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Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 28 Lot 2, Military Hospital
Title: [Historical research notes on Block 28 and Military Hospital]
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Title: Historical research notes on Block 28 and Military Hospital
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    Relacion de la actual manzana numero 28 de San Agustin, a la que correspondio el "numero 22" en el maba de rocque y la "letra s" en el de puente
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present Block 21.

1.- 1764-65 Mencrief Map.




2.- 1769 Jefferrs Map.


Page 2. (Block\ S)

3,- 1788 Recque Map.

Plan de propie-

dad particular

que marc an


10- -
- -

No, 162.- House of wood of one_/ story, in fair condition,
of the property of Matheo Hernandez, with Deed,
and Land that it cites.
No. 163.- House of masonry, and wood in fair condition, of
the property of the aforesaid Matheo Hernandez, witt
Deed, and Land that it cites, and this, as well as
the former are in the charge of the Presbyter Prist
Don Pedro Camps.

0000000000- - - -0000000000000

4,- 1798(?)Pedre Daz Berrie Map,

J: Casa que habitat el Capitfdn Dn. Gine's 0-
M: Casas qu sirven do hospital. (liva.
"- LORAfIo^

"Relacion4 del Presidio de San Agustin de la Florida y Apalache" by Pedro Sanchez


lie says it is a description 5f the city of St. Augustine_ from 1737 to 1747, when

the author was living in St. Augustine, and from that time, what he knew from letters

up to 1756.

7.- Hospital. The Hospital is a place of lime and stone (stone masonry) that could

only have from 8 to 10 beds, very close together.

(El Hospital es una pieza de cal y canto que solamente podra incluir de echo

a diez camas, con much estrechez; ...)

Source: Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid,(Signatura 11265-19.)

Page 3. ( Block 2S)

5.- The Memorial of Wm. Watson.

.... That in June 1779 he bought the lot of land in St. Augustine of Mr. Penman had con-
veyance of it from him, but the purchase was not registered.

That there was at the time of purchase a range of stables which he converted into a
dwelling house. It was about 80 feet long and 20 feet wide, seven rooms and one story
high besides which he built another dwelling house 32 feet long 20 feet wide 18 high
which was a wooden framed house glazed short shingled in part lined and two stories high.
A large wooden back store 30 feet long 18 wide and 10 feet high one story high shingled
s in the same manner one for four horses and another for 3.

\ That he gave 1 400 as the origl. purchase money, laid out4- 210 in converting the stable
into a dwelling house and building a new /g877 stable for it. That the other dwelling'
LW house and stable cost him nearly .4 300 and the other back store about 4- 150. That he left
this lot and houses under the care of Mr. Camps with directions to sell them; That has
not heard from him since the summer of 1784; he then wrote word that he could not get
1/ i4th. part of their value; That he don't know whether they were afterwards sold or not;
S but he has never received any consideration for it.



Source: Sieburt, "Loyalist in East Florida", p. 158.


Its total lot, as appears on block 22, lot 162, has 45 varas to the principal front,
the same for the East or back, 24 1/2 for the North or in front of the Plaza, and 27
xx xartasl for the '"callej6n) narrow street, and in the South front. It has theee
buildings, one that serves as hospital, of 27 varas long by 6 wide, which body has
5 partitions to the natural floor for the sick people. In the second floor, it is
the linen and the other offices and a flat roof that serves as a covert and falls to
the East, of 17 varas long.

.Apothecary Shop.

It occupies the same block and lot. It has a wooden story with the East side of
masonry of 2 1/2 varas high; following the wooden fence by the rear there is there
or-a wooden partition in the ground floor and another one of the sane in the second
story, with a little one left for the place of the stair. In the cited partition
where there is no masonry is the cross studs where is theApothecary Shop with the
armour and counter and in the front they put three steps to enter the before mentioned
and two steps in the interior in two doors, leaving in the second story a little
bedroom. It has eleven windows in the second story, the three closed with their fra-
mes, complete sashs with their pins and small panes of glass. Two doors idem.(in
the second story) with their common hingest locks. In the ground floor U single doors
witb their hingest and pins, and in the fence by the street, by its side, another
with pins hingest, its lock and key common. Two low partitions going to the patio,
the one serves as kitchen with its chimney and its cannon shape masonry, two ovens
of idem.(masonry) with the irons corresponding to the works of the said apothecary
shop and its small oven; the other that serves as dispensary (almacen) is in the
outside of wood and in the inside o6 cross studs with two single doors, one of them
with a look and the other with iron rings and padlock, and both with hingest and
pins, having the cited partition its armour of shelves in order to put the medicines.
A well of stone with its curb top of wood. All the partitions of the house have their
wooden roof and in the one of the dispensary there is a sky light (roof hatch) with
its single door. All the roof are of 'examani) shingles and its fenceof wood. In the
space (room) of the said house there is a chimney in the second and ground floor with
its cannon shape of masonry.

Source: E. Fla. Papers.Serie 260, Doc. 1. .72w 6/, //2

Hospital and apothecary shop. No. 11

b Present Block 28, lot 2.
(Hospital lot)

1764 Puente Map, NO. 235.

Study that shows what is necessary for the repairs of the Military Provisional Hospi-
tal in St. Augustine, Florida.
P8. r8. ms.
25,000 texamanies (shingles) at 7 pesos 1,000- --- -- --- T?
20 beams of 15 feet long 3xk inches thick that make pieces of 12xi
inches, 300, at 3 by 100 feet --- -- --- -- - - - -- 9
600 feet of boards of 1/2 inohe at 4 pesos 100 feet -- - - - -24
12 cintas (narrow boards?) of 20 feet long, 4%2 inches that make 160
feet at / pesos 100 feet -- - - - - - - - --- -- 6 3 6
200 feet of board of 2 inches that make 400 of 12x1 inches at 4 pe-
sos the 100 feet - - - - - - - - - - -- - 16
120 glasses (window panes) of 8x12 at 2tS& 2 1/2 reales each - - 37 4
10 frames for the placement of said glasses at 3 pesos each --- 30
4 fanegas(grain measure about 1.60 bus.) of lime for the white
brush of the interiors, at 12 reales each - - -- -- - - 6
400 kaasm1 pounds of nails at 2 reales pound --- - - - -100
Days of labor:
40 Of unclassified work with 4 reales -- -- --- - - - 20
80 of carpenters work with 8 reales - --- - - -- ---- 80
120 of said with 12 reales -- ---- --- ---- --- -- 180

683 7 6~
St. Augustine, Florida, arch 16, 1818.
(Signed) Francisco Cortfzar.
Source: Eats Florida Papers, Serie 172, Doc. 106

(From the Engineer Francisco Cortizar to Governor Don Jose Coppinger)
After having gone, according with the order of Your Lordship of March 14, of this
year, through the buildings of the King 4hab exists in this Plaza and that could be
used to serve as Provisional Military Hospital, I say to Your Lordship that I did not
find any one that could offer more facility and economy in order to have this purpuse
that the one that have served until now for the convalesce; its extension gives acco-
modations for 30 beds that are suitable in the same order to get better distribution,
assigning the first saloon at the entrance for the officers and the other three saloons
for the troops and the rest of the rooms such as garret and those that form the tens-
rior shed of the same building would serve for the linen, pantry and other a 0 ,
without having to make additional constructions, but only a little clearing and IA11

/ Bl. 28, lot 2. Page 2.

Adjoining to i is the Pharmacy and the rest that have been saved from the Hospital
that was there, such as the kitchen with the partition for the prisoners, and others;
these circumstances show that they must be preferred over the others, in which it woulc
be necessary to begin with the partitions and to make costly repairs and construction
to be able to ise it. They cannot be applied to any other building because of the
long distance that sepf-ate theri and for absolute peed thkt there is of thefr exis-
tence in this Kind of nlace and in their sorrounding:i this is why although the Ware-
house of the Rlcy,1 Treesury that has a less extensionkWould be the best because of
its situation and good st,ate I don't think so because it does not have the proper
space, and in order to make it, it is necessary to start costly work that must be
considered absolutely necessary and that for thht reason they have to be done inme-
The same could be said about other buildings of the King, particularly about the
St. Francis Convent and the house of the government, which in my opinion are the best
conditioned and situated for the purpose aimed, but their budgets sent to the higher
authority on Oct. 13, 1816, ana April 21, 1817, say clearly how much it is necessary
to do in order lo chanRge them, and that is why I am sending to Your Lornsbip the study
cf what is needed for repair of the fore mentioned building, as the only one I think
will fit the double purpose of low cost and fastest time to repair.
Cod 're Your Lord i np many years.

St. ^ugstine 0loridaj March 16, 1813.

(Signe d) 'rarncisco Cortazar.

)To) 3efor Dn. Jose' oppinger.

-Source: East Florida Papers, Serie 172, Doc. 107.

,o, fI'or As Irr,, i

,, .. qs ^Ew sed -----.---

0. Oa dt ;a. t ,.... deS Lasaga
Eo Idaa do th, Pe-aisco PM

. "* Ca.a ca qaa ue abIta *1 Cap2it D, mo. s Olve


P. 0. &w. 44 46 St. Georg* St.


/ Bernatein Property /
* LPresent block 28, lot 14

1. 176l In Puente's and Jeffrey's time the lot appears as a part of the Plaza.

2. 1788 In Rocque's time the whole section of the block appears like a lot
with the following note written on it. tLot of private property as shomn
by its foundations." (Plan de propiedad particular que marcan sus cimientos.)

3. 1790 Quesada's list sayd: Nothing.

\4s. 1798 On Sept. 25 --

To be informed by the Major Engenear (Sg.) White.

The map of the city that shows that for the formation of the Main Plaza
should continue the line of the house where lived Captain of the
Grenadiers, Don Ginks Olivat following to the E. until reaching the
line of the street in which lives Dn. Francisco Fatio, remaining by this
mean, after the houses had been built, forming the front of the Plaza that
faces theS. and as the lot solicited by the supplicant has enough exten-
sion to build two houses building one in the following of the line of the
street of the Hospital giving its widest front to the Plaza, and another to
the end that joins with the street of Dn. Francisco Fatio, in the same way
with its widest front at the same place will beautify much more than if
would only one be built and the rest of the lot would be fenced.

(If you think to give this lot it would result in some day that if the
z "- 1..room that serves as the entrance of the comdisary, which door is at the N.
of toe building it would be necessary to open another corresponding to the
...-- Atreet of the Hospital and to close the one that is open today causing an
inconvenience as the floor of the house where the pharmacy is higher than
the level of the, street, they can not make a door corresponding to this
without forming a grade of three or four steps that would facilitate the
going up and in the case of doing it the street would be with this-ipar-
fection and perhaps it would be a bother to the going of carriages because
the street is too narrow in this part.

'In order to take care of any wrong doing and to save now the cost of
opening new doors to these offices, it could provisionally be left between
them. and the lot a street four or five varas wide and by this means open
the pass for commainication with them and verified the establishment of the
Hospital on a place more retired from the center of the city the land that
for-'e the* provisional street could be united to the rest given to the
Sunolicant. what is as I mar inform, etc. etc.
'August 6; 1798
,(Sg.) Pedro Diez Berrio

e,5 r-.c A2

MJL-^: ^ cI

Op4 6

f. ~-'


/ /

Bernstein Property--2



No. 76 To the Governor

- Dn. Antonio Katanzas, graduate captain and only assistant of this Presidio
with function of Sargento Mayor with much respect makes present to Your
Lordship that he finds himself in need of a lot to build a house where to
live and having news that the one between the Plaza and the rooms of the
PHarmacy and the accountant for the Hospital is going to be given, I ask for
it although it be a half in case it could not be the whole.

Favor that I hope to have from the known Justice of Your Lordship.

St. Augustine, Oct. 1st, 1798.

rThe" lot, on which to build a house, solicited from Your Lordship by
Captain Mayor Assistant of this Presidio, Dn. Antonio Matanzas, was given
7-,Ay' V-e- by your Lordshi- by. Decree of 26 of the last month (Sept.) to Dn. Thomas'
Traver and in the writing last'oresented to your Lordship asking for it and
vi/- was given the Decree of Your Lordship to be informed, I made it saying' that
-L-'.7VO ..-.. for the formation of the Plaza must be continued the line of the house' where
lives Cantain of the Grenadiers, Dn. Gines Oliva, following to the beach
to join the line of the street where Dn. Francisco Fatio lives, saying as
well that instead of one house as Traver had proposed to build would be built
two in order to give the lot enough extension building one following the
line of the street of the Hospital giving its widest front to the Plaza and
building the other to the end that joins with the street of Fatio; and as
.?.^ '~./.,z the other, with its widest front to the Plaza with the end to avoid fences
r'O r- that in any way contribute to its beautifying, adding what I thought properly,
A2f>/7 to make a provisional street to the back to give communication to the
comptrollership and Pharmacy of the King in order to excuse expenses to open
new doors for these offices'. That this is what I can inform Your Lordship
to fulfill your prior order in order to serve your Lordship to determine
what would be pleased you. St. Augustine, Oct. 1, 1798

(Sg.) Pedro Diaz Berrio

5. (?) Sold by Estate of Thomas Travers to Fernando de la Maza Arredondo.

Source: Alvarez index to deeds. St. Augustine Historical Society.

Note: Dr. Thomas Travers came to St. Augustine with his regiment,,(he was
.. < surgeon in the British Arny) when the province of Florida passed to the
S" 'British Government. When the Province was again passed to the Spanish,
the British tooos were removed, but Dr. Thomas Travers remained in the
practice of his profession, and was for many years the leading physician
of that city, celebrated for his skill and eminent virtues.

"Source: What I Know of the Travers Family. M. M. Reid. Fernandina, 1882
(!ST Augustine Historical Society typescrip)

EBernstein Pr6perty--3i

6. 183h Clements survey shows:

Original claimant: Thomas Travers
Present claimant: C. and J. Horton

7. 1866 John S. Horton drawing I#17 shows: S. M. Wakeman

8. 18h6 Jan. 27. Seth M. Wakeman was proprietor of City Hotel.
Source: Florida Herald and Southern Democrat

9. 1850 Census Seth M. Wakeman. Age, 42, Merchant from Connecticut
has grocery stong in City Hotel.

10. 1855 May 7,,Seth M. Wakeman married Ann S. Horton, as his second wife.
Source: Trinity Church.

31. 1880 Oct. 22, Gillmore map shows:

Lot of Fernando de la Maza Arredondo Jr. (See the drawing enclosed.)




1. On 176h, Puente Map shows:

No. 235 Houses of masonry of the property of Dn. Ildefonso

This small block was entirely occupied by Ildephonse
Sanchez de Casahonda. There were two houses, one on
Hospital Street and one on Charlotte. To the north
was the little Plaza which today is an extension of
the block. And north of that ...the Central Plaza.

To the south was the cross street now known as
Artillery Lane. Don Ildefonso was across from the
Royal Hospital and Don Alvaro Lopez de Toledo.

Lineage of 1st Spanish owner: Sanchez-Casahonda--

Ildephonso was the son of Sebastian Sanchez de
Casahonda and Ana Maria de Leon. He was born Feb. 2,
1718 and his parents were married Oct. 3, 1715.

By virtue of his mother he was grandson of Juan Josef
de Leon and Ana Maria de Florencia.

Also because of this he was great grandson of the elder
Don Lorenzo Josef de Leon, No. 2 on the Ruined House
list of 1702.

Ildefoneo married Oct. 27, 17h6, his fourth cousin,
Cecelia Elizio de la Puente, sister of the mapmaker.

She was the daughter of Antonio Elixio de la Puente
and Augustina Regidor. They were married two days after
Xmas, 1719.

Augustine Regidor was the daughter of the Adj. Geronimo
Regidor and Antonia de Arguelles.

Cecelia's grandmother (Arguelles) and her husband's
great grandmother (Arguelles) were sisters.

In addition to marrying the sister of the map maker,
Ildefonso saw his own sister, Mariana Sanchez de
Casahonda, marry this man, Don Juan Elixio de la
Puente..(Map and Plan of St. Augustine 1763/6h)



This was a very fine family. Connected with the
top families in the town at that time. Mrs. Sanchez
Casahonda's sister, another Elixio de la Puente,
married Antonio Lopez de Toledo, son of Alvaro
(across the street).

Although Puente wrote Number 236 on Block ,"S,, such
number belongs to Block "T", in which he repeated
Number 238, also written on Block "V" to which it
really belongs. So, Block "S" has only one number:

2. On 1765, Moncrief Map shows three houses on the block and the name Mr.
Rogers is written on it.

3. The Fish account books, on Puente #235 says: "No entry."

4., June, 1779, James Penman to William Watson (see Attachment #2)

5. On May 1st, 1784, William Watson, by an Indenture made in St. Augustine,
gives his property to the boy Matheo Martin Hernandez
Castel, and names Father Camps and Margarita Castel
the administrators of the property.,

The document says: (see attachment #1)

Source: "Ano 1800.--D. Jose Rocca como apoderado
de Rafael Hernandez...etc." Memorial of City Lots
No. 319. Department of Agriculture, Field Note
Room, Tallahassee, Doc. No. 61.

6. On March.11, 1785, Father Camps went to the Governor in order to get the
confirmation of Watson's Indenture to Matheo Martin -
Herntndez, before the expiration of the term of the
Treaty for the evacuation of the English, that was
conceded by Governor Cespedes on March 17 of 1785
under the condition of what definitely was (said)
resolved by His Majesty about the Menorcaos of this
Province, because Matheo's parents were Menorcans.

Source: Memorial of City Lots No. 319 cited.

7. Jan. 24, 1787, William Watson claims reimbursement; witnesses describe houses.
(see Attachment #2)

1. 0 V-
&-* e P r^< .6 f



8. On 1788, Rocque Map shows:

No. 163 (P.

No. 162

235) House of masonry and wood in fair condition, of the
property of Mateo Hernandez, with deed, and land that
it cites.

House of wood of (one) story, in fair condition of
the property of Mateo Hernandez, with deed, and land
that it cites.

Note:. Rocque shows the north of the lot bounding with:
"portion of private property shown by its foundations."

9. On Feb. 18, 1791, the boundaries of the lot were described as follows....
St. Augustine, bounding E. with the street of Carlota,
and containing 55 spanish vani from N. to S. and for
this bounded with the small street of Pasalo bien,
underlined in the original manuscript/ containing
-30 spanish varas, in line from the E. to W., and
bounding for the W. with the street of the Hospital,.
and for the N. with the Plaza of the Parada.

Source: Memorial of City Lots No. 319 cited.

10. P. 73

By a Decree. of the Governor Quesada, of March 3, 1791,
the properties were declared properties of the King.

Source: Mamorial of City Lots No. 319 cited, fp 73

11. By the will of Rafael Hernandez, made in Charleston on Dec. 9, 1798, he gave
his properties of St. Augustine and some others including
the ones he had in Isle of Menorca, to his friend Dn.
Jose Roca.

Source: Memorial of City Lots No. 319 cited.

12. Year of 1800

There is a claim of Dn. Jose Rocca as proxy of Rafael
Hernandez, who was a resident of Charleston, South
Carolina, and who had given power to Rocca on Dec. 13,
1799, claiming for the surrender and possession of the
houses that actually are occupied for the Pharmacy of
the King, Commissariat and new hospital with the lot
of their location.

Source: Memorial of City Lots No. 319 cited.

13. On April 8, 1800, by a free declaration made in Charleston by three wit-
nesses under oath regarding the death and wht will
of the boy (who was now 24 years old) on the Island
of St. Thomas. His will was to give all his properties
of St. Augustine to his father because he had no wife,


children or mother alive. Matheo Martin Hernandez
died in St. Thomas Island on Sept. 25 of 1799.

Source: Memorial of City Lots No. 319 cited.

The claim ended in J.in. 22, 1802, because of the
death of Roccn, who had said that said letter from
Watson to Father Camps was false because he knew that
Mr. Watson had died in London in 1785, or 86, and the
letter was of August 24, 1789, and asks to confront
the letter and the signature of Watson with the ones
in his Indenture that everybody knew had been made by
his own hand.

Source: Memorial of City Lots No. 319 cited.

'-The claim ended in Jan. 22, 1802, by the death of
Rocca, with a. note of the scriber informing of Rocca's
death and leaving the claim open for anybody in the
future with enough personal reason to reopen the

Source: Memorial of City Lots No. 319 cited.


S Attachment
Story of Present BI. 28
Rocque, B1. 22
fPuente, Bl. S

This Indenture made this First day of May in the year of Our Lord

Lot of Land, situated in the aforesaid Town of Saint Augustine
bounded on the East by Charlotte Street containing fifty five Spanish Vars of-.
Adneasurement on a line North and South on the South by Fare Lane containing
Thirty Spanish Vars on a line East and West bounded on the West by Hospital
Street and the North by the Parade as will appear by the Conveyances thereof
from James Penman Esquire to him the said William Watson bearing date the
A' First and Second day of June in the.Year of Our Lord one thousand seven hun-
dred and seventy nine Now therefore this Indenture Witnefseth that the said
S William Watson for and in consideration of the performance of the conditions
hereunder mentioned Hath Granted Given Bargained Aliened Enfeoffed and Co#-
firmed and ;bh'these:'pteeentd:soth Grant give Bargain alien Enfeoffand
4' :confirm unto the above named Pedro Camps and Margarita Castel their Executors
and Administrators all that said'herein above mentioned Lot of Land in the
aforesaid Town of Saint Augustine bounded on the East by Charlotte Street
containing fifty five Spanish Vars of Admeasurement on a line North and South
on the South by Fare Lane containing thirty Spanish vars on a line East and
West bounded on the West by Hospital Street and North by the Parade In Trust
to and for the use of Matheum Martinum Hernandez Castel (sono of the above
named Margarita Castel) aged eight years for during and until he shall arrive
at the age of twenty one years together with all Houses Out Houses Buildings
Orchards Gardens Fences Trees Woods Underwoods Ways Waters.

....and if it shall so happen that the said Matheum Martinum Hernandez
Castel should depart this life at any time before he shall arrive at the age of'
twenty one years as aforesaid that then and in that case this Indenture be
void and of none effect and the Premises revert to the said William Watson
his Heirs and Afsigns....

Memorandum it is the true intent and meaning of the within Instrument
and of the Parties thereto than the Rents and Profits of the within mentioned
,' Lot of Land and Houses thereon to be received by the said Pedro Camps and
Margarita Castel on either of them their or either of their Executors or
Administrators shall be appropriated to and for the maintenance and Education
'- of the within named Matheum Martinum Hernandez Castel from the day of the Date
S, f the within Instrument for during and until the time he shall arrive at the
j' / age of twenty one years which said Rents are to be transmitted to the place
where he the said Matheum Martinum Hernandez Castel shall be Educated and
Boarded when and as often as favourable opportunities may offer for that

Willm Watson.



( Attachment No. 2

1787, /Jan.?/ Memorial of William Watson: Schedule:

/482/ A Lott of Land with two good Dwelling Houses
& other Necessary out Buildings situate on the Side
& fronting the Parade in the Town of 'St. Augustine Bought-
of James Penman Esor in the Year 1779 the whole in good
repair & under a good fence Originally valued at 1120 0 0

1787, Jan. 24

/483/. .

Mr. William Watson, Claimant, Sworn, Says:

That he went from England to East Florida in 1766 &
quitted it in February 1784.

That at the time of the Cession he had two Tracts of
Land One of 200 Acres called the Hermitage the other
of 500 Acres called The Three Runs & One large Lot of
Land & Buildings in St. Augustine.

That in June
Augustine of
him, but the

1779 he bought the Lot of Land in St.
Mr. Penman had a Conveyance of it from,
purchase was not registered.

That there was at the time of purchase a range of
Stables which he converted into a dwelling House.
It was about 80 feet long'& 20 feet wide, seven.- O < ,
Rooms & one Story high Besides which he built another 7
dwelling House 32-.feet long 20 feet wide & l8 high 3
which was a wooden framed House lazed short shingled .y
Sin part lined & two Stories high A large wooden back-
b Store 30 feet long 18 fet iT..le 10 fet 'high one .
/ story'high Shingled in the same manner/ Stables to,
both Houses built in the same Manner One for four -
,. Horses & another for 3.

That he gave-OO as the Org. purchase money, laid
out 210 in converting the Stable into a dwelling
House & building a new/h87/ Stable for it, That
the other dwelling House & Stable cost him nearly
T300 & the other back Store about &150. That he
left this Lot & Houses under the Care of Mr. Camps
vith directions to Sell them; That he has not heard
from him since the Summer of 1784; he then wrote
word that he could not get 1/4h" part of their
Value & had refused to take that; That he don't
know whether they were afterwards Sold or not; but
he has never received any consideration for it.

) ~

/ Attachment No. 2 (P.2)7

Mr. James Penman, Witness, Sworn, says:

That in June 1779 he sold a Lot of Land upon the Parade in
St. Augustine with two Houses upon it to the Claimant for 4OO Sterling
which the Claimant paid by three Instalments. That regular Conveyances
were Executed One of these Houses was used as a dwelling House at the
time of the Sale & the other as a Stable. The dwelling House had
Stone Walls all round it. The Stable had a stone Wall at the back &
was open in the front. They were all in good Repair & had not been
built above two Years. That he knows nothing of any other part of the
Claimant's Property.

Mr. Alexander Paterson, Witness, Sworn, Says:

That he was at St. Augustine in 1779 and knew the Lot
and Houses which the Claimant bought of Mr. Penman That the Claimant,
immediately afterwards began repairing &altering the Buildings. That.
the Claimant likewise built a.NewH-Huse which e finished about Eight.
or Nine Months before the News of the Cession & divided the Lot into
two. That it was a good House .ar Wood & part Stone _2Stpries.
high &_2 Rooms on each floor. Shingled & he believes glazeT.

Mr. David Yeats, Witness, Sworn, says:

That he never was upon of of /su/ the Claimant's
Tract of Land. That he knows his property in St. Augustine. That the
Claimant /h95/ purchased the Lot there of Mr. Penman & immediately
afterwards converted a New range of Stables into Rooms & built another
House, there being only a small dwing Haouse upon it at the time of
the purchase. That the House which the Claimant built was a a'oc.:]en
RHopsetwo Storieshigh, That he thinks previous to the Cession & if
the Country had been kept subsequent to it the Lot & buildings upon
it would have been worth at least .1000

That he stayed in East Florida 'till the last Evacuation
& never heard that the Property of the Claimant's was Sold. He thinks
Mr. Camps was in possession of them when he came away That he can't
spea particularly to any other part of the Claimant's property.

Source: Siebert, W. H., Loyalists in East Florida 177h-1785,
Vol. 2, p. 155-161; 308

P. 0. Box 484 46 St. George St.

I 5On I OF rdLi.rt BL.JOK 28h HIGH 'WA ON (C.XwsJ. MAP, BLOCK NO. 22 AUD

ON iU1iTS WAP, _.3iLO S.

1. Onl764, Piiente hap shows:

No. 235

Houses of masonry of the property of Dn. ldefonvo
Sanches _-_7 '/f - 33

Although Puente rote Nuwioer 236 on Block "S"0,
such nvjber belongs to Block "s*, in which he
repeated Ninber 233, also vri'tten on Block "V" to
which it really belongs. So, Block "S" has only
one nuxaber 235

3. On 176u, Nonorief Map shows three houses on the block and the name
Mr. Rogers, is written on it.

4. The Fish account book, on Puente #235 s~as: "No entry."

5, On 1788, Rooque 'ap show s;

No. 163 (P.

235) House of masonry and wood in fair condition, of the
property of Vateo Hernandez, With deed, and land that
it cites.

Uo. 162 (P. 236) ..House of wood of (one) otory, in 'fair condition,
of tha property of iiateo Horiandezs, with deed, and
land that it cites.

lNote: Rocaqe shows the north of the lot bounding with:
"portion of private proper by shown by its foundations."

6. Ye.r of 1800.

Th're is a olaim of Dn. Jose Rocca as proxy of Rafael
Hernandez, who was a resident of Charleston, South
Carolina, and who had given power to looa on Dec. 13,
172;, olsai2.:i for the surrender and possession of the
houses that actually are occupied for the Pharmacy of
the King, Ooamissariat and new hospital vith the
lot of their location.

P. 0. Box 484 46 St. George St.


''O i 23 PUo APJ ", o LC s.,

1. On 1761, PNent. Io 8hows:
No. 235 touase of =asonry of the property of Isj. fdefonso Sanches

No. 236

\7 A 33
Houses of stone and boards of the property of Dt'. Juan
Jose do Arransate.

2. On 1765, loncrief Map Shows three houses on the block and the nams
Mr. Rogers, is written on it.
3. The Fish account book, on Puente #235 says: "no entry."

14. Aoeording with W. H. Siebert in his iork "Loyalist in East rlorida", 1764-1785,
Juan Jose "lixio do la Puento sold the property of 1ir. Juan
Jose de Ar insate (Ponte ]zap #236) to !.r. Jar~s Henderson on
176., and this, in bakrapt, sold the property to YMr. Jeais
Penman, who, later sold it, the whole block, to Mr. WilliaM

Notes 'We can suppose that-4&,r Penman got the other lot,
(Puente 11ap #235), in the same bankrupt.

5 On 1788, Roaque Ma>p -aohms o
No. 163 (P. 235) Houss of masonry and wood in fair condition, of the
property of Nateo Hernandez* with'deed, and land that it
No. 162 (P. 236) House of wood of (one) story, in f~r condition, of the
property of Mateo Hlernandos, with deed, and land that it
Notes Rocque shows the north of the lot bonding with:t
"portion of private property shown by its fo'tndations."

6. Year of 1800. There is a claim of Dn. Jose :Ioco a as prosy of\ lafal .
Hernwndez, who was a resident of Charleston, South Garoli-ia,
and who had given power to Uooa on Dece 13, 1799, claiming
for the surri-nder and possession of the houses that actually
ame occupied for ihe thamiacy of the &ing, Coxmixsariat and
new hospital with the lot of their location. \


Page two

Story of Present flock 28,
5Rqzuer Block 22 J

7. On April, 8, 1800, I,/ a free declaration made in Gharlestban y thrae wtnaees
under oath regarding the death and the will of the boy (aho
was now 2I years old) on the Island of St. Thoeias. his will
was to giva all his properties of St. Augustine to his
father because he had no wife children or other alive.
lHatheo Mlartin Iernandes died in St. Thomas Island cn Sept.
25 of 1799.

8. Bf the will of hafaal Her'nmdeo, made in Mearleaton on Dee. 9$, 1798, he ;sve
'his property es of St, Augustino and esom others. is... .-i .,
.tae ones he had in I~Ae oVf aenoroa, to hiU 'ml,'ind 1.f'l Jose

9. On y let, 1784, hilliiam biya.o:, ty an Indenture iade in St. A.ruc&tir.., .Pve
? his ps.-.."y to the boy Hatheo :aa'rtin lermandez J-.ist-. aend
nwaes oataor C'aoss ai-4 ragarita. Caatel tho adid.strators
Sof the property.

The do-unient ays: (see atta.ic.,nb).

LO. P. hil floa says: "thag Dre. Va. Pedro i::.o hksd the pro-:.rty of the house
used as a Pharacy tin the yea'c "1.Ao) for his here and thne
others that were. rented...,"

11. F. h6v Ron says "itat being the Spanish wovcrnmment in this Ferovine the
authorities ordered that, every citizen with dcckan its of
Ical .r, .r rt.:," of their poes' sions mu-t preset them in a
pecic'io td.e in order to ettemine if the titles were fe:fod
or if the p-:'ol.rtt would. 'cl,: ; to the '.iW,,.

12. On Feb. 18, 1791, the boundaries of the lot ore described a& follamws...
S4 Au"w.ic.c0, ibovnding wuith the street of OUJi'su, and
coii.L.i. -. 55 spanish vars rea. to a. and for this
bowuded with tha saall street of Pasalo bien, (nerlinad
in the original imanmsoript). containing 30 spanita var&. in
line front the 3. to W,, a.nd boarding for the '4* with the
breoet of the hospital, and for the N. wita the 11aza of
th e Parada.

13. (M larch 11, 17853, rahz.r Ja >s sent to the Governor in order to get the
confirmation of WatEon as Indenture to Hatheto :?trti f ct r i n-
dez, before %te ex .-.ira tirn of the term of the Treaty for
the evuab'sUion of the 'aglich, that was coc~.n ot.r o by
GoeCrnor Cc.W t ..cca'. on Tearoh 17 of 172:9 undcr the condition
of what definitely was (saiA) rezolvod ty }His ajecsty
about the ::norow-a of this EtroVneo, because Whtxo' s
parents wAre IeuroanLs.


Page three

$tory at fre sent

Pe* 69

1A. 7

1. J^J

Thi eceou.tors of .the will of the Father Ca? ps, Dr. Bernardo
Stgai Lad D. Pedro loaifacio, w-mAiu.rl to the authorities
in tae matter cooernitg to the test!ieary, r i'=oest'
their i.youssbiliftby to At iuor-mation about 4nrtheo Lwrtint
Herr.andez c because of the a;sQolutp iLick of iuoria=tion tcey
have, and edd tb&t Father 4snps had told them sbout Sozra
lcnaer received bV imA from 'atrson, sayAi4: that ase he (kat-
son) had been paid for his :2o0.'C.Lies by the 2.n-lish Crowan
the properties L-.-Jud now to t he King of apin.

By a Decree of the Coavernor aesada, of Barch 3, 1791, -the
properties were declared properties of the King,

The alsia ended 'in Jan.
loea, lwho had said thath
Camos ywas falso ('4) atd
the slndt:rizr of Watson
everybody knew had beqa

22, 1802, because of the death of
said letter froit Watson to Father
atsks to confront the letter aind
witl h the once in his lInleat'. that
ve boy his own hand,

The claim ended in Jan. 22, 1.., by the death of ."ooas
with a note o the wcr ix-r inftr I.': of Ioca's death &d
leaving the claim open for anybody in the future with
enough personal reason to reopen tea claii,*

D* ecauso he know that Air, atsoa had died in Londoa in 1735 or 86 and the
letter was of August 24, 17). .

Dr. Jose Gubemna
Auysfc 6, 1)63

Block 28,
alaic 22
Blook 8

S !L z"UA L >I r g cr, _ "
ACIG LA ACTUAL ...,- .',RIFRO 28 DSAN A. .TI A LA. .E CO',' ON20

1.- .4l Mapa de Puente de 1764 dice:

No. 235.- Casas de ripio do Dn. Ildefonso SiInchez ......57 1/4 ... 33

.,ota: ubs6rvese Que, aunoue Pucnte puso el ndmoro 236 sobre la Cuadra
"S", dicho nuxmero corresponde a la UioL-tdra "T", en la que. puso el nume-
ro 238, quo est- repetido en las cuadras "T" y "V", y quo correspond
en realidad a la Cuadra "V".. La CUADRA "S", p-or tanto, s61o tiene in
nemero, el 235.

2.- En el afio de 1765 el mapa del Ingeniero inle6s iaoncrief seEala tres
casas en dicha cuadra, y muestra escrito sobre la misma el nombre de:
Mr. Rogers.

3.- .l "Ijibro Diario" de las cuentas de Mr. Fish, dice: "No entry".

4.- ~i mapa de Rocque do 1788 dice:

No. 162.- Casa de madera de un piso, en buenas condiciones,. propiedad
de Matheo- Hernrndez, con su titulo, y el terreno que cita.
io. 163.- uasa de mamposteria y madera en buenas condiciones, propie-
dibd de' Matheo Hernendez, con su titulo, y el terreno que cita.

N'ota: Rooque muestra los dos lotes que comp.onen la iTianzana 22, lindan-
do con: "Plan de propicd-d particular que marcan sus cimientos".
..s un lote compuesto por un rect6anulo de unas 30 varas de ., a 0.
por un poco riTVs do 30 varas de N. a S.

De microfilm perteneciente P "St. .A: ustine Historical Society" titula-
do: memorialia l of City Lots No. 319, icpartamont of Agrioalture, Field -No-
te Room, Tallahassee, toiaraos las notas que siguen a continuaci6n:

5.- AFo 1800.- D. Tos6 Rocca, como apoderado de l cue fu& de charleston y abors difundo y su heredero testamentario de
todos los bienes que le pertenecen en esta trrovincia, reclamando la e
ontrega y posesi6n de los casas que actualmente ocupan la .botica del
Rey, Comisaria y hospital nuevo con el solar de su colocaci6n.

6.- .?oca inicia la reclamaci6n de las casas con un poder general que le ha-
'ben dado Hafael Hern6ndez y su mujer, hachol, en Charleston, Carolina
del Sur, el dia 13 de uic. de 1799. Rafael habia heredado de su hijo ivia-
theo Hernendez.

7.- Escritura de confianza y donaci6n de solar y casas en la ciudad de San
Asustin, de un. G-uillerimo Watson a favor de iviatheo raartin Hernindez -
Castel, de iro. de Mayo de 178/+.

... solar lindando: Peor la parte del Este con la Calle Carlota conte-

nie-ndo 55 varas espafiolas de medicine N. y con este con la e;alle-
jael. h'are, y conteniendo 30 varas espafolas en line de E. a 0., lin-
dando por este con la ualle del hospital y por el fN. con la iYlaza o Pa-
rsda, como aparezca por la transferencia que de dicho solar hizo tantia-
go iucnian Escudero al nohLinado Guillermo a',otson cuya fecha es de los -
dias primero y segundo de JuInio en el afo de iuestro yei'or 1779...
... cede la propieded, en confianza, p:ra el uso de Matheo Martin tHer-
nandez (CJstel (hijo de la arriba nomibrada M.argarite Uastel) que es d.e
edad de ocho ai~os, durante y hasta que lliue a la de veinte y uno...
... Que si coi;o puede acontecor el que el tfma antedicho iviatheo m',artin
Hernandez pastel Ile!'uo a fallecer eri cunlquiera tiempo antes de alcan-
zar la arriba mencionada edad de veinte y un afos, que entonces, y en
t;l caso esta escritura sera nula y de ningin valor ni efecto y el 6b-
jeto de que se trata volvor6 al nominado (Guillermo Watson, sus -erede-
ros y bubstitutos...
..c.irva do ivemoria.: Que es el verdadero intent y designio del prece-
dente instruamento, y de las parties do 61, el que las rontas y provqchos
del mencionado solar y las casas aue sobre 61 tiene que se reciban por
el expresado in. Prdro uamps y Margarita pastel. o por cualquiera de -los
dos, su o cuelquiera de sus alvaceas o addrministradores, deben ser apro-
piadas para la manutenci6n y educaci6n de el anteriormente citado mea-
teo Liartin 1Hernandez Casbel desde el dt'a de la fecha del present ins-
trcrmento, para, durante y hlsta el tiempo en que llegue a la citada' e-
dad de veinte y un afaos; cuyas re.ntas deber6n enviarse al parade donde
el enunciado kiateo Martin rernandoz (xstel deba ser educado y menteni-
do; cuando X tan a mernudo cono se ofrezcan favorables oportunidades al
deseado intent. (Firmado) Guillermo va-tson. (Testigos) .... ...

8.- ijeclaraci6n voluntaria hecha en Charleston por tres tes'tigos el dia -
8 de m.bril de 1800, oue dice:
'"Carolina del -ur: Personalmaente conparecen ante mi, uno de los Jus;ti-
cias- del j)istrita fie 6harle ston: GSntir'fc U'rew, hen-rique .pleton y jo-
seph Torn, quienes ha"biendo sido debidamente jurament.dos d onusieron:
Que a su arribo a la isla de oanto Tons en el mes de .agosto de 1799
a bordo de la .'ragata i-aladrada con veinte y dos cafones, mandada por
el uapitan veook -trong en clase de pasageros, tomaron alli amistad y
conocimaiento con iMatheo Martin i.ornandoez uastel de la referida rlaza,
quien poco despuds'cay6 enfermo \de la peste que hacia entonces vio-len-
ts estra-os) y en el dia 25 de dep. y afro de ia,. bofIor 1799, faileci6
en ella a 'os 24 af-os de edad: Que el riominndo viatheo ,martin norn6ndez
CUstol, algunas horas antes de su m-uerte suplic6 a los deponentes que
yendo como iban a charleston en la .arolina del oud, que informaran a
su padre nafael iiern.ndez quien estaba alli viviendo: (que todo lo que
posehia en el mundo, real o personal, lo legaba o donaba a 61 y a sus
sustitutos mediante a que no tonia mauj6r, hijos ni raadre viva, y h.a-
1]1ndose incapaz de escribir, suplico a vmds., amigos mios, el que so,s-
tongais zostimonio de esta nmi solicitud. ao escribi a mi padre alg~un -
tiem-)o hace en la cual le autorizaba 'po'ra vender mi casa y solar en -
can a,.ustin y tomara el dinero para mantenerse en sus avanzados dias;
uios sabe si 61 ]a habr6 recibido, pero caso que no, cuendo Vids.lo -
vean, diran de mi part, amigos mics, que es mi fervoroso y moribundo
desso que 'asi lo haga; asimismo le informareis cbmo nunca he recibido
emoluimento alguno de dicha propieded dospuis de la muerte del radre -
zPedro 'Camos.
La present dcclaracion...etc., etc.

kAsunto; 'LIz,tco hedz.-,,,atson)

-3- ASunto: Mateo nedz. -vatson)

9.- ',st.a; .ento hecho por nafael ernsandez en iharleston, el 9 de ,ic. de
l798 a favor ae su M.mipo Losc Auoca per tocdcs los bones que posee en
-an .;uastin de las 'lorida Criental, en Carolina del Sur y en la isla
do orenurca.

10.- 2dg. 20 (del manuscrito).- D. Jos6 Roca... ,...ciertas casas de l.am-
?oster.a . ... de las cases que arriba indico y son las que ocupa la
Botica del Hey, Comtisaria, y hospital nuevo con el solar en que estan

11.- PU. 41 (man.) Dice Roca, nuevo poblador, que: ... uedo6 el Dr. Dn.
Poro Camps en la propiedad de la casa que sirve de Botica para su vi-
vienda, y las demis que producian elquileres...

12.- p;g. 46 v. (man.) Dice D, Jos6 Roca que ostando ya goberhada por Espafia
esta Provincia se mand6 oor la Superioridad que todo vasallo de S.M.C.
que tuviere docum.entos do legiti;.a propioded de sus posesiones los pre-
centara en cierto tiempo para que v*stos se declararan a su favor o
quedearan del Patrimonio Peal.

13.- P1g. 6- (man.) El 11 de ,Marzo de 1785 el P. Camps acudi6 el Coberna-
dor con el fin de que aprobara. la donaci6n de Watson a Matheo antes de
que oxpirara el tirmilno acor'.ado peor el Tratado para la evacuaci6n do
los inCleses, lo cue concodi6 el Gobernador C6spedes el 17 de Mvrrzo
de 1785, condicibnando la resoluci6n, puasto que los padres de M.atheo
cran de TMcnorca, a lo que S. !S. rosolv-icra on defin-itiva en cuanto"a
los olerorq.uines de esta Provincia".'

L..- PL. 63. (man.) Por Auto de 4 de Feb. do 1791 el Gobernador Cuesada
..Tnd se investigra el estadoen que habian. -uedado las casas gue -
administraba el fallecido .'r. Dn. Podro Camps, que dicen pertenecen
a Ilatheo HieriLandez, que esta en Londres, ... etc.

15.- i .t 66 (oan) .. .en la referiqd ciudad de San Agustin, lindando nor
la parte 'dol Este con la Calle Carlota, y conteniendo 55 vara's esDafio-
.Ins de dimension en line de (Lste a Geste) digo de N. a S. y por este,
li-nda oon la Callejuela do Paisalo bien, conteniendo 30 varas espaiolas,
en line del 2. al 0. y lindanr<'o por el Oeste con la Calle del Hospi-
tal, y por- el Norte con la Plaza de la Parada, en confianza, para el
uso. de ,.hatheo.-.. etc. .,eiL. Feb. 18 de 1791, Traducci6n)

16.- PA. 69 (.an.) Loa albaceos testamontarios del P. Camras Dn Bernardo
Se.ul y Dn. Pedro Cocifacio, contestando alas Autoridades en el asun-
bo concerniente a la testamentaria, manifiestan su imposibiladad do -
informar acorca de-Hathoo Hernndoez debido a la total falta de infor---
maci6n que padecen, y afaden que el P. Camps les habia informado acer-
ca de una c;rta confidential remitida not Watson menifestdndole que -
nor haber cobrado el just pr-.cio de sus propiededes en San A.ustin -
cn las Cajas -eales de Trn-glaterra, dichas propiededes habian recaido
en el dia en S.M.C. -y t1,rmnan suplicando se les exima del asunto, -
deseando terminar sus funciones en el particular. T:nn''Ln con el o-
freoii::.ianto de la mention er.da carta de .- atson il P. Crmps, que dicen
harbor encontrado exantinando sus papole.s, para los efectos que convenga.

17.- P 2r. ,3 (man.)73.- Auto.- Vistos, y -tcndiendo a lo que result de
la traduccion antecedente y 10 expuesto por los albaceas de D. Pedro

-4- (Asunto: U.teo Hdez. Watson)

iCamips, se declaran pertenecientes s Su Mac? stad las expresadas casas y
solarcs,. y en su virtud so oproc;de a f miar la correspondiente tasaci6n,
y m-idida de ellas, comao se dispuao para las demis de esta clase, haci6n-
dose saber a dichos albaceas, enteren en Reales Caxas el total de los
alquileres que hayan porcibido desde el fallecimiento do dicho Padre.
Y que do la testamentaria de dicho Padre hagan igual entero de los que
hubiese tornado desde el tiejmpo que recibi6 la carta traducida, tod o con
conocimiento de los Minsitros de Rela Hcienda. (Fdo) Quosada. Provey6-
16 el bor. Gobernador y Cimte. General que lo firm en 3 de Marzo de 1791.
Domningo Rodriguez de Le6n, Esc.no de Gobiorno.

18.- La carta de Watson al P. Camps esta fechada en Londres el 24 de Agos-
to de 1789, y entire otras cosas, dice: (P.. 70 v., man.)

..., en cuya. x, saKzand consecuencia ninguna persona puede segun
ley tomar ni tener posesi6n en ellas pues han recaido y son de la pro-
piedad del REY de Espafa s6lamente, segun, y por el Tratado de Paz.
... Las escrituras que yo hice.a favor de Mateo no valen nada ni por
las eyes de Espafia ni las de Inglaterra.

19.- 5rg. 59 (man.) Alega Roca star bien instruido que watson muri6 en
Londres en.1785 u 86, y que por tanto no pudo escribir una carta en
la fecha de que se hace monci6n. (24 de Akosto de 1789.)

20.- 16g.76 (iman) Roca alega que en vista de los informs contradictorios
y la forma de proceder que siempre.obs.:rb6 el P. Cmips, debe proceder-
se a uotejar la letra de la capta con la dela escritura de confianza,
que todos saben que 'atson escribi6 de su mano, y quese. traiga a los
Autos una coia del testamento del P. Camps.

21.- ;i Testamento del P.' Camps, hecho en San Ag!stin ante el Escribano
el 'dia 19 de Mayo de 1790 tiene una cl6usula al final efiadida por el
.scribano, en la que dice quo 0-1 P. Camps muri6 e-d mismo dia comova
las'tres de la tarde, y dice:

"11. It. Declare que. la casa de ni habitaci6n y la otra que so hall
inmediata a ella con sus solares, ambas cercadas de piedra, pertene-
coen a imatheo hernandez, menor de eded, ausente en TInlaterra, segun
consta de los dodumentos que se hallan. enbre mis papeles y han esta-
do dichas casas.-a ni cargo, ha.biendole remitido, hasta la present,
la cantidad de trescientos pesos que han devengado sus alquileres,
usi lo declare."

22.- Pg. 82 tman.) ... el Fiscal, en 13 de Oct. de 1801, en las dill-
gencias ... sobre que se le d6 poscsi6n de unas casas que actualmen-
te sirven de botica y Almacenes de marina del Rey, ...

23.- i g. 75 (manj l Fiscal, en 3 de Agosto de 1801, ... sobre reclamo
doe un solar y casas que actualmente ocupa la Botica del Rey y Comisa-
ria del Real Hosp.1, ...

24.- Ja,. 82 tran.) San Agustin, Enero 22 de 1802.-.En atncion a que -
consta de public notoriedad, y asi le inform el prosento escribano
el fallecimiento de .u. Jos4 Roca, a cuya. instancia se principiaron y
nromovian estos autos, archivense en la Flcribania para su constancia
en cualauier event, y por si ocurriere otro interesado que con legi-
tima reo-resentaci6n pronueva el Desnacho de ellos. (b'do) White ( ub.-
cedo) Licdo. 0rteg7,(rubricado).

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