Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 35, Lot 1
Title: [Memo to Earle Newton re: attached report]
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Title: Memo to Earle Newton re: attached report
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 35, Lot 1
Physical Description: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Barnes, Eleanor P.
Publication Date: 1963
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Box: 7
Divider: Block 35
Folder: B35 L-1
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
32 Aviles Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Father O'Reilly House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 32 Aviles Street
Coordinates: 29.890417 x -81.311379
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July 30, 1963

Memo: To Mr. Newton
From: Eleaner Pe Barnes
Aviles Street almost complete. You will receive
in few days. Covers 19 houses and three complete
Many interesting items have come out of it.
For example the Artillery corner boasted a
Spanish gentleman with his Menendez wife the
Treasurer's daughter. Then passed to a Aritish
Naval officer, Capto Skinner, so to an English Attorney,
then to an agent for merchants, to a Spanish dealer in
Provisions and to the Minorcan gentleman, Bernardo Segui.
Today the Library stands here.
Block little "d" had the Brotherhood house and a grand-daughto
of THE de Leon, passed to the Episcopal minister and Juan
LesIie of the Banking firm...
Bl. "h" knew the grandson of a former Governor and a Ponce de
Leon in the bargain, also was shared by a Spanidh gentleman,
Don Juan de Salas. Passed eventually to Garcia, the Tavern-
Keeper and Den Juan came back to claim his home.
Bl."SW had the native born Casahonda in full charge.
He owned it all. -Passed to a British Storekeeper then
to Builder Watson, finally by deed of gift to a Minercan
lad and property was in charge of the sainted Padre Camps.
Corner of Bridge and Aviles knew the grand-daughter of
de Leon, then the Innkeep Henderson...then the British Land
Surveyor General and an Italian Wine-Merchant!
Corner of the Plaza boasted a native boy, descendant of two
prominent families, then a British Planter, followed by *
is Majesty's Councillor, member of the Governor's Staff,
then the former Attorney general...among others...finally
to the well known Florida born Sanchez-Ortigosa!
Fabulous relationships. You'll hardly credit it. Makes
my Avero complex look small.
I suggest that we clear the north end of the town this
way before proceeding south. What do yoi think?
I have sent in since June 1st, partial -t. George,
partial Charlotte, all of Cuna, all Treasury. Suppose
we do from the Gates to Governor's mansion, finish
Charlotte and do Hypolita before passing the Plaza/
Reports will be in about Thursday/

265-"c" 1763 Puente

Jees de la Rosa
Married August 7, 1741 Luisa Hernandez Ph. 175
Mrs. de la Rosa was the daughter of Pedro Fernandes
and Estefania Galdona who were wed August 26, 1716 Pa. 300
Her grandfather was Capt. Francisco Hernandes who married
Ana Ruis in 1668. Her maternal grandparents were Juan Galdona
and Isabella Arritola.
Josef de laeosa was the son of De*r Francisco de la Rosa
of the Isle of Tenerife and Augustina Cavallera of St. Augustine.
They were married 7/15/1705.

Since this was Quesada No. 35, and Kepple Block as well as
Square "c", a leek at the Escrituras numbers will give you
a good run down on the property. See ZAMORANO for numbers.
Mencrief showed William Watson here,(builder.) 1765
Fish shows names but no entries for both Pueyo and Rosa.
John Houghten had the area in 1771 and James Meeore
had it in 1779. Part seemed to go Charles Dunlap, the
Storekeeper and the one next to Pueyo house eventually
geot into the hands of Juan Salon of the Minercan Colony in 1784.
Charles Dunlap passed the north side to George Backhouse, the
Tailor in 1780. And Lorense Llanes bought from Backhouse in
So we have in 1788, Reeque, Nos. 216 and 217 encompassing the area
once known as Rosa property and (possibly?) Pueyo or Leon on-either
side according to the measurements, Juan Salon, Farmer, wife,
Margarita Nieto....and the Backheuse place sold but net consummated.
So Tailor Backhouse lived there.
On the Bridge St. corner we have the Wine merchant and farmer,

It stooeed in 1763 Dona Theresa, Mrs. Aguilar, then Don Joseph
de la Rosa...It turned into British as Henderson and Watson
held the area...It passed to Benjamin &ord on the corner
and to John Houghton when it was the Kopple Block.
The serner became Leenardi's during 2nd Spanish and before
the new owners got the next property(Rosa) it had moved
from Houghten to James Moore, sold to pay his debts to
Charles Dunlap and ended with George Backhouse.


The let was split and Backhouse seld part of it to
Darby Lary in 1784 and part to Llanes in 1785.
But in 1788 Backhouse was still on the Llanes part.
The south half under control of Lary was sold to
Juan Solon in the years to follow, certified in
1789 and sold by him to Julian Pany in 1794.
It was Julian Pany who sold to GASPAR PAPI, Greek Merchant,
in 1801.
See Escrituras. 1794 2A.
1801 IU.
For continuation of this section as
given for the years 1784/1790 in the
ZAMORANO section.

This Selen-Pany was just a let and Gaspar Papi built
the Don Toledo House sometime after 1805.
St. John's County Deed Beok"PB, pages 54/55....
Son of Papi inherited this house from father.

Papi was native of Smyrna.
Married 1781 2/10 to Ana Pens of the Minerean Colony.
He had been among the 1768 group coming to Florida.
He had property in the same block an the St. George
corner of Bridge.

Sq. w*w, 1763 Puente

No. 269: Ignacio Rose.
On Monerief 1765, Paul MeFail was here having purchased
it froe do ia Puente in 1764 as the Escrituras recite.
Escrituras: No. 331, 1785 certified the deed from Puente
te McFail. Margaret McFail, child and heir of Paul, sold
to Antonio do Palma the two story house of stone, another of
wood, built by her father...(He bought 1st house from Puente)
(This was on the corner of the Bl. "c" and a cross Street, Cadis
Palms had bought across the street in Bloee wXI with Entralgo
the year before. Margarita was orphaned. hey had a child
Dec. 17, 1785 and this child's baptism was legitimatized
by their marriage Feb. 4, 1786.
Palma was of Cadis in Spain. They applied for royal license
in January and married in February.
Margarita was Scottish, daughter of Paul McFail and Margaret Winn
of Ireland. Marriages:Canova Transcripts, P. 3. 1786.
Palma was a dealer in Proevisions.

In 1787 he sold this corner to Juan Cavedo, the Tailor and his wife,
Juana Segui. Cavedo was of the Minercan Colony.

In 1788 Roecque the block bordering Hospital Street stood this way.
Roecque Leonardi on Bridge Street corner Juan Salon then Lorenseo
Llanes, old resident, Father O'Reilly, 6r. Madrid and Juan Cavede.

Lineage of 1763 owner: Rose.
Imaeioe Rodriguez Rose of Cotes, Asturias, had married 1st 1716
Ana Pence do Leon
After her death he married 6/21/1728 Luisa Melendes Marques, daughter
of the Treasurer, Francisco Menendes Marques and Ana Basilia de Loon.
She was the widow of the Capt. Jose Sanchez do Urisa.
---The above Ignacio Rose may have been their son as both had died
prior to 1763. But it nay have been the house of Ignacie Rose, Sr.
and in the hands of his heirs. /- A

No. 264-"c', 1763 Puente

Theresa del Puevoe, wife of Don Francisco Josef de Aguilar,

Theresa was married to Aguilar 5/3/1733.
She was born 1683, the daughter of Juan Lorenzs Pueye
and Aldensa deo los Ries. They married 7/7/1706
Her father was the son of the Contader Juan de Pueye and
Maria de Leon who were betrothed in 1675 and married 1678.
See Assignment "do Leons"....June research.
Her mother was another of the daughters of Capt. Den Manuel
de los Ries and Maria de la Vera. (Rios-Henrique for full name)
They were wed in 1668. This made Mrs. Zamoraso, 267-*e" and
Theresa first eeusins. Mrs. Z's father and Theresa's mother
were brother and sister.

Theresa was listed as No. 264 en Puente.("8W) 1763
Henderson also had this full area on Menerief 1765
See the Eserituras numbers on Zaaf1 for complete
run down of this part of Block Wc Kepple in British days,
Quesada 35.
Stery goes like this:
Benjamin Lord ex-Land Surveyor General, English, wife, 5 children
and 7 slaves(1783 Census) get this area in 1782.
Sold to Reque Leonardi in 1785.
Leonardi, Italian member of the Minercan Colony, was there in
1788 Roeque, No. h15,
He was Wine-Merchant, married to Agueda Cell, MihiS6an girl.
Listed on 1786 Census No. 32, farmer. 44 years eld.
Listed in 1783, Ph. 16, Wine Merchant, five slaves..
Wife, 3 children. etc....

By doing the whole bleek in the Ewcrituras you can see where
he added to his property and the sales he made.
According to the measurements part of this area may be oVerlapped
by de Leon land. Or it may be in the de la Rosa property.
But at least this corner of Bridge and Aviles today sported
a grand-daughter of THE de Leon, a British InnKeeper, an English
Surveyor General, and an Italian Wine Merchant!


267-"c*--1763 Puente

Teribie Zamerane of Mentanes, Leon

Married 4/27/1729 Maria de les Ries--
Daughter of Temas de les Ries Henrique
Juana Redriguez de Acesta
Children of Zameran*:
Juana 1730 ------(Mrs. Lerense Josef de Leon younger)
Isabel, 1733------(Mrs. Nicelas Pence de Leon)
Salvador, 1735
Francisce, 1737
Deomingo, 1740 returnedd during 2nd Spanish-See Census 1793, No. 183)1

Mrs. Zamerane's parents were married Feb. 4, 1704, Ph. 237.
Her father, Temas de les Ries Henrique,was bern 1674 the son
of Capt. Don Francisce de los Ries Henrique and Maria de la Vera.
This couple married in 1668.
Her mother Mrs. Ries-Henrique, (Juana Redriguez-Acesta) was
born in 16A6 the daughter of Den Manuel Redriguez Acosta and
Catalina Arguelles, married 1684. Catalina was sister of
Mrs. Lorense Josef de Leon, the elder.
This nade Juana Zamerano de Leon's great grandmother and
de Leon's grandmether---sisters(Arguelles side) They were
4th cousins.

This block "c" in 1763 was the Kepple Bleck during British period.
It is Quesada Ne. 35.

Puente showed No. 267 as Zamerane. 1763
Mencrief had Hendersen here in 1765
Escrituras: 1785: 1 1 1784: No. 95

1787: 21

1788: 225
All relate to thia ock and give answers to

1789: 253

1790: 55

recitation of

Zaeorano*... -2

Briefly this is the story of Zamerano's land.
Puente sold to James Henderson in 1764(among
other parcels)
#Henderson is there on Moncrief, 1765
He had a store and an Inn. DeBraha's 1771
This section case to John Holmes, the gentleman
from South Carolina, Planter, bachelerl. with 3 children! ?
In 1769 he sold to Mary Christie while Jesse Fish was
also selling to Holmes another lot and house on the south.
All of it was sold to Mary Christie who in turn sold it
in 1786 to Dr. Bernarde do la Madrid, Surgeon.
From Madrid in 1790 it went to Jose Poseso do Burge, Corsian
Hide-dealer and Storekeeper. See 1786 Consus Noe. 20
1793 Census; No. 53
Peso do Bur o married a girl from the Colony a Greek
by name of Maria Mabriti. He had 15 slaves in 1793.

Mary Christie was thought to be the wife of James Christie
of Georgia who came here in &777..

Dr. Madrid was native of Havana, married December 13, 1786
Pastera Chacen of Havana in St. Augustine. Father Thomas
Hassett performed the ceremony.

Puonte, 1763.

Don Lorense Josef do Leon:
It is an-necessary to repeat his lineage as it has been
referred to many times in these reports. Suffice to say he married
Toribio Zamoerano's daughter, Juana, Dec. 9, 1754, P. 320.
This was his third marriage. In 1721 he had married Gertrude do
Florencia. In 1725 he married Petrena de Eseobar.
He died in Campo he, Mexice, in 1784.
He was son of Capt. Juan Jesef de Leon and grandson of the Capt. Don
Lerense Josef de Leon, the elder.

The present day de Leon house is still standing on Aviles Street.
It is called the O'Reilly Ibuse.

Menerief shews Hendersoa in this location in 1765.
James Henderson, the InnKeeper.
The do Selis map gives a detailed formal garden here.
The property directly in back of this one on St. George Street
was, during British days, that of William Johnson, InnKeeper, teo.
This was the Kepple Block.
Father O'Reilly get this, tee, in 1785.
Dec. 15 1772 the Aviles Street section was granted to James Pedman,
(Penman) the principal storekeeper. (deeds tern here) JohnMNewbray
(Captain) get it eventually and sold it to Father O'Reilly March
18, 1785, No. 191. Esc:
From then en it remained with Father O'Reilly until his death
then was left to the church. His WILL, March 1803 is in the iscrittras
of that year, 41v to 48...There were bequests but this one was left
to funLda religious house...

Sq. melf 9 M

,' .) J6

Sq. "c", 1763 Puente

No. 268: Juan Martines(Den Juan)
His house set a little back from the street between Zamerane
en the south and Ignacio Rose en the north.
On Mencrief, 1765 Fish seems to be in this area prior to sale.
Escrituras for the whole block are: 1784, No. 95
1785, Ne. 191
1787, No. 21
1788, Ne. 225
1789, No. 253v
1790, No. 545
No. 179, 1785 gives recitation of owners of this section.
Briefly Howard certified that Juan Elixie de la Puente sold
to James Henersen, July 20, 1764 houses of Zamoraao while
in 1769 Jesse Fish sells to John Holmes house and lot which joins
this one south(where Zamerane was) then grant to John Helmes
same year of other let with buildings...The Fish section was
Martinez' place. Finally a brief of session by Helmes to
Mary Christie. Then March 12, 1785 Mary sells to Dr. Bernarde
Madrid. Evidently Dr. Madrid got both places. (Zamorano and Martines)
No. 545, 1790 adds to-this. An agent for Dr. Madrid sells all this
to Jose Pose do Burge, the Corsican *torekeeper and hide-dealer.
Both were covered in the Zamorano report. As was John Holmes.
In 1788 Jose Pese do Burge is still there. His background was also
severed in the Zamerane file. "67."c".

w*,.. -2-

Juan Martines was born August 3, 1722, son of Estevan Martinez
and Jesepha Rodrigues de Acosta who were married Jan. 19th, 1714, Ph. 2J
He was brother of Augustina Mrs. Felis Lopes de Toledo, married in 1733
(Brother of Alvare in Bl. "A")
His mother was the daughter of Don M-anuel Rodriguesde Acesta and
Citalina de Arguelles, who were married June 7, 1684t h. 157.
('atalina was sister of the elder Mrs. L.J. de Leon)
Den Juan's great grand father was Capt. Antonio de Arguelles, No. 48
en the Ruined House list of 1702.
Here were many double and triple relationships. I find no marriage
for Don Juan Martines to date.


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