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ix Cold Storage,
ttdget Cheese.
Mo Strops A Qilletto Safety Baeoitfand Slades
Boston Garters.
Trinidad Building and
Loan Association.
lueouu) POSSIBLY
Col’d SI...I
Tin 1KB l'm(l~hc>$ in
see 3snE¡:x:T s"ct:n':o.a_“X",s Gh^zrETTiE.
To enable ns to get all Goods marked in plain figures the doors will
be barred for the coming week.
Received ex s.s.Trent’
40 Cases Quarts & Pints
f '"tUOAll'l’E blanciie;’
In* Finest Thing | AE,9„0S,ftT‘¡SSV^
Geo. E. McLean
rcdoricU St
Ex Recent Arrivals.
0 Ills. ‘ Lehigh' Portlani Cement,


New Materials.
Black Box Calf llghtwaigifliUOMts
irtDDIHg"Ür"b!R r°HQAY GIFFsT*
Wc Have been Appointed
Furniture Depar’mt.
xasr TBnsrmAD.
In Boc¡Bt»»c3«.'~S¿í.
!x Recent Arrivals.
Johaaia Walker” Whisky.
utel/Dntoh Pilsener Beer.
Tiioidad Shipping & Trading Company Lmid,
flaULTBinDlDud IHgllM. Curjinj Threugh
tits K¿"wgi¡;?sá¿; I >"E A«aiic»C"
mu a-»asms-::
as n. r\
Motor Car.
uiisr atináis
="'j >
â– BfW:

jSutch. Tablets
Celery King
Disordered Stomach,
Strengthens and Quiets the NervouB
Is the Last Word in tho Treatment of
Wasting Disoasos.
K|. Dyspepsia,
R* Indigestion,
Novcr fails to Believe and Cure
General Debility,
Coatod Tongue,
Pulmonary Consumption,
Intestinal Catarrh
And tho Diseases that lead to them
Ef- Hoadache. ; .
Rets sítt. fes* (*JS"S-
It is of Marked Value in a Variety
results in La Grippo, Colds, Hay
|,Sa.tewio,sI^"Kis,s’' AEÜ0TT, LAM]
3IE & CO.
Marine Square.
liiSTSzsni m ’
■: •: v-
â– filal

Fine Silk Embroidery
At the Singer Shop
¡-É fe;
fefe&WliiNíi: •-
ffi . pSl$l©¡ÍP;;IBÍÍi W
¿I = fí£i»í• Jt-;í
«: ¡i Er-;-í-i4 í'íKísifeíi"'
• i! iPAí'i !<í'¡ •
í.:.ií¡ ;t¡
Y ¡i ‘='-/íf O *
'kfe'lifekíMu; s
• ' irMisiis
&¿íí»r&;; ?;ííjiiíné ?
¿i • umHííí lüiiíi ütiáui i
>B uiü siiifhfeüskíi?
ilifl Bislhi!
■fsK'll «í f:
... m.
llIfeliííÉfiÉiii i
:li,Ri,fisfl»í«líUlí!5;pSíí!í2 lp.
lÉflÉS'Pfti® H#-
i ? 11! 11 íi; ¿ 1 i: {i rl í i t j M ‘ i i | ]J i 11 ? \
ü m
aí»il i
llBÉí» Í|ÉÍ»Sf sil.
á !;!h^ I i y H Strife ife!!’ i ^ üic lii ií ü^l ^ g# ¡! *
mm í®í®i «pii&ipi
!íSí MÍ íínfeÉ. i ái' il M «■; !«’ t-¿
s qfl'üifílfí a
i 8* „ ¡P" 1
g tamil h jfi, ¡ == i
i I.
I S?
!í””’m!|Üs¡ mif"
¡te l ifif i E i "■* i,.
’ " ‘"mi
iiiiiiíiiiMiiMir i||M!

tennants agency» ■;
Me. 10, Iriidwi) . â–  TdqHiWM 111.
Wo linvc Just Rccoircd n Fresh Shipment
J. & R. TENNENTS Oolobrmtod
BOLAND’S, 0, Henry Stuebv

Our Bedsteads,
Sa—’niílTmi Ti! PTTRniT AQlMtt lir ounrn-rmn ' I
Stump Bodatoada, Spring Oot3 & Springa, Pillows and


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ix Cold Storage,
ttdget Cheese.
Mo Strops A Qilletto Safety Baeoitfand Slades
Boston Garters.
Trinidad Building and
Loan Association.
lueouu) POSSIBLY
Col’d SI...I
Tin 1KB l'm(l~hc>$ in
see 3snE¡:x:T s"ct:n':o.a_“X",s Gh^zrETTiE.
To enable ns to get all Goods marked in plain figures the doors will
be barred for the coming week.
Received ex s.s.Trent’
40 Cases Quarts & Pints
f '"tUOAll'l’E blanciie;’
In* Finest Thing | AE,9„0S,ftT‘¡SSV^
Geo. E. McLean
rcdoricU St
Ex Recent Arrivals.
0 Ills. ‘ Lehigh' Portlani Cement,


New Materials.
Black Box Calf llghtwaigifliUOMts
irtDDIHg"Ür"b!R r°HQAY GIFFsT*
Wc Have been Appointed
Furniture Depar’mt.
xasr TBnsrmAD.
In Boc¡Bt»»c3«.'~S¿í.
!x Recent Arrivals.
Johaaia Walker” Whisky.
utel/Dntoh Pilsener Beer.
Tiioidad Shipping & Trading Company Lmid,
flaULTBinDlDud IHgllM. Curjinj Threugh
tits K¿"wgi¡;?sá¿; I >"E A«aiic»C"
mu a-»asms-::
as n. r\
Motor Car.
uiisr atináis
="'j >
â– BfW:

jSutch. Tablets
Celery King
Disordered Stomach,
Strengthens and Quiets the NervouB
Is the Last Word in tho Treatment of
Wasting Disoasos.
K|. Dyspepsia,
R* Indigestion,
Novcr fails to Believe and Cure
General Debility,
Coatod Tongue,
Pulmonary Consumption,
Intestinal Catarrh
And tho Diseases that lead to them
Ef- Hoadache. ; .
Rets sítt. fes* (*JS"S-
It is of Marked Value in a Variety
results in La Grippo, Colds, Hay
|,Sa.tewio,sI^"Kis,s’' AEÜ0TT, LAM]
3IE & CO.
Marine Square.
liiSTSzsni m ’
■: •: v-
â– filal

Fine Silk Embroidery
At the Singer Shop
¡-É fe;
fefe&WliiNíi: •-
ffi . pSl$l©¡ÍP;;IBÍÍi W
¿I = fí£i»í• Jt-;í
«: ¡i Er-;-í-i4 í'íKísifeíi"'
• i! iPAí'i !<í'¡ •
í.:.ií¡ ;t¡
Y ¡i ‘='-/íf O *
'kfe'lifekíMu; s
• ' irMisiis
&¿íí»r&;; ?;ííjiiíné ?
¿i • umHííí lüiiíi ütiáui i
>B uiü siiifhfeüskíi?
ilifl Bislhi!
■fsK'll «í f:
... m.
llIfeliííÉfiÉiii i
:li,Ri,fisfl»í«líUlí!5;pSíí!í2 lp.
lÉflÉS'Pfti® H#-
i ? 11! 11 íi; ¿ 1 i: {i rl í i t j M ‘ i i | ]J i 11 ? \
ü m
aí»il i
llBÉí» Í|ÉÍ»Sf sil.
á !;!h^ I i y H Strife ife!!’ i ^ üic lii ií ü^l ^ g# ¡! *
mm í®í®i «pii&ipi
!íSí MÍ íínfeÉ. i ái' il M «■; !«’ t-¿
s qfl'üifílfí a
i 8* „ ¡P" 1
g tamil h jfi, ¡ == i
i I.
I S?
!í””’m!|Üs¡ mif"
¡te l ifif i E i "■* i,.
’ " ‘"mi
iiiiiiíiiiMiiMir i||M!

tennants agency» ■;
Me. 10, Iriidwi) . â–  TdqHiWM 111.
Wo linvc Just Rccoircd n Fresh Shipment
J. & R. TENNENTS Oolobrmtod
BOLAND’S, 0, Henry Stuebv

Our Bedsteads,
Sa—’niílTmi Ti! PTTRniT AQlMtt lir ounrn-rmn ' I
Stump Bodatoada, Spring Oot3 & Springa, Pillows and



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Port of-Spain
October 1910,

* ‘DE SILVA’S ; Tho Arcade.
AL Fe SATS fait, FOU SHAE yuo. tora neta
sMADLIFIMENT, Boston Garters. “eucpuome moon EMBROIDERI Fe GLAC FS CONGERT
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Conductor s-Haan Norunace. a

2 Alexandre Strostâ„¢
ke room for fresh goods

is arriving. COMMMEN CHS
Beialeop this oale wilt be ane
; | . core ‘U UL) “Hy sD AY: A. LJ fen sm zs cine 2 arate


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a — Alesendge Stet yet tg Clais

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Received ex s.s.‘Trent |" out eae & sate er

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ja, Ore Tporal or , — AND — The contractor will be req ulred to
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Ine Finest Thing | EDUCATION AT .(Geo, E, McLean — DR. ©, F. CLARKE

Ihso Pe |
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wy t a a Pr SE ee . ‘ oo ~ Tf 7 aoe a ~~ ae ae e ee . oY . or ~ Rm ~ "9A
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my ’



thes and watch the maeehisery,

mena pennants
Hometiines for fun he bad given each THE LW DON

chlida patrof smoked spectacies and OODBROOK. Porteot.%~ ate
w [Oce minute from the * Four Roade” Use, ~wwenge
New Picturee every Monday snd Thureday—everythln tw 18 Load

7) |. (OOLON NEWS. Ist ontoacta, The earital of
BOLON NEWS: | Beier littieg faeo fo tusre ct

0 LD 4 BIXTY-FIVA, BTOWAWAYS ON | $10) tech the duration of the Com, fi" nom watch the light for = few

‘ .
VES INS, “ATRATO. The Direciyrs for this year are minntes, Le light welt.

they knaw the

\ PUT ON ROAND AY OWEN Secretary an Tresat they lew dike , te ae the aioe ,
é AS in the ahipe tha! ay come too close
ACG, GLE THEM XMTLOTMENT, Cole, COR TMATS ronguants death, wlth ble eword “will pomish

(From the Starlet) cava | Solemnly and with seriousness of

Bome excitement was created on the Ar cobrumriox OF PANAMA purpose the little girl put oo a palr of

SSth instant around the viclolty of the | In an admirable addrees delivered | spectacles, and gave her brother 4 pair

Royal Mail dock, when It was rumour | hy Colonel Goethals at the Fourth of | too, Then she looked at the light.

ed that 03 stoways--52 from Trinidad | July celebrations at Cristobal he said | * 1 was quite right,” she sald, tt does

and 13 from Barbados-—wers onboard | + Shen the Canal Je thrown open to | not wonple but ‘itis quite easy to

‘ the" Atrato,” the shipping of the worlds when the | push.” ind all night Jong, from elght

‘The rumour turded out 4 be correct,![ onact Une @f tha United besten thus] eclock untl? the morning dawned at

and now the trouble arces what was {| hecomes almost contlnunus from | threéor thereabouts, thuse two small

tod>wwiththe men. The Port captain | Maine ta Alagkas; when inthe Ameri: | children eat and mished the light froin

{would not allow them to aud untess| can navy therels no longer an Atlan: | aight to left and left to rightagaiu
. they each showed 815 gold ta their pos-! tic or s Pacific fleet, but simply an | with these small hands,

Uee Nialocin Laxative for session, This amount they had notand | American fect, patrolling tha: coast | Tbe elder child understood the ser-

CHRONIC CONSTIPATION, BILIOUYNES3 DIZZINESS, NAUSEA |fo tbe Royal Mall Agent had to enter | jine as national potice for the mein: / fous need of regularity, but abe Hn

ae °
FROM BARBADOS AND TruNnipab, | Mee A: Jo Maal, President, 0 Th Mod a tittle Joke about it, “IE
‘ — Henriques, A re ond O. eearant, wargles Ike grandmdther's head,”

¢ into a bond of $100 gold for each stow-
‘AKADACHES, BAD BREADTH, \ away, #9 that the Foul not escapr othe oh and ine INTERNA. did not realiselt ae she did hergelf,
= oe { Ni 1 ° L ’ ashore, before the? vort Captain allowed tSR TION HON ES “ Pand that she could vot fush fhe! y ght
< -: _ - ug 0! a
Superiority 0 lalocin axative over |t The Pest a redity Ahat amwa-waa | Vhen all these eure developments of porn ein erery git) and every

¢ ° that as Wof fi Ti the future shall come to pass, then hether ah hild of ten or
Old Time Purgatives, that ae G2of Thens were from Tinided | the whole world will recognise the | Woman whether she be child of ten of

. vo ' complete the quarantine period against well-nigh Mmitieas value of the con- plained to her small brother that he

It cuntains no Habit. Forming Drugs. ; + | that’ port, bulthe Quarentine officer | @ibution to human wellfare and f 72 playing © game With her which

It does not cause pain or pciping, would not recelve (het ashore. happiness which the American nation [ rh ete dead father wanted them to play
Is ig absolutely saf 5 ' A partial solution of the dificulty | made when it built the Panama | iii it became daylight,

ft is abso ble ates dold . was however met when the men were Canal Telegram, All 2 ht those fro small childrea

13 suitable lor young und old, removed from the ship ant pla a ACCIDENTAEN OU LEBRA CUT. moved t te night tong Marie

; : el The Ware! the dock und ANT} : telot watched her dead hesbend ta

It is palatable —Children cat it like Candy, tice goard, for further action. Hut Locomotive No, 316, drawing a fiat platela lonely ONE downatalrs. ‘All

.__ | po a
i i Q ic € yation | when the men were counted off 1t was | CAS loaded with coal for the elest | niente heavy aturi was raging. And
It is powerfal and effdctive for Chronic Gonstipa fehen the men were counted off It was | Chovele ia. Oulebra Cut, ran upon a | Might abeary slurw was raging. | And


It produces a natural action, ofthem haviog mysteriowly ceca a track undermined by @ plide onthe | on tarvin
: . . . az. The sud of £2 3a, 2d, :
Jt leavea no bad fter-Effect, “The were kept there ead pate pest, incline into a etre Ou yh, ia dag to the dead man for the el heen Also the following Magnificent
Danger of Ghromic Gonstipmsion {rar the LOC having oferad to | Hie tk eave war, and thalisoiay | Silber nadyot et be paid the Sania WINING Wats
ro s i a ke th » ff 4 .
cimosicconerrsTion sOv¥s a Mist ste, Avroorna very [TRY wt te late | Cue, anaes tsb, et | mY Om A aa, Wan ict hour

carrying eight men with them.
copted the offer, as they would have Hlarotd Springer, Nrarbadian, brakeman

Price One Shilling, had to maintain the men until they } onthe train 1.0.0, eheck No, 121,000, ————

could be sent away on the next home:
6 was killed, The injured were George

The Inter-Amarican Drog % Trading Co, 130-132, Paarl St, New York ward bound ILM: Company's stesiner. | Tâ„¢ Jeoking g injured were George | CONFERENCE OF ST. VINCENT DE
. ° the men they were placed on fixes the George Lewis, Panamanian, brakeman; * UL. .
_ Sola by all the Leading Chemisrs, stesmer at Trlaidad and Barbados by Nathantel Holling, Barbadian, foreman:
H. B. Owen, whio it will be remembered | Jo%¢ph Williams, Set Clan, urer.
waa fudicted In the Court here for con- | "bey will recover#Â¥eyrum,
ting labourers against the decree ee

. trac! c=
of the Hepnblics and wae ordered to be |” ’
A Chance for Someone. \zesesesaseeize | usin: rice.

into effect, :)
Thereiney were given promise of work ORPITAN CHILDREN,

{un Colon and with this promise the: UTY.

| A N D S H 1 O R S A | H} weve placed on board the steamner ia a DEATIE AND » .
rather puys! jus so manner, without >, _ — c
thetr tickets, Owen himself embarking ine” Pik he kan a een sae

on the steamer. When the steamer
*, the powers of human atrength, one
arvived,at Savanilla, Owen's head- milage have thought—Is thee ete of

450 Acres In tho Panal Rock District, |austers, Oven peqas persuading tre | a Paris today. and will be the talk



MONDAY, (24th a


The Triduum In counection with the
Confereoce of the St. Vincent de Paul,
which was being preached during the
past week by Rev. Father J Smith 0.P.
at the Church ofthe Holy Rosary, was
brought to a close on Sunday morning
at &30 by geneial Communion at
the Churth of the Sacred Heart, which
was attended by the honozary and ac-
tlve members of the Conference,
Subsequently the members went over
tothe Nazareth House, where the ja-
mates were treated, customary, to


appropriate name was Matelot — a8
anold. sailor, aod laughed when his
wife suggested bed, “I have toclean
the lights." hesaid, and went on work-
tug. Attwelve o'clock Matelot was
in great pain. At half-past twelve be
could not stand upright, and bad to
a to bed, At dusk he felthe was

reallzed that they were the victlins of

Steam Packet Co, an unscrupulous; adventurer iu the

dessa, congratulated the members on
thelr splendid work during the pa-t
ig acd expressed the desire to evo
be further progress of the Society. It
vas” pleasures! that the repoit
for 1910 showed progress, in masy di-
rections but be regretted that the
numbers of active members had not

R M S The Royal Mail ter sun tant wrtinste toe ani
5 ® e g


person of HL B. Owen, whom they
stated held out brilllant prospects to
them ou Cheir arrival at Colon, the
LYDE C Antila (Guba), Jamaica, Colon, Cartagena, and Pto Colombia on Mon. But onthe steamer arriving at Sav-
day 2ith July, and will loave the next day for Southampton via Barbadus, St, anilla they were surprised to see Owen

tthe whole wold tomorrow. It ts | chocotate and buns, In honour of the & 8 a 2-H be at
to turn them aver tothe Gold Mising | © > the Institation. I See OS 7
EAR toMr Mever’s Evtate. Fortility too well kaowa to ceed description. | Company at Buanquilla, but the men the torr or eine ont ive Vatenn Bain’ of Glock. there was a 3 = § « KB g
N Tao Morne Diable Quarry Road (4 g201 carciige road), traverses these | refused going ashore ss they were e0- | saved many ships from sreck a wh general meeting of the Conference, Yo Q 2s > an?
laods, A fale acceage {a so: xpirs for prstace and Buildings arann one aide, and | Baxged for Colon. a storin while their husband and | when the report of the past year was to @& =s86 SFO , a
the caltiva foa de oa bash aides of: the toad. There wre ahout 37.00) young cocos ], Nothing could be done, Owen was | rather tay dead in the small room of | read, lis Grace the Archbishop pre- om ~ aay we Gs g
‘ trees in the bandeof 43 relisble contractors. All cultivation fa good order, There | folled io bis plan, and asthe mencould | the lighthouse In which the two | sided, other clergy present being the Ost ays 8 eG -
are also about 3,000 young Hoves trees. This will make ons of the Gasst cocoa {HOt be forcibly dumped ashore they } children kept the light turning. Ve tev Father Casey O.P. V,G.tev. ™ Mm 22 £ oe 3
‘and Rubber sstates {n the Island, aod with very little trouble, ae thore will be | *er? brought on here, This deed of heroism occurred as| Father Jos, Smyth OF. EPs St. OQ 2 aE By 8
laate next yoar to cultivate all the rest of the Jad, aad coatractors areto be had] phe « Oglon Telegrain” writlog on longagoas April 18 Nobody heard} Anns, Rev. Patrick io th, at: wm = E 2 cu *
bandani J of it. “Ithaa me known now fur | Amongst the members in attendance Sa o UL 8
jo abandance, the above subject saya :~-Fifty-eight J. Andi President’ Qg 2 ns
igure’ eave, BF" ‘ine “BAER: fue,» emote repaon, Te woanan [rer Ales 4, Apiary (txesient) O F2_ AF :
4 . aa 2 0 @ two ¢ erces are destitu 0 ea *. Q 3 oe

- Chiof Roasons for Solling *Atrato” trom Barbados and Teipetad | Sod tarvtogbecaitw red Lape hae not | Suaddon (Thesaurerh, 0. HL Wateoa = ep eeeggck 3
These Lands are too fur from the owner's principal estate ia the districy to be (pier under police guard ax they had pormitted baer £0 get the money dae hoe tA Nestor, Le AL Valder, OG. AL om 97 bia Ee 2
worked with ft, PPLY lnwot thig country, werd taken y tne because the widow of a Freuch light- facth ue, J, Pexchien *, Dumanolre, 4 N 3 z 4 Sato 2
APPLY TO by the Canal Commission, and they | 2ovs-keeper recelves no pension. a by . at enue ne ¥ 5 ada 13 a
. OTTO RADCLIFFE CLARKE tl left by train. f inte al At ten o'clock on the mourning of | Prerre, Cha, Rigault, Em achas s Yo E os a
‘ ° . 9 all le y, train for points slong tf april isthe keeper of the lighthouse | loupé, A. M. Sucre, J. ML G mez, EK. 8. A 9 a te 8 Gy 3

Ju'y 18th-1m. Portow Sraix. |the line . During their, temporary | Gf Kerdonis, on the south-eastern | Montenegro, J A. Jones, F. A. Jones gs ~ oO .S .& Bu BS

confinement the Glleged Lattowenrys nolnt of Belle Ile, two miles away | aod T. F. Eversley (President of tho BoE Sem t

a IM” Willaae Methen ctapiclives y fom the nearvet Louse, tald his wife { San Fernando Branch)” ~Y ~ gu 6 Bw 25

Ft Te man ere var T that there was something the matter | The anoual report was read and fo! gM on

with him, The mag -whose curiously | adopted. ove < 0 8 By FB Dy

lls Grace id the course of au ad- fx “Ss & bas 2 Os

ef eas ofa

wn Nn nF oO

from the quick emergenty

Micheasls (Azores) and Cherbourg, taking passengers, cargo aud mails, disembark at thet port, and request “He LUT. Increased. Healso thought that the
iby best Vi tJetty, até p, ith for | ed them to do likewise, to which the .
ey eoder wi leave the ocent Jetty, a Po. Wi passengery fo entire body refused, aswerting that Jlis wife and four children stood, Net of honorary. embers Potoge tke

frightened and crying. round his bed.
Matelot peered through the window
at it, foot aod whispered hoarsely.
* Marty, my eyes orfe night
coin ore Xie rowin, dark,
sald Marie Matelot. **The light,” her
husband aaid, * the Tightly

The svoman left the bedelde and
climbed up the tower stairs. She
kuew thatif she bad been dylog In

Passengers are specially hotifecbehat w baggage lighter to Le despatched to|they had been engaged for work ab
the bumeward mail will leave the SL Vincent Jettyatl p.m, onthe day of sall- | Colon, Aud they weru never~more
ing, sud passengers are therefore requested to see that thelr baggage fs sent.| surprised in their lives, than on artiv:
down before that hour, ing at this port to learn that they were

ALANTEA, The JiMS, “Balantia’ ie due here fromD-merara on being treated a6 stowaways. Tha
B Tiesday 26th July and will leave the same day at Gp. for Caru above Is no doubt one of those pecullar
pano, Fampatar and Ua Gusyra, taking passengers, cargo and inails cleceumstairces so thickly shrouded in

The tender will leave the Lighthouse Jetty, Queen's Wharf, ab S p.m, with | inystery that vot even the most effect-
passengers for the “ Ba'antia lve missiles of our modern day dread-

past year. Ile hoped that when the
next report came to be_ read, it would
disclose at least # roll of 200 honoiary
members, The Society as they know,
depended upon charitable support, and
the more hooo: meimnbers i boast-
ed, the more would the funds Increase.

The President moved a vote of
thanks to his Grace for the honour he


ds of, se:
quickly and peeg

a ee PR a

arte, < husband could not last more than a
Nien Lhe oS Trent ie dus here frou muuliaim ioe, via Ube gon, 5, Ca Shon rier, Siititary Attaché, fw momenta Longer, she ite the abt
A borg, St Michaele {Agores) and iarbados oo Tuesday Is Au sist and will representatives of the Uni States anal en, rushe. ited %0 ‘ ‘: ds
eave the same day for New York, vis Pto, Culom bia, Cartageua, Coluu, Jamalca | Government at the Venezuelan Uentes sa lob ecald are red Het a ims
and Antilla (Uuba) taklog let class passengers only, cargo and mails. . nery celetnation. Mr, Daweon and | Atelot could n peak, i be °
Tue tender will leave the Lighthouse Jouty, Queen's Whaifat4 pm, with hia party as also Mr Knox were trane- |i, failing tyee a Ve ine puraing’?
re cred a ” : ra
Pee eogere ore specially notltied (het a begaage lighter to tes despatched New Yorke eh ate petting for ssid the woipans fend A ttelot reached
to ae Ou ae and paswengere are therefore requested. co eeu (ust thelr (record, o8 board the“ Noith Caro | hie test. haod and brea
the day ie sent lown hefore that hour Jatious’” complete quarantine rar anome minutes tater, her Tittle
*Balantiea leduebere frou Veurtuelag porta oY ughter whispered, other the

Av-wibe athe —
13 itonday Bit July aod will teavy the nest dey fo" eonade, 8% Vinornt}400 MEN TO HE Linwapen [ents fenct luruing” The light of

—_ eo
eargo fur Uevre, London and Continental gorded, the meeting came toa close,

Free Instruction in

Singer Sewing Machines

A TheB ze, lighter leaves tbe St. Vincent Jetty at 2p.m. wi.b baggage noughte would be able to penetrate. f tha little room on therock her hus’| conferred upon them in presiding at §
jan tla,’ — sam - A
“Oarea for the? alanis’ will ba recived up tod p.m. on Monday Zith July gThe United stated warship North band would havy dons the same sa che J thelr mesting,and for the encourag on
PPWHE—THSTCS “Tyne” Wilt eave here on Wednesday 2 dole taking. farol ey tircaetel: here on, Thuredey Ught, and though she knew that ber Khe vote having beeo heartlly ac- 4 F





Monday 31st !astan’ bi

Pay) having been voelalined pai 4
Pablic Holiday, the General Post Office
will be opea from 7 am., to8 a.m.,

but no postal business will be tz .
ed with the publiéad any Post Office


14 Frederick street; Z
lort-of-Spain, Te

tPLe rs Kerdonia js @ revolving light, and [ except the delive: Ul ¢
nu. Lucla, Doostoica, Montecrrat, Auvigua, Nevie aod St Kitts, taklog passen FROM THE CANAL WORKS, must revolve of shi evbtehy ordinary lette: thi bosng o
grog cargo and malls, Acconling to the “New York [ would mistake it for other signal, ae and that only ducio tie cans “= Sen en ione

eae sit toate the 12 atbuuse Jetty, atueru’e Whart ato pu, with World® Co Gortlinle whea last in would wreck theuvelves on the rocky
gers ° is ried ave sald | cons
Cargo for the “Balantia’ will be recelved only uplo 4 pes, on Monday} Queof the mos! duportant factein bo Maile Matelot Jeft herdead and
SL JUV. i n—nenmenanammmens jcunoetion with the canal bas been cllubed the stale again up to the
ERBICE, The IMLS, “Berbice’ willleave bere on Tuesday Job August fovetiouked up here aod that le that} light Tha child was right The
B De Demersra, akiog passengers, cargo and wails (0 lee than a year June 1.1012, to be | light did vot turn, Matelot had beea
abe fe will leave the Lighthouse Jelty, Queen's Wharf at lpm, with {exact the work will have tached a cleaning the machinery when illness
Peetu Ae SES Et in OT vm to 4 pmaton Monday aitaat arent deta es hate | Sear teeta Po tal
at “ ‘* . 0 wet the mechaal De
Cargo tor Une” Berbiow” will be recelved ovily up fo 4 pm..Yon Monday ost ro ienen: hie le bey bee | ha teas ie TD Droperly Lefore

the Office le opened rece!

the Ofte of ts hae {ptand
There w one very by Letter

ere at Tam,
of ala vi om, and one Coapateh
ora; a

mediate "Ontzeee nando, ue tere
Codros, Intertnediste OMices 6.5) a.m,
Belmont T9Nam.


pests ceria atest Unive diy fore | Sent are, Ma fereten foe PO na oma
, a of high efficleucy, e' ani arie Ma th . ‘ ‘
: Ket Balling to Europe Next Sallloge for Garapano, Pan- want action taken pow that will clits the will and courage to dovight wee Manca: bea neee rot ‘ ‘
, guts pstar, and ta guayrs efinitely what Is tu happen to them.” | hers, had not the knowledge, Woodbrook, Maraval, Rove Hill, Osre- 4
“OLYDE |. LL cant BALANTIA . ' cle Bhe worked at the machinery for [| nage, Mucurapo, Diego Martin and :
* ATRATO® hAvgust HALANT th July . SH FINE, some tline. Theu she reallved that phe | Laventille . 1.63 °
CHRABESâ„¢ "SERRE UEEIGH ft age] tas atte Auman aang ae te | mee ED
- , 1 eer wae Hoed | stalrs again to w
Shag ace BREAN, Rae Racal Sete Hoshi ot i litter cir treve ane KCRAY WOMKS. OVERTIME OK SHON SUC CENTS PER YARD,
. ching childiea of hemes, ey knew that, ,
«CLYDE? . Itth October 7 MEKBICK Bred October} Weet Indian uamed Jue Willi t be: i
© ATILATO® . Set October tie Angon quarry. | After fhe spats Tiger aaa see ane peneds, Kenloote PUCILIST'S SKULL,
le hile went aud the] rays must turn, Thoose two amall* An orey portrait-profile of Jack
aA withewes had teen heard for the] stumy child. i Joh: ee ia /
CIRCULAR TICKETS. detaree"dustge ‘Dicekini. tat ats | ees’ eSengerhciageel arts and | Johowoe la vena taka the entbunas INT

tickets are lwued frum Trinklad to boutbemptoa via New York,}| Iefendant that he could not beheve | mother satin an agony of grief. “Let

it Da ict Tid or ue ws for ak luluae tare of Gags” VOTH Grommet ad “ocr woul | tsaay esol bpe talent wiper
‘These tickets are available Letween New Yurk and Hoglaud and tice ayrea by | Guy te, poe to lift hie foot at bio | tuinthe Hehe Weare Dg up te
ibe steamers of the Augerioan, Atlaous Treusport, Copard aod While Star oe soot at ban, | tarn-the light.” The mother ua

the world's heavy weight His

earor soago, and ie ‘idee ang viait
Englau The average mortal’y

cranium $s gw rather oty affale,

Tor Mtalftne Gomt with

aod he must therefore pay a flue of | strength tu argue or to ask ti rather tées tha: uarte! re
ieee lickets ere avallabie for 12 months frum date of jesus and periuledon | Mts dollars io gokL ‘The children kised their father’s faces | In thickness ‘ bata walle halt Tech St yi
ap be obtatoed to break the voyage at any or all posts touched aton the direet *ANY FORA Yy aud slipped out of the room, The bonesp bane shields Johneon' *
{OMPANY FORMED TO BUY; another put the two babies to slee ain frag the unkind * -
18 HMI, ANL rain frag world, The :
Ott aren 1 to 10 care haif fares. A J BUILD TOUR BA a mattress in fh comer, and dq common organien variety of rays
GouaT clase cierular slckets are lesued at an exclusive charge of £86, aa Tet husband » body tur Dana can penetrate the Average mortal'y "
Childrea 1 Lo 12 years hall farv. ’ (anetaL Aaiege BY SULAiiM oF 4% OLD YHIEND, skulia 10oF 1 seconds; but the c "+ 7
For all farthor particulars apply at —— bet keer "ne peered iin Rhy | Hart weskdalog, the anus sites (of ome =e
. ’ ‘ U uder Mile uf Ue | elyht-yearokd tng climtad” up the | Sic. Johpions, “Thess tacts arent | Mets J, Su x Te we
THE COMPANY’S OFFICES iii Retatets fee os Ree ier cctee ie nit | oaigas areata] Aeare o.
ine § {Spal bil of wah bate ect nee fale etn Z| ave et fy A, og
Marine Square Port-of-Spain j adusiutoter a Souses when ther hed been quite good { thie offer will be Plog of
p ted te wn oll at ef com ek isiter bad allewed them oat Siftings, * “P tnuloat—oelenc SALE GOING ON,





8 & SHOES | Furniture Depar'mt.


By . _witH— GH ts. v
Hectroplated Ware. vn [nn a tied af PADSTEAD » EMPORIUM,
Pi naka New Materials, He TN Ee BOI A ITZA


Gents Dark Tan Willow Calf]:

Latost Shapo- Vory Drossy,
7450 APAIR

Cents Heavy Willow Calf Planters’

Leathor-Livod, Sold, £nglisk Vutt Soles. Thoroughly
Waterproof—$6.00 a Pair.








ii Sodsteacs. TT,
| Fosts—Brass’» .






as FANCY GOODS i BTYLE, FIT, CUT, & WORKMANSHII We Have been Appointed

7 vanmioocanuy armnoratate on —.2¥ | BONANZA TAILORING DEPARTMT, HEALTH BOOTS! SHOES


px Recent - Arrivals.

: In§,Firkins and Cases,

itish Oleo Margarine—
- * Two Flags” and * Omnibus” Brands,



4 POST BEVSTEAD —6ft x Gin, x 4ft Gin. }
Hoad Feot and Rails— Price $8.00,
4 POST BEDSTEAD-6ft. Gina, x 4ft Gins, 1} Tosta ~ Privy

4PUST BEDSTEAD—Gh Ging x 4f 6lo, with Extended
Foot Hail--Prico $10.00,

Bachelor Bedsteads,—$3.60. .
FAMILY BEDSTEADS—From ‘86 ro $50.

~AND— - ‘




which bas pot been eyualled for a
generation rising to Ude 8.
The Lord Mayor enteitalned the
bankers at dioner at the Mansion
House at which Mv. Lloyt George
madea 8 h’ which was mostly
tinaocial, but its closing passage were
suggostive of rattling the sword. Ile
carefully read a manuscript which is
regarded as addressed toGermany. 1t
is esvenLial, he said, tothe interest of
both England aod the wereld that
England should inatntain her prestige
an make saoritice to preserve peace,
Tecan binagine nothing justifying the
diatin bance of-national goodwill but if
a position be forced upon tus whereto

the will be compelled to dock at this
port before proceeding to the Uni
tates, ftessrw. F. J Scott & Son are

tbe local agente for the Menzell Line,


. s The excitement {# confined to IVA Tf ° April 3nd last on & vo’ from Medie
| auoaahi Insuranee Uo pict creer re sie goon | ARRIVAL OF A DISTRESSED franean vis aod Herds mtn



Funds Exceed ... £12,000,000

NSURAN! effected against
L loss or ee Fire on
Rnildings and coutents of Ware-
houses, Offices, Shop, and Store
Premises, and Private Dwelliags at
moderate pricea



16 .P.

Motor Car.




Tx following ara the entries of the
Cycle and Athletic Sports to be held at
the Queen's Park Oval on Discovery

Day t--

aren Mit Bicrty Race (Novis
cea)s—B. Arnold, H. K, Melville, 1,
A. Stanford. *



‘The first casualty in the 8 t's
Mouth aince the Tishap to thet reach
barqtie * Eridan" about three years
axe occeurred on Baturday night last

is rvaule only by sacrificing enthe German steamer “Her | pon 7 OY ARDS Fiat Race (Ogee) —
WV k 9 W h isk ENT APPLY he poe! \don Ureat Britain has wou by | mann Menzell ran aground on _ the | race’ Wood Hangre Grandeh cores
i Johunie alker 1SKys ef xoese centuries of herulain and allowing the | recta peor the Bawdier’s rock stout Dooly a etniene a Pagers
asof no accoun n rom the — Ie .
. doops . bank nation to dea The * Hetmaon Menzel” was thats Corbie, A Tt. Bynoe, Jack Fe

among nations, then J say. peace at

STEPHEN’S Ltd. that piice would be intgivrable toa
SMITH BROSAND CO Featt'a pat question, and the peace

Hhely tobe

tre fue elk ouag the nie | ADELE Ree de ee e
ee u . . HK,
from Notfulk Va. UBAC to of coal Holman, J. KF, Camacho, 1) A. Slane

erava. After dlschatylag abt! fort, W. It, Guevara,
hamed put she ee we the last 4.~20) Yaroa Fuav Race (0

STiinitad Shioolng & Tradlog Company Lmtd) ‘ces
3 — — FRESH
reole orn

ie GREZADA, TRINIDAD and DEMERARA, Carrying Through
Freight for Tobago and®Ciudad Bolivar.



tel‘Dutch Pilsener Beer,

Dn) I~
Ernest Wood (Sangre Grande), ea)

Poreol- Spain’ preservation. Hecause the nations night last for Labreg to load a_ fall Rochford
beginning to. anderstand each | cargo of Trinidad asphalt for Wash. | fechfont, Mikey Cipriant | Vivian
ether totter Ba Ulecuss thelr differ- | Sagton D.C. It was ca thin voyage Henry, ¥, Kugene Corble, Jack Pena-

Re Te Ay riels Rack(o,
HAGE MILE Bicyeie Race nn) $
bottou on fale oM. Leekan, i. Aenold, H, ere!
pedect in the sutrmerged My le Allan 8. Helou . Z, F, Camacho,
with 10 feet of water mr 5 oer tokes
under her stern oti Yeateriay morn- 7 Dong Jump (Open) Rev, Stokes
og whet a iz le 6! at off the ‘
rect and alld Into the sen What the | tion rae» Atte Ticweux Hace
damage to the veomt is ike no one con Allan’ 8, Holman ane * r R
guess, but yestenlay she was taking Js F Camacho,
water inher forepesk tank and the
the purupa had to be kept busy, Map.
pily atthe Ume the disater happened
be‘ vessel waa “inuving slowly, for
sith the tide ripple whien had ‘setin
she would andoytlally have scraped
the rocks until ehe had reached amid.
ships, Tho route taken by the Cap-
tain of the “ Hermann Menzel” seems
to haveteen nelther of the two clan:
nelsinthe Serpent's mouth marked
off by the buoys but rather the west-
ern peobibite channel through which

WI & Panama Telegraph Company night las

London, July 2th,
The Cabinet sat on Friday for two
boursand later the Conservative
leaders of both houses met ot Mr,
Balfour's reeidence, Kinall y two han.
det Were ayes at the reading of 8 difference with any nation. and least
fetter from Mr. Asquith to Mr, Hal- uf vail vith German i a iesociure to
fourstating that Mr. Asquith will dlvslpat @ bea a
ask the Hotue of Commons to piece | drive a wedge between England and
th: amendment to the Parila- ( France.
ment Bill and if necessary the RECIPROCITY BILL PASSED AT
eroment will advise the King to WASHINGTON, ath
ashing! 8 le
secure theen Zntet the Bill ‘w The Wouse of Representat vew has

ences more calmly 1 feel assured that
nothing wilt occur within the year
niaking it diflult for the Chanceilor
of the exchequer to propose the toast
of conUnued proposeity to the publio

ne for ng followlag apon nm
Anquith's sober ieferencey to Agadir
suggeste serioustension, The" Dail
Chronicle” says rainiwters do net spea
thus except for grave causes, and that
while England does uot desire any


A, Blanto. Ww. ie Guevare. 4
—~-LaNG JUMP t=Rey, Moke
ly Dooly. \ pen)

9—10 Yaron Frar Race (Open) i—~
Ernest Wood (Sangre Grande Tleonge
Rochford, A. tewalt, Alerander
Roberta, Af, Cipciant, Vivlan Heary,
K Hogene Oorbie. Jack Penalona, XK

i Bynoe,
10,—FPive MILEBicycie Rack(Open)i
=—M. leekan, B. Arnold, IL iS en}

ville, Allan S Blot de
WOR Guevara. man. J.B Gainachoy

Peet 1

ere Gov.
® oF Geaxaval Jul
ere MANADA July to

8 of Navanne| Jul
Da. “ ay, secure theenactinentef the Dill sub-

or Grarava ‘Aug. 15
an? a,

stantially ae it left the Commons, and

rejected all amendinents tothe tecit

° un 2 ty had Ll leased ¢ ity treaty by {to 1 and passed the | the current runs often at the alarmin
OF Navannel bey. tia y thie eer coavder it. hie | brigioal unaurendid bill by Livotcu ta | rate of sx miles an hour, In thle ————_—_—_—
D pepe 1 duty to accept and actupon that ad: | 27 chagwel stands the historic soldier's
ee of Gaaraval bept, . * | vice, Old fashioned politicians are CANADA'S RESVONBE, rock tothe south-east side of which ts
Bact N Oct ir ausred at the King’enawe being used Ottawa, July ith, [dangerous submerged reef which PRICES CURRENT.
Sy casa Se inset Mticeand ananted’ chat | idutioe thant ny Weasingnt ee | Hepicly diet 1 ison token ~~ aly tad prety 2h
terand announced that ] situation crea » Yasblngton's ac- al ud Waly 2
or Gaavaval Oct. 3) 4, MARINE SQUARE. cet ioe “eeganding what action thon, Sir Wilfrid Lauler Sropowea reef that the goud ship ** Hermann NEW YORK 7 7
_ mae en ene : wou ken was reserved, Pif-falmost continuous sessions, morning, ( Menzel” struck while un her way to | FLOUR:
panmy, Sarva asp Tranny Co Ian Xew York and Leinidads Phone 184 vately it is aid they no Jonger con. [ afternoou and nightthis week, The la Wetton ee ae et allniog Uicoded Clears for sso0l asco
Pr renada , Boukha Ukon, MiCuNnNeLL s Lrp,~ Demerara : sider themselaes free nite” in Lond that ‘a hatomely ent tle tia oe



Lansdowne's phrase an
duress. Tord Halebury being | awk
what will happen replied will” be Gor
ernment by a Cabinet controlled by

will yield to

ed [contend thal annexation fe involved,

bssue fe Leqarleel ay numentous for
Canada and the Luplie since many
The Opposition te hokling ftv elrength
with dinteulty, Sir, Movk and the

ship, The englues were teversed and
every effort was made to prevent her
froma bevosing erbpddod in the coal

Kilndsted por bri... @h2
PORK: per ey

Newfusson'spertrt | *
Heavy Slow or Url “174

ay f limestuve which forme the botton
= 32 Nationalists feaders disa: te f n | SUGA! , .
RELAY -CLA” ELOUSHE ASQUITIE WANTS THE LORDS | Bir. Borden's opprsition of reciprocity, | Gf the sea at thle place Hlgnala of |" Crrviale wooer cent, “> k fiat
a ooomrry 64, Qugen Street, ASSURANCE, A prorogation, within a fustuight, will strese wout up from tue ship but as Daty Pai we we
matic z 2 wt meee nt tele » a = Bid inn alae fed After the Uonference Mr. Asquith [ne be surpeielve : Pee On pain feaneouting from sahere Mian baad Percent .
ad Lives Gallery and oot oddees. WATER LAID ON” and “PHONG IN- HIGH ART ENGRAVER, EXPERT Bete te ceeittt the Lande will pass TAME, “HOUR A nlgicatith.” | coming Ude, Deing empty, she ovens | 60 ES) erga 4
Hho“ alls Carrege Htoed= Apply 11 Teagetste Jioed— PHONE 376—14th Mey. JEWBLRY BEPAIRER. ae Ta tte original anauiekded | 1318. Aeolus” acrivel from An- | Wally kot off her” perilous position | pn: bland per gal,
. : ~ form, but Lon Lausdowne wasupable | tigua last evening. with the rising thle during the early Bicty Lage Bagh NOON iy
f a toniake areply acconling lo bis per- SIM 1h BWEEEENOOTT GOES ON Porbot apein anche bee came ep Wd igh ete an
- sonal preference, The He’ ecrs LAVE. * \< A.
i ¢ ul 2a ihere was strong current sunning at | ~ Trinidad por Ib
es, are not subiuedan’ Peruibed” Mis | Sie Bickhan Sweetlaceit’ aud | the time of thevnldhepandthe tiie] “LR Rtroor, HHH wits
i Majesty bes recelved Mr. Awjuith for} Lady Nweet-Facott left Ly * Berbice” | 44* falling faut. On reaching the clty .
a afinal’ conferene upon the last | Katunday en route for Englaod, ‘The | the skipper of the * iermaun Men | Middllog Upland pe, 725/733 .
hs 1@si situation. Hon ‘bie HH. I WY, Grant, Colonial | 1" seputted Ube iatter to Captain | Medium Vine Gea . j
F RICHARDSON &. S ~ LWAY HALLBCRY TO DINE WITH | Becretary, will adininister the Gov. | J. Ih Saunders (Iachour Master f 4 130° Nous. Ys) 3g$ !
’ ’ saa IRRECONCILA BLES, eroment from torlay, aod Lloyd's Burveyor) who yle ee rhree pet cent 7 4
ae : - On Wednewlay the Irrecuncilables ———— ited the ship. A surrey will be oe percent... 91,701 94.03 4
x ° 3 will entertaln Jord Halsbusy at COURT LISTS. carried outs sotey NYoatsPtala “
- - WEJWILL HAVE ON SHOW TO-MORROW MONDAY diaper Ln Aerie polat or young vay p bholo xineer of fhe Gulf Nigunere at tonvon 788 Help te
‘ 5 alone, Lond Selbourne will ide, IO-DAY'S ceitain the damage done to the PoUGAR: 7
= v * NEW GOODS—RECEIVED BY THE Mall. “NU BURRENDER SUPPORT: —_— # Hermann Menzel!" and a cable wil) } Demerara
‘ . ERS." SUMMARY JVRIVDIUTION, be ou patched wa Moyde a weit as wo parewt, IN014/311y.148
¥ . INCLUD —w @ vers of the vease! m t
| sou LovELY eenugetelirsgr rd Miners Upp | Defoe de Honour At. Juatice Swan, | wrvtonc lnidenally shat ule a8 | qdeae Star onl MEPIS {
‘1 . * Hans Menzel” a sister, 1
ee ‘ ws See ino ot the National He THUAT, - * Herman Mensedi” found with rc Jara ba per ‘cent for Ore wey
a WASLING DRESS GOODS, view,” Air. Garvio Edltor* of the Vierrey Hawarris, hands oo board abn 2 ven) while ders, Vie perewe we WOE 7
; GENTS TIES, NEGLIOR SUIRTS, onthe Moraing Post™ cret'- Valor FIIDAY fast, “The “Herman Nonsell” ts 0) “Demerara per slloa,” wWiiiiay 4
Re IRELAND ‘a8D HOME RULE. ‘ — otvel screw steamer of 1015 tons gross Ad ‘
Bir Edward Carson thas | uforus MMM ARY WURIeDu TION. pod Jas fone fet vegiter, he was ay clings Ts pre Bm] Be
a , Lord Lansdowne that Ireland le 88 bereorg dite tlonour Mr. Juslics Swan, | sivecre:Mensell & Coy of i OF | SANK OF KNOLAND eof
F . lan : .
rw. , RICHARDSON AND SELWAY yeady to reelat Horus Hula iuumediate- Kes! + oben —_ sek Urrmany, Hier deueuslous are! Discount Hate I pep cons percent’ .
a PORTORSPAIN & PRINCESTOWN _ | SavatiSvgn samara De | EPA hee Rag | ole Bad arn OCT hag mE”
> ¥ e! Rast
Be . . log Unlonivt organs de -a- géalify for the highest class in] Gus , ,
; ~ : ° The lead 5 yuith's violstion ul | Before Ills Monqur the CAs Jiletion. Lisrds end although sentially | Pouuteum Options a Lge ;
‘+ . Paillaineotary deceotles, but adrlve . Fs ight otestuer she can carry | Olldalls ; UWr-ld3't Fiks .
. . crendersipes the persiutence aps fajety» Cpagesltnn, Lniaeey Stussy tue ix, poorer cpinfautally. rege Pelt ae
. . , gncben dinloyelty to the Jig, vie ms e 7 tHeann Meneetl arslved beiavg * Xo Que

Pee haayy



8nd GOLD & asenrved Fancy

Designs — fron: TO-DAY =

for retail customers touly=

Worth Oo, pet yard. LO,
[ence pana ”


> ah

i Usses Emperor Frederick Water.
do. Fairbanks Blue Cloud
. DOSP—20s and 16s,

Boxes Cube Sugar—vlbs,

yaaa —..
~ e THE
'Ob-nf-"pun Gaz tte.

Published Dairy, Boudaye and Pubile

Holidaye excepted, at the Office 26 Bi
Vincent Street, FortofSpaine


Advertisements of Birtha, Déath:
and Narrtages, ‘Acknowlet ~
mente and Disclaimers crbich
must be authenticated by the

slgnature of some responsible


Wants, &¢,—2.0 per week each, to be

ae : __ Seench and tobe prevaiaer
. Baskets P. lagniol Oil. . cence ements eh ered
_ ioc be Ton OFS
. # sey . cts non

“ : .Q
All Cheques sent to the oftioe of thle
Paper in payment of Lilla should be
made parableto The Lortof-spain

SCH OEN ER & © ' Yatesepd Poble iti dnane


To Cosrxsporpenta,

We do not hold ourselves responsible
for, nor do we heceasarily endorse
the optnions expressed by oar Cor
respondents fa our sJumns All

letters wust be Soconipanied by the

real signature of the writer, nov
nevessarily for pubitcation, but as

& guArantee uf guod faith, Reject

od manus ripts cannot Le returned,

Advertising Scale oa Application.
~ Payee tn alvance—Posage wine


South Quay,








New Moon.

District Coutt=9.90 a.m,
RMS, Halantia leaves for Caru:

pato, Pawpatar and La Guayra, Maile
clove at 3 p.m,


RMS, Clyde leaves for Barbados,
St Micbuele tt Europe. “Maile close

: at3 pm,
be “al ~~ PRESCRIPTIONS rate galanin tor Deme
e . PREPAR ED want Nontsecvat Uy toate Joba
. ’ — «-- .
Tho Tendon Electric Theatre—645
. . and 843 pin,

é . Sy —AT THE— . High Water Morn 302 Keen 3.82 pan
. Le os Sun rises . 55? an
ae | | gras, a pm.



Firzwituiaw—MITCHELL.~Ua Sat
urday Ziad suly, at the Church of St,
Joba the Baptist, San Juan, by the
Rev, Father Matthew Forreilly P.P,
Mr. James Mrederick Fitzwilliam, ae
sietant Ballit? and Creoletrench Ine
terpreter of the Princes’ Town Coucte,
to Miss Rosina Isabella, daughter of
Ar, Augustine Mitchell of San Juan
and Caparo, Nocards,

Coion News —Sixty-five
Stowawaja on KALS
“ Ateatu’ - From Barb:-
dus and Triuidad - Put
on WBuard by «sven
TOC Gives hem Work
—3,00 Men to be Dis.
banded from the Casal
Woths, Lighthouse lra-
gody—All-ngbt Vigil of
‘wo Orphan Childrea—
Death and Duty. Con.
ference of t Vincint de
Haul—Annuil Meeting,

Opposite the Transfer Station.

Thread Sillk Sia

nless you use ; Sun's Candle» Power,
boots or Uncle Hose = Troika Weuddiag— Ion:
Sam trouser straps, you should wear sill don Sees a Suggestion of
hose entirely this season. They're no Moscow,

See Page 1u For
Uity Police Court,

Qur Article on “The
Treatment of First Of-
feaders, Tho Newest
Profession ord North.
cliff: on the Meritts of
f dvertisiug, — Costliest
lfat-~200-Gninea Crea-
tion fora Princess,

The Libyan Desert to Le
Explored by Airship. To
Tella Good Cigar.


Mi Mathinon’s uuweruue frleuds
will be pleased to know thet the opee:
bis wyes oo Buadsy

atlas jeetea cnn!
Relies Took Fad: om frock nema
‘e wiek Mr. Mathion

- al &@ epecdy re-
De Claw bas wri
Medival Couneit of Tema honk, the
aad oe ‘weep the’ ee das 4
| See ported od bu tdat® "

longer a luxury. Phoenix. sili hose—

pure, shim th ilk—

more than good cotton neces cost 80
Box of 4 Pairs $2, Warranted
toWear3 Months Without Holes

" IE any pair shows a hot three
we will exchange them for a ne pal hes
Phoenix silk hosecome in all the new men'saolers

Come in and Look at Them a

Lowost Pricos—ALWAYs }*






. «cate


Appeat with counsel in the anatter of



92490) the bok

printed on the Caxton

Fodlaine for $726," while for an
graph letter of Martin Luther he

of lis Majeot:
of Edint aoe
dominion, Crown Colon

bhe coronation
ate WO twelve

wl dedlascn



Pepi erie pap apnea ner ee

fouttaral and fa
bi ee ae ot Trott ana

per yee eres

We arectaformed that Taspector
sed as faithful tnlel | distrust
nt Ter towwe ‘a quo of the terriblé | Tobago will be held at The B ince
tragedy that occurred at Couta; fur [ Bullding 2th Januar 3%? ed eb
theimore, that the reproduction re- [| ruary, when prizea wil Bi a
flecta the greatest possible credit on [eshibits of Live Btock, eu are,
Bs esi Mcrae | eric ere a
trident Inciden re .
juarke that. he presence of Mr. Udstello all information to be obtain at une
fn the island ia beginuing to be felt ] Ottice of the Agricultural Society.
Glready in thie case, St, Vincent Street.

Me. Josephs Gauby, ] The statement fe made in official
oh eee eee ie Joe an eae circles that the contract, for the bulld-
ployse of the Government Printing | {ng of the ships of the Canadian navy
Gatcein the French colony, went out { hasbeen given to the Bele shCana-
to sea in a small boat, along with two } dian Shipvuliding and Doc Company
friends 0a « fishing patty. The trio | of Sydney, in which Sir Henry Vel lau
wore lest seen enjuying thenwelves in | of Totonto, and Lieutenant (iovernor
thechannel between ninica andGAa- | Gibsin, of Ontario, are associated with
deloupe, but since then nothing what- [Sir Chailes Ellis, chairman of he
ever bas been heatd uf them, though | John Browa Company, of Ciyde Rank,

extensise scarches have been insti: | builders of the Lusitania, aod Grant
tuted In Vomiolca, the Sanites and | Brown, of New York. It ls expected
Marie Galante. thatthe plant will be ready in two
~~ yearsto begin work on nthe veescle
All the euents for the Cycle and | Tnedr jock wi! ‘ eet lon
Athletic Sports on Disbovery Day | and 110 feet wide, The phant wil
have been pitty well Milled, | nt ye cost $0,000,005,
are wee! to state t ajor a
owen the Hecretary of the QP.U.U, J Ibis rumoured that Dr, Proctor, a
will recelve further eatries for the fsonof Dr, 8H Proctor, and a pre:
High and Long Jumps up to 4 p.m. to- [sent in Englazid, has been recomniend-
morrey. ed fer tho port of Supernumerary
--- Surgeon of the Colonial Hospital.
Martiuiguans are exubetant over some
thereturn of the youthful medico, Dr. The manufacture of sugar {first ang
Emanuel Garvin, A native of St. | second grade) at the Usine Darbous-
Pierre, Dr, Garcia prosecuted his stu- | sier, Guadeloupe, recently came ta
dies in tba French Metropolis and | elose, The quantity of canes prone
afterwards pursued bis clinical studies [ this season was 100 millions o ; O-
under the well known Paris Surgeons | grammesas against 110 mi jone ast
Moreatin and Delaunay, teking in the | year. The cultivation for 1912 crop
mpeantimae, a gourre abt e Pasteur In: wives every hope for # record,
stitute, + Garcin recent! ul —
athesinon the spplication’o Arseno- On Sunday morning the Light In. 4

benzol, the fa:nous 006, a thesis full of | fantry Volunteers (80 rahk and file)
research and which es met with high | woder Major A. , Lambie, VD, with
appreciation in the medical world, Captains H, J. Vielra, V.D.. F. Urich,
~—v aod Lieute. Pashley and Legge
A correspondent sends us the marched from ibe, tial Hall to ie
followin; se of the most evonoinl: | loimacuta
eal inethurle of sharpening @ razor ia | where: they attended dfissa Caunthia,
to get a anvoth piece of slate, upon it

Father Nolan, 0.2, being the Cele
put sowe cuconut ol and a pinch of | brant. Under Assistant Chou master
salt, and grind the razor thereon. In | Mark, with Mr.

W. Grittith at the

the absence of a strop, a news | orgao, the choi gaves geod render
folded In that shape, Weill then vege ing of J. L. Bordonnet's Mass, Alter
admirably to muke the razur's edge ] the Guspel, Futber Ahern, WD,
keen as posable, preached a very instructive and helpful
— sermon on “frayer.” At the Orfer-
The members of the Suciéts L'Union | tory, Mr. A KE. Mark sang Lordéud’s
Francalee are specially requested to | O Glorwsa, At the concluuon Yung’s
altend a ureeting on ‘Thureday next | majestic setting to the Anthem tor
the 27th to discuss the Anniversaty [the King, Domine aaivum fac degen
which is ta take place on the 3lst | Georguuns was spiritedly sung with
instant. very good effect. [he attendance was
fair, and the decipline of our clulzen
We understand from Me, E. 8, [ soldiers was quite an {wprovement ou
Pollarnt, that the statement in our | past parades. Sergt. Inetructor Luck-
funday's issue. relative to his intention ett was also ou paradé,
to proc Soglaod shortly i on: —— .
nestion with ‘an’ appeal bo The'Peie At a successful West Indian dinner
GCounct, and to enter his son at Grey's | organized by the committee of fhe
dna,—Is wholly incorrect. We regret | Hubber Exhibition, Hon. Aue er
having been iu error; especially asthe } Warner, KU. Solicitor Geveral
toformation reached us from what we frinidad (chalrman,) calted public
had considered to be a very rehable | attention to the capacity of the West
source. It {is but fair to ourselves, to | indies as a producer of rubber es-
atate also, thas on ringing up Mr, pecially thoge colonies represented by
Pollard by telephone in order to J Jamaica, Trinidad, Tobagy, Demerars,
verify the information, It was found | and Dominica, Alt the colonies are
that fe had already left his Chambers, | devoting themselves seriously to
horticulture, aud be claimed that the
From an [excellent acticle contri. | West Indies are out of the experi:
buted by Dr. L. Vitrac, the distin. | mental stage and could produce
uadeloupe) jardin Dione oy acre | Miltisneot. acres are bedable abd are
(Guadeloupe) Jardin D'Exsal, we learn tons of ac e
that {in the, Island of Heunlon the cule waiting for England's capital.
ture of Manioc (Cassava: towlu, TT
leaps and bounds, with ties grentest An accident which was, unfortu-
advantage in £ 8. d. to the growers of | nately, fraught with sufficient danger
sugarcane. In a future issue we will | as to render the victim being taken to
five some details of this very thriving | the Colonial Hospital, occurred at St.
ndustry, which Dr. Vitrac ‘is so yery | Aou‘s, near the Goveromeht Gardens,
anslous Ur see Introduced In Guasie- 8 Satarday freuiog leet at about
a more @. . a'cloc’
Joupe In # more ay sietnatle manner. ou of Mr, J. R Metiviers traps witha
At the Queen’y Park West last | party of guests who were takiug a
Sunday aftetnoun, a dog which be- ] drive after the Alaingot-Herrera wed-
longed lo a resident in that locality, Ping, was passing toe batnbous near
exhibited sigas of madoess, whereupon J the garden enclusure, the horse shied,
it was promptly shot by the police. | and dassing into acarciage which was
the shooting, however, only” took J going {oto another direction, caused
place after the dog had bitteaa child | the grooms of both yehicles to be
of Mr. Farrell, at Pictan Sjreet. as | thrown from their seats Mr Mett-
also a dog. vier’s groom, named Heat, fell heavily
to the ground and whentaken up was
found W be suffering from a fractured
liygh bone, He was conveyed iinme+
diately W the Houpital as above stated.
ibe uther groom was more furtuuate,
as he-eecaped injury, but sowe little
damage was done to the vehicles.

Brigadier-General Dalrymple - Hay
teft Jatnalow on board HLALS. “Holud
on the 10th justant, on bis aanual tour
of fuspoction of the 1 Forces lo
the West Indies. He is expected to
arrive lo Trinidad fron St. Vincent ov
the Ylet. From Trinidad the General
gore by je al Jia pigainer leaving
here 90 the Ist August for Demerara.
where be rl artive oa the rd Au. HARBOUR AND MARINE NOTES.

ust leavyu ere on the 6th and r0- ~—e
Circling ia THnidad by the 8th August. | The oil-tankers’ Pradentia,” “Snows
On the 10th the Geueral will embark | fake,” “Augusta” aod “* Georgiau
at Trinidad on the " Afuluy’ going to | Prince” are all at La Brea. fhe
Grenada, which colony he will leave | “Georgian Prince” will come up to
on the Uth, returning’ to Trinidad on F the city on Thutedsy mornlug and wit!
(he Mth, On the 2th the General will Proceed to Chaguarainsa bay where
vail on the 1L3Bf 8. “Magdalena” for | she will be puton the fluating dock
Kingston arriving therm co the 2ith J tobe cleaned and palotel prior to
August taking acaryoof Trinidad petroloum
ww Perth Amooy, NJ. It udght be
lotevestiug to note that the Geurglan
filuce” has been chartered at £2,400
per month, It is now overamouth since
che * Prudentia" acrived at Brighton,

Theas * ithodeslan” ove of the
newly chartered Pand B. © ian
steamers will artive today from
Caveda via the Noithern islands aod

We learn that out of Interest: Which
he takes to, aud the love he bas for
by» alma mater (Queen's Royal
College) Surgeon-Captain L, A, Lack,
of the Tudian Civil Service, has
Presented the Oollege with a beautiful
Eeves which hae been sent out from

weinah where Surgeon Lack {|
stationed. The gift le greatly rized

by fhe pnastere ' and Boplly of tha | proceeds afterwards to Demerara,
s being used en
the ie . m Place of The Dutch Mail steamer “ Prins

An tbuportant announcement ts
niade through Une culumon of the Ja.
mcs * Gleaner" on the authority of | dudog the aftein oa for Parauaribo,
the Health Odiver for Kingston, ‘It ls | Harreand Ansterdam taking cargo,
w tne eitwet that on sud after the Pasedgers aud mails

instant & systematic effort w —,
* te The LoylandIiner* Albanian” 1,879

made to keep the yards ot that city

{ree fron: accumulations uf domestic | tons Oaptaia Hairlson arrived oy

refuge f! * Munday vight from Manoasand Pare

- onthe Amason, She is uader #peclal

Me. J.D. detlienr, chauter ww proceed to Gulfpuit and

ben instiucted (as juad a cargo of lumber for Biazil,

dhe called nere fora supply of bunker

the Trinidad Alectrie Coy. ve. Garis | coal frum Mesars, Gordon, Urant & Uo,

witch comes on at the City Police | ad wailed last evening for her dev.
Court on Thursday nest. tluation on the Alezican Gulf,

Saya the Guadeluopa Nouvetliate of | After a pleasant prwage of 0 du

date: The thitiomanlac. M. | from Termambuca, the liritieh stoauret
Morgan, bas purchased at | “Clenmay ” arrived in the harbour on
boukstore, at auetion, for | Sunday mornlog empty. Bhe came
la mort d'Arthur | conalgned to Mussre. Gordon, Gray
wweees in 2485, § & Oo. from whove hulk the “ Havens
Fohe worke of | Wood" she regleuished her kers
auto. f during the day and sailed last night
gave | for Cuba,

—— The British — steatner “Jacob
corocation celebration | Bright” 1.73) tone Captala Lo.
King George V., the [ ran, which jeunder chaiter to the
eadenicus of the Satversity Trinidad Poaling Company anived on
have deckied to confer | Sunday from Norfolk, Ve, USA,
degree of Doctor uf Laws | With R71 tons coal, She ts now
re ot belongeide the buike “Allouby” and
ot, at p“dtavenewood” = discharging her
who I cargu. e

ef ——_—
| (Continued on Page 9)

Witham 1” will arrive bere frown
Venezuelun porte at day biesk to-
morrow (Wednesday) and will sall

“(Sollelton has not
previdusly states to


‘based 8 copy 0!
Tu saaik the

Goveraors who


tees, ji
1 Governor



Mens Working Tr

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eM oe eee


Tailors & Outfitte





~— OF _— ;
Mums 4


+. &

From 48c,


Marine @auare & Chacon




20-00 06-00 00000000 00000006 9000007000060




72e, 84c. $1.00,


WOVE VOUT 040808041 00/0608





NEW STOOK JUST Detiversp; ~~


sB8 88 $10 12 fig






Rubber and Sold Gork Helm | *








Gent's Dep!

7 7 i 2 a a ata a ENN
7 .

’ \ s

- r fe



Sutch Tablets| Celerv King | PONSO :

3 f£B . j
The Sworn Foe of Bad Breadth, Strengthens and Quiets the Nervous | Is the Last Word in the Treatment of ‘

Disordered Stomach, -[--- System, Wasting Diseases, _
:Depressed Spirits, : ' | Never fails to Relievo and Cure ‘Tuberculosis, 7
Constipation, Pulmonary Consumption,

General Debility, Intestinal Catarrh

; Heartburn . Coated Tongue, 7 And the Diseases that lead to them
na , Pimples, -
. Headache. tk

, , Palpitation.

~ It is of Marked Value ina Varicty

f These Ailments of conditions aud in the treatment
ate generally caused by some derange- If you are naturally disposed to STomaon .
ment of the stomach, constipation or TRovubLes, with Luin Buoop, Weak Ktp- of Diseases caused by BACTERIA;

.. ish Itver. id tb 3 NEYS, and. SUSCEPTIBLE NERVES, your system :

fi 2 es NOLL as Avol a3 any yt is ina debilitated condition, the nerves It has been used with most excellent
Beakeng 3 ‘ ziste tke ecomes paraly-ed, the min. vopondent and . °

Foe ter monty nd. Foning: incals, ) the spirits d jected OCLERY Kine Restores results in La Grippe, Colds, Hay
; ? juoreasing dose if necessary, ‘ watteth and ivervous Viteuty. Fever and Malaria.


poe eae ARNOTT, LAMBIE & CO.
me : Marine Square. :

a A



her bead In her asleep she uncon: — tion tn makeit popular The windows | Hotel,
sciously increased the tightness of the 7 are of “isinglass,” and are sold either Captain Bettren will take pat in

| FROM POPULAR SCIENCE her collar was too tight. In turniog | sufficient reason for such au innova- y rembleon these occasions —to Clatidge’s
§ .




oe collar on ber jphicat, te Prom tly veparate or attached toa new or okt
e 8 e circulation of tbe > f unbrells, eir purpose, of course,

CALCULATING THE SUNS the rain, taking ber froma state of | is to enable the Piwte to see ahead
sleep into ung of insensibiiity As the | when holding an umbrella asa pro-

The never abating aclentific interest | Ught collar-eleo prevented respiration

| the many competitions for which he
tection agalost a driving rain, Av
{in the heat and light of the sun she slowly strangled to death, power J alternative anan ment is to inserts —

haw cntered ab the Horse bhow at

recently moved Professor Nordwann, | less to save herse! wedge-shaped strip of Mexible cella Mansian's Ovrics

nail, The total lumingsity of te thie the raw material, Lven ore contain. | farm of Afr. W, TF. Walker, neat Pelmer'e * CEIN-SUCCRSS** Bes:

20,000,000 O00 ing on! » ld . ay cur 2 9 is Meat
. g only three thousandths of a giam | Alburtis, Penosylvaula, an Alderney: OTI“E fa hereby givec, thet these et, Ary}
celeutated equal toil wes soa tloneds tothe Ton is worth woking up, A | Holstein cal{‘on whose side there ap N wiil be pat ap terete atthe Mersbils UE eB rg ra ¥ Bath. As Lesa
Th, die power of the sun fa repre. | fortune awaits the discoverer of a rich pare the Frofite bust of the great] dugtoa Matt, No, 35,5. Vincent Sureet,

Sed b “ee fesaor ina string of | deposit of radiunr-beatiog ores such | humorist. 7
fe os bel ine with 18 and follow: discoveries have been reposted from | snow white and wedium dark brown, | agzued I0LL at 12 a'clo k ‘noon 3

t 1 ib BN noughts, or closa | ™A0y countries, buthave all, so far, | Aethe nionths have pasvet the Twala [ Ty p.gbetitteend fate est cf ‘hs Defen-

F 000,000 for eve: Baas Inch of | Proved delusive. ‘The ore goesthrough | bust has become wore and more dis | dant in ws Woolea benement crvered Prepared toa ana ua ’

» South Q the oun's weurface. Tie colar heat {s | Colaplicated and delicate processes of tinct, until today it standy out so with galvanised trons and pg 09 lade repared, anteed by
2, Seas eye ho wu! "

reduction and concentration, until Jainly that the saost casual, fleetiv, A hetee of Eo all: d koown 64
——_—=£=_$—=_—=_—$_—=_—=—_—_—_—_—__=== Placed at 6,422 degrrew centigrade. finally from bal€a ton or more of ore fiance fevealsit beyond all doubsol | Naeer Citcer Lodge Roete “Ts \ argon Drag, &
: NEW NOADS TO DEFY MOTOR identification. Because of the strike] Levies aprn inthe shove motrer,


there results aluinp of two or three
pounds that contains among many | ing resemblance the calf-now a cow— CLEMENT FRY LIGOURE, Under the Pood SRS Diggs Act of Janey, ro,

5 8 Deerv: /—— lold which offers an advautage In lend- 18th Juty, 1912.
“fh . oe ee ea Dealing ate sith "the RADIUM IN BUSINESS WORLD, | ing iterlf more readily to the process 1a the Suprewes C sart of Tealsed acd
J [ an ls sunlight, Professor Nordmann states |, The maunfacture of rudiam has gone | of folding up. Pubsgo,
4 as a truth that a quantity of light | £40 beyond scientific experlunent 5 16 iy © cote. urane mw Samrarry Jariedictioa, Port-of-Spala,
‘ equal to the iltnuisation of Toe entire now a matter of fact pens ithe} MARV ELLOUS HARK TWAIN | No, 308 of WOU: atstuar of eed throughout the Uaited Buatee alaceabge
F D é . a io stber ol wwten
; i TH KING'S LIERNESS OY LABEL. wie night loses from every bit ot tanaily to a, es nr 2 adic de tot the tdsurical muoment aNy ren Stark Micdsel Pullip Maillard Hae 90 equal a8 & COMPLEXION PAge .
; p rr le ure radium is no Re A few appli
TST TO ELAND the sun's surface the size of & finger | Date Y mie just difticully fs to obtain | Twaln died, there was bora on the Mobert Otettes BE webead, A DANK BAIN covicel sbages lignteeenee

Palmer'e °* BLOOD-SUCCESS ** Remedy ty
he colour of the calf is | pictofedpain on ‘Tacs tay the 1st day of gpelaterie, attective Blood Punter an¢ Femily

bold by Druggiste all over the World,

PY iLonce aud you wil) altorys
. Driute it,

A. G, PORTEOUS & '0., trp,
$b, IV1t, 8.

+ aon kedinn eo


i ther thi thi 4 salu. Thi was named Mark Twain The mark. hal, e -
The reinf ted adam of « French under aoe netics of reactions aud ing is quite ‘opusual, alo, becouse of Depaty Maral, SRUOKLYN, NEW YORK CITY
engineer es. b ie oecara. in tallisations, 6,000 or wore in num. | the fact that the white on the calf __ oe .. A As WATERMAN
from excess| th eat ad faid dows, | eT and reguiring four or five weeks, | torms an almost perfect map of the 1911 -
= the ten er layer ws et concrete, ‘on, Pat the end of which time the few galus | United States, . 1770. Sole Agent.
this tsa layer of cement ruortar, re et bromide of oda hae veparated ‘To Insurances (iffice
Cred {oforced with iron rods, and a top trot a te batts or fume whites uy t
e Mare layer le of, mmorlar Prd cpues | company it most pervistently. 2 LONDON og, E
FOR MALARIA to be more, durable tba ote ang | ALARA CLOCK THAT. ACTED AN TROIKA WEDDING. eee . OR SALE
casy to tre AN ENGINEEI. : HES A SUGGESTION The Oldest fue ta
Ia 2] the sections where Malaria is Leer and in France the cost ‘The avtomatle stopping of the pamp= LONDON Bee otuows 9 att Exe te ——


present in its worst form Pam-alameets ig not greater than brick paving.
# MISSISSIPPI, | taneowly by meaneof an alarmeclok | When Captain Bestreu, the hund-
DAMMING Ti onload has been | is the simple expedient used by au | some Tussian officer, won hia laurels
undertaten. ‘The great’ dam will | operator in an Ohio oi field to save § st the International Hores Show last
stretch seventighths of a mile across | biunself a woldalght triplo hia pump 7 year, he won alev a greater piizo—a
the river at Keokuk, lows. It will rise [ log stallion, Thle operator was inter: | Wife, Tosurence cas alse be
$3 feet above the river bed, and will | evied in another field and could wot) ie drove in stale through the streety eftected upon s Derk, | Arowm 400 Acres.
have 119 Boot ates fic E wide The work the unipes on the ive wells ee of the Weat Kod and the Unkling of Eoxiog & Bolles Hours,
} hore. peept ab nig' 4 ie wa ale troika buie was ihe muale wii . Reside fan oy .
me rt eas. Cyc thy eh to moun vil wells “cand ¢ te panped bevalded bis picturesqne drive tu the | Queters and all insurable property oa : HIRTY BIx (30) veaiatered pontiac
is completed July Lat, 1 1d, There Ae wee M eine 4 a was Husslan Church io Week ree OjL Fi ELD Ss cultivation Bisty (80) acres Dlhoted ap .
“ oR. Bh a we Lak & To whe! eo Wi AaTT me, i i
no waslud th -- ih tw the U They could only be pua jp di five hours wuts popmlas figure fu Riusaiag 0,809 treees, | to 3 years old, 6,000 being
DANGER OF WEsMING TIGHT |ata tine. Buch « fist would bave | suciet y, at current rales, ki over three yeara old (versner’s boue
COLLAKS. wade tt hecessary for the operator to | ‘the bilde followed him in a drosbki | 72 Pergeat Ob rates i Cuantry Reudeoces. | built of hard wood Veloe £60 Timbes
who wears a | Makes trip tob pear ping station at | and oftivers with gleaming helmets, | peny -fosuacce ettered for securia Inde | O2t sad stacked 1306 feet Cedar
The man oF he wh Gad # jewon | le end of that me sod stop tha | with the Humlan Kagle suinountlog | + gity Tor the Lona of rent Incase of tie. wcantling and 1.440 foot Cedar
S eee ott Ota the death abroad of | machivery. But he did not care todo | them, In other Itualsn vwhictes, Rave | Losec by Lightolog sre Mate Goos bythe [boerds. A pomber of valuable


the World, Jasurances

Wire cist ope | STARWOOD ESTAaTH

of property fa Towa and TOBAGO. 3

log tuachinery fn ve oll wells slerule

with great success.
Chills and fever are overcome by It, frequesily
when all else faite.
In does not contain quinine in any form not ere
sonic and ie perfectly harmless.
SF” Dy. A, Cad of Posce, Porto Rico writes!
*T have pleasure ia stating thet Pam-alae wee effective
ia 0 caeo of Malaria which bad beoa in progress over 6 dos.
The Pam-ala radically cured it.”
Dr. M.A, Averbach, Mexico, D, F. writces

tho me pleosure te otete that the results obtalued

with Pam-ala 11 cues of Malaris here been all that could
Le expected, Aw immedute decrease of tempersture, the
saree proving permanent without diagrecable alter cflecte,

with « mor this, and the alarin clock do it for | the ductors’ + hile the
y led to sy the doctors’ quaiters for a while Office, timber troce atill op Jand, Coder
Srrall and Large Bettles—Of al] Dragetts, Hose Henoran, She wie, Hane collar hin. The a he adoptel was very | atmushere of Moscow. ——o—— Angeline, Balata eto, Well’ water.

simple. ts removed the Pelt Sod) The jhadded Ttuselan coschmen INCOME fa gto
er en he tot Decorate’ gto... 895, °
Degeran wasn Professional cook oe Started his mpe would ect the alarna terday snorniog whos-att “tonlon Agent Tikidad RTetage wwe ads ae iD bench bait smile alone Indefensible
the eee a Pe tee reet on the sofa. ae time fe hich 1p advance, we could’ adinire ¢ poly statute and ithe aub Agect, Port of Spaia & Anima... Muler ba eo under Po, au each pald to
snd, feeling rather tlred, she dozed olf the ni be attached @ light cord, the magoltbence of thelr snow-white o, fam Fors Le waonton et ap ata od val 3.000 by the

and’ was son sleeping soundly. An! Till or” which was fastened to al “the service wae both stately and) De\ephome Ro, a7 unvde-siqnad .

she was weerlng at the time Miss + + £6.674037 14, extonsive gearol ted, foe bs

‘ 2g Batts & L.erenre Pe Pow York
@ Wanted. |WANIED AT ONCE.
Hie Exorrenced Hards|_ 4 Few Engine Fatters,

hour or so later, when every effort to ight that was just balanced on « ! ‘ b atalel
rouse ber hed failed, odoricr wan ent | neh inthe eugioetoom. Frou the | ihe geibt bound tive wits of ihe

ac acainllllallk dic. + seman fete se

- iti nile ‘

forinalarm. He ounced ber dead. ight a stouter cord wae run tothe th t
FOR THE BALE Noon bat good men peed sppply: I she bad cled ¢ ons! end, Dalnleonly i kes valve and oil cup of the engine. ] baud a tates te ma ni then to NOTICE 1,88 oraone Brest
1 * TRINIDADG VERNMENT FLOAT® | ber sleep, strang: 1 beca’ Vben the tine cane fur the slaru bo | answer the all faiportant questions, ,
pply STRPHENS, Ltd, ING DOCK & WORKSHOP, —— =< = wound, Une key would turn, Polina! thie ‘Thea standing uns carpet, of vik | aut FIRE PASS CHURCIL
h " s
Sth. ty Richmond St, Portot Spala, | + perfectly Trustworthy" Te the | weldnt Moet Oe ates would pall | Duk. the bride and baidegroom were FESTIVAL

CWE) MEDOG WINB1 | -2uly2ith!â„¢
T tecslved ber BA, Quadatoupe,| 1,000 CORNS

‘ee and Good MEDO! E
atte badin “DOU WINE. | rooted out by LAING'N (im-
UD yoursueace to tics ele sect: | proved. Gorn-cure a real corns
% “TRENCH bakery. ier 240. per bottle
a Si Bireetdaly athena, Latio's Enciis Paaruacy,

character of Bickle's AvtUConsump | the heavy cord atlached to the wes | Mr. Walter Winans who wave awa HE TAMIT, FIRE PASS Péte will :

tive Syrup, {ecan be uae aor bat | valve end oileun, effectually stopping | Muse Denied, took ad mcive patt in | [be beld at Lotlere Vitae hae: | Slentogranher (Typist)

eelatured: for [tu it fe sure In Ita | the en iow by shutting off Lhe supply | thecesemony, and he and the best- | val Hoad, on $3.b August WI. Fur. (MALE) we

eifcct,, Ne the use Of ft will cleaily | oF £4 and fubricegt saab beld the golden crowns over the T ther particulars ister on receiving UIRED = For ivge Comunelal
te i

demonstrste and can tw relied upou 8) wrepows FUR UNBRELLAS, | Mle g tie bade Diegrensay it Eagan fom the Hoa. fospecier save te Porter Spuee Ooo with

1, gum riguce preferred,
drive a cold out of the systeus wore enere’ , . 4 btpe
icine. | Windows or portholes for umbreill thelr party, aflLe;wardsdrovein ther SIVA BAMSMY VEERAPAN, Apply with copies of testlaoaials to
seen 1a raeed thst i Yewbet have been ‘plecud pa. the marke tyre rofkss
it dianed to bes foreign cumcrn which bellever these le | ber of nures myalds whe wmally ant July Fah -lwod—-de, Usha —Jaly Tud— iw,



ne tinal A GA ET, OE OLED ICE reels Sa 3 NE THIMCD St eS - == wn 7 \ _
THE -'LNDON ELECTRIC THEATR NOTICE, ir the baproms Court of Trlatd a aod | BALE FO Piusamay tae espe JOLY a + ‘ana?
BALE FUR WEDNESDAY THE 20TIt aEet} | a an a 0Sa aces
WOODSBROOK. Fort-of-Spain DAY OF JULY 191), No 42zof iota stweea UBLIC NOTICE is beroby given tbat Aad 9
[Ore mainole from the “ Four Rusds™ Var. 4 UBLIO NOTIUE te hereby Klrex Amelie Deam wtl'e—Plalati ta exercion of the power of et .

a ;
New Pictures-ervery Monday and Thureday-everything ae in London, Pp Lbatloextroise of the Hlatttory Avdrew Bits nt Deteadant, Ne Tap dered the 1ith day of M.reb . Yo Bé BELD ON ;
. 3 ae Power of Bale conterred vpoo Morte dia fala, acd mode by Seferiae Bem 6 tevale +38
7 gees oveyancding an oa -
| f ie snd Uroperty ‘Ordinen Number PUBLIC NOTICE tires tistics Vy peble eucton ty thee nodersigned a THE ARIMA SAVANN A .
P 72 and contained or fmplied Io & | swan made berein-on the Rad day of May } tue Acctios Mare No. 2 dackvile Gireet, . es
certain Memorandum of Mortgake [1911 there wil be pas wp for sale before | la the Towa of Pert-of-Yps's, 08 Tues tay 1 —ON— . a

under the Real Property Ordinance | the dre of the Ooart I vase, Port-of-Spsin | the 25th of Jaly 1911, detweed the bore
Number 00 Numbered oh gated the va Thaedsy tho 27ch day July acw vex | of 1 aod 2 pe. ULAR that certaln
tt TWiltam Armetcong tm favode ¢ | esnaieg dete eon the boureof Land Spm. f, ALL AND +ING Ri thas certain
yr Hata pimetrang in favour of | ait and Slogelae thot certain moseusge " piece or aroel of band wae nae
Alfred Moore Low there will be put | aod dwelilog boase and piere or parcel ot | ‘ard of Mortaerces io the Island o

Friday and Saturday, Ist and ad

Unde tha patronage of His Worship The Mayor (W. &. B

up forsale by Public Auction at the (80. | ded eceopriciog 19 serves 3 gools end 7
Auction Mart of ithe undersigned Seer soaps eittae of int vember 3 pe-ches by the same @ lite tore or lon

situate ab No. 12 8t, Vincent Street in [5, py, rin tage of} dellceved ood wih the aburals aca bnnemineonnatinth- the town of Port-of Spel on Wednee- is Vou athe Stuer of Varn b uodaties thecoul ebewn in ihe plas oF
Gay the 26 day of July 1911 between tbe | wpcn the sald atreet by 04 Varee fo depth | di-gram sitached 10 the Crow. tite OwrWXOFAt.w;
hours of one andtwo pm. All ths% finn the Northera Doaudery Live and 03 | ea ered io the Heal Property Register| 5, . as ve . .
NO} certain piece or parcel of lend snd} Verse on the Southern Bonntery Line | Bosk at Voume LIV, tu 15] ave BtGs of the Coures’: ue datnes O'Loughlin, Fan.
P. lantativa situate in the Ward of | gceordlog to Apseish ada-searement aod | buoded on the Nevo by Crowu Licdy | Sartre: 9. « Mr A. Wight and ”
ee een urure in the Island of Trinidad com | ghattioge athe Nor hap nthe tewnlalog | on the Huath by the Caparo Cha wanes | Clerks of the Svales: Mr. J, Nel

7 «| Road 100 Hoke wide, oa the Bose by | Clerks of tha Pasldock : Mr, D. Byalster, Mr. 1. Lorie and & + *
Pry uray otis shame aia a: Crown Land aud by the Capero Coagaevas Laamdiea pyre & Meaaurere: Mr. We FE tec kloa, ify 7 Ul. Wade, &
bere 24 and 26 fa tha said Picosdilly Street | Road 100 hols wie naicn be Wet dy | Reference Comneittee oir WE Beck ee u tr Wi oe ae fess
oa theo upon lend formes! 1 belonging Grown L sod aod a Reserve fur a Villege 0. G Denne ees ne » D,
teatins, 7

to Juss Muneet Vera’ eed oa ‘ee? Ween | NbeeeThe above memoacdam of Mort-| Stand & Ground Committee ** eee. Hite Uedes pee? . InP
Uupoe Procaditiy Brrvet, Aod alauall thet gegs fe eutjsct to @ certain other Lorlo,


d oioa sinthe a id memorandam af Mortgage No. 97
Pownol Sc Joeegh, ‘havicg 8) Varas of dated t4:b December 1908 acd mide

Wotghts for Axco.-Oveole ms
g and 1 mile.

talniog ten acres be the same wore or
less delineated and described in the
diagram attached to the Crown Grant
toone Ferdinand Cox registered in
Volume XVIT folio 85 and aleo
deacribed in the certificate of Title
regletered in Volume XVII folio 28
and abutting on the North and on the
Yast upon laude now orlately of the
Crown on the South upon a roaf re-
served fifty Hoke wide and ov the
West upon lands now or lately of
NateeJabde together with the ap:



lant fa Piece silty street to the siid Towa br the ald Seferioa Disa in favour of
of Br. Josoph bp 04 Varesio depth and Binon L. Agecstiot to secure, the
aboturg oo ths Nonh on tot number 1 priuctpal sam of $100.00 with interest
and op lade furmerly delooglog to the thereon ad hy rei@ ol 12 per cont per


In 3 Parts purienaoces thereta belonging #04 | Government but now fa the occupation of eapum, resrto cary n = .
- wbich said paroel of jand la DOW | the bela ct Vistoriace Geees and Loata] Dated able 23 bac ead, So» adhatt® toedt “ :
ves! o hau oun, InemoraDe ro ha ” .
THEPICTURE THAT HaS COST $24,000.00. dum of travefer Numbered 31 dated Joyanoa the oath ga the remelaing por Ascti reer, Matzee and Leldinge alowed = ae

tioa of lot amber 3 above doeoribed on
the Bust on land now in the occap ition of
one Maveel de Casero ani oa the West on
the sald Piccadilly Street.

tbe twenty-uinth day of Jel 1907,
Dated thie fourth dsy of July fa ths
year of our Lord 1911.

Also the following Magnificent Subjects i— Zzmuported Thorough» =

In he Supreme Oourt

A MODERN KNIGUT ERRANT. Startongs, + furton
MATILDAS WINNING WAY, ¥F. J, SCOTT & SON, Sad. L. BH. LOVBUACE, In the Mutter of the Hatate of James Aged a . ss
WAIT ‘TILL I CATCH YOU, Govt. Auctioneers. ‘Acting Keyleer, Deary Usaeell late of Koperanse| = 2 yearetocarry we nw 1 Nate

E fe the Ward of Savouette te
ue ‘Jelaad of Trinidad Pianier,—

t —
JUBLIC NOTICE ts bereby givea that

i hi le of welghts f will also apply In pon roe ae

L applicetion bas bes retons Eee in The ecalo of welghts for age ply pony, rose Lo :

LOST- (The Earthquake picays

THE MAKING OF BILLY BROWN. 4,5 and 6 searetocarry —.. 130 Ihe. we “125 ibe

Tb Jaly 191L,
In the Supreme O sact of Tricidad and

TRINIDAD, Weights for eight for Wont


° ‘abe,
iy NIONDAY, 24th J uly, DAY OF August, tout, Sammery Jatieitetiea, Portol-3fuia. B pees Boveli Cooae'l of E i ches in belght, Animala under 14 hands x inches w
Nei “THE CORUNBELON, * . PUBLIC NOTICE Iv hereby given that Nv. 330 Of TY no mater of 10 the Waid of ays ie al creat Wesnition. a
“THE PIRATES OF THE AIR" io exercue of the Statuiory Vower Joba Wiliam Peal a tees Wal mod ‘Testament

of Suleconfearei upon Mortg gaa by the
Conveyancing and Law of Fiopety Ordi-
nance, No, 72 and contalaed or impilad ia
eacettela Memaraniom of Mortgege ao
ter the Hest Drovers Qriinanca dated
. @ thirty Grae dey of March . on

DE A EDT 2123 B-—-SATURDAY & BUNDAY 42M, niade by Astonia Betmonten in terour of

. = aaaels Muntere da Ferrior, there w

- Prices as Usual : 8c , 16c. and 24c- putup for ase by Puliic ‘Auction by the
uadersigned at thela Auction Mart, No, 2,

Firat win to carry 4lbs. extra, and 3 lby more for every other

maiden not includ. Creot je horsen pot. tobe sunfected to penalties new
races meet my; joreurh fe “

Cres Grecia, in meant horses sired and foaled tnthe West Iodley and


Rose Guerra

at ct at ae ae att

deted 8. of Apcil L011, of the said James
ent Guaneil’ decea et, who died on the
whdey of May 1911, having at tbe time
ae jace vf & ded -
Eaperacts Evvata ta she Cahfoculy Dine Oe eoncn bred Creole Is meant pontes slred aad fouled in the West i
irict the seid, Esnest Bove {Connell beicg excluded), British Guiana aad Venezuela. aa
tors 8 fiastes samed .
in the Wil ue anid J ames Heay Ovn- Create ihoroughbred horves allowed 1 ts, when meeting Jenported
o. 0. "9
well Deceased. Leave being reserved te Zee horses de Tile. do.

OTICZ ts berede given that there will

tne put ap fre See ab Marshal's Auce

tion "Mart. Na. 36, S*. Vincent Street,

Po t-of-Spain on Taster toe 23th day of
Jaty 1901 a6 12 v'ctork pion:

The right Title aod interest of the Dafeo-

men do,
aos Sackville Sirest inthe Town of Porvof-| ‘at la & wooden tevement edveret grant Like prubate te the oiver Execators x foe att a é '
‘ Bealnon Tuesdsy the 22ad day of Auguet with galvanizod iron, standing 09 Hada, whenever they shall come ia aad azply, Greole horses iF Ips de imported »
1011, botweeo the hours of 1 and 2 p,m. go c eCart hy and own as No. 9, Aad Notice isalso givea thar if no Creole balf brede do 2lbn do Creole tha:
eyo 8. yw a ost: All that certalu pices of land situate fa | ioe cr anor io the ab we met Gavent is lodged before che explication ol Maximum weight not exceeded 10 stone 3 Ihe, cae
pa Sota “Ue A ~% So e3 the Ward of Gaauapo fo the Isaod cf} /*¥! € EMENT ERS. LIGOURE, twenty-eight days from the date of Common-bred ponies allowed 7 lbs. wh woeeting half bred ponies J
57 6 yg RS 2 eae Tricldad comprising nine acres, thiee Depaty ‘Marenat pubhestion of thie notice, Rind Coars wal ‘
q Qe aw a... ¥ Y eS ytt “9g roodeand thirty paches be the same mora . procead teiseas Probate of t < wu 7m
oO mo a 2 aAgud or jess delicested end with the abuttals amon | Sythe ssid Ernest Buved Conaell accard- . ‘i
C RAS Y a Res and bouudaries there £ ehowa inthe | TRINIDAD, jagly, leave being resereed aa aforesaid,
ou wan ro 8 We <
we 4 wm 2LE ss 8 ewe = 2,8 8g Fo'le 335 and boandei oa the’ No th ty OF AUGUST 1911. (at) osoaty Hteglasear | 1% Casoux Barex.—Time 1 pm, f mile aud distance. ast Poe
. . 3 3 eaela © Belmont —
Q 2 ba'e 3,.g- = 8 B 3 g Growa Janda no the South by a road 10 UBLIC Notice fa hereby given that in | nope farele borees that have never wona prise exceeding *
wf) Ss 5 os Zz ae & ~ servel thinty bi wide and by Crows P exercise of the Power of Sale confer: RINIDAD axp TOBAGO. 2. Pont Matpen.—-Time 1.30 pm, Distance 6 furlongs. A pris ol @
g Yy 2 4 : no 4 2 ost BS a fanodaon the giant, Crown tends aad oa jf red ow Mortgegees ly the Cunveyanclo T. Ia the Sapreme Courts ponies fourteen hands 2 iuches and under not tho: hUrod that bia
p SD ov & . 5 g 8 5.28 6 ihe West by Crown lands and by lauds of | and Lew of Property Ordinance 1984, an In th oO hatter et the Escveve of prise exoreding $34, Entrance $3. Weicht for height. .
=a eeu 0° 7 = v ‘Gia @ Micacle Belmonves and bye Etoad reserved | contaloed tn a certain Deed of Mortgage 4 © Josey h Enet sone 2. La innta Cup—Time 2 p.m. Distance 4 mille and a distance ee
G@ §2 066 yy 5 3823 thirty Hake wide, tegielered as No. 03 of 1910 dated 6. | 7 oy Goncnrmegare, Meyaro, la tet sented by Mr. J; G, Macedo with gli) added from the fens
v8 PE Eas eS - Zo Dated this 3) b day of Jaly, 1911, April 1910 and made between Peter Jack- | Late of Guaysenayate, Sfeyaco, horses, half bred from Jamaica and all ponies .
Elo & “ ’ Island of Trioléad, tlanter, trance $12 Welght for age and height.
“4 W eBuls 5 , - gmad LOUIS JOHN & CO. aoa of the first part Hamilton Eneobins 4. Canont Sraxea.—Time 3 pm.—-Distance Jol a mile. A prise of
- ww, 6 @ SBE GT’ 2 = ge8 i , Auctioneers, Thompeon of the secon | part aod George BLIO NOTICH u hereby givea that ated 14 hands and under not thoroughbred, Entrance #3. Wel
‘ voi ~Yy z * & % ~ a ce & <3 Be , Liddislow sheets part there wit ee Celication hea bean maletome by [5 Uxsevers’ Staxxs--Time 32D i atace § furlongs. A prise
% “Ss = a! - + orses year ol noe 0, We or
3 eee & o” g v Ee Rot é AKoction Mart No, lic Haris Promensde Hyendaiph Ab Lit gorattimes called “hp a Iujnweae Braceac tine 0 ‘pm. Distant 6 furlong. A prise of
a 2c s a4 be Go 3s Bai 3 Sau Fernando on Tuesday 29th day of | of Meyaro in the Island of Trintiad, Evo, nies 1¢ hands % inches and under, not thoroughbred, Entranved
a & WwW & bee 23.5 a 880g TRINIDAD, August 1011 between the hiurs of one and | prictor for a Grant of Probate cf the Will belght. %y
Gg ee gn“ Z oH & Ease RALK YOR WEDNESDAY THE t6ru | two p.m, All thst partel of lead al usta | bearing date the 16 h day of April 1910, of —~0
ory 7 Bane DAY OF AUUUST, 1011, fa the Ward of Savann Grande South ic | ths above-aamied Joseph Eustace |e SECOND DAY.
(x v HE & 2. g = eg a3 be URLIC NOTICE le hereb: the Island of Trinidad comprising Two Ginayeganr ere doy of Apt iolo, paving .
= eu ¢ BR a = = > of* . P in eterelon of thee Power (Site tbat | (Quarress aad boauded on, thy North on at the time of bis desth « ftet plece of | 1. Capotx Matprn [lanptcar.~ Time tp.u. fof s mile and s dis!
: om oc ¢ ie © tos Bo ‘ower of Sile coo { land of the Heireof J ck Jubasga oo the ° $73 of which @ horse to receive $13, ‘Open to all, Creole horees
O.En Aro" 4 Sos tainet In a certain deed of Mortzage dated | Soath on land of Mergire> Taylur on tha | sbode at Gusregasyare Mforera’ d, the sald £75 of which second hors eae Secor es a a
q bo 2 SERS [therm di of Mente igh) sent. | Wat on lad of samas coey aaton tae | Rind 9h, ARES les the escoto |, yep Stinee Htwoicaretine, [oi pige Distance 8 tating
2a a anuimede pz ton lend of Soobsgeab, i b te ive Slat 0; tw i od
om o g gi me tween Daniel Beyes of the one pert aad Dated thle 15h dev e Joly 3910. And Notiot ta also gives ther if no Pl hich econ bore 9 rove re ati eligi fo. to fun in the
2 Bae es Eugene Bysslere & Co, of the arber part, P, P, Pickertxa Caraat su lodgel before the expiration of trance §3.Uk Bweepetake $5. a 2
q S goat? there willbe pat up for alebs Pubic Auctioneer, f twenty-eight days fron: the dave of the fs, grawarbs’ Hanpicar—Time p.mi.—f of a mile and a distance, F
~ ws agudg Aaoilon by the undeisigned ad ther pabliostion of this p tice the Coare will second horne to recelve $45.00, Open to Creole horses, half brady
o 865 E 4 3 Auction Mart, No, 12,8’, Viccent Street proceed fo teaue PE bela of tbe sald AY i and all ponies fourteen banda two Inches and under, Entrance
° 3 in che T f Port 1 to the aald Rand» Lit acoord lag’
S op) ao ws 2 ae dey the le b day of athe 101%, Dawes TRINIDAD, Dated this B.b ay of Jaty, 1911, 7 & Srasp llanpicap—Time 2.30 2 m.—Distance f ofamile. A
3 wera 3 g03 the baute of one aod two Tem, ‘ Ia the Suprewe Corrs of Teailad and Le He LOVELALE, | recond horse, te, rocelve Sit Secret Pec Fans .
ami Bo toe je-—Alland Yinguleribst certain piece ‘obago. Ke Hegistrer, . =! " A
» § ERPS GSE fox parertet land ttaste at DrAbedla te | | Sommary Jariaduion Port of Spat & Duerehe Hanpicar Tins 33) Bae Ulsan Ste Sle
3-5. oe ard of Arima in the Islacd of Trinkda e o I - k 7
wD Y Z g 3 & EY 8 comneeialrg sloren iseres aod sbatting oo Welter F Batgeea d—Platntit BAGO, C9 Avice Mauticap time ‘i Pn Platance 6 forlon A prise of
o, =~ an 4ande ol i‘. se'ien 08 je fant! mbard— Pils! a h 80COl Ores. recelva pen al nies, fou! bande
q On ~ 2 ¥ Ge South on Janda df Joaegh on the Eust on and TINTDAD AND Top AC Coart, under. Notthoroughbred. Entrance 2 Po weepatake 00, at
bf ga ean teods of E. Jacob andon tha West on Kadabooh—Dolendsat. Toe Registry at Pert-of-“pila. }. SAVANNAH Fonceo Harvicar—Time 4.30 p.m, ¢ mile and 6d!
egageere Janda of C, Bastler, come Ia bbe Miter of ths Estate of Keslaid| 90% Forved to all winners, and open to all horses and ponies bad
. age g s s 2—A Policy cf Assurance of the Life on USLIC NOTICE fe bereby given late of Satwa b.reet ia tbe ‘Town of this meeting. Entrance Sweepstake §5, a
, 3 e ae 2 a theasid Daniel Beget ander the baod cf P that by an order of ile Huaowe Mr, Ban Fernando, shopkeeper = Deceased. y
‘o 42252 G | Rmerecaouh cau hu Arana | aasae gree foe ee th ts Pee Tia benty gives t
Saas anads da! @ Jatde: sy of Jone ere at UD > a thal
fey QP 3 4 is # 3 Me 1807 (Ne, 51,273) whereby the aut of | for sale before the doors of ithe "Court Picpniteston nse tne A ae is ARTIOCOL AS. a
$500 iv aasared to be paid either oa the f House Port of Spala to Tharedey the | 4 jomoer of Savion W ceedia shy Town of a ar

death of the ssld Daniel Beget orat the | 17chdeyof Augued IIL betwoes the fy do, Usks beter for w Urant of 1, Ownerd of horees are requlred to pay $1 for the use of the conser f
02; Lratlon of ‘Teenty yosre row the date | hoara o0¢ and two pu, trotete of tbe alt Searion Jota the 25th that enter for each rege, the amount ta in paid at time of seT tary a
of the Folcy shoald’ the latter aponer Alli aadSiogalar that cectaia ploce or rt '

: ay of November 1910 of Kaatard lace or] 55 ¥

bappen. Pd scutes sos parcel ot land Lor ectna ant stoa cont Been Bue is ' ba sald "Towa a 0% | Stand on Savarday, Angrust 10, 1911, at 3ALo'cfock, pm, alter which
. 3 tisio, ree F Fernat do bboy kee: lece who died on 4 Colours of riders to be declared at thr try.

Govt. Auctioneers, rhe aitusteia the Ward of Upper | the 23th dsy al ‘November 4D. 1010 bas- 4. The. owners of ever horee entered soe tutsertbe 85 tothe



| — Jaroni in she Ielacd of [Triolied act oat (bledeath a Aged p: though tho horse bw named th rsul iw
t * 14 Frodori ck stroot N.B,—The Policy will be sold sutjret Sand described in a certificate of Title wae a8 the tis of wirect eiibin tbe Mie g ‘Two horved at loast nde being the property of the same owner 801
4 " ° to the psyment of the sum of $297.00 dae { entered ia Volume XCUL folio 467 and | Towa of Ain Ferpacdo the sild Su mou | ths race wilt be considered a walk over. In tho event of a walk ore
fort-of-Spain, Telephone —498 tothe Compaoy, abating oo the North on the remslotog | being the execatur Bimed fa the sald will, | fall to therace fund. and three horsewat least ta start or no

6 The race commence at Lo'clock pm. A bell will be rang ifs
bugle sounded for horses to to the starting post, after wh
be allowed, and the horses then at the post will be Narted. After
persons are warned to keep off the course until after the race and the
7, Ail horses must he saddled In theenclosure provided for that p
past the rece stand at least once before each race, under a penalty 0
& The Jockey Club Rules will bo followed as far an practicable.
Â¥. No hucksters or porvons carrying tray, &c., will be allowed om
Id. No Jockey who has been suspended at this or any other
allowed to ride during such suspenalon, or enter the enclosure.
LL. All overweights of riders to be poste { up previous to sta: a
12 Entrance ta liace Stand on race days, Contlomen 6a, Ladies | OO
Paddock 4¢., dtewards free, Subscribers of Si dols, to the race tadd Ws
Sentleman's, one lady's and one child's thket for each days <
14. Btalls for the convenience of owners of horses at J cols, per stall
44, The messurewent of ponies willtake place at the Ar o
August 30th, between the bours of 1 aud 5 p.m, with or without shoes
4. No horse will be allowed to enter aw a half bred or claim ao
Between red oF common bred unless the owner. satlsties the Comeitice at
Geo, F, Muggine & Oo. -Plalatitta, | Eps anitual ts not thorgughbred or balf Lred felting such proota the an
an we
oe 30, The btewarde reserve to themselves tie right te demand & 4
I Celestia ~ Defendsat, plaée of rth of Barwes entered. fo rig rot 00
. . The mum! juarte 4
peBtio NOTICE ia bereby 8 reo the bos H fied for the auarting ol ach panes” be posted up ad ‘ aa
o o 4Y person mal lode
Trivided, the Hires thereof knowa as Ne. | ohe 7h diy of Febrosry 1907 registered as | Monvur De. Justice Swan dated the| registerin rie tienen 0 Wola with thet teresa whith te the 9
7, Ubver story Murset sod abutting om tbe [ N>. 408 fo 1007 sod made betwen Mane. | (9.b day of June WIL there wiil by | objection ng considered frivolous, or vexatlous, will be forfeited to tbe
North upou lus No, 9, Observatory Btrees | octe Kerd «f the ove part sed Adem Saith {| Pub up for sale before the doors of the | | otherwise will be returned to the objector.
en tbe Bouth spon lot No Sof'tbe sald | aod James Sleory Collens of the other | Court House, Port-of-spain on Toure. h 1, Two groums’ tukets only, which must be worn fa the bat, be allows oF
Street, on phe East wpow Observatory pe there wil be pat up forsale ty Pub | dey the 17th day of August 181i be aL The d iy
buses, and ou the Weet ajon Dry Hiver, Elie Auction by the nodervigoed ad thal: | $Weeu the hours of one aod two pw racks to ea loutston of the Neferenve Committee on all matters countctel vad
aud the secoud thereof known ae Ne, 12] Auction Mart, No, 121. Vincent Swect| Allaod siugular that certalo piece ZL Pemitey loth whee
Marve Viaee abutting on the North apoa | ia the Towa of Portof-Spain oa Wednes- | Of parcel of lard eltuate in the Ward | te requised Us dee (et ney welll be provided for each hares, © Baty
No. 13 Harpe Plece, on the South upyn [dey the P0tb day of Joly 191), between | Of Mayaroin the lelend of Jrinidad | will by refunded ba ita retanmes he Mine Of eutry for ure
Ne. JL of the eaid flarpe Place, on the § the bow 6«f ove and twe p.m. comprislog 4 scree 3 rouds aud 3y 22 Teuders for the bire of the Savannah Cate and jlar under the Stasd
East upoa atoad, and on the Wee wos All and Siogalar (he tande aod monsnage tches by the same more or leva de | daye of the races will be received on the day uf eutries at the Hace Stand Op
tue Dry River. tegetber wih ail the f a'tuste ia theeakd Towa of Hort of Hoes { loested and with the abuttale and { Ths suiouat to be pald by the person whond tender has been acuepted af the
buildings tbereoa sometimes described se f formerly known as lot No, 2) of B rreck | Deundaries thervof shewa in the plan | "4 place.
Now 19a and Ide of Lost Dry Hiver, aod | 8 reet tut now re-nambered and keowg se! drawn on Crown Urant eat: fuf 2h The Stewards reserve to themselves the right tarun a Tact Meted,
abetting on the North wpos lauds lately | Ne. 42 Gordon Street and abuiting on tbe Vulume U0 folio 817 aod bounded ong wat All jockeys riding In these races will be required to be Nceneed,
of Joe ps Merps, on the Bouth wpoa faods | North un lot No. ¥7 of Peubrike Mire 4, the North by a 90 the South by apply ta the rereary for thelr Ikense not Ister than Wednesday, A’
latey of Herthivs Boreace, om the Ksat Jun the tout oa Gordun Nirset, ca bus Crown lends aud by lands petitioned | these eeimimion Will be provided, without which wo jokey wlll be

poitlon of Jend in the.ssid Crown laade
belonging to Gridbony on the Sonth on
Ciown lend onthe Kast oa lands of Joba
Thomes and on the Weedon Sand of Bodes | pabhication cf thee notice thi Cuucs wil
Bexooand alto all ard ¢ioguler sbat proceed to lenae Peb.te of the sdd will
plece of land coniptising alx acres more | accordingly,
or lene citnaie in ibe tid Ward of Upp] paces We 10h day of June AD, 1911,
aearont ent out bad described is ibeer F. COLLINS.
sale ol itle enter oO vings .
fuho 257 aod ebateng ca the “North Acta. Depaty It yistra .
Eoaik and East oo Crown Jands and ov} he
West ca lead of Beeisten,
Dated this Z0ub day of; J 200 1022,
Actisg Depaty Registrar,

Aad cotice 11 atte given thas if po
Caress is lodged bafore the eapdratioa of
wenty-eight days from she date of the


TARE itu
DAY OF AUGUST, 1911, 7

pupric NOTICE ishoreby given that

iu exercise of he Powers! Hale cons
talned ina cirtaln deed of oiorte ge da'ed
$be 25 b dey of Seplemer 007, registered
es No, 1335 of 1908, and pads ween



Wire Netting



Tor Wwalstthe Gost with


Como ‘to






iutos Supryine Court of Trlaldad aud

Summary Jurlediction~Port-of 8
No. 243 of lvl - palo,

Matert Heury of the ape parband Hen.
tietta Hinds of the otber part, phere wil
be put up forse Ly the nodereigued at
ther Aartlon SMert, No. 14, St. Viocent
Mice. bo the Towa ‘ol Port-ol-Speia og
Tharelay the I7ebh day of Augiot 1011,
between the houre of I and 2 p.m,

All those two endivided thint part or DAY OF JULY 1911.
barca of the sald Habert Heory cf aod io ——
All sod Bloguiar these two ‘parcels of Pustio NOTICE ishereby piven thet
Jaod eltuste at Ubservatory Strertin the ja exercise of the Hower of Yale oon-
Town of Vost-ol-’pein ia the Ielaod of | talnad io oo rtala deed of mortgage dated



Pw street, sod or the Wert upoo | Eastcu lot Nr. 60 of Gs fur by Uolag Lemeasy and on tb aati
pol 7.40 of Gs dom Burect ard ¥ @ the Kast Nb. Eutrauce to the Goarve ou the reew days are as follows seipe

0 of Ellena 1. eres! wa the Woe ou ut Nu 4d of Uirdig Oud West by Ucown landeand Jota:

ved thie (wemiy-fret dey of Ju'y, | btres, ted by m road of4 % . and barges undar eaddie | ab Noosu! bers *
. SALE QOING ON Me Cy egare egos, | MMM tan, (“DMT Sra iit, [MN ANE et tefl Boast anol
‘ ode 8 5
% a | Gveerumeat Ayeentsre. Gort, Auctlovesis, : Astleg Deputy eg rhe, HARRIS 0. How boner

. . -
‘ ’

io / , yrs




eb amt

> my (Continued from Page 4) [20 the Kiditon of the Portef-Spain |} IN ALD OF BELMONT ORPHAN ; TE NN A N TS A NOY 9 3


ae ee 2

The FAALA. “sr, Dominique”? Dear Sir,> As ail thathes appeared} As already anoounced a grand
trrived terd t Inthe colurane of the local reon | variety entertalnment in ald of the One
‘ . and Gua¢ loupe via Se TE the subject of an off tax is in Taroor ot Belmont Orphan Boye’ Rand Fund will No, 1 0, Breadway - = Telopk 161 .
tons general cargo and $ ngers { Lhe imposition of sich tazation, I wish | he given by the Dango. Mandoline, and
je fivApgostini feom St. Nazaire and - itto be knowa that there is at leaet | Quitar Orchestra, at the Grepfifare —

. deckers from Martinique, ‘lhe (poe nan oppoecd tu lt, L at ove time | Salton Monday. Mth August. Tolloy- . .
Steamer left the same day 7 idalé.astrenuunn effort not to be left | Ing ia the programme 1 We have Just Receiyed a Fresh Shipment

1. Overture Piang Solo Mr. N. Plerre
2 Melodie da Coeup.. (Clifford) ...1KM G, == OF me

. * tara, Buriname and Cayenne with [ behind in the chase after oil, but my
pare of inwanl cargo and the follows] enthusiasm ie now telow freezing
ere, for Suriname = Mr. W. | tator. Ide not mean to take up the Orchestra, 1 Mtasoftan $7 ‘ o
Ward-Price. For Cayenne: Three | cudgels of those directly Interested {n & Rong saunen (Tosti) se Julian 9 \
, & Blandolin Bola Flowers and Ferns. . J. & R. TENNENT Ss Celebrated
a tect thenselres, but being regardful of (Kelser) Mr E. Drurity.
The Royal Mail transatlantic | the affairs of thre Volony, 5 .
chestra, C
Watson art Yesterday morning The reply of the Governor to Nr.

Passengers, 3[r. 8, Franco, [a at, and Jam content to be a epee
deckers, oil concerns, who are well able to pro- | & ¥lc Mr. Ferreira
cannot look ~ IMLG. Or.
\| steamer © do" S051 tone, Captain | onwith indifference. 6 Serenade (Schubert) ©. ACG. Or.

Lumber, Hardware and

(aterval 10 minutes)

{nm New York via Antilla, Jamaica, | Hobson's question was as surprising as ——

Colon and Oplombtan Porte with 15} ft was pleasingtoine. it showed a de.

tons general cargo and 21 Passengers, | clded change in the attitude of the
From New York t=Mr. and Mrs, 0, | government whose apparently harsh

Gebler, conditions towardsa ciaxs of intending
From Coloni=Mrs J. Thomas and prospectors were eo embarassing aa to

1. Sketch St Clair Amateur Theatrical
ub ¢Sladles.b
2 Quartette Messrs. Clamons, Gue
vara, Whika and Planist.
& Ballet Dance Maater Acham aad little

~~ lofant, Sing. F. Williams and 8 child | create the {Impression on the minda of MiaeSivia Acham. nna Ta
. ren, many persons that the Government | 4, Bano Solo Schottiste Queen of Bor 1
iM ll D rt t te From Savanille :—MissC. Rainy and was more Concerriad In preventlng gain feaque (Tilley)... Mr, nity * . i
J i e a men sk 12 deckers from various ports, by possible speculaters than inthe es Romance Una Denza Fativa (Ells)... . 4
. PO tatdishwent of the oil Industry to the B.MLG. Orchestra. “4
. PASSENGERS TN Tmanstn, | Rusaete Riera eta) EY. STROM G. |. :
New York to Southampton ide, | pecting Neemen silage eee ONT
tence ew Yor! othampton Mr, sng licenses, either on thelr own ye
¢ —FOR— . and Mrs, Swinglehurst, Kingston to Ends or on those belonging to the | 1 Selection from Martha (Flotow).
n : cai Onedecler” Kingwign to | Grvtn, form thle lacy Pelscttalt |» craianed ice OTE tage JUST TO HAND
wes Tintbempton t, pudaute i of sha pith the ald of there men compet fon 3. Song Comle BMr Glaseppl : .
eu < ° 0 ut J, We a8 n etiinula an e en ba, " M ¢
. Owen, Misy BM, i Coo Tucker, Uolon to Harbados + Mra, A, | there was hardly any one {n Lomdon Te ittians and Cooper,
o- 6 : Cyrus, Mrs. E. Moulder, Mra, E. Yard, | {u the company promoting line—fromn | & Walte Fair Venice (Eilie)_ with pues loetruments are specially mads for this climate and
- ~ i is B jiorte, Mi ra. W. Bureowge and the baddin izancler, realy to offer vocal oblate, Miss Julian and BME O toed possess, an excellent touch, an exquisite tone, aud guaran- .
nfant, Mra, Rogers, Mra, W,. untold wealt the applicant, ** pro- 0 . 23 years,
1 = White and 2 child Sirs. L. G | Vided he leaves the papers for a couple God Save the Kung. ——
Ss IS All ne Hop BDavie,erd fata SiS genuine. the ee pretentious tnt Die on =D). Ee enw an, Ateo 1 UPRIGHT BRINSMEAD GRAND PIANO BtylebX2,
‘ 9 th en enuine gisot o ance—who with —— so ¥
6 stile, Aire, Giada, Rina 2g proposal al band did not bustle pBbout Reserved seats—as, Baek scate—ds, thie ineteudheat we will sell ata big discount for cashyor on easy
ranklio an e ren, re A. Lf Englan an the continen — - le
Clark andJ0%deckers, fncagth capital wherever It was to be J ,, rockets can, be obtalned from the went _—
Prinidad Offleliacee merits of the) airs HiT. Jettera, MV istnant Seon 7 ERY
sie Wl «adie | "Hachette tte ran, | peptone Seat || ay S$QUD SANOUARY VERVE PLANO very le om
. is : ° oe MEO, . . “
' Mr, P. Matkay and eon, Me. A. J. de ‘bough the Colony should“ unques- | 13 Richaond Street. entra. Ms Darwen’ ' ‘
& . Candstein, Mr. and Mrs. ME. U; arte, | tionally get its due ehare of the bene- doors open 7m. Concert begins at 8 — ,
> Mr bad r J. Mora Ae, J. iL Kore fits derived from the exploitation of oll o'clock precisely, t For 10 days on! 2 ov Bu ' th uP ices
as C. ora, Mr. O. Preitfen, Mr, | lands, a a Government oug! Sn ay on iy yo 0. y a 8 rl
A. Meinere, Lieut. 8, W. Day, HONIL be very cautious In taking any
- Mrs, A. Kingsforl and 2 Uiaghters’ measures” Ubat would have’ the| TRINIDAD RIFLE ASSOCIATION. UATROS at 730, and $1 MANDOLINE at @2 and $30
Me, IL. B. Wateredith, Mr. 8. Mis-jetlect of strangling oc retarding ~~ { thd .
haan, M.A, Hughes, Mr, G. Wedge, [the progress of the industry. The following scores were made at ! GENUINE BeaRsne Siitanseesths mee ‘end Zac, 4
. Hy Reynokls, W. Dickinson, On the contrary it should giveeveiy | Cocorite on Matunlay last for the 3rd G 44 an 00, “
P| we alrea: ~G, .
% Cartagena {o Southampton: Mr, F.{cpcouragement ‘to tho: Iready | Class competition Llanos 65, J.
arenas Se = | etresie Me E. Vincent, Br and Mra.) €°8sged in it and to thoes intendiog Gammings Hy A. Reid 47 1G Ke ui
oo RG Walters. . , to come in, and it ought to claim partl- Queenet feseral others fired but ~
eots j Laces Savanilla to Southampton: Mr. J. cipation Pee tenets are retired without completing THE PIANO H STRON WAREHOUSE.
. actu: iN exis . nn
AT HENDERSON'S chilen tnd Gortanene’ Si, °¢p {the coupauien qrauing on lands fm] KAISERS FASCINATION [Phone 446. Mat Al Fred. St.
he eND-= AND = Venegas, Mr. J. Jacks Mr, R. J) Nig’ | respect of which the Crown hee no A le
nee Mr. 1 Nig, Str B. Martinen, ~" "| righte reserved, such for exansple as | \7\\ ays coMPEES KFEN INTEREST
{Shoes U EMBRUIDERIES. |“ Mavaniliato ‘Barbados; One deck. {he pew Asphalt Lake Of err oat “OE BRITISH PROPLE.
Seeks” a ©) zz — The“ 6” leaves today on her - en ————— as CI
5 . . . duty in the near future, to call to wind We take the follow! 1 tt .
nee pargan Seegee a. bualant vie the work and expenee that those con- article from the Tonien Standard hee LAMPORT AND HOLT LINE OF STEAM ERS -
" 1 with it must bave orn ft , one is tempted to wonder, has
“A MOUS : The following passengers are t ked tbelr company and to explore the land, | the Kaiser Always ling ao curious « . VIA BARBADOS TO NEW YORK,
. . A to sail b 5 pe le fs ° Chea “| with the rivk of finding nothing or | fascination for English crowds Ile mailing Dates—1014,
ag 7. . toder: Foy England; Mr. ed vext tonotbing 3 the enormous amount | bas not always pleaned them, hut the ‘
ee . i a: ‘> er n and ¢ n an of capital introduced by them in the fast Ination ty ways there, And the TT tan Na
qs ma ning, Br. an ‘Mie Giendinving. Ne, Colony for exploiting i*and last, but Hounewone, of precent ye meak, SP he Buweamers, BAY 8 TRINIDAD. _Azaive New Youz. 4
ee, ~ S2.CO , Prada, Me, and Mra, F. A. Gray, | 20t leaet, the iMtoulty, work and ex: exerts a powertul influence upon us is TENNYSON 4, oo onl July a Mth | July an Stat é
\ ° he Ba de E. he M pense to find a market if the: beyond ali question. I had only to
nn Pit - a the Baronness de Eepejo, the P, “Tne | one, or If they did not, to make one of | Peo around we The private arrival of , WASARL oe oe amet Daly oe 97th Avgast oe 3td
Espejo, Mr, Bosworth, Mr. HM. P, Ja- | ther own. It ie with the activity and | no other man in the world would have | BYRON... wes eo| Augaet., 24th August... Slat
grain, Mr. Paul de Verteail, Mr. Wn. evergy of companies of tbls kind that] drawn together the scores of thou. VOLTAIRE vos . os Ao. ove 87 Bept. .. 3rd
i * Urvig: Mr. Barcant, Mr. Hfago Hoff. permanent success is likely to follow, | sands of unoficial and work-a-day London TENNYSON i ase one Sept. .., 14th Bept. .. Slet .
oferta A tae do | aie ean Ae [ei i te hyc ene ce VDoc] SR BR | REE a
. ie e ty
at Souza sud puree, and Masters de | Dot be fair ta burden this or any other een aa escort the carrlages aaed were

Souza. company with a tax, before the pros:

rity of the industry generally eball
Go IN nave been fully assured,

™~ r & ™” — Yours faithfully,

« E. RaDctirvre CLaARaR


Ribbons HAL

aNp [WHAT Witt be pone wir] SEEDLINGS VS. BOURBON.
(5e EACH) Fouace anp ink,

none To the Editor of the Port-of-Spain

ww In connection with the Bint for Castro Gautte.
Flo crs a retersn-diplomat writes . Ex President nano h
Jaustro isto be treated ad a p' y the Hae the
Suited States, Great Britela and France | Sit.—In your, Be Hie A ate

writer of * ‘
SSS | ie erect ot is velne See ere nee | some information from © Present Day

ng to J and asthe latter may not be able to

v ~ iL the Atlantic, prepari:

. a Chee t aetiog on some point o the conat § supply it Iwill do eo. ‘
of Venezuela, This has been officially he Waterloo Block, comprising
announced, Waterloo Lrchange, Camden and Per-

: A shorty time eo reports to the sheet severawe cut 2,{87 acres, of which

Â¥ 5 that he Upoeasion ol e

the plalu royal undress carriages with
which Londoners are so familiar, No
leaser pomp could well accompany the
simplest outgolng of the King on any one
of his many errands of patriotism or
charity. But the ytrerd mich vas
called together y tha tol meecing
William 4&1 once mere in Tis streets of
London was simply enormous, Grovesnor
Palace was black with myriads of
sightecera and the broad, vivid turféof the
Green Park avon looked wore like Epsom
ona Deby Day than theastaid enclosure
that one knows so well, What, one
asked ones self agalu, {9 the reason
for this curious attraction that com
pels the keen [ntereat of the British people
nthe German Emperor, whether he is
the object of its elncerest and most cordial
weloome or at any other time and in
any other passage of his vigorous and
eventful life?

The answer to this ie, Ithink, equally
creditable to both the” Kalser and to
ourselves. Tho rea) reson of it all it
that ourImperial guest, however he may

Hirst, Second & Third Claas Accommodation
For rates of passage money and all further infcrmation, apply to

GEO, R, ALSTON ¢ 00,

Shipplog Department.
Trreruons No, 182, A


A bottle of Brandy in the
house, but mind it's



ad secur 40 acres were Bourbon, This 4 acres
toriner Italian crulser Umbria, whlch was conslated of 10 acres ‘planta, 20 acred

display the quality, and whether Jt is j
. christened Consul Groatuck, when sold tratoons, and 10 acres secund ra- { displayed to curad, ant ear to our behoot .
ee bythe Department of the Savy st Homey fret ratons althoogh the whole wason | ia tothe core ‘of btm nan, "The old The bottle with the famous >
TEE ARCADE sence ok amet i ao td | tow and al euered tay from fot Maite ta aes Stan

a American, the coast of aythvand of San f fungus, the disease which caused the’ | dead within us. agit bas died, or ie fast

ascertain lanters in this district to cease plant-] dying. im other races, I¢ was naid of
Haat wee pe the Ceara eee! ng bb Bourbor. Queen Elleabeth that abe dearly loved
of seizing him, his followers and the ship e@ average yield from the 2487 | jan, s is em .

y if Cas!
" ¢ to work for, that full hearted recog:
° tse t could be found that he waeon | acres was 13 tons which gave 200 a
et ) Yy bor Aad that He had become the owner | tons sugar ar acre For crop lilly the went far to preface ‘the hart fibeed seed
the ‘rout acr
~ : ZL ’ 9 onthe cruleers found the Grontuck at 2308 “lone with cooly i) acres of gallant loyally of the Lnglixhmen of her

age The German Kuporer isa man who
Por an ties BD tpg the Hayton nis Gourbon. i tt hich pews have teen ahter fiilzabeth’s heart,
; fommanders were solemoly assured that | The cost per acrela a matter w erbapa he of the true crowns

W % eernn ¢! roprietois alone, but 1! aulocrats—perbaps, indeed, bla own. to-
M JE ELLERY, wt couduct Sethe atthe ange ete Sarena: itwou Gataod comparison with etinctise and fimperioug independence

that of other Estates. will have done much to bind the hands of
SILVER WARE ail sites woe aug up| fn roy, amt ipton bad the flvaaconaatce bin, ee Wi

, resence they were anxious ny anters atrhe: 4

5 weal e mecquently ng of the foreign | bon there would have been no suger e,7 Gountifattonet he likes to bla

o , ] Wirdets ma
W. 3 cruisers remained ‘ Port au Prines in | rang cultivation fa the distslct to-day. \ foeke their heats, Lut the 4 nlendidtycut
PLATED ARE order ty keep the Consul Grostuck under | “J? the writer of “Weather and | attltude of the Kalser towards hle duties
zg : the closest kind of obseryation, while ane Crops” has nut been telling teplanters ‘ and. responsibilition hes captured “the
other sarted | in to petro’! ig Castro froin that they aro * Fools and worse" [n alr hearts of hia owa people for good and all

setting foot on Venesuelan territory, wont all bis waltings forthe past years, and bidafalr to capture the hearts of

7 have not Englishnen, too. Helena law unto bla.

( ' W In the good old thnes, and until wellon | then } fear that I fbr one ing hociadlage” eis law unto Bim.
be nineteenth ury, ¢ was lawful | xead them conectly, i i '

s lina and Gl ass are, to deal wit praten the ino Summ Ae the willer of “Weather and jpaltipiy (n the preat industrial centres of

bien, namely, by means of capitsl | cropu” has aduitted tbat helsnota [eve i all its proees eantlt Jonge an
enjoved tbe porlege. of Galend they planter, jhe night surely —ylve the present Kalser lives. His purjonallty

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. ~ redit of knowing some sarewbim, abould heever make « false
en aftoat tbe proceedings were of the | planters the ¢ of move, aud doubles bis authority and
[ J Lrlefem possible character, and while sowe | thing about their vip ‘atuusction whenever he takes up’ some

e BAGS & TR NKS, were accorded the right of trial by court Yours truly ack. val p

martial, the vast majoilty of thein were Jae ! cere too thre bees “great and un
pot to death without Boy sort of legal Exchange Hpuser, torgetabla fact that be {a tho grandson of

. . to
' lorinality, it being held thal Oouva, | *Queea Victoria, We do not ly
. tlaw In the eyes of all civilized with’ July 1011, Leilsve that aman in wh ' tous)
Block ) a Nn d Watch 2s ‘ nations and had forfeited every sort of 7 . quarter of the tlood ran one w ithia that
- civil right,

strong anf loving heart can long bear fll-
x tan always count —e
oe Tair (rial useualiy on land, ioe afloat will syalust thin country In some wa


Blue & Silver babel, :

the house of Martell & Co. has been established Sfor
ose on two centuries and during all the'yeira of its existence j
as alwaya shipped

The Best that can be Given, *

Never accept any substitute. There is no Brandy 4

—') .

yrnemnpmegpecnamae ed

7 eS ee on

Tha Bonanza Drug Stores,


OMPRISE HONANZA Lezative ERD TEA Uf teken seqularty, stimulates Lb
liver, purifics the blood, asslete digestion and keeps the gecerel health ta Rook

conditivn, Js is valoable io cance of constipation, loss of appet te, kidney troubles eto,

Prico—10e, per packages BOs. per dozen, HONANZA AQ RELOT, ae infallible

vertaltoge tor ebildeen aad adulte—pricela, BONANZA EYE WATE, arewedy tor

(be care of a!] affections of the eyes beciading Infliumstion sod Hore E Wesk Vision,

Filme, Siecks ete, 3 price Je. BONANZA KKOMO PHOSPHATE | ea elegant d

granule tferve cent compound, Invaloable as 8 Pick-me-ap, sreadil tellevee the elect

evo lke her sud now thatthe Gra

. of dissipation, slesplowsness, fatigan, nervous fepresion, dyape and Astuleace—
CARPHTS Lised at ven by any ofthe crulvers uow en SUPREME COURT. teriae an mitel roseunulance sii ‘hese [Pall directioce ef the abive Syeclalidesfa avery paekege,
9 the Lophout fur him be wlll be conveyed ta | A Thiet J / Moreover, ia this one tnatter the Kay WHOLESALE AND RETA
LINOLAUM Pci atart Para mci ie (fo a hit June) "Et a” a sail
. glia Weet Indian delanda (f pe fal Mond Teta thee dark Tha etees aid
TRNINITIS RAC BAILS, ! ie she pends of tritish vessel and ul PedAy Re cor

een. a away, but of
r piracy, which, being & a : bat forelgu ruyalty lent to
6 tried there torn tee tong ternecé QARAACIOLO © Howrax: Hon, E aut ae forelen fuyalty oil

Wharton, KO, for the was Willan If

a felony, itt ‘ tom
\ _ penal’ sersitade, aah event of its ii. 8. Ikevdé for defendant, (hat cus the Bice conspicuous fare “4
gaplial pune thet he had been guilty of This fe an actlon of trespass. the mourne, oth a vere
been je bigh ran, 1 Adjourned to tint Court iq October iy lant Jour cross Lon ian Hie
burcdabed emf be defined as an offtase bas po y
? . aD

— ve some ss Hees act of sir)
f which cousists in the ousqulesipn of a (Before Ur. Justion Swan.) ein aud that Ils

SMITI BROS. & CO, HE 2gxanza puva gronzs
et on Banga Ora

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ores (n dames
' viel nd pillage upon the tL never (alla td the in ret on bly
LOTS D DOLLS fee whieh on lank wasld aboot meron, Kegadesniasers tours, it The Now Romody for
ALIN: ° felony. bb, omubraces pelery Chews PMTITION OF AMMON jo This was o usted ae ay 4 fn vr rpaen wy

. muting and . bnigien ot taotlon, te support of which Mr. W. ees tin whip Letween
a holding ‘a pominiealon for any estaldiiiusd Raabe | lies we |» forleave to and

Kelway& pro Te greet him asbecama lack among

on ween "Hah!
State of on at High Blivet, San Peroando, 4s oqor more was natural wn what The Best Uunuary “ ausepu ~ Haybly recommended b
Dp al Maar mould be" Beid Sa’ grate, ge i st ao wnuuat reutal uf ever Ue sri te Tee jibe, native of wat the Medical Profession, 7 y
& ; |e ese the coast of (Wene on wile wsurving executer and ora humans towbar ea the Queen
. necomnary

Hole Agenoy' at 1
the wowae be bad | it fel ged: ° 4
auola, It Ja nog that the des bites consen and reutetted so latter “aren down rs

: FREOERICK & QUEEN STS. [i tr pomceT stu ecko iw sbaunbere £2 deluily, wat re EA a poreoral sdegnetinn avery mee 6a LAND’S, 6, Henry StReer




and were'th fae quer. Hach

were the worse for Tors ac

Was fined 10s, or seven ‘days.
Fiaryixd.— Eraeetine Betancourt

BOUGHT sigan at

Rthel Kn'ght, igh

Best Electro Plate Ware, | [Fas nage acne oily

Feote were yoane over. tn A10 ‘each

e ‘We have dec'dod to sell cheap sons t Introdass this class of to} keep the foe three monthe

i in_ default seven days {inprisonment.
goods which wo will always stock from hanes, Will you call Rar een epreononent

rouod and seo them for yoursslves Thay aro suitable for table Komaio with hav!
ePieen ANO out WEDDING PRESENTS, aad aro of vary goad make. fai 3 found fa the Aoormay o, ‘the
‘ AREDERION £ They cormprige mu follows i- ny'e wa ee without leave of

The person in charge, Defendant

TEA ®POONS sald he came from CUsronland having


DEASERT SPOONS TWO PIECES 108 TONGS no place to slecp went and slept theee.
TABLE SPOONS TABLE FORKS ] SALT SPOONS The constable sald it was not the

first Lime he had found defendant
sleeping thereand chased him. De-
fen Waswarned notto go there
again and discha

On THE Wrona Sint ant
Tolder charged Egbert Mark, aod one
Licortely the first named for falling
to keer bie bieyele, amithe other his
hand cart on the Jeft aide of the road,
Hach was fined Sa, of seven days.

ARSSAULT.—Martha Jordan summon:
ed Fitzyard and Williemena Yard for
beatlug her at Baden Powell street on






whe ater, Giothies, Draper scl
Outfhtter-16, Fvederiolk treet,

Augustus Johnson v Elias Honey -


and woman who could care hisor her Iden v Edwin Brosdbent —Adjours-

work tomes bim. Adjourned 2 weeks. ed 3 weeks, July Mr. E. EK Mowtett appeared
At lasl there wasasonnd of Hintant Sinith Bros, & Od, v A. P. Menelik— Soulth Bros & Coy v Chas Manjues— | for the defendants, Oouiplalnant
welcome frow ole rae ee Menly ae tbe | Eiget lus. or seven days’ imprison: j Offer to pay $10 forthwith and. ¢3 | sleged thet the male defendant kick
Mage of the theeriag turned the ‘corner | ents adjourned ¢ weeks, wonthly from Aaguet 15. her and caffed herand the other en-
by lous Durton’s arch, A mounted Idem v George Lalla—Fined 7%, ort Htenty Mark Phillip Offer to pay | courged him to do {t, Fits Yard sald
Jiceman trotted quickly. down Conall | devs" fmprisontnentt offer to pay $1 per nionth from August 1. complainant stood before his door and
Ration Hit, A hundred yarda*tebind monthly from August’31, Khlem v Q I. O'Connor~Dismissed, | abused his wife, Tle asked ber to
him, a eacorted funaraardeal jloply KEW GUMMONSES, ice v Leon 1 Court-Offer to pay move but she did pot and he pushed
ta! uation In cx 2 fmon er AWAY. le

sclly’ the spirit ia whieh it bad been |, John Welsh vlan, Wilson —Otter | idem y EW isruntoneOfter to pay | Aaed £2 andss, conte In default. twen-
Tpit svat theine arentest sovereigns 2 pay ¥ 3 ao on J uly 2), and $3 per month from tyrone ar Enprisonment, is wife
t Antes here a eet mre patient cette ae . Jose Allen— If Monceans v Phillip Alexander— | ASSAULTING * A UoxaTpie.-Con,
oa Lo heme ailll atihe new pace | M. W. Gooding ¥ ALI, Todd--Oiter | Offer lo pay $l per month from Au- | stable Harvey charged Joseph Uraw-
ft Ducktogham, Walace. As the ser | to pay $3 Trenthts from Angust 1 gust 13, ford with aseadlting him-ybile In the
one could not help watching the nt in Wittiazas v Edwoed ‘Brath- Idem v Francis Marquez ~adjourned | execution of his duty at Bengal street
ron-cut deversainetion that neither, the | waite—No service, extended 2 weeka, | £°r 2 Weeks pending settlement. on Saturday 23, July. The defendant
Aightof time nor his manifest pleasore | "Maria A. Nunez v MranciaNeleon” | Jleary Louley Robert de Bourg— | complainsat alleged was uslag obecene

at hiswarm reception could abate. As
T have said, there waaetrace of added
resemblance to Queen Victoria. Yet
one felt that here wasaman-sho in all

language and in attempting to arrest
bli he steuck him and toredown hin
tunic, Defendant tes fined 10s. and

Offer to pay $1 monthly from August

Offer to pay $2 per month from Au- | 15
Wo. A. P. Lord v F. L, Ligoure and

gust lh.
Grace Stoute v Oliver Stanley—Offer

9 P. Joseph—defend forthe damage to the tunic In de-

* bls reign would never be given an op: lover? Pe vrende from August My monthly each fren onengiaee 1? fault scven days, Ona further charge

falicepactiy. it vera ender’ of men journed 4 weeks, _ won TAO | guard y committinent of 14 slays. of using obscene language defendant,
sat ase guest in an English royal car. Tdemn v Alban Lucien—Offer to pay ntovio Valsalat v Marl L. Sicard— | wae fined lus, or seven days also,

Adjourned for three weeks,
Davidson and Todd v Albert Collet
—adjouruied 2 weeks,

Idem vo Robert Webster--Samea

ASSAULT.—Maty Charles sumim oned
Marie Thomas for beating her_ at
Cooblal road Maraval village on July
16, Nr. Lazare appeared for the de-
fendsut on a plea of not guilty. Vom

riage, he ast there the other day, It
was nob onlyasthe grandson of Queen
Victoria thatbe was welcomed as bo
has never befdre been welcomed in our
streets by the thousands of Londoners
gathered together from no other motives

$1 per month from August 1,
Idem v J. D. Regis—Otfdr to pay $2
forthwith, bulance on August 1,
A.V, Montrichurnd v Elias Henry—
Adjourned generally.

lilem v John A, Lasealle—Offer to | ident v Francis Eyre—Adjouraed 4 | plainant’s cave was that she had
{han kindliness and se ene ne pay $3 per month from August 15, weeks. occasion {0 Fo to defendant's place \ to
this cordiality fn the almple nense In Mary LB. Geoffroy v F. J, Ligoure-- dem v4. Fowler -Same order. eee her husband for bis contribution

Ident v JE. Cadogan
$2 forthwith and
Septeniber L.

Se, ees

towards the mealatenance of a child
she bure him and defendant beat her,
laflictlng among other fnjuriesa severe
bite ou her finger which necessitated

~ORer to pay

. hich in nm
which it was shown, and whic 9 monthly from

Offer to $2 per month from Au.
tanall degree be bas himself tnapired, my t

Jobn Rose O'Brien v John Vornellus

—Comualtted for 7 days. WDA IRE Gane ‘or the def
DISTRICT COURT. 1nd Villlam "Najeen ¥" Statilda, Nicho- CITY POLICE COURT. surgical treatment. For the defence
B Ue ew “Mr, ©, P, Darkd) £ .Offer fo pay 62 forthwith, balance on encouraged her husband away and
(Before —_— Orne y dorzino Uoiner ~Adjourned Before Mr. @. C. Deane, 8.J.P, {lived with him uatit recently wien be
Monday. [2 weeks. — returned to her, On July 16 compiain-

aat wenttoher honseandia her abseace
broke up her furniture and left, when



Id Ni
John PB, Daly vy Emmanuel T. Pollard Le ei Aigtitia Mendes & ors.—No

Oo Nv,
service, extended a foiloight, narnueTioN. Sergeant

summoned Huggins and company f
—Diamtoved: ach v J. As Lasealle— Octavia HULL vileary W. Joviing - qausing an batt ction at South Quay she got to kn Oe eee recat at
Adjourned 2 weeks, L. D, Achaw v J, A. Lassalle—Ad- | ia @. “6, “Pantin. appeared oe ke Le eee sendont mae cont joted

Josephine Willoughby v Emousnuel
T. Pollard—Offer Wo pay $1 monthly
from August 15.

clainant. Defendant was convicted
and fined 20s and &. costs Jn default,
ten days linprisoninent.

Jouroed two peeks. der Le
tancls rims v Alexander Lew's—
Debt to be paidon Augustl ”

half of the defend.

guilty, ants and pleaded

‘There were two cases and a

Naseb Abdelnor v Sylvestre Roberts | J. Ribeiro v Alcite THartholomew = | never dos weet ee teeraative of | A Vicriae or Tug Cite.r Satis :—
uc toa "whois atau os | ni enpenrenee ace rerastonsry 5 | megan lege we fmgeed fveash | wauncat Gouels charged Becta
* to show cause ; adjourned 3 weeks. Samuel Lewis, Pevron, e Ww: ie larceny 0} yardso

Idem v' ET, Pollard

p harged on separate inf t

£0 cents per monjh from August L, extended 3 weeks. Wik kh ie t Ormations | Stephens Limited. Mr. Lazare defend-
ogieene ta Legally Chas ' toberts~ ._ idem ¥ Chan, Arkless—Offer to pay iy on Balntay nie ste enter dl er ot kl lea of not guilty. abe
sa pay i of mount in we tlon August L balance on Sept. 1 all coavicted and flacidl 54 Or seven aie ron eee on wast hal
equa pont y instalments from Au- Wilsons (G, & Ty v Ltd. Metix Bole | days each, while the * cheap sale” was in progress
oan Hausfeld v Robt HH. Price ~ | and seer gto, Bay, 0) centy forthwith IGHTN(. —George «Harrow and eg tenant pat several pieces, ft
ofterte ‘81 monthi ‘trom Hepe and 3O cents inont! nly from August 1 Samuel Janes were charged by con- cloth in L basket t th unt ol
iter to pay #1 monthly from Hep Kem v Jas, T. Frederick—Adjoara: | stable Willams with “fighting at 4 (lots te her basket at the selling coun-
. Fined in or seven “lays! imptisone ed for 2 weeks, Manorvan alloy on July 24” The evi. cenatable and’ t fo basket having been
ment § conlmitted Tor eeven dayu. evant tortor Telanee ons io | dence showed that James was respon. searched the piece on which the

Cardling “Taces + Chae Heltent — pay orthwith, ance on Au: | sible forthe distutbance. He was in a

gunt 30, charge le bore the mark of tha

. sexjuence convicted and fined Shy,
Offer to pay whole amount on Hew vo Edw Wartis Wedneslny +d ¥ Constable 12. Bpri $1.60 monthly from August 1, py Tied eet days, Bareow was dit Pefendant’s story wau that it was her
io al ha Yor v Const u e 32, Br! ngs Tdem ¥v Numa Goden=Adjourned 2] Nomwy Mvsicrays. Henry Bicalse ntentio Tt ia ie basket, hi ot ah de
ee ve “ weeks, «and Edwin Bocage were brought up } jn, ae eet

ing [t Ia her hand when ber purve fell




Our Bedsteads





Amistant Schoolmastar Salar:
month with rations, uniform, and Medi-
cal attengance,
Apply Buperintendent.—25




For you from i




One Price Only. | Valae Nowhere Like Malllard’se

[Free tLlnsurane

untilthe hearing on Wednesday (to-
morrow) of auother charge of con.

Figutigat=Constable — Thompson
charged Maric Lana and Cecilia Stalth
with tightlug, Sir. 3. Innis appeared
for Smith and pleaded not guilty, {The
constable gave evidence of the fight
swhich Smith sald Marian had brought
about by Spitting tn her face, This
Maiau denied alleging that Amith
was in the habit or teasing her and
hal done so va this occasion, In fact
everybody her, even re leemen,
His Worsbip thought defendant seem-
ol with the beli ef thatshe was
made a general butt and he was not

that io exerciss of the
Power qf Sale conferred
sgees by the Conve
wand Property Ord
72 and containe
certalo Memorandum A

and [in stooping to pick up the mone:

which neattored ebe rested her basket “Tes Sat er Surs” NOTICE: 5

ou the ground. placing the cluth oo the J SALE FUR WEDNESDAY FO
oO is Wore! ‘ound hee

guilty and remanded her Jor sentence bevs DAY OF JULY


vescent § alt

Your Stomach is the key to

your health. under the Iteal Propedy oan
{€ you keep your Stomach | Humber Numbers ta

, by Willan Armutroog im
heathy, you are sure to be | by, William Armitrong |

up for ale by Publle i ofl
If you use Abbey's Salt ic | situateat No. 128, Vin
will keep your Stomach in | i2s toms of

situate at No, 12 8t, Vincset
Portof 8 q
y of duly

satisfied that Smith had teaset her, ae b 1 of
He thercfore reprimanded and di such perfect condition that | bours of one andl two fe 4
charged them bok but he wanted it certain plece or p ot

you simply can’t help being

nown that if it cau ever be

to be k

pee to his satisfaction that Mariaa
jal been teased by anybody who was

brought before him be would punish

thei severely,

lantation situate ia the J
Ture in the Island of ,
Ieee ng led and de
jess delinea! a ,
fem the Srreuach, Abbeys | Sar heaated 2a ol
rom one an is ae
6 Sraeach, CYS | Volume XVII folic 386

Salt is the right thing to | described fo the cortif

. fetered in Vol xv
take—don't forget that. cee eet ed ov the Korth ai

London Adires#? 144 Queen VictoriaSt,,v.c. | Kast upon lands now or aaieae
dold in two sizes y all Chemasts and Stores, pCrown on the Soath La.
Al by Messrs, W.C. Ross & Co, Furtof Spar Peesved diy licke w: 5

REFLECT) [ici ed co

Nateclabde together
ATURE keeps a debit and credit

tenacres be the

ANTED htt not the Dieze
tio orm s| an
a ‘1 ais der

arch of Englead,
th daly 11k.

For Sale,

Purlenances thereto
which sald parcel ot
vested fn Paul Ayouog by

. — account in her eye-alght depart. | dum of travsfer Numb
N ENGLSI} robber tyred Dog Cart | cent, whethe Pnot i and | the trent rolnth da of
A in A I condition, Rane bean tifaliy, If you are wast tg db on bok tvand Dated thie to dar of
pply to A polseiERR, tbrongh eye-atraln you must y tole year of our Lord 1011.
DE ‘eration O: with interest ia your thin fog and vd
lon 8 Oftics, digesting department, Whet about Gove
—_—_—_—— yourtye? Anything wrong? iow
} rigultural and Indus- about your glasses, arethey right? If
In dou 1ceneult us and we will do




RLIC NOTICE bs bevlg fl
lo exerclee of the Power ag

itial Exhibition,

E Central Agricoftural and Iodus
trial Exbibition of Trisidsd and


2 Sy sans
ae A + Tobago will be held at the Princes teined f tala deed of Mang
see DEFOR E PURCHASING ELSEWHERE Fottes takes ld, acd rebiaees | Sate S rises acer fel
CQ OQ abana, tar RR | We ger te et tn rove [neta
) < i] -
; ~~ 0) : ture, Floricultare, “ Crafta &e, ko, ia } at moet moderate rater Miamer, do" | Eugene icra & Co, of the
z : Le 368 ‘claszes, coe een ee will ba re ep in
a = Cutslogues (6i)and all Information LEO D. ATZWILLIAM Aucilon Mitt, No, 12, 8
ww to” be obtalned at the Office of the 0 , in the Towa of fort-of-Spale @
Agricultural Hocitty} 4, Bt Vincent | 26 st. Vincent Btree plometi let, dey the 16ch day of August '
Bt t, 7
tect, — Port-of- Spain. the boure of ove aod Swe pm ed
Becepaputd Teucrer | TRINIDAD, oe pareet of land fusube ORS
oe .
Agrieltural bockty ot Trisided | PALE FOR TURsDaY Tax gro | Ward of Ailwa Inthe
July sob, Jol PUBLICNOLICE tw hereby given that | che Novis on ieedeof OB
ae, fa exerciea of the Btatatory Power | South on lsods of Joseph =
9 Conran conimted spon Moatgegecs by ibe | lands of E. Jacob and on it
nance Nar fy abd Law of Exopesty Ordle | lands of C, Bastien,
STOCKE Sui sale Sewereodem af Alorigtge of [hava pick fer tole Ol
D mith Robertson & fo der the Rest Property Qrdisunces dated the ‘Diners ot te en i


the tblrty frat de

mate by Antonio arch 191), aod

eanzle Meatae de Ferrier, hen ot

Company of Canade

dated the
eof | May 1897 (No, 51,473) ¥ :



A be | $600 i be :
Bx 84.“ forgorm” from Glasgow, | Kaderiguad ac tounge bY the | death of ae bai sm a
VARIOUS sacha puch alte, tuna st Poca: | aise oey shell
4 oun Fiowt OLD SCOTCH WILtsKy | ISI! Setmone the hours of deed oo gP. J, SCOT 6M
Ess, *BALYBIA' from London, | pA lyihts oeiats plice of land allcate ig | “et «+P 7 COT esi
59 bagr OULENDOREE B Qocos Manure | Tilelded | cr, apeeePe fs the Inlesd of | ——~
DHS 3 create | Minar
5 . "2 Buamer from and thisty paches be the sane mors : af
30 caves Fisest OLD PURT WINK or leas dalissated and abuttals fe the Osman: neem
— ALSO i Ex Revent Arrivals and Ez Store, | Crows Geen there | ohewa ia the peeye
st : A -—. OLEOMAROARINE “CAXDALE [eta 135 nad’ Gounded on ta ee ‘
ump Bedsteads, Sprin Cc * . GAUTIERS BRANDY wie aot re tande caiky pelmoatee aad by ¥
0 cea, Ws lsadeon the Bouty Ff
_) Vprang Cots & Springs, Pillows and Mattressos, [HHI IIMA ony [uanaaecae te! Without Re
3 . POBTLAND CEMENT, “ihuere”' | iteade's by Gert lasaad usirel | LAING'S SODA WSS
pHa WINE (oirty aks wide 7» Rosd zeaszred DRINSS
| EAHA E, Dehd thls Bb dey of Joly, Lott, BWEET
. o LOUTS OEY Co, clean drinks 10 cat
asiogur, {LAINGS PURE 600A

cor - pee . -
\ ‘ mo), = / |
menseneesieesee energie tHE PORTOFSPAIN. GAZETTE: TUESDAY. JULY 25 91, —« Loos


Bapremo Cusrt of Triliaa ed teens Sopreme Court of Triiaed and Tobago, [In the Saprme Uoert of Trintdad and TR NIDAD de koreee Court { . Ta Vbe Supreme Oourt of Trinidad and Adminigtrater . Rensrals NIDAE x rE va 7
Inrledictlos Port-of Spato, \ le the Maree of Tobago Scramary Jarlediction~Port- 5 la the Matter of the Ketste ef Wiliam Tobago, - In the Mattée of a

md The _Aphiication of forse Wecwall of Perr of Rpata, { Tlattom Vinceat lateot the Towe of Sammary Jurisdiction, Port-of-Speta. ‘Sal Noel lave of the in
of 1G, ween Tesco ln tbe Ward of Savana Grande, souk | No 2970 bont, Betloon Portof spala te the Island of Teint | No, 25408 1910 : 68, BEE. the Island of Trialded, 7
Thones Marttuer Cortape—Piatatid, | aed Wilsons (Glasgow & Arinided) Limited | —Drosased, @ Buatere Markets 8, Devyfas & Oo,~Plalotitie TRIMDADO _ Decesrede __s 4
Juan Bermuiet—Delendant, “The Real roparty Orden sys, Piette aad )UBLIO NOTICE to hereby siven that | Vincent Paal Gotea—Defendent Ta the matter of soca | Penpineton ban been tletome by
da berdby given that ‘ ere’ ven tha! 3 _ ent, % apphe ) me 5
ROTICE der ends bereta by | D'ancriec oe TICE abe Ti Keswatte | Edward Bettaawater, to droberd & On, Peppitewion taan hora ‘tnede to soe by PUBLIC NOTICE te porely given thas The AdmbaintretarGeneral'e Ordisance | wisc, Noel of the Ward of Mayarn ia toe >
t 4

Island of Trinkiad, widow, for a great of
Probeteof the List Will and Teetamecs
bearing dete the 2th dey of duly 107 of
Victwe Noel laws ef the Ward of Mayaro,
im the Yalaod of Trinidad, Propeieter, who
died oa the Gth day of November 1816
having & fixed place of abotie'in the said
Ward of Mayare io theasid Istacd, the
sald Riise Noel betng ose of the pervons
Hamed aq Exeoatua therein, The cther
erecntot Pierre Palittp Noel having re

nonooed all rights as Executoe aader

ant Goodeille 2 Wilson Limind } Ethel Mad Viscest, of the Town of the ki
—Delendants, Fortcotpain (a the Tula of Trt ets' Jatin cuete Ceased ae ek Dany, satay | Abd te the maser of the Bata of

: - low, @ gran tors taloize . .
PUBLIONOTIGR i teby sion tay | anos f tn Baty of Wham rein "eee gi LY 99 fo sos tage of hen Vor foe athe ard

, Jastion Swat op the lot | made hereia on the 14 day of
af meet EL enare will be pot up | good cause to ihe cbotraey e abeve. wae
tein before the donne of the Coan on ee {yom tbe dase ¢ ofthe Pantication of
wof-Spain on Thareday ine athe sella @ Provieonal ti
Rr eit between Abe hours of ooe Cartibicate of pee wilt ba tomved so o Jonas at. Nis lsgoose Bir, Sastice Derren perela of meee late of the Zora ct Por afe on Tharedey, oa ore be Triaidad, Totestate,
Cs Planter { parcel th day of Msy22911 acd to the Order i . oT,
tery e pleguler thoes several pareete } (U2 o teat tof tat Garcel of i and Sltuate His Mezcar ot Souee fo tt a6 Orde i decouned phe, died om the Bod day ef i All eniangdiar thas sertela pleoe or Avction Bale foe Tharsday the 3rd day
oF eoone Plena ont eet Sone Inland of Trivldag Comprising tevea acres two fms dey of Jure 1911 bere will ba pot tp a fed plese ef atede at Lackosw Ost = Bi, ont fend oT i der T nia He { of Angust Ivil, between and 2 Pom
e re gr lsnchiveeuse, in ejend ol riatdas “=m
of Lropoacne nt bine pareee ate Sette tenened oper ehee Cellneared nite Healt beter Peter ti the a fee » Ee omen, te the neld Towa of Porte comprieing thirteen actet vid tosaded on prstic NOTICE te hereby glrea that
PFuuie Checod, ou the Bonth J Lond reowred'tiy Motewede, on te cours by | Loncay ct August, sow zext eranlog be-| bel sebelotal Widow and Rollot of the tq Cu'inh South and Weed a Crows | lig Avotou ti the, alee af toe Snéereigyed

fue te


tet we

end Maria Chacoo,on the South 7 tod reserved Giz lioks wide, om the ‘cuth by | iween the houre of land @ p.m by
. 5 a 4a of Tho: Mi . nm. sald d+ cessed, the sald Wil deed bearing date the
of Jase, Bene bacon and on | Rewd erorved Bry ats rite, and oe ibe Wat | yAll {B42 paroel of land situate} fn the | "Aud po‘tte $e alan given thes if no o4y. Duvet ani Grown hada on lends of one Aufesb oll, berwens he boar ark aad a bit tou. mn *

feeds of Laciant Chacon and on 3 Rost reserved fing links wide aod by lands Ward of Codroseorprising filteen acres | ent ie lodged before the expiration of eafverncon.

spon trowa Janda The second | Fay itam Wilson, three ronds apd thirty elght perches be the | iweoty-eghe dage fiom the ‘erect theol Ali and singelar thas certale plece of | Ia # 00 And notice fe aleo givea that if 20
aut te eercee aed scbavtlrs Dated this ard day of July, ett Time a Ittte more of love delineated sod pablicatlva of this. Notice the Oqart will peseal tot land ta Or ule Real Tropeta pall thee par pal of lot of land cons prislog caveat fa lodged belore Bye explration of ‘
. tee North epon Crown lands upon Actg, Regier Geeral, shown on the plan annened to the Crews Efecoed tay Janae Letters of Adaiiotetes- Ordinance No, 00 and comprisiog sight | delineated 1a the diagram attached ta the paeneeeet teeta tine Users wilt i
‘ot L, Nosh and peu lacde of Grant registered ba Volum LVI, folio | Dated tole Lich day or Jay t0lt | ncret mare ot hacand with the abuttalenad | Crowa Grant registered at Vol, OCLXXE, | Pablicat oF rae Pepbate ts the said Bilsa. j
E Creco,0a tbe Berhad East | orn DAb, 21Zand toduded oa the Nerth by land of aed) ¥. COLUNS boundaries theren’ ue sbewa fee, Elan | follo B45, ‘sitaate im the Ward of oath econ’ to eee ny '
. od on the West upon je ¢ ; ’ ‘ rf ° annexed to owa Grant r a | Noparima Weed in the Is! a ~
” Shad actlends of tbe said Le Noabd, | [¢ the Sepreme Pants of Trinidad and es Utiremoter by Crowe iand and A Deputy Regtatrar, | Volome t at fol 833 1n . bieh i ay re aad banded on the North 2 ede of } Dated this Z7vb da OE erie j
‘ in gowprislog tea acees | ,, . a 8 on the North epoa ie wot, on the t ands 10+ ®
; Bee Theg ou" the North ppoa land of | No. 135 of eth sate avd onthe Wart by Loed of Wik | TRINIDAD any TOBAGO, oae Tennaru Corseilie, and ‘on the Gauih | swan, on the Easy by a fired and on the Actlog Deonty Reletrar. 3
Beretta on the Suath woo lauds In the Matter of Hams Jousph aad by land of ‘Arthar, Ia the Supreme Ovart, aad Weat dpon Crowe lands and on the | West by lands of Rirook and by Crowe F rriyipan,
cietely cf Marie Facheo on, the The application of Faljariab, Dabed this Zist day of Tane 1911, * fe the Matter of. the Ketate of Mar , Beat upon lacds of Maxovs Hoadon, 6. In the Supreme Court ot Trinidad and
Jand of Juan Bermades sad oc fo th f ead FP, COLLINS, Miller late of the town of Portols! The above poss are reepectively aud: Dated thia lth dey of Jalv 1911, 3
Wes partiy apon Uusewan Road and f fo the matter of The Real Property Or- Artg. Depaty Rewistrer. Bpaia, Widow, — Doceseod, jece toa deol of Mortgege reg'stered as Bed. WW. KERNAHAN, No. 143 of 1910,
t petty" Pt Madam Thomee Avd dinance 1895, &. Depaty ike sawn a, 332o0f 1900, and a Afemorandam of Adaloisteator Genera!, In the matter of
v ter} pinguiar thoee four several pupuc NOTICE is berety given that RINI UBLIOC NOTICE laheraby given that , Mortgsge both bearing date the 33:b day The. Mumble Petition of VictotlaMltchell
as ef lad steste in the Ward of by anorderol His Honoar Mr, Jastice | TRINIDAD, spplication hes teen easto to me by | of November, 1909, ia favourel Kame and Rosana Mitchell, Infants uodertbe =?
. fe the first Lhereot comprisicg § S192, mede hersia on the 10th dey of Juos) 1a the Supreme Court of Trloldadaad =| Alice Roimiere of the towa of Port-ol. Dieyfas for sreariog payciect of the sum age of 24 years by cle Guardian and =,
= Tideeces and thres perches be the same 1921, @alecs goud cause to the contrary Le Not Tolagu Bpain, Maried Woman, for & Grant “tf , of $550.00 and interest thereon asin the | rpinrpat next friefd Samuel Mitchell, :
siae oF ieee delloeated fa the eee ws writlioatine of on trons the ete ® 18 of 191, Batween beuerey Of Admiaiecration wih nese ned eal lees and memorandam of moaitgoge +” Toy the Mat‘ or of The One REO nance te
mentioned, v ¥,
Fee te ee Opyueded 00 tho North “Roy al Gauatte” a Provisional Cerilfeate Lorde de Verteail—Pistouit Mary Dili deceased who died on the |" Daved thie Ach day of Jaly, 1911. The AdminlatraterGoverel’s Ordinacce | "facilitate the nal of Infant's Estate, =~
aed Wot by ol blip Onerry aed aot to that perce! of oar is ‘be Andre Joachin and Obarles Mortimor te vf Seren ee the tiene ol her docu et ASg Henburar And in the aetter af the eatate of pupiic NOTICK la hereby Tyee that
‘nade of Marit Chscon, The sroond Ward of Uroponshe io the Isiaad off Trine Bwoe Faroum =Defendants, 0 Sted prsce ot spbode ia the sald town of Lita of Mos Semsel Chiike Ward of f ihe niet Justiog “uated the th day of
> :d comprising ten acres delineated ia the a tof-Spilr, The eald will is dated
' Save oP tele fre ie es the tame {isgrars sonexed to. tbe, Crowe icant b pUBLio NOTICE te hereby piven that Bed day Angus 1689, Gr aiplicast TRINIDAD, Carenage fo the laland of Trinidad, wy Bath here mete ae fos onl tee
ol, 0) an ar oo the is decree jag date the 4°bh d- * the only sarvivic ang next of kia +. EY o ° * Te Yort-of Vy ‘hursday th:
Ne Teas Oe ete ne Neth North hy trses fitty liube wide aod by | of May Toll, acd au order ot ils Honux of the etd deceuted’ BALE FOK WEONESD AY THE OTH Auction Bale { Tor red d Srl’ day of August vit, between the hours ‘
. : ie South by lacds | fends of Jnghur, on the Hoath by Crown | Mr. Justice Hoeell mde berein on the | Abd Notice te also given that is nopay- : out notion Rala for Toarsday the Sed dey | Ord and gpm.
a Free enge oe athe East by lands | Lant, on the fest by-lends of dagher aud | 12 bday of Jane 1911, there will be pus feat is lodged befuro the expiration of! | UBLIGNOTICIS i hereby al of August 1011, betwoea I and 2 pus. All and Singular thatcertats plece or =:
4a, Glues Bera d by laode of Lowle Nosh |] 9Y Cown Lacd on the West bys trace | up for as'a before the doora of the Court | Tweoty-sight deye from the date of tbe Pp 2 is hereby given thet 7 of land of Covoa; Piantacion situate ,
wri Mia's Coacon and by leo dhty liske wide and by Crows Landa, toaee, Port-of-Spsin on Tharelay .tbe | pablication of this notice the Cout will in excercins of the Power of Stle con- prsiic NOTICE ishereby given that | in the Ward of Savana Grande North ta
, wpfice the Weet by lands of Ferdinand fry the 4th day of July 1001 2tuh day dey of Angas 1011 totween the Proceed totreue Lotiere of Administration ‘teed tua certain Memorandamef Sart. | & there will be put up for aif hy Bab. | the sald Island comprising 14 and
* The third thereof comprising UIs’ a. FLEE hours of 2 and 2 pits * a eeoedin t gaceeds‘ad tha foorth dey of Foprembsr | bo Auction ab the Oifice of the undeislgoed § abutting ou Lhe North upon lands of James
+ + SBhseree ove rood and twenty perches Acting Regist-ar General Ail & wingalac those 3 several parcels of | Dated sore 87th day of Jane 1011 | 1pU) and msde by Willies Cnisles fa | Lort-of-Sosin on Thureday the ed dey of | Youcher on (he South upon tvala ot AVE
~ biped came more oF ice delinesy te & Meee: . \s GUE C00ve plantation. ebw ores and ‘ 7 ¥. COLLINS, | farvar sft Atistee Davean MacGdivrey Sproat Wil, botwaee the houra of 2 end ent reso ees ett Woot tpn
dingtem eoner iM . oowil} be pus up for pale nt te
Y ja Pelee LXVitello 21 and bounded on frown es SN eee eyes An: Deputy Regiirar. | Accson by The uatersigned "a their | AU that piroel or lot of land comprising baials of Tqpm Figries at the upwt price
tha, Sonh by land of Jaan Bermudes . re Aauction Mart Ne. 14 8x Viacent Street | 0 acree, 3 rooda aad 3 hea, be the same t *
, F ‘Chaco ibe Boath hereol situaefathe Wariuf Turate ia ‘ , . bere ; ted this luth day of July 1011,
pel by lands of 1, 2 on the Boa: TRINIDAD, the Isdaad of Tilaided, compris ag Stacres TRINIDAD axp TOMAGO. Vort-of-Spaia on Wed senday thé 9h day { more or Joss delineated fo the Disgram Sede Le i aVeLior, 4
ctg. Registrar,

Jo the Suprewe Coart ot Anges 1911 between the bourse of one | attecbed to Crown trant registered at
Ta the Matter of tie Kstste of Auzastus [end two p.m. All aod Singoler that] Volume 21%, folio Si7 situate tn the =
Boally late of the villoge of Ardaca certain piece or parcel cf land sliuste in| Werd of Diego Martin lathe Island of TRINIDAD axp TOBAGO.
ia tbe Ward of Tacargua in the! the Ward of Chagaaoat fa ths [stand of | Triaidad and boaaded oa the North bys fn the Supreme Court,
Island of Trioldad.--Decessed. Trlolded comprisiog atx acres thres tools } Koad and by Urown Iecde on tbe Nath In bhe matter of the Estate of
_— sod thirty nine perches be the xime af by lands of Sambo on the Hut by U.ows Jules Antoine Lam:
pustic NOTICE is heceby given that Jiotle more or Jew delineated abd with the { lands and on the Weat by a Road. * Late of the Tows of TortofSpala in the
epplication bas been made to me by ‘ abuttels and beuodarics thereof shewa on Dated this 18th day of Joly 1911, Island of Trisida!, bates the time of

Grown iands oo the Kast by japds of

> la Grea Gaitio aod on the West by
lands god = lotersected the

Road with a reserve of 45 links

whe eltog either bask, The foarth
sheveo! compricing three acres: aad thirty-

AUGUST 1918,

UBLIO NOTICE is hereby given that
in exercies of the power of sule con:
tained fa two severs] Memorands of
sotee perches be the same moro or less | Mortgage the first thé:eo! No. 69 dated

2 rocds aud 30 perches aud aba ting on the
North, South ¢nd E sat upoo lands ovw of
isto’y of the Ccowa and on the West npov
lands now of lately of F. Grataauil, acd
apon lands cowor lately of Gustare do
Verteol. The Second thereof situate ia
Ward of Turare containing 32 acres and

delomted in the disgram ancexed to Lbe } ihe llth day of October 1000 and second | chutt tbe North South
Orewa Gratin Volame LXX{ folio 387 | ihereot 146 deted the 20th d fp SOeeKng cathe North aod South upon i Nathsolet Sea‘ey sometimes eatied Nath- the plan drawa on the C own (irant regis Sgt} W, I. J, KERNAN ¢ ward
aud bounded on the Nortb by lands of parent No- t and ‘hiade oy Gajsdber fo Jaude now or lately of the Crown aod upon | aici Sealy of ‘soogre Grendeto the Ward tered in Volume XX XIX foils 51 of She (Sad) We LIRR ANAN, bis dosth rositen the, bee Bae in ibe .

‘riwa landsseserved sloog the Comato

of Tarare ia the ead Island of Trinidad, ! Kegister Bork and bounsed'ontbe Nortb Repabhe of France, pilemen——.

Bortetta ond by lands of T. HK. iT Lass, th ub be put .
7 on the. Houth by lands of Jaan 1p tor. sla by’ pablie Mnstion by he iy sed on she be baron | nds Low or Veanter fora great of Probate of the last \ by another portion of the said laodsold | — coassd.
Bermades on the Eeac ty jane of Mario | uudersigned st tbeir Auction Mart No.2] Grown lands reserved a’ong the Cannes Wulsod Testament besring date the 8th iby the said Willi m Charles to cne 0 ret UBLIO NOTICE is hereby given thes
and ou the West by lands of I sackyile Street, iathe Town ef Port-of- River, and the Talid thervof givaate inthe | ‘27, of December 1803 of the above-named iam Tatpey oo the South by iands of ay S2e5¢ application has been made bo me by
Bervetto by a road feserved GU ff dpaia on Tuesday the 8th day of Avgnet Ward of Upper Caroul fo the anid islind Auguatas Seally late of the Vallega of Richard Jienry on the Keed Crown 6 «| “S23 . 8 Joeph Arnold Lamy, Barrister at Law, :
Bets wide acd by Isods of Ferdinens | i¥il, between the houre of ove aud two] jyoteinin WG acres end abuttlogton the f 2&2. aforesaid, deceused who dict oo lands and iy a Road reered filty links ay a mas 4% aod Edword Wright Sav. (Docoa Pro
Machel sabjert to two deeda ot mort: pw, North by lande of Mr, VN. Elie and the ad da of Deve aber 1805 having at wide and, by jendeot Tuchard Heary aod <8 ' 3 3 a3 4 y Prletor, both ofthe Town of Portol-Spaln
made een «the sal aan if i ., . * the time of tis death a ox: lace of on the Went by Crowa land, ~ { Trintd fe fent of
ercandes the defendant herein of the poor Senate tthe, ‘ad of upon Crowe one ees along the atode at Arouca aforesaid tte sald Dated this 14th day of Jaly, 1911, g = S39 » Ae Pa a ao cpatty cuteeetianeed or
one pass Morqse Prada and the] rururce ia the fLaland of Trinidad compris- tow te latch oor the Cr ere A008 | Nathaniel Sealey being the vole executor ¥. J. tCOTT & BON, . zd 33 we & Noverial copy of the leat Willand Teete-
ce ee ME tiene See ige gu, | (08 08 rer three roots sad one, yeh | Crowa lauds feasted along the Camune | RY Notice ala given that 0 U Govt Anctionee | R | 8 Bees mens date ie ay of Neonat 108
respective! je 13: hi Httle est: a ad Notice ja a'en given that if no Ua- thes ‘a atoing .
doy ot Bey spd ibe ath day oi Jane 1010 J Zod witsibe abattals and toaaduies | origina Comate rivet aod on tha, afta | fonts tered before ibe exptation of 2¢ | — —— a | 3s ns S| isgtindontne ith day of tebiaaey tid}
fegistered ¢ Nor, ac: or the F ch, febewn fo the p'an or disgtam jay from the daleof ths publication o! 2a ~ at Monte Ca: a the Prin ty
yer 1960 mad of two memorsads of “thached 10 the Crowo Beant corerei ia wept ta tbe follgwleg Most ae Orown thin notice the Coort will p ocged to imue Noticeo. a as #33 f Monaco, having at the time of his death
Sergere iatog even, data exectet | aa onl Proveiy arise, Book, at |'N Maveagy bearing dao tbe Ssh day | KORA OL ther mal, WIL 40 tbe end = 0)4 5 | spied fase ofahe a te Zona a Fore
wi e sal jeode Of F Vol Xu boned on the athas: sley sooordis gly, 2 , . pe ja the Island of 8
peeigage above mectluned for secariog the Noth bo Urows ‘Land ant by isode of April 1900 (reguetered as No. 031 of 1900 Dated thie 385 day of ‘Sy, il, SALE FOR WEDNESDAY THE ~ 3 Ee aul Joesph Arsold Lemy aad Edward
iy wy. mace Letweoa Geston de Verieuil of the ‘ ¥ NINTH DAY OF AUGUSI, 101. [fy 3 =I
ed eam of $8,000 and 31.500 at Ff itagoonanth on the South acd West by 14 oe parr, Adkemar de Vertenil of the (3gd) F.'4 OLLING, —_ é “ee a Wiilgbt Savary belog the executors named
se of $6.00 and $9.00 respectively. 1 Crows Groen Land and on the East by Batts Actg. Di plity Registrar, ‘ De 3a Ss fa the AVI of the said deceased.
quatem paracsam And the fo tow, | core Regoooaeth by lends. ch tecond part, George Grane and Allred pane © UBLID NOTICE ia hereby pfiren aq. ¥ ‘ P ‘Aud Notioe te also given that if na
jotgrasate1— dagoar, Xaring payment of the principt! sam of , Power ot. Sele poutorred upoa more | 3 Caveat is lodged before the expiration of
WA. fadgmeut by G.R, Alston & Co. | Datod this 10h aay of Joly Wu Oye thoavand dollars and interest thereon, | TRINIDAD. gages by the Conveyancing and Law [et | § a treaty-elgbt .daye from the date of the
the Sch da November 1910 fos LOUIS JOHN & CO. R btorege ring date the 2 SALE FOR WEDNESDAY THE l6tH of Propecty Ordinance number 72, and | § publication of this notice, the Cours will
sou t £27 161} and coste of alt $0 Acctioooers, | ssay s807 Gesieteredese New Biot ite) DAY OF AUGUnT, 1011, coataisod oe Implied ina, certeia deed 8 é 3 proceed ta foaue Probute of the ald pro;
: 4 sod wad Gaston d — tage dated the twenty-third 8 perly antbeasicated oF spy
A Jodemant by 8, Dreyer Ce P be fear bast the asid Adhemeree Vou PUBLIC NOTICE ts berety given that Geol Oe ebor ia the pear 16, (regie- & ag 3 the sald Wi to tus aad Joseph Atoold
, DY aay of November 1919 for teud of the second part aod the asid in exqioive of the Power ot Salo con- cered ag number + of 1000) and Ki g ge a Lamy aod Edward Wrights Savary
Peep Cf £7215 7} And cosce of ani 10 - George Grant and Alfred 8ydaey Bowen | tine ia a cortaindeed of Mortgage dated’ made between Leonard Walton, some- gee a soverdinglt. deyol J 1
. ; | TRINIDAD. ol tbe third part for seeurlog the pilocips} | tbe 160b day of Sep cmber 1908, reglatered times catled Kddie Waltoh of the one aa 3 Dated this 23h dey aay Toll, .
Eietament by Jobe teBours dated | (n the Bupreme Court of Teintdad and [eum of Une thoussad ous banded and | 2? Na 7 of 1008 and sade betworn Deer part and Matia Hanmer of the other s Actg. Depa iy Bogiatsa, j
, lay ol overmber lor e ‘o! . 1 mates v eUDe pars ar ota 0 68 te i t ‘oi ja. . e
£40 8 6 nud cvste of acit be tazea. | la the Matter of the Hetate of Fred- slety Give dollere gad Reveatyeme 6 ote Ti chell of the uther part; there will be Pare tuere wilt a the PAuelion. ‘Mace 2 4 3 3 3
Med thu 18th day of Jane 1911, grick Adolphus Bkeete | late of the A Mortgage beari:g date the 8.b dey of pat np far pale Paulie Aneta by the of the undersigned si uate ot number A 5 a
F, COLLINS, ory Of, Merbotspala to, the | Ju y 1001 (registered ae No. 1605 of 00) | sree ieee te the Toterey Ue pilot Vincent Sireei# in the town
Trinidad=Merchant— ade tetweén the seid Gaston de | i4 St Viocent Saee. 1a the Town cb of Portof Spaln,on Wednesday the TRINIDAD,
Acting Deputy Regitrar, ft Tec aeed, wd Of tnecue pact nnd George Grout | Furt-of Spata on Wedocaley thas bdey pinth day of August I9Il botweoo tba /J8ALE FOR THURSUAY, THE ga
: 5 —— aus Coals Mortis Fenwick of tue cttec | of Angued 1911, betweea the hours of ewe pours of one andtwo All and . DAY OF AUGUST, i911,
rf mst FOr ariitatin Hatten taddeto | BAe fot tooutce parent of ihe vam of Fear polar that cortale plose or ok beltw pare of (ue fends of tne Bl scot ga ted 2 | ,UBLIGNOTICE hereby gives thes
On O88 ann:
ie Beane Court of Trinidad and | 2° Willaur Robertson of the Oe ete ve hundred dollars wiik | rect ef Ibudstiaste iu tbe Waid of « }festmoradund” eta fe, altuate {a E aia be eae % PUBLio NOTICE ts arabe siren ‘
“a tego Pere eee ie ae eee Ly Aateridedt Dastlog date tbe 16th fay | Vetta, Oi eledtiathe No toupee wee Hand ae Teetaeee oneatting one ttloed in goorcalg deed et monengadatel = j
rio merc! a a Fr and o! ol con’alnio te aosde
(we Bh r jalaton, Porvot-Spalry | steete of thesaid Town of Portof- ol eujand made Heeeathe uald Carica | Sete Seth yor lavce cower lately of F. guarreeof land end abutting oo the ¥ § 3 Detween Fatsioe ange of the ove part
B Be spala Widow fora grant of Probate fa, Verealt cf the Great pait, the eaid § Sorel, X08 ppow lange cow or laely of North upon other lands of the said g & aod Eres Duacan of the other part,
Toba Frans Plalasifl i Ce fase Wal and Fertament bow Adberus de Verteail of the accond pst Brekou oud (ous wpoulecds now of lately & Westmoreland” Estate, ea tbe Bayh m o | chee will be pat ue, foe sale ° pale
ug oe jay of Januar’ Grant and A'ired swie. upon the Cameron Cross on ¥ acon the andersigaed a ane
datg Misnbat, Alc atitebell and Avese | of eederick ‘Adolphuet,Skoete fata ot gad Gearge Oreck and Rpreered me Dated thie d0ch day of duty, 1011. Hoes upon leudetuow or lately of : | igs 3 thon a No. 8 Beckville Street, 1a the
3 tee alclae Mitch facta tbe Town of Port-of-Spain jn t H wentof the prinetps sam of Two those . sgooit & B03 A Cyprian Freocole and on thn West $ aR towa of Foro-of-Hpala, on Tharedsy the
WUSLIC NOTICE fs hersby giten that sald Island Merchant who died FP yad aight bundred aad thirty four dollars avs, Ago loacers. upon lands now or lately of Jooman ze! Sng of 3rd day of Agua 1011, betwvesn tho
ae Order of Ew Siosour, Br, on the Ou day of é ehruary opis aud eucaty four cate with ts.eret | apiniyaDaxp IUDAG mioean, together sl bt e@ appurien- x1 Eg E boars of one aod WO Pre sta place of
f reet to * Es s ,. aod slogular that cer! ‘
cee bere ga the tt oz don io that | part of the United oiine; u A Morteege Vesting dato the llth fey lathe wl the Bopreme ¢ Cont Cox pated this imellen 8 oo of oS j 3 . 3. pyrcal of Isad eltnane is the . Yard of
'. a if io 3 Lo tei le ~ eron cout % aer
soe coors of te Coars, Howees Vort- having at tbe time of his death a tized ws ies and nlf between the sad Newvoid Ite of the Tena a A Boreal. plac hundred andeleven. § a re abecting oa the Nonh apa leade of
the boar of one aad ywo fn tbe plage of abode at For vot Spain, witb Ludorls de Verteat: of a first part on Pee erchant~- foscesod ' ottets scort BEON, . A % Marla Baatiago, oe Be Saath sp
Tranqailaa Vorteull of tbe second par! . * a,
; j he said Wilhata Robertson and Eva | 445 Ucorgs Grant acd Cbaris Morne baal as + Oachal, and on the West upoa lends now
Bi issisiaise Zorn al rowatpu | frances Skeete belng two of thet: | Feewick cx the thd pars for wcuring >” sca nas beea’nadato maby ° i Es % forlately sf Foauetia, | Alea all he ott
Islaad of Tricidad koowa former! e ereln payment of the principal cam ol wolG must Neebatd sod Joho #red- o B otua
P : Boland Clark thé other ecutor |", d dollars with tteret thereoe jeorgs Samuel New bad Joba Fr a = Simaroacre coutalaiag 19 acres aud abut .
i2a bat now known as No. ¢ uueen . erlok Newbold both of theasid Towa of TRINIDAD. . .
Sure end abating oa the Norib plemed in the said Will belong ousol | Dated ibis Tub dey of Joly, 1011, cool Brains Metebaols lor Geeet of BALE FOR WEDNESDAY. THE 20TH : | tleg on the North upon landeof thy aald
af Ao b the Jurisdiction of this Honour (Syd.) eH, LUVELACE, AY OB JULY 1911, e : ress Descas, oo pee
ff Anos Angulir on the Math oo | Gout ‘acing Htoguatrar, | Probate 41 the tech Wal and Tesiamant D . a] 3 3. [erpee Dances, oe ee eee iiadeel
ole spel on 58 ’ gq date the 8. ol ——— : y
Great and se be Werton J ,ARGMotiee 14 alo einen that, fog irtithaver ned Soke Got Newiodd PUBLIC NOTICE le bendy pire] [A] a BP [gaat asd on te Wonsspea ands of
‘thls of twenty-eight days from the date of | TRINIDAD, Deceased, who died oa th: ud dey of Mey thit Jn exerche of the Power of Bile . Dated this 33ch day of Jaty 1918,
fe aerehteas ike, ite "putiation of ie Nae ie | un Sopre Gone of Tooiad wed | HEN AS, Atmeoady Hee eike Tsai he Seyret dsomany uses] | B q | Louis cit to.
. ve bate of Toba go, Oe! ‘own ofl ‘wt ain Having a! Axctioncers,
Actg. Deputy Hegistrar, Cuurt will proceed to leue Pro! , time af ble death a fs lace of sbodgin made between Th.mis Sorsaso of the
RNAI [OBERT orsoneron, |" pares aug [nt tore an egdient tame Gime tae seumontceeet| || || ten a ea Sa
J ge—Pialfot. N aod Joha Freder! ‘ewbo! oor r s
3 Aesop Deen, | esse pers tects estes Coo Wifettctent hone to too ad iesetee tena rua ety] ig] ged. [enue ee Se
‘ ¢ . A 1 ‘s 1) the doce e wnders! e
IDAD, Francie po ye Delendeat. « ‘And Noticels w'so gives that if no Ca. 13 St Viccest Stress io the Tows of 134 a
the Supreme Crart of Triridad pod UBLIO NOTICE 1s hereby siven that | veat lelodged befae the expiretion of 24 Fort-al Spats oo Wedersdsy the 2b ——— .
P ' Order of Ula Hovour The Chief | dye trem the date of the putfiostion af day al Jaly 301 between the hours of Isnd ;
HG of 1OLL, 6 ‘tide msde bereia ou the S0:b day off thie ootice the Coart will proceed ta inue 3 j.m1, - THINIDAD, , ‘
she Matter of the sppliation of TRIRIDAD ee Bereme Codie Merce i9it there wilt be pot up for ale | Protate of the salt Witietbe ald Geo, Au and sing ae teh esrtein eoooe d f Soolt & Son In tho bupreme Court of Trinidad ond
- ’ S| . jon ca baga,
â„¢ In the matter of the H-tate of befuce the doo 6 of a one Meaty cE Neate a eveiyee Joba Frederick New hen wad of Torvro ecowprisisg three Fr e Ni. . Summary Jurisliction, ort-Of Span, i
oeeph Watson of Bpale, cn Theisday the ¥ Daud thle 10b day of July, 1918. several paresie of land ibe fist thereol Mee OEAt es ; No, 83 of Wid ‘
F. COLL . ‘

Bae the a aed 3
De Gatahar of the Real Provetty | os ot aroun inlihe Ward of eeariges Aegan lout tatwean the hours of oe ead

; NB, comprising fiftces seros ani filteen perches Atlat Aayurance Company Lim'tad
ys NOTICE tu hereby piverthet ‘Ausod Slogular that certals parcel of

Ao ¢, Deputy Registrar, ard alastiogtn the rorib aad weet spon
: me fone ape 2 the ore r ot ead beet Now pr te aocops Risks
MAHSUALS OFFICE, Wetencer Peortied Lew oa the east spoa ageicsh Fire resaltiag from Barth:
Jo the Sojremse Court ef Trlatied aud another parcel of Lind to:mleg garb ot tbe Manne tnurance tom pany Ltd
Tologa, ‘torent commpilatog pineteen Bezes ene 190d 8 P

Philomenc Monsegue=Vialatut
Joseph Nathanlel Jones—Defendant.

UBLIO NOTICE Je hereby givea that
epp'ication has been made to me by
‘Marie Lonite Wateon of Aroaca tn the

fand or goconet plantation compraiog five
4 rae eet nite, tlonons. Me oe vores ove rood Ae n'neteen perches ot ate
deedcay {2 uoleny good suuse C7 tbe 1. 4 Armee i ee ete Wary Eapoor, ou she Bome ty the

5 bet Ward of Teasrigus, aw fora Geeo orb by 7 ORs
5 bea ar ae nia, fouriean daze af ‘Towers of ‘Adulalatretion of the Ee | Sea, of the Kass by lacds cf Mwame

‘ jecoane dando the Wet by lands
tie digs ab hrsuca te'che Werdet : BONN iiow Le eroizor bowecever otherwise

duly, 103) and an order of [is Honour Mr,
du Swan nuwie herein ov the JHh day

nf Ly dune, 1918, there will Le/put up for
ue perches aod abtetiing on eh pune i . of the Const hoa Pore

NH ab Mateo tie aur kyst aces ofjeebmatce | CQVERNMENT AUCTION:ESS

Pisa ia the Royal Gazette a Provisional
jalonal 4
fictiteate ot Title wil te issued to | eho die! at Aroaca ty the WVard of Tacari- Jad ete tien e . ors of the Cous u
Poiaas tn the Ielend of Trinidad ca the 17th | ihg same moy to butod of puanced af tLe Eugene Hisslere & Co, ore decribed on the aceth epoa Crown ; . of Spalo, on Tharwlay, the 1ut yo
Ff eeisiaaia "Whe Ward ?Coruna | AprlYOlL, Deriogat the ume of Bi dealt | w set ree A $3.50 ay Mae eS ee Wiciseadopesaitner ofeaiermtand| — Kretnbilgnat LOOG, | Russe iil, eieee ae haare ott am
¢ le Nosh tized piace of alo te in the sa! ‘ard © ahd & ft de. ’ ‘ * ost epon Urown Iiade. ¢ there :
in the Telend of STrialded Tecal fee the eaid Merls Louse Wa L i LOVELACE, reer fog olstech acres oul abutting | Pe Agqenmta divided moloty of snd ber oie The a

Pie aise scrés thres iors and
‘Pax perche delicesud. in the
Vi CYL eee to the Crowe Grant ia | deceased,
x bisa 819 and boucded onthe | Acd Notice bs alee given that il vo
ESE eat eat [tend el ie aati
y tbe Pa daye from ste of thie
the Wit, te Leet by Crown fend: and ow rae otics ibe Ooert ‘oill "procead to

Actg. Kegvtsar

UPICE fs hereby given thst there will ‘orth Ciowa laods and spoa ° '
a Nite pat ap fo ts'e at. Chari the ba Gara hve oa she warn syoa | [iharl § Hafdselck tj 19-922.
6 . ar
Without Rival |ydier tii a eel elatetare boty do edted cw We, tart , edine i
7 Swe *. .. ‘ spun Crees ‘aed upou ibe wists
43 : 6 Corpor, Bold Tork, 2 wte + M4 bus Berens HB Ktau | owwey, on the Saat apun lands of W

LAING'S KODA WATER AND | Tite (Wire Veuon Posts, a places {tL Matte inty deertghenen On Prenet y penn oe rants ot

wtogtho faalul Wi. ow ad peiict of the

Ioland of Trinidi ores
more { Trtnldely competed ears

Woot by lead, Canaas
Dated alg ‘sy of Sen ail, Be ee tates Hee e air se AWERT DRINKS, Herd By det Boe nator Dated this 28 b dey of Juve 1911. All letterg to 8 eg Enc eae Oecd tals ziitay of Jude, tot .
LOUIS A. Fir Dated thls Web dry oder elu drinks in chat tories CLESENT Fae, Luuuie, Maatnarne Aas fopett KOOMS 1480 Viecsot Bure CON Be hago
Asilag Kegusesy Uoaniel Atty deptiy Sevan, LAINGS PURE Supa FACtORY Uipaty Ke.tbal vee .
4 .

: \ 7 4 ' . —_ FOE QT ST RYN Tm ey = us CT ee

p STRPHEND lid — Very Special Atnouncemeit, - STEPHENS

UESDAY, JULY 23 1911 il

, :
B . ‘ /


ock-taking SALE Begins To-morrow, # 24th

r , AND WILL CONTINUE FOR Two wt Es . ae



‘e are offering Low Prices, Lovely Goods, and lots of them





world was on view recently at the An- ie due here frem Paramaribo on Mon. | August, and will leave the aame day for
to toinedy the healt epot ia the ee nual Exhibition of Assit and Grand | day, 81st July, 1911, and will leave next Hiarbndon, St Lucla, St. Thomas, Havre,

offenders claures in the extating uidin- | Prix hats, held by the' Maison Lewis | day at nuontprocisely Sonali York, taney seongenad malta taking

] : r, taking cargo
ance of 1005, A difflenity will arise in | 8¢ their salon in Regent-etivet, tt hae 8.5,"
the cholce of agenta to whom to entrust been ¥ peciall ergned by a Lewin wes here trot New Yaron Une
lor Priocess Mlaheace de Bukarest, one | Juty, 1011. and will leave the saute day for of Steamers,

of the wealthiest and most fashionable | p,
womrnin Roumania andl ts price fa 200 Paramaribo, taking cargo, passengers and TRINIDAD SillrPiNad AND

. supervision over persons released with: i . Fas jeti
6 _ @ ou Duaisment! after conviction for COSTLIEST RAT, Kenumk! jie We J The a Asietio
Hostasfenves, the perlod of supervi- wie A * los Akalictens: ne © eamora,
siou extending in the dlucretion of the 200-GUINEA CREATION FOR A Geo, R. Atstox & Co
‘ couvkting Uourt te any period up to r RINCESS, Ber , Arents. o
; three years from thedate of the convic- . -= THE Rofat Dorcn MAiL—AarNte T. THOMAS.—Tho 8.5, 5t, “Thomas” l¢
; e tion ¢ and in thierespect it willbe seen | The most expensive "hat in the | QARAMACCA, =The 3.8. “Saramacce due here from Paramaribo on the Ist

this woik of supervision , and as it {a
well known that the idea of

The ss, ‘EASTERN PRINCE? 5,100

. Li B a” trou the ticoaes which has attended | eulueas WP AROWIINE—The pu'Marowtns | -ROWN OF COROT Re Tee
% . e . on ran the working of a slinifar ordisaneein | _J¢ Is, a large black tigat hat lined h Is due back here from Paramaribo 0 “Crown of Corbova” of the Glasgow
ye, 'S due from Bahia Brazil on or about Demerara, 1t may be well to suggett with silver lace and covered with a via Darhadlos or Tueada: Sth August fou Divect Line of Steamers Is due bére from
me , . 0 that the sane organization which bay wealth vt white ospreys which gpd will tearg t @ same Cay rect for New Glasgow via Barbadoaon or about 20th
NN § D MILK been found elfectire there namely, w | (wer high into the alr. A cluster oft SOVPRN AM ee Thean Coppermine’ | SOE proceeding afterwards to
’ Weduesday, 26th July 1911 QML. | Yio wastage Ptegern id | iver aes font eoaneice the | SOLES AME, Aaa, cieisagy | Behera taftag conmm buscnaes an
Vs u ¥ sag amy Boclety 5 ould be entrusted with the te was ported out to an “Exprena” Vathy th Angus¢ ILL aad will leave next ———
: oo + tank wo ie expend the representative that the unusually high dat) at noun prectrely direct for New York SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE.

F . taking cana, passengers and malls,
; . * 7 ~ | price of the model wae due to the IODINE hi “Marowljue’
™ will proceed thereafter to The undersignod are of thi offering nn ae ut Co eating to Ospreys. ‘his particular millinery x Isduehere from New York direct ARRIVALS,
: ig is devote to the purpose on the adaption | * niet has caused sd many ladfgnant {on wth August WH ard willJeave the duly, zint. .
rotests against cruelty ta binds, has | same day for Paramaribo taking cargo, | Giexway, rit ston, Hichards, 1,571

, ‘
e of methods said to be conteniplated by tous, ¥ da: Peinanba hallast, (for
the Government, Section 3 of the mug wo scarce that the small quan. | passengers and, walla, ” ers ar” ‘coal Gorgloa,

INET W- YoRK Excellent Mills, | te coveronent, ‘section 3 of the | (i itich ie nil on the match hes | REAKAMACCA: ‘The am arnuowza” | oilers ai "tanker souk To. Gor

hot were youthfulness on the part of tisen enormously in price, and in ls due here froin Paramaribo on Mou.

poe : - day 2th August 110 and willleave neat | Jaca Lintunt, Brit stint, Loralno, L756
- AT REASONABLE RATES, the offender, but also his character, bis | #cconlance with fashion’s usual foibles day at Inely direct for New York | tots, J6)daya, Norfolk,’ Virgina, U.S.
DERE ST . : antecedents, hie health and the viet this Tact suflices to take ospreya the taking carga, paweugers and malle,, °F agen tons coal, Yo Gordon, Grant
. . . : ea8ol nee enna

. ‘ ee a Highly recommded by the Modical cumstances under atistbs teken ne Beatdes making the costliest hat in . Apuxxtind, Venez achnr, Mareano, £5

rif) ‘passen fers and cargo Profession for the usv of infants | fount by tbe court. in deciding | the workl, M, Lewis has produced the Compagnia Genorale |” tons, 2 dayn, Grenada, 4u0 Ite fish,
BG 5: 8 £9. whether to apply this ordinance or argent hat ever srealod or the ducot Transatlantique ORIENTAL engs echor, Georgettl, 2
*. . . oye watily always Reliable.\ "2 It fe Bleu provided that incertain tagal ined avith his le also a Nok GC. Leoraup & Kon~ cocoa, 1,60) roconuta and 5 passengers.
.. This steamer is due in New York within] 2“4"4 iy Viable. \ classes of otfenves where such a mode | UAal hued with debeate shell poh Agzsrs, Ateanias, Dre stmry Merriaon, 170

of puuishinent fs sultable, a first


-— EROU - Tho French Mall’ Stosrer | “tons, Sdayx, Para. ballast, (for bunker
offender instead of being vent to prison dive plumes, 1 be circumference ladiins,, Perou” is due hers from Venexuetan yo To New Wolonial Go. eh
L & C Ltd may be required to pay a sum of au0ney thaw hetea' 1s@ plumes tower more | Dorteon or about the 20th July and will


. & yanl above the bilta, tons, 1
as coupensation or damages for the Amoug themany Blriking mouela to eee ap eta to. Martinsque, | Fornwcwt, Firie, sloop, Baker, 17 tons,

Santandar, Dordeaur au day, Grenada, 12 youta, ¥ bags crubs, 4
le seen at Lhe ex


»}lom or injury caused by his act.

. > Litlon wasa beautl- ] Havre, taking passengers, caro and empty cylinders and 2 passengers.
rates of freight ,and passage please ae ee. Fmally the ordioauce proposes 1 | rot teghorn straw 1 with black | maiis.” New Mature, Brit skeop, Dickson, 24
4 gat, passage p = memewens | make a definite attempt to reclaim the | ful leghorn straw covered with black | mai Ee Bag ey rit stoop, Dickson.

, to . ofl} - offender. It being the duty of the pro- white paradise pluoes, Another was
4 Ine POFT-OF-PaNd GAZEUNG. | tation once’ sprinted the trimmed with ptadie plumes in theie

——_—_—_—— ———— a i
i a PORT-OF-SPAIN those uncer thelr charge to seek and ed with lace,
» TUESDAY, 251m JULY, 1011, remain in eteady eupioyment and to soe ni cet ieaa Nao a beehive.
A me fullil the terms of the probation ores, shaped white straw with a couple
4 5 uawely suoug otber thingy to seftalu | of “Quiphurcoloured oslrich feathers | about the sth July and will gall the ame ‘tbaga copra, BU coconuts,

fron intosicating liquors, from fre- a ted “ bagis cocoa,
. Agents Prince Line. THE TREATMENT OF FIRST qoentlig. the conipany of known round the crown, and a tiny edging | day for New York via Bartedos, taking | 1 hide and 6 passengers.
ent Building, OFFENDERS. thieves, convicts and other undesirable ofthe sours feathers iheile the brio. a\ om passengers and malls. Pano ines, Yenes boty Eermacdes, 2

Lamport & Holi Line] 3 pkizs aploo, 10 packages if and

of Steamers. infant Crm, Hrit aloop, Le Gall, 21 tons,
Guongé It ALaTON & “Tday, jrenada, ‘ ‘packuses hal and
V7ASARL Thea, “Vanarl’ teduo to sityapon Venea boat, Hltdago, 9 tons,

arrive bere from Buenos Alreson or i day, Cristobal Colon, 53 bags tanias,


characters and to fuinish regular 3, d instant). @
July 1911, In ix some_years now since Mr] repuiteat stated intervals to the ovurt | idiey, Were trimuned with ostrich The Jondon Tirect| gf Sonisocm, French star, Tdsion, 433 °
Nathan, then Atorney General of by Moun the probation order was Although less plentiful, flowers tine of Stoamers. tons, £3 bog oe Lecla, » i tons general
this cuion a uce i" Tt isel as 6 plogress 8 reo! E Nsw LON 2, sen ge!
a ® huary Unuyeebions PivvedureOndpauce | tentioned therein. “should the terme | tTimnmed hats were among the most Lro. AGENTS Lectea

nd-se Bon,
isle models on view, One of ° . . Ouro Bat etter ‘Wateon, 3,051 tons, 3
of 1W0o, & seltes uf sectivus which have | of Lhe cider be not couiplied with, oc | Ole } entirely with CRON,-Thess. “Huron * is due here | Cux0%, . OD,
el ‘ome to be kuown ae the Fitet | apy fresh offence be committed within | “bite crepe wae covered entirely w H from’ Londou, vie Barbados and] days, Savanilla, 18 tons ‘ucneral cai
Untenders Clauses, under wbich power | the probation period, punishient for | PIO rose petals, and round the crowa | Grenata, on or aboat the 2h Jul ea FL gamrogers. To. Hoyel Dial

@ ‘
* was conferred of the magiatrates of | both’ offences may be given, but on] “lustered large roves and very pale | croceeding afterwards to Demerara tak
‘ the coluny; in pee io case to rehalo the other head ithe, fondtce of the poppies, nn nnnna | CATES, pasvengersand mail, Ragan as sonar fen, Angst, 3 tons,
fyorn committing labour in obationer be such asto justify such a = = anne dat 7 une German stunr,
gaut. youthful pervona and others of Toure, the cuurt has power tocancel] MOVEMENTS OF STEAMERS. Hamburg : mer} Todecay 10a tong te ae pemeraract

previous geod character who bad beean | the unexpired term of supervision, can tallest. To F. 3 te

@avicted of & ficat offence--a condition | such are the alos of the proposed new - Pau H, Scurrnen & Cec. DEPARTURES,
of this leniency being that they should { ordinance which we are eure will be tha Bayal Mall team Facket Os, Aauyts | Db v x duly. 20 to:
find a surety to be of good bebavieur [ welcomed as «serious, fatelli, ent, and _ #88 agg oe J OLIVIA. The tea. Mallia’ “ache nate venea a mr, wren tons,
P , for a stipe Te ene ‘pogulaily Heese persone who ‘Mrespective Konin Wjke W + | trom Veneneraelan Vorts quor about July itd Bt pease’ TT str Hoverta, 2,20
—AN D— worked over vince and eee Sesnatn Ie of tee nay, feirly ve rewarded ie inst discha Alaildienst eth, proceedt thomas, taklog ented, tons. Galt on tons bunkor
4 . ~ success, But io Par offeuders and w HA je uu D ‘Alb W. ber.
5. mut be fontewsed that they lu not eucn treatment as is bere provided TH Koray oe Dewwengersand male ne on se tit s3 toma, Cristo
. seen ve found generalfavoul, | weueure thelr becoming onve agaln gz RVICK. cn, Venex » Silva, 4, Cris:
more than one of the Cry Mugisuates respectable mem bers of the community nins wire heyal Deh «4 ibe Houston dino of |. bal Colon, sundey pkgs mdse, and 1
having expressed bimevif av holding J auu we trust that bu its becomiog Mail Stmr “Pring Wille I*(sdashere passenyore it 7 too
jaw it wilt be as generously acted upon | from Veneguelan Ports du or sbout wth Geo, Auton & Ov. a itobal Uoiaechiry toe aide. ay
- NTS.

by ail tue courte as it is evideut) uly, IVIL, proceeding afterwards to lara.
icaended by ite draftsman thatit shoutll tacit. Ifevre and” Auwaterdam, takings ADAWASIHIA,-The a8, Mada come encaneeTTeT
bo, * passengers aud malls AVL washa” is due bere frou Buenos CL NG OF MAILS.
2 Na MAUIITS.—The. Royal Dutch | Ajreson or about the wih July and selll

Mall Stour, “frins Maurits" isduebere | jaave the same day for Ponce (Porto Hicok | Malls for Demerara by thes. 6, “Rhade
from Veneruelan Porta on or about Sth | giavana, Boaton, and New York, taking [ stanâ„¢ will te closed itoday) Tuseday the
August, 1911, proveeding afterwards (0 | ¢, passengers, and malls, 30th Jastant al J oclock pm, pr Ye
LORD NORTHCLIFFE ON THE | Paramarito, Havre and Amute fae am | egietration Uoses at 2.00 uk,


rf +
¢ the opiulon that they were only tn-
t tended to apply to very exceptional
Ee ° caves. ‘be present holder of the sub-
i @ | stantive post hae ou wore than one
ae occasion gone Bo far as to refuse lo
* givea youtbful olfeoder convicted of a

d were wut utendcu . d mall di i jails for Varvpano,
nota that which the wordeuttinus | MEQUTS OW ADVENTIBING. | WSC ITEP? stay at Dutch Trinidad Line of | Melt toe Corypan
—————Sees plalnty stated, or that If they did tuey ) Aydioner af exceptionsl interest was | Mall Star, “Urine Wiliam V" is due a & | {lded on Tuesday zith lostant, at 3 pan
. fonetituted a inusb unwise aud perbe 2 held recently ab the Connaught toome here from Atmsterdam vie Paramaritio TRINIDAD BOIPPIN Teglateation at 230 pan. ea
cious piece of mistaken lepistadion, tue Jiao celebrate the opening of the snd Dewerara on or about 7th Avgust, Traping Co.— Aatnta, alla for Hart ht. Michacts ac

t 3 : 7
acceptance of which could only lead | Aldwych Club, the membership of ; WU. proceeding after wards to Carupana, Genera: The as, Cirenada” of the } Kurope per Ie tee will be closed

M G Latius: Pia. Cabelto fdad Ling will leave for New | on Tucaday vith Instant, at3 pm. Heyty

tw a lowering of publica inton we ta the which is contined to thous oe bah oe Tac kinel, ‘Aun’ Cajon Porta | York -n ‘the Inth Jaly lil and is due there 7 tratlon and New apayers Mail at 130 Te

i 8 seriousness of crue & sowed bl connected witli | ena 0 COP | prince and New York, taking targa, | sith July tv! Money Unters issued and Parcel Post re-

therefore faly duty never if walle ty thing. N utlitte whos’ led, | Paste erm ana Dalle "The itoyal Dutch X Ald vas ihe st potas gi the solved tp Lod nv ont Bonday Zibinatant,

7 a Og. 2 fy : ” . “ 4 w ve New Yur c ramarile per

‘ Pot tou muck cap thatthere are val
, , several persons in Por tof-Spain urday wlvertising has suly opnen ducing | the herejfrom Atsaterdain vid Varamarito and guly and ly due to arrive heragn the ith Welaeeday BB fnstant. Hegistrationw at

: ‘ who because of one couparatively | past ten years, n spite of this, fietuerara oo oF al Q al

rict path of be profesiou in which the 1012, proveediag afterwards to ( arupang, LOW OF NAVARRE The ne | Mallefor Harbades sud New York per

ee 9 6 jrittlog stip, from toe ue chance act (here inet el te ture eaall , ound, Cumsua, Guanta LaGuayra, Huerta *Orewn of Navarie” of the Triuidad [| S.8. © Vasari* will be closed bn Weds

. Jachoel, Aux Cay 1 uh} N. York for Trinidad | nestlay wih fostantat’ pm, Registration
of violesice, peitape wader the influ: | por one in which lack of mnerth fa wore | Atle Steed “NewYork, taking | dirget on tbe Buh July ul-and dae Wf atEX0pme ee
ence of irlok. Meailybedttw whole | "There iy too” Lond Northelitre ‘re pumaer And MU ones, ore | NSS ON GAT ake an | rote eeu otome oY Gramada® wil be
gan r hus 4 JANDEN, a 3 i :
free ve of their lives | contiaued, ‘ ne cleaner profession iu Jutch Mail bteamer , Prius “C of Granada” of the Trintdad 7 cb Friday ich instant, at 3 pw,
64a, MARIN E SQUARE, ol the subsequent We bare several [the word Advertising ta too es Pp Hoyal | Dunn te due bere trdus Vene | Line wii loave Trinuind for New York vila agiatratton a, ,
ro a foe ew

= ted thereby. an z
ST taee drawn” vivention in these co- | pensive a pastime to be iudulged in by guelan Ports on or about Ith August, |¢renada on the Sth July 111 and ie dae Heck por 4a. “Faraunos

lumnns {o thie evil and tt fa sathfactory | people» bu have uot sound goods WW 1911, proceeding sfterwards to Parawasiby, rr uguns oth Lvlh ca* wlli be cloned

. the tiret |sell, The public bave cause to trust jlarre, and Atsierdau, taklig cargo “Gi atlO mst, Hegletration at 20 a)
Ao ATE sctlaue there are tae ney General the bews) bere stavlutely, and they pamenuare aud salle sv oRtK.—The Trickad. ‘viet Grenada on the. Mth TOMACH, ¢
= thew toen to propose legulstion slovg | like to be gulded by ‘ha Advertinee ee Heer caes (RL TaN arths die ee atvebory on | CHAN BroMACL, CLEA Minu —
lines catculated to vewure @ better ad" dinents to the vewspapere of whicls Freder{ ilendrtk” badve herve from Am | lath Auxast lL The pane ih whee ne Oe the

leunderly- | they arw fund, because they have die Darachart
tolnistration of te beer. 1 ihe vovered Abey ‘ail trust the advertise reas Pal awe “yl preceediv Frode eck Yeyland | over the w stem clogs ia sym
tovulsas wuchas Chey can the pews Sfierwardsio Cerupane, Camnsus, Guants - & unipeny itd ety. lhe be mind


BMALL COGOA ESTATE [iiiii ct tice ication at

natler Pte U Carsjaq Jamel . rape and wo: i al
tee te oe thle Iegialauon will |" Twenty | years agu there weww Jato i vorvau Prinon? aut Ne ran Naw Cannan Co [TEE ist care should. be, tot restore
on, Of 16 Acres. poluted out, Cty tie iatreduction inte | wany vld fasbicoal rus who thought Yyuk Laklag cargo paieeugers aud wal! DaabIAS, dt, Agente i S- | healthful action of (he stomach and
, is

it degrading ta adveitise, but new dug here frou Liverpool via Bae | (he hest preparation for that purhuse :

vue alveitlacs of necessity. ~ proceed. . Kel "a Vegetable 2
Gar, we ne cating ta the woeld fe Na matter baw deep rooted the corn badus of oF wiout ah July Th ‘Caballo Generel woh for eeore has won thea &

del to | lug afterw: wo
Wwasl, dus ib bras avdaled gol deahing ace or whut way be, i musk F facao, taking passengers Ejeadiug placein ioediclua. A trial wil,
best found Ue mare of iia Triul 4 mau e feuded. aud the profemtun ie ag Mullowsys a Cure Yo used ne soalls It quarantine pumlts attest reer

BS, MKENZIE & KIRTON. (PvSSioSre inte psi met ~


Foini of an iwperlal act of 10%

4 vate thal have
“Nn reasonable, eden refused, For forther particulare’ which dug tie ne farce inte

‘NO. 9605 VOL, XXX an


e emery

ngs Faralshed orfaniaei-bed TPHLAT, charming realdential Estate

A + oF Way: ause, within @ stove’s “Glenside” and ‘ El Carmen,” altuat:

tow of Leal Traing, tnnaing conticus} aythe top of tha Tanapuna Hoad, 200 feet
ally to Nb Angattine Htatios, atitatly | above the Rallway Tee 8 minutes’ drive
Dealthy, ive rooms, with Government | from Tunapuna Station and 18 minutes

- water ta on, Sewerage, ete, Appiy } from 5b. Jos

Th ty con: ists of about 50 acres
C2. Barc Austin. Jomediate pow | or jaa aot which are planted in cocoa,
| enema

———————— M The house. in a pretty and artiatle Dan

a .

FOR RENT—Cottage No. 85, Tragarete w, ener SoH: Fardens, orchards | Fe;
Road, cootaisiag 3 bedrooms, dress
fo, + dining aod drawing rooms, front
fis Agate Aprly to T. Gapprs GRANT,

galow, sarrounded by
wsgal out-offices, Possession
9, Broadway, City-—Jaly 21, 1911.
ips LET. —fwo-storey Rewdeace “Woop


fe expecta, with the aid

od pastures, It cottalns seven rooms | entirely unknown to geographers,
court.” Coblents Aveaue, St. Aaa's,

with dining rvom. outside connected by a
covered way, also kitchen, tiled bathroom, 10 TELL A coo0 CIGAR
foom, bai! fivetorye Te Mad nae veranda
downstalra hail, dining and drawing rooms,

ZAtted W.Cs., 4 servants rooms, stabling
for 4% horses, two conch houses, pig an
beth lavatory, try, fzoot, side aod beck
anu’ rooms, stables, aod

sheep pens elc., covoa house and fowl run.
Tbs Tiduse tg lit througbout with Acetylene
le aupply rans through the Estate, It
has been bately enlarg Tepalnted, done
up and refurnished, has been-put up at owner's expease. The
beatbroom detached, [Immediate Possession.
Argis to ALEXANDER aie A/a Gordon, Grant

labouring under a de!

w Mer

dney Brooks, who

whole to 80 reek ee atty cette, scornfully

(ras, there is water laid on, while an
or at Coblen's Areaue,—vI uly soth—Jo cherished

TMiewed on any evening, except Saturdays | smoker's most
S Now, 63 and 534 South
occupied by Moasre F, A Skeets & Co»,
App'y to Mesa-a Witsons' (U. & T.)
Umited—Jaly 18—2i,
yur RENT—Tostdele-be femily
reeidenne No, 43 Qaarry Soreet con-
telaing D-awlag, Disng, sod 3 Bod-
rooms Parory, Kitoneo, Bitnroom and
Becenots room wih garret and oped
froat Gallery, Tomediate porwsdentun.
Apply to TUG, Luxe c/o FW. A, Skeote
& Ooy, 52, Srath Quey, July 13 b-1m.
VOR RENT—ibat ferge end comfort:
able dwelliog house, No. 10, Cipri-
ani Boulevard, With fivelarge bsdrooms
two dressiag-rooma aod every “eon:
venience fora large family. Apply to No,
3, Keate Sireet.~-July 71m.
Us HENT—that comlortable ead copl
residence, No, 11, Victorla Avenue,
WIth every coavecience fora large family, E. GRANSAULL, Solicitor, Port-of Spain,
Ooe minute walk from Savannah. Apply or O, PENLYN-BLNNGT at Cumuto,

tod, Keate 8t—-JSuly 71m July 23—100,
‘PORBENT—Tis Dpper suorey Of pre”

wou No, 43 anu 45 Marice &yaxre FOR SALE:

Javely | on any day and time by appointment. Jark wrapper meavs
ay ae xT For further particu ara apply fo ‘Lovrs cigar and ; Ape

Joun & Co, Auctloneers 2° Sackville | ons and he Js abvolutel
Strvet, Port-of Spain, - Jaly Tth~Im. There is no connection whatever


Cumuto Railway Station (3 miles
gravel driving road lo this estate, ere are
90 000 bearing cocoa tcees 10 addition to about
12,008 trees in vail mus stages in the bands of
sixteen cootractors Some of there contracts are
full hearing avd civ be tehdn over at once,
There are portrons of lands still in Woods (10
which there are timber tree ) for further cultlva-
tof. There are adjoning small proverties
which are forsela ‘There are Cocon I!muses,
Duarters, Animals, Carts etc ou the Estate.

‘be Vrstrict is healthy aod easy accergable.
For further particulars, apply to

the cigar is alto;
best Havannas
grey ash, and

jength are maloly determined

A spotted cigat
notbing, so

IgWwrapper is as wuch to

that is oily in patches.
to the pressure of the

expert, who has

{faclag the beauufel Avene), Jarge and
commodious, covlsod sity, with eviry
moders ounvemence, fo:merly known as
“The Hotel de Parts,” Possession oa 15th

cations that cau reli

aay NA GS, ine ete on he Broad ¥V t “Sinriy aNd Sune—Canadian Heal: | streets,
sion. App' Mra CutaRLxn FitzWit- ” ar Q 0 a a er ing Oil isso simple in application that
LIAM, 9 Eidsry Street, :or bo Charles Salo- | achild can understand theinstructions.
* mon, Broadway.—Jane 30th 1011, . : Ueed as 8 Uniment the only direction
to ru when ae8 dressin
\ RENT, "149 Tragarete Road Fountains. to apply. "The directions are 50 Plain
dreesiag roous, {rout gallery deems aid uninistakable that they are readily | Park Street 26,
room and dining room and ‘usaal oub E = understoud by young or o!
offices, waterlaidon. Apply to A vv GOING CH AP : = July 6th—1m.


Montrichard—"'The Criterion.” Tele: I

, phone 472 of 673,—-June 20th--lm,
ROR RENT Nooo Pouneaions

gant, 191k.

Joly 15thi9t1~zw,


Peentanon Ton Aun ote UNFURNISHED, Irotonic
For partical: ply to CRA! .
— ‘elepLone be
July 20 b.—tm.. MARAVAL - The Best Tonics

Bulld Up Strength?
Meke You Well!
‘ Alatl Diwgguts,

Possession on the lat August—Juty 15:b,


We SaLE—Two small estates ia the —————

» Ward of Cavra--ravine dividiog—

desrly crop (both) 120 to Ls Tavesin, A TREAT LONDON
clare 6 m8 te

{Mstara) to De "Wallece, “Jaly teehee tne +7 FOR

l OR BALE—Osere will be jecelved bY
the undersigned for the Bale of a floe
farge Business Premises with out build-
jogs, cocoa bouse. eic,, situate a6 Freeport
s vi rn Coreplcheines for fortber pat>
a apply to P,P. Picxtaning, San
Fernanda Paty ache ctee f




Will be opened at the



= couse aod lisod at
inane Beene Sau He
le BY ocog
Rev W. E, tmith, ’ P 7 the
HOUSE—bailt of concrete nogging and
Cimber, comprises 2 bedrooms, ving
oo dintog rooms, front sad side galiaifes,

sod urcel outoftice. Alin good repals, | (The date of which will bs an- 7 | Albany Hall. is in no way cone
with perfect dre: '* i 4
LAND—rontalel DE 10,600 square fret, nounced leterh The with, the London sctric

bod tmoasares 130 ft. x 150 fee.
For tarber particulers, please s plyto

9, Alercromty Sireet,

‘Theatrd of Vort-of-Spaia,


Whena select Programme will
be presented to San Fernan-
dians for the frst time,

July 20.b—100, July J4th -2w,
PRICES; 8c. 160. and 246. Wifo Noti
SS ry 'e
For Sale or Ront San Fornando ce

+ R SALE OR RENT —Fbat Lases ao
May Fair” Villas b1, Weedlord Bator Ness

’ i
Towa, with all couvepreoww ‘ors fauty, bent

1 not be



situsvoa £ mmute fren the S', Clair car, GEORGE O°
quiet sed bealibly locality, i — y ONE,
colette lee akan, ae Ti POR
eee Cat, Jobasooe, Honanicn STOLEN,
a jurtber part!
to Crsanras J. Deces _—
Moctm h ds DECLE 46 Marine byuare—)aly FPHOM Ge Gary Burret KC. Nebo!

o_O: Mork, Veldsy Fy b daly Philip Edward IN AID oF
/ a, 8 youre old. @y peisou bring. n " i
ED, Settee the codersigoed will BAND FUND, ors:

ANTED—Foue Genvlewe t
W board In a large, cool, confort
ablehouce, Terms moderate, A ly
bo offlce of thie papeg or 114.8, Vid
yi2- tm,

5 Mopeeuue Street, W. BRANCH,
Dry River—21/77/1t—1w,

to ofloe of thie WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2xp, 1911,
L.OosT. © Beodstonds! Tickets can be obtained at Messrs,
T ostebak ack tos bal Don BEWING MACHINES, OLCCKN syalwzon, ws crn Othe ita ete
Back a Fi e . e
L SEB ik nod oo bane eet PICTURES, MIRRORS and FURNE-

TURK of all description on eosy

wer hb,
Sed—ass Lime een wae at the curser of Thies “to Tickots of admission .—

paymentat Gentlemen OY: and Ladi

Auree tint Ineroaon to" Avon ~The Matete macy, Refceabimeats will ba suppiied Free.
arrleter & BL Vi Saye tag nedertc! reet, of

Be, will be suitably rewarded. Joly oa HENRY Dic k-A Mau you hoow Heciviaty E Treasurer.


July lath, til

mec _ ee rE
NOTIcE. THE S085 COUGH CORB}Miss Lottio Mapp,

pelle PUBLIC in hereby Notified thar J Spe #. C RrivtkD use, (Tralee in Gos
Lany O1.AUDS SuiLaviLee bare Lain oy bh thelr bames “and yo tacat then? eeentt, at
simu aiturascwns| — Cough Syrup * | etabmar eee nea

Baavon Btrogs aod bure od
No, 108 Heary suett, Boited Spalsy-~
—sy, .


- Swedish Exes inns, tbe




It Isstated that De. Le Selyert, the
geologist, will shortly undertake to
ross the Libyan desert In an airship.
of the pre-
valling winds, to make the journey
from the Mediterranean to the Nile ia
about thicty hours, passlog over a
ton that Is at present almost

Do you know bow lo distinguish a
good cigar from a. bad one without
vmoking them? If yu do you are


haa | will be entertained. Apply to WARD
been studying at Havana. Tho expert
id, including furulture, | heads of the great factoriés poke a
ho: ages, humoured — flnger
Implements eto, etc. The pisce oan be | through nearly all of the hrerage
ap Ja premises | and Sundays, betwoen 4.0and Op.m., Of | The average” smoker believes that
Ge a stron
ight Wrapper & mil
ul wrong.

yond colourand strength, Squeezing
cigats andenielling them ate equally
fallacious as testa of quality. So, too
4s the colour and firmoess of the ash;
Enate of 172% scres, stuate pear} the notion that the whiter the ash Fr
cood | and the longer it stays on the better

ther erroneous, The
urn with a clear steel
its duration and
‘size of the plecea used In the fillers,
means less than
ar os quality, whether
Fo 1 or bad, is concerued, The silky
okt be

avulded asthe veiny one or the one
Cigars abould
#0 woft as to yield readily
fingers nor so
yas to crackle. Except for the
iven his whole life
he business, there are, Insists Bic.
Brooks, ivirtually no outward indl-
led upon in
choosing a cigar, and for the average
man the only real test 1s to smoke it.



TRE undersignod begs to inform
(ha public of Trinidad that tho
*lectric Theatro of San Fernando { Fe
which is advertisod to show at the

Manager f ondon Electric 4 heatro,

pee puliic fu bers by notified that!
devt connect id Dy aay te or yene

8 ip

O'Nell, sbe belng ne longer under my Gor ered

Symphony Orchestra's Concert} Trinidad Electric Co.,

Tobe given at No. 8, Sackville St.


Over 2,000,008

White Pine & Pitoh

Received within the last Six 7

AUCTIONSALES| + #ouauats.

8, Ost Flowers, sapplied eb

oe EY nrita
I V V Moderate Fricer,
Auctionsers, Valuers, Estate Agent 15, Grey Biteety °
mk Accountants,

WaNteb=tis on Mortgage of

wel let towa p-operties = Will

I Telepboze 092,

June 201m,
Ineet. Appy to} English Lady
Estate Agente.

26 Frederick S-see, Jaty 18 b—iw. QPEERS comfortable Home to two or
ON AakD, three gostiemen at moderate terms,
BALE~& full bearing COCOA | Electric light. Shower bath. “ Beaga”
ESTATE of pearly 200 acres, containing | “* Port-1f-Spein Gazette” Office,

fe favre coaten ane Fase | COZA POWDER,

trees (Hevea, Caatilion aod Fantamis)

from 3 to 12 years of age, many grood

cedaraed fruittress, A resscassis cfer ¥



PRICE‘'& ©o,, Beate Agents, Port-ol- my
Spala —Jaty 221m. Agents

TOBE Lata Joeeh oo at | Well- Known Cure

i . 4
tatoleg large diniog’ ana drawing roomn, 6 —FOR—

bed and dressleg rooms, kitchea sa!

offices, Water laid on, and four acres of - “h
grounds, 3 minutes from Curepe Roud We offer the A bove as uw
PRICE 83.00 ) PER BOX-at i:

a1 etation and 20 minutes from St.
Jewph. Rant #73 mroathiy. For order to
Music, Music Music, a
WE are just in receiptlof se fize

RB SALE ats great saceifi-e, the pro-

perty and lasd knowa as 50 Tragarete
Road, an welllet and bringiog in about
$100 w year nett, Wilt tesold for 3300
tpaylng 12} perceot). For faciher lsfor-
mation apply to WARD PRICE & Co.,
Areata, 26, Frodorick Street.—Jaly 22

view apply ta WARD CE & Oc,
Eatate Ageata, Port-.f-Spais—Jaly” 22

selection of Solos with Planoforte .
accompaniment for Violin, Mandoline,

Banjo, Guitar, also Victoria's, Strands Colonial Disp ensary u
and Mortimer's Afusic Folios for Piano, | \ -§


Cocoa Clay | ,,, ffs Primes" | Phe-Best Place to Buy your Druga a
[ctcietod te he’ tied, oie) = BUY TAVU ACCURATELY COMPO
5 * oe ay
Dicky Fi at Saata Gros tat vow |THE MODERN BOOT POLISH IW Corner Queen & Froderia
belonging to Mr. J. J. Ribeiro. The Paste é Liquta
clay is properly ground. and sifted. It j
is recognised by exparte to be the, bast ee ete A w 8 ante

weome al ogis ody a
Hotel. Corner of Frederick and Duke} = May 27th 4m, ole Agent
San Fernando

As the owner has no time to attead

to Clay business the property is also APPLY TO .

——Z Tne
Gittons’ Carriago F¢

offered for vale, 1% is a. ery good {ae

Trinidad Dye Works.

vestment for ove who can atten


Btarusmot ome ot! DISCOVERY DAY.| | a, mec nee
Digvacalotnedia sil colours —Specials. | ~ Magic Toothache Drops stop tho Pa
Novolliogof uolerclibiog RPRIGH AA cents,

IRST clase accommodation pro-
vided for Excurstonist, Every
efforts made to ensure an enjoyable
ed Dipl et batty Bethy Moe Teme Dies
plomsand Bileer Melts, Trinidad, vr. George MecUartuy, ames Die
1808 ; Certificste of Ma tt, Triai“al lol ; peneary. ot The Medical Hall, Mr, 0.
Diploma of Mert (highest award) Agrical- ‘admore32, Frederick Sireet, Transfer
tarel Show, 0005, Hats, of ali deserige Drug Store, Mr. E, T. Mitchell, Cen-
$lons, cleaned, dyet aud Locked ta per tral Drug Store 3 Mr, J. Y. Harper, 8,
fectfection. Duke Street,~ July 1.—1Im,

Cycle & Athletic Sports

Under the Auspicea of the ‘
( Park Ciichet ‘tub) Queen ‘

Discovery Day.

Monday 3ist July 1911.


First and Forem
L=Onx Mite Bictcia Back 0 Bs

_teregnecciaae” "| LDQUEN'S CHOUOLATE AND COs

R. J, J, Clamens
Expert Olesver, Dyer & Hatter. Award:

PARS' PHHARMAOY—Belmont—Phone Sil,

Riog us up and we will send it or avything else uf J

meee .


Ifyou contemplate being engaged, or if you ki
who is engaged, you should not forget â„¢ a


Cen eel
Don't order from a catalogue which shows a picture

size of a locomotive tlash Hight and only gets more
Money refunded if quality is not as guatanted.’


The Board of Industrial

ee eed

Technical Instruction Classes.

MPue second term of these classes for

Articans and Apprentices will begia
atthe Victoria laatiate, Port-of Spain os
Monday the 15th inatent,

~Mordays, at 7 00,

Balding Crafte—Mondays, a¢ 7,30,
Drewing (edvanced}—Mondays, 7,30,
Poslocering Cralte—Tuedays, at 7.30,

wing ff mentary aoe intermodias

nesdaye, at 7.

= Tharsd: 3.—ONE Atte Bicychs Back Open, 2

BUabladicg—Theredcy aes we 420 Ye. Fiat Hace, Open, © wisest wo dea Soot
Shipwrighte—Thareday, a3 7 30. S.—HALF MILE Bicycus Rack. Open. wares amu Hrioos. _
ArithmeJts (elementery and advenced)~ G—iHian Jump. O wet 2m sw

Â¥ridaye, ab 7.30,
Foess None arechargel to Apprentices,
Artlsana, Sixty conte per tara,

T~THetk MILK DiqycLe Race, Open,
8,~-Lona Jumr, Opec,

9.440 Yos Firat Race Opes,

10 Five Mive BicrcLs Rack. Upes,

We are selling at 50 o/o below ita worth. Awarded
National Exhibition, Toronto, 1909, Bold every where aad ¥

TB JACKBON, AD. Ths Balsance Fee for each event ALB ERT LUCIEN: 7
Balldiogy, crery | eiae at ee ana “ Prizes will Le of the 1, Cosrlott Stree’, Port of Spaic.--Phone No. 69,
‘or pala. All Katrles close at the Warden's 0
Port-of-Bpaip, on Saturday 2éad July 1011
at 32 noon,
~THE-~ na

COMPOUND | Mnotntatis
Liquid Fumigator.| | )
Tice tae tte Failiions of

Parasol Ants. Always ready, reli-
able and ccononiical.) Y roll

For all kinds of

Electrical Matorlal.



Maa 8 long Hife and consames
very little current, We sell it,

A Fine Asrortment of Fancy Shades

Alwayson Aand all at Cheapest

COAG b ete
always one

Price Per Bottle

The ‘Lightning’

This is the ordicary liquid old

TE? -
ic’ The RAYO hsbe

NkatPiated over solid Brass, 004 be

8D. HARDING, | locally for killing Parasol Ante, 4 It mot at your deslers call 9¢
Cenarat Manag A ia loss ovpcentrated than thy] EARL) | Wost India on
= | Bre vont ee No 2 ST VINCENT cag
Pricé Per Bottle ... 809. OFFICE: Xo


For DVANCED id ane
BKoee ROR | T. Godtos Grant) ANrseibi cig use

he Punt, pry ve

ACA Soo.

9, Hrondwey,
Froderick Street, out Tompesstn yarous, Parte of the TRINIDAD Loa oO.