Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 34, Lot 2 Ximenez-Fatio House
Title: Andres Ximenes: 1806
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Title: Andres Ximenes: 1806
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 34, Lot 2 Ximenez-Fatio House
Physical Description: Inventory
Language: English
Physical Location:
Box: 7
Divider: Block 34
Folder: B34, L2 Ximenez-Fatio House
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
20 Aviles Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Ximenez-Fatio House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 20 Aviles Street
Coordinates: 29.891099 x -81.311673
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Andres Ximenes:1806.

Translation by E.W.Lawson,
Washington, 1944.



(Brought forward)

Furniture of the House.
Item: The executor showed a large bed frame of chintz
with its tester of canvas which was appraised by
experts at twentyfive pesos.

Itemt The bed hangings of chintz were appraised at
five pesos.












A mosquito net, much used, f6ae peales.

A pine table, old, one peso.

Another, round, of cahoba /mahogany_/ sixteen pesos

Another, rectangular, of juniper, six pesos.

Two of same of pine with drawers, both 6 pesos.

Eighteen straight chairs, medium used, twenty-two

One cradle, 12 reales.

One mlrror, twelve reales.

Two painted trays, old, four reales each.

Two andirons of iron for the kitchen and a pair
of tongs, twenty reales.

Earthenware and Glassware.
Item: Eleven platters assorted, three pesos.

Item: Eight deep blue plates and eight shallow ones,
seven and a half reales.

Item: One soup tureen wJ+hout cover a.rd .w,c salad bowls,
eight reales.

ry' Tw-s eisll -Dunmch bowls at twz re.les v'"!-














Andre* Ximenos, 1806.

Items Two coffee pots of table ohina, three reales each.

Item: Two white cups at two reales *aoh.

Items One large glass, six reales.

Items Four same, mediu at one real eaoh.

Items Six glass bottles, two pesos.

Gold, Silver and Other Metals.
Item: Two gold rosaries,thirtyfour pesos.

Items One little one, for a little girl, in pieces,
four peaea.

Items our gold rings, five pesos.

Items Two pairs of gold buttons and one same, smaller,
for all eight pesos.

Items One pair same, of silver, two reales.


Items A pair of silver buckles with half staff of pinch-
boeck which weigh six ounces, at six reales the

Items A pair of same also of silver with their strip
buckles with half staff of pinchbeck and weigh
five and three quarters ounces at six reales
the ounee.

Itemt A pair of the same for a boy, in pieces, with
three ounces weight at six reales the ounce.

Item: Ten silver spoons at twenty pesos.

Items A dosen knives and forks of cascarilla, eight

Item: Four ordinary table knoves, used, twelve reales.

Item: Seven tin spoons, used, two reales.

Item: Four trays of sheet tin, four reales.

Items Seven candle sticks of ordinary metal and two small
ones with handles of same, four reales.

Item: A metal mortar with its pestle, four reales.

Items A metal syringe, five reales.







506-? *










Andres Ximenes, 1806.

Items One large copper kettle and another smaller of
brass, ten pesos, four reales. 10-4

Items One copper coffee pot, twelve reales, 1--4

Items Five small iron pots, coated, three pesos. 5---

Items One small oven of same, one peso. 1---

Items One small coffee mill, one peso. 1---

Varios Tools.
Items Two spades; one iron bar; two axes, one useless; two
hand hatchets; two small hammers; twp hand saws; and
two useless planes. For all, six pesos, 6---
Items Two willow baskets, four reales. 4

The above inventory, except for errors and omissions, amounts
to five hundred and thirty pesos and five reales. The executor
stated that he did not know of any more goods than those shown and
the house and lot, with the other in front of it, the appraisal of
which is in charge of the Principal tasters of Masonry and Carpentry,
they offering at the same time to give information of whatever effects
and furniture that comes to their notice as belonging to the deceased
whose clothing is not inventoried for being little and it has been
distributed among his children. This Act is concluded and His Lord-
ship signed It with the said executor, the guardian and the cited
appraisers, with the exception of Don Antonio Martines who said he
did not know how, to which I give faith.
Santos Rodrigues.
Licenelado Ortega.

Francisco Pelliser. Vicente Llanes.

Before me:
Jos6 de Zubizarreta,

Government Notary.

Andres Ximenes, 1806. 4.


In the City of St. Augustine, Florida, the tenth of July,

one thousand eight hundred and six: Before me the notary appeared

Don Josh Lorente and Don Martin Hernandez Principal Masters the

first of Masonry of the Royal Works of this Plaza, and the second of

those of Carpentry, and they delivered to me the two appraisals,
that are in the continuation, of the house and lot of the deceased
An/dres Xisenee and the other lot which lsarfound in front, stating that

both are arranged according to the estimation of the time and aeeeord-

ing to their science and conscience and as such they ratify them

under the oath +hey gave when they accepted the offices to which they

were named in these proceedings by provision of the court, and they

signed them to which I give faith.

Josh Lorente Martin Hernandez

Before me: Josh de Zubizarreta,
Government Notary.


Appraisal of +he House and Lot of the deceased Don Andrbs
Ximenes, situated on the Street of the Hospital, made by the
Principal Master of the Royal Works of this Plaza: To wit:
3 1 Pesos Reales.
For 105 varas of Masonry of the East wall at 22* rrs.
the vara 292 li
For 821 ditto of the North wall 232
For 135 ditto of the West wall 292 1*
For 82* ditto of the South wall 232
For 41 dittofor the two partitionsof the first floor
front room 71 6
For 100 ditto of the wall of the Dining Room at the
West at 17 rrs. the vara 212 4
For 19 ditto of the partition of the upper front room 40 3
For 216 varas of the foundations of the house at 6rrs.
the vara 182
For 14 varas of the masonry of the chimney of the front
room at 36 rrs. the vara 63
For 198 veras of the cement floors of the lower house
at 4 rrs. the vara 99
'or 33 Varas of the masonry of the North wall of the first
storehouse at 17 rrs. the vara. 70 1
For 45 ditto of the West wall of the same 95 5"
For 33 ditto of the South wall of the same. 70 1
For ?2 dit t o ?he .ou rto..n, of s'., *- w-ll att 5rra. 13 6
? S)* ., --* ^,- .-,. .' ;.' > i^ ^ ~ t 3 ^ ^*_
16 7

Andres Almenes,1baO

For 14 ditto of the Masonry of the North wall of the 2nd.
storehouse at 17 rrs. the vara. 29 6
For 16 ditto of the West wall of the same. 35 2
For 24 ditto of the South of the same. 63 4
For 16 ditto of the foundations at 4 rre the vara. 8 0
For 8 ditto of the Chimney at 28 rrs. the vara. 28 0

For 18 varas of the East Wall of the Kitchen at 21 rre.
the vara. 47
For 18 varas ditto of the West of the Same. 47
For 10 ditto of the North of the same. 26
For 10 ditto of the South of the same. 26
for 6* same of the Kitchen Chimney at 28 rrs. the vara 22
For an Oven 20
For 26 varas of the foundations of the Kitchen at 4 rrs. 13
For a well of masonry. 30
For 45 varas of masonry of the fence at the south at 10 rrs 56
For 902 square varas of the House and Lot at 2* rrs. the
vara. 281


Lot of the same owner on the same street.
For 12 varas of masonry of the chimney of the Kitchen
at 3 pesos the vara. 36
For 214 square varas of the Kitchen and lot at 2j rrs. 66 7
102 7

St. Augustine, Florida, 8th July, 1806.
Josh Llorente.

P.25. Appraisal of the House of the deceased Don Andres Ximenez
situated on the Street of the Hospital, made by the Principal Master
of Carpentry of the Royal Works of this Plaza, Martin fernandez,
with statement of the prices of each item.
Pesos. Renles.Mt

For 15 doors 210
For 16 windows 280 4
For floors, ceilings, razoes (?) and partitions. 450
For 1 stairway with a Tloset under the same, railings
and balasters. 163
For 1 roof with 4 windows. 434
For mouldings and /door and window / frames of the house.202.
Total 1739 4

For 3 doors and 3 windows.
For 1 floor.
For 1 roof of shingles.
For 1 same of split pine.
For one ladder. literally "hand stairway"_/

For 3 doors.
For 3 windows.
For 1 shingle roof



254 4



273.8 5


Andres Ximenes 1806.

For the Common Place (Privy) Laundry and Wooden Fences 79 ---
Lot opposite the House.
For 1 Hquse of wood situated in the interior of the
land 17* feet long and 12 wide and 7 high with its
fence of split pine. 45

P.25v. Summary.
Main house 1739 4
Store house 254 4
Kitchen 95
Common place,Laundry and Fences 79
Lot opposite and interior house.

St. Augustine 8th July, 1806.
Martin Hernandez.

Inventory of Papers:
In the City of St. Augustine, Florida,the twelfth of July of one
thousand eight hundred and six: the Senor Don Jose de Ortega
Attorney of the Royal Council, Lieutenant Governor, Auditor of War
and Assessor General of this Plaza and Province for His Majesty:
With the object of making an account by formal inventory of the
debts existing In favor of the heirs of Andres Ximenes deceased and
the several memoranda, papers and receipts which his testamentary
executor Don Santos Rodriguez has presented, I proceeded to the
examination of the aforesaid papers in +he presence/p/26/ the cited
executor, and of me the below written notary, and the following debts
The Captain of Grenadiers Don Manuel Martinez by various receipts
and loose papers, six hundred and seventy four pesos three reales 674-3
The Captain Don Manuel de Castilla by several papers, fifty eight
pesos. 58
The Captain Don Benito de Pangua by the same, and endorsementof
the Soldier Miguel Roe, two hundred and six pesos. 206
The Captain Don Tomas Llorente for the same, fifty seven pesos
four reales. 57-4
The Lieutenant Don Francisco Vallejo by a receipt, eighty six
pesos four reales. 86-4
The Subtenant Don Martin Oderiz for one ditto fifty pesos. 50
The Subtenant Don Miguel de la Fonts sillas for one ditto
eight pesos. 8
The First Sergeant of Grenadiers Cristoval Bravo for one ditto
nine pesos. 9
The Sergeant Blas Crespo for one ditto forty seven pesos four
reales. 47-4
Lend of pate_/

/-~~fr 2 L~ i ~'

S pr, 4c eu
9 Vs< / 0/3 6

A pproy


D73l 9f


fpP o

Ce~'~e~P J5~~fZ/uc~s~%

)( 3~3 A~4

c- I .. ,- a

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