Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 36, Lot 13 - Horruytiner
Title: Federal Register, Department of the Interior, National Park Service
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Title: Federal Register, Department of the Interior, National Park Service National Register of Historic Places, Volume 36, Number 35
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 36, Lot 13 - Horruytiner
Physical Description: Government document
Language: English
Publication Date: 1971
Physical Location:
Box: 7
Divider: Block 36
Folder: Block 36 Lot 13 - Horruytiner
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
214 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Horruytiner House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Lindsley House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 214 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.891647 x -81.312828
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Volume ID: VID00008
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Historic St. A"'- e Preservation Boa
Division oi Cultura! Affairs
Department of State
46 St. George Street, Box 1987
St. Augustine, Florda -

I, /






Saturday, February 20, 1971 Washington, D.C.

National Park Service



No. 85-Pt. I--i


W_ 17'


National Park Service
Pursuant to the National Historic
Preservation Act of 1966 (80 Stat. 915,
16 U.S.C. 470) the Advisory Council on
Historic Preservation and the National
Park Service, Department of the Interior
have undertaken steps to implement the
purposes of that act through (1) expan-
sion of the National Register of Historic
Places, (2) initiating a program of
grants-in-aid for historic preservation,
and (3) adoption of procedures and cri-
teria for furthering the Nation's historic
preservation program. In addition, the
role and functions of the Advisory Coun-
cil on Historic Preservation have been
more clearly defined.
It is the purpose of this notice, through
publication of the following information
and materials, to apprise the public, as
well as governmental agencies, associa-
tions, and all other organizations and
individuals interested in historic preser-
vation of the implementing actions that
have been taken in order that there will
be a greater awareness of the means by
which properties of State and local his-
torical significance may be nominated
for placement in the National Register,
of the criteria used in evaluating the
properties, and of the responsibilities
exercised by the Advisory Council. The
notice includes a list of the properties
included in the National Register of His-
toric Places through January 6, 1971.
Acting Director, National Park
Service, and Executive Direc-
tor, Advisory Council on His-
toric Preservation.
A. Introduction. In the National His-
toric Preservation Act of 1966, 80 Stat.
915, 16 U.S.C. 470, the Congress found
and declared:
(a) That the spirit and direction of the
Nation are founded upon and reflected in
its historic past;
(b) That the historical and cultural foun-
dations of the Nation should be preserved
as a living part of our community life and
development in order to give a sense of
orientation to the American people.
(c) That, in the face of ever-increasing
extensions of urban centers, highways, and
residential, commercial, and industrial de-
velopments, the present governmental and
nongovernmental historic preservation pro-
grams and activities are inadequate to insure
future generations a genuine opportunity
to appreciate and enjoy the rich heritage of
our Nation; and
(d) That, although the major burdens of
historic preservation have been borne and
major efforts initiated by private agencies
and individuals, and both should continue
to play a vital role, it is nevertheless neces-
sary and appropriate for the Federal Gov-
ernment to accelerate its historic preser-
vation programs and activities, to give
maximum encouragement to agencies and
individuals undertaking preservation by
private means, and to assist State and local


governments and the National Trust for
Historic Preservation in the United States
to expand and accelerate their historic pres-
ervation programs and activities.
In order to accomplish these purposes,
the National Historic Preservation Act
provided for three significant innova-
tions: An expanded National Register of
Historic Places, a program of grants-in-
aid for historic preservation, and an
Advisory Council on Historic Preserva-
tion empowered to comment upon all
undertakings licensed, assisted, or car-
ried out by the Federal Government that
have an effect upon properties in the
National Register.
Official notice is hereby given to the
public and government agencies of the
opportunities and restrictions provided
by the National Historic Preservation
Act. Detailed administrative procedures
for the program may be found in the
manual "Grants For Historic Preserva-
tion: A Guide For State Participation"
(U.S. Department of the Interior, Na-
tional Park Service, Washington, D.C.).
B. Expanding the National Register
of Historic Places. The Act authorizes
the Secretary of the Interior to expand
and maintain a National Register of dis-
tricts, sites, buildings, structures, and
objects significant in American history,
architecture, archeology, and culture.
Previously, the National Register in-
cluded only nationally significant prop-
erties that are historical or archeologi-
cal units of the National Park System or
that have been declared eligible for
designation as National Historic Land-
marks. Because they must meet exacting
criteria of national significance, such
properties are few in number. The Na-
tional Historic Preservation Act of 1966
provides a means for States to nominate
properties of State and local signifi-
cance for placement in the National
The following officials have been des-
ignated by their Governors to act as
State Liaison Officers responsible for
State activities under the National His-
toric Preservation Act:
Chairman, Alabama Historical Commission,
State Department of Archives and History,
305 South Lawrence Street, Montgomery,
AL 36104.
Chief, Parks and Recreation, Department of
Natural Resources, Division of Lands, 323
East Fourth Avenue, Anchorage, AL 99501.
Director, State Parks Board, 1688 West Ad-
ams, Phoenix, AZ 85007.
Chairman, State Review Committee, Arkan-
sas History Commission, Old State House,
Little Rock, AR 72201.
Director, Department of Parks and Recrea-
tion, State Resources Agency, Post Office
Box 2390, Sacramento, CA 95811.

Chairman, Connecticut Historical Commis-
sion, 75 Elm Street, Hartford, CT 06115.
State Archivist, Public Archives Commission,
Post Office Box 796, Dover, DE 19901.
Director, Division of Archives, History, and
Records Management, Department of State,
401 East Gaines Street, Tallahassee, FL
Director, Georgia Historical Commission, 116
Mitchell Street SW., Atlanta, GA 30303.
Chairman, Department of Land and Natural
Resources, State of Hawaii, Post Office Box
621, Honolulu, HI 96809.
Director, Idaho Historical Society, 610 North
Julia Davis Drive, Boise, ID 83706.
Director, Department of Conservation, 102
State Office Building, 400 South Spring
Street, Springfield, IL 62706.
Director, Department of Natural Resources,
State of Indiana, 615 State Office Building,
Indianapolis, IN 42604.
Superintendent, State Historical Society of
Iowa, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
52240. -
Secretary, Kansas State Historical Society,
120 West 10th, Topeka, KS 66612.
Administrator, Kentucky Program Develop-
ment Office, Coordinator of State and Fed-
eral Activities, Office of the Governor,
Room 157, Capitol Building, Frankfurt, KY
Chairman, Louisiana Historical Preservation
and Cultural Commission, Post Office Box
44422, Capitol Station, Baton Rouge, LA
Director, State Park and Recreation Commis-
sion, State Office Building, Augusta, ME
Director, Maryland Historical Trust, Box
1704, Annapolis, MD 21401.
Secretary of the Commonwealth, Chairman,
Massachusetts Historical Commission, State
House, Boston, MA 02133.
Director, Department of Natural Resources,
Stevens T. Mason Building, Lansing, MI
Director, Minnesota Historical Society, 690
Cedar Street, St. Paul, MN 55101.
Director, State of Mississippi, Department
of Archives and History, Post Office Box
571, Jackson, MS 39205.

State Liaison Officer, State Historical Society, Director, Missouri State Park Board, Post
Colorado State Museum, 200 14th Avenue, Office Box 176, 1204 Jefferson Bililding,
Denver, CO 80203. Jefferson City, MO 65101.



Chief of Recreation and Parks Division,
Department of Fish and Game, State of
Montana, Mitchell Building, Helena, MT
Director, The Nebraska State Historical
Society, 1500 R Street, Lincoln, NE 68508.

Director, Department of- Development Serv-
ices, 312 State Capitol Building, Salt Lake
City, UT 84102.
State Liaison Officer, Board of Historic Sites,
7 Langdon Street, Montpeller, VT 05602.

Administrator, Division of State Parks, 201 Chairman, Virginia Historic Landmarks Com-
AdSouth Fall Street, Room 221, Nye Building, mission, Room 1106, State Ninth Street
South Fall Street, oom 221, Nye Building Office Building, Richmond, VA 23219.
Carson City, NV 89701.

Commissioner, Department of Resources and
Economic Development, 856 State House
Annex, Concord, NH 03301.
Commissioner, Department of Environmental
Protection, Post Office Box 1420, Trenton,
NJ 08625.
State Planning Officer, State Capitol, 403
Capitol Building, Santa Fe, NM 87501.
Chairman, New, York State Historic Trust,
Parks and Recreation, Building 2, State
Campus, Albany, NY 12226.
Director, Department of Archives and His-
tory, State of North Carolina, Post Office
Box 1881, Raleigh, NC 27602.
Superintendent, State Historical Society of
North Dakota, Liberty Memorial Building,
Bismarck, ND 58501.
Director, The Ohio Historical Society, Ohio
Historical Center, Columbus, OH 43210.
President, Oklahoma Historical Society, 1108
Colcord Building, Oklahoma City, OK
State Highway Engineer, State Highway
Building, Salem, OR 97310.
Executive Director, Pennsylvania Historical
and Museum Commission, William Penn
Memorial Museum and Archives Building,
Harrisburg, PA 17108.
Director, Department of Community Affairs,
C.I.C. Building, 289 Promenade Street,
Providence, RI 02908.
Director, State Archives Department, 1430
Senate Street, Columbia, SC 29211.
Chief, Division of Parks and Recreation,
State Office Building, Pierre, SD 57501.
Executive Secretary, Tennessee Historical
Commission, State Library and Archives
Building, Nashville, TN 37219.
Executive Director, Texas State Historical
Survey Committee, Post Office Box 12276,
Capitol Station, Austin, TX 78701.-

. Director, Washington State Parks and Rec-
reation Commission, Olympia, WA 98501.
Chairman, Division of Social Sciences, Poto-
mac State College of West Virginia Uni-
versity, Keyser, WV 26726.
Director, State Historical Society of Wiscon-
sin, 816 State Street, Madison, WI 53706.
Director, Wyoming Recreation Commission,
604 East 25th Street, Box 309, Cheyenne,
WY 82001.
Deputy Mayor, District of Columbia Gov-
ernment, Washington, DC 20004.
Executive Director, Institute of Puerto
Rican Culture, Apartado 4184, San Juan,
PR 00905.
Director of Tourism, Government of Guam,
Agana, GU 96910.
Planning Director, Virgin Islands Planning
Board, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, VI
Governor, Office of the Governor, Pago Pago.
American Samoa 96920.
The State Liaison Officer supervises a
professional survey staff in conducting a
statewide historic sites survey. From the
survey findings a comprehensive state-
wide historic preservation plan is pre-
pared. The plan must be reviewed and
approved by a high-level professional re-
view committee. The State Liaison Offi-
cer, in accordance with the plan, may
then nominate properties for inclusion
in the National Register. The nominated
properties which are approved by the
National Park Service are entered in the
National Register of Historic Places by
the Chief, Office of Archeology and His-
toric Preservation, National Park Service.
The following criteria shall be used
by the States in evaluating properties for
nomination to the National Register of
Historic Places and by the National Park
Service in reviewing State nominations.
National Register Criteria of Evaluation
The quality of significance in Ameri-
can history, architecture, archeology,
and culture is present in districts, sites,
buildings, structures, and objects of
State and local importance that possess

integrity of location, design, setting,
materials, workmanship, feeling, and
association, and:
1. That are associated with events
that have made a significant contribu-
tion to the broad patterns of our history;
2. That are associated with the lives
of persons significant in our past; or
3. That embody the distinctive char-
acteristics of a type, period, or method
of construction, or that represent the
work of a master, or that possess high
artistic values, or that represent a signif-
icant and distinguishable entity whose
components may lack individual distinc-
tion; or
4. That have yielded, or may be likely
to yield, information important in pre-
history or history.
Criteria considerations. Ordinarily
cemeteries, birthplaces, or graves of
historical figures, properties owned by
religious institutions or used for reli-
gious purposes, structures that have been
moved from their original locations, re-
constructed historic buildings, proper-
ties primarily commemorative in na-
ture, and properties that have achieved
significance within the past 50 years
shall not be considered eligible for the
National Register. However, such prop-
erties will qualify if they are integral
parts of districts that do meet the cri-
teria or if they fall within the following
(a) A religious property deriving pri-
mary significance from architectural
or artistic distinction or historical
(b) A building or structure removed
from its original location but which is
significant primarily for architectural
value, or which is the surviving struc-
ture most importantly associated with a
historic person or event.
(c) A birthplace or grave of a his-
torical figure of outstanding importance
if there is no appropriate site or building
directly associated with his productive
(d) A cemetery which derives its pri-
mary significance from graves of persons
of transcendent importance, from age,
from distinctive design features, or from
association with historic events.
(e) A reconstructed building when ac-
curately executed in a suitable environ-
ment and presented in a dignified
manner as part of a restoration master
plan, and when no other building or
structure with the same association has
(f) A property primarily commemora-
tive in intent if design, age, tradition, or
symbolic value has invested it with its
own historical significance.
(g) A property achieving significance
within the past 50 years if it is of excep-
tional importance.
C. Grants for historic preservation. The
National Historic Preservation Act also
authorizes a program of grants-in-aid to
States for comprehensive statewide his-
toric site surveys and preservation plans.
Grants are also authorized to States,



local governments, private organizations,
and individuals for preservation projects
in accordance with an approved state-
wide plan. All grants are made through
the States. The State Liaison Officer may
then distribute the funds to other ap-
proved public and private recipients.
Funds may be used for acquisition, pro-
tection, rehabilitation, restoration, and
reconstruction of properties included in
the National Register of Historic Places.
A. Introduction. The National Historic
Preservation Act of 1966 created the Ad-
visory Council on Historic Preservation.
The Council is authorized to advise the
President and the Congress on matters
relating to historic preservation; to rec-
ommend measures to coordinate activi-
ties of Federal, State, and local agencies
and private institutions and individuals
relating to historic preservation; to com-
ment on undertakings carried out, li-
censed, or financially assisted by the
Federal Government which have any
effect upon properties listed in the Na-
tional Register; and to secure from the
appropriate Federal agencies certain in-
formation necessary to the performance
of these duties.
B. Procedures for section 106 com-
pliance. The Advisory Council exercises
an important function by responding
with comments to undertakings carried
out, licensed, or financially assisted by
the Federal Government, when the un-
dertaking will affect a property listed in
the National Register. This authority
derives from section 106 of the National
Historic Preservation Act, which pro-
vides that:
The head of any Federal agency having di-
rect or indirect jurisdiction over a proposed
Federal or federally assisted undertaking in
any State and the head of any Federal de-
partment or independent agency having au-
thority to license any undertaking shall, prior
to the approval of the expenditure of any
Federal funds on the undertaking or prior
to the issuance of any license, as the case
may be, take into account the effect of the
undertaking on any district, site, building,
structure, or object that is included in the
National Register. The head of any such Fed-
eral agency shall afford the Advisory Coun-
cil on Historic Preservation established un-
der title II of this Act a reasonable oppor-
tunity to comment with regard ,to such
The Advisory'Council desires to pro-
vide maximum assistance in connection
with section 106. Normally the Council
anticipates that its comments will be re-
quired in only the most complex situa-
tions, and it requests that agencies fulfill
their obligations under section 106 by the
use of the following procedures:
Procedures for Compliance
Section 106
National Historic Preservation Act of 1966
At the earliest stage of planning or con-
sideration of any undertakings carried out,
licensed, or financially assisted by the Fed-
eral Government, an agency should follow
these steps:

1. Consult the National Register of His-
toric Places to determine if a National Regis-
ter property is involved in the undertaking.
The National Register is maintained by the
Office of Archeology and Historic Preserva-
tion, National Park Service, and monthly
addenda are published in the FEDERAL
2. Apply the "Criteria for Effect." If there
is no effect, the undertaking may proceed.
3. If there is an effect, regional, or State
officials of the agency in consultation with
the State Liaison Officer and a representative
of the Office of Archeology and Historic Pres-
ervation shall:
(a) Determine if the effect is adverse-if
not, the undertaking may proceed;
(b) Upon finding an adverse effect, select
and agree upon a prudent and feasible al-
ternative to remove the adverse effect, in
which case the undertaking may proceed;
(c) Failing to find and agree upon an al-
ternative, recommend all possible planning
to minimize the adverse effect and delay fur-
ther processing of the undertaking pend-
ing the receipt of comments from the Advi-
sory Council.
4. Provide written notice affording the
Advisory Council an opportunity to com-
ment upon doubtful or unresolved situations
of adverse effect and upon request submit
a report of the undertaking.
The Council expects to exert its advisory
prerogatives by commenting to agencies in
certain special situations even though writ-
ten notice of effect has not been received.
Criteria for Effect
A federally financed or licensed undertak-
ing shall be considered to have an effect on a
National Register listing (districts, sites,
buildings, structures, and objects, including
their settings) when any condition of the
undertaking creates a -change in the quality
of the historical, architectural, archeological,
or cultural character that qualified the prop-
erty under the National Register criteria for
listing in the National Register.
Generally, adverse effect occurs under con-
ditions which include but are not limited
(a) Destruction or alteration of all or
part of a property;
(b) Isolation from or alteration of its sur-
rounding environment;
(c) Introduction of visual, audible, or
atmospheric elements that are out of char-
acter with the property and Its setting.
C. Advisory Council section 106 re-
porting procedures. For the convenience
of agencies submitting effect notices to
the Council under section 106, the fol-
lowing standard procedures for handling
such notices have been promulgated:
1. Upon receipt of a written notice of
an undertaking having an effect on a
National Register property, the Council
(a) Acknowledge its receipt and give
notice of a 14-day review period during
which the Advisory Council may deter-
mine and so advise the agency of its
desire to comment;
(b) Refer the notice to the Office of
Archeology and Historic Preservation,
National Park Service, for a preliminary
verification of significance, National or
otherwise, and evaluation of the effect
upon the National Registqr property;
(c) Determine that it will or will not

1 When the agency has no regional or State
officials, the Office of Archeology and Historic
Preservation will perform this service.

S2. Upon determination that the Coun-
cil will comment on an undertaking, the
Council shall:
(a) Notify the agency of Council in-
tent to comment and date by which it
will do so;
(b) Place the matter on the agenda
of the next regular meeting or in ex-
ceptional circumstances schedule the
matter for consideration in an unas-
sembled meeting; and
(c) Authorize preparation of a section
106 report.
3. The section 106 report shall be
prepared by the Executive Director and
shall contain:
(a) A full report of verification and
evaluation of the effect prepared by the
Office of Archeology and Historic
(b) A report from the requesting
agency on the undertaking with the
agency evaluation of effect; and
(c) Conclusions.
The section 106 report shall contain
but not be limited to information such
as a full description including visual
materials of the National Register prop-
erty, the undertaking, agency efforts to-
take into account effect on National
Register properties, records of hearings,
statements of support or opposition, a
statement from the State Liaison Officer,
and answers to any specific questions
voiced by Council members. The Coun-
cil will not hold formal hearings on sec-
tion 106 matters. The Council comments
to agencies shall take the form of a
three-part statement including an in-
troduction, findings, and a conclusion.
Pursuant to the authority vested in the
Director of the National Park Service
under the Antiquities Act of 1906, 34
Stat. 225, 16 U.S.C. 431; the Act of Au-
gust 25, 1916, 39 Stat. 535, 16 U.S.C. 1;
the Historic Sites Act of 1935, 49 Stat.
666, 16 U.S.C. 461; and the National His-
toric Preservation Act of 1966, 80 Stat.
915, 16 U.S.C. 470; the properties listed
below are included in the National Regis-
ter of Historic Places. The responsibility
of all Federal agencies to take cognizance
of these properties is specified in section
106 of the National Historic Preservation
The properties listed below which are
marked by an asterisk have been desig-
nated National Historic Landmarks by
the Secretary of the Interior.
Baldwin County
Gasque vicinity, *Fort Morgan, western
terminus of Alabama 180.
Barbour County
Eufaula, Fendall Hall, Barbour' Street.
Eufaula, The Tavern (River Tavern), 105
Riverside Drive.
Calhoun County
Jacksonville, Francis, Dr. J. C., Office, 100
Gayle Street.




Colbert County
Florence vicinity, *Wilson Dam, Tennessee
River, on Alabama 133 (also in Lauderdale
Tuscumbia, Ivy Green (Helen Keller Birth-
place), 300 West North Common.
De Kalb County
Fort Payne, Fort Payne Opera House, 510
Gault Avenue, North.
Elmore County
Wetumpka vicinity, *Fort Toulouse, 4 miles
southwest of Wetumpka at confluence of
the Coosa and Tallapoosa rivers.
Greene County
Eutaw, Coleman-Banks House, 430 Spring-
field Road.
Hale County
Moundville vicinity, *Moundville Site, 1 mile
west of Moundville on County Route 21.
Jackson County
Bridgeport vicinity, Russell Cave National
Monument, 8 miles west of Bridgeport via
U.S. 72 and County Routes 91 and 75.
Jefferson County
Birmingham, Arlington (Mudd-Munger
Home), 331 Cotton Avenue SW.
Lauderdale County_
Florence, Kennedy (Oscar) House, 303 North
Pine Street.
*Wilson Dam (see Colbert County).
Marengo County
Demopolis, Bluff Hall, 405 North Commis-
sioners Avenue.
Demopolis, White Bluff, Arch Street.
Macon County
Tuskegee vicinity, *Tuskegee Institute, 1
mile northwest of Tuskegee on U.S. 80.
Mobile County
Mob3&T, Barton Academy, 504 Government
Mobile, Bishop Portier Home, 307 Conti
Mobile, City Hall, 111 South Royal Street.
Mobile, Fort Condd-Charlotte, within an area
bounded roughly by Emanuel, Theater,
Royal, and Church Streets, and extending
slightly north of Church Street.
Mobile, Old City Hospital, 900-950 St. An-
thony Street.
Mobile, Semmes (Raphael) Home, 804 Gov-
ernment Street.
Montgomery County
Montgomery, *First Confederate Capitol,
Goat Hill, east end of Dexter Avenue.
Russell County
Holy Trinity vicinity, *Apalachicola Fort, 1.5
miles east of Holy Trinity on Chatta-
hoochee River.
Talladega County
Talladega vicinity, *Curry (J. L. M.) Home, 3
miles northeast of Talladega on Alabama
Tallapoosa County
Dadeville vicinity, Horseshoe Bend National
Military Park, Tallapoosa River, 12 miles
north of Dadeville on Alabama 49.
Interior District
Eagle, Eagle Historic District, left bank of the
Yukon River at the mouth of Mission
Creek; secs. 24, 25, 36, T. 1 S., R. 32 E., sees.
19, 30, 31, T. 1 S., R. 33 E., sec. 1, T. 2 S., R.
32 E., sees. 4, 5, 6, T. 2 S., R. 33 E.

Northwestern District
Barrow vicinity, *Birnirk Site, 5 miles north-
east of Barrow.
Cape Denbigh Peninsula, *Iyatayet Site,
Norton Sound.
Cape Prince of Wales vicinity, *Wales Sites,
adjacent to Cape Prince of Wales on
Seward Peninsula.
Nome vicinity, *Anvil Creek Gold Discovery
Site, 4.25 miles north of Nome on Seward
Peninsula at Anvil Creek.
Point Hope Peninsula, *lpiutak Site, tip of
Point Hope lat. 68*20' N., long. 16750' W.
St. Lawrence Island, *Gambell Sites, North-
west Cape.
South Central District
Dutch Harbor, Unalaska Island, *Church of
the Holy Ascension, Unalaska.
Kenai, *Russian Orthodox Mission Church,
east shore of Cook Inlet.
Kodiak, Kodiak Island, *Erskine House, Main
Street and Mission Street.
Kodiak vicinity, Fort Abercrombie State His-
toric Site, Kodiak Island.
Nikolski vicinity, *Chaluka Site, Umnak Is-
land, Aleutian Islands.
Pribilof Islands, St. Paul Island, *Fur Seal
Rip Rock vicinity, Hawkins Island, *Palugvik
Site, 3.75 miles east of Rip Rock on Prince
William Sound.
Yukon Island, *Yukon Island Main Site,
Kachemak Bay, Cook Inlet.
Southeastern District
Ketchikan vicinity, Totem Bight State His-
toric Site, west coast of Revillagigedo
Sitka, *American Flag Raising Site, Castle
Sitka, *Russian Mission Orphanage, Lincoln
and Monastery Streets.
Sitka, *St. Michael's Cathedral, Lincoln and
Maksoutoff Streets.
Sitka, Baranof Island, Sitka National Monu-
Sitka vicinity, *Old Sitka Site, 6 miles north
of Sitka on Starrigavan Bay.
Skagway and vicinity, *Skagway Historic Dis-
trict and White Pass, head of Talya Inlet
on Lynn Canal.
Wrangell, Chief Shakes State Historic Site,
Shakes Island.
Apache County
Chinle, Canyon de Chelly National Monu-
ment, east side of Chinle.
Ganado, Hubbell Trading Post National His-
toric Site, west side of Ganado.
Springerville vicinity, *Casa Malpais Site, 2
miles north of Springerville.
Cochise County
Bisbee vicinity, Coronado National Memnorial,
30 miles southwest of Bisbee via Arizona 92
and secondary road.
Bisbee vicinity, *Lehner Mammoth-Kill Site,
10 miles west of Bisbee.
Bowie vicinity, Fort Bowie National Historic
Site, 13 miles south of Bowie.
Douglas vicinity, *Double Adobe Site, 12
miles northwest of Douglas on the west
bank of Whitewater Creek.
Douglas vicinity, *San Bernardino Ranch, 17
miles east of Douglas on the international
Tombstone, *Tombstone Historic District.
Coconino County
Flagstaff vicinity, *Lowell Observatory, 1 mile
west of Flagstaff on Mars Hill.
Flagstaff vicinity, *Merriam (C. Hart) Base
Camp Site, 20 miles northwest of Flagstaff,
at Little Springs private enclave in
Coconino National Forest.

Flagstaff vicinity, Walnut Canyon National
Monument, 8 miles east of Flagstaff on U.S.
Flagstaff vicinity, Wupatki National Monu-
ment, 30 miles north of Flagstaff off U.S.
Winona vicinity, *Winona Site, 5 miles
northeast of Winona on U.S. 66, Coconino
National Forest.
Gila County
Globe vicinity, *Roosevelt Dam, Salt River, 31
miles northwest of Globe on Arizona 88
(also in Maricopa County).
Globe vicinity, Tonto National Monument,
28 miles northwest of Globe on Arizona 88.
Whiteriver vicinity, *Kinishba Ruins, 15
miles west of Whiteriver via Arizona 73 and
secondary road.
Graham County
Bonita vicinity, *Sierra Bonita Ranch,
southwest of Bonita.
Morenci vicinity, *Point of Pines, 30 miles
northwest of Morenci, San Carlos Indian
Maricopa County
Gila Bend vicinity, Fortalcza, Gila Bend
Indian Reservation.
Gila Bend vicinity, *Gatlin Site, 3 miles
-north of Gila Bend.
Phoenix, *Hohokam-Pima Irrigation Sites,
Park of the Four Waters (also in Pinal
Phoenix, *Pueblo Grande Ruin, Washington
Avenue, Pueblo Grande City Park.
*Roosevelt Dam (see Gila County).
Mohave County
Fredonia vicinity, Pipe Spring National Mon-
ument, 15 miles southwest of Fredonia.
Navajo County
Kayenta vicinity, Navajo National Monu-
ment, 30 miles southwest of Kayenta.
Keams Canyon vicinity, *Awatovi Ruins, 8
miles south of Keams Canyon, Hopi Indian
Oraibi vicinity, *Old Oraibi, 3 miles west of
Oraibi on Arizona 264, Hopi Indian Reser-
Pima County
Santa Rosa vicinity, *Ventana Cave, 11 miles
west of Santa Rosa, Papago Indian Reser-
Tucson vicinity, *Desert Laboratory, west of
Tucson off West Anklam Road.
Tucson vicinity, *San Xavier del Bac, 9 miles
south of Tucson via Mission Road.
Pinal County
Chandler vicinity, *Snaketown, 12 miles
southwest of Chandler, Gila River Indian
Coolidge vicinity, Casa Grande Ruins Na-
tional Monument, 2 miles north of Coolidge
on Arizona 87.
Florence vicinity, Adamsville Ruin, 3.5 miles
southwest of Florence on Arizona 287.
Phoenix vicinity, *Hohokam-Pima Irrigation
Sites (see Maricopa County).
Santa Cruz County
Nogales vicinity, Tumacacori National Mon-
ument, 18 miles north of Nogales on Inter-
state 19.
Tubac, Old Tubac Schoolhouse.
Tubac, Tubac Presidio, Broadway and River
Yavapai County
Clarkdale vicinity, Tuzigoot National Monu-
ment, 2 miles east of Clarkdale.
Flagstaff vicinity, Montesuma Castle Na-
tional Monument, 40 miles south of Flag-
staff on Interstate 17.
Jerome, *Jerome Historic District.




Yuma County
Ehrenberg vicinity, Old La Paz (Laguna de
La Paz), northeast of Ehrenberg on the
Colorado River Indian Tribes Reservation.
Yuma, *Yuma Crossing and Associated Sites,
banks of the Colorado River (also in Im-
perial County, Calif.).
Arkansas County
Glllett vicinity, Arkansas Post National Me-
morial, 8 miles southeast of Gillett on
Arkansas 1 and 169.
Benton County
Pea Ridge, Pea Ridge National Military Park.
Carroll County
Eureka Springs, Eureka Springs Historic Dis-
trict, enclosed by a rectangle, the coordi-
nates of which are on the northwest corner
latitude 3624'42" N., longitude 93*44'54"
W., on the northeast corner latitude 36-
24'42" N., longitude 9343'42" W., on the
southeast corner latitude 36'23'30" N.,
longitude 93'43'42" W., and on the south-
west corner latitude 36'23'30" N., longi-
tude 93'44'54" W.
Cleveland County
Fordyce vicinity, Mark's Mill Battlefield
Park, intersection of Arkansas 8 and 97.
Cross County
Parkin vicinity, *Parkin Indian Mound, north
edge of Parkin.
Grant County
Leola vicinity, Jenkin's Ferry Battleground
State Park, northeast of Leola on Arkansas
Jackson County
Jacksonport, Jacksonport State Park, lo-
cated between Avenue, Main, and Dillard
Streets, and the White River.
Lawrence County
Powhatan, Powhatan Courthouse.
Mississippi County
Wilson, *Nodena Site, south edge of Wilson.
Ouachita County
Chidester vicinity, Poison Spring State Park,
E1/2NE4 sec. 1, T. 13 S., R. 19 W.
Pope County
Pottsville, Potts' Inn, Main and Center
Pulaski County
Little Rock, The Little Rock, on the south
bank of the Arkansas River at the foot of
Rock Street.
Little Rock, Mount Holly Cemetery, 12th
Street and Broadway.
Little Rock, Old Statehouse, 300 West Mark-
ham Street.
Little Rock, The Tavern, Arkansas Territorial
Restoration, 214 East Third Street.
Little Rock, U.S. Arsenal Building, Mac-
Arthur Park, Ninth and Commerce Streets.
Little Rock, Villa Marre (Angelo Marre
House), 1321 Scott Street.
Mabelvale vicinity, Ten Mile House (Stage-
coach House), north of Mabelvale on
Arkansas 5.
Sebastian County
Fort Smith, Clayton, W. H. H., Home, 514
North Sixth Street.
Fort Smith, Fort Smith National Historic
Washington County
Fayetteville, Old Main, University of Arkan-
sas, Arkansas Avenue.

Fayetteville, Stone House, 207 Center Street.
Prairie Grove, Prairie Grove Battlefield Park,
within a triangle formed by North Road
on the northwest and U.S. 62 on the south.
Alameda County
Berkeley, *Room 307, Gilman Hall, University
of California, University of California
Oakland, *Lake Merritt Wild Duck Refuge,
Lakeside Park, Grand Avenue.
Oakland, *Miller (Joaquin) House, The Ab-
bey, Joaquin Miller Road and Sanborn
Contra Costa County
Martinez, John Muir National Historic Site,
4440 Alhambra Avenue.
El Dorado County
Placerville vicinity, *Coloma, 7 miles north-
west of Placerville on California 49.
Humboldt County
Eureka vicinity, *Gunther Island Site 67
(Tolowot), northeast end of Gunther
Island in Humboldt Bay north of Eureka.
Imperial County
Winterhaven, Yuma Crossing and Associated
Sites (see Yuma County, Ariz.).
Inyo County
China Lake vicinity, *Big and Little Petro-
glyph Canyons, China Lake Naval Ord-
nance Test Station.
Kern County
Bakersfield, *Walker Pass, 60 miles northwest
of Bakersfield on California 178.
Lake County
Lakeport, Lake County Courthouse, 255
Nortly Main Street.
Los Angeles County
Long Beach, *Los Cerritos Ranch House, 4600
Virginia Road.
Los Angeles, Los Angeles Central Library, 630
West 5th Street.
San Fernando vicinity, *Well No. 4, Pico
Canyon Oil Field, 9.6 miles north of San
Fernando and west of U.S. 99.
Mono County
Bridgeport vicinity, *Bodie Historic District,
7 miles south of Bridgeport on U.S. 395,
then 12 miles east on secondary road.
Monterey County
Carmel, *Carmel Mission, Rio Road.
Monterey, *Larkin House, 464 Calle Princi-
Monterey, *Monterey Old Town Historic Dis-
trict. Two districts. The southern one
bounded by Dutra Street on the west,
Madison Street on the east, Polk Street on
the south, and Jefferson Street on the
north; northern district bounded by Pa-
cific Street on the west, Scott Street on
the south, by Alvarado Street on the east,
and Decatur Street on the north.
Monterey, *old Customhouse, Calle Princi-
pal at Decatur Street.
Monterey, *Royal Presidio Chapel, 550 Church
Nevada County
Truckee vicinity, *Donner Camp, 2.6 miles
west of Truckee on U.S. 40.

Sacramento County
Sacramento, California Governor's Mansion,
southwest corner of 16th and H Streets.
Sacramento, *Old Sacramento Historic Dis-
trict, junctions of U.S. 40, 50, 99, and
California 16 and 24.

Sacramento, *Pony Express Terminal (B. F.
Hastings Building), 1006 Second Street.
Sacramento, *Sutter's Fort, 2701 L Street.
San Benito County
San Juan Bautista, *Anza House, Third and
Franklin Streets.
San Juan Bautista, *Castro (Jose) House,
south side of the Plaza.
San Juan Bautista, *San Juan Bautista Plaza
Historic District, beginning at the inter-
section of Washington Street and Second
Street, northwest along Second to Mari-
posa Street, northeast along Mariposa to
First Street, southeast on First-to Wash-
ington Street, southwest on Washington
to Second Street.
- San Diego County
Camp Joseph H. Pdndleton, *Las Flores
Adobe, Stuart Mesa Road, about 7 miles
north of its junction with Vandergrift
Oceanside vicinity, *San Luis Rey Mission
Church, 4 miles east of Oceanside on Cali-
fornia 76.
San Diego, *Estudillo House, 4000 Mason
San Diego, *Old Mission Dam, north side of
Mission Street-Gorge Road.
San Diego, *San Diego Presidio, Presidio
San Diego, *Star of India, San Diego Embar-
San Diego vicinity, Cabrillo National Monu-
ment, 10 miles from San Diego off U.S. 101,
near the southern tip of Point Loma.
San Diego vicinity, *San Diego Mission
Church, 5 miles east of Old Town San
Diego on Friars Road.
Spring Valley, *Bancroft (Hubert H.) Ranch
House, Bancroft Drive off California 94.
Vista vicinity, *Guajome Ranch House, 2.5
miles northeast of Vista.
Warner Springs vicinity, *Oak Grove Butter-
field Stage Station, 13 miles northwest of
Warner Springs on California 79.
Warner Springs vicinity, *Warner's Ranch,
4 miles south of Warner Springs on sec-
ondary road.
San Francisco County
San Francisco, *C. A. Thayer, San Francisco
Maritime State Historic Park.
San Francisco, *Flood (James C.) Mansion,
California and Mason Streets.
San Francisco, *Old United States Mint, Fifth
and Mission Streets.
San Francisco, The Presidio, northern tip of
San Francisco Peninsula on U.S. 101 and
Interstate 480.
San Francisco, *San Francisco Cable Cars.
San Mateo County
Belmont, *Ralston (William C.) Home, Col-
lege of Notre Dame campus.
San Bruno vicinity, *San Francisco Bay Dis-
covery, Site, 4 miles west of San Bruno via
Skyline Drive and Sneath Lane.
Santa Barbara County
Lompoc vicinity, *La Purisimg Mission, 4
miles east of Lompoc.
Los Alamos vicinity, *Los Alamos Ranch
House, 3 miles west of Los Alamos on old
U.S. 101.
Santa Barbara, *Santa Barbara Mission, 2201
Laguna Street.
Santa Barbara, *Vhay House, 835 Laguna
Santa Clara County
Gilroy vicinity, *Norris (Frank) Cabin, 10
'miles west of Gilroy via California 152 and
secondary roads.
San Jose vicinity, *New Almaden, 14 miles
south of San Jose on County Route G8.


Siskiyou County
Dorris vicinity, *Lower Klamath National
Wildlife Refuge, Lower Klamath Lake, east
of Dorris (also in Klamath County, Oreg.).
Sonoma County
Fort Ross vicinity, *Fort Ross, north of Fort
Ross on California 1, Fort Ross State His-
torical Monument.
Fort Ross vicinity, 'Fort Ross Chapel, north
of Fort Ross on California 1, Fort Ross
State Historical Monument.
Fort Ross vicinity, *Fort Ross Commander's
House, north of Fort Ross on California 1,
Fort Ross State Historical Monument.
Glen Ellen vicinity, *London (Jack) Ranch,
0.4 mile west of Glen Ellen, Jack London
Historical State Park.
Petaluma vicinity, *Petaluma Adobe, 4 miles
east of Petaluma on Casa Grande Road.
Santa Rosa, *Burbank (Luther) House and
Garden, 200 block Santa Rosa Avenue.
Sonoma, *Sonoma Plaza, center of Sonoma.
Tuolumne County
Sonora vicinity, *Columbia Historic District,
4 miles northwest of Sonora on Califor-
nia 49.
Yolo County
Broderick, *First Pacific Coast Salmon Can-
nery Site, on the Sacramento River, op-
posite the foot of K Street, in the city of
Arapahoe County
Strasburg vicinity, Comanche Crossing of the
Kansas Pacific Railroad, on the Union
Pacific Railroad tracks east of the Stras-
burg depot.
Archuleta County
Chimney Rock vicinity, Chimney Rock Ar-
cheological Site, San Juan National Forest,
2 miles east of the Piedra River and 1.5
miles north of Colorado 151.
Clear Creek County
Georgetown, Hotel de Paris, Alpine Street.
Georgetown, Toll House (Julius G. Pohle
House), south side of town' adjacent to
-Interstate 70 right-of-way.
Georgetown and Silver Plume vicinity,
Georgetown Loop Railroad Roadbed, be-
tween the city limits of Georgetown and
Silver Plume.
Georgetown-Silver Plume vicinity, *George-
town-Silver Plume Historic District.
Conejos County
Sanford vicinity, *Pike's Stockade, 4 miles
east of Sanford on Colorado 136.
Costillo County
Fort Garland, Fort Garland, on Colorado 159,
one block south of U.S. 10-160.
Denver County
Denver, Brown Palace Hotel, 17th Street and
Tremont Place.
Denver, Byers-Evans Home, 1310 Bannock
Denver, Constitution Hall (First National
Bank Building), 1507 Blake Street.
Denver, Daniels and Fisher Tower, 1101 16th
Denver, Emmanuel Shearith Israel Chapel
(Emmanuel Episcopal Chapel), 1201 10th
Denver, Four Mile House, 715 South Forest
Denver, Governor's Mansion, 400 East
Eighth Avenue.
Denver, Grant-Humphreys House, 770 Penn-
sylvania Street.
Denver, St. Elizabeth's Church, 1062 llth


Denver, Trinity United Methodist Church,
East 18th Avenue and Broadway.
El Paso County
Colorado Springs vicinity, *Pikes Peak, 15
miles west of Colorado Springs, Pike Na--
tional Forest.
Gilpin County
Central City, *Central City Historic District.
Jefferson County
Golden vicinity, Mount Vernon House (Rob-
ert W. Steele House), about 1 mile south
of the Golden city limits at the junction
of Interstate 70, Colorado 26, and Mount
Vernon Canyon Road.
La Plata County
Durango, *Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge
Railroad, right-of-way between Durango
and Silverton (also in San Juan County).
Lake County
Leadville, Dexter Cabin, 912 Harrison Avenue.
Leadville, Healy House, 912 Harrison Avenue.
Leadville, *Leadville Historic District.
Larimer County
Fort Collins vicinity, *Lindenmeier Site, 28
miles north of Fort Collins.
Las Animas County
Trinidad, Baca House and Outbuilding, 300
block of Main Street.
Trinidad, Bloom (Frank G.) House, 300 block
of Main Street.
/ Trinidad vicinity, *Raton Pass, U.S. 85-87,
Colorado-New Mexico border (see Colfax
County, N. Mex.).
Montezuma County
Cortez vicinity, Hovenweep National Monu-
ment, northwest of Cortez (also in San
Juan County, Utah).
Cortez vicinity, Mesa Verde National Park,
10 miles east of Cortez on U.S. 160.
Cortez vicinity, Yucca House National Mon-
ument, 12 miles south of Cortez via U.S.
666 and secondary roads.
Pleasant View vicinity, *Lowry Ruin, 30 miles
northwest of Cortez via U.S. 160 and
secondary road.
Montrose County
Montrose vicinity, Ute Memorial Site, 2 miles
south of Montrose on U.S. 550.
Otero County
La Junta vicinity, *Bent's Old Fort National
Historic Site, 8 miles east of La Junta on
Colorado 104.
San Juan County
*Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
(see La Plata County).
Silverton, *Silverton Historic District.
San Miguel County
Telluride, *Telluride Historic District.
Teller County
Cripple Creek, *Cripple Creek Historic Dis-
Weld County
Greeley, Meeker Memorial Museum, 1324
Ninth Avenue.
Platteville vicinity, Fort Vasquez, on U.S. 85.
Fairfield County
Bridgeport, Brooks, Captain John, Senior,
House, 199 Pembroke Street.
Darien, *Mather (Stephen Tyng) Home,
Stephen Mather Road.
New Canaan, *'Rogers (John) Studio, 10
Cherry Street.


Norwalk, Lockwood-Mathews Mansion, 295
West Avenue.
Ridgefield, 'Remington (Frederic) House.
Stamford, Hoyt-Barnum House, 13 Bedford
Street. -
Hartford County
East Granby, Old Newgate Prison, Newgate
Farmington, *Stanley-Whitman House, 37
High Street.
Glastonbury, Welles, Gideon, House, 37
Hebron Avenue.
Hartford, *Barnard (Henry) House, 118 Main
Hartford, Bull (Amos) House, 350 Main
Hartford, Bushnell Park, bounded by Elm,
Jewell, and Trinity Streets.
Hartford, Cheney Building (G. Fox Build-
ing), 942 Main Street.
Hartford, *Colt (Samuel) Home, Armsmear,
80 Wethersfield Avenue.
Hartford, *Old Statehouse, Main Street at
Central Row.
Hartford, Stowe, Harriet Beecher, House, 73
Forest Street.
Hartford, *Twain (Mark) Home, 351 Farm-
ington Avenue.
Hartford, Wadsworth Atheneum, 25 Athe-
neum Square North.
West Hartford, *Webster (Noah) Birthplace,
227 South Main Street.
Wethersfield, *Buttolph-Williams House, 249
Broad Street.
Wethersfield, Deane, Silas, House, 203 Main
Wethersfield, *Webb (Joseph) House, 211
Main Street.
Windsor, Ellsworth, Oliver, Homestead (Elm-
wood), 778 Palisado Avenue.
Litchfield County
Litchfield, *Reeve (Tapping) House and Law
School, South Street.
Litchfield, *Litchfield Historic District, east
and west sides of North and South Streets
(to rear property lines), Prospect Street to
Gallows Lane, village green between East
and West Streets, and structures on north-
east side of the green.
Middlesex County
Middletown, Alsop House (Davison Art Cen-
ter), 301 High Street.
Middletown, Russell House, corner of Wash-
ington and High Streets.
Middletown, Wetmore, Seth, House (Oak
Hill), northwest corner of Route 66 and
Camp Road.
New Haven County
Derby, The Sterling Opera House, northwest
corner of Fourth and Elizabeth Streets.
New Haven, *Connecticut Agricultural Ex-
periment Station, 123 Huntington Street.
New Haven, *Connecticut Hall, Yale Univer-
sity, bounded by High, Chapel, Elm, and
College Streets.
New Haven, *Dana (James Dwight) House,
24'Hillhouse Avenue.
New Haven, *First Telephone Exchange, 741
Chapel Street.
New Haven, Fort Nathan Hale, at the south-
ern end of Woodward Avenue.
New Haven, *Marsh (Othniel C.) House, 360
Prospect Street.
New London County
East Lyme, Lee, Thomas, House, southeast
corner of Connecticut 156 and Giant's Neck
Groton, Fort Griswold, bounded by Baker
Avenue, Smith Street, Park Avenue, Monu-
ment Avenue, and the Thames River.
Lebanon, *Trumbull (John) Birthplace, The
Lebanon, War Office (Captain Joseph Trum-
ble Store and Office), West Town Street.
Mystic, *Charles W. Morgan, Mystic Seaport.




New London, Deshon-Allyn House, 613 Wil-
liams Street.
New London, Hempsted, Nathaniel, House
(Old Huguenot House), corner of Jay,
Hempsted, Colt, and Truman Streets.
New London, Hempsted, Joshua, House, 11
Hempstead Street.
New London, New London County Court-
house (State Courthouse), 70 Huntington
New London, New London Customhouse, 150
Bank Street.
New London, New London Public Library,
63 Huntington Street.
Norwich, Backus, Nathaniel, House, 44 Rock-
well Street.
Norwich, Converse House and Barn, 185
Washington Street.
Norwich, East District School, 365 Washing-,
ton Street.
Norwich, Little Plain Historic District, the
east and west sides of Broadway and Union
Street to the rear property lines extending
from Otis Street on the northwest to 161
Broadway and 71 Union Street on the
south; the south side of Otis Street to
the northeast boundary of the sixth prop-
erty on that street; includes all residences
around Little Plain Park and Huntington
Norwichtown, Bradford-Huntington House,
16 Huntington Lane.
Norwichtown, Carpenter House (Red House),
55 East Town Street.
Norwichtown, Carpenter, Joseph, Silversmith
Shop, 71 East Town Street.
Norwichtown, Charlton, Captain Richard,
House, 12 Mediterranean Lane.
Norwichtown, Huntington, General Jedidiah,
House, 23 East Town Street.
Norwichtown, Huntington, Governor Samuel,
House, 34 East Town Street.
Norwichtown, Turner, Dr. Philip, House, 29
West Town Street.
Tolland County
Coventry, Hale, Nathan, Homestead (Deacon
Richard Hale House), South Street.
Windham County
Brooklyn, Trinity Church, east side of
Church Street.
Canterbury, Clark, Captain John, House
(Dyer-Clark House), east side of Route
Canterbury, Payne, Elisha, House (Prudence
Crandall House), southwest corner of the
intersection of Connecticut 14 and 169.
Chaplin, Witter House, Chaplin Street.
Windham Center, Hunt, Dr. Chester, Office,
Windham Center Road.
Kent County
Dover vicinity, *Dickinson (John) House, 5
miles southeast of Dover and 3 miles east
of U.S. 113 on Kitts Hummock Road.
Kenton vicinity, *Aspendale, c. 1 mile west of
Kenton on Delaware 300.
New Castle County
New Castle, *New Castle Historic District,
bordered by Harmony Street, The Strand,
Third Street, and Delaware Street.
Odessa, *Corbit-Sharp House, southwest cor-
ner of Main and Second Streets.-
Wilmington, Dingee, Jacob, House, 105 East
Seventh Street.
Wilmington, Dingee, Obadiah, House, 107
East Seventh Street.
Wilmington, Ferris, Zachariah, House, 414
West Second Street.
Wilmington, *Fort Christina, East Seventh
Street and the Christina River, Fort Chris-
tina State Park.
Wilmington, *Holy Trinity (Old Swedes)
Church, Seventh and Church Streets.

Wilmington, Mendenhall, Captain Thomas,
House, 205 East Front Street.
Wilmington vicinity, *Elextherian Mills,
north of Wilmington on Delaware 141 at
Brandywine Creek Bridge.
Sussex County
Lewes, Maull House, 542 Pilottown Road.
Adas. Israel Synagogue, 619 Sixth Street NW.
*Administration Building, Carnegie Institu-
tion of Washington, 1530 P Street NW.
*American National Red Cross, 17th and D
Streets NW.
*Army Medical Museum changed to Medical
Museum (temporarily closed, will reopen
in early 1971), Armed Forces Institute of
Arts Club of Washington, 2017 I Street NW.
Battleground National Cemetery, 6625 Geor-
gia Avenue NW.
Central Public Library, Mount Vernon
Square, 8th and K Streets.
*Chapel Hall, Gallaudet College, Florida Ave-
nue and Seventh Street NE.
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Monu-
ment (see Allegany County, Md.).
Christ Church, 620 G Street SE.
*City Hall (District Courthouse), Fourth
and E Streets NW.
Congressional Cemetery, 1801 E Street SE.
*Decatur House, 748 Jackson Place NW.
Executive Office Building, southeast corner,
Pennsylvania Avenue and 17th Street NW.
Folger Shakespeare Library, 201 East Capitol
Street SE.
Ford's Theatre (Lincoln Museum), 10th
Street NW. between E and F Streets.
Frederick Douglass Home National Memorial,
1411 W Street SE.
Freer Gallery of Art, 12th Street and Jeffer-
son Drive SW.
*Georgetown Historic District.
Heurich (Christian) Mansion, 1307 New
Hampshire Avenue NW.
House Where Lincoln Died National Me-
morial, 516 10th Street NW.
Jefferson Memorial, south bank of the Tidal
*Lafayette Square Historic District, includes
those buildings fronting on H Street, Jack-
son Place, Madison Place, and Pennsyl-
vania Avenue.
Lincoln Memorial, West Potomac Park.
The Lindens, 2401 Kalorama Road NW.
*Octagon House, 1741 New York Avenue NW.
*Old Naval Observatory, 23d and E Streets
*Old Patent Office, F Street between Seventh
and Ninth Streets NW.
Pan American Union, 17th Street between C
Street and Constitution Avenue NW.
Pennsylvania Avenue National Historic Site.
Pension Building, F and G Streets between
Fourth and Fifth Streets.
*Philadelphia (Gundelo), Smithsonian Insti-
tution, Museum of History and Technology,
14th Street and Constitution Avenue NW.
Pierce Mill, Rock Creek Park, northwest
corner of Tilden Street and Beach Drive
Renwick Museum, northeast corner of Penn-
sylvania Avenue and 17th Street NW.
*Richards (Zalmon) House, 1301 Corcoran
Street NW.
Rhodes Tavern (Hotel), 601-3 14th Street
and 1431 F Street NW.
*St. John's Episcopal Church, 16th and H
Streets NW.
*Smithsonian Building, Jefferson Drive at
10th Street SW.
Tariff Commission Building, E and F Streets
between Seventh and Eighth Streets NW.
*Tudor Place, 1644 31st Street NW.
Union Station, Massachusetts and Delaware
Avenues NW.

Washington Monument, The Mall between
14th and 17th Streets.
*Wilson (Woodrow) House, 2340 S Street NW.
Winder Building, 604 17th Street NW (north-
west corner 17th and F Streets).
Alachua County
Cross Creek, Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan,
House, Florida 325, 0.25 mile south of the
Citrus County
Crystal River vicinity, Crystal River Inditnz
Mounds, northwest of Crystal River on U.S.
Old Homosassa, Yulee Sugar Mill Ruins,
Florida 480.
Collier County
Naples vicinity, Everglades and Seminole
Indian Reservations, U.S. 41, 17 miles south
of Naples.
Columbia County
Olustee vicinity, Olustee Battlefield, 2 miles
east of Olustee on U.S. 90.
Dade County
Miami, Viscaya (James Deering Estate),
3251 South Miami Avenue.
Miami vicinity, Cape Florida Lighthouse,
off U.S. 1 on Key Biscayne.
Duval County
Jacksonville, Kingsley Plantation, Florida
Jacksonville vicinity, Fort Caroline National
Memorial, 10 miles east of Jacksonville.
New Berlin, Yellow Bluff Fort, Florida 105.
Escambia County
Pensacola, *Fort San Carlos de Barrancas,
U.S. Naval Air Station.
Pensacola, Pensacola Historic District, the
historic district is within the area bounded
by the following streets: beginning at the
intersection of Gimble Street and Pen-
sacola Bay, west on Gimble to Barracks;
north on Barracks to Main; west on Main
to a point 82.5 feet west of Palafox, then
north to Zarragossa; east on Zarragossa to
Palafox; north on Palafox to Government;
east on Government to Jefferson; north on
Jefferson to a point 172 feet north of Gov-
ernment; east on this line to Tarragona;
north on Tarragona to Romana; east on
Romana to a point 224 feet west of Alcaniz;
north on this line to Garden; east on Gar-
den to Alcaniz; north on Alcaniz to Chase;
east on Chase to Florida Blanca; south on
Florida Blanca to Romana; east on Ro-
mana to Ninth Avenue; south on Ninth to
Pensacola Bay and along the shoreline to
the starting point.
Pensacola, *Pza Ferdinand VII, Palafox
Street between Government and Zarragossa
Pensacola Beach vicinity, Fort Pickens, U.S.
98 west of Pensacola Beach.
Flagler County
Bunnell vicinity, Bulow Plantation Ruins,
southeast of Bunnell off Florida S-5A.
Indian River County
Sebastian vicinity, *Pelican Island National
Wildlife Refuge, east of Sebastian in the
Indian River.
Sebastian vicinity, Site of Salvors Camp for
Spanish Wrecks (1715), between the town
of Sebastian and Sebastian Inlet on the
Atlantic Oceanm
Lee County
Fort Myers Beach vicinity, Mound Key, south
of Fort Myers Beach in Koreshan State
Park, on Estero Bay.



Leon County
Tallahassee vicinity, *San Luis de Apalache,
2 miles west of Tallahassee on U.S. 90.
Woodville vicinity, Natural Bridge Battlefield,
6 miles east of Woodville on U.S. 319.
Manatee County
Bradenton vicinity, De Soto National Me-
morial, 5 miles west of Bradenton.
Ellenton, Gamble Mansion (Judah P. Ben-
jamin Memorial), U.S. 301.
Terre Cela Island, Madira Bickel Mound, U.S.
Monroe County
Key West, *Hem7ingway (Ernest) House, 907
Whitehead Street.
Dry Tortugas Islands, Fort Jefferson National
Monument, 68 miles west of Key West in
the Gulf of Mexico.
Okaloosa County
Fort Walton Beach, *Fort Walton Mound, U.S.
Okeechobee County
Okeechobee vicinity, *Okeechobee Battlefield,
4 miles southeast of Okeechobee on U.S.
Pinellas County
Safety Harbor vicinity, *Safety Harbor Site,
Philippe Park, 1 mile northeast of Safety
St. Johns County
St. Augustine, Castillo de San Marcos Na-
tional Monument, 1 Castillo Drive.
St. Augustine, *Cathedral of St. Augustine,
Cathedral Street between Charlotte and
St. Georges Streets.
St. Augustine, *Llambias House, 31 St. Francis
St. Augustine, *Oldest House, 14 St. Francis
St. Augustine, St. Augustine Historic District,
bounded on the north by Orange Street
east to San Marcos Avenue; thence north-
west along San Marcos to the northern
boundary of Castillo de San Marcos, which
is the northern district boundary; bounded
on the east by the Matanzas River; the
southern boundary is a line parallel to and
225 feet south of St. Francis Street extend-
ing west to the intersection with Cordova
Street; thence north on Cordova Street to
Bridge Street; west on Bridge to Grenada
Street; north on Grenada to King Street;
west on King to Seville Street; north on
Seville to Valencia Street; east on Valencia
to Cordova, and north on Cordova to
St. Augustine vicinity, Fort Matanzas Na-
tional Monument, 15 miles south of St.
St. Augustine Beach, Spanish Coquina Quar.
ries, Florida AIA, Anastasia State Park.
Volusia County
New Smyrna Beach, New Smyrna Sugar Mill
Ruins, U.S. 1.
New Smyrna Beach vicinity, Turtle Mound,
Florida AIA, 9 miles south of New Smyrna
Ormond Beach, Ormond Garage, 79 East
Granada Avenue.
Wakulla County
St. Marks, *Fort San Marcos de Apalache, 30
miles south of Tallahassee on U.S. 319 and
Florida 363.
Baldwin County
Milledgeville, Atkinson Hall, Georgia College,
Georgia College campus.
Milledgeville, Old Governor's Mansion, South
Clark Street.
Milledgeville, Old State Capitol, West Han-
cock and Jefferson Streets.

Barrow County
Winder vicinity, Fort Yargo, Fort Yargo State
Park, Georgia 81.
Bartow County
Cartersville vicinity, *Etowah Mounds, 3
miles south of Cartersville on Georgia 61.
Bibb County
Macon, Grand Opera House (Academy of
Music), 651 Mulberry Street.
Macon, Ocmulgee National Monument.
Bryan County
Richmond Hill vicinity, Fort McAllister, 10
miles east of U.S. 17.
Carroll County
Carrollton, Bonner-Sharp-Gunn House, West
Georgia College campus.
Catoosa County
Chattanooga, Tenn., vicinity, Chickamauga
and Chattanooga National Military Park,
9 miles south of Chattanooga on U.S. 27
(also in Hamilton County, Tenn.).
Chatham County
Savannah, Central of Georgia Railway Com-
pany Shop Property, between West Jones
Street and Louisville Road.
Savannah, *Low (Juliette Gordon) Birth-
place, 10 Oglethorpe Avenue East.
Savannah, *Savannah Historic District,
bounded by East Broad, Gwinnett, West
Broad Streets, and the Savannah River.
Savannah, Scarbrough, William, House, 41
West Broad Street.
Savannah vicinity, Fort Jackson, Islands
Expressway, 3 miles east of Savannah on
the Savannah River.
Savannah vicinity, Fort Pulaski National
Monument, 17 miles east of Savannah,
Cockspur Island.
Clarke County
Athens, Academic Building, University of
Georgia, University of Georgia campus.
Athens, Bishop House, Jackson Street, Uni-
versity of Georgia campus.
Athens, Chapel, University of Georgia, Uni-
versity of Georgia campus.
Athens, Demosthenian Hall, University of
Georgia, University of Georgia campus.
Athens, Lustrat House, University of Georgia
Athens, Moore Hall, University of Georgia,
University of Georgia campus.
Athens, Old College, University of Georgia,
University of Georgia campus.
Athens, Old Lucy Cobb Institute Dormitory,
University of Georgia, University of Geor-
gia campus.
Athens, Phi Kappa Hall, University of Geor-
gia, University of Georgia campus.
Athens, President's House, 570 Prince Street.
Athens, Waddel Hall, University of Georgia,
University of Georgia campus.
Athens, Wilkins House, 387 South Milledge
Athens, Wilson-Lumpkin-Hall House, Uni-
versity of Georgia campus.
Cobb County
Marietta vicinity, Kennesaw Mountain Na-
tional Battlefield Park, 2 miles west of
Columbia County
Augusta vicinity, *Stallings Island, 8 miles
northwest of Augusta in the Savannah
Early County
Blakely vicinity, *Kolomoki Mounds, 8 miles
north of Blakely on U.S. 27, Kolomoki
Mounds State Park.


Fulton County
Atlanta, Cyclorama of the Battle of Atlanta,
Cherokee Avenue, Grant Park.
Atlanta, *Harris (Joel Chandler) House, 1050
Gordon Street SW.
Atlanta, Smith, Tullie, House, 3099 Andrews
Drive NW.
Atlanta, State Capitol, Capitol Square.
Glynn County
Brunswick vicinity, Fort Frederica National
Monument, 12 miles north of Brunswick.
Gordon County
Calhoun vicinity, Nenw Echota, north of Cal-
houn on Georgia 225.
Grady County
Beachton vicinity, Susina Plantation (Cedar
Grove), 1.5 miles west of Beachton on Me-
ridian Road.
Hancock County
Jtwell vicinity, Shivers-Simpson House
(Rock Mill), Mayfield Road, on the Ogee-
chee River.
Jackson County
Jefferson, Crawford W. Long Medical Mu-
seum, U.S. 129.
Liberty County
Midway vicinity, Fort Morris, c. 10 miles east
of Midway off Georgia 38 near the old town
of Sunbury.
South Newport vicinity, *St. Catherine's
Island, 10 miles off the Georgia coast be-
tween St. Catherine's Sound and Sapelo
Lumpkin County
Dahlonega, Dahlonega Courthouse, U.S. 19.
McIntosh County
Darien vicinity, Fort. King George, east of
U.S. 17.
Macon County
Andersonville vicinity, *Andersonville Prison
Site, 1 mile east of Andersonville on
Georgia 49 (also in Sumter County).
Murray County
Chatsworth vicinity, Fort Mountain, Fort
Mountain State Park, U.S. 76.
Spring Place, Vann House, intersection of
U.S. 76 and Ga. 225.
Muscogee County
Columbus, Columbus Historic District,
bounded by Ninth Street on the north,
Fourth Street on the south, Fourth Ave-
nue on the east, and the Chattahoochee
River on the west.
Columbus, Columbus Iron Works, 901 Front
Columbus, Goetchius-Wellborn House, 405
Columbus, Gunboats Muscogee and Chatta-
hoochee, Fourth Street, west of U.S. 27.
Columbus, Joseph House, 828 Broadway.
Columbus, Octagon House, 527 First Avenue.
Columbus, Walker-Peters-Langdon House,
716 Broadway.
Columbus, Wells-Bagley House, 22 Sixth
Oconee County
Watkinsville, Eagle Tavern, intersection of
U.S. 129 and 441.
Richmond County
Augusta, Mackay House, 1822 Broad Street.
Stephens County
Toccoa vicinity, *Traveler's Rest, 6 miles east
of Toccoa on U.S. 123.


No. 35-Pt. II--2


Sumter County
*Andersonville Prison Site (see Macon
Taliaferro County
Crawfordville, Liberty Hall, Alexander Ste-
phens Memorial Park, U.S. 278.
Thomas County
Thomasville, Brandon, Dr. David, House
(Hayes House), 329 North Broad Street.
Thomasville, Bryan, Hardy, House (Cater
House), 312 North Broad Street.
Thomasville, Jeffries House (Augustine Han-
sell House), 429 South Hansell Street.
Thomasville, Mitchell House (Munro House),
737 Remington Avenue.
Thomasville, Park Front (Frances Stone
House), 711 South Hansell Street.
Thomasville, Ponder, Epraim, House, 324
North Dawson Street.
Thomasville, Scarborough House (C. W. Lap-
ham House), 626 North Dawson Street.
Thomasville, Thomas County Courthouse,
North Broad Street.
Thomasville, Wright House, 415 Fletcher
White County
Cleveland, Old White County Courthouse.
Wilkes County
Washington, Washington-Wilkes Historical
Museum, intersection of U.S. 78 and 378.
Hawaii County
Hilo vicinity, Island of Hawaii, *Mauna Kea
Adz Quarry, 25 miles northwest of Hilo
via mountain trail.
Hoca vicinity, Island of Hawaii, *Mookini
Heiau, northern tip of Hawaii, 1 mile west
of Upolu Point Airport.
Kailua-Kona, Island of Hawaii, *Kamaka-
honu, Residence of King Kamehameha I,
on the northwest edge of Kallua Bay, north
and west of Kallua Wharf.
Kailua-Kona vicinity, Island of Hawaii, City
of Refuge National Historical Park, 20
miles south of Kailua-Kona.
Kailua-Kona vicinity, Island of Hawaii, *Ho-
nokohau Settlement, Honokohau Bay, just
north of Kailua-Kona.
Kawaihae vicinity, Island of Hawaii, *Puu-
kohola Heiau, north end of Hawaii off
Hawaii 26, about 1 mile southeast of
Keauhou, Island of Hawaii, *Keauhou Holua
Slide, east of Hawaii 18.
Naalehu vicinity, Island of Hawaii, *South
Point Complex, South Cape, southern tip
of Hawaii, Kau District.
Honolulu County
Haleiwa vicinity, Island of Oahu, *Puu o Ma-
huka Heiau, 4 miles northeast of Haleiwa
on Hawaii 83, overlooking Waimea Bay.
Honolulu, Island of Oahu, *Iolani Palace,
364 South King Street.
Honolulu, Island of Oahu, *Kawaiahao
Church and Mission Houses, 957 Punch-
bowl Street and 533 South King Street.
Kaneohe vicinity, Island of Oahu, *Huilua
Fishpond, on Kahana Bay, 13 miles north
of Kaneohe on Hawaii 83, adjacent to
Kahana Bay State Park.
Pearl City vicinity, Island of Oahu, *U.S.
Naval Base, Pearl Harbor, 3 miles south of
Pearl City on Hawaii 73.
Kauai County
Koloa, Island of Kaual, *Old Sugar Mill of
WalluW vicinity, Island of Kaual, *Wailua
Complex of Heiaus, east coast of Kauai at
the mouth of the Wallua River, Lihue


Waimea, Island of Kauai, *Cook Landing
Site, 2 miles southwest of Hawaii 50.
Waimea vicinity, Island of Kauai, Russian
Fort, on Hawaii 50, 200 yards southwest of
the bridge over the Waimea River.
Maui County
Hana vicinity, Island of Maul, *Piilanihale
Heiau, 4 miles north of Hana, at the mouth
of Honomaele Gulch near Kalahu Point.
Kaupo vicinity, Island of Maui, *Loaloa
Heiau, southeast coast of Maui on Hawaii
31, about 0.25 mile north of Kaupo.
Lahalna, Island of Maui, *Lahaina Historic
District, west side of Mauli on Hawaii 30.
Lanai City vicinity, Island of Lanai, *Kau-
nolu Village Site, on Kaunolu Bay, on the
southwest cape of the Island of Lanai.
Ualapue vicinity, Island of Molokal, *Hoku-
kano-Ualapue Complex, along Hawaii 45.
Ada County
Boise, *Assay Office, 210 Main Street.
Boise, Moore-DeLamar House, 807 Grove
Bannock County
Fort Hall vicinity, *Fort Hall, 11 miles west
of Fort Hall, Fort Hall Indian Reservation.
Butte County
Arco vicinity, *Experimental Breeder Reactor
No. 1, National Reactor Testing Station.
Cassia County
Almo vicinity, *City of Rocks, City of Rocks
State Park.
Clearwater County
Lolo Hot Springs vicinity, *Lolo Trail, paral-
lel to, U.S. 12 on ridges of Bitterroot Moun.
tains, from Lolo Pass to Weippe (also in
Idaho County and in Missoula County,
Spalding (park headquarters), Nez Perce
National Historical Park, within an area
90 miles south and 150 miles east of Spald-
ing (also in Idaho, Lewis, and Nez Perce
Weippe vicinity, *Weippe Prairie, south of
Weippe and Idaho 11.
Idaho County
*Lolo Trail (see Clearwater County).
Nez Perce National Historical Park (see
Clearwater County).
Kootenai County
Cataldo, *Cataldo Mission, off U.S. 10.
Lemhi County
Tendoy vicinity, *Lemhi Pass, 12 miles east
of Tendoy off Idaho 28 (also In Beaverhead
County, Mont.).
Lewis County
Nez Perce National Historical Park (see
Clearwater County).
Nez Perce County
Nez Perce National Historical Park (see
Clearwater County).
Adams County
Quincy, Wood (John) Mansion, 425 South
12th Street.
Alexander County
Cairo, Magnolia Manor, 2700 Washington
Champaign County
Urbana, Altgeld Hall, University of Illinois,
University of Illinois campus, Wright and
John Streets.

Urbana, *Morrow Plots, University of Illinois,
Gregory Drive at Matthew Avenue.
Cook County
Chicago, Auditorium Building, Roosevelt
University, Michigan Avenue at Congress
Chicago, Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co., 1 South
State Street.
Chicago, Charnley (James) House, 1365
North Astor Street.
Chicago, Chicago Stock Exchange Building,
30 North La Salle Street.
Chicago, Glessner (John J.) House, 1800
South Prairie Avenue.
Chicago, *Hull House, the University of Illi-
nois, Chicago Circle, 800 South Halstead
Chicago, Leiter I Building, 200-208 West
Monroe Street.
Chicago, McClurg Building, 218 South
Wabash Avenue.
Chicago, Madlener, Albert F., House, 4 West
Chicago, Monadnock Building, 53 West Jack-
son Boulevard.
Chicago, Pullman Historic District, bounded
on the north by 103rd Street, on the east by
C.S.S. and S.B. Railroad spur tracks, on the
south by 115th Street, and on the west by
Cottage Grove Avenue.
Chicago, Reliance Building, 32 North State
Chicago, *Robie (Frederick C.) House, The
University of Chicago, 5757 South Wood-
lawn Avenue.
Chicago, Rookery Building, 209 South La
Salle Street.
Chicago, *Room 405, George Herbert Jones
Laboratory, The University of Chicago,
S. Ellis Avenue between East 57th and 59th
Chicago, *Site of First Self-sustaining Nu-
clear Reaction, The University of Chicago,
South Ellis Avenue between East 56th and
57th Streets.
Chicago, *Taft (Lorado) Midway Studios, The
University of Chicago, 6016 South Ingleside
Evanston, *Willard (Frances) House, 1730
Chicago Avenue.
Forest View, Chicago Portage National His-
toric Site, Forest Preserve District, north-
west corner of South Harlem Avenue at the
Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal.
Oak Park, Gale (Mrs. Thomas H.) House,
6 Elizabeth Court.
Oak Park, Unity Temple, 875 Lake Street.
River Forest, Drummond (William E.) House,
559 Edgewood Place.
River Forest, Winslow (WilliL H.) House
and Stable, 515 Auvergne Place.
Riverside, *Riverside Landscape Architec-
tural District, bounded on the north by
26th Street, on the east by Harlem Avenue,
on the south by Ogden Avenue and the
south bank of the Des Plaines River, and
on the west by Forbes Road.
Winnetka, *Lloyd (Henry Demarest) Home,
The Wayside, 830 Sheridan Road.
Hancock County
Nauvoo, *Nauvoo Historic District.
Henry County
Bishop Hill, Bishop Hill Historic District,
bounded on the north by the South Branch
of the Edwards River, then south in a
straight line along Jacobson Street to Ber-
lang Street; west on Berlang to Erickson
Street; south on Erickson to the south
edge of. the corporate line; westward along
the corporate line to Johnson Street; north
on Johnson to Knox Street; west on Knox
to Kronberg Street; north on Kronberg to
Hedeen Street; east of Hedeen to Olson
Street; north on Olson to Front Street;
east on Front Street to Park Street; north



on Park to River Street; east on River to
an extension of Johnson Street, then north
to the river.
Jo Daviess County
Galena, Galena Historic District, that part
of the city of Galena recorded as the city
limits on March 28, 1838, and all sub-
divisions added to the city prior to De-
cember 31, 1859.
Galena, *Grant (Ulysses S.) Home, 511 Bou-
thilier Street.
Knox County
Galesburg, *Old Main, Knox College, Knox
College campus.
La Salle County
Ottawa vicinity, *Old Kaskaskia Village, 4
miles west of Ottawa on U.S. 6.
Ottawa vicinity, *Starved Rock, 6 miles from
Ottawa on Illinois 71, Starved Rock State
Madison County
Collinsville vicinity, *Cahokia Mounds, 7850
Collinsville Road, Cahokia Mounds State
Massac County
Brookport vicinity, *Kincaid Site, east of
Brookport (n the Ohio River (also in Pope
Ogle County
Grand Detour, *Deere (John) Home and
Rock Island County
Rock Island, Rock Island Arsenal, Island of
Rock Island.
Pope County
*Kincaid Site (see Massac County).
Randolph County
Ellis Grove vicinity, *Menard (Pierre) House,
Fort Kaskaskia State Park.
Modoc vicinity, *Modoc Rockshelter, 2 miles
north of Modoc.
Prairie du Rocher vicinity, "Fort de Chartres,
terminus of Illinois 155, west of Prairie du
Rocher, Fort Chartres State Park.
St. Clair County
Cahokia, *Church of the Holy Family, East
First Street.
East St. Louis, *Eads Bridge, spanning the
Mississippi River (see St. Louis, Mo.).
Sangamon County
Springfield, Edwards Place, 700 North Fourth
Springfield, *Lincoln (Abraham) Home,
Eighth and Jackson Streets, Lincoln Home
State Memorial.
Springfield, *Lincoln Tomb, Oak Ridge
Springfield, *Old State Capitol, bounded by
Fifth, Sixth, Adams, and Washington
Will County
Joliet vicinity, *Illinois and Michigan Canal
(Locks and Towpath), 7 miles southwest
of Joliet on U.S. 6, Channahon State Park.
Knox County
Vincennes, George Rogers Clark National His-
torical Park.
Vincennes, *Harrison (William Henry) Home,
Grouseland, 3 West Scott Street.
Marion County
Indianapolis, Allison Mansion, 3200 Cold
Spring Road.
Indianapolis, *Harrison (Benjamin) Home,
1204 North Delaware Street.
Indianapolis, Military Park, bounded on the
west by Blackford Street, on the north by

New York Street, on the east by West
Street, and on the south by the canal.
Indianapolis, *Riley (James Whitcomb)
House, 528 Lockerble Street.
Porter County
Porter vicinity, *Bailly (Joseph) Homestead,
0.5 mile west of Porter on U.S. 20.
Posey County
New Harmony, *New Harmony Historic Dis-
trict, Main Street between Granary and
Church Streets.
St. Joseph County
South Bend, Old Courthouse (Second St.
Joseph County Courthouse), 112 South
Lafayette Road.
Spencer County
Lincoln City, Lincoln Boyhood National
Tippecanoe County
Lafayette vicinity, Fort Ouiatenon, SEi/4
SEV4 sec. 28, T. 23 N., R. 5 W.
Lafayette vicinity, *Tippecanoe Battlefield, 7
miles northeast of Lafayette on Indiana
Vanderburgh County
Evansville, Former Vanderburghl County
Sheriff's Residence, Fourth Street between
Vine and Court Streets.
Evansville, Old Vanderburgh County Court-
house, entire block bounded by Vine,
Fourth, Court and Fifth Streets.
Evansville vicinity, *Angel Mounds, east of
Evansville, Angel Mounds State Memorial.
Vigo County
Terre Haute, *Debs (Eugene V.), Home, 451
North Eighth Street.
Wayne County
Fountain City, *Coffin (Levi) House, 115
North Main Street.
Allamakee County
Marquette vicinity, Effigy Mounds National
Monument, 3 miles north of Marquette on
Iowa 13 (also in Clayton County).
Cedar County
West Branch, Herbert Hoover National His-
toric Site.
Cherokee County
Cherokee vicinity, *Phipps Site, 3 miles north
of Cherokee.
Clayton County
Effigy Mounds National Monument (see
Allamakee County).
Iowa County
Middle Amana, *Amana Villages, northeast-
ern Iowa County.
Louisa County
Toolesboro vicinity, *Toolesboro Mound
Group, north of Toolesboro.
Lyon County
Sioux Falls vicinity, *Blood Run Site, south
of Sioux Falls at the junction of Blood
Run Creek and the Big Sioux River (also in
Lincoln County, S. Dak.).
O'Brien County
Sutherland vicinity, *Indian Village Site
(Wittrock Area), 3 miles east of Suther-
Pottawattamie County
Council Bluffs, *Dodge (Grenville M.) House,
605 South Third Street.


Story County
Ames, *Knapp-Wilson House, The Farm
House, Iowa State University campus.
Woodbury County
Sioux City, *Sergeant Floyd Monument,
Glenn Avenue and Lewis Road.
Barber County
Medicine Lodge vicinity, *Medicine Lodge
Peace Treaty Site, just south and east of
Medicine Lodge.
Bourbon County
Fort Scott, *Fort Scott.
Doniphan County
Highland vicinity, Iowa, Sac, and Fox Pres-
byterian Mission (Highland Presbyterian
Mission), 1.5 miles east of Highland on
U.S. 36 and 0.2 mile north on K-136.
Douglas County
Lawrence, *Haskell Institute.
Ford County
Dodge City vicinity, *Santa Fe Trail Re-
mains, 9 miles west of Dodge City on U.S.
Geary County
Junction City vicinity, First Territorial Cap-
itol, on K-18 in Fort Riley Military
Grant County
Ulysses vicinity, *Wagon Bed Springs, 12
miles south of Ulysses on U.S. 270.
Harvey County
Newton, Warkentin House, 211 East First
Newton, Warkentin Mill, Third and Main
Johnson County
Fairway, *Shawnee Mission, 53rd Street at
Mission Road.
Leavenworth County
Leavenworth, *Fort Leavenworth.
Morris County
Council Grove, *Council Grove Historic Dis-
Pawnee County
Lamed vicinity, Fort Larned National His-
toric Site, 5 miles west of Lamed.
Rice County
Geneseo vicinity, *Tobias-Thompson GCom-
plex, 4 miles southeast of Geneseo.
Saline County
Salina vicinity, *Whiteford (Price) Site, 3
miles east of Salina.
Scott County
Scott City vicinity, *El Cuartelejo, 12 miles
north of Scott City, Scott County State
Washington County
Hanover vicinity, *Hollenberg (Cottonwood)
Pony Express Station, 1.5 miles east of
Hanover on a secondary road.
Bell County
Middlesboro vicinity, Cumberland Gap Na-
tional Historical Park (also in Claiborne
County, Tenn., and Lee County, Va.).
Boyle County
Danville, *Jacobs Hall, Kentucky School for
the Deaf, South Third Street.



Danville, *McDowell (Dr. Ephraim) House,
125-27 South Second Street.
Perryville vicinity, *Perryville Battlefield,
west of Perryville on U.S. 150.
Fayette County
Lexington, *Clay (Henry) Home, Ashland, 2
miles southeast of Lexington on Richmond
Lexington, *Old Morrison, Transylvania Col-
lege, West Third Street between Upper
Street and Broadway.
Lexington, West High Street Historic Dis-
trict, now consists only of the Rev. Adam
Rankin House (215 West High Street), Wil-
liam Bowman House (125 West High
Street), Dr. John C. and Samuel B. Rich-
ardson House (129 West High Street), and
the John Leiby House (133 West High
Jefferson County
Louisville, Old Central High School Building
(Medical Institute Building, University
of Louisville), southwest corner of Eighth
and Chestnut Streets.
Louisville, *Taylor (Zachary) House, Spring-
field, 5608 Apache Road.
Kenton County
Covington, *Beard (Daniel Carter) Boyhood
Home, 322 East Third Street.
Larue County
Hodgenville vicinity, Abraham Lincoln
Birthplace National Historic Site, 3 miles
south of Hodgenville.
Logan County
Adairville vicinity, Savage Cave Archeological
Site, about 1 mile east of Adairville on
Kentucky 591.
Mason County
Washington, Washington Historic District,
corporate limits of the city of Washington
in 1969.
Ohio County
Paradise vicinity, *Indian Knoll, 0.5 mile
upstream from Paradise ferry landing on
the Green River.
Avoyelles Parish
Marksville vicinity, *Marksville Prehistoric
Indian Site, Marksville Prehistoric Indian
Park State Monument.
Orleans Parish
New Orleans, *The Cabildo, Jackson Square,
Chartres Street, and St. Peter Street.
New Orleans, *Cable (George Washington)
House, 1313 Eighth Street.
New Orleans, *Girod (Nicholas) House, 500
Chartres Street.
New Orleans, *Jackson Square (Place
d'Armes), bounded by Decatur, St. Peter,
St. Ann, and Chartres Streets.
New Orleans, *Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, 941
Bourbon Street.
New Orleans, *Madame John's Legacy, 632
Dumaine Street.
New Orleans, *Old Ursuline Convent, 1114
Chartres Street.
New Orleans, *The Presbyttre, 713 Chartres
New Orleans, *Vieux Carrd Historic District,
bounded by the Mississippi River, Rampart
Street, Canal Street, and Esplanade Avenue.
Plaquemines Parish
Phoenix vicinity, *Fort de la Boulaye Site,
near Phoenix on the Mississippi River, near
Louisiana 50.
Triumph. vicinity, *Fort Jackson, 2.5 miles
southeast of Triumph on Louisiana 23, on
the west bank of the Mississippi River.


Triumph vicinity, *Fort St. Philip, 2.5 miles
southeast of Triumph on Louisiana 23, on
the east bank of the Mississippi River.
Pointe Coupee Parish
Mix vicinity, *Parlange Plantation House, at
Junction of Louisiana 1 and 78.
Sabine Parish
Many vicinity, *Fort Jesup, 7 miles northeast
of Many on Louisiana 6, Fort Jesup State
St. Bernard Parish
New Orleans vicinity, Chalmette National
Historical Park, 6 miles south of New
St. Charles Parish
Hahnville vicinity, *Homeplace Plantation
House, 0.5 mile south of Hahnville Post
Office on Louisiana 18.
West Carroll Parish
Delhi vicinity, *Poverty Point, 12 miles north
of Delhi on Bayou Macon.
Androscoggin County
Lewiston, Hathorn Hall, Bates College, Bates
College campus.
Livermore, The Norlands, The Norlands
New Gloucester, Shaker Village, on Route 26.
Aroostook County
Fort Kent vicinity, Fort Kent Memorial, c.
4 mile southwest of Fort Kent off Maine
Littleton vicinity, Watson Settlement Bridge,
across the Meduxnekeag Stream, 1 mile
west of United States-Canadian border.
Cumberland County
Shaker Village (see Androscoggin County).
Brunswick, First Parish Church, 207 Maine
Brunswick, *Stowe (Harriet Beecher) House,
63 Federal Street.
Cape Elizabeth, Spurwink Congregational
Church (South Meetinghouse), Spurwink
Freeport, Pettengill House (Captain Green-
field Pote House), Wolf Neck Road.
Harpswell Center, *Harpswell Meetinghouse.
Harpswell vicinity, Peary (Robert E.) Home,
Eagle Island.
Naples vicinity, Songo Lock (Cumberland-
Oxford Canal), 1 mile off Maine 114 south
of Naples.
Portland, McClellan-Sweat Mansion, 111 High
Portland, Morse-Libby Mansion, 109 Dan-
forth Street.
Portland, Spring Street Historic District,
bounded on the northeast by a straight
line along Forest Avenue (midway between
Cumberland Avenue and Congress Street)
across a flatiron block to Free Street, across
Free Street and another block to Spring
Street, then along Oak Street to High
Street, across High Street and another
block to Danforth Street; by Danforth
Street on the southeast; by Brackett Street
on the southwest; by a straight line along
Pine Street to Longfellow Square, across
the square to Vernon, Avon, and Henry
Streets to Deering Place, and from Deering
Place to Forest Avenue on the northwest.
Portland, Tate House, 1270 Westbrook
Portland, Wadsworth-Longfellow House, 487
Congress Street.
Scarborough, *Homer (Winslow) Studio,
Winslow Homer Road, Prout's Neck.
South Casco, Hawthorne (Nathaniel) Boy-
hood Home, Hawthorne and Raymond Cape

South Windham vicinity, Babb's Bridge,
across the Presumpscot River, 2 miles
north of South Windham.
Franklin County (also in Kennebec, Sagada-
hoe, and Somerset counties)
Popham Beach vicinity to Coburn Gore,
Arnold Trail to Quebec, along Kennebec
River, through Wyman Lake and Flagstaff
Lake, along Dead River and Chain of Ponds
to Quebec, Canada.
Farmington vicinity, Nordica Homestead,
Holly Road, 0.5 mile from Route 27.
Hancock County
Blue Hill, Jonathan Fisher Memorial, outer
Main Street (Route 15).
Oastine, Gate House, corner of Court and
Pleasant Streets.
Castine, Fort George Memorial.
Castine, Perkins (John) House, Perkins
East Sullivan vicinity, Wickyup (Admiral
Richard E. Byrd Estate), 8 miles northeast
of East Sullivan.
Ellsworth, Black Mansion, West Maine Street
on Route 172.
Northeast Harbor, *Gilman (Daniel Coit)
Summer Home, Over Edge.
Kennebec County
Arnold Trail to Quebec .(see Franklin
Augusta, *Blaine (James G.) House, Capitol
and State Streets.
Augusta, Fort Western, Bowman Street.
Augusta, Kennebec Arsenal, Arsenal Street.
Hallowell, Elm Hill Farm (Merrick Cottage),
Litchfield Road.
Hallowell, Hallowell Historic District,
bounded on the west by a line running
north 3,465 feet from the intersection of
Litchfield Road and Middle Street to a
point 93 feet north of Winthrop Street;
then by a line running directly east for
1,563 feet; thence southwest from a point
120 feet west of U.S. 201 for a distance of
750 feet to a point on Water Street; thence
south along Water Street to a point 62 feet
north of the intersection with Winthrop
Street; thence southeast toward the Ken-
nebec River for 186 feet; thence southwest
580 feet; thence northwest along an exten-
sion of Union Street to Water Street;
thence southwest on Water to Temple
Street; northwest on Temple to a point 165
feet east of Second Street; then parallel to
Second in a southwesterly direction for
1,600 feet to a point 90 feet east of the
corner of Second and Litchfield Road;
thence west 562 feet to the starting point.
Hallowell, Row House (The Gage Block),
106-114 Second Street.
Hallowell, Vaughn Homestead, Middle Street
off Litchfield Road.
Winslow, *Fort Halifax.
Knox County
Camden, The Conway House, Conway Road.
Rockport, Rockport Historic Kiln Area, on
Rockport harbor at the mouth of the
Goose River.
Thomaston vicinity, Knox (Henry) Home,
Montpelier, northeast of Thomaston on
Maine 131.
Vicinity of Warren, Union, Appleton, and
Searsmont, Georges River Canal, Upper
Falls, Georges River in Warren to Union
town line, extending to Quantabacook
Pond In Searsmont (also in Waldo County)
Vinalhaven, The Vinalhaven Galamander,
Bandstand Park.
Lincoln County
Alna Center, Alna Meetinghouse, Maine 218.
Damariscotta, Chapman-Hall House, Main
and Vine Streets.



Damariscotta vicinity, Damariscotta Oyster
Shell Heaps, Damariscotta River north of
Dresden, Pownalborough Courthouse, Cedar
Grove Road.
Edgecomb, Fort Edgecomb Memorial, on
Davis Island in the Sheepscot River.
Pemaquid vicinity, Harrington Meeting-
house, northwest of Pemaquid on Old Har-
rington Road.
Pemaquid Beach vicinity, Fort William
Henry, northwest of Pemaquid Beach.
Pemaquid Beach vicinity, Pemaquid Restora-
tion and Museum, Pemaquid Point.
Waldoboro vicinity, German Church and
Cemetery, Maine 32, 1 mile south of
Wiscasset, U.S. Customhouse (Old Custom-
house) and Post Office, Water Street.
Wiscasset, Wiscasset Jail and Museum, Maine
Piscataquis County
Brownville Junction vicinity, Katahdin Iron
Works, 5 miles north of Brownville Junc-
tion on Route 11, follow gravel road for 6
Guilford vicinity, Lowe's Bridge, across the-
Piscataquis River between Guilford and
Oxford County
Fryeburg vicinity, Hemlock Bridge, across
the Saco River, 6 miles northeast of
Newry vicinity, Sunday River Bridge, across
the Sunday River.
South Andover, Lovejoy Bridge, across the
Ellis River.
Wilson Mills vicinity, Bennett Bridge, across
the Magalloway River 1.25 miles south of
Wilson Mills.
Penobscot County
Bangor, Morse Bridge, Valley Avenue, across
Kenduskeag River.
Kenduskeag vicinity, Robyville Bridge, across
the Kenduskeag River, 2.5 miles northwest
of Kenduskeag.
Sagadahoo County
Arnold Trail to Quebec (see Franklin
Bath, Seguin (tugboat), Bath Marine Mu-
Bath, U.S. Customhouse and Post Office, 25
Front Street.
Popham Beach vicinity, Fort Popham Me-
morial, north of Popham Beach on Hunne-
well Point.
Popham Beach vicinity, Popham Colony Site,
the mouth of the Kennebec River at the
end of Maine 209.
Somerset County
Arnold Trail to Quebec' (see Franklin
New Portland vicinity, New Portland Wire-
Bridge, Wire Bridge Road, over the Carra-
bassett River.
Waldo County
Georges River Canal (see Knox County).
Prospect vicinity, Fort Knox State Park.
Searsport, Penobscot Marine Museum,
Church Street.
Stockton Springs vicinity, Fort Pownall Me-
morial, southeast of Stockton Springs on
Fort Point.
Washington County
Columbia Falls, Ruggles House, Main Street.
Eastport, Fort Sullivan, Moose Island; bar-
racks, 74 Washington Street.
Machiasport vicinity, Fort O'Brien (Fort
Machias), south of Machiasport on second-
ary road.
St. Croix Junction vicinity, St. Croix Island
National Monument, on the international
boundary, in the St. Croix River.

York County
Kittery Point, *Pepperrell (Mary) House,
Lady Pepperrell House, Maine 103.
Kittery Point vicinity, Fort McClary, off
Maine 103 near Fort McClary State Park.
Porter vicinity, Porter-Parsonfield Bridge,
across the Ossipee River, 0.5 mile southwest
of Porter.
York, Hancock (John) Warehouse, Lindsay
York, *Old York Gaol, 4 Lindsay Road.
York vicinity, *McIntire Garrison House, 5
miles west of York on Maine 91.
Allegany County
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Monu-
ment (also in Frederick, Montgomery, and
Washington counties, Md.; the District of
Columbia; and Morgan County, W. Va.).
Anne Arundel County
Annapolis, *Brice House, 42 East Street.
Annapolis, *Chase-Lloyd House, 22 Maryland
Annapolis, *Colonial Annapolis Historic Dis-
trict, district boundaries approximate those
of the city plan of 1695.
Annapolis, *Hammond-Harwood House,
Maryland Avenue and King Street.
Annapolis, *Maryland Statehouse, State
Annapolis, *U.S. Naval Academy, Maryland
Avenue and Hanover Street.
Annapolis, Whitehall, off St. Margaret's
Davidsonville vicinity, All Hallows' Church,
intersection of Maryland 2, All Hallows'
Church Road, and South River Club Road.
Galesville vicinity, Cedar Park, 4.4 miles
south of intersection of Maryland 214 and
468 and 1.5 miles north of intersection of
Maryland 255 and 468.
Galesville vicinity, *Tulip Hill, c. 2.5 miles
west of Galesville on Owensville Road.
Harwood vicinity, Larkin's Hill Farm, off
Maryland 2 on Mill Swamp Road.
Harwood vicinity, Larkin's Hundred, on Mill
Swamp Road, 1 mile east of Maryland 2
and 0.9 mile west of Maryland 468.
Harwood vicinity, Mary's Mount, 0.5 mile
east of Maryland 2 and south of Mill
Swamp Road.
Harwood vicinity, Obligation, west side of
Maryland 2, 0.2 mile south of intersection
of Maryland 2 and Mill Swamp Road.
Owensville vicinity, Evergreen, Sudley Road,
2 miles southeast of Maryland 255.
South River vicinity, The South River Club,
South River Club Road, 1 mile east of
Maryland 2 and 0.4 mile west of Maryland
Woodland Beach vicinity, *London Town
Publik House, south bank of the South
River, c. 0.5 mile northeast of Woodland
Baltimore (independent city)
Baltimore and Ohio Transportation Museum
and Mount Clare Station, Pratt and Pop-
pleton Streets.
U.S.F. Constellation, Pier 1, Pratt Street.
Federal Hill Historic District, bounded on the
east by Covington Street, on the north by
Hughes Street, on the west by Charles
Street, and on the south by Hamburg
Fells Point Historic District, bounded on the
north by Aliceanna Street; on the east by
Wolfe Street; on the south by the harbor;
and on the west by Dallas Street.
* The Flag House, 844 East Pratt Street.
Fort McHenry National Monument and His-
toric Shrine, Locust Point, at the eastern
end of Fort Avenue.
*Mount Clare, Carroll Park.
Old Roman Catholic Cathedral, 401 Cathe-
dral Street.


Otterbein Church, 112 West Conway Street.
Peale's Baltimore Museum (Municipal Mua-
seum of the City of Baltimore), 225 North
Holliday Street.
Shot Tower, southeast corner, Fayette and
Front Streets.
Baltimore County
Relay, *Thomas Viaduct, Baltimore & Ohio
Railroad, across the Patapsco River be-
tween Relay and Elkridge (also in Howard
Towson, Hampton National Historic Site,
Hampton Lane, 1 mile north of Inter-
state 695.
Cecil County
Chesapeake City, 'Old Lock Pump House,
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, U.S. 213.
Frederick County
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Monu-
ment (see Allegany County).
Garrett County
Grantsville vicinity, *Casselman's Bridge, Na-
tional Road, east of Grantsville on U.S. 40.
Howard County
Ellicott City, 'Ellicott City Station.
SThomas Viaduct, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
(see Baltimore County).
Kent County
Chestertown, *Chestertoin Historic District,
bounded roughly by the Chester River on
the southeast, Cannon Street on the south-
west, Cross Street on the northwest, and
Maple Avenue on the northeast.
Montgomery County
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Monu-
ment (see Allegany County).
Glen Echo, *Barton (Clara) House, 5801 Ox-
ford Road.
Prince Georges County
Accokeek vicinity, *Accokeek Creek Site, op-
posite Mount Vernon on the Potomac
River, west of Piscataway Park.
Accokeek vicinity, Piscataway Park, across
the Potomac River from Mount Vernon.
Laurel vicinity, *Montpelier, Maryland 197.
Rosaryville vicinity, *His Lordship's Kind-
ness, 3.5 miles west of Rosaryville.
Washington, D.C., vicinity, Fort Washing-
ton, 5.5 miles south of District of Columbia
line on Maryland 210, west on Old Fort
St. Mary's County
Drayden vicinity, *West St. Mary's Manor,
c. 1 mile east of Drayden on the St. Mary's
Hollywood vicinity, *Resurrection Manor, c. 4
miles east of Hollywood.
St. Mary's City, *St. Mary's City Historic Dis-
trict, bounded on the west by the St.
Mary's River, on the south by St. Inigoes
Creek and a branch of Broome (Hill)
Creek, and on the north by Chancellor's
(Fisherman or St. John's) Creek; the east-
ern boundary extends south and east
about 2 miles across the peninsula from
Chancellor's Creek to Broome Creek.
Talbot County

Easton vicinity, *Wye House, 6.9 miles north-
west of Easton on Miles Neck River.
Washington County
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Monu-
ment (see Allegany County).
Harpers Ferry National Historical Park (see
Jefferson County, W. Va.).
Sharpsburg, Antietam National Battlefield



Berkshire County
Pittsfield, *Melville (Herman) House, Arrow-
head, Holmes Road.
Pittsfield, *Hancock Shaker Village, west of
Pittsfield on U.S. 20.
Stockbridge, *Mission House, Main Street.
Stockbridge vicinity, *French (Daniel Ches-
ter) Home and Studio, Chesterwood, 2
miles west of Stockbridge.
Bristol County
Berkeley, Dighton Rock, 1 mile west of Bay
View Avenue in Dighton Rock State Park.
New Bedford, *New Bedford Historic District,
bounded by the waterfront on the east,
Elm Street on the north, Acushnet Avenue
on the west, and Commercial Street on the
Essex County
Amesbury, *Whittier (John Greenleaf)
Home, 86 Friend Street.
Danvers, *Derby Summer House, Glen Magna
Estate, Ingersoll Street.
Gloucester, Lane, Fitz Hugh, House, harbor
side of Rogers Street.
Ipswich, *Whipple (John) House, 53 South
Main Street.
Marblehead, *Lee (Jeremiah) House, Wash-
ington Street.
Newbury, *Spencer-Pierce-Little House, end
of Little's Lane, east of U.S. 1A.
Salem, *Bowditch (Nathaniel) Home, North
and Essex Streets.
Salem, *Peabody Museum of Salem, 161 Essex
Salem, *Peirce-Nichols House, 80 Federal
Salem, Salem Maritime National Historic
Site, Derby Street.
Salem, *Ward (John) House, Essex Institute,
132 Essex Street.
Saugus, Saugus Iron Works National Historic
Site, off U.S. 1.
Saugus, *Scotch-Boardman House, Howard
Topsfleld, *Capen (Joseph) House, Parson
Capen House, Howlett Street.
Franklin County
Deerfiel 1, *Old Deerfield Village Historic Dis-
Hampden County
Springfield, *Springfield Armory, Armory
Hampshire County
Amherst, *Dickinson (Emily) Home, 280 Main
Cummington vicinity, *Bryant (William Cul-
len) Homestead, 2 miles from Cumming-
ton on side road.
Middlesex County
Cambridge, *Christ Church, Garden Street.
Cambridge, *Gray (Asa) House, 88 Garden
Cambridge, *Lowell (James Russell) Home,
Elmwood, Elmwood Avenue.
Cambridge, *Massachusetts Hall, Harvard
University, Harvard University Yard.
Cambridge, *Vassall (John) House, Craigie-
Longfellow House, 105 Brattle Street.
Concord, *Emerson (Ralph Waldo) Home,
Lexington Road and Cambridge Turnpike.
Concord, Minute Man National Historical
Park (also in the towns of Lincoln and
Concord, *Old Manse, Monument Street.
Concord, *Orchard House, Lexington Road.
Concord, *Walden Pond, 1.5 miles south of
Concord, *Wright's Tavern, Lexington Road,
opposite the Burying Ground.
Lexington, *Buckman Tavern, Hancock
Street, on the east side of Lexington Green.

Lexington, *Lexington Green, Massachusetts
and Hancock Streets.
Medford, *Royall (Isaac) House, 15 George
Medford, Tufts (Peter) House, 350 Riverside
Nantucket County
Nantucket, *Coffin (Jethro) House, Sunset
Nantucket, *Nantucket Historic District.
Norfolk County
Brookline, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Na-
tional Historic Site, 83 Beals Street.
Brookline, *Olmsted (Frederick Law) House,
99 Warren Street.
Dedham, *Fairbanks House, Eastern Avenue
and East Street.
Milton, *Forbes (Captain Robert B.) House,
215 Adams Street.
Quincy, *Adams (John) Birthplace, 133
Franklin Street.
Quincy, *Adams (John Quincy) Birthplace,
141 Franklin Street.
Quincy, Adams National Historic Site, 135
Adams Street.
Quincy, Moswetusset Hummock, on Squan-
tum Street, about 1,000 feet northeast of
the intersection with Morrissey Boulevard.
Quincy, Quincy Homestead, 34 Butler Road.
Plymouth County
Hingham, *Old Ship Meetinghouse, Main
Plymouth, *Cole's Hill, Carver Street.
Plymouth, Plymouth Rock, Water Street.
Suffolk County
Boston, *Arnold Arboretum, 22 Divinity
Boston, *Beacon Hill Historic District,
bounded roughly by Beacon Street on the
south, the Charles River Embankment on
the west, Pinckney and Revere Streets on
the north, and Hancock Street on the east.
Boston, *Boston Athenaeum, 101/2 Beacon
Boston, *Boston Light, Little Brewster Island,
Boston harbor.
Boston, *Boston Naval Shipyard, east of
Chelsea Street, Charlestown.
Boston, *Bunker Hill Monument, Breed's
Boston, *U.S.S. Constitution, Boston Naval
Boston, Dorchester Heights National His-
toric Site, South Boston.
Boston, *Ether Dome, Massachusetts General
Hospital, Fruit Street.
Boston, *Faneuil Hall, Dock Square.
Boston, *Harding (Chester) House, 16 Beacon
Boston, *Headquarters House, 55 Beacon
Boston, *King's Chapel, Tremont and School
Boston, *Long Wharf and Customhouse
Block, foot of State Street.
Boston, *Massachusetts Historical Society,
1154 Boylston Street.
Boston, *Massachusetts Statehouse, Beacon
Boston, *Old North Church, Christ Church,
193 Salem Street.
Boston, *Old South Meetinghouse, Milk and
Washington Streets.
Boston, *Old Statehouse, Washington and
State Streets.
Boston, *Parkman (Francis) House, 50 Chest-
nut Street.
Boston, *Pierce (Moses) -Hichborn House, 29
North Square.
Boston, *Quincy Market, South Market
Boston, *Revere (Paul) House, 19 North

Boston, *Tremont Street Subway, beneath
Tremont, Boylston, and Washington
Boston, Trinity Church, Copley Square.
Boston harbor, *Fort Warren, Georges Island.
Roxbury, *Garrison (William Lloyd) House,
125 Highland Street.
Roxbury, *Shirley-Eustis House, 31-37 Shir-
ley Street.
South Boston, Fort Independence, Castle
West Roxbury, *Brook Farm, 670 Baker
Worcester County
Auburn vicinity, *Goddard Rocket Launch-
ing Site, ninth fairway, Pakachoag Golf
Course, Pakachoag Road.
Worcester, *American Antiquarian Society,
185 Salisbury Street.
Worcester, Elm Park, bounded by Elm, Rus-
sell, Highland, and Pleasant Streets and by
private properties on the west and north
of Federal and Marmon Places (excludes
the property of Worcester High School on
Highland Street).
Berrien County
Berrien Springs, Berrien Springs Courthouse,
north side, corner of Union and Cass
Calhoun County
Marshall, Brooks, Harold C., House (Jabes S.
Fitch House), 310 North Kalamazoo
Marshall, Honolulu House (Abner Pratt
House), 107 North Kalamazoo Street.
Cheboygan County
Mackinaw City, *Fort Michilimackinac, near
Mackinac Bridge, at the terminus of U.S.
Mackinaw City vicinity, Mackinac Point
Lighthouse, Michilimackinac State Park.
Chippewa County
Drummond Township, Fort Drummond,
western end of Drummond Island.
Sault Ste. Marie, Johnston, John, House, 415
Park Place.
Sault Ste. Marie, *St. Mary's Falls Canal, St.
Mary's River.
Delta County
Fayette, Fayette State Park, on a peninsula
in Big Bay de Noc, on Michigan 149.
Emmet County
Petosky, Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Sta-
tion (Chicago and West Michigan Rail-
way Station, Pere Marquette Railway Sta-
tion), Pioneer Park, West Lake Street.
Walloon Lake, *Hemingway (Ernest) Cottage,
Windemere, Lake Grove Road.
Houghton County
Hancock vicinity, Quincy Mine No. 2 Shaft
Hoist House, off U.S. 41.
Ingham County
East Lansing vicinity, St. Katherine's Chapel,
4650 Meridian Road, east of East Lansing.
Jackson County
Concord, Mann House, 205 Hanover Street.
Kalamazoo County
Kalamazoo, Ladies Library Association Build-
ing, 333 South Park Street.
Kent County
Ada vicinity, Ada Covered Bridge, across the
Thornapple River.
Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids Art Museum
(Abram W. Pike House), 230 Fulton Street




Grand Rapids, Turner House (R. C. Allen,
Inc., Employees' Clubhouse), 731 Front
Sweet NW.
Graiad Rapids vicinity, Norton Mound
Group, 2 miles south of Grand Rapids on
Indian Mound Drive.
Keweenaw County
Copper Harbor, Fort Wilkins, Fort Wilkins
State Park.
Mackinac County
Mackinac Island, *Mackinac Island, north-
east across the Straits of Mackinac from
Mackinaw City.
St. Ignace, *St. Ignace Mission, State and
Marquette Streets, Marquette Park.
Macomb County
Romeo, Romeo Historic District, bounded on
the north by Gates Street, running east
and west 2,700 feet north of St. Clair Street;
bounded on the south by Durham Drive
and a line running east and west 3,180
feet south of St. Clair Street; the western
boundary runs north and south 2,940 feet
from Main Street; the eastern boundary is
2,400 feet from Main Street.
Muskegon County
Muskegon, Hackley, Charles H., House, 484
West Webster Avenue.
Oakland County
Franklin, Village of Franklin Historic Dis-
trict, bounded approximately by the Frank-
lin River and properties fronting on
Bowden Street, by Romany Way and Scenic
Highway, properties fronting on Franklin
Road, and a line extending about 300 feet
north of and parallel to Fourteen Mile
Pontiac, Myrick-Palmer House, 223 West
Huron Street.
Pontiac, Wisner House (Pine Grove), 405
Oakland Avenue.
St. Clair County
Port Huron, St. Clair River Tunnel, St. Clair
River between Port Huron, Mich., and
Sarnia, Ontario.
Washtenaw County
Ann Arbor, President's House, University of
Michigan, 815 South University, University
of Michigan campus.
Wayne County
Dearborn, Commandant's Quarters, 21950
Michigan Avenue.
Dearborn, *Ford (Henry) Estate, Fair Lane,
4901 Evergreen Road.
Dearborn, Greenfield Village, Oakwood
Brown County
New Ulm, Federal Post Office Building, Center
Street and Broadway.
Cass County (also in Crow Wing and Morri-
son counties)
Barrows vicinity, Crow Wing State Park, 2
miles southwest of Barrows on U.S. 371.
Chisago County
Taylors Falls, Munch-Roos House, 360 Bench
Taylors Falls, Taylors Falls Public Library,
417 Bench Street.
Cook County
Grand Marais vicinity, Grand Portage Na-
tional Monument, 38.miles north of Grand
Cottonwood County
Jeffers vicinity, Jeffers Petroglyph Site,
N'/NW'/ sec. 9, T. 107 N., R. 35 W.

Crow Wing County
Crow Wing State Park (see Cass County).
Dakota County
Hastings, Le Due House, 1629 Vermillion
Mendota, Mendota Historic District, bounded
on the west by Government Lot 2, sec. 28,
T. 28 N., R. 23 W.; on the southwest by
Interstate 55 to Sibley Highway; northeast
along Sibley Highway to the intersection
of D Street; northwest on D Street to the
Chicago & Northwestern Railroad; then
directly north to the Dakota-Ramsey
County line and thence southwest along
the line to the boundary of Government
Lot 2 extended north.
St. Paul vicinity, *Fort Snelling, bounded ir-
regularly by Minnehaha Park and the
Mississippi River (north); Government Lot
2 (east); the east-west quarterline of sec.
28, T. 28 N., R. 23 W., and the municipal
airport (south); and a line parallel to and
600 feet northeast of Bloomington Road
(west) (also-in Hennepin County).
Goodhue County
Red Wing vicinity, Bartron Site, NW'/4NW/4
sec. 9, T. 113 N., R. 15 W.
Welcti vicinity, Fort Sweney Site, SE/4 sec.
28, T. 113 N., R. 16 W., across the Cannon
River from Welch.
Hennepin County
Bloomington, Pond, Gideon H., House, 401
East 104th Street.
Edina, Cahill School, corner of Eden Avenue
and Minnesota 100.
Edina, Grange Hall, corner of Eden Avenue
and Minnesota 100.
*Fort Snelling (see Dakota County).
Minneapolis, Atwater, Isaac, House, 1607
South Fifth Street.
Minneapolis, Minnehaha State Park, south
of Minnehaha Parkway between Hiawatha
Avenue and the Mississippi River.
Minneapolis, *Pillsbury A Mill, Main Street
and Third Avenue SE.
St. Louis Park, St. Louis Park Station, West
36th Street and Alabama Avenue.
Houston County
Brownsville, Emmanuel Evangelical Lutheran
Church (Methodist Episcopal Church),
Main Street.
Jefferson County
Port Townsend, Rothschild House, Taylor
and Franklin Streets.
Lake County
Two Harbors vicinity, Split Rock Lighthouse,
about 20 miles northeast of Two Harbors
on U.S. 61.
Le Sueur County
Le Sueur, Mayo (Dr. William W.) House, 118
North Main Street.
Mille Lacs County
Vineland vicinity, Cooper Site, on the south
bank of Ogechie Lake within Mille Lacs-
Kathio State Park.
Vineland vicinity, *Kathio Site, U.S. 169,
Mille Lacs-Kathio State Park.
Vineland vicinity, Petaga Point, on the
southeast shore of Ogechie Lake in Mille
Lacs-Kathio State Park.
Vineland vicinity, Saw Mill Site, on the
northwest side of Lake Ogechie in Mille
Lacs-Kathio State Park.
Vineland vicinity, Vineland Bay Site (Kathio
School Site), southwest shore of Mille Lacs
Lake above the Rum River outlet and
within Mille Lacs-Kathio State Park.

Morrison County
Crow Wing State Park (see Cass County).
Little Falls vicinity, Charles A. Lindbergh
State Park and Lindbergh House, south-
west of Little Falls on the Mississippi
Nicoltet County
Fairfax, Fort Ridgely, sec. 6, T. 113 N., R.
St. Peter, Cox, E. St. Julien, House, 500 North
Washington Avenue.
Olmsted County
Rochester, 1914 and 1928 Mayo Clinic Build-
ings, 110-115 Second Avenue.
Stewartville vicinity, Mayowood, northwest
of Stewartville on County Route D.
Pipestone County
Pipestone vicinity, Pipestone National Monu-
ment, 1 mile north of Pipestone.
Ramsey County
St. Paul, Burbank-Livingston-Griggs House,
432 Summit Avenue.
St. Paul, *Hill (James J.) House, 240 Summit
St. Paul, Old Federal Courts Building, 109
West Fifth Street.
St. Paul, Ramsey (Alexander) House, 265
South Exchange Street.
Redwood County
Redwood Falls vicinity, Lower Sioux Agency,
9 miles east of Redwood Falls off County
Route N 2.
Rice County
Faribault, Faribault, Alexander, House, 12
Northeast First Avenue.
Northfield, Nutting House, 217 Union Street.
Northfleld, Rolvaag (O.E.) House, 311 Mani-
tou Street.
St. Louis County
Hibbing vicinity, *Hull-Rust-Mahoning Open
Pit Iron Mine, Third Avenue East.
Mountain Iron vicinity, *Mountain Iron
Mine, north of Mountain Iron.
Tower vicinity, *Soudan Iron Mine, Tower-
Soudan State Park.
Sherburne County
Elk River vicinity, *Kelley (Oliver H.) Home-
stead, 2 miles southeast of Elk River on
U.S. 10.
Stearns County
Sauk Centre, *Lewis (Sinclair) Boyhood
Home, 812 Sinclair Lewis Avenue.
Washington County
Marine on St. Croix, Marine Mill Site, Mill
Reservation, block 47.
Scandia, Hay Lake School, sec. 27, T. 31 N.,
R. 19 W.
Stillwater vicinity, *St. Croix Boom Site, 3
miles north of Stillwater on St. Croix
Winona County
Winona vicinity, Pickwick Mill, Hamlet of
Winona, Winona County Courthouse, Wash-
ington Street between Third and Fourth
Yellow Medicine County
Granite Falls vicinity, Upper Sioux Agency,
sees. 29, 30, 32, T. 115 N., R. 38 W.
Adams County
Natchez vicinity, 'Fatherland Plantation
Site, 3 miles southeast of Natchez.
Natchez vicinity, *Longwood, 1.5 miles
southeast of Natchez.
Washington, Jefferson College, North Street.





Alcorn County
Rienzi, Jacinto Courthouse, Route 1.
Hinds County
Bovina, vicinity, Floyd Mound, NE/4SE/4
sec. 34, T. 16 N., R. 5 E.
Edwards vicinity, Dupree Mound and Village
Archeological Site, SE'4NW4 sec. 21, T.
5 N., R. 3 W.
Jackon, Capitol Green, 100 North State
City Hall, 203 South President Street.
Governor's Mansion, 316 East Capitol Street.
New Capitol, Mississippi Street between
North President and North West Streets.
Old Capitol, 100 North State Street.
Pocahontas, Pocahontas Mound A, SE4
NW sec. 10, T. 7 N., R. 1 W.
Terry vicinity, Berry Mound and Village
Archeological Site, center NE'4 sec. 12, T.
3 N., R. 1 W.
Holmes County
Richland, Eureka Masonic College, on Mis-
sissippi 17.
Lafayette County
Oxford, *Faulkner (William) House, Rowan
Oak, Old Taylor Road.
Lee County
Baldwyn vicinity, Brices Cross Roads Na-
tional Battlefield Site, 6 miles west of
Baldwyn on Mississippi 370.
Tupelo, Tupelo National Battlefield, on
Mississippi 6 about a mile west of its
intersection with U.S. 45.
Warren County
Vicksburg, *Old Courthouse, Warren
County, Court Square.
Vicksburg, Pemberton House (Willis-Cowan
Home), 1020 Crawford Street.
Vicksburg and vicinity, Vicksburg National
Military Park, Vicksburg.
Yazoo County
Holly Bluff, *Holly Bluff Site.
Adair County
Kirksville vicinity, Thousand Hills State
Park Petroglyphs Archeological Site, .2.5
miles west of Kirksville.
Atchison County
Tarklo, Mule Barn Theatre (David Rankin
Mule Barn), 10th and Park Streets.
Barton County
Lamar, Truman (Harry S) Birthplace Me-
morial, north corner, llth Street and
Truman Avenue.
Benton County
Fairfield vicinity, Rodgers Shelter Archeo-
logical Site, SW2SW4NE see. 33, T. 39
N., R. 22 W.
Boone County
Columbia, *Sanborn Field and Soil Erosion
Plots, University of Missouri campus.
Buchanan County
St. Joseph, King's Hill Archeological Site,
west side of 5600 block, South First Street
(in lots 1-8, north 20 feet of lot 9, block
12 of Bowen's Addition).
St. Joseph, *Patee /:'. "* House, 12th and
Pennsylvania Streets.
Callaway County
Fulton, *Westminster College Gymnasium,
Westminster College campus.
Portland vicinity, *Research Cave.

Caldwell County
Kingston vicinity, Far West, 5.5 miles west
of Kingston via County Routes D and H.
Cape Girardeau County
Burfordville vicinity, Burfordville Covered
Bridge, eastern edge of Burfordville on
County Route HH.
Oriole vicinity, Trail of Tears State Park
Archeological Site, north of Oriole on the
Mississippi River.
Cass County
Harrisonville vicinity, Brown, Robert A.,
House, 0.7 mile north of Harrisonville on
U.S. 71 Bypass, 0.5 mile west and north-
west on gravel road.
Chariton County
Keytesville, Hill Homestead, 100 West North
Clark County
Canton vicinity, Boulware Mound Group
Archeological Site, NW/SE1/4 sec. 9, T.
63 N., R. 6 W.
Clay County
Excelsior vicinity, *Watkins Mill, 6 miles
northwest of Excelsior.
Cole County
Jefferson City, Cole County Historical So-
ciety Building, 109 Madison Street.
Jefferson City, Governor's Mansion, 100
Madison Street.
Jefferson City, Lohman's Landing Building,
west corner, intersection of Jefferson and
Water Streets.
Jefferson City, Missouri State Capitol Build-
ing and Grounds, High Street between
Broadway and Jefferson Streets.
Cooper County
Boonville, Harley Park Archeological Site,
SE/4NE% sec. 34, T. 49 N., R. 16 W.
Boonville, Lyric Theater, northeast corner
Main (Fifth) and Vine Streets.
Lamine vicinity, Mellor Village and Mounds
Acheological Site, W/ sec. 26, SE!/4SE%
sec. 27, T. 49 N., R. 18 W.
Wooldridge vicinity, Wooldridge Archeologi-
cal Site, 0.5 mile northwest of Wooldridge.
Crawford County
Leasburg vicinity, Scotia Iron Furnace Stack,
6.3 miles southeast of Leasburg on County
Route H.
Franklin County
Moselle vicinity, Moselle Iron Furnace Stack,
1 mile southeast of Moselle.
St. Albans vicinity, Tavern Cave, 2 miles
northeast of St. Albans off the Chicago,
Rock Island & Pacific Railroad.
Gasconade County
Bern vicinity, Peenie Archeological Petro-
glyph Site, center NE4SE/4 sec. 36, T.
41 N., R. 5 W.
Hermann, Old Stone Hill Historic District,
bounded by West 12th, Goethe, Jefferson
Streets, and Iron Road.
Greene County
Ash Grove vicinity, Boone (Nathan) House,
1.75 miles north of Ash Grove on Missouri
Springfield vicinity, Wilson's Creek National
Battlefield Park, southwest of Springfield
on Missouri 174.
Howard County
Boonsboro vicinity, Boonslick State Park,
SWNW1 sec. 6, T. 49 N., R. 17 W.
Fayette vicinity, Morrison (Alfred W.) House,
Lilac Hill, 1 mile southwest of Fayette on
Missouri 5.

Glasgow, Glasgow Public Library, northwest
corner, Market and Fourth Streets.
Iron County
Ironton, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, north-
west corner, Knob and Reynolds Streets.
Pilot Knob vicinity, Fort Davidson, on
County Route 21 south of intersection
with County Route V.
Jackson County
Independence, Jackson County Jail and Mar-
shal's House, 217 North Main Street.
Independence, Temple Site, corner of Lexing-
ton Avenue and River Boulevard.
Independence, Vaile (Harvey M.) Mansion,
1500 North Liberty and 1518 North Osage
Kansas City, 20 West Ninth Street Building
(New York Life Building), 20 West Ninth
Kansas City, Wornall House, 146 West 61st
Sibley, *Fort Osage, north edge of Sibley on
the Missouri River.
Jefferson County
Hillsboro vicinity, Sandy Creek Covered
Bridge, 5 miles north of Hillsboro on U.S.
21, east on Goldman Road, and southwest
on Lemay Ferry Road.
Johnson County
Warrensburg, Johnson County Courthouse
(Old Johnson County Courthouse), Old
Public Square.
Lafayette County
Lexington, Anderson House and Lexington
Battlefield, bounded on the west by 10th
Street, on the northwest by the Missouri
Pacific Railroad, on the south by Utah and
Wood Streets, and on the east by the
continuation of 15th Street.
Lexington, Lafayette County Courthouse,
Public Square.
Linn County
Laclede, Pershing (General John J.) Boyhood
Home, State and Worlow Streets.
Laclede vicinity, Locust Creek Covered
Bridge, 3 miles west of Laclede on U.S. 36,
then north 1 mile and east 0.63 mile on
a gravel road.
Marion County
Hannibal, *Twain (Mark) Boyhood Home,
206-208 Hill Street.
Mississippi County
Crosno vicinity, Crosno Fortified Village
Archeological Site, NWSW% sec. 25,
NE'4SE'4 sec. 26, T. 25 N., R. 17 E.
Wolf Island vicinity, Beckwith's Fort Arche-
ological Site, SEi/4 sec. 29, T. 24 N., R. 17 E.
Moniteau County
California, Moniteau County Courthouse
Square, Public Square.
Sandy Hook vicinity, Geiger Archeological
Site, NW1 sec. 11, T. 46 N., R. 14 W.
Monroe County
Florida vicinity, Crigler Mound Group
Archeological Site, SWSW SW1/4 sec.
25, NW/4NW/4NW'/4 sec. 36, T. 55 N.,
R. 8 W.
Florida vicinity, Twain (Mark) Birthplace
Cabin, Mark Twain State Park, 0.25 mile
south of Florida on Missouri 107.
Paris vicinity, Union Covered Bridge, c. 6
miles southwest of Paris on the Elk Fork
of the Salt River.
Montgomery County
Big Spring vicinity, Pinnacle Lake Rock-
shelter, NESE sec. 24, T. 47 N., R. 5 W.



Mineola vicinity, *Graham Cave, 0.5 mile
north of Mineola.
New Madrid County
New Madrid vicinity, Lilbourn Fortified Vil-
lage Archeological Site, SEy4 Survey 28,
W'/ Survey 712, SW/4SW% Survey 711,
T. 22 N., R. 14 E.
Newton County
Diamond vicinity, George Washington Carver
National Monument, 3 miles south of
Pemiscot County
Caruthersville vicinity, Murphy Mound Ar-
cheological Site, both sides of County
Route D, 1.5 miles south of intersection
of County Routes D and U.
Steele vicinity, Denton Mound and Village
Archeological Site, SW4 sec. 20, T. 17 N.,
R. 11 E.
Warden vicinity, Wallace, J. M., Archeological
Site (Wardell Mounds), 1 mile southwest
of Wardell.
Perry County
Wittenburg vicinity, Tower Rock, 1 mile
south of Wittenburg, east 1 mile from
County Route A.
Phelps County
Newburg vicinity, Ozark Iron Furnace Stack,
SWNW/ sec. 21, T. 37 N., R. 9 W. and
SE1NE1 sec. 20, T. 37 N., R. 9 W.
St. James vicinity, Maramec Iron Works Dis-
trict, 7 miles south of St. James on Mis-
souri 8.
Yancy Mills vicinity, Gourd Creek Cave
Archeological Site, SE/4NW4 sec. 19, T. 36
N., R. 8 W.
Pike County
Eolia vicinity, St. John's Episcopal Church,
0.25 mile north of Eolia-on County Route
D, 0.25 mile east on County Route H.
Platte County
Kansas City vicinity, Deister Archeological
Site, NWSE/ sec. 28, T. 51 N., R. 33 W.
Kansas City vicinity, Renner Village Archeo-
logical Site, within a triangle formed by
U.S. 169, 71, and Missouri 45; and partly
on west side of U.S. 169.
Randolph County
Cairo vicinity, Mitchell Petroglyph Archeo-
logical Site, SE1SE/4 sec. 23, T. 55 N.,
R. 13 W.
St. Charles County
St. Charles, First Missouri State Capitol
Buildings, 208-16 South Main Street.
St. Charles, Stone Row, 314-330 South Main
St. Charles, St. Charles Historic District,
bounded on the north by the south line
of Madison Street; on the east by the
Missouri River; on the south (east of Main
Street) by the north line of Chauncey
Street and (west of Main Street) by a line
running along the west line of Main
Street 100 feet south from the south line
of the Boonslick Road and thence west-
ward 50 feet to a point 50.5 feet south
of the Boonslick Road; and on the west
by an alley running north and south from
Boonslick Road to Madison Street.
Ste. Genevieve County
Ste. Genevieve, *Bolduc (Louis) House, 123
South Main Street.
Ste. Genevieve, Guibourd (Jacques Dubreuil)
House, northwest corner, Fourth and Mer-
chant Streets.
Ste. Genevieve, *Ste. Genevieve Historic Dis-

Ste. Genevieve vicinity, Common Field
Archeological Site, NWSW sec. 35, T. 38
N., R. 9 E.
Ste. Genevieve vicinity, The Kreilich Archeo-
'logical Site, SW4NW4 sec. 18, T. 37 N.,
R. 10 E.
St. Louis (independent city)
*Anheuser-Busch Brewery, 721 Pestalozzi
Bissell Street Water Tower, intersection of
Bissell Street and Blair Avenue.
*Eads Bridge, spanning the Mississippi River
at Washington Street (also in St. Clair
County, Ill.).
*Goldenrod Showboat, 400 North Wharf
Grand Avenue Water Tower, intersection of
East Grand Avenue and 20th Street.
Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Na-
tional Historic Site, on the Mississippi
River between Washington and Poplar
Old Post Office, Eighth and Olive Streets.
St. Louis Union Station, 18th and Market
*Wainwright Building, 709 Chestnut Street.
Wainwright Tomb, Bellefontaine Cemetery,
4947 West Florissant Avenue.
St. Louis County
Afton, Benoist (Louis Auguste) House, 7802
Genesta Street.
Webster Groves, Hawken House, 9442 Big-
Bend Boulevard.
Saline County
Arrow Rock, *Arrow Rock, Arrow Rock State
Arrow Rock, *Bingham (George Caleb)
House, Arrow Rock State Park.
Arrow Rock vicinity, Sappington (William
B.) House, 3 miles southwest of Arrow
Rock on County Route TT.
Grand Pass vicinity, Gumbo Point Archeo-
logical Site, SE'4SENE sec. 11, SW%
NW sec. 12. T. 51 N., R. 23 W.
Marshall vicinity, *Utz Site, 12 miles north
of Marshall, adjoining Van Meter State
Miami vicinity, Guthrey Archeological Site,
1.75 miles east-northeast of Miami.
Shelby County
Bethel, Bethel Historic District, bounded on
the north by a line parallel to and 322 feet
north of Fourth Street; bounded on the
east and west by lines parallel to and ap-
proximately equidistant (513 feet) from
Main Street running south 1,930 feet to
the southern boundary; bounded on the
south by a line parallel to and 312 feet
south of First Street.
Texas County
Clara vicinity, White Rock Bluffs Arche-
ological Pictograph Site, SENWSE
sec. 10, T. 30 N., R. 10 W.
Vernon County
Nevada vicinity, *Carrington Osage Village
Site, north of Nevada, on west edge of
Green Valley Prairie.
Warren County
Marthasville vicinity, Borgmann Mill, 5 miles
east of Marthasvllle on County Route D.
Marthasville vicinity, Calloway (Flanders)
House, 1 mile south of Marthasvllle on
Missouri 94.

Wright County
Mansfield vicinity, Wilder, Laura Ingalls,
House, 1 mile east of Mansfield on U.S.
Business 60.


Beaverthead County
Armstead vicinity, *Lemhi Pass (see Lemhi
County, Idaho).
Dillon vicinity, *Bannack Historic District,
22 miles from Dillon on secondary road off
Montana 278.
Wisdom vicinity, Big Hole National Battle-
field, 12 miles west of Wisdom.
Blaine County
Chinook vicinity, Chief Joseph Battleground
of the Bear's Paw (Bearpaw Mountain
Fight), about 15 miles south of Chinook.
Big Horn County
Hardin vicinity, Custer Battlefield National
Monument, 15 miles south of Hardin.
Pryor vicinity, Chief Plenty Coups Memorial,
1 mile west of Pryor on Montana 416.
Cascade County
Great Falls, *Russell (Charles M.) House and
Studio, 1217-19 Fourth Avenue North.
Great Falls vicinity, *Great Falls Portage,
southeast of Great Falls at junction of
Montana 87, 89, and 91.
Chouteau County
Fort Benton, *Fort Benton.
Dawson County
Glendive vicinity, *Hagen Site, 5 miles
southeast of Glendive on secondary road.
Gallatin County
Logan vicinity, Madison Buffalo Jump State
Monument, sec. 34, T. 1 N., R. 2 E.
Three Forks vicinity, *Three Forks of the
Missouri, northeast of Three Forks on the
Missouri River, Missouri Headwaters State
Glacier County
Browning vicinity, *Camp Disappointment,
12 miles northeast of Browning on the
Blackfeet Reservation.
Lewis and Clark County
Helena, Former Executive Mansion, Sixth
Avenue and Ewing Street.
Helena, Kluge House, 540 West Main Street.
Madison County
Dillon vicinity, Beaverhead Rock, NW and
NSW see. 22, T. 5 S., R. 7 W.
Virginia City, *Virginia City Historic Dis-
trict, Wallace Street.
Meagher County
White Sulphur Springs vicinity, Fort Logan,
17 miles northwest of White Sulphur
Missoula County
Lolo vicinity, *Traveler's Rest, 1 mile south
of Lolo near U.S. 93.
Lolo vicinity, *Lolo Trail (see Clearwater
County, Idaho).
Pondera County
Browning vicinity, Two Medicine Fight Site,
about 25 miles southeast of Browning.
Powell County
Deer Lodge, *Grant-Kohrs Ranch, edge of
Deer Lodge.
Ravalli County
Hamilton vicinity, Canyon Creek Laboratory
of the U.S. Public Health Service, 0.75 mile
west of the Hamilton city limits.
Stevensville, St. Mary's Mission Church and
Pharmacy, North Avenue.


No. 35-Pt. II---3


Stevensville vicinity, Fort Owen, about 0.5
mile northwest of Stevensville.
Roosevelt County
Fort Union Trading Post National Historic
Site (see Williams County, N. Dak.).
Poplar, Fort Peck Agency, parts of T. 27 N.,
R. 60 E. and T. 27 N., R. 51 E.
Silver Bow County
Butte, *Butte Historic District.
Butte, Clark, W. A., Mansion, 219 West
Yellowstone County
Billings vicinity, *Pictograph Cave, 7 miles
southeast of Billings via U.S. 87 and sec-
ondary road, Indian Caves Park.
Pompey's Pillar vicinity, *Pompey's Pillar,
west of Pompey's Pillar on U.S. 10.
Antelope County
Neligh, Neligh Mill, 111 West Second Street.
Burt County
Oakland vicinity, Logan Creek Site, SE'A
sec. 11, SW% sec. 12, T. 12 N., R. 8 E.
Cass County
Murray vicinity, *Gilmore (Walker) Site
(Sterns Creek Site), 5 miles southeast of
Nehawka vicinity, Nehawka Flint Quarries,
2 miles north of Nehawka.
Coming County
Bancroft, Neihardt, John G., Study, north-
west corner, Washington and Grove
Custer County
Broken Bow vicinity, Haumont House, 10
miles northeast of Broken Bow.
Dakota County
Dakota City, Emmanuel Lutheran Church,
1500 Hickory Street.
Dawes County (also in Sioux County.)
Crawford vicinity, *Fort Robinson and Red
Cloud Agency, 2 miles west of Crawford.
Dawson County
Gothenburg vicinity, Midway Stage Station,
3 miles south of Gothenburg.
Douglas County
Omaha, Bank of Florence, 8502 North 30th
Omaha, Crook (General George) House,
Quarters No. 1, Fort Omaha.
Deuel County
Big Springs, Phelps Hotel, northeast corner
Second and Pine Streets.
Gage County
Beatrice vicinity, Homestead National Mon-
ument, 4 miles northwest of Beatrice on
Nebraska 4.
Garden County
Lewellen vicinity, *Ash Hollow Cave, 2 miles
southeast of Lewellen.
Howard County
Cotesfield vicinity, 'Coufal Site, 6 miles
northwest of Cotesfield on Davis Creek.
Palmer vicinity, *Palmer Site, 4 miles north
and 1 mile west of Palmer on Loup River.
Keith County
Brule vicinity, Diamond Springs Stage Sta-
tion, 1 mile west of Brule exit on Interstate

Lancaster County
Lincoln, *Bryan (William Jennings) House,
Fairview, 4900 Sumner Street.
Lincoln, City Hall, 920 0 Street,
Lincoln, Nebraska State Capitol, 1445 K
Lincoln, Kennard (Thomas H.) House, Ne-
braska Statehood Memorial, 1627 H Street.
Morrill County
Bayard vicinity, Chimney Rock National His-
toric Site, 3 miles southwest of Bayard
off Nebraska 86.
Nemaha County
Brownville, Brownville Historic District,
bounded on the south by Allen and Richard
Streets, on the north by Nemaha and
Nebraska Streets, on the west by Seventh
Street, on the east by the Missouri River,
and on the northwest and southwest by
Second Street.
Nance County
Genoa vicinity, Genoa Site, 1 mile south of
Genoa on Nebraska 39.
Otoe County
Nebraska City vicinity, Morton (J. Sterling)
House, Arbor Lodge, Arbor Lodge State
Red Willow County
McCook, *Norris (Senator George William)
House, 706 Norris Avenue.
Richardson County
Rulo vicinity, *Leary Site, 4 miles southeast
of Rulo.
Sarpy County
Bellevue, Burlington Depot (Omaha &
Southern Railroad Station), Haworth Park.
Bellevue, Fontanelle Bank, 2212 Main Street.
Bellevue, Hamilton (William) House, 2003
Bluff Street.
Bellevue, Old Log Cabin, 1805 Hancock
Bellevue, Presbyterian Church, 2002 Franklin
Scotts Bluff County
Gering vicinity, *Robidoux Pass, 9 miles
west of Gering.
Gering vicinity, Scotts Bluff National Monu-
ment, 3 miles west of Gering on Nebraska
Gering vicinity, *Signal Butte, 13 miles west
of Gering.
Sioux County
*Fort Robinson and Red Cloud Agency (see
Dawes County).
Valley County
North Loup vicinity, *Schultz Site, 3 miles
northwest of North Loup.
Washington County
Blair vicinity, Bertrand (steamboat), De
Soto National Wildlife Refuge.
Fort Calhoun vicinity, *Fort Atkinson, 1
mile east of Fort Calhoun via secondary
Webster County
Red Cloud, Cather House, southwest corner,
Third and Cedar Streets.
Guide Rock vicinity, *Pike Pawnee Village
Site (Hill Site), 4 miles southwest of Guide
Lyons County
Weeks vicinity, *Fort Churchill, U.S. 95A, 8
miles south of U.S. 50.

Pershing County
Lovelock vicinity, *Leonard Rockshelter, 12
miles south of Lovelock off Nevada 159.
Storey County
Virginia City, *Virginia City Historic
Washoe County
Reno, *Newlands (Senator Francis G.)
House, 7 Elm Court.
White Pine County
Hobson vicinity, *Fort Ruby, near Hobson
on a secondary road, west side of Ruby
Hillsboro County
Hillsboro vicinity, *Pierce (Franklin) Home-
stead, 3 miles west of Hillsboro on Ne
Hampshire 31.
Peterborough, *MacDowell Colony, west of
U.S. 202.
Merrimack County
Concord, Pierce (Franklin) House, 18 Mont-
gomery Street.
Rockingham County
Derry vicinity, *Frost (Robert) Homestead, 2
miles southeast of Derry on New Hamp-
shire 28.
Portsmouth, *Jackson (Richard) House,
Northwest Street.
Portsmouth, *Macpheadris-Warner House,
Chapel and Daniel Streets.
Portsmouth, *Moffatt-Ladd House, 154 Mar-
ket Street.
Portsmouth, Wentworth-Gardner House, 140
Mechanic Street.
Portsmouth vicinity, *Wentworth-Coolidge
Mansion, 2 miles south of Portsmouth, off
U.S. IA.
Sullivan County
Plainfield vicinity, Saint-Gaudens National
Historic Site, south of Plainfield off New
Hampshire 12A.
Atlantic County
Somers Point, Somers Mansion, Shore Road
and Somers Point Circle.
Bergen County
Hohokus, *The Hermitage, 335 North Frank-
lin Turnpike.
*Palisades Interstate Park, west bank of
Hudson River (also in Orange and Rock-
land counties, N.Y.).
River Edge, Steuben House (Ackerman-
Zabriskie-Steuben House), New Bridge
Camden County
Camden, *Whitman (Walt) House, 330 Mickle
Haddonfield, Indian King Tavern, 233 Kings
Highway East.
Essex County
Newark, Sydenham House, Old Road to
West Orange, Edison National Historic Site,
Main Street between Alden .and Lakeside
Hudson County
Jersey City, Hudson County Courthouse,
Newark Avenue.
Statue of Liberty National Monument (see
New York County, N.Y.).
Hunterdon County
Lambertville, Marshall, James W, House, 60
Bridge Street.




Mercer County
Princeton, *Cleveland (Grover) Home, West-
land, 15 Hodge Road.
Princeton, *Henry (Joseph) House, Prince-
ton University campus.
Princeton, *Nassau Hall, Princeton Uni-
versity, Princeton University campus.
Princeton, *Princeton Battlefield, Princeton
Battlefield State Park.
Trenton, Douglass House, John Fitch Way.
Trenton, *Trent (William) House, 539 South
Warren Street.
Washington Crossing vicinity, *Washington
Crossing State Park (see Bucks County,
Monmouth County
Freehold vicinity, *Monmouth Battlefield,
northwest of Freehold on New Jersey 522.
Sandy Hook, *Sandy Hook Light.
Highlands, Twin Lights (Navesink Light-
house), south of New Jersey 36 on a prom-
ontory between the Navesink River and
Sandy Hook Bay.
Morris County
Morristown, Morristown National Historical
Morristown, *Nast (Thomas) Home, Villa
Fontana, MacCulloch Avenue and Miller
Morristown, Speedwell Village, 333 Speedwell
Ocean County
Lakehurst vicinity, *Hangar No. 1, Lakehurst
Naval Air Station, north of Lakehurst on
County Route 547.
Passaic County
Hewitt vicinity, *Ringwood Manor, 3 miles
east of Hewitt, Ringwood Manor State
Paterson, Great Falls of Paterson and Society
for Useful Manufactures Historic District,
bounded on the north by West Broadway
and Ryle Avenue; on the south by Grand
Street; on the east by Morris, Barbour,
Spruce, Market, Mill, Van Houten, Curtis,
and River Streets; and on the west by the
west bank of the Passaic River, crossing
at Wayne and McBride Avenues, then
south to Grand Street.
Wayne, Dey Mansion, 199 Totowa Road.
Salem County
Hancocks Bridge, Hancock House.
Somerset Cbunty
Kingston vicinity, Rockingham, north of
Kingston on Old Rocky Hill Road.
Land in Somerset County has been added to
Morristown National Historical Park.
Somerville, Wallace House, 38 Washington
Sussex County
Newton, Merriam, Henry W., House, 131 Main
Union County
Elizabeth, Boxwood Hall (Boudinot Man-
sion), 1073 East Jersey Street.
Union, First Presbyterian Congregation of
Connecticut Farms, Stuyvesant Avenue at
Bernalillo County
Albuquerque, San Felipe de Neri Church,
Old Town Plaza.
Catron County
Silver City vicinity, Gila Cliff Dwellings Na-
tional Monument, 47 miles north of Silver
City on New Mexico 26 and 527.
Colfax County
Abbott vicinity, Dorsey Mansion, c. 12 miles
.northeast of Abbott via U.S. 56 and an
unpaved country road.

Raton vicinity, *Raton Pass, U.S. 85 and 87
(also in Las Animas County, Colo.).
Springer, Mills House, 509 First Street.
Dona Ana County
Las Cruces vicinity, Fort Selden, 18 miles
north of Las Cruces via Interstate 25 at
Radium Springs Interchange.
Las Cruces vicinity, *Mesilla Plaza, 2 miles
south of Las Cruces on New Mexico 28.
Eddy County
Carlsbad vicinity, *Carlsbad Reclamation
Project, north of Carlsbad.
Grant County
Cliff vicinity, Woodrow Ruin, c. 5 miles
northeast of Cliff off New Mexico 293.
Lincoln County
Lincoln, *Lincoln Historic District, U.S. 380.
White Oaks, White Oaks Historic District,
bounded on the west by the line separating
sees. 25 and 26 and 35 and 36 of T. 6 S., R.
11 E.; on the south by a line running
8,977.86 feet west which intersects the
southernmost boundary of Cedarvale Cem-
etery; thence north 8,844.28 feet; thence
west 8,977.86 feet; thence south 8,844.28
feet to the beginning point.
Los Alamos County
Los Alamos, *Los Alamos Scientific Labora-
tory, Central Avenue-
McKinley County
Manuelito vicinity, *Manuelito Complex, 6
miles south of Manuelito on secondary
Thoreau vicinity, Chaco Canyon National
Monument, 64 miles north of Thoreau on
New Mexico 56.
Mora County
Wagon Mound vicinity, *Wagon Mound, east
of Wagon Mound on U.S. 85.
Watrous, *Watrous (La Junta), U.S. 85.
Watrous vicinity, Fort Union National Monu-
ment, 9 miles north of Watrous on New
Mexico 477.
Rio Arriba County
Blanco vicinity, Franeds Canyon Ruin,
SE/4SE/4 sec. 31, T. 30 N., R. 6 W.
Cafiones vicinity, Tsiping, 1.8 miles south of
Cafiones on Pueblo Mesa.
Espafiola vicinity, *Puyd Ruins, 14 miles west
of Espafiola on New Mexico 30 and 5, Santa
Clara Indian Reservation.
San Juan Pueblo vicinity, *San Gabriel de
Yungue-ouinge, 1 mile west of San Juan
Pueblo on New Mexico 74 and secondary
Roosevelt County
Clovis vicinity, *Anderson Basin (Blackwater
Draw), 12 miles south and 6 miles east of
Clovis via U.S. 70 and secondary roads.
San Juan County
Aztec vicinity, Aztec Ruins National Monu-
ment, 1 mile north of Aztec on secondary
Farmington vicinity, Salmon Ruin, 9 miles
east of Farmington off New Mexico 17.
La Plata vicinity, *Holmes Site, east of La
Plata on the La Plata River.
San Miguel County
Bell Ranch vicinity, Bell Ranch Headquar-
ters, north and east of the Conchas
Pecos vicinity, Pecos National Monument,
south of Pecos on New Mexico 63.
Santa Fe vicinity, *Glorieta Pass Battlefield,
20 miles southeast of Santa Fe on U.S. 84-
85 and New Mexico 50 (also in Santa Fe


Sandoval County
Jemez Springs vicinity, San Juan Mesa Ruin,
SE/4SW/4 sec. 28, T. 18 N., R. 3 E., south-
east of Jemez Springs.
Los Alamos vicinity, Bandelier National
Monument, 12 miles south of Los Alamos
on New Mexico 4.
Bernalillo vicinity, *Sandia Cave, 11 miles
east of Bernalillo on New Mexico 44, Cibola
National Forest.
Casa Salazar vicinity, *Big Bead Mesa, west
of Casa Salazar on secondary roads, Cibola
National Forest.
Santa Fe County
Santa Fe, *Barrio de Analco Historic Dis-
trict, bounded on the south by properties
fronting on E. De Vargas Street, on the
west by properties fronting on College
Street, on the east by property lines of St.
Michael's Dormitory and the San Miguel
Chapel, and on the north by the San
Miguel Chapel, E. De Vargas Street, the
State Parks Building property, and the
Santa Fe River.
Santa Fe, Davey, Randall, House, Upper Can-
yon Road.
Santa Fe, National Park Service Southwest
Regional Office, Old Santa Fe Trail.
Santa Fe, *Palace of the Governors, The
Santa Fe, Reredos of Our Lady of Light, Cristo
Rey Church, Canyon Road and Cristo Rey
Santa Fe, *Santa Fe Plaza.
Santa Fe vicinity, *Glorieta Pass Battlefield
(see San Miguel County).
Santa Fe vicinity, *San Lazaro, 25 miles
south of Santa Fe via New Mexico 10 and
secondary road.
Santa Fe vicinity, *Seton Village, 6 miles
south of Santa Fe off U.S. 84-85 and sec-
ondary road.
Truchas vicinity, "El Santuario de Chimay6,
south of Truchas in Chlmayo.
Socorro County
Bingham vicinity, Trinity Site, 25 miles
south of U.S. 380 on White Sands Missile
Gran Quivira vicinity, Gran Quivira Na-
tional Monument, 1 mile east of Gran
Quivira on New Mexico 10 (also in Tor-
rance County).
Magdalena vicinity, Gallinas Springs Ruin,
SESE4 sec. 27, T. 1 S., B. 6 W.
Socorro vicinity, Fort Craig, 37 miles south
of Socorro.
Taos County
Las Trampas, *San Jose de Gracia Church.
Las Trampas, *Las Trampas Historic District.
Ranchos de Taos, *San Francisco de Assisi
Mission Church, on the Plaza.
Taos, *Blumenschein (Ernest L.) House,
Ledoux Street.
Taos, *Carson (Kit) House, Kit Carson Ave-
Taos vicinity, *Taos Pueblo, 3 miles north of
Torrance County
Gran Quivira National Monument (see
Socorro County).
Ab6 vicinity, *Ab6, 3 miles west of Ab6 on
U.S. 60 and secondary road in Ab6 State
Punta de Agua vicinity, *Quarai, 1 mile
south of Punta de Agua on secondary road
in Quaral State Monument.
Union County
Clayton vicinity, *Rabbit Ears (Clayton
Complex), north and west of Clayton.
Folsom vicinity, *Folsom Site, 8 miles west of
Folsom on banks of Dead Horse Gulch.
Seneca vicinity, McNees Crossing Site, on the
North Canadian River northeast of




Valencia County
Acoma, '*San Estevan de Rey Mission Church,
on New Mexico 23.
Casa Blanca vicinity, *'Acoma, 13 miles south
of Casa Blanca on New Mexico 23.
El Morro vicinity, El Morro National Monu-
ment, 2 miles west of El Morro on New
Mexico 53.
Zuni vicinity, *Hawikuh, 12 miles southwest
of Zuni, Zuni Indian Reservation.
Albany County
Albany, *Schuyler (Philip) Mansion, Clinton
and Schuyler Streets.
Watervliet, *Watervliet Arsenal, South
Bronx County
The Bronx, *New York Botanical Gardens,
Southern and Bedford Park Boulevards.
The Bronx, *Van Cortlandt (Frederick)
House, Van Cortlandt Park at 242nd Street.
Cayuga County
Auburn, Flatiron Building, 1-3 Genessee
Auburn *Seward (William H.) House, 33
South Street.
Poplar Ridge, *Wood (Jethro) House, New
York 34B.
Chautauqua County
Chautauqua, *Miller (Lewis) Cottage,
Chautauqua Institution, New York 17J.
Clinton County
*Adirondack Forest Preserve, northeastern
New York State (also in Essex, Franklin,
Fulton, Hamilton, Herkimer, St. Law-
rence, and Warren counties).
Plattsburgh vicinity, *Plattsburgh Bay, Cum-
berland Bay, east of Plattsburgh.
Plattsburgh vicinity, *Valcour Bay, 7 miles
south of Plattsburgh on the west shore
of Lake Champlain.
Columbia County
Church Hill, *Church (Frederic E.) House,
Olana, Church Hill, east end of Rip Van
Winkle Bridge.
Hudson, Front Street-Parade Hill-Lower
Warren Street Historic District, Warren
Street between Second Street and Parade
Hill, both sides of North Front and South
Front Streets between Diamond and Allen
(Ferry) Streets both sides of Prison Alley
between North Front Street and the bluff,
the north side of Fleet Street, and Parade
Hill, and Franklin Square.
Kinderhook vicinity, *Van Alen (Luycas)
House, U.S. 9H, 2.1 miles south of U.S. 9.
Kinderhook vicinity, *Van Buren (Martin)
House, Lindenwald, east of Kinderhook
on New York 9H.
New Lebanon, *Mount Lebanon Shaker
Society, U.S. 20.
Delaware County
Roxbury vicinity, *Burroughs (John) Home,
Woodchuck Lodge, 2 miles from Roxbury.
Dutchess County
Hyde Park, Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt
National Historic Site, 2 miles south of
Hyde Park on U.S. 9.
Hyde Park, Vanderbilt Mansion National
Historic Site, north edge of Hyde Park,
U.S. 9.
Poughkeepsie, *Morse (Samuel F. B.) House,
Locust Grove, 370 South Street.
Poughkeepsie, *Vassar (Matthew) House,
Springside, Academy and Livingston
Erie County
Buffalo, Wilcox (Ansley) House National His-
toric Site, Delaware Avenue.

Essex County
*Adirondack Forest Preserve (see Clinton
Crown Point, *Fort St. Frederic, junction of
New York 8 and U.S. 9N.
Crown Point vicinity, Fort Crown Point,
Crown Point Reservation, west of the south
end of Lake Champlain Bridge and New
York 8.
Port Kent, *Watson (Elkanah) House, 3 miles
east of U.S. 9.
Ticonderoga vicinity, *Fort Ticonderoga, 2.5
miles south of Ticonderoga on New York
Franklin County
*Adirondack Forest Preserve (see Clinton
Fulton County
*Adirondack Forest Preserve (see Clinton
Johnstown, *Johnson Hall, Hall Street.
Genesee County
Batavia, *Holland Land Office, West Main
Greene County
Catskill, *Cole (Thomas) House, 218 Spring
Coxsackiae vicinity, *Bronck (Pieter) House,
2 miles northwest of Coxsackie on the
west side of U.S. 9W.
Hamilton County
*Adirondack Forest Preserve (see Clinton
Herkimer County
*Adirondack Forest Preserve (see Clinton
Little Falls, Herkimer County. Trust Co.
Building, corner of Ann and Albany
Kings County
Brooklyn, *Brooklyn Bridge (also in New
York County), across the East River, con-
necting Brooklyn and Manhattan.
Brooklyn, *Brooklyn Heights Historic Dis-
trict, bounded by Atlantic Avenue, Court
Street, Fulton Street, and the East River.
Brooklyn, *Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims,
75 Hicks Street.
Brooklyn, *Wyckoff (Pieter) House, 5902
Canarsie Lane.
Lewis County
Lowville, *Hough (Franklin B.) House, Col-
llns Street.
Madison County
Oneida, *Oneida Community Mansion House,
Sherrill Road.
Monroe County
Rochester, *Anthony (Susan B.) House, 17
Madison Street.
Rochester, *Eastman (George) House, 900
East Avenue.
Montgomery County
Amsterdam vicinity, *Erie Canal, 6 miles west
of Amsterdam on New York 53.
Nassau County .,
Oyster Bay, Long Island, Sagamore Hill Na-
tional Historic Site, end of Cove Neck Road.
Port Washington, *Sousa (John Philip)
House, Wildbank, 14 Hicks Lane, Sands
New York County
New York, *Arthur (Chester A.) House, 123
Lexington Avenue.
New York, *Brooklyn Bridge, Boroughs of
Manhattan and Brooklyn across the East
New York, *Carnegie Hall, Seventh Avenue,
56th to 57th Streets.

New York, *Carnegie (Andrew) Mansion, 2
East 91st Street.
New York, Castle Clinton National Monu-
ment, South Ferry.
New York, *Central Park, bounded by Central
Park South, Fifth Avenue, Central Park
West, and 110th Street.
New York, Central Synagogue (Congregation
Ahawath Chesed-Shaar Hashomayim),
646-652 Lexington Avenue.
New York, *City Hall, Broadway and Cham-
bers Street.
New York, *Cooper Union, Cooper Square,
Seventh Street and Fourth Avenue.
New York, 'Pupin Physics Laboratories,
Columbia University, Broadway and 120th
New York, *Dyckman (William) House, 4881
New York, Federal Hall National Memorial,
Wall and Nassau Streets.
New York, General Grant National Memorial,
Riverside Drive and West 122nd Street.
New York, Hamilton Grange National
Memorial, 287 Convent Avenue.
New York, *Morgan (Pierpont) Library, 33
East 36th Street.
New York, *Morris-Jumel Mansion, 160th
Street and Edgecombe Avenue.
New York, *New York Public Library, Fifth
Avenue and 42nd Street.
New York, New York Shakespeare Festival
Public Theater (Astor Library), 425 La-
fayette Street.
New York, *The Players, 16 Gramercy Park.
New York, Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace
National Historic Site, 28 East 20th Street.
New York, *St. Paul's Chapel, Broadway be-
tween Fulton and Vesey Streets.
New York, Statue of Liberty National Monu-
ment, Liberty Island, New York harbor
(also in Hudson County, N.J.).
New York, *Tredwell (Seabury) House, Old
Merchant's House, 29 East Fourth Street.
New York, *Woolworth Building, 233 Broad-
Niagara County
Niagara Falls, *Niagara Reservation.
Youngstown vicinity, *Old Fort Niagara,
north of Youngstown on New York 18.
Oneida County
Rome, Fort Stanwix National Monument,
bounded by Dominick, Spring, Liberty, and
James Streets.
Rome vicinity, *Oriskany Battlefield, 5 miles
east of Rome on New York 69.
Ontario County
Victor vicinity, *Boughton Hill, 1.25 miles
south of Victor.
Orange County
*Delaware and Hudson Canal (also in Sulli-
van and Ulster counties and Pike and
Wayne counties, Pa.).
*Palisades Interstate Park (see Bergen
County, N.J.).
Goshen, *Historic Track, Main Street.
Harriman, *Harriman (E. H.) Estate, Arden,
New York 17.
Newburgh, Dutch Reformed Church, north-
east corner of Grand and Third Streets.
Newburgh, *Washington's Headquarters,
Liberty and Washington Streets.
West Point, *U.S. Military Academy, New
York 218.
Queens County
Flushing, *Old Quaker Meetinghouse, south
side of Northern Boulevard.
Richmond Hill, *Riis (Jacob) House, 84-41
120th Street.
Rensselaer County
Rensselaer, *Fort Crailo, south of Columbia
Street on Riverside Street.
Troy, Cannon Building, 1 Broadway.


Troy, Fifth Avenue-Fulton Street Historic
District, two blocks of Fifth Avenue, on
the eastern edge of the downtown Troy
business district, bounded on the north by
Grand Street, on the south by Broadway,
on the east (between Grand and Fulton
Streets) by Sixth Avenue and (between
Fulton Street and Broadway) by Union
Street, and on the west by Williams Street.
Troy, Ilium Building, northeast corner of
Fulton and Fourth Streets.
Troy, McCarthy Building, 255-257 River
Troy, W. & L. E. Gurley Co., 514 Fulton
Walloomsac vicinity, *Bennington Battlefield,
New York 67, on Vermont line.
Richmond County
Rosebank, Austen, Elizabeth Alice, House, 2
Hyland Boulevard.
Staten Island, The Voorlezer's House, Arthur
Kill Road, opposite Center Street.
Tottenville, Staten Island, *Conference
House, Hylan Boulevard.
Rockland County
*Palisades Interstate Park (see Bergen
County, N.J.).
Stony Point vicinity, *Stony Point Battle-
field, north of Stony Point on U.S. 9W and
U.S- 202.
Tappan, *De Wint House, Livingston Avenue
and Oak Tree Road.
St. Lawrence County
*Adirondack Forest Preserve (see Clinton
Saratoga County
Albany vicinity, Saratoga National Historical
Park, 30 miles north of Albany on U.S. 4
and New York 32.
Schenectady County
Delanson vicinity, Christman Bird and Wild-
life Sanctuary, southeast of Delanson on
Schoharie Turnpike.
Schoharie County
North of Blenheim, *Old Blenheim Bridge,
New York 30.
Schuyler County
Tyrone vicinity, *Lamoka, 2 miles west of
Tyrone at northern edge of Lamoka Lake.
Seneca County
Seneca Falls, *Stanton (Elizabeth Cady)
House, 32 Washington Street.
Suffolk County
Outchogue, *The Old House, New York 25.
East Hampton, Long Island, *Moran
(Thomas) House, Main Street.
Montauk vicinity, Montauk Point Light-
Stony Brook, *Mount (William Sydney)
House, Gould Road and New York 25.
Sullivan County
*Delaware and Hudson Canal (see Orange
Tompkins County
Ithaca, *Morrill Hall, Cornell University,
Cornell University campus.
Ulster County
*Delaware and Hudson Canal (see Orange
Esopus, *Burroughs (John) Cabin, Slabsides,
west of West Park.
Esopus, *Burroughs (John) Riverby Study,
West Park.
Hurley, *Hurley Historic District, Hurley
Street, Hurley Mountain Road, and
Schoonmaker Lane.


Kingston, Clinton Avenue Historic District,
includes all of Clinton Avenue between
Westbrook Lane and North Front Street,
North Front Street between Clinton Ave-
nue and Fair Street, and the east side of
Fair Street between North Front and John
New Paltz, *Hasbrouck (Jean) House, Hugue-
not Street, opposite its junction with
North Street.
New Paltz, *Huguenot Street Historic Dis-
trict, Huguenot Street.
Warren County
*Adirondack Forest Preserve (see Clinton
Westchester County
Croton-on-Hudson, *Van Cortlandt Manor,
U.S. 9, north of intersection with U.S. 9A.
Mount Vernon; St. Paul's Church National
Historic Site; Eastchester, Mount Vernon.
North Tarrytown, *Dutch Reformed (Sleepy
Hollow) Church, north edge of Tarrytown
on U.S. 9.
Tarrytown, *Gould (Jay) Estate, Lyndhurst,
635 South Broadway.
Tarrytown vicinity, *Irving (Washington)
House, Sunnyside, Sunnyside Lane.
Upper Mills, *Philipsburg Manor, 381 Bell-
wood Avenue.
Yonkers, *Philipse Manor, Warburton Avenue
and Dock Street.
Alamance County
Alamance vicinity, Alamance Battleground
State Historic Site, 4 miles south of
Alamance on N.C. 62.
Alamance vicinity, Allen (John) House,
Alamance Battleground State Historic
Beaufort County
Bath, Bath Historic District, bounded on the
west by Bath Creek, on the north by N.C.
92, on the east by King Street, and on the
south by Bath Creek.
Bath, Bonner House, Main and Front Streets.
Bath, *Palmer-Marsh House, 104 Main Street.
Bath, St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Craven
Bertie County
Windsor vicinity, Hope Plantation, 4 miles
northwest of Windsor off North Carolina
Brunswick ,County
Southport vicinity, Brunswick Historic Dis-
trict, bounded on the east by the Cape
Fear River, on the south by County Route
1533, on the west by County Route 1529,
and on the north by Orton Plantation.
Buncombe County
Asheville, *Biltmore Estate, Biltmore Plaza.
Burke County
Morganton, Burke County Courthouse,
Courthouse Square, bounded on the north-
west by Union Street, on the northeast by
Sterling Street, on the southeast by Meet-
ing Street, and on the southwest by Green
Cabarrus County
Concord vicinity, *Reed Gold Mine, 11 miles
southeast of Concord on North Carolina
601 and 200.

Caldwell County
Lenoir vicinity, Fort Defiance, north of
Lenoir on North Carolina 268.
Carteret County
Atlantic Beach vicinity, Fort Macon, on
Bogue Point, on Fort Macon Road 4 miles
east of Atlantic Beach.


Catawba County
Claremont vicinity, Bunker Hill Covered
Bridge, 2 miles east of Claremont off U.S.
Chowan County
Edenton, *Chowan County Courthouse, East
King Street.
Edenton, *Cupola House, 408 South Broad
Edenton, Iredell (James) House, 107 East
Church Street.
Craven County
New Bern, Stanly (John Wright) House, 307
George Street.
New Bern, Stevenson House, 611 Pollock
Cumberland County
Fayettevllle, Market House, Market Square.
Dare County
Kitty Hawk, Wright Brothers National
Manteo vicinity, Roanoke Island, Fort Ra-
leigh National Historic Site, 4 miles north
of Manteo on U.S. 158.
Durham County
Durham vicinity, Bennett Place State His-
toric Site, intersection of Neal and Old
Hillsborough roads.
Durham vicinity, *Duke Homestead and To-
bacco Factory, 0.5 mile north of Durham
on Guess Road and east on County Route
Edgecombe County
Tarboro, Tarboro Town Common, bounded
by Wilson Street, Albermarle Avenue, Park
Avenue, and St. Patrick Street.
Forsyth County
Winston-Salem, *Old Salem Historic District,
Salem College campus and area near Salem
Winston-Salem, *Salem Tavern, 800 South
Main Street.
Winston-Salem, *Single Brother's House,
southwest corner of South Main and
Academy Streets.
Guilford County
Greensboro. Blandwood, 411 West Washing-
ton Street.
Greensboro vicinity, Guilford Courthouse
National Military Park, 6 miles northwest
of Greensboro near U.S. 220.
Halifax County
Halifax, Halifax Historic District, bounded
on the southwest by St. David Street, on
the northwest by the Owens House drain-
age ditch, on the northeast by the Roanoke
River, and on the southeast by the Maga-
zine Spring Gut.

Henderson County
Flat Rock vicinity, *Carl Sandburg Home Na-
tional Historic Site, 0.25 mile west of Flat
Hertford County
Murfreesboro, Rea, William, Store, East Wil-
liams Street.
Iredell County
Statesville vicinity, Fort Dobbs, Fort Dobbs
Johnslon County
Newton Grove vicinity, Bentonville Battle-
ground State Historic Site, 2 miles north
of Newton Grove on County Route 1008.
Newton Grove vicinity, Harper House, Ben-
tonville Battleground State Historic Site.




McDowell County
Pleasant Gardens, Carson House, east of
Pleasant Gardens on U.S. 70.
Mecklenburg County
Charlotte, Alexander (Hezekiah) House, 3420
Shamrock Drive.
Montgomery County
Mount Gilead vicinity, Town Creek Indian
Mound, 4.5 miles southeast of Mount
Gilead on North Carolina 73.
Moore County
Carthage vicinity, Alston House, 8 miles
northeast of Carthage on County Route
Nash County
Rocky Mount vicinity, Stonewall, Falls Road
New Hanover County
Wilmington, City Hall-Thalian Hall, 100
North Third Street.
Wilmington vicinity, *Fort Fisher, 18 miles
south of Wilmington on U.S. 421.
Orange County
Chapel Hill, *Old East, University of North
Carolina, University of North Carolina
Hillsborough, Burwell School, North Chur-
ton Street.
Pender County
Wilmington vicinity, Moores Creek National
Military Park, 25 miles northwest of Wil-
mington on North Carolina 210.
Polk County
Tryon vicinity, Block House Site, 0.5 mile
east of U.S. 176 on the boundary between
North and South Carolina.
Rockingham County
Wentworth, Wright Tavern, North Carolina
Rowan County
Salisbury, Community Building, Rowan
County Courthouse, 200 North Main
Wake County
Raleigh, Christ Episcopal Church, 120 East
Edenton Street.
Raleigh, Executive Mansion, 210 North Blount
Raleigh, Haywood Hall, 211 New Bern
Raleigh, Haywood, Richard B., House, 127
East Edenton Street.
Raleigh, Lane, Joel, House, 728 West Hargett
Raleigh, Mordecai House, Mimosa Street.
Raleigh, St. Mary's Chapel, 900 Hillsborough
Raleigh, State Bank of North Carolina (Christ
Church Rectory), 11 New Bern Avenue.
Raleigh, State Capitol Building, Capitol
Square, bounded by Wilmington, Edenton,
Salisbury, and Morgan Streets.
Raleigh vicinity, Yates Mill, on Lake Trajan
at the intersection of Lake Wheeler and
Tryon Roads.
Raleigh vicinity, Midway Plantation, 8 miles
east of Raleigh on U.S. 64.
Warren County
Vaughan vicinity, Buck Spring Plantation
(Nathaniel Macon House), north of
Vaughan on County Route 1348.
Washington County
Creswell vicinity, Somerset Place State His.
toric Site, 9 miles south of Oreswell on Lake

Wayne County
Premont vicinity, Aycock (Charles B.) Birth-
place, 1 Dnile south of Fremont off U.S. 117.
Yadkin County
Richmond Hill vicinity, Richmond Hill Law
School, north of Richmond Hill on County
Route 1530.
Billings County
Medora, Theodore Roosevelt National Memo-
rial Park (also in McKenzie County).
Burleigh County
Menoken vicinity, *Menoken Indian Village-
Site, 1.25 miles north of Menoken, Veren-
drye State Park.
McKenzie County
Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial Park
(see Billings County).
Mercer County
Stanton vicinity, *Big Hidatsa Village Site,
north bank of Knife River, 1 mile north of
Williams County
Buford vicinity, Fort Union Trading Post
National Historic Site, west of Buford (also
in Roosevelt County, Mont.).
Adams County
Locust Grove vicinity, *Serpent Mound, 5
miles northwest of Locust Grove on Ohio
Allen County
Spencerville vicinity, *Miami and Erie Canal,
Deep Cut, 2 miles south of Spencerville on
Ohio 66.
Athens County
Athens, *Manasseh Cutler Hall, Ohio Univer-
sity, Ohio University campus.
Auglaize County
Wapakoneta vicinity, Fort Amanda Site, 9
miles northwest of Wapakoneta on Ohio
Brown County
Ripley, Rankin, John, House.
Butler County
Oxford, *McGuffey (William H.) House, 401
East Spring Street.
Carroll County
Carrollton, McCook, Daniel, House, Public
Carrollton vicinity, Petersburg Mill, 4.3 miles
south of Carrollton on Ohio 322.
Columbiana County
East Liverpool, *The Beginning Point of the
U.S. Public Land Survey, on the Ohio-
Pennsylvania boundary (also in Beaver
County, Pa.).
Cuyahoga County
Valley View Village, *Ohio and Erie Canal,
Ohio 631.
Darke County
Fort Jefferson, Fort Jefferson Site, Ohio 121.
Erie County
Milan, *Edison (Thomas Alva) Birthplace.
Fairfield County
Lancaster, *Sherman (John) Birthplace, 137
East Main Street.
Tarlton vicinity, Tarlton Cross Mound, 1 mile
north of Tarlton off Ohio 159.

.Franklin County
Columbus, Campbell Mound, McKinley Ave-
nue, 0.5 mile south of Trabue Road.
Columbus, Fort Hayes, Cleveland Avenue and
Interstate 71.
Columbus, University, Hayes, and Orton
Halls, The Ohio State University, The Oval.
Westerville, Hanby House, 160 West Main
Gallia County
Gallipolis, Our House, 434 First Avenue.
Guernsey County
Old Washington vicinity, S Bridge, National
Road, 5 miles west of Old Washington on
U.S. 40.
Hamilton County
Cincinnati, Cincinnati Music Hall, 1243 Elm
Cincinnati, Delta Queen (steamboat), Public
Cincinnati, Langdon House, 3626 Eastern
Cincinnati, *Pendleton (George Hunt)
House, 559 East Liberty Street.
Cincinnati, Pittman (Benn) House, 1852
Columbia Parkway.
Cincinnati, Stowe House, 2950 Gilbert
Cincinnati, *Taft (William Howard) Home,
2038 Auburn Avenue.
Cincinnati, Wesley Chapel Methodist Church,
320 East Fifth Street.
Montgomery, Universalist Church Historic
District, Montgomery Road from 9433
north to Remington Avenue.
Mount Nebo, William Henry Harrison Tomb,
Ohio 128.
Highland County
Hillsboro vicinity. Fort Hill, 18 miles south-
east of Hillsboro on Ohio 41.
Jackson County
Coalton vicinity; Leo Petroglyph, 4 miles
northwest of Coalton off U.S. 35.
Jackson vicinity, Buckeye Furnace, 10 miles
east of Jackson on Township Road 167,
Milton Township.
Jefferson County
Mount Pleasant, Friends Meetinghouse, near
Ohio 150.
Lake County
Kirtland, Kirtland Temple, 9020 Chillicothe
Mentor, *Garfield (James A.) Home, Lawn-
field, 1059 Mentor Avenue.
Licking County
Hopewell Township, Flint Ridge, 2 miles
north of Ohio 40 on County Route 668.
Newark, *Newark Earthworks, Mound Build-
ers State Memorial.
Lorain County
Oberlin, *Oberlin College, Tappan Square.
Lucas County
Maumee, Hull-Wolcott House, 1031 River
Maumee vicinity, *Fallen Timbers Battle-
field, 2 miles west of Maumee on U.S. 24.
Waterville, Columbian House, River and
Farnsworth Roads.
Mahoning. County
Coitsville Township, *McGuffey (William H.)
Boyhood Home Site, McGuffey Road, near
Ohio 616.
Marion County
Marion, *Harding (Warren G.) Home, 380
Mount Vernon Avenue.



Meigs County
Pomeroy vicinity, Buffington Island, 20 miles
east of Pomeroy on Ohio 124, Lebanon
Medina County
Medina, Medina County Courthouse, Liberty
Street and Broadway, Public Square.
Mercer County
Fort Recovery Site, Fort Recovery on Ohio 49.
Miami County
Lockington and vicinity, Lockington Locks
Historical Area, T. 7 N., R. 6 E. of Washing-
ton Township (Shelby County); T. 6 N., R.
6 E. of Washington Township (Miami
Montgomery County
Dayton, Dunbar (Paul Lawrence) House, 219
North Summit Street.
Dayton, Old Courthouse, northwest corner of
Third and Main Streets.
Miamisburg vicinity, Miamisburg Mound, 1
mile southeast of Miamisburg on Ohio 725.
Morgan County
Stockport vicinity, Big Bottom, 1 mile south-
east of Stockport on Ohio 266.
Ottawa County
Gibraltar Islands, *Cooke (Jay) Home, Put-
in-Bay, Lake Erie.
Marblehead, Marblehead Lighthouse, Ohio
Put-in-Bay, South Bass Island, Perry's Vic-
tory and International Peace Memorial Na-
tional Monument.
Pike County
Piketon, Friendly Grove, Ohio 220 east of
Preble County
Eaton vicinity, Fort St. Clair Site, 1 mile
west of Eaton.
Richland County
Mansfield, Oak Hill Cottage, 310 Springmilll
Ross County
Bainbridge vicinity, Seip Mound, 3 miles
east of Bainbridge on U.S. 50.
Chillicothe vicinity, Mound City Group Na-
tional Monument, 4 miles north of Chilli-
cothe on Ohio 104.
Hopetown vicinity, *Hopeton Earthworks,
near Mound City Group National Monu-
ment on U.S. 23.
Scioto Township, Adena, Allen Avenue
Sandusky County
Fremont, Hayes (Rutherford B.) Home, Spie-
gel Grove, Hayes and Buckland Avenues.
Shelby County
Lockington Locks Historical Area (see Miami
Stark County
Canton, William McKinley Tomb, Seventh
Street NW.
Summit County
Akron, Fort Island Works, approximately 600
feet west of the west end of Fort Island
Tuscarawas County
Bolivar vicinity, Fort Laurens Site, 0.5 mile
south of Bolivar near Ohio 212.
Gnadenhutten vicinity, Gnadenhutten Mas-
sacre Site, 1 mile south of Gnadenhutten.
New Philadelphia, Schoenbrunn Site, U.S.
Zoar, Zoar Historic District, bounded by
Fifth Street on the north, Foltz Street on

the east, First Street on the south, and by
the rear property lines of those properties
fronting on West Street on the west.
Warren County
Lebanon, Glendower, U.S. 42.
Lebanon vicinity, *Fort Ancient, 7 miles
southeast of Lebanon on Ohio 350, Fort
Ancient State Memorial.
Washington County
Marietta, Ohio Company Land Office, Campus
Martius Museum, corner of Second and
Washington Streets.
Marietta, Putnam, Rufus, House, Campus
Martius Museum, corner of Second and
Washington Streets.
Marietta, W. P. Snyder, Jr. (steamboat),
Sacra Via.
Wyandot County
Upper Sandusky vicinity, Indian Mill, 3.5
miles northeast of Upper Sandusky on
Crane Township Road.
Wood County
Perrysburg, Old Wood County. Jail, 240 West
Indiana Avenue.
Perrysburg vicinity. Fort Meigs, 1.3 miles
southwest of Perrysburg.
Alfalfa County
Cleo Springs vicinity, Sod House, about 4
miles north of Cleo Springs.
Blaine County
Canton vicinity, Cantonment, NW sec. 29,
T. 19 N., R. 13 W.
Bryan County
Nida vicinity, *Fort Washita, southwest of
Nida on Oklahoma 199.
Caddo County
Hinton vicinity, Rock Mary, c. 4 miles west
of Hinton.
Canadian County
El Reno vicinity, Fort Reno, 3 miles west and
2 miles north of El Reno.
Cherokee County
Park Hill, Murrell Home (Hunter's Home),
N1/2 sec. 22, T. 16 N., R. 22 E.
Tahlequah, *Cherokee National Capitol.
Choctaw County
Fort Towson vicinity, Fort Towson, 1 mile
northeast of Fort Towson.
Cimarron County
Wheeless vicinity, *Camp Nichols, 3 miles
northeast of Wheeless on Ranch Road.
Comanche County
Cache vicinity, Quanah Parker's Star House,
Eagle Park.
Lawton vicinity, *Fort Sill, north of Lawton.
Garvin County (also in Murray County)
Davis vicinity, Initial Point, about 7.5 miles
west of Davis on Garvin-Murray County
Erin Springs, Erin Springs Mansion (Frank
Murray Home), south of the Washita
Kay County
Newkirk vicinity, *Deer Creek Site, 6 miles
northeast of Newkirk.
Le Flore County
Spiro vicinity, Spiro Mound Group, NE sec.
29, W/ of NW'4 sec. 28, T. 10 N., R. 26 E.
McCurtain County
Mlllertown vicinity, *Wheelock Academy, east
of Millertown on U.S. 70.
McIntosh County (also in Muskogee County)

Rentiesville vicinity, Honey Springs Battle-
field, north of Rentiesville.
Murray County
Initial Point (see Garvin County).
Muskogee County
Fort Gibson, *Fort Gibson.
Honey Springs Battlefield (see McIntosh
Oklahoma County
Oklahoma City, Overholser House, 405 North-
west 15th Street.
Okmulgee County
Okmulgee, Creek National Capitol.
Pushmataha County
Tuskahoma vicinity, Tuskahoma, Choctaw
Council House, 2 miles north of Tuska-
Roger Mills County
Cheyenne vicinity, *Washita Battlefield,
northwest of Cheyenne on U.S. 283.
Rogers County
Oologah vicinity, Will Rogers Birthplace,
about 4 miles northeast of Oologah.
Sequoyah County
Akins vicinity, *Sequoyah's Cabin, Oklahoma
101, Sequoyah's Cabin State Park.
Texas County
Optima vicinity, *Stamper Site, 2.5 miles
south of Optima on the south bank of the
North Canadian River.
Washita County
Colony vicinity, *McLemore Site, 4 miles
southeast of Colony on Oklahoma 69.
Clackamas County
Oregon City, McLoughlin (Dr. John) House
National Historic Site, McLoughlin Park,
between Seventh and Eighth Streets.
Clatsop County
Astoria, *Elmore (Samuel) Cannery, on the
waterfront at the foot of Flaval Street.
Astoria, *Fort Astoria, 15th and Exchange
Astoria vicinity, Fort Clatsop National Me-
morial, 4.5 miles south of Astoria.
Jackson County
Jacksonville, *Jacksonville Historic District.
Klamath County
Worden, *Lower Klamath National Wildlife
Refuge (see Siskiyou County, Calif.).
Lake County
Fort Rock vicinity, *Fort Rock Cave, north-
west of Fort Rock on secondary roads.
Adams County
Gettysburg, Gettysburg National Military
Gettysburg vicinity, Eisenhower National
Historic Site, southwest edge of Gettysburg
National Military Park.
Allegheny County
Pittsburgh, *Forks of the Ohio, Point Park.
Beaver County
Ambridge, Old Economy, northwest of Pitts-
burgh on Pennsylvania 65.
Glasgow vicinity, *The Beginning Point of
the U.S. Public Land Survey (see Colum-
blana County, Ohio).





Berks County
Morgantown vicinity Hopewell Village Na-
tional Historic Site, 10 miles northeast of
Morgantown Interchange, Pennsylvania
Womelsdorf vicinity, *Weiser (Conrad)
House, 2 miles east of Womelsdorf, U.S.
Blair County
Altoona vicinity, *Horseshoe Curve, 5 miles
west of Altoona on Pennsylvania 193.
Johnstown vicinity, Allegheny Portage Rail-
road National Historic Site, U.S. 22 (also
in Cambria County).
Bucks County
Morrisville vicinity, Pennsbury Manor, on
Delaware River south of Bordentown Road.
New Hope vicinity, Honey Hollow Watershed,
21/2 miles south of the Delaware River on
Pennsylvania 263.
Philadelphia vicinity, *Biddle (Nicholas) Es-
tate, Andalusia, 1.4 miles north of Phila-
delphia on Pennsylvania 32.
Yardley vicinity, Washington Crossing State
Park, between Yardley and New Hope, on
the Delaware River (also in Mercer County,
Cambria County
Allegheny Portage Railroad National His-
toric Site (see Blair County).
Johnstown vicinity, Johnstown Flood Na-
tional Memorial, intersection of U.S. 219
and Pennsylvania 869.
Chester County
Norristown vicinity, *Valley Forge, Valley
Forge State Park (also in Montgomery
Cumberland County
Carlisle, *Carlisle Indian School, east edge of
Carlisle on U.S. 11.
Carlisle, *Old West, Dickinson College, Dick-
inson College campus.
Delaware County
Broomall, Massey, Thomas, House, Lawrence
Road, opposite Springhouse Road.
Chadd's Ford, *Brandywine Battlefield,
Brandywine Battlefield Park.
Dilworthtown vicinity, *Brinton (William)
House, 1704 House, Oakland Road, near
junction of U.S. 202 and County Route
Essington, *The Printzhof, Taylor Avenue
and Second Street.
Prospect Park, Morton Homestead, 100 Lin-
coln Avenue.
Swarthmore, *West (Benjamin) Birthplace,
Swarthmore College campus.
Fayette County
Point Marion vicinity, *Gallatin (Albert)
House, Friendship Hill, 3 miles north of
Point Marion on Pennsylvania 166.
Uniontown vicinity, Fort Necessity National
Battlefield, 11 miles east of Uniontown on
U.S. 40.
Uniontown vicinity, *Searights Tollhouse,
National Road, west of Uniontown near
U.S. 40.
Franklin County
Chambersburg, Brown (John) House, 225
East King Street.
Chambersburg, Franklin County Jail, north-
west corner of King and Second Streets.
Huntingdon County
Rockhill Furnace, *East Broad Top Railroad,
U.S. 522.
Lackawanna County
Scranton, *Powderly (Terence V.) Rouse,
614 North Main Street.

Lancaster County
Brickerville, *Stiegel-Coleman House, Penn-
sylvania 501 and U.S. 322.
Ephrata, 'Ephrata Cloister.
Lancaster, *Buchanan (James) House,
Wheatland, 1120 Marietta Avenue.
Lancaster, Fulton Opera House, 12-14 North
Prince Street.
Quarryville vicinity, *Fulton (Robert) Birth-
place, 8 miles south of Quarryville on U.S.
Lebanon County
Cornwall, *Cornwall Iron Furnace, 5 miles
south of Lebanon on U.S. 322.
Luzerne County
Forty Fort, Denison House, 35 Denison Street.
Montgomery County
Evansburg vicinity, Skippack Bridge, east of
Evansburg on Pennsylvania 422.
Horsham vicinity, *Graeme Park, Keith Val-
ley Road.
Trappe, *Augustus Lutheran Church,
Seventh Avenue East and Main Street.
*Valley Forge (see Chester County).
Northumberland County
Northumberland, *Priestley (Joseph) House,
Priestley Avenue.
Philadelphia County
Philadelphia, *Academy of Music, Broad and
Locust Streets.
Philadelphia, *American Philosophical So-
ciety Hall, Independence Square.
Philadelphia, *Bartram (John) House, 54th
Street and Eastwick Avenue.
Philadelphia, *Carpenters' Hall, 320 Chestnut
Philadelphia, *Chew House, Germantown
Avenue between Johnson and Cliveden
Philadelphia, *Christ Church, Second Street
between Market and Filbert Streets.
Philadelphia, *Coleman (William) House,
Woodford, East Fairmount Park.
Philadelphia, *Eakins (Thomas) House, 1729
Mount Vernon Place.
Philadelphia, *Eastern State Penitentiary,
21st Street and Fairmount Avenue.
Philadelphia, *Elfreth's Alley Historic Dis-
trict, between Second and Front Streets.
Philadelphia, *Fort Mifflin, Marina and Pen-
rose Ferry Roads.
Philadelphia, Fort Mifflin Hospital, Marina
and Penrose Ferry Roads.
Philadelphia, *Founder's Hall, Girard Col-
lege, Corinthian and Girard Avenues.
Philadelphia, *Germantown Historic Dis-
trict, Germantown Avenue, between Wind-
rim Avenue and Upsal Street.
Philadelphia, Gloria Dei (Old Swedes')
Church National Historic Site, Swanson
Street, between Christian and Water
Philadelphia, *Hamilton (William) House,
The Woodlands, 40th Street and Woodland
Avenue West.
Philadelphia, Independence National His-
torical Park, bounded by Walnut, Sixth,-
Chestnut, and Second Streets.
Philadelphia, *Institute of the Pennsylvania
Hospital, 111 North 49th Street.
Philadelphia, *Logan (James) Home, Sten-
ton, 18th and Courtland Streets.
Philadelphia, *MacPherson (John) House,
Mount Pleasant, Fairmount Park.
Philadelphia, 'New Market, South Second
Street between Pine and Lombard Streets.
Philadelphia, *U.S.S. Olympia, Pier 40, at the
foot of Chestnut Street.
Philadelphia, *Peale (Charles Willson) House,
Belfield, 2100 Clarkson Avenue.
Philadelphia, *The Pennsylvania Hospital,
Eighth and Spruce Streets.
Philadelphia, *Poe (Edgar Allan) House, 530
North Seventh Street.

Philadelphia, *Reynolds-Morris House, 225
South Eighth Street.
Philadelphia, St. Clement's Protestant Epis-
copal Church, southwest corner of 20th
and Cherry Streets.
Philadelphia, *Sully (Thomas) Residence,
530 Spruce Street.
Philadelphia, *Walnut Street Theatre, Ninth
and Walnut Streets.
Pike County
*Delaware and Hudson Canal (see Orange
County, N.Y.).
Milford, *Pinchot (Gifford) House, Grey
Towers, west edge of Milford.
Venango County
Titusville vicinity, *Drake Oil Well, 3 miles
southeast of Titusville on Pennsylvania 36,
Drake Well Memorial Park.
Wayne County
*Delaware and Hudson Canal (see Orange
County, N.Y.).
Westmoreland County
Harrison City vicinity, *Bushy Run Battle-
field, 2 miles east of Harrison City on
Pennsylvania 993.
York County
York, Billmeyer House, East Market Street.
San Juan
*La Fortalesa, San Juan Island, between
San Juan Bay and Calle Recinto Oeste.
San Juan National Historic Site.
Bristol County
Bristol, Bristol County Courthouse, High
Kent County
East Greenwich, Armory of the Kentish
Guards, Armory and Peirce Streets.
East Greenwich, Kent County Courthouse,
127 Main Street.
Newport County
Middletown, Whitehall, Berkeley Avenue.
Newport, *Brick Market, Thames Street and
Washington Square.
Newport, Chateau-sur-Mer, Bellevue, Leroy,
Lawrence, and Shepard Avenues.
Newport, Fort Adams State Park, Harrison
Newport, *Hunter House, 54 Washington
Newport, King, Edward, House, Aquidneck
Park, Spring Street.
Newport, Miantonomi Memorial- Park,
bounded on the south by Admiral Kalb-
fuss Road, on the west by Girard Avenue,
on the north by property of the Newport
Housing Authority, and on the east by
Hillside Avenue.
Newport, Newport Casino, 194 Bellevue
Newport, *Newport Historic District, near
but not including the waterfront area,
within the 18th-century town limits.
Newport, *Old Statehouse, Washington
Newport, *Redwood Library, 50 Bellevue
Newport, *Touro Synagogue National His-
toric Site, 85 Touro Street.
Newport, *Trinity Church, 141 Church
Newport, *U.S. Naval War College, Coaster's
Harbor Island.
Newport, *Vernon House, 46 Clarke Street.
Newport, *Wanton-Lyman-Hazard House, 17



Providence County
Glocester, Glocester Town Pound, Pound
Road and Chopmist Hill Road.
Lincoln, *Arnold (Eleazer) House, Great
Road (Rhode Island 123).
Lincoln, Arnold l,el, House, Great Road.
Lincoln, Blackstone Canal (Paul Ronci Me-
morial Park), from Front Street north to
Ashton Dam.
Pawtucket, *Old Slater Mill, Roosevelt
Providence, Brackett (Charles) House, 45
Prospect Street.
Providence, *Brown (John) House, 52 Power
Providence, College Hill Historic District,
bounded on the north by Olney Street, on
the south by Cohan Boulevard, on the
east by Hope Street, and on the west by
the Providence and Moshassuck rivers.
Providence, *First Baptist Meetinghouse,
North Main Street between Thomas and
Waterman Streets.
Providence, Hopkins (Governor Stephen)
House, 15 Hopkins Street.
Providence, Moshassuck Square (American
Screw Co. Factories), Stevens Street.
Providence, Roger Williams National Memo-
rial, Old Town.
Providence, Sixth District Courthouse, 150
Benefit Street.
Providence, State Arsenal, 176 Benefit Street.
Providence, Statehouse, 90 Smith Street.
Providence, *University Hall, Brown Univer-
sity, Brown University campus.
Washington County
Charlestown, Fort Ninegret, Fort Neck Road.
Charlestown, Indian Burial Ground, Narrow
Narragansett, The Towers, Ocean Road.
Saunderstown, *Stuart (Gilbert) Birthplace,
Gilbert Stuart Road.
Abbeville County
Abbeville, Abbeville Opera House, Court
Abbeville, Burt (Armistead) House, 306
North Main Street.
Anderson County
Pendleton, Pendleton Historic District, the
district is enclosed by a rectangle, the co-
ordinates of which are on the northwest
corner latitude 3440' N., longitude 82-
50'34.5" W.; on the northeast corner lati-
tude 3440' N., longitude 8245'54" W.; on
the southeast corner latitude 3438'15" N.,
longitude 82*45'54" W.; and on the south-
west latitude 34'38'15" N., longitude
8250'34.5" W.
Bamberg County
Ehrhardt vicinity, Rivers Bridge State Park,
8 miles southwest of Ehrhardt via U.S. 601
and South Carolina 641.
Beaufort County
Beaufort, Beaufort Historic District, bounded
on the north by Boundary Street, on the
west by Hamar and Bladen Streets, and on
the south and east by the Beaufort River.
Beaufort vicinity, Hunting Island State Park
Lighthouse, 17 miles south-southeast of
Beaufort via U.S. 21.
Gardens Corner vicinity, Sheldon Church
Ruins, northwest of Gardens Corner on
U.S. 21.
Hiltonhead vicinity, Skull Creek (Hilton
Head), north of Hiltonhead off Hickory
Bluff-Mount Calvary Church Road.
Laurel Bay vicinity, Chester Field Site, south
of Laurel Bay on Port Royal Island.
Berkeley County
Goose Creek, *St. James' Goose Creek.
Huger, *Pomption Hill Chapel, .5 mile south-

west of the intersection of S.C. 41 and 402.
Huger vicinity, *Middleburg Plantation, c. 2
miles southwest of Huger, on the East
Branch of the Cooper River.
Moncks Corner vicinity, *Broughton (Thom-
as) Plantation, Mulberry, off U.S. 52 on
the Cooper River.
Mount Holly vicinity, Medway, 2.1 miles east
of Mount Holly.
St. Stephens, *St. Stephen's Episcopal
Church, on South Carolina 45.
Charleston County
Awendaw vicinity, Sewee Mound (The Old
Fort), 2.8 miles south of Awendaw.
Charleston, *Aiken (William) House and As-
sociated Railroad Structures, 456 King
Charleston, Blake Tenements, 2-4 Court-
house Square.
Charleston, Branford-Horry House, 59 Meet-
ing Street.
Charleston, *Brewton (Miles) House, 27 King
Charleston, *Brewton (Robert) House, 71
Church Street.
Charleston, *Charleston Historic District (ex-
tended), the total area corresponds to the
Old and Historic District delineated in the
zoning ordinance of the city of Charleston,
ratified on August 16, 1966.
Charleston, The Exchange and Provost, East
Bay and Broad Streets.
Charleston, Fireproof Building, 100 Meeting
Charleston, Fort Sumter National Monument,
Charleston harbor.
Charleston, *Gibbes (William) House, 64
South Battery.
Charleston, *Heyward-Washington House, 87
Church Street.
Charleston, *Mills (Clark) Studio, 51 Broad
Charleston, Rose, Thomas, House, 57-59
Church Street.
Charleston, *St. Michael's Episcopal Church,
80 Meeting Street.
Charleston, Site of Old Charles Towne, Albe-
marle Point.
Charleston, South Carolina State Arsenal
(Old Citadel), 2 Tobacco Street (Marion
Charleston, Stuart, Colonel John, House,
104-106 Tradd Street.
Charleston, Sword Gates House, 32 Legare
Street, 111 Tradd Street.
Charleston harbor, Castle Pinckney, on
Shute's Folly Island.
Charleston vicinity, *Drayton (John) House,
Drayton Hall, 12 miles west of Charleston
off South Carolina 61.
Edisto Island, *Brick House Ruin.
Georgetown vicinity, *St. James' Church, 17
miles south of Georgetown, near the San-
tee River.
McClellanville vicinity, *Hampton Planta-
tion, 8 miles north of McClellanville.
Mount Pleasant vicinity, Auld Mound, north-
east of Mount Pleasant, 1.2 miles south-
east of U.S. 17.
Mount Pleasant vicinity, Buzzard's Island
Site, northeast of Mount Pleasant 1.3 miles
south of U.S. 17.
Rockville vicinity, Fig Island Site, 2 miles
southwest of Rockville on Edisto Island on
the north bank of Ocella Creek.
Rockville vicinity, Hanckel Mound, 2 miles
northwest of Rockville on Wadmalaw
Rockville vicinity, Horse Island, 1 mile south
of Rockville on Seabrook Island.
Cherokee County
Chesnee vicinity, Cowpens National Battle-
field Site, 2 miles east of Chesnee at junc-
tion of South Carolina 11 and South Caro-
lina 110.


Chester County
Rowell, Landsford Canal, off U.S. 21, a 2-mile
section parallel to the Catawba River.
Clarendon County
Summerton vicinity, Santee Indian Mound
and Fort Watson, south of Summerton off
U.S. 301.
Darlington County
Hartsville vicinity, *Coker Experimental
Farms, west of Hartsville on South Caro-
lina 151.
Dorchester County
Summerville vicinity, Old Dorchester, Dor-
chester State Park, including the ruins of
the village and fort of Dorchester and St.
George's Church, on the Ashley River near
the mouth of Dorchester Creek.
Fairfield County
Winnsboro, Ketchin Building, 231 South Con-
gress Street.
Georgetown County
Georgetown, Georgetown County Rice Mu-
seum, Old Market Building, Front and
Screven Streets.
Greenwood County
Cokesbury and vicinity, Old Cokesbury His-
toric District and Masonic Female College
Conference School, bounded on the north-
east by South Carolina 398; on the south-
east by a straight line intersecting South
Carolina 97 at the junction of South Caro-
lina 254; on the south by South Carolina
97; bounded on the southwest by South
Carolina 163 and a straight line running
northwest to South Carolina 185; on the
northwest by South Carolina 180; and on
the north by a straight line running east
from the intersection of South Carolina 180
and U.S. 178 to the intersection of South
Carolina 95 and 398.
Ninety Six vicinity, Old Ninety Six and Star
Fort, 2 miles south of Ninety Six between
South Carolina 248 and 27.
Greenville County
Greenville, Earle Town House, 107 James
Greenville, Whitehall, 310 West Earle Street.
Tigerville vicinity, Poinsett Bridge, about 4
miles north of Tigerville on County Route
Kershaw County
Camden, Fort Camden, southern area of
Camden, De Kalb Township.
Camden vicinity, Adamson Mounds Site,
c. 2 miles west of Camden, along the left
bank of Mound Creek.
Camden vicinity, *Camden Battlefield, 5
miles north of Camden on U.S. 521 and 601.
Camden vicinity, McDowell Site (Chestnut
Mounds), 2.5 miles south of Camden, sur-
rounding the mouth of Big Pine Tree
Creek on the Wateree River.
Lexington County
Lexington, Fox House (Classical and Theo-
logical Seminary of the Evangelical Lu-
theran Synod of South Carolina and
Adjacent States), 232 Fox Street.
McCormick County
Willington vicinity, De La Howe State School,
3 miles southeast of Willington on South
Carolina 81.
Newberry County
Newberry, Newberry Opera House, Boyce and
Nance Streets.
Oconee County
Westminster vicinity, Prather's Bridge, over
Tugaloo River, 10 miles southwest of West-


No. 35-Pt. II---4


minster via U.S. 124, then 1 mile northwest
on County Route 68, then 0.25 mile west
on County Route 160.
Orangeburg County
Eutawville vicinity. Eutaw Springs Battle-
grounds Park, 1 mile east of Eutawville on
South Carolina 6.
Pickens County
Clemson, *Calhoun (John C.) House, Fort
Hill, Clemson University campus.
Clemson, St. Julien-Ravenel House (Han-
over House), Clemson University campus.
Richland County
Columbia, Hall, Ainsley, House, 1616 Bland-
ing Street.
Columbia, Hampton-Preston House, 1615
Blanding Street.
Columbia, The Lace House, 803 Richland
Columbia, Mills Building, South Carolina
State Hospital, 2100 Bull Street.
Columbia, Old Campus District, University of
South Carolina, bounded on the west by
Sumter Street, on the south, east, and
north by buildings not included in the old
campus quadrangle.
Columbia, South Carolina Governor's Man-
sion, 800 Richland Street.
Columbia, South Carolina Statehouse,
bounded on the north by Main Street, on
the west by Assembly Street, on the south
by Senate Street, and on the east by Sum-
ter Street.
Columbia, Washington Street United Metho-
dist Church, 1401 Washington Street.
Spartanburg County
Glenn Springs vicinity, Camp Hill (Smith
House), 2 miles south of Glenn Springs
on South Carolina 215.
Moore vicinity, Price's Post Office, junction
of County Routes 86, 199, and 200.
Spartanburg, Evins-Bivings House (Dr.
James Bivings House), 563 North Church
Spartanburg, Foster's Tavern, 191 Cedar
Spring Road.
Spartanburg vicinity, Walnut Grove Planta-
tion, 8 miles southeast of Spartanburg, c.
1 mile east of the intersection of U.S. 221
and Interstate 26.
Union County
Union, Herndon Terrace, North Pinckney
Street at the corner of Catherine Street.
Union vicinity, Pinckneyville, 13 miles north-
east of Union on S.C. 13.
Union vicinity, Rose Hill, 9 miles south-
southwest of Union on County Route 16.
Williamsburg County
Kingstree, Thorntree (Witherspoon House),
Fluitt-Nelson Memorial Park.
York County
Bethany vicinity, Kings Mountain National
Military Park, northwest of Bethany on
South Carolina 161.
Rock Hill, The White House, 258 East White
Buffalo County
Chamberlain vicinity, *Crow Creek Site, 15
miles north of Chamberlain on the east
side of the Missouri River near South
Dakota 47.
Fort Thompson vicinity, *Fort Thompson
Mounds, near Fort Thompson on South
Dakota 50, Crow Creek Indian Reservation.
Davison County
Mitchell, *Mitchell Site, municipal golf

Dewey County
Mobridge vicinity, *Molstad Village, 18 miles
south of Mobridge, overlooking the Oahe
Hanson County
Bloom vicinity, *Bloom Site, east of Bloom
on the James River.
Hughes County
Pierre vicinity, *Arzberger Site, 7.5 miles east
of Pierre on the Missouri River.
Lawrence County
Deadwood, *Deadwood Historic District.
Lincoln County
*Blood Run Site (see Lyon County, Iowa).
Lyman County
Lower Brule vicinity, *Langdeau Site, north
of Lower Brule on South Dakota 47W.
Pennington County
Keystone vicinity, Mount Rushmore National
Memorial, 3 miles west of Keystone off
U.S. 16A.
Shannon County
Batesland vicinity, *Wounded Knee Battle-
field, 11 miles west of Batesland, Pine
Ridge Indian Reservation.
Anderson County
Oak Ridge, *X-10 Reactor, Oak Ridge Na-
tional Laboratory.
Carter County
Elizabethtown vicinity, *Sycamore Shoals, 2
miles west of Elizabethtown on the
Watauga River.
Claiborne County
Cumberland Gap National Historical Park
(see Bell County, Ky.).
Davidson County
Hermitage, Tulip Grove, Lebanon Road.
Nashville, First Presbyterian Church (Down-
town Presbyterian Church), 154 Fifth Ave-
nue North.
Nashville, Nashville Union Station, Broadway
and 10th Avenue South.
Nashville, *Peabody (George) College for
Teachers, 21st Avenue South and Edgehill
Nashville, St. Mary's Catholic Church, 330
Fifth Avenue North.
Nashville, Tennessee State Capitol, Capitol
Nashville, Traveller's Rest, Franklin Road.
Nashville vicinity, Belle Meade, Harding Road
at Leake Avenue.
Nashville vicinity, *Jackson (Andrew) House,
The Hermitage, 12 miles east of Nashville
on U.S. 70N.
Greene County
Greeneville, Andrew Johnson National His-
toric Site, Depot and College Streets.
Hamilton County
Chickamauga and Chattanooga National
Military Park (see Catoosa County, Ga.).
Hardin County
Shiloh, Shiloh National Military Park.
Knox County
Knoxville, *Blount (William) Mansion, 200
West Hill Avenue.
Knoxville vicinity, Ramsey House, Thorn-
grove Pike.
Loudon County
Loudon, Carmichael Inn, off U.S. 11.
Loudon vicinity, Bowman House, east of
Loudon on Little River Road.

Loudon vicinity, Cannon-Calloway House,
wept of Loudon off U.S. 11.
Madison County
Pinson vicinity, *Pinson Mounds, 3 miles east
of Pinson on secondary road.
Maury County
Columbia, Mayes-Hutton House, 306 West
Sixth Street.
Columbia, *Polk (James K.) House, West
Seventh and South High Streets.
Columbia vicinity, Clifton Place, southwest
of Columbia on Mount Pleasant Highway.
Columbia vicinity, St. John's Episcopal
Church, 6 miles west of Columbia.
Monroe County
Vonore vicinity, *Fort Loudoun, U.S. 411.
Rutherford County
>Murfreesboro, Oaklands, North Maney
. Avenue.
Murfreesboro vicinity, Stones River National
Battlefield, 3 miles northwest of Murfrees-
boro on U.S. 41.
Smyrna, Davis (Sam) Home, Tennessee 102.
Shelby County
Memphis, *Beale Street Historic District,
Beale Street from Main to Fourth Streets.
Stewart County
Dover vicinity, Fort Donelson National Mili-
tary Park, 1 mile west of Dover on U.S. 79.
Sullivan County
Kingsport, Netherland Inn and Complex, 2144
Netherland Inn Road.
Kingsport vicinity, *Long Island of the Hol-
ston, south branch of the Holston River.
Piney Flats vicinity, Rocky Mount, southwest
of Piney Flats off County Route llE.
Sumner County
Gallatin vicinity, Cragfont, about 5 miles
west of Gallatin off Tennessee 25.
Hendersonville vicinity, Rock Castle, south-
east of Hendersonville on Indian Lake
Washington County
Johnson City vicinity, Tipton-Haynes House,
southeast of Johnson City on U.S. 19W.
Jonesboro, Jonesboro Historic District,
bounded roughly by College Street, Sabin
Avenue, and properties fronting on Main
Street on the north; by Franklin Avenue
and Depot Street on the south; by Second
Avenue, Oak Grove Avenue, and private
property on the west; and by private prop-
erty on the east.
Williamson County
Franklin, Rainey-Lawrence House, 244 First
Avenue South.
Franklin vicinity, *Franklin Battlefield, south
'of Franklin on U.S. 31.
Armstrong County
Palo Duro vicinity, *JA Ranch, Palo Duro
Bexar County
San Antonio, *The Alamo, Alamo Plaza.
San Antonio, Edward H. White II Museum
(Hangar Nine), Brooks Air Force Base.
San Antonio, *Espada Aqueduct, Espada
Road, just east of U.S. 281S.
San Antonio, *Mission Concepcion, 807 Mis-
sion Road.
San Antonio, San Jose Mission National His-
toric Site, 6519 San Jose Drive.
San Antonio, *Spanish Governor's Palace, 105
Military Plaza.
San Antonio, U.S. San Antonio Arsenal,
bounded by South Flores Street on the
west, East Arsenal Street on the south, the




San Antonio River on the east, and private
property on the north.
San Antonio, Ursuline Academy, 300 Augusta
Blanco County
Johnson City, *Johnson (Lyndon B.) Boy-
hood Home.
Cameron County
Brownsville, *Fort Brown.
Brownsville, *Resaoa de la Palma. Battlefield,
north edge of Brownsville on Parades Line
Brownsville vicinity, *Palo Alto Battlefield,
junction of Farm Roads 1847 and 511, 6.3
miles north of Brownsville.
Cherokee County
Alto vicinity, George C. Davis Site, about 6
miles southwest of Alto on Texas 21.
Comal County
New Braunfels, Klein, Stephen, House, 131
South Seguin Street.
New Braunfels, Lindheimer House, 489 Comal
El Paso County
El Paso, Chamizal National Memorial.
Fayette County
Winedale, Winedale Inn Complex, off FM
Galveston County
Galveston, Ashbel Smith Building, 914-916
Avenue B (Strand Avenue).
Galveston, Bishop's Palace (Gresham House),
1402 Avenue J (Broadway).
Galveston, El Mina Shrine Temple, 2328
Galveston, Sealy (George) House, 2424 Broad-
Galveston, The Strand Historic District,
bounded on the north by Avenue A, on
the east by 20th Street, on the south by an
alley separating Avenues C and D, and on
the west by the railroad passenger depot
extending north to Avenue A (including
lots 5, 6, and 7 of block 685 between Ave-
nue A and New Strand Street).
Galveston, U.S. Customhouse (Old Galveston
Customhouse), southeast corner of 20th
and Post Office (Avenue E) Streets.
Gillespie County
Fredericksburg, Fredericksburg Historic Dis-
trict, bounded by a line running southeast
six blocks from the corner of Acorn and
Schubert along Schubert to Adams; north-
east one block on Adams to Travis; south-
east on Travis one block to Llano; south-
west on Llano two blocks to Austin;
southeast on Austin three blocks to Elk;
southwest two blocks on Elk to San
Antonio; northwest on San Antonio three
blocks to Llano; southwest one block on
Llano to Barons Creek; northwest along the
creek one block behind Creek Street to
Adams; southwest one-half block on Ad-
ams to the rear property line of lots facing
Creek Street; then northwest six blocks to
Acorn; northeast four and one-half blocks
to the corner of Acorn and Schubert.
Goliad County
Goliad vicinity, *Presidio Nuestra Sefiora de
Loreto de la Bahia, 1 mile south of Goliad
State Park on U.S. 183.
Guadalupe County
Seguin, Erskine House No. 1 (Hollamon
House), 902 North Austin Street.
Seguin, Sebastopol (Zorn House), northeast
corner of West Court and North Erkel
Hale County
Plainview, *Plainview Site, 0.5 mile west of
the junction of U.S. 70 and 87.

Harris County
Houston vicinity, *San Jacinto Battlefield, 22
miles east of Houston on Texas 134.
Jack County
Jacksboro vicinity, *Fort Richardson, south
of Jacksboro on U.S. 281.
Jeff Davis County
Fort Davis, Fort Davis National Historic Site,
junction of Texas 17 and 118.
Jefferson County
Beaumont, French Home Trading Post, 2995
French Road.
Beaumont vicinity, *Lucas Gusher, Spindle-
top Oil Field, 3 miles south of Beaumont
on Spindletop Avenue.
Kaufman County
Terrell vicinity, *Porter (Walter C.) Farm, 2
miles north of Terrell on Farm Road 986.
Kenedy County
Kingsville vicinity, *King Ranch, in and near
Kingsville (also in Kleberg, Nueces, and
Willacy counties).
Kleberg County
*King Ranch (see Kenedy County).
Lee County
Giddings, Schubert House, 183 Hernpstead
McLennan County
Waco, Fort House, 503 East Fourth Street.
Waco, Waco Suspension Bridge, across the
Brazos River at Bridge Street.
Marion County
Jefferson, Alley-Carlson House, 501 Walker
Jefferson, Beard House, 212 North Vale Street.
Jefferson, Epperson-McNutt House, 409 South
Alley Street.
Jefferson, Excelsior Hotel, Austin Street be-
tween Market and Vale Streets.
Jefferson, Freeman Plantation House, 0.8 mile
west of Jefferson on Route 49.
Jefferson, Jefferson Playhouse, northwest
corner of Market and Henderson Streets.
Jefferson, Old U.S. Post Office and Courts
Building, 223 Austin Street.
Jefferson, Perry, Captain William, House,
northwest corner of Walnut and Clarks-
ville Streets.
Jefferson, Presbyterian Manse, northeast cor-
ner of Alley and Delta Streets.
Jefferson, Sedberry House, 211 North Market
Jefferson, Singleton, Captain William E.,
House, 204 North Soda Street.
Medina County
Castrdville, Castroville Historic District,
bounded on the northwest by a line 45
north-northeast through the center of the
Medina River and intersecting Texas 471;
on the southwest by Constantinople Street
to Houston Street, by Naples Street from
Houston to Florence Streets, by Constan-
tinople Street from Florence to Gentile
Streets, and by Gime Street to the river;
bounded on the sohe southeast by a line 45
north-northeast through the center of the
river to Texas 471; and on the northeast
by Texas 471.
Nueces County
*King Ranch (see Kenedy County).

Oldham County
Vega vicinity, *Landergin Mesa, east side of
East Alamosa Creek, Mansfield Ranch.
Potter County
Fritch vicinity, Alibates Flint Quarries and
Texas Panhandle Pueblo Culture National


Monument, southwest of Fritch on the
Canadian River.
Robertson County
Calvert, Hammond House, bounded by Bur-
net, China, Elm, and Hanna Streets.
Tarrant County
Fort Worth, Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Rail-
road Passenger Station, 1601 Jones Street.
Fort Worth, Knights of Pythias Building,
315 Main Street.
Fort Worth, Tarrant County Courthouse,
bounded by Houston, Belknap, Weather-
ford, and Commerce Streets.
Tom Green County
San Angelo, *Fort Concho, south edge of San
Travis County
Austin, Barker History Center (Old Library),
University of Texas, South Mall, University
of Texas campus.
Austin, Bremond Block Historic District, a
block bounded on the northeast by West
Eighth Street, on the southeast by Guada-
lupe Street, on the southwest by West
Seventh Street, and on the northwest by
San Antonio Street; also the west side of
San Antonio Street between West Seventh
and West Eighth Streets and the south
side of West Seventh Street from No. 315
to No. 610 Guadalupe Street.
Austin, Carrington-Covert House, 1511 Col-
orado Street.
Austin, Driskill Hotel, 117 East 7th Street,
Austin, French Legation, 802 San Marcos.
Austin, Gethsemane Lutheran Church, 1510
Congress Avenue.
Austin, Littlefield House, 24th Street and
Whitis Avenue.
Austin, Neill-Cochran House, 2310 San Ga-
Austin, The Old Bakery, 1006 Congress
Austin, Old Land Office Building, 108 East
11th Street.
Austin, Texas Governor's Mansion, 1010 Col-
orado Street.
Austin, Texas State Capitol, Congress and
llth Streets.
Austin, U.S. Post Office (Old Post Office) and
Federal Building, 104 East Sixth Street.
Austin, Woodlawn (Pease Mansion), 6 Niles
Val Verde County
Langtry vicinity, Mile Canyon (Eagle Nest
Canyon), northeast of Langtry off U.S. 90.
Washington County
Brenham, Pampell-Day House, 409 West
Alamo Street.
Independence, Houston, Mrs. Sam, Home, FM
390, one block east of the intersection with
FM 50.
Willacy County
*King Ranch (see Kenedy County).
Williamson County
Georgetown, Tinnen House, 1220 Austin
Old Round Rock, Inn at Brushy Creek (Cole
House), Taylor exit of U.S. 79, off Inter-
state Highway 35, west side.
Round Rock vicinity, Merrell, Captain Nel-
son, House, northeast of Round Rock on
U.S. 79.
Young County
Newcastle vicinity, *Fort" Belknap, 1 mile
south of junction of Texas 24 and 251.
South Bend, *Harrell Site, 1 mile north of
South Bend on the Brazos River.
Beaver County
Beaver, Beaver County Courthouse, 90 East
Center Street.



Box Elder County
Promontory, Golden Spike National Historic
Carbon County
Green River, *Desolation Canyon (also in
Emery, Grand, and Uintah counties).
Emery County
'Desolation Canyon (see Carbon County).
Grand County
*Desolation Canyon (see Carbon County).
Millard County
Cove Fort vicinity, Cove Fort, 2 miles east of
Interstate 15 on Utah 4.
Deseret vicinity, Fort Deseret, 2 miles south
of Deseret on Utah 257.
Fillmore, Utah Territorial Capitol, Center
Street between Main and First West
Salt Lake County
Salt Lake City, Beehive House, 67 East South
Temple Street.
Salt Lake City, Chase, Isaac, Mill, Liberty
Park, Sixth Street East.
Salt Lake City, *Emigration Canyon, east
edge of Salt Lake City on Utah 65.
Salt Lake City, Fort Douglas, Fort Douglas
Military Reservation.
Salt Lake City, St. Mark's Episcopal Cathe-
dral, 231 East First South Street.
Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City and County
Building, 451 Washington Square.
Salt Lake City, Temple Square.
Salt Lake City, Utah State Historical Society
Mansion and Carriage House, 603 East
South Temple Street.
Salt Lake City, *Young (Brigham) House,
Lion House, 63 South Temple Street.
Salt Lake City, Z.C.M.I. Cast Iron Front
(Zions Cooperative Mercantile Institute),
15 South Main Street.
Salt Lake City vicinity, 'Bingham Canyon
Open Pit Copper Mine, 16 miles southwest"
of Salt Lake City on Utah 48.
San Juan County
Bluff vicinity, Hovenweep National Monu-
ment (see Montezuma County, Colo.).
Monticello vicinity, *Alkali Ridge, 25 miles
southeast of Monticello on secondary road,
10 miles east from Recapture Creek on
Utah 47.
Tooele County
Wendover vicinity, *Danger Cave, 1 mile east
of Wendover on U.S. 40.
Uintah County
*Desolation Canyon (see Carbon County).
Wasatch County
Heber City, Wasatch Stake Tabernacle and
Heber Amusement Hall, Main Street at 100
North Street and 100 West Street corners.
Washington County
St. George, Old Washington County Court-
house, 85 East 100 North.
Addison County
Middlebury, *Willard (Emma) House, Mid-
dlebury College campus.
Ripton vicinity 'Frost (Robert) Farm, Homer
Noble Farm, 1 mile north of Vermont 125,
3 miles east of Ripton.
Bennington County
South Shaftsbury 'Frost (Robert) Farm, The
Gully, 0.25 mile east of Vermont 7 on Buck
Hill Road.
Chittenden County
Shelburne, *The Ticonderoga, Shelburne


Orange County
Strafford, *Morrill (Justin Smith) Home-
stead, south of the Common.
Windsor County
Plymouth, Plymouth Historic District, the
entire village of Plymouth; bounded on
the east by East Mountain, on the south
by Blueberry Hill and Soltudus Mountain,
on the west by Mount Tom, and on the
north by Wood Peak.
Plymouth Notch, *Coolidge (Calvin) Home-
stead, off Vermont 100A.
Windsor, *Robbins and Lawrence Armory
and Machine Shop, South Main Street.
Woodstock, *Marsh (George Perkins) Boy-
hood Home, 54 Elm Street.
St. Croix Island
Christiansted, Christiansted National His-
toric Site.
*Columbus Landing Site, Salt River Bay.
St. Thomas Island
St. Thomas National Historic Site, Charlotte
Accomack County
Accomac, St. James Church, east side of
Daugherty Road between Back Street and
Ocean Highway.
Hallwood vicinity, Wessells Root Cellar, 0.1
mile north of intersection of Routes 701
and 692.
Metomkin Island vicinity, Bowman's Folly,
2.5 miles southeast of intersection of
Route 652 and Route 13.
Onancock, Hopkins and Brother Store, Mar-
ket Street.
Onancock, Kerr Place, northeast corner of
Crockett Avenue and Market Street.
Pungoteague, St. George's Church, northwest
side of Route 178, 0.3 mile northeast of
the intersection with Route 180.
Albemarle County
Charlottesville vincity, Farmington, 0.9
mile west of the intersection of Routes 250
and 29-250 Bypass.
Charlottesville vicinity, *Jefferson (Thomas)
Plantation, Monticello, 2 miles south of
Charlottesville on Virginia 53.
Covesville vicinity, Redlands, 0.1 mile east
of intersection of Routes 708 and 627.
Alexandria (independent city)
*Alexandria Historic District, bounded
roughly by the Capital Beltway on the
south, Alfred and Patrick Streets on the
west (with an extension westward along
Prince Street), Oronoco and Princess
Streets on the northwest and northeast
respectively (with an extension northward
along George Washington Memorial High-
way to the north city limits), and by the
Potomac River on the east.
Carlyle House, 123 North Fairfax Street.
*Christ Church, southeast corner of Cam-
eron and Columbus Streets.
*Gadsby's Tavern, 128 North Royal Street.
The Lyceum, 201 South Washington Street
Alleghany County
Covington, Humpback Bridge, 0.2 mile south
of U.S. 60, 0.8 mile southwest of intersec-
tion of U.S. 60 and County Route 651.
Amelia County
Chula vicinity, Wigwam, 8 miles northwest
of Chula.
Amherst County
Sweet Briar, Sweet Briar House, 0.1 mile
southwest of the intersection of Routes
29 and 624.

Appomattox County
Appomattox vicinity, Appomattox Court
House National Historical Park, 3 miles
northeast of Appomattox on Virginia 24.
Arlington County
Arlington vicinity, Custis-Lee Mansion, Ar-
lington National Cemetery.
Augusta County (also in Nelson County)
Waynesboro, Swannanoa, 0.5 mile west of
Route 610, 0.4 mile south of intersection
of Route 610 and Route 250.
Bath County
Bacova vicinity, Hidden Valley, 1.1 miles
north of intersection of Routes 621 and 39.
Bedford County
Bedford vicinity, Three Otters, 0.7 mile west
of the intersection of Routes 838 and 43.
Lynchburg vicinity, Poplar Forest, 0.5 mile
south of intersection of Routes 661 and
Botetourt County
Fincastle, Fincastle Historic District,
bounded roughly by Back and Carper
Streets on the north, by properties front-
ing on Hancock Street on the east, by Grif-
fin Alley, the cemetery, and a line midway
between Main Street and Murray Street
on the south, and Catawba Street on the
Buckingham County
Buckingham, Buckingham Court House His-
toric District, along Route 60 extending 0.3
mile east of intersection of Routes 60 and
631, through Buckingham Court House.
Campbell County
Long Island vicinity, Green Hill, 0.3 mile
south of intersection of Routes 633 and
Caroline County
Bowling Green vicinity, Old Mansion, 0.4
mile south of intersection of Routes 2
(301) and 207.
Port Royal, Port Royal Historic District,
bounded on the north by the intersection
of Route 301 and the Rappahannock River;
extending 0.1 mile east of intersection of
Routes T 1004 and T 1005, 0.1 mile west
of intersection of Routes T 1003 and 301,
and 0.2 mile south of intersection of
Routes T 1003 and 301.
Port Royal vicinity, Camden, 0.5 mile north
of intersection of Routes 686 and 17.
Charles City County
Charles City, Charles City County Court-
house, 0.1 mile south of intersection of
Routes 628 and 5.
Charles City vicinity, *Byrd (William II)
Plantation, Westover, 7 miles west of
Charles City on Virginia 5.
Charles City vicinity, Greenway, 0.6 mile
west of Intersection of Routes 5 and 155.
Charles City vicinity, *Tyler (John) House,
Sherwood Forest, 4 miles east of Charles
City on Virginia 5.
Hopewell vicinity, Eppes Island, between
Eppes Creek and the. James River at the
confluence of the James and Appomattox
Hopewell vicinity, *Shirley, 0.4 mile south-
west of Route 608, 1.5 miles west of inter-
section of Route 608 and Route 5.
Charlotte County
Brookneal vicinity, Staunton Hill, 0.8 mile
west of Turnip Creek, 0.2 mile southeast of
Route 619, 1.4 miles southwest of inter-
section of Route 619 and Route 693.
Charlottesville (independent city)
*Rotunda, University of Virginia, University
of Virginia campus.



University of Virginia Historic District,
bounded on the north by University Ave-
nue, on the south by Jefferson Park
Avenue, on the east by Hospital Road, and
on the west by McCormick Road.
Chesterfield County
Winterpock vicinity, Eppington, 1.6 miles
south of intersection of Routes 621 and
Clarke County
Berryville vicinity, Annefield, 0.7 mile east
of intersection of Routes 633 and 652.
Berryville vicinity, Fairfield, 0.2 mile east of
intersection of Routes 340 and 610.
Berryville vicinity, Long Branch, 0.1 mile
north of Long Branch, 18 miles southwest
of Route 626, 0.1 mile west of intersection
of Route 626 and Route 624.
Boyce vicinity, Saratoga, 0.4 mile southeast
of intersection of Routes 723 and 617.
Millwood, Millwood Mill, southwest side of
intersection of Routes 723 and 255.
White Post vicinity, *Greenway Court, 1 mile
south of White Post on Virginia 277.
Culpeper County
Stevensburg vicinity, Salubria, 0.8 mile east
of intersection of Routes 3 and 663.
Warrenton vicinity, Little Fork Church, in-
tersection of Routes 624 and 726.
Danville (independent city)
Danville Public Library, 975 Main Street.
Dinwiddie County
Dinwiddie vicinity, Burnt Quarter, 0.7 mile
southwest of intersection of Routes 627,
613, and 645.
Petersburg vicinity, *Five Forks Battlefield,
12 miles west of Petersburg on County
Road 627 at Church Road.
Petersburg vicinity, Mayfield Cottage, 0.5
mile east of intersection of Routes 1 and
Petersburg vicinity, Petersburg National
Battlefield, southeast, south, and south-
west of Petersburg (also in Prince William
Rowanta vicinity, Williamson Site, 0.9 mile
north of intersection of Routes 693 and
Essex County
Caret vicinity, Blandfield, 0.7 mile east of
intersection of Routes 624 and 17.
Loretto vicinity, Elmwood, 0.2 mile southwest
of the intersection of Routes 640 and 17.
Fairfax County
Accotink vicinity, Pope-Leighey House, east
of Accotink off U.S. 1.
Accotink vicinity, Woodlawn Plantation, 0.4
mile west of intersection of U.S. 1 and
Route 235.
Alexandria vicinity, *Gunston Hall, 15 miles
south of Alexandria on Virginia 242.
Alexandria vicinity, *Washington (George)
Plantation, Mount Vernon, 7 miles south
of Alexandria on George Washington
Memorial Parkway.
Chantilly vicinity, Sully, 0.8 mile northeast
of the intersection of Routes 28 and 50.
Lorton, Pohick Church, 9201 Richmond
Falls Church (independent city)
The Falls Church, 115 East Fairfax Street.
Fluvanna County
Bremo Bluff vicinity, Bremo, 0.9 mile north
of intersection of Routes 15 and 656.
Columbia, Point of Fork, west bank of Ri-
vanna River, 0.3 mile north of southeast
end of Route 624, 1.3 miles southeast of
intersection of Route 624 and Route 656.
Franklin County
Rocky Mount vicinity, Booker T. Washington
National Monument, 16 miles east of Rocky
Mount on Virginia 122.

Frederick County
Middletown vicinity, Cedar Creek Battlefield
and Belle Grove, on Interstate 81 between
Middletown and Strasburg.
Fredericksburg (independent city)
*Kenmore, 1201 Washington Avenue.
*Monroe Law Office, 908 Charles Street..
*Rising Sun Tavern, 1306 Caroline Street.
Gloucester County
Gloucester vicinity, Abingdon Glebe House,
0.7 mile south of the intersection of
Routes 17 and 615.
Gloucester vicinity, Rosewell, 0.1 mile west
of Carter Creek, 15 miles southeast of
Route 644, 0.3 mile south of intersection
of Route 644 and Route 632.
Gloucester vicinity, Toddsbury, 1.1 miles east
of intersection of Routes 622 and 14 (3).
White Marsh vicinity, Abingdon Church,
0.6 mile south of the intersection of Routes
17 and 614.
Goochland County
Goochland, Goochland County Court Square,
east side of Route 6 (Route 522).
Manakin vicinity, Tuckahoe, on James River
southeast of Manakin via secondary roads.
Rock Castle vicinity, Rock Castle, east side
of the southern enU of Route 600.
Greene County
Standardsville, Greene County Courthouse,
northwest corner of Route 649, 0.1 mile
south of intersection with Route 33.
Standards vicinity, Octonia Stone, 1.7 miles
northwest of the intersection of Routes
637 and 1001.
Halifax County


James City County
Five Forks vicinity, Powhatan, 0.8 mile north
of the intersection of Routes 615 and 5.
Jamestown, Jamestown National Historic
Site, Jamestown Island.
Jamestown and vicinity, Colonial National
Historical Park (also in Williamsburg and
in York County).
Williamsburg vicinity, *Carter's Grove, 0.2
mile s-utheast of intersection of Routes
60 and 667.
King George County
Comorn vicinity, Marmion, 0.8 mile northeast
of intersection of Routes 649 and 609.
King George Court House vicinity, Nanzatico,
1.8 miles south of intersection of Routes
650 and 625.
King William County
King William, King William County Court-
house, east side of Route 619, 0.1 mile
north of intersection of Route 619 and
Route 30.
Tunstall vicinity, Elsing Green, 2.1 miles
southwest of intersection of Routes 632
and 623.
West Point vicinity, Chelsea, 1.7 miles north
of intersection of Chelsea Road and Route
Lancaster County
Kilmarnock vicinity, *Christ Church, 3 miles
south of Kilmarnock on Virginia 3.
Lively vicinity, St. Mary's Whitechapel, 0.1
mile northwest of intersection of Routes
354 and 201.
Weems vicinity, Corotoman, south side. of
the intersection of Routes 222 and 631.
Lee County

South Boston vicinity, Berry Hill, 1.5 miles
south of intersection of Routes 659 and Cumberland Gap National Historical Park
682. (see Bell County, Ky.).

.Hampton (independent city)
*Fort Monroe, Old Point Comfort.
Fort Wool, on island at the entrance to
Hampton Roads between Willoughby Spit
and Old Point Comfort.
Hampton Institute, south side of Route 60,
0.8 mile northwest of intersection of Route
60 and Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel.
St. John's Church, northwest corner of West
Queen and Court Streets.
Hanover County
Ashland vicinity, Fork Church, east side of
Route 738 at intersection with Route 685.
Ashland vicinity, *Henry (Patrick) House,
Scotchtown, 10 miles northwest of Ashland
on Virginia 685.
Hanover Court House, Hanover County
Courthouse, east side of Route 301 at in-
tersection of Route 1006 and Route 301.
Richmond vicinity, Richmond National Bat-
tlefield Park (also in Henrico County and
Richmond vicinity, *Ruffin (Edmund) Plan-
tation, Marlbourne, 11 miles northeast of
Richmond on U.S. 360.
Henrico County
Richmond National Battlefield Park (see
Hanover County).
Richmond vicinity, Malvern Hill, 1.2 miles
southeast of intersection of Routes 5 and
Hopewell (independent city)
Appomattox Manor, at the confluence of the
James and Appomattox rivers, on the south
Isle of Wight County
Benn's Church, *St. Luke's Church.
Smithfield, Old Isle of Wight County Court-
house, northeast corner of Main and Mason

Lexington (independent city)
*Barracks, Virginia Military Institute, north
edge of Lexington on U.S. 11.
*Lee Chapel, Washington and Lee University
Loudoun County
Aldie, Aldie Historic District, extending 0.1
mile east of the intersection of Routes 612
and 50, 0.1 mile west-of the intersection
of Routes 50 and 732, and 0.2 mile north
and 0.3 mile south of Route 50.
Leesburg, Leesburg Historic District, begin-
ning on the east at the intersection of
Loudoun and Market Streets, running
northeast parallel to Church Street to the
intersection of a line in projection of North
Street; then northwest to and along North
Street to intersection of Church Street;
then northeast parallel to King Street to
intersection of a line in projection of Union
Street; then northwest along Union Street
to the intersection of a line in extension of
Liberty Street; then southwest to the in-
tersection of Liberty and North Streets;
then northwest along an extension of North
Street until intersecting a line in projec-
tion of Ayr Street; then southwest along
Ayr Street to a point 100 feet southwest
of Ayr Street and Twin Branch Creek; then
southeast along an extension of South
Street to a point 200 feet west of King
Street; then southwest parallel to King
Street to a point 500 feet south of the rail-
road; then east across King Street and
parallel to South Street for 1,700 feet; then
northeast parallel to King Street to the
intersection of Loudoun and Market
Leesburg vicinity, *Monroe (James) House,
Oak Hill, 8 miles south of Leesburg on U.S.
Leesburg vicinity, Oatlands, 1 mile south of
intersection of Routes 16 and 651.




Leesburg vicinity, *Waterford Historic Dis-
trict, Virginia 665, 7 miles northwest of
Leesburg. A pentagonal-shaped area follow-
ing topographical features; measuring,
from the intersection of Main Street and
Second Street, 0.9 mile to the northeast,
1.4 miles to the southeast, 1.2 miles to th'
southwest, 1.2 miles to the west, and 0.9
mile to the northwest.
Sterling vicinity, Broad Run Bridge and Toll-
house, at intersection of Routes 7 and 28
with Broad Run.
Louisa County
Gordonsville vicinity, Boswell's Tavern, 0.1
mile southeast of intersection of Routes
22 and 15.
Gordonsville vicinity, Hawkwood, 0.5 mile
west of the intersection of Routes 617
and 15.
Trevilians vicinity, Westend, 1.1 miles south
of the intersection of Routes 638 and 22.
Lynchburg (independent city)
The Academy of Music, 522-526 Main Street.
Point of Honor, 112 Cabell Street.
Madison County
Madison, Madison County Courthouse, U.S.
Mathews County
Hudgins vicinity, Cricket Hill (Fort Cricket
Hill), northeast of Hudgins, 0.2 mile east
of the intersection of Routes 669 and 223.
Williams vicinity, Poplar Grove Mill and
House, west of Williams on secondary road.
Mecklenburg County
Clarksville vicinity, Prestwould, 0.1 mile
north of Roanoke River, 16 miles south-
west of intersection of Route 15 and Route
701, 1 mile north of Clarksville city limits.
Montgomery County
Blacksburg vicinity, Smithfield, 1 mile west
of Blacksburg city limits.
Elliston vicinity, Fotheringay, 1.4 miles south
of intersection of Routes 11 and 631.
Nelson County
Waynesboro, Swannanoa (see Augusta
New Kent County
New Kent Court House, St. Peter's Church,
north side of Route 642, 0.4 mile northeast
of Intersection of Route 642 and Route 609.
Newport News (independent city)
Denbigh Plantation, 0.2 mile southwest of
southern end of Lukas Creek Road.
Hilton Village, bounded by the James River
on the southwest, Post Street on the north-
west, the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad
tracks on the northeast, and Hopkins
Street on the southeast.
Jones (Matthew) House, Fort Eustis Military
Reservation, Intersection of MacAuliffe
Avenue and James River Road.
Norfolk (independent city)
U.S. Customshouse, 101 East Main Street.
Myers (Moses) House, southwest corner of
East Freemason and North Bank Streets.
Norfolk Academy Building, 420 Bank Street.
Northampton County
Bridgetown, Hungars Church, 0.2 mile east
of the intersection of Routes 619 and 622.
Bridgetown vicinity, Vaucluse, 1.8 miles
south of the intersection of. Routes 619
and 657.
Bridgetown vicinity, Winona, 0.7 mile south
of Route 619, 0.4 mile northwest of inter-
section of Route 619 and Route 622.
Cheapside vicinity, Custis Tombs, 1.3 miles
northwest of intersection of Routes 644
and 645.
Cheriton vicinity, Eyre Hall, 1.6 miles north
of Intersection of Routes 13 and 680.

Eastville vicinity, Caserta, 1 mile northwest
of intersection of U.S. 13 and Route 630.
Eastville vicinity, Pear Valley, 0.1 mile south
of intersection of Routes 689 and 628.
Franktown vicinity, Glebe of Hungar's Parish,
1.3 miles northwest of intersection of
Routes 622 and 619.
Jamesville vicinity, Sommers House, 0.2 mile
southwest of intersection of Routes 183
and 691.
Nassawadox vicinity, Brownsville, 1.2 miles
southeast of the intersection of Routes 608
and 600.
Orange County
Barboursville vicinity, Barboursville, 0.5 mile
south of intersection of Routes 777 and 678.
Orange vicinity, Mayhurst, 0.4 mile southwest
of intersection of Routes 15 and 647.
Orange vicinity, *Madison (James) House,
Montpelier, 4 miles west of Orange on
Virginia 20.
Page County
Luray, Aventine Hall, 143 South Court Street.
Petersburg (independent city)
Battersea, 793 Appomattox Street.
City Market, Cockade Alley.
Exchange Building, 15-19 West Bank Street.
Pittsylvania County
Chatham vicinity, Little Cherrystone, 0.1
mile north of intersection of Routes 703
and 832.
Portsmouth (independent city)
Drydock No. 1, Norfolk Naval Shipyard.
Portsmouth Courthouse, northeast corner
of Court and High Streets.
Portsmouth Olde Towne Historic District,
bounded on the north by Crawford Park-
way, on the south by London Street, on the
east by the Elizabeth River, and extending
0.1 mile west of Washington Street.
Powhatan County
Powhatan Court House, Powhatan Court
House Historic District, 0.2 mile north and
south and 0.1 mile east and west of Routes
13 and 300.
Powhatan vicinity, Belmead, 0.5 mile north-
west of intersection of Routes 663 and 600.
Prince Edward County
Briery vicinity, Briery Church, 0.3 mile north
of intersection of Routes 747 and 671.
Hampder-Sydney, Hampden-Sydney College
Historic District, bounded approximately
by the campus of Hampden-Sydney
Prince George County
Petersburg National Battlefield (see Dinwid-
die County).
Brandon vicinity, *Brandon, west bank of
the James River at end of Route 611.
Hopewell vicinity, Merchant's Hope Church,
0.5 mile west of intersection of Route 641
and Virginia 10.
Prince William County
Dumfries, Old Hotel, U.S. 1.
Manassas vicinity, Manassas National Bat-
tlefield Park.
Minnieville vicinity, Bel Air, 0.9 mile west of
Route 640.
Pulaski County
Radford vicinity, Ingles Ferry, 0.9 mile north
of intersection of Routes 611 and 624.
Richmond (independent city)
Beers (William) House, 1228 East Broad
Bell Tower, Capitol Square.
Branch Building, 1015 East Main Street.
Donnan-Asher Iron Front 'Building, 1207-
1211 East Main Street.
Egyptian Building, southwest corner of East
Marshall and College Streets.

First African Baptist Church, northeast cor-
ner of College and East Broad Streets.
First Baptist Church, northwest corner of
12th and Broad Streets.
Governor's Mansion, Capitol Square.
Hancock-Wirt-Caskie House, 2 North Fifth
Hollywood Cemetery, 412 Cherry Street.
James River and Kanawha Connection
Locks, south of Gary Street between 10th
and 13th Streets.
Jefferson Hotel, northeast corner, West Main
and North Jefferson Streets.
Kent-Valentine House, 12 East Franklin
Leigh (Benjamin Watkins) House, 1000 East
Clay Street..
Main Street Station, 1520 East Main Street.
*Marshall (John) House, Ninth and Mar-
shall Streets.
Maupin-Maury House, 1105 East Clay Street.
Monument Avenue Historic District, bounded
on the southeast by a straight line running
from the center of the block on Grace
Street between Ryland and Lombardy
Streets to the intersection of Birch Street
and Park Avenue; on the southwest by
Park Avenue to Belmont Avenue and then
west in a straight line to the intersection
of Roseneath Road and Wythe Avenue; on
the northwest by a straight line from
Wythe Avenue and Roseneath Road to
Grace Street and Roseneath Road; and on
the northeast by Grace Street.
Monumental Church, 1224 East Broad Street.
Morson's Row, 219-223 Governor Street.
Putney Houses, 1010-1012 East Marshall
Richmond City Hall, bounded by 10th, Broad,
llth, and Capitol Streets.
Richmond National Battlefield Park, East
Broad Street.
St. John's Church Historic District, bounded
roughly by 22nd Street on the west, Mar-
shall Street on the north, East Franklin
Street on the south, and 29th Street on the
*St. John's Episcopal Church, East Broad
Street between 24th and 25th Streets.
St. Paul's Church, 815 East Grace Street.
St. Peter's Church, 800 East Grace Street.
Sheltering Arms Hospital, 1008 East Clay
Stearns Iron Front Building, 1007-1013 East
Main Street.
U.S. Post Office and Customshouse, 1000 East
Main Street.
Valentine Museum, 1005-1015 East Clay
*Virginia State Capitol (Second Confederate
Capitol), Capitol Square.
*White House of the Confederacy, Clay and
12th Streets.
William J. Clark Library and Barco-Stevens
Hall, west side of Lombardy Street at in-
tersection with Brook Road.
Richmond County
Ethel vicinity, Menokin, 0.8 mile southwest
of Route 690, 1.2 miles northwest of inter-
section of Routes 690 and 621.
Tappahannock vicinity, *Sabine Hall, 1.4
miles south of Intersection of Routes 624
and 360.
Warsaw vicinity, *Tayloe (John) Plantation,
Mount Airy, 1 mile west of Warsaw on U.S.
Rockbridge County
Lexington vicinity, Timber Ridge Presbyte-
rian Church, 0.3 mile southwest of Inter-
section of Routes 11 and 716.
Staunton vicinity, *McCormick (Cyrus)
Farm and Workshop, 18 miles south of
Staunton on U.S. 11 and Rockbridge
County 606 at Walnut Grove.
Shenandoah County
Middletown vicinity, Fort Bowman, 0.4 mile
northeast of intersection of Routes 11 and



New Market vicinity, New Market Battlefield
Park, 1 mile north of the intersection of
Routes 11 and 211.
Smyth County
Marion vicinity, 'Preston House, Herondon,
0.1 mile south of intersection of Routes
645 and 1,1.
Spotsylvania County
Fredericksburg vicinity, Fredericksburg and
Spotsylvania County Battlefields Memorial
National Military Park, Fredericksburg and
the area in Spotsylvania County to the
west and southwest.
Stafford County
Brooke vicinity, Potomac Creek Site, north
bank of Potomac Creek at confluence with
Accokeek Creek.
Falmouth, Falmouth Historic District, ex-
tending from the intersection of Routes
1 and 17. 0.3 mile north, 0.6 mile east, 0.2
mile south, and 0.3 mile west.
Falmouth, *Melchers (Gari) Home, Belmont.
Garrisonvillle vicinity, Aquia Church, 0.1 mile
north of intersection of Routes 1 and 610.
Staunton (independent eity)
Western State Hospital, Main Building,
southeast corner of Greenville Avenue and
Route 250.
Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind,
southeast side of intersection of East Bev-
erly Street and Pleasant Terrace.
*Wilson (Woodrow) Birthplace, North Coal-
ter Street between Beverly and Frederick
Surry County
Bacon's Castle, *Allen (Arthur) House,
Bacon's Castle.
Jamestown vicinity, Chippokes Plantation,
south bank of James River between Col-
lege Run on the west and Lower Chippokes
Creek on the east, opposite Jamestown
Surry vicinity, Four Mile Tree, 0.2 mile
northeast of the intersection of Routes 610
and 618.
Surry vicinity, Smith's Fort, 0.8 mile north-
east of the intersection of Routes 31 and
Sussex County
Grizzard vicinity, Fortsville, 1.6 miles south-
east of the intersection of Routes 612 and
Homeville vicinity, Chester, 0.2 mile north of
the intersection of Routes 625 and 35.
Tazewell County
Maiden Spring vicinity, Indian Paintings,
21/2 miles northwest of Maiden Spring.
Virginia Beach (independent city)
*Cape Henry Lighthouse, Atlantic Avenue at
U.S. 60.
Pembroke Manor, 1.5 miles east of intersec-
tion of Routes 58, 627, and 647.
*Thoroughgood (Adam) House, 4 miles east
of Norfolk on Lynnhaven River.
Wishart-Bousch House, 0.4 mile east of inter-
section of Route 649 and Absalom Road.
Warren County
Cedar Creek Battlefield and Belle Grove (see
Frederick County).
Milldale, Mount Zion, 0.7 mile northeast of
Intersection of Routes 624 and 639.
Washington County
Abingdon, Abingdon Bank, 225 East Main
Abingdon, Abingdon Historic District, ex-
tending 0.1 mile north and south of Main
Street (Route 11) and 0.3 mile northeast
and southwest of intersection of Main and
Cummings Streets.

Westmoreland County
Fredericksburg vicinity, George Washington
Birthplace National Monument, 38 miles
east of Fredericksburg via Virginia 218, 301,
and 705.
Stratford, *Lee (Thomas) Plantation, Strat-
ford Hall.
Tucker Hill vicinity, *Yeocomico Church, on
Route 606, 0.5 mile southwest of Tucker
Williamsburg (independent city)
*Bruton Parish Church, Duke of Gloucester
Colonial National Historical Park (see James
City County).
*Randolph (Peyton) House, Intersection of
Nicholson and North England Streets.
*Semple (James) House, south side of Fran-
cis Street between Blair and Waller Streets.
*Williamsburg Historic District, bounded by
Francis, Waller, Nicholson, North England,
Lafayette, and Nassau Streets.
*Wren Building, College of William and Mary,
College of William and Mary campus.
*Wythe House, west side of the Palace Green.
Winchester (independent city)
Handley Library, northwest corner of Brad-
dock and Piccadilly Streets.
*Jackson (Thomas J.) Headquarters, 415
North Braddock Street.
Wythe County
Max Meadows vicinity, Shot Tower, 0.1 mile
west of intersection of Route 608 and
Route 52, 2.3 miles southeast of intersec-
tion of Route 52 and Route 619.
York County
Colonial National Historical Park (see James
City County).
Lackey vicinity, Lee House, Kiskiack, 2.4
milds northeast of intersection of Routes
238 and 168.
Yorktown, Grace Church, intersection of
Route 1003 and Main Street.
Clark County
Vancouver, Fort Vancouver National Historic
Franklin County
Lyons Ferry vicinity, *Marmes Rockshelter,
1 mile north of Lyons Ferry on west side
of Palouse River.
Jefferson County
Port Townsend, Fowler, Captain Enoch S.,
House, corner of Polk and Washington
Port Townsend, James, Francis Wilcox, House,
corner of Washington and Harrison Streets.
Port Townsend, Leader Building (Fowler
Building) 226 Adams Street.
Port Townsend, Manresa Hall (Eisenbeis
Castle), Sheridan Street.
Port Townsend, St. Paul's Episcopal Church,
corner of Jefferson and Tyler Streets.
Port Townsend, Starrett House, 744 Clay
King County
Redmond vicinity, Marymoor Prehistoric
Indian Site, 6046 West Lake Sammamish
Parkway NE.
Seattle, Pike Place Market Historic District,
bounded roughly by First Avenue and
Stewart Street on the northeast, News
Lane on the east Union Street on the
southeast, Western Avenue on the west,
and Virginia Street on the northwest.
Seattle, Pioneer Hall, 1642 43rd Avenue East.
Seattle, Pioneer Square-Skid Road Historic
District, starting at the intersection of
Alaskan Way Viaduct and Columbia Street,
proceeding east to the midpoint between
First and Second Avenues; then south to
Cherry Street and east on Cherry to the


midpoint between Second and Third Ave-
nues; then south to a point about 75 feet
north of Washington Street, then east to
Third Avenue South; and south to a point
about 75 feet south of Washington Street;
proceeding west to Second Avenue South,
then south to the midpoint between South
Jackson and South King Streets; west to
the midpoint between Occidental Avenue
South and First Avenue South, then south
to South King Street and west to First
Avenue South; then south to a point about
125 feet south of South King Street, then
west to the Alaskan Way Viaduct and north
to the intersection with Columbia Street.
Seattle, Wawona schoonerr), Seattle Police
Harbor Patrol Dock, foot of Densmofe
Kitsap County
Port Gamble, *Port Gamble Historic District.
Pacific County
Chinook vicinity, *Chinook Point, 0.5 mile
southeast of Fort Columbia Historical
State Park on U.S. 101.
Pierce County
Tacoma, *Fort Nisqually Granary, Point De-
fiance Park.
San Juan County
Friday Harbor vicinity, San Juan Island, San
Juan Island National Historical Park.
Walla Walla County
Walla Walla vicinity, Whitman Mission Na-
tional Historic Site, 6 miles west of Walla
Walla off U.S. 410.
Whatcom County
Bellingham, Whatcom Museum of History
and Art, 121 Prospect Street.
Berkeley County
Martinsburg, Boydville, 601 South Queen
Martinsburg, Stephen, Adam, House, 309 East
John Street.
Brooke County
Bethany, Old Main, Bethany College, Beth-
any College campus.
Bethany vicinity, Campbell, Alexander, Man-
sion, east of Bethany on West Virginia 67.
Jefferson County
Harpers Ferry, Harpers Ferry National His-
torical Park (also in Washington County,
Kanawha County
Charleston, Craik-Patton House (Elm Grove),
1316 Lee Street.
Dunbar, Dutch Hollow Wine Cellars, Dutch
. Hollow Road.
South Charleston, South Charleston Mound
(Criel Mound), in a triangle formed by
Oakes, MacCorkle, and Seventh Avenues.
Marshall County
Moundsville, *Grave Creek Mound, Tomlinson
and Ninth Streets.
Mason County
Point Pleasant vicinity, Point Pleasant Bat-
tleground, confluence of the Ohio and
Kanawha rivers.
Mineral County
Fort Ashby, Fort Ashby, South Street.
Monongalia County
Cheat Neck vicinity, Henry Clay Furnace,
southeast of Cheat Neck in Cooper's Rock
State Forest.
Morgantown, *Wade (Alexander) House, 256
Prairie Street.



Monroe County
Sweet Springs, Old Sweet Springs, West Vir-
ginia 3, 0.5 mile from the Virginia line.
Morgan County
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Monu-
ment (see Allegany County, Md.).
Ohio County
Wheeling, Independence Hall, 16th and Mar-
ket Streets.
Wheeling, Shepherd Hall (Monument Place),
Monument Place and Kruger Street.
Wheeling, Wheeling Suspension Bridge,
across the Ohio River, east channel, from
10th Street to Wheeling Island.
Pocahontas County
Droop vicinity, Droop Mountain Battlefield
State Park, west side of U.S. 219 between
Droop and Hillsboro.,
Hillsboro vicinity, Buck (Pearl) House,
northeast of Hillsboro on U.S. 219.
Raleigh County
Beckley, Wildwood (General Alfred Beckley
Home), 117 Laurel Terrace.
Randolph County
Elkins, Graceland (Henry Gassaway Davis
Home), Davis and Elkins College.
Tucker County
Pierce vicinity, Fairfax Stone Historical
Monument, northeast of Pierce.
Brown County
Green Bay, Baird Law Office, 2630 South
Webster Avenue.
Green Bay, Cotton House, 2632 South Web-
ster Avenue.
Green Bay, Hazlewood, 1008 South Monroe
Green Bay, Tank Cottage, 10th Avenue and
Fifth Street;
Columbia County
Portage vicinity, Fort Winnebago Surgeon's
Quarters, 0.1 mile east of the corporate
city limits on Wisconsin 33.
Crawford County
Prairie du Chien, *Astor Fur Warehouse,
Water Street, St. Feriole Island.
Prairie du Chlen, *Brisbois (Michael)
House, Water Street, St. Feriole Island.
Prairie du Chien, *Dousman Hotel, Water
Street, St. Feriole Island.
Prairie du Chien, *Second Fort Crawford,
bank of the Mississippi River.
Prairie du Chien, *Villa Louis, St. Feriole
Dane County
Madison, *North Hall, University of Wiscon-
sin, University of Wisconsin campus.
Madison, Wisconsin State Capitol, Capitol
Maple Bluff, *La Follette (Robert M.) Home,
733 Lakewood Boulevard.
Door County
Fish Creek vicinity, Eagle Bluff Lighthouse,
3.5 miles north of Fish Creek on Shore
Road, in Peninsula State Park.
Douglas County
Solon Springs vicinity, Brule-St. Croix Por-
tage, about 3 miles northeast of Solon
Springs in Brule River State Forest.
Grant County
Cassville vicinity, Stonefield, 2.5 miles west of
Cassville, on County Route VV.
Jefferson County
Fort Atkinson, Panther Intaglio Effigy
Mound, on Wisconsin 106 at west corporate
city limits.
Lake Mills vicinity, *Aztalan, near Lake Mills
on Wisconsin 89, Aztalan State Park.


Lafayette County
Belmont vicinity, First Capitol, 3 miles north
and 1 mile west of Belmont.
Marinette County
Peshtigo, Peshtigo Fire Cemetery, Oconto
Avenue between Peck and Ellis Avenues.
Oconto County
Oconto, *Oconto Site, Copper Culture State
Rock County
Janesville, Lincoln-Tallman House, 440 North
Jackson Street.
Sauk County
Baraboo, Ringling Brothers Circus Head-
quarters, Ringlingville, bounded roughly
by Water Street on the north, Briar Street
on the east, Lynn Street on the south,
and East Street on the west.
Washington County
West Bend vicinity, Lizard Mound State
Park, 3 miles northeast of West Bend on
Wisconsin 144, then 0.33 mile east on
County Route A.
Big Horn County
Kane vicinity, *Medicine Wheel (Indian
site), just north of U.S. 14 alternate,
about 15 miles east of Kane.
Carbon County
Elk Mountain vicinity, Fort Halleck, NW/4
NE/4NE/ sec. 20, T. 20 N., R. 18 W.
Rawlins vicinity, Bridger's Pass, SE1/4NW/4
sec. 8, T. 18 N., R. 89 W.
Fort Fred Steele vicinity, Fort Fred Steele,
on North Platte River at point of Union
Pacific Railroad crossing.
Independence Rock vicinity, *Sun (Tom)
Ranch, 6 miles west of Independence
Rock on Wyoming 220 (also in Natrona
Converse County
Glenrock vicinity, Glenrock Buffalo Jump,
about 2 miles west of Glenrock Interchange
on Int. 25.
Orpha vicinity, Fort Fetterman, Orpha
County Road, 0.1 mile west of Orpha Road,
7 miles north of Int. 25.
Fremont County
Fort Washakie, Fort Washakie, on U.S. 287.
Moneta vicinity, Castle Gardens Petroglyph
Site, c. 28 miles south of Moneta on U.S.
South Pass City, South Pass City, sec. 20, T.
29 N., R. 100 W.
South Pass City vicinity, *South Pass, 10
miles southwest of South Pass City on
Wyoming 28.
Union Pass, on Continental Divide, 12 miles
west-southwest of Wind River Ranger
Station, Shoshone National Forest; 16
miles north-northeast of Kendall Ranger
Station, Bridger National Forest; 20 miles
east-southeast of Goose Wing Ranger Sta-
tion, Teton National Forest.
Goshen County (also in Niobrara County)
Lusk vicinity, Cheyenne-Black Hills Stage
Route and Rawhide Buttes and Running
Water Stage Stations, 1 mile west of Lusk
to c. 15 miles southwest of Lusk (includes
both stage stations).
Fort Laramie vicinity, Fort Laramie National
Historic Site, 3 miles southwest of Fort
Hot Springs County
Thermopolis vicinity, Woodruff Cabin Site,
26 miles northwest of Thermopolis, 18
miles west on County Route 0900 from
intersection with Wyoming 120.

Johnson County
Story vicinity, *Fort Phil Kearny, on sec-
ondary road west of U.S. 87.
Sussex vicinity, Fort Reno, SE1SENW1/4
sec. 33, T. 45 N., R. 78 W.
Laramie County
Cheyenne, Governor's Mansion, 300 East 21st
Cheyenne, St. Mark's Episcopal Church, 1908
Central Avenue.
Cheyenne vicinity, Francis E. Warren Air
Force Base, bounds against the west side
of Cheyenne, the two are roughly sepa-
rated by Interstate 25.
Lincoln County
La Barge vicinity, Names Hill, on the Green
River, 5 miles south of La Barge, just west
of U.S. 189.
Natrona County
Casper vicinity, *Independence Rock, 60
miles southwest of Casper on Wyoming
*Sun (Tom) Ranch (see Carbon County).
Niobrara County
Cheyenne-Black Hills Stage Route and Raw-
hide Buttes and Running Water Stage
Stations (see Goshen County).
Van Tassell, Ferdinand Branstetter Post No.
1, American Legion, lots 1 and 2, block 8,
sec. 17, T. 31 N., R. 60 W.
Park County
Cody vicinity, *Horner Site, 4 miles north-
east of Cody on U.S. 20.
Wapiti vicinity, *Wapiti Ranger Station,
Shoshone National Forest.
Platte County
Chugwater, *Swan Land and Cattle Com-
pany Headquarters, east side of Chugwater.
Guernsey vicinity, *Oregon Trail Ruts,
south side of the North Platte River, 0.5
mile south of Guernsey.
Guernsey vicinity, Register Cliff, NW'/4NW1/
sec. 7, T. 26 N., R. 65 W.
Sheridan County
Sheridan, *Sheridan Inn, Broadway and
Fifth Street.
Sheridan, Trail End, 400 Clarendon Avenue.
Sublette County
Daniel vicinity, Father De Smet's Prairie
Mass Site, S'/2SE1/4 sec. 36, T. 34 N., R.
111 W.
Daniel vicinity, *Upper Green River Ren-
dezvous Site, on Green River above and
below Daniel.
Pinedale vicinity, Fort Bonneville, NE/4NE1/4
sec. 30, T. 34 N., R. 111 W.
Union Pass (see Fremont County).
Sweetwater County
Granger, Granger Stage Station, NW/4NWi,
NE'/4 sec. 32, T. 19 N., R. 111 W.
Green River, *Expedition Island.
Rock Springs vicinity, Point of Rocks Stage
Station, SW/SWi/4 sec. 27, T. 20 N., R.
101 W.
Teton County
Jackson vicinity, Miller Cabin, c. 3 miles east
of Jackson's central square, along Main
Street; follow northeast fork of road for 1
mile beyond city limits.
Moose, Menor's Ferry, on the Snake River.
Uinta County
Fort Bridger vicinity, Fort Bridger, on Black's
Fork of the Green River near town- of Fort
Weston County
Newcastle vicinity, Jenney Stockade, NET/4
NWI/4 sec. 7, T. 44 N., R. 60 W.
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