Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: MacMillan Block 36, Lot 3
Title: Available Architectural Data
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Title: Available Architectural Data MacMillen House
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: MacMillan Block 36, Lot 3
Physical Description: Research notes
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Box: 7
Divider: Block 36
Folder: MacMillan B36-L3
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
224 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
MacMillan House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 224 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.891223 x -81.312681
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Real Estate MaoMillen House

Marianna de la Roque Q
226 Casa de mamposteria In coblja de Ja4 en malestado, del rey
iguel mente en terreno en la que avita "uan Aguilar, uno de los
delae families Islinas de pabla oion.

Escrituras p.249 no. 249 House of coquina and lot belonging to
the King, in possession of Don Lorenzo Rodriques, bounded in front
B by the church, W by the marsh, S by Don Pedio Espinosa, and N by
Government house; the lot measures in front NS 23 yds, depth EW
one hundred and ten yds, which at the rate of a quarter a real
square yd, with its increase, amounts to 848 2/4. Item 46 yds of
ooquina in length, seven yds in height and one in thickness, which
at the tate of two real square yds, amount to 644. Item two chimneys
144. Item for what relates to carpentry work of doors, windows
and roof 8.???. total including increase 2548.

Note By a decree of this government this house was granted to
Lorenzo Rodrigues, for the sum of three hundred pesos, for which he
sold it at the time he retired to Havana, as he has so certified.

p. 253 no. 253 House of coquina and King's lot occupied by Juance
Aguilar, bounded in front by the street, on the by Arnau, on the
Wbythe marsh its measurements in front NS 253 yds and depth
ninety dittowhich at the rate of b1f a real a yd. including

Real Estate MacMillen House

its increase, amounts to 10561

Note This day was issued by this government title of possession add
ownership in perpetuity of the above house and lot in favor of Don
Juan Rodriguez in virtue of the Royal oedula of June 17, 1801,
remiting to those in debt for quitrents, the payment of the capital
and rents for the houses and lots they acquired when restored to th
Royal domain in St Augustine, Dec 23 1803
Escrituras in county Judge office

316 V Title Dec 23, 1805 Gov. White to Don Juan Rodriguez house
and lot 253 block 36 oblig. ^pril 29, 1791. Prom NS 23 varas, side
NW 90 bounded on the front, which is E by the St of the old church
W the marsh N house and lot of Juan Francisco Arnau S lot of heirs
of deceased Don Muguel Yanardy.

notes from ELW

2-1 #
Tt MaoMillen house
224 St George St
Assessor's Inventory 1803
In Block 36. House of coquina and King's lot, occupied by Juan
de Aguilar, bounded in front by street, north by Francico Arnau,
west by marsh, n-s, 253 varas, e-w, 90 varas 10560 reales
Coquina - - - - - - - - - - - 448 "
4 sections of walls, 20 yds long, 4 high - -- 220 "
Chimney and roof tile - - - - - - - 120 "
Item for which relates to carpenter work, doors,
windows, floor and roof - - - - -- -- 200 *
Title issued by the Government, possession and owner-
ship in perpetuity in favor of Don Juan Rodriguez, by
Royal Cedula of 1801, Dec 23, 1803.

Deed Book
April 12,

"B and L", p 104, St Johns County Court Records.
Bernardo Segui to Pedro Miranda, with power of attorney of Dona
Franoisca de Aguilar, a house of m posteria, bounded east by
St George St,west by the marsh, north by heirs of Francisco
Arnau, south by lot of Don Bartolome de Castro y Ferriera,
Title to Don Juan Rodriquez, deceased husband of the deceased
(Dona Aguilar).

Deed Book "AAA", p 535, St Johns County Court Records

St. AguSttae Reeard
4 Jaly iWt



itiFJ 1!.

iI ldIU'A

is ,te M Uh W p troperty.
it =oS1P rl 19n0d

ban a OM a" *I-
sdtlaEfn Amoy and Mks
seUpab *tm*c0* that, 4w
eroi of nete to thoe old houn
wen the Pen do Leon and the
Aleasm we ina the height of the
SFler# fame. Wiever an of

we "o on te RMWM nr, a, jbeid ouN Ts a M AUmmFne,
atw cn ta the wn roame,, d a .,-return to ,io, homae i
4aty mown of li-"M asp -tS Ae e
mat yar no addition a AMed Mm Aus Mac M J till
gmamwesMnts wee ueod.
.re.paes that peular t .,
oMr for thrown ouwt warnth COdwMd wea he Ii OS
= Ve told Spanish flrp r*i one whog *at 4 ma plas e
d~e where ever they still trina ftei' ltoit ers lawio time
,o the a plae o ae o Bydew wall at the
-he est.aA rm o ora f t was kept. Con-
nat wtr he a tha bouMs at Bttkt&o ,tr asultaton was
o W Ns o workmen, hoping to eet

In the thA n seeeh. ste got
the f the Barracks and y a cost e1 ed whit w=t at all in
actol Wt gathering harmony. How wa the ochr pre-
intou a imp in that tedon. or d to ie the hou
When ft W a de leh eote would a vyps ity? St. A=gust sir home, _ __.-_
he room furniture from their
od Island home was shipped
awn md found admirable mtting
b the ol Aguilar hbom. The girls
of the family bfte lader
the younger set. People of note who
a*s to St AuBetfa found a con-
O tmaspi in t*s MNam.illen
There ae a umber of mueum
!cas in vanon rooms. The dia-
tae i the finest double
medetal Dmcan Pw e N peceiams
known eod ada y declared
to 4 i a gat TiB = In
Nework. Thwe an dre u, *skto
and chairs to make a collector en-
vious as they note vWrt ?MWs.
In the ftrpace am serb and-
m d the drawing Tem or*-
lace t addition has an artistic
thEfbaok. Y" 0
The old ooqina Bel had a a
weed frem above it from which
suspended the -1 "t that brought
VP suc Slue water. Not a favor st
-*VB>, MUm An Macmllm
isnup, sehe recalls wmtar was
-a* alwy.

V L) N `r.


Maria de Jesus Rodrizuez de Segui to Holmes
Ammidown, quit claim.

This Indenture made the 5th day of May in the
year of our Lord 1883 between Maria de Jesus
Rodrlguez de Segui, widow of John Segul, son of
Don Bernardo Segul, late of St. Johns County,
Florida, for herself and as guardian for her
child Maria Josefa, of the first part and Holmes
Amn idown, of New York, of the second part-Witnes.
seth that the said parties of the first part, foi
and in consideration of the sum of $833.00 law-
ful money of the United States of America to thex
in hand paid, by the said party of the second
part, at or before the ensealing an(r delivery of
these presents, the receipt whereof is hereby
acknowled: ed, having granted, bargained, con-
veyed, remised and released, and b- these pres-
ents do grant, bargain, remise,velease and con-
unto the said party of the second part and to
his heirs and assigns forever-All our undivided
right, title and interest which we have or may
have in the estate of Bernardo Segui and Lionecls
Segui, devised to us through John Segui, the
husband of said Maria de Jesus and the father of
said Maria Josefa, the said John Segui being a
son of Lon Bernardo and Dionecia Segui, and
sister of Blanca Segui, deceased. The deed being
intended to convoy the interest in both said
estates in a certain house and lot sold in St.
Augustine, Florida to Holmes Ammidown, now de-
ceased, described as follows: south by lot of
A.C. Spear, west by Maria Sanchez Creek, east by
St George St, north by premises of Holmes Ammi-
down. This estate being known as the old Segui
House. M. de Jeaus Rodriguez de Segui, as
guardiann of her child, Maria Josefa I. de Jesus
Rodriguez de Segui. Signed at Havana, Cuba, be-
fore the Consul General of Havana, Cuba, May 5,
(See map attached to notes on Lindsley house
2L4 St George St)

Titles 2-2
MacMillen house
214 St George St.

Deed Book "FF", p 178, St Johns County Court Records

State of Florida to H.P. Armidown Deed No. 13,227 "E"

Trustees of Internal Improvement Fund of the State of Florida
at $1.00 per acre, the following described land,a Beginning at
N.W. corner of high land of the lot conveyed by John M. Whitney
and wife, and J.L. Phillips and wife to H.P. Ammidown, as now
fenced south 72 3/4, west 1 chain 67 links, thence south 22
east, 1 chain 62 links, thence north 72 3/4 east 2 chains, 4 links;
from thence north 20 3/4 west 1 chain 67 links, bounded on north
by lot of Greeno, east and south by Ammidown, west by center of
Maria Sanchez Creek, 1/3 of acre and lot of land at N.W. corner,
etc. Signed at Tallahassee Oct 5, 1885. Filed Jan 6, 1886. B.F.
Oliveros, Clerk Circuit Court.

Deed Book #107, p 247
March 23, 1935
Henry Philip Ammidown and wife Beatrice, deeds to Amey MacMillen
in Block #36, north part of lot 3.
The MacMillan family has occupied this property at #224 St George
St and paying rent for same, for a period of fifty-five years
prior to purchase in 1935.
Data from aj notes-vis


'$ 3

The m1cllen house, 224 St. George Street, is shown on many of
the o'ld.maps. Typically old Spanish with its ground floor of
coquina and upper story of wood, the houj9 is still in good
condition and has been the home of the X llen family sone
1880. It is believed by some to be the site of an old Indian
burial ground. L

Data from files of FWP, St. Augustine unit
87 January 1937 vis.


Puente 1764
Square Q

Lot 218. Casa de piedra de D Juan de Paredes

11N x 82E Veras

Rocque 1788
Square 35

226. Casa de Mamposteria, su Cobija de Tefa, on mal eatado, del Rey,
igualmente au Terreno, en la que avita Juan Aguilar, uno de loa
de las Familiaa Yslenas de Poblacion.

Inventories, assessments, and
sale at Public Auction of the
houses and lots of the King,

nuesadats List
Year of 1790

Square No. 36

No. 253
(Add 528 3/4

Rubble-work nason:-y house with lot of the
King occupied by Juan de Aguilar, bounded:
N. by Arnau W. by marsh lands, E. by the
stre-t. 234 (N-S) x 90 v. @ I rr per sq. v.
Rubble-work masonry walls 56 x 4 x 1/3 v.
(c 11 rr per sq. v.
Rubble-work masonry walls 4 divisions 20
x 4 x 1/3 v. @ 12- rr ner sq. v.
For chimney and title.
For wood work of the doors, window, floor
and roof.

528 3/4




Esorituras, 12 January 1791
20 December 1792


p. 117 Mortgage Apr. 29 Mateo Guadarrama bid in for Juan
Rodriguez house & lot listed as No. 253, which he now
mortgages for Rodriguez as pledge of payments.

Block 36, Assessor's Inventory 253

28 &,

-'-''* -;

4a Street of Saint aGorge


No. 101 Juan hodrifuez son of ,anuel and of Josefa Ruiz of
Francisco Aguilar his wife, daughter of Juan and of
'elchora Homos of 21 years.
Thomas son of the said of 7 years.
Dionisia his sister of 5 years.
Domingo iafael ,er brother of 2 years.
Merchora Ranmos daW1hter of 'ihoms and of A',ueda
Vera of 46 years, widow
Thomas Aguilar son of the s~ic' of 17 years, bachelor 7


3- .3

Tax c. 1800
Square 36

253. house of coqniin n:. Kin,'s lot occupied by juan de Aguilar,
bound.dd in front b:;y st:ect, N by Arnau, '4 by marsh, N 23. X 90
*.** .... ****** *.. . .. .... C56
Iten coquina 56 -vdc in ,t' *4 y:rs In height, 1/3 'ide... 448
Item four section of W1'll, 0O yards long, 4 high, and k/3 ,ide. 220
Chimney va:-d roof-tile of said house.............*********....... ... 120
Iten for what rolater to thr carpenter work of doors, windows,
floor and roof ............................................ 200

This day was issued by this Goverrmert title of -ossession and
owvmrrship in perpetuity of the above house and lot in favor of
Don Juan Rodriguez, in virtue of the Royal cedula of 17 June
1801, remitting to those in debt for quitrents, the payment of
the capit al and rents for the houses and lots they acquired when
restored to the Royal doTain, St. Augustine, Dedember 23, 1803

Esorituras, 3 February 1803
29 December 1804

316v Dec, 23 Governor White to Don Jutno Rodriguez house and lot
253 Block 36 Obligation 29 April 29 1791. Front N-S
23 varas side E-W 90 on front which is East Street of old
Church West the marsh North house of deceased Don Miguel

Block 36, Assessor's Inventory 253

Clements 1834
Square 36, Lot 5

Lot No. 5. J. J. Hedricks (present claimant)
Franois Arnow (original claimant)

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