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Port of Spain Gazette
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Port of Spain Trinidad
Port of Spain Gazette
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jf” 'Minna tqjare Port-oí-Spaln
Two Thon«and Fairy Lamp*.
«¡¡SSW^ÍWíffi!! ,LLm."-

; \
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hH- â– 
(0 f-

@r = i
«(’• Wharf, a
Wire Netting
* F^A-TTsTT ^ TT3?
\y. A| NIEBTirK *c CO,
265 8/ls CdDCU • Ke, Bra.d
Music. Muilc Mult.
___ v r i *
T.m¡¡ML'^[S.lJ Bwrt.
iUcsisg. JtlQ 2011.1111,
, Ciriidiics for Elottioa
S& *£&v¿£?
JJ1 -A- G T-Sl
â– ft-jwgsaaiiaffiwSp
u»»mu«w01j &
'lie fluid of licatmJ
Inlihf- ’
iCawlws’s Drv{i'8lore.
Ssparation lotice
Hf-^Lko IliM_y Jtiu
!gia”S‘ Da.El.1gCH

Loyal Subjects All
Scotland's Best.
; Scotch * Whiskies.
¡(Millers Stores Limited.

KMBBKDA.Y, l«t JULY, 1911,
win. ;mvE iHUBcmeñ roc ■
Taking: Cargo nnd Pa*i»nger*.
jj^/ ^ ^lA-GKEOSTTS.
, School Books
6«>, MattIWE 8QTTARE.
k auaii .«(¿GOA ESTATE
N, ,«~u. ^ V—1 T"
*q*»*(¿® * “AT**'

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jf” 'Minna tqjare Port-oí-Spaln
Two Thon«and Fairy Lamp*.
«¡¡SSW^ÍWíffi!! ,LLm."-

; \
â– %
hH- â– 
(0 f-

@r = i
«(’• Wharf, a
Wire Netting
* F^A-TTsTT ^ TT3?
\y. A| NIEBTirK *c CO,
265 8/ls CdDCU • Ke, Bra.d
Music. Muilc Mult.
___ v r i *
T.m¡¡ML'^[S.lJ Bwrt.
iUcsisg. JtlQ 2011.1111,
, Ciriidiics for Elottioa
S& *£&v¿£?
JJ1 -A- G T-Sl
â– ft-jwgsaaiiaffiwSp
u»»mu«w01j &
'lie fluid of licatmJ
Inlihf- ’
iCawlws’s Drv{i'8lore.
Ssparation lotice
Hf-^Lko IliM_y Jtiu
!gia”S‘ Da.El.1gCH

Loyal Subjects All
Scotland's Best.
; Scotch * Whiskies.
¡(Millers Stores Limited.

KMBBKDA.Y, l«t JULY, 1911,
win. ;mvE iHUBcmeñ roc ■
Taking: Cargo nnd Pa*i»nger*.
jj^/ ^ ^lA-GKEOSTTS.
, School Books
6«>, MattIWE 8QTTARE.
k auaii .«(¿GOA ESTATE
N, ,«~u. ^ V—1 T"
*q*»*(¿® * “AT**'

cra een gy oR Mmmm teatime gy tae ak re ae


tome \



Sepeeceet| [- ,
faces| | (GEROLD.& S

_ Mmiecin Laxative for Lagation, The Nav pro : . my
rS . . habiy will send ine Hoard of sartot to ; j ~~ mt
a ee re DR TINBSS. NAUSEA Chase tie reas Ollhes Tel, 58, ... ee ee tee . +» Saw Mill Tel. 5a
. . ° e . VW presente, ¥ . + *
ority of Nialocin Laxative over buftrond bare fiom ths War Depa ras ORFHAR FOR SALE: , °
Old Time Purgatives. road’ nok Log, Ted Jang, it

+ Is fe ‘abbolutely safe, rihout’s present ani he realized
_ It fa suitable for young and old, that unlooked fo difficulties may have

ieee free! -| Jalodsie Flaps, Door and Window Franiés”
Heaenocre” . eee! “| Falousie Klaps, Door and Window Franies;
& ' ; :

Children eat it like C sR : Dp ACY * “
«Tele Powarfal and eflntive for Ghroujo Gonstipation | ei tate a| | ERETWORK, PINNACLES, MOULDING, ~ |

, War Department. Med Me Die
It a natural ‘action, n, who recently resigned as Hecretai
~ » Te faves" no bad fter-Béfect, of Wargate ever eefectual efor And other fine Woodwork necessary ini
Sumgoew' of Ghrexnte Constipution Heche eres an opinion + , ro
DIG CONSTIEAMBON FOROS, TH HUMAN SYSTEM, AFFECTING EVERY | $4 fo what siguid be done with the x an up-to-date Cottag e, “RE
« . OwGAN -- of keepin the Maine as a souvenir of a4 . ine
i¢ relic, which haa been advanced

* Price Qne Shilling,
pJatee-hmerioan Brag & Tradieg Oo. 133-192, Pearl 8t, New York
he , Sold by all the Leading Chemists,

by neveral patriotic nacieties, does not Fe °
‘ . .

Bove Data oy pdt Seate 2
p (} WI ER OWS LID. |
Pe tookekers a obo morta] geod ERueATiOs ahd © |HOUGHTONS LTD-

4 a & . = drew Suustar in the Calcutta Turf
‘Please Note. (2itr ei | Pemieaslum co
@ second prize in the swecpstakes,
» £34,000, was won by 3 tho 0 ty of Your Lifatime.
Master of the Wasrington Work: P 7
house, It is known that several big

ir chance of gettting a


Latin, French. Algebra, Spaniah iso

— Also — . .
Films and Accessories



ane, Direst West india Compan . PORT.OF. SPAIN
following to Jamaica’ in Feferenceto| NIGHT SCHOOL
agentto engage coolles in Calcutta,
PER MO. J gm.
*MUNRO'S ; A HAE, dust Received ae
' . : FROM JAMAIOA TQ CANADA. . gut Geometey:-oa = ston ions C C 1
“It fe understood that Ca ue mM Mm
Imperial Scotch Whisky, |ersetc sa| He Bl ooo cases (~ameras. Cameras {
° . . panes by the diseot sea ‘route to ome . From 3 -20 to $15.00 “os
hooking orders. ‘Although not_ much {nformation & Tyoerein “ Ce Ree Ecce 0 | Eqch 10 Jb. in ¢ lb,
sat the * Gleaner,” it is learnt that the | 4, Palate legge fr together; only 100 Flasks
“©” AG, PORTEOUS & CO, UTD, [iinet ure Salas" De a
. eee, . bre- MR. Fy EM. HRROULES, be /
. Fale Pati menircae ies mycaee eeterme csree, | “ESE.” SPORTING
oo # = there with the local growers, whereby
j S P The Royal Mail aasufficlent quantity of friut would be
6 e.

— it rby t-Dr, Bolton, Trinktad's| With aStaffol Seven (7) fally quallfied
growers there for *ahipping ba- + fore er-0Nly anes wet 200 :
pn have WIRED, FOR -MOREB, and we arc now
“te b could be gathered in tae matter, saya
? furtive 1 to

att oe . 6Y, South Quay. arge Canadian House, wha was For T particulars apply

iris daemcerta Sale at Auction (Ty NHOWdeP

Steam Packet Co, |t es! line steamers tetweon-that

Po e A t_ Dominion steamshi he 9c THE BONANZA «
4 : — . camupany lapreparedto give the uecre| WBDNRSDAY, the 12sh JOLT, 1211, wer mnie tw ‘ we 5
. .- 3m Southampton, via Cher | ery service, at mie, ,

PAP Beste atin dares ntl Betn oe fumeay fey gna rl] SUCRE Ch ha it ututber sated] no, y, gr, vingRNT Beans 1 Mig hty Say lor]

. Colorabia, agena, le ~— .
3 aauiile (Gabe for New Yorket, cargo and mails, s frowets to take a favourable view of NDER instructions recetred |from (IST HOA RINE |
Wang 4 bender will leavethe Lighthouse Jetty, Queen's Wharfaté p.m, with Interested fa the ‘noyement, will, ie The Hon, the Director of Fublie e
) Wines Parsengert ore special notified Ubst a baggege lighter to be | fe learnt, be held in Kingston at an forks. the undersigaed will offer Port-of-Spaio, “WW | i] N S.
is ta the outward mail will leave the At. Vincent Jetty at 2pm _ on | carly date. Tat Febeucry,

i bananas Mr. ° .
my Of sailieg. and passengers are therefore requvated to see that thele | Layee ane leo prepared 5 tl
Decent pagese ot second class and deck passengers to| to ship tomatova from Jamaica xi ( )Five American if 68.




special lighter will leave the Bt Vincent Jetty at Van, | Canada on a large scale,
to th xe for fumigation, ee


Brie amt at 1 xu,
tem Terma CASH before dellrery,


A FEW Papile dezirous of playin,

- “Balanlia ls due bere [com Yeorsuelan porie on
‘Sed July, and will leave the next day for Grenada, Kt, Vincent,
Laelia, Bomint a

something more than'a ’wretc
« Walk or Spanish Walts,on the

onteerrat, Antigua, Nevie and St Kitts, taking passen-

EW YORK Govt, Auctioneers, » Will flod # palostaking Teach ae
Phe aader will eave the Li hthouss Jetty, Queen's Wharf at S p.m, with anne wean quantens. 28th Jone, 1911. Niiiederate cates by writing oe The Bonanz a Dr ug Stores,.
) begga, e for the * ntia,’ 3 =
Toe tae Balen: Flt be received only up to § pm, on Monday Strong Interest was aroused a. ong TRINIDAD,

BALE #OH TUESEAY THE 25ru JCLY BEST tor Drugs; BEST for Veterinary Modicines, including Bonanza

Veterinary Speorjics,


RWort-ef-S5ya1m sand Saugrea @Gramde.

i cpr {he officers of Yhe North German L oy "
. ne at New York, on June 6 when ——
1OR— The Bb Se Bertie ere eames on Tuesday 4th July for was learned that a Me. and Mrs. Jack UBLIC NOTICE is hereby given tbat | - INIDADO
1 Jeave the Li Etboure petty, Queen's Wharf at 1 p.m,, with J Johnson booked from New ork, ta P in exercise of the power of sale cine TRNIDAD. TUESDAY THE lite
aad phele beggege for the “Derbice,” leave on. board 1 4 teak fz Wil! iioed tna certala memorandam of Morte . AY sod
for Abe "ier SF” will be received only up fof p.m, on Monday belin, Oe the Bile figh cop ees pize No, 148 datos the 1d a day of Moreh DAY OF JULY 1911,
amen, | not aware of thie news uatil the book | ep peees muse by Esterine Bon fete | uesio NOTIGE te hecety given
’ here

dune 2sth=2w,

a =the ~ Megdaleus tedue here from New ay oderelgeed at shay fo exercise of ibe Puwer of Sele
rs Jartagena, and fto Colombia on Monds blis auction by the aodersigued a .
puilladOare) Toure i we ton, Uartagen Sovtbampton, via Barbados, 82, 7 Kssuedt, (0 2 Sackvil a Sireet, f conferred on Mortysgees by the Convey

5 aod Liw of Property Ordlaance
eed contained mm a certala memo

sores ft Port-ol-Spe's, oo Tusedey
a Cherbourg, taking passengers, cargo and malls, 1 ed, h Lteined fa the Town o NeW
eer Mt leave tbe ghthouse Feuy, Quosoe Wharf, ab 4 pm. with peers room for $8790, las be M5tb of Jaly 1911, Leyweed the boars sondaca. of aajtgaze No S dated 26h Jaly

: ! Land 3 p.m, 5 :
s weeeaios sie ealotlfied that & baggage Habler to be despatched to cluding tie er forthe ueotthe! art, aND HINGULAR that certala | 1000 from-Crere’ Ane

are a or parcel of find Sitaste In the | Lorald Fowler sbere will te potup for
ward will leave the St. Vincent Jetty abt pia, onthe day of salle Onicers of the com ny sald that es e . | eale by the caderelgned at Aeon
orsare therefore requested Lo veo that thelr baggage le seat | the prise tighter had pald for his free Werkct Fetaeras athe Idea) ol Feit Mart Nort Nigh ioce tn the Towe a
t hour. ” b t D class parsago there waa no way they erchos be the same @ little more or les | Sia Iernando og Tucadey tho 11th day of
OK,-The KMS, “Derbi” Ie due here from Demerara on | could ‘take it away Irom him or tu-| detivested and wih the abatia’s art | Jay ILL betweea the Cours of ong and
Â¥ llth July and will leave the samo day at 6 pu. for Caru: fiinge upon hia rights, He ts edtvied | cilzgited and wih the abas plac of | two o'oock ba the alteruoon, AH: tbsp
Pom and La Guayra, taking passengers, cargo and sneile, ta a erat In the dining saloon of the} gisgrau attached to the Crows Creat Reve, CE pucel of land sleaate fo the
*- wilt leave the Lighthouse Jetty, Queen's Wharf, at 6 pm, with | fire cabin, but muy prefer a table for] sareed to the Heal Property Wegister | Sard of South N psrime Weat in the
: for the “ Berbice. Jet bliwelf, Lf they desler, Mr, and Airs, Bosak at Voume LY, tod 157. and | elec of Trleliad comprising thirty acres,
} lighter leaves the St, Vincent Jetty at 2pm. with beggege | Jubneon cau bace thelr meals in their] goeasded on tbe Nore by Crowa Lead, } be the euas Litto ese of ‘more ented
” ™ . 4 Mond. . statervon, onthe South by the Cepsro Ous.uanay | e0d with the abmeals asd

eo Rorbice” will be received up tod p.m. on Monday 10th ‘July, an ” Johnson dleplayedd ¢ bag of Road 100 Hobs wide, on the Kuo by thusol shown in the ett na

a 8, *Lalantle” is due bere frou the Northern felands f diamonds to Willian Loeb, Jr. Col] Crown Laod and by tbe Caparo Chaguavas | Ucent reretered Ia Vol,

rhiahuis, oyonectiog with Lhe KALB,” Magdalena “ou that | lector of the Vort, to have the jewels | Rosg {ug linke wideandonibe Wet by d 8

certitled before leaving for Kogland,
“TI Intended to Beto England for Grows Land aude Revive tor @ Villege

Containe ne quinne iq any form,
een epee

Adclio Iterrine Rivera of Cany P TL writers Doctor Audinet 7
bakemed me be bed wed Pam-ala ie cous of Malone

aad do

mofandin Vande petit fe Pe with good rents,
Bort Ballleg to Evrops. Next Sailings for Oarupano, Paw: | ui eee cee get rant N B~Ths adore mi moteediin of Metts | Stung kod of the weet by 0 Grove = r
” Itty Joly pitar, and La Qnayra memorssdum of Mortgage No 07 Kuctve oad bya Road Reserve 8 lake De. Joha B. Browne of Sin Juss, Porte Rico, wre é

we 2 tah, PER UTOE wos jith jor ‘rom «@ gold jewel beg Juhneon Devers Dated at 5io Fesnsada ible 37th dey . wY Mey aby 19095 Ttake great pleasure ie teeufying 2!
“Sn » bth Auguel | pERBICR : Bth Au, x dumped out one palr of dlauond par of Jore 4. D. 1911, srcellent multe clisinad by Pamala op"
~ we Dad Augabkl HALANTIA, 7! sind Aususg | IRE With three drops, one diamond roel pad $10 680 with interest J. WALTER CURSDIE. ba cases of malaral fever.”

» Sth Sept, PEN BICE woo Burt | sunburst of two caret stones, tive soli- fr migef I2per cook pr __ __._ Austioneer, /
LENA ,, 19th Sept. r+ om Oth Kept, fare dlamond rings, three tu afr carats soem ray re vale ce. nn.
mom BaOetober three ‘clone Uiemnonl clog: twos) Deedibiemedertteait | Catholie Friendly
ibe = ws Bist October ant a stud of eight carats, ‘ ‘Aacth vee, Society,’ -

w Service to Venezuela, aol cintrette vase and a dlawend THOM dol Inne Be, A

Lins estatdubod'e baw ities from Port Spalas Casspee | eee aE Ain teed’ ote Mara —
east yoseage from Tealdad wjlibe as follorei—m Home Idasteles Assoc'stion,| FOR PLANTS: = [rect e Boe Given Aw ! !
canpeaxo ~ Lg ~ ES [For tho Gormuatn Featntion | A Ueatmbereshrbe ming | ate. ay .
PANE. tho oe a ES Tae Male} at mderig. ehetree | gets oletbere-sopply bo 04 Abacsomble date, anes
we" No retued tickets will be ssued, Daiaty Heod Falated Maney to order | Seer Miy Bsthe

neem Rete of freight $¢ 80 perton,
will beaumbarked and anded fresol charge at Fort of-Spaln [a
wache :
4 owen ote og €paoieh are carted O9 board bath Steamers,

atticulars app!

Marine Square Port-of-Spaln


Of the trouble, and there will be 20
teens inet cured orate af of
— cougA Syrup, bas cure 1.
5 t t
RIVATE aud CLASS LESSONS baa ooug ts, let ie ochre Zours foe x


ay sboriest aotle .

Est des ood all blode of HigttOtase Cocks
Wg supplied at mrderete stes,

Two Thousand Fairy Lampe,

Just the thing forthe CORONATI
NATION at 120. and 186. a iowa ILLUMI.


{0h Jere 20), 8@ Para Streas,

oe Plano Tuition,
Dinnerh, ,HeNicy, Dances P

Canny Cakes, Prosantas, [ea Orrame



gmettter Vous ge every DeseRiPTION.

FP SiS aL Perlby 4c.

rc: ioe.
DANISH, Lib tin,

i B cosouny, bib


a bei Mae 2825 Pol Tine S75 3 ib THE FOLLOWING ARE A FBW OF
i {


Tlb. tims we

: urer,

bheeats cents.
om A Tome

2 each,

MEN'S Pleated Front Dreas SHIRTS, at $1.20 and $1.92 each,

Men’s Foft Front Dress SHIRTS, 81,68 e1ch

MEN'S Coloured Nogligo SHIRTS, from 48¢ to $1.43

MEN'S White Mercerised SHIRTS, with Collars attachod, very cool,
Just the kind for Tennis and Cricket. from 7c to 81.20.

AERTEX Cellular SHIKTS, with and without Collars attachod,

AERTEX Cellular SHIRTS, with Linen Ouffs, a good business shirt,

Trinidad Building and
Loan Association,

xelephone: mo. 6&2







T the Special Mechog of bale tn
A held on Friday, the 12tb M re del ell,
ic wee Bmovrsy} jaeThat th oi

We Also Stock


tor the payuient of dues de ever: a

be changed from the2a:h to the 16th
et - Laveritoxe 207. pice toe: ~jatter hay ” poe to fall oa ‘a
3 = - ay when oa
FOR Bows Bunday or a pablic ie ay, mea pach
wLHE . % AT=——— he FoLtLowinG be

a. royirisox,
ottpa, ae SPAY
13th Mey, folk.


B 5, Frederick, Streat







nce Tried, , Always “used !
Kus UY 16 so “



Be Ordiosry acd Broad Cut ia Cartridges

3s Per Tin.
Baron Patent ont Pipe Filler Fullers1a each.

3 Gevdwille & Wilson, Ltd,


Ii the Matter of Goodwill & Witon (Limited) tn

T an extraordioary general meeting of the wemters of the
above pamtd Company duly conreved and held st their
cogistered ofice No, 62 Marine Square in the Town of Port of Spain
{a this Island o0 Friday the 26tb day of May 191} the following ex-
traotdioary resclation was duly passed s—

That it bas been proved to the satisfaction of thie meeting that
the Compacy crnaot by rearon of its abilities contioce ita busiest
and it fs advisable to wind op the same and accordiogly that the

be wound op end‘that Adam Smith of the Towa of
Porvot Bpaiat in the said Island merchant befaod is hereby appointed

aca thee

rpuz andersigned will receive offers ia writing up to 8
the Ibthdsy of JULY 191! for the purchase

estet'iabed acd well known Business carried

Port-of-Spala snd koown as the “CALEDONIAN

rub, s & complete and Falasble at



ete, together with tha Bock Debte, Baltdionss Fizto’
*Atso~The NE ‘ OCERY *

premises at the ecroer of

ateck of GROCER!

with, the BOCK DEB


Witoovs to signature,

} Omaue: Bh red), ROSIE PEREIRA.

Port-of Bpaio, 27:h May, toll.

Experience la Gold Crowne

ret Beulg awork, Terms meder-
Banstaality and astivacdon gust
oteed ta All brancbes—Zelephone 633,

L x-Cold Si Storage,
f FRESH ~SALMON)|950 Bags’ Heavy DUTCH OATS,

. GOING AT 9/ LB. Cases “TOW” MARGARINE—5 Ibs. &_25 Ibs.

Aas been thoroughly renovated and te
tothe public,
Ss! uated fa ite own unds og
a bill tothe South of SLarlestowa
and witbla » quarter of 4 mille of the
jsodlog stage, Ib commands
Beautiful Views

o ade z Bags Yellow DHOLL Wide rorndake snd a solld stone
jo ar Wi ean a tt ty festa
F ~ * 1 UTTER cera | feouts Sclatics and
F eReSi © HOTTER woermiy pugs & VON GONTARD |gecmSee a
Ae rade 70, South Quay. “Gialoon asd rot:

° ond be vern e lio
.Findon Haddock PHONE 84 ’ and the, as Is @toellent,


Bovsx, Nevie/-Juce lst.—}m,

baxall Ones — 240. Per Ib.




~ DENTISTRY: \G eo, E, McLean
~ Princes Town.


DR. 0. F. OLARKE |

# | Lalog’s Famed Ecda Woter and
i, Just to. Hand. tare ol Hoewd Unlraclty sEWELLER bore cau I ow bo rd
ML W, GOODING bebe tea Peat oa Bila 24Frodoriok St MILLELS SY0RES

~ vnwnerirKk TEREET, * eemy Bh bad ee

|Skeoch & Co,


Tho Business of Goodwills & Wilsoa, Lmtd,

on in Marios
ck of pity Goons zt all kinds,

f DRAPERY, H Osta. eto;z
carried on io
eco Ktreets, with the
UORS, etc, together

ull partientara can be obtained b: application to the undersignd

Liquidator for on ateey ist pai op. atthe ce of Goopwiies & Wirson Lrp, Marioe Square, to whom -

al 4 all cierg mus sdari ¥
’ t One be made for the Bosl hole. tel





Marvellous Values



NWEHTW RIBBOW Sil shatos & Widihe


21 Over the


Victoria 2 Institut

PROGRA Mace OF oF P osnéiee

Goond' Form 1011, 0
15th May.

MONDAYS~Preneds 5 ic eal
TURBDAYS=~Fyp od eons
aris ptm! Dra
Spantsh Begi:

2 re até
WEDNESDEYS Seortuant thee
atessOpee Bho nd





| T2d factlitate the Liquidation of the Business of GQUODWILLE
LSON* Liniren, the Liquidstor aske those lodebted
totbe Wenn for an early retilement ot thelr accounts,

18 sonia! the; Go
hes been

ATURDAY oa one

of that old


HOUSE" Grande Riviere Hirer,

the Grande Biviere Bridgn be
to the tet } uty, 1011, ingtucive,

26th June, lil,




Ex 8.8. ‘Indus from Calcutta


Som we, OWRBLEZLAM’ trom Biverpool,

Fx 5.S."Naparima’” from Glasgow,

& Tanks CONFECTIONERY--each 100 Jars—John Buchanan & Bros


No, 6, Broadway.

me Terevnone 132,

—— oo ———

aor Ta
Gittonoa’ Carriage Factory.




fe ae
‘4 Vee s


ae ve | ehoeehunt Gus Bi Gacanouy vote ng

— South Window —

eee Taare

» =P

“Household. Linogs. ARE Bus |tolden Brand| .
“aetiaee See | BRIM BEST BuO. | Peron

AD Uletay re Large assortment just opted for Men, ”

"Fino: fononffe d Madina Spill Selected. Yous and Boy nfo

__ DRAWN THREAD ance Gents Fon We Col Leiber ned Dehy Boe | MG Rxoslsion Bedsté

Hl AN D M A DE 0 OD S. " $ U | T IN C Ss" 7 Gem ee Doge Mid Derby Be Holmoral Boots — CROWNS' THEM ALL AT 810 ;

Gent's Ilack Box Calf Derby or Balmoral Boote— | Do you War ies oe for Co
3 chance.


Golden Brand—$2.40 a pair.

> * SBE OUR CENTRE WINDOW. . A RB SIN GH. Youths’ Black Satin Calf Lace Boots Golden Extra Speci

~ ron. Brand- $1.80 apalr,

CRE CTRO P LATED Get “Yo urs N ow’ Bove anck sath call Lace Boots--Goldoa Brand


i ie eee gTaNs, . ONE 'TO EACH DESIGN. “ SMI TH BROS. &. C0..


. See NEED | ootien brad aad Legit io at
ee “| Golden Brand and Kuight of the Garter

he )
ON OW Landin gz | baal | prance Wa LOANS MADE)". Fonlahaweaish at leaner | THE ener ;

“ Hor the First," has been wrecked on

. al In . a
. ~ the outer Skerries with 400 > ,
| HX 8.8. “NORHEIM” fimomuron, on aioe, Bot the wan boa ot] THE COMPANY'S VIEW AR ee a
life. ia hae

ROYAL THATRAROE COMPANY, LHL) Cocoa, Estates, |, iii sUxgtjuseray, Tan bagoon by


* Tramw. of a new
Pa ¢
F WROMYMOMILE «ain. Fonds Exceed ... £12,000,000 full forretete a tatehacey eee ent
nee instead of atrips of detachat:
itn VED weasel CoxcEsst ON tickets) has been the Pubyect of rauck
Venetuelan Congress has approved with sundry”
. H Tv houses pone hes Be the concession granted by the Uorerns | Noint,
ttaa domestic detail
aA lL Lu BAR vate Dwollionts at Apply,to Of which were tele raphest on iin

Is till formin ito ralolatry.ambd polith system (Le. one whole ticket te
NSURANCES okected sgalnst —FEOM—
351,000 FEET SELECTED loss an damage by Fire on * conversation in public and In pri
moltats el a GABTHOD \ WH

cal compllent resentet for punching half dose
and contonte. vot Ware. $2,000 UPWARDS A despatch from Caracas seys tbe | and we ourselves: have been trout
a delegram from Curacao atates
FROME . that a vessel fying the American fia
hel Pi na E fA EAETILE St eph én S Lit ( $ ietse board le eraatng ai the
eas 2% Xoanke oo atH &. 4 STORE §. tall foe boat which landed for provisions

but at the seme
# the steamship was front [ time, as a business copcern the
ee, Bribe ae . »
et curt HB Frosncial, Commercial, and inunication with ihe Canacy" Islands Y Preiteay autkece
nsorance ents, Cas tlea are alive to the f of chad under
"s FOR SALH BY MITH BROSAND GO) __Tnrerance Agents, (SESIGANberigatiow an | iether neat

Advices from Mexico. state Yhat there wesa most [milnent poss icy to hear of revi . coutinsed

“he Tad Shippng& Tradng Company, Lid) 7-7", AUS Lae en eae eee

me hawking about of the Com-

~ reenter ereemaierereent Sheraton, | He has ordered the arrest eta ore “The mnetite “ot Bichle’s
. 1 \ ge moval Ton on Juve: Mh. f AL a faund th connec ct of iit af a Biades that aid "not reaa ba ho Oc Hedin wie othe - ateostea
ir .
tT RINIDAO LIN o $s t EAMERS Their Majesties drove In state to the ireegul lari t " tw 1a pony: y's benefit, On this point the plea are ‘

Fer GRENADA, TRINIDAD & DEMERARA opera, Ten boxeshad been thro: toate “ CON Hr OF NAVARRE" dbl sek to make” a pecunry prof with coe hing. got the abe ¥
Carrying Through Freight for Tobego and Cluded Bolivar, pundred ‘occupants with two foiga o7iicrown of Navarra” stiriral Opin, fickete? The Gospes paoy argue thatta ary, region 4 7
tat d thei et, BOCs nidad abou the whole concern, there ould onty et stp
PROPOSED BAILING DATES, 1911! fled the stalle, “Tho Todlaa Princes | Aeeeeneeis! Me. and New MeKetsc, | beiwo pasties Ving ths Oonipasty oo Seat ot wameriag,* Price 20 conta, 4 ~
were the mort consplenions, their , a nneerernmmasemen carriers, and helper pep aiy dealers.
snrpeselo aod 10,000 1 talde th is
quraiog al |THE OWNER AT COVERAMENT |i ox he! Coline ar

each and Aa already eaid, one Pot the Guiles

z ,0U0 ta { most Incumbent on tha Company isto
LN BIASKET is i was va ni for ® boribut the Api of the Inve ion of gnat on protect the themelves hitet at the sane

here have been f the occasion of the dinner given ime metia, the travelling
I sconces pet tips never a “more anilliant, His’ Kxceliency the Goren at a poblle thete Jost due as regulated
ua I y ff rformance or heartier demonstra] Aoualnhonour of the Coronation of he statutesof the colony In

of loyalty, King George V, ite may sleo be tho pew ticket auserted Chat ou
BUCKINGHAM PALACE GA Foute by tec pate thatthe lights £0 lose not ane. wilt
BARI, RDEN | route by thea, pea

he Neh lose nut one whit of w
For Sale by The gard poute by’ Uhese, pe ee and ve the 1 legally entilled to, viz, the poss
Sep ¢ garden. L party at Buckingham company had actual! thelr Jity of securiog viz rides on any of the
wepti2 | Bept.2t | Oo Palace,, yeutenss » Was the largest ever fo’ darkness when to Krope the Compa: for If, whilst
oF GRANADA® | Sept. 229 Oct. 1 held theres 6 Ou) Bucsle were present | a diolog hall totaketo their carriages, the system tends to negative
TRE OA RA eo WA from | dainty. coataenes and: bosetifel: gan} uring the process of dining, a ee the onipaiey rate? wee o
RINIDAD to DIEMERARA each trip, revurniog to New "York ria: Tiataad cheraie Piette frag the annoyance, that rgetebioe sured t se the old onder of thlore thittge,

* n fac e ney a ea aver
BTRAMERS SAIL FROM PIED 2, BOORLYN. 41, MARINE SQUARE. pol tha Stale toured the ig away Lhe intruders frum dtving that all Uuinge, comnlded, oa

£ SHE TRINIDAD SHIPPING AND SBADING OOMPAUY, LIMISBD, eaics and gyauicy. towing ‘and | Incldeataliy abandhed to ve aust spirit of give ‘and take
New York, and Port-of-Spaln, Trioldad, B.W.l. *Phone 184 sralling to all and speaking fo nth rpetuslly Kept ponthe glassesin onder sccrus rome oale of Uckets toe

®, Broadway, . mates. . To een tbs litle creatares oul of the Company hold they plone are

nd SS STRIXES IN SHIPPING, dangers of a champagne bath, or adip , to. A polut of hich the authorities
URNISHED. T llers At Maochester_maay dockworkers | Inte some other delectable drink. Thy ' make capital, is the fact that their
FOR. RENT—FE } a 0 rave n | have struck at Tilbury the gitarter: | sate thing we are told eq nally applied Hebets sary tre nate hich 1¢ pet
SEAT -CLA” HOUSH Sere teeed io | aeeade aoe tt eit in Ihe penicer whe: ifies every gists

Trunks, Bage open dishes, This nnlsance however,
S112 at GCOOCOMITS, ny | not to be quite new todiners
U elle wee of the Gall contains's—Drawing room, 3 bed rod a nek Are SnPant Hu. N. ee RN N barged. The Nallonal Federation i inidad, for ee Ie authoritat vely lo
area Gallery aud ont ecoet. WATE Tete Hood PRON E915 ON jancbn auiecting to evseidr otiting ‘and toe lamented “Arebiishop “ood” ad
a D=Aleo Corriege Roady~Apply * shipuwners are aleo callin sneelings practically lo abandon @ dinner tnder
t pon aAmost serious outlook, efelwilae circumstances to thoee
lines outside the Federation are not | experienced at St. Anos. Aod nore

rectaxt. than that, these annoying yests

apparently have no qualow of con

oo. lp pen 5 be
_ o™ . Polltics ha arevived by the coral’ a . Nthetany fara
. f Marquis of Lansdowne’s amendment thee, that score ls heavily outweighed
' at . a fis balance of ssving Juterest
a, ‘RICHARDOON AMD SELWAY. -., ; - te ieratign (Penadad” ay ak frre ico un oo | Which the change be nore fo work ta
i ‘v . affecting th e Royal large purtbers in which the benalf uf the Compa pany, Apa from
rs . : no's
fires 6YE! OUR FREDERICK STREET WINDOW eplede te merely a uiatter of bletory paramount qu auction ot ie ty iepality of
1 E, / yepouting iteelf, han At rs w oe
‘ FOR —— Bi sete rkedate fs lie thee.
vee ee “A KILLED BY A POSTAGE STAMP, “Ave tll ferew and charges shall Be
: — Loe sevenicen wae on June agfollowes
cs sect wits S Postage stamp inthe | Pesseogera: “For one centiouous
RS oe MENS NEGUGE BUIBTS, tee te at the villege ride tot he sauna direction within the
oan . tf Koblens inthe Canton of Aigovire Spats op any Kod kod

han , e 2 t Peore stamp on bet ail of the undertaker
‘a wa wh pc. ‘ Lords will ple untmagiaable, ton 0 tw te placed the she coughed and
Z . lowed it, The stamp stuck in be: or
. Saturday's cricket, Cambrid;

z, ac in; Dee enn =
= igo mi Tobin AND SELWAY. 7 eee feet iteapente | CAT NGPS

ad choked ber before surgic:

whkets : privileg ch YH . Be mask
‘ ¢ 4 PORT OrSpaly B PRINCES TOWN. Ne pad Vi orce a Ad Fo r Pre scription é fu fare ct

fa necessar
ENGLISH PHARMACY |, Nonmstceloperet ign peceeeey} tua
Cure be ueed,

Frederick Street,


_ eae

I ae ee

- Wen
ais tte | Statement shewing - NEW ROADS and wT inbebverents pe
(for by the Ratepayers of the Saint Ann’s Ward Union whi **
Local Rate has bean levied. ”

WE WwW". _EKOADS.. =

on thet we have beug appuinted Agents ia

t Aagurnsioe Corporation,
p vy taceet I Inevrance againel loss*dr dam

‘end coment, Offices, Store
Shope and nf Priate Dwellings, at


ee OE


on Grend Corweare Road
fod int dey of Fe pi Jane, refi, la Madeleine Road .. [Catucupano Road wale P Pastore Extension

Fed. & BON,
S00TE £ & SON, Carieal Roa ~WOutucaparo rtenrlon Rin a Matiquite Bay

wilson teh a meer @ forty ~1TY BAN JUAN DISTRI > - = %.
alt ol je

Uthat certain Cooonat Eatate called Concord Road .[aadat .Barratarla Rete vf About® Mile. :
12 A agreve silane he the aw, BATGHRS [eens np itale Hod ne “Tanda ot adutate a kort uu [Sart Bows,
foee are nUnE one hundeedd and nore only y Ditzen Koad [Esetero Main Road — — ...Hilver Mill Kstate afm Boy [Cart jel a
lends now or lately or Sond, end bpon CELEBRATED NN'S & LA 1 sr 8

SNELE Bieter.

REP eer cece, an at sibs crorn an Ueber te
* Just Artived and now Landing. |i a ie font fae Jorsay Cream Uarame Motion Road

denham Avenue ds of Biol Pierre


| PITCH © PINE LUMBER) 2ccey isin ce a
he Mewale “ aC ton HL, | eI ON CTIONER,|__ LIME PROVE Ta,

ley Extensior rot Cangre) t tos *
* "A fSpedally Bebewad Urge of All Hesth, Bost Qsity ead Good Leogth pian Bree roenls: To BE HAG 7HoW TOUR Bainte Roed Rod ead Rond | _— a d iat m
eto oar lenty a four acres, t! . a's Ros + [Picton «Lands ‘ue & otbers..
Hoon Rating on the ‘eee Want | GEELO CEE

Crovutecd cau nt! AN
k ; Fok SALE at Reasonable Raies,
Bay Quality taken Joto consideration, by pow at Co " mmpbell aud ups ec Tanda 0 eg a i N NAME or ROAD, DESORIVTION OF WORK TO BE DONE.
fF TENNANT’S AGENGY, |Sibsese TG OES GRANT) sacs ence nuns,
; . a ‘ Grande C eel Te b ¢ mile of Bridle Road tato « Cart Road.
a (Government and Borough Contractors) SAN FERNANDU irs ‘Ward ae nine ate 2, BRODADWA«a™. Pati “ourvcaye” “ fe coavera {cat ot ob ita Bond tata nO fees *
3 . SPECIFIC ATION bel and on the East npon lands oe La Canos ana Hatension «| To reduce the gradient of Bermudez’s Lill, to widen the roedway, to dived
: en a—~9 .‘ Ove hundred Building Lota tn the : f Section of road to be diverted Us evade the Dep Hariaey’a tetige wad oom
2 wean ae ROVE WANMILS. | ynlon Village, inthe said Ward of Too. Smith Robertson & G0 Gesparillo wv] Bectetaloing mails to be erected. eT ON 8 EOE
nin” "reer | aan » ganye | CASTIO LIENItE 3 oh 8M henry Catucopsno and -Extension * see ates Brulee retalolog wate Aad percene tabs Beli, Beldgo'tt
RK 2 oh 504 ; x 1 u é i a Oe ireet,, Porto ates Pott, Chanter OFFER FOR SALE Cantara v=] AY@ foot epan brid go to be erectod with concrete abutanent walls, rat
2 ee 2 | 8 eee Se face. “argu” trem On, son, | miter nemaal SEE
oF > ST. te one
9x 4 . 6,531 [ 34,060 000 Ilneal feet of earth drains to be filled d_ paved | ‘
, 2x 6 1,498" _ Tote FIRE RISKS on all kinds of Fro-| narie “SAL Oia hen Lenn | Cossade ton =] Gradient of Pipers end Smith's Ui to be reduced. "2500 lined! font of desing i be
2 x G ” grits perties accepted by 5] bag OHLENDORFF # Cocoa Manure . to ott to widen the ros, Haat aetare vecrected
i . 9 oye : E «.(IT0 conver antleo' le nto @ cart re
e324) 8 bite | meee S woavae. |ThoRorlh Brilish & Mercantil | somcetontouoront wine, | Saendaysiey v-| 40 eontiaue the concrete retaining wall up ta Dalla Gost's Gayy ' To widen, reise
Pe “ 5 ” 24'084 erziia, ~ INSURANCE C0 LT) Ex Recent Arriwals and Ex Store. and reconstruct & sec lon of the roadway, To divert the ravine and ereot
e 3 *. 6 ° wn 7773 1 x Gd'd | Side wabablivacea su0M OLEOMARGARINE “ OAK ALE ae Piololo Mountala ou] Tow iden dat dangerous sections of roadway and to erect Irom ralllogs ta prevent.
se, 4.x 4 ” 14:65 4 G. & T. 10,416 — GAUTIERS BRANOY ~1a all sizes, Arlapita * wo} Carl road to be extended, Wooden embankment fences to be replaced. by
ee a1 Sido vigr V9 A000 Proparod to accept | BIER SSRAUILIAN is Dore of trom rallinge.
‘ “3. on the Oil Wislds, £2, on Ver- . ‘
i 4% 6 s 6,008 GQ. & T. 9196 vroks, Motor, Hagine aut Boiler | ronTLAND CEMENT, «tevers™ SAN JUAN VILLAGE. Liouren ive Basie for mala Biter 12 concrete. .
BP 5 x & ” 4,108 yx 6 d'd 2 Sides Houses, Reficeries, Hesidentiat | FIRE BRICKS Usreosbe,” ay
ee Bx 6 a 14,475 A a 23,584 quarters aud othor Property, Oil Bj Guacan streets N The most urgent Roads and Improvements will be attended to firat, and others rill fotow = ie,
Bex 6 ” 20,078 } 2 Sy ako d V4 d 2 3,082 ‘Tauke and thoir contents eta. Gb May 1011. _ OTe Nill perme © ns x i.
“ Ean cs Equare c8 A. BOLA B;
ene chy WSgla SS browsed clyas paowetit, senueo |Your Usefulress Ends nopent Weosten-seemary, ‘Cilrmss Ans Eo ee ae
e 8 xi0 hae 5,026 2 sides Grooved 9 Trina” W BEN your Eyesight talle } There's OFFICE: Santa Crus-—1911, :
A. 10 x 10 “ae g,t91 and Tongued - 126,651 | thy trinidad, t Bulpping & Frading | tore necesery that you hare your
xe 20 x 12 » " 4% Total 173,12 eyes frequently examined, and by ee)
- a2 x12 ” 5,100 . * no MARINES ae youtrlghe tease upfor inaee he HANFORD’S
ive ae 14 8,00 zx Ae Oecred on Cargo, bie secvices, We 8 peclelize in Kye
al . ” __ 2005 Specie Pout, 4 and Hegistered examluations as wells as the supplylag
Bo Total 295,548] - THE OCEAN _|*ipiillenertce sea
P ee Neme»mbe
: 51We Noses Are achacdo’
‘a en EO ret 6,126 Lingal "Feet Flaps gar oo = Eipo'uco oy oe raneniven on CIGA ma 3 CIG A = is
m 1 x 19 & 12 ” B70 "x 3" Round Edges A, vente TE ANINIDAL wets efter all else fale + MX. TERS:
: ’ uy ef
HELIDG TE = BEBE) scoo tinal ‘Pastengalled | ——hotiGe: Ue Ramoroe Proud Pet cache OLD EDA te een ay wah er
br 1 Go,655 | L217 Lined Feet Rods” NOTICE. ne sad $0 Ue It prevents oa tH a at the Jatmsic a Ttareatonal Exhibition, 1891 ece ofcnlfure and
—_—— 3 Orr Cigarettes Or smoxecs diasrsing
Tota 9, 13x 2” sstrangalled FoR ‘SALE. Lo The be sto Lecses: Frames pale Thow, Un que la qaait yo ns rE adi eer keer ad tate
c., ab “Mos! a
. T. MARY'S Villa No. 19 Qaeen’s Om Te boat at lest we a sores on the | annot be ezoelled of reqalled GARET MM
SUMMARY. . . Park West, eer to eno, LEO D. FITZ WILLIAM, tea eyetam of Dome bre Animals, B & J.B MAO!
out «Ve M, Solicitor, Optometriet, xe Cuves The LA TH ee
mM Mm Fagass Welteban, | 298t, Vincent treet, Mard Gases
- cote eee os te ie No 19 8. Vinoent Ste . OUARANTERD x0 GIVE Sattar ag GONOSAMN | Tho Board of laduatnel
“oe om ocw «8 S| -SALH- |” NOTICE. _ "ima | CHOMOSAI [he Brard of Industrial
872,388 ms a - ve
WA Laan Fett jloule Fini mow a1 ~0F- me BKOS.& 00. i ARHBOL, Triging.
BRT lod wee vo eo 205 (C9 Jick NOC ED INT mr L al Road Board. ane Deng Stores, Tanmis | SANTAL-KNOLU, ng
: Todaro | EL roa acarigue Local Road Board. | ssensem’ SANTAL Muy, Teshntea! Iaat’vol
a | FRIDAY Tite 30th JONH 13tt Ty cordance WIT Reclion OL, Bubs PH CONZ 4 LEZ) SANDAL, WOOD OIL,” eiruction Ciaaees. »
King 3. Wharf, San Fernando. — 'Beetion 2 of the loa d Ordinance S COPAIBA rpg second tera, ‘tt for
Juve F, tot l- 3m, 1h$ Trinidad Shipping and Trading No. 2, the Aunaal Hiection of onosand [tops them a} Artizane aod & begta
Ee ceeenasneemereree a 8g een arena eer Coy‘ Back Stores. @ Hoard will be held oo 3 Henry Sree, Paice th. Pxa Borriz. ondey the ons oa
q EPR RY ENT B AT BITE §.|2 Cure nh serrrscies henner ia, Jal) 2010, ISI, }egronation * Juge seen +6 Drug Store, |e a a
Fs *| Rawlins’s Drug Store, | ke Oraite~Tetote2,
F e 9 | 265 Bris Comctt * Key Brad fat tue Warden's ottce, “Tuospuos At Io, 20 24 reseb, Driving (Smaowiry ad Taha

MAKEFYOUR FOWL RUNS, jiisdtcnt sigur [Paris pipe ling [oomaaronmoe sees! Separation Notice pene geer cs

concern, golng out of | CORONATION BUWLS— At fey Ba, eT,
be (olemeater = yang advanced, i=

The Coment will be’par up fa loa of | Oftice. 20q and lie, enc! HE‘pubHa te hereby notified that I
ive bagzel { MT
Wi re N ettin BALE AT) Al, Candidates fur Election |cononation cops save. | deaterese Fouts Newt te tang! to Apevia,
g Terme Cash ry (alte Girt a SON, Must give at Ieast seven giear day ¥ERS— ‘ ELDIOA CELESTINE, “ rien

au no longer with my husbsod

FROM BIX CENIB PER YALD. fap 121, Viseot Bt Acctlooue | USfore theday oflectons nN conouAION | SAT PLATES, | "5.50 Rabe tw Goverment Batting, — *0Y
Zn sece th | J, LYNOLM GCONNOD, aennnennian PurotSpain,

' Coronation Soup Plates —3s dozen
Music, Music Music, 1th June, 1011 Chsiyman. Coronation Dinner Plates 3s dozen LOS T

‘PAINE ‘UP Wwe are just ia, “receipt; of « five Aleo a complate Assortment of ()ired the fa betiveon the Sarannah DENTI PISTRY,

WerlWAls th? out wit . secant for lly Meni JUST RECEIVED | parqwarg Blass Eeribea ware sterprool Cape with oy Beate” Ur. {ino Diag y az

Uuitar, aleo Victoria's, law

8 u ‘vhos 01 Sennde —~AT~ i wv URQEO.
EAE . singe due oor teats Gane | mihiecaeane ve Prion Sa oie: ep Pk ST
LS June? jam, + MEDICAL * HALL, JO8t PH GONZALEZ, Telepbone—H9
—ee —S ere

8 ma ple, a Neg? ee _ © PY 1, per bo OLD Modatlss aod Deronstrator 0}
¥- A, CETTE co, we ve ae sed thes benaendyoub PYAK rob Laing’s White Pino = | phasis Unie! Collars, take Proylatony :.

SALE GOING ‘ON, SoCal Miu geatayreaimdise JVALENCIA RAISINS, 4 Jue ENGLISH Fuanwag |! No @ Menry Stront |

oper wd to | RULTAN S HAISEN Cough Syrup. spew Bopulae re Fi a he COMMISSION * wEhOgANTY

7 ee

Tailors and Ontiitters,

KS Sym, ‘so ¢ F 7 a

vt THURSDAY. JONE 99 1911

deepatel from 7 % wal, we ‘Vera \s ® . a ah a
ea ho ORS al | Seclab Tiga JOW

tor of ne ropertieg | of toe Religious | Coc: jon a Roquiry’ will be Fe

Yow’ found guil ot freainient Ata vo Quumil whiih esgic dof?

con’ of to | on the TMk, prosime.

wm1ms aM

wbeut He was ven to ame ;
‘Umbrellas, two years labour and o toy ‘The 440 of coove whieh drifted ye
make restitution of over £18,009 to [ from the ter, “Tide Surveyor”,
28ing —Laventl varions perwong. Charlee Brofou, ad- | which sank in the Gulf during the -
Venting covers, yorate, and Henrl Lefebre who were | #jnetl on Sahindsy night last, have ‘ iy
T2* implicated with Dues were cach [ been recove: Thirty-nine bags Z,
noe - sentenced alike to two years Imprisons | which were taken from the water by sy
roent under the Beranger Law, fhe gotce at Onenniage, were brought
MAILLARDS, — up ba portof-Spain yebterday on ‘
SrA There tea fall In General Petrofeunt | Smith Brothers and Oompany’s motor , b

sharea from 128—15/, to 13-180

Jalso lorria, The cocoa was sold at auction 1

= THE = yy ee Uilflelds from 16/3~18/9 to. tbe tacked a Soper bag lasts . ramoys FOngQus -
Fo tt- of -f alll Gazotte. AS orchestral ; practice wil tanh’ x Aion & “aOompaoy were the ; u!
ESTABLISHED 1825. Evening at 15 o'clock, Members are *

Matchless for Hardware.

1 The * Catholig Standanlâ„¢ of Demet

Poblished Dawy, VMfondays and Publis to
roques attend, Tara announces that Rey. Mr, Jace

Holidays exce at the Office 26 Bt

Vincent Btreet, Port-of Spain. petecoral to the figures given tous Fiano &, native ot Plaisance, m Heat ,
the trie Company 00,000 pase: | Coast, and for many years a studen
$B PRICE: ONE PENNY. | engers werecarried on tha cars during | ab the Propaganda Uollogs, Home
Advartisernents of Birtha, WY. the three days of the, local Garonation was to be advanced to the priesthood A PRICHS :
and Marri Acknowled, festivities) on Coronation Day 24,780; | thie month, Hewas to celebrate bis - ae e
. ments and Disclaimers fornlch Friday, 15,600 and omSaturday 27,800. | first Mase with a Chalice presented to : 4
must be authenticated by the | J will be secu that, the greatest nam- | him by Father Victorin and several ~ .
elgnature a fone responsible | ter travelled on Satunlay, due ta the | Portuguese gent]emen of Georgetown. From $3.00 to # QU,
° ° Soeceh ade areed for st | Turf Club racee which took place that | Father Franco™ls expected to return ‘ pe
, Cavanl Advertisomerta ‘ot day, and to the fireworks display. On | to his native land, Dem: Wo exers ¢ ~
Sele description -per tach, fetagis | the Oocorile Hine 9000 peraons travell- | cise the sacred functions of his lofty ‘
y Agents: golumn}—20 per ween; 0 per | & on Coronation Day, Bano dn Hriday, | tnintetry, Father Franco lea brother .
g * foralght $/ per month—to be | and 8.900 on Saturndsy, ot Franeg of Mrince Street in ay 9
wee is city,


*: , Wants, 80-28 per week each, to be —_—- ~

. pa each, to

s { Fulttor ana Pens, ' We areconfident that all admirers | ‘The members of the Trinidad Coo-| Marine Square & Chacon Streat

Fatt oran isher, nly Amman of the*old war horve” Saylor, wili | stabui Sergeants Mess will give a ws
Slcahler OL Ga Porn are to hear that their idol has | Coronation Datea at the Trinces

2 All Cheanen’ nent to the of t the colony by the « «, Almerian | Building on. Friday 7th, July at

It Chownes’ weni'to the oftice of tida | Ie
paper in ta the emtice of tila for Caracas the pro-* 845 p,m.
made Falle'

yp to me
ty of Mr F. Doll f the —
wt lh Gu ay. Gasetle, to Th Portor-spoin Erm’ ot Boulton & Company, * Caracas, There will be a meeting of the Legie


TO CORARAPON DENTS. Baylor has been bought by Major A, | lative Council on Monday, 7th Ju ye
Wedo nbdthold ourselves responsible } 4. Bowen on behalf of the above | when, amoog other things, « reply
for, nor do we necessarily endorse | named gentleman for $750, and was wil} be given to the Hon. J. D. Hob
the opinions expressed by our Oor- | shipped in due course, So much | 90n's question relative to an export
— respondents in our columns. All | {s already known of the Ogden geldlag | duty on Petroleum.
letters must be accompanied bythe | that it might be sufficlent only to —
_% cro atare ot ibe. Nan Cates state that Haylor has had one zt » Wa learn that the local Venerelan
. the m jocessful in ti comamun ave eu o afund.
hte of ood fatlh. MOry of leeal turfdor. He iss | part of which will be devoted. to the

manuacripts cannot De returned. | history of local turfiom, He ts a
marvel for hi and like good | celebration uf @ Maas to be followed b:
Ady riislog Seale on Appitcation. wine, he sesms Tiprore with age. | the Te Deum, in the Cathedral of ibs
Babscription . peryear, [fe left Trinidad with honours, | Immaculate Uonception, In honour of
Payable tn advance—Postags extra. and itIsta be hoped that he will|]the Centenary of Venezuelan Inde-
Se eee, et again be seen measuring atrides | pendence, and the remainder will be
CURRENT EVERTS. on the Trinidad Turt The Co ouation resented toa the cloistered Dominican
je Plate, Saylor’s lsat winting y mber | Sisters whose Convent adjoing the
TU-DAY. bas returned fromthe jewbllerNwho | Moly Rosary Church,

——" tion. Ie will be leterestigg totale | ‘There will be a Rounders Match

ion, oteresting to a ere wi a undera Ma:
Town Boanl—8 a.m. that having heart such S rcelleat between the Tran nullity Square

hegre —— reports about the picce of Plate, at | Tenole Club and th f 1LSL8,
Supreme Court—10.30 a.m, the request of the other Superior of ie olua” at the Oval” ab 100. pm |i~

. 2
‘ PO —— '< U
Sas k Sale bf two lots of land situate in Beech tee trophy, Rents | Pembroke
Buc ots the ward of Lower Caroni-Nos, 01 | institution on Monday evening last
andQ, by Administrator-General~l | and was greatly admired by the res

on Pots pu _ dent pupils.

. «Hale of s parcel of land situate Inthe Ilis Exeellency the Governor and
newand Linos sha veo by Admlnistrator- Patty left: for Guanoco last night.
eer cripti SiMe pay His Excellency will bs back on Satur~
dive scription, Bile of a parcel of Jand situate Ia | “*¥*

the ward of Cedrus, by Adiminiw We understond that th
_ @ Railwa
on-—-plain and tratorVeneral—1 p.m. Authorities will remunerdte theit

tac. . Bao London Electric Theatre—5 and Gablorens whe wergon service ae:

¢ 430 pom. ne t
ra serve rewa on, t he traitic was very
nai Hoop Iron Iligh Water MoroS48 Even 18 jum, heary, «

Pan Ty ~~
Paints, @fs, Vanisnos Sunset, 12. Bg BiG: | , The Supreme Court in Ite Onlinary
Step Ket" etc.


ero Scherer
1 up






Paul H. Scheerer & Co., have
received advice by cable that tho ss,
Patagonia ° which sailed from here
on 10th instant arrived in Havre on
the morning of the 20th.

The Trinidad Shipping ’and Trading
Co.’ Agents for Messrs Nourse’s Di-
rect steamers from Calcutta to Trint-
dad, have received advice that ca:
space in these steamers forthe forth-
coulng season is already being taken
up. al importers “of rice etc,
should therefore, in their own in-
teresta, buok thelr requirements as
early as possible, .

Nai Is of

Moon sets 1. Lo oaz ua Juriadiction bas gone into vacation

asfrom the hth instant to the 3rd
October 1011. The list of cases im
Raisisg of the Maine Ban. The Liverpool liner “ Almerfan”
did not down the American

the Summa: Jurisdiction will be
taken day day os in. the Ora)
ana Irate—Arranging to} tuctuded lathe lst of bri
: : estates (as mails for Trinided ef a8, “Sarumac-
Ship. the #ruit from Jamaica appearing In the Lawof yenterday's| fa st Barbados as wes expected.

‘And for Everything you require
inthe Hardware line,

Thread Silk
Niess you use

"boots or Uncle Hose
Sam trouser straps, you should wear silk
hose entirely this season. They're no
longer a luxury. Phoenix silk hoso—
pure, shimmery thread silk—cost no
more than good cotton hose.

Box of 4 Pairs $2. Warranted
toWear3MonthsWithoutHoles -

if any pair shows a hole within three months
we will exchange them for a new palr—free,
Phoenix ali hose come In all thenew men’s colors

+ Ceme in and Look at Them

“The Lowest Pricos—ALWAySs |"

contrary, she basinlervened at tines for La Guayra.

nary to wipe off congestion. '
nada. 10 Co-onrtion— | dale) under the Probate Ordinatics | hq mails will probably arrive this
« Yack J hnson and W fe leave | Piated are those ofthe een cal morning by the London ‘Direst Line
New York—-Hired Officer's Sences of the ginse value of £205 steaper “Berrana,”
Quarters. 8 Sid, Euge Borde, SAZT18. 9. 2h) phe Spanish brigantine “Urbana,”
SEE PAGE 8 FuR gad James Henry Connell £23,202, 155 ton Captain Teen, which arrived
. : «Gd, ‘rom ira with onions for Mr.
Gleanings fromthe Agricul The E ot ritten | Albert Mendes, closred yesterday for
tural News. te Emperor of Japan hee written | Palmade Mejorea with "103 tonsold |.
SEE PAGE 9 FOR oe Ring Georme Vern eS Be Crm iron,
. ° is rge ¥,
ae Article on © Concerning While on the way to the Colonial | "Geergina Prince ana “Pree
‘oronation Celebrations” leon the way to the lon “Georgian nce” an rit:
- | Hospital for treatment terd dencia” arrived at Iirighton on
Ariny of Lwarfs 125) Le i- morning, an elderly woman named Sunday to load Trinidad |Pelro-
puliare cause @ Disturbance. Theress {uabriel of bt Joseph toad, Jou for the refin ot Peith
ww A’ ied suddon Dy near a ‘. ON ered: 3!
Book b Bishop of Bamin, the Transfer Stanton The body was “Georgian Prince* Me ™ = vessel
hams ‘bit “Fue “Ronomacd | gear terena het Wenn te | Rie Weeaatesladts *
. ° * Q, .
for the Navy Otd-Lime | ordered ite reinoval tothe mortuary rear
Ilumination thilnailon ‘disclosed that ‘oath was | salied aed prams yecteruay for” the
em aa Jes!
SEB PAGE 10 FOR dua to "heart, disease.” The body | tgwne aion the Northeastern cosa
"7 waa given ti a deveassd’s jar] enezucla W: one passen . irom
punononed fron te Z, ane llvedtor Durlal. Trinidad. No fewer than pas
ge'es Wo Ttay, When Adam In the course af bis micesa 2 to the board the “Gusyana” the thajorlty
Chose a Frutt Diet, Veurzuelan Oungreas, President J. V. | of Whom are oo thelr way to La
a | Gomer mato the following allusion to Guayre. —
i) LD ol Lit CA pow
ITEMS OF NEWS, “ Lfecl the, most vivid sympathy for | wit'tont Carina Gack mitted yea.
the great North American’ natlon,” } iirusere av Liverpool via’ Darbedos
A telegram from The Hague dated | Bo Ml*in * Although the, strongest with 0 lous general cargo. and 2
2hat tnetant wtales that Captaln Van | brought conflicts to our re; tie ner deck posgogers. She salled Jast
Asheck has beea named Governor of | she has boasted of her pows: MD im soo | DighE or Vesesuelan ports with part
Surlnaine as from August Ist, arbitrariness or injustice, “On the pact of Inyerd cargo, one horse (the
——- * Mig’ ylor) and one ©
Kx resident Porfirio Diaz, of Col- | between the force of forel th
unbia, was 4, ia! uf foreiga nations mate
ception on hie arrival betty ae fiat act CHa ie eannees f0 2 mace The 6.5 “Maracas” in now at La
aud Paria on the Zist Instant, wrong lo hold up against hee but we 4 Drea losding asphalt; she arrived on

4 ~~ have received demonstrations of friend. { Sunday from Demerate with 200 bags
Cases of Cholera‘weve lavt week die ce
covered in Naplea, Salerina, Palermo ship, J understand that the great na-

aud Veulce, says a Rome despatch tlon seeks to extend the already ini- The RMB “Trent” look away

R tant [tion it, our markets f
dated June 22nd. Ter prodicts, think thiq aspiration OL packages brnanas, 665 bays

Trinldad cocoa, 46 crates Nines,
fn the Caracas Bt Oniversal of the | sad Tent eal ade fe zag atatotlem, | cylinders, Mt fo cedar, and 30+ bales
21h Instant, Io published au interest: | ihe shyhtest fearof the strength of balatafordrinidad 4 pkgs | gold, ts
ing article entilieds * Fragmeata of | that nation, becnuse I haveecen that | ot!es buleta, an zy slage from
Histanical Studies" from the pan of | fts actsare founded on serene princh Bolivar ex * Venezuela" and * Guay-
Mr. Y. Giusepp| Monagax, the Vene } ples which show that it le thet most ana tut pkge ex“ Dalantia” and
Vooeluela On Benratorial baaforse” ©" | (EAGEE, douarraey whicit hotnanity | 1H Digs ex “Dates
\ " ina ever a ihe announesment that acters.
Veaterday under the direction of Ne, 4 Lamport an olt have made °
NE Giaham, the well known builder | 20° Grand 2xh Century Com- Mastere and = Officera happier by
ead contractor, a large safe waa sue Mnatton » aia gave anentertainment vunlary concessions and insurance
ceafully removed ftom the New York |b the Printes Uullding last ‘night | for jife and & pension, following on the
and Bermuder Company's former office | 894 which was quite a success, They | action of the Cunard and Allan Ine
on Marne Hquare to the new pfiices | Mil give their last show to-night | scheme of Increanvl wage, ls viewed
above the Purtof*pain Gaseta, To | The exhibition is well worth patronage, J with considerable satisfaction on all
Install the safe which ie very heavy - —— sides, That Certificated men do appre+
a epeelal wineb had lo be exected, Mowers, WC. ows & (a, are Tn re [clate the consideration shown thei le
_—- celpt ofa fvevh ahi nt o€ French { certain, aud the following extract
Joasutn Hibe|pos Unpeery, opposite | Honbons of the delicious variety for | from s letter recelved by the Mercan-
the i liway Station” teste their | which the frm ie so well noted, | tlle Marines Nervice Association Is
usual suppliew uf pickled nicate have | Lovers of these delicacies are advised f proof that owners areon the right

eee & vel a five lot of Vig] pay @ visit to the well-known [ tack fn remembering the ctaline of
« writes, Phklul Shoulders, Pork | phartuacy as easly as possible, | the deck officers, “Jam very coms
yg Frama Ales Bok, Saylor Hoy’ ane ofthe latest French perfumery | fortable aboard here, an the
Hrand thef, He Outs seef Ju roils, al) | from the leading houses ig also being [accommodation for the Officers
fa beautiful condition, stocked. « splendid. 1 have no cause to
- = es regret. your advice of foiving the o
t {pure the gurona tion belidays a The Guvetnor les jrovlelonally, a vervioe of Lawpurt & . me 4 art
; ig valiway oa bs yepwe to have Rta rei GQ. Vasea, C! Cle runs the good wages ‘.
uM ade over §1,600 ih pawengers’ | in the surgeon Deneral’s Departinent | there are very few tnus treat their * ;

inelpts That, if teug, givesan Sodex | to tbe pusitiva of btipendiaty Justice | Unticers so well as they do, provided
sie as raat ahs | elke ec att ee | a
ve be ie oo! athou vf the ree
re fay ottoiatars ewer | (Continued on Page 7).

Fra, SN


vt PA ire “1 Tiwam!« NOTICR

~ e


ao 19%


pred Masttaet in ners tart oe ge se ee
PALE Fou upUCDAY rua ema [Lele oo eee ee BS re Ae oe
Cette : SEURSDAY THe aT 108 nee . RR ’ es
i. 8 Me DAY OF JULY, rit, te. i‘ nevrhatis o é , MA REID'S .
. ‘PUBLG NOTICH ‘le hereby sdven Stag ond now lor 2 | 4 Parts o a:
' gonr%¢ E iPuste comms sree | utetyme myerueats Ait sad] H DYE
“i eilnate in e@ sa
. : ARGO S$ RVICE. of Bropetty Ordinate Nuasbar 18 aod and of - Caroal contalatn 6 8 we fr 4 ’
‘ . contalned or iinplied to « certaln deed 4 ew arid z ine omy
RROD AR | , tems date obettton aay ot | Rou, Dow San and Weel, ceo ? =e 2) mem SHARES D PERMANENT SHADES
3 . ‘ 7 hundred and plus (repistere chteg ait singular that certaln ! . e
R SAILINGS TOUAVRES LONDON | eisr celtcy*cca'sscrs tener | cote shanti tua to wevsell] @ “@ |y 0 ea eR CAN, 4
i * Pergerd Wilini Tote Diucatea rei | Nenco® ober nites “Corecubll” com [x 5
are loformed that a service of at ld Robert Crawfurd Pitman and sisting of three-eorersl parcels of land, | O .
1 steamers of the Royal Majl Bteam | Lecnord Walter Dickeou of the The First f containiog 8 acres, 8
ia conjasciion with the Direct Lines (Londoh sed Qlaagen) | Partan arn in a certain memoranate 6 perches, Second thereof cou- = 2 bee
cla, Vincene eh Hest Asti, BE Kita, Monweres | OF 201 pace lander See repeivyecd] a 255 PUTES 25
a . e Hes pectively: an * “Dee —— he tee.
ston tatudeday 5. we Loutonon the 10a Jame] SENGE the meena car ct] memee orients a teaepoy, OA | WRENNER gg PORTE BCR ote Ta”
Hérvive “will bo at id Char) Besk Gpoo Neaghe of b Ravelt - : Se
witb thes TAT Te! ftom Trinidad tegalerty every Four | $¢4.0# “tld 'Wittean Jona, Dusan ged wpon pow oF lately of the the

AF Be’
or. ae mez bo neces-| and Leonetd Walter Dickeon, therg| Alea all and singular that certain| (faattothe sald Charice Alexander

Beryico will ba rostotalo will be put up for eale by Pulbie roel of Mend situate at Tamana/ Atern ie Wome XXLX, folio 481 and

¢, Barbados, such cf the Northenn Teande ae sie 26th Joly, | Archibal re Orawfurd Pitman Slegram annexed ta the |
* : other pa
Pon the onitises of the steamorson the detente rofulariy Rend shippers may rely} Auction at Ube Auction Mart of the | {2 the sald Ward of Upper Ceront con- North upon laade now or

lately of Andrew Uroes and upon lands
" tind ed st talnin, M sceg Sroods, 14 perches Bp reepo

panes pedependent ot the Bervice of Joist Cargo Steamers from Vincent Bireet, Inthe tern ot Poste and abuusiog Korth upou tande now Bonth and’ i "dow hecds ne or a ; t 5
opeoation Br tha part for oer dicted and Demorars.~which hae been | of Spain on Tharsday the Oth day of | OF Jetely of Luces, Gout and lately of le Crown aod West uron | oT :

ean It be maiatatoed vith? ity cus: | July 1011 between the hoursofooe nd | Heet upon lends pow or lately of lands now of Istely of the sald

9 outward voyage, id pies the following valuable cocda anienia, Maria end *pon dends upon Charles Alerander Melis
’ . antetions ra
Hor further information, apply to Allend singolar that. certatn piece | lands now or lately of Domingo Garcia] Arn, “Ee FLA thereof, containing

or parcel of land situate at Tai f Uy upon lauds now or lately of

. : ~ [the Wardot Garont to. the Isterd gt | Marla. Varella and pactly upon linds diagram annexed to the Grown desne

The Royal Mall Steam P kK t Trinidad containing 30 acres, § Toods | Bow or lesely of Jove Carrera, to one Heory Monceaux In Volume

‘ ACKSt Company. j.perches and sbutting North upon | Alto ail amd singular that certain (UyiT" folio Tit end abuttiog North

we anp MARINE SQUARE 9 lands pow or lately of 7, Garcia and gehen parsel of and situate in the said! noon lands nuw or lately of Joseph

1g 's sow or lately of F, vA: Laptlte upon lands now or Jately of
ney NT South upon lands n i containing 10 acres

S T HIEINEW CoLoNn TAL Compan y Liwutap Crown and upon s Terlae eee upon 8 roods, 2 perches and abutting North ae wre mg tiaetlan so Oren, Bowie

a : 4&9 | lands now or lately of B, Vialva upon | 000 lands now or Iately of the Crown upon leade aly ot ee eri Bouth

a raving upon janda now or lately of | South upon the Cumuto River, Hast/ oly 'unon a road resersed fifty linke

Agents for the “ Di rect’ Li Soteria Bercou, and upon Jands now or | UP0? Jands now or lately of the Crowa | wide and upon © trace reserved. forty

! ne lately of the Crown and West upon | 404 upon the Cumuto liver and West linke wide Kast upon lands now or

Le, lands now or lately of the snd iF. upon lands now or lately of the Crown | iat iy or the Urown vpon Jands now

‘ SOUTH QUAY, Viaiva. aleo and upon lends now or lately off oo 7, y of Joba Figeronr and upon

7 eevee amen | Alland singular that certain parcel | Alezander Btewart. lands now or lately of John Lord and

= ofl une ee WE ot Ae sa nls tet eal ag ro icea” Guar ely

. t Caron, ¢: * oe” *

i rst and Fo remost. cautalaing 10.seres 1 rood 17 perches | Ward of Upnse Caroni containing 9 | 20#eDh Baptiste upon lands now or

. lately of Naria jas and upon a y
. wa mececenacee sod abuttlog North upon lands now or | #erets 1 rebes and abuttin es .
k. ’ mann san p lately of the wald Queries Alexander | North upon’ lands now or, lately o fotereccted by, a tek “rererrads any This te “ithe Possession, ofa
# COLATE AND COCOA POWDER Melts, South upon the Tamana road, | Jobo Emith aod upon lands now or tints wide which said five several ; o"Singer’* eta very Women -
+ | Hast upon tands now or lately of the | lately af the Crown, Southupon the] parcels of lend are alsa described ia} i F “A Singer “Bowing Mathine enables a
. EAwawt Crown and upon hmds now or lately of | Oumuto- Kiver, Hast upo mm lands ow {ihe ‘Certificate of Title to the said 5 woman to ‘, wt am Quality, the sald Dharles alexander Melts and | of lately of Manuel Padella and npon] Charles Alexander Melts regiteredin | § e comforfably.wnd. abundantly on beeall an
_ Wivet in Ericems, West npon lands pow or lately of the | the said Cumuto River and West upon | vole UXXA V, folla Sk 5 ance then Could bikereine be poseble, aad
wait Wirst in Bverw Xtomeo, eld Gre leo Alerander, Melts ond jande now ee ae ee tae eae Also aleo all that parcel of land | ff al the same'thne affords her & faschemehiae,
; is pow or la! of F. 5 ‘ -
om aree at £0 ofo below ita worth, Awarded Diplome of Sterit Canadian | Ortega. , y of Nagenia Garcia, is barat containing tox set were cermeng and profitable vase st
nal Exhibition, Toroate, 1909. Bold everywhere and Wholesale from oth? all aud sogular that certain Als ail and singular ¢ al ceria in more or less delineated in the Singer Sewing Mas 4g.
. © parcel of land situate in the . disgram annexed to the Crowyg Grant os . oe < “a
ALBERT LUCIEN & CO, said Ward of Upper Caroni containing | the sald Ward of Upper Caroni con-{15 Loula Mefoney tn Volume Xill, | & ‘ Sa Bab ot see tly ta eneily, ea the ,

S.acree] rood 90 perches and abutting | taining Gacrea, 3 7 perches and ‘
_ Cocoaand Chocolate Manufactlrera, North upon the’ publie read, South | abutting North, South, Fast and West Were eee now aie and
1, Charlotte Btreet, Port-ol Spais.—Phone No. 69. pertly pone path aud partly upon { Upon lands now or lately of the Crown. | (riven and Houth upon lands Dow oF
. acer rrirz_or lately of the Crown, Also all and eingular that certain lately of Marino Viltelvas
Zest upon the seid path and upon | other parcel ofland situate in the sald |" 412) ati that

the sald public road, and Weat {| Ward of Upper Carouli containing 1 in the said wan oT pee Coat ae

- nna


te a | pon Jands “now or lotely of R. | scres. 8 roods, 1 perches and abu ng8acesd roods 12 perches be
$ a ‘i North upon lands petitioned for by K. Re ac 609 ro

* Magic Toothache Drops, ofthe Crowary non ow late | Gets and apon lands nom ately | the enamere or lew deinen a

. ist - others ot tend or that gertain River, East upon lands now or latelyot | Grant to Anselma Sasa in Volume

. * cald Ward of Upper Caronl cantainicg | the said Jobo mith upon lands now XIX folio 21 and abuttiog North

408 ONLY REMEDY THAT GIVES INSTANT BELIEF, Sacres, 2 rode’ and 1 percioe eed | Of lately of A. Stuart aad upon ‘the | UPOa the Cumuve itiver and upontands
Those who have used it sy “It is really magical,” abutting North upon the said public | the Cumuta River and ¥ upon lands now or lately of the Crown
Pwiocoe 120, per Bottie road and upon the sald path, Bo uth and ‘wfpon the: ‘Gamkte River’ end ust ‘upon. lande now” oF jataly ot
â„¢ 1 ow or la 0 ie
4 At PAR'S PHARMACY, Belmont, sadupon lands now of intel Of J. | intersected. by a tract Simon de Leon and upon lands now or

by lately of the Crown and West_upon
* - —— : : Boniface, Kast upon the sald pablic| Aleo all and Singular that certain the Cumuto River and upon lands now

. 7” Bod at Tbe Favourite Pbaroscy, opposite Wash House Bridge. other parcel of land situate In the er po by
Pec a eeuae that? eertain | ward of Upper Caroot contataing 16 | OF lately of the, Crown-wbich salt

Ia of land herein above . ’
t acrea, 3 roode, 6 perches and abutting | (07ers! parce LF YOU ARE . E rs
ae ~. sald Ward of Upper Carcal and ove North upon Tandl nom or lately of the corned are all Mycrked tomether as 4 if
talolog 3 acres aud 4 perches and wn, Sou wnown ss" Perseverance.” Together Ifyou sontemplava belng en, aged, or If ou kp node”
f ji abutting North ‘upon ‘the main} &6d upon lends uow or lately of J, I te: . gage, re ow saybody -
” THE LO N DON road an South estand West upon | Canlaon, Hest upon lange ow srl mes etivatepicmcemeoees verre? | wlio is engagod, you should not lorget ren


lately of It, Crespina and upon lands
Sift all end sigpular thes” certain now or lately of” I, Jistea aoa Weat | Ata, suo, all thove bree sevecal

~ - 8
Policies vf Assuran: sTected th a
other I of land situate in the said | Upon the publigroad and upon lands Btandord Lite eee Company the . DEREDFEuUuSs, 33, rampebiex®

Reet e . Ward of Upper Caront containing 3 new orl first thereof on the life of the eal .
. rood .BowThe acreage of the sbore{cy, . ~
Nonb, Bast and’ West upow lands mentioned | several parcels of laod tixteouth dey of Aprilin the sad tus [oa'sords. from catalogue waich ehows.s plocure of « Dismond
ye power ately of the frown, ard Bouth f 6Fo_ respettively @ litle more or numbered 11612 F jfor ‘tbe suin of oue a by ue rot light sal oaly Rab & mace little twinkle
. 1 road. red % ali
Met 3 e A afd ein ular that certain other—= And ales all those five several pounds, ibe second thereot on thetiits oney rofundod If quality Toas guaranteed,

parcel of land situate in the sald Ward seels ot land and cocoa plantations | of Joseph Alezaodor Melts in favour W " +
ot Upper Caroni contalning 3 acrea, 3 tuate fa the said ward of Upper] of the nald Charles Alexander Meltz SEE HAT You BUY.

roods snd 85 perchea and abuttlog | Carovi, the first thereof containing | dated the slsteenth day of April in the at
North upon lands now or lately of | 4 acree, A roode, 0 perches and 10 acres, year 100, numbered 14007, forthe ( Se a ne, a eeee
Fravcisco Vialva, Bauth upon lands | 0 roods, 16 perches more or less respec: ] sum of two thousand pounds, and the

~ , New Boarding He
m now or lately of &. M. Hojas, East | tively the frat of which situate at reo it red $8.000.00 [2 gg £
SW OODBROOK PORT i ‘OF - SPAIN upon lands now or lately Ei Joseph Tanaos delineated Inthe disgeam in filed ther Cee nee of ¢ lillred 3 .
9 @

a ant : a
Bapuste and West by lands now or{the certifionce of title to Mariano|Charles Alexander Melts dated.the ISITORS from the country, sal
lately of M,Vialvae Alea Villalva, In Volume 1V, follo t and] si di td To ta Invested on Tow ta other respectable parsoaa! «oi

" Alana iopult- that certata ether abut North party omiands vu eansbera Hk RPh toe Sud ot |” Ge ted Goode a ne | dnd ube esto soooutbdshce

* arcel of land situate lo the said Ward | or lately of the Crown aod artly upon | ¢ t d ad
One Minut e's Walk from the bf Upper Garont containing 10 acrea8| lands pow or lately of Francisca “Dated vat Porat Spat the eighth

Or Good Cocoa Estates. reece rena, meKle O cbeapant

Thiesuns can bedivided up. Apply'to {| No, 12 G. Bt ,
roods 27 perches, called “San Juan | Vislva, South partly upon a Hevinel day of Junein the Year of Our fond V, Tevihe, Ovaat orgs Street. Vort‘of.S n
4 a y Baptista,""and sbatting North end | and partly upoa lands bow of lately | 1971 ‘. Co. pening dey. Tuesday, 1h June;
Four Roads Car, Wer ppoa lands now or lately of the | of Berta | ercon,” Hast” upon lade Wil, #3, SCOTT &BON. afd Bue gos Cow i, Prince June 10tb~fon 4
. ‘rowb, £outh upon the public ro now or lately of the Crown an es . -
rescemcnen East upon the creel of fsa herein: | upon lends now or Jately of Jose Bon!- Govt, Auctioneers, June Zith-2e,

before descri and upon lands now or fece and the second of which is{ lately of the Crown. delineated in the diagram annexed to
Alland Svguler that certata other | the Crown Grantto the said Mariano
reel of land altuale {no the sald] Villslva in Volume XXV folio 173 and
Vard of Upper Caronl contalning 18 ebuuting North upon leods now or e
acres, | rood, 11 perches called * Kl | jately of the Crown, South upon lands
Carmeo” aod ,sbuttlog North upon | aow or lately of M. Vialya and upon ADL.
lands now or lately of the Crown, | lands now or lately of K. Rapsey, .
South upon the Publis Koad, East J upon lends now or'lately of the Cr
upod lance now or tatel of the Crown sod upon Lande now or, lately ot B. HE HOUSE RATES f
and upon tands now or Jately o! paey sod Weet upon lands ‘no ES for 1912
rdova Bercon and West upon lands | lately of the Crown and upon lands . :
vow oe letsly of the sald” Charles | now or lately of the said i. Hapeey, T will be roccived without por-
up to tho 39th day of


Diego Martin Local Bead


“rst 4:39 qagy*


dieasigt NesasPedMeTne CAR(S" atta athe, een Begone, 2, (8
eecribed. Also " usive, .
certelo other parcel of land situate in J th: @ wore or Jesedelinvated tn, abe rates aaue bo nid to tho 1% scoordance ‘aith Bection 64 (Bub
the eald Ward of Upper Caroni con Ft gram annexed to the Crown tashior dj 8 Pp o Bectlon 2) of The 'ltoads Ordidance
tainiog 15 acres, 3 roods, 30 perches | Gractta the sald Oharles Alexender | Cashior direct over ‘tho Qvunterio | No. v0 the Annual Election of the
and abutting North upon lande now | sleltsia Volume XXVIL, folio 49 and | ihe Cashier's office, above Board will take place at the
een? or lately of 8. Cardenes and upon lands abuttlog” North upon the Gumuta In view of the fact that rate- | Warden's Oles Mecarapo on THUES-
now of lately of tbe Crown, South | River upon lande now or lately o! i aly b DAY tuw gor DAY OF JULY 1a,
PERFORMANCES upon sada now or lately of Vito | Sasa aod upod lands petition for by | payers can only bo attouded lo one between the hours of Ll atm. aod 6 pm
. y |e aire UP et ypon lands now oF lately | Houthupon iandenow of lniely of the | UY 20 cach Io bis turo, and of | for the puspos of flliog tho aeate of two
TWICE DAI L. fon Bepiute, East upon lands now |asid Charles Alerendet Melts upon [the noavordabla dolay and jnoon: | members going oat of Otiice.




Candidates for election must give at

C 2 West | lands formely of ¥, Fermin but now | yenicnce tosome ratepayors whoa [ I
or on lands now er lataly of Fe Vilalta. | or tately of 2, Ite: y and upon Jandel. larga mnumbor heyy t be ate | Weeat seven clear days notloe in writiog PUB 0 NOTI F
ATO gods AND 830 PM Also all and Singular that certain formerly of M = Villalya but now oe ded b tothe Chairman before the day of eleo- oo
‘ other pareel of Sand sltuate fa the sald | latety of the sald Charles Alexander | toodcd to on tho same day ratos f tion, Sh given, that the wie
; a Ward of Upper Caront containing J4 | Melts, Hast upon the Uumuta Itiver | payors are carnasily requested not] °* [ roby vec, Chat the we
their rates ore ‘

acres, 8 js, 24 perches and abutilag | upon lands formerly, gt Me Aiea but wo Postpone payment o

Os gis
y " lands pow or lately of [ pow or late! .
THURSDAY, FRIDAY, AND SATURDAY, pore Sreeping aod upon lands low Alexander Sitte aud Wess upon the 0 last days of the period
, or lately of 8 Cardenas, Kouth apon | Ouinute Liver acd upon Iguds now or | above reforrol to,
meen lands now or lately cf Joseph Bom. | iately of the said Charles Alexander} jit, ayers SÂ¥o-informed that
* ' fies vise Ea isade e Jand ‘noe or Si'actoart rood + BB perches be tbe | tho Cubiore oflce wil be opeo
Y " aly: st upon Jande now . .
he Way ‘to Win aon tbe Crowa and West. upon f eame more or jose delineated Ia the dsily froas 9 o'ock am. up to and
: lands now or Jately of Faribio Garcia | diegeam anpextd to the Crown Grant ieclusive of tho 30th Juno 1911.
ae Afeo alland Singular tbat certain | to the sald Charles Alezander Melis in
other, parcel of land mu otsiaing $9 | North opoutsndenoworialy ats | JOSFPIL ARNOLD LANY
ni Tootain ‘ {
WE MAN MONKEY wen Bt ¥ 5 perebos and abutting | de Leon and upon lands now oF lately Town Ulorh & lroasurer.
ADAM, T North upon lands pow or lately of the | of Andrew Cross, Boulh wpvo lands] Town [all,
Crown and upon the Cumuto Hiver, | now ot lately of the Orown upog lands Port-of-* pain

lately of Loula Melovey u;
Lea in the Latest Baslion \scety apes ti, jars dct ta | Ende rm y of Soe Ae hts

MILES, | Burp, save, for val
Chalrma: 1 tion acquived
goe Fram, £

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Handalt & Abraham Go, |e tatsees inte
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% Marine Eayars ie 23,0. ‘1 eubscribere. Wa
—0 ws F cort, end THoxsa Bor
E AVE just received a fice assort- | tinue the business under
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Vth Juve, 192 Pattern, from 560 centa per Fe f joatle

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‘KE OARE OF THAT WARDROBE jest lande fa Patcess 2, eis ‘Ot ube Nnde formerly. of Lariclo. Hives bot op nr Hata Laces, Embroldectes, Moviery, ant
4° GENEROUS WAY. Growa’snd upon lands now or lately | now of lately of ¥. Orespo, Wass upon harl St Vertamery." A trial ooce convinces acd
seh of B. Fermin and West upon the | lends pow of lately of the Grown sod 6, Charlotte Street. | Aetemen Aire lorporte djtecta fro
CURRENT EVENTS. Gusto River lar that certain Seer ee oe OF itely ot| New and Seened Hand Pane a8 Moderate the Mevufactarert, We specialize in
, . A. Sass ppos lands now or ol ‘] u .
QTRANGER, other par at of land situate in tbe tbe Crown upon lade pow or lately ot Purchase System, Tak ch & Frereh Gots vty 1? do ok ana 4 4
THE bh seid War ered abotiag Nonk Loule Meloney a} @ formeriy of . a willhave 3 to
2 acres, 3 rods ane of the Crown | Marino Viltslva but pow or lately of L.. Hardy b JouN ALKIKe WIN TeDt you a
upon lands noe ane, Road. Kast , the sald Charies Alexander Melta and 6, Charlo ta Baett, (vers doer) aod. ot able tool] same ot thyhiwet | Togy ber snonth andl
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. RAPP PP LAL A bpon labda larly of ¥ win | ppoa lange formerly ¢ F. Creopa, tbe] Eerhinware, Canaler, Fee Jans Pladievere speolally levied be Inepest we rule. te will also al
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now same snore,
PML i Bo 16° Airssbier Hl _ "
r . . . o ae Soe

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Port-of-S pain,

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ee y~that fe my expe | ron bi, Accused did not {eantloned aad commilied ta atand |’. : . ‘
latest, proof we have had rerraia eo hea took the}his triel at the ¢ Urtutost
treatarent fe oa ineurs bat yeturned to his hone which ( Axel: nex vue NEW x PMENT
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her bouseand he adsweret ‘ @ ” u 8
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tame hore whortly
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Ve luin Sown whee ee " ;



her howe and as she ‘was aboot —
ber lanpaba asked who had | (Before Iie onour the edtting Judge)


the woman wnt 1e-BAY'S COURT Lier. |



aprertua& Coy ¥ Miles and another: . 6

his ne After the lamp | Asthen Gress 'e. Hoda mel anecberr RAPEAN ROOK RATTAN : <=

. Hoyer's Inbereste deos Teh his Asta, Deceased | Somerville ¥ Urantoa & another, RATTAN ARM 6 & ; fi
j ruarding 9 own Interests . (Defore tha Chef Justice.) RATIAN -COUOHBS RA



anolber. <1 ae te
_— ABE 6, 7, %.9 FOR WOOD UH COAL," = *

ting Saeteoes | St a: pitts, om, | WITH OR WITHOUT BOILMG

The vessel which i¢ named La prisoner came | Delgreve, Headley ¥ Larvey. ia

ieespeclally designed for the back froai the ditection of h â„¢ *
fruit and refrigerated frelght"trades | with his arm foldet. While going <4
between the West lodies and tha] towards tha decasend he saids "Gee SUPREME COURT. .
tg accu orsbnt1ueh | ure ans meee Han , {GOODWILLE& WILSC

° or uf —— < 4
chase passengers ietore ihe doce, ted es he got there (Before the Chief Justice). " ve |

. ee, io val ar (witness) Wednesday.”

THE PREYSAL TRAGEDY. boldiog ta height bund As quiet en SUMMARY JpRIsDICTION LIMITED. . '
FOUR ARRESTS MADRE. -. he bis hand he atruck the — eS a.

> RE- | deceased on the cheat und the detcascil Merit

MANDED TO Bn JULY. held him on both shoulders and sald: Frasertor paletlt Saone— Me, Blohe
Inconvection withthe murder of Mf, “Oh God what be got in he hand“ { defendant. .

at Pre (Vouva) and the [ito saw the fall This wen a part heard action of £100

‘on bot Jeans for. The hearin, of evidence was concladed.

“else, four arresta who went backward, and dtecanad { Mr. Poliard ad Mr. reser

+ ‘
bave been made by tha Constabulary, ataggered afew paces and fell on, hia | plies this morning.,

spinner, Gootoo, ” Vejambakus aud | recur When he fell, witness ran tor Fays and knows thet NO home is completa "without
| tof Tete menkwith the exe wards the St, Juseph Police Station to CITY POLICE COURT. a PIANO and NO Piano for this climate of ours can’

eo 1

reeldes at Alexander Millage) live ig Suced le ue sliailas to thhe one vari oqual »

wedy. Te ray Be eee o ithe tre. ‘on the occasion, The next timehe $ Before Afr, G. C, Deane S.JP.

to ite soll tar: situation and the. bole. rune wae a fow days r tbe (Acting Cely Sagistrate) BRINSMEAD AW OTTO OR A RORTZE
terons weather on Saturday ni Be ean Oe, ra Arrested. — ? oo

bt it | Witness Hentified the body to th Wedoealay,
suited well the perpetrators of the a ° Thosa PIANOS are MATOHLBESS, and are the oheies of

loctor, A Wow an at THe Bortom—Cousta-
called for aad che An eatuest bas been} Ly Mr. Fits Patrick 1~There Le a | ble Coomtn charged Chas, Holder with

P gellery in the house and witness occu- | beating Janics Worrell at Rose Hill p-ople hora who know Pianos. ae
Bey eth Magistrate at Cours, yealer | dios the gallery which isenciosd Ac | ba April 10. Mr. Lassalle appeared Do not hesitate sny louger, cull and see ¥be many
ees | Prom P cused went into the sleveased man's | for defendant on a ples cf pont difforent atyles in stock at the Warehouse, Jf you cannot
g ayah a n ilty.” ‘orrel_ is a covk on ri : . _
SAYLOR'S COINS AWAY. where ahe lives: which t bout a0) fie vikings defendant, the second efford the cash .price, you can arrange to’ pey wy our,
crowps_ FOLtoW THE IDOL {ot froin the deceased ‘m pours, j steward. Ou the, night of 10 Aprit convosfence, bh h rT
s A TuggE's place Aya runayconm' nants pPtory, efendiao! & ou. Ul wis! to exc! ange your 0. nattument
FROM THE StABLETO THE waa not there; she was th followet Worrel to the house, at ‘|
quay, ‘When | the necusest eruek Ueor Blreety of &. woman named you will be allowed full value for it in part payment .of:

Buckredan deccased chucked him out | Christina whic the latter entered and tho NEW one, %


A STRIKING SCENE, with force and deceased gave some | defendant remaining out slde * kicked od a
o_o blows tothe accused’ He could not {up a row" and challenged Worrel to j se
When It became known yesterday [*4y whether be was drinking, he Huan Worrel went into the yart New Music, Small Instruments and Strings:
morning that good old Saylor had | heard the people arvund sayto. Both} where defendant followed him there Tn farge varlety and at all prices,

agaln changed nande and was about | gave blows ¢ both were in a ee al and ons Bovas, the woman's .
to shake the dust of Trinidad from-his By the Court +—When ac went | brother, twice prevented defendant NEW ARRIVALS. JUST OPENED OL,
hoofs many # sorrowful expression fet! | for the oil he could not say if he had | from striking Worrel who with Bonag
fromthe lps of not only of hie ad- J the knife, then left on their way for Hose fill,
mirers but almost. everybody in the | Olt Mahommed deposed that he lived | Defendant fallowed them and arrivin
city who heard the news which spread &t Marbelle and ia a butcher, he is} atacertain apot he attacked Wore!
like wild fire astheday wore on. It | related tothe deceased and to the } with # penknife and gave him a couple
haying Jeaked out that Saylor would | accused, Ife remembered Sunday [of stabs on the face, ove on the
leave tor La Gusyra last night by the [ bight, the 18th iustant. Je heard ‘a | shoulder, and oné in the abitomen,
Liverpool hner “Almerian,” ansious | nvtse and went to Cassims’ house; | Bonas, Worrel’s witnesa, sald Worrel
crowds astembled In the viclnity of he saw prisoner at hie house. Gopes | gave defendant two blows with a
the tables and Followed jtoe polmal and himueelf were there aud pho one allck, they siiuebed and. fell ta the —=—=
the nding | else, waa altlng at the door | ground, Worrel on top. la tn tha 4
Ba ener hate de earns meen [faucet | LAMPORT AND MOLT LINE OF $
an nto a r Uen raw aoner. came endant’e case was when he
bine portow wae depleved on the | ut of the house and accused told bins | knockrd at Christina's door Worrel In- | - VIA BARBADOS TO NEW YORK.
countenance of all ae the popular that you are always beating my wife [formed them that he could not walling Watens—-171911.
blood-horse wended bis wey, through J and ifshe gete sick I willbring youup. Jace her then, Some mare talk
the streeta of the city and the words | Caésim‘s wife was stauding “behind | eusued? and Bonas, himese if and


biome 446. Wy STRONG Stitt:

BuRAMERS. Leave Trisrpan, Annivs New Yo

*QGood bye, Saylor, vod bye,” re. | hin dolng nothing; witness did not | Worrell Jeft to go to Rose Hilt he

echoed every where. ails being know why di ated spoke to.prisover {lefendant) gon ta seo hia sick sister, it b ;

put jote bis bex Saylor, who wae bi- about beating” his (deceased's) wifes] On the way Worrell threatened to | RYRON,. vee tee tee April se 24 reg S tad:
therto as quict ase lamb, displayed | Accueed was in his yard and did not | leat him and first struck him two | VASARL oe re Apel .. 27th Mey an
some temper, and much amusement |Temove, and after his brother had } blows with astick. They held each [TENNYSON = os ue ove May ae 14th

was ca by someone shouting “rin J fpoken to him he went to him , other and fell and while on the ground | VOLTAIRE ee se ave May 4... 27th

away, old boy; don't go, Naylor.” tacking him if he was going | Worrell bit him onthe hend and arm | BYRON wo. ee eee rere CU)

Judging from “yesterday's display, it [to bring bimup, Accused then began | while Honas held one of hia hando and | YEIDI" ... = on tee ol Fuse oe Ith

tan be said without fear of contradic- beatin javelin’ wife wand fecemed with the other he ueed Es, penkn: fe
tion that oever in the annals of racic 8 im off an e eld on. fon Worrelt who wae chokin ol.
in this colony has a horse won such Whilethey held on, accused struck | His Worahip sald defendanthadno! Rigat, Second de Third Clana Aeeomm

Casenn wah ths if ht knife and the matte:
edmiration from the people of this Ht knife. When de- right to juve the kal ite an enicuslye mle Foe cates of passage money and all further {afcrmation, epply to

—_—_—_— what prisoner had fn hie hand and | Worrel assaulted ho had his remedy
E MARBELLA FRATRICIDE Hudres ald ho had a knife. After de: J Wor now. He convicted and fined GEO, R, ALSTON é 00.
TH Tov ate es Pol sy ieothes a mE Tate CuI, J Trixruone No, 182. Shippieg
—— over and eri . ULTED — Jose
ACCUSED MUMMITTED TO STAND | doad j lid not expect he would have | Waldron wasnutomoned by Constable | one No,
TRIAL died." Prisoner remained there cry- | Jordon for assaulting bis little girl


log. It was the first time that he had j Dalsy Waldion. He ploaded not guile | “==

(From a Corre dent.) seen prisoner sili thi . Pty; rusecution showed that de . ‘
A us Pes eries im ute | Wiener toot rae | Wate gnate ba
yes . ‘anea, soner waa beatin di ‘endan en: ving kic! e
3,J.Py i x john, a young East Indian Pot know why. ‘Oitness did pe wee | little ‘girl atall, She delayed ber time

4 .


coolie, was charged with having mute | prisoner daring the day, but be saw | When sent on an crrand and on ber ree
dered his brother Cassi on the night as thea 5 he appeared’ to have been } turn he slapped ber twice, Mis Wore .
of the eth June, Sub-lospector War [utioking. The knife prisoner struck | ship believed the witnesses for the A bottle ol Brand in
ner conducted the examination on f Cassim with isa knife he used to cut | prosecution and convicting defendant a iy
bebalf of the police, and Mr. G. Fits J tub. ed him £2, in default fourteen days

° oe
Patrick watched the casaon behalf of } By Me. FitsPatrick ceAt the Ume | Jmprisonment. house, but mind its
this thing took place accused turned iM THR WRONG SipkwJames Henry

the accused.
Dr. Lewis’ Fabien, deposed that he | bie brother aad ing. teed § was brought up by Gonstable Douglas
received news of the death of an Kost | appeared to be "very sory aga Jor driving a catriags on the wron r I "Ee I [ 3 uh
lodian named Cassim aud he viewed f brothers **{ did not expect you to | side of Tragerete Road. He plead uty
¢ Ys ts

ay fe


the body on the, nf ht of the 18th ore Mitnew beard tk and he Builty and was Hued t Boe meen dayt —
petant at Marbella @ abou witness) tb Joes: UHTING,—Constablo ou ® e

ouock, ‘The body was identified by | sitting before bis door. Withes ears | charged Nathaniel Jeph and Garon The bottle with{the famous
Gopee and was lyiog on ite back with | when sccused struck Butkredao and | line loxer with fighting on June 22
ita legs extended and the aims close lo | thert Cassim pushed bla, When thie | Mr. Joseph Wilacn appeared for Jo

. .
the sides, both his shir,and trousers J thing happeacd hb k, ha + Palrner-Chizzota for Box:
were saturated with blood There Thatday hie ‘and others were aie a or Joweph Isa coblicr and a quarrel u 2 1 ver .
was @ large pool of blood on the | They were both thhermen and bath | aruse between hiineelf and borer over] 2 s Ae

fot and Chere was a wouul | brothers lived peacefully and friendly, | & juli she gave bins to do, They fonglt:


t about the left collar bunes the f Theie b Boxer starting the tight In which abe ‘ . 6
frau te | tos Ty tnedonfroniy | Eee ed SISNET logge ed opal theses sa
2 nm Ferna! oep where e-exauin an om the head w' a ‘ - 0
post mortem was held next lay, There {etme for a ong tise aif on feoaly Boxer wa oe ee oF Lwrenty-one days clore iwe two centuries and duri ug toe years of jts exis ga

ao fockwd wound abou wo 4 One; - OF peve! Se Olwa!
inches wide situated about the (nner and ily on friendly terms vousther ALLEULD RACKLEsS RIDING Dine. aS y pe

thint of the left collar bone penetrat- | Buckredan sald th: ORD Je! fe summoned Claud
ing inte the uss and severing the of the decedsed, " aa fake et wife Gittens for ba gagune th at Ariy The Best that can be qi i
ugy ein ab Carol venue 1 0; - ., at
titery i thowther orgaunsof the body | hand and when she sorted she [Ievsly, cused Injury to atittegin| Never accept ony substitute, There is no Brandy!
were normal, The cause of death was} found that scwe piteh oll had fajlen | nduwed Holder Gitlens, + Defendant “ JUST AS GOOD," '
dua to -s penetrating wound of the} onthe floor, In cunsequence of what | pleaded. guilty and Mr. Ligoure ap q
peck abd Lemorphage. ehe asked Lapeo, she called ber hus- } peared for him. The general evidenve

I tor Warner & The wound | band and told 7 howedl that defendant was nding,
we eed uy eet ie pot what can be termed recklessly,

wos by we dbarp cutting instru: | ness saw accused ab his howe, ’ ee
ich as the kolfe tpruduced) It ke to the oth he caller bit In conversation with another cy- I i 7
wae hot given with vely great force Sroun ila Rowers sbked hin about ist phen the Jutle at seed ae PLAN . coco NUTS F na
It was not given with very great force, | the eeall: “Y, I th {t | the footpath on ew °
¢ was given with sufficient force to | down; what can Por and he the time his bicycle awerved & liste CHAGUARAMAS
ver the artery, gave her a slap, When she got the | and foming in contact with the gist ni a
By Mr, WMtzPatrick: Uf the kuffe | stay ber hushand was there, When | knocked her down. Alitilebiaod wag} ® Cor.
had been * used with ter force It [uhe recetved the slap her bughand pug | cen to oore fron her nuse. Hie Wore ———
would bere, pemetral ooppet. nahe prisopet out of the boure, Drhoner ship thought tt an accident and dle ” , ;
body might have been resney reno | went away and returmed with hile | uniaed the 5 ,
Mere Ieee pine felled ta whet hee ened ota | “Dermerve CConeTaee Youn} Chaguaramas Rejate . A
lasveply to the Bench Mr, Fitx| berglf were standing before the | Amy Crifith summoned Uclective 4
Patrick ssid Usat he did net ek the doce, When accused came »p her | Coustable Houalre for usieg © eceng, B5 ojo! Ds sccparsacel! Selecta.” " .
‘wo §, =
He pleaded pot guilty. Mr, 15 ofa nly), .ao0e Culls.” er

« uevtion with any oun 2 runove husband Pushed her Into Une house her af Queen blreets
locus i et * ny ry ehe a aw Nn m1,
bl, wneee dtd nb [ore ga he ta fide aie | Lama ores toy nit, RS
@ .
es lotaiialiy ves fhe. hee od pec je outside sanaking | Roles | van (hat difendant abused ber while HOR PRICE yo iy Hi} F, 1.00 ;
Df Inspector Warcer. It: wae not | and saw a poulof blond gand Cassia [phe was standing at the gateway © : ( j ve
tilble fur the manto turn overt) lying oa the ground er yard sod on ber rensnking wine- Apryw, t rr . a
the besorbege was so profuse that he exauula Ratfoba wd e thing, pel alalve, he insted ber. at :
bla face. suee 1. was he Wee .
ogee the nes witeess deposed that @ rusal constable at the Hock Prnal | teoguage aod onthe day of the tdali @ LASCELLES «De MERCADG &'CO.,
he is a cartenmay,andthathe veal ® rod sndon the Ziel instant wen} | the cbarge was withdrawn. bbe then > ‘- 49, Meri
houwat Marbella wh b contains other ' way at ite shop of oue, Dodo at [laid her charge againet bisu Hie . . a ering Square.
youlny, snd the deceawd vooupied oo9 pial in Htuad and called bins Worship siter hearing witness of April 2Ith—Im Te +
ufthese rovuns, On the night 1m ques ter a conrecsation be arrested hing | With oi we ound ivted Ube cons sod Z

. S °
, i: TR &



Not cross-


re teks jest recelved 95 bo 20,0009. yards Merilo obeie st aegis Kdaco
and Imeertion, whick, we are ufeting to the: tion at spacial
Calt round re a

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ey ve LL at 29, rile 15 qeete |
wi apg. we tS cma’ .
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careagn Tore. Gone ~ rrostion his ter ‘ tved_that peat , ie Litt croniog * ceoenret wy
IRON ae nfo a ween) rece 81 Wi eve s
talne violent leneuage ’a! 58 the Sixth Antusl National Daicy and tire wien ope tn ie dry, ” Pp 4 ~- at

bide @8.~and &. costs or fourteen 8 thon fa 1900-10 was 31, 068, ba0 | th, as ‘Tot ) plat to 6 gallons “ot water, thie’

0 we oe veh 8.9§ | MIF on pee ewe} ’

The Store at which You cas Wurchase With Confideno ‘4. -


One Price Only. One Frite Onby. | Value Nowhere Like Matllaed’ss | Free Tasuronee f

a the Supreme Court,

pices of vanilla, from this source have | quired for export,

wwe lowered, mainly because of the — Te the Matter of "ibe tatace of Victor
thering aod cyring of immature] The Krperiment Station Record of Noel late of the Ward of Mayaro, In

brane oO prevent this, the new law | thea United States Departmant of Agri- the Island. of Trlaidad, Pruprietor,

prone reen vanijla from being | culture for December 1910, p, 625, con- Deceased,

to ndiet for commercial purposes, | talas the following abatract of recent

while the curing of the beans is to be | work that bas been dono in Germany URLS NOTICE i fe bereby given that

done enly by thusg who have shown [in conaexion with the effect of application b jaa been made to me by
and ti compensate complainant } the # possceslon of ability for the work | manures on the activity: of nitrogen: } Ktiss Nool of the Ward of Meyaro, ie the

#230, of fourteen days’ hard by galning a special license, Further, | fizing orgapism (Azotobacter): Experts | [stand of Trinid sd, widow, for for a grantof

ir. He was fi Meow of the United States of ‘Atnerien ’ 4 - ” fy
‘eaven . will beheld In Chi from October | | The AnvSiattaral Dey ent ia Gt MENS ATLANTIC BOOTS LADIES P AGIFIC BOOTS : k 66" a
AULT, ‘on Kathet Haote sum: | 8 to November .6, A. clreular Loca b hes f fasted 6 lea containing a That. Alf 5808S. Pic ’
lia Walks for assaulting | lesced In connexion with thie ‘show ices charged for placte “Arnold y acd Edward nee aeene : ,
refers to the | fac t that the National piers 43 % for planting in St. MEN'S Patest Dear Bineber LADIES Tea vie Shoes wits ie ‘
Dairy show Mecclation Nas has expended, | The plants include Central American a the WH of deceased, A Osfords—= Large eyeiett= Sacible sree mand (Cobae bes! f +
moré then 980,000 Ia promot | and Para mbber, titeus pitets, cacao, Povated tov a04 Faocy Glove ore aud plain toes wegay6 0 7
ine he dairying industry of the | coffee, epler, ce miangoes, ead ‘various ne me ‘DADE Tan Shove —Devby Cut eos
oles of the show is lo worksia, o ornamental ‘Elods, jal eatery ene Hit Boss lacte aa "wy ag capetall sises ...$76 T :
eo see
Operation with the efforts of all other t Included. A usefal feature of the loaf- King wan’ teeta Ps abe . cen Lol * Back Soon The Laat wl he +, B.?
ilar organizations and agencies for | fet ia « table Indicating the best time y aatbeaticated o ial copy of : vin medium valag 4 polat- XV, bests gia oles Plala a
dairying indy ba Coat cowry the Yrs whtch eth an) reat 8 ie Li a he Bag jeseul fiioold Weuld MENS" P fone bene witos"het"ica “hea Ve Best on
e he
aictribation. It should be noted that nooordionig. right Bavary Bo gous With wlecotieed scles sola Bors High to 76 or Flame . *
Tt te ted by Ht HLM, Consul at the prices Biren refer to deliveries at tod thle 8a dey of Jane, 1911, chee, cut ~~ Rowsd seat fos, Bluched cut, = #
Fanitt ee anew law bas ' “0 mate tha patanic Stations anextre ch ES F. CULLING, Bav iNest $a 024 834 me ot" iS pebies''? ‘Mact"Gtack’ pat Makers. 4 % ey
or gu | qi OF FpUC! LY
pickiogs endowing “ vanillain? rench traveport, ant fucther, shot 1 Be tes an AStg, Depa y Hegiatrar, y; s Dy sap Fuser rane ‘Das Cat Ba wit iain tosrand 4
the reason being’that the ed foe plauts hat ace re | TRINIDAD AND TODAGO. | pee bi

Lvanilie for export is to be Inspected | ments on the decomposition of green Frobeta of the Last Witland Testament aN *
before shipment * anures fudicate that the addition to date the 26h tay of ar, 197 ef hd
The soll of swall quantities of barnyard. arn ool late ofthe Ward of Mayare,

The Journal de la Boeiéld Netionale | manure to be ploughed nndee with the § (e the Island of Trinidsd, Proprlewor, who
i lorticulture de Franeet, for 1010, p will hasten devomposition | died oa the 6th dey of November 1910
describes experiments that have fF furniehl hing fermenting organism having a fixed placsof abode 1a the osld
beens conducted for the Purpose, of which pin ately act on Lhe green T Ward of of Maszure iatbeeJd Is'sad, the
dealing with chlorosis, or the lack of [ inateri At the jane tinse, [fsuwall | sald Elica Noel being one of the persons
green clouring matterowing to a want inateriel. of poh and phosphoric Peepers Execatoss therein, Toe coher
of ivon, In pear, trees. The method [ acid are ised, they will quicken the | execntor Pierce Ea Noel bevlog ree
employed was so drill aa Inclined holo } ferméntiog and rotting processes and | pounced all hi rights » as Execator under


JUNE Bi, 1911.

* — Yt te Feported from St. Lucl that
=z 6 the Herren is tate, although the

mie How to Mix ~â„¢

enry ‘S. raatl late Tats ‘e canes
hve Dr
Feata ln the Ward of Savoostia ia
tbe laland of Trinidad Pantene

Bm ‘trees are hn a & healthy condition. As about one-half way through thet trunk furolsh avilable food for Azotobacter. Yoo sald Willy deed eed bearing gate ie Deceased,
‘OnaeA? o ov branch that was being trea! an er reimmnrat th da Tegistered ae No,
aigeed Siope Caneplanting for Une | Se Pace sulphate of fron ia the'hole] = AHDUNO THE STORES. | sidot iain. 7 DUBbig NOTCH bey ice tet
BF" Sotaing esason ta adenost flatsbed. thus made, | After the operation, Lhe Avd potice Is given phat il co 1 i-pess Bovall Connell of E:peransa Estate

bark around the hole ia wraped and |, ait Job line | of pusepttonal foterest, te t? | caveat ta odged before ibe ea'piration of | in
; he the Ward of Savosetta la the Jeland of
Big hort foes The Agriuttural fo | Guise iNUt thetethod te perinanent | Henantan At onset she dat actions | MraRh-az8N, Cage fromthe dela of te | Tittiad urterat Lew for » grated
otor, Novis, sta tthe area of | ly succomful, except in th hebnse of old proceed to heave Probate tothe auld Elsa | {rebate of the last Will and Testament
mon in the Freeney will be fas | trees or hove weakened by the attacks hough cel according!y. “ Aeted Sub of April LOTL, of she sald Somes
coming seasou. In | of Insects or dlecase. mranilacturers, ra nuctia Dated this $746 day of Jape 19h Be hdes of May fll aces want
myers a @ Onan io
Â¥! The Field for April 2 1911, gives Sra eae i a Acting Depaty Meglotrar, | bit Caath a Gred Calne Dex at
directions for. making and “A Boox For THe Bintous— Lhe | ——————— SS ee trivt the sald “ep Seat Bi “t ja Dis
wrod Killer aa follows 5 4 ne aterafons ity aca wie thee a and DENTISTRY. one of the eaesnton es oe Trees bang
pints} these are. Aare ae an there v9 Is undug secretion of bite and the feu the Will 9 Will of the. mee Seng Oees
hour allowed to cet, und ton the quid flows into the stonac! _ tlike probate to th E
ead Soutiit, It la a most distress! ra ° te tothe other Bxecctore
‘ ize tae oy Baas tae red In soltlon tent cllod Polson Wi bent ailment, ond inany ara Hinds. toit in DR, C. F. CLARKE mand Notice teal aives rgtin
of0ce ul nec! eneral oO} js ca on & tian ns ‘e e
pdr: twiligence for India, tho ett poe. witha hte foe bee bee : Covent le lodged before the expirgtion of

‘Put two ounces of cold water ina teacup or 8 pines.” Takes
teaspoonful of this Precious reparation out of the put a small
juaality on tbe surface of the water at atime and ne nistly with a
ork for ao jittle white Then add two more ouaces of cold water aad
deal yah the s:cond spoonful in the same wayas the first, This vit

yemedy in Dr, Kellogg's Vegetahle
nee for Jn =| ned, i Bee RADUATE of Howsrd University } twenty-eight days from the date of the f form & palatable cream, free from Jum:
dine Sis Seal alte | sotarendominii tetrad elon. | some, the dogdet” There" at | GU'vakaa rzen One Oty uk {Pesca of iskeden 9 Ga wi i
pit sure eS acres in the lag ta the area of the path. Themixture better miadicine | {n the entire e llst of Deke A Pembroke end Abete | rir eaid Krneat Bavalt(Goasal senor or TRY THREE DOSKS and say whether ‘
in at reer teporled produc+ 4 fs “ailuted in water lathe proportion 4 pill preparations. er mby Ban tngly, Son leave ve being reserved as it has not & Hnproved: you. ‘
<= —— (Belper of Jace nn . *
se ¥, COLL .
| sti tity soLe -WROLESALE » AND RETAILY
SALE, aoe nor Ree i CHE aétn DAY ~ ae ,
. UBLIG NOTICE § hasty. gives that CLEX, Oo. LA ING & od,
f iD exarc Ot the ‘Fonee jale conferred F°
Law of Cropast vduanen 1464 aad cose
tained fe a gerusin a enorndary of moc. " Sele Agents.
fo 48 da’ °
{ols troos Joba Battellat d0 Lopes Al y
‘ COE, p Caroling Cleaver, anvarthefe wiles pat ap THE ENGLISH PHARMAOY, a
jor an e undersinged 21 Rotion
paths Nae o G Harris she att day of RE DERIOK STREET, Telephonef No. 50.
daly 391t, belveen on the hoe hoaure of ose and ‘ ory

Pe thors two severed purcela of land
giinate ia the Ward of Oroponohe in the
Island of Trinidad,

The A ssthereof comprising olne acres
three roods and thirty sevea Terehes deil-
peated in the diagram ganes to the



Loyal Subjects All
# ,

Peotiand'’s Bast.

ee eee

I Scotch « Whiskies. |

’ 1

“SACCO,” |'-
_ {South Aftionn | Consumption “Cure, Original)
eine ure. ad precsoiatire fer Censem: Heeunorrbege,

Fede, mata Wei Laat ml tte Tebengieee

ore eh her sepply fast received. W 1s promise neree ty ba without ft be veoh,

W. C. ROSS &CO, . }.’:

acres theee roods >
Gellosated Lm she diagram sneezed to the * Golemint Dispenuawy. |.
Groen Grant ba yoo pes Vo . nym . ik,
a oo — wa es mes Ha ae
Bouth oat oy Crowa Land on the am *
East by lands of Mareelo Pachecs and be-


Daled thle Sth day of Jen 1011,


French Bon - Bons,

RA-ESTATE OF ANTOWIO MRADBE. Just Recelved ex S.S*" Guadeloupe :”

Pralinos Rooa ot Blane, Dragées, Almandes, Noie F;
Nonere estes as al peony Abricotine, Amandes, Ligueure, Fondants Fruits ds" Pari Chol

o Ae eon fas tate of he iowa a pon Crime, Nougats, ete, ot BISQUITS DE REIMS fu small pits
Port of Spe on the Lh day ot Match |” ~ALEO—

Se NOM a- wane
asror AT

101} are-on oF before he 0th lay pf Sune & Bole du Waremta,

1 3 Sealiet statement of flr coments ‘ wen Ob D’s 8, Tew BM,
Sor ME— poder a Jeeta wie owe | WIth Out Rivet NO my
A _ RETAIL nga RE—WHOLESALE FROM THE AGENTS Bee Rac vane con acta nen eto
SMillers St Ores Limited. ir Bui Sven | ct dab In clon bottna “ ANJOINETTE PHILP,

rb palp
aap cor Lala tone ODA PAOTORY |! eet

2 " ® ‘ ated

! 8 -READY-F0- wete Hars/| |



Go, Se, 186. to Me

stows & RESILDAS:

: seg’ TR eente, Ba conte.

‘GirIiped Pagdana Breas. “mein, F ancy - FAQPY VESTINGS.—1.20 Pav avail
. 72 CENTS, :

NAT as lore ote
fg guia erstmrosn mmcirsiy sscnoes | EID AND SUED GLOVES, WHITH: DRILL 26-3

Flowers and.

sekSutt, % CaNTR * Orne,




4 . ; wt deeenans we aa
ere EMBROIDERED ROBES, . Elastic and Leather Melte—s00, s8,00. “J -, oerré kraaw amp rawr mareu

, “ida, 10'poua, 18 cove.
_Waire & CoLoRrD BLOUSES Oe 72¢ up. White wn ah SeaTa en i yaad ian, , SILVER AMD ELECTRO-PLATED WARE IN onnaa val

| ‘THERE Is* ans pen ain, we moch ii ANS DIVORCE,

a . +
vince ° Line], es a, ce —
5 HONE BE TTER schon Paes in ma fashion} A cmall bat ssid ek the
EEE ae

s TOTeAT WI Core, Koninkiljke W, Mail.
it being one of cstireiont in trentials the Bishop. of, Bi Di rongaaran a Dr. vas akiljke We
bhat a Murrey} both

lssaed (J: Det Man
to attract attention Sod to explte ere} ' Tes Rovas, »

O8 THE MARKET THAN {oar nate Tae, oed Foun eet ct ive Werte pe mag MEAL ce eae.

of our Lord,” Fag! the Hishop states In paar Mast Steseosr © . anne
¢ 8;
to to be done, aad | it ought boy here been * mierinaden” Mi Line Will



S°8. ‘Asiatic Prince,’

“& 5100: TONS BURTHEN i

th f ork on the 1
from the “frst. ‘ The © preface, * fe Ber ee gieriuiton taf wine on ge.

ie colony would? not. have’ mrudged onvoe Hohe ake a preseeding RAD the 6a.“a
é 6 99 frother thoussnd o of pounda fo, mark toark tlon of the Sermon on Post giter rmarde to Cay oo Careges Joe ae daa Lisa vin Goa ag
often frittered away by the overnment | that time I was disposed to giv Aux Gayen Derk eines aot Nev “pet |e Sa was
e , {this colony on much less worthy freference. among the versions of our | tay{, ing cargo, pasnonaert an
objecta. Another t disappoint aching on marrtas e given in DRING WILLES 11th Hacnben a
‘ ment waa the failure of the | the New Testament, the version PR all Bteamer “ Pring {itera fet a

fireworks gloplay. A wet night is not wen in the tose” anording to St, sar

suitable fete ae rk atthew, which contain an exception, ‘al

- Pau R.
. display w atly making marriage Havre ba pie X7RNETIA~The aouers
besideobha ad ¢ certaia circumstances, taking enn and van oa Line &
due here’ from Bahia, Brazil,| ES SUENER, ire mal bare oat ted coke eet andi ee OnE eS ery he nie
ay on or about aeould t te reper the “exeeptions] clausce ta | Desneram on or strat th uly Tait pro
. RD ay 1 t JULY, 1911 P lace a Trial Order not be helped, avd tated Recetas ae, via “Cabot
G a puraber o! Curaeno, J: ux On; Best-aa-
» 48 “ae Postponed ae the orga BLE Wanptar, Bowe nad “Fes thing aes
bere ¢ WITH~ of peopte had es ten Los q i Salen
ja , 2% ave The present law of The Gliurch of due , ’

Line’ if Fs
. England, which {fs not enacted but about find “Joly Wi proceeding alfes-

° wi ma, ob Bppceeel fet the Canon of 1003 {othe | wards to Paramaribo, Havra and Ameter: A
have bee: e

GRELL & CO. Sim fkingeares patngers and one

the separation, at the parties frow 8 ay ~
mIREX EMD, of people f the | **bed and hoard,” but not in any case ES v= ke W, In- Onawcian. cae mas

Taking Cargo and Passengers.

For all further information please apply to

of the remarlege of elther ‘party dies Malldienst
the hfetlme of the other, New York Paramaribo

fpr, cence]
aif a ervioe,
Tike FOUU-3-SpQLy BAZEIIG. | fee atthe adversatd ines the propt | tata the highest, degree probaie Oat NaP Ona ROT

‘ o
. ———— ly reflects the intention of the Divi 8 is due t
x POBT-OF-BPAIN bar @ tight of compialat. Bat Bat “ta Péunder of our religion, ty ' apart Honday art 3 Joy Wile intind Oh ad wt Jere be
tum the question o! 01 tibet taking cargo,
| THUHSDAY, Yoru JUNE, 1011. ae behind argue tae te elas pretation tof the Churehy the docue neva andmalee he

me thi ee fal trains would be run to ts of the New Tretament ara ARAMACCA-~The as, *
COMCERNING THE LOCAL COROKA- | ists {fe:poonle tack, "and that ther examined we, reach the Bedi anil Yar et ya

T . agnouncement. It a that ie in the | noon precisely dirt for Jew, ‘orl
AGH S. LEBRATION ha! highest degree protable that our
TION CE 8 feat Ss held Ytoeltt out te, derand Lori forlads divorce to his disciples MW? re tant a sarom net
ut due
jacent Building, - “Tre tumalt and the shouting ion thie te 4 mailer that will ng donot &—Tue record of tho mind of farindos on Tuosday ditt FA
Zitn June 1911. . of the past, We ail | atiot. But phe fact that what o zed | the Church, as exprosent in legie it Fork taklog ee seme day direct for
hope that it will be many a long year | slid vreus je most Fegretta tial on the whole the Church has rer | malls wy Peers
Delors ‘another Coronation occurs If Cea ee ite er ardad itsclf wcteaee ws Divine law of OPES ENAME- Tho as. meetphenacns”

a good, dve here from Paremari!
lessonathat can be learned tom t ihe made, Apa! dissoluble marriages Monday Toth Jui soil and will leave next

hich afte: , onl = ed ¥ direct for D York
. ‘experience that we have just padned Peat f OIL FUEL ECONOMIC AL FOR dagiet Boon precisaly direct tor New
yo proud vf the manner in apasengrs cede e Aaatio
. woth it celebrated the Coronation of THE NAVY. hing f Steamers
f thee, Co may hepthe Kinog.. No place was too remote "ee o
Fat or tod small not to do something in] Charles A. McAllister, Chlef Engine Gxo, R ‘Auerom’& Op
heble, bul
impeacheb t

thlacongection, and nowhere can we of the Nevesue Cutter Service, re- .
behaviour of the People pers the ene eee per cll faci Gi x tate “St, Jaf ta due hare

rg was anything but loyal and orderly 0 { jo, three months on the revenue eutter rom Demerare on the 4 Nt July, PO TY
ee 8 marked degrees mee * Golden Gate.” A comparison of coal fone Es Marve, Loudon eat eaot ‘
, consumption for three months in 1950, taking cargo passengers aad

ARMY | DWARFS, compared with that of ofl for three

months ina 1010, showsa net bearing of Ta ener emery
LUPE eve, 1.08 f coal at WL per The loodon 1 irect
iu fans cAtew A DI ANCES gu was gulstthat of off at conte Uno of Fteamera.

, Li as ouly $153.22. Another
Expref& Correspo: forparison alo allows 7 cost of steanie THe pie bal Cotamtat Ga,

Valin, Sunday, ing w per inle with coal
A demaonelration ty ie ‘the ani only Roce cents "wich ot, “ay The per: Pp wile se eee pra
from four to th en, This sruounte
auneally to ng of 8047. Sveti tm The ee. “Bal ota” ts au
thot | Iolo. te cs tal pe

fa these days of ‘ot ngeotous letste
present Aves Tut tianeon aod display, it ls an — ian Lise of
Sa a au patio fa appearance, to reed what the su beta of Cory rage . + toamres
weie 6 taogd by closed door a
tioatign th the the contract could Gao, K. Aton & Oo,
be fulfilled as ihe police authorities thon of a aA: $1US, ‘The a0.” Roreties’ a dua
ok frota or about

vocal sapere coma and eora tae the Sport Palac saree ies oe
ven in tog ane ead & ve Vd
sath ribabl Ques.” sesenibled tre ta the 2 ooxh 3 Zane aad = pill eave, the |
klod oe pecutret cet with the Sport ink we to demand en of the wireete ow Yor ik takin ing cargo pane nyers &
of people there was not the Home of t hem, came w hid lature wach well it ae front ot a
wi wey car each howe ©) t
She ela rie cet arias [iiipeusnctrcus perfurronuee’A lobe of tase, lu ae oes Veleco avigeyione
Sopecta of she celetestlons, them was, the Uny eeeup tbat burns all night. Large ora
cotoe, atures thar are not Mlle 60 so hel houses have two at teen, wuspesded abl
pleasant, to contemplate, The din- ¢ the Sport Palace. ovielde the doors by fron batho tay D. AGENTS
ple the poor was one, aod] Two two Somseven heve fuur,” The write: pRASIL Re Thy ae, *Trnalio™ je tue
er we have altead referred, dee il the ain: | rylates that when te corvnation 2 pre re frinn Genga Wid Mas Han
Metter by have Se! the itens Wi: ul cession entered Westuuinster the light | celone pared Tenerife, on of aha Phas duly
t of 7, for altogether ale asden ¥re uence ade, “Forty IIL, prevecding afterwards ta
taon have @ weenle was done) Mi Pa halla, Aurncad, 1
to the poor people Logutbe a be! he etlad pare”
bens questionable wee th
os juuch af 6 alt
sujaliest meaber, fifty-e) woderful an . oe
eral jo hh ph ue Hoe ot Frodéilok I
eye, satur, led wit sulphur of salt- ~ ra
Brleees vpteita of ye logan athee logre:

a a dea meta canry tbe flame
ie ly from one candle | to another:
he arrangement bad been so skill-

red tbat warcely a candle
jaundice a ’

A j SATURDAY; ler ier sULY 1011
“* sid bundret ; ¥
ty smog he Tong tee . Perseverance tet, Chageuanac.
wna Dr J. Choate, pend, AY OUR renetved
fen, an ex-cowbry of Texas, who Fie erect
yoey of we ene. wou Goods eee fr wl

341 Bags No i,, Nagr:

$41 Bags Patna Rice
100 Bags Yellow Dholl” +
* y * — ALO

Erato) sciee— | peres ose on delivery.

Rats tan 38 i Koves— ¥. 3. SCOTT & BON,
Kat, 28 acres $2

be, 1eF,
— Note=The bovse ie w wily
Betaie=9) vores distance from the alivey boadee zoe.
& Ol Estate—170 acres. | guacas,

=o @altren 64, South Quay,
e-~96 acres $2,500
7 : ‘At twenty-Sve he Ytarted . en Gen state . emer sad 0 I
=| FRESH PEVONS Tee ae CREAM, Ss clad abet t. Wikes ie ttgun srzoco | ‘ONSLOW VILLA’ & ‘ST HILDA,’ Manafactared by A, ure she iter Peet-o-Sphii"
x: BOQUEFORT do... Same on Cons E Hates 00 seres | with the lends tylog between sod measar
08 x

Â¥ CHOCOLATE ft celentitie Tprapese
fogin alloce baodeed end tty feet and .
et 3 sls0 otsbies | “We i outs: AFROT dl Uccocut Estate—550 | 5 ached upon Peabroke Barott sad bw torn Me {ts complee peepee tod seta a El the ii persia procas of the
fBitate76 acroa— | MOMbY Street respectively peicely inion beh bat as Sabeiaoot nb it fe anrivelied, Patop lag ;
Ricbmcnt B IDRONE y- & “C0 ~ ~ pod sixty fot son, Kea the ake suit packages ot STEPHENS, L
‘ P , huad. aad alx Hy ee! £2.
tative Re seedilon dig at eet tet re a on Eateinbe ters boundary line thereat A pply bo TOSRGIERY GODDINOD TV REIS (Now Tork petblisrcoes
VOaww ata wee ay Yo yage Club, which, wae Bell at fee | eyo Mearra. 3 OnLIvikar. £* STANDARD, and from Sbopefia wa and souotry disiricta, “BO
Strand Hotel, [ess i. Gelhe, the Oueuldeu | Gesre—Oe Reg sas scree EHO: | aay Seavasee® Palais Fevatspela.! yoromber Hike,

May 204—2n,
@ varlous paite of the | meckmememeneen
y svi sed in ant “The Laken. Pf realae 0 oe tppliatipa. THR
dally from The | we, shalt always be pleaned ‘fo wee you. ret for a fruit Bante Onvs
act Telephone 73 "FSS i-in? exipessod & preference for a frat @ and Slits of fand


50a Tei et Sey [rota wc evs «| THiidad lootio O01.

hon buicher, Grocery, é rt -

Fomory. Gin be aa hdinistrator Sad sitter! st TAcanedUk- Wows & | seapiblisttagise Himited
Mrynetane inte - Coleg ete “| cea * ; eae Feely Heudenee! Gee your orders early for,
ost = : ° oe . foot er a a 9100,

trect--t rooms le ree painters rion yf Q mont, Wandbrok, ANY TEMPORARY WORK

be jose of the work .
tee ieee Tews ee ad $12, 25, 830,) You may desire us to

for her aetoni- er f

i toned Sheree ote golor sy te

Pialracang fot of - Pend, 7 Pp” a
ee ‘Dopabulty desirous" eae real aae| The Coronation
t Teens ta ri of troldad, re Beet is oo Shes Betate Agents 40. Dp Doloored Lamps make 2


leat . w..
uae oe

-orRen: good phiw at a small oot. ” veee,

a ent |’ op Aterton Mile fr Tha etay the he 29 day s N stic 5, D. HARDING West India Ou, & d

7 pa reeaee fa Ip por P LUO NOTICE ie borat given heb mer , ’ ottce. General_Maniger. OFFIOR, - “ te

a 10 . 5

Opes, Apply. 0. Harness & Co ‘Auction ay thet Oliee ot the 8 aaderelgned, ; } W ARD FRRICE a ( & woke to fo nnnonnes FE oO FOR Ss A L. E s " x,

- ot dene lOll, Setween the Moat ef 1 tod "Pai nkil\ ey 4 a wand Glare sad ‘nt hava re Ay a ptable ® . « i Oe 1 Tm irnone es {
* WANTED. 3 tn the efternoa: Need 1 ’ ind Exchanges they are pepe, to Sranwoob ) Esvare SSS ee

11 thoae two Jota of lant situate fa the Tevatuahio
All thoee tw: taate ta the

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wi “ Ty Dated t Uble 23ed day of May, 1911, JE “I ares &Ynate OfSos t 26, Fredrick | tors beventy five (75) acres in cocoa
: (8g3) W, L. J KEKNAUAN, : : Street June 25—~Lw,
* LOST. Admta tas Gere.

‘Bent Cottage,

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NOTICE. nd teckel 4.906

- arene
Oe Tuesday alght (27th Jane) | TRINIDAD,
Chariotie Street. (from Ia the matter of
Chargh), Park Street, | The Adaloltrater General's Ordisence
Gttache: ie pursuance ce of Fection 64,

. 1902,
MeMiute” attached. Andi the Matter of the Estate of

‘ sams to thie office t ub-Section 2 of the Koad
regerded,—June Web | Late of......0.ta the bVard of Toon in the jo of
4 Islan sedate Dee Ordinance, No. 200 idence issiadiag dlalag table, baatrood bénch ball mle vee ad Cocos Planters, Sugar Planters and Usne Farmers bal

The Annual Eleotlorpesciion, tec, isicy cai, ceed | dats. Belnsted valoe 63.000

life into your Lands by asing” ‘our
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Ini ml ue, Maal & Sur ot dase snide wiapm “7 of the St Ann's Local Bond Mssitines eit mists top? crerlog | 1 nd ref wa vd
puauic NOTICE fa heroby'given thet | Will be held at the Warden's chests, itis hevteant” Herpaay Limited [51,4 ibre nl be pat op tor 3 aly babe Office, 8t Ann's between the | Satiys ioe cream “Ieecsor, west malty fee 48 Vinseat Buest
i Risks _| Fort-ol-Spatn on Thareday the 2h doy of | hours of 1 a.m. and.6 pm, on honk, and oiher’ gestal eco at Sagal
alg frre Ears Jane 101), between the hours of 3 aod 2

ib the afternoos, oreo
All that parcel of lot of land compriale,

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je'inested fo the Diegeam annexed to

ace’ Grant registercd io Vuluae AXVI,

weve A WOMEERS, follo }) astuata io the Ward of Toco is tbe
alee 16866 felacd of Trinidad and bouaded on the

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Thursday 20th Joly A914,

for the Purpose of filling the
seats of two members golng
out of office.

CLAMENS ao raz



Candidates for election muat Heudle. £6 totaal! MOR. your convesionss
forward their names in writing AN—folé # yout, the dyer wil deliy,
to the Chairman, at least seven oe Weodaesddy 2let from
clear days before the day of 9 pm. fa

itutravordeneal election. 1 1911) 7 a et,
" i vit it he | ae vat nai BOLAND. Can ‘Twas Office | delivery trom 6:30 react ht ° White Pine &, Pitch Pine ry
oe Br ce Ban! te
ten The Aamiittatiiet Ordieexe| mn Matapiisiedt 1710, nt ore a i TW WV EG Et Ll”:
And Ia the dfatter of the Estate of a the Buprene Curt of Trloltad aad * . d
the 3 e¢ ive
the Coronation. Late of Chatham ea ot Cedroe Ja Netter ine Portof Spain, R € within the Be Six Weeks,

—eenennn ‘ WILLBE TOYour I

be Lek fd of, Triakdad, D. ased,
‘ aa “atanate, Deve

. Bey
Vbllowene Monseaue—Platntlit
Joseph Nathantel Sunes a Delondtant.

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Peele ered at Vorame OUL, follaZi for bot ef tand skuate in | re foe oe LOUIS Witaates,
°45,000or nveatmont = foade Wand oC doen | aed ot Ceara fy DaKicg weae Se fy
nid id oad bowed od on the North vo oo]
F widersie later ond wars, of a lands onthe Eouth 1 7 entra upon lagds of Baptiate I oa ho South 4,090
rats, aon orrowera, © on the East by eae Vote hs loned for Crowa lauds,
a In doiatzy oF good Ciy ees “aod og tbe Weet hy Coutre!

Barrack pigettivee wes Hod, aid ty Jonds petitionsd fur ty
et we be : renecang) 8 Dated thie 0 Ob iey at ee lille Wit

ode bn writing
He teh ide hy 09 Dupsenaid bh, 64) Westie Gist

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Lawa’ Boaiey. vaasliay.