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Port of Spain Gazette
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C/IAMPAGN Oabla O o da s . FOR s O H KUIH3 &; f unw.""iiwistF m Ex Recent: " Arriv .. ------J Hll;;:~ F~ ,;:;~~-=ES, EIJ~~1:?l~if.f}~'~ \YO! Kffll.DlT((i:;ijO~ !: ~= b".:.~ : ,. Llll'm~UURU o . ,o_F emllnianCDIII ftTl1>Ql:K, -:; ' :u TJ', B , JY D&l NO, 8, aro ___ _


EXOlNTO FO~ TBE TREAT.MEN'T Eczema, Ya~s, Ulcers and Skin Diseases


'fllE POttT-Of-Bl'AINOA ~t 'I'l'n S!'l SDA t. 'l!EL'TEMDElt f 1 ~ 11 . _ ~ , , 1rni:s 1 ~ np J 'OL I S!ll1N-n1m : na11, B O N.A.N'Z .A r L a.o• ., ~ -~ ., ., w.111.1.ERY a -t D R Y c oocs TAILORINQ DEPARTMT THE BONANZA BOOT Smith B.-os & Co , , . P .l co... 1 , P R WER!OK 6Tll ~ ~T. DEP.ART:MENT. T i m l lO~AN ,I.


The !'IRE . INSDn.ANOE QO , U(:,GPilD Tl1 lllU511:II I Oil M,tehinery, D e rrick ::e,n:LD:tN !3S . JilT O .• JDTci . . SUGAR , ~:C~N . UT OIi. , e OranyOlhcr F~cw i et, ,..,._.,rt, ...... $CHOEN@& ~ sout:h Q.u o. v . Galvanized :::::•• I foo4s fo1 lafa,~ l I n . ::;;~~Kud .' ~"-~"'#"• JOHN HOADLEY l!i '>: !)n t . : 'J'till~~ ~~ ,: i:, ,. VARLffiD STOC K O F ; FLA~~~!~~-1 StJlTS TO SUIT ALL Puosn{ Mo,::!=:!-:~~~j LI!Jllr.LTEDl EXCELLEN f VALUES Household Gooils ! ______ .... _ .. ____ .., .. Table Clot l~~o.r-..1,&w,.,_..• :.oJ":.:.~.,. ....... p1IJ.ow o~ co~ 1 1 11.... ~,,-11< -;.-;;;;:-;-;~-;_~-;j -DN-__ UII-W!_fO_ CJu. sh.t. o:u. Oa•-. lolhU , a. ..... _,_,_ .. ,. , .. .. TROPICAL VIYELLA ....... " ~~~ .;:~ ..... ~.. . lll mS II EETS. OOTroN ,PL.1.JNIIEI -~ "' -... ' •V.,... ~ Htn!W t !M10 11 M .U tll. ' < , -. ____ ... lblloBt,lQ,, ... -M , ,.oMJ , l ilOio_, i;,r,:,:;.;~-;?,~' \ TABLE CENTRES ;,<::A Moaqul~ts-;;;i NeUUlr .UT f,IU'~ 1' TOJIII


utch Ta.blets J' ;'rho Sworn Foo of Bad ~rcadth, Disordol'od Stomach, Depressed Spirits, Dyspepsia., r1a.tulcnco, Indigestion, Heartburn, Headache CelerYKi:ng Strengthens and Quiets tho Nervous Never fails to Roliovo and Curo Oon1tipn.tion, Oonor(U Debility, Coated TonguO, Pimples, Palpitation . FONSO Is tho Last Word in tho TroBtmont of Wasting Disc~sos, Tuberculosis, Pumonru-y Oonsumptio_ll\ Jntcstinal Catarrh And tho Diseases that l

Tennant' s Agency Offer for Snlo ex S.S. "CROWN of ARRAGON 40 CASKS TENNANT'S STOUT Eoch 7 doz . Pint,.. E:a: s.s. GreJJ,ada. im1r:f.tU~t~g :~ It ';~ g:;: l!:.,:z:it/:., . . * l/:t r.~:11if f/ tff~l~,_ OM>J w, STEDMAN AROHER.' _,,i~ .. ~outh QI..IIO.V,


G e nt:lcm o n l vou ' II b e eat:leflodif' vou ~et vour BOOTS and SHOES f'.-om ua , 1:' 00' rB , \LI , SJ,;., \ ~ OX \ V6" ~ -\' = l ~ . NoBoclo,nln q . 11,., u d 1t/ . : , v,'!f i 'N i. L ll , (.,TI<. WUllr ~~~;;r:,. ? , t ;;,."'t,. l' , 11 ,1 ""i i ' f: T b, ' Kelti c' BOOT ! T,11 j] ,. !?. , ~ ... ~~• f: :: p ]{ ;oo i-~. ~ ~ -fttJ E i ; ! ltVn.r i o u Toaa, Ill :.C:.C.. L;Bl :i;;:.'S 1


GROCERY DEPARTMENT ICED sl'irdon, Grant& Go. Ltd. HIGH-ClASS l o}'.ER l'Ol\ f.i,1.LE'TO ARillYH Olive Oil. BK-t:ne. "'Marconi" Feet Hemlock Bo'aril o. fi F e ctSp1uro lfoud ~ G•nnd upwid IO ' ft:ndupoontcr. J3F o ot 8~ipJ,i?g Pin o . 1" 1 nd upwid 711 .f• ot 2nd Quli!y ., 4" om t up wid ' 4 F ee~ l'ino ploncd and .. niched ~ 1 VINOENT BUILDING, STATIONERY chool Books,r, Marshall & co . . Mn, M.11.RJNE SQUARE. :..,,._ .fire1: and Foremost:. WCll!'3 UHOOOLll'f !ND UOOO! IOiD!R, , ~~::.:-."".:.>-;.•.:-_.. t~I:t~.:'ZP-7.'7~ co. I


F 0 R ~ 6A" ~?f:S."? ~ For Sn.1 1 03. n uiw s ~1:~t!: : ~ : .: . =~:,:., FOR SA



Eczema, Yaws, Ulcers and
Skin Diseases

E-X-O-I-N-T-O is an efficient Anti
septic, Stimulant & Mild Gerinicidal

It heals—soothes and allays irritation and itehing of the skin

It destroys tho putfrofactive germs, found in the affected
skin and olernses3t of all infoction. .

Ju stinnlates thd blood vessels ndudes healthy bleod supply
and rapid formatiyn of new healthy skin.

Ibis omp'oyed wth success 1a the treatment of severe
advanced casos of Ecvoma

Sold, iu collapsible Tubes and jib. tins by all Druggists

$he* Inter-American Vrug and Trading Company,
me 130-132 Pearl Street, New York

Price One shilling
"Thoss products may be obtained wholosale and rotal
from Mosars. Smith? Brothers & Ue Tho Bonanzs Urug
Stores and all the leading Pharmacies throughout tho [sland

et ee mm we ee ee

You are Losing

MONHY & Mine
Evory day you Put off Using





Mnviches and smorensens Klow Of WE EXKE | jast year at the corresponding period,

Crade Protein “ ase we - 10,
Fat. . ~ BS
Fibre. “ + 10,00,
Carbo Hydrate (Sugarsé Starch) - « WOR

Made from Nature's Purest Products—orn, Barley,
Flour, Cotton Seed Meal, se.



Avgust Hth loth



The Royal Mail
s§.P s Steam Packet Co

RAS. “Yrent” Je due hore from” New York, vi

TPRENT ibe 7 66, and Pto Colombia on Non.

Leiber, end will leavethe next day for Southampton via Barbados,
(Asores) and Cherbourg, taking Ist clase passengers and deckers,

Hite (Cubal Jamaica, Colon, Carta
tay Wb ber
Br. Michaels
carzo and maile,
‘The tender will leave t
paseengers for the’ Treat.
DPansengera are apecially

ng. and
aan hefora that hour.

bB o 6K, «6 Berbioe* iv due here
5 Tuesday 61h September and will leave the same day fo:
qar and La Gusyra. taking passengers, cargo and mails,
Tha tender will leave the Lighthouse J
pemengersfor the " Berbice”
The Dagenpe lighter leaves the St, Vincent Jetty at apm,
for {the © Herbice"

Cargn for the* Berbice” will be received only up tod Monday 21th

T- “The ita.o, Clyde
( 2 bow

jew ond Antille (Cuba) taking let clave passeogers only for Colon,
eee iat and Zant ‘Nase and deckers for altlothee or ts, carga sod uraile,

The tender will leave the Lighthouse Jetty. Queen's Whaifatd Pew, with

passeugera for the * Cigde.’

Passengers are special
fo the outward wal
ghe dey of valltn,
Daageze le pent dawn before that hove

SE idea tice

Peel ae ab.

will leave the St. Vincent Jetty at 2 po

je due here from

sengers, cargze and mails :
Ot tender willleave the Lighthouse Jetty,
pisangers and their | aggnue ior the * Berbice.
Cage forthe CHerlae will he received only upto dp onth Eth inatant,
— Eby a f jantia’ wi eave here ort ley IZ
Justant, for Demerara, taklog pesaengere, cargo, and malls, ~
40 e Lender will leave the Ligttbouse Jetty, Queene Wharl atl pn, with
panengers and their ba grage for the “Halaotle,
Carga forthe 'Balsntia”™ will be reocived only upto § pia, on Noaday
the llth inatent.

i a
Mart Balllog W Europe Sept Next Sailings for Osrupano, Pem-

- An 1 (ih Bert pitar, and La Guayra:

* MAMDALEN«' acd Uctober HERDICK w= &h

echpe.. 1b Ootuber » HALANTIA toh ters.

Rafgte” RGSS | Abhay ea

TREN th Nove, | BEKBICK Slot Uctaber


Oe = me
First ( Jase tickets are iseued from Ts laldad to via New York,
aid back afitect to Trinidad or wlos rerea for an i a
fleoe tekets ape available between New York and verea by
the -iresees of the Awerkar, AWeotio Trausport, Cunent saad Whit» Star
‘neer tickets arw avaliable fur J2 wonthe froma date of lavas and jelow
con te ob sined to Devak tbe voyage st aby vrall ports touched at o the ance
110.10 yeare half fares.
Greed dieas elreulr tleketa sre leoued ot aa exclusive charge of £10,

1 to 18 years balf fare.
Foe ull further pardculars apply at


Matec ¢quare Port-ol-Spain

Wheat det

he Lighthouse Jetty, Queen's Wharf, at 4 p.m. with | « wetious, det
‘ “ n the
notified that a baggage lighter to be dexpatched to} January March 144 and Ma
the homeward mail will leave the St. Vincent Jetty at 1 pm, onthe day of sail: | {f these aie thu rates that avd iikely lo

sengeraare therefore requested to eve thatthele baggage [s sent | rite next spilng,

fe Carupano, Pampa:
tly, Queen's Wharf, at 5 p.m, with

ts due here tom southampton, via Ober
i, St Michaels (Anores) and Harbados on Tuesday $2 by Xeptember,
and will leave the same day for Now York, via Pua Colombis, Cartagena, Colon,
acd jras-

notified that » baggage lighter to be despatubed

and passengers are therefore reguusted lo see that thelr

ein zuelant porte ou
Monday Heth Septeuler, and will leave the next day for Grenada, St, Vio-
Sent, Rt Lucila Dominios, Mootwerrat, Antigua, Nevivand St Kitte, takiog

Queen's Wharf att pm, with



Aro Soecdiing Canos Justifyin

La Fortunce Usine Leads for the Siath


‘tho Prophecoclos!

Consecutive Season—Malgretout Follows,

i witha


acres, A

‘armers’ 101% cro
Here again, (t

north s
south. ”



: ue we ned nat diataler the

yt oat

“ond tat f
y haw .
eexlearauting to trace them We have
PLC) acres i for reaping, the custom
ary thing ts to set apart
and 50 per cent, of the acreage for new
wet eay other 10,000 reres,—equal

between. 40

cane farmers

ney, 12,000 acres for reapiog,
and say other 3x10 for new crop, and
we have a total of 4,
sugarcane. Let usstrek
& | what then

acres in
it to 60,000,
mes of the remaining

18,000 acres e would, ike to know
Wa think that, if the Bgures of the
tthirteen years are gone throug
res favorabl
a desirable that the
uid be separated from the




‘alme.’s * SKIN. “CCES§"

Mid? ual wepared fot
fastan; gawd to Kenn? «Died

yay tS 2 “PIMPLES”
nee rere ee Dine Sug
‘almer's “ SKIN-SU aK
peeA | sca ese nance
41 Sie RTT Patasine ‘0 Diseases, IG Worn, Perrin i

Ointment L__S0D ot caecsts su, ove 16 Wally:

, Tovs or CANE 1911--1910 —
Baris une gy HL :
ron; “
; - CANE FARMING, Bie 18 aol A, A, WATER VAN—Sole
. —— Waterloo LS.
LOT 417 319) ee ee
“(WRITTEN SPECIALLY FOR READER® ABROAD Woodford Lodge L017 Set 2 ling 007 and the other 1030tonsofcane nnd Telmont ernie ae
Totals 81.018 7.0 39] toa ton of sugar, 82 per cent of which planted, we wadervtand, waara
en me FREE ge xa Moetafenig trea te Teal tary Aah ome
Hincsx our report last mail, the + whfl we learnt, the form whigh was Brea nih FAG G14 | quecessen have been performed wean: ¢ been b ovens + tbe thee
weathe: bas been variable, sunshine | circulated! this year was tabulated to an ‘a 179 189 bderstand without the aid of macere-) venience and hed ad the
to-day followed by moderate rain on contain the above, but appareatly the | Beperenst oeeT KOO SBE) tlon through, int ger cf
the morrow 3 and the interchange of [ ioformation was not fortheondng from Siedustea 7 9.9 3320 larly, “has bee act storms
the two elemeats fi reported ww be | everywhere. Why this secrecy ? Mon Deer OS Bas a gnyagcgsgaa4s if eatety cr tke . ond away
having a very beneficial effect on the » comparison of suilting results cannot | jerorm 0.183 Thi 929 B dddddnds Zan ot rertala aud comme ler mode:
cane crop. Jane, July aod Augt+t | be currectly gauged when some fact- ] Tenoants R 1L903 46 434 BA Ame = The Frere bees 4
gave conditions which’ agticalturists | ories manufacture * yetlown,” others 8 | Trnnants 8. 10.533 6 FAL aay PEELELL SS 5 by a aus { vee la now
cannot but have felt pl with, and | nonchem ral “grey” auger. ‘The for- | U SM. 8002 BS 26 é 843353 es3 8553 eo erilon | bridge,
up to the present every planter met | fuer goes inte direct consumption, and ~~~ Gon RORRRRRRARRAAE | Ueorge I f lv atee ¢
and every cane farmer queriet, are | takes from Hy to2 tons more canes to Totals 1t.e02 aa a3 a SRABRASRRRCRYS ean illage e same
all unan{mous that better growing | make than the latter which goes te m Paneer ntage of ££ Roos eade tina te Wer ere s otars, afew
weagun could not be desired than the refineries, Having gob over th Percentage means beres! re : BR BReSRAAASRASAAS yin y. " Abthe ia
the one through which we are now | preliminaries, let us enter mpon the | the total oanes ealt wit ae he yugeecaqanene uy here ean ftalican b
OF oa CULTTY eubject proper. In order to ascertain | factory. he above Monti SEP fos z eee ea eeeaea eee tee ls koowa a4
COCOA CULTIVATORS, the relative importance of the Northern | first Klance sued OF e . a,7 5 Os et On Sn Oh on ato Pain mth ne
are less Jubilant. Ahd from what we | and Southern cane sections, a division | factories obtafped 6.1 per cen move 5 2 e88855q0932 % Pps Me wl 6 farthel
yather, (t will be late in the fall before | ut figures is necessary, both aa teganis [ farmers canes than fas ear but thie 2 z g G a3dai4 gg3sa a reac! oe rebel ‘ark once wi
anything like decent pickings are | canes grown by the large plantations | Is not the case, What as ul howe upi zig 3 = as as vn slog farm in the
made. Dating the pest couple of | themeeives, and thuse supplied by | the average to 27 per cent. te the »! ort 5 | x \ Renes ee POE Me. [am Bate. Cony
months, there had been periods of | farmers. crop of Astufes canes reaped, naniely ar Z 4 Maga asgags 3 sacao—and ‘cultivated, §
stormy weather in the cocoa regions NORTIL. 135,017 tons as against, 193,870 tone in 7 adicindeitsan] of hae a pping bay aada
which proved too much for the blow —_ 1010, Their purchase of Farmers’ caves 3 t Good wood q2emall caces
soms and young fruit which had a TONS OF ESTATOA CANEA fa 1910 was 54,22 tons-7,1 tons in 3 . ~ aseen which ta placed below
pea in profirsion iu some dd 1310 191 excess of 1011, The Naparimas and 3 yoaigits road on precipitoes lands gall
trict, and the trees were thus relieved Brechin Castle 4181 3708) | Savanna Grande figuce mure favourn- ° zB lown to near the esa below;
of qnite a large percentage of both, Garoal . ovat eet bly fo thia direction thele shorta z 1 éé sorough Estate cultivates ¢
METEOROLOGIOAT. ke Plorisante =, Bin SBE [being 3,000 tons. Several of the], .. iute and, we believe,
Recorded at * Lewisville” in the Wee. (2 factories are doing a food trade in ig 5 t. Lo 4 uy is used for shipping purp
southern Province Woudferd Lo't mS TL 78t Farmers canes—tare obtalning 10 to ‘ 2 3568 z § Z e@ river, which lena out ¢
1007, 10U8, Tow, WHO, 1911 meee 47 per cent of theic supply, from :2 383 §eg3_ aein ses stag hoary lon
Jany 55 Li 647 Le 1 eis 19,917 [that source, betwren 93 und He ge3 Baek f f fet beea bridged, AV the vi
Feby 1.7) 062 155 947) LH SOUTIIL. @, ,and 3 between: 77 and i Ree sah sé: ERE eur 2, SONI Cacao ee, by
Met ch fu nm aaa i: y au Broate ~— that 16.982 pre auee that wes a neared Tt De RRGSAZ ae Res oy Capa Bee E where th:
re B65 478 $458 878) LB rag 3tm% 322) [land thirst” created among the | Havin been able ic, find out which vifurts were made ig Tobwp, §
June 11.86 7.38 $73} WM 2L97 3 3.40 rhe, urban population in the southern were t e facta th a a red ellos rubber cultivation.
July Ws 1647 1135 1061 ae Forres Park 1112 7.8 | quarter which, under the present re low cyst ls e pas season, fevea or Pira trees win
Aog Tei OL SS ISS EM | Meniicce HAY YE | Elven ita hose Hunde ates 9 TH PRINGICAL, OSIRIS || | Labten'a age qually ae
a ee ee ee 4 ' jon ol nose in who: s nal . . 19
Total 1.20 M31 40.55 37. Gans | deform, Bn Sau | have been committed, cancot but bring | to one common basis of grey crveta’s |< nluvated, “The tire wha
THE PRESENT OUTLOOK. Tenassts & aes Mics | about the steady, 10 aa to give a more correct idles of | through the mala, or Wiad
isepokenof asheingen- USM. taw) New27 =| EXPANSION OF CANE FARMING, [| t fir crus nm Ww ie sg 19 ceozset by & conctets
coutaging, and appearances both in the —— - = It is adintttedly the beat and cheapest } sults :— Tona can wid Belle Garden fe the
northern and southern districts point wenoy teow solution fur the maiutenance of our Tons . canes vesidence of the Governinent
to an unmistakable advancement over a ee sogacindustey A high and might Grove Peunar. JNicer who, fos the ti
Totaln $0477 35106 { hand which governa the destiny of this] 7. soctunee i rng tationed at Windward. q
Thin la what may have been expect- The above shows that the southern J cvlony can, however, do much to Malaretout at Tee o32 calls in at the Bay. At ike
ed, seeing that the factories closed | ia our chief sugar district as ithas been | assist cane farming In being # still | iirechin Castle |, SINT 10.08 fendal ace Fou bee 6
about three to four weeks sooner | allalong Whatwe wish particularly | greater factor thin it is, for the} \weolford Lodge . 2516 is sousiderable numbers, ond af
than the 1810 campaign, and thus | to lovate fs, which of the two centies | general ofthe colony. There are} Caroni . ated 1044 ver flows Into the om
altorded planters an earlier oppottu: | contifbuted most to the general short- | thousands of an idle population whof Waterloo 3615 1035 sbout heres ib has i
nity of cleaning up and getting theie | age of 102,000 tons of canes last season | prefer to labour en their own account, Bronte zee 1 borough Estate be kept iu
fletde in order to miect the rainy sea. | compared with 1910, Clearly it lsup | rather than barter their labour for a Haperanza tim ie and the cultivation
wins cher, Aah ate, tear | port, ehh hg ten wholly ee | Haya aes mom eady eeecee a, | EMME aks dese | almiabie and ort
ict healthiness, an ke 8 eis fling canes country for several years . 4 ¥
eto wanl off excessive mcintarce, now, They contr ivutedl Es} Der cent of there fs a bindiance Transport Asa whole jmilling results show a } (nd sce the heavy b

ite almust co


stan’ fruployment up
to within late should ai


are ip active


eyes to promo!


“itwould a

thoee © extiaoi

Raturdsy week, 9 planter in ¢ ta thew aa
ee ttle eweenee 7, aidan ould Herter seution ana Jt MILLING HEIULPS faure, tut an carly ote, ete “i plactd of taza Ja at eo
work out 01 ana t of Mon shot'd kaow bow to grow Use cape on | which mean bo muuch to the Profitable | really a trea forsohe Ww Roxborough | std fa koow! a Nano ee
Desis "68 tone of cane to « ton of ty tock», consjug from bhe cuug- | wees of the business, If by an extract. | the open Tew le snore oF joes Ln full view ws ou expanse of oon “
niger, whereas, Ubey are more likely | (12 ltt dove, told as that he intended | (un of say &) per evnt at the Sills the | all Ube time and often mae Hee clooe | large io sum, ond weil Good St
to be itand 14 tons reaps tively We | a29't Ube old pinata fair and aquare | usa ts in & position to reduce ff Dut & considerable depth belaw, Leavy | Would ba hacd to bets
ee escheat ee recat | recreates | a Res er oP eae se
iat Hiewe annual statistics uniyht be | Capes and every conceivable i 12 sugar, tt way mesa a y te Fan Whore stand FO8bOre OF Ov iiage of Dealt
consderavly liqproved upon, and | given was we ‘the bet attention tine ni t ty 2 whiflings on that Iteus Ing Geug a well as the raine J reide at snake (ai. Besthe
wade tore futerwsting by the tnclysian | fy favaurite. ‘Thea ha ele ofthe alune Hence itis we dare vay, that v barren the wireless | su the care fe a wos F
. there Deeadnuught ‘mills are auld Myin telegraph a the Rest Houses, who thes?
4 al
of te yarvone enue aa fue ward aud frou Way did thle geytle. 044 aadat, “ one weasun sutende a wrt eye, ation. aud the ee ie tee tnowe how 10 8a #
Sivage of cones veeped, "and fava | Ab: who Moe awe 6 aly other’ “Int ou review | laut, Year we | sected by the windward Road, where table ta the eat spa a
. ay) » ‘itw observed that eugar-cane mr juste and 8!
Vow & — There pus plots of the sume Bousbou cane "Fortunes Usine in Bouth Nepatee, cultivated.’ emule sand Geoewos the a desirable place to take AdSEs 22) q
M peeive 43D Hyviewe. — which erwers were cultivating in ble ° baw in kept the lead this year for | reed which is by or P —— am
fs uuthing better for fprstue and or strict, they were thriving baguufylly, "the tye cansecutiy ly, beating | onwards ee vos ET Foal pYSPEPSIA TAKE #
{dune Conadisa Heals ¢ ow. What Quashie who ie mis, the shaima Dreadavught. " 1r | resaed, “iter : me Dual WE 5 od
wi uw the pecgtliing that tollows | eens wherewith to conduat Pleuoura to chronlols the | sented b output fs repre- 083 of 8) ite Ms antares eee
aepeain, will cool the fifauied sesh | yativa on the same high ae for, ba Purtunee lo Wit, |“ coale * (Obata eee ones Pirrt Mpicarta
wil Sake ee RBar SeXy amas) ce ech hl ste sp eat ak | AG re nest et | Ogee Seeks
prevent the ff tro Aucaleriog t | HP not teebled when snuwh ' ab, “Malgretour we. ally Bmore i piog, sisetch to mation to doh, 37
“eta aeifthere was magic fu [wc | gece, and that moet ght" on Lejal “'voyege, "wh Stefan ed yeaa ey faut ulderw | che nppediie 62 4 TE
veel vy Goes th wjery disappear | "pes argavailitlete hisature effin season ovtalaly was, commes svccad | puaies got ta letting thelr ta Sereda 4
Avs eeatpyent sul tget akties + tallling reeulle~tbe one vo sen axe now in the uelguogushood of Hope ina aah)

40,718 tone of wu

wourve, and the


shows aducidedly encouraging untlouk
respecting prices that may be
during toe coming year.


pene Inevitable that

acy will have to be
We quote



Setale canes and 165,00) tons of Fane

ers canes quaking a@ total of 715,000
tons employed in the manufacture of
ar, aod it was apes
inary figures" as we
tematked atthe time that we laned
our comments. It how turns out that
the tonnage of Extate canes dn Sit, Tun,
gud that of Farwers 145,723) fo all
516, 8% Cous, for 44,718 tous of suger.
But even now, the figuies represent-
lug * Ketates Canes” are incop plete.
becaune the tonne
ud at ° Mou De

yrvwn at

* disl-
levs “ are much in evidence in which.
part of
one vinta, Where a large acreage
has to be put In, the end of the present
month should find much of this wok
put out of hand, and left to wats bful

weular dated August lirematks;
--* The latest repoits from the contl-
“nent show that the roots sre mak-
* log little or no progress, thereianow | can be
“no tine for recuperation even should
“the drought break up, from which

in America

plautativos by fhe
proprtelor himectf le wut

tng alaougt £184 Ens: ging duat
oy a ging

1 .

iat ta aa th PONS.



attack at the

with JOEL

fooling on a few

2 | ofthe De;

ened last.

oltaiaed # They ai

Caatories, Une sare

deine trate

the total “Eetates canes reaped,
Inthe above | south

dain over estiotated.

L740) tone ae against }
WL shortage 11,000 tuna, Well then,
if aula the case, farmers are furalsh
tog one third the canes ground at the

age shoukl have been dn)
atead of only 11,000,
oyr contendal
ity of the one cane ove, the
Hut there seems yet song




only halfe

of the


1 Canes) rea
000) tonsil

font th OVERATED \
agaton ye dary tae
certalaty to have’ vidited hilt pant
ui lire fie kis alan, aud {.

. the
percent. The
shortage in the north ts 58,153 tons of
tthe south $4,058 tons
wesaty points to a decadence in seed-
log canes as they grow older with us,
vane cyuntty | and beeame iaore accustomed to our
eos and conditions, Any one glancing
over the above figures aianot
the northera results of 1910 com
none case
ioas reaped, and there Is not that str


ing contrast in the second eet of figures
Because, we dare say, the
Bonbon cane is stil permitted a small
down south, and tough and tiled old
istanier ay that plant ie known to be,
tter withstand “adverse an
stormy weather " than can its rivals.

Itunent of Agriculture, le

tober, stateg that the eati-
tuatet area in cane is 65,000 acres,
Where could these figures have been
O00 acres cer


red to the manufacturer.

upon, these sbould

and seller ls now
Itmay be instan

ate worth 1Y- per toa,
tory to eaieee there


crops of 450,009 tons

‘ations to furnish otber
take up the Melend’s average cane

facilities wheretiow exlsting areonu a
prohibitive taciff scale,
are oon existing require to be
The remark of “1K ML”
appended as footnote tu the Agricul-
tural Society’s statietica that 9 shillings
aton “does not Include the cost of [ot
» weighing, loatiog and haulage
farmers canes to the factory” must
hot be lost sight of in calculating the

and where

of | But see the game they played! While

These charges

we understand amount te about ons
shiiog and eight pence the ton of
cane, and in avy coinpaifeon with the
tate being pald in the

Islands, as we have heard rewatked wae etch acreage yielded. Resu


thataaliding ecale—9 shillings wint-
nyum—seems the most equitable way
of ed justing plices between buyei

uevally accepted.
that at the pre.
seat market value of crystals
Awerica (85.00 per 100!) farmers’ canes
It is satlefac-




item in the manufacture of suger, that


huh) to

then imay the anti-fumigratouiste | this case van, if they wish & awiui of ®

pom with nec, thet | tanto Maureen! | wa aight on to gts
ab & be-won- Ff | onveniently as
pf Sklerstion of our present system of Charlotte Ville About another sie, or scected solely foe the ‘i
Ubeie pod ly | fecrultlng lebour fom uy East sbould | altogether a proximately, twenty fou. | cuce. The Royal Mal
eho WA ne longet be overlouked —that labour tniles, Starling at 4 elock iB the [depot here for he aaa
arr iw x oh cust though it iv to the planter morolng ie pleasanter and more agree- J S2Ippers) pees
Dime tie wot | radar gees, Uren vevewwly | able hen ifdelayed tll later tn’ te | Havel por = Mpey fit
Yee oar wing the oullivation of the suger these whods the journey tiwouphout here. Guy 4 ame
We now cows to a most important traveller 2 poeay bat \o the ording

in this part of the luland--elther onthe
toad or b:

tunity only offere about once 5
ulght aa the
wternate weeks

traveller wherg
molt gare are abeeat, thie would be

MARKED IMPROVEMENT ie aise cone la far &

on the season 1010, This way bave ff attention from the
been expected, seelog that seedling [ ate Bruce Archt
canes furprised every one the Lt town” {village} has &
eeasoo by being found to contain fuice Police Station aod 6 &
an extraordiuarily rich nature. atnall shope, & post office
phone exchay, q

are gone Loto alternate a
resident Magistrate Wane @
istand whove headquste
Scarborough, Thislsad

ylelding g julce favourable to the
manufacturer, the cultivator had ta
content himself with an uoprecedent-
edly poor return from the soil, and

pousibly, the “skeleton” in the cane ©” Bees!
eld ts The reason why the Agricultural week! ae ie
Society was not given the statistics 60 T i hore ain rathér an

astoenablethem ta publish the acreage

together w the tovnage of nanuer due to there

Jetty; and thus ls a
perbape, is not one of ths
vad erecollectione of 6 vist
King's Bay, where the &
weekly, ia a beautiful
tlere ove can 008 i
oconut trees on Ms, Robert
property which receives -
vurg epectal attention from
Stwasive owner,

Betay's Hope (Loos £05

fron 1910 were just the reverse; the
land responded to good husbandry
but’ the julce from the cane was so
uilserably ‘poor in sucrose that it gave
some of the Pan Dollere “grey hairs"
to workit uplatocrystallisable matter,
Dale we dare say fe the kind of ‘un-
rellableness " which Mr. It. G. Duncan
the Attorney had to contend with for
ears in Demerara, to have caused

shipping bay sod a rivet,
may be {n the neighbourhood of $130 {ff the acreage ins to spesk out as he did fa his con: } bridged. ‘One may \- fod
Serer Co per 100 Ibe, in whee case cane fartuers which the large plantations reaped the at work during the season we are re. | demoation of seedling cane. We have f nuabors of Cas 1 iter
Tun avery good chance of riceiving | Dest cams ‘ toe the a’ ubthe aver viewlog, priue pally among West seposely left ‘“Lacacigua” out of the f cultivated t p
much more than B shillings @ tou for | age Hamely 2700, the geners relrn | Tndlaus—that class which a legulator | ll results, thelr milling Per, centage Finis estate cag rh
canes lo 1012 arre (2 the sereage te teen? the | in blaze. tocarcy hla point on the | works, on at ridiculous fguree=7.20 I amongat the most lingo
Last mail we dealt with the abetract | Panty Geil bel BS whi mle ' © | Lom{gration question once unjustly | ns of cane to the ton of suger, this I utentations in the Woe
with baggage | fauree which were published in the | Gigsonainting rode fro see tee | described as beluga negligible quan. | beate resulta at Banta Barbara, Pera f Delaford le a village and Us 1m
duily dapere aftcting. the cane and | Can? afver Y unne hit gent seed ing ig" ie the labowt: warket where the cans ls sald to be of excep J ita bay where the “SDT” a
tugar crop LLL ‘This imoralug we | canes, After the ae growin season he figures ahows— onal richness, and the machloery un: Fries. This bost az
propos offering 4 few reutarke on weather between Jandecy ao seed 19101011 Incawaun f oqualled In any part of the sugar | spey Bide, another
THE COMPLETED STATISTICS | NSE Sune) was eeeett hy dey ee | Rast Indians 6413 amg me | orld towards “Charlotte Vi
acopy of which the Secretary of the | OR fiectunies oxeepl mee ly dey, but | West Induns 563) 801 GIL where, upon enquiry, you WE7R
Agilcultusal Society kindly Furwan! d ‘ fad aut aly Va net ag that —- —_ § A 8 chat Me, Tucker
to this paper. Hut before ‘we proceed, | Ut. , one at tert ii the fae f Total 13238 1230120 70 C R OROUCH T0 CHARLOTTE piletor snd planter.
it iv nesemmasy that on jrupoi tant earor | 1 fy ue dues J ne ie Bour- } ‘there appears to reason why io the VILLE VIA ROXBORGUCH iatand ties off bere, ond & Raa
for which we bold ourselvew eutirely tinge k tow au a v able to lick f next tive yearn or xa, these numbers f) where Sle Willlam Ingres & 3%
Waaveleva) should be corrected. [tly | Me re wet ae ty allrouud produ- f should not double, the existlug ar- JOBACO Kogland, Introduced 6 shart
Unis, both of the daily papers in thelr w aa 1 “iai0 ot usbrule what we | rangenrents pointing to such an event. — Birds of Parade & pt
Saccount of the meeting eC the Amiga) | Panty onan Lous of ‘atalee rea cand then Instead of 105,0 . let far} There are t JP thele native home on tes
tural hootety held ou the 2th ultimo, SYK ta h tog vena W 10 Diners furnioh 39,0) tous of caure to] ¢, Bearin wo mys rou cau trave of the world We par
ave the Hguins as 550,00) tune of | 32M ratte shortage M00) Fons Tot our far tot ies, feaving the lavge plan. f {f2ut Scarborough to barlotte Ville

very accons Cutt

en of our

wea, but the latter oppor F rTeanant Heat Sioa bus
sca shore, Goreramens

ehbers, who are {pridiagd


° gous
fe rwitt te best tn

La, trains, ao

Mr. iCurpla
Charlotte Ville where o
surroundioy setals,
of hile fasally, we wudersnds Pay
the Hpest and moh we

Most Unprecedented Value


—AND— In tho West Indios!


* ¢

. sr. GORA IRH 4 Ung, 2 SHORE, 2

@he Bonanza BONANZA + TAILORS Rluchers |

4 ; OF VEWELLERY Hoek (ioat Sts, sous ee Soe oe

eis & 18 Carat Gold Goods MEN'S RUSSET OR BLACK



Note thePrice for this Suite
F sssceszrs soup co.pacexstoooues, | RUART DRILL AND-TWILLETTE. | MEN'S RUSSET SINGLE SOLES.


BACH sOun Orders wat ONOM,

Smith Bros & Co,

$1.68 A. PATER.

Co e

Meling Sllvor Rellglous Medale. - “RS JUST OPENUD AT


. —
s 4


‘FOR SAL Caneahiolnguance Go? HOT WEATHER OV] ®* SiS see rss) TA ORO STN

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aq Deepatches from Hethn state that | dence of the glee—some demoostiali ns | writer on. continental allairy, contrt
, FIRE & I; ——— the illness of AM. Cambon preventéd | of the happtuess, felt by the influential [ bates to the “Contemporary Review"
. therenewal of the Mosarcan conversa | people over thelr medico s return, and | anatticleon the Moroceon question,
5 | NOW MERGED IN THES GHN Ts’ lions yestemlay, bat it is understood [yo tn course of (ime, found myself on Fin whieh he say<.-
et 2 « . he returned Frow Paris with a full | the deck of the oceanliner. There, in- In Giteat Biitun the sew obtains
, x Recen t AYLI *VWve. Se ROYAL IN80BAROR COMPARY, Lt statement of Lhe Drench tase and the | deed, a reamon is now taklng place. that Germany «art + tantamount tr

extreme coacessions hw couutry ds [fhe Wiimate and the Treasurer ate adeclaation that{the Franco-Britiah
Funds Exceed)... £12,000,000 POROSKNIT willing to make for Germany's with. [yivalling each other in theit e(fiunive Agreeinent and the pobey of Co-Op
drawal and the full Teevgnition of welcome . the latter, transfering the eration between Crvat Thitain and
France's supremacy in Southern Afo- | official aguificance of ids Utle bo the Fiance are weaningtess, and way be

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i ‘ CHOLERA IN TURKEY, aminently the * yencral reeciver” of he ined ofcoral Us oh «f
In Firkins and Casee. . houses, Officer, Shop, and . Burs Constantioopie advices state that | what Telnwtaal dots not care Tos nor that tae Terman Fevelgn OMe te
c . = Premisos, and Private Dwellings at $1.00 THE SUIT. cholera is ravaging the army there pdesice. However, itis not at all trae ryhtin the assumption, and knows
- leo Mar arine-— oderate prices . ° and at Monastit, the daily average of | that apon the ar: ival of histwofiiende | the Knglish and French people it has
@aish O moderate p _ it ; 1
ao deaths being 5). In Uskub, the Profect | on the ship gh: General of all the Sur- | to deat with better than they appear
Ey; “ Two Flags” and ‘ Cmnibus” Brands, t UNDERSHIRTS ... eo 500. bof Police has notified the Chief Rabbi | geone darted into his cabln apd ua- to know oach other. France is dan-
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F ” MENT ‘ Lo. do K Le th 5fe | the Jewish boaves ta the Houkeny | cheruldc sniile upon the Primate and eager for peace at alniost any mice.
"i - e Walker” Whisky. : noe Leng “ quas tec. the atriu tures Lewmg regarded | began to play, with all the gusto of a bhe looks ot the alternative Hipogts
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ann ° Of Lonse UNION SULIT $1, | TESUCTAN DECOMics soptnN, | fie“Sithean on" The Eternal Price | Mo Uletarmceaus wich mage ty the
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, Freight for Tobago and Ciudad Bolivar / M.(CAMBON'S ILLNESS PRE 2 ety | One vies teed ft thea ate ‘ °
E* ENTED RENEWAL OF |*"4iig "US Gorron viuep, — | cee uilad “thatteast secernieaecet | Lie {dew fut the mere mention of it
FROFORNE SGAILANG VATE, 1011. VON VEBSATIUNS ON LARGER IN HISTORY. unthinking “Creoles” that dared show | French politician oo ne, aNerane
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picas wg. Sept. 9 Sept. 3 1e Sept. I Qa 4 OANADIAN NATIONAL EXHIBI- eee gination of those who une day thay be obtain his deaands, and may then
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Owe or Navanur| Oct. | Oot. Oct. %}) Nov. 3| Nev. 18 M
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ee Ss 1 4 ’ ARTILLERY. circle of the “intiventlal section ofthe [ controlled meitinent wae squealing New Seanon’s per brt . .
RENT—-FURNISHED B O R N N S London, September 3nd, | People” hoped yet ws catch a fleetiug | uta song of thanksgiving Gum-be | Tteavy Beas per bel. 1919/1019)
33 = . ' Lord Roberts Inspected the Gang | Slimpes of the doughty medica, It] hind some bunket oval cand Bad John, | SUGARS
ELA - TT, ‘ EroOUW SH! fi 1 he | Waen busy tine and quite sulted to F yuiking # theutileal posture, doifed Orval 06 per cent,
dian Artillery which recently won the 5
64 Queen Street shooting enalch at Freehwater, and | such ao epuch-maklug peslod ja the [his weatlen-beaten top-hat with the Duty Paid.
©O.w £2414 unt GOCORITZ, . , eulogised the smart Appearance of the pletory of tie bolony- W {i a ttle fitters of au gl time « vin teva, and “ Mascovaia ti poe cout
¥ a veces, Sire ’ adem lina coukl have sen the “in- the General Surgeon su upon the e
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YI le v . ’ a phantutiune i Lhe ea: a “Goad mornin uctah fat 90 ver TaN: i"
Dw Alo Corloge ice: —Apgiy 2) Tregeaets bon -EHONE 978—I4tb Me. EW PORTUGAL NEW MINISTRY | | aud dopning: A. swat of tunyuitoen surty that uur glaud ter ese you hax | EXCHANGE OV LONDON.
--—ne the Prete: Henhor Chagas, is form | few by sloging Cheiy war-songs of the P comed bik and way you shaddet Blab
ing « pew ministry. Yellow Fever Poril, awewer rat with | pevels grow less, Dut tile was tvrely | oucuA:
Sierra NECOONIBKS Port | qurauline-colour uprk ribbon | the perorstion uf our berok vayabond’s | Trinwdad per tb rag-tag ne ey
Ube REVUBLIC, brushed pass iue, beading for the stage | wwecb Mad Joba's artistic iethud of LV ERLOOL
It le belleved that Gisat Britain | & juin ite brethren asa deputation for F phi seu-weavinng would have Laffled the | COTTON:
will formatly reeogules the Portuguese | ereeling then beoefa tor, and perebed | ingenuity of the must accomplished | Middileg Upland B®, 6s
Hes a upon an empty pa kiug-case, @ lithe | sonogiagher , bis sonorous adfectives | Bedlam Fine Ses
nent Phices OF FUQD O4UBE | ragauuille played upon a mouth orgary | and suphasived sentences, culled frou | |, ania iy Now.
INSURDERS IN PRAN Qu6 the iuapired melody of © The Beer | the fruitful veruacular of the “great | PARIS T
Patis advices state that the dieu. | xl Princ ipies of Justice,” but the hay. | uve hed,’ inay have reached the sv. | Rentes Three per ont...
ders and demonstrations arising fiom | sowing nutes of the Line-expied cake. [turning one resululessly,—but, i peint.
the llgh prices of fucdiaity continue | walk—" Won't you come howe, Bill | would earn for me a six youth's re ~ gepte b % 4
in various parte of France, the Latest | lelley, won't yous come home? But | spite on the lovely supes of Cacrera, oF Taipan "
Feeruits elk Ube women af Basgundy { where are tn ; lutlucntiain” on Uale peaceful seclusion behind the blue | sUGAK: a
aud [rittany. The mob a0 opt through | Lappy weruing © Where the triumphal | Wall of Lhe city's penitentiary, ead wo, | Demerara
4. Queotin, the windows of | arches —the waving bunting —tw hersid | with a litte wbodder, 1” omasnlt wn
feed ka tepope charged the fbee ve rqtann of Ling wauderer ¢ [hevolublesey ings of HiadJabsn tes
a whom, end) Gu, » who, ag wenwry , : "
wenty coldiers, were more lees | ebony tepresentation of * Patience on | ing achicy aneate uf” ¢ pela. ——s com
Ainuy injured. The tore lasted | Mount eonoutraten bis gase tiblon et fastice” aad aoe tee sf oo

Sept. 2

—_ nn

RINIDAD SAI ING AND ThabINa Oo, Lra—New York and Trinidad;
&Co, aurepada {ooumn nos. McOouxsa, & Co., Ltp,—Demerara Phone 184


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Pee W MILLINERY. pean: Wits Wastes | itr bore eed anf puede thle | met fr compen pape Str =
Sz Og eau THT GOOUS IN THE WELWAY. fvoeten. cece ; hud toe ped fu (utes susstuundiug,, fuae " chesp rt me




ter oan heh tatrrtnne meena
The Magdeburg! (se

Tn Black and Sty. Black
and Pink, Black & Uelio,
and Bleck and Gold,

PER PAIR vo $2.00.





Oil Machinery, Derricks

The Constabulary

BUILDINGS, ETC., HTC. (Deleon ie Toss
eee Binh water own Tha Be
SUGAR, COCONUT OIL, [emi 2 2 ams


RMLY. * Trent® arrives frow New
York via Antifla (Ouba), Jauraioa,
Colon, Cartagena and Pio. Oolombla.

Board of Health—2 p.ta.
Appeal Comt 3 pan.

Or any other Factories.


For Rates apply to the .lgents

| Gouth Quay. e sn ri
———) | roxwowueocwents.

Mr. and Mis. Alexander Miller and
fanuly beg throngh this medium to
wincerely thank their nuneruus fitends
and eympathisers generally on tbe
inany touching expressions of condu-
lence with then consequent upon the
death of their deareet G#RALDINE.

oH St. Vincent Street,



Corrugated - lron,


Mis. Simon Corentin Hamport, of
San Juan, being unable bo reply to
various lettery of condolence sent ta
her, begsthrough this medium to thank
those who wer kind enough to offer
theiy sympathy tO herself and opher
members of the family.

83TO 10 HHHT


Weather and Crops—R .-
view of the Sugar Cam-

ign 1911—Are Seed-
ing Canes Justifying the
Prophecies ?—- La For-

the Sixth Consecutive
Se.1son—Malgreto t fol-
lows— Cane Farming.


vije va Koxbyrough, To-


Bamboo Patp as the Das

+! Cay y

z per Material of the Fu
E OL & SOHER . ture-[By Slurry Vin-
° cent.

Barks Like a log - Wo-
man Imagines =

t otrborough to Charlotte ivwill bo remembered, (


Bok je
ate and ealhastatic weloone
Presiiegt aod other offistala 1 we
stated, De Duvaon jad to Sfar-
garita to take part in the cerentony of
tha erownlag of the statue of our Lady
ot Valley. |

‘The French Goveroment haa ap- |
pointed a Petimangat cominission ,
charged with the study In the Uuited
Btates, of Techoiow!, Industrial and
Oommeroiel metlods employed in
Unele Sam's oountry, M. Leclac du
Palliguy, Director in chief of Drklges
and Highways, hag been named chief
of the commission which waa tao
sail fvow Pacis on the let [netant with

‘Vand at the fixed quarters fn New York.

Messrs Greil & On. hace Leen ap
polnted nte of Reld’a Stovt, s
very .refteshing and healthful malt
liquor of great repute in the home
euotry. They bave received a anall

“Tae Trinidad Presbyterian’ for
{hus month is to hand, aud ountains &
poftrait of the late Kev. Dr. Alex-
ander Lalconer along with very in-
seresuing reading matter.

The narnage of Mr, ©, GC. Toppin, of
the local office of the ILM.S.BP. Coy,
and Misa Sunes Seale, daughter of Mr.
J. 2, U. Seale, secretary of the Barba-
Jaw Beonomic fosirance Company,
takes placeat St. Leonant's Church,
Brldgesown, Barbados, on Thunday
ith jostant. Mr. Toppin leaves for
Hatbadtog by the IU M.S, “ Trent” on

Ou Thurwday Tat, a correspondent
informs us, Mr. F. 1. JL Bridal) an
erstwhile socountant of Messrs, Teu-
naota Agency at San FPernandy, was
given aheaity send off prior to his
leaving Lhat town on hi way to the
ety in order to proceed to the old
eget y on Tuesday next. The local
chief of the fir, av alw the entire
stat united on the oceasion and had a
vin dhonneer with Mr, Bridal when
the usual good fellowship reigned, and
heaitiest wishes were expr >
Many fulends and others in Sang Fer-
nando, where Mr Dridal is very
popalar, went to the Hailway Station
to wee him off and to ind bun bon


Mr. LG. Hannaye, late of the
Queen's Royat Oollege and one of the
recent Reholarship wisuerk, who is
nruceeding ta Bugland to read for the

ar, leaves Ly the 14.3.8, nt on
"Tuesday. Mr. Hannays cariiee with
jum the very best wishes of the
Pelocipal and) Awistant Btasters and
the pupils of Queen's, and alse thove of
his many friends,

France successfully launched a new
Submarine, the #remaireon the Wrh
August u the presence of an enthusi-
astic Assembly.

Aly Tuesday next, Bth instant, Kaiser

tunée Usine Leads for Wialbelu as announced will review tha

Getman Meet, at which naval display
MO ships with 25,000 Sailors will take

pe elevedore labourer Boown who,
jut the
hatehway of the 131.8. * Magdalena”
while thal steamer was in the harbour
on Tuemtay last and spratoed hls
wrist and received abrasions about the
face, is better.

On August 15th, Mies Hues Pitonolf,
# lassie of 10 years, resident in Dor-
chester, Massachussets, U.S.A. wwam
fron the Quay of 35 Kast Street, New
Yurk to Qoney Toland. « distance of 21
niles in 8S hegre god 7 npoutes

At Gresfriars Kiik, today, Rev. W.

he has | McCulloch Thomp.on, M.A., will take

both the morning and evenjng se1-

Kabies -Voctors Say it] vies ALU a a.u. when the regular

Anothor { is Hysteria Due to | meuthly Quaundnion will be obvetved,

00 S OT fl an § nya 5 y : the sermon will be on the subject: “Le

. « Worry and Fear Abost) Christ a King?” At 7p” Uhy sub

Fresh Heing Stricken. Cite Po. | det for siscoures, Will be, “The voice
—— ‘ourt, a=

Supply PHOSPHATINE FALLIERES, FRAME FOOD, | SEE PAGE 9 FOR ot etatoe ee whe elas gives a

| ALLENKURY'S FOOD, MELLIN'S FOOD, Cur Article on 4n Pcho | bose cateatateh “pect taiate duty hae


_ Just to Hand. |
Stop at BOLAND'S, 6, Henry St. icc

of the Medical tnquiry
Commi sion.” KRuober

Hlectric heatre.

Polito > hop Aseistants—

— ee



eee Gs Tt yerex ess Where Ungurd sels an
i ars } ES SE ed Se ‘ 8 .
ie ¥ We. % NY \, Soe ee 1 kxainple to America,
oN eer tr Sot 4
Py Aa Sh ak : ‘ 1 oem oe Semmes omemmee 2
g we 1 OF i
We a an ao a | ITEMS OF NEWS,
J *r Peel Woe tof + Phe september owuber of tha Pre
Ly I age of the Agikultaaa! Suciety
; iste band A fine plate shawiog the
i eel oa ate
(ener pa! x °
Ton leshowaraug, ae dual te Fol uf
ilosveting teajiog.

We have ten avked to remind our
»| temders cf tie reopealug of
Pierre's btundio tu-morrow,

A French Onable deutch say
General Pottirio Daag, ox-Preak
WUODBROOA PORT-OF BPAIN, Mesh, who le now sajourntug at

Oca minute frou the * Your Rasda’ Var. Lavsetme, Switapriand, fas been re
Now Pictureserery Mondsy aad Toursday—every | cviving uumerus telegrane from the

thipg sein Lond enemies of Madero wiging hin to
ey ee tet to Mexico to restore older.

w that


aL lace" Mulo “ Nearer | chietly. Tt b
LW LOE DA TT Z| Beceral ign ll woe Giver abe | ay cil to Tice sitinkigintretnee eet bees |
AT OPM, AND Aw DS —- We learn that the Penny Bank reluctant ia giving all fhe ald la their H Satin Bed Quilts— Bleached, $2.40 to $3.00;
EC -DAT- RUN DAE: A EREUN ity Bhaetsty se nected with she St Henedict Frieodly | bud therefore tive weal ok nee Tapestry Table Covers—Froin 300 to $9.00;
f . " y, ie anu : Bociety will opeu fur the fret tinge y re ‘i ok ‘aie in. I Tea Cloths D Thread and Embroidered
Passt and Marguerite Neboobraoas on, pride sveniug’ pent | cays from W Ulli oon, sh De Jisspuston, it is aalde gets Cae +t ra are gia.
¥ ie every suuoeeding Hunday — Dr’ Lor. | suilllogs tar en . wa y "From $1.50 to $8.00, fray Cloths, 360to
YOR THA LAwT TING. Mb taste Tt, Dich eukt alt monte IU) first depustta fer childron a a Ria repo te et nadie ‘te , y wt3
A 1 @ Fe'sctwa fi sb's : o afford der 18 * i to
# Fe'solua from tbe w-eb's Ferogri on a pleasant evening. Hurloty add thine ey aid to Us Ue env atten who ix his Superior t AB LE CEN TRES LS
tne mrssarsaxace MONDAY, TURMDAY | 4 vrously alle do belt hates. The limit has beea Hxed J The D BLO, of ,
WEDNESDAY 47, 510 a 6a Barrasuan, Aphtbows 1 Cale aun oe gr nai stat frome epenny, te 1s pasa The terres. | Nalut Preite, SCareunges every Sore ——
Persuading P a. in duas and France. ta Calvadas Movisty will ‘alas hort an ist Ketendly | day muining Bod Uherefore his we 7 e < ;
€ 1 AUAN THVT PDA: | tee five Sen Suan aia momiagantpas ioay oe Bowel sie, any cowat sorscent vane | Bf Mosquito Nets and Netting |
WAU ESF. COABT y _—— Onrei ° .
IN\ts TTUREOF THE PRINGK OF WaLies, | prenaeend for comabetileng Mie St | Me Connell Chamaier, * Hed Hugs,” Uiiree alte Le (eagemuede is only BEST VALUE IN TOWN.
LE DIOR SCENES IN OUL MEO Uhough itis found difboult te stop ite pets cugaged for the fullowlug | Wualty le thus afforded to the ingabt | i |
Tae Meg ay Re progres. . real Healing eit’ EY Generel | tones get hte Norrie end cs |
‘ : . a pu, ‘al 4
Pwr BLUM IN LOVE, Un the kb ult. M. Mewiney. Hroouk | fetal Paidian, fe aretakec grace ty the Wee
ne me om Miulstas of " ab the fred nan 38 ‘be ba get ov allithe sick childen, :
Prices as Lsual Sy, (60. aud She ' nnenceu ofite ner ams. of be ing :
KBAKAVED SKATE, Laned . bovnte, Corps aid ¢ reat ote Soniye tees Myetd wehee, out ja the ti ' q
ou We Bot Seats ot NATIN Ideals ye French Arwy uo genase! 1 jteekus x wey, et ny
* tuts eld ot dgrhullue pom. ° Brit y < ‘
. \ .

Miw Tuo the Klag in acknow!

ental | servine in the

the estates of the late Jules lamy of
the gross value of £23,205 4 GL, FL A.
Skeete £0255 6 10, and J. 0, Newbold

Tapping at Atagual the | #518l 10 Mid

We are requested to stule that the
weogil mastas of tae Sie, Anne
i 6 place o
Tuesday, the 3th lostaut, P 2
Tu the abectve of Mr LJ Winter,
ou Weduesgay fyst, at sp Pa Ve
Church, qu Penanda, Master Juliga
A. Mathioun, @ [Syear uld pupil of the
ln ination wentichnan wade ha debut
ou the organ, aud performed .
turily at a (one dt iivice atta
King Alfonse perfor bak
act while shopping ia Cowen went,
é favelga ier expertencedt dittoalty
nm voavetiog foreign 1 hi
Vangel, and Limer ving thie! tite King
of Rpala tok) hin what he shauld dy
te aallur was astounded ewhen he

wee tbl the azAlted rank

lout tre lifted hie hat wal awed
the help so oppor tunely reuderwd.” “t
The fyltowlog in|

gis the ovder of tu-day's

Ann's Preebytelay
Chureb .~ Morning 11, —-Ps
K OW. Havelock Subject Gee

teations,’ Kveuving TP “
BW. Havelock " hfe tee ee

making of the Hac




ie Wee to oarinatis ate th

3, Tete have deol
tae pate aatts the tlaies, and are
oupplving the news Balle

ten. We hope we inay be ae

srisietierianeeas aki
qua ‘3 of news, both of whieh leare
y great deal to be deatral,


During the Deepayali {caded by
Hinmlus fo Trinidad “ Dhewarve” ](the
feast. of lampe) which takes place at
the eod of November or the beginuin
af December, every Hindu huaband-
roan, on three days in succession, Bo
ceeds tO thé dusg-heap which he has
collected for manuring bis Helds and
rostrates bimself before it, present-
ng to it offerings of flowers, lighted
tapers, boiled rice and fiuite, and beg-!
glug it huuibly to fertilize bls land and
to procure hin an abundant harvest,
The feast seems also to partake of the
nature of @ “harvest teatltal.” The
culllvators form processions to their
flelda, and there offer up to the crups
pray ers and auctifices of 1ame or goats
tr Give thanks to their crops for biv-
ing Mpened and become fit for food
of mar— From Hindu Manners, Ove
toma aod Ceremonies hy aAbbd J. A.

The Vienna correspondent of the
*Standarnd” saya tbat niuch interest
has been excited there by, the recent
Papal Decree " De Diebus Festis,” pro-
posing the reduction of the excessive
Humber of public holldaye {a Italy and
other Catholic countiivs, In the
Catholic parte of Austria fourteen
Church festivals which do oot fall en
Sundays are kept as hulidays, besides
the day of the Patron Saint of each

rovince; and [t is considered that the
requeot interruption of work, in fac-
tories and business generally, pute
Austria at a considerable disadvantage
in the econonile competition with Pro-
testant countries, such as England.
with its four Bank Holidays It wilt
be remembered, says a contemporary.
that the Papal decree apecitioally re
ferred to this fact.

A “Fort” motor car (two seater)
artived on Tuesday last from New
York, through Mowrs. Arnott, Lan-
bie & Cu, for Dr. Lermont. — itis
thought by those eapable of judging,
that it coinhines beauty of design and.
weoeral stability, well worthy of the
teputable manufacturers, from whow
it was imported.



TW HDs, ”




. 5




Marino Saquaro & Cnacon Str



bit .


NEOS 0000 004-9 090000000000 90-00 6000 00-06 00000008



Houschold Goods


We are informed that a lecture will
be delivered by Mr W. Whitbotne
Goodtidge un “Life -Assurance’ at
the St, John’s Hall, Pembroke street,
on Friday 8th September. Mr. Good-
ridge has been working Life assurance
for about 3 years, and is prepared to
put forward some very strong points
onthe subject. ‘Thera will be several
speakers on Lhe occasion,

_Jnvitations are being Issued for a
gtand coronation danve to be given by
the corporals sod constables of the
Constabulary (Southern Division) at
the dan Fernando barracks on the 8tlr
instant. Thisls the first occasion that
such « functiuo is to take place io the
Southern Borough, and a pleasant
time [a anticipated.


The Royal Dutch Mail Steamer
* Pring Willen LV," 1,282 tons, Captain
Graaf, arrived yescerday norning from
Curtipano, after a run of 1H hours with
23 packages sundries and the following
(assengery From Pw. Cabello—Mr.
Nazatis; from La Guayra=Mr. end
Mra Kaf Valladatis, Meusra Vred,
Pearon, Win H, Phelps, Ale, and Min,
Cesar Vicentinl, Mr. George Will aus;
from Osrupano--Dr, J AL rite,
Messrs. Jose N. Veta, AndreaSaratra,
Vastora Olivier, V. Currants and J
deckers. The steamer left at puon for
Paramaiibo, Havre aud Austerdam.
She tovok away no passengers from
this port.

The Houston liner ‘* Monedack”
which calls at this port w Messrs.
George HR. Alston & Coy., le expected
to arive frum Buenos Aires Turiog
this week with a cargo of mules,

Roughly estimated, the total qoan-
tity of cual taken frou local depéis
fast week for bunker use ou board
sleamnerg was 2,247 tons.

The Royal Mail transatlantic steamer
“Trent™ will arrive at this port to
moirow from New York vid Antilla
Cuba Jamaice, Colua, Cartagena and

ta Colom bia, and will leave the neat
day for Southwuspton ves Barbados
and Cherbourg, ‘Poe following paw
sengers. are beuked fur Southaupton
frow Trinidad ;—Mis IH. J. Wood, Mr.
gud Altw Matthews, Mr. O. 2, "Mouck,
Mr. KK Uollav, Mr. Decaitus, Mes
Voillip, Mr, 14. Mannays, Miss LAddle.
Jaw, Mire Fowler, Me and Sire, A,
Jeunardl, Mr it. A. Nathaolel, Ne,
Bound, sud Mr MLL Bridal,

WE USO) BT OE OEE 67 240400700006

Table Cloths

7 Hemstitched with Coloured Borders and Napa
to Match.



$5.00°2A OH.
3.84 Pik DUZ.




| [ [emstitched and Embroidered, From 2ke to 3
GOc Each. t

9000 00:90 000000000000.0006 OV 0G Ow 0000 O00 004
= 4
Cotton, Drawn Thread= From 42.00 6 £7.0%
BEDSPREADS-—~LINEN-~36,00 TO $35.00.
Cushion Cases,
To Muslin, Orash and Sateens—$rom 303 to €1.00 os


411 Wool, Unsbriakable, Fus* ylaurs, Lovol Shadsy tot,
Day or Night Wow—6Uc per Yar


@G8o0 to 4.4023 Maoh,
ALSO—NEMSTITOH—41,80 TO $2.50 £A0H,



90000000 0000 oto scco0c0 2000000 cece 1000 sem




Fron a Corresponilent.

Nanietioe lust yoar, Yaws broke out
In the Valley of Slacyuer! » aud
many Indias and native chiklien were
ingpected by the Avsllaut Sanitary
lorpector and When sent up to the
proper quarter fur adinissiun inte the

‘awe Hospitalat St. Joseph. Lust
wonth, arald wee mate aguin by the
Awisant Sanitary Ins «Bnd
fron one Indian labourers rouin four
ohitlvea were sent down, together
With many others of Lodian Parentage

F707 ne


Hutch Tablets; Celery King | PONSO .


a Foe of a
i The eee a e - Bad Breadth, Strengthens and Quiets the Nervous] Is the Last Word in the Treatment of
e iso ore Stomach, System, Wasting Diseases,
a rits . . -
| "3 Dop man 5 an , Never fails to Relieve and Cure Tuberculosis,
. tntulence, PSI, us Constipation, an Pumonary Consumption, _ i
Indigestion “— , General Debility, . Intestinal Catarrh ,
| Y onrtburn - Coated Tongue, = - , And the Diseases that lead to them
. , , Pimples, oan 3
) . , i i iet
_ Headache . Palpitation. | It is of Marked Value ina Variety
py Bese Ailments _ . of conditions and in the treatment
rm : © « - If you are naturally cdisposed to SvosAon - .
are generally caused by come derange TROUBLES, with Tin BLoop, Weak Kip- of Diseases caused by BACTERIA,

fment of the stomach, constipation ‘or ,
féluggish liver, Avoid these by taking NEYS, and SuSCErTIBLE NERVES, your system

Mono HUTCH as goon as any symptom is in a debilitated condition, the nerves | 16 has been used with most excellent

mmakes itself felt,aand if persistent take become _paralyecd, the mind despondent and - .
Koue afler morning and evening meals, the spirits dejected. CrLery Kina Restores results in La Grippe, Colds, Hay
fincreasing dose if necessary Strength aud NervousVitality. . Fever and Malaria,


4 | < Marine Square.

BAMBOO PULP AS THE PAPER | carential to this process is a prepara: ) mentera are continully looking for '
ssa ap? Sg Ay is ion of the bamboa for rooking ae swell material which ran be grown nore -
eS Aa 1 3. as for bleaching. ter being selec! . ‘ore;
Be te re Ba BB MATERIAL OF THE FUTURE. apd assorted the bamboo hasto be ar ile suggests @ possible promising
% . , —— cruthed ju exactly the same manuet ual aoune of supply, but It must be .
[Dy Marry Vincest.] sugarcane, when st will appear after # remembered that bamboo iss tropical

That bam! pulp isthe one material lamp, epengy masa In this form | the North, The wtlhzation of bamboo
that lu likely to come to the front asa | the Lambov Is extremely permeable by | on « large commercial scale would in-

We take the following from Artert- | removal of the sap eomchat tnnilar to | product and that il t rah % Vani
can Forestry or June ne raegane almoat pule erized anda slight- {ice no Shormows investaient, are. ih 3 3 O ACR Es Ok FOR EST LAND,
, «

. ee a main source of paper etock supply, fs | the cooking solution, which can be | volve a considerable veadjustinght of Ja.tho PRNAL DISTAIOT on the Morne Dia¥o Qu-try Road (a

b, joer " Wevapeercade | ned atlvely weak and without | the pulp industry, and the eolving of | Grivlog rod) divided in Lots o '
DESGROYS ee Reannten aes ee sET Maik | ie! setae’ tea ncaa aoa maU eG and a OE OF | Cone ect acy sce St am, 19 20 amas to aut puccheses,
y j ERA Tho diflculty heretofore has been ta | steam. Inall casew « solutiog to bo] labor would net be the least. It can, Rar'way tt tio tho SIPARIA 1i a 4
7 1g haaah ~ the Lieaching, as the coloring matter | used with bamboo should be as nearly [ therefore, hardly be regatded av a y non tho A line,
os could not be eliminated except by the | neutral as ible. It may be slightly | possibility of the immediate future, -ALSO—
“a i barnfal dre tS expensive caustic soda This | alkaline or slightly acid, but excess io | although well worth consideration in
5 Contatas no Qulsine or other barmia! as a en has now been obviated. ‘The great ad- J either direction will waste a large | connection with ao wltiniate supply.— BovuT ~—
Bilective in the Most Stubborn Cases ANS vantage that Lambou basover other | amount of the five fibres, snd acts ad- | Kurron—A.F | A 120 ACRAS
fs — --— ORE pulp inatesial fs Inthe os A | versely on the chemical constituents of
f n>

, : . - 8 Jand tabli n bamboo, These fine fibres are, accunt- 1. Aan en
4 The undersigned Physician sad Surgeon of the University ey re oot be cuLover¢ annually for an in- ing to Wildtldge and Ekinan, of great _AN yep Patt, ror Det ac Ate Won, UN DER Cc Oo Cc OA CULTIVATION
fof Madd cor: fies that in many cases of Malaria he has Ske definte period, as given # favorably | value in forming a close. upaque sheet goa coure of Dr. Kellogg's Vegetable

“ae Prescribed Pam-ala wih excellent results, especially

tered situation, aod preferably a { ofpaper. They tepresent.abouta third | }yjiy without f e : teas .
o gtavelly ov ? the bambou inthe tropics ofthe cellatose, and unless the neces nequences, “Their action,'while wholly with reserve for pasture and buildings, with

om! i cdlect. * wato an altitude of thity feet or | sary precautions are adopted, they will | ettective, Is init and ble. N
F f whe ours had no ofect, GONEZ, San Juan, PR fore yearly Av itrequiresbuta three | be fomt in the strainers and washers, Violent paieor purgings follow: thelr 3,000 Y OUNG HEV EA TREES,
Pf stant, ond tana PeTily aie Chat"netber wool | Unt Uiesimngagcan becaried A way | uoch Ucn ee’ defy ihe tre | Apply to Mr. LOUIS LAMY on thé land
‘MALL and LANGE NOTTLES perfecuy used them cau y. They ate, pply nr aA on thé lands or at tl
A por no any other waterial can | fromthe place of growth of the bam: } ihe fore, nel fod to n the
$ OF ALL DRVGGISTS DOF ee with ite As the Uolted $ theasfore, eeongly secu prone to die | 8t0ro of Mr, JAMES GRANT Peaal Junction.

D + & Lawnsuog Co, New Yort btales has control over larga ter The bleaching process ie entirely new [| orders of tbe digestive organs theo

titorles in Potto Rico and the | and differs from apy other used for} jen,

¢ % Z t suitable for banv | making pulps. Iteconsistein an inter- -
Ys we + oe f, Aa ” Panama ieation (which fo extremly tediate! prices the object of which is =eEe=E==—=—=E=z === Sept. Ind—1m, BE. RADCLIFFE. ~LARKE,
en oe as Ks Bh 5 y simple) there should be no dificulty in | to prepare the pulp for bleaching, by v
ik 3 SPN MESA) tas “asst etting # permanect future supply up steeping the bambuve after it has been Visitors To ht ndva
eA . ida SR i RG a mnlNone of tons a year. couked for a fyw hours Ina solution

ett 3 f famboo asa puld | made froin electioly sed sea-water, walt,
7 mapa Shas - good, ston and dilaced sulphuric acid, then after WILL FIND
rename oo a vegetable ties (2) it te In gene drawing off the solution (whieh can be
eanily accessible for water transports | used over and over agalu) giving the Comfortable Bod and

)itlecheapand eavily collected; (4) | pul sfurther bath ina very weak alkall

‘ ’ a
rma, W ater A uthorit tisavailable ju large quantities and | and thoroughly washing it, when the
tthi: uy areas 5 (5) It Is | whole euloria batter comes away, and
8 senator mre lar od constant | a clean, fine Sod strong, light colored

Sree lend not subject to violent fluo pulp is left, which ia vow more Lodging MWMiachado’s


asily bleacbed than any other pulp
ft admits of slmple and ready treat- hewin use. No otber logredients are

SALE OF PROPERTIES [rei vctict creastcis |ivurpltauraieiede| win ats

tf Cabore (gd fingoint)
into bleached pulps 7) land established tin, and oply_a ectrie current | a¢ Haroparead Heath. [eal by acd | Have secured GULD MEDALS of the highest awards wh they b.
7 a ich: will take three years | fe required, @ whole expense of the fed estustion. FI szhibited, Tseoo! : erever they have been
IN THE TOWN OF ARIMA EOR From tbe fist Hanting to reacts belgie tnisetucdiste rocens wil not add. Ln: | Bus end Trem five mster walt trom te Sta ‘e oly seat CIGARETTES awarded a certificate of bonoet
of thirty lomty feet, at TRRMS MODE : schado’s Cigars and Cigarettes are
RREARS OF WATER RATES reaped apoually for an indefinite wr ton tothe cot vf the July, etn Avply wo Mize oe ee eu, Jo 48 " ie au ality Aad srome: r for emokere of cniturs and discerning tate
: Pwey thick wate, tambon, | dueag ie solute (Wh tee a iaoen ater Pett, | cant os eertng ang tf Bonding of MACHADO CIGARS & CIOANETTES
For tho Yoar 1910-11. which, when given suitable soil and | of a novel process tn electrolysis) are d
thimate, grows with amazing tapidity | patented, and there is nu vther known Refereroe: Mie, A Unica 84, Aon's, B & Je B. I O
and ytel annually at least orty tone nicer of fully ‘ blesebing | matured Aog ite LA TROPICAL, ADO
Pesvanr lo Section & of the Distrlet Waterworks Ordinance No, 1 of | to the acre, contains pe Niee fib mA ae shod f * retting,” . 7 erbour Stree J,
51938. notice fe hereby given tbat under and by virtue of Warraote, of Bale ver toma fing an fireman Chinese eet igen segs ion of N OT! Cc E. . amralca

ud by anew snethod tropical labour, especially unde: the
, . ly bleached, Ing syetetn, whieh Is so successful | [VIE PUBLIC is hereby notified tbat -
wun foe on lefore the doors of the Ward fa #0 Mloe, Aime. between tee sn Ny priven prapetly tivated an ex: tovatuve of the sugarcane industry I the underigued has purchased the nn +
*lyealent tra Tae Ou tock Fe ck St suede yeeee and Y arcels of land | celleot pulp feltleg read lily, got pro: lp mine of ihe West aodian iulands, entre peer ast rote et the ae 1" HE BARBADOS
ther » Joliant, reels Ne s
â„¢th 10 ner cent on the smouat of such rates and the conte of and | ducing 4 ST elon Shieter than | Peleg pee tong eord { rath

ay tely | the business of whieb will heneeforth
1 Joddeota to such sale, be paki to the Secretary of the Arima Water other paper of the suse weight, and | 4 ton}, delivered et the sill, il thw | be carried on by hin under the style of Vi Uj [ UAL LI FE ASS {j
. a fore such wale. Tee forming one of the very flnest oF OnbLe | qotal cnet per ton of pulp at a factor Millor’s Stores u
‘os Stexer, Nama ANT. Oger, TOTAE | vials for waiting and printing sod of | qurolog oul LU Same per month | - ° d
pe a “ \


ade the hand f the Chal f the Arinia Water Autborit
vain jn, ibe howe and parcels of land hereunder sleseribed will be sold by | phite process, a

eptional value for e should pot exceed $4) fora Ligh-grade | Mr. Jamed Fraser bes been sppointed

exe Ngraviog.
\ bly end i ed pulp, worth, at ‘ t f th I *
oo, oc. 80, | *ainalie acon eiberoagiay apa Ute urd i, ogy sean ettcunly | ataneger LAbat porters fee | Kevultsof the Quanyuenmums ending Sst Deer,, 1910,
Broad M. Peat —-% —4¢ —40 jthe ordinary Tieul ite proves 1 but | Tu epitomize, er ee the Duocen Mocgillivrey of the Tobago Cath sur ln i] bl fi . e
buh” eee ot Baines sot eno 2m 6 B37 | care must be taken in the cooking. a chespest of ate of ‘all chemicat Duyjows. Rgd.) JANES MILLE ‘ P 4 fvatlable Jor
focorite 1. #. Awbard & Bou — 8% = & =A | theres nore On to er ce, aod | Pete ce and the ew tnetied of | Hep set LER. Policy Wuldeurs $364,504.00
Pe Gennee ileire of Jonu Hh Hetaudier 33 = Hy ‘2 baa rented ulte dittreauiy in Jeaching is reach cheaper than any v " R + « y ur
Be dasnre Here of ese auger #16 = % $36 Weowafariulr a Siacrent reggie ober metbod a presegt yee, —= =| MOverglonary Bonuses - = « $439,754.00
” ae
wee inet ae =f tg tte Ceesinia | ee Men fe tare] 3,000 CORNS |, Ma of touvs £2 per cent ser annum on Policies in
1 8 | boa, but always culls . out by LAING'S . econber, th pre ;
cdtord — Helte of Aitoase Bos sone bh Sh oon ban hd by fia ' , Previous bonus additions,



mstarial ts: treet the

more than forty pounds prewore neil eSports tafiy ape eek a) G eal Funds— 88,468,728,60 ‘ j

tie Lattwo hours, after 6 t tibers it Yo eet caved) Gorn-oure areal oerne 1 e FSB GU sey op UDUL Revenue $297,836,600,
DANIBL CHI! Bakr, a 4 eet eid eT haw ne : Ea oie px bette Puaswogt | dem at HEAD OFFICE: BBIDGETOWN BARBADOS.



d eee Mt LORVOF SPAIN GAZE SUNDAY SBPTEMBIR 4 sntecntmmensttes

St ARD ““"‘INSURANOR ; REVOLVER fhi?h tow tue ue) THE BOARDOF | Atal .
Males, ote,




ESTABLISHED 986, - INOURPORATED (910, . ferrel on Mortgigeas by the Conreyane- .
72 sol cintelaed Ina —a Te
Head Ufice—BUinburgh. Scotland. Braneh Cites forthe Weet Indeee, Barbados} The North Brilish & Mercaatite THE FAVOURITE BRAND tog Ordioance No 72 a0 sty Mortasge — Tee, Adaincato Gait
jeniiomer. oo Ages INSURANCE CO LTD Rvarwod by isha front of ore Norman | APPREATICBSALP BURSARIES. | | a
bveet 2 . ”. m 2 . Hl
Has 1g Amnranees “ . . “ ney resbabilet eX 2930 —FROM = here will o pat 1, sderatgrat oy tele uk Bord proposes to award four . called Grea neues at a
Hoques D cares ‘ * 190,009 —_— Auction Mar. No, 12, Bt, Viscsnt Street, Trade Barsariee on the resaite of aa Tabaquite im the Ward o Bol
MODERATE . . ‘@ aré now prepared to acce ‘orvo'-Sp.le, oo Teesda: ;
Liberal Bur oD Ener. RATES. (BSOLUTR SECURITY. i ay ‘ Vi it pt Malt & H ops Only vy Sa tesot TL batweda the: hours of Cente Govercusent Bulidlogs, Portal Tes and “ Trinsdet,
Loans advanced bu secority of Potices up lo 9? per ceat of the sarrender value al s per cent risks on the Oil Kidda, +2, on ore of Bap! ; '

Bpaia, lacing at 0 30 4,m. on the Sth
veiaber next uader the followiog con: | AUCTION BALE ron tag ‘
ditions p— DAY OF SCETRWNTE IS eat
Trnldad. ‘Tne wioners mast become apprentice! Lamp fron
The first thereof comprising va scree la doe form ia o26 or other of the fol- . me a
three roods and thirty-atas perchen be the | lowing teadee, to which slag barssrite PUBLIC NOTICE ie fapenty"â„¢
seme more or lesa and delineated aod with | will be awarde be there wiil be pat» vt
the abattles and boandsries there ehewo | There are vacancies offered at preseat | Anction at the office wx

d 3 A
' “All those thre parcels of lantaltacts ta
the Ward of Menzsollla fa the lard of

ticks, Motor, Eagine and Boiler
“Te! : , Bate IT KEEPS UP 178
Tomedate reduction to bome rates duziog vists to Kurope aad tiber temperate climates. Ho Refine Resid 1
Accs Policees issued ia the We withaut refersace to Head Office USOS, nes, Residentia
me pad imoedute'y A prea of Benth ad meneot muse ty ihe Companys Agencies dayne and other proporty, Oi] REPUTAT ION
Policies 0a which age us admitted are unchangeable a a a Lauks and thoir oot sats ot3,
‘The last lavestigation foe diruee et pont aeeg Pones-bolders took place as at sgtd BY KBEPING VP ITS

Nocgsalr 1910 aod 04 Dosaucy foe Zoos bus bes alted 10 toe tom annued rieoy ey | SUvsctI Ded Dapitat ... § 3,814,845 Standard of Quality

fa the plan drawn 06 the Royal Grant | for Fort-of-Spaia, oa The
Honus for the qulaqueniumn Total Ponds at 3lst . hs Volame LLY folio 26) aad Machinist (incladiog automobile | of September 1911, bet: a
a uing G. BRUCE AUSTIN. Agent FRESH SHIPMENTS entcrel ta Yo Neth by a Redd rearrved repalr fi Land 2 ia theatre ie;
- Se Decambir, 1910 ... £21,252,693 B\ AGH 50 links wide on the Boate Uy lands of Moulder poAljtad Siogalar they
. _~ - Haeper an rown Lands Tce jJa0.8 Cow:
7 Bole Agente for Fir Department ¥ Besyimis f oy Crowa Pasd and oa tbe Cablaet hratere G8) ot Manahambrs en
‘ GLASGOW STEAMER. | Westy inode psuitioned for by Ferdinand Carpentry (1), | Lowa ta the Waed ot Savant
i The Trinldad Shipping & Trading Dareah Priority of selection of his trade will | thy Isleod of Tain
00., Sold by all loading 10 vlers, and | The svcond thereof! cxmprislog sores | revs with the eandidare galntag the grest: | esmpridag two lots Gusiy

: acret three roods and thiitpftre perches | est namber of marks ba che examioation, f of the Hope Estate) and benpatt
MARINE INSURANOK effected om Cargo first class shopkeepers in all patts | bythe same more or less Tuticeated and | aad no according to his position on the | North by the Pablie oid: ea

lo has | with the abatials aod bonndaries thereol | list, by ether lands of the Hope”
Bpecte (Gold or Burer} and Registered {Of the Coloay, every bott tached to Crown | Candidates are warned that barsartes | Hut by laods of Park ,
Post, cork branded, and embossed cay Gant aoe te Volame XLLX at Telia will only be awardod for appreatices to | by lands of Brathwaite ant ne

Pl acd biasded on the North Kastand | the partleular trades Bamed at thie ex: | thereof comprising one bt

Went by Crown land acd oo the South by | amination. aod topo others. on the North by iands of Jam
+9 U

Ienda of Bonifacio Oliviel 5 and, the third Pupils or er-pepile of any colleze or] South by lands of Chins on
ochoo! :
” ——
CAPITAL wee wee eee £200,000 tT
RESERVE... —5 00009 i { (0
Agente:—L0E TRINIDAD SHIP | - .

leapdelineated and with the abuttels [ years will be eligible for the examination. | avy be butted o¢ boue 4
and boandaries thereof shewn ia the dis- 7 Candidates mast be free from physical ated this 20h da: dal, :
gram attached to the Cro#n Great } defece ; to good health, and a07 ander fl - (S4a.) W. Loe one
entered in Volame LXX1LV at folio 39 and { teen years of age, or over eeventoca ‘Adalets
bonated on the North by lands of Lord- } yedira, o0 the dey of Sxemioetira,

therexf comprislog four acres three roods who have beea cootioucusly reel: } a Track mod on the Wee @
1 eee RATING Oo. LE man Lou's and Crown land on the Soath | Any boy desiroas of competing should | THINIDAD,

and thirty-live perches be the seme more | dent fa the Culony suring the past three | Boolram, or howsoever o
The Bonanse Dro; Btores,, TaiMIDAn, Solo Agonts.

: f sing to the Georetary of the fo the matter of 24
Fuice—2i~ by am, Portof Spain, Ennuel “Johe ‘oo the Eun by Grove eee or betore Bavarday the. esed of | The shimlolatrator- Generals
Angost 20th, 21st daly, 101, =~ | lend and on the West by lands of theald | September next, closing a cerlitcate of % acd
——— contact frou
1710 IDA. | Hartens Toes and by lends lege oc echool which he hes attanied. | fa the matter of the Kuala Wf
~-— An examiaation fee of fire abillings 1t2 Called Boj owas, late
& 0 Sun Instrance Office N.B site above Meworantam of dots Serene Pease toh aig ta b une Ashes te the Tass
i aubject as tegerdt lecee | Secre - .
; CS 0 eis oO a7 2.0. fifead secondly ans chidly described aiden. tyecta of examtaation wit! be Die Deceased, Teleatate
7 wee ta o 5 * " a0! se asahjects 0 5 a
an 4 js * A ‘ . - un wie m—— - Mott aeNe 100 dated ihe ‘2 nda tation, Latter writing, Composition, Arith. | AUCTION SALE OF TavEEDET tay
\ 0 Tonico Wintersinith Ague of *} Carat Pevets o The Oldest Fire Io of Meck 1903.animede by tne sii | meveand Drawing ee DAY OF SEPreMpgR 111
, in ° AQUE wt Tiina ao , surance Compiny ig Babooram in favour of Corlos Eilts | Barssries of £3, £7 10, £10, £12 10 and latin” 4
Does not leave bad ef hh + hn Stoo $] Cpa 0 the World. dnrarances Norman and Alles Hortense Normaa | £15, tenable daring the first, second, third, UBLII NOUNCED!
Asturhed vision® woricred tanicch = Z be Fire effected u SS torexure the psyment of the principal | fourth, and fifth yeare of apprenticeship, P th iid 7 ,
Se ee de TQ "Ty 0 ere descri Noe som of $70)—on the 2b of March | will be awarded to those boys who, satie- A loa will Bg pac up for eaig 7
Ce 3 ree} a et inevetr la Tow aod 1914 with fatereet at 12 percent, per | fying the examiner, obtaia the bighess | Avet ton at theothoa of the
a & g Gonouy anoam piyab'e half yearly, out a 4 lg the examigation, Payeacas wit Fert of Spain, ox Tearads mui 7
: cca , 1 oalsa be Datel thie ladiay of August 1911, made quarterty, cat ming das
“REFLECT! = [To All Whom It May — 44 ep iecitomes | SERRE DON | tured aos et Papen ete | ac tere dig
: : 3 SE act re Aveioneer | flere tn Seed, day of sporcetloeble | aosecer and 21 porches te
— 1] G Te 2 S | Quarters and all losuratte property on TRINIDAD, Sach payment will ba depeadeat apon | lesa and delineated jw pad
te RE k debit and credit Conce ® . ttachel to Crowe G
NY 'srcount ‘in tet ayesieh depart a SE 3] OTL FIELDS [5 c°S Pi R ihe Fk 22TH | ae esddcbana Progens abs cain aad | witchet to Core Gru
ment, whether you do or not, and npyERSCNS fntending to putehase from —_—s on o _— Charen pro arte bis trade arranged b; of Soath Napacims Wea’, fy che
if you are maatlog vernet pay font P RAGBIR yt lodean Tratl Montserrat ° Fn oper eaat off rates foe Cuuatry Rend UBLIC NOTICE is hereby given | thy Bert to be bald at the Victorie Tosti, | Triclded aod bosnded o4 ths
through eye-strain you must py for it | a certain parcel of Jand at Moateerrad a = 3 Bet + oe cuanuy esidences thar La exerrise of the Power of Bale | tutg: or eicon sere ok ine ais hestt: | tends of Jadoo bg lands of P 4
tolth interest in your thinking and comprisiog bt acres A tom! acd 32 porches & Ren re endows toe fot vecurlog indam | conferred oa Mortgagees by the Oonvay: | beta enh be witshsldortha bas. | Welllagton Exnate by leeds @
digesting department. What about | are warned that be ia oot the owner of the +] pity for the 103s of reat la tase of Gre. taciog Ordinance No, 72 and coatalnad Ye ‘led ¥ th tary reporse | How J. Uacamings aed by bande gh
youreye? Anything wrong? How | outirety theroul but that a devisalle ia- d Lonses by Lightniog are Mido Goad by the | in @ cortia Memorandam ef Mortgage No, | of che exrploper or the lorcactor ctw ora, | Todesaict now BM ctadoes os fs fal
about your glasses, arethey right? If | teread ikerein os tenant bs comnion belong Office, 10d dated the 28h dey of March 1909 aod a le rmploy ec ont 9 fastrae ae ara gin: lands of Jadoo by lands a
in doubt “consult us and we will do to ANANDIAII (now, docences) for ths 7 aa a INCOME | ——0 Ls made ty Lab orim in favour of Corina tory, y the ae sod uy tsoda oto. M. ‘Teal
the needful. rovata Of whore eppheatio : INTQIO » w , one wae £U,67$.837 liza Nor t * abavecs, on the Eset by ths |
wey, | ieitmeit yee: weetcaior comes SE LOSEDA Nurseries, | Rees. ae Bese aie’: Guan | tes Namen and Ate octane Nera T. B.JACKSON, | Hamset, cette tp
iu the sabd Welt, ew de

Aug. 29,—244,—Lo,

Cansming and by lands of th
saint Dow Mtebtsdosn and ec am
lenda of Punwas by Lindy al 3

—=~ Sub Agent, Part of Spain & Arima .,Millers
Tur following GRAFTED MANGO Stores Led
PLANTS ave for SALE atthe rate of 49, Saa Ferpando,.L, W BONYUN & Co

Auction ty tht naderngaed at thelr
4ucton Mer’, No, 12, 4t, Viaceot Street,
Porte é-Spato oa Taead«y the 12ch day of


Qed Adgust 1911—1m,


— lande of NasSoodas,
N LUTION UL hepbeniy to ba delivered gn the vt ToN\evbonug Wo. 170O ra 3 Pe mu “re “ _ of! “Bis i Bday tas
We supply the best In Lenses, 31 Assurance tom AMY | No, Vakier No ron sSaun ain Q ; bh R D {a the Ward-of Mans ills ‘a the Taland TRINIDAD, THURSDAY THX Tra _ * Admlate
Signelenses—a speciality —Frawes, &c p y 1,. Mange Disine, ay Bleach Smit, 0 ertson & Go of Telsidad 5 . \ . DAY OF SEPTEMBRR, 1911, FRINIDAD,
at most moderate rates. P IRELAND, é " fplle 4 ” mabe one th sref compe clog seven eres 1s Ube matter of
co e pAND, fon Kon " | _OFFER FOR BALE sa08 more geile de loseicd wad with the The A jnloattato-Conera
a : a ” Y d , rr " abutosle an uidaries thereof ab: a a
LEO D. FITZWILLIAM, | 4 tard i ths Yorkehir Fire and} so) sem’ if ) | Bxies. “*forgorm” from Glasgow, | tre diag attsohed to Ceosn, Grant Ta the matter of eee tasaat
© . Optometrist, usarance ompany. Rpeclal arrangements for lots of 3, 34 r OLv sx Srierad ie Volume XIX a {oho ot ad of Ssvonettaie the Was
6 Tiers — 1 alwo offer GOO Bitish Honduras Cuoe Ficest S20 CCH WHISK Y Crown asd end ou the Suto, by lands of Deed of Morigege dated che 11.8 day of end of Trieidel |

Matatstishecl 2004,

(over) . 1,500,000

E#Xeuct Office.

St. Helene Squarg;York. England.

REPARED to accept risks of all
deseription of property and con-
tents in town and country, Including
Buildiags, Ac, on Metutes and the Oll
Welds) At Tariff Rates.

Buse. "SALYBIA® from London
59 bags OH GEN DOREF 8 Coon Sf.
"Ex Steamer from Oporto
Weares Fioest OLD PORT WINK
Ex Revent Arrwvale and Ex Store,

No, 1" ali ases,
GAUTIERS BRANLY ih wll alzes,

00 and 200,
FIRE BRICKS Gsrecehe,” |
5 Chacon Street,

Mahogany Plants for Sale at Q1.0U pe
Uhuusaod, Spelal errangeinents tor
any quantity above 5,10,

August 2h — 2w. CloLo

Agricultural aud Indus-
trial Exhibition,

mpuEe watral Ageicaltural and Indus-
trtsl Exbibition of Triuidad and
Tobago will ba held at the Prioces
Buldiog, 2th Jaaurry to 3rd Febraary,
shen prizis wilbe gives for exbibite
of Lita Stock, Agriculture, Howtical-
ture, Floriculinre, Crafta &e, &e, fo
363 classcs
Catalogues (0 )jaod all foformation
to be obtained at the Office of the
Agricultural Socitty’ 4, Bt Viecent

Street, .
_ Becretary and Treasurer
Agricattural Bocioty of Trinidad
acd Tobago,
Jaly 26th, O11.

ren eerie

Home Industries


\ MEMBeck will under.
AL. take Manicure Treatment
nt the rooms of the Associa-
Nours: 9 to lf, and 1 to3
every Tuesday,
Fete .—3/- per treatment, or
$t 00 for six. -

Frod. Jno. Scatt & Son by ry cointment can be made


Bmitaole Olive y

May 1910) {rqeuttered as No, 1334 of 1919) Tatestace,
And the Second thereof o»mpeisiog foar

end mide ween vase acto anand ~~
. oue part, an @ Honsursb's rigae Fa IN GILE FoR rstR Dat
been three tsode and thity nee bereher Prede acd the Hononeble Hoary Albert wear OF serrenumen JIL,
ee nt | Alcasee of the otber pert, also ia a Deed 1 ann Ze
wath the abuttale vod bouadaries theref st Further Obarge dated the 0h day of ee é
Crowa Graas encetel in, Verotoe LANTY | 2808100 (regiserel ax N » 1002 of 1019) PUBLIC NOTICE Ls §
at lolis 32 and bounded on tbe North by | 224 made between the same partion, Ant there wil be pus op kor
teals of Lordeaia Loonis and by Crawa | #189 10 two Memorands of Mortg-me dated | Auciloa at tue Ulle uf to
linda on the Bouth by lisdvat Th bocaca p respectively theesld 13.b de of ay sad | Po vo'-Spaln, og Taurvday
snd by lands of Eqeaase 1 Jobe on tke | heb day of Jase fron the said Jaso | of Scpoember 1911 daween the hip
Eut by Ocown lacdenloa the Wat ty B rmades €> the wsld Botiqre Prada aad [| aod dia the altersoos & ‘
Inada of the sald Lordmyn Linis and by | Henry A bers Alosz'r there willbe pusop [Alt and Slogalae thet +f
lendy € B. Harper J | toc sale by Paliic Aco toa at the Axction { parcel uf laod qoaste ab Ba
Dated this Ie" day of Avgart 1911 Marvot Fed. Beots & on, No. 12 Bt. | Ward of Gavra ia $00 flan OW
F, dc SCOIT & ‘ION, Vino wt Street, Port-of Spala on Thaudsy Qomprising Two scree pes
Ob May 1911, Govroment ‘Auctioneers, | th® 2th day of Eeptember 1911, between twenty-Joar parebes be the emt
tbe boars of ove sud two p.m, tose nod bounded os the Nth gat
HA TRINIOAN, ol aud Singular those three several on the S ath apis ade of
’ SALE FOR WEONESDAY THE a of lang aad Wocos Plantation f the East apoo le ae
NFORD Ss DAY UF HEPTEMBES 1911, OTH sitaste fa the Ward of Oropouche in ihe the Weat upoa lands of

BALSAM Bia! wand ot Reinidad 4 Ne thereol soover otherwise be same may be
JUBLION 3B I 9) Tee acres an woe porches | or bounded,
OF MYRRH i fa exarene a be Tomes 5S ile cone ead abut oa the North upon laade of | Dave this Sich day of Ai

EX 4 Maria aod ‘Facreca Ovace ou the South , L$ KSRIA
AN TERNAL KEMEDY sae Ole nae ey ithe Couey. apos lends of theeaid dean Bermades ox (Sat) W. Silent -
Wor DEAM 4s NAT | ctr sie Memorsccum of Mortgage | feet gp, lands of Leclano Obacan and | CRINIDAD, Be”
voterthe Real Property Ordia-nce NS. Beooad thereot RO wa thinty?'b ba Ta the muter of i
We guarantee 1 to nos Gu, Ga od ths Bh diy of July 1008 nd | ccna, two roode acd Gpbtesa pretest | The Admtoi uratertienetele
Alter allelee fale , gaia ty E nett Dinero ta Fevoue ul aba tiog oa the North ooo Chowa leode] 1902 °
— ai * Ubere wil a0 op for ‘
poo lends of Lows N d and
It Remotes Froud Flesh siete Habla Ace loa at if “ Auction spon gitsie of Laclang Ubewoa “Oo To the matter of the Esiate
1; prevents Sratgens, eat suing, weve fe the towe of | iasds nd on the Wert tooe Crowe fee | Ae it eter
It Cisans 0) Sores, ofSaptemoer, 19th, betwesa the boner aa Th ed eee tthe wid 1. Noah aad , atonal oe
one aud two pm 5 res an
beats all Mesh wll Heals them, Aland cigar thas ce tain plece or | Shsttiog oa the North upce lands of M4, [AUCTION BALE FoR TOSDS?
bomas system or Dome tie Abimile,
x0 Curves Tn
Mard Gasen”
Sole dyentas



37 PERCHES, situate at Lalap. Cuara,
adjoluing Mr, Leon Agustiot, plauted ia
Couns Tig

%—A PARCLL OF LAND, comprising
% quarreca parily phinted ln € xaos auc
situate at Arouca, alwo well watered hy
dhe Little Aouca Rivat Beating

4 "BUEN VISTA Lai Atb compris
tow AR acres, ailuats at Munucal,
(aura having Il fo Ue ering toa freee
2.000 Half Cooun Treas, 2000 Sinall Trees ,
el LW young Rubber Trees. lhere ian
Veoua Br Ing Mlensa, Joald feet. with
dwelling below of native thaber, 400 of
Iwaring trees in bande of Ovnotracters,
Carriage ltoad up to very near the


situate at Cantaro Santa Uruz, favourably
pituated equally on bill aud that baud, wit
four etreawe runing through the hetate
There iy 7,379 Full Lesring Coos Trees,
with bY ‘Jonca Lean ‘Trees, one Cocoa
Drying Those with Dasillug bhkhw —
native Uber, see

ores, Situate at La Ganos, hal a
well situated and well watered nen
Lacon Drying Jlousy with dwelling below
having eter 7,000 fab) bearing Cocoa Lrees

prisiog 5 acres aud 16 acres respectively

adJonlag oh pier ante a

Chaguanas, out bouuderl by the hatate of
the late A. EB. Neadricheon

7 “POU POCO ESTATE, situate ut
Maraval, comprising 13 dbus ares
planied {0 Covoa, and comprising sue
Village bute fel) beating Caucus Lrer a

Cocos, situate at Moraga te the etl paged
onprtaing 13 acres,

Copoa, comprising 8 Acie pituate at
ange Grande

yy A PARCKL OF LAND planted in
foo comprising 2 qusireve, with fall,

ne tl ora! FOG,
Tyee Port, cppodhe to Dr. Sushila’


DUBLIC NOTICE fs hereby yiven thet
io exeroue of the Puwer of Sate con-

ferred on Martgegees by the Conveysn-
clog sed Lewsf lroperty Oniinance, No.
Té of the Nevis d Loewe of Tilnidad and
Tobsy) C uteined jo ao cortaia decd of
Mortgage No. 9693 of 1005 sod made be'-
ween Mario Ercestinetiraninand Amelia
Maris Aasie Andre of the first pact and
Ada Frisgerotthe other port, tbera will
be pat upforssts by Pate Auction by
the aodersigned atthe ¢ Auction Mare,
No. 12, St. Viaceot Street. Purt-o -Speir,
oa Vucelay the lath dey of Eeptember 191
betweea the boure of 1 and 2 vekck p.m

All and Singular that certaia Mecsaage
end lands known oa No, 20, SMsreval Koad
inthe Tosa of Por -.i-Spsia ia tbe island
of Teloiiad aod at n'tiog on the Newb on
Jot No. 2), Miravel oad on the fo stb oo
tot No, 22, Maraval Road on the Ee on
lot No I¢ Ie on Btreet sod oo the West
on the Meraval Ise,
Dated this 30 bday of Augast \yt!,

t Sos OTT & BUN
Gov Avctlacers,


Bsrtlet’e on the South ape. land: DAY OF SUPTEMBAR 1911,
ascel cf laod situate fa the Wa: pod lands now or
Torare, in the Es'and of Tilelded one lately of Marcello Pacheco on the Fat Lanp 2 Pe
tsleiog nice acres, three roods snd twenty. Wen leads of Jean Bermaces aod on the JUBLIC NOTICE le becoty '
six perches, bathe same tit le azote or ss partly poe Qierasm Road and there will be put ap ht ee
Jens delinestedaod withthe abattelsaad | PMY “pon deol Madam Th mas. Aasiloa at the (tics of tha wo
boundaries thereof sheep on the plang wit’ cee Buor severe! parce's of Jand Lartof Spalo, oo Thmrdey 3
drawn ou jibe Grown Great to Cheddes reapestlvelgt oes trard of 0 spouche tember Ll, between tke
reyrstored Xu, ia the ba afterocca.
Hee ter: Ome X11, fullo £03 of the Oattificate of Tisla dated the duh Jaly 1908 ia be »

Also sil and slogular thab certain piece { Entered in Votums COXILL, 1 stto 165, the
or paicel uf laud +2 ute ia the Ward of ies theroul comprisiog ten acres and tb
Upper Caroal is the ls'end of Trlaided | ‘tee Perihes (wore or lew) sad bounded | ay
contelalog Kighteen A tee, be the samen a the Norib, Houth acd West by Crows ie the Ivan ;
Hetle more of bear detivected aat with the | [td and onthe Kees br Sande uf Pouip | acres, four rovds and wweeiy oar
abutte’s and baeadaries troreot shown on | COstie aed by lands of MM ils Cancun, the tbe pice m2 2r0 of love, aud b
the phn drawa on the Couwa Grant, od thereot comprisieg Five sores Noceh upon taassof J


Ice House

ition . 4 (wore of lem) and bound cb da of
soon Birra Sot ee et ae Nel AGENTS, Wm. MeoLeoan, We ivgiter Hares SUE foto 635 of | oy Grown landcom teenth at inoree Boat oe deel OF
yy onalarce rent Fab~shep G ; Dated thts 25.4 dey of Jas, 1911 Jao Bertaudes onthe Kast by lands of | \Weas upon lendeoj Mi.
eae Staab | Covermment Anctioneeres | tug sy ive MayT AND oy Pa MC TT EBON, | An ehs Wea aptnyct tie Neat | a an a as
w . oe . 6 a
anak oe FE on LIng | Sete agente eae Let0. oma lrg Suri helephoae UO) we ntiel —FOR- Corts Aaviionens, Mi chell, ibe Third Uhereo!. com piiiog Gee ein
-. LBS . je Frividad Exhibition, 16, . eight scree, one roud aod tweat obese f Tesotd
Vida, ballt of and ovr, with | U f Unter Now, Wi q ¥ per stand
eam ata ae | eet SIDMRLOK CUAMPLONE | ic ttt tee GROCERI Hoard Residence, [fries its tse cri Hark [ani bet
| Hd 9 fe tale vt ‘
dorturther partcutars apply to Hy Hoya! Warrat to HM.8. hon guarentee Bry tatty antes ole ES . 5) f= Usscon on the Boath by iowa end 03 fous th a
WON ALL RV AN G ¥ BO petality AN woke i (COMFORT A 4: E icme offered to Xust by lands of Jog La Cres Gastia laode 0 JF
Selb cor eorpe V. , and if wedo uv . te urder, Gentlemen ina good locality, cen- }*24 00 the Weat by lands of Jaan B ne rtorie Road, SF
Ay nta du not demonstrate to you that AND vs di y et TF apoa the U.
Chancery Moun “ft Qua Steet we are the people to manufacture your ~. - tral position, Moderate Teraus. ‘Alea | ™dct and ky Crowa lands deter by | bullfinge iberrom
July Jind daw ots A las Fired 80fa36 Com say, Ltd | Boots aud Bhoes send them hack. Aug

Pareotein the country who wish to [{h® Turaripeno River with 11g day of Anger
send (heir children Lo schuel mey ob- | licks wite along either bak and i mW L Fy Keane
{aun goud Hoarding at a Messonable | Foarth thereol eunprising three acres ‘a .

Rate, “ABC” @fe “ PortofSpala | 854 thity-seven perches (more Joa -— ake
] TQ l J ORS { Gasette. P Prerre nett ih Norte bp Taudvae “pe Thee ig coe ot aad
6 | Se a. aude of Ff. the
. ke Molaniy on the South ty lende of | vvene 8

Rararrisutin [ae afte
Prepared tu accept cokes fall deserip-
tion of property a diccutente in towo
and country at cunent rates,

= Dae

Marine Instiranca | Co., Ltd,

its gped wih reesiy
Dee eget =


HEKEBY souls the pubic id gecnsal
tha 1 am poe ages "ieder the Jarier

—_ Jean Bar ; =

ae meanest cy” | eh baad Pace forma Gs Hefatinoe tos it ie tvinae| EUROPEANS, »

Mame LOUIOR RELLOUIN, ta , BOPIPTIONG | tase vise ond ty acusar F Mean YAN obtsla comfortable, 685) 7:

_ 20, 2 Pee. Ofloe 18, ot Vigonat Sra, | raat AnaktiNa MRLAOD, CR 0 HE Y & CO, | ENGLISH PHARM AUY wt Rega no a Teach dey C stone (oy makes remei
os ” uly "Bib, te, rodorick Qttoct aed eae eae PEOH

rh ARU aE,

ota Ladleail & Sal
k , ww




on oe

Wr do not welcome
Ica @ would have
back, In


not remled you of

you must a

rm hack.—If | natare of tha
be classed a

have a

16 augelas,

Showing the"incresse in celiveri
. g IVCries. tary of State han sent you | tre our

‘@ Molassine.

. Dog Foods,

Tho; deliveries,for $November, 1910,
mi Create a record,

in spite of the opinion of | fng, we must ask you that in mal

ite public, In spite of the Governor and | conoernin

prntestay oe in spite « of the dignitied

the Legislative Council. erubers

unt oat indeed be the favoured of

We are
nist take
back Mr,
State, but"

-. connected with
powerless and help! then run Bo Terorane, d
Werlees and helpless and | suppressing importan!
bac Demelara, sent thitge which was made
tipp to the Secretary of | Commission. If you follow our mivice,
pour we one" have nomeans | we feel dertaln that there will be peace
of tmitating that exarapie! We must | and quiet in the medical department,
wine. Ube st of & bad Largain, and and phat the Interests of the Ovlony
UT pero: HY per served.
Ter ee wena
ends, “the influentials,” As
they are local! known, have procialu- THE DOG NUISANCE,
wet and that you are coming ~—
of goud {ntentions, that you itor of the Portof-spain
bury the hatchet with To the Editor of ite. ort-of- Spa
Slr,—Your article of yesterday's

are going to
pice olnce your advent among us you
1 emiting and cleaving heads. { date on the Dog Nuisance is weil timed,
Well let us hope that your good In- and onthe: fall to bo apprwiated by
notions will not be utilized in the Jalt those who value htrnan_ life
ny ‘e ofa wellknown place. As tol above that of the mere bruly While
the t alehet, bury it deep, don't leave | ft catnot possibly uid anylh'ng to the
pated " ize above the surface to | sound reasoning you havé nb ight to
wu ao inalm the unwary paseer-by. | hear on the Seton, iL migu, recall
Xs now you well as you were before, | the fact that the tvinldad Lovern:
unless you have eal! “changed ment is pecullatly noted for ite
EOvr spate’ wa are afraid tbat it won't | devotednens to the policy of louklp
lovg before you will proceed to the | the door after the Forse haa quit
= bumation of that hatchet, and start [the stable. In all well regulated com:
a3 in sniok again, Let ua hope that f mualtles, expediency demands that the
evil five fnted f vernment should takes certain
la pie fir ret toladvice we will giveyou | [oltiative measures for public pro-
fi raw that anonymous letter. | tection, rather than that évery wan
ie sending in of that letter to the { should take the law Inte hfs own
Commission with {ts fout stander { hands. Albelt when regularly con-
common duty, it is then incumbent on

‘ott to protect hiinself, The
lieved the statements to betrue. tou government atill has a chance of
had not favestigated the charges jo Shoowlng the fesser of two evils

way ao that your stating that 3
believed them to be true was based on Port-of-Spain, ' OrrizeN
nothing but your desire to do these Srd Seplember 1011.

‘entl all the h
oul fd. And you ‘did hat Jon ponalbly “FOOTBALL
The “ tars" from H.M,3. * Aeulus”

leasty, and malicioukly. We are not
sure that these gentlemen are not en.

Withdraw the | scored another win by defeating an

ng Banrock FC.



are’ different from mill others

sind Fords not cnly fied but keep dogi healthy
‘the coat, eradicate worms and prevent unjplesan

odours from the skin and excreta.

ered from the purrat Ingredienie only and free from any medicsmen
u- Calito-day atthe nearest Dealers snd buy rome.

LO. R, ALSTON & CO-Sole Agents:

titled to have their hoi H
aCoutoflaw. 2... mVithioee he

fetter, state that you regret that in the rese:
Ste . , tleveu re] niin
heat of the fray’ you did a thing of } tu fairness ta the local side, it may be
es which you are ashamed now; that you f sald that they were far frou being a
admit that your action was indefensible Ttpresentative Shamrock team, three
from every point of view. So long as | ot those who had been chosen,to play
that letter remains on the records of | not tuinlng up, Arthur, & marine

the Commission so tong must you ex-
« pect the resentinent of all right think-

ug people and the hostility of those
you 0 foully slande To ex-
pect these victime of your malice to
shake your hand because you stretch
Itout to them, is to have’ buta goer | and Local Forces ended a adiaw, both
oploion of their mantiness aad of their | sides soyting a goal each.

senee of hunour.— Withdraw the letter

aud apologize for it.
Ustixe the previous day when

This condition of yours might have

King's weather prevailed at Arima,
has had awple time to run [te course, | Yeoterday turned out to be # typical
You are not a superman, like Bernard | Nauta Hosa race day, The threaten-
Shaw or may be Sir Sydney Olivier, | '0g clouds which ovethuog the skies
You are only an ordinary mortal, during the morning burst just before

DINT BE OVERBEAIING.-- inted tor the raves to be-

the time appol
Courtesy and politeness are the hall: gio with the result that the Savannah
matke of the gentleman. [n

was converted intu a veritable sea of
changed cvuodition, we hope that

pill try te cultivate these qualita
rou must not forget that the members | of” race-goers whe trom time im
of your meilcal stalf areas good as You f memorial are sccustomed ta nasty
ary, Some of thou are your seniorv io | weather on such at occasiun in fact
tear platy mesdatt |e sear tha days wie
ments and others in social standing, came as ant agreeable vurpilse. | De
You have been kuown toleave standing,
aweolor man who came to ace you
at your office. This ia bad manners.
offera visitor achair does not de-
teach iu any way from youre dignity of
Surgeun General,

from the * Aeolus,” very kindly kept
goal for Shauruck_ and EK. eck
aod Piggott frum Clydesdale F.0. also
pla The result of the game was
* Acolus” $ goals, Shameuck L.

The match between Casuals F.C.




—AT A—



been excusable some years “50 when
you unex eme: rom the
obscumt Ota distelet inedical ofuicer-
ship tothe full glare of the Surgeon
Generalsbip of Trinidad; but the disease

tracting from the keenneys of the rac-

lng iteelf did not dampen the ardour

msign’ Dry Mounting Outfit

t Henderson's,

ES a

—-Go Toe—

he Arcade

and gronnde were oumerously attend.


as aa the
followed thfvaghout with

en por Sir George i. Leluote K.O,3.G,
DON'T BE IMPERTINENT,—We [ and party motoved from the city and
all know that yuu wield a facile pen, [ were met by mounted Police near
and that you vevel ina style which is }theentranceto the Savannah, lis
ag ive and fosolent, Vou are so} fivuovur Mr, Justce
much the slave of the style thatitis) fis Worship Mr.
iumaterial to you who itisyouare} Jeane Actlog city
addreseing—becretary of btate, Gov-
rnor, Uolonla] Secivta: Head, of ftraiu Tue Majority of the events
Departuent, Medical Officer, Town { were keenly coutested although the
Board, they are all the same to you, | slushiog mud may have In sme degree
You are oaly beppy when yourcon:] affected the horses, A potewortby
rualcations are full of thistles and { jucidenot cocurred during thy fourty
thorus, We have already hadample}rece. Day Dawn, who wae ridden
experlence of that etyle. Under the by a pew jockey in the person
pew-vonditions adopt the gentle, fof freocis del'reitas bolted, aud
od aod we fi having jumped the rails threw

rteous, ite me! er
sure that Pelee your great literary his mder heavily to the ground.
[a The puor felluw dazed an

bility you will be ae greet a meccess
aele. letter writing as you were In | had to be taken to Hospital in «cad,

Bee finpet tinent mabsives which put | Apart fom «few brulecs be sustalaed

cial Envelopes,
. everybody's back up against you, nv fjujury however aad was disharg-
Foolscap Paper. DONT BE UNFAUIL~ As bead of ed frum the institution befure the

. the vervioe you are surpased to Keep | Ptty daughlor” of Lafeyette, who
FOOLSCAP BOUKS—#tte 4 Quires.


ruenbety who eotnpove It « Your bets | Gor was defeated vewteroay ty. Hun:
; . | LETTER Corrxa BOOKS,

Mate Labour Books.

Lenporery of permanent poste in the | frills, Superior horsemanship told

service. You should banish frlendehtp | 1a the last racd, Uwing to the ua-
‘Sony .

and favourtism from your mind an toward weather cunditious, the events
“eating Carmo Books,

consider every case on Its merite, Your | Were Dot tuo acourding to the sched
ecoipt Books,

uled time, with the result that the
extraordinary iclte two pe oalerrt city folks ‘had ty hurry off to catch the
GePpying Prossos,
ens and Poncils.

lojuatlce San Fernando, By ap- | epecial train before tho last race was
rown Wrapping .Papor-

pointing fas te act. jn one of the | entered upon, Like the opening day
School « Books,

tealor poste yOu passed ‘over tho ulaim | Of the races, the Constabulary Band

" 2 one o! e | was in attendance under Sergeant
a ape ort eer | Mar it eae


DWIDSON AND TODD, jeree etre ne

THH AROADE, sulle Covetivin otpesieg paingyf wATbeL w Getty Goud ataLl Ube higg

forget) to send Dr. | avd It cau be ‘eaid without fear of
Piet Tot plication to the Governor, contiadicion ett the Banta Hows
—Agals you attempted to deprive Dr. saves just en: ded voinpates, favourably
Pampellooe of an acting appoint- | with any such meeting held in by gous
ment which he had been filling to the | yeart van se omic cope
bfaction ot everybody, onder tally the bonorar retary on whose
ive var pe lve pis © plum, Saal fell (he burnt of the respons
Bat te was af eae the Sen of ‘The followlug are the results of yew
fan ponouw able metber of Counci} who Uenlay 9 racing .
ade represeptaitona to the Governor, . SECOND DAY
Wed your appolptinent of Guiseppl 1 Cxreo.e Marpet Haxincay. = Time
vas cane ited. Your consclevce pit {par fotaille and a distuce
have told you that in these tases you A prize of 16 dole, of which
were doing what was anfalr and wn- woond hore to reveits 13 dels
Now we hope that fo filling a (pen to all grate bores ellgible
Antmenta you willbe guided svulely te run iu the Malden, Entrauce 7
7 & pene of fair play and justice. dole. Sweepetake 5 dols,
DONT BE VINDICTIVE: “When | sani Dutea'a hubs bag. Kuoeh-
wout Dr. Darwent, a peulor jie © baie, ee ia ee ee
Za olen ialent surgeon of tie | and’ ga "hae aad” sep
Coluntal Nosy 2 " Tod u} . end
portant district of tock Hiver, wee Mm r ike wate ty Sia jis
be when you refused him s few io ‘corte . « saa
aye dur bl Fe yee ite sluiply | ule bursoa wetw entered fu thle
natiafying your fete eee end eveat but ayeitewonnet devided uot
hi. No * ie a ot
dont let these eludictive feelings take teugbter at Lafayette, ibe
'o Kunkdele


fle, in orden to secure his ap Int | the whole everything paswed off weil


DON'T DE INHUMANE.--Weneed horees got away simultaneously and a

epee “be admitted vo the onlookers: Calta

oi! mitted to ¢ onlookers, Uailay:

dyin Prat Hospital. We are sure on the previous day, hutted
that in your vew condition of mind , the

ects the Johuman

r oO are. 8

i tour, valuable ' superiority and hav’

to give you but in order not to

aie oellere we will postpone ft to

ite fh but bef t- | carr
fhite of the findings of the | some other oocestons but. before tere dale 10 ibs. Campbell ode splendidly,

the medical departinent,
audin other matters referred to the
of } Governor for his decision you should
alwaya send ali the original documents
pet, ou, w
accused of | that he would have given the winner
jocumente ~a | &
good at the

your? ud. This, however, although de-T Mr iG Vi


Matchbuz took the fead leaving the
spite the inclement weather. the stand | uthers bunched a short distance be-
hind. Atthe firvt bend, Day Dawn
ed and the racing which was hardly J displayed some temper and bulting
day was faway jumped the rails, throwing his
unabated § rider to the ground.
foterest. Uis bxcellency the Gover- | contloued the racy with Matchbox
leading and Velvet bringing up the

Swen and 7 Cascade
never seriously challenged the win
Magistrate } ner,

journeyed from the clty by especial [ third. :
& Bavepers Haxpicar—Time 4&3)


for | supre-
and fim.
asvetted his
secured first
pisse keptit upto the finish much
‘othe delight of his admirers, Jim
led Fibs. overweight and Koock-

fog struggle
macy to Knockdale
e former {nickly

| but his steed was completely, outclass-
ed. The bolting of Mr. Nero's gelding,
Cailayd, seemed a bilter disappoin
ment to many of the onlookers who,
Ceapitd bis bad temper, were sanguine

good race,

—Poxny Marpex Hakvicar—Tine
1.30pm. Distanceé fuilongs, A
pitze of Sdola, of which second
ore to receive lddols. Open to
all ponies fourteen hands two
inches and: under. not thorough
bred, eligible to run in Pouy
Maiden. Kutrance adele, Sweep:
stake ddols, ,

Result :—

Mn CG. W. Sanlalsingh’s hbo
Hunts Bird, & ‘. scarict

and cap, (Schaller)

Mr. A. %! Rieger's bbe Sang:
evo, d yeary black aud white
hooy cherry cayy (Horde) 4, 8

of the four ea nls, Saylor IL. wow
scratched, Hamuing Bird started
off ata grest with Sangsoo and

Fleet Liab following close behind.

The fast named horse ° on

nearing the 3 furlong t and after-

wards @ very pretty race ensued
between Humnuiing Binf and San

The horses ran oeck and neck for a

considerable distance when Hamming

trd was suddenly seen to gain
ground, Maving secured the van,

Schaller pushed the mare for all she

waa worth while Borde on Han:

endeavoured to him. Much to
the delight of the s«pectators, ium
ming Bind kept vp hia position and
wou a splendid race by about halfa
length, Fleet Limb carried eleven
ounde overweight.
Stewarn's Hanpicar. -Time 1p,
m., fof m-tnile and a distance.
Prize $123, of which second horseto
receive $25, Open to Creole horses,
half breds from Jamaica, and ail
panics fourteen hands two inches
aud under, Entrance 12 dols,
Swevpstake U dols,

Result: -

Ab. D. ©. DaCosta's bbb Re
ruil, L years, 110 Ibe, rose and
piimroze Oopa, fod ap

(Bonner) os ae .
Mr. 8. Liddielow's b.b.bob., Jilin,
ALS ibs, cerise and black
(Campbell) . .. oe 2

Ht was o foregone conclusion that
the Barbados creole would fod no
difficulty tn defeating his adversary,
denpite the fact that he castied 33
pounds more than Jin. Campbell, who
tude Jim, got an excellent send off,
but Hecruit was not far behind, At
the tirat beod Jim led the way, but
could not keep up the pace and was
displaced by rult before the Hos-
pital wasreached. Realizing, no doubt,
that It would be futile to try to over.


Bweepstake 5 dola

‘w cbbp. Mak bbox,
aged, 133 lb, wine and guild,

W. Duncan), oo os
A. Laigess cbt. Cascade
Boy, 109 Jbs, bine and gold
body, red cap, (QR. Duncan) 2
Four horves statted In this race,

‘The three burvea

Duncan who 9 piloted Mr,
Field’e poney never looked buck, and
woothe race with cunsumate ease.
Boy, who canw second,

Velvet came in au sudiiferunt

1 Distance & Furlong. A
alzeof 100 dole of which secund
borse to yeceive 25 dols. Opeu to
2 yeer old Oreoles Hntrance 10
doula, Sweepatake 6 doles.
Mr, O, 2. .Vincent’s Gibf, Fure
and Frill, 2 years, HS Ibs,
Scarlet body and cap (Shal-

ler) ae oe ae
Mr. A. G. Slegert's tiuc.t, Mayette
a iygerm nel? os, black and
whi gherry a
(Borde) .. aa . 2
After two false starts, in one of
which Mayette reached in the vicinity
of the Mospltal befose she was pulled
up, thy two borses got away leavlog
Two step, for the sevond time, stend-
jing at the pole. Furs and Fills se
cured the lead and set a warui pace
with Mayette close at her heels,
The order was soon after re-
vered, for Borde seemed deter
mw ht not ta ba outdoue and
eo whip was a unsparingly. Kx-
citement rao ee whea ibe’ ee
reahed about fujlongs from the
wioning poste With & ferltic burst of
a ule aod Frills was seen to pass
the leader thus seuding the cruwd
wild with enthuslagn, wile had rid-
den asplendki race but Schaller was
sot w deepised. He brought
all ble available = riding la-
eut. to bear, with the result that
Mayxtto had to be content with
secoull place. The widuer caitted
2 tle, overweight,

6, ARemas [Hanpncap.—Tine 4 pin
Distance 6 Furlunge A pee of
tO dela, of which sevond horve to
seoeive IS dole. Open to all ponies
fousteen hands two inehes and
under, not thornughbied, May
tranee 1M) dol, Sweepetake 6

Rewult :~ .
Mer. R. Pleld’s ob,
Ute, aged, wine

{Dungep) ...
Mr. Aatntadgeige.t tip
i green
ff wipbedl)


Uuet race of wns . 7
pothlug to be ed
ieee Kot awe: ups
wand aicount d ‘or

hf (be cowve thrwe ores cee


and g

Basis Doll,
bady and csp


two by
howerves, as

tor The Wholesale, Retad
iocluded - another fresh shipment of

Sanatogen! Sanatogen ! Sanatogen !

(The Great Braln and Nerve Food)



xXS.S. Grenada.



10th BANJO

. . ay
m " uth DANCE
. a 30th BONG “
FELDMAN 1th 50NG aes

iuth SONU .
16th DANCK _ ...



Keautiful Garden of Hoses Waltz

21 Fredeenck St.

Teieruone No, 182,



Ex RMS. “| MAGDALENA,” 58. “NAVARIMA” and other Lines, Besidse
our regular fortnightly supplies of FRESH DRUGS AND MEDICINKS, &c.,
‘ lewnle, and Prescriplwn Department. The following are


and Medium Brown )

ite complete solatyit

Tablet packages,
To te bed Tom the following



50 Kegs BUTTER—64 Ibs,

25/23Kegs Do. 83 lbs,
10/22Brls, = =Po, 120 Ibs.
60 Casos Do. 4/25 Ib,
30 Casee Da. 20/5 Jb,.



1,000 Ki Waltz; Dreaming Waltz; In the Bhadows,
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take his rival, Campbell wisely pulled

up “his” mount jeaving the tale to Srsawens, | deaveTasmpan. | A
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ull eharp cried
nee Ae ang iter rea dog

ql ame tnconsous ard Dr,

PRIVATE -| ercameate

fn ond of the medieal wards
Je Rutledge, the aight edp rintes
jent, aald Mra Irvin: Leeaine perfectly

hernzal aad displayed no sigas of by-

drophobla, i
e Mrs, [rwi conscious through:
Con, yt © ont the day, and to the attending phy. e
o%, ER AND © et ; e sicians she fosleted that she bi ee
FREOE ROK £ atricken by hyarophobia.
—~ “Mra, Irwin is Jo perfect physical 2 .
4 - e
“but in her ex ‘
WILL YOU. CALL ROU ND AND GIVE: YOUR ORDER AT ONCE. charge of her ward, “but, p her em: “
she ie euffering from Hydrophobla. It a
. . hin th h of issliply a case of hysteria which, no e
Your Name and Address will be printed aad the p ice is within the reach doubt, bas been brought on because
everybody. Will you_com . same aay she wonki have hydrophobia ne
WATE RMAN @eeiss Driper and Outfitter, and Ido not thiok it wilt be necessary c
ish ich atesiachatesiaa for her to be transferred to the obser them over at your earliest

condition” said the physician in
Wo au to awoid dimappointmené.
doubt, bas been brought on because
e 1 ér within a few days, . '
and Ivo not tolek be necessat We advise you strongly to look
Physicians &t Bellvue said that it convenience,

- — an would be possible forthe polsoned vitus . . aie
neck and neck Thos Math [ln Mew Fo Puree Min Mo Manning BARKS LIKE A DOC. Ingruitten by a sied dog to ork slowly They rank high among our latest imports from the United States—These merelg
be head followed closely by | Miss 1 terre Misses Aget (2, Miss S “a not devel f inf ti 5

= forged a ee Colt being tert te | Eeltants, Mins Jat axalion, Mins Mitchell, . v . through the m and not develop for your information. %
Knockdale, Bosh Colt rnd table | Mite Rove, Misa 1. Hitey, Mins V Lynch, | "WOMAN IMAUINES SHE HAS | inte bydropho s or ome years, ie \ . i
Matabtoe steadily Incresscl the tead | Mist Hitelro, Mesare J. Lorre, (1 Mfar RAMES, Hutledge sald that there was nothing Note The Variet f Shades Carefull :
io 2 1A. sO le -—— +“
rete race ena sant | Host aloe manF bo | oer nae oe ie emis | ee DON Ap geno ote the Variety 0 CrUlys
@ flag, Tod Sinan pulled wp Knock- BRING STRICKEN, is perfectly well both mentally and 7 t
dale about 6 yards from the winning eet — hyeically, but that she has worked 4. "
re creer fa ty sciung Commenter ane af tetypeona| }) PANGY,SATING-24 tg ide sales | FTOURR, TOPs ths Mei
nectE m . i . Oo — a
Siwerraacracgucyecet ty se] TO SWIM WITHOUT HANDS: | ce iintbg po thea Ron | Now Yow dlerady iden weet ae a" ae pine EN, Nerang gear
Comaittee and censied, . : Bre. Amanda Irwin, thirty two years * * : t .
* ~ HOW To BROOME AS EXPLRT A» a cyatd oe . _2ea0 0, widemger yard ate
"A Riae &0p me nue andy ie JULILS C Hoalt, {none of the medical warda of Hrlivue WHITE MULL lin. wide por'yd. tamer | MEROERISED FONGEE cto Tiwi
Sy Ate Sate | ry sta | te ein ni sie Rone ce iene belie Hes sis iol ta
. . 6 _
hore« oan that have raced a ee ine tay cicat nutuber ment early on the morning of the rath CITY P OLICE COURT. Navy with bordered and pain edges eubegiei o ore 2810, wide oe
a a mB the “ Marine Magasine, which chron! agust after awakening other tenants ‘Dea RU.P, ryard 200 ° —in Cream with ansorted e to a i
Sweepatake adols, les the dot ¢the Warapite boys, t iking hke a deg. (Before Mr. G. Cy ne, BSP.) pery: ae on we e rc colour de
MED Da Costa's Kb, g. ecrutt ints Maken ne ada on eh “pirating: the scresins of the woman ~~ Saturday. newer ya.
. 1. &- v t wits wi! 1 epenaing on Ld \=' A i a .
‘ 4 years fom and crlumon beeps, umot the hands, ‘givin Mae historic in in he fallway of the bint for. Tortcana A Horst -Lasce Corporal 4 Special Lot of LADIES AFTERNOON TRA APRONS in Mualin-Tromn t cath Lag and
rone cap, (Bonnet) t be 1 stance of Gara wast i € ounmontarien noes aml were her ift to seo Mrs. dobosen chat ed Sanat sith forturin a Binbroidery = Each 19 Cents, a
Mr R. Bielda cb. bp. Matehbuz, when he was cate 2 | tewite crawling upon hee handy aud | yesterday Defendant was fined 3s. or
aged. wine art gold 2 | ship in the Bay of Alexaniin | Mews, “Bhe wan frothingel tne mouth days. “4
cP baer Talal the alae [a Aannr ec amitag it SU | ant hwpiyiie ker frmgesmges |e THE ONE PRICE PLAIN FIGURE STORE:
2 rh reo bet Ze rFG aire 1% a UNG 7 nstavle an
erult, had many on x ters, there would n boy erate to ein well enough tine were notified aot Volkeman charged a little bo named Semuel Ped: ‘
were hose wha = bli 1 t te ad dey at mat ye 00th » |i more, ten years old, w stealia: Ce bee
Siatehbor ability to defeat the oe inet Behold Wave he jal the sels | cron wits nen Uo invortigate. “Ho cers forging. t9) Randolph Vale. The tite . nog ; -—
th et eo etting the | chi tothe water to y with and | te . noLNey, . ‘
itlerof she stant. Matchbox led dora | he shontl support bia if by resting ne | Hutton wmateark oF iietrheies | sane eniitatealing. Hismatoer vatdbe| [One Price Only. | Valoa Nowhere Like Malllard’s, Fe lasurance
considerable distance but he was ovet- | thigcr on it. that. te suinmooel an ambulanes from home, SZ vad hoy and did nt or ight

ttl “ Then he should throw ft up in the afr, ™
CMe wimeieg. With the ‘wont | taki fare thet In doce not tal on mie | SHE Mewel Wright Hospital
sion of this event, the Santa Hone sean he able te throw tt clean over the | surgeon, anived be turned on the

Taces came toanend so for as IIL is PaOot ON toe guing under the water | water in the kitchen ef tue apartment,

daya ubtil yesterday he brought 24, to her
paying that somebody had given him,
Defendant was seut tu the reformatory
for five years.

ert arte erent ——.. cee


concerned, himself, knowing that a person suffering ftom Se reo
——————= ‘Ife should also“get hie bontman to | hydrophobla has a convulsive dread of | | THret or Gotp Rinas.—Couchanee, an
VICTORIA INSTITUTE. throw a number of stones to him one by | water, Hearing the flow of water in } Hast Indian, was charged by Constable ARQUND THE STORES.

one, no that he cath them, andhe | the sink Mrs. Irwin again dropped to Clarke with stealing two old rings W: Pp: PP tof
~~ should praction patlinne up and cloning an * Den valued @4 belonging to Elizabeth Antoi WAT 18 PrnoxuL?—Peroxol . fe
The halloting, bv members of the Vio ombredtae p her knees and began frothlug et the from St Joseph Hond. Tey ntoine} tydrogen Peroxide otherwise known

fofia Institute, for tbe election of meus © after gaining skill in these satious rae sts he pe rosecution was that Defendint noid| 48 Dioxygen witha very minute pere
beiato the Hoand of Management for tie | wasa, the x whreabd fearn to awin with | OUNCE SCRATCHED BY PET pnoa, kes for Antoine and was at her place} centage of Acetanilid. As a miedici-
ensuing year, nsulted in the reelection | ease in his clothes, boots included. Dr. Johnson learned from the neigh> Yesterday morning, She was making[ val or Toilet article, Peroxol fa the
of the nficing Howl componed of Moaaars ™ Hat the most “Important thimgof atl’ [pours that Mis, irwin had been | ches and taking off the tworings placed | most valuable preparation of ite hind
BU, Stephous, Urote sor Carmudly, T.M, E says Sle Ilarry, “is for a xwinimer to scratched on the tight hand b: ¢ | Semon a ledge from where defendant/ever introduced into this market, °
Kolstall, Hon ¢ Bo Dovid 1.0) Unuine. | learns to take off all, bly clothes in the low fi on the ug and GY apet twas seen to teke them by Antoine's} There should be a bottle of Peroxol in
Be Hahn, Neues Ut pueith, J Wee pater, hoots included, | He ou iit not to See Re ee En ge es fad tant several daughter who Informed her niother of this everyhome. It ises necessary io the
Jariby, Di. Geo, SOT Bit ” on a mingle artile, hand them one a8 Noon as she missed then, a Con i

i by one to hls boatman. found to_be wuileriag from rabies aud | stato was called in to whon defeadane | Pousebuld for Hygienic reasons an salt

i fig for chetary ones, In strength and
A dif ult feat in to put all vourciothes | was hiled. denied has(ny taken the rice and invited permanency eroxal Is not only equal

——eE—— *


(Commennicated )

Thedesth of Miss Virgints Mayers vo
turred on Thursday morning Inet, afr a
few tonths’ llnean, atthe residence of
het brother, Me. [Hlton Jarvis, Collector,
of Jerningham Janction The corpse was
coureyed to dan Fernando by the mid day
trata “for interment Stans friends and
telailves met the corpse atthe Ratlway
Station, and the procession wended its
way tothe Catholk Church, where Hey
Father Lacey, CS. Sp performed thi

+ feweralservice. Atnong thuse who fol
jowenl were Mrs. &. Martin, Misa. Ma


and boots on while fodting on sour bic k, " . asearch of his hat only,
Tat this cau iedone witha little prac Those who hive knuwn Mr Irwin fon

being taken tothe station the Constable Hut supeitor to many almilar products,
tice *

for several yeats agserted that she had | eau” the ringe f inbis elt, | Ask your Diuggist or Physician ff this
Heed in constant dread of bein Defendant alleged. that’a little girl who is notso? Messrs Smith Bros and Co,
slsichen by hydrophobia, She left | lives at Antoine's place left the rings with [of the Bonanza Drug Btores control
eee P New York a short tine ago tavielt | him ae security for a alxpence she had | the Sole Agency of Peroxol which Is

~ - ~ fiicnds in the country. and her neigh | burrowed, He aalled no witnesses b AL 2
bone nere nut aware that bhe had te: ever, and the Magistrate didnt belleve soldat totttes per large and 2te, per
THB SURE COUGH CURE {urnet until they found | her in the bime ite was conticied id went to goal ---
-way on the morning of the 17th, | for two mon , “ ATMAILLARD’s—Su't Cases ta Straw
1s, per bottle, Dr, Jobuson reported that when be [| ,U#USKANNEN. — Constable Boucher | i Doather from 8144 to $1.00. Boys’ eqs af?
opened the faucet of the kitchen sink bared Augustus Clement with having School Boots, all sizes, $1.00 and up, Add a Singer

Laing'’s White Pino | Areiiting'sced ber beck agaloat | on September, 1 Deteulant. wes faund | Coloured Figured Piques, per ‘yard ba

her facial muacies con-

4 .
Y wullty aod fined 60c, or four days. Jer | Merterised Poogeve, 40 laches wide fn To Your Family

. tracted spasmodically Sbe stared at ' ome Towaden was ub ith» siimila ted shades--lac. rd. Classic
Cough Syrup the poleeman and « moment sod | omer at St James. owas onlered to Chambray “in wif colours, at Bee per Circle

enter intoa bond in £3 to Uchave himself xe . Nary Blue Musline with white

ahopped ta he: hands and knees aod
TUR ENQUIS PHARMAOY [aes oven the floor phe clawed at } for tho next lz mouths, and Howers—at de. peryard. White

i A Singer Sewing Machine} t home ra +
semen | Corded Pique in assorted coloured de constant rource of hel Comfort und ue meer

signe, ate per yard, Crash with as- ence to the women of the family It does its she + peg

wot ted coloured baw 6 eects 3 “B into the homs and banishing care and worry. ;
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B4 ' 1 2
a Pine pluned and matched The Por-of-Spala Gazelle
y 655 Feet, - PURTOR-SPAIN

B Port-of-Spain,
By! 8rd Scptemter, 1911,




Tux {ncident which took place on
the * Magdalena " last Tuesday morn-
ing, when the Port Health Ofticer (Dr.
Lavealle) refused to shake handa with
Dr. Clare, would rot, in ordinary cir-
cumstances, nent been of sufticlent Sms-
ttance to jus hewapaper come
Ment, but the portion cased by the
return of Dr Clareand the facts that
underly the action of Dr, Lacealle, are
eo extraordinary that the eplsode
ustlties public notice 4 Indeed demaods
t, as it is to be feared thata wrong
impression of the matter Is get-
which seems not at




ie fal wo e of the parties
ie oD
foncerned. Dre. Lassalle ia repotted to

have refused to shake hands with Dr,
Clare, although he returned the “good
morolag * with which be was greeted
the latter, and shook hands with
Sree A good deal of unoneces
wary fuse ls being mnade over this inel-
devtand the friends of tbe Surgeon
General are waxing warw over what
they describe as & grossand studied
fusult to their chauplon s they are
futing outthat this {athe kind of
reatipent Dr. Clare ls vo expect from
an fnsubordinate medical service, a
are demanding official punisbinent for
Dr, Laseaile, To our wiod, the matter
iz, especially av Dr. Clare had not te-
pumed duty when the incident occur
ed, a personel one between Dr. Lae
vetle and bjnueclf, and it fa the lat
matter which we should have thought
of noticing In a leading articte pad it
pot been forthe vituperative energy
of the frfends of Dr. Clare in referring
tothe Incident, and thelr inslutency
that Dr. Lawalle ought to be in somo
way moet severely hauldd over the
coale for hie temerity. When ono
conakiers what are the facts that le
beneath thisactlonof In Lassalle, one
fe inclined to marvel at the folly of De.

‘ 9 » puferring to the

» 84a, MaRINE SQUARE. ce rein tee would bave
WOR en re 2 —, ot | een pub r the Sur
oF yeon General that the whole
ei affair should have seained bas in

First and Foremost.

f ich they heve
the oblivion fiow wpe pe aes


im this case it

in Qulits.

Tires to ovr seaders—apd

' wa Ee wioes. ‘i eyiel
Rapes an Sawa momen, | hired ama ret
Br gui ney 80 of it th Averded Diptoma of Merit Coredia | the true fect af the tats have
; 1 oa Ea inijoo, Toroeter ta. ‘Bold ofapubere and Wholesslefrom yee Dr, Earnie old om the Slog
ot ai . dplena’ just Tuveday,
~â„¢ EN & TO, nd bed Lewn aavited as
“ ALBERT RUCIEN | dgnu/factvress. be a Wy an” wo pene
¢ Eine FRAP Gpalgctbone Note | dectiped tortdhe yu




| ond caluwniator.



hardly have forgotten the episode of

the anonymous letter at the Medical
Enquiry Comoniasiou. A more dis-
creditable, malicious and thoroughly
evil plece of work has never disgraced
the anvals of local bistory. Krom a
low and obscure source among the
dregs of the populace, Dr, Clare receiv-
ed an anonymous letter in which falee
apd foul chargés were made against
certain of bisinedical officers, Ainong
the officers so traduced, the one nivet
foully libelled was Dr. Lansalle. He
was accueed of stealing poit wine from
the Colonlal Hospital stores for his
wife and children; of not paying the
dues of his brother when a patient iu
the Hospital, and the vile lampooner
who wrote the letter even bad the
envenomed audacity to drag the

'natnes of Dr. Lassalle’a eleter into the

scandalum magnatum which he bat
penned. Now whatdid Dr. Clare do
about thle foul written letter P Any-
one recelyiug such a letter would, we
should have thought, have done one
of two things; eitherhave torn {t¢ up
and ssid northought no more about
it, or bave consulted with those
calumnjated and sent it to the police
witha request that they try and
teace the traducer with a view to his

rosecution and cunviction aaa libeller
But? Dr. Clare does
not act asothermen. He deliberately,
on the 8th tof Auguat 1010, took tbis
letter of false witness and envenomed
malice and forwarded It to the Con-
nissiovers with a covering letter
stating that hehad very Betle doubt
that the allegations set forth in it were
true. Thie communication was sent
to the Uomumlselovers when the
taking of evidence was closed, and
there was no possibility of any of the
accueed taking action on it. It was
handed to Mr. Wharton by the Chair
man of the Comuiission to read, with
the reservation that It was merely for
bls Jnformation, and we can well
believe that it had no small share in
detenmloing thetone of Mr, Wharton's
address tothe Cominission. De, Clare,
when fotwarding the letter, must
have known that it would, In the
watural order of things, have foriwned
part ot the reedings of the Com-
pilesion, and nblished to the world;

and trusted pu doubt to the indemoity ,

wectlons of the Ononmiesions of Ku.
quiry. Ordluanca to protect him from
Tegal actione on the pert of the persons
s'andered. As a matter of fact
however, although they published the
covering Jetter in which Dr Clare
tates bis belief that the anonymous
slandets are true, they never pub-
lished the anonymous letter fteelf, but
itu contents are public propeity. and
have been elnce the Oth of August laut
r, Dr, Clare hae publicly accusat
r, Lasealle, therefore, of the sanders
contalued lo the letter, and the latter
is precluded fruiz clearlug his nameiu
acourt of law on account of the non-
publication of the letter by the
intuivuioners, and the fact that
the government, in whowe possession
it now is, refuses, we uoderetand,
all accew to it. To put the
facts that underly this ‘incident
suceluctly, Dr Clare has aotused Dr,
Tassalle to the Coomissioners, and
throvgh thei to the public of
dad, of being a common thief
apy man whe valued bis huoour fu this
community if he were ip Dr. le'e
lace have shaken hande with Dr.
are in the circumstances? It has
Leen aid we know, by soweof fh.
Charest filends iwha tod a aiff.
eulty In evading
the question) that
that be wiehed
with Da, He was an apology, but
thove who take that view nivel have
pecullarly constituted temperaments,
‘Lere 18a Creole saying * Pardou pas
fa guéri malin 1%” which niwana that
b Pe (nflie teyous injary einer
“beg your pardon” ie pot gol
elcatrive the wound caused Wen be-
sides this, the only apology that could
be accepted by apy inau of honour in
the clreumstaneers would have to be as
sublicly made as was the fosult.
or cules weare soity to have to
notice thie mattes, but Dr Clare's
friends are active In their denuunce-
ment of De. le, and It isovera
year slnce the incidents took place to
which, in comwwon, falrnpss to the
latles we bave “ peferred. They
place Dre Lavealle’s conduct fa en
absolutely clear light tothe commmnn-
fty at laige; aud we think, po dim
culty will be fouud fu anming to the
© ndelon thet be euuld vot bare dune
otlwr thao be did.

this aspect of
the mere fact
to shake hands

Warts on the bands ta a disfyure-
mveot thet tioubles many adie. toh
ways Can Cue wih semore |
without pala,

' oF Wales. Thie takes

Are the Acknowledged Standard of Fashion.



Through the Interest taken by the
Reverend I 1%, Dubé, of Williams.
ville, some monthd back, two tappers
wers sent from the Depriment of
Agriculture tothe vicinity of Atayual,
wemall village wedged in somewhere
inldway between Tabaquite and Wi

10 to 13-year old Oaatilloa trees owned
by Mr. “Joha Benjamin, fin Tndtan
wetller, Mr. W. 2, Broadway, the
officer of the Departuent iu charge
of rubber tapping expeilments, ariived
Wednesday afternoon, and on the
following day Mr. Freeman, the
Acting Director of the Department,
viet the scene of tappog operations,
both retuining to Lanteof-Spain from
Tabaquite by the last train of that
day. Benjamin's property adjoins
that of Mr. Paul Laguneraye of the
Guaracata estate

This part of Trinidad fs compaia-
tively isolated and out-of-the-way, so
that visits of the kind referred to
above, are appreciated by those
pereotis who seidom have the mcans of
travelling about to see for thenwelves,
what {se being done in the ad-
vancement of agriculture, or fur the
matter ofthat, of any thivg elve. Mr,
Bepjamin’s treea, we ais ioformed,
are healthy and well grown, the trunk
“puoitions being clean and of awple
propurtionate lengths fir bleeding
par a, Wehopo w hear of sirallar,
useful visits being arranged for other
Telnote parte of the island, as good
and sound work, we are iclin to
think, is only obtained with the
peasantry-classes by gelting amongst
bem and eliciting their sympathy and
confidence through persuoal contact.


* Faust” will beshown for the last
time tu-day (Sunday)
tuissthis notable pleture represent-
ed by actors of consummate abilit,
Also the consecration of Westinjulster
Cathedral will be poitrayed—the
actual ceremony as performed frum
100U taken frum life.

On Monday a picture ofa Mfe tue

ars—tbhe Investiture of the Prince
narron Castle the birthplace of the


liainavile, on the 9th ulti Lo bleed ‘I
t peru


Nobody should Cargo, passengers and malls

x |

ace at Care wards to La Gualre,

‘the Tondon fF irect
Line of Steamers
Tox New Ootowan Co,




Gent's White Rust
The * Elegant,’ 2} and 24 inch Brims, 81.44 each.

2 inch Brims=$1.44 cach.

Gent's Tweed Hats, very Stylish—$1.00,

London & Parisian Styles—81.08 to $2.40,


Very Cook Wear—$3.00 and $3.60.

Children's White and Cold, Cloth Hats

at 24 cents each.


Veloce Navigaziono

Italiana a Vepore

Tux New Cotoniat Co

Lro_ Aounts,
ITTA DI MILANO,- The «4 ‘ Citta
?di Milano is due hen from Genoa,
vie Marseilles Jarcelona and Teneriffe on
or about 17th September preceding after
wanisto LaGualra, lta. ( abello, Curacao,
"ta. Limon and Colon, taking cargo, tat
passengers aod tnalls if quarantine


Compagnie Genorale
G Leotavp & Son


St DOWINIGLE The French Mull
2) Steamer St Domingue” ts due hers
trons Demerara on the mh of Septcinber
And will leave the same day for St. Lucia,
Martinique Guadeloupe and St. Naxaire,
ohn aasensers, malls and cargo,

VUADELOUPE, ‘the French Mall

W Steamer + Guadeloupe ia due here
from Europe sia Guadeloupe and Martin


Tho Voustons Lice of | tue on or about the 7th of September and
Steamers ‘will proceed afterwants to Carupano,

Gro, R. ALSTON & Co Guayra, Savanitia, Colon and Bort Limon,

LS "GENTE taking ‘Ist Claas passengers, inaila atid


{ DOMINIGUE, — The French Mail
Steamer “dt. Dominique” from Europe
ala Guadeloupe, Martinique and St. Lucia
fa due hereon or about the vith of Se
tember and will proceed afterwards
Demerara, Surinam and CUavenne, taking

i ONADNOCK, ‘Thes.s. “ Monadnock”
4435 isdue here from Buenos Aires on or
about the th deptember, proceedlug
afterwards to Harbalos, Clenfensuis
Havana, Hosten and New York, taking
cargo, passengers and malls,

’ « | CArgo, Piasenszers atel malls,
| Hamburg | mert (YA RELOL PE- The French Mail
can Lino dSteamer “Geadeloupe is duc herg
Paci ll ecumcrzn @Co | from Venesuelan ports on or about the
ANENTR 2th of Sept aber and will proceed after:
wants to Mirtinigue, Guadelenpe Santan-

IRGINIA, The sa “Virginia of We
Hamburg American Line ts duc here
Venesuclan Ports on or about
deptember luth proc ceding afivrw ards to
Mavre and Hanburg via ot. Thomas,
taking cargo, engers and walls,
Cus he na Crotla of the
Haniburg American Line is due bere
from Venernelan Porta ou or about
beptember Zird, proveeding afterwards to
Hayre and Hamburg via St. Thowas

dar, Pordeaux and Mlavre iaking passen-
from ers, Garzo and mails
tho bast Astatic
Line of Steamera
Geo, Kh, Ausron & Cu,
Qt. JAN.—The 5s. St. Jan bs due lire
+ foorn haropeon the ith September
he sam merare

and wb leave day for

taklog cargo, psasengers and walls 2,
vi ETA The ax Venetia of the | 2d Parafuaribea, taking cargo, passengers
Halurg American Line is due here Bt. Jan fs due here

T. JAN.—The ae
from Merawari
her, proceeding afterwards ta Barbadon,
St Lucia, St. Thomas, Havre, London,

from Hamburg on on about September
|, Procwedting afterwards to Carupauo,

La Guavra, Puetta Cabello and Curacas,

taking CATO. passengers and tnnils,

SApsToos, -The 4% Sarstoon is
due here from London via Bartwdos
and Grenada, on or about Oth deptember,
proceeding afterwards to Detucrara takiog

“Froderick leylaud
& ‘ ompany Ltd
Tus New Corona Co,

| Dts,
ELGIAN.+The aa. * Belgian”

and Continental ports taking caryo,

passengers and sunlls, ne
of Steamers.

Georag R, Atston &

due here from Santos, on the 14th

September, and will leuve the same day

from Buenos Alres on the 2h

September, and will leave the aameday


for New York, via Dariados taking carga,
for New York, via Barbados taking cargu,

Lamport & Holt Line ”
FJ\ENNYSON. The s6. “‘Jennysou™ ts
A 7a The we Verd| is due here
passengersand malls

ts duo ne
here fren Livi via Harbados on
or about 7th September proceeding after.

Pr. Cabello and
cargo, passengers and



original Prince of Wales. Ihe cere: mally if quarantine permits. ri

mony 1e pertorined according to an+} ae ee ATUMV ALS.

cient Welsh ritesand an inelgbt fs Trinidad Line of | Paws Watexm sy., Dutch atur, Graaf,

Balned jnto the manoers, custom and 5 1,244 tonsa, 14 bre, Carupsauo—2} phes

extraordinary language uf the poetic - teamers, sundrios and 15 passengers, To IL

and musical branch of the Jntun TainipaD Butrrina & | Yyaninore, lrit sloop, Clowden, 10 tons,

Empire TRADING CO. AUENTE. 2) days, Carriaoou — ae 3 pign 4
Olber cturesindude: “The High- ENADA.--The 8 *Grenada” of the pola fowin, 1 turtle, 14 boxes egum, O

wWayweu". Tweedledun. A Drana of
the coast, Persuading Papa. Acl-
dent to Alrship, Buthof # Dread-
nought. Hampton Cout Usla ete.



The Boyal Mall ftsam facket 0, —
+60 Pags 2.

Konwkijke W.u-
dische Maldienst
Tux Koval Dytce Main

> M

Vivap Linx Bervicx. | Ur
WILLEM [V,—The Iloyal Datch — for Trinidad sla Grenad
jai] Beamer * Prins Willem LV." ie tuber 191l nod ie lue to arrive bere on
on oF | bepteanber int 1911,

dug here from Veneznelan Ports


~~ | Aurust 10!

boxes frult anc 14 passengers.
Pro rpencsa, Ven boat, (romex, 9 tons, 1
day, Criatobal Colona Yallast and 7 pars


Sept. tnd,

ALtck, Ven sloop, Hamlrex, tons, Cris
tobal Colon sundry pkgs mdse,

Ato Nwezvo, Ven (alucha, Salazar, V tons,
Carupsno—suudry pkg» mdae.

Sarvanon, Ven boat, Illdago, 9 tons

G Trinidad Line wiltleave Trinidad for
New Youk via Grenada on the 25th August
1Â¥1L_ and Is due to arrive there gn 2nd
beptember 1011,
ARACAS. The us Marcas” of
thelrinidad Lino will leave New
York for Trinidad via Greneda on the 25th
and ls due to arrive bers on
Srd Septem!

Mh * Crown of Navarre ‘of the Trinldad

wll lease New York for Trinidad Cristubal Colon—suadry pkge mdse end
direet oo ple dth be tener 191 land is due fh pawmenygers.
toarrive here on Lith Beplember 11k. Cerio, Ven sloop, Ceadeno, 9 tons, Olu.
ROWN OF GRANADA, The an tlad Hotlvar—aundry pk ga mdse.

BManoxn Fxtirn, VerRs! Quijada, 0
tona, Pampatar—supe ry pkgs midae,

San Jusxy, Ven sloop, Teana, ttons, Pau.
pater sundry pkgs mdse

Swirr, Heit sloop. Aleale, litona, &t.
Vincent sundry pkgs mdse,

Vii tony, Britsloop, Clowden, 18 tons, Bt.
Vintent —sundry phe mdse audé pas

Mosiae Hatt achnr, Adains, 8i tous suns

C “Crown of Granada’ of the Trinidad
Llne will leave Trinidad for New York
dlreet on the Sthheptember and is due
toarrive there on Mth beptember iol,
UENADA The» + “Grenada” of the
Trioldad Line will leave New York
ja onthe Lith Sep-

about tnd beptember 101}, proceedin ARACAS, Th “HH * of tt

afterwards to Paramaribo, Have ‘and N «Deleted esi home ringed dry pkgs mdse and passcogers

Austerdera taklng cargo, passengers and for Kew Nore a's, Cireoada ou the 13th a


‘Pine, HLL ITE, the Herat Spiewlerted Whee ere Me CLOSIKG OF MAILS.
Dutch Mail Steamer “ring Wlam —

11L, is due bere from Amsterdam via
de hel irpeet
u mber (911, provesding aftert
wards lo ce no. Cumana, Guanta, La
Guayra, Pto, Cabello, Carmao, Port au
Drince end New York aking cargu, pas
seers abd malig.
Piss WILLE V The Moya) Dutch
Mall Steamer “Trine Willies Vo’ be
due hers from Venesucian Darts
about 1b Septeuter jvil,

afterwards to Paramariio, Havre

Amsterdaui laking cargu, paeengers aud | and will loave the pase

Mall Stes, Prins lem |." je
metordaus vie Parewuarilo
sud Demerara ou of Sout 3b ptemleor
vit, ing afterwards tu (arapanc,
Cuwana, Gayla, Ren Guayra. oti
Port-aa Prisce sud Rave | Yonk toying
-The Koyal Dytch
“Grnates Nesean le
suqesalan ‘a ou oF
aduut Sab eg ore tell,
afterwards to tho javre an
Auplerdam fobing targe peovtagese an

cating + NI

Mally for New York per aa Crown of
Granada’ will te cloned ou Tuendey 3th
proximoat Spas Negistration at 1.0 po,

Koninklijke W. Inp- ible for New York by these, “Maroy:
+ 5 1 ue 8 1@ Lloked on ay @
nciee Haildionst a Hifesber at soon: Hegistration Bt LLaO


Uae Kovean Dorce MaL- Aaguty
AROWILINE.-The as, * Marowljpe

ie due back bere a
Sia Harlindon eee Tonodas nib elt
New York, taking cargo WS ecee
7 le due bere trom 1: on
day 1th eptember T and will leave

r tuber.
ewapspermall at 1.90

le Scenes oa Money
Bide updo 5 pum, on Nonday
tu for Cyru Pampater and
Guayra per Ms Berblee will be

on Tuceay Sib instant at 3 po.
Hegiatratiuu 2.20 p.m.

ott. a
Ml Rashados, Su is and
ay nee TDR eee el
uae oo epi Sth Se)

went da at noon iy dlrwct fer New —e- = oe
NL ARE WONE. theeeaaceiine | “TARE IT AT THE START!
i | is due bere trom Kew York ‘ddncee

fouve the saue day tor Se eet Of the trouble, and there will be na

teoublle Lalngs Famous While Pine

up, bas eured busdreds
ne steele te eure youre tor a
sents. To he bad only from


Sky Kors aod nails.
S nia A -The su ‘Sareqiaoce”
1a dws here from Paramartio ou Mou
day 85th Geptember 1981 and wilt leave
t are BOOH provinely diet tee New
+ Yors, taking cargo, peswpgere and malls.


outhe Wehdeptem |



7° LET —Fina. Cottage with large
grounds aod feult trees, atables
rarnage, louse, elt. etc,
Vrancole Valley Road, Belmont, 5
talontas from ihe ae [mmeilete
ion ‘ark Street, <=

Kon teheser
=No. 1


1 cher, wath, ete. Very larga statle
a~ommodation, and large plot planted fo
gatnes grens, Water aad Eiretrio sere
vieg Por other part enlers apply to the
Haxtish Dikery, 00 Pork Hest, ~Aag,


divs RENT—Alvert Ovttaze~ New oud

St James Itved, fering St
8 5 every courenignce for a

* room,

comforteble cottage, No. 3 Long
ircnlar Row, eniteble fors sual! folly
or newly me ded Joouple, Every eonvenl-
poce, bath, ,kitcheo, paotry. etc, Water
and electric service, Vorother perticu'ats
apply to the Engliah Isekery, 60 Pak
Gree’, August Zib—lo. ee
Wr NENT—=Wamilly fasddenca No 43,
irtbig Hind, Be mont, contaiuing
drawiag snd dising roums, 4 bedivoms and
one dressing tocm, froot and beck gal-
Tetiet aad apnal cat rises For psrtiea-
Jare please appty ta G, A Or nity, No 6
Be. bearecoit Valley, Dilearot ~Aagual


For RENT ~— Hous *Niton Villa”
aWithla a stone's throw of Saiot Augas:
Une Railway Station, Loosl trains tar.
Ding sllibatime At present cooapied by
Mis Poilys, who bee Jivel there for
upwaids of three year and fe vacsting it,
ou aceoant of her lewing for Knglend
Tamediate powrealon, (rverpment
eopply and sewerage, — Apply WwW
Jiaver Avstiv, 65, Merine Pqrare-
Ang, 2d,
UR RENT —* Belle Vue," Point
tioudre. Healy situation, Riebt
opposite to Carrefa Island, A Fine
Bay. House furnisbed throughout,
contains Drawing and Dintng roome,
rooms, gallery, © Loank Out.’ ke.
Pleoty of water. apply
treaeith Angst, DLL t
Tre RENT Three Offices In Rich:
mond Btreet, No 9, Immediate
possesion, August $.— lin

i vard, containing drawing dining
and bedrooms, with front and bac
Fallanes, pantry and usual putoffices,
ochiding etablea and carriage house,
Electite tight and sewerage installed.
Immediate porveasion, Apply

@ Gillies No. &, Michmon

Auguet 4.—In.,


For SalocorRont


U%_ SALE OK RENT.—That very | OD)

i desirable family residence, * TLa

at Tacerigus, containic,

ateblicg for three Lewes The above is
slruated un two acres of land, about fire
wohauts’ welk from (he Tacarigos Rall
way Satior. For further particulars
Kindy a: ply to No, 193, Woodlord Street,
Port-of-pato,—Sep'. 2


terow, A large building (with siz
jots of Jand attached) sf Tunapunsa
Road tan be use 83.4 shop ood.
sltuation Apply to the Trin'dad
Building aod Losn Aevuciatlon
Augwt 2 lw

CY ee eee
=Gt, Ane’s Avenor, Br Ann's. A

cooly Waldence with about serena
we van for udiog @ Teoula O mtr

Apoly to Hl, Patrendot, Regwtrer Geo | gy

erate Other — ler Map wie

~ For Sale.

103, ' Duke Strerr nN

(Ovrver of Deke aod Petnbroke Ste

Bept let—Lw.

For Salo.

4 BARGAIN, -The cont ard oous'urt-
EX able senWeves form r'y ocvapied by
Mas Heo Massy ath Cin't havieg 6
dod rive, I dreveiag rout uoual out othe.

For fucther rarituulae, Apply wo Wd
Quee «Park Wet. -Any ate lm
is ea


Tha’ Rue Gocoa .Pla tation called


situate at San Cox in the
Ward of Monteerrat (about
‘$ wiles from the Tabaquite
Hailway Station) comprising
two parcels of land of 65 and
47) acres respectively con-

wining approxtivately 27,000 | a=tVIBOY BTA

full bearing Cocos trees with


No. 2, Bt, J did view of the Bocas aod surronnding

psotry, |.


ek Queen | Angact Qeum
', No. & Olpriani Boule- V

tofylor!' Lost or Strayed.


three | bearing the name of Mr. Frark Ki, Childa
bedr aus and two dresniog rooms, drawing [ sad othér gentiemen of New York. Aby
room, dining room and neue! cut-olfices, 8100 | one bringing the above to tha office of

Â¥ | Lands fur Rent or Lease from

__NO_9639_ VOL XXX



ECE of LAND ab Gaspares Island | WHERE ENGLAND BETS AN
eciog North,with a fice Day. Sp'ec-, EXAMPLE TO AMERICA,

In "Just Ourselves"— a book pub-
shed for the employees of Utnbel
Brothers, of Milwankee=Mary Ryan
OoMins an American writer, makes
an Interesting comparison between
American an European shop assiat-

Shé polnte the contrast with 4


MALL vacant LOT OF LAND corner
of New Street ard Borde 8 reet, pat
the Bsvatoeb. Very coolaad qaiet epot.

Borde StreetLarge lot amall price,

— striking fostance of polite: in dusk.

MALL COTTAGE—No, 42 Dandonald } ness ‘hich happened. at Selfridges
NY Street #50, locludicg laud, establishment in Oxford-street,

Appply to “Tho Hnest and moet imposing


HAT sotid cortcreté two elurey bulld-

fog sitaated at Sipana emiseutly

department stores in the world?’ she
says; are found in America, They are
larger and the appolatments are Yoer
than thoee iu Europe. Bat tbey are
far of us in one important
point, and that Is, attention, polite-
hevs, and courtesy to enstomers.

“One of the greatest: reasons wh
many Americans buy vo much
abroad is the fart that shopping is. 30
fascinating owing to te very notice:
able politeness of the clerk (assistant).
, Ibisa pleasire to gu into any of
the shops in Paria, Loodon, Lerlin,
ue Vieuna. Whether you wish to buy
or not you are trea! with extreme

“T asked one very
clerk In one of the Ta

Gonoral Storo tired-looking

odor shops,

with plate glans Shaw Windows, Zx°o@xa | who had a pleasant smile for ev
BWlarwatteox and entlosed yard, ones how she managed to keep thet
Sleasintness to a very lyin and,
~APULY tu Panight mld, tude customer whom sha

waited on while 1 was waiting for her
“She answered by saying ‘lalwaye

make @ bigger effort to please custom:

eva Lhat are dittle faritable, and when [

do so T find they are much easier to

walt on the secund line, and then, of

course, ltIumy duty to be pleasant

* tvould not help thiuking after I
left thie simple little English girl, of
the words she said ‘lt t4 my dut
to be pleasant to all,” and how much
goud we could do fnour store here if
we kept these worls always in our
tind, how much better sersice we
could give our customers and ont
employers, and how much tore good
we could do for ourselves if we could
always remember that ‘It is our duty
to be pleasant tofevery customer.’”


positively cures deeps


The Bonanza,
Aug. 23 Im,


OUSE AND LAND at No, 27 and 29
Cost ce Streot, Corbasax Town,
A to
or O Cutnuretat Me HA de Bot.
siere’s, Sohoiter, Qu-ea Street,


enced Pharmaceutical clerk, Ap-
icant must apply in person to ‘The
Finefer Drug tore Aug. 31 -1w.

ROM Rodoey Street, 03 Mpaday 23th
F inst. A Buck aod tan. bob tail dog,
saawering to the name of * Soap ' Finder

bringin; to W. L Romugo abd 15
Ro ltey Biren, e will be rewarded corns
NE Byuers Black Leathe: Parse coa- CROUP.

telolng ea nwall pote book with some
valueble business papera acd some cards Smalt Bottle for a Simpte Cold
Medium Bottle for a Heavy Cold
Large Bottle for a Deep-seated Cough
Bold by all Droggists.

this papec will ba liberally rewardet, —
August mh, iit lw.

Respect Your Loved Ones,
Keep their Graves Beautiful *

N ARBLE and Granite cleaned sod
polished ; Meaonry while washed,
wood-work patoted: Graves weeded,
raseed and flowered continually,
flares moderate, write to ARHUR HAL-
LAM, late of New York. Bor 2h.
Will call for order —Sept. Znd— In.


N accordance wi b {petruc ions re-
celred from the ezecuore aod
trustees under the will of tbe late
JULKEY LAMY. there will bo offered
for sale by Public Auction, by the un-
deraigned, atthe Auction Mart, No. 12.
St. Vincent Stret in the Town of
Portof Spalu, on TUESDAY, THE THIRD
DAY oF OcrouEH, 1011, between the
hours of one and two o'Vlock P m.

All that vertaln messusge situate fo
the Town of lort of Spain aud known
as No Dundona'd Street, and
abuttlog on the North upon Albion
Rtreet, on the Houth upon No, 59,
Dundonald Street of the Kas: unoa
Duodonald Street, and on the West
upon No, 2, Dere Street,

Dated at Port-of-Spatn this wth
Augunt, 191T.

Â¥, J. SCOT1 & SON,
Govt, Auctioneers.


3 Henry Steerer,

Ex 3.9. "HURON

For Rent or Lease

5Oc. to $120

per month at

Bolsslaro’s Village,

2 mioutes walk from Teso. Very bealtby
lovality Water fad thruggh the Vir

h Apply bo
fare PY © A ve BOLSSIERE,
Bint August Io,


DO hereby beg to notify the yeneral
podlie that the two preinises known
oe 93, Quarry Kircetand 14, Bt
drews Laneare mine Mary E, Wil
lace tho wae left ad my agent ie no
fonger actlog in that capseny, Mr.
Alexander Seales having beea a
ted by me to sell t4e house kno wn
: o M4, bt. Andrews Lavo on wy
Aug. 2oh—dw, . oe
- - ?
The Prejudice
FTWIAT folke ones held against redyed
goods is dead bud oy Well-te-do
people petropine CLAMENS 00 fieely os
ibey do the Tailor why uub? Uleanio,
and dyelag bave step d up ob east o
olber evisoev sy nuh wy thet it is pos-
sible to piatuce a auprivivg | feet dy
Jatike withiut muchexpenw, Ths ooly
thing you mart da, fe to commannate
direct with Cuimumuat the l))»e Worke,
Corser Duke and George Nircete,
phone 15, or to biv Agents, at Sag Fer-
nando and Couve,
NB —Clamens never employ cauversers
and ouly seod fur work when asked to dono,
lL peroe seleiiog work under
varloge pretences are in bo way cunmo
with bhe Trivided 13,6 Works
Venima lit Cieaniug -8 Speciality




— ANI --


Ftoumer Brand Cutlassos
LO Grass Knives
3 Tons Galvan'sa Wire
Calvatized Lrou dad‘ea
Bes tn De
Veenehing 8
Ovora lrucers
leolooks on Cards
Coal Pota and frou Vota
White lead, Mize! Saints
(ovelock's Uoftes bills
* vonoil lok eto,

For Wholesle and Retail,
all as ususl Cheap.



WARD mnie Weare Now,
White Pine & Pitch Pine

Uraught | vm: ae ez

: R Received within the last Six Weel]

YOR RENT—No, 4 Clpriant Boule-

vacd, con‘alolag 4 bedrooms, 3 re-
In Keg: of 3 Imperial Gallons

ception rooms, galivry, bath, etc.
at $U,75 each, ‘

HE MONASTERY, Pembroke St,
Walters Trinidad Brewing Co.
Telaihooe 437


(ver 9,000,000

~—Acomarodious family residence
fo good positon. Farther particulars
aod orders w view from WARD
PRICE & CO., 23 Frederick 5 reet.—
August 6b -Im,

Saturday Noxt

ARD PRICE & Co, have Wo lred
fostractuns wo se] by auction a
uaotity of uselul HOUSEAULU FUR-
NIIKINGS rewoved for cunrenience of
ole to tbete preminea 20 Frederick 3 reet,
These consprise 6 tingle and doube b:d-
steady, © mabogeoy ana ovber presses, 4
drersing cheate wibu swinging witrore( o8
quite new), roll lop desk, 4 wegonettes,
chest of draworr, severel bard woodede
teb'te, & Pianola wilh music, 2 organe,
mevvat plans, quenthey of s bentwood 5
thebie, sorkiag thir, pietutes, tabes,
wanhs and , diadee wa ¢, chambec ware io
ects, large wi hozeny side>oard, Ook @2- \
tensim dining table, faye fst stand,
misbogewy diptog ¢asle, baudsome chil-
juuier wi bh 4 mirsue iu waleu , wilesteola
wilh swing glace, ees aed man

Motor Launch for Sale.

We offer the Above as usual 0 -

— ——— —e


St. Raphaol Quinquina, Wl i

Lita Is w Tonic Wine for, weak.




and convalescents, and is highly pe
mended by + mineut Physicians,

& J, A. CARDINAL—Mechano-The



E mioo 3h bp. | thing else has failed. Consultation |
Glasses to help and
Hours 3 to 2


tn rapist, Nen 1 Street, are all a
inds of disease and deformities ty:

. 1 Bolentife Maasage, Swedish ‘Movements, B/Glalfl Licwe. By.

ULL CLINKES bailt. 16 f. lorg, ' Vibration and Dathe, after every Souk AGEnts |

1 l feotaseron pervs,
Fe to wi bh mogoero ignition and batietios, | Ile also flta correct
wheel steeriog terpiaiia to cover the Save weak eyee at all prices.
whole boa’, reliabe boar, (tbe silbatay 32 noon.—Aurust Im,

bargeia, Anply WARD PRICK & Co | To ehopkeep:rs aod Olhers,

Bat, 3ed—1e, .

$2.88 Per dozen tins.
60, Booth

4 Quay.
Angust 2—1m, APPLY TO

Gittons’ Carrlago Facte
Lam pS, Lam DS, | raacanete xoav. . wWhoue mg



PRICE “e “ 10 CENTS.

Coe Trservereaeoas

Pava Phawrzseoyp Belwont, & the Ma

andforsale at J

W. 6, ROSS &

Colonial Diepex

Sale of Furniture LABOURERS WANT

Friday, 8th September, 19L1.

—- j
AVOURED by Instructions received j
from Kb-rt de relies Eq. Abtcrary

of Juba ModeSouwe, Faq, the uodersigned ‘
wel offer for esta the folowing hoasebold |



Afrevh shipment of the famous

iKolloid~ Wolfram Tongsten


log 102m suite, rockers, chatra, cceesianal
tablea, mi rore, ornaments, piciurer, Draws
ing soom tatle, chairs, eidebosrd, dinver
wag.oc, glass nod ear benware, weit este,
fee chet. Eedsoxm—couble and single
D dsterds, leddioy, presses, wanbavands,
toilet table, towel ¢ ck, ch ucerwarr,
Ktteden u'earls and susdcie: a9 will


ey peer,
Torte AE LE ary CULB Ss, AP IARS:, opposite Wash House
F. J. SLOTT & Su, so we I tested fa this city.

U vw. Auctioneers. —
No. 12 8. Vir cont Stree , —a—~
Wh An aot, 91t,

Gamells Agency,


IK now phowing floe assortment
(SAMPLES) of Pereoaal Greetin
tarde foe tbe comlog evason j which

A falle sor ment of Lampsecow is
stock, all sizes and shapes Rone geo-
ulue witbous ceotral support and spiral
filament. Mark the name,“ KOLUOID.-
WOLFRAM.’ Accept no other. Saves
WW pee ceot, of your bills and buras
at any augle sidents at Belmont
can get thelr supply from Paks’
Pharmacy, «

Hole Ageats for the CANADIAN


Ifyou contempiate beiag engagsl, or if you kaow
who is eagaget, you should nat forget.

- DERE LEWS, 1 Minn |

_ Don't order from a oxtaloguo which shows a picture ofa D
sizo of « locomotive flash light and only get a mare lise tw


bave beva pronounced by those oon. HAMELHAMEL-9 WITH, Money refunded if quality is not as guarantead, 4
pend yey ied tothe understated Telegbrse 1a S& E WH AT Yo U BU Y. 3

address and yet the outst delivered at | Aug, Z7uby 1911, __ SS
@, Ditarime SHqdmunuroa, HTHEs ‘Bakes ts 4

Portenf Mpaia, anne
16 b August, 1011,—tm


TOURS of all description on easy
payment at

The Little sShnyp,

17, Frederick Street,
HENRY DICK A Man you Koow

——y ee
Why? Why? Why?
[yeseradatie eypeescakee

ave PRO
we will prove to you Shee Take Be a
y tho beat. The Singer Cyclon
to those who ~
aud eaate of
feb Cass taldge

"pindad f’ectrc Co.,

For all kinda of

Electrical Material.


Hae e loog file and corumes
very lithecarceah, We sell it,

A Fine Asrortmout of Fancy Shades

Al gat C
luxtys on hand allyat Chea peat

General Manager.


LEASE tske nollee that Ib

Broiles, Toasts

Porfoctly— Heats wash wator and svt
irons quickly. Heat concentzated at
bottom of pot, keetle or pan—nowbeca
elso—Kitchon col.


aill do anythio il
and will de it betters stove will Go

If nt at your dealors call or write to :

Wost India Oil Comp
Office No. £5t, Vincent Street .

wake up

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TT 7 Grande North, aod tito furtie wee WATER. COMMISSION ME oot
FRIEDRIGGKSHALL: | tees cheat ics oo “eeuY TAVU

WWTAHLISMED Hb Aug, 1011 —tw.

nag mopenuspoot Paul ¥

Neoomaraded byjModiaal authorities

two | Oveca houses ana . . SEPH GONZALEZ, : ‘ eee t ae EA
tHe ei og house, muaruone 297, “Tievea Dirasiltensig” | 4petiont Mineral Water, =" | Sobiolecth & Holler, [77 2enntese ele
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