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, Ltd*
j. I'lil'.ltKIilOK STItKKT.
i Beat 1
Foot Ball
Several Styles
Men’s & Boys
^x.r, sizes
Triflidad Building and
Lias Association.
You Can Look
Best & Cheapest
= ako3bb. 11
Victoria Institute
Frederick Street,
Balance of Stock
«I» o
KSSw l fiii-WS etOJIE?
Gable,» Codes
Geo. B. McLean
rewei3ge Coitatofs
Half Price.
... »*,1<.™....»! DR. c- p- Cr^AJtliE
¡54 prodorlolt 8t “ '“,1* 1 ‘ “ “*

Tailors & Outüttor»,
Straw Hat
CENTS TO $1.4*.
The lost Peri
Thoso Biuyo’es aro Manubeta
They are Ni
Who Puixhoec the Parlt Out).

| Straw Ha
The Most Perl
Tlioso Bicyo'ca n>-o Mam|fag|M|
They are Nj
—BvitriiY—■’ ;
IKAo Purchase the Paris Osl+ "

.Dog Foods.
1. ALSTON & CO-Sale
A. Fine Assortment of
K'a/ Line of Ladies' Dress Costume
fi.INK.VS5 INCH AT l<- IT.It YAJtl).
It Hendersons
avidson & Todd,
room Suites.
Pin ixghoom suit es
, | saga
«« Wi ofAureisj.';
Oampioto Itüuso Furnlíhor*. '*21**»>”»■<■
cr.-stK i'j.ns¡ uw
Ex SB. “ Spheroid '
TOII] Onsi ‘ 3 Stv’ Saípbar Match’3.’
fflBmZ, St.
sM£r_ HE.
Pianoforto Txsroisos and Stud 1st.
Es s.s. Grenada.
30 Kp» OurtVR- .4
& !»* 2
6«2j..?&Vth «““V

Rocular $1.00 & 31.20 Goods to bo Cloarod «Oo,
Ladies' and Girl's Shoes from
Men's Boots and Shoes from
Girls’ Slippers from —
1 Shilling per pair li
5 Shillings por pair '
12 aonts per pair p
Men’s and Boy’s Felt Hats,;'osooo
o,„u, JJ M iwt-. « mu-WOKTil uoum t. SPECIAL WUOLSBAU LINE VOUIB'i 0!,M°fa?MSS2*'-,Bl'l
“ ' , mi IIATO-lil. D.KU. | «IMIM-»

w Hats,
to-date STYLES
, Champagne, Putty,
Mr and Old Rose,
s’ Crinolina Hats
Tailoring Department.
Pyjama Suits
is blue, riN£ wisjiutd wane,
Ever put on the Merkel.
Call and See Them.
Stephens. Ltd.
lon,Grant&Co. Ltd.
Recent Arrivals.
am," "J. R, Whites" am
" Fonocrcte."
Udine. Flro & Croystor
.jundland and English Cod.
—Jaddock, Hake and Pollock,
idled Mackerel and Haddock.
â– t and Foremost.

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Tee THB PontorspaIn cazeiin: saiuRDay.
pe Art Needlework Dept, BONANZA OUTRITTERS

) Bonanza WE KEEP 84 YOUR EYES



AUGUST 8 1911
Boot « Store

aa poal

- AIN — |


10, Rue-du Pacha,
Tunis, N, Af Ica,
July 26th 1912






«8 at altel \





‘ ts sabe ig 8





Orl, LAMP.

Burna Ordinary Oil.


‘ ~ Oost OF
' SPRING * UMBRELLAS | mone.surri arog. oc ‘, EQUALS BURNING =
r f d BFLE-CLOSING AND OPENING, Bonanza, P.0.S, 100 OneFarthing = j
6 . Deur Sirs,
. ‘ 9 Harris Suspenders. I think it due to you fo know thata pair | CANDLES, . Per Hour,
A&K TO SEE THEN,- 40c PAIR, ‘ brown eather slip ers 1 bought at your Store in —o--" Abeot tel 4
—— 05, and whie ave wort constantly In har ulely Do
Colgate's SHAVING CREAM TOBES dail i ‘bei A Farfect ager
: aD . y wear are still good, ard ‘Feing worn by me. } | . .
i a Broder Qualite Speolalo, spectaliies, {enavine PoWDRKEOAP hey wore indeed marvellous value. You may Fafo Lamp, No Fmell. |
‘ iN’ NUMBERS NO. 8 TO 80, recall tnat I was formerly Paptist Pastor at Princes ~~ ¥ an
a sit 7 ite. eo W %3 ° . . . * ‘uv Trim- ‘
gn Sao Ale She Mie ood Fem | White Handkerchiefs. Colrd. Handkerchiefs Yours sincerely, pring et gape
Féonnet Pour Guipure | WHOLESALE PRICES—35e DOZ UP, : (Revo) J. J. Cookery, mo anon )
ein §1X NUMBERS—zs TO 70,—White. KHAKI DRILLS. KHAKI DRILLS. — ray YoSbaduy Se KaSy TO
The above was received by Mailon the 15th inst., J under lamp Ra , LIGHT

Fo, 1 &kade—W holesale price, 16 cents.

Value 24c and 8%e: ew Designs Special


er’ IN 6 NUMBEKS—3 TO 70.—WHITE,

DLC. Instruction BOOKS,

mea every Class of Iadies Work ‘Ibe '‘Encyclopwiia of

and the original can be.scen 2t


7 Frederick Strect.

baneashir Insurance Uor

Neodlework— 48 OENTS,




than walignan

of thefr bringing the ple into cou-


Advices from Paris state that the
Lourre {a closet, and 00,detectives are
searching for the tulssing patnting, the
disappearance of which ia still anex-

lsined [tis conjectured that some
usaticadmirer touk it for constant
contempletion of the poitiait which
eujne value af one million pounds, al-
thongh it is practically priceless and
unsaleable | "She mowspaper ** L'Tlue
tration” offers a reward of fort
thousand fiance for its te'urn an

in thousand more if returned withlo
amonth, Several Deputics have ao-



$1.00 THE SUIT.



Fonds Exceed ...,£12,000,000

NSURANCES offctod against
DL” joes oF dawage by fire on
Buildings and contents of Ware-
houses, ( ficea, Shop, and Btoro
Premises, and Private Dwellings at
moderate prices!


In Firkins and Caser.,

2 Oleo Margarine—


uestion the

Tho French pewepapers

reasons asaigued for the «


of the British manoeuvres Nothing
authentle le known regarding the Ber-
Na conversations but the situation has


Whe Panama Telegraph Company


otly reached a deadlock.
{Freight for Tobago ard Ciudad Bolivar. I the Morcoco Qaestio re ween, Aug, 25th.
. vr. J,0, Sin e Doniuioa In

PFONDDE FAILING DATS, 1011, wnigtation Agent in London, is con-

ducting a tour of tweive Biitish News:
Peper Broprietors who are the fests
of the Government. IJlestates he ex.
pects to make a ofmilar tour with the
entire British House of Commensasa find
means of interesting the Motheland | quol

In Canada,



' gave






8 |

Mm or Gximanal July 8 July 16) Ju}

ye . le Jay 23 Ju!
ww Wavan amy Pa ed


op Gaanava| Aug. 15) al

. Aug. 231 Sept.
Mavaazg Bept. 5

a Sept, 12! Se

er Onawapa Rept.


Rise of West Indian Shipping

\y 16) daly

Londen, August 2oth,
The Amalgamatcd Society uf Rail-
way Servants has protested agalnst
Mr. Beales’ appolotment as the all-
way Companies’ representative on the
Stlke Commision; nevertheless it

will abide Y the agreement.

New York, Ang 25th.

Advices from Cape Hlth state that
ve American warebips and the
French crutecs “1)’atrees " are at that
port, and according to report will re-
jualg untl! the debt arreaty bave been
pals, It is expected that the National

nk will pay in order to avert the
seizure of the Customs


A Rio Janeiro despatch states that

Henhor Nodrigues, Director of the


Out woe aoe Be
Ow 1 Oct. £1) Oct. 27] Novy
Nov, 16

Oct a fe
Xov. t| Nov. | Nov. 2


The situation in London improves

Burertxna any Txabtna Co, L1n—New York and Trinklad} faster than fu Liverpool where a peti-

The Bonanza.

Hocialim ; they’are superficial rather | geou-Genoral, it eanvot but end in
but serious because | utter failure aud disaster.

You have already given such a full
ay well as excellent analysla and etl-
Licism of the famous despatch that I
almost feel it in supe!
to make even the least comment oa it.
What has struck me moat in this er-
childish at

sioners, & whitewas!

digging {ts headin the eand in onler
to escape its pa

throngh the despaxch it te diftcult to
conceive that it refers Wo the vame re-

sionera to the Governor and Legisla-

mentary expremious than did the five
members of the Cominieston in regard
to this matter, Suppresaio vert aud

tou in the heat of hla arguments found
handler to use than fits cumbe:
Latia paraphrase, would have carried

. “ 7 ‘. : ” om nounced theic intention to interpellate | part of paragraph
. ,Lwo Flags” and *;Qmnibus” Brands, PRONPT AND EQUITABLE SETILE- HNDEASHINTS id a 500. the eine eae oa pestis is mak suggestion iu the ee
mnie Walker” Whisky. cee ee nae ce | Sees careted eethe Mt | eangnasket al
: ° donts OF Toeme UNION SUIT $1 ‘pechape in the form of an ultiinatiun. | that gentlemen second ox
el Dutch Pils ener Be er 5 loyds quotes eight per cent agaluet | selves more strong
, . § - AT Sas ee en eee ee eer real
ivy» « THe Bonner, STE PHERS LMTD Geneva despatches announce (he | suggea‘io fatal are 8
slinidad Shipping & Trading Goupany Lita, | “= The Upon Onatra | Mesa ta ate Pe
Ny ng fi ng alnpany Mh ! pto-Date Outptters, erplaoation of his visit Is forthcoming. nished English wor

any greater weight,
thea’ that when there are distinct

mtoistratlon of his departinent—under
staffing of Ooluniel Mouspital, cntiing
down of necessary su
falog eervice by not
cles, the Becictary of btate finds the
report of the Commlsslopers entirey

he Commissioners recognize thelrown
Tam afraid, sir, [ am wandering
rom what otlginally induced me
‘write thie fetter, viz, & paragraph in
thu Lrilish Medica

little value ia pometimes attached

paragraph in question, (itatles mloe)s—


Groat Reduction in Gomi Utovesu,
No 6 Five Hole &toves...Now 8.00, Formerly $10.00

' do ...Now 1070 do £43.00
8 do «Now 12,00 do 314.00


expert advice in many parte of his res
ports he docs not do so when he comes
discuss Dr. Clare's condtct to
Dr. KE. de Verteuil, The facts of the
case were aufiiciently plain even toa
layman, Before concluding I might
say thatI ain [n cordlal agreement
withthe Heerctary of State's opinion
that an (hde) leo¢ medical mina
should have bern appointed on the
Oouwmission, This, 1 had Mr. Edltor,
privately advcested to you, even suge
esting the names of Simpeon and
Klein. ~Dr. Clare who protested
against many thingy never oid a
word agalnsl the nun-locludon uf a
medical man on the personel of the
Commission. Dr. Clare is no fool; he
knew this wae a card which might
rove awloning one later on pis ed.
hen it might have irretitevab y tot
to offer Dr, Clare «

hin the gaine.
ald tend far more

rflnous on my part

document is the very
mpte made to distort and
nifee the tindin

of the Commis-
Flog process which
xensible as the ostrich’s idea of

reuers. In reading

as that presented by the Commls-

ve batan exauiple,
reads: “there ta a
vera) re
that Dr.
e's conduct to Dr. de Veiteull
y bad faith.” Suggeation

1 do not think

ly in ano}

6 Council, To


am prepared
challenge which wa:
to clear his honour and integrity in
the eyes of all fa Trinidad save per
bapa. the dlotiuentiats” than aoy fiat
of State*f am nol, it
is true, in Trinidad, but I feel confident
that the medical service would be ready
to back up my challenge. 1
that one or more independent medical
naen elther from one of the neighbaur-
jug coloules or from Kugtaud be chosen
far the pur of judging the matter,
There would be aan of Inotitutiag
an enquiry$into all the charges be
fore the Commission (valess of course
De. Clare desired !25—¢ It would be
suficientto enquire lato «few of the
moet important, The full expenses
lkely ta ejpcurted pbould be feposit:
ae] i] perti a
loser bE stand the full cost. v Dr,

Clare le notia Trinidad Mr.
tale” Tight

oe ete toe “inf vet ballenge'I
pe \rllling to accept the challenge In

fMicisl te


emmselves to pailia-

tently nut suf:
Mtr SLarcourt. I
the stwple, plain, unvar
which Mr. Whar.
It is no wonder

Dr, Clare

eutions (and wore) that
guilt A serious faults io the ad-


lies, divorgan-
jog up vacau-


I am,

dear Slr, .
urable to Dr. Clare. 1 wouder if ours faithfully,
Fenvaxy L. pk VENTEUIL
Vancouver B.C.

The Queeo'y Park —Shamruck erichet

match which was started a few Cature
daye buck will te continued today

as quoted, o¢ rather, mle
by the Secretary of State?

Journal of June

(Supplemeot) which shows that
, even

in Eogtand, 10 the opluion of the, per- | uth Instant, Play commences at 2
waneut med. oficiala of the Go- | pm .precisely.

vernmeot. @i@mayiadd that apart ——= eens
from the Ariuy; Navy and Indlag Te» PRICES CURRENT. 3
partinen eon ov ernmey:

bartnienta that have permanent smedt: — .

cal officers are the dome ce ab

Loull Government Board, ere lathe une you*’® 4 Aug zoek

eis now a Blended Clears for

, es
were Bas nad s Dent Phone 184 “Se, Lloyd Georg ware L ~
renada} Booxrat Lnos, NcCoxnes & Co. Lip,—Denerara ; tiou has been made to the transport | Jornal io | Commerrag hae ,Uett thai Aehue lcen misled, that We has : ve Se) ‘
4 SS Senn —a_ —— * dtbe relostatement a the trauway lelro, representing the Goveroment De® advised b reone wholly un- f | Kllndried per bel 3.00 3.50
4 RT—F strikers. ‘The Chalrman of the tram: | and the Bank of Puri Ite Tumour, Scsualnted with the temper and eco- By orem awe gpa
. URNISHED e fl an American syndicate willacruit nowlc positioa of the inedlical profes. ‘ew Season's por ‘
e . ways hav reinstated sume strikers fhe tt van ey acqulhly wion and with the reasoue which com: teeny Mens por bri, 104 194/19:19}
HAYT-COLA” ELOUSH ! pnaluiy this tay beck thedection. | “RISE IN SHIPPING RaTEH, — | Pelle the Britlh Medical Auoclation, | SUOMI y,
2 G4, Qacen Street damelbly te # tnay, rah jhe ot iouk, a as one of the very tlist pieces uf bual- etaly, Ob per cont,
x o . , ton, sliikers are te | The Quelkc steaumwhip line announ- neg taken up after the reorganlation y .
â„¢ MAI at COCOMITS, cunning gradually, Lat at Swansea they | ces an incase in ita freight rales, for, in ue bo prypare aud iasue the report | 2aovele 8 per vent
Se ent ica slew fof tbe Gulf ceatrize im J saving seem, 3 hed ‘reeme, Jir- LIGH ART EXGRAVER, BXPEBT | are stilh Ms example five cents per tanet tothe ‘on contract pructle ta srhich he bas Paty Vaid Sisto
1 Gsbuy ‘end ous edicce, WATE LAID ON ord 'PDONE IN- JEWELRY BEPAJRER Kal AY COMPANIES Britieh West Indies io urder to recoup) “inure than once iefertrd, The orlginof |” Bog’ taland © . .
eT Carriage ltoad—Appiy 11 Tragerite Kor C—} HONK 5751 sib May. .. ° ab 7" LOSSE ; ituelf for the locrease pf wages througk that report was the profound div uxcfianux Us Tinvon:
e weve! ty of tbe allway fom [the Britlb strike. Begiuning next | vatisfaction of the profession with the Sixty Daye bight . S23 ety
pani¢s howe is nal ated by the Low Pinonth Amerikan shippers expect # | conditions uf contiact practloe, As] Sigh! . 4.80)
don a. axe " ieee. Company vf shiuilar incrense by other Hoes, the | the first step to the refum of what A.
report ¢ “ weeks lecrense belng Atlas ive having alrealy restored ite | was known Lo bea mischievous and {n- Telalded ter Ube ag-te
ope hundred a one ot bousen rates receutly reduced, The shippers | emelent ayatemi, the Assocation deter 8 VYERPOOL.
oO _ lee ie 10 e ea * 4 at the | will rales the prices ta consuniers, tb mined to gather information ae to ite Middiin, Upland be
five houeand, postead of m normal ta. | (ue tee? ete fiutitication for thy ‘extent. dhe relouraling blunder of Modluur Vive Sea Toland
e of slaty thousa: The at _ frefyblt advance which deemed ex- { tha medical advtscre of the Chancellur wr (l Nom. in
RICH A RDS oO N & S ELWAY sea trade stiike le helleved to ‘have cessive for the cause alleged. iM hoveinr ier teaeeate hector eer} re Three '
ai is
Tapiieaer owe ne erent] ses aes fiectiemeece| ets A)
. . AFPAIIG IN NEW BOUTH tem ued by the tretesae — .
Ss 7 wi “ee . "
NEW LOODE—RECHIV. D BY THE,MAIL yhirore, fgalutaln, order tn Suwth | A VOICE FROM VANOOUVER. | tondel, ‘To thie nutter the Chancelioc | Demerara Cryatale ;
aceurred at Hargoed and eleewbere | 70 (he Filton of the Portef-spasn | of the Exchequer wes not advised by ancovado Floating
—lacepine— Sewbh spokesmen take the least arn: ooh tha leadare at the profesetan,. either 2 owt 18
BOMB LOVELY HAT sattopal \lew Of the outbreak, ‘attrh ~~ thowe who Vead the Biltish Medical German Vioet, 8 per cenk
% tailing them to Hooligans rather than] Dear ob, 1 was not iy wtoution | Absoclatiogn or those wha lead the | fet Hamburg p owt,
. . : to Jew haters. 2 toway anything f on the Clare grec the tho Klagdome They ava, 06 per cent for Or
Wasilixd Diese GooDe, THE “TIMES” ON ‘THE — | controversy bn short note f | Were not congilted, | We are driven |, ders FL. por ow
* an
UFNT® TIES, NEGLIGE SHIRT, Toe Te AON ay ary the | Ebave taken a Leellog fart te this | Uy the permanent seul of | aiigress per gallon.
twas of the meulwrdinats ductri uestiou, It We ratber difterlt when one | Sher Sepert manta of the Covernnan |” Trinkded Good Mid.
. aloe pivesbed by the half-baked {oteil. Buy miles away to contioue tu take for the ri treble tiles” Heal de Pipe Nag ver ‘
‘ we eucee which are the moutbpleres of | ap active part in It. w! rae war be vorree NK LANE. .
RICHARDSON AND SELWAY |. ~"*%,. k taedieal sureke ta idvea ue suuue foretacte of the x Hale 3
, me OS ! te it uever was bvfore, being throats ) Of futate that sroubl Le (o store for the | 0 i" Pr
PORRONSPAIN & PRINCES TOWN - t sad vith De. | Bie Sootrol uf « suadieat bureuueneey: | 0 :
. . Helleway's Corn ja] of ‘6 oekd T think the an fa
ur wart % te wt hs poueral die- J cluer tu wake 16 wath w! .
. te cooey out wake “tow aad reroll. It Th. Clase | Thu te dp pe t q
wt ates 7 ple Wa pentane Lee obllie of Suge 4 Chadd man Of s

ed ¥

r 2


‘om # oT

\ Brteg ming
drawing and diving roums, ¢ cots aad
cee diesisg room, frout and back ga’-
Jerlos end uscal out offices For partica-
Jars please apply to GO. A. Duaitr, No, 6
Br, Fraaeote Valley, Beimons —Aagnss

OS tpn
FOR BENT — Hogse “ Nivoo Vite"

withle a stone's throw of Salat Augas-
Une Ratwey Pitatise, Loesl traine sat-
aiogatithe time. At preset oooupied by
Mie Philipa, who bae lived there for
upwards of three years and is vacillog its
oa account of hur lesving for Kogtand.
Lomediate sion, Ca rvernwent water
sapply and pewarage.— Apply to U
Rav Avetix, 65, Marwe &qoste—
Ang. !

we fat


Y with faepo

Fes Tcoon etabien

ete, etc, No, 2 St

8 Vi Belmont. 5

Talautes from the Oar, Poasvsaion Let

phe Apply to 8, Fark gtreet,— Aa,

That fine Oocoa Plactation oslled


situate at San Coco in the
Ward of Montserrat (about
4 miles from the Tabaquite
Railway Station) comprisin
two parcels of land of 65 an
47 ~acres yespectively con-
tailing approximately 27,000
fall bearing Cocoa trees with
two large Cocca houses and
one dwelling house.

A Cash Purchaser will make a
Fine Bargala.

Aroly to JOSEPIE LUMO at Bsn Coco
Montasrrat Ward or RUGINALD
EDWARDS, Na. 33 St. Vioceud
Street, Port-o f Spain--Auguet i5th


TECE of LAND ab Gaspszes, Island,

aciog Noth, with e five Boy. Sp oa

did view uf the Bocie aud sar o1sding

MALL vacant LOT OF LAND ~corner

of New Street ard Borde S rect, niae

the Savannah, Very coal and quiet spot.

V Borde Street—Large jot small price,

QuaLt COTTAGE—N>. 42 Dendonsld

QU RENI—-Tpet comtotarie Ust-
tegela Bt. Joseph opposite the parade
od eavacoah oa Meracaa Kuad near
Cathallo Coarch with 4 bedrooms,
droog room, Jarge guilerica, drawis:
room, dising room, psotry, the asael
out-vifices with stadies ana W.c.—-Heot
pe Apply to GEROLD 3 S.HEKER,
me Gp Ang 18—8 tor,
Wee RENT. —~" Belle Vue,” Polat
Hf Goudre. Best situation, Higbt
o te to Carrera Island. A bine
» House furolshed throughout,
contains Lrewiag and Dicing rooms,
B bedrooms, gallery, ** Look Out.” &o,
Plenty of waver. Apply to 45, Queen
trew. —tth Auguit, Ivil. ia,
oe REN l.— fbree Uttices in Ricb-
mond Street, No. 9, Immediate

on. Auguet 4.1m. e
ry h—No. J Cipriant Boale
ward, containlog drawing dining
1d buc

aod 3 bedrooms, wich front an
lJaries, pauiry aod usual out-oflices,

goluding, stables and carriage boute, btreot—- 30, incladiog fend,
Liectrio Hight add sewerege Toetalled. Apply t4 an,
fomediate porseasion, Apply to Taylor Mr KM. T. PRIZG AL,

é& Gillies No. 5, Hichmond Street.— Bolicteor.
August 4—I0. ae

POR RENT nies aod Semple i

frome and rooms tera | WANTED

Furniture, over
Gevoery the corner of Frederick and

Queen bireets For particulars apply FOR

to Oanvlog & Company The Caledo-

donlan Urucery August 21m, Guanoco, Venezuela,
Jo RENI—Vely Varotbed — 1

Jeo RENT orechog ale tor sue’ Health aoor

whipt can easily be ubtelaed pb:
outa Cras a thet lovel: 7 ee
building Kaows i “Vera
scoommedetian for family, MMghly re-
ecu mesded by those who 7 eLtners
{4 fan and Untils,e Licuse, ett,
¢ drive trou ibe ed: 10 mloates
drive from SsaJuea Raeliway Bration.
Loreig gordon of roxs and Sowers, pie
tore, sliver rnoning through the property,
Auywe desitovs of inspecting wih a view
*yrerting nan apply to Cua, J, Dacre’
45 Maloe 2 Tossession immedi
ateysaly 27.b—im,

we EO eee
Fitters and Machinists
Apply wWonee with testimonials to

2u, Bt, Viacent St, (upetatcs.)
Avguet 22rd, 1911.—l.


WANTED—Ledy & Gentleman require
. good buard residence (n suburbs
or country, 2 medium sized roome or
one large and one small, and bath-
room. apply ta Gaselle,—Sug. ub
mi Ww,

\ ANIED In a good and cool
locahty a Dweling Ilouse con:
talning 3 bedroowe, drawing and din-
lng room, etc., etc, Rent ¥0 to #35
emonth. Apply 'X'e/o * Port-of-
jaxette” ottice ~Aug, 2ith «lw.
WYANT EO Fecuale Butler. Saal
' faunily, English, Cook and an-
otber keph

No. 2 8¢ Somes Huad, facieg St James
Harcacke | every, cowvenionce ir i letce
awi y, acevente’ room, panty, Hob

bath, ete, Very lerge "lable ZSommodat
Ben, and large plut planted in guinos
grb, Water and Biveule tervio, For
olber par ra apply to the Kogtish
Bokery. &) Park Bergen) wy 2 be

For Sale or Ront

F terme. large building (with slz
te of land attached) et Tuna nos

Apply between @ end 10

Sioa, Cau be ueed asa eb @my, to Fredarlok Btreet.-Augt.

tuaton. Apply Ww the “Trinidad af. °

Bullding and Loan Assolation, — ee eee

Augusy 22 —2w, —

Ki rechdence at Se, Joep’ (on ev A BOOK.

foreesly of the Ns. Anatatia Estate) oon»

jog @ bed toome 3 dreesing roums

‘awipg and aod dicing room, with
wallery 20 inet wide oa 3 aides, serven a
come wables, carriege boves and vs sa)
out ofticeamacretge 2--Tive minetse walk
few Carepe Niation—Water feild or,
Beautifal view of serroundiog socetry and
sierlour, Arply to A, G. AuosTiNt,
Colonial Tressury—Jealy 2—]m,


ors ANB LAND at No. 77 00d 29,

————— } oe

Subject of the moment--nuw
flex through the press in


British Wost Iodies

es .


To the United States,

ayn Bev, Corbssux Toen,
or O, Curussar rt} Ne, HM. AO te
alere’a, Sricivos, Qe 0 Breet,



Unly One 14 HP, 4 Boated Touring Auction Sale.
Motor Car x leotrestions of te Esocutors ayder

Mendes ibe sodeselgned wit Rei feronsty

Aree at tac

STITED with maguetioiguits 5
Pinita with bod: wed screen lan pe.
tooleet = otendiog purchasers given

hiee trial, day of Aw. 191
1 or further particulars and 2 pee ® lolloatoe renee ot '

i. Tre Poss (
aituvte ead Nediteh Nt et
piogham Avenue
3 Theempty lot of lard sftnate et the
comer of Hoery aud New Street,
2 ohital Sila.
ae wodiy, raret
scevs! lead more oP tess nial é
the Villege of Liroa, and cog
faloluteg plied sod ell, Tae owas
gn t$ ibe tewatoivg ball are w!sisg
te. fata in Geeureyeace $y 8 puis

* b gOnN acu,



duly 2éth.<1m,

For Sale:
eons Q manne .
103 Duke Street,
(Corner of Duke and Penbroke Stn)

LY 70
duly ADbelw, Bi th Wau, Avy telx,

wpwmexcrase| FOR SALE. |





minute nalish ‘rclentiste clalma to
have obtained a gilupes of a man's

The factory began turning out the
remainder of the necessary X-ray ap-

pliances for the wonderful search
and within a short one oO!
the freshmen of the University of
Pennsylvania will be before the X-ray
while a number of the leading scren-
tists of Philadeiphis search bis anato-
any for the * human aura.” .

6 attempt will neet with loter-
national approval as Philadeiphie is
accretited with being the lead! ng city
Inthe prodoction of results with the
X-reys. There are more X-ray speciale
ate in Philadelphia than fa any city la
the world.

De. Saook, when seen regarding the
propoeed attempt, laughed and re-
usarked rather sarcastically +

“We fear that Dr. O'Donnell of
Chicago, who claims he has sven the
soul, bas been fooling himself. sull
we will witbhold our judgment uotil
after we have mate a faithtul investi-

ation, for we cau secure instruments

u Philadelphia which are not produced

an unbelleving attitude
that the local eclontiots will begin their
work, Bothof the men diectly in-
terested and other scientists who will
geslet are of the opidion that sone ray
of light, some scientific phepomenca
or owe slighty unheard of physical
attribute of the buman bedy, has
been detected and taken for the soul.

When the apparatus for the expert.
went has beeu prepared, Dr. Le
speed and Mr. Snook will shut them
selves ttpin one of the laboratories of
the University of Peousylvania with a

inent that the “attra” cau actually
seco. H€ they succeed In seeing that

which the Englishoaa and Dr. U'Don-

nell declare they saw, thea the expert-
ment will be pushod to a determina-

tion, which will settle for the vevent a
Tho second slage of the weight

leaves the iy ad ye e
"this Ls claimed to be the time when it

is wost visible as it
pletely separated from the phyvical


Auctioneers, Valuers, Eetats
and Accountants,
aera OE LOCO

poor SALE— Tunapuca.— A House
and one lot of Laud. Houre nearly
new. and io good condition, situated
at the corner of Fairleigh and Shelly

Wilt be sold at about bail
cost. Apply to WARD PAICE & Co.,
vo Frederick Street, Port-of-Spain.—
august 2ith—lew,

Galo this Day,

Auguat 26 b,

yearo PRICE & CO, have rem Ived ja-
Buactions to self by auc ion at thelr
Sile ltsome, about forty pare bred Piy>
mou'h Rocks, These are alaost gall im-
pxted birds, ond Pooltry-keepers will
ves goot spportusity to introduce new
blond inte thelr stock.

There will be also be offered —2 Incn-
bators. G0 egg size, Buckeye make, aad
a quantity of grit Oyster Shell, ground
ready for vee, io Various slsse,

Baleay lweiock prciae'y,

Farther entries solicwod.a= Aag. 2204,



For Sale.

OOTOA UGTATH wf BU sores at
Talpwro—contetsing 4,(UU trees aad
ahwut 2,(UU jn coatrectors benie, weil
welerod aud euod care roid taf, Par:
ch oor can eauty enlarge the Estate, No
rersunsble cit 4 sefuses.
Tarther tloulare from WaARp Price
&Co., a Veedlerick Sxcer,cPors of Nyala,

a—Auaure 15th IL,
AO8 MENT= N ale

verd, cootaiulog 4 edroome,
ception rvome, gsllery, bath, etc,

rps MONASTERY, Pembroke St,

—A commodious familly residence
fn good posiilon, Further pariicatare
and orders to view from WARD
PRICK & CU., 2 Frederick 4 reet. -
August Vh—lu.


LEASE tike orice that I bave
A thieda, bought over the Btock-la-
‘Arede snd Hook Debts of the Business
carned oo by WO LEX situated at the
Joveiion of Sister Mord and B-otbere
Hettleweo} fa ike Ward cf Sevaons
Grande Nov.b, aod also further take

ali d
WoL aR ite tote pid oun
Heb Aug, WIb—de -



Santa Rosa Races.

; "4 gt, DARA athe anne eS * ,
Br pora “"" ARANDE LINES.
ES a


Srictal. | +
Port-of-Spain Depart | 820 A.M | 1125 am.) 11S Pe 523 Py
San ot Spal . per SAL a ELLG go EDO as 2 BBS te
Bt. Joseph o * Bie gg | IMT oe | 18S oe TR on
‘Lunapuoa o ” 853 ve | 1150 Lit on ("SI on
Tacarigua os ° GOL ow | 1156 150 5.53 on
Arouca we - p | 12.02 PM, 166 os 612 vs
Dabadie oe ” Ohh oo ft . 203, » (“ew
Arima vo Arrive.) 917 oe Wt | BOS ve POM
Do, be —Depart...f “B22 ou AL. oe 617
QGuanapo on oo OS io 223 ow 623
Cumuto ane D4t ons 233) ow 630
Guaico — we eo Obs oy 248 ” 680
Sangre Grande... —Arrive..| 9.58 24T ow 683 wn


Port of-Spalo

out. A midday Passougor Traia wilt also be ran on the Tabequite

Lino, connecting with the Down -anl,Up-Main-Liue md-day
ernst Vommon gyre] ralus eer ee
© Return Tickets of all classes will bo available
following Monday as usu d. -

On Friday and Saturday, thero will be no Gools Train on the
Bangrs Grande line, tut Goods Trains will be :
Forwands, Yabaquite, and Princes Towa lines. rua as usuist on the Fag

Acting General Manager,

Mw soem ay .

trou Friday till the

Port-or-S rain,
Jith August, 1911,





: size of a locomotive Hash



Have secared GOLD MEDALS of the highest awards wh:
Hove pecared GUL a wherever they have been
the Sains ta n'y Cid aks Hitindee tee awarded a certificate of hoaour
Je ae a do'a Cigws and Cigarettes are for amokers of culture and diacerotog taste
@ Workmanship and blending of MACHADO'S CIGARS & CIGAKETTES

annot be excelled oF * B

. en


Le Ca melia—Gl, Queen Street,
ene a bere Haciclopadiva, wibtgn fie reeiyir on talitasee anes de tos
ata tela tow i real fi 7,Dictlonario Coutpicta pot erie Batra, me one
bata 40) eneral, con ¢ HAN Eto ds, articuloy aw t09 dicciouarion Uxualen, focludito
LITEWA CURA: Uldinas obras reclindas nove ee aia Colldad ¢L,

low Autorey—viz. daigari, Fevat, Co: Thos ee cted | y, Morales THE
Brow. nora © Callas, Itivouant Bilteattes Helo ae ms, Dade Walter | Te. ce
Ik Culecrion completa de Hoambole, 32 tomes eu 6° i. 30) pagi WH i iWest
proalmamente ¢a rustica cleganto fa colocuu: suupleta por §L 80, on ane uo ui


Augastilth wit. 61, Queen btreet,

MANTA ISABELLA BSTATE altaatedd Oy the Wand
S ANTA BAATIEN Of Manzanilla ecanpetads
Fie at ed ae ith Caicedo meaire Grande bation aad ¢ talie from


. | Wins





erga astm at

Over 9,000,000 Fé

White Pine & Pitch Pine ¥

‘| Friday and Saturday, Soptember Ist & 2nd, 101 LUMBER
my ep Received within the last Six Weeks.

We offer the


Spectat, 1 Original Bottling of the 3:
Bavgre Grande Depaite| 632 Am, | 1045 An | 38d 1.0, e ral Sweets at aod 10
Guaice oe 35 gy | 1089 op | 232 ‘ ]
Cumuto ” 1103 345

Above as usual

ey -





mopertal and Eoyal Court Cellee
¥ pes bot, Aleo—Niepoort & Uo

Corner Quecn & Fredori


xcellenté, Duque, Marquez, Kepecisl-

dk he}






avs Fhawmaeacy Belmont, & the reveal
Fharscaocy, opposite Wash House BE


3f you contemplate being engigad, or if you koow



who iq ongaze!, you should n ot forget,

DERHYLE Us, 3, nus

Money refunded if q

Once a Rayo
always one




THEamous. .


sithe ordinary and Local Wook Vay Vassonge: Trains will run as Gittens’,Carriago Fad
usual, excep, that on Friday tho 635 p.m. Dowa Local and the .* is
7.12 p.m Up Local will run 15 minutes later than, usual through- TRAGARETE ROAD. wpoas

10 CENTS, «i


Ton't ordor from a crtalogue which shows a picture of a D
light and only get. a mare lide
uality is not ag gtarantead. -


’ ns :
Lame 13, 6


Nickel-Plated over aolid Mirans, sud

t not at your dealers call or write


Provision: Coes ‘@

No 4 Henry £&

ou of

Oultivetion as follows :— talle from u a
mer, Meshag Trove, Halt Trees, Quarter Trees, itlocks A FIRST CLASS TABLE WATER. Buy TAV
Usutractors over 3 years Lelie you bet W | Heommonded by Medical auth Boot Pa
Ovutractors wider 3 ycara “ 1 1 y cal authorities | THE MODERN
Sota aL ‘Var —— al , TOR Baa want. do Khel!
Tiara ala 0 Caonut Tee ite gush ad beslg, Schjolsoth & Holler, | 7! oheneiitas-tol
’ Houses WV x 13 drylng space Aupust ste 4. A WATE ‘
Preot Motes woutaiaing § cheaters to hold 27 bela exc, MON -_ || May sith ém,
dings volved ev $1.00 Estimated Crop for tv eto) E ne font et Spal Sea
art IIL, S10 to 220 . 0 FORT tS PA eed
perchance emer HORE, | ANTES Taag es tt Caer cel a
Dd, LLLIZI, , bt SS 1p i:
{eh + D, 6, &c TMNivap Loax co. § + anne TP a, %, ve - r
Sovdelee 0%) BEBO *
aos . ‘ ors .

ee a bite


— Se ag. ert AH . *
Se eg Tae "


cm Ape etm ot ERA it gener ten iid RAE tegen nag em ieee LGR tan nt NTN pang ep tapes mnage-semenuapeintpapeaeiann = A Teal e
Any willl’ break and tha preeent porta ne oft eater the peopia bt these animals are pene
Voine f

any REPLACES OLD FUME Ta lato Dr Falnaee jeer et uate tee Meat | he ey oat
- wig -

r 6 ba p bast dane all Ubings well.” ; old Gran |
‘ THE E UNERAL.. During the ‘service the choir eang usefol coco ee arhornton we Einar of the ipaseng crowde af the

of summer, hesause the loo 1

MON PCE “ Bence, perfect Peace. pelos devel tton | thoroughfareet the flying dnst thal
. THE Me AL x PAST WILL AND TESTAMENT... pore oo mivitivelions. ql eiepit bespoke tbe cebroathet ~ screeching
MIG ABT WHE AND THNTA. | ane Reece Sot gor fag) Gabe nate tn wtf Serie porta of Sg oe
“ sppyinte hia sun Iobers Ay, ae ade lint has been | Sol having a prolonged oullng. Then

en . "eta, | earn that a bigh grade lin au ing.
furneasivi senyices at prince { ftderick W. Frawe, of Tit | recently obtained in ‘Tyinktad at St, was a born Tn the ice market, and
cHpRe _TicTow. orl aside one halt tbe estate seeepting | ANS BAe ea ee oe hat Lue ) brew a the sugarcane for the refresh:
fe take the followtog from the] Falcnner’te spotted Ia {rewet trom {outlodk for thie particular kind ts lng pleasures cf a temon squash, Klee
“ Nova Scotlan t= aaine (or life and the eum of $1,000 Sery hopeful, New Grange, an adjoin- | t one ririeked merrl round t
The funeral of the late Rev. Dr, ( which ls hequcathed to her absolutely, | Ing’ estate lo Old Grange has gove to busy of cen wee ote of | oe neteu
Faleoner took place ‘Thursday afters | The remaining half of the estate gv for. the growth of eolton also sad x ment a tn the Magtotrate ee es, eyen
Pistons to the new cometery, Ae the | 10, fis daughter, Jean al eee way on other estates. Sturdy, | at the choice niterances fo an obsorny’

by aw
ee anced aera

Pictou, to the new cemetery. As the L
aoe * , : body wae taken into the ¢ urch, Bie. gpner, together with Heat en rea th, | well-bred ponted are reared at vow language ce suddenly, dre
Rags Abe tno ceganine, Bice Dinyers Pend whe | Ht, LAbrary, te Tnfe to, le am ei aad) Une cabmina of Ban Fernando | of the © boak,« Pens
se Nialocin Laxative for cholt rendered the anthem “ Blessed Robert Ay and Jenne te 5200 to ita | are partial, we belleve, to the Tobago | irtesponsive to his flogerlng 5 perspire
are the Dead,” by Dudley Hack, after of Itobert ay for hie docile, willing nature | ing lawyers m thelr ¥
CHRONIO CONSLIPATION, BILIVUSNESS DIZZINESS, NAUSEA ndeon, James Gilbert, son fe ‘ habltyea aweeome pre
HEADACHES, BAD BREDTH. Tioging thefonrecatt Pealsh peicenion | raconers The value of the eetate Ie | Toles eee et vanicep acrou the | mises wonwed ineic hate about to Coo | NT, “His nedinaal
= oo So ‘ =" The Lord Is my shepherd." tetlmated af $10.00 country making conditions for liviog | tke burnings of their fevered brows. Foren hentia Aare
Superiorit of Nialocin Laxative over] Rev Dr, Mobertson, of’ Toronto, i Sgrecablein those districts which gu} and still the saucepan face of fery Old !
. y . . reat aaacripture lesson Psalm 91, and SAWDY POINT TOBACO to make up Sandy Point. The Hat of } Sol flared brazenly over the devoted | 1.407
, Old Time Purgatives I, Corlathians XV, after which pray- ANN . the Bays from rborough to Piye clty of Portof-Npain,
It contal Habit-Formiog Drugs. Hlopere ot fialiter, @™" AP4200 1 ante portion of the and asunder | poulh are te Seatberengh soe aldoal) | Truly,’ts hard to please the world.
ontains no Habit-Morming Lrugs. iter. George 8. Carson, Filitor of the | Stood lu the present article, $y compar Pow da the beach. Anchenskench | or to ba more correct, the prople in it F iton for s
It does not cause pain or griping . Presbyterian Witness, 80 long aud [tively Hatand is washed on thtee | eons shipping bay aometimes. | This fe an old eaylog that haa not lost } Sonu h
Ja is absolutely saf pine intimately connected with the deceas- | thlew hy the sea and bordered with | Rigwyn--A small shipplog bay, Sil | tke potency with Ume, and even Magic | town ie pore ta” Meeg
gs is a 80 ulely sale, ed, paid a touching tribute to themmemo- long stretches of fino white sand, reefs, ford — Shipping bay. o coastal? trates confirms ita’ truthfulness ae the While Ie his aa
{t is suitabla for young and old ry of the goodinan, Sr, Carson spoke | shallows, and bays. Practically It fe | eamer the “Spey” calla weekly, | following will prove. On Tuesday last | that city be
: 3 fan ‘ 7 der memories conn © Thornton's Cotton Belt” at mid-day the little Goutland)= | an elderly man, whose lean physiqu | Bovee of “a very ay
1 Jatable—Child b lik ad of tender m nnested with ML Irvine (of the | y i. who natural
tis palalabie iidren eat iflike Candy, =| his long asvoclation with Dr-Falconer, | the ma iefelt, pretty hotly by the | shipping bay, * Spey.” calla weekly, hand unkempt palr told thelr owt | coe aad
It ia powerful and effective for Chronic Vonstipation | having tratinade bie ssquaintauce ts | Ertl. as hy rides along on horee back. | ZtePolmnon! Macchivesl Brows, ov | pathetlatele. nes hired ron | hed blot Licked
It produces a natural action, +t [They had passed through dany =“ Iermdnse otunbers o cononut trees ping bey ‘now usad aa a fishing ove. | cents worth of cakes, He had bees Aunday morni et
«t.leaves no bad fter-Effect, varied experiences together, as Vastore | 1AN? Whi, plan Aly array ho pie dow Ptymouth-A splendid shipping bay. | seen to take the toothsome pastry | turned to his paren:
wf = ofsiater churches and during these ob, roug y. erethy and ro. | The * Spey” calls weekly. The longest | from a yeador’s tray and had comfort: | family.” Whee he col
SR ek Giaweantas Oonsti pm tiom many years never a shadow of die | At eanie ten tnlles Ia length aod pro | giver (Courland) In Tobago empties | ably enjoyed it in the sylvan surround. the cause of hie be pally
CHRON powttonately wide, The finest coconut | (tir ler. Ibis also ating bay. | Inge of Branswick Square He wat | hin beck eo are ee

- NN ORGANSRVEN THE BRAIN , toawihe & had A irleen, ‘Those who propertivs, undoubtedly, are to be met “— fore convicted, thie belng hk
. hearted he was and how ae ee here if we take the survey from Low. ~ yberefe conviction for sleallar ‘offence:
Price One Shilling, tender his sympathies, Ils greatness | [ands on the south-ea-t to Crown Point OCCASIONAL NOTES. daring a comparatively short period.
the Inter-Amirloza Drag & Tradiog Co, 131-192, Pearl St. Haw York | ley {a ble strength and firmoese of | Deron Toll al Clyne * “Why have you startal to. etcal
Smith Theso products roay be obtained wholes ile aad retail from Me ars piney aievaben tae ots Rane ao aware of Me, Habert, Hell's property [By a Srrouten.] ro Inte, in life, | old man F” sakes he goes to drall fr to aad
mit rothers & Compino The Rovanzs Urug Stores and all the | assuming, he was never known toss 6 o another part but, a! 1 1 ly was * a smnile both childlike various one
pany. gz Sto In hfs | things considered, andy tro The tremulous faleetlo of Busey | ond bland Tf cannot vouch for thr sack Sie Foe

. int ia the
, leading t barmacies throughout the {slaud. au unkind worl of anyone. Loomis awoke the sleeping echoes of | #5: Nn
ns c B th preachings he was evangelical, neyer | Coconut region. Thousands have been | om ny unre during the tallight old mene thoughts s tad ne no fellow feart collage rs
— for hours bee vein the high r

-~ . To wandering from the cross of Christ. | Plasted within recent years and it is f Wednesday las
Dr. Falconer will never be forgotten | Prestmed that others are being pot in hours been teaeekatt u th of tender years Tam almioni
> 4 ly warbling the [| # you yoars 4 nenck, agou'
renuletly” to the present time, so that old famifar Anglican tune for travel. | certafo that the Magistrate's questior aooee ‘ old,
been worded to sult the | he tived, had

ju the Vresbyterian church from ooean Tinn ahoiter or longer period the com
ocean, nor in this church and town * would have
plinent of bearlog trees will by eub- | lerson the waste of waters, and an situation : ** Why have you started tc | Deora aati se

aslong as this generation remained she trillad out the fervent (mploration
whe ad been brought tute touch vantlally fgniated b Pea ler those ja perit 5, the sea,” gical so early dies eee tee two ebillings! It
spoken of as the luigest coconut pro- | liked Carona venity of a’ dying | period in whicha inan can become @ tou hal gone w oy

Prayer was offered by Kev. John .
“ DD. 3 dueling property at the present | with the rapt serenity of a dy!
* Ferret pp rf Halifar, “after, whiclt taonmeate t Ouner estates erese Auch. awa, A pe remaa an beat who had decentrobber without fear of reproach us that w
A} Peace," a favourite of Dr Falcover'a enskench (Me. 8. Franco) Buceoo ea en ering ‘ inte . 1 he turned {nla a “ pape | a
Ef wasating, Rev. Robert Cumming of | (fhe Phillipe famity), Bon Accord (Mr. | NOY ie net mo at a Ihe iat er ! HAVE WAITED, 7eloped boots lites ae
Westville pronounced the henediction. | tk B Hamilton). Black Rock (Bea plea fort ose tay peril oa t ey ghity —a s moukey's and patshes.¢ “
To the solemn straion of the Dead | 846 Proprietors} Comland (Mr. 8 | teers approac A © singer aod ae! 4 A PRITICISN tha body, each
March tn Saul the congregation view- etd grr é aint {The Crooks for a Merhoitene was gusanerep'y; + MAUPAMSANT. * fount in ck page
y jen Grove (Dey uth | Gat. de debbii have gotted: “a Every now ‘ind agala some loca | Would have

ed forthe last time the face of the

Grafton (Mr, 1 8, Heid, resents
pastor they had loved ( ove (Ie! dl fren’? Well, Dr. Clave, poor soul. ts] writer, anxious to increase the list of pthe en
on! it

Many beaut!(ul floral embl tive), Lowlands ald Cove (belonged to . >
reeled from filends ia Halifwe and | Nf Reever Blakely up to recently) ou de Magderleau comin’, an’ I know | guthors, comes forward with « book. wou
Pictou, The pall-bearers weve James Kew n (ate, Gs dates), New Grange Gloveeo'l say Deo elt © bond and which he bold] PMivertises as a novel hols, pe ga, feds
J . , «© Goodin, ran, ‘. .
Yorston, Rev. W. W. McNairn, A, estan i eS atnbee (Thre heart rejice for de return of de craliy Gurus oat to be 2 famble off cer | which he carried 60 ia

. a. Wis iseland aud Carnbee (The | Tou
W. Thompeon, HR. G, Strathie, W. A King _ family}, Sherwood ae rodigal son, and wid dehelpofdem | oonsense not worth the paper upon | siergyman of ne
dat like yaller fevah and sauil-par, I

Minferentiale” aud afew udder frens

‘ ? Cunnlogbam and Hugh Miller,
PRINCE’S BUILDING, |SsetietH som |E adieu" iaa, i sh Eee cents | Roo
. Tonio Hee, Der” Forest; Heer Ge | Pilot, (Captata Hiovel Aitopa {ale Seine Hing me belly full furde Deerah | Roveiala do, HOt ent to know that | se ear ey
eR era A RC ee Oa es eran ee cae: | ones tenes Ueceasemeare’ —ayuich a-rreat deal more ta required | ene om ee
Surdy, Rev, Dr, K. J. * LPN “ it were
Tuesday, 29th August. fax} ter, 3. Tk Melean Hoetthston, those of Bethel (Moravian), Pe vn Glre bit de head, Jose bah fee a knowledge of Knglsh comporitien “it 1 to
FOURTH PRESENTATION OF Quobeas Her, 0, Lawson (Gonton, | rien) iiack Hone Wereriece ONO | Cry frow the backers of the flttle fut | Une euicient, and seldom do our | certaln vast treat
2 ae giny, a
DR. RICHARDS Vv Mi, RICHARDS, He R Cunualn , W. W. Mewalrm | The cave of Robinson Citsce Is nald letvoipe engexed ins eater intheicworke. Inthe majority of cases Keer thie Yoreck
8 este e3 ie ve Vv “fh Cunningham, to1un in from the sea at Crown Point. | ownership of a “dry” coooanut. Soeey thelr, blunders glee oerercoed: foc’ uncf five da: a
rr. ummilng. jartous Key, | Buccoo lef, some distance from the | was a native, and Calad Bhoy, bis of- stories, or they havetiot been alin te | rovtat the ol rae


the World’s Famous Illusionist and Mindread :
ao e | Dr, Sedgewick, Tatamagouche;s Nev. | shore, is vislted ti f
cyt a * asada one Pp l rea or » . Ue eerie Hatoliton + leva patties who Sout and reluea Pete famay cae vere obi ioe about peng ht by theta reading of auch slotlen Sans voles tb
Sg, uga er, C. Munroe, Hopewell; | fore helng “scorched © A ‘or it fe diffe eve thats per bea
} ALY ron educ on n rices. Reve Gr “Uristie, Gairlech 4-Rev, sor tuthinuliagly wares thomoet wed mete, Like treo, trenches tn tte ening gales son would ususter the coutaze to pat ate guardian's
> FIRST 2 Rows 38 Shillings » Seat, | NeVicar and Hey. J. A, Ramsay, New | «u9., Thorv conks and corat are found. | bewildering enet again the {igh such utter rubblah asour would:| Chere Is, bower
3 HOW ax BACK ~ “ ” if Shinn st B Bes Glasgow ‘ piety A we leDonald,’ Th = aud other teols avound the sea | shout frouet te baw sew Of Josey caine m Tovelists de give us if that person echale vs In the
» The G, » f coast, prene ‘ ‘ ne! re
ALLERY . : oo ade as eo {hattonretown Judge Patterson, New looked at from tatog er ae Vocuuee at Infre nzled rathuelasn s & at ed beauty wan Taare Bede, exjoy ths lealy bellevea the nae
> 7 The Royal Mail [2 A,,,heog, CMG. bee | over “heen bye ees ena: aang lal pieeecmehe ee cot Wen thepathorin'e lthode Flaming, and | 7
» , or a ot .
St Protesace IW, Patronen cot diatiten: | Nilte sandy beaches aus are picture | Pejan dace a niattogal” From the | aki the making aod unravelling of | ‘works, used)
s . . a eam acke oO . rafton and other pata the #4, Lng wld the gliaitt the mystery in « oherlock Holmes. Fat Oui g
5 @ eons of the deceased, were at the ! vt itor will see, if of anoiwervant turn Of vide cate the sinill treble of | am I from wishing to censure anynur | 2Upon bims he, ats
funeral, A memorial service will be | ofmind, thatcacuodoes very wellindeed a ‘n qaneeat atlanens “Kick be tin our. midst for entertalning the | * wondering what
‘ =e held In Prince Htreet Chaurch. Hicton, pointing to the fact that Sandy Polot he enveva! Blep glad Hho ne de mek laudable desire ta join the ranks ot § '* ths very inomeahs
- - th, hastich, fertile tract . * good . to
h ADDALENA.cTheH M.S, 1 Magdalena” ledue here from Southeropton, via | | THE MEMORIAL SKRVICK, | fed frou fre winds ‘ou uodglating wittdenb like deck, Joruson ves stanlard fr locd patlieaions should |“ orthougt lay
Cher bork By 3 y tor ow York, va Piel want Oa y2ih Aumuet | At ort vere eras a Teeny tptaces Bapod iltae and the Mands- | the advice, in measured tones ¢ ‘Tin | be thet of George Eton, of of Dickens, | * meaning ja
sodmilma inte ute king cis pemengceetpeergcea one: |(0"the late ae ie Peace "ae tne penne arth an armes |ofthg Gra faunas ot hy [ae Attia ont Comune | cae thet
* le ‘s . ‘. . ¥l coe Ee - “
The tender will leave the Lightbouse Jetty, Queen's Wharf atk Pm, with | Dr, Forrest prea hed tha sesmon and intalluea. But f, iit troce are ate die ie fp gph fa be 1 rah tho consola: the'right deed Prictinecee ened “they. were foes
aren gare [0 F ie “peclen e potitied thet a bagaage lighter to be despatched each chee oe ad cee ee volog ww anerchand the sclos of Greoadacheeret tie Hascas oe " me foul sod the Ter ook one Per
, I . : now, We way { h ‘ ability tel either of theve | * loved.”
H be ey often a aamigers are therttore requceled %otsee Tee eee be Grant who assluted with plant, anit plant extenaleely orangen “ie i adn ak guinea pepperand dow ean bad sodlesea ia te oot ade %
bagraze le sent down before that hour, the service, {nis address spoke of his to do wo would be In the | ° iek de blackguard surrender.” Mean- ‘on. f inet y.
J A. [be IC ALG ~ Taisutie tis due Dery Trou Ven guclau porte ou slinnat lifeton anoclationy writh br. Sslaod, and its peuple. One ucat pox cach olheras never dla date dk tererrete tablet folly to try toen incidents ne are
3 Monday 24.b inet, aod will leave the next day for Grenada, St, Vincent, corer nga periatof fifty-five winent weewhiub occupying aces of | and Jeffreys in the fateful ‘ri soot I am sorry tobe obliged to ch lo not lead to
Bt Lacs, Domialoa, Noutesrrat, Antigua, Nevie aad St, Kitts, taking passen- Iehlege and Late tha metas anne? land {or id a short whiis agu) isthe! Reno, ‘The battering fas of anent authoress of f Aave Waited with 4 vody to be ""
‘an . 1 ack-shac t ‘ com notles
~ Beppearne and male Lighthouse Jetty, Queen's Wharf 1,5 pou, with | land. Th snghseparated a the greater thé leaves of'tbiths when individual, | Tome peror thundered against the paving con mee folly, Bhe terete bjute tee a
Yasseorert aod theic baggage for the * Balaotia, > rt of thelr lifes work they never the power of causing the bairs to fall! tremeudoue silence bey ee more | of w critical world an effort sbe abould | Cares s for the -Balaotia” will be reosived only up fo 4 pt, ou Mondey righe, nt bb of ¢ sacle other, Daring an from the wanes and tall of horses but { skuls of these titthe ® ous of eehionne have kept to read of an evening in the J § desert of pai oo
wath Inetan “Spain whether under certain condition, or Hided, a hearing of only her most id.
= — idad, Dr, Falconer and biueelf swore or} th: bh gollidedjin, the Weet Indian art of & J however whee ea
YRDICE.- The TUM. “larviou will leave Dereon Tuvedey anh were brought eloscly tw rless throughout the year we buttiigs Now th felends Sill, however, when I find
gether, and he « Now they have clincheds « Oe ho
AS instant for Deraeraray akin pee Jetty, Queen's vee Lt pm, with bore strong Uetlmnay Le the excel lent dene ghey Fee al Smet ball of att and dengite wpindie. rete oe nee Sad careta ed,
q 4
panvengers and thelr beggage for the “Berbice, only to his own Hoth ceed nat where it alsa fs indigenous but the the brave combatants ac th Tolland | (8 through the sheets vf the entire | Drown Into a ‘al
Gargo for tha “Herblow” will be received only wp te 4 p.m, un Mondiy [inva the Canadian Marea tethay fee “Amann of “Tolego, is a grovel ta the dust of thataprompen | Tok,” Lam prompted to tender ber | *zerrise of that
Birth Instant. - ee es fislecd. Thisinterest was ujalutaloed Rivers are aboent. frit thts Baan, {arena and while the worse hag idle fax oT thy & for ft bs repent toe | ad ne ier
wa Tbe Teas Tieut te, dite bere iran New” You, vie | by blu until the last Tobayo if we except th Opkit, Of | luokers-on beld thelr breath ta vee who fault is not hers, but of those whon, § tloddiag her
ste Oe TAL lave the bert ay fo ro tben Colombia on Moos | "Dr, Grant say in, his penmanship & whielt Haws into Ply outh ba ‘batat Tatil Ais rise to tls feet, a equeal the entrusted with the eriticlam zeinee ¢ vay some d ,
ey is Bei rhemben 3) and Lherbuurg, taking tu clave p avengete via fiyrbados, gyibal of gotpa of bis characterlsticn Goldeu Grove there la a apring fren vermin ssacre hee ore aand belie thet ths thing ws et me ine ‘his Baroy day unl
y e vs y "
A ry ir waa clean cut every which the inhabitanteand enlusals Se} | Ange —lagne dwet mole taut nee tae for the ote, The wor! te auperia. 2 publahy pues, .
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reo and le, . word was transparently legit tell. °
wat tender wil tees the Lighthouse Jetty, Queen's Wharf, at ¢ p.m, with Ing of donbaalton, welactuers” Ke there iukiny waters 2 alsa, at Milford as ac counter f art, Catal sboy, ‘of the prely d=bed without a redwetmin
. 0 wy; ese taallewers places, The und bt : utin agony— ni
put bested all ieee Vim Say arta, op hea tne | dare’ “708 Ue cater age eects at Heda Gonna“ coe Lara, bps Adchem” | ocnpoar, otis Arar” oS"
4 —— .
tog, and ; auee DROS | are therefore requested to sew that their baggage fu sent un! Ie Shole taintste ratlated from efor wit counts be peed shat tek bie volte wh ind at a shast cary tet s falle jnoban alle.
O centre 2" Christ an: . xloj i e

r The 7 s ve i ae be ce tian Winerata oo | His Cross,” He was an ambassador of eradvcultng check and, ie ey ies dinel over the s destiny uf & ou oanuh, @ it is Biking for whith there ia no bane
‘Tuesday 5 bie, tviubee aod will leave e wae ley for Catupeno, Panipa: | the King pt Kings, he held a com arefoundat Lowlands, Kilgwya and tt uc he: iz ine™ cane Upan exsentiah neid of flotion, It lacks the
tar ent La Guayra, taking pawengers, cargo ao mall, wissions hie never lost sight uf the duccu. The Wid fanarind (ithe: f hocnly book bath wartiors fo his Nteratune every form of creative
‘Vhatender will ieave the Lchthouse elly, Queen's Wharl, at 6 pu, with | teres of that commision, he warkes colubign) grows at Milfondand Py ; be fe keeping and left the * ly epectas then re te You {tis bad—wore
panseogers for Ube * Berbice the Bt Vi Laett 3 within ta fourrornery, heexemplitjed Point. Ag you gu slung the arn or rie the relativy pluc! erce ile, Bou have ever read, hot
‘The Degeage heuier leaves the woent Jetty ab 3 pan. with baggage | the split of the great spustla; "1 after the auiy tas uot a pret, rads ith rules e e native aArompared | f} plug Mr. Corble’s postry and Mr,
for the * Berul on not eehaned uf the Geepel of hold of the heaveris, a noise Cc Ocuae w tekd at ‘Bolan. a@ Bhoy trom I fapfen s Klohard a

br tst. plouelly beard of aume anitnal (which, alan he Botas Urepandâ„¢ fact,

«avours of bo

Rupert Grey and Mr,

shop's Ke Lost

Carga for the" Hei b.ce” will Le recelred only up tod pm, on Monday 2ith | € aces
. 1 Carma for Dr. Falconer’s generous nature, ex- if is ot bn "
; a rom | tevsivs wading ipa colarship atai with fue tall ctauding up eotetting ai itige tears t#aid by an treapon. | Lieto are bililaat’ masterpieces tn
: ena a take Jikesco spebite dx ‘ ‘Tnean
s / Ket falllag to Barepe Next Sailings for Osrupine, Paw. a broad vow of the tystesioe of “the ‘tetelota helt heads to dle a hieeey Nepetotoue day beingarpdivied ay | axreeof Ladores T inoan | ° "foe books
i" b Be; . RB pitar, and lz Guay a. the waa of Tvangclical taut as for Hour prensa eet ditt bed by {he ables bene Jone res Tevidad oe, soba. Snes bu “
‘ . . . as ~ ;
F » DUUMAS wae winsene | HARANTEA Hee Tyas tallenn gh icin oe Seat one pace that would put a (out sprinter tn the gre cter heat that ong uate, hence gut le ce Solon' 2 area sere ago peered | eS
; ‘ @MAGDALENA’ =, BrdOctober | HER BION «Bed Uctole | gloomy and soreowful view, we should may well wouder What ibee eee ee Eeperieuces here, Steering clear of euro tocommune wiih ae eee eit
. #CIYDE® 1 RUch October | PALANTIA 171h Ostober | Father Uf, the banner of victory and resident. yo emi heer cue & Lhe theory uf this gentleman, however caduytog® sed pontiac ge
“ATRATO” .. UL Bist October | BRHLIC Slot October | utter words of cheer. * He la not here, Hera Le willknoy that he isthe it would seen ast hough Old Sal b is kod deed Pine habitation ot
“ . , a inter. (A large lizard. ives! e thete apennence fa tn N
A ik he [a risea 7" riven into @ region of Teltthe Mat ye . special desire ta. show himeoltin hig (Me eave thas their appes:
CIRCULAR, TICKETS, iiea goneemaaitay ais tet tant ited Rete cat Renjeiaieaacad ewe“ dealt ch dann ee One Loi ie
ar bag 6 the critics, and | JULES LAMY, beere
bic A:

¢ te gu longer the duwa butthe noon chickens. The hat ri ro
ud, pg longer the spring with ite (ui fer Byrd | “Heard fet varios gree Wied fexiiard them frou suns, ke in reat eaergtnd the
eold ob iuog Rnd b ri the syiper 6 ed $ m heard in various as iy Maria and Landon tr the i a! put ao: the sense ge
pute during dayll bat nia height Penney in the
‘, “ er! fi yt be lige sty noe out the words from’ faded ©

and back duect to Trinidad or rice tered for, an lactase faire ot
‘These tickets are available be twoen New York and Came and My,terea by | Unue with all ite Cyliege tality, pay attentiany (4's ot nings ia toe
\ Leeuty nd gio; Is Wott fade ie reach 2 7 itt Poot itera’ tare inte oH
evidence § pay or OcTosE:

she ateawere of the Ameiican, Atisailc Trausport, Cun iE
Lives, Jot usstiike the high note of thanks
+ gant t@ Beate rpegeet any el pststoatied ated the ack FOU ag waely the tei of heats Butly i Oedog ba ancl Warm afer oe tag Weateetdy> haere icch ia hes sacs | Eavattt eapact ie
rou’ cooding the th at yas, , wad goud toads nice meal he is ppt 7 feelings of it thay elec Muy ba the kudiation
ah nto Oyeare ball fares 1 exe @ Treesevre and (er wasaat drives can be indulged futness and f aa tA hurupt inanner, c .
. re rich natural endowments of usted at gtheaed dour peys, i alge ia for buffers from dyspepsia Synee hie wees ‘sf a ores
Dr. tera funoy slinite and af abutting 08

First Claes lickets are lesued from Trlaided to Soulhempton via New Yur k,

«COTTE STG pene bet tary, 18 Ud ob te exclusive charge of £88 ' heart i rich minesol wealth develop, deuliod, theute to "the Sallttiasch terviet it be fait ety, wi
For all turthor particulars apply at pSipleepadily forthe work; and whle policy uf the Public Works Deparf Kellogg's Vegetable Pills are tty 2 themes of the word “gas we find | suset ea. §
7 Haan pier pastor, ae went whieh bas coutiul over the Y veey bevt medicine thatean be taker = 4 Omen: Dandonala
THE COMPANY Ss OFFICE, ms an x u P oe) tt ee tas Tabane 5 Ae will te i oxuenynded "tr Es ia cae on gio tbe breakfast hour Dundonald poe
ae . ° nu y. cipagle : With bouseat ‘1, a @ dlavy ay | UPpoO
: Marine Square Port-ol- Spain fer ad sei 1 ras 4 aya aad thelr etesling quall thou he dere ofa woman, whe
J e )» sad we wuuld od are the & ey! t Bree ee BY neat! eed aba
bat presyiie po UR Some dey“ tie ous owe 68 the up ligne uf users, aby reached Y gag! rend eats ‘that day
- @ tolatiossa of the

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-BUT— °

Waterman's Laces and Embroldetles, |

RRCAUIE cur Buyer koows his Business; he only ‘buys Jobs, See our vale and Jt will convlaca you at
MDROIDENY INSERTION 220 oe Co oo Oo and Bene aatdy EMANOTOERY EDGE. 2)o, 89, te, Be, and 6a
ANG Ts Nm 3a, 4e, . and Bo pee ya E By Bo, Sc,
k por vera be EMBROIDERY PLOUNSE -Sing., Islan. too. 180, 210, aod Bée por yard; EMBROIDERY
A Ra! per yard.
Laces from 83 per dozen yarde Op t Valenciennes from 100 to 26s por doz yards: Ecru Mustia at 80, pee yard
Black Mustin, at 10c. and 120 per yard,

WATERMA ‘The Matter, Clothier 4 Outitte

iS, Pwvecderticlx Street,


Aug, 25

ART TNE vn senegal
tingulsbed himvelt by registering 152 ] Mc. BM. & Rose, will be Jeas ing shortlY
pot ont. This great porformance when [ for California, mK
taken io conJanction with & similar great . wera
achlevcineht of 135 not out mado against HOYS NECK DROK EN,
bparten io the preeeding match, alampe -—

Dadley Liatou, an cleven

om AND =


Weheartily congratulate Mr. Newsaw,
of the Castons Department, onthe success

of hia second’seond In wiuning the Barba-

eon agoneot the leading “willow
wielders" of the day. the performances


holaralip, Lest year, when ¢ pord. {Standard + year 7 . ed . . :
sider brother won, young Rewanse wan | moconstitale a rovond. (Stendared) perere Injuries to nee enUrED, able Shoes at surprisingly low oost ide our show in Cretacis’ Steest, aif
then up to tcholarship standard, a0 tbat COMEUP HIGHER, Inntant which necessltdiog blo decatee |e : . We sell Cash ~That’s the secret. i
Be necoens thle roar comce wih mower | afr Ut scat, MCL". baa brew ay | atthe Ceocral Hopital t Board Residence. conVinced. Itis because We sell for Cush et. rf
, mn fa which trot ern teres won Beatie Comuittes aries the absence fawn ons on tale war toe onan —_ » ~ ~ 3
. @ Barbed: jecnan from the Islan nmi. C, wan Tin th igt o
Riche, Seacoast oma yie re ane | ACCT whats ablog € the month | pod tater should wife ways fart | COMFORTAGLE, Heme, offered to LADIES Bleck Glaco Bestel strap Bhioos | LADIES BUAOK & TAN GANGTRY I
fees Na Mord whe bea Tuck tort eh holiday alroad bid of the time by having a wrestle. This was tral Sosition Moderate Terms, Aleo with concwe heats and light soles = fordaiwith ail colour le who: bom
Firat Class Honours ta the Final School of AN OFFICIAL CEREMONY agreed to by Daten, and each of them Peal the country who wish to TEWloathercovere | Oubsa hoste plai
Theol Mr. Gooding wasthe Darbad ‘ : gripped. The latter held tenaciously to | parents ta i be only 720. tom : Piste
Eicolons, jMc Gooding was the Barbados 1 Ot Blonday next Hl frcelleniy the {atone neck, and in doing so twisted It. | send thelr children to school may oir ' . gall sizos—poe paie 32,38
ASSISTANT SUPEIINTRADENT _ | Halidiuy gt Work and, tovest, ie | remalere sive eect i | Hatee * ALLG” co © Port-of-Spain LADIES eee e Geer THE —Osfords LADIES BuAQK & TAY GLANS OF
. s | y y | r . nke: ' . 9
Mr, William Nowell bes been appoluted | of the Itow FA Kanon Be ON jor {22 the scene, and after frultlessly endear. | Gazette, with silver Britliants ani cracavo ’

It some answer to various

Assistant Superintendent of Agriculture ashe put to him, considered (t

to the roados Department of Agrical
« tore, aod will leave for Rarbades on bep
“tember Oth. Mr. Nowell gained distinc.
tlon at the Impérial College of Scionoe and
Techn under l'rofessor Farmer and
Mr. Maxwell Letpoy and bus been award.
ed ibe Diploms of that fostitution. Mr.

Vomtannd {og fhe Barbalos Volanteet questions
force, with the insignia of the Onder of [ necessary to at on

Knlaht, Commander of St, Michaet and F adrice, ‘She at one eet et witty i
St. George, confe: on him by Ils? gor De. Mortimer Johnsons realdenc:
Majesty the King at the coronation, but on reaching there. the Doctor was ‘ot
At the samecerewony the Hon. Edwa: oplnion le srould be better if be was sent
ThomnasGranoum, Auditor-General will | tothe hospital. The boy
be invested with the insigaola of « Com: | the fuctor'a wotor car and

ne A

was placed in

Nowell will, it la understood, take up the jonship of St. Michael and St. George comrejed to
, study of fangus and inet pesta (ibid. | foutenred” by its Majesty: the King at ty Dr MAG? Hares eat Ae, Gummo 5 gricultaral and Iodas-
he ‘cuanoy OF SUrsnions «| pUrMnn ts Tea that The beg eeseaseutieguenly | Tae ee ehbitiea of ‘Trinidad ad
There has been « change at the SIR HERBEBE INDISPOSED, ably. 6 boy was progressing favor Toba wil be held et the Priaces
reuline Consent Schools rvently, We reyrettolearn that fis Monour ade ni to 3rd Kebraar
Mother Cevilia having vacated ber [the Chief Justice, Sir W. Herbert aildiog, 20th Jeauary to ol Y-
ition as Mother Superior to Mothee | Greaves, Kt. has Leen indlsposed, He [0 mn ee rene | when prizes will be aivea for exhibits
aventura who arrived here a few | bas goueto the “Crane.” St. Philip. of Live Stock, Agricalture, Houtical-
fico tins the Pwo holy women pamed [20 ( eoon} tore, Floricultare, Crafts do, £0, ia
y . u
are. sisters—ibe daughters of the late Mr. | St DDEN DEATH IN BILDGETOWS. t. Joseph Nu SGPIGS, | 308 clasee a all information
& Moran of Bay Street tu tbls elt. ~(1bid), REVURTAD INAATPRARBACK OF MONKEY ane roe naloanes (00, Me the Office of the
. —mooe PURTRID Ufa, P) 3 * ‘
PERSONAL On the 2ist instane a woman named | ,,fte following GRAFTED MANGO

PLANTS are for SALE at the rate of

. ack Tend fired tari OTICE fe hereby given that Mr. Joba 3
aolta, Apt arrived om the morning of Hackman she hed se rtunes, at foul $1.00 each, to be delivered on the Tet | Street. EDGAR TRIPP. N faceisin no wie aennected with tbe
Tpetnthe anise senna SF ‘iene? | rage at rectielag where | eee Booretary sed Treasurer | Menofacteters Life Tevarance Coy of
rt ie auddenes: : . . ’ 0 a -

tata ith ima spicy acetal | Mi'reidcd Se tad peeionny nateyed | Now Vanuery “So Ho saun Ponce | Agroaitaral Boty of Tried | CH os ceva son, MONHYT & MILE
iPeotel Lot speck seapln! pomrevani | keweetal sec” Site eentctoar a |g Atte gg 7 MeN] and Tobags HeJOuNsTONE,

# noted for e 5 H " ” sot! ° General A cent Moufectarera

Id beadml | trunk which, i¢ is alleged. contained af 3 4, Dor wb. . ay + t
rao yeaepted “tor meatiatlnrs the Angles Cinsiderabie auiount of current colu of | 4 » Not Me " . Isfe Inearsnce Company. Eve ry day vou Put off
© our Savannah, ~(/btd,) the raalu, representing a portion of ber] 3 9 4 © Ceylon wu ” eye ° 4
> —=- savings. Itle stated by the nelghbours | J » bale u * Hevea Braziliensis ~ .
DEATH OF Mit 5. 1, WILLTAMS, that while awail friend of the deecased . : U
We have to the death of Bir, | went fora medical mau somebody else Buecial arrangements for lots of 50, 7 WUBB|,

bydney 3. AVilaras, until recently hook+ Pere tmuted Into the house and relieved | 1 aleo offer 50.00) British Honduras HEAD OPS of Fresh SEEDS from local!

beduey Be antatlon, St. James, | the trunk of lia precigus contouts, (7bu) | Mabogany Plaute for Sale at $100) tor pees 24S yearold 7 begice | LESAVES YOU FROM @5 TO $8 PER TON AS CO

ad the Organist of toly Junocente © uceb . DDEN DE thousand. Special arrangemente for grown 5 rps rece ro begin. d '

q whitch ¢ pisce, oo be 10th ioetect at ANOTHER SUDDEN DU, Tw oy UOTE BTN oes wane oe Ache all overs Throat core, Eyes [['| ning. Orders ed will be filled in ' UTHER STOCK FOOD, 4
{ribar Seats Hie hues the reidance of | Thorund Bayaen feaiient of Mt) Tord s ML. CARACCIOLO, and Nove running, sight congh [ff rotten | ian au S
2 zi . 2 . . le +

uf apparent robunt puyshyie snd wan ne | tontant Ped atone 2 alock. August ak—zw, hs with chills; this fs La Grippe. August 2th. —Lw, wuwioches and Xmorenses Flow

whe time & Jar commersial clerk about SO ae

A ly bed fon td u but aAbunt
thaclty, J etell a victim soar accute al Tan Le weenptnt te or HV teat iL} resm,

e a
- SeeSneaaint Ag elie he reams feopimeâ„¢ Sartareats cor tas! de | THB SURE COUGH CURE "Painkiller
’ 21 the follomiog eroning et tbe Westbury ow _ fewer pe Lai is Lite taken in hot water, swectened, box
A eERTTTAN. ay ASAE cua, | OE eee me ||| tata tena.” ,
lathe Pickwick Wanderers mateh op °

ot Bentley plantation, Christ Church, as
, ecessor, | LHE

Saturday 10th fostaat 1. £, Dateou dis J trom the Bret proxime, Lily pred




Ceylon Flannel Shirts,

Rogular $1.00 & $1.20 Goods to bo Cloarod 80c,



ao Can.


Ladies’ and Girl's Shoes from
Iien'’s Hoots and Shoes from
. Girle Slippers from

1 Shilling per
5 Shillings por

12 conts per

eee oe eon

Men's and Boy’s Felt Hats,

44 ents, 30 cents, BS cents, 46 veuts—WORTH DOUL
Vell HATS—¢


2 18 Dosen.

General Storo

with plate gtaat Show Windows, KxeOxa
S9FavL 66 exe and encloe







gricultural and Indas-
trial Exhibition.

Agricultural ocitty’ 4, Bt. Viocent

There le enty one Palnkier,“PERRY DANIE’™


With Collars
and Bands,





eT E
‘AT solid concrete twa storty balld:
be cltuatet at Biperia walaenily

9 24
& 8

ed yacd.

T O%

Soo Our Latost Show of Ladios Footw,
In Frederick Streat.

The Bonansa, Ms


Weue p epared to fit any lady ia this sity with ths latas aad moat dashes

Gibson tie —Louis XV Heals—Phaig
and light solos—por paie £1.34,

SIGK LACS3-Inifolack,* whits aad
—{83 por prir,

—plain poiated tors aad light soles 05s,

LAD(6s' WHITE OANWAS Blucher Ox.
forda with plain toos aud opvere 1 Oudia
htels Large oylets ard light solos—
por pair $1.41,

Nowhate Like’ Malllard’s,

One Frice Only, Valaa” Fre


You are Los


ee arene


in the Sapreme Court of Trinl3e4 and
Jobago~ Summary Jarlediction~Part-

No, 1099 of 1010,

Richer! Alten Canberhutch aad
William Fletcher-= Palotalls

Eeoest Dabcan—Dcfeodan’,

pus NOTICE ts hereby gives thet
by au Order of His Morar Afr, Jase
tice Swan made herets on the 23h dey cf
April 191t, there will bs pat ap for ale

‘ace the doore of the Osurt House, Ports
of-Spalo, on Tharsday the 28h dey of
September 101] betweea the honzs of one

‘Allsod Singular that cestala. piece
and Hingalar that certela plevs or
of laod el'uste ia the Waid of
sronero, comprising bwo aod @ balf
querrees and abatileg ng the Nowth upon
iende of Grand Bola, on the Kouth Bpoe
lands of Marie Bsatleco, on the Kae+ctpon
lands of the heirs of UMostana and onthe
Wea- upon leads of the a.ld Gracd Bo's,
Dated thie 15th dey of Acgert 1931,

Actg, De;


In the Sopreme Cours of Trioliad and
Tobago =—Gommary Jarldictos —

No, 346 of 19/2.

A‘le Amel a Aroatrong—Pialat a
Moban Mabsraj—Delendear,

pupuic NOTICe a beredy given thas
by ao onder of His Hoeonr the Chlef
Jarticn meade hersia on tha 3rd day of
a gasb 1011, there will be pat uy for asle
fure the doors of the Quart House In the
Towa of Vortof-3pain, os Thatniay the
Sch day of Octoher uit berweeo the bourne
of ous acd two o'clock pm the fee slmpis
in All aod binular that p rvel of land
aituate fa tha Ward of Upper Carontis
the Distlut of Cuneta im the Elipd of

‘ ‘au.
Crade Protoia
Fat ite


Fire ww ms
James |: Cazbo Hydrétes (Sugsr & Search)
Made fromJNature's Purest Products—Qorn, 3

Flour, Cotton Seed, Meal, &o,
Tot sALw wx


Acgust 1th 1011


pa” Loerar,



A burger denin
conatent source a

Maching tt your h nie fe x

hel wide us °
5 inde of Cherea, 00 be Bab wpe lands Ed fe the women of fanny Hea ta dine nd wringing happen
lauds formerly blog iz $1 Taloosing fat eheme ond banlsbing cate ated 9 oer
aow beloogiog to Heeranin apd Warns
aod on the Weeb wp om lends of Ajedhar

aed Allsod Miogalsr that parcel uf
altuate la the r ‘ard of Upper Cont

Singer Sewing Machines

the aided comprising ¢ eater your home to be rmament part of yous bY gash
. quargees 1o0re of i “ sod stetilng cu ibe Fever ter) We continual serviee pena mt yn er Peatabies a ‘one
pair por ot one ae . ot east aghithe ger ‘supe ure ou, suid Gert ty yoo by ae " °
o one slog, on i t!
pair lands of Adjadbar, 60 the Rast epon late

of one A. N, Cleirmonte sad on the West
Chsreo others te

pair poe levds of one

Samwsndaris of the aan of
Dated thia 28th dey of Auzan fll.
dota. Deiat f

Leek, oo

a eremnerrncerrareteernte now ean epee on t
For INvVastMent.

. ee


oO” GUOD Cocoa Secetityen Appl
88 Frederick B 7
Avgut titer tne teirarate Frodorick stroots ith

, ;
fh <

«eS es oe, aa
ayes) ape me ~ mae ~~ i rw â„¢
7 ’

AVQUOT 27.191),



" eer eae at ar en ~~ vane . : ne ated } :
1. ee. 4 eee ‘ ‘ Wan Feed! hePioneh A Acepdteh fren Hedneyredated sak ee ae
i ig [Save «| pm ER sseanity a | Aa ese aot he a | DADLEY &
o RO | me a A ’ . ;
“nn h eQ M ag d e bh U r g ns honorary «President. ‘ot The Alliance | Grisso wrlecleat te ogre | .

Francaise, a branch of which Isshortly

Tunic to be established here, the letters (days and wil conduct experiments ms

tent hart teen received. The | at tbe Glace Bay Station for some
3 SUR. Shirts— Preaek, Gareroment at aise] | Une acrat apznuily pew chaeci Tailors & Outfitters, \
. Out ion ‘
FIRE InN SURANCE co ee KY k subsidy to the Liceo Frahces (the edu- | Atoong Ue tateat schemes. ofthe ,
paar, | . Amoroa de ae i sided over by Pr iS. sage) win sted the globe by way of the t
i tsee estes] | Sided over by Pia oe the Holy | British Colonies, sirtog the” Eopire 7 — . *
AR ARED TO TARE RISKS 03 —O— ) Name Uonvent in this elty, ifs an er aly series fone’ Sout . GHN ; 7 S i
_ MALLARD “ French angus onsiteralion of “e the first wofnext week,vand will” at A - - , | I ! l 1M I , N

there thetitut@ons, a clrcumstance | once begin his experiments at Glace

— ween jentitiing them to French government | Day.

o- lae a \ a é
Hy ' , - assistance, Itmay be remarked that —e
‘ . i . ha Oates, an individual who ts m
0 i:Machiner Derrick s| ~~ curmect eras [Eee Ee SSeS | soy oun, tga ma ¥..
\ ‘ao ° were OR J) vd ann a aw {nto trouble yesterday afternomn, an: +h
“ * |
ty = : :




gaat TU-DAY, A Paria despatch by French Cable | fa now safely lodged within the cells to )

. Constabulary Hand plays at the | dated Cherburg Auguét, 2st Mr, | avait bis triat before the Acting Olly

Rotanie G e—5 Pa. haa | 8.3.0 to-rmorrow Oates had bee
neenen a perened the heatening of entlatment of ludulging very freely at the shriae of

he —_—
“ Opentog of retreat in Spanish by the the Teron and submerine crews.

fa his gro, state,
Racchua, a: a STORRY |

Rev. Father Herba O.P., at the Rosary for the tar | forod himeelf withla ona - ‘
—ALSO ON- Church—7.15 pm, , Hediate el ven oe pert of the | Church whers hia behaviour attrac 60 CE NTS TO $1.44,
slectet Torpedo Destroyer Sance and the Sub- | the attention of the Priest who av’ - re
T OIL nar London Electric Theatre —3 and nay nes Ventose, Pluriose, Termidor tempted to Siect ee eat ewne «
* aen
SU GAR, COCONU . 5 am — ond Gerininat ——— spat upon the Rev, Father. He yaa * :
we oun ae . . itigh Water Morn 6.18 Even a2 pos ' tt labo, ed that sore, vf the totals arrested and taken a Eeltce Head: ~ .
un ists ae as an. nec with t naus w aarters, ef
Or any other Factor 1es. Sun vets OT) Sh @og pimi } ablished at the end of next month. bs regular monologue, miusical (?) vow BE. 4
Moon sets. . BU pm. | There are yet about two hundred sketch etc, . \
MONDAY. - | numerator: who have not. rece —__ .
St. Patrick's *
For Rates apply tothe Agents §.8, Marowijne leaves for Parama- | thelr pay ta egneequence of the bad pie celebrallon of 8 ore ntriek’s , “ra a
itso, Mails close at 2 jam. work cnt ‘a eet the ature than i¢ hae teens de ‘ »

i {| Prof, PL Garmodyy Director of the past, saysa Montreal paper. Up . ’
Haleof the two ttorey building aod culture, fe expecta ‘te return’ to the | till now, SE Patrick's Day terieaye Marine Square € Cnacon

. ‘ j “ ted i ot Henmpeend New Btrcets, colony in Novetober next. falling in Leat, ithas beea _Incum- 1 .
, Be . . . also 8 acres of land at La Brea by Louis a bent upon the oftictals of St. Patrick’s | em = ae eee :
Reapers yt a ‘ a 8 i 3ohu & Oo. -1) pm Hie Excellency the Governor enter | Society to arrange for a fish menu " ~~
re Se vs tained at dinner last night the Preei- } at the banquet held in honows of the : ;
© = reh:

peers ear > dent of the Wesleyan Conference, | day. Enquiries made at t
South Quay. 5.8, Prins Fredertk I endrik leavea Rev. UL. Haigh and arty. ‘At tho en tshop's Palace show that ins recent
for Carupsno, ih ta, p
' Guayra, Pto. Cabello, Curacao and | of the function Hia Excellency went | motu Proprio of the fore has pers

. . 2 yon boand the Telegraph Steamer [ mitted achange In ¢!
Port-au-Prince, Malle close at 2 pm. 197 Oar omen and. proceeded to the | Vor the future, Bt, Patrick's Day,

tlectrle South Last of Mayaro where- the | even though it may fall on a Friday
Pe erate Hlectric Theatre B and steamer will bo engaged in picking up | ia Teoh may be celebrated ae a fes.



William Woolward,




~- the gable. Hiei Exce lency will return tiyal fn every sense of the word: end
s in, ¢ to thecity on Mosdiy, meat may beeaten b 6 falthfu
{gh Water Morn 6.10 Even oe pei ’ z without any epecial” dispensation.

6.08 p.m.

un sete The Nove Srollan and Weelly | This applies to any pthee pert on salnt
Moonset os

Chronicle of August lith has tho fol: | day that may be solemnly observed
~ = == | lowing tefevence to an old friend, well by the masa of the Feople. Thus
ACKROWLEDCMENT. known and esteemed in this Colony: f abould St. Jobn the plist’s Day

. Mr. A. D McRae; of the Royal Bank, | fall on Friday, meat may Le eaten

who with Mra, McRae, have been | without epecial dispensation.

Mr. I. H. Agar and Mlas Loulva | spending the summer attbe Mirchdale _——— ’ .
Te one | The death Is announced in Paris, on ‘g*
the 37th instant, of M. Albert Granier. a
the French Billiard Champton, ]

Agar, beg to thank those persona who | left onat-ipthrough the West. He

attended the fuveral of, or showed | will goas faras the Pacitic coast. Mrs.

other marks of sympathy to their late | McItae will remain at tbe Arm until
relative Mr, Charles Husun, who was | his return in September,


A meeting of the Port-of-Spala a

thazid August Tit after along ‘and Hav
the 2 ugusl after along an The Rev. E. W. Havelock will preach ‘ . non
se Can Giwo wou peinfal illness, at both the morning and ev. vale ig sere Proprietors’ Association was held at 00000000 30000000 00000000 00000000

the offices of the Building and Loau ,


vices at St. Ano’s United Free Church

° * wy, +* } Association on Wednesday last for
at ANY Momont SEE PAGE 2 FOR toaay. The wublect of tbe mornlug’s the purpose of floslly considering ee 7
> The Late Key. Pr. Fa'co- | quel": and the evenings (le mana | Spices of Asociation. On the motion “a
fe rte ANY Estimato ner—ihe Funeral ~The | feesgeutf™, ‘ThezAntienr “God ise | Nnended woready A candidate for i
i « : . pirit,” w rendered. membership must send a written 2
‘ for ANY Bullding Memorial Service—-The - hav Peerel plication for election to the secretauy j
. Last Will and Test: We have been asked to remind the | of the Association coutalaing hia
, ast Will and Sestamect | iovitees ta the Hyacinth annual ball | bane tn fhll end the descri thea of wee
oF ANY Sizo0 --~Impressive Services at | and ite well-wishers that it takes place | any property, owned by him.” It
Prince Church Pictou. | °° Psy October arch, was aloo agreed thats “Any mepaber

of ANY Matorial

In ANY part of tho Country

at ANY Prico ‘rane a
SEE PAGE 5 FOR wo n aid of the building ofa
AND SATISFY YOU FULLY 4round the Stores,

more than one prozy,” Clause 6 of ~ i
the articles wae ameded 6s follows !
new Anglican Church at Se awnee | "ADY Person, corporation, company = OM. It
will be pid ab the schoolhouse, Mucu: the limits of Port-of. in, whether ‘ . I
yy 7 _ ca — rapo, 01 ursda e Slat ugust at | free holder, lease holder, or the
e . Se eee ar Ciujst” 77 BePRiT usetnuig hetiers ate dotna | SPany tencrocat tu seopect t0. whlch - a
nes N

The Rey. If, K. Hudson, vicar of
Rerden, Essex, has founded a fire bri-
guste for hia parish, acts as chief officer
aud {fs bulldiog a new engine for horse

* Sandy Puint, Tobago. Cc-
casional Noes, 1 Have
Waflted—A Criticism -
By ‘ Maupassant’

igeanaterrcrse| § DURABLE & U\SY-RONNING
such progy belnga member of ws be
association, No member shali have J

New Gospel of ( hrist. their best tomakg tho entertalament 8 | rates or taxve are paid ina: nih *
. eet gute 10Ce: y be ad.
- SEB PAGE 9 FOR ea nubey ihe Eekete Are Belted ia fnltted ase meniber of the’ Associa.

amination for Swern Sur- ~

+ ee

Our érticle on" [he Kx. door, a string band, weunderatand, |!” ON THE MARKET.

pow “GER OLD-AND SCHERE R . The concert announced to be given

veyors”. Avcoadoes. The] The Rev. W. McCulloch Thomyon,

f 5 . , . i Inthe Arlms Court Hou tb
Tel, “58, South Quay 8. Flectri¢Theatre, * riendly Me will preach at Greyfriars Kink ereniog of Beemer Ia re on the OR040E12OHONOEes 00000888
Societies. A famous Vara | tabject will be “Carop-Followers™ aud § OP Soe nibhony Orcherts jin ald "
" Hubbe in Trinidad Or the solitarg ee Ook" The clalme | Rand Fund prowalves to be very en: ;
—- ———— ISBB PAGE 10 FOR __. |. Thefinest setection of Ladies Volle pirled ausnes othe aero oe EPs SEE THE DISPLAY IN OU
Anothor Colombia Wants Justice | Robes, can now be badatttephens | onpeye nd thelr parte it .
| Foods for Infants & Invallds | S1,,Cemsttienenl to | Uniti A ie gMAy | Mtetrl naat MEME]
. , london—Tells Incident | fancy drece olnamente’ and dies anteed, The programme will appear
Frosh . of Panama Secession, and white Peter Pan Collars, ies ee ae ts i dee te eek: ~~
—__—= Mayor Gaynor of New York asked composed ofj— lst ViallnamAiles M,
Admirel Tow» about th Roberts, Mies f. Plowden, and Mr, L- ~—r
Supply PUOSPHATINE FALIAERES, FRAME FOOD, ITEMS OF NEWS, Ring Georges and: perngtion © Arguell tnd Niollne~Messrs " M. 000-000 00000000 F000 0948 povo00ov0008
a NEAVIES FOOD, wy ENC ELLIN'A FOOD, We are iequested to state that a bed boon greatly! tory reeds ftnese | 4nd OC. Uahetien prota te reeks
> Quetto Hand. | S8tes Foon, TOUSLE INOS’ lecture gu the “Econemice of Love” # splendour and "magoiicente of the | Wits Cello Master P, Matchett Th Bicvel
. a at. ¢} ARROWZOOT, KOSINSON,S BanLey. al Onder Ancient | Mee TevAtverleat treat. Abmtead Bens Flute—Mr, A. BP. Lazare, Clechned ese lcyo’es are Manuf Oia
een crecwswsermce Bhenhert odes, Mon Acrord 2 | saidi “Tole, treaiy le a malghty goed | mttthoty, Malwa Commer. A. 78 om 1
ic , a i .
Stop at BOLAND'S, 6, rine retsialon of ining see | SiUAMRAGR | Elan," Accmnpaiee= HROUGILOUT BY,

¢ | et to attend,
—— a}

Ing man, but L love peace a . mer and A. Hughes,
tions inore thau anything clog fi the t

By a decision of the United plates world.” the —a ca
who make the celebrated Uquedr Ex-Chbief late, of K Sty, * THE BIRMINGH:E M SMALLA
known aa Chartreuse, have wou Niele ud VittosteToeuiuate cant esse of been confiding oa henner! sett ross i ae

fight against the Cusenier Company, a evening last, It was announced thate Rapmpreselons of his visit to London,

New York corpouation, to prevent t 1 1 re duis two fire horses which ve

latter fromasing the trade mark and J Valuable prize to be knows as the | perform L the c, My Cone PP. A IN x =

other Indicta of the monks’ product in Hahn Gold Matst” had been founded cheshire ‘he modes Penang’ > i
: exe were in London women een omonenee

by Mr. D. M, Waban, for presentatic
the sale of arinilar cordial in America. Fis the most diatingulahed student of showered affections upon then, Th
A lad named Adolphus Willian firenion went unvotived so ras the

the year. Jt was also unsoimously .
frow Woodbrook who waa remacde: fair vex was concerned, | Allt ne pales ‘The
e horses, ter each exhk > are -
tion gorgeously dressed women, ¥ . ,

adopted that a memorlal tablet be
from Friday on a charge of fighting
ia were menibers of noble —~*

families, would crowd around the
Deane, wae discharged. Doll (coulle) - ee horses, pettio h
Ps aod Elizabeth Williama were brought An “Amateur Sciedotlat" writeq then, One , i was sueeae 8 —B gine bY—
Paes ’ up by Constatle Williams on acharge | facteously ou the reply of the the private box ofa duke, Hetold ine
A 1 Hahting at Henry Stivet and were Viavernuent to Mp Ponwjck's very | 124 liver the horees to hie coun!

. convicted, The Ka-t Indian was fined [ pertinent question ‘an Lt estate after the sho 4 J rT) ~ Gots en
Theatra 8/- and the women 7,6, the alternative | liquid pitas ve crude oll “apetet of nawe my own’ price | shad losed and 1, ae
, = S . _ 7 7

to each fine being veven days’ luv | that it lean acknowledged fact that | Wben J told bins’ this would be Iinposs -
Who Purchase the Parts Only. zy


Henry St members of kindred Socletlesare lovit- | have the reputation uf being a fight-
nee nereermern

Supreme Court, the Carthusian monks,


placed in the building, fn cecoguition
with one SMary Klug, was yetenigy of the TETCee ep Benerously rendered

to the Institate by Me, Bteph
galled pat the Cy ah ‘lle ty and his brother Ne. J, W. htephevs,

: 4

9 a

Lerdon Electric to each thet dy Mamuamicdend tak


i The
us Wu0bBROOK, PORTUF-FPALY, -e- Litun)wouy bare a ‘e
y ay Oce minute from the **#our Roads” Car. Woe have been asked to pomlad the varalin base of the Gila obtaicea he

Al | New Pictures ery Monday and Thursday—evory. | wetubers and fijends of the, Paithful fexleo snd elsewhere, Aga fuc} the
7 Dg eatin v
eee ieee

, iN . __Aniog andon, Hrothers of the Mopls jn gatory Feolded otut? will La prefers ‘on
far) VV LOR
, }

eible he grigvel,”


se Evlendly Hoclety of bi ‘
1D LS Eendly Sockety of a, ime aut ser font as a or digi iach FOOTBALL. 0400 000.3 000000070000000000000070 000F

* Society's Pall by Pi. HE. Cermont cn | wae shipped to A iy
" AT 6PM. AND BW) DBE 5 his Penny Think’ skheme for Friendly [a ihelibtent af tore Hodjog reas natch’ on “ie Gyaseaanrensed the oy
no Gee euw DA [Mie Esa Menge | eget, teen Sv
BELSUAZZARS FEAST oil Le shewn Ia addiion | SL. Lesecque the newly appotated yee hot prove ever thing; and ever Tbe aalipee haat nnd the Wanderers, SOLE AGENTS :
60 8 sex ction fromthe week". succes 00 ever oor of Peach Guiana in sucees Pcheuletry will pu ald the kcal | the start of play ant sie and from =
—nnnneeememmemeneer Folin to Mf. Haniary (decesent) passed | Kuveruuwnt unjow they casio tackle | with thele opponeuta, Head, vy
Peroprumzxszxam MONDAY, TUESDAY, | bew on Thursday on his way trou | theimalter In the iighiway, Triuidad | viellots. custellane ep peeees the E
WEONESD&Y— 28TH Abit & Sur AveUET Freuce & his new seat of Government, | Petroleum is, su to sj oak, anulogour— [etfot of the other side ie frer
wresvist saved Wier eo. M. dasoyue who pwhla vielttte Bl | funoy ovmparioon truly with Mik. | through ble defence. The rea.
THERSANLOF MIN 1A! Extiesrsees, PUitendl 9: the Preach Ocusulate ex | Ab one stage, the proluct of the | interesting throunhoute oad eye ae
; UR roe BUUTINLL MAD. | pres d bls aduilration of what be had fouw | if Sualyand qilk puref@ sin for the “bine and ended In
CORE E: EVENTS the avon of our city. seed saute wit tp acoonnted fori at woale to “loves” docket” by 4
a ’ . — ie wen
i ot ee ate srenene Ou the evy of Ris telnquishing the | and then cheese would tee ph ete ate caged ttranged to take ‘
Foolalits fh MANTKR wciug app tues 06 HutyeunGen | yop snotty tite with that Be ee ground between the whee
Tith » ch: pleed oh. malwel uh tr @ ation aed cwhe wel uf ghle colony, pret to the ex. | orstwhile wlth woyid ieeult ta butter, | feck and the ship'eteam of ft MA
thm obs mined ae U9 0 4 SUITES | pevtenl tana of fre. HU C. Clare thon | With (he Tiuidad wall, Wteppeara aa fs Atciyes. Ried atten Sy AGA
‘ ee Ty ae oe anon 8 oe Npaets tel Hetiace k wrwdsy, De. J. OW. | ciude vil, and can be made to becoine | The following will for and phere
comp gee. ls tal tertalued by a nuyber | Hquld mapbalt (:f Lhe male of that atticle rock

oAy Malngot (goat OM. La;
uthd:s at | pays 1) and evens alep further | Main ot (tack en Tt. 4 y y.
Prices as Usual Su, 160 and Ste [3 Pinon wht ot the | pou iw sid Une itr | be F oraang ale '

last Manjeck Of wourse one mass knaw | G, Hus! mo * I M_ I f I D
BESURVED BKAT8, we $i Copte Pave wee. lald for 100d avery [the buslvess, Sora Lidey “to -
Ciidien to Beat trom tai HSS. sble “oo eal ete ti CEN Seattaba t, (ete gerd Bete sa

tof) oble evening Wi

i very

‘ ; \ Fr . . “ naan ~ or ue , meres re ST ewe awe
4 . . *
i ‘ . ‘ 4 i! e
a’ \ ‘ 0 me / ‘/
a a .


rary ‘ . *

eespnergeegs ryeeapeenyanemprerrs rn ee


my EPHENS, LTD. “The Stores.” STEPHENS, LTD.
pp vies UNTRIMMED Tailoring Department
j ? Wy Hats tes . ° : ° ~ e
Bde weet assortment of the most ; SMART AND UP-TO-DATE TAILORING. - - Pyj ama Suits


Ever pnt on the Market,


Pek, Champagne, Putty, | MODERATE in PRICE. +

~r and Old Rose,
B $1.20, £1.44, $1.80, 8.2.00. FINEST MATERIALS.

ges’ Crinolina Hats BESE TRIMMINGS.

Choapor Linos « $1.08, $1.44,
e to 33,60,

. Callat once or send for Patterns

PAREE DOLLARS EACH. if you want a New Suit.

: Call and See Them,
â„¢: phens, Ltd. GROCERY DEPARTMENT. BEST FOR Stephens, Ltd.



. . will take place In the present season, | workers, both in the ficlds and fac lijke W. fo- The ndon Direct
i ‘ H IG H- Ss It fe cotinated that the output of tint [ tories, struck for higher pay. Wes, 4 Konwk RS vet be Ie Ftoamors,
aoe for last season is at least 335,000 Tb, were 18s, to 250, per ten-hour day, but 16s y
“gi -—- s New York—Paraartbo THE NEw Cotontat Oo,
' 9 e e IL M. Minister ao P t ak to Bir. was demanded, (jamal Berelee, Ltp AGants.
x + . M. Minister at Panama reports; amount of rane was destroyed duris, . _! "a ”
ae the publication of s Law No. ‘Gorlvile February and March, and the hatvecn Tue Rovab Dorcr Mart - AGENTS ANSTOON,—The sa. ¢Sarstoon” fs

i ROWIINE. The a.s. * Marowl jn; due hehe from London via Barbador
MAn teehee from New York a rect and Grenata, on or about th September,
on 2th Aogust Wil and will leave the | Proceeding afterwards to Demerara taking

sane day for Paramaribo taking cargo, | ergo, passenger® and malis,

ngers and malls, .
ARAMACCA,—The 8.8." Saramacca
Se cece heater
day 2th August and w 18 ne:
—s ° day. Of domestics in| the Colony, da ab noon precisely direct for New York

women cooks recelve 8150 to €> Kb] taking canz, passe agers and malls.
[Eee espiannid contains an accoun per month, maida 2, a Sane a aR be .
Teny is tal t th ida $2.00 to 8355 q AROW LINE whee Marow {ine
I NJ i I 1 - . ~ 4 of an_esperiment in which tecsinte | menservants $7.70 to B74, and find au pefue back here, fro one Tot
- We are in receipt of ano- | (Luchiaena mericana) was crossed | themselves, There are 14000 Hoda and will leave the same, las dlrtct fur
*. with maize, fn Java, for the purpose of | coolicain the colony, whose time of nw Y,
h h f lt y New York, taking cargo passengers end
‘. o, en : ther shipmeut of the well] obtaining s hytrid which would show | service is now up, and whowe aetun .
” 8 bi a mails,
ham, ry J. B, White 8 and known . greater fertility and resistanre to [to India has been requeeted by the JOPPEN AME. -The as, ¢ Coppenagin
a ” . chlorosis, the Iatter being a disease ] British Government. If there imme is due here fron: Paramaribo on Mon J Trinidad Line witileave Trinidad toe
“ac Fert ocrete. commonly attacking maize in Java. j diate repatilation fe insisted upon, {day Uth September IH and will leave | Now York sla Grenalaon the 23th August

The experiment was 4 failure, as, | their absence will be serivusly felt |] next day at noon precisely direct for New Pigit and fs due to ‘ve there on 2nd
] . although hybtids were obtained from seri
y ; 5 it, these did not give any greater

that will fnerease the sugar loadustry | price of cane about 7 per cent.

in the Republic, Another Law, No. No labour difficulties occuried in
42 of 1911, authorizes the Government | the western portion of Guadeloupe,
to enter inte contracts calculated to
stiniulate the sugar industry,

’ e

‘ ordering the National and Mortgage | considerably retarded before the

ahs ‘ nd t Bank to eet apart €10),000 tial led. At th time,

OFFER FOR SALE ( | tod Tonk lank to eet apart $10h00) | contials yielded. At the same tne,
a. s

mex Recent Arrivals. \ dle

Trinidad Line of

+ “Crown of Navarre” of the Trinidad
Lint will leave Trinidad for New York
dim ton the leth August 1911 and Is dug

to murive thery on the wth August 191E,
TRE ADA. The as, *Grenad.” of the

where wages run from ote. to de. a

in the Colony. ‘York inking cargo, juassenigere and malls. | septomber 191L
yields, and possess no increased 1e-

AROWLINE The an." Marowijne ARAGAS,- The sa. “Maracas” of
——S Mis tue here. tron Now pork “dewey AT iietitiniand “rane wil teave Now
sistance to chlorosis, on Monday 2th September 19iL and ow

A SAFE CURE FOR NERVE fenve the aame day for Paramaribo taking | xols Cor Trinidad via Grenada on the 2th

Bottled by Fvanstre Dupont

; . igy ptt tton worm caippugn OO pewenzers anid mils. 3rd September ill,
lidins, Fire & Groystock:. |& Co. Bordeaux. On tale ab |, cowiS rogreas ani wil act uotil TROUBLES. WAIAMACCA. “The am _ paramacon +
all the leading Grocers. the end of August, the official date of ~~ day Sth September 1911, and wil leave =
6 ° the closure. If by that time the plague Q cure nerve troubles you must} next day st noon precisely direct for New SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. +
ae TU! I YT I "EH BR, : B is not definitely destyozerd J certain, ene feat bis canara tonal rece \-rort;taling cargo; passehiers and malls .
ws - o - alype, ayer a
Ps - Got tho ost. poanaesee tke Ministry oF thalnterior, dves—and haa done~for thousands, nents ARRIVALS,

Society, to wid in the surveillance of | and vitality. Tt cures nerve weakness TraptngCo ttD- AGENT | Cerio, Venez tooj, Gedena, 9 tons, a

d . . . Auguat Zithe
v 9. jond the campalgn will be continn FEHKOL cures nerve disordere bu. . Glasgow Direct Lite | Aveons, Vencx poop, Hernandes, 9 tan
% ” Insist ON DUPONT ’s, | thin September 80, Four European | cause it goes to the root of the troubles Sarangi Calla 53 +3 :
or Camus” and P, Y,"~—(In Whole ° oy
because it makes you strong allover. “MROWN OF ALRRAGON,~The aa Las Cludad Holl 000 plantain
Ferrel Is not A RTUAY, oily nedkine, | &7 “Orawn of Arragon” of Glasgow sagt 000 O8. var, 3,000 plantalo

. it strengtbens and invigorates the en- of Steamors, bee,
e oye Toe att ot ae Schedruat Sicultaral Ure nervous system, makes new blood TeIMIDsD RnIePING AND | Ah pice tad Foo ene Tt pou
‘ and Halt Firkins.) GRELL& Co.Ltd
0, . and the weakest stotuach can retain it: | Direct Ling is due here from (lasgow vie | Jonurn MARIA, Veneg achnr, Martines,
tant fi e tea bados on or about the 2ith instant. 43 tons, Eday, Cristobal Colon, 4 oxen
EC STULL E'S. sane. THDUSTRIES IN GUADELOUPE. | ,itnewretnly impettant ormeay us | frelmts ice tet btere lasing | Semihynite, fearon Colon, 21 ore

the work against the cotton worm,

, = _ thioral, headache powders, ctr. ‘They | ' 4X0 Passengers anu nis ee and minis, 3c) pleces halataguas and 3 passengers,
; em INTERESTING STATISTICKH, deaden the nerves aod make you feel Com nie Gonorale Mrrviuns, Heft atmr Keene, 280 tons,
Newfoundland and English Cod. The POrl-Of-5Pald GAC |. seport on the commerce and | Untter Tor & while, but afi their Tharsatlan'ique Zutge aeoteen wert é perenne ES
= eS ee industiles of Guadeloupe, by Consul | by neristent use of such drugs, peo” rhaided Shipping and eg fatale
, faddock, Hake and Pollock. . TORT-OF-BPAIN Robert T. Crane of Barveteree. the ple Mid oe thelr weakness, the ‘wate AGuNTS, Onanug, Hint fia Sa ae

bervous system ta injured, and alten

MM ARENQUE The French Mall fons 2 day
destreyed, Feirol contains no draws

Diemer * Martitiique ” is dae hero (for punker eoal), To Gordon, Urant &

, ATURDAY, 2ru AUGUST, 1011 How! in the Consular
led Mackerel and Haddock, ® : Rend Iteporte under date of June 22,

from Venesuclan ports on or abou the

wil. d you know what you are taki: | Am UxcIOy DE Larninaaa, lint atm,
% CLEANINCS Fi ROM TRE ACRICUL- he year ol pe the ere pros pete an le Agents Bait h Brow ‘apd a, with of ‘Martinetae ante rocwed | aflor atey rari Za tone, 18 eye as io de
if ANS 0 ie " . is ‘<
Dee aks, BUILDING, TURAL REWS: Gis sngae eves tn Dosh Cmmnercal { THe Honansa Vortofpain sere tame Saige ane romen | oct to West Aner and,
ogust, 1011, =, and industial affatre not only show: —_— Lamport Holt of . .
a th ediu Po’ 0 me] g,82itons, 164 hours. Barbados, S70 ton
Avavenis weit on Improv marked advarce over | MOVEMENTS OF STEAMERS. of Steamers. aoperel Garg, 10} tone goat ad it
The exports of rubber from Ovylon ite ecade. According to uncorrected tha Boyal Mall team facket 0, — Gzonox HK. ALsTon & Pre oe vie pplng
* ‘ during porte se were 630 cut, as | customs figares, the tulal value of the y + Co~Agenta. Kino Euwanb VIE, Brit steam launch,
P coropsred with 2,003 owt, forl010, For | general imports and domes Ic exports feo Pags 2, VY OTAINE Thess 1 Vo tare” isdue | “Hrown, 8 tons, (hours, Cristobal Colon,
the niue montbe ending March 1911, | of the Colopy duting 1010 was 3,213,+ | NON nes here from Buenos Alres on the Y7th} Lallast!
ee . they were 07,611 cwhs whervas during | 218 end_ 04.000,00, againet €2740,8i5, + gape y,_ | Suaust and will luave the name day for ttmr, Nicholson, | 2,300
te the’ slnilar “period ic 190010, they | and 92,174,874 in 1000, Koninkiljko W. "ne | New York, via Barbados, taking cargo, | “tons, darn Rosario, balliat (for
awounted to 14,408 ewt Bugarcave hae always ben the duche staildiens, | Pateengers and mal! bunker coal). To Gordon, Grant and Ca,
; ~—— chief source of wealth to the Colour. Tax Roar D Malu erick loylan Lu -
The Bulletin of Agriculiural Statios [tt reached fie highest production in oy Note & Company Ltd ° DEPARTURES.
. tea of the International Institute of | 1684, when 61,00) lone of sugar were Heap Ling Srnvice. Tue New Cotontat Co. | Vining, Amer bimr, Suith, 192 tons,

Agriculture, gives revised figures of | exported. From that date, until 1003

cotton-planiiog and production in oath period of five yeare” showed a piss FREDERIK HENDIUK.— The Ltd A

the Guan 1 ton general cargo and
al Dutch Mall dtesmer “Pring UCATAN.-The aa. “ Yucatan” {9 samenigel ‘

; passengers, Uy New York and Bers ,
a , lodia for the svason 191G11, The area | decrease of 9 per cent, j but the subse | coderlk Hendrik” ladue here from Aum dine bese from Laverpoet via Larbados Penden Ge iy
= planted was 22306143 acres, and the | quent four years showed an equal Raine sterdam vié Paramaribo and Demerara on | on or about 2th Augus ILL proceedin:
rexluction 4,1U2,000 bales of 400 tb. [and with the large outputof 1010 it ie | or about 2ith August, 1011, proceeding | afterwards to La Gualra, Pto. Cabello an _
By ~AND- fee vach. * believed that the fodustry fe once | afterwards to Carupsno, Cumsua,Gaanta, | Curacaa, taking cargo, passengers and
Drak 7

-——- more on # paying basis The felands of | LaGuayra, Pto, Cabello, Curacao, Jacmiel, | matis, {f quarantine pernits. :
cocoa. y ‘arie Galante are f Aux es, Vortaul'rinue, and New LLGIAN Theas ‘Ukigian' is dag
ae ama oun eee ol wa Grande Peery aively to caneaaising, York, tabi Cargo paasenwe re and mall, B ners from Liverpool! lu “Laabadtas un
* 3 itlon pounda, a the previous | and Guadeloupe proner. ty an altitude Pine Nie: 1 ia ee or alsa Gt by pleiwir, proceedity ner
exportation was 27 million | of about 1,Woifeet, fe largely planted in | a. hore &, Venesuelan Ports on or fc
year the The average esportation for | cane, Un the wertern slope ofthe last. sieut, Jad beptetaber Tit, Re scedin Caracas, taking carga, passengers sud

in satis If quarantine portalis,
- 18,500,000 Iba s0 that | island, where Gransputta luo fe difficult wards to Maranarite, Tavre ani
: 4 te wiioiente fon toto were nore than over sough county. rane lt Byened ‘Aimterdem taking carga, passwogers an 4 Veloce Navigaziono
TIa, 4 3
a BE | hall as greatagalo ag (his exclualvely, Lor ren duced The ‘Prise WILLEM HI The Royal yaar a Vepors
rtfurnished by the Agricul. [ pemaloder of the tisitay, containin Dutch Mall bteamer “Prins Willan


Mails for Martinique, Gusdeloupe and

Ea by the ee * Martinique”. will be
dees Sip tarane thar
ete jon a

Malle for Darbudus aod New York per
an. * Voltaire” will be closed on bafar-
day Jib instant ati2 noun, Hegtsiration
closes at TL Rian,

Are "ie d ret Aunterdate Ua Lip, Agkyts. Malis for Grenada, St. Vincent and Now
tural Tbstructor, Tortola, ve shot toe plane aterges hide for Jraiecioo aod Demerara on - nnout TTA DE MILANG The a t ‘tts | York by then a, airenada wil be cloned
1 much incre area of cotton x b centr jor bo INU ew ere 37.460) | the 13th beplaumber 111, proceeding after dt Milang is due here fru Agnes. at Sp ut on daturday Bith low. Registrar
anted ii the Virgin Islands Auriog | tho tive years priv Hone of © Wards to Carypana, Cumaca, Guanta, La | vis \arseliles, Barcelona and Tenertfe un | flo and newspaper at 124) an,
Sat ast month, and that there fs still@ Ptone of sugar, 108,000) galluny ou (uayra, Pto. Cabello, Quracao, Port au [or about i7tb September proowed ngs after Malls tor Maramarilo pera” Maraws

demand for seed, An Increasing fa- | suri, and 900,00) gallons of molaseer. Tec and New York taking catyo, pas | wards to Las Gualra, Ho. Cabello, Cunuso, | Jue” will Ue closed on Monday math

to im igh prices of colonial produrts $ mall Pu Limon and Coloa, taking: cargo, Int [instant at dpum, Registration closes at
tered ly ve eee eens ot sugar wie pane) to the prosperity of PSs attasss Vu—The Royal Dutch | lies paeenuers and maile if quarautine tao pa -. .
Froduc 5 Guadelou Suger advanced from Malbteamer “Pring Willeu Ste [permits Nai le tar Kew York by the ga. Sar.

tnetant at lOoclok am, proisely,
Sletration clos ab 9.00 ana, te Her
Malls for Grenada, St. Vincent, St,
Lucts, Dominica, Monteerrat, Antlgas,
Novis, St. Kitts by the RSLS *Halantia
will be ol onthe 2th atdpm. Reg:
istration éloseg at 240 p.m,
Mails fur New York, Pto, Colomlt <
(artenene Jamale: Antille (Guta)

TS ae legdelena wit bee +7
¢ on the Ub ats pm, Hegistration
Gloses at 10 Be ‘

Matly for Demerara by the RALS.
“ * will te cloaed‘on the Yuh ab
Ja nvow, Neglstration closes ae 11.00 a.m.

taalle, .

lantation rubber, Lei t Faly didurbiog jactor in igi] PHISS WILLEM I The Jtosal Duah | ip conor, —fhe ss. “Ht. Croke te due
\Xhat these represent 8 teeth oft ae wthe sugar Industiy. When L Mall tent tee tee Tate Shere fron Parwmartio on the aah
and Demerara 0 of about Sth Bepleawlar mee aut wa Sse same aa we

af ler’ iy te Cary pen wadan St Lage da,
, i this as about 412,00 actee ; peatly one produced by the planters of pach osu BAIL, proceeding oft re ouagre wee Famer wae (outiugntal porte, taking

ralpth of this has been Planted in te was cakulaled at centages | dabetio Curecao, Jacunt Aux Cayes [OSs fase tite ne

pe all
: rubles, ag from 5.610 G8, or 100 to By | dort au Place aud New York taking ibe Moustgne Lite ot
Ma, MARINE S QUARE, _ { Awong the experta fon the “hillpy [hot star tothe loo of te pay ‘Tbe aie! ay Saas a Te Royal Dutch a » teamers
~ oS See eee ee rf â„¢ -
= =—— 2 ine Islands, hemp takes the la ob Deter anin the price whih” the O Bla! Canes “Orapie Nawau” |y Gw, HN Ausron.

‘ ——— 22s to Ruse, perdu; rum 22 to We lL due her bow Venesuelan Parts un or . ho Ten Tivo ot
aod vacilla, $100 to S253] wtout lakh Septenitar JS, by

“ Ie ese ee i te entre aga Rae Cottee aod tocon semalned afterwards te (arama ia, Hare os < - t teamers

i last year t Brith companies ralving ( peasly stationary ab about 17.5 aud | Amsterdam teklag cargo, passengers an Guo BK. Austus & Cor

thirty! and it desu luc per Ib, respectively, ~ Aunts,

9 e £1,000,000, atimates fur the aren of

fard leased to these companies give Pthe centrale were first established,

some thirty years aga, the inuscovade

* place, and the ammount sbi F t ee EES nel tor bbs | dus here from Veogivelan Duets un of " Adighe
ret and Fo remost. ae worth 214M HER, Toba deciles Piekt depen the ton as ratiniated on the met alt Copan in, ieee ] Peers, Tee ae Bapiue "ie oe ny
1 ant adn. U frow the export ff sgyantThe de biveo perventage for bie centre, at the | Aetondain taking carpe Pawenyern aid J aud wlll loa tho tallow ing Hop for diner ;
a's C OCOLATE AND COCOA PO DER was ve teben face notwithetand fp inash quolat nao I ote A Vite | patie, Boston and Kew Youk. taking cargo, | A SURK COKXECTIVE oF FLaty'
o | ete ae the average price for | for sugar testing 1a ve aves age passonives gud walla 0: inscy —Wheo the undigested food
ing the fact thew soticatly Telntalned | of the muscovados ‘t ie amettiond OOD ans, orenreeneneeenrimaananennememereemrent Hamba 7 mor | Wits it the stomach it throws off gasses
Mwewyan Quatity. + the oduct tue daring the two yeary. caleyletion ‘hae besores on y aru a ‘ borg ‘stig tae aed Specs
‘Winns an Setcew. . “hom Ss wi Gonduced oF maituled In the NS Pact H tonuanas Co | fo gates ts cffersive
: a =e, ted from Nevis that. Ww J longer # trade lielet ov { 1,000 COR offensive
ms veticenh, Aeuded Dipons He a ead ap month, so ae | oe ihe cosa plata woking uo ut by LAING'S Qm-| \IRDERWALD The Nee“ atader th to proper
Tranatey lo’below its worth Awarded Diploma cf Merit Covadia or qutton Inge pleut latesfered | orarly onc Ath of 6 iid re out by 1 corce | aN weld of” the American | action, Tis, Hetip e ills °
pe Mod, Toronte, 1068, Koll everyebere and Wholessle from weather wi uns cotablshssent of the | abou ag. tons of caine, rvtueed, Ie evel Gor-cure 8 ree True in due bere from portaou | will do thie dhectlous go
‘ - ; a m ; bottle. Fr elma gaat after
ALBERT LUCIEN & CO. ne “0 to tbe pivee nt ot that it i b canlials lest Joucasy, asd | ne he Ex r vy | wandeto Havee ae 4 with rach bottle
Catal Ono and Chocolate Manufacturers, doubfud tpet ha Soe hi Nay | Laer tbeke inepiretionn wide coo Latio's Encuisy lean acy | Tiiby tage: pannus eat,
"Steet, Portal dipala—Paone No 38. the Ne
. ' ms

a COR ow lt

it wa Baas


) oat Bal You Can Look wee

“ewerage Contractors
eer acarwonm teen | THe tele lly over and youl Ba ean OAVIDSON & TODD

7 on ' . 4 C LDERS 0, Pelcee dated 1006, may Mave fetched ‘al their

Halt Price,

Jollies ————— tueaalal preniens me Vibe bd orec | 99 many Folks told us after making the rounds of the Stores

Ee . ponding to came, during the Holig¢sht and Hubbub incidental’ to THESE INCLUDE DA
Several St les AF of, MATHISON, the much vaunted 0. EAP SALES, Cast Iron Bends, Traps, June
ba p OWDER ¥ Port af Span Reorvtary & Treasurer, We are nut surprised at having heard this as our tions, Offsets, Pipe
ber 1910, Constant Alm isco give tho . Clips, etc., eto,

— Mt LO

; STORES.) SHLHOT FROM, Best & Cheapest
| Trinidad Building and THE MONEYS.
wus WINES Vien’s & -Boys’ iim, |


Come. Sarly. t

a â„¢ ARCADE.

Beet ct in Lean Association, oo

: bai & Yate, weiepmone: mo ea CET BUSY & TRADE
bed ot crt | AX Tats SLAMS: ~— LS” CET |
P furter particulars HE Board of Directors of this Arso- _\T— fo oe
1 A FORTIER ~AT= Fearne ate el tat nia etora Institute

hares bave now


or whos a mort, ages are are now paid
up my apply the office for coeie
cash amounts or releases

Br ipocuyegee
BE i & Oo. G LEN DI N N [ NG’ S, ETE, Frederick Street,

ats oe i Tete




a |Balanece of Stock =



. As, epost
; The hereby pot tird ioe the information
of th ee wh a2 (b msay concern that Hie
Metra ; BACT ARBTI CLE MARERED bintaratni faiees eee
ition W est Ingisa sa a °
A. MARQUEZ 3 cn Sects the erase ts towel

: a wwea me IM PLAIN FIGURES. eae

, "iG, BUBHE,
ee work, Terns moder- (No.2u0) Acting Oulonial Secretary,
4 satisfaction guar. TRINIUAD 4

Televhone 633, . Co A. TLwzD Ow L A. IN EL = tT Ss Ee _ OE rece Rutu-

pre Bese | Wao. MOMS &


Cotomtal Saceerany's Orrice,
_ & August 2911

TH Director of Pat Public Works bw given
[notice of the following Resolasion for
the tbe sex meeting of the Costral oad

Seoretary, ' Central Hoad Bo.

Rasors ep 5—" Thar tbe tbe Turure Trace, ta
the Arima Ward Usioa, stertiug from


ff |Oable- Codes) 9 WOTICE.

a ge

{Fay %

of, Rte om Oe
ce cabgay berries = we xmas Western Vaton Cable Code “ —Or - A PROCLA AWATION.
. , : — and Tilegtaphio
Bs ALAO As Just Hecelved, and For Sale: eral OATRD DUPUY & COi)..
mn: ; Cases of DIRECTORIES. coenac.
a a) > aa —Also :— ‘ONE STAR' BRANDY.
Mt Klas —Ald Kinda Pa ‘Cordon Rouge a *° Bs “fo. ‘THREE STARS? BRANDY
Te * Manos i 7 A POCKET EDITIONS OF ‘do. 'V, 9,P.’ BRAND

j Western Union Code 50 cases SOLE AGENTS

z ci er ae ia | Cascos of ‘Gout
* J
ia bie asi _ rl i Bpeclahy suited for’ travellers.

"in Cold Storage iG Munn &C) Quavter és Rintes. |¢ veces
ne =, =
Bere pe eA Vessels Bros & You Goxlard : re

.~ Gouda Cheese.
MA at 240. perth. Srmall,

pease tetas” GOTT, BOYD & CO Faaoneentare
T. GEDDES GRANT See war peut

Fxâ„¢ TeLecuoye 132.

: ies — Se Oe

Be ee vo soot OT. Geo. E, McLean| * 22ree'n | DENTISTRY.
a a ease Fib S69 b : _

sip | Without Rival | Princes Town . DR, 0. FOLARI

TER ANDO waTCH REPAIRER AND wo es z, cites pise sereesa, with ADUATE ot rx ta ihe Mead oi
iors in ¢ LAINE EP nih ES, Laing’s Famed Soda Water ud JEWELLER TM inp fee caidas ond mouscel ate (URADUATE. of ites i a EE aaa,
4 (oh 4 w eee beiee, witel’e fur aby Ay Part . watiet,
GOODING. clean drinks fo clean bottles [au Ss STORES 2a Frodorick St (ade maagy abtep. Ayyiy ve BL, baka we a tare foe Aulog ¢ ts

of fm ae am te Oe

A ee



wate ae

; HoRINe a Tiedt = = Dress Materials’!




AKT SILK STRIPE VOILE—4 fas Wide, at G03 ard: SILK BINISH POPLINE 60u per Yard—Tn :Black Nav ,
rt biarisad Tussore Suits Brown, Orem aad Fawa ; ART SILK BIRWE yard all DELAUE— In Black, Navy. Brown, Crean Ftranberry,
4linches wide, at 60c pet yard; NEW SHINEY OREPOLINE—Jh Cream, Black, Navy, Ftranbory, Dhalia, Green

and Grey—41 inches wide. at 73 oeate per ya,


gnu CoLovurR AND Strirep,


HTE DRILL AND DUCK | Figured Tokio Silks,-_36 cents per Yard.





SILC Surrs. MOUTRNIN GS GoconpDre.
NZA TA ILORING DEP’RTMENT Black Cashmercs, Black Khantona, Black Crepon, Elack Crapo— From 24e to 2.50 yd. Fat Crepe, fiom Dirs wide to Sins.



tvarevesareere Fonds Exceed 1 «6, £12,000, 000 P OROSKNIT

uo er York despatch says there
fa Beneral unrest auong isilway

“Two Flags” and * Omnibus” Brands, UNDERSHIRTS .. 500
8 PROMPT AWD FQUITABIE SETILE- | UnDen Drawers — "500. ckablre” hes aighalird that 1
vivors from the °* Fifeshiie’, have

nie Walker” Whisky. . , AT To 80 EneoLength 5:¢ rir

Mr Joseph Chawberlain in his pre-
face to the bouvk “The Case against


fon of new but iu the development
and tewants

New York

Paris advices state that all military

mananalJaly 8] July 16] Suly 38! Jut Ja taqtaly wis
. Joly wf Suly 2) July wl | Awa 8 | Avg. a


A despatch frum Pert states | great, to to the recorded amours of nolo-
that ‘Le Bibby Liver “ War | tfous courtesans, After all, herd {ir} outlets for
wickehire” has signalled that the sur. | Lhe Weat Indies, our libraries are our | It is growio

ali | only universities, and paccarlonally extent lons ms ve ita further jme«

habe Cards a3.
Sony a AaDERLAIN PIREVACE the matter Lessee eS itnnentoeredks | PE Pet

5 . on of Ae phe emcee Sa
a oz ene Dae ‘3 " ry id we thi a! °
fel Dutch Pilsener Beér, | 4™ " UNION BULL $1, | MiachtehiagtAe” | AuNI ea ie ating tthe

~- k but talaly th i
WS Tall (} 6 1 & Panama Telegraph Company penis vee inde d Soe! Huereated receipe ed a y fore hn ST. ANDREWS" COLF CLUB.
- $ | sar teat the All Indfan team byJ0 runs, | Cf ithe monthly medal competition took
‘ : i ‘ bu be hat Sa id. y pe oo
. . Th fMoroico Question. ' . FRANCHS BER LCOS EPA wit ‘utter Hove {hat pee diterer by Were telecon afternoon, resultlog in 4

the railway ex tenslon (freating Benge 1G
COMPANY, FRANCE'S Be LSE PREPARA- eee re teats ate’ busye fhe | the least anilar, San Fernando ieeg crc

situated that whatever extensions of

seen MER me he gies LAL.

sires Sim

Ladies Silver Grey Glace
Lace Shoes,

Louls XV Heols—-Foaked Toocap, Filk Lacee.-84.50,

SHOES-~Louis XV Heels — Peaked Pointed
Toecap, White Kid Lined, Silk Laces—$5.00

HOES-- Louis XV Heols,— Faney Toacap,
White Kid Lines, Silk Laces, 04.58. :



4 Dollars a Pair.

LADIES Tan Derby Shoes,--No Toe cap $3.00 Palr
LADIES Champagne and Tan Ribbon Tie Lace
Shoes—34.50 a Pair

The Bonanza.

FOR SATE ea aera AT WEATHER JOY] “SG | aria (eee

IRE &iUIFE toad: Bitiah vewtla worked” by steike ~ emia patter with some
breakers, The Saxon employers of |, WiTH the ald of Mr. Andrew Carne
NOW MERGED 14 THE; GIN? S ? roetal workers will lock out sixty per Fi Ban F Fernando, is to ket # Public
‘ Recen i ATYi vals: ROYAL INSUBANOE OOMPANT; Lt ay, and the cigar workers are and there ia every indication

by votiatin demands, that it will bea Ibrary free from the irably sulted for oyster fatioin,
TRANG RAILWAY | defecte that have made the Portof- | and thers le, avery large deiand tat

Spain Libiary, as a centre of self-tu-
pot etoent, witcuiture and eelfeduce- the bivalve in the Solan O eand pe also

Uen. so largely a failure, The good Tihe Ubermal sod

o ° . ,»NSURANOBS ¢ effected agaln:
B BRITTANY BUTTER [nr tugs ty fie TINDER, WEAR, | eekes tee te Si] li tn’ ta ae ata te ele

In Wirkins and Cusees Palbdings jn contents, of Heeger erie oe Un eg ae chee es Satine Saran
- they w wers of our mineral walters, and
& Premises, and f rivate Duolingest Hs A RESCUM On gle RECK undoubted ubiediy” prefer the he biographies E jaanc
Oleo Margarine— moderate priors $1 LO THE te SUIT. ub PASSER GIS AND and 3 Pr achi levement © the Visio as Ban We niost convenie t

Sunportance, ce, however, ater fiod lyany
energies ce
dally ‘abd the wrauwag

rote. I respect 0: @ tacet consideryble

7 : ~ N FRIDA falog August 25.51 they open the door ta us and we slam last. Not for nothlog did_the ward of | captivating ; while the cleaa manner
\ 2 bet ueeu's . Naparima for so long head the returns | ia which each itew: was carried out
»TRI NIDAD LINE of STEAMERS pat vies We XK, between Qu ‘Oe ie au m thelr lentinn The Morning pet ne sale ut Crown Lande Now the } bought forth continuous rounds of 4

p CRBNADA, TRINIDAD and DEMERARA, Carrylog Throegh HT RH Gilden Beacei-ty Anyone bringing | that Mfr, Ubambriain fe Chatnatn's crops are beginning to. cone de, ott gues, woo Tuclay Hah het

t om i. be handsome!
pi i Freight for Tobago and Cludad Bolivar. some 10, 1bte Oflee ws . 7 | successor and the Tuipet ial lustiaet of nb | finds itself the seotre of m dletrictt that | le antlcipated. thet a house as
. = m= | Mnglishmen. is Browing. mole important da 7 by pore bight will its
ays ab railway extepstone Ww
CORY SFAIZXANMG DATS, 1913. LATEST TELEGRAMS. Io thle wee ICRET. the Qloucce- ee to san Feroxn one pne quite rede

st ere are croak-

ween the Hon. 1. Slyne and ali
C. Bentiey, with ae net moore of 4 3


Navannad July ‘Avg. (Dsual “manures have avo comtwise romuuuatcation, reads o

Graranil Ao: 3 1b Ava 4 a 33] Avg 24 Sepl 6 Be AGENTS, ‘JULY’ CHAMBERLAIN'S NEW , THe Ties! CLUTICIZES LLOYD fallways; there may ‘be, abw ie bound PRICES _QURTENT.
We Navanue| Sep Get Leena 2 Bept Bo oo BOK The London "lines ” attrilutes | land and bound to grow in numbers of ew vont [tun
; aval SEE Sept Bat BB Oe, oee a Ep Hoye advancing rates to Bock Kx. inhabitants and qeneral tide eke bes "iets 1
; Ode Oct. 1 oe iy t 3 “THE CASE AGAINST . FR eee iPedersiters a vot want dove iu the mt decade, Of course, OW. per barrel” ~

: Ou .
Rw Mavaner gee 3 Oct, ¥1] Oct. £1] Nov. 3 |" ah “ , ge 1 have taken all they dealred
£0, Oct, Fs ov i Nov, ‘11] Now. 1s . OR age ere Is no change | fo ihe

‘ Th
7 Graxana| Dots 31 Nov, tiNove | Now, 2) Nov. 4{, MAuink SQUIRE. PORTUGAL, ¥ sai, PRESIDENT eign, i cay, to veep

BoD AD Surprina axp Tuavinxo Co., Lrn—New York “and. Trinidad; -
& Co—Greneda ; ooxxm ros, Oo Aone & Co., LawsDemerae | Pacvg 184 The Smouldering Embers of Advlees ds Pies announce that

, ,» Om Wtaa Ut COOQORIT®W,
my betire vlew of the Gall or ntelie to Diashp reem, Bted ‘rors, qlee
* Gallery ‘ard cus‘edices. WATER LAID ON ‘sd ‘PHONES


Ina vwi h
, “GERMAN, OuKEnS eHow Termiee by 8 sun» Hor the ioe x the vrgh
Betancourt blared fs fau Begs cll a ket ee pound |

the Suvther Boroy I hee He troubl
but its chet evils, a a po
ct, want of good buildln net \s
rates 0 Pod’ deck of of the prosiailty o ‘ ‘a per tt
| SENIOR, ANTIAGA, PORTUGAL'S water, have born ta some qulent over hg and: Mess per bel.
cone, although ue adm
UST EREBIDENT. ninch stitt reinaing tudo. There was peta, oy per cent,

FllRMleueR Strike. Conatiluent. Assembly hae elected | once a scheme on foot to remove the Manos tow
NT—-FURNISHED. Henbor_Artl Inge es. Fleet President pet of Ban Fernand? to Polnte-a- ) Eeia peroent ©
™ 7H B O R N N’ S Launnens ULTIMATUM. | of te A ohtiaes | PLTIMATUM, BOL be fornrlters alr that, after Bort re
A . 22 UW ‘ f-Hpaln lied been al nbtreby des eee
rahe Tt HENSTATED aT Ottawe, August 20th, fp of-Spaln bi Th alusowl, @:
CLA” HOUS C4, Queen Street, seve Bie Wiifiid Lauiorsa a opeoct bas | stroyed by tire in the year soa i¢ wea | Rist “

Low ee August 2b. | declared that if ft tec iprocity be ja defeat | Jn conteurplation to erect « new capital ott, wo “ .
e hour fon Bir. Kt of the bland, at t Huintee-Diertt, on the
Lice ABT ETGRAYH, EXPERT vith. of ihe Board ot Trade, por (ee enie Eeoee DkAzeno a Garrtere Katate, boll on account of ae LIVERPOOL, MPH uy ash

RICHARDSON & SELWAY GTullaod Hartlepool te birers have arte a Ne ALON, ay aifived | agen and. Porters fant a OUG AL Corstate

pital of the olf Industry,
hee mien era greet Bil'ps and and
f las! ity all

her, w with ever nalotalo t :

@. lack of died perbri ,.. $120

~ — - suaded the Liver shipowners and HiANGES MAN the deptiy a waletand th
Corrisge Iload—A poly 1 Trogr sete Boa d PHONE 5th Mes JEWELRY REPAIRER. auaded tbe Live verpool shipowners and C ks A of Ite pusition Be and. N, Sadun Upland dpecB, 8494 rr9
“ strikers, During the consultation New York, August 20th, | Bocas or Disgon’s Medium Fins Be
|] thers wes much disorders tramcars| The Agent of tha Lloyds Jirazileiro | seberme had come toanything.thetown | ber bh Nom, ‘ teilipy
wereatoned and the men conveying adimitas change in the wavagement | Woder the conical bill of Naparina that | PATUS: :
cotton were wobbed, but the police | of the but ‘Ahecredite the | !s one of Trinidad’s clearest landinarke, | Rentes Three percent . ° 9 O40
contrulled the situation + 63,000 will | tele; ner edlag foreclowure of the | 404 the city withla the halfeircle of
now resume wok but there fe some | por hille frou the Carenl eeaia to the — a
anzlety leat the concessious granted | 4 Woks DISTANCE HECORD | swamp of Four Row TONDON Oh BH TAug skh

> | eeu but mbling because @ | here f f NI ad no harbour xhemne running well Crys
Tae tae hot takeu “before the Tanile, heviag. tows *F od aaites inte theaniilions danglin Hing before the _Nuscorado Float! TOT y8
: dec ea GE ROUNULIA protest, | World's distance rreord ae bleme of how Dent tones he Leer Tee tS par noct? SY Eye #0
Â¥ r - = Hl erg
WE WILLMAVE ON SHOW TOMORROW MONDAY ss Heale fe bo t eget for thg “= iv de etree ef he Fue ae demareRe. 140 iyioh,
s ory wes id the o 0 yD
NLW COOLB—HECEIVED DY THEMAI protrt agalunt, ble *ppo atment is growing m warts on | But paper erty Ls per € ewhe 154) nyah
ndlean, FIXTURES FOR THE WEEK ENDING | schemes clemetiogtowns 47 Woo rare aie si A oats
_ THELEN OW ELSt OUTDREAKH CEASED, bE ly come to a at Pat ate ‘one certain: | oAtmyiere Per & UAV ULAL
. E ELY HATS The Welsh Dutbreate have ceased, | Monday 21d Wad Wednesday 2th, tpn iz did not, and Portof-Spalo and Ban Trinidad Good god ala.
‘ 5ONE LOY HATS, except at Hargoed aye and , jhe Jews re Taat at Commit, Practisea and Standard Fernando a wil Prete bably bef re aud re per owt
. elaod fol ad

WARHING DRESS GOOLE, ishensefoge: re reigin spon the Plotee Juseday YAN and Thondsy aut, Tpon f tier i ee oe bettas tawu there | 3 a oh OF NGLAND: reont .

‘ . Ca —S er the bitumen (that noone knowswheLher | ONS: rst ~ Rieu aa

GENTS! TIEN, NEGLIGE SHIRTB, . tien & tltireus Bald ara several it je oll or quid asphalt) oozes out in | _O1L SHARKS: ‘
= towns. CRICKET, ssveie! places la ite streets, aod where Generel Petrolsom 1236-10011 49.
t ‘wy Liuyde“beve. locteased “the rate noca for. xt, | mitt ites to be untie for usel bee ter own Tinie «| tabu.
. . 4 s . 5 *

R JCGHAR D SON AN Dp SELWAY . “ 6 sie a pativval sallusy stnke ae ateh sient rh k | nendotein asense both the terminus i idad gue uy oe Se

. ‘ ‘ thie yous to ten guineas per] 0, and Shamrock Jet. XI concluded J and the ¢ ie rt


lastlog fertl ———aa

1 The success of tas Bikey strikese tbe peorers p Atoroug L's da portaute as e A saleand surefuedicine tera child
posed the be decouteut of Grin 19, L, fersaun 17, wnt t, AY, cyaire thaweaith ye viatt Siete t. | tooutled with woran is Muth:
my gery raver’ ‘ yi mad Gs Cuausiog 1,” Obes joduatilee W prveally y eplog Weis Eateuniveten | ther Graves
ad + a



fa only another “Tittgalfen of 1 the THE MASTER BF WORM,

rowing st te, of San Fernand
STE PHENS LMIQ, Free Trade” argues thet. the © lem: few feare 8s ro the r Houthera Bo- crowpED HOUSE Last T Neolir,
Bommanwr, Li) a =
d Slog! (mld. |"= . a ofan tat faite deveng | ine tif rd iegnence | ky vetlel rs td
ce ie epiri ci i} a a
ie di MD ng fa Ing ompany m = Teese <=. ——Zhe_UptoDals Oulfitters. Poel seaued Lersitorys he directed Fernando vas es dull as ditch water, burnper hot hone and the general o;
LOs ST. the the Empire Js still plastic, | but while Ita people were xadly pune | Ww better entertalnmient was
HAMBURG BRE ME The Dowinions, he says, a6 willing | scious of this, they never lustheart | hard ta Ulink of. ile feale, as tettal t

and the Motherland’ alone refuses; | aud thelr turn seenis to have come at | were performed with adesh that was


ances = —— —————

The Magdeburg!



fev, Pather Herbs, 0 BP. ftom
Caracas, will preach a week'a retreat
in Spanish at fe Cho oh of the Holy
Rosary from tomorrow at 7.2) pnt

don direct liner a.8 “* Naparina
we eared trom Grenada on Tharelay

ONYX BAND Bek rahe at

We ha ticed what Messrs. Can- Eight with 30 tonn transhipment cal
HA LF HOSE. ning” and Ga, have reeelted a large aret two passengers Mr Horde an
. shipment of Groceries by thee decker i.
“e All Shades & Bites. hee they ea npeatig. With] The ns. Melvitle froin Demerara
‘ lot. of | atrived yenterday after a run of 33 hours

zat this shipment is a sruail p
20¢ & 30c. PBR PAIR. Huylers and Grrenfield e Chocolates, wlth | cargo, te transits gers: ue. ae
Rardinha, Miss Sardinba, Misa Xavle# and

rw A amusing ator is told af « well- ie
MAIL LARD’SS | [anowe priest lina rister colony who | ?dker™ .
has gained distinction as an ardent > the aa. “Crown of Arragon™ consigned
controversialist. Home hte time to the Trinidad Shipping and Trading
a nnnenrennng ta couple of beaming parents brought | Co, arrived yesterday from Barbados

dil Machinery, Derricks



CURRENT EVER NT EVENTS him « baby to be chtistened. The with -Bf0 tons reneral area 100 tons
ceremony comaiericed, onal Panne :

~ WW MI 4 Master Boyd, Mr. and Mre.

A wee av call thls MO ycon Menzies Tr eoy yartmdos Min,

Boyd, Mr. KO, Power, Mr. IL [4 Power

and deckera

TU-DAY. child ¥" asked the piles!
~— * Coronation "gaid the father,
HN,“ Voltaite” leaves for Barba} * What?”
doa, and New York. Maile close at |“ Ovronation,” repeated the parent

12 noon, dngeedly. git f aoarto, atte
a . or girl Inetee 11 ballas! e
KS. “Grenada ” luqves for Grenada, “fg rh @ royane of nine to Menare Gordon, Grant
and New York, Maile close at3pnnm. 0 © Ah “said the price ® rinkling the | and Co. itd and will take @ supply of

‘The Rritish steamer “Tudgate” arrived
yesterday afternoon from Rosarte after

The London Hiectate Theatre at—3 | itliae inca cian? Rlneet™” he | whienatSetatied ae thle port yesterds
teatre a! tise t ” ete, * Now,” whieh also cal
SUGAR, COCON UT Ol L., and £90 p aril eal turning to the parents, " sbe'e got | from Tahia to Messrs Gordon, Grant an

-_: aname she will never be ashamed of, | Go Ltd will take bunkers,

8.8, “Sartinigue teaven for Mar- [and you can call her Coronation or The “Ascuncton do Larranaga”, 2.000)

Or any other Factories. tlaique, Guadeloupe and Huepe. Damwoation ur any other ‘ation’ you

For Rates apply tothe Agents .

South Quay,


fone lenee t Captain Frhevarria, of the Larrana
Mallee om “ _ 0 : _—- gelinet rite arrived eaterday ‘on ber

. al port 5
Cricket at the Savennah. epee etalttiaicke be aed the daye frome Tio de Janeiro, with In tranalt

ta ant crders for bunker coal from
Mr. Stedman Archer's bulk. This

Hald of Poultry ete, by War | aepecial law at 12,00) milrels (42,600)
ateamer is one of several of ber line

Price and Co.—1 pin. and an “ordinary representation

_—_ allowance” of 6,00) milreia, When
Sala of 35 bags Nagra Rice at] the Prevident has to receive foreign
Stearnery Warehouse, by F. J, Seott & { miitary ur naval missions he is to Wa learn thatthey are the bigzeat
Son—i0 a.m. accourpanied by an officer of the [carriers of cargo between Galveston

Larranaga’ left for Now Orlesns last night
after taking 24 tonsa of bunker coal.

The as. “Grensta” fe expected to

High Water Moro 4.42 Even 503 po | appoiated for each occasion by the
Sun tlsee 5.54 am. | Minister of War or the Minleter of
Sun sets . 410 p.m. | Marine as the case nay be. Members

Moon vets 7,42 pons. | of the President's family are to have | ai for Grenada and New York tovight
SSN HO precedence at public ceremunies or to-morrow. Ammons the passengers
by tht

—_ =
NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENT, | duncan Stustt, the Berbice champ- | Grenataare Me Frederick Te Herrin, Str
= jon cyclist, Who achieved great faine [|G C. Catto, and M+. and Mre William

“LT have waited” a criticism by | by defeating Mikey Cipriani, the | Mitchell, fur New York, Mrs Yates, tha
Maupassant—in our next. tinidad Cheanpton ‘a the five mile | Misses Yates, Miss Hugsina, N D.
raceatthe U.C.C. eports on August | Mcfiride, Mr. and Mrs Thomas sod
Bank holiday, bas Leen Invited by the ‘. children. Me. Barrow, Mr. and irs.
Coumnittee of the Lssequebo Cycle and | E%%. Mra. Butler, Mrs. Thavenot, Biss

William Woolward,



Can Giwe Wou
at ANY Momont
ANY Estimate .

for ANY Building :
‘ of ANY Sizo

of ANY Matorial

In ANY part of the Country
4. rt jat ANY Prico


LAWRENCE.—Yesterday, August
25th, at Petit Bourg, San Juan, George
Lawrence (familiarly known a4 Fleut-
ming) formerly employed Me he
Oaroni Tactory, The funeral takes
place até pm. today to the Chureb of

t. John. Meinbers of the Trinidad
flirmony Friendly Society (of - which
he was a Trustee) as well as other
friends are kindly requested to abcept
this inumation,



Board of Education.

Late Harbados News.
Gleanings fromthe Agci-
cultural News... August
19,.1911. Industries in
Guadelupe... Interesting

Society as a beginning.

Millar, Miss Evana, Miss Ferreira, Mr.
Atbletic (lub to ride at their fourth
sonualaportste be held atlAnnaTteging Barttett, Me Hotton and dtr. Patterson.
on August 2t taart has not ye
decided whether he will go, but the| THE MARVEL OF MARVELS.
probabilities are that be will, . _
ihe, oMlcers of the St. Benedict 20th Century Puzzlers.
eres ety, are endeavoulin; 7
establish a Tabrary for the Lenefit of | LOCAL TRAING TO ACCOMODATE
its members and towards pot eud, * oe
are 4) ng to the public means ~
ofac Tealar for the Rte of books and | APMIEs1O% REDUCED TO 3/- AND 2).
mapers which have been already read, Dr. Richards’ * Wonder Show” at
Ta which will be quite welcome to the | the Prince’s Building on Thursday
wight created more wonderment than
any of hia previous entertainments
The Kxecutlve Council of Demerara | given locally, “Neptune's Tank,”
had under consideration the award of | however, was the favourite nomber
the Guiana Scholarship for 1911, for | and justly so, for Dr. Richards simply
which, three out of six candidates, all Pexcelled himself on this occasion.
pupils of Queen's College, qualified. | Having entered the waterfilled tank,
The successful studenta were E. M. (which was afterwards thoroughly
Duke, G. Kcott Bushe and E, W. | secured from outaide, and his not bav-
Reece. As recommended by the | ing come out, trouble was naturally
examiners, the Couoctl awarded the | feared, that he, the mysterious one,
whotarship to Duke, who took {had feifled inthis trick this time and
Mathematics and competed for the | was probably drowned. There was a
scholarship for the first time. semnl-panic at the tragic thought, and
- -—— efTor ta were being made to smash the

~ |b : - —— oa eed] -Statiatios, The Forest Department Is charging | tank, or, auy way, to remove the
AKD SATISFY YOU FULLY SEE PAGE 8 FOR 7 7777~7| Ruts Ker vletper thade: HOMERS | Gone’ a Voice aes Iieard trom some
Ths Soul of Man, Soien | leeySIetde Bisheure estan: | Sela roe yd nett 128
. = 1? anda, a figure laa “el legiet from in .
~ —_ aes "2" TUR Er. tists Claim to Haye} bleck” to contractors’ who are only J and behold, it wast the wizard e De
epee a * : id $110 per sleeper by the Railway. | Richards, and, at that, he was cooll
“ . Glimpsed Jt... Great | m iy the x 7 pg away
" 4 ——— ——4 Pp bee rea ecost of making the sleepers and | engaged in pleasantly puffin away
x Search tobe Made. The other charges such as haulage ete, ‘seo Jat a cigaret For this trick, pure
GEROLD AND SCH ER K R Assertion ‘is Diselgimed wlll be out of pocket contacter | eating moe ddience “fore hele
Wi out Oo! cke! Rallb
WM) 4AURIIL by X*Ray Expert. The repoit of the Committee ap-| then a fe arty a then ie zere
mum a ems ful 0 ed
Tel. 8. South.Quay 0%, : pointed by the Governor of Harbadee tricks and feats “in "F hametry,
anna ———= [| ta investigate the condition of fishing | thought reading &o.
—_— ~ STEMS OF REWS? Ponte and Fepert therean hay been pub- [| The show will ba repeated to-night

Nubed. Among the recommendations | and tha last local train, Lo accoino-
of the Comuittes are the follawings date play re from the Eastern Dis.
(a) the boats should be rtly decked; | trict will leave Port-of-Spala at 11.15
{°) atleast bal of the batlast shoul Pies fostead of 1022. the schedale

scoured; (c) Lhe fibin use at present | tline, and Tacarigua at 11.51 p.m. We
should be abolished; and (d) the { therefore hoye the pood tol of Ban
boata should be inspected twice a yea; | Juan, St. Joseph, napuna, Tacd-

+ {| In tomorrow's [ssue (Sunday) will

Smosmor ‘Foods for Infants & Invatids

Sa ee

an engineering expeit, on the
“Sworn Surveyors Examination,”
asalsoan Mdliorlal on the same sub-

ject, “The growing importance vf | (e) boats which ate bel
Frosh ° a egrenae ae also form the | te inepected. og built sould Hi res tts Akewoode eoncmaion td
+ 8 ee . . -~ atten e show. Prices of admiu
t — The Secretary of State has approved | sion have been reduced
Ia the amended Tramways Dill me t reduced to 8s. and 2s,
Supply PHOSPI ATINE FALLIERES, FRAME FOOD,| which hes Tecently passed the Hat- | yf Demerara iis Poagen tage Dre hee nn tere
+ bRa ALLENKURY'S FOOD, MELLIN'S FOOD, | bades House of (Amembly, a penalty | Noss, Goveroment medical uficer iate
J NEES TOUt TOURLERMGLS”——|laparduvtaa Company AF tnt | thie ct tay Sent, ie FOOBTALL
. |. suspen t
ust to Hand. | iowidor hosinsons becLey. refuse to move any of their woike thal | nent fur two peatoaad removing ie | afternoon ates aclcek ee ee ee
wewewomwemewsm may be condemned by the Govern | toa public fustitution for such tae pluch between a tena front ILM.
, ment as a danger to the pubile, aa the Surgeon General may advise, * Aeolus" aud the Wanderers. oi
Stop at BOLAND'S, 6, Henry St.) 4.0 mon Mer. mens — wilt provided fre sce
é , ® Jin supporting the Gas Works Bll iy | 4 correspundent to the Barbados | A TEAM
- aa = Se TST | the Barbados Legislature sald, that to | Standard wiltes:—It te admitted tbat ROUUs, G Wayvenzns,
f =? hiemind, it. kept worthy opreneat the Barbadian fs ublquitous, I have | J. Hannah oul
og | wee | ofthe Electric Company [nthe Meld, | certainty sun against hin tn many |. Back: A. Maingot
oA gee ae 1 aod where two ilval companies were | quaitera of the globe. For Inatance, | A. Adar “
3 DPM Fl fighting, or where there was keen | while serving an a boy on board au | J. Foret 3, Forbes
Pi. 4 corapatjiion, the person to benetit wag | Kast Indian’ emigrant ship, I cane Sal. K, Peck
i j the consumer. actuas a Hirladian long way from |W. Ellis f backs. K Piggot
J --- ame, “ata ‘ol
, : Itie announced from Parts that, in Hugi t ver and lag owe mont x 5 tent RJ. Wiltineus
revognitjon af Kise nent seryieve in} when 6 siuly penilen agatied ag por tare « Fraser
WA Te i the dowaly of ropa (peditns, dir fand Intygdn himselt—Mr, Walker, | WW, Howse Forwards,
1g Vatiick Nansop i premen of Pear Tree Vill. Chindueychoke, w, ult I Millar
ia with & modal by the Internatiaa) | Us'eutts, late ° linldgetowrn a ceed T, dattioh ¥.Urlealy
Ey Cowndties repreeroting the miev 4a tusisn of & buodved poolle Iabourers, | 5’ Malek ie HF Slows
: (acuity iu near yovely county, ‘The | at whens we afterwards heard hin | W, Tayler K, Newbury
' medal, whieh ‘will bear bir Patrick,| seating ina brogue which could not +S aylerwon Ger Hock ford
: Nh DD Manwn's May, is being executed by | be tultaken.” The following wit”
ee the Freach epgiaver, MN. Paul Hicher. . —-. the Castile geese ee ry. boday on
- oh ne a UL
eee ayeee 4 $e i) Ba] Naysthe Barbados Standard of the} A pretininary examination — fur Oasuata, Pate ites
P pee: ese ith Instant, "On Monday we ob- | Persons desirous of becoming attleled |G, Dewh Goat
| tte London Blectri sil fats cer ne (anata egraagen| PIT tin
OK pasa) goer iyi he
. F 6 London Cie Theatra, Hritleh Coat of trum on the utte, “ip Noe E. met wine, tho towing Ve iopoette | V. Malngot
f a f tte ny q 7 0 “ . . °
‘ WOODBROUh, PUNT-UF EPAIN, Pull, Acting "Colonial bacrotary. Hite-Gerakd Gilet Cale Noel Selgin wets anna titi beck P ekel
‘ u ra, ‘ { '. Rushes. "
sy pots jmluute from the Kur Husde’ Car. it up eeadere. nal the moneeay ree Linox Deveney and iter sien G. Brlerly J emwat
vi ow Pictures every Monday and ‘Sburedsy-every | were mor mibdded int puppusiag thaf On the 271th aud Qh ‘of the same qn Genteaume B. Gaatiite
thlag asin Landon, “The ae Standard” wag +00) wonth « fual exemitation for ad. 1 wi Por
FRR e ee ee een eet te rae Ne ee tet tine oval te td, ot 1 That went © ae Nepelite
taention e " le
DPWICE DALLA [eet iseinoe wdeinnded Ta aia ait Tenant al cell] Hf taboalaoe ote
TBM. AND QP , — who te astivled tw dir, Ay aaa We. Tl Bo L Del
_ ~ mee ee vial Ordere by the Queuatine jue eau), Willen Usear r (to ‘Mr. C N G. Wid (Capes
Pe oar rzazse THU ASDAL, PRLD A) | feet probibltiug the landing at wats i He Sh. Dy Sermag will Klodly referee,

George Alexander Laruble ito MF
Philih Malagut n
to bie brutier ME Bervant Aaa

we of any but palivencd the telaad,
the Captady, ¢ ‘tele » Chief Ene
ulcer, jee or Uuctor arriving by

ne Ofer, bavo 0 ved b;
Uhe Leyidature ; provision thing made
lu caves whery landing could nos be
avoided, Ghat ty
ands observation Ting

WEL RDAY 2TH turn & aire Avaues

When Lovors Part,



Bet “leeping Yare Xie.


Prices as (sual 8 [60 and B40.

ABSLEVED SEAle, Limied .
‘bildicu (. Best Beavb at NALINER id crate

wet OH
anesnents toy thet lube eats
eRe roma tag pivh as ‘oun Res

as tat
fee rte the lar ie

A votrespondent wiites I

Wins) “Rete yuu! w we

and intfuental ould
the tentdente ot Hares Me ee
Andalwy lees tlildron wwii tmate jb their
round on all Hae the td
‘airs of bearing tbe Hewes for | Oval towtey aad if te doped that

ance & month, Name youre
age the Band +d thes “p
Finday, car tat tk one et i ha Fey Tet billowing
es eereyy . AL
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2 TALL: A CURIOUS CASE OF ALLEGED? fret nih scrrrmly te mite) AN EVENTFUL TRIP.
GTA “| THEFT BY FALSE PReTenoEs. | Saas irteaseateemte le Se anasvaor Feb eum tore

. _ s U T A aoo D TALE. bewspapers and consequently belleved

AN ADVERTISEMENT that there was money to be invested.
To INvEsT, OF #800
. %, ° * .
Fnowing the incresse in celiveties, -

Evidence for the provectition was A CYCLONE AND A DEATH,

— then led inning with the com: a Pere
yy . . Vo take the following from the
DOES MR B AGONZALES — {fisinsed,, aauling,. Dickson Ar, 1, igang" of the giud insti OFFER FOR SALE
BXIST ? the Foet Office waa the second wit. The East Asslatla Hoer h 8t. Croix’ 1 .

~_ fess, lle gave evidence of the receipt | Mo vage ibm Uopenhagen down to the . Ex 88. “Sphorold.

CASE POSTPONED FOR witnasses. { RY, Sefendant of & wenistered letter. | itand of Rt Thormas, her first stop- . {

Molassine ait ylouscae a ach anewtpaper | aud er rere ty coniaiman 3] MOE Pace a Se 700 BAGS CARDEN: SIAM RICE:

@ Taoat. > “pre
hent part, was heaql at the wy heard ber ask bim to retura her x10 until the Azores were reached and for

: Police Oo if he could not get the loan,
Hl t Deane, ort yeate: te Ne Iphus | Ttfused. Before she asked for the four deys after they were feft bebind, _—_—_—_—O
a ' Singulneau, of B%, “Charlot Street, | reltrn of her monef defendant told ent the steamer go the lane: o '
( SG, [refirestiens Sie ese | Ferane wont have to gre, i gay Reread inte Ube lmnoege a Ex Storo: ;
a s ike,
oor rinces Town, for baring, On July | ofthe * Reece Ce gave, evidence | terrible one, For twelve. hours ihe Fi + On) '

J the eum ot $19. with intent to defraud | Of the advertisementin that paper. | flemente razed Bhe wae towed hither 4 fog Bres3 8 Star Sal hur Matches

; her. fvoman named Hernan, he, wald, nnd thither fas. the *hoge sens struck s .
a : * » ALK, brou; °
> ae Iho deliveries for November, 1910,| painant “Me?s, “EPPS, for 7m [toric Two days after in consequence | lets, many of which broke over her ‘
‘ create a record, sndant, who pleaded not guity.-" | of the reeeipt of « telephonic, message | The high winds alro tore meres sone Tol. No. 252,
M Lansalle raised a prelitaina, {they did not know from: whom) the as Miracticatle replaced with some - .

ob fame “EA. Gonzales" was append-
pelectca t,the flee pretences not | 8a" the “advertisement, “Latins pean With, which the ‘steamer "ta
Mr. Ouok replied that it ‘was not | Teerired by complainant were ale | Sete Rottone ideal’ weather, wee
n wit Pt. a
done wee’ veraueeie wee twee uae Othe prosecution haying closed,, Mr. again the order of the day until this | -—-<—— ae _-

usual case; the false pretences wern Lasalle subinitted there was no case | I 2

be found ia a series of letters, and [¢ | (9 Suswer: Itwas incumbent upon
they were sét out on the ane would While still two days out from $8

‘ the prosecution to prove the non.

THERE IS take upthe whole of the beck and | Pulitnry Of ydonzales which they dhireaing ones ton betel the Se
His Worship said It would be more

had failed to do.
A -REASON plalot! bee agree Tones on the com:

Mr, Cook replied thatit was dim. | Oreis At Coyenhagen she took on
enlt for them vile prove that. Were: board as one of her crew, a lad of
Hed on the evidence afforded by the about seventeen or eighteen years of

Pato at sicsllarity of the letters both as re-|28¢- Soon after Waviug home the boy Ni ic! Music! Nlusic!
te Gok ibe wid theas was a | S8rds the caligraphy and the spellln rare etd? me fone hou at teat “ste ©
-FOR THIS utiae one he would briefy open it, Pot certain words in lettera sup; he wae nol quite of sound mind, a PIANO 1UTORS. ORUAN AND HARMONIUMS TUTORS
e The complainant avin Doticed an Sire imrittea by two different persons, watch was kent orer him. Nothin Carpenter Method. Book 1 & 2 Chappell Tutore,
e ” ¥
time before July 25. inviting the atten: Were written br ooo and the same Tea however, peur. inland Heme eee New ford Edition, Hamilton Tato
tion of the public to the fact that | Dereon. and that person was the od ADORE B ovclock Hamilton Tator, New & Old Edition, &ay Ro, 8.
there was $4,000 to be invested in loans | ‘¢fendant. bing the ‘boy wae standing, Afton the , ‘ . .
ave! disfevent from mil others! $200 in town or country property, the ponteetiale was of oPinee tine port alde speaking to three of his VIOLIN TUTORS. MANDOLIN TUTORS,
OTHER FOODS FRED DOGS ONLY. letter to the address veninn rote a of those letters must bring anybody inatees who iwere § short distance on, Allard Tutor, Book 1 and 3 Eltis Banjo Tutor
Hye vertisement 38, Charlotte *Htreet. | (0 the conclusion that they " were u : sould doa aythi to prey m ths poneyman'e Tutor. Glertonet Tutors
ne Fads not only: feed but keep dogs healthy | Soon after writing that let, stone. written by-paeand the sate perro fumed Toverisiante Rethold Tours Flute Tutors
Plane on > ceived a letter, purportiog to be posted § 204 t ‘ious similarities pointed to f 18 tome jum sel and ths Henry Farmers, etc., ete. Harp Tutors, ete. etc,
pore o coat, eradicate worms and prevent uGtplesant] trom Porto Spain and widrerecd ce f State of things which demanded sorve Lory was immediately ralsed end the —_——0-—
. her at Princew Town, dated August & | ¢7Planation, and {n the abvence of any | SOA SUP RO oat Tie bust’ launched Planoforte Exeroises and Studies
. odours from the skin and excreta. telling her shortly "that EA. Gon- | he would convict the defendant fut, qulckiySione’as this was: added to °
NC ——e{)- ‘
d from tbe purest Ingredients only and free from any medicamen rales Was BE aoe eatin with Defendant waa then sworn, Me] the factaf a search being kept up for Czerny’s 101, Bisping ‘Tochnical Fxercises by Pausr,
jay at the nearest Dealers and buy some, and specified th atl infeh, | 88!¢ he was acocoa valuater and knew | Shout half an hour, the unfortunate udies, Kudi u Catechi: ft
an spec e condi fons oa wh ch | complainant. She came to bis office | fellow was never more seen, It is fully Thumor Studies, Kudiments of Music, Ca ism ©
D. R, ALSTON & CO-—Sole Agents: [the money was to b ntereat, payetie | a0d inquired for Gonzales. Ife told believed by all on board that the boy Music, Musical Dictionary, etc. ete.
halt-yearly fur five years, Theletterfur- | Ber ina: gin write tore hie ae ineanltye ns ite neil that hes actions 7
ee | ther Intimated thatGonzales or Me. Sin. | hee eh abe wanted topes’ a loan of | While on board were certainly those of Now Pianofortec Classics,


“_—. 7 uinesu could be seen personally at
b "9 the formier’s office. t On receipt of that $5.00 and that she had commauicated ‘ Person mental 'y pabalancetl
> etter, complainant came to town an rece
found. hewtt at the address in ques- reply. Defendant knew Gonzales. He CRUSADE AGAINST LEPERS.

_- on
tion, 38, Charlotte Street. She vaw not always rerosin at Port-of- —
. . | Spala but ved at Yiap; Defendant yr
; tales and wag old tet be hed lef that | Bulsabet apartot bieuounetaGonzals | pave bren very buy ‘ickiog up eres The PIANO WAREHOUSE
7 log for Marncaa, Defend jk 4 ‘or exposing | themaely: says the 'p 1 FRE! .
A Fine Assortment of morning for Marncas, Defendant asked Jig was heres When complainant | femeree e Ate very say" the PHONE 444. . «AL FREDERICK STREET, ~

Mr. Gonzales, and she sald yes; and | CAMs, be asked If the estate had been | nineteen persons, principally male
defendant then sald that Gontales had | Yelued aod he said nec Ifo then told | East Indinua, having been ordered to Lae ee ee

re : ' inetructed him to do business for him, | her she would have to g ta valuer and — TS Sst
ae, T FASHIGN ALE AND (P= 7Q-DATE and that he (defendunt) would go to she sald he did, not know any bod
ra ~” ‘ the estate and transact all. the busi- | "4 he offered todo it for het. fo

taste at Grasoae al" the Cont | arabe gteredtoggie forbes. el LAMPORT ANO HOLT LINE OF STEAMERS


statements counsel pursued, that de. | lr: Gonzales, She saki that she | chansiog, a frequenter of the Courts, VIA RARBADOS’ TO NEW YORK,
would not return and could leave al .

everything [a his hands, In due course being “in the vyender and’ property: wmilings Deitem—1914,

defendant weat up to Princes Town by Stewartville Court on Friday in con-

appolotment and remained there two} nection with some matter, and on

fendant knew that Gonzales had
written a letter to complainant.
They then entered upon a valus-
tion of the estate, and complain-

Sutamees. Leave Tamipap, Agnive New Yoax.

; days inspecting the estate. He re t) { Sel.
“2 ant Proposed | that value the’ prev | cetred #13 In reepect ‘of valuing the lows course Ris appearance at Fel] TENNYRON o.0 ed July on. Mth Joly... Slat
TP 7 STYLES perty, but defendant aaid that be property. Gonzales, was now in| when the pollce apprehended him. | VASARL ose . July =... 97th August ,.. 3d
7 ae b e would do It bimeelf, and it was agreed | SEEEN ane CROSS-EXAMINED, Oa belng chaiged he pleaded to be BYRON: see August oo dath Angast... Sisk
= . . that $40 ehould be leid out for that After giving a description of Gon- wule to rewurn to bis bouse and TENNYBON — : ae Boot, tte

Sept. 4th


we ave

Pee tny complainant sald abe | esloe, defendant“ rontioued to sex} Tie wWehip decined te erent son | Vinpe

P way. bhortl: after she sent him $154 der crossexamination that Gon | gesting. however, that he ughtcom- :*
? ' fad! f hich he hud asked forion account’ of | rsles only stayed at hia place for about | franicate with his relatives Te was
(ar Lingo adies ress vostume the valuation, ‘That would be | @dey ortwo. Me was there in. the | quitea shock to Baichansing, who,was | Zédpents Necond-&-U hird flana-Acaoims

; Moved from the couoterfoll of the | latter part of Juce and leftin July. linmediately removed to tbe guard- , t

Be ‘ Peoistration book ja the Poet ‘Office, | 86 stayed about two days, When be} room below. A similarchargeaxainet
INEN 35 INCH AT I/- PER YARD. ‘ TE the tine complainant went to de- Jett for Yrappa defendantIwas at Ban Dasart lenulted inan onler for his re.

s fecdant in town he wrote down his} ane 'back totown on the lth, The Uovernor' pleasure Asylum until tpe

addres on an envelope 3 wih prove letter dated July 25th, showed that | Worship, “comunenting on the cascm

3 . . “
7 Gouzales was in Port-of-Spain on that ?
{ Cr TAG | reieteproetcer, coon? Sag" whe] date Hlewae no ie Gohials lek | te difttc ho. grew vegeta
we the Estate onthe following Sunday | 1 eat his letters he td sane ls p- fvont of his deor aud sold tbem, tle


For rates of passage money and a!l further iafermation, spply to

GEO, R, ALSTON & a0.
Tetzruone No, 182. ves Paragon;

but not having turned up that, day, fins Defendant had lent out money mas a very duty man and the police

complainant wrote to Vort-of Spain. to ahould buot him up, Whenever he FOR YOUR NEXT AT TACK
andon August Jet. defendant found for bim before; he could. not he, he wow f Pohveman on hoy other oficer OF BILLIOUSNES S



himself at Princes Town where he

ssw complainant and made a show ing to Yrappa; he told biw | door and hide hinwelf,

was gol
that fe bad to draw a cheque for
complaloant. Ile saw defendant on

' of inspectiog the property. He took
: statenieate fom er oa ones, two occasions in connection with this A CIANT CUCUMBER,
ainght, the loan wae assured, After | (oun, (he fret was wuen be went 1 a scerviny oF LIBERTY
thle not having seen bor beard any: |v Co eliow ie it you were out ISLAND,

5 thing of defendant, she wrote to Mr. of town on the 4th and there are two —
Gontales aud received # letter Inreply | Veiters signed by you showing that | Avaumple of cucumber which has
to the | effect that Mr, Sloguiness | yoy were ip town’ on that day? 1 just beet! sent to the Dally Argosy

defendant) had recommended tbé | coud have written the letters fa the | of\ce does much to show what th
nand poloting out the desirability sould are wr b ties oes in Ic \ 10 ; be 8 UICK EFFECTI E 1
Bee rare ‘toma aateu to | evenieg of, tos 4th and posted theta | producing "capabilities "of ‘Libeity | Q) AND EFFECTIVE IN ACTION!

[ e
m te
, £6,000 asshe had oertala exppnses to 1 ber | i b b
. H rela ate of Preparing Pils Worship there looked ab the belie envy ofall exbitors ‘te aay DOCTORS RECOMMEND Abilene IN EVERY HOUSEHOLD,
" T 8
{ @ | sleo taformed her that he was about stamped as having. been posted “at ble shows held | Hogland. To be PRIOE 3Gc FORA 24-0Z, BOTTL&.

to proceed to Yrappa, atownla Ven- [oat reclwe it la 21 foches long, and 0 .
gauiela, and quid leave gee er ie Cook :--In the face of that, have | inches in slibh, while it Fusne the] ‘Wholesale anmrlieHetatl at

soon after that ake recelved two | Yousulll got the effroutery to say that} scale at Bibs lox Moreover, the y THE BONANZA DRUG STORES
Trine, terete, ceeguneadâ„¢ iaimating | Tourer tins cages OT [eee ance, at SMITH BROS. & CO,, "ecasare Live stant
BY ARTIOLE EON THE PREMISES COMPRISING: [that he badspoken favourably « RE-EXAMINATION, {awe exceptional cucumber either POLE AGENTS.

: OLE MAD R the loungfor her and It wae sure Bboy, preimined by Me. Lasalle defend- ( many of tho olhers grown are equally

t lyed & etter dated August - mn =
Mdroom Suites. eee [cake ee Fa| (RINIDAD CHOCOLATE FACTORY

he had vents hyessage Jo her by some. | PTT» (o Estates Liwited are ta be con.
Be tema tor Tada cod Tbae| MF SAmalle (fo the Clerk) —f waut | matulated on the Monefsctared by A, SOUBLETTE at No, 18:Park bt, Port-of-Spata,

ith the cheque for # i hey haye ef! t
w did’ not leave the | that flown Genaales wil) mye yey hay effected 9

_eeee, Geen:

tenetes ination
this property

the reason why the colon afewdaye! conviit after thelis. Justa very short time age ¥ CHOCOLATE’ is prepared by a special aod solentié rocesq which

me I | VS chee en 0. me uleation at the that (auphter ’ Libeity Island wasa mere swampy its complete polubility aod ‘eta forth the exquisive erome of Tee Coy eases

p . enit of town, Dwent on to. say. it] POSTPONED FOR WITNESSES. | waste , now it promises to be one of | Being free from all Foreign Substances, And made from the aces selected secre tt by

a se ert ro vecu that defendant waa not A witness oulled Tor the et ership the most highly: reer tite, of wet pad Selitons, sbat ac @ poasishia wd it ls worivaliod, ub up iad, ib, Lend 5

‘ not In attendance aod His A apres,

x. WRITING TABLFB out of town that, day, ot the JULD E iked if the defence could aut get any- | placte other thaa Rubber, but, when | To be bed from the following (eocerles :—HTEPRENS, Leo, CALEDONIAN

; WINETS OCCASIONAL TABLE} July she recelved a Lele meahap had | body else to prove the existence of | reference bas tobe made to this it GROCERY GOOUINGS, J. ¥. EIB (New York Ketabllabment), MARQUEZ
Oanes ‘ ABLES rales informing her that s niwhap ind | Guozales, hikewiee must be faronrable, for the STANDARD, acd from Bhoye ia owy and country districta,

7 4 Oany 7. befallen the vessel whic Mr. Lewsalle sald that the fabe pre | tbe thousands of Aeveaa planted last ‘A SOULLETTE,

sent the cheque and that ble won hed | | noes aving beet set out ou the | February are now seedlings as heal-
gob injured. But the | ullasity. plaint bad placed thes lnthedificulty { thy and sturdy and full of prouilse an
pout that letter was vfnos koowiog what they had to an: | they could yery well bu.

hd the 0th Informing ber of
Es Or DES S, wr ae igh fook place on ithe aren anal og y bed bg nore Ww itnes —
_ Ha, goon aio Cheeta wg | By wae mummy wtneaet OBITUARY. a S.5 Grenada
part yiote him. Ie replird errinhed at ‘ . .. PH ewon —Un Thuradey. auth » ® e

~ta .

’ JUST OPENED A LARGE STOCK OF crue Hg BU Bore, pind ceed sib pawn a8 sobordtogty post poned August, Wi, Mra Harel | dane
ATOR Whether he would not accept J10 on |e ATTY that etewdune be wigce ian at hee late restdegoo 24 7
i acount. He wrote 15" coe to | puto ball, bup His Worship said be | Hrlaces Town, luneral took plage 50 Kegs BUTTER — Gt Ibs. Net.
i = Agth telling her fe wou ) fond pat fo b asdefebdaut wasi the same day —(Harba pepers 25/2 Kegs Do. 33 lbs ,
F j visit the ace prope ngbE np by suinengne please copy). 10/2 Bri } . coon .
the pad bint the Niel == 6 Cases Do. Yoo he Ti , #3
Jopanese ins, Carpets, Linoleum, | gave him mooey - f - Ains, ey HR
‘” Rereens, Japanese Curtains, Carp Beast OF pelea a al THE EFFICACY. OF QUININE. -| ST. ANDREWS COLF CLUB. 30 Cases Do. 90/51b, Tiny , 6 7%"
’ tiNag her that he would have Tio p — .
telling, EF te fetch (thls my tblcal) FREX DISTIBUTION TQ THE DAME leat uum ate reentenl siete TRentwrade'’s Celebruted& Mwah,

ideh ,
Also 300 Bags Heavy White CANADIAN O.
sod 35 Hels FAT BACK PObK—60 pea, ATS,

takes :e Ue afiernoon.

g ‘ lesto get the loan * --
BD STH_ADS, fh. See
el } 9 letters mene show the ordinary The Governawnt of J ritish Galena bave

qonlt writing of the defendant and the

A ligapy Weapon Ag ater Page —

- . Diet letters ee ir etrcea loc | a4, tbae Ca SaSe1; | There te athlon wuial to “Canadian 16, PIGS FEET. Lo
RY. ruvrauc waneeo AT REASONABLE PRICES. by call wuipt Ho» Tepreeente: | tha roolt of og Olt oben wall raided ie vos. manne we
- nae . ondefoodants part tide | they | gril othe ange eurateg and eleow have, | UScry inedoty It. Lbawe by Ao, baowrn | “VX; r
4 9 | teat bb was us ous coReeY! nen " . :
+ | Os we narod $04 and thot log yf: as Um eqns | Eases Mnt"pca nndag at 64,,South Quay.

Cemplote Houso Furnishers. counpet

detendaat should be convicted and se


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7KH )2722)6)$,1 * $ =(77( f¯ 6$.5'$< n$8*867 c0 3+(16 /7' 7KH 6WRUHV 67(3+(16 /7' 8%6n 8175,00(' Z +DWV WRGDWH 67