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Port of Spain Gazette
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Governmsnt Railw»)
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lea Su Femado, latermedlsto Ports oft
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Stephens Ltd. “The-Stores” Stephens Ltd.
At this Season of the year every one naturally takes time to consider which is
It is an INDISPUTABLE FACT that Messrs STEPHENS, LIMITED have proved themselves the BEST
OLiou ju-waciB. oxarxmiio, jjixvtx J.CJJ littvu
gancy and Staple Goods, Boots & Shoes and Groceries â– 
LPrince Lias of Steamnrs.
SBE En.U-m,- 11RAEI-. ON
¡0NDAY 30th OCTOBER, 1911,
Pirat and Foremost.
WIIK’S ir!lÓLiik"’íM'tCuOÍ io«m
AiocRT 'lucifn^ajco..
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Qo /



jEczema, Yaws, Ulcers and

Skin Diseases

E-X-0-I-N-f-O is an efficient Anti-
septic, Stimulant & Mild Germicidal


Tt heals—soothes and alleys irritation and itching of the skia

It destroys the putrefactiva germs, foind in tha affected
skin and cleanses it of all infoction

It atiniulatos the I nal vassels iuduoss hoalthy blood supply
afd rapid formation of now haalthy stin,

tt is omoo-ed wit's suco 84 10 tne troatmoat o severe
advanced onsos of Fezema

Sold, in collapsib'e Tubes and jib tius by all Pruggista

“he Inter-American rug and Trading Company,

130-132 Pearl Street, New Vork *
Ywice One shilling)

“Thoss projucts may bo obtained wholesale and ratail

from Messrs. Smith Brothers & (oc. JhejBonanzs Drug

Stores and all tho leading tharmacies throughout the Island


° ne o

Stillman’s Freckle Cream,

-~AND——- .


A supply Just Received by

. W. Cc. ROSS & CO., |
Colonia) Diapensary:
SS er woe ee ee a. =r

Just Roccived

A fall Mock of © GLOV RS PRE.
PARA IONS, Fiee dyfamin s
a—oklet an Dt eaee< fF Dove cond
Howw fedoy i. taY GLOVER,
V.S, Sole \ventefor hy Weet lod es.
The Rovat Powenacy,

93 Ubaslo te B.. O-pastio Fasiery

Mark (—Oueber 3 bla, oe

> AT Co ‘The Royal M
KOMUS, steampcken Gh,

TRATO—The RMS. “Atrato” le due here from New York, 7
A ( Colon, and Pro Colombia’ on Moule’

Sou igetant ead will toate an
. oetant, and w: jeave the next day for So
vs Be Michaels (Atores) gad Cherbourg, taking passengers eee nd matic’? oe
parreonens for thes Atrete” wothoues Jetty, Queens Wharf, at 4 pm. with

Paseengers are specially notified that a baggage lighter to be di toch
Pritt lea % Sety etlp.m,, on the day Beale
see that thele baggage [eo eent

the homeward ma ve the 8t, Vincen:

fog, end passengers are therefore requested to

down before that bour.

I ERBICE. a Berbice” is due
Tuesday Siet inst. and will leave the same da

bap tod Le Gas ir? Laking passengers, Cargo and malls,

etender will Jeave the *
pean rahe Ber dgbthouse Jetty Queen's Wharf, at 6 p.m. with

tor Tbe B TN lighter leaves the St, Vincent Jetty at Spm. with baggage

Oargo for the * Berbice”
Doth Instant.
(ARON. The E.8. “Caronl" will leave bere on Saturday,
and Continental Porta,

taking cargo for Have, London,
“ as rows Soulbagiplon, ¥.

a~ine a8, cu je eo be
Q Bt. Michaela (Azores) end Barbedos
gaa will leave the came day (or New York, vla Pic, Dolowblas Gatag ne eee
"The tender will leave the Lghthosed Settye Genre Wie
eo ie *
pascengere for the * Oruba,” 8 “Hye Queen's Wharfat ¢ pm, with
Ist Olass passengers are specially
wtebed to the outward m 1 will leave @ BL Vincent Jetty at2 pm on
ede 1D; esengers a:
saaatels sent ama before tbat hour. : pee requested to sce that their
tiscomwpalsery forthe baggene of dec! seen gery to bo fumivated, aod
ial lighter will leave tbe SL. V ahesae
wpectal ishe re UN Ne we the lacent Teuly at Gam, to take their baggage
eeegey ah Now aber, and will | . thi
ondey tS . will leave the next d °
went, bt. Lacie. Donunion _ontecrrat, Antigua, Nevi pea ee eine rae
t der wil leavathe Lighthouse Jett ‘
yesepaer® aod thel: Vaggege tor the * ibertleed eee Whart ot 6 pm, with

. for the * Berbloeâ„¢ will be recelved oni;
oh November, y uptod pm on Monday the

Ar ASTIAwthe RAG“ Ualaotls 7 wil 1 re here un Yuosday Ti
B Narember, for Demerare, tabiog Passengers, cargo, here rales ‘ucsday Th
ve je bag Ouse Jel ° .
peseengere and tholr baggage for the “Haleotions eens Whart at 2 pm., with
Cargy for the Berbice” will be recelrod only upto ¢ pm, on Mondsy

the Grp Nuvesber,
t Next Fallings for Carapano, Pau:

Ith November,

jue bere from Venesue. ol rison

Kort Salling to Eoraps

pila, and La Snayra
wATRATO” .. ... SlebOctober BERBN E :
qa wks we =o wes Ath Nowe, HALANTIA pit Detaber
ARENT veo. Sth Novr HRRBI K 23th Nuv'bes
LUBA , Wb Ven KALANTIA J2tb Deo'ber
MAUDALENS wb Deo, BERUL EK 2th Deo'be
Oa0TA . OthJany Wis; BALAATIA / Ph Jany 1914


are feeued f Trinided to South tn

a rot Clase Ueto Trinided or vice terea for an inclusive fore of caaneâ„¢ York,
. These tickets are availablé bet woen New York and Kogland sud vices verea by
she steamers of the Awerlcan, Atlsntic Transport, Cucerd and White Siar

are available for 12 monthe from date of lesue sod
one toed to Lacak the voyage at.any or all porta toucbed at on the deen
rouse, °
Children 1 to 10 years balf fares.
va cfreuiar tickele are beeued at au exclusive charge of

ofiieee aoa yoars balf fare, as,

Por all furthor particulars apply at

- Marine Square Port-of-Spain


Nene ee eee ee ee ee ee ee a ed

ere from merare on
for Carupano, Pampa-

will be received only up to 4 pm on Monday the

notified thot a beggege lighter to be des-

ow , 3


’ o



A ee

Cvory tring New’ acd Up-te-)





Before Mir. G. C. Deane #.5.P.

Marshall (detective) charged
May Walke with the larcesy of a counter
pane valved e belouging £o one Maxwell,
. Jobustone appea: tor
defendant aud asked fur an adjournment

emg POP


Will shortly be on Show


a —_—_—


of the




Loodon, 9th October, 1911. A member of the East Indian Na-

The Board of Trade Returas just | tional Congress writes us deploriog the
issued present many features of | nowarantable attack recen' yo je on
interest 3 the Stocks of Cocoa in the | their worthy Fresident ja public
Bonded Warehouses of the United | print. He thanks us for our atutude
Kingdom compare with those of 3th | towards the East Indian community.

Form D. :


25 & 26 Vic. c 89,
Form of Statement veferred to tn Part TIT

June as follows s~ a policy we might “add wel viich was grauted to Tuesday net, de
soul 1919 tno, | hare always malotained and intend & | odant being ietout on bis Own ball.
Jos. Iba. tos. matlutain in any cause worthy of our | Complainant gave evidence of baving

support. The following, Isa quotation
from our correspondent s letter =
“ We are leased that
‘our "Gazette" at least, fs not hurling
vectives at the doings of the Congress.
Uptortunately yoar contemporary allows
just the oppwite, If a public astitu
tion contribates to the public good, we
, think it is only reasonable give it
the public protection If deserves. We
submit our Congress aims at the ame
lloration of the deplorable (in many
cave-) oomlition of the Sadlaa people,
and therefore ba of public Importance to
us all, The very nature of our
dreases and topics discassed at mectings
shewa that we aim at some distlact

taken the couuterphoe from a woman
nawed Jeffers on a warrant, defendant
having given Jeffers to wash.

uIsy FaMILy’—Constable Darzey
charged Dasid tox, Mary Payne, Jobu
Payne and Jusepbine Gactgin with making
ahuise at Uhiueite Alicy on the J6Uh last,
They. ali plicated not ywuilty. Ihe evi-
diove ahuwed that Jobo Payne was ad
Mipistering & vutreciive Wis Little avn,
whos kept bawling all tho time, The
other children, uluc ut wuner, Jed by
their mother Mary Payne, juimed in the
chocus, thereby crestiag one vf those


30 June...34,915,000 21,910,007 24,424,000

BD Septe...33,0,0U 20101, 20,541,000
8,055,000. 4uv,000 °3, 833,000

The Colonial Bank, Lone

The «pital of th i inded }
veritable pandemuniums ion Chinetle Al J ° Usps ‘y 7s £2,000,000, ai :

ky lor which thet luoality has beoulue so “hares of £2 oach,
1 . ° :
notorious David, on avovuat of bls ten ha numbor of Shares {syed i¢ 160,901, Calla te

showing a decrease this year nearly
9,000,000 Iba, whilst last year they
were only reduced by the esteut of
400,000 Ibe, *
That the greater pirt of the decrease
hav provably been frou Manufac-
torer’ Bonded Stacks is shown by
following Statistics :— ‘

e312) di dase 4 without bel . =
4i5 2, alee foptacen mene ite atthe Indian People | oo oti clea Joa and bls wiles | (age To ty have bead inado, under which the suai of
B72 OR] BISA IR mallght way, by keeplig at ivalithe | Mary, were touad over exch in diuig | ‘O60 Te dived, -
Zz 2 ~] es bed tae keep the for three months, in de
: - feates seven days. Cugculs was also dis- Tho LIABILITIES of the Qompany on the Piss
S 8! 8/82 3 | ———— 'AMACLT,--Victor Dyer was suinmoned | 1911, wo @ :—
ess 4| & se = e ee y Constable jlatewood for sassul tng Deb .
Bas - py =H 3| Normaa Lervetord. The evidence was abts owing to aundry persons by the Compaay==
a S| wlxel4 FOOTBALL. chap Uver tener Merestord Ace bien On Judgments Pe ee
& §/ §/83 |: | * PRACTICE MATCIL. pinarStatch Peciory” Deteanant wea fied On ppectaly aaa tee ree ae !
. ga = a Zz os &)or fourteen days. On Notes of Bills... see se ils
523 & & ae ¢ INCAL FORCES V. CASUALS, pADRORDERLY VantEaxax, Constable On Simple Coatracts.., nes ane ‘say
a als | 6 The following will represent the | causiag an obstruction at the Custonis, Un Fotinated Liabiliics 00 ue }
vag! ¢ d Local Foreee and Cssualson the Casuals | Mr, Itotoeo appeared for, dofendaat, on Dio ASBKTS of tho C.
ba: 3 £ roua: u'clock. ue guilty, = Complainant's case 10 3 ofthe Compan that da
. was thet defeudant backed bie cart t ee pany oa the Wore =
BRE! gi & AL FORCES. Casvats | rane of the Warehouse door and stood La British and Colocial “Government 7
Ze g al 8 5 S. Pollard T. Dewhurst ie babes acl gnotuen fare "Nhe retuned to Focurities— ‘
g.5 i 23 a5 Bergt Instr, E pe, F. Grant smove when told to do so by the Constable, £309,252 141 iL
EE s E et in fy rant | The defeace was that defeudant was thers Other Investments— -
Gis 22 a¢ oe rte ma OT erry oo ataatotnate salt Vint £767
rs 3 f. ge = WwW. TT. Harragia ©, Geown | as not much (a It, but sill there must te 005, 18 0
so at 2 P, Eckel M. J. Leppiogwell | owe order at the Customs In the delivery -~
an 9 Ppiog:
BAS a K, Harragia a. b. Owen of Serena eri umanded and dischargyd Ell F.
oe endan'! @ Was Dext cha: .
ae ES a: @ Borde Forwards, Robineou | Peeled. gulty to esmultin bented sod | Bi I of Tzchunge and Promissory Notes £1
ay at a; G. Giitens T, Hock, | bis, Mr. Romeo asked to coualdur that de- ash at Bankera and on band one a
é a5 3 Insp. B. T. Gare Ht Miller | endant pelleved he hed e right there aad Other Securities as. nee ane ’
* 8. Gitvens J.B, Rochford } and shook hie he cauabt tna Usvetatie . 3
showlog Manufacturers’ Socks tn {ett Reser ee Ye Nomtors | by the tania, Toe Gonuiabe denied abe | P'ated the 4th October, 1011,
thelr own Donded Warehouses have P. Pierre - R, Johnatone | He was foed 10s. orpeven ds _ ed Bim, ‘
declined during the tat three months | M. Coombs L. E Abrams | _A8sacrt.—i id Martta eammoned
G15.00) tbe, ils, bite ainet 1,763. The lore Biljouis wor beating bim at
ayea f ee wn art's Cu ct. Priager appeared
aod 1,0) Ibe Ibe. Top os last year, complainant, The grideucs alowed. that .

defendant bought acaue from complain.

HANTAM VS, SHAMROCK. ant and, in breaking lt, be accldeutally

* During the past fortaight there have —-
been various remours asto whether | The tesms mentioned abore will pla fends of coaplalcent,” whe slut herd ihe
u © proposed scheme forthe Valorisa. [thle aflaruoon on the Shamrock | cane, Angered at being cut, defendant
tion of fo Keuador, San Thomé | grounds at 4.43 p nu. eharp. selacda cutiasgand, withthe flat of it,
sod Brasil wae likely to bo agreed to DantTan Bi AMROCK. gave complainant several blows, Hoe
ceiate a? ike. Breed oinng sete adatom cetat oe
nn reported. w endant was gonvicted an 2
market oo the spot has een Seneraiie ©, Davia Y. Kernaban, 30a, or Lourteea days, and ned
slcsimadebetetren meetycesieaty [OL Hichardocn, | plousslant OUND THE STORE
at ate chardyon. . Cumm yp te
rates For arsival there Tere been Mal! backs, log AROUND JHE STORES. f
Nabia and t aa Thome taped, i Hewallo + QConnor, There lea real f jen vor
one are | & Awmon. .V ere lea asc] i Cfur
far above tbe parity of values on the | M. de Manolre. Darel @& good corset, fpton la gearing ; Bore -
spot. ‘ uayaquil eome busloess was Forwards, figure, To have the lines that “Na
peported a Machala, October—Novem. | 1 Nethanlel, A _Lauclant | &te sulted to the seasons fashions .
rabibmeot via Magellan, at 53s 61 | Ht. Harper, YÂ¥.Gullmour, | oe wust haye the right corset, Let
per loa, cost and freight, Dupes, 4. Litdepage JUSthow you a W. U." corset, You
Bales faclude the following, viz:— | Bs Desa, . P, Betanouurt, | 00 doubt have beard of them —becaury
Trinidad. 400 bagyat Gs tots for} O Hawlies, 1 vp be Quesnel. j they wore genulnely made shat you
geod middling ta superior, Reserves, could not atford @ *W. I" “You tan seminivinemnrisiathintescmamiiii : ;
t Urensde.—20 bage at Oe toda, for] O- Hunt 1. Boda, | —tbey cost frou 00 cents to #200 per
a to fae. Neewmen. pair, and are actually better than |
Jamaica. —185 bags at 54s to58 Of for G. Hunt. EB de la Bastlde, | the “Custom Made" ‘garments that ondon Elec re
ordinary to fine, feree. cost bwice as much ifs latest © W. s
for siding ung © 2 OL to bse B. Warner. | foageuirs and they are feeitiveed Tule from, ibe. Poot 3
. ey ace fle:
toatl peat Siu Bi to Os stileped low ss wonderfully “ane Ory minute from the Koos

New Pictures every Monday ae n

Pliavt fabric almost chiffun cloth in thing asin

weave-—e0 wiquisite “
B." for the best dreweed, wuccan brew
where. The aluve mentioned © Ww be
coresteare sold at Toe Bonanza,



The alors mentloaed teams will play
thisafternoon oo the Q.2.0, grounds

at 4.45 pm, sharp,
aka â„¢ Crowsunry,

pclpatecitat. 16 bage at Wa for floe
Col .—

uty eetlan ITbage at 7s G1 for

antues bags at Melo ths fer
West African, 38 bags at i Gd to

ATS PM. AND 880 F,


A, Wallen, N. Brewn, - ao :
Gvylbn.- TiO age 08 eto Thy for tale | A. V Backs NOTIC PROG apie
Mdveyeplt OS ta stale oon i bwith, i ; test | ot E, Thursday, Friday, Saterée
ey titog Arita eB fore es “ w, ase He Estate of Fast Deceased, | Sorm, £770, 2678 Oorostt,
. . Alters, 4) - =
- A. Jomestone, vo T LL PERSONS ‘Ww whom | a ; $
STOOKB IN LORDON-trw crow] i Pawarta ge | A tn nth ats conven incon capoue
wit ane ame, fs! . Eaxgeose pe Sattes | pevots to the andent goed ooo betes BPIRIT OF Tu AWOL :
eee weg | Ee Boeke. Dh. Meulvier. 2feh day ol November 1011 otbirwiee they ELECT RIO REET FAN.‘
More than 1980 1 m & Grebeeta 5 oon to be medes ny rom the divkiead aboas qe PULVERISER ‘
MAVRE aTOCK, te eifer ~ "Devel Chis Med day of Ooteber 1911 ANORD MID DREAM 28
; snore, di Tatter- R. Theyeuot, + HIBERTSON, ADVENTURES OF AN OLDIFU
Tho AAR bags : + Lamy: | 5 Chscen Staves Boca, Prices as Usual ~ 4 a
= Chil . } 24-Mpe tr ow
ini ue Gs Prada, on irae rices as Usual~ 8u, (6¢. a
— U, Oumaisg, 1a, RESERVED Seale Limited - mr
bildrgg t Dat SEATY, af MATINEE:
y .
TPE wr er Rees Fo —


‘ -

8 ' \


\ -



Brown Cotton SWHATHRS,





‘This Week’s Arrivals




The Bonan Ze 8ta and 870 exch -IN- | ALL SOULS? DAYS:

White and: Nazy, Sateen | S&S Dollars a Pair.



Trimamedk to Mato. —-IN THE-— 4
oa to Matok


Frioes #2 Cents.

~ Just . Opened,


Gent’s Straw Hats! Gent's Felt Hats t1 SOLE GHN'TS :

new Lanner surriyes|§MITH BROS. & 6O,laanpwarE DEPT.

Tweeds, Vicunas, etc., Ties Socks and Belts,
Henares Brasawnyve. —' BONANZA —AT—

. . }O' +)? VEE JCS ES BON ANA.

* (A QTY ~ " Marshall and many busineseanen have | that thele enemies have dispersed ¢ Turk I f h ki
] ‘LAN CASHIRE ‘LO NS ‘ DE fasued a memortal stating the tine | uotthward of the mountaln hasres, tileplance Gi Helonieae cnowledge no
. ign & gray 8! A b hasarrived for an adjustment of | but official peporteisay the Inperial- | Moslems in India, whether Sunnis oe
= INSURANCE OOMPANY. as. +S a labour troubles by paying workmen Jists aré southward of the passes ap- [ Shiahs, realises that the Britlah Ra} le
. . NUL mbt Lt. ove + partly fa stock, thus “ makivg them | proaching Hankow The revoluntion- | their strongest defence against the

: . with such Interest. Ichang, and should they capture { th tect

° , ° Fire & Life . , STHIRE IN NEW SOUTIL WALES, | Nanking the Provinces of Jangea and | crittot celtstoraey epee (2 the
wre PCOCOM Estates | ohu'Wic’ tite ahsealn img’ [esunar, Tu IA under hele) Three nome daneey however that
( 10 | f taounance Co, Lid) ge, Pea Batenteconad tera; |” LCANGUIGATS SOME POOR, | ann Genes esther
Royaf Lusurance Ca., Lid, —FROM— ~‘e»t thereby. The Government) will pro- | answer to orders says he Sould be brother may bereyarded aaa fenaticn

INE secute for striking withoot notice | afraid to refuse his services ataduch | The Turco-Greek war caused much ex.

~-OF — ;

Memorial: Wreaths,






Go to 600 yard— In JWhito and Peru,


iia and Children’s Underclothing.



Bonanza, For Gents Novelties.

7 Wrederiok BMtreet

employers and capitaligte proportion. j aries have captured Nachang and | }indus, an

re not disposed to risk

x . con to the stalite, atime, but his foot ja unhealed ; @ sare § cite: Afghani .
Funds Exceeds oe 212,060,900, $2 U d EAR GREY BPURTHER DE casm $y connection with tne Throne’s we iis eecieeeer toowed vient
OF LOCH NSURANCES effiicted Inst 1 ,000 pwar Ss CORATED. castiering of him fn 100 when It fa- [the actlon of Italy in Tripoli, T Bue
. I Ug aNC FS ete "on Bulldipae - Caan Earl Grey has, recelyed the Grand formed him he had better beal bis foot wheu the Turks threatened to Invade
et ' * . y
teote of Warehouse, OfBces, Oa ONstRUcTOR nie | dutes"Ehe Throne gow waders “bine | Geebeat {ernters) and the seizure of

min the Bin: ninsuls was
toe et wellquickly and assitine his trite by te " salto seize igh in
utiles, he Persian Gulf and other ‘Turkish +
EMINENT OATHOLIO PRELATE | porte in tha Ted Sea and the Ddlediter-
DEAD, ranean, the Moslem of India and ‘of
Despatches from Sacremento, Calle | the world In generat offered no o Ie
fion to Ureat Britain and India,
As eg Moslem Power we, are
bound to watch the Pptvent altnation
with extreme care, but there fs no

TRINIDAD SHIPPING & TRADING COMPANY | Sexnzréeeduningets Bs Areex to - | aaty will Bienes

reduced the price of ICE{to $4.00 por” Ton | PROMPE AMD: EQUITABLE Ser- ceeded by Mr We Le Bit, Supers
cua eC v

: * > : eceded by Mr. W. I. Smith, Super-

B delivered in lots of not Icss that 25 Ibs. at 3 time, it STEPHENS {MTD Intendent of ae oar. fornia, anagunce the death of Monelge
; oad *RENC 1 EN . tor Capel, B 5
td Prices Commence frem TO-DAY s DATE, of onsen. f . TheFreneh National a of lie preacher and, athor, and thes 5

Wednesday, 20th Septemiber, Agen'es

teased ae

Inquiry reports that the “Liberté” | ginal Of Disraeli's Catesby in Lothalr.

. . ‘ dinuster waa due to the powder In the | ION, 8, W. KNAGOS SAILED FOR § cause for alarm.
ss . , - a ine. Adtlral TIINIDAD, ‘
Hnidad Shipping & Trading Company, Luitd. |OMIK RRRR S004) = THE STORES, iene tl rl eee y| |
give 2 - 25 lbs, tickets in exchanzo for every 25 | sucker Zz4 Portof-Spaiv, Trinlded, Financial Cutiwercial and In- ropulations were. observed and "iheca Revtetary, “Tilaldad, and Til Monour C000 ADVICE
#6) at the rate of $8.00 por ton, on application at thy. * = tutance A gents. ie ' 8 etnies inany form saris | tenade ment Meas Johnstone called AN j

ot the Company. = G “Figaro” reports mishaps have oc- | by the JLALS, * Magdalena” today, Ivealwaye beat to keep your mouth
~— = nt n= ed TTS] curred recently and not Leen reported [SS en abu enough’ \
TRINIDAD LINE of STEAMERS HAMBURE But Mh Latest Telegrams | ise: anvalatry" a sppeste | BRILLIANT. SUCCESS OF A TRIAL | Fos iS2'ond av aferttewcss*

‘ ee .
(Wer GRENADA, TRINIDAD and DEMERARA, Carrying Through sae den iaquiry: DAD STUDENT. Is the word that's never snoke,
. } —— K IISSED IN COPEN- ‘ Lat the fellow do the haggil
te Freight for Tobago and Ciudad Bolitar-t H! I R HD TY. 1d Panama Telegroph Company pie 00 h HAGEN. We have learned with rent plea» mu the Mo ma baa ane Swen
OPONNs BAILING Dare, 1911. XR 4... oe teat et a Wisned | ure that Bir: Roger Fortier, of” thie ot the wanda one Bioko

"a . 7 ad toll yoed and
‘ . 45 . a A. Serious Threat Dr Cook amt hie wife, who took re | city has been. declared winner of the ity og
- -

fuge In 9 bullding {uotil the police ree | Kotrdnca Scholarship fa Arts to St

a Barthol: Ilespital, Lond tof
an. RAILWAY MEN TTREATEN TO/sisiece,etechartlataceue es | en GNcrouies wore ise! | 4 de
“aT ; s RENEW DISTURBAKCES eek, let ortore ¥e aropee beaded the lst of successful candidates | f!80" ls the rardltof barons
* t tw fhe

nm Europe, f w ave

2 , &nd_ won the first scholarship, value | ,<°" cleaned nd eoree ulcers, apybilitia

BEFORE CHRISTMAS. DEAR Livike OKUeKDE In £100. Mr, Fortier was the student of cee re TAN Kd qe

ov. 3| ‘| Nov. 11 . . IME ARRIVED FOR ADgsusT. | There wase large attendance inthe } St. Mary's College who won the second } Leen tried In

Oct. 2] 1UNor, 13] Nov. 38 TIME A z ‘Bh ” | German Reichstag ¢ Joterest fa the ine [ Island Beholarsbip at the exainiua- { physi

Q Nov. t| Nor, 13) Nov, 21/ | Nov, 20 COMBA Y, ING LALOUR TROUBLES, terpellation of the Government re- | one beld Inet December. We are] complete succes,

Rov, 10| Nov. 18 Nov, 19) 9 wm ‘ oe arding the cost cf living eclipsed even | aure that this is only the firet of many | Mlood toedfeine Laven tn

Ror. ZV esses aren ey NOs BH De ce ID... [Dec 0 WORKMEN TO BE EMPLOYERS | fi war, The Socialists and Kadicals | equally brilliant successes duriog Me, | fession. Price, large tua!
= ov. 23 Deo. 6 3, Doo, 2) Deo. 7 AGENTS, AND CAPITALISTS, emanded a retuction of, evetoms ex | Yortlerecourse in St Lartholomews Producta may 6
nor . -—— lall te, but Herr Von | We tender our congratu ne m+

fren” Onarapa vv vo] Dee I sees [oR FREXCH NAVAL ENQUIRY. | Deinmand iiciiwen’ tefected their | self, to hla mother, Mra Vortler, and | (adios

“ A blood renovator aad system baltder —
Lith ie thy word ot ‘medi:

ov Gran.
Tat 4D4

or Navazas

Jeadiag = Ph.
ee : — ropossista alter ¢ nonild ‘sys College, where he made
teow 9 fae Hee qu “LIDERTE” DISARTER, | fect onuccountol Uheetfectacf a titer: | ail ble studies from tite Preparatory ta Toland
4 798 Navanny . —— alaldrought, Areluctlan of customs, | the Henlor Class, His tuccres in an | “o>
ADA er “¥°! No BLAME ATTACHED TO ANYe { be declared, would benefit. the middle J ezaminaaion where the pick of the

men and ret, heneflt phe consuber 5 guudents offre, Epalah Berondary
— bf rel
M1, HAHWB, EQUARE. lon of Inceudiarism, | et tor pollticsl efect, snd Ruslan and | proof of the, high, standard to which
Yo Suggestion o Ike ATISHL, Tj merioan meats were unsanitary from talucation Ia Trivkled has reached, and
Teliec O Riealest cre ol!
Sabotage bP Hallce a apy frame ee. ectnounter eatanelort mm tuethode pursued in Bt Marys

2? Gaiman, Jan, fl

Daas Co. rpm New York aod Trinidsd
& CveGrenade 5 Dooxxs Buos,, BoOonng.L & Oo., ‘Lrp,—Dererar Phone 184



: : Ie a ————"" COVERED orm, higher fstendarde pt jiving. Gernpan College,
U RT LE, V CKOL. | Rn ECOVERED. DR. COOK HISsSED IN COPEN- en eud retailers. should be dished SLEM WORLD AXD THE
cP PATERSON ot: - . ~ HAGEN, by the authorities welling” direct to | THE M0 0 )
EATERSON of « A Butritive tout’ ‘and Rertorattyg A. SILVER CIOAMLTTE CABR war bythe as WAR.

The following contribution of an

ECOMMENDED by the Medical

Enrichening and | 2eWe ry engraved by’ Constantlnopleadyices state that the

Vein ats gut Maer sloitor * Glee your DEAR LvINO GRUSADE IN CER THE TURCO-ITALIAN WAR,

ton re Yacultyasa Seuations “Indian Moslem” ta the loodon Daily
ere for Turtle igestive Tonle. WW won Anuncie) and military situat are der teed “ltt tote. ‘ 106
ored, “} / BOF Ss. caualng financial stress alfecting eyen | Harprees will Le read with great in’
lay afternoon. 5 | Frotarth Opts Pharmac, 73 Sh QURAN Brngsr. TURCO-ITALIAN WAR, substantial tanks aud wierchaote The | resti—it le easy to greg gerate the | MO! ASH pergal. at
= IH CHINESE REVOLUTION, | Turke continue to resist the Itatlane | etfect of the war between Turkey and | EUs ancy ON LONDON: s
= THE —— . wherever operations are being con: | italy on the Moslem world, 6 Bul: ri Pare Sight $88 RL B By
ducted, Qeausing a suggestion that | tanof Turkey fs of course venerated mee w diay
DEATH Or MONSIGNOR CAPEL. ltaly should extend her operations In by miltions of Moslems as the head of t 4
ws a — order to end the dead locks pet haps thelr faith, and Mobammedaninn iss ‘ctaldad per wh Asi 1s
. 7 NEW RAILWAY, DISORDERS | by bombarding Turkish towns ac by | political as wellas a religious organi. ee L{Â¥anroor,
THREATENED. occupying the jelands in the Aigean | sation. Hutit must be resmembered corto -
~ oe London, October 25th. | Hea. Trak would cause complications | that Mosiems are divided into sect Mi Ling Upland per Df Leis
{ ‘Bae: fie ‘The rallway men have held enapy | which Turkey desires to create by | and that the Shiahs of Persia and [2 | Medtum eee re
“f ome: maretiogs ond. eptiey ate Cag | er _naseire mvistance of Halye |e sortlr et Attics are by po iaeane | PARIS, ¢ a
ef " "et ‘ * - 4 report wi ao; a
meee . ‘ ' deriolvesiria It fas been resolved PE cuInvsR unvoLUTION, | | ound the ‘uonle' of the" oman Montes Three per cant... OL6Sb(G3
7 nion ecutlvea shou! Jespal bes 1a Pekiv; epee
- Seven gaunt cen aes | Me Orme cree meena nee | acts hath BERET, Ate gay, FONDON NDS
On: = he officials ave Mini, a ° .
. frame ete a Sarre ee ee tire ee a the * Islamic movement ‘and to iweke it Demerara Crystals


mentand submit the same to the } been killed, and the Viceroy has fled

coropanles forthwith. Aitboagh {| fromthe city which fe now in opsn

was understood, in August, that the ] revolt The newspapers are publich-

soen pled, thelr acceptance of the fog accounts of the rebel yletories, bot

« powerful political Ww nm. But ble
success Was Dut sy great bo be oduntnoD:
ly supposed, We bare only to look


uscovad Floating
in wt

Seat, bd per cent


jefe Waders now say that nnecertain whether thie judicates | back upon the att of spolialor | Germs ber
Will be on show . Pither t= men nor the extcutlves Geflance of the censorship or relaxs- Kuropeao Turkey and the lossof so sen dinmbars on Ishi
ope werd coveted, and neither recognise | tion, or connivance through the veual- | many provinces during the fast thirt ders, BL. perewh 140
. ' Ca yo, any obligations aqntrata are acl to tt of the pole, The four provinces sare & Font bow iit ose RUM ull “a Pi
3 1 urbances ‘ore | of Bzechaan, Ifupeh, upan 4H # he + Denerurs per gallu, Ye t/iiya rat
Ou vi wv Mo aya , Christmas, . langel are pow guider revolatiouary | bave bad upon Moslewsein other pa coda:
; ’ Oorroa 9 Pp we ¥ {OR NUITAM GUNMAKERS AND Hanes which is spreadin, perth of the eon Hince the iepoaitiga of Trinidad Good Af id.
’ ENGINEERS BTIUKE, ward even late Manchuria, where the | Abdul Hawid, Pan-llamism hasgrown dling Red per ews
‘ 2 tore ————— , The Hirmloghbaus ganmwakers and | revolution is notallowel to Lemeu | weaber instead of strunger, aod has | BANK OF ENULANDy
x : enginecry have struck for higher [ tioned. Neports are current that rie] lust ita political ineeutires, Among Liveoun Hate 4 ple coal
. . wages, and 8,00 others have struck | ings are impending nesr Pekiog j and | Moslems in lodia there may by some CON POTS i ees: oe
‘ . Rie SEL WA syuipathetically, the gatee of Naukiog have been clowed. | talk. aod agitators way wek to use the | 6 oS peoleum
4 at e A BOLUTION POR Lanoun Hlaukow ouly knuwa that thelmperial | wariu Tripodl aes weang of uniting a
. oF * ‘ THOUBLES SUGOBSTAD, iets’ arcuy and pavy have dice, Moslems aud Hipdes. but tt fe o6U'da | po rieum Options
6d.— I RG we
A : en ER GOS, . Ooustosy, ® Bart Teorey onaries ad te ly scab | the least flkely that Indian Moslems I tyinidad Olidalds Nea
: woe MUP, Me Feonkk ALP, Protessoe * tering opposition Ubey sugertt * will c. same W ibe support of the Young Woslera Oudelas Ih-fa.llN—ze,


THE PORTORSPAIN GAZETTH THURSDAY OOTOBER 96 ist” neanpenssensenen petnterernesnenerge

Perera aa es am

° | Adainigtator Usnerals 1710 tort

Sales, eit. ~~~ N=", Sn Iosnrance Ofte | goyernment ent Railways. | ¢ or
ee tas 8 mee ano, overnment Railwa
In the Bopreme Gourt of Trinidad and "OST oven rire ta} TEHPOR! MEDAN OF TOR THE ne

lo Bankro waters 1G ie ‘
No. § ort a the Matter of ane .” see Sede deneames ITINERARY 0 a” — war 4
Mary Sylvester Adame—A Dankrupt é v) ores ered Bpoe g g “ Naparim , . é
OTIOR Is hereby siven that sesled , were nT Tore asd ™ “ “

Niet Ticludiog dudpreata t ta eS cclarss cos alse be & 8. 8. “P aria.” STEA S F R V
the District Court, of the abdve ore qTectad ace t ee a MAP ta tobe i
warded tothe Uperdoned oust betors fees PPRE BS .t NATARIMS" Us tobe
the 20th day of Getoter, IVIL All | T2Â¥tTt 40d all Losurabte property a . y

fustant, and oatil she resames foaniog,
ber ier will be performed by :

* PARIA” with the following a FROM 6th ‘NOVEMBER, 1908 '

terations, the itfoerary of ihe * PARIA®

tenders lo be eddreseed ba followas—



i y Bankrupt, “hoon at rates for Quantry Residences. bei Hed meanwhile: = until further Notlee,
@ Claes Windows Ins ing cancelled m:
More Clothes and The Oficial Berar ankraptoy, RENT +learasonSecied x veut odes Wedoesday,$sthtostant—No Steamer,

Thursday, 20th instant Usnal rnp.
Fridsy, sth lostant—Lesve

sales oe esse" TIME TABLE OF THES. “HAPAIN

The Officlat Necetver does not bind oem Lightaiog are Made Good by the
blaveelt to accept the highest or any

Better Clothes

The WE, to, Petron or a [| Bateau m dy otgetemtes 20 | RE are gan Aiueee

A Singer Kewing Machine rabies a Oficial Heceiver. Sud Ageot, Port of Spas a Aid ‘Mater Lid bor Bae be bo connection for the i 7) =
Cirterably aed abe ndaatly om her tao: PB—Lut of debts, ke, may be to-| da, Soa Fernanda.t, W BONTUN A Co | Breese pTomre Tab 4 ™ AND 9: S. PARIA, 4
anco tha weeld-otherwise be possible, and ppected between the hours vf 10| we tentaowme Bre 1°70 | ~ Sunday, 30th lostact— Usual roo,
at the same iy itord bee & fascinating Batardaya oe daily, except on “HANFORD’S_ | Mondsy, 30th iostant -Sime as Fri- diate p

coupleymeet * Pastis ane. day. Between San Fernando, Intermediate Ports of Call

RINIVAD, aesdey, let foatant ~ Bame as = '

Singer Sewing Machines | |* ia the miter of BALSAM OF MYRRH | Str: x (Weather and othee noforseea cireamstances pera!
fe all anda of erving rerkegly and stelle, aires The Admmuale'rator-Geseral’s O.dlasnce aun Wedoeaday, November lat—— No
gown and comtione (> give this salelactory fl 1902 and AN EXTEKNAL REMEDY 7
servha hae Inthe matter of the Estate of Acoacds

The | 88 “ NAPARIMA" Is expected . +,
to resume her itinerary, on Tharedey, . ‘ DOWN. 4
fod November, but should abe fail to a

so, the “Paria' will continue to per.

Nanco, late of Porteal-Spais ia the | Ow DRAM Yt BeAsr

Idland of Trisidad, decensed, intestate,

- AUCTION BALE FON TRURSOAY THE 20Ta wera tie fale” = form ber service aa shown abores SUNDAY—BS. “ Naperima,” THURSDAY—S.5. * Nog
Day OF ocronrn IVIL. Earwaex LARD J, W, TOMLINSON, nando, dep. 6.40 p.m.| San Fernando ze
0 It Removes Proud ¥ Fish Actg, General Manager, San oan tates ontratal P. After arriy cep.8, s
tet one PUBLIO NOTICE Is hereby given that It prevents Grangexe, Oth Octotory 1911 Whe a LaBrea-
there will be pat ep for asia by tive Xt Oisane Old Sores, Bupha dep. 7.25 Brighton} dept
PorvoteSt-Spatay om Thuredey, the “2 And Heals Them, FLLIS CRELL-& CO. & 60.12 tos . 925 4, | Guapo rH
day Of Ostober 1912, betweeu Tos hoata at Oberle all rsh worsds ead worse on , Catnde-Vji "
Tend 21in the atiercoon, ' | Seman rpetenor Dometic Aaimals, rm Liquidation, genres arr. 10.10, Carry e-Ville fn
enh ole, . ‘th
8 NGER SEWI Ne MACHINE COMP ANY tsod atloae i the Twat Baw Fetnatde xo Cues THe ute underdved wi will eve. farsa MONDAY=8.8, “ Paria" Granville By " ta
in the leland ol ripidad aa Lown at
14. Frodorick stroot, cvidedlonb vpoe Jahan Steet ca tus | ‘THON O8 Cet YOU NOTHING, aie BA OW obtobi lor woe | San Feed, eee eye | Cedros ne
onl apon 2 0 rose ree on bbe arr,
. ' K O flee Hi od oa tbe W LaBrea-
Forvof- Spain, \Tolephono—498 wien nade f Polippa Haley” or ham SMITH BROS, & CO THE BJOK DEBTS Deighton . dep. 10.40, FRIDAY-BS. * fe
Ses ee a ————— bounded tegether with The bui'dings REVOLVER Also 25 25th acres ree land af at Whitelands, Gua ; » 11.95 ,, San Fernando, dept 4
thereoo: R 4,610 (£30 cach saree in to Imprevisto | Cap-do-Ville 12.13 pm.
od bl- Lith day of O. tobet 101L, P ” P (After arrival of Teele
Buber mT Ts suc eee ie terme | Trois TMB | LaBrea a
oe mtnistrator-Genera!, T uns (a st kart rs Raa, 1 i Inoprevinte Granville Bay _,, 1.30 " Brightoay cpl
Th “aa abate rae Ordiasace tal ral'ps dies uh eee Cedros ares 2.09 : Cann Vill " 134
@ mlolstirator-G an 1m app im “ ” -Ge- V1
. * 04 Mice of balls Grell & TUESDAY —S.8. “ Naparims. ? coon
Ex Recen f, AY] ‘Ivals. And in the eoatter of cee eatate of Latlman THEJFAVOURITE BRAND Bt Viacent's treet D. a coor, . lrois , »
Yiaidid, derearey Tatenaree 4 “ Brewed FRE Trustee, dan Fernando, de eee am.] Granville Bay » 1
CRPORTIOUPOEAID * Brd September, 1911. Cedros arr. %
AUCTION Bale ‘for Ti Tharsdsy the 0b FROM — “DINIDAD LaB ehroat . 10, *
“OK.” BRITTAN Y BU TTER dey of Novecnbey aol 1018 betwroa 2 and fates Supreme Coary of Trialdad and Brighton dep PO " SATURDAY—-3S.8, * op
uapo 5
In Firkins and Cases DpUisesd aig vay given, at Malt & Hops Only No 115 cf 1010 Gap-de- de-Ville "31.00 " San Fernando, dep Ag
. ‘ tate Aeon pale, oa, ‘Teateley the IT KECea UP 178 Oeer=Platattt Ireis » 1120, | Lab ray arrivatet
e4s . Oh day of Noreaioere 1011, betwee the ‘ The Adutlstrator Gonecal—Detendaat, | Granville Ba: 14 dep.
British Oleo Margarine— “tenet geet ow] REPUTATION |e soci numa na| 0s are 1219 pm.1 Gus
. proiog Gre acces be the sme more or BY KEEPING UP Its. | Pea’ action bes boon tone hanced by Cap-de-V, "
J ” ep ie aud delineated in the diagram cet of Peasl sak Riverit Ttoad, ta thy WEDNDSDAY-S 8. “Paria.” lap-de-Ville wo
“ Two Flags” and Omnibus" Brands, titechelto Cows Grane regltered st Standard of Quallt Ward of Svat Nepsrime West, ie tbe [rois yt
- ” . Of bloouerrat 8 the Island of Trinidad andar y one te tea Wil. beenee izecaor San ny cater de aoe a.m. } Granville, Bay, "11
* Johnnie Walker” Whisky. ae ad a headead ou tbe weat ure FRESH SHIPMENTS | {2.8% ee a of Ceslmtoens Lo Brea: dep. 10:40 Cedros ars
. rosd eeparatiog lasds hereby grav’ April, asi, ‘ad Pens! Tisck Haver Htreat Brighton eo LU,
Amstel Dutch Pilsener Beer, See Eee ern — bY RAcH— elated atlant she Admlaitiatet | Cin 2p0 » 11.25 »
ated ihe 27th day of Detober STH the saia Wilol the diceasel fo solemn Vill
ned) Wide, J, KSBNAH GLAsaow STEAMER Cap de-Ville 12.13 p.m. e
inet) Kaaiabtraton Genera "| Beers det ra aces BS | Teots ” e4ae, ;

v ‘ Sold by all It leading D Dovlers, and | bist dey of Uctober, 1911 G i
ot ' ' TRINIDAD, y tend cf October, 1911 ranvile Bay ,, 1.80,,
Ta the 8 Coart of Tilelded and | first class shopkeopors in all parts | Dated this + 1011, ° ,
the Irinidad Shipping & Trading Company Lmtd: a tho tte oho 3. an of the Colony, every both hes AN ES 6 HORDE, Cedros arr. 2.09 7
. The {Adéalniatrator-Ueaseel’s Ordinance cork branded, and embossed cap- area erence,

= mendtiiesutraltezases, ,| aa SEEYOU CET THE CENUIHE Notice. .
i d & Fi { See Inland of Telaided, Daca sod, Loteatace, eS STOUT. ANY, perton, hetiog tn hie posses: BUNDAY—No Bteamer. FRIDAY~2.9, one
at 90 ‘ : . LL persone haviog claims agelost tached, of the members of the Trini. MONDAY.
Power \ ~N the above catate oe requised bs seod OW int f () |: wil Beuch aad Dar by ils Mr, Maloyvot, ” Neparima.” BA, “ Partast Teacos depy
' . thepanae voll aby aid one bitre | ’ rg ck ume tte cca of oft te paper, tacos dep sooum, “ Cedros nf
3 . filer gies cave nee. Sinus will by ‘exter + —Betaber ns to reese 630 » dep, 2.90 p.m, Granville Bay " 3h
telood, Sole Agonts. f d J Gras Trois ay,
33, 4& $5 dowa Creditors who ho'd any ¢ carit Porrottpal oth Ie c 0, Scott & Sou & Son |” n ZIT y 9 303, Can-de-Ville "4
—— sreuihsy and prove fot tue Gif manoe on | ey KCOMMISSION AND SLIPPING ile oe Yeon 24s | pee ” i hele wecarity aod for th GEN ” "on "
31 &2 Monthly "Bole deb ithe a oe Beadsy, ine a SEEDS. ' GEN. Gespe ") ° oe sm 5.08 4 Drighton-LaBrea " “
you own A 20h tay of November, L0lt, Levees the Government Auctioneers: |Jatres } » » » $43 pm. San Fernando atte]
Loure uf two and thres 1a Lhe alteruocn, i en TTADLISEED 1836, (Consent wi "Dole 704 , (Connecting with the
MACH | N E Dated thie 2u.h day tf Oviober, Wile d d S Trals} (Doss nat con ect
GINASNGESHE" [One Hundred Seeds fiidtet instar CHAMPLONE | cypstay-6.s “Neyuieae
-* xt i: je
#12, reat - a ee 8 Hach of the following, frees By Rogal Warrat to Tice King | Cedros dep, 12.35 p.m,
The Little Shop Agena Granville Bay ,, 1,
VT Pred, BL aerial ant laine OONTREVENT Hound at Vora | Atat Fira Aunran 8 Ona oma, Ltd Aros jevitte "12 .
val, Moruga, 4c, ; P-de-V ile » 160,
—A Tal SXOUDLULOD. Vrepared to accept gata of al deserin | arg 2
HENRY DICK Mau You Know. 1 BALATA MAQAQUK—Grows at Morand cobairy at eur sccarrent Patent Brighton. 10 ,,
October 15th— im. (THE Geateal Agricalturl ani and fodus |” Caparo, do, s a LaBrea, 2.40
etal Eabibit of Trinidad an. an ernando arr. 3 40
Ss bl tog ah dear toand Pabraurn tENNY-PIEOE= . Marine Tosurance Co, Ltd, | (Costectiog with the Train”
- — "
i Rustic 0 | BY Special Request. |e eee suntan eee lames Ot | SEDNEADAY=Â¥6 Sane
ure, ricultnre, dc, fa ormos Irom CO i 2
Trinidad Bloctric G0. I sciss p.G Prerne “erie (}nod a inbeaning| CMP? TeOAUG Zo | Your Geatain, SEH | THURSDAY BA, «Pues
TARE TELLING’ \ WILL REPEAT ene the Oise of the | Fliese ecmmanicate a wilting and NOTICE. Cedros - dep, 6,00 a.m.
ICE TICKETS AR EVENING WITH TERNYSON” Keihasd ‘Boatty! 4 Be Vincea | state at same time charges to PA Orasivil’s Bay n 643 ,,
(Asclsted by Losat Favourites) BOGAR TRIPP, Miss LOUISE BILLOUIN, wine Tuoures of Princastowe | Trois 7.25
{ ~at— . sbeerety and These 20, Treqstete Hood, Puvieol Spsia, Ds Musere Portage rid oat | Can-de-Ville » 8.00.
Al Groyfriars Hall Agnoalturel Bocioty ot Trielded October lub, 1m, teceuve haporiant iufurmatos from ube | Guano 8.48
FOUR DOLLARS Ialy such, 1011, N — JONATHAN RYAN, Brig hton-LaBrea,, 9. 23 |
OR om ———e otico. Solisstor de Cosveyavcer, San ‘F, "
Psx Ton or 2,000Lpa. NOVEMBER 4-AT 8 PL : gi Olt NENT. —Uommodious Marine | Oot. 12-6 1911. yacees | €an‘Fernando arr, 10.44 ,,
They will sls robyio in rickets | 8, {Ours wut other arranpemente |Home [ndustries | dee “Wal tnkhee” dptd| KBOdstomds — | _ \Coreetiog withthe tain)
customera holding ticke @ bought | — nt tt, AR MHOOLATIO betblug place, SEWING MACIIINES, CLOCK
a aT, : KS,
at eight dollars per ton at their oe Tereslmeat wanted or $110.00 good | MLOTULES, BILE ‘and FURNI. N.B—Steamor's Timo are approximate only, aad will dé
office 18 CAN YOU SKETOH 9 MEMBelt will under- Sere tec dea it, to GH. a TUK of seafmweription on essy *| to as nearly as circumstances wil permit ‘Tksy aro the
“WALTER J. ML I, MUNNIS ZA. take Manicure Treatment | sata Whe Kittie shop, times of the etoammer, and Passoozors must arriro s¢ the bas,

danayer. Wor you like te weil Drawings ta
' — Hebel of ton 20, aaatihed 1h) tbe tend
-— ee ondon, ase by the lead
——— ,
Art Miter gives a thorough
Iustruction fc 1 Penpom ci te al

TOK SUBE COUGD CORB | resstesver Bacssinn "Rewartoe” a

of this behuvl, students dblain
1s, per bottle, intweductiona, ant Publiation af

at the rooms of the Assovia-
liours : 9 to 11, and 1 to 8
every | uceday
Fate .—1/- per sceatment, or

VY, Fred much earlier as will enable th hi borobout 0?
HONEY DICE OA ee eS vagy | Steamer atthe advertised tims, om to take the @

——aaIE————————————_— ‘
Princes Town J. W. TOMLINSON,

WIfo Notico,
CTE at ae, steed
wite Tihs ¥ Detonla bg ha be havi

0 | iat font My $1.00 for six. si; my home and Lal Aotixg General Bansyg
Laing’s ghey | in Fit se dena "sass fo of fuse b (Appointment cen be made ane ee A atane DBROWIA wrote ag teeny had sod Ponr-or-S 4 ‘
WAR Enunioud Pu iiaauy A eiriatie Sk teutrecia | by Lelyphone) t-te PULLERS SLORES LID] nobler, 1Gi



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; C116 § oi ee | | Pieeenenr ee tasers
pamiie:| eerie Miles oie

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Plat sartld plana seu Ni SINS 3 Ot. SZ e's
Blouses. sage || Nene
ao a, EN hd as ¢ aun Cie our ; , |
omen ano eorreye A fine lot of Silk _fbroiderod Blouses bought by suas ‘ae SOME’ OF THE MANY. SU RPRISES me
e” our ever keen buyer. They area fine lot, the best. aver, e TH AT C AME OUI. OF THE 150. PACK-

seen for tho money, The usual prices of these were 12/- an].15/-; our, price 5/-.and
6/- each. Remember our Kmbroideries, the talk of the tawn, from Sc, to 24c per yards
Real Human Halr Goods, fine assortment to select front,


ia th toet tial Ble c

; foe Reet Scie te ” ®,;
Waterman Sells Everything. opt peng oy

wo p.m all .
th cost pies ‘op papodl, of lend and |. a
miei ree | RSE OFS \
: of Trislded, von ~U.. a» FE ; ; 4 *
TaigLog Greaney tisve: pee and tDT- a - _— "
f the, mame, more of "Te

t ‘
ees ee [He ae IN STORE FOR YOU. .
LAW COURTS IDEALS. helped out by the aArice of gunning Jaw. Yactually engaged. aners the Jenaneee gieacon At eghod to tetered ta Volame '
Xyalnst them toth the decres of the Su: | toey Rillod aad’ IL} oficers and sh000 | XOV He folie 249, aad abuiting Noryp upon


E conbemna artaces ov COURTS AND

fin a speech heforesthe Chamber of
Uordineree ¢ cy che, U.S.A, on thd 6th
inat., President Taft bitterly assailed th:
critica of the United’ States Supreme Court.
and asserted his views as to the relations
o eyrernment to bustness,

Jandy pow by Jetely of, , ae eh +. Ss lm .
f° Wilden ;
Prior ted upca ‘her wien! || Bross Lonethe,| untislas:
Wufed Ofe b spon, lands” patitioned ee
{Cd now of Taisly’ wla fhe Groyh. ead DRESS GIRDLES— Ia Cream Bilk,
inde ne of Hately Be ie rere ae SONLY DRESS YENGTHB— Delaine | Very feablonable now, Hach ‘ e s0—~
a nace ae a Gnesi ead i tnches wide Orexeg Slike 4h “ZA-ZA* HAT OURDLES. ta assorted
yards = Fully worth 250 pete vhades Hach. Scand hap,
a &

erve faye yp inky: wide oa elthe aan . *
oats Meth “EBs appaitapanom " PRESH LOT KID OLGVRS -In Black

reme Court has been prononnced.” 4550 oF
P Mr. Taft sald it wal unfortunate that et aa eet nt ott eattive
the country had got intoa condition that forces agalnet a Russian loss of prov
required aremedy Hke this, A remedy * 150), ‘or 30 cert At Talis.
of aaveril, re added, was bound to pro. | bably kone t
dace for a time, not business disaster, but | 8u, Or Wafangkon, where for wo
a dificult situation that wnight make bu. | days they had 33,000, men oppased. id
aines slow, Hut, afterthe solution had | 25,000 Russians, they los} 4 officers
teen worked out, he asw no reason why f and 2Rinen killed.ancd 44 offleers and
the, country should pot go On to greater tu men wounded. a total of Lis,
and greater prosperity. Po! 1] g on other
Mr Taft pleaded for kindlier feeling Miia, "AU Taohicbloy = drawn batile,

i sd at) rts,” sald bs oe i

the President They are ny, ideals on between are ire of the com three days in duration, the Japancee | Buctaty N88 la, thle Sth day of 4 ONLY DoF LENGTAS. deck and White—3 Button dome, eh
earth that typify what we shall meetaf. | Mock taxing would cease if lew aff | lost 13 officers and O13 ‘men wounded, Opwder in tig par Pony , 1911, HMouncing, Richly lien’ trards,
terward in heaven, under a just God. And } Gisrepard (he altacks upon the motives | 0 totatof 1,150 In the twelve days 4 ° Orgnun 42 Inches wite~ th rere® | LADIES LISLE THREAD GLOVES— “I
whan court iedeing ite daty, when iti# { ood character of those ererclsing author! | battles at Liao Yang there were killed ‘ Per yard ws .. Sine io’ White, Black, Cham: ‘
trying to Lnterpret the law as it ought to ty, and ascribe proper Incentives until the | 222 officers and 5.405 men, and 08 ¥, J. BCOIT & BON, . Shart— a Be wed other .
be, to have It conderaned and attacked motives are shown to be {urproper. Iie | officers and 17,520 men were wounded, Govt: Auctioneers. LONLY DRESS LENGTH —In Saxe paaoee “AIL ‘alve. or Ba ede finish, * * @
and ita motive questioned for mere politl | aald tho railroals were entitled to. proper {.an appalling thtal of 23714, of consi. Blue Crepe-de-Chine-+Lovely floral piades.« ace :
for dtteck, gocato ing heart, aad Frenent | treatment and should be saved from the fiderably more than twice the Kusslac - designs and Scalloped. Bille er P eae ae ‘
it with deep indignation. attacks of the demagogne or the man who | lossca, Embreldered, 44 yards, Per yard | You'll > late esstacias over; the other beautiful things
ets, Tate proke myth far mare feeling tin byt Be erat bia leche uae NOTI GE oe ee $8 Sh are showing.—ViSIT U3 AT ONOH[! 4

ut in ARC ater: —7,
speeches hnbalon ihe waine tinen. Ife | eet. of get to there were thirteen days | pace POR TUESDAY THE, tra net ae eas :

n sm08 ee -

point. but aa yet_he had falted to receive JAPAN'S WAR LOSSES Sul men were billed and 1X6 oflcers DAY UF NOVEMBER, Loi, The One Price, Plain Figure Store

, J. Bryan . le . x
and other publilata to cite a single cane OEZETE, At Bandepu, or ilelkoycal, | DUBLIO NOTICEJe hereby given that

tn exersue of tha Stshatory Power of

of commerre in restralnt of trade which An exceedingly interesting contsl. | two days’ Sghting in 2 snowstortp cost Bale Sealed apes Morigeaver ty ihe
aod Liw 4

ppebt a ve condenined under the Supreme j bution to the history of the Husao- | the Japadese 90 oficers and

Owe Price Only. | Yalno Nowhere Like Haillard's, | Aree : fusyia

, meat 6, )
urta Interpretation of the ant! trust | Japanese War has just appeared in | killed and 29 officers 7,034 men | Comreyate y Ord). ‘ae
how Inthe Standard Oil and the Tobsece the Militar WWichentlatt of er) De on | wounded, a total of 111. Finally, in | 580ce, Namber 72 sad coatelaed. or im- -

u . the authurity of De. Aklyama, sur- | the closing battle at Monkden, where
any uther one eal Mn date inthe Reowgeneraly and be, ‘Moth ejef of | Note veterayd trou) Kort” Adhne
Bopreme Court that wo havo ia Washing | the medicat department, of the Jap. | came up fo reinforce Kuroki and
tom, that oft has stood Letween us and er, anere army. It consiste of authentic | Kawamuisa came over the mountains
rors that ‘might have buen committed | stalements of the lowes In killer and ] tobe in at the death, the rolt, of killed
that wauld have buen greatly Injurtous te | wonodel sustained by the Japanese | was Sof officers and 15,873 menand of
this country aud to (urn upon that court Paring in the seven great battiles of q wounded 1,790 officers and 51,834 men,
- and toquestion its wotives and to attack | the War, statistign which have not | staggering total of 70,082. The only
it seems tome to lay the axe at theroot Thitherte been made public. These } important dilferences belween these
of the tres of our civilization. offictal figures de not alvo, ether agioa | figures and, the hithesta cinreot egtle

coulis diey on erree to the | Pupreme with the estimates which have bither | inates are in the cases of Sandepy,

lie in a certalg, Mamprepdam of Mort-
Fage-dader the iemprendor the Heat
Toperty, Osdinance Yumber 60, Nom-
bered 106, dated the, fourteenth day of
December, at eat yeas one teopuens nine cte FOR WEDNESDAY. THE in /TRINIDAD, ——
madrey and tea and made oskas |} SALE FOR WEDNESDAY, THE 17 |] TRINIDAD,

Barger te fovour of Marta H.maier, there a DAY OF yore bor 1011. SALE FOR TUESDAY THE 1TH DAY No .
vit’ Rat "p for ule ty obs, Aot 4 u > by el OF NOVEMUER I91L, BALE FOR TUES
at tha, Auction Mars of the andereigces BLIC NOTICE is hereby given UBLIO NOTICE ia hereby ghyen that ,
mtnete at No. 12, 8s, Vinognt Bireet ia thet f ino of the Power of ale] 14 Ing of the P fale con, DAY OF NOVEM
the town of Port-ol. pala on Tasadey the Bie “on Morigegees, by “The Coo: | ferred on Mortgagoes ty the Convey. UBLIC NOTICE


sceo ‘ to been usd, t bh th td where the estimat f] lath day of November 191!, between the | yeyanciag snd Law of Propety Ordia-, ancing and Law of Property Ordinance fo exercise of the
ee cases aa ' tw great deel: widely, diifer Hon dee, wile they instead of Qiu}, and Moukdens where hoary of ong and two pm, ° ance, No, 72,” contained fa the deed of yet and Sontained in f pertain Deed of tole conferred Spee
“They wers two of tht grealest truata PaMpPly conflem the’ general estimate [they were “Letiyeen 990 and 60,000," All that pb t of land and qenreranee, with Mortyige reserved, tin ne rt vores . tate eth annary Qooreyenciog, an it %,
that existed," he said.‘ and inthe work jot the colosaal proportiona of some of | instead of more than 70,00, Jb may as piece of parce! OF Jand ap ated the 27h day of Fooruar: is e Pp ance oaomber

ovcoa plantation siieate ty the Ward of a; of deods for the year 1910 and made be- fmpliel fo @ certain Mg
Tarure, tn thd Island of Trloided wor rralster red ts No. for ibe ‘oat Reve tween James Hostantand Louisa Hostant | Mostgige ander the p
ing nine acre, three roode and thirty- | erend Patrick Vincent Flood, The Roman | Of, thg one part, aod Willlam Martin Dick: | Heal "Property Ordin
meven perches be the same tore or Tee! Cathalio Archbishop ef Pore-af-Spain of | demat trons ane O. Lid dated the Sith day « Bomlered 80, and dated
delineated {a the plan or diagram sttcebsd | theone part and Uiprisac Hivar Rodri- | of Docember 1a from James itostant toy ey, fo the year one
tothe Crown Gract to the sald Joshaa | goes of the other part. there will] William Martin Dickson, there. will be | Mandel and teo, and wedbq
Harper regivtered In Volame XXXY1, pat up foraste by public auctids, ty | putupforsalc by the undersigned at his Emmansel Ciprisnl in foram
folla 12, aod abattiag Nosth upon Teuds | the nndersiazced at thelr Auction Mart, | Auction Mart No, 9A. Harris Promenade, | Aucber Warner, there wi
wor ively of Nakeb aod opon & oad | No, 12, Br, Visceat Bereet, in the Town | {8 the Town of San Fernando, on Tuesday f fale by Public Acctloa
readrved Ofty ‘links wids, Soath po | ot Port-of-Spala, on Wadassday, the tet | the Hth day of November 3011 be- § Mart of the undersiz
Meee ee a Ne ee ee ee ee ee tT ce taing | Sha Beth Vino &
ast apo lands new of lately of Josep! 0! ni * fa th t+ ‘ ‘ort-of-: lo, o8
Wetbeo epbecictoas spon ands uw or hours of ong bad two o'clock La the afte twelve lota more or less situste at Petit teenth dsy ee November,

oon, Café in the Ward of Savane Graod
Istely of the Crown, vogether Wjlb the 1 7 5 the honre of one and iwe
op perteaasese fhote’ teesten, ALL aod slogulartha’ Uoeos plantation | South In the Island of Trintdad an re

and lends called “Sante Ivabella,” situate | bound the North on lands of All those three ssqond
fa the Ward of Arius ta tbe Inlaad of | fetuy ah Nesey Sheen eae gine Hof‘ land wad cocoa ‘pl
Dated at Portal Spain thls 10:h dey of | Orthod ep ache, bans ani Werrapos [ol Nore, Fascy” Lette’ asd’ berks sacs | tke Insc, of Tepuenry

oa Lhe North, te Kastan ‘eat Npon | 0! ew | Fancy at tla an eo o

Octeber ia the year Our Lord, Mi teuds Bow, r larly belonging to She on the ott ey a publig road aad lands of yereny bathe 1g oars Ai ’
aod. je Three several pare | © fe aot 8 4 am bs,

¥, J. BCOTT & BON, cele of land aajoiuing therets and worked | «Also all that parcel of fand situate In the | Urent in. Volome X fale Sl

ing out ofthe decree the court had ta | those sttuggies, bo added that in that awfal conflict
maken reine A ie flandard O1L Cora: ones, Yirat nt these seven battles in the Russian losses s were ® clays 4o uu,
pany presen 8) ¢ phases ol le 26 Peninsula and Manchuclan can n ve battles at Port Arthur the to!
Fatah a cent ate teens ay Palan was that at Namhan, or Kin- | losses were thie Nee ork Tribune,
did not see a necessity (or concealing thelr tlorned 2 nun send! ind Japanese
methodgor their motives, The Tobasca | Oe hy ay ed? b ee Uk
rest represented an organisation made Ttussiane of “whom on a0”) were rv

fn anticipation of ibe operation of the irw a y Aways Beuvicradee.—Most pill

ener vane, eee joes their Propertion with ag 1 Not 4a
a < f s,
There is no medicine on the market [| Pars Piaca Bevors it.—There iy Te pif} Giang ee comand the
that can compare with Bickle’s Antu: J more virtue in a bottle of Canadian | thee etxength and elfeciiveness ia pre-
Consumptive Byrap in expuiiag fiom | Healing Qil as 4 aubduer of pain thao | aderved and the pills cay be cartied any-
the syatem the tittlating ge:mus that [In gallons of otber medicine, The where without fear of lusing thelr
colds engendérin thealr passayes. It | public know this and there are few Le: Thi I
$s suicide to neglect your cold. Try [households thronguut the countsy | Pleocy isis a quality that fow
the cheap experiinent of eliding youre | where it sannoy be, found, a phitty pila possess, Svine pills lose thelr
self o! vy using Bickle's Syrup, | years of use has famillarlz the *
which la a alinple remedy, easily taken ple With it. and made st a house bower, but noteo with Dr. Kellogg's,
and once used it will always be pifted hold medicine throughout the western | Lbhey will malntain thelr freshness and


98 ssavervign edi lpe. world. potency for a long time, Govt, Auctioneers, | withand forming pat of the eaid plan- Teint of Totti, oe Bouth in acts oathe Norsb, South sod ad
—————S ee Fe tatloc, Sacte Lsabeiia, the Kirst thereot | and Two Perches delineated In the dia. | COW oF lately of the Crotiys
ae newer errr fF oplled * Uoodisads” comprlaiag $ acres m aanened to the Crown Grant in | WY 2st Cpoo lands bow acm

scepid, by be ateo Tovar, eu ibe | Wounili oun Rone Wf dankit gate [wil Ward of Tarn
Sones opougonds ot gee teeta Dvn, | deve Zea outhe bath fr, cromsiend | rey ant tno onde
t ths Cante- oa the Eas : ry ted is J
andoa the Wart apoa iendee! Attert Uase |Add on the West nee petitioned the ‘Crowa Gréng reg g
puchsel the Beoond therec! oumprisiog 20 for by ¥raaces Antoine and by Crown J XXI1L, fole 37, ad a
oF Mateo Tore and on ihe Gemthy kas | Died this 2th day ot October tou, | Oth Wieowa Bt eel
aud Weat uyon laude now or lately uf the "By PICKERING, lately of, Leos Prospe: aa
Gows snd the Thud thereof pompristng | veneer Oe! Fiands pow or lalely xt am
palin” ced seating om le North apsa | TRINIDAD ax 10BAGO, Thomis’Pembertoa ee
lands of Joba Alen, 02 the Boath aod ¥ tq the wore Oapenme Court, or lataly of the Crowe
Wat epon lands row or lately'of vee | 22 the Matter of the Es ate of Jagdeo b aripo River:
Growa and on she Fass wpoo lnnasof the sometioes called Jogdeo Mahar pieote at eat
sald Beate Labelle: Extace sogecher with tare of Ariwala the Ward of Chegasass P seousiiatl
the appartensnons thereto belootiag, te Toland of Trisldad—Decessed, 1 figcate of Tite
ated the loth day © bes, 3 UBLIU NOTICE to hereby given thag | Gockrane, regute a
sees Bede BOOT a Bon, * | POST NOT hereby given that | Roetaieat Genearl of th om
Gort, Avctlocers. | Mahadiva col “Arane in “ther Week cf | OOXLVIUL fot 45
Chagaifes’ fn thy Ieleod of Tifouad, | Meereat altuate in te,
Widew, tor ggreat Lettora of Adulules Caron! la ths sald Ts F
BALE FOR TUESDAY THE sisg | bation of the Estate df Jogdeo sometimes | Meinleg slxtecn ac

called Jagteo M t the same more oF
DAY OF OOTObER, 1011, the Ward of Obaguaase ia the sald Latand | ofthe land, described te
prr 10 NOTICE fe hereby given the 18h dep os sano ead oe XXXI folio 0 and,wers
gentalond ia ee Power of Bale | at the time of hie death = fixed place of { 12 she disgrac
ated the

re ae 7
“ of Mortgage, | Stod ala to the Certificate of ©
14 b say of Jung 1910, regis | set at Arena storosaid W the said Jean B te registered le &
. j . T : T tad an No pad feet Mabsdaye Wing the Jawlat Witow aud | 04m Bs oa
° LA RG F S H | PM Ef N . S LA p G F AS $0 R- M FN amele Dotween Holomon tetlaseet pd relict of the suld decassed. i eer vol mes

Augustus Davis traging Sogeth And Notioe is alec given thet if no careas ,
coli under ghe style w am at & is lodged before the enpirstion of twenty. | MOR oa (Pe Norio ;

AR 27 . . ceyise andCo,, of the ene and | (828 ceys from the ef the pal rt Pt bal
: es Right Thing for Hot Weather, | fis ireredtiae toeataads | Uatl Ailey ached oh roe | Reo i


Puint ia the Ward of Mayaro of tb to, esas Letters of Administration to the we sk
tt, there will be putep lee qaretber mid Mohadaye sooording| laud aod West spon

byt Dated A 3 of Di lier Noel and spoob Re
abiie Aucdoa by the unde: ated thie 1é:b day tober, 1911, oe ~
thels Anetion Marte No, 2, Ustnaver tact . COLLINS,” — | Together | with

. . . ' wrt longing —Satvek
; . . we ville and Bt. Viscent Stress, Pyrtof. Actg, Deputy Registrar, thereto be! aS ;
one v — @ Plain and Striped Crash Suiting, . fits Valwoen th hota ef Leaatgeees dated te brat

. : M . ewan , pateal onc of Ceosnmiet tak serala | TRINIDAD, Hage Raoiae te ete

ercerised Linen Suiting Ak Hoods Alnoad Valiey tothe Ward of J bay toe eg eee | the belecle el eo

on alter the rate



— WITH — Sk Avos ia the Lslacd of Trinidad Keown | DA® UF VEQKMBER, soit,

c.g .. oud called * Holitude” eontaining & crea, | UBLIO NUTIVE be b pam oth ay G4
I mi { at ion T ussore Su itin g Sroods and 2perches sad bounded oa the P fi treba ine Posed Bae oe Dated cls eiguonnth wi
tained ia s certata deed of mortzsyadated | tha year of our i wt :

North Hy fande af the beizs of Juba Varro

the 10 b dsy of August 1010 (registered
No, 2072 for 190) snd mae between

Remkiscora of the one part aod Babcoole

Thick, Thin. Wide, Nicodium and on the Eoath by fands of Elizabeth Dar- .

Hooondly—A'l and Bi b TP TON A

peseel at Tote coon aust thes Spelala flee Parte thete will be pas ap for NATIO a

Narraw Brims—All ihe Newest thapes, White Cotton, Union and Linen Drill Wear file ited noe 8
| a) lagen Ge mut Valor fated aodeced Via | Hohe eaters et Ae | Ageurance OO

OXFORD GREY SPORTING FELTS. Relea Meet tla vice uctegn ts arae| Agaranes Oo

: . . tn Ht . ded og the North by | of
This Hat is all the rage in Europe, W: H LT FE A l L lL / N FE Hi 2D R f L L Oy daa fate Grego re 00 the oath cng aad tes pow” between tbe hours of Marged in tht 10
4 @ a lar th:
Licht Groy Felts any veer we i ra PTE Ete Rentns Lace deh eid a pciadied waste era | lil) Lot og
Whito Rubbor Holmeots, with luggarss, WORTH $1.00 YD, FOR 60 fale TT Ae Fibetol Comey heeded the | ayisoi bey OAL tale
OC . Cc. coryain pateet of and Rinp tdereol comprising thres acres aad f Ac: DATED FUNDI-
; Sidaty Petty ei abutting on the Noith by the tueopia | ACOUN :
; wr pod bon Farm o9 the Bouth by Road on the Kast (over) « —_- me
wor Mvarywthing in Men's Weny Voy Kverytlainmg 11 niter's ane pow or lately ef | ode of Remkloooe wae ihe oe Wand O att
oe thereof compeling one acre, two roode | St. Helens Square, ¥
ead abetting on the North by the Cunupls | HREPARED to 4

ee ome
ee .

. ear, Caasfoite Prery lands
on cu ro we wee formerly of ike 7 Walmes
bet now of Paal Bylrealre on the Kast by



arm 09 the South by « Road on th
Bp lands of Dwarks wed oa the Wont tre ane ac and 2
Dated this 2c tay of Oototer, torn, | Hulldinar, £2, 20 Kot og
LOUIS JOUN & CO, - lds. PRED, Bs

. fAncjnery 8

Ha mry



. : :

NO. 9.68! VOL. 7

E DAwaLitect,


P We have just roceived por 8.8, eee 1% Glhncon Atzrees ~Hm
, it io aloe Btorage the | - . “ TRLEPHCKE fo. 63, ‘

gen, ier sre © Policies dated 1900, ma:

: ’ * Bows t the Company « Ort ik
fl ines at oats seit dgeete renner ar
ary a ~
ass condition and at - . Cash PIvIDEND on aura, tunctioned
; est prices tan ot the Inst annos ‘alm: °
nest prices bere. Holders of Berip twaed #0 forme


p t , J
ger cuban MDOT COU DAR Onig for tow GASH DIVIDENDS covet N EW S H [ p NM F N 7 The Rosary is a
ARAB QUALI eae ote te lb, ponding to same rare book, one
=, of genuine delight,

re 20 conts per Ib,

Qte. rer ib,
360, per dosen,

October 1910, ~

= ———| (ashmeres

Bream | vammerrcy “re: ‘|teinidad Building and
guar et| GENTS HIGH CLASS | ton ist ATI SHADES


ME... 81,20 Each Telephone: mo.s2
ns Straw Hater sis) L2c.

Y wectom Quniitsy No. 29,

Assortment remortgage eS



Victoria Institute

Tire following auljects are taught atthe
Institute —
Kuylish Composition, Shosthand, Vrench,
BSpanleh, ‘Ly pe writ lig, Bouk « keeping,
rawing, Drews making, Art Nuxtlewok,
Bourd of Industrial Trasmng. Teche
picol Classe Farrier . Jailding Crafin,
rawhig, Kugineering Crafts, Typography,
Hook bindlag, Shipwrights, aud variel:
teeth, Claeses [)

Tugel lays at 8.15 p.m.
Orchestral Segtiam-- anedayeat 15 pan

« ACRES Cheas seotlon—ially.
" i] h Table Apples —AT~- Duncan Street. adign tow & Accreation Hvoms—Open
‘ ‘Adinittance to the sations In free to
ke = From 72 ceate per Doren, Apply to Members and Last tates,

Suboc: iption ~Mimbers 93 annually,
Ac-oulatea 2p pur quatter
The Institute is open fiont 8 to 10 ame
and from J to lepim,
te Seoretacy.
From 8 cents each,





MIL following plants well established
in bamboo pots are offered for sale
atSt. Chaie Ucperiment Station at 2
ceata each s—
20 Liberian OolTee,
1,000 Maragoglpe Coffer,
2,40) dierra leone Votfee, (Coffea

nest Fronch | vey [Tima zune so toa SKEOCH & Co.*") GLENDINNING'S. |

28, Ohnoon treet.
tae Frederick Street,


rennet disappointment pres —_—. ~~ a == zx1N, ABDELNOR, -—~¥— XY onaar,—-«,
re grade goods, i . Dry Goods, _BY—
, WRITE OR PHONE 177,/Ex« “Indus” to Arrive. | pais and coves Fancy G00ds,
FFour orders tohich seit have Jawollery sf all kinds, SCOTT BOYD & ‘ HY
eran ater NOVEERE aS NOTICNY ENA ’ '

BUEPHENS, LMITD.|BALES SUGAR AND COCONUT BAGS, [eters srris:! | ~= nosene aretvase

expenses being lower we can sell choaper 4

re tags cleewb 300 Mags No. 1 GARDEN SIAM RICE-BGL, JSP") yg evan,
Tho Storos. BALES 6060 A BAGS an, avi ntreet. 50 Drums Prime large LUNENBURG CODHIGH, | Actiog nuwiorof Ausounte,
Beloghone No. 177. , —— 25 licrces ,, Medium » ” Toth October Wil,
: rere ere dNOe . . 250 Baskets PLAGNIOL OIL, Gazette Extraordinary,
Guaranteed 4 Lbs. Geo, E,'‘ McLean avo Con rt
. —- 90004 WATCH REPAIRER AND . . _ | rite following Proclamation extends
Ng i Co, * s2WELLEL 500 Barrels “Lehigh” Portland Cement, Noe oR) Oe lunes No at Olly
. . he whole Ialand o. a as from
= vay | Wessels Bros, & von fontard,|2¢Fredertek s* ates: * Hn ied
CIAL TO-DAY . , ) For Investment 6, BROADWAY. Telephone 132. “ uy ete Bus
x NO h
EX 70, SOU TEL QUA ° 86.000 oa Town Property (oot bare | ——
rack roms,

Trtnipan & Towaay,
No. 38 of ONL

uy Hie Excellency Sin GQuuace
Commander of the Most
Distloguished Order of Bt.
Michael and St. George, Gov-
ernor and Uoinuander ins
Chief In and over the Colony
of Trinidad and ‘Tobago, ani
. fla Dependencies, Vice-Adml

tal thereof, &c., &o., &o,

Growiz 10 Le Hunt,

8. “c TRENT.” cX' Phone 574. #16000 on Towa Property ot Qveo RE Q i J I RE D
eee Inaume of not less than $39, .


Thayer's Laxative ota Tablets] {AHASMICK GROCLUH] =~ so
vie, Ee Reon Svames,| ‘Lritidad Manurial Lime,


HL ses nue nee PER TBs
per doz. 489,



Per Jb. 48 cents.


aR PEMA RDIAOT, Eeimomt 4s
Tate FAVOURITES PHARMAOY Opposite Wash House Beidge,

—i9)- — VW yupieas by Sectiot Sof the Dogs
HIRE CREAM per Jar 46 ORTON LOBSTERS 3-111) it te provided thet such Orda
W BACK BACON perlb, 360 || === im Hi Cocoa Planters‘Suyar Planters and Cane Farinera put new | guce vhall not be in forceexcept durin

euch periods aod within such pa te 0:
the Oolony as the Governtr io secu:
tive Gotveil may frou time to tune by
proclamation direct 5

And whereau by Proclamation No 8b
of 111, the waid thogs (Ml izzling! Oudin
ance 1911 was devlared to be in furveia

Er CHEAW COEISE” 1b. Soe, TR INI DAD CHOCO LATE FACTO RY Land jlb tine, life into your Lands by using onr

2 lbs, each 780, ONEDDAR CHEFHE.

uzront curse ‘yer i Gos Maaatactared by Ay SOUBLETIT sb He 28 Park Bias Dorval vals cuuvene cues.) TRINIDAD MANURIAL LIME.

Beygzrot c CHEESE per Ib, oo" Mu CHOCOLATE 1s preparfd by a special and soleatifie process which jasares Fresh Carrots

Its complese solablity and seta forth the exquieie arums af the Coros bears : ~ t; Pri ab tht thts ade of tea enlee Of the
‘And made from the finest eclected beans it is tinent AG uality—Bost, meomno zi ory

Sholee Grapos | late tees tatie nis mina, Weepec ve tati| eM deeaanygl re] Quality oot, So ahaa
Beene, + ablet packages, —STEPBENS, Ltv., CALEDONIAN soulta & ANUFACTURED BY f-Spalo, ualit | ie extended through
VIR PEARS per Dozen 72 cents, | T° Ghodka boobiNosy Je ro Hie Glew Vouk Eotablabmneot MAROGEE | Jaccbs Bisou ite & Cakes ; ng Wee : fatied of nite months frora the datsot

(YpeD BEETROOT ... pet tb, 86 BTANDAED, aod from bbogs ta own and.covatsy A SOUBLETTE San Toy, Yortoa Cream, TEbecktate f be Trinidad Shipping aud I rading (0., Lmtd thee ‘bes mons its Urestie recess
RESH CARROTS <7. per lb’ 86, Miranda Tressure, Matinee Sited Barn | iad lite provislone of ihe Grdinanch
TIRE TURNIPS se perl, l |

ebould be vxtoaded to the whole lsland
of Telaidad ;
Now, therefore, I, George Rutbven

‘ria, Choice” donles, |YQU ARE LOSING MONEY AND MILK} "oee<'= ‘its Cs aromas

, Lee dorex 7% cente {moon Tea nger oe ba Hobe, Caudal dat hereby atten
BALDWIN AYPLES per dozen 360. mvery day you Fut off Usiaeg West Kod Ect, [ce Cakew Ob Cou h S ecific proclein and durect thatthe paid Bi

ee Oe ee SCHUMACHER STOCK FEED | itsss, ostord Loney Oten S p forew tbycuytcut the Islaad-of Trial

esh Cabbage, |i saves YOU FROM $5 70,04 oe Etad ooeenee Flow ot MILA Tt OTHER | Goaod and Medwirs, also per *alyioe WILL CURE ANY COUGIL full and uetll tie eh deyot func, 1918

’ ID, Baricbes an m0 Cases 4 a 2h. . Ulven ager my Heod and

Ooluay, at
Government Hause in ihe

Por Ib, 8 cents. QUARANTESD aNaLYste: valores’ Dagte Brand Stous and Ale &
oe Tuwa of Port-of-Spain, in
the" asad of Trinidad, thie
day of October tuti,

7% you want Crude Protein...

IFRES FE resrcttte! ane mee nthe an] MW. GOODING.|SOP AT BOT AITD’S| | Sixers

Po* t+ paw FOm & BOCLTEY. . @ BUBEE,
PROM RM EY de REAL OM. |” ois Coober ih NO. 6, HANKY WTHEGI, Acting Culoaial Beceta yz,

Telephone 54, Bepts Live, UL,




FOR RENT.~Cottage No, 4 Fils-
gerald Lane, nowly painted 1 four ,
roome, rewerage and usus! out offices.
Rental git per month, Pleass apply
t No, 0! bancery Lane—Oct, 20.h,
yok RENT—Cottaxe No. 21” Bt +

Fraosvis Valley Nvad, containing 2 ,

bedrovoe, drawing qnd dining rooms
and front. galler The usual out-
offices Water laid ov (he premisee —
Apply to MHS. WOkSFULD—No, 16
Regent Lane—Ovt. 220 lin.
rE RENT No. 86 Boumont Cinoular
Road, near the tatbolip Church,
a very coo) dwellit houne-contala-
ing & bedroonw, dining rovum, servact
ruon, electric light Installed, bath room
and allcomfortacan be had with some
furniture, Come now anil have a_fook
for I ani Folng fo the country. Apply
withta or Sra, tlois oppusite-—Oct, 21 —1m.

rer KEN T—Cottage No, 2 Winton

Lane, Belmont one minvte walk Tear

3som Tram comprising drawing room,
dining room, three bed rooms, large
yard with usuel out offices, also flower
gatden, Rental 813, Apply Mee, 1L
PakIHA neat door —October 19 - lin.

yor RENT —Resideace No. W0(North
fey eet) corver Park and t'embroke

Sreets, At present occupied by Dr.
Biong. Vosseesion Ist November.
Telephone No, $3. —Oot, 20, 1911,

pu RENT. -A_ cool, comlortatle
house mtuated at the ° Nook

Avenve ’ St, Ange Heery, sonre-
nienes for w large family. Pusession
Ist Nuvember. Kent inoderate. For
particul re apply to F J. Mende, 4
toad wa cl, AL—-2 vw.
} ENT —A_Oouaxe. with every
conrentenes for a small family, Saw:
ease leats lod — No. 16 Caren Street,
App y tu 45 Queen 8 reet, Port of Spsle.
—Uotr. 18 b,
yee. RENT. —Furntshed or unfie
nisbed. Small Oottage (two ruous
aod bathroom), suitable foralady or

gentleman, Anply lo Mre. OWEN,
3, Sweet Briar Koad, St. Clair.—Oct.
13th.—1m, ’

for KENT—-A nes Iittis Uvttege,
2 mnates wak fiom St. Auguala
Gop—local traisa fy sbasdaare to towe——
with all conveotences i .cleding outolll 6s
sod etabler, $12 mou b'y, Keys trom
Gel & Soherer, bua Q ray OX, Oo , 13
yor HENT—Aitect Cuitage—New
and comfortelie oottuye, Nu. 3 Log
Uneatar Road, sateb.e for as amsll tsmily
or vewly matriod Bouyle. very sonveoi-
ence, bith, kitchen, panty, elo |= Water
ant cocuicservice, Wor otber perticelars
apily to the English Bakery, 59 Isrk
Ktreet,~—October lu.h—Im.
por KENT.—That cool, airy upstaire
douse, situated atthe North-west
corner of Lidward & Sackville Streete,
ab present occupied by Mrs, Eccles,
dete edmirably sul! for a lage
fannaly or for a Boarding House, andis
ftted with modern wewersge and all
conveniences, Vowsession lst Novern
ber, Heutaoderate, For particulars
Apply tu Sait, Rowkatsor & vo,
6, Chacon Street. — Out, Bip. —lus,


ki Nile Steaate Avauue, Doves

Hos ue la Nivewbor Fo
opply GO Havaks & 0 —Uc. Ton 10,
JRO Reni sLOite ab Perices

x tewo—in geod business Jocahty,
now veeupinl by Meesre Wilevo Lid.
Possession Jat, Jan 1912) Apply to
Mus DP, NeLxan, Piinces Town, utto
Mowers. Albert Lueien & Ovo, No 1
Charlotte direst, Port-ot Spain —OQoa



YOR SALE -Two Large Awirkao
Hore, Very quiet, is good oder,
Prokea w barnes, Apply to 4), South

Quey. U0. 0 —2e, _ _

7h SALB—No 2 Biweid discos
i cootaloivg diawieg bod dinlug lowe
2 b droome wd 2 diesuwg 1001", Pauley,
kito en eod Weer Upatele, alys Coblage
No, 43, SYuoarid Stroe!, coutainieg diaw~
fo aed “diniug rocis, 4 bedrooms, tlie
pallory. 2eeisant ro0wr, atabe, Hectic
Hight aod vewersge fastelicd, Mur paitiou-
Vara apply at No. 2 Edward Street or to
J. A. dette, No. 10 Henry Sueqs —Ov ve
ler 3


I Btreet, Also Vryperty No. 10%, Bt,
Vincent Street. Bnqulve JL, Wood-
ford btrvet ~Cct, & to. _

BAL — 1, “Duke street,
LGhinee of Duke and Pembroke
Streets apply to J.D BECLiER & Oy
=Uct, bth,- Tun r¥ am
}F AUh,—220 Asses of Fo cot

§ WF abe Caparo Valley, 0x0 wile trom
[taliwey B.etvor, ta tore of 10 sures sud
opwards, Agply a0 St Paul's Pharmacy,
Bb, & 31, Curcei Queen & Nelsen Stross,
Port-of-ppsi . -Ust, 1.) a,

it BALB, SH Avice vf lavd anaes
I ‘on the Mamonral Valley Koad, Je
mailes [from tLe Brases y Picdre Railway.
Adost 20
tiaeors, 1

-Tioperty No, 53 Park

sures ba cutisation ty One
oof purcth@ wony 6D
arty ep rak bends o¢ Bit
foe whote ainount accepted
peer y wide BM atearial

vapuiy io WV. de LAURIE,
art ale.

jane, —& _
2 TIAL) vessas LUT UF LAND —eorver
S of ew Bireed ot d Borde & reet, nar
the Sivepnab. Vesy eoal aud gales ool,

“VS aes weceet—~ Large bot ewall price,



prey: e
AUEB—Ne. 42 Davdouskt | apply. Apply io writing
SMALL COUT swetudieg Ie

Apply 0
San, KM

For Salo, .

my cath, Sls
SS tenaieh Gans


wyeet— Wk, -=Debe, 34 - deh



pe sense,-

wit OF LAND- Naw! W"Gaice |




+ At Lalaha, (Arima Ward,
14 acres, About 3,500 trees. Neighbours
willing to sell, Cocos House, &e,


500) TREES,


at New Providence,
Guanapo, Arima Ward, Well watered
and pha ted,


| At a Bargain

eltas-e in the Ward of
Tarare coarsiniag 32 Asres and 6,516

15, Frederick S reet,
Oct.15—1 m.



i¥ following valuable proper-
terin the fown of Lort-of-
in im 5

No. a3 Nelson Street

No, 37 Charlotte street

No. 39 Gordon Street

No, 19 St Paul Street,

No 67 VDunean Stroe’,

No. 225 Bolmont Uireu'ar Road,

Yor particulars apply

100 Qlueen Stree

Oct 10,-I im. Port-of Spain,


Large Suburban Residence,

35 winwtes’ walk fruw tram,
The house 1s situated on ten acres
of land wore or les planted with
fruit and cocoa,
Apply on the premices,
October 7th.--hn,

naar aca
For Sato or «cont
1k BALE OR RENT —Preuuves
62, Marines squire and @ Heaory
Street (¢ Pradas Oorner . Suitable
for General Dey Goods Sore. Pos:
session Jat November, Apply tu Vy Le

; PRAvA, Oct. & bh, 1,

Coors Treas, Tha Kteteis well watared
Par of parchase mouey miy remaia 01
let Mortgsge at $ par ccna: .

! pen BALE Uit KENL Now, 1 Ad
b Havelock Sieet, ol Clan. Latges
cool and comturable residence with
alleriew comussnding youd view f
nevus Park Crcker Oval Isieciic
Tigh lostalted, hrumoave iliwer gar:
den. Thiee servants’ pours and usual
out oflices with stabling acoummuda-
tioh for tbiee borves aud 2 cari
(ages, Several trains pase the door. —
Apply Vo IL Woodford St. —Oct. 8th.


For Kent or Lease.
pine Cottage with dining, sitting,

two bedrooms, drevsiug ruogs aod
gallery, out-offices, kitshen, eervaate’
room, stables and carriage house,
Electric bight installed, newiy paiaied
aud putia order, Jarge geougde wih
feuly trevs, Ac) Uoul and bealthy re:
tllence, No 2 ht. Braucole Valiey
huad Belmout, 6 miuues fiom the
treiu oat Hent woderale Tumediate
poseessiun, wepply Nu, & bark Street,
[ O.8.—Velr, yaw °

\ ANTED—Lly ane Nao Lito Acsor-
ence Winpany of Osnada, Geatlemen
ot ability and Sacegrity to secure business
forthotLompony = fAberat oontract. Kee
ferenoee rmequicd Apy Evwin 4.
Banke, Mevsger, 6, Avweromey Sirest
Uct, 2bib —lw

YK VANIED twumediately Clery wilh

thorough kno wiedge of Custom
honre wora; one ably to do Sdort-
baad & Ty pewriting preferred. Ap-
P D wribipg statiog experience to
” hyis care uf Thieutlor -Oer 2

ANTED--llouee oF Uay at vadparee

wanted to pucchase.” Apply wit

full partioulare B wy Pert Tpain

Greelte.—Oot, Ath—1w,

ry FANTED =Diriliets aud Hreakers to

work ab the Government Betern

Qoarcles, Layentilie, For fail parti

sulare spply tothe Forewaa, Esetora
Que reies.- Oar, 2) - gw,

RY. A BMT ind Tae Manages rot

M Ly Dewmorgre Tos House and of the

{ Mount Pelace Hotel Madeira, ls at pee

* went li, thus volouy, aad dosres it tu be
* kuewn thet bis vers lows are At (Be

of any gue who may agire him. Slels

aloo Wliling Le gvoe; tan head

| ar Womteet of aaty (ola Hoel, Ka

| quiry ene be ausle at the ville of this

-Fr guusral Merchants
Oo tu Fernando,

repher aad 1: « Only th
g per Zeist coe weed

ive of legiimoniels tu * X,'
Seieece" on ett, Ayaan.

ere —— AY

Without Blival
oi ws8 ue Walbt anu
BNebi Dulas,
deen Utinks ju cee bution
Aled ComeduUs FT MRT






1,250 Lna, sISSILER,

Unqualified success haa attendes) tbe
teats of the new 13Sinch Runs mounted
in the Dreadnought batlleship Orion,
which were cocluded off the Owers
Li tship.

Tie trials have proved conclusively
that the new pattern gun-wountln
ina suceese, and that the battleship 8
able Uo stand the stiain caused by the
filing of the guos, Enperts declare
that the ship behaved aplendidly, and
showed no signa of weakness - teati-
mony to the sound workwauehip at
Portamouth Dockyard, +

‘lhe crew were protected from the
nerve-racking concussion cated b:
the discharge of the gune hy wool-
lnned Teather ear-pads, but, even then

the shock from the blast the
1.2atbs, missiles left the muzzles is
sald to have been tertific.

the roar‘of the guna was distinctly
heard ab Poitemouth, fourteen iniles

away. .

At first half charges were fired, the
guns being discharged singly, then In
palrs and fours,

Although the ten guns-comprising
the broadside wero fired during the
tials, discharging a total of five and a
half tona of ateel, there was always an
interval, almost imperceptible, be-
tween the discharges,

Incalculabl@damage would be caused
te the hull of a battleship if a complete
broadside were tired simultaneously,
and sucha atep woull never be con-
templated — The energy of each of the
145 inch guns te about 70,000 foot-tona,
a total broadside being capable of
hfting s weight equivalent to thitty
Dreadnoughts a foot {nto the alr.

Daring previaus Rinnery tests in
Dreaduonghts the firing has caused
havoc internally, butin the Orion no
damage appears to have been done
beyend the breakage of a few pletes of
erockery ware aod some of the lighter

Nu attempt at asceitaining the ac-
curacy of the guns was made, the sule
alm being to test the mountings aod
the resistancee of the abip's structure
to the strain imposed on it.

Anan who was inside one of the
Larbettes when the guns were
fired Cold an” Express” representative
that the six-foot recoil of the gun was
the onty indication that the weapon
had been discharged. On deck the
concussion produced a sensation of


When you feel Las:
Stretchy, Tialt Bici
Blue and Out of Borts,
look to the Livers it is


Js the Nemedy lou Need


H It isan Snvigorstme tonle for
Waa torpid fiver ‘Ti. Brat dos

RF brings improvement a fw duys

Huse puts the livcr in Qne vigor- ii

H oun condit 07 rine al a Re
bag tends its restor isc dni uence

to the stomach art lt woia Jt

hetpa digestion go: § food avsimle
lation, purifies tho Bowls and @
brings beck the habit of regue
Jar daily bowel] movements,
When the stomach, hiver and
bowels are actly>c, billous Ime
puritice no longer obstruct §
functional processes, the result
of which js renewed gnerey,
mental activity and cheerful

Price 500 per Dettle

pate hha eeeecttrtties han
Use Stepnens Eye Salve for
Sore Eyes. it Gureu

ee OX ow.


[pectors. Dengyglate, and Contrac.
toreare notified that Prince Rob
invon ts pu longer the Secretary tothe
obavenamed Society, and that all cor
Tespondence with the wciety must ia
futare be addressed tc Toussaint Bap
tiste, the Acting Secretary, athorwien
they will nor bs acknowledged, Mem
bers are further notitled that the He-
ciety will pot bold itself responsible for
eer moneye that may be psld lo Uro.
Prince Robinson from the date of the
publication of this notice.
Monten FREpeHICn
Henny Witson
Uct. s4th-2w.


} Trustees

Jost ourself,

when you have
Cramps, Colle, Dlarrhoa
or umaular roubles



(remey peru)
Tt nover tails to give prompt relief It's

Uv bows physcisa you ovuld employ,

LSBONS io Spenieh id aleo
yerlung and orthaed unde:-
teben = Phare


cau be Obiained frous die, Ey LUA
Nou. 4 Gut dou Dleept.

(10Abs, B

W Uqems BULLE BUREO Ape t ‘ 4 DVAMORD ( 5 On.
‘aegmes * ofthe eet dca 4 Sai

_ Just Received



Auctioneers, Valuers, Estate Agent .
and Accountants. T —6$ It .
~~ —ALs0= ~ 10/2 Bris. lo. 120 tbs. "
Younger'’s Stout, GO Cases Do, 4/25 1b, Tins,
Bluenose Butter 30 Cases Do. 20/51b. Tins,

\ JARO PRICE & OV, have recetved
\ fuewactioasto ali by Agctiw, at
thats Qale Rooms, 93 esas YUUNGER'S
STOUT, Mosk Braet, sap oret ty coa-

In £ & Ubn Tins. Lestrade's |Colebrated

Hee NOURGERS STOUT, Moot —— Also 300 Bags Hoavy White CANADIAN
pinata peed byoronaie & dos quarte FOR SALE BY And 35 Bris. FAT BACK POXK-~59 pes

FOR san owe


64, South
Joly higu Quay.


Gittcons' Carriago Fa


In @ oh eae

No Reserve. "

Sale at one orlock.

Next Saturday.

The City Sale Rooms.
£6 Frederick Street,


Important Sale of Valuable House
furnishings, Pranofortes, Glasa,
CAtna, Lfarness &e.

ARD PRICE & Co. hare re-
ceived iostructious to reniove
andecl! by Auction on Naturday next
October .h—s large quantity of ex-
celeat effects includiog diniog and
occasional tables, sett dining charis,
suite drawing4oom furoituce, Aatique
cbifunier, mahogany and other side-
boards, act book shelves, roll top desk,
excellent large iron safe on wheele,
rpaic Corners whatnots, Copper and
otber fern pots, banging, bracket and
table lamp, dinuer and tea services,
chamber sets, pictures in variety,
glaveware, easmel goods, 6 full size
uisss and iron bedsteads with epring
and mattresses, suite cyp bedroom
furniture, mabogaoy wardrobe with
centre wiiror, 3 marble top waeb-
Stauds, carpete and ruga, bed bliade,
neéealy-new ice chest, very good porce-
lain Lilt», 3 fine tone planofortes, 2
Anerican organs—Mangie and \Weio-
wer, aquanuty of glase jaca for Con-
lecuioners stores, pair baudsome china
vases, ladys bicycies, boy's bicycles, 2
tiding saddles, dog cart, buggy and a
variety of otber items, On view the
worniog of Sale,

The Sale witi commence at 1.30 o'clotk,


Port-of Spain,

Smart Tornout for Sale,

——— ~


LIGHT easy-runbing “Surrey °—
rubber tyred wheels, front seat
In first rate order. Also
thoroughbred mire‘ Nancy” by
“Skye” out of “Favourite | rising 6,
182) banda, fet of herness for above.
in excellent condition No reasonable
otfer refused, Apply to Oommander
Coombs HN. at * Glenside” Tuna-
una, or at the Immigration Ofiice,

20th October, 1911—11n,



nc wmwuc we Muachado's3


If you are out of Employment—Go | Have secared GULD MEDALS of th. 4 ghest awarde whe
to TURNER, axhibited, Theooly CIGARS and CIGARKTTES awarded a
by the Jamaica International Exhibitlor, [891, 7

Miachado's Cigars aud Cigarettes are tuc emokers of cultale
Jo qua fa quality sod aroma ~

the Workmanship aad blending of M \ SHADO'S C1G4R8
aanotios excelled of eytalied, ;

Emp'oyment Agency.


4 qe are in need of a Servant—Go
to TURNER, e

ReatstRation Fre -l/-.
Oct. 2-1 m,


“VOLD Medsilst aad Demonstrator of
Meharry Dsatal Ostlege, U.S.A, 27
Frederick 3s. All braaches of Up-ta-dete
ORNSISCRY pratdvel on msiera pria
ip pe ae Popalee prigy:—Puons 33 —Nov

For RALE, -3 125 act, sotland on baats
Cros iad, with adsut 400 coco. trees
euda lerge quanihy of fruit areca of all
decup wos, A partly built buase is
fb eluced. Tus whois 19 cMyred ob @ very
wae pace, For faribes p tleswre—Apply
ty WAKD PRILE & Lo. Ucr 18 b 1a,
RE BALE OR KENT. —Uottage -

Usascade, next to ly. Csluad Gul
feus' Kesideucy. two wtuulds walk
fiom Sh Anu's tem lemniuus. —
(Oseuston trum las Nuveuoer, Kor
sul Partigulacs appy lo WARD PRICE
On epee dw.


ecies with 5,60 beating Locus
irees and 5,40 bau (reese, Cocuabouve
witb dwelliog under; sweat bourse.
Evtato well watered. Low price to
Gash parcoaser 5 balf Wee ee on
mortgage, to Wa BIC
& CO.=U0%, 18 pa fi



If you contemplate beiog engtyud, or if you kae®
who 13 cugage |, you should nct forget. =

% WLS ssi

Dont order from a catalogue wtich shows & pic!
size of « locomotive tlash hyht and uly got « more li
Money refunded if quality is ror as guaranteed,



G JAUUATE of Mawerd Ualrarsit
athAs, Hucgooa Veutlet, ‘Ottice 107
Dice Bu Ostween Peper w nd Aber
eromby S—7/H/ 11


Do ntistry.

OMven: B84 BEved wnt.

PECIAL Ecprrieoce in Gold Crowns,
S Ber sod Badge eork, Terme moder.
ax, Ponctasluy anf solliecion goer
aveed In all braucuus—Televhone 633,



(Canvasser & Commisswn Agent.)
Be: to Infurm the public that be hes
opened an oftive at os Duke Direct aud
ds prepared io accept ali ageucion.
Couvassing WHI bea Special Feature”
of bis busiogss and four bie varted expert.
onus, guaranwea to baudls aud puss all
Claswes of Guods tn Lowa and Uyantry,
apl‘atronage Bolicit.d,
Pruupt Settlement,

ow on, '* Tering Muterate,
Uctober 21 uil—v-a w. -2w,

The Prejudice
FJAUAT fi lks once beld aysinet redyed
I goude is cod todey. Woll-wedo
prople pesrouss ULANENS as freely as
they do the Tetlos—wny uct? Clessisg
aod dyewg bave stejped up abreast o
ovber ecieuc-s oy mivch 6), tbat it is poe
sisio to piodace a» surprisisg effect io
Fabrice with ut wachexpenre, The only
bhiog you mat do, te to commacicae
dines with ULAMESS at the Lye Works,
Comper Doke aud George Streaie, ‘Jee
phone 15, or to ijv Agenta, at San Ver.
ganda end Coura,
N.B.—Cusmens never employ caaversers
and only peud for work wheu esked to do so
All jesron

a Rayo. use”
ere one

The RAYO {ig

Nickel-Plated over solid Brass, aod
bos at yourd ily acullor write

West India .

‘ | 8, Henry &
Xan just

EX 5,8 “Fa


O' the THISTLE CLUB tobe held
atthe Punce’s Buildiog oo FiKt-
{0 Couslpeute ay BI pu veya
dtring Mendig ativudenoce. sLickets

evholing work wuder
verioue preiecces ere ia no way cobuecied
wih the Triel.d Die Wake

Panewa Hot Uisuniog—a Speclality-


AoBsloa, Hou, secretary & Treasurer,

Smith Robeitsua & bu PRICE OF

OFFER FOR SALE Be Ketate of Fa Sheet Deceauet, I ( E e
~ ts
Ex S.5, “Oru ba,’ a tag ta Teseuted whom the alors @ 3 Ball Twine, Sten
——— ateg an ed sre requeated to Vuckots
WO cass GAUTIEN BRANDY od in ther eleias with th “4 | ale. Bucko
Topeent from etnies | rateletbestde ijn onertecrees | LOO IDS, = 24 conts| table ianps %
ia. Ex be “Torgorm from Glasgow, Hib dey ot Novemtct it gtberwise they Porcelasn Hugs <
- wl + a ie a
Be Ba. Orne barnett From wie msde. “= irilaad stout | 5D) lbs, - 16 cents abd kegs
100 owes OLEUMARUABINE “Og. | Dsted tha Bad dey (1 Geter 10H Door Locks, Gale!
(vale Ne. 1, . Bxseator. 25 lbs. « 8 cents
wut enn Arrive and Bu Store, [5 Chagon Biree’, ‘ COMPLETE 8%
OLO PURI WINES eee Dream Pout see. 3)
er HAPHAEL WINE Trinsdes. bs. -

O., B—le,

1 ‘pssbold, Xitobad
cent | Hr assho segues


Queen's Park Hotel CROWEY. & £0,

Shares Wanted, MONEY

8 jlev, te zee of 100 & 20
And to Arrive by Sart ay
ve rly Sica
Pass. Pug <*Ca ney Devt bcd


could ond
Wholtews ert oa

Ve kod 1
toy ie ruATLanD



Ex: 3S. Salybia & Indus

‘ 1364 Bags Nagra Rice
300 Bags Yellow Dholl
50 Bags Green Dholl
50 Drums Mustard Oil
15 Cases Ghee, 1 & | Tin,







Dried ocr Shelled




BSomth Quay af,



N,B.—Send your corn to be husked
to our La Basse Saw Mill where
we have a large Steam Sheller,

: “Here’sto
Small Peter”

t Themelfow.
est, parest
f lager ever

Reid's Stout.

Watney Coombe Reid
Ltd, London.


cry iT TO-DAY.



Brewed by,

F Is

b Stet Oetsber, 1921:



1 Lasoma motives good autbority tbat the
” cined an peer bade tave horse" Ree ritit,” one
trucked la the Congo, briq nd | of the beat crecles thers inten ahare

Get an coal being heavy itema of transport. aver produced, t ering see a

Therg are already 762 miles of railway { * ** shannon, YVetermary
In the Btate | Barbados Terhaton will provably
Thad ‘Teachers of Elementary | pertorut the operation.

, —
febools, down Benth are reminded tt The Dishop of Chichester, preaching


Contains 6 Free Patterne legeon j at Holy Trinity Church, IMastings, re
ade implete Love 8 ory Baayen Nee aance fares ferred ta “a thing that called itself
Ouiy +. oa nested, and Ale. Kenny would'be glad | Coristlad Scleoce, beuarsty be on
Oe ' I the headmaster, woold encouras ¢ Poved, it was nelther Chetetiae ian
MAIL -LARD & thelr aestetante and pi fe the last Science,’ sald the Buhop, “that bas

Id on most pie, that for
of the 101 ceriem -— etch the have Toeseres theie Christl-
In_ commenting In Ite “Greater Bri- } anity over because the: are pot

‘ ta Ghristian
foln 2 cohumn, awed pet lned at see echelstans too ia the teaching

THE ———
British i} flen sur e
Pork -of-" pain Gazebo. | teins fateh ezcea ag | Makes port ke
chase Avetralia tnulton rs
ESTABLISHED 1825. butter aud ap) ica, ‘They find ft hard Demin with Barisan Webynce? Were
Published Damy, Mondays and Publie|to understand why Australian beef | there no thankful en it null a .
Holidays excepted, at the Office 3 St. [and mutton, which come so many | Kddy cameinto t evra RS mad
Vincent Strect, Port-of-spaln. thousands of miles by ellp, ebould be her fortune by her religion
eo much cheaper than the home-grown —
7 a PRICE ONE PENNY. article, and why Austratian butter le en ulry ee Colonial Recte:
Advertisements of Mirtha, Deaths, | some pence per Ib. cheaper than eine ciespateh yi ocr received

ledge Danish This attitude sometimes
aod at arr nore ch j leads cousnmers to the erroneous con. | from the Se retary of State relative to
must be authenticated by the

clusion that the Colonial product is] the appointment of the hew mem
aignatare of soma responsible | inferiur in quatity, An aP ratter of | of the Legi-lative Council, ‘The name
Fei) will be charged for at | fact, (bla oversea prodace is cheap be | of the gentleman could not bo given,
Teeae and to be prepald. causes the coat of ita production and | however, before the despatch had been
Carnal Advertisements Of every | the cost of ite transport are low. | { rinalty placed before the Executive
a ption—per tach (single Australia abounds In lands which, | Council today. It is currently report-
eae por week 136 Fee compared with those which ralse | ed that the new member te Mr George
forinlep is ber mon Danteh butter and Brith beef and | Fitepatrick, Barrieterat-Law.

Wants, ae per week each, to be | mustton, are remarkably cheap, Then SS

in Australia the aress ‘under cultltae HARBOURZAND _ MARINE NOTES.

4 Publ Der 7A. PTA Hon are jareee and the, coek of wer -
itor an isber . »T. AmBaRD | ing fa relaftre: low. ut . en on ”
Kiivener ee T.R, Ne Lavants, | consideration 4s given to the costof} The Danish Steamer nant Thames”
Cashier .. OJ. H. Forno. overses carriage thatthe advantage | Wil leave tonight, as Soden ‘and
All Cheques sent to the oftice of this | of the Colonial farmer becomes ei- | St Lacia, Su Thomas, Loodon ai
paper in payment of bills should be | phasiead, Most Australian farmer | Contineatal porte,
made payableto Tre Port-of-Spain ' —_—
G le are situated fairly close to the coast, id thata L of torpedo-
ane ~ and therefore the charges of transport | __ It is said that A new type me
To Connesroxpexre. ta Europe are actually lower than | boat desteoger is ta be coastiucls or
Wedo not hold oorselves responsible | those of countries which have long | the TriMieh admiralty. aehampton,
for, nor do wa necensariiy endorse | railway journeys between them and | Jobal Thornycroft, of fo Pioal
the oplaions expressed by our Cor. [ their markets. The appearance of this destroyer
mdenta in our columns. Ail ee not differ from that of othee modern
Atlast (cays the Shetch) « horrible destroyers, but it will be driven by

000m by thi
het must be panied by the mystery has ncleared up. Darwin two engines constructed upoo

real signature of the writer, not
rent principles aryl used for different
rerosrantzeof food faith, “Tuaject | Wld us tbat we were descended from | 1 rpowud Te civiee atites norwal

a guarantes of good faith, Reject | y. but never told us what sort of
ianuscripta cannot be returned, | &Peh = 5 knote orso on 8 Diesel os! engine;
P apes. Professor Klaatech now lays thatiste way, it willutdinaily act on

~~ lt down authoritatively that we are 2
Advertising Scale oa Application. descended {rota a gorilla, This fv & motor bast Whee aie

Subscription r year. | frightfully vbrilling, but, strangely :
m ~ as not yet been divulged what ta the
Pop So atone heen sree majority pf men dont P ecise ornbination of curbine and oil
ore ~~ . aoe engine by which tbledestrnyer fe to be
CURRENT EVENTS ditven, ‘Dut the advantages of such
7D ‘ in Commeaquent on a rumour whichis be. | ¢ OY Te Meme ate: thal thers will:
DAY agcircalgtelin this elty fa regard to | by :
TU-DAY, * | thethree East [ndiane who were con | econorsy id space, fuel and in the

engineroom staff. Where 2 tbe. of
fuel sre now uved, abuut half a pound
will sudtics fo the game dielince, and
much less deadweight will be cartied.
Boilers aud steau engines ccoupy
rvorn ion a mudeto destroyer which
wilt be spared inibe new type tive
or six bands will be able to attend ty
-_—— the whole machinely and stakers wilt
General’ Ao fish doctor. while enjoying a | be superfluous in normal ciuleng.
pAdmlolstrator General's Sale re the holiday In the country, took ere oe much larger radiue will be covered
s ° a tunity along witha friend to go fsh- | with the same consuuptton,

2 pon - ing. Dining qierations | the doctor's

Sale of two several parcels of land | siuker cane off and was fost. He was
in a dilemmas no sinker, no more
situate ja the ward of Cedrus by F. J. fiching that day, Ifappy thoug st+

hoott and Son -1 p.m, he had a bottle fa his pocket. he

8.9. * Vassari” leaves for Barhados | bottle was filled with wate , carefully een ee evay ta the NMedstet
aud New York. Maile close at3 pn. corked, anid pect down oo [te antastan Teuean received a ae fru ber Uov-
Jnecos : bt erument to proceed from socent,

88. “Perou" leaves for Martlaique, factor pees ont i wie uP hls | (Cape Ve de Islands) to Tilnidad, in:

Pp demmed at the Criminal ‘avizes for
Criminal Assizes -Port-of-Spato 10.90 | yetninter of Me Joseph Asser, hav-

at. —_ ing countered w the prison oftiia
we made enquiries at tha lon

Town Board—8 am, Secretary's Uutiva’ yenterday, bat fb

Last day for receiving tenders for wae considered tbere a strange thing

todo, asthe Fxecutive have not yet
Conk ete. of HLS. Adams, | onatmed Lhe death sentence, 7

Taa previous paragraph in thie c:l-
Ulan mentiqn was cide of the fact,
thata Getinan warship would visit us
during the last week 1s October, Con
tary Loexpectatious the Vinesa

Guadeloupe, and Kurope, Sfails cluse h, oge on each boo! steml of the“ Bremen " The voyage
AC 8.30 wy Pa ee aaa caee twinw thle Lime” | vecupied exactly nine days and the
teetric a! Is companion. cruiser dro; anchor ia the Wulf a’

‘The London Electric Theatre—5 and exclyined ae Pohe doctor. “and | 4 p-t., yeatenlay. bhe 1s a fister ship
8.30, brought up on tue buttle, too.” of tbe“ Hansa” which along with the
. X 62t —_- “ Bremen * and others furm the Ger-

ihgh Water Morn 6.00 Even Gat pun Motor Cycling Manual,” [saued by | men North Atlantic and West India
bun r we aad * ga5 a m, | the publishers of Motor (yeling, I- # fivet. Accordiog to the Naval Annual,
fc Bel . we DM. | ew addition to the series of technical | the “ Viceta ‘as a criscr of 5 Tul tone
Meer et coerce PU. | inanualelasued by Tetuple Pree Lid., | displacement Her dimens ous, doi
nearer London, The hendovok is the work | ft from vow to stern, 67) fe beau

of practical motorcyclists, Jt je! withe draught of 2]z fee. phe was
written [a simple language and abun. | built at Danzig in 130) at a contof
dantly \Wiustrated. ‘the description of | £254,000 The * Viuetae” artuament
the woklog of the [nterval~onbus- | Cuabiste of two 82 ia. gins, eght Diu.
Uon engine is followed by @ detailed | guns ten Déin. guns, ten 14 in, and
explanation of the way todrive a | fuur maxim guns, Khe caries thire
motor-bicycle. The irapoitant queation | torpedo tubes, all of which are sub |
of sidecars aod = otber sueenger- merged. ‘Ihe Vinetas” complement
catrying vehicles le discussed. Advice | ls 580 wen uoder the command of Lap
on the choice of ® machive, informa | taln Sievers. Bue has aapeed uf 105
tion as to ita upkeep, aod useful hiuts | Knote and can carry 825 Lons of coal ia
on the means by which fe can be kept | ber buakers, The Vineta’s” visit is
tuned-up fo guod running order are | by no nieansa flylpg one ou thie ona
fven, The expert will find inuch to | soa aud unless something unforseen
oterest him in =“ Mutor Cycling | happens abe will remuin fa our bar
Manual,” forthe recent developments | baur uutil November 20h pest on
of the motorbicycle are recorded {a ft, | which date she proceeds to Barbados,

and tha features of the various makes na \
of machines ate desciibed. The price | _ These. Ikaria” 2,823 tons Captain
Robertson which arrived on ‘Iuesdey

of * Motor Cycling dtanual’, whichis a
(rue vadesmecum for motorcyeliets; fe | from the [iver Plate sailed yesterday
morning for New York with 2

Od. post t
1s, Od net and Ie ' Tees packages ships stores and 32) tons

——— C joker eval figry Aleesr ty canon,

tent «Ltd. Thess “ pland ”

cforms received Br the, lest ail vas which came consigned to the t wane
recent scholarship winve: frou: St. | Mem also eft: yesterday for Bueitos
Mary's College of the Inaaculate Aires with 11d packages sulps stores
Ouuception, his been again gue. | & tone bunker cout,
ceaful thie ume in wioulug the
Kotuance Scholarehip in Arta (value
£100) at St Hartholuewws How
pital, London, We beg to heartily
congratulate the relatives of Mr.
Fortier av alaothe worthy Fathers of
Su Mary's on the further suycess of
thele brilliant scholar.

Mra. Fortier at Nu. 0 Henry Street
has Just received @ laige assoiiment pf
bbe jalest and wot fasblonable
Pacislea Hate for ladies, young ladies
and childieu at very woderale prices,


On 25th jot at No.7 Dére. Street,
the wife of Mr. Geo. 8. Newbold -of


Gancta—Roman Itunney, brother of
Me Rafus Garcia, at his late residence,
No. 62 George Strvet, city, yeaterday.
The funeral takes place at the Cathe
dral of the Immaculate Uonceptioa this
afrernoon at 4.30 o'clock. Friends are
paked klodly to accept thie lotima-


From G MM and CG.
Woodhouse’s Cocoa lee
port, The Last Indian
Nattonal Conyress. Foote
ball; Practice Match 3
Local Forces va Casucts 5
Bantam va Shanivock ;

* QC. vs Crowbury,

Law Court Ideals; What
President Tafe Thinks;
Condemns Attacks on
Courta and dSlandering
of Those fn Authority,

apavs War Losses,

Trinidad Oil; New Law
Controlling the Induse
try} Progress “Male by
Lnglish Compantes. The
King as oan ctuthor;
Hin Speeches to be Pube
lished in Books Form;
* To Hla People’; Royat
Mesangea Collected,

Trluniph of the Big
Guns Remarkable Suce
cess of Orion Testa;
1,250 lbs, Misatles,


We are very that a coimpoal

geathied "upon Tite Hoeour Me
olan Tue

dhWoeongt LM 7” Mut the
Tre rida lel sleamer
indua Is vEpeoted, ia aresve a this
bere cigz* Betarday. and will leave for
on the 2ad proximo taking
Baverox pend foumigrante. Up wo yee
inne a we made eequiries,

After a vuyage of foviteen days
from Kilo deAanelro the Builtish
steamer *Negatield " 23 tone Cap-
talo Hole ariived lathe herbour yee
teiday fur a supply of trunker coal,
She will take 6 tons of the mineral
froo Archer s hulks and will leave to
day fue Newpurt News, U.S.A. to load
eval for South Ametican porta

The as. “Geutgian Prince” men:
Uon of which hasalready been made
jn this coluruu, sailed “on Tuesda
sight for Veith Amboy NJ, wit
1 108,455 wallaud Trinidad crode petre-
feuw and 20 tons buuker oodl,

The es. * Orown of Navarre” sailed
on Tuesday for Demerara with part of
inward caigu and 3 carbuys” acid
Sbe wok away no pame: gers.

“We notice that another neat Ittle
cottage has just bwen completed in
Hevtt Lushe Street by Messrs. Geruld
and Beherer through their Butider and
Contractor Mr. A. G. Blanche, This

ild bg we understand {s the second
in that line that bas been erected by
thew and it was dooetn the shot
space of Hive weeks,

The Queen’s Park Crcket Club will

To addition to 9 tons bunker coal
taken t at fbis port, the H3MM.e,
be in suoual General testliog & took away 140 bage Vessacien coc

dey 9 Pavillon, ACS
iene anda fa attendance of members panels sane Miers and Wy

" United Bmipire." the Hoyal Colon.
fal Tnatlvute’s Jouraal fur October Ie to

The following passengers sa!
Tuped ay for Now okey the nae
** Bares 4 .

Among the editorial notes le! Ae. EL temple, ile 3, Stepant et
the followlag \~Itia boped that to our | gad Mve. Garewtts Se. and Sie. Prove
next issue there tuay be annouuced the Mr. J. HL. Wallen, and Mr J. oM, its
Ligirertal foundation of Mesoule | nigh The" Beramecea'eâ„¢ casio
@ proposed 3 jablad

name “The Horst Ovlobiat loatitute tasuded #0 bege TH.
ral disuoguished coom-
bere of the Council aod Fellows of the
Tustitate have lodusated their desise
to becouse Founders. It ts expected
Seat thie avovuscement will be
pearl mdred pesssgee bad been | received with uch lotereet by Over
od. was Fella me who are Masons aod who

a w ereby Have the veo

The there adjourned chargesof Mrs) (umd taus clues Merch wlth eae
Peuline Dickson ageioat Joseph Min | resident io the United Kingdi ms, Tie! | 1
@tiueau fur receiving Honey by fale: | Kosei ourat Enetetute wir evident | ave Med Walduua Mt
partences were called up and disuiismed, | Conibine Ficemseunry with the otbe | ~

complainant pot appverng, objects fur which 1b wes Lormed, 1 (Continued on page %)

The Trinidad Joer * Maracas!
tous, Laptain Kirkby, salled og ae
day svenlog for New York via Oresa-
dawith the toliowla pemen
Por Grenada—Mr J < h,
EV, Clark, Mise M. King, Mr. da |



Special Va i

Gents. Black Bi

] 0990000490 8RO860 WA9O08 2044

y French Grey, Navy, Ck

Sky, Grey, Black & Cr

0000909.-000000006000,0¢60 covo0covoocet



MO0000v Covd 00M Coco oUcecoouEE2e c9ag 2004enrt

Wilsons Lii}




Tailors & Outfitters,




_ Box Calf, Blucher Cut—2 Dollarx’ as



—_—A — a

A BeautifullRand

SlLThK Ss ‘

Pink, Sky, Cream, WI
Vieux Rose, Claret, Res

pagne, 27 ins. wide,

240. 80¢., 36c.,40c.,48 }

Por Yard. a

0500 3000 00000000000010000 0000000000000

Oriental Sati


8 ins. to 40 ins, wide
$1.20 per yard.




Also in Embossad Chiffon, °

With GoLnouRErP uNPA |


Qe orprere +

‘ we ten ‘ 2 é ‘
7 + ‘
5 _ ~ Sa ae == ee "
rr the bedroom.‘ The womaa deft hi _. _ .
i HARBOUR AND MARINE NOTES ihtre And wettoanotherrosts hese | conte and foo teal the tusie Frome TO
2s ar aD w ON :
a > (Continued from page ty paper return thy) she notiond her | fiat thegmate ies hier athe times )
. ee ta a . "i si ‘
Bhort and 8) deckers, FowNew “York | for the prisoner to a away, bat pa gouittrom. not Know where he en nan S ene
" he xt ficte um, de J fates Mr. girange gow h he left he clothes aod { iis Honour summed up, we 3
- . ~. Mr. J aught elee beblad, and never even The jury asked to hear the other fo Wt
TV aod Mra Shahiman, Miss ‘Maria | teoubled to send ‘for them, “Ni eat
k EX RECENT ARRI ALS, Donieth, and 8 Chinese. The Steaniers thing wae afterwards heanl af the iisoner who was then called ty the No, 10, BROADWAY- cargo auprived R20 tons Trinidad eoner until he war a tested at La Narine, the fires prisondr, denied “ a -¢@
, ruda Jeke asphalt, 86 bags Trloidad | Brea three months later, Salagar story. Hoth of thea atole, he : } {
SORAGRICE 100 Crates PIC.NIG YAMA bugeivinidad tnanjocts 121 bopetvick | fence Sith the teamer ok the, ecg | Salt Ther ity Portaf spain tached 3 Fat epi
. . ot @ ‘ ¥ ; ‘
we Ne Nea 100. 70 Cases NESTLE'S MILK=1 Ibs, dad. coconuts, 14) cases and 600 half | village lawyer, toll the jury thal te Oxlitornte, the “Sther pelsoner cond OF: ER -FOR SALE EX... Sim, SALYBIA,’
Daupeanotied grades | BO ite Bos Ihe, | fares Aumptirs ters LU hides 3 | Red lets thatweman'e bovse for Port | hin "that, they” shoull take” the 10 Cases No. 1 GHEEM Ss, * ‘
> . =e! ee eking, 8 cases . | of Spain wi ution of return. Hit. A s 6, .
Feary wilt vats 230 Bie eA ING erie tbe, nan, ZS bales balata and J parcel bin, but on arrival in the eit he w. as me found the prisoners ses NO. Ba 7 . :
i oenee B | ore hi 6 employment | pallty, - :
HIG de. &[sd 1072 Barrela. Do. ~—~= than was obtaluable at Mantanil rai tetioe ”
RaUrARD Oty | Bac. CHEAR KORK sDetpemtan Loe, tonenans | stare he eet gts | ul Ge BR ate Ce es Vans Gapein puveH oars
7 : ‘
; ON FEC ik uUrtE R ur Frais & Ueroee Assorted PORK before leaving on Tuentay night" for atrested. The cane againat him aes baie prisoner that he admitted his 100 Bays Superior DUTCH OATS, ‘7
4 ew York, erely ong of euspteion an
a 7 OANOLES--atanrted atzes 10 Canes” Royal Lily Lan 425 - doubw ond although he was not law To konel thet in pita’ arate sign of 2S cee, “COD NETAn"
aa Prime Large OODFISH 80 Boxes CUBE SUGAR—S0lbe, each |. The && Viking” left on Tuesday rer heasked tho jury togive himthe | his sorrow and that he wonkd — ‘
Pe . AND. ral Chee and ao Tate ee fot the The jucyacturned a verdictol guy. | U2, lead hiv Lonest life in future, He 25 Cases SALMON --4iig, , :
: asphalt deposit, The prisoner then pleaded Rolty u frntene As ner ee leeond peace! 4
[ $& &BUGAR fn Rags 600 Rozee COMET B. M, 804P Sy the commission pf a felony in 1900, there was no doubt that he was guilty,
ign Miagoiol SWEET OIL 250 Boxee Three Crowns Brown SOAP | — PORT. F-SPAI The Chief Justice told prisoner that | and not repentant. | Ie sentenced him :
wr Eom Bh yt | #0 Cases RICHMOND MixruRe— | - 0 NN. CRIMINAL the pe me a.bim posr and lodging | to eighteen monthe’ bard labour, wel ‘
. Mraw Weapplog don, Tina, ASSIZES. mone z e second prisoner atiil avow 8
- . YY. He had been convicted bef. ‘
per PART BOAP 2 Cases RICHMOND MIXTURE — for exactly the samé thing. The pene npr SED HOUSE-BREAKING, .
t Let HALL OF JUSTICE, tence he passed upon him wae twelve | Andrew St, Hill alias Diddy was “
he ~ALIG— — months bard labour, charged with having broker into
aa be (Before Str Alfred Lucie Smith Kt, A LOVER OF MULES, the dwelliughouse of Sookrama-
rot 6 3 Cd.) A young man named Gentic Alex- | nie at Boisterre Village, Port-of-Spaln Of AUFIUNIOR QUALIITT
OBRLS. O.K." PORTLAND GEMENT| — oucorcza sisiepoer: [SEsime SE gsE te sche) Se Shear "ert di fll en ON TAP
* eon !
* Laxp- 1 Te ea |e antt feafeanae bringing | money. Sie 6,8, Bene chiaaa Se ( )
~ © | of native birth, pleaded not to | pleaded to_« previ ction for | Melicltoe Gendeal prosecatele tvs The Can be had in Kegs of 3imperial gallons a ;
an fodictment Cherging hin with [felony in tomes Nt Conviction for | Holicitor General pros ULC secre, 8 perial gallons at $1.90 from

Another Shipment of the Celebrated

, CKangaroo Brand),
Sf. Barrels off7 Dozen Pints with Patent Stoppers. '


Charlotte Street.


= IN


dies Ready-to-Wear Hats

At 60 cents each


A fine assortment to select from.


9 Frederick Street.

Dainty Scarves
8 conts each.

Ladies Laca
snd Hoss
atl2 rents,

alding Presents

— AT an

t Q Arcade


Suitable for Presents.

At Very Moderate Prices.

_——m— +

The Arcade.


having feloniously wounded Apoline { The Chief Justice :—The last time | Léon Gomer (foreman) Franklin A.

id girl) with { you stole a bull; now you take a yuule liall, Osmond Telfer, Thomas Amororo
intent to do her griesious bodily harm | (laughter) I senteace you to 9] Willlam Benjanio, Weldon M. Bell
at Cumuto on the 12th June last. months, John Syl_Cazabun, Oxcar Parris and

The Hon. ff. 0, Gollan KO. Attore | The prisoner next pleaded guilty to Richard H. Black.

ney General prosecuted, and the | the charge of stealinga mule belong. | It was proved for the Crown that a
prfeoner was undefended. {og to Abdool at Chaguanas on the oth man who lived at tha bones fo question
had occasion to return thither early in

The following jury was empanell- | July,
f ‘The Chief Justice :—Here? you are | theday. Upon hiw snival a youth

edt—Messra, OG. BL Fraoktin, Loole
Hligoo, Numa Nathaniel, Ienry Die | again stealing another mule. “I give | leaped from a window and darted
a this time, with sen- | away. He gave chase, but the intruder

Chalomelle (a three year o

Walters Trinidad Brewing Coy.

5200.00 GIVEN AWAY.

J. D. Lianos, V. L. Ottler, Albert | youl2 mont.

. r
Greosdo, H, Litttedale and J. Hees ta run concurrently. who was St Hill made good his eacape,
Panpellone, ANOTHER MULE THIEF. ing through the Maraval river ai . ° *
The Attorney Genaral Io opening An East ludian name Uuayadeen Be cocoa plantation Ja that vicinity. JR. THOMAS WORTH, the genial representative of
theonse ssid, {{ the facts onthe de- | pleaded not guilty to a charge of | Thedefence showedat the tline of {| Messrs Godfrey Phillips, Lid, of London, has just re :
I. . -

the honse-breaklng the prisoner tras

stealing s mule belonging to James
actually engaged in digging esndin the

O'Loughlin at Atima on the 6th of
September, Maraval river for Mr Newbold,
be accused was undefended. The pont of identilication wae also
The jury enpanelied were!—Messrs, | raised
Em1 McOomle, Chas Robertaon, Chas The jury discharged the prisoner,

positions were proved in evidence,
they would show an offence of particu-
luty wanton and unpardonable
character, becanse the victim was a
little baby of three years old. It
appeared there was a quarrel between

turned by the RLM.S, Thanws, with a full assortment of the

‘BD.V.” & “Pinnace” Cigarettes,

the child's mother anda woman, with | Belling, J. J. Steele, ELM. Gerold, J. At4 3) pin. the Court adjourned te . .

whom the prisoner. lived, Some | Haynes lark, J. 1H. Pampellone, | lotay, J also a largo shipment cf the famous *Gaylor Boy’
little time afterwards the prisoner {| Louis Eligon and V L Ottier. ee Mixturo This gentleman | tarted iti i
tame up with «sharp. entiane ia | The prioner was not ctually caught y . us gentlemun hag now started a competition in-
hishand. First of all he beat the | in the net of stealing the mute, but-be | WHY SHOULO WOMEN KISS. | corporating 30 prizes to the total yaluo of $250, the first

child's mother and the latter’s son | was found ia possession of it, shortly
with the flat side of the cutlass; and | afterthe owner had missed it, The
eventually be met the poor little child { prisoner made oo statement bfinself,
and wounded her on the head with the [ Called no witnesses, nor did he address
cutting Podge of the cutlass, After | the jury, but, he merely stuck to bis
that he returned and beat the mother | plea of uot guilty

again and only desiated when an_out- ngl
on the scene, and re- | verdict of guilty, ao

prize beings 3100 for the largest collection of prize coupons,
one of which is to be found in every tin. We invite the atten-
tion of prospective comuctitors for full particulars t> Posters
around town, or to Messrs. SCOTT, BOYD & CO,, No, 6


Dr Mas, Humppry ('* Maver”)

The fury innheatath ly. retarned a Will some onergetic writer start a

pare eehe rp on, tt pene, a0 tenced ik ang itis Honour crusade, pinet foaventunal Kialng,

43) m for ni van of § een ie accu! months { ¢ jalty during bet weather b : ; ’ > :

Ce ee eg terete oe | Ferd labour onthe | especially during bat wouter? Why _ As there is a quantity of Cigarettes still on the market

children, The Court then nidfc arned to this | time they meet P Anenortnonsaniount | Which have not the price coupons, arreengements have been
Dr. E. M_ Darwent D.M.O. of Arima | morning at 10.90 o'clock, goes 00 among §

of supertiuous kissin
thea It is generally unnecessary,
aad ofteo very disagreeable, Tealled
on some frends the other morning.
they nunsbered four, and I was the re-
cipient of siztesn kisses on arriving

mado with all sellers of “ Pimnnaco ” and ‘B.D.V.?
Cigarcttos to supply purchasers with the requisite
numer’ of coupons as advertised on posters. It is therefore
to the interest of smokers to see (nat on inaking their pur-

described the wound aa an {ncised one
cutting into the thickness of the ekull.
It wane serious injury but not daa-
gerous t> hfe.

‘The prisoner's atory which was uo-

(Befora Mr, Justice Russell, LLB.)

corroborated was to che effect that 1 AS andofeigbt on goingaway. I koow seat * .

while endeavouring ‘oe ‘pacify the Andrew Hema AE with them to be mere envbntion, aod as- chases they Fe ceive their coupsuns in ord:r that they may be

child's mother and bis-“keeper® who | wounding Adolphus Neon and (2) | eemed them es such, Jt f could with- | able to participate in the advantages offered by Goprrey :
. 2

have avoided them £

withassaultn; out discourtes
ting hinsat Bonne Aventure ve done so,

ly | Road, Monteerrat, on Thursday, should gladly

6d. 7th Wil) Me W> Blache emer Pe very hut day.

ed_ her. presented the Prisoner who pleaded Feeling certain that thousands of

The jury without leaving their seate { © not guilty.” ‘The Sulicitor General | Women, othe the majority, If not

tetnrned @ verdict of guilty where: | prosecuted, all, share the obfeotion to being kised,

upon the prisoner was remanded for The jury sworn was as follows, t would suggest thata campalgu should
anal Gittens «fureman),

were fighting, bis cutlass which he
cartied under hie arm, accidental!
fell on to the child's bead and =woun

Itwasa | Putitiry, Lrp,


The Piano Warchouse,



sentence, Mesais. be organl: agalost these labial as

On resumption from lunch, the pri- Caesar Ferran, Willian saulte. Comisg down in the morning
eoner was biought up for eeatetiee, | Willlam Robertson, Rtetauter, Tas, With fies cheba and in Rood bumour
{be Houout said he had some doubt | William Campbell, Paul ff, S:heerer, | With all the world, one's face has to be
as to the prisoner's intention, other | award Pitty John E. Lickfold. the parade-ground of many lips, This
wisa be would have ordered him to be | The case for the prosecution showed | i# not refreshing, and fnyer-giassess
flogged with the “cat”, Asit w that Nelsou was called to the house of | Would bs welcomed at the motning
he sentenced him to 2 years’ ha Jaleetllaire, {Vheo he got there he weal where over-much kissing 19 the
ur. saw Henry with « stick upii custon.

WOUNDED AT PLAY. act of striking Hilatre e ee ete Women would more easily be cured

John Meycock was charged with }and there were other assailants as | Ol the habit ofthe kiss conveatignal
having wounded Henry Ward with | well. Nel-ontried to pacify them and | i{they were aware that the custom
intent to do bim grievous bodily barm | Henry dealt him a blow with aatick on | atvse ia the pre-Darwinlah days, when
at Park street, Port-of-Spalay on the | the vhoulder. Not satisfied, Henry | ®nlmals licked ono auother asa token
13th September, ‘ tried to throw Neleon overs banlater | Of affection. Europeans and Ameri-
Mr. 0. A. Palmer-Obtzzola appeared | Neleon next tried to quit the scene, | 0s appear to be almost the only
for the accused who pleaded not | but when he got intothe yard Henry | 2ations who.practiced osculation. In
guilty. aimed et his head two blowe which he | Japan it ie unkuown, The Chinese
‘The jury wae composed of Messrs. | pasried with hie left band. Ae a| keep it rigidly and exclusively for
Francls Augustus, RA. Lolnsworth, | consequence he gota fracture of the | lovers, and regard our kisses of friend.
O, T, McOutchen, Alexander Jardine, | ulns. Dr. B. de Verteail Acting {| ship se ‘odious, and suggestive of
Loute J, Berna ' Costa. | D.M.0.0¢ Guaracara, attended him, } Cannabdlletic tendencies, ‘The Chinese
Charles Watson, J, Young Harper | There was a alight brulee ofthe outer | thild Je threatened with a white man’s
sod W, A. Guy, skin at the point of the fracture, The | Kiev in the same circumstances where
The evidence adduced on behalf of | fracture waa not bad and theman will | the Eogilsh nuree would suggest «
the Crown showed that Ward and the | ultimately regain complete use of ble | bogay wan, The Japanese prefer to
prisoner along with other people vere | art, expressatfection by ‘uct’ of exquleite

For the defence It was abown that | courtesy aud kindness,







” ”

Collection of Trinidad Paseos

Predet® qink prisoner interfered with | the prisonet sh TUNEE KINDS.

street. e ner interfe wi eo prisoner who wae a sawyer was

Ward, andt neome wrestling | asked by Mre Hila! The ancient Moaave had three =
ensued, during weblch the prisoner | back her effects alr bo pele | er take words for the kiss: osculum ONLY JUST PUBLISHED. F 4
took out a knife and stabbed Ward, | late husband, When tbsy got there | for ttiendship, basium for aifectlon, | - smnomeumes

both of these varietice bestow,
vpon the forehead or cheeks,
aud euavipes for love on the lips,

as a result of which the latter sus | with other, she avked Jules Hilsire,
talned rather serious Injury. execator of the testator, her husbobd,

The defence was to the effect Lbat | forthe key of the place and he refused
& large number of men were onthe |togivelt ‘up. She then went Inside | Tbls appears to be such a sane divi

remisee and during sume quarrel the | to take posesslon and they followed Jon of osculatory caressesu that it le
fight was put out and thereafter | her. Nelson who was sent for soon | regrettable that it should not have
there was a general qed, In the | came and ordered everybody out of | survived. Hut even then it would
rush to get ont tothe etreet several | his“ conipeer’y" house,” Hea started | Not entirely ovet the ease of the

21, Frederick St,—' Phone 446,

_ ne
BIG “After Stock” SHIPMENTS:

{the men, jocluding the ihjured one, | by giving grandson of th kiss conventional bestowed bapbazard ' ,

fell ta ihe’ ground aad cherw was 6 | piel which ‘sent bins ‘realiog foto's upou each other by all sorts and, eon: Ex “ Srrana,” 8,5.“ Manacas” ano Otnen Lins,
0! ‘7 itione of wu really -

enon Hay baring relt push aleo. Herty. eto Lit trusion co one's fodividual preroga- ~—— ARE POTHING IN FOR——

opti, ferr, baring returaed sotencet to do it, but b ted th ti Even the onmtact of ungtoved

a the ace was senten not lo ut be re; the act ve. "1
to Bmosthe Imprisonment wijb bard } Henry asked bim wieiber he meant hande |e occasionally unplesect:| THE BONANZA DRUG STORES
labour. to uke peace or wage war. With a | the kiss iudiscrinate how much worse! —INULULINGe
"Adon Haylor mone aca in the | NOUN mie Ueever eck > cHike | tising nce Zolhat rete ‘ibang | 7 Y WMCEAETT Sent, and agers Line Drage Cnet

nan Taylor next s' n the oO, however, ebb ny 8 VLE . and "

dock ebarged’ with stealing £7 510 blow from his stick 4 hey erin a the number, It is amusing to pee twa I ive tienas, for our Wikeale ea Iteeall Dts § oul Pha teat

wonen wilb laige coves prepailag to Hapouphta and Weloome Talsolds—a fall assortmeul, Replies. Boiutionoe Matt and

tblongisg to Albertina Timothy at | each other and Henry attempted
Plum” Road on the wth Fi cinuery throw Neleoa over the banisler ee % kisa each other. en and \ Healuty al reparation, Byala Atuara, Hyeo Hrpopbos, BynoGlycero-,
last. waa prevented by a woman who held Kiselngisa@ custom of the middle rigs, Ee pen . ctl soe atts ee ord ompoumi Byrup of | {ypophosphites

The ® prisoner who waa unsepresented | hile le; When released be threaten. | claegee upper and tower, Women of ret nt zpeph y penta hy Pel verte alr ed Pepula, Muxiey's
pleaded not gullty. ed Nelenn and went Into the yard | the higher classdo not practice it in sun ics HENAT OMY | SENATOGEN | Oar eee et t te &
pint jury. was as follows: Mesere phere he tan ase awnen within a wearily” the bac denres Wh 7 chau Virol (ail sixes} Novell aad. Lirands Easessoe of feet robe a be est monthly

. T. Fraser, Geo Zz, . we ol jm and wi we not give it up en Davie’s Special seurtuen| yibrons, ie
Cumberbsich, AG) Portaote Paal Ifted" ea) chouah to strike heury conven flonality ie cunuec ees 7 Tt Foot. ties (a complete a ty Wi & Frans Food and infants

oho de No! a, ur Me |} str am oon e left i wou en mean i. +
Tange Heory Blugh “and Bt Luce ‘snd he drop the aze at once. and not ceserve§ it fur momenta SDELITEL BROS. &u Co.,
Dabable A witness tor the proseeution gave | of affection when the deeps are _THx Box ass Duta Broana,
rt fora tide aod PORS OF SPAIN & SANGIUB GRANDE,

The Attorney General in opening | a similar account as the witnesses for | stirred } when we

elite ery Souths EMIS | Up de ented to we tng | roeeeeneee aie ae eee | soner . . @ fur Tee
Foe ‘prisoner. (wi ze Torior by | chat, the accused ected fa” Said Mallee tre Dee soe and's or | LAMPGRT ANO HOLT LINE OF STEAMERS

bleeows courentlon of which wovt of

name) waea trade, ‘byt
in the Bolleltor G
nily whea pot engaged in ¢ The r General eed gladly bo quit.” Let te

Prattlee of tallforing, be went about | Hie Honour summed up, replied and


preaching, and at the time of the] The jury rendered a verdat of -not | left for lovers; Mrs, Joos and Sire, wmiliwg Dates—i012,

Piidences it ls Alleged that he lett gan? “not | Math ean surely exprovaall they foal a : ‘

tailoring for , achink. fis matale. Nari Pancany. ina in a bearty b bund be ' ad woukd be CAMERA. | Leave mimtvap. | Agzive New Yous,
ous tao: im angan whe; ‘arine an gar were icted | eaved the trou a more mre)

trateored for three weeks et the | for stealiog a mule beonging to | less tlisuey vell in order to receive the | TENNYBON .. oe! Mepte, Leth Beptr, ... Blet

house” of a women named | Mawlsbocus at Ounupia on Mondey | perfunctory labial salutes of eae | VEMDI ., sone | Rept uh Our... aed

Albertina Timothy. who entertaloed | Auguet 7th, 1911, The first prieoner qualatance, Jt la a peiwary law of | BYHUON a oe ef Oath Geter, Shek

hl free of cost owing to the chara: | admitted hls gullt, but the sceond mnaubery that we reepwet | VABAHI on + | Gate. 8 tb orn, Red

her of hie profession, Pimath kept | denled the gbarge. each other's persopal rights, No well | TENNYBUN veep Mee MS ov Re

hianoney in & cash box which was | | The case for the Qrown wae that the | beed wau or woman comes luto vane: | YOLTAINE ce ee aad MO le SF ee ib

locked, and beings swallone she put | mule disappeared at night trun ite | cesestily clue cuntect with « fellow . od

{t into a truok Ia ber room, the trunk | owner's cuskoty Some time after | passenger ii a train, aud eveu iu the Latarwn. uloos at te

ftself not being lucked Sbe had in | the yeisuners tried to ealla gale, bat | micet crowded streetw it ie vnly the, BRUOND sad Pankeo bis a

the «ash tox seven 83 notes, Oo | the cheapness of th price made the [efludest who dinegerd Lble bit of ordi’ All Btoamoce fitted with Merecol’s Wie Telecrs tpocdally satored

the ath Pebiuary do the course of tbe | prospective purchaser ouspicions. | uary pulitioses And yet thy workd For rates uf wi ney sad all ntioee later

Cf women goss on kissing each other,
fur Of aetault whieh sbould be ao
jodivtable uffvo-e

ihe wrie errested, the cay

apyly to
wadtind a shot distance frum them Ghu, KH, ALSfunN é& UV - Agente,

Bhippiog Depariacct,

risoner and Mra, Tunothy

day. the house logetber the forw

were ia

ex epparcntiy mpling at the dour of | The seound pinouce gave evidence

feLtrmunie Nu lab


This was particularly
fom Saja core Uhere que
fog bod utterly failed.”
+ Saat and Lerve Boulos
eave & LAWRENCE 00, 7.



Be Policy Holders
Reversionary Bonuses

June 012







Bead Ufice—Edinburgh, Scotland. Branch Office forthe Weat Indies, Barbados

——— ee
aval H-venus exceeds & 1,528,000
= lovested Funds Exceed 14013,750 DON
sng qircnraneta os oo on » seus
lar . oo 2779,
balms Bald ' a : . 24138, $70,000

ender Val
Pare! Barend Sa iecuny of Policies up to 9 per cent of thé sarreader valus at § por cent

Tewetiate reduc tia ssh tates darlpg visits to Europs and otbed tei perats climates.

etoponale Acct ped aa owes ivan Veihe Vest ladwes wttsaut refersace to Had Office,
tamediately on proof of death aa$ setlonsent mide by the
felons 00 which ages adunitted are uactungeadle aftge Tw> Years,’ °

Gains paid

1910 BONUSsA
~ is lan lovesligation for divaica of polite among Pollcy-hotders took place as at ssth
fics Ribena, Such 6 Pobcy for Lt
a8 for the quinqueniua


BLIG NOTICE fs bwereby given [*
ibatia axcrolse of the Puwer of Sale
ed fa @ nemoratdom of mortgece
dated the twenty Ubird dey of
05 made y Evteniun Gervae fa
ot Jobu Attin (which sald mort.
Is new vented ta Wilsons (Ulsegow
isidsd) Limited, there wil be put
ferale by Pabiic Auction by the an
eed at thelr Anction Mart, No. 1
ject Krrees, Port-ol-Hpaln on
7 the 2b dey of Ostoder 1911,
Deveenihe hours of I aod Zo'slock p.m.
‘AU acd Singular chose two agveral par-

Gals of laad aitactes in the Ward of Ce iios
Me the Leland of Trinidad, she Kuret thereof
Somprising olz acres be the samen fitte
Wore ot les delincated.sad with abe abot:
Nate nod bowsdaries thereof showa oo thé
yas Aszexed to ibe ( town Grand regia
HMred ts Volare XXI, folio 340 aod
poboded oa the North aed Weet by Crowa
{Mads og tbe Boat by (own laide acd by
Mande ol Josep Parco and on the ut by
ies ot Jesoa Josole Dias, auithe Ss
seed Abmest cowpsisiog fone acres and
Malety fire perches be tbe sawe a little
bes Gf tee deliocated ond with the abut
tee seated iat * thereol sows on the
@ Crowe Great regis:

inet {a Volume XXII, follo 117 and
Se the Nosh ty tend of Jean

ares by lead cf O."W. Daly tow
paceia Gesraie acd on the “Ls
ava 6) ate of Jou Proco oa the South
1 Jeas Gervaistad ty ibe © La

wiv? extgto gl gee Poses, on the Kut
few La Usicn’ ce ned Joss Pevos
6 the Wat by laa of Jena Correia
by ahs-*La Union” satate af, Jou
620 whh the appurtenseoss,
Daied this 26th any of oly T0Ik.
od & SON,

Goth Avstionerin
ii dis



g, Results of the Quinguenrsum ending 31st Decr,, 1910,

h Surplus available for

y Bato of Bonus £2 per cent. per annum on Policies in
fecce at 31st December, 1010, with previous bonus additions,
Fonds~$2,468,723,00.... ,......nnual Kevenue—$297,856,000,



e e ° . CURES j be
Vino Tonico Wintersmitth ague s: tatatat revers Fa
Does not leave bad effect I'ke quinine ~ic.b ae
disturbed vision sordered stomaet,

Bonus then declared vas at the rate of 379 per
Such a Fobey (or 2 ood buy bas added to ebe sua assured £pgebdy way

your health.

perties arcepted


“ Wo are now prep
rieka on the Oil F
ricks, Motor, E

qenrers and other property.
‘euke and their omtants et3,


Total Fonds at Stst

Bole Agente for Fir Department
In Trinidad


Bpecle (Gold or, fver) and


on ee


The Bosanta Drog Stores, Taino ad,
Prict—2/6~ by Post 29,
Ahgwat 20th,



rcs ieee aa ek
joining Me. mn tint, plant. a
Cocon— bearing. Gontinls P
2—A PACE, OF LAND, comprisin,
quarrees partly planted In Cocoa, ‘and
situate at Arouca, also well watered by
the Little Arouca ate

} $364,504.00
= $439,754.00

3a— BUEN VISTA” ESTATK, csmpris-
ing 64 res, situate at unucal,
Caura, hiving 11,150 Bearing Cocos Trees,

300 half Cocoa Trees, 0 sinall Trees;
also 100 young Jtubber Trees, There fa a
Cocoa, Dizing House, 30 x 13 feet, with
dwelling below of natlve timber. OU0 of
bearing trees tn hands of contractors.
Carriage Road up to very near the Estate.

4—' EL RUTIRO” ESTATE, 41 Acres,
situate at Cantaro, Santa Crug, favourab!
attuated, equally on hilland flat land, with
four streams running tt rough the hetate,
There is 7.370 full ring Cocoa trees,
with 10 Tonca Hean one Cocoa
Drytog llouse with dwe below—
native timber,

res, aliuata St La Canoe. Banta Crus,
acres, situate a vanoa, Santa
well situated and well watered; new
(ocoa Drying House with dwelling below
baring over 7,000 full bearing Cocos trees,

Ftising 5 acres and 16 acres respectively,
and jolning each other, eltuate at
Chi nas, and bounded by the Estate of
the late A. E Hendrickson,


ar re

= er .




jaravel, comprising 13 $-: acres
tanted In OCooos. end comprising some
illage Tote full- bearing Covoa
&—A PARCKL OF ND, planted in
comprising 8 acres, situate at
Â¥ Savanna Grande.
@. PROPERTY known as No. 42, Nelson
Street, Port-of-Spaia, with sewe lald
on! rent roll~alwaye oocupled.

10,~Property known as No, 11, QUEEN
STREET, FPort-of Spain, with sewerage
lald on—always oocupleds
TIOUSE, bulit of wood and covered with
yaoized Iron, known as No, Alberto


treet, Woodbrook lands, Port-of-Spalo,
er particulars apply to


Chancery House, 07, Queen Stree!
Beptetdbes Hated *




Company's Ageacies

8 8t, Vincent Bt.



UBLICO NOTICE Is hereby given
P that In exerclee of the Brabutory
power of sale cooferred upon Mort.
gagees by the Oonveysuclog and Law
pt Property Urdinavee No, 42 and
contained of Implied fa a certaio
Memorandum of Mortgage under the
provisions of the Real froperty Ordin»
ance No, 0V, numbered 103 dated the
eleventh day of Februsty [athe year
one thousand ploe hundred and eleven
and made by bylvester Mitchell ia
favour of Mary J ne Bourne Wilson,
there will be pas up tor sale by Public
Auction at tue Auction Mart of the
undersigned situate at No. 3s St, Vio-
cent Street In the town of Fort of
Byala on Tuesday the fourteenth day
ot November 1911 bet weea the hours of
eve ard two p Be

Al that certain plece or parcel of
land and cocoa plantation situate in
the Ward of Turure in the Ielaad of
Trinidad contaiulog ten acrey be the
same more oF less delineated and des.
eribed ln the pisa or diagram attached
tothe Crown Grant to dames Ander.
son reglatered (n -Votume XXXY, folio
69 wad also deserl lo the Cert!
ficate of Title to Syiresire Michell
registered in the office of the Repletrar
General uf this ocolovy in Volume

ceul por apnum on al


© Tas Sact or Sars”


Ffer, Salt

Your Stomach is the key ta

Af you keep your Stomach
healthy, you are sure’ to be
well. .

If you use Abbey's Salt ic
will keep your Stomach in
such perfect condition that
you simply caa’t help being
“Ay trouble comes

hen your trou 2
trom ‘the Stonach, Abbey’s
Salt is the nght thing to

take—don’t forget that.
Addrew 144 neen Victoria St 8 ¢

wove Chemis and Stores, SLXXLY follo 363 and abutting North
bolt in two Row & Cv Pon of Spas a East upon lends now or jately of
eS nnn | the Crown, Fouth upon @ apace re

served form oad Ally links wide and
West vpop iscde now or Je'ely of
Benjania Julles togeiher with’ the
pppurtavances thereto belonging,
Dated ot Korvofepain ibis nine.
teenth erat Uctober in the year of

wur Lad Ty corr & soy,
Gorh Aucticnssre,


For Prosoriptions

Frederick Btreeh


FIRE RISKS on all kintle of Pere

The Rorth British & Mercaalie

‘estmdliutead 280

red to accept
ilda é¢, on Per.
gine and Boiler
Houses, Refineries, Residential


Subscribed Capital .... £ 9,614,845
December, 1910 ... £31,359,893

The Trinidad aniyping & Trading

wwe Gee
MARINE INSURANCE effected on Onrge


RESERVE ~~“ Etoneon



Atkins of the cna part and Doroth
Liddelow of the other part. and in

UTdated the 2nd

fa suction mark Ns 9A
on Tuesday the Siet da
11 between the bourao

serrat, in the Island of Trinidad:

lands of Bukhort,

acres, delineated In the
tothe Crown Grant to

of Dowlet now Geetoo.



BR, 1011,

Hale conferred o
Convevareing an
navce No, 72 acd contained or imphed ia

the provisions of the Real Property O:di-
nenie, Namber 0, Nambered 145, dated
the niath day of February ja the ye fone
(bousand nice buodred ‘and eleven and
mate by Corce'ias Willismsia favoor of
Mary Jace Bourne Wilson, there will be
patepfor sale by Public Acc ica ot the
énc'lon Mart of the undersigned situate
at Namter 12, 8+. Viscent Street ia the
town of Port«f-Spruin on Tuesdey the
lf'hday cf Noversber 1011, betwees the
bou 6 of ore and (wo pw,

All thet piece or parcel of Jand and
orcoa plantarion sitasts io the Ward of
Moar a.pilla fo the Leland of Trinidad cor-
telolog eigdt acres, two rcods and twenty~
one perches be the same wore or lew de-
Mceated and described la the plan or die.
gram sttached to the Crown Grant regle-
tered io the offica of the Registrar Geveral
of ibiecoleny et Volame LXXXI, fol. 01
and abotting North upoo Jande petitioned
for Laareceia Hed io and uoon leads

titloned for by Iamon Peal, Sou b aid

est wpen lacds now. or Jately of the
Crown and Evst wpon latda now of Jately
of Nobeejede, toxether with the appar.
tepences thereto bafoneing.

Dated at Port-of Spain this ciacteenth
danct October in the yede of Oue Lard,

F, J. SCOTT & 60N
Govt, Anctioncers,

eT Abe TUT


id Waph-riy





In the Supreme Gurt of Trinload esd
Tobsgo—Summyy Jorudictloo—L'orte

No, B46 of 1011,

Alice Amelis Armatrong— Pulstia
Moban Mabare}--Defendant,

JUBLIC NOTICE fa bereby giton that
I by an Orferof Lis Honour the Chief
Javtioe made herein on the 3rd dey of
Angatt 1911, there will be par opicr sale
before the doora of the Court Hones inthe
own of Port+{ Spatr, on Tharsday the
Sihday of O-vober 101], between the
hoore sf ove and two o’o’k p.m. the fee
siapte faatl ard eingalar thst psroel of
land piluste 1a the Werd of Uppee Carol
in the District of Cumeto te the Is'and of
Tiwided cotoprisieg ope acd ove half
quatreve, aad abuttleg oa the North apon
Jaods of Charoe, 08 the Sta upon Jenode
of A, Ne. Oieirmonte, on the Eart opon
fande formerly belonging to Talo slg but
pow Leloogiog to Lerenan bat arma aod
onthe Weetupos lande,gf Ajadhar and
Allead blogelac thet “puree! of lend aliu-
ateia tte Ward of Upper Carool lo ibe
Island of Trinided pompilsing tro quar.
recs twoore of lesa omd shutting om the
Nonbs lands of one Brebcons upog
fandy of cae Tockool and tende cf one
Dabising, oo the Hub spon lands of
Ajatbar, on the Kast apoe leads ul eve A,
N. Gauaonte snd va phe Woot oyun lends
of ove Charon, eatjeod te a charge lor ibe
paymot by ibe Mubeo Mebar-) to
one Gores and Ssmendaria of

eoam of
teeied ubis loch dey of Angust, 1911,
Actg, Depa y eglewar,

NG heabore sole hae been troseg
Me be 19th dey of October’ 1911, by
order ot Mr. Jasiioe Kavel) deted 3

Ostoder 1011.
dey of Ovreves NM. LOVELA
Aotg. Hegtairer,
_—- ;
Je tothe above mastler whteb was
peniened Weouhe 106 Octeber 101 bes

uber, poatyooed by erder of Ade,
Ses eek to the 26 4 day’ of Onres

ve TTS sats 10.2 ay Ones 3
Ags, Kekaibs,



puso NOTICE ta hereby given
that in exerelse of the power of
sale conferred on Mortgag en by the | jentsof CG. Dantel and bv a road
Conveyancing ant Law of Property | at
Osalnance J644 and cmtained Ina cer
tala deed of Mortgage dated the 3nd
day of April 1000 registered as No. 972

of 1909 and madé between “Dorit served Nity tinke wide and inte iy

certeia Memorandum of Mortgage No,
day of April 1900
from the said Nathaniel Atkins to the
sald Dorothy Iaddelow there will be
pe up forsale by the uodersigned at

Usriie Pro.
menade In the Town of Nan Fernando
of October
ove and two
All those two pieces or parcels
of tand situate fio the Ward of Mont

The first thereof comprising five
acres be the sme more or Jese aud
buanded on the North by a road, on
the Booth by lande of Ruchun,on the
Kast by a read and on the West by

The second thereof comprising five
lai annexed
loseph Eccles
in Volume XXX, folio 19.and bounded
on the North ty lot No. 902 of Ram:
jeawor Paul, on the South by Jands of
0. Simmons and by lade of Cecilia
Benjamin, on the East by lot No 219
m and on the Weat by lot No, 217

Dated thie Slat day of September
1911, >


UBLIC NOTICK Is hereby giveu that,

in exercias of the Statutory Power of
a Mortgagece by the
Law of Propeity Ord'-

a certain Memorandem of Morgege under

FOR SALE, Notico, © [TRINIDAD cm

eel nthe ¥
(1) All that. certain Qooon Plantation | SALE FOR WEONHIDAY TIB} / the nsatter of the Katate of Genera
ing After and th: . Ichoa late of the Ward of Moraga
Stadio srtompire inthe Ward of fuse | “JXST DAY OF ROVEMBER, 1911 Flanter . Deceased,

a a I } ae ae
added on the North by Crown land IUBLIO NOTICE ta hereby given hut PPUBUO NOTICE 4 hereby eveo thee

lm ezerelee of the Sratu ory Power

Haks wide, ov the Routh by Crown

. of Sale conferred epoa Mortaagtes by tha tppheation bas teen moda to me
landa and by Anda of I. 1 Plerre on the 4 ~ | by Juana Do: lage Ochoa of the Ward
Fast by iands of (. Daniel, hy inde of Gonsesanciog and Lav of ope ibe of Korage ta the ieland of Avinidad for


‘orre and by Crown land and on | 24008
the Wast by Crown land a

plied is two cartala Metco aada of Nmt-
xage Undre the provisicny of the Rea) Pro-
perty Urdmance Nambet Gy the fret
thereof nambered 18 cd ted tbe tweoty-
Gres day of Jan‘ary ia hs year one
thovsiad sine hundred and pire and made

agrant of pe bate of the will bears
ing date the 2)Aday of September
1010 of Genaro Ochoa late of the Werd
of Moruga in the feland of Trinided
deceasod shodied on tha th ay of
ieee earnest
“bartiea Croprer ta etimnes ft loath a zed place of abode in t!
wets poe S pene Rayoued Wardot Morugathe said Jaana Do
Woaraer wad Edward Joseph Boots, and | logs Ochra being the eole executriz
he second therecf Namberet 180, dated paraed fo the ih dill tven that 1
aing forty two acrom, abutting oa the [the sixth dey of Jone in the year ove! a pots ° hereby & ven that if
Rone ‘and East upon Crown Jand4, on the | thoasend nine boodred end tea an! made te cares @ cue t forethe expirse
South upon lands of LL. P Pierre and on the [| by theaald Chailes O epper fa favour of date u) frentye abt daysfrom the ,
West upon lands of Magtoiro and Crown | the # id Kayaond Warcee ard Edward | date of the publicatios of thie notice
Janda, and the second therect comprising | Joseph Soott, there will be pat op fe aule the Court will proeed to tesus probate
Four Acrea Threa Roods and Trenty | by Public Avetion atthe Avotion Martof | Of the sald wil secording!y.
Verchea, abutting on the North upon | the Underigoed siiaate at No 12 Br, | Dated thie 10th day of October 1911,

nd by a roadie

three roads reserved each Ofty lake wide.
There are four contractors on this
Jantation and it contains (3 ful) bearin
rees 1,107 young bearing treea and «
smal} trees,
(2) All Chose two certatn parcels of Jand
altuate at Tompire aforesald worked
ther ae one 4 Dlantation cated
‘La Rosulta,| The first thereof com

Crown land, on the South wpon lands of Vi e v, ul Porteal . COLLINS,
Loula Phillp Pierre, on the Eaet by Crown aceut Ctreet, In the Tuwa arleate .
landand upon landsof Samuel Williamand | pala, on Wednesdey the flab dey of Actlog Deput letrar.

betwrea tbe hours of one

n Crown lands and, upon | November 1911, All that sertala gle-eor | Inthe Supreme Court of Trlalded and

onthe Westa end two faa,,

lands of Louls Philip Lierre and iutersect-

ed hy the Tomplre Inalde road ons hun- | parcel of land and ences plastatlve situs fa. 199 of 1011 4
dred links wide, and by Ravine Anglale | ate te the Werd of Turare im the Island In the Matterot the Teal Propert: 4
with a reserve forty five links wido on | of Trinited, containieg nlee acres, three Ordinaoce No. 6 7 4
Nn Piaaiation contains 2051 full bear Foods ard tntriy t erches be the ae ched
Or tera delineated in Ibe diegram attached fT In the Matter

ing trees, 4d young bearing trees and U5] to the Crowa Grant tu Theadore Merce Gasetcor Crores tte A atta
smalj trves, busides 465 full bearing trees | tine seg a-e ifu Volume XL tobe 64 Gardin) and Dowkall
+et amall bearing treea nod S31 amall trees. a re re in i mh 4 Wee 6, pan Oe
still in the hands of thre contractora, | S04 al adtting on the North red West up UNLIC NOTICE ta he

@) All that certaln Cocoa Plantation | 00 lands now or lately of the Crows. | 7) ia hereby gtven that

~ by an Order of Ile Sfonour Mr.
Justice Swan made hereln the Oth day of
October 1911 unless cause to Me
contrary be ahewn within fourteen days
from the date of the publication of this
Notice in the “Royal Gazette” « Fro-
yisional Certificate of Title will be issued
to the applicanta herein under the panes

sltuate at Cumana inthe Ward of Toco { Sow'b upon lenge now or lately of the

comprising Five Acres, abutting on the | Crown aad uroa tho Conapo Janetion

North upon Crown lands, on the South | Koad reserved filty-Gve Hoke wide aud Easy

upon lands of Bolah and opon Crown | opon iands nuw or Ja ele of Joveph 3

lands on the Has npon lands of Jutton amree a d tipra the Cusepo Jasotion
andon a ee pon wr Landa,

wh cna Saal wen | tg fee feel ee etd

ng trees, ene ear grees aud | revarved flty-five links wide together | of Guyadeen and Dowkallee as tenants

{emall trees ‘in the hands of one con. with the ap ertenaaces thereto helongiog | In comnion for an estate tn fee simple in

Dated at Port-of Spaia this Sb day of | All that parcol of land sltuate te the

Osdober ia the year of Oar Lord 1911. Want of Tururo inthe Island of Trinliad

. J. HCOLT & SON, comprising 14 acre iO perches islineased

an @ abuitals and lea

Uovt, Anctlonerrs, thervof shewn in the Royal Grant

regia in Volume 81 folio 489 of the

TRINIDAD. Neal Property Register Hook | and

SALE LOR TURSDAY THK TTI | bounded on the North Py, Crown Land

DAY UF NOVEMBER I9tl, on the bouth by lands of Naywal and by

i? All that certain Coconut Matate
called ' La ase” situate at L'oint Ga-
lera, in the sald Wan of Tove, comprising
One Hundred and Seventy four Acres,
abutting on the North upon lands now or
lately of Sondgey and upon the sea, on
the Sonth upon lands now or lately of ther,
Crown, on the Kast u the Plantation
Salibia and on the West upon laud:

ja now

or lately of Jean Louis Alesis, otherwine — lands of Geo. Belmontes on the by
Ned Jules La P id taint ) TICE is bereby glren that | lands of Fernanda Rolalfo aad on the
To Tall bearing trees and 1050" youre | LUBLIO NOTICE te hereby Weet by a road reserved Atty Muka wlie

in exercise of the power of sala con.

amd by lands of Nay wai,

troes. taived in a certela Deed of Alortgage
At phat certain parcel of et fom | date the Sh dav ol Sep ember 1910, ree Dated this Ith day Tous ee
Pineteen Ferches aituate at Tompire, in | 9 ® ed as No. 3161 of 1011 aod ia « cere Acting RegistrarGeneral, 1

tala Memorandum of Mortgage No,
dated the satd 5. dav of -Hep'ember 1910,
and made between Rattecpiuteing of the
one part avi Lsbauwieh of the o ber paat,
there will be put ay lor are by sha Under:
signed at their Acction Murs Ns 8 Sack:
sileS reet in the Towa of Ports Spain,
ou Tu ad y the 7 hdey of Nuvember 1011,
betseen the bourse ot onead two pin,
aliond siogalar those tw: revoral pleoes
of patorts of land pitawe jp the Ward cf
lots sod haa A new Coooa Hours crected | CU gaibestithelelaud of Tonid d, the
wpon tt Ki feet long by 12 fect wide with | fires shereof coups bsing twa los howd as
anextension of 3 feet by 12 feet and af LotN:.22 aad 73 of Dach m Esate,
toon nad sweating room Genesth, having a fevbtage of OO feet hy 20 tect la
@ Two IJtundred and Forty three [ eegth and abutting ou the North upon Jot | cate of Title will be issued tothe Appll.
building lots known as‘ Unlon laads lo | No, $0 be'ongine 6+ Rental on the South | cant berela under the name of Guyadeen
the Towo Village. upon fot No, 28 bilooging to Bouderem of the Ward of Turnre, Pianter In reapect
For pariioulars apply to on the East urou a Trace and onthe Weat | of all that ef land situate in the
JON De ckE ERG PIERRE, gpunCaront Berean Howds, nd the | Wart ot se tathe faland o¢ Tei

Vos. 39 and enry Stree an
second thereof o mprisiog 10 ecrors and

Or to VortorSpaln, | 94 perches ba tle i Title more ar | Petebea delineated and with the abuttale

leas delineated and with tha abatiale Fete eT ee thereot pe cularty dee
ore. 7 aa nes! u e | 3c plan or a’ ta
BICHARD ADOLYIIUS W oe ther basa la the # m of disgrem ote the Hosal Grant °% latered in Volarae 22h
. tached to the O own G ant ante of in the | fotlo a a Pro} gister
Chamber 70 Queen Street, Taal Provaity Register ack at Volume | look and bounded on the North b Crown
eee OE ae XLUV, fotlo 639 ant Boqsded om tbe | land on the boutb by 9 Hoad and by lande
3 North by lands uf Moagaroa daabe South | Of Hagootiron the East by Crown land
mel] A enc fy Jioks wide onthe | 624 on Lhe Weat by lands of Pecknee and
a § AE by © Read reserves ftiy jloks wide on ibe | tr Teg andthata d'roviaioual Orrtife >
Kav by bande of 8 ochsowa\ sul lands | ofe8 of Tithe will be Lsaued to the applicant
MAIL ORDER AGENTS of Geetoo and aa tbe Wost ty Crowa land, | uaderthe name of Gaddia in respect of
AND GENERAL HUSTLERS, | Dated cuin27 b day of September LLL, | ait that paroet of land situate Id the Ward
UR last order for Private Xnvae LUUIS JOIN & CO. of Upper Carvni in the said Island com.
0 Cards goes on the Sist lostact, Auctioneers.
Write for Saniple Books (2) without
delay and avoid disappolatinent.
arine Square,

Io the Supreme Court of Trinidad and ‘

No. 105 of 1911,
The Real Maperty Urtluases, No, 00
a ropert a On
and th the Matter of

The Appllestton of Guymteen (sometimes

also called Geddin or Gardin,
pura AOTICE {5 hereby given thet
by an order of Hila Honour, Mr. Jus
tice Swan made herein on the th day of
Octotar 1011, aaloss cause to the con.
teary be shewn wilhia fourteen days fron
the date of the publication of this Notice
in the Royal Gasette a Provialonal Certla-

the Want of Toco, abutting on the North
,tpon @ road reserved fifty Hoke wide, upon
Crown [anda and upon lands formerly of
OConnor but now of Camptell, on’ the
South upon lands of J. Magloire, on the
East upon Crown Lands and upon lands
of J. A. V. Pierre and onthe West upon
Crown lands, upon lands formerly of
OConnor but now of Campbell and upon
lands of J Mlagioire and Intersectod by a
rotd reserved fifty links wide.

This parcel of land le auitahlo for Villave

prising & acres, Sroods and 27 pe
elineated and with the abuttals an
E THE boundaries thereof phone on the Pisa
WEUNESDAY annexed to the al Grant regtatored in
Volume 64, folio 215 of the I Propert
Register ook and bounded on the Nort
by a Road reserved thirty linka wide on
the South by Crown land and by lands of


TRINTDAD. BLIC NOTIOS la hereby given that
PUBLO NOTICE labaredy elven ibat | D q exaroueuf the powse 3 sale oon: GG, Scbeult onthe East hy Crown teed
inexe cue cf the Nia uty ower ot) pained ia a cert-in dad of mortgege beare | gad by itoad reserved ffcy links, wide
Sale cunleel on Murtzayeoa IY tO] ing dais the Yeh day of January 1910 | aad on the West by lands of Charles Gy
Oonveyaneing Ordinance Ns, 72 and con> regletered ae No, 253 lor the year 1910 | scheult and bya road reserved fifty inka
tafoed in a ¢ rtala Memoracdam of Morte | oa mde bewweea St, Cye Packeera of | wide and by lands of Annandia, And
gage aoder the Real Propprty O diraoce also thata Provisional Certificate of Title
No, 60 Namber d 18 detodthe 13h day | tn) 6 ner Patt abo wader weuorande: | will be issued tothe applicant under the
of April 191k aod made by Lergasirg (0) of mortwege bearing 9rea da'e therewih | Dame of Gardin Ia res of all that par.
favour of Bertha André cherowili te 700) cide by ihe ssid 8, Oye Vekeors to | ct! of land aituate in the said Ward of
up for rate by Pubs Actloa at the] gayour of the af Menuotte Kavanagh Turure comprising 9 acres nested and
Anction Mart I she andors'goed sltmate | eure will be pat ap for ave by Pubic sewn in the plan annexed ta the tu
at No, 12 Bt. Viecent 8 reat la the Two | Aaition ty ihe mndaalvned at their | Great registered In Volume 1%, folio
of Port-of-Spaan va Taw dsy tbe Mh dey Aco jon Mart, No. 1251. Vioceae Strrets | of the teal Property Hexlater Book
cf November 1921 bevween the bours uf Port-of Spaio, on Wedotad y the let day | hounded on the North, Hast sod West b
and 2 p.m, of November twit between the boars of | Crown lands and on the South by a
ALL AND SINGULAR theas twa © r | Gog ond two pun, oll sod singal-r thet | reserved thisty Links wide connecting this
tala percels cf tacd both situate fa the] parcel of lind sltuste ja the Werd of of land at the Bouth bastera coe
Ward of Turuse fa the Iviend of Trolded Bette Ures comprising 33 scree 3 rode | ner with lands of Padarut,
the Plast therof cowerisiog tik acres and 25 perches ( esa § ctes'l roo! aad 00 Dated this Lith da, ot Cctoher, Jott.
and two foods mare of lias velireated BO ta Lbereu! compile i wader prov'slons .
withthe pbutte's and boun aries thereof | oF che Real Tropes U d.nance B Volame Acting Hegistrar General.
sbewa ca the plan e:nexed fo tte Royal | X1y folio Su9) and gbuting on the Norh
Granbregiacred fa Vo'ume X, folio 317 | opon
sad bosnled on the Nuth by Crown | tends of E, Lacge upon lande of the heirs
Lynd acd ou the Houih by ‘he BMatapano | oe Patera opsa fanda of ihe esti K
River oo the East vy own Laod by | eoge and apoo lands of Carter op the
laude of Bajacelog vad by the Mataparo | page opoa lands of the heire of Iekeora
River eodonthe Wet by Orewa Lande | coog tarde of the sald Kogeue Laoge end
and by linda cf Recehboe and the FICoND | Lotgot Carer end spon Crown leads
thervol comprising four acres three voods | aad on the. Wea upon Isade formerly cf
and s'zteen perches mois or kas de'iceated L Cadet bos now of Carter npuo lands
and with the sbuttals aod boucdaries | ofthe eald T, Carter and upon Orowa
thereof ebews of on the plan mocered to | pote revered. Aloo all acd singular thes
ta the Royal Grant registered in Volame | corsajotplevs or parcel cf land situs'e is
111. folie'Q3 sud bounded on ibe North ty | tha seid Ward of Neots Cius compzleing
Ciowa Lyod on the Booth by the Mite | greg gcresoue rood apd thirty-six perches
no River aad ou the Kast sod Weet by | be the same tittle more or less and de-
[ade bow or Istely of he Orown. Hueated and with the etuttels aod boand.
Dated this 17th dey of October 1011, aries thereof sbewa tn the g]sa of diagram
J, SCOTT & BON. érawo on the Hoyal Grant ecte fa
Gove, Auciionrers. | Volume XIV fulio 30 and bosaded oa
the North by laods of Pakoera and b:

theone pardand Jleur'etts Kivaoagh of



Provision. Cocoa

No 4 anry Street ‘


Alsoe Large vaclety of otner
plants at - . . °

Crown lands on the Houth cpoa

THINIDAD, : tbs Bouh by lundeo! | @3 Aver gromtie Ba
Jo the Seprene oan of Trivldad and Hiszue fanye end by Ines ‘ Patera -

. Le ude cf Kogeoe Luge
No, #2 of 1011, ond'by jade olPekeere and on the Wee | THINIDAN,


: 0 ies
by Crown rewcrres 0| aie all end ole, DAY UF NOVEMBER 1911,

aulae that carteia piece of parcel of dead
@ Ward of Tarore com 5; _—
WWeeres wail rood be the same rue puBito NOTICE is beraby given that
toore or less oud del nested end wih she fa ezesc'se cf the Power of Sale
abattels ond boundaries thereul shewa on | conferred upon M xtgages by the Oavey~
the Certificate of Tile entered fo Volume | avting acd Low of Mropetty Uudioance
XXXVI te'lo 95, (sleo se-grent Volame | No, 72 and ovntalesd in a certale Derd of
OCUXLVIL tulle 611) and? bounded on the | M wigege dated the 2let day of Auge
North by lasde of Nieanor Ferre on the | 1005, (registered a8 No, 2163 of 1908) and
Roath and Hasthy Orowa tend and on the | msde between leraard Mitchell, Josephine
West by lauds of J se Kugewio Areaan Mitobel, [Smenea Mitebelt, Victeris
ject as to the parcels Sraty wad seconuly | Mitebali and Adrissa Nutohall gf the
deserhls d to (be priacip deus of $3 000,00 | ons part sod Jube Witfem MoVastby of

Nose Thurlos—Poatoull,
The Admtelewator Generale Defendant.

UBLID NOTICE fa bereby g van thet

an ection bes been x inne ced by Kose
Abarkw of Ulestou's Dey ta the Ward of
Couveina tbeleand of Tiletted the law-
fal widow sud relict of Jéces Tharlow
dsceases bo died on the Gb dey of
Bleseh 1004 lobestete at Cartons Bey
afoscseli agselass the Admialetretur
Genera olatwig Latirs of Adufoletrs-

ce et a a ler ate nly lle

tloe of the ov a1 aad sfecta of the anid ed ander dead bearlog date the 106 | Joven Tuuriow deceased end than the auld | rors agary 1910 eegisiered aa No. St | asle by Fratile Avction at the Aveues

action bas
Mandsy the Osh day cf November 1911,
Dated thie (Gh dev Ostoter 1911,
Vida 9 Boleiwr.

foe th 1910 and of memorandum | Matof ibe aad reigeed eiteate as No. Z
of wortazge bearing ‘eves dete Werewith PA Toate rgea ot Curt-ads
la by the seid BK Cyr a ay of Neveu
fatece, teh laseke avanegh. ¥ her 1011, Leweea the hours of cus aad

lh two pm,
Dated thie 10 b dey of Qoioter 1911 Reet Alogular that cectala euerea

Â¥. 3. SCOTT & BON, or parcel of land comprising ong bal bey i
“Gurl, Avctioncers. tiessarlog Gweaty fice feet la frousbyone- -
huedred feet lo depth aud sew known a0
No. 6 8t, Poul Hires, le the tows of Porte
of Spalu, aad abutting om the North apon
fot Ne. 11 Isving Luce, om the South =,
Bt, Peal Sree, on bbs Kost apue Lo: fic
4 of Bu Pool Berect aad on the Wass

lot 3 of Bt. Peal Bw
"FB ated ibe inp dey of Usvovers 1911,
Wie JON & 00,
Arctloogye, «4


28 Br. Vingeot Sues,


Of the trou: there wil be no
a al Ret ate

1,000 CORNS
rected out by LAING'N (Im.

ved) Gern-oure areal cor
Fitter, Hie jer bottle

LAINU'W PURE DAUG stORE | Lama's | ucLiod Paoxacy

TE TE TE T TR ee ERM WE 7 or

6 °


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DAD TO NEW The Port-s'-Sparg Gazetir. | het patie fromthe main stlehres | THE KING AS AN AUTHOR, Cine Gusnta £5 Guayra io Cxbelia Compagnie Gsnorale 4
‘ —— _ labourers’ barracks and aleo a madest | yy: . Curacao, Jacme! Aux ayes Tort au rausatlantiqaa -
, 1 ORV-UOF-RPAIN bungalow to house thelr drillers fed His Speiches To be Published In pasenn aad New York, taking caryo, a Leopaup & wa
q managei. @ & for thele initia
THURSDAY, 26ru OCTR, 1911, | Wert deen veared, and drilling Wes Book Form. JOU) MAURITS. The Royat Dutch | FyEnOU—The | French Mall, “Steamer
‘e 8 a soon to begin with @ small portable To INS PEOPLE iheve from, Venezuelan Ports on or about Verow ledge here from Vencadeiatt
TRI N ID A D OIL rig It was apparently the intention * s2tht*Npsemb cr 191) proceeding aftar. ports on oF Atout the 2 so ‘Mar lutawe
}» | Uf the company to put down shallow tau | wards Pai umaribo, Havreand Amster 5 : Holga
. ROYAL MESSAGES COLLECTED, . Guadgion Nantandar, Dordeaux an
—_— wells, for 6) Ins was the largest dam taking cargo,"passenjters and matia, ‘Argo
° diameter of the casing on thelr pro- tee ; eae | larva, taking passengers and
New Law Controliing the Indus- | Dery. 8 I pris king has given Iie consent to Komnkliyke W. In. | 24 .
' ~ try—Progress Made by No development work had been | thepablication in book form i tue dies Maildienst
inany latereating speeches be has de- y
ss English Companies. Fore "tlereve" OW” Company, ar livered and the fee agen he hatsent New York—Paramanto SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE:
_—— . abiuic wile Flace oO! . —
E S.S. IN D {AN PRIN CE " The following article Is taken from oe fiat well fad heen selected nnd and anictag. THE pore pon MAIL AGENTS | ARRIVALS. . ‘
g “The Financial News” of Munday Oth | ip was stated locally that active opera: | ,, The volutys syhich will be published i ARQWINE SThe from iigowljne © New Masesrr, Ost. Zothe Dickson, 26
October 1911:— tions would soon be started = The | 71 1. "tuned ita organ via Harbados on Tuesday Sist“Uctobor [ “tony s days, Grenada—W) pkgs frat u 7
8.100 Tons Burthon, Io a brief account ofthe position of | drilhng of well No. 2 ofthe Trinttad | Wil be fesued next month under the 191] aod will leaxq-the game day direct | pigs cinamon, 3) bags covonuta, I cylin 2
j 3 the petroleum industry in Trinidad at | Gedros Oil Company Ltd, was started ies Kin Wee ” for New York, taking cargo, passengers | Ger and HL passengers a
- the middle of Septemmber—the date of loo 2th August with a St, Albans bel Nh Sack IB Meee 2 af trails. . «Go . 1 iroutta Gatatsxa, Ven stoop, Salazar, fi
BB DUE HERE FROM BAHIA, BRAZI t, ON the latest mall a vices from the leland tubular steel rig equipped with bull (peing thet pees hee ao \ leavages of NOVPENAME Thos. * Coppename 21 tona, 10 brs, Cristobal Colon—4 hides, i
OR ABOUT wate matory princlpaiz, cell for [ener tiling wes Het ofall wth | aul Sovereign ey ANREP IMAP | GRRE, sayy}
by the: Goverament to control and { butasthere wan not auficlent Mantis | op'ihe Urvatrat Imperial intevents | York takingcaneo,qumcoaretandinaiie. | Sndipawengee sc te ss, #
. it had to be rep with ; *, : ANOWLINE The sa.“ Marow!jne oi
OND A remilate the o romans a ieee ie ths line on han ws the thao bf writin Some of Ile vajesty's utterances M Marra Joarvi, Breit sloop Llodor, If ¥
Y . dal isdue} f Ni York direct. ; —
ge 30th OCTOBER, 191 1, Knglish aod” American companies | workisg Ny daylight only, the wel have bad z very string wtToct On "on Monday anh, November, ill and ail poe Says Grenada 18 pkey frull, sb ‘
F «| which are operating there. With | wasdown XO ft without any show of |PUblcopinion, = tis ake up Lng: | leave the same day for Paramaribo taking | Nysprern, Lirlt stm, Hol Feo tons, 1f }
: regard tothe fist polot, it should be] oil, A gradé of beary oil was | 'nd!” speech, made neaily a decade * carga, passengers aud malls, faye. Ito de Janetro—batlast—for bi
and will: proceed thereafter to reat ence the Government have} strack jwell No LatOWIL, Durlog | 88% on bis return from the fanous VANAMACOA.- The 6.8, “Saramaca" | {27% Wo de caneire tet e buns
a followed up thelr earlier ordinance, | the past month the covtractor, whe cruise on the Ophir to Australia, made | Is due here from: Paramaribo on Mon- coal. DEPARTURES.
utringeatly regulating the issue ‘of had'been dolu, tract drilling a an impression the effect of which was | day 2th November Wit and will leave Oct Zird, a
‘ BE roepe ting ticenses (already voticed | tha propert & Petroleun, 0 cons, incalculable. hext day at noon precisely direct for New | paragovwsa, German stmr, Lerche, 1,003
Le eee ntrt cay bye further | Lule ee Pale Bees vinided. had | At the Royal Colonial Institute | York taking cargo, passenmers tod malls, | tons, Carupano—no cahto, 31 pansens
wcll « ordinance, which was signed and takeu dows his machinery atid shipped three yeare ano, Ute Maley made an M422" ae pane Marow ling” gers, By Paul IL, Scheerer & Co. :
g Cargo and Farsengers. Uhis Fteamer bas ercellentaccommoda- Feeney ee eee a runt Lec Tee ltd eee eee r ee ge abiomat ot | “coumon interests alms and objects: | Nag Si pare the dare day aiirect | C4RAMACcA, Dutch attmr, Kemond. 2101
fr TEN CABIN PatSENGERNS available for this port, gown rules for the retiaing and espert {a heavy drilling rig and upon receipt of the scattered units of the Liitlls | tor New York, taking cargo, passengers { oy ‘baga Venex cocoa, 1idd bage T ,
rates of freight and passage money ploasa apply to pf petrolum acd fits products, An | of this work was tobe resum Ti we hold hands acrovs the ses,” | 87d Malle ‘coconuts, 20) bags Tobagy coconuts, 6
-_ portant pact of thislaw is the right} attention bh lyt d i rn ved M 4 * empty stecl barely, 3) crates fruit, 0
of the Government henceforth la a the “Financial? "thioee" to the exports be ta dienes noble Teritaoe founded Tho Feat Anatic sige Oa ee pend Ope res §
chase any or all crude and refioed oll | op ceude trom Trinidad ta New Jeine: on the hi ine oi © mers ekina, 3 rubber and 0 passengers,
. ghest patriotism, and knit a A & Co. By Royal Dutoh Afath. :
i Fo, R, AtsTon & Co, 4

theobtject of galning control of the the inau
guration of what waa boped | ing utterances by Ills Majesty, made ’ ding. af rd
supply whould this neessary, for | vould be a regular service was re- atedifferent times = ’ tobiy Hele bt hbman London and Con Coon or Navanns, Brit etme. Mefill-
The ordinance makes {t unlawful, | farded ae of great lumportance, the | Bd" thorough, Whatever rou do do | tinental Ports, taking cargo, passengers} Py and $0 carboya ald.” By
under penaltles ranging up to £1,000, Governor bimself Wining on the tap itaswellas you cao, Dat your | aud mails Tad bbipplug & Trading v
tocrect # refinery or fo enlarge or for the first The: producers whole heart and soul into it Dravng, ite Bomr,, Smith, 1,867 tons.
were the Tiloidad Lake Petroleum | Every day we recognise inore fully Demerara—izZ boxes specie, 4 boxes sun-

aiter any existing refloery without | Goopany, an Ametican concern. The i c ‘
ee Ueeparh _ buly tol the individual lifer bat to 4g Ts Holt Line | args, ‘tio"pige shire” stored bones

produced Inthe bland on certale con These shipmenta, which were nid ta .
” gether by the ties of race, an of Vixina, Amer stmr, Webb, IvZ tons,

througboutone crown Colouies, with | PY tank steaner, wero the flwt, any | mutual armupaty and regard T, THOMAS—The sx “Thowsy"is due | OuanGoo—1 ton general caro, and 4
3 e e the | ageitude to leave the ldand. an The fol owing are sone other stilk- ‘here frong Demerara and Surinam on pasorogere Ly New York and Bermu-


Sgents, Prince Line.

erdéth October, 1911,

the permission of the Governor fn regu espatch of tuok stcamers,
Withee the eer ate Rerilten ee however, came to an gnd, and a corres: the life of tho nation. Sf Steamers, frult,'165 tone bunker oval and § patseu-
thibiow, carry on the business of” oil | Pendent writes with reference to the | Those who know the happiness of Gronox Jt, Atsrox & | sere By RSLS. Pkt. Co,

Groxaran’ Paixca, Lritish etme, Sine

eat, BREN 1 na ats TERN 8k

positiun of* affairs at the middle of home life can sympat. with Co—Agecte,
——— oo ne re refiving i and, the neccessary pyreniee eeplemberi—"There are at present every etfertinade to veccure tlak ABANL—The ey Wee ie doe clale, 2078 tons, Perth Amboy, N-J-,
ditions isla the atwclate Feeretion of | totes tank steamers at Brighton, Tri- lar bleesings to their fellow crea- V here trom Buenos Ares ou the 2th | }:ldsdbd gabon Tiiniiad crude petro
he Governor, Penalties for non- aidad, under chatter tu the Tiinidad tures. Ovtober, and will leave the same day for | Aha 7 Late Petroleum Co. y
tbe Mane with this part of Lhe Jaw | Lake Petroleum Company. attherate| The task of governlog India wlll be | New York, via Barbados, tablog cargo’ | yovrensive, Urituh steamer, Davi
Santo nee at ve Pe day “during of $400 per day each. These tavkers made the easier if we on uur part | Passengers and malls, Zizstoas, Boston, part of inward ay
which the breach continues, Every pete of crude an gbton awaiting care infuee ate it a wide element of 4 Frodenck =! oyland and 400 tons bunker qoal Dy George #
- 1 - syn ” jaton
Peraon ieeoned te rectally, none abobeide the eoun ie se tances Te Exp wlence. has show 5, that even in 3 nt New 2a ee Pete eee ba uate e aif
: tnuotsly and bone Bde, subject toa eee ee ee cae he other two Pee a tiontatad Speridcwide Ltd.—Agents, cnacg cltrate of jie, Zeases wine, 7

penalty of £0 per day The Govern- ave ancho: a few hundevd yards AMAICAN The as. “Jamalcan” is eases bitters, 100 bars patatocs, Hi) bags
ment i to have the right of pre T prom tbe nies eee the bet infannes ee ee ee a oor e} ‘due bere from Léverpool via Harbadoa | Venezuelan coccs, io barrels atarch, 300
ex ption of all crude oll and products. Pion fF can get, the Trnidad Lake lowed b dininution in the | 28 _oF stout Buh October procvedin: tous bunker coal and 41 pawengers. Ly

. at & price to be agreed upon with the | Lelroleum Company had several lerge lowe it yf Aunlout on in afterwards to La uey ra, Pto Cabello aod Hoyat Mail Steant Packet Uo,
+] owners or producers. log opr producing wells durlog the early part sonable to avsunse that ihe n sgieet Curacag, taking caro, powengers ah Has Antite Beta team cr arken, 1309
mA De ment an arbitrator fa ia be prointed of the year aod had on storage about by Great Dritain of one of the malls, Uf quarentinepee SS ——___— ae 227 pleces IWnibel, bean Sine. 16
by each party, the arbltratore dting | 100,00 barrels, Four ontive steamers piost important forme of national e . empty puncheons, 13 packages sundrica
power to choose an umpire in view Or | were chartered by the Philadelphia advertisement would be equally Trinidad Line of | Sud 4b passonger. Ly loyal Malt

ible differences of oplnnm. Of the | office of the company and most of the detrimental to her interests asa Steamers, bdteam L'acket Co.

striking clause In this b aft ol on stolnge was tiansferredto thelr manufacturing country. TROUDAD Suirrixe & | Manscas, Uritish steamer, Kirkby, 1,850
ordinance 2 refinery at Dayonue, New Jesse ° % tons, Gren: iu tone Trinidad crude
di ie to the effect thas afer y yonue, N ¥¢> In ie Majesty's mewage to Convo- Traping Co.— s08KTS, ada, 39 Bini di

eR na Mi, stk.

the Government bas publict USA. During the tine this oll was Lake Asphalt, Si bags Trinidad cocoa, j
cation last year, he saids— RENADA.—The oe. ‘Grenada™ of sages vows, 2
that it ta desirous of ee being transferred the ppodactoog well: ‘The foundatlone uf national flor ‘the Trinkdad Line will leave New wD tas eee bays at bans \
permitted bo export crude oll. or pro- 4 betaine plugged with ‘sand, for with are sot in the home of the | York for Trioldad vis Grenada onthe 34h | coconuts, 6 "renada covonata, 130 t
pete i tees the goods have first been has ‘xen Orbea itp Joa. fant 9) peo Ne The will pnty, rewaley Gowler uit and ig due to arrive here on] cusca and 1 Balt cawen, Aturontare bit ;
ered bi wernment and the ,, ¥ ugslaken while the faully life o TART! ” ters, LS hides, 24 bundles aod 5 bales
olf to the Movers: days the weilaof Brighton bave never our rece and nation iv strong, ee ees ee ert act thins, 25 bales lulata, 8 cases balsana, J ‘

Government refuses to purchase or Fail, properly finlehed, Ret baviog— simple and pure.

does not accept the offer within seven | ory eng nd should parkages aay te teed epics and 34

for New York via Grenada on the Fith posneniers Hu jad Shipping and

loose, cavlug?
days. The penalty for etporting coo- B + ___ | October 1011 and is duo to arrive there on .
tory te this regulation ls £00 for have senpral engi of, wire wood, Ist November 1011. " rading Go, Lids .
cachroffence. The Governor in Coun. | Pelorsise, Hope 8), San vote wever, | MOVEMENTS OP STEAMERS, | (SMQWN OF NAVARRE, ” The tr) | Ureraxn, Swedish steamer Iiervon, 4
wer of decidin 1 Urowa of Navarre” of the Trialdad Bis ton. 1} c
ait hasthe further po 1s i bat duti : 1,514 tons, Buenos Alres, cargo in tran- %
ihe place of shipment of ciude oil or the fact rene ne ne utlom = the Line will leave Trinidad for New York | alt, iz packages pbipa starve and 175 |
products and of preecribiog where inonths of July an Angust iL, olf Tha Boysl Mall fteam Sackeb C0, ~ | direct on the ard November 1911 and is | tous bunker coal, ly Gordon, Urant }
f. oll in abundance ab Brighton wasa . due toartivetbere onthe Uth November?’ eGo,
ffineries and stores shall be erect Kea Paps 3. 4
+ 49 rolous factor. ‘Ihese wella have now BS 4. vit tnauta, Yrttish eteamer, Robe 228
\ td. The Governor Je Covoell hin | been cleared ut end the prodortion Kokite woul ace. ihe Tonden “oua'New York, it" packages ‘ebl .
powe of the Trivid. # Petroleum Com- oninkiljke , 2 the Londen J iroct aad ‘WU tons bueker cos Dy
‘ penalties; and the Supreme Oouth | oo snow about 700 barrels per, day. , G Grant & Co. Ltd. ’
. { which i to enforce es ethers a geat effort is being made seven qiische Maildienst ine of pieamers Baswiane Gi, Usitlsh a! Georra, :
} ® may nN Camo ered a large producing busts, Ab present a Kova po THE New OoLonjau Wicca, Oreasta, euudry mee =
9 be pul lown oF removed. they haveone Paiker rotary alg and —~ AGEN lap. Aaunts. chaindive and 3 pasacn ors, i
Concerning the roost recent develop J ine standard rigs running ‘night and Mghp Jaxe BEavice, | CYTATIA.—The as. “State” la dug bere | leannt, Venez, Caniepho, ¥ tous)
rents by Ev els companies operating da e } PRINS WILLEM ILE -The | foyal from Londou vie iarbaloe Gre Cristobal Uslou, sundry packages mere
{a the fland, the folowlog particu- y: Dutch Mall steswer “ Prius Willen [ nada, on or about November lst proveed chandise and | passenger,
8 1 rset ine! | or ie Tnsiied lake Tviroieum Corn: , sur aaa ub Gutber jolt peomeding | paseenpervand walleye ve FR
- ie
4a, MaRINE SQUARE, OTe ei eLide Drought, th a | pany, artived ov Trinidad with bie | afterwards to Faramaribe, Havre SAL TUT A rhe a Hatytda’ wit al CLOSING OF MAILS.
a) ; wmping well oo thelr property at J son and anew superintendent of deve- Anslerdamn taking carye, passengers 1D oa oh aga = Rovembes, tng ‘Mails for Vaarbedos and New York bythe
Ei dept ef STC arier oly sisteen | sepremter, tne Pattee rolary Mh Foitin WHeLuAL IV TheTioval Daten | A TUITANIBTAN the an Atghanke |g Vamuet will te soned on Sauredey
Lifts of actual dzilling. This well | arrived and alvo 12 drillers, bringing Miele rie vi drarawarite | festiles nad Granada, om of about Ish | Closes «62.30 p.m.
irst and Fo remost. was, produc og ee wine pee thet! punter uf ds Ulere a idylitans ad Demerara on of shoal Ob November Noveuir.~_ proceeding tierwande te Rails or, bieslataun, Gosdeloupe and j
DG ’ * Nane Ne a bo pstoraze tank, Diilliog was | Parker rotary six are on oxder fer the gees waa Guayra, Pio wi ‘om pare. | me ae Faureiay, the wah lust, at te J
(HOVOLATE ANDECOCOA rOeD . yiited oa their well 16 about dist} company Vreeklent Mack hasieed Curacao. Shegpel Ase Gey Part ag | ee cnceenes | au. preolecly Heguiratlon atv
August, with » brary stander “ig. orders to the seek that preduetion le Prine aad | Sew ot tania cErgU, Opiidren that ats pale nicky aud yor | oO
pl Is lowe « . paser: 1 oH us cf 966 Lr eee
Fiwat 1m Quelsew, ek eet dhe bard. sbale fremation | drilling fate be cats 1 on wight and Deine Wi ee the Hoel Dutch | ikl appatite, aud w ‘appeat int wo] Joints thet maples chad “ase
Pavet im ewrioes, wiich was encountered at 45ft. At| day, continvowly unUl es safe produc Mall “ Prins un I let uowrlslivent from thefuod they eat are | drawn oF et pare be tepeted
o : . Wiwest 12 Mweww Akome. tbe tine of writing the well was about Gon is aesared, ae bene Tub how cular wai, “ eodin sary guiterty fra oS rithm pit LULA ie ae” bis im
1 a ee re fi t ren:
wm PRE, ae Ste vorth Ra . eed Dipl ms ty gilt Cexedio BG. buat Ojeda Hay bad Leguo ns Rraniernty ak lug carey, passengers ord wets take our Heel and ehe roay mative aud eee boltle. “ ec peo.
~ + active oprratio: a * mails, . the he: ‘
Jorated about four i ju he cheap nee a roe HINS WHTEM SN The Hos Dutch ius ts tea te obtalved whe tesale and retell Py cuail from Mewas Swith Br:
, tg * ed t four sites fros Tats: the « * of Mather Groves’ py by erful ee perhottle “ Pheer pro E duets may be obtained Hiholesale, and
ALBERT LUCIEN & co. quite, on what ts koowa ae the contrel | Werm Batesp rate: pate ot within Mail bteame: Pros Wotan Vie P from Miners Saath Brothas & Co Phe Pine Hong ae Orig Sturn and all
x, ~ Cocoa and Chocolate, Munuyacture 9 goilcline of Trinkled Ubey bed built} seach of all, ard teen be out at any due bere frou: Arunterdan: va Macumaribo | fonunze Pug stores aud alt the hading Paating Ptounue & Uarvughent ee
na lotg FH, Poltcl Spal. Thos No. 69 aconiusoy burt ley road, expending « divggiet’» aed Demerars wu i sovut a Novetubles | Pharmacies Uuivughvat (be bland, saband, *