I-.I.iy -hall be ean h-i .- li- ertiril.,fore pr--,i,.,I ,r L,.* .iiu v,.I ,r --ar "-the pr-miilm having i., n n paynm nt
.I, l tildlv tju d., tlhie unearn-il porti, liaU l i -e r-turni -.i on ,- nrr-ndti. r ot thim; polh-y ..r I.,t ienell i [, thii I itiian\ r.tainrg thl 1.1- N.. iJt .r "a'. ti,,n on thi. poli,-v tor the re.-:,-.:ry ..f
tolary -hort i!at-. tx('pt that when tbe pl'..y n ern l-.l 1, thi. ...,tilny 1. si'.in-- notice it -h.ll retain only thr te ,,at, f ull eimphAn.., l.,y the in.ur.Ll with ,ill the fIr-g.,)in -r-que
preinmi u. -ihrever in thi i policy the wor-I inIIreel ours.
If with the| ..t tin ...ll npan an intere-t undl.r th pl. ,I y daI.ill rxi-t in ta'..r .. ,i t mi..rtga es. or ,:,f iany perr n or whrrver tt, w..r]l 'loss'" c.cur. it hall I.r- de-me.l th.-
., ..-_,ratienu baling ,n n int'r,.t in thl uubje..t ot inlur, lln ,ti -r thtn th- it ,rl--t of thM it,-ure, `- le_.,ribed herin." th, ,ot nl- If thi poli, li.-ly I- Lu. I a ma utuil o tlr ,,ther- nlarn
tion: helireinbefore r..-.ntann- h, l h ll apply in thb- i.tun-r xirered in -u]h pr. r .i .,in- .in d .oidition.s .,f in.iiraI te relating_. t. su,.h leub.r-r.hip. p.lL i,- .or uutrat ts of in-ijran.e. su. .h re ul
illteresI a, shall b- written upoln. attaLhe.Ll, ...r .ippr-nd'el hPerrt,.. I- wnrtttin cr printe-l up..n. or apl.pendl:d h-rrto.,

*rding to such actual cash value, with proper deduction for l
nate shall be made by the insured and this (on-tpauv. or, if 2
hall be payable sixty day-v after due notice, ascertainment, .j
part, ..f the articles at such ascertained or appraised value, 4
f herein required, of its intention so to do. but there ran be i

as to rreqoin rn-mvruil tc a place of srafty, auds s Si, reinlo'-ee. '.i
the wauI ,if propi'rt rrmiining m uth onirigil low1rtion, hall, f;l
he new lu(aton: if ri-iovel t b more tai. o ne l.,t ation, ,iebh 62
proportion thlt thb. valiln in any 'n ,-ach n.w .:,.icatilon bear, F;3
It, in any c e ':.f itren.ial. wht'lhpr to onei r n:tr-e I-, atio.n. li.- 1V4
bear to the total iriLrant v on the wholt- pri ri-rt3 at the time h.i
e it any; ll,- th.riehy in. -Arrtin, t this trimpany. iro't.-lt the- pr',p-irt C 67
itr,l .I lt imawedI p'ri-.,nal prp',,-rt.v. put it in th I., .-t hle order, 6*
itr .-,Il ..t of --o i anl t a. jintl i.lail tb rr.iu: anl
.il i wI r ,it Iii by- thiI i,. '-uipaniiv. hall rnt-ider a stntat-nient t-' thi- oi'm- 711
'Al--l_.,- till Iilir-f of thL.- i.iril ..A V, t til'- t nt .ini n r1 .i n i .t the tire. 71
tIl, vtalu e .if ..-,i 'i- i t reej'd ad l tht- aiii'int 'of I,:o. thereon. 72
..r i..t. i... rin-g ny of Ai l r ert ani .1 ...:.p rif all the .--. rip- 73
tl-. -'. n i ipit...u. l.x iiica n. p.' e---....i. I-,r I"xpi..ure.- of. ir ni.d pIrop rlt 74
rp..-.- .uI t.ulliieI her. i-I .,--.rl nil l-d an th.- --tral part- ther',of wcrte 7V
tr,.i v lli -i l pI inri di ii -i. itt, tij',i.i ll yi lilit fl 'hr ]. h tig re lUr 7t
--I firm ti ii ..-eririt.te- ..if th.' inm i i'trat"- i'.r rii t.ari, puIilii. init inter- 77
. th. ii n-ir,-l i lit in t- arei. the- pl,- ,.,I i hr- it ita iit tl-at h.- h- 1 7.i,
n'-tll.\ Hau tia.l. ld h,---t. i- h aiuniit th t
S..-r :I..n .i I-i iriat ll- l I I tl iJ- i.ui tup. i .iL that r, iiiin ..-, 'if a .ly i.ipr irt .,1I
aI Lin\ per-ori ri.Oir ii ly lii, ,-,ip.iity, .ni ,ut-,-nril,- the -aiie. aipi, .-
'.,k- ,f t.,-.uiijit. lull.-, i ,, ,t-.. n, I1 ,'.tI'-r ,ou lir- or o-rtitu.l t up .- ,:
1i-ay he dli-,gnile l t.y thi- cinipijrij or it- nfreprit-ntiatiti, iiji. Shdil h14
,- 111. L F, i a 11h al, 1- ,--V,-,. p..rl, I.J.-.l. Lb,- J ,,,rthi Im i tv,:Il -, 0on1 l,..vnt .56
%I ,.h .:ld',.t '.*,.N O-. ai l fhr- t 0tu -o ihoa.,-u .hall hr-t ,- I a.,.t ,:.,, pptnt '-.7
fi -tr! an.t.I tli-' l 1, l.l jii, .- pitrat,-ly -.jiu.rni t lule and1 ..-:
. t,. thi- iwlpir,- in dl tlie .iwntr i'i wri tilg ..t ain\ tw... h il l et-lt r inll N><1
e aI-prai-.r r-ap-,:titv.:l .-leI.tIt. -y t thi m an.l ..:ll l,-ai 'lualJ thb- 90
nrc i.v or nnilit i.iii .. tlhi p.I,1;, r y forf.titnr theret biy any q2
appr.n .l or tn ari .'x,iui attI,.,r h, r i, n pr,..vile, tor. aLi.l th- I:-. 9.-1
V. a.1,_ert1ntinment. ,-ti 1tt,. u1 -at f.tif,-try pi ,:':- otA ti 1, --. hierein 94
n award I.y apprui-r-.r wihi, tlppraia.ll ha- I-en r, iiu i-:if 9I.'
.r a prpojrli,',n .,i aniy lo--. on tL- i-r ril.e,. pr, perty. or for 96
1.%I i\ lr- than th.- .ii l,, t hr,-r l. in-ii re.-l b l .- I r ., t.. the who.l- 97
it Im lr'r-. >.v,,v rilu. i1 I'r'."-" .. 1l,. th. ..xt, tl ."i of thIli .i. [iMation
.., I im.i b- l y thA ...i Inp.-tI it 11 1 ,.f Il,, In, t l, i, pr., vi%,l., fnr byv 9
in.,l hb-ret... Lia.ility i.r re.iiiiranc. -hall -? i. .pet-.ihallv agr-ee'id 100
:,y' the act or ngrlert ,,t .ny pm- In or rr.I nrantion jpnvate or muni- 102
.gateil to. th.- ittlt -t ,cf i-n.:h paymnt tI. anl rihbt -f r.ov .enr- ,y th.- 103
hill I j -.iigni tO.. tii. i in l.y thiL. ou ny th iils.iurl rin re.:eiting Such 104
any .-lai.i. shall Ite ,!nt.dinal.l.- in any .1u)-t of law ..r -quity until after 1)6
'on-.-it., nor tiunle....wuent,'ni 1 -ithii t-Ilvt- mouth- next after the fire. 107
it -lill Ie hlil -i in' luJdf thi- legadl rrepri-eritatit- ot the in-ured. and 10I
equ'Iat ot "-**-...- or .Jat.tage -" 1(09
ivy i Vin u pi-[ adl r--gulail.ion, lawfully applitahl to it organization. 110
lion-.. -h.ll apply t. andr fori a part of this pohli> as thi- ame may I11

This policy ls made and accepted subject to the foregoing stipulations and conditions. t.-gether with uttli othpr proviii.i:1is. awre-.ient.-. or .onnlitinn. it may I in.lore-l h-rr re,. r dd.i i.J heretr,. aud no ot', agents or other representative 'of this LOm-
pauy shall have powor to Wie any prl). ,.iion or ,-onlitii-n if thhi po!iy -x.ept -uch a- by the. tpeni of thi,, policy may hbe sbjsct-l of awrre ment in.lorsri-l herern or A:r aler.l aid aS tn Sauh provisions and e.l nJdtionns no: otfiter. agent or representative shall
habve .uiah poier or be deemeil 'ir held to have- waited fur.h pro iviiukE or oon.litionui unlei-s sui waiver, if any. shall be written upon or attached hereto, nor o lshall any privilege or permission affecting the in.uran.e under this policy esist or be claimed L.v the insured
unlress so written or attached.
Wtt etst S Whthrt f, thi. -ompany has executed and attested these present-. thi .___ day of_ . / .. __.... _. 190

Cssidsnt Sccretary.- t

K2/ 6 ," .- 'Agent.
. C/F, .




To an. amount not exceeding

190 at noon,

- -_ Dollars,

This company shall not be liable beyond
deprecianton however caused, and shall in no es
they differ, then by appraisers. as hereinafter pr.
estimate and saustha t'.ry pri.l4:, of the li:ss have


h YVu I',.


t- 'ALE-i' i.- EET.






In consideration f the tiilations licrpn named and of .

Does Insure --",-: <- < _

. from, the -
fron the *" .

-for, the term of

? / ,..

_ iollar0 retmiuttm

190 9 at noon,

To an amount not exceeding _

to the following described propel

1 This company shall not be liable beyond the actual cash value of the property at the time any loss or damage occirs. and the loss or damage shall be ascertained or estimated according to such actual cash value, with proper deduction for 1
depreciation however caused, and shall in no event exceed what it would then cost the insured to repair or replace the samr with mateinill i hIik. kind ind qualityy said ascertainment or estimate shall be made by the insured and this iomrlanvy, or. ir '
:h they differ, then by appraisers. as hereinafter provided; and the amount of los. or damage having been thus determined. t sum for which this roinpan! is li.abi- lelpursuant to this policy shall be payable sixty day, alter due notice. Jscertarinment, :
4 estimate and satisfaftonry prIni of the lu; ha\e been received by his company in accordan-c.e with the termI, of thi, policy. shall be optional, however, with thl- company to. take all, or any part, :)f the articles at such ascertained or appraised value,
b and also to repair, rebuild, or replace the property lost or Janaged h oith other of like kind and quality within a reasonable title on gi ing notice within thirty days after the receipt of the proof herein required, of its intention so to do; but there can be :,
f. no abandonment to this company of the property described. ,

Th'u entire polh.::y hall be vti.-l itf thei i-iirel lha. ...ine-alerd o ir iii.irepr-.r-nt-d.. in writmlng -r othrrwi-e. any niat.-rial
fact or ciri.urutan:e ....-il.erilinrs thi. iin.stral:.:,or tb- siu-.ji-. t thereof. .-r it th. Intr-r-t ..t thr in'ureil III tlhe property },-t nIot
trill ,tat.-l ht-reit. *.r -in it anl FT iiid or f tl- -.wearinai I., tll.- in.,iiard it-li.iLuig auy r rlati-g )it Lii inii.ran.e ..r
tht- .ulh-jei:t thr-r,-it. t ii.-th-l l'for- '.r _after a loii.
Tin. ,'ntru" p'lin iii'.1- ..til.-rwi.e'd lvy a1greeniit ils.lurled ti.ireo. ...r A.i.l, sh ill he vui. if the in-
uried n.:.w ha.' or shall hlir.'-a'ter nimak' r pr',-o. te Ln i ti-.'-h r .,oiitr...t it i1, uriin t.iwh:th. r vat li ...'r n..t. in pri-t-perlv ..ovi'
in wh..le- .ir int part l;, thv il p i.N ..I"- if il. nIlj,. t .t i -iiri .. 1.,,- I. l.iiirut. tiuriing re-tal riilhineit al.I it 1 ic ,,it-ritl' in whiIl
...r in pl art at tni .t lat-r th.ian ti ...'. I-...k. ..r it it ,i... th. ., -- i- d. t Wi' n i i i' i r i third i ., i e i h liizIard I,.-
iri reu;ed. by ii- mn arnr- within thi' iUi.nrTrT l r .,t th. lI,.iu.iel. '.r if i.ii..hidiu. ,'ri[.iyl. r,1 ii hulding. iulterilg. .*r
repairing th.- within ml' ,ril.1 pr-miU tr ri it si..r- than tfte-tn .i.l-i .it ai!r .v,-" tinlu,. r if the int,-i.-t -.if tih. ili lur,-r 1,- r.ih.-r
than uin.on' litniiinal ,tnd .,'.l- ..v-ierrbhit. ..r it tihe iitl-.j t ..t i r'i.raiii.- I,." a. iii .ljri' ..ri gr..tjii.l i,.t ..'wini l I, tit ni-itrl iii
fer--im ple. ior it Ill- .l..j. t int lI iT- i I.I p.-r.oril i r'p rt\~. t .1i ,1 .,.i '-i..s i.n iuil ,l .a \ 1' il ilu.ort'an g ..*r it .-. l,
tlhe krno wll-d go thl l -in-or t.r I l.,.-r. i.r." li -,.,, b- .. ii n -hF..r"l , i.,.ti..- i .Ii ., .1 ...l [., i, r' -r d lv t, hi-
poli N by virtue. t otf -in\ % in ..rt, -'it',- irr tri-t leeil. ..r it .ALt h% 1l.,'. ...t .r- tliat I, Ith.. .Iill ,.t .in in I II r,'I ] L.ik pl.d Ih I 'h.- 111"
t"re- t title. ...r pos, .e--i., f t. ll .- .-ii .l ..f I, i .urLI,..T .- .i.I ,l .II' .. i . i .nil 't -ilt ,,.,,it 11-,1 f .f hL. i. I w hitl -r 1, !.-d.i
l.r.....e.- ...r judgi" ent .r I r .i3 i .t i t i -lir.r- t. ..r th r. .. -i *. r if tli- i .I' I hI, .I- .l'.i'l.i h'> I .,.:. or it .Ihlll nul tiit -'
w a. ri'i 'apor I.-- ~'inerat.i l in thi .l-, rit.- l hi.ilblijl .11 i ni, -i a it th 'F t tr i.- thtir-rni, ..r itl i.tin\ .i '.'- r ..u-al' it, .or
mIAn.lirn t lr'- to tlhe , i| n..twilt -t ii- lii.l ;g tli,-r- I1. kel.t. -i.. .r .aill. ii . .11 thit- .l.. .- .l. rI'. Irlh .1 p, nii -. Ieln .'.-l.-.
.lrT,.iit I'. t .-ti-r, l ir- urk c.-r...l c... '..-kl: tir.r. g inp.w.l r ,-x. ..-..liiin tv .iili Il. l n'l i, i .ii nttl I~.i plithia itl.-i-h ..'rI r.-
>.r ,t -r 1. phl.- ivv- ph,-wpl ibra-, i Pi-th..l-IuLii ..r iny .-t it- pra ,,t erei i-._ 0 l..uni ilit\ Iii.ii. I'. .r i .i .il ..t bth.- .'nite,d
l' -Ta.n.lard, Iw li h idy 1-- h tr li ht_ .u ..l k-i, t i- 1l- .i....>..rhii t.. 1i I11 1 .| ititir-, .i..t x -r.Jii. t -1 l..,rrel-. ldet it I Jrair n ur l l.i'l L nr li-l l L .I I.iy [l. rii lhl. ..r tLi li i in t ...- T I.t I..-, thlii t i t.-t it .i.i .irl lh ill! (ilIt .,r if 'a it ilhlirIg
lC reil' dL..lri l. bt htier iinten.ii l- i to. r ucln.i itnp t l1 \ "'. i-r : ti-iia nt. tI' I 1t. It., i .,r -i i ..nit .-1r lnoil [qi'..I .i. 'l ri iiiill tlr
te'n .7v17
Thi-mi 1 'jl .i t ny -ball rvr' I. lial.l f'r I-. L' ni-.1t' 'li r'i y or ir'lir'.ctl- tl y llilrrei t'.ll r 'icl .iil wi lr or '. ilim .-
lian :.r m iliitar, o'r .ii -l-i p -w r. or b.y 'or'l r -.f aniy ..i il,. .ir .y tih-ft ..i I.-\ n l-i .t ..f ILr, LIii.nre. t: ill r,.-i-
-olir l.l* l .in.l I" -tY.i i rL Ir'- t e t prop. rty it .iil itaft-r ti', r or'i t pr.i rti- ll. l. liIl.. rI .1 liI hri t it l nei hl llt
Lr*- li---,. ,,r il irr-- hr,. -- II. ,ilt. i h ain t \ t t t ,r th. l- l .i !`.', rtift' .,ily I. .l i'. j". ., t i.' kill., ..r hl ht-it lI ". i ,t
Ibii tht fr r i irlct i i 1.in10,e ,y hl 1" 'i I."- .i -iiii:,l .* .ll. .i r'.'- h,'iirl iier ,'.l,.
If .a b illll rii u ..r ii.liy t tli rt.'r- t till, except as tr. r--.ilt i.f r h all i -nlr.ii tr I. ti- I.1:,liI., 1 ..i..h I ..'r it- .Luit-nt.
Tbh .Imipanu \ ll aU no I.,- liL !ei- fI r ..- i., i..iuil-. . ii rr-n.. :. .l-..d'-. -. -ii. ,"ii. .' .I .I.t 1 ..~s n .\, not'-. or '-'n riti ;.:
nor. .iinh Ilal.,'it i ,-,..ih'jll -.- a m -, 'n. t.r I..-- t .l' run.r I. llin;i. ,| L.. irl,,-lti. 'Ir.iw in ,li_'., I l l-m'l.l d .',
je' l-., UnanI ript-. inll-'.i I. 1.'l-I.. pattern-. pil.tirun s. -. i-ntith. .i.p[.ir; tu-. -i rl. tIor-. .r il'ho furniture -ir hxlnirn-. niptiir .
to., l. or p.r-poerty hr-,l .'n -ti,',rag ..r f..r r p r-,. ii.r t ..-I .:.i l i. L. '. l-' I., hr-br for I'- ..' L~L-,.niita l l.y .r.llii ..
or law ri-gulating ,'.-ii.-tri 1ti in 11 r-plair ot fi.ihilitil, ...r l. l init, if tih -in. -. niaiit .t.i tlrilj. pr.o ,-.-, or .therwi.- ii. r
fir any rti Ater [,rii. rti.iln ..t tl.- ''..iliie tI pliale a -i s f'T.'- ,.. ..a.i ,..r iti-iri thli that wb lu h til- p i.. -li-.h l .-ar to tb- lit.hl.
inii- ran.:- ion the I.,uijllhl .I.-.-. rilh.d
If an adliili,.sti.'.i. .urv.\' pl.ain, ,.r id -i.riIti..n i ,t pro'l'rty :,.- r'-f.'rr.l t' in thI p..i. h i; i lt -lili I.. part rf thi- i..ri tra. I an.l
a warrality I.t the in-ar-,l
In rany matti-r rela.iiri 'b t.. thi_- iri-urari, no. p'. onii. i n i:-- IL.Vy nuithrii-id in wilting, _iall I..,- de-eui-l thh- ag 'iit .iof thi
Thli ptli.y 'i.i .v I,. rn.irw.J bI' hr *''tininmue.l iiiniper thi- .'ri.iujlil .tipuhlatii.n-'. m ',:.nim- --d' it f..r tbie r-ii'-wr-i
te-rm provided that auy iill:r r-- of ha ar-t ilul t I)b- nmaid known tco tlii O.iUIpian t h i t' im .if renewal I.r Ihi. pI.i>.3 shall 1.- 'I,1.
'I'hli pll:',v' hail hl- i.ino' lei it int timl' .it ith- r'-.:lU-l t of thI.- in-urriI: 'oc }. th,- .'.inl.any by givin t he dli- nrcttm- nf
u,.'bh,.elatirn If thi- ol, \ hat ll be Cun' -ld .l hel-r-in "i-.-,re iprivl'l '.r I ....... 'ii ..i.l .r i, l'. te pre-uniiiil having hie nri
actually pa.i.t. the_ nii ii rn -i pirti-n 'htliii r-tuiirn'-,I ...n -iiu -rir. i-.r .it thi- polh,) ..r Iaj t rentii.u thi l i-l.ipany iniilg th i .
.iiinary -hurt rdit., -. :.Ip that i ihe-u this p llii.y is ci n o i. -le tli m l i l..iipary i . gi.ii .tl..- it -th ll retain t ry thli p" .. .. ml.
If. with th-- .....n4set ..f thi- .... raiil.iy. an interc.t iiui.l-r thib pli"r -hIll eit in fairr .f i in .rtA.ip'e or oif ani p'-rn or
'irporation hdilving aiin inter.-. in tlhe .iiul.jeet of inr.Jrancei '.tb., r ith.n th- lltr',..t ...I the" irurI .s lte- i-crt;ibt hl-rlin, thie i:.n.h-
t;on' heremi-rbefore tLiiutuin-l -liall apply in tht- Ialln'lr ,xpr.'-me.1 in ,i.n I r, ti-'ii .iil oilhht I .If L i iii.illtraise sLLb
interest a shall le Wiritt.-n up..n. attaci,-.I, or appl-nddil h-ereto.

I If property i'.'r-dJ -b.,' thi- p,,li.y is k i si-ut.mi.n-rei biy ire a to retiuirqii removal (Io a pla''- '.f safetyv, and ii nr, r-iii. mol.
tLt part it thii p.'ii., ', i-x.-. t it- i-r.,'prtion ,if any .)il,.,, an.l iof th.- v.alF oif property r-imaining in tbhe orignml location,. all,
for thb- trn-mugi iav i d.,- I ,nlI .v..,r tir- frpl-rty -'. rr-mvi.\- in the' in.w Iua.tion; if reuiov-d to tuer thaji .n Iwnlocation. ?uhb
-ie-. ,-f thil' li~" i. -.ill .-v,,'.r lhilr.rn tor -i,..hli tio iSt.a in lihe prol..po.rt ation that t L. vali in any on'-e nch new loatioiii .bear.
t,' ti-' .L i a.lue iI .ai. li iI-tv I nti. n i, Ib i l tl. i ip ..lny -hall n..t. in any ,id e o" f reuit r v.. whethl-r to one or rluore lolt ilion- I..
allJhi- ihe,.y..i till 1pr.,.., t(iti th ,lii ani.iiumit I[. r-:' li niurd'i] -hall be-.Lr to the- tl-t.l i.Luriinantl' in the whollre lprJlp.rt3 .tt t.hie tIe
t ire'. ?'li. th r tih -..tin .- i., i r i ii -w l. tit.ti .Or not.
If hrr ..ii.i.r li.- inii-ir-Il -I ill v i' iii n.,li it'l.- nothi-f ini Ih-- theretiy in writing I t this company pr.--. tIb.- property
f-,roni flrthl.r dam i.n .', t..rthliii ll .. r i t. L.t.- i .ign.' l a rn.i uin am iag. 'J .'r-ontl property. ut it in thb I.'.'t poa.sibl'e -rl-r.
tIi..k ., ini ,-t.l .,, ..r.t..r. .t th,- -.ti. -t.rinir. thi .l Jntiy -u.l ,-.- t of . i rti.,IP u, ti am ount claithr-.u. ami
witili. LXtV t I ) ilt r t l I rit -, n .i', .mti h l1iih I ri i-'lh ia rwndr Titina atteli nent t t thli ioi: ll-
p.iny. igired.ll l y-\ ru 1 .1 t ..I -, il lnii -llI .Li tL i' kni.-wl-j n r I,ml '-lii' ut th l- i nr'-1 to) thI.' tiL : .tl,.l rir in th tir',.
ti.- irint '-.t ..t tlih. II -ir. .Inl .t ..i all in I Lh,- r.lprt', th- ;.1h.-l ra.ln nIf -r,.l. I t,'l l Ot her 'o n t i .nnodl int lo tllere-on
all in, aiiil.raii.. tlir-r-. i. ll ith,. ri :ur.:i I. *. 'iih, r ' o ,r i 1nt, t.\ ri n. %-m y of tnil pruilerty, n and of all th.- d& :,,rip-
tiull. .inl ..i i ,. I 111 ill .1 i .li.t lr, .Iri li.hi.rl l ti i1i il I n ilo i :,.a n, ;...- o--i'un .r isi Lu iurel of -am i propi rtv
a t..i ..- ih -.. -n.ii ,it Itb p u.'it\ I,- ili..l i ii.i tl .r wh it !,i .-i I i.iull iinh b.-r in it I ril.,'i aii thi.' **- i e-ral lj rt' thtere-of WLre
..,. ii ,l ..t tl,. i ..f i .u.f h .. s .ll i.i-. l,. it r-.,iir'.l, \ rii ''.l al .-I., I ,. ih...I,tio un i : ,itn Ii.ul.liut, fixture ~. .,r
mL .i-hill r u .I- -tr-... -. ..r .L, 1 a i d ,L il .ill ,1i.... it -. i. i ir .l hirini -t ,i tlib ,.f thll niag tl t..r n...t Ur\ pn.111 1, Ir.t rint r-
..l'.l iji tl.- 1,i ni .i 1 .-. hi.l. ..-r .. ,i-r,. .,- -i .r r l, lh.-.l I .. hi.' inure.] i living i t';L.r -t th -.. ld. l td. -.'. .'ldt IIti that be h li
ex, ,iii-j lh' ir l ii. i-tl ir a Li l l rl,--!1 h, thl- ilt-.ll '-I Ll I 1- l h..Ii -li adl Id ...sS t i t 'lil l lL t i t 1i .u,.h lU tiMi'i itratl or uL.trin
puill -li. ll t I i .t 0 .
SI'lh.- i -linrel ..- ,ftl- a,_ r.- iiir'-I' -h.hill -hilih t tI iit.\ loe-r-o,.l' ,l ig ittd I.y th-.11 .....iplli ill that i;-ut. ,, .tt)lv p.,pertm
her- in dh...rit ..1, ni.lI .ijl1iiut tI .'.. *xjlil.iti'on m uler tdlh i y iii\ pi n ui.u '.l t I, l.i .i ..i u piny. .iil i ul,-. ril.e th,- a im e- a dil .
a1.a i rit'-n a- r.tluir. .1 -hi.ll ipri n ..I-i. t..r ,it '. ina.itiI.n ill t..i .kl t .i~i.oiuit. hills, in ri. e-. .1 1n ith-r tiru l 'i -. ..r .-rtifiiul i bli-
i th-r i..t if i'rtii.ul i.- l.-t. i1 .ii..Ih pl.ia. a.- u.tiy be ii--ignateL-d LU thli ..iiuIpal.n '.r it,- r-'prt-entativi and i, all
prnit -xrrat t- .nI r ou pi. th.-r-*.t to 1". ui..l- o
Il rh- .;f ]l-i r r .--ii t 1.- to tll- .inioi lit- ..,f I l.-. til- .1 1'h -hall. d h.ii pr.iid.dl I V .' i ai rti !.-il h I o tiloipo ielnt
andIl ll.h ii t-r-. .ti) r-. l ir, inriir,-.! .in.I Lbi i .L.Jiit -'hl-..tiLnt.- '.n-, ..ii1l Ih.1 t1 .., th .-l-- ll shli r--I ..el t a i.imrpertr it
ant ,1 .ll-iit:r.'--t'.l ijiii.p re. ti .ia pral .-r- toIm hiliei h, ill thir-i etlii.. itr- i,! i ppr.l-uc- l'h, l." .i.ti.' ,.-,tratl l\ .1'.I t l \,illti- inn l
,1n'.t i;g-. uin.. f.tliiiL toLI at riT '. -hlill asulnlit t l-s iltT-it-n. i i". tH,- .-ii_,opir- : in.I Hi ,ittw itie l i writing oit ,iri. t 'w -iltl d,t1 -'irn iit-
lh i.' din..uiit ..t -h,.h1 1 ..--: th pl-artie- hller-rt.,
ai..-'luie- oI thI- ippi-ral Anrd umipin''
11 hi ...1 .i|l..i'y .hall not I.- l-ti1.i to hav,.- V'-..-Al tny provi.'i.inn or condition of f |hiI.,, p.l ..r t iy tirrlttur th -reof i' any
rn-lllir.'iin-il. 1. 1, or .pro- -ferllu u it. p.irt rel.ating tu o thiI al,.ippr. l .r t I. n\ an v '. n I-rr'in li.-r..'\i l-i ttr .anl the Itn..
hilall in.t 1I.-e .Iu- .ablh lr ,intil -ity) .1t,i after the 111OliOi', :I..Ttil inn .int. e-tInal.I .ili.! - i.t, t ,.rvj pr..-f o.lf ti .- Il,.,. herein
r-niuiril i..ha, i..-n\c. l I 1\ tit ...!iijll n.n iii. lulil. ti ll au rail hy applai.r u 'r, ahi .hp[.pr.i-'.il hLa I:r-rt r -.l:.rr-
'li. ..oCiiil..liu ihall ii..t l.- liatI.l- uinJ.-r thli p % firr a ir. .t-r ipropirtion .., -t 1tl-- i' t' rhe- ile pri .pert3, or for
rit-. I.y ,ant i- .t- 'ii..- o.f r.-iiovu l rsi-oi prc- iii-i-.- ii.liuui'-r-.-d'l l. r ir -. thia th- iin..i.t h, rel.i in-itr,.i -hall i..-ar t.. th- while
intir.miii -. wh-h,- 'r L .ti.i or ni t. i .r h,.tit .,r ili-mli-ent iniri'r-]. '-'..-ring .im, ii p.r p rt d ,till th,- Ixte- l ..i the l.- ,lt -itijn
oft uh.- i -iil n.,. n'l'i-r thi.- pI..1', y o.r ..t th.- i.. Itri.itmion t '.1 i.,i thi. 1.,,ii i lint\ 11m, .i 4..f if I.--.. Ud .3 I- prr..ij.-Il tor ib
a.gro.-un lit o..r .i .i liti...n wrliten- ii crm rn .lit th.l .lr ippeill:. I .r.tnO Lialmi tit i',i rI'-.tlil ura.n..e -h ll i,. as .pe- ;hi .il ly- agreed
If tili- L.."IInpa i -I11il laili that tl.' hr, w..- 't hyv tle- a.t. or neaplert of .in. p.-rinn or I .i ,r or tirni, private or uuni-
i.ipal, thi i. ui.jidr .L.A i i,, ln p il.n -t otf thi- Il-, i- -iil r..t.'jt'.l t. thi- extnti f .,i'h" pa i-nit t. aJt right .'f r.,- or-n hby b.
in.tiire- i f'r th, lo.- r,-.slting thrr-nfrniom. an. -nh right .alil:l ..- .4iain.l .1 tI ili ...miii+n i ly th.- in urit-l -. r e-'eiVit.g u-.h'
No it or 'al tin onl this poli'- f..r th-- r-io'-)vi-r if an claim. ?itl ll Ii -i.i-talin-talie in any i...lrt tf law or q'uity until after
fill coul.plin.e Ihy th- inisirei with al thl tI.-ore.'inog r:-qiuiruetlu-nti nor ilnl.r in ..l- mlni-In. within twelve month- i -.t aft-r the tirf.
Wh.-r'-,v-r il thmi puie cy tbe world -' insiur-l- oiV Aur<. it l'hall btI hele 'b ti... Intlu tbi- legal rt-prc-rM.rntative rf li-h inoiured, and
whir-ver the woolr i ljoss" oe..rur., it -hhll I.' 'l,- miunel th,- eqjui.,ld-ult '1- Ilo. r ..amug..'
It thi- p.llit I%.:' niaia-' bry ,a mutual or otht-r companyany hl.,vingy -p- lal;n.n lawfulliI appli-abll t.- it. organization.
lmUiuler-hip, pilii'i- or .riontratt-. of insutrancr, ?ul h regulaticiu- e.;ll d apply t.. anld furnm a part of this poorly v t.he -,an-u may
heI written or iprint,.nl upon, atln .i'l.h- or app-en-ed her-to

This policy is made and accepted subject to the foregoing stipulations and conditions, togeth-r with uthli oIlthr pr.'ri-ion- agl-treerment.. or ..un-liti.iri.- a.- Iinu t- in.urseil lher-on or aroill-'l h-r-!.j. and no .ffotheer. agent or other representative of this com
pany 'hAll have power to waiv\- any provi-ioni or .:o nilition ( J tii ,lit- y 1 xie,,pt uai.h a by the t -iris of thi- policy may I- sunhje-.t of agr'-v-imnt Ind-lllr-e-d h-ren or alldedl heret... and as to iu.h proviins i on.nn.lndti,- no ,iLteer, ag.-nt or representative shall
hav- such powpr or I.e ileemiedi or held to havEt b ai\ted sucit prlvitFiorn or condiition, unrd-- le h waiver. if an, shall be written uponor attached htret-i.. nor shall any privilege or perumision affecting the insurance under this policy exit or hie laimed by the insured
unlesl no written n or attiuchd.t., f ...1
ot WMi tnSs WshernOf, this company bas exc-.uted and attested these present., thi -c -- .-_____ day iof _ 190P

2'ssidetu Secreta y.






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StadarM Fire MIrance Poliy of the State of New Yor

SL.IVE- RP O L.-E z.-O IiN-'U N .


i. '.,,',. .-- I HN I BB'I ,

SI.D\\L RI) I. 1 HORNI:V 1I.I.,





H. I. Gl.I.MOI'R,
WM. i'. M1 'IRE.

H. H. MNhil'I." 'N.



W. H. I'ATI ,

,'.,, U.ti I/,, .agt.' and.SIct. ..--JNO I M 'OaX'E.
S'.,,.. lE, ",.v- ',- T. I. X i.5' '


't,li ,,.ar,-IR CHART.ES NICHOI..ON, BaK r .DC L

.fi,'.i C4hrtl"l .-G, I IA. [ I WH NITMAN

SII. W T. R. COl'r'IN,






. ,i, latl ,1,/ R e .','*"/ t CL- ,' l, I.''.. IIFN I)RIKS.


1 :"


Fire Policy No. 364;

dwuint 3nsiiire, s., 6 .

premiin, $ ---,
._ --- -

I:.\PIRI S //. < '"' .
lit E!.E i L I .. .. ..


II Is important that Ihe written portions of all policies c ser-
Ini the same properly read exactll alike. If lhey do not they
shouldd be made uniform at once.

.. I r "',i o,
* ^ \ ,* ., . . '.

( blltlaal,,- a HI.\KLR LES1. NIA.RSH.AI.L,
s' i'd,.t/.l/.t'.geo,-H-ENR \VW. EATON.
Lptl. a .l/a-age.,-GEO. \\ HO'T.


Cha/.l r.,.'.-W\M. AI.VORI),
. .:. .'i .S -,/Iar.,-C HAS. 1) H AVIEN,
.1 st S.r.'ai.,--C. MASON KINNE


Cr.z,,','Fmn.-EZRA. J. \\ARNER,
:d.."', ,' V.C.'etar,-WV S. WARREN.


Lli.,i,,,ia'.--GUSTAF R. WEbTFELDlT,
A'r/ilde !..c'lr/alt,.-CI.AR ENCE F. .OW,
.Issi.a' V ,i.'iotauii,-J.j ;PEPPER.

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C',a, n ,u .--.]fHN I1I 1B .
,, LiVAR J. THORNI' T11.1

H. B. ;I.MNOI'K,
WM. P. M11.101Th.
WM. P. Nit I' I R L
H. H. NICllit 1.siN,

111 i.11 I.VI r: SMVTH,


General AManager and Secretary,-JNO. MI ri .'E,
. "*,. '1. '.,i 2 ,-ri,-T. I. ALSOP.


AV .' ,.'y ChLtl iii,.--.. D. W HATM .A N.
LIIARI.I-. I H. C IIMlE, M. 1'.
1 RI.I)'K I ANNINt.,

RI.,HVr Hi.-. LORD LA\\VR .NtF.


. l, i .dr\ ,I.,I A','r ./(, l.'al -.% I', I. HFN DR I KS.

. ^ ..j t.- -i> -- ----'` '"- ... -- ^.- ... -ju. *


Fire Policy No. 36

C'111nint 3nl're', ,

premium, $

/ I f ElI1 E I '.'*A' A t- ..'

II Is important that their uri en portions ol all policies cover-
Ingr the same properly read ecacill alike. If the do not they
sh.,uld he made uniform at once.

Stam r 7Mre Inmuce lclicy f dhe StWte d Now Yo

42.~rf L IAZL
I(ff L
T' /&

I ~Z)"



Akidenit .1/,t,,-IIENRV \V EATON.
Lepf*t.i ./lv..'.ge,--GEO. \' HOY'T.


7 i'< 'i :,i,,',-- AI.\ RDI).
1.0\ EI.L \\ HITE,
/.le.'t' ..djlarl,-CHAS. I'. H \I -.N,
1.;.il 'er.'r a.i,---C. MI.ASON KINNI..


tlabar,, ',-- /..RA J. \V.RNF.R,
I.E%'1 Z. LETTER,.
A' td .be'.re/ari ,-\V. S. \WA RREIN.


0L'm',,t'.r;,,--GLSTAI' R. \'ESTFEIIfrT,
AIs,'edtil,/ ( veta,,-CI.ARENCE F. IER.
. Ismtiult 'ir'aiyT.-J G. PEPPER.

Vote.-Th77iz 1iilirI rI n' IIt r"?ni/r fI 'r pu i.rpnsrs rf cralliteral scruriiy. but for qr/h purpose it
ir to hIe 'irlr "'paihlr iln ..i /' Inss.," etc., bit endorsement on its fare. In cases of actctal sale and
iii nsf -r I .f tiH.i .leave hai ri /lrarn pr'iiou s1l 'obtain id. the form suhi/nined u yltr be used, which must
Ih" .v.rrt tedl at the time of said tIrani sfcir.

Assignment of Interest by Insured.

T~:,- ao' crestt fa~r

as owner of /rocer/i

:I;' i bi this /, 't11i is ier ib a is.i d t .........................................................

.it"r, !'U c /ni scu. i ?. lhe ibn poo[ &" fonbon & t'ilober nsurantir n ompain of ngllanb.

. .[),/. .

Consent by Company to Assignment of Interest.

Clite Eiuerpool .onbon o A6lobe insLuicanCt !ompinpa of englainb. h-ircht co.nsbt that the

t/i//I, 3S/ Oi as olzi'Hr of th'e i '/ra'r. I

S1i''crci /i blts Po/.i b" assigncai .',


a1. RE HI riD I "r \IPNi 'IC. NFIi 1 I1HF- .1- I. RFD.

Yr. Mo Day.


hIi eoils'idit v tionl (of

pa,-,. Il IF ., -
F,. n,. ZI, Elt.t
RAid J
li pg.., *,)/a, .,/,t., ;,a w,.,.

Do/l i rs,

return p/remit i, receipt of u'hich is hereby ackino'!-

Sedled., this. Policy is hereby cancelled (and .surren-

deried to the Co.

r .. ..i~


I --DALE R---


.. --. .. .... .




-- ----

ft %onsitcration of the stipulations herein named an of c ,' ; .______ golar grmium
Does Insure_ -- _-_--- -.y a for the term of f -_W-2cd

fronm the ____ day of--- 190o 0, at noon, to the dfay of ..-L ---..19C at noon,

Saains4 all direct loss or damage by fire, except as hereinafter provided,

To a-in amount not exceeding __----- ---c_- --'- ---- -Dollars,

to the following described property while located and contained as described herein, and not elsewhere, to-wit:

S e s" -!- .. .. BUIIzz wth ....
.. / ...0 n. ....... .............. ...... store w ith
whie ceupied for th lowing purposes --.....

situated at No.. ,. .,,,on the. j.-C .t ,..,.. a.. ... o r c.-..... . ...
si t u a t e d a t N o ..A/ . . . o n t ne ti, -d,.- ... i .... .

/ roof

.... .. street an

On. FIXTURES mit RE, while contained therein.
t .j..E. ....i..nd Onw............a........ . ... .... *.... ..PLATrEiifiindows of above described building.
.. ..... ...On AWNINGS attached to above deocrited C
ni sin..i11cvr rAn r v1ret ir c ,-.r -,lanage cau-e bE Lihtl ifl tien the commonly Rlaccetpti e in- C Iln t r i.i in n t nd u i- t ". t i 1 t
C.Clr.tI LOtrn, ad. or ellltIi rrt excedirml n the a in uirei. n tr he llerestl i p er) Iod subject to io ot re-pcc, to t lCnrelt i a* 't i C l ri tlr cr ti u.I
P., .-i it r v ever ii there .n ill ve sNt IutJl-r iiiuranc e on -and prperlty thIs C,_mpan a.tble ouly pro rata wieth uch other I. dr o br tL.' II
.iher, n. ii-ur.,. I .L..,i-i .tlreit lo- by t.Lihtttins or no,.v E E41 HI'I P E IT.
n - i n i) rlr i li, llh 1 n i i hi ti lnu rrtlln r tl-t wah ithen ie r, c hIth are protdeTst with rrelstc A', aRR TIR Bt It te rie rtri t [.-,I q Ii t in t .Ulllll. n ciiri u v ittI th- lllldl't I Ht-n
,-tilt i .-i lltn tt c. .. dlattii Ie it Iin lti i .k ii h tiur ti d s i agr-e-t that thi4'po 1 i illcy rh n1-ci sh"Uri ai d aiah nt u le Spc"lI an u. r ntel 'iBlnii
This company shall not be liable bP ,. rt111t1, m u, k--p,,, ,.ore t,,..- t. rr-.l ol K.1 r,-e ne i, i 11n,. 1 le th-an t.l I. ..1 ndar nd t llui ree.. and 5sod pou ns pouwddr.l ur ne i er tbe handled or soll by artidnctal light
fo -o ipl, w lh the A I of th11 L.e-^l~ature 0 tihe St,l. e ..f I.']orsl. r -gul. us lg th e Iue ,f polLete, b. I ir( Inlurance Com panies appro et M1 a 3--t. I ,cQ the
depreciation however caused, and shall in i r otIt- ipalu t' the I Ahit.n hrtmi n dir-ci Soit Sit the C t ollopin1 .-31 untI th
ititr0i-ll %alU e-.- rite Lt1111111iltc lt-r it:i1 LCt CTi--c. a ,-li 6x,' li .1 I it rlic utl.)%%i nkli 1 1 ill 1111t

a they differ, then by appraisers, as herenmafte
4 estimate and satisfactory proof of the loss h
6 and also to repair, rebuild, or replace the pr

. a o

,[ t ll.'t i. i .

6 no abandonment to this company of the p ON lil
a.Olo^. 0^^"^_ _
7 This entire p,:bcvy shall be vid it the Ve I.. .
S fact or circum-tance conerniiu r this inuritn t \
9 truly stated herein. or in L.ase if any traud .
0 the subject thereof, whether .before or after a Additional Insurance permitted
11 Thi eitiri poL.:-, unrilie -s therwi.e pov .'
12 sured u.ow has or phidll hereafter mak- r
j in whole or in part l., thi., p,'Abc .:r if the l T ,h p ata. t' ,. arItd oInm a pa tl 9 #
14 ,r in part at night Iter than ten .' lIock, or NC O F
I5 increased b anu m ean within thb control orr INSURANCE CO.. OF ENGLAND.
1 repairing the within described premiseA form sr or'
7 than unconditional and ,)1l- owper-hip -,r O
IS fee-simple, or if the -ubje. t i.,f insiirini.e be
.1 the knowl-dige if the in ure-i. f.:r-.lo-iire rOc
) policy by virtue rt l p ii. 'irtg;age- .r tru-t deem
21 tere-nt, title. or pIosesliaun of the suhjict i. m ... . ..-.. ... .... -i... .. Ie .ii Lnlu. tiir-i-ri .i> -Ir.mni
22 Ipruc-s- or judgment or by voluntarv a. t ,it th,- ii.nur.dil, .'r ,.therwi,.-. ir if thii p..,it' I .- .it-igitilii r.i tur.- lI-i-: ..r it tlinci utii ih
.1 g "ar or vapor hv grnerat-id in the dncrie,.l li it!li ior adjta-int theret,''i tb r u;,- thereti or it ianii. u.L,. i .r t .u-ti ni t traIv or i
!4 uimnufattur. to the ticontrary notwithdtamnding, th-rei- )I kept. l.-d, or :all, .-l nl tih al.\t i].-.rill--r prI-rin?--. I.el.line. l.etirile.
25 ilyndaite, ether. tireworkk, gaisolene. grepi-k tir, gaulnponwde-r es-.rdjug tweilt\t-iv'- pounlds. 11 .intittt. ,apilthal ntir.- *r-rn 1
2 r.r other explosives. phosphorTns, rr petroleum citr Uay of its produttLi ,t cireater irntla.oaubility than k'-r',-cfn' oil t f he 'rnilt id
27 'tale standard. Which last may bi- ius.-I for light' and k,-pt foray -aie a.-.'rdiling toli lta but Ir. 'liantitti ,xe.-ehir" tief lI,irrl-.
5 providledi it I re draw- and lamp hilli.i by Jlyiyght. ,r .t t n ,lit.inuL nl' t It thlliu ten fet frI :n atrthiliial li ht: i .l r if a liiilditL
'9 bhreini described. whether intetndeil tr Ott..upaitiy l.oy owner ..r tenant, I ..r b,.'~some Mitanti or unuocc-upi-il uA.l -i. r-uait t."r
id ten days.
11 This ,-nrupany shall not be liablI- for loss caused dire..tl3 or ii.lrrc etly I.' nurasitn. i.Luirrettion, rirt, til wai r or coauiis.,i-
-2 tio:n. or inilitary or r u-j.1mrd power, or li order ot an% tii;l authorityy : or by theft. or Iy nti-gl- t t ILL i i]urid tor u-.e ll rl ea-e
2 ,iridlnabl i marine to nave and pr-isr-nre the property at anrd after .I fire r -whli tho- prop'.rti in- -n.iirnii'r-'l iv hr. in ill I-hl,:rin.i
14 premnii-.: or unless l ire ensue's, aui. iu tih.t event. it I th- lah agi ,ui' 'l r .'ih 's i I i h spl.,l.i .tif iny kini. i. r li".I hh ing. Iit
Sal. lditv fmor dire-t ilamage by lighthigw util, hie a-iletued Iy ~po.' iftl .ierl.Trluit lh-reoii
1i If a bitildin *.tr aony part thern',f fall. except ai- th r- re-ilt ol f re. .ill intetr ,n i i.' this p.lit.y t, u u,-s h .tilllt.g ..r it- ..i....te t ,
7 hallU inmmnediat'.lv t.ea e. t
r, Tlhiu.s oimpans hall r not ie liiil.le for I..r t j..i..iuaIiit btil. i uirrens... Ilrliers rviien -ne -of dei .t, m nc.:y. note., or ri: urn ti -.
9. nor. inles.s limailillty i *peitn;ldally as"umeie l hereon. tn.r I,.-. to .awiinas. bullion, ciat'. .*ri.eitie-. .Lrawini-. dce.. imlplemniit'-,
0 jewels. niainiiscrlpts. medals, moidel.. patterns. pItures. -i..-ntiti.: apparaltu-. sigpu. Mtor'- or rithei furniture or tixtour-. -..ilpture. r
I tools, or property hidt on storagi- or for repair-., nor. hii,.nfl the .s.tuli v. al,: ,lr trr'ye-d by tire. for into o ai .i.'-d Iy dordinante
12 or law retaulatirngw citutTir.tilin or repair of buildin.]-. ,,r by. irnt-rrrpittiI t ll.-in-llle. Iiiajnifait:turmi, ro r -.a-. ir nor .
: 'for any greater proportion of the alue nltit plate plas.. tre-s.oe:s. and dci-coriatrniin than that wluih tlii. .poli y h.ll bear to the "
4 insurance on the building .lciribni.
W.5 If anl alplicatin. suJrvey. pltn. or description of propt-rt3 be referred to int thiI p..ilJi.y it hall b.e .a part of thit. enltran.t arnl
-6 a warranty by th-e injured.
7 In any matter relating trI thi, in.nirantn:e n-:O p,-r-on. unless tIldy in w-riting. sihall be deemed the agent of thii'
I8 ..omqiany.
9 'his policy may by a renewal be c.ontinudl under the original stipulation, rn con..idrratiuon .f prelniumn for the renrwd |-
i) term, provided that anr irllr.-as,- of hazard m n t lr- Inwtle known r this i'ominpany at th- tinme .f renewal or thi' pi licy .hall be void.
1 This policy shall be canceled at any time .t the request of the insured, or by the r eiompan lby gkivinit be dai. nitic: f it
2 such i.ain:elatirn. If this poli, y shall be as heremnbefore pro\idd-. tnr bc'onime void or cea.e, the premium 'having been
3 at tially paid. the unearned pirtioin shall be returneil on .urr.nder of thid polly itr laist rtinewal, thi~ company retainingi the i'ns-
4 toimary short rate. except that when thi pohcy is ,an-:eltd by tbi.' cumpanv by ng'.':in niotli.e it 'hall retain only the i'p.. raia
5 premium.
6 If, with the consent otf thi company, an interest under this. poli,.y 'hall exist it. fovor o.f a micortguaee or of any person or
7 corporation havingM a.n iterect in the subject of msurani-e itherr than tht, inlerei t ijf the Inisuriil a-,l escrib'-d herein. tbi condi-
S tiotns hereinbhelori e i.tntain-d shall apply in th- mIanner expremnad in -ut.h [pr.riviton o and c:lnditions of insurance relating to 1such
9 interest as shall he writteP upon. attached, o:r appended hereto.

I. warranted to be concurrent herewith

/ A.' .. t, khe LIVERPOOL & LONDON & GLOBE

actual cash value, with proper deduction for 1
ide by the insured and this company, or, if 2
: sixty dais after due notice, ascertainment. a
tides at such ascertained or appraised value, 4
.d, of its intention so to do, but there can be 6
moval to a place of iitfeh. and is so remor-e-d, i0i
*operty remaining in the original location., hall, 61
: if removed t<. more than none- action, such 62
the value in any one ti cl unw locj'atnn bears 63
if removal, whether to one or more ikations, be 64
al insurance on the whole pr-,perty at the time tG5

i writing to this company, protNl*et the property
property. ut it in the I,,It possible ,,rder.
.... .p. ... .-GE.\' ,ticle und l amount daime-i therenn: and
companyy, shall ri-nder a statement t:, this com-
Sinsmreld a.' tV' the tlime aid l riafn ..of the tire;
1 item thereof .and the aniruunt it los-. thereon:
....... ., sat id property, and 1a ci.ipy f all the d.1i'crip-
rnn' on rl '-iChltule in ttl 'li'. ii- an' ' in th- till- t-.. it.ciipaition, location. p,.i- t.-ton. tor expo-ure, I t said property
ni. ti e tll --in. .t tih- .111, L wIh.I .i.I .llr ,.. iLt pirn-[..c.- rmy l.iillintg threin rl-srrined and the several parts thereof were
ip..... Ii p 1 at ith tii ..if tIar.- ,itndl -i.n tll fori -i. it r'4tiir':, I, ri~fI-d plll ns I L I pr.t:ih,.atioui 'i.f o .f y i u hildlrl hlxtures, cr
inima liti. er ,-tir'... I .,r ,I tii.1i.I.I. .and a;l-.. if rt-llnirnl. trirun-lt 1 ..t thI" maaritrat'te or n.t.rry p.nhlc i not inter-
i i.t..l iii l, L i.,1111 .i i.rI it.l r or ith-is\ i- -. nir r.-Lit.-l t io i re t Ir.t-ure living Ilearr: st the p[la e If fire. stut-ing that he has
'%.tnllii-nod, thi, cirt i -.tiiii.-- .'iit It.t-Ihl ltit- i.-.i i -! boni o u 'tlt usttaire.I los.- t. tI e iitntouut lthait -iw.b iutagistrate or notary
public -hall c, r ltt,
tlh. .- ,.trten .- r,.iquiri-l. -Ii.itl etAilbit tr. any person designated byt thi- .mniviny atll that r-main- of 1any pIroperty
he-rein .le.. rilt-ij. ,ntl ..ul.,iiil t.i t.-.iuii] uwdler oath Ib., any p-ersn name-d 3by th i ... nipany and .-iub.ribe the anme; and.
as intent an' r- uriii..l. .hall pr..ldi., t:.r e) ition all .ohk-ik ncf acc.uont, bills. involit.e. and ,thtr nr rnchere. or er-tified copie
thl-le".. f I , bI, lt -iA llrej-o.oamiitle place .ia mlay be tdeiignatpid h thi- company or it reprm-s-tdative. and hall
,pei at extrIatl- anil Iipli- th-reot f to i.te
In th, .-t.n ii l di,'r iriit e rt.- to the itonili. at .ot .- the t ant '- .ihall. Aht .ilt.o p-novided. be acs-rtaine.l by two competent
andl liintite.Irstd 1 ppraiter-, lith il-red i artd thia ctll mpay ea-i. iOiA le'..tin. one. antl th ltwo n1 choyen shall hrft *'elt a comipetnt
nnid aI.interi.-te'I itnpir-. lhe,r thb-n e-tiniate and apprai-e the lo,. stating ounnd value and
damage, atii tailini to, t4. ar-. -ithall I sitmit their -liffTrencea t. the, ur.pire: and the award. i.writing- of any two shall determine
th- arIl.nirt t ttt 'uchI. It.i-. th- p.irtI-- thei-ito' shall pay the appraiser respectively selec tfi.-tr them and sh.tll he.r equally the
re-pen,.'- .t the .p1',r.altsi andI unimire
ThIn- ,:.gripan:, 'hall n-t be lielhI t. have wivtid any provision or condition nif this politiv or any forfeiture thereof by any
reqiiiremient, act, or proieeilinr ,.n its Ipart relating to the appraisal or to any examination herein provided for: and the lois
shall not Ilher,.ii piaalble until sixty day? after the notice. ascertainment. estimate. and *ati'fattory prtclf of th-e los. herein
rejiuired hali.'e b-ei r-e.eiredI. 1. this company. includinlu g an award by appraiser when appraisal lnha' een requ red
Thii. i uilany -hall nit be liable under this policy for a greater proportion of any losi on th. le.'-ritbr.-d property, r for
lo- biy aimnd -11 xp-1i-e t removal from premise endangered by fire, than Ithe amount hereby min'.trd 'h.dl bear to the whole
in.urun-.e. rwhelher rl'ad :r nt.r y olvnt or iny olentnt or i insure s. covering urh irope-rty. '.uid the ,xtent .,f the application
of the io-uranlie uiindler thi- rlolic'y or ,f the contribution to bh- made hb thii ruiontpiny in e.a-e of tl's. may Ix provided for by
ag~-emii-nt or t.inditai.l written hereon or or appa-nded herevt. Liabitity for re-irLnarance lhalll be as specifically agreed
If this lompan) hall claim that the fire was caused by the ac.t or negleI:t .of any person or corporation, private or muni-
cipal. this company ball. on payment uf the be subroeated t.- the e-xtent of such payment ti all right of recover' by hthe
instureid fo:,r the Io-. reSuiting therefrom. and sut.h right shall be s;Aig'ned to this company hi. the insurred on receiving swu:h
No sumit or 'action on this p['licy for the re:ovvery of any claim shall be .-,itainable in any jcoirt of law or equity until after
full conmphant.e by the insured with All the foregoing requireiiuents. nor tunlaesin3 innelnt.d within twelve month- next after the tire.
Wherever in this policy the word "insured occurs, it ,hall he held to in-rlide the legal repre-,s.-utative of the insured, and
wherever the word lois" occ-urs, it shall bI- d-eemied thr equivalent of -"loss or damaore.'
If thi; policy tb made by a mutual or other company having special regulations lawfully applicable tt iits organization,
membership. police. or ..ntracts i.t inanerance. 'uch regulations shall apply t:i nd form a part. of this policy as the sama may
be written or printed upon, attached or appended hereto.

This policy Is made and accepted subject to the foregoing stipalatlona and conditions, together with such othi-r provision-, agreement-., r condition a; muay be indri-red hereon or ad-.led heretoe. and no officer, agent0, or other representative of this com
pany shall have power to waive any prprvision or condition of this policy e-cept such as by the terms of this policy may be sulect of agreement intlore-dl hlreon or addled hereto. an.i as to iuch provisions and onilitious no offlker, agent or representative shall
bave such power or he deemed or held to have waived sOuih provisions or c conditions unless such waiver, if any, ah.ll be written upo r attached hereto,. nor shall any privilege or permission affecting the insurance under this policy xirt or be claimed by the insured
unless so written or attached. d /
L Wttu ss Whereof, this company has executed and attested these presents, this _. -____ day of_ _/ .--. z-- 190-

.si 'fsident Secretary. *V#

cUtersigned, L C gnt._ Chairman.



.,,.,t -, -


n 4aonsicration of the kif

Does Insure --_-

from the / .. ,

a ^'a



- a. -



Sollars remittm

3rn. of 19C-4 at noon,

190 -7 at noon,

To an amount not exceeding

- Dollars,

to the following described prol

.. .. ... __ ..... . ...... .. .. ..

S This company shall not be liable beyond the actual cash value of the property at the rime any loss or damage oc4rs, and the loss or damage shall be ascertained or estimated according to such actual cash value, with proper deduction for 1
2 depreciation however caused, and shall in no e.'ent exceed what it would then cost the insured to repair or replace the samr with material of like kind and *lualirt; said ascertainment or estimate shall be made by the insured and this comr-any, or, if 2
g they differ, then by appraisers, as hereinafter provided, and the amount of loss or damage having been thus determined, the sum for which this company is liable pursuant to this policy shall be payable sixty days alter due notice, ascertainment, .
-i estimate and satisfactory proof of the loss have been received by this company in accordance with the terms of this policy. It shall be optional. howe~ei, with thih company to take all, or any part. of the articles at such ascertained or appraised value, 4
6 and also to repair, rebuild, or replace the property lost or damaged with other of like kind and quality within a reasonable time on giving notice within thirtv days after the receipt of the proof herein required, of its intention so to do; but there can be 5
6 no abandonment to this company of the property described. 6

This entire poblcy shall be void if the insured has concealed or mnurepresent-d in writing or itherwie. any material
fact or r:irursLance concerning this insurance ..r the nl'jact thereof, or if the interest of the insur-d in the property -he tnot
truly stated herein or in tade of any traud or fal-e swearuig ty the instiuredl tl.uI.lung i ny matter relating tr th ti, inLuranict or
the subject therenof, whether before or after a los.
This enttire poLj.:\. unless otherwise provnded by agreement indorsied hereon or added herpto. shill be void if the in-
sured uuw has or shall hereafter Wlmak- frr pro.ur- uny other t.tritra, t of insurance, wheth.-r rvali or int. nn property ioieredl
in whole or in part by this polii., o:r if lth'- 0lr bj..t '.t insoirani- be nianufa.taringrg -stabli-bhm-nt and it lie .oiperateJd mi wh.Ii
,ir in part at night later than ten ,'.ilt.k, ',r if tt cras., t.:, b- op..rated to r mnor- than ten i o-,- I.i nie day. or if thL' iha.ard ltie
increased by any wmana within the control or knoiwle-igp rot the insured..; .'r if iniehanI.s be employed in biuh;ling. altering ..r
repairing the within desiritb'd premise for wore than ffteen i a.1' at any one time. or if th- int-r'-t of the in-unred I.- oth.-r
than unconditional and sol-e wpnership. "r if tihe subjei-t of inmurani:- tie a Iraiddling on ground not io' ned.l Li the in-ured:i iI
lee-simple, or if the --i j-,' t of insiir,mntlr be per-onal prpr-rty .urt 1 be an r ICi.e.mel in.unril.rerei hvy a chattel minrtgiage: or if. with
the knowledge oif the in-ure1. f re,'[loire pr.xe'e.ings be tnn 'itino.l or ntic-e givIn it -di-e 'If ajii property cotl-red t' thi-,
policy liy virtue -tt anP nii.rtg'ug-'- .r truot dleeil, ur if any ,hane,. ,'ther th.n it y th- '.I,-.alh I.f :in innur'.rl. take ,pltae in the in-
ters-t, titl.,. orr ipo'te.aisur of the subject '.f insuran~ Iex-.ept Icange iOf cOi'l..phto without Ilii.riea-i f fh.I .lrrdlv vhethli' I't l-gall
l.roc-_e or judwiment tir hy iliunlirr a t i t th- iuur-d, *'. r uth-rim -, oir if thi p li. y l' t ignt-i I.'-f.i re a lo--.. *r it illiriiiiatri.g'
gir ,'r vapo)r he- gr-n-rated i11 the dus' rilId bhuili ng lor thbr'-ti ht-r 1-. therein. : r It Iony ut-age n -i i L'i.tiin oi trtal,- ir
iiainufa.tare ti. the contrary uintwith-taniilini there- 1e Itsi-i. i.r .,ll.Uw.i In thle .ib.wJe .le.i riled pi remOei.' etiriize. hli-ut..i,-.
Ilyaluit,', ether, tirewourk. gasoltnr-. egr-ek tir-e. gunoi).:.wler eixi.-eiing tweiit. fiv- p-.unilt itn qilantity, nap,1hthl0 ijitr.-gly.erinnt
or ,-ther esploeivtos. phosphornis. or petroleium or any iot it. prioduLt. if tire-t-r iritialiuabllty k.-r'..-n.-i oil ..f il.- I nit,.il
,tate- -tan.lard. iwhi.-h last may I,e uno. r fir lights ind kept f.r ,sale a...irdingl to nia hut in ,iuatititi. not I -I..I .'-dui hliv l.brrel-. it he dawn and lamps tilled by laylriht. o:r Ait n'- not I.-- th- a t-o f'-et firom artith i.1 liLvht: ir it 'a iludlug..
h-rein described. whether intended tirr ot.upancy l.y ,-wner or tenant. Ib. or hr- lle. 'a..t.t i.r un u.l.pi.lm.l i..l r '-iiiui tor
ten days.
Thi ti. lipanV shall nut be liable fur Ito caused directly or iiliLre:tl- 1- i nvasimon. iisurretniion. riot, i rl war or r,.-
tin:u .r military ..or iisuirp-d Ipower. or lby irer .t i.ainy ,ni- l autlliorit; ,:or by th,-ft: ...r Iy ne tgle t of the tini-'rld toi u.- -all rea-.
;unahle mean- to .ave arit pr.'-er'e- the propl-rty .it .ad .itt'-r .a hre o:r whln. the prip'-rty i .- Tlani.tril vIy tire in nteihlirinsi
prenmi-r., or I unless hre en.inte- ail. il that tiveit for th-e ,.iliLi.", Iity tPiron\ b ehplIOe.-n if any kiIln. ..r lthtl ing. Ibut
ial.uhtv for direct damage by liighhtiniiig lla 1.- al- ll-nieily pei.fith .iagr'Tenl'-iit lier-o. i
If a Iaiulding or an.y part therc,..f fall. exce-pt a- the re-alt of tir., all i,. this polh. y Ion ,.th builling .--r it- oiint"lit-
shall immediately -adse..
Thi.. mpanI .'hall not Ie liable totr lo, s t. -a.'oints. lillt. ,i urron-\. ile-d-. eviildeni,- -f delt,- mnin-y. note rs. or si ,ritie'.
nor. Inle-.l lh litajlit 14 e. hla.Itl as-numed hi-re ..i. f r -lo-i to. awi inis., bullion. st-t, urio-itite rawinra g-. oIi-.. it iplnl i ii,-r .
jewels, man.iul.riptts. meal. n moel-, i. att-rn-. pi.:tur-. r ientihe' aippa-ratu.., glyrn. .l-,rt Ir ortii.e furniture oir alxture.s .ullptiire,
tools., r property held ,on .itoaragi- or for repair-.. nor. lei.nii thr- l ti aIli. de-tr..-vi.lI y bre, tor 1Itss oVi'.k-sionln-.l I .v "-rilhiarice
or law regulating constrti.tioin or repair of buildilig-, o.r -vy interruption i.t uiiiline'-. taiiiiiiuacIturinag roVe orn ..therw'-e, nior
for lny greater o.f the valtie of pl.atr gl.a-. fre,.-.t.-. anui d -....ratioinA than that wlii.h tlu- p.'..iy .habll e.ear to tLhe- whol.
insuraiin.e on th- building d.
If an r application. -llrvey plan. or d'--cription itr propt'rty .i-. referr-,]i t,, in thi. pilir.y it i-hbll be a part -f this i.Ci'traut aindl
a w.rranty by the minured
In any matter r-lating t'' thi- insiurance no person. unless -luly anthovrielI in writing. .ha.ll be dpi-eed the agent of this
This policy may by a r'-newal Ie- continue.l under the original 'tipuilutitn-, in on-ide-ration itf preiitim for Lh- renew-ed
trirm, proin-ded that any i n, rele ':f bhaiird, mu-t Ile, knia' W-rt to thi- --uiip.i.anv at the tim,' of reoewol tor thi- p.,li.y -hati t be pV-id.
This policy shall te canceled at any tim, at th'- reqluest of the insair-il. or bty th-e c.mnpan by giving five hila y- niitice of
ihu1h can,:elation. If this polity -hall be canc-leil as hereinl:efore provided, .,r be.onei void or ceat.e, the premium having been
tu&ally paid. the inearn-ed portion shall be retiurnied on urrrilude-r of thi- pOli:y ,)r last renewal. this r-oimpauv retiningl tbhe .es-
tomariy -hort rate; e.t epthat when th-c prih.'y ia -arcm eled by thiii company 1.I giving uotict it -hall retail onily thre piu 0 rat
If, with th t -ornent if thhisl company, an interest und]'-r th;is p.ility -hill exist in fair of a lmurtgagu'- or uf any person or
':ororation haring an interest in the cubjrelt of ilaura.n: e other thIn tht- int-re.-t of the iinured as deinheil herein the condi-
tions hereiahefore containede d hall apply in the iniianne'r expressed in su-.h lpr.'viis..n and ortndtition,. i-f in-urarni- relating to such
interest as hall be written upon. attacihel, or appended hereto.

If property cilreredi by this policy is ,o ,n'.lan.nred by Fire as to require r-emoval to a place of safret, and is s. removed.
that part ,t this p1,i,.1 in i-xi:.- ot its priporrtion of any loi and ot the value of property remaining in the original li.ation, hall,
tr th-e iI-uiiug ti;re % .y- nnl. .iv. Ter the pr'pe-rty -s. reru.i'ed Ln the new location; if removed to more than ..ue l cation, such
es:.e~s ti.f thl, i.h-y ihall i-over there t ter r ti d t l live days in the proportion that the value in any one rch new lI.ation hears
to) the value in I il -iu. h nb-e lrceati.ii'; It..ut thi< '-inpailny ball not, iti any i-asa- of removal, whether to oner or more locations, be
[laablee- lhen.u the iproiport!,n that the a.oiiiunt h--rl.Y', iIOiur-d shall Ib-ar ti: the total inOit-rance on the whole property. at the time
'it tir- kheither th. ;.ini uit iri new i l..:atll.iin r noit
If tire iC.iar thr* ii- .tri.l -h.all -it- Iniineiall te Ini tli- -t any I[-~s thereby in writing to this company pr...tect the property
S from further daaiua'. tilrtlhith -epa.trf tilh- Ilan.iagd'1 vnl utnd.aaged personal property, put it in the Iit pos'iile I ird r.
iUIake a m .'tuplot.- i.vlintrer\ .1t the -ai atini the ,.juntitv .indi et of eah artii lt ind] te -anouiit i.lairni-d there-n: arid
within .sty, du.- alter th- fir-, tlilu.r- .-Aluph tlim' I.i It'.l.l it wriltin b thji I-,uspainyv shall render i statement tt this
pany. j'lne-d anIl .wrn to ivy r~said in mreil, tat.iltng the lknrwleldge adtl belief of the- imnsire. nrts to the time arn] oriein of the tir-e
the inti-r'-t of the'il i .l I.t LII iIllet-. Ii til pruopert the value of eaeli item thereof andl thle u-l.unt -if los- thereon;
,illt Inimi Irran-.- thlir-oii. .ll otherr in-irancre I, ll.r ialil or n.,ot. c .,vrinig any of -aid property, and a of all thel descrip-
ti-in- aiiil si.hedLde- in .ill phi-uh-. ,I.I I .haii-- i. th- till' Is- i; i.iUpation. location, po.-'.-e..iU or expa.uret of said propArty
Pnn1- tillh I--u111114 thl- p.,li.\ I' whi..-i .-ii. to.r hat pIrpl-- an.rIy IllinlliUg herein lerril'-bel and the r'l'rtl parts Ihereof were
0. tupi,-i .it th.- tnhli- t lir'- .anii -li.ill toirii-l. it req'iiit'e %- rifi'-.l plans m.iid 'ptcihcationus .f ,ny building. tixtijres, or .ditro..ll i-r .laiil.agi .rn.l -hi.ill jl-... if i iq-,ir-rl. trin-hli 1 i.ertitiiat. ,it the iiia;ti trate .or n.-ltu-a punlhtr ot inter-
i-'ted in tii- i .lain it i rr--lil. or ,thlr'.l;-i-' n11r ii.t'. -l o ith in11 tsie, l l living iii'dart t thi- plua.i of ire. rating that he ha.s
e tiiitii,-ilJ thi- i r, ui,-ta1n ,'-.- ,a, l Il..-l i..- thie in.,i,-,L la bIonri.-tla, P-uta iine, los. to thl- aniikint that *ih mtuagiatrate or notary
pubal. -lhall .-'rtit,
le.- in-iir', a- ..ft-it .i. r...,iir.d-. -lh.ill -liihit to any r"-r-on designated bh thii ., inipir.y all that remains --if any propertyy
her'.in ile-I.ri-l. e.I.iI ad ul.iiit to .'exn.iintionsn i und-'r oath li any per.i.n nart-d b3 thib. i.'nlpaiy and -,uotrritb- the same n and.
as .ftin, r.-quirt..l -hill proiliio..,- exainu tion a ill h-Iok ,af account. bills. ivoi:e- andd either von-her,. ...r certified :opLes
thrreof if .. , Ie- l.-t, at -I._h re.t iioabll, plarice a.s ay h ie ditignat'd by i -th compUlny or its repretsenta tive. and shal
p-riult extra' ts and I .ip. s thereof to. l.e ima.l'.
In th-e ~.rn- t nif dl, nt as to the amlli.ut-. of lt.., the'- sai- shall. .s ai. ave provided. be avtertainedP bt two competent
and di'l-iutre-teid appraler-. thIl in-urt-l inird tmiii- ioiaLpa.1n y -a.t sel'-tintg oine. and the two .i chosen shall hrlst 'el;ct a competent
arid '-Iiiritr-.-t-edl uIiipire. tli aplpra. r- tio-retb,.r -hill then .-stimute and appraise the los .-stating parately- sound value and
i daiun a-- .nd. falling t, agre-. -lhall isubimit their l1iff1-r'-nc't t" the nu-pire: and the awards writing of an3 two shall determine
S ti-- amo.iunt ,-t ;iinh lI.- th.'- pi.rt,.- thereto. -haill ipay the apprai-r respecti.vely el ctedlbN them and .bha ll hear equallhl the
exprin-es .it th- a.lpp'rai-al .iul unipur,-
ThjI halll not 'tI hel-l ti havr-e w'ivd any provision or condition n of this poli,'v or any forfeiture thereof by any
reiquirenui-mnt, at. or pro.e-inxn o.n it- part relating to the apprnisal or to any 'xamninationi herein provided for: and the loss
6 shall not I-,.oiie I'a'ablle until sixty .i.vs after the notice. entertainment estimate. and , proof of the liA.. herein
reiiurerd liaet- I.e-il rit.elted hv this runipany. including an award by appraisers when apprai-al ha- been r.-q;ui,' 1
This ..omrpan;, hall nl b.e liable under this policy for a greater proportion '*f any Ir--. on the d'.. rihel property, or for
lor- h1 alnd exp-r ne .f ru-mival from prenmis enidanger-d b. fire. than the amount hbrebry in-iured sb.dl bear to the whole
ininuirai. e. whether ralid or not, or Iby nivnt .,r inolient insure. covering -u'h iroipfert. -uil th- -xtert of the application
of thb. ins.rani e itiler thiu policy or uf the contribution to be made by this rolui;ny in c-as-e f I.s... may bie provided for by
nigreelneutt i.,,ndlit. u written here on or attached or appi-nded hereto. Liability for re-in-uran,:e shall b- s spexihkallv agreed
If this e-nmpuiny -hall claini that the fire wa. i.anusil by the ant or negrlet ..f any i-erson or corporation, private or muni-
cipal. this iompany shall, on payment, of the luo be subrogat ed to the h extent of sut.h payment to al right of recovery by the
S inur-ed fur lie losr resulting therefro-m. and snv.h right shall bh a-iignied ti til li. company hy the insured on ri-eiving sue'h
No suit or 'a-tion oin this polirty for the ro .very of any claim, sh.ill he --.tamanble iln any court of law or equity until after
full compliance by the insured with all the tonreg-ing requirctr-nt-. nor unIkAs t.ltuieneicd within twelve month- next after the tire.
Wherever n this p-licy the word injuredd cu:ure, it hall be held to, ilu. luh- the I-gul representative of the insured, and
wherever the word ". l--s'" o."ours, it shall he deemed the erP1iivalent of " or dlumage."
If this policy be made by a nihtull. or other iomnpany Irving sp-ci al regulations lawfully a.pplicabl I t its, organization.
r 6nmberslup, policies orr ,inntracts of insuranci-, -wh regulations Ahall apply to and form a part of this pohl..y as the same may
be written or printed upon, attarh-d or aippenidr- bereto.

This policy t made and accepted subject to the foregoing stipalations and conditions, together with -such other provisions, agreementt, or condition as. mnay he indlorsed heron or added -i hereto, and no. noflricr, agent'. or other representative of this com
pany shall have power to waive any provision or condition Aof this policy except such as by the terms of this policy may be subett of agreement imlor-ldl here.,n or added hereto. and as to such provision andl conditions no ,oticer, agent or representative shall
have -uch power or be deemed or held to have waived sut.h provisions or conditions s unl-si such waiver, if any, hill be written upo nr attached hereto, nor hall ann privilege or permission affecting the insurance under this policy exist or be claimed by the insured
unless, ro written or attached. I
g Wtl itMa WhertOf, thie company has executed and atttetd these presents, this __ day of ___Z-.a 190 -

-es.id5t S 3cret.ry.

S_ Agent.


Cis torsigned,


icote.-7- I /',ilirtv i.s not s nrijnlbl, for purposes of 'ollv te/ral security, but for such purpose it
i j tI. i,: i O 7r i, "pian!.tvb' i, case of loss," etc., bq/ r'ndaj'rcn-ent on its fare. In cases of actual sale and
tr. nI fer"' 'f fitl/. /r.'Wr' ht iarinj been, pr iiously obtained, the form ,uloininrd moybe used, which must
hWi ,:.'et tied if th'e tt tei Ie i trlni.7 fer.

Assignment of Interest by Insured.





Th if/I ilQ I'/'i

as owner of property

,i ', /' i .' is i I 1 i i to .......................... .... ...........

.,/'; ,) t .; oftCsent 0'1 .ht Itibtrpool C !onbon & &lobe Insurance Tolpnp;an. of (nglanb.


Tr >

*' m ~


r .

-, a
- 0o

..; C S
Lz :p
-S 9


a :r ~



'. I

V -

r I
I '

* 7?


Consent by Company to Assignment of Interest.

ltTr iuerrpool & toltonb & el obr 3nIir;nrr teoinp:in of tPglan hereby consents that the

/illl .'"../ ,

as A/i'T 0,o /he /1/1.C 'ii

Ch' iI'd b i i ??:' P l 'l' iv sr Si j m vI/ to



i.- R IE 1-11 LED 1-L T .\AND I,N L)J B\ r'HI-. .f,,' RrD.

Yr. Mo. Day.


In con sidrr (icrtion of


return premium, receipt of u'hich is herebyl acknou'l-

e'ded. /thi, P,,riliUj is hereby cancelled and .surren-

dered to other Co.


1.5 .L.~;

z r,
c "
z a

IJ =

/. ', .1

e m Itz

X t e.-j7'l J. P.j11i i/ .4 not i .i)n ,rl/, for purposes of .ollrftera I security, but for such purpose it
is t', in: 7,1, "arl .7lV iti case i.floss," etc., bh rfldi'cen / mnt on its fare. In eases of actual sale and
Itr-.i fe'r onftith. /hr'r h,'ini been prr i iousli obtained, the form 'ulniined niy be used, which must
I- .vxer Assterg t the t imr ,If ,in r trnbr.

Assignment of Interest by Insured.

.7 ', i,"i,' re i

as owner of properly

.(O'cr'd fi this Po.'/ir ,' hrchi as. .i,g 'ld to.

.,,.-a7 to t .w,,tseF't of .t fibarpoolt fonbon a& llobe Insurance Comnpan.i of (nglanb.


Consent by Company to Assignment of Interest.

tT heT iu0rpoo0 & "oiion & 61obr ,nsiuranrt (eomp:in of ngliant, hii'e\i .onse/.-s /4,a1 the

nir r,' ..i ,s oI'''cr i lhic i't.,p rt.\

/?a.'i c ,i b' i'/,' P),'' /,, tIS/ t ,/ '


ruI RE 1- I LED I1iL"T .\ND iL i NI L B\ I'HI-.' RFD

.1' ..;.r

Yr. Mo. Day.


In conlsidrr, tion of

.1 -

lip,) 'ra/a >/f/* Icdi(>'


reurn, premium receipt of which is hIerebyi c aenoui'l

edced, thMii Priliy is hereby cancelled a.nd .Isurren-

dered to the Co.


I 1- 11 -%e


iii,;.*u,:, r..-JI IHN HIBRI'V.
I.'p il Chairmani, ,


HV. P. Mi, :lM tl'R,
:. .\Nl)iACII PARKI.R,


GCeneral ig ,a.C'. V.' i j,- N M. DiOXi'E
S..,-. .' ,'.Il: 1, T. I, .\ I.S( 1'.


/Im.^./ Cl.( i ,ri ,,,-- D. WHtATM.AN,
SIR W. J. R. cor 1f iN,
SRTHI'R 1 I. t\V R.
How. S. C RR GI.VN.
RIGHT Ho.. I.:. Rr- I. AWR% .NL .,
I..'i,,a t .,ad Resident H'Nt.t' ,- \ ', }l.NiRIKS

Shadard Ere Inmance My of h te Stde of Now York,

k I IM q (--1[ %'I "

1 ;

ft L (.

Fire Policy No.

(111101111t t 3lliltb ,


0 :

IXr's\ i ._. ,J
..7) -LF- I !

II Is importantly hatl he u rilten purtlons of all policlea coier-
inig the 4ame properly read eactl. alike. If the) do not the)
should be made unllurm at once.


.a,,,.', u ',aq,-CHIARI.ES H. M.ARSHAJ.I.,
A' i det'nt .ilava, gr,- HENRY \V'. EATON.
/'*i.ii .l/a.,'a, e,--GEO. \W HOVT


C,',, *../m',-\\"M. AI.VORD,
I',. '..i / S',fe,', .'i, -L'CHAS. D. HAV'.N,
i.: re,i'.la .-C MASON KINNI.


- tl,.i man,-- EZRA J. \\'ARNER,
A"'s.-JeI.l.S,.ot/,ti,-\W' S. W1ARREN.


( .,i 'ii,.- -t STA .' R. wVEST.I- lIT.
LUCAS L.. M'otuRE.
A' '/. r i .1 fll,-CLA RENCE I' I.OW,
. /Si/i'l'../'.G,- ,. PF.PPER.


- ", Ae



0fU 'OsiduratitOn u1 h!br tiputation's hrrin naued ad of.

Does Insure6Q

fram. the rlf771 ,f-1


I .. = - _- == =. .

~i "

* p'/7 -- 4;-.~r

7 ti 7



' ...


S1903 at noon, to the

for the term. of

day of

0llars orrmioum

S190. at noon,

against all direct loss or damage by fire, except as hereinafter provided,

To an amount not exceeding .

to the following described property while located and contained as described herein, and not elsewhere, to-wit:
--- r-w----.-- -~-



On i .. .. story ... ..B ILDING, with. .
while occupied for the following purposes ... ........ . .- '. < i .- . .
S ed at N . ... .
. r . ....................... ................................. .....street in
situaed at No. ... on th .- si-. < sde of .. ..street in
.. ~ ~ ~ ~ L ^T~ ^ ^~'-^^ ^Y^^

$ .... ... .. On FIXTURES and FURNITURE, while contained therein.
S ". .. .......On PLATE GLASS in doors and windows of above described building.
$ ....... 2, .On AWNINGS attached to above described buildings.
irIG]Fi.1NIN4 ir CLAUTE*tn
F Ihl. I v 1I c.I,-r ii ..J --: .L I, Ir I.ll.l.," ..l. l *, ,. l-I ., --11i1 -l.]t-H'r] I thi hl'. .tf,.i r1n. 1 \ .- .1 tl- ryr f Ih llI Il ,t I'- A" m ltl ,] I.-. .ri li ,
P h- r .' r al[ i h .'10 ] I. I a: .Jl ,.T 1.ur I .. i 1 I ",[' l ', [1t1- C ttT,-t'' ll', e i I ralr "n?' T ,., a w s b .l l .h ,,l alr' n .II II .. I l' I III Ih 1l . h, I I1 htln lsl a l,|l.'T "LIu .I,
..h i tt - III..., Illll:, 11 -1 ire, i. .. [i.Ih trn ah :,r L it11

ThS r:omnpany h.hal nrIt libe liable
depreia~r. -ri h. uwe,wr xiuted, imu ,lall
they diftr. th.:rn Yi v irpai~ lvs. aS hri.elln
e~trtitn vf :jr ll;~tcd prc-~~f (-I th loSS~
and il5o to repai. relutiild. o it place thnw
no~ abandonment to tib.'- ompan;- ..1 h

1'nh i r cl-l ]r 11- H i- l: !..-. 1 i ]ruII r- il lh l 1 ill l, ] mi' I hl, ..]p- .|i l.i r .r I, 1, 1 th" ** ,r lrh' let.: r i p i lt'| h p'ie -nt] In I ll ... i i, l],n e lh i .11.1.r n .I I .. [1 t '
ar nllk li t. rc1 W Ii .1T1 n 1 t111 Pr ii Inestu 1. n I r-t 1 .1 rr .1 LI t thi- 1 4 .t 11 r I I T1. L 1 T....- 1 r-II I -A I, I j. r- i iI l 11 p. I.I. -rh .I.1- 11 t -v rr tI 1
I r n i l l it J i k .r l i nt r c I1 i r l r .l 1 K ] H i i- 'll 1 .1 I 1 'r, I I t h nl l i n t Ir. l I Ii , ,'r I; i t 'l l ,. i . 'I l I ul l l > J r i ir l h I .' f h i. i h rll .l' r T I l [ .y* r i n l i l hlI
I' I I. .IIml] Oy l tll I m t t .:' tt I l- -1 iur I. re- t 1 11. .. 1 1. ft ll r-: d 1. h 1 Ir T, I lre 1I L ri .'I'IIII'. .ill. ..i..r.-.. .:.l .\ l l -t. I['. 44 Llh:
t l i ,. i i i.l l .. '. 11 . Iti ll.ii ln. 1 11 I 1.- 1 .- i rl .. [r, r .I I In,' 1.. 1 . 1111. 1.
:ft. ,, I{ '" I,,,,'.m,,. ,, + k' --"


1"11-li t :ii N , IT CAdditional insurance
t r_, I I ll t C, 1`1 11`1 0' r I I ?I % 171 d a
tll -Ili Ilt-, I tilt lrl~ Ir!~ ~ ,tteT. 4-G
Tbk1- pro, 1~1 irl- Iri; r' p
-ur l ww .r i1 I ., )r

..rli t jort it ni-lit Lit -r iii '1. 'in --[I II b
ItI, l.?ll th, OrII~

I I v t rt o w It 4 r ri-r,~~ ,I. ,..,Ii~ I IC~~
It r...t, ti~l rl". -T I-1- -;--it -t I Wll t ;lj 1~ 11. II!- t -.I .- I I.iir II1 ... 1. [ 111 jl rIllI I t I .'l i~l 11. 11
r 1plr -~~l ~r I.- r it..! ILL Ill 1-1 1~- th~~, "I~-. Ii I I:1 1111111;11? [) I! L; l .I

.1 111- 'I ~Ir.1 to l 1 vh It 1- T .111.1 L. L- T t..1 -A 1.- 1 1 hilt ill m h rl- I .... ..... b il--,T1 'I

it 1 Illllll I 11 ;1.~1!. 1. Ill .. .I I.- 4. r 11 1 it 111.1 1'... 1 it -I1 I I I r I t 111 11)1 ) i.ri ri LI i r I .lltrll
I .-.r 'rt I Ip I I 1 .1' tilt r
4.I .1w ld, 11 ti It I I ~ 1? 11~ 1 11* 1 II I. I a I- I It lit i h- it it,. 1, r ill I I I L, 11l~ ~ III1 .I III II
I :r -1 t .-r-r lilt I I i It I. t 1 1 ILL I I d. I a rl.% 111 r ight it i i._ I. ,it~ ( I~htl~l I). !l~ r~ I~jl~tll-
L) I ;, 1 I - 1 1'. !.1, lit h. r.~~I.I~~~
Lbtl It'- 'I I! t t it. I to il. Y. r, t ill t, it I11 1 ~1! 11111 lL! I' lr II llr .;111
ILI t I I 1 1.:, 1. .,11 I I I I -r ii. IJ t. .11% I .J .1 Il
1111 1~ ri I I I I. .. I I I I I. h. t. I... It I- 1 .11 ii! ~ 1 Pl lti l:i it ril. it I. J r P- I,_-. 1 11" 1~rl t tJ1
Il' Ill' "1' 1 rll i i tilt, I-~l~ I LI) I h 0 '111. 1 r L I 1 1 1 i I lit I I I-..llrili? ~ lr tli r ! lr-.
I -I I in .1 I T I. I I I hi, ri r.- h I- 1 11 t~h llll~l I.; ~i~II.II1II1I? l y~lll hlIlj III!I ~

Iv --it tI h .ti I --III- I i ll r 1 - I


ce permitted, warranted to be concurrent herewith.

/ ..,- .. ../ L '. L
/~; /?

. a( tu al Z.ssI -a ii. %it h pt'-,eTtr did .tctin for I
nack i- ~rJ1.,2 t1"ured ind r~l hi*, (uritipaini. or, jif
le si't. (l.i alt,- uk IiUC itX tiltuliment,
MW a swh uouveratrdit .tw -pratsed Male, 4
hired. ot' !i, nttlnrionil ',j d.: bu rher, .ii cabe z

propert'.i% .lrl1fiit] iii *'rtj.vinait 1.. ti.~.. 'i Ii
.n; ife r-l 0;. I iv ,rJ i'l l:- 11 il. ri. n t- 1s.I. 1.1 t i r i b-.uh 1.2

of reni- a\ %i. v.1. t ,i ,- 1 I i .4 u lt.r.- Is- -it ~) uv 1,4
otalI in. 11 .. uItI t Li- bit.- url.ur, rt t..Ill.- Iri ni.- li

f/ oal p w rito P. p. I!; -1 .r in t p,-il. r.. *r-J.1r
a ti '. -Jri the Itulnint L.I rina l thl-r in and
is *.,i v ll r tal.l.r rt. ,itn,.rn t.. tl, i rII-
th. 1 ui l ..1 r. 1r ,.- ti j I ,I hi.l --rul,2 ,f tin.' ,tr".
r iL .11 ,' 1 ,H" I. I '- .il l"' M I- 1 11 Lr t , I, L, f..' ,t AIr'l ,il I .1 fj- r 'b '''O i .
.. .. .. ..... . .* ,.t.1.i -r .... i...r.. I eTI d o.; .. ., .t ,' rit,_. ...i ..t .,.Il .r'..),r.rti- r .e.-.,r ,pf ,all (h ., mrip
tl -. ..r. l -, ,.. i , i .l. , , h ,, ', !,. r . .... . .ilt |. I , [ ..... .- ., 1 ... ,' f ,. p r ,.rty
S tl l I II,.. I.i -h..ll h* o t. I' '. ., tl 't- I ,i l .. .i. l.. I f ll . .. i t h tIre. .Il
-i ill i I I 1 .. I ,, I I ,,fh. I I .l I Il I i ... 1, h 1 i I. rl -r iI.- I T | II ,. I I I 1.1, ,r1 , 1 t i ', ,. ,li- .-ln l r r 1I I i r it I r -
I 1- Ir , I.,- .. ". I .. . i . .. I I ; ... l | |r-i '. i l I t' l I ,I, 1 I Io .t h l .. Itth l i.ti.
'\. ilaren t .I 1 1 ... [ ll. .. ,.I.*I l .l b .- H I. i. i ii., In .li-ll l l I I li t 1 .'..- tc. l|, u uL i uII t ii. t .i n ll i ... . rntf ar n I.(tI r
l J rl.l 11 -1 i t i l Ir I I . '
I -" i r.,t1 l .- ...t t. l .1.I i ll. i I .,] 1 .11 ll ll. I . Ill. 1 l .l t ,. .1 b t l., 1 . 1 ll I,.i t 1 m il .| i ] I I.,, rt l
b 'l, ,I ., r ,I ,, lb rl. It l i- -ii l r.1111-'i l l -lI-' r l i f i ',, i r, |e r-. 1 'i r 1 .' |li, I ~. ., L I, , !,., l .- rl II u ,i -, .iI
a I .,ti .- r. !i. ln .I l I ,r.,,. ih t..' .'l il i,h l l a.. ii ,, I l,..-, n .. .... ..m I ll .. .,,.. ...- 1 !\ .,rl... ,h .._r .,.rli tf i -i e l n. ..
th I,. .,,t it .i i l. h I I,.t I, ,I r,-. I ,. 1 .I 1 ,1 ,. 11 .t .W L L --vf rm l hi t!. . i .1 I ,1 .r i L .-. . .. ] ttmt ,1 I, i l
l -r i t I .,, ,, ., l . li rr-.. 1 I 1,, .- .1 .. I
I r, t ,.,i. t ,, .h .'r 1. ,,it ,, i .. h Hi i i t. .it I,- -.. i l ,- n- .h ; ..l. t l ..... r L .'. .o i, l .. .. rt H. -. 1, t '.. ,.', .|. ,t
i],l ] .i]- nlt .'-> .1 '. i 'l'i i -,t'r. ** h i. .. l ..l i ln L [ f.L .it l,, ,' 1. 1. l. . i . l ,i II , ,i('! . -' .. i] h r- , le. 1 .. . t ..- i
nir,] .i,. zn .. t..[ .m* r, 11 . . p,! -.,,, .. r tl ..* il. -i l l i| I, -t i .ti r. ,,r '-i h .. L .. ... ii1 .1. .1 ... I ,1 h...i l -, i['.
,i l. n,- t N .- .IL. | ,th H1i1 r I .. l ,.h h l hi s ,.' ,. l ,. I. .. .. .. i. .n 1 , i , r .d rt .i. i ,fI l. 1,.r .
th II 11 ..i IIt ,.t ..1. 1 i ... 1 ir t .. t, 11 tr I... ,, .- zp .II ,lA .. i ,i i I... .i .r .1 ; ..! a i , i, I
. . j .. t i. I. l. .n . l *-a n I I h ,r
It | .. .. I .II .- i l I, .. I . ,-,I ._. , hI.I w ut i I... h I- I. l- l r1 .. .. . ...t I I ,j , ... . 1 i rt it th, il.. 1 ,

-lr; i. l v .l .1 . i .. .. Inn . .V 1 I ..r r II1 I wIIII. 1 t.1qI 1. r t I.o 1 1, i, , i II .-1. ,,-I 1 i -,, t' .. 1 1 i.
if I rI . .rt .. I. I i.. t -It, .i [ . I ,It" r. h ..i.l .1 I- ,o r t..L L .ihlJ I, lH.- 1 r. I, r.tII [.. I,.! 1. 1 .1 ,.. iV.,1 II r n,1
r .. I r. .I i ." I.I .l.. .| l I. ih .. t ti l 1 i 1 ] ., ,I -i h. I I .-. . r la l I- .. ,1 I I -..[" li I .. ,, II ..-. . f .
l ll ll ..l. .11 ha l I I .,t I 1 Ih 1I r 1 .r th i p i l. t .* ,tr i ,t ,1 !, .... ,, th.l.I .- ,l rp .., ,I r t r
Io. i t. .I .t .- I .h t r.1. i r ,. [ 'hi t.. m. i *]- I. i h I ..I ,, I i, i h.. t.. i L ...... t h I .1., I r.. .. ,, ,pL...I I i ll ,r rI thn ii li
rin- r It ...l i -II .th. r .r.l ,_r i .d ,1, 1 IP,., I .I, -4 tl- hr lr. _- 'I r I ., .I l h II I -]b .I ,r rl
, \f th e r itrL, III. I.' J I., . t . .. I .. . .. ... ..Lm . t I ..k, i,, 1,111,, ,.i {,,l ir
.r r" u r v...r tin iit n w ritr *r .|- I .r il r, I ...r .p.' d I h t l .h0 .ht r t-n- ;h.... ii.-Lta I.- -[,].I, agr-.'.
if thi -. !' -l ll I -l il tIl at th,- i r-' ., t... t ,,l lh,. t or| u. t r A | I ,, p r ,-,Irati.n. P rivat r m. .i.-.
' I., l th' ... t.i ry Ih.[[. ,in I 1' h.1 i t .i.t lh, h .. .... II !I--, k..t I- f .f .,w p ,-,t ,- ll t ,, t . ... .r F,., th| -
r.-,r., I ..- r th. I. I ... r .- .lt. i r h. .t-, .n. -1iw r -t l.h,. . .. l- . 1,l t.. t. .1 .I titp I., Ih.. hi ,r.. l I, -i .I ,-. U g -nI .h
iN t i .. t a .. 1n th ,I,[', t 1r 1]II.'th. r... ,I..t" rl. : .. ,i .tl. -il [ t..-tr t.,i, ... .., ,, ..r tl t er
th ll 11 1.111- ,-t t1 i1, 1-.r ,l ,--thI .,I, thot .,r.. ..i rlui, ltv rI...... l ...... mt .%r7-..1. li t: -1vu it1h!,, U< d ti- r th i ti
\V Tl r v.r i thl. l.,i ti w ,,r "'l-ir.,-I ..,..,it I 11ill i. [ .l.- t. Ird..l.i. lth- -..ill't-p re-- .Itativ ...t th LI n.lured- ...t ld
,,b r- wI -.11.1 I-.... ..f rlJ It hA ll t- .1- .. ,..- tl t .i .tlt.I .,f I.... .. J .l,, *.
It th 1. 1, 1111- 0. l Y .1 1h nihl t 1.1 ,r .,th r I.,i I. ,fni ,I.I lI. 1.., l rl'U Lt .l0 1,,hI t1 1i. 6l" llv 1 l( ., Lva tt ir .i iL.lIluI
u.,-!u]b!..-. i..i 1.. 1- r ,.tIstrad t- ,,t L .-m.l r..~. -ilh r+. l.l.j t...Ii. I bill dLp pl -., I t,. ..r'I I.r A rt ..t thi; 1L t+ bth. -utn, Ima -
I j r ttr .r ,rth -.l i ., ,*tt, h.: ,..r .1,,e l ub l hr,...,

Thi- policy iN made and accepted -nject to The foregoin- stipnlation nuil conditions-i, l i..liii Iii L t uLti itiitttl iti .1rPii-tuit.ttt t .. -LI' .,-i I.- i .- Itt.l.z a-1-1-..-i ti-tv-itt ----flier jut if..rlAll .-; ..iLri itt. al 'thu iiiv- jtIitivtji -f Ibic- nl-
panv Ji al '~ cr lr~ ~nl have lr,% tjl r iAi-11 ll0 ..1 ,t t hi.~ir~~- ) 'l'il.l 11. L] .- I,% tiltdli. r,-riL- .-f lij. it-rrli u.~ ~!~lh~ r-rjivlv ..r h .It1-t .. and t; t., -o- an-1 n-) uffi r. ovlw .,r rep remeutattv LuU
urt- -11- I writt--n or ntf--hed.
MumtWioiitrsg trh r. I tti- u lrtpal ba ti-. L u tiati I t-I t au:stv-d th.,.- pr-ut. th 41 ,L3Lit L Io 190


CaResite'u Sccrala~,y -il/d"~





uu y U/ iL --~


/ Lf V L c L f


- --e

LONDON & (,I ( P.E




I D IT I I x y I m - -- 4 12 ED i4


' tuilzta.In tpa.a al


/ -





.. ....!r --- --mium

term. of-

190 -, at noon,

To an. amount not exceeddinj

to the following described prT

- Dollars,

I This company shall not be liable beyond the actual cash value of the property at the time any loss or damage occurs. and the loss or damage shall be ascertained or estimated according to such actual cash value, ,nith proper deduction for 1
2 depreciat;,:n however caused, and shall in no event exceed what it would then cost the insured to repair or replace the same with material of like kind and quality said a-ccrt3inient or estimate shall be maite b tlie insured and this rompanv, or, if 2
. they differ, then by appraisers, as hereinafter provided; and the amount of loss or damage ha% ing been thus determined, ithe sum or winch this c nmpany is liable pursuant to this policy shall be payable sixty ddys after due notice, ascertainment, 3
s estimate .irnJ satsiafctrry proof tf the los. have been revleied by this company in accordance with the terms of this policy. It shall be oupional. however, .vithi thi. company to take all, 'ir any part, of the articles at such ascertained ,n appraised value, 4
5 and also to repan. rebuild, or replace the property lost or damaged with other of like kind and quality within a reasonable time on gting notice within thirty days after the receipt of the proof herein required, of iis intention so to do, but there can be b
6 no abandonment to thi' company of the property described.

This entire p.:.'U.:y -hall be it the inureii hbas onn'-a.iJ o'.r in writing .:.r utherwi'.,. any material
fact or ireijum tane i c.n'.erning thi- inirtraii:e C1 th 'nhj-bj..t thire.jf. or if ith int-r.-st ,'it th.- ia-ureil in th.- property 1-. not
truly i- tat-d b-erit.-,ii ,r in ai e .,t .Iin traud or f.-l-e tatm Ing ,- lithe in;a-,t tout hitn any r.ititr r-elating t. thit initirani:c' or
thr- niifqei t th.r-i.of. wh,-tiher I..-fOir- r aft,'r a loIs.
Thin- -nitr- p. il-s. ,.thli.-i. i-. r.-d'-I by 3ar,'-emnt tin..lrse-d her'-on .-.r aidl. her-t... -ball he s id if the in-
.-urs'i nii.w has or hall i'rr'-.att-'r m.ak- t ni pr.-ure -ilor .tii-r c.,ntract of i i.-irali'-1,, viih. th.,r valid rr not, on prop'rtv on-vrd I
in whiol- ..r in part iy thil. pI..iy 'r it Ht.-e sujhj-..t ot in-uiran .P I.- .I manufa. Irtig eetiiahi.bwuint dii1 it ti' ,iir-ralt-. iln whole
or itn part at night l!ier than ii nti .'. l.. k r it it it.-i.e to I. '-ierit,-Il fr.r more than tin c n-nc. Itive ray,-. or it th ha.uzard Ihe
inr'ea.-rsd l y .anrv y niii withiii ill'. tr...L .r kr lwHil-r'-, it the irt rir' .r it ]i-,.h-baini s bIe '-eA iloi'ed ini tbiLllinL a .iltt-rin *.r
rppairint the writhbL iei-, rili.ltpr etil-e t.,r ui.'tr- thn tinnttren -Li? at rny *. .ie t ill.:-; ,r If tihe inicr.-.t nf itb? iialnird 1I- other
than iunri..nditir-nail tid -.I'- i.ter-i r t their sun- ijI-.t iu-i.rai. hiiilirna oin 'roui, u.,t iwi-n h, tihe- inurr.Il in
t'fe,---uim ple; rr it then- -ilj-. r ,,t iiin-,.1iiii i- I, pi -.rt.y Inil -I .."r t.-.tuti- in,. rii l.rIre.I i i hinttel n'.:.rtgEage. cr 'i. with
the knowledge f .* th-f ri,- -ar.-, t t-.r, l.-, r -i i i'-..ln he iliiiiii-i. .I ii lti. i j'. -ii ..t -ali i't in\ rilicrl. ts :-.;c -r.:.d l.y thi
p.. .:y,, l it vir fuIf ,m i ui,,tt.:r ,r l or tr.i t I -i ,d- r it anI,- t lian -..te.r ,b Ill. ileith tt ain in ire-'. ttke pla,.- in the in-
t*-r,. t l, t it .. r p.,,o -[i.i i, .f tli- -.ihJ...t ..t',ri. i ,-s.. l o l 1nA1- ,t .... in r. -, th,.,, t if.rh.t ,f h. I -wnardl' w h,.-th, i l\ !-r.l
pr -... .- ,.r jij.lgm eni .,r .\ '..l'tiiiinar t r i t i ,- O in-ur.-.. ..r .,th.-rwi r.- ir it t h p,...i I.we .al ,yne I ft..r, i..-.. -r it illi illu atingi
.i ..r '.,.api.r I- '-nfrn ltei i tin f!. rih.-'i bil.liiit it r .i'lj.i.. lit tihe .r- .. i I.-r ll-. n-ii or itl Iani i-a',"- .'Ir -t..iLu .t tra l.-- "r
Umania.nfitLur to liII' .iirtrary'i tlh-re I- kijti. t -..I. r .tlii,, .1 i h. uhat..,''-'l pr.m -eii 11r-,11nti. hI-TInl-.
,illhlillitf tb-l,. lhr- .,,rk-, eaa...i,,. -. .--."> tir,. 'inpuw li.-r e-i : -cill'nv- ti int -hi pi nMl.. In ,in ntlty. ,n|hthil. ,itro-g l t erui r ,.
i.r *ithe-r .xplii.ive.. I r,''. ,hl' .r'i-., ,,r liti,.li-tuii .r ia ., if it- pr.,.ii, -...t t A.r,-'et- -r inilanimil] iilit3 thin k'r-'-,-'- oil 't th I U.I itd -t.Lin iral,. rwil-l h l.t l r uai u-,'i.1 ti_ Ili 'lt- and t,:ilt ti ,r a*.t.i- a. orili t i 1. I ti llt 11 ,i itlititi', IIt '".i.ti- lih / yh.- li.Tr 'l..
pr.)vidiledi it hbe ,i iwn UI lanIt.i -h i 1,., dl i.3 1 liVht i ri ait a il -tit.i nt.i t Ii .- thafn iitL t-"'t fr-i.- ii irtih il li.htI i *-r if ti bui hling
hit--in d e-,nl,,il. wld their uiten-lI tr ,.. lp I.;, h; ,ni o-r or I- ..,i i-. ..1 - .'a. rA .i. r uni.tiIpi-'i anI e. i ri-m n.iiii 'for
ten 'lay.-.
l i ,.'lu ,.ny -ball .. it I i.,ii.' fr f .- I ..aiii'il dir--tiv .r ,y invasit, nrit. .ivil wir or _..initv- air niilitar., Ir 1i- ir.-, p,.w. r. .r ,1 1il r I f .ny 1... il iilhi.rity *r t.. th. t- or f.y n.-gl.i't -of tlIt: in-ur.d t. ii .- all r-,s-
s,- ndhl,,I r.ia t, o t a. ,li' l ipre -,i th,' ,pr.', rt, ,n, tiil hre. ','hen tl, pI,,,,-rt. i- .n.lin a r,., lhy. tir, i n ,-i l,ii
tlr'iii,-'-. r I iind,.- hii-- ,-ie. an.t. i. I t hat v.-iti tir tli,. ,! litiI. 1,, I -. .,ii ,, -ll '.," l i .*,ioi t i an kni J. u. r I'r gl'trning buti
,illt', fi ,r ,i rn-.1 t .tiln i'' ,y 1i tiiii. l inL ly hie .l .1 lu :'.[ li;. 'p-,* !t1.. i "r.-i iu.-i't lh -r, :i
If i1 IiJal inj t .,r .,n ptari tlii. ii .,t till. 'X-,.t i... i- nh' r- li., t ..f 1r, .il l ri nriirant.- I) t li- i o lin.y ,n -, i tl Ililiniki r it. r i'iittentL.
.hall itiiuifelidtely ..- ..,:.
Thi- ,:',nc pany .l'l ll not h,- hli. l,:' kor Ir I,, ,1 ,,a t.u hall-. arrn, y ,,-,',* ,'mt nn, -of ,l'* it. n i,.vIy. noteq, 1 .'e- uriI ti, ,
rn. 1 Lii I- bahilit:. i I iha' .ii li .-- i i[ li ir' l.r I..-- t.. .'i tag- l.iiltiiin, t i.ur .i tl .. ilI',. Lniph iiieni ..,
jew,-el-. iniiaIIi' i-i 't-. n .il- ti....i1.i- pailt rn- 1.1. ti. re. intiti alt. ljtratui -ivnL- 'tire or ,ih-ie lu-itrture or fisturi ., .:..ilpture-.
tc'el-, or pro:p-rts h -li, i ni i t r.. ... -r t i, r-p its:- i-.r, vi. i the- i.'tui l % iu -I ti. -.'y l -y fire t..r I ., i...i l 1 jy oridinrinr
i.r i.i re'ulat l tiii -tri. li.. *.r re'ainr ,it .iliilLni,-. .A'r .y v interrniptiun r,f Il niej.i nidarit. tuiril"r rl -,*-- .e ,ir I.tlin i-:r : nur
f..r any acr at4-r pis..t.,rtioi ..t ti'he ,"' ..i t pi.ite gl..-i l r'i Lrnuraine on thl- liltlLi.hni' i1.' ri lI
It ,in l appliit:icl.n -ni l .. p n.ii i, r il-si.riptti:n off prr.port.. I.: r 't-rr-ir.- t in thi. p,'li-ti y it .aill I.. ii, part of thi- .,intr.a:t .nt
a warranty I.) tlhe iii-iir.-.
In any imatte-r rllatlhig ti thit in.niiuatii n*-1 )-r-in, uiul.'-- ,i' lv itiiit ori:i-.I in writing, -dl, l hi, il-'i'nii lt thhe ag-'nt i.f thi.i
T"ln. p lii v My in IAy Ly a r,- *' .A. ,- .'.vltl iL..-I uniiidij r the ,urlinm -ttl.uI ,hlnt l, rn 'nii-d.l-ratir,-n ,t prmiiium tor th.- r-ni-wet
term. provided that any increase, ut hazard utim-t tiemail, known ti. thi ,_ornip.ri at th tne of or this poli,'y shall he in-rd.
This pnli'. ,hiihall be ran,.ele- .It aiy time at the r--iqu-st ,, th,- iniur -l, .r tin th- i'ompf ny l t y vit 'ivinif tiL e J i\- n, I ii. r. if
iuih can..elntt,.n. It tit- poili-v -hall t .V i n.:,.l.i i i .i hi -r.inl-eft-re pirun.-J. ..r I.:.. iin ..diil or Ce-.r.-, thi"- -ir-iuinm ii rlin, .-nPn
m: tnaila pa.i.. tlh.- in .irii .l p-..rtii.n shab ll I* ,, returiir -il on ..f th p''lic ..r l.-t r[ neiad!. ithn. ..-Inp.unv reta niiug tb -, -
t.Limary rli..rt rat-'. e.clpi that w'h,-n tli- polii.y is 'ian'elei 1h thti ,iui.Oipid y Mivini n,.,it.e it -hall retotni ,ol the L /.,',:, ra iii
If, with the ion.u-ent .f thi i:ompnLtiy. an inter-,t iiinder this pilli' mall xit iin fav,'or oif a mi' or of anty p-rb.n -.r
-,orporation aLriig ani inter-t i the' -ilj.cet. ot in'iranri- cithlr liian the iiit-re-t the ir-.ured ,i-. l'--.i.ri'dI h-ri-n th ..,nin-
ti.,n i hi-reinhefir.- ir,,ntaitua el p hall apply in thb niariner xprn,-.t-s int -uh pr...[vii[..n' n indI ....ndaltio.u of nniir.,ui.e relatutag to uth b
inti-rpet as sba.l t, wrilt'tn up-'on. atta lied., .r aippendedi herret.

If pr.:,pert, y c.v...r'-..I hI this. pniey is Yo P) .iindan.ered, by fire as to requirertemovalt to pa.: of 'afty. and is qo remoed
tiLat pailt ,it thio- ,hr iu .,-i .iit it pr portion ,f t .iiy l .ai al of th. sdlu- of proport rmnialning in th.e original location. -hall,
for the ensu-in th e Iiv-\. i rlr tine pr,.ert. i, r-miuIve1 in the new ts-.'ation. if removed to Imiore than one I',.ation, such
exi'-,- .f thi. pt.i.y3 -h1i ll ...ver thi-rein tor such five da;s in the propiirtbno that the value iu anrj ou ,t .-ih inew I'oatinn bears
to the value in a. -h nI. I I :.I T R.t,i.,i but tlhi- i -)[m .rty ldItl ul1 mi .Iay rame ,If rem.v.vai, whether tt. one- or more lo'.ittions. he
liable leN,,1 th- i.rill.rliiu ri.tIt iitth .mv.1iiinnt .here-r.y in iurerd --ball h-i.r I th,- t-tal iiin.-ira.ntCe on the whr ole property at the time
of tire. v i-tt il-r th.r -ai-- vL'.1. r il nr ,' l, i n ..r
If lir t on ur ti- iii-urii.l .,ill n1 niti' ..if ianiy 1o'i- thereby in ;'-riuing to thi ,oiinpniiy. protect the property
froiIm hirth..-r l-nlii.ii, t.rt, i t .r-el.tirt- th, ,i i.ia.ii.rod and undamag-dt-i p'rTsonat property, ptil it in the Ibeoot pl,,sibji order.
make IL I.umiplete it[in.j l.i the niamae, sltautig the quaintati and, ot each article and the amount clainied therecnBa: and
within sixty day. afier thp r-., 'nil-.-'. -chi tili. is ,'xt'nde'l- in, writii r by thi- ..i-Tiparit. ball render a .tateiinti to this onm-
pail3. -ane i-d un r,n t,o i, i, i.n- ur-.l. .-t ii;n, iih, knlr' -i),,ld e i and hli'n-,f4 ut tile i n.iu-,td .: ti. th. tinie ,ilan or rn ,f th.f tire,
tilh iiter-,-t i.t the -it--ir-l n, ,l lt .ll i.ithie- l i t -iri pr-.p-it;. i hn- tai .h ', lin' a t :.-it li l teni th r--ii'' f an']id th.aai.tou int lo-s' then:-urn:
aUl iniinu ilir nce th, rei..n. .ril I thli-r in-irire, -. '.vli. tii' r I .iltl 0 ..I n t I verini .any t -.nd r'pirt.o rty; .and i.opv y if all thi- descrip-
ti.,n- ani si h-diul-- in all p.l ri,-i.. in h.,ii .-- in th.- ttl-'.I, i-, ,1,i ia ti.,n, lIo.ation. p,-st-siA'n. ur e'xpo-su-.-e uf said property
sin.' th i-.uting .' t thi- l,1 ,. .y ,-ho ni .]ilr fur -A hl t jpi ijiit bIiitjblJiitn heri-in i..i-.i rib id .nil thei '-** r. id part. thereof WLrr
ollu upioil t [i,. lne ot tre: .ri'l -.hill fi i-h. it le'l.itr i r. n l-i pliih in i in.pI,.tii,'l tiin ..-f *nr hiitiju.ig -x tures, or
tiui hLn-ry .l.-.triute.I r ,r i n1.1..1 I. i ini. -I .ili .a-.,, it ri-., itirni-h a .1 -rtituiale ,ft the m.iL g -tlrate ir uiitarn-, piutl.hi not inter-
enst.-I in thie .,imi .t s .i t i i ,tl ,r i ,r in th vi-''.i-e in,.r di L .i c. thi mn-,in 'I u ins g- n- ret I t,' p1li.e of lire-. -inting that lie haa
i-sianitiedi the .:nir.D. tln-I .- ill1 .1 elii-v,1 t ti. t1 ,1 i .li liin-.-. tl s s.-iitiai -cl lobs L t i. the luit.inoLt thit iu, iml..i.strate- Ir notary
pubiii hall tertiltI.
T'hPe ii-,n urt l. .a ..ite-n .a r --*i-lire i li! i'Ol, hthit 1t,, any pir.iiin d'iig.ltnat-d by thi- ..uiil..ain all thiat rm-uar, of anyi plie-.pert
berlin In-e-. rl t1- u litit .to ., iiiimnratirtn. i unil-r oath I-y I ny p, niniied l- y thit- ii.- i ,ito.i .ntd ..niil..rirbe th- -.aue: aindi.
.as ,*',tn ai r,. **i rei. -ball ipr' .lii t.i r ex.antii .ill b.i ok ..if .,i-i-.,unt. bill-s, ui ..n.-. -oti r uII hir., ,-r i -rtitieii ciipie.s
tbh-r.I.t if .-' be -in-t. it uiii.h re.ionnrahl- pi.w-e a. may I.e .le-ignatedi hv tiu- i..ii'.auu:, -..r t- re:plre-eiinttive, an.I sh.ill
p-erunit e-trai t- and ,..i -I tbereol to be inad,.
In tit ..-nt ..I ili-.icree-.en.t t aI t., the an.:.niit-, o ,t lc,-,, tihe,- sin shall, u. ibovi, p ',n rcul .1 be d-..-ert niirie.- by tw.i on upetint
and .h.liltere-tm-il ippirai-er-, tl,- ii.i-uri l iand tli.i omiupin. ei -el -- tin onir nil thl ti- ; Ii.h._,-en-i lall tir-t -iel' t ia i. inpetent
t id ilt-ial,'T--t m l im lpire tt il? i ppr iir -ii-.l-r to tlther .h l,,l t tlen P-tiru" .ti andt J appir-eu li' Ih ti: *-Lt ttq. -'..*p rati 1 -Oil l. v till- and
i tilu.i&,.d ,mnil t.ilii;ig tt i a-UT -- r iilmiiiit theil differntri- I t il ti ut.,jire: itn.]l tlie .iti. L JJ ritinI ,t .oti y two. ideteriijie
Sth mui t f i-r., thirt there-tio -all p.y the it re-pectiv.-ly .-lei t,-fh. ithan i-ii..' -all I.-.,i equaUll lhe
t.xp.rnA's ,t tLi"] .mlind riir-.
Thi- i r.ipMfirny ;,ball | Io.t h,-lhl t,. have wuivet .any prtvi-.iitn -,r coinitvin ,.ft thi.. pliii ; frr .nnv tort-.-itue thiur,-of bv mIy
r"-Ituiremeint. a,.t -I pi -eii hn nn its pint rltin to th a a to th" aany -i.iaalrinn.taL i n i.I- r--rui i lr'viil-.1l tor il llth.- I..,s.
sh.ll not he:i.iiu,- pa.ya.iih- until ,sixt i Iy- after the notice, a.-.'rtainim'ut, e-'tiiu.te. inl ti. -fa.i t.iory pr.-f ot ti,. ,- ,. herein
re.l -lr hd i- tm'-n rni-ii- it l I ts -ii.iiiipinl iu i,:lul ing n wr.iril i'e v appra is.r- wiit]ii ,,p-,Irdii l iJ- I .i-n rinr 'q.:Jr,-d
rlhi ..tnilp.iniy -] ll nut be hable i, thi pli,h fi..r i .iater pri*porti-in ..4 any i..-- n ithe d--, riiel p.,'p.-rt or for
1,s,, lV aInd expen.i e it reno\atl fit.lm pri.Li-i, '- ,ndl iigi-ri. Lhi tnie. tl,.i- th.- , h,- ihy .n-i u-el ball hlear tI. the whole
in nuranice. wbetlh r valirl or not, or li. -l..-int inislv. nt in-ti re,-. r .,v-riin -m i i .,dm thi- %-'.tvnt of tlb, applpi.ation
..f the insiu-rim e Jluder thii poi cv or r iof tie, ointribiutiot- ti, Ii,- ini.e I', thi- ....- iiipu i ..i, i f lr yi. m .av 1 pri, -ideil ft-.r hy
at-eeiinent 'r i..iiniton written hereoiun or .itta.:-he, or almpeindelt lit'ret-. Lia.iltitv t...a re-Lt-uraince shall be .. i, -p- tital.i agreed
11 tHi lutinla.ny shall tlaih, that th-p hire ,aitu-c-.rl 1y thi-- eit or nrialert -if arny p,-rrnor or corporation, private or mtuni-
aipal. this lomnipny t -h.till, tn payment ,',t tlii. I .i be -,'ibr:.-at,.-1 .ti thi- extent of 1 IiI h p.s tin.--nt to all right of rei "t,-ry byr he
inisir-r fir the li.- resulting tberefri-.m, and -aIbh right -h.ll i.- a.-dIagned to thins cuip.iny by thb, in-ire.l on rei teliving sULb
No -iltt ..r a.ti...i or thi, policy for tb- ri-i ovear fi- 'if y cl ini. bnt ll 1'e -iu-ta.iubl- in ant of litw or -quit., until after
hIll "inusplian.r by thtU intiire-d with all the fnoe in r inini.-.iulienileh n.i within tw-i-v ui:.inth ni ext .tifter the fire.
Wber-\er in' tlu-h poliI v the worrd **iniured. Olticti- ir t -ihdai .e tie il tI., include th,- relpre.,:ntative of the insured, and
ushererer the tvword "'il. noiturs, it lia-l he di-,medi th- equivalent ,f ** Ioss .r .l.umag.;e."
If thi- po-liiy b,' in'iad. by a mutual or other company hauinatf pe.-ial ri-ulattitn-n liawftily tno its ,orpanizrition,
nnm.-rhbsp. or cuiitrafct- of insura.nct tsnbh regutilaUtnt .hall apply to .-ti. f..rni a part of thi_ po.livy as the .ame may
bU- written or printed iiponi. att.a.-.l'd or aippi-ndeid hereto.

This policy is made and accepted nhbject to the foregoing stipulations and conditions, tiuoth,-r v -ith -Ab h iIther priviii:n, iag'refmeuts., r ,.onilitionl- a may bhi inor-,ei h rrin and no r nr ad-d nd n oer. aen r her r-presentative of this Poim-
pany -hall have power to waive any or condition ort thi- pI.]i:y ex' -uch a a bi the t -rius of thi.- polhiy may Ie juhject rf .tarer-nierit indort n d her-, hern or aladiei hereto, and as to. iUbh provi:.ion- and mindition, no ulffi._-r, ag ent or representative shaiU
havire suh power or Ie deemed r held to have waive such pra;iiriuin or -icoondition. unless such wairer. f any. shall be written upon or attached her-tti. or shall anay privilege or permialion affectingg the insu'-ance under this polity exist or be tlaimed by the insured
unless so written or atta..bed. ..i'"
itf Wttntss Whrt't, thi.- company has executed a.nd attested these prewnts. this / ...__ day of ~~ -. 190
t 7 (^1^Ar> (,
C -.c-cct3-4C~ tC~t to ~t c~afl>YN

6 Y, W.,v I A V W I A .



n 4onsidcration

Does Insure -

from the /l

0- MLMM - - - a



ote .-- Ti I'.' :i' ot ',,ilt. !-,, f:or l .,: / ,. i '.li .t.'*, i ,.. ritti.btl, ;' fur such purpose it
t fI 1 i 1t L' "*.' r I',' ,11 r. r,,.rt'/,, , .. hy ,, *ii, i t I, t 'n ft .'r It e,'s',. If actua l sale a nd
/ ,I .~/'r ,.ftit.',j .,i ".- h il. o" . n pI t it' .i ,i.if,y ,i i l. i. form *t. iit i.. nli ltti, ihr 's, i1. ur/ irl, m ust
. r., Itrl l tit th i, t' ,i ., mill tr m t ,f, r.

Assignment of Interest by Insured.

f/, .'/. I" ; .' .'

.as owner of a, fi': (,

..*,'.',./ .., ., '','" Q.l(ie tiLerpooil ionilon &a (0lobr1 ,n ur.ance Compann of df nglani.l


"- :2.>

a'r Ir
; r

r' -' '*93 I

'C1 2'1 ;-
-9 -


^ r-
t C
'I --




Consent by Company to Assignment of Interest.

.0-- 1 1,

C... :

=, N .C
rr' -' I, f

I m l
*s iiC3'

"- IL~i~~th~a S ~-



,7. 5:


th1c fiuerpool r& ionoon & l61obur ,imn1iancr Comlnp. n of ngql:an.. hereby consents ~, ,' /h'e

. ,"," : i'7


Iri til: I.1 I D iI' .' AN I -I iD. f I 1 IHL -- R .I l

Yr. Mo Day.


//I collsiV/ffti t'll (oit

91r~.9.9l -

IDollU/ s.

r'ltu rn premium llt rl-eipt of 'ih ich ix h i'reiy c/icn oil1-

edg'ed. tlhis P/dicvi is here by / cancelled aind .urre'n-

drefl to ithe (o.


Wb- I .A

... I

-- 1

1 14, 1., a s S.", J&

i ,, .. . ',


S.. >, ru!I. Jill N ,IBh V.

S "- I I*\VARIi J. frH'"iRN \.\ 11.1I..

\1.I- R I.) FI.I. F['IH EI ,

SIK 1'. IWit KI.K EB.NK, H%,,r.

.i i ltl,'Ali I l I' I. N. .

11 1. ',[i 31 I. kR

\\ I ) M 11 R ..,

II .' 111 .I .SM V If .

W IH I 1\TI .

/, ',, I;'.11. ',i: .i1.. ,''" ,',,.'' i ,- .JN l I l '.'E
',. "'- li,,,a*' ,i f I A. l.Si l'


S:, .i, -S-., CIHARI.L NICHlUI.:)N. B\r DI C L
' 't,':. .. ii,' ...' -*.' I' \\ TIIATM \N

.IlIAR Il. II CiIMBI:. mI. I'

R W J R. CO-l'i iN


\RTHI.I R FlI I.D' .

TIoN CA.\RK. I.\ N.

aic. r Ho' I.,rl., I.\\VRI-N._ .


I/..',.i ,,,', /,'( ti N'!. \ ,ti!,a .- .\l';. I l- NDR IIKS.

Ia.- --

D r


A, i,


Fire Policy No. 3 L

inouiint 3iii insur,



]*.V \ '/ VA '/ /' / t '
i ': It i .'. ,' :, i, i '
/ .

II is impuiLani lhaf ihe u rlilen porlonl ol all policies coer-
ingl he same prnperLv read e.ctll alike. II Ihey do not Ille.
4h ,uld he made uniform at once.

S 't... . ,

Standard Fire Insrance Policy of thee tof New Yk !

. . .. -. _

4P EN(VL.A .-



S".,ttl.,.-S Tr.\ R. V1 FSI IFi LDT,
A' ,.',/q .d,',,,-LCI.ARENL E I. i.O\V,
. l,._t:,S' til. N .cA,. ,- J i,. PIl'PE-.R.


r.*'.*,ia.-Cf \RI.ES IH. M.ARSHA.LL,

,:./ ,', .l,;t,',i,','.--I NRV W'. EATON.
.%( .l/ai .,A I ,--GEO. \V HO\'T.


.'II'. .,',--\V'M. A \X (IIl.
I.EV I 'STI'RI r ,
I.-'\ .I.I. X% HITE,
' .' '-t.i -CH.-% S r' HA VI.N,
Stall, -C M A bIIN KINN 1:


ini, E/,'R.X j WARN ER,
,.b,.. ..?/i,.n,--\V S. \VARRF.N.

.q ote. 7T i ij /.,.'.'rIf ,, not I, fi .'p',, for piut / rs f .'l,t,l, I rii ij. but i'or such purpose it
i tl : i 1 1." 1it,,i i ,I', i, ."*.,, ,'i /.,i .." h ,', 1 ,'t.,r 1, i t t n its face. In, cases ,,f actual sale and
ii si y *:,i ii'tit,",, ", ,r ,,r,,in- ., ,n p dr!tn l fl o r'i n .,[ i,',',.' i'/ n aw ybh used, wl, irb m ust
11 .-7 1./ P.l .tt s iin o. i i .e/e *, try I Ifer..

Assignment of Interest by Insured.

T .',* , ,

as owner of proper ty

'.';'. l r t /i i ,' '.'i ', ':. I : ..'i' t t ................

.,.',:,.;.' ,, ,* .... -,,. ,,t 1h Eiunrpool 01onDion (& t'lob ns~iinric 'oinp.inn. of niiLinlt.

[),.', '

Consent by Company to Assignment of Interest.

Cllr fienrpool & 'onbonii (6lob ilsur,1nre 'oan iip.iann of ngl.ii), ,hereby consents that the

as o,(,',c if the frt'h 'i'.'. \

I ia:.,'

I" il. I 11 .1-L D "I' T I -1. ..-N] [L i', 1Hl' .\'- 1 1FD

Yr. Mo Day


Doll/ rs,

rclur ti pI em iumtiii I'ipt of 'ihich is ihereby a(lckntol-

'ed,_ed. this Polirc is heireby rancelled and .u rre./n-

tder,/e/r to the Co.


." ... .. - .

f .r sq Pll et Ile I. .'I1. -
/'/(- i/F o *f C.Slll

i '1 I I_ w Lt I DI

Jh colo.'id,/ ftion (of

ILA 1021


CASH CAPITAL, 4,000,000.

All crionoiarratloll of the ftipulationo htri nanramed and of

Does -InsLre........ C-

....................d a y of

- ,

1907., cat r.oo(n, to the


day of

for the term of.

77.]/_ --- A,/

..ollar.. at nn,

..........19C ~at noon,


cqLfptiflsf anst cti Illls I b OP dca7?icL/ &fire, e-Acejit as heveina fleP ()7/) iOcr(1,
ll- : i

00O 0/Vt4 C444,o' /4/ i'totxcei-

*. -m .-

to the following described property while located and contained as described herein, and not eLseivhere, to Trit:

I This company shall not be liable beyond the actual cash value of the property at the time any loss or damage occurs, and the loss or damage shall be ascertained or estimated according to such actual cash value, with proper deduction for
2 depreciation however caused, and shall in no event exceed what it would then cost the insured to repair or replace the same with material of like kind and quality; said ascertainment or estimate shall be made by the insured and this company, or, if
8 they differ, then by appraisers, as hereinafter provided; and, the amount of loss or damage having been thus determined, the sum for which this company is liable pursuant to this policy shall be payable sixty days after due notice, ascertainment,
4 estimate, and satisfactory proof of the loss have been received by this compa-ny in accordance with the terms of this policy. It shall be optional, however, with this company to take all, or any part, of the articles at such ascertained or ap.i.raiki:ld value,
5 and also to repair, rebuild, or replace the property lost or damaged with other of like kind and quality within a reasonable time on giving notice, within thirty days after the receipt of the proof herein required, of its intention so to do; but there can be
6 no abandonment to this company of the property described.

7 This entire policy shall be void if the insured has concealed or misrepresented, in writing or otherwise, any material
8 fact or circumstance concerning this insurance or the subject thereof; or if the interest of the insured in the property b,.- not
9 truly stated herein; or in case of any fraud or false swearing by the insured touching any matter relating to tills insuranir or
10 the subject thereof, whether before or after a loss.
11 This entire policy, unless otherwise provided by agreement indorsed hereon or added hereto, shall be void if the
12 insured now has or shall hereafter make or procure any other contract of insurance, whether valid or not, on property covered
13 in whole or in part by this policy; or if the subject of insurance be a iuanufacturinii establishment and it be o.perarh-d in whole
14 or in part at night later than ten o'clock, or if it cease to be operated for more than ten consecutive days; or if thie hazard be
15 increased by any means within the control or knowledge of the insured; or if mechanics be employed in lUiflinig, altering,. or
16 repairing the within described premises for more than fifteen days at any one time; or if the interest of hil inisurir-l i.,e ,th-r
17 than unconditional and sole ownership; or if the subject of insurance be a buildinii o(n ground not owned by the insured in
18 fee-simple; or if the subject of insurance be personal property and be or become in.'iuujiterod by a chattel mortgage. or if. with
19 the knowledge of the insured, foreclosure nro,-eeding be commenced or notice given of sale of any pa;~-pMy __ ...y tN
20 policy by virtue of any mortgage or trust deed. or if any change, other than 1'y the death of an insur-ld. take plaie m the
21 interest, title, or possession .i' the subject of insurance except change of occupants without increase of hazard, whether by legal
22 process or judgment or by voluntary act of the insured, or otherwise; or if t his pi liicy be assigned before a loss; or if ill u rn im 11,t
23 gas or vapor be generated in the described buihiinhh (or adjacent thereto) for use therein; or if (any usage or custom fi trade ur
24 manufacture to the contrary notwith.-tandinai there be kept, used, or allowed on the above descr;l.ed preniise-. benzine, benzole,
25 dynamite, ether. fireworks, gai.ole.'i. greek tire. gunpowder exceeding twenty-five pounds in quantity, naphtha, uitri, glyvetrin.-
2 or other explosives, phosphorus, or petroleum or any of its products orf grett-r inflammability than kerosene oil of tloe L'nitvrl
27 States standard (which last may be used for lights and kept for sale Scuratingl tI, law but in quantity; l n-t exceediniv five barrels,
28 provided it be drawn and lamps filled by daylight or at a distance not less than ten feet from artriIiall light. ior if a 1l.illing
29 herein described, whether intended for occupancy by owner or tenant, be or become vacant or unoccupied and to rt-euma fir
30 ten days.
31 This company shall not be liable for loss caused directly or indirectly by invasion, insurrection, riot, civil war or commotion,
882 or military or usurped power, or by order of any civil authority; or by theft; or by neglect of the insured to use all reasonable
33 means to save and preserve the property at and after a fire or when the property is enidanig-r.-d by fire in ne-i1.hborinp premises;
34 or (unless fire ensues, and, in that event, for the l;anmge by fire only) by explosion of any kind, or lighting. but. liability
35 for direct damage by light ning miay be assumed by slpr-itic antr,-emii-t t hereon.
36 If a building or any part thereof fall, except as the result of fire, all insurance by this policy on such building or its contents
37 shall immediately cease.
38 This company shall not be liable for loss to accounts, bills, currency, deeds, evidences of debt, money, notes, or securities;
39 nor, unless liability is specifically assumed hereon, for loss to awnings, bullion, casts, curiosities, drSawiug-,. dies, implements,
40 jewels, manuscripts, medals, models, patterns, pictures, scientific apparatus, r.iliis ,.tr- or office furniture or fixtures, sculpture,
41 tools, or property held on storage or f, r rel.air., nor. beyond the actual valur destroyed by fire, for loss occasioned by ordinance
42 or law regulating construction or repair of buildings. or by interruption of business, inaniufactirii,; processes, or otherwise; nor
43 for any grrater proportion of the value of plate glass, frescoes, and decorations than that wluch this policy shall bear to the whole
44 insurance on the building described.
45 If an application, survey, plan, or description of property be referred to in this policy it shall be a part of this contract and
46 a warranty by the insured.
47 In any matter relating to this insurance no person, unless duly authorized in writing, shall be deemed the agent of this
48 company.
49 T his policy may by a renewal be continued under the original stipulations, in consideration of premium for the renewal
50 term, provided that any increase of hazard must be made known to this company at the time of renewal or this policy shall be void.
51 This policy shall be canceled at any time at the request of the injured, or by the company by giving five days notice of
52 such cancellation. If this policy shall be canceled as hereinbefore provided, or become void or cease. the premium having been
53 actually paid, the unearned portion Phall be returned on surrender of this policy or last renewal, tins company retaining the
54 customary short rate; except that when this policy is canceled by this company by giving notice it shall retain only the proe ruin
.55 pretmiuml
51 If, with the consent of this company, an interest under this policy shall exist in favor ofa mortgagee or"f any person or
57 e-rporation having an interest in the subject of insurance other than the interest of the insured as described herein, the conditions
58 hereinhefore contained shall apply in the manner expressed in such provisions and conditions of insurance relating to such interest
59 as shall be written upon, attached, or appended hereto

If property covered by this policy is so endangered by fire as to require removal to a place of safety, and is so removed, 60
that part 'if thIis policy in excess of its proportion of any loss and of the value of property remaining in the original location, shall, 61
for the rniiiiing fi days only, cover the property so removed in the new in, i1 reinuI..-I to more than one location, such 62
excess of till- polly shall cover therein for such five days in the proportion that the value in any one such new location bears 63
to the value in all such new locations; but this company shall not, in any case of removal, whether to one or more locations, be 64
liable beyond the proportion that the amount hereby insured shall bear to the total insurance on the whole property at the time 65
of fire, whether the same cover in a new location or not. 66
If fire occur the insured shall give immediate notice of any loss thereby in writing to this company, protect the property 67
from further damage. forthwith separate the d umaged and iadamiage.d personal Iproperty. put it n th, Il.i-t I-,.ilide order, 68
make a ciplete inventory of the same, rt.tallhg thelu.uaitity and c.,-t of each artirllE auii the amount -lalnel thtr-,on, and, 69
within sixtv days after the tire, unless such t iwn- I. exttndeild in writ ig by this company, shall render a statement to this company, 70
r.i-:id anwld sn irn to by said insured, stating the kin.. ledge and belief of the insured as to the time and origin of the fire; 71
...-..... .. __ .red and of all others in the lropert v. the cash value of each item thereof and the amount of loss thereon; 72
all incumil.ranree. tliherurn, all other insurance, whether valid or not, covering any of said property; and a copy of all the descrip- 73
tions and schedules in all policies; any changes in the title, use, occupation, location, possession, or exposures of said property 74
since the Ji-uinr of this policy; by whom and for what purpose any building herein described and the several parts thereof were 75
occupied at tlt', time of fire; and shall furnish, if reqluired,l erified plans and specifications of ary bu.ildling ixtures. or 76
machinery destroyed or dl.inied and shall also, if required. ifurrnuh a certificate of the magistrate or not.Rar puilili (not inter- 77
ested in the claim as a creditor or otherwise, nor renlted to the insured) living nearest the place of fire, stating that he has 78
examined the circumstances and believes the insured has honestly sustained loss to the amount that such magistrate or notary 79
public shall certify. 80
The insured, as often as required, shall exhibit to any person designated by this company all that remains of any property 81
herein described, and submit to examinations under .ath by any person named by this company, and subscribe the same; and, 82
as often as required, shall lpr~ldln.- for examination all books of account, bills, invoices, and other vouchers, or certified copies 83
thereof if originals be lost, at such reasonable place as may be designated by this company or its representative, and shall 84
permit extracts and copies thereof to be made. 85
In the event of disagreement as to the amount of loss the same shall, as above provided, be ascertained by two competent 86
and disinterested appraisers, the insured and this company each selecting one, and the two so chosen shall first select a competent 87
and disinterested umpire; the appraisers t. gather ,ihll then estimate and appraise the loss, t.AtiiLv separately sound value and 88
damage, and, failing to agree, shall sluhiit their difTe-r.-n'e. to the umpire; and the award in wrtuing of any two shall determine 89
the amount of such loss; the parties thereto shall pay the appraiser respectively selected by thu-m and shall bear equally the 90
expenses of the appraisal and umpire. 91
This company shall not be held to have waived any provision or condition of this policy or any forfeiture thereof by any 92
reiuiremlent, act, or proceeding on its part relating to the appraisal or to any examination herein provided for; and the loss 93
shall not become payable until sixty days after the notice, ascertainment, estimate, and satisfactory proof of the loss herein 94
required have been received by this company, including an award by appraisers when appraisal has been required. 95
This company shall not be liable under this policy for a greater proportion of any loss on the described property, or for 96
loss by and expense of removal from premises endangered by Irr-, than the amount hereby insured shall bear to the whole 97
insurance, whether valid or not, or by solvent or in-olve-nt insurers. c sovE'ring such property, and the extent of the application 98
of the insurance under this policy or of the contribution to be made by tbhis company in case of loss, may br- prwidel>-d for by 99
agreement or condition written hereon or attached or appended hereto. "Liability for re-insurance shall be as agreed 100
hereon. 101
If this company shall claim that the fire was caused by the act or neglect of any person or corporation, private or muni- 102
cipal, this company shall, on payment of the loss, be subrogated to the extent of such payment to all right of recovery by the 103
insured for the loss resulting therefrom, and such right shall be assigned to this company by the insured on receiving such 104
payment. 105
No suit or action n this policyI. for the recovery of any claim, shall be sustainable in any court of law or equity until after 106
full conimplinuce by the insuFred with a ll the loreeoi ng requirements. nor u nles com ineriEied within twelve months next after the fire. 107
Whenever in this poliry the word **insured occurs. it shall be held to includ,- the legal representatives of the insured, and 108
wherever the word lo".s occurs, it shall be deemed the equivalent of "loss or damuae 109
If this policy be made by a mutual or other company having special regulations lawfully applicable to its organization, 110
membership, policies or contracts of insurance. such regulations shall apply to and form a part of this policy as the same may 111
be written or printed upon, attached or appended herE to. 112

This policy is made and accepted subject to the foregoing stipulations and conditions, together with such other provisions, agreements, or conditions as may be indorsed hereon or added hereto, and no officer, agent, or other representative of this company
shall have power to waive any provision or condition of this policy except such as by the terms of this policy may be the subject of agreement indorsed hereon or added hereto, and as to such provisions and conditions no officer, agent, or representative shall
have such power or be deemed or held to have waived such provisions or conditions unless such waiver, if any, shall be written upon or attached hereto, nor shall any privilege or permission feet ing the insurance under this policy exist or be claimed by the insured
unless so written or attached. / .
$t WIttt ~ ht W trt this company has executed and attested these presents this day of.................. .. 190
This policy shall not be valid until countersigned by the duly authorized Manager or Agent of the Company, atBROOKSVILLE, FLORIDA.




f7TVJLMe the............... ..........




Assignment of Interest by Insured.

The interest of...... .................................. owner of property

covered by ith is ol y is hcreby a igned to ......... ...... .... ... .............. ........................................

subject to the c consent cihe I; TNA INSURlNCE COMPANY.


O ated ........ ......... .

NOTE.- To securB Mortgag,-es. if desired, the Policy should be made payable on its face to such Mortgagee, as
follows: Loss, if any, payable to Joihn Doe, Mortgagee.

Consent by Company to Assignment of Interest.

The -ETNA INSUP;ANCE COMPANY h :rebv co:set.' thal the interest

or ..... .as owner of the property

coz'r~x byth2.Ck''~ybea a.sigJ;:r .1 .

.... gelt.

Receipt for Return Premium.

P'olivy No. I
RIene" al N .
A m ount Ilit 111m e $....................................................

Date of C(arin-el.iiuii,
D policya.l ...........................
Time in force, .........
Premium Paid, . . $.............
"a Earned at.... _.......rate
Retu uA~e.,. . $ .. ..... ....

NOTE.-A Rtei'dp should be taken for Return Premiums in all
Cantceiltions and signed by the Assured.


S. .. .... ...... .. 1 9

I consider nation of...... .......................... ........ ........... ............
DIollais Return Premiuiiin, the receipt of which is hereby
acknowlellged, this liis s hereby canceled and surrendered
to the Company.

.....A...... .. ... A RED.

* . .,~ -.








t -~


''1 .. . i-- '-Ir

'' '
r;~ 'r-

.,; ;~~*il(llll~:j~ I Cii~

Assignment of Interest by Insured.

T h~ e in terest of ...... ............. ... ........................

..... as owner of property

cover. by l his o'!?-, is hereby a z igned' to ...................._..... ......... .................................

subject to the consent cf ite .ETN'A INSURI NCE COMPANY.

ISIarrLauaL or mTU Ins1RE'BP.J

)ated .. ............. ..

NOTE.- To secure Mortgag.-es. if desired, the Policy should be made payable on its face to such Mortgagee, as
follows: Loss, if any, payable to Jo hn Doe, Mortgagee.

Consent by Company to Assignment of Interest.

The -ETNA INSURPLNCE COMPANY h:trebyl co,:seJ: t:hat the interest

0r" owner of the property

covered 1-v .11" ,'e (sgJ, 1 0 O

... ige t.

Receipt for Return Premium.

I'oliey No. . .
RI-eneie al N .
Amount Il ll.-il, $....................... ..........

Date of C'arn-el.:idu,
' Polic:y, .
Premium Poaid, ......... ..........................
Time in force ............
Premium Pai . . ....
Earned at..........rate $
Retumned .. . .................

.. ........... ..... ......- ..

NOTE.-A Ric'ipt should be taken for Return Premiums in all
Calntelations and signed by the Assured.


.. .. .. ... ....... 1 9

In consideration of .......................................................... .........
Dollars Return Premiumin, the receipt of which is lhereby
acknowlelged, this liis s hereby canceled and surrendered
to the Company.




'|-- I t,

ExPIRS 7... ..



CASH CAPITAL. $4,000,000.00
CASH CAPITAL, $4,000,000.00
./ . .


It Is important that the written portions of all
Policies covering the same property read exactly alike.
If they do not they should be made uniform at once.

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