Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: 1821-1836 Research Material Grocery Ads - "The East Florida Herald"
Title: 1821-1836 Research Material Grocery Ads - "The East Florida Herald"
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Title: 1821-1836 Research Material Grocery Ads - "The East Florida Herald"
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: 1821-1836 Research Material Grocery Ads - "The East Florida Herald"
Physical Description: Research notes
Language: English
Copyright Date: Public Domain
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Box: 6
Divider: Block 13 Lot 8
Folder: 1821-1836 Research Material Grocery Ads - "The East Florida Herald"
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
62 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Benet Store (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 62 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.895679 x -81.313201
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Aleo4ida Qape&. St. Aluptine, /Za. A4ly a28, /&/.

P.' Poijue,, & Co.
Offe. fo Sate a A E Sio.e, mnea& Ae Bamack, an a.uo4MhenU of
eoodi, ceiui of
DtcA PoiLs, 0OAa&bgi,"au, 7-4 Coten Shala, and oieA
deActpi.&4Od, coten and d i kA JockinZ coan andd iaL Handeichtiefa,
ThAds, Hae, eLead, b6", #y T.T a oAw S, sSuyz Co e, Leal
Tbacco, 6a daw., CZcw, Tate", Li ued Oi, Sp w and t .,
AtIo m cwu~nmwet Ke Spanish, BLava and W iUe Lead, fLLd S~enw,
paote& in boxex, ipei, Windw u9wa, Cef/.e in ba6!, f&ic
The ale of ahicA will be mold on Ae moad aonabUe femu.

Fancy .fill44n Sioae.
lku. 9jyl, inpfamw 6e Ladiu of St. AWu*aine, thami Ae A" opened
a Fancy LLinaAy Stoe, mae" e ha u en hand -- Ladis' Head Oitw4e, ladis'
and ckddlm '# Siaiw Bonneto T7awba, Ani4Ldiat PLauiWu, WA.ti4 and CawJL,
w4 e kid SAei, plain and fvaned Linen and Book atnli, wauvLea, Spawww,
and Ruff.
AULL oadeu in Ae AtMtiLLany line wiLt be executed af the Ahettest
At40 i& aane,
LadiaU' and pendlswmn' 4woe,
BAmd B*akef,
B,4 WAuiva Pape. -- diWo fink diweo,
Qaidi, Lead P "ecl. and WAfu,

Dell. [fAidu'i T go ,
,ac' andRed96. diUo

Be4 wapeude4 and lly#an Tea,
And wuntdA o*eA. Aide4 AUL of wicA wiL be o&U fve uCpA
. B. ;ohn 9ylea wiL" attend to any endteu he ay be fawm.d wit4 in ze
caHi4*ion Bu&inew.
fe aiwo exei"e 6Vwtainsap wiA s&aebe and dipaicA.

.uly 4/ -- 3

F < S4. Auttee, FLa. fslyAt2, 182/.

ThA Saiwe te Gffe f*L aide,
10 kal4 6b. #w YeAk Mahkei Beef
A fw Aff bLU. mwe Bee
3 b6. aA PeA4k, &iAn 20 do. couue and fA4Se A
6 do. No. 33 Aaedwt cheap,
Nw &#amnd Ra Amweuet in,
A.Mdd candle, 6G and 84,
/A asliuy b6!nM SS"^
20 bbW. Milaadatia 6ttled P ,
20 bxu bed.t C(idet Aw! aiUy,
A few boxe exce.lleu.t (ae
10 h4p paint ny.keAnd 7T&ow,.
5d, 6d &, and 10d Q/*i# ,
Swet Oi0 f i botdla &liah.E4
A few k4e Land Amd and S/wt,
fle'i 9owue and fA" S"e. and B...,
A Pae a"e*Mx i euf W men '4 S".e and B&e0t,,
Bjud.l and Saddles wouUe and fine Hatd,

A "mstd aed4ment qf A* 9eed, c0ui#tiny of
Nmeu4w4, Caii c, Oek Opaby Sf*i4A Liten, Amdem AwiaUnkfafi,
uinu, Table Diape. and TowelUn, B&zbagetAte, &abjeenu, Ulae (Ce4t aid
S(m4ime,&, "e esom Seek and Sekiw aUe and Ulaek ilAk stfekiN4,
C Aki ad .wwL alinei, f &SJ...i.U. *..
AJ a 4"a l awmU unt hf0 #4admas, .uAk H R t Iupe, &As .d &peV., A6,d CawMueA'i amne
iAiynl, -^ L Steak LAeA, ad Ltck4, put # "ee?, Lo
K6 U, ukitUwwA and 4e.B.U Bud. u, FLA hok4 and line, etc., e&c.
The above faP mle ad modewe i fet Caike AL udtedate of
medaitf bf
6jwAd S. R.w.,

At Ri44 awM mdt Mtae. PFAmue'o eMue.

)Lp /1 A.

FLoIid 9at;,ee Si4 AUyaine, RFa. aLy 2, /82/.

Ve, Supefio Wwine.
audi awAived pe. Iasi fAn New Yank and Sawnnah, a choice jetec&ion
of sladeuiA, TenMWAffet, (Cawe and ilkaaga WiXej, A boilei -- Ali, Reai
Coyac Ban4dy -- bedt Holand 9in Rumn -- and boxed (Cide wiA.
a penenat aAowimne of ,Wocet and Famly Stome.
The SubidJcjibeA ,wa made waanuvmenw to keep conmdzi4 onI hand a
iuppy4 of &e above Ai.ctLej, and fLatUeAi Ai elf 6dai boat ieit.
cheaptesi and upetionity4 wiLL meAU tke public patwnape.

Tham" C=ampbe,

a. Don. Fenando AIAndodo 'j Stol e Hofue.

Ay/4 if

FeO Sale,
12 dmuo/Anu L. AP Aadeiw Wine,
3 dozen Fancy ChaiA.
6quie 0of

WiLLiam Tnavenu.

Rm dyke. S4. AuypjiiM, FaI. ;4y 28, 182li

The SuAJebaelu
RespectfualL fos ike fAiutd and tAe pusic, ati iAey hAve
cu __we d tW. CO -iwe FAcuue and Agw.4i 864wA4j Mdeda Ae A*m f
S. SiLew S. I .C,
Tkhe flatiWe tAistlveI, by induWy and pacfuaiLy, to ob&tini a
"LAbe.t A e o 4 publ e piAtuaaa They PWl 4jfcev 9oodi eve{ y
dsipAiiW, onC atM -t o i A eli a4 t pubic auacien, Avinap wwomnd
and 4.fe 4w 4OM4. S6p wit alAm divp ef/e Amaw, Lvtj, Landld,
(4., at e w .le .f pef44bte Cmission.
Thys keep endsilye. hand,-l a rwn4L a4 un meint D Ay O0e,4
And wtiL 0nM have a 4pply h f 4 meUa4l, whic Afay witL 444., A4elejle
vmA jaUo, at kAe (kdembws pti"4, fop& (a.

S. SA.ti4.
faly /4 4 At fewlon

Riilty wlnd Fa1 baekM
Have i IS6em, fodSp AS d aIE 15 &AtMl Pek; /0 d4. PW& do.;
12 at"4 a4 and pime Beef l0 de No. 3 Axft4e4. 6 T7w*. ptime Rice;
0 MLi. Ae Fmet,; 8 de Pila Bw&d&4 2 boxe Spe. and TalJLw (CandLe;
10 i6bi. ukeynd iA; 40 c(ad Sime Line; Sep in BmeA; Cepsuc
Bw&sy; m. n; Andeia Waia, CIaad ime and Cide i bo" Ule; FP4
makei Beef in half b66L.; 200 p meA'4 and fby', SJ Ae; 200 pw wmmen'
d o.,; 00 Ladies' and:4 BCo4e* .
An. ebwandat ef (jcawuf.
A40. Ta7, (Cog", L04 and B&am SUPPt, ei Tmauind in0s,
fAAk &BUM" and Land, bottlW &464e 01, and a number oft okte aAicte ise tAe
9neiwy Lin.

;A4 i44t

Fl.a4da ete. St. AjuAdine, Fla. Septeube4 I, 182/.

Ripley & Fai4banki,
Have jut Aeceived by &e Las au&4"L4, and offel fPt Sale,
3_0 &tAeLd eA5 100 buA&et" Pee, 500 lb4. faeA H#ad and &Bacon,
/4 bbLa mes Poak, 22 do. ptime duo, o10 do.. No. 3 &ckea4, 6 fiee" RiLee,
a2 bbL.. S, 4 do Aut B-w, a2 box," Spema and Tallow (CandLe, 6 bbLd.
WkAkey and 9in, 12 do. e#kUeeoI, 30 cak4 Stone Lime, 2 bblU. bed CiduAv,
do in boLe4 I J/ Lace Lamp Oil, I &ate //ope, I bbL Sal4, I keg Sat PkeAe,
/0 kep and jau fAteA B&t&e, / bbL Amond 10o paio. /flMe4 Booteea, Meen'4
wam.e'j and childAw'i S)ew, Cognac Bwndy, famica and N. 6. Ru^, Adlaw
Wine, do in bottle, PmwdeA and Sow4 An awije*en.t of (/u&cej$, Tea and Coffe.,
Loaf and bean Supat, Salame44, 5iyae, Tamaainds in j#a, 6QL 8d, 1od. and
20cL taL, 30wn and Steel, A fV ke ( M&ite Led, &Arid, Oil, and many
aticele in Ae 9mce.y Line

An. 13.

7Ae Sub4Cu&beA hau f 4ut receivedd pea b64, wamwny,
diect fwAN New y'n, a fAed appy4 of vey iupeJone* i
;euey#j #L, each hAm pt up in canvwa. and waumted.
/0, 000 feet Aite Pine Boase c4eani iuf a fsew fAkiniu choice
9oAe.d Ba&UeA, 20 bbL fAe Baltu&oe AaaIu, and a iuppe y of fAed
DAM" and Aedicineu
Aich can affod to eJU at Ctaudeaon pniceo, and intend in
futhie te keep a costanat apply on hand.
They ceuun t of
(alem.e, qJLap, MaUahb, Rockelte and 9laubeL Salt, Poadeved Pe"wian
&/ak, pewae, ,gnejia, B4itex !Ladue, Smenna and Almna, Leed'i Biliuw
Pill, Ta7dinpton's Balamn, Baii.A Oil, Batiman,' DwApe, tc., etc.
AL.. by tAe Aie vew4l, a cowuiiment of eepant Cabinet Fwzntume,
Fu one of t4e fi41t flwufac&mew, in Nw Yoak, cwundinp of a variety of
elegant Faned and A& ogany Beawwm, Vep Randm4we Adkteyany Dining Tables,
6Legmy aowed Adasay kiAh pet BedUtead of diffena t ptiee* Supeo
WWiA TabUes anid Book Cae, Candle S*and, PmbAke Tablelu, Po0able
Dedki, ,tc. The wnole fon ide wt monawde tea4 few Cah, by

6amumd Robinmoni

PLoaida aette. Auustine, PLa. Septembe& I, /182/.

71w SubcuAibeu
Have 4uat received by ie4 b4y Neptne 'i &Bae and Aloop %uP, fam
adedon,& a aAk saupply4 of 9oods, wdi.cA -Aey oee fPa date on Ae moadt
4neaon0bLe iae at tAei. S&fae, No. 3 Ho#pLti Stveet, a.wng w.4ic awe,
Window ua4, 8 by /0, 9 by //, and to by 12; Decantelw, Tunbleu;
Wine "awej; Paintj and CoLou; SpZL"d of Tw7pentine; Ptdy and AutLing;
)ovem S3Ttne Kepg (i.e Lead. do. yeUllow do.; Do. Spanish Bs4m and
Black Pain4r A anewaL auwe ameiu of Day CoLon; a pfo pwii Tack and
wyp NaiLs, &c.
Alao, an an o &ment of eteani, nwo made, C/aiLestom Fur ntweew
Cowsiuin, of fahoanyw caved BedsteadA, flappLe dieo, &Afloanym
Dining Tailed, Bwwuauj, Baueon Stand, &c.
T7ate&A wi.A an aoef3meni of 9wceaiue, auck ad
FjAe* 9oAken &dBte, poaae LaId4 bwm Soap, Windmon ditwo, scented
dito, Candled, um, Spew Oil, Been, (Cide, Pilot Bwea4 BLiacu4, Aacket,
tc. ALso Ladies' and gentlenem' Shoes, miULe4 and cAmude'n dwoes and
Bootee4, 3.94A Linen, Diapea, Cai.coed, LadiAe and peneLmen. 'o uwte coton
Howe, Sewing Siku and 7AThead, witA a vanie4iy of
DAuY oods, BookA & S*Jiwona4y.
S. Sineetez & Co.
Auu // -

Feozida L S.4 Aupatne, Fla. Sep*abea. /, 182/.

The Sa&"cuibeu
Have iA Siotee dtAe fl Adel, widcA aey have received by
Ae late a/iva"L fjn Am e No6d:
/0 bbL. Mle POAk,
/0 do. Shad FAh,
/0 do. PhA-adepLua Bee,%
4 do gin,
4 do. ey.
"" tba. nmi Dutch (CAeeae,
do. No6hwand do.
/500 do. 0ood Bacn,
12 dogen bed London Muad,&n
A qmandiy good Spani4sea,
Do. Ame4ucan Do.
eood nw Ruw, by Ae gaLLon,
80 paLlw of Line ai.ce,,
6 baA& e o! FPdA AlmondU,
/0 boxed of0 PFa44 P&eU.
ALL of 0Aich wiL be 4oud .ua (a4& by

Andnew DeAooden & Co.

Adiomn/ Mawton!/!
The maVke4 asl be uppUled femonWa si. fine, fat HowAen
A&.on, 6by
f1. ifldensL

FL onda d aM*. St. Augudine, Fia. Septwben 8, /82/.

The Sub4eA4bet
HaA in Stone, andi offeu fAt. 4ae on moderate temw, a cvaplete
a44o46net of
Daw 9oods, conuLding of
B3,ad CIo'Aa, (aAwdee?, Stockine4, Piuakinp, Sie, 4ned and yellow
FRannel, blue Plabinu, Rode Blanket, 7-4 to /4-4; CaApeting, nich4 Bmuela
fanqfA Aq; Woxu;d, Silk and AueiUee Vedinpg, CambtLc ?4indt, FAuniwwu
CaLi.coei, 9inghaa, -SaI" L4en, Long. Lawu, atUe Cotion Cauba.c, mtWe and
colouwed Stiped and WoAnked Afl"Liu, =.We and dbiped aldian Neck Clo-h4,
Tabling, DOwpe; Linnemn and wi4Ze cotton, ReaaaL and Madma Handkec4iefpi, yeUev
Nankeen, BengaLj, bLack and coowued (otton (uepe Dwea Patttemn and Shawl;
black and tAJ4oped Silk HandkeAchi.efp; Black Sewin. Silk, B&anbaett, 0o6ied
and Cotton Hoie, Cotton Ba"L, Blue, Owwabwg, ajedued colouu; Amead4
and a valueyo of oehAe aWciezt.
AtLo an a.owdenmt of ClwckeAy and Hai4d-44e, Tin Wane, SadLlUejy,
Men's, Wamen'J and Micei Shoed.
TopedA t wUA an a.eo&4nent of 9dwceujie;
Suck ad Bawla Bae Augao, CoAffee, &a"wl uanse and Me" PA.4k,
bauel, SaLt, half pipe4 AuantdLeide, (Lafm Wine, in cadk and in bottle;
Conac Bvandy, 4 auLca Rumw Afda# Leaf Tobacco, kepa anufac&wed dLsto,
Deiuona Sptinit of Tuwpmetine, and a vaaLety of otenz adiWde4.
Likamise, on conji etfW.4
The fLLmowing adiWude, wuick Ae of few at a ow putce fo CaA, to
cLoje 4alew: -
100 boxe4 Yellow Seap, J do. Window do., 2 Piped Cognac Bandy,
4 Popei and 40 ba&tL NAfowdken 9in, 10 boxes" PhiLadelphia ?oefe4 2 bbli.
9lue, X0 boxed ewel, one amie fl'en 'i Caton Nai, 20 bbl PAnee PeoA.k,
10 bbl". Ro9in, Ptck and TuApentine, /0 bbL VamisA, bbl. FouAp Copnn
fla4, and Navy Bwa., kepi qt S*mck and znatfactwed Tobacco, a fw f( inkn
of choice Ba&tui, boxe" Cacke", and Mflen'i Booti, 12 incA hooks vnaned,
7PI&9u4, OCu, and about 3, 0o feet I and /i inch yeUllow pine Boandu.

Fnancia Sanchei.

Sept. 8.

FLo,4ida iay e. St. AupaLine, Fla. Septenbev /5, /82/.

61.ue SubdcAJl o(ewce do Venia,
800 Pa"L. oupedjot Vine de A~deiwa,
50 caxa de Apcan. Quebiado
600 bueled de Sal 9oAdo
500 Likbhaj A6Aiep a
8 pipu Vino Ca&lan
6 a/afWonew Bwandy
y o01a4 VauoW efec-o0 poL0
F. Al. AWdondo.

RipLey & Faidabnka,
#ave jiLut received, by tAe Scwonet Reotl4dion and Sloop W1ap, and
fP4 Sale,
2 (ade Fedwing Pieced, lo bbl.. NonAewn in, 5 do. NoIdAe,mn WAiAkey,
I icOk. SiWcily ne, 4 bbl.., ead' ToVued, 33 Lba. CAeeae, / bbL SpLUia
of Wine,
Aao, Pe de and SAo boxe Soap bap Peppe., do SaUl -- W apping
and LeUtea Pape& -- ke Tobacco, do Land RoLL BAimdjne -- Snuf -- pump
Tack; -- acuppea Naila FRa HookA and Lin.e of all d ic4Lpion. clamp
and jcdwbbing B&whj& .

Sept. /5.

Real FawAh Wine Vinepaa.
Fo4 dale, Aotledate and 4eain, by
A. DeOwoden & Co.

Sept. 8 4/

FloAida daeo St. Auujtine, Fla. September I, /182/.

7R4Ley & F&aLbankA.
Have jud 4eceive4d, pem 4loop Hope, fan. RodA (CWaina, and ich.
FLo"ida, fnn CadLedton
3,000 lb.. pi e Bacon, 20 boxe, Wind. u-lLa., 8 by /0, 9 by II,
/0 by 12; 10 bbl. Supe fine Fowu Kepai (WAue Lead, Pait Oil, 0 c.

Sept. I -- if.

Now o #Nevei.
The Subc~a.be4 info/mu 4Ae inhabi.antd of St. Aupju ne,, Aai ai he
intend leaving i C 4, in about a monA Ae will dpoe of Ahi. p4ient
Stock at "educed puLcea foP CaAh, o4 old 9old and Silve4 will be taken in
Ii caw"id of
9old and SilveA 1W4tche, 6epan# fine 9old Chain4, SeaLs and Keo,
faminp, Baeat-Pina, Fingeo Ring, add VaYiou. oket AL&de.

Sept. I -- f. LewUt Sol-mon.

Foet Sale,
/00oo bbl.. F e ch Ftow, a~ $5.
80 piped Agua&diene, at $70 pen pipe.
S6quim of

AuvY~ // -- 2t.

Wi.liam TAvenv.

Flo"ida d aette. St. Auustine, Fla. December /, /182/.

lAe SubcAlibet iuiendinV io leave tiLa pace in a few week, offeu
fo. aale at co'i, fo. (a, Adi 9,od, comiLti"no of Day Bookm, Ledgeu,
Aenowuandum and Blank Boki of. aoedt eve4y descZiption. ALso, a v.d/ediy of
HlLSoi.caL, i..ceLLaneouj woAki and NoveLd; ScAhool Book; SRated and Slate
penciLm ; QaiLv ; -nk in Yulj; Black and Red Ink Powuden; BLack Lead Pteci4;
Dwawina Papet and Pencil; !Lndia Ink and Sndia 9ubbet; oeket Book; 9tlt
PuA7ded; elegant Dwawin" Book!; Ladie4' and geneiemeno '. D uaeing (aCed;
W&una & Lewbex Pape".

Nov. 24. R. D. ouew moen.

Bwead & Bi4cuL.
FamiiLe4 4upp&ied wiA fAeA B&ead & Bi&cuit, eveyt me"a'n and
evening by applying at .Ae Bake /ouie, a oinina tAe tedidence of Beawando
Seut. &aq., on at my stone.

vo4ep4 Pepoon.

Nov. 4.

7Re 664 FLida Henald. St. Aaub ine, Fla. Anuua 4, /823.

The SubicALbei have j#ut received a genemia ai.mje ent of w.eanable
good", Aey offe& fAo aale ai Zoo pti.ed, and on acommedat&ing ewu.
Dy# goods.
3-4 Atpe blue and black clodw; second qui4ty do.; cadwieI4u,
aioitaed colowu; blue and hl.i;e plauinu; iUe and wed faei, of dLffeAwuf
de4cipitionu; 3 and 31 poini blUanked; 8-4 dfilU do.; a Zaine aiiexMemt
of calicoes and spotted maudiniu; blUe and black bmbampaee; aiehmee &
coton 4a.La; do. handJkedi4fi; cotton -/Am checks,; fine w*eu ed docking;
cotton do.; oinabp; udUi.e and colouwed thuead; cotton ball; hAmeipwu;
4La4 Linen, 6tc., etc.
(Cmwaon and fine able Aifu; pen do., hooki and, of Aund4
Adpi, belte; dtock Loc6,i; Ahatc"t, cut naiLU, cAela, &c.
Befd eoac Bmaadyq in, OULA.keyX New &gland Run, by bawlA and
ietal; Suayi; WhAte do. 7tb. fOA a dltat; HyOen Tea; feA. H#I6; Ciandie
and Soap, 6ec., &cc.
A few cmka. _A and bbli. j k Fe*uA .

Peia4e & Lmbia4,

Conne (aLein & 9eoee Sieefj. .

Dec. /2. /7-3.

A.e 74 it PLow"da Henad. FebwaayW 22, /823.

Selling Off
At tAe Steot nea hAe &nited Satei Bavwack,
The "mwni Steeck of iaid SiTee, ciuitiaa4 of

blue "t Ma sdrw y do ai, b a, ao4 e e

blruiam &4a0z&., TinA A e, .ad wckua cuU pwwipcey. o. 4
fAm 12Y c4. pm dos. -t 75 eta Pe4 do. AL&e and And flaNNe, &BdU," Od
Al4* Fwmibwt.
.B. 7ke Aw.9 mUL be i.U e.i*q (4 mak ei in &k fe4 (.f4fe C#. 0

P.. 22. /-.

k. fhFoL.ida ffad. lAch 22, 1823.

Fo. SaL at cu and ck A e4,
A ;wtL& 4( Dy 9..4 .( ew duAcV.imi, .*4e vainV ofwevA,
Avsi~ele is nA. Da get uua fnipee th w. .* tf4fce-, AttU^ LavL, Swfi
CandlU.e, Sea a wd 6&ot.
Ai~o, Lo4j .f nLd, iV ld. Fafj el., e. iL beL .
ffewd .4 4Sale adit i'Ae /OA 04 ApdliJ ; a6vetWA 4SMi.U WU.l WilL be6
iUd .t &ULic Axet.i4, ;*e odi de catme.

S.Meo CAk.

mAek 15.


The FLo.ida HeaAacLa S4. Auuine, FLa. June 7, /823.

The ub4cvaibew having on tAe finw inud. ete4ed into copadnen4Lp,
ie caia.Uionn buine* wXl be conducted Ae'eafje4 uwnden ie fLm of Robiou
& Peanon:
Chno. Robiou
oohn & Peauoon.

TAey now offen fon dale on n/eaonabLe teimwi foa cuaA, Ae fo4LLowin
anticleo, vi..:
Beef in haLf and wdole bbLs.
Po4,k in do. and do.
BuUten and Land in kea.
FlouW in uwole bbLL.
PiLoi Baead in half do.
Almonda in bay.
%ai-jin in boxe4 and kep.
Anckovi.e in bodiled
OliveA in do.
Capen in do.
Hanw and Sauwaed;
(nockeny and Wooden A4ue.
DAeming and Rantu aes.
Haui and Jhoe4.
Rwz in bblt.
WkLakey in do.
Coidial in boxed.
Oil in Badkeis.
Loaf Supa4.
Fil i. tain,4.
!L!pl wuZnuu.
Soap in boxed.
Candled in do.
PAemenve4 inj9 a4
reaei and Shod.
hLhe4 and beLLtomA.
a anat ad4n6awi of DiV 9oodd.

6fA. Fl ozida HeiaLd. Si. Augustine, Fla. October 1/, /823.

D1I. flw4ay
Tendewu AL paofe.tonat detviced to Ake in/habianiar of St. AuWdine
and LA vicinity and may be coniuLted a. aLL Aoun
And offelu fon Sate
A ad4odmeni of DAup, Medicinei, (ft. alL w ,uAmvted of tAe
fA 'd quatL4i, a iAe lowedt priced and in, quan&ULej to uLLt pacWakenw,
among wiAck ate:

Ankimonu c'ude
Awow nooet
Angetica owodt
AA*Swuna bank
Antimoual wine
Acid mwuaZi.c, do. puiLc, do ni;owuj,
do &Aia4Lc, do dulpAu4c
Ba&nk YeIo, do. mod, do. pate, do. in
&aLL Capea, do Canada, do Penu,
do. ToL&
Ba/bado4 &an.
Buvund4 pUcA
Bole Anmmm
Beeoax yeLLow, do. 4U.te
B/imanone ,woLL
(ad.on. Oil AmenAcan, do. W. ..ndia
Cal m.eL ppt.

Canihanidea, do. putv
Commile fLowoe
Caneta alb
(aaw aun d eed
(Caucanta bank

Cajtie 4oap, wLUe and cotouned
(Covei, CocAineal
Co1ombo nwot, do. powedened
Chalk pnepaned
(ouiandeC deed
(Qeam Tadan. putLv
(onn&.eibe dubtimate
Cowdetve ow4e4
Cawuiijc Lunan.
Dnapowu bitod
Dovet powde2a
(odan Satl 6ng.
Aen4 JLp4, 619o
6ide4 bto0ana
meny fine, do. No. /, 2 and 3

fAxi4. puafEic, do. C vadut AwU ead jee Ace
fy ad cd, d d^ ianl dA..p,
Lead Nax vmio, Ailphea, do. beuoin Opu^, Oa4 e peel
Flex deed Oxpil "allia
FeakicsAe Oil pUwmwPS do. 6cuiau, do.
94auwb4 ali &ueJ, do. tivet, do. peppW. id,
.eU ALeppo do. ap itdn do. arkv, do.
CJalbaJw emA-y, do. *oA.W-, do. diaan.e,
,LLt 7kwd do. wo. ated, do."Ad, do.
gaeti ana wem uM*Ued do. 4a4iu Cee4 do. j#ipe4
p l, gwnainy do. eleve, do almwtd,, d. Lmmn,
P2AeA. mee, do. peswded do 6be.aet, do. asaufj.A, do.
p ana pUadLe ha.dock, do jw4tl, do ipmee, do.
9 m wniac, do. dwhpaL, do. wia.nue n, do. vi ul
ambtwale pemdet, do. kin., Oianmet meAatieL, do. &Ladicion,
do. benoin, do. iAm"mau5k, do. eeale, do. simple, do. ued
do. pac, do. mlynk, do. peciLpiate do. Sp/ni.WA flzei,
S/ltwac, do. capa, do. Mu, fink mwm
do. pambope, do aeeuny POwAl aAke
Heiebfne Black, do. WAie PwaL b&Aley
Hlw eA pemdeed ian
#Heay, do. of quiLLe PlMuAte nwwuiA, do. &puady, do.
#fufam.'4 andyne zadheaive, do. wdzAtiiy, da.

Spewncmanha ac Alp o Qi.ek diLvet
laUp 6m Lmwon
muip"L bewaij CAelUlwham a"Li
Lioja4ice oot, do. pmwdem%4 do. H#" coed'd mag'
baLL, do. finedd in boxe4 Stmachic biaua
Lime watet Wrem Lopi"ea
Alsiped Lmp, do. pmdete4 do. .aul Aamie Te70A peaute
a4qwte, do. caLcined binckley'j Ia w4d fA4 Ae pitU
Aflwo fak4e, do. aoe Feve pudue
ae)ieniad A2,uk %A"u4 O4eed do. pwMdeiwd

Red ptecipUaide
Rome wnte4, 4in
&4t ofVSwi -
ray elati~c
Scaila and weqAif
A7nabe m*aau, cwMpoUiii. ilown do.
RC#eciein pipe., do 4ygAJV"
SypingiAt qzae 'i boxe4, do piitt
Le.on acid
Soda pede1
S"LU of* LamW
(joleyn wadeA
Rose ndeQL
Lavende/L do.
Faay* viaL
CdAWU ce a'd
SaL ameOuiuace, do. volatiLea, do.
.da, do. 7?oceUle, do. Tad&4,
do. (alM', do.9laubeai, do.

Sps. AuAmonia, do. AawjAown, do.
Lavendea, do. Wine, do. camphAe,
do. iU4e DOuLc
Sawoasfw Baok
Saauspve ilez
Spompe fine, do. meaiue
Saffsao Spanti, do. 6plisih, do.

Sevin, Sennaw ALex
Snake WO,4 Via* do., wnah.,
Su.a Lead
Spupn Srudl4, do. dimptel

Twat 6[efc Tapioea
Tinci AtLee cmp'd, do. y4A, do.
VateJiam, do. inake Ae.,4 do.
Aijaefo.d, do. Benyi ca emp'd4
Do. oewgnAidej, do. Jewa, do.
RAu% Ab, de. "a Aoxamu, do.
PefAViadA bank, do. Opiu, do. aOde,
do. Amia- -awu, do. al M6 wo0,4
do. Kniam, do YeAp, do. pme, do.
Vale*, do. p.wian,
VinAeaa, ditillted
Valewian Awei
VL&iolta ed Ta an.
VUAiLot s.ue, do. blue, do yeem
astoed dpiAy. iMa4ede, cmm do.
DuwAaule A
Vitl C"'
B aLe do.
Patei Oini
ThAmb l ncei, do cinon
Hatmsa'4 dwa1 p
B1tihA Oil
6~uace peppealif
9edfy '4 condiatL
TA4Linyan'j bt.Lj
DatLbey cauminaive

Hadte Oil
Oil aouseUd
Pills, Leid' New Lwdon, do. do.
Windaum, do. Andut u, do. eoopcu,
do. OpiAum

Jvoy black, leamp do.
96l40 Spa.iA
Black t@24 do M.d.

Powden.ed blue
Vemiillion &(jlidL
Spdin9a Lancet
Too Jndame nia
alia pouL
Blach eating max
(uppiig and ;ejepaixnawt ingdu mena i
lte & (aname dtvet cadehtetn
w4Ue leaAe 8ki4r
Balm QuiLto
CkcA! e CougA Dowpd fPt coughA, coldi,
eomanp&,on4, adwIma, etc.
Cephalir. wnuff fa(t coata4aA.

ALdo a penewal a4o/hnenft of
Suzical inawanentes, JAop FuPmutme, PAiaLs -- a.soited (Am half4 dwwa
to 3 op. etc., etc.

ALL of wdicA ale offeted vey Low foP (aC by

(. Devineau.

Lihkewie, WiLt be landed -Ae jame day, Supevuot Balaimote WAie
and Ftidt Coin.

Yune Y. -- 27.

ThAe Flouida Remiald. St. Autinme, Fla. Septemnbet 9, 185.

New 9oods. WhotedaLe and Re;ad.
Hanfond, 9wovenot and WAUintg,
WiLL keep confntLan- on hand a genemat assovbnenm of DaI (oods,
9WCetA.e*, ,andu~Zae, Cwckey and 9las a4e, a.Ltds, Oil, &tc.
Con-iding of --
Old Wamica, Antigua and New &nLand .?wn; Ha1lland and Ameuican in;
(oynac and Old Peach iandy; fladeiwa, /eneafife, (jCLame and 4owdelLed Winew;
FTetnck CoAdial; Smb, Peppeinint Condial; WAite & B/uwn Suta4; Molawe4.
Rice, F owt, acken,, P Lo B4ead, Cop., ,ean, Hamn, Coffee, CAeede, Bute/t,
efle and P7 ,me PoA; Spiced efle Beef in half bbL6 No / Bo4ton Beef, Salmon,
no. / flacke/el in haLf bbL; No 2 & 3 in whole bbLd, Shavnp and Ba&. Soap,
Speam and Taliow (andled, 8&oam, (oanme & fine SaLt, WALin & Wapping PI'ape4;
Blank Legen and Day Booki; Window L1aua; ut4. WAzte and Red Lead; Span~iA
WhiA e and Biwun; Linseed Oil, Tu tpentine; paint Buw e.; Lamp Black;
Raidinr, Jamainj /Pickled Cucsnbe44, Almonds, Filbeiti & Fip, Sweet OiL,
Lavender aea. 9las Lampd, ay4, YPo-atoed, 6c, 6tc.
Also -- Ce Fancy Wagon (wo dpwina deatda) -cuLAiu and hannew. Ce
Alnare C(Lock.
ALso -- And an excellent. addonnenm of Ladi.e- monwcco and pvzaelle
.d/oe.; Aflen. 's ackon copper clinch dAoed; mo wcco puapd; buckskin dkoed;
deaLtkin pumpd; kidAkin baoans; boyj and c4idtjen dAoed etc., etc. all
which offei foP. dale a. above Low foPL cadh. Ladied and 9enileene ate
nepedfu4U Zinvied to call and examine foP, .Aenelved. UaSn.ed, Beewaux,
o.aen, deen. and bean. Ainj, Aided & ceda, Po0td.

September 8&t.

uJ~~ ci /

The Flo"ida HeaLd. SL. Auuwdine, Fla. Septenbe4 9, 1839.

publicc Sale.
Wilt be 40oLd on FuLda" IAe /OA day of_ Septenbex next, at /0 o 'dock
a.m. ait Ae fl/a ke, i4e peional pwpeoy, of Aa L. Boa'dwan, deceased.- condsid4 n
of I hAone, ca&L, and taddle 4Aook of. orange and &uVan boxe4, household
fuvnLtuae, duck a s bwueau, ablte, looking az e, clock, etc. Also, eWad4
made., Bedding, Table Ltia.and Toweing. ALso a Lot of fine Ladies'
flenr, and Childtena SAoed, an ado&&dnerd of 4apanned and plain in uwt e.
Ladi.Le Head and dide canb. apea, and pe nk and Btacking
?ouxde, and many otae, a .Ltde. Condtion made known at A.e time of date.
T7omas Y. Sweeisei,
Quatifzed Admnfindwaion
Augut 2836, 18P.

The FLoAida Henal St. Auyutine, Fla. Januaiy /9, 1832.

I)o VIoak.
CAeap Whotlesae (Loak, Siock & Ctoft ing Warehoue. (,Renoved.}
The Subdc, bet ha" 4ewnoved hl. ablish" mvt fAm No. 18o aflaiden
Lane, to ,e .pacioud .oLLe, No / S, teaod Si Aet, oven ale Ae /Hyde,
C(evelwad and Co. e4ew h-e will keep conaanity on hand a much moze extensive
ajodm&end -hait fo.mne.Ly.
The dite, make, and mateniaLt of Ae CLoalku will be 5ea L, improved,
and will be dold at about Ae name low pniuce aC cf he Lawt deadon. He
haaa aLso on hand a lange e a.oAtnenet of Low APced Ct(oing, made in good d;Vle,
expeAdyA4 fo fhe douwAenn and weienl inade, that wLlU be dotd at about &e
usual prices of he modt infezuon. quatiy.
ALso an ad.o&dbent of Stockl, wi.h many ohet dei.'abie adic.del.
Thode do will take he t'wuble to examine ALi d.tock of 0ood04, will
pwbabl dai4fy& efdeltved hMat .Aey cannot 'deect te .ame amount fAmn any
.dock in Ae city that will be a dafe. on. moze dedinable puAcha4e.
FoP0 date by
F. 1. Conani,
138 Peand Sifet, N. YoAA

The PLto4ida IeaLd. S.a ASa4unem, Fa. fayV. /7 ,832.

.i &&po*d.sL lmottlens, /ee abc4C4hew4 4awe Acei (ed 4i t emi 6'fmd and 6Ae Nw64 a
ie and ede*euive auef n ofpui&LksA and oueeicZ lo &ood, abwacinA a
compLete amojeg'sa#6ei' oo WaniUnu, adWpijed 1ow. pp tasiont cloduing, weJich4 aey
ffe4I fo44 &aLe *a aauAe teamj and aceaimodatinjg 4eA1 .'
AUW e We4A plwu aawis.d auawdWi.,;
WAife Sawukin, do fAo wmefn.
1ndio 4dyed Blue and ptaifU, finLt auaLi4.
on d Biad a .i d'do
Blae 61Li4 and 6-4 Fina1iAk .
Red and WUde Fawvte4, amwodeL
&5cw fPne Wide and WeLa do.
6474 and 84 LondoanfsfUi and p 5ita Blanked.
7-4 and 8-4 Fancy do.
SaVitne and (adiimew aiwnoede cololu and quali:.
ROa4, .a uaJLLpaff and Cot ian &Adanna Ha#A.
dient ThAead Needlei, &Bauda.
AnW&ani, jatiin. BAd p e
Plisze (alimo and pMin ed Cambuii
4-4 and 6-4 inaAm4,
9..c and 6-4 Ca4d6ic4 Anfl~sin.
4fl6, Boo" and %oune fliuns.
39tUk LijwM and She Swtia.
9ewan wzblecaked do.
I 6 t.Lawonefa
Beren Kbdidedi's Atk we d ioup/ he.ave*.; O4~ ~

The 6ag FLo&ida Hewald. St. Aug~utine, Fla. Apr4l 27, 1837.

Take Notice.
Yuld nIeceived by Ae ScAA. S. S. AlML4, a duppLy of fAe4Ah qoce4e4,
-such a4 uai.e Havana lumap and Loaf. 4ondo Pico, and otAe. augaa n, tea, coffee,
faz.d, butiel, cAeede, New On dean. mola.ded, htam, cUIon, cunsen.t, 'zea"ond,
m d, dAtiLed apple, Q(anLte4ont qaud, 4ugad & budte etnackenm, dpelm and
talow candted, fouwL and eifAt, onions, mace, cloved, and o}en. 4piLces, many,
otAet. aiLcLe4 too tedious to mention.
Also, on hand ad u&,ual, Liquolw and wined of a 4upelo., qua Ly, by
tAe cadk, gaLLon, ot boule, awteful to tbe public fo. pazi favo"a and will be
tAankful fot a continuance of Ate same and evety ,ainna to accommodate cuaomnelw
padi.culanalya wAen cldaen o.t de4vanid aie dent f/o adti.cte all wiLl be dold
.Low (fo cadA.

Feb. 13, 87. (.Ba &caow

(ha/Ledton (Aeap (Lodinag Stone.
The Subcdazibe4 avait hAimself of hLa oppo&&unid~ of infoming the
cd ienmd of St. Augustine that he haa opened a
enewal Adonmenru of Ready Made (C1otin.,
of ,eas.onabte A#iticLe. -- Like ise a gaeat vantietu of DAy 9ood4,
eweoly, Watches, Unbjeda4, anadoLt, 6tc.
ALL of hAd 4dock wiLL po4Uively be AoLd at tAe Lowedt NoAeln ALice4,
a. Ai4 h tay Ld fo. only 10 da. 3S would be welL fo/ Aowe Ao wUid ;to
pulchaae cheap, to caUll now, ad he will poditLve4y leave by Ae 20t of Ae
{duaEd WL.e.

The f&jt FRoxida Henald. St. Auguiine, FRa. tuy 13, /837-

New Bakehe!
3. 1. Saateg, "pectfutly infomnu ie inhabutanit of Sit. Augu.dine,
tait hAe ha4s aken ie /houe late.l occupied by i%. ,acob aflnk, wAete Ae intend
ito ca4uy on ke Baking butineae, and will keep on hand, a &,ppy of bead of
de be4i qualUy. Ad doon a4s Ae can make a,,wnna enet&, Ae intend keeping an.
aso h ene. of &Iuten and Waien C(ackenA, and oAen. aazc.ea in hLd line. He
hope. bpaziien.tion to burines and Ahe good quaL1 4 of ihL anlic.e tdo me/lAi
a thate of public pa onage.
FntehA Btead eve4y mownng.

St. AugUidinte, ,uly 7, 1837.

The Flonida lHenaLd. St. Auautmine, Fla. Ai anch 25, /829.

A4ipe of n&ead.
Fo, dte Ci.t of St. Auguitine.
The avenagae pnice of good heat RLoun being $1 iAe 6y cend Loaf
mu.di weigh 15 ounces, fon 6te enduaing wo week.

lantch 254h, 1829. S. Stneeen, CLeAnk. /9-2.

The Flonida Henaid. St. Aguwtine, FLa. mune _p, 1/80.

CAeap goods.
7udt received, pen 4C/lnu. (tvina, a good ad4onnentrd of handsomne 4uanent
goods, w4ich will be opened ThLa4 Day. Among hem ane cpnided-- Dnillinpa ,
Linen,, Calicoe4, Cambt.Zc, gauze and Palmaine Handhendchaef, Pavilion aujeds,
black and uwAie Silk 6Hoe, Ladiesd' Panadoe4, wUh a of oihe Fancy
9oodd, too nwnewowa to mention.
ALso -- Ohe cawe ven denen'4 fa4ionable black ( 4to. and Beavenv Hai.

The 6adt FLonida Heiald. St. Auguatine, FLa. October, /5, /835.

Cheap (adh Stone.
The SubdscAubet having juat tneceived a well deLected adssotment of
Fancy and Staple Dny ood4, Haindwa.e, C. Pe t 7.fune,,, Bootd, SAoed, Ha6s,
Saddle, Wipad, Apu^ and i oudandd of othet aticded -too nUeln'ud to mention
aLl of he is determined to dell as Low on i. poalibLe Lowe. ian, anay
ohAet hou.e in Ahe ciy.
having fRtted up Ahi old dtand, will keep in addition. to &e above
a/i.lcJLes, a compete a.Aoudment of. 9woceiea, WAoledale o. 7Reail.
By keeping hwo dton.e4, t will enable him to putchaae good Low,
uAeneby he will supply Ai4 cuadtomen and ftaendd at tAe Lowedst ateds. He/
,L gmnatefuL to austomeu fAt pa/dt favoul, and dsoLicU-e ten and Ae public
genenaLLy to cal-Ul and examine hLA addowtnend, before they purchase eLdewAente,
and IhaLtL continue to receive good by eve4y aivaL fimrn New Ybak on. uAene
goods can be punchadaed on the Lowe t tentd. He i.L dee/mined to do dafe busine-m
only, and will dell tn. cadh on. coLaenaaL decuAity, all hLA goodd at a veny
nma.l advance on the fiLa cot, and Aopes by adt.cAt attention to bu sine and
Ate nearly educed pai.ce of hAi goodA to give even dsatiafaction in h power .
ALL ondenA tianhfuLLy #Iecei.ved and punc.uaLlt attended to by the pubLi.c'd
mot obdAt dev't.
St. Aupuaine, August 13.t, 1835.

(a.dt FLo4ida Henad. St. Augudtine, Rla. )anua4y 20, /836.

Cheap 9woceAn Stone.
FoI (asA.
ThAe Subdscnbez had menoved Ahi stoe ;to new building, of li.lchaeL Udina ',
in C(aniotte S;teet oppodsie te hAaanf and opposite William Levington ',
(i4y Hotel, had opened and intend to keep a gene/aal ac6ornment of nocen4ieda of
all kinda. Notaip te td.oceny that he hacd not on hand. A general a do& ment
of. ood Liquo" & Winte. ALao, a geneal, acdontment of good Liquona and Wined
on hand. 7t iL not deemed neced.aj to iay any thing, fundhe The public ante
invited to call and dee f6a ,en ueavea. ALto a ftedA adsonamene of fied and
poteden.ved fuit, adCh as Che'u.e' appeal e. PeacAed and awped, uAich will be

0old fo4 cak--acdo ftLing nateful to t6 e publicc /fo t/eiA patonage and
will be Aankfhl o64 conf.inuance of he "ame.
kn. Baucatow.

N. B. A food AicLe qt Ruled W4a&LIapa peda An achoolt and line teUea
pape4 of diffe4en. colou. adzicutaw amuention paid to CAldodne & Sevanti
uiea den.t to ~iW dtoe.
ALso Cane death Fancyq and Windsot-- az.enwued good.
Fte,/Ah. D.ed Apples at 122 cd. pet Lb.
4Waned to 0 u' chae,
A quand y ofd dA black mo4d, wdich 'will be paid half in caA and
tnade at out dtote.

Bianw Ch"npane, Claw~t, 6-c.
The Subcnalben offew f/a4 dale te following aIticLe, jut 4
fman Bondeaux, pen b 1ua B3/ijant.
Btandy, Awnagnae, white and colonel, in piped and half pipe4
BAandy Cognac, lig~A colo.aec4 3, 5, and 10 yea" old. (Pinemt,
& Co'i band) Ain piped and half piped
BA.andy ClAmpagne, 15 yeau~ old in bbta.
Bo,,deaux Clate;t, in o., a of diffeeni p.nice, dome ve.u Low
Salad Oil, in basket, Dutcht C(Aeee
And a few boxes Saadinew, in oil.
Also on hand, Old A1doc Wine, in boxed; Amonted Condial, f
jualiy; a few boxe4 of Oil of /(Uch.
Fnw. DuQuetcAon




ChaanJeon, Dec. 22.

Swain ', Panacea.
The Sub$eaiben had on hand a few dozen of Aia invaluable medicine,
wuicA he will waumant to be the genuine adi.ele, ad Ie received i.t fao one of
Suain'" mosndt exterwive agent, and /had made aan.gemen.t t.o be duppLied wiA
any quani4y Ae may widh.
ALso a nmal ot of oflo,,ALon'd genuine ]ygean PL"W, wuich_ have met
withA ducA eat demand and 4uccem, and have effeted ducA wondeAful cuate in
te It. Sated wiLAin Ae Iad two o 9 t4 e yeau. R

The azt FLoidaz Heamld. St. Auqutine, Fla. fanach 9, 1/86.

uad Rkeceieved.
FuaMn Newo Yol, by Ae ScAoone4 B&u/Aod, a fjedA duppty of 9oceniLe4,
4ucA a Te Suad, Budte,, New Ham4, and 76o1k, Land, tBu te and Soda
(Cacke/J Pilot B13ead, Raii, Pi, Candle/, Spices, DAIed Cwwanan, AppLe4,
Wi.n.te4 Pippin and Pu4me, CAeede, Iflackewel and Codflih. ALto A 9ood aonadment
of. ood Liquolm and Wine4, efledoc, (late4, and Champazgne Wirea--Poude4e and
S/ow, Buckdhot, Po4ion and a nwnbet of oist ahLicLed too iediou4
o mention. --ALso by A.e Richand, (AiChanleAwo, 9deLt, Rtce,
latent CandLed, 0Dy Shei --AiL of uJ!wiJ be dold Ltowv foA Co. 7The
public ate invited to caLl and examine fon e/Aei4elved.

(Un. BacoaLow.

N. a.ion4 and Poinfoed by tAe basuet. good dited Appled. Any amount oven
one pound will be doLd /fo ( d pet pound.

St. Augstine, fanlJ 2d, 1835.

duast Received.
A Full Supply of fiidnuy Acoutmnentd, con.idting of Sabned, Beltid,
9u.,d, P ol.4, Poude FL&4ae, SpuA4, C.e.
Foeo dale by
TAeol. FtLoLand.

St. Augu;tine, 26A Febuaan, 1836.

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