Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 36, Lot 13 - Horruytiner
Title: Escrituras
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Title: Escrituras Lindsley House 214 St. George Street
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 36, Lot 13 - Horruytiner
Physical Description: Research notes
Language: English
Creator: Johnson, Albert
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Box: 7
Divider: Block 36
Folder: Block 36 Lot 13 - Horruytiner
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
214 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Horruytiner House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Lindsley House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 214 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.891647 x -81.312828
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Albert Johnson
St. Augustine

214 St. George Street

1785- March 8-10 Howard writes to Governor that he bought Robert Catherwood's
p 164 house and lot- said Dr. Catherwood having left in February; house is
uninhabitable and he asks record of his purchase, and also of another
he wishes to buy to save excessive rent he is paying. (Fatio certi-
fies that lot is No. 2 Jenkin's Block, legal property of Catherwood.
He is considering it same property that passed from Juan Josef Eligio
de la Puente as agent, to James Henderson, July 9, 1764.)
p 387 Sale- Sept. 17, Charles Howard- John Cavedo, stone house of 2 stories
and its lot on street from the Plaza to the Old Church. Bounded E.
by said Street, W. by a river; N. by house granted to Pedro Espinosa.
Bought of Robert Catherwood March 17, this year.

1787 Sale- May 10, John Quavedo (Cavedo)- Francisco Antonio de Entralgo
p two-story house of stone and wood, St. George Street, on south side
of Government Houses; bounded E. by said street, W. by a river; N.
& S. by lots restored t6 the King. Bought by Chas. Howard, Sept. 17,
p 16 Actual Sale- Jan. 31, Francisco Antonio de Entralgo- John L. Henry,
two story house, stone and wood, with kitchen and corner lot on
street running south from Government House. Front N. & S. 26 yds.
and depth as far as waste land of Mary Sanchez which bounds it W.;
said street is E. boundary, Antonio Miranda, N. Juan Francisco
Cordoso, Army Chaplain S.; House and lot together owned by said
chaplain, were bought of John Cabedo, May 10, 1787.

1801 Sale- July 31. Juan Lazaro Henry- Arredondo, 2-story house of stone
p 105 and wood on street running S. from Government House. N.-S. 26 yds.
E.-W. as far as waste lands of Mari Sanchez which is west boundary;'
said streetE.; Antonio Miranda N.; Rev. Father Cardoso, S.; Bought
from Francisco Antonio de Entralgo, Jan. 31, 1801

"Description of Florida

In particular the city of St. Augustine 1788"

lock 35 221. Empty ground-plot of the King- covered by one of the troop
222- Wood house in bad state, .Nicholas Estefanopoly, with deed
223- Old Spanish Church of the King's, also the land
224- Wood house in bad state, of the King's as well as the land,
Thomas Codre.
225- Empty ground-plot of the King's in possession of'Fran. Huerta
226- Stone house, eaves of roof tile, in bad condition: the King's
in which Juan Aguillar, one of the islander's families of the
227- Stone house in good state; property of Fran. Entralgo, with
deed and land which it cites.
228- Stone house in good estate; the King's; and Pedro Espinosa in it
229- Stone house in fair condition and Lorenzo Rodriguez.

From Buckingham Smith Collection- Puente Map 1764 Square "Q" Lot
215, House of stone, Don Diego Horruitiner y Pueyo

A13h3TRACT .04' j1(01JS2! 011 Jr2'1Z.0D~`ACJ1 LIJT~S2 -214 f LG:~ t

Bapi~.. L~AL ~ CtLc. 17.W-17663 P..1OtO.,.tz.-t Co)'Y I~m iJ~~ in L~t.-oc.

Oi tIL O~.* .I():lozid to 5X fl-'ionf 1LU c ord,' at BJJiu ~ undle
3120 yarjti73 -I7U.5-99 doow;1;'al' III "Ro15 and. 80 1J)o~a Jo~ocph Ponce de Loon
(o LO ol1UQ1(;flt~ i s oil VAL.. l of O ld c ,,zt itou c 1 C .P711LO J f Ild D ie !,
( Aentioned. o,, ,.iw e to JTeouj. FiLsh $4 wv.1. 3~bl Diu t; Jo -Goph 2-once (to
Luon, but I .&ind nro ,.ibiolute 1)roof. oa iUu; fu'i u

Fixat d~i'initQ record iii Ili r. S~ouhi:a. I a',to-ttat cojpy 01 i ]Au 0.1' 3t..Au-ar
ustine,~'o:d voit.,i key by Fuiiai Co la Puente ;toncro 42,,17 4
.Txan~ln tior. !T- 01 vt~ras !"ijv
"Square. 212 Lot 0of An:.. VuicEi- Tobax 1 12..5
21 H~ouse o.f. t0Onc... 61 Lore(-n~o laodii.j. nz I21% 50
2)14 11o1Ab of ttone 'oi Don Diteg:o de Leon 2482
H~-~*~ ]ouse of' stone, ;'t Don y -5~o2o8
(56 louk~e o.k fstone o.., Juan4L du lv, (',:uz iT7 1-

The lo ",. 14 woaJci be. 25 vaiv:.s -Aom the o~ e o10 St.Gcroxe T:'i Tlin a
little lus_ t- 715 fre't .t t..,. curOf te~o lint;.ul.d Izhu \kt lcess a
1:el-. i11 c~ 11 th2. _Le sou thL ooi-n C:. ITt i 06 o.i 11 *La t -_I2 i~ no'; ; a :1C.t of Ule
strict wl '.ooi, ,,ould your lot _thl.t ofL .215. it lorr-uitcner* fz.'iily were
-in old 1 1 connected witE ti11 C;;enez ~iail7v,wu invQ rcordk coxlcc.-n3.n--

Second aet:_,.iied map wit., key th.vla oX 7Kariario det l'a Ro.u". 1766 p)otostat Copi-
es o.C bothi LJ- tilL Liis-.Soc.Librax-r
SSquare :o~..
'11u~ ofo22 c~UC0 o(11ina. of.z a Lto'ry in diz. a con- edition uL~t.te oif the
K~c~oitzq lancl in -whic.h livce Lor(.onz7o R o Lx i u e z.
No2J3 -)u6 6' coquilnz. Of a -.,tory inl g00od *ooniition *of t~ik; RUnL7 alzo
1e21dnd,F.rid living, in it Don ""2,iiiooa.
N~~~o..227 2o,-USc. Of. cc ina' oz. a E'tory ill -good conlkition ownved by Don
.-ir xi.& .Knztri.lCo wit-fh doeed ancd land 0_9;Cited..
1,7.Th1,1)L31TSj,_ 0 of un COj~jj_ -re(a witIL Tog;a in b.~ad conlit'01n,0 QI. tjE J.%lIS
also it.'adin -.hc..lives 3Thv,.n AIilpar *on; of the Ilulnd ri-uilieIS
Of~ theQ V:L:l11,ge.

The 0leinent, :Irvey qof Block's 'and dc4tta 1835

Block 36 :i. rin., I
1,o.1 ILorena Rodzi 'uoz
0: .2 Antonio Tiramnda

1-7o.4 -Fremcis Arn.a)u

Phwoto0tat copy in HiaEt.Soc.Lib.

2~nj .A.JThi~nL'rr1
4 J,,.4iA~,%...j..aL'. J'~%fr~.~
F.>'.Arredondo -~$-~--
r~rgaxet CappO.

Spa.nisa t.x li;;.t about 1803- TranUl,.tion by riSa Sipofford Cfro,. orijin;l
in u~e Lir'.'y of C~ongress Lot 249
Block :6 House of coquina and lot belonging to the *King ,in p)os5LCcion of .)on
Lorenzo irod.'riucz,bounded in front East by the Churci,enut.'by tihe n1rdi Soui
by Don ?edro "cpinosa,and North by the .Governiment ITouue ; th lot LZ, .sure.a in
front NortLa-iSouti twenty-t7roe yards,dpt-;n ast '.eat, onenundrod and t;n yrdk
(By tnis 1 find Rodriguez took in i-is. lot the Tobar lot 212 of m.ap 1764 aad

the. flQxt lot .i.outI of tiL.Zt2c lizA 2,50 is 2-A VLXz~r,2 201v;~-S~t 2:;5~I ,
lot *214 of ~i raqp of 1764 co !'oaz lot ii-caLt be !2115J tzc 11orruitcylix lot.170te-
by 11--ly L.i on yllicsl CAt tUh11 4*a' to "X'tor ca rJ yar-d
W itl ito n r ,~ u t to -- - -- - - - - - - - - -4 ;,/
SFov..L't Z~i; yxds o&: coquixna in te,;Li, p,,veyl in huL AAh and. oncu in thliclnez,
which att 1tI ::"t(. o twox relo t~c sc.-t::re yzrd u.iount,-, to64
Item Tw-,o t,-cotins of a a1 wleyr&r.n~,tuoeh n-hr
OiL Z4 y"vx'(L Oi~\.il at, Vlhu rat one eQC11 sa cyrd,;iout to Z0
Item, two0 c1iiia oyo - - - -- - - - - - - - - -- 144
Item For W.hat rolates to C"4zen tr~y w~ork Of Doo nnidw~~orcuil o2??

~~~ ~~~otal icui' its incro:.%se ___

I-Moubce of coouina and. lot beJ~on~ritvi a tlhec 0--sL ?-;~~.on O2.n Petro,
j;3.xioba,boiznd(:d on the.o: South by, Do ii the~a ct I u -' rl; lby tihe(
afocUc, n it eLi.t"o'rtileT2~IIAry (1. ,h' !"t by~ Llicarsh;t~ lot riceas-
U'ezs ill f.oflt tvt-" f ara!( inl fiC)Jt c "ut.'7't 11Un'Cty Ininle
yc~dse'wllich a:t tA I rate of CUl a J.a, iraclu`i.IS i t. iore.. 0e, LUJ-olzuntz OZ
It=~ F~or tWa. Vclue of' theL building and c:Lny240
Item For wI to tile 01,)ft' f2)o~wn~w~loraw o1 0
Tota.l including! ito

By title isziued this day byti;Gvrlin.i iru i hLx. oze
by I Ii a j E;s t_, in hi i r ,o.;al z i 1 01o thc ooveute(;ntn Jlalo,onle 1curiuit
hundred a.nd conu,rc~i-ttin.- to Lllofe inl 3o:0r Of-'~~t ~ :~~~t0
principal endl rent,6 Lo'r the houses and loto theyaqurd tL aoelir -Znd
lot ircnains inl ltu.-al possession .and ovinersh::l- illi )er.)Otuity ol2 ,tzinio I:rcan-
da, ,vithi no ,r cumb.aucQ 'w, tv; id contract and~ bond, hu (l~viU L or~
theQ zccuri ty Of tL. pLc~t n of' 1 p'inc D-l an..1~rmtedao hti
owed as pcaeoL teOLdpoetyw;.c-ncellcd St. Au its tint; iiril
tWaenty ei.-'it,.I802
No.25I Hou.C. 01 COqu,,ina vand lot of' Don PIr'c.Mo ~trcalro.
1go*..252 (1Hou1ke ?-Rd lot o1' Aifllau described ir. 1rn .ot Suh23' yars nd
Eak 1 Ni.ncty y'dscj;. "0nj thie "'Tort hy ])oii rcso*rta.o.

Data 2rom thei ZsCrituxuz Drie:Ls by is ofzox-d..
o~critura-6~tRordaJl 15, 1784, to- Fc-':;, f
;Pa,:e 164 IIrc 't-I oward vi:ites to Gcv V'nrtatl he bou--ht -"ocbt. Catt~or-
A7785 to ;.-ood's houzu ana lot-Dr. ttikux'wooci lcft inrb cs is unin-
16.6 hkabitable & h(,, Ja record of hliu purchavee,: calzo of another
1,(o ,iu to bu~i to LSave p'ii Ccxcs.;ive rt.-t hI'e j.,--, ;n~
(Rmtio criosthat lot- is Yo.2 jenkzins Blockc,leral.poet f ahrod
-nconsiLers.-L it the Z;!.M 1thaZt p A c Jl:axn Jos4 EomJIipio do la 2'uc'rtc asz
.~&cntto- 2T.rzs HecndeKrson Jul'y 9, 176'i.)
pa~ 587 fe,.; -1735 Char.leS 'Howard J*,,,. Cavedo ,zton6 houseci of ..) pxijjj-s
to .388V alld itlfs lot on, r.t-oct fl-om th'e 1.La 10t the ol 3oace .by
2eaic btre-,(t .&J thc xi~ver-;!T/b1y house !7,rzutced to Pedro %rit of
iobert CoatWLervxmod ll:Trc'5,i 17 thisz ycax'.
Eecrtur~II79 i~Yl 10
pa,,e, 22 iuui C,;..vedo 19'ra-nci,.co Antonlo dti n ra.o, 2 soiry h,.ouse o. storie
aid. wood S*L.Geov-sc St.on 5 id o Govt.holcay kd t'Zb
thec river;IT L.- S by lots restored Loth i .3utoCH le
I~ourdSept. 17,* 1785i.

The e old Spanish house on St .George street-
It .f Bridge, now owned bv Miss Jenn iN
...1.1 is one of the old historical la.nd-
.. 'his quaint cottage w'as formerhi i;
S.... ol liv Prince and Princess Archilhl
\lurat, P'ritnce Murat, eldest son of the King
Sf Naples and favorite nephew of EtmpierorI
Napoleon lionaparte, first catne to Amneri aI
.ith Marquis de Lafayette and settled at
I'allahassee, marking Catherine W illis ( irc.\,
io-rmerlv of Fredericksburg, Va., daughter (il
(4l. Bird Willis, and grand niece of General
;enrge \\'ashingtnn. Prince Murat served at
ine tile as mavor of Tallahassee, at another
:ime as postmaster. After a. few years was
assigned ti the command of a regiment in the
SBelgian service. On returning to America,
name to St. Augustine, spending a while in
lte old coqiuina cottage on St. George street,
finally returning to their plantation at Talla-
hassee where they spent their remaining
years and where their last resting place is
in the old Episcopal St. Johns cemetery.

A BliT O) IllST'I'RIAI. INTi.lR ,bT
The old Spanish house ol St .George sirece
corner of Bridge, now owned by Miss Jenni,
ILindsley, is one of the old historical land
marks. This quaint cottage was formerly
occupied lby Prince and Princess Archilh
Murat, Prince Murat, eldest son of the Kin.-
of Naples and favorite nephew of itmpermii
Napoleon Bonaparte, first came to Americt ;
",ith Marquis de Lafayette and settled ait
t'allahassee, miarving Catherine Willis (;re
formerly of Fredericksburg, Va., daughter ol
' ol. Bird Willis, and grand niece of General
encorge W\\ashington. Prince Murat served a;
one time as mayor of Tallahassee, at anolltli
imtle as postmaster. After a few years wa
assigned to the command of a regiment in the
IHelgian service. On returning to America,
came to St. Augustine, spending a while in
the old coquina cottage on St. George street.
finally returning to their plantation at Talla-
hassee where they spent thicir remaining
years and where their last resting place is
in the old Episcopal St. Johns cemetery.

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