Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 27, Lot 18 (Marine St.)
Title: The Dona Petrona Perez de la Rosa House
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Title: The Dona Petrona Perez de la Rosa House El Escribano April 1965, Vol. 2, No. 2
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 27, Lot 18 (Marine St.)
Physical Description: Clipping/photocopy
Language: English
Publication Date: 1965
Physical Location:
Box: 7
Divider: Block 27 Lots 16-18
Folder: Block 27, Lot 18 (Marine St.)
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine
Coordinates: 29.888333 x -81.309764
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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5 -L 9-- c j

/7te Dona Pe&tona P'e5e de La 2osa /House
The Saint Aututine HijioltLcal Socieety ~i conrzuctIing a wo-toda iwo-apantmnent
dweLLing on .ouA flaiune Stneet fon. r.enata pul/poses and to At&Je/l Ae 1?Red toaion
P/IgOam. Located upon. IAe foundation~ o an eanly SpaniAk coonia& z Ane, ee fZoon.
plan. i based on. tMAai Aown on iAe de La Roccue map of /788, of a Aouwe pneviousiLy
ouned by Dona Petzona Pae5 de La Rosa.
/7he extemely pLeasing and exieltio/L, aj weLL a4 iAe i.nenlon p&lan
uwa dev-Loped by / LiA Lea WeLLa, a Local anckAoieci. While te exieaio1td of 4ane
,ieconwiAucied houjez ane, of necemidty, conecwunaL, ihey an.e lLeadonably accunaie
iepnoduci-on, of eanLy Si. Auaui4ine dweLUinp. Thein. wlled afford ptzivacy
io tAe occupant and add io ;Ae old woniLd chaan of ihe uzaoundrLn. FuiAen. Land-
Acapinga wiLL aepanae tiu nrexidence fan the Oldea /Houze exki.bbLLon anea.
Upon canpleiion of ike de -La Roa houze, he wo-diony fiame "Conbeii Apayhmenie "
imnediaieely to tAe Aouih will be lzaed, uncoveLinag te foundaiioni of anoten eanly
SpznLjs Aouxe of modeti jZie. /Te (Cla/loite-Si. Fnanci&-l1a-ine St.eet alLea
pzeenrdly containing the heaviLeJi conceniwaiion of oi.giznaL coloniaL houdej
and new con.iuciLon. wiA ie "54. Augauiine LooA" in. ite ci-y.
Dora 5Petona Pene de La RoAa uva a native Si. AutuiniLan., boin ApAL 1/7, /707.
/en. fatkAeA, )uan Peinez de ia Roja uwa a (anazy JAlandenl, and Aen moitea, losefa
lie,,cado y 2Rucz de Valde; a native of Si. Auji.-ine. SAe had been. man.ied .twiLce,
PtA io 2edRo Rodue3 lacinio, who died in /732, and second to 6n.ign Don Pedzo
de Oknega, abLo a naiive of S. Auqauiine. /-7e /764 de ia Puenie map Ahowj tAai
ai iAe iime of the Spanith evacuaii-on, jAe owned a vacant ioi on tAe bayfnwd, and
"Atone and ftame houwe-" wei of tAe Lot, deig znated a No. 346 in BIock k.
7Te jtone houwe taa old by Yuan Yood (/ixio de La 'Puente to William 9teening,
an {6nLi Aman, who died on OctobeL /3, 1/768.3 Dipotijon, of Aih plwpez.,y &j not
kwnour. T1e de La /Rocque map of /788 Aowd itAe houze a- No. 253 in BLock 39, and
dejczi-be, ai a io-itony /howe beLonainrg. o the (wuo, occupied by Yuan lfojepk
Bouaquet4, who uaz ihe SuAeon of tAe RoyaL HospiL.ta.4 DIL BoJquet purAcAaeed oten.
plwpent and vacated c Ld thouAe, and a it .tu nned oven. to AntonLo de YPalma.
9ovennown QueJada' j inspection of St. Auqudiine in 1/790 n.evealed that many
hwouwed would be compLetel y Lo.t uniesj inmediate atepj weze -akean to n.epaiL h en.
To naenedy tA L Jtiuation, Ae aut.oA.ized an. inventory of all Cwaoun and
advetiied t en fon. aaLe at pubLic aucti.on. /The appnaiAena deecnJ-bed ikL /wouAe
aA "a AubbLewouak ma.onty houje in poonl condtLi.on, and appataijed i. at /739 neaLea.5
it usa pnzcha aed by de RPa{a, and in /793 te census Liid Ahim as Livirn on
"the Adfteet of the ani/una whid-cA unx fjAn te Balzacks to te (azitULo",6 o we
aAumrne Ae was occupyJing. UiA4 Aouse.
By /799, de Pa-lma had built a wooden /ouse on te noant pooiLonr of tie Lot,
Pon.onn Febwany 7, /799 Ae sold .two house, one coiwata and one wood, to F-zancisco

~1L ~


-r~ ,, fl ;) II j~f~fAJ~ The-e1~

-9 pywuf-, -,T-ret"

vt- /~' r7^ ,

I '7 I/I The wooden houw e of cowtAe doed nowi jAow on. ike Rocque map, nowt on ike
Quezacda inveniolty. Roviza zold boaik oudez ;o Benauido SepiU, who LaelL inzanieA e
iken back ;o iRoviza. On /LcA /4, /802, ike jame 4wo hou.ei wele puA.chaded fim
RovLa by AhiueL Yananidy, who dced on A2pi 8, /803. 8
The TeIdameniauy P/oceedczna on. ike cdea of VYnaltdy dhow app/waiJal of all o/
hia pwpe&/iLe4, among Athen dike wooden hou.e buiLL by de Palma and ike coquina Aoux
Rocque # 253:

/ MaonAr: Houjie No. 3
Situatled on /A&ne Sfeei, bounded on ike nonzt by anodikel
Aouxe of ihe deceasedl, on ike oudh by genlmo (gewrunimo ALva.e5)
on ike Saqi wi ikA e Aaid 1ft'eei and on. ike we.'J wiLA houwe of
Faik&et O'ReiLy.
35 vawai majonzy of ike (ai nIULL
70 va.'aw of. ie ioudk uL
35 vazazi of Me weal uall
70 vanaA of ike nondi mUoL
162 va4a pa ion of ike lowen pa/zlo/I
/4 vaznai pa/zLon/z ckimn.ey (fi&Leplace)
/5 vaiaa foundation
70 vaniia of ike fLoo" of /paX.Lon and bedroomn
6 vanai of /icken chimney
12 vauzaj majonrzy of Vie welL
7/4 jq. vauaij of ike houje and Lol.
ToiaL valua.iion of Ite mazoAruy 60416 pejo. / neal
(CaipenA.zy: Houwe No. 3
7 doonIt, 3 windows, I floon/, 2 ceilriny, / cu,'boand, I ./aiuvy ,
ike lzoof. KUchen.: /] x /O feel x 8 feet high. llaniel on c
wooden fence. and ptLivy.
Wooden howue: No. 3
SLtuaied on ike amrne jiAeei, and ha, iAe Aame bounda.uiej aA ike
p/nevi.oux, except /iat o;i ike jouik i bounded by ike afon.eneren
ma onny houwe.
40 vanaA of maonnuzy of ike /panlo/z fLoolz
6 va/ta4 of madon/Luy, eaji foundation
/2 vana, of ike well
/4 vanaaj of ike wet uwall of ike hicAen
8 vanaj /LicAen ckimney
20 valna of. mazoniy i cAen floo
238 da. vawxa of houde and Loi.



Ca/Lpent6y: Wooden Hou.e No 3.
Dimension,: 242 fee Long, /7 feet wide, /0 feel A/iA on all
foun aidej. WoodwoA: / pa~luii&on, 4 doow, / window wit.
-aLa c panel, / flool, boaid Aea6ding and lwof. KiZchen: /4 x
/ i/ feet, 8 feet Aphi: WoodwoIA: / doon and / window. 9

On Au4uAt 3/, 1808, Rat'dcio VYnandy, nephew of tAe dceceased, and
BantoLome de (Cajto Fe/-nAe/L, /Lepzedenina absent AeLzw, AoLd IAe .&one houAe ;o
F/ Rovina. 0(The chain of ii.Le &o tAe wooden Aooue i. d&iconinued un.Ul
/834, a4 ii no lonrge, i.s imnpo nifart to AL/ iA Roviza 4oLd io ]ean AyenauLf,
who in. tuan. jold 4o Santiaao gon a'Lex in /809. 12AfLel. hoAldinL iAe d.tone Aouwe until
/8/4, gon.aleA jold it bach &o AzenaauLd.3 Meanwkile, the wooden hAouJe had paded
tAhougA jeveiaL /anda, bat by Yhe time of AienauLt'% deadtt, he ouned bolA houMej.
Thi UA confined by l&e (Cenenitx Suwvey of /834. 13

On uanuak y /5, 1838, Ann gilet, AeiA of }ean Ayenault, jold boA_. pzopentdea
,to )uan 'PeLLitcez:
". . a atone houwe and Lo.t bounded on Ate ea-Jt witA linee St/eet,
on Lte n.oazt by Je olten -Lot now conveyed, on tAe jouth bI hou-ze
and Lot of elLonimo ALvan.e5, and on Ate wezst by Lot folzme/y
beLonginca to tAe AeiAA of Hononia C a/zk and at pz.eaen, of elwon.,mo
Alvane5, meawuAinq N-S /84 vazna and depit 6-W 442- valna. .
ALdo a fame Aoue and ZLo adjoini ng he above aLteady jpeci-ed
pzeriAe, fjton ing. ea4t by aid Aine S-tneet; nto/tA by Lot foamely4
belonging. to he hei/n of lanzy Hudson and now Je popentuy of dthe
4aid pau&ty of te second paxu ( Yuan PellicelO) and on he wedt by
4aid Lot of 9elwnimo ALvane5, foauneizLy belongings to Hon.onia C'aik,
meawuAing in fiont N-5 9 vaiaza and in depth (4 422 vana4. . /4
On Yanuavzu 6, /868, the admninitda.tonIA of Ae estate of Yo.An PeLLicea. jold
,to YuLia A. 6anjowA.L:
". . Houe and Lo.t bounded no/.A byl. A B adieen, 6azt by lia/inze
S.t-,eet, Sou,A by lo-0 of Tentea A. LLambiaj and Anronio Alvaz.e6
(hein of enwronimo ALvane) and wejt by Lot of IAe eta-te of An.toniLo
ALvaae3 . 15
,7 appeal famn dAe above deed tAat hAe wooden Aou/e built by Anroni.o de 'Pama
in ca. /799 bad diLappea/ed by 1868.

A/d. SuXnowiAL, ke foomnel YuLia SancAez, died te Laiten pazd of Novenbe,,
1890. Aftenz ie deaA of Aen. hiAband, Alexande 5nowawwki., a fomnel. cify aldemwn
Ae adnin.L4;ao,. of &i eatte, M/. W. S. fl. ai&Aham, old ie now compLe.ely
vacant Lot ,o 9eonze UW. Colzbei on Novenbe/L 23, /899. 6
/he St. Augzutine H/io,_caL Socie. y puzchaaed iA pwpeiy norww designated
a.. Zo6 20 in block 27, og.e&e/. wiJA adjoining Zo& fom lie Co/bei A eiq, in /96
Ina /963, in coopencavLon twiAt ie St. Auaq .rine Red.ona1on. C o malon, a/zchaeo-
logicaL inveijgyaLWonf una made, and Ite .Lepon,, ridLcae4 YAa, Rocque 253, .tke
done wouje bougki by de Pama, LLued in ie estate of Migueli YVnady and La&eL
ouned by AzentauL., PeLiLce/L and uanorwuAAk, uzA on. Lo. 20.
T'L6 jone kouze mayi have been. na.ed when tAe uxrwnoA -L' buil)i tkei'a.
/Lemidence between /868 and 1886. A;. any lznae, Z had already disappean.ed when
9eonige W. Coljbet purchased Lot 2 in /899.
i. CaIedai 'Paa./uk Recoid, 1594-1763. PloZoat4 in HS//5 Liblaly.
2. Alap of San Agiain, de F1onida, an uaiaLy 22, 1764, by uan 7o.e' (.i .o de la
louenrte. A.t AiA time .Ae A tLp of land between pr.e.eenl Mafline and Bay Stn.eei
fwm B/id4e to St. F nancti uwa vacant. A6ny p/ope/tty oumne on. the ea..d Jide
of. Puenr.e BLoch owned vacant_ Loti on t/iA jtiap giving. Jmen an uno'bejt'acied
view of t e bay.
3. RapeLej PwcedenrieA de Cuba, A3, Seville, Legajo 372. Chaidez L. Mxmowa,
azi F-RoArida aj a Blidj.iA Pvince, /763-1784, U. of Cal. PLejA, /943, p. 162.
4. Plan of te (Ci.y of St. Au u tine, Fonida . 25 ApAziL, /788, by 1la/uiano de
Ia Rocque. fo.ep, B8. Lockey, (aW FRo.ida, /783-1785, U. of CaL. PZe4d, /949,
p. 198.
5. Snvenrdoaue4, aAiee.NnenrA and jaLe at public auction of the woumez and Lo&& of
te King, AuVj; 19, /790, No. /96.
6. Cenruw Re-twuw, 1784-/8/4, 6aj. FLoi-da Papeu., Libiaay of Con~gre4., Seizej
3234, 1793 No. 26.
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8. Ibid. p. 35v., Book 373, p. 42v., 212 v.
9. Ien7men-iaw.zy 1twceedinga on te death of 1i#uel Ynaid4, a4 FRLondda lPape"
Libma.ty of (Conq.ess, Set. 30/-318. S4/S ALc cofwlm Reel 6, Document No. 8.
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16. Deed Book 4, p. 2/9, St. ohnu A Counry Reco/d.a.

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