Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: (Block 15, Lot 7) Joaneda House
Title: San Carlos House owned by Montgomery Sisters
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Title: San Carlos House owned by Montgomery Sisters Treasury Street, St. Augustine, Florida
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: (Block 15, Lot 7) Joaneda House
Physical Description: Research notes
Language: English
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Box: 6
Divider: B15 L7 Joaneda - Architecture, History, Archaeology
Folder: (B15 L7) Joaneda House
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
57 Treasury Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Joaneda House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 57 Treasury Street
Coordinates: 29.893459 x -81.313492
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J, fW 0=I,910 Rmse. owned by Mito~wery Sister$ L 7
Trefta" y Str"6t St.A.-ustaine nferida
SxaiUsh Map printed 176)
Shows a hase about o this looatioaprobably sold to Jesse fish hose aoeount book
tells of the sal of etoae tfra sawe of the hbaos n that map. 2he Spanish .-ap n ho
Buokingbha Salth Oollotion wUlllwib their kq.&lo the umeo or the Spenit oemr of this
lot. I do not have copies f those maps ,buat they are In the its.So. etf St,.A&.librarr.
1788 Map or Marlane d4 la Boogqe sand key *ehowe tat there wa no hau Trasury Street
on the eauih asi t ho street *est ? he oerB house an Traeasry Street man 8tUe.rge
- 8t.lTh prest boan use lbUlt after that date and Is of Te eso type ma age as te other
houses 9 ooquina like it.ta the D e s ReasePrlneoe treat "oase vshLi were built ft r ay,
Oa the isp ef 17TP ts eatk Is t.t6.Sl hse boas aT teomr o. f ?t.Oorwgo & ar1amrty 1
.W e, &*) ,r alll as flows *Otat 49d m Wal "t.we .,e leo propriewted e DaesnLo
Nartlnely eam 2erl, Deotanio hwUnei w*I*. a deed sad lea as sitt ed
Bo. %"a rtn V P WO i St eaeso B. te also a bhoe to *eV *4 In sadIm enditLtn owea
by erel=atem farSa w lh *dee4 maa4 am etted.
Wo. t" is *"l9tr ele UO i a p 4 m& se.ay Io po es& el etdo hwrtoalie b t.W nL
y es del 3q Lot lat iU ba* oe aiwt hause,ont held by tie eatd4 artorli ktrni and
it Weloges to the ZbS. Tlhe. est hame orf ai O les@ I I mappose am 6i let 1V? or
an lot to. t
Assessors 1a I let 1M7 to 1aa7 after tho dageo In snberIg e l o6k1 and Lots
*sortibes ,: lUte his lot as 6 a m se oa Jam Twmsa on the KiUe'o lot bounded in
:ant by the oross street o t h d Treasay *..a the south bt tlho rla's lot In pooesv
ion Ag s Vallloga 1,n the earst by Dan Deakae ar tlalUy ,and en tbe wet hy Peda
Triays its aeasuarant nla frot aM &st*sat teaty fiw jarde.aaad depth oreth'outh thirty
yardasich at The rate of hatlf a wad.Anerease iAnduded a#oute to U "37$ 1/2

That Waet day .:a lasmed by this gewmrt ttAe of eseerh op aW posseeeion In porpetui
of the above lot in tofvr of Jam ToauedfOa I virtue of the RAgdal ouals of %lth June It ,
re iAttiW to thse In debt for gUtmnte s paint of twe capital end rents tw the haouoo
and lote they aoquirld datm hy were rtue to tho e Regal Domain pft Aastilneo.florJL
.. or Jamway ao7 .
Be 127 is the hbaue und let of Pedro Tbrs bounded west by the street leading to the
Oaeta"y (now O rdew ft SIT tt2e of the ftba let wa tavn to m111a HMlles .

Tis lot and base Of MabtreUA y Ud that of afut w at e tUm amo lot JA the Field
Rote noa at allhadme aam a teidloe of d Deedso N l fAs Jein PUle. to Beomard
Sapi Treamty and GeowG ft ."7r and te feerituas roeb I 1 brle byt 9 12a spottrd
in lc.Ah teal thoe lstiae Jda4 PrUes to baertao 1~tkiu(?) hour and lot en
George 8% wet setdeboede4 an that Ald* by M or IW i Imsbel Perpd*l,8 y te nnt B by
said street *(fOmd ewsritu e it me z ted 1760 to Joseph hetmod .sld to Pales
present ownerat a partio nof tb lot and hatsee an It here Isabte P -rpal Imts mae
sold three years hasee to Revoaud4 8s ui *
itse a r A&2y t, 1745 artali e aifrm wev a poser attorney to his slater Juan B .
a M- T aw a"ha aes In SmUlh ain ase b hae Dlo bet use-te io .
P Oat 6 Isabel Perpl $DZ msale Martillly oertaain houses otf ste and mood
en Old Treaary St Aitdh is east bnmda8ylBrtall e IUafimro 8 oearud eartfles sale by
Jdmn fila to Bwernardo Sqpai ot property Tmreas law*bounded 8 by GeougX 8t 5 by
said Piles by Juan ^ rtheay In 17I0 S~a tUraatf w4, it to IXabel Perpia.
Xseritur" 91t-1792 Marh t16S t 34v Jamn VL tee earity few Oapt. Tanemd.
P pf 0spt.ese Jwsmeda eot.4 etose.
sorituras 177 P 7V 8tt, nt Jmun t1 apt .a ,dALsastere et sa.
P 17? JIn.7 Sod P04ro OoMitleo tor CAt.Jose Joaeda.
P .'v Pewr AttaJoe Jea eda to sartl w do Castre y Perwre. Aug.I, 1?A.
loorituraAas 1??7 p 215v ale sloop ot, to Je. JtA*&eda 'qastln Buyek half a loop.
23tv Sale of iahoonw by aboveto Maanel Mardhall.
315v Sale iV alve Jose Juamda 6 are to Diego Carrorna.
eaoe.1 2 P 1 i) Sle e*lavo t Jose Juaimed & g 9.
MIoeo 14 June t P 44 TUtle June 1t Oe.4tef to il1ian i llsb heaums ad lot .I .7
aeek IS Aitih be bad frtw jihs Nmga9* May1 l*%t.pvfm t *4 ?a Rwve.ld. N6 7To

Look i t~i~~Lh h"d traa ian M. os4ieom y 16.laet.Pront &-V 75 varu aoide 8@ 70 bounded
T by Teaursy 8t.S by another of the premat ritLer. by house bnd let at Juan Toeaeda :ure-
et to the Ometary.

SerWiturmas 1i7 P bw Jane2, tW7 OWv.Nwy ite Whearuea metaUon of Qaossda 4 KUW's oost To .iantsaal it.Jsm Los ta Boalk t4 (later oelld 15) mn
*hl6 he bhait a woee*a houso*j4 25 yard -8 We3 yards.Prmte north an a Or. St.t ld
frsawrylasUt 1y hetr of D9t01ae MrwUtaely.SaUth by PNblo Msstrp West by W.ail1s.
P 4 Jan 37 Juan umnde" Jana Geaol-s Mont. d Oas seqhunam house a Awarmnt of
lt heW "O as 20 7. a54 39 NS. .h. lItter to @weranr aslt*i pemLt to soll allsa
it oqlat haum situated on th. lovw &oiit to the Ta 'qarefxt to that alt 4.M11la
Mye it It sold to eastsi'y oreltereo .pll'y t n om eo reluilt the homes for hia
la Goqqu4tWLt bobci or we4 madh dohyLed.

eOritmr a 11844 pMge 509v De.2 lives he sale of the heaw of amUa Mills Ot.127
olek. iS. a-d It Is bma4ed kat vby lb heirs qt Juma Zadss. AJman aXales xamo --
dvm aerrU. a Oa mran and ifed auer the Oity ates mlot .. 126 mae probably baught
biwl br 1 b JeeBdea tally.
The aas Oato house ma tbuilt before 14.0 but after 1tM an tha A.,p sho's hsro em s
no house on the map.
The Spanih Dooemts or t?A lists both Joe m4 al iuan hbauna- as native af
Atooroa. he SpaIahA D)oeated med oasms papers wUil give more Ianfotu abo the.

The Spanlah marriage lioea.e N.78 I that of DZI.JosW Joaeda Da.Taaevl DeNs Juei 5,
17Y4 sho *sa the daa;htor 40 Do Andrew and Dona Otaliam al man aUtive of tlUedals*
ph**. The nanes are really Adrew a IsabXel Dememe the aa Chigan is aftter spelled
0 Ioken. Oataliam aarie4 a aeo.m ti. Robert to ort 1r 6 Utoenae 10t and an 1799
a third time License 121 ldmad Baker. LicenA o.116 is that of Don RLoole Smadcest and
Da.Maria *g4qonaw Josse4a 8SptI. 1798 lIn lhbe Aerlmon W) Paperws Rhkto LXands n
bo fasnd more details of these of the anada taUtly ch-Ae their anas to
that of Flyqd as ahoS in he. la ela6tls.
hs St h"a's Absttmet 0@mpea hold4 be able to teamu the history at lot Me 126
fran the Joaseda o. Ployd tamily ,uamsele In the Mmmnts map to bth presmt data.
I have no abetraet,1bt to Deed Sook X pae 3%3-5%o the Naentre or i wrs feaill, sell
the omnr aon St.Georieo ea4 Troaary about 14),bast 8t.eowge Stoforth Tftcwa and
hest Juan Juand&, mth Bart. Sta L am not eare of this last non D n i is
the only writer of note that I know of io 1wvd iv that Blek .and he lived on St.Geo,
St.1n the first hwusa north of the Govevror's Raue.

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