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Mut, l„+. r
SÍSfeSrü&^á ^TSlttoná' Carriego rA
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Marine Square -
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Mut, l„+. r
SÍSfeSrü&^á ^TSlttoná' Carriego rA
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Marine Square -
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i: snes. OF EVERY Denemerion

We HAVE sr a

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MEN'S Whig Morera Noglizes,
EN'S Pleated Front Dross ated
Men's £oft Front Druss SHIRTS,.§
MEN'S Coloured Noglize SuIAT fr ‘0 $144
PIMEN'S Vhito Mercoicod SHIRES, ‘ollars attached, gor cool,
BY Sust the kind tor Tennis avd Getckot from 730 ato 31.30.
AERTEX ,Collular SHIRTS. with and*without Collars altected,
ARRTEX Cellular SHIRTS, with Lined Quits, a good business shirt,


We Also stock

ee eee a ss
BOnco Tried, Alyse ee NOTICE OF SALE OF
_ Peas UPA. er The Business of Goodwille & Wilson. Lmtd,

ent ot
rae E. undersigned willrseeive ofere ia writ to BA’ yapay
T on ostraordinary general cased’ of | "of the 6 teomators of the the vigil dty of JULY 1011 of porckaea ot 7 that old
shove named Co daly convened bell ot their | estabtiohed acd wall k Marie er
ica Ne a 8 Ma in Ihe Toms of Metot Sree Port-of Bpala sed koown es the “CALE N HO
ia thts, fou on Fridsy ibe day of May 191) the following ex wh ao corn te sod Jatashe stock of DRY G of all kinds,
trsordivary resolution wee daly passed :—~ SHOES, CLOTHING & TAILOR.
Ika Tat Tata F yonsirune, DRAPERY, HOSIBRY, etc,
That It bas been proved to the paticfaotion of t! mectlog . that | etc, together with the Bork Debts, Buildings ’ Fixtures, eto,
Company cisoot by reason of Ita liabilities ye ke basicces ALSo— % LEDONIA: TAN’ GROCERY" carrled on fa
it 2 a xcrinebe doled fabs as mame acd 7 aT ibe |. Premises et theo the cerner "PROVISION Lie Bee ee
a m Soin Tov of ae ete, togethee
a Poretot Boe hereby sppolated Dok DKETE. FI ,
mais | Liquidstor for the }

Feat in the oatd ee teyobant boned . with the the BOOK D. TURE rigs tWe underaigna
a Sten oe un
Dated thle goth dey of het enee OF aye of ei Gomownse & W tsaon Lad, Marine Bgoare, to whom

pom: * ML | baie

Witness to signature, . Liguidatoz,-
ROME PEREIRA, Port-of-Bpalp, 27th May, 101i, “

dn ths Hatter ef feuds Wlsen (Lm{tad) fo

pown eesinse, Sethe on

be Boalocss as a whole, or seperatel


ss ili Gf Storage HOR SATE. nevis_w, |
IA.. “SUMDM, 250 Bags vHgavy DUTCH OATS, |=iiecee erg

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Wide verandahs. and & solid stone
arched roof cool and

have pee eed
for the use of


le eet Thing not and _ Comfort ted
~ c @ gore! notes © Ci
g oR hed CUieth & is excellent,

, ulare and oa e

* may: MANA

ent ad

v ina
- | Meeee, Neviem Sui HAE Meleration of!

peters vas


REPAIRER aoe [Princes Tows

. MEMBER "Sf Lolog’s Bomed Foda W

‘| Smet Drinks Can now'ke}
caderlek | wt MILLERS BiOR

to the Company for aneariy settlement of their accounts .
‘ ™~

for t

os ow. me: 2 we

Fx 5. S. 'Naparima

5 Tanks CONFECLIONERY—each 100 Jars—Jobn b
10 Cases COMBINATION BISOUITS—Joha Walker. © ‘ Tw, lee

nek iar Teizeuoxe 182.

. re
boii aad .

Nar Gitton’’ Carrlago Enstery.

; a ,
et ae BE

'O facilitate the Liqnidation of the Business of GUODWI
®& WILSON’ Luxtren, the Liquidator asks ‘those {od rrarric "jam ULATION

Ordinances Ne. Ne. 18 and £90,

1IGHTiNG UP “Rovas
Cro Pon Se



SVOTT, BOYD & co,|

Ex as."“Indus’” from Caleutta.


(MMOS AM £rom XiwemwrpoolL

” from Glasgow,

‘No, 6, Broadway.

an * thareday,

‘ae my tH

parce a r E

| kere
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* ghoald i

wiaome t aa Acting Oleh, ll

Aha Tt wd

laps, Door and Window: I


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. gems, foind in the, aff

. ‘vemeta, Taduoes healtby blood. espply
Fmew healthy stin.

eooces in the treatment ot
ae 3 Tike:

we ty a Doggie
: } q Re ae . =
O. .. Wewewe tome wnsliinne’ Tara .
ao . gs é
Leading omlets Waal pron: ens a .

ao if by: all the oh a ct toe tg core | cher cummin. H E

—_ " a “4 2 has been launched. It oiiek end the butchers K ND RSON
Sosa . . objects ee eos cough. ter

SE, men ee meenneo Rae mrne ” prospectus, to gi . feat from the Actin s o
Me ront
manufacturers ererywhere informa forw: ff lgnaaes, Agron: fpr
von on apy commorsiat sabjecteratio; crdivance slat git a ares te * + 4

Ms, tte a!


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swan nye noons © wr eee :
me ET i Tae LN ike ae RYT

Eee “dain “offer fine Weodwork.n

“an up-to-da e Cottaae







° venldccabie expe tere a winhont 8 ‘ wa the Gol trond he who opal you you thet H QO Bs a
4 Thi is made possible i. ¥ 5” ‘the ee ati fetter on i swe have UGHTONS L 7, , ‘

“ tereugh tb ng of each astive ing gettale UMPTION, ==
our SHIPMENT OF mormber te active coopemtion §o- There may bo maey syut Hf a
enya wou 007 ove "ears sere Sere | — PHOTOGRAPHICH
r MUNRO'S (Re ee tetra | Mee Feri das Sey noe ee

othe? member ronmiptly and to sie Le anced, or even present at afl.

ofthis ability. But Gopeamption is a perar divease,

a a theClabdoes not bind hint to more than coeoe ie Mee } and uoless exatninations show that a
. an occasional communication, without the 1¢ r S. ‘a t I 7 .
E 60 G 1S y 9 vemuneration, The Club rennunerstes i chagria Stweetee — facin: lodged in the lung tlasue, 2 1

he member for all service reudered Btroe and Haat the |p not sure you have consum
a ore deeatcrette te limited tb three | a" 7 Tehibg ‘the Board to fig, eens “Portat-Spete, tnd Go, ‘Fr om 31, 20 to 98.06 "S
i re wirup FOR MORP, and we are now/thowand and until that number of writer seed “iat cvements the | wewipaDe . _ ALSO . Legs
orders, _ [mat or fem tpt sguhay brea a would tro niament i ta "Rae Goart of Trista’ and 5 il s \ tae
‘sche &. PORTEOUS & CO,; LTD, oa webbie sad who a | fe soa oa tc gotszoutdpe | No. ofa - ms ana 1. Acces: ut
Ustastory! ridge * nt wan og. Pownereh

BY, South Quay. [ference « ° ena =
i WHAT IT DOBS, a boy | ! : * > EY
, saehe cresiiaation | pledges iteott he vend _ Borel}! - x
Ae. spect any’ met CG NOTFOS ‘
: "The Re al, Mail eee ee hte 7 Tow by ou Order of ls Hondiy The Oblet
ol. kk . Ce, L veport on: fovern- pac meade berate the és)
e of rac e lag asle, locally, of any raw he wag unedle rob 1911, there will be pat
or S aimutactared product in any | ta the fmprorament just | Before the doors of the heace, Ports
eeieentagnapenmamenenen samen country, now bue would doeo hs poon as” it | of Spalp, cn Thocedey toe Tih day of t
e 2. Tv report ou vonditions govern. | wae coventent to them, eee pe elt Between the hours of one and
ae ae jee Bis. sAteate “ due here froar Boutbampton, via Cher | ing the purchaes, locally, of any rav DAMAGED PROTEXTIKE,
ieheels (Asores)and Barbados on Tuesday (th July,std willlor manufactured product in any] A letter‘waa read from Me, Erle marand Singular that certela rarcel of
Le peenogere vie Pio. atom bis, Cartagena, Colon, Jamaics | country. Thatcher complaining of the da mae land oF cocona? piastatioa com;
ee misile. 3% To fnterview persoually, or by ] done to his property owing to acres one rood and nineteen ’
ecto he Ligh use odety, ‘acea's Wharfat 4 pan, with | proxy any trader, merchant, wanufac- rable condition of the drain at | fa the Ward of foaces and ~ be \ ps 7 I iN ra ‘ tO

urers' agent, banker. solicito: n North bg « «
bay sed pte tanes agg ele cledhlis ao, Gfe rakes | os .
* 6 \*
are therefore o requvsled to see that thejr Llereat of any member, ie is vider i bowsepeer stares THE CORONATION "PLATES
ove Shat hour. stood, however, that the object of the same msy be Rarted or beended

af second class*and deck passeagers torsuchan interview must be business upset price of $3,008,,
See leavathe St, Viocant Jetty at 9 a.m. and | ite p specifically out« | ments thie year and that the Dated this 9b ey of Jans .

a oD Superlatendent would clean out “the L lw AUK,

p Belen @ from Veoesuelan ports on ined. give rating, orreporte on firnis | drain. Aotg. Regittzar, |
b rand wi leave ibe Dext dey for Grenada, St. Vincent, [in any city or country in the world. Letterd pf « similar nature were *

rn Antigua, Nevis aad 8+ Kitts, taking passen- | These ratings will ee rontientiel and read from Mesrs. EK, Brandford,

the International Comumercia} Club | Bowen aed Nrs. Cross,

hthoues J ourd Jelty, Queen's Wharf at p.m, with hand not be respanslble for their accu~] These matters were referred to the
Ligh “ Belantla. recy except in jostances where, | Town

rats reteived only up to Monde aa member, | AA ct % ae mabe
fi cel requ memoer,
; will, be vi ép.m, on day {0 the pele guarantees . ing of Tee ieeet: be 5
: ‘eben ennarentne rete TEN
OL The H M8"! Derbloe” will leave hereom Tuesday tb July for|tucutiliy? wp to some aedulee fT op

4 malic.
i ton Ree Lightieouse Bouse Yost; Deters § Queen‘ss Whart at 2 pon, with Hie introduce the manufacturers veer Effer- § alt
oe,” ters suid dis- ved vescent

, The Bénanza Drug Stores,

Bear tor Drogas; BESY for tori aty Mecolnce, jucluding Aynangs

1 Wewrb-of- spre: aad Sangre Geen


neby ees * wild We received only wp to 4 pm, on Monday in itigatore in others 1 io't tatroduce he
recelvers, merchaate to |] caused at Short atrest
bole ts Guy here and Pie. Guiort bia vor day aula. In qfutroducta buyers to the back of Jr. Jag ‘a property If your Mead aches, if your
z mibia on Monds ice versa, rence
ve the BOKt oy 0 arbados, St. le given tomenters. Bub pe "s tongue is voated and yo

cargo bn be: thing “that 4] j 7 oe
Siragoe mar nae bart at at pm. with member isla a ‘position "0 hlher Prosinay Pallbngetiog ok: mouth tastes bad, ifyou feel 4 ae
‘ ta baguage lighter lo be dospatched to Tied theo goed beyond club Hauseated on rising, if you Ran Tan Ter pee
re uke Be inona det 70 1 pa. onthe dey of all ft he tek Fl have local searetaries with are constipated, it. means
gee tenors equi aves Chae Daggogs teat |i al ape avec a sve ed they | that your stonlach is, wrong Vai

TRLMLB, “ Herblow “is dua here from“Demorera__on to the F and yoitneed Abbey's Salt,
iv 1 the same day at 6 p.m. for Ca Thera will be ! well as Auinonis ee eee
snd in Gusrpe tahini paanaagtrs oar Teed well, et Tasco tmeubupstsigt tas tthe duos of of a. ey ee 8 "| and need it badly.

the Laghtbo ee Jevey, Queen's eWharh et 6 p.m, with paselve eM tbe me he fo obi inboe Nothing so bad he your
neve the Bt. Vincent Jetty 082 p.m. with bagaene on ttadaree teat G, Lawvie ea titel hoalthasadisorderedst rch,
eae | sto via ke a the nothing . sD good for a dis-


‘THE GOLONBY CHALLENGE OUP, A stress: 144 Sex: ; EE ’ Matlartal

OxstTiteyeNn fotending fo oompeto yote of mit) yee ee er c ; ao es

re a feos

this competition aro requested to send
in thele naiew not Inter thagb ov o'clock,
PM. tvday, aos “the drawing takes

place {ust abut the seine bs ‘pang hetir, ~ , ae

: 7 OSE DoS Oe 28 ee Oe Oo De Doe Od

SAN Teagiagg penouitl Mise Cottte Mapp, Serene ett
, Cre Massouse, ( {Traleed in Ger. s

(Froma Correspondent.) ell oo hw efit cet ¥ thew oni
$, ditue 'n apnounciog| Ata regular meetin f the Ban Fe to piiuciplos ex ‘subelm for
ort Spala, Wo Oarupano, | Fernanda Lurvugh Council held at the puled ‘aa the grea m| sional iwedih Hferincy 1 a
action 6 sl Town Hall, yesterday morning, there k ptt, Mastutize, Bw eda
veneer wore proweatt ills Wo Wornip Jon. a Hefure phe di
ry ol are *
i . vee Be Carter Oe Top ie physicians than Serbs .
ri eane, TOT. , but

rH dare hen, RE tar ¥ aceus pps, frre greate
reaulta, aid for t PMO if taf. it
aa feat tahoe Two Thousand Pairy .

Parco are ve likely tu bush dane helen

f eatin k y ‘
Jeet of trlet gC Parra: - + ——- 5 hace “pian at Abe a Lalo Lakiae cele huodrede
will be eaberbed andl anted freoo! charge au of Spain An | were wad and O° SNe road Ter et verrol bee A Just the thing for the OOR TION, Low te
marie epeabiog spanish are carried on bond pet poth Bissmers, sedi wapaul ase Batted Gon ener, ee and cured weak NATION at 42a. and °
further particulars apply at Pleased Ly aay et tiny ee be wae |b bf CoNsUMPTION INILERITED 2 | eriy, Ne, Barrack Y
1 © oe tare pewadays de put believe sine gi THE ENGLI BAKaR
No singlcal bosalion W bonne lea offered fa be ine ‘
MPANY S OF Fl CE; No surgical Operation fe wave Cane “BS Pgoumuglatcan bs Laer: deri ted NE Ry so wereos,

Marine Square Port-of-Spain Gute be task if Holloway's Gu



‘Gesit's Tao Willow Call Lenther Iuinod Derby Boots
~ Knight ofthe Gurter. Price $4.00 a pair.

fent's Blas + Black wees mon Boots


~ | deny kB, Olt ty o Bln! Boe
eee ony » Ion Tia “the > woe peeeaennans ToecE Sregd— $F.40 a pair. 7

CENTRE vapor SRE A SINGH. ieee Ca” Loca ov che Bag

|Get . ‘Vours *Now, Atte tS Calf thee Boots- Goldsa Braad see ( | ;
CHI - - = * ee!
/ ONE ‘TO EACH Daten, ~~ SMITH BROS. BROS: & C6., roo apts en vaste

FIT eu aR erm mp wane aewnen fee Ack for the ® Coronation &
Brand—dnd ‘Koight of the Garter


Yow Landing es LOANS MADE Ee eens


aaa BS. NOR “eae, * . eeu swine pase 600 . war 2 prejudices vlna come vneenonatg 8, 191%,
! Sof ted . gine =F ROM4, merchants, members o¢ ed fer interme
t that

'- FEET ELECTED ee Lesa Pe an-| $2,000. CEWARDE,
Saar "oie napply to



possltie, ea,
Cowmitees ef The Kxocliency the Guveroer has
Stephens Lid, Pris Oh eres ces

ae : i Bites bs, Mee ae
THE STORES. ees: Rogiecd’ he mia ig 00 | has notified the

‘SMITH BROSAND co| "eset, Comaersinh, ona | estes sesh nears B Hear sph hse oa

Wine |\Whovamsasem, +

ter ed to
[essere Teuemaaags.. | Paarl 3 es ites
oa WE & Panama xl i
ThUDAo "casa Gruamnns | Cotton Seed eed “sae Tae ioe Speco fee
"Ser a ORANABA, ERIRIDGD a & DEMRR AR | ac ee sooo itera
~ ee ae Nee FH
beeto: MM, 8's Cablnet.


he Gor veruor lan “pope

tallowing “Gaeunnosaent an 6
vee ae was
Hie Gor ernot Six
ta jitate ois. having jefe
Seeny SE" { oo tee

‘Al Quality, weed ae ee fice sa Laine
im | er Beda Sar ee
| deuning nie Bests Soc

ee Seine me Yar sare ra


died » a PagsaNORR WHO 30 OME ay THz
samantha GF aa 7 ‘ JOACHIN pROM LLeoM,

Tux vietaiiom a7 THX POLiog.

pe fogwins | “

Thott wae
a pu AATIO THREAT, « “Pree

‘ork: w PenOS

Praneport W
er met ond ve - ie site


1 He activa, hee hee tke ;

ATTIC DRG ates A4 8. ‘tomes
A OR oe eed ash baths J
on whe attairg ber sixteenth, Feats

tepid: oe ek ogee sie
Eommneredd opponed ban tlom ot | Me Queda Tovey. ¥ Matle --
Lamloa, vation, he decker, po with cola tq be a
favsaiod wes Huglend's ‘angers sad | ed in'deiaulty aoyn, “PM


wormed sare, Eee

ne f i eee ae -
*, ~ * 4 : ar ; ; ; o~ pom eae g 00 &
> owt ae: wee oe ee Ecc ee tered: be wv “| ‘ ;
cee ee ee me — —— a ; “ ? \ 1
-TO-WRAK, Serernce Tig = |

teeny cougratulstigns
Py sort,

; His Revelleacy wee. -" , »
Ste Sroka an ; ~ Tailors and Outfitters,


a az “ 7 fi
‘Tatyee Byles: It Pid atabed that the b
‘ wey , BS conte to $2.88,



F . . hopetvi.
BERNARD'S - |tori-of:span tata.

we qt ;
. oy 2 Published Darty, Moddage Publis
? af rT) ‘e Hotidaya exoe at Soa se necesstiatin
mous neor isk ca Pri 7 ee
] : —e
e@ h “Ga” PRICE: ONE PRWNY. | anewce | many. of
- ‘ y ° ‘Adrattleements of Birtas, Deaths, | SUUsrerslors from. rece! iving their
‘a z M up to how, and for ich:
. and Marriages, Ackpowtedge- be fitted i
rt at ments and Disclaimers (which | doubtless complain. If te however
. +, Faust besuthenticated by ine | evident that many of the would be | one of the ald protected crnienrs
- . signature pf soma responsible | enumeraturs took the * job” without experiaaen tal One
. See 4 yaon) will be chat for at} any care about i¢ fv one way ot the [kodwe firm of ry’
. ‘ am ‘Is ‘8 each dnd to be prepald. other, dave, of coures the siguing of thé | understood to ba willing to tete a re-| i
‘ Canual Advertisements of every | pay voucher and receiving the coin sponsible part in the experimental \
Sole A ts; desoription--per inch (ingle . mee! work deatred by the Adini provid-
. gents : column) 20 per wut 126 Per | An East Indian who gave bla nam | ed the Istter will to exclee from
' : taeos ehty 6* per month tobe | as Nahaukar murvendered himuect{ at | lke contract some of the rather severe
WWanta, 2cx—2% per week euch; tobe’ HS Joseph: Boal yestertay efleruuyn § conditlopa which is astall {neerlal fa oo

to a Lance-Corpofal who brought kd | orders for propelling machinery.
to headquarters where he fe new io 1 seomenern
custody, The man stated thathe was | The Trinidad liner * Crowd of Na-
enimmigrant indevtured to Wa’ varre* 1,768 tone, Captain McK Mop,
Estate at Coura and had thi hia | acrived yesterday moralng frou New,
qwite Jeria severely with a cutlans | York via Grenada with 2,000 tons gei-
Giving herup for dead he beame f érel cargo, 200 tons coal and 14 passen>
feightened and started for Portot eR m New York—Mr, and Mrs.
Spain to surrender himself, . Kensie,

Marine,Square & Chacen Street



N prepaid.

se + | Fditor and Publisher. A. PD. 'T, AmRanp,
Manager ue, 0 wT RN, Lavantts,

. Cl Gasbter .. ne we. Ad. H, Fon.

All Cheques sent to the office of this

HOENERS& ni le

. made payableto The Port of Spain
South Quay, are arseonnente,


We do not hold ourfelves responsible G

~ ee renadaieMe, K. BH. Drakes, Afr, J.
° > ae mene A at ere ercat Ly corfon | ‘The RMB, Afrato tn ‘consequence | Telesford. Mr. C.F, Condeli, ‘Mist O,

- ns = respondents in oer columns, “All | of the Maritime strike in Kupope-wilt } Rock end 8 deckers.

° + letters mast be acoompanied by the | hot arrive bere till Friday July 7 je Ine vetrmmand

pe real algnature of thé writer, not | atead of the echodule date Tueaday | A saving [n coal and oll of approzf-
T oO oe negeasarily for publication, butas {4th July, Tha M.S, Afagdalena | mately £20,00) was’ effected tn the
« : be A guarantes of good (sith. ReJoct- | which fe advertized to arrive bere | United States Navy daring the flscal

1. manuscripts cannot be retarned. | trom New York, Jamaica &o, on thé | year ended 90th jane 1910, asa result

ae Advertising ¥oale on A plication. 10th will not be leaving ¢ill Friday fof aa engineering competition among

. ‘ = we Subscription .. + wwe per year, July Hth, so as to enable the Inter J the \warships, The battleship * Ne-

Payutle tn udvance-—dostaye extre= | colontal steamers to perforut their con: } braaka” hay been awanied the trophy

: . zee -fe es | wecting setvice. for achieving the beet rosulty at the
ms + ~~ jeas' rt onal cost o 8
a CURRENT EVENTS. Nothing could have accentasted the twertyave. battleships and crulsers
’ . TUDAY, * [isolation of the good folk of Mayaro | competing, and the members of the


Ry . s 4 from the centre of civilizatio engineering force of the ** Nebraska”
Set . Supreme Coury—10.30 an. vhan an Incident oa ‘Coronation Day. ri Teceley pecuniary reward The
, om™ harrole ( ls Excellency G uale ontana” was second andj she ao:
i E"OxkEe Bile pt asi barrels Cement at Trint’ | seats a con cTaletosy eleweean to | the ** California” and "*Missionipt™ will
dal Shipping and Trading Compan'y | Setitraie Wenlen Vraceser ey | be Glsewed, aa stat ahipe for’ goo
Liack Stores, by F. J, Scout and Hon | wastho result of [ts reception: but-} “sbbwing.” The “Preble” won the

heed x“ Q vam al:

( . aa, wheo it waalearnt that the pot- [trophy in the torpedo-boat destroyer

oa Cutlasscb, Buckots 5.4.“ Sdbo" leaves: terage cost from Princes Towa was | Class. Another competition began Ist

ihe dba’, rages for Demerara. | no lows than £4 20, (#150) the follity | October.
« . occasione: o tot that on —-

Coaland Jron Pots The London Elecite Theatro—S and | 88° wras sontew hat dainpenedy bit jane Tandon Direct, Ling Hoamner
' . . not possible, seeing the importance of [ *Serraca”, 2,312 tons, Captaln Hunter,
Ropes, Twines and Lincs BP p.m. Mayaro as # ecaport, to hive electric Fartived yesterday afternoon from

k . High Wator Morn G41 Even 1.00 p.m. communication vith the east coast of Lon adoa via Berbides and Grenade
. . 00 pe a In tl terest - | \ na general cargo,

* \Nails of all description, Huntiees +. GAS aH | evaes of orders of, progress there | tons. patent fuel and 6 parcogers

eS ick,

Sun sets » + 6.20 pias | should be some sort of quicker comma: | From London t=Me, and Mrs
jalwanized Iron-plain and ee nication Yhan thet now obtaining by few Fs sonteduine ie Bede tele
corrugated. : SEE PAGE 2 FOR > jma --- tas aad fron! Barbados—Mr, J, Tapp,

. , - & . No appoiptment will be made to the ane
- {Cement, Bar and Hoop Iron , ph Blecirte ! Tramw ty it Magistiacy of La Hires till after they At, Chatham Dockyard | recenilt
i ta An Iaternation sl Com. | contivmatonof Mr, T, Js ae oJ ss
. . . ° Regist i tke following obsalete Biltish war
t Pat nts . Oils, Vanisnes mercial Clubs fan Feraando Eee ee tee att weave, ete. ti Teafa ars 11,910 tons
4 sroUug: OU ole + | no appointnient will be made to the [dispL, » t, Ww compoun

.} Stop Rot, etc.. drew's Gulf Club. vosteat Chief Cterk in the Siargeon armor and protective deck tating,
SEB PACE 5 F eneral’s Office till Mr. 1f G, Pasea’s | weighing about 3400 tons wil tripe
, UR appointment to the magistracy of Toco | engines of 7.000 Lh.p, 5 " Pique,” 3,60

ti 3) tone displ; 80 feet {n length, ateel
natn ntl 6 Sa cis Heat ec a
Robert Lindesay who stowed awa nes of 7,! Ped 8,

fron, Demerara the other May, aed od displ, 30) feat jn length, steel
waa afterwards convicted at the La} builé with triple engloes of 7.00

Osty Police Court,

Our Article on “ The Wee'-
ern Schol Question.” Ste

And for Everything you require

{bp.: fron. atoreship + Industry,”
‘ h H * preme Court. Bree Volice Court and sentenced to 8 11 TE one displ. 118 feot ta length,
int 8 ardware line, SEB PAGE 10 FOR vu board the as, Grown of Navarrete | Sted with dt contention enginest
‘ Count Wattle on ths Lords. taken buck to Demerara, Setance," 005 tans displ Oo fh in

The members of the Unique Friedd- | length, aud fitted with eu
ITEMS OF NEWS, —~ | Yotisiety ere remundedos thele ater alpacas, sold for £21300, the

le te

— Hight at 7 orclock and are particularly “Pi we for 211,500, the “ Tribuoe” for

The Bermnuda Colonist says that | requested to attend. £10, and the “Perseverance” for
“more than three months have el ngecl ! to = £1,000, The “Industry” wee with-
since the Hon, H, OU. Gollan left Bers Sie Juhn Anderson (Governor of the | drawa, ‘
muda to take up his new piipolntinent Btrajte hettlement#), Sir IL Mosketh
in Trinidad. No officlal tutimation of | Bell (Governor of Northern Nigeria),
the appointment of a successor has [and bir Suluey Olivier (Governor of
transyured noreven the suggestion of | Jainaica) bad audiences of his Majesty, TOWN BOARD.»
powible or probable names, We are] the King recently, * —— “
Mare inet Loomis daiticutty Intectect’ | A dividend at therate of 1f per EOF UP RENEW ED CAKIELS
nro! odsome dittculty in select- videud at th: al 0 CO SC! NEWED +
Ingacapable anan to accept the post, | per apaum aoe ate Mag? capreal CONSIDERABLE DISCUSSION,
owing phe smallness of the uilary at | stock of the Hank of Nove Scotia for > —
tached, aad they are perhaps haadi- | the quarter ending Sth Juno 1911, has MARKET AND AHATTOPR MATTERS.
capped by the h Ka standard of eflici-. } been declared. _—=

— . Atthe monthly meeting of the Town

ency In work set by ite last occupant.” % .
We hear that the men who asslsted | Board bold in the Port-of-Spald Town

in taking froa thi rocua | Hlallyesterday morning there were pre
wyhiet drifted from the ct on lighter gente jon, dam, Bath (Chairmen)

x aby » Ee
Teds éurwyor have been remumernt- Prada, De 3. It Biextoa, De. Ge H.

The followin has been gent ud for
ublication:~—The imenibera of the
rogrens Syndicate Ltd. ave reminded

of the inoetlug which takes place to-

day (Fi iday ats pan. to consic ler sone M — Batt t

very serious and impottang matters . Bi a -

Including nomination Me ofluers dc. Chief Clerk Ua the sEneura® net 3 E. Drayton with J, A. Lamy. (Town

at a icouthly salaty of g12) (the | Clerk) and He Vs Acton

ad The “Northéiu News” of Montego | same as bie predecusoor) {p snecess! Enstvees
T q. - Hay (Jamatcah states, Uiet uth ta the late dir, P "Viccent held’s rolnutes of the regular meeting
Rh ” rr rene u fo ‘ost OF TMer. Jd. VL eld on May Z5 ere con .
oe read Silk flee eoroey the revelation that tons dats tiers Gueteede Ne THE \ BATH GATHOUEâ„¢

Unless you use Hose letters mualled fully (cu pears ago} Dean aa Assistant ooL.

havd allthis thue been atthe Vost [et a reducod calary ote Cee Dr, Mawon, with the leave of the

boots or Uncle Gitloe wand pat sent to hele destina- | monthly ising to $0) by two annual | Board, presented a petition in, favour

The lett found | be 1 ftheapplication by the Aschiblsho
Sam trouser straps, you should wear silk forwarded to “the Postutaster-General Bae tts Phatterke Pe aenton of Porta ‘spalar for the reuewal of the
hose entirely this season. They're ‘no

for Jamal lease of the lands upon which bbe
ur Jamaica, of Ailng the vacancy in the Towns |e 0) cSt clot tants and

Male Fivancsal wenibers of the FL (Jerks ublley bas bows referred | ue asked that It be laid on the table.

n . ° the General | Purposes Committee 7
7 or a luxury. Phoenix silk hose— M1. Miendly Suckety are asked to [of the Town b The Chairman paid, there was
. y whom these

. - , . reaeinber that the bpecial tl another cammunicatlon frout the Ine
“pure, shimmery thread silk—cost no Uy eaniievation ot the rule wands | Bape ents Weremaratltied youters babliante drocnd, Victoria Suuare
i tok’ . . a rainal e" ee, ~

Ay more than good cotton hose. eee ‘ astaut, Ly a majolty vote and after mach | _ Both documenta wore iv
The Loudon Chronicle ayer ‘The | Jincuwlos. the lands ondwhich the | ORNEHAT PURDOQSES COMMITTEE

, a Heet-novelist whoin we h hith if ave" Ci ‘he adoption of the report‘of the
Box of 4 Pairs $2. Warranted ‘|e hown su Fathce Males tus Sen wands uses Witouls usr. iit Jcucral” Borposee ‘Couisiien «wes
° son id nen Aluuslgtor uso Ble | agsia leased ta Hig Grace the Arche | MOvEr:
haw been tabeal to that THE SOHOOL QUESTION,
toWear3 Months Without Holes hay Lovers tabeal fo that, rung uf the | bebop of WutolSpelu for year | puncinal emong the inetters dealt
out payabe on tha loase
he will probably ascend Goneiderably | le $57, 00 per anuuid, ‘Tha debate | with was Lhe question of the renewal

bigher. tle fe th 1 of 10U8 of tha lease of the Western Catholic

If any pals shows a hole within three months creer Ae an Anita Archbleheg | On tue subject fe reported’ elsewhere | hy Nchool or the sale of the echool
we will exchange them for a new pair—free, gulng over ta tance, Mf Henson The total nuaber of ngere | anes A sub-cominitiee of which Dr
* aa t * i} ee ae wae rman su 6

Pheenizallk hosecome {nall thenewmen’scolors , uel Authority © ete have? foal taselled to and frum all stations by | following report In which the geusral

waany Miner Efe has ale expert Itallway from Wedneedsy lastta Ba' conmittee concurred

4 e Fae ru f
Come ta and Lot ‘Muka o FR . fed in the elbows dratae, A tnd, Geropation week), wes BEE of tow’, have the honour to report as
conte u play ol ead 2m * | uftpain aud 1,30 Jourgeyed ty Banfers
Fiona 81) . timed vyrmun of the carer of a y 1 -On the Ith A 1088, the
wate Gusyre Ae - fost of Aire faye beeen peoduced woe ——s ‘ pests Lopdonla tou uae teatro
robe of paasege £r0 UPS Ig g—ALWAYS |" aaa a We are pleased to learn that Mr. | bblocs Pearse on whieh was tq be
BRUPANO: ir Westleau, the Lhemerara race lured face ae {Vout luda Oil Lo. ree ervoted a building ” to Me oud, dor the
See 4 eels: ' t) Tposes

, "AT, & eR es . Jeaves fur home next I ‘ * "| oycle acuideut be Daw out again bal DCH esaty age Jeave, was for 0

yao wr. of Juve $4 Ne . The Westinsinater Gasctle anent tir — rn the 13th Ave tie ©, on
pas . nf ‘ot Wilts Laurier « spoec! eit yi] AG & ceqular, peeling | of the yOu thelith Muay, “ath the ‘Town
* pa aU. Pedittervichen* ty always be a source of theta | St Ann's al Nash id held | Comuilestoners granted « further lease
J et of frelgbt $2 P- Freach (anadisy pay ¥ a give lng yestonlay afternoon it was unani | of 25,00 square fect, at & yearly reatal

by [tate wiand landed tribute wo Aicitiah suo Bously deonied by a fully doostituted | of $4190, which also expires Ja 1013.

‘ Passongert will be era ber tach & Z oo { that the muon by which » cheap took piace taiwten i 1a Grace
Bubsoribers to the proposed € bnea| rate was levied should stand. i aod the Towa Oominie

PY bounpany's own oteat re nish are otra , the AnDblabe
‘ pockal tewarte articulars apply at { Meus Ualun ere a uded of We Th bal Hooers, the (ormer aurend dela
For all further P ’ iy bo be S {it gonnee on there pond wilt ley oe L you bus eee ary} et Vistorla Square for en
H O N Le ala He ae | Ramu APE IERCR S | eear Spal aka

Marine Fquare -


tr %

‘keen vhrenY amr my

iu jot ryseived 25 to 30,000 yards Smbro
pire, which wo are offering to the ,b

_ wee *

aoeoy 7 ge . S Wid of.
woe” Go nee “a hoe ‘5k Oobats
tk, oer na 18 cows
od af

High Qualty & Low Priva Oar


“ae =

apmproy gy ia tases Sngy SUPREME HARE.
staan i Tish dated 7 ey cee ad ned
informations . . for K betta
ve sbboates by the - OF l tate an Gt you wedey— Thee are to

eos een Oy meme wrt,
Sa re SR ewe ane

on arog Ot 58 Onis
eek, ab a8 coats per peal.


The report me a enole was een adoptnd.

* ae net Se

ou he, wenuton by thesub- |X’; tter dealt wilh by 8 pnb it Leet te ta the “Detention ; areeague sen 0

tnt * theit report of the | committes of which in Viewa
worden oe vthe school's lensé } chairman was an silerat agsinst theron the same day. " Shes
‘Grace ie Are | on employes of the Tos Pre be: What chiefly concerns the

btation, bat, asa anatter of

Bostd to
thier bacetin, "Mla Grace sald he ver of thy Pumplog Station, bend connexion With the mutter, is the
Vie: | iain pre&e to buy the lands and griver was ats at atfered statement made by Mr. mien,
Bo (the speaker) Ubought it would be} to sellte Mr, Tappia of the Match fort nelther the ‘tees por he

tt | more sa ary that they should be | yactory engineoil and tallow, the ued be Mia, Milter, «nade int
Pree! putright “at # reasonable | properly of the Boar, and that he gairies as to what bad become of
the offer under an assumed the
Be Macwon pool thtok the ‘iluation name bat ‘was recognised by Mr We Meoordingly tailed 0 the
het he Town Tappin’s foreman. Un being quew Manager for an er} laa nes to N
nee be sited bo put tefore the I tioned’ by the Town Engines¢ Mr, t wa le for a,dead
Board Soden denled the charge but sub- animal to be the Mts.

nov. t to,

The haltman pal that the valua- tly admitted {6 before the sub- tion and destro: ¥
tlondld not arias on that polut, ‘Qnee | eofamittee at whose inceting he was bis Y
they recogained that echools were | present by suinmons, My. en's ‘Mn Twleslére, te they
hecessitiog, he pursued, they must | Nlenissal was recommended by the eierti that be, Loe s pwlestre,

offioar in | . ra
farperttall exist somewhere or anothers they [ sub-committee, approved by the ly k hen th ee { Ee e Detent " , 1 ‘ c
cy might be & ubante buf an pnavoida- neral, pominittec and effected by wan brought to the Station, but “ of the pees ise ine ait OW Q 7 wi
When th ¢ Government sold | the Board. that, in” aceordance with t big Pointers reply, dated oh June a "
3 . e os
oe - ¥

lo's The other recomtmnendationa in the usual practice, he bad, before. ad- 932.3
the [reports of the Waterwoiks and mittinge ft, telephoned to. notlty | (We recottnend :—
BHewerage Committee upon the Water Ar, Miller, from-whom, however, That it be an tnatruction ‘to the Man-

be a nulsand to the he pould wt ne rey; and that ager of the A Atettolr end Detol tion
nel ea that @id not tropble the works, and Sewerage matters were the burn had blation to admit a!
Valueof the land.” ‘There wdre seven ABATTOIR, AND MARKETS. . heen carried out br bi re hd animal tato ths
dation sie years mors befwiw the lease "expired, ‘The reports of the genesal and sub- La co in wemed Sitigirat the

and it washardly reasonable to eup- | comuittees were as below i~ Asto to the, general pract!

“a dead anininis, or
; QUESTION, pose that the Satherities would
~ NEW FisH Taptia. we were informed the Man-
Mr, Inuine naked a for the Anything hore than to patch 1 the A niemoranduw from the Towa En: auger that each Sauitoald are edault-
af thao unsightly | etrueture if they | gincer, dated 1June til éed only on orders given either, by
pret ‘leaso or buy the | the fish table at tthe Mr, Holsslére or Mr, Miter, but
Atted with “Terrazo” top eas bee nee that when such oni eo from
er, Drayton was in favour either of for some time and bas proved antisfactory, Bir, Lotsel¢re the exatn at hrough! 6 inte the gation during
@ renewal of the lyase: or the purchase and askiag far autbotlty to have the ‘Animals, is whenever penctlcs oa bey the preceding mon

of the spot. Jn the event of arenewal, |frmsining twelve gables ftted with nolitied felore the anne! is sree ibe following crate
he ‘thought the amount payable er is, made, In thie year's eatt- | - celveds Tle adn WG above, | tious to take ths place of the Pat two Srinees ot ot oeld sy ed ina tdscufi or glaaa Take.
more thart bat recommends tea for these alate. ted on the mers.rerbal state vi tesapoonfal of this’ ratioa ong of the
ed by the committees We'have autherisea the Town En] ment of the, men who brought it on i bet guandity om the ‘surines Few of bs ae and
; eee to Mr: Dyett sald, he came there With lop the required “ Terrazo” “that It hed teen sent by order of ' o tims oie
be ey = a an open mind and rather in favour of remalotng bles at the Karket, see Bape ta This mipute stat tier Comrltice w mm deal wel whi oi add twe ace . .
heatin whe hat Bee School, but afler PROPONED AVPOINTMENT OF MANAGER OF £ 8p parently by may of pomplaln jotting ofthe wth pa tbe weoond” spoon fel in sho-ageee wey the Sway Tate wil!
earing whey 0 four not haa eight a ag | | THEDETARtION eraTiON an aureTaxt tyne tt re Dotaaltre, fa the a wit forza “pal ene freo from hoary eos ‘
he did | fie Feet thal th Aweré trustegs of the | Leiter of the Colonial Seéretary, No 14S Saturday ph ooh
mud bo ust town of Port-of- Spain and they shoul Aeatichane, Witt Tes’ la rept aa seit to onan Y, THREES DOSS: aad say “Wheth
ser the creution of w Shotsliow thelr Se si i Sec fs sin oalwtotegtt fo the enquiry made ia the Dosal’ iether clicrimg thet Bre seat oe re | < ‘th dne-not: improve i -you. +. 2 ~
ESSE = aes men
mb eet ey : 5 mers
™ eee ‘with, toe pat SOLD WHOLESALE AND aera
r . ed *
: LED . > py! ;
7 One of -~BY—
, shittes in reper’ ofths 6th
May Ivil, wae wt
moans should be adopted for dietogag, S, NG &. 60
Seer oei e eae ALEX. LAT ‘
into the Mackst direct so
_ on the day om whieh it le Agents. *


ee Sai kta =) “ra ENGLISH PRARMAGY,
fj} su on iat ator he | pe DERICK sraetr i Telephone a, 60.

o Toyal. Subjects All. -

« ye


eran d’s Best.


epeneen, Comer tne pen SERED Gee St enews

ton wae f y
ng ember

After caretal | i Liset.Col er leave

ond i 5 wy

pane 39 Broditcation

hey now stand
ee ‘attag tots

Own te selartes) The Clerk of
tas soe site
receives + a Lin, mS Pils

the ms
perviges | and te te, rent at

we . fica ith cS aoe | a WARNING,
> we. wos the eon. oO

am Ww - & CO.


rf wat Mr ireight
will be ¢ ats aod ded fe
ach cod later wheo the

7 see fat $s toed bv
te Asi aed
Sompange erase ppel oa ba wgepanih Ny’ re sidiewel eS seats will be sie este hoe
ere MPA A Ores 1 1 a j | gare safe ar “SHE woopunooK ESTATE,
COMPA = nay oa tax ofthe Market Smal ~} bagertain renee tae ve Heard

Marine &qua a L £

t| With out Rival


a drinks in clean bottles,

“a a.

RIDAY, JUNE, 1911 _, ‘

sony a= Pe TE 7 hed beep samt? nee G
7 ; i been , c ~
° Nan ee es h ae fend, the Yee ts
; ; we yh been nie

orks and that]

2 . . “° = 5 rn fe pe saroes ee = fee OAPIAN,
7 ta “ b ao ex) 3 me ‘ : eon ora Rati eng ’

oh * 7 * 1 n eee . a ee i
5 | pam oe ig tnt cru ae te tow inet wor OnAly
cay! eas eS 7 i * ’ ei] |odun x 4

, _— ; 4 ’ ' Fo kode hapeaned cease peters eg v Sati | eect aay wrest rise m "oat Owx, or oy.” '-
: “7 ‘ . om, pe setherien SR ict ’ aren nin, ecgume Ireve bor Se gtd KITCHEN RANGES... OR.
a eat eane eran | ergata eaneare - pea 6, 3, POR WEDD OM COAL.

* wetted
a ny I¢ vod mitges, 33,000 aque driven frewu pilter to post
Sie SATA. . Sestoe oe “ed were Re aren ups n * Rind a Beh ie hat rec de WITH. OR’ WITHOUT BOIL

ea wt Me ot Iitide over #4 foreered lene ot
‘ er ni , ’

“ . sews as | those peven: lots wers built op thers chisere er ith the ads ae
+e c se . . art oe fer ee rental wrog $900 per month. | thon in. the same manner awh ey
- Guarantee” oi Cerinaion oe ca iret dO caret maja ase, grmtnon oh | CO 00 DWI iL E & WI LSo


"fom would oe seven [yttagrg gt am imum | sue, poy should eae ines

Scie ) house rater they were, [it In the came apirit in which it
ins (oe ates cng in “8s ne ent tot had been considered the Yorough - —
” . annually, Counell and the Towa missioners, s Li M ITED. mn MT a %
: NAR rated et Dr, Vrada ald, ho bed wery Little tn fon gs
e APBLY: TO, *, ie ath and although | add to what Dr..Masson had ao Yery | = eee Er RgU eee ees
a cpewerage and wate: cee wellsald, But there were oné or two
at *a Very wnall ralcwdation. peints he felt [t his ‘duty to refer lo
out not onl lyst 72 cent on | and the fret point was act Implled -
ot re rev bub alsa upon | accusation on tha of Mr. Vieira * E
the rcené which “iba ouken that the report for which he'(the Ci a
Als om cn Sie Ieper Wael talrio the arpayer | peusen ure lig had ben holding FS
a ie 18 ere TMizan iv Ohh mn holdin, -
“> ene iio nts tay unt es that they should allow the lease tee | polile etlecercat least he bad beet

thoes go
‘and hear ihe on Tor aboot 4 ‘90 years and doring that | serving the public,, for a good long Faye and knows that NO home {s ompleta cia without

tiene love ali the re thi id | while ng ins thought that the
ae Hime loae all the 3 Thee of WAT ule Lac nope sation of taking oa partizan IANO and NO Fiano ots this elimais, of ours en

pen lar and sebetantial buildin, ite
dn ki with the ‘residences 1a Vi

dein glow of the fect that the
h Couns ip less these lauds

thought they should entourege as] vi in an paiticul patter
much as. possible the edacation of} was one which be could affunt

People which was falrand right, but | to overlook ear hear He ¢
at the naiwne tiuse they must dispore of | was asked to Por ondtier the inatter and BRINSMEAD, AN 0 t i 0 OR A AORTEE,
precuiz | reaatneliey sonstler commecreannes | Seve had been tha: report rbich bed
le, FTINON-801
ee and its tne oilzatin ta 9-0 Dusiners way Yale and had thers been | beou presented. Ne, T Grant. stated, These PCANOS are MATOHL®SS, and are the choles.ef,
Tutention was, lahd must have been | 29 other #; tin the locality where the that apparently, probably expressly, in _. ople here who know Pianow
by bhe Jeases ta be), to’ con: | School could have been built, it woukd ttizan report that the potltion Do not hesitate soy longor, call pad- sea the mony

hi Ist be adiiferent matter. That spot was a a proprietors sround Victoria
tinge the ,ezinence of, Ube at tool 90 } ean rel ta, Firet difforent styles in stock xt tho Warehouse, 1¢

patablianed, fl proved to 080, 8a:C08e, | raat ewealk Tor a boy ee | ofall the, petition wea a, petition Ua flord the caskeegy year:
- @ Horou nett woul minu ‘or B or | of all, the on was & potitlo’

fave ben not mer Pot tedistorban}a girl from the present site to | the Board, Pine petition did not come 5 nyovi & casi Teo, you gah arrange ta. wy a ’
inatitution whetrthe evidence before us| there. Now,: seven lute of Jand at | before the General Purposes Com- conyoulerics, . #§

wa abewrs, that tia schoot, which hes twea Wewdbrook would fetch a rental of, 3 mittee and Personally | before the bhould you wish" to exchange four old Fostndnabt.,

more © month while some fetched as high ion was res nv the ioand he
to ts 3 Acegssorigs 2) Toure, has beeu emlnep ly succesful Eo a51 but putting it at ius lowest, £3, | knew | nothing whatever abous ite en wae slewod full value for it ia part eynnviet ;

hit peemg us seven ates was $21, For those rea- | Thevefore,Ubero was no reason why a 6né,

a atrong moral obligation under,
sons he begged to support Mr, Innias’ | J¢ ehoult have been referred to iu the
wrbich may alihost be sald Lo be one of | Contention that it vee pot desirable, | rept. There was one argument Now Music, Small- Instruments abd

“thet Facil salons but alto to aitord inf the Juterest of the geveral tax | based on that petition and that was
acl s a
swetor Cars for. Bale, Trial runs B. a] ford han ove, a one which oneally pozer, te lease ttré land for another { that the swine pre rutosted Rites the ln large variety aod atall priced.
va OCES.O! Ca 1
Bgeycpurchasers. Sole Agewba’ for THE HUD:| Uiiinestinenun Me, Giant con stated toe epi per proteet and ft waa wought to make NEW ARRIVALS JUST OP@NED UP,
° r Amorica’ sibest Motor Car} “ AMEND TAXREFORE fee a“ that animpostan$ fact, Ie left it te
'b eth “Teanon be ed fo: mitteo on the évidence of care, time rd of to
pethod of thinty y Jeare 0 § | and labour expended in getilog up tt the @ Lon ther the of commonectisg t .
orhet ation” on which | TePort, but thet wasns ne a . ad fr t the awoer who THE PIANO W of
: \ , = ENT ihe ae cet nteds is 8 unuities of ¢ oft nen sunpeed le Nved ata dislance.or the necnpiur who ‘Phone 446 a Bt:
, LARGE ASSORTM! é tie Grace the “Archubahep ea raph 16 84a tooo after the nteresta ot the | Le was nig ot by sOremohy atone .
— OF, + j aie: vers’ Lave cometto the | cre who li exdetl opposite
- . +n tur cpr Bewenn ‘Mee rae wee thatthos had. He looked another schuol, the Wichiwond Hiteet eroeer

x pe

: ‘fa + aie SC POSITION: atthe wstion in much the 0 WAY | 35.43, and NM neemed curious that 6
° TOR SUPPL | gue, Ha OPRomaran | Sar, stented auneaod owed enov | Maruinrel ty ins coturen ts 20] TAMPORT AND MOLT: LINE OF!
s granted the Jase while the place. wae | ‘The land ou Prvbich the echool was Yaiera ore eet TE ot De os

PEAVY ‘GROOVED TYRES—760 x 90 and ‘10 x80 ao ture and there wae no | si '
. Inner Tube to Suit intention | i yinake ie residential $5100 perannan| ed a gnoulions His “fale eee feat of ben Vida BARBADO TO" are "YORE,
, UKLDS— give old covers new lito fed 1 here, When th 7 we that exis yobre’ aga | ‘The condi- reine a and Mr. Graot, Mr. en ati
BZING TATERIALS, — Valve grin ding and — be dame lease for 30 yenrs is sorte they 4e one her diferent now, Vielis especially was saturated with : Leave Theo, | Anaive New Youu
BCABBON REMOVER, doubles the lileiof Motors Thought he was 'e mnember of the | Woodbrook rates they wauld get #38 fore viewed every ing wach eae | BYRON April vo Ju Bet zat ® mr
ily BEARK PLUGS to tuit}ll Motors there | fase soy ‘intention that they Sir aie revenue ota taken miwater | befora the Bourd ‘from s purely Lisl) VASARE wwe ‘Apul se oh ya
% should be cainpelled to renew the lease | and newer would be 6345 added to ness stand. at tak u w TENNYSON M 108 Mey Uiait | !
éc-allZqurposes . gould oc ena re understood ie that | Svuthey had $407 while the coneniviee Tea thet while Tbehieve we |YOLTAIRE = ea aw a7th J 4
. " aed ‘them to accent #708. an tee | should give every facility it should BYLON oe som 1k

because they put upa bulldog aeked 3

RAMPS for oil and Acatyione, . wi ich, on thelr own showing, was not | ye De ried
. a, resumin,
of any wea now, for it bad ‘not even | {he proporty to tbe beneds of the rato. | UF perience of Mrs Vistra when Dry

- . Qiyese 10 Tasted”ont the 80 years. He did not | payers offer tho’ managera, 8 ite tue First, Second & Third Clane Acoomssed.
BRO S AIND C of Ubink bb goubdl sey there wroulil be Seats goad without loss to echool Hatnawick “Square fad also ta seay For rates of pastage money sad’ all furtlter Infcrasation, sppty ta

= ae fe Rett l svue | dugeseenanin toe Bont Aongs | Rn afoul goed ae

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~ precloded from Audlingsnythlog but btrange there wee no men a Doard of that sort bysineay tuen ate

a'dwebing-house, and sf that was so | apotstion in band. In paragraph 6 the of grvst value. | Hut everything wes | Terernone No, 182. *

} s not sordid business in thle world.
surely jt was not just to give other | negotiations of the. Town onnuise There was a lite sentiment la

ceey on on conditions different spoke! a “informa
peoples ught the contention if comer et yok carne to nothing poetry inlife. If they were ta taken 0 = eoro= =
those whe. signe the second petition | The Commissioners made. ore pRrely com corpmercial ylew of the matter
wasn ve ons and ought to bave that-a body of mea ald salty: ey would certainly condemn the
preat weight wth the Board. Those | make. Town Cegpulesioners who derived t ine
who wrote ths rere obi ola aid not JIE RESPONDENTS: wchene lor Victoria Gquary

live therqand were only aqare wasa very large spot of stidaie

not be to the extent asked for.
tre, ibe loss would be $17,010, Bell senda they had

uy * STOCKED ,1N IN EACH, the sentimental point Dr, Massou' said, the arguments of | and he did not ee why It should no 1
: "wh ONALLY WELL poe could argue that eh Tonlss seemed to_be confined to have, gona to the benefit of the
G@ DERPARTM ‘Vizte ‘ous that the Boand woul be for if turned Inte money it Brand
OF oe PTOLOWING ENTS, nest to, ‘est vrill “oe 4 polnlag the Board would be | people, for i turned. in hat A bottle}. ol.

uote in that of the town Jf | 81: hear bear) 40 | Coat RL0 each, mole
and Bore, ott be, boys. they allowed the Pehnel ta continue, iergs gubi burb ik like Lelingnt had no hous sec, but mind It's

; ‘ernsel lie thhe speaker) challenged that state- | aquare. Mr. Vielra j—Poor Dulmont!
ER Al. H AR D: WA R E, ef ctoet | one sire would SAIS, | mont, because both ia tii deads which (ihughter). ' 3
: sa row bu ona sould not do better, | the Hoard made between epplicants for | ye, Prada s—J Ly usl
bo bad seven or {ota in Vieto io Banepa god hemecives contiuere Mrumenty nieog your
wee eee and the conditlonsof the leases there ,
5 ‘_ Greole ” Made Furniture, ragiicn and one wae nothing heels aby oer ths wate iit soe tue erase
eof ors. ur ies of whicl log alongeld de of a house t Dr. Prads sald, tho {ho Tote it Victoria

5 eometay tna ni
7 didatt she give | leased by the Board for the barkdiog of Byuare bad net been wold Bb an en a
INA ‘AND: GLASSWARE. gi Bacto the, poor bya (aah | an rte aed faainy any eet | Lone Mined ard other plas whens ie ver 1a ve

at van, als ditions they diked with other appll- | bere were ue aqared, ‘That was rel
re wf + s a [Mes Trenies tfthe sayend, Contlous eee ven an epplicant apy ied Dl Ao argument of bia, but fe cited it to

he sald, a echool should be put enaut, show that they sho hot» ala beoa veout
whose it, would” not" be Ae ee ee tell ta themecives the viow ing pe pared front the cumuacrs The’ houso ol 1 farted & Co. bie, ish
ursead the | iMitio mane any other covena Dk they cial « ~ duniae said that. Close on, iwo,ceénturjos and’ dicing all mere of ita exis

vs The bottle with{‘the famous.


3 fhe persons in b 7c) iy) was a msoulineoter and i be
BUCrens z me revo | liked with any other applicant, When | LIES 82.007, tna ices | nes always bhipped:
eo eu: at by tiroedial applications there was, no, Victoria | Sapp e ihe tieltend eck is toy
on’ WwW! rs
. iuere scheme “at all. ‘The Board | part of the clelleed wold wit | The Best that can be at
oo ov) and’ no other | & echnol was cons ered m place ut pale Never accept any sabatitute.”
eer, tage pylied | fle utility was shown by tha aery fact “TUST A G
> PI it d. Ww eat the oat cuvenaptad with fan ist | ALLG bal sows aup that, dayeand a TAS a
2 hin ke age thang peat dove a wo Sr. lee contenon bouse rete. frum schools Just as tb

ad ARE. fea naked formsoupt tase other site, flee wot Geeta Tool a did no} exact Any frou chores.
¥ Mo Vieks Mr, Joobs for | not think My, Tia iis dent foe’ ta | There sree no dint that as he, use,

many i pea curdln, ta the rq [his golleegues . 3 pete rouge a4 Ube eros sald, that one Gonneil
puctbtd c ke! when he t ny a grec! jeaae for e thas
iven ta the, in the "polnt ths i dene Coun | they bad no flea at the end of Shat |} .

ND waToHm ‘

: torent of the yer speyers on th he fell on the leas ta the } thusty bend the schoo! to another
a a ° ae *AND TRUNKS Lg. Wiealong aia bad, ihe’ repore bs beat Se Eee at he ticue Uacatinn the | place if was the miccensful.
“oo : . jew ELLERY. ‘' ee . writter Ly the mai ctthe tchoot } piace wasaduaping ground. |} Jle-did | was ue doubt that thar eh iaawes was ’
.f + LLS YAN D, : he did not think ley Ubcnavel rea not b sbiuk they aid ony atled a toe (ist at thaend of t the tase Lbo «
DOL y could have written a gure partist re: | ygit. Aloreover, Ube rack | It wycoomfully established, would ob- t
. STATICN Ys BOOKS ee than, ‘her ble one, because, when we The tradtuops ve The tt go baek taloa rehewal of the lease. Tale, for
. “aes _ the conditlos of the | Guanell and they woul) ste ener {nstance, thé-cass of the Richmond Wr be. te
silty, , een mo ae tee 0 ren the predecestors were always very strongly Btrey 12 ‘iO Bahook 16 whe pb Lat z ac
us ° lotta, wae Biveas with present peasy ta schon, ¢ for ‘th ty put years dagatt war rained: bat in ban Trinidad oO the

‘Y found thing tire! ly granted Ienyes nee Was Kl wiven Itby the Town

etenand, i iw those days the el rf Sioned ebools, wR "ticle Gommitssione: thal wea not sa

Lourhucd was a dumpiug-ground for Sie eee olaudad lbat t the far Lack, Atl pei toe Comule- Lonaus

the rubbah of the town, and even pely Jn pry valup Dow ‘ian sionere bad tbe idea of turning that

= scat See coat Wey icc aaron pr | unr nt eat ng “ad


Peaaor t fair Ju ioterto nt or poe wet t they lured the Arce Ines vasing & large piece of the Boerd'’s and arg rv red ‘to .

sl, eno tere Ci fo geptirun ocutatlon athe | ands they wince oot fran, the Ly ELIE of Warr
. exempt from houses rc ay
as, eet they wees | Thiet, ete aul “that 1 Seba beune | comma ota choot brioy aa tae Dreiilecs, Shops ve

as a
b, thi hools had bears, treated fa- { stitatt f public uillit that it >
Gitetedir vatalle supine than Dother val tunga, fagh not i pe treated on the saiue MoODE.~ 5 on © a a
tocbargs,' ut anes t And it wadnotin a spirit, of commer, toes as reelde lan te rv idetndal ~ ad ‘ .
of dollars bad been speny ta Lopeoring, ‘Galina that they were ta fouk upon f puiat out that ia May B-day

RA 28 Howry or
} Breet wey,—Jely 208

Sh RENT, —, 140 Tre
wontaining two ;

room, “front walle


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sims fe vin,
eb wall, kooed i

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ning drawing, a!
the wavelet

eto streets

3 bedrocensend ogee
ef os ait

R'SALE— Pure Milk jn-Bea ead

a bottles sent. ont any uowe 4

MOH SALE vines 0) VaR bul
‘abe tor Biker; buebar?: -

B. Bode Water
fe A bere!

Ser re Et,
Gn Pint

io ugdonal

hb avd Bewer
Pyioe” $80)

wi a
&T.) LTH,

together with

ri” tame «reimela son


2 On ante OR BENT ~
‘ all pony

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6 Firef-clane 8905 ve



oumen ot gt ao .

. yA TED.—A Goat coe
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For all further


gers will be einbirhed

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nye ened tpeaklng ppanieh are
particulars app5ie, "end there


Marine Equare | Pins

, “Sou ”

arte Road


coe CUIEPING MACHINES fot df each

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5 ES Cons. heel ile

soul oblnese Lanterns. | os.
o returury

Iiatg ef fe of Sretebe

Siege Iie

ir TEE, ener aoe

ad Fw!

HADD oe, ~

cream, |;


CRONEY. & co")

een entamemeeenen

Piano ‘Tuition,


Arely ie _AGOSTINE
Qooen' 6 Park East,


73 Hexry Srarrr.
‘ NR * | cidin uaner, No; oe

Vag, Sd a ex Recent Th ‘Annual Eieotiva
OAARIAGEâ„¢ HARWESEI Gh Tally tal uel

“(Blosen and ladkye | (fics 8 Ano 'sebétweest “ithe
hourg pf 11 a.01. and’6 PRT on

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seats 0 me members

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‘hastens Setare pace is F
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lormabd thesecaooe iw writing

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“Oathdlic F lic Fr iendly.


Wrox Joly Jens ‘uader the Amepde!
Males Ube mestiog shit - of thle
4 | Dual, will be oe \ wey ica cad of

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Rec oeary.

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4 Famous rele ate
ieee cured hyodreds $f
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Hewatant Home anf! 6, Sat

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Dish Jone, 101):

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T moderate lotercers ta ond sym, of
maller same, to oalé Borrowers, on,

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sieved toa ‘By $9 Dundyogld Ytyee Lyiwo' sx


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oD BLOUSES G0, ‘ra0 nye:

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and Leather Be qise'-2e, se, C20
‘VALANOE. Nets,— ‘Lovely D
ecinrre, « opr rare arta tea Dowel,



20. cents, 4 oout’98 cents

| wh ite Cotton Sheetin
Bao 3860, and dic. 2




‘yiuine sheet &

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t < Quen, dhaaw.: AND way ware}!


8 pose, » ‘bons, i pola, -


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; tic fe Prine,

“Lion Brand’


The undo sigcod ora ‘nor: ofr

& consignment of
pia, ‘Brazil,| - EB

“4911 aT BuIA OE RATES

one of the
LY, $1911, Wig enti mijet hy she odio d adrencod fy
Prof seice, for the ‘use of iifeats

xcelient Milk

Quality afwa a Reliable,

) sdjPamiongers: GRELL & Co. Lid,

one apply to an mesiew,

TT & GO, | Herr

PURT-OF- oerorsnixn’
baepay por JUNE, 201s


t, Viacent nie .
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was marshalled Lato te we

member forâ„¢ Belmont
[his soticitude for the

game, and we do not grudge
te1R4 hisopportuulty of * catch=
feather.” ,The watter was

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BN fact of ita rena

ety: a
Justice Stat t
0 i dela

tiset thy dteoug
swhich the


to bare the lence rerwedan


(Before Bir Lose Omlth Xi, 49
“TRIAL. t>


wea givet fox plaintiff
Casnim y. La Sgung—This
Ja y ration am’ wes

dawagee ree,

whe aml Behave

WT OB jor Mecstuatce pean)

Re po ET Pax
het BD, Amma & Bat The wan a
rorey tobare thu petition ask
“n metered Deokmape:

Tinton Wi

Mee WL, vigact Feat ware) Wy
support of the nrotion aud Bir, vi
Usa Havary untrusted byt a. G
. -:



Y | as he bad not. det been

P tin of tho frni. ofthe firni ot JCD. Seller
red for the petitions
iF. Armbard aod son,

oald the mere “had


the Boyal Mall Steam ‘facket fe, ~
Soe Page 9.
Koninkiljke W, Mail-

THR Rovan Dore Deren Man

Tuan Onn heen ]

i Atta Sa ee

Ue “
Pinu the Ba ee
MS or any other anm on tha eo sant ad

tinte had ¢ Sp Joly. ‘

Una bbe 8s
Jioyat Dutch Mail Steairer * Dring

TESET A. oTh0'¢ Ferris een

from fencotion sierar tig
Hargtarg vt the 3.
engers ad walle.

Cinistances he asked A for dismleat, of ”
the petition with costa,

Savery subinittel that his
learned friend was mut ential to
succeed, because the wotign was
made under a wrong section of the

about ‘al July 1911 procecdiag
afterwards ta Cara ne, Commna, Gaante se
La Guayra, to, Cabelto, Curae
Aua Gayea, Dort au Prince and
taklng cance, passen: and mu
INS WILLEN} HI -The Royal Dutch
Mall Steamer “Dring Willem HII" is
abot tk tpt posed janetwarts
al al
Param Hb, iawre. ‘and "Amsterdaa

table and mails,
N ? 1 “Thatch
RAS cepyiteent We “The Toy loyal, pn dos

tle Honour sald, it seemed to hin
ian unfair ‘thin to keep the

mattet hanging over the man's head
for auch a long time

Mr. Savary said it was pot thelr
faolt, aethe other side should have
askod the judge fix the time on
which the water shoukd be brought | pe
ou. Apoy had suffered no hardshii

provide = securl

Tig longue ect ifs thers ras x
petition of bank rupley pee inst ‘a
inag who wee not a benkru the
ining ever hi need
for twe years.and suine iuonths waa
surely a very great hardship, Jie had
Leen discussing the matter with the
Chief Juste 2

ied, “wee

delay on the, por bert. oft the petliaaing
reason a why I tey pad not guve

Me, Savary-said he did act know

whativaathe reason, he wes onl
holding: # brofher practitloner’s

Hid Loaoar t~Surely there, must be-

oie, Pollant anid We No writ “bad not
Si dacary ead by is pad heen filed. ne

_ Hila Hovour 90 looktag At the ordi-
ked that two yeara va
pan necessary
validity dit of tt of the debt.
wes that ea tase it
Fr, ‘Ambaid (wonlor)
to do with the duly ber
rin ae hye ort th eit
in ft
a alowed time

bs cf &

the wasowlug ta
Maer eee
matter te in the:

imacurity ie bo Uo givens He 8 Berwanly to”

oniece ee oneking: any oes Hae. oreo? 2 gad omen

epee be would like int es male oan pane irene rans
eae Cel wee “She The Tondoa 1 ireot

"SU PURRNT SUM MONE LA, Lite of F teamnors.

eget Dermal


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| ic Seong as

ara Sando Jat provred {i
wands to PY eet Havre mato
dav taki

2 Rouble W. LW. Ia-
see aaees,

Marnie sere Hi neo ore
due from
Monday 3rd J oly Wil a and will vetbe
gente day tor Daramaribo taking osgo,

ea HAMA n® fa
due here
The. 6 ou pnd gr Merowline

ind July eet an
i rio
mek eee de day dane

ft bel re coming jnto
ee on Che Be ue

tot oe sllave

AEs a oa, eee

fond Nl ‘Wil leaye wae
dirent et New

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and vara ribe ‘tame: day di

New York taking cargo,

Pi Fe The s as owe oe"

Va ve next

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! Ly AevThe oa," 1h ble *ta
Orie otoe kts ve ae
cntgy, passeogers
fhe Houston Line of
+ teomeres,
Go, KH. Anaron de Co.
~Auuare, f
Hi RAT TUS, Phe ox He ” Horatlue” ladsa
he abl Sine a and wand pl en Tare vg the‘am
erent s


met Baye ese . oe
July Jot.
pwrow & Oo.


pamed defendant in wrtthtg 10

OBS cash and $6 6 wupth thers.
ee fro {ros oe tat Auiruat, and the, othe
ta pay 3b cash au
Ga seonit f fon Anmurk Jet, Urdert day
wa roade qecor OO en


Actichet match will be played to
tw Ai, au




% M aa

Â¥i ise rath

Fer, Proseriptions

Yroderlck Htroot,

KB Ceb
we Weather
i Davie 12th, aud 3


abn Te it. Farrel,

fro Piven

Lone 7th Jul Zoe
tiinswards ta) ia sas

walle i guerealios yeti pores