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Port of Spain Gazette
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Port of Spain Trinidad
Port of Spain Gazette
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w and Jellies.
Straw Hats
Duncan Street.
a Ex “Indue” -to Arrive.
Guaranteed 4 Lbs.
lull Futí 0:
â–  Wessels Bios. & von Sontard,
70, SOUTJ=r QTTA-'Z'.
uiing ft Go.
Thayer's Laxative Cold Tableta
Trinidad Building and
Loan Association,
look; i
all sh:.a_:o:e!3
11 wr
Tilo Rosary is a
if genuino doIigliL
lb. H. ^ LYNCH
500 Barrels " Lehigh” Portland Cement, r
¡ROADWAY. TtltphoM 13
lokted Ox Tongues
rrodorick Street, . ^ "
Trinidad Manorial Lime.
Irai Ik UUrrix^
Tho Trinidad Shippingand Trading Do., Lmtd
Cough Specific |

The Bonanza
Brown Cotton SWEATERS,
While and Navy Salten
5 Dollars a Pair.
Jt>st Opened.
For All Saints'
Memorial Wreaths,

1,384 Bags Nagra Rico
308 Bags Yellow Dholl
50 Bags Green Dholl
50 Drums Mustard Oil
15 Casos Ghee, 1 & ¡ Tin,
Dried or Shelled
N.IS—Send your lo < ur La Basse Saw Mill' where
w. h,ve a Iirge 'team Shcllcr.
Reid's Stout.
Special Van
Gents. Black
BuCllf, BlaeborCu
io Square & C
Aljeautihil Ranf
Pink, Sky, Cream, Whi
VieuK Rose, Claret,Res»
French Grey, Navy, Chi
pagne, 37 ins. wide,!
24e, 30c, 36c,40c, 4
Also in Embossed Ohiffon,

ira» «< -' »■, -«BSR,
¡ IM.H4. I «Ii-I.tu . k,uuci“ltmI


tephens Ltd. “The Stores" Stephens Ltd.
At this Season of the year every one naturally takes time to consider which is
ancy and Staple Goods, Boots & Shoes and Groceries
Goods have been specially selected, and those who want the MOST FASHIONABLE and UP-TO-DATE GOODS
for the season will do well to pay a visit to STEPHENS, LIMITED, who are the leaders in

“ fCflCMlIB « mWK

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7 +( 32572)63$,1 2$%+76 žn8OL6,89 2&72%(5 62+% 2%f¬ 7KLV:HHNf¬V$UULYDLV 7KH %RQDQ]D 1(: )$6+,21$%/( W830' 67% $: +$76 %21$1=$ &(176 ')3$570f¬17 %URZQ &RWWRQ 6:($7(56 *(176 :2//(1 *2/) 6:($7(56 :KLOH DQG 1DY\ 6DOWHQ 5811,1* } 3$176 -"25 $7+/(7(6 ,1'-$-$8=()52; &5($0 &$6+0(5( 08))/(56 02725 :5$36 )25 *(17/(0(1 1(: )/$11(/ 68,7,1*6 6287+$// 3$7(17 6+2(6 7$1 :,//2: &$/( *)*5,&,2 'ROODUV D 3DLU ,1 %/$&. %2; *$/) 35,&( $ 3$,5 )5(6+ 6+,30(17 -W!VW 2SHQHG 62/( $*(176 60,7+ %526 t &' %21$1=$ 6f¯f¯-f2T7 '(3$570(17 )RU $OO 6DLQWVn $// 62'/6f¬'$76 ,00(16( $662570(17 0HPRULDO :UHDWKV &5266(6 t &52:16 )520 82F ($&+ 72 '2//$56 (t&,, )851,785( '(3f¬5707 &$67 ,521 0(025,$/ 7$%/(76 +$5':$5( '(37



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,%6J6¯L6S0O f¯ I&IO&0O,% m P:.


NO 9682 VOL. XXX

FOR RENT: Jj For Salo,
R RENT—Cottage No. 21 St UE sloop “Espiaa” of 15 tous.

bere dng aod cueg fone] 42h Gunma Mo eer te, wd eee coos] WARD PRICEGCO) Aes
ottonsers,” | Valuers, Betate Agent

offices, Water leldon the premises-— | Street -1 wk.—Octr, 21—1W. mystery which even Me Riker Sag-| 4 BLU FH OSE CHEESE

rd is unable to solve, Mer. Ma,
a ALAO =

Eix-s.s. Grenal

5 s BUTTER—Gt lhs, Net, 4
25/2 cB Do. 33 Ibs. ,
10/2 Bris. To, 120 jbs._,,
60 Oases Do, 4/254. Tins,

Apply to MRS. WORSKOLU-No, 16 OR SALE ard wae at Pretoria fn 1879, af the | ————.. 2e Accounianion
Regent Lane~Oct, 22-1. e {the battle of Tsandhiwana,
7 Ont RENT, ~No, 88 Belmont Circular x B: . Twelve hours alter the diater an ola SALE oY FRIDAY, OCTB. 27th.
a Bargain [ice sciriestt Be
& tna Cotenae ne geteaied ot | © Vounyer's Stout.

2 “AT, AUGUSTIN COCOA, | fight. So fiupressed was Nr. Heagand — . 1
farhttuse 'ESTATI yitesce fa the Ward of that be sepia lie Information to AUD PRICH & 00, have recived Biuenose Butter 80 Cases Do, 20/51b. Tins,
: '. “ 7 ls official saperior. patractions ‘ . .
oF a lalor Mea flelsopponiten Oc, 21—{m. Gaara Treau, Tha tate is well, watered. The ritieh official pointed out that | thelr Bale Rooms, 05 esern YOUNGER'S Int & WLa Tiss, Lestradie'’s |\Celebrated

BR RENT—Oottage No, 2 Wiaton

TOW sAan mx

~ of bs 0 remai it was im ible for the news to be | STOUT, Monk Draed, anpjoeei to oon:
(OR RENT—Oowtage No. 2 Winton tt Mocgeacees money my sia on true, aa Jeandhlwana was 102 miles jolt 7 Sos, in veoh sass. ey Also $00 Bags Heavy White CANADIAN *
t ne, rising drawing roony, —APPLY TO - from Pretoria, and no telegraphic or | * 19 Gases YOUNCER'@ STOUT, Monk And 85 Briss FATBACK PORK--60 oc;
ror Trem oom ree Fed roome. large A. A, WATERMAN, rallway communication erieted be- oupprwed to cmbala 4 des. querts | FOR SALE BP e _ pcs
an i Sith usval out offioes, also flower 15, Frederick 3 test, treen the ire laces, On the follow. : sock came, Sale at one o'clock: 15 ,- PIGS FEET.
Yarden Neatel $13, Apply He HL J _Oot.15 —1 om. ing. day omic cun firme lon of Reserve, ‘clock, T CEDDES GRANT 4

- ———_. it by mounted ~~
Yinina next door-—October . “9 | sToase who were despatched ta-

SOR RENT Residence No. 03 {North FOR SALE. nediately after the battle, aud tras Saturday Next
I Yast) corner Park aod Pewbroke —. velled at Lop speed all the way. Yet Oo, BROADWAYT,

Ktreea, At present oecupied by Dr) SHE following valuable proper. | the washerworuan'satory was true fo CCTOBER 28ra.

NOE ae Ree Om | L ticsin tho Town of Fortof. | Set7 ,, detail Hrom the’ London | _Portot Gouin, aa, Gouth
F ous No. AB Nelson Street, _—— A | WARD PRICE &CO., have received wale er bin

Avenue. Br Anat sally 6 No, 87 Charlotte street, instructions to sell by auction, at 0

t November, Kent moderate. # No, 89 Gordon Ftroct
secicaiers apply to I, J. Mendes, 4 No, 10 §t Faul difect,
coadway.—Oct, 20.--2 w, No 67 Muncan Stree’,

T —A Conage with every No. 225 Bol my
' 0. 225 Belinoat Circu'ar Roa],
F convenience for a srosil family. Sew For Pactieutar opr

erage fostalled — No, 16 Cdscoo Btrect, CHAEL HNC satire
Arey, to 4 Qeeen 5 reet, Port of Spal. Ww Queen Stree!

SON RENT. — Furalehed oc untae | Och l@-tw. Portof-Spaln,
Histce.getinessio- | POR SALE—FOBNISHBD.

rentiewan. Ap Mra. OWEN,

their Sale Rooms, the following House:
bold Furnishings and effecte:—
Drawiog room sulte, Louts XY atyle
sbogapy ‘onler, marble
” Sideboard P
o Round Table
. Table, large, with marble

4 in Oceastonal and other tables
2 with marble tops,

LIGHT easy-runbing “Surréy”"—
rubber tyred wheels, front seat
reversible. In first rate jer. Alea
thoroughbred sre * Nancy’ "Y
*Bkye” outof Favourite” rising
15 2pbends, Ket of harness for above,
in excellent condition, No reasonable
offer refused. Apply to Commander
Coombs H.N, at “Glenside” Tuna-
uns, or at the Immigration Office,

Gittons' Carrlago F.


2 Planos
The Beat Blood Bullder 2 Chest of Drawers

7 to . ——--
3, Sweet Briar oka Bt. Clalr.—Oct. —ve . Several good double and other bed | th October, 1011-1m,
13th.—1m, ‘ { ” and Nerve Tonle. steads, —_—— SS

WOR RENT—A pes little Oovege LASCELLES, 6 Wardrobes and Presses TURNER'S
i 2 wlnates well trom St. Aomaetta . —_———e 8 Weabslends —
> er 0 towo-— .
Gop--local traina ie atandanre to toeo- | Large Suburban Residence, Notico. Various lamps, pictures, electro plate, Eniployment Agency,
ae ety oe moe Ula | PATIT VALLEY, DIEGO MARTIN. | gate FOR TUESDAY THE 1TH pete glocerraige eet coemaber ° Al
Garl & Scherer, South Qiay ° ae neues malt from ‘ram. DAY OF NOVEMBER 1011, maeled ware, and many ‘other 2G Parice iit. Machado's:
ee ee e house situa’ on nm acres _— 18. —

[res catvnabte cottages Nev's Ling (9f laud, niove’ or" teye planted with Pie etercoe of che wstatey’ power of| BALE AT 1 O'CLOCK, orvostr# rrassren station. |COTGQARG & CIGAREY
. rult and cocoa, —
Circular Road) sntteble for it mall femil Apply on the premises, sale conferred Spon mort pages by the POR BALE.~ 315 acresot landon Santa | If you are out of Employment—Go A.
oF oer ye Tithe PI uy, ee October 7th.— ti . Conveysncing an Lawl | soperty Orde Cras Road, with about 400 cocce trees | to TURNEI Have eccured GULD MEDALS of the highest awards wh
and electrie service.” Vor oiter partienlais FOR SALE seerttuth deed Gr toartgage dared the | aetcn ee A cree trees of all se are inueed of aBervant-Go | MUibitel. Theoely CIGARS and CIGARMITES cereden
apply to the English U.kery, 59 Park s e Pineteenth dey of Ostover ta the yeat| locleded. The wholes afer at tol to Ar by the Jamaica International Exh

bition, teal,
Machado's Cigars acd Cigarettes are for suckers of caltare
+ i, Wirtavostip cet blending of MACHADO'S Cla

@ Woskm: a 21 ‘
eadt,be exaslled of eqasiied, x

Berect,—October 10b—Im.___| (vocos ESTATE AT CUMUTO. — fone thousand pina buadred aod ton (tople: J yrweris, Fer fee tee ubicalars-A op!
rok RENT. —That cool, airy upstairs Covon Estate of Liz) acres, situatenear | tered as Nx 9231 of 191)) ond made by be WARD PRICE & Coreg A le,
Hioure, situated ab the North-west | Cumuto Nallway dtation (3 fuiles), Rood Moctoo'ia of the ove part acd Maris BA x —Wotia
coroer uf Edward & backville Streets, | gravel driving rod to this estate. There | tamer of the other part, there will be Uascada, next to Lt, Oolonel rn
at present occupied by Myre, Hccles, Ane 7100 bearing Locos trees in addition | puyup for aste by pub'ie anction abthe lene Hesldenee hae aos jake
ithe edinirably ‘suited for @ large tre hand eehatetees ao, various stages In | Auetion Sars af the undersigned situate | fen St. Ann's tram. teratoma

family or for a Hoarding Mou: ene CONTRACLS Bee eld eee yorm Dome ot Tat No. 12 Bel it Vicceot Street, Ia the minus.

dle N
fitted with modern sewersge and all thee contracts are Tere nee pa tan be town of Port-of-Spaip,on Tacedey the 14ab Possession from lst November. For

ly to Warp Price
conveniences, Povsession Ist Novem | jands still 1 ti dey of Noverater s918 between ihe boas particulars Spl
ber. “Tteat moderate, For particulars tna ive) forfartber colt vation” There of eae and two p as all pod singular thet | & 0o.~ Sept, 23cb, - 1m,
to Smiru, Roventeuy 0, rt i fece on rarcel of Jand and eceos —_—_—_—

Aileen Street. Oct. spt for aa! fe. ‘There aro GosonHinutens Qua. Cleptation situats fa the Ward of ‘Taiere FOR SALE AT A LOW PHICE.
TO! =" sep cre, Animal and Cast, ou the Lata e | Io she Iatud of Tilol fad (bat desorlted fe —— .
FE ONS ENTCUNFUR NIGUEL veeee oot pee money on acoesaibie, acertsin deod i ad ind (Dak ¢ dated the PPER CAStUNE LISTRIOT — 41
tion oo Jat Noverwber, For partica Mort, t6
apply C. Haynes & Cu —Oe*. Th 19 Yor pettieutoe apoly to

NOH RENT-SIURE” at {Princes | E. Gh ANSAULL, ticiter, Port-of Spaln,
I town—in good business Jocality, or GQ PENLYN-BENNEST,
now vecupled by Msssrs. Wilson Ltd, at Cumuto or J'rinces town,
Vossession Ist, Jan. 1912 Apply to] Sept. 2rd.—im,
Murs, I’, McLean, Princes Town, or to
Messrs, Albert Lucion & Co, No. 1
(barlotte Street, Port-of- Spalo ~Oct


Reowrranion Fer -l/+
Oct, 20—1m, ‘

Ta the Sapeeme Court,

al ' < |

Ia tha matted of ihe. Etate vt Osslmiro B & J. BO MAOB
del Pino late of Gren Conva {a the LA TROPICAL, B


Ifyou contemplate being engiged, or if koow
who is engaged, you should met dorget me 4
6. DEHN LYE oO e3-1!
erences -

(Dont order from a catalogué which sho i f
tize of a locomotive flash Lg and only get : vera lua *
Afoney refunded if quality is not as pusranteod.
recnoregt ape fom the ration of SEE. WHAT YO U BUY. 7

poblication fo thls sotice the Cocrt wal ee ~~. . ~ ra
proreed to feaue Probate of the aiid , ; THE WdHITEEI

Q| oF zzz 4

BS cl

pvs-to NOTICE tu hereby given thas
application hee bes made to me by
Amelia del Pino of Grea OCouve of afore.

166 dayot Janney 1 tered as acroe with O00 peartog Locus
No, 304° of £605, a2 sitastead Gusico Vil- | trees and 5,40 bail trees, Cocoa buuse
lagein the Maoxsaollla Ward Union) coo-} with dwetling uuder; sweat buuse.
talotiog Ex,bt Acces be the same more! Ketate well watered. Low price to
or lee aod abotilog North upon lands for-| cash purchasers balf may remato ou
aurly of the Crown bat vow of lately ia | snortgaye. Apply to WaRD Patch
the ovcupation of one Kolly-Persad end] & CU,—Uch, 15 =

ilassanelly South upon the Trinfiad Ge] so:

rernael Railway line Bue spoo lad! ANNOUNCEMENT.

Hamed 6nd Chamso3 aod West apon the
(Gunvaseer, £° Comisisvion Agent.)

Eastern High Koad aod upo3 leads now
orformerily of tbe said Obsmroo which

Bs te toform the public that be has

opened an oltice at paduke dtreet and

Gran Couva Di ceased who died on
19th dey of Culy A,D. 1912 having ab the
time of bis death a fixed place of sbode
Gran Conve sforerard withia the Ward of
M_ g serrat the seid Amelia del Piao belog
the sole exocatrix named iu the atid will,
Aad sotics is also given thes if po

For Sato or Ront

For SALE OR RENT.—Premices
52, Macine Square and ¥. Heary
Street (° Peada’s Corner”) Suitable
for General Dry Goods Store. Poa:
session let Noveuber. Apply to P, L.
Prapa,-Oct, 6th, 1911,
Havelock Street, St. Clair. Large.
cool and comfortable residence with
alieries commandiog good view of

aaid piece or pascal df land is @ portion of
parcetif lend situate inibe eatd Ward
of Torare contelolog sixieen ecres aad two
perches gtented by the Crown to one
tram which graat fe registered to the
office of the Registrar Geuéral_of thlefis
Colony as No, 1003 of 1803, Together

to thesald Amelie del Piso,
Deted this 2ad day of Oc ober 1011,

Actlo Deputy Regie'rer,


i BALE—No 2, Edward Street
4 OR tatning drawieg and dislog rooms
2 bedrooms aod 2 drowsing 10s", pantry,
kiteben and water Gpatalre, slso Coblage
No. 43, Woodtuid Buree!, coutainiog draw-

epee Beers bedroom, sie aeen's Park Uricket Oval. ‘Kieetric wich the apopreenuaces thereto bel: ngtog. of his business and trom aie expert, la tbe Bupreme Gear of Trinkdad and
“Weeds seeds ee ple: USN aR, sires tome as | gar Ovetge i ibe far of Our Lal | Seemann gen aed Coudcre | wa acer dt
le e' i
is Spply at No, 20 Edward Bueet or to | ont offices with stabling accorminoda- | 91: ¥. J, SCOTT & BON, Prompt Settlement, Jellsa Bere: 9, late of is ed of Che.
J, A. Joxes, No. 10 Leary Bueet—Oote I tion for three borevs and 2 carthe * "Gort. Auo bonewe. Zero Muterate, grave, ta the otoresald.)
ter 38 h—Im. ages, Keveral trame pase the door. : October 21 Wll—sa-w, Zn,

UBLIO NUTICE Is hereby given that
an epptcition bas been imide to me
by Floreuts Ace Stemberges of Cha
guapac fn the Jelaod of Trinidad, for a
Grant of Probate of the Iasy Will cod ‘Tee
tament of the above-natoed Julien Serres
iste of the Ward of Onagasnss aio:
dated the Let dey of Febroary, 1912, whe
died on the 1s6 dey of May, 111, bavis,
at thetinorf bis deatha Sized plece a
abode ia the Ward of Obsaannee aloressit,
the auld Vioretts Ane Stamberges beta
the sole erecetriz name in the eal i W:
And hoilce Is stso giren thes of no
caveat is loiged Lefore the explratlon of
28 days from tbe date of tbe pablication of
tus motlos the Court will proceed to Lene
probate uf tbe esid Will acoordingty,
Dated this 25th dey of veptomber, oly
(349) ff. A. COLLING,
Actg. Deyaty Rajlewzar,

The Prejudice

WAT folks once beld against redyed
goods Is dod totus Wall-to-de
people patron we CLAMENS se fieely ae
they do the Talla—why aot? Cleaning
and dyeing have ag Bp abreast of
other acieuces oo mach 63, that Is be
sible to prodace s surprisleg «fect te
fabricn withut moch expense, The on):
Uhlog you mat do, bs to commaricace
Gircet with CLAMENS at ee Dye Works,

boos 35, or to tle a
pende and Coura, Areais, at Baa Fer

NU ~Cismeus sever ewplo erees
apd caly seadior wo k when as od te de to,
1 yenoss =mlicling work eodes

yror BALE.—Froperty No, 64, Park
Street. Alyo Property No, 101, St
Vincent Street. Hoqguire Il, Wood-
ford Street.—Uct. A—] m1. _
FOR Sale — 1K, Duke Street.
I Corner of Duke and Pewbroke
Btreete. apply to J. D. Secrizcn & Uo,
Oct. sth.~ im.
—22) A.res orest Lao
I nthe Caparo Valley, ove mile fru
Liallwey Statior, ia lots of 10 acres apd
upwards. Apply at St. Pasl's Pharmacy,
Corner Qaoes & Nelson Strcere,

Apply to HL Woodford 8t.—Oct, 8tb,

——SSSS___s ay

For Rent, or Lease,
S Cottage with dini H .
4 two bedrowmns, dressiog sears wi
gallery, out-offices, kitzheu, eervante’
roont, stables and ocarriave house,
Electrie light lostalled, newly painted
aod put lo ordér, large grounds with
frule te é&. bvol an bealthy re-
Heads Helmut, 6 mike oe ty
* ues — » Belmon twisutes’ from the
Port-of-Spala, Ost, Lowlm Se} trancar tent moderate, Iumediate
BALE, -25 Acres ot Land sitesi jun, Apply No, & Vark Stree!
+ on the Mamours! Valley Rosd, 13 Pols sept, vithelin. *
miles from the Braseo y Piedra Railway:
Abort 20 sores ta cuitivation by Cou-
tractors, Lelf of purchase moaty 6.u
semale on security on ssid lands o¢ Bret
clans security for whole amount accepted
on approved property within Montserrat
Ward, Please sgl wo V. i. LAURIE,
Brasco.-Hept. A—le F LAND
TUMALL vacast LOT OF LAND-=corner
5 wot Now Bueet ard Horde, ocar
the Savannah. Very cool and quies epot,

POF LAND~ No, 20
"Viana sisaembarce job small price,

TTAGE—No, 42 Daodovald
eee foctudieg lend,

Apply to PRIZOAR,


Notice, ———_—_—_=
ey . '
Sale, iPornoveuer ni. =|queens Park Hotel.

JUBLIO NOTICE is bers! vea that . ¢
rE la exercise of the stelneey haeat of Shar es Wanted,
sale conierred ups motgagene by the
Oovveysnolag and Liw of F operty Orde | Apply stating quaatity snd lowest
nened, No 74 acd contaised or implied | price to No. OW é'urt-o/-Spain Gusstle
fu w eestaln memorendem of inxigege | —Uctober 2b,
ander the provwions of the Rea. Property er ne

Ordinsoce No. 00 numbeed Odaeetis
ey the THISTLE CLUB to be held


leatrongly made oad hl
fete Lie, bent ght

if not found,a8

West Inde]
@, ae Wang

Terzrmone 615.

tbirtwth day of Bepiember ta the year one
thovenad vlaoe hucded acd len sad made
by Yhillp Pierre in favour of Mary Jane
nrg Wilsoa there will be pas up f«¢ stihe Prioce’s Building on FHI.
saleby pablio auction at tha Aus lonJUAY Janu NUVEMBEL Ill, Dance
Martel the um totigoed sltuate at Netto commence ab 8.20’ p.m. Loveya
12, Balot Vincvat Surcet, is che tows of beriog Bead in attendance. ‘Jickets
Portot spele od Tasdey the foarve nth au ’ obtained from Meee L, va
a ovemter ween boars] Nove ida, o decrolary ‘rea surer,
of ane sod two p.m, all chat piece of par | No. 4 Gordon Ntreet, ‘

col of lsnd endiocos plantation elieate in
the Ward cf Lurare ta the Leland of T:

(Smith Robertson & Co

Ex &.3, “ Oruba,’


Ev 8, 'Torgorm' from a as yore. a
1O,UUU ? Uerecune” MIRE BHICKM,

Er 8,0. ‘Crown of Navarre’ Srom


PRICE OF Aram sues em

EX 8,8 “SAl8

, ae

I C E ® Ball Twine Siencl
100 Ibs. = 24 cents] tebls tampa’ Eos

Table L Ensnem
Porcolain Mugs, Nelo=ay

50 Ibis, - 15 cents} 14+ :
Door Locks, Gale. £ al

25 Ibs, _ 8 eents COMPLETE arcck oy

hand & a perriting Preferred, 4
nh wriling elatiog expert
Bkvia" care of Lhe oftice, Gen ae

ANIED-~- blouse or Bay avg
t an ranted ta purchase.” Apoly with
ull particulare to 33" ay
Grectie. Oct. Bb. -Lw, |e SP ain
WANTED Drillers and Lreskers to
work at the Government Kastera
Qaarrie, Baveotilie. Vor full parti.
oulare apply te the Foreuan, ¥.
Quarries —Dyt. a tw. + Mastern
TeV, a. BENBZMS, late Manaserot
MM the Deneras lee tian ie ul ‘ie

the plas or disgrace aiteched to Ihe Crown
Grout to Joogresue Meharadge registered
in Volamce ACVIL, follo 83, aod sbumlog
North upon luada now or lately af the
Crowa and upon leads mow or lately of
Beltasor Hath upsa lande now of laie'y
of Lesard Nawy and mpoa lands now or
intely of the C.uwa East upon leads sow
cr iele'y ot hs Crowe and apce leads aow ew Work.
or lataly o! UO BD! est spon lands o
tow oF lately Of the Crown and In. | 100 sesee OLAGMARUABINE Pak
torsected by « road seserved olsty Ilaks 'e Ne, 3,

wide, lozetber with (be eppartesssces BULTRORTS Arita and Sa Store,

Mouut dulace Hotel Madeira, le at pre | theta telesglag, wy

GACAO PL ANTATION pont te fbi cote tos J aand desiree {ta be Daved ah oreo! Spsia this thirtesath Br HATHA CINE whh ‘the Teuided Dye Worn nested

‘At Lalabs, (Arima Ward. of aay ous who may reyire biun Te ig | Say of Qoiober a We year of Uae Lord LIGA A, Hssules, ta boxes of 100 d 200 | Fetema Hot Clesaing—e Bpeotaltiy,
14 acres, About ‘ibus Use Nola boure leo Willing to aoospe, Une Post oa bead yi), ¥. J, RCOTT & BOY, UBLENDUKY¥ t's Cocos Masry
willing to sell. Goccs Bouse, quay can be suas at tbe odie ot ibis “Garts Anuianre | med to tries by Sony Somer CR 0 AH E Y
pay \ Pun Kod &Cascivg’s bres hand ns ene
CACA W“Obtes 16 Hen Feraacude sous, | Without Rival | yy 'pedite Tansee, ais avo

1 AURES. yrepoer end typi. Unly thow wih | ALND 2OUA WATER OND “Phuye$ PEAL TO HIS SUBSCRIBERS, 1 MONEY

. ah New vidense vious buslpess vaperteace a 19 Drom BULPHURIO dus skis
Siguars tae Ward" Welw fos any eg BEE) cas dia cat le, legume Pon] LAr Pata ei Be A etity eee
" SCH/OLSGIY & HOUSER, Ar deartee ObheeeDeir Ib. wavs Laldupy PUWbMODA FAUlORY] @a Pepaw i wal, Eauig A? MSF Te He oheatiowm crag Ree ek Stee








NrALO Ceres STiyk




. AND Is

Use Nialocin-Digestive

or yapepsis, Indigestion Aéidity -f the ~t-mach, Hoa thurn Intes-
F we Pditesti aero starchy dys;ep-iay, Fermontatior of rool
~~ Headaches aud ail -rrogularitios of une § igesive an
Naleointtligostivel. a oecilic upration, cumpsssluf imal and
Vego'able Digestive Agents,
Buy wtortuy of Mam coin OF qgeativ +.
Tt deus tet oon ata varco es, purgatives, or injurious drugs of
any kind
it convoris thad soluble stara y foodsfoto roluble sugars,
aryosts the fleshy portions of fod including meats of all kinds, egys
7 cheesg, milk, ete, into soluble substances.
retGe Cue Bhilling

can Dray & Tradiog Go, 190-133 Pearl 8t., Raw York

Te inter Amedican my bo Sbtataed whotesals and rotail Merchants
mith Brothera & Company. ‘Ilha Bonanza Urug Stores and all the
Jetting Pharmacies througnont the Island

Stillman’s Freckle Cream,

~-AND- -

Asupply Tust Received by

WwW. GC. ROSS & CO.,

Colonial Dispensary.

Just Rococivod

A full Stock of * GLOVERS PRE
PAR AUIONS. | Free to Dog fancier +
—Buvkley ou Dineasts of Dawe aed
Howto fedby H, LAY GLOVER,
V.S, Hole Amentator ha Weee Ludi s,
The Royer Pu siuicy,
33 Ubarioite 8, O,postte kasers
Mark t-Oo.vbs: 8 a—lin.


The Royal Mail
SteamrPacket Co.


ee ian RVG “Treat” te due bere from Soutbampton, vis

5t. Michaels (Asores) and Barbadow on Tueeday 2b Octobur’
gud Welt lowve tbe sain day for New York, via Pio, Oobunbla, Uartagene Onlon!
Jamaica aud Antilla (Cubs), tekic gst classaud deck passeugery, cargo and

The tender will loave the Lighthouse Jetty, Queen's Wharf at ¢ Pm, with

paseengers for tbe * Trent.”

Jet Clase passengers ary specially notified thet » baggage lighter to be dea-

atched to the outward mail will leave the at, VinceatJetty 62 pm on
The day of saillog, aud passengers ore therefore requested to eee that their
Laxgage fs sont down belure that bour.

It ivcomputeory forthe baxyage of deck passengers to be fumigated, and a
special lighter will leave the St, Vincent Jetty at Vawm., to take their baggage
to the barge for fumigation
VpALANIIA—Lbe .3. *Dalaotia” iedue here from Veocsuelau ports o2
B Monday 2rd October, and will leave the next day for Grenada, 4, Vin"
cent, 8t, Lucis, Domini Monteerrat, Antigua, Nevisand St. Kitts, taklog
pageengers, catgo aod malls,

‘tne oder will leave the Lighthouse

Jett, ueen’s Wharf at
passeugers and their baggage for the " Beuzues 3 rt at G pm, with

Cargo for the "Belactio" will be recelved only upto4 pm oo Nondsy the

Zed Octoder: y
wwe dO %. * Berbice eave Gere un Luesday 3
October, for Demerara, taklog passengers, cargo, acd mails, iy

tail be tender will leave the qoubouse Jetty, Queen's Wharf at It pm., with
passengera and thelr baggage for the “Berbice,”

Cargs for the * Berbice will be received only up fo fp m., on Monday
the rd October.

KA io 3B. ** Atrato ustere tro New Yours, via Anulle
A (Guba, Jamaica, Cartagena, Uolon, and Pto Colombia oo Monday
Uoth instant, aod will Jeave the vext day for Southampton vis Barbados,
Ht, Michaels {Atores) aod Cherbourg, taking passengers, cargo and mails,

The Lender wil leare tbe, Lighthouse Jetty, Queen's Whar, at 4 pm. with

ors for the

Pe eeeogere’are specially potlfied thats bezgage lighter to he despatched to
the homeward mail will leave tho St, Vincent Jetty stl pm ,onthe day of sail.
ng, aud passengers are therefore requested tu eee that thelr baggage ie sent
be before thst hour,

ERD rk a ue ete Fre drow Denmerat
B i eiay let inst aud wil! Jeave Ube sameday for Carupano, Painpa.
tar aud La Gusyra, Laking pasvengers, cargo and le,

The tender will lea ‘e the Lighthouse Jetty Queen's Wharf, at 5 p.m, with

the ** Berbiool
pamengere ane lighter leaves the &t, Vincent Jetty atup.n with baggege-
for the * Berbice.”

Carga for the" Berbice” will be received only up to 4, on Monday the

Cakes Mth November,

oe rujce ity ej

The K.8, “Caroni” will leave here ou Saturday,

taking cargo for Have, Loudon, aod Continental Morte,

Bext Sailing to Europe. Noxt Sailings for Carupsno, Pam-

Bist October nena and la Quayra
“ ATRATO” rehs Ne anivtn G : ++ Blt October
THAMES, th Nowe | DRADICR eteNowts


lesued from Trinidad to Southampton via

¥iret Chee bie plalded oF los tera for an loclusive fore of Egy en” SoTE
aud bac tickets are available betwoen New York and Kogiend and vice verea by
Theve ofthe Awmestcan, Atlantic Transport, Cunaid sod While Siar

the steamers
ines, Jlable for 1 monthe from date of leue and porn

ott, tistoed to ecak (he voyage ab avy ural ports touched at on th. tnigilon

Fob If fare

Ublidreu | 01 Teese tiekela are lovurd st au exclusive charge of £86,

18 years ball fare.
er urthor particulars apply at

"Marine Square Port-of-Spain




Se ee






‘Will shortly be on Shows



‘On the mountaios 19 frecdom' the
breath of decay
Never suilies the freali flowing air
Ob ! nature fs perfect wherever we stray ,
Tie wan that deforins it with care.’

Widely Srterepersed throughout
with diversiformed rivers, streanis
and etreamlets, each meandering in
sensuous wise yet creating tributanly
marvellously-pretty networks of ver-
dured banks and crystal-labyrinths of
1uoning-water; all-productive to a
tegree boastlog voluptuonsness; suck
ling the sensitive ind and ineect
life therein creative of janumesable
kind, aud of shape and colour infinitely
beautiful ¢ rich in enre timber se dear
tothe beart of the skilled artificer,
and of other singular diuhineation of
fara equally exteemed but for ther
peculiar otnehemal properties, aod
worth,—and prone, withal Us foster
that highly soothing and agreeable
element of) perf? ensea oof th aight
whihthehama « oo roibleder ves
voraclously devi ke wise pn ibes
areedily, aud witch we ofthe Aiter
rane tate of the yi tug of Nature's
voodness asof Right's Biction. both
fi magnitude and superanbundance of
foliage—the deneel y-wooded and mag:
nificent foreate of Trinidad, fn inanoet
same, abound tu that pretemtaguree
ance oof undergrowth, — wherein
dwells supreme every vatlety aud

redtneda af vegetable forusl Thus
fina Nature permilteus fortunate ones
hare, not ouly to revel in Her all-
serene profu-fon of the Troples, but ta
gtory in thow given beneRite increased
by the pleacurable tnowlydge that,
comparatively speaking, no where elee
on tha fa ouf the Giole 14 there to be
foundsthat “ Open-Hind" In greater
Measure or asupeior generation,
spontaurous or othe wises and wheres
fore even uneasiness of tnfad excited
by the superfecundity of other part or
Parts of the world 1a happily alio a
missing quantity! Yet that ultimate-
beuse of the Iinfinitely--beautiful and
serviceable, sc lavished and graciously
pire. for the tepecial benelit of man-

tad. and more especially tndeed for
the Needy of us
little apprectated. by the Great
{alort’y: at all evenfa! ‘ouchlug
but lighUly on our Piant-life: 8a pro-
ductive aud profuse ta {t, and magnl-
ficent of form and of, growth enerally,
thatit must, fursooth, be quite a task
of difticulty not only to differentiate
the Bryer. bat to place each In ite
pert cular order of smerit,—even to
he Student, Moredver, [am not
quall ted for the work, and * diferent
men ditferent minds,” Therefore f an

mitted only to touch superticlatly

he subjact: In polot of grace and of
lewauty of form. | certainly give the
premier face (Tt waa about to record

“the Pala”) to the Joftiest and mort
lately of all vegetable forms:—
Qur Faln, which, go where yor
will Yhroughout the” length and
breadth of the Inland, are to ft. seen ia
Vast numbers * holding thete own *
jo juxtaposition to al} the other
countless and slegant Rrowths of tro
pieal countries here with us! The
second place | willingly concede ta the
cry ploxenta division; such as, ferna,
fitchena, fungt, liver sorts, mosses, 65
kindred ‘other,
wi-ely recorded: * Mountalosarethe fal.
toarka of the world * soateo, Inmy bur:
Uleopinion, may these sensitive lovely,
and inevery waycharmful growths be
considered ** The Mantle of ths Afaun-
tains” ‘Ta mention but a few palins
which I consider the most lovely, there
are Ube Sago palms (Syons rsvoluta and
Ayous olcinalie the Fish-tall (tsyota
urens), and the sevforthia elegans,
Yhrinar jiata, Livtafonia alfissi-
mum, Livestonia jenkinal, Verechag-
eid aplenuiins, Hysardes trudion,
Frichaniia pwifca, Pha nie dict,
fera (a low-spreading and Leautlful
species), Latinia bor'ouloa and Lath
nhs planondla; Areon lulesena and
the dea betel (the latier the Lstel-
nut palin, as the name denotes). These
are used procipally for decorative pur-
and are bat a few of other just.
pietiy and graceful With respect
Breat foreets growls, aad to
& few outy, w my wiad the
valuable the Oedar

uilotata). Halats

muortals, ie 66

As some writer has

! oe
parph rats), Bink tal

pinta bucerae, i aiacalre or Agus
So atl peices
mnntve j

— , =
Heyman’s Butter


ateckium} aud many others indeed,
the fn ranatc values of which are be-
ond queation, the timbers won from
them peltig, not only pecullarly dura-
ble, and of grand effoit, for any lie
of. butiding-work, but more especial!
cablnet-making where a fine finieh fa
eo very desirable and, with the use of
them, always assured. Tsay “ aasur-
ed " advisedly : [ have myself had the
Treat eatixfaction of working all of
Frese fine rooods, and tan only say that,
to the true lover of the Sate and Plane,
one need but to remain in Trinidad to
experience every pleasure of the fas-
cinating, tnstructive and remuseta-

ships coming to Canada should have
the option of discharglog perishable
gools, nay, from the middle of
November to the beginning of March,
at Boaton, before going on ta st. John
or Halifax, *



For the service between Canadian
ports and Baibados or Trinidad a
timtlar cliss of steamers would be re-

uired to thoes serving Bermuda and

Amaica. They should have aceomn-
imodation for fifty first-class, aad a
himjted nnamber of second aed third-

S h 3
Since tho firm of Pnilip W Heyma

year of 1907 introduced its new system or

Butter in tins through the ingenious Butterpad

machine invente {and pate wed byfthe firm, iwa
tu all parts of the wort has been increased by")

clase ogers, and should run fort
4 Paser . . OF
tive pas wert Abd pur, Orch tiene = night a Nhe’ Betttsh alle | for less than 450/, AN the alvantazes obtained
Orchida wor have eee Dediee Hatbade havnt Lives pool overs feb this new system of packing tutter (a system y

slipper” (Stanhopia gran tflorea ; tbe
“Monkey” (Cortenthes miscranths 4
the * Diagon-fy” (Gongorm macult)}
the © Cedros-‘we" (Oncidium —_tan-
e@anum)sthe “Conmon-tee"® “ Quci-
dudin ta ufem) the (lucious) cluster of
the * Yellow-tue” (tercideuie gemplec
tum}; the “ Virgin" ¢ pide eum
fae rennmiy the Monk's Hook”
(Vat setan it do tatam) awl last bat!
ot by any sueins Ube devant di edi

Viiday, at 3.30 par, would, in sunnier,
arrive at Renouski the followlig
Thureday, and arrive at Halifax the
nextimoming. They would atrive at
Harbados the following Wednesday at
Opim. The Inter-dyland eleainer would
leave at Gawn. Thursday and atrive
& Tiinidutat 8pm. Leaving Trini
Tad at San Pruday, the maile would
atte: at G-orgevawn, Biiti b Galana,
rat 7 am, Seunday, or, in fess than

is not and caunut be utulized by any other D
firm) are tu be seen from the circular, wh
alteched to tach tin of JLEYMAN'’S BUT
The fact alune thit by the named system -{

absolutely preclu tea that che working peophe
ennai Seceaaaeaearan canny :
touching the Batwwr uuring the process of

tale, the Wacverfly’ tnesdoum © Werner, have feu vi 1. The sh eee
popiy OF Wier gowtba of tnflaite woh remain “ia Georgetown F e whereby th i
, h where 8 ‘ p
cluntey he aie n Calf ray «nage te alow the merchants e y acme of clea sliness and hyy
tater (hodiszuess ¢ ce cays and ag wer th ip malls. ¥ hei. i : oa
then the lovely Demtiahix & the j “ir it the uitabeubeides it fe asminal, reached, is now-a-days in all civilized cou

| would come from Canada. Birbad
if aclected aa the West Indian terminal

Evidentrunsa, the ¢ aitleyus aod wany
Others ‘ou nymerous to wentiu. But

Supreciated oy thy cousam rs to sucoan exter

speclat reference anust be made of the ut, would b.
lad os - M mn ald pe bably be expected
and 4 he” eee ed re Poet ute approsiately £10,000 ——apatt frow all the other advantages unYMa

eran The other West Indian
Wanda ant B atish ssulana, would pro-
hably be eallad upon to contiluule be>

ted apinta Santa or, Pacwt tas bats,
ane oof the tat beanifa. fe adie
Cfthe Piss fauily

eULLtrt is dffcring as to quali y and fs

vehi legeovin § tween thes £33,000

1k f 1y tl tt f : M Pe annum “ ; ' =

thw he “awienwe fil andthe fuwants uperati ng Ube fast interwland the prefgrene is given ty this brand, the ud
trbinus vehi Aud what of our Perper ee Dauish brand a i

Geta ane obit mae Sthant et] THE GUBAY SUSSR GRD? oy ae and in atten

extenalvd of Lropica: t 8 gund ebcubs? . HEYMAN'S SUtTott is to be had io

Mesars, 1 i Ga ‘
of thig Mejer, the wel-kowwn Gaba oederice

first class stores, hotels, restaurants, in thé,
penger steamers velonging to the leading 5

Companies, 1n first clasa hospitals, and in all’
plies where a nret cass, pare and delicious gas

There latter may be identified radily
by thelr leaves, which are divided, |
or pinnsted, almost their eutire
leng ha, andof that rich datk gieen !
onty Wo be found fu humid fattivudes,
And of our Buds? | Lut

tre ‘able poswexlon | would write at “4, o ° °
some Tengiby, i oe &, at pent inv bat expovia iftuger from Oulot et of the uf wutter ig appreciated. .S
c ‘ 6

forests bere covt? Nothing! What upto Ney Sle ot abiey wana me SIKBrHE NS, Ltd,

benetit would the vieltor derive? Thet tethe serme with the sanie date of CKONLY & Lo, eo

which all the meuiuioes koown could the previougtwo years The receipts ‘ .

not create “ Peace and Huppiness11)" at all the ports ansount to Lito FOR SALE AT J. kK. QUUVELA, i:
se Ted he ne eset Hoe ne MN 2

expected for ome weeks thet the W. 3. RUBERD3uN, Oo,


crop thie year will final

about the wane quantities a Te 1k
As against 1,318,000 tong tons recelved
atall the ports to May blat thls year,

dan Feraando,

Sepa 1th—Jm, oY -

We take the following extract | the recel pts at th “3
frons the Ca ang Vout india were 1.615.000 toug tone or Bay nk
Magazing t= tons lews this year thau last, at the

The Initiative la ptoviding better sae
steaiiship oonnectione betwe n Cana.
da and the West Iu tles will, of cuuree.
have to b: takea by the Dowinion
Governments wad the iret ste; ep la to

verlise for tenders, todicating the tonw Cardenas conies vecut
nature of the services tequired, For tatal tecelpls Of LED baa gree
the busiaew- between Canada, Berniuda 174,000 long wns, ‘and Manta ub
aod Jaualca nothing less than o comes sext with L18b00) beg
weekly service ts worth considering. shout 161,000 long tons ‘The new'ene
Th sbipe should be of & Wy) tons gross tion in the casters end uf the wl 3
iegleter, and the owners should be bed Gibeara. and Puerto Pad an

OF then t

ese receipts, Clenf
peuel. Jeads all the rest of the teeeigs
Og and exporting centies, with u tot,
Of 1,532.00 bage, or about 219,00) ir

to transport to Bermuda and Jamalea 172000 ba, . site, tewuived
4 un pluiuus of 0p tons of freight, Of the total receipts wet eg can |

ported, of which

‘anne alah went een tantte ports nora ea
of €2 for every ton abort of 100,03) tons to Odea Opeeeg, and zo
tonsayear. For the frult trade they the Cuban sugar prop of thi ae to

should” have @ mlaimuus cartyloy fa therefore Positively determine”
capacity of 5.0UTsteins of bananas, and The sugar factories tre rapid} eh ny

we equipped with the imoxt np-todate owing to the comlog in of th raing

cod storage, tel! ghould be stipulated beason, and it is fair to infer thavths |

2 u ‘
the various classey of trelght ‘are Tot cannot eg eet pagern ck New York

each vorage. Tu stlmulate thointerest’ were ex
fo finding full cargoes
very fairly be penalleed

fhe London Blecteia


to be hiher than the rates charged present grt uuuch comfort out of the

upon sluilar cla jon or out of the ero Oce winule from the * Four Reape!
aby Ae ape at frriahy feo resulta iu Uuba this year.~Zwrehunge, New Pictures every Monday snd Tho =
Jamaloa, thing sefo Loodqzu. {ie

mr ee ey


AT 5 P.M, AND 85) PM


y 4 Ye
seem || Tuesday, 24th October.

T « pamenger service ie capable of —_—————===
Bd fori apinent during the pean, Th
0 view, the vessels here is na
should be fifteen-kuot steamers wilh thatoan Oninpare atthe Tete
socourudation for s huadred fies Consuaptlye syrup in expelling fou:
alia = passengers, and a limited the systen the irritating geri nerd

Duuber of third-clase ngera We colds So gwedae in the af
* pansages, Jt
le to Le, or porn Tr
» Try

inay take it for giacted that the Is euleh tert y.
Govirument will etlpulate fur fire the cheap espertioent of sida
leans t

t Pauers la every twepeo Atat self of by using ft log your. / ‘
seg tel tbat ubey shail: fy Ube wich lea sluple - ty ecny ee THE RANCHMANS WOOING.

We ‘believe It will be tthe bwet sa voveane et elwaye be prized = LIGHT HEART VERRUS RICHER
lutereeta of toth Canada aud the West 7 ere" tuediclnn, LUN COWBOYS RW EETHEAREY
Indie Usat the vessels should have the Bae oe JHE ARK. UL
privilege of calling at Bovton for Fr APOSTLE OF UA
Daseugers, Luth ways. Purtber, or investment |
Filmaatic rests, W rany be desire —v-- n

sbvolutely » shat t 86.00%) rene owpenty (aot ber-
Sees meee THE PEARL NE ‘ ;
815.090 et. " . ECKLACE ml
Works Beemaere,st Mattes Gracey gu Cena Reotaat Oa" __ THE WITOHING “Ho k or Ye
Ci j
seach of all cad itnea wine ina of wot lees than dive,


ont ast Ape aN AMES uisg, <
wuegae “eBid a He United «My
Marea to Lest GEATS, ob NATIEM TY


ee NN Vy

ab . . Jw

a Talcuiimia Taraklizio. SC tn] ~SCSTENAD
=| Administrator Generals} *%,*9. ,. got HANI YE
Sales, ate. San Teaurance “8 | voyernment Railways

ibe opreme Conct of THtaldad and as Duce Fre to | TEMPORARY ALTERATION OF THE

a ny


Government Railw@

Hastartstisianed 1710.


s Pa Leet) Oe vo 8 imge ta Baokruptcy. me | nme mean is ITINERARY OF THE
he wy OD OE ra the Matter of ate , PNT, A tnorse STR hee

Meory Sylvester Adame—A Bankrapt |S Ten tae |S.S. “Naparima’

NOrICE te bereby given ‘hat sealed & wept T wn ae

t ° ”
Tenders will ta ‘ecrived for tbe a wet | & 8.8. “Paria.

* oe
bout tet factuding piidwents ie wnese wv wheved anes [Derrveh~
be strict Mourt, oi a ate Hpaee: i -
uned Bankrupls tenbrg, babe fon rE aot | PS A Me inewey toes
tae “4 “
warded tbe us de asqned oor befere | gy reers ned all ie, ope praptiy pratanty ed Wat! al Fevames FANE

the 29h dey of Utorer, lel Al - i h. gort ted ne
lenders to be ddrewed as filluwe: oO | i Fl ELDS une we ne , fet ce

‘4 “Hes 4


ee om


JS a
until furthor Notlee?

the Of, fal Yecsivar oBs Keap 0 ,| cevt —terwee cterae ecu 1

Pla ay en — 4 ADUS - currant tar op, ‘
late . ~ ag H dRY Stuy Stee ADA “poe got i wg’ wow oo fean e ! " vf 4 - pant
More Clothes and

conewene: . . Wed eed.) 2 bs staat—Nugteawne _
: Rev iucer. bled L 2 oy trated se TE or tt thacetes, 3 61 aut Uesal rea. —— _
Better Clothes The Ofte at teortve one a Ofte, Petty, 82 a tie ant—Lesee ferns
‘.. * hiw-oeif Ww ack pt the bygones or aay DB am tatectet Gvme aod fue

teoder, INGOME 690 nce caee L164 8S ofnea her the aan at
Dated thie 3 day of S pterber, 1011 | mmns v en eg 105.07 46 an a ee
Wok ov KaMNA TAN Ageot Thu sore oy

TAs we Trt ti Poewsewn of a



- - 1 tae

* Senger’ sdeans (a Pee Woman Th nded & s e Saariay, 2b negut~ Uead .

4 scr Bestag Machre enibler a Offlua! Heclver. “au Agent Port nt gaat unease Mi er's nu th re sa be no conuee fa for th:

seman ce te Berar ee alga oy —— sods 1 ‘rocee Town, Tab quite aod bavgr
ce tet yg ad cbuada tly eo oher ben PS.—List of debts, &e., may be ir- 90 Sen Fernanda, LW BONVUN 4 Co | Grande Line

atethriwm Peabcrmee fopet Mead
thes ete s Conde ter a fascinating
cng‘oyment aot p oftatle past ine,

Singer Sewing Machines |
sedtichatebte mang th a |

wpecied between the houra of 10} Kteo Veuantacaenen, hen 8°74) suo try, 99 nine aot Vaud ran, Fit
au. end 4 p.m, daily, except oa saa aAnmtmmomma Moad.), 32h tas-aut—dimea as Fri-
Saturdeys &, to] p.m, HANFORD’S |: Jas. , . ”

$ Tuesday, Stet instant = Samo as

TRINIVAD, . f im. saunders
To the matterol, BALSAM OF MYBRH Welneeday, November Ist — No
The Admeois.ratu-Genoral’s O.dinance , 4 : Steacmer .
Iw2 AN EXTEKNSE LKMEDY The 5%,“ NAPABIMA” fo oxrected

Between San Fernando, lotermediate Ports of Call, Codeana

(Weather and othee unforseen circamstances pereleamme



porarian and ;
¢ ro msame ber innecary, om Taarede DOWN. oF
aa ete er seake ante Wow DAW os BOAT fed Noveraber, bat ahoatt ane fail to Q N 7
Island of Trisldad, deceased, Snteatate. my the ria’ will opotinae to per:
; ° avetion SALE tan veumpay tax Sore Not sriniey ih 7 {orm ber service aa shown above. SUNDAY--88. “ Naparjma,” THURSDAY~33
i 19 SEN 1 AND TD OLIN = , ae
! msm Meret tomo Po Fin | EME SN. | San Feundo, dep 0.40 pm.| San Fermand, dQ
~ UBLIO NOTICE ts bereby gtven that It preventa Grangene, *" oth October, kt a Brae ; ‘ m0 LaBratet sina ot
- P there will be pat up for wile by sablie 4 Cieang” Old Sores, Brighton ep. 7.25 ., Brichto } de
Auction at the ollice of the undersigred, And H 4] Th B ig: n Be
sey ot Oneken 101, reieceu Tbe bo | t heats all Awh woints at ie om - » | Cedros oo 925 "s \auapo 7
. . ey tober 1911, betweeu the hours leacos are. 10.10 Cap-de-Vill
. } 60 M PANY Laocd 210 the afternoon. haman system or Dome tie Ai male, ta DAaqguidation, 2 AU, ” p ibe
AU and slogulsr that messusge acd rt o wh _ . I
5 WIN C MACHINE Jaad alsuate iu the Town ot Saa Fernerdo Wacd Gases" r] VIE undersigndd will receive offere in MONDAY-—8.8. “Paria. rots
k T TU. r Granville Ba
ei < No Sa and 25 Gctee Surect ead sbuttog | CUARANTEED (0 GIVE BATINGAO | sf, "ills uP ottouzit iit tor the | San Fernando, dep, 9,25 a.m Ced y
+ 14. Frodorick stroot, onthe North epos fonoeee treet oo the TION OR eae NOTHING purchase of * , (After arrival of Tratn) anere leaces
South upon landaof Krocet Charles on the ' jenta LaB 1 :
: " Ottee & nd onthe W . aBrea- ¥
Tore-of- Spain, Telephono—498 aes Teadecd Philippa Miley’ of Two SMLUH BROS, & CO THE BJOK DEBTS Bightea} dep. 10,40 ,, FRIDAY~gg7 08
: Pee tcttee ith cee baindiogs | TS | Ae 8 2, acres land at Whitelamds, | (yang 11.25 San F
Se —eeeeEeEOEeee sanded = tegether ‘onteerrat, an: . ” od ay an Fernand d ‘i
. ': 4,010 (£50 cach) whi iu Lo I “Cl Q- g 0, ye
f woerered thts 11th dayref O tober 1911, REVOLVER ea PSilmiag ‘Gey. Ld, Vekteuse | Cap-ce-Villo —,, 12.13 pm, (Alter arivalee
' : (oad) WoL J. KERNAUAN . . 1 (400 each) shares tn jo Lmprevisto Trois » 12.48 ,, LaBrea- ws
———_____Adiinisirator Genera (rN ¢ T FN ass Gree tree ints Feneteele | Granville Bay, -1,30 Brighton} dep
TRINIDAD, ral water chat emma |Cedros ate, 2109 | Guapo
t The Adm ta the mstier ot Ocds tained by application tg the undersigned ‘ N Cap de- Vill Ws
i 5 + he Admicistrator-G sncral’s Ordiasace at the Olfice of Ells Grell & Uo, No.2 TUESDAY —S.8. “ Neparima,” Ge-Ville 4,
N PPryy 102. . . .
x =6hRecent =~—Axr rl als: And jn the watterel cre eatate of alleen TUE FAVOURITE BRAND St Vinoeat Strst 5 ew. scort, | san Fernando, dep. 9 95 wm,| HOS. v4
shane 2 Latoof Moae-ratia the Inend of wre ed Trustee. I '’ P: a . Uranvilly Bay /
: wercracoserees Trinid.d, uecessef, late state, . w 2rd September, L911. Latreg ver atrivat of Train.) Cedros ar :
LUN Rate for Thuratay tbe 9b — FROM — TRINIDAD, parted dep. 10.10 “a
y s OK.” B RIT TAN Y BU TTE aucr Noreuber Jolt cctweed 1 Sud M It ® H 0 | La tue Bepeme soage ot Trialdad wav Brighton P 10.4 ” SATURDAYS Sa, ay
irki it be fa 2 rOps Un No16 £192 1Udpa » 104), 75 "9
: iin Firkins and Cases} Pero Norte pat’ Ys ete ty a p Jy * 1 ween Uap-de-de-Ville ” 11,00 ” pan Fernando, d
: ‘ ublie Auct 9 tue Oflise of «hs are It KEEPs UP ITS Ogver~ Plalatull tres roy 1LY0,, LaBrea Cer arcival of!
. a ned, boteof-spai, ou Tu a) wt ' . . »
eae * : — Vhdey of Nov wbor, 1011, letweel the > dhe, Admlul trator Geoarel—Dehad aut, | Gr inville Bay n 140, Brighton us
y Bvitish}jOleo Margarine wae inci ties ame | RE PUTATION pUuLtU SOFT se uty sire tur | BedEOS arr. 12.19 prm, | Oright :
- e ' he the a c BY 3 an + o> Lee cul 1
' “ i se 6,4 ibus” B d ae a * gecu ob d ‘io “tbe uvgreut Oger aa 1 tink Rive. Ree aaa 2 WEDNDSDAY-—S 8. “ Paria” Vap-de-Ville nd t
r Lwo Flags" and ‘{Omnibus TANUS | whetia Cow tirwe mguteed at dof Ward ot Bab Nope une Weey ta bre rojs j
f Vo. OCVILL tu. 443 of ust iD be Wer Standar a Qu ality shen ! ate de th het tt xreut + San Fernando, dep. 9,25 a.m. Uranville Bay we 4]
t . = 9 : Ef Mus comte die cue del ee: staid ed edb \ at) des, tbe (Alter arrival of Troin. 2 ¥ ny
“dJohunie Walker” Whisky. ‘Sly Gnsamdnsnecaceewer ye] Ke IEISUTR MENS [TRceh, Sao ue! Deke eI [LaBrea | gene yg | Sedros ath
» vad x pare Ing isuds hereby ute id . Ape, QlG +. tt wel, It mk Have, [vag Brighton ep. 10.40 h :!
‘ tam taes as Pw: - * ecnidet the canes beaters :
' Amstel Dutch Pilsener Beer, the vuudiuye eel at tonetes wie 1 ey EACH ddeucrely etarnatige Brant ot Br bee «| Guapo » $1126, ,
—————— Usted etroder ogee | GLASGUW STEAMER, | ptt Mitte Semele wit’ Tap de-Ville " 1ys13p'm,
“Aduiut-tiator-Gauer ——o——— bs nse d wetoc inal ou Tuesdsy, the | Fuls ‘ ‘2
. —— —— Admurtintor Gover Sold by alt loading 0 leraa a ty dey oO wove, ILI seedy the ms . 12,48 ” os o
Tela ' fq. | pRintoan. first ins, shopkecpors in all pa ty | Dated ver Dod y 10 tobwe, tL, Groovile Bay =, 30, [> a
(he irinidad Shipping & Trading Company Lintd ta the Bupeme Loare uf Tilalded aud] of § 9 volouy, every bute has ran a sulle wellecor, Cedros arr, 209 ,, a
lo the M ater of cork branaed “and eubossed cap- | 3.8—a «, rrr ‘
- The Adina aturssenees|'s Orhoince | wule —- UP :
ap .
— ———e > "a she Mattor of the Estate of eee SEEYOU CET THE GENUIHE rotico. - ‘

f by
Tyan of Friuidad, Dace ands Letentare REVOLVER” STOUT.

LL persone having claims agaipa: tT 1
Lhe above estate acre tequied 6) verd .
ju tothe uodersigued ful. pachicutire of |
the ssine veriii xl by aflidevit on ve bafure .

Friday, the b7tn dey of November, 191],
afvar which date noctains wilt be enter, Solo Agonts.

tawed. teot-Spet
Creditors who bud soy acarity Porvots eal

NY perwa having in bis \-
a eiuu DU vketches witb plates at
sacbeu, of the wembers ofthe Trius
dad Beuch aud Bar by Ar, Meiugut,
will ve wultuuly rarest ad. pan delive
wy of same Lo the office of thi .
devwber 10.b Toth. “Pepe

fred. duO oslt % sun

SUNDAY—No Steamer.
5.8, “ Neparima” 8.8, “Paria” *
Leacor, dep. 6.004 m,
Uraovilley * 30 4 dep. 2.20 pm,
By fon TT 9 303 4

FRIDAY-84, *%

Hard & Fool = aN

Power, Fa ee,

lcacos dog
Cedros 4
uranville Bay,

$3, 4 & 35 aon £ é

Ag hatesever must @ sha vstagot tuet Iruis 7.45 345 Cap-deeVille .
t 8" } ™“e secuilly and. prove for the d.itste.ey or SeEcDS. COMMISION AND olnPPING | LsirdeViie'y 827, 430, | -uapo 4
fe a .
i 8142 Monthly‘ Shae del en he oiled vr the A Baguwn) "oo 7 te » | Brighton-LaBrea ,,
HMeyments will be wade on Mon the i etree n ” Po, 1
i yOU UWNA 20h da of November, 1911, Vebacce the --foyernment uctioneers, San Edo err, 10.80, ° ran Fernando arr,


Sols Agente;


tours ef two and three in ibe atterscer, 7%
Dated this 2) b day of Os.ohsr, 11. One Hundr dr Seeds


«Connecting with (Dove not ne
‘the Train) with the Trains

{(Ovnnectlag wth oot
TUESDAY-8.8. “Naparima”



Parc 88, #10 Luch of the following trees


2, Blt, $25 & HIS. wee — Wanted By Royal W HNL8, ,
ate are hha 3 ee sgatie ui MLS. King gees Bay dep, 10.36 p.m, BB “Parla” BB. *
8 20)» : j ‘ OONTREVENT—Fouud at Mura- . ; von ‘ eed
reed bt at Agricultural aud Indus- val, Moruga, So - way aulas Firg A suranze Compaay, Lad Ca te-Vile mn 100 Grestile i. oon
‘ sy oge , Br, BLL cD 188, wUD Ces ” ‘ Bsy ” = ee
HENRY DICK—A Man You Know. trial Bxoibition — Yu suara aaoaque—crove an] fxPssssarte es tal deep ape BO em vig Bo ae
October Wth—1m. rp Geotsal Agricultura acd Indus Caparo, £c, ; and couutry at current rates, deghton-LaBrea,, 2.40 ,, Guipa le nae * “ i
Tobago will be held ate toe iged | LENNY -PikOR— Marine Insuranca Co, Ltd, | igang? ore 3 4U 4 | Baehton ass. A
ro Baliding, 308 Janaery to aed February, Known to everyone Mraeschur, , noecting with the Train.) an Ko'do, arr, 10466 4 On Pre av OF eg ite

EstTaBlisuxo ow ww .. 180R

THURSDAY—S.8, “ Paris“
Cedros dep, 6,00 a.m,

(Both Steamers vonueotlag

ee Pe AC A a rT
ae By Special Request.
Trintdad Kectric U0. uss DAC PLERRE

of Lire Btock, Agrcnlture, Hoiticat- | LAURIER MATAQ—Comos from
ture, Floriculture, Cratta de, ko, Io Guapo, Tabaquita fe
306 cleasoa

Office :—12, St. Vidcent Street,
Catalogues (va pisnd all foformetion | FPisecs commusicate iu wilting avd | --~=


. WILL HEP RAT to Lat tha Odile of the | sts at sure tine cherges to ° NOTICE, . .
ANE SELLING s AN EVENING WITH TENHYSOK” Agricultural Socitty! 4, St Viocen Muw Lo tu N _ Granvil'e Bay » 6,43 ,, a
ICKETS (dasleted by Local Furvurites) Sitoen EDOAR TRIPP, . 39 Tras oe tteed, Ponte psl [ESA ruoursox iu Priveastows | tois » 4,25, q
le ft le . Ue . °
ICE T at A Secretary and Treseurer, | Ocdober 10cb, -1an, wh Qicoe Bu ewt, rortstopaia he wit oibrde-Ville » 8400 ”
AY THE RATE OF Gre riars grroultura! wely of Tria ; -— snleniganar att erwaves trem the Uepo » 8.48 x
s Hall Joly sob, ot. ne . Notice. : JONATIIAN RYAN, Brighton-LaBrea,, 9.23 ;

aa cernando arr, 10.44 n
(Connecting with the Tralo,)”

OR NENT.-—Comaodieus Marine
Reshlenes, Leluatue Hey, Pola

Home Industries | tees seat tetaiched:” ost

blag place,
aauoorey oe ee
OF - Tro ~ lovesnwent wanted for $140.00

—_—- =e oad
A M MB It will under coson, seouctiz. Aral to Oils.

Steer & D
Oe. 13 b 1911. Oowroyanen:,

e od FOE

IK of ‘all deccripe a

Pan Ton o¥ 2,000Lus. NOVEMBER tt#—-AT 8 DM:

— . . t ud
They wil also robalo in tickets ae Sage a other arrangements


. ce, N,4—* toamer's Time are spproximate only, aod will a

holding tickets bought, — - ——~ _.
coo dollars pot tou at their CAN YOU SKETCH?

on es to asneurly as circumstances ‘ .
- = take Manicure Treatment, | Serest—Oot. 15. — 1a, Payment at Yl elmos of neea will permit, They are the dope¥t
office. Ss TOULD you Jike to asll_ Draw ° . of the bteamer, and a
2+, MUNNIS ings to . Tle GA . Pasongers must arrive at the Lops &
WALTER) Matanoger. | SY tedig Rats practi [at the rooms of the ssegoia Ty Frelanieh were 727? | putt Outlier (as, will enable them ‘to tuke the shoroboat bo rack

Vredepiek Bireei,

HRNKBY DIOK-A" Aaa yeh Kuow | eer Mt the advertised

—~ ven tion. a ‘i
ee COUGH CURB | teikens: Geotetes al| | Hourw.9 toil, audi tog) Wifo Notico. um
THK SURE COUGH cu sof eo Tare ew: aig) | every iuestay, ' ae mst ie hereby gtutloved ——————— J W. T O
1s, per bottle, oe ection and yubiicale nna their | Kem :—1/ per treatment, or | wite Lilea woos Noto tae Morty Princes To wn ° ‘ OMLINS

taing’s White Pine | 55nS RatoesMegato, Poetaiar | ¢t 00 for six. | Horute qinies ¥ Setow mcs MT og, peuiul mate doting General Ma

ain ugh Syrup. Loudon, eto. den stamp tf Hane (Appornu ot can be made Weraces Mc AKLANE DERUSIA Fok Ute Ue ued ay “nad at " wy (renera
DHE ENGLWuH Paohhac ¥ ) Aye SE doeber id aa. [by iclephoue). | Gotaber Sed~Lus MULLER > SLORKY LTD Oeste



. -

‘ ; , vy . \

The Complainant alleged, was .
reetigon'a complai which defendant
caine aod eat, Whenehe got up the

commmienstanatnsshenseneeneetabae? |

aa ae | Ladies Sillz

Aw el eae
A fine lot of Silk Fmbroiderad Blouses bought by

oan ane UU

Nem f
Peepraon SL our ever keen buyer. They area fine lot, the best ever


Sone ae eek ieercbaae whieh evi
money for her, learning G
plaluant went to her and she admitted,

| purse disappeared, She wasafterwards
complainant sald, baving teken the

money end given to another woman to

- [keep She aloo went to that woman

but did not find her home, Defendant

now denied the theft and also having
changed money ata phop. She epen

three conte at ihe shop and tendered ®

Teepenn jece Jo men
case was a kined for the shopman
"1 89 give evidence,

eee” —


Eiccies ie taney 1

Conveyaneing and Law of Properiy Or-

Giancen wursber 72 od contaiced oF WH oS .

fenplied fa ‘1 certain Memonadoa od ‘
lortgeme under the provisions o

Reat Tre y Ordiacees pumber 00,

Moye tn the year oe thogeend. alse IN STORE FOR YOU,



UBLIOC NOTICE |s hereby girce shat

seen for the money. The usual prices of these wore 12/- and 15/-; our prico 5/- and
6/- each. Remember our Embroideries, the talk of the town, from Sec. to 24c per yard,
Real Human Hair Goods, fine assortment to selecs from.

Waterman Sells Everything.

who committed terribl toy Allen B va Doggard—§3 ) _ Charles L, Dolsslerre ¥ 2M. Monsegue— .
help him to force his deleuse spon Yinonthly from Noventer fat eee $1 monthly from November IL. : band ot aud to, ord grade b Retires eee)
them, qonat an yaa ‘ KF Noel Strack out, Agpeuste Marshall v Keginald Nendett— Aucher # priael ia wil te pat ep for .
vidson v it —~ journed for two wee! acber ‘arrer, .

itis Slonougs Sou Ghat ieee the | jarned io Monday nexty Francia. Jones v Edward Polo—$i.50 | aute ty Putlle Auctioe eb ibe Action Gress Longthsa Sundries.
same mercy that you showed your Sdem ¥ Naud Lewls—Same order. monthly from November 1. Mert of the undersigned, situate at onm- ° —O awe
righ 7m" sederk RSET SEL Renny au [ees orsign? ote Mmon | era ais ee Blea eh re ——

The prisoner was then sentenced to : — . . . DRESS GIRDLES — In Cream Silk,

P Ny Hogs forthwith and gi monthiy from Ellen Scotty Alex. It. Rigsby. pAdiourn teenth dey of Nevembers 11) , between SONLY DRESS LENGTHS Delatae Very feabtonable now, Kach {Bec

three years’ bard labour aad, further, | November f. ed to Monday.
» receive vile the yin dhe Frederick Gowdon ‘i Wloughby st

“ea je is” on the 2 vo | mont! rons November 1. land cores .
vember nex , aera W. N, Jones—Adjourned to of land eed to me ryan, the oat

te .
"1 ‘
Copenh nT USEDREAKING. Mitoere Tortter ¥ James Pierre—$1.50 CITY POLICE COURT. the Islacd of Trinidad, costeiniag ten

broken Into the dwelling-bouse of | !9nthly from November |. Acres, bathe reme more or lees deliveries 4 ONLY DBRI3 LENGTHS, — sik | aod White—3Batton dome, Kach

the bours of one and two oclock p.w,
All those three several pieces of parcels

Flounclag In Droderice Anatase | wZA-ZA* HAT GIRDLES=In assorted

yards - Fully worth 2.40 x yerds shades, Kach ©. Sécland &330,

eee cos

Mole 13 Arth _ . a fa the die

Bou say at Oe wall, Bangre Grande, qfite Bros ¥ Arthar Teshoa—Dismtss Before Mr. @, C, Deane SP. Gront ta Voleme X follo 153 and abuuing Flouactag, Richly Embrotderet. ww GOO
from a quantity of j-wellery, private | yitt@,¥ 7) Baldwin—8L.00 monthly from Monday, | osheNorits eeithe Crosee aedoatne | rar sama | LADIES LISLE THREAD GLOVES--
papers and tho sum of $1,190 MMe. | Idem vy H. Morison—No serve: ex-| Avsoviva A Paservuxr — La: West cine leads lately of Philf Per yard “ “ Short=in White, Black, Cham-
(aston Jobustone represeated the | tended fortwo weeks. . NOVIN HAY — Lance- | West upoo jende now or lately o! iP pagne, Grey, Bearer, and other

ieoner who pleaded “not guilty.” Idem v Felix de Grasse--D! sal sed. Corpor al Word charged Charles Richard | Pierre; thes th f sitaare Ia the LONLY DRESS LENGTH — Io Fare ohades, All ‘sizes, Suede finish. * *
The Solicitor General prosecuted. ‘ Idem v Henry Derry— $5 montply from a lad. with paseenet a Mae nee aia a et aie be ha weno hon oF Tiue Orepe-de-Chine~Lorely floral Per pale ‘ 1 «w Bac

The same jury was sworn, November 1. Defendant actes and two roods, douigns an oped iges . Y

! _ pleaded guilty and with bis | Jeae delineate’ {a the diegrom annered Wy d, 4 yard ec yard | You'll qr {ato esatscler over; the other beautiful this

Bone Nery for the Crown, wae that E rottwecka sn Su kenAdloumed for mother’s consent he was ordered to | the Crown (rent registered la Volume Embreldered, ¢h yore "gtar@e | areshowing.--Vi8iT US AT ONOEI! ee

N Snlt : | receive eight strokes with a tamarind XI, folio $87, and abuttiog on the
and a canister containing valuatles journed for two we {detpbus Garcla | rod 8 aad Sonth upon jands now or letely

gone. Search showed the open canis Aq ured for two eat, . .,
82 th! Lortyise — Constable = Archer | of the C. Kut tpon lands pow or
ter wowe little distance frou the house from November I win $2 monthly charged Jessie Joha a young woman lately of Toon Prosper’ Bonatt aod upon
lands now or lately of the Crown, and

and futher Javestigation disclowed } Idem v Satastion Lamorel -@t monthty | with loitering at Prince Street. Com-

oe. = = } i

The One Price, Plain Figure Store !@

some deeds aud about 42 buried Ina } from November 1 costs to plalotif, lainant sald defendant was sleeping [| \v. land wor lately of Peter
hole. Gopaul gave away some clothing Stephens Ltd v Chintlotte Taoce—81 a the footpath and as | hee oa ae emberton ead | +} id ° id saan
which was subsequently identitied as | monthly from Noveniber 1, from one pl nce she went To another. Thoms FPine Onowe aud tatersccted by Que Fite Only. | Valaa Nowhere Like Matllard Si free Tusuvant

having been ‘sto! f he hi ‘ Idem v Marcus li. Gamlel—83 thly |
Tle veo alee seen wih aw rullot nutes | from November ambel—83 monthly | pefendant sald shehad no whery tolthe Canaripo River, which eald two

Idem ¢ Pail Dennehy §3 forthwith sleep and was unable Lo work ehe did | several pieces or pareels of land and cocoa

afterwards, He is a deserter from the ae
, 4 $1.50 thly f . not know why. Shewas convicted and | plantations are als described in the cer: 7
¥ elit Marne estate, to which he isin- | "8150 montt feole— pa ieonthty from | sentenced to seven daye Imprisonment | fiteate of Tile ww Marie Trinidad
At lip an, the Court adj 2 ull November 1. hard labour, . Cochrane, registered in the office of the
10.80 ama to-day, ousne genenatty,” 1 Metatoch Adjourned | ened Busan Porently aid Cece | a eeeieny Genearl of thie colony ta Velen -
. . ’ BI — 1 — -
The prosecution is not yet closed Idem ¥ E. A. Durham—Adjourned tor | Lewis for quarreling al Rose Hill oa nt vate “a the Ward of Upper TRINIDAD. TRINIDAD, > BALS YOR WEONESN
to weeks, the 18th fostant. The pleaded guilty | Caroul in the said Islaad of Trinida?, con- JULLIC NOTICE Its bereby giventhat |] BALE FOR TUEADAY TAR MTG DAY OF NOVEMD
Rice Bros. v Leo Watts—Saine order. and it being thele ane, appearance at { talniog elxteca acres and two perches, be in exervive of the Statutory Power of DAY OF NOVEMBER 1911, . ne
Idem v Robert Arneaud—same onrter.’ | the dock they wero discharged with « e pe son |’Oale conferred on Mortzagees by the Con- UBLIC NOTH. EK

? - the same more o¢ lew, being tion 0 cr le ~
DISTRICT COURT. ayldcuny 8. Allerne- whe forthwith and | rensiinaud. of the land describ d la the C.owo' Great yeyancing and Law of Vroperty Ordinance pustio NOTICE ke hereby given that P that fa exercise of the

No. 72 aud contained of implied Ina cer. ia exercles of tne Power of Sale | confernd on Morigages ig

N b Abdel: _ Nowy Etsr Inptavn,— Matratee [te Fannie Jeen Baptiste in the Volams In Mi di di
—— — Adjoumed for tare werdeeetre Hoberts- | id Goodralee were chaiged by Con | KIKI folio P and were particalarly abewa | ftecl freer nd ase ee, tae tne | conterred upon Butgazes by tbe Convey. ) veyauciag and Law of Pagal
(Defore His Honour Bir. 0. 2". Davhivon & Told vs. Fowler—Com. | stable Jacob with quarrefling at] im sbedisgrars coloured plok in the mate | bered BL, dated the 2th day of Decamber auciog aod Liw of Property Ordicence | ance, Nv, 72," contuned ta
Dartd KC.) Monday oltted ford dasa costs to plainer _ Georwe Street. ener leaded ' rot gio to the Certiicste of Title to Preece uy and made by Tentelle Dyer 0 Albert xs a oained tke dit cortatn Deed of Conreyscce with Men EB
. pert .' . fa m J iy t: t fi bi te Stolimeyer, there w! ut ov, | oguel ea Tu ae
APPLICATIONS. Fredewkck LL. Lizoure: Debtor Lal rise and on conviction a fine of Bae OF Jorm Bactlete reglerored in tbe ollice it 7 ¢ 4 Roction 19038, (regivtered oe No. Que of 1908) aod | registered as No, 79) for

for sale by Public Auction at the
Lad Registrar Gooaral of thle felony ia Star} of the undersigned altuate st No, 12 { as.d betwaen Beroard Mivchell, Josephine | nade betweeo His Grose Oi
Gegon the Norb upon Jands cow or St Vincent bérect in the Town of Port. § dMuchel, Roeanes MMitehel!, Victoria | srend Patrick Vincent Fleaea
lately of Clemence Tidd Sosth up | fSpain on Wednesday, the fat day of 4 Mitchell and Airlaoa Mitchell of the |Ustholic Archbwhop of Pema

tanda aow or lately of Emile Deocle Kua Rovember 1out, between the hours of one | joe part sod Jubo Willem McUartby of | the one pare aod Uiprisee Ram

Willam Downer ¥ Prank George Struck 7 Joseph &3 monthly frora November t. | se posed,
but, ' th Wilam'Najoen v Blatilda Mendes aut | “Qanatir Tinto a eae sums
ae at v Phibp McKenzie Maud ctith ler Defendant Metisier yaoned Milly Lynch for beating ber at
i" % <
Robert H. Agarv A. B, Callender--Ap: payment of #1 forthwith end el en eck St Paul Sireet. Mr Lassalle appeared

licatl fused with voste to plaintifi. * ’ for complainant, Mr. Moutet for the ssid the other part, there will be pas up fot ex of the other pat. *¢
Pts Bryan Tord v Tamjcba— Appil hue oto mth costs ta plalatlit. t ietendante the general evidence wpe tbe raaoiog portton of or mate! All and Singylar that certala plece or asle by Battle Axctlon at tke “anotiog & at up forsale by pully @
ry: rp meph Bermell v Calndoo— Adjourned g laod and Weet upoa Bo iy panel of land aod plantation altuate in ‘" P e
eition refused with costs. to Monday. showed that the two women were not | of Ditier Noel sod upon a Hoad reserved { tha Ward of La Brea and Guapoio the Mat uf the and-rsigaed eliuste av No. Zi the andersizned at shele
AUDUNENT BUMMON ALY, Georgiana Amualtre v John I Has. | agveeiug for some time and on the day | Together with all the sppurteosnce | Island of Trinidad, comprising tweaty Seekville Street, ta the Town of Post-ol- | No, 12, St, Viacens Sree,
anounsen Chom peut and (rthor Winzes Defendant Jin question they got to words and | thereto betouging—Sabjact to a certela | one acres and twenty six perches more or Spain, oa Tacesey the 14:b day of Novem: | of Purt-of-Spela, on Wedouy
suit Ne oes (hee Deltuo Bamanta to show cause on Monday neat then to bows hyoch cae vt with | Memorsndam of mortyege cumbered 87 ess and boun ded of ths, hort b » Vubllc per 1011, betweea tbe hours of one and | dey ot Norawtery ik 7
Adjourned generally. L J. Smith v George Wilson—Conmitied eudon r bat he © Ba tl te je the dated the tweaty-serenth day of April South Ly a Road reserved fortyels tinks Ag aod siogatar that certal boace of oog aud bwo ¥ 4
Antonio Valsaint v Marie L, Sicard— | for fourteen days, suspended on nt abdomen, but hera was the only evi- | tn the cat 1910 and made in favour of wide and by # Hoad reserved fifty Ilnks cel of & Srrone belt sen | oan v if
Adjourned to Mouday next, of #1 monthly from November, Pens; dence of the kick — Defendant was} Hogh kin for secaring payment of | wide, onthe East bya bublic Road by | OF Ps" ant compelslog o2e balflot,| Atta slog that Users 4
Noose Vierra v Frederick Lokbart Mliar ¥ Lochan Maradge—C Jeonvicted and fined 10s, and 7s, costs | the principal enca of three thoutsad sod | jandsof Hatassiab by lands of Amawce | Uesscring tweaty-Gve fers fa {coun by one | and inde called + Hants Lake
bawo order. ‘ for neven days, uapendedon pasnenete iu default ten days imprisonment end | seven haadred dollars with faterest there= | and by a road reeerved filty links wide and | 220dred feet jn depth aad now knows as | ia the Ward of Arms su
Henry Abpoy v Loule Letren—Ad | 10 shillings forthwith and Lo ablilings { both bound over to keep the peace for | oa after the rate of los dollare per | onthe West by lands petitioned for by Na Ose Peal reots ta the towa of Port- | Trinsde! oowpris ag 50 Come
Jour ne fortwo weeks. Ford 8 monthly frow November 1 thie months . M ceotum per anacm, Beohoosing avd by Crown land ‘and con. ae me tthe L ng oa ta Romh epon | on the North, Sous, Ean oak
f.Hthwith aud balance in two monthly | from Noventer, | YO" N* Hewuclh #3) eM asd charged Daley Adarne | gpbated tel olguiceaet ey of October In | fered in Volume LXVIIl ar follg tsk "©-” | Sr, Paul Serre oa the Bust upoa Lot Wo, | Crowa sad also. those Th
inntalosente from November urd costs to Cuarleu Thomas v Thowas Lucas Ad | with the larveny of a purse containing o year obo FJ. SCOTT & SON, Dated this Twelfth day of Cetober, 1911, 4 of Su Paevl Soreet and og the West | cels of land adyoluing th
’ Jourued for one week, $3, Defendant pleaded not guilty, Gort. Ato.duncee, KF. J. sCorr & sok, 1p1q low No, 8 of St. Paul Aoreet, arith and forming part of

Govt. Auctioneers. Dated thle 12 b day of Uctober, 1911, - | tation, Santa Isabela, the a

TRINIDAD. ~ LOUIS JOHN & CO. led Goodlands” «cogil
SALE FOR TUESDAY THE WUTH DAY Auctloneers, coating oa the North

a ane STE ————

fe . OF NOVEMBER 11h ooen dy one Mateo Tei

+ UBLIC NOTICE Is hereby gi that upon lauds of o0¢

ive . P in exercise of the Power’ of ‘Sale con, RRINIDAD. on the ies spon the Cast
toung “and ee eT troptrty Onde meee Io tbe maiter of and oa tha Wert spon lana a

nance there?

ye 3344 aod contalned in a certain Deed of | 72 Raat P, foperty Ordin ince No, 00 Patra tbe Neel

. , Pun rea y Alongs ee un January fo the \natter a the sppliestion of of Afateo Tovar and 02 the %
of deeds forthe year 1910 and ceade be: Hypélite Glodos, Ppmestion OF | aad Went upon lends now ot BE

- tween James slostant and Loulsa Hostant Crown aod the Third !

. of the cne part, aod William Martin Dick UBLIO NOTICE is hereby given that | 1, scree 1 rood and It am

dumotMortgagewa 196 dated the sire ey P by a8 Order of His ftonone Biz. py, pelts,” sad sbattieg of

of December’ i} from James Hosta i asticg Swan made herela on the O:hday | Wert arog aA ea, 3
William Martin Dickson, there will ig | Of Octuber 1911 unless cause to the | est epon nd is Bor agen
put up forsale by the undersigned at hie | COBtrary be abewn witbie fourseen days | Choa sod on ee Mee
Auction Mart No. VA, Harris Promenade, | {rom the date of the publication of this seld Hanes Tes le Eat a
ia the Towa of San Fernando, on Tuesday | D0tice tathe Royal Gasette a Provinionsl DeEedibe teiaey a



the Jith day of November lvl be- | Cartitioate of Tile will be issued to Hypo»

. 7
e e tween the bours of one and two p.m, site Glod
All that parcel of Jand ‘comprising Panter, te rece of etek pore of on
. twelve lota more or less situate at Petit | land altnete ia the Ward of Moraga com. i
Café, in, the Ward gf Burana, Grande; | prising d acres aud 18 perches deuseated | CRINIDAD. oa
: 6 Gounded-on the North on lands of Hoee | (2,,'28 diagtem souexed to tha Crowa f BALE FOR TURSDAY ®

Tieiny and Nancy Saunders, ou the secne [Grant in Volame LYE follo 6d! and DAY OF OOTOBES, 4

by apoblio roal, on the East abutting om the North by taods of —
of New Yancy Latate and Pad jiaads Josep Oss) oo the Bouth on Urowe lend UBLICO NOTICE & »
on tho West by a public road and Lands of end gE Javds of Alexsdrine Brandon on P thas fa exercise of

> Nancy Saunders, aad by Crown lands and b certata ¢ a
Also all that parcel of land sltuate in the | H. Giled wa? and on ibe Wes ’, jeode of geatatned Mos aay of te

Ward of bavaua Urande South ia the L Klas Caso by Ciown tende and by fands | tered as No. 1923 for the Ba

Toland co delu bled, comprising Five Acres of Alezaodrise Brendon, msde between Bolomon Diy

eran) Banexed to the Crown Grant in Dated this 10th dey of October 1911, Avgusies aris baad, 7


ARRIVING . OO ee uy eek aid reyes and Uo, of
. Right Thing for Hot Weather, Sere Trace, on the. buuth by Crown ised, (Syd) LOUIS A. FIFE, | Kosucnn Dove wilsof Pew Oyy

onthe East by Eschiel Sauaders’ Trace 1G Registrar General, Point la the Ward of Mi
Straw Hate Plain and Striped Crash Suiting

acd on the West by lands petitioned ert, there will be pole ose
Mercerised Linen Suiting
- FROM —

for by by Frances Antolneand by Crown Pabllo Adcilon by
tend od this 12th day of October 191, wie see ies
Imitation Tussore Suiti
Thick, Thin. Wide, Medium and 8
Narrow Brim —All the Nevet + hapes, White @otton. Union and Linen Drill

This Hat is all the rage in Europe, WH ITE ALL Li NE N DRILL

Llght Groy Folts.

_ Auctions 18 the Hapgeine Court. tc serves the boor of] aa
TRINIDAD, [in the matter of the Estate of Maria | diretly=All sod Bioxaie Way

Garcia Diens. late of the Town of | parcel of laod or Ovcce pissy
Port-of-Spaln in the Ivlaad of Trials | at Foods Almond Valley
dad, widow, deceased. " . Butfeaeie Me Inland of

—— aud calied * Boltinde™ 60
pusus NOTICE le hereby given | 3 roods end 2 perches and ye
UBL NOTICE ts hereby given that that application has been Malle to | North by tavde af the merry

spplicatioa haa teen made to me me by Maria Judna Cortes of the Tows | on the wouh by of FF ,
Adcleiie MeBatole, “sowetiones ectig | of Port-of Spala, in thelaland of Trial: | ity ou the tase Uy a rides
Adelg MeBarnle, aleo sometimes called | 484, Epioater, for a grant of letters of | the West by Hf ade Almes?
Adelise AeBurvie of Calfornis jn tbe | *¢Minletration with Will annexed Beoood! All ond Sleges
Ward «f Serosecta in the inlecd of Trigf- | Dearing date the Jet dey of Aprit 1010 | parcel of Jana or eyes 9!
dad, widow, for o graas of Probate of the | of the Estate of Maria Garcia Blanc, | inthe ssid Valley koows aod ,
fate will and testament bearing date the | late of the Town of Portoftpain, in | Moategne cvsiainiog om Tie
Qdcb day of May 1911 of Baris Me | the sald Island, witow, who dled on | tt ats and boenged 6
Barr ha calla tig Ware eden met patag | Lng pen ee

javonet 0 as! an oter, e er death a fire: de of Tousse ‘
died on the 4 b day of Ma: ni 4 who pata wale “be Poods Alauood

» lathe Eupreme Conrt,
Ta the matter of .

The Fetate of Daria Mobarnie late of
Callforota fa the Ward of Saronetts

fo the Islend of Trinidad— Decessed


Sxed place of Pg IelO baring a | i the sald) idlande tne ete ined.
a ace a 6 a I ace
Whito Rubbor Holmots. with Fuggares, WORTH $1.00 YD. FOR 60c the Ward of Bsvouetta aforetd the sia { guana Cortes intog the person nated | “aed Tkidly cAll 40% 8
‘ Adelaide McBernie being the person | 4? Kestdaary Legatee and Divives in| cermin parcel of land oF
ee — 19: es ee Wow oe semed ee the sole executriz in the sald al a Will ls also given it dinate pa tbe sold bent oe
s ven
sor Wverwythinag im MWen’a Wenw Faw MvewrytEstag ix Moon's Won, Aod notive Ju aleo given thas If po | Caveat le lodged before the orpraeee re oe by lee: nerf
a Caveat le ludged beture tbe sxplratiag of | Sf bweoty-eluut days frm the date uf | Casrlotte Pierre 08 “
av To Gweaty-sight daye frow the dais of the | the pubiication of this notloe the | formerly of tbe bels

abica'lon of thie sotice tb urs will proved to | Bytreatra 00 8

peqoed to isae rowan torbeecis Ade f auucialstretige torbe sad Nerics saiee | eet aie aekea we He
oh Resale ecoordlagly, ries
jeted (bis rae October, ot,


tng! Foods Almond River save,
? b dey of
ity By 2 Ortober 1912, Dated val Hie a ii

2)F, COLL Aviing Dopiiy cquntee,

Aaa Depaiy Renney”


OORT reer,

-™ . “ow TRLEPLICNE No, §,

CLDERS | *. Folie dated 1008, se



Vo beg to dra A. F. MATILISON.

a cre tho following Assortment Porkofipatas henrttary & Treerurer,

October 1910,
BS~Extra Qaslity Blicad and

“from 24 ce retin
wey ot Finest Brands from 18 J . —OF—

Rreté Salad i in Bottles, | Trini oa:
B, Most Daliciowe—o2e. der Bats GHNT'S HIGH COL AS g Lest and

i a tr
welephosme: mo, Ba

a Ist PAW Hatt S\ ear me

y Faure fa greit variety from

No. 29,
pany sand Jellies, Ate Duncan Street.
ane cr eras Apply to
Beier deighttut 6 LEN N) N N | NC S. 18, OQhenoom Utreet.
: alveyar noel 3 30c. per Bor

AND. uss ase OUR Lanoz roomate ‘1Gé6 E M L
¢ Groceries; Provialous, = OF: SAT 60, &, Mobean
Cigars, Confectiasery, &o. WATCH REPAIRER AND

ae of ou
oh West fi d
efor the party ead fenaeee 24 Fredorick St

Finis ronid| = “Indus” to Arrive. sEWELLEK

- ares bit
“mu Snidtnlins| = 70, SOU TEL QUAZ. DENTISTRY.

' red
ae lower we can well cheaper

Guanes of Bean, Otek
au Selvers Peat me” nd Abo

Thayer's Laxative Cold Tablets


you will need no other remedy If you try them. BHUMSWICK GROCERY
Tie PAVOURITIPMANMACT: Oppotiia Wack Lowe bridge, ——
Op .

we B60 Manufactared by A, SOUBLETTE, at Nos 15 Park bt,, Part-of-Spala,

1. Téa
QUOLATE te prepared by and ocloatifie whieh Iasures .
bow. Fe ¥ fa couploe soley aod sets forth the exaatdie, swans at ac Cocoe beans penis @DIADEM 7
ne ED gag | Balog free trom all Voreiga

Boa oni raat SHewmass| ~NEW SHIPMENT.
| cashmeres

ATT SELLA WD #S Victoria institute

Foca” BALES SUGAR AND COCONUT BAGS,/FINN ® ESEMS| sx nccone arctwnse SE cor

Trinidad Mz Manurial Limo,

Cocoa Planters,“Sugar Planters and Cane _Fartacrs put new anc shall ‘not’be la force except duria

TRINIDAD CHOCOLATE FACTORY | Plekled Ox Tongues Hid inte your Lands by wing ent Sees
SWIFT'S PREMIUM HAs TRIN IDAD MANURIAL LIME. prgelainetion ey ation No. Bi

abetances, And made fi Ouality—Bost. Prico—Low thet part of t

w= BY=


The Rosary is a
rare book, a source
of genuine delight.



mont ‘following auljects are taught atthe
ie Composition ny Shorthand Krench,

asses Dally,
om see onan,
ches a
Ges Becton Dally, re om
Recreation Reoma~Open

Adulttance to the sections ie free ta
Diem ra and

6 eB per

‘The Institute ts apa Erom 8 to 10 :
natit ‘A (
O. and froin 8 toi is epat vom â„¢

a Frederick Strect,

CM WUllGis


B 0 Y D & C 0. PALE following pl plante well established
taboo pots sre offered for sale
at Be Clair Eg

periaient Htation at 2

oan “we Teone Coffer, “(Coffea

tke Btovem, 300 Mags No. 1 GARDEN SIAM RICE~B.G.L, Siemon
. Also a Largo variety of otner g FREEMAN,
ONG... NO. 177, BALES COGOA BAGS. â„¢~ ot mesceorouaites . ae Prums Prime Large LUNENBURG CODFI>H.} ,,,Asiies og tt et IEA,
. —$ 250 Baskets PLAGNIOL OIL,” " Gazette Bitraordinary,
B ABDELNOR Guaranteed 4 Lbs. | DENTISTRY «inp Gorter Move,
DEALER IN _ . . YN ’ 11 foilowlog Prociacnation’ ‘extends
Pry Goods ve HW Fehon 500 Barrels “Lehigh” Portland Cement, (bee wala) Oe loeaca ip Sot ll to
4 nbs Fane W 1] Br & ( rth d.i& oS Gollegs, U. ate on ole Telend (0 Telnide s a
ewelisry pf all riod, tnt, 6S8e § I OS, von 0 ar 9 Ea a eae mle regis t ~-—_recer—- the 16th Ina on P ot hed for gen
BA ANOTIONS, usaMut suegrine Pow—ree SNe" |g BROADWAY, Telephon 182. 7 Come. BURLEY

(No 200.)
Tarspap & Tosauu.

Ke ‘Phone B74. DRO ECLARKE | QUIRED WY galt sn Ur

wander of t
Distinguisbed Order of St.
Michael avd, George, Gov

ernor and Uon
Chief tn and over the Uolooy
of Trin(dad and Tebsgo, ao aod
[ta Dependencies, Vice-Admle
tal thereof, &c., da, &o,

audnae oh ls Hote,
“Ty HERB AS by Hee Heetlor, Sof the

zating). Ordinance, 1911,
watt) it te provided that such ©


of 1911, nie Saal iri slog) Oraise
ance 10)1 was decla io in force in

withio the rad iodine ont ten tony ous Legit

moe fog | gob ouly delicivur, Las es a Bonrlahma at ft te Sarivalled.' Mya ep iin b ies tend its wi ding of ton miles vf the
SS BEES ou tan, santcertnenay toe cuts | CHOICE SALT BEEF SanurgcTunen 8Y Brats gal te eniegans route
we OO BTANDABD, and a cpeia own and,eountry districts, SALT SAUSAGES 1 siod of nine toonthe from the date of
giak. 2 2s vend a counuerre, | Hie SOO A Tho Trinidad Shippingand Trading 00., fat Fay Pyorimation refered tov
" erro GRAPE NUTS & SHREADED thab the provisions of the Ord
.. (WHEAT ~ id be extended to the whole Tes
“ 60s Gola Medel FLOOn-3 aad 7ib age shou
‘ pene Cream Cuts | HESE o la Haste, Governor, oslo oreeald, fo lo
Tolephono 54 mvery day you Fae oe vane peau Char siets Hae C ou h S ecific prociafa aud di direct thet tha al said d Dogs
3 . SCHUMACHER STOCK FEED! | sficep bacon win Dottiey foros throu tou aut ie ela sistend ot a of 3 Trial
co RED WITH HER dad as tober
ntistry, IT BAVES YOU PSB tobi tutes and locrease na MILK, or POTTED NEATS (Aust) Am 80 WILL Cc URE ANY COUGH Well and Tatil tieaee es Tlloue. ish.
ok A. MAR AuaLyate. Canzed Peaches, Aprico peers uo 4 . Given re on under YZ, Hen nd and
QUEZ gst Frofa oeanasTeeD . toon, ines orcacaarsoereoeres the Beat oe House gore at

Brute ese « tekaimye dt aay sa be Mt. W. GOODING, |SNP AT TBOTL AN D'S) | Binns

Rt Bee rola Crowns, Made ging ee Purest Preducte—Cora, Dailey, ‘ thea thoes Cotton Beod
Wedge bride Telerhee eae

ws Gap 21th, 17be

{Spal rOR A HOT .
For Suleby BLOMMAMER Oo WERT OW, Fo crater tu No. WENKY BREE ~ omy

Uy iis Hreallsgy Command,
Aving Cota Beaetety,

‘The Bonanza



60 to 60c yard— Jn , White aod Peru,

rtificial Flowers !



Bese rediced the price of IC to $4.00 por Ton
if dolivered in lots of not Jess that 25 Ibs. ° a time,

Relaced Prices Commenco from TO-DAY’S DATE,


fo Wednesday, 20th September.
es Trinidad'Shipping & ‘trading vompany,

pil give 2- 25 lbs. tickets in exchango tor every 25 )
F pr sve a, tho rate of 93,0)
i Office of the Company,


: .

Frelght for Tobago and Ciudad Bolivar.



New Yo


: |
ie sTtamens, |


Ov. Nov.
oy Navanrg Nov. 2i,.4.. 4 Now 2
A, iNov, %3] Deo. & |] Dec, 7

“rf 7
Beown oy Granaval Dec. 8 .
paca Dec, 1Â¥' Doo.
Seors or Navanni{ Dec, oy

ADA dan, &
Bee ur Guavana’ dan, 10

Paneer ee ; ‘gavria Co., Lt0.—-New

ike Bwos., MyCouNnay &

qs zg
treet, City, Cyneral Impoit
mt Ager aye the hi,
Pia, ot Live rut res §
a to boats Customers are re
bo vanoe orders for Turtle
ap cn Thursday afternoon,


Digestive Tonic,

Frroetick 8t.—lith Sept. 64 QUBEN bTREET. AK, Eng. Istand per gal. °
the foriner declaring the latter to be 5 eal.
3 NITED STATES ATTITUDE j boastful and Incapable and that be © EXCILANGK ON LONDON:
. THE U IN CHINA flight with edicts and pardous, Sum Hill. Bee Blane SS
pt} : ar un THOUR ED AT HANKOW. Son ARR etait per fh 12133
- bu, goog WHE Avenue OX| ashi eR ATER Hocico) ASSASSIN ARRESTED AND | SH EBroo), MM
Be sf te that thousands of Linpertalists y
et | RICH N & SELWAY |. et F Fee oe a eeeee mence| Meteseeegisct *eupt»
inent, and a eneral COUMNAIM . t *
Ao. . RM. PASSENGERS FOR TRINIDAD | has een Lelieaded, The Viceroy of wee received “ Eonstabilaty Tees | Pantist Non
— @ Prov erlurd that .
ere RAILWAY COMMISSION REPORT. | Peking for punishment. ee ee aaetted at Guin’ Surn | hentes Three percent... OLIBW4 3)
py Es eS —— U.S, ATTITUDE IN THE AFFAIR. [ Mul, near Cisxtons Bay, aod that the ‘ Octe, 2lOctr, 2h,
;, . Loudon, Octr, Zird, Washington telegranw state that in y tot en! Yeatertay IONDON
g . The report of the Mallway Com: [China has asked permission to sus- aferpoan, nets galled opon the | SUGATt:
â„¢ O [ j R N Gh W M L I j I iL N BR Y tulssion unanimously recommends a | pendthe peynent of the Durer Indem- don OR ict Ly Ine lor (en Demerara Crystals
e new echewe to effective until | nity due to the Powers on acovunt of a her’ an rey, 190-21/8)109-2148
, . . 191k. All disputes pot settled after | her present embarrassment, Twelve op eee us farther particulars segvado Floating
J Pegotlations Ot relerred lo secs ui warehi ¢ are contentradln in quarrel took lane tu a nub tote con two Getnan 3 perce 150150
. nel Hoar lon, he | Chinese wal sh r ri a
Wil be on Shoto He ee TT Loe eee eee aeeeted front Manila aod. the re tale Fata, fndiaue named, retain shes diana Rew {07
a declsiona tu be final for a year with: | malader of the Hupadrpo will follow | which ended in Ulphat fatally Track tye dere, P.Ls por owts 1
. ~ ‘ out appeal to, the Central | Posnis| promptly. suits procedure te similar | The murders who eiuaitted the act eas | "Dan Lon, A
i le 3 - *
. o- | orrow, Mond ay. salting a ments between the men to that during the Boxer disorders y| arrested by aman paused Alexender who coun oo La uabne th
: . + | andthe Companies to be extended to | no joint action with the other Powers byt on the meng at tha tine and whotook | = Trinidad Good Mid- *
“aA 4 112 The Commission finds that ¢he | or any Interveotjon te Intended, but | the Giloudss tals xton's b sy Woaet lal . . ting, Hed per ews — GA8I0L0
, Companles, great responsibilities fur- | merely co-operation for tbe protection | ry of tha» Stlas Weriol to tbe HANK © PENGEAN i
. . tid ely allowance of any Interven: } of toutual lutervets, . . spoteaud the lady of the tuund ay te percent ly
ey. 2 tion between them and their menon{ DR. COOK WILL LEGTUNE IN [Who viewed vaergd ual | CONBOLEL ag,“ re
£ RICHARDSON AWD SEL e subjecte vf management and disd- COPENHAGEN, Colonel Mareba! whe wae le everal I’etroleuns 1Q0—14WIWO1
’ a tine this upholds the oro per ier Fe A Popepbagen deopateh states that 2490, W usabof recognition * of the ee Des ton Cook bas arsived these a: ° nee, Ww 21 Vibetruleum od el
pions Mhkh was the edlef at of wi plies & lecture tet fat ve. ee 3 Been Seem 18,
perepess The wea's contectlen of! papie Gall wieje be poowlved the 3B q eB 4 Lid~ oi

brhis Week s Arrivals| GE

Raduetion in the Prie

ucket ge%%

pat tou, on application at ths waa

|» For GRENADA, TRINIDAD and DEMERARA, Carrying Through

Jou. Zi) Feb. 3

fork and Trinidad
» LTD,—-Dewerar;
PATERSON of Ne, jx. | A Nutritive Tonio and Rertorativy
lacolty ena Blood Enrihenivg end
<3/* wh McUantuy’s Pharmacy, 72





Brown Cotton SWHATERS, |

Be. and 3*co-ch


White and Navy Sateen

Twrizmmed to Matoh.


Price 82 Cents.


Gent’s £ traw Hats ! Gent’s Felt Hats 1!


Tweed, Vicunas, etc., Ties Eocks and Belts.

Bonanza, For Gents Novelties.

T Frederick Mtreet




Fire & Life,

Funds Exceeds ... £12,000,000.

NSURANCES effected against ls

or damage by Fire on Buildings
aod costeots cf Warehouse, Ofices,
Shopa and Store Premises, and Private
Dwellings at moderate rrices.


Of Loemeon. AT

Agents; “3





Phone 184




Jost, but wae recovered 1%:ough

Get your

lelog engraved.—Motio:
Jewelry ongraved by




Monday, Tuesday and

Gents Waterproof Coats.
Gents Rain Coats

Gents Motor Ceats

New Stylis and Makes





Tople Closer to British Interests
than” Pending Wars.




UTHALL |ForAllSaints


5 Dollars a Pair.




Just Opened,’





--OF —

Memorial Wreaths,









thelr Inability to
their demands fs to be met by _nllow-
Ing the Unlons to appoint 8 Secretary
Advocate to the new sectional Con-
ciliation Boards, The ‘holition of
Central Boards {a designed to accele-
rate procedure, aud a deadlock is
averted by provision for an indepen:
dent Chafrmsan to be appointed In
cases when either side rejec

suitably present
North Pol



all pro-

Wedncsday CoE ea eeeethe Conoliation | Arvitdake. ‘Terdinand
Royal Jusurance Co., Lid. Boards are unable to select a Chair. | nounced the rglit of
ve wan he will be chosen by the Board

of Trade. Thereports censures ator
page of work without revort to couull-
ation and condemns incltements and
inthmnidationa before or during strikes,
This topic is closer tu Bultish inter-
ests than pending wars,
The ‘lisfalaar Day decoration on
the Nelson Monument was Imperial:
ist Jn character; wreaths from every
state of the Eopire, all the Doiolulons
beyund the sea and the Navy League
were effectively arranged, with cart
Joads of plants ard other adorn-
ments bearing suitable legends, Yes.
terday a special vervice Was held at
St. Martin's Church,

fleent pois


strued os Tmeaning tbere fe no basis
for aq adjustancnt between Italy and

Germany denies any negotiations
fonTurkey’s entrance Into the Triple
Alliance; and Berlin telegrama suggest
that more Ilkely Kngland Is the Power
with which the Porte wishes to reach | (2arse).
an understanding.

Italy fe preparing 20,000 re-enforre-
ments, andit ja explained that this
excesalve force isbecause of prudence
through the teaching of the Abyseln-
jan cam \.

Devpatches froin Haokow state that
the revolutionaries won a three day
fight at that Citys the hinperialist
Ary aud Navy both witbdiawlog.
One guuboat wae sunk In the engage
ment, her crew desetting to theeneuly
The Adsuital was unable to fight with
his other vessels through distriat of
thelr crews, ‘The revolutionaries now
hold the railway and alvcrside stations
and bave declared, and are eufurcing
Martial Law. The Iuperialiste even
abandon their stores and luggage.


Dissenslons have ativen between
Yuanskikal and the Minister for War,

Child and Th
Verteuil, Mr






medal for his alleged discovery of the

Vienna advices
mariage of the Archduke Kail wo
Jrlncess Zita of Parma, fa the pre
sence of Enperor Francis Joseph, the
King of Satsony apd many other dis
tnguished persons.
8 qland-pephew of the Eiperor and
hele presuniptive,to the ‘Throne, the

children to succeed at the tine
his morganatic maurtage. The Pops
sent a special Envoy and a
Washington, October Zed,
{tie wnderv
Naval station at the Atlantle
trance ta the Patama Canal
nabundesed. instead
Colovel (loethala will build two dry
docks uf the greatest capacity at
with machine
yards ond every facility for com:


(es Mrs. Brown,

uree Kate Gibbs, M
Sellier, Kernahan, Brown, Littlepage,
Bliee Carranza,

Head, Dr. Alvtod. Mra. ‘Taylor, Misecs
A. and P, Taylor, Mes. Dickloson


New York, Octuber zird.
“Crown of Granada” arrived lo-


The following semi Goals Iw the monthly
Challenge Cup were playod olf last week.

Murder at Sum


announe — the

Iu the foothall match played on
Satonday last, between the “above-
named teatus, the margia wae 4 goals
to nit and not éguals to nil us previ-
ously reported. [t¢ appears that to-
wards the end of the ime, Johe
Roecdford received a pase From Eccles
and shot, but fast about the same
time the referee's whistle sounded,
notfora goal. as it appeared to the
spectators, but for offside. The time
lunit having expired, the whistle went
ayain, aunguacing the end of play.
wan, perhaps, purty to this that even
the reporters left the tleld uoder the
impression that Casuals hat scored 5
guals when Ii reality only 4 were
scored, the fifth being’ rendered futile
by Hochford’a playing vuif-side. The
AORN, pole hae been sent us by
Mr. Ey 1g, who refereed the game : ~

Perot spain |

The’ Archduke ts

having te
his future


that the plaus fur a


shopa, cual Bird Octobe
T.RON. Laughlin, Exar. *
Vort-of Spain Gas tte.
to Inform you that tnt

Dear dir,- I
the Foutball Match between Casuals and

Canon Heneon *
L The death Is announced of Mr, | Uiyderdale, only 4 goals were made ou
mtd. The BHonanmsn, STEPH ENS LMTD. eee ee reer nn BENGUAZL | Herbert Squires, formerly United Saturday, the zfat onto, lil.
Port-of-Spair, Trivided. ‘ AND HONS. States Minister at Panatua, who was Low. Pees
_ = | The Beal Place to Buy Everything. The Itallana have bombarded Beng. | thanked by England aud the United —_—————_—"-
hazi and Home Both places reelsted | States for his services at the thus of JAPARESE ACADE
, 1,1, stubbornly and 200 Tuiks were killed | the Boxer rebellion, RIN ) MY,
Latest Telegrams stHoms The Turks billed 15 Ital PASSENGERS POR TRINIDAD. —
fans in o ekirmich at Tripoll, Barbadov, October Zird. Anacademy, modelled after the dlv-
-= FATAL FRONTIER TROUBLES. The ILALS. Trent’ from South: | tinguished French justitation, fa ta be
W. 1& Panama Telegraph Company. A fatal frontier affair is reported to ampton arrivel VU a.m. leaves for | established in Japan. The Department
ee 7 | nave taken place between Turke and | Jvinidad about 3 pin, Passengers i | of Education of that country has ore
HL R ID Tu oO Ttalian Bulgarianay and Greece ts ayoused Ly Misa ‘Faylor, Biss Menzies, Kev. | ganised two commissions, one of lite
et TCO-. the Taek lel rnobillzation along the | Father Sandergken, Miss Maingot, | rature and art, and the othero popus
W. boundaa Mrs McBride, Mes. Allison, Mrs. A. {lar education, The first one fa to be
ar. NO Disis FOR ADJUSTMFNT. Reeds 1 Mixa Laan Mines A. apn o. patleuned jatter the French Academy
7] . aby re. Davis, te eges andle colin: of six ” RieD
The Grand Vizler‘a statentent fa con: | (008 Master Bown, of letters with Vice-Minister of Educae

ton Okada as ex oficlochairman. The
authorities state that the work of this
conuntsslos will be “to criticise con-
temporary literary works mostly novels
and plays, to offer prizes for special
literary excellence, to collect literary
works in prize competition and tw
undertake the translation of Western
literature.” Hecently tha Japanese
censure have suppressed many works
of fiction deemer prejudicial to the
public morals, and this has resulted in
much bitterness by the Hterary world
against the authorities, Among such

rohibited works were translations
rom Guy de Maupassant.


esis, MeTIntosh,

oupson, Me, Mra, and
Mr and | Mre
and Mre. Gilbert, Mee 2,

Tubago Mrs. Murray.

e the Mattines Chen

Clase A.—BMr, Moutiet beat Mr. 1, Cap Oster. 21 tz, 2
Lelh VW iliains, .
we H.Me. Moore beut Mr, bly UN; new YORK

ir. Banc fr Mlauck, Blended Clears for

Clasg 0. Mina Daolel beat Mr. Frauk- aM barre:
jar Sle Hk. Daun beat Mee Ashly. P yeeaity Per barrel Hay

—— Kilnd
ie Class Av-Dr. MuShlne Lest Sr, von ied per bel Hwee
v {joo tu ite claulnar i Mr. jlonioa New Suaeon’s per bil .
ad eee fr ru week, 5
mbib Dr. Aicchine will play the winner sudan Mews ver br vray
a thesxeusl dua! rT)

The Hoals are al} expected to be played baie ‘baie eeu $5,905.00
off this week if practiable, Muscovado 8) per vent

ar | namenerneeiraeuran Duty Pald Prerieeny



Mewes att, trae

5 atl y :
{ e CE £8
FSCHOENER'& CO] | Waterproof
OFFER FOR SALE ae cute test
* ° ia '} ox vd brown
Ex 3S. Salybia & Indus} Jmatzno-

saa ES A TT

Onto af ate


O;t-nf- pun
Published Dairy, Mondara
Vincent Steect, Portpt->pal


1,364 Bags Nagra Rice
300 Bazs Yellow Dholl
50 Bags Green Dholl
50 Drums Mustard Oil
15 Cases Ghee, I & ! Tin,

6 each and to be prepald.

per in pa:





Dried or Shelled




fFonth Quay as,



the opinions expressed by our Cor.

a gusrantes of good falth. Heject
manuscripts cannot be returned,

Advertising ‘Scale 02 Appticaton
inet = advance ~Povldge extra


, YW NS, * Trent ” arrives fron: Sonth-
armpton via bt. Michaels (Azove-) and
Barbados 3 and leaves for New * York
via Pto, Colombla. Cartagena, Calon,
Jamala and Antilla (Cuba) Mails
close at 3 p.m.

19.50 a.m.


Assizes — Portol-Ipain

RMS. * Berbice " leaves for Dem
eraia., Mails cluse at ld nova,

I.MS. Baa itl” leaves for Gree
nada, St. Vince t, ~t Lucla, Dori-
niow NMontaerrat, Antigua, Nevis and
ht. Kita Maile close at d pin

Meeting of a Select Gommittee of
the Poitof-Spaln Proprietors vesocis
lien at No. 18 Chacun Stieet—3 pm.

3.5, Saramaca' leaves tor New
York, Mau ciose at 10 ain

8.8, *Maracus” leaves for New
York via Greuada, Malla close at


‘N,13 —Send your corn to be husked
tocur La Wasse Saw Mill’ where

Sale ofa parcel of land situate in
the ward of Savoarta by L. Joho

bale of a parcel of land cituate in
the wardof furure by L, Joba and
Coy.=1 pa.
. Nale of two several parcels of land
tituate in the ward of Montserrat by
L, Joba & voy.—1 p.m.

est, purest
fager ever

This ia tt

of Mrs. Thomazine Moore,
ere a eer apenratratrinenttatinennarey



da, Bermuda and

mated Service,

dfon will rot
‘comfort to
-| SEB PaG8 8 FOR
Mlatrict Court,

Atatlatics,”? Mr.
non FE. staplaatva

Maatery orer


Reid's Stout.

South .tprlea,


Sere FR eter ner


Ule Excellency the Governor having



i ’ Ordinance No. he Port-ot, a
Brewed by Watney Coombe Reid | trees lancelation ola on
& Co, Ltd, London. Clans The Selene Conners eget:

to vonelle: the draft Health a Bute.

ing Ordinances will meet at No. 13,
reet 4 . ’

dap ten Teck pew. toalsy Tuse

la acoonlance with an aunounes
hw ft a reovut imue of Unis pes
Bestoy of Uweespiral faba.
ge for Caleulte, war Soenueeaped
tne imuilgration (itice x fey

/ As on ouch cussions,
ie ‘a Ube office are closed and «

couple of policemen are kept on tbe

GRELL & GO. LTD, | Setecke re

Ke sin, Cuber, 1011. AMENTS, | cataselt 1h" Tumlration


and Pablic
Office % St.

Advertisements of Births, Deaths,
and Marriages, Acknowledge-
ments and Diaclalmers (which
must be authenticated by jhe

ature of some responsible
peront will be chargud for at

Casuat Advertisements of every
juch jungle

Iumnp-26 per week ; per
fortat he; b> per mouth-—to be

Wanth &e +=2/6 per week each, to be

500 BASKETS PLAGNIOL OIL. Ealtotand Publisher (Az By 3, Aaasy’
. Cashier _ : “CJ. H. Forn,

“sent to the office of thie
phere ay ent of billa should be
made payable to The J'ort-of-Spain

Wedo not hold ourselves responsible
tor, nor do we necessarily endorse

respondents in our columna, Alt
Tettcra must beacoompanied by the
real signature of the writer, not
necessarily for publication, but as

we hive a lirge steam Sheller, and Goy.—1 puts, .

The London Electric Theatre—6 and

“Tl . . v.. 3 8.0 pom.
Here StoYou High Water Mora 8.3 Even 319 pm.
1” a Buu tiees Boe am,
“Small Peter” Noon seta #3 Pa
| Themelfow. : ACKNOWLEDGMENT,

Mr, aud Mrs. Georga Nous begs to

thank their mauy fclenda and others

‘ who showed saniauy macka of syn
pathy consequent on the passlog away

Order to. Some Pen Pictires of
day from Liye lu the Land of the
your wing Hunontig Bird.” Cana

The Cue
ban Sugar Crop; Sltuae
give much
New York

Our cirticle on “*Customea
‘ Viale.
Ta Canata. Man's Great

How News Travelled in
rn ens

n Pleased tu grants lloense under



re carennsnrecarrmae res
Au eventn r bays the
Ban Franeiece “Ghirnntcles” bal the
headiluest “Oanothate Kill and Kat
Three N ay h Sens.” And, tine
ferneath, Quile hy atyident, wae at
ther item, as though’ it had heen Ap
peas agan aflerthought: “ Rlew ia
he Price of Beet”

The porters employed at the Steam
ere’ Warehouse | who, {tp will be re-
mem!wred, went onatrike fue higher
wi acruple of weeks ago, daring
which fline a oumber of steeedore
labourere were engaged ty fll thelr
places ata wage of five shillings &
day, were re-instated yesterdsy ta: rn
Ing, the pay areal apon being 10
tentaan hone per dlem aud 2 cents
over tine, The services of Lhe aleve
dore Ishourera, with the exception of
four or fivy, have been dispensed with.

The Cenwn Prine. of Germany hae
been tnatalled as © Jonel of the faine
ons Death Head Hussarn Tt is bis
fire’ rominand, but the significant
feature of his proraotion isthe fact
that it will keep him in residence far
from Brin fora greater of the

ear, Quip says, acoordiing to the
New Yorksen. that the Kalser bas
exited his heir to the dreary Baltic
station because he fs jealous of the
Crown Pricev's greater popularity in
Beilin and Potedsm Of the Crown
Peiuce’a place lu public regatd there ts
oo winner of doubt. He and his
channing consort. Crown Princess
Occltiryare both adored by the people.

A correspondent Informs ua that
the off tank steamer “ Prudeotia” ar:
riverl at Brighton on Sunday last at
midday.=—The ‘ Georglan Prince” took
in a cargo ofall at Brighton and left
for Port-of-Spain yesterday afternoon
—The * Augusta” has taken up her
of petroleum. [t Is apparent that
the company is now lu earnesteo far
as the shipping of oil Is concerned,

Te Nouvelliaste announces the in-
augueation of the concentrated Mme
joe, industry at Pointe a Pitre,

juadeloupe, M, Feliz de Dabrusse re-
ceotly started a factery in the Fau-
bong Alerander [esac and which was
soleunnly blessed by M. Abbe Thibault
io the presence of 4 large comany.

Members of Everton Football Club
are reminded of the meeting which Is
to take place th sevening at 1.5 at the
usual plage,

On the 2nd instant a correspo o
dent Inform- us, the Middtesex 0.C
from thecity travelled to San Juan to
try conclusions with the hume team,
The MCC batted Arst and scored 63
runs. ‘The chief ssorers were A Lord
33 and OC Nol 12 ‘The home team
tephed with 70 108 one wicket to fail.
Chief scorers, E. Baomval 24 not out,
L. Gandoo 12. 8. Grant, for the huine
team touk 5 wickets for l4$ runs, and
4 Redinsn took 2for td, For thicity
tea Jom task’ for WW and ds wepn
Stor ld Cowardi the eal the gine
wag very excitug, there being one
wicket to fall aud 7 suas wanting to
win Afler each tall played there
war a daifening #pplanes from the
epectator, aul wheo the winulue
slioke way bit the crowd weut aluont
Quutle with escitement.

Messra Cinniog aud Co have re.
ceived a large shipment of Frean
Brut and Vegetables by ube ws. “Mare
owijae ' fom New York, focluting

‘pplea, Beetroot, Carrots, Cabbage,
Turnip, ete. Toese are ou ele at the
Unledouiaa Grocery to-vlay, at the
lowe-t prices.

The tnavy friends of Captain Hass.
novt of the D.ALS. Coppename will be
wad bo Jearn Chat he sent a wirtiess to
the ne, Warocdineon tne Lith etatin
that he expecuiad to reach New You
on the following day, aud thet be was
wuratly improved. ,

We were yesterday Informed by Mr
T. 1. Potter,

ueoce the

be put jo orders in com
fur some

eucimaries will not be iseu
Uttle time to come,

edsuch horrible work to be sent fo
have aleo received punishment, by
having been kept out of their pay for
thie work,

Amongat the passengers who srrived
by the es. “Maruwijoe” fom New

ork yesterday, was the Rev. N, A.
Fitzroy Bourne, who ison bis way to
avisit to hie parents In Barbadvs, Mr,
Bourne left bis native isle about thirty
ypu ag, and havio graduated at

cUitt University, took Moly Orders
fa the eighties. He Lelongs to the
Church of Kogland,

Mr. Jefferson Davis well known here
In connection with the Trinidad Ojl-
fields artived fvom New York ester.
day morniug by the Dutch Mai}
Steamer “Slarowljae.”

A lest match wasbegunoon Saturday
last at the Oval between teams Cap-
taloed by Messrs. Andié Ciptiant and
Itupert “Alexis. Going first ta the
wicketa Me, Cipriant’s team compiled
12¢ runs ot which the Captaln scored
db and Rogers 23 runa, Atthe falllo
of light Mr, Alexis’ team had scored 2
runs for the loss of 2 wickets, Tele
inaque 12 not out. The game will be
resumed ou Saturday next the 2th

From reporte which have reached ue
there a pear Lo by many " hanges on
the borizg mm". of the Hrighton Outtelds,
Ain, Lange who used to Managei eva
of the Company's botel leaves Loday
for ones ork war, important
| expected to 0) .
nouvel f ween

There will be a regular rebearsal
the Choral Section of the Piette
Institute tonight at 813 o'clock,
Members aru as ed to kindly attend,

Tha Bresutlva Vounell ata meetin
on last Thursday considered the two
sentences to death by the tslininal
Court, | viei~Jaues ‘edward alow

Mason” who ou the 10th fostant was
cooviowl for the murder of Janes
Halley at Hindustani Koad, Savanna
Gra on the Lith June last; also of
Hosgsruo whe was cuavioled on the
1ah inet, of Uke murder of Huorya at

Bal Villageion the way to¥l Jon
Juy Mh, Sentouce of Jeath ‘£5 COn-
Grined aud Tuemday Alet lust. was fixed
fos the execution” Hon J. b, Hobe bp
(natracted by Ms HL P, Mitchell de
feuded Biward, aud Mr © René, in-
eager! hy Me A L. Brown, defended

aya je Ssaee mundetere’
wall bo Gousdvied oy Thadey “

poultion at the pair to take ber cargo”

lutrae General, that
the work of no Jess than oloty-olue
enuuerators, all jacurreqt, remain to

We are glad to
know thatthe majority of the War.
dens, or District Kegtutzare,. who allow.

featenlay the Hall of Justice, His
Pour ag ‘A. larcle Smith Kt


‘OJ., sentenced an Kast Indian to five
‘af the “cat,” for hacking ble wile with
Tailors & Outfitters

aes, Another exemplary sen-
culls 1% years’ heats labour was
seed by the Oblef Jastics on Aubrey
Tacper who ehet William Daberry
with a revolver doring a fiacat in @
baker's shop at St. Joseph

Tene} a

Special Val

Gents. Black

Box Calf, Blucher Cut--2 Dollars

Oonsequent opon an unfavourable
report ef the Mectteal \tten fant of the
Royal Gast apon the phyrteal eatn-
dilon of Seu ght, the 16 year old
ny who waa enteneed by Me Juatlce
8.van, at San Fernand, to flee yrare

traptisonment with 15, bashes of” the
cat anlne taille fi woundlug bis
atepnotnen, Katrania, Ule Ex

collency hatordered a inihtes form of
punisbinent The Workinginen’s Ae
woclation had aleo miude reprewnts-
tlona to Hie Excellency on the subject,
Seemungal, acourdiig to the sentence,
waa to have recelved the cat” on
‘aturday, 2th.



Thess “St. Thomas? which is ad-
vertl to lewve hers on the 26th.
will Hofecall at Barbados, bat will call at
Se Licla, St. Thomas and Losdoo
and Continenta! porta.

Tho Dutch mali steamer, “ Varo-
wijne” arrived 4t6 ani. yesterday
from New York direct after a voyage
of 0j days with 100 tons general cargo
68 mules and the following passengers
Rey, N. A. F, Bourne, Mr. John
Boom, Mivs 8 Boom, Miss KF. Boum,
Me. J. D. Davie. Mr. Frank Mann
Mr. ALR Ramedell, Mr. JR. Water-
man, Mr. Frank Agostlui M
Ward-Price, Mins ¥
Mr M OM, Boyd,
Donald, LD Derrom,
For and sou, Miw Lonolse Bounce
and Sirs. Gertrude Aquie The
steamer left the sane dar for
Demerara and Paramatibo with part
of fuward cargo. She will take a
cargo of sugar from Denierata for the
VUuited States,

The Bi M.S. * Balantia” arrived yes-
terday morning from Venezuelan
ports with 3 tons general cargoand 49

Frow La Guayra:—Mr. and Mra. J.
W. Garrett, Wr. Ro oH, Webb, Mr,
and Mew O Pratt, Me, & Beano, Dr
D. Luciani, Mr. A. Uattiatinl, we. Le
Battistent Me, C. 0. Navarro, Dr. 1,
Alcala sucre, Mrs DB. de Alcala, Mr
oud Mrs J. M. Jove, 2 children and
wwrvant, Dr fl. A. Chacin, Mr. Josd,
M, Navarro, Mrs. 1, Balfour, Mr N.

Frow Pampatar: Mr, G, Porelra,
Mr. L Silazee G sozates and child, Ne.
Â¥ du Baqiria and Me. Seutlsgo


Frou Oainpinot Me, E,
Me. K. Beau gad 21 deckers,

Mra W,


WO VOUS 44OSUHEEED 0404044 04. eOe

—A —

A Beautiful Ran

’ OF


Garcla, f

The Norwegiaa steamer ** Leila”
which lean ler ehirter to the Frank-
lin, Barer Oy, ariived on Sotucdsey
evening from Ciatad Biivae io
hallad. She will toad « fall cargy of
Tiluided coconuta for Philadelphia,

The Beltish steamer “ Welbury,
2.304 tons, Captain. Peterson, arrived
my unday frum Buenoe Aires for a
supply of cual from the T igidad Goals
ing Gy, Lt She took 183. tone of the
miueral and left the aame day for Nor
folk, Va, US. s. in ballast

The Dutch Mall steamer “ Prins der
Nederlanden,’ 12 tone, Captain
Metus, arived —yevtenlay tnorning
froin Europe via P ip emaribe and Dema
Tara with 20 ton@ general cargo aod
7 paweogets She alsa bruugh &) lous
(algo fur transhipinent. The futlow.
log engere fin Demerara atrived
by t rime = Me. ab MeKuixht,

r. an rt. ‘at au
Kelly apd 3 deckets, “ *

The Venezuelan gunboat “ Cine da
Juli," arrived on Saturda evening
from Ceistobal Colon with 5 a)
Rers—Dr. Acosta Polen, © lonel Moll
ba, Messrs. 1. Callman, LR. Osta
and T. V Ilamediama. She left on
Sunday crulsiag.

The Dutch Nall eteamer “ Saraniace
oa, "2.101 tons, Cuptatg Egmond, ar
rived yesterdey [rom Param aciiy
with cargo In’ translt for the United
Stat a, She leaves to-day fur New
York dlevct with cargo, enogers
and mails. The tender with passen-
fe leaves the Lighthouse Jetty at

Pink, Sky, Cream, Whitd
# Vieux Rose, Claret, Reses
f French Grey, Navy, Cha@
q pagne, 27 ins. wide, #

Adc, 30c., 36c.,40ce., 48 |

Por Yard.


990 000000000 0000000010000 00000000000000 o

Oriental Satin

' —IN—
Sky, Grey, Black’& Crea


t -

The Leyland liner “ Albanian, "1
tons, Contain Harrison, arrived a6
Sunday frotg Liverpool via Barbados

with 4335tons general cargo, 7 Ate and . :
oue nger—Me © Bos —
frota Barbados, ‘The a aa ins, to 40 1ngs, wide °

night for Venezuelan and Colombi
porte with part of foward car, a he
fork, away no passengers from this

$1.20 per yard.

| 0000 90910000000 0000,0940 cow ccoucoce Cheeni




Also in Embossed Chiffon, 4

Wirth GConounmyp uNnvSs J



The London Direct LA te,
“ Balybla, 2131 toas, Capiain Wilkine
son, arrlued yesterday fron Demerara
with cargo in transit aud 6 deck pay
eae ne ul yloed asphalt and
genera porte ve London and Cont).

The French N “
Domingue ra all Cates yy St
artived yesterday in 24) hours frota
Nt Lucla, with 173 packages merchan-
dine aod the follwing Passengers,
ree Be Nasaires Mr Charles
Frevebl, yotruand Tomas), and

From Guadeloupe t—-Mr, A, M len.


From Martinique :=Miss L,

From St Lada tmp ‘aod eres,
Jvas deckers from various


The Hamburg.
agunla,” Long Atwerican liner #
attlved on Hunday
SG ‘Iboutas with 17%
Bhe brought


plaln Lerehe,

tons 3 aro zis

BO passengers, car

The Odtank
Prines, "eame up wearer’
day aftetnoon froay

Og & su
the "Band Gener onal
io sailing Uhie word
buy, NJ the iy
(ergo of Trigidad

. i TY em egy rege TR
. ‘ a . . « , A



3 TRINIDAD, = = ————=
Bin ropeoay, THe v8 um Notleo, UOLIG NOVICE tbe gieee tha . Notico, NOTICE TE Ofer of Frnt
gen BARS “ONOVEMBEN 3011, AY OF Oye rine 1eekte | Bale contacter ae Bee tT BALE FOR WEDNESMAY THg| BALE FOR WRONEEDAY, THE tet (SALE FOR TUBSPAY THE Urn laervecron -
ry ~aptio NOTIOR 16, hereby given | FIRST DAY OF NOVEMBER IIL "| Coen tencice Ordon Were acd cont | FIAT DAY OF NOVEMBER, IL DAY OF NOVEMEER, iy 1. DAY OF NOVEMBER, JOU | NOt Mle *

¢ Matterof the Real fy"
Ordinance No 6. Property

Inthe Matter of the Appleation of
Guyadeon Gonetimescaliod Geddin or
Gardia) and Dowkalee. ¥

P2QUDLIC NOTICK 14 hereby given that

~ by ac Order of ls Honour Air.

Justice Swan made herels the Oth day of

October 1913 unleas cause to the

contrary Le sbhewn withia fourteen days

from the date’of the publication of this

pe exercise of the lower of UBLIO NOTICE th by talnodin'a certeia Nemorandam nf Mort. om
Provutand io corainased, of | Die neciogat the Qatar Tomar | greater tee Fira! Droporty © diranee | PUBLIC NOTICE i hereby trea shat
@ 001 t um sted the ay . “
dna No; O01 fOr | Couvepuncing and Law of Lreverty “Dene | Of Apiit I8il and meds by Porgectey ty | ot Sele conTected spon Mortecaiee by the
1 and made, between | seace Namber 12, nod covialuel or im. | {Your ul Bershe Andsétbore wil bee pas | Conveyarcing an 2nd oon Med oe i
‘ile Garcia of the ret pied fa acertain Memoracdam of Mort. | 80 for este hy Pabila Action at the | #000 Nember 7 re fon ain erin
teria Gasdiilo of tbe wend whe under the provisions of the Haat | Anttion Mart E-be andersigned sitaase | Pttdintwucertais Memoands of Mm.
Gokeol Mean of thet! of | Preverty Ordiosnos No. 6, nombered 185 | ** Ne 12 Bt, Vivent B reat ie the Two
auder memoraniwnere. | oved the llth day of Septem of Porteof-Spasn on Tusdey the Uth da
bearing eret, aus fer. | Yee one thontand {pine beads of November 1911 Beuween the Bours of
mote and made by Alfred Bt. Clair rout of \
aad Kweterio Castillo | thy Honoucable A ALL AND SINGULAR theese two evr.
od the said Gotco! Mesh | (he Honourable Avcher Wars Whlch | tain paceele of land both eliuete To the

"J UBLID NOTICE is hereby given that public NOTICE is hereby given that
t in exercise of the statulny Power: of fe exercive of the Statutory Power of
Bale conferred upon mottgegeca by the | Sale conferred npon Mortgagees by the
Ovareyarcing ane Taw al Froperty Or | Conveyancing and Law of lroperty Ordi-
nance Ny 72 and contained or implied | bance, Nomber JZ acd contained or Im-
tm wcerata deed: f rm rigage dated the | piled ia a ceriaia Memoracdem of Mo
whae onder the provish ns of tne R- } Pro: [| fourth dey of March, (n the year ove | gage under the prorisione of the Rest
persy Urdinance Namber 69, the fires | thousnbd pine hunde d and ten, registered | Pr-perty Ordinance Nowber 60, Nem-
the eof nomoered 18, deted the tweet). | ae sumbe: 673 of 1910, avd made Letwees | dered 156, dated the f urteen'b dey of
Gree day of Janvary ia the jour ove | Gervantia Ie ronti Garcia ol the one part | Deceater In ths year one thonacd nice
ttoosaad pine bucdred end nine snd made | ard Henrietta Ovtherioe Cucttave of the | handred andten and made by Joshes | Notice in the “Hi Gasctte’ a Vro«
ne uy Charice Croprer | { omettinee called other pars there wit be ba ip for sele by Narcer fe Feroar of Nero di famers there {islonal Certificate of Title will bo issued
aale ‘ablie Wa acl upper) ia fevoue of Raymon lc Anction at the Anctioa Mar the pat up foresee Jablie Acction he applicants herela undue the uamcus
oe + oP cigoed at ‘thelr ee at st ta, Reymond Warcer | the Pinsr teeter “Compristose aes Warner acd Edward Joueph Booth, and | sodertigood, rituste at oumbor twelve | at the Aveuca Mart of the nodersigned | of Guyndeen and Dowkalice as tenants
No, 2 Backwille Street, | goa bd werd oaeph cot ty Memorans | ang img rode mone cee Gellveated and { (arecovd tbeveol Nomteed 150, daied | Saint Vincent Sires, ia the town of | situateat Ne, 12, St, Vincent Street ta in common for an entate iu fee simple In
i “wanry-8tth day eof Api wind year ont with the abarta's aod bonn are: theref the sixth dey of June a tbe year cob | Purt-ol-Bpais oa \Wcdaesdey, oy st hiearnel oreo Spal oa caedey ibe Wanton Terres nang titan, the
* indew ' ‘ a * en ye e! ovember weea |
i hrsrand nine buod:ef and siz, there will ona rei Dy a eared x we Pye tne nal bares oO opp’ ia tavows a 3 va 3 arate at Lwittecins vg hours o coe ond two po sea we so prising 14 nore i) perches delinss ted
omar thet certain plece Te A acelon, Bert of che eee ses on at | ed. bounded om the. Novey by” Grove | #4 od Keymond Wainer ard Edward | shia o-oo: poyertice Ail aud ausatar | All thet piece or parcel ot land ond Uhereot ahtwn” in the itoyal, Grant
ome the Ward of Tacw. | 5° at on b art of the Undersigned situ Land and on the South ty ‘hs or ce J seph Soutt, there wiil be pat ep foe gah | hat vertels pee ar psrort uf [sod and | cocoa plantation altuate in the Ward of registered in Volume 61 follo 40 of the
we talend of Trinidad for- Seg Namber 12, Galas Viecent Street, | iver on the East b by the Lend by | by Pablie Auction a: he Auction Mirtof | rove plant toa beog portiin of the | Torure inthe lslani of Trioiiad contain. | ited oprty Register Book _ and
pe the roars of the “Bon Ale’ athe Lowe of Port nf pals, em Wedoes. | ya 0k of Bejonsing and by the Merapary | o* Undersigoed sicaste at No 12 8¢, | * Bon Air” Ee meata to to thy Wert of | ing nine acres, three roode and thiny. | boundodoeths Ne by Crown Land
y Dorrsib K one querres and | .¢7 the rst day of November 1911 be- River aad cobs vee u Orewa peso Viaceot Street, in the Tow: of Pors-af- | Toearlgean ia the [cand of Trivkdad, con- | seren perches be the same more or fess | on the Sonth by lands of Ragwal and by
rth upon lands of oreen the honre cf one and two p.m. afl and by 1 odect Recabes a3 the 2c wp | BPa'm. on Wedoesday te fired doy of | tainiog nine acres, on€ rood ang twen 3- | delineated in the plan or diogram atteched | lands of Ceo, Belmontes on the Last ty
d upon lendeot Debley. { ‘Atceraia piece or parcel of land and | there occticc four aerea three rooda | November 1911, betweeu the huare ci one | foer pach oni avasting on the | tothe Crown Graat to the sald Joehna | Janda of Fernando Hodulfo and on the
aod eith upon lode of | ,°0# Plantation wicaste tn the Ward of 40d Maicen parches mare or leat detiatered | 84 "WO cst wt that ootela glare + | Neth ‘apon bende now or lerely ol one | Harper tegisteread in Volume XXXVI, | Wott by a road rescrved Alty links wile
we the East upon lands of Torere ia tbe Island of feioided, Gods | and with the abattais aed boundaries | Parcel of land and socca plautation si-u- | [2 pheel, South apon other lands of the | folio 13, and abattiog North upon finde a te es October 1911
wie ef Jean Louie and on taining five acres three roode aad thirty: | ie nsos ohewa of on the plan annexed ¢g | #018 the Wardof Turwe to the Istana | sald “Bun Ale* Pacate, Eutepon lirds | tow oc lately of Makab and poo a ‘ T Pouis AFIEL
parmee of 1n0s Oe Arouce Biver, gight perches be the same more ot lem | tie Roysl Grent registered in Volame | °! Trinided, contalntog pice acrea, three { now or lately of BI omoo and upon lands | reserved forty hoke wids, South upon Acting Regdatvar Generah
ent Tpgolar thoes three pieces Sraecated, tad desorbed in the plan or | tis: foito-ba sna boended on the North ty | ods and thirty perches be the ssme more | bow or lately of Daolel, and West npoa | toda now or Tusely of Engene Ju'es Sellier g Registrar Genera
’ pad» na Stinate in the sald disgram attached to the Orown Grant te: Ciown Land on tho. Booth by the Mate Or love delineated Ia (he disgram aitached | @ Road, which aild plece or parcel of land | Eset bpon inca now or lately of Joseph | In the Supreme Coart of Yrinllad and
os Tacarigos the Ist thereof Fiore Bt, Clate reg no River and on the Eact and Weer by | © thé Crows Gravt to Theodore Marce- { aud covoa plantat.oj le more particalarly | Nethaclel atd Weet upon laode now or ‘
pe of acres 3 roods and & OVE, folla 349, and abating N. jenda bow or lately of she Crown ¥ | Hoe, fegutered fn Voluce XE, folio 648, | dese ted and delineated Io & plan pre- | lale'y cf the Crown, together with the | No, 195 of tolt,
lends now or lately of the Urown, | Dated thia 17th day of Detober 1911 and abuteing on the North rud West uy [ dx-d to a certala deed cf emreyanoe | 8ppurtenances thereto belonging, In the matter of
Bpoa land now of lately of William ¥. SO SCOTT & KON, oa leads pow of lately of the Crowa, | dated the nineteeath day of lebrusry, ated at Portsof Spain thie Lah day uf | The Real Lroperty Orvtinauce, No, th
Gsrner eed upon laade wow or Intely of "Govt. Auctioneere, | S'2'h apon lends now or Jately of the | {n the year ong thogsind eight hundred | October in the yoar of Our Lod, 1911, and fa the Matter of
Jules Giee t epon isnds petitioned Crown asd upon the Cunspo Junction | and ninety etubt, regis ered as outer E J, NCOTT & 'BON, The Application of Guyadeen (sometines
487 and bounded on the | for by Charlee F, Bellin aed Went apon TRINIDAD Koad reserved fif )-five links wideaud Eas | 1015.£1999, Also all and siogu ar thet Gavt, Aactloneers, 1 ynee Salled Gaddin or Gardin),
the Arouce Niver and b sadanow or Istely of the Crowa and SALE FOR TUESDAY THE 2TH | UPD Jande nuw or lately of Joveph M [cecain ober parcel tf iand sod eos | Sa Cr J BLIC NOTICE ts Hereby given ghat
Fes ¢ ‘on the South by lands { °PO2 lands tow or lately of-Jemes Smith DAY OF 60 710BER 1911 Diwree ad open the Caospo Jucctiuu { plancation situate iu the said Ward of Gam lV A C tive sian ere ea ilonour, M 5 sts,
eens) by Crown Jande on wod intersected by a track reverved treaty ae . Hoad, reacrved fh Yilvetinks wide, aud | Tee rigns f rmeriy forming pare of the sald e S gen Vy October ult uniess good cause to the or
Grown lands and on the Nake wideandupop thi GusicoRlver wit UBLIO NOTICE fe beieby given thar lutersected by he CucspyJacetioa Ra d | Boo Air’ Estate containiog four acies, trary be shewn wethiu fourteen daya {ron
Br Guca River and icter. | feerre forty-fva hiaks wide oo elther Pps ceive af the power of ade con, | Teetved filty-tve links wide togeiher | ne ron and ten peches and abutuoc | MAIL ORDER (GENTS the day. of tho publicalion of tule Notice
: Tblie road reserved 20 | C8DK, together with the arpartensnoes tatoed faa certsla deod af Mere.cce deted | *Lb the #; pasteaaoces ibsreto belonging | Nurth epen loode cuw or lately ot Jows- AND GENERAL HUSTLERS, | in the Roval Gazette a Provisional Certine
+ second thereof coin. | thereto belonging. the Sth dey of Agi a 1903 tories ode Dated at Port-of Spata thie &h day of | heer, Routh upon lands now of levely of yur last order for Private Atas | cate of Title will be issued tothe Appl
“ye the same & little | Dated as Port-of-Spaia thle 5 h dey of No. 2380 of tne aud (ree Thetween | October fa the year af Mur Lord L91L, Dauiel Mathews, east spon leeds vow or Cards goes on the Slot instant, | &@0t bersin under the namo of Guyadeen
” ne delineated ‘and withthe Qovober ta the year ohoue Lord, 18l1. Mebetcs of the ene pub tod Burgeo of E J. SCOLT & SUN, lately of Suksles, aud Weet uson lente | Write for Sample Hooks (2) without
snd boundaries thereof shows *" Gove, Auctioneers, {| the other part, there will be pat ap for delay aud avol heapporntnrent |

Uovt, Aactioneers, now orlatelyef Touseawt Also a/l ond
rene 8 art dated slo be the anderaigned at their Aoctio
e Supreme Cor er rrr

Ate de

ofthe Wanl of Tustre Mlanter in respoct
ofall that panel of land situate in the .
Want of Mangaallia inthe Island of fiat
dad comprising 11 acres, Troad and It
perchea delineated and with the abuttals
and boundaries thersof particularly des-
cribed Li the pian or diagram annexed
the loyal Grant registered ta Volume
folfa 221 of the theat Property Regiater

k aud bounled on the Nort! by Crown
land ov (he South by w load and by lands
ofS iron the Rast by Crown land 4
and on the West by lands of Pouknee and
by a Road, and that a Provisional Cortias
cate of litle will be issued to the applicant

angular that cervain otber parcel of land

Mart No. 2, Sackvisle Street, ia the Tuwo | TKINIDAD. sd qocoa plaotation situate fu tbe aaid
Koyember 1910 to one Babjan of Pritettiain, on tuesday the Mb dey | SALE FOR TUESDAY THE 7TH Ward of Tacarlgaa containing six terer,
i is Volume X VIII follo 423 aod | TRINTDAD, of Oo obor 1911, between ths hoors of one DAY OF NOVEMBER 1911. treat the said wt oa aie” bettered
oa the North by lands peti | SALE FOR TUESDAY THE Trt DAY | std twop.m., all and slogolar those two -- tout fig North aud Hess (open otber
for by Tacoor on the South b: OF NOVEMBER i611, several p rcele cf Ind sltuste af Caleatta | JOUBLIO NOTICE Ia bereby given that | SOY! the wend "Bie Air” Eetace ard
wes River and by lands peti. — Bettlement io the Ward of Monteerrat in ta exercise of the power of asle con- | Jon OU yen gon a Raving whic
for by Jodebun on the East by PUBLIC NOTICE is herety given that | she Toland of Tinted, the first thercof | tained fo a certela Deed of Mirrgege | South and Wert upo
Blends andon the West by the in exercise of the Power of sele con: dalet the Sth dav of Bepember 1910, re.

d eceos plaatation ie
being Lot No 177 cf esid Betilement, sald parcel of land and en won ie
Bleen And the third therev ed rbaln deed bear- | comprising tanacreeand abetting on the | gis eed es No. 3761 of 1911 aad in acer. | Slineated and dec BA P Aa attac
og 10 acres and® perches be | A194 22 8 certain of mortgage z als eed 08 No, S761 of 1011 aad. In bed

d toscectaio dead of ¢uveyance dated
d he 27th d f bei North apon tot No, 163 of asid settlement c
slittle more or less delineatwa cegintered web Sass toe thowear i! onthe South upon Cr wa lavd, on the | datedthe sald 5 bday of Seprember 2010, | the eleveath day of Sep ember in the yest

ep het
a6 Sleetee Peas x

d boundari tN f said ri] fihe | oe thonand erght hundred aod ninety. all that parcel of land'eiucte Grr wae
tee abuttale ao uodarive | 4 made between Marisa Joseph tome. | Eset mpon ist No. 176 of said settlement | and made between atteepralsiog of tha at parcel of land situate In the
vhewn on the plad annexad to | gen called Mary Ada Joseph oP the one | and on the Wart cpon lacda of Jabrum | one part and Baboonish of the oh:r past, omy re miaere as Now 110) ot teUe: etal of Upper Caroui in the said ivland com 3
Grant Volume XVI. follo SUI partand Leon Loais Joles Cornililac of the | nd the seootd thereof being Lot Ne, 168 | there will be put up for sale by the Under- otber parcel «f jand aid coco pisatation delluekred end’ with the ab 27 perches, i
ded on the North by Crows | ‘weer pare there will be pat ‘or sale by | of ssid settlement compruing ten acres signed eteher Avction Mar N . 2 Sack- Stoste in the Ward of [ucerigua contains boundatien thereof gheva ‘on the pen 1
{bythe Arouca Hiveronthe | oblic Auctioa by on undersigned oy | Sod elght perchen -nd ebottiog on tte | vileS reet inthe Town uf Pu ta f,Snan, ing fourace, ony rood vad “ten perooes annered to the Royal Grant registered In
y loads of Ougegheer and by | eis Action Mare Ko s Sackrilie Btreet | Nort npon tet 167 of aard Sartiement uu | on Tu ad y the 7:b day of N evember 191, (mie reiou of w pateelef land coutata. Voluiue fi, Totlo 215 of the loal Property
wa river on the Hest by | athe Towa of Port cl-Spaia on Taesday | be Fouth apon lot No 177 of ssid settle- | between the hours of ooea d twa p.m, tog needatecn acreretwe ode sad twenty Register Hook anit Louaited on the North
ode and on the West by the | he7h vay of Novenber L011 between | tart on the Esat cpon bot No, 169 of anid | atl and singutar thone twu several pierce we hes another portiva vf tha ead “Hoa by al reserved thirty links wide on 1
river, e boure af l acd 2 pm, Settlement aod on ihe West apon lands of | or parcels of land eituste fn the Ward of Ai S Extate) aod abutting Norsh opon FE E G RANSAU LL the South by Crown land and by lands of i
tale 18th day of October 1911 Ail thst cocoa plantativn eltuate ia the | Shem. Chegainasis the leland of Trnidd, the i od lovee ‘of deen Lens but nee or . e ve GG, Scheult on the East by Crown land j
IAWUIS JOHN & OO. Ward of Upper Caronl called * Belle Dated thie 19th day of Beptember 1911, | frat thereof comprising two lots knowa as lately a Gaedoloure To maand tpon lands SOLU AGENT, and by Head reserved titty links wide
Auctioneers, Vae"—consiaung of thice parce's, The Louis JOUN & CO, jo No 29 and 38 ol Dark mm Lintate, now a lato y of Hane, boath apou lands Gt. Vincent St, and on the Weat by lands of Charles G.
ie «l actionrere, aving & frontage o! eet by eet ia ~——e "
a TUESDAY THE 231 DAY ¥ thereof comprising 3 scros, 3 foods sod | depthand abutting oa the North upon lot | 59% oF lately of Bakelee, Kiet apua Iands White and fy lands of Annundla, And

sow or lately cl Gobrd sad West upon
lands formeily of Torrail’e now or lately
of Toussaint, toge her with the appar:
tenances thereto belongiog,

Datei at Port-of-Spain this second dsy
of Octoder in the year of our Lord, UL

also thata Provisional Certiticate of Title
Wilk be ignued tothe upplicant under the
bame of Gardin in respoet of all that par
cel of land situate in the sald Ward of
Turare comprising 6 acns delineated and
with the atatlats and boundaries thereat

= Sperches and abuctiog on the North
fn. UF NOVK MBER 10h, 1pou lands of Cleto Keates ca Crowa| . FOR SALE, °
NUAICE te vorecy gives thet née and upon lands of Joseph Acgunte — apon lot No, 28 belonging to Boodernm
la exercise of the Power of Sete | «the Boath upon Crown lande on the (2) All that certam Cocoa Plantation | on the East upon a Trace and onthe West
& & Cetteta Memorancaom od | «st apon landeof Joreyo Aauuste sua | Comprising Afteen acres and three perches { upon Caroul Ssvennsh Rosd, end the
Ne 92, daied 2204 dey of Jinu- | nthe Wees opon Crowns Ianda aud on | situate at Lomplre, in the Ward of Toco, | second thaiest or mprising 10 ecresa aod
Saeco oy Bax sonten ve sade of Cte Boniten The Second pounded on the North ty crews land 5 M perches be the eam a tle moraet
at Norsada-s Cowlessar there will | doreof comprisfog 7 acres and 13 perche dfty links wide, on the South by Crown ee giipeated and pith cbs sbosals
apforsae by Panic Avciicn, by | ad abuctiog on the Noth pou leoda of | jands and by lands of I. P. Pierre, on the there f shoo we BR mi ate
ed, abtheic Auctiva Mar, | Cisto Benicezoa the Svath apoa Crown | Past by ‘lands of C, Daniel, by [ands of na ' pit i" as we edt vat
sule Beeet, ia the town of da and apon lands of Juseph Auguste | L. P. Pierre and by Crown land and on | Rest Peoporty ister a olame
on Tueedsy, the 28h day be East apon lands now or Jatey of | the West by Crown land and by a roadie. | XL'V, fallo 539 and bounded on the
1911, beeen the boars oi | Netividad Alfonso aod lends of Joseph | served fifty inks wide and intersected by | North by Inads of Modgeroo on the South
two to. Acgustio snd oo the Wast upon Urown | three roads reserved each Gfty links wide, | bya Road reserved Afiy floks wide onthe
tod seg lar thet certaln ploce or | snus, And the Third thereof comprising | There are four coutractors on this } Baas by ands of § ochsrowah and lands
atl e i toab We dé iv and abattiog oo the North and | Plantation and It contatna ww full bearlag | of Geetoo andorthe Woat by Crowa land,
je the Inlecd’ of ‘Trislaad, com- | Woet tpoa Ocowa lands on the South | eee L107 young bearing trees aad 408 | 'p sted thle 27'h day af September 1612
$6 cores, be thesames litte mure | pus Crue Isods sod upva fands of 1 those two certain parcela of land u .
fe ineaied and with * ascale aod Eetoato Marua’and ey brerarree tet) altaie ie Tomptre aforesaid” worked Aceticneers,
thereof 8 an ras one Cocos on
eitached ‘a the Orowa Greos ou | Aa oni rtio, Tee amount secared | * itemulta.” The first thereof com-
the Rea) Propersy Heyuster Book 1 psyable under the above deed was | prising fotty two acres, abutting on the
XX, folio 6, and bouoded on wlgved sad the hereduameots bereyn Bore and fast upon Crown Jan a on the
Seainead Kast by Cruowa Jas on sin ame vestedag mo tgsges —— +
se ety lane ot Bondar | Jag, Caper iia, decd Sis | 1d Ue tadced der pipe | PUSHO NOTCH i trey ten at | a hei asta irate Wa ot
Arr erie ams | AL adele tt at eae | Exit ate Savages [pnt eda argent i | roamed ald eats Mite [ENTERS ean ray am
Be OUT Rcare | bated wei 16s Gag or Ueeser ini | Grows land, oa the South upou, lands of | 16 de {Oe “for the gear 19-9 | saceased eho died on ihe 6h day of | ATE “Gy NOVEMBER 191L

Lovis Phitip Pierre, on the East by Crown registered aa No, ~, DP Mach 100% intestate ot Claztons Bay -—
BRT Ty cite cn pan LOUIS JOHN & CU, —_ | landand uponlandsof Samuel Witllaaa and | aod me bawens Sia Cy, Pockeorail | ise) ye athe Adminitrster PUBLIC NOLICE ts hereby given
OR TUESDAY THE ttn DAY Aucuuneers, that in exercise of the power of

i yy the one partsod Heorrtts K veusgh of
pn the Weel upon roma tends aud upon tha o her part aa0 Gwer imemorecines Geoeral olsim g Leturs of Adm'nlatra-

6 NOTICE is hereby given’ that ed by the Towpire inside road ona bun: | of morgave bearing ez date therewih | tioa of the es atu acd eftects of the aid sale contained in # certain Deed of

la exercise af the rower of Bule con- drof linke wide, and by iayloa Augtals Jores Thurlow deccssed ond ther the asld | Mortgage dated the 26th day of

wna on with @ reserve forty five links wide on action bus been ees dows for tril oD | Pebruary 1910, registered as No 546

Sobeute and by narod reserved fifty tuks
No. 80 be'ooging Gs Kanhel on the Soath

ahewn in the plau annexed to the Hoyat
Geant registered in Volume 140, folio 307



ofthe Real J roperty: Register Book ant i

orst Sag qt



Gove, Auc.ioovre. bounded on the Last and Wost b

Crown lands and on the South by a Rood
resery vd thirty links wide connecting Shia

Darvel of lund at the South Lister wre
ner with lands of, Padarut,
Dated thls 11th day of Octotar, 1911,
Acting Registrar General,


la tbe Sapreme Court of Trinidad aad

No, 83 cf 1911,
Between ’
+ Rose Thurlo#—Plaiotitl,


In the Soprems Court,

Io the matter uf the Latate of Mose i
We'Haaa, Inte cf Bello Voa in the 4
Wardlol Sivoncita, fo the Islaud of 4
Triniuad, Planter Deceased latestate

UBLIC NOTIVE fs hereby elven thet j

sp blication bas been made te me dy
Lihelieds Willews cf Batlle Vue ta the j
Ward of Savocotte tn the laland of Trick
dad for a Urant of Letters of Admiats .
tration iu revpect of the Estate of Muses
Willsms, lete of Bolle Vue fn the eald
Ward of Havouetts, whe died on the 23rd
dey of October 1910, having at tLetime of
bisdeath aGised place of abode at Bella

TREND AD, WEUNESDAY THE | The Admfolarator General Defendant,

FIRST DAY OF NOVEMBER 1911, prusnio NOTICE 1s bereby given thet

mede by the mid S. Ost Pak ore in
favour of the sdd Heonetts Kivansgh

ceby the Conveyancing RINIDAD. 4 Monday the Gth day cf November [9]! be: Vae aforeaid, the wild Ethelfeda Wile
Property Ordinance 11 and | T . either bank, wos there will be put ap for by Pabie ay, . for 191, and made between Marie | stay beg tke hot We
LE FO. UESDAY THE 2ttu Plantatio: tains 251 full bear- Dated this 10th day October 1911. +] th % aod elewful widow sod telice
Robacea, Memorandum of BA DAY DF ObTOREES 191L. ing tren 400 puny beatin treea and guy | Aartiog by ihe nndersiened at their y Charles of the one part und Lea] crit, sald’ deceased,

Ace’lon Mart, No, 12 8t, Vincent Stree’, Shune of the other part, there will be
ut up for sale by, the undersigned at
Phote Auction Mart No, 2 Sackville

Street, in the Town of Port-of-spaig

ee m eades oa DA trees | dort of Gpalo, na Wedueed y the 1st day
sult pete bau aot tines contrectane ol November "IVIL betetea the hours of

(3) All that certala Cocos Plantation | ous eed two pur, all and aiogit 2 that

Joseph Fatdure to Ida Wallace, —
be put up for sale by the under: UBLIO NOTICE Ie beraby given that
ai octlon ‘Mart No VA. Harr iu exercise of the Puweroisale cun-

Aod notla is also given thet if no
carat ts lodged before is expiration of
twenty-eight days from the date of the

Plolotuf's Solicitor.
283. Vincent Sires,

wot te ee

bligstion of this notice the Co will
beloed In s cortala deod of Mortgage dated Dumana lathe Wardof Toco | parcel of land sttaste fo the W rd of woes on Tuesday the 7th day of November | °° @ Court
hours of at x iorember the Zid day of December 1010, registered wena ng Five Acres, avuitiog “on the | Bante Ures cumprisiog 38 acres 8 rvods Potteolespalay - 1911, between the hours of.coe and proceed ta ene Egeiers of wii:
of land situate in the | t¢No 8791 of 11, and made between | Sorin upou Crown lands, on the South | and 25 perches (‘eas 6 acres i rod acd 39 two p2, la \ cordiugly.
@f Gevana Grande bouth fn the | Vbarlee Kowlessarsingh of the one pert, upon lands of Holsh aud apon Crown | perches thereof compte | uader provisions TRINIDAD Aliaud Stogulac (hat certain piece Dated this 2bat cay of Augaat 1017
‘of Triallad comprising twelve | end Peal Cerscciolo of the outer parts | tandson the Hast upon lands of Jetton | ofthe Real P op-rty U d nance ta Volume Iu tbeSaprewe Uouis of ‘Tiinload oud | OF, parcel of land situate at Mayo 1 tothe
roods and fifteen pervbes dell. | there will be pat ep for sale by the wadet- | and on the West upon Crown lauds, XLV folio 309) aud abu ting on the North Tobagu-Summary Jarkdietioa—Purt- Village in the Warduf Movtwerrat iv Actiug Depety Haghtns
6D ™ annexed to the | vgsed at their Agction Mart, No. 2 Sick+ ‘This Plantation contains ps full bear spon Crown lands on thy South apoo cf Baie, the Ibland of Trinidad compre om cane a OH Uepaby He ate sar
@rantis Vol. XOVI fo. 649 and | vile Mtreesia the towa of Port-of-Bpam | ing trees, i youn bearing. tress an lands of K, Large upoo Janda of the betre | no gia of IVIL. acres, 1 rood and 2 aud twoth TIUNIDAD axv TOGAUO.
ao ta Palate, | Stora se 2d ose | aes pi ates tre eo tite aa tale erettetetr tame iabiPaath Sete | nua hartutte he Ca
. L 7 . . ‘ end epon lands of Carter oa -r a vl . nm
Reese oad tl | eames gre | al cat at | Etta nen Teng | Mio Mee ee wie |B roche oa | td gC i
jan ’ Tovo, of the a r jatuthe War
ier, iver and by lands neaate at biaxten Bay in the Ward of ue itandred aud Seventy four vAcrem taode of Orrer aud apa Grown lands Mobas Mabarsj— Defendant, the West upon lands of Fierre of Uropuche, Hlanter ~Decosted,
on the Kasi by Crown Land and | Sevoaelts fa the feland of Tria " auutting on t ¢ North upon lands now oF | and on the Weat upon Jide formerly ¢ IUBLIO NOTICE is hereby given that a ; ewe
rising nioety acres (90) and abuttivg on | jately of Sondgay and upon the sea, on . Cadett but now of Carter upoo lands , Daled this Zod of October Ii, JUBLIC NUTIUE fe hereby gi that
gine noeearre forty ave Haka We North toa Phoeniz Park Estate on the ‘Zouth upon lands now or lately of the oo Malt T, Carter end vpon Crows L ov ac Order of Ilia Wlunoug the Chief LOUIS JOHN & Go, L application hee ber eby jalrou 7

ith day of October Lait. the Booth aod West cpom Eadeavour | Crown, on the East upon the Wlantation | tds reserved, Also all a:d singular that Jastice made hereid va the 3rd day of

AvgustJ91l, there wil be per up ice ese

Auctioneers, Avtooio Molise Gutlerres of Biparle Vil

> HES o Lith don the West upon lands now a lage inthe \V
RGSS, | ERED Seb anen esa ots | sat Sac eh cet | stag etn cnesaoaite | Case ingrooead al sacs | TINTRATEARD TUG, =~ | pitino ae Yo
veces of lend sagreg itlog to 8 acre, Stet c bearing trees’ end 1030" young five ecresone tood apd ibirty-sit_ perches ban dey of O-tober Toit, betweeue the pee date (be 26th day of August 1913 of the

dide pod 6 peries ruid by Charles Kow-

wssarsingh to theeald Psul Onraccioto by

_ Preity many of Bopes ber, 2013,
Me ay wl em ber,


reea, he thie sme a tle more or Jess snd de
‘ 45) All that certalo parcelot land com | Huested snd with the abatwle asd boand.
ing Four Acres, ahree jeods and «shea thereof sbews ie she ihe or die tom Deotase wo died on ae
eg situate al ‘om. a the ‘Roya! ral enler 2 m ‘ o fe ving al t
a . the Ward of Toes abutting on the. North Fare xiv foha 30 und bounded os in So Te tae we, in the Me “at Londen ta Byeand, Doctor of Sfedi death a tied place of Nbade at Siperia
the Conveyancing Auctioneers, upon & road reserved tity Hake wide, upon tbe Nowh by faods of Pakeers end b: ‘ ou x done gine dec cased ig hereb \ Vilinge wienta’ the acty soa 6 Siparla
tre r linanoe test and trowa lands and upoa Ends formerly ot Crown reserve oo the soub be lends ol fe ae et Uberoe ates on the Nor pees I ei C rniteation ths been mania to the wld Antonls Milias Gutlerres besog
‘November ivi OOF . lange and by Jacde cf Pakeers . ha tole exere or pamed invent yin

eGate el OAie haed Fuck Urowe saad Shot lane | oogve Beas by, cade of Hagens Satay | {1A emery talagig ttn Ut | tua burke of the town ot Forte. | Gast attge i to ves hah
there will be Cup t ta TRINIDAD. Y East bpon Grown Jaa as an a 4 en | aod by lauda of Peheera aod on the Wore | '* Lelongloy to Hevteae end Bare eod Spalo, in the Jatland of Trinidad, | Caveat te lodyei before the exp ration of
score "A ua pare | SALE SUR TUESDAY, THEE 2iTG DAY | of te vada open * tormerty’ c by Crown ree rves and a'so all and sis. | 2°% aire . = pany {| tweety-eightdayatiom the date of the

goed at his Auction Mart STUB KIL, 1941 Crown Jands, upon lands formerly of | by Cro: oo the Weel apon lsode of Ajodbarend | Acting Colonial Becretaty for_s grant blicution ef a ol
Promenade, In the Town of oro . O Connor but now of Campbell and upon | cular that certara piece or patoel uf lead | Si ea a iccaler thar parcel of land stiu- | of Probate of the last Willand Testa. | Pablicution eft te votice the Court will
do on Tueadsy ‘the Lith day of laods of J, Magloire and jutersected Ly a | situate iethe Ward of Tarere comprising ment dated the th day of May Iv | Picce4 to lnue Piobate of the sald. wilt


Kavale of Gregorla Gutvierres late of
OF NOVEMBER 11, Tho Registry of Port-of-Spaln

Io the matler of the Estate of Ulervase | S’Pitia ta the ward of Uropucha, Panter.
"Hobart Percy, late of tbe County of | Deceased who died on the Yuh dey of
e C6 <3!

hours: one sad twa o'o'ook p.m, the fee
sie ple fa all and slogatsr that psreet of
land situste ia tbe Werd of Upper Caroni

of A. N. Oui monte, oa the Kart spo

(ce he Ward of Upper Caroal ia the
A between the bi UBLIO NOTICH fe hereby gireo | Js0% ed fity Jinks wid acresand J curd be the some a littis | ste let . oa diugly, ?
parce! oe leurs oon P thet {a exercise of tbe power ot This parcel of land ia suitable for Village sear lees and delineated and with the rend eee ead cient tie eet Tobers Perey, lata of the Dated the Seb day of October A.D 191.
% re pend tiene In egotained Ne © oe deved sen dey ol Jota end be t tong y it jlouse en cit sbottsls oud b uadatiea tberout shew a 00 | North upon leode of one Beetoous apon | ceased, who died on the 2h day of ¥, COLLINS.
ee 5
The Urat thereof com melalog dortgege Now opd made by France rn tension of Bet by 1% feet and « peer tete (aleo vegraat Velome bands oe Tooksol and lends cfone | June 1011 baving at the time of} — — Actg. Deput or

acrea Ty
and five pete del neated bane favour of Marlen Blanch Adioa
1 yf
me LETH ote erons | anatly, there will be pet sp for esie by

tha he nodersigned, at shew Auction Mart,
Deere ty crow tne Sean No, 2, Backrille Gtrees, ia ibe re
dand by tha Quinam Road | Purtuf Spal, oa Tucedey, the S48 Say

Dablaing, on the Sst epou leeds of
Ajadber, on the Kast spon lacda of one A,
N, Claiemonte and o3 the West upos leads
f one Cosroc, subject to a charge for the

his death a fited place of abode at & ns ~
Bentwick Burret iu the QGountly of TIRNIDAD AND TOBAGO. |

London I Knugtand, the sald Itobutt ‘
Gorvase Busha being the sole Axecu: | My iSurrt tele ofthe Word of Gatiee ik
Lol Trias’, deceased

OUXLYII fello 511) aod buanded on the
North by lacds of Niacoor Pyrre on the
South and East by Crewe land aod on the

Went by lade of Jose Hopenio Areis sabe paymert by the seid Moboo Mcharey to | tor nawed therin, the elan

ad ating room beueat
rh Eo diaadeed, and Worty bree
fn, nown as‘ Unjon ais
the ‘Tow Vien

I ly ¢

-et as Lo the percale Bratly aed second)
Ufty links wide, ou the Kast by | of October, 191), between the boura of Now 30 and 41 Henry Bteee ye ib @ lo the prlscipsieaca of 63 000,05 | one George ankes and Semandaria of nce notice te iso, given that it _

reserved fifty links aad two p.m. Mort-of-Spaln, | secared oder deed bearing date the 10 b | (bernm of §: igh P UBLIC NOTICE ie Lereby given that
Crown land,| PAN and Biogvisr Vhad carteln plece of Or to day of Jenuery 1910 registered aa No. 81 | + Dated this 18th day of August, 1021, Yon ot reste eleby days fram tbe *pplication bas teen mado bo mu by
woal of lead slvaate lo the Mard of) cyan ADOLI'NUS WINN, | for tbe yeet 1010 and of memoreadom F. COLLIN, [the Court will proveod ta lveng | Cbatite Ommaney Kolsrtaca of the Lowa
Tirare, in ibe (olend of Triaidat, com wes, of mortgege bearing even dete therewith Actg. Deputy Kegleuar, VProbaté to the sald’ Itobert Gea yare ef Po-tof-Bpain tn the Jelaad of Trinidsd
prdog sls sores and pores perches, bt Chambers, 76 Queen Bireet, dae apd peyeble the sald su. Cyr | — —= 5 for a Groot of Probate of the Will bearta;

Propane little more e: bes delicest sd Port-of Spain. Peheer to Hiseebe Kavanagh, N.D,—The atove sale tise been pontrured

Dated this 30 b dey of Oveber 1911,

Â¥. 3. BOOTT & BOY,
Gort, Auctioneers,

abuttale aod bovndates
tboread St thew fe the ples or dlegrars at-
tached to tbe Crowa Orant entered iu the
Re! Property Register Book at Volume
LXXYV, folio 201, aod bouaded oa the

fie died on the 11th day of Oetuter 11)
F. OOLLING. — | Eavlog ‘ab the tins Of ber deat a borg
Acting Deputy Registrar jaca of abode a6 Cedros alorevatd che vard

rr nm a | Charlee Oumacey Roberton velng the

Dated the lub day of Ustober, A.D, | $184, tht WB, day of Ostobar blu of

tothe 19th day of October IDII, b:
arder of Mr. Josdee Kasell dated sed
Aoig. Registrar,

—_____ wil


£ F


Dated this th da t North by leads of Feat Noe! and — = he aber lar welsh wh Escegior pewed ta the said wai

s Bo ends le int s a mailer o a wives thas t nocavese
Ye TCR es, Grose ae by Be roo and ty Orown land. | Gf the Lroutl and there will Le no 1,000 CORNS teed, wihe 19-b Grouber 161} ter SING 1; IN KA U BROS te telvetbe expiration of swenty-
wee Auctioneer, by lends of Bsgoosh 24 bY > trouble Laing’s Hamous White Pine by LAs ‘ een further postpoued ‘eeder of Mr, . igh) days frou the data of the pudinstioe
en te berreed for _b sad 08 4, Syrup, bas cured hundreda of tcyled out by INGS (im Jostice Reueh te teae ey of Osteo. Prevision Cloaoa of tg potles the Cages will ‘priceed t

xB mnt shore will La sold subject to ade eet by ante ot da'ee Noa), by lands | fodcouphe: lot It cure yours for 34 proved? Gorn-oure a real cern. | Lot, ~aNo- iawe Probate of the acid will ax corusogly
ih Februses toe roe. tes | ot Leen Gui sad by C ows Teng. ig | cea be had only from ier 240 per bottle . Dated unis 19 Sha Lovee OM MISSION VEROUANTS | Dated this ae a . qatar 1d.

Caalmus Michel Us Dated this ” 8 ) ; wa's Creuse Pwanwa . Regleer, lauy 4 .

SUE Dela fo tacure O00 and tated Louis JBN ete LAING'S PURE DAlG STOLE | Lana's H oY Acig. Regietaas Was Lieurv Slreat ing Depwy Key btrar



R SALE Swan presiding,


RIck 100 Urates PIC-NIO HAMS
Por NOTA I 750 4"asee NESTLE'S WILK—1 Ibe,
He-assorted grades, a


veur husband's: pamie ?
How eanttalt oe lerpreler):—
The Solicitor General: ~Very well?

y Tia, eo} tbe, Hie Honour :—Put the name to her.
i ut . ity 20 MIDARTAID Do. tie The Solicitor General:—Le you hue
MBpAVY WHITE OAT 250 Rages MOLAMSINE band’s name Soutchit P

Ww OOKRN &) Tierces FAMILY -BREF The witness :—Yee,

Hat Quy 4 & Bs, 1072 Barrele Do, Da, The secret of the whole Incident Ie

WUITARD OIL 20») 6OLEAR PORK tbat an East Indian woman never

age CONFECTIONARY 100 Barreta & Tierces Avsorted PORK | pronounces the nawe ofjher husband
: STUF aaa mark of respect.


Dag Masten] overs Cove Ly LARD | wane wis THE t

LES—essorted sites ‘ates % . PRISONET ?

pe erne OCODFISIL 3.0 Boxes CUBE SUGAR—S0lbe, each It was a wounding case and the
AND pounded man was under examina.

His Honour :—Do you recogoles the
man who cut you? *

The witness did not anawer but
looked sround the Court room, then
at the ceiling and next his gaze fell
upon the fadge,

Mle Honour (quickty)1—It Is not I.
Udid not cut you.

The witness’ gaze wanderod away
fer us Honour and searched In the
jury box.

Hie Honour s~It Ie not among
such men you cad wzpect to fod the

a ~
The Solicitor Geneyal :—Look before

The Witnesa:—Ah, I see him,
(pointing to the dock). ‘

A witness waa repeatiog himeclf
with great volubility and despite the
warning from the Bench would not

Pais ( hfull A
wrathfully):—- Bto
Tet stax

600 Boxee COMET 1. M, SOAP
230 Doxea Three Crowne Brown SOAP

4-2 Tine,

GAR In Rage
, sree eWEET O1L
‘ I

oa Do,

, Mrae piregplos PAPER




. ~AND—
. Another Bhipment of the Celebrated


(Kangaroo Brand),

Bin Barrels of 7 Dozen Pints with Patent Stoppers.

° c., &e., &e. (com you already. If any one com-
Ing after me were to read over this

stuff he would says—" What ap ass
was on the bench !
( iy e| ... “LIFESO SWEET

It is a legal commonplace that when
atnan is his own lawyer he has a-not-
very-wise person for a client This
was exenpiltied in a ease of

The prisoner, in bis address to the
fury, contended that he acted in self:

efence. .

“Life” he added with dramatic
eloquence “ina ting people Jike very
much, 8 £0 eweet. people can't afford
tolose um, Ah wae getting kill, and
ab had to tek 4 lick with me cutlass,”

“ You say “ sald the presidin; judge
* that you were searching fora fowl }"

Yea" replied the prisoner * the
fow] was mine”

* There were worse fouls than one”
added flis Honour cynically, “ because
you committed a foul by striking the
wana fou blow with your cutlass. *


The witness, an East Indian, was
swoin and he began to give evidence

Bis Houonrt=What bave you in
your mouth ?

The witness (through the interpre
ler) :—-Tobacco.

His Honour :—Take {t out. You
know that {n India, if yor.weot into

lis) Honour
man! I have too much of


0. R.

Charlotte Street.





es Ready-to-Wear Hats

At 60 cents each

Dainty Scarves
68 cents each.

CESS EMBROIDERIES| | ieth th sitet cau yoo woul
A fine assostment to select from. bint eee MOOK the tobseca from

Hie Honour t~It ls an old tradition
in India that a man with his mouth
full can lie

A_ constable was under croseexan-


\ Ladies Lace ination. He sald he had Invited a wit
* snd Hosa Oe ohnean se What! You fovited
9 Frederick Street. at 13 ents, him to take tea, toast or steak P

Constable: No, to uske enquiries.
ms Nr. Johnston :—Ah, Ieee! I would
= not hke you to extend such an Invita-

Walling Prosonts |:


Arurat constable was belong cross-

Nz. Juhostont—So you are able to
fdentify every Hast Indian you see,
whether anything Is koown agalust
bim or net?

The Witnene oY en,
a Mr. Johnstons V

, marvellous memory }
ee — AT -- The Sollelsor Ueneral t~Joseph Bel-
: grove [the next witness].

a . Mr, Jobnetont— am not Holshed
ne =Arcade.

The Sullcitor Generals-Ob, pardon

me} { thought that was the pero-

» A splendid selection of °

em he,


i Grldurd Bectetary Bie." ovllog

ILV {" / TED siz er) le M. Callender V.P.

e ER- Pp L A Lh iu fom fanetion begs at 690 pin when

Bro. Dasent 7 and

ell. you have a

(From a Correspondent.)

Invitations having been sent. by the
oftiure of Lodge Llly of Tere No. 8179
1.0.0.F Prieces Town to the Officers of
the Loyal Eden No. 7533 for the opeu-
fog of ‘a Juvenile Lolge on Saturds

last at Princes Town, there was a fair
reponse. There were fift7 five children
who were admittéd to the order.~3t
boyeand 24 girls, The following were
the Officers present: Mr. J, A. Taltt,
P.G,M. ¢ Mr. W. A. Lewla, D.P.G.ML 5
Mr Aci. Dasent POS, Mr. A.

, 127 followed by the singing
fe and recite.
contr Suede thse function @ very
lively one.
. he, and Sister Goddard
' neat the Drothers of \ the * dayal
Suitable for Presents. Halen” (or their couperation and os
; Bhe wa
‘A. of shavlog email aed SSagaee PE
> “a are a
t Very Moderate Prices. = {ihe fatto Choa SOE
. be ED oO
, , es ree Todas celebrated thelr first
F Civereary by warehing frou
Cralgnih Bchool to Bt. Stephen's
Chureb where they attended


re te ath te frat teplote
. The Arcade,

of BE Paul to Tinothy god Chepey
5 he.

A = bymnthea afew of the chiidren
- Tea chitdreo were wade totake the
thet though they had much wor

” Wome Oe
Berkely pudlivess” Lhe Rov. poallyaes


The following incidents took place
fa the Second Court of Uriminal
Sessions yesterday with Mr Justice

An Kast Iodian woman ‘wasin the
The Holiettor General :~WWhat ts


on when

tered unto him
how Indespensible they were in a hou


well, Atthe en

Lodge rooms at
and after man
marks to the o|

the * Lily of lére”, they partook ef the | Paul Lange,

nice things provided
iveniles al office

the singing of the Dozology.


(Before Sir Atired Lucie Smith Kt,


Emile Jones waa charged with have
Ingonthe 2od of June last ab Fort.
of-Spaln forged acertatn revelpt for
tnoney with Intent to defraud, and
further, with having uttered and
dix of the same. .

@ Hon. HO. Gollan K.C., Attor
ney General prosecuted and Mr & A,
PalmerChizzola appeared for the
accused who pleaded guilty to the
second count of tne indictment.

The Attorney (ieneral hating
accepted the plea, —

Mr. Chizzola addressing the court,
eaid the prisoner had a wife aud two
smallchildyn, and the whole of bis
career had been altogether broken
up by thie very foolish act of hia
Tn sentencin im, he hoped His
Honour would have some regard to
the fact, thet it was now four months
since the prieoncr had been awaiting
trial, Through counsel, he ezprese-
ed hie sorrow for the foolish act he
had committed, which was the only
criminal act of bia life that could be
brought agalnest hina

The prisoner was remanded for
sentence to allow of His Honour read
ing a written confession addreesed tu
him by the accused.

On ‘resumption from Junch,
accised was brought up and seotenced
to 18 months’ hard labour,


An East ~ Indian named NMahan-
adkhan wns indicted for having
wounded Jarevah with intent to
murder her at Waterloo Estate,
Carvoi, on the eth June last.

The priwoer who was undefended
admit‘ed having wounded the woman |
witha view of ftightening- ber, but
he had na Intention to murder.

A plea of not guilty was accordingly



in an eloquent —wermon inted i
the Une f

~ oO
Women roinia:
He showed and

aud how In doinganything which would
tendto improve othersthey should doit} an indictment charging .him with |,
~of the service the | woundin
members nf the Lodge with others of | da himgtilevont bodily harm oa the
Kindred Societies marclied to thele | 2let July lastat Peince Street, Port-of-
Manahatatnd Road,
congratuolatery re-
cersand membersof | Alexander Jardine, 2

foe them The | Augustus, George
of the Loyal
tea Lodge were alsty ba attendance,
The whole function caine to a clove by

thé | had

- Hie Monon anid he what! take Into
consideration the fury’a recurnmenda-
tien, and actetdingly patsal a sen

tence of two months’ hard labour,
Isa +c Chandler


Albert Grenado,. Fra

had both worked

course of which pi
some filthy langua
to Field’ mother,

objected, and from words


Fielda was standing sith
tutned to the prisoner,

man, who testified to that effect.

honour and gentlemen of the juries,

justify bis sctlon

prisoner was sentenced to th
months’ hard labour,

dwe ing

ouse of one William Brown,
at Non

aloux Estate, and stealla,


The prisqner was undefensted. The
same Jury ue in the pr Ing was em-
in the preced:

i panelled. >

For the Croyn, evidence was Jed
showing thatthe pilsoner was even ip
the act of “plking the lok" on
Brown’a door, ard subvequently going
Tosideand returning with eome sugar
On the matter being reported to the

lice, privoner produced the fowellery
From ite hiding place at ber fireside,
and acked to be oregiven.

of having opened the door and stolen
the Jewellery but admitted that she
also gone Into the house with the
thlef. She could not understand why
the alone was attected when two of
them had stolen, «

whereupou the prisoner waa sentenced
to 8 onthe hard babour,

The coutt then adjourned to this
wwmorning at 10.30 o'clock.

-_— % N
(Before Mev Juste Swan, LZ)

The following fury was empanell-
t—Messre, W.S, C. Felon R
A. Cumberbateh, Ch Hobeitsun,

Vv. L, Ottier, A. G. Porteous, 0. B
Franklin, Numa Nathaniel, 8, EB.
Bernard aod Emil. McComie,

The facts showed that prisoner and

the wounded woman had for
tmerly lived together as = man
and wife. She left him, and

on refusing to yleld to his entreties to

return bis house and protection, the | Pu ser Lord, James A. Davis, and Jos. | a

prisoner belabourdd ber with 4 cutlass*
paving previously threatened to kill

After three hours deliberation the
ury returned a verdict of guilty of tha
lesser offence of wounding with lo-

tent to do grievously budily harm.

Hla Honour addressing the ptrsoner
sald the use of the cutlass ia chopping
up women was getting too common
aud must be put d wo. He sentenced
him tw five years hard labour, and or
dered hitn toreceive 12 strokes with
the catc-nioe tail on the th prosiino.


Aubrey Harper wea charged with
shooting at illam Duberry with
Jotent to murder him and furthet
with Intent todo biin grievous bodily
harm at St Joseph on the 0th May


Abraham Brown alias *Stiftie” was
charged with feloniqusly wounding
Pedio Blane at Piparo oo Thorday,
15th June 103L The prisoner. who was
unrepresehted, pleaded not guilty. The
Solicitor General provecuted,

The jury wee composed of = Mesers.
Frederick C. Almandoz, Wm. McLean.
George Lindsay, George Fitt, Joseph
Givanettl, Whi Alleyne Clarke, W, A.

D's badie.

Evidence forthe Crown, as opened
by the Solicitor-Geveral, ehow tbat
Blane met Brown at his howe aceus-
log bis people of etealing a fowl, Ie
remonstrated witb Brown, who, with-
aut provocation, gace him a nast
chop witha cutlass across the bead.
Blane stagzered away from the seene
and felt unconscious some distance

The Solicitor General in his opening
sald that the attack was tnost outrage-
ous, a: d how the inap did uot die was
8 wonder,

De Kile deVerteull, Acting D.M.O.,
of Guaracara, testified thag at 11 p.m.
on Jube Lith. the wounded man was
brought to him by a rural constable.
He hada long incised wound on the
ekull about four to five inches long, on
the left side of hls bead, cutting

The prisoner who pleaded not guilty | through the whole thickness of the

waa undefended.

ecalp and the skull downto tue outer

The jory empanelied werei—Mesers. | covering of the brain fo in front, but

Fuigon, 8t. Luce D’Abadie,
plug W. «A Guy, Arthur NcAulay,
D,T. Fraser and Allert Grengdo

is, Charles Watson, Loule| not so deep at the back,
Henry | sliclog wound and the plecu of akul

It was

wasimovable withtbeskin. The mao
was very weak and falot from lows of

The case for the Crown showed thal | blood atid probably shock, He cleaned

prigoner and Duberry were beth
kers, at the time in
one Licortsh, There had been some

trouble over thes; iio. by Dubeiry,
ofa cup of tea belonging ta the pri-
soner, and @& p-rsonal cont{i-t ensued.

Onthe men Dg separated, the pri-

oner turned a alioit distance away | Man Fi

and fetched @ revolver which he

the wound of coagulated blond, and

he ewploy of | that caused the arterial bleeding to

start afresh, He stopped the blood
and stitched up the wound temporarily
It was a dangerous wound, and might
have been produced by a sharp cutting
instiument. He sent the man to the
etnando bospital tinmediately

de | after dresstag the wouud, LHe had just

charged at Durerry Point blank at | geen the manincout, and the wound

close range, The t penetrated
Duberry's abdomen and the result

was eo dangerous that at one time | maa got another

hie life was actually
the medical men “at the Coltoni

looked alright, but complications
might, arise an alve trouble, Jf the
plow upon that spot

despalred of Py it would Le very dangerons for him.

Dr. E. A. Turpin, lesitent Sargeon
of the Han Fernanda Hospital, said

The accused offered no evidence | ¢hatat 12.%0a.1n. onthe 16h June, he

other than callipg « witness who sa!
she knew that Baber was in the
habit of annoying the prisoner,

The Jury without leaving their seats | farin, some pieces of dead

returned # verdict of guilty with in-

teat to murder.

The prisoner on being called upon [a that spot, the

h l way, for mercy.
" file Honour eta the prisoner by had

adrniltted Blano inta the hospital, whers
he remalned until discharged ou Aug-
getéth. OnJduly itth, under chloro-
hone were
removed from the skull, There wae
ow no wurceing on the brain at
Sone having Leen

The defence showed that the pri-

to be very thankful to the doctors for | poner used his cutlesa in aelfalefence,
their skill that be was not charged | Hlancand his people having beaten
with murder, as It was very rarely | himwhen he wentto enquire about

thet a man recovered when bie in-
testines were shot through fn that
manner. People could not be allowed to

go about bho ting with revolvers like j the evidence adduced

that on the allgbtest provocation, and
he fotended to pase a long term of iw-
risonment on him. The sentence of

e Court was 12 re hard Jabour.


A young mao nan
next vocupled the dork on a charge of
having CaP ed Francie Natban with,
Intent to do hiin grievous bodlly barm
oo the Sth Ju
dant, Pelkowing {ary was

a followin; empan-
ene ee, J Teecles frebets
Augustus, J, de Nobrige, HL Dalla
Costa, J. ML

Outcheon and £. erold,

Fruin the evidence it appeared that
a word warfare (prove! ed b
wounded man hinsel?) ensued helween
prinner and Nathan over @ soller,
which she former had bad to wash for
the latter. ‘ pod the Prboner em jee
al her ofthe argument witha
hel Saleb ebe brought down on
Nathsp'w skull, with the result that
hehad Ww uedergo hospital treatment
for five days

turned a verdict of gyllt:
with Past di mitaepdation w Soret 7,

ed Ethel Merton | stig

Pampeltone, J. Youn,
Harper. Alexander ‘fatdine. 0. J. Me however,

the loss of hie fawt

The jury found him © guilty”.

The eitellor General thought that
by the wn
showed that the accuses! had eommit-
ted a most outrageous attack upon a
defeuceless man and, inurrover, bie
defence hed not # particle df truth
Init. Iu view of those facta he esked
Nonour to erercisa hie powns
under the Corporal Puntshunent

1fly Honour sald that the law was

last at Jackson's | thers aud it was hieduty to mliolola-

ter it when Rece-sary, irrespective of
newspaper comumuls, If the law
was |, it ehould be struck off the
Stauite Hook of the Colony, bat ifit
good it must teealn. 1b was,
hile laveution to steal with
the prison: as the Soliitor Genera!

winoutel, Ilaving reygend to the

the fonttal nature of the wound as des-

called by tie ductor, Lt was setmark-
able iat the preouer was sot
4 Lup on the grave: charge of
manler, The evidesce showed that
the prisoner went othe maa's house
aiwed with a cutlass for “a purpose,
Tle beloved bs iad a geirvance and

oo rusted a6 the unfortunate man
spins bis head with the blow,
cage WUrte Was the

made the
fect thet the prieones called » witoees

leaded not guilty ta
Evane Fields vith Intent to

lury was as follows t— Messrs
. Young Uarper,
Ortlz, J. 1. Pam:
pene, Henry Bough and Charles

Pulsoner and the Injured man who
at Laings Soda
Water Factory, quarrelled, fa the
risoner made use of

Nelda, natrnally
went to Liows, after which. the men
resumed work, Subvequenuly, whilet
fa back

the latter
struck bim on, the head with a tod
water battle which inflicted serfous
fojury, inthe opinion of Dr. Wupper-

rleoner, on hisown atatement
to the jury, in the course of which he
contrived to ase the expression, “Ay

no less than $$ times--endeavoured bo
ae self-defence

The fury having ieturned a verdiat
of guilty of uolawful woundiug the

Bebla, a female East Indian, pleaded
lity to a chargeof breaking the

tain acticles of Jewellery. etc, there

The fury returned a verdict of gully | Ay ixture


DA mw.


aoa e

we ‘ q

Tennant’s Agency,

. No. 10, BROADWAY -~-Tolephéne 161,

10 Cases No. 1 GHEE—8s. ‘

Vint oe. 9, LKOMAS
100 Bags Superior DUTCH OATS,

“NOD Rex ane.”
23 Cases SALMON --48 2.


Can be had in Keys of 3imperial gallons at 31,90 from

Walters Trinidad Brewing Coy,

Wen Sepa mes 53°7 —Nept, 17,

$250.00 GIVEN AWAY.


M" THOMAS WORTH, the genial representative of
i Messrs Godfrey Phillips, Ltd., of London, has sust re-
rivoner accused another woman | tarned by the H.M.8. Thanks, with a full assortment of the


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alzo a large shipment of the famous ‘Saylar Boy’
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As there isa quantity of Cigarettes still ou the market
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mado with all sellers of “ Pimmaceo ” and *8.0.V.?
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Collection of Trinidad Paseos


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on posters.

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SWLETTS ik, and Wayer's [hgh «las Di ,
TEE L Mearvk, air ery lah Laws Diu,

Preparat for our Whol
Burroughs an

ob Re ot ly arphia

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as $d
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irelecs Telegraph. ’

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ements have been

lt is therefore


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+ The Port-of-Spatg Gazette |tR. ALCERNON E. ASPINALL'S | cota Hamburg meri
possible ta scconl Me, Aspinall those ES resin, de -
* Aganre :

the London ft irect
« Line of Steamers
‘Tuk New Carontat Co
Lrp. Aacevts

TATIA,-The zs. *Statle” (s dae here
from Tendon via Uarbades and Gre
nada, on orahout November Ist proceed:
log afterwards to Demerara, takiag cargo,

Pouder long and bulld at lefsure,
Areh teet? yet canst thou reac
Such a heus for such a treasure
Ao ie bere #”

Bick to natare ie back to God, aut
hia heatt in hand indee i and cankered
with the world's artificlalities who can
walk unmoved the aistes of Gods
lotereet first ternplea,

Aa min's conwiousness of sin comer
tobin fret when Godse handiwork
was unchanged, ao let the silent dens


Pastengers and qaails

Lamport & Holi Ewa
of Steamers
Groras R. Astor &

object of making binseelf more “au ho; it will be read wi
fait” with Canadian conditiona and band profit i awit
viewpoints, and we believe him to’ The latter halfof the nineteeuth
have euccesded in both hiv laudable i century and those opening years of
objects. We may, perhaps be allowed the twentieth have, without doubt of the great wold: her vast wilder.
to say. that wern visite to the «eena greater mastery by man over newes uf sand and forest amt ocean,
Domjnion by those having West the forces of nature—a ulllzation cf speak once again as of old, tha maf
ludian {interests somewhat more fie: them for hisown comfort and am- esty and sileseness and power of ( {
quent than they ordinatily are. they | bitions than any other equal period the littleness and sinfulneas aud seed
might tend to remove many of the } of history. of wan, . meet

snieconceptions that have arisen with } He has, built loftiey and grander i i

rd tothe working of Lariils aod ‘
iiker phases of trade Sclationsbetween fur gushed’ bis way fertiwce ialo ti, SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE.



and will proceed thereafter to

“VASARE “The as “Vasari* fe dua
here from liuenos Alrea on the 2éth
October, and will leave the aame day for .
New York, via Barbados, taking cargo

TUESDAY, 2i1tt OCTR, 191L.
DAY, 2é7t OCTR, astne for Hepterbers—Me. Algernon Council, However, thow of ue who Messengers of things iiununurtal
due bero fran Venesulan ports on or
Some time aga we published th} jis trip has comprised visite to Hal Out here he will soon come Vurnfshed Va the heart of man,
unification of the returns of customs | pronier and one or more of our =
4,335 TONS REGISTER, thos ggettelie Hoarbot eye | sous |
or two already following Britivh West Indies, and also with the non paper and, while apologising.
fand with one trifling amendment, 83
Passengers and tails,
That is vei ood so far as it goes

é nin ah a
â„¢ puntor ap ain VISIT TO CANADA, social amenities that had | been le: yeybroush that junfrequented portal,
+ . cided on ata previoua meeting of 1! jen the twilight winds arc low,
ma Says the Canada Wrest India May Corll p m : ie Xe s Ve \ TESTPILALIA—Tho.s0 Westphallas 4
E, Aspinall, the genial secretary of the had the pleasure of meeting Mr, Asni- Oume sud gui so fran Veuesalan porta once
| CUSTOMS STATISTICS. Weet Jacia Comuatttee, Londoa, Eng, ball wer more tn¢nde ighted, about the 23th [nstant, procoeding after
: waris to Hare direct, takiag cargo and
e text of the report sent in by the select again, and coming, favour ax with a Aeftf, when minds journey ended,
he S S 6 ‘TJ karia” committee of the Legislative Council fas, mt John, Montreal. Pitaws, and longer stay than he was able ta do Soul's began, .
« 6
€ statistics from the West Indies so asf Gabinet Ministers, not to mention
to bring them more Into line with | some of the lesser Governmental lighte NATURE'S FORCES
te will te that to fia His visit, he tells us, wasundertaken — , '
K iit eae tee Ween tor the ‘past in the hope of stiuulating trad+ se-' A correapondent sends us the fol
= ' year
due here from Buenos Aires | tit te suggestions made by ar
| eCarthy when accompanying — the
ON OR ABOUT to the giving of certain weights In
. | pounde instead of tons and barrela
and we sincerely truet that the
{ Government will lose no time in

haa recently been # visitor to Canada, trust that nowhe has foun! his wae Hinte of rapturh rare and splendid
with regard to the proposal for the | aged to woik in interviews with the 9 this present ocoasion
those sent to the Board of Trade from
lationshipa between Canada and the jowing clipmog taken from a Dom
recent Canadian Trade minmisston 5
9 5TH 0 C10 B ER 1911 {lon ofthe whole et the Toard ol
; yrade He Stasi and formsof return,
making the pecessary arrangements

has pushed bie way further into un- |

‘ —
- tL the recommendations .
1 VW (rw conde given legal authority, avd | Me tmucountrions discdvered ease, ae ltd bares vith | MOVEMENTS OF STEAMERS, AnivAta,
theo de carrying out the alterations was greatly assisted by bis fri of worlds of Ife, has made conquest Thg Boyal Mail Steam Packet Co,— Oct. 20th. .
FT It will, of courte, we presume, ae Anderson, the Montreal correspondent uf air asa means of rapid and Juxuri , Cinco vb Jur, Venes Guarda costa,
ible to commence the ew] or the West India Committee, We onatiavel, Ine word he lives In a See Paga 3, Navas, Stone, 4} hra Cristobal Colon .

system earlier than next year. aod managed, however, to get hold of him world of which bis fathers did not ' 15 wen] gan and 5 passengers.


indeed ft would very hkely not be | iong enough to take him around aod N Latia, Norweg stu, Hillesbad, 448 tons,
tliber advleable of useful “to do so | OPS Shough to take bin are maulay, qreaun Now thig mastery of ature z dare Gu. oliver, ballast.’ To U. F,

now, But we trust that by the Ist of | the worthy president of our Canadian: zation of her forces bas bad a distiact

dische Maildienst.
Tat RovaL Durcu Malt

hear of no similar movement being
inade ia any of the other colonies to
adopt the new nomenclature of re-
turos, It is of course true thet even
ff we alone of all the West Indice
were to falljuto line, thery ‘vould

Wasseny, Brit shor, Potervon, 2,94
tons, lv days Dueuos Alres, ballast, (for
Uuuker coalk Ta Gordon, Graot and

Weat Indiao matters,

Mr Aepinall, before this interview.
fare usthe idea of being yerbsps 4s
ittle apprehensive lest sume dark
night the Canadian Navy, manoed by

hae been something like this: Man
bas uaconsciously grown in bis own J11"ladue here from Veecructan ports
estimation. Ie looks around him ou or about 2th October 1911 proceedin
and bis gaze ls obstructed gn allhands afterwards to Paramartba, Havre an
by hisown haadiwok, The horizon Amsterdam taking cargo, passengers aod

Datcb Mall steamer Pring Witlem

tates of freight and all other particulars please: Jenuary, 1012 aetart will be made | Weet Indian League, with whom We effect on man, Ib could not be other Venta, Aner stir dastib 102 tons, 1d :
glovg tt wnnth of rermark that we bad « joint conversa lon of @ most wise. And when we look for the sort Nap Ling Sesvicy.| bre Cuanoco, ballast and patecoger, 3
time, it ls ol interesting tha acter on Canadian of reaction it has had, we seethat ft RING WILLEM IIL-Tbo | Royal To New Yoik and Bermudez Co, . }

PaTAGONia,Gerwan slur, Lerche, 1,003
tonsa, 2 dayn St. Thomas, 17} tous Fat

lon, Grant & Co. Ltd.

Â¥ the more enterprising sod aggressive { 7. ite place-a bric' , malls, .
~ Agents Horton Line. spl wor considerable advantage ty members ofourt UanadianeWest Indlau eee ad in thelr Tarek ete a ——~— - debeerer & ensers To Paul It if
u from the be F manner of the Lea 6 night wih stealtbily down oftelemaph post, the moutain, and o ALnaNiaw, Drit_ stmr, Harrison, 1,876 4
@. VINCENT BU > the real fac’ fast ot and exporte | 20 the British Woet Indies and forth: where it stood # vista of factories. 4 Komnklijke W Lo- | “sons, 2 fours, Barbados, 445 tons gen-
° ILDING, ' colony as tener da tn porte aoe a coun. | Withaonex then—willy-nilly~to thiwe The rumble of his trafilc has drowned » dics Meildienst gyal argo, 7 poate and J passenger. To
Mrd October, 1911 woul ‘tbe rs ore foreign © regions of the north; but after bis the thunder of the heaveus;. the New Colonial Oo Ltd
B ‘ , trica aud the reat ot the Empire. But) chat with Mr Macaulay, we tblok he smoke of his chimneys has bigtted Now York—Paramarito [or Tuomas Danish atmr, Berg, 1,004
; Mke ia out own laterests and fn thove | ert ua feeling that the. work of is neya has blat ‘Berrios, Fee HAS Dente abo, Bere, 2
™ Sr tthe entire group of the Weat | Kft vs foellog that work of our out the stars. Ho is no longer & = guy nove Dutem MAIL—AGENTS ons, $6 bo ar! page une
a? woes eee ee ane A inavalrable thet the saine tenga lacs celitand thet ine Pema worm in the dust. Heise MAtQwHNE sth ss, “Harowijne” | Goma Gast Danette Fo Woo 1k Ale 4
m- ° ould be adopted in all masel, ta due back here frow Parataribo Bri. :
. ‘ tue lsiends. (biel to far asthe West unity o the Em ts vas the keynote eck tt via Barbados on Tuesday Sist October | Nanovine, Dutch stun, Dillver, 2uta
. . {oaice present In, all thi ge # united | hour ct ater epuuce existences flow can we check this? One tlung 101i and will leave the same day direct | “tons, Gh days, New York, 108 ‘tons ;
. s re} e a \o
me front to the world that they can hope Another matter brought to Mr, ventions wacannot retard the move: tad cards, passengers | yeneral carga, 6 mules aud 18 peasen
, featisettnct. uattrase bes | Aut atelag whut, Be" EGRET cael g Compara nvorfe| uft ts RARE ete, tay
A, ¢ w nthle wo: at sve m ol Ta. ANTIA, r, Pi ade
p could act be expected to come our | indian produce, notably sugar. It fe as loog ‘as man rewalus an lutelligent pat Ir hours barupano, Stone aheral oxy .
, . and 19 passuagers. fo iloyal Mal

Tranaatlant ique
©. Leoraup & -

or the way of the other colonies

singly, because the individually small felt bere that such should come \la

Canadian ports only, and pot, as doe


But we cancheck tha effect this bteam l'acket Coy,

Batwiast Giant, Brit sloop, Geo:



5 _—AND—

ichool Boolzs:

a enor mmm t I

tr, Marshall’ & e0.

QD Pkt ee

[Firet and Foremost.



wivat tn Qumitty,
Favret in wwrioes. .
“..°- ives ta Mwesrpy wome.|

pes». a

are sti ety * .
Tetlonay tf telly Wed Phan gyda Diplems cf Merit Coradis
“tena Babilition, Tovoe te, 1908 Bold beri bere ‘nod Wholesale from’

Chalo reat, Pontof Spal “Ebene

=Vhone No-,b9}

volume of business fuvolved, might be
attracted and kept up If it were koown
thatit wasthe West Indice as 4 whole
that manufacturers and dealers could
coosider} and eo each (sland would
benetit by the Increased Importance of
the 1p, ‘There can be little or no
doubt that were actual unification of
all the {slands Into one community.
under one Government, a feasibe
thing, nothing would conduce more to
the rlee inevery respect, commercially.
fitically, and in every other way, it
be eyes of the entire Empire, as wel
aaofother countiles, But veetag, as
hasbeen very truly pointed out, that
at present, and probably for wany
generations to cowe, locel prejudices
and differences, vowe of them really
not readily got over, must prevent the
achievement of such @ result, the feast
thatcaa be done \s for the islands to
agree on uclling lnas many directions
as they can. ‘od this matter of the
unitkations of the customs returns
and forme iscestaloly onesuch. We
trust. therefore, that Trinidad, with
whoeeex-Collector of Customs the
echeme originated = will, = use al
her efforts to secure co-oporation fa
thle matter among the atber colonies,
and will secure such united action
from gl! that It pay be possib’e by the
commencement of the new yest to
have our statistics of diwpurts and ex-
{490 pyesented to the world ae to be
alike roleersally intelligible, and not
piloleading or devoid of the clearness
and defloitencss which le so wuch
needed in commercial returns dewigued
to attract and Invite an increase of

eneral trade.


BubVICKABLE. —Most pills
low their properties with age Not so
with De. Kelloge’s Vegetable Pils,
The pill mase js wo com inded that
thelr purength and effectiveness ta pre-
served aid the pills can be carried poy.
whyse without fear of losing the’
Pei acats, Boson
int noteo witb Dr. Kellogg's.

oy wl eosin ba ireorer acd

ef the

out to


1] West [odian
den ing

at the Ie;

ness between

{t wou
quaiters 0



sugar throu
ete, et. V


eooietary dir

away io

nine-tenths at
porta Pethapelf the benefit of the
preference tothe West Indian
were dent alt sach entering ry way
U.S.A, it would ha
desiced effect. Thle ls a matter our
railways should take upand press more
euergetically thau they da,

Another mater Was also brought
up, aud this is what brokers here pelut
us as being the semewhat


superintending, the exh!

Hehatuae at tie

ant generally furthering the work

sia a quality that fow of the Leegue, whBe
the 9)

is leno thelr acres

jesent, via U.S.A,

ve sche

many of the

Poe ta jin

produce , tute!

to Canadian ,brokera some
gitimate evough toile that
should naturally accrue to the busi-

the two countries It

was pointed out thal the Balti: West
Judles benefit: some scores of thou-
sande of pounds sterting annuaby
through the preference Canada gives !
them —vwe all belp topay for itt) ey aay
and yet, taking sugar for exawple,
lis pear that peshape thive-
the total sugar sold to
Canadian refloers ie enld turpogh ex:
tranevus brokerage houses, cli
ia said, through those in the U.SA,
Brokers in Canada do not relish this
state of affairs, nelt
reich nerosteay. t Hoyal
ofsuch interestaet the recep! y.

efly it

her was one of
picae’ be sald, to
one representative

whes he

ithte inten fonto contloue selling his


those concerned that such a polley long
rsued will inevitably ia vuroploola,
end to have areverse effect on every
thing we as Tupetialicte are striving

h non-Canadian houses
e would pulat out to

It fe to be regretted that Me. Aapl-
tall’s vieit occurred ata tine when so
wany of the Hxeentiva Cound! apd
ere were AWAY,

Our epthusiastic
Mousie, was ip

b of
ferento Hzbiuitlon.

fa Mr.

-oar honeracy

thats Golwebie Ths
aud the aucerteisity of the dete he

Le arcs een naan eadnneel
"This was podere the resent elestiegs,


fxs industzfal and fuventive age is
hav ogoninan. We must not try ta
think ourselves of less fuiportance
than we arr, leas powerful, leos
ecute, Wemustrather think of Godt
aagreater. The greater man becomes
the grvater he ahould see Gad ta be
When we measure ourselves with our
own work wearegreat. Lets turn
and measure ouvelvee wlth the
source of all greatness, by duty, and
javention. HearHis word ta Job, for
fa isto va also: “ Where wast thou
when — faid the foundations of the
tarib¢ Who ftald the comer stone
thereof when the morning: stata san
together, and all the sons of Gnd
shouts for foy# Who shut ap the
sea and said, Hitherto shalt thou cone
but no farther and here ehall thy

idud waren be stayed? € aust thou

ind the sweet Initvences of Plelades,
or lome the bande of Orlon? ¢ anst
thou bring forth Mazzaroth in his sea
son or canst thou guide Arcturus with
hiswons? Who hath put wisdom in
the lnwanl parts?—Who hath given
understauding to the heart?” One
euch thought of Gud would put the
world to shame.

Vut we cau go alill further and find
an ald to this new thought of Gad.
Te mey well be that by leaving the
weve of his own ingenuity ble own
world—and golng far into the slient

4, nan will get the thought of
jod's greatness out of which will
issue the thought of his own fittleness
and dependence, from whieh fo tain
will come that canscioussess of his
eln be is In so*suuch dauger of losing.
Uf the silent plages buve any latluence

Paw Fiase Beroms it.— There is
mor virtue tn a bottle of Canadian
vatiog Ol as a sulduer of pele ten
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XT. DOMINIGUE ‘Ibe Freuch Mail
Ss Steamer “St. Dowinigue fron Europe
via Goadelonpe, Martinique and bt Lucia
fy due here on of shout the Zith of
October and will proceed afterwards to
Demerara, Surinana and Cayenne, taking

and maile.
SSEMBUCHS™ Picech “ita bueamar
* Perou" is due here from Venesaclan

4 r about the 2th October and
pt proceed afterwards to Martiaiqae,

Guadeloupe, Santandar, Bordeaux an:
Havre, (Xing Passongers, cargo and

The bast Astatic
Line of Steamers.
Guo, R. Auatun & Oo,
Y THOMAS—The ou “Thomas ivdue
be vain Det bes roerare silageaferwarde
to'8t Lucia, St. Thomas, Loudon and Con
tinental Porta, teking ¢argo, passengers
end mails.

The Houstons Line of
Guo, R. Atston & Uo,

Aaux ca. .
TTORTENSIVS The ws “ Hostenalas
] ie due Lure from Huence Aires ou or
about the #th October, and will leave
the same day direct for Dowtén and New
York, taking cargo, passengers tn]


“sf, ‘Inlnidad Lice of

Tainipan Suireina &


CHEATS ta ga

York for Trinkde! via Gronads on

October 1911 and ta due Wo arrive here ou
Golober wth 16LL

M4 CAB. he * of
avi ta will leave Trieidad
for New York vi on the Hth

Octeber 1911 aodis dus tw arrive there oo

we RSwN a AVA as
7“ Crowe of Navarre the nidad
Line will leave Trinidad New York
dizeot on ihe

Pn Tere un the Tite evemstet

tons, 1 day Gronada, & poate, lL pig, Yb
pkes fruit ft bag covoputs, Jt loge
mahogany aud 8 passengers,

bt. Dominate, French suor, Liard, $33
tone, 21) botrs St Lacis 17 pkgs todao
and J7 passengers. To Chas teaud
snd don,

Pains paw NLEDERLASDEN, Dutch stmr,

Motuw 125 tone, 44 hous Demerara,
Ny hd al ea
for Trinidad 60 tons for transis

tment, Tu Hoyal Dutch Baile
Sacra, Brit’ stinr, Wikinson, 2131
tons, J hours, Demerera, cargo in
tranaie and 3 passengers. To New Coil,
Sanawacea, Dutgh stmr, Egmond, 2,101
eho puesrupers. Te llayel Doth Naik
ne ugers. Lo
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, hat.

Once vk JuLto, Venes guards — cos!
aves, BR tons, Cristobal coe ty
wen oad gon

Wizecny, Bit stmr, Pet 2,904
Norfolix baltas: a)
boats . t, and fi tous
Oey, 14d.

Ry nn, Grant and


Maile for Pta Cotoai Cartagena,
Ovlos, Jauasica, Cube
Rats. Trent wilt ns slowest on

Sib inst att pum. Registration at 24

pm ‘
Maile for Grenada, St. Vinssa j

Dousieloa, Moni t, An ast

Nevis and St. Kiltie per HM feBalangla®
closed ob Taexday

} OES te ust. 3 Pu

bles | WHl ba Closed ond uusdcy Stab
at iz gua, i

tral a
Malla for Now ort by ie i ds
tow clos on
Hae Tuagey ye 3

jastans at WO ase.

+ alle for Grenwia and New ¥

a ** ” will be oy, York by
aS pan

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