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Port of Spain Gazette
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*H« bonanza
r. 'Stemped ‘ fmWeij Designs
I Tailoring Dep’mt.
Fine Dress Sloes.
- -
iSIslfci. i il
, Striped' and Fanoy
Flannel Suitings.
THo Coronation Foativltloa. 0
7, Frederick S*. 1
SMITH BHOS. A- 00. 1
Oreóle-Built Furoiturt).
BEDROOM SD1T83 bu no ajad.
te the Extraordinary Valúa
p or Carapt—S FIkm far W
HUM OfflBTMfll.
: ¡foü
¡fjsü" Made Margarine.
'â– iETAliiWCtluLeidli
"'“"'iEjSLE fron)
Tfading Company, Lid.
iehardson & Selway
‘ROKATION FLAGS—all «*•«• wy'ÜSaj.
Shaw T«.D»»,
AI Quality.

tin pom-oyspaiít gAnrnt iwday. may. u mi_
feiE©R SAL-E
^ * ' 'Kx;R»MBt ArrlV¿l*L
41)0 Boxes OIJBB-SÜGA.R—cacli 501!*.
all Sizes
10Ú. Boxos BROWN SOAP—1.68s.
South Quay.
For Rent I
At thb Corner of Chtoon St.
Occupied 511 recently ai
Store by Mr. William Sco
Por particulars apply next door to
Gerold Sc Scherer.
rlooB—ALWAYS |-
gpeetaolM •
Taller* ud OutfUtt
Just Receive
New & Choice Su
^pS»£2í;jOH» HOADLEY
j»[|3jj»“Tj' «¡MS
¿FSffKS SSSSggía
afeas.®3 güisHü
¿¡sfflgoir™ -
Govt. Contrae

toe roRT-or-sPAiy gAggng s^gyr may u ion
W Hats, Hats.
Ready-to-Wear Hats.
â– K=
o.; wTl t.
Tailored Clothin
lo'-s’l tu* >S*lM. 3 <.« IfiSO
i yates Swim l' CTHE WORLD BEFORE 10»
mm. foaMH
¡t OnD;M i.yutb raoirnte ‘:P Try Miller’s
Black Canvas and Brown Willesden Canvas Covered Trunks.)
« P,M. & 8.Í
(TODAY; - '
*W« '
The Siam of tho C
S?S®teS?“ IZUN! PiCKERS I S«W ja»
• I Saratoga Tranks
Curront Evonts. and ‘D**
Rrioou. Bo, 16o.
Quito FroBh i..

£j EPHENS LMTD. - Expert 'ailors- STEPHENS* LMTD.
Mlie« WiitaEmbcL Coronation Rob»»
.«¡PrWiKBtS." “* “ > laws Ttoma Acsim-w,
«dies’ Eueninc Scarvu,
Wjm® Hie Acme of CoiáltiÉfif
l Hlnart«|ipMraiiM
-THi roitr-py-arAPt-.^AzmE Sunday, ;,may, h 1911
TEAyBLLINQ- BBQTJISmSSl '1'runks- S2.40 to *10
InTtunka, ^PiucJ Suit Cue,, Trt veiling Hop. !
x-XTarxi-O KAKÍD m ag
Fall range of Coronation Decorations Now on Show.
les.s. ‘African Prince’
1,400 TONS E
'URDAY, 13t!i MAY, 1911.
- 3 DIRECT. “
king Cargo and Passengers.
Orel! ACiifUf Ltd,
Ichool Books-
i & CO.
‘i'irefeW - ™'
\£V" 'NoK¿ÍlZI¿ 4* KIRTON.
(oKE^ZIB *
Saturd«r,2Sth Inti.
idwhwmii w.i or
i« acra: mam.
tíüi¿i.iir¿zr¿ü r.
-SUIT f«*U


«iAINfiF -arv*

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NOt 9.549 VOL XXX
“FOR RENT- | FOR RENT. — | Fr ORBALESious of lead nibnate Io

tk Be Avie Tite tor
FOUR TO LEI10 Erguee tt walk from Rellway Btation. i ne ite for
H cootalaing two bedrooms, 1 dreesic baiidiag: Cash parcbaser will mes
Too, Tote gulierys Se F foout &! a bargein, No ery iG, Fre relenete
dining rocmand wsval oct» Meer waler ‘School, iss G, pple
lation, Apply toA V. Mowrnictiand, .
Tbe Criterion. Telephose 472 of 637,.— oo iD aac Eat

Be mal fete Remar ta bua
OR RENT.~No. 15 Queens Perk , Ktrert, on sree eg ows ales Kitchen,
East~3 bedrocms, dinicg aod draw. Nath sad W, ©. $1,000-(part con re
og rooms, gelleriey and acai out bulid-| main oe mortgage. axe “Also vacant lob of
foge Eiccorie Nght, Teosia Coart, weald | heeds corner, New and Bords Streets,
6 bachelor. “Apply at Ne, We-day | = yto Mr, Jossru L, AcHAM,
Tachi Tears House, St. Vivcent Soreet—
FxOR RENT. Saall Cottage (soital'e
for as Bachelor) pertly ip turolabed.
Porwemion teh Jane. Apply. tq 49 Cipri-
ani B nlevard— Mey 10—Iw.

yultaukrvs Kk iN Li
from tran, 2 large bedrooins, ¢
ae ng aad *halng rooms, alee frooe gue
jtee yard aod waual oct otown,
a's Winson Lane, Be'mont. ati
to in Jonw Vittza, Belmont.—
BAKD.— Why go

k away fora chaoge, which te eo is+
convenisot and expensire when you
all you breed at bandia the sovel sd
vd bia Crus, tbat fine 2 store ildin;
kpownee” Fera Ville” only § howe drive
froma theelty acd 10 minutes from Ban
Jann Railway Station. Fally (arviabed,
river running at back of property, Dice
flower garden, pastarage, stables, car
ett Vee defivery daily from the
ety with meet and provision. Remember
there you enjoy free air and water, which
beaten and pleasore combined.
early an itivmucl ia demand jase
Bow, For farther particulars apply to
CHAB. J. DECLF, 46 Marloe Square—
May 9.1m.

UR REN2 _oniTornsina ectiage No.
Â¥ 9 Chancety Lane cootelning four apart-
mente With uscal ont houses A rervent’s?|

cou can be added if rere. Recently
fepatred and peloted Jamel ve por
ecsion. Kent moderate, Appi e to Mus
Comming, Albert street Bt, Joueph, Keys
can be obtained at Smith, Hoberison &
Loyd Checon street, April 301 b—lm. |
Tek Tp Ler.—No 111 Abercrombie strect
(Uerrle Pr mae Cottage with
ail convenlences fot small famity, Modera
Bewers Possession let June, Rental
aa! pply to Podca Prada Lod,—April
With. =I,
our HENT—A Howe at Nita Gowpany
Pillage, Savana Cirande—a splen-
did stand for a Sbop, to fact the bestin the
distriot. Fifth 4 Company ta on the way to
Morngea and & progr a villege,
Apply wid withio uw Mrs Pv item Abloosing,
Company Village or Misa A. Abloo-
wings 47, Bt. Viacest Bereer, Port-of-

‘On . 2 Ciprianl Hoaelvard,
coutaiels Drawing, Di enlog nd
Bsdroome, front ond beck Ses,
peotry cod asaet ont-offices,, Sales atablen
end cersiage house, Electric iight aad
BSowerage tastelled. Possunsion Ek afay
For particatare SAPS Taylor & Gillles,
Cirde Saw Richinond street.

April 22 “Ta?
ok, HENT.--Usuiaye No, av, Tish
Eewerege, Electric

Light aud all conveaieoces

mond Stiest, with
Visem aoa
ie Mey, Rend @24 mn cer fy °
Uchwoud Street, Tencbooe Re No Ba
April 18 be 18 b.

eee LE Fy BELEY Ruw'e bay. Ubscachoaare,

Tais cool and ctmfortable resllenos
Ie to be lee from May 26h. Splendid
ee = bashing, Fur full parthe
gulae opply to Warp Price & Co.
Agents, 26 Frederick Ht—-May 13--1w,

FoR OR SALE,- Bird Panolera would ¢o
te ell ab No 9 St, Vincent
Btreet where some Bee birgaine
are offered in Birds, tnelodiog 2 paire ot
Aeseratien Peroqueta, jest sestiag, 3
Harts Mountais Roller Conaries aod a fice
lov of other Canaries and other birds,



WANTED: ou Mey 25uh atthe Diego
Martin Boye’ Keformatory a School-
master, Dtrelplice eveentie] Charch of
Eog’sod. Salary $18 per month with
beard, lodging acd nufform and medical
attention. Apply with festimonie’s
to Superiatendent,. -May 12-1.
Wanthuste at once at the Diego Bertin
Boys’ Reformatory. a good B
gunit Salary §14 pee month acs
ot fina
cinten paca oS syst
D-Hoy 19 5 aving a
mont of ponition, Appiiestion can be
mele to“ Boy* cfu, GAZETTE —May 2



» salons aod uniform, Chunh
aod. Ai Apply mith 2 teatimoniale
We emall know! dee nertband and
Typewriting wishes Sargeant for better.
FANTRD—Lan , Ong tos of more
fn Geluwd2t, hones not required,
bve would buy if cheap.—-O Co
Giectte office. —April 229d —1 m,
ws ‘or a month, with
option “for & longer period, a
furnlabed house {a Tort-of- Hspala from
about June 15th. < between

SwWand sw. A 7 e writin oF"
c/o this Bi, Apply fn wr e ¥



k, The teil isStong aod curly,

Aabara Road,

taking same to 19, Staaracie Aveace,

Milk for Sale.

Sesled Bottle delivered daily from
Mrs, LEGGE, The Rookery, Maraval,
Weleyphone 75,
. May 1)—1W,


Bie bo oform “ble customers and wwe!
erel public that be bes remored to
er Heady Street to lerger and moze
eommodioas premises, Taning and repair-
ing of Pianca, 0: Horponiames a
sy, VUE os parebard. Creole
Porchere wade to order; materials and

wo kmenebip gueranteed,

Aptli 21m,

Smith Robertson & to

txas.“‘forgorm” from Glasgow,

@50 muathly, A
Beet Te pb one 18S. April 18eb,
Se TENE eB jemrApril 18cb,
eeteeet “No, S60 Vincens sireet
. youve Avdh Utios—most saitabe
profeestoon! mae or emall fonity pratt
a! ki det Mey. oy wt Na la,

a Apri 0
\U Ler o & Herrouage Hood a $34 ores Ficest OLD SCOTCH WLLISKY
House No, a Marivet quare, Hou | Kaas. *SALYVBIA' frovn London.
find treet, e'mont, Apply to ye *
fia Best, Hons ro Ne sa. Fred, | 22 base OULENDORFE 8 0 con Man
prick Btieet—Aprl) 20— Ie Bx Steamer from Oporto.

30 caves Floest OLD PORT WINE.
arenes 1 Bw Recent Arrivls and En Store,


GA UTIERS BRANDY» feat wll sluea, aa
Cuttage with diuiog, sittiog sud
wo bcd rucni, deessing-roum aod

WAKA, hisest HH
gallery, out Nices, Kitchen, vervanl- PORILAND CENENT, w eter’ a
m1, stables, and carri oe bouee.
lectefs Highs Tnataled, newly painted

RICKS Garsoste,
and put to order. midds
with fiuit trees, ds. aod uby
No. % St Frengole Valley
mont, 5 minutes from x

3 Chacva Bireat,
Vised, bel
Hent moderrta, Appl py

Ob Mey ivi.
k Park St, Port of Bpalo.~ aoe


t BALE —Thet foe residence
% down as U'Brivn’s House, in Bt,
Jawes, sanding on two acres of lan
Planted in Cocoa, Cotfee and alt kinds
of trait & late) rene xed. with
Btabling. Ca eo Mouse, &o. and all
wooven ene@ for & large tac facalty, ale alo
nice Hower, garden, w
ihe deor, 4 mrs De tyretae’ pass perros
a, cuey terse orcheap tor
oe fort oul opply
wn the yiness or at $4, Merine Square:

TOR BALE No, Hdward Buch
emca'niog drawivg and diciog toons,
rocus aad 2 drevlp tzy,

eu aud water up talre, sleo Cottage

a, a. Woodlord Stress containiog dfaw-
fog and dineg rovm, @ Led squme, alde
fy, 2 eecvenis fun, atatle, KE acisie
oad Bewerace lovtelied, for partl-
eens. apply os Rem Wiwerd Bisees oF
dA. donee, No iu, suey 8 meet.

oy Sake,

Palm Dinuer






Friday 26tl 26th Inst,

Gentlemen Dinner & Dance Ticket 8/-
Gentlemen Dance Ticket... . 4/-

C2" Geutlemen at catiled to

invite vus Lady.
fuppos well be ceed a6 OL por bead

OST-A For (mate), pure
white, except oors which are tan wd} 4

‘wears @ collar aod was last seen going op
Anawere to the name of
“Tyhe.” A reward of $5 oflered to Ander


Soa oa\ WABD FRIGESG0) "


‘two minutes after the Der y is ron ry Vier 2, Beta A

yaroesne't a t Ce rnOME we

at Epeon on May 31, the race will be

repeated at Earl's Court Exhibition

‘on the wonderful mechanical race

course which {is being constructed | Goode reosited for asteat atl tines,
Tila tiniatare Sandown Yark, with [*, LL SAINTS’ RECTORY,

ite nine anechanically-operated horves, A Pork Went. This attractive ad eens

starting gate. and reallstic environs | residence fe to be let fervished fro Ja

ment, AA be the rage of London foe f fout of fre moaotty, ata low rents’,

during the summer, for not ont mil also 11, HatsLock, vexxe, farnilehed,

erery fwportsnt race be duplic with immediate a Tees

the pioment afver it ferun, but amen Tor orders to vee and all paricalers
Hidenck 8 pie
trest,-- Wa
BeouLn U. ry es ‘eudae

teur ke f both sexes wil be Waxo Faice & 00. rente, 28
1 ‘wy rendence wich 3 rosevtion roums 5

able en, oy on the feverish excite-
ment of riding a wlaner without any

bel sud dreesing toums, gardens, eabiing,
poaltry boas aod 8 acres of ssvancad.

of the attendant risks,
The Earl's Court Sandown Park will
be by, tne thre side of the water-chute,
ihe reecone hundred yards Dae tale from Halway Btatlos, Price
Pee EEE ated |i Be aan dated a seal
the horeca start down if foetine mutch las 5 pply to ones O paIe Co.
u Bieta Accom 28 V.elerick SQ—Mey
ith -t¢,

wi lve momentum, ‘Then
en a
El Dorado Heuse,

equestrian abilty of the ridera will

be brought into play by a very ingent-
ous rocking Wotton Tebich: almost
perfectly elmulates the action of a
tarehorse. The moat vigorous rider

ARD PRIOE « LO, are favoured

with footw motions fom, 2roanTox

Wi K 1 tO sel suctioa

oo the rimweton Th ‘Aurvday, May I8th,

Valuable Llouschold Furnishings, i+

cluding mebogwy Maced dinwg vie,

will win therace. The racecoursa

sure to be one of the most popular
walnut dincer waggor, 6 bent wood dining
chatre, black and git duplay caldnels


{Trin idad Blectric Ca.

Get your orders tarly for


You may desire us to
do for

The Coronation.

Ac. p. Ovleared Lamps make &
at a small cost.
good thi 8, D. HARDING
Seren! Manager.


aN behad by tlemes (3 o¢ 4) fo

C p'essent, peat lena. Newt ly palate

aotenter ty

qian aan tetas
El abi, tera:

® priyioe tn B. ‘A. fs office of this paper.
-=Spril 19.b,


SE ¢ et vornee ard desirahie reai-
Tests Oppmite the Priaow’s Baj diag

een and meastre

lends yiog betw
mie a ‘oe plodied and fifty fect acd
Siwches upon Pembroké Biroet aod Aber.

features of the Exhibttion, for there
sutherland table, cyp cabinet, soar!

{na more sporting element about it
than ie usually attached to the aver

aneau, wicker cechicwg chair, & mort
exceileat breve framed upright Graod

age sideshow.
Pisnoforte in pbonived | case, purolving
v. E LOA’ dE book-case, 2 cflive weiting tables, card
M "ttc bex ee ae hs table, 3 ‘mahogany aad cedar Presses,
bave opeced their House Agency at No, 84 marbie top w snajand, totles sable, c
Heoty Street Port-o'-Spsin, A'l collectloo Derware, hendaome china dlaner service
at BET
f Faate oatiustod te tte elon cher ale fee crests treezer, wiitebea atore,

their every energy and attention their
Ff cooking stencils, Ac, Also lady's boy cle.
detrrmination being to watch and safe: Gey bere and Sage


‘un ‘Tnsucance Office

Sutapisled 27240.

The Oldest Fire To
purance Company ia

the World, lnsurances
besiont Lou oc Damage
tue ettected upea
IMOEt Svery desctiption
lent Towa aod


ae om,

Torureoce ean also be
effected upon. Demichs,
Raging & Boller Houses,

jowsies, Rewdentia
Quarters aad all insurable property oe



May 2ed—-2in.
gurd their elisnts interest to the beet of the il Seumence ab 2 o'clock
1 d to date
Basinesy conducted on tp ines ANA ih. 4,000 ety tress, low
Sater’ May 1dth--29—e-o-d. boase,
me Le
YAURA, “Sangre Grande, ~ besring ooaditivo, producing large
tculars and order to view of WARD N EMPIRE “DAY.
other Kalatés and Lounge for dispceal— day Train will also be run on the
S vion on July Ist. Comfortebwisauy RETURN TICKETS takeo on Ka-
room, etc. stabling, poultsy hi use wud twelve miles and upwarde, which will
& Co,, Agente, 73 Feederisk Btreet, Poct-
ea issued on 1 Empire Day.
1 OIL FIELDS ji Lod, No. 1000 Lelmont Circular
for Country Residences, " mended Apply to
RENT polovrance seted for for securing indem | ger ck Sireet,—- May 12— ‘| RUN ON EMPIRE DAY, but, all
on which date the TWeual Goods Train

‘yo Messrs. Estton. Grant & Co,,
Fe’ Viacent Baildicg, Port-ol- Spa
thoty eb itt and ati ity asthe whole of thelr
ri eee dented fo neh purges | icsaniy My Bl Trinidad Government
f vANLA ORUZ, state R
pecure onr services without delay. D lay il
. - Felt 4 ocber enitivstions,
2 dangerous. Prompt settlement a spe bas on soaly 500 . tor qoiok ele Bey a Ways
Ofnre susaii Uocos Ketsies of 77, 45
and }7 ecres revpoctively—all io exceliens Arrangements for for Empire Day,
eropa—ta be sold at ow piicce—pace of Wednesday, 24th May, 1911.
which may remade on mortgage full paie
Estate Al 26 Fred bit Mav all Ordioary and I Day
te t exe TH MAY, all Ordinary an
a en Spain’ be bave aleo] Week-Day Tralos will run. A A Mid-
May lita-lw. to Valley Line, connecting with
HN OT RUNGE posse” the v. aod Down Main Line Traine,
ive Day will ba avaiable for the da
penuawers Dear ssanion, cowairisg tne Pair. excepting those for distances of
$ acres bavanuah,. Riot ouy $7. For | be svallable till the fo) following day,
vie 1 WakD PRICE
Sa, Aguas, A rede Workmen's Tickets will not be
of-Spsin—May Hth—lw,
B0L0—House sod
wai Guu, Avo tor
So percent of a jase, i oni Oe “ris $8, lw BB Both recom GOODS “TRAINS.
vi eats,
feet Wisse ree meoeD Pa a7 “a Ages NO GOODS TRAINS WILL BE
lines will be served on Tuesday, May
aly for ta Lom of reat i nae oe the nT Tree 2rd and Thussday, May 2 25th, from
eeu itn MarSumaa” UIGAPALG . | Service wil ve resumed
Io 1 Peenaen geewed 66 ”
FUNDS, gist
Tribited 709 ves ih st THE SECOND OULEMENT was ee gs. WAPARIMA.”
nD me aball pow be pieasid oo Bll |“ NAPARIMA” WILL NO
Jo, San Fernanda... W BONVON Fes | A all Everyone ts delighted | but on Thureday the NG RON,
hand, 294 pas ep ta very nice tina, 0
Acting General Managen
ee them you wast do 00 at osce aad you mill
FIBE RISKS on all, ‘ads of eo ‘
it HE Bundenigoed ba haviog resigned the

Whoiessie A zente, ;
26, Frederick wirest,
april 2b—le. ‘reste

flores Lea,
woke are pate iat Tobsceo, made
INSURANOE (Scns ee ous sad 00 :
Wann i PRICE & CO., NOTICE !_ g
The North Britlsh & Mereantie
a Contrany Lt Lro. (with which ia Lacorpo-


BED Arsot, Port of Spas & A ‘iva Mulia
*erPphone Wwe. 207 wih “he qusut bhece Cigsretter, | resume ber usual itinerary,
8 rewiled ab 5 cenve per tia of 10, aod 40
2nd May, 1911,
then smoke no
pertios accep
the Aris fmcmance
eatabliahed 180

“ We are now prepared to accept
raka on the Oil r iilda ¢e. on Ver.
nicks, Motor, Kogine ani Boiler
Houses, Refineries, Kesidential
quatiers and other property. Oil

‘auke end their ir contents eta,


Bole dgeote for Fir Department
Tue Trinldad ing & Trading
tow Le
BAgINE e INSURANCE effected oa Carge
ver} sad Mogistered


QArITAL. = oon
RESERVE ” wm Bisaee Bs

AU CTION SALE. With B mile, la incor incorfrsted ie ids
Apents THE TRINIDAD SHIP { dost and Gordes Beretta ied 00

bie | stay’ sth—-3e
arrea:s of wr ouaGt

teas |Ds, A

htt & Auglomess,
Vth May 1911, fied. Betis .
33 Henry Steect,
BMALL Vomplese plore Prlulng Oaths lor
Male —s Byes. ® tessune ble offer
wilt be retegad. arenes plang | ‘

of ome'l
we to eeibuinat
Apt bls

Sale at Aucti as
MONDAY 6th MAY 4911, tae eee cred oo by era
UNpey lastractione received theander, {otare be exis on tone “torte
WS. 1 CO) bys ee Foam’ PLOUE ta to Saaue policies sad oa
broded dunegad os on eau oO” from
Malifaz, exdewned by serrey ‘salt whd toy
beasds of 2 a may ao aaa, ITB fH roereace to to the shove we are
IT & 205,
Gurt, Auctloscers,

pared LO grant resewal re-
cepts cea ase
oaall dvecri fe po'iciea at teria wie

ty ia Tows
aed oun fecadisg Ba gM, eto, at

Attoraers acd agua the

ie Moy Lol,


tacticed em modere

1 ta.

~Phons 33=Nor,

SS ee
1,000 CORNS

rooted out by LaINGR (im:
raved) Gorn-cure a rea) cory-
iller 240 er baie

Latyo’s Enousy Pwaamacr

For Presotipt
ENGLIsiI aeons |
Cderick Atreot,

an le



Eogine Derricks and Sis a every

Chacon Street,



OUAMPAGNE—P. & G.~-Quarts

3 Care CHAM PAGN NE » Pints. Also
s00TOH EY—Quarts

8 Cece

" Andrew Usher's Bpecial 3

Bx 88. “Grown of Granada” fom
300 Bags HEAVY womans oat
20 Kegs p BORTER =" Hesrides 1 Ouse BUITER—§
ae Ke BUTTER, (Slbtins) |
Wor Satie by


2nd May, 1vLL.



— — =.


Manalactared by A, SOUBLETTE at No, 15; Park bt., P
oe D0 OH

CHOCOLATE syeckal and scleatific p

Y le prepared
M {ts complete poopy ee and sat fect forth the eequiaioe arc brome
a F betances, Aglt made from the
not only deticions,
Tablet packages,
GROSERY GOODINGS, - F, REIS (New York Ketabdlishe
BIrANDABD, acd from Shopeia own anf eoactry dtetrote,

free f all “

aa tfoliclo tat as cre y moariahia at $ it is anrivalled, yap

Toftoe hed frova she following Groceries : STEPHENS, Lrog §
November 27th—ice


Broiles, Toasts
Perfoctly~ Heats wash water and sod
irons quickly. Hest concentrated
bottom of pot, keetle or paa-nowberg
else—Kitchen cool,


willdo anything any stove will do,

and willdo it better,
If not at your dealers call or write

West India Oil Comp



Trinidad Ma Manurial

Cocoa Planters, Sugar Planters and Cane Fa
. life into your Lands by using our | i

Ouality—Rest. Price—i
Manuractirzep By

the Trinidad Shipping and 7 and Trading


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The “Showertyte Boater"—Price $1.44
Square Edge Brims » 44

=] Se a 7 7 _ At S tr aw H a US
OPEN A October 1910,
72¢ | Men's _and‘Boys’ ALPINE ard TEKAL FELT HATS8—Pricos from

36 cents to, #3.00—All shades acd Rewest ah apes,

R STORES.) ghcup' Teor al ae eld, ox som) Minidad Building-and] NOW OPENING

: oy LVA'S 72 cents to $3.86




The Arcado

" Uk BALON per Ib 860

Victoria Institute


— )MBIR ST * Eton, Golf and Motor Shapes, . J
a 7 "|\Children’s Sailor Hats. SKEOGH & C0 8.5)

+ RAG Men’s Black Flexible Felt Hats Tan Assoeation ‘ PROGRAMME OF OLASSES,
nen! From 72 cents to 82,00, ‘Telephone mole —AT— - Second “ate
ix 2 ao
prac = = |LBOYS) & MEN’S CABS, vevasttee eth

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Weimake'a speciality of this Department, New Goods AN, MATHISON. eee i ke “ae

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6th April 19 1, »

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LOCKS © wd i Ae the ouedeat

J. GLENDINNING & CO. |. ° | 12, Prederick St.

&S, Frederick Street. . I ‘




GLAD TO E BA s ‘ 4 The price ot: the general wap of Trisidad
WOOD OABIN TRUNKS Ss: ‘ON G ' fas Eich B's also on ale ashe ania’

om ay, F, GANTEAUNE,

Hub Ioteoda
6th Mey, 1011, hendante
Oootsian Scagtany'es 01 Orricr,
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Pipe Fillers —lsjeech.

jo & Wilzon, Ltd, we


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BALED tenders “Maremed bo the Colo.
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Bargeos, Price 2

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with en energetic commiies ot the bead «Ate 0, 5 rom the Actlug Coloslat Scerslary.
Berets RECENT ARRIV ALi’ ota ‘eae aaa Just arrived ex as, Fa at restol ine,
* —_—_—_—— Te Cuntbs tod sites we Lith lastany, NOTICE. —
silat wos & Cigasel ton CaneshiFull AW PAPER “ Cowboy” Brand, Feist mest ieee OTARD. DUPUY & ¢ Co., Cognac, Is Exvellaney tbe Go verver hea Lees
. e seoered of a ue rk (Establish leaned to approve the elosia
& BOARDMAN, Balog CUBE 8UGA ; - Be A eat, A Shipment, of BRANDY cornprisisg the flonoe ASSURTMENT: — aol he Fart Ate Rad ae
We trad -neperyefusat, Baga DOTOH OATS (HTeary ) 0. GOUDARD, Cases “One Star” Brand iy Granda Riviere Jliver from 1th: May te
E mono ‘ Tietees SMALL R wane 10 Cases eguree Start pme y of tecoutirweslog the’ vepermtencers
5 Cases * rardy Grande Riviere bridge,
Bags canadian Oate, OUR jo wOMNER PHONK 342 «V.0.P, 2 Brand Toman,
‘ Miraox & Cor, Casey Sarpines; SAL MON—Tieroes.urd Barrels Gee Cases Mey sa, ities oo PUNE.

tre Mallee fe ust Récelv ved:
— AN warhead inate pias velse, and sMords Boxe Agepta:

ee. (Wesnls MO a VN OTN ABET coonn, “BOYD & CO.

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70, ug Quay... baat ijl Hare fea ond mre No, 6, Broadway. ed sine Mead Bard Oo

ad PHONE Oo LL LT Alas popular prices, mens on Ot Boorgtary ¢ Gaatral Koad Bunt

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DENTISTRY: |Goo, E, McLean MEDICAL + HALL) == | Gir Tm! /tosmuu wunancideutiots
ener a bot - — CARRIAGES LIVERY = ann [Se Pics hs coupk wend un
ies Tartan * Om DR. 0. F. CLARKE | watcn nzramen aso | Princes Tews. | oo STABLES, | 70047e "(isis orddoe aay
o Tesco ere sEWELLER Lalcgs Farsed Bods ‘Water’ and o7 Tyas Bweta,Moud | Atatblem toes 1 eee Arasay’ + Head be
We per tia, RapUA of Uowerd | Ustrerstiy west Lurks cen pew te’ had at HORSES ONENS EO: In TOWN Giverted at the ¢ solie Fer Astuere of

» GOODING me ‘lasers 8 erereer?] gt 24 Frodo rick St. “MILLER > SiOKES PHONE} » aedghth cbeine threngls leds of Pekan,


FRVERICK BTRELT, exwaby Bhi dh

sUNDAY; MAY, i, 141: ae



ken over this Saw Mill “trom the Hatate
have . r. A. SKEETE and are resuming work of


septic,” Stimulant & Mild Germicidal The Saw Mill has every facility to andle work, quickly—a_ railway si sidw
Ointment, heestepreense:| Country Customers to send their logs to be sawn right into the Mill {without e

It heals—soothes andallays icritation anditching of thoakin | | iis Exeetl yf phat in a Colony — hall endeavour to turn out all work i in ‘the best ossible
Tt deotroys the. oe eaten foind in be alfastod such ae Tri mere I Loterests had A and cost, &e and we § 4 P

tol und consulted,
x imutetee the Mood vols faduces healthy, blood supply w Recrotl J iroved FO R. BU i LD i R S$ AN D CG Oo NTR A cT OF
and trapid f in of new boatthy skin. form ot gmate rel ne

mivancedjeuee ot Roman ia thé troatmont o! severe] | Govinen tabled fo tie ropresnat Wé'skall keep 2 good stock of 3 alousie Flaps, Window }
* ne Yel, thot sre tortie (Pinnacles, Fretwork, &c, and charge reasonable pf


o —oOf—
Eczema, Yaws,, Ulcers and
: Skin Diseases |
i X-0.LN-T-O is an_ efficient Anti


. Sold, in collapsib’o Tisbes and jlb tios by all Druggista, Cron lntaaee by © tsk | rood clean work. .
The Inter-Ametican Urug and Trading Company, ordinary,” although [t is fr nntleetly

130-192, Pearl Street, New Vork, | sees ten humor ee "Rated by GHROLD 8s SCELHE

wwioe One, shilliss. may take it for gran that it has

ie! "al ‘:
Fifne troutearfors te Guention | SAW MILL THUEPROSE No, 68.—yoy tun tm. OFFICE TRLEPHONE, SOUTH gil

oni be te *afech Now a state
* [ceremonial of thie kind presupposes ri
Sold by all the Leading Chemists) | ieorus te etadiilran [med tnacy eerwenen gg THE NEED FOR FATHERS. | WALSM FLANAEL HENDERSON?
« approv: e eae letter to. prey and our children for,
or van be fuliiied, In “ihe first place phe great Pivtat end te help you In cele’ , Thecrying want of the sg ose | ie 800d At 186 pr Y¥rd, y
ew i he never been submitted to the beating it it with becomalng loy: Ay, prayen fathers dey faith hers we il toll
8 representatives zat by 08 far an poss! mass *
hac anitprealt which eo well befits the tence for their child but Fathers ;
FROM FACT OR Y 7 oO YOU ! hla Excetlency, and it hae been pubs Eatholle Courch, aioe wil give. t hemealven to thelr HAVE JUST RECEIVED A FINE ASSORTag
reese official Executive, In the Knowihg that Kxecutlve Committees sons, The only boy thatis
a lace, state rep resentation in Trinity | Dave Mready bees formed not only a the wre ls a tne boy whose “saved father
ands £00 “TF thedral itieally " Imposslule, chiet Islands of the Archdiocese bat In k Mates of him g contiunats &
< / i pol ca Tha fap le- | alusont ita every Important perish, were: ie a frtend, Let eumeone e ;
. ve denomination can. be represented on | (or tiem azing cera hard and fast le | fhe toy hie tultiplieation tables s the FROM 40 7010s PER YARD THE RIGHT J
s * for ie exclosianst ce .
Power Machines 2 Na 2 . the programme in Trinity Cathedral. Coronation kat we should interfere with Christan father minal, teach him how FoR SOHOOL CHILDREN. . ;
—!0S— . s\ ie SS Ne UC It fa perhaps not s0 well und their plans. We only request you and | torpin histop, and fy te, aD: %
a : ‘ that we ve no State ‘Ghreh in your | ple to do all In your I power to | trundle his hoop, Let somebody else, if
A small deposit rn i Trinidad at prevent, and therefore a their efforts to ma! Corona. | need be, teach t o lad his algebra } but co T T ONS AND DON H
down, tbc, weekly A wo: ' atate fonction in Trinity Cathedral is f tion iton ceremonies very stately, joyous and | let no one except the father teach him ‘

nd opwardsyonows es anac i. how to bait a hook, and balid s ‘fire
* a'Mashine, Thafter 7 : 7 , 3 iaanifst insite va allother denon trary Milowevee, wefancy It will not becon- | anddreas his Sheth tedrigen Let pome 50. p86, Ter 80. 10%, aod 153 PER TRB,

using for seven daye ! ; . nations d acto, to our desire for uniformity in the | outsider teach him the Greek alphabet;
It proves anestielace ; { feng R “One nteatl re artrebitl procedure | carrying out of the programine arranged but no one except his own father OXFURDS-—6c., 7c, 8c. AND 9c, .
. Font money, hand dey ae OTE at “ um ime . In vi of Hie |g alve you here some directions regarding seen eo aioe. pitch & ball, Aleo—Another Shi fof our {Boat
ok aS: sjesty's.very great courtesy to all | church fanctio or vault a ° ment of our fj
h relusded otherwise J _ ee . Bf bis subjects TF og his brief tenure of Firse then we we should like tohave Joy | The most precious opportunities ot P ‘

. we will imeke good ; 5 fice, Inviting to the Royal table} Bellsrung fof at Jeast a quarter of an | life are those offered ta_ the

> any detect from " y . ‘ . : Tepreventatives of alt denominations | Houratter the evening Avgsiun of the | enter sympathetically 1 into the lite vote a Ladi 12S Read y-to-§
> waaofactarers Irce of iy 5 Whhoat dutinetion, it be gryatl to be fiat june in ove: every Church and Chapel of | child pail leans of fhe leamuree which


charge for one year, ; ’ we regretted that a function kind Ha
ao _ ; saab ene whersncta | See Anp Untauimep Hat
TarLiTTLESEOP ; ; ; political, and religious sympathies ‘ 1 4% Guy Vana ‘now
5 Charlotte Birest, mei , ’ require such delica ing. Not clock : +
ra , afew feltit very Kets eidlia ® year that fs, for the space of an hour, nebody, eotvcrercepenscrs
406 Lich Birest, Sen < Sac y ago .e slmilar loon and wae attempted Thirdly, at tobe eresdy aed tor your bot bis father, will be hia intimate, fod
A ej 1b the sane place and under the segis oor att ready fixed’ 2. ENDBRSOY, |
. re cree ots church di ita: a As the Empire the other members pl the sfiiecutive er 8 young nian sold, when WELSH FLANEEL 0, ¥. H
was in mourning.aothing wae said at ee, YOu om ane ex: a with regarding hie ex-
Henry Ad... Pick, the time, but, when ancther gitempt tata in the pring nel Chareh of your comet * [never knew my father, He At 246 BR Yr, Tah |
A Maw KXoU KOT ww, one more ambitious wale 19g ib. his Mass all the people of | was too busy writing sermons to give y
May teb-tw made to usurp the common went v iw mn pre? Mang tomy by olter 6 any time tome” Wasit to be won-
rr ee all denominations through | thelr | solemn’ Votive Mass“ pro qaacumque | “ered ab that the boy broke that
= fepreentatlvos, t the writer Geos that | necessitate” with the ie oibtia, Weeien and | father's heart P--* Great Thoughts”
The Royal Mail Jb: 2 resuing in calling | Gctavedretacesbur without ita Ger ————
attention to te The function bs all the quence-or the Mass of the Octave Day “PREVENT CONSUMPTION.
2 6 e " Steam Packet Co nore ollous seeing that it iu called { of Corpus Christi in full, Bhould
, °

prerent Consumption or

fur the very hour during which f be unable to have « Missa Can’ we ray tb
Ty t off, is toget strength to

jt denominations wil be holdix the Octave Day Masa mast be celebrated,
SS welvices, and that at the request o! Immediately after Holy Masa the verse
Mle 1 Excellency. of the nineteenth | 1m" Doralne, sal. reall ria
ERBICE.—The B M.8, “ Berbice * will leave Port-ofSpsinon Tuesday 16vb is within the memory ofsome| Ym fac ye For strengthening Ussues and mos-
May, at6 poor, for Garupano, _Pampatar, La Guayra and Pto. Cabello, cde that a foriner Governor, with *Quacsamus Douslneâ„¢ is to be sung, and cles~-you need Cod
taking passengers, cargo and # keen sense of the deliacy of t the ceremonies are to end with the “ Te ‘or good, rich blood and plenty of it
; passenger tender welll leave the Lighthouse, Jetty, pen’ ‘a AVbart at 51 situation, apd a desire to preserve ite be and pra) te ae “fen need Iron. ced
een ot and 2nd clase passengers an: eir baggage for the ice” reve leaned our Dery pysteta—you n
PGs co for the * Rerbics " will be received up to 4 ion Monday 15th May. on thy citys. toned state service 4} Pueuteree yateta—yi

= To get ‘the Lest results take them in
IMLS. “Clyde” is dus here from New York, via Antilla (Guba), | Nature's Cathedral, where all denoii- Kerral,

Cris Dae Cire Pe Guatuanna ea, aenobe Monro | the clr uneee Gaes sce | Tce * ive eeperation oft
May, and will leave the next f ‘or Sou amp 0, vie los, HL, BMichaets i three. is palatable and isa blood, ti

berb: , taking let class and deck passenger: ar the Grand Stand of the Turf sae

erties er tbe Lighthouse Jetty, Queens Bart at poms, with Gitte requiitioned for Ellie dew ‘e | Eatisamrret builder beyoud com. Doors, Wind; ows, Door

passengers for the *Cly be tort Ia con f ib of Port-of es vaiclane recommend It, aiousie *Fia 3.
f Sunday Schools of the city. Wh oJ

Paweogers are pet ally sotl tine fed that a lighter to be despatched to may nobsuch « state function, be nel spaln sad the ¢ Hatlonal Ferrol Company, Duffalo, t


we ee mae ee

the bomeward m te Vincent Jetty at 3 pra, oo the day of tall w Youks
in the same place as ‘are, with a foll a
tog g. and passengers are therefore requested to ace that thelr baggage is sent orchestra an 4 “ slaateer oe eh One pirert as follows +- tunettood In each of Bele Agia Bro Broa, & Oo., ~- AND — -
own before Cae Oe neers neraeeeerennntnpeunanennsy eure when peace and good. -
ERBICE.—The R.N.8, “Berbloe” jsdue here from Demerara ou Tuesday | is the topic of ‘the, Our, such: seervice tl blal Ch: ‘
16h May, connecting with the R.MB. + ClyJe" on that date, woud ee swith the gracious approval ‘loc! OL FUEL “FOR _ WARSHIPS. a
NTIA. The RM.M. * Balautla” te dus bere from the Northern Iolands | Cf it'4 Maltety the King, 4s an inipor~ and *
Bier Nesday ich May, connecting with the URLS. “Clyde” on that dace fang cout fbation to t ed Te iade 1g | REMARKABLE CAVING, on THE coer
pe” de due bure irom Soutbsmptou, via Uberbou of two great nations ab this ve: OUT. joars _,
Be le acer ad een iy Sree all Wer | on etm reeset beri me] rch ematbale, parkon sare the ~
varantine a . ow: ar at re aondon t
bila tse infers ti AD atother times, but onan ocoaslon lke totbete id ¢ them-to | coal and off as the mete ace RIDIC ULOUSLY Low jj
Fee OTe Vine he Lal Boots aise, Mgontenday Bcd May, | Saken wectatlan strife: and cuphe, to be tn Aiitedilintor: enaimeet
. nd en -
B for Grenada, St. Vincent, Car ean onteerrat, Antigua, size one's own denotiinattan bya boat terveatly G0 daria; American ice euirercaches oft ihe a~Atm

visand St Kitts taking R passengere {9 ork hb functio
ender will leave the house deity, Geena Wart ab 5 pim,, with p Unlaleradvantage: If it bs hinted that and the ou the King and Od Tbe comparison Le the reault of teste
pamongers ond thele ie baggage fo lor the * Ber! ae M ” the “rely beeen” fuay be un at the Weir enildren, King and eae aed whkb were made with the revenue
Cargo for the ¢ will be received on ondsy 22nd Mey, only up | Sms, an: ight rewen ine mauly iatetoce and ef aaie Rlsgion nsvey pat fn gate, ere aisle on whieh a oll
a withancha erlow, th thea one can reply iS overy part of the merly the vessel consumed coal ‘and
ALANTIA -The B. jantiaâ„¢ wi ve bere oa Tuceday Zird May [that the wiltary review is not cone y who can bly came to | the cost of the two forma of fuel was

for Dewerars, taking Pyasengers, vargo apd mails sidering the weather, and further that found to work out as follows 1—
‘The tonder si leave the ce Uae Jeliz, Queen's Wharf atl pm,with Jno Cathedral fs large enough ta hialare axked to do a0, i
Bslant! acoumuiodate the audience that in your, areata aleo of the Cust of fuel a day for
Â¥ for

EA, wears d


Passencers aod beens for ~
fot & the napa will e received on Monday 2nd Me Ve thie city would naturally wish et that was pansed last ‘
Cargo yy only up in “na wie nada Mish Parlloneet when | (ttencton cou £1150 - te 2 Magic Toothache
al is the e ‘ort, Hy a coal
Next Salllogs for Osrupane, Paat- {much more than'a suspicion, of one rasa to t nf tad blaspbamoas Having a mile wat td bon fot

Hert Salllag wo Bares 1 pret. La Guayra aud Pe denomination with the auslelance of ed ie flag ran hua free Mlle stesmed a ton of’

ile Kecellency, we don mee ay Toten: THE ONLY RaMBOT THAT CIVES INSTANT

“CLYDE wy 36th May tonal, to’ usa b om ” ‘a6 knots a1. have aved is aay ~ Lv js roolty
HATHATO *, = Bxk bey 10th May | function, to whlch neleher historleatiye } lat. . ot Wrloc lua per Bote
OROTAY 4 , woe Suh Mey | nor ceclesiaalicall ig te entitied. a ree It isthus efear r that tl At PAR'S: PHARMACT.
*TRENY* . RUCK The weiter bolds no Uriel for any bied Ly that dct Le deolers tuel it only slightly in ' 7
“ MAGDELENA Sith iby NALANTIA Tith Juce denuinination, nor does he wish to stir Inueelf ta | bel ot ta Ir beliefs al goal us ad st The Favourite Pharmacy, opposite Wash House
TRHRMTO 7B Lagu | REIS, TED [AP mies ek ceety ee apetat gee te | fe, cet oh _
uv sitenton on ion to the mantras opus in forthe better ahold belp all of ue ve “A har Ee ath
oe al

New Service to Venezuela, |iaiaiudaaare eee ; Bi itt, eee aE 0

md oond la 2
ubtata, an; ears spt et pre ner
mat in the longs irium saplen:
Lovay Supra,

wi ws of th.
tear ene ae Rls a faiete rth CIN tal

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rie ieoatia oP pty y hire mth the

een( ene
The Royal Mail Steam Packet Company have wuch pleasu © 4 aonouncla
Ubat Somipenoing on 1 on Tussdsy Jéih may tbe will vetatll b 5
Port-of-spala, pano, Pampatar uayre aod Tio Gabe bell aeevice from

vec yaaa en Tada ~ , a Are t pra Hather
aaa nurane Cee gg THE CORONATION CELEBRATION Patthtully NA hin
PA MPATALL a i. “ a 8 . 2 0 LOCA’ DALY. Arvbbiehop ¢f Posyot Spata, BE ny
Puiocansas sew YB £a DIRECTIONS OF THE see! —_—— T Southern ony Storey of the large aod well sitwaned F
Na reture tirketa will be laced : } MisHOL TO THE CLERGY. Broad er of Broadway and south Mae
Hate of Exslab bb ge 4) per ton: "A Cure yon Ruxowatiex.A palo: Eta tbe first way aod 608 >South ‘the
Passengers will be eubarked landed free of charge at Port-of-Bpain io cupnar ruxerioss wae THE ARCH: ful aud ud peralsient form of rheumauien hich wl

the Gov Meewarde icon ey cartied on board both @ following oftlelal letter (pub see the res nf of active ff | ie
é The le er (pul blood ju le!
For all furthorcpacticulars apply at _ Ieee Trwtrae a ier ck at [eto att Sone pee jot a as of | latge Company or other
: Mls Grace the eal site o acl, apd ig me The Fineat Thing ited early, so that final interval
“THE COMPANY Ss OFFICE, Wa a False ogn'e Vowels 0} one In Tooth Washes Is *Odentol socordance with the taste and req
’ ee Hye a a A ee i sy eats Keeps the mouth sweet ‘and clear ropa Apply te
Marine Square Port-ol-Spain — - pois anpibeestpready amare tbat inetd. Arla of then wliconvinge & AEE gents per bottle .
. Teusedey the ef Las besa ap. anyone of thelr value, LAUNG'S EXULISH FUARMAC\ dad May, 1932, —* 2%,

Stephin? 49 Atte LORT-OF-S#A

SS ee ee

t Gave suspAY


Vincent de Paul Nazareth House. £8


pe pro Nisan caso er esas eo E
HDA C. PIERRE, (Medalist). “sg
Bx ue hae fst sppeatncee la tha: Wort In flee as an ELOCUTIONIST, 3 3
‘Princes Building, at 8 pm A= a

7 with Tablene cffect sad Sealoctions from Tennyson, Mrowa- or

A_ Singer Sewing Machine will quickly pay for |
itself through the many ways it enables you to econo-
g mize. It saves dressmakers’ bills, valuable time, and
4 the cost of repairs, which figure considerably in the |
H yearly maintenance of infer rior machines. . Many
H people only realize the superiority of ’

wore, No 6 Batman Clrealer Rod, and fron “ The
Me. 31 Tragniete Boek See baadbilis,


a eee


| Singer Sewing Machines


tice, |


tay (i, “1014 ee

Sas ae ee Se {

maa swneen, nn te ae ware ont

Cycle & Athletic) GY UINT



King’s Birthday,
Srd JUNE, B, 1911:

; Chavoate and Cocos Powder have fo equal usitber {n local or foreiga CONSIGNEERES Prices ef Of Adininniane’
“2 onto multe. Oat scourge hava peat off tle after they have wasted money upon nondescript Tbe GROUND for Gee Traut ox
Pir ot competitors, don’t be prejodiced, a triat will coaviace your machines which soon become completely useless, THAT THE CARGO aod Bt, Clatr
8 ae Gsardiaa Natloasl Exbitition, Toronto, 1009 Profit by their experience and get a Singer the first i "te pa SARE Pant (ye aah ee
wer bert. cL “Lucien & Co. timey ou will never need another sewing machine. tx “Prins Willem W ro Sisuio'eraND tos ik Just Received
and Chocolate Manufacturers, { &)



‘ Port of Spain.
a se tettering GIROUX,



14 Froderick Stroet,
kort-of-Spain, Telephone—198.

’ eonten ina bein engiged, or if ycu know anybody which arri

fe id no* torget

~ im Wheeler Wilcox, Robart Loals Stepbenecc, and other well
sey ~Benerved Seals, (iret fore rows) ..$1 50. Other rows, 6109.
oul 72s, Gallery #50, ~ Tickets oe be obteined frou ie, Marshall


Prins Frederik Hendr.k

the Oth May 1911,


LANDED HERB Totbe se ADTES ATA NBon listatock rst)


“we “PER: 584, “SARG ASSO
To tha Membere Ledi « Band” ton iteve:
lock Bcreet, Sosth)s
a8 cante,

Ladies of Mombare Housshol f 200 CASES

Other Ledies
Goat's (on Members a, hive ines sa | Each 10 Ib, i Ine 4 lb.


ved here on the

Nob otickets are nbtstuabt t
only, on the day of the Spor oe , the Gates

SS SSeS ee >,
May Mth—2w, =i
from a catal @ wnich shows a picture of « Diamond the NM D f B D ”
ve fash get tand only get a = little twinkle The Board of Industrial E | AL OAR NOTICE. z * G
inded if quality is noas guarantoed, . Traioing EXAMINATION. , TUE rabtic te betrby avttied hot to a a. unpo W er
SEE WHAT you BUY. Clarke she having feft my Bouse wed pro- nr j
moon XAMINATION® forthoticens-s | weuos withoab any fant cdeea, Bk o ik weranile by
ee Technical Instruction Classes. of Druggist, Assistant t rug- 2 Qeur ny buscate Portal Sp Bm
es , gist, and Midw fe, and the Prelim- | Aprtgzctw.? a] j iI ' ’
eo: Serravalio S aoe fhary Kxamination for Students is TIT z hog 9 th 4 7 ((
“ rue end term of the Case tor Pharmacy will vke placo at the KEE =P IN MIND . gO a t UU.
TOWN ITC! RRS rer is ‘ 590 Sk Paste, aon.
Monday the Ibvb fostant, Qn Tuesday, May 23 d, Joseph: Gonzalez = fs ah 3a Feteosey ante
(BARK AND IKON WINE.) Farrlery — Mocdass, at 7 9. in 1183 ays ay f . P fe Qa SING UINKS U BRUS
Balding CratteMondage, 06 7.31, £7 12.80 PA 3 Hon ry Stroet = It x 3
OTIMULATES THE APPETITE Drewing (advanced) =-Mondeya, 7,30, o P -ovisio
RECENERATES THE BLOOD Enteig (iemeuiary sr | Fe), plications, wi h cerliticatos, WHEN BUYING Oa ss F wion
BRACES THE VITAL SYS'EM Weduesdayy, 6 1.9) vil receirod up to HARDWARE, GLASS & EXAMELWARE 2 Thee COMMISSION peated se Ne
Highly recommended by ppladeat Arathor tten Pa poeraph ieee tawerdeyc a7 Tuesday, May 16th, Important Adylee to Nastefans No 4 Henre streaet
—OURES:— Ailtbrae io Golemeurery wa Mivanced). | and fees must be paid on, or before: Agricalrural Forks, prensa
s in Fildays, 06 7.3), Paturday, May 20th, to ~~ feat ‘1a Bron WireElttere 1 778 pS keows thet es eels, yeqeals keep DENTISTRY.
a Da. F, PRADA, Bradee lowe Seales Tia
“Chioros! Pow Ns sgh rao Tira | umemcavan |iteeceeee secre (Un. Land lias y Dae
orosis T, B, JACKSON, . Proves, Ball Telve SURGEON
Debillt Governmens Buildings, Breretary HANFORD $s Farinbe'Daser Baspy Lampe Hovis Tost tnment tod burors ard Of f (GE: 69 ABLACRIMBI sT
" Gomosaw|BALSM OF MYR Hse Fuss” aes Cover Pann | Bromrg ins Corey coe) lor arog | Feb Ie
© Neurasthonia.- CONOsAN Beatrig-xtoves, Tin Bhees OO eee ecaber we old leatrn.
—— ; * MLP, es atte me god Wire mest for vew ones "OY 5 paylog the differs Notico
Sanaa SANTAL-KNOLL, Wosr Meade fo wart x [uss you will novar regret pure | TRINIDAD HUSICAL L HALL piccterremit hereby botifed thas
erie’: 8s moy duee

SANTAL MIDY, We guarantee it to hoa

J, SerRavaLto, TRIESTE

DH AGM x SANDAL "O00" Dolls It Bem nm nad 7s b
sO = o7e8 Prond Fies
° OSA 1 1 eFoats
® Bonanza Orug Storcs. ON nce A topethorns MT Daas 0 Sorat Secrelaries
SSS SS fOstivar + And Heals Them, ,

Tt heals all flesh wounds and screeoa the Other
bumso system of Dome tie Animals,

x0 Oures The
Mara. Cavgen

Ravelins's Drug Stere.
Grand Liquidation Sale,

Deate pattem fovited to pertieipate in


‘Landing e ex Schr,

Gvercor io the
230d Juve are req

‘Bole agents? Ziet instant,

**‘ Melba’


ebusing anyt' iog from

ESIRING to tae partin the Pro-
cession bifwe I

OUARANTBED TO GIVE S(TIBFAO | with the ucdersigaed not later then the

band Francie Lema [
polled to leave bls Louse,

bave com


2 Uxxay Staxer, ee pavita’ 2 LENO,
Srarwoop Estate Witness to wak
(f Friecdly acd TOB GO. ogni tc,

th Ayres, 011.

+| Bubherand Ala trades
Coder Hoy; UD > 24th Smt, 11th JULY

Area 400 Acres.

Lc cleiies,

tie Excellency the
Queen's Park oo the
ueated to communicate


SMITH BROS, & C). Honorary Secretary, | boards. pon! 1911
' from Geor getown, S.C. ITALIAN & FRENCH CasiMenes, |, ,S®!¢ Progeny Tenn, | 2 MeD I timber tro ll on ie Onder Jott,
C Reo rendered peorsenry throweh the Tenvatten B= 2/d — by Post 2/9, | C > a, exteasire Giseel bed, fine be Notice.
bie death of Dy pal partoer fa} Anges? ath __. t t§ beach balf amile Joog fodefoendic
=< Soe angers ; Hemde hig th pusee © [pols Geant he ent me
: ~ OP~ 21Henry Street, I H OFFERS FOU SALE. | “6, Batas foe Trukdad aod Tobago at the
URED NORTH 1 Plan Under the iotel BMleaeds) CO THOUS C, | ose Lerrta ten | eee ee ei ecard Aron
: B ( k phen inet vitae toga tg ee ' JOHN DENNIS SELLIER sae Antiiection. Co Dntiuos. Particulars
» woards al lanks, /EeAR SBS eats | vusTReceiveo se eo eanaryan tan’ ovse | 148%, Ysa wl Seend Eanes sere’
3 given away ad G0 peresnt beo ¥X REFRIGFRATOR ei EQUATS tel0ne bogs Street Pundenig *
"Waao leot 1x 13 Fist 2 ‘2 sides G.&T. Apel oth GAETANO BAL BATO. ST ITT 8 " pitetr on nies To the Ladies. Rogan Becrecaty,
, baa fost i x 3 » 8 § sides NOTICE. ~ FRESUL BUTTER 3 " tiaee gue vioun, ‘Baber! ks, G, CUMMINGS begs 19 afore Permacent Exhibition Commiites,
41,998 feot 1 x 12 . a and T, SIDING . . 40 or CRESCENT * reremed Dages MAKING end pee
(Boeo tert 6 | Goud Ores era, Matatls CABBAGE a3 ratte nba ee pared te sermete iia aime aad pron NOTICE,
V0 foot BUARDS and PLANES—Rough, day dobgcoatrcied in oy ‘memey ay for § 4 GRANULATED SUGAR of oll ordera tu tbe lstest feablons, nad ap- ‘POE pett bervvy ouitled thet Yau
ba fect, frien phtine, net ceter bor | BEET ROOT i une REGIONE Boer | Rie nate Ra siete titted, Wale arg ts
A Cheap, sey bret TENT A ATMEL, | TURNIPS Jone BLULNOSR BOTUSH ATES Can't See Well? be eect, AMECINA WONG,
vO NEWBOLY & CO. LES Iooutoy SULPHURIC AOLD â„¢ ayet Lise ches
—_—— on MONKEY APP '. I9eaue UCTAGUN LAUNURY, ‘Was pear ores fe psa, wp fn
~ DVASCED {a small of large sums — Cares BATGE (8 danish oe iodats aad crow weaiz” while M. A. CEBAL
A | 0° EDAD Eas co, oR OMWEY &0,\-— a fee—iie rates ist atetatniasrmenes * CATT 0,
. we, sf.
CS rr A Why Pay Mocs a Pure Capper Myrtap a onen FyAgerset t plseeure Lountorca the the gras
; The Best Pi Place I 1 |) yeas 00 ecroerosare tur otpate gunmen thai by beste
; ron YUUI rom Oale: Busloces, itera bape of 10 mnthe
-., , winohacdo's fosdre any prrway oF tanghe

donee Grocer
Iteta’ Grace sera
+ Bouth hee Deu
sadelwabers }
serapulauely cleans

T° have PANAMA NAWA cud all other
HaT3t Jew, Bloor, ute istne


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Sore Low;

* Ralens ao
vthing beer

for or Uoder any person, or Saughs or
commupicuied His brECUL MaTHOD
Tye quemioed by, by ne God Atted with | Oy Cixaning Panama Hare Wit
Lesoed accurately male never grow wesiy, | ACID Ws anyoun dL Ac Cxpato 13

$Vheo you com obtain era Coprahe o | TRINIDAD DYE WORKS Comer ‘ith on Bepter then golden syrup. bt Uvrner
roe eS a th Hight seatde heserer shat, tl boot Batre packed by aKiler @'dobee | J uke aiid Gtotye Etreets, Telo- Ty wbode Martane luches, Epelo ‘opposite La hide” Howie’
“7 Teternationst Eablbitice, 1894, prasded a oor of pits which 4 canal fea qulty fo the | phove 15, Caly let us xxow how 7 Tink hint Be ey id.
/ ‘ Dawisls whet We pace in ack ou Wish your Hat dene ind give H’ :URk COUGH -CURE

Uicarettes are f ers of guitare and discereing taste
t Nod aro: lor éaiokers of 91 Boe’ pane at which you now pey for he oxact size when b


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Dp aod Inferior grades.
fer tad siditeremacuodcny CIGARS & CIGAKETTES onfer, uot saticon au Ci? Lalng’s ele Pino When 2 or Ed ?
Ww ’ ity Dru t | wen Tue Rexowyry (ies yup. Viscend & wer
ialhud TE ees Te Oy BE S80 | Sauk Lassen WO ene ENGL rHeaMavy |S, Yiegmstanh

2 |) MARK REID' S- 2 2
4 , Pertectly Harmlecs 3 = ry
°| JB AIR bei] DYE ieee
8 eos a —_ 9
5 I Adeeratels delfes oiectind ond be aot afrected by ove water ob ntestn 2 ¥ 7, 6 ,
z SSeGetesessek OT FP 3
9 ,It can be uted without staining the fingers of spoiling clythes “ # 2 *
fe Jand hav*no equal elther In colour, permanence cn cloanfinces yz < od S
e SORES? mameeeses wot... -F eB
E Win giao Brose teen e semis 086 brocse " q yeu eet bese | ¢ S



66 een

pein cceemmemtneenin HE PORTORSPAIN. GAMBIT SUND:

PB Needlework Dept,




+ |
MAY 14 1011


“Samped * | mbyolden Designs

; —_—_—

Just to Hond.


Laneashire Insurance vo

roaring Margarine, |?"


. Funds Exceed .., £12,000,000
BASE FoR NSURANOES effected againat

} AUGUSTE (PELLERIN’S = sit, tofme 0,82

houses, Offices, Shop, and Store

fishy Made Margarine, |asek"



Straker Squire, All Brit'sh
Mode Motor Car

during the f{ndlepocition of Mr,
Sazanoff, Minteter for Foreign
Affairs, and the latter may pethape
retire, ‘Baron Hosen succeeds him,
. New York, 13th.
The” “Admital Farragut” which
wailed f Tony Utuladel hia on Thurwday.
‘or Port Antonia, Jamalea, collide
bee doce in Tfaided withoad @ single with the Ward liner * Merida” olf
Cape Henry. The latter sank after
transhipment of all except aboot a

hitch ia the Machwery.
boat load of the aew who favk to the

SWIFT CARS beat a the *Merlda” funndered,

SUME VERY NEAT & CHEAP | Jie old" Peguinion leet Hamtion

which proceeded to Norfulk and the

TWO SEATERS. | tatue: up “fowa” cunyoyed — the

*¢ Farragut” towarde the sttoals foat-
For particolars and price epply ta Ing upon bee balkhead and proceedings
- "Ww.

excellent{substitute forZcooking Butter without
ng to pay she fexcessive price which ,Ruttor

; “ a “oA . * | dom Of Tesse atera forvmust. The ° Metida’p® 1
i Oram bensenere noni, derlee fumes
POLESOMEL&ONUTRIT/OUS. | suatH BROSAND vO Stehpans Ltd. ieiccan
f Mo be had {RETAIL tromfthe Leading Groversand | ringipig, “OE Sia, te ta oe

Bi 4 Pts, Juarez; appuinted a Cabinet ant is
i id d Sh 7 iter THE 8TO RES, secklog a eooxtition of Hhelligetency.
. ‘earivg the capture o esico City,

‘ a f SOLE AGENTS, the United Stales Ambnesador has
os * of . foltiated the cooperation of all

foreigners for self-defence. Foreigners

r Haiog Company, Lit. Cotton Seed

as endanige

Washingto . May 13th.
london, May 83th. Representative Nomis hes ven
' A Committee of four bundred mem: notlve thal he will move for au ves.

* pers of the House of Commons, organ } tigation of ibe sugar industrics wi
IN BWASK ET B J ited for support of an “Acbitration | the Intention of discovering over caphe
- Treaty, bave adopted a rvsolution | talization and excpesiyé profite of the
pledgis thele united activities, sugar trust aaa basis for altenng cw
PAVAYETIE'S WILL toms duties on sugar in favour of

Al Quality, Lafayette, the French Jihisloniat | consumers.

Tell Fine dines Kiel hatt ase ————
le eaelE ay Bathe
Hoa sbeding Ascii ‘to biewit | THE WESTERN SCHOOL.


{Leave ARRIVE Leave Aunivs
New Y Tasipad | TriwtmpaD ) New Yorx


a ~ o
ew i OF GIANADA® ..!
woe NAVARKE” ,,.

"Mech, 12
apr. 2

oe oe “ For Sale by the body will be creuated and the —_—~
ROAg GRANADA,” ... # sakes buried between the pawecf hls] | Wis pollishdwlow letter from the
MN UF NAVARRE? ~ 12 3 : , dog, Beauty, at Miershill Cemetery, ye of the Heml 1. EB Horlick, Huptist
Bava” oe 2 9 17 ; Edinburgh. Untster, somewhat surandly eornbatt-
EN UF GRANADA" “| 30 20 2» | ROYAL OPENING OF THE FES: [Ing the oplulons expreaved by uva few
a = » . TIVAL OF EMPIKE, days ago as tothe denitability of the
os ERS OaLL AT GRENADA BOTH WAYS, Bieamere pYatern Bare Behoot below allowed
m THINIDAD to DEMERARA each trip, returning to Now BNE SQUARE place yooerday, stood. justond uf beingoompeiied ot
: s the
BVA Trinidad and Grenada. uM, MA st A and ed ‘ approaching expiration ofthe prewent

lease of the spot to the Archbishop

nds of fla,
"Phone 184, f ka kxallon
fort id 1 | elsew:

4, B.W.L writes

So Broadway, Now York and Pord ot Buss. Trinids

ere: St na LE et nt HHetorla Bt
at 'FOR RENT—FURNISH D, b 4 “ ede lso of the majority of his nie
pee 0 Teele oe Ae -CLAY ELOUSE: |ieiikagederdntneny musa ata, Wetey

‘your baggage marked. It : EROPLANED DEMONSTRATION, | majority “of the realdoote OC" thal
7 9 ote of trovble, Cau be Om HA at JGOGORITâ„¢, na ARK ODPL ANH Pek ON Ane. pik wi y, oot ee fetgna
F “ your home, see BOUNN Commandjeg salire view of the Gulf cone ere pow bay Hy hibited before é mafority of the mesa [than fe shewn in the leer of the

inter, corner Vredérick and ro ree Galery and put oes. WATES LAID oad THRONE I bers of the Calduct and two hundred | Revd. Haptlet Minister. Me tay
hrest.eA pri fai lu, STALLED ~ Also triage Hoad.-~Apply 1! Peagere'a Row -~PRONE 375 mewbese of the House of Commons, | perhaps asa oa few | supporters
= mes ——— {lucteaUng the inilitary usd of aero | atndnged ble fellow teaklents pusibly

anes. Falae Lomi wore dropped Uves living neaivet the echool in
messages were sent aud recufved and | yuestion, but we eutively fall tu sw
an Aideshot aeroplane with a ma-[with what pevtence of “justiticallosdt

dingibte, Mtr. | those an the southern, and westere,

. nae

ao eS

i" e chine gun attacked a rit
oad : Balfour ascygled, to the delight of the | and even the lower aud rkklle eastern

a ic ar Ss army and navy witnesees, aidy or the square can have for con-

, ats PLEADING THR GAUSE OF aldering the preeenoe of thle achoul
p WOMAN BUEVILAGE, a nulaance to thele havea, Mr. Hur

i a —— . Mr Farrell, the Lah Bie hed ot Dobe tek rayn and we ae nh gyaise bound
. ecce; eo halle’
ATEW GOODS BY TELIS BAT. | [mittee els le iil eerie te elated

Vouan Suffrage, ofted reach tila prowlsens ifs, os be
favour ea Wan Commnnnas at the Bar adinits that could be easily prevented,

CO ED Bl oN... ot | seeing what an ex: pee oF iT
f xmO . THE QUEEN MOTHER AT BAN: | oro itt inane ad tee tee

ween Alexandra bas takeu wy iesi-


fests thereat uegrest lo the Heptlet

eres ee
RONATION FLAGS—all sixes, very cheap. gers Mentiagiaes nt afer Oo Dit apa cthot Aa, fit cat to
1 ma 8 lj. WO

‘ EET PEAS-—all colours. THE BUDGET. stias oa ita inoad grovods, we
NEW EO ee al the latest shadcs..,. vee gored on teat niy ml caus far tare i itt tn i sad i
TWELVE ONLY VEUY HANDSOME TOQ z © as {iting Uobeads WY, oot canal ieee Ler the ace of Ce wyuary oF forthe
These Goods are on Shew Te-Day, THR CHINESH LOAN,

justlee, The schoul was bullt on thle
Peking despatch says the Uorern-
f ‘ — ae te vee -

Victoria Myuare was lakl out or bullt
four power loan for construs- there

receal wn ‘ over, and Whatever couditions ere
tiou of trank Hoew hitherto ned | mayer may not have been In
vee dopestic ance

conces! o Mr, Morllek apd ble fellow
hose jous the eal & fvw Jrare ago, oot
int, "Japan areas i eeent re | susvly vat, be be egal crenienally
orgso iailen ¢! a VeEPUMEL ge etary.
pivdorsisea, aU Zeataib loguy of awedl gota

ite years aid youre before sver
went are planning to increase |

a ae ne

A St. Petersinirg despatch states
that Baron Rosen, Ambassador to the
United States, has been appointed
Director of the Foreign Office

LATEST TELEGRAMS. =| dreasisny cing themniand the Catan |

ae gra reer renee eae

| Tailoring Depmt. LADIES’ {SMITH
{Fine Dress S008. \oreue sear rao

there ix, og far as we are aware oot the
blgitest cause for complaint as a
centre of disonter or disturbance.
That it may ba open to the residents
of the square to throw up thelr leaves, Ee evidently — nut eared the

tion weare not eu certain, Tt ma of a prom
alav bo peifectly tra, as Me. Horlich | isember of another eburch, a fetter’

5 t
L« . nN


on Wie




- Built Furuiture,

For Daintlaess, Finish and’ Valoe BONANZA

' Striped and Fancy SPECIAL FOR EVENING WEAR, * “BEDROOM SUITES has no Bol

/ ay 1g
. o,¢6 Ladies Block Glace Kii High iastep Strap Shoes .. we Stes Note the Extraordinary Value,
® SEEN IN TRINIDAD ' Ladies Biack Glace Tein Strap, Large Brass Bock'es oe 8D
. Isdiea Back Glace Bhors, double tvis strap ase w=: 00 ta gnwp ‘af son
Comprising: ; irgict Hnek Glas Glace Mhorn Bur beaded fost gf 6 A MARVELLOUS OFFER.
Dorcthy Bage—New Shape Metal Fittirgs ‘ a's Bleck Cen ere et np ties ae 30 *
. 5 101s Rlec' » Anklo ” t
Ridies Nand Bags for either Silk ar Read Embroidery, Ladiva Black Glace Lacgty Bross, ler > Tackle eee oi) {
gece -anicas Melts for sulle Embrsidery, < va ts, | Riles Muck Olce Kid Coan tory Hithon Bow and'Bocle.. 312 1 Jt *
Adiag Liblun Velts for Silk Embroidery, - 4 1 A r Ladies Patentand Kid 1 Bar'Shoee, Brilliant Orpsmenta, 2:75 9
Covers for Umbroiders Caspian Toss, Se ‘ : a Ladies Bleck Gtace 1B. TBaces, Frouted Birer Buckle Chemise for +mbroi Jery € pian b loss, Ledies Risch Glee Lace biter, Parent aked tos cap a 369 C - .
iP erie beds, naupe on Line wo be F | Eacmayatpcie ieee venisc, 38] OP or Carape—S Pieces fer 86.00,
broidered du coloarets ilk for F . - Indies Bora Kid Le bbe vee oF i s
lor Tape in floral, Motto and Landseaes Lidice Bets t Dar Shard, Geld Farines me . oo 10 bit oe Wardrabe and Press with 2 Shspdd. aad
ins for tinbroidery in Coloured Wasbin n Indice Forple Bards | far Ehoes, 3 Beiianta te ae 200 javelle irtor Doors and 2 drawers; Bereaa
is 8 de hace sae teehee tee = i 384 wilh Choste Bretwork, shaped and’ beva
‘ : Ladies Mouse Col: ue Bhros, Ribboo Tie gs fror an tde Sw rrors
MERTON BEE . orona e L0On. Lidies Green Kid T Bar Bhtes, laces hitibnt Ocoumenta 3a _ Drawers, 2 Long and 2 Halt Drawers” neh
TE CORONATION BRAID T ——__—_— stand with Bfatble Top and’ 2 Rows of Beaultel
—_—__ All the above are High Class English mado Evehing files in back, 1 Towel Rail and 1 Wicker

Dress Shoes and are styles that will be worn at

“oe ask for Tho Bloo Book of Enbroldery SMITH BROS & 00 Tho Coronation Festivitios. Price Complete for the 5 Pieces $85.00,
Lessons t ’


BEE AT THE BONANZA.| 7, Frederick St. SMITH BROS. & Co.
3 7 / ocog M J l KE 8. RUSSIAN NEW TOREIGN MINIS. | lished first class school against which AN EXTRAORDINARY PROCEEDING


Unapsen the abore captlon the
Catholic News of yer! ys data
ublishes tha following which opisien

ey could get one cent of conipensa- only, for on page 2 of thie lasne we

publish frow the pen inent,

informa ua, that some years ago the boewurt
Town authorities did seek to juduce ont the farne | aublect and Cathone



move, by Tall meana let the lands ba

their homes, we adits but that | authorities of the Catholle Church

forve it Sows ther throats? Ednally pee eee tt BS,
we'may refer tothe paral Cane of
the Queena Royal contre at St Clair, | sud the & ¢ Cortstian indy, the

were there be

the school authorities to remove ta | contemporary t

other site abd allow thea hoot site It wane Hoat extraordinary step on

to be auld for building Jote ; but if that] the part of the Governor to have taker
scheme does not smut the school | upon hivself tamake the nervice in the

thorties, why should he wih to Jeetican Cathedral on Coronation day a

function. In the aoe

Catholics, with ad) Archbishop and

bmedy akin to ior eaitencer there | eel raalloneeune hema test
amouget aclasaof dwellings of a cer- "
fainly far supector character to thoes slighted, U Ila Hroetlend 7 «

Vietorla Square and many of which make the service to Ts mts, Se <
thre ls tore the bollege came in. {inihow fe, mey remind Catho
the school autharities ara willing to ies fiat i te Prepet pace: on

sold ae building Jota; but we nudes We should consiter At & Host a

stand that the mhool authorities are



tet Lo bh ¢ ne pes ‘ Aod
no means wishful of removing, be presente tise vw
ring that to do ro would [njure HA fe Ue vei teed tha "4 tte Hxccleners

their whoul, which aa all the wottd-] to mar the Larmony of the local celer

kuows ja not improbable, ao hool often





stands In any real sense “ Vietoria f Entoumlogical Keererch

"6 attested mv cree! Lys change bration.
titthey are unwilling te a then BOARD OF ACRICULTU RE.

really da nut sce why they shoul!

not be given the land on au extendel A inceling yf Ung Hoard will be held
lease, eepeclaily as they propose tofat tha Council 4

lueutify the shot by theeretion of a [o'clock pai. on the thiastant The
handsome modern building there | following ts the Ageuda t=

And after all, we would sek Mr. Hor P «L, Fiuane’ temen

lich, whetherthe proventeiteof thls] 2 Peport of Advivory Commaltter.

inl. DAD LINE OF STEAMERS W £ & Panama Telegraph Company Btaten ts takin no action: Preeident Hf
/ ci Marrying Through Frelght for Tobagozand Ciadad Bolivar, SUPPORTING ARBITRATI ON bU

wor at 215

lal Bta te,

endimportant school leavt refer & Katinale of and Expewe

le from the standpoint of the morals | diture—River Ealate WLEIVIZ

he children than some of the othe Ont Copy of adew

‘ we
sitions ln which schools are Jamu tch f the Secre! if tate for
Shout the town. Norsocer? ls the ihe Gutoal at ryt

leew re-Unoperetion the

p. of land where on Crown fen with the A

Square”; {t dove not seeny so ta uf 6 Drepertanent of Ayricultere—Ko-


except pussibly an regards @ portion of
the pila) ground. = m

the aluve ponding you state that there 16
bibool bei.

ports Movers: *
4, ‘Annual Report by Officers of the

i Myron at's mate


con i fae esa

Nariva Cocal,

the Editor the Port-o, in

tects Porter see
f,- tu your tnveul May Jith, under

@ Ilkeliboudl of (ha Western

eg miumdamior de


tu retuove (hen, Std Setatis,

pebuile on ita present alte tt only the Com. ] = ae anereee eee
nladoners cas be fudyced to luok favour: -~
ably> oport oxtendinw the present lease, PRICES CURRENT: &
As ous of the inhalitants most nearly -_ -
vuncerned in this matter, 1 feel that it ie .
only Attlog that you should Im made aware eaane May Lith, (May (itch
Le cpinton of those la the laawediate vg DEW YORK rd
district, During the past five years I bare | FIOUR. « .
lived on very amlcaile terun with the | Blended Cearptuc &
mhvol and Its echoolmasters, fb not W.L per bark? oo p00) + 9ouD 1
fofrequently the balls more than the | MKAL? . :
bawly hard bren ® cousiderable trial to Kitodried per trl. , qu ; Ro
ore tinier mee rites et | UAL warts ot [tA
freon: an ew no :
Sonld ba rectified, vai iicacy Mews doc led, «- 18-tajP tetsg
BUGARt . 4
a ta per cent. ‘
are beanes] wlth a distinc’ stipulation that Daty Paid. . Ola Bieg ”
no et bool of shop aball be ted or open. | *31 vado W pereent , t
ed thereon, The Town Hoard sme yearn Daty Paid, « SANT Phos ~
tried to induce the wavagyre to atluw { MOLAS bead] Fi
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1 | dwelling tousee on this site, 1¢ woul Renteg Three per cent x0
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Maseovato Floating byway *
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proazhing the preaeut leaseholders whiha | Tt Fhe “Te pee ent, its <
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teruse of thelr leaves, Qucoa: .
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soneer Flew clrele, Brat row « S grinees cach in enercixe Uf the peor’ wi le E ASSURAN e
The London Sxpressanderstands that | Fir clreie send and third fore 4 satondtg wort tsderd 1 Moris dated LIF CE $00
working agree: it temol: “ 1 fave a . _ ;
~OF~ between Miners “important Atlantic | Firwt circle fourth, Gtth, and alx rower) No oes for she porn 1108, and mede be WV en ek ey eas Systems of In

aot each, ' A Hempercad Mf bit | of the ove park
‘ ’ cable campaniea—the Wester Union [ 64,0 circle, seventh rows gutzeas ench. | twee 4 t °
Bk eb AL L. H Ee A RT ' S$ ELECTED Telewragrh Te mean ore exiaml Baloony, fret a0 second Woven 3 guinees ey rus ane oli be at tolor Bale by WHOLE LIFE ASYURANCK=By pr mite payable for ¥ f
‘ \OWNWBLED | - | the Direct United’ seabed Cable Cont | Balcony, third, fourth, and Atth ‘vows’ Pab'ie Axetion by ibeucdsroigies sh 80 | pu oqwMEVT AtSURANCEI—Peralie at « fired dary team
Pnade up na fetlews — ‘a . Byloony, mxth and’ soventh rows st gul- aed'ae Yara Suess, Poret-epale oa | SUINT Lire ABSURANCH.—Payable ta the sacrirar of tue
+ Weetern' Union... 88) fea each. Aurprent. Taeed ytbeld bday ifJane /OlU betwee | san TERM ABSURANCE.—Baltable besecarity fot tempeailit

; 4 | Angle-Americana. uy cement) mscrens the hours of 1 and & pra, ’
? [ | i I iber Direct United Hates.” 98,600 Ailend Siogutar tues cartels pared of |, telnens arrenwemecity ae
Pitch { In g 5 , The agreement will, not mean an The FRMENOLY SOCIETIES. of St, | lead al uste ot Calcutta Bertlement fa the INN ITY ASSURANCE.—To wesate aa hoonily to the wily ;

analgamation. The object Is not to of the | Watt of Mourverat fa the falaod ef 001, SEER BN OO WMBNTS ~Usafal aa prov!
. “ chard.” frente, & monopoly. but tol peotide | Ketieeal Calica ‘Grace of Free Gere | Tileiied somariing B acres nnd abetting | CODES ee TERM SSOURANCE Ex: Schooner W, M Richar 5. deners. will take et 8.80 o'clock lead of lenry H. Derry oa cotter, gitlog the advantage of low icecinm dertar Te
s r AUantic, and elikough the, A: ‘of Bt. J bh, | South spon 3 y {overanes.
* FRUM ORANUALL, FLOMIDA. which are Britis corporations, vil — ae | eH ee aes acd ‘ot ‘Aegean farther Informetion please tpply te :
FRUM ORANDALD, ft : Jetain thol salty Do Hreeple. beget FRKANOIW BROWNE— Apert pill
retain their individuality ao far as Bteeple together with the sppurter acces ano A
FeneeetnNaae es |g) BALE OF [SERGI TES au or way tn LW. BONYUN 4 00-"eai
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a sabe, ‘ . ’ 7 under American rontrol tdent of th bree (ecea, Kstates, LOUIS SOHN & 00, -=CH sr ;
ic - Te ore Vai a ne 0! e * fr -_.
3 : 3 ae oe 27310 American Telephone and Tetegra h Co, NIDAD, a8 AN DD. a a
2eau wo se ow snl wholain London (a connection ththe ~FOR— TRINIDAD, THURSDAY THE Ista '
gro wu : ao = £538 pacers tated thee phe Direct Dom: | THURSDAY, JHE STH JUNE 19/T, DAY OF 3iaY, 1911, L / F E AS SY RB A ACE CO
we ~ oe . . hadi ns
3 x ; ~ ‘. ” v Aaag cen four, and the Western Union NOER te ergaat roveleed ti om J.B pusiio NOTICE i Ts hereby given vast Katoblished 182
. vee ‘ORSTER otuis! rawr y! in exerclad wer cf Ba ° te ale ’
pra om UU Rt our tan business thet we ghoul fave | Baan of te lacs fvber Olerk the an: | tered by abe Gn yepaceingOratanace Ne a
“4 R10 - - - 3.358 agood service over bere,” he added, | dorslazed will ver for ele at thelr office | 72 and the Real Proverry Urdinence No INCORPORATED 10k
“3x. m = 2837 ‘eo that the Indirect benetit of an [NS 12, St Viocems Birra, oa Thats | yy and ty certala Mearorandae of Mort. .
é Qnty ws we wo 15,035 Agreement will be enormoud The | dar. the 8h Jane 101}, beineos is neg No vided thel2.b day of muy Head Office: Edinbus
oe 1 oe os 4,937 . Auertean Telegraph and Telephone | hears of one and two pm the lollowleg | 19/9 from Kakaito Oliver Vinceod be anoh Ca for the W
- 226m ae ws ae 2.620 Company has something iike thirteea | Prever'iee s—~ EL ESTATE,” | Wuliaee there wil be pat up for, Sale by Br ca for ret Indies,
$55 8 ws oe o pe 38,196" milion miles of wires, and between aihtrat = BT, MICH a in. | Dublie Azctica by the audersign: ate ——0 = ee .
phe ax 10 we ~ Bue three and four million tiles of trunk | Siwate te tbe Ward of Tesatlgua evap Office, No, 12, Bt Vincent btreet, Port. Ancval Kevesue Exoveds we we
Waele! ” “ < | $26.99 acres of Jand bounded on the North | of.spain ca Tooretay the 18h dey of Tavestod Fands Ke
are eax 42 oo me one 30% lines, We are doing a comblued busl le eat: 8 Kecesd we a
as & oon o- we” one 12,114 ness of £10,000,000 « year.” Redemption Karte, South by Paradies | jay 3011, between the houre of one and Exletiog Assarancea ow ne
x6 on “ am 4.408 oe tare, East ty Lsave Li, and West by | tse par, . Boacees Declared . “
6x6 .. mT = pica ° AROUND THE STORES. Papeeres are ander coo a caltivatlon, part wad Se en eee rtlina of nie Calms Paid ‘ _ age
$ nay = mn a mule — of the balacos belng cooled andanca'tl- | dad cos pilewg seven actes and bree MODERATE RATES, ABSOLUTE SéCUR
Baa x an at 8150 It would worth you while to vivit | vated, rods he toe same tore of eau act out aod Liberal Sarrender value, .
at ove “ 3,119 the * Exchange” on Monday aod sea There are 8 #00 Bearleg Trees, deneribed fa @ Cortihcate of Title to Rakel Loaves advanoed on security of Py'icies ap to 99 per caat, of
1 x #andap, ROVUM BOAKD3:~< ©. 33 831 our lovely Cashmere going at 12 cents 330 Hall-beaclog rose jegisered fa Volume CLXXXV at folio | & per cent ietereat, :
b} x Santor, Cte soe 20,049 per yardinallshades, Meltons worth 10 Gonsll crees 571, telog portion of the Jang described in Immediate Redaction to home rates duriog visita to Eerope ag
be x Bandop, do, a 21,824 San foivg for 21 centa per yard o:e with 2,000 pickets) the Crows Greob segitered la Voluce | climates, , ‘a
a 8 avd op, do e 9.437 Sicilians, Chaked Voiltes, Striped 8 jearmdowowads, { XVII follo 4:7 and ia the Certificate of Provosala Accspted aud Po'lcles Issued fa toe Wert In lige
‘ * —___ . Zeph ra, ete. Printa, ug areortment " be we on the subate Tuie regutered ia Volame XXXVI, folio | Head # fice .
Total Rough Saansing, Boards ‘aud Plante 204,422 fees Frederick Btrects ©, Menderson, 9 opr pe at ‘on treme a fos nee 3 at 205 ang tounued oa the Nuh by the Otsrans Vaid Immediately on proof of death an U settlement

other purti_n of ibe said lard pow truce

Tox Beod aa Dremel Boarde—planed meneee roperty sbere fe w good deeilicg boare, the Suuib by the wee 1 it é
4 yes a. & Perde” tanet 33,107 John Hoadley & Co. have « full pare ‘ieylog hence, a bee aed fered te Catone Om be ane We Policies oo which age le admllted are uschallengeable alter Twas ao
Lx veo rad , aT, m4 set 10,007 stock ef gene belt, prices from 24 end Re Berroa contahing foar rooms, alll Crows Land, oa tne Eas by Cows tan 1910 Bonus. >
Nex 6 Flooring Hurds~planed betde, OF& T, 15221 cen! veeholes Sandon tre West by the Arocos Rirer, The laut lovestigation for Division. of Vrotite amvog the Palégial
, HEE 6 Floortag Boardemplaned 2 sider, GT! ISOS 75,413 foot During the past” week M pond = PROPERTY s8 Comaca| Dated this B2ad day of april 1011, ae ab 15th November 19:0 1 and the Boaus thea deolerdt war o¢
. 7 Stephens Ltd Bave received a” fine. ing three paresie of lad, two of welch’ are Fess Gore Anetionecrs, | $2R's, Bet aucun on all wish Profita Policies Sach a Poliey fe
. ‘ : TOTAL CARGO 330,812 feet assortinent of extra quality Bentwood | ander enltiratios. ed in cocoa, opcoae added to the sum sasaced £75 —by way of Bonus for ara ‘a
We offer % 8 ser at cat regaiat low rates, sud invite fovpection of 1d as ‘belong really Lomites ofa meting Coates Suites man frais trees, tte, contalnlag six ecres TRINIDAY, ‘ toad
im Class QUALITY. chairs, Cnildren Rockers, Plauol ¢ Thore are 526 bearing cocoa Lrees Ta the Sopfeme Coart cf Tilnidad and "
. . W. S. ROBERTSON & CO., LTD. stools and Towel rally “iowa a Noa Mall tee rie Tubege.
San re bed At Maituapp's Tis W, Bo: it Gotar ire “ No. 161 of 19.9, Between : R eR
i. Cit=la. 4 Tues EEK— Cedar tress ‘
Vth May, 1011 Mee a es = _~ and Uirls school bouts with light aod 6 cyp trees, beslass, oranger mango, | Wilsons (Glasgow and Trialdad) Limited, 0 = Ks es
oom heavy soles from 81,08 to — $3.00—~ | mamesa: avocado peare, breadiratt Pulotitts <2. oa cittots r
Â¥ we FAmerican lady boots and shves In } trees, There i also ove contract fo cco.a, aod Lf TSA ge 4 r R
W Cc Fe © Ss & Cc O black and tan -at $200 per pale, | with aboot SUV pickets one year old. The Bir] h—Delendsat, “RTESH THS Th Ay B ‘ '
: e e a Family boots at 72 cents per pair. | bouudaries being, North by Kugene Andre, : . -—= net uso od Eke
seer eee Kubber bound shaving brushes fron | South by pablie road, East by i deSilvs, prere NOTICE fa Loreby given that Bris acamtal
TT \ FeESU SUPPLY OF Weents to cents Willlans’ shaving | West? Uoquets Rosd, by an order of Mus Honour, Me, Jase rentoy, ARi °
: Se tablets at3 cents, Barbers scissors, On the eea thors near to above one pare | ticd Kuvsel? dated the Ot day uf tbie ft CODY, bi M *
‘ nm I N ER AL Ww ATE RS 8 inches long, OU rents. Antiveptiyuo | cel of three Jota of land on whicl there are | preseut mnt of May, bo © will te pus EVERYONE ZA ‘4
i . « shaving Diocks at 15 centa, Motatache | three buildiogs—one wooden house with | up for Bale before the doors of the Couct EA SHOULD Pas } Oe b ‘ome ewe
r fixture at 5 cents, An's stray tats 4 rocane, 2 teple barracks, containing mx Hoare iu the tore of dee ot spit oa f 4 as ) { r
gs with green, Wi, an av t . areda: ob da, ace a q oF ih
: VICHY ORLESTING VATS Gr JEAN & PRUCEUISE | | bands and having bows at back abd | “This ELSIDOR' ENTATE—Situate | twees the bouact Lead?pee ot A RRS EQAAGS
EAU DKEVIAN EMPEROR FREDE {Bedoun) side cach T2centa. Large assortment | at Debs South Nepariae, csmpristog 332] 2 Alvaud Siogular tbes certain piece , kB 32
e OONTREXEVILLE EtTiia CAdeaS RICK of flowers, feathers and ready-to-wear | acces of the Hest cocoa land, aod cone) or percel aflacd sitnateia tbe Waid of al 7
APOLUIN ARIS HUNYADE: ABANA hats.—Vislt The Cash Store, talolog Mowtegtcat fa this Isiead compruiog {UV H a) I a ern 3
APENTA, ABILENA NYA 4,570 youeg baarizg trevs acres ‘Inve of Jas end adubiuy of ihe PY rae | aa q

Warrnman's Mrsstck 1— Deltw— 2 045 palf-learing tress Nerd on the Neergie’s Exate ou thy
we have Just bought over 00 dosena 2057 emall trees Soutbon the Soriog Ee as on che Ext.
ik delta, which we | With ecus house, et on tbe Poiliplue bereve aud cu the West

les assorted 6 o
have decided to sell at the rfdiculoas | Datel at PortsSoule, this 13th day of | om the Npvfog baste,

Colonial Disponsary,

Yer .

——— low prices of 6 centa each) they are Mey WL 2 All aud Singular thet certain plece
worth ten ti th 7 ¥ f fof Land ol; Uni
Fred Jno, Scott & Son] — ASK FOR rei zi, atte Gsttrmmnt“Arctoaroy, | fs doe Word ot Ganganaea let Une

2 Sues » Tavu polishinUns at 3 cents and 6 comp.lmog 2) acres sod abutung on tb
merexmes Om Omrclexn's cente atin, A. fine riment of FRNA DL yEsDAY North oe the Fellaty Esse on ite
Atl: Ausurance Company Limited s_ [ready-to-wear hats; cone in time aud | SALE FOR TOE 201 DAY | Noun by a Pabhic Hud, on the Kat un
wed to amegh Risks London Old Tom Gis Cioronatiom tap bate pt tone oak | | UBLIC NOTICE Is terety piven that | Re canande Hout ad 0a tha Werk oa

a! By 0 bade former Ryloy to
Tintes Fire tecutvlog frowa Eartb- Jug, metnentos and wee flags, in eraccle of the Pawar of 10-| Eaiate bat cow ta ‘be ovcupstiva Ki


. 4 Civil Commotioa ABSOLUTELY TUM PURSST sriRIT small flags, medium tlage, large tlags, | ferred ow Morgegete by the Cor cing | Ki bh acd others,
vt ingaranty vompany Ltd MADE ~ flags fur every boty Gonna lon | ard Law ot Property Orstoance 1394, aad fF BAN aud Stegatee the one andivided
Barns Souvini post cards, inclutingdefenders | fostaieed An & certuie demurudan of | inire ghareuf Buvdarbane Gevsased, of
— ALSO TRY THEIR ef the British Ewpire, Naval Deal Morigwe Ne, 64 dated the 106 dy ol | ua in ell thas cofia m pice Or garce: of


“~ Bye | stay 1910, 4 Muorlee Mabe

COVERAMEN) = AMOTIEKEERS, |, ‘Majeation” logit "Grit coe BEE | Gorge Liddsiow, ood ats ints ectite | MO ,CMPHTIDE Be lus at ute 1m the

Establisnod 1866. RA GE BI l l BRS variety to select from, Waterman— | Méemoraudamef Mortga, oN 15 deed the | vast on tbe North, E atjand West oa

—o—— 13 Fredérick Street, 10th day of Msy 1910, frvm fsagusots 10 | tne parcel of land bersindelore secs, diy

sole Agreatka == the eald George Liddelow, there will be | deserited and oa tbe Suuth un the Fubia

St they come Arvother tt ofthe | tabap eg Sutby the adangmad at Me | oud =
ve thousand niacblues we have con i 9 some: 4. All and bingatar theove nodivided

Bin Fersande oo Tussdsy the 20 b da TRINIDAD, { SALE FoR wronss0y

rected to put in Your howes thie Jane Tell, between tbe Leave ut Obe nod thud share of Bavderbasss decessed of |GaLE FOR THURSDAY THE 33TH DAY OF waX,

ood inall thas parce of snd situste io DAY OF MAY 101L, <=
appointed in securing one of the Last } 40 p.m. Ue Wad cf Ch gaszae courinog tu — Th
lot would do well to call or write now F retiy t—-All abit pareet of land com- s UBLIO NOTEUE be
look for ad ju another column.— The prisiug Lice sa er, three oode sod thiny olive Sn Garten fete on he eas a siecle of tae —n, vale a r hake, &

little Shop” -G (Charlotte Street—Uo | Sine persbea tl nate fa the Word of | in, Endeavecr Ketste oa the E at on a] tained fa a certeta: Memorendam

Ca Wien rooRTuER wir THEIR

arles Hejdselok bempisce
Gharlos Hefdselck hemp, GI
By Royal Wartsus to H MS Kiso MAKES AN EXCELLENT
Evwaro Vil

to ow addressed to the frv ‘ ” High Street, Sada Feruahdo,~ [Henry | Meyaro deiloested ia the diagram sanered | jiver aod on ibe Wist ou Jacde of S.A
all Tetters f OOMMERUIAL i. ALE P IGK-M E-UP. Dick" A man you koow,.” Y fe R ore Grone ia, Valens OXXXVIT 5, And all and Biocalse te ope budink Aon osa0d thie by Nathantel Thases pistered ae Noe ie ;
| RTHE OOMMEROIAL & Sen tne lone try Earacala'a Ue | ound aliint exile yee or putt | Cutteet Sh sate ceeaievn thet | ct nd Urano
. .' ‘ w ut ap for ibe onder’ ah w,
Notice. SOLE AGENTS LINERS AS GRAND-STANDS. Grav fend ang onthe Westip er toey | land sf.aaiate ube Wala? Choguanss | ng thele Acco Mort’ Nov 2 Suckeil ee oe Bue a

compe sug 4 uccts, Zroudeaud § ea Ne rele
sree nah porlePoct nee) ae eee ensrad Ue whrceigs | Brelal tg ou yo Mey ll | 0 Vine
alymeAll thet \. . * 0 OG the | hetwern the hours of ene aed two po, 'sdoeeday the diet
prileg vise Boies, ‘beste peat Esav on Crown lands ard ou the Wetua | All aod singular thet certain pies yar Xe howe of 3 o

Beveral Mnerg will be ased as nd

stands for the great Naral Rey lew on

Jave Zi, when more than five hundred

warebips will make @ foating city of steel

save yor thovanay mux nm] QOOUWille & Wilson Ltd.

1 DAY OF JUNK, 19]1,

© NOTICE 1s hereby given thet | —=
| dar oreceans of the Buetuury Power of

¥ ferred wpoa © ortysgees Ly the ‘
eases | EOZEMA
peace No, 72nd coutelned or implied in

. the Bavasub Roa, tegeh th ib jand Blog
aetna the incre uae eae bean char ey a hieeated to the digremancerel *) sat tennnoes ibe be veging vue te iter is the fama Wistsed ete ibe.’
fernameta aie errr mutcoaat | ecemretn vamccna | ~S*CUSuaviNs,, |tapwinegaa eae are Sey Memes eS

at aedd ont q T * oo
wy hotels for the werk-eud ratte satel lauds petitions? for by Seat jr me D-pary Kegisitar, aboartals end sovadarice ihereo phewa fact on the te
Picht acelin Inman tee toarh by tardi petitioned for by Bagaianls fe ibs plea oF diagram atiached to the | Wess acd a ;

aia Memortodasm of Mostyage No, . loan al 9 lus. er ecmenee | Crown Grant eatered ia the Heal Pro lgge O88 a
tis de ed the (vuriceath dey cf reper: itu mupte mice EY fer tbe. bow Loa hog rene aie aL ah ga the any be Secivad sey tke ite 1 pny Regiacer Book ab Volume XVI, of Mire Wan oe on SE
ber le the your coe th rarand pice bonded en ehe, OF ANY Fromme OF 10 tone the Navat Ttevlewe a. represenlas Tardy al that parcel of ford com, | TRINIDAD. . . lolly 495 ond beunded cathe North by | cache (Vos ce fuad
and tan end mode frm * ilese then of Measra, Thomas Vook amt Hou told the | prising Hve acrse af wate i Word of (SALE FOR THURSDAY THUS Sory flsede petl booed | for by Fravclaos I. | J, w, fevober ;
favonr of hace ane Ree a Tr eet PALMERS oe ee arin ee minal Of guests ou | Meyaro dollscered in rgram an- DAY OV MAY Wit Fores end oe be Boab, Best and West | aod belidiogs (one Jame

“ b Le jo ee: bw atric | a net ‘au! y J
ty a Vader tuawed ob their Avovon Mart ' who wubark forthe wee: ¢and have all be CENXVIEC tulle SIT “v Ja Volume id sane earns 7 Deted tis Kd -

bd bupfelou the pesric NOTICE fs hereby given

comforts of a shore hote! Noith by laods potitloued fue by Muad that in exeicise of ¢
po idee, by Moadon vale vonleined ins he power of

, 4 t the South hy kende pei o cow verted in Loe Ab-Luw Meworaa-
THE KAISER'S VISIT T0 ENCLAND. anleg oo the Eaad Md Jrown lead aod on | Mortgage dated tho hn day deed of dem of Traveler Ne, 43 dated 27cb Face Fs naneemenne
FOUR DAYS OF BR Sine ET 8 Bond seseryed ty stake aed tance bene Pie oe Leet ale uth day of Ayeit 1911
m8 0 j Pu} wide, u Wee! ayo el .
TOS gEHANT FUNG Foorth'y All thab parcel of {and cons | Verteuil uf the oue part sors ge LOULS Join & CU,

L No l2, O. Sincens blieet ie
the Tove 2 Vou-ol 8 vie oa Thuredey
ighih dey of Jeus vetween (he
eee T anda pm intment,
All aod Bing ae shat cortain parcel of Ved throughout the United States slace s8qa,
Vead avd Caucus Pientations, us elo the @ COMPLEXION Pree
° Wad aT wre bo the delau a ides wae ne Ofte ae ticatore wil cHaAnaa . ~ lilog five acres situate taste Ward cf | & Lompeny of the other part, thecs
sight yorben e,-be\orbis »” wg. dew] ADARROAIN wreatniet NEM | V commnicd by Erictes Viiiie Fess | aezere dlinected tn the dogs | ad ap thee oe anle bY the uoder. | giuiNiDAD ‘
dowilied wo Voimer ¢ * BEIN-BUCCESS 4 Boap ta Med! I god pusslidy by Pri SF fled Bando eeted ot ted : ; cuion dart No, 2 atter of the Afdlolstrator | PUBLIO NOT
rlinpaud aud dent al . ‘Pocus gtd fou Toilet, Bureary aad Bata, dn eet hat not bee dre eee a ts folio 35, asd b.woded on the Nob ty | Sackville’ Street ta the Tows of Pom’ la the ma '

' NB The aleve Nortpase scully ly

BALE FOR on ae


oria Gevers.’s Qrdiisuce 1002, in exerche
. ef Sap for tne Bai . a Port Wht ye reane, Jrande poutionrd for by Juchecsonan on [Ul Hpsioon Tourdey the 25h da a on
tog data Naat, rei] | gAREE canines enc ceva | veg haben on emia: | tsae ea can Lad she Weve | seat pae htraedtemwrzot got | we waar of shar ate of Hora | ute da

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peels. ar yiesows “th roandea “eo le Ro “ise by Drvggtete al over the Wold, peattow by oral ia ot tald day: The bari ran M1 tbat. pareal of land com b> Adaestes rh rel of lend jou ete in ibs tate ct Buens Views te ei ad of red wiset hue
Seo Wea ry {ive d for by ton bee Prepared, Gold and Gearsatocd by malt af the prinate guests of the King | pls og five soca, thive roca ond thury | ded ee oe No, J7 aed ol Decesset Jateata'e, Opries tlie an
wpoa leads pe iivoed for by M-goobaecs * aud Queen at Vachtigham # andes feerea piches siusis fe ti at | Bens Bitves oY i Avetion

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Seep ies veer Tey ataoa | “We Mpegom Thrug (& | Raar is SE ya | ne Geeta Beak outs ie |e a nib rh Stpcen a | Aan at Paar gy | Se ai
ad, 2 11 bots
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Lonel techy Heposbanten ted Wenn cron] BROOKLYN, NEW YORK CITY the co as od pertoranve at Drury ‘Lane | th Sowa 67, Janos, vesilo td forty | a aed Ae Houth | Abetl meet tbe Ghee ct te oad sro | pated of laa
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@ Ried seorved tbigy | UPD Byes

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tee Rue Caro Koad one dcndred jahe ng day, the Emperor a lake wide ‘sal e the West by @ Kee, | leude of J le bUPOR | Jag 101) bernesn the huare yf one ands B repage ia
wide wpos lasce patltioeed for oy BT Ae As WATERMAN Betis the lata of te ft vIn s te Heverved 20 licks wide and futazcected, ty | HOR Q cre bad on the Weal | a ihe ateroour. haste to tue | UE
: Alaxeader ajua laud nts ately of SOLE AGENTS: on jhe following day wlll leave Port Vie ( ¥ ederiek Hood bu linha ide, Dated thle 13h day of Mey WL, All that patcel of laud ¢ waste to tb ibe wont ibe
bas take Wide dete wae te iStemangs rem ane ee daca tea tae Watt LOUWMIOUN ECO, LMSca Ol tulltuiNetawhing Sucre | teal oe
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Appastedences thavete Loworing sare ane = a erie Us a Pandan be Inthe bands of tet dallweniea | aed ° ard vf Auctioneers, | soode end ‘bisty six peaches tegisered js aciaabed to vee
gimp Lareiroms, alse house 4 ae decorn {a preparation fur the Kater tothe Crpa Uiant, Volume CXXAVII, . Vol OXXX1 filio 157 and Louuded ea e | ube Reel Pe
potters ecin?| POTTER, |i Riuimaccis ce (ten puma seta Plano Tuition, |itmase terrors ies key orbed
To ee er a eer take he forin of a lunslieon of @ shoul F acai By tends perithted foe by “cor! u WD, | ced by lands patiloued for by Approgeah aad 06
ates 1108 out suaZe (rote the sold Hemy [eying mentors of tbe ere colony” Mabreaye caus Kan by Crowe, ended _— 9 ‘ aod babarry acd on shes Weet by a aly lade «sh

toad reserved bly links wUssnd by lence | 5 art © al F
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[iui trad “Arve BATS Set

€ ap teeie gies the sold Soene Tain PLUM’S FINEST DANISH, Le waly of pulecs for peale on the oua | 00 tbe Weer bya dod seeerved 00 Links | PRIVATE and CLASS LESSONS

ie E eventh da odyn of the saamand Puferwauss of | whe,

s Three Cows Breve,

pear oh ous Lowy, Ue or b GON, Reduced to ALG, | Tin]: dower lat th Tbestre Koval, Drury: | Dated thle It b day of Mey. tit, Any to Sead this Oth ay of May 1911 wes
: (Gers Avcthgyes, § Latnos Exorisu Vusamaor, | Mh ites win pertual. W guiuces, hh Dt take Be ACOsTINI, TET LTS RUN ATLA.

Seat. . nas § Qiu tuk iw, 6 Avosluletsator Geaecel, eT

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. ‘



Pee Reng ceernecenenee
28 Vive * —

WE | one sere Dunne Po
com nenn Heavy Shortage in Islands’Sugar Oatpat 1811] NEW SHIPMEIWT OF

_. TO SEEDLING CANES. Drawingroom Suites


& short time ago, left the W.
oficial irlals. Bhe has been’ bullnce

- mei
ERECEIV ED ! mere {sd a Henny for tbe

ja “J UST i 2 Was ronstructed to Lloyd's ‘
2 Muy 1 machinery treet

” claon, ti
aleti we
66 99 | seo rpers oie
weter, aod « stroke of 51 inches,
e ; feking Aleara from (bree large multi-

ubular boitders of 180 Ibe, pressure,

U1 fitted with forced draug! The . .
; 223 . engines wetig eee te| Farmers Relations With Manu-
23,000 Feet tieedly, anita mean speedo $25 knots |- facturers. RATTAN ROOKERS, | RATTAN 'CORNER*CHAIRS!


a The Bweedish “oil tank ele:
| CH Pl N E LU BE lee ed a a a
, ? fete
- ‘ sre3I% 9 ngs fiter an eventful ago ot . a me . GET ONE OF OUR
anes gue rom New Castle on te
mo eB, Rho came in ball Dvatna four clear months, namely | for thelr “ manhood,” and if that tl .
B and to Arrive Ex Schooner | misishsiiiaant Shieh | pombhe wmntecume ate rar, | custermmuaraatedee tel KITCHEN RANGES ORSSTOVES
wrbore she will take & cargo of | ractieen af su hed Weather given | therendtineg seneny stick boinede taue. SIZES 6, 7, 8, 9 FOR WOOD U8 OOAL,

Trinidad Crude Pi
fe Petroleum for the | theu sch ae bot frequeolly their | cupy just one half the Une lt new does

United States, ,
” 3 — guod fortune during the milling yea: ) « seeming inporslbility, We have al-
~ - Mr. FT, Bruce, the assistant Marine | 8 There cap be no complaint that | ready commented on the fact that last H U BO & R
Engiveer attached to the Trinidad loterventug showers of ral fell han. | veason, ianufacturers were sorely dias
Government Fiéating Dock and perlog thedellvery of cats at the appolnted with the miserably poor
Workshop, will be leaving short] iillyand otherwise running up the Jitice ex pressed from geedting vanes, Jo

for Cath bust cost of inanufacture above average | some instances it dit not indicate as
825.000 ft. Heart QUALITY _ |fe‘tittiencwimbsecnnrticl [ewes Nase 'sss WE ASTM | Rk tine toon aoe or LI
} the non-atival of the Colombian wasdone last season, that showers galion of juic yet the welght pet acre GOO DWI E & WI SON
woathor has had tho effec§ upon | wae fairly satisfactory, This present d

Gunboats which are expected to dock
here | teedhig canes, of vedacing the value | sense:
Te fe one of the rawons for Mr. forthe tuice ton very low percentage, " THE CANE JUICE LIMITED.

ce ere |
4 SoH PINE B DARDS & SCANTLING wet me ree of sucrose, nothing “of the kind can | has surprised every onc, 10 tich has it
8 4 a Mr. Ernest Moore, who came down ";

with any d of truthfulness be | been found in sucrose. But riety juice
here some time ago on board the wlvanced against the crop aesson of | requirev something eles to accompany
tramp steamer “Hheppy Allison,” as

1 ee aS NAT ITS END from the land, tn order that the cal

7 > second officer, a rum the Jand, in jer tha 8 cul

DILDERS REQUIREMENTS | oh eee te tts |g a atreiy noted hae txen « |LvEtoriney gow hiranee (hea

~ o «| the Royal Mail Bteam Packet Cour (lear reetée wk cultivators | and pissy at eect ts faving

- hy, where he will take up his duties elke, ajor | plen| e raw vi andi:

—_— 7 T rh paar tely, portion of the fortalght under | keep his machinery steadily emplo ed

‘2 OF ALL KINDS AT we a : f that
; s e Venezuelan slonp “ Rafaclits

i" which arrived from Cristobat Col

Â¥ LOW BST RATEHS. estenlay with 21 age coves and 2t

review witnessed rather oppresdye » wo as lo also effect economy in
Bs a»
we cremains. ides, encuuntered rough weather in

The Piano Warehouse,

Call and inspect our LARGE and UP-TO-DATE stock of
PiANO®, Wo make a porot of importing only tho
NEWEST styles.
__ TWO (2) of tha NEATEST und MOST PERFEOT
of BABY GRANDS from 0, GORTZE& of Berlia have just
"boen opened up—they are EXQUISITE in TUNE,
CALULY casod
For a really first o'ast Fiano ata low price come to us
TWENCY -FIVE (25) NEW IMANOS to choose
from, 29 Uprights and 5 Grands,

weather, old Sot had reappeared in | departine It is a untversal cry
her trip acrows the Gulf and was found

all hie severity, until last Tueeday | throughoul the seedling canedistricte
forenoon when 4 light shower fell } of the island that the results belng gut
© et arse lo be leaking hadi "
> ing badly ou arriving here,
e Re ALSTON & CO. She will priceesd aiongside the © Mere
cedea Julia” today when an effort

acoompanied by distant thunder, and [ from the soil this year have never
since ther there haa been a repetition | been known to be wore within living
of painand thunder. In view of the | memory, We have been written to
acreage of canes which we are made Frond the northern ceutre that one
44 South Quay—Opposite Railway Good Shed will be made to stop thé leaks,
According to Friday's public tel
franes Bermuda is youn b have a0

to understand still remains to be] factory out there ix booked to be about

peavons though a more experienced ¢ ed rumor hae it that some of the large
1 , intel costing about a million dollars.
Bon ARI A. Ya dloubt ullowing up the success

head than our own «# sugar planter | plantations are obtaining an average
too, thinks the change of weather baa | ofonly 12 and 15 tons of cane tu the
about come, The following data as | acre, {n fact, failure in the vane crops
tu the commencement of rainy seasons | grown by thow whe have brain
may interest readers rt lnoney and labour at their coniman

reaped In several centres let us ho 1, TONS OF SUGAR SHORT
itls not theentire breaking of the | of ite estimate. Klewhere well found.
has come to the steamshi
“Ocesna” of the Hermuda-Atlant

a ©
; e
’ Steamsht . May 18 Is universal, and thery is no hood- < .
Motors 2 Accessories|s@2chnree| 2 ee RRRERERER PR) [ham Ratt mien
i for fhe thousands of urintes jeu : te May 13 island is gvin to beexcoulingly short cash, or on FE tS from ¢3 mouthly,
an o 3 of average Snocial &, ‘ a
- charnuters fata tee tne Ig May 2 quueral dhortage was 10,000 tone of Fpocial Salo of shop soiled Music from @ centa copy:
has both American aod Bermudian 1910 oo May 2 sugar compared with the sesson a 1
: capital behind the enterprise, fs to be METEOROLOGICAL, lous from an equivalent — weight Music‘ and all Accessorles
; e Btook Motor Cars for Sale, ‘Trial TURNS GIVEN | on one of several choice locations that In the absence of an old friend of of canes, What i it qolog o
f tolikey purchasers, Sole .igexts for THE HUD. | bere been offered near the, waterside, | the “ Uazette” Mr, J. G, Lewis 18.0, bo this yrart Tee evel adaptation ALWAYS UN HAND, =
aa SON America’s best Motor Car} dations for 1,000 persons. Torenee of a Lemisiliey wouter Werte ote Steve but tang ee . -
Fy . — Biatt ict, for Lhe following data :— ‘ _
r Tho Venezuelan trader ‘Mercedes | 007, lanters actively engaged fn the . Tt
Bo : . Julia" artived yestentay from ‘Cristo Jany. Thos ie ar het os inees to day Who, rt the Halstee ° H. S RONG,
LARGE ASSORTMENT bal Guin wie axon and’h|Reoy: bh Gea hay ey Wy | Ser ened gery Une ayrical reedetick § -
payengere—Mr F. Gordon and son, Mr | March =237 302 070 23) Zul prehete cron from i wre 21, Frederick Street. Fhone 446,
“101 PrAbreau and daughter, and Mri] April iy Gon aus $24 2 | SEY gir crop frum seed pg canes,
: : ermuy. May 12 173 Lut Law 047) O88 fallacy, the centended (from sowe

Totals 1300 £85 1274 17.00 HS
Te is admitted generally that the

young caugs coming on for reaplo;

ext year have stood the tut of
mouths of dry weather adinirably
and Ju some sections of the country
specially adapted te cane, thu early
putin portion of the fali plants are
thought to be “neck and shoulders”

In advance of sluilar cultlvation at

this period fn 1910, Manter do not,

however doy Unt had an pocasion
~ iho! 01D, ul eo eo H
The Dutch Mail chartered steamer |d t eautieduon

quatters) failure of the Bourbgn cane
to yleld satisfactory crop, They
know this is not so when due care
and attention, js given to that, plant.
But theee agriculturists will tell you


or you rua the tk of getting the
suck", to put tia common lance,
Why tay it be asked has the local
proprietor why ls conducting bis own
auger, Laulness kept to the old
favorite, of in euch cases where culll-
vatlon by thei has been profitably
dec! tu a hundred or two acrey



sailing Daten~—1911.

OTOR SUPPEIES [Serco a cams wa

: qocenule Nee dey Mie? Oe pate

DUNLOP HEAVY GROOVEDS CYRES—760 x 00 aod 810 x90 | cocoa, 121 pkgs aking, 31 tone scrap
rant \uner Tube to Suil, fron, 10 cases gin, 10 kegs staples and

Be VERSTUELDS— givo old covers new life, cares balsa,
MOANIZING MATEMLALS.—Valve grinding com und, The Tollowing passengers sailed on

0 CABBON REMOVER, doubles the hfe of Motors, Priday steamer Alderney "Ter ytte

ity SPARK PLUGS toZsuit;all Motors, Merry and son, Rev, H. H Horlick,
Meers. E.R. Smart, A. Anderson, M,
Crooks and 13 deckers,

Suxauens, Leave Tatoap., | Agrive New’Yoex,

BYRON.. eww | ADIL we Lath Avril ...c31at
VABAKI we ero Ait .. sith May 4. 4th.

TENNYSON _,., sees May = .. E4th Mey ss ale

lor all purposes}

. uring the sj the cultivation VOLTAIRE a0 oe o May i. 27th Juve w. 3¢
OR LAMPS? for oil and Acotylene, Amania expected toarrive here frou | jn geceral- would eave besu further Beer etey neretanit cutybe (BYRON. se oe | Jame, Bath | Jane .. ales
, vance, Indicstions are not new | yome strong 3vason for such a course, | VERDI"... we wae - Jv0e a STB Jaly oe 4th

Venezuelan ore on Monday (to- | ad
ie { morrow} 15th instant, and will leave | wanting that a change of weather ls
IMITH BROS. AND (Q.|se=seniise

nearat band, unless indeed the rainy

season of 101k intends to prolong its
The folliog paragraph has been sent

sud we suggest that the reason fa pone
other than @ financial guln. We
wonder what would happen to the
next few yeara (it would Lake quite
that lapee of Ume to reverve. the
present order of things) i€ proprietors
pbvoad ot their managers that
ncefor e present *fonnage
cang per mire basis" which wedling
canoes are accredited with yielding ro
much superior ta the old Dust
give way toa “ sugar per acre I
aod that theic snoual stipend would
have to be regulated thereby, y

of the seedling canes question, aud a
rether important one je that, their
conversion into sugar epteile In-
creased expenditure to the manufsce
{urer. Hitherto the fucl bill could be
kept within «@ prescribed Iimit; the
factory manager éould with seme
certainty -wltluate that bie cost cous
sunption would not exceed so many
quarters or hundred weights, as the
case may betothe tonof sugar—the
refuse of inegase from the rhea
Lane was turved to capital account io
the furnaces and Jn those cases where

Firat, Second & Third Clana Aecommedation
For rates of passage money and all further lofcrmation, apply ta
UEO, R, ALSTON 00. .
TruxrHons No, 382. pens Pavdoents,

re-sppearance beyund the custumary
tan g-~

Rich month of the year, Ne-planting

{o us for pu
R Ithas boon sugnested (hat « Coronae
tlon Subscription Ball should be given
at the Prioces Bullding on_ Tuesday,
‘ the 2th June, to celebrato Their Maj-
ee J enties’ Corcsathw, if a sufticient num-
@ | ber of applications for tickets fs re-



That Never Changes.


Your in year out tho quality of the Bricdios ship.ol by the House ~
of MAK LKLUE Co. remaivs the same—tho best that the exporionod of
two centuries can produce .

All the Braudies cxported by this famous French houso are
distilled in its own distilleries, snd the contents of ovory bottle that ,

aap ons loaves the Martell Waretouses In Cognuo arc guarantood sa boing the }
faa dawnt’ the wefan oe Prectically | PU74 product of the distillstion of wino growu in tho Oogn se district -

all tha fuel euployed, But all thle | ot France, .
bas been chan; with the advent of

fi vw.
toe new vasietion, thelr refuse mt Tnarefore always ask tor

io a reiketance brougti eolrtotee B LV’ GQ B R

here hitherty but « few hundred - S
tons of patent fuel were ted in tbe YOU WILL KNOW IT BY THE ‘
wanufactae uf an enous Leypts lo»

circunistances under which germtna:
thon of the plant was expec to tke
lace, are wurely to blag about a
amount of supplying. The
ratwoons are re] to be epringin
falsly well, but it will be seve
werks agaln before an oplnion can
be furmed of their general ap-


With the exception of * Woodford
Lodge" Jo the district of Chaguanss,
* Bronte” and“ Kefurin” the
south, these the fint factories to finish
crop, willilag continues everywhere
ele, Fron what is gathered the cum
fog fortuight wlll tnd other places
tlosing down, but where ins few cana
willing pperallons were commenced

during the spring munths which we
ceived before May dist,

have vo often condenined by
sgriculturist of the ollen days as
being un productive of the beet results,

The followlug ‘geutiemen have con-
ponted to verve on the Executive Gum:
m tone

was continued this year on many of
the plantations, and the unfavourable
Mp. E Agoatlol, K.C., Mr, E. Le
Atkinson, Captaln A. ©, Hoddam-


e Whethaus, Mr. A, 8. Crelghton, Hon.
. 7 A IL, OG, GoHaa Mr, D. M, Habo, Dr, E.
2 nn N Oo Prada, Br. G.D, Owetl, Me, OW,
D Houtt, Mr, alfred Taltt, Mr, W, Ward
i Pricesand it lsals boped that Ca
A> tala 4. de Bolsslere, Hon. J.D, Ho

: wuz
Hee HAVE THe BEST ASSORTMENT OF ton abd Hoa, o. de nh Ormgaliog

2, WTS ion att ao ae “i ra
consen o sere Ww ® | unusually late, Juve willovestake euch

Jaslies’ Committes, the members of
\. A OK Me eee ee ecey ee ietiona | {attortes still at works At the period

a of the year in which we newary, (and lo
for tickets) will be publsbed. in a few [the ght of previous happenings afler

PROM THE BEST’ MAKGRS | fer, yy tectcoy the,darem | slave abhor cpl it i thm ule

we to

trousge and to be nt at Ube | termingte, if the etait wit b hw to direct

vez zNOLUPING : umtion.’ The Coumlttees desire ta mind the labruere who till, ate ‘allto
sok those wishing to be present please | Ue fberated from bars ewllng, aod thelr

lo wake thelr applications as early asf attention given to fleld yperstions cil

a RDNER BROS: SLAZENGER, BUSSEYS | porte atte sit hemnenc the ates | eitctedt enhance’ the proses tt

Uone: for Uckete will abe be received | OSD tte A we paNT


/ * .
WS FROM 184 TO £4| O29. by the Hon. Secretaries, The price aste yive an eaily iuorning “send 5
ee fromm to slo. [eens inane im | teetieeath beter te | eatin! Blue & Silver Label
; ie | a
(e 3*CO8 i fromBs $1.20 eo Urketa to tclde husband, eek reny wenitivation prea then whilg gotmuiied, vf ne udluone con be (Se oe errr ees
= Be ieee aes ees | PLANT COCONUTS FROM!
vee us ne ex:

; res !
7 W., Waxp Pricy,] Honorary tthe cha f thee
‘ y ik o D. Owen, ) Recretaries ta ie that when tullling ie pe ong we he lion a
- ; sii lear ie Adelin | Mian aint Surg CHAGUARAMAS
5 (a , plauter who bas to account fur his chem! ontalle, Jo order tawork .

ie ~~ TLLY, spanagement, quitea guodopportunity | UP the Juloe of the caues u

LO . —" of excusing binself “i cussion, and that one must be au ex: _ -

COLONIAL, CHAMPIONWAND BEGULATION, Fistares for the week ending 20th | eulte accrue frow hia eultivatlon (as rt av ls duiieg to be, thiy to tate == 4
Piewleg crises, Thal ist tarrein| erjetailoed sopar ‘whan tte’ tule! Chaguaramas Estate Coconuts Average

from the Jioulbon cane seems 0
sulted to, The failure in the
soirably 85 0/0 vseseereeseerse’® Selects,”

etops ap
“ALG HE MORE PERPLEXING | 15 ofo (only)... Culls.”

femitemonnines ten | TOR, PRICH PHR 1,000

stunted In the geoupd band this bears

. CS ' Mey lil But then there is
a 1 i onday 38th, 7 pu.—Dugte practice, | follawing scepon, t there
RACKET PRESSES, GUT REVIVER, GU'TL,) ‘nemky int, "tite Tatserr iit | Wl cbt lf, he geetod wkih

x prac
ms TENNIS NETS. Thursday Ub 0 2 Te Hecdgyar cultivating & vasiely of-eanesin thie


tere Company wil prods ‘atthe

all, Drees + -Dri jold, aa could the uld Bourbon, ao ab
Irprioge onler, forage rajy Jat oteady average weight of matert-
fhuraday, 7pm. Meceulte Dill, alto the acve anauslly within a wren

* xa . uniber of mouth: . 7
nA THnk adhe! ige Duty, Tuedaey- dergt | SEEDLING VANES out what bas buen sald of seedlis 4 by . . * 6 oo :
(By HW. We. Wilberforce Iteereation Kaxan Duty, Thurday | stewn locally, bave created a noturi: | thos who gare tlwn ot a Appliy,ste/.... ° he» 2
Taneo-Uprporal Hoberia bus reeord during theve two last sew | tlthnately Ur abandou then, rapes Sat p yt oh ae f
- Leggings, Wearing of — sound, sind their devotevs way that their | that, you inay faliiy yely op tbele a ’ chR

~ n future leygivgs will only be worn | fellure to respond to guod g04 careful | yleldlog well ax @ fret Py ‘) ‘the Lage LES; D MERQ Ouse 2s
D Io Marebing Order, and when ordered, ] husbandry ts because they are res) ratoon they are nen eal, An bi i woe . * 419, Marine Squary,
DSO potentent We Re urte os tain elo sialon Cade ocho | Ll plate oR tteyttaeas ents ppt a1thetus / rblarine Squary,

: ‘ fo Atillery dsille wil | 12 Shred wo wenty wonths ts a! able te : ow it. “tre

F I fda thee oedeaw are imu ple the guided Gey elf us Chal te svquired © miu udeed ba a Bulvwwu ef the pil . >. .

. 0 OEE A ELOADE. vil tau ter



Hats, Hats.


Ready-to- Wear Hats.

We have justreceived a fine assortment,
Will yeu come and secure yours at once ? -


Remember wa nwoll Mwerything. .

Boe our CORONATION POST CARDS—all novelties Just received per RALS. « Crotava®

yt thet Re louet |
whol fede odie tig twa
ie Peart \

e 4
ito fete


, Toma ae (51,723 food7e [38 710



bo tis’ im | | “FOR, IMT!

Barata-bee 1,156 251



twentleth century, Need we refer lo Preforms to be cfected way unproved { the present season, And one of out
the fact Lhat, four yearn agu, prior ty | machinery areduction lithe hitherto { informants sald he tried ta “rub {ib
the wholesale Intruduction of recalling large tonnage of cane evuployed fn tha ta,” by suggesting to farmers he knew
capes In the principal sugar district of | manufacture of a ton of sugar. Torlay » he could tomer adviay to, pot tu
the lnland—the southern Proeinoe, fu this colony, almost every sugar plant | fail Lo ubsetso othe “treachery ”
THE WRETCHED FROGHOPPER | reaching four figures in their anuual | which seedling ‘canes were serving
which has been and continues to work [output, either double or tiipleceush, [the large prcprietors, just’ no i

8 ite bece— Vou want it dulendilly mete. Atl bi
xe ranboied la the. JAN FASHIONED CLOTHING that wo bere bere
dally for the pest forteigat--Maey of the young mea of Port-ot-Spain hive aveiled
this opportunity with the result that several salte are already la service—We charge yoa
abowing= Drop In te-day afd fospect them, -

W's YOU WAN’ a aalt you want it correct in every detall—You wantit out of the

such destruction In the cane felis of | and the buprovementin the above af] to Jeave them to thuse who cout «

the Routh Was practically nknow a, | rection int male to.have tected an|alfont tr go. ine for. experiments ‘ . —— Lu Men's American Cut Men's 2 Pieoe American. Men Amerloaat
and that its apjwarance dates from enorme ns navdng.” Hut factortes by anil ” cont noGimmdiva ting the cane eee WI ANOTHER AMEN Tweed. omen urs AM@ata

t Nowent millions ne plante | Chemsetyes ave powel lags to wey knew could be dsponded apou ae IN AD E ME EW

were brought thete fronr the disease INCREASE THL CAPITAL , 2 P MEN'S $ PIECE AMER(OAN | “TWeno thogad

stricken centre wp north where seed. | of investor, unless the necemary erade AN SAR JUN D 12 )DUCER. to

Hogs have long since supplanted the | material whieh passes thruugh tbe .

Botsbon. Is tla nota Mange fact? | mill rollers is avatlable to plenty. anil tesco Pelatione hate ee
And astianger still, hus it not ax that plenty acconipauted by cheap between farmers and manufacturers
sumed an epidemlcal forms, sv much so | ness. However strange it may amund during the course of the seaton, Dur


Tie Huerdish oil tank steamer
Augusta, mention of which was made

TIVEED SUITEN-3\ ploces— | shocked and striped pattoras peri ietens. -
heavy material ia light and | Jacketawelllised—ueusl pocket | side straps ~battoet
dark shades~atriped ; Jeckets | button 3—slitat back ; trousers alzoa—81.8
with 3 buttons—slit at beck— with hip, fob aad pistol pockets a

that the services of a epecialiat from | to young agnreultuitate who mo ceadily in ti {u our issue of the Oth, Instant, ariived suatlet cuffs, quilted ehoulders ~loopa and side strapefall—~

England in the person of Dr. Gough | have condemual the olf methods of meniog f alt tho pands | of jPoun da et Wighton oa Fridsy ruorning last Oatatibg porerts and trousers | all sizes per auit ALPACA JACKETS =f
had to be Ft out it orter to com Jcutivation, it is an lodlapatable fact | farmers b ‘propiletors of sugar In the | after a vomen bat eventful voyuge from with, sizea ~at 83.84 aod toa 3 without olit—Say

hat the enemy smae, that while rapid improvements have { southern quarter of the Island princt- | Newcastleon-Tyno where ‘she | iis 84.00 80.60 4

ANOTHER DREADNOUGHT MILL J been efit ted locally in the mauufac- pally, at Bank rate of foterest «apd it | che ‘a cargo of beuzine from Rou- : -

The West India Commilies Circular [ turing branch of ‘the sugar {ndiutry, sould be of much f ta tno, 12 [ wuaula, The steamer left Newcastle o wil
wtates that *the tilling plant of the irre has been uo cor responding Ih | xome member of. the iM ecicultiral | om she 24tb ‘Apni bound for this puit “
Usine Bt Madeline in Trinidad, be- | provement of anv permanency In the | Sodety enynced In use etal | ood all weot welbuotiithe mornive of “ JAC ,
Jonging to the New Colonial Company. return being got from the soil cultl follow the eeaenle at eigen, oiguid the th ‘hee olf the Kast Quod cities COLOURED STRIPED SILE

to be increased for next crop | vated in cone te that which ts yielded t hot neat Do he crashed into auother .
by the addition ofa 73° + 34° Broil [ten to Alleca seams age Not that OF Maat body. aud eee know pear vupyosed crane into auother To light and dark shades, 3 buttons, each 85-50
steamer surta which was then enler .

mull from the works of Messrs John | efforts base net been tov place whet ariangements by repaving early loans

Me Neil & of Gl w By this] some ate please] t Ws the degen- Y y , >
I Gas factory, which tthe crate,” bala hn hothits whe knoe of | Mt tuat the value of there credit: may | lng the North Sea from the English

D » | be gauged, It im what Mr, James | Channel. The ccaualty oocured during * .
largest in the Britlsh West Indies, | its Shtugs tenn “the negleetsd ° ‘
wil be able to grind 2,000 long tons of | Rourben plant Secdliog canes which eee ae epee igo. when fora ee ee tie ty wast < Dune Frite Oaly, | Valea Howbera Like Maillard Se Free Ing
cane per day.” Such an addition will | develop childlike habits is yaltlig, they . sudden that there was abvolutely ne
increase the importance of cane crush- [ tell us, to be will accustomel to the Krone, out of thousands of ands | Ume to take any steps to avoid cujli- cr :
ing plants fu tha island—there being soilin which they are planted, or they that wer advanced by them po the | slun..
Already a powerful Dreadnought Mill | fail ta yield that which experimental: eeu lity of grow.n caver Jo accordsoce with the rules, the
at Waterloo Usine in thu district of | iste have pronounced at the Labora. wie MUS NOTOMIT Auguata was going dead slow me the

- Sc |

anas, and another at Malyre- [tury table. they are capable of —thew — eee aaa
tourin the Ward of Savanna Cirande. | are the prinelpal muppiers at thatwills, | t veto that, ay hag been done on | tie and this will probably esplain the —

$ prey iOu rasions, £ vere (hia y reason for her arrow esc The | the Spanish flag under the name of
Pi Madeline baa been viahlly ternal | ard hele recon! aa has been whieady | acemat shunned when cule oar | semtwere huavy sausyal aris tin | “Cadseua the was porcbesed somes EFORE YO
Weed Indies Ita propoytions may be : to ytke the ase of their catts ta help | of the year to say nothing of the cur | time ago by the Banco kteamship Co,

“ALMERS CAND convey the tanesol the large planta, [reats which make the straitef Dover | of Sweden, ber present owners
Beet ob deal rica tut rhe ibe plant ie PAIMERS CANES, Uone to the allway ailingy etd mill | famous, but the fog was vo dense that | who changed her poit of registry to

The delivery hes naw dovindbal | yarns su that harvesting may be fit was witb difficulty the Captain, | Btockholin, Het) dimensions ° are

consumed by any theo of our next b inest to sero amd Ares i " if piain, ait
‘Us Ore should | burrlal ot, We rather like to bear | who kept his position on the bridge, Jlength 2. feet, width 30 feet and
Largest univer, end their annual out- | rect oatiafed (hat thie iiddto of Nay and to chronicle this khid of futers | could hake out anything. When the | depth 21.4 feet. A. ateel screw threes

put is vquivalevt to about has fornd them five, practically, tu [change of friendly fvellug between [crash was heard the engines of the | cimeted steamer of 258 lone gross and

ONE FOURTH THLE “EXPORTS : . RI the * Augnste” i
of sugar, ‘Though of wach’ viet: ineg: glve attention to thelr ratoons for | twodisliact classes of cave growers, Auguaia were stepped and a search | LAS tons net register, the

leaping next season. We have sin since ft polnts to a thorough round forthe other reszel proved futile, | ls commanded by Capt. Mallingwhohas
pitodey the Usine St, Madchne haw not bee ease ts coquity | undertanling tatween then beter | Oot the slightest Ides seeks bec tics | made seceral-voyeuce tu the ol eartye aa
Sinope feta of oles | SPR atte nee Sent Hee [Setar was NE eee | aetna Satta Uy gun re | Ing true Auge ame gf
w leading faimera f t di continue nodistu . at t @ representative of ¢ cy yesterday mourning from Br ny’ ak,
her place last peason was ninth ott of | trite and’ the pa part ‘ts that ‘ihe Le developed into yet Glover relations terdey, » doumal dee to net qo repay un S'tvinided Gow. ' &

sound, pute would cover his trin’e



Sirteon fertories ju that respect. avis | snajority of this clave, of callivatury | ship tending for the belloceiens of The“ Augusta" received a bl sis £ Mr. Munro of the Trinidad Gov.
shown da our review of (he publishert | are satfetled that the have ‘ btaine: wt, Me Todust . and Ite "put : or the marboerd bow about nt at feet ernment Floating Dock and Workshop,
Agures of the Agricultuial buctety, but | a fan weight of vane ftom the ‘land pellty. , ~P from the stem and an ‘oblong hole ¢ She ‘isa wel ept, ateame with a

With the latest déigned mili tant fi
Free the Intent de guest mnillin plant about 2 feet long and one fout wide on | capacity for carrylog 3,000 tons oll and

the neighbourhood of four score pep | ee
cent. and more probably tan be ob- frag ai ot Pownse — Iv is te

es | te water ling was alouthe result of | ber skipper hupesta leave on Wed-
- the catastrophe. Needless to assert | ovvday. [he pumps aod machinery on
the water rushed {nto the chip and | board this vegel are of the most up-to-

ff you ara sufferer from colds geta | the pumps had to be kept busy on the | date t: eod enatle her to fily a
to-date appliances fully entllles b bottle of Ihikle's sAn-Consumptive | forepeak tank which still. ontales up tu about 30 hours It inight be ORT- oo Xs
It loo Prepces | al yen ve ber to, | so various that ft may be looked upon Syrup and test its qualities, {twill be | water, The vessel ie protected by | mentioned that a search through 2 7
proprietors who had mente at ‘ete | Senin BP ind geass ee ule ay Hout anst no pial Deuawed on Ut Jy | bullheadeand the injiny did aot pry | Lloyds Hegieter ew fale, tod ps
achieved ab greatness for a ue fy tloes all Chat is claim Fen er from reachin: idad. | cover any steamer Cal 7
all attempts lo surpans it have failed jeu ve it thorqughly, Donot | Built in lag at Newcastic by vari and the” probability is that the Ill. Ons, Minvts FROMTHE “ROUR Ros

tained, sbe should critainly occupy ‘
that povition which all her other wy qlaliped for Cee tose ae Oe that

meal or could command credit that
\ lit excellynes ix huows Ud ail who } take auy subtitute for Bickl-'s Syra strong, Mitchell & Cu., Ltd., the * Au. | fated ship ig none other than the
inne aftho very tivt Keapenenre * Sts amt tearat by J tosmue Uy fe the best, having»

characteristically distoy btack on

the forthoowing cwrunation of the

: Pe vg Klug aa Emperor of. India at. th °
—FOR—— f p ference of The Independent Labour
L arty at Birwingbaw recently,

if West Indian grown sugar is to be
male to keep up astubborn fight with

Continental German steel twin acrew steamer

“Hertha™ of 1,237 tons gross and 419
tons net which {a commanded by
Captalo Zimmerman,

uta” was originally ownel by an
foglish Him, but subsequently Now

SS 1





Me. Ker Hardie,



money, tak
from the people of India, on w glotitied

Black Canvas and Brown Willesden Canvas Covered Trunks, [ooh este ene sci

ftelegates in chorus, but th
ipeant os au cudonement not asa
condempation, of Mr Ker Mardie's

LUGGAGE STRA'TS 7 FT. We ought to mmahe it clear,” Mr.

The Week’s Favourites, and posttively for #

The Sign of the GC


One of the most beautiful stories over

Hardie added, * that we have no syin-
thy with thie kind of thing, aud Te
ought to devert the right of the people
Luggage I abels, of India lo make theirown lawsaf r
(hale On fas un, *
le Sucialints backed (iis 1
with cheers, and Unantinownly eee et
ates lution dechuing that the faye

ou "
mone he eet “Tutld bo guia | MONDAY, ‘TUESDAY. WED

leas ef belf guverdisent’ and national

Cash Bags

Fquare Bays,

Rug Straps,

Gladstone Pag- Courier Paze.

Cuicktt B ys nu bel
whet By | Huldalls, Feist ea hn . MAY 8TH 16TH, vay
. . coutrol and (eat thee ace odin | THE ELIXIR OF PTHEMS
Wood Cabin Trunks | ZINC PACKERS Oxford Zino Trunks |istiisisnite nuultrenly THEIR BEA VOYAGH OO Gt OE eres

x popular basis, and given wider ere r f
qin Gavin ranks | woop packers, | Reckic Trunks HORSE Rath Rat omer [eer ee CEANELON, Tite NUKOBY

Saratoga Trunks deuninr tient! Current Events, and "Di
, . spina an, any I

cert BOT ANWD'

41 OM towabds the fund. marine
fhe Avtl ucla Union ot Geers yn eid

le ralelug in order ty bt Buc
sod Gla fl responce ieete Charles forrt -,
Wine oti ore contre tee &LOW providt Tey Trenoh mteanier juse &
before the end pf ape” giotler Abount Birop Palla Laros ; ;
oe fallona - lor the lint ty Bizop de Givert - Birop Le °
Me Wale? wMertowetion. giao | Bitop TYeeedre fel Gasedove
br Willian Bull, at F, Elo, op lord Elsie de Bopjean
i. Almerte meg Pawel ALP. ears kerr} Alea Vin Cartar,
Sette cacy ai,| SOLUTION PAUTAU
ye a ordi ¢ rh! Males ‘
Tetd Gel oder may bold ghee

@ Meuwy: atsreyse




pty OR ey 4 \ th
oS “ac Reeent Arrivals,

“peluend . WYN PORTOFSPAIN GAzerrE SUNDAY, SAY, UU pcre a

Renee ere th 20 APT EAE, ’ . . of me a bod Perm at wae Victoria ‘ i

~ “KOR SAL SE | |spectactes-| FAESSe ts cer" JOHN HOADI FY j
ea ‘ “oe ey

” of

sone Today.” the meond Sanday

The socond, ters there be Hien of ths
lene of the I: ve apts, Moat eecrement in the Church
wht be re-opened on W. of the.Boly Rosary. .

, ailers and Outateéd

Sucked + Vernon, He tho! Gonaral Petscloum quotations have J -
~—+o004-— Ripe tea tee | | ab Ste onc aaa Just Receiv
* ‘ emnenes ‘ e & certain of money
-.', ' (02 ags COARSE SALT MAILLARDS,| [5 Steer ees oy Te bs ante or
* (2000/2 Bags FINE SALT eaters oe poerbte to the defendant hed decamped snd
} BE-SUGAR—vach 5O0lbs CURRENT EVENTS, ovteta focally, anes ant for his anvect:
. 400 3oxes OU tach ‘ TODAY, Maitiande’ Mail fob Mey ie Jost to have Cabs satered ageinst (the defon+
310 Bags YELLOW DHOLL . - pate ' head. Th tq pa bright ae usual. dant <~ FOR OUR—



. E on of the Biersed Bacranen! . —_en haa been
‘-'200 Boxes PRIOE VANDLES— . lee Cinch the Rosary, weit Eaigleretand Uoet a cricket match eine’ our Mail report baa bert ‘
> . all Sizes Harvest Festival at Sangre Grande. if factory a the, Califone i
} —— George V* and the * Bcitiant” oa the district, an als
hte of Saraona Crag Ave -
— Constabulary Band at the Dotagl § Queens Park Savanneh Whit Mooday heig! . vans i .
- 400, Boxes BROWN SOAP—168s, a ceratetalary, caccne Parke Sas [ROERS ooh, Aer at thie
, ° k. ——c_ecmenen
awe c Bu
‘The London Electric Theatre=5 and | Fund of the Cathoile Cathedral, it Meivies the athati ier, oat cor
8.30 p.m. may be here mentioned that S21. .
Each 200 Gallons. stil
M rh TA Rin. be re-o;
. MONDAY. ww, | cipal wilt e ‘
Q { ‘ q District Court -10 a.m. — | says the “Dally News" {t might | Hecretary of State) whirh bas no " Marine Square & Chace
hah - 8] Supreme Court—10.90 am, be {nterento to’ know that the {ncreased, In It, both; Barbedos an
av 4 Hecot jaseee been no
Pie var t the | robes: -for- the and Gueen of Barbados there could have
‘ “ 1 vidoe ineuieutes opens at U Bas been entrusted E neveral emby , rises for the company, hitherto, did not
' gS eo ut ih @u ay, —— each specialists in particular ng tralo issue passages = to oce that
oe eee Antilla (Cuba), Jamal takes &) ermine skins and 6) fails. It is very gratifying to
. Golon, Uartanens Plo Gelombla, ‘and Soublette'’s Chocolate fe securing the
Pua, Cabello, a ‘hie proves ver:
versary of the passing away of the , marked degree. ‘1 ‘
ly that Mr. Soublette’s skill
Sale of 23, “Hea Foam" Flour | late Archbishop Flood, of | reve: conclustvel ak
at the 128 Warehouse by F. J, ynenor ® Solemn Reguler Mass will ‘ and scru uulous tare, ins the: manufact ure
Hoot & Son an Me the Immaculate Conception by His excellence of ile product are being ee
mi 8H. “Delta” leaves for Barancas, | Grace Dr. Dowling, at 7 o'clock a.m highly eppreciated as they certainly
. i Mails .
closet} pm. W, McCulloch “Thomeon, MA}, will| A Thankegiving Berylce will be held
Dramatic and ‘Vocal Recltat in aid | take both services, preachiog al 9.0) to-day at the Moravian Chutch, Hase . .
Searc! 2 Rut!
se tho Prec Baliding-Spine "5 Baniayachooteaecect heSats, (No BHC US, a Oilers at Limited,
$4 ! “ Bale of a small Provision Shop and We are asked to slate that M Bron The Rev, A, DB. Hutton bis SEG |
wnened House Furniture at No. 64 Dundonald Stephene’ Limited will be shewing thie Or the Onder ae” respectfully, ren
week a lovely range of ladies’ lace and | minded.
sey—1 nm ees net blouses, and ready-to-wear hate of AE Tttes us com
he London Electric Theatre~5 and | the latest styles, Aner pond tent J tes lity of
he has played, the Kafser has now | bakeries for the making of bread and
' t x ’ Ha reerstorn 52 Even Be aig appeare in the limelight as a prac- | aiso that the makeing of not even
UND KR THE TELEG BAPH OFFICE . ing with a new kind of milch kine, | but are sent out with bits of plantain
Moon rises ” . « 8&2 pn,
At the Corner of Chacon $St..

teams mere, Tiand snipe” “King Esperanza factory in the California
\ ortuguese Aseoclation, | A “Monster Rynaat™ has been fixed c¢his wee! __
x KS Meeting of Po for August Sth atthe Princes Building 4
SIX TRON TAN ’ 4pm. In ald of the Organ and Restoration” Under, the lds heallog Bunall R
lonies such as a
_—- required to order the new organ, steamers to other co
High Water Morn 4.40 Eyen 4.58 — {Grenada and Barbados have sora i s
Bun tlees BKisam.{ We have ested to state raised by the mpany, A single -
a Hunecte 4. we GOD pum. | that the Dermphytian igh Hchool will | teket to Grenasla conte $0 ;
of making the Coronation Grenada are ratal at slo In the case
, a
‘ I.M.8, Clyde” arrives from New | The manufacture of the Kin: —
Ona Wednesday the fourth annt- patronage of the public in a very
re Boll pe ~~~ deacrve to be.
San Felix and Cuidad vats At Gregfrtare Ghureh today, Re ,
of St, Vincent de Paul Nazareth Louse | a.m. An“ Undeveloped Power,” and { Hill, for the members of lere (Lodge
take the service, All members of es :
and Gorlon Streets by Ohas. H. Lew- ma cal
SOUTH © UAY 68. To addition to the many diverse roles t Hour merally used by many of ‘our
Bun sets 6.10 p.n, | Hcalfarmer, Ivbas been experiment: | brushed when taken from the oven,

resulting from_s cross between the [leaf on the top and pieces of charcoal

—_ the Indian Zebu bull, a8 | at the bottom of the loaves, In some

recommended by Wagenbeck. wt 1 | lastances hair, fibre, aud even 8 pin

ACKNOWLEDCEMENT. could nat hotogra ht he faunily, he has been found {a the bread sold ! igh
told av sidience of farmers, * because also complains of the short wei

thi tadlum tothent his teay bien i the beasts would not stand sul But given. at the markets and thinks ut
earers owe the bakers should have a waking u

who were kind enough to attend the werd | the Nauitary mathorities, and that the

. , we hi Fi Trally exists, and te not like ths crow | beef vendors should be visited more
_ {| > Occupied till recently as a Provision * grea ald a penty, tomcat Four ey ar a loot that
Store by Mr. William Scott, at a Mode- is forced to resoit to this means, belug tenant. Te ‘ the Piatole Dill, which Mr. Churchill

announced fn the House of Com:
sorrow, observing: “It is @> | mons le to be lntroduced in the House
wiry the parents are alive, but the baby lof Lords, aod will seriously affect
iadead.” [ asked be sbown the § miniature riffle clubs, by making twein-
~— parents, whereupon the showwan | bers take out» licence for the weapons
Youno.—Last evening Mrstebecca inted to a big tub and salds Some- FT they use. The Bill will be of e drastic

Young, Mother of Hl, Young, of Wes. mea the beasta are outside, then you I character, and will greatly restrict the
wells’ Bros and Von Gontard. Funeral [can sce thent} sometimes they're in- importation as well as the sale of
this afternoon, side, then you can’t,” fevarme. It will probably be found
We have been “requested to state thats weegce min be ip bat re tte
e 5 seor Of a pistol, an abalir puns
SEE FAGE 2 RoR es epee an ck Ferns | nil goe tbe fi ie be ae dt.
i an excursion bother restriction is the loclasion fa
ate Function L in h Holy | to Purvot Spain on King's Dirthday, | the category of platula for Revenue
trinity Outhedra ¢ Oot= Ito take in excursioniate at Claxton's | oo cf weapons up to fifteen

. % fr po Pp
onatron Celebration Loo uly— | Bay and Couva soas to meet the wish- | fictee tn ‘ten h, thereby insluding
Diretsone of thé Archbi He ef tho, inhabitants of these dis | the Blauser. [tis understood that the
to the Clergy—Church Fune- icte who eepo carrying of firearms without Hoencea

tiona tn tho Archdioorss. The] By special traln yesterday morning

Ned for Pahers Oil Fuel | the Hey. EJ, Holt ‘took the Sunday
int Wena ds Beas 2 a sot hee lree Rosoe
. eved, veg ce to
SEB‘ PAGE 6 FOR treat a 7% i

search without “a warrant in cases
Arrival of the Oit Jank{ ,Upon enguiry at the office of the | where It fs believed that a pletol is
Stoamer* Augusta"— After an

Warden of Naparima, from which being s
oyage from he

rate ren tal. unable to reply to them Individually.

For particulars apply next door to

Gerold & Scherer,


uerepttousty Pat
Pp the census papers affecting {he | sen arriyiug iu Kugiand will have
southern district were issued, we | to declare guch articles at the risk of a
fi search belng made,

W a Tyna.
f Ferna —
ON T PINCH YOUR POGKET sas PAGE 7 FOR hed ni oi 2100 soul since Members of the Poct-ofSpaln Sym
Our Article 0+ The Edu asthe Census of 1001, The Southern | phony Orchestra are twyuested to
2 fio ab value cf Beko tione | ois tanabitanias '"* PoPuiton of | Soaps tomosraw for eporel busine
M 0) earsal a in. 6
“That®s tho kind wa keep and the The Biectrio Theatre Sleep — ir
for All—The Mpectasx pe 3 It is anderstood uJefore Dey Black wood’ Wilght, at
kind you must Buy. Gury for Tawomnia Techni: | Tecra has ance Corporal Johnson charged Mar?
7 — ty e
‘Thero is a way of being Re-openiny ut Victoria I: stie Oongrese Laer thee | antchte, with exposing vegetables
absolutoly suro that tho ute. Court Liste Fresh Air billet that defendant, alon

Shoos you buy are wor h
atleast as much as you
psy fo, them,

You may not toablo
to tell good leather from
tad; you may not know

> tional In, the Interest wi it
ora Five Pound Nute—UVo commerce and aternatal” wietion, the ppearsnoe of tire
London Winds Mate the] generally, “The idea fs that the lead:
- House Dirty ! ing uations should agrea on a lang:
SEE PAGER 8 FOR guage, which would then be made a

pom pulsory subject of study fa all [wron
Riucecourse for London~ Ins ‘

pa ic achoola,
genious Contrivance ut Karl's] Colour Hergeant Headley ot Conra

tho difforenco betwoen a lourt, haa written saying that rumour
high-grade Bhoo and an | {SEB SUPPLEMENT FOR Trinidad Coronation Cet egy Be
article of rougher meko, §28000000 Cable Comb ne | England, fa not correct. We tre thie
And yct it iy your own Livers os Grand Slande | pleased to bear that Mr, Headley will

fault if y.u‘are imposed
upen You cannot be
expected to detoct thore
é! differences in matorial
whieh make such a material duference,, But you can at losst

tha Kate's Visit to Kaye
Gnd four Diys of Beil.
lant Functorm Friendly
Loci: ties,

able to keep hls election

the ranks of Socal stives at

¢ auspicious event.

We have made emul a ta

whether any further Mowe has been

recelved front Jamaica
take the progaution of making your purchases whore ITEMS OF NEWS. with reepect Lo the welectlan, of repre
| Misropresentations are Neyer fora Moment Btatlviice are lavariabt flee ard prea Ponts 9 be held oa | saother

Involred foree to deal w vd proximo, Nothing forther

n heard from either place,

Janal Royal on fall i aE pr wale

betog wont Ww RIBDE provable


Olanve over this liet of formidable Bargaias: or boltor still,
cull atx wae the superb values offered,

MENS PATENT BLUCHER WELT ... $2.24 to $2.00 pir
. UD Viel BLUCHER ws 280to 300 ,
a WO8 BALKAN KID, OPERA TOE 1.20 to. 300 «

&e., ke. ac + bt

We beg to remind our reader of the {| sear
ammatic and Musical recital which
fue Eda C. Mferpe, who will be aanleted
by several local fatourites, will be giv.
ing at the Princes Huilding t-faorrow
night The procesd¢ are ta be devoted
ta the Nazareth House, 1¢ is under. § ¢
stood that Governur La Honte and
ArchUishop Dowllag will be present,
abe programme li a very tive

“The Lowost Pricos—ALWAYS !"




SOP PLiIins.

Rev, Father Ounlon, OB,
Prieet of Delmont, p
‘yhlay last, to the siste:
Grenada for about a fortnight, during
whteh tine Kev, Father, Naylor, OP,
is expected to replace him out here


A ineoting of the Andua Executive
Corvuation Conumittee tak on on cles the vewel,
(Nsincaday {hls week af 49) p.m In froaing ct bw. or three ata

Ve . ae
we lett thee ate praia to the

We undeyiand that Norman ‘ blgned on, bot

— ny

It snlght be Intersting ta note th
Dr. Blackwood Wrights Guy Mace:

tale, aftinwed, (petead of swearing, fy mont, Keguire, is ta occupy the *bip before she
bi if Iw gave vrtieore fat week a! shai at thelortctspala Brotiethood NeAW. Own to his ey ue
oe hee action agalnet hhueelt, this afternoon at d o'clock. Ceptaln Babies it


eT ath EA Ae BM . ay oe â„¢s erry) oot YO TW reer, : ce
| . . st ~ * i rs ey vy . . ° SETI ETRE TEA a a
' . ’ : « . y

, 1 nw . .

eee THE PORT-OF-SPAIN: “cagmrre ‘SUNDAY, : MAY, AY) MSIE 7

ENS” ‘EMTD, —Expert Tailors. STEPHENS” TEMTD.

e i | &
Whit Embd. Coronation Robes Cashmere * Suits TRA AVELLING REQUISITE

CY EMBD. CHIFFON ROBES, WH N MADE RY US ae Marine and ain Gineses,
were OF ey:

QUITE THE NEWEST— $14.00 TO 90,00,
GENT4 DRESSING CASES Sdolsup, CABIN BAGS 6141, 8200, $800

‘ The Acne of Comforts my. | Leather’l'runks— $240 to #10,

pF Bpial Bde and)
adies Evening Scarves, “ooustNep wit. * — .

ASmart Appearance _.. $1000, 912.00 #1800, 9an08, geced.


x : ay


— 0$3

: $ $ Cabin Trunks, $1.60 up; Fitted Suit Cases, Travelling Rugs, Fitted |
=, Splendid Range of Pat- Hand Bags, Lig t Waterprocf Coats— $7.00 to $15.08,

terns to Seloet from,


Bath Robes, Dressing Gowns, Flannel Undershirts— $1.08 to $2.00
_Jecgets Undershirts and Pants ~$2.00 to $4.40,



of ee



TST CLOAKS—Very Fine Quelitye-28 to 16¢ WHITE BLOUSFS—
(0c, 72c to 9860; WHT & COL'D BLOUSE :
SANITARY HAIR PURFERY--26 conte ede one From Oo cach 5


PRINCE LINE, [otros ree ee) ae lama an

Ufone Yo i wliay tat ere GLASSES. Pha Royal al Seam facet 02 — Reape t Aor

BAR BAD OS: saricultural tal hon "now: “woe: neormusg Xr victor WeTiTUTE Yee Paga 3. ARGASSO.~These, “Sat tedug
al neglec! shon ba fostered

~ 77¢ here from London, vis and

teint avd encouragod, d that, Besides |] Ae will be seen frou an advection ee ike W mail. Cirenada, on or about Ith Bfay iit pro-
those that are nen assured position, nent which appesty tnanother column, dienst. cooding afterwards to Demerara taking

‘Tax Rovay Durcw Matt CRs ;N OF CASTILE: = The a 6

Classes of the Hoard of ~

mt te

of e e 3 .
7 ¢ we need other agricultural inte the Technic
, The Schnr. round, off eae prospeity. Todustrial Traloing re-open for the AGENTS Crown of Castile” will sail en er
i e e Althotgh it \s hardly germane to fecond term of the year aa frou and prix wii The forel Dates t Zink Mey il tating carga for 4
. . subject, ye cludin morrow Us \. tted i ~The Royal ty
‘AMOS CUTTER,’ the one gentleman ta is going a wig pote at the beginolug of the year, these Py al) Stoamer “Prins Willem HL” ik
or y:
dustry in pointy then there js the | than wasez
tobacco industry. Fruit growing too | Inglis, Parton, Crosa, Horsford, Gor Gnmutnay “Oasuia, faa Guerre buen Tus New Cooaaat Cor.
Td niensely in all this, Mo { and demonstrators, aud the ¢
ue trom BAH lA, BRAZI L on “Joy— afford cmeans of seeln if the’ inoney themyelves are managed we an eae ‘pris WITTE ye The Heyal Tate cralout? ea May It eo fog alters
pe ‘ere or about spent on srifeultural edi ucation within geo Committee of Mall Dreamer “Tning Willow LV." Is | wants to ba trasire, Bio. Cabello and
retrogression, or sitaply @ condition of | €¢nt ft ensurve there Leing more dam taklnag cargo, patsengers_and matia, Ya Veloce reloco Navige-

hae, for cotton in Trinidad. This $s an iq: | classes have “caught on” much better | due tee Avsterdam via Param:
. still needs encou ment A big | mandy and Hopkins, the Board has a Cabello’ Cu Jecmel -Aux Cayes, Lintra> — AGunrs,
last decade haa bee nb well ppent 3 which Mr, Marwnod ts Chairman. The dne here from Vencszaelan Lorts on ot Curacao, tablig Car passengers and
: , “marking time” It these accommodation than last term, when
id URDAY:; 13th M AY; 191 14 TAKING g siderations are of much Importan fhe classes were somewhat cramped honwkijko "W fa- zione Italiana a
lor vooin, and wakes posajble practica’ . © aildicnst

Tu Messra, Farrell, | bo and Demerara on or about find May Compan y Lub
Barbado , | seicultura ‘exnititon can ald ime | capable aud tealovs staff of lecturers | Pore an Prince end New (York taking Yee ree a, isdos
Saturday, 29th Inst. whether there has been progress, or | Opening of Mewsra, Stephene’ muniti- about yith lay iy proceed! atten mails ifhwarantine permits, ts,
Thene big show stimulates trade {a dios Vapore.

CA D Port-ot-4 iderabl demonstrations on thé spot in certain
And will proceed thereafter to RGO AND PA SSENGERS, Ligger it’ ie the aenter he euinee | cases, “Tu-morrow’s. programine In; Now York~-Faremectto [rue Naw COLONtL Oowrany Lirtyes —*
grea di Bervice,

— lation, For this reasoo, the fdea of | Clades farriery, building evafta and A AGENTS,
DoT tne Wal ~AGENTS ITTA DI TORINO, Thess. “Citta dl

amalgamating the Crafts, Exhibition | drawing. With regard to the farsiery Mano tigE ene “a, "Matow- C Turing” ledue here from Genoa, tin

a fhe Agricultural how seems | (1458 the equipment for thishas ar S . t
For’ Retes_ of Freight, &e., apply to aod ‘Our handf rived from England, A good deat of ina" iedue back hore from Par avalon Barcelona and Tenerifie oh or
| Cirr F- A. JONES, or to" ye tavumed ‘the intortenes ot nue | money has beet epent in inaking tus | Amarite via Iie lwutoson Tucwlay 10th | avout ri dual tas Gabel, Ourecan {
, cultural industries, but the aeso- | 44 complete asitcan be, eli a £

May 1011, and willleave the same day 7 wards ta La

Pto. Limon aod
direct for New ek taklng cargo, pengere and malls if q Lng sarge, ion

: ton of the tiyo branches of adnca-
| DIMACT, : clin effort should bet erm and ‘
. dutally Gelpfat, > —The ss. “Coy} ‘
ing C 4 [Ural & Company Ltd, janet elie wonk of fer Con A itetaatils ‘
P . i on Mon: and Ma; ean wi > |
ng argo an assengers, 60 all the more because there was COURT LISTS. leave monte at noon piectoely dlrect » The East Asiati .
The Part-of-Spalg Gazette. | Sarctace se force: eee st ae cord for New York taklog cargo, Paxsune ® o
. . . well, the agriculturist alvo it MONDAY'S. gers and mails, Line of steamers, 3
: of rates of freight fand all other partiulars please | merece peemerememmnes f would Le profitable and Interesting to ~ = ee -_—— Gro, R. Atstow& Co |
PURT-OF-SPAIN spend, voune tine among the handi- ORDINARY JURISDICTION L t & Holt Li Agents. 4
SUNDAY, litn MAY, 1011. crate’ exbibite, and It weeine lo us, “<5 ampor! olb Ling Qt CRIX—The as “Se Crone toa!
that i€roam can be found for both (Before dtr, Jiatice Swan), of teamers here from Europe on the 2th May,
‘under one ruof so to speak, the cou- _—- Guu, RB. Ateron & Co. Prowcedting arterwards ta tak’
Ulnation vught to be of mutual ad: * es AQENTS, ng cargo, pamcugera wud mails,

THE EDUCATIONAL VALUE OF vao' to the two bodies concern “Alea v Town Pan ‘de Giawe vide INN ¥SON, The ae “Tennyson” is


{ and afford s much better spectacie or | Grasse, Simon Sirju ¥ I Selazar due here from Santos on the Ith Bla
EXHIBITIONS. the publics In some cases there ¥v Chanapau. 4 Sggou leaving the pay day for Kew York via
tens a 9 — Ir. appears mast likely that there | 2" indent alliance of crafteinanship oa, taking catgo, pawengers wad SIPPING NTELLICE
* AGE will be a | cultural aud Indu- agriculture s such for instance aa |, FRIDAYS - —_— ME,
: Fa enon font plate | Sareea eter oe iti Vilzaemieseiteenieat |. apatyata
is yf i the early part of next year. The whore. ia ts frequently seen, SUMMARY JURISDICTION, Ns
¢ sVINOENT BUILDING. we believe, at English shows. The ‘vee May, teaving the name day for New York
Cownnlttee of the Agricultural Society educational: via’ Barbados, faking cargo passengers Margalit Yin sop fase 18 tone,
1 day, C. Colon, 32 hides and 24 bags

10 th May, 1911 ’ appolatad to conaider the matter has value uo! ey syhiblilon
' ° . rted show be! such as the one dintcult to | (Before Lie Honour Mr, Justice Brean) | and malls.
sading over. a i and Trinidad Tine ol

Maacuben Jutta Venes achar Levers,

hed extending over alz days, and | overestimate oreo times thiok | nurkett v Taylor, Brlcena v Hetbel, k
the report has. beer. ed Ia joining to exhibitions absost and | Briceuo Bet hel, ‘oomarrte Chan: Eteamers, 4 tous, 1'day,O, Coton, 401. bags cove,
f Hodety; which also views with ovttalul ex donk, Woole y Muggins, Sime ¥ Touwipap Smpeina & | and 5 passengers.
e favour @ proposal that the Crafts tent ton once every big, wel syeart ned Mills, Paul vie Pow, Alcantara v ‘Trabixa Co,— AGENTS, Atousra—swedieh euor Halting, Liev
Eriibiion of the ie Bog of Indu cubibition fee Forvot spain’ ‘This | His Chacha, Wilsons Lid vy Gambal. | (YROWN OF, GRANADA,” Tie one 18 dare New Castle, ballet, “Tp
2 he i.
‘ L Tealn ORs Societys Bhow, on eucl seein a libely teconte of, pe when, t piillcas Stores v Ayoung, Cerac victo ¥ Tine mi leava foe New York on the fat fare Gene Simmons, at ‘tons, sty
: natal feta terarranged between moneae Dupus v Bruce, UWA OF NAV AINE The sreeare nadia 2) Congmste anal BA pant
tig ey ee concerned. Tetarn to the SSS (Before His Houour Mr, Justes C awit teary Nererrecat ie wp ie Voie, eae san ica a3 t
. . ne WF | al +
agricultural tof the matter for s Huseell), 191 for Trinidad ee ore ont ‘and js-dos | Key, 85 base cucoa, BUWU ouooaute aod

1) pene
wicitesa «f own «Venas stoop Bello, J toma day,

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Pet t, ib be readily conceded .

tee et ae in’ sone theemat) THE ELECTRIC THEATRE. Tataree v Sookdan, Dipman Maha- (HHA Teena Gtetada of the
ww Dplentatng AO pl blanca planta a

‘ that, In some = ree
loest show confued to # particulary a4, universal B Trinidad Line will leave New York
request * The my v Chot i Mabaraj, Fxinith rus
—AND— district hes certain "Ee well-defined | tga dey by Cross * will’ ba shew nn, Awuure ¥ -Atkiens, | Cathe lth May 1v1t, aud te due bere Beth
‘ : thateuch shows oome much nearer puultively for the last time, to ive au Vignate'® Geor » Viguale ¥ Rapbeel, AHACAR ~The ee “Maracas” of
home and more clear! pnder the | Pt be balding lat Bonay, to re pol Peompeon oyte Chedee Bartlett | ne phe Teinkdad Tine will 1 teave for New
observation of the people of of the dis ing ree y, Diaoie ‘ Gola, Wajaathe iteen : ork yor the int May S¥lL, due

trict in which they jare held than do reap Hilbucae u + is. Larpnne, 10, t W bags rice, 8 crates
itl tuo on view. nis v Lewie, OVonnory Karim pkgs chines groveries,
le one cre series ae era ‘Pos 056 puga transh|

. 3 . large eahibitions ‘a the priact ' tilbuc
. piban cestre. For this reason a ‘Star™ Sletares _ . passougers, Hy a
cho ol 50 olzs.| sepia i Te ame aout ot mae fg | Worle Menor ike Chia Jute) or taatgee | gene 0B
. : Sugh a series has been held, Taual ber fited ay ie a “eel wwlciion De Matas v Garner (part heard) “a Leoracy ind sone Avice Venen woop a Silva, 15 toon,
he Uommdtier
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reportai= =e "
Uveedy Hooleheed nnd the wonderf FRESH AIR ite A FIVE Poowe . STOR reach Mail Peovivisers Bites son Telemague, 10


Fasxuaano-Normeg ato Oleén, ii ~

coat of the amall shows | Greedy Foolehead and the wonderful tong, Ht, Vinccot, suudey phe adja

the cost of h q e Bt. Domi. from
thew ou Narn | Mallat Aruilery, “the, Theatre bee Guadeloupe Mertinttas and Bk. Lucia | yan st ROR eek

, Whilst the adrantaxe of di rd tnslitess during the 1 pdry

7 thew . Vor exhibite f UONS Teco urto ast ie due bere o oF nous she t the ¥ith pis and y

—— shows Jo jn differen: pisces, f ic or | ta weeks, & practical testimony to will iauverd afterwards i cee phar Cuan batt, Gruvby bys
proprietora others bags T

1b TP tcerkel the excellence of the fare provid DO LONDON. WINDS MAKE THE Barisaus aad Ce er nktoe Cero pace .
thet rate large ventral Shows with Sees HOUsK DIRTY ra aud Fe, +; Man nen rou a tage A inesclan secon .

ope to ea competition from 2 ts renada
Witte ols perlodically tek “ SbbP Fm ALL Cons[duable fay root has been Pp “[érou” ta due bere fruus Veussuclan en Ott LO, ‘d
. oor tout tbe ih Stay and will 4]
aroused by the inotion~inentioned 10 poner ierweeds wo Starthalqve Gi ad touea" wae es, 2 ity Pore tons

curony avould fire
4 aif Tipoece miny, ove the Leet that ‘ihe “
SPECTASOOF the London * Expresa*~ which th
. produces.” me ensoMs NAD CURE FOR | ee viington Council. will be esked to | uit, Sat Gratin’ Bordeaut Sl Hider, rep trom, 10 cane ‘Tsaca’ aautpled
\ ‘ Xccellert ae haya been the omall example of NotUnghaw and 5 paaneriger 5 pause hes re phe ek ‘Trinkdad, Lan a
. shows held Jn ate years f Bort i There re be! bope foF th the i ie eat ia. reinctal borne phe, and vet uF ne dry Mts oad reas tek eae
. J. e la, for exemple the a rl Llecpiee and law obli og att tenants Homburg ameri- Triakied Shippleg rading Cond.

Sythe colony would hardly like it to teen nfoasd for the 208 | tenement houses to upen thelr windows
forth, we should (mayine, that the iver, Dostrusi, the nthe! Ieee fortwo hours each day, under & por fan Line pany bul,
Krprosented tha beat the colouy cou i MY Sina ated rs esianopa® ip Sta'es Ane if ‘they do wet olmerse Pav Hl Bcastnta a Co

. sel ev these lace of effort. Yat quite le the in ishacue, the rule. cag
2 : large wection of we publle Tere | Cote ment, , le. rath avon he intra ‘The motion will be brought forward PATAgOsyA. A The oo Patagoula of CLOOMIG 6 oF MAILS.
e4 ode that impresalon, and we have | « gogules” and Of a black fiator | at the next meeting of tw council, at tha Llambung Aubertcan ig doe

« UARE le over aud aver‘again at pousare ue on whlch ‘are twe | the (pstance of ihe medical officer of | bere Pee bt. ‘riches Se or ov Barvencas, Sen Friis (Ch
Mu RINE s Pieea ore Tonal shows say MHurel the wheal health, whoesplained to an * Expreas” about Bs Gira ri be afterwards ballvar as by erase alte” will be iddad
; colony neat to be able to do ibe paling representative the yelua of auch a by» | © aayra, Lverta Calcio and vest cloned
fen ering to anh ond J Toa bate tot todo ait do pepe Care ea ing eanchfusnongere is Monde Cntr poe Ragin

by tr ry) °. “
° FTromRm 3A Le. ti sah a Sr Ho ree oek that two syote ou we thed Gia, which, of onthe eitkt pee ple ol poly ee 4 thelr Cone ara hese. “Constantia «hue - i few Xeorld by oe Marm

a satlanal interest Wf the agriculta. werail acd rede would te ad sub thing aa consunp: | Zo, Hanbun gn Une i de beens at Teuine 1 Rei ae

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* SMALL . COGOA ESTATE crluoy coer woe ever” when the oS aascepae have ta Fulateg an ube sain Houston Lice vf hat at cere
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there thoula be a Yeally thorough > toantore. aad oo
ly * 4
or 8 Acres. dcultura) show, truly ‘represen ve ' that thore te nwre consumption tn Ono, R Auaton & Co. aint fort tos Sow York by sa

° he Leet Ho sgricultural etlurt of hag Jaapy
lacs public, especially the ish te Sor aeee withoat the fe lve 7% wilite cloest on Tuesday Bird
a cpapsoasbie lee . For farther particu urge pepulatlonk of Hinliad iy the | cid light 1 be Sse part “a the | t we want lo ea taal pel CHL INHHAD we ae to be “remind lua way how Sieh a paltion over tis bed ta dus bere fron Husnoe ics Is for Carepana, ‘Ova: 4
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