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(iptisns, Ltd.
mwi pm.
UMJ !! Gods
Table Apples
Straw Hats
ing ft Og.
Ijius pirlSa 72 eeoU.
IS™ E Í.
«(ar Choice Apples
Ek “ Indus” to Arrive-
Guaranteed 4 Lbs. .
Trinidad Mding and
Loan Association.
A T.T. f=n=T A T-JT71F5
TfiiKiosn boildijc jkd ios*
fif~ Frederick ^troct.
"Tho Rosary is a
raro book, a source
of genuino delight.
ria Instituto
WgssbIs Bins, ft Ton Gonlard,
Thayers Laxative Cold Tablets
For Irwaatmont
Misma ««
Ex Reccnl Steamers,
P barrels 41 Lehigh” Portland Ceir
Trinidad Manorial LimB,
Oualitv-Boat Price-Low
â– fho Trinidad Shippineand Iradiie Co.. Lrntd
Cougii Specific ¡
eii...««i~iVM*s*i will coitB^ Axr ruUuH- l“u“‘«ig'ffsjg,sa^
Tl'w'^góodino. S'OP A" IBOXi-A-3STX)5S


Brown Cotton SWEATEES,
White and Navy Sateen
5 Dollars a Pair.
Jest, Opened.
For All Saints
Memorial Wreaths,

s Ready-to-Wear Hats
ills Presents
íhe Arcade.
t splendid selection of
Suitable for Presents.
At Very Moderate Prioos.
The Arcado.
Tennant’s Agency,
(03ST T.AJP)
Walters Trinidad Brewing Coy.
‘ B D.V." sc “Pinnace'1 Cigarettes,

Ladies Silk
Waterman Sella Ewcryth*r»C-
Straw Hats *â– -â– <**
WM*WV? Mercerised Unen Suiting
Imitation Tussore Suiting
White Cotton; Union and Linen Drill
WOItTlt «1.00 VI). FOlt 00c
ThIck,^Thla^Wldo»^Modium am
Gent’s Hats. Cool Suitings i
Right Thing for Hot Weather.

[Stephens Ltd. “The Stores” Stephens Ltd»
At this Season of the year everyone naturally takes time to consider which is
[fancy and Staple Goods, Boots & Shoes and Groceries
5>these Goods have been specially selected, and those who want the MOST FASHIONABLE and UP-TO-DATE GOODS
“ for the season will do well to pay a visit to STEPHENS, LIMITED, who are the leaders in
Irinoa Line of Steamers.
.iát lnHi-int Biimi.
ÍONDAT 30th OCTOBER, 1911,
£t3SEiíHiáS§?¡s pi
«agypsass at
i ’sa«a•USpSsF®
¡ "ÉkM
_ .«®SR
wmwm •
BlSMsS j

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75,1,'$' )5,'$< LSWLVQV /WG PZL SP 80*RGV -867 5(&(,9(' 7DEOH $SSOHV P SOILP $ 63/(1',' $VVRUWPHQW +817n6 +,*+ &/$66 6WUDZ +DWV */(1',111*6 LQJ IW 2J O7TGDY QL7 6IH ,MLXV SLUO6D HHR8 ,6r1 (  mDU &KRLFH $SSOHV SWµ)VnnU£ L-¯¯"pn WVn¯O &52&(5,(6 )2( 6$/( (N f¯ ,QGXVf° WR $UULYH %$/(6 68*$5 $1' &2&2187 %$& %$/(6 &2&2$ %$&6 *XDUDQWHHG /EV ,,6,8 +(,+*6&( (W ,6 7ULQLGDG 0GLQJ DQG /RDQ $VVRFLDWLRQ /2276 *(7 %86< 1(: 6+,30(17 &DVKPHUHV $ 77 I Q 7 $ 7-7) 3+2,:)25 6$/6 F 7ILL.LRVQ ERLOGLMF MNG LRVr MVVRFXWLR} 6.(2&+t&R ILIa )UHGHULFN AWURFW 1 $%'(/125 )2% 6$7L%6 £O¯IVr1 6&277 %2<' t &2 5RVDU\ -,% / m,,, 7KR 5RVDU\ LV D UDUR ERRN D VRXUFH RI JHQXLQR GHOLJKW 8$9,2621 t 7222 $5&$'( ULD ,QVWLWXWR 6SV6L :JVVE,V %LQV IW 7RQ *RQODUG 2 62,776 4f«D?$Bf«37 ),567 $,' ,1 ,1)/8(1=$ 7KD\HUV /D[DWLYH &ROG 7DEOHWV 75,1,'$' &+2&2/$7( )$&725< )RU ,UZDDWPRQW 0LVPD mm ([ 5HFFQO 6WHDPHUV +25727O2% 67(5 <28 $5( /26,1* 021(< $1' 0,/. af¯cU¯«" , 672&. )&(', mcI0L:LH¯ $6f¬(1%85H &2'),6+ J¾JMMSM6t6$ 3 EDUUHOV /HKLJKf° 3RUWODQG &HLU 5(48,5(' 627,% 62,/6 7ULQLGDG 0DQRULDO /LP% 75,1,'$' 0$185,$/ /,0( 2XDOLWY%RDW 3ULFH/RZ ‘IKR 7ULQLGDG 6KLSSLQHDQG ,UDGLLH &R /UQWG &$.&3%(,/,Mf¬6 &RXJLL 6SHFLILF c HLLmmLaL90rVrL ZLOO FRLW%A $[U UX8X+ Of¯Xf¯f«mLJnIIVMJVDA 7OnZnAJµRGLQR 6n23 $ ,%2;L$67;f6


78% ,f¬2L:2)L6)$O0\ *$=%77D (5,8$9 2272%J5 c, ,,


JJJ U2572)63$,,7 4$=%77( ,nP '$< 2&72%(5 " ERQDQ]D *(176 '(3$570f¬17 %URZQ &RWWRQ 6:($7((6 &(176 :'//(1 *2/) 6:($7(56 :KLWH DQG 1DY\ 6DWHHQ 5811,1* r 3$176 )25 $7+/(7(6 ,1',$ *$8=( )52; &5($0 2$6QLO(5% 08))/(56 02725 :5$36 )25 &(17/(0(1 1(: )/$11(/ 68,7,1*6 62W-7+$// 3$7(17 6+2(6 7$1 :,//2: &$/) ,3-5,2( 'ROODUV D 3DLU ,1 %8&. %2; &$/) 35,&( $ 3$,5 )/(6+ 6+,30(17 -HVW 2SHQHG )RU $OO 6DLQWV $// 628/6f¬ '$76 ,00(16( $662570(17 0HPRULDO :UHDWKV 62/( $*,(,L776 60,7+ %526 t &2 %21$1=$ %227 '(3$570(17 )851,785( '(3f¬5707 &$67 ,521 0(025,$/ 7$%/(76 +$5':$5( '(37 f«/n+( %2.7A.IO($/


)2% 6$/( .r%(&(17 $55,9$/6 OLVLDVH 5/6 r .3257/$1' &(0(17 9L%,7%%%$,;6 67287 ,( 5 $/6721 t &2 &KDUORWWH JJ_ 7,3 723 9$/8( ,JJJ &277216 &277216 &277216 V 5HDG\WR:HDU +DWV /$&(6 t (0%52,'(5,(6 A+(1'(5621n6 LOOV 3UHVHQWV ¯KH $UFDGH W VSOHQGLG VHOHFWLRQ RI HZHOOHU\ 6,/9(5 r1 6,/9(5 3/ $7(' $57,&/(6 6XLWDEOH IRU 3UHVHQWV $W 9HU\ 0RGHUDWH 3ULRRV !$9,'61 $1' 72'' 7KH $UFDGR 7HQQDQWf¬V $JHQF\ 67 287 67 7$-3f :DOWHUV 7ULQLGDG %UHZLQJ &R\ 6 *,9(1 $:$< PL 6.:, f« % '9 VF f¯3LQQDFHn &LJDUHWWHV cJDVDV


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| | UST HE ki ve. jTBIRISRD nt ae af i O O —K T | Rosary |

™~ os z as rt pit oe type eennasNEESNRannnnanoa a, ‘ . 28, Chaocoz atreet —BZBY=- :
fa Co borage the aoe wo,
he Jollowiog . ns TALEPECNE No. bz. j


“The Rosary is a
rare book, a source
of genuino delight.

# Liars of Goods Hitoweppiy the onpuey sOston tt

Chacon Screer, fer their TRIENNIAL

' a SCIP CERTIFICATES sad alec for their
sctondition and at UABH DIVIDEND on same, sanctioned
eoott prices —_ at tt ibe just annus general meeting of mem

bers, ; ie dere, of Berip iwaed on former
_ rena! Temlome rol lao at the
au MIDOET G2UDAS Otiee for the UASH DIVIDENDA corer:

ae OHEESK—€00, per lb

SALISH COD FISH “Assortment — Pepange, meet re
Bp 90'conts par Ib,

"FYNE FRESH unistivas— |

~—Or= TT
per dosea,

! carta eee, - a Trinidad Building and
Pivaativand Race GENT'S HIGH CLASS Loan Association,


Bt $1,20 Each : Telephone: mo. sa
B vzirss ate er S tr aW H a t S| psovexe? fon sane,
Peon Quaisey No. 29,

Table Apples]. —AT— Duncan Strect.

a 72 cents per Dozen. Apply to

Wino Pears
- + Brom 8 cents ereh, 483, Chaeoon trest,

oe (Leen semanas,




gaG- Frederick Street,


Victoria Institute

Tae following subjects aretaught atthe
Inetitate § —
fingilah Garpoattion § Shorthan French,
Typewrlting, aol © ceplng,
reer, Dress joating, An Needlework, .
dboard of Industrutt Training. Treks
prot Claans- -Tarriery, Balldiag ¢ Cents,
wing. Fnglneering Crafts, Type phy
pay biudiug, Ehiperizhta anand Arit
inetio, Classen Dai
Choral Section-—‘Tioadays at S15
Orchestral Sectton- Thursdays at is peta
Chese Seotion-- Dally,
1 fining & Heersution Roome—Open
"Adinittanoa to the sections 1s free to
Members ani Assocates,
dabvereption -Mombers 85 auuually,
Associates 2}5 por quarter,
The Inethiwuie iat upea (rom § toldam,
and from 3 0 10 p.m.
NORMAN I Beareary.


ae a

mt dissppointmont pice SS : 1, ABDELNOR; -ci-—7) —————————————— —————

- Dry Goods, —BY—
an 04 PRONE 7,,Ex “Indus” to Arrive | tginy snd Gave Panty Goods,

order swhich seilt have Jewellery cf all kt day S GOTT, BOYD & C0.


Tit following plants well establlehod
bog pots are offered for sala
at Se, Clair speriment Station at 3
vents each 3-~
200 Liberian Coffee,
1,000 Maragogipe Ooffee,
°2,40 Slerrs Leone Coffee, {Coffea

x, Prompt atigniion,

PRENS, LMTD.|BALES SUGAR AND COCONUT BAGS. | csr ssecrss set ma Tingent avetvare

the advantage to trade with us. Our
expenses belug lower we can sell cheaper ,

ek eaten esti le Es ts, tO tn, cts miata in hae

140; b
Stores. _{B ALES C060 A B AGS. ve, a mtreot. Fs Diam Pine (ange LUNENUUKG CORUM, ang tit TESA |
— _ Guaranteed 4 Lbs. Geo. E, McLean 240 set PHAGNIOL Ot Gana Seer, :
ang ; 7" eee ee ewan, “ soo” Barrels “Lehigh” Portland Cement, ocitaie teats Pee
— ~ the 16th inatent, fe published for gone
B ' & (} { q 24 Fredorick. St . Meson Hors fantaty io publlabed f :
L TO-DAY Wasse s TOs, vol on ar ’ For Investment 6, -BROADWAY. Telephone 132. ° ni aca
ax 70, SOUTER QUAY. 15.000 esoceFepeny (ont tae | == —

Tatnivap & Towag,
No. 88 of 1011.

uy Mla Excellency Sin Gronsa

tutuven La Huxre, Koigot
Gummander of tha Most
Distlaguished Order of St.
Michael and St. George, Gove
ernor and Cumaacder in-
Chief in and over the Goloay
of Trinidad and Tobago, an:

i i | =< || REQUIRED
mit G0). | (FIRST ap IN INFLUENZa| [S280 SOUR SOILS.


° . its Dependencier, Vi Vice-Admi«
Pirdics i | | Thayer's Laxative Cold Tablets AHUNSWICK engceay poem sug
REBROIGS per'd I peed no other remedy if you try them. * 8 ® . Gronas 1G Le iunre,
pee'dos 480. you wi RICE PER ‘BOX 1p AT ——vnen ‘Trinidad Manurial Lime A PROCLAMATION.
BUTTER PMA TAOW, Werrw20: mat oe Ex Recent Steamers t
bs Per ibe 48 cents. THe F FAVOURITES PHARMACY - Opposite Waebh House Bridge, coe) . WHEREAS by Bectioe Jot the Dogs
Bee ues Ee A | ee | MORTON LOBSTERS Cocoa Planters,¢+ ugar Planters and Cane Fartocrs put new ance eal notin fovexcrpt ding
ib he Land n Une. Lands by using: ont such periods and withia a

® CoEAM our ee TRINIDAD CHOCOLATE FACTO RY CHEDDAR cEFH life into your y using: the Golony a tbe Governor ia Exact:

tion direct;
Pred whereas by Proclamation No, 3
of 1911. the sald Doge (Muzzling) Ordlo-

Bront condi eit aot Mvoafstared by Ay SOUBLETTE(SS No 1s Park btn Potval Slat iitdvens verse, | HRINIDAD MANURIAL LIME:

rye OLA CHEESE per Ib, 48-, ¥ CHOCOLATE ts prepand bye sperial ead solestifis process which Insaree Fresh Carrots anca 1011 wae declared to be in furce in

ft complew solatality aod rts forts the exqulese trom of the Corce beara _ t pert of the folony comprised

Gr M free from all Forelge Katetasces, And made fro od, the dase orld enon ee | And a full Aawort ment, ef Fresh, Gro Ouality—Best. Prico—Low thee the radius of ten Jew ot the

By. POS | nec aly dalton, bas a8 » m ao be nai vo ceries tnetuding Gonatabulery Mead Quarters in Port.
Pik 1. 34 cente, Tablet pekavaa, HENS, Lto.. CALEDUNIAN + MANuFACTURED BY of Spata, wotil {: le ettended through.

a ARS Te be bed from the follow! rooarles 1=-BT EP! huliegory Seaaeee | avoba Liscuita dé Cakes out the lalacd of Trinidad, during «
per Dozen 72 coats, | 7° Shoseny adopinos, 3° rn) RE ai (New York Patabisbmsoty, soca an , in F " Ai r L ti eu ait once tegrica

per Ih te BYANDARD, aud from Bbojela o 60! A. SOUBLETTE. Ban Toy, Boston Creau, OAT ate foe Trinidad Shippingan ra RE 0. m he Devoleuation referred tor y

t the provisions of the Orilnance
should ive extended to the whole Jeland
of Trinidad ;

Now, therefore, 1, George Ruthven
Le Haute, Governor as a 3 id, in


Arr Les mo ‘jane prociad u asd direct that the sald Do;

T a
THY Aprirs us Per dozen 360 Awery dnay you Put off Usivog Wees Kod Ket, Ju (Garrant Home Cough Specific t

tMusalu g) (ediu-nce lv}) sball be to
oe roughoul the leland of Trak
SCHUMACHER STOCK FREED! | Houseti, Oxford, Leach Obie plus

Tesh Ca abbage, 1 SAVES YOU SHOM 70,4) DER R TON AB UPATAD WITH OTUER | Genoa and Madeirs, also per Rely bi WILL CURE ANY COUGHL

f the idth day of October
ial sed eatit ihe dth day XtJune ing.
© Por |b. 8 ceo,

Matinee Aleed . -— --
Miranda Treasure, Ladys" Own

u 1 a
opanantasD AnALTOiss Peeters 3 ndenna ean ‘Ale & SBOP DOECEAOEOOM: “Beate is oo rat
ae vou Wane ses so E Hikroare hee ' Town of Terbertipale,
SH an ee M. W. GOODING.|S0P LY BOT, AITD’S gente See it
im UNOGERIES Mode tr neo deeishi Pasty, ys a tone bP FOM A. BOLIULY, “ ‘aug ei Boe
Soe ty | DAORC RI kw 2b neler 10th * MO. @ MANAY STREET, sloalal Besretery,
Telephone 54, Bopttiem, wae” : ,

water 1

Cag pete

—— arr

NO 9685 VOL. XXX

er eottate Mtedstore| OAGAO PLANTATION
At Leleha, (Arima Wart.)

ypom: soyrerage and usual out ofces.
m per month, Eleass @pvly | 14 acres, About 3,590 trees. Nelghbours
at No, 9 Ubancery Lane—Oct, ib, _ willing to eel Oocos House, &e,
{y, Valley ited, covtalaloe d

raocuis Valle , containing
bedrooms, drawing and diniag roome( CACAO PLANTATION
ard front galery, The usual out-
offices. Water laid on the premises
Apply to MRS. WORSFOLD—No, 16
Regent Lane—Oct, 22 -la.

1 RENT. -No. 84 Belmont Cirvular
Witoad, pear the Catholic Church,
@ very cool dwelling house contain
ing & bedrooms, din ing mom, servant
rouin, electric light inatalled, bath room
and all comfortacan be had with some
fernitute, Come now and have a look
for I aw ng to the country. Appiy
withiaor Mrs, iteis opposlte—Jct. 21—lm.

por REN t—Oottage No, 2 \Winton
Lape, Belmont one mintflé watk
Niom Tram comprising drawing room,
Gnlog room, three bed rooms, large
yard with usual out offices, also flower
garden. Rental $13. Apply, Mra,

ViEIRA Dest door—October 19 1m,

J} OR RENT —Reeidence No. 90(North
ry Kast) corner Pack aod tembroke
reeta, At present occupied by Dr.
Siung. Possession Ist November,
Telephoue No, 3¥6, —Oct, 20, 111,
Fer NENT -A cool, comfortable
house situated at the ‘‘ Nook
Avenns.” Bh Aone Every conve
bience for a large family. Posession
1st November. iteut moderate. For
articulirs apply to F. J. sMondes, 4
toad wa by Ds we
F’ HONT —~A,Usnage wih every
courenlencs for a smell family, See-
wage losisilet— No. 16 Orson Breet,
Aappy wis Queen 8 reet, Port of Spair.
am Uctr, s

OR RENT — Faroithed or apfur
wished. Smal! Ovttage (two rooms
and bathroom), sultable foralady or
gentleman. Apply to Mrs, Owe,
west Briae Road, St. Clair. —Oct.

A R RENT—A new tite Uutbag ‘
2 minates wak from St. Augueila
Gop—lecal trainaia ahundanee to tower —
with all ocnvestences fuctuding ontoiieas
and stable, $12 monthly, Keys froin
Ure 4 & Scherer, South Quay OY, Oc. 13
"OR KaRI—Aiber Ovcaye —-New
. aod comfortable oultege, No. 3 Lowe
arcular Koad, sattab.e for « ematl femby
or newly matried couple, Kvery oonveai-
eure, bath, kitchep, Prater ete Water
and eectiicsertice. lor other particalars
amly to the Enuliah Bikery, 69 Pork
Street,—Oct ber J0.b—1m,
WOR KENT —That cool, airy upetaire
House, situated abthe North-west
oorver of Edward & Sackville Streets,
at present cecupled by Mrs. Heeles,
Jt te admirably sui for a large
family or fora rding Houve, andies
fitted with modern sewerage and all
convetiiences, Posscseiou lst Novem
ber, Kentinoderate. For particulars
Apply to Siti, ongateoy & Lo,
5, Vbacon Strect.—Oct. Sib, —1m,
} No 19 Staouure Avenue. DP uesor-
sion oo Ay Noveob Tor paprica at
ope’ ayxes & Co —Oc . 74 .
pores TNIZSIORNE at , Princes
towo—in guod business locality,
how vecupied by Messe Waleoo Lid,
Possession let, Jad 1012 Apply to
Mas, McLean, Princes Town, ur to
Neesrs. albert Lucien & Oo, No. 1
Charlotte btreet, Port-of Spain ~—Oct

SOMMTREBS, at New Providenee,
Guanapo, Arima Ward. Well watered
and shat -d '


At a Bargain’

ESTATE” sitasa ig tha Ward of
Tarare earatoiag 32 Asree and 6,5'6
Coom Treas. Tha Hitate is well watered.
Par of purchase aoney miy remaii of
let Mortgege at $ par cen
15, Feedorick S.reet,
Oat.35 —1_m.


ticsin the town of Port-of-
Spain t— ;
No, 48 Nelson Street
No, 37 Chariotta treet
No. 39 Gurdoa Street
So 10°t Paul Street,
No 07 Hunoan stree ,
No, 225 Belmoat (rren'ar Rov,
Por particulars apply to

10D Queeu Etreet,
Oct 19. -1in. Port-of Spain.

Oc W.-Lin. __Vorvof Spaln.


Large fuburban Residenc3,'

1S micures walk from tran.
The houve ts situated on ten acres
of land more or less planted with
rule and COC
pply on the premises.
October 7th.—1m


Those Lrrge and Commodious Pro-
mises, rumbered 62, Matioe Equare,
aod knwo as ‘

The Caledonian House, -
Theve piciwmiees vere built specially for
careylug on @ business in Diy Goode,
Forpiture, Fancy Goods, Drapery, &c.,
and ace adinirably situated aud suited '
for this purpose, © There are bhelvings
and Fittlows of all hinds suitsble for
the estabssehment of an extensive
business, which can besold with the

355 Shares in the Queen's Park
Hotel Company, Ltd.

Apply to
Liquidator of Good while & Wilison, Ltd.
aot Oct, 1011,—1us, 2

For Salo or Ront

UK BALE OR MENT —Premalece
$64 Marine Square and U Heory
treet (* Pradas Corner’) Suttable
for General Dry Goods Sore, Pos:
session Let Noveiwwber, Apply to P. la
Prapa, Oct. &.b, 1911
Havelock Sweet. Sb Clair, Large
cool and cumfortable residence with
alleries coumusudiug good view of
Bireen's Pack OUricket Oval Klectric
ligh Installed, Kzteonve tlower gar-
den, Three servanis’ roume aod usual
out offices with stebling acsommuds
tion fur three bourses snd 2 carri+
ages, Several trams pass the door.—
Avely to Ni Woodford 8~Oct. Sib.

teh ”



DR SALE -Two Large Awitican
} Llorees, Very quiet, fa god order,
Broken to barnrer. Ayply to 4), bovth

Qaiy.—Us , 26 26,
7 BALE—Nv. 20, awed Duves
£ vit acaiolug diawing and diolog tvome
2 b dooms avd 2 dressing ta.un", pantry,
Kitobea and weler Uprtielie, mlsa Lotteye
No, 43, Weodlord btvee', cootainivg de
fo dinwg roums, 4 bedsoows, alle
abery- Zresva+e 100 we, wt+b e, E eeuics
figs aod seworege Jastelled, ror particn-
Jars apply at No. 20 Kdwerd Street or to
J. A. Je NEG, No. 10 Meaty Sees —Oos 0
Ler 18 b—4.0
it BALE= Property No, 64, Park
i Btreet. Also Property No, 101, Sh
Vinceut Street. Eayuire It, Wood-
ford street. —Oct.&—Im
On SALE —- 10h Duke dtc).
i Corner of Dukes and Pembroke
Streets Apply to J. U. BELLIER & Oo,
Oct. Sth,- lu.
OK BALE.—Ja) Asres of Forest Lava
1 hn tbe Caparo Valley, one wile rom
Ralwoy Starr, ta sov of 10 acre aud
ppwards. Ayply ot Bt. Paol’s Pharmacy,
af, & 31, Cor ot Queen & Nelsen Birowe,

For Keat or twas,
tt INE Cottage with diving, sitting,
two bedrooms, dressing ruow aud
gallery, out office, kitchen, servants’
fuom, «tables aud carriage house.
Hlectrie light installed, newly pslated
and putin order, large grounde with
frais trees, Ac. Coul and healthy re-
idence, No 2. bt Francvis Valley
oad, Beluont, 5 minutes from the
tramecar jtent moderate. Iuwediate

tot. E Spe Oot, him deca
Ais pale. “$5 wera ot Land scan rotten abby No. fark Sireet,
I ‘on tbe Masmvoral Valley Read, v) _

mies frm ite Bresso y Prodsa Railway: WANTED.

20 sur 8 to cudtvacen by C a-
Aton 20 HW of parotee worry oD
temisleon anury vo eet) jeuds of fret
cleas secarity fur whole amount accepted
on epsoved propeny witbla Montesrsat
Pleassapvly io V. bo LAURIE,

\ ANT EU— iy the Sen Loe awur-

ened i: Dpaby of Canada, Gesvemes
ofabliry und ivtegrity to serare barivess
for theQUump ny. L deral coute.ce Kee
ference ngquied, A py Bpwin 4S,

war that
‘against dieease, are takin
sleep at the Tendon MM

HE following valuable proper: 3 nauent’s body before using dhe knife
{. Every vasiet


ai DAILY ONE pine


Myriads of microbes, vietima of the

setae, arg taking Uheie iat WARD PRICE & G0)

teal Exhi . poo

which opened Jately at the
Norticultural Hal!, AVeetminstery
and 26 Vrederick Street—Tel, 116,
Hoods received for Sale at all toes,

Here, in tiny tubes, aterilis

powerless now, are the teeming bacilli

of almost every known dieease.
Young-r’s Stout,

A thousand milion cholera germs,
eufficient if loose to devastate a con

a] YARD eet H & CO, hove received
trifle puzzling to the lay mind. For tranuctionn1o mall Oy ATs

and a hundred auillion, mtrocel ca-
tharrhales can be kept from any fur-
ther mucbief io one ti ny bottle

Some of the names of exbibita are a

tinent, can bo comfortably confiled

Jo one small mehaped glass tube,

fastance, there are i— their Rals Rooms, OS caars YOUNGE:
Hydrochloride of ‘:p-amiuobenzoyl- | STOUT, Monk Braa!, anpyoeet Lo con:

iethy Larmtnoethanal, tain 7 dos, plota ia each cass,
Tare-hydros pheny-lethylamine, 19 Cases LOUNGER'S SEOUT, Mouk
Antiphlogistine. Brace, ea; p sed to oon‘aia 4 doz. quarts

All these are ver: food for you [fo jn eich ens
taken under the advice of a doctor] ” Xo "Reserve. Sale at one o'clock,

but the general public are warned not
Next Saturday.

to order them indiscrimfloately for
general consumption

The City Sale Rooms,
26 Frederick Street,

All kinds of strange and wonderful

surgical and medical fostruments are
Important Sale vr Valuable House

to seen at the exbibltion, Among
them is the * gastroscope,” which en-

furnishings, Planofor Glass,
Aino! Harness & ,

abies the operator, by the ald of a

ateele tube and a light, to look fatoa
ARD PRICE & Co, bare re-
evived instructious to remove

of food and druk
for invalily is ebouwn in tempting ar-
ray anil there is even & special whisky
which the most diabetic or gouty may
safely enjoy.

Y if

OU must eat If you would live.
Goud, nourishing food, well di-
Reoted, makes body usaterlal, physical
etreogth, and abounding vitality,
When you stopeatiag, your strength
tapidly faita,

end sell by Auction on Saturday next
October 2tb—a large quantity of ex-
celent gifects including’ dinlog and
occusional tables, set dining chaire,
surte drawing soon farhiture, Antique
chiffonier, mahogany and other eiue-
boards, vet buuk rhel ves, roll top desk,
excelient lage iruu safa on whegle,
par G oroec whetools, Copper and
other fern pots hanging, bracket and
rapidly —you are a prey to every / table lamps, dinner aod tea services,

chamber sete, pictures [pn variet:
lack of appetite fe not itself a dis-| gisseware, ccantel goods, 6 full size
case, but it iva sympton of weakness] grass and iron bedsteads with epring
somewhere, showing liself in the} mattievser, suite cyp bedroom fur
nerves of the stomach, which contro! | nimue, mahogany wardrobe with
the desire for food. We guarantes feentre murue 3 marule bop Wade
Verrol to cure this weakness, | @ aude, carpets and tugs bed beady,
APPETITE AND SIRENGTH.—| nes ly new ice Chest, very good orces
Why should a person love the} jain Hiter, 3 fine tone pianolortes
natural dewre fur food? Some-12 Awencan organs, & quantity of
times ft is nervousness; for a} class jars for Lonfectioners stores,
weakened condition of the perves} pair handsome ehina vases, lady's

of the stomach wil make that} tieyee, boy's bicycle, 2 riding saddles,

organ dull Again it may be in-| doy cart, buggy aod & Variety of other

digestiou, for a weak stouach that . _

oatinut digest” food wi not crave ius, Un view the tmorning of Bale. Oct, sbtn 1011-20, —_ > LA THOPICAL &
t [bt may that an attack of The Sale ell commence at 1.30 o'clock.” ‘ “
fever has taken away the appetite, " * oC T .

and it iselow in comios Duck again eens: E N ISTRY . oF ene

Coughs, colds, headaches, liver jror RALE.~3 15 acrieot landon Naata
troubles, a runalown condition of Gros oat, with av a: 400 cucus trees
the system, and a multitude of j acd sterge qauu iy of faut trees of all
different cotuplalnte usually drive] d ecnpavus A partly belle buss fs
away the desire fur food, ‘Tbes/t ctued. The wou ts offered at a very
complaints inust be usercome by | wu» price. For fucibel pervicalarr—A ply
the vitality that food alone can!>g WAKUD PRU Kas Go. Oct ly b Im,



Bs to Inform the public that he has
opened an office at oS uke Street aad
te pri pared jo aceept all agencies,

Lonvaselug will ve a “Spell Feature”
of bie business aud from his varied experi
ene, guarantors to haudie avd pust all
clasees of Goode ta Lows tud Uouutry,

Patronage belicited.

Prompt Settlement,
Terma Muierate.
October 21 Wil—da w ein,

Bive,—lost appetite uel bem] Git SALE OR tN], -Ovlmge —
stored tu heep ap stren th Cascade, next to Lt, tolonel Col
matter what the cause or cundi U
tion Ferrol will restore a lost ap- {Oncaea iin “tat Novessben Bor
petite and create bew powers and | fui particulars apply tu WARD PRICE
nothing has ever been discos ered
equal Lo the tnediy ial elemente
‘ound in the cod’s liver to tocrease FOR SALE ATA LOW PRICE. .
but the onl nauseates, Who can) , * aR)
sitduwa and eat after a dose of U een CARUNL 11sTRLOT ~ 4b
fishy oiff Lor this reason, since acrew with 6,000 beaung Locus
left it out of Ferrol—yet Ferro} | with dwethug uuders sweat bourse,
does contain every Gae of the| Hitele well watered, Low price vo
mediciual elemenfta found in the|C*#2 purchaser 5 belf wey reinsia on
the taste. Ferrul {is a great {& CO,—Oct, 16 —In,
strength maker, and its beneticial
action is quickly felt throughout
Hole Agents -Smith Brus and Co,,
The Bovanosa, Port-of-Spain,
for all sickly people.
Makes new bloods
Restores vitality,.
Taken after any Iiness It
hastens a return te health,

THE -POWER OF PEUROL-- Nol jens tesidence. Two ausutes’ walk

vigor. Jt ise recogniaed fact that | & Co, dene 28.b. - an,

the appetite and aid Aigestlon 5

the oil is really useless, we have] tieee and 640 bau ives, Cocos house
cod's liver, and it {fe delicious to | UlOrtwene. Apply to WaRU PsitK
the body.

COO 2 5


Glves strengths
Davie & Lewreuce Ca, New York,


ee om F the THISTLE cLus to be peld

ALWAYS SunvickauLe —Most pile a filuce’s Building on Fit.
loss their properties with age. Not s BAY dep Nov ie bck Wil, | Douce
with De Kellonge Vexelable Pills. | tring Bend In aiteedions, yoleys

The pil) masa ie xo compounded that
their strength and effectiveness is pre- cant be obsaloed fom Mr BL. va
served and ibe pills can be ceriied any- | N04 Verde Beeety & Treasurer,

where without fear of losing thelr
Queen's Park Hotel.

potency. Tho ie a quality that few
Pils poses, Sune pile lose thelr
sower, bul nut so with Dr, Kellogg's

,AUCTJONSALES; Just Received


(Cunvasser & Commission Agent.) Your Eyes ! ! Your Health!

{ far aud noesr,


‘Ex s.s. Grenai

60{;Kegs BUTTER—Gi lbs. Net,



25/2 hegs Do, 33%lbs, ,, ong
Also ~ loje- Bris Lo, 120 Ibe ,, a
GO Cases Do, 4/25 1b. Tins, 7

Bluenose Butter

In 1 & 2Ln Tvs.


Port-of Spatu.

30 Cases2}Do. 20/5 1b. Tins,

Lentrade's |Colebrated Buss

Also 300 Bags Heary White CANADIAN *
And ‘35 Bris. FAT BACK PORK—60 pcs

RoW w2Ane Bz


Smart Wendt for cale,| — suty nine? SOUFH Quay. ,,

LIGHT easy-runhing “Surrey
rubber tyred wheels, front eeat
reversible, In first rate order, Also
thoroughbred mare © Nancy’ by
“Skye” outof Favourite” rising 6,
152j hands, ~ot of herneds for above.
in excellent condition No reasonable
offer refused, Apply to Oomuander
Coombs IN. at _* Glenside” Tuna-
pont or at the Immigration Oflce,
20th October, 1911 -1m,


Gittons' Carriago Facter



OCTORS, Druggiste, and Contrac:
tors are notitied that Prince Rob:
tnson is no longer the Secretary tothe
obov-named Society, and that all cor-
tespondence with the S ciety must in
future be addressed to Toussaint Bap
liste, the Acting Svcretary, otherwier
they will no! b+ acknowledged, Mer
bersara further nutifled that the
ciety will pot bold ivself responable for
any moneys that may be paid to Jiro.
Peioce Robinson frum the date of the
publigation of this o-tice,
Hesry Wie x } Trusters,
Petit Bourg, San Juan,

Hsse socuted GULD MEDALS of tha highest awards wherever

izhibitet. Theoaly CIGARS and CIGAHETLES awarded 0 .

by the Jamaica International Exhibition, 1891,

TMachado’s Uigare and Cigarectes are for easokora of enlture

Jo qre ig quality «td aroma, 2
‘ne Workmanship and blending of M \CHADO'A OIGARYA

aanotibe exaiiled of eyaatiod,



(4% Medaliat aad Demonstrator of

Meherry Dante) O Ver, U.dA., 27

Peeloriele Sc. All tbraochas of Up-toalate

| OBNTISTRY practi of oa wsiern prin

ipo ab Popatae pricet— Paras 33 —Nov
bs 90.


G VQuAte of Howard Unirent
4.4A., Sargeoa Deutiet, Ottice I
Dese 8, between Pembene ond Aler
cromby B= 7/0 11


If you contamplate being eng§geJ, or if you knoy
who is engage ', you should nut forgot. “g

So JORGE WE 23-11

Dont order froma a catalogue which shows « picture ax
siza of «lo omotive flash lybt and only get @ inure little
Money retuuded 1f quility 13 uob aa yuaranteod,




Aladdin Sec

. Dontistry.

Offlue: 2 Ewvectl at,

PECIAL Ecpertence id Gold Cr

SV +r aod Bridge work, Tere an an
we, Pasctaslty and esti-f.cuon grey
ateed jn all brauchue—Televhone 651,


For “Its sw


It is Water white in
beautiful soft, white aa
will not crust the wick, 3
label similur to the facsimise!

Wa xNwDIXs&
No, # Office Telephone 615 &,


‘ | 8, Henry

as tsust | -
EX 8,8 “FAL

Ball Twine, Stoadl Jaf]
Galy, Buckets, Galri

A\ a
WERFUL drugs ma bch
Pere lnse. but ay Reem of Teale
Culture will curs you en: rely. cGre all
' kinds of slukucas, no tter how oid, by
| Nature's Dest Hemedies. assaye, Vibra
tlon, Exercise, Hath, Diets, &r, da |
cure dificuls cass where others full
because my methods are soleutitic, safe
aad pure, 6 blessing to chronic auiferen,
Come or write before it ietoo late, Eyes
Carefully examined, Oorrect Glasses fitted
tebelp and save oak eyes, to nce tuth
stall prices,
JAD CARDINAL, SET, lemon ote



100 Ibs. = 24 cents

Table Lam

Word. : Bakxd, Meveger, 6 Aba rey ri
oqnec.—atept. 2,—1m, ger, crom y Ntroet | They will waintalo thele freshness and Ce Nae.
= ima Seat T OF LAND —vorner Get, Wb.) boteny for a loug time. 50 Ib] Ip Poreelait 5 uss 4
MI tod Borde direct, bar ANT oD Tumediately Olect with | * Sh «, iP 8, . ) cents ond 5cg ’
of Now Bue! 4 quiet 8jot thorough knowledge of Oustom ares J} anted E ale, Ladies,
the Savannah, Very cost and quiet spot. hone wart : ae athe do Short TURNER'S Apply etat . , . 25 lbs 8 t Door Lochs, Galt,
. ND— Yo. 20 pewritta eferred. Ap- Dply statis th 1 at} *
Yaar ator Lage ms emai cin PRIY Jeeretng otal sepernses £9 | A pros is Now M6 Boreas Dpain Casas ot Betale of F. Ae Shale Duoase, . CentS/ —commare srock a
MLL OOPTAUE—Ne. 42 Dundeoald ~iw ~ yw wee . Mp oyment geney ow _. oo ut re is areas thom the slore 3 ls. ° 1 cént Household Yitchst i
RY Bu ce — B80, Lamadiog ie \V ARTED Drillers and Tiveelees to 2G Farikx at. CUMMIAGS' SHCUOL OF SHORT- oral ie the £ elaia wie vie Saecaease ommsmnaaoomng , kequisges.
. yl 4acde {st t
APP EM eat PRIGUAK, an igre fall mr! opposire tranopaRr sration.) HAND & TYPEWRITING. Fi dar of Nevaut IOit ove rise tae CRO NEY Whotlen'e and
Bollelbor le : . -_—— ebe 9 O86 Rk tl
aT Ballo, er rimaeca |. Mycuarg ont of Beoployment—co | J MONS In Spanish Shorthand also, to be meds, fam the Cavedand about & £0 a
For Salo, ye do Tune mane | TURNER Uipellaa asd Soribtadtmcg | NMA rte ONEY
HE sloop “ Bepron’ of 10 lous f rapaer and Typist Ouly those with If youars in need of a Hervant -G> uddortaben ‘Paune BN, oo wer “K IBERTOON, | NON EY
For further quertioulars apply lof jvewi us one experience seed fi. FE RNEK (Mane NELLIE HANOUOK, 5 Chasoa 8 reer, ' DVANCED ia emall or la
FRMMEIBA BL Hotel Bapans io Pog ply Apply da waiting cc de ong Aviiag Pomp 4 Ports falpew, on easy torma cn d ' tga
Aun ia MeL MOTH solicitor, Qin § opies of lestimouutals to RX oo3 Re cists Feed 3 Duudensid &. Trianted, RINID vl ewellery,
Bireet 1 wby-Uola. 2b ~ LW. Gasetie” Offkes,—Uotr. 17a da Ue ay das, Get dd dea. 04 M-he, wit Frederick bur

= = ‘ se RN er ene a agree prt gry rere ——— aes rake eee
ee ee pS ence ae : cot ee prtun tiene ee eS een ieee icirentill " wee a Fd
eel Sasa, ge ee nae ere Tange ara Ip Srey ara ee TT remem er ” ’ e ‘ a
vas 7 . ‘
' » 1 _
. & ~ . a


——— we
7 + .



Unsolicited “Testimonial.,

HE following iettar from Dr. Thomas Bernard Keaoy, M.D., a former popalar
Y ee eaterprieng Madios of thie Cuy, sod wba feaiw enjryiog a large and
fashioveble priation ia Nee York City waa et freed to the Tofers America, Drog
aed Cesding On and crowed (gmail hy Mave Sait Baw & On, of the
Boars Unig Sore, whose rol ths Sole Agemey ofthese wel kaoea Products,
Tp oper gume navateciie! wh tus pan tered with the ceasea’ of thy Dsctor t=
* ‘f “4 , a


It will pay you to we


for the opening day,


Tuomas Banyapo Keesy, M Dat
2 ee! a
~— nN. Xe City,


August 81b, 1911,

gr-Amenican Dava & TRADING Co.,

Ts bree York City = ’


Dear I have much plessura jn acknowledgiog eoceipt of your favours and
accompinying pad and stamp I shall bave rneh pleasure jo putting the |


CO., liTD.

stamp jot practical use and. [trust iy eff4rte may help to Introduce your
vale ole growin athens ie ifthe ely degaiata,

Your NIALOUIN DIGESTIVE Is a phystel gically scientific preparation
thetwit prove fixe gi at voli om ube var ae patho uginal conditions
femillerly known ae Sdysyegia’ aud ‘iudigestiou, and is decided advance

nd sdiition ts m plein tha apy, *
BS NTALOOIN. LAXATIVE. Lovdsldve aa ideal combination and suitable for
alleges, It will prove of great value io the trea! ment of habitual constipation,
T Anil th wopecialty sultable fa ehidaen .

EXUINTO has already giveit ive govd clinical results fa a case of Sriitatire
eczems, I willbave much pleasure in reporting further successes.

Wyehlog you every succsss aud asauciog yauof tay esteem and sopreciation

I rewain, Youre truly,


wie Pugh






N, These Producte may be obtained Wholesale and Retell fram Mearrs.
SMI1LU BROS. & COMPANY, The BDonanzs Drug Stores, sud all the leading
Pharimacies throughout the Teland.



The Joint Committees therefore unanl- p TREES IN THE TOWN SQUARES
TOWN BOARD. mously agreed to recommend to Ilis Ex Letter from Mr. W. E Broadway,
-_ oellency the Governor that the amount

+7 Tuapector of Trees in Nquares, &<, 6

EAST DRY RIVER IMPROVE: | fixed tor the East Dry River Improvement acl pawledgiog receipt of Ihe ‘Lowrd
MENT SCHEME, Heheme In the Schedule to the Public Clerk's letter conveying to him the | So

— Works Toane Ordia ance No.9 of 18 nem ely Board's concurrence ia hie suggestion
FURTHER DEVOLPMENTS = TOWARDS Aoi anode agcrensed to the recon | for tha planting of bright Auwenny
PURCHABE OF WOUDBROOK, mendation of the Jolat Committee as to | and eaialt growing trees in the Squares
the Increase of the aum to be provided jf uf the Town; and as to the question
for the carrying out of the East by with regard to the number of trees

River Improvement Scheme from 413, fn Victoria Square, referring to his

to £20,400 be approved and adopted. uatteily report ia which he ea presses

The report was adopted. the opinion that for present PUrpmed,

The Chairman sald that the details] the numberof trees planted in Vict iia
would be lait on the table, Square do aot require lesseuug

The foliowing resolution of which} Memoranduu from the Town Eu
notice Lad been given stood in the} cineer, dated Lith October, 1011 re-
name of Dr, Masson t—"That fostruc-ffereing to previvus cotrespucdence
tions be Isvued to the Board's Inspector f hetween the Government aod the Lae
of Aniaials and Meat pot to for | Water Autburity aud Sewerage Boatd
slaughter aqy-abimals which, although | on the quest on of his pension 1yhts,
ina healthy pondition are not likely to [and asking that, aghe bass Cotpletest
pr vide prinie meat.” 10 yeure of vervice in the Colony, ti

Dr, Masson sali, at thelr last inet: ( matter may now be proceeded with,
Ing the watter was disenesed and ou! ‘fhe Chatman Biggeotad ay a cou
the suggestion of Mr. Dyett it was] unites to consi ler tue matter Messe.
postponed fu order to afford them an | Ganteauine. Vieiia and Giant.
opportunity of looking up the law on ‘Tne Board agreed.
the sulsject and to find out whether it WUODHIRUOK ESTATE.
wae competent for the Hoard to direct | The following commuuications were
the Inspector of Aoliwwalsand Meat to | read: —
refuse tu staugliter anjinals presented to CovoNtaL SucreTant's OFricn,
him. which werein good health but . Triaidad,
not laa fitcondition to provide meat 2b October 1Wit,
of good quality when killed. Je Sir,—Relerring to your letter No. 704
believed the Lown Clerk had had 4 con- ofthe sch aitiine arid othe revlous
ference whth Mr, Ganteaume, their dene
legul member, and he hinself had cun- purchase of, Woodbrook Eetate, Vy the
suited the Town Clerk, and, sn far as prt Hoard,
lie could gather, the legal position was
as follows Under the Slaughter
Ifuase Ordinaace, No 212, sections sub-
section (e), the Hoaid had power to
make bye-laws “for fixing the hour
whea, and prescribing the conditions
and requirements uuder and subject
towhich animale aie to be elaughted

;Stillman’s Freckle Cream,

—~AND— -


A supply Tast Rtevecived by
W. Cc. ROSS & CoO.,

Colontal Dispensary.
A eRe

Tur regular meeting of the Town
Boar! was held io the P at-of-Spain
Sown [all yesterday. There were
present:-Hon. Adam Smith, Chain
mao, Hon De. E. Prada, Dr. G. He
Masson, Mesare, Hf. P, Gantéaume,
KL J. Vieira, T. Geddes Gant and L. 0,
Inniss with J. A. Lawy (Town Clerk)
and KV Acton (Town Engineer.)

‘Ibe minutes of the last regular
meeting beld on September 23th andl a
special meetingen Otobcr J2th were



The report of this committee wae

Included in the aninutes of that com.
inlitee meeting was the fel owing t=

Letter fron) Jlis Grace the Archbishop
of Port of Spain, dated 2uth September,
TWH, offering to purchase the fee simpte o!
the Western ye’ School lands for
stholestle purposes, and the Town
Enginoer's report thereon.

“* We recommend :—That upon psy
rmaentofthesum of £40 a lease for a
Vert of 1) years of the lands now leased
for the Weatera Schovl be granted to
His Grace ths Archbishop of Port-of
dpain at a yearly rental of 1/, ou Cie
following conditions -fhat the atrip of
land abuut Si feet in length and 7 feet
wide, slong the sout bern side of the tand
now feaned be iven upto the Board, to
be facluded in the street, thatthe bulid
fag to be erected on the fands be a sub
stantial concrete s bool house of the
value of not fessthan £20,209; that such
building be erected within two years of

Just Rocoived
A fall Stock of * GLOVER'S PRE
PARATIONS, ree to Do; fanciers
seBovuklet on Diseases of Dogs and
Tlow to feed by H.vLAY GLOVER,
V.85 , Bole Agents forthe West Tadies,

F. A. JONK3,
The Royal Pharmacy,

33 VUsatlotts St. Opposite £
Market~—Qotober oto. anlern

R.MLS.P, 3b. f7al mat

TRATO—The IL.M.S, “Atrato’ Ie dua here t N
A {Oubal, Jannaica, Colon, Cartagena, and P10 Sarna oe souane
a bh lostant, and will laave the next day for Southampthn via Bsrbadoe,
Ge Michsele ed, herbourg, taking passengers, cargo and malle,
pazeengors for ih te Arata mbtbouse Jetty, Queen's Wharf, at 4 Pm. with
ASSCORELS ATS B lly notufled that a baggage lighte:
the homeward mall will leave the 8t. Viecent Jetty 5 1 7 fo be cent te

foe Landon Klectelg

or minute from the * Fons’
New Pictures every Mon


thing asin

directed by Iie Excellency the Governor
to forward, for the {nformation of the
lioard, the enclosed vopy of « telegram
from the decretary of State fur the
Colonies with regard to the proposed
advance of £35,000 which the Crown
Agenta willbe prepared to make on the
conditions therein stated.
Thavethe honour to be, -

Thursday, Friday,
201, SI1H, S8rn

Great Nlorm tn

(ng, aod 0 the data of th tlag of the lease, | therela” Acti der th: isiona f ,
down before ethet howe therefore requested to ane that their baggage fs sent thet the ‘premisee be tse solely for, the of that Ordiceace, the Board made Your most onsient ots Boe oe BT, GApO
RE dee dS PES Ge STE TEE | Giatmapammnt tn tihata |Crektemlctare diy pane sed] | euceno, Lacan BiREEr
* eave the same » ft th rd.” "1
tape cendes wl iacee ae errmetine,casgo tod mad. CNUPAOm Tempe | \PaTeitWOluKs AND Swanage | siall tavghier gop soinal th eng] pavedSpdan = THE ThN HMANS B
pasomngere for the Berbice dgbtbouse Jetty Queen's Wharf, at 5p.m, with The re COMMIT TE. mittee on | bas been Inspected by the Inspector on Corr, AN,OLD MaID DREA

tus lay on wh’ch it Is [ntended to ba ADVENLURES OF AN
slaughtered and certified by him to be
f.eo from disease and otherwise fit. to
be then slaughtered.” It was clear
fiom that that animals presented for
slaughter must, fulff two conditionet
(1) they must be “free from diseasa,”
and (2) “otherwise Ht tor slaughter °
He took lt, therefore, that what the
framers bf that bye-taw had [a lad
was precisely whet he had been trying
to urge upon the members of the
Hoard s vis, that reeJom from disease
wad pot tha only polot of view fruin
which the Inepector must judge the
fitness of aniinale for slaughter, but he
tiuet ace aly that they were fu auch
conditiun that wheo killed they would
provide good beef, That beiog so, be
thought the Board wae well withia [te
rgbts in eo directing the Laspector
But be was sorry that hie friend, Dr.
Dickson, waa not there because he
thougbt the doctor had soine objection,

and he was not prepared to say he
was wrong,~to the Board directlag
one of its professlonal officers as to the
neanger In which he was to exercise
hisdimretion, He, (the optaker} wae
however. quite pared, if the joard
would allow big, to withdraw the
wotion in the fori io which {t then
stcod, and toank tbe Board to allow
dine to move 4 resolution dire tlog the
attention of the Inspestor to the
powers he hed under bye-law 4 aud

Telegram from Seerclary of State,
‘te Governor, Port-of Spain,
Tecelved 21th Oct, 101L,

With reference to your despakh of
18th August, No. 341, and with reference
te your telegram it ph jateber,

rewo Agents wou re to
advance £65,00 on ‘November lay

Before advance Is made, lown Board
should be required to give defolte ur-
dertaking to pay such Interest and
sinking tund asutrtbution in respect of
whole aurount of 4100,0U0, which fro be
lent toit by the Government as may be
fixed for Government luan when issued
in default of agreement for TePayment
by instalments before expiration of
currency of Government loan,

They “should undertake sion to pay
their ‘proportionate abare of manage
Not considered desirabie t

06 considered desirable for Town
Board losn to be ralyed b.
debentures, 7 Special
‘The Chaisman thought they should
reply that they agreed to the terms
proposed by the Government with
regard to interest and sinking fand for
such amount se It was deeded hey
should bottow, ‘They only wanted
authority pend up to £100.U00 if
hevessaty, but noc less thag £83,000,

Agreed ta.
Otuer matters were considered.
The Board tose at ten winutes ta len,

for ine Bigsage lebter leaves the St, Vincent Jetty at 2 pm. with baggage

wane, for the “Berbice” will be received only up toé pm, on Monday the

Waterworks matters was also ap:

Tatter (rom the Colonial secretary,
dated 10th Octover, 1VL, forwarding &
copy,of a letter from the acting Goveruor
of the Windward Islands exquiring
whetberthe Board would ba willlog to
allow Nr, Acton to proceed to St. Lucia
once every year for the purpose of an
annual faxpection of tbe Castries Water
works as proposed by the Governor uf the
Wiadward lelands. and the Town
Englneers report thereon.

* We reouromend . —[bat the Colontal
Secretary be Inforwmed that the Hoard
have ne objection to Me, Acton, durlng
such periods of annual vacativo leavd as
may convenient, proceeding to dt,
Lucia for the purposes mentioned jn the
letter of the Governor uf the Windward
Islands, upon sach terus asmay be
arranged tween Me. Acton and the
Government of the Windward Islands,”


Tho report of the Arrears Cunuittee
was adoptect.

The following repent was submitted
by the East Dey Hiver luprovement
bcheme Committee 1 <

Ja accordance with the resolution of the
Jloant of the Izth October, 1911, a meeti
of fee Jolat Committee was arran ed and
held at the Colonial becretary's Ontos ou
the Zith instant, there being preseut, oa
hebatf of the Government tbe acting
Colonial Secretary, (the Hon'ble It. G.

RESERVED Seate Limited
Children to Beat BEATS at MA’

Notico, |

puerto NOTICE Se horeby given thet | ccBialned &
ta exercins of the Btasatory Power of | Msttgace No, 92,
Sale conferred apoa Mortgagsrd by the | Str. 198 sad
Co tveyancing sud Law of Property Urai. | favour of Narada s
neoce Number 72, and cootained or im. | Se put up for sale
pitel faacertela Memoraadam of Mort | be andersigaed, a
Raze adder she provigiona of the Hea | No. 2, Backeulle
Pro arty Ordioance No. 0, nowbered 133 | Murt-ol-Sysio, on
dvelsbelt bh dey of Seytewver, la the | “f November, 1911,
J¢ Fove bounded ning hundred sod tive | 200 48d bwo pam,
sal racdeby Alfrid St. Clair iu favour on All and sisgular
the HMoncva‘able Ancher Warner, which | arod of land elt
mort age bee been trensferred, and the | Turace fa the
aame is pow veated ia R.ymond ‘Watne risiag 16 acres, be
sod Kleurd Joseph “out ty Memora:. | 20 le-adelinested aod
dom «f Teansier No. TU, deted th | 220edarlee therecl
Swonty-Gih day of Apiil, ia ibe Jearon ibagrams attached te
va demud siow Lord ed aad ois, there we | ted ig the Real
wo prtnpfo ele by Huvio Aucioaga | :} Volame XX folio
hy Aactlon Mart of we U decsigued ete | Vrth Hoaih oad
steaa Numb g 12, palit Vioceot Street, > ad o0 the Week by
"the tueno! Patii pal .an Wed es. f Mohradge sod by

a=lhe Ou

J da, 1 a orn
O Cherbourg, 8t. Michaels (Azores: ‘and Barbados on ‘Tuesday Tun, ovember

and will leave the same day for New York, via P iy
Jamaica end Antile (Cuba) taking pratt iog cage. and aeadiee sna, Colon,
passer pader elit eye thes Bhthouse Jetty, Queen's Wharlat 4 Dm, with
a 6 passengers are specially notified thet a be h "
hed ott outward mall will leave the st Vioosne deuenacn'® e Seve


berrege la seat Poa before thet hour, Wherefore requested to sce that thele

mpuleary for the baggage of second clase and deck pa
fumixated, and a special Ii ae eme ve
take thelr bs waroto the paver i leerd the Bie Vincent Jet 7 at Vaty to

B Monday 6 h' Now abe . ad will J are thanext dep

1 e eruber, and will leave the next ds for Grenada, 8t, Vin-
Paar c aia, Dominios Monteerrat, Antigua, Nevis sod 8t. Kitts, taklag

Tho tender will leave the Lighth *
passengers and their baggaze ght house, Hetty. Queen's Wharf at Spm, with

ore’ go for the * Besbice” will be recelred only uploipm on Monday the

NITA—The Bo Delo -
B November, for Demerara, taking Pamenger, cargo, und maliatmaey hh
e 0
pejcogere and therhexgegs forthe Siilagtiae™ee® WEA ACT pm with
Jar orthe ‘Herbice ' rece
the Ub November. * ved oly upfo 4pm, oa Mondsy

ARONL ‘The ES. * Geroni™ wil onthe
CG oe Oo for Mew Loa 1 leave here oo Seturdey, lita ovember,

doo, and U onilnental Porta,

Rert Salitsg Lo Europe Next Ballings for Caropano, Pam-


eGesueiny purts oo

Husbe, CMO 1,” th di : “
patar, and La Gnayra General, ite Hon tet. Se renee approving of bis enforcement of thuse fez the, frat dey of Novem ver 1911 bee Dated thle You
*ATRATO* ., . Bist October | DERBICH the Dirwotor of Publi, Works (the Hoo ble r that two pom. all .
THAMES Ils Nove. | Malan t= Slat October | 40G, Beiljaud, on bebalf of the Hoard The Chalrman:—I uuderstang that abrertaia piece or pareel uf land and ‘4
THENT “LL ga Nove’ iitielsd 4 lithNov'ber | the Chiet Comulastoner (the Mouwble | tie Inep ctor has been dolog jut No. 134, @ocoa pleatation situate in the Wierd of
ORUBA "Jah “bes. | BALAN 2th Nuv'ber | Adam Swithi, the Hon ble De. KE Prada, | What you now auggest, Vorere ia the Ivleud of Trisided, eon- welt
GUALENA wh pee be TIA oes + 32th Deo'ber | Dr. G. HW. Masson, and Ne. Le O. fonts, |, Jt was ulthwately agreed that the ee ‘atulog Gve sree three ioade aud tbirty- | oo poral
MAGIAVA, ooh Sang tors | Bate a Bee ee ae eee resamautineen was also present, [Toma Clerk suould | convey the raaberches ve te same Mure er lee | ee TUESDAY
0 y tA Wh Jauy 192 a iee eatlinateon tad specifications which desired juforination to the laspactos, | Arrives par dernier courer gaat sed eeeribed ia the planus | PALM ru NOVEM.
a abi ne H . o
. CIRCULAR TICKETS. the Towa Baglueer bad been Inetriyted $6 CLEANING OF EAVES AND frangais. vee Be Cae yinereen, Gaek te | DUDLIC NOTICH #

iret Claes tickets are fesued frum Tiloldad to South, °
aud back direct to Trlalded or vies tered for note en ig New York,

‘These tickets are available between New York sod Kaglend sod uics
the steamers of the Ajnerican, Atantio Trausport, Cuuard and White oer

These tickels ace available for 12 monthe from date of
cau be obtaluod tu break the voyage at auy or all ports tousbed ei oa erties

bbtidren Ito 10 years balf fares.

prepare lu cousultatioa with the Director
tt Pabtie Works, were considered the
Committee, aud after fall d it
wae decided that tur the wurk to be done
fa a eutielaviory wiaaner it was Deveseary
$ include la” the acheine wi

of only that portion to the North
of Frince had lesen uriginal!
latented. enue, Pubtie orks

XCVI, folw 319, and ebatting North n

, 2] erred on Mo:
+ aMaw ot rately ut the Urvwra, Benth | aud Lac of Property,
#08 laud pow or tate of Wilieg | contained ia s certals
G er sud upsa lands uow or Intely of | Mortuage No, &7 dial o
loud frou Joseph Fi ole
there will be pat wpe

© eee Qntrenermne
Chapewux poor deme et jeu
fil'ea, models nouteaus, yeuuee
Yaoe A m.ius decnier KA 206,
Echarpoe haute nouvesuté
(x raete coupe now velo,

Letter from Mr. I. HL Lovelace,
Gated Ith October, 1911, encluslog a
letter frum tbe Sanitary Inspector,
calliag upon fin to keep the esves-
iiters aud downpipes at hls preinises
No. 4, Ciprianl Boulevard free of ob-
plenstion and etatio that he je unable

‘ae Om, Eot opoa jeads petitioned
[2 Uuerler ¥, bel ier mod Weat wpon | ed at ‘Aue
sas now oF lteiy of the Crowe and | pine ee tcda tbe
“pee ands naw or lately of James Sulih on Tuowlay the

tar et


vod intoreeoted by a treek reserved twenty J Ivti between the ad
hak os

Reco! lar tlekete leeued at aad Town of t :
cui end tity ve baat vet are ? a aU exclusive obarge of 2, is be complet tonne could te cetvlen! spect Seder owing tote hulog piers Poudend fe Sayin ole, eoarre. torn Ale lite wie ant nie y Ahtut vont
Laboa ngzo ageagoe : UUU, on to we of thuleaves of autres ie pape wy, nb, tagecer wu phe agpart Island of Trinidad
. —e- we fom the Boulevard which ls uader the | farures i sb Bpartenanoes | Islan thaot
vio abtpruente Tequested to are that all thele baggage te Property labelled, Paw Foxes Beyous er.— There le Funtrel of tie ard, aod sab ing thas Howus ouvesutan™ nouvelles, 0 ad rian thls Sh day of pasted athe Dag
Labele cau Le oliained at the Coupauy’s Oftice. aos virtue fo a tptile of Canadian plant iu its sivad a beautital fowerlag Ganta longs et courte, stobes a the year of eer Lud; 3012. Sronded on the vach 73
For all further particulars tpply at te oe thee The | “TéeTown ku invert teported Uhereon va Ovu'e sre ot Bas 20 36 e ¥, J. 80017 4 BON ve ink wie ung pS
; 1 palle know this and there ure few | Attar sous discussion” toe Board | ¥tileu ’ Gov . Avoilonete, Keser
HE COMPANY S OFFI CE 1 houwholda througuut the country ! reed that the matter be referred to | Mouelions, ;
I . ; s where lb cannot found. Thirty | the Town Kogineer In consultetion | ( poutchona pour oei J - mp apeeenceeneent
Marine Square Port-ofSpain People with it, end sade trea awit jtith the Lespector of Trees ‘andl if the oolnliree,
arin qu. ! Beppe with it, aod toads it @ house: tc. in question. be found dlemeede J, te Dis The cheapness of Mother Groves
wag tticine thivugbous the weetern { Uerlews of uusighly that it be re 7 Werte Mstonulnator pula it witlue
j moved VOUETS, koeeb of all, sud lt cag be wot al apy


FO . >



eepets erent 2

nt A SO Oe neve ciatemech hk owenmourserene


ama hy

ithe Bonan za



S@pecial Job-~ Line


8Ca, and 8°¢ oach.




Ki gots 600 yard— In White and Feru,

a BUBROIDENY EDGINGS & INSERTIONS. Gent’s Straw Hats! Gent’a Fel

Kee and Children's Underclothing.


~ a

. Mev Benaven Brngsa ware,

7 Wrecleriok MmMtre


Fire & Life,


Royal Insurance Co, Ltd.

Funds Exceeds ... £12,000,000,
NSURANCES sficcted agsloet lees

| LC 4H!
vuiction 10 the Prieg

rf OF ICH.

reduced the price of IC! to $4.00 por Ton | PROMPT AND EQUITABLE SET-
, m delivered in lots of not less that 25 Ibs. ata time. TLEMERT.

ed Prices Commence from oopar's DATE, nents oz Losses.
ednesday, 20th september. genio;
Prinidad Shipping & Tradmg Company, Lita. SMITH BROS, & CO.,

Che Bomnnmxmsn,
fi miye 2 - 25 bs. tickets in exchanzo tor every 25 Ib. ticket gZ'J | Port-of pale, Trinidad.
sol aS the rate of $3.0) por toa, on application a% tha swe

ot the Company. = NEW SHIPMENT


payer CRENADA, TRIXIDAD and DEMERARA, Carrying Through
Freight for Tobago and Ciudad Bolivar.


od | ef
aE | Ag


EF Tweeds,

sl a eat
Oct 3 fOct. F] Oct
Oct. $4] Oct, ast Nove I erges
Ow 12) te Oe
Oct e Oct 27) Now. 3 Nov, tl

* OF,
Nov. 10.Nov. 11] Nov, 1s
z. Now.

Lpe. |B “He
2 Now, 23 Dees Bhan sven 19, Dow.” Bo] Dece 37 oye
pes of» jams | Flannel Suitings
Jan, Of Jan, 10) Jaa. 17

Jan. 3

4 * b. 8
ov Guanada ian eT STEPHENS LMTD

BeMiDaD Surerina anv Taping Oo., Lan.—New York and Trinidad
, & Co--Grenada; Booxne Bros, MiOonwxn. & Co., Ltp,—Demerary

} P. PATERSON of Nota | A Nutritive Tonlo and Rertorative A REVER CIGARETTE CASE was
Be it, City, General tmport FOR CONVALESCENTS. lost, but wee recovered through
Oe Lt ee le iste | Ty ECOMMENDED by the | Medical Get your
HELL, Customers are so | R Faculty ag a Blood Enrichening and
ence Tan ets for Turtle ‘s. vet McOanruy'’s Pharmacy, 73 BORININ’S.
m Frederick St.—15ib dept, &$ QUEEN STREET.

The Best Place to Buy Everything,

Deing engraved.—Motto:
Jewelry engraved

Thuraday afternoon.

‘ yo. ‘
Fe ‘ a!
— ~

this Week sArrivals | GENTS DEPARTM’NT

Brown Cotton SWHATERS,

White and Navy Sateen

wrimamed to BIiatols


Frice 84 Cents.

ificial ‘Flowers !/ [QTOR WRAPS FOR GENTLEMEN,


Tweeds, Vicunas, ete, Ties Socks and Belts.

. \T H BROS. & CO. Bonanza, For Gents Novelties.

. 3





ye Saee ge tn £ 1


§ Dollars a Pair.



—OF —~

Memorial Wreaths,



Just Opened, =



t Hats !! . . ~IN THE—


{ Consulate damgaed and several re- | the Conference at the earliest date al: p miles an hour -a reasoi
Y LatestTelegrams ! fngee Jews, Uiitheh subjects, wore ; lowable, 1013, although rreedy notice | kpeed, Defendant sae ae nts gf
Killed. will be given. Refined sugar is lower | bls direction aud he blew hie horn.
MASSACRE AT BUNGHAZL ja New York. Ilo saw Me. Feaser's mule coming out
s i$). AN AMAZING FLIGHT. of London atreet, and accelerated the



WI & Panama Telegraph Company.

on iN TED.
- In Rome a inasmacre, ab Henghast ia New York, Ovte. Sth ‘ of Ube car and shot in ord:
R al ] w a Cc oO i deol, and it Wwomelally uve ted that Nr Orville Weight hes perfor ned an iSavclde collision with the tute ‘As
Ue Turks were ki! en wounded, | amaz ng fight ona glideror motor lens | soon as he . slowed d
mission Unsa tare Minorle jt as claimed’ the | bijdane at ill Devi THI, North Carole | hie car aud: pebecedel to tle ageate:

lie pasred the mule’a head) about
eight feet away. Had witness
been on the left side of the road, he
would have been, abla to eve betters
Whue defendant was at bis agents, a
policeman came to him. Defendant
tegreted he did notsee Me, Praver tn
order to make anexplanation. This
Closed the defence. Mr, Uranesul ia
pointing out to tha Magistrate that no
case bad been made out against his
client, sald there was considerable pre-
judice against motor cars in this sun.
try as i the Ntates, and Kurppe, and
even little Uatbados where there were
thres or four tlioes the number there
are ia colony. In Bat jos bow.
ever, they have become accustomed to
motor caraand the prejadice was not
now #0 great. Tho newspapers had
taken the mater up, rapped the poliee
onthe knuckles, aod they were onl

too pie to prosecute anyone for speed-
fog bls car; and that the prosent prosre
cution savoured of epite, Mr,

na He aewended, descended and re-
mained moth nlegs more than a minute,
his total thght ecoupylog ten minutes,
dating a galedrisiog small craft into
harbour, and preventing 4 man from
standing upright, the anemameter
giving tho velocity of the wind as fit
miles an hour. “Aa exhausted bi
alighted on the machine during the


Toadon, Ortr atth

The race for the Cambridgesbire
Stakes at New narket 7 yeslenday, we a
won y — anges atapha 4
second and Mercutlo third. r ¥


We are In a position to anoonnce
the appointment of De. Satnuel M,
Laurence to the vacant seat on the

Ttahan casualties were 2.200

The Constautinople correspondent of
the "Daily Chronicle” saya Eugland,
Fuance and Russia have uni ine
proposal that Italy be allowed to
annex Tripoli, Takey's Caliphate to
be continued, tbe integilty of the
Turkish Empire to be guaranteed, the
Balkan States to be federated and a
Joan of fifty millien pounds be grant-
ed for Turkish public works.


Advices from China state that
Bianfu, the capital of the dhensi Pro-
vince, and formerly capital of the
Empire, regarded” as among the
Government's surest strongholds, has
surrendered tn the revolutiopaties
without a blow. The rebels have
also captured Hukow and HlInkiang,
the Imperialiste making no serious
resistance. ‘Ihe capture of these
tawns indicates that disaffertion 1s




Tor cook.




. .
— epreading eastward to Mankow and | legislative Council in sncceasion to } saul took an objection to the proper
AN ALLEGED GIGANTIO PRO- ihterru © commaunicalion with Shang- Hs Honour ie Conunisatoner laylug of tite cee to the efter that
POSAL, hal, and the Provinces south of bhang: was formral) an PL ueliog nlinent there wae no such offence as“ driving

hal are showing unrest under the KErecutive ‘Coanell Shieh, was ta ita recklessty , “and that Mr. Fraser was

elmply scared in seeing an engine shoot
past him, .

The Liagiatrate jnglving bis decision
sald Mr, Spillet’s explanation mede
the cases quite clear; but he didn’t
think anybody had aright to frighten
other people who drove quietly. eo
broris accelerated tha speed he (the

fagistrate) thought it wae reckless

deivin, ere were man le
agalust motor care, porns fine

Magistrale) was pot amongst) them.
Hethought Mr. Spliler instead of ac-
celerating e 8 of hie car,
should have atop) behiind the cart.
Le conricted him apd im a foe ol
Se., on defendent, Mr. Gransaul asked
fora reduction of the fine to £1, it
being s fires offence, to which the Nag:
istrate however, didn’t see his way wo

spread of reporta of the revolutions
The “Times ” Pekin







weekly Beasion yesterday. We beg to
congrattilate the Ductor on the honour
conferred upon hin.

The oll tank steamer “ Prudentia”
which fs now at La Brea will shortly
te leaving for Porto Nico with a cargo
of Trinidad Petroleum, The © Pru-
dentia” will return ta this port within
three weeks when she will be put cu
the Government Floating Ibock, to be
overbauled, cleaned and painted price
to mokivg another trip to the refinery
at Perth Ainboy with off. It might
be intereating to nota that the “Georg:
jan Priace" only took 43 hours to load
her cargo of 1,168,458 gallons of Trial-
dad ofl, The steamer “Augusta” Je
now atthe pier taking a fullcargo of
oll for Perth Amboy N.J.


states that the financial situation is
desperate, the Treaeury ouly having
one millon taele, a belug
unable ta pay saluries or the
loderanity whose tponement has
not bees granted although asked fur.
Private treasures are being hidden or
taken away by theirowne1s who are
fleeing in rhullitudes, even to Mukden,
fo «seek the rotection of the
Japanese ¢ and the Courts is consider
ing iteremoval. The Government is
veeking a joan of twelve million taels
at eight percent which is being con-
sidered by the Bankers upon the
stipulation that Yuangshikal receives
la s


London, Octr. 26th.
At the reassetnbling of Parliament
on Tuesday, Mr, Asquith outlined the
Governinent's progremme which In-

cludes 18 days to be alloted to the

a arr nn |


Workmen's Josurance Jill out of a of the tuajarity of

total of 40. ‘Me. Balfour , protested maetabers of the Netlonal’ Assembly, ecu PRICES CURRENT.
oat euch an excessive allotmen' ul titullonal an

asingle roeasure, Peaerenal Pasties, hae formulated | Mr, W, P, Spiller Charged Before Deter. 23
ABERDEEN TO ELECT 118 demands to the ‘Throne fur finme agistrate, New yore oO tr. Bo,

On Bat rg tECTO Valverelty diate radleal Feforme as the vole alter. “ * FINUR

in Baturds mieen Univers to Ut auption ol . oars

will elect tw Testor. The nominees are Tinplee, “rte revolution is regarded PLEA OF Not GUILTY, . ‘Winter ot ars tor BL ELa5

Mr Carnegie and Mr Bottomley MP.

Mt le expected that tho executives of
the four Raitway Unions will on Mon-
ropose resolution rejecting


Yeaterda before Mr G. O Deane,
J.D, atthe Clty Police Court, eon-
stable Austin charged W. PB, Spiller,

as political ratber than anti- and. therefore th posalbly will be
appeased by the appointinent of a
truly reepousible Cabinet fotthwith 5
that feManchy Princes and other ia-

tents tobe displaced by Yuan-

ee tndited por bel g20s
a oes
roRK: ber ae

Now Season's per * s
It ai bi 7
Pree ert UT ITE 174

Orvs 80 per cent.

ny E tot the Hallwe Commision, tee ith ta choose hie
a My < power
ENGLAND ANSI EOREDOM OF | tuvoctir Minera; and nly a Fa Punsitaralon, MUR ISAtcedy Ae | aetntatagcoont OS
ith full powers to elected
‘A Melbourne telegram states that er year ‘Ulter suggestions are an | 10 thle elt 1 gn the clober. “Int pai tal g3idlaus
Mr Fisher, the Federal Premier, lo the | amocaty for the rebelv, the yecall of | Shr tor gidie agroreeu oF the | eae land porral. .
course of @ speech, declared that the | esiled “reformers and ths severe | police. and ¢ vi efend att who was EXCHANGE ON LONDON?
Comsmon wealth should co-operate with J punishment of the Officials who ieprest UY, Fs raneaull, pleadet sixty Daye Sight... €83 54s 5g
the Motheslond in preserving the free | failed to control the revolutionaries, not guilty, ' f. Percy Prasec —Supere Bighk ww o 4.86]| LT
dom of the seas eu that in co-operation [Thereupon the Assembly will vote jnlenden \ of B rons ~Kave evidence, | COCOA
with the United States they might say | supplies fur the armed rebelllon. e said that on the date mentioned ta Trintdad per 129 1ltzq 13
to thoee threatening wars" youarenot |aMy UNKELIANLE AND AM: | the charge, he wae driving his buggy VENPOOL,
allowed to doit with fu unity. MUNITION LACKING, trons London street into Richmond OTTON Upland B ot
. LOVE KNOWS NO EASON, The Vicero of Qanton has street. Just as he approached the ia tng and per 1s
The Archduke Ferdinand, brother of | , bed vu the Uavernment corner he beatd the horn ofa motor ms @ satsland in
the heir presuasptiveto the Austrian | CBHI Chuan ie car w ch shot past bin ate very feat Py greg? tee
Tpan hasbeen married fp Bimllier | entice), the "army being unre | tet it was’ a, very aaerow shave | lotee Three percent... PLA pt v0
@ dau, r 3
land to the eerue of Lorg aa re Table nd, Sinmun ition lackio, als qe car waa on the rite of the read, . . tt,
Bounced bls succession tothe Throne. | ieEttads for refinme sluailse tothe | thecarwarqoiog mushy face ehanie | oiGAR, LONDON Cote. HOeke
sf YG rrenle m an sbould, aod. ‘be was unable to dletin- Dewnerara Crystals

, The Mipleter fur War ls ollll orgeul-
itl uot atiack

Riviuonat 1003 and granted him ao
thousand erownn.



gulsh who was in ths car; he knew it
was Mr. Spillers by follawlog bla, Mr.
Boiler was oldigul to keep on the
right ede to avuld acart which was

A Copenbegeo telegram aa agin the same direction. Witness

na attended Doctor Cook's Jecture,
revoluliunaries have #0 canpeaun. | did nog lato Richwoad street
Melle enor ee Tnaeny aoe und There le a0 intelligence frow Ube tet when the incident cocutral, He did | puse
ie ook which is believed t be lacapecttated ewuld drive in the |G are per gall vse,

uot think auybody

, Cook as s most im

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aloscovado Vlioating 1oye-zies

Terme, wt WLM OILS
German 6d peroont

tat Jtamburg p ews, 17416 10)
Jara, 08 or ovut for Or

ders, File perewh .. lMOlag

as 0 A]

denounced (brough many desrrtions, Yuanehl | sirset when il was clesr. fn witness’
‘’ 3
pudent inindler (cheers). dean Sod kei ordered bis special train to returt | ouinion defendant was driving reck Oiatdad Good Mid

to Peblog ; whioh le ¢ leosly, At thie sta s Geaesaull

‘ Filng (ed per owh 64
departed under Ang aad betwee bee gapemesion of hie loabiity to essawe | (ook an ubjvetion thet no evidence of | ANIC OPM eNULENDY - .
4 . bi ’
HIESVOMUERD ware ov vena. | HT aaers conpunucn |Eeres hewatee Geena B7ths | ORC gg, TR
. * . ate, Ww CA upon

Letters from Menghard reeeived at ee ee tee otesen believed that | fence, which daclawed that defendant | General Vetroleum WO Ps 00 tas

| wale Setar goa | shane ota iced oss | a may Staton ee mpc | Race REY AMT
ihe rftleh Oooeul, as wounded, thy Wik Hallve | cay wee Sag teen or glghl | Wostera , te Bees





cel ales a

a dl
s a

ed _ o . “

| aielttnhay Stet att Pete

————— z ty ,
Ménobera of the Unique Filendly . YD,
Society are reminded of the regulate iyeetrey in to et J 0 4 " ry aa
whon the A:
Rye :

meeting which lakes wo thie have bees pro-
'. “Tailors & Outfitters!


. -

oe te eae Sg, gt TE | .
FoI LinkerdvrG).| | Shettana
wn oR BALE Voils
OFFER FOR SA pa ren wer

Baca a.a0.

- By SS: Salybia & Indus}, \eaiccanns


cousldered the revieed rales, : nary 1a fio fi corrmnnce sept and
ta remlod | an hor afted the real fig! i
menbennut Pe ee Courmiltes off. The prices of adaulas on ate By:
of the Trisidad Catholle Men's Uniog and]. ~
Pretitents ar a at 430" oclock pre] Mr. Willem, Dalton Hendervon | hae
Benet ree evonip Cour | Uited ‘atalea of Auierenin tbr city

hip Com- 4
ba punctual ae eater The Bt | of Bollvar; Venezrta The Bresiient

Park Bireety On | of the Venezuelan Republu having an-
Beoder eee ecleely to conal- ved of the appolntinent has grant
der applications for miembersblp, and | ed tha necessary Etequator, We be
all persons who intend ta join and | to pongratulate Mr, Henderson (wha ds
have not yet seat lo thelr applications | the son of dfn Hobert Tleqidlermson, @
are reqpested to do so at once, Reatleman largely olerested forall y)

— on his appointmen
Tho censua returos forthe Kepubtle

when. oat ihe other buslarse, will be Taieed a fine exbititians Tig prelimi...
, an


Special Val


— ———————— eee

1,384, Bags Nagra Rice Fort-of-Spain Gazette.

ling to,the Sargéon General's “
ESTABLISHED tO autor estan ie ont | te otc eh cela c J
Publlebed Dary, Blondare an 6 | tion of the country to be Si at | logically examined for the forth ‘ a
Y Holld ted, ab tha Office 25 St y ited Gctobor Dth, no infected rate
300 Bags Yellow Dholl . Vincent Streck Portatepatn = flon et the Aest scones taken in the | were discovered out of the 1,804 sro Ez
« gar PRICE: ONE PENRY we abl does hot inclads the Cana dents caught and examined, @
: ‘ e; a of whic!
59 Bags Green Dholl Adrertiementeat Biri Deaibs | wes tQGn”K new cereus nom being oe 3 fed .
. a z- Marr whe Zone ii
ate weal ’ . menia and Hisclatmers Gohloh Ieeat acd it te expected that the new HARBOUR AND MARINE NOTES. Box Calf, Blucher Cur—2 Doll
50 Drums Mustard Oil. diqastere of some reeponaiuie | oune will show about 74000 iu the — ;
*§ . pyres wil be chang for at 10 mite stip. aeons The passing of the British “battle. NA
6 each and to be prepaid. No news has been received from the | ehip ~ Noyal vereignâ„¢ into the List

Hecretaty of Btate relative to the | of vessels for sale cloecs another [+
chargen "rusde” teeinnt te. EON. Spoch in. naval history. fur that vesecl
Matton, of the Couva Warden's Office, | attracted almost more attention in
who twas recently tried before the | the naval world when ftirste Junched
Erecutlva It is however @ certainty | in 1801 than did the * Dreadnonght'

* e

15 Cases Ghee, 1 & } Tin, Canal Advertisements of | every

‘ column) 6 per ween 13,6 per
fortnight; C/- per month—to be

10 CASES ERASSWARE,| y.fE Si paenen


ASKETS PLAGNIOL OIL.’ oe Uniresiehete Lovor fe whne opacity | Borereign’= ne always bern covelfers
. gb 0B y A Raltor and Publisher. . A. YP. T, Awnarp, Fas Awhere to, or in what ca ed the totype ‘of the modern ° .
Th - cea ePERRE Te Sete eg as te ond autte | eens ergAEN TS | MAF ENO Sauaro & Cnacen
au sGhaanee sent to a oft op of thls rien he Donec weccelee ‘ ta had nrevioly exprensed themselves Se = — —
SS ¢ > wi 7 Ez }” land stated that the e then | finperfectly ap entative fn auc -- _— a _ a9
QU A. os made pare eto The Port-of-Spain ba eel upon the Heportto tke Secre- ships as Tins “Nile”, * Benbow” s hyp a ee roa
2 i + th . —- tary of Btate in connection with the he evastation”. ‘ Hero", and vhat =
ee : ak ol -
== Advartislog Feale oa Application. | Ptcirea ‘data teing fo hends It | “ileeate’. With” the “Royal Sav
Babscription s erregcPe eee seat | therefore etpected that word will be | reiyo'the bigh freeboard battleship
Pa tn advance-Postage extra | received probably next mail authoriz- | cameto stay The type was wisely

estart to be made. criticized a9) unseaworthy? Slight

, © o
ee — modifications, however renfered these ;
* . There willbe only twocandidates for | ships the must stable gun platforms of z
, * CURRENT EVENTS, Seva'orial honours for the French | thelr day, and all vavies copted (hens a
. ~“ Ss 7 colony of Guadeloupe. Mr. Cicera (the asettensivély as the later “ Diead i
Tu-DAY. present Senator) and M. Gerault R ch: nought.
. —_— t . —— ‘
. . Criminal Assizes ~Port-of-Spain 10,90 both “gentienica “we underetéod are | The Crown Agente tor the Colonies,
Bicycles ot. prine favourites yimong their, con- acting for the Government of Jamal: >
, ah bat! t ca, are invitlo, nders for a fort-
ad bs . I Supreme Court—10.30 a.m. suitaents, the © te expect nightly direct B vail service, under

— coutract with the Government, be-

At the request of the Governor of |} twéen the United Kingdom and

the Windward Islands, the Town En- | Jawasica. Tendersmay be made for

neer of Poxt-of-spain, Mr. E. V.} aterm of five, seven, or ten years,

cton, will pay anqual visits uf inspec. | ant offers are tavited for a service
tion ‘to the Castries Waterwoiks, St. | with and without p-ovision for callin
Lucla. at Bermuds, ‘The steamers enploy

nist be British vessels of a certaln
Owlng to wrong calle being continu-

clase, and of nt less than $.590 tons,
ally made, Messrs. Smith Broa aud | and be capable of an average epeed




8S. “Rhodesian” leaves for Bar
badoe and St. John. Malls close at

|. ° Bicycle Lamps, .

Bicycle Tyres, ' Sale of 114 cases of Younger’s stout
Horns, Pumps and othor atNo 20 Frederick Street, by Ward

Price & Ov.--1 p.m.
Bicyclo Parts.

The London Electric Theatre—5 and

830 p.m. Oo. beg to inform their customers aod | of knots In addition to mail and sg Fi
ALSO oe the general bablic that thele {elephons ener eeonemtnnd stun, they must . j
igh Water Morn 6.40 Even 656 pm, | No 623 isin thee bolesale rug pe w cold s' ge
. | Department 1+ Chacon Street, aod | £100 security fs required frou con- s <
1 Only ADLER RACHER. Sua tines st B33 pm. Pane "requiring ther Retail Drug | tractors. i ‘
. Meon sets - ee . Wipe. [rpartment, which 1a [a theie mais —_ .
ve ———_—_—=_—— a buudings | on Broderick ene King The pretty ttle sader * Dorothy D” .
7 . tiveta, should ask the telephove ex- 4
Sisal and Manila Rope, DEATH. change foreitiver one of the falowiog | Caykey Baie tats wht ne ie OF '
—— N te and 475, E88 i . ~
; De, Worre.—iire, Guillermina ds | guntrra: enunprine their private ex: | [i2" ering, pened abd, obeshauhel Ss
Pitch Tar Oakum Waitt sé¢ Wuppertoana, 77 years old | change connecting all of their Retail a change and under the new name of
’ ’ ’ at her residence 33 Richmond Street. Departiveats. *Camache" she will fly the colours of f {' 4 ;
Gillingham Cement Pine at the Sacred’ Hears’ Chanch, Ib appears that one of the privileges | Pugethg gentlesnen ab the frm of A A u =|
a Falehda are kindly invited to attend. of Sw people fs longevity, The sity. . , . s
d ll th B ildin pardy mountaineers who pend their -_~
EE | lively throes with asegularity of bile Che German craber “Vineta" will
an a oO er WL. £& ness freq ently become centenatiaus. 7 prsceed alongside Archer's buike to

A Swiss statistical journal Just pub-
lished ylves the date uf nonagenarians
and centenarians who ded between
187 and 1000. 6,709 died at ages be
tween 10 and Of yearas 753 between 05
and 00 and 41 went beyond the 10, In
these figures, as customary the women
preponderate overthe sterner sex, 18
men being placed against the 23
women centenarians. However, the
oldest of the lot was aman, a Tessi-
nols, who reached the age of 105 years,

The report of le Honour Judge
Rassell onthe trial of the Aasee murder.
wherein three tnen wee sentenced to
death, has not yet been sent in to the
Executive, The matter was therefore
not considered, as was expected, yer


The Constabula-y Band will play in
Ssn Fernando this afvernoog fron &

alay for the purpuse of taking 400 tone
buoker coal.

Materials, | ~ | SER PACE 2 For

Town Board ; East Dry
itiver Intprovement

“ Scheme ; Further Devel-
opments Towards Pur-
chase of Woodbrook,

World’s Smallest’ Ene

- gine. Court Sale,

eros: «| SEE PAGE 9 FOR

Infant Mortality at, St
Lucta. Find New Clew
tothe Matne Mine; Wire
Picked Up Near Wreck
“ Was Bought ir Phita-
delphia Private Investl-
gators Learn; Soldto a
Spaniard; Man Satd to
be Gent. Weyler’s Ayent
Bought Explosive and
Uaterialin 1890. Caes«
aris Caesarl, Four New
Hattleships ; Further
advance tn Size and En-
gine-Power, US. Navy


— IN
The Lamport and Wolt lnoer
Vasari? airived last aight from the
River Plate via Venezuelan porte.
She sails at noon today for Barbados

aud New Yerk. The tender with
sengere will leave the Lighthouse
Jecty at noon.

Pink, Sky, Cream, W.
H Vieux Rose, Claret, Re
French Grey, Navy, 0

pagne, 27 ins. wide


24¢.,30c., 36c.,40¢., 4


Por Yard. 4

00000000 C060 DOOD CC CO 000000000000 06090

Oriental Sai

—IN— 4

Sky.Grey, Black & 0 <
38 ins, to 40 ins, widé
$1.20 per yard. 4

Malia ¢ oee at lu au.

to day.

The Biltigh three masted schooner
* Adriatic” which has been knocking
about the bocas sinca Monday morn’
ing. eotered the channel yesterda
andcane up to her anch sage wit!
the aid of 4 pitot. This veusel ig under
chaiter to carry molases ta the
American marke’ Her last port of
call was Bridgetows, Hatbados, where
she tonk 80 puncheons on buird. She
will G2 ap at this port before leaving.
the Trinided’ Boipplog ‘aed esradicg

e i ng an D
Goy Ltd. Ppplog 8

The Dritish steamer * Carpenor,”
ednesday and was about the house ‘
ab ustal, Tout later Ia the day was yay froee a guotby,, artlved

attacked with a fit, whea Dr. Lear | vith to
mont (whose office is hard by) was |New Oulonia Ger Ege Aree ane

“Small Peter”

q est, purest
j fager ever
3 brewed.

Mra. Ellzabeth Small, grandmother
of Mr. G Johnson, residing at 50
Quese Btreet, got up quite weil on

a to Mobllise; Record Core | calied {a attendance. Despite eve b hh roceed
~ This io t. centration Off New York, | attention Mra. Small expir that eve: chargi toload cargo fondo ‘he
ron Ulaplaced Eloquence, — | ning. She was W years ld,

funeral took place yesterday at Holy
Triolty Cathedral, a Boully auober
following the remalos to their last
reetlog p!

The Venezuelan steamer “ Manza-
nares,’ 054 tons,’ Captain Olivares,
arrived yesterday froos Bolivar qwittr
3 passengers Mr. M. J. Yanes, Mr

~— . Rafael Lugo and Mr, Antonia Gomez

In the report of the proceedings of | ler cargo comprised 3,141 ackuges
the Hi:h half-yearly General Meeting | for New York per Royal Dutch Mail;
of the Colonial Bank held on the 4th | 730 itckeges for New York per Trinl-
fost, the Chatrinan fs credited with | dad line; 26 packages for Harope per
the following remarks: “You will no | Royal Dutch Mall, G7 packages per
doubt have read in the papers the ms. tamburg- American line and fos Pace
moure as tothe smalgamation of ovr | kages for the Royal Mall: Steam
Bank with the Royel Bank of Canada | Packet Co,
some of which bare gone as fare as to we oe
say that ne; one have actaaily | The Venezuclan gunboat “&
been coucindedt, I have to vay that | Jalio™ arrived ce crday” trou ‘Gree
cess vues placa tte | BOE Caan 9 ea ees he

jones e 5 hot G, Drangu
matter has gene no further than some guet and Mrs B. de Ieturriz,

vnofficial cunversationa” . 4 4. . t
. 918 tons, Captain Lubeke,
** If rumours of the kind to which I yesterday’ morning from Vooenayed
pare teferred ave about you, may take | porte with cargo in trays t and palled
t for granted that they are nol true, during the afterioon for Europe bhe
becauve we shall tell you the momeut | took away bu passengers from thiy
there is anything to report, port.

Order to
a day from
, You wine
HM orliceased
HM grocer,

Dottled Microbea; Germs
by the Million at the
Medioal Exhibition.


Tha Oocorite Range will be open for
Prizate practice for members of the
al ‘orces and Trinidad Rife
Arsociation at 2 p.m. on Saturday the
23th lostant, .

At yestentay's meeting of the Town
Board a cablegram from the Secretary
of State for the Colonies to the Goy-
eroor of theeolony was considered on
the subject of the foan from the Crown
Agents of the amount requiuite for the
perches by tbe Board of AV ood brook
oe .


The Gerinan steamer * Westphalia,”

The Chief of the Service of Public
Instruction of Martinique (Fort de
France) bas been Inviting Applhetions

eid’s Stout. 2222235
. . primary echool of Port-o' i
. el S r ) Peeelees & subvention fromthe. re neh

Minister of Foreign Affaire) for the
education of Martiniquans and Guade-

. © loupeans reekient here, A certi
Brewed by, Watney Goombe Reid |yiec agen were?
: 9 “4 . enwes, __.
The Loadon Electric Theatre in
FOR PURITY AND FLAVOUR THERE | jfmeimhsareaieetel
IS NOTHING BETTER. sents Satcerete eri,

~ Ye y the Town Board agreed,
TR ZZ LT TO-DAY. 09 the reostumendeton of the General | by the village cr Chbpultenns eae acd doer #2

lee, Lo lease the lands | press tree, the trunk of whieh tose. mi a
oS GO. LTD. agtescvwriGrene | Grciine'gut doucnck | ae Seah a Ba a
GR 6 y y reatal or tr Gehor vores ut charecteriatiey the ety Me “shorn ites oO ted i Rabat ond Thcet
lose in the giving up to Loe | nuwenal t oh hee a Phe. ers.
AGENT3 nf of & sirip of land to Ube eouth | botenis to. as Deen computed hy Tas * Perou" asilad dartag the da
’ He purpors Of pieetimprsTemeat, jens od ba not lope ia 6.20 ieee Martiolqes aad Guage.

To our repitat of ©. 3f.and O Wood | The French Mail steamer “ .

house's Gocna repar' tsblished yester- | 2072 tons, Captain Caumin, Perna,

ay, the steck ni h September Yesterday me bing fron Venesuclan

shoald read 35,000,000 lbs. inetéad of ae | Porta with caigo in tranalt tor Bu.

published, mpe and the following passengers for

Yewtenlay « Gazette Bxtraordin From Oolon Mr,
was puldlebed contalaing « Proclame. Mr cw Tooarieee © Fe Rubto and
tiom 7 the Majesty The King relative | From Porto Coloaibla:—Mr. RB Ban
potting af the Warten aipard | MEMS Poco Catal, Atwon
Turkey, together with a letter free Areay. PAveay, J Aree tad aie
Affairewhter Hie afin han direkt | Aone .
ajes has direct G i=
ed to be observed during | the onating. MnP ‘Bustitloe oul sft Poition
vi .


Also in Embossed Chiffon,




auce of the present state of War.

There has Leen reeeatly dlscavered, Mice. Fe Tiogueca Beane

fh ad almoet unknown part of Mezieo, Bani, E Bertreade x Ortis J. 4

24©900000090000 0000 010000000070 0080


ial : i See am


. Blot Metcker, 1611



OOTOBER..2Y 191 | gm,

FOR SALE, Notico, Notleex «+

Ly aT! - we
fomnprtsng tie int Ward of Tove, STDA B . )A OF NOY! RAUL. ,

wrens DAY OF OCTOBER, lit,
Â¥IRH RISKS on all kinds of Pree }
pusitaxorice Ieheraty given thad

URLIO NOTION ts bereby given
perties accepted by P Wit fa brerciee of the power of ‘ ein
N Tand
+4. | sale confetred on Mortgages by the | levisoe Gr] toe Non He toed tana 3 | PuBtio NeTIOR ia herby riven 4 fe ee :

OVI OFLUS in exrreke of the Sate ory Lows in exercise bf the etatucery power of
n YTt serCa0 I 8 Sone est ‘ad cae di Ae f fy leks nm de on the Gough by Groma of Bale conferred ppoa Mortasgees bp uns sale Gnd tied apoa mortgureee by the,
INSURANCE CO. LTD | tate deqdot, Mortgage dated the 2nd Yanda and by lands of f. ¥ Herre, on'06 | Conveyancing and Law of Kroperty Ordt- | Ornrersecing and List tee die
A og day of April 1000 regletered as No. 072 | 1. V. Pierre nnd by Crown land and oo pante Namber 72 snd contalnederio | earwN . 72 and coutsined of impiicd te
qxzinditamead 2E9 Gr te | of }909 and made between Nathsniel i hed Uy Crown. Iand and by & rond 16 phtd la two certain Momo soda of Mowt- © rtala deed oF mortyene dived the
_i—_— Alkine of the ene part and Dorothy nerved fifty inks wide and Intersected by a proviai os of the Rel Pro | rineteenth day of Ostober fa the srat
” We ara now prepared t Liddelow of the other part. and in a Ubree ronda tencrved each fifty links wide. u ao Nambec GY tha Brat | ene sbousind ans busdrel aad tan (rezie
tasks on th F Pi $0 accept | Madelon ce oe ndum of Mortgege No. | ..rhere are four contre are oe thls mbered 18, cd ted the tweets: | aredas Ns 3234 of 19L) aed msde by
risks on the Oil Fields, #4 on L’ere | fizdated the 2od day of Abe 1000 | plantation and It contains 000 fall bearing | Bran ay of dantary fe the yest ore | Mectoe'la of the ore pub sod Marie
| ricks, Motor, Eoging and Boller | from the sald Nethanlel Atkins to the rees 1,107 young bearing trees and thoos ad eloe ktadred acd ates end mede | Hammer of tbe ether party bere will be
H ‘ I eral trees. Chariea Cropper (ometimae eclled | par up for eale by patie suction si the
ouses, Reflueries, Rosidontial eald Dorothy Laddelow there will be] (2) All those two certain parcels of 1004 | (& aries Crapre | in fevonr of Biymond | Auction Mutof tbe andetsigned situate

va and otb q ut up for sale by the undersigned at | aitaate at Tompire aforeasid worked | yy Ly 4 Joseph 8 od Na 2
fers other property, Oil | bis auction mart Nw Oa Harrie Pro- a At Tompire. Mentalton, called | Waract aod Edward Josaph Soott, wed | on Te 2 Bolst Virseas Street, 1a the
‘euks and their cohtenty oto, menade In the Town of San Fernando Hteaulia.” The first thereof com be second thereot Namteced 15%, dated | tows of Port-ol-Bpsta,oe Teredsy the lévh
wees on Tuesdsy the Sist day of October leing forty-two acres, abutting on ‘the the sixth day of June In the sear one | dey of November sO11 bet wree boar
Subscribed Uapital . £ 8,814,045 | it bebreen the dowry of ove andtys | tt ayo Bast upon Gra andy oo he | vhotavnd ning hundred and tf ot | curain plese ar vectal of and ta cones

val Pierre an hy the
as J] pn. Allthove two pieces or parcels | (euthibon tags of Magloire and Crowe | the ait Kaymood Warcer acd Edward | pleatation citeate tn the Ward of Tore


fa all the eoctions where Malaria Ie
presént in Ite worst form Pem-alameets
with great huccese,

Chifle and forgr a y
whenell else nde everceme by It, frequently

d c tal i
Mastuloandlepeclecly barmiasas ye
go” Dr. A. Giol of Pones, Porto Rice wrest
oe" Thove plearure in statiog thot Pant- ala wad effective
Ina core of Malaria which hed been ia progresa over 8 days,

‘The Pameela jadiralj cured b.” Total Fonts at ist of land situate fa the Ward of Most.
Ci id th id reot comprising 11 be f 1 ever’

De. M.A. Auesbach, Meso, D. F. witert December, 1910 a+» £21,952,009 | "psd 9 the leland of Trintdads oda, and the second, thereof ents | Reriblicaselise ae the Avction, Mest of aetna tT eeeeeence dated tbe
tt gi . Bots c week The fires thereof comprising fire | Perches, abating on the North wpon | ong Uodeseigned eltuate ab Nov 12, St | 30 b dayof Jaovey 1 regtetired a0
Tt gives me pleasure to stele thel the resuke oltained Agtats for Fir Depsttmens pores be the same more or less and | Crown land, on the South upon lands of | Vincent Et see ia the Towa of Por eof | N ‘si of we Jiarteat Cunico ¥

in Trisided nded on the North by 8 ros Louis Philip Pierre, on the Rast by Crown | SOS Oo Wvadnesdey te ct dey of Iiceio the \'arasabla Ward Union} eve-

wth Pam-ala ia geace of Malaria hove beew all thet could
the tspatad, Ava Enediote decrease of temperatuta, ‘the
same proving perraesest wuhout duagroceble after effects,

‘lian and
The ‘rinided & the South by lands of Ruchan, on the | land and spon lands of Seong? oe November 10U1, between the bocrsot one | talairg Kixbt Acres be the same more
, fppied , Trading Kast by, a rot, and on the Went by | on sot 3 pon ore Prerened Infereeet aad two rae _all that cortale place at | or ee ‘aad abettlog North spoa haaca tor.
by th fh Toad of land a e > | oot wn Led lat
Tue second thereof comprising five | SUF tals wi wand by Merlo Anglais | ate in the Ward of Taree ta the Istand | tbe occupation of ore Kotty Persad hed

Small and Large Battlee~-Of all Droggista, reed
. MARINE (NX acres, delineated in the plan annexed
Eve & Linrecs be. feo ft Byele (CMa. oF Alte) ee Ep tees Grater Grant to, Joep ecles | ieee aera ee eee ne oe occcspdihrry yertuetbetbe axe hres | Haswnel'y Seat open tr epoe lands
Post, in Volame XXX, folie 03 and bounded | “This Plantation contains 251 full bear | o¢ toes delivened in the disgr bol | now or tetde ia the oornpative of J.

on the North ty lot Noy 902 of Ram: t ous 3
THE OCEAN _| Jrungu tant, onthe souitrty lends of | uralltren vate hearing gecesi om | to the Crowa Grant to, Thevlora Meeee |e igh heed nod. wpon lands vow
no, Simmons and by latda of Cecilia | Ge amall betring trees and SIL ain and’a’ ating oa the Northied Weat op | ve formerly ol the tad Casmroo which

MARINE INSWRANGE ca LTB Benjamin, on the Kast by lot No 219 a a Sane tata’ econ, Trantation on leads tow of istely of the Crows. | sald plece or parcel dl lead tan postion of

NN a ee


e of Ham Bnd on Ube Weat by lot No, 217 ‘.
wr 0 1 é in the Ward of Toco | South upoa lands now of lately of tbe | a va cel of hind eltente {a ibe &
“ LIFE ASS RANGE v- CAPITAL DOM of Dowtet now Geetoo. £ Septembe: altente oe vive Acres, abutting on the Crown aad upon the Canspo Janetton | of Tarare containing sixteen arres aad two f
aan e nana 0 tee ws piney IIL lay © ptember | yor h opon Crown lands, on the Gonth Roed reserved Bft)-Bve links wide to ate pereh s Rranted by oe Crome, toons
; . % on ee oon ). P. P. PICKERING, u $ of an ppon row | ypoa iso: is now of la‘ele of Jovep atram which grast is registe be
- ——— gents SHE CRINIDAD OGLE, ERIN, | EPeonitntamaeraate | Retetet ahi Sata ned | Unt oy i of Je one
f penis of the Quinguennium ending 31st Decrs, 1910, PING 4 TRADING Oo SnD. Notice ipEbld Daa on oe ena ai | LOtSEaRCP ON he AO et | Da’ srparieenoss (hereto be oR
— The Bonanss Drog Stores, TRINIDAD, ta ‘email trees in the hauds of one con. | Toe ty-five links wide together jared at Bort ia thle nineteea
5 hi tonglog. | ¢ "
EdiEwplus available for De DEST A” | aauz ron roeapay waR tour. | My ae wate Oneen Tene | gored Racca He | OL a acren gO
| <7 P $364 504 00 = TEENTH i ay OF NOVEM. called Seen esee" situate at Folnt Ga | October ta the year of Oor Lond LOTt. ¥, J. SCOTT & BON,
guticy Holders et a fre tn thganld Want em or nee TT eee Gort, Anetonetre
as UBLIC NOTICK Is hereby given that th land
sionary Bonuses .- = = $439 754,00) FOR. LE. P io exercise of (he Statutory Dower of ialy pine te and upon Alte sea, on TRINIDAD. Notico
“7 , TIE FOLLOWING PROPERTIES ;— | Oncvetreciog ard law of Viaperey Orde | Grown 0 vpou jaoda now or lately of fhe | SALE HOWE TURSDAY TIL, TTL a,
* 2 — ° , . : ’
@ of Bonus £2 percent. per annum on Policies in| 44 pAncer oF to ACnES Loop nF te a ioed on imp bed ta Saliba anton the, Wea upon dauda now DAY OF NOVEMBER Jit. SALE FOR TUESDAY THE MT
¢ . yee aT y othe: —— i.
31s} December, 1910, with previous bonus additions, | 7% YERCHES, eltuate at Talap. Oncrae a.crtela Memorandam of Movgege orc" | ailed lea Ia Yompe ‘ahd coutaloing | PPUBLIO NOTICE ie bereby given that _—
> 92,468,723,00. vp oqaennual Revenue—$297,856.000. oe 5 benriby Jeon Agostiol, p sated i | nance, Number 6), Nawbered 145, dated je full bearing trees and 1000 young ta oxetoise ot se power of ane, oon puric Notice ie hereby given rat
. . 2A PARCEL OF LAND, coroprising | !be nioth dey of bebruszy in the year one | "TS." 411 that certain parcel of iand oom te ned in 8 cere eptember 10 kiss vif exercteg of ihe ee y pose the
3 quarrees Ge F b d b 4 £ pa datelthe Gth dav of, September 101, eale costersed men mo tgagecs by
HEAD OFFICE . BRIDGETOWN BARBADOS. plihate at write Pied watered, by inode’ ty Give bane Spe tnd dieren nd Tleing Fs car tere ee feeds on glececed es No, 3761 of 2OLL aad in a pers | Ooureysneing and Law of “P operty Ordi-
Ss AER demeacie mace | pis Oates ice bee ele | ettua fem tutes Ge So | a dy ttet apt 1, [ee une matt ee
es ee _ I at Ing os acres, eltaate at iunscal, Bea art of veo tadersisned:atiuste Corn FO Te Te ee lands fonneriy. of and made betweea Ratteepiaising of ths | acter the provisions of the Rett Mrsparty
2 oe: + eee more having 1110 Dearing Gooos Trees: | op Nemtar 12, 8» Viaeeat preeb va tbe | CCrnooe Loh O85 Siagiore on, the one pars an! Lsboonied ot tne Usder! | arnceth day of oo tate athe pectent
A OF QUIN INE DEAFNESS! ML | also 100 young Itubber ‘ee | tows of Port: {Spsia on Tutedsy the f° a mp8 ow w Lands and upon lands | eigued at their Arctloa MartN . 2 Seck | thousand o e bdadted as aad made
R ‘a Gocon Digine House, au xis! omits Hib oer ct Rovember 10th between the ot. ay. Pierre and on the Nest upon vie Hireet fa the Teen of Paes ais by volte Flere {in tavous et Mary J soe
= ". . u jan ¥ .
bearing trees [n handa of contractors, f- All thet prece or parcel ef Jand and Ovonnor but now of Campbell and. Upon oa Ta ot bhe 7b otros d two pets berated wu eiton 1 eae a
age. to very near tha Estate. coous plantauion sitaste in the Ward of | Jands of J. Magiolre and intersected by a 1 « several pienes . forelgocd eta! Ne
&. TATE, 41 Acres, | Mar gvvills in the lslacd of Trickdad cots | road ed fifty hake wide alland vingelac Uboss tw ¥ Merto: the uniorslgued stasig ab %
situate at Cantaro, Santa Crus, favourably | triniog elgst acres, two roode and twents- md rence ed 1114 ig nultahio for Villaga | of pareeta of lad situate to the Ward of | 12, Saint Vincent Meret, in ube sowa of
sltuated, equally on bill and fiat land, wit! one perches be the satin more or lesa de- | lots and has anew Cocoa House erected Ch gavosatathe Isang cf Teuidid, the Yort-of-Bpela ou Tarstey thé foure ach
four streams _runoln through the Eatate. | jineated aed described in the plea or dis- | upon it Séfeet long by 12 feet wide with Fire ohel Jat compris ¢ §¥o lots kaowa as | day of Novemter 1U1L betwees thé boos
There is 1.370 fall baring’ Cocoa trees, | gram attached to the Crown Cran? regis. | an extension ‘of 25 fect by 12 feet and a | LobNa 22 aod 73 ot Durhim distate, | of ove aod Swo pr, all thad pleces or par-
with 18) Tonca Lean Trees, one Cocom f tered in the office of the Heiistrar General | Tvoin nad aweating room bencath, having « frontaze of 60 feet by YOO lect io | ef of facd andoveva plaatetina siturte ia
Dr ng House with dwelling below— } or episeolony et Volume LXXXI, fol. O01 a Tro itundred md forty three depth wad wade es the Nort bpm tak the Ward cf Tucure the datgad of Zelol
aliVeber DAD" ESTATE, os | sh aveiog North upon landa petitions | tplldieg Wate, frown as Union Iendain | vena lot Now #8 belorgla Co ee eee contin: be the sate a itlle
acres, situate at La Canoa, Santa Cruz, | fot by Liaescie Ladile wad noon lecds For particulars apply to upon log No. $8 a Trave Rd cm ibe Weet troreor 12 Petineated and d sortted le
well shaded and weil qratered 3, pew tuirloned for by Damon Pact, Soult acd JON Dec. G RO PICBRE, upon Ceroal Hivaoosh Road, vod tbe | the plan or disgram aitsched to he Crowa
Cocoa 38 wi welling wr ‘ezh Bpon now or lately of the ‘08, 3) and éLifenry Sircet.
ba bearing G . ascond therect ocmprisiog 10 pcrera and | Orant to Joogessar Muheradge regietored
on vo" PAnCELS OF “LAND, orn Creed E _ toy pon lands now or jiately ~ Or to Vortofspaln, 34 perebes te the wae a hile more of | fa Volumeo XCVIL, fale 83, toa abatlog
Fiialn B acres and 6 acres respectively, , fenances tneseto Paonglng. peor RICHARD ADOLPIIUS WINN, teas celtnented acd wit ths abastale Notth ope lands gs ue epee
@n jolning other, situate at fi) Dated at tof Spa: this niceteenth a ‘ Soll ae ereof shown fa the plea of uiegram ate | Crown apd upea sands aia ey
Chi , and bounded by the Katate of! re oe iuitor. | Cached to the O own Urant antered tn the | Bot! of 8 wih upon Lada bos Or Lae
the late A. E. Hendrickson’ . ° day of Qotober ia the yoar of Our Lod, Chambers, 70 Queen Street, Teal Popsty Register Bxk at Volume | of ainera ‘Mawey aa spon lands ‘now ot
Menard oot CGO" ESTATE, pitnate at ° ¥. 3. SCOTT & BON 2 a XLIV, fa'lo 539 aod breoded om the | fe e'y of the Cows Bus spon lacds pow
aravel, comprising 14 acres oe ors. ‘Anctl 3 North’by tends of Mongarco on the Bouth | or Iately of the Crowo sed a) lands now
ented tay Cogoe., and comprising some Ff Gov, Anetonene, Game ] S$ Agency byaltoad Tesetve! Btcy Hoke wide va the or lately at Raghoo ond We upos lande
ROA PARCEL OF TiN Slanted in , ‘ast by lande of S.neherowah andlasds | so# or lately of § yowa and Jus
" of Geetoo andar the Weet ty Crowa lard, a roid pert, aty Moke
See rma 8 et tate at fg oo MATL ORDER AGENTS. ppg, | Dated tin2t b day of Sapanber WAL, x eas win ap gr vitraantes
° nown ae Nel: 3 = 9 ere jonging.
Bay Toni 1 covers BS Siege | BS (WE Mat oath ofehe bine taatasty uctonests | "Datedat decco-teula this MUtenth
Hes Onico Win ersmi J Ague rt Malai tal Cevers 10-Property known as New 1. QUEEN: £ 4 — Write for Bant le Booke (2) without | TRINIDAD. doch seh te the sree YA Pee tes
Does not leave bad effect like quinine—such as me [STREGT, | Korvot Spain, with hewerage 4 a. play and avoid diss ppalntivene WALE FOR WEUNEXDAY, TUE F, J, KCOTT & ON,
ke . le 1ST DAY OF NOVEMBER 1911, Gort. Acstioneers,
bd disturbed vision, disordered stomach, ; tL-A FOUR HOO DWELLING |S @ 2 |E Port-ol- ‘pata. ¥ ——_
a er ncaa LF op spargmecerey moan : s HOUSE, built of wood and covered with |“ © 597) TUN C
Pas elnaet: (Saxctegmst vanised fron, known ea No. 36, Alberto — on TO NOTICE Is hereb jven that pusuic NoTio# As hereby glrea thet
treet, Woodbrook lands, Port-of Spain. w pus he cftte Sta oy Power of fa Teer at ved ‘tn of OB | TRINIDAD.
ja exe eke of tle m1 tert. xd of m RY,
i. For farther paritewars spply to en Y Fee ee eee ee ee eee dap ed dananry 1010 | PUB ore tetas Hower ot
. TEM STANDARD JONATHAN RYA a as Conreyencirg Oriicacce Nv. 72 apt S20" | selitered aa No, 233 for the yeat 1910 | date tonterred on Mortgaeea by the Coa:
° Solfeltor, B 0 wm tained ina ¢ rtsla Memnendumot Mort: | Joa’ ny de batwees Bt, Cyr Peckoera st | veyancing and Law of Kropert “Ordinance
F ASSURANCE COMPANY | 2===ake™ Ags cesta an Hat ey ¢4ase | tone ouand nares Reveal | ME aaentna Sager th
yptent! Ww: re ie 1h o har pi a im Se! ie
s ot} Of April 1911 and made b Porgealog {6 | og mortgage bearing even dave fteal Property Ordinance, No. 00, pum
Ea Q favour of Berths Andéchee wil te pus) nade by thawed H. Cre Vs hered Hi, dated the wth day of December
E t for va'a by Pubily Actloa at lbe h rie tee K 100 and mada by Isabelfa Dyer to Albert
ESTABLISHED 1225. — INCORFORATBD Vols * & a ‘Aacilon Mere Tene uodera goed oltuate favour of be par, i acs te ty Pabio Victor Blollmever, there wi M be ¢ up
ir Bunbuah Sel ote ee ee 02 aRoc Venmel pe weeny Patt | Aacion te ected | Curate atencas ieee ae
(asval Revenue exceeds . one on one & 3,$25,000 i = of November IO1L between the hoare of 4 as tb “on \Vedaced y the let dey bt, Vincent Rrreet In the enn of
myeted Funds Exceed oe we ve one8 3,750,000 - 42 pm. . ails te SU)L bebwcea'the boars of of-Spsin on Wednesday the at lay of
Keatt Amurances ae ” “ ” Se O-=t oad 2 Pte stnguLAR ebeastwo s+ | Caberd two ae sa pil aed alogater that November 101, between the boars of one
. . . . “Lab Fpotece ee eee | tala parcels cf lacd bork situate fo the] parcel of lend sitaite Jo the Werd ef | All and Siygular that-certala plese of
Coles Pal. g. (DSOLUITE SECURITY. Wars of Turaie lg the Lslend uf Trikded Beate Urus comprising 33 screw 3 rods parcel of fand and plantation altuate ts
ust pa on Smith Robertson & Co|stmeacns.ccrstnt tacit sti rats CAs | ht ct Sie, core wea
ender Va) aud two 6 mune orks: ceies sn ompilea i ucder provielons .
advapoed Op security Of Policles up s 92 per cent of iby parrender value at § per cent with the abutta!s sod boun aries there! Pe ecbe a theres openly 0 dinapey Pr Yotnme ona acietand trem tne | perches a Lablic
oe i (+e duslag tints to Europa and other tere porate elinnates. OBFER FOR SALE abewn un the planar nesed fo tle BR in XUV folio 802) and abuiticgoa the North | oad end lands ot Hat ‘on the
ate reluction ts home tal Sg Weattodies witsait feorsace t3 I1sad Ofice, ~~ » | Grant seglucred la Ve ume X. folio 317 | pon Crown lands on the Souch 808 | south if oh reserved forty elx loka
1s Acve ed aod Poucwe 1S) Wi gad wetilement maida dy the Courzagy’s fgeccies . “ Oruba, and boondéd on the Nuth by Crono | taqdeol E, Lar nt by o blom? reserved fr
hid laanediaiely 00 proof 0 seaureacte ater Twa Youn” $ x : Lod aod on the Siuth My. the Matepaso ot Pakesrs epee wide oi 4 Fast bya Vublic Wel by
#0 which age ws adwi.ted are ude —— f
: . BRANDY=— Kiver 02 tee East rows Lind by | Lacge aod epoo leods lands of Datasstah bylands of Armawoe
. . GRANSAULL 20 cars GAUTIER BRAT Tg | tends of Bsjovalog end by the Matepwe | Hart spin laude of the heirs of I'st dreverves fifty flaké wide
pr laude of the heirs 9 ‘stoers [| and bya roed resery: y tial and
7 1910 HON . E. fob | ‘ . lavpou, — | Hirer ead cushe Weve b Dn wa Leods [spo sald Lange snd | on the West by lands petitioned for b;
dat le 2 (ot division of ebetatt) Policy holders eet eT F Vi BOLE AGENT, 1000 8.8 Tormey tw BKiC and by Hunde ef taboo Re the Fxg nD Note ot “Gtr or aod a oa Crown lade oohooein nnd by Crow land and cote
ito, the Bonus then “ . =! jt. Yincea! Crow. varre' from thereof oowpria'ng four scr a three so0te the Woetupun Isade foomsriy ¢ " ” regia
Polors, Guch a Pobcy tor £3,000-tbuw hap added 1 she sum assured {75—by wey | JU, > Ss * New | Ne ff aod aitteca perctes veoreor leas deiireated ad oe a bat sow ot Caster nyoo ods ged in Volnme Lx a3 folla 468, m 1
seth queso 0, BRUCE AUSTIN Agra NOTICE. soc OLESMALOANINE, “Osh | Madea fel sluta, eed montane | ofthe wuld > tr araumpati Ey pages Bo
ale . reo! ; ods reserved. Govt. Auctloucers,
Se on Recent Arrivale and bc Btors, to the Roy-t Grant ¢.gisared le Voleme Intpleve or parcel uf lend ‘situs'@ ie
NOTICE "Tne Sart OF SALTS” G$LE_ FOR TUESDAY THM lire eee eaT Aelia ie 6 ext Dine ih folte¥3 wud bounded on the North ly Sheeaid Ward Ufsanta Gooa cowprlalog | {
7 a DAY OF NOVEMBER Jail, OLD PURT WINK. Ciowa Lind ou the South by the Aste | Gys soresone 100% and hietyeaix porebes
FOR TUESDAY THE lita ‘ ~— 67, LAPHAKL WINE . no River acd on the Kaet dud Weot by | be ihe eames litte more oF less snd de 1 z
a Op NOyENUEE, Wit. UALIO NOTIEE ly hereby. given | Cloaks Geri tu toes of 10 50 | Lansunnr sr ado Stem aut. | wine bet sale te caveat SINGUINESU BROS 3
f oe a @ utory | ONLENVORYTS anare a 47 0! * aries theroo! we e pire s >
2 - sale conferred upon Nort OLD eOCOTCH WHISKY ¥. J. SCOTT &OM. * the Hoyal Gract ect Qa 3
QO NOTICE te hereby given that power of sal Oonreyenclag and La || Fines larly Bleamer, Gort. Autions oes, Xv" fells 30 acd boasdet on Provision. Cocoa
tXereine of the Biatutuy Power of E fer- , eee zy Gon weyene ert Lave And to Arrive by fe y Bn Og | —— iVolome XI eee et Takesra apd —alon t
mn Moitpageer by vescent Gf rove y Orne i Terese || Oe Sretod Temper Lime TRINIDAD. the North by beats ceouh by edeol | COMMISSION MERUHANTS j;
cyand Lawel vropaty Orde? : aesadum of Mortgege wader tbe * 1 hee a OOPCEMENT _ | fa tha Sapreme O ure of T.bided oad FEE Te oo ee eee of Pakeeta : 1
y Bamber id and eoatsinel of tn | Your Stomachis the key to | provisions of the Heal rreperty Sides | 200 Bile FORTEAN (vPetare” Tobago. Eepeue Lange and OY itt oe eaege| NO & Hfenry Stront
a gota a emoten af fort health ance No. 60, pumbered 106 dated the 10 Drums SULPITURIO ALID-- No, 82 of 1912, of Poheera ond oa the iver *
sade, id prow oo o Nom: your ne . eleveoth day of February to the yoor jksch 5 Oat Betweeo 7 evap and aleq all and plos j
Th ded tne faurteeavb ‘dey of {f you keep your Stomach | Sue thousand nice hundred and gavem | g Quecon Breet, Rose Tharlos—Vlatavsl, cular that cestata piece or paral of fend FINE * PALMS
wemver is the yeat on» thoisod alse h uu are sure to be aod made vY, Brent eE ee oe 2B Beptomber 911, Th Adalsiatrator General—Difeodeat, sitcate fe we Ward af a S mpristog ‘
wird sulten rand wise by dower | healthy, yo favour Oi be ze up tor asia by vito Prej di . ei WGacree gud) Fed be the 8 aa pie zs ne
trrat Wa Eero of Mens Mseamer, there well Auction at tae Auctlon Mart of tine The rejyu 106 YUBLIC NOTICE ts bereby given tbat | otottale end Loacdertes thereol sbewa on FOX AL Li, yi
ibe pes up tur male by B abil Auctiog Abbey's Salt fc | ynderstaned situate at No, Ix St, Vin- — Pet cctice bas tee comue od ty Hora | The Certificate of Ti'a catered in Volame ’ i
¢ Aseioa Aart of the nodersignes If you use y . eent Street in the town of Portof. HAT folks cave beld ageinst redyed | harlow of Claston’s Boy ia the ¥ ‘acd of | XXXVI follo $5, (tlea regrets Volume Also a Large variety of otuce
vate at No, 12, Bt. Vincent Btrost ja iH kee our Stomach in | gpsta on Tuesday the fourteenth dsy T goods je dead to-day, Well-te-do | Gouve fe the le'aod of Uriskded the Jaw | OVX Lil folie 611) and, bounded on the plants a¢ « . : .
si teva ut Port-of-Speia oa Taseday 6 wi py diti hat November 1911 between the hours of te parronse CLA 3 os fiebly 08 | fal widow end silet cf Joses Thurlow | noch by lands of Niesoor Fuerte on the fi
sy of Novbmber 101!, betweea the such perfect condition that | coe ard twop Tey “ud whe Tallor—wey mut? Clescticg | gqocased who dled o@ tbe 6b dey of | Xogih oud Eastby Crowe lend aad on the PBB Apert ovormbhie st
vate Of ose Bnd two p.m. é t hel being All that certs 5 piece or parcel of | anu dyeing bave slerped Bp abreast © | Aeich 200% tnteotate ot O aston Bsy | qos py lacds cf J se Kogenio Ares en > te {
AN that piece or pares} of land and you simply can cip ignd aod cock plantation situate in | other scleoces eo Jauce oy chat es ae aforvoski > geal oy ge Anata 7 ch aa to the pescets nratly and second! omen fy,
wens plantation of aateio the Ward of | well. ae aided, contalnleg Tamecses mths Ste Tear much expauer., Tne’ toly Generel o aiun g Lawes © veutib oto ibe piiacip deum cf $3,100, :

me more of less delineated and des: | jhing you toast do, ia to commualcae
ctibed in the plan or diagram attached f airct witb LLAMENG oc the Dye Works,
tothe Crown Grant ta James Andere } Corage Lake aid Georne Htecis, Tee
aon registered in Volume XXXY, folio } phone 13, of 10 tls Agente, ob Ban Fer
609 and also described ja the Corti: | pando apd Cours,

Gare, ie the Iiland of Tilaidad contala-
Menkes acres, thee roods and thirty:
ten puches be ihe same more OF

fo the plan or diagram aticohed
Othe (rowa Ureot to the asid Jeshas

When your trouble comes
from the. Stomach, Abbey 8
Salt is whe mght thing to

‘action bas beeo set dows for triel os bi ar 1V10 and of meocrsodam 4
Madey the Om day cf Novemter 1911. 1 eee bearing ovea dete therewith a&BSBOOE axczroOn.,
‘Dated thus 10.b dey Octoter 1031. due aud jsyable id bt Cye dl
VAMILION EUG. MEKOKIG | Pyketes ta Liocebe Pavanegb.
Vidal o Sole ivor, Dated ths of Onober 1911,


fon of 3 iMecte of the asld b A
jor5s ‘tranos cvosssed sad thee ibe eel dey id onder Sato" Py 1 ote owt Home Industri es: i

—_— .
cet AND will under~ 4}

Larpey registered in Volume XXXVI, .

y - et that. fcale of Title to Bylvesire Milcheli ‘NI —Clameus vever employ canreretrs

ae cad bbetileg North upon lends take—don t forg' Vutorls St. © registered to the office of the Re uae work waves orked to duo, 28 Be. Vincent Suer, ' ° take Manicuro Treatment ;

tarred fity Wake wits, South opon on Adiroms 4 and Suares, | GERTS Pe oily 388 and abuttlog Nortn 8 ell Lie vee aeeie |b eteat pelo. F.g.HCOTT& £0", | at the rooms of the Associa.

cea Rom or lately of Kogene roles er Solty Mena cate ront>pem | STS 'veat upon lands now or istely of Tislied Dye Woke —$—$$—$£_$_£_ $$ £_ $= Govt Auctlomor, [rn 7.
now or Late ouep’ ———— Ge Fouth upon & » Hes C 8 ity ’ oe en

Neale a ite new ot | be Crown, outh, upon a space re; | Paseme Coseuinnme aecuiy | JAKE if AT THE START 00 “CORNS Hours : 9 to 1, and 1 to3 j

: 1,0 every Tuesday,

For Prosoriptions

ay cf the Crown, togerher with the

lende b tel
‘ a theeig te eealeg Veab ppou ow or tately of

pjensid Julien together with the
ppurtepances thereto belongipg,
ted at Portofepain thie nine
enib gen! Uctober ln the year of
a .

hetroeuble, and there will be no
Crete Eatngte mous hte Pina

Without W. Rival hh Syrup, bes eured bupdrede 9f
SWKEL DINKY, tana bey ins te gure youre for 4

Fxtst—1/- per treatment, orl
$1.00 for six,
(Appointment can be made

rooted out by LAING'S (im-
ved) Gorn-curo a real ours
er. 240, por betula

Sak Pert-of Sala thle 18th day of

October ta ths your of Oar Laid, 1931, ur Lo i i
raporagon, | sage guamauor [PU a ssconnasoe,, |pAiice Punjedba rictdby WusINos une uuG srons [Lames veut Yetnaoy by Tslepions)

ort. Acebotesst

mW eet or ye -



‘ierals | 1710 1911 TRINIDAD Ts EPECENT EID aw tn:
Admletator ered Sin Insucance Office .

Ansneance VNC | Government Railways.

Ja the nastier of cr i Se Government Re i '

Pe ade ont | ge | UNAM OF TH
in the matter of tbe estate o 88 ° . ee EL 8D . ;
8.5. “Naparima’ ° ATT rene

Late of Moatewrat in theIeaad of
Tristd.d, decease, Litestase,


= of property la Towa and
ON Bal Tharetey the O.b Cowauy, “ in”
ae ae Taman tal ‘i ne| & 8S. “Paria.” | STEAMER §
ma. : me
PUBEAO Nostos IF hereby given that ine A oiler IHoesans HE SS. *NAPARIMA* fa to be
tere wilt be pat ap for sale bY | ay wters and all loeurable property docked on Wedzesdey the #51h

Pablic Auction at tue Ofice of the ander-
signed, Ho t-al-Â¥pale, on Taaredsy the
9.b doy of Nuvermber, 1911, between the
boars of 1 and 2 ta the afcernoos,

All thst pareal or Jot of land com-
pres Bre aces te the esme more of

a aud delineated in the disgram | RENT }—Tarsnoce sftected for securing ladew
atiecheito O.o@a Grane registered at ity for the Loes of reat fa cass of Are.
Vo, COVILE fo, 44381 aatelo the Ward one 7 Lightaing are Made Good by tbe
of Muutearzatin soe Island 6f Telatdad
aad buuoded on the norsb, south aad INCOME ta _—_ futne
eae by Crown land: ani on the west by & | run, tee Dost rope sant ene 7
rosd beparaiiog lands hereby gtasted eee Eh a Teg Tat REID

. JM.

from lends of Rawpecead together win
the buildings theresa. Sub Agvet, Port of Spain & Arima, Miller's

Dated thu l7th day of October 1611
(Sigoes) W. LS. KERNAUAN,
Adounictrator-Gener a’,

fostant, and uatil she resumes raoning,
ber ititerary will be performed ty the

88. “Pal with the followtog al, FROM 6th :7NOVEMBEER, ot gil

terations, thé{tloerary of the * PA
being cancelied meanwhile; = untill farthor

Wednesday,2 sth lostant—Nodtesmer.
Tharedsy, 26:h fastact - Useal ron a aneecetntae

Fridsy, 27th instant—-Lesve Icacos

ot 5.15 am. iestesd of 6 am. aad roo Ola; 3
43 mioutes earlier throughout Tl ME TABLE OF THE S § ie
Baturday, 23°b fastact-- Usual rans, AU. a

but there witl be po coanection for the

Pelnees pox Tab quite and Seogre AND S S i“ PARI . : -
Bunday, 29th instant Uausl ron a Ve ‘

Moadsy, 30:h iostant-Sams as, Fri-


£ Per ceat of rates for Coattry Residences,
Glass Windows [tsared.

CAM Wo se ce =
More Clothes and
Better Clothes
This is What the Posscasion cf a
* Ginger’’ Moans to Every Woman
A Singer Sewing Machine enables a
wouad to clothe herself more elegant}y,
comforfably and sbundantiy on her allow.
ance thar would otherwise be posnble, and

at the tame tite. fords her a fascinating
cmployme st and profitable pastime

60, See Fernands...L, W BONYUN & Co
Taeatephone We. 170



day. Bet
° : . . - ween San Fernando, Intermediate Por
Singer Sewing Machines la the Supreme {oath of Tilolded and B ALS A i OF MY AR as tasyie, Siet Instant - Same as ‘Wreath nd ‘a : , ts of Cal, a
wait neetasoipamepeiemecsee A late gaa itt tts Bitter ot ovis ailvedzeeday, November tet — No eather and other unforseen elreumatances
ee ee ty ghee this setelactory B iS gAU MID! strabor-Menecs e a aace AN EXTERNAL REMEDY The 88, « NAPARIMA" leexpected
rood batietattta Bae dl: |arone ner aoe a ea awa | (0a der Koray, op Theda, DOWN.
. ° lalaad of Trinidad, Deca sag, Latestace. We guarantes it to hea: 00, the “ Paris’ will contiaue to per- ~ =
- AX persons bering claims againes After all slee falle 5 form ber service ag shown above. SUNDAY—SS. “Naparims,” THURSDAY
. the above estate are requued te seod ac J. W. TOMLINSON, rnando, dep. 6.40 p.m.) § ~~
——— pve -~- wienme vain doy tnd rton or batore It Bao Toa Frond ie th Acty. General Manager, Son Fernat arrival of, Trala) P San F sinando, 4 _
Fridsy, the 17h day of November, 1911, preven 6, Oth Ortoter, 1911, LaBrea- LaBrea- i.
after which date noc'alms will bs enter It a dares. : Brighton dep, 7,25 ,, Bright oat ‘aie
Creditors who bo'd apy scority Heals £0, FLLIS GRELL & 60. Cedros 9,25 Guapo ' on
‘. ' A Uheale ail vs ” I
seaty and prove for the d Hotence or | human system of Doe te Asitsal, rm Liquidation, Teacos arr.10.10) ,, | Cap-de-Ville a4
‘ PAN give up their security and poove for the xo Gurren The — « ” Trois ;
. whe sabes will be wade on Moodey, the Ward Ones WE ‘undersigned wilt rerelve mrs tn MONDAY—BS. ™ Paria! Granville Bay *
- + 'e' ‘ writing u 2 5
14. Frodorick strcot, 20,h day of November, 1011, Letwees the | OCARANTRED TO GIVE SATIS#AQ | 31., ‘Gay ow ocrouEit, wit, tor the | San Fernando, dep.. 9.25 a.m.| Cedros ys iS
: o Dated tne ac dag ef Osvober, Toll, sSole Agente t purchase of Lab (After orrival of Train.) Tcacos aes
-of-Spai Oo a WAN, | rea-
Port-of- Spain, \Telephone-—498 . (3) W, 1a KEHNA tA, SMITH BROS. & CO THE B JOKE DEBTS Brighton} dep. 10.40 n FRIDAY-Baaqn
—_—__—Xs—ss_—S—X—Xasaan-_—_osseeees —— oO re omverommemnnemmen | Also 26 Toth acres lend at Whltelaadss | Guang » 1125 , San F. aS
~ i on - co jan
Agricultural and Indus-| REVOLVER | ssonetifaict it. moras | Capico-Villo ), 1213 pm] 98 Femanda
OR SAL E trial Exnibition ‘ T { 1 co (eg ea) shares ly It Improv | Trois » 12.48 y | LaBrea-\
1a. t bs O T Lis ewenhh s ae Le Inpreviato Granville Bay ,, 1.90 ,, Brightoa
IPE Grats Aaceltopl ed Inde AL | zotpenteiad efiticee eof | Cedros a 2.09 | Guay ie a
. tal rdition of Trio an ‘ - * ap-de-Vj i
= i oO: {Ells Grell & Co, N UESDAY-8.8. “Naparim p-de- Ville
Ex Recent Arriva se | temp ml te ted a tte Pie | operavounne nana — [De vianvsiages OO BSS) TUZIRAYABS “Neperina” | yor, Di
seeneaeooaecee whoo Brees le ecare’, Hortleale Brewed Zard September, 1911, Tranten, [SO Fernando, de eae) am. Granville Bay “ey
6 33 ture, Floricultore, Crafts &o, &0, is ~#ROM— te LaBrea- ). fos
OK. BRIT TANY BU TTER 388 cases (6.)iand all retormadon M It ati . 0 | Te gopreme Coart of Tristdad and Brighton dep. 10.10 ” BSATURDAY—sa
irki to be obtalged at the Office of the ‘ eoees uapo 10.49 “ie
In Firkins and Cases} iehach Seeinty he cg of th a ODS.UNIY | wo asi ion sean Gapdede-Ville ” 11,00” | San Fernando,¢
. Street, EDGAR TRIPP IT KEEPS UP ITS Ogoer~ Plalalift Ircis » 11.20, | LaBrea-y
o,n oe . *: .
British Oleo Margarine— naked tate | REPUTATION | Asiitue’tuninttedet |Granville Bay, 11.40% | Brighton}
£ y (Jed:
’ acd Tobago. PUBLIC NOTICE ts hereby given that vecros arr. 12.19 p.m. Guapo
wT ” ‘ oe July 25th, 1911. BY KESPING UP ITs aa action bas been comuienced by WEDNvSD aD e Cap-de-Ville i
wo Flags” and “Omnibus” Brands, Cree ee eee etre Weare tag | VEDNDSDAY-SB. "Paria? | Tis -

Ward of South Naptrima West, in the
Standard of Qualit faland cf Trintded, tha al : st
y telead Ot einie iid benciee Gaerne | an Fernando, dep. 9.25%a,m.


Granville, Bay :
edros an.

* Johnnie Walker” Whisky,

— éh of Myredy 1910, of Cari (After arrival of Treio.)
SALE FOR WEDNESDAY, TAE ot | FRESH SHIPMENTS | detustl, who iets oa tbe ba depen | LaBreas d
t J D t h Pil B ~ DAY OF NOVEMBLE, 1011. : Aprit, 1910,%a8 Peasl, Rock River Hoe: Brighton ep. 10.40 "” _
Amstel Dutc ilsener Beer, -- “OTIGETT hereby’ — bY EACH — seeredald, “ ageinst she’ Aduleletrator
au Nonge inact Geir atta grating | GUHPO v4,» 1-86 » ;
a 6s % v a vl she dee % s
Bile coulerrd opon mortgagess by the Guascow STEAMER. Heed lows and that tbe ssid ection me | Cap de-Ville =, 12.13p.m.
Oonveysceng and Liaw at Property Ow been eet down for trial on Tuesdey, the} Jrois » 12.48 ,,


dinance Ns 72 acd o2ntsined of fmphed | Sold by all loading Doslors, and | Sis dey of October, 1ULl. :

ta a certelo cleed cf marigegs dated the . Dated tly Ob dey cf O.tober, 1011, Granvil e Ba 1.30
first class shopkeepors in all parts | M@ODased hi DA oo Cito Y » ”

, fourth day of March, ip ihe year ous .
thousand woe hardred ‘and ten, itguttied | of the Colony, every bottle hae Pisisufts Sineor, Cedros arr, 209 ,,

aepnumber 573 of 1910, aod made Letween ssod, ~
Gervania Petront te Garcis of the one part cork branded, and embo cap

[he Trinidad Shipping & Trading Company Lmtd:

siry-aw RSE meena |

diner pars ihere wll te favor fate | WG SEEYOU CET THE CENUIHE Notico. UP.
i¢ Aut on at the Accuga Mart of the | ——— 3 . —_— LT eS SSA oataSaRa
; b NY having In bi m :
Hard & Fool sen ee, ts Matas ate GREVOLVER” STOUT. = | ANY orepron,tacein, by fore | © BUNDAY-NoBteamer, FRIDAY-88 ¢
Portal Spula ee a yedacedere bes at T tached, of the members x u rtf Pelal. JIONDAY.
. : a: oD 3 al . . +
Power, of soe and two Petr, the ol'owlpe valor AIS TROWBRIDGE i (( will ba suitably rewarded, 7 nace “SBS, © Naparima” 8.8, “Parla? Tcacos deg,
able ccoos p-opertica All aod singuler o | cry of same Lo the office of this paper, Cedjros
-o that tertale puce or parcel et Jun and Solo A clober 10,h 1911, feacoy dep $-00a.m, 4 Granville Bay
cova plantation being pottion of the olo ronts. ben F089 " w dep, 2.20 pm, a
** Bon Als” E . i be W. ;
$3, 4 & $5 dora Tacarlgea, ee et Teed coe PorrotSpala, f [ ed. Jn0 a Keott & Son Ory} n 217 # na 303 a Trois . "
—o~~ taitiog mine screa, ope rood ans twen y+ ab Joly, 101d. Trois nw 745 345 Cap-de-Ville PY)
foar perches aut sboiting ony the COMMISSION AND SHIPPING Uapde Ville, 4.27 ‘ ‘ 430" Guapo i"
vl nde Ld o
ei & 2 Monthly Ieaphaal Boat, ypon other lands “ol ibe Ss E EDS. . gon toa 607 y wn 6 ° Brig ton-LaBrea ”
OU OWN A ME, | ator levaipet Nvoato and nou leeds Government Auctioneers: labrea } n 900» y 843 pm, San Fernando avs
MACHINE ‘4 ame Ram YY | 2%, ind of Lesion spon sete dg, gTHDLIBUED 10K, Beas er ase ale | (Coonan wi
4 , rey a wT rf a Agente , the T; Con nec: rn
Â¥ 5 z
“85 | hut cose pinta: otis more puteateryy /C)ne Hundred Seeds | GHAMS HEIDSEIOK OAMPAONE| ‘ee. "te te trate a
Prices—-§3.60, $10, a fixxd to @ certeta deed cf conveyance Meine, TUESDAY-B.5. *Naparima.” BATURDS
giz, $17, 825 & 95, , dated the pioetec ath 0 Oe sey Each of the flowing trees By Royal Warrat to 1LM.8, King Cedros d 12,35 7
—_ @ the year oce and eight hundre are Wanted: GevrgeV, ep, 12,35 p.m, 8.6, “Parla” BB
The Little Sop, i and pivety elgbt, segistered as oumter Agents Granville B 4
: ess 1.045 ¢f 1853," Aleoail and alogular that 9 anville Bay ,, 1.10 4
37 Fredk. 5 eo ) certala o:her parcel tf Sand aad oueos OONTREVENT—Found at Mara. Atlas Fire A surance Company, Lt Irois ; 13 " Codros, dep. 600 am,
, Taptation itcale i: the aad Wierd of val, Moruga, &c EerapLisutp cay ys Cap-de-Ville ” 1'50 ” Granvuile 260 Se
‘ merly formiog part of t " i" Ne .
HENRY DICK—A Man You Know, mon Ale” Haale cmtaltog four acm . lon ef propery hd conveais haters | duapo » alo M [Hoa | ata 4
October 1éth—1m. gre youd anit ten peichee sod sbgtiing DALATA MACAQUE—Grows at and country at curreat rates, Brighton-LaBrea, 240 Qspde-Ville 4 800 91 4
heer, Bouth upza Jude vow or le'ely of paro, &o, . ° San Fernando 3 ” Brighton. “ “as
aes ee emma Daclel Mathews, saat opuo lecds now or Marine Insurance Co., Ltd atr, 8 40 ” LAB aIS old
—THE= lately of Sukelce, sod West upoo lends | PENNY-PIEOE— Wowkox, ’ (Connecting with the Trahs.) San Fado. arr. 1006 ct

EeqtTapusuxo ww .. we ISB

; By Special Request, j:seaunsys Zwesh As shed Known to everyone mK WEDNESDAY-No 6: vaater camel
- Drindad Electric 00. MISS DAG. PERE Wad Sabaigee eotstogte act, | LAURIER MATAO—Comos from | Ofloo 12, St "Viscent Stree, THURSDAY-Ba, « botae one
7 ux EeX f ° PORTA }.

twa roods aed Ubres perches belog another | Guapo, Tabaquita Lo. POKT-OP-DUAIN.

| *RUD BELLING ay eyegmie mena pein te ld Bg BIE ste 84 | aa commusioate te welag end Nolick, | Sedos, dep, 6.00048
TICKETS | MEVENMG WITH TENNYSON” ese its iE el |e i cn — Granville Bay “y Gold
2 i}
ICE (esieted by- Local Fuvouriies) | {0a paroal of innd aud cocoa plaatation ta Muss Louise BILLouIN, | 8 RAMUEL Thourson of Erisucstows | Trois 7.25
+ a —AT~ d Y 4 O WeEd bv Lows is 19U6 witl cell at a ” yn 7
AT THE RATE OF Ps fei delinaatel and devcrlbed fa & plea attech: | | 20 Trsgarete Hoad, Puitea-ysi, | #1 Queen ower, Fortatepaia be wit | COP-de-Ville 4, 8.00 ,,
ARS roytriars Hall Ube elerenth day of September in the yout pee ene _ audersi Me lnfuroat.oa from tbe Gus oO , 8.48
r FOUR DOLL L ON oon, Teginterece Nor Tivsel 2 Notice. | “JONATHAN RYAN, Brightoa-LaBrea i. 0.23"
Pan Ton oF 2,0001 ns, NOVEMBER {t#~-AT 8 PM oknnt feo ad nad, sogelar chet cermale | [OR RENT.-Cowmodious Marie | Ov. 13.4 Wttninn, “Ooovevereers {San Fernando arr, 10.44 :
Thoy will alsu robste io jickote Se [Gaele awh other arranyemente situate ia che Ward of Teserigns costaler Gourde Wal tursheds?" Gipieal Godstoads (Connecting with tbe Train.)
customers holding ticko 8 bough - | (leg persion ofa paresdel landontalge | CAtblog place. , EWING MACHINES
at eight collars per ton at their} - “ tag vetoutcen acre, Lworordsend twesty | Tovestment weuted for $114.00 good Plorultes, ASIN Rs and FURNE N.B—Steamor's TI i ite
office, GAN YOU SKETCH ? perches ssotber portive of tbe sent ‘B20 | gocon eecurtly. Apply to FoR, | | PUN of all desceiptiva oa ope t yteamer's Time aro approximate only, aad will bee
WALTER F, MUNNIS —. Av’ Buate) sod abating North ups | Arratan nousereet tees, ne Vinoeat pay went ot 7 | $9 sanearly as circumstances will permit, They are theca
” General Manager. \VouEp rom Hine to neil Dieaw lige te tar igre uf Jean ete ee | Breet Oct. Irn tu . The Littio snp, umes of the Stoamer, and passongors tn usta ae at tb Des
eS | woe ms et reg new oe hia'y af B sae, toib spon Lande Wifo Notl uxnay Dee, Surety Kove ates monet theca antle them to take the shoreboat Ld gal
o Instiuctlon P vo te aj] | Bo oe lately of Gobis aed Wear agen otico. 6 . Fes .
beunehes of , jead« formerly of Torrei -_— .
THE SURE COUGH CORE Book Wiagralict Forongs eager “ Tous vin, aries wun aS apne f ue public a hereby | gaulioned LL ——SE ‘ J. WwW. 7 r NSON
1s, por bottle, inurotctlane dad puulioation of ther | [Datel a Fori-tl-Bgeis thle setoed day | Wile tee eae fuy, serie 2Pr Princes Town ‘ . OMLI
ty! » luge tm euok wortd cf Onder te the year ef ear Land, 1it” | af: my bows aod proveetion singe the . .
Lalng’s White Pino a Puna Fearon 3 ter Sheed oe ut ues, cee | Laing’e “Famod Soda Water and Acting General Ma
Gough Bytu to ¥, J. SCOUT & WON M CEARLANE DERUSIA =| weet wrinks can Gow by bid
. id, BS AFNOGS, at
MIE ENGL au “ciosalU¥ BE itis Work, Ausuaseert, | Ontober Brd~1a, MILES SLORES ETD] —PoAtor-Sram,
. a, October, 1012



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the Crown were of opinion that on
the defendant saying “bi hi,” he
was entitled to drive on and ijare
people if they did not get out of the
way. He (the Attorney General) as
representing the publio—{f he might
say 80~submitted that chat waevery
bad Jaw, Every subject of the King
has a right tc the King’s highway,
apd the mere fact of a person usin.
something that was dangerous to life
was no justification for abusiag those
tights; that. was to say, he was not
entitled to think and act ae if he had
thought that because he was duing
something that coud injure people,
he would go on, trusting to the readi-
nena of ple to. get ont of the way.
His» Honour eniomed up and the
fury returned a verdict of not guilty,
whereupon the accused was dis


Tooral, an East Indian was charged
with having wounded two avtes belong:
jog to Soondariah at Stretham Lodge
on the 27th July last.

money when he remembered the rule
of the offic, (hat before payinent was
madc, the namo of the remitter should
be asked He accordingly asked the
[ilsoner who had sent the money but
he anawer was & somewhat curious
ove. ! He sald he had foursisters at
Arotica, any one of whow might jiave
sent the order, but he was not certain
which had sent it. The prieoner on
being asked for their names, frat tried
the namé of Mary, then Susan, next
Martha, sod tually Jane, but
sa none of them corresponded with
the person who the taster
was oadvired, had sent the order,
he obliterated the stamp and re-
fused payment. The matter seemed
susplaious, and inguirfea were made,
when it was found that Josephine
Yearwood hat sent a Post Oflice
Octer to her brother R. A. Yea wood
who she suppused was then in Tuco,
but who asa matter of fact was not
there whea the Post Office Order
reached Tuco. [taleo transpired that

owned a whitecow. On the éth of
May last he weut to bed leaving {t ed
upinhbl+ pen; when be got_up nest
niotning it wae not there. He west
to the Police Station and reported his
loss and on returning home he saw
the prisoner leading away the cow.
Ne started after him and prisoner
who was runningaway when NMcFine
firet saw him drop the rosp and
bolted Into the bushes. cFine
abandoned the chase and -retracing
his fuotsteps towards the station, in-
formed the police of what he had seen
When Mi Fine returned home he met
the cowthers Beforehe met the
risoner the latter had tried to sell
he caw toa butcher named Anthon
lathulleric to whom he represent
Dinvself as the butler of one Nr. Wade
from Cabesterre, LO. Bowen arrested
the prisoner some time afteron «
warrant in Port-of-Spain,

Prisuner gave evidence on oath
alleging in the course ofa long story
thatthe prosecution was the inven-

\ entries except the @7.85 (svb[ch wes tn


aworethat the later © bed been
madeby Mader, Early trout to :
whom he bad made tbe payme?

prisoner himerlf belog unable to rea

or write It was proved that prisoner

had signed several way bills at the

Rallway Station and had attended an

Kogtith School at Preyeal. All the

Wack Jok) liad been made ft: violet
ink and were2gone over in black ink.
During & postponement of the case
fe noOner Went Karim and offe
pay him the €7.85 If he would drop
the matter,
Prieoner called nov witnesses, and
repeated the statement that he could
neither read noe write; and that
Ladee had made the entry 87.85.

The Court adjourned at the Jun-
cheon hour and. on the resumption
the jury returned witha verdict of

a .
5 In ‘sentenciog the prisoner Jile
Monour told him that a t deal
of perjury and fabricated evidence
wenton in these Petty Civil Gourta,
He new that ghimeelt from aes
experience as judge, was se!
that anybod judg committed for
pergurr and the result wae that people

come to think they could commit
perjury with Impunity, He sup
prisoner bad been following the exe
ample of others, It was essentially
necessary bo stop offences of the kind;
but he did not wish to be severe on
bim as be had no previous convictions,
He sentenced him to 18 mouths’ im-


Uajanee, a female East Tadian,
pleaded not guilty to an indictment







Broderice Anglaise— ten
charging her with stealing a quantity Flonncing Breech 4) 1 "74-24" BAT GIRDLES—In assorted
of Indian jewellery and $103.04 from yards = Fully worth 240 yard, shades. Each... Séo and £30,
one Heharrysing, at Curepe Village, oe Te
ingen Bion oon a. vasgras. ony | ESE VARY SOUS isk
2 ~~ 81 an
“Bhe woe pet wena by founsel. 1 ‘ Or ee Richly ede a BOO
hew jury was eorpanelled. elr Cream 42 inches wide— 4} yards, VES -
Willan Allen Perey Lord, Wilhant Peryard wo Se {to ‘Bleek, Chat
cee pets, Joh Bylvesire Garson, LONLY DRESS LENGTH —In dare | PeeDes Urey, Deaver, and other x
Osmond Telfer, Cecll! Ferrand so Blue Orepe-de-Chine—Lovely floral Per pair ~ B6o'
Willian Benjemia. desigas snd Scalloped ef Se yard You'll g> lato asebastes over! the other besutifal things
se ate lite ie a rears rake that soe sn BAteth | - areshowlag.—VISIT US AT ONCE!

the prisoner lived ina room next to
one in which Heharrysing lived with
his reputed wife, Mamkomeria, On



“Bross Longths,




a) wom

DRESS GIRDLES — In Cream Silk,
Yory fashionable now, Kach Go

a eg rr

the prisoner and KR. A. Yearwood wers [| tinn of the witnesses who were all hie : = s

Mr, W. Blache Fraser appeared with | kouwn to each other, and that in the | relatives, They conspired to getbim | the day mentioned Bebarrysing was Plain Fi are Store
the Attorney General prosecute course of conversation Yearwood had ] {a trouble becasise of a fami em- | away, at Caroui, and his wife and The, One Price, & .
and Mr. Andté Ciprian defended the nforuned the priauner: of hie expecta: broglla in which they belleved ina w privoner were ab # neighbour's | jbouses , I rf “a
ecoused, Cion to received a Port Office Order frow | have been fostrumen n atopping a e ‘ ‘

The same jury fo the preceding case | Lissisler It appears that accurding | mootbly allowance of $10 which was | prisoner left to go and close her house A; Free fnsurom
was pervina roth P 8 to custom, the ter in question wan made to Frances, (the womao with {| 42d that of ebarrysing, to which she One Price On J Value Nowhere Like Hail ard 84 ‘

The evidence fu the depositions | addressee] to Yearwood in care of 8. | whom McFine Sis now living) by her] had access. She did nov retura, °
whowed tbat there was no eye witoces | Mosang, Tovo,from whom the prieceet | lawful husband who Js out ol the | When the rain was over Hamkomaria

ofthe wounding of the animals, but
the accused was seen running away
frou thestables whee the aulmala
were shortly after found in a wounded
alate. Atthe trlat however, all the
witnesses (Bast Indians) awore thet

got the letter and endeavou:
the ordei,

The prisoner, in hie defence stated
that Yearwood had giveu tain instrac-
tions 90 cash the Post Office Order for
hin, but unfortunately he had forget-

went home, and, notfinding the pris:
oner became suspicious yaad searching
acanister, she found that the money
and jewellery which was kept there
was missing. She reported the loss to
the St, Joseph Police who communi-

to cash | island. The real story Is that Frances
told bim her cow had strayed and be
went 1h search of It He found it ina
grass field aud seeing there was a man
whoni he took to be the watchman be
was running the cowout, when he met

econ anes


Before the dours of the Port-of-Spain |

November 19'1 between the hours of 1] of Novomber 1911 betwess
and 2 pm, and2 All aod


the: A had actually seen the accused | ten to eugnire ef bun the pame of the MrVine, After a chat with him they coled with teharrysing at Caron, in AU aod singelse {hve om gertalo scrarl parol of” ed
Li the donkeys. remitter. He called no witucuses, ted to meet i Ie | which direction the prisoner was also pieces or parce's of lend sicuste lo on! i

"After hearing connsel on both siden] ‘The jury having: veturned a senlict Hed the cow to eee ee left ] to go with the result that Beharry. | Court House, yesterday, two parcels of | Wart of Maugsnllis la the anid Leland the | of Santa Cres compels

land In Upper Caroul comprising | ¢
together three and a half quarrees
were sold fur £30 to Mr. GF. A.
Ligoure, solicitor for plaintiff, {a the
matter of Alica Armstrong v, Mobun


The exhibition of engineering mo-
dels which was opened at the Horti-
cultural Hall contained some exceed-

and His Hononr’s sunning up, the
jury vohestatiogly returned a verdict ]
vf not guilty, whereupon the accused |

of guilty, the accused was remanded
for sentence till this raining at 10,30
o'dock, to which four the Court was

be eof comprinng 10 acres and abut-
ting 03 the North apoo lauds vow or

it there. Prisoner called fobr wit-
neswa but thelr combined evidence
rather strengthened the story of the
. prosecution,

{lis Honour summed up briefly and
the Jary found the prisoner guiley, He
then pleaded guilty so a evious
conviction for stealing a donkey. He
was now sentenced to three years’
imprisonment with bard labour,

Tarorick, an Kast, Indian was next

sug stopped the prisoner as she was
feaving Caroni for somewhere else in &
cab, nod found with herin a basket
the $106.09 and the jewellery,

Prisoner called no witnesses, She
stated on oath that £0 of the money
and half of the jewellery were hers,
She was at Deharrysing’s house the
day In question and his wife handed
her a parcel tied up and told ber not
to open it there as Behbarrysing had
requested that she should not remain
there after 12 o'clock. She took the

aad two-fifth parts of as
“*Cangrefel and abat
lately of the Crown oo the South by a| on land of SantiageC
toed on the East by lands now or Jately [a } and Keston | Row #
the oreapation of one Mfrs. Brixia and oa © Lovie Cacsarand on the.
the Weeton lends pow or lately ba the | now or lately of one
coupatton of MMe, Charlotte Hild the | second thereol compritiog
wes od thereof comprising 16 screw aod | Jand known sa ** Mon
abating oo the North and West upon» Kepoir™) sitnate inthe
lands now or lately of the Crown on the | aod abattivg on the Nerth
Bor hapoa a rosdand oa the East upos | letely of Joseph Valeatine,
lends pow or Jetely of the said Aire. |-aud West on land now er

was discharged, His Honour remark
ing that he didn't believe himself there
was a word of truth in the story of the


Joseph Howard waa charged with
having forget and uttered a certain
receipt for money with intent to de-
fraud, at Toenywa the Ast of July last

(Before tn Ji unlioe Russell, LLB.)

John Witlians alias Byer, pleaded

Charlotte Reid chethicd thereot compile | andre Ronwelllac aad oa

The prisoner was undefended, not guilty to the larceny of acow oo | charged with having comailtted pere away and whe: unti ingly Interesting examples of amateur bhte ° | w

Tye followieg was the Jury :~ Mesure | May “th at Gocorlte Htoad, Arima | Jury while giving evidence, tn'a cxee | fee found Lt to contala’ the. balance | work. Aworkiog steam engine which | SE squactaners, MaTUP Catt worm | 20% or lnely of Peat D
J. J, bteele, Charles Belling, I A. ¢ Jlon. Jt. 8. A. Warner, Solicitor fore Mr, V. Vertelul, acting of the jéwellery and money. This was | ite maker claimsto be small enough | ¢.6 on the South by lands pow or lately of ated thie z3id day of
Cumberbab, Louis Bigon, W. A, | General, prosecuted ; the prisoner was | Magistrate at Couva, on August 23th, | tra outcome of sconspirecy because | “toget ona threepennypiece” 1s one | Alexander Reid andoa the Weat upon Fd.
Guy, GT. McCutcheon, V. Le Ottier, / nol repeemented by counse last : she had refused to yleldto Beharry- | Of a groug of eight of the amailest | 1 ods now or lately of the said Charlctte
J. AL Vampelfone, and Cha, Holertoan, | ‘The jury earpanneltert wast Sewers, | | is pleaded guilty and was unds- | sing's temptation, to poison her own | steam engines in tha world. ‘There | (ii the fourth-sbereol comprisiog 10
cree inated ad hata the | oe vets, Bam, Wistar Migg: | feoel gy ceuows The Botcor: | hesbend who had ‘ppety aodilve | havejwea_ bale by” three beitch it | "yen kotwa'at it No fat ite flaw Noti

lp ai i risover 6 atu . + je,

toToro witha Lost Office Orderaad went Mane liamanuel James sAugustus | The facta for the prosecution are with Bebarryelog, ners in their spare tim s.olls Settlemect sod abuttiog on the

eigned it with the name © It, A. Year- [ Davi. Broderick Chases Alinacdos, made bya eickinnerotaetpa en SALE FOR TUESDAY,

that p ieoner was sued at Coura Pejty Nerth upoo lands now of ately of the

wood “in tha presence of the sul-Post- | Georg: Liadsay, Leo Nathaniel Pla- { Civil Gourt by Abdool Kario, a shop was e fury found bee ear ofthe motorcar, the work of a London Gen- Gira end opon | ole Bus age ge wok OF NoNt .
funiroaster, bad sctually stapiped the | “The evidence’ for the prosecution JCourtan acoage bose abn tee | gat. Cee eee ote ed er eneaae, | Nort Mantaniis Road oa she Est apoa | Kita exorcise of the 9

: 1 | 0" .
Steument and was nbest te tay the f disclosed that a ian named Neuse wolg that} The Court thea adjourned to 10,3) } Hon of one of the earliest types of | tends now or lately of the sed Chartorte | eale coaferret upon. a1

he had pald 87.8 of that amount, aud steam engines, bya member of the

Stock Exc

this morning, 12 ad sod upod leode now or lately of the | Conveyancing and law
weld A‘exander‘Keid and oo ths West | dinance numbet 72 and?
upoa laods pow oc Jately of Madame Fer [ implied ia « cortals .
ley somctimes erroneously deacribed as | Mortgage ander the
sbatileg on the North upon the Msanzao- | Real Property Ordinaces
sla tiga Kosd on the Bouth upon the] numbered #9, and dsied te
caver Le Blacche on the East wpon los No- | May, fn the year one:
US eection *L” ef the Mapsenille Setie- | hundred and tes, sod
mentacd os the West upoa job 36 cf the | Kmmanoel Cipriani ia
eald Meosanliia Geitlement, Aucher Warner, thers
Also All acd Singalar thosetwo pirce’a | sais by Publia Anctice
of tao ‘usteia thesaid Ward of Mace | Mare of the nadersigast,:
fenilia the Gees thereof! oumprising 16 acres | ber 12, Saint Vincest Mm
+o the came a atie more or leas delinsated | of Port-of-Mpala, on .B
aud with the abattals and boacdaries | teenth dey of November,
thereof shewa in tre the hours of one and tre
AU those three aeyesl ¥
on the North by fof land and cocoa pl
eved on the Soash aod Eut by Crown | thereof situate ia the $V
Landa and on the West by a road reserved | the lslang of ‘T'rinlded,
blrty-Are Lake wide which separates | acres, bathe came more
lands bereby gracted from lends pe.itioned [fa the degra s
tor by Joseph Collingwood the second | Grant in Volaae
therec! comprising @ acres 2ro0de aad S83 f oa bhe North, South aed
pastes aod abutting on the Norte by | sow or Istely of tbe
ands of George Lanieg and by Urown lands | West upon leads noe
oa the South by lands of Aldsender Held | Pierre; the second ¢
ani by lands of Nicodemus Colllogwood | said Ward of Tarore
now Alexaude: Reid on the Kees by Crown | scree and ¢wo roods, be
lenda by lezds of Nicodemus Collingwood | lese delineated in the ¢
sowAlsxander Reid acd by fanda of K, | the Crown rast
ater Rew aod oo the | XXIIE, folio 387,
George luaiss and by | Nurth aod South upon
bow Alexander Reni Sof the Crown, Hsat Og
to the fires four par: [ lately of Leos Prosper
described to w certaia | lands vow or lately of
deed of mortgage deled the 2th day of | West cpua lacds now at
Jouuary 19 Uregistered aa No 403 for toto, Thomas Fembertoa and
and made between the seid Louls A klere | of lately of the Crows
ot she one part aod the Huavacsbie | the Cauarlpo Hvar,

e q\
George Tow: send Feowick U.M.O, of the | several

Insurances fe

Cc ONP ANY, varcele Mend ie yand sizthly aescnbed

AGENTS, ender the provision ot tbe | st poe etee


1910 made by th ia the
favour ob the aad ie At ‘Oats ceed Pry ie ed Tolaed of
Phone 184

puree to thts GaGa or avconing talolag alxtecs acren
je be eorge Tewnicad @ eame ore OF
eawiek UM.G.of the princ ihe aod described io tat |
$10,000 and Latereet thereoo, ial am of to Foote Joan Bepriste ta
A Di¥ WT Da
QF NOVEMBER 1011, ¥ ¥.J, SCOTT & 80N,
—— we
UBLIO NUTICE & beroby gi wn —__Uothe Auctivvcers, | land and West upva ants Ny
P fn evercing of the sores tba SALE FOR WEDNESDAY THE 181 of Didier Noel and spoa §

ange, are among the mo-





be Specal Notice

MATIHEE tn fature on 9 Jc,



Octr. 27th


Gent's Hats. |Cool Suiting's


ARRIVING. Right Thing for Hot Weather.

Straw Hats

~ WITH ~

pieces or
ons are 8:80
ot Thole

Plain and Striped @rash Suiting
Mercerised Linen Suiting
Imitation Tussore Suiting

White Cotton’ Union and Linen Drill


Thick, Thin, Wido. Modium and
Narrow Brims—aAll the Newest shapes,


This Hat is all the rage in Europe,

t Groy Folts.
WEite Rubbor Holmots. with Puggares,

N,B.—[be above morigexge la favour of | XXXU folio 9 and were
The Honoarable George Pawusend Fea- | !a she diagram colo
wick U.M.G, ts Low vested fo the Hoa- | fa ta the Certificate of
curable Hogene iprleal by deod dated | Jean Baptiste registered 18
the Z2ud day ot Feoruary 1010 registred | the J ae Uen
at Na. 36 ef 1910 aod by asemoragdam or | Volume CLXXXIX
transfor No. dSdated the Zed day of | tlagoa the North oped a

lately of Clemence pulls

Vebraary 1910,
Dated this 26th day of Oatober 1011, lands now of lately of
wpon the remaining

WORTH 81,00 YD, Fo tsloet | Worn 1 habe
a a certain d f Together with all
——~- 0 —-~ ‘ ' FOR 6Oc. the dh dey of Saneury O10 regutered | On Nm oete Wl, | entra Lelatging tel
se toe us No sn {or the ear 1910 aod made
vor Hiverything im Men's Wweaw row Rverything in De2'a Augtvdes aries (ine (be one part Jn exetee of the power uf sale

otter part dod aleo costalord in a erteie
Memorandum of Mortgage dsted the 2b
day otJenaary 1010 and roads by the said
faethe na Ante
ere will be putup for sa’ | there will te ru: ay

by. padi evetion by the ndersigned at Avetloa by Pine Pager agenda ee pet tour anal 41
rats Ba a ety iaonas Guess f Avction Nart Ne t2 8: acens Sizect, the year of gar

gua pe Then 4 tae ita! cab opeiay oa Wedoeedoy the 1a:h doy




tbe pioelpal eum of three
seven buadred du

0 part end fog after the rate of PDE,
other part | centum per annua

taloed ia & certaiy deed of
@a To iy mort Reg

the sevectesnth asy of A

fered as Nu. 204 a) d ond ma °

ween Pierre Corneille of the on
tan Compe Osmpias ct the

ao To


aoe 7 ~~ ¥ .

s ,

Deathof Mr RB. J, [aia the midst ctiite we orci PORT-OFSPAIN CRIMINAL

2 Ues of aszociation which were eo earl
s Nanco. broken by death, Mer. Nanco was z ASSIZES. +
_ ' nr man of character, who by hiatact {9 HALL OF JUSTIOR,
We deeply regret io announce the | $20 Solivitor’s profession, had won tir = ‘
a m Passing awvy of Mre Robert J Nanco, | Mmerlf the grateet possible respect (Before sir Atfred Lucle Sintth Kt.
F C.J.)

. the wellkpown and succresful lawyer, | Which had enabled bim to acquire a

* a ve -

a en ee a
pepe ne
a ——_—

rhich took place at bis late residence | fet, large practice, He eae “ No, 10, BROADWAY--Telephone 161,

in New Town, early yeaterday morning ~ _ mrureday
after « com: ares ore ill Qualities be apecdily beeanto show MANS + .
feos aie iar baline ri yee | ho ry true it was that one wae kn at Tadley eatnian pared . . - . . ~ ;
PORE eervi ie C we t. or Atif; cit “ye
asa wilting cletk Lo the lato “-0.¥ From thie direction | feloniously, killed aid alald ove Pau OFFER FOR SALE EX S,_S,. “ SALYBI
sage fo. 1 NAGRADLICE in ee ICN TO AMS 1b of San et manday Me Robert Guppy, fathe tine Ee tines ats, Nanco Bernard af Queen Street, Arima on rt yo‘
a at sta ates ¥ 1 Ibs, who enjc pousid! . ° 9 . 3 ~
. Poauit—sssorted grades, ZH ah Y the beet coureys | ie ty as to eastablieh @ success the zed of Heptember laste KG 4p 10 Cases No. 1 GHEF~83/ _* :

Anciog practice in th _
dad. “Ne Guppy tiberel eneded cece | fal practicn We eytupathine with

* 20% MILKMAID. De ch ton v
DNOLL is Do i, Wansferred young Nanco over to tha] (PS wife, and thy of Mr

nm pack wittre oatsâ„¢ 260 Rhee MOL torney General prosecute, and the

: faoner why» pleaded vot guilty was . om" oom
» : a who wae oung man, | 9° Pp iw we CE, TEORTAR :
ELLY OORN Ca &) Tyerces FAMILY BREF I Hon Atichael: Maxwell Philll NCO, & young 4 Setomded Mr. Gaston Johnston,
Gown GUEE =4s, &]8,} 10/2 Barrels, Do. Da Solicttor-General, and after @ Pasa aud hed ben " earl cut off from | The (alto ina jury es ean weelted: ‘ * ,
YS poe MUSTARD O1L 2) OLEAR PORK service which greatly benefitted him | them, He (Air. fa Chapelle) asked | _Nesera, J. HayneeClatk, Laue Here 109 Bags Superior DUUGH OATS,
c DON FECTIUNARY 2100 Barrels & Tierces Aesoried PORK {| in after year, Mr Nanco became | ths Oooit shoul aaibh sympathy | nerd, 1 A Laineworth, Fianele
on er. MORELAIX BUTTER articled tothe tate Mr Juhd Alexander | 824 adjourn, possible, as Me Augustus, D. T. Fraser, bt. Luce Dap “ mist aor.”
p Do. Da 190 Tlerces Royal Lily LARD Houssenu, whose practice wae among | Nanco had been about twenty-five | iutie, Charles Watson, Paul Lange Aas. ' REoOD .
PA Sah Byuce OANUDLES—aesnrted sizes | 10 Canes Day In, 4/5 jetho mostartensive of Lhe Sutlcitors ta | OF thirty yeare a practitiuner in that | and John de N obrige .
ME. "30 Geode Prine Large CODEISH 8. Boxes CUDE SUGAI—Sitee, each | Shore days, Having served bis articles, CTS Worship ta reply. ald the | pp Als, Henry Diebel waa challenged by 25 Cases SALMON 483.
a 100 a ant examina . ee 6 defence.
a: ‘ —AND~ tlon and eatered Into practice, duriag { NOWs Just given himcameas agreat (Tite USE OF THE ROADWAY.

shock, diehad known Mr, Nanou for saptesAttorney General ih opening

which time he enjoyed the confidence id ate tei
ihe cane was impurtant in itself, caer genes

UBUGAR In Tage* 2500 Bores COMET. M, 8 of both the sJudges, the Magistravy | * long fime and it wae wi
ood hegolol SWEET OILY 4 "20 BoreaThoe brows Me SOAT, atid the public. Geargafier Le gave eyesyiyspale aad ser-t he heard he. cane was important, in iteelfy

en Posse! boa, Do, &) Cates RICHMOND MIXTURE | UPA large and lucrative practive as ath, Mr. Nance, by bie the ei ta di bivh th
Sas Mirae Wrapping PAPER MIXTURE Boliciton Uunveyancer, ‘and Notary teerityy bed alrary determled tode unfortunate deceased low hiv. Hite. Y
a PLIT PEA! UCase RICHMOND MIXTURH~ | Publis ta pi to England to be | ye determin on ie the eridet af | But there wasanother feature of the ads
ANGEL 0. AM. SOAP 202. Tins, game @ Barrie Asench hewas nol bie Siitoae wae courtesy, ie bed seen, wich to bis talnd gras almost of .
. ecessful, . equal importance, and that was, the ,
—AaLso— Mr, Nanco was amember of the old often beard the judges sive, stprow cave involeed adecteion as to the von- Cf BAUEHRION Quanres
. t ; Borough Saunell and eronged to the Naoco conducted hie cases. If he qitfons under which the Teadway a4
rend, . 8 ov the aide path,”
ae! BRLS 0 K PORTLAND GEM ENT has left a widow and a daughter (Rita fie aiseistrate) could posaibl ad. inight-be used, ite was epeakingias a (OUT TAP)
, . o\e _ ou: 90 & e Atuanger, but it had oceurved to hioi .
J Mr Free Ne roneiie) ae also 3 ‘sae thought the Supreme Court was too that Were ue, it had occur awe lo Can be had tn Kegs of 3 imperial gallons at $1 230 from
busy to adjourn, but if he thought be | views (a tbe tuinds of Jrivers aa to the ‘ 8B . +

would he ‘showing any dlareapect for conditions unde hich th d . .
Mr. N hi ald ad th G whlch the road wa: }
Girt atveucey ‘int be doer Mer | s2%,%e ued. Wromiiney ane’! Walters Trinidad Brewing Coy.

s0c0 wae a man wholhked work. | clusive right to the roadway, and that


: ~AND~ nando, {nd who at now unfortunately
another Shipment of the Celebrated Dans others maen thelr tows

Tributes From Bench and Bar.
i 4 j HV: 5 TBREHAD’S STOUT newes Brom mene an * He would divect to put on the notes a pedestrian could only use ibon the "Pete wmhore 23°F —Rent 17, -1m

AT THE SUPREME COURT. of the Uourt an ezpreasion of condo- | condition that be must submit to be | —————eeerene
(Kangaroo Brand),

~ lence of the great loss to the pro- ~ om bparn = >
Following on the death of Mr. | fesalon, and ermmpeth to the ‘de. dane gid nok et out of the way -
Robert Jobn Nanco, Darrister-at-Law, | ceased’s wife and family. an incorrect ©) we of the law, tease i
His Honour sir Alfred Luctg Smith, THE FUNERAL | ~ the law 8 heed er ara a .
. wo

fs Barrels4f,7 Dozen Yints with Patent Stoppers. {its Chief Justice, who was attended | which was respectably attended, took | tody was entitied ta’ use the roadway

. by "bis brother Judges Swan and | place the ,decrased’s late’ resi-
&e., &c., &o. Hassell, paid a fitting etterence to ihe venee om Queen Peck, Wet, to whether he wes in « carriage, ond
- his scarinthe Hallet Testice pone | ov Wey. Mane ettchetierat the | thay had to respect one anoihers M": THOMAS WORTH, the genial representative of
. 4 * n a tleular res: t ttre 3.
R A S 0 N Az C0 Ca eee Mo, yoiide over ‘Gowpee bereaved widow and her little daugh- that aristocratically minded. drivers I Messrs Godfrey Phillips, Lid., of London, hes just re-
i ’ & [ [ @ | Gollan, K.0,, Attorney-General, and | ter Itita, and Me J. 1. U. Hatt The entitle Reena eemons wer not turned by the R.M.S. Thames, with a full assortment of the

ion, RS. Aucher Warner, K.C., | bearere were IUe Honour Mr ©, the presence of the ordinar lestrian celebrated
BoliciterGeperal, ,were present and | Prudhomme David, Mesare, ALT. n ibe road The tataht fovle > ;
lotte tr . both branches ut’ the legal profession | Prizgar, I, Robioson, Jullan (reli, | 28 tbetoadway, The point ofsslew | ¢ ” “cp; ”
Char. S eet were fairly representeds Pros E ‘Seiplo Pollard and kh A Wibn, Heer eeeele in chance of gehicles B DV. & Pinnace Cigarettes,
also a large shipment of the famous ‘Gaylar Boy’ ‘

TUE BENCHL dhe other followers fa the cort sideration, because the danger of
. ineluded_ members of the Masouic Idente \. : * * *

The Chief Justice rising (and the See eg Ry, Considerable tn Mixture This gentleman has now started « competition in:

corporating 30 prizes tothe total value of $250, the first

whole Court with him) said, be: Body,—Royal Philantropic Lodge. | deed; but that daoger became ver:

proceeding with the otdlnary pH before of ate a he dred Leniges, who auch Rreater {phen one observed ihe
ie rth be to Lod evelopmen i : . .

’ ts Rich ‘be hea | preceded the bea a he character ot the | prize being 810 fur the largest collection of prize coupons,

one of which is to be found in every tin, We invite the atten-

tion of prospective competitors for full particulars to Posters

ise, These were Mr,
very great sorrow with which be bad | §[tels; AV.AL, who acted ae Master of ree at pce eee, of the
around town, or to Messrs. SCOT, BOYD & CU., No. 6


just heard of the passing away of one | Cereimonle assisted by Messrs Julian | 5;
of te menibuiy ofthe far in’ tke pen | Germania anunted ly Nevers do thele rights wae taken op dcivere, aif

As there isa quantity of Cigatettes still on the market
which have ot the prize coupons, arrangements have been

aon of Bir. Nanco j and the Bench | others were Hev. O. Di. Ragbir, Messi he had to say was that the premenee
made with all sellers of “ Pimmace ” and * B.D...

witb rie wider tn tore asee ym pathy MW. Blache Wileon, 8 Clarke, G. New- | of the motor caron the road would
Sie, Nanco was on ay 1 AG seu oa bold, F. Webb, R Ellis, G, a. Fagretl f garn the road waysinto veritable death
honourable gentleman ip She. true TG. Luke, J. it Donawa, J. Gridith, traps, And {t was becauss ha felt
sense of the word. Asa practitioner A, Deel on rgean "| thisease was serious from that point
Cigarottos tosupply Purcbasers witn the requisite
wiougtrack,and they always hed con- | }. Gasiow “Fohactoge ot) numuer of coupons as advertised on posters, It is therefore
Boas fa li ae fe ad both Bar | Ferman, GOA. Wartogs "Wee | teroeia Rte defendant ‘waa a cal | to the irdterest of smokera to sce that on making thelr pur-
in the death uf Mr, Nanéd. stay be | £87 iGeorge | Hite Tatricks Andrew | the slatlonup Queea Bureet, Having | chases they receivo their coupons in ord: r that they may be
rest io peace, Mestthee TL Pe Mitchell, Geil AY | depouted thein safely he was return: | able to participate in the adventages offered by Goprrey
be relied upon ; be never t led to throw Meshlue, and that the prisoner was driving his
dust {a the eyes of the Court, but did | 294 Drs G. JT, Maswou, Mesblue, horse at a good trub when within :
Jessie Urell, also a number of ladies. | aout 4

tna wou ti Coarvenaulunteoegie | At tbe caerentoed the choreh, tbe | NUE be atbllc witnteas” ioe The Piano Warehouse,
{rove and bis loss they deeply deplored hymn, |“ Veace, perfect Peace,” wee} yaving ween the crowd, the defendant
. be hymo “Hock of Ages cleft for
iden adh Tact MA ok atau A Ser eae ores caer | 1 GHEAP SALE OF STRINGS |
hows Wey hed sustained is the death of tor, the cortege reformed and. wenied, | OF, t ble own he” supe ee : athe

r mee a {ts way to tbe Lapeyrouse Cemetery | knew more orless what to expect i *



matwomst! TIP TOP VALUE

46 conta. —IN-


: Ladies Ready-to-Wear Hats

At 60 cents each


*~ A fine assortment to select from.

All at

ben THENDERS ON’ S [iste tn

milo. . and Hosa
Faney Bounty 9 Frederick Street. at 13 cents,

Daluty Scarves
$3 cents eich.

he always fought strenuously aod wel the general followers | of view that he roposed to upen it
for ble Then but bever took opr were Thele ifonours the Judges—Sir | with some little Seo The accident
Mr. Justice Swan be, to associ, | McCarthy, HL. P. BMitches fog In the direction’ of the rallva
ate himself with what goed to ms ie ftgle. . 1. Jeffers, A. Brown, | station, presumably In order to plc Puiiuirg, Lrp,

advantage in any way and the Court * Arglesinith, Oca, and J ustlees or whatever it was, took place un the
Acbam, [. M, Lazare, T. N. | up another tare. The accident ineelf

always felt that he never deceived G. 0. Deane, Acting 8.J.P, I, E see ar tember: that being Ae arene
tice had sald. Ho bad known Mr,
Sampson, J, Gaotfroy, A M Maillard ui
Nanco for the past olpe yeary, and hd GJ TuUee, T.R. Outler. W. Abdulah, wy Gu ate et. bt ihe ner

wnongivack- and they ole non the Phipps, EA. Durbam, W. Blache there was coosiderable crowd on
might say be bad heard ‘the news of T.T. Pea
.T. ree, Le Kitt, H J Vieira, A,
Be Sauer te ani cor, | Gate capone WH (eaeteee Paees eee! | EI STI OINTCE
Fed on eee i omilutely to | J Travers, W. Grell, 0, L. Boland - 7

. Justi 2 I 4 sung, followed by the readlag of a ought to have pulled up hie horee,
pelt Zauuce Mint had bosses ed portion of ‘Neripture, after which | bug instead of dolag en, pe apparently

waaapersonal loss that Mr. Nanco

Q here the Interment took place, . >
sie lover ta be epeeariog before | ti conclaing ice of the Cborh | ney Qu Bet) out, unfortunately Ter tte
onto — eaeeerear— manor , 0, rior e 7 . " oy ow
" {lead oald wie remesd’tocniewien | Siauad Thea followed the Nasoois | Way ia thug and aa’ peeie: dha shine mo ane
e character, gentlemantinessandhonovre | [Cf¢M0Dy> Wheatus of the defendant's cab struck him oa lat our +7. BOXS
Nanoo hud Be wae bare Tne steoiers | 2nd other floral, tributes (sent to the | borsee hoofs having sles pened owe Dod ws “ je
vatideace of the whole Bench, One | bowee of mournlag by aympatbleing bin, bedied withinas sbort tine, Ie asd i ” % ,
mightepesk at groat Ie ch with ree j friends, and afterwards deposited 08 | subinitted, there wus nothlog magical ‘
yard ‘erthe many admirable quallues the grave ret Pita teoie eaige, ja the uae of the wordy 4 bi hi”
, the deceased bad displayed. but adfor {| Because driver was going along a
tupately, words on a ‘Secasion of the members of the tp ae kT crowded thoougfare, he was pot ABSOLUTELY NEW

soft, were of but Ite benefit, Le entitled todrive through the crowd

Rima: uel Lagare, Me, and Mra J. | werely because ho bad shouted the

joined with the Chief Justice and bia} wy McQaithy, alr. aod Mr, Gecil If. ‘ . ® se
— AT -- ee a aren RENE | Froigers end Ml Sebgoney ate | corte rat, Ger wiatoos anvee | | Collection of Trinidad Paseos | -
+4 Charles . Bolesterre, Mr. * doing a dangerous thing, and see- . ‘
affliction, T. Pilagar, Mr H.W Acheon | Mra. iog that o waa beglige i" %
‘ ; * » enti ta
The Solicitor Gouerel sud on bebalt | Albert Wharton,” Me. Hit M. | Ai Going at's malting puce-and: thee ONLY JUST PUBLISHED. x

21, Frederick St,— Phone 446,

Hoveeln, Mr. and Mre Valmer
. 'd le . ae a result of his negligence the death
2. F —~ ’ cepts senticncste ties wed’ tenes Goiezole, De. 3, Camps, and Mra J. | of Jernand ensued, he sabmitled thove
i BE frdu. Thelr Hynoure, Hhia learaoed ° P , were facts upon which they could And
‘ fileud the attwroey-General had nut ——= that the action of the defendant was

. had the advantage and pleasure of really manslaughter as it was known

Mr. Ni hi ae to the Jaw. “As they had beard
would have spoken ct bin bias but! —TO-DAY'S COURT LIST. befote, when « pervon was tilled by
it wae at bie request that he (the boli- -


BIG “After Stock” SHIPMENTS.

avother, all the crown had to do iu

. Tr 7 order to launch » case (if he,might
the profecion: Sis thought whathad | SUMMARY JURISDICTION. put It) was to prove "the iio and BS OM aap O Lines
- ge iD law prima “
. A splendid selection of Presented what the whole bar fete, | (odor Hs Honour Me Justice Sean | facsg a0 Going touder, tt then war | 2X “ Senana,” §.5.“Maxacaa” ap Orie Lives,
i Personally, he had practiced with Bir, cask * FOR WEARING, tpewau bent upon the defence Yo show AME FOUBIEG IN TO
BS “s was not murde
: aye found hilta % west bonceratie | Paul ¥ Moves (part beaad), Sanches | could dothat by showing therewaene | "PHE BONANZA DRUG STORES
1 5 : wes sek whom !t was a pleasure to | ¥: Diaz. Huot ¥, Jasere, sStabertaon & | malice aforethought and no Intention a on
; [ Pee tzociated with ‘on any oceasion, | Co ¥ Reyes, Huggine & Ox v Joekia, | tokiil, Hut that would be enougty ts THOLDIN
‘hah rick nite oriea bern the | nn memmememmeee PStron Perit ras pee eeng® Gf ye wears sen, and Berar igh tee Drage, Chemie aad Poaraaowatoal
’ ae w - ‘ ) hb a | “
7 frape owion Mra Nanoo vate theve whe atwvive bim from “manslaughter, Far eee eet toidata full assorvasents Repiers Eulution of Malt and}



Tux Tonanaa Dave Sromme.

+ '. :. A ua Ni- Ou lar and fresh thi:
which he belonged, The roembers of | fo the French Ant the juetbow. Sue | It was poteven suggested there was SENATO JEN | DENA TU EN BENATOGEN | x Dar regalar and fresh mogthly
. . mptu contiibution to # friead’s | such aato throw upon the defendant
® I \ R- P A EH with tbe widow and bie Hitec that mute raph album, the followlng shows | the very serious respovalbility of dis
ke to ad Cou er auility ss | roving negligence, av 8 not
| A \ I y ‘ I Ay [ 4 Y would Uke to edloura tbe is iiopose Notre vie? Un olecau qui passe et To vo wuoceeufally, then In law, he had
. committed the offense of = man-

ith hi They bad to go further and show there Ol}, Allea end, Haubury’s reparation, Hyoin Amara, Byne Hypophos, Byno Glycero- “
AS Reet etralghtforeand eel’ howe . COMEDIEN. ween ‘Degligence. Jo this case these pes, Kutaow's art Powder, Bellows Compan ad peeze of, Mypophospbites a
; . 4 AND able man who did ble work with cre Jane M F le qui h would be no ground atall for puttlog taon'’s Sy ru: ot Alypophus (peel: by ppleon'’s Car S debtiale” anleya ;
WD) “ ‘ ditto hitiself and the profession to | _ Madame Jane Mary Ie quite the rage | the defendant on his trial for murder. Syrup ol elif Glycerophosphates Cum Formates, Carlsbad Spru
assoc belongs to « Theatrical Troupe now | anything approachin murder; bot *
the Ler. our srespressiog of eysopeihy touring those jstends, As an im- tbe cireunie, ahora of “the case were Feuee Specialise (a complete assortweut), Vibroua, Frame Food aad Sntant's
= ”
sible, as we bave wo much work, see pouraole, 3
The Cums then proceeded with its | La feullle qu touraole, errante. ot qui | slaughter, . :
wen ta, Several witnesses were chited for the .
Tn valewreu balloté qui eult la gré de | prosecution, and all of them geve it LARPOR I ARO HOLT LINE OF STEAMERS ’

ordinary business,

ARTIOT ‘onde, as thelr v
I i iS ” pur! that the oveu: .

the proceed! f the Ot: tile? le salt! Mal . an seei pure and . Vi4 BARBADOS TO NEW YORK IN 7 DAYS
. paicet ort Featerday wuorning, Ma oa venous le dira. . ale qui whieh "eae ‘jue to ihe neat Dernard emiliwve Dates—-1014,

, S e Kt was cha He, practits there No loire ? Us dglal f parfols | get oul of the wi ba’ started
t P. S w the senior prac iqner tre re ? a t te ti ter in:

uita le for resents, that day, said be regretted very much Sood, Tea ~ 4 ° ee. ne ware ving star

to bring to the notice of His Wonh!p Vous bbloult et meurt! le brut f9l dee Mr. Joboston nether called wit-

. the sad news which had just bern re- grelots oeeee nor addressed the jury, sinsply
. © , of the deathof Str. It J. N let 1 te
| At Very Moderate Prices, [Sus miriiswothipti permis |* Tee eed, bh Semulion | renasking that be Grows bad prove

sign of allowing bim to express his | La tristesee, role-tu, ebasserait lee Ase

j ooodolesce to bebalf of theo Urac- bravos, . The Atlosney Goueval who exercised | TENNYSON 0000s
titlonere there that day, ie hed een 0 * tler 4 bia eta ot reply. auld be, iid BOT VOLTAIRE oe tee

22800 wi t Nanco Notre mort ane meur mace
sloratod sods colleague, aod would Notre poe dladdagnes ” ms cone ot emeennh ee bat Bet

having heeltated (by looking baek) to

Laavs mimtoap — Ataiva New Your. oh

Sept... hab

Hepte ... 90tu




ose o oo

express his feellng of sywpathy for ong | De cuitoe, 06 #6 leh) lp ra Sinan cenee me + of 1
PAVIDSON AND TODD. eri eerie monet omy -pey PL ER ee | Renee Sey TM RANE ie
’ Boe F t . 5 x le h eaid 7m AM ie camne .
| piodel we ora teet The “yh ° sig ere Foublls dase | Ee"nageland” thes Li tha wispesion foc | ‘suapuage Me 18¢ Mipping Departuvn

The Arcade,


i +

Fancy and


these Goods





af an

Frince Line of Steamers,




3 4


& 5,100 Tons Burthon,



MONDAY 30th OCTOBER, 1911,

‘cS and will proceed thereafter to


¢ and Fassongers. {his Steamer has excellont accommoda-
Sr TEN OUABIN PasSENGERS avulable for this port.
bag Fates of froight and passage movey ploase apply to

jrdon, Grant & Co. Ltd.


Agents, Prince Line.

ee. 26th October, 1911,

= RS

fie New Disinfectant.



’ Tents,” in addition to Ite effisteccy when used
Disiefectants, possesses mae novel property in ite solid forms of at all

the atmrphere with o bighly autisept.c aod deodorisiog vapour,

wee the weather or climate, the xrester and more effective ia this action,


in the seme menser

fee eetalcs the highest standard of disiofectiag properties

' ——


§ Se
losey. s ’
BELETY Pata placing ia Wardrobes Ubests Cupboards, &e,
RYBTALLIZED “BOLAU."—Por Keattering woder Carp 6,
Smodgt Furniture.-ONE SHILLING PER TIN.
tol agents for Trintdad:


c Gin. Marine “auare.

First and Foremost.

wee eenegeseas


First on Qusiity, ow,
at aA_nverr Mome.,

“Special! . adapated for Folded


[oto Crevice,

DS at Ree ;
3 : pe a waka eed Ligieme of Merit Cocedis
stone ribs, Me lek eigen ye bere wd Whelerole from

ERG Meri Renae
“Phone Now 68}

\ ~~
i Twos eet Pats

, ran



Ltd. “The Stores’ Stephens Ltd.


ee ~ ,

that Messrs.


OGIOBER 27 1911


At thig Season of the year every one naturally takes time to consider which is





proved themselves the BEST


Staple Goods, Boots & Shoes and Groceries


have been specially selected, and those who want the MOST FASHIONABLE and UP-TO-DATH GOODS
, for the season will do well to pay a visit to STEPHENS, LIMITED. who are the leaders in



The Fart-sf-39a'q Gazette.

FRIDAY 2irn OCTR, 1011.


Sayathe ** Voice": The Registra
states that {llegitimacy ie on iy in.
crease, the illegitimate births having
augmented from 5148 per 1000 in
1997 to S41 fa 1910. Vieux-fort haw
had the chstinction of heading the
list with @22.9 per 1000; Gros let is
lowest with 34.2 The other districts
pary in the percentage, but all are
high, showing that concublnage fs
dainpant throughout the feland,
These figures cannot but bave a bear:
ngon the jofant and juvenile mor
tality which still ooytinues appallingly
high. The death among infante un-
dler one year was 3U0 per 1000, and of
children under five years 1239, The
percentage Ie uli tly Jeca than in the
previous year when the figures
332.4 and 103.0 Teepectively were

We are 60 accustomed to this heavy
death rate among the young of the
population that we are (nclined to ac
cept i¢ asa matter of course, Yet
just think what it means! Outof
exery 1,000 children born in St. Lucia
4Z3die before they reach the age of
five years! The inassacre of the In-
nocents wat nota greater holucaust,
the wail of tnotherw for thelr first
bor betokened no greater number
perishing than we accept each year
with Indifference. If only onebalt of
these lives could be saved to the colo-
ny, and gréwupisto efficient mem-
bers of the community, what a differ
ent future the island might look to}
We are now taking all kinds of ranita-

precautions against the spread of
disease atnucg adultes lessons ia hy-
gieneform part of our educational
scheme 3 all this ie weil. Bat could
sows nesaures not be possible where
by the care of fufauts and young
children could be made mors efticien
ard sone simple rules as to diet an
other matters laid down for the guid-
ance of ignorant, aod, we fear ale,
careless mothers? Any effort inthis
direction would redound to the credit
and advantage of the community.
We cannot blame the Government as
we koow how dificult itle ta weso
our people from toe habite of geo-
eralions, What is required {s a
rhiug of the moral sense, and to in-
culcate the sacredness and responsibi-
lity of inotherhood, so thatea parent
should recognises thet efficient care of
offspring ia a uty’ not only to
chlidren, but to.the Stata, 7

And yetsomething nalght be done
by atleast telling the actual and po
teutla mothers what to avold io
feeding their young, as wost
babiy a givet portion of the mortality
i cau ed by unsuitable food being

ven Dfanta and ve oud;
Solldren. *y youre

Wedo not thlak the colony need
fear the reproach of being unhealthy
when we find thatout of a total of
deatha {excluding still-birlhe)of 0.
118 died of old age; there were
deaths fru snake


ve, .







(Kpecial Despatch to the ovata),

Philadelphia. Pa., Sunday 13th Oct.
~While tbe Uolted Stave Gorern-
ment n Dg upon exzpeat
oploion to Seteranine Se hether The

interlor or exterior explosion, another

| hattlesbip Malo was destroyed by an

tuvestigation, conducted from Phila ,

Iphia, has proved, & t. t
waied” chaln ur circumstantial N 4
dence, that the Meloe wae blowa op

wuse person in the eni
General wWeyler, or one of ne subor-

The chain begins ju Philadelphia
with Googe fe Jarailn, local maos-
er of the Poot Powder Gompapy
White Ing the employ of the Dithuer
wider Lompany thirteen sears axe,
fy wold oa Lire who was inate

an ageut of General Weyler 860)
re apt dynsmjte, 25 miles of issu:

lated wire. 250 exploders and a motor
battery suitable for use in exploding

sae emanrmavarvacnonmny | TINK,

Word reached Philadelphia several
days ago that a section of the s«tre
sold then by Mfr, Hamlin had been
found near the wreck of the Maine,
fo Havana Harbor, The motor has
not been located, but some of the
boxes that contained the dynannte
shipment long ago were traced to the

Cuban camp of General Weyler,
Mr Haulin refuses to discuss the

The Dittmar Powder Company now
is out of existence. The sale wasmade
with the consent of the United States


Although thie especial luvestigation
has been going on for years, it waa
not unlil the insulated wire was found
near the wreck that the investigators

ve even a hint of what they had

ndoing Al thedata in the pos
session of the investigators soon will
be placed at the disposal of the

Negotiations for the purchase of the
dynawnite, wire and esploders and the
motor battery were opened with the
Dittmar company by « Spaniard io
this city fn Nuveniber 1806: This
Spaolard, whose identity never bas
been satisfactorily revealed, was .-
troduced to Me Ufawlin, once a dredg-
ing contractor of this city, who had
large interestsin Cuba The negotia-
tioos were carried on in the office of
Mr. Williams, in Fourth street, and ae
the Spaulaed could uot epeak fluent
English Mr. Witlaais acted as inter-

It was represented to Mr, Harlin
that Mr. Williams had an assistant In
Havana a civil engineer, M.S. Selwin.
Theexplosiva was to be shipped to
him. After suggesting, that the
shipmeot be bil at just double
the Brice, which act, he admitted,
would mean profit for biti, the Spa-
niard paid cash sod the deal was

‘the investigators declafe this ship-
ment was tiaced directly to the
Hpaoleh Dictator of Cubs, General
Weyler Though the reputed agents
of General W ey r picked Me, Willams
and Str. Selwin to act for them the |
luvestigatore learned that neltber
knew for what the dynamite was to be

used, t

The Ditmar Company hed made!
large shipments before for mioing

trict orders prevalled at that Une
regerding sbipment of explosives to
the West Indies, For neariy a month i
after the sale the Mpan eh Consul re-
fused, his consent tothe shipment. t

Finally the steamship “Ciudad
the dynamite. Ir. Mame j
lin, before, cunelaaing the shipuent,
the fuvestigators jeatned, sawa cable-
gram Addietsed fa'the captain of the {
veesel which read t—

* Leave all passengers of the “Cludad
Conde!” In New York and bring
dynamite.” This message was sign
“Weyler * .@ ws. s

Upon the ‘ariivgl, ofgthe “( teal!
Condel Bt Hawat uigla naraite’was
Nghte to and *s6r ab
tne w fa “vaull {n the
Palace where Pen pal Gomer how

tenides. Kip: *palnt investiga
lore loss eA shipotent uatll
the wire was found.



To the Editor gy the Port-of Spain

Slr, -Allow me to express my ape
reciatioa of the services rendered by |

Dub-Inepectora Thorne and Cystelloe

and all concerted under them in the

working up of the case against the

men that did ing father to death. t
Like yourself, I desire to single out

Bub-Inepectog Thoroe for speelal com-

iwendation In connection ajith bis

' efforts In that direction.

\o Those of us who are ble friends
know that unfortunately hls bealth
bas been bropalred through bis reegat
exertions Lat bis injuries are to
hlw,-we khuew ss bie wounds are to
the warrior, something otherwise than

palot QS Asxe
2y1Q AL

is po inedicineon the insrket
Pes apinpare with Bigkle's Antl-

Consumptive Syrup in expeillog fio
theayatea the ieriating Pye i that
js engender lu (be alt passa

ie sulutds to negleh Four oak. Tey
the cbeap ex pet linent of + Ae
elf of i by ustng Bickle’ vi
which is a vluiple remedy, eanily take:
ead unce used it will always te piised
oa asoversd ga medicine,



The Admira'ty bave Invited private
firms to subwit tenders by the end of
the month in connection with the
construction of four battleships, says
“ Ragineering.” é&

Two of the battleships, with theic
machinery, will be butlt in private
works, and prices are asked for hall
and machinery The other two will be
constructed at Portamouth ond Devon-
port, and engineering time are asked
tw submit prices for the construction
of the Parvons Carbine niachlnery and
the Babeotk or Yarrow water-tubo
boilersfor these,

Qne more armoured ebip is include]
fn the Navy, prograione for the cur.
reat year. Thie will be’ a eruwer of
the Lion type, to be built by contract,
and toromplete a cruiser Meet unit of
four vessels of twenty-eight-knot epecd
with practleally the fighting power of
battleshi e other three vessels
are the Lion and the Vrincese Hoyal,
and the Queen M ary

The new battleshirs Ww TL revernble
the four ships of the King George V.
class, which are Lo be launched within
the next threaor four months, The
differences In the new battleshipe are
untwportant, although itis probable
thatan advance will made in cone
necton wilh the torpedo-m pelling


There will be a slight increase in dis-
placement to over 24,000 ton , and the
horee-power w Il be increased to 20,000
in order that the same epeed of twenty
one knots may be easily realised.




To DE READY ON ocrosEn Siar.
Considerable mystery attaches

the orders issued “by the Nar De NY Gre eae ee Marowljne”
Tration ed

partnent calllog for a concen

ofall the American navy'w fightin,
strength along the Allantio coast «
New Fork, andall Pacific warships at
Los Anveles, |

The vesselaata to be ready for |
mobilisation on the fast day of
October, and the fleeta will be kept
lutact until Hebruary. Thatisto suy

The autuinn practice crulsesof part
of the fleet to the meditertanean and
of another part to Panama have been
abandoned, and in thelr place there is
to ba the greatest gathering of war
sire fa American biatory at New

or. .

Not only every large vesvel pow in

commlesion, but every reeerve ship
which can be manned by the present

naval personnel will forus the s
squadjon ready for instaut action.
The Nasy Departinent, in giving a
reasn/ states that the dfiicers do not
like ong ervilses, and have been work:
hug too bard, while thé assemblage of
AMlthe warships will girs everybody
ae mitch experience as would be
gained in manwurres,
This explanation iv generally re
atd-d as sleurd, and it ts 1 ported ab
Qreshlogton thetthe real reason ts
that Ametica dors not want to take
anychanceé of being caught unpre.

naird ini the event of the Itallan-
urkish hostilities getting out of


“Your powers of advocagy are sowe-
what mulsedaced,” sald the magitrate
at the Tuwer Hyldge Polive Court,
Landon, to sneloquent Is rernaioed
Oolwell, who wassecused of being in-

“What milk of human kiudowss,” (

Colwell asked a polloewan, “loduced
you to deprive tot of my liberty Yr To
avother be rearaiked, “You tl falee-
baods Tike Pontius Piate.

When an Inspector of the Ioyal

Huciety for the Irevention of Croelty
to Ap ve ev Colwell de-
ue 2 “le there a auc for the

prevention of cruelty Wo poor druoken

“Do you seuember twietlag
arm ¥" he contioued, “I em aut wi
taken. Whhb te be a case uf once
ore never Haw could any
Undy ever forget that face of youre s

“tee vase, he couuded “ie the
outeows of aa invincible wicked prefu
dios on the part of the police,” but
wee Sood bs,


The Boyal Mail Steam Fackat Co,—
Â¥eg Paga 2.

wf, Koninkiljko W. In-
diache Maildienst
Tux Royay Dotcu Mat

pegs WILLEM NL--The — Royal
Duth Mall steamer * Dring Willem
111 ladue here from Venezuelan porta
on or about 2th October LLL frecceding
afterwards to Parsunariba, avre aud
Ameterdam takiog cargo, passcngers and
puis WILLEM IV.--The Royal Dutch
Mail Steamer “ Prine Willem 1V. is
due herve from Anuwterdam via Parainaribo
{and Demerara on or about 6th Nuveinber
11 proceeding afterwards to ara panos
Cumwana, Guarta, La Gusyra, Pto Cabello,

Curacao. Jacmel, Aur Cayea. Port au
taking «argo,

(Princes and New noe
passengers and malls
puss WILLEM L—The Toyal Dutch
Mall Steamer “Lina Willian 1” is
due here from Venexuelan Lorta on or
about Mth November 1y1!, seedin;
afterwants to Paramaribo, Havre anc
Amsterdam taking qgigo, passengers and
malls. .
JRINS WILLEM V.—The Royal Dutch
|. Mall Steamer “Prtos Wikem V." ta
due here fro Anaterdam via Paramaribo
and Demerara on or about 20th November
1, proceeding afterwards to Larupano,
Cumana, Guanta, La Gusyra, Pto Cabello,
Curacao, Jac el, Aux Cayea, Port au
Piinoe and New York, tating cargo,
Passengers and malin,
puss MAULRITS,—The Royal Dutch
Mail Steamer “Prins Maurfts ” ie duc
here from Venezuelan Vorts on or about
Sth November 1911, proceeding after
wards to P'ararparibo, [favre and Amater-
dani taking cargo, passengers and malls,

é , Konmnklijke W fn-
dies Maildienst
New York--Pasanaribo

Ine “ovat Dotca Mart— Angwte

te due back here from Paramaribo
via Harbedoe on Tuesday Sat October
191l and will leave the same day direct
for New York, taking cargo, passenger
and malls,
NOPPENAME,--The aa, "Coppename”
is duc here from Paramarltoon Mon:
day Oth November 101] and withleava next
day st noon precisely direct for New
York, taking carge, jengers and malls.
AHOWLINE: Thess. °Marowtine“
AVE ie duehere from New York direct
on Monday tuth Nosember 111 and will
eave the saine day fer rn ‘bo taking
cargi smcngers aid malls,
gg Ateire A. Tha as. “Saramarca‘
Is due here fron Varauariby on Mon-
day 2th Nov€oler lit and will Jesve
next day at noon precisely direct for New
York, taking car nyers and malls.
M AROWIINE. ~The as,‘ Marowtjne’
ladue back bere frou; Varatuaribo
yla Barbados on Monday gith November
lvitand willleave tho same day dircct
for New York, taklog cargu, passengers
and walla,

Trinidad Line of
Gy NADA.- The so, “Grenada” of
A the Trinid: Lane will leave New
Youk for Trintdat via Greuada onthe 24h
October 1411 end te dae to arrive bere on
October wb 111.
MARAEAS The aa. “Maracas” of
JM the Trinidad Lioe will leave Trlaldad
for New Youk via Crenada on the Zith
October 391] and ta due to arrive there oa
let Noveruter Jll.
“Crown of Navarre” of ghe THaldad
ipeoa hed Rate 16" eas
d ou Oven!
d 9 be arsive there on the 11th ei
{ “Unown of Grenula ‘of the Trinkded
L]pe will leave New York for Trinidad
rect on the dist October ivli and ts due
ta arrive here oa Novenbes stb 10/1.
RENAL The ns. "Greuada” of
the Trinidest Line will leave Trinidad
\ for New York via Grenada vu the loth
Neveioher tl aad la due tu arrive ibere
PakAC AD The ue. * ot
Ab, os. * Marea
the Trinidad Line will lease New
ork Trinided vis Greaade un the 1Uth
w& arrive hen

November 19]1 and is due
on Novewtber 10th 191(.

Frederick 3 eylaud

&° o1ape ul
Tas New weetaL Co,
The iat Agente.


on our About or

ahtorwards to La lusyra, Pto

edly it qsarcalos pom “

J an’ by
o) die bere frow Ldvenwol ease

uw the london 1 itect
Vino of Steamers,
Tus New Cotontat Ca

SuATAcTh as.“ Statla” ie due here

from London via Barbados and Gre-

nada, on or about November Ist proceed-

ing afterwards to Demerara, taking cargo,
sassencers and wails,

NALYBIA—The as.“ Salybla” will sall

on or about Ini November, taking

cane for Landon and Continental ports,

A ‘GHANISTAN -The @.8 ° Afghanis

AY tan" is due here from jon, via

iintbades and Grenada, on or about 15th

November, pruceding afterwarda to

Demerara taklog cargo, passengers and



Oct. 5th.

Vivera, German cruiser, Capt. Sievers,
G.f00 tone, U days, St Vincent, Cape
Verde Isles oe men and 23 guas,


Cinco on Jviie Venezuelan gunboat,
Navas, 35 tona, 5 hour, Cristobal Colon,
17 men, 1 gun and 2 passengers,

Weatpnacta, Uerman atmr., Lubeke,
1.916 tone, 36 hours, La Guayrs, ¢ la
transit. To Peul H. Seheerer and

Vanezurra, Venez. fat, Wilson, 43 tons,

i day, Cristobal Colon, 220 barrels pitch
wand engers,
Praov, 2,078 toma,

'rench atme., Caussin,

Thourn, Carupano, cargo in draneit and
{fy pesrengers. lo Chas, Leoteud and


Gattaunr, Venes, achnr, Narvaez, 29
tons, 1 dey, Cristobal Colon, 23.000

Jonertra, Venes. sloop, Vicente, 7 tous,
iday, Cristobal Colon, 3 pias, addon.
keyz, @horees, 6 fowls, thide and 6

bores exes.

Swirr. Uritish sloop, Alexander, 14 tons,
Zdays, St Vincent. 6 pigs, 4 sh 2
goats, 9 coopa fowls, 12 turtles, 10 p fi
eg, 2 bas corn, 50 lbs, cocoa, Hi

pumpkins, 14 bags potatoes, and 6 pas.


Apniitic, British Smasted schnr, Wam-
back, (U0 tons, Sdays, Marbados, cargo
intranett. To Trinidad Shipping and
Trading Co, Ltd.

Carsvox, British ttmr., Thmothy, 1,63t
tons 22 hours, Bathadoe, OX) tone patent
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