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Wefionrite You
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¡The Bonanza.
Tailoring Dept’mt.
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¡Underclothing and
«!TH BROS. & GO ,
American Principles
Big Shipment
eight styles,
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Vici Kid, Willow Calf,
Tan Yici, Balmoral and
Derby Shapes!
15s, a Fair.
Smith Pros &• Co, THE BONANZA BOOT
Cc(d^(9l:g Miskfees—Fii>
For All Saints
Memorial Wreaths,
X C El
{eduetion in the Price
YVicatEtaj, .via atpuffiur.
• mdmíailbuUllt ».»% m! M¡írB»liMl'.I It.
IF CUMM, TBIKIDJD adEENtSAR*. ttoylnjHroc£k
TURTLE. | VICKOL. ^ | RtcoveReo.
BjBBficggjfSSi ;sS-a
Mil. Mil
r Ir.vestmer,
Mofo rete Interes
i fcO.00 to ASCO 00
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mu pwyipflPAro (nirem Tuesday October 31 1911
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Atish Oleo margarine—
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;el Dutch Pilsener Boer. -
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5 SI0US3 LTD BJS EilOHíU miUU07| MOtne* OlWSVs
Sua Insurance Office
Pbvarament Railways.
"oil “fields
S.S. “Naparima”
&SS. "Paria.'
.¿•1,1.1 -..1 •
feijiio nu.
Pud. Jro.talUa®
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One Hundred Seeds
Eaehc/t^Momnt (ml
Government Railways.
until -furthor Notice
gp j'vr:
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GmSilicB», ?:5?" .
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Ctdraj^ ^ Juiuli-ISpun.
'"' '’'L;

JL' - -
= mi soGa-ámiiw
, Éf«Í
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2»o i>; rid:*
,í«hij¡£& ,\
■ .’V.■ ... . ... ! ..
•:• i’"-'-.-’ :'.
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Lato Colon Now3
- - ~ 'â– _
r. ::;y\ ’i v. |;
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2,000 PAIRS
Ladies English Shoes
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* . 1m
J ANDLES—sesorted slzes
pores ae Large OODFISIT

190 Tlerces Hoya] Lily I.
to ere ya’ ily LARD

“9, 8 & 4 BUGAR 1n Rage =f Boxee COMET 3B. OM, SOAP

ae Plagalol SWEET OIL

Weapplog PAPER
Rtra ra) 0,
Reeve pease =


)BRLS, “0.K: PO

B tAnother Shipment of the Celebrated

Zoz, Tins,

CKanegaroo Brand),
: fo Barrels off? Dozen Pints with Patent Stoppers,

s da, &a, &e.

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i. —IN—
White Cottons, at 5 Cents Yd.


Gheok Zephyrn at i100,




dies Colrd. Elastic Belts,



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Medding, Presents

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e Arcade.


A splendid selection of


Suitable for Presents.

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The Arcade.’

Joo Barrels & Tierces Ansorted PORK

80 Bores CUBE SUGAR Wiha fob

xeeThree Crowns Brown SOAP

on, Tine,





7 ee >

Raaren, anived

Reveral cargo, Ghorecs and 2t

From Comanas Me. Pedro F

wnorntii da Mra Dolores, de Silrs Rojas Misa
. Jarranza, Mise . M, rrart
No. | NAQRAIRICE 100 Crates PIC-NIO HAMS za, Mr. Ua

AT Na L SIAM. 4De, 380 Cases NESTLE'S MILK=1 the, | ravens ‘From Carupane? Bile om,
aon 5 YLOUR—assorted grades, len De, pox} ba, | Latuff, Mr. It, Leon, Dr, L BE. Calvani,
mS DHOLL ty «4 { 20 6 MILKMAID Do =[)be, | Mra A, Guerra and thirteen deckers

00. HEAVY WHITE OATS 260 Rage MOLASKINE fiom various porta,


Caree No, L GHRB w4e & Se ES] 00/2 Barrela Do, Do. The” Prine Willem HIE” sailed at

noon for Paramatrt!
Amsterdam with on

caseahorns, 2t bundles sking, 1
feathers, 1 empty cylinder, 23

ft, and Mra, Smith, Me. aod Mre.
A. O, Veatch, Mrs. Olmstead, Messrs,
Santos. Escobar, Reeds
Soper, Waring and twenty deckers.

The Prince Line steamer “Indian
Prince "1,775 tons Captain McKegg
arrived on Suodsy frum the River
Plate vis Brazilian porta with cargo
in tpansit far the United States, Her
last port of call was Santos, fo Brazil,
where the steamer took in, a large
cargo of coffee, She took a tupply of
buoker coal from the Trinidad Coal-
{og Coy, and sailed fast evening for
New York with some cargo (mostly
coconuts) from this port.

The British steamer * Arion” 1,823
tona Captain Smedtey arrived on
Sunday from Brazilin 14) daysempty
Sbe lett ths eame day for Belize, Brit-
iwh Honduras after taking 120 tons,
bunker coal from the Trinidad Coaling
Coy. Ltd,

A woman named Julia who carries
on the trade of aspeculator fell from
the deck of (he sloop “ Mellian" inte
thesea at about 10 am, yesterday
after the vessel had artived with live
stock and provisions from St, Vincent.
She wastescued by two boatmen who
happened ty be alongside the “ Nel-
lian” at the tlme,


A Iittle hand atole softly

Into my own that day '

When It needed the touch that I loved
so much

To strengthen me on the way.

Softer it axemed than the softest down
On the breast of the gentlest dove;
Hut {ts timid press and ite faint caresa

Were strong in the strength of love.

Iteeemed tosayio astrange, sweet

“Tlove you, aud understand ;”
And calm’ my feare as avy bot

Tell over that little hand,

Perhaps there are tenderer, sweeter
Somewhere in the sun-bright land,
But J thank God for his blessing
In the clasp of thot little hand.

Late Colon News



(From the Telegram.)

We have been credibly Informed
that a most regrettable, but rash act
took place on the (J7th instant), dur-
ing the excltement caused by the
alarm of fire when Nr, Claude Vaz, a
respectable citizen, Clerk In the Inter
national Banking Corporation, wae
the victim of the excited state ofa
pollela, It appeare (hat Mr, Vaz had
tepaired to the scene of the fire aud
along withthe thousands of otherspec-
tators was standing lookiog on when
suddenty he felt the thruet ofa bayo-
netin his leg dealt him by a police
coostatle in ordering him to move on.
Mr. Vas thereupon protested for being
stabbed with the bayonet, and was
arrested and taken tothe jeil, where
after hearing the circumstances, he
was pet at liberty.

We regret very much haviog to re-
cord such a circumecance in connect
fon with the local police to whom citi:
gens are supposed to look for protec:
tlon instead of molestation. And such
a rashact can only be attributed to
indiscretion on the part of the parpe-
trator, For wemay say without Lhe
least fear of contradiction that there
are quite a bumber of gentlemen ia
the police servica who are both a cred:
It Lothedepartinent and to themselves
and who should be living, walking
examples for all those who would dare
attempt such cowardly deeds as that
inAlcted on Mr. Vas last evening.

We however fall to see the neces
sity of the police Hota tos fire as
heavily armed as If going w& war.
which léapt to he construed by biaoy
of the ups of Mr. Vaz's assallant to
mean that arms must be used when



A Greek by the nameof Peter Ge
motra shot and killed himeelf at abuut
Wo'clok on the 19tb instant, in s
room on the Sid floor of the building
known as the Cecil Hotel at the cor
ner of Bolivar aod 10th streete in this


Particulars elicited discloeed nothing
ofany freak importance relative to
the unfoitunate inan, more than he
bad ariived at Colon a short while
ago and front hie demeanour, wae con-


ered by hie countrymen to bealight-

He went to the Crell Hotel, appar
eotly in earch of a women who dil
ble ‘washings; on arriving at the
buliding he met the woman at the
water pipe and she told bim to ga Into
her roum as she would econ = be there,
vbieb be did. But before she had
time toreach the room the dlecbarge
of arevolver wasbeard. A ttle tay
whe was near by on bearte the re
port by the rev eer ok ed etc the
room “aw Fea, on
feor 29d washed ip blood, fierteske

The Dutch Mall steamer “Prine
Willem HL,’ 3,20 tone Captain Van
yesterday morning
from Veneruelan porte with 25 tons

From Curacao: Mr. A. Mijia,


Navre and
8 bage Trioidad
cocoa, 205 bales balata, 19 bales rub} be
ber, exa.e, ,' Ragnarok,” 8! bundles
skins, 4 cases featbera, 3 boxea horns, 3

Angvetura bitters, 16 crates onions and

the followin ngere. For Para-
atnaribo— Aina re F. Qampa,
Mr. Philip Spence, two chinese and
Mr, HL. Kutperback,

The es “ Viklog* returned on
Sunday from Goanoco with 81 passen-


clon was met_by
Police Department and a lar,
ber of
procession and formed a circle around
the statue.
sistera opened the
the sir gla;

band with
Moe. Benigno Palma, secretary to Che
Governor. then delivered, in Spanish,
a brilliant and masterly oration, on
the life of.ithe great dlecoverer, Cris
topher Colunbus. The Speaker was
speech, and there juno doubt that Mr.

audience. The
fenfere on their trumpets, after whieh
buglemarch, * Hs
next rendered fo tine fori by the bors
of the a


ing tathe roen belek!

on that, beat wae et
and promptly took char
communicating inimedlately
The body

hall had entered and
moved for burial,

Advioes received toda:

of Pablio Wor
tending Nedical Officer. The vis!

ea and the West India Islands.

coming change.

wretchedly they are treated home,

and should be.”


A rumour,

Ie uncoofiimed. baa gone the rounds

thata patient at the Ancon hospital

died a few days aga from tubuole

pisgve. Tn referring totbomatter, 4
Panama paper has thus to easy :—

was contracted jo the South porte we

have beet, unable to learn. on account

of the natural reticence of the parties

who could give the jaformation If they



A most sad and unfortunate accl-
dent occurred on Saturday evenin
last, when a man named King _fe!
from one of the pile difvers on tothe
breakwater treatling and dropped on
the Porto ello rack beneath, receiv-
ing a wound on the back of the head,
and other minor injuries. it has
however been satisfactory to know
that after examining him the Dr. says

that the injuries sustained were not of
4 ber ious nature,



Last Sunday, the 15 hinst, the 6th
rentenary of the disnvery of the
Iethrous of Panama, by Cristepher
Coluinhus was celebrated by the No-
nan Catholics of Colon with great
pemp and eplendour.

Special services were held In the
Catholic Church of the Guardian
Angel, at all of which the municipal
band discoursed sweet music, “1
chorch was gaily decorated with
of the Knights of Columbus,

At33) pin. & procession was drawa
up before the church in the followin

order: Three companies of the loca!

fire brigade or about 19) officers and
men, thei red shirts lending a splen

dour to the occasion , Sisters of Chati-
ty with over G00 wm bool gitlstastily
attired s The Christian brothers ja
charge of 4 Jaige detachment of # hool
boys with Tathmian and American
colours waving ia the breeze
procession moved inthis order fromthe
church’ahd turned into Bo'lvar Street
where Jt halted before the Municipal
Palace and was reviewed b
Palma, His Hon.
Alcalde, and several other prominent
locat officers fell in atthe-rear, fol-
lowed by a
Reneral public, gud headed hy the ma-
yar Street to Point Cristobal in the
Canal Zone, where the
statue of Columbus stands
ly facing the sea,


His Ex-
Governor Obaldia who, along
iis Secretary enor Benigno
enor Emilio Clare,

soudly spriokling of the

pal band, proceeded through Boli-
reat brouze
majedt cal-
On artival at this point the proces«
‘ather Puget aod
of the


Rodriguez Reyes, the he

reone who had p led the
The gitls in charge of the
proceedings with
of abyma followed by the

an appropriate anthem,

red from time to tine during his
Inia inade a great isapression on his

Somberos then blew a
enliveoed the proceedings with a
iH Oolumbia" was

ublid ahool, under the Chi
Han, others, accowpanied by the
rand, ‘

The procession Lhen reformed and
marched, by way of Front Street,
Lack totheChurch of the Guardian
Angel, where the sluging of the hymo
* Holy God, we blews Thy Nate” was
sung, thus bringing ta «close one of
the Hnest fiestas ever celebrated if

Much €rdit’ ta due to Father Volk
epecially, and the Cristiaa Brothers
and Sueere of Charity, shove untica g
effort planned and biought ta such a
euonemfil aad satlefury fescue, the
celebration of tbe Sth centuary of the
disvovery of the Isthmus witnessed on
Suoday Jast at Oolon,

eer rere

ly (informed (he weanar, who, on reel
wet what the
hoy haitold ber. The police constable


of the borly,

wan viewed lates by De.
Io the right band, rigidly
clutched tn death ee the revol er WY,
pointing Uowards the right temple | No. 3 Ong M

which contained the mark where the an Tonnie
pasved out at the
left temple. The corpes wasthen re

slate Go-
vernor Ollvier of Jamaies will leave | n, >

that island for thie lathinus on 21th No # Hox Cant Traxiva ce

prox{mo, accompanied by the Director

sand the Buperiaw


of very wuch importance to Jamal-
will include besides ap inspection of
case the Canal and sanitary matters also a %
borough inveatigation of conditions | y,
corcerning Weat Indians on the ieth No. 8 Fray ALAN Dart Lot
mus and questions of Imperial im-
rtance, Including what is being dune
y the Americans to meet the increas.
ing drade that will pass through the
Uanal which must have material
effeet. on the commerce of the West
Todies 3 and the provisions that must
je ia those Islands to meet the

Acurlous feature of the visit iz that
several Jamaicane on the Qanal Zone
have written Governor Ohvier not to
come to the Iethmus “they are afraid
that should the Amertcans hear how

ther may reduce the ecale of wages
which Is really not as bighas it could

“Whether the case originated hereor

Ne Te ew 1"

5 an at ro “ aa \ .

(Continuned from Page 4)

th ade. ts

last Sturday afternoon.
Noa l

Firemen WC Lushinetoe, BEC
aaah ie
FL be boon, $2 40 ees

Petit -Ist petre—l,
fynes eam SUVE THA th
d pr it Thom peon’s
. SEV FY esos. 8,
No 4 Lavpak Driii—lst
Vangouldt's Team 2

and, | prise
Cran fordaToam SEV F 2S 33 sean,

tae Corp!

Taylor's Team POS VEO m 4%b
seen $10, tad prize—1, Corpt N Oar
ter's Team Si \ FL U2 secs, 85,

No.6 Reuvian ATCEND UNC RS Rr
Thompson, LOorp) N Carter, L 1
WwW Quint ne Fireman J Ht Baotth, 3
Carter, J Thornhill, J enwood,
Eis, & Eis, E A Smith, W Luablag-
toa, J N Coxand I Augustio,

See ES


The following schools were visited
ty Miss Doyle last week :—Princes
viva Governtnent (Mr Nuneg) 175
frecents Piincea Town CMI (Mr
Ram peread) 102 presents lere Govern-
ment (Mr. Ryan) U8 present; Craig.
nish EO. (Mr, Simmons) 196 present ;
New Grant .0, (Mr. Patrick) 1é4 pre-
sent; New Grant Governinent (Me.

«which up to the present | Watts) 150 present; Nutth Trace Gov-

etninent (Mr. Jones}; Indian Walk
Government (Mr. Boyer) ILL present ,
Eckel’s Village EC. (Mr. Austin) $4
resent; Iftantbargaln Government
Mr. Delande) 131 present.



We take pleasure in publishing the
following Presidential meesa ge of Gen,
i. V. Gomez which was kindly sent


Senatora and Depicties:

Accept the testimony of my gratl-
lode fwe having attended with auch
eReioncy. as gold will tu the eall I
inade on you, to neet inexztraodinary

My solicitude was due solely tothe
callof pacrioliaan

The peace which has been reigning
fo Venezuela since 1%), requires, to
be fiuitfullo benefits, the complement.
of the National prosperity : prosperity
to which we could only artive at, de-
veloping In the highest degiee the iv-
dustries, inypeoving labour, attracting
to the Country capital and boongrd-
Hon, reducing the interest on inoney,
cultivating the soil, colunising our
devert. teriftories, realising the sani-
tary work of our Jocal ties and our
harbours, and catrying to the homes
the conte tment declved from the
econowical well-being and motal tran-

Divine Prov dence relected me ac
Tfee instrument ingl0U3 to close the

fags frightful perlod of our civil wara, aod

will never cease in offering thanks
to ler, because it ja the most Joeffa-
ble of all satiefaction Lo restore to the
Fatheiland the enjoyment of peace.
1 then travelled over mostly the whole
extension of the Republic, and all m
countrymen know how I regulat
my conduct toduty and Patriotism,
Later on She entrusted me with the
relos of the Government of (he Repub-
he, and insphed me with the pro-
Rramine of December 1008, ample, ex-
pancive and democratic, which, ava
work of appeasenient and e ity wue
the complevient of the ‘armed victory.

Among brothers, liberala and demo-
crats, there could neither Le victora nor
vanquished, because, being all sous of
the same country, we have by natural
fillation, rfect right to the enjay-
ment of the prerogatives. The man-
ner in which I have carried out and I
fulfil that programe ia known by tha
entire Republic, Gecause uuder_ the
auspices of iny Government all Vene-
suelans have Hand are accepted,
and Iferceptionally there have been
any stubborn against the voice of ber
mony, [leavetothem the whole re:
sponsibilily of wapatriotle machinas
tlons and with-hold to myself the bit
ter disgust of sny repression, use
such measures, unavoldable as they
may bo are against my svul, and in-
stinctively my heart repulses them.

I have so fulfilled, in war and in
politics, the inost ardeot desire of w
soul. Jnasruuch as I have put an en
to the wae aud opened to sth my
couotsymen the bright fleld of the
true ltepublic; butas] belleve that
moral advancement is of short dura
tion when it has not as a basie the
posavasion of material welfare, 1 have
meditated deeply actothe manner uf
obtaining that welfare and have put
in activity my intlnencein and our
side ofthe country, with the object
of openlog to it the ample horizons of
(te prosperity.

Vo realive thla plan, which 1 may
call eronousical and serlal, neither m
influencener my authorjty are suftl
cleat, asit is necessary that your
greater intuence and your supreme
authoulty should complement tt
patriotic, proposals, and this fe
exactly the motive for the call [ have
made on you, as I have propositlone
of some projectalbat can favourably
change the eounomlval face of the
Hepablie, which { desire tu sulanit to
your study, consideration and final
resolution, We are lu newl of
capital, isnmigration, science and
experience fur our Industilal develop
went; and ge we hbave not euch fu-
dispensable factor, bb ia lnoumbent
that we receive them from forelga
countries, who oiler them to ue with
eluquent goodwill Webave natural
peel by reel iy explolted ;

jeri an js nme ff) ua-
eitieatads fomense territories, bat
deserts, Our industries have not the

. neoumGry resources for thelr complete
ae forte edite Rear

ve 2 powela ol .
CAsUals UND Xt ew aap m caine cota tue to bring thecs
The tolewiag wi w jace. Our ‘palos
Sod XI thie tos me u scarcely present sonnt; ts of
gro laet the X1 | aulusels, as the celsle industry
at 4.46 o’olock :— requites selection, which we have not
ae yet. been able to propure. Our

Geal-P, Wikeam, uiture valle for the

Decks. P. Grams, M. Tohaajowe, Central Ui ond the esveasive
Healt-backe-P. Fahey, FI. y. A, t afotherindusieien, = We
Bersard, ry ities of adj eur own
Porwarée-f. Y. WwW. H. a but on aren of the
Hobineon, C BR. Hooke, Reteriy. | of of industsial de ment,
L. Sorgana, . we ored iv forv me. bela for e gree

Moserver~ K. Melville, KR. Dervweei, | negaber of ar which we


fothe reeult of the fe
Competition which took place
ou Harris Promenade, San lernando

Dawa Insertion Winners -—
{et Fireman L Donawa P.O8, V RL

i gs. Poecial pris -L. Corpl, N.

Ttt10Â¥. le prise--Flremen J,
MUSK VE) 4 noo: hi"
wise airman K Skerrite SF


Oo |


Ww Quia.


sete PR


; 49. A
Tennani's Agency,
No, 10, BROADWAY --Tolepirone 161,
. , 10'Gasea No, 1 GHEE8s.

rt Cours.

102 Bags Superiore NUTCH ,OATS,



25 sm.
25 Cases SALMON ~48s.


Can be had In Kegs of 3 imperial gallons at $1.90 from

Walters Trinidad Brewing Coy,

Tetephone 4337 —Sept. 17.-Im {

$250.00 GIVEN AWAY.

N RB, THOMAS WORTH, the genial representative of

Messrs Godftey Phillips, Ltd., of London, has just re-
turned by the R.W.8. Zhanes, with a full assortment of the

‘BD.V.” & “Pinnace” Cigarettes, .

also a large shipment of the famous *‘Gaylor-Boy’: :
Mixture This gentleman has now started a competition in- ~
corporating 30 prizes tothe total value of $250, the first
prize being $100 for tho largest callection of prize coupons,
one of which is to-be found in overy tin. We invite the atten.
tion of prospective competitors for full particulars to Posters
around town, or to Messrs. SCOTT, BOYD & CO.,, No. 6 }

As there isa quantity of Cigarettes still on the market
which have rot the prize coupons, arrangements have been i
made with all sellers of “ Pirtnaco ” and ‘B.0.V.,? '
Cigarottes tosupply Pursbasers with the requisite i
numer of coupuns as advertis'd on posters, It is therefore
to the interest of smokers to see that on making their pur-
chases they receive their coupons in ord _r that they may be
able to participate in the advantages offered ‘by Goprnry
Purturs, Lt,




we Mie arms sa lL
ae oO


The Piano Warehouse,


2ad 4, ” ky
sds ” Bow

Tet o auT 7% BOX
ode ” Tee.

Srd oo ” . " «

Collection of Trinidad Paseos

21, Frederick St,—' Phone 446

tmportant to tho Drug Trado!

Further Big “After Stock” Shipments.

Er RALS, “ Trent,” 8.8, ‘Vhodosian,” 3.8," Crowe of Navarre” *
and other lines are #tlll pouring in for - . « .


OS Druga, Chemica's, Patent and Proprietary Medicines wcluding
Enos Frat Salt, Hnuphreye Honuwopathle Specifics, Astton und Parsons Spec lfica
Ensign Hemodiea, Morsea Indlan Huot Pilis, Gla Pilla, Wawupoles reparations, North!
ropaod Lyman's Preparations, Swalus Uansooa, Johnwon aud lohnion s Masters and
Surghoal Appliances, 5. and I reparations Kheuters Life Syrup, Urtatols Sarsaparilla
Ving Tonlos Winteremith


and —

120 Dozsn Bonanza White Pin: Cough Syrup.

N.UL - City sud Country Drug btores & Wholesale C recan always be au;
Hled to ‘quanilties from ¢ duseu to gross lots of all the Hegular Belling line al Dricea fe




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* Do You.

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due here from Venezuelan Porta on or Hambu meric.

- and lordship and atonement of Chulst.”
* N p ) N [ The Port-0f-5patq Gazells. BIG CONGRESS. ) “Gatttam hes feeb the human: i Aboot, itth erorpmmber 181, I proceed n can Line
Ct sc °, Styof the Bille The ad not , re an \. -
es ! ~ PORT OF-8PAIN HOU SSCR IIRL AT TO RONTOO been printed and bound, and haaded Arsterdam, tahing oaigo, passengers and ss Pav It Rermerte s Oo
a TUESDAY, 3ist OCTH, 1011, ° — “Sw down from Heaven.” FRING WILEM ¥ ~The Royal Dutch : eT on
; . a THE MIGHER crivicisa, |, Thie sefervnoe te of ine, Jaekoon LE Mail Stoamner Pring Willem Venda | DATAGDNTA, Tho ss, “Catagoaia oot
Fire I nsurance Company. THE FAULTS OF OUR JURIES. | sonnuse ny newb outros wr DR OARMANS SALLY. and pene Crom Amater (lam x! Noveatios here from epexuelan raon of about *
; —— WAS LATELY HERE. An aged figure rosa anit steppe Lo | 19tl, procesding after wards to Carupano, ilare ra une Froceed ng afterwards to
“3 jrnnenernnenne f Ir will certainly. be some salta- - Ube platforas, and Dr. Alber t Oa man Cumana, Caants Lag onyra Ive Gabel taking ino anton vis de, Thoma
ve ———eeEeEeEEeee ‘action the Venezuelan com- . - on of Toronto the father of the Canadian | Cursono, Jacinel, Aux Us; fort AU Ki ~ wy; *
z munity here to Jean that, accord: ianiny aud Rostel yee lem” betieo Methodisto, began s tive talnuter’ at | Prince and New York, faklog care, Ulfaaurg Atmeriean tine indus hore .
of -~— = = eon om le Ing te his editorial of last Sunday-) members of the Engilsh Parliament task on the higher ci ftiss. Trembling Taseengers od as from Karope via St Thomas or or about
F Mondag, our contemporary did not band by anerstwhlle Vice-Preadent of Withemotion, the old man began 4 P WEA Beanies Lane Royal Dun November proceeding afterwards to |
e . ) J * | sctiously mean what Le undoubtedly | the United States, proved of especial famniliae verse: here from Vencvuelsn Porte on or abaat | Gareates La Uuayra, Lruvrto Cabello and
yt said,—and what waa qitite justifiably | interest. to the Kcamenical Methodist , “Ye Tearful siints fresh courage | asin Nuveubor 1911, proceeding after Curwan, taking cargo, passengers and
ee resented In hia former lesder with | Conference delegates The status of take, the douds ye so much dread’ sands to Paramaribo, Havre and Ansater- mata, '

reference to the conduct of the fury | the laboure;, as seriously alfectad by then be paused and Hoished thus | dam taking cargo, passensers and mails,


: Insurances against Ics or damage by Fire, effected upon | who were empanelled the frat time to —"are dark enigma, and aball break » “—— = ‘
E Dereling ecee Warehrcen toikcces, Batates: Boildinge, rz tremen accused of tho murder of {nfussia Sond tone nd. the. duty Hslegon your hed, | ag Dommliyke W toe =
: Feeeni > aN =) . . 9} Mr. Joseph Asvee. It [s true, he does | and opportunities of the Church, were A great oatburet of cheering and - leg Maildienst ARRIVALS,
w Furniture, Merchandise, Machiney, &., at cheap rates. nok seem to Ponases the grace to with: | presented. laus fe ne ok ble f New Youk—Paramasthe | 1.14 ros nm Tisleieh schooner, Haseal, S4
z . ‘aw frao. anda ise FO) ot le . 80 MAN BA: chee, Me tree- Trice. "1 e
1 5 as thaclomay The keynote should be more re Jom,” he continued. “LT read in the Tre oval Dutra MAIL—AGENTS tons, days, Barbados, 14 plga, 3 gosta,

nent but none the less the clums

Rieke on Derricks, Motors, Engines, | xieeesi unt Uprnatiy cs ouch ot
a withdrawal ascan beexpected. We

FROILER HOUSES, REFINERIES, RESIDENTIAL | cannot however retrain from protest

. Ing with some emphasis against the

QUARTERS, and other Property atcur Oilfielde, are abwardities “contained in thle latest
effort at criticisin. our jur slen.

also accepted, We have often had in tl e peat, and
we doubt not that we shail often in

the future have, occasion to comment
ok I J BER, A I i S eT" I LE M EN I 8 hoth favourably and adversely, ‘au the
A 4 * | circuinstances may deinanud, og the

manner in which the onerous duties

ee lone med and more business flist of Genesia that God created the

rn heavens and theearth. In that I read
bat ee eee iee a a denial of panthetsra and evelu'ion.”
ditions fe anaffront to the spirit of | ("4 No, nol” replied many In the
Christian Religion andience. .

A paper by Atthure Henderson, of From the etatementa nade he fear
London, Member of Pathament, who ed Britlah Methodists were going
was detained at heine by Govern. backward.
mrent duties was read by T. RR, Frens,

ember of Panlainen *

“The time of doamestiS war Is over he was stopped by the ehalrmnan’s
and gone, but the tlme of commercial gavel he ved around of applause
war lw cone,” he wro “but you

Â¥ sheep, U conps poultry, U box xlue, +
7 packages furniture, ts boxes Tegeta-
fer, 19 expt casks, 000 bags potatoes, |,
an '


VIARQMHNE I la due back here from VParsmaribo
via Iarbados on Tuesday S$let October
1911 and will leave the eawme day direct
for New York taxing cargo, passengera

and naatle,
YORPENAME. ~The 3.5." Coppename”
a Tue bere from Paramaribo on Mon-
Me did not want higher | day éth November (#11 and will leave neat
critlclem in ite present cloudy atate | day At moon precisely dirset for New
to be preached in our churches. When ' York, taking cargo, passengers and malls,
aN AROWLUNE Tbe 5.6. Marowijne ”
AVL iedue here from New York direct
on Monday 24 November 19lf and will
leave the same day for 'aramaribo takiirg

alf bags lime, 3 barrels vegetables
and 2! panengers,
J... Ancews, licitish schooner, Garrawa

J} tons, 2 days, St. Vincent, 38 piga,
sheep, 6 g@oata, ] pot fowls, 6 packages

a, 3 barrels starch, 110 bags potatoes,
4idoxen yams, 42 bags grouod nata, i,
bag corn, 1 bag cocoa, 13 -bunchee plans
teins % doxen purpphius, and 13 passen- 4

ALicE, Venezuelan stoop, Bello, 15
Pisin Uelaolat O92%, do bss coos |

applause greeted the sally. |

re ete, a here wenn apie. a

~ of common jurors are performed by | have true power with which to meet . and 3 pasacogers,
, PROM Pr PAYMENTS. thove to whom in this colon 7 such du- it—the Kowal oflove We bave got COURT LISTS. CORTELSAGEA “The eas Saramacea 7 Vining ‘ {merican atoamer, Webb, ar 4
F . . to be guilty of eich eo qeationa ax ver to face this new problew from an en- ORDINARY JURISDICTIUN, is due herv from Paramaribo on Mou- pasne agers to New York pris ou ats
Allinformation given and rates quted, on application to g ; Urely new angle. —— Sey a A eT ace dar kine |, dew Cas ° Berm

ra g' quy ’ ppc: daily contemporary otfers. Walle not —— * : next day at noon precisely direct for New en > - ;

a. 4 deoying the 11 We of the men who STUDY OF SCRIPTURE (Befere the Chief Justice.) York, tablng cai ngers and mali, | }¥M4°ULADA, Venezuelan‘sloop, Sfarrano,

; ~ } ; -— (ROWTINE, “Thewa." Marowijne® | Ytons,1 day, Cristobal Colon, 70 bags

composed the first jury in the case In . AROWIINE the sa. * Marowiljne Te on,
question to thelr own opinlons, our | Toronto, Oct. 0—The first. version To-day's Indue buck here from Varamaribo | , 00coa and 4 passengers.
* contemporary declares that what be of the Ecumenical Conference, which ‘ TRIAL. Via Marbados on Monday 2th November | ARION, British stoamer, Sineldey, L823 | |
. dorssay is * that thoae who should | began its sixth day this morning was) = Ogeer'v Administrstor General, 1011 and will leave the same day direct | tons 14} day Santos, ballast, (for *
° ® @ | know, should {ofurm the responsible devoted to addresses and discussions Tat for New York, taking carga, pasnenxere orders end Lie ef coal To ome
E 3 sofficer of the Orown whether there {a | 08 "The Study of the Ncripture.” SUMMARY JURISDICTION. and mails. _ rant ‘Ort. Suth
Boe ey any likehhood by reason of the bellet JE rof._ abyake of Manchester College: ore Lie Honour Mr. Suatice Compagnie Generale Iworan Pate x Briflah steamer, Bf j
7 .. “a a . . °
; Co Agents and Attorneys for Trinidad, 1 of the jury, that a trial le likely to be his essay on" The Permanent itesults Russell, LEB) o Lausatlantique forbuaker coat to Gorton, Grant st *
ei oO} ie eiem).” which was ‘aiday’e, - ay Lid, ,

eESIst- vincent BUILDING expressinn may mean) end he proceeds | read by the Rev. Jos. T: Harclay. THuata ” , AGENTs, Foekacoet, Deltish aloo ITtonat |
i. Bist October, 1911 , that by the teruvabortivebe docs not], “Tbe critic may be said to te fol- Hamilton Whattos, Wools v T, HOMINGL Bo The | Ereach | Mall | dey, Grenada 3 soals, ¥ ground |

Bh. pry e , necessarily mean * the conviction of lowing the star, thal he may find the Huggins, Panpellome v Saloo, Pierre fn Demerata on the 7th November and packages tralty ‘packages Ses aad &

warla, Nees « Mobuu Maraj,
“Tha koife of tha caitlco had been McKenzie v del Carmen, Carter i nena Geadeton gay ee St ade
directed atthe very vitals,” sald the Reece taking passengers, mallg and car;
essayist, and ha proceeded to show, _—~- | PYUADELOULE-1be Frenchy Mall
what had beea the resulta of the (Before Ute Henour Mr, wo ustice Swan) GQ Steswer “Guadcloupa” ta due here
“lower” higher criticlem. Some of ~~ j frou Europe via Guadeloupe and Martial.
the polnts upon which agreemebe bed MOTION, que on orabouttbe 7th November and
been reached by the critics’ were tha James ¥ Simon. will proceed afterwards to Carupan, La
four patt authorship of the Dentas TRIALS. Goayre, Savenilia, Colon and Port Limon,
teuch; and that the Book of Joshua | Galniel v Batebla, Lum ‘Tuck v (king 1 class parenxor, malls on
was the keroel of Deuteronomy Ujarsingh, Brown ¥ Brown, tee Sone | Bi DOMINGUE The French Mail

the prisoners "tf It would be lnter.
esting to know when lait possible to
regard @ conviction asan abortive
th fl outside, of coures, the operas of

Â¥ e e
The New Disinfectant. |:e:3eiste:

men stood on trial for thelr Jives. But
who ere ‘those who should know ?”
Ya it poselble that the editor of onr

& TIE BEST & MOST BPFICACIOUS IN THE MARKET, [sentences serous Pierro,

abtany thae before the conclusion of
a trial what the verdict is likely ta be,
orwhatthe beliefs of the Jurors upou


passengers. i

Atmaro_ Brit stmr, Hayes, 2800 tons, S |
days, Savanilla, 60 tons general CAE |
sod 2 pesseng.s. To loyal

Bryson Venes sloop, Maroano, 8 $ons,
ALVADOR, Venes aloo

. lday, OC. Coton 0500 Sooonuts, 4 hides,
aturkeya, and { passenger.

Prins y Arran ut, | Dutch otmr, Vaan

aren, OB, ours, C ni
B tons general 4 horses asd zt
passenger To Royal Dutch Mail,

Nai tuan, Brit sloop, Mular, 13 tone, 4?
days, S64 Vincent, 24 plus, goats, 3
sheep, Zooopa fowls, 14 doseu cous. B
doze yous, 48 pumkins, 40 packages


Several of the prophetic botke were v Manufacturers Ife Assurance Oon- 3 . ”

acknowl-dged as comnposlte, the Rooks pany, Burkett v Gonzales. a Gitieieupe Mastiniue and bee Lud a
of Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the -- {a due here on or about (he 21th of Noveru-
Pealme were fired as posteriic, The (Before His Jonour the Chief Justice). | berand will prowed afterwards to Dew

De ee Ble eee oe ee.

i . k of Daniel belongs to the Nacca- _—- erara, Surinam and Cayenoe, taking cargo tab nda
i Solau,” Io addition to its efficiency when used La the same manner | the evidence are? And if it were pos. Loo ' vegetables and d passengers +4
au peciod, TRIAL passensrrs and mails. Drownine O1ga, Danish sting, Hansen, |‘
seordinary Dulofectanta, possesses the novel property in ite goli¢ forms of at sil sible to ynake, thie discovery apopsls Of the New Testament the conclusion —Pajotte v Constantine. CUABELOUYE “ihe | Ermneh | Mall | nut tonn, 10 dara, Newport Newer3aal 2
thargiog the atmosphere with a highly antiseptic aod deodoreiog vapour, he C wh ha} wes reached that the fiet and thad -— earues uadeloupe” le due here tons coal—To W.8, Archer, 4
warmer the weather or climate, the greater and more effective ie this action, | ble afticer ofthe Crown ' whoever he la were based on Mark's ator: ORDINARY JURISDICTION, from Veneruelan portson or about the DEPAWTURLS, ;
‘emet en + the greater hi ‘Tmoay be? Should that functionary | Rocptle were les att ackoo! t N wih November aud will alter. Oct, Bb, :
contains the bighest standard of disiafecting properties promptly stop the case, chase out the e Pauline writings were acknow- | —— . wards to slartinigue, Guadeloupe, Beaten} Canonr, Brit atmr Jones 63 tons, Barane”
aS offeading jurors, er even discharge leaged as authentic, seenaereng Monday's | dar, Hordeaux and Tlavre, taking passen- gas, Uallast—no passen r—ily Chat?
oe the entire jury, and begin de novo ? eug were some of the statements of FIXTURES. gers, cargo and malia, ‘An’. de Nav Flu y Coat de Venes. 5
0 a wa In thet case’ we fear ceitain pleas; the paper, which written by @ men , -— 4. 7 ; Drcunsa, Venea sloop, Viverroa, 7 tons, |
H KPA ss : . would easily prove successful to pre- abreastof new acholarehip, bear the 1 AEJOURNED (AGES, Tho Iondon } irect | °C Colon, sumtry packages nverchandlas |
es. ae a vent 6 conviction altogether Fide | earmarks ofan attitude, not destruc‘ Trinidad Goallug Company v Ownere line of t teamers, oad 3 passengers. +
et F haps that would pat be an “abor- | tre, but constructive, of os. Delta,” Bullding and Loan y Tux Naw Cotonran Oo ahh.
a = 3 Ss Te Paral?” WVe- auepect. thet | From'this criticism we can lesrn to. MeQonile, Readings ¥ Suilth Brow & Lrm AGanra Axion, Jirld atme, pavedley, 133 tone »
= a ee our conten porary would suggest appreciate the Beriptury asa whole, Ie (Cu, Jaokey Maral v Grant, Goines ¥ | QTaTiA.—Thoas “htatle” badus here Vellae, Hondaras, 120 tons bunker coel,
=~ , ad , that ‘persone heain i cheninus fw not & jnanual of theclony and cthiew farcers Gordon, (rant iX a ° Iles, S frum Iondon vis Marbados and Gre By Gordon, Grant and Voy, Lid, t {
7 ja aw history o ‘6 gradual i alllah au ebtr and | nade, on or alwut November Ist proceed. ’
* = scruples ae to the jafliction of capital closure of hinieef toman, It primari- otheee v Henderson’ "franco w Wamil- | tog ahterwanta to Demerara, taking cargo | SWirt, Drit sloop. Alexander, 14 tons, Bt ’

Vincent, 3 bags Tilnidad sugar, sundry «
we kages uerchandise and + amen a
avia Leonor, Venes schar, iueER,
¥7 tona, Cana Coléradg, sundry packages

mer handise and 5 passengers.
Cince o® JuLio, Venes gun! Natasa, }.
Wtons,,C Calon, 1 in TT mea +
A passenger. (aniied tb Instant)


Malta for Barbados, Bt. Michasl (Azores) 4

oat , puntvhment shuuld not be allowed to
TUCWOOD ae coe tsifocncecrtion ot the gentle:
gb u lo assertion o e gentle.
$ tnen who wrote letter to the Guselle
p . on the matter, we thlok jhe, relera:
P MOTIL Paen GWEETLY PEREUMRD}-Brecilly adepated for Folded | Wovitletante, And we fall to see how
ap bee, Pomly-packed Articles, de ONE SHILLING yer aos ING In'practiee there te to, be dovieed any

a LETS.~ 3 ‘ P, » Oar wot kee euch men
. PER Box? eing in Wardrobes. Uheats Copbcaniey paod, without Teising the well known

YALYHIA The aa. “ Satybla” will sald
on or about ard November, taking
cangy fur London and_ Continental rts.
YGHANISTAN The ns" Afghanis

experience. [tis not bistory or doc. Dreyfus, Singuineau Hros. v¥ Neeran-
tine, bat life iteelf, the interaction of jobs, The Attoroey General 7 Villa
the hivine and the Homan, \ i roel, Dyer 7 Dyer, Joho ¥ Adina otra

“ atever be @ conclasion reach- tot General, Da Costa ¥ Gomez, John .
ed, the factol the Juble remalns andit. sun v Phibp, Qosar y Chacapan, fh tent ls doe bere from London, wie
NEW CABhA, November provediog afterwards to

1s colousal,’
VERIFICATION OF REVELATION. — Q'Jue vO'Jon and anor, Weingterg ,
Pe A Godbey, of the Methodut y }lemierscn, Weipgberg ¥ Tender penerare (shine sare, passengers aud

ty Jen book of experin ental religious ton, Camptell y Telesfort, Sylvestre ¥ ova si ae malls.

Eplecopal Chaich followed with an sop, Ottley v Tom, Arkless v Male, oO Ty mem
CRYSTALLIZED “BOLAU."=For Beaiterion ueder Carpets, Into Crevicer, conteniion of Me, Pollard apd some dresson ° be Verification of Re- Thurlow *, ‘Aduilutstrator General, Trinidad Line of
tmoogt Furniture. ONE BUILLING PER TIN. seer al ie eniltied to bare bie jury | velation in Wererlenoe,” Hie argu: Burgess y Achant, Hat y Adruloletra- ° hteamers, and Cherbourg will be clove on Tessdsy +
ole agents for weimidac: drawn from the cumplete ae with ment wae feet alee ea ot oe tor jeneral, Bowed and anor Cho- Tampa Suprise & the Set lostant ati pp. Registration :
ee ve tle! |, Lewison ectric ay, - , fand 3
out say tinkering therewith. | Mure: and the experieuee of the Chiveh Haptista v Adiuloletiator General. , rake AB. TRAD NG OS renee Tes | Money Orders lasued tnd Parecl Posi
the Teoul¥ed up to 5 p.m. on the Sith inat.

‘Mails (ur Carupano Vampatar, and Le
Guayra 4ry the wr s. “ Herilee* wilt be,
olused os) Tucaday the dlt instant at 8
po I ration loses at 2.30 pm. 4

Malls New York by the as, “ Maro
wijae” will be closed on Tuesday the ‘shash
instant vt 12 oc lou, flegistration cloute -
et 11.2u mtu, ’

Mails for Deauerare by Ube 6.8,“ Ocamo®
will by closed today Sist, Instant ab 3
oilok pm, precisely Registration,
oli tor w Yok by the as “Crown

a ew Yok by q
oloasd on Friday |

areal "

wii icra fade eee ms | Me a eee
el ie ad: ork vis

ieee oa ji dlethads of 1 ble Btudy.* MOVEMENTS OF STEAMERS, Ocighes ri) and iy due to arrive there On
e oak w oug ‘@ oiust al a 7

be higher criths, we must set the Tha Royal Mall Steam fackot Co— | (ROW OF NaVAHn — The ss

teachings in thelr human relations Me “eo Page 9 u ors Nevaeh < ‘Trinidad

dhlked sucn a provocative term ag _ . @ Food direct’ on ibe ‘ed Novespber toll ood is

“ Mee el ciate alton of England, | y Ronmkiyke W. u- | dasto anivethere on the lithe November
ine fiveuainuts address wald, there deche Maikhenat tLowN OF GRANADA.- Tre #. &

was ua ude tiying tokill the estttes, Tax Kova Dywow Maw | ©) Crown of Gran Of the Trinidad
They would have to replace all the GENTS ( Line will leave New York for Trinidad

that should not make him necessarily
ia Marino Bquare one whose oath to © well and truly try
according td the evidence,” wust
assumed tobe worthleas, We fener
the Posension ef such scruples shou! id
really m

S k ly th
First and Foremost. | relpmty siaer merely the mere

abllity to return ottch a verdict as shall

rh LOOIEN’S CHOUOLATE AND COCOA EUW DER. do stiict justice toute ecco

MUIR, MARSHALL & CO. [ce nue nats trainin


"Setnte th men io thete theological colleges 10 WINS WILLEM IY the leral Dutch toraipive bere on Novesobee eet | of Navarre” will be
and ** Bu © be “ \. ne yas) ve on Nov .
Fiwat 23. oun ier toes. anette aed ascles arr re] lus to ining calitnl sutfecte andt i ] all ver” Prine VW i Dated 4 tis DA. - ah “Grenada * w Sed Movember at 3 pu
a Rwews ome. wih BALLARU'S SNOW LINIMENT. [ ing into one pulplts, A sulgjros veble sug Amsserdem + le Mazansartio dad Line will leave iad a 20 p.m. . :
wirat ‘ {is trates tothe spot sbere it Is] cack semiais to explain to students on or aoat 6th Nevember \ for New ck vis Grouse ou the i Witl t Ri i:
* set te Htastid dwiidrd Tiykee ot paris oradia od ote ruleve pabvring, Pries ae could nut Le prreented In a twenty i a Guna, La Osopre, Pe Movember Wil and iadow to arrive there Xiso8 "OD Wate unn
" ~ A d Whelesaie te misute oer . . ° ee ae .
Tid, Teron ters veerye bere ar desta may be obtained whet Recep mamof we in Ragland bea furecao. jsemel, fas, Unyse, Paws oe \[ ‘ike Trinidad Lise will leave, Mow! BWRET DRINKS,
} be eet.
ork for Tinlded sia Grwneda oe Mth} + clese drinks in clean bettles,

, <
EN & co. free x Heathere & sone a ume conalialye 66 nm
a & ALBE RT LUC 1 WN ta Manufactiarert Fea Rao Mee 4 Peste, but The wwodern Diety Pitts WiLEWT.—The Renal Dutch ber arrive hove L 4INO8 PUREBOD AF AOTORY,

‘Syn it ed
Cub eR Stapepate Pooes Koo :

Vets -)


7" WOLRVite You Tailoring: Dept’mt. MEN'S For AllSaints

. 7 —OF— : . —==e 7

~-OF —


xe sive UILIngS. EIGHT STYLES, Memorial Wreaths,

In Tan and Black, Box Calf, CROSSES & CROWNS.
ALL GARMENTS ARE MADE UPON | Vici Kid, Willow Calf, ~ | sros occ. EACH TO 40 DOLLARS EAOH
THE LATEST Tan Vici, Balmoral and __in rae

. . Derby Shapes’ FURNITURE DEP’RTMT-
American Prineiples| Wrox & HALE signs.



4 ; ? 1 0 and Mr Churchill's success “night en powers Interested in the allway loan, sung. Tl ecemuittal service waa pee
: —_ , * tection and | formed by Rey. Martla Doorly B.A,
J i H ] Sewing Ma chines Many | r KIC >N =e ¥ courage the latter’ aspuations ta the a oe Teeth, protected ( Viear) assisted by Canon Doorly, The


The Bonanza.




FUnderclothing and
\ Dress Materials,

Premiership, i
DETAILS or 1 ITALIAN RF ia departure from Tievtsin, raters were Mersrs, J. W. Lewis, Ly

i ' m ( PS CAPLILRLD, U Whatton, irle Thatcher, We A.

Coed Sewirg Mechines—Few | For Invest ent. The IJtahana vatatae that twelve olheeadviocs Mie that the Ine | Harewood, J. O. Poyer and Clarence
— thousand attacked Tripoli on Thurs: perialiots havo reeapnred Man kow flogging. | The acre rete, Meters,

\ i. il ci i he ‘a
BEST SEWIKE MACHIKES, Moderate Interest. [iets tite hand cur ute | the reeclutionarice: iow being four | Allies Henelettay Hove, and. Uladye

. ¢ ACER
8 ° ®
; a iF f dthiity, Thie succese ia] Doughn (daughter. Among thoed
bi } —Worthelm! tinea on Matuntey. wate tudtiane a etted te Woenehteat a fotlaence, who attended werrt Mr irvy
' eee were tinable to bury their corpses and [| butes be was already negotiating Beckles | and Mls Heckles, iss
a LOANS OF FROM have been compelled to abandou tbeir | with the revolutionaries th ia perhaps Charloite Dotlin,” Mise Drueilla

7 t a nultar
ftionsto avert a pestilence, Ref adiplomatic rather than Y ftrown, Mrs. and ‘the Slisses Hares

nforeements continue to arrive. success :
CDP METUE ge . OER CANADIAN LUCTION VOTUNU | wood (3) Mrs, and Miss L. Oorsble, the
OF ICH, STEPHENS, LMTD, | $50.00 to $500.00} “cxpissivi’ Cautaivsiv SEE secman,, (HTUAth tae cine a
-, WILL BE PROMPTLY MADE panto in Tripoll at the discoxery that) ry popular nw. ity against rect | Misses, Gill (1), Misses Toniss (2), Mise

EOLE AGENTS FOR =AON= sixty Uhousand enemies threaten the procity with the Cuitad States was | M. Tyrell, Mi, and Mra, C. Peterson,

5 | BI DAU IPP] Gt & R LING Hi ANY v garif un of fifteen thousand, | The | tittydive Ul J veven hundred | Mis, J, Humphrey, Mew. G. N. Davie,
. spalga fa already costi 1 y-five thousand seven hundied | & .
Al 8 T K § Nl t A ' N b MP Qhe Worlhetin Prowissony Notes, carnralgo fa aleradls costing more liver | and seventy-four. including ‘Torunto's | Mr. and | Are TJ. Winter. Ate

twenty-live thousand, hv total vote Yorke, Mr an ms



: 7 < Buitleh observers predict ttt + ¥
a Bare reduced the price of ICF to $4,00 per ‘Ton wits Tepproved endorsement, atthe | of the costly iach tn Magdela, and jrasone mnillion, one thonwand five | ree Me ior alien
7 delivered in lots of not Icss that 25 Ibs, at a time, Sewing Mac hines ] annum. Tho strictest yrivacy will difleulties Fivalling the conquest of | aire NAY cs ADLAN PREMIER, | Date, Mise Mt Hugging ‘Miss Maxwell
; . ' malotained In all transactions, ENVER BEY AND INVADERS, New York, October u6th. Mise Kernahan, \. azure pod
am Tices mDmtn rem ’ Oa *pplicstion to thie oftice, the The " Oatlook * report that Lnver | » Mr. Barden who A arrived here Nightingale, Aire wet ve Minsei
~—— cans will be pul commucicas 4 rrecuperation the teetin - ver, Mr. °
Wednesday, 20th Septemter. iro with thelerder 2 | Bey, who ie venerated thioughout | Cr tiirament hraeseorived a telegram | 260s Mr Burke, Mie Corrie Ales Hy

} se Q es T 7 7 SSS SST | Abdel Kader, hax aroused the hinter announcing the reelvetion of himself Nanco the Misew Hoon wa (She Bars] :
yite Trinidad Sipping & Trading Company, Lmtd | TIE STORES. 17 estTelegrams| tirimiermsniey | sodogrecrin ouentn 18 Oe ee rt ae

$5 Will givo 2 - 25 Ibs. tickets in exchange for every 25 1b. ticket Th Mise Sitchell, Miss

: Ty 20 e Best Place to buy everything _ armed Arabs are shot at sight, ton, 90 Ida Todd, Mr Ab, Poti ps and N

E* purchased as the rate of $8,00 por ton, om application at the Wee Pa om ALFaIRS AT ROME, Southampton, tb. , Air. te
§ P , PP ft nama Telegraph Company, A ltoime deepatch says the Tremter The 1.31 8."* Clyde" fiom the West McIntyre. Several wreathe were seat

a five of the ( ompsny,

Indies arrived here at lpm. by kiud rypipathlerre, As the cortige *

has postponed Parliament fndetiuite- Wit St Paul's, Kev. Canon Door

, Re orted fearing socialist o: ton a THE *GREVADAS a n ni
|The TRINIDADILINE of STEAMERS HAMBURC-BREMEN Chan Be OF Brite | memes ee eae ir” BL asemnaan arte Beattie | HAL tng” Dei Atcha ad

resolved upon a naval demonstration Trintdad about 5 lire Drigadeamen were fled off, Ser

’ For GRENADA, TRINIDAD and DEMERARA, Carrying Through : se against Tukey and transports now pe, phareenacrs
4 5 , Messrs, 11. Morton, 1, do Fieitas, Ft | grant Monsegue saluting. Mra, Doug.
by Freight for Tobago and Ciudad Bolivar. HIRE ish Ministers. | stmt essecrtty ax poanbie, Glaiks: Mra NeGee aad two ehlldren Yin wae toro in, Darbedos and accom
[i PROYOwNLD SAILING Dares, IRE= | acThe, Barber ufticlale “are” eaid eee i ened a ee eetaves, | & Sierra Leone, when but a. girl
RUMOUR OF ASQUITH § RETIRE- to be, 10 ea tinndany over ne Mrs. Ureaves and child, Miss Jtudul- years afier she was mattled to Iter, P
: at . a. 2 ;
) MENT SURVIVES, andi Je feared it will be ueceuary to | gure, Mes P Byres and Mier a. Un jDowalin who went over to Wess
T . . ke the SuSa dialect fluently. “
PREMIERSHIP BETWEEN TTOYD | feeures mone Sonsploucus == specie fees tae. to tthele 2
Z Fi |—a ee GEORGE AND CHURCHILI, | THE’ OLYSPICITAWKE COL CHESS ikdren were bora, Bbe wes held ia
Beg <4 . > , . ae — ghest esteem by all whohad the
i ACAOWN OF Granapa pt ok sep’ 9 Oct. 6 Oct ul Go # ITALIANS' HEAV A REPULSE It {fs believed that the Naval Court Varther results of Competition for | pleasure of her eojusintance. We ..
i be Oek £1/ Oct. 27] Now, 8 N " N OFF u . eee tat thes Ole: welling. the Martines Chess Challenge Cup are iz ta iter cur sympathy te the be
Garwapa -| Oct Nov, i Ve : : as follows t-— : reav au 1 Bnd sons,
ore or Granaps ° te Rov. ‘a Nor. i Nov. u be : N COMPANY, Two Thousand Killed and Four from eee abampton Ae ee the In Clase Aa Me. blalllard won ~— a !
or NAvVARRK, Bec. 4 | Deo, 12. oe D AGENTS. Thousatd Wounded. to Poutemouth, and cunditlons wee This was 2 finely. contested gaune aud PRICES CURRENT: :
oe . Deo ~—— auc Nav be e rules 0 e AM ‘
exp ; . COSTLY, CAMPAIGN IN LIVES | Mytawke” ted the vight of way, IU] tor dams but ax “drkara™ are ‘otal — :
ve caanans a RLANT anopany (REP cian ae tbo “eventing | OUTS iy Ce tnetae oe Mt" | proun NEW FoR [PR |
ee cas MINTRREAND AROUSED — | strataship. “The Hawk" yleided | Matiand” HTe now bas Co play De. Me: | FEOURS 0.
BY: Sxown oF Navansa| Dec, 29 AGAINST INVADERS, uot shoals prevented lve” gol0g | sting li the vemidinal, afier which | Vater tarred. $LE|#L25
im 4S 2 Wwe . ° =~ ur : the winner will play Mr. Mouttot. E. ’
RS! Canvas Jan, 6 | Jon, 13) Jan. 14 ITALIAN PREMIER FEARS SOCIA® | artist ts unnecessary as no iif was | "Pn" Clase f—Dty Moore beat Me, | “kiladrled per ir sinlecs i;
ae Ceown or Granada Jan, 16 Jan. 24| Jan, ji red. 6 Ke lost 5 therefore there wili be no boant | Bancroft ia the floal, coring one point | PORK s
Mi, MAHINE SQUABE. LISTIC OPPOSITION. of Trade lnguiry uolews = the | for the mouth bu this divielons New Season's per brt ° e
K i, STEAMERS SAIL FROMSPIER 24, BROOKLYN. . —_— “Olymple” should sue for damages In Clase C Mr. BU. Dunn beat Misa Jeavy Mess per bri. AT ATT 17 ,
me TutsipaD Saierixa anv TRADING Co., Ltp.—New York and Trintdad QUEEN MANY RELUCTANT TO] swhich is as yet undetermined but] Dantetin the final, scoring one point for SUGAR:
p Manmin, Daw & Co,—Grenada j Hooxsa nos. NeConmuLt, & Co, Lt-Demersr; Phone 184 RIDE 2ELEPHANT. Jews Mkely than is seemed. The | tbe month in this division, Orystals, 96 por cent. :
: COURT ELAMES “OLY | ReeES pl tall for New Yorkon | he Novenuber play will commence | pusodrato percent Feo sad
cones abs a + oy on aveurber, willl & new Urawe is
TURTLE. VICKOL. RECOVERED. PIO” Pol GoLLIBiON witit | LAIN courassion, | ing, forplayers. Deiphaid "succes,
asbel> — Eng. Island per gal. .
J.P. PATERSON of’ No. 3} itive Tonfo and Rertorative SILVER CIGARLTTECASE wat . tania” collided with s local trata. at wv Ech; ad PFE eeb NpON
ors, bueet. City, General in ore A Natriti 0 Toate LESCENTS, é lost, bub was Aprovered through Imper' fal Chinese Revolutionary Colwich vee were oad ead DEATH AND FUNERAL OF Mas. Bisty Daye Sight .. 203 B+ tess 3
5 s ie , — . . ~ . ae oe
es rate for LIVE TURTLES and TRECOUMESDED _ by, the | Medica ee peeeraredby ee Ofe 7OUr thany shaken up, but there was no DOUCLIN. COCoA : ‘ :

URILE SHELL, Customeis are ro |

1 PRA Y, fatality. ——
Digestive Tonic, BOR NINTS, | YOANSUIKALZEACTICALLY DIO. | GIN EHALM DISCOVERED IN TA-| We regret having to chroolcle the

ted to book advance orders for Turtle

Faculty 2a Blood Enrichening and Trinidad per 122 5/13

later thancn ‘hursday afternoon. =). at McCanzny's Pharmacy, 72 ROE JSLANDS, ssing away at bi N
fa - . — 5 ND, er late reai-
Hine Frederick Bt,—15th Bept. 64 QUEEN STREET. CONCLAVE DEMANDS VICEROY | A Copenhagen telegram states ence, Mr. ¥ Moriah le Ban Middilog Upland per Ds oases .
SHENG DEATIL that Ainesican engineeis report the | Iernando, on the night of the 2ith, Nows weeny

— discovery of fifty million tons of coal | of Mra. Mary Lucretia Douglin, née ranise we
CANADIAN RECIPROCITY STA- at Sudero, one of the Fai pe islacdy and | Morgan, relict of the late Cason B. Hentes Three percent. 04.0ul, 90
iotits Western portion are copper | Douglia who for many years was lo~ . {
> TISTICS mines, curnbent of St. Clement's, Naparima, Octr,
. THe CHINTST A ee a and Phe, died to yeare ago, Mrs, SUGAR TONDON !
+ nH pe Peklog correspodent o' ugiin tad ma for pore four .
MIN ISERIAT, CHANGES AND “Times” otacee that an edict bas been toonahe during whith for ue bad Vowerare Crystals 2

" . '
issusd appointing an Especial Com- [been attended by Dre, Doyles aad 5 ow 19,0-21/2/10/0 21/8
Ta, ulesion W thplenaryjnllitary puwers, | Payne with the illed niping ot uacavado F Toaling 130; ne na

+ eadon, Oct. Ath dd placiog the suppression “of the | Nurses Arbuckle, Skinner and Jsolel. Torus
d “ Liorde Weekly yore jen jist revolution tn ‘Yuansblbals bands, the the funeral which Tock lace Hs Nat. | Gprman ~ f8 Per cent
ture ax Lard {tigt Chancellor: ‘abd | CE" ting fortadden’ to interfere s | rsteciauiy aiiendeds vine prcasecion | TateyMyTe cent foe Or
Peepec eH @ A +
° Bir Kulus Isdace will replace Land thee is, Yuanvhikel te practically hating t the house of Tiournlng at nya te Wer ote dali
evara per gelion, 1/8)


Alverstone 0 Lord Chief Justice, the | pitator with powers never before [243 for Ht Maul’e Church whi hi
latter becowlog a Law Lord, A repoit Dl Srorpe during the Talplog | nervice wa nevforawed, the Itevde. Dy

. :
4 of Mr. Asquith’s retirement suvives | (vbation. ‘The Kesprees Dowager |B. Farrell (bt. Stephen's, Pilnoew | Trinidad Good Mid. .
tbe eral oeee gentale 1b ds said has given one million tacle from her | Tywn) J. A CO Pouberten (Oropourhe n an ee Hout per vt 616638 4
r ‘ Ty luesative appolntivent but itis [egies the, for tallitary use which | end Trea) Q. N Davie (Tortuga) | “piggust Kate 4 per centli pareend
Bh att pe the | dhygorgenent uf the | aod nou Dooly (St Peules | cansois PPTs se

thought to be near a tion, wealth of the Throne. A France faod dung whieh the 106 eal ARES
reblil challenges ot Loyd Betgien ayndicdte bas advanced voe | “Through Bu thas changin, ee oe ee oe 16,0--12,0100.120
Coot we ie} ral one oe the le er hundred and Afty willion france fur ]of life and “Abite with we" | Gus 18-1017 6 100
me stated Me. Chur, ld whet “ arx years ab six per cent. were ouvg, Mr. II. J. Winter presiding | Petoleam ons 6d, — 100d —
Oe eepatal BE Ceedibue “siting by | VICEHOY & DEATIL DEMANDED, | at the organ. At the ognciusion the | Trlsldad Oilaelis ryt ertricma 4
veduce ¥ eH epdibure am by ‘A eeciet conclave bas dewanded the | proowelo a weeded He way to St Cle | Western Olldelds Wis. [0-305
. Srogie derma agicement, fu 1000 | doath of the Viceroy who absudoued | Webi s wile thet ys were lo. =< =,

Mn NoKeons offered bis resignation | the wines af Iupeb. Gensral | fried Weide bu: bustaad's, At the wy

fe 7 ~
. ‘ © ’ * ,
4 {

da . ee ‘ vpoo Mr. Churchill's eritteism of the | Juleheng, & w ved a lors weiberiog, slung eo
“ oye . vo ved paral setipales, and only” remssined | imarebed lata the ni tate gain andthe Hlyuoe “ON whet | FL Curisad ow togeaauers ine ute
sik uri es : / “Sr, Agpilbs latertention, A ¢ soon ot Hesse, WG MY tnd ibe giety miues beS and | Appiy with fall pert esiars te “Ne, Lae,
one — Ee? po Nn Lipyd George'y Tusasenes ted Salen Geomany, tog TUS Te merateg” were | Foriatspala Gesmite Oice Ost are,

xo y $688 VOL. XXX

peas, Ltd,


(merval 4 0 oO OPERATICE 2

a8, onacom ‘ werden
ranepicna Ne, 5%

OLDERS o Policies dated 1008, may

J. Glendinning & Co.



s , $ the Co: Ofice,
Delicacies _OF- Ey ener err cae
: Se BNNt es maar
TO HAND, at the last annaa geceral meeting of tuam
betel) ee \ EW SH A S O 7 wt Picetal pronto may beaed oh former
1ATO s0UP— } ' Aes) ponding’ to case OAs DIVIDENDS corres
Zic., Sho per Tin’ ,
ser a APICED OLLIE igi,



Which has been most carofully selected by Mr

fier Sauce “Toor _
i fam Tet! Hats, Toques, Bonnets,| | tan Astin

Trimmed, Untrimmed, &e,, &e,,
A. Complete Stock of

welephons: Ro. Sa


we all ite best Londoa


ore oe cents per Pint.
vo» Tacents per Pint,

fis! Cigarettes MEW * TRIMMINGS. No. 29,
a efi these Superior -aT= Duncan Street.
oP per box. Apply to


5S, Frederick Street. ASSOCIATION,

18, Chacon Street.

British Butter

made for as by the Soest
under strictest regu
bo cleanliness aod sqaita-


a Trial Tin at Once,

“the beat place to bu

te Storos.




Dry Goods,
Ladies’ and Gent's Fancy Goods,
Jewellery of all kicds,

A large shipment of Solec od Covcls jus just,
A visit s will convince bnyers of
be advantage
inte beta wrenns can sell cheaper '

Patbix atreet,
Get, 38 botan

Geo, E, ‘McLean

24 Fredorick St
For Invostmont
85,000 on Towa Property (act bare
reck rcome.
815.000 ea Towa ova Feeperty 0 or Coco

In tums oA not bre than #500.
Apply to M, Hawzs-Suirit, Bolicltor
Portal Bpato,~ Ootober 220d 3911,


Ex to Arrive.


Guaranteed 4 Lbs.

Wessels Bros, &von Gontrd,


* CHOCERY) x enone ozs

~ —FOR= <=

W OPENING Thayer's Laxative Cold Tablets

you will need no other remedy It you try them.


" Weizsmomt 4
ic YEAST Dnt PAV SuniTE PHARMACY Oppotite Waeh Louve Bridge. Ex Recent Steamers,
Per Tin 320, —o)}- =
tf LOX ww Land jlbtlos.
P 3 . ' she Manufactered by A, SOUBLETTE;st No 15 Patk btw Porbol Spala, CHED PKUYERE CHEYSE,
er Bottle... 480 nt
. red by * spectal ‘and eclentifie process which insures
BUGAR CORN. MM iene stabi aad ott eats fort iR'the szguiae,arame of the Covon boars Fresh Carrots
- aie forte ed beans 1 ,
auaced *° Tio Io pel culy dato, tates ouriaben Bd It ie worlval ivalled, Pat op in| i. ay tad: a Anda full ee ph Fresh Gro-
tb’ 2. 169 | Tablet peckaze: es 1= To MRoceny om Abe Kolowise » GroomltNew York F Eablet (MARQUEZ

Jacobs Biscuits & Cakes
suCI As

JAMESONS BTANDAHD, aud from shor ts owpand.coonity ¢ a. SOUBLEITE. San Toy, Bostoa Cream, Creamy
F a TAR (Choonlate
: —————— EES | Miranda Treasure, Matloge euited,
WHIsx Y $1.20 Five O'clock Tea, Queen Wee iEolos


TOBACCO peru pm $1.20

bneal, a ft
AU Kinds o Fig Pall Veda, »Oabve peal Hezal ere

Ge ke Club
Rwary day wow wut off Vatug Weat Kod ect. “in ‘2 nA aD ne

ce ny rt


Trinidad Building and|Vaney and Staple Dry toods


10 Days of Fr ti Salling!
rraiiine Rosary


tock-Taking Sale



The Rosary is a
rare book, a source
of genuine delight.


ictoria Institute

ae following subjects sre taught at the
eoniinh Cprspanttton Shorthand Fr Frenok,


Now on the water. Pought for cash by Trinidad’s ’
~ Keenest Buyer

10 Days from Monday, 30th Oct.



Traini Teche
nical Clas a Fan , Halling Craftey
rawingt. Gn, ring ‘ypegraph
Pook-binding, bdipwrights, and Ath
mello, Clansss Te


Grehestrat section Tete at Se eitim

Chess Sectors Dally,
Reading & Recreation Rooma—Open
"Adinittance to the sections 1s free to
Membery and Associates.
Subscription Hierars $3 annually.
Assuclates 2) per quar
‘Ihe Tnetivure te open a from 8 10 am,


2ith Uctober, 911.

8 ee roallency the Governor hee

eased ne mate the

- ooo


12, Frederick Street;



or KNecent Avrivala,

800 Bags No. 1 GARDFN SIAM RICE—~B.C.L,

50 Drums Prime Large J LUNENBURG CODKISH, ie
25 Ticrces » Me ” ” oe
250 Baskets PUAGNIOL OIL. Gazette Extraordiaary,

Govennca | Hov aah
Tt following Frodemution (on extends

“Lehigh” Portland Cement,

oe re OOO

6, BROADWAY. Telephone 132.

the provisions of the
ural ) Ord inane p No, 2 of pea tw

{bem Tepiged
the ieth fastants ie ue ed for gene
era} Information,
By Oormand,
Gs BUsitE

500 Barrels

(No 280.)

TaintpaD & Tovaoo,
No, 8 of 1011.
By His Excellency 8in Gecad
UTHY. 4 Le iiorrs, Kai nize
mmander ef ibe


~ FOR.

Trinidad Ma Manurial Lime,

Cocoa Planters‘Sugar{Planters and Cane ,Fariacrs put_pew
ife into your Lands by using our


* Quality—Bost. Prico—Low

of Trial
ite De ne ie Viewadm le
(Ls ralt Boreoks btn ko, â„¢
Groncs he La Donte,

low re

the Colony‘ss the Governor In Kzeeur
tlve Connell +H from time to time by

mation direct;
PXnd Proclamation No, 84

MANUFACTURED BY ofSeRe Sou at indads duets
The Trinidad Shippingand Trading O0., Lmtd Rie Precast ettreatorn
nena thet vebrtended to the whole felund
CAMPBELLS OE ee tneretor ore, 3, Geor, deorge Rut Ruthrea

Le Hlunte, Governor
Kequtive Council 40.) hereby
jm and direct that the sald

Cough Specific):

‘ANTS Food (Nauzzling) Ordinsnoce 1011

BYRUP per Bott, SCHUMACHER STO cK FEF ol Housebc 1d, pxtors Mes vist Fate tere gheet tot ised of tra

Pasot & Ge, peri) UF SAVES YOU FROM $s 70, $3 Vitis tad Toere snes Plow of MILK Genoa and Madeirs, alsa pes Healy bie’ WILL CURE ANY COUGIL 1911 and null tie Gh dey of Jane) 18
Cay GUARANTEED ANALYSIS. Hittasnid Wieyorated Greats aod alee SOOPER EL ERORTES Uoverament the Colony, at at
qriXtS AND BISCUITS de Prowin a 5 "a mie
cower ead Gtareb) dion M. W. GOODING. STOP AT BOTAN D Ss tw lena et replied a a,

bo lizérgtes Weugas ¢ ‘Whest, Yiowr, Cotton Seed mH Excstleney Sommers

0 | ees, top a ne eete—Corn, Barley, Whash Fort-t!-pata FORM & BOTTI, PY He 0, DUBE

Sou by PLOMMNMEM Ge TERMTEN | sry Covbee 101L NO. 6, RENRY HTREET, Asuog dloalil Geeetary,


coe mi ee

pended or eeees _ romania Q



MAY EAT EVERYTHING i n Bir 4, V. Eucte smith, Kt ofthe fay if td ident wae for LATE DBATH AT ANCON




“~ — Moxpay, | it would be admissible, IC it went lo
a more phat the man at agree to pay LOOKING ODT FOR PASSENGERS
ander :. . for the horne, ft woul ae ©
nepuenaal ioe i’ Gbence dole, adentvebie s if it, to any othe red Says Ube Jamaica Gleaner of the
K.U,, appeared as amicua curiae, and | Mtided to show that whal wae charges | 91h instant : Tha focal, Govefninent
the prisoner Uale appeared Ini person, | * perjury wae perlaryy le would | recalved the dread Intelligence by
‘The Registrar, Nee T A, Thomp- | certaln admissible: becauae the | catle from the Dritish Mlofster at
gon, read the following slatements— | *ect uf It was to show that what wna | Tanama yestenlay afternoon, that &
‘Trintdad. Shards atte ol ersrys abut chs fatal eas of Brubonie, -Piague ha
ec! pred al
Jn the Bapreme Court of Trinidad other parte of the evidence the anal Zone, neat Panaina, on the llth

and Toba werelgn Lord the King, accteed also lied, that went agafoat his | ritant.

the pu: of RD ‘ :

(yand Justiors Sivan and dtuaselt, | he P' Teen al’ statement which was RORIVED FROM BRITS ig
ZLB. charged es perjory waa untrue, then CANTINA PASADIA. N OFT id




Tt will pay you tom
Out credit and showed that by nature or | "The case was imported from Guays- ‘ . :
ull, the deceased travelling from for the opening dim
. = a

ie hfal man,
Alexander Gale, eceupation he was ao untrut! le
and that evidence would Judice

For Verlury the agalost bim. te thou he

j that place to Panama on asteaince | +
s Whereas ab a lone of, the himestf that he was wrong la Tetth

called the “ Obile™, The plague de-
veloped at Panama, and the patient

“ init
water: Selden on Bicedey the oth that evidence go to the fury, and be. | was taken to the Ancon Ligepltal,

° reed that the conviction | Where death resulled ou the Jith, the T aid
ae ay of October 1011 Alerander Uale should he ne. where death resu a the 5 DAD J
. being ai lague. . .
marae engi teforg moon en to: | The rican wee then dacharg ee ee te eon at he
4 -



e Demerara Chrontole says: It five filet class passengers and

= - o =
Use Nia | ocin- Di xe st ive oaetnent cha ging bin with com. — Penariacthe local rerameut allowed |
: . * . . "Kingston harbour two al
Fah Pecepeik (edlgostion’ Acidity of the Stomach, Hoartburn Intes. | “Biron, gridenes, to, te fetlowiog | ANOTHER RACE FROM TRINIDAD... nto Hitewon tertous tea shite fat
chtitian Andigestion “or starchy dyspopsia), Fermentation of Food | sald Alexander Gale, did not owe | « CROWN OF NAVARRE’ V. “BER. | 2s on the 11th. The “Santa Marta,
os \ . + oath Thomas Parris the sum of 87.00 and ” which reached Kingston on Saturda:
Headaches an all Irregularities of the Digestive Organ. | cthad not signed » proniteno wo ad BICE lasts leaving Uoion sn the 12th, lande
Nalocini Digostiva is a Scioniific Vreparation, composed of Animal an “i the sum 0 $7.00 to the said Thomas | tp, five fu net aiaeeepgere and 41
Vegetable Digestive Agents. Darts. wonld appearas ifthe ss, Crows of ns : WAP
* Evidence wae given that the - | ANY Sigiamuod” which arrived on Monday, .
‘ Bupertority ne mimtooisa a oe of | icneed farther stated on oath before Xaw ere ie offate becoming quite her ealling fron Golon on the Mts, 5
a] a] snot contain narcotics, purgatives, nor injurious drugs “the Magistrate that the horses In a defeat- | landed three fret class passengers an e ¥
t'Uoos,- > purg: ‘ last, vieit here and vow she has de iocke :
tb pany, kin respect of which It was alleged the | ed the B.MLS, Berbice from Trinidad | 2 deckers, lice de Every thing New and J
Teconveris'the incoluble starchy foods Into soluble sugars. jon, the island about three hoars before { partment were busy trying Yo focate Ba

Pepe wae due died three days after | to this port. The mall steamer left | Yesterday afternoou the
i ions ot food, including maatsof allkinds.eggs | Nathaniel Stewart and Richard . = all these arrivala In the meantime
Fifa TS Pinto soluble Mibstances.> WS CRBS | yoarvond were culted forthe prose- Lightble whortly’ which reached the | the British Minister has been cabled

+] Scution torbow tbat the horse was] perbi-s, The lattet, however, got her | t' for further particulars, and a meet-

«given by the accu-ed to Stewart fn | pi fog of the Quirantioe Board will be, DIRECT FROM THE MANUPS
we Biven | , for a donkey some con- pilot igfors ihe Navarve and sbe ran held t riag to decide what ~ i.

f UBAHTY MEAL, “siderable time after Ube accused had | boat, should be done with Lhe two vesse! ;
Paice Gane Hhillinge received it and died four weeks after atriving from Colon to-day . |
: ———— |

°276ho tnter-Amertoan raz & Tradlag Go, 130-134 Pearl St, Now York |" “thequetion forthe bpintonct tho] TRIP TQ THE ISTHMUS, » | Will shortly be on : he

* Court is whether such evidence was


-4: “Those products may bg obtainsd who'osala and retail Merchants |. croperly admitted and left to the The Contem lated Visit of Si
i Company, [hs Bonauz Urug stores and all the |= od if it w. ly admitted tne e istt of Sir --
Emith Hro hars ¢ Vumpa' Th 3 “ Jory, waa ite and sentence to sland, Sy ney Olivier, panaszow insitations are | nothing it —

Jon ding Phirmacios ttroughont the Islaud “if not, ta be quashed.”

(Sed.) A. Lucie-Sxrcu, THE MATTER | ED.
28th Oct. Tort. Cd. TTE ar DISCUSSED

Theaccused who wae undefended | VIEWS EXPRESSED ON THE SUNJECT

J a fur an age.” © Weel, J-ems, I've
had been sentenced to twelve months’ The THE “COLON TELEGRAN been doon Gourock way a guide while, ‘

1. ft hard labour. Colon Telegram” of the Sth | Come doon an’ ece me sane - [ve got
ve ZY OW CAIN GT The Attorney General submitted Instant says:— aset-ol good boring rloves, an’ ye
that the evilence piven by the taro ney One n Gpated vielt of Sir Syd- come doon any day [tN knock the face
aq. 2 e witnesses, Yearw. an tewart, » Gavernor of Jamaica. to | alf se.”

> Stillman's E reckle Cream, only went to the aloplification of the | the Isthinus of Panaina, is creating z -———
. evidence which really was materia] | much ercitenient auiong Jamaicans} Two Itlehraen were in acity bank
“Sp — -AND—— to the charge; that was, whether per | specially, and Weat Indians generally. | recently waitthg theie tuta at the
; wD Jury was commnitted on the date in As to how ble Lime will be taken Up. | cashier's winduw. This rermiuds
r X question, he evidence the ave ilcular channel hleat- [me of Finnegan,” remarked one
STILLMAN 5S FRECKLE SOAP. wos not as to perjury, althou i it | tention will BS directed, speculation ia} (What about oKcnegen >” taquired
night have been as to somethiog falve, rife, even tothe ridiculous. Pessmis- | the other. “Tea mory that Dune
A aupply Feast Received by because he did wot think it was mate- | tically, Sir Sydney's visit is viewed as | gan died, aud when he greetet St.
rial, the issue being, not whether | % forced blaraey, and prefaced aait ia | Peter he said,‘ Lt's Aline fob youve
~| theborse had died, but whether in | with the sugarcuated epitome “he| hid here for a lung tite’ © Well,

fairly lung separation, ** Mao, Tam,”
saya ones” whaur ina’ the alrth hae
ye been hidin’ yersel'? I havens seen


Ss & co fact, the prisoner owed the mone wanta to put bimeelf in direct touch | 7 n, id Bt Peter, *h .
W. C. ROS 1Di "9 and, however falea that Statement with Jamaicans and see for himself count& willlen years ase Talnute and ;
Colonia sponsary: was, (t could not be alleged ae perjury | ww their position Ina Spanixh-ime- | a mithon dollars aga,cgat’ "Ah! -
fa the indictment. The polnt, shortly | ican country compared with theic po | auld Tanegao, * Um “néediig_ cash So 7,

was whether evidence asto ths actual | sitien in Jamaicu”—inust be taken with
date of the dying of the horse way | the proverbial grain of salt. The opti-
auch asto vitiate the trial? It seem. | inistic Jamaican, however, takes a
edtohim that there wasample ev!. | morehopeful view of the visit of this
dence upon which the fury could | bigh official ta the Isthmus, and thinks
+ | have come to the concluafon that per: | “there ia something else in the mortar
jury had been committed on the point | bévides the peste,” He matatains that
material to the indictment, viz the | “Itisan fil-wiud that btows nobody
aligning of the note. any luck,” and believes firmly in the
doctrine “it ia never too late to mend.”

lend me a cent.’ ‘Sore, suld Se
Peter, ‘ just wait a minute. '”

Robert Smith, brother of Sydne
Smith ad an ex-Advveate-General,
on one ocetionn -was engaged in and
argument with a phyeleian over the
inerits of their respective profeadions,
“f don't say that all jawyern are

“Juet Recoivod

A full Btock of * GLOVER’S PRE
PARATIONS. Free to Dog fancierss
. Booklet on Diseaece of Dogs and
How to fred by H. LLAY GLOVER,
V.5, Sole Agentsforthe West Indies,

(he bindoa

Oce minute fro
New Pictures erery Mc q
thing seis

WHOLESALE & Baral Z ‘ The Uhlef Justice 1--The whole ques: crooks,” said the doctor ta tis final -
F. A. JONES, if Sa ra es tion, to my mind, fewhether you can | And s0 with these three trite proverbs | summfog-up, “ but my opponent will 7
, The Royal Pharmacy, Se ees > lat charge & man with the specific offence | *# basis, he Is deterinind to extend | have to admit that hiv’ profession D:A_TT; Y «
. 83 Charlotte ts, Pposlte Fastern Wee OE A! , of pecjury and then go into the ques- | t© Governor Olivier, when be turns up | doesn't make angels ot wnen te No, | Soy
Market—October,sth—Im. “t OLR cat tion that he lied on another point. | 09 Isthmian anil as hearty aud cheery quietly retorted Sauth ; ‘you ductora MATTINEE WEDNRaD

That might prejudice the accused in | & reception as lies lo hia power,

certaiuly have the beat of us there


= the minds of the fury who might aa And with opinion thus divided, we —-
N The Royal Wha] | tice heir endone potes ne ould here attempt to come between og be- | An Irish politician bad just re urned :
SteamPachet Co, [ss suey cent eit, ne | Rau ie euch ser rena | fete abad: 8 ae et in “nossa
ie The: epneral Gald, eo . Og 60 Wwe vwaéno! 6
8 hI a eambracke De | The, Attgmey General said, the and ingaived | “Dil you have a tine Monday, October Sib g

— whole case. They could not, in s

ATRATO—The R.ML8. * Atrato' is due here from New York, via Antilla | charge of perjury. simply say that
(Guba Jamaica, Colon, Cartagena, and Pto Colowbia on Monday | he must give evidence of the state-


you visit the theatresin Paris * MISS ANN

that our Jatention fa neither to con- | « Shure, I saw all the plays.” * Aud a pe att ee ACK LLOF -
efvo e@ former nor coerce the | did you go to the cafas*” “Sure, 1 7a Tay 1 LOVE Mba THE Wi

th Instant, and will leave the next day for Southampton vie Barbados, | Ment alleged as perjury and nothing Jatter, for it is our firm conviction wasiaallof ‘en. ” “Well tell me, THEY’hA FAR, ,
‘Michaels (Azores) andx herboucg, taking passengers. cargo and mails, "| clea. otherwise no case of perjury | Ina) Cy moner case lt does not amount Mike, and dud you sev, an pommes de ; wf & The IHCTUTES will te

en be 6 ou je ues. ga y 7 ss
Tho tender will leave tho Lighthouse Jetty, Queens Wharf, at 4 pm. with dence wanadrolesible atallit waa ad. | tlon asto how bis adventoa the le erre} No; [had the wife with : p . THE FU UR Fu

the“ Atrato' * ,
passagers for 1 e aly noted that * baggage lighter to be despatched to maluslble altogether, and he mere fact paints takeh froin the Sndividual view. |” all the Line”
the bomneward mail will leave the St. Vincent Jetty ot 1 p.m., on the day of eall- ab it was inadmissible on the secon
log. Mea aasengere are therefore requested to ae thet ghele Daguage le cont ground,~that it tended to discredit | . What we would therefore CeBgest ia DUKE OF CONNAUCHT IN CANADA,

down before that hour. rigover on @ point that could | that fa view of ‘be fact the — 4 ELECTRO-M .
~ hi 3 AGN!
Bseice 7 @ bere Trom’ Dementa cn not be ‘charged. te 'perlary ld pot | bas been disclosed as ta the secret | HIS REPLY TO CIVIO ADDRESS, Beak. (LIFE, lito,

“3. Derbice” te du official motive which impels thly vialt —— :
Tursdsy Stat inst. aod will Joave the sameday forCarupano, Yampe-| or tne seg Cecthe He a mattted to the 1 ar x wit ;
tted he Lethmus, aod in keeplog with In replying to the clri d
ters and La Guayra, taking passengers oyee and elle, Wharf, at 5 tb the difdcult 9 of telling wheth. {loyalty to the British throne and resented to bint on ie nreentaeet Prices as Usa] 3 7
2 ten 8 Y arf, at Spm. with | ee” the irrelevant evidence (it ie grow Mothing should bedone or wald | in Oanads as Governor-Geleral, the RESERVED Seats a
aS Children ta Bett BEANS Of

paseongera for the ** Berbice * by British subjects to“
The Baguage lighter leaves the St, Vincent Jetty at2p.m. with baggage Jorermierant) inne enced the Ju ae connection with thle vlelt, tem ie mene io Comming oe ore to uiske. wy

for the * Berbice.” verdi tend
ce ete. end to cast the slightest colouriag of | home smon ou, Tar i
pen ee for the Berbice? willbe received coly up to 4 ‘p.m, on Monday the The Chief Justice :_Idon't know if | divcourtesy or disloyalty [n tha ditece feeling of pleasure wo enied bya
. = the prisoner understands all this, | ton of His Urltainic Majesty's repre | associations of my youth as well as
6) ha ~The 1A Uruba "te ue bee from suuthampton, vie {lavg ter.) It is purely a question of sentative whodoubtiess may be deputed one of wonder at the great develop
Cherbourg, St Michavls (Agures) and Sarbados oo Tuerday Tth November | law about which, Pruppose, bo knowe | With the prosecution of » mand.te, | ment which has been achieved aloce
and will leave the seme dey for New York, tla Peo, Colombia, Oartagena, Colon, nothing. the etecution of which may in tha long | my last visit to Canada forty-one
Jemaica and Antiile (Cubs), | taklog passengers, cargo and malls, At the request of the Court, Mr | Fun operate with benefelal adveotage j yeare ago I take this. opportunity

Cithe teuder will leave the Lighthouse Jetty, Queen's Wharf at 4 p.m, with { Bodu, Clerk, explained imatters tothe | ot only for Jamaicans particu. | of maki ef
ngere for the © Oruba.” prisoner who ald he did nol knuw larly. but for West Indians generally. teawor Hert’ drew. aud of mylog tow
he Jathmus should not be tne) f

lot Clave pussengere are specially potified that a baggage lighter to be des: | anything « -
Petibed te the ourward wail will leave the St, VincentJetty at2 pm on Bir. Seales Bee, lo giving judg:
the day o{bailing, snd passengers are therefore requested to seo that their | ment, ald, he wae afraid, after {ud . thetime for the displaying of any | identified himeelf with your joys and
baggage be sent dowo befvre that bour, Sng atthe matter, that the evidence arrogance that might ave heen fos | sorrows, and by hla Jong resulence
Itivcompulenry for the bai gage of second claes and deek Dastongers to be | waanot adiwisnibleand it should not | at home through mal-adminis- | among you, had become a inost enth
fumizated, aod a spocial high wr will leave the St. Viucent Jetty at Yam, to | havefoeen left to the Jar tration in gubernatorial circl PB, ‘ Bx a a | REDEEM
Ue the & fae furmigact ja J and proba 4 ew, Pro | wiastic Canadian, Lo kcow with what ABLE CERTIFIOATES issued to
take there big ate lo the barge for fuinig scion bly, he thought, that evidence might bab'y the repeated cries of the children | regiet he left you and bow his eyin- 15th Septemb: :
ERO L—-The Bg: Berbice | te Vite Bere Trou Vencauclan ports o8 have affected the jury in considering | '» boodage bave reached the ears of | pathy and affection will remain seth RE plombor, LOL. oy ut
Bb dloudey O.b November, and will leaves the next day for Grenada, Bt Via- | their verdict, On that ground he | thelr bard taskmasters at Dowaln Boncte Ui theend of hie days, You DEEMABLE OLR IIFIUATES paid 4
dent, St Luvia, Doulaios, Mouteorrat, Antigua, Nevieand St. Kitts, takiag | thought the conviction ‘should be set | Street and the contemplated visit of | have referred ta tay havin tazen part 15th Soptomber 191t
Paswngers, carKo and mal . aside, Hlecould find no similar case | thts the highest ofictal {0 closest proxi. | in military opmeations withla the Dow 7 ee "
‘The tender wil leave the Lighthouse jetty, Queen's Wharf at p.m, with j on the pubjee but the evidence was | My tothe labour fleld for West In- | twinton somos forty years aga, I coa-
paussunere and thelr baggege lor be “Berbice,” certainly Irrelevant, the issue tried | “ians at present existaots is the pioneer | gratolate you on the fact that eve;
Vargo for the © Berbice” will be received only up los pm. on Moaday the | being whether the man algoed the | Movato the dawnlog of a provpercus | since then, ‘a succession of wie thou bt
Ob November. note and oot whether he Hed on | era inthe wear future for the unfoc | ful G werntments have as the reeult
TANITA ToS 3. “Telautia Twill” leave bere on Jueaday 7b | *20ther occasion. tunate West fodlan Colonies, of their dellberatlons here in Ottawa,
Notember, for Demerara, taking passengers, cargo, and maile, ‘ Me. Justice Russell eaid, [¢ was ad- Or perhaps, the visit may bo of | kept this great Dominion clear of av
The tend: r will leave the Laghthouns Jetty, Queen's What att p.m, with | Mitted that the two witnesses gave | ttrategloal significance to the Dritlsh | slaitar menace to peace and progres,
peeseugere sad thelr baggage for the “Haleatla.” evidence with regard to « falechood | “mpire and propia, In coneequence of | You have recently passed theough
Carge for tho” Lerlice "will be reovived only up to ¢ pm, on Monday | Which was not charged In the Indict- | tbe close eorvaph cal position ofJa- | the throes if a general election in
tbe 6 bh November. ment, and apparestly they did not | mica 'o the Panama Canal when itis | which both sides have been avlimated

- 7 alrye evidence ret forttHed, Whether o: t
SUGNE, The HS. {RSG arg Bes ce car slag, Te Noveatn | fulmt"in ihe'ighetomne’ He cout | bu ofthe orator ettosttetase | un coauon dere for a Lent

ully [ realize the dificult -
face, neithcr the occasion of the visit ceeding oue Who bad wo Gimpletely

on =


The public are inviod to avail tied
this OUMPaNY. LIfe! and Avls UNE b
POLIOLES of $100, $200 and 250), redesm

taking cargo for Have, London, and Continental Ports. quite understand that [ ble the aiark, sufijoe it to # momentous de- | the four following events iw

Hoxt saillug to Europe. Next Sailings for Qarapano, Para- | witucasea might, vay. scmething ot | Weiter Sie Nydney Olivierts therune | ceetuaae fren, eiued At bY the 5
patar, and La Guayra followal the poow tence ayes ately and it tehovee ere ea ia fanel On auch Others'as may from thine f. At the EXPIRATION of 81 Months. a
* ATRATO* we «= ss Sst October | BERBICE . Blet October ] be impossible to prevent them front lay aside all petty churlishoess and | all unde the ae Py the natise may » At DEATH, 7’

THAMES wee Mth Novwr, | HALANTIA 1ith Nov’ber | siving irrelevant evidence toa certain { 'ekIN at vuce to declds ado: te to theade essloge of Providence 3. P ue
RENT woe «29H Nove y RERBICK wtb Nov'ber | €xlentiuthatwey, Dut bere, [tb would | theaselves as to the flitest meauae Buti he weeee of Canada and the » Fermanent Incapacitation from -
ORUBA . Vth Dea | RALANTIA 12th Deo'ber | @ppear that the wen were talled for collectively meetlng the expected ‘de. a Muipire’s ACCIDENT. ‘ Al
MAGDALFNA Mth Dee | BERLE Yili Deo'ber | the special purpose of proving a mat- | Unguished visstor for they koow not ——— 4M ’ a
WOTAVA oo. Ob Jany 1918 | BALANTIA 0.h Jauylyii | ter that was not in iesus and, there. | Whateuch » visit may bring forth, NEW PUISHE . ONTHLY DRAWINGS. *

o L R fore, not relevant It could have been |‘ Therefure, slace Sir Hydney bas JUDGE OF
CIRCU AR. TICKETS. avolued. Apparently the matter wae | &Used it to ‘ba published broadcast DEMERARA, For further articulars apply to HENat
Viret Clase Uokets are |ssued from Trinidad to Southampton vie New York, | OYf!lcoked, 84 tbings were apt to be iu | that be is visiting the Jethmus to get ° Iralophone Neato. No, 15, St 7
, No,

ided or vice verea for an inelusl tbe course of a | trial, {no touch wi =<
and back direct to Trencble between New York and emt of b thought there could ten no doubt thee are attracted away fren ‘te colon APPOINT ENT OF
Those rs of the American, Atiantle Traneport, Cunard and White's Y | the learned Chief Justios had beea over which be rules, and Bnd out toy RARNSHAW,
the sleame #8tar | feeuly right when the tater had | himself what are the attractions that | 3t fe officially anno:


Teh 370, Noles

Lines. R before hia notice blad - noed,
ese re available for 12 monthe from date of {enue and coe before notice In bringing it thew in the Lat n-Amert \. oa ways the
can te o Licheuate bavek tbe voysge at any orall ports touched at on thee Defuive thle Court ie this rm oe a“ public wa think Sb but fale an foe Demerara “ Chraniele," that Ooteler Slat, Im,


bet the new

Jonlor Pulane Jud f tt solon

ue thet that desire should be heat. | tate M “Bar hey 7s

Uly twelprocated by J judgect oes

inna nad Gad 7, Jaraaten te gnihe Jalene Judge of the Gohl Ooeae v Wer

uatu to them. Dorn to 1903, Mr, Barusbaw wae ed
Stereo pening cated at University Collage, Darham,

route, half fares, Ube evidence adinitted (was of @ natu
Qbildreén | to 10 one tickets ere fesued at au exclusive bo weigh with the jur: tee
A ohar, 8 ¥. the convic

oiligeen. twit clreular stoke Ben we of b washed “tee

ae Pendiary Ma Lr te. He also acted as
Labolling of Baggago. sree bay te ie a ony

aduslor Pu Judge temporartl
Over two yeurs ago NS Ba Tew Hi
raloed p ot i Bench by being « npoinied

without &
cine” lathe

Children that are pale, sickly aad e+ Culle
uested to seo that all ibele berg ege fe preperty 1 sfver the coaviouion, aod the oulp way vish, tat be! y pee. ue, Oxford. Grad toa eahi been
Vase teat . tees 7 lebelled, | be net the metter pet ight a pee wader the oe cop Bis of xtord fa 1s0t, he wit While ta ona ‘Colony he earced the tela seroten$ i
Puel ipele cau be obtatoad at tbe Oowpanys Oftive. (onl coe a the potnt, qt tefibed | seurlsbmant, fro the food they eat ane | I & praet {nner Tea, les a | coPatatton of belog a fontles and | esse! Oe am
fe a
¥or all further particulars aj ply at state pveezthleg tan! Sand Wises to Ws Tare z detinea went oo the North sae Onveit’ abt ped freee tad Judge of lade- physicians, ov .

Weas_ Itidio oka, 8

fron 1808 to bus During fon Due
0) be

Cabs me law Yorus

THE COMPANY’S OFFICE, fienctt fuck" Re eae


oe rcttancccernaneed, tewpeeny

pote the wor darfa
soon take on flea anda roey, cat rents
sheurful Prive te bottle ** pro.
dvots may be Sotaleed wholesals sad retsi)

© a
. neon DD of-Spai and sald, net ouly were the parte they | ome hd Greds, In Feindacy' che | nan oe Foon ane
Marine Square Port- pain alleged untgue. but Uney ‘could qlea | fom Mewre Such Arothers & On, The | Mad HppolOted Polige Magirates ne! pare a itty, Omen should hebble | 294i! fom Tag
pivve ‘othex a bee rug btores, and all the lendisg | Urenaria sid tu (ecw tes ‘ite : j bet ty about becuse of corns whaa | Co the om
par z | Pharesavies throughout whe sleet, tansferred to Gvorgetown ‘as . ra ways ain pellet fat hand as Hollu fede


_ : : : = The well-kutwn creole Yare horse | | The witeation with regant to the .
p SCOHOENUR& 00] nai) [ES en

Maynard, which wasjewned by Mr frrtheoaln ape erent peasiieddly

ly fea, mala And | gone of announcements hare
trans peg ond Someta: eely, were eased A great deal of amusement.
broughtup atthe City Police Oourt For instance, og roading the legend t=
eatertiay and remanded to November | * Vote for the rad vacate of the free 1:
th tn £100 ball with e surety each on | breakfast table,’ a busom negroes sas
acharge of receiving by falee pretences | heard to trmtark “Eh! Bot free
£1,000'a8 @ Hirst mortgage on land | breakfast? Ah wonder whey he prtine
at Lopiiet from Joho Kleock, Loule | gie um for l ain't eat « good break-
Tonisa, and Wo. Cook, tramecs at ‘ast for days!

7 . Mr, Palo —
Obierala’ apheared to defend them On Ruoday Inst, the Feast of the
Stajor E

he . died there | Noveenber forms a} pt:
Tegan tirod. of Demerare thei | the only tgple uf conversation
16 1 iff rent Tiths worth
#144 per copy

instant. The horse was. by Lord | Georgetown, Demerara, and the ree
Â¥o#iy: . be
CR 5S S l bi & I d itopaw . ma0,
X WW. Da y la NQUS| |maictaro's

flo; 3 1 relkla tes a ling to

Gilfton out. of eet its death Pee tarate in Steers wayne Poster
: a



in bold ure. are predominant, and
ahaa e,
a 6. . .
ia 133 4 Bags Nagra Rice Tupay, -

he pro- | Hoty Hosary was aolemnized at the
section versley 19 the P Cherch of St. Franela, Belmont The

— Hanctuaryand Ugh Altar were prettily |. .

. —_— Says the Demerara Argosy: Mr. A. | decoral for the oerasi{an, Missa
~ First quarter of the Moon. FE. Karoshaw, well-known [0 George- | Cantata was celebrated at_8 Hi by the

300 Bags Yellow Dholl se town because of hiapast connection | Rev, Father Ignatius Noldn OF, {
~ : . . Supreme Court~10,90 a.m. with the city sea Magletrate, has ac | while the announcements Ac, were
‘ bose yagi . Dietrt —_ cepted tha appointoient of Juntor ead by the Vienr, Bev. Fa beg. Leo

. * > ‘ loy OP. @ Cholr,
Ad ‘Bags Green Dholl strict Court — t alene Judge ere - Flemmlogeondueting, and Mine Revell a
. 5.8. “ Marowljne® leaves for New “Thankegtving Day™ will be cele> presiding at the harmonium, rendered
York. Mails close at 12 o'clock noon. brated at Hoty Tr Cathedral next % ery ne Bart Meee, with wooed gflect.
7 ——— Ay. ATTA, he ei a '

50 Drums Mustard Oil ILM. * Atrato” leaves for Barba- epecia Tnunte' to cholt snacredan the } was rendered by Mesures. Rupert Alexis
weeter bados, St. Michsel (Asores) and Ober- j occasion, and Leo Fitewilliarg, while Uandel’s
OSalutara, was, alter the Elevation

bourg. Mails close at 3 p.m.

' $45 Cases Ghee, 1 or} Tin, RUM. “Iserbiee” leaves for Oaru-

and, Vainpalar and La Guayra.

10 CASES BRASSWARE. | oe mean

A correspondent writes :—The state- ; nung by the latter On the whole
ot Uaptath Cahter, of the British | the moe was very good. Atthe end
Guiana Constabulary, with reference | of Muss members of the Choir and
tothe Rust--Beidger jocident, affords | thelr friends were invited over to the
fewnt for reffection. It \s ev& | Girls’ Schoolroom where they were
“1 presented to the Vicar who erpressed

dant that is. gett of a disagree-
bie c It. oly, | his great pleasure ta meet them and
able craer, Bridger was unwanly. sa tpl Se eee tte atiye

nay contemptible enough toasatet the
Barbadoe Quarantine Authority |
committing what‘caimot -be term

Maile close at 5 p.m.

Sale of a cocea plantation situate

at Foods Amande In the ward those prosent.

. , of 8t) Ann's by Loule John and Co.— Iesu Uban an indigaity on Me. Hust. Sir Sydney Ottvi re nar of Jam

- p.m, arbadue tao DEO res v ir Sydney Olivier, Governor o! -

iy eI ww 7" Ec t 3 % -—— of persona; we await with anxiety the | atcn hae arranged to leave fora visit
‘ ° cy, ae A. a The London Electric Theatre--6 and artivol of the How. S~W. Koa: x {n | tothe Iethinus of Panaiba on Satur:
' 8.90pm, on Carlisle Bay. We will then set whether | day the lith of November, He will
_————— -—— x they will dare treat hina ae they treat- | mo-t likely take passage on one of the

= | igh Water Morn 9.53 Even 10.34 p.m | ed Ste. Rust. We are sure that in thia | Hambarg-Armeriran Ing steainers

Sua rises ~ ++ oo G&Sb arm, | case theron is sure tobe some glib ex- | leaving on thatdate. 1 is alec stated

Sua sets . . 534 p.m. | cuse. Anyway the timeds not far off. | that certain olficlala—probably the

“ Moon seta . 0.37 p.u. Director cf Public Works and the


Mrs. E. Oonrad begs to thank
through this medium, those wany
filends who have so klodly expressed
their »ympathy with her in her recent

Town Chirch, Jaaaica, by lis Grace | accompany Mis E.cellency on the ti

Dr. Enod Nuttalh 4nglidao Archbishop |] The real object of the Governor's vielt
of the West Indies, there wasa shot | isto ses what progreasis being made
ened form of Evening Prayer c wnduc- | inthe consteuction of the Canal, ant
ted by the Rector fev: E. E. Brice. [| whatts being doue by (he onerwans
The ftlret lesson was read by the Kev. | to meet the tucreased trade which is
D. Parnther (Westeyan) and the second | sare to follow on the completion of
lesson by the Rey, A, V. Petgrave | the gicatandertaking, UF celleucy
(Baptist). will make a thorough lavestigats on to-

tothe sanitary system which prevaibs

A batch of convalescent immigrants} on the Isthaus, On the conclusion of
who were brovght upto thecity from | lus tour to the [sttunus, by Sy tney
the depOt yesterday morning, were | and party will take pomage for cit
sent tw their estates of Indenture.

At oP Ded cation of the Newmore | Saperintending Medical Officer will


a Bicycles, /
Bicycle Lamps, MARRIAGE.
Bicycle Tyres, Chote New ‘Towa, on Saterday SAR

~ . |] inst., by fbe Very Rav. Father G. V.
Horns, Pumps and othor butherland, 0 P., VG, Mr Leo. Scheult,

son of Mr, Adbemer Scheult to Emile

Jamon Vin Excellen y's siaittot ts
Tica will abso be fail of Intecest.


A Georgetown young man named

May, daughterof Me. and Mes W. J.Gray. | Bellawny has done rematkably wellas | More than 24)) students hate a

Bicyclo Parts. meee “a = y: the result oF hiv Kolng to work at the tend the Tuskegee Nev saad ane ti-

‘ ‘ . Panauia Canal, saysthe Agosy., There jf dosteial Instiowe in toe leat vew,
SEE PAGE 2 FOR he bought a tkee fora foley known | acemding to theteput of Bigk «a 'B

ALSO Crown Cases’ Reserved | asa “sunday Morning Lottery,” and | Washington, the Poucipal Of Choe,

LZ were enroligd oan che pegniar
courses, comlog otros tasty «dybt
States and territoucs and ‘ffwea
foreign cygntries, The income wee
89),000, sod nearly $170,000 was add.
al to the endawwent fued, which now
totals $1,872,001 ‘The prop ity of the
fostitution ty valued) at 8 437.000.
“Since the founding of the Institute,”
ways Dr. Washington, “tuo years’
taining haw been given_to appraei-
instely 9,000 persoas. The average
wages of graduates and former stu-

was lucky enough to win the handsome
surn of $52,000, Naturally be inteuds
to makers ital use of hie good fortune,
lo a letter seceived in Geol yetown

esterday, conveying the news of the
aeextio ndinary buck, it was stated
that young Bellaiuy intended Lo go to
the United States ‘to study for the
medical profession,

Court. Another R
1 Only ADLER RACHR. from Trinidad: Crown
of Navarre va. Berbice.
Trip to the Isthinua;

; 414.R ) he Contemplated Vistt
Sisal and Manila-Rope, O | sg outemptated Veatt

® the Matter Dt ly
Pitch, Tar, Oakum, Vlews Lxpressed ow the
ease - Subject by the © Colon
Gillingham Cement, Telegram.”! Plague on

the Canal Zones Inte
. Death at Ancon; Cable

and all other Building Received from British
Materials Miulsterat Panama;

* Looking out for Passei-

gers. Sparks. Duke of
Connaught ti Canada 3

ee itis Reply to Civic Ad-
. dress, New Puisne Judge
of Demerara; Appolut-

nent of Mr A. Harn-

Last. Saturday morning, @ man
named Donald Pomprey, who used to
be employed at Mesure. Croney & Coy,
took ili while athis work. “H- was |] dents of Tuskegee Inetitute fs be-
conveyed to the Colonial Mo-pital in | tween 8600 and $700 year. That of the
chargeof a polweinao, and di about | average pegru person is $300 ur Jess."
an hour after bia arrival at that
institution, A post mortem examina-
tlon was held, from which we under
stand that death wss dueto * heart


The intercolonial trader“ Wold
Rover” atrived on Sunday fiom Dar-
bados bringing hee usual cargo of live
stok and ground provisions, She
alsa brought 22 passeugers,


Serlous differences have arisen be-
tween the Government aod the Irish
Nationalists over the financial provi-
sluna of the Home Rule Bul. wall

other points there is practial agree
shat, ment. "Tbe Irish Parliament is to oe “ The Moyet) Mail oan steamer
SBE PiGE 6 FOR sist of two elected Chambers and Irish | arrived at ds light yeaterda oe
Se Clty Police court. representation, largely reduced, is to | York via Yantillee Jamaica, Colan and

maintained at Westroloster. The
Inish Government isto bave controt
of police administration on which

Colombian porte with 5) tons general
merchandize and 28 patsengess for

District Court.

oe = the Nallonalists propose a saving of yi t=
“Here's toVou” SEE PAGE 8 FOR “ $700,000 anaually. Vinyuer and fang: Resens yee
—_ ere’stoYou _ Our Article on “The ——— Young, A. Stewarl a eal
] | . oung, A. Stewart and G, H, Seale.
tm ina Faults of our Turtles, From the Demerara frgory, we From Jamaica t—3ire Mayhew, Mr
- “ ie ig Congrens ; Ecunvene | earn ta ioe ree lene esing ky | 2: Bx Whitebeud and Mr. F* Rosengren
Small Petar * cial Methodlat Confer. | 0, willarrive here this morning by | | “From Uolon ~Mewsra, O Hauow and
' M.S. Berbice”. Oolinton will be |», palin,
. ence held at Torontos {ig training for the Turf Club's Decem- ‘From Savanillé 1—Mr, oO Wink
7 The Higher Critictsauns § | ber yaces, and 9 deckers from various porta a
The melfow. address by Rev. Dret 1. a5. ts Layton Acting Asse save .
est, purest Hfoutton re to oa Lately tant Surgeon In the Aterican” Mating ats follow Be eracngers tp translt
lager ever ere. Court ts. Hospital & rviee, stationed at this] From Antills for Barbados 3 M
brewed. SEE PiGE 10 FOR Port this year, sallswith Mra, Layton | ay. Cardet and ove decker
The Ne Cc for New York on the Royal Dutch From J ira ft
ng New Concts, Maul steamship * Marowijne” to-day. | V-I. Talon’ W. M Barbados, Mr.
This is f . Zhe work of fumigating vemele bound carb a aecket Matebetty F. Cathe
: ‘or Aimerican and inspection o! From Oolon for Bavbad et —My. and
veasela will bedweuntinued as October wen
st « Order to- ITEMS OF NEWS. Slat is the close of the Ametican strict ye Petrella ec puacetth Mrs and

day trom Me. FD. Male, Amettcan Con- | ‘uaraatine season, Mr, Cargill, Mr, G Mowatt, Mine fe


i oe B your wing sul, te pleased to announce that -~—— Barker, Mas. I. Hrowne, Mrs. 0,
poy merchant for atte eneetlee picermmmodation Dr. J. R. Webb, son of Mr. 8, Webb, Prince, Mire Udlaod 3chiudven, Miss
yo orlicensed Consulate wit ow ork, the | of Mesures Wietlag & Richter arrived i na te Batvett, Mis Augier aud
Consulate will open at nine o'clock | in Demerara by last mail and will | infent, Hrs Rouse aod tofant, Mew

* he afore, on ah netend ot fi ten as probabl Lakeup work atthe Public ung and Meckers, |
ee rt {ore On, iM regu jar salling days | }iospite)l. A Barbados contemporary yom (clon tor Cherbourg —Mr,

a cee the teeta eee bate Mail | understands that Dr, Webb, who holds | And Mrs Kiser |
fe an e Trinidel Shipping & Trading | a Primary FILOME. certificate and From i olon for Bagland 1—3Iy, 8,

Koowles and ‘ire Aronoviteh

ow Cart

Me 4 Chev, “se for ugland ~
rons Savaollla ft -

nsiivghes ‘or Barbados s—Mi,

The * Alrato” leaves tod

houwward = voyage w ieey.oe hes

Barbadys, the Azores apd Clea bourg,

’ + ae

The Tiloldad liner © Grenada”
aniive this prog ging fivins New yal
vis Grenada, The Duwh liner “Mage
wijog” will atrive from Jataumaribo
and Barbadue The Ruy | insilinterou
lonial steamers “Berbive” and “Balan.
bia” are alee expected Upiday, the
former from Demerara, and the later
from tbe Northero lelande,

The following posusengers o:
toaallby the arr Fttreea ee
Kngla from Trloldad:—Mp. B F
A telegram from Lisbon says, it] Alalngot and Mr McKeo, Fron
has been ascertained that Osptaig | Deowrara for Cogland.—Masters WV
Couclere, the louder of the Royalists | H. and 8. 1 Campbell. Stra Campbel)
has rade another appeal to the raz. | 8 children and nu and Mr, z
Wan Monarchles for £600,000 which | Wilon, From Domsloloa for Rog:
he says fe nevessary for the Purchase land! Mr. and Mrs, Huda! aod fro,
of eddivioual ernie anual Hon aod ft Lacie tate. Deerge Davhison, For

ons. = to his appeal he as. { tarbsdos from Tri .
sures the Lrasilians tet the last | F. Oastaer and u, Viper. Meese Ha,
played, and thle tact wil be ‘ap ‘wos

yea), a) abt ‘ack wi a
parzet whatber the Htoyaliste are ve. om” Dagbh tone ‘Captal Drouving

lous or sulfer defeat. The Brazil- which ls uuder cha feet
lans are sending thele money to the Stedman Avcheg, Heated if W.
Royallets through the British Hanks. | frou tewae t

Corapany’s Lines, aluo those of the SLRGS EK. and
LA C.BLL will join the etatf of the
Ooloulal Hospital in Demerara, than
whieh there Is no better institution in
these patts for the gludy of tropical
diseases. Dr. Webb it should be
wentioned, ie an old Harrlsonian, At
present resident ak the Demerara
oepitalls De Wigan, gent out from
the University of’ Dubtin to study in
Demerara Lbe diseag e% pt the tropics
for the bevefit of hte’ University
There are two Bacteilologiste on the
staffin Vemerare and students are
affurded all assistance for acquiring
kaowledge, Hon De JE, Godfrey,
Surgeoo General of British Gulena,
is pardonably proud of the lostitutlon
and is iadefatigable in advancing
the latercets of sclencein the colony
and elsewhere.

The Jamaica Tourlvt: Association, tn
preparation for the conlog tourlet
oeason, bas published a neat little
oficial guide book of Jamaica,

. Yosterday the full bench of the
Supreme Court constituting a Cuurt of
Crown Cases Reserved, Suashed the
conviction by the jury, of Alesander
Gale—who wae sentenced to twelve
monthy’ hard labour for perjury—on
the ground of the milsreceptiun in eri-
deuce of other testimony of falsity
which had not been charged ia the
{odictment against the accused,


o j A Chinaman ed Chin F
id S Stout killed in his shepin Kingetou, Jeuclen
° onthe sight of the lth fostant It

le oup thatthe crane wae com.
ult by a fellow countryman and
the motive fe attributed to trade jeal-

Brewed by Watney Coombe Reid | ouy. The Chuog Wah Soctety “bas

offerela reward of £0) for aay lator
matlog leading to th -
Co., Lid., London. viction of the accused party. aud con

“ tion, the Rev F S

NOTHING BETTER, tap ths Hey Father Hyactoth Hat lou

\ Tv oO D y ¥ oneeleto Pathos we bie Soc
yo tT -T.A- Sontversary of his Pratesslo

ae? TRS - . Doudlaleant Vela, ‘TheGregoriac Ohact

roper ofthe Mase will be suog

FOR PURITY AND FLAVOUR THERE | catenctritt Mannie acts
_ ts

bos - ihe jaken Fat present, e « Now New ee

: GRELL & CO. LTD., fel pe ay Pi ca Wy ence | TM a waa

: a ANENTS, seen ia ie grape a comaaltice la ‘bead dekeme ' t

kh ue the seating 7 in” Forwaal renner cemnnnstnenreenens
ale Qetebor wortoren, ’ wy es, . (Continued on Page 7),


Pa fe


e 7


Tailors & Outfitt

Special V

Box Calf, Blucher Cut—2 Dollaumy



hi } ‘
Father Nolan was also Introduced to Marino Sa uareo & Cnacen

.= a






In Every Branch of this Dep

, ATTAINED BY porniva


~ IN

Office, Sch

— AND —


I SSv00000 09000000000 0000 20000000006008

Bro. mre BT

Administrator Generals
Bales, ele.


The Admtalebrator Gear's Orclasnce

And fn the motter of tbe eatate of Lytlmas
Late of Montasciat la the Ielsad of
Teiatdrd, decesvel, Latertace,

AUCTION Bale for. Tharedey the Oh
dey of November 1911 between 1 aud


PUBLAG Notios WW heweby gives thes
the-a will be put as for sale by
Pablio Auction at the Office of the anders
signed, Fo t-of-Spais, on Toureday the
Ooh day of Nuvember, 1921, between the

bonrs of 1 and ¥ ta the efteraoon.
GAN thit parcel or Jot of Land com:
proton ave scres be the seme more of
a and delineated in the dlegram
of Monteerratin the Ieland ef Teloidad
and bounicd on the borth, ecuth acd
ease by Ocowa lands ani oa the west hy a

es and
Better Clothes

eito O.owa Grand registired at

This is Wahct tho Poseeasion of a

“Singer”! Means to Every Woman sepatating lends hereby grasted
A Sing-r Sewing Machine enables a from lands of Hetspersad dogetder wish
; woman to clothe hersf more slegantly, the bulldiogs thereva.
coutortably and abundantly on her allows Dated vhs 17ta dey of October 101
ance than would otherwise be possible, an (Signed) Ws LJ, KERNABAN, |
rt the same timo affords her a fascinatin Admintetrater-Geae a’,


employment and profitable pastime,

Singer Sewing Machines

To the Sapieme ear of Tilotdad and

do it keds of sewing perfectly and easily, frove the Ta the Mottorof
fevected thod coniowe tg tha sauleciory The LAdmfoinvator-Leasr, Ve Ordinance
In the Matter of the Estate of

Thomas Hibesa, late of Meyarc, Id the
& Island of Tiiaided, Deca sod, Intestate.

LL persons haviog elelms egaloet

the above cetate are requiled to scad

io to the uadersigoed fall particulary of

the seme vali d ty athdevie oa or before

Fridey, the 17:bday of November, 1911,

after which dete no c'aime will bs eale:-

Creditors who bo'd any 8 carit
whatecerer must savers the value of the:
security anl prove for tbe diffurence or
give up thele secarity aad poors for the
whole debt.

Paymeate whl be made oa Moody, the
20h day of November, 1011, tetweoa the
botre of two acd (bree ia the atterneon,

Dated thie 2.4 day ef Ov obs, 1011,


14 Frodorick stroot.

Fe c $d.) W, L. J. KERNAYAN,
Fervol Spain, Telephone—498. (Say Maustowirevor-Geuesal
a = ee | TRINIDAD,

Ja the malthrof
is Toe Admin'strator qilenera’e Ordloance
FOR SAL ; ( Aod fa the mettecaf the estate of I hilo
meo Grif h lave ef Eess Ley Hiver,
2 lu the tows of Port-f-drain in the
. aleland of Tiinldsd, decoased intestate,
IX Recent ALrriva]se| sacs a'e to tiemty ws ten ay

tf November 1911 6¢ 1 p,m,
puBtic NOTICE 1s bereby given thet
there witf'be pat ap for sale ty Public
Auction at Nx. 6 Pali Mall Street, Porteof-
Bpela, on Tharstey the 16h aay of No
vember, 1911, at the hoer of I ta the

A. wooden tenement situate at East Dry
River in th» Towu of Fort-of spsin oa
lsode of Sorascosnd knowa as Ny, 6, Pall
Mall Btreot,

Dated thia 26th day of Oo ober 1911,

(Sed) W, b Jc KEBNABAN,

‘aeno}T Pau



In Firkins and Cases

ftish Oleo Margarine—

“ Two Flags” and ‘Omnibus’ Brands,

, 4 “merry sadajooeur GeOWO i
fehnnie Walker” Whisky. Z5
- . “ooMneG | ewatey 'f an 23
watel Dutch Pilsener Beer, ~ ‘ oun, ze
6 3 sajooid Iter *39 >}
9 8 1 ’ . 4
nidad Shloping & Trading Company Ltd. &~ woos: mms 3
} d “anog qatog amaadag
Kaltoral and Indus-|_. | "= q :
4 “pe,e 7 : 077d toes a
fic Exnibition © | Trimdad Electric G0.,)@ "3 3
Graual Agricaltur vet fedoe, ARE SELLING R. .
nida: ‘ &
Shae elICE TICKETS|y y if = 3
willbe .givea for exbibits \ 9 % e
Bock, Agricalture, Hoitionl- AT THE RATE OF 8 = 3 y
Dre, alta do, do, fa FOUR DOLLARS 0 < é 3
srgeaelal durenige | Pan Tox or 2000L0s, | | j
“ Socitty> 4, St, Vioceo Shoy will als) rebate in tickets} 5 2
., EDGAR TRIPP, customers holding ticko's bought 4 3
\ Secretary aad Treasurers ateight dollars per ton at their : & %
Agicaltarat Beciety ot Trinidad | office, $ 4 Z
1g Tobaeâ„¢ WALTER IF, MUNNIS 3 3
. Ganeral Manager. ren tere


RSSONSin Spacish Bhortband aleo


WWouema ree tine re
School of Loudon, assisted by the loadin;

et bezs to notify the
Sob responsibie for acy

se!]_Drawings to
Prose Art
rected by bin wife Arista ‘

, who bis ceased to bycodsr bla? Art Editors gives_a thorough course ‘writiog machine rented s
fustruction, hy Correspondence ia all | TY og and Shortband work

WALTER HAREWOOD, branchos of Magazine, Newspaper and Ty eem ae s "Phone WW,
ih | BE a en a | Aaya acnoR,

Be ‘|e a Oo" hel Acting Principal,

Ve introductions, and publication of their
“ Y 1 id famed periodicals 8, Dundonald St.

ert gf Dramatic | erin neice wiiagaine, FoeTater | Oct 28—te.

The London, ete, Bend stamp for Illust.


* 37, Dacros 1s
TE ee om, Bett-Ucteber 12.—Im.
Provision, Cocoa



embers of the CEM.

a AT TUE —
MOKDAY, 6th KOVR. 1911

te founds the Organ for the



men aia ftecle Also a Large variety of other No 4 Manry Street
Mri. 17 ° °

‘os Tei inaie’ Paptt® 1912 Almanac.

Four Mals Voss G2 e2 A Deravambia ws
0 3

Farce Advertising for s Iluebaud
Fronch Lessons |D

fails DONALD'S Astrological
len and ¥ ft RK J. Mac
Cre Ee rains

Farmers Almanac for 1412, con

! on o re . before a; Imanace. Price (fale Na. 3°
. } f Jog | pever b ted for $10 ood
Becton Mr Geonge i guadel 4 AYRan ay ee erery moe only 10 conte, soud ne, at oie (for eet erty. Apoly. o tour - sie Egent Arzlvale anid Fe pore. ,
Gea alo Ta, { ate rate. poor order to ALwemt Waanxn, Mall | ArraLs, somerset Lvue, >t, Viuceov OLD #uRT WINK.
bong Puur Mule Voloes Appiy t0,, 1e3,, Supply Company, No. ih, Nelson | ptreet.—Oct. 1.— Lun. Ce tT UNE
fares Dr Dinan tecor baleen Oot. 90-1 t. Viseent streets | treet, Lat Spaluy Oct. 33—dim, . eto As ean to bt of 100 a0
naire Open ah ae Ot Oe here reread | prereemnnnrmermeneennnerrrt Wife Notico. Hl
=e I o bevin #18 Re -- And lo Arrive by Early Hleamer,
on , {fs hereb tloned . d& Cacping’s beet bacd
Pri =OK SU8B COUGH CORE LAING'S Tie ane giving aby erediy to toy | 7 Uead Heute Teepat Lime,
= pcos Town 1s, por bottle, For Prosoriptions | is iesrecs then thy nenge | ww Buroutbase oedevenâ„¢
deg" . LURIO AviDe
« Pritt, Boda Water and Lain 3 White Pine ENGLISH PHAR OY 2b uae, 1th LANE DEROSIA ' 10 Drows SULP! ee To
how be a ou yTup. aot, kewsgaetiers
Daz ENOLIDE PEARMAUY Frederick Streol, B Beplswabec 1921,


COVILT fo, 443 st:aatetia che Ward Otnce.

Government, Railvvays.


8.8. “Naparima”

- & 8.8. “Paria,”

UE 3.8. “NAPARIMA® fe tobe

décked on Wedoesdsy the 35h
instant, arid uotil ebe resumes rucoing,
her jtverary will be performed ty the
88. “PARTA* with the following at
terationr, the ttloerary of the * PARIA"
being canceled meanwhile: ~

Wedoesday,2 th foatent--Nocteamer,
Tharaday, 26 b ios'eot Usaal roc.
Fridsy, 27h fostant—Leave [cacos
et 5.35 am, iastead of Gam, and ruo
45 mfoates cariley througbout
Saturday, 8th in tint= Usual rons,
but there will be po connection for the
Prioces Town, Tab quite and Saogre
Grande Lloes. .
Sunday, 99:6 Instaot- Usual run.
Monday, 39 b instant-Same ag Fri-


uesday, Stet foatant = Same sb

Ba'urday, .
November Jat — No


The 88, “ NAPARIMA” ia expected
to resume her itincrary, on Thuredsy,
Sad November, but should abe fail fado
ag, the “Parie’ will cootinue to per:
form hee service as shown above,


Actg. General Manager,

1710 1911 |
Sno Insurance 0

Matadtisised 17710,
mee 0


3 6, Damag:
° ° Fire effected upon
a'most ¢ Gesctiptics
of property ia Towa and

Jovurance can also be
effected upon: Derricks,
Engine & Boiler Hous

Qusfters and all logurabie property on


“ s ff rates for Cun: Resid
a peat Of rates for Conatr; ences,
i lass Windows Sasured. ’

RENT —lorarance effected for securlog (adea
uity for the Loss of reat fa case of fire,
Loses by Lightaiog are Made Good by the

% é
“Crees a

IN eres Qe
COME fa roto... . 1,674.8
TUN gust ber 1950 ‘ Iohene
Ageot idad&Tchiga, J. M RLID
SubjAgeot, Port of Spain & Arisa .Miller's

Stores Ltd
da, Sea Fecnando,,,L, W DONYUN & Co
Tetenrhome Mo. 170


For Dan @ BNAsT

We guarantee 1t to hea:
alter all else fails

It Bemores Proud Flesh

It prevents Grangene, Oth Octoter, lui! LaB LaB
. *___ reas aBrea-
Tt Cisans Old Sores, TRINIDAD, : Bri hto af dop. 7.25 ,, Brighton dep. 10.10,,
And Heals then, Ta tbe Bapceme Coart of Trisidad and 3 Cedros 9,25 Guapo 10.54
” ° Ty . ” « a
ae eee ree Tie re Annsale, No 15 ‘oud amen feacos arr. 10.10 ,, Cap-de-Ville » 11.24 n
. eer— Ph dts . $
- Ramet Samer a a aucaottbmmntet.tet MONDAYS. “Paria: Granville Bay” wea
GUARANTEED 10 GIVE SATIs#Ac | The Admlulstrator GavenimOlendinte | do, dep. 0.25a.m.| Ced bv p-
TION OR COST YOU NOTHING, UBLIO NOTICE is hereby given that : 1 GCP. V0 am. | Vedroa un 1305
. . - .
SMITH BROS. & CO "| Ward of Snit Neyerums WVest,'io tbe | Brighton dep. 10.40 ,, FRIDAY=-88 “Saris.”
Jeland cf Triolded, th: ale executor } py
pamed in the lest Wil, bearing dee, the Guapo 1 1125 San Fernando, dep. 9.954.m

4b day of Macy, oe of Carimbocas
decemed, who diel on ine 154 diy of


Cap-o- Ville

SUNDAY=88. “Nepariaa,”

(After arrival of Tralo)

Government Railways.

a eR LED


FROM 6th NOVEMBER, 19011 and
until furthor Notico.


Between San Fernando, Intermediate Ports of Gall, Codros & Icacos.

‘Weather and other unforaeta circumstances pertaitting,)


San Fernando, dep. 6.40 p.m.

» 12.13 pm.

. \ Apt, 1910, op Ieusl, Rick It ver Kad, Trois n 1248 ,,
sf egsinst = th min elur +
{ T Geoera, ” elaitalng agravt of Pr buedt Granville Bay ” 1.30 ”
thera Wilof the di¢saed la solema | Cedros arr, 2.09 ;,
Fora ¢f law, and tbat tbe sald sotios bas

bern set cowafortral on Turedsy, the
Blat day of Otober, 1011.
Dated bb B bea rid O tober, 1911,
Platatils 5 dour,

x2 rewed
— FROM —


_ Guapo » 104),,
Malt & Hops Only AY. pereon having Io his posses. Cap-de-de-Ville » 41100,, San Fernando dep, 9.25 ams
IT KECPS UP ITS, Fete Feet ee tue Titet:| Ircis w 11.20, | LaBrea- to
cu Bech tere Meyaeee | Geanvllé Bay | U0. | Betgbton] Sepp Op em
REPUTATION fy ofame 1a the ollice oft is paper, (edros arr, 12,19 pil. lapd ry " joi n
BY KEEPING UP ITA Boa ie Gault b hae WEDNOSDAY-SB. “ Parla.” Cairde-Vill " 41.09 .
Standard of Quality Fred. Jn0, Scott & bon San Fernando, dep. 9.23,e.11, | Granville Bay ° i1.40 :
SIL SHIPMENT COMMISSION AND SUIPPING | Tap ater eee Tevlo.) 5 Cedros arr, 12.19 p.m.
FRESII, i S . Bright ep. 10.40,
—) EACH = Government Auctioneers: Guspo » 1196 » \
GLASGOW STEAMER J 5.1, aren ZtTaDEsuen 1800 Cap-de-Ville —,, 1213p.
Bold by avToukog 1 ¢ ders and DHAKLES WBIDSRIOK CHAMPAONR | 7018 bay 28» |
first class shopkeepers. in all parts osm, Cedros arr, 209
* Precpe By Royal Warratto U,3.9, King mr ” .
oe SOePh hind cp ina pein
cork branded, and ©! Cap- Agents
1 3
wees" SEEVOU ET THE cenuine | 428 FrgA ste Pageant _—_—
REVOLVER” STOUT. reper property md contents ia town BUNDAY—No Breamer, FRIBAY-8A, ® Noparima.*
t —J——— and couulry at current rates, MONDAY. I . .
° Marine Tosuranca Co, Ltd, | 88 “Nein” 68, “Pala | OS dep 6.09 a.m,
| 6 Komdox, Ioaco. dep. 600am, Cedros u 8,30 ”
t Esvapcisugy .. ve 1830, toe p » dep. 2.20 pm Granville Bay «4 71? 4
pale Agen Office :—12, St. Vincont Street, HT} m TIT wo BOb Capdetvitts " oo ”
ie PORT OF SPAIN. GipdeVule® 97 3 400 3 Guspo » 907
TA ue " a Hw v1 On-Le , 9.
SEEDS. NUTICE- Biskion } ” gio. aaspe. | Sax Ferbandd art 10°80."
——— eeiere ouewale fod ciivont oe Se ete rane "(Does pot connect (Ounnecttby with thé Trata )
vi Que Bue, Portuf-spilo by will the Tralo} with the Train.)

racoure Imgoriaut joformatos frfm the

One Hundred Seeds

Each of the following trees
fn Wanted:

Hulcitor & Coureyancer,
Oct. 13 b 1911.—1m.

val, Morugs, £0

Caparo, de.

. Bodstoads

TURE of all description on esey

payment ab
PENNY-PIEOE— The Little Shop,
ryone _ 17, Frederick Btrect,
q Known tocvoryone | ny bIGk-A Man you Know

Guapo, Tabaquits, £0.

» Columbus sy, Vointe
F resins. g furnished.” Oapitel

batbing place.

Be 8.4, ‘Crown of Navarre’ frown
New Yor!



TUESDAY -8.8. “ Naparima,”

(After arrival of Traln )


San Fernando, dep. 9.25 am.

dep. 10.10 ,,

TUESDAY-8.8. “Neparima.”

Granville Bay ’

Irois » » 1,80
Cap-deVille ,, 1.60
Guapo » 210
Brighton-LaBrea,, 2.40

San Fernando arr 3 40
(Convecting with the Trals.)


dep, 12.35 p.m.

THURSDAY=S.8, “ Pastis.”


N,B—Stosmor's Time ato approximate only, dod will bo worked
t? asnearly as circumstances will parmit. They

times of tha ttoamer, and

dep, 6,00a,m.

, tiiog and | Uy] ay
aan cconsesee orien 4) Imith Roborbson & Go) Gravite Bay 4 648
Mus LOUISE DILLOUIN, OFFER FOR SALB Cap-de-Ville 5, 8.00 ,
oe Pad Sein | EX S.g, “ Oruba,’ Guipo » 848,
——— | 20 cose GAUTIBI Bit iINDY— Brig nton-Lalires,, 0.23 ,,
Notico. He SB Torgorm’ from [ie att stem | San Fernando arr, 10.44 .,
OR RBNT.—Commodious Marine | JSG seam” Fite BRICKS. (Vonnectiog with the Trala.)

steamer at tho advertised time,


Uctober, 1911,

t roogers must arrieo at the we
mueh ourlier as will enable thom to take thé shorobout to reach the -


THURRDSY—3.6. “ Naparina”

San Fernando, dep. 9.25am,
After artivél of Train.)

(After arrival of Train,]


Brighton dep, 10.46 a,m,
Guapo » 11%
Oap-de-Villgé ,, 12.13 p.m.
lrois nw 12.48 ,,
Gfanvill. Bay ,, 80 ,,
Céedros arr, 2,09 ,,

SATURDAY-S.8, “ Nararime.”

BB, * Parks.” 8, “Naperime,”
dep. © 00 a.ta. deg 12.35 poy


t }-o , » 10,
role 735 130

gine Vie w= 900 5% tot

) toh. J ” *. ww

Libres } re) "

San Fo'do. arr. 1044 arr, 2.40 ”"

(Doth Steanicrs cofneptiog with Tratu

ate the departure
Dipst a>

Aching General Manager.


: eee een
eee em DITY! POLIOE QOURT: SALE FOR TURSDAY THE lire In the £upreme Court,

bay AD.

TRINIDAD, ETLEDR ToRADAY nue tra VAY |is A FO roe roat Tal, SUT | BALE 08 tom
DAY OF DECEMBER, 1911. -- . ICE le hereb: IUBLIC NOTicg al
Before Me, OUDeane 8.1. re Rey oe Prot a se What fareuercioe of the pice of | © inerercoref9

—_—_ é om, .
TTR Eis {ven that Semasr vitevter Part. i-Spala -
Ko .~Conttable waltondey. pozie NOTIO“ Ie nerohy gicea that | In the matter PUBLIC NOTICE is her'ty ren ee no aot nif J, that fa erercieg of the paver of | staet ter

. ° Tobert Percy, late of the Oounty of
bd Preston Corbia and Willlam Her | ciseties seneip aes ee carter y dated London In Eegland, Doctor of Stedis | tained La n oervcin deed of mo-tgsce beat- +, Dewees sein Conveyatcing and Law ui Mroperty fieectaen day of |
cules with fighting. Afterhearingevi- | ihe 10 b dy of August 1910 (rogiavered as |. cine, deceased, fog date the 27th dey of Sopteater im} J meph Dials —Pisiat Ordinance 1844 and conta ob ding cer | Ree tt uN 3» Siet ‘
dente the Magistrate dismissed Uorbln | xo ‘go7a for 19'0) end mede between | PUBLIC NOTICK ia hereby given | registered os No, 2x33 for tbe year! abd tend tala deed of Morigage date the 2a dated tenratdses of
aud foed Hercules 108, orveven dayv’ | ivtokissoon of the one part acd Dabkoals hat application bas brea mails to eee mide b freon Merlaa Jove brome nto toritiemete wen tht de of Aprit Tous registered gio. 074 oni tinge iba -
or er Bee Ca! t ¢ o . a
NeTRUCTINO A ConeTap Le. —Uon+ eke, aoe eee ae “ates vace ushe of the town ‘ot Port-of | part eod Leos Liale dees Cornlitiae of tbe P by Oalor of Ls Hsa.ue Mr, Jistive) aikinedf the cne part and Dorothy | ©>¢ part dad Biboo

stable Andrews charged Elearar Mare ville Stre-t, inthe towa } Spain, in the Istland of Trinidad,
den with obstructing him while on aa NG Soin on Tuseley tbe 2b dey aetio Colonial Secretary for a grant
duty, The unstable sald he went at | cr tysearater 10L1, between the hours of | of Probate of the fact Willand Testa.
st certain House and asked for & au | cog and two p.m ment dated the 20.h day of May 1901
‘ahom be was looking. for, and de | ayaod Bingaler {hove two atversl pieces | ef Gereaes Robert Percy late of the
fendant pulled bits wut of the houee | ,, pirele of lcd sitnsteinihs Watd of | County of London in England, de
and ‘sald the man tad already 8008 | Crsgonues ia the Islecd vt Trlaided, the | ceased, who died on the ih dey of
about his businete. Defendant denied | vig) thereot c.mprising three acres aod | June itil having at the time of
having put his hand on the Crnetable. | tuttiog on the Nowth ty the Caogpla | bis death a fited place of abode at 5
The case was adjournal tu thie moru- | Ferm og the South bYa Had on the Kast | Beotwick Street in the Guunty of
Jag tor the altendance of a witness. by laod of Nami leeroa acd on the West by | London in Kngland, the sald Robert

Youtn'’s Bap Reconn,—The ad: | age af Rewkhscor end the Second | Gervaee Busha being the so'e Execu-

med case of Vonstable Harlewood | ce of eomprl ing one acre, two roode | tor nacied therin,

agalost Joseph Williame for baring ond abuttlugon the Noth by the Cunopia! And notlcels alwo given that if
been found jn: the dwellfug bouse of | pir on the South bye Road on ths Eat | no Caveat ie lodged before the Expira-
Mr. Jobo Wilson at Hweet Briar |p risnteof Dwaiks aud on the \Ween bya} tion of Wwenty-cighs days from the
Road for some unlawful purpose, was Koad, date of the publication of this notice
resumed, The maid, for whose evl- Dated thle 23ch dey of Ostaber, 1012, the Oourt will proceod to Iseae
dence defendant bad asked for a post- LOUIS JOUN & CO, Probate to the said Robert Geryase

mement, sald the boots defendaat Duche,
Eald. he took upstairs hed bren taken | Aastioneer. yplaved the Ith day of Uctober, A.D,

upstairs by bereeif since Friday morn-
ines ae ey ber was not in the habit of
frei to euthene He waa'cone Wito Notico. Acting Deputy Regutrar,
victed. Defendant, who dues not ap- . --- _o
pear to be more thad ninetecn yenta NE public a-e hereby informed that
old, bas aa unenviable criminal rm- A will not b> responsible for any

«ther par for sale Vy | Ravwe'l mate hetela on tte Zed dey of | Piddetow of the othr pact. tod tn a] there will be pur g,
Pabiie ‘hanioe ies Be a iontgaed a Oorebder 1011 tte @ will by pat ut for ale certala Memorandum of Mortgage No, signed at thet ‘Any
their Ac'los Aart fio. 2 S.ckvite Sirest | before the doovsof the Coat Hoeve ‘a | 117 dated the 2ad day of April 1009 | Ville 8 revt in the fees
{a the Town of Pursof-Spals on Toesdsy | the Town of Purt-2f-8 ain on Taaredey | from the sald Nathaniel Atkineto the j 08 Tu el y tie yi)
theTh ray of Notenber 19iL betwen | the Lith dey cf, December 1911 between | gaid Dorothy Laddelow there will be between Re hoary oy
thetocresfla.dtom, the houre of one andtwoo'siock Pim. the | rug up forsale by the uadersigned at | Sl! and siogaler ¢ Ds
Alllh vb 6 ose p'actatlon silastela the | fee simpler f£ the Plelotiff Joseph Blaize bis auction mart Nu, 94 Harris Proe ee peroela of land
Ward of Upper Osront called * Belle | {a (1) eliand elogniar thet sieceor parcel Chegusoss le the F
v iaiog of thive prroes, The | of [aod in ths Ward of Ge u po sna fires thareol coms ne
evs hereof comprialng 3 acror, Zroud, aod | prising Siz Acres Que Rood aad Foae for Ns. 29 and 70
45 perches and. abatting on the North Pes es bethe wame more of lesg and aa gbe fron ofan
sporlscde ef Ol-te Beates oa Crowa | bounded oa the North by tacdeofJ- Bere | o¢jand situate Inthe Ward of Mont fepth and aby .
lonisand apon tints of Joseph Aoguste | oyndes on the South by ards of Arinlde | perrat, io the Island of Trinidad: % 20 belongiog ve
on the South wyo> Grown tende oa the | Ambo on the Hust by landsof J. Ferntne | The first thereof comprising five | spon lot No, og } ne
Bast upon jacds of Joveph Anzaste aod | diz astos the Weet bya road reserved | gcreg be the asme more or less aod | 95 the East apos a
onthe Wratores Crown I.nde end on | chicty Hoke wide (2) Ali aad dogaler tbat | bounded on the North by a road, on | 2P09 Caroal Savegga t
Jande of Benites, The Seoood | piece or nirocletieniiathe Ward of | the south by lands of Ruchao, on the | #cood thereof
tbe eo! comprising J acresard 13 pe ches Gavoaps comprleiog Vive Acres two roods | Hast by a read acd on the Weat by 3 perches be'the va
aad abaiting on thy North epoa tends of | and ‘birty-fve p robes detheewme more | ande of Bukhorl, lesa delineated mod
Cieto B nl esoa the Sonth apo Orown | of Jens and bounded onthe Noth by &! The second thereof comprising five | there.t shown ie the 1
lends aed opon te deuf Jeph Auguste | road reserved theey linka wide and by acres, delineated In the plan annexed fected to the ove
onthe Kast uyom linde now or latuy of | lauds of Aristide Amby on che South acd | eo the Crown Grant to Joseph Eccles teal Prope ty Reatater
Notivid d Alfunso ard Jeods of Joseyb | Woas by Crown Linge sed o1 on the in, Volume XXX, folio 93and bounded | X VY, folo 539 ead
Acgustio and ow the West upon Crowo | Eset by lanis of Aristhis Ambo aed by | onthe North ty lot No. 202 of ftam. | North by handy of a
lance, And Ube Thied thereot eomprising | Grown lend (3) All aod vingalar thet piece | jeawon Paul, on the South by lands of vy a Road reserved fae
10 sere antl abuttiog on the Norib acd | of parcol of fandia the Wa dof Gasoapo | Joo, Simmons and by laide of Cecilia | Eat by lands of Bgl
Wess poo Orowa tande oa the South | comprising bixteen Acres be the tame | Ten jamin, on the East by lot No. 219 | Of Geetoo andes thy
8pra Crown lends acd apo Sande of | nore of teas and bounded on the Nosts ty | of Ham and on the Weat by lot No. 217 Dated thie 27th

menade in the Town ofan Fernando
on Tucedsy the Sis day of October
1011 between the hours of one and two
p.m, Allthose two pieces or parcels

sont, Halling from Grenada, he was} debts contracted by my wile, Jane TRINIDAD ANU TOBAGO Antonio Martin and tn the East mpoa | Crowe tatdeanl by lenis, of Jute Gow | oy gamsad on the We . ie
convicted there for stealing acd a Frances | TTHRW JOHN FELIX. —< lands of Jule Hoary uf upon laod of | vee Lorde'c and on the Souh Eat sod] Dated this2iet day of Septeniber y
tenced to wa months impr son ment. capare mar ES in the matter of the Estate of Maria. Ae onto Ra rhe smoant aecarcéd | Wea by Crows lands abject toe orice 1911, im AD, yr
«vhen on)y sluteen years o! 1. tl in sparc un, ott Garcia Blanc. late of the Town of {| #04 payable under the above deed was! randumof Mrtgage No. 45 dated the G P, P, PIOKERING, SALE FoR w

a total of Len previous cory le foe ay tr. FUE. " "Portot-“pain {a the feland of Trin! eesigoed and the hereditameote thereia day of May 1911 ia favour of Lara Mary Austioneer, FIRST DAY uF
cluding no Jess than eight fer get ——- | dad, widow, deceased, contained became vetedas mo tgeges 141 Coos'ance Ambird to secu e payment of . PULLIo nonioe §
stealiog and one for howe-breaking, | - —— Juba Gaspard Htauble by deed besriag | the eum of $309,(0 with futeres thereon | TRINIDAD. in #xercle of the
for which Intter he was sentenced 10 | po iinan, PUBLID NOTICE te hereby givén | theawh day of Jaly 106 registered a0 | at the reteot G1010 per centam per | SALE FOR TUESDAY THE Bist 7] estoctinn ie G
eee eee eT ate olareen [SALE FO FRIDAY THE atm DAY | 1 rnat appijcavion bea been paste to | Ne. 248 c tho veut 1003 and’ are pow | seam : DAY OF OCTUBER, 1911, iogdne treet
there was nO bint f oe Sate rocket, OF NOVEMBER, 101l me by Marla Juana Cortes of the Town | Yerted Ia George Luvohminsing as owcer, | D tsdthis27 b day of Qe s91t, = registered aa No, 953
ove tee oe ‘Giece véred Pt he —y of Port-of-Spain, in the Island of Trinkt | Vated thie 10ch day of October 1911, L HL LOVELACE, UBLIO NOTIUE jbateby given.| avd mide bsiwees &
wale at mi te give hint a chance pusLic NOTICK in hereby aiveu thet | aad, Spivster, foc a grant of letters of LOUIS JOUN & Cu. Registrar, that ia esercise of thet ‘ower of Hale | the ong partasd §,
thinking * his youthful appear- lo exerciarul the Power cl Sale con | administration with Will annexed Aacuoneers, contataed in acertain deed of Morcgaze, | tha o bit part a'eg
thinl hehad never bern in teonble le. telne! ia a cortaia Momarandam of Mo t- | bearing date the Ist d y of April 1010 — dated the ldth day of Juoe 1910, regis | uf mortgage borings

tered as No 1932 fur the year 1910, aad
made between Solomon Ureyfus and Jas.
Aogusoa Davis tradlog soge'her as Vo-
partoers under, the syle or fim of &B
reyfua sa < Of the one pard aod | Ane ion Mart, N,
Kossnva Dose wifeof Peter Dore ol Ra tis } Port ofS, foto we
Point ta the Ward of Meyaro cf the other | of November lait
pitt there wilt be patap for sale by | one and twa Bon. ot
Yabilc Auc.ioa by the underegined at precel of leat situa
theie Anction Mart, No, 2, Ooraer of Sock | Santa Cros com

ville and St. Viscent Streets, Purt-of | and 73 perches Conte 7

@ No, 07 dated the 20.h day of Janus | of the Listate of Maria’ Garcia Blanc,
rehebariss. ao onaee wee how wens ed 1910 and msde ly Willis Ka’as | fete of the Town of Port of. Spain, in
te need to alx weeks’ Lard labour, and | Elward ia favoa of Achirg Allam, thers | ihe said Island, wifow, who died on
deemed an idle and dlaorder! person, | wil! ba put up for site by the aadersigaed | the viet day of Srptember 101t having

‘WWirtoot a LigiT—Consta Je Brad. | attheir Auctiin Mart, No 2, Ssekville ] q ihe tims of berdeath a fited place
shay summoned Joseph Clarke for | Sieotin the Town cf BP ott-cf-Spaia on | of abode in the Town of Port-of-Spain
tanding in Queen Street with his | frklay the 2¢hdey of Novemver 1911, | iu the said Island, the eold Marie
Iveckney caaclage without alight. De- between Whe boars of one aod two Pe or Juana Cortes belng tbe person named
All an ugalar Lbose two vi aa Kesidvar atee ap ivisee in

fendant pleaded guilty and was hned psrees of Jaod atasie to the Ward of | the said Will. 3

OR OLEH La govAde. Charles Ar- | Mon aorret in the Isiend of Tonidad des | And notice le also given that if no

made by the alg
favoul of the ead e
there will be pag Sp te’;
Aaction dy Lhe ap


Pea trereke of pereby given PUBLIC Norice ts brass given chat
sale contalned In # certala Deed of fa erercise of tha statutory powor of
Moctgage dated the 2th dey of eale coiferrel apa ma retg eg v8 by the
February 1910, registered as No 519 | U2aveyancing and Liw of Pesperry Or-
for 1910, and made between Marie | Misaces aambor 72 aol coo aiael or
Charles of the one part and Lee | mpliel ia @ cer-ata Mosmorandan of

CertiGeste of “Litle entered | Caveat is lodged before the expiration | Shune of the other part, there will be | Motgrze anier thy provisou of the | spain on Teesday the Slot day or Ostober, | perchen thrreol cou
rundel summoned Joseph Charles far | cubed in the © . Heal Prepety Odurucr soaber 6h : pe
using violeut language to hin atSouth | (9 the Real Property Regwler Book at | of taventy-elaht days frm the date of at up for sale b the uaderaigaed at pumbered 89, Td daved tha six b diy of ALL, between the boare of 1 nod 2 pau of the Real Property

Votume CCVI, folio 101, The Firat thieuf | tte publication of tbls nodes the
far onpie nant after hearhte evi compri-ing pine acres, throe roode and Uourt will proceed to Issue letters of
ilence, defendant was convicted and | thicts siz perches Le the same mare orless | administration tothe said Maris Juana
fined ios, and eoate or seven days, wed tye Track os ae doeth ty Gree dated thelite day of October 1011

: 5 rack o3 ¢ of October .
Tukeats,~ Constance Good'ey sun- land ea the Haat by jgods ct Mock Lewer abe 017 ayo CoRtiNS.

Furatly= All ood Siogular that certals
parcel of land or Ovcos plantativa etiuate
at Foods Almond Valley ia the Ward of | lande of , Liage
Sv Aoosia the leland of Trinidad knows | of Pakeers tps 3
aad called *'Sothiateâ„¢ containing 5 acres, | Lange aad upoa
3 roode and 3 perches aud bounded oa the | Kast opan lacde of

XLV falta 309) aad
Gpan Crowa lands og

‘Street, ju the Town of Port-of-Spain sy, fn the your one thoasind aloe
ou, Tupadey the fuh day of Novembos | bred ol and. tene ta! made oy Earecd
twoponeet the hours of one and Aucher Warner, thare will be pat op for

Aliand Singular that certain plece | $8'¢ by Pathe Auction ab the Aaction

moned Vinceot Gomez for threaten- . Mart of the andersignet, art .
inate beat ee, Defendant wae onind | sodge the Webby rons and ty Acting Devuty Hepiric, | of paral of und aiiaie at Haye | fartbun ices Mcaaths uss brs | Nosmaeshe ie beryl date Varo | aps dy ci wa
over in £10 Bee Te eect sor ae aod ‘be H cind thereof cowpri jog Ave | TeNip iD. 7 tbe flacd of 1rlnidad comprising 4 Cr adartsot-Seaig, on Tasaiey, the foare {ty on the Kaos by a ridgeof LHilleandon | acd on the Wasa ope
pf the Information, in default, seven bcten tbree roads driets ata boauded ea Io the Supreme Qourt of Trioidad and acret, ji rood and 2 and weyoghisa the hours sl ose ant two o clock pyr, fecoediy AST asd eee tala J Gada ber ney
days. the North by Crewn lead oo the Soath by O08 R0. Op a lands of Jno. Loule Pantin on the A‘l those three waver! pieces of patcele | parcel of laod of coos plantation situate | fends reserrad, Ales
cagnannnainaana ean Crown land and faedsof Mahal Auguetint | No» 82 of 1011, Bouth upon lands of Richard Thomas |° land aed cocoa plantation, the et | fetue estd Valiey koowa and called * Ls | certaio'pleve of
on the ast ‘ty lande of Chfoterh Ramaji Rose qherton Plalatst on the Hast upon Crown Lands and ou the Teena ot centage ee aaeare, ia Montagne — ounialalog one qaures ot | the sald Ward of benef
u ' g ‘
R |eiseate watz Com ie = Gie,ahant Spon “Tanteof “Tires | ae ota cranes arleaaietty | iad aed iooest sate Norn | treterneanind og
When you toot tase, i LOUIS JUIN & Co," | The Admicistrator General—Defandant, | NYU ais 2nd uf October oll, Carat eg eras tbe O.gme | by lands of Tousaslay dregoire. on the | liueste! act with the aa
Poe nas oles ene : _——_— Anstioncere, puBito NOTICE fa bereby g'ven that LOUIS JUHN & Uo, reat in Volame X full, 135end abating | Hise by the Funds Atniond River and oa aries thereof shewa ig

O2bhe Noe.b, Suu b and Mact apo laads
____ Auctioneers, naw oF lee y ol the Crowo, tad oathe
TRINIDAD, West apoa tenis now of fately of Philip

the West by Crown lead,

dee th
And Thirdly—All end Singoter that ame XIV"

so action haa been c inmereed by Rose Vote te for a

ook to the Liver; it to AB i Ep Ab,
iu the Supreme Court of Trinidad and | 1barlow of Clastou’s Bay ia the Ward of

Tors j

; + Coavs ia the [stand of Trinidad the law. YY : P| cersein parcel of land of coos planation | the No ib by laods @
H J FA | No. 1 of tit. fal widow sod rellot of Jases Thurlow | No W8sC Ile Bare the eek theree Faitos’e tothe | situate ia the sald Valley coutaiaiog § | Crowa retrve on, Ue
t tn the matter of . caressed who disd on the 6h day of The Ie Propersy Ord nea Ne, 63 acresanl twotozds, by by sine eno act acres, 3 rouds and 36 perches and bounded Bagene Lyoge tod or
i] | Dae Real Propeaty Ordinance, No @. | stach 1004 intestate at O sstoos Diy ren a Ne, leardetocarel lt the cligrom snoecel to Caarlotie Prarey sacat Bow grieey of on tre Ls a1 by, lands
Y ary Tole Lab e .
Lis ge orienting one ef [ US eteaeeartainete zante | Urewrd oalairg have of Adar | te, muet st the epianon of |e Crone Ok at ruitars Ae Gatene | lacy ead of ate Ys | Sozty ata Fae
p§ . Ti ie an Invigorating tonic tor Fil He eT ee rarely nat | oo of thees a ead effects of the eed | 427Polite Glodos, x. I folio Du laces aides ee | bat now of Paul Sylvestre on the Kast by | autar that certs
®@ torpld liver, Tho first dose pt BLIiC NOTICE ts hereby gisun thal Jorea Thurlow deceseed and thar the sald -— Oe the 0 cree ae Disnde now or lately | a ridge of Hil & auton the Weat by tbe | sttaste in the Ward of
brings improvemcat, 0 fcw days by ap order uf His Honvur, Me. Jos a < jet UBLIO NOTICE ie bereby given that | of the C own, Ki ot Gpon lands now or | Ponds Alaond Biver. 18 V1 rood be
use Puts the Hyver in fine vigore Me | ie Daun made herein on the vth day of | action bss been ves dowa for tris! op by a0 Order of His Honsar Me, | letely of Leoa eosper Bonaire wad upon . acres and r

more or Jess and doll

M ous condition. Ticrbine also exe Uctuber BL, uutiss good cause to the con. | Monday the O«h day of Nuromber 1911,
abattsls amd boned

F Dated this 28.b dey of September, 1911.
atends its restorative foficence BM ft tray ty shewn within fourteen days from Dated tha 10.h dav October t@1L, c


Jastics Swaa ede jyretn ou the 0,h dsy | lands now or Iete'y cf the Crown, aad
of Ustuber 1911 wolchs good cauce th the | West opun lands now or lats!y of Poter

fy to the stomach and bowels. ke Ha | the dale of the publication of this Notice HAMILTON EUG. MERCER, contrary 6¢ shewn withia foart ea daye | Thomas Pemberton sod apoa lads ane Arctioseers, he Certificate of T
; ae ene earthen “he eee ey H in the Hox al Gasee te Laey tonal Cert 7 Pldatiffs Solicitor, from the dete of the publication cf ea or tately of the Crows and iatersecte! by inINIDAD, XXXVI feito 95, (shy
Ri briogs tack the habie of rewus BM | te f Jatio willtes Luued tu Guyadéen | 98.3% Vincent Barer, notice faths Royal Gazette a Provisional | he Cansrip> It ver, which sald two {a the Supreme Court, RS XLVI falle suy
ey lar dally bowel movement, MB | ei. Ward of lucure, Planter {u respect | —Putt-vl-2p sin, vertifeate of Title wil! be issued to Hyp» | several pleocsor parcels of land and eocos | [athe matter of the Kstate of Gensro eatih by feade of 2
aq When the stomach, | liver and Buf ui chat parclot land situate fa the | TR NIDAD, tie G'odoa of the Ward of Morvga, | p'actationn Are a's) dcaceibed in the cer- Ochoa late of the Ward of Morugs fonih sod Eoutby' 3
J bortice oreo longer obstruct He | So dt Mansauilta lathe Island of Teint: | tg tbe Sapreme Gourt of Tritided and | P.aate-, (a resgect of all that pwrcstcf | tH ale of Tule ty Mate Trini ted Planter. Deceased, j ee ey 7, the pareale&
functional processes, the ‘result Mey | dad ccuprising JE aeres, EB rod aud bh Tobags, (sod al'aa-e la whe Warl of Morogscam. | U cheese reguterat in thy offi-e of the puBtio NOTICE ia beveby yivoo thay | Gessiih.d to ihe pris

WM ct which Is renewed eneray, 7 porches ris Tin ated and ith tlie, nbattals In the Matter cf the Gare of publog 3 acre acd [5 pa chee deiineaud | Registrar Qonewl Z mental activity eod ehoestul By ant east dnior Wiaghsin sunexal ts | Jaliea Serres, late af the Ward of Chas | ta the diagram asoncxsl ty the Cova |C XLVI, folio 451 | And the third by Jusua Do sicga Ochoa of the Ward

Grint fa Volawe VE fol 66) and { thereof sliaste in the W ri of Upper

Pl the dto aid raut registered iv Volume 222, goanas, Ja ibe sald Ivlaod sforeasld.) Bt ON Caron Lithe sald Tenet of Tate ot Mocuga is the island of Trinidad for
on Nettles mi, of the teal Property Register — aba tog on ths Noth by buds of oe tlatoe ya te gee eilaids4, cooe | a grant of protsle of the will bear. " bearing
ines Boe per Wick aie Donated ot the North oy Crown PUBLIC NUTICE ts hereby aiven thet | Jteph.O 5) on tte Sa boa Or wa Ind | telatog ixteas ters and two perches, be | ing date the Wauday of Deprerseny | gmmteses bearing #
lawton the South by @ Mua and by ands Boe ees eee, ete ae | te ran by Cea Lene ee eee oo | the red deriae dee thee 9 Portion | 101 of Genaru Uchoa late of the Ward Pakoer, td Hasche &
Uso Stephens Lye Baive for of Kagoobts on the Bast by Grown laud | by Fiorets Aad Btentrzes of Ora. | the Rut by Crown lends ard by lands of | ofthe taod describ d Is the C owo Creat | of Moruga in the folaud of Trluidad | Dated this 10 b ds
Gore Eyes, bt Cures and un the West by lands of Pecknee and | guasae ta the Inlaod of Trinided, fe a | H. Glodoa a doo the Wes) by lacds of | (0 Fanala Jeu Bop tatela ths VYo'oms deceased who died onthe 9th day of q
BF | vy a load, and that a Provisional Certitl | Grant of Proba e of tbe lea. Will aod ‘Tse | Elias Qas> by Caowa lsnte aud ‘by laode | AXX{ fulio 0 ond vee particularly abewo Uctober 19.0 naving at the tle of bi Ad
we Late uf Jie will be lesuerd to the applicant | gincn, of the Julien Berres | of Alerandrive Brandon, ‘a the disgram co‘oured piak in the mur- | death a fixed place of abode the sald Rae
aan ne an toe in te Ward | late of tna Ward of Ouazasnen sfo-esaid, | Dated thie 0 h day of October 1911, | ela tothe Ceitiflaate of Title: to Prone Ward of Morugethe ssid Juent Dee | ——— —
all that parcel of land piluate In the Ward deel the "lad 2 Fob 191), who (Sa¢.) LUUL) A, FIFI Jorn Baptiste regis ered In the ctli-e of Li Och srg the. wens Do- THIN. NO
of Upper Caruni ta the said Ialand coin | deve! the ls dey of Hsbraars. 1911, who on cats GaEh We Repitess Geert thie ad tuloga Ochra being the sote sxecutriz IDAD A!
NOTIGE. plining S acres, druods and 37 perctes, | died oa he lst diy of May, Vit, bsvio Acting Registrar General, Vo POUXXXIX tal is colooy $0 | paued inthe esd will, Io the Sopa
—_— tulinewted vad with the abuttala and j 6t tbe tines? bu deathe Bzed place obame XXId io 523 ant ato. The Etogiss y ot mm

And notice ie hereby glten that If
Bo Caveat is longed befor the expira- oa
Uica of twenty eight days from the del Pine late of Oy
date of the publication of thie potice Ward cf Moatseraes
the Court wiil proceed to fesue probate pusuo NOTICE he

Ungoa the Nor upon lands now ov
tively cf Clemance Tid Soh onn
landan wor lete'y of Emite Dancla Kut
opos the verosining po tin cf the aid

abnde 1a the Ward of Cbsqurnss aforesaid,
theasid Floretts Aca btmbergen belog
the sole erecutriz name tm the eel! Will

Aad notce fs a'so given thit if no

To the Boprem:s Oust,

In the matter of the Es'ate of Nose

' duies thereof shewn on the plan
anneaed to the Royal Grant reulutered io
Volume OJ, fulio 388 of (he Ileal Propert
Rey.ter Heuk and Lounded on the Nort.

Ta the of the

Tf Future the Merchants and Public
in general are kindly requested to
addcese all my Lettere aod Corres.

oodence to No. 12 Clarence Street,

bya Hoal rewusved thorty links wide on | cares is lodged be orethe exoiration of | Welama, fate cf Lelie Vae in the | lard and West 0,09 tande now or fately | uf the sald wil application bee
ty James. CUAS, GEO. HORNE the oath by an u ul thd by lands of 23 daye from the date of the pub lostd oa of Wardot 8 yonctta, fo tha fal.od of | cf Li lar Noel and opon a Reid reserved | Dated ble 10th day ol tober wih Ame del Pinot Gate
Oteciw. u Supe load reserved Bley links whte ebis notlos the Dane mil proroed to fasue] = Trintsad, Planter, Decessed Jatratate chdtero: by'ongioge Bat] ot ePPariea woes F, COLLINg, asid for a grant of pat
. wee | a rabate of the os aco rdiagty, —- ~ Oo & cartsla d testament dated a
FTO RT ne Qeurb of Telold 2 ava | Amon the Woot by land of Chariea G. | PTD Ned tbls 25th dav « (September, 1911, | [ UBLIO NOTICE ie hereby eiven that { Metmor-ndum of mavctaage eanbont st ——Atting Deputy Hegiatear, | and teaiament dated @
a the Sup re, sloldad a Scheu Av a? RS of Annundias “And (Sed) EF. A. COLLINS, . srplicet oa: bae been mide to me ay | dated the twents-evecth day of Apr) | TIKNIDAD AND TOBAGO, Graa Couva Deo 5
No.resottelt © also theta Mroviviunal Cerilteate of Title Aeg Depaty Ratstrar, | Kibellata Witlleos cf Bele Vue lathe | inthe year 1910 and mede am favour of 1a the Supreae Court, 19th dey of July AO.
oe. wil be fesued tothe applicant under the —™ | Wad of Ssvoontta tn the Llied of Trioi- { Uagh Ke kin for screrag payment of | {6 the eaatter of the Enters of Fe'ecia | time of hie desib » Om

Io the mater ef the spplieation of
Cecilia Foster and Amelia Williems
aud inthe mater of
The Real Property O dinance, 1605,

UBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given thet
P by an order of His Honour, Air Jape
tia Bwaa madeherelo datet 139 hb Oou-



pypie NOTICE fs herety given that

in exercice vf ihe ststu ory power of

sale conferred upon mortgegees by the

(Le p facip 1 rum of three thocsaad aad
seven husdred do'tare with late eat theres
oa efter the rate of nine dollars per
conum fer en: a. b ft

ated thi, e'ghteenth day of October
tbe year uf cue Lid 2911, 7

Govt. Acetioveers,

ded for aG antof Letters of A foilats.
tratioala rerpsct of the Estite ot Mase.
Walliams, late of Bete Vue ia theasld
Ward of Bivonetts, who died on the 23d
dey of October 1010, having at tle ime of
bis death a Gzed pisos of alode at Bathe
Vae aforesald, the ssh! Echeifeia Wil.
Hime biog ihelewlul w.dow and relley

name of Gardin In rvepect of all that par.
cel of land eituate lo the said Wi of
Turure comprising 6 acres delineated and
mith the abuttals and boundaries thercot
shown in the plan annexed to the Koyal
raul regletered in Volume 1.50, folio 207
of the Heal Property Uoglater fiuak and
vounded on the 1 th, Mast and West by
Crowa lands and on the buuth by a load

Ruwbert, late ofthe Ward of Grau Couve aforessid
boe Jeland of Trinidas, Geoeepeg et ‘a Montecrrat the oid Sa
PpuBtic NOTIUE ta bereby given that | the ecle execatriz pameany
*pplication bes been mado to me ty | Aad notice ty abe
Ubarke oamutey Boberteva of the Towa | Caveatis lodged belert
free Greotl Pein Hae of pend | STCRTSO et
robste of the Will a blication fo thle ag
dete the J0h day of Outober rey Pl

bor 1011, antes go id cause tothe contrary ; i i ne proceed to Lesue Fromage
reses ved thirty links wide eonnvetiug this | Conveyaccing so w cf Property Ordie | of the said deceased, Felecia Rambert late Used ' P
Be shew ae eatee or ay wen, tts parol of, Ia dat the Sauth Lasiere oor: | DAGWN G2 andeaotelaed oc {wpiied fa | Aad notice ss aloo given thit if no | PRINIDAD, who died on tbe 2leh “ay ol Ostober Inia Se peden thee ed day i,

®@ crtsin deed of mortgexe died the
eivetoonth day of Os:ober ia the year
One ibousiad nine buadred ead ten (regis.
‘erelas Nv 4234 of 193)) and made by
Moctoa'la of the ove part acd Maris
Hammer ol the other t, there will be
purup for ale by pab'ie auction atthe
Anslion Matot the underngoed sltnete
st No. 12 Salt Viccens Street, ta the
towa of Porto! Spsle,on Tucsdey the Jaub
day ul November 10]) betweem the hours
of ore sod twu p a,, oll and erngalee that
cortaln giece of yarcel of lend and eoeos
"entation sitaate ia the Ward of Turore
ja the Is'aad of Triai lad (bat desoriled fe
@orrteia deed «f conveysace dated the
14b dayot January 1005, registered os
No, Mt of 1903, ac situctead Gusico Vil.
lageia the Mena wile Ward Uuien) cur.
talateg Kigbt Aerer be the sane pore
or la ad abetlicg North spon fan 9 for-
aner'y of tbe Crowe but mow or Sately ba

her wilh bands of Padarul.
L day of October, 1911.
Dated thie Lith da. sus mse
Adtiog Negletrar General,

Garest te lodged before the ex, tratiua of
bweatj-esghs days from Ube date of the
publicstica ofthis notice the Court will
od ta frene Litters of A*wiuiatra-
m tothe asid Hehe'flede Williawe ac
odinugly. ‘
Deed thie 21s day of Aagnat 1913,
Astlog Deputy Hegletrss,
Ta the Sapreae Court,
1a the matter of
The Fe'ate of Darli MeBa-nie Jate of
Catiternia in the Ward of Sevouetta

a] Case'tes Provisiocal Crstiflcs ¢ of
Tulé willbe fauctto Cecilia Fuster and
Awolis Willleme tothotSs James Street,
{othe Townol Hen F roandyta respect
o' all thet parcel of lacd altua‘e in the
Ward of Ubegaanas la the Jaland of
Trinidad comprisiag vine acres, ibree
roods and thirty pice peiches delines el
fa the dlagreu aprescd to the Orown
Grand In Vowwme X0I, folio 607 and
boonded on the North by @ Noad reserved
thirty Heke wite oaths Booth by lands
of Joba Ralae Mose on the Hust by Crosn
Lyvad end on the Weatly a Rov reso: vei
thirry Heke wile by lands of H. Glbbua
and by lends AH gemes Nitoeeht Lora,
Datod the 2 ry of O stobor y
Ac fom Reatotiar Qe a a),

Home Industries

Ta theSapreme Quart of Tiloldad and | Bevlog a8 the time of ber deat!
hage, tace of abode at Cedroe sforeestd tencnd Actisg B

oe ame arlea Ommaney Raberteon bein, a. a
Sammury Jurietivtio-—Pur -of-§ sole E ig the xp 7
No, 246 of Loi, er obSpsta | ovis Exocuiat Bamed (a tne said will RN aes

Aud notice is also given thal
G t Batweeo , is lodged before the Sxpiration ores Ta the Ma:ter of
exgeF Huggtas & Co—Vial tly eight days from the dete of the pa’ lie.tice somnellnee called
acd +f thi norloe the Couct will proceed cq | Liste of Arima ia ibe
+ Walesa Haghes—Dalod dest In the leland of
pUNLIC NOTICE if hecoby aisen that :
I pureunsto ano-cerof Bis Iooenr

fern Probste of tbe asia will
Dated this llth dey of Sep caver ee ATIC lal

J, Pyteain to an ove (3gd.) ¥. COLLINS, “| PUBLIC NOTICES

depot Ovevw Wie tenet ince Ue | —___Ae fog bepa'y Kegleute, | app eaton ka bam |

fo ania pele the un a the Goat TRINIDAD ssp TOGAGO. Goagarese In ie aS

97, Dae 0! Byain oa Thaceder ths 24th 4 the Buapteme UCoart, Widow, for a great
PUBLENGTIOE where nives the Otina andro,” o Nt7 tbe, boar |p, yuu NetMery et Varco ala | Arata ihe Fate

Adele “Sebarciee ete ahlel pues oth ni ler thet certeia vie Catierres late of Sipule inthe oe ssea dat canpeene Z

Adalis MeBarule, 820 sometinrs called vie the Teter ea y deonagad wee ae

Adeioe McBaruie cf Califortis Ia the

Ward £9 ssove ta in the fatend of Teal:

In the Bane Pur Trintdad and

ie fie of the Ileal Proper
" Ordinance No. 04, ’

In the Matter of the Application of
Guyadeon wowetimes called Gaddin or
Garde) asd Dow kalles,

UBLIC NOTICE iy hereby lveu that
Dp ue ee Order of ills tdnour Mr,
Justive Swan unde horvin the Uth lay of
October 1911 unless cae to the
goatvary be ehewn wilhin fourteen days
fran the date of the watlon of this
N ip the *

yal Gasetie” a Fro
visional Certificate of Title will be jesued

of Uropache, PiaoleraL) coused,
Nerare {a the led of T fobted, ova. | [UBLIV NUTIOK thereby given thay
prbieg Ta r1y-000 A-res th ee 100d) asd applic ction hee been medeto web

Sey Duane: fo et ely blowzieg to | Atte SL ailceGatleres of B: atia Vile

the 18.bdey ot Spent
eb the tice of bls contd 6
abode ay Aceas piacoul ©)

the cecupstion (f ope Ks ly Persed and | dad, widow, for + of Probs th '
ASSOCIATION te the applicants herela under the names raeeigne ere? ioe oy ila a de Iste' will and “one baat ‘ite the apne inde t vet jot Peete N ww Arteta tay wheat re ier bined op ia rok
: — of Guy a ead Dowkallee as tenants wet ad. ay 4 911 of Dav: @ | sow of L suis L igartivas de MM date the Zach di eulog uf thy ea
a Ie | new or Mtl’ lathe opcapatioe af 9. | deraicl ic le SMaostae. on the bhe Zach dey of Angust lull of Abd Novi-e fe also ai?
IMPO RTAN ¥ a is eoueeyon for an vs ate jm foo, simp the Li- med and Chamrovand Wess pon the Barats Lue ot Catlerais ta Ward of ee ‘Kea be ee i seer | spare eae OaiMetre tate ‘al be lodged tore ibe aig

Wantol Torus is the Hsiao of Trt dad

coppeteiag 4 acres 3 perches delluvated

with the abuttale and loundaries

thervol abewn in the Royal Grant

Tealetered in Volume Si tfollo G@ of the

Easter Iligh Road and upos leads pow
orfomeriy of (be saul Ubsareg wh

tad picee or parcel di lead isa portion of
@ paces f).nd situate ae be said Ward
bepinaaa 1 ant | Of Turure osuteiming six sens es acd iva

foetus North by Crown Laud ihe groted ty the Crows to cae
on thy South b;

Sipsrie ia the ward of Urvpuc: »
aes who died oo sue tehe day si
Aagues A.D, 1911 baviog at the me si his
death atsed place of abode as Sipasia
Villege witbla the sald ward of Ocopache
the sald Aatoula Maliog Ou fortes Leis
the sole executor named ie the ssid will ‘
And notice le aleo given ther if ‘bo

eight caja om the do
tien of the No.iee toe
to issue L eceut 2d ae
sald aba ays acondlagey «i

Daved wu 216 4 Cu

Arig, Deel) ;

AEMBERS and others
M please n-te i rr the
1c hristmas Sale of * ancy
artio'es, etc, will be held durs
Ing the grd week ia Novem:
ber, at 81 Frederick Sireet.

died oo the 28 b dey of Moy 1910 harlags Wit arse t ty CR the
Hebd ttc da ata | Bere RURCH at ata chat
tts tit Seok otaftad | AME We dec agg
oir aa Sie.t Ge AMAL ar | Resets malacel fa
beeaty-aighs days from the dae of the | crested by deed debe age gtereon | Dro eat ls lodged batore the piratioa of

3 I tr trem Wukb gread is reylstred io the
of joa on the me vy of w of toe Begiotter Urnera! of die
of i jo Kodulfo and ou th, Gliey ae N. 1008 of 160), Togetber

ron 7
There is at present a large bya md yoaers od Hity liuke wide | wie the of pana toes Chavos beleagivg. pabusacton of tale notice the Overt elil | Decenher 191g ie if Sey of pee are trom (b@ dete of the 1,000 0 if i
stock «f atiractive kes ie iitb day ph tober, wt ton Oo eberin ihe jeer of Our Lord Ri M Bape scrondey we seid Ade bate fa Se yah Tous Dass Proceed to leous Piovete of vba ant ai rooted out by be
: Bas 4 a
and Nuveld 8 in purple beart | Atlng Kegietran Uoperal, | ¥ J SCOTT'S BON, Dated ths wa, of Oatates 01. Dees the Sib day of Ost, Tati, “Wate e 5.3 day of Ocvober A.D i911, Pare d sa por bole e
wood. Govt, Aus tones, Acting bepaty Regieicas, Le H LOVELACE COLLINS,

Â¥, p '
. Amt. Begiswar, Aatg, Deputy Regine, | Latwu's E Muli $F



~— 1S THE —
%o, " ee © - .
on amon’ |Greetings of Friends

Let us help ie to greet your friends: We are in recaipt of a fino assustment of

CARD S-—you should see them at once and secure
oura. Also ent assortment or GI CLA‘S TOYS for little Boya and

« | Girls including Dump Carts, Paciog Bob, Derby Rider —Push Toy, Gibsy Waggon,
Performing Jumbo, Butterfly Push Toy These Toys are from 1/- to Gc. each.


“Rosa Vielra vy Frederick Lockhart
Adjourned two wecks,
Smith Bros. & Co. y. A. P. Menellk.—

Fined 42

Idem ¥. Pbilfp Collens.—§3 monthly
from November I, 2

A. A. Vasconcelloe and Richard G. Vin-
tent (executors of J, Ribelro) v. OF.
Liriscento—¥ined 56.: $1 forthwith and
Inlence by Noverber 13

Lilla V. Drown ¥. Thomas Boyco—Ad-
fJourned tuo wecks.

Idem v. Richard Hinckson—Adjourned

John de Castro Pierre v Cantle Etienne

produce of excellent taste and }nations the amply enjovinenl of
purity. happiness under the shade of a
Bul to be able ty lead the Republic pr et peace aod of Uovernments
a great height of prospecity, itis | faithful to their great responsibili-
hecessary to begin by creating great | ties. Ihope that Divine Providence
institutions capable of, taking in | will concede to me the realization
fharge the fiscal operationa which the | of those projects, as a complement
overnment may entrust them 5 tolofthe great benefits whichup to
bpev accounta at an Interest of 5 o/o { naw She has granted to nea.
ranoums lend to the industrials at} For all of this I rely on the
he rate of 8 o/oj end take under their | valuable help of your knowled
fesponsibllity the execution of certalo | and of your well proved patriotism.
worke of Improvement that are of un- Letus proceed, Senators and Depu-
Nuestionable necessity aod conve: | tivs, to inaugurate the greal progress
nience, of Venezue! la. May we inspire our-
The revision of those laws and the | selves in the most pure patriotism,
harmonising of them with those of | and when we see our jadustries flour
tbe countries to which I have referred, | ishing, Caracasin hygienic conditions,
mist be your first work in thisextra- four ‘reglon of the Orinoca sending Be
ordinary sessions, and afterwants, to | furth to the world her vast treasures, Idem v. NM. Cu) Ldore—Same order,
study and decide upon the economical | our population multiplied, our homes Idem vy. Frederick Roach— Commlt-
and adwinistrative projects of which I happy, aod each Venesuelan stroog by ee for seven dors suspended on pay:


alias Matador—Commitment for fourteen


Xo gustia de Souza wT. M. Lucas—
Same order,

Jobn 4, Camacho v. T. Eucas.—Com-
mitment seven _da

. have before made mention. Far from | hie rights and noble in the fulfilment | went of $3 monthly from November 1
of edae y.then we may be satiated Eugene L. Follonais ¥, AL Gallland—

with having answered’ to the conile 4 Commitment for fourteen 1938 suspended
eounomical reforma, as the needed ius | dence pleced in us hy the Nation. on payment of ff monjhly from Novem.
dastries will find abundant resources | Senatore and Deputies: In wishing |] “frinidad Shi ping and Trading Co. v.
@t moderate interests and as tothe | you the best smcexs in deliberations, | atarcua G ie 1 © four

y a Gambal—Commlitment {oi
capitalate, Iie true that they will not | I offer you the most expressive tosti- | teen days.
Yeap great bencfits in the investment | mouy of my Ligh esteem. Arthur V. Montrichard y. Ellas Menry
of theie money, Lntin exchange they J. V. Gostnz. Adjourned to Monday.
will have greater security fur the «ta- Caracas: 15th October, JWI «
bitty of bel: pirealth, belong fait fis ——_—_—_—_——
above the doubt econom aw that
low Interest increases the value of DISTRICT COURT

(Byfore Mr. GC. BP. Darid, KC,


With’ jastitutions of the kind to I

which I have referred, the national Counttssioner.)

industries would have no struggle,

but would find jn them the desfred

Protection ; the actual institutions
at bave so much asigniliel them

' being 6 {cause of alaim, I think patri-
+ otisin must be rejoiced for such necful

idem y, Paul Joseph —-Adjourned alx

Idem vy. John A, Lasealle—Commit-
ment for 21 days.

Idem y. Lrnest Duncan and JI. M. Iles
~Adjourned alx weeks,

Antonio Fernandes v. George Wilson--
Commitment for 14 days suspended on
pazment of $1 monthly from Novem.


James Crichldw y. Edwin Holder-
$2.68 monthly from October Jl.

: Monpays
Joseph A. Lompreas vy, K. M. Celeatla—
Substituted service of summons on debt-

relvce fa end corres, te afte ors wife. ato M. aha, ‘ iheophltus Hilaire
jovernment and to the tadustries 5% . monthly from December 1.
would find ample ground fur invest £88 Sue & Co, ¥. Charles Nurse George F. Thompson v. Willlam Gittens

—$1 monthly from-:December 1

1. J. J. Clamens v. A. Lewls—Debt to
be pald on October 31,

ienac Abrahain_y. Charles Downlng—
S2 monthly from December bt.

Stephens’ Ltd. v. Charles S, René—
Adjourmed two weeks,

ment of their capital; the Notes
fwwued will have easy circulation all
over the Republic. and would be
guaranteed in accordance with the
wawi there would not ie a State in

Arnold A. Waterman v. Raphael Vig
nales — Adjourned one month.

Goonlwille & Witson Ltd v. Crancis
Sorsano—Debt ta be paid by Nogember

the Union without a branch Georgiana Anumaltre v. John, Ignatius

those institutions; there would not | ssanta — Dismissed. - , Idem ¥. Theophilus Jenalogs—Dis-
ave any other preponderance than why Brow vit van Kammer -€2 | sed. P

that which the National bunks have
$a other countries; and Venezuela
wou'd incorporate herself with reso-
lution and steadiness to the financial
Movement which offers to those

A Powrnrvt Mroicise ~The heal-
fog properties in eit eexential oils are
concentrated in every buttle of Cana-
lan Heating Out, formiag one of the
wwvet benefivial linkwents ever offered
to the use of man, Thonsar ds can
testify as to ita power in ailaying pain,
and many thousand more can certify | adjourned to Monday next.
that ibey owe their health to it. Ite |) Joseph Permell y, Golodo—Disinissed
wonderful power is not expressed by Ellen Scott v. Alex, EL. ilgaby—35
Its cheapness, -” Amoathly fom November 15.


2.000 PAIRS


Idem vy. Charles I. Slaney~Time for
service extended four weeks,

idem vy Walter Logan=Debt to be paid
by December t

Idem y, 1. S. Adams—Time of service
extendod four weeks,

Ideun ¥. [Henry Sorzano—Same order.

Albany Valsalnt ¥ Theotore F, Maurice
—$t monthly from November 15,

vasaceb Abdelnor vy A Drereton—Dis-
milsaed with costs,

Idern v Louis Willlans—§1 monthly
fom Norember 15,

Idem v Charles Batler - Adjourned
four wecks,

Naralu ¥ Jumansah—Same order.

Danlet F. Hyndman v Olfver Danlel—
$1.50 monthly from Novembér 1.

James GU, Nurse v Oliver Stanley—Com-

Idem y. Preston Willlama~Fined £1,

John Hoadiey & Cov. Phikp Colleus—
83 monthty from November 1.

Lucien Romero vy. Win. Hameheram —
Debtor to show cause for nou attendances

Pauline Pierre vy. James U, Hegis $3
monthly from December 1.

Charles Thomas v. Thomas Lucas $2
qwonthly from Nov cinber 1.

Antonia Valaaint v. Marie I. Sivatd—
Debt ta be pald by Deweruher 1

Dasidson and ‘Todd v. William ittens
—Cowmitment for fourteen dayn, costs
to plaintia,

Frederick Gorton v, W. 1f Jones—


adies English Shoes


«| PAUBLIC NOTICE is hereb
; —TO BE — fu exercise of the Power Hace eat ~?
ferred on Mortgagees by the Convoyancia :
. aad Lww of Property Ordinance, 1684 a0, $3 4 & $5 dowd ha
ecntalved ia acertala Deed of Mortgage
dated the 25 b day of Janmery Jol] ans — - A
the dew pure Heri ay Gilet of
second part acd Deve de Sant ths $182 Monthly
hha Parh and regtrtered as No. 3477 of ’
the protocol of Deeds for the year oil, | YOU OWN A
AT weea"at Tet tt by ena
farris Vromenade io the Tora Bh MACHINE
. Remand, oa, Tae xtey (be 256 day of Prices—_$26), $10
6GOc rime nanan] eueees
. et parce! land situst
= Rand of Savana’ ¢ Grande Boath” it ae The Little Shop,
seree and abuttiog North, Bouth, toa Wen 1 Predk. &t,

mitment for fohrtecn days snepended on
ment of #1 monthly Crm December }.

Me Uirore Norse ¥ Ttobert de ee eas
from November I$

James (i Nurse ¥ Charles Dowdiag—
$1 monthly from November L

Rice Brothers v D Moreau—Felbtor te
show cause for non-attendance.
j De Hyndman v Joha Joseph—Ad-
oe nera!
Flea Boot vA N Mtaymond—Same

ow Antonl v Maxwell F Phfitips—Struck

_forbaaT Thomas Gittens v Nary Roberts
plication refused: torte toraetentents
one een All 1, Meetor Daraal—Struck
ogee + Tete ttaingh—Leave to de-


at interest to Tadles are the
t ‘apanese Imonos, made
up in Japan can now be. had at “The
anga” an well as four different tex:
tares in Dritish made Shantace Sliks
suitable for eltber Costumes or Mantles,
pibite for the showers weather | we are
ni ens
Here: Ea have: protldod Tadles and
Children Waterproof Coats an pes
al] alaes.


facta t


from 86 to... “a

PAI-LtY SATIN—Io assorted mized shades
~Dioches wide=Per yard ww 400,

TIONS—In White, Ivory tad

TAPETALINE—"n Black, Navy, Nare, Terra, Tan, to Clos wide to
bhy, sedother shades, Pee yard w’ Oc. yardami29 t0 we ate

White Damask

We beg to call the attention of our
readers to Messrs. J. Glendinning & Co's
advertisement, announcing their Annual
Show of New Millinery, which ts
as usual most uptodate and attractive.

Wivnows Axp Doous.—Can be nicely
decorated at little coat from “The Little

Ver yard .. oe OLE

BROIDERY — With fnsere
tlon and Edging!to match,

BEADTO Tatwaiell

Shon,” from the varied stock of Curtalas From S¢ per yard (0 2%. TRAY Yarlous dexigos

pat Sel Hap for carhcnd oy cney t SW189 EMBROIDEY FLOUN: LOTHS 7
y and Eero,

prone enetne Lditie Shop? 17 Frederick CINGS- ine, wide, Per CLOTHS. SILKARAID ‘rRy

Street. . yard 40c, 430, G0c, and...72¢

Stitewan's FRECKLE CrEAN.— Among
ls opened up at Para Pharmac’
uring last week are Stillman's Iryockle
cream, Stillman's suedicated com
lexion acap, Peroxide cream, Sensen
Exchous, Senaen Chewing Gum, Fry's
Chocolate Nougat, Ni t Montelimart,
and a beautiful lot of Mirthday -Cards,
Callin at Par's Phi acy and sco their
arrangements for this week.

In white, Geel
Ubampaguy pees)


17 x 28ins, with Fringed

6 cents.
tn Ivory, Persyard 7

in ivory, at 3s pee yard 0 ico

tion -Froi lia. to Oloches
wide—price par ya

es from 2c to Bic,

rang: |

In Batter, Parie and White -Price Ps
yard ranges from 15¢ to .n we «=SL2

aeiz ahill’ng Novelies by Diana Crossways inald Farrer, U :
Som T*daandothere ard 20 being offered at itfe per copy! ee Jape


Cnristaas Canna axon Graswornone
Racorpa.—Wllsons Limited beg to in
form their numerous customers that thelr
selection hook of private cards for 1910-11
can now be had on application at the
Stationery Department. A_large ship:
ment of Victor Gramophone Records have
ust been received, thie includes all the
3ritish and American Star Artlatsla their
latest successes,


At Stephens, Ltd, this week, French
Fisnnels dic, 400., 44., 60, Cotton sheet:
ings Jc , 40, 43, 61, Double width striped
tieke 2, dO, 44, 00, Lace Antimacassars
Lo, BWe., Zto.,f 3c., Dress Unions all
colors 8, I3c., 2c, Dress Meltons in
Hrown, Grey, Black and Navy at 24.
White and Hera Curtain Laces, striped
Galateas I2c., 15.1 Gents Rain Coats,
Gents Umbrellas, Gents Tussore Sults,
and white Drill Salts.

Wararwav's Message Reap— Tues-
day a Mail October gist ia the last oppor
tanity for sendlog orders for your Private
Christmas Greeting Cards; therefore to
avoid disappolntment, call and make your
selection atonce. Do you want Ribbona,
Flowers, Ilat Pins, Ladles Hatst See us
first. We can satisfy you if you are Jook
ing for nny of the above. Men wo can
aatisty jor with Ties, Collars, Belts,
Braves, Handkerchlefs, Infact everything
that can sult a man. See our Bathing
Towels, Come to us today, A fine
assortment of Valenciennes and Torchon

Bickle’s Anti-Consumptive Syrup 1s
the result of expert chemical esperi-
ment. undertaken to discover a pre-
ventive of inflammation of the lungs
and consumption, we destroying the

erms that develop these discases, and

lt the world with pitlable subjects

hopelessly atricken, The use of ‘this
Syrup will prevent the dire conse
quences of neglected colds, A tried,
which costs only 23 cents, will con»
vince you tbat this is correct



Value Nowhere Like Malllard’ss | ve:

One Frice Only.




Laces, good pattern ta select from. Em:
broideries from 2c, up, Christmas and
New Year Cards. Toya to suldlittle Boye
aod Girls. floe assortment to select from.

: 5
Heyman’s But

Since the firm of Philp W.'H
year_of 1907 introduced its new syston q
Butter in ting through the 1n zenious B
machine invented and patc ated by the]
to all parts of the word has been ine
less than 450/o, All the advantages
this new system 2f packing Butter (a
is not and cannot be utilized by any
firm) aro to be seen from the ci
attached to uach tin of HEYMAN
The fact alone that by the named[¢

absolutely precluded that the workingl
touching the Butter during the process
whereby the acme of cleaaliness aaf

Ar MaILrarn’s,—Malllard’s are offering
a large lot of Novels worth fits per copy
at Zic They have just recelved a deliver:
tri cycle van and are in a position to sen

arcels to sore of their customers than

Stherto. Ladies Kimono and Dust Coata
are now on show from $240 to §$3,0U,
Ladies Crash Costumes 4 lth Kimono and
other shaped sleevea from $10 to $1.40,
Ladies Ribbed Vesta ta white, pink, cream
and by from t2e. to We. Children Veats
from Ise. Another lot of their famous
BHins. Worsted aultings at $1.32, $1.44,
Pi and 8200 per yard just to hand,

foncy Comb cream serge & giz Bom.
bay dyed Indigo berge at $180, Madras
Maslin Curtains fn white and ecra from
2uc, te 3, “Visit Mallard ¢.

A Stratour Tip —Go to Henderson's
for Ladlea Ready-to-Wear Hats at 43c,
each, Ladies Embrolderied Blouses at 4c.
worth double the price. Parasols at 4Uc.
each, White and Coloured Mustins at 6c.
peryard. Fry Check Zephyrs 42 inches
wide at 10c. per yard. White cotton at 5c,
pervard, Tadies Tan Lace Lose at 13
Dor palre Men's Cold Sulting at 15a. per
yacd. A fine assortment of Joh Tweeds
at $100 per yard worth $240 Laces and
E nbroderica wit] be sold at coat toda:
prlons ranglng from 4c doz, yards up, Al
at Hendorson's 9 Frederick Street.


reached, is: now-a-days in all cirili
appreciated by the consumers to suct:
apart from all the other advantages @
BUTLER is offering a3 to quality; ail
the preference is given to this b 3
Danish brand and the finest brand in @

first class stores, hotels, restaurante, @
senger steamers oelonging to the leadheg
Companies, in first class hospitals,
places where a first class, pure and dh
of Butter Is appreciated. a

San Feraando,

Tris W1s8E To Prevent DisondEeR—
Many causes lead to disorders of the
stomach and few are free from them,
At the first manifestation that the
stomach and liver are not performin
their functlons, a course of Dr, Kil-
lozgs Vegetable Ville should be tried,
and it will by found that the digestive
orgaca will apecdily resume healthy
action, Laxatives and sedatives are
ao blended fa these pills that no other
preparation could eo effective as

By Special Request.



(Aasiated by Focal Fuvourttes)
Groyfriars Hall

is, Caste aud other arrangements


Sept. 17th—3m,

t Local Train will ron 20 minutes
later than usual for the convenience of
playgoers from the country,

Tickets ta be had front Michael P,
Maillord | Med is Pore Pharancy Bel-

mont and * The Studio”

livad-Phone TEL Tragarete



Hand & Foot


Eaton Iaede st Gees jackie on the
a ee reaeei
m Altea

HENRY nIcH~A Mu for 8
Qstaber r6th—dm


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