Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: (Block 15, Lot 7) Joaneda House
Title: San Carlos House owned by Montgomery Sisters
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Title: San Carlos House owned by Montgomery Sisters Treasury Street, St. Augustine, Florida
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: (Block 15, Lot 7) Joaneda House
Physical Description: Research notes
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Box: 6
Divider: B15 L7 Joaneda - Architecture, History, Archaeology
Folder: (B15 L7) Joaneda House
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
57 Treasury Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Joaneda House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 57 Treasury Street
Coordinates: 29.893459 x -81.313492
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M-S Oi o Boese eoned by Montgemry Sistors
Treau7y StrUt St gustins PFlorida
gftlish Map priated 1769
SAows a hose about on this lo atiemprobably sold to Jesse PiA %ae*e aseoat book
te11* o the sale .t stone trem soe r the houses am that map. 1he Spanish aps In 1ho
Duoklnghaa aith ollootiom willo.ith their key, ive the ame of the Spanish owner of this
lot. I do not hwve oples of th*e mpe ,bat they are in the Nls.Se. f St.AugA.library.
1788 Map or Marian do U owque ad key abhom tht thr n we so hoese a Treamry Stret
oe tho soum site sr 1o street west of th oernar heou as Treaury Street and St@.oor
St.The present house was bailt after that date and Is t he same type ad e as the other
houses of ooequina like itas the De% WasePrlnee tarat Umse lds were batilt after 1)V.
On Ie map Of 1746M tis 1eok is o.'20.heho ee a ho oomner f St.Mewge & Troemary i
We.16 described as follows *Oama dt muade ea ml estate de la propried o s Daein o
MartSuely een sMeriptur y terrwe qu elta louse of wood in bad emndton ,ouned by
Dominl6o Martinely with a dod sad land as etid .
lWe. b5a sth eW W an 84 .eerge St. 1U also a hose or weed in mdm co eadltiom owed
by Varthelme Thfria with dead aad laa4 as ited.
weo. t 19 Is ?elWr m estle a I xIspa1lk de aa MaMy to posee a eltate Nartelamw afrl
y es did Rey Let tat tis Ue of that homse-,at held by ne, clted Waptsleme Tafti mad
It 4levs to %e* tUI he prese hbse f San Carles is I oppose on this lot 199 or
an Iot We. %6 4
Assemseors t lt 179 to 1o07 after th damage In namberaing thee loek and Lote
describes & liete thie let as t2 Nose at Jumn Tanels on the lagr's let.,abouadd la
;rant by the acres str*t of the aid Treasury ,,p the sut by th Elag's It In poesaee
Ion f Aguoda ViTUlaloe ,on the east by S.m Dea l o Martiaely *and an the wet by Pedro
ftriay its measureament la trma ast-lest twenty five yards,vaad depth North-routh thirty
yards,aidh at th rate of half a real, Anorease lalaudd .aa tntm -,74 'A- V2

That this day was iomed by thi government title oT emership and possession in pwrpetua
of the above lot in faver or Jaa Tomdaila virtue of the loyal Cedla o f imth Jugn 1801 ,
re :ittl to thos in debt tfr paitrent payment at the capital and rents for the houses
and lot Aey acquired dem the were reUnred to the loyal Domal .t Auhgsti as,,Flerida
*. 'f Jartary 1807 0
ao 127 is the hoeae nd let P edro trUy bounded west by t street loadlag to the
Oeatary (mno Oordow 8T )*he title a the Tray lot via iveun to Wllianm UU .

this lot and se that of urual vere at en tme one lot S the Field
Bote Rom at Tallahasse ammg a bmndle *f d Deeds No 92 is fsr John PUle to Bernard
aEsl Trmamry and ase*e at 1779. and tha seritras Peb l2. a7 brif by AMss pepferd
in AklidA)toUs the felloriwgJJdam Piles to Bartole raftra(t) wooden houe aad Iet an
*oerge 8It bt slde,bounded on that *ide by Mr aLW by Ieabel PerpUaltS by Tenamt, by
said street .( ard ertiflm it wt s granted 176M to Jeaph Goetwod .oeld to Pl es
present emerstat a portiA eo the let and houses an it dker Isabel Perpal lives
sold three ars hie to Seroanre Squl .
meotars Jaly 1I, 179 artaltas 5ifru fiv a power attorney to hia sister Juan .
S.n' T areA M M la pasma a th uose have ales been aeesof T.
P 65v Ot & Imlablm Perpsl DmiTage iartaMnlly sertaln houses r stoms and weed
on Old IresWry 8 AiA Is east ba tdasylartalm- -Uarire 5 lewoard -srtifies male by
Jahn Piles to sermarde SeuP at 'rertr onVs treaj lnae,bounded X by GorwSe St by
Maid iles I by Jame Mart iay fta Ue7. ei tr fred it to Isabel Prpal.
zaseriaure 91-1792 Aaw* 1wt 79t4 v 9 lneu VTnal ena surity ter Oapt. Tamd.a.
P J9* Juamea Aee ter urs.
nsoritasn 179~ 87 Sitateumet J I Cmptam.a ,disasters at se .
P 197 Ja*7 Seed 49r @salfts t.f'.r &pt.Jees Jom..
P 328v Pfwer Att*.ew Jftmedw to Sartiamde Castr y Perrwer. A It 79$.
I eriAiam V1797 Vp 19 SaIte aleop 0et.l 9 *W 'mW a -*d Wta t ysk half a sleep.
881. Sale ah~oeas r by abWvete Mande arknal.
S &Ir sale : sla e Jou* me 4 mir s Ito ulme arermns.
mse.302 P f t10, sle lae to JSeme&ad Aa.P.
lBe.104 sume 18 P 440 Tit* June 1* Sw.&ite So Willi* m Mills hse mam I t i.127

Blook 15 hilch he h d froa John MoQaeen May 16,lat.Front 4 75 varas .side -8 70 bounded
N by Treasury tS. by another of the present writeraE by house and lot of Juan reoaeda I 8Str-
oe to the COmtary.
eaorituras 1807 P v Jnm.2%, 1807 wov.Nmry WMte rnhearses auction at Qaeada 6 Kig'sS
reaission of osts and final title. To Juan Joanoda Lot 126 Sleek 14 (later called 15) en
aida he built a woo4-e housO.-1 25 yards N-4 30 yards.Front north an Orew 414
Treasuryjiast by heirs ef Dmitag NirUnaly.Sauth by fable Mostro4 West by a.Rils.

P Qt Jan 27 Jun Tuanedes J ean eM aales Montes d OsM eequna house iasuremnt f
leot here given as 20 yd.. 14 30 3-. 1.he letter to Governor aklda permit to sell alls
it ooeatna house atuatod on the lane gol to to he to arynetx to that of k.111
aye it 1n sold to satisaiy orelters ,espoalil2y the an she rehalt the house for him
in ooqutaslt beigs of w0o4 mWa decayed.

Xsoritaur 1814 page % $9v Doe.,22 gives the sale ot the heous e W 1111dam lle No.127
Block 15. and it is bounded Zast by the heirs at Juan Taneedes. Juan Genales Meiatso
deOoa arrived a Oarrera and l1ved near the City Gatos .let o*. 126 wa probably bought
beae by the Joanedes f-ally.

The Sea Oarlos house as built before 1807 bet after 1788 ,hen lase sp ahss lhare was
no house ae the sap.

The Spanish Doosetes of 1784 lists both Joseph and Juan Cmuneda as natveos at
Mineras. The Spanih Deonted and esnams papers will give mere iormatian about Sthe

he Spanish arrisge license No.78 is 4h4 ot o n.Jose Joaneda, a.Tsavel Dawm June ),
1794 hae wma the daughter 40 Don Andrew and Dam Oadalia Chian atvois atf PWladel-
phia. he aames are really Andrew and lambol Deoao. the nam halqan is after spelled
Ohioke. Oatalina married a seeood Uta Robert Me irtfh 179 Lio unse 101 and in 179I
a third time Lioease 121 dmuard Saker. Lemaae Nioo.116 is that f DSan Uealas 8Saende and
Da.Maria magdoelan Jeanoda Sept. 18 98 -.*In the american Spa*e Vapors fabiLo Lands oea
be found more details ot these people.Soma'd te Juanmda family eha od their nam to
that of Floyd as dhem Ia the land olaiam. (-Eu o

he 8t.John's Abstraot OCspany should be able to trase the history Ut let oevi6
a from the Jeanda *a Pleyd family ,Gosales in the Olonts ap to the present date.
I have no abstraet, bat ia Deed Book K pge sO 9-60 the taestrae or Masters f'ail.a o-
the orner an 3tQaorge and Treasury abaut. 185,Baat St.aorge BSt.North Trea:fl sad
aest Juan Juaneda, Souath Bar t.8ffiOI as not sure of this last naow Do Braha Is
the only writer of note that kaw oft the lvd la that Blak .and he lived an 8t.*Morge
St.In the first house north of the Goerneos Rouse. a .

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