Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Hospital, Sp. Military, Block 28 Lot 2
Title: [Letter to Ms. Anita Gregory, Registrar]
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Title: Letter to Ms. Anita Gregory, Registrar
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Hospital, Sp. Military, Block 28 Lot 2
Physical Description: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Spikes, Tracy
Publication Date: 1993
Physical Location:
Box: 7
Divider: Block 28 Lot 2 (Spanish Military Hospital)
Folder: Hospital, Sp. Military, B28 L2
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
3 Aviles Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spanish Military Hospital (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 3 Aviles Street
Coordinates: 29.891837 x -81.311598
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^ Jidtonc SiA udn uine .o.,ox,,
O1l( J6 t16inC P.O. Box 1987
St. Augustine, Florida 32085
flt C /f G OB i (904) 825-5033
~(^ Poefva ion boaf4-"s
(SUNCOM) 865-5033

The Suitate of Fliniil
January 5, 1993

Ms. Anita Gregory, Registrar
Museum of Florida History
R. A..Gray Building
500 S. Bronough St.
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0250

Dear Anita:

Please accept my apologies for not having been able to fully
respond to your request of October 27, 1992 concerning the
objects on loan to the Military Hospital. There are too many
excuses to enumerate, plus, if you were to add the amount of
information I am now forwarding, you would be left in the never
ending "Sea of Data".
I have reviewed the draft of the loan form and the attached lists
you enclosed with your letter. On the loan form, there is one
discrepancy in the object numbered 25760 (Scarifier). This
number does not appear on any of the past loan forms from
Gainesville (Z-90-7 and Z-90-9), nor did it appear during the
March 92 inventory.

As for the other lists you attached to the October draft loan
form, many of the object numbers listed do not match any previous
Preservation Board inventory lists or loan forms from
Gainesville. In an attempt to reconcile some of these mismatched
numbers, I have written notes (enclosed) next to the objects
listed to show either where the object has been recorded on a
previous list, or possibilities of different objects having the
same number i.e., H2553. Other items may have been misnumbered
during past transfers, or some may be those items returned to you
on September 25, 1992, which were listed as not having a number.

There may be one other possibility. During and after the time of
Kate Dupes initiating the loans and installing the exhibit for
the Military Hospital, she also was working very closely with Bob
Hawk, historian for the St. Augustine National Guard, on two
separate museum projects the Tovar House in St. Augustine, and
the Fort Blanding museum. You may want to check with those
museums (Ms. Dupes and Mr. Hawk are no longer in the area) to see
if they have any of the collection.


Page 2

For your revised loan form, taking into account the above
factors, I am enclosing a list of objects that have been verified
in number and identification as currently on loan and on exhibit
in the Military Hospital.

I hope this has helped to clear up some of the mystery. If my
notes, comments or past lists seem to be too cryptic, or if you
just need more clarification, please do not hesitate to call.


Tracy Spikes
Museum Curator


,' ML( I.V r t


This list is comprised of objects visually identified as being on
loan from the Museum of Florida History, Tallahassee, Florida,
for exhibit in the Hospital Militar, Historic St. Augustine
Preservation Board, St. Augustine, Florida.

H-2553 Apqthecary bottle

H-2588 Apothecary jar, clear glass with black lid

H-2614 Apothecary jar, clear glass

H-2555 Apothecary jar, "Cathec"

H-2300 Brass microscope w/box

H-2216 Medicine chest (sea captain's)

H-2645 Distiller pot, copper with long spout/tube

H-2534 Mortar & pestle (iron)

H-2181 Pill finisher "A.J. Vidal ...Gainesville"

H-2628 Brass irrigation syringe

H-2554 Apothecary jar, white porcelain "LAPIS DEVINUS"

H-2577 Pill or drug box "GYPSUM"

H-2176 Cork roller

H-2302 Eye exam glasses

H-2308 Doctor's bag w/vials inside

H-2521 Micro slides, 3 boxes

H-2531 Cork sizer

H-2191 Cachet making kit

H-2571 Apothecary jar

H-2594 Pill/drug box (wood cylinder)

H-2595 Pill/drug box

H-2612 Drug box (Estes Pharmacy)

H-2623 Eye exam device

H-2662 Measure glass

No # Cork mold (cork former box)

H-2183 Medicine case

Page 2 of 2

H-2624 Dentist's turnkey

H-2136 Bottle (Quinne ... Tannete"

H-2292 Syringe kit

H-2638 Surgical kit

H-2600 or 2630 Apothecary bottle (clear glass w/wood shavings)

H-2205 Pharmacy chest

H-165 U.S. WWI small surgical kit

H-724 Drug box WW II (Germany)

H-751 2 wooden tube stethoscopes

H-324 Small pocket microscope & box

H-725 Field doctor's case (Germany)

80207 Instrument kit (surgeon's) & wood case

97958 Pill bottles (12)

H-741 Dried plasma canister

H-2297 Civil War surgical kit w/box

H-2646 Balance scales

H-2504 Wheel chair

Museum of Florida History Mr. Tracy Spikes
Division of Historical Resources
S.c Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board
Florida Department of State
Post Office Box 1987
R. A. Gray Building
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0250 St. Augustine, Florida 32085
(904)488-1484. FAX (904)488-3353 Phone ( 904 ) 825-6830
Purpose of Loan: Exhibition Loan Period: to
Method of Shipment / Delivery: Number of Cartons:

Accession No.














Description / Condition

U.S. WW I small surgical kit

drug box WW II (German)

2 wooden tube stethoscopes

small pocket microscope & box

field doctor's case (German)

instrument kit (surgeon's) & wood case

pill bottles (12)

dried plasma canister

scarifer (small brass cube) w/16 blade slots 7DSes not appear on any previous
lists, not identified in
Civil War surgical kit w/box inventory)

balance scales

wheel chairnus on ached sheet
R. continues on attached sheets

Termsand Conditions of Agreement on reverse
Authorized and approved by

SignaluraiTilleofAu horidedDsion Employee Date
All of the above items were RECEIVED in good condition except as noted. I hereby agree to the terms and conditions on the reverse.

Borrowe'ess nature Dale
All of the above itemswere RETURNED in good condition except as noted.

SIgnalure1e oofAuthorzedDhsbn Errployee Date


Sheetl of 3














pill box, wood round "Beauchamps Pills" on lid (could this be "headache
wafers" in box 6 of Packing List 9-25-92) /
apothecary jar, clear green glass cylinder (see explanation on Page 4 of
Z-90-9 Gainesville loan form)
?? (no information available on object) (no such number found during 3-19-92
apothecary bottle, clear glass cylinder (this number also for "forceps" returned
doctor's bag, alligator skin (this number listed as sterilizerr" on list "D"
o9 3-19-92 report to Gainesville, neither were
identified during inventory)
-leather case cover (rectangular) or surgeon s f tbox (no record, possibly H2638
List "C")
ceramic pharmacy slab approximately 12" x 12" (On list "D" but neither record
nor located at Hospital)
Hippocratic oath, framed marble (possibly H-860, not found in Hospital)

Dentist's turnkey (Could this be H-2624 listed on 3-19-92 inventory report Pg.

iron mortar and pestle (Is this H-2534 on list "A", Z-90-7 loan form?)

apothecary jar, clear glass with black tin lid (on exhibit in Hospital)

medicine bottle, "PULVIS EXT..." (not found on any list or inventory)

medicine tin, square "Lady Slipper," etc. XXKX K (no record of loan)

apothecary jar, clear glass (on exhibit in Hospital)

* indicates object listed on loan list from FMNH to HSAPB but noted as not located

/f" -" AleY 0'" 70 1WsX s/'-t

'7; /- / 7 CIA- J" ernrJIf/ ,,

Sheet 2 of 3

H-2555 apothecary jar, "Cathec" (on exhibit in Hospital)as per list"C"

II-2300 brass microscope w/box (" )

H-2216 medicine chest (sea captain's) (" )

HI-2645 distiller pot, copper with long spout/tube (" ) "

No # copper distiller, cylinder shaped w/faucets (similar to H-2218) (Returned 9-25-92
see packing list
pAgs 2)
11-2534 mortar & pestle (iron) (on exhibit in Hospital)as per
List "A")
H-2551 apothecary bottle "R. TARAXAC" (returned 9-25-92 see packing list box 7)

H-2181 pill finisher "A. J. VIDAL ...GAINESVILLE" (on exhibit in Hospital as per
list "A")
H-2628 brass irrigation syringe (on exhibit in Hospital as per list "A")

H-2528 medicinal goblet, label on side: G.G. Adams" (not found in 3-19-92inventory)

H-2640 fleam/lancet, spring loaded w/single blade (could be Fleam listed on Gainesvill,
Loan form Z-90-9, however, not identified during invento
H-2542 invalid cup, white ceramic w/spout (returned 9-25-92 see packing list Box6)

H-2554 apothecary jar, white porcelain "LAPIS DEVINUS" (on exhibit in Hospital
as per list "A")
H-2577 pill or drug box "GYPSUM" (" )

H-2176 cork roller (" )

H-2302 eye exam glasses (" )

H-2308 doctor's bag w/vials inside (" " " )

H-2521 micro slides, 3 boxes (" )

H-2531 cork sizer? (" " )

H-2191 cachet making kit (" " )

H-2571 apothecary jar (" " )

H-2594 pill/drug box (wood cylinder) (" " )


H-2595 pill/drug box

Sheet 3 of 3




No #









drug box (Estes Pharmacy) (On exhibit in Hospital as per list "A")

eye exam device (" ")

measure glass (" )

cork mold (cork former box) ( "

mortar & pestle small white porcelain (Returned 9-25-92 see packing list
Box 2)
Medicine case (On exhibit in Hospital as per 3-19-92
inventory report page 2)
dentist's turnkey (f "" )

bottle "Quinne ... Tannete" (" )

syringe kit (" I )'

surgical kit (I "

apothecary bottle (clear glass w/wood shavings) (" )

pharmacy chest (" )

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