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Es s.s. arenada.

-T’! I»|
Tailoring Department. â– 
Only $10.00 Each.
SOJkDLIU—Amo.u.1 Colo**. Jlc.tic so
In OOLKD E«ch.
M If Moderate In Price,
'Fit :E1I:E:r;EiST ^ a'-TUTR/T A.T.fl I H
Call at Once or Send for Pattern», ill
White A Gold Dinner Seta.
Chamber Sets—$3.00 te SS.M,
tephens Limited, Best House for Fresh Groceries.
rdon, Grant & Co. Ltd.'
UilldlnK. Fir. & Grey at
BTZT3?g?-E¿?, ■:
rfoundland and English Cod.
—ddock, Hake and Pollock,
flikled Mackerel and Herring.
ihool Books-
& 00.
Klmt and Foremoat.

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mown 7 oa RN I er TE RRC NO TTI ‘ oN wt ial
r \ ty & Wa u .

+ Geenggatetie 8 ae add agen Caen

AUGUST 27190 serene a bs
. The Prejudice | FOF ALE

TPHAT cond ouetie tro storey beth.
fitted fore Mipat ‘

HAT folks once bold ngeied rely ad
T fs dead tevdaye Welltia-ds

Ree s Batroniet Otamece as iree’y 29 the

THE FAVOURITE BRAND allonewhy pott' Clesaing 00

ageing hive tapped * ebeoaat of othee
bhecces «ao me thee is 1m |
miewes P ‘a eurprising affect fe ‘febeies
= FROM whtoud mech experce, Tae

JOU mast do, is ta eommueloue ees

with Clameos a¢ the Dee Works, Oorpar

Deke aad Goorge Strretr, Telephone 15,

$2. bie Agects, at San’ Fernando and

\ NB —Clamene mevee employ canrereess,

Malt.& Hops Only

Ir Kaees Up ts

General Stere

APIBLY AWD EFFECTIVELY with plete pinay Show Wiedews, arep xe!

REPUTATION . Contenne ro quinine ty any Form All Fonone” Doliiog’ work” eda | S2SAEEOR aod eneee! yal
i ‘ Adel herr , Hone pretences are inno war consected oAPrLy Tu
BY KEBPING UP I78 ino Rivera of Camp! I writes Doctor Audinot with the Trlaldad Dye Works. ,
A bolermed me be had “ Pen ala jy casa of Maluia Panama Hit Cisanlog—a Speciality, SMITH BROS, & Co
one —, a hr pen = ¢ ° :
Premera |sescerast vats) \\e saree //, | Eo taiwan | Sure
rat 5 . - John D. Browne of Sas Juss, ‘erte Ri ann ——
Ch rt pees Mule yetpinecceeasis
ns See = BY BACH & v May 26,1909; Take g-tat pleaure Ss tenlying af $3,000, $1,000 & $5,000 DE SILVA'S

<, ta the excellent results of tained hy Porno nl:
4, Fa tpces ef raslaral fever” *



ik oad oe See

Oa Town Property oul. fur


= AND = ile
ho ‘AEs

63 ABERCROMBIR 87, © 4

LK) " 28, Park Beet:
a Pye Sold vy ell loading Severs, acd R850, B a) wv Aug. 2i—1w, meee Cllrs ;
‘ first class shopkeepers in all parts ALL paucest3~ Ar


ig ondersigned will be aled to receive
all kinda cf reels of THotdad tree,
ahrals, vices, ete, Foe sartioalare please
apply to
%), Tragatete Road,
Tort of-8rain

of the Colony, every bottle bas
cork branded,"and embossed oap-

SS ecg ns
REVOLVER” STOUT, SVATERMAN's Mrxoace- Will you call Lam ps, L am p S;




. and see our Show Cases, {t wil ‘o your
T interest todo so. Mon's Reareat teats jh. LAMPS.
dent Braces at 13 cts, per palr, worth 2¢
| cts. Men's High Grade specifi Braces ut —
9 | ote per pair; the talk of ike Town, aanre

LEcervHone 367,

ae rent tenant
z. - “FORM Ice Hotise| Wm. Mctean,
: ure “bile they | t . ‘ . .
: Sole A {amen Male Chuslery from te shite | SUST ARRIVED ex 8.8, “CROWN HANUFACIONY Nowe Cane Boe *
@ ole Agents. and six pence to twenty shillings, ace OF GRANADA’ from NEW YORK Pembroke Streets, Telephone 190, award 2
co - Port-ut-8pain, them, that's alL Tailors and others if Firat Prise Trinidad” Exhbiblilon, 1006, ®
F Slat Jaly, 1911, youwant a true friend for your Trade, | A frech shipment of the TUNGSTEN —FOR~ Order Now, We run ‘our Factory ou }
p ween PD) 0 On eeres 1 17 10 , ee | ee oer HE ga ae ii took sewing famous ‘ vt modern lines, and fuanofscture pots fre i
4 Mac! cl wi
Pe. oe = e "a 1911. booking orders from all over the Country, Wn! guarantee of qualliyand service, Renatra
$ S oome at once and secure yours, Do not K ] q ¥ Nf d B th GROC R SB Speraiity, Allwe ask onter, 4
7 anuria, l lt silrance 08 fall to realise that we arethe leadin, Qi OI 0 rame 1 J and if we do not demonstrate to you that
. LONDON. Fares oaths as fay eeneeelderes and | et vested fa tbls elt Bouts und Biese sond thoes tack Lo Bical
5 , Metab Malia 2710, | doing everthing to mukewepnlig ne | oe r NL Oct “en back Ang
: ee Ger eee leasore here. Men here te your chance, a

A full a sor ment of lainps row In
stock, all slzea and shapes None gen-
vive without central support acd spiral
Blament, Mark the name. * KOLUOID
WOLFRAMED.” Accept no other,
Saves ju per cent. of your bille aod
burns at any angle Reaidepts at
Belmont can get thelr supply’ from
PaKB. Pharmacy, -

Sule Agents for the WOLFRANED
and TUNGSTEN for the Canadian
Tungsten Lamp Co.,

Aug. 27th, 1901,



ters, Fugar Planters and Cane Farmers put pew
life into your Lands by using onr

mallty—Best. Prico—Low
MAnuractureD by

dad Shipping and Tradiag Uo., Lmtd

te" n>
3 teed for life at $1.00, $1.50 2.
the Werk ett Btrops to above 43 e100, aud 72 ¢ts, fit
agwast Loe or Damage Brushes 3v cts. and 0 cta,
Raat eveyone indicrars Stephens Limalted will be show-
i og is week ome ¥. love! “as
Seepery Towa and | et Piques, Fancy pilk ant Lace near
fosurance can be | Ladies Spun Vests, Faory Veiling iu
effected upoa 1 Dercks, brown, prunelle and blak, Fancy striped
Eogios & Boller Houses’ J Dress won, Linen bheetings, alae
Resideotial Gentg Waterproof Conta at 15 cents each
Quarters and all losurable property on and kettand Jouc'’s Gents “ Health”


at’ current rates, At Matwraiu's A. speeiat fot

brercecived Repy in spotted self-coluur
«Piste Gisen winaee oe eetry Residences. designs, 18 shates for welec tow, per pend

Assurance Company


Murged in the Yorkshira Fire and
Life Insaranos Company. ;

oe Gos ,
Hstablished 18284. ny yl +

(OVER) se 1,500,000
——— Fe





CRONEY & £0,

July 1th, WL.

. ' ° Meech OfFioca:
~ : RENT r_tncwrancealectad for secring indem stipe don aaiStets rena hie wy 2 ey wom > Trinidad E estric Co. St. Helene Square, York. England.
by Uzhiolog are Made Good by the cents per ye Vollennes and Oneonta ¥ 7 7 ' BEWIT AP,

PREPARED to accept riske of all
deectiption of property and con.
tente fo town and couatry, tacludin
Bulidings, &c, on Estates and the ol
Fielde. At Tart Katey,


tmuslina worth 24 cents now being cleared

INCOME lat Qo. at Lalt price. Remnants of organdie ia
FUNDS. os cvctenucssamen seven £1 5674,837 wnysiinsund Vollennes are being offered
: ote EO bEE 3910 seen ori} TOOTS Fat peanonable rates, Ladies “QOnyx"

Agect Tiialdsd & Tobago. wnende WM RLID | TF reMonable rates La: Lace ankles,
cb Appt Por of Spalu & Ara eee Hoanta to dscente, "Plain iste silk Buish
x" hose in an Dts
de. See Farnands..L4 WBONYUN& C2 | rerpiir, Adjustable cote $200 Rel Rei,
Tertewvhone FBTo, 1°70 | a few wore Ladies blouses to be cleared—

ON'T you thiuk you ought to wahea
D to the fact that the * singer Bicycles For all kinds of
by other nement tall St 6) Gute eed
other names at 6f, Duke St, an
we will prove to you that they are un Electrica! Matorilal.
doubtedly the best, The; Slayer Cycles
will expectally appeal to those whoa pre: -TUE—
clate refinement of detall and beanty of
feish, Hoyala titted with Catsbrid,

Murgh, Kotland, ltaanch Office forthe Weat Indies, Barbados
ct alae: enn

exceeds a . oe By gt b00

Doo't fail to visit The Cash Store, the | Tyres; Imperials, Dunlop Tyres; and TANPALUM Metal FILAMENT Lame ;
«0:49, 7 59,000 ‘ «
a . om we on 9 435.000 INSUR. AN CE tos rae tear tskes your tuterest the Breed man Motel han, Reve ok

long Life 6: a cosvames
Hase iz a aa

- “ ‘ eee yory little carrge, We

WIRE KIGEB on all Wade of Viy= | red Fotwri ro NoreShylahdivataet Home Industr 168 .
portion accepted by -

eae QUOE BROS. Deke Be
hi Tt ats Be

, We bave jast opened ap a tine nssortwent had: . on aghetatiltie, 4 Nt

; ms 2 ¢ cepted bY he hiowt fasblonable and up-to-date Afine Asroriment of Tatcy shades snot

[site eete dane sunietargnotene unpre cte, | The North Brits & Mercadllls | Ess nist, tate Sa ee eae e recente | Sawoaeancan
Phuc ved nad Polnies owed ie ibe Went Laaiey wnbout rerrtcen t0 lead Ole. wide, at yard, —or- Prices, MEMBeR will under.

8, 4, HARDING,

DISSOLUTION. Genera Sanagin,

| THE indersigned, tegis,/ Gamells’ Agency

Ets Pee Ie Pe Sy
" we an 10!

womediate y om proof of drath aod settlement mide by the Company's #geocies INSURANCE Ce LTD panne of Lax ot Teed, Mel iy and oth
Rwhich age ip admistnd are uochwgeahia afier Twd Years, Bultingyat 18 coute por yard. Ask to cee
parigation foe dues ot probanmone Paie\-holders fork place as at ist estaulisned sg0u 4 DUE special Hines t0 3 Boots and Shoes from
* * ie Of 32%. per coal per sopum of — and ex peace up; , Jook

es ry upober re Sirecombes we sided tothe sara sisund £rygaby wey We arenow pre red to accept | weil, and wears well, all at Henderson's,
9 wo

take Manicuro Treatment
at the rooms of the Associa- vs

. ; . . | Bpeclat on Monday—-Ladies Silk creolene trar of Friendly + ocieties 0 — Hours : 9 to lf, and1to3 oy
e 0, BRUCE AUSTIN Agent fieks, Motor, “dagine, and Boller Iuipmest “of our famous “usiga bes | in conformity with the powers “Ale OTD Ee aeniL uusTiers.| .evory Tuesday, *, “4
, SS Houses, Refigeriea, Heaidentlal | [oe aiiom Gabtilings ope” M4} and axth tities vested in me ag! vodcrtate, alm, the porting end collect. | E'gta :—1/- per treatment, of 4
3 quarters aud other property, Oil | *"° eee . such Registrar by the Friendly bx of sccuunte for mercbanis (or qual 8100 for six,
al a Wat Wh Author ] LY. wuke and their omtaats ete, fou recelved a lorgo sbipment of Cooking | 2 ocie ies Urdinance, No. 110 Terms metlerate, good references, Oridare (Appointment can be Rade .
dubscrided Oap.tal .... $ 9,814,045 Sawseutd they arecling Fire Proot'ldo hercby awatd that the Suited” slvention: Buying YAgrate iu | by Telephone).
Er Tutal Fonds at 8st Prices, previous to stock taking, “Mucurapo ‘ Friendly Soclety of X44 tobe eiilretc a competent mad

Opecie (Gold or Silver] sod closing wlanipe to for as
sal Poa, ee eee raced. ney

THE OCEAN Often what appears to be the most

f Lit ve to- be
MARINE WWSURANGE 06 -LID| Utmost wrouentoum Btlay are. die
to regard a cold as a slight
deverving of little cuvelderation®


PuBLio NUGICE ie beret y given thes
inexorteof the power of sele eons

cane pater care now

dated th OTs
ria, Bad dey of B Diecotae 100s (resletened a SUPPLYING
ct A oon om £100,000 | id thie neglect often resutla fo most Kee zea GMoguretiee ot oe, Mary

qt tr feet ectlous aliments watalling yeas of Vantol the we parbsod Usorge Charles Oatto

4 suffering. Ditve vut volds and coughs
tginte—= DHE DHIN-DAD BCP es ag Auti-Consuutytive Spr, of tbe othe vert. there, vil be shy fos
TINE 4 TRAD NANA ETN the recognized remedy for all affeo- | eT oe MM re Oe eto nace F
"ya tons of the throat aod Juoge 8 ckelllesnd St. Viocent Sucets, lathe
~* | Town of Port-ol-Bpaio, on aredey she . He

be Distilet Waterworks OU dinaoce [Nd I of

F rs Seo teen iba ander end by virtue of Warrante of Sele

Mict-tbe Chuliman of the Arima Water Antbority dated ii

i tea of the Warden's Ofice, Arima. between the

Two Occ pies on Thutsdey the J4tb day ¢f September

swount due in respect of such houses and paicela of lazd

9% per cent, on the amount of such rates and the co. ts of and

to euch eale, be pald to the Necretary 3 tke Arima Water
auch sale,

t X N&-Thls favourtte headache Mucurs ou be, and the eame te your door, A trish itl convince, "
EOF PROPERTIES | decombsr, 1000 ... 221,252,098 ecutdyUniaare ce etong ate | fu peMeePO bes and roe enactaros varie poe EFLECT | '
4 i Bole Ageats risked erent trea ’ be. B.A, GAMELL still hes room tor R ¥
EWN THE TOWN OF ARIMA FOR to Triakded Servcoous ts Inoed «toon inany house: | Dated at Bort-of Spila thls 19% day + MS iew Pepliean ibeiat olorte, Chita. ATUBE keeyé a debit and credit ‘
‘ - th Ol dad Bhi ping & Trading hold, keep a package in your medicioe | of July 19t1. yea pelerre’, Terms moderates Lessons N ATURE fork a debit, and edit

>a as hy RATES Lox, Nervotone is sold at 1Ucents by all . N iL ber at their boines of bi EN grcuuat, In her eye-gbe d part:
oe A § OF WATER Co., Lid. R Beg oh DH Lee eee LOUIS WUARTON y cAiirene 0 Marine 8 are Opposite teepea ee nee, Wom do OF nots ary

, - sURANGE on, rite Pb é 1 Oeil, cof Friendly Socejtes Columbus if Zou are was vou nerey ‘
For the Year 1910-11. | GRARINE INSUR ATOR ofeved ox Carey will be seat te you, if you live satel | pu DA of Spain. Ang. 17 bate, | thiguen sye-steain you must pey for it :



youreye? ything prone F ilow
about your glasses, arethey right? If
in doubt, consult us and we will do
the needful,

INI DAD, a =
SALK FuR THURSDAY TUR gist We ei t pee —| digesting deparinient, What about

and parcels of Jand hereunder described wi

Serer, Nane Aor, Em. ‘Toran | = We oupyiy te best tat
HANFORD’S TRINIDAD. pal % ss mont moderate yates. 5am | ger
reo 98 Toot OF MYARH| oe cariemonnnaneâ„¢ |REar aeanee eed BY age ins: F
‘ DAY VO ‘ . m0 B.,
: , —MD m4, 40 R vee Allend Bisgalar that certala piece o¢ i Optometalet,
Py dk atiienetoane Ze Ia” 3 i EXTEKNAL KUMEDY | PSUBLIO NOTICE ts bereby piven uhat | paceel ot lend aliey'e fae Towa of Yur * Shovel span
1. ¥, Anbar on ” = re to 0285 Lv No 25 el Fucauarald 5
‘ 6 adler @33 wd ai Most, ly the Cuoveyas | loband krown os A V4. 3g
fence Heirs efdean He Betaudlee 20 <2 |wom mam oy BmaAeT riogeed Law of tronary Odtucare Noy Keane fanmcry Np, 9, aad stu oe the _
i ") - . ae] DP, )e
Auiondeiaadier Ta i tba We guaran te bos ‘Beentankd ie Memaceedumef Mariage | eusemouly devant te ody Nos, Fl .
Hamdower Malate) ABE LR | atetneteiae sehetntekien tarites Bymmeston te tiseenlg oom | rap) |Fred. dno, Scott & Son
aban Veter - ay w lot boruedy Ne, 0 A’
13 »w» rowd Bale by Mable Anction | cathe Kast un et + © N
Hidts of ANopsoBosno bei — or oat | Tb Bemcves Prowd Fjoeb iyibe otdnelgeed optlsie Avocon aye, | uut sow Na 08 Yitegerid Lane and 98 " CONMISSION AND ButePINY
DANIEL OHINIBAY, It preroata Drange 12 f, Vonomnt Bort, Part o'-tpa'e yan on tot Ne Wet Fetrgerald 111) Kews of 3 Lunperial Gulluns ON Ao
e Becretary, fe Tete tah wre cl Tard Spee ee LE Dated this 14th day of Avges! 1011 at 8175 each, .
ren re And Beals Thom, | buysentheh ee oie oP vo fa the Louis sous wy, Inldad Brewing Co Government Auctioneers
4 THE BARBADOS ~ ateeer seeraaes Dome tie A vinnie, Tiaot contalsiag 10 sore te ie same a | — Wawsilav'e Orvice,— teh alters Tela mere Oe Ye pend Ta mEnuED 1608,
7 le: aol . :
_ [ LIFE J CIETY xe OCOuwren THe se eeee, bost dari thet eol save fa Ta the Supreme Court of Brioldad snd ] ——---——-——— - - ——-~— pants HBIDSEIOX CHAMPADNE +
i £ ASS URANCE 80 ead, awd Onsen ee se eines, snered ie Vena X, | Aummary Jorieienee ‘Tort of Spain, Hy Royal Warnet ta: HMB: Kise. “
y GUARANTERD TO OLVESATISPAG: | (oile Ory snd Wanda te ee ay caes | No thi Between ve unre Ys vets
Bas of the Oui Slee Deor., 1910, TION OR COST Yor NOTHING eide om ihe Bonbon Batty Crosa) dire, Yentin Leleure—Iaintitt i Fir Aeauraase tt bta t
aryl ¢ Quinguenssum ending Blst Deor., ROS. & CO tends ard dee the enh by land Desig Lion. Vole) Defeutent, wa F sura1s6 Dimpsny,
a SMITn .

Estastisuxn tHe,

Prepared Lo accept rlske of all deserip«
tlon of property a d contents in town
and country at current rates.

Marine Insurancs Co, Ltd,

BSioree, Terinan, | OPC a ee ae tes itl UTICE te hereby given, thst there
+ fe 3
The Bouse Devfian ty Post 2, “ ¥.d, BCULT & SON, N will 4

us available for. .
Pelicy Holders } $364,504.00
reeOuary Bonuses - + « $439,754.00

_ se eons £2 per cont. per annum én Policios in

$8 Le put up for bale at Cara
Angst 20s. U vt, Auctloseerr, baluw on Bonday (be 23.h dey uf

SoS | seer | August 1011, at Id o'olock woun: Wea. A. UAHINNAL’ Mochaus The
LAING'S 1,000 CORRS | utenti crear iucttet the] Mads aaa teeta

ed wih galvautzed fran, etandi, Mods of diwase aod deforwition by

} ° ‘DE vo jen Massaye, bwedlub Movement
bi teiges acetmber, Llu, with previous bonus additions. For Prescriptions rootid out by Lal mal om lade at aleat dee Volasen, at Carer irate 28s at sitet siany EATABLICUKD wo... 18h
pf H5,723.00.., .yettbusl Kevenuc6297,856.6 00, GLIsH FMARMACY | Eitter 240 per lowe, "| MTEREUENT Peet Treounae | Us to, Ges sorter Gienes tenelp and ( Ofiog 18 St Vincent Streat,
(am WeAD OFFICE ; BRIDGETOWN BARBADOS. eevederio® Btroat, Laipu's PENNS Measmicy te Drepaty Marea, ST ivensatpuat poiul PORTOFSPALN.



~ . v not
| = lijge Tamm ToONIBAD Toa. “Tgs ata Rosa Races, {91l| ere a
DIEGO ee BAN Santa-Rosa Races, BY \ mi fotow


| PLANTS MevPgemar ive rate ;
ere a 6 rate o} a
Dh. . + , onthe Ist] BY £9. “fgeeas
Btatem< Recelps and Expenditure: for-the year 1910-14. / qo Be, HELD oF -
ato / « No Va No For Sitx, farce
\ sy \ H io * .
~ omc? BRENT, Noor Recurrngyr kxrevorrens. 1 i‘ N. A 1 Mango Divine, * Sl each | 84 cases Fineet ¢
to Income, ; a. Wale * Rudd. (oenvicn oe Hoav) s AMOUNT, . THE ARIMA. SAVA N soa Zale 1k ” Baas. ‘4
i a eon 8 O —on— Po ku 6s loot patant
f of . * s ” ” Re
écasion feos Revenue for 1 Bagatelle wo Ss 88 00 . c 5 Gapton a
— Ailign eRepee duane ey U,20 00 Bee case | Riga d ad September. ’
- eet Be 3 Chanachacare OU 8000 Frida ~abarday § tal te for lots of
joceilane 5 Reeeipté we 1H 4 Blerra Leone “ & 13499 3 Bpec Hondures
MieceHleneoes ee & Petit Valley. we owe TOF . . 1, 8. BECELES, Fog.) ter Mele at
hy Hts Worshtp The Mayor (IV, ee
Bclogoe, ot Bist Merb, 110 oat “ED 48" $ NegreMaroa.. c= Under the patronage of Hts Wore. surest
yn ee Oe ee erands os t. os : ante! ve
AY wae a) = Rotel. 3 pe Booe 90190690 [|B Covigns, Hill portion Ohagy (2 8 . Any quantity thote We ARACCIOLO,
i se Wer: Sm tefl 7, 1 Backelor’s Halt wi aka 30 97 yes Orrxrozrans! es AUG EE
a . a "wy * Cameron Movat, s CA - 4 on ~ 7 ,
’ - } ' . , Bat er ales 122 Gerla es the Cours Adin orfon mWigat tea Mr, Eo. o “f Board Residence.
~ art's one eae . reeTad we ~ ~ —_— Mr. Jd, Nelson aad Mr. a
' or x ne oo oe 7081 Cterka of the Scales? oe . +s 1tA, Branton,
‘ 18 pede ya portion n ane woo . Oferka of the Partdock & : ite eee Mr. Te Lorie sad wr Le . (OuFORTARE x Heme _ coer a to
100, Blab gy ene hy | 20 88 Handicappere & Mec ancers Me Vieckten Ser G: Fianagin, Nev J. TL gwd Pecan, M Terme.‘ Al
. 1 Grand Vole me one | Hef mother <1 Mieane, Mrs Ay Ke Wight, Mr. D. Hymalater Mr, Bedes | tral pow 00
, . iw Urande Hivitre, Hill portion. 00 OU _ Boxoo, Me. LIL Vea Broce. Duro, b, Symlster, Eon parente la
beans . ° oo ores Bin”. Pt me BR Bland & Ground Commitice £6, Planacin, Foo eles Ba Burtt de Nebr Ee send
ha tl Plue Basin... ee ve 10 00 t=O, Finnagin. .
< ; 2 Bau dew " " my 39 os Treaeares agi weet —— . in:
Â¥ Paremine = wa. on toe ee 4
34 . « « =—-9) 00 w hte fot Axe -Urecie Mersen toral d I q ’
. 2 HN: Hoche sO 3 00 “pita vt ericul ang indas- BTISANS dea
. Rene oe we 302 tbe. . oyege ° ,
. . 27 Mal Eetomac ‘ ose 66 00 fyenrato carry we ae o- a one yee tbe trial Exhibition dustrial
a Finette .. PrN . 190 wv Siw? ey we g oe wee s « under Ord
w up ail 2) | ate ” eo og SS as poe (ihe ne 1 ee Be _— that, ia
Morne Coco 2.7L Ce «20 00 ne a a 3 Ibes AE Goeteal Agricaltaral and Ladgs- | after the
Bourne Koad ai, oe Moree pnd Geldings allowed oe Toe S Eehibition of Trinidad and | Hive Stiliogs
« an + . ad
5 eee Hut panifon Adee Imported, Thoroughbred Horses. will be bold at the Prioces framtoations tors
3 yo BASS 71 furlongs. 1 mile. ag, Rk January to Srd Febrosry. | thie Gere eet
3 é io eM gg as 8 A 6 furtongs. 7 bi ibe. chen prizes will be given for oxbibits | or jacuary ax
36 Pilot Oumar portion, 100 00 brews tocarny ce LE iptee he Mit ibes of Live Stock, A rare Hortical- | Applicnate
y X bo, —Flat ow oe 300 4, 5 and 6 years to oe 120 Tos, we WS Iba 320 Ibe, tare, Florioultars, Oralts dec. do, ie Teoel ved before § ¥
ay - - vee = asnos 0 go
, W Polat Gourde - w —- 2800 talogues (60.)iend all Information | as soon ax pooele, $61
fe Be een ee ee een pinmutttnut| Epithet eet Servi [ae
. fouesaio ue oe ” le of weights f iit al ly in pony races to animals if han Agricatt it th Vioceo “_
- 3 Bond ptealate ot ° “ 5 e pete ehette Aeaale” anier, it hands tnches ‘whl be allowed ¥ Ibe. for every 2 | Birest, EDO n TRIPP. “ht pine ¥
4t Union ve ae ee 1000 inch of part thereot. wenmities. Secretar A ikecgnrer From tbe
, Mio mt wen vs “0 o 23 Iba more for every other win, winner of Agricaltursl oclety of Trigidsd a
a Morne Catherine ” - - 2 ” makin bot ineiuteds Creal sale hereon pot to be watjerted to penaitica incurred for wionlng Joly stb, god Todago. Goveromras _
By Ebilip Charles we OO Creole races when meet fog labora and foated inive West Indie@and British Gulana | pttablieele, «8
- s aa : 8 . ;
‘ SL Ber Ce oP. . “ 7 tee 39 33 a paanien eae ae Creole ls meant pontes sired and foaled In the West Indies (Jamaica NOTICE. JOSEPH ‘
, a2 Akow ae ae «=: 10 WU excfaded), British Gulana and Venemeta, OTICE tat by given that Mr. Joba i, ,
ae ‘ ‘ ° os i eaalio Kop = Bs oD Creole thoroughbred borses allowed 14 Ibs. when meeting Imported thong N Tones te inno way connected with the 3 it vans
Paar ge, ' -* . 6 Simeon wee + damalca 20 nome” =e uae do do. Mauufscsarers Life Iorarance Oo, of Ne)
ro wt ye O6 Uryatal Stieam Avenue... 4219 98 Greate half-br res Go. lilbe do lovported pontes, :
} ‘BT Majuba Crowe ence 80 BS Seta Tenten 4a Tbe dos do, Darel the 2st Aaguet. 1011. tan
ss Perseveratce pom ae 8 a Creote half brede do 7 ls. oe. los Creole thoroughbreds. . “oO me K Jo BNSTONE, .
ic i “ eneral
BF eee all Poe % 09 Qomntnon bred ponies allowed’? ites when mectiog halt bred pontes Life néarenos Company. Ex 8%.
, af 8 e! mY - ae 30 OU .. oqe ° :
. pte 3 oa Baint | ucien “= i i tu — Hevea Braziliensis .
“ Diego Martin Village Street 119 90 - -FIRST DAY. MUBEB we. Steamer Besa
ne : “y ’ ee lere Be we 1 ile aud adistauce. A prize of §10. Open toall | (JROPS of Mresh SEEDS from locally bu Ones Zs
~ vo ° Polot Cumava Do. «. 212 35 Cee et have ever done prise exceeding §X, Entrance $7. Welghts 0 grown 15 year-old trees now a ons!
Se ile Mouat Pleasant” Do 2° Wie ioral ‘ ping. Orders booked will be tilled ia | Galvanized
- ~ St. Woseph Doo. 9D 2, Posy Matoxy.—Time LX, pm. Distance 6 furlongs. Aprize of $50. Open to al! [ rotation. M Bostiog Spe
Quarty Du on 3 OD ponles fourteen hands 2 Inches and uncer not thorough that have never won & J, N. HARRIMAN & CO, zu
‘* Contingencies OL ay -prine exceeding #4) Entrance 8 Weight Cor height. August 24th,—Le, ronching &
Bunton <2 ag PSS airs Dire ira ee -| Qooaa tru
fo de io wi! au rom .
. Supervision ws ves fay o forsee alt fred trom Jamaion, and all poutes 1t bande 2 Inches and under, Ea THE BOARD OF Padlocks.
/ ee we ‘- ry od tron eae
. ‘ _ — ‘ “0, Open to all . :
Total ea TEIN TS anyacn as | Coawten ie hands and sudter nat thorougiled i ‘entenice Bae late Hor hele * h viteet'st 4
te . ” xe Th Sw ta 1 prise 0"
' HXIHAONDINAKY, Bapepene praxe two year old. Piitrance " Weight tor age. ’ Btencil Jnk “
Morne Cocos ove oo LW 0G 6. Ratewar STAKKA,—Tiine 4.90 p.m. Distance 6 furlongs, A prize of $00, Open to all —eperener
—_ . ponfes 14 hands % inches and ander, not thoroug! Entree § ° Wolght APPRENTICESHIP & BURSARIES For Wh
seat tan Yenc AOA TTB OE TEL AN BG TD OG + vw foe melaees 7 yee * [al as Gsdalgy
, i eee iairire i! Y NAHE Board 4 to award f =
a se gael frrgnd Tota] ppisseeitiibOe iON 13,117 SECOND DAY. T eid Biegtaries 8 tha result of aa :
ae ern ne ———— exuminaltion to % acu
——— rn . .~ The £ {2 mile ands distance. A f
eee BIBLOE BO s13108 0 Fis of which wear hore a receive @ open teal Creolehorees eliaftis "wo ron | Oktmbst, Govaramant Belldiags Porte
maide! entrance Je Wee .
. T. B, KING, Secretary, 2 Four Matpey” Hanpicap, Time 100 pm. Bistance 8 furiongs. A prise of $30 etaber next, under the following ecn-
’ ‘ + te * ‘°

of which seoond horee to receive $10.00, Open to all ponies fourteen hands two

inches aad under, not thoroughbred, eligible to run in the Pony Malden, En-

trance $3.00, Sweepatake $5. - fa due form ia one or other of the fol-
8 Srewaros’ HanvicAp—Time2 p.m.—{ of s mile and a distance. Prize $120 of which | lowing trades, to which alone baisarics

second horse to receive fou. Upen to Creole horven hal(breds from Jamaica, | will be awardel ¢-—

and all ponice fourteen ls two Inches and under. Entrance $12.00, Sweepatake Thoe are vacancies offered st present

4 Srann flanvicap—Time 2.30 p.m.—Distance Jotarmile. A prize of of which
second horse to ‘receive ec Open to a bene fourteen paleo under, not Machinist fisclading satomoblle
thoroughbied, Entrance $3, Sweepstake $3, repelrs) (1), .
3S Bacevers’ Manocar—Tiwe 3.00 pm. Distance 5 furlongs. A Prise of $109.00, Boulder (1)
of which second horse to rebelye $23.00, Upen to all ¥ yearv-old Creoles, Entrance Fitcer (2),
Cobioet Makers (3).
Carpentry (1),

$I Sweepastake fin
6& Arima Handicap—Time 4 Pt Distance 6 turlo A prise of $65.00, of which

d UL Open to all pontes, fuurtoca bandstwo Imbeaand | Priority of selecifon ‘pf his trade will

vost with the candida'e gslotag the great-

seooud borse to recetre 81: an
under. Not Lhoroughbred. Entrance $6.5), Bweepstake $5.0 : + ry
7, Savannanw Foucen Nan vicar.—Tioe m, {wile nud adistsnos. A prize of § est nomber of marke Jn tbe éxamination, A orient ie
fod #0 socording to bis positios on the } ie
your health. Candidates are warved thet LarsariGa | Reocrnmméed

a done? gw rabery, ong open it we and ponies thay have ruced at
will only be awarded fue sppreotices to
'f you heep your Stomach ARTICLES the partialar trades aemed de thie e2. i
healthy, you are sure to be — .. “pupils ee eepepleete an Trios |

1. Owners of borses fred to 1 fot th f th for Pupils or ex-pupils of any college or
well. , that enter fur each race, tbe aanoant to bay fH at time Oren ° tonrse for every bores who have Oontiauoasly real

try, > Ma

: 2 All eotries and takes to be sande with the Secretary at the Arima Hace | dent ia the Cebcy dorieg the pal thres Th; Me

If you use Abbey's Salt’ is | standon tatantey, Aujran ba, il, ot 2 oclocky pm aftet which dae and ime ns | Yeara willbe eligi fr the exwelzatice, (@
entries Feces ¥

AOR bom

M. H. ILES, Chairman, The winnere mast become apprentice!

Exawined and found correct.
Oh Aunust, 1011, Acting Auditor General.

Administrator Generals] FOR SALE. |

| t .

7IINInAnD 3? PERCHES, situate at Lalap, Cuara,
1a the Bepreme Vourtol Tilvided aud


“Tar Sac or Sars”

Fifer wie

Your Stomach is the key to

adjolutog Mr, Loon Agustini, plauted Ia
Cocoa Bearing. .

& A PARCEL OF LANIY compriata,
3 Quarreea partly plantat in Cocoa, an
sltuate at Arouca; alaa well watered by
the Little Aouca River Hearing.

Inge thes eltuaty at Manucal,
Caurs having 11150 Bearing Coven Trees
au ifalf Cocos Trees, 2% (i) Sinall Trees;

10 youug Hubber ‘Tress, ‘here tsa
Cocoa I ping Jiouse. Wxl3 feet. with
dwelling below of native timber, 4,0UU of
bearing trees In handa of Contractors,
Carriage Road up to very uear the

% “EQ RETINO” FSTATE,” 4 Acres,

Io Baskrupicy,
Re Lee Yeusg ot Blyaria, Mbopkeeper,
ee Hupreme Ooart, sonny Turiedictios,

no? Ne Def Olle
#a parte H. 1, Salth and Balth Bros,

&C ieee,
Regie ‘Grave omedeon she 13h
Data of Orver for Bucamary Administra

tha ard Bogue 1811, will keep your Stomach in 2. Colours of riders to be declared at tlue of en deahrciletes masa be free from physical
Hate of Adjedicetion 3rd Anguet, 3911, situate atfGan Munte Gras favourall h re y wes 4; The owners of every borse entered must tulscrtbe @5 to the rave fund, even | tean years om bested, snd aot pero 4
ose rn Fella Kram ination, onday | eituated kpealipon iittend Wai tacteeng | 34h perfect condition that [thos tbe horve tr named « dro . + , ¢ wi OTree? at lens eh
’ NotewAll dette duc to the Estate | four street, runing through the Fate'e | you simply can’t help being | the rece will be cousldered a walkover Tule crentol weathered Decree | Any boy dealsous of competing should -
‘eboald withi® Toma Deau Trees, one Coun

be paid to ie, fall to the rece fund. and three horaya at least to ata yrrtso wil apply in writlog to the Secretary of tbe
Dated this dh dey of Aaeust, 10tl well, 6 The reve commence at I o'clock po A Bellet botany lor oil be mtven. nas one before Saturday the 30 b of

bugle suundad for horses to proceed to the start! Beptamber next, eoclosiag a cert iti yf
When your trouble comes eeitoean: and the horwes then at the post witl De dea the aes ri ‘ are

Drying House with Deeilllag below—
naive thier,

Otstal Hecetver,

“Orel 410 mer

le sound al! @sndect from the priscipal of the SY
eres, situate at [as Canoa, Santa By r riac s Ura a ns
A Cruz, |] from the Storia h, Ab y" Persons are warnod ta keep off the course untilafterthe race end the riders have ret Bategs oceckoe eh ee attended. 8 —
TAINIDA well situated aud well watered new : er . ° tows i orses ' dled in the Aa exenioation fee of five abillloge &
Govoa Drying House with dwelling betow, | Salt is the right thing to f must be anddled In the enclowure provided for that purpose and riddea | must. ba by each candidate to the
1p the Matter of having over 7,U0 fol! beartug Cocon Treen, ’ past the race stand at loast once hefore each race, under a penalty of $3, Brervsary ox or beforethe dayof exaust >» sat
Tha -Admlabstretordieceral's Ordioonce G_ TWO PARCELS OF LAND, con | take-—don't forget that. th Thee Jockey Cluts Hales will be fothowed ag far an ractbcabio, th ol extinl- a ea
~ Ard in the ae the Estate of prising 6 mee and 18 acrow Fey rretlvely, London Addhese: 144 Queen Vietorla St. 7.6 10 No doukey who hes been Cusmend dat ble oe any other race soaree will be | ¢. 2h0 subjeote of exenilastion wilt be Dice -e.
Woller aloo called James Christopher Cheartatiets ead hounded by the Fatateot | 2okl la two wzed ty all Chemists and Stores, [ allowed to ride daring euch sunpenaton, or enter the enclosures tatisa, writing, Compoaltion, Arithe F
Le of Bt. Madelaloe Ville te the { the hate Pee nendiikon: CUFT gad by Meme, VC, Rone & Co., Port of Spale Mb Atl orerwelghls of riders to be posted up prevlogs tw starting for lhe race, weticand Drawing, |
Ward of N to th dooff 7 POCO PUCO ESTATE aitnate nt cc IZ hntrance to ltacn Mand on race dayat Gent iejora thay baviien{ dollar Chitren 2a | , Batearien of £3, £7 10, £10, £12 10 and *
a syerime {a the od 6 Maraval, comptistag ts Sab. acows | ZRUNIDAD, Paddu k 49, Stewanle free. Subw ritens of Sdula tu the rage aed will pevelve ong | £15 tenable deriag the firet, secuad, third
Tartu Bale lee Thurdey' the Slot day | Diusied, Iu Coron, mind comprinuy vou | BALE VOR TUENDAY THE aor DAY | Hee ees for Lhekomvenlenen of om Aenea Sees se alas per stall lor both daya, | mre S24 Stth years of apprentionbip,
- ¥ M, al or ja!
' 1f Agus 911 betwen Deed 2 poe, witloary RRR Or EN ee in| PUBLIC N ihe eet teen that fe Hi. The weawurement of pooies * lil take plare at the Arta y awaited lo buya who, rates

Cocoa. situate at Moruge cin the uf! ranged

usta at i exerolee of the Puwer of ‘Bale von’ec August th, between the hours of J and $ put, with of withou
we TAMCEE OL LAND planted in

Xu bores will by alluwed tu entet ae 0 half bred lal ih
red Ge Alo tengeat fy the Copvera: bred of common Dred unless the Ow nee eatinfies the Conmarittes at sie et ean

mu btand Paddock ot | fyivg the examlaer, obiala the bs bs
t shuew, uote im the examinatioo, . a
ba mide quarterly, se rejeig dee

patie NOWOCE fo be esby riven thus
. , there will barus sp for asa by Paldia


thse of entry that the first becoming dase
mn perty Ordinance 1334, aad f the animal ia nut thorvughbred or ball bred felling such proofs the au! [ab the end of the third complete month

Pocetapaie or thee ay teeataee Soren, comprtatg # Acres, situate at conteloed isa certen: Deed of Hoctpege ldered a thoroughtred. é provis tanal will be cua followteg the fest dey of appreatdceabip

tf Avge 1011, Letween “the bourse of 1A PARCLL OF LANDD planted da vogistered ». Nu, lugdof ivlddeated & 14, The Stewards reserve to thenmalves the right lo demand « declaration ay w to a loonsed d. ent, fru, or master.
* Land 2iethe sfierouve, Coron, conatsing 2 quatrees, with fait | APtt 910 and male bevwoen Peter Jack. | place uf birth uf hones enteree ach payment will be depesdeat spon
hs ‘CAL thet two several te of lacd arte | buaring and voung les Situste at [078 Uf tbe het pare Hamilton Euvebiue 13. The uwwbers of jute starters tu be pasted up a quarter uf an buur betury | the coedact and progress a8 ba eraft, sod
é nie ste ma legy ty fie | srt cima te Metoc | tigi ae iP fi eure ots | hehe akg tyme or er mast le Masiance ab tbe Tocbulcd
e « ‘Ward of North Nepesiuas com oue re. ow pa ere will

‘alt Lot sod shuliieg va the North upos Ml. PROVEREY kugwit ae Nu sf Net | pat mofur dale by the noderelvecd at bie reytstoring Iw objection fu dole. with ¢h

Uwe of Clases proper ta his trad

o Hecretary, which tothe t of the , he Board to Ce vines!

Arete hk’ ear ened | foo eigen icine caatous wife thew aa Hate agen a te Vict ee
ereando on grvuns’

Augoed IVT between the h ure clone ued me Two takketg only, whch niast be worwla the hat, be allowed fue each oar: reaboaliehs shes the qeesien tbe aes

bwopm, All abst parcel of land al uate Bh The dec talon of the Reference Comaiittee on all malters connected with there °f,td¢ tmployer er the Invirgetor Zee loons

' " $9 the Ward of Saves Urarde Hooth ie | races to he final, * me odned by hed Board to areas faleo~

Teg all and plvgater thet certala | OL SK, built of wood sad covered with | '0@ Ueland cf Troided oumpildag Two 21 A saddle cloth with nunier will be provided (or each horee, whore owner evil} '°Fs

pe percel of land alitate ab longus | fav aniard iron known sa No, Alberto (Uustiees acd bouuded ca sti North oe | be required to depnnlt é ablilings at the tine of entry for use bf name, wh ich amoust |

cee ee to the Ward of Beveng | Stivet Wondtrmok lant, Tegt of Signin land of tha tetra of Jubesse ea the | *ill te refunded on its return, t

ee ean le tbe Iiaed ct Treks A112 A PARCEL OF TANT) situate at | booth oe tiod of Mug ret Teylor o8 the 4 2d enters for the hire of the Ravanuah Gate and Har tuder the Scand for the twa T.B JACKSON

ernie Geeee? Jt oleapd 2 perches Tre ontaiadug 170164, planted tu cotvs, Rut 0a lead uf Rawoel Looey a1 on the Mm the Paces w lit iw recived on the daz of satries atthe Hace Stand up to ton, uo , :

Soares ne trees all fall warig thew in w dwelling | Weat oo lend of Hwbagesh, nd pl mant to he pald by the pornon whovs tender ban beem accepted pt the same time 223 Angust 1911 <1 Secretary.

~ ie

Manabsmbre on the Bouth epra
feade vf W, Locos the Bast upon lands of
M, Booch sod on the Weet upon Jeods of
4. Vorrls togetber with the bulldiags | lal. jwayn coupled,


re Btryet, Portef bypaln, with eewe
fd O8 —Jarge rent rull -alwayn ovoupled.
1L—Propety knownay Not QUEEN
STREET, Port-of dpalo, with sewersge

hows ale

TR-APARCKL Gt LAND stuate ar] Usted thie 15 Bday of Jaty 1010

ace, *
s ’ HL The Stewards reserve to (licmeelvea the right torun a Part Matuel,
wupon lot Ne, 33 uow of lately fa the oces: | Toco contatudig It ares, plantad lu Cocoa nP, Ti dRRINO. 44 All sockeye riding is these races will be required ba Hoensed, and must
ee pees Sanged ty ip apon 1 el Uk LAND Ro ee aks or adunleeton forte eg hot deta thee, Welucnd wilt dei cttadt To and Olher 5,
gad sow 1s prrscacion of Bexwasta va tie Too genta te Aeros, mat? id K on INVESTMENT. the hae the course on the rece days ary as full - ' ‘ EXGLI cme
lande Af Anse wrog Inede ol Dudarea ferthes parthulare apply to — ca F sulliluge cud bores Under saddle 2 thillings Nonou erin neme car SH SMOKING MIXTURE,
we ATT Ue thas dey ck shugert 2011 JOXATHAN BY AX. sBB, 900. fibay tad Wor Seder tadseVoliogy ation Underaterog Sica 92.98 Per dozen tius
ee a einanan. | ¢ te Quen wel 1 OP tietrnt Buse ee SPY HARRIS 0, BERNARD, - | CHARLES NETIINHO.
, Acm pererlersrel, aa de f Sugve Ibe ty - / Won Secretary, agua le @, Gsgth Quay,

\ *
. . fl
\ '

SY ‘ -
Ls wenean vamroressenenenene TUE PORTOFSPAIN GAZET SUNDAY » AUGUST 27 191).


with 0 cargo a

Bernedeeeme de
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F ¢ od 16

“ paorge i, 7 Helzar, Mice K.
‘ Snowing the. Ingreage f in deliveries. Arey out s0-Onr end2decters | INTERVIEW WITH ENGINEERING
fore, Mr, oni M a re of fone a Bat can, eT oa

Moe a Re ee . vf eve VaR PE en FES ON te Be TP eS PNT RINE 4 me

Offer ‘for Sale,ex.

qT emornlog from Carnupano


merara with
AS deckers, nxXPHRT
tere cy *] believe it lea worked ous
. Dog. Foods, | Sint eeree ress pare wae eaet

The FMB, 4 ‘Martinique * artired
. dine veitas my a ins "

te steamer cleared the same lon t the toate Jul who
‘ i sede vie Martinique and n we porecened in puree question to the me didates wit th such
onbeined he official rol corres ng! ww marks, can only
” The deliveries tor, November; 1910, Thi Coban steene™ Oter!,* arti Pacgicy oe be exceed on the pa that vey Pew
: togethet nee!
create a Fecord, wieatenday morning form Cartagena Berworn oh er ae aratciate tie didiculty of the robles.
She lefet nger=Mr. W. &, Hen, eee tte ore which the whole | Questions on the finding of latitude,

grameday fot Pars, Bre: BC ae rele | eet one ad arimuth (es etatedin tse
fro in ir Bled na bunker coal faa apraintnient of | syllabus) should certalaly be insisted
fro " Btedniag an Archer's hulk. fap ora we i. role ton an a ons se boiler ube examination pores
The Intercolonial trader “ Amos | ® peer now resident in the ere is nob a probl

f iotere ep ired on thle important eabject. The

Cutter, * under the command of Capt, view, were fa to obtain sn authorita: | only astronomical problems riven are


Chellenor, Cleared yesterday for Bar | tive and whely dein t wr
terested opinion | 01 follows’! a
THERE 15 bre with sundry packages erchan- | on the matter ei ieeue, “Having efly “ If Capt. Annendson teaches & ae "Ec.. S | RE cE“
mae k sown ov - lon to th 16 sinters ii inches stant from the South P Fe ole in ae BK
vi reason if, whee w 6 aren 2
fr A RE AS ON_ eats of of the the longest spans ever recurd urd: shall fone (owns be nauelees) we at aitivade ot Antares) and Ne rite lowest
Fooled onthe ake eeu see tne tore ben toe syRebow ie Te Dept, Scott Peaches a folat 18 fockes Music! Music! Music!

when the wireless operator on the dlateat from the Sou!

Ounard linér “ Caroni ¢ abova mentioned, Ww alare with
” FOR. THIS. the ; cane F Ree ronia ” aplcked ‘one bumble request eet: for a free: and frank mpage sect of waite voit te m PIANO TUTORS. ORGAN AND RARMONIUHS TUTORS ft
+ Serene Porition sod fie fal Your ban appeal has a ring of | deze. Id loch +f Bertini Method, Book 1 eee, Clarionet Tutors,
~ Bendy Hooke st | reeialbality’ atten tame “the oe! 8 of Ben ai'day Deo, 2nd~13 Heray's Tytore, New & Old Edition, Hamilton Tutor, we
About ut TO mies Tn ha Of Be Reece the rerponss Jad HE ao on * Titi dega. 7 lnchew OH dog 8 oath ta Hamilton Tator, New & Old Edition, At,, k0y &cy
. ere! essure yo
® Aigferens from ali othess|soul, miles ® distance of both frank and free.” Ste degree oof onalnde at Inade an VIOLIN TUTORS, | MANDOLIN TUTORS, .
\s° Ba; ASsUTANCE. a rr, Boo. and i anjo Tutor
Bode not enly feed but been riuelithesarrGwnes cobyans | meet a ienag" tia | "aon hen yf gid tem | | Aautioac Cirionet tuo”
* ron Ly m v im oteres' a vi wNO t nside! ie e te
o’ds pot coly {ced but keep dog ‘ heathy New Yor 2 anchored ans are equally Integr tog be fe sidered an were art for candidates at a local ex: leary Fariers, etc., etc, Harp Tators, elec. ele,
coat, eradicate/worms and prevent uvplesant, New York, at ten miou eleven | @qua to Weal oi and Important uby | amination for lan surveyors, in order
ascer thel bility to
Phere re ruus of jute enprovact the local examination tow satrondmaealy. tbe declination Planoferte Exercises and Studies.

ait = t
Czorny’s 101, Bisping “Techoical Frorcises by Puusre ee
Thumer Studies, Hudimenta of Vusic, Catechism of
Murio, Musical Lictionary, ete. otc.
Now Pianoforte Classics,




odours from the skin and excreta. eee aa iden eee |t

trom the tbe purest Togredients only aud free fromany medicament | July 1, 55 wiles; Jul G00 miles; | higher stands rd than obtains jn can aly be be regarded to
3 om to-day at the nearest Dealers and buy sowe. qa ly 16, 534 miles ¢ July 3 7, 526 miles 5 Kpglaod, see re ordnance maps to | the Lght $ of w ridiculous Joke; andI
R. ALSTON & CO —Sole Agents: [fel Hse iy denon Gate lnvarbty at band, aod the surveyor | Sremination ‘venus. "wore, America

© average has nation venue ‘wei ca,

‘ad B 7Zkootsaa hour. Lord Pirrie, ont, af ever, requires to put lato to learn thet some resourceful student
Pre Preaident, of the Harlan and, Wolff Byres! brows ‘oof a hig! T class had invoked phe agsletance nf ithe

8! lo pao o! ‘ast, | of geodetic au og. m0 lar ion * in the sotution
builders of the * Pol yrapic who came | equally of opinion oat the “object of PP the problena, “om the syllabus

over in the steamer said: I consider | by profess! easton examination should { you have shown me L think that
tho ‘Olympic’, my very best work, and | tall and purposes be Ireandilates are redio order to
Yhave beenat It allmylife. [ cando sine Moe of ascer | satisfy an exam! gation aloo those
no better then s this, and no one else } taining the e! clency of the candidate, lines, and are subeoquently contronted

can. Jou ma besure. The ‘Titanic’ | a¢ to kuowled rticular pro with the questions noted, itis not
will be oun, time in the fall and will fraglon which he ieserking to acquire. dificult to tm aging that theirs must

be a replica of the ‘ Olympic’, as neart: ging by the examinetion ps rea” jf itably be th ith f the
mn ‘Fine Assortment of ey “iea can alld we’ Eoioge sites | mhigh Fou have feet thowgtl fal on Webiat i oubottraten™ “Tt?

eurveying belog fixed at af of the ‘compass * etc; the

6, Olympic’ took the record for the | ough to provide I fall to diecover how
White tar Line, beating the beet | even the movt satisfactory solution 1 sroct Should prnolems be teken ont tee we eo tenner
T FASHIQWABLE AND UP=TQ-DATE|szs-satscSinet tz ache Sesraies Soteci coats lear ah Peaster
* | # te 5 raat 3 FE Sued minders eficleney of & candidate in Jana eur the re Ye dieestd'on the fe should LAMPORT ARD HOLT LINE OF - STEAMERS
. in 5 days, 38 | yeving, AS to levelling, divivion of y | laid down in the boo Bae they VIA BARBADOS TQ NEW YORK,

m eoith ition of land and general sur * Jal
speed” for the Bulan z oL7z hoote eo rshaey per baa no bearing, with ; should bo the direct, product of the
hour. w 80) solitary Exception of two questions exaininers own, She'te incapable ot -
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The Beittsh Postmaster Generat funees ts the confused manoer in wetting @ veriesof questions of his own,

es milan xe KPates-i1p11,


bs . tA which they are stated, Question No, | must be at hiebest, a tolerably poor
af Tt pended that any, teceramns omee be on railway curves, I have no hesita- speclmen ofan epaminer. benny ;
QULAY Ne lorie. to ships equipped with wirrless tele. belog far too didicult ta be given in poet epecretion to say thet the solu:

Ft Toe OFF TE cob s. Installations have lesle exatinetion aercciale of them (espocially 10) will entail TENNYSON

ished oh nearly ail large members of the Institute of Civil En- | ton, of them (eapocially 10)

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, Continental a: The interview then terminated with
J ostume rei cer Mana services, The | bounds of constetency to be-insluded jinaat efor nth aod | Hirat, Se
r. ine of Ladies’. ress: ee ener "hae feoetaly ivn sranifoation peper for land sur ones ‘fora i conrieous & Foo }, Necond eee aon letsnine ee o
NEN 35 INCH AT 1 PER YARD. Be st waging from 3a mith, GEO, R, ALSTON £- 00,
aminimam of id, and with —=—= . Shipping Department,

minimum of 22. 64, are ‘tarcea"! for . Tt (+)
Fadlotelegrams eat to phips making KLEPHONE No, 182,

-- Hendersons: sult Oa ke: FRANCE’S PREPAREDNESS|roR yvoUR NEXT ATTAGK
etations, ¢ chi u —-TRY—

witbout & tolnimum, Radiotelegrame

fh = Ghrough eireies ‘tclegrapn ata-| AMERICAN OPINION ON FR FRENCH ARMY.
Wwidson & Todd, ier â„¢ A BILEHWN A,

. WAR BOUND TO COME. | coterie Sues,” Ne.opeites | THE WORLD'S BEST. NATURAL OATHA

ys Bags publishes the ~~ QUICK AND EFFECTIVE IN ACTION!

pitt Stn tolewine geeeaat of ao interview % WE ARE READY.’

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tine rucetog do, Tharetey ereotng | Ty screen ea me — DOCTORS RECOMMEND 4b/tena IN EVERY HOUSEHOLD,
eae ee ont’ The subjoct was | , 1 2bere will Sokal wen | MADE AE DALFOWE VERDUN? PRIOE 36c FOR A 24-0Z. BUTTE,
: ves wa: ied on of J.| “AND ESPINAL FOR bos c “ 4

led ina very thorough and maw bet theo nslon of Me Me, James T.
Arch! ie opin


moe “ arly anes end evoked muck favour Mar On corres pondent who SIULE WAR, Wholesale and NRetuilat
com if seen a .. a: . TUK BONANZA DRUG STOR.
——_hmroree | men who spoke aflerwards on Nd a vote hee a followed the wer fous phases of the | (Special Cable fo ’ Litas Onis” Aw SMI TH BROS. &, CO, s Port-of Spain & Sangre aeoyes

conUng to
SOLE, MADE ON THE PREMISES COMPRIS ING: i lhaake for his excellent paper. Hue wao-Ja paper there ls odo doubt Cthet

the Freoch army isthe best prepared | Parle, set, an spite of the

bat Ib tlinistic Kngli G .
i Eat tutta Eesemih mterate caneguaioes} [RINIDAD CHOCOLATE FACTORY

‘alsertn-Augusta- Victoria * Cale nm cessary precaution ts belog taken on
Meaufactured by A, Sot ‘BLETTE ab No, 152Park bt Port-ol-Bpala,

+, LADY RIDES ixon KILOMETRES, | tlon is gdmmirably, re rod foe the ifrentie et peng nee

Nees Kuduschera_ recently arrived Fethnoteqnesive how Germany cao | anthorities have received large wac M ¥ cHocoLate is prepared b bya vectal aod saleatise proces which laure

ki Jose ber
pulation was ecicnated ated by zuabonle she wot kal Isheo to avold at |cors replied to those wh tlaned ot packages,
DS PP airing TABLES blsgue during oathe he h oan ot we don ‘re on cce pomeuses one of th the thew that the Ne orgenization'of all the To from the followlag Mrocestes fen 1-STBPABNS, Le ‘CALEDONIAN
CCASIONAL TABLES vidas ber aiviog failed. any Poona ‘etrongest. arcoles {0 the,, branches of the army te perfect and GROCERY GOODINGD. FFA REIO Glen Tot mob ben coe
OARU TABLES the cane a ee plone, | woell, it ls very much superior, toy [reves gotbiog ae be desired, We | STANDARD, aod trom Shope in ewn.end eowatey diarictgy > MABQUEZ
eo €| » a read
ved to The j all a ett fo Ear *txceptlot, ore ye" aay the officers, ol 4 SOUBLEITE,

go t Europe.
hed left her’ a bo horve: . ,
husband benighiy esteerued by them Guequal ed in (ie orld, The april FEE THIE KAISER IN A TEMPER,

de corps
bEx Toe DE a 2 rope rimal oe et Trane sibs berian cacrcby, and the Seat AP thoes A BENUATIONAL ANECDUTE \
nw Ore send b ap exorbitant
a see org She rwlved fo ride out wig" boom anyihing eer Varls, July 81, The Berlin artes: x Ss, S ® rena
a Pol timecf war, counts Jor everything, | pendent ot the “Matin® says t!

¥ ne swerd 8 i aeicl pows on ad d authority that ¢ pe
JOST OPENED.A LARGK STOCK OF det vebad. ae Ie sil ain "prance again | EERIE iia is, (ations “with

diers, have always Leen | ievkou with waeent Whea thy
nigallary hose bendi. fralaed entice what synosphetle uews became kaown setnl-pavle WwW. f CE Y E 7 D ) ‘A [.
VIDS ON A N D . 0 D, tow gees es wh tpodjuons rk od Lodtedl malign cei iniraeh Sera of*paaks | 5 AN ARCHER, |
aa i he ve: ie that has eer ruteued ures Afiie a Quankyous fa advising ba to Bhan a . South Quay.

ed by Jourvalist Lbes navi’. sa Thue 1911
* Sempisto House Furnishore,

Diy pavet wot te lont ght of, ‘The “ the gieateyr part of bie deroagdy

pa : . "Ne = wy . -. . .

- . ~ ane” *

a N U 1 B " ugh ber demands ary | mupplice, At Kapinal the nechasary tt tebe solgtallty sod esta forth leit trom
NI GRO OM SS) I S at Bt Petersburg. all th the hatin, from the the wel route of all reason, because mae rnunteatlon ple beeu latributed Balog tee trom oi Foreign Sabwaccen, fort et nase 8 ol ibe Cosoe
5 Manchuilan city q prestiye—a thing {to the forte od ‘the town, The of. only detieions, : bus aa 4 pourisho pt ib ly worivaked. thee Sate |

~ tite ;
retary of Blate for Fo Affa! i
- £ reed Hleperiation crrce I atinetely ‘to for vaving plsced Germasy, during 50 Kegs BUTTER— GS hs. Net.
ie sift bai ating of she Zaprel 7p; | wing te fase tojoreation, fe Toabk ye woe
aq eas ie .
sisi ineny wl Fiance! ahd‘ Germany ipa trie ore tothe GO "Casce Do 4735 the Ti
8 Ecreens, Japanese Curtains, Carpets, Linoleum, the grein 2k ivlore | fed to frau, here wie ovr guealion an Le tooment, of 30 Cases Do, 20/5 1b, Tin, ‘ee ee
secon trarel aelier a an wae Partai dolla of submarines. | deoeer Having eru crushed the latter, Kemet . age i> v
bes itn the Ore elated to Eid Tarra ee ee etd Toa atte stundlem Colepwnted mrmna.
ore ss
TD SITUBLALDS,, |RERACESS sine data et eaten tal rt ee [erent ana car | Alno 990 Days Howy White CANADIAN “OATS
9 | though Ay onda heaved Belting Suiy by the commanders of | oticlally Inforui! tbe German Aun. (4Ud 95 Bris. FAT BACK TORK—80 pes.
. neler abe peer Bi ‘he wnllitery vas olroioes In far off | bresador that If Geriuany attempted 15,4, PIGS’ FEET. -_
Five, to show wher ta Ee (earey a laces rewored from Indlecrete eyew | to 1eY Hee on tote mount pene
Wasrraysc MABKEBD AT REASONABLE PRICES. Were i tre, horse en sul watery hike Aiiess THADDENVE, eK ECE by | ever, of Morucce she would have to


a eee

i le ey yee




= a 43, x Os ate
Read, Becacot, coutalniog pers in pare *Dor. ae

é badsoome ant bs
hoor’ oa’ did view of the

s+) bays
oes =For partaee-

te O A. Duality, No.6

B. oy, Belmont,—Augast

HOR RENT — Howe *Niton Ville”
with! throw

stone’ of Baint Augas-
Une Railway Brat lo,

Loail trains rae.

bing all tbe time, At present oocspied
re pe, who bas lived there for
upwards of three yeus oad be vacating It, | A
oa account of hr lowing for Eegiand,
Tamediste ponesslos, Qovernment water

Becwet- $800, ineladieg land.
« Bolieiser,


me Tebed of tvout, noe
. . Mow uy;
Drawiog and Diging room Guanoco, Venezuela,
8 bedrooms, gallery, ** at,” &c,
Plenty of water, = A’ goon

treet.~-ith Augast, il.
Ol RENT.—Lhres Offices in Rich
mond Street,

Apply at once with testimonials to

20, Bt. Vincent 8*, (upatairs.)
August 22ed, 1011 —Jo.


and 8 bedrooms, with front and bac
and war stalled,

No, 0 Tmmediate
pantry and usnal out-oflicer,
1 ¥ tot f
Es jon. A ‘aylor
« Gitte. No. 5, Itichmood

lon.—Anguet 4.1m
jor RENT =No. 2% Cipriant Boule:
vard, containing deawing. diaio
stabtes and carriage house,
Bireet —
Auguat 4.1m,

Roome sod rooms for sto ITH BROS, & CoveeAne, 27th 191
Furviture, over the Caledonian W
Grecery. the corner of Frederick and good
ueen Streels ‘or culars apply i
to Oanplog & Company The Calede | OF country, 3 mediain sized
donlen Grocery~Auguat 2.1.

jm Lady

“Ker ZaleorRent

terme. A large building (with siz
lots of laud attached) ot Tunepune
{au be used ava shop. Goad
situation, Apply to the Trinided
Building and Loan
August 22 —2w,

tesldence ab Hr Joseph (on lands
formerly of the St. Acgcatio Eatate) o20-
talning ¢ bed tooms 3 dreevsiog rovms
drawirg and and diving room, with
30 teeth wideon J alles, servans

vonss, stables, carriage bosse and 5s 1a!

taining 3 bedrooms,
Jog roo), ete., ete,
rf month,

jazette” office —Aug, 2ith—Iw,

a.m. to 31, Frederick Street.—Aug
23~1w. .



Subject of the moment—now.[.
gale through the prges to

Nolealal Xressarye—July 380)

r sod m..
fou Teaury—Jaly 281m,


] OUSE AND LAND at No, 27 cd 29,


British West Icdies

owen Breet, Coibescx Tywu CONFER DEB ATION
a cata OG iv oO, Le v
aes Both, Ya ea Biicet,* ANNEXATION
nem To the United States,

Only Os 14 BP, 4 gia Touring AUCTION SALES


os WUTED with elis ignition,

+ elecewtin boot wea eon, come WARD p RICE & C0
tools eto Jotending purchasers givon duct:

toneers, Val:
and doo a gtate Agent

OR SALE— Tuna —
EF and one fot of Laud. louse more
‘ood sondition, altusted

Tree trial
Yor further particulars
. “ay san, TH BROS. & Co..
‘ ore
For Sale

a 0) mee

103 Duke Street,

(Corner of Duke and Pembroke Bites.)
ArrLy m0

Auction Sale,

Â¥ deatractlons of the Exerutors under
@ will of the fae Mr Aptools

Mendes the ucdersigned will eet} by Publie

Auellon atthelr Mert, No, J Sackritle ant

St Viecea’ Surety, on Mooday the 24h

dey of August 191] betw.en the bouts of £

and 3 p.on Te lullowleg properties t =
L Tee Tee Srorey Gaia aot fand
aliaste aud koowm ag No, 43 Jer:
singbem Avenue,

% Theewpty tos of lard oitmate at the
coner of Heary acd New Street
Porter £-Spala, ‘

4, Gus uodivided wouety of ant io &
ectoce! land more of lets situate ie
the Villge of LaBres, acd
talpioteg pire aod off. The ows.
trae! the sewatutoy batfars Ww jllog
to Juuia mecnveyance ty 8 “par

July WAh—Jo.

Thet fine Too Plattation c lle!

7. wader


ae sod surrouading

MALL COTTAGE--Nes, 42 Dundonald



WANTED Three expetieoned SALES-
ficee and Semple saan for the Hardware D-partment,
og] —

board residénce fn suburbs
rooms or
ony large and oneasmall, and bath:
room. Apply to Gazdie,- dug, 2th

Wee ln a good and cool matter, such as

locality a Dwelling House ecn: | they cannot be obtained for an Ameri-
Apply *X'e/o * Poit-of-

W “tauiiz’ English. Oock and er
ainily, English, Sud en. | Mr. Roosevelt,
Assoulstion — 7 Other kept, Apply between 9 and 10 been

** In Colombia we have some proofs
of how Panama waa taken,
the time acopy of a cablegram nent
from Washington to the Consul-Gene
ral of the United States at Colon fust
before that “revolution.” That cabice
gram went over Colombian land lines
part of ite way anda copy was taken
Ofrand wenter

jor verns
ment, which stil preseves it, Jt

r = oo
| . When in hell ta that revolution


bankers a joan of
Bacerra, Jus ore oe
clared idee all the




pean .

Franclecu Bacerra, tong Oonsul-Gene-
of Now Street and Borde Sireet. acar | ral of Colombia in London. and Busta:
the Ssvanoth, Very cool and qaict spot,

CAN ‘OF LAND— Yo 22.
Vo ett tare lot small price, | tlations which Mr, Bacerra hae con:

ier nimaabetes ease Friday and Saturday, Septomberlst& aad, 16} Tu Uo IMC Ss my

clo Santarasia,
tty sailed f
Europe to



Mayor of Bogota, re
om. New York for
mplete In London nego-

in Engiish
WU0,008, Mr,

men of
tog for

bia are devoutly

action looklng to

of the sequestration of Panama to ar .

Panama {

lie also told of a strange
sent from Washington to
ust before the revolution on

the Isthmus,

Fitters and Machinists ji:


Rosa Race





col Panama was ruthlessly, tora pom Sractat, 8
lombia with comple ard ort-o | . 1.25 Awe me
justice, treaty Teemnents at Ameri. Por rot-Spain . Depart. aa “eM ied an iB nM
precedents in ard vo the con- BLS ” “ ‘0 113 ae
{the fethmus” bir. Bacerra sald, Bt ‘ossph oo “ Be on [HES ow | Le
t Colombia does not seek any ma- | 2UGapuna o aor” ” g ”
terlal eatiafaction. The sensitive Latin | Tecarigue me ° ath TSE 150 «4
wirit ot her people has been offended greece. ne ° a7 « 1.02 PM 38 ”
and asks only justice jin amends, a le wr ” { * »
the United tater muaitthe Pecan | Artes cw. —Arrive... a9 4 [te Gg | ROS
matter to arbitration aod whatever[ Do, fB.. —Depart...[ O23 21
the verdict Colombia will recognize it | Guanape we " O53 vs 233
and all will be well. It will means | Cumuto ve n om 283 5
at deal to the United States, Oo- [ Gaaico a " 6 Cy 24s ie
jombia is very rich, development of | Sangre Grande .. —Atrive...) 9.53 4 27
codenied viguurtaniepeeds Huroyeaa
cedented vigour and ay uropesn .
capital is pouring into mines and plan- UP'‘TRAIN Ss,


was going
* But all that does aot matter now,
Colombia wante to be a friend and aa
ally, commercially and every other Sen
nt tates,

ene @nen quire § has asurplus for the tint tiwe in its
history, the political heavens are with:


mere arbitration, an act of justice,
would InetAnuy bring about that happy
restlt,"«Panana Siar and I

Lung Balsam


Il fore: ce
Argust) Wb,

It {s an infallible remedy for
Coughs, Croup, Asthma, Bron-
chitis, and all troubles arising
froma cold, Keep it by you for
an emergency.”

Large, Medium and Small Bottles,

Comfortable Board and

With abled
\ slampatond "

gales estavtion, {
Bussod Tran Suliee swe

Apply to Miea M1, MA CHIEU,


F ington had knowledge of what

treasury of the country

out acluud—and the United States is | Sangre Grands Depait..! 432 ast, | 1045 am. | S2d-p,
booa, Gusico = ” om , J lo , | an ,,
** Americats personally are welcome, | Cumuto ow Sof 7] 6H9 oy FUORD 4g 24d
but when it comes te any natlonal Granepo to artis 7 is ” abi ”
me oo ea
ined ean An ner. ee wc Sbepatn} Tie 8 | ane | do
ins ean. All this would be renror ye le ws a

drewing ond dns Umpleact of justice by the American | Arouca we " 7.26 ” 1133 . 4.21 .
pls. They blame the Roosevelt | Tacarigus . a3 ow fa, 427 4
avernment, and they blamed it bee | Tupapuca oe 1.30 oy [15D ay “mM
fore the so-called revolution occurred | St, Joseph we . “WaT” U1fs7- ,, | Sat »

and was {minediately recognized by ae aad 1204
‘Mr. Roosevelt has | S40 Fuso ow ° One PM. | 448 4,
quoted as eayiog, “I took | PortofSpalo ., Arrive..| 803 4 izis 4.87 5


1 saw at
72 pau

Lino, connecting
Pessopger, Iraiog,

Return Tickets of
ta begin?” It would seem that

to happen,

of [the


The best Coush Medicine.

Uare secured GU:


Caltare {yond Tinguiet

head. Cit


el dela
lus Au

« Navwelngton Road, i
Hewpetesd Westh—Lrndos,
Me A Usieush Ane’,





On Friday and EFaturday,
igre Grande line, Lut Goods
Fernando, Tabaquite and Princos Tewn linos

Acting General Manager,

LD MEDALS of the'h


Lea Camelia—cy,
Wy at Deslexatios castELLA
feors i sizulentes ah weve, te hone edictum ilastrada
Dice houaria Cs
wenerale von dobly puuterg te aaeeele te!
caleurla Mypasiol, | tuo ¢ © ray do!
UNA t Ultbnas obras recividas no!
: ~visy Belgatt. Feval, Cor
Niaboriau, Quen 1 tos [tloguart, Silvestre, He!
leu, couple! je 3 iT ‘
prosiusaments en rustica tlegnute la culeeciy sourpiera ame Woden

4llthe ordinary and Local Weak Vay Lasseugar Trains will run as

usual, exceps.that on Friday tho 635 pm Uown Local and tho
Up Local will run 15 minntes Lats
out A mid-day Passoogor Frain wilt also

ee ee


Nth Augus', 1911,

Se —

“Visitors To Lond sahibited, Theoaly CIGARS Sand CIGARATT ES awarded s certifcate of honous
ISILSTS 0 Londun Je senigont igure sad Ougarertes are for smokers of culture and dlecerning taste
WILL FIND aan ie Workmgcablp od blending of MACRADO'S CIGARS & CIGARETTES


La 5 ALAC Satadlubment
stboor Stree Jamaica,

————— SS ———==


Queen Street,

NOS . be weaben de recibte
con mill

Rod rigu
We los dicciouactus ase.
we cgintuna, paste calidad
elas juteryaau:
watt Doyle, Dickens, Ae cultas
Hot, Ke,

roumbesy célelees y

male Daudel,


me" Over: 2,000;000

rv thin: usual through-
s ba run on the Ta
with the Vown and Up Main Live md-day

all classes will bo availabl f i i
following Monday as usu. availablo from Briday till the

thoro will bs nu Goods Train on the
Trains will be.zua as usud on the Fan

—_— ee



Ighest awards wherever ther bare bees

las ultlinas ediciones de bos

le grabadus, ) y caua
vous J Jt is Water white ig
factatide (OF beautiful sof, white an ae
moraton will Scot crust the


White Pine & Pitch


* , Received, within the last Six J a

5 SSS ee
—— |IT. WILLBE TO Your Inf




$23 rm nyc
fe We offer the Abote ag usual §
iw J. ©. NEWBOLD ¢
617 % a

am 8 .
ts " ve. CO. Ross a 6


TOKAYT «x win

Srxciat, ] Original Botting of the Imperial and Royal Court Cail
. t Tal Sweet, at and Ii pertal st ‘AleouNiepoort & Dek
6 Wineeitel, Bxceliente, Duque, Marquez, Especial


Corner Queen & Froderiok

ey eer





waite -




wPRICH o- we “~ 10 CEN

\ Fawn eRe Meow Belmont, & th

, rharzmucy, opposite Wash tio

———> =
ee Op


Jf you contemplate being engazad, or if you k
who is ongage 1, you should Bet orzet, ;

DRAFEuUs, », nim

,Don't order from a catalogue which shows a pictus of sis

size of a locomotive fash light and only get a mere Keds On
Money rofunded if quality is not as guarantead.




aN Ol, THAR.

| For Its x

labol'similar to tho facsimile


- . me > ANTHONY 1OULON, J,
* iiuate Z ou Coco Jin the “er L JON & cu, — Acgust.ttth fail, 61, Queer tina, | == = Co Tat
U of” Monteerrat (about Aucthucers, Pate tike notice that I bave Cra ~ oS re k faderic JIN
4 miles fron the ‘Tabaquite | Ate t-!m_ end hesueht over the Btock in- mperor k SINGUINES
Ral , quits nee os | rade nad k Debts of the Busicess a
iwo part is. rT ) Sompriain 7 orsalo. garmied oo by WO LE situated at ibe , ° Provision J
ce 0 . : . cling 6 jt ‘
a7. acres res celively con A teeta io tae a Satie ie, ado ova ANTA ISADFILA IATATH altualal ta the Ward of Mantauiila counpria SPRING * WATER. COMMISSION MEL
’ ro " re i ny 4
Fall bearing Con eae so | ett cc, a NOT hein td | nab ae at Spe ee A —— Na 4 ene
Dy Cocos trees with | tewsuastieciareieen! Ne ue sn Roarjog Tree ' T Cla BU
two dare Cocca houses ang a hanther p arlene frou Wann farce ACUING ALLUM. Gonttnctore Ser 3 yess “— — eg _ teeny ass TABLE vane Be wn
. ' a, ,
pne dwellings house. JOR RENN 7 ‘ a 2th Aug, 1911-6. ‘Contractora wider By eure * ey , iB m wen bY Medical authorities | THE MO peor 8
A Cash’ Purchaser will make a Jraaooralniogt jel ule: SS = mitt aio aw 21307 Lay Lut iz Sehi leah SAa%8 KFaut. a “
“ a 1. . *
Fine Bargala, We Nowaeae e® | THB SURE COUGH CURB) nce eens rmairsin gine et bea detest & Holler, | pee ging som
Apriy to JOSEPH LENO at, Fan Cooe | TUE MONARTERY, Vebrote se. 18, per bottle, Sweat dats coutalntay d siete to hold 21 ith May S1th 6ua.
Bowrastras Ward of REGINALD | to'geod tat eee Rk Laing’s W soe rane aang &letze rome age ty i”
a8 | Pytidiogs vaturd ot aha Ratizsaiog Mrvp foe dh Pai
FON AGS A ac ene | HoeER Sy aeenecwins | Leng’ White Pino |, pucdagescntar sia Ltt MATS aso nae DYASCED Re me’
aly te es Avean In| Roe Go a Peer srate= |, COUgl Bytup. Per eh eR AMET A, | ARTANCED la wnaltoy tgs sam + en |
- Sub ' EXGLISH oP uD. 8) 28 On Jewellery, 0 ene
ARUAUP] ison, D SELLIEH & Go TBLNIDaD OU, Peers co
Fiedshs Neg” | etcert

wee eee A RR Nee Swe yy ee eee eT

er es ee

mbroideries & Laces
. NEN O8ePEL. OF 7 4
RVHRY WER anton, sere ‘oe
thea Chri:
—BUT— the sear ie ber
wy | Waerman's Laces and: Embralderes, trina area
tng ae rts ‘od tat, fund, “ ‘
sevtent ee
Brlyer ® Be al & will tisce, you at
use v4 the oal Hubroders jand toe sioks, See gue galas ee v Car Dress .
auanclben NSERITO BS et tyatd | EMOMOLUBI , 4, tg, fe atte - .
Sian cene Lau E oa HO0., B0c, 150. MS vas por yerds EM DERY >
trom Be Err owen a rae eps Wpryerde from Ws to 211 pes doszn yards} Boru M silin at 80, per yard ‘
uetin, @ Jo per yar
Ww. ATE RM A Wie Hatter, Glothier a Outsitter Hats Va ries ®
om, 28, Erederiek Stwrept, wee
ie 3
“ye ae BYBS with narro
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Richard's going away dress waa white J broken Esgilsh » lot of cork and ball . trmm Y woe ite. and white, ‘Ferra and tod whe
WEDDHKG BELLS. voile rer pink elk with hat tamratch. storice about, he Sa enee te in nm yoree é pace In the Temple st Jerusalem. Tovising Sk—8 only, each dif- Gi bite (i Black avd white, per
NICHAIDS~ATKENSON, Vichande take evith them ‘the very Biectding to ua own aes wsount, is a aort of ransletton et Herd, feet ye steo auffet forent } is | CHRO Bent es ip ateorbed shedes, peril ;
mon larer, is -yaree . = *
A foshtouable wedding was sotemnt: | best wishes of a large clecle of Teiendar Simon ne Cellarer, One chagpegne at bay 3 fos tee oni: ve oll Sallis onda ‘st UBLING In assorted velit, 5
wed in Holy Trinity Cathedral ‘yester- an aueavoned tapes neaters feenovgh jomaake moog ths. Hvlog only, bot also . , D Serene os 30s kim
day afternoon st wore ie ree FROM THE CATHOLIC NEWS. faucet Iso a quite parposs, mest and al nt. T an Straw Hat s waht FA eon PIQUE eg
ORs Bi 4
pots Kinser’ | the enming of, the retseat tn Spanish | ten tu damon. ‘fils “rerelationn™ est | prierty met them and sald to uscan mith cordand fanty alk, WHITE iis LAWNe49 inchvoe wide pee
~ re Ce eee erste et 113 | cemaliy teat fromm te eee Pio gave tes eave. fo wali io th arb pone wit WHITE SAIN—18 foches wi
aot Loe Aieipeon oH ae Derotions erie aes our ee darig that nobody mould believe theta "ust home lees of (puriticalion ange sre hese e . $ 4.4.4 White k Ee igured and Striped See feels
wi ¢ ‘e eee enee -
Wels D. wea tie Eyer ttt the Archbishop will celebrate rt se mt oF chase which they nt eer tet bate ald thes : 4 a NOAM NUTTRRETY CrTt an a eenbe.
ee id a1
Rev. W. E, Smith as cha) aptain, | Mass in the Holy Name Chapel at 7 alked in this Temple, which is A larg. agsoritacat of Ready-to-Wear HATS . VENETIAN SATIN
@ Venerable Archdeacon catth fam __. el in populate ebapes.and ghades from AWHITE Stati arable
Ferforted U cE Re Tiolt ached a the FÂ¥xposition of the Blessed Sacrament in SPARKS. 48 cents to $240 BIRIEEDLOUI INE =In plok, ivory & a
gen end oe ran ree ally ehoral. Hoe Charch of the Heart, Firat Golfer (who fa ola beating the curate
e who 7 attlnes Kev, Father Mester, tl lately | hollow): “"N s
& drose of oriental satin veiled with NS, prisct of the tan o Tsfoltanaed Wal Fill you are paging the burial a Sia oe agaist:
aa bean appointed beat jest_ of Ente over my grave!” . Sanders: Bat | my f answered him: ‘Art thou, then belng E 0 E PR CE,
. The beetoa M. Va late pariah | vas a taken over by the ° ane even then te will be your } bore ta thie Temple, leant
brovher of, the bridegroom, Hedemptortot rs ~He sald unto hims ‘Lam ‘at

There were four bridemakios—Misses | The Rev. Fath ¢ Da ax will Fasclnatl for! washed fu eet ot David au
Niaad N. Atkluson (sisters of the yero In ‘nuscessioa spo Father me, ete sg ining eae maha a having eave nded by one ptairease, 7 .

bride) Miss Owen and 1 Mise Robinaon. who, gring to serlous Infirraltos, emu the p prica ef be b meal alee ia It, | ance scene led by an arioeuis. & nmr . ’

wore can rave on itcher, that ay w C .
ninco, erabroid with pe Pb me now than erase I came and looked upon these holy One Frice Only. | Yalue ‘Nowhere Like Mallard & Frese
roses, alan '

dal th to a h 8 aad Lado The Conference of ‘St. Vincent de Paul favou Th Savi ed and sald
= viour answer
dante, they rt of the, eid ween haa handed over to Hia Grace. the Arch A vialtor at an “hotel tu the {tighter wate 46 Sar *Woe, ye blind who sra
The pages were Master Taitt and Mise bishop, a4 trustee, for dloweran property, | was ackiog « ghillleas to the prov :
Horzano who were aleo di iin the Nazareth Honse—to wich has teen | securing game. “Are an vere ae -~ . =
eam, Aniong those who attended | rt, the Ribelra legacy of $440 00, for ] deer about here?” he e eel
oe “me hmone tho ete OTe ¢ founding of a Kivelra wing. repli plied the hilltes tvoukatly, Se a ped
* ——— a entiemen wi —
Dyett and Alles Dyelty Mr. aud Mra | te te Lope work will be started early Btivend bin ibking itiets sbe dieteict.” | which also the haslots and fthy gisle | erp

"+ Gitod “Branch, “bin, “and "Mire | GhorcltteReogra Grenta "theertimeied | The O14, O14 veel Sse ta Tee abecas Sou ete | Sane HOR MUNDAY TOF ™ v ou are L.ost
Tmt rs, urch #! Dj ranite mm Bl jor e inet of m. tu
Jan Wilson” (ters Mr. and cost i $0, Sr which $100 are alrendy | to the routhfal torg. Blu reatled pink {Yor ey fail’ of scorpions and” all Dayo .

Mra, A. Oory-Davies, Me. ‘ind Nea socks, gohan phe whispered, “do wickedness. Hut { aud‘*My disciples, ICH Is bereby given that
Allred ‘Taltt Mr, and Mra, Spencer love mef” * What f* “opeelna ie who thou aayest have not bathed have pre ret ceahiaas Power of

Kier entre Someraspicr= Ne | AREAL “ESCAPED” MONK: rie “are aaa are doy tae | Been dipped in the watery of eternal | sete ont on Moxtgugeey by (he Cou]? MoN HS & DATI

life, which come from-——3 but woe B corsala
Mathison, the Alisses | Mathienn, tow | mue! : fo 3 verarclag Ordiasnce,

as ant he
y “ unto thee’. 4 conta: aa? i implied
Mie ahd Master “Phitips s From Lanlon Pegi Hiety Labueher dey re eee Here ends }he translation. Beet of tort acre "gated ee 1h riey a Every day you Rut off
“ nce, q ta Oy
Hise Melville, Mrs. IL A. and} A new starhas sppeared brethe Trotes ait; vrend an’ Te Bleuo, al aah \eppe a —3 Moy 1 senween Jaca Bermades of she

Misses Uren 4, its Mex (Bn i ment ie to int {beshaps of Ant eepaped ar tn cotta ove pert, spd the Lonoursh'e bativted SCHUMACHER. §
Uns ra, ax an! monk, ile is to found amongst the t= certa’ in the North of Soot- @ Henr: rh Tock #
lL. Atkloson.. Mes, stellation known as the Protestant | land tho male students, te atattowed | Y WV ANTEO—Uaplorwent ae Lioense t Prada acd oe er pare alg i 8 Deed

Mra ot
de ei Mee Re ineid Sinitin Bitenve, and at the moment he lsshining [to visit the resident lady boanters. On: Druggist by a thoroughly com dated the Och dey of ;
Nee tol lelow and daughter, Ne. aod yon tly indeed. tis iva Dand dnamed tent poen presently ew sployed bs etroady to of Forther Charge It SAVES you FROM | $3 TO 88 PER TON AS 00 ss
Mrs. Walter Robinson, Mrs. Hewlett, |) ail Balch ooeiy has been eae of the ex lolng Bo, was court-martialied, | give op Prevoat position beat references 4 bet v Ne ete, And WER R STUOK FOOD, ?
MreTaltt, Mr. aud Mre, end Miles sponks he 8 yt has te a mane fore Tho rector. ‘addressing him, anids Well, [cag te fermia sia .
~_ Mewurrvey; Mrs. Frost, Mise Rochford, | provincial varie Maret pes to thelr i GL, for the second ise Mh 2 feat enence, i Pay eres ;
the Ninses Van Buren, Mise Wailn- | inonastery at Vunifries after a number of -eorewn veach Asgasd Feb, ly * tbe @.b da

. ight, the Mises Kiiton, Mosars | unsuccessful applications elsewheres He tala eee Fislag til tones the tres: B-rmuder $7 the asid Esriqae Prads aod


tanley Stone, G 0 | di i af well wi panwe. — Set

bu tan ley tones eorge wen Jowell, did net peo toh fF a pit sore werd te ree we e sald “How much would s teason Heary Albert bie deed there et tie Ati GUARANTEED ANALYSIS ;

Gero flee opreleerioa net wet tnd sersice, m Biawiog, where belt ne biore Bu THE sURB cog oe ae OT a tn 1c No. ik Be Orade Protein wae ee ne
et LAE ult Sea te tate eoieal ge ik | Zubap tera wining gender in HH CORB |vceisientcctemive mess) - Fam

Tae reception was held at Bank iie'efle himself of exapin ae aud-did ao by | und Casey, whose tb promoted forem a3 1s, per bo the 7th wa se of Replem ber Tell, beboeen eH wiraten (Se é o~

House,” Later io the afternoon Nr. process of wal log out of the ene day old, false picctated Bla pw ras Lain ‘3 White PI be boars 2 be Fe 7 3 (' ager Btaren) - "se

aod Mrs, pilcharde left by motor car | ant door. tine, behas wid Wy found 4 Saar ady happening visit the ron the 8 ne aad Bis ada thove Dhree several Made fi

for Hope Estate, Longdetivllle, where | atetterion wich estant Alliance | spore of tb is’ depertmontte eke ough Syrup. ects et ea of Oropoecbe ts the e from Nature's Parest “Products—Oorn,

the aren will bespent, Mra. by going roun tie coustey and telling fa & 0) "ans, mam," “ead Casey, siskad diz,4 THE ENGLISH PHARMACY ted a Telaided, the Flour, Cotton "Seed ‘Meal, a.

i aie Ror BAM ==



acne, two rods acd e abicen pe peel
abutting on tbe Norib v Crows: anda
ng pom ‘

lk i ae ® lards of the ss:
‘Gentlemen ! you'll be satisfied if witaies ae! Tree ede othe
yo wu = et yo wu r ee ge the Book apes ieada pon of
) BOOTS and SHOES fromus.. noes

partly cds of Mada:
Now Beginning.

USEFUL AT ALL TEMES, A'se thoes Fuar rie aoe of =

Add a “Singer aa

Mon's and Boys FOOTBALL Bots, COURT. SHOLS —in Glacé and Patent ta the Wont fy Gato Felaad To Your Family
1.44 and 81,68, Leather—72 cents, to $2.64, Sigb across woe roud aed twenty patches Circle

#7 leads of se jiecmades sad lende ia

rr) ta by owe JA Bingts Sewing sfechine La yoer hema is & ;
ms 80 naar is Batty heed seemogroae| BP evsutere aspen ye tubo
Men's ig , F o a Si ittanphe Wee winters S| Ben nretee mvers
4 ‘aro 00 ver witha feser
& Black & ce KELTIC BOOTS, 4+ Rained tantee eee! | Singer Sewing Machin
“+ . > U oo aa sd on he Noun by Thode enter your home to or nen out
go THAN WHICH NO BETTER & & Pe Bariod ad by lanes he) te’) eT ron
Yan i IS MADE 9 & dian ieeseectateviat sriear] f ~ereakse baa btepe
ir WA Stocked in Black: and Tan, Glacé, Box Calf # < inay el and ytd wae
- Pattea g & and Willow Calf, Buls, and Derby un 3 ete Aang eee He Teeth day
= BOOTS & SH no eae ite wneizonr
. ‘ ‘Al
bogarae mae Various Toos, rs ; BUY TAVU
See ee Sane eo Rast. de Tituria
Mit Ll HR’ Ss, earnce it | ta seen
beh, WATER ANSole Agen
. a we anes é porerst, Mrodorials steak
. «= &
. / ‘
, ; ‘ a id
. a a Rg ee ¥

“f/f ros ~~ ‘ YW roof \ em ” Fe TN ee REVERE eee Wah TE ARTE
\ . £ , .





. THE ee SrAiN aiigrtte suNDAy

AUGUST 27 toll



, Sky Blue, Birawberry, Grey, Fawn and Black,
Only 810.00 Each.


WITH fAseEL°—38.00 EACH,

bY GIRDLES—Aseorted Colors, 48¢c., 96c up.
$ COLE D SUNSHADES—61,44 Each.


fe: Le Moguet, Vineitor, Des Roses, Mi-Mens,





White & Gold Dinner Sets.



Cheaper Lines—98. OO up; Tea Seba 92.00,
318.00 ;“Dessert up — $6.90 to $90, 00, # “o 6

Chamber Sets—$2.00 te-$9.08,

Art Vases, Majolica Pots Hanging Lampe, Table Lazopa



: Moderate in Price, «


Call at Once or Send for Patterns,

w eb.

piephens Limited, Best House for Fresh Groceries.

to do Justice to all the Kings ‘ssubjecta, FRIENDLY S@ClET _SQCIETIES, due here from "Yenezuclan Torta Porta on or “The

HIGH-SLASS * without fear, or favour, affection or about 2nd Be September 11 amt, 1, proceedin Lanai Di
j n, P. J ei teeptien tg suave Into thle | Camorio IRiENDLY SOCtITTY, | Atmrerdem taking cargo, pasengers and wing et Seamer oi
matter and to right the wrong Ox Friday lest the Catholle Mriendly | m Lem A
to Mees | Society, of which Afr. J. K, Waithe piiss WILLEM LIL~ The _ Royal GARSTOON,—The aa, = Asante.

injustice, Las been one President, and Mr, S. fo Auguste fe Dateh Mall Steamer “Prine, Willams dus here from London via

candidates, and it has been aoue RIL is due here from Amsterd. 4
directly in the name and on lehalf of Secretary, celebrated lia 20th Anniver. r abowt palonne on
OFFER FOR SALE v= Oh | ip i the | Governor, although of course Sir |eaty: Inthe morning at 8o'clock # tne en's Beotembes [bit pecod ieee i

during which the rs and malls,

koows, we are ‘sure that His Excel- seption ont pl Tey. Father Mariana Princes ana New jrork taking cargo, pas
leucy can be trusted to act? and the Par i b Ped be
be rieh Pr west Very Rev, Father It. V. pi x8 VILLEM V.~The Royal Dutch

Paul H. tonmsas2 @00 ,

e La Hunte up to now knows | 2fteaa Cantata was celebrated at the nd care Cu o gers and malig,
Rece nt Arrivals. Bothlog of the matter, Now that he | Cathedral of the lnmaculate, Con: | Tasyen ia Cate, Cartan, Port-aae 4 : ambirg A tmaetle

result of the enquiry must inade Casey O. reached a ver . ,
. P, eloquent Steamer “Prins Wht v." am:
—— known to the public. | There Tatgeview land Jeckical vcrmone In the evening dae here from Venezuelan Parta on a ER WALD.~The aa “Nieder>
CEHIMEN'T: itt eres tre ew tee stoners for wich ver (aeoue ts genjite ts prrwousg | NU ral ihe Pema,
= We are in receipt of ano- prblighed elsewhere in this issues sees eay catiod oe at Anuterama taking cargo, passengers and | fF about August web, afters
ae | shipment of the well gursed by other experts who" b Ay, £2" | was “followed Uy supper, the’ Menu panilo, Havre and
' ‘ dorsed by other experts w' bein ‘splendid. ‘The usual ts aud ‘Pittxs WILLEM f, -The Royal Dufoh
Plingham/” a de B, White's” 8 and j Known seen the examination papers, nod i ‘Mre Ba ., The usual toasts ay Meil Steamer “Prias Willem 1” ta
| that’ fiads bluseelf in the position es were given and made, Among | dno here from Amsterdam via Paramaribo
“ Ferrocrete.” that either he ‘must admit that he fay {0% present wicea Very Rev, Pather | and Demerara on or about 25th September Steamers,
I aisbiately inonupeteat to hold the ex- | Sasey O PB, (Bpirituat Director of the ! 311, proceedingafterwards to Corupano, TRINIDAD SHIPPING &
amidation In question, or that be are ; Society), Rev. Father Gallagher OKs | Cammans, Guanta, La (uares, | Ho. ING CQya AGENTEC
ik i 9 ranged it so tbat, no candidates | Nitchet, W Charboneer¥ sy aa Riiand, | foreas Dvince vend) New: York tating raided Tine’ sj orepeda of the
rho Frregnt then themselves, however 1 talle, L. A. Brown, a ngere and malls, New York via Gronaiacs me ‘



seth hf a

BRI CES: aa At i
, | Bottted by Fvanrrsre Dupont ey Were. paar veeaitiy pase.) Ihe Bin ulneau, 0. Padmore, N. Le Blane, Quase NASSAU, ~The e Royal Dutch [ 1911 wad ta due to Arrive ‘thers outta
, i i Fi of the dilemma he desires to
ding: re & Grey stock. all the leading Grocers. himvelf,, but Jt hes to be one or the flared a slect programme to which j gtterwards to Paramarite, ” Tavre and | York dieting ec oe the ch
ternday mornin rok
3 berth be 1 have thought of the, Ju erat Tee Teratees a2 Kounkijke Wer do-
tfscing Mie “the arms of ibe. \tably dies Maildienst
han versary Bietelebration” was Sul
ed in topes Biel authority eet & Rteat success.” The statements of | Taw Rovst Durcn Mau -AGENTy HIPPING
law “1s disloyalty Lo both, sare dey for Paramaribo takiog cargo, a :
. °
PT ‘ BT BENEDICT FRIENOLY egereand matin |, 14 bee = oe a
nh GB 1 BEI EP, . CIETY, AMAMACUAs The sp. “Saran
. Maurimtarn, French ott ,

Friendly Soclety, « recreation club day at noon precisely direct f tor New York | 244) tona, 7 hours, Caru: arups saben

~~ ° thing arepowin season, no that "i bee uy Jors, Venex motor is Chae
HH add ock, Hake and Pollock, TORT UP-BPAIN itis me ss pelect [rut for Leer have teen ered opacs cond artados on ener ath “Seo, atin tons, 6 hours, Crlotolad Goton, teller. ‘

mails. passonger, To 8 her,
t THE EXAMINATION F OR SWORN fires away tole for $ eure will | thle offtz 4 The pe Jad a wonthiy couteibetive YOPPENAME.--Tho au. “ Coppename” pee

F England ao following benetite < tous, New York, 180 tons buske!
Bath Auguat, 1911 . to come. most desired, we Nia h tog, Peet A noos precisely direct tor New | iy tardoa, ( Bker coal,

: gust, ’ . Faxgasnic tricks before high heaven ghape . (a) ght = Behoal — Reading, York t xn SNE heen aod mails, Nafamaa,’ Dat ered Hersch

ed one who are
NN | a eued ia fit Py gD coutrol. pinched In neck at the stem end. (e) Sewing Claes and Faucy on Monday 23th September 1011, and witl | , ces Ly New Volon!
” clally is thie aes With omcialey About Belmont, nnd Bt James, pears, Hachine Work. leave the same dey ‘for Paramaribo taking “Gcheertay tou erase

Giueer pi, and N, Comma, Later Nalt Steamer “Oranje Nassau” is f september 10LL
1 other. Before he committed an indis. he members Upped the light Amsteniaai taking cargo, passengers and Anruat Il i ahd ‘s dng toartiye bere on?
BU EER: «| | Get the west _
vo ene fon. in, he was
xcel Hencye but we arecafcaid that,
chief thao he fatothe public heserves. ‘Assets and Liabilities for the {last six iN AROWLINE,—The as. “ Marow!
- ia due here from Paramaribo on Sicn.
E Newfoundland and Eng lish Cod. The Port-ol-Spalea Gazelle will be statted on Bunday, nex! jraualt jand a passongere
BUNDAY, Ziru AUGUST, 1011, v. This, Ike the Letter fier dase 1. Le will be open to all ee Ana eriil enve the same day direct for | OTEBH, Cuban star, a erolan, ou
led Mackerel and Herring, | — Ina Piety sean F
is due here from Paramaribo on Mon
7 are, we are told vo excellent authority, understand, ia that known aa © bottle Uranmar aud Arithmetic. “Marowljne® 1,043
the smaliest ete se of power gues te at prevent are peen hanglog brar ea Exhows
| Rer ieee Hee eiaetattccecaRs eine Our elation, ite td io ook ior gk trem Tue eee) Rae coe ae
as ere is so often Ie . . day 25th September 1vil, and will leay
Grenada, powessed conniderable nio- th Month! y * 1 ov Brit
Letween the Goverainent aud the [onvor trees aud te are informed the {ss indoor sud Ontioor Gamen Yor ing oatge Ree gee Dene: Gentes hardware 136 tons,


& Co., Bordeaux, On tale at cau choose for himeel! on which bore ii; the even bg Headley's String Hand | teeth bentember lt, pre On Ord ATAMACAS The sa, %Barscasâ„¢ of
cretion, or rather au fafustice of this [antastia toe till wee hours pf mails.
- ’ See he ably
-7T> Insist ON Duront’s, when an offictal of this ty tecloth.> execn 1 tb Now York—Paramertbo
Pctor Camus” and P. Y:=(In _Whiole rie ciety the annivera
and Ualf Firkin s hs, oh d trom New York di
° [GRELL & Co, Ltd, Brsswyeiuistiadlor “aieine lis Sec: yeatiiy comin” °°"? | on wt sett AIPA arta | Opens Be
AVOCADOES.- fa connection with Uhe St. Benedict tay Bith August 1911 and will ave next
Pears, raboca or oF avocado—all the September, st the Society's IL ° mt Ae, ined Selle ne” bo
mango and grape fruit has a beight the St. Denedic Friendly Soclety, New York, taking cargo passengers and lays, Ca ballast and
A Mh,
VINCENT BUILDING, & SURVEY YORS. find a Ta ta be of 6 conte, entities metnbers lo the day Nth September 1911 and will jeave OuaxonPaixen, Bits ater, Levid, 2206
souielimes pla: neck,” & rather long frult with (4), Plano Lesson, + MARE here trom New York direst | tous Demerars, St Be] pias trans oo
Pointed Not long “Erclutge of Bu day wae notiong distant when s buyer Grant and

ated Bngincer ip


the wheres
veya went out of bis way, to fosuit could gett get ot w there a dhuncred in

‘LepgatK, Sates
, Lamport & Holt Line Galt Port Jw) tans paster coal. By
pr vate surveyors {u au omicial re morte fine fruit’ for one. shilling. eae ae ‘Steamers wm oe, Grant apd Co, 7
Sitges Coy dines apd In the gb; baits eduys ve tay aueicn A FAMOUS PARA RUBBER IN Onotga He Aurrow & | Mat danzee Mi Sop, Clas, ¢
ce Of at -_

fight on the the euibject we are willing to jelaud 1 ee ba: roared TRINIDAD. “VST AAA The w-, 1 Voltalre” in due Ehoe Bae al Duaces 2t tons
officer Ia onc cevto Toe oficial wig ing Ju avy case we do not think that our ae have just had sent tousthroagh AbSst and will leave the tame day for Pha tc ‘obaya auger, sundry
that he 90 justly merited. But, people would be acting wiely {8 the post a Honanan pictoral card New York, via Barbados, taking cargo, | Oraxt, Cuban at

pPlantlug every seed they can lay hands whecbon is figured the eters weve tra® PAMONRars and walls. z Brest, 20

Ou tous,
fosedtied ty tana re bare go tuoi ty Uti grade tarltice cine, War) crete tha olor toe ghd 4 Froderick Toyland wee, bunker cosh By

by th b 3. Ai. Hatt told ue that, ref " Anca Corn
more brought nitnaelf before the The lato Mr J. i, Waa us thal, yeferenca at page dia” ita ea & “ompany Ltd wos Curran Brit schar, Challenor, 48
Marbados, sendry paws mdeq

prutlla by an ny an act of the t jujus- when visiting the ye city of Mexico some tra pated pamphie Rice lssued quite recently by er | tan Naw C pola ‘Co. Sed passungoes

wv ry was;uuch amu
in ble official capacity, two years apes he Tike size’ Of arocadoos records thats r he first planta were re:

and w ee in a special sense **vsived trom Kew la 187d Tbe ae ees "is . : ae
offered fur pele there, ea etuall‘and Ine, ew la and be, ie ye *
oe festive, ee ieee ay oat reply to te sigaificant were they, Mae ae any ie ations thong, iersitce tei cultiv, Peepers sa - ure TTS mY r
Riiade gw Ot wae a naar oteait Saracen taking canes eer DLOSIG OF MAILS.

Mr Suats attitude
article private surveyors in ag. ofil- Trinidad r t are informed that the ane in question ls

. the ont tt of t nail im, vith waren lus per j
4 tla} docuwent, nor hay he thougbt Ht _— the only one le tof te lot and th theme || No Thea meee “45 . Malls for Paramarito pers 6 “Marews

to auswee Mr, Gilhes’ chara, with 3 ‘ G Bast trom Li ) via Barbados on } ue“ will ta el
eee which powever we age bul at thle ae Hietarteal and garticulaiy vakos Ob alae th perc ber pes Barbados or lustant eta pms ated a Mond: Monday mth
ne uromen coucere wird te oh pec JHE ELECTING THEATRE: able, inasmuch that ét ie the nurviyal of wards to La (raalra, | lo and ay Bane
K his action, wid rexard to, tb ha Bpeent the “carllest and fret impurtation of Ie Curscno, taking carne, passengers and | , > ile for Carupanas Cumsna, Gaante, ‘
rete we should fancysto mula: | Today mill be shewn Telshazzar'y Yim should’ have big detuand’ for these Sele Navizaaiono’ | Lerten tines ty the Wins” Peder

: tain dhe same contemptuous silence. Feast in addition lo @ selection from care. Kew Gardens, London, ony for thse A tloce Navigaziono



Aleudrik” will Le closed on Monday tbe

“4 t after the fret the week's pictures, It le part af the who do sot know, ftiney be sald have bee ltsbana a rg | Wthinstant at 2 oclook pim, precise!
a ye Teele neta galled ts continua polley of the ‘management? te Jactiule the wedlusa througt, Which asefal planta Tux New Cotoniat Co Heglnration ¢ clones at Lau, iye
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