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Port of Spain Gazette
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Port of Spain Trinidad
Port of Spain Gazette
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iA ‘Orrtm’
low lulljTstocVcii with all l!io Bew«ot.aUocs In Ft/aw*
Jrdla,. The Mlettog'«re,hmSour
The ‘.Showertyte Boater—Price $i.<
Square Edge Brims „ 1,4
Cable Edge Brims „ i,4
tdo’s ,Cigars
*KtK & Cicelies
Bats & Bacon
Men’s Black Flexible Felt Hats
Trinidad Mding and
Straw Hats
NOW OPENING —- **=**■■
12, Frederick St.
Victoria Institute
For 1911
DBticn oi toilu isui »ij
CWIFuU aSEAMtMIUC" Cowboy" Bniid.
’ íi«c«?BMÍ! *
“"Í.:-¿"I‘'BRANDY,” “BRANDY1
70, font* Quay.
Geo. E. McLean

an rom-úMiejM o
'¿gETO 9ATPRPAY, HAY, 18 1M1 •
The Saw Mill has every facility to handle work quickly—a railway s:
Country Customers to send their logs to be sawn right into the Mill ¡without extra
' " ' ' ” ' all work in the best pi ''1
We Khali keep- a (food «took of Jalousie Flaps, Window F*
" "■■■* *' “■ PPÍ«j
•Kf..- I HEHDERSnrS l
Ladies Ready-to-


| nato, uaiid.
ÍReady-to-Wear Hats.
r- “
isli™SP?a „,'2¡£b f.'sS®5'"=
í"« | Vitolírtm UU Htllltr/t,
Try Miller’s
Black Canvas and Brown Willesden Canvas Covered Trunks.
Wood Cabin Tranks I ZINC PACKERS i Oxford’ Zino Tranks
Tin Cabin Tranks wnrvn PArirmn Roohee Tranks
Tin Canisters | WOOD PACKERS. | sárato|fa Trrinks
S OuBjUiNDrs FaoMjrnB "Fobs bT
Itwioe pm
S P.M. &. 8.30 4
PT?.nn--p a n/r-rx^
I Into the Jaws of¿
rb: j3Pvio»a¡ Bo, iea|
The Iron StrcDgUiSDiii!
Ton lo,

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i, - es
. —THE- 66 eel
Trinidad Bechic Ce,| a 5, S“ ACC
} mamited | FROM SOUTHAMPT

Get your otters early for


» NO 9548 VOL. XXX ~ AD: SAT
: ~ z tasd al 1 *
* > FOR RENT. SALE ste of land stew te! TALK O80 MAY MAKE | AUCTIONSALES
een | Sai feoes Hellvny Station, Flue alte for TOUR THAQUGH AMERICA,
Breads bal | Pi Seas ON WARD PRICES CO
vm, gullariow and oee | Soe pesicalare apply 66 “| pon THE, DOG WITH A VO-
erie ign Tee would | Bet Peclcelere PP ane eT CAD > OF NINE GERMAN . J
bt Teonis ity £.C, Portal Bpelo, | CABULARY 0: .
BE pabusors. Appi ab Ns, WwBbey Mey Tthe-3 ad ool, WORDS, Axetibnecrs, Vadusrs, Betata gent
Fespsanx St, [ Trversoxe 116.

2H le, Mamtmrg, May 1.—The eighth won-

| 10 Oaacs OHAMPASNE--F, & G—Quarts

pOR RENT. tage enitable | qememnerwreeeneenenenm—aes Eten of the world recently eppeared in | Goode reonived for asivat al Imes
ve atic ee Se Baba Mien WANTED ii teigeiameg doe, Denke | oe saiee pactouy_ooase|ANY TEMPORARY WORK. scores cuamragee | (fiom Ais
. le . —_
Poecession let Sehe. Apply to 49 Cipre _ _ tight German ‘words, very clearly and A Park Week Tole atizactive and cost 100 Cases ats sa wt

asi Boulererd— May 10—1 7,

23h ab the Diego | uetinctly. ‘The discovery of the dog's | residence hto belet fernished!iom Jaly| You may dosire us to | 35 Chae
OTLAGE pos REN —1 mlouise wale

lormatory @ School-


Martin Boye power to articulate was inade quite by | for four or fre‘ moaths, at a low rent do for Andrew Usher's Special

teasing, | master, Dirctpiise osesntisl Chared of dent. also il, Havstoox Brarer, farnish ~ . * . By

arene ae chee Becena cies irene nd Eog'end. Sslary $13 per month with Tie master Hernan Ebers, who tsa | Sub lamediate $25 aioath : The Coronation. -
fe Ap see pata chy | iach tacos ales | rt eerac a ieac as | Pag hart Recs Ta f Granada?st off
to Maa Jone Vira, Beloort=Kiey | to Soperlatendeok--May 12 Iw, cated at table one evening and’ Dou Mey Teh, Ao. p.Osloarel Lamps makes | By § 5. Orawa of Granada rf oma
Ss! WANTED at once atthe Diego Martla| as was his custom, sat upon K Tmiag code> good shiw at & small osst : an

: EDcowhy we 7 . . hes beside his ter, and 5 5
‘ away for s change, white Te ec, a emteey Baary ek Dee, Line ares then making an impatient moversestl, Foss ean . cabhep, 8, D. BARDING 300 Bags HiBavyY WHITE | OANADIAN
BUTTER — ~Lostrados” | 1 Case BU

convenient aad expemiye whea yoo have | lodgings, rations and uniform, Church | Finally his master turved to him wad bers ut houses sad 8 acree of savaanad. General Manager. 90 Kegs
Ou, ee
idleg | to Snperiatendent,—0th May, Iw. witl you have?) and the glog very dle | go ton, Kisy terasif desticd, or would 18/2 Kege BUDTER e
Poowatt ora Yavocy (oat are | GAtsaAW WANTED Pot iiy| tinchy, yvisated the “Tat word | fi sak opi o Wat Pace & Co. 00 REWAR Gee BUTTER, (ibtin) 7 | 1. Caso BOT
ty to WA t(D PRICE foe e

ail you need athand ia the lovely valley | of Kngland. Apply with 2 testimonials j sald: * Was wilhst du haber ? (What Oae wile from Ralwey tation. Price
$r0ea f frora Ban) pS) Bik and Deeve stad Depsttment, Maat | ‘ baben. teaan% App’
Jasn shy Heese "Fally’ daraieved, be a gocd stock ke er. Apply with | The experiment was repeated ecveral Estate Aysa, 28 Mrelerick St-Maey
diver renniog at back of Properers pice ferences peeves! and a = ie aH t \ 10.h-19,
lower garden, psat stables, csrrisgOSrrrien: =" Tae Stores *~ Say 7 i ee — ot
bene oda galt daly toe Bee pee [ates eerie Tec’ | BL Derado Neuse, STHDMAN A
ty with meat an ‘ovision. mee QUAN -Biy 10 yeus, haviug « (oth cde By dint ¥ level f ty & Re. .
there od water, which the formation of other wo! y TUM APUN A volrerâ„¢ Stont labels from empty
renee eth? aed plessere, combined. Tyhenritiog wibesoaloynent for betters of great practice and much Sabour he so ° volver” Stout bottles, and pastiag them Zod May, lvit,

gage early an itle cach ia demand jas . has been taught to speak eight words, ARD PRICE & £0, are favoured | on bortlea cootaleing otbee and inferior a
dines ‘Fon onthe particalare” aad to ment ot toy er 0 Bhterte Sey 2 Among theur are his own name “Don, ith insuuctions 1nvayTuN | mit Liquor, and passing this inferio” a ==

Zor Saie hy.

EAS certato nascrupolous
Weta pers are removieg “Re W

! iet, * Rube,” . ;
CHAK, J. DECLY, 46 Marloe Square. — the German wort for quiet, | Wanxnk, Eequ J,to. tovell by auction} Met De oS Pooiog Revolvers a
se ilt-cucay caee te| W ERSTE of GO| ee oon te | acumen eae |e :« | fRINIDAD CHOCOLATE Fj
Pee Cinclnie ele ectiene part: W. fa Palmar, Biase bet rege: of Mise Boers! Han laberland. by aft adiog mabog way fraed dinwg seble,| We sow filer « rewar .
4 ae Won! if chesp, =U. ‘e je dog has exaan a i on
mente wit meual o cet cay A enly Gustte off tape dea 1 e _____ | sumber ot scientific men who have mnt qineet me gaping 0 ane 0 Hondeed Tollara Mascfactared by A, SOUBLETTIE at No, 15;Pack bt,
repaired and piatet Tnmmodiate por NTBU. For is month, with | vainly endeavoured to explain his un- | Shih SUL Le" Ao aatiast, touctold | ULLO . DOO

tion for # Atonger period, a | usual gifts. He is being exhibited this ickor recliaitg ¢hdr, « core .

Comming divert seen Be. ae xo furnished house in Portet- Spain from | wouth in Bestin and | wall robably be ee trees Inuee uprgat Grand | for such foformatton as may enable"ne YÂ¥ CHOCOLATE ta peepar ed bye speclal and aclectite pa

pas be obiatoed at Satth, Haberison & Sound en at vie hing to United “States “hetore Yong. Neane Preaofurte in ebonued dog tabler, sara to obtala a coavistion | agsiaet ony He omelets pola fabets outs {orth the exquisite arores .
aI oe, . * « a kagoes,

on bee year A oe scent c/o thle Often Apa 19.5 while Director Vosweler of the local table, 3 mahogany sod coder rests, at practices. gullty of euch Ira ot only dalicions bat as a nourieha: ob it is uorivetic?, Peagiy

zoological gardens, who first intro» marbie top w sussead, toilet tebe, cham-

be. ware, bendsume chica disgaer sevice,
tesand prekfas, services, glassware, Weat

Geo, Younger & Son, | tere bed trom the followlag Grooetigs «STEPHENS, Leng
safe, ica cream teezr, kitchen wove, oe Bs .
cooking atenvile, dc, Also fady's bo, cle,

Giey bores sad buggy.

STANDARD, and from Shope la ove eal covatry dlatrlotey 4
° , 2 o'clock | By their agents “~&
Assoclagan phortugueza 1° de preneyeestiy Hiteiwe 8? OO | BY RUST TROWBRIDGE & CO. a
° SAREA ‘CRUZ, Coosa Estate of 72 | Port-of-Spila,
» 4,

. , with 4,000 treer, 1,08) . THE WHEE
A FEDIDO da Dire gis, 6 convocada Cotter trees, and oiberculuivatlons, Weva 4 OF THE &
cea Men eee ane contra Searle ea | need oe. wee eee TB OT /
Bette, 17 Bie Vincent Bureer, Lurt-of- -- de tarde, ua tédeda Amocisg&a, No, 83, | Seu —tonca Grand -AiTn. RA
EGS to Inform hie customers and the | Duke Street, afim de trater-se dos © Taree emall Uoooa Bstates ot 77, 45 gAx behad by gentlemen (3 or 4) fa 7
Rovere! pulls thes he hea removed to sequintes sesumptos ! and 17 sores respactively « all ia execiieat pleanant, healtby locality. ewly palote

ar RTE q
fontalning -—Drawisg, -Dienlog 824 | No au, Hoary Btreet $0 larger and more Leitura de Mensagem envids de | Lesriog condition, sodaciog large led forcished rooms, bath and shower, .
try aod uanel aed ee f Lertes, eommodiogs Trominen, Taping sud repair- | Assoclagd> de Soccorros Mutuos Fra- eeopecnta sold at low prlecs—p irs of ] Electric Ughs teray molerate 3 , [ A N
tor k Gillies, | Faroitare made to order; materisle acd | oommissd) nomeada pars esae fi PHICH é& Co, Estate Agents, 26 Fredere t ’
For perticalars ipPly te Pes ta. “alge, woikmanship guaranteed. 9? Resolver aceres, de diversos [0% 8b, Poryol-Bpais, who bere also ROLDs STEADY &
Jt. J Je. arm Zo! ad ells Pose wy ——
Port of-Spata, 0 ston on July Zeke couteisieg ve | 200 SHARES OF 21 BACH
(s) D. ps F. pa SILVA, savannab, Kiot ony ¢77. For
3 pore view apply to WARD PRIVE
& Cor, Agente, 23 Frederlok Street, Poit- VIER pravidias foe Rapaira and Re
T0 OUR FRIENDS AND JHE PUBLIC. of-Speremday Hith—] w tewils, deprecistion in the valae of
—— VO BE-LEV UR NOf0—Hoase and ( Property ant incessing the Reserve
~) An offor of 15/- a Share foe the whols or
sale, No. 103, Vile $80. uth secon. | | AD olfor of HS). 8 Son

(Harris fr menade,) Cottage with | 7 nnn | Griced the dag to the public, Ix. endeas
all sonvenie: fi ifemily, MModera 7 vocabulary,
Hewereges Fomeuiog Ish duce. Kental Milk for Sale, Vourlag to increase iby ,
Bit pply to Pedco rade Lid. Apr —_

Tbe 1m, nag _ BSOLUTELY PURE MILK in
it NT=AL Bitte on es attics delivered daily from
i Village, erate” Grande a splen Mrz, LEGGE, The Rookery, Maraval,
atand fora fafect a the
district. Fifth Camp ty ja cn the way to M wee 78.
oroga aod ressing villege, sy 10,—1w,

M fs @ pro
Apply withia te Mre Willem Abloosinge | orn nen

November 27th ~Ima

tage No, 4 Riche April 22e-1m,

k peed Stussi, with kwerages reoule hh D ‘banbaon WT
iinetste ise’, “ers Smith Robertson & Uo
Cus f, srowurran's Usice, No. 6, oe

Pichorod Burest, Tetepbone No. 135,— OFFER FOR SALE
Deities Nerf isos Ree @ dolrabie Dwetiog | XX £8. "'forgorm” from Glasgow,


Tt not focad at
West I;

2, at

Houser, Nv 20, Victoria Avenve, overs
king Treqaillty Equac. Au madera —_—
Veni ‘oe feet! of ay. en
$20 moathiy, APpy. to. Cuas, Ir | $4 caves Fines: OLD SCOTCH WHISKY WHAT more Siting tribute can you pay
BTUUMETHES Ulery Nod, Hehwood | Exes, ‘SALYBIA' from Londom | ,\¥ (0 the mewry of pour mother or
Birest, Te) phore Ne. 160. -Aprit Ib. _ 15) tags OMUENDOR FES Core Manure or any of your dear relatives or frieads
qo! T~ Nev 33, Bt, Vinceout sect


sdrooma, froat tack ga by
4 garslage house, Electric light and | gol Visors, Orgace aud Hormoniams a | ternidade Naval de Lisboa e ih respectiva whioh may remsle oo mortgege> fall pus spplyinaz to L.”. A. ¢/9 office of this paper.
22-10, KJ RILEY, [ gocice que ee achim focursos na Nog | other Setates and Houses (or dispresl—
Bde Maio de Jél1, niception rooma, & bedroome, bath* =—1N THt—
Lsod, A’o, 1066 Lelmont Circular },Fead « dividend of Jojo was paid for

werage ientailed, Possession 12h stay | Specialty. Olt tiacce parebased, Creo'e | respceta que eath seado ela pele | Wouters acd order to view of D | april 10.b,
do Arto. 816 Arto. 69 dos Estetatos, | May Ittn—iwe 7 es
O Presidente da Assembleia Gere! large bli alty bh ood ee aay, le .
VA.’ | 3 notes savannabs Rist on Queen's Park Hotel Company, Ltd.
Boad, Reat $3 Pitce $0UX Alou cor { 'B6h yesr

ded aa good invetments, Apply to | P j — aon y " ‘
Ba Stecaner from Oporto. than getting Ureir photographs enlarged WABD Peles & Co outs, 2b Fie] Asp'y wt tbe Uitiss of this papse, Trzreus We
Ue plomn ner nent fe | Spence Faw OL) FORT iis 9 Rejgyen Hace OO TEGIOE Yah | PAN secede fe Apa

Deo you wish an enlargement made?
conse to the Agency at 7) Frederick Street.
where you wilimee the different sauples
and bring your photograph with you
which will be sent tothe Head Oftice to
enlarged froin 8x10- 40x60,

pace prevents us from giving the price
of every slxe portrait saparately, ao we
give the price of our poplar iux2u only
with frame couwplete,

Crayon $473 bepla $5.80 Pastel $0.50
Foal Bi. Seplaste O73 Panteling 3.00
Oil (bust) B50 Hromide 3.80 Albumen 330
Convex Urayou $I Convex depia 1.73
Convex Pastel $4.25,
Laatel on Exgiioh Art Viste $1.00,

ou tiay order any frame fru terns

we bave ceaper thus elnew here, pet

bie las Mer. Apply to No 18 Chacon Er Keven? Arrivelaand Ec Store,
SO LET ~t: 3 O, 1’ all sizes,
TP fonse Ne 2h Marie? irae ihoee | GAUTIERS BRANDY Hot aves
ford Street, iie'most, a iy to Wit, | CIGARS, facet MAVANA,
wan pr doase Agent, Nea ynd, | CIGARS, BRAZILIAN tn Bese, uO
eet—A *. aD
Orie Bureet—A pill 20— 103, POBTLAND CEMENT, * Peter's”

Gh Mey T9011,

" Marsuma” cigaretta.! -OR



HOSE two garner and desirable reste FOR
tet ~
ND we shall now be p‘esad ta All Bavauneh koece : on'e Bai dug -

as _ A
FA a orders, | Ereryone ts delighted | ONSLOW VILLA’ & ‘ST HILDA,’ S UW “s
which sre fare Vigials Tobsnen es | with the lends lying between and measur
by head, owt 3 wpia ver nice then & tog In alone bundred and fifty feet and ar
be revelled a3 8 ooaws per tle of 10, ned B Siuchrs upon Pembroke Bireet aad Aber. ow. ed

cents per tin of 60, I
them you wit do so at oace and yon mal acd sixty feet upon Keate bitrec’, acd two

me DO a.
at f . 8 _#& a
thea swoks vo other, prods acdeaty feet onthe Southern a
WARD PRIOE undary line tberact,Apply to f
4 » Wholosile Accs, : ¥. i OLLViERI, ”

yu RENT OR LEASH, — Fina cromby Street respectively 5 two handred

Cottage with dining, sittiog and

tuieprotetie: tices) MOTICE §

stables, and carriage bouse, _ Our tenus are balf with order, balance § ;
Electite ght installed, eer 7 pajated a nodsersi, acd beviog resigned Tbe | on dgtteery of ee ed tetures arait : £0, Fredelok Sree, , as yneeat Baldi, Grant tale, Co P : 7
and put lu order, Ke grounds agency of the AILAs Ausumasce froin ait th—Im, 8: Vu °
with fruit trees, So. Cool and healthy | Comrasy Lro. (with whieh is incorpo. | 507 196% onst iar bi (no gla y May 2ad=2un. coa Planters, Sugar Planters and Cane

residence, No, 2, dt. Francois Valley | rated Flowers, Fruits and Aniwals at 91.32
Beveled Mirror af tou bBterooscupes

Road, Belmont, 5 minutes from the] ras

tram car, Henk modgirta appl Ne, Tre MANOUESTER | Ys views from $1 op.

& Park St, Portof Spaiv.e May 8 3w, ABAURANOCH dox,) dee sultaule glite fur Wed:
the separate agencies which barobereto. |, We.alno have Sheet Pictures copled
fore been carried op by Mensrs.

frou Avalenty Pie tarey frat He te tc,
- , m
Â¥.J. Boot & bun end anyeoll pill forthe Carde nf the World a Famous ftalntinge he
futuro bo eartied on aauoo by Mera | Gicat Masters and Views uf Lurope and
" ‘ BOUTT & BON, vie aro autbcris- Apeiica at de, Haan de hus 1 a
o bes ho“ Ble amines” been Us
fue fevewal Jeemias. od grant recipts fterly on thts rive Idvt, then forpin eule
Avstraiten Pouqucte, jot see lor, J Ga. SPIERS, mitt 1B ge, HE fal euttE fo equa
Marts Movatale Moller Losulos ude tise ~— .
fos of cubes Coneries and other Lirds, wi sufcrvace to the absva we are
Pe, BALE—That foo resideuce prepared to grant renewal re-
3 koown 6 as A Belen’s Houses ta Bi seit sad tosne go fc ‘a at {anf false
ates, 2 a on all description of progerty io
Planted in Cocos, Coffes and all kinds [ acd coustr vocludiog a diay ele, at
ot frult tree lately renewed. with | the Osl-Fields, _—
Baby rer Wows dcjenaal | *O*M ES, score a son,

ovnrenl eas witbls oaty ‘irech Attorses tad agente ot the,
of Portot-Hpain, Traws pasa’ befors Atlas Asauraccs f
Fe , On easy terms, orcheap for | With which ts iocorporated the Maa

chester Atsurance Coy,

life into your Lands by using om

Ouality-Best. Price-@
MAnuractvrrp bY #

The Trinidad Shipping and Trad

AUCTION SALE. | Trinidad Goverment


Atrangements for Em ire Day,
Wednesday, 24th May, itt.

OX EMPIRE DAY. Weoneapar,

AS Zit May.atl Ordinary and Local

Week-Day Tralne wiltrun, A Mid.

day weal will alto be run on the

tbe | and Hows: io Lice hee


OW BALE. Bird Faoctere would fo
well te ol) a Ne. 8 be Vins
tress whece some five bargilus ais
are cffored ia Birds, luctudiog ¥ pairs uf

Sbop aod Mouse for: itere as No, 54 Dun.
donald sad Gordoe Bive te, levied on fur
ernase of rent-Terms Cosh,
Licd. Ballitt & Auciloace-,

Professtonal Adnouncement,

Sincerely Yours, American Oculist and Optician,

FUAME AGENCY. citizous of Triuldid the

lon af pour trade and btn uurnlvea te
ctreuts auy and atl orders ly an efficient
ant banlueas hike bnanner, ta
w pruaised te get an eu! a
sueat., abanht bring thear phovogeaie
round curly for the first order to" leave
Beat week.
“ thorse Sees will tell you that our
priovs are right, uv give on the preference.

SSS sy 5

Casb, For further particulars, apply

Perkins Macintosh'Potroloum Tool & Be i

pn the place, or a 4% Marloetquare | May Gta-a0 May 7th. cw? Uauanra,~ Manager, will be iu Ports. {- we iL Worknnen’ ‘ on Eoin tet be OF ST. ALBAN'S, ENG
— =: wie}. Sey he oO °
taining drawing and dlelsg rooms, d wi!l ia about a fortuight, er Are preparod ¢ ly. 1 * for she
ces ete Coronation Meeting) DENTISTRY |i siitensastot frush. GOODS TRAING, [Are esrelrcomlots equipments

Woodlod Bireet costainieg draws
and dicleg sem, 4 bed rooms, aide
me » FT servonia ron, stetle, E eotrig

Da, We W. LYNCH | May Bice.

Eogioos, Derricks und lools of" every description “ft
Gite Midetht aud Dewonstratoe of

ornaments Expert drillers engaged, aud diilll contract

NOTICE, Wid and Thursday, se eeays Alay Fall particule’ with specications ote, osn bes

CDE pte ieee] Suellen tea ocd fi | LPH


OF Goo ¥, Hogulas & Oo. a 8. ‘*NAPARIMA,”



JE Worden begs to invit ‘

Patlie cf tonne, £8 toa Sete
to be bela at the Warden's

ey weer | Ollico at Gran Coura on Saturday.

dlebarry Dental Ualege, U.8.A, 27 aredey, Map
eederick Bx AU beaoches of Up-wodate
NTISTRY prectl ed on mavera price
a fel ay porsar Fuser Doone 89 -Noy,

0) and Sewereze lostalhd, fur part
BNo, 2, Udwerd Bireet or
$0 ne ayuosts, No‘ ly, lary Sueet,


loosld 1 38th May 1011 at 2 fi SSS | ov pup Cuaces Street, Port-ol 5
oar eae purpossof arran, nga Prageaes BUTTER. LAING'S RNAPAlAY Witt Res HOR a February, inte -
oa warlg th Aise voneet, ha of fo \ olsbratiog the Uerenstion of /PLUSS FINKST 4 ANISH, F. P { meus peasy ibs eth May, wil Witheut Rival
*Xvly te Me, Jamra sb Acuaw, | 2's Ueone V. on the 22nd of TAswe Core Brind, or vecoript one “ne LAINGB SODA WaTeR AN
expe Hoag, By Vincent Sutttm | June vest, Reduced to @2c. a Tin} ENGLISH riAannacy J. W. TOMLINSON l SWEET DRINKS
drfdia, Bob Bley, 042, Lawnue bruins = Luaunavy, Proderick Btroot, das Nay, dnd Cetra Monogee, i ia AG PURE clean bottles,

rons 9-548 VOT. OL, XXX es aD, SAPORDA Y MAY 13 Ign ~— DAILY ONE PENNY.
i iphens, ans, Ld Le x ne te. MepoUd? MeDOUGALNS *

as Lil LENDINNI NC “re is and Chiliren’s/auixanbna

Tm GENT’S HAT DEPARTMENT: |=, onncom moveas en

8. ‘Oretava’ pracerHONR yx
Is now fullyfetocked d with al the newest.shapes in ftraws end | > rim bt Home : wepgyaatis @
F ‘eS HVONABEE*! Ae. ee
aie ais

Bi) STORAGE... Ft fk tia «few ef cor

ADBOUKS Ib ten, Hi
pe seine dos 60s The ‘ ‘Showertyte Boater’ Price $1.44 Seti pay sa a
6GES perl Bee Square Edge Brims » Ld4 potdiog tom

BUTE ety 482] Cable Edge Brims ned

Co | x2 = _ gms FOLKS
e a ‘tal ‘
ay ene Pepatsnan NT P aw ats TRINIDAD.
[ib oem 72¢ | en's “and7Boys’ ALPINE ard TEKAL FELT HATS—Prices from °


; pe See 36 conts to_#3,00—-All shades and newest sh apes, ; \
pilin awe SOrr ca Hare | ) DAVIDSOK & TODD
e Fsroncs cane SARE on tom Mad Balding and] NOW OPENING |—2***22-
EE FLRAISHING| Men’s Black Flexible Felt Hats) 0a Association, .. - a

"rom 72 cents to $2.00, ee, Pao van | AT - ‘Victoria Institut
BBLISIIMENT, ephone: mo oria institute

f= 80 = BOYS & MEN’S CAPS, AD


fim |nitdrene saitor Hate) SKEQCH & G0'S,,| ctassns

, _,tHE Wolmakefa speciality. of this Department. Now Goods vortersoiee, AY MATUIGON, For 1911
© GROCERY, J GLENDINNING & CO “ee Commences on Monday 15th May
ey . 4 , e
ava, 5, Frederick Street. l 12, Frederick ot,

Ffrom the Mildost ye un fg. ‘

A le “fe PT “OAT; ATDONFI ony” -R@ Tea Siler ee NT

bs ed, Al Always used | ;

aw oe “
e e _ oe FOR INTFNDING VOT AGEEE: Jocks, 9, Bact, Th of the Trigaao~
i @ Crown Lands Oftce sega ah
a The price of the general map of Tricked
0 oF DSTO WOOD CABIN TRUNES GLADSTONE BAGS Aust is ton tle tthe Warde’

; 4 Broad Cat In Cartridges

Pipe Dillers~lajeach.
lle & Wilson, Ltd, "ATHE



6th May, i011,
Cooma, Becker any’s Senan,

fentistry. :

Be pA star P

bias Sea «(DRESSING CASES. ! l- ¢ sim,


; phone (33, co GeALeDt tenders ander» adaromal bo the Cole

aod poles Yeni ert the Gorerne

num waar a Ae

? '
ado’s Cigars “EX STORE. On Sateen eee sort h 4, nusuE
BE -PANETELLAS ARRIVAL’ atunday, 13th vay t xd ex R.M.S, “ X RMS, “Atrato, * from the ean erwaly.
FELD LES oases Eapeclte RE CENT rae Uh Je ae [pu arrive ° el b ti 1 firm Men hy
; Sys erent ligt at celebrated NOTICE.
iv Ciel) gent SERENE Combo” Dek es eg |OTARD DUPUY, #Gov Cognac. pacer rer sutg
MAN & ROATDMAN, + UGA feabonta ouane leat pice , Tektioenn + ao 1? nt ee oe tae Beta Made
pr tried sever resnsed, age Soe a OATS (“Ieavy’ ’) bere ef ths Ponpegelions winches vos | A Shipment, of {BRANDY compris iy foi. ASSURTHERT: Cirante Riviere luver fro Lock ni
b, OFXOXOU “Tierees SMALL RIBS benelerable _ 10 5 Cates “ Three Star” Brandy tune Jone, 1911 inclasitg for th parpens
Canadian Oats, 6 Cuses «Vv, 0. Brandy the Urande Ristare Bridge,
Ba Hans & Bacon "Caseu & eae: ; SALMON—Tierces ard Barrels’ ouR NUMBER FHOMK 302 2 Cases “ V.0.P, 2 & Brandy hang ed ¢ I Necrstery.
/ pr bene ues avoor Just. Recelved: 32 Cases ‘ ee are Derma
SHAPE FEEDING BOTTLE, Sole 4 wexta; Ovnoutan Banat any Oem

Fimo | WESSELS mes. & VON GONTARD | seer ce! SCOTT, BOYD é& OO., permeate

Tortie siav.tls, th Quay. ‘plein for the pert macting
é on feces, a Tes end pera pe
a Cheese | ruoxes Mena pape er beat be Coon No, 6, Broadway. se ta ara
= - __

Re bo, Pax Lo, won pn SS . stanslon
Belicia DENTIaTRY- [Geo, E, McLean/MEDICAL * HALL aoe | GITTENS! PU eters
By Ferree es —_ SS es LIVERY carom tet Teeth gut Chena,
te gs yz Gali Oo, DR. CG. F, CLARKE | warca neramex an Princes Town. | sw STABLES, | 0702418 ieruste pierre

7 beri gin kof Homed U trary sXWELLER Liogs Famed Rode Water and ro7 Tweeaparete Koad | #tatles Ach Test the. ‘Loe + Areadille, Hosa be

” ° . ‘ ike Con ti a a @ distance
MW. GOODING gee so Sie nialt| 24 Frodorick St. MTMILLEL > DLURED HORSES | PHONE 36 & 60. IN TUWN, —igtvbcholae Uovgl Jews ot Patten.
tay AL .

NYScuRUICK BrBEGT. crumby By—
ore . . . a - . , sore tt Nt ¥
is wer, < AP ge eke war trees o FO US Flee ya w “a an TAGS

TURDAY MAY, 18 wi) _


HAIR fated wae] DYE 2



te abeontety "Gores dotetten and te wot atturted by s0¢ be or teem
26052 SE Tee TESRE SENT: ioe "
It canbe uted, without ataining "the fingers on ppolling clothes fi
Jand “hav no equal either in cofour, pcrmanenca cx tlodniiness gf

Sse a cenit a

tal Vinod fof sppipion the Dre por bertle Fores phadne caly Bark Derk Brows
“ one medion Srewe 0 % OF otf Chemicts esa bygree EB a any CO Basing detl Girret: Londen

«sen | Administrator tor Onueral’s!
Notice, ie ie

WE REG TO INFORM Ia abe Bapreme oe of Tria! and \
le the Mater of the TSmlvtatrator Gane
CONSIGNERS tal Ordioancs, 1008, e

Ta the, Mattar x ot the Goods, of Baward
raw, .
TUAT THE CARGO An ot \ une

’ Ngee Tobagn -rlatestale,
Ex ‘Prins Willem W°| A ‘itere mn tarierhissaeint #4] Tet = Received
PER 3.£,

ric wt your aERTAL

: Vincent’ “4. Peal Nazareth House. |

SE, Cadel His eee ee Arceioncp of Porvalsipeiens OTH

IDA Cc. PIKRRE, (Medalist).
har fret appearance Sa the Woot niles a: an z NIST,

Princes Building, at 8 pm

4 Selections trot ia
we Set Louis Braphenea, sed oiber well a,

; ta teget $1.50, Other rows...81.00,
. Peja Saas oe aad oat
Fee fe aad tow




ha nth hE

Sole Agents:


The ‘Bonanza Breg Stores,



yoo eet oe

More Clothes “and
Better Clothes

This ta What the Postession of a

Singer" Means fa Every Woman

A Binger Sewing Machine enablea a
woman to clothe herself more elegantly,
comfortably and sbundastly on her allow.
ance than Jost otherwise Le possible, and
Gt the bame time effords her a fascinating
employment and profitable pastime,

Singer Sewing Machines

do att kinds saga ts et east, fp
y soauaue $0 gira. whie


alee : HOONOAY.


Ghoooite tod ¢ Coooe, Eevee tae have. be. equel neither in local or forel a
You forget that a penny off bi

, yd oy Prise tenuis { mancfactatre
. esa aoe oe gay. 't be odie as tral will coarse jot

natiadigh Hla a Ene


eRe Zucien & Go.

nd Chocolate ‘Manufacturers,
odrect, Portst-Bpain eo
saat Begrecentettve~-HENEY B. GIROUX, ’

to the andernigncd full particulars of the
Hovtay the 2224 Soy of May 2811, after ERS,
eo a, a rz
which date ne olsh vals will be be entertain tained, P SARGASSO
Store who hold aay sceurity whatsa-

Si 200 GASES.


aE emt Gapees - . e Y
jay Ol a lp weea
: which arrived here on the Ol owe cod. they fa te afternoce, om, in t °
s being ong ged ,or if you know anybody Ee Dated thle 18th day of April 1911. Flas}:
aged you Bot torget k int rederick streot. 498 the 9th May [911, (gd) We Ly J, KERNAUAN, | asks
i. TRINIDAD. rm ”
. ‘ ———E — May lith-2w. la the Sapreme Coart of Trinidad and EF 4 SP ORTIN G
from aieh eb t « Diamond th ——
— ve flash ligct andonly get a elie wale The Board wine Industrial Mi EDICAL BOARD NOTICE. ‘e se ree nner G d
i if guaity Is noas guaranteed, Traia EXAMINATION B. pus pobite te darcby notified nog to ie Ta the matter of tie Goods of Ds Dorkeraa un OW er
‘SEE WHAT YOU BUY. : . oo XAMIN ATIONS forthe'icens 8 Gaske pe sist vent bette tad pro- ite of Seleldad—Deveasel Tater Fer anle by
eer -, | Technical Instruction Classes. of Druggist Assistant L'rug- TN CLARKS, Al baviog « the
t, and M fi d the Prelim- 3 Quen Sie Fott-of-Spain, i eens avi, ainas
"gee rravalilo’ = — o— Eiaty Woamtastina fo Btudents te April 2d—tm. Dedorigned fell be reas tats the came Ht ROR j Cf)
mus second term of thers o'ssses for Pbarmscy will tike place ab the Hitaers) by aMidevit on May tein ater
Articaos aod Apprentices will begia ictoria {nstituta KE E. P IN M | N D whioh date no clainis will be entertaincd,
THO IN T Ol ipa ior i refit wig aie an | "HA,
essority and prove for the differecca cr
| (Rare ano Hos work) reiercngate 9 [UM AUesMay, Mag ded, Joseph Gonzalez | Haske Se" TSINGUINEAD BROS
- ” , STIMBLATES THE APPETITE . Drawing (advanced) “Mondays 7.30. Payment will be maisoa. Friday tle
gineering Crafte—Tuesdeys, at 7.30, H st € | 26th dey of Mey 1912 vevween the hours Provision!
RUGENERATES THE BLOOD Drvwlog Slemeatary 4 “barmcdiate, | | ABplications, me hcortificatos, 3 Honry Stroo of wo and bee vit i warp
inewaye, a WHEN BUYING a , Ly .


a: ow. pography—Tharsdeys, at 7.29, +
yi Highly recommended, by Medical Authorities Bane ai Tuesday, May 26th, | nAROWARE,GLASS&ENAMELWARE "deinesontinen No. 4 Henrr Stroat
; over ureday, a! ers
——— _— Arlihmeris (ele 4 advanced)- | and focs must bo paid on, or bofors, TRINIDAD,
» 0 URES ° , Fildes at 707 _ vanced) i Faturday, May 20h, io" Agricalurat Forks," epee alleles BALE ‘Day OF JUNE Yee int A Long F él; t W, an t
, Anaemia Feast None are charged to Apprentices; i'n. F. PRADA, Carlsscer, Wire Sifters ‘
Ek “~ Attlaans, Bixty cents per term, Sawetary, Boades Bb & 2 UBLIC Notles ty hereby given that iu Fix MUNDAY, ‘lst MAY, the
. Chier i . res Howe Scalise Tin excoreive of the Power of Bale con< fast and rellabla’ Motor Lunch

osis fe, y, ‘kg OJ Grass ion Kolves, Collars Azea ferred on Morta; 6 Coaveyancis
F D il an 7. B JACKSON, HANFORD s Gultoa Piece, Gusta Chalos Ordizsace, Nees sal omtarcss ten cek ce EFRHEICLA”

eb ity ye ~ Goveroment Balldings, ” Urinding Btooes, Besey Lassps tain deed of mortgage dated the With day

“ : xb Port-of Spain. f A A if VA Ri Fuiabe Pane of (December 2010, segletered ae | Ke IM J will’ply_for- Passengers| betweert [5a
Neurasthonia. “GONOZ2AN _ Heed Baw Files, ete Piasere one pert and Cortiia Lerbert ead Haroké Fernanda, Lal rea end ‘Point Foatia
DELIGHTS TASTE Oe aw wxrewovat wemmoy | Expats Samer (mir enety Pele anor | ere Taig statis finde
. 2 + v ‘> re!

7 A TACEKNOLL, wow Maw & HEMET | “Kyorsthing iChéap aud good aa Therey tee at doy ot Jenn TLL, 3 Ha 2 | se renting to cat catch train forcity.”

° wy Incent Birsat=

: J, SsnzavaLto, (RESTE 8 ANTAL MIDY Wes Perec we ta bow usual, zh visi il fon rogret pur. Fe ty eck {lle ead nS {een vot mate

‘ * od slngular that certal zoel
soxumjaemsrre BANDAL WOOD Ol, tt Ramone Broad Tish JOSEPH GONZALEZ. | uadeopdie ets Suurts tag DENTISTRY.
* Ci al a
Bonanza Drug Stores. aonnaes topsthemal It prevemta Grangens, 8 Henny Srxcer, al thet ae Ae wane ue Ur. Lino Diag y Day
Pack “hj- Pax BoTte It O.gans Old Scres. Mepdats Ofte ded, and boanded ou the Nori spon surasoi ad YL
RED SORT ! . lands 9
~ * And Reals Then, au poe Hardoor, vat Sow of Necket, 0a te


Feb tet,

bet pow

+ [fa the Bapreme Soars a rralied and asd af
Racket aod oa the West epon she Osura

Semmwy | Jwielledte Port-of-S pala

I heals all fesk wounds and sores on the
amas syetem or Dous tie Aoimals,

FOR SALE ‘Rawlins’s Drvg Store,
" a

tbe matier of, Dated thle Sch dey of May UO1t.
+It Geren TWh
Grand Liquidation Sale,| “z2.8a7Ss.7E° Tt nan Bh kx’ &'c0 _Notics
GUARANTEZD YO GIVE SATISFAC- Alloe Jose ioe WW narbes, (Ma red rr throne tbe Gl oud, fat
TION O88 COST YOU NOTHING, w mest of iny hase
Bole Agents t sh Me oer er oe Te ee TURSDAY THE ttru | pelled te lence ert, bate beam come

DAY UF May tu,

pyptic xe NOTICE ‘tb fe hereby y fren ue ven heb
{a exercles

dutd Hoses ae Goa

and La ~ eraser 7 Srseanen I st |

OTIOR fe boraty gf iveo, the & there willl
be pat tp for sale 41 the Mamnball’s
Action Mart, No 36 Hs. Vincent ttrest,
Pore-of: iste Hatordey the 13th Mey
TL ot 88 12%'e ock poor,

1Glg, 3 Begg:
, Lavi upon fe the Nake matler,

86g ’ te
y Janding ox Scbr, See reagan! vga

pA CA REGO rendered Deorssary throvgh the regretta:

death i partper ia
OF Esrope, The ot atta en place omy store


The Bosssrs Drag 8: ‘TrinipaD,
Prics—26 = by Post 2/9,

Angeat Mth.

_, Pave x LENO,

Cipero Bushee
Wik Api Wil

peviu NonTH caRouNA [2!Henry strest./ [ce House, |: ‘enya | fea ees )
whea thore © extreordinas: gee ee tee {be saders! st ble Auction Mat. No e
Boards and Pl lanks. se ee Tae eras JUST RECEIVED iF GEDDES GRAN] Tende the 1th dey of May 28 be Hubber aud Alind Trade
Oy eT eet ee ee en EX REFRIGERATOR OFFERS FOK SALE. ward of esse Grande Sorts a” te bitiens


nd comprising mise sores

F 900.984 foot 1 x 12 Plano 2 sides G, & T,
$6,900 fect x12, «=: S aides

96990 fot 1 x12 FRESH BUTTER | €x #8! Luristan |i msiatiin weeps tite

Bb tn,

at, weacanlte art Fn tbOlimmnns urwietonee

t: ve b UNE.
hi 240 sine 1ith JOLY

4 sides Ape TE Te eee
a tae om tacezed to (bs Qowa Grasy Oe
$aoso fet zu : = Gand BIDING P amphvlian E High: Sabool CABBAGE 100 age CANADIAN HEAVY OATS, vil folio 387 and slegtdonentad is the Notice.
Es 99,000 feet BOARDS and PLANKES--Bough, No. ar JOURS ale aie y 2 ‘. GIL MHAL. Bagigy band folwo 68 aed bovoded 05 tbe North rts IS Comulttes bas acca secured’ space i
5 Kites . ety y,fondery Schoo of bs Mod BEE? ROOT " Borancuts POUR, Ba Brovhere Hartioment, Hood oo she Roath coe Trnided and Tobago ok the .
: , Ty’ biergy mea, Doctors, Laws TURNE pg’ J 8 CRESCENT © seer eroeeteilaad os the Wert by the Gane Nodals er 120 {Eira j
a" C 6. "Rawsour & CO i « WoL" WLOUR No "No. 1 Entra, | avolety of the sald ty the | oa Applicatl
« . n ” THEA’ FLOUK, Brovbers Settiensest vedateadle 7 Bibie aested
= AP. P LES, GRANULATED sbonn tt? | Dated tis duh day of April 1921, Uomantsicata at once mk tee
— ks CONFECTIONERY, | ned,
CROWEY & C0.) one ee ee ate | xogas gauee
et 30-3 7 ‘ 8 [10 cases BLUENOSE bury ke “ie, Permanent Exhitetion Gonnaldes, ‘
: “ al re
~~ Noticn, __|/ he Best Place /1/ RRS _ [Why Pay Me NOTION
Machaco's } Peres eet, Merten have PANNA lnd Cowes BATOBRS JAMIL ie lb __ | epee nite
AGARS & CIGARETTES |iisthetearicracst | Teast blot be ise Born aaa S
wheierer, except on the as bority Corner Whea you cag obtelo Fresh OCopesbe sa) al
GOLD MEDALS of the bigheet awerde wherever ther have berg Bin written order, sigaed by k George E Pure Copper Syrup. y C 0.1 Besse Grands,”
solr CRGAIES ed gigas 55 pwarded w cortlbcale of HENRY A are. pose Invaly tus neh hae weit ntleh fr equal in ataliy Secs | Prout

Freox the wOlmaronera MIL" wbtalo.
able jo sealed bottles from Cale
foniae Urocery, Bul elapbens ene LiEoeery)
the fHouth Kod Dru Biore o(Lowpree’

Moy Sb—Ia.

fou wish your Hat ‘doap aud give
he exact size when 2 oklog your
order, and satisiactl can bo

ites are torn omokers of culture acd discerolng teste


GYASCED to ws sanell or large sam8 f only reault of deling with OLA. | sodelsewhere. ture, wholesome au
B & Jig B. I (A oa easy tse wollen, MENS, Tur Revowsep’Cieavee | erupulousiy clea. Nuthing Letter
uNIDaD. Uda’ vo. RT wii ban golden The ru
dhe LADO at mee a v Fredrick Bucew / Lyre & Martre, Tiypeb ote Galle tua oe ity Yun —

tye ae


was the

THE ‘STORES, Stephens Limited, — THE STORES.


t0 heavy overstock we are offerin ures. itbon
g the Newest Styles in all qualities of Boots and: Shows —For Ladies, Gents,
pn & Infants, at, cost. price and under for Two Weeks only for Cash. All prices marked in plat m fig) ali,

LADIES Ladies Black Buckle Shoes, | Gents Tan Vici Kid Blucher,| Gents

Patent 3. Lace Kid Top . S14 TO 72 CENTS $2.00 to 1.80. clae lips
‘ < “ * . . oO
Ruots—TheSieNe'| LADIES BLACK OXFORDS. Gents * Split * Bale, | om te ve
$2 to $1. Os. . ‘ $1.30 10 $f. ’ Derby Oxfords ‘

$5.00 to $3,50.

Lapies Cham pagnerBala “Ladies Tan 1
angtry Buckle Ehoes—~ $1,92° ;
$2.40 to $1.20 Ladies Tan Usfords— 82, 16 to Shia to $1.20, Gents Black Satin Calf Balmorals, Oby. +50 to

hg 4 DOL, TO #840, ° $2.00 . '
as SR Lente Tan vit, Bas, | GIRLS’ TAN LACE BOOTS, GENTS Gawts Evening” .
“ j . SL.o2 TO 8130, Tan Vici Bals,—$3 60 L fords 2 $2.40 to

Zo Ladies Tan|Vicl Button | GIRLS !.A0E & BUTTON BOTS, $1.92 to $1,08 to $2.16. Gents Tan Willow Oxfords,

Bools—33 to $1.44, Girls White Gents Tan Calf Dorby $ DOLS, TO $3.00
r $1.92 to $1.20. GENTS TAN WILLOW DEROY~$3
madies’ Tan Derby, Canvas Shoes GenteTan Vid Deby! GENTS PAS TENT Oxro
ENTS ial Ic fr ‘
92.16 TO $1.20. $1.44 TO 72 CENTS. 33.60 to $2.00, abes Te 1.2 RDS,

stephens Limited, The Best Place to Buy tverything.

unneutralised juice, which irritates | Arrhenius has pointed out that the y with the groatest gieoand gusto. Tor ato. Jor
x I OP P ORTON ITY F OR the Taucowa ani Rives rise to A senna plainly Visible Leyes hem of Venus | the rest they dreas plain 7 the Queet, y Loudon, Di Direct Line
5 es tion of hunger. This distressing | atforls evidence that (he planet lv not | with vas for heed ratriotfam, buys for eaters,
, . conseyuence may be averted by taking them, as for her f only clothes made Tie New Goroxtat

B AR BAD Oo S either some light foud or a little bi are eertition, foe Darmanent | them el ot Britlala UOMPARY.—-AGRNTR
ol é Dicar a moepy hery can exist only ona nel eT baeh ‘wor here _,

9 bonate of soda before retizing to hich Ls Y ff materials) Jive plalal have ATO ASSO.—The wae" Sai ato
? in order to neutralive the veoctetion.. * da nat eign Tepular alternation © serviceable toya! a nd ha fon S here from London, + ia Flarbaiton cr

ve all


Interesting observations con | tanght to do then part ia helping fieennn, wor abet Yih 3 May jin it bee
NEW. nected with this question have been f others, on teand malin” taking
§ FROM VENUS. made by the teletnated American | ‘Phus ou cach birthday, not only ave WOW OF CA STILE~- The a a

gifts received, but alsu presented to "Crown of casts wilt aail on or
poour children of thelr own age; a vit abont find Ma: taki ing cargo for

astronomer, Pervival Lowell, who is
ONE SIDE FREFZING ; THLE fen acknowledged anthority) on the
OTHER BURNING. surfaces of the plapeta. ‘yom six

: | ¢ . . ;
bos. S. ‘African Prince |-athe scrne.
8? surfaces of the playets. Frum, six gylariy happy ides which might, wlth | London London and Gontinental ports, 0 inontal

‘AMOS CUTTER, me ena a at hts | Evalue, he copied by en ca ae Tejland % Leyland &
, WILL SAIL FOR than thie earthy whether other planets eludes ‘thal Venor: always: turns cme | he Qucen ‘na devoted mother, as
; 8 400 TONS BURTHEN. 9 phan the earth are inhabited hae long | cludes thal, \ ypun aleaye mira one | The Queen tea dderute Roing round tae pany Lid

astronomers and laymen,
We know that the carth the apparent. high, dense and «cloudy J the world in the royal yacht, had a == AGENT
iBar bad los: comparatively sinall member ot the atinorphet here hea” no tral existence, ginemale ph fixed upla it, oo ae etill UGATAK Tisan" Yucatan ladae

foue trom BAHIA, BRAZIL, on wolar system, and that the universe | The appearance of a strongly reflect be able, though separated from here froma Tdverpool via Barbados on on
contalus millions of suns which are | in atmospherd fs produced, in Le Here wo, we her title nes st work [oraloutgith May IVIL Proveedl
or about Probably surrounded = by lanets, | vell’e opinion, by streams of duet, [and at play, and one of her biggest fwanis to Ja Gualra, Pio. Cabs
eatin "ay, oath ! t. Tence {t appears very improbable that | The illuminated face of the planet | sacrifices hor exalted position haa de- | Caracso, taking cargo, passengers end
F y > ng our hitle world ie the only inhabited mitist be Intensely hot, while the tem. iong pe of a aie ths leavin for rails Uf quarantine permite,
planet in the universe. As we know { persture of the opposite side of the | lon 0 8 me oF ae La rt & Holt Lino
Y nothing of the planets emispher m1 1 fe atic above the ve mm) when the was D) po!
‘URDA y 9 13th MA D9 191 1; TAKING, other wins, Toe ca cere re vol in about sbeotite were oats dey. GO op 400 ed upen to represent ts he Sovercign of *teamers
CARGO AND PA SSENGERS tw our own sular system, deg. F.) overneas, —Revicw of Htevterre. Gro, I. Absrow & Oo.
And will proceed thereafter to > ° » | Waplanet hese solid crust which|{ On the illuminated olde, the _ ~AGKNTS.
Ris = has vooled to « moderate temperature, | vginally dap woil must now be di led MOVEMENTS OF STEAMERS. TPENNYSON, “The am, Tennreons ts
ams f a and an atinoep hers shullar to our own put and cracked, and the opposite fide —_——_ i due hers » fron ‘yee op the Iith May
In chemical constitution, if ter 1 a denert of ice, his icy surface ~— en, a
VW Y © ER K. For Rates of Freight, &c., apply to found on Sta surface, and if its supers . reflects the light of the stare and their | Th4 Boyal Hail Steam facket Co, ~ Bare os, taklug cargo, passengers aad
Carr F. A. JONES, ight, ficial or atmospheric temperature does | images, whieh are frequently seen 48 Paga 3. ‘OL TAINE,-The ne.“ Voltaire” fs due
not for ey long periad rine above 100 faintly when Venus, which pawes | here frum Buenos Alret on the Yith
deg. ¥. or fal] below=2) deg. fhrvagh the name phasee as the noon, omukiljke W Sail- May foarinag the aan day for New York
‘ DIRT, - Fi It possenses all conditions required reas a thin crescent, On the dicnst ta Barbados, taking cargo passengers
sf Grell & Com an Lid, for the maintenance of highly af tumipated side of the planet, ia se Rovan Durca Man uA mal tac
bic: developed life, atch as existe on’ earth, { conseqnence of the very low tenpera- ~~ AGENTS fambu Smeri-
ag Cargo and Passengers, | =—— Welknow, Indeed, Ut Iiving organt | ture, the ale twast be pondened and Heap Lise Ssnvice, can Line.
Ty Mit-al- SPEID. BAZEL(G. | statiation to varying fonditimey tut | lon of prewmiuw which cauwes alr to | APTANIA, the, loyal leach, dial Vavelt Sonxente 4 Uo
: . : w wa! jan’ run 8 tnninal
- > el off freight rand all father partiulars please ee the limite Riven abo above pe ourwives lo This locoming airls in tura eondeny stout ith Stay 101 proceeding: atte ants Paragon: Theaw “Patagouta of
PURTUF-SPAIN, Mars and Venus are the only planets { ed], and wo the process inust goon until fto Paramaribo, Marre avd Anelerdan he rete Lamiburg American Line in dae
SATURDAY, l3tTu MAY, 1011. in the solar oygtem bntehy eatisfy thene the entire almesphere has been nearly J takin na carey pat ve ‘The Wtoyal Pate about May Zinl proceeding afterwards to

conditions, “The general appearance | teached. The alr, rushing violently byt nt
and configuration of Mure ee very | froma the light ta the dark side of the DP! sch Steamer *Priow W Mle TLE” te a Caratag taking cane few Cabello aad

4 ’ similar Wo those of planet, cariies with {tf clouda of dry | dua ae fron, Auhaterd
s G ). SMOKE AFTER YOUR DINNER— astronomers ney the earth, a wires Jind and dust, like the slmoom of the boand Detuerara on or about Zind May PHORSE RATE A. thee rs “Conatantls *
AND WHY that Mara Ls inhabited desert. These dust clouds reflect the [1011 proseerting eee aay Garipano, of the Tauburg American Line le due
e How ts it with Venus? ‘Thlunearest | sun's rays, and thiv slinulate a denne Galeton” Curae Semel, Tits Cas ea, [| Here from Venerusian errs hou oF about

neighbour of ours, which, however, |u| and cloudy eluncephers and they also | fofag Princo and New York taklog | Slay 24th roveedlng sto eam

AGENTS CAREOF THE APPETITE JUICE, OW niles tee ippear as clteake land epote. 6 Pant Hane
wo ate. and which Rr fonis its revul TTocordin ve hovel fa recent Osert ni > ns CITTEM VV the Royal Dutch Sargoand walle ST Sumas tak!
WINCENT BUILDING. Toteresting eclentifie and a pb yetcal tion around the on fo 2213 daya, jaf tlon, therefore, our beautiful neigh: Pps jajl Steamer * Pring Willen 1" te la Vel Navi
° reasons why the average h not wo aocessible to observation as the | bour plaoct must be as lifeless as, uur | doe Bera irom Veneruelan f a volute NATE
, 20th nh May 1911, feelalike en joying a foe cigar after exterior planeta. In a recent paper | still nearer neighbour, the moon, ‘and avout X7ih May i011 sions Jtaliana a
, good dioner are explained bya medi. | weare the angular distance of | for the same reason.--Sctence Bi/t ng. | wards to Patamariba, J Vapore
cal comespondent of the ° Lancet.’ | Venus trom thesunis never very great —— dam taking mand
rw) He calls Tetention to the {mportant } We see the plauet now as « bri A TAIN OF COLD. olontah Oompaxy Lrten)
fact that the act of smokiog, compris | eveniog atur in the west soon night MOUNTAIN OF C8 , Ag “ ’
ing aa it does the Introduction into the sunset; again as a morning star io the 3 . ITTA DI HINO. The ws. Citta di
mouth of pungent | products of cotnbue- east. before sunites. The wonderful THE GEOLOGISTS BELIER, New easiest 4 Torino) en aus hers re Sowa Oy ‘cc
tes WO va, and as
wailvallon is only. the firet of & gerica bet Heuey | wrpich quakes this planet | vor years there have been genlogtnts | Tas Korat, Doton Mast -AORaTa, aboat at ith May ety, wil’ proves
of digestive reflexes, once the process | the astronomer, as It fiuks thy fice | Who Bold that somewhere pi the far MARON PRE pate as“ Marows | wards (0 La Go: rt Ela a, Curece,”
leatarted the apparatus asa whole fol- detalles the aurface and makes wilh north there Ao a matrieg wh hich le the be a J ve mh dine Lack here fon Van aungers and malls it aettfos poe i
ou Tueed| :
lopewlow hae shown that the alght of planet, feathers y liticult. net. the J of the richest stra ave thelr ead a wis and will are zibename ay ouston tae of
trod a in @ reand mountain, an ‘or
{ree uth noe only: alliaulates the { gerega, (2 the morniog or evening | Joy" coutend that in the heatt of thiet passengers and inaile Ges, trauma é00

nouth not only stimulates the tarted
‘| ativaty glenda’ at cous tho ecere | tow ated olmtaredt by fase DT TER | dome, Hes the work's mreateat trvastire Ou! HNAMI—The ma, % Coppe.
. ton of very acti vegastric Juice. This | be observed at all saulafactoril ia ert house, a mass of virgin gould that will nae io dus hoes frum Pordina top K BLYINI EAD, the aarti
—AN D— ‘ is particularly pote enable ia the sub- I daylight. Venous is nearly as jarge as make’ the fabled wealth, of the Incaa | on Munday Sand May 1011, and will INES
fale ctpyjamciy im reek He Fema on it le much eer? 1 | erosion which has gemeon tnrough the | for New York taking cargo, Pace: [th orsont th
is \<
ng will ‘determine heartburn sup, Ite temperature inust Le higher has dropped the edges of the | geraapd dalle,

tomach crampa. than that of th 4. Thi
“it eollows that smoking imruetiately tenperate ee eet aoe oie t down tha guld-buaring | Oe eereenernneenrenens we ee '
sae eel Sea cor | og rare bat gon know mbetner Thlaldad Live of
. aod consis! eC Indi. . le
fue ecnecatly Spjurious Pitices, Mh aver t ricer tera a funnel leo now being sunk Inta the Taunt fee & AnBIY! aL
ait Ls sabjects tt may prove bene | a’ comparatively dense a i okuelly moontala, and (he projectary hope, of NDAD, BALE Ney titi
. Bed OF Ta acl ayo Feta: on tbe eae atisosphere which, Indeed, ta appar. | Course, (a Rud hire ae Uf ad oF (CRORE OF ORANADA, The ee Jeane Nene slau, Loven, 298 gan
. 2 oO e bel . me
action, In ac ently seen ana luininous border, in the tbroagh the ruck, the ‘Cran of Cranada’ Vere tei i a pawenares sal Tenet lgieke yn, ie

tery, it Is un lonably lofurioos | transite of Venus over the wun's lise,
gino “ite Infeace tenda to gparavate whkh ovcur ond or wicedn a centue May 1011 af ba riue there auth May 191i, ¥ Loyal Mast; ibs
ackdity, Mureover, | ry, ‘This dense Siawephers stivngly HOW THE QUEEN TRAING NER THROWN OY, NAVAL “Ati aim tor fi tid ae a Herat Puteh Fests

eee ceeap acidity of bhe stoniach contents | reflects (he sun's rays thus pre “tiuwa of Navarre “of the x
. ? way © feelts of distress, All! vents the surface of ia Manet fron CHWLDREN. es ec i at Pauly Stall anud a Yee ri A
lit toy cer seve fad alge attalulng # ten cetutuee? tr ay elevated ‘Gu tite ‘May bot Jad 1d To Cla. Aude Nay Bley y
fe Eo unt hut “ss ae highly se i te adlutinct mats Jeaule Howe Lien, blll a le be x ine da reues, th,
" Inct mark: | story uf Quepyy Mary la the 1 omun's
wrall advanced, 0 one ated ire ron ee ngs wields which uay Tera “| Mo Bagh ine, chy 7 go "i Sat Wi and ls due here ak Vaanunagy Re glare | Olen, os *
Ursot Ye te Te

Favouira = ¥. bi ned, Ca
tone Li howe Gr Coleus balls
Nana Veronrs Vones sloop, Nervlgn, :

the * delayed in indicatlse wf hy: uow, baye, fre teal ton Aer: vin very long les.

; perachdlity t they should atecont N26 | seen atike pales of oe a tn yoeeh mons for "young hi ay, Shere Mite * Maracas” of
. emoking al ber. deretion of Sil thew lg toe planet [have been traiued to joveall manly the Teele Tine. ‘on leaty for Xew
The deaire lor a good cigar ors elg: would be regarded tal pile, exce sports, the Queen bervelf teaching | York onthe Zird May 1011, aud ledue

atte fy many give 5 pearty for the 1a tayok ery which still surrounds | them to trun He oops os prelimicr there Slat May 1911. _

0. and runnlug aces w hen w tons, ub

who Compagate Genorle Sole ia atiatak Colon, ay 3,

ite pe:
Wiowlatia is! uence on gastrlg secre: ve ecto of a planet can be de they were quite lite,
tlon, and ¢ contort that follows 1a- teu and measured by following the sdaune Tirkke (who was vy the Transatlantique peitagere
barter is, da {ut et any] yoremcst of the making upen ite gusts! Own governess) at one tue a AUD a wet | Faarenxivan: Venes mbar, {Garvle, a
in attributable, 2. be extra iy surface. Ia syelatet to ft ania ta il super ined bee pillow, Me. Hos bu. ve ni” b al tons, 9 bears. ©. C. Colon, NUU lage coven
gree ‘are ro! on aris ty w. 2 UD) 2. t, Mame etna’ int
atiew ‘ibe action of tobacca te buvre gd Jupiler in 2 hours and UiUsey ently belny tutors ta ths teduser ptt Douniagus steal Liroral Lett loon Adis, 16 tons 3
K RINE § ARE me Y eoble 2 bat of @ liqueur, which | inioutes, The markio, ot Venus, | young Pipes, while now Mr, Flansell Guadeloupe, ‘ges and hi eae days, Grenada, 19 pire 2) kota, § totew
yy * a direct atte howerer, sre not eaficleatip distinct | who was foriwnerly tutor to Prince Heer eeepn grip ty Wey fier. sud comet wrelee |] rosine, 3 tare
8 Bwoking fust before magla [yg tp ‘poable the time of ruta be | Arthur of Connaught and Lon? Dal | Wil proceed itetverde: to Demerara, | keys, pot ioe
cated, because the pungracy uf ceriainig ahieralded, io 2@ astrono- neny, hae the supervision of the 4 Surtasmy Lt Cayenen taking oyu, pas: ‘May

Pa Ihe, French, Matt Steamer | Sabvanon: Vones Wilaig. @ bons,

B. p vrollgnent Ne producis tal 1 | sere pce
i] eee 2 ved)
FFOR oo A Tj 56. Bite 6 ou be one he i] jal reat lay ling dion We ite rire coe ie the Haron” a oe berg fron oe ett © pots padre packager Wr tbandivns

faaenel lve to allusen' . ‘of rel eh a be ry th ance a” afterwards to Martinique, usd
Yuira—to fact, thelr ei utlo ter ahh Me {ike pas nant nth eben examinations as a 4 bwutesdar, Hordsaue and et iste
TATE or alvjioh the bltacte-g ory relies, ttt mtn bo Ssiern mount ths teat ecu held po selenite OLOG0R OF MAILS. .
LL G ebue rpeiving pe of ‘sxlow gine ‘cups ial mrys ho Ayer Dak} rea! Hace Uy bat . bropenly Malis for) { Ctutad
calla * appeth ‘ arene | renee the nae fare he pum, aa poet and a La the youths nas iasAhe ae. or j
exbattalin le sallyery pec {a the parth, while tds Dige briny % tNe] on Mouday, Lite fastowt py 3 par eat
of A) Acres. fore Hea ctente ibs ei yar niapuye ee os posed tu Thee youn) alice have vielted | Th treiiouehanes at lem * ‘a ay
erialat| feby bgiad oc ten af the saliva on | glecaal oll wal Carkuens | Haid | the Tower is thet Londen seks O rines ay wiles’ wh Vevelee ta rota in
» anh pa we xbilitions a t lends ry .
For fortber P danert corteepondeut adds © Ly, tor the surtven of sete baate Fe | with the fy fivet,. iieredled ‘leas tate a bio oath mvashce ie ‘dened here et ye Heglurattou = *

ww Pe palin [ast ixfine galug to bed turned towasds the sua alt county te guile Without ce smopy,
ja utes fulluwed by insula, is, Enea ture la hot ond t he other eeu oe Po phe ‘huey ab the cuteance, at Show in por le ttle,

vee ait te for Nuw ‘York by by a “Maracas®
phe plowen cuptalas a quantity ot" woud fe in venely ould, vente! and tking part in We oldestuws LAINE ENULISE CHAKA, ‘

Wb slum don Sad reed
ad pm Hequtsellea dace of



* »


Sars Bact, | ) AW MIL
eee’ Ly :

wee Mage Woes :

rfowe —_——— ; .

Set stamens CLugmens, the Hadas > taken over this Saw Mill from the Estate of

PRPS Te hehe we nae F. A, SKEETE and are resuming work

faces, and ~ P ‘
in heavy veile which extended from

thetr heads ta well below their walsta, .
The Hindus of MarsciHes had covered ’
the road from the boat to thé Begum's 9 am



Superior Nialocin ive sclreston the, que rea siping, In tole The Saw Mill has every facility to handle work quickly—a, railway siding ‘@

/ 4 Superiority of iw athe over ae Country Customers to send their fogs to be sawn right into the Mill iwithout exttd dy
™ e best possible’ manaf

. It contains no Habit-Forming Drugs. There lea very Toevteral structure | ANG COSt, Bc —and we shall endeavour to turn out all work in possible m ‘|


wwhalt way up the 700-foot tower—are

po i i pana Chen eat ike a Boastipation ur igen ie wi is antes We shall keep a good stock of Jalousie Flaps, Window P
NS It produces a natural action, Pinnacles, Fretwork, &c, and charge reasonable prigg
bf pameee of Ghecmis constipation — |iomausulliis tection | good clean work. ”
. Tinos CONSTIPATION GOISONS, THs HUMAN SVSTEM, AVFECTING EVERY gonstit te astape end ad retimancnt os
0. Brice One Shilling, ee ey cay, oF by night, on the dials GS ARO LD 8G CAH RHR,
The Inter-Amsrican Drag & Trading Co, 180-182, Poarl St, New Tork | crene unccntocs tenes "Yueeea | SAW MILL TELEPHONE No. 68.—say 2in—1n. OFFICE TELEPHONE, SOUTH Q¢

Sold by all the Leading Chemists, aid white fig er oot red . [Ryjam= ’ 0
Se ee tower tip, and visible on clear nights fd
FOR. RENT—-FURNISHED. > Riiceris sue wiem ast Arrived and Now Landing} suite | HENDERSON'S |

—_—_————— .


REBEL HEROINE. ~oF- ° R d ol

COCORITE, __ | sudinemenimya| “ALL HEART” SELECTED |Ladies Ready-to-W

Jommaan: tative view aif containe :—Drawing room, 3 bed roome, e “He: *" comman a q
SUSE RES SMa eee OOO | le yuleti sta ae UNBLED —1N8

Apply~1l Tragarete Road ~ . « Phone 376 sauisniiescubg hpmuccess Pitch ° Pin e lsumber Wuntrimmec. Exe

20, Nenorita Nerl, who ta only elghtee . Z
SS ‘| years of age, inherited ber ‘futher’ These have been specially selected by our Mx..2im
who is at present in Eagland, a

revolutionary tendencies, and when

CED EDSON the resent jarurrection broke out in E Schooner “ W. M Richards nN
exlco, she left the convent where she . . f
W. C. ROSS & Co. had been educated and pisced herself x .> TL ADIFHS SKETRTING sg
meneame Various ralalog and industrial enter . IN ALL THE LEA 3. 4
ie! a ortune, whic 4
MINERAL WATERS. VonoritaNect is rrendion a teene ct pimen weet. Delaines, Foplias & tephyae
nn eRe eae ishls called b 2x3. Ms rs 5 059 OUR LACES & EMBROIDERIES ANE A SPECIALITY,
VICHY CELESTINS VALS Bt. JEAN & PRECEUISE pitt ls call been Zee we Me oe 29310 veeeccnvonceswces Z
BAU D'EVIAN EAU St. GALMIEN (Dade ente betwen 2re nn wo “ os 4,042 .
CONTREXEVILLE EMPEROR FREDERICK rees during the past 2x5 o “ x Sa ° ¥. HENDERSOW
APOLLINARIS LITHIA, CARABANA two Monthe, She vdieplare cheese 228 2. a ae os ix Fancy We Wik
APENTA, ABILENA 4g. I fanatical bravery, aud ts ery popular ax ee ee o wo 134 ihneeicl . “ y
v o re one ons a on i wocohe ;
Colonial Dispensary. wilted ae beta ee cee eee ten 32.6 ae > ASB ene aed ;
. woman, and devoted to the revolution. 3 x wn 2 - “ “ ett ee
Oe eee | ALY CRUE 3k % me m = 2.837 ~ es i:
i tone mpe pamtue Bx we em MO ,
The Royal Mail | fuyesat of mas, PAULINE Cag Gs) om oem + lg ..
St Packet C a xfe5 me o we :3620
8 oho us cam Packe o, KING. ox 8 w v ~ 3.198 7
—_ x one ae oe wee ”
‘ _ = (From @ Correspondent.) fai % = x = iat, OP :
—_- ae ” + — fey
ERBICE.—The R M.S, * Berbice * will leave Port-of-Spainon Tuesday 16th} The death of Mra, Pauline King, an 6x6 ‘ a ~ oe 4,406 *
May, at0 p.m, for Carupano, Pampatar, La Guayra and Pto, Cabello, | esteemed and teapected revident of 6x6 w oe wee wee 9,lea , ®
taking passengers, cargo and mails, 6x8... me a ove 3,103 an ;
The passenger tender will leave the Lighthouse Jetty, Queen’s Wharf at 5 Ooxle.. we a oon 3.618 3
“peo, with let and 2ad claes passengers and their baggege for the * Berbice” Be 8B we te oo on 5159 \
Cargo tor the “ Berbice "wlll be received up to 4 p.m, on Monday léth May. Iilness of about seven months, she : x W “ Rovan Boaiips one Die
Ing contrac # cold frou which, x Sandu, bm os aid
LY DE. ~The ILM.8. “Clyde” fe due here frons New York, via Antilla (Ouba v med De 7 ve -
Ter ioatecion, Cartagena, Pto, Colombia and Pto, Cabelioon Monday tak te He wet he gical aa ae kind b ¥ 3 ond oP re ae on ates Ope
May, and will leave the next day for Southampton, via Berbadbe, St, Michaels nureing of relatives aod friends, she x Bard op, do, we 9437
(Asores) and Cherbourg, taking lit class aad deck passengers, cargo and mails, passed away as above stated. Th, 1 ‘ ' . ys of
The tender mm dare the ghthouse Jetty, Queene Wharf at dpm, with | Passes lady will greatly be missed by Total Rooph Scantiiog, Boarde sad Pinks 264,420 feet Doors, Windows, Door
pas oo re od
Tasengers are specially notified that a baggage lighter to be despatched to {large circle of frie bee “fom she 1: 800 ri Drewes poarde~ planed 85,347 Jalousie Flaps, Roc
homeward mall will leave the St. Vincent Jetty at 3, on the day of eall- kind disposition and ‘wae g all tine lx aed reseed Boarde.. planed .
, and ngere are therefore requested to see that their baggage is sent Paehe her Uliness the Ten 4 sides, G.& | 10,007 AND
down before that hoor. . iz Fe | Ip x 6 Floorlog Biardewpiased I ile, T, ise — __
F.-Tha R.N.S. “ Berbloe” ledue here from Demerara on Tuosday it % 6 Floorlog Boards~plened 9aider,G. &T. 15038 75,413 feos

conpectiog with the R.M.S. *ClyJe' on that data,

i: te
j been } TOTAL CARGO I (
4CANTIA. The K.NLS. *Balaotiaâ„¢ le due here from the Northern Islands h her | . ee oe 352,843 feat 8S O O O BR if
B on Tuesday 16th May, connecting with the 1.M.S. *Clyde“on that date, religion. The funeral took place next. We offer the above at our tegalar low rates, snd farite fospection of 100 being really 9

_ oY b” te due bere from Southampton, vie Ob. '. day and was laigely attendal. The Fires? Ciass Quality, +
Bt Michaels (Anores) and. arbedoa on Tucaday 2rd ‘by, dod will work fa corte “ ett the house of mourning | W. S. ROBERTSON & CO., LTD. _ AAT— .
ptrict quarantine at this port, taking maile only, about iy fem and Faint on the i BIN FERNANTO, . IDIC 0 ; 1
. . — le
ERBICE.—The ILMB. “Herbice” will leave hers oa Tuesday Zid May, | OH-8p» of Portof-Spain, [Mth Bey, ILL 1 R. ULOUSLY LOW :
B for Grenade, Bh Ny inoent BL Lucia, Dominica Monteerrat, Antigua, ich Sa a armen amen AD
t Ly peasengers, e le ~AT—
The toader will leave ibe hthouee Jetty, Queen's Wharfat 5 pm., with 8 teaponsory * Libera,” A HINDU WEDDING. .

. ~~ e
yy a t th: clusion, the f — | P | )) a
Lar otic penises bfse elt be reaived on Monday 220d May, only up revi Preceded by {he pase Bed, (From a Correspondent) t dy m In er =". Az. 23." EF NE".63 ae:
= i 1 On Tuestsy 9h May.» weddiog —AND= -
Evy party of Ke SOUTE CUAY

party of Kast Indians left Prince:
Cargo for the Balastia® wlll be received on Monday wznd May, only up fon.
7 \

5 '
fown for. omen, Bi parte Dietrick . x> ARTOF ——————>—>—— > ==£{_[_==K{ [=
1, 2 le
on, mond. T. Linder tad fants wane bor uf tn District a aloe ir
Next Sailings for Carapanc, Pau-

ALANTIA—The R.M.S, “Dalantla” will leave bere on Tuesday Bird May
Bie ader mill lonve tis’ Ligutiuss delay Gueen's" Wharf at 1 p.m, with j
* ave the on jusen’s arf a m
passongers ad thelr baggage for the “Balantlat pra, wit

arres Mentrs, -
er James, William Wil. gtoom was the eldest sonof Pargas- —at "Mario Tootitnana n,
the mourners were Nr. F. Kin agIC Toothache Dr

singh, ¢ latue and influencial proprie.

rletoes ate eddin; THEO rue,
woyp nities | data Ne Bid Re piece daaeml Mteams| ON ervtsiwe wing Rea |
SIATRATO © = we May DERBICH 10th May Prieata of Trinees Tow, Tus beide's F ° c FPrlceo iaa per Hottie 4
TOROTAVA* “ dsth Jue BALANTIA 3th May rrecuta of Jewellery were ail of gold riday 26 th Inst, At PAR'S PHARMACY, Bolmest ‘7
sHaubeLesiae ° yukJily | HACRNT 4 . adh Jane (hom were maby priest, Eat t a Diauer yDaaeo Piet tad at The Favourite Pharmacy, opposite Wash Hoow Sat ik
“ATRATO" 4. “eth August |UALANTIA. °*) BUT dread was Uf musiked distiaetion and lana & Dando Picket 8. 4
v exceptionally good tay Among Geatlewen Dance fioket sseo one 4}.

: Menton’ Mise J. a, ~ . = ;
New Service to Venezuela. To tire works ere wae 8 display — F OR E NT.
en es . hallon, Maes Anct 3), Mee D, — : 4
geet comenclag en Tussdey Ioan iy thor whet heatsaty pamnouncieg | Heriomew Ale barthletews Mm OBJECTED TO THE INSULT. ke couemen, a0 entitled to R a: §

sb anew service from SM.

Port-of-Bpalo, to Carupano, Pempatar, Ls juayre and Ito Vabello, Bovell Mise Seales, Sfua Ky ‘raucois, Acricket match had heen arrai le Bayer will be a
The rateof passage from Trlaidad wil be a4 followes— : eo te aa Wer i tate ken iad pcre bl mead tH aed H'rom Ist June i
PAE ake 3 RG [Mira ie ites a alin tt “utes Feserancred tone te | DOMESTIC SEIVANTS ARMUAL ———— *
Ponier CANELLO tw wa eo iioure, Sa licomonnd, Wer and ic beer. Sipe ce Mr. ———Hlun, BALL, UE upper Storey of the large and well situated ial
No reture tickets will be lesued, Cie BAY h, Fe and K Scott, NB. Be there at £30 aha me

Southern corner of Broad aay, Kuowe,
daviwg, BAL Parvell, P. Regis, H. Ona of the recipients, Boowtean named }* ME atore widte band at the Prisces Rroad wa of B way and bouth Gus been

: and 60 Sout 4
Kale, J.Nasarvo, HL For, MLon Hilog wae rather, puisled to know what | A Building on tbe 37k May 2911 a oxtebaiva, 160 South Qudy, ‘The pranaisas

@ropairoa for the past throg moaths aad po cxpeaw ht
von Spermd with regard to Bisera im provoments, ad an
i , a emu !
EES ae ton gee [paaittneactiar ie tafeaatee | eure othe Ue afe larga Coupes or oe eae
fatter cs etl | aba a dee | Aplcaon wanted wry ata Seal nora nae

Rate of freight ¢i a)
Pavengers will be embarked and Per tpn
, tbe Coupan "gown strand launches,
: Bpecial Stewarde speaking Spanish are carried og board both Bteawers,

For all furthorcparticulars apply at

janded free of charge at Fort of-Spain in | cballun aud iuan others, = Wreaths eant, and asked hileeuployer, wis on energetic comel

pa were ecut by iaty fends and ore Why aaid that worthy, with a twinkle | of alare, Prowsiace ta eolipss iat
Palhisers "To the sorruwing sone— table re hu. beer 0° a
orphans and other relative We offer
oat vlnoore wympathy.

© 0 course. 1010068 opecisl mark the Corseation

‘ = u
y iy COMRANY: , ” Tovine be executed in accordan: i rements d
x THE COMPANY'S OFFICE, |.’ sy cise ate fear eg Pest exe te SUNTAN copa “apply ty een te «
me . : . Bel ican Ile Phyo 4 ‘ * ‘
roo Marine Square Port-of-Spain uae delicate child without fear of © f° tp inaslt ot tet Yours truely? ¢ a, cool tut " -
cunetiation. tobe waretary,

‘ 2nd May, 1911,



Â¥ cy \

‘a -


Special Leading Lines,



: ty Lot to acloot from,in 18 inch, 22 incl:
4 Lovely and 27 inch wido, oe

- agostry “tair Carpets —
(with order), -cepectally suitable for Bed-
rodas—ab 48c., 60G, 72¢ ant $1.00 por yard.


mor Thing wa: L -

. 1179 in 38 aces.
a Hdgings and Insertions,

in Mdgings and Insertionsfto match,

Bier Big Shipment Jost to Had,







© Carrying Through Freight for Tobago.and Ojudad Bodvar,


vs ARRIVA Leave
3 j;@toemxne2m, we Yorx,) TarxipaD

oe =
Da’ ee we


x oF CRANADA® ...
c me



Be vid Trinidad and Gronada,

9 Broadway, New Work and Pord of Sroau,

: Oman 1s, per bottle,

. marked,
OST OFFICE Bor No. 70, Port-of« : AVE | your beget ie Una :
Beals, wonid be glad tobearircm! Laing’s White Pine H eens et cme. Bee: DOUNY | tevtained, A POSSIBLE LOCAL COMBINE maputacturerss hem :
sper need Teacher of Erementar sab Cough Syrup. Riga-Painter, _sorner aiirederick and |’ ENGLAND, DESPOILED by oat Generel, Petrolenuy Properties at St, Madeleine, thet lo " “ ‘ite
5 Be ecme, for one popil, five .« LISH ¥ YARBIAOY | Queen Btreet—: Pi elm, A. etlons' Vand. p it taining & won Caue fatmers and their re‘atione Trinidad per Mh bo 112) 189-018
mde Apri's5ib 36. Te patna Natigael A Deere by | sankecte ths Coneclianced: guitAebie With manuactiers wilvitiroor.
s of Houth Africa to Join the general Miditliog Upland per &7






margarine, Margarine

tish Made Margarine.

n excellent substitute for cooking Butter without
wing to pay tho excessive price which Butter


elinitadShpplng& Trading Compan, Lid


TxrmipaD |) NEw YorK
Apr 1
2 i

May pr For Sale by

Wed from TRINIDAD to DEMERARA each trip, returning to New




FLAGS—all sizes; very’ cheap.


ie Bonanza | Bonanza GentsDept.



45 28 BAM OU


Gillette Razor. Auto Strep Razor,
Frica £5.00, Price $5.00

Price $1.00.

Horme’s Safety bezor,
Frioe $8.60.




GRABHORN-—Be:t Pocket Safety Ragor.
Economy end Comfort.



Shaving Brushes, Shaving Soaps.
William's Shaving Cream,

Razor Strops



7, Frederic Stroct



Funds Exceed ... £12,000,000

NSURANOES effected against
1 loss or damage by Fire on
Buildings and contents of Ware-
houses, Offices, Shop, and | Store
Premises, and Private Dwellings at
moderate prices!




Cotton Seed






sayet aulonomy


Advica To Travellers,

ni than
it | proposx

Natloual Gallery, 1

ment sbonld
ppon objects

one wil

AReal fem (BONANZA)

Laneashira Insurance Ol {Q000 MILES:


Mode Motor Car

bag done fu T:lolded withond a slogie
hitch in the Machinery.




Fox Terrier (ms'e}, pure whibs, except
A ears whickney ‘Pe and bleek,

tell ielong aod carly. Ir wastes collae
acd way jest seta polog ep Avbara Riad.
Apewere to the name of “Tyke” A
reward of 85: flered to Bader taking «sme
to J9, Srmswore Avense,

WL d& Panama Telegraph Company


London, May 12th,
The annual report of Sle bldon

t in igypt
Cet ae a eesvedd @ failure f

the fostitutlons have eet ee inere In: ?
struments agains! a " 6

4, MARINE SQUARE. and they mak to render (he Govern:
. inent's Luelnens hopeseible, A

of ruling In co-operation
milnisters {6 ‘Incuinpatible with repre+
ventatlve juatitutions, and until the
lans understand that the Gov
yerument fe net to be hustled inte

going farther are eves beneficial, ‘Do

1s towards the develcpment of
fie Pegistatlve Cavaell should be

vi t, Trustee of the
tir Edger. Deel i a

eatablialy an esport tax
art of 10 per cent,

< > iY SZ Sel 7 a ‘ihe proveede esticuted at frou
C. #2000) to ba t fo th
Â¥ can a at ot art, weone New

the Iniy shonld

ment Bi were rejec
some debate, it has passed the
weetala “Te wid be re & thin

‘Mi li
21 Uiferent Styles in Men's * MAGNOLIA” Boots,

Just opened --Whole and Half Sizes. «

No, 1~-Mena Black Glace Derby Boots=Patent Tips oe G225
No, 2—Mens Black atl Vict Lace Boot Leather Lioed oe 485
Noy 3-Meoe Black Viel Whole Front Elastic Bide Boots 4. 425
Noe d~Meos Tan Vick Whole front Elastiq Boots ne we 450
No. 6=Meox Black Vici Kid Shoe Cat Derby Boote... ore 425
No. 6 - Meow Ten Vici Kid Shoe Cat Derby Bort: _... ane O25
NO TeMeos Pateot Shoe Cut Derby Boots—Vici ap ae 498
% 8=dMene Velour Calf Shoe Cut Derb Booty Vie Topas. 435
No O-Mens Tan Willow Calf Shee Cut Deby Boots ow §=450
Now 10 No ll=Mens Black Vict Tace Boots, 080 54% ¥ doles ee 423
No® 18—Meos Tan Viel Kid Derby Boots, O SO EZ E Bales... 423
No’ 13—Mene Tan Viel Lace Boots, O SO ¥Z-E Boles oe 485
No 14~Sens Tea Vici Kid Derby rea Boots tee vee 425
No 13 Meus Tan Orala Derby boots for Heary Wear we 425
No, 16—Mens Tan Graig 13 loch High leg Pianters Hots. 6.8)
No, 17 Mens Bleck Viel Kid Derby Shces, O-SO-EZ-E Sola 423
hoes, OSO EZE Boles... 635

No 18=—Meue Tan Vici Kid Derby

No. 19+Mevg Ton Vicl Kid Derby Shoes, De: Banyon

‘4 Cuehion Soles oe vee ous ee, on, 430

No. 20=Mene Black Viel Derby Shoes, Ur. Baryon Cushlon Beles 450

No, 21 -Mens Tan Willow Ualf Derby Lace Shoes... we 480

Special attention paid to Country and [otercolonial
Mail Orders.


Smith Bros. & Co.


Times resiatence to the
attempt .of the Unious to pre
ognient of any ex-

he newspapers hare
suvcesively in
flevotel to ex:

In its

veut the empl
cept Unionists,
discontiqued appearin
the form of small shee
planation of the controversy, Govern
ment work has entirely stopped

A Peking despatch states that an
Imperiatediet authorizes the conclu:
sion of a four power loa 1 of alx milion

unds for construction of rallwaya in

he southern provinces. The edict
aluo forbids work by governmental
boards on Sundays, an abandonnent
of « wost anclent custom, The South:
ern provinces, which are hostile to
foreiguers, and the Manchu Dynasty's
favour for them ave stunned ‘by the
boldness of the innovations: and only
forcible sopposition will present the
opeolag up of the Empiee which laa
been discussed, withoul result, for half

All British



the new



Unleas the progress of Government
business enables it to adjourn sooner ;
and the latest date for reassembling
will be July sth, The Op
have agreed to supply and inean:
while reciprocity is be Nettle

New York, May 12th. %
The Bermuda-Atiantic Steaiashlp scat
Company bought, on Tueslay, a site
for the erection of a. suililon-dollar
hotel facing Hamilton harbour, Pas.
sengers will debaik upon the


on he



————— eee A des * tt mayt

. patch from Logota slates og Mel
s . LATEST TELEGRAMS. Colombia persists tn {te refusal 10 re

Al Quality, SeEar Weuicea an Segue’ “is B84,

rulssion having proved a failure.

A Caracas telegraus says President 45
Gonnez's nessa te regrets that the in-
sletence of Holland and France, apon
thelrclalms prevents a renewal of re-
lationa, Venezuela doea not fesr the
United States who has never been re-

nsible for Venezuela’a internal con-
tile . and never Imposed Injustice.
Thedebt has reduced by tweoty-
twa tnillion botivars to eight


London, May 12h

The race for the Newmarket Stakes
was won by the Mr J.
“Sunstar.” Me Haphacts " Beaure-

with native

tuwanis au-

ene Persiphone" 3rd.

the Govera- petroleuct companys Guayagusyare

Goldtields propuse to forin 6 company
with a capital of one million two
ante ieten aa
ener ‘e etry OK
hundred thousead fully pa! a sharew
for their Guayagueyate and Atipero
tracts ; being slx shares for every five
fonued by the General letrateun Coy,
which to gtant the Ouusels.
dated bok flelda an option for & period
to eaablle the
englocereta Tria
the properties of ene!
lenus Gounpeoy. The Siryctotw a

the Parlla-

. and afters re

+Bontanza Furniture


~—— +
Mn Willlam G, Freeman, B. Se,
London University, ALO8., FL8,
&eo., the newly appointed Assistant
Director of Agriculture, who arrived
here by last. mall from Kagiand, la Car
Ink & stranger to the West

Indies, phough this a
College of Sclence, Mr. Freeman went
eut to Ceylon in
Secretary fo the Director of the Royal
Hotanic Garden
took part in nota fewof the experi-
ments which were then beiog made In

tmade extensive travels in that {sland
and studied ngticultural methods In
that colony with great
himself generally.
he met ‘the late Mr

Carruthers who was then on his way

of Agriculture (Barbados) as Nclence
Assistant til] 1x!
b> England, he
Institute as hicad of the department In
charge of the collections of economic
products, ininerals end zoology. Later
went over to Boul
where he remained
five months, He made the award at

etal Palace forthe Wert Indian
awarding the to
Jamaica. Up to the timeef hie ap-
polntipent peres Mr. Freeman was an

gpareerly Journal ‘Sele P ”
fea, Vreeman Temalnud at Dartatos
onthe way out and leaspeted here
by the next mall. Thelr

lo Barbadian.” Mr, Freeman
from observations aa ated his reading

gticulturall eeakl
a culta: s in
and he thon Ms Kell of th

bite of the Colony in England, which
though certainly very alan did pot, PRIGES CUARENT.
Ile frst’ lcnpremalobe of Trluided are
\e ul
very favourabie, KEW son’ Nth, Mayinh


Tha fallowlug fa
Mall letter which
morrow’'s jaeus, a6 ust

‘The Weather.

Meteorutugtcal Blatlation,

Vhe Cullivation for We -

{a (he cane crops (broughe
B Joel’s out the mina dlateleta,
@ value
pare” belng Zod, and Lonl Derby's Canes aca producerof sugars
1 Arethey « profitable luveetment to
pianufacturers ?


~ ¥rida
(Before the Chief Justice. ©,

ol u roma cM 1. M. .
Youn ¥ Uaxpens—Me ILM, T.
Prizgar for the plaiulift and Mr, A. L.
‘Brown for defendant,
This wae a part beard action of
damages for breach of warrant with
ord a tha sale uf cows,
fore evideuce was heard and Ils
Honour reserved fudgmen’
De MATAS Vo Gakygn t—Mr.
Blache Wilson

L av




Remombering hat we epend at least babe: third
‘our lives in bed it ts ,surely reasenable that o1¢
Hest-Rooms shoukl be


Thusa are just two of the mauy points to which
8. B. & Co, attond properly,


Aroju t the daintiost creations you cin Istagine and
aro all copy ructed on HYGIENIO PRINOIPLES.


They will help you to plan it out so that your
Beare. Werle bg ”

Really Well Furolshed and Comfortable

Price ? Of courss that depends on require:
ments, but you will be surprised to find what a
lot &. B, & Vo. car provide for littl: money.


agiug 90 cocoa trees, two immortelte
trees and a pear tree. Defendant sub-
sequently saw plaintitt and agreed to
pay 800 in settiement of the damage
aodhe was allowed a week for pay:
meat. He had not paid and the action
was therefore filed, Ptaintiff would
not allow the tree ta be ved untll
the amount of damage wae

The defence disclaimed ability alto
gether on the ground that there wae
na negligence in the felling vf the tree
for which all the ations

agreed topay $W, but aduitted his
preparednese to submit the matter to

The hearing was adjourned to Fri-
day next,

Cuina Juunson v Bannt-eMr. Ke
Gransaull for plaintifand Mr. J. Ryan
for defendant.

Judgment by confevslou with costs,

{Before Ar, Juatice Russell, LEB.)

his firet visit to

student of the

as assistant

there, and ‘he

Itubber Industry, He

advantage to
Returning to Eng.

L -
} acentury, Preeautlans agalnst revol+ INcAID, Keutr & Co. vo WHAR
dony O* “Omee Per petenarrand een Yio ar ea ALO sine hintaan toe ae eanny | FORE “MeL
cen CANADIAN APPATIS, | to take out ta Ceylon with hin. | by Mr, dD. Mellier & Ooy., for pla
4 Ottawa, May With. VY baving accepted a. poattion on the { His Br, C, B.D, Farquia, Instrigted
SMITH BROSAND co Sieh ans Lt Earl Grey has given hie last Btate stall o the Hayat Colle; ent Relence M jee, for defendant.
oS 0] “Sly Wilfrid Laurier salts frou fon: | [0% known as the Tinperial College of @ bill of exchange
The WornsmrsM, treal to-day. , therewith up to 100), when he joined Shere is also # counterclaim for
Parliament will adjourn ou the 23rd, | the stat? of the Imperial Department | Sontutlssion,

Furter evidence was heard
watt, hearing le adjonrned for three


Several arreste of rioters hare
been made at Ay and Kpernay in
France, Clnematograph pictures were
f the riote, which were shown

when, on returnin,
joined the Imperial

for ene four or


tur of the well kuown

tet baby,
here mention

{othe wall, and twisted {¢ tit he brok:
hie vertebral column. .

i Trinidad }
6 recent exhi-

Blended Cleara for
W.L per barrel = BO Hoo

Kilndried per br).

ponginel rer bel = $0 way
iiegry Stews por”

& synopile of our
will apposr in to-

were to ut 10st

on Heedhag

Medium Fine thea lelands *

ve May 1th jMayty ‘

BUA ara Cryetals

Muacovade Floating
Terme ewe


ime on donday. for plaintlif®: Mr. Be
AS-all colours. LLOYD GEONGE, THY COLONIES | the propusel subject to the laibe i
Ney KLOWERS, SWEET rE t shades. Oy TIE MUTHERLAND.. | fare buntirmation Fee otatant ee bY Med
NeW wt BBONS—In all the lates Mr, Lloyd George, ta an luterview, action of £23 for dam
TWE LYE ONLY VEWY HANDSOME TOQUES, has alate that nally 'apoclal “ar us lalate cultivation’ by defeint:
how To-Days rears end {he Mothectacd for the xO Wirnocy Auomiot.—Hume | ent’s felllug of a tre ou the boundary coxsota *
Those Goods aro on Sho 7 ty sf ticipation of the Vomlaions ja the aud any medicines have sloubol Del pdaut couuterclafined for $20
oe + [Paturaboe Scheme: We will give las @ feourpent fugredient. A judl- q ute mir Olt, SHARES:
——— ‘ them the advantages they concale us | sous tnlagiing z ovsentlal alls for a ondar tree sel ard © plaints Tetrokcose Optlon ;
/ it they start their own arrangements” pow the famous Canadian Healing ]t was shawn foe pl I i ng Westere Oil jelda e- ¥
: . SELW. AY: 1 APAtGaN PHINTEIG | Oty syed th being outa, da It os Fel tat a ee oe ubetie tnlhe Mas) sete Ram UST Re i game |
"RICHARDSON and re Le MAN oy | Mab af Pentel tat [tenet sig | “Sea sitarea hat
, PBPAIN & PHINCES TOWN, 4 ytels diy woppaling sind ried my er fa } 4, a tee whieh felboa plelatuya lend, dans *Ne uitathon


a Payers tera DAY OF eee of fvinkbed and Uycie & Athlete bperte! 3 — e makes = The Barbados
a} ; Various Systems of }

sAtway 3x0 IONE, tot!
PROV(3I0 Nau “FROORAAMY, WHOLE LIFE ANYORANOE—By py pion paysite for vigil

TOR td hereby 5 Pied | vince ;
aon > nal ;
Ea Sa See aes yd TESS P| aR ac



teers of the Oonrt L--OnuMiLe Bact:
on Thareds be dine dey o}

ieee ist STN ot To sacare am dannlty (0 the of

i Re ae OnURANOK Ae Tages ‘


en Ee Agent,
LW. BONYUN & 00a

% neta
rime Usoitt bea Yiret prise FOR —SALE

Bod prize Co the value ff

. chee be prensa, fered 4 River by la
Notice, evememnsaee| aecetedeay "| Stanyood evans (GF eesueea LIFE ASSURANCE col
, ma i
BALE I RA tru | 8g secs | mina Pitter of be valve ‘ier il aren 400 Acres. 7 inet Ea GON,
» ‘ Pa at rea ite TBD Yinve Fiat Race n, En- IRTY BIX (36) (a6) reaiatered contrac> Established 1826,

Es NOTICE aE is gtereby alven that | of yarses Willlam and on the trance Foe acd, Prizes of the value tore ra bogahy Gre (78) acree fo 00008 INCORPORATED 19

exercise of the of of Patriela Tent $8 and eras pleated up
tele conferred apoe bee by the | Allred MeBacate fie dat ti 6-0 cage res sre a raenei beiog INSURANCE Head Offee:: . Edinbe

ioen" et FIBE HISKS on all Hada of Teo my Doane: Olle fer the-Wont fader,

986 annette avd wanes,

plan érewa vi Mice ICYCLY 4 > Cedar pertics acoepted by A; t Reveeed Riconts 2 . -

aded oa the North by lands of pace ae hat niue, “Competitors bos or aleable The North is British & Mereaotile Javosted Funds Bxeved rr re 7
Ja and by lands of Willie must have actually raced Inat feast od, Osdar Bxlstieg ren - tot il
Bath ted Men Py crava | lite for tis avesk, Jat" pris n | ADEOED INSURANCE COLTS Bepseos Danie me


Livers! Surrécder value,
Lomas advanced on security of Policies cp to 90 per osnt., of

ceiawelie he Reduction tg home rates daring visita to Ker

Progévals Accepted gud Policies issued [a tne Wess nite ¥
Olaime ‘Giaime Paid Immediately on proof of death and scttleneet

Policies on which age is admitted ate eochalleageable after ik

od Bigyele nted by Messrs, Smith tablished 260M

Bleck ond by le Brom, & beaeh balf *loog “Todefonsibfe| om

oa Tharadey § sop d odam of . All taxes pald to

se Ut vone Tatty vevwees ti Beet aac te eatieriy the nib dev fig, $5,ch prise #6, Lap prize open, | ile eager RE aie £3,000 P We are now prep pre to accept.
ogee 900 (registered as No 1878 of 1908) trace F # ta Gl, Offers will be receives by the | risks on the Oil Fidds ¢¢ on Dore
Ga No. 31 for socnring ep es Fenny tes Sand undsreigned, ricks, Motor, Kagine‘and Boiler
‘Ward of Tarere la the sland of Trieidad 84,1200 farther Mtannod abd fotere ws {hove whee have presentede JOBN DENNIS SELLIER. Houses, Refineries, [Hesidential
sontalaing fourteen scres and twenty: ated shies Sh dey ol of May Lot), (Colony our ile pal tworean. En , Solicito uarterg.and other property, Ou] Head

jb bes be the same more of }
delisedied aod decctibod in the plea at- Beaty Rosine, of #8 G6 and G2 Time limitr 6f] 13, 8, Viocent Strat ‘nuke and thoir contents etc,

mins, .
tached to the C.owa Great to Klson 12 Ro'Vanme Fuar acre, Handles ort-of Spain.

rod fis the office of the Regie- 6

ta Gar leo Ail fe fs | Ry eee LiLo optant Adrlca fo Musicians | CLAMS QROMPTLY, SENILED 1910 Bonus.

aod abutting North spoa latds sow of ITs Mink Trercue Race--Open, P Bole Agente for Fir Department ,
lately of Viewate Hernandes epoe the Rlo | TRINIDAD, Time Hmit 0} mins. Competitors fia Trinided ¢ The last Javestigation for Division ‘of Profile among the

Giro Road one bandred links wide, South | fa the Sapreme Court of Tr’alded and must hive preiine Cte' ¢ least | YTS keown tha < empty veraile keep The trindad Shi & Tradlag anat 15th November 10103 and the Bonus thea declared wes
spon lands peutioned for by Kegoobunse Tobsgo, two of the ng Cycle eve werent fe oes noise? A Big * Ad,"—witbont zg cent, annem og all with Profits lolicies. Such s Polley

pou lands sow of lately of abe, Crowe No, 200 of i910. be sligitle feria race, the geonice bicking Ismtdesding, There- added to the eum amared £75—by way of Bouus le wos

Ft epos lands now oF letély of Laloy the Matter of 1“ “nn dx nd Lap prise fe foe | fore, bear te mind you wil be baying a4 a ee tid } U0
Eat ee spo . jaro, Koad one, be an pee Bante Patna ot Spanite peaelle Of the value of $5 and | blind man and peyiog your money uselewly | 4 ARINE INSURANCE effected on Dargo,


to another, anl-as vou paorchase yaur Gold or Silver and Registers -
a rie Hemmant ree] eee Serge tm Pham [5-H aaa tera sare letep | ede tiseeaat wenetiats | 7 ae a
jeria del roca Pam, oa _ w,--which we prom!
Seca a ceniriee| Hit lee habia, |, attends von [pein tr os oias| | THE OCEAN
ie inte ander the age o! Care, 16,—-H. be hte ane ace ous prem ses,
Aleta, ot upon lands bow or lately of thelr mothsr aod gaerdiza Marts trance F aa Prizes of the value P.8.—Remember we exchange old jaatra- MASBIXE JASURANGE £0. LTB
eo LomMmvo.

Laloo and {otersected by a Road reserved », fog the diffes-
7% Pepelloas Tyla Open Nuce Miz Bicveus ment for pew once by peyieg . CATITAL woe eet tee £100,000

or Unke wide tgerber with she

sppurvenances thereto belongiag sare and | In the Matter of Crdizance No, “43, on TRINIDAD MUSICAL, HALL | RESERVE £om000
therefrom nice thousand alse Ordinanoe to facilitate the sale of nd ‘Trind reterick St | Agentss—DOE TRINIDAD SHIP
Reodrat end tty five vapertclal fom cold | Intante Propectys (Sneeta) vr ocd bythe |___Fan | OO RADING Go LD


ong UCoonovoa
Trasate Nd, 2v2 4 Led the 6th dey of BLI ih fulcign cle hroug! -
Aur ipb tod teem iterations | PUarononor ramen at| Anata weer coir eoe es |Ovcle & Athletic |yz710

fare in favour ofthe sald Goonocon. | tice Russell, made herein on the 24th day ene
Dated shir Eventh day of May tn the | OP Anti asthe the ile nee Ing ffi
sean ane Hiren of Ant tae hare rt te. pt a Articles, SPORTS | Son Insurance Ofice
Â¥, J. SCOTT & BON, Port-of-Spalo, on Tharsday, the 29th de. RONDO.

Gor, Anctioosers, | of June, L911, betwoon the Bours of Land | 1, Theseraces willbe rus, asfaraapret! | Kingeres Birthday,

210 the afternoon, able, under the laws of the Amateur Satablisled 2720.
TRINIDAD. ‘All and Bia, he that certeta 2 Atbletic Association of Engiand. and pro- Srd JURE, 1941-
BALE FOR TUESDAY THE 220 DAY | acd land sitaate {a the tows of Purvars | fomonsl etbletes, professional eriskete —— .
OF MAY lol, 8p Spuia in ihe ioland of Trieidad, and Sitendanta, "oe will be debaned trom | Prices of Admission,

known at No, 42, 81. Vizesnt Sireet, and ting.

URLIC NOTICE la horeby veg that | aburting on the North on No, 84 a Via. we All enirlen must be made and races | 7, the GROUND (a Tr agarete Hosd
ie exercise of she Power of sa econtaia: I cent Street, on sie South on Lot No, 80, | run in the real name of the competitor and “st ’Clalr_ Avena). regarete Ho

(Rar te dated tbe ut mang aOTyoat | BS Vincent teat on the Ka upon Lot re Tinenteance fon, The Courtice To the UNCUVENED STAND (by way
Oe @ 6 20,

109 cad made by Balblao No 2 ia favour Wast w o. acest. Btreek, St ihe of the Q.P.G.C, may reserve the right to a entenante Rod and a on fr

Taras can alsa Le

refuse an oe without being bound to effected upoa. Derricks,
zat tapi letrere end (2) by GE dated oreter tient dy ot May 1011, assign a reason; or to disqualify # com- T. the PuaLIC “STAND too Haydock Ergloe KiBolier Houses,
es fa fevoar of the said LB. LOVE petitor at any time, if bie conversation or treet, North jw, Rowdenua
Irederek Polerrata there will be per cp Le Ly BLA Ee conduct is unbecom! if it ta shown To the LADIEBSTANDioa Hvairek 8 Be) Quarters and all losuraige property oa
trai pe tl ye fai pi Mati, (ERT air th ie e:| OIL FIELDS
ai aribels Auction Mark No. 12 St LP, a pents.
Vincess Btrest ie the Town of Portol deotiembers of the O.P.C.C. rill bere $1] To the Membea Lodi » Stand (on Have-

Spain ou Tasedsy the 13d dsy of Mey | TRINIDAD.

1911 between the Jaonen of Janda pa, ta the Bapreme Gourt of Tiloidad and] 4 Every competitor, provided he bas

lock Street, Boath):
Ladies of Metabera Houma a 2t ante, “errens so peronat trate foe Coun Coustry Residences,

tered for more than t it Other indies > 96 cents, | RENT pitSaurnace sflected for sscurt odom }
S All aad Bingelar thoes two several a ary Jur inicies Port-ol-Spatn, Y | givens ticket entitling him to free adwle- | Geav’s(son-Membens) “ts, Te BLA pity forthe Loss Of ret in Cave of hve q }
orege in the Jaland of Trisidad Tue | No. 10: 027 of 1908 " Betwee salon tothe 8 Competitors’ € encluat ne ba Members, of of QP. LO. have tree eslry okpuet or Lightaiog are Made Good meee
ea perches be {he pate more a “ise Harry Har—Plalatis, NOB. orickets are obtcinable atthe Oates —_———
Galina in bhe diagram annexed to ao rule pill be strictly abered toh i take | only: on the day of the Sports, INCOME Th 1909 0 coccncees susan! ___
‘Urowa Grass in volume BYU. fol fale $13 Gagramalagh— Delondaat. place panetually at the tine stated in the Bett &. BOWEN, 6, OS oi Mad BTebogen wows BERS | TRINIDAD, BALE FOR 950%
god bounded on the North and South by ane programme. and withoat reference to sare VEO, | Em Ageat, Port of Spals Ricca Milers | SALE YOR THURSDAY THE 16TH DAY OF
‘East by. lacdas UBLIC NOTICE ts le hereby riven sbaentees. —_— na NOomMarn ores Lid, DAY OF MAY I011. .
Peihoon rr ust ates ea tsetse rats heen Conger SB | Te bell cell be, rang, there micctee | ME. WA. CEBALO, da, San Fernando.L. W BONY EN ace ad puBiic KuHa
on on i @ . ave ox
dowel Gresiet ied innacecied by mi toad | of of Maye jill sbere Shere wit! be Pas sD for tain st onoe take up thelr tions at the HATTER. » oe. 107 Pi eierae NOTICE i El hereby rea, et ia exerciee
reserved for! w by a branch .
ct the anid ‘road tesetved, AND Tuk Poocst-Spala; on. 7 Ne thisd a will be arrardod nalons re pu ignnd epecaly bs fe Fred J 10. Seatt a Soni Nort af ee Ne cone ems Sheath ds oti
Bagcorp therect cowprising 13 acres 3 ] of Jude Bex! % ibe 8; ‘Committee ‘Avril i008 aoa made by Nathaniel T y

Toods and 47 perebes be the same more of | 1 sod 3 hu, at pacel or lot of ‘ ‘ basin afte tps ‘cf so months tae maces {a favour of Mened Lee Ab-Yeo there

does delincaced is the diagram anvexed to ‘Ward of Mostecrrat [tion fa th that ‘
the Grows Grad ta volume LIX foils | ia the leiaed of ‘Trinidad compelaisy 13 peceanery, ett DAT See en ee a pence, marked Atlas Assurance Company Linmted will pe,bet.up for sale by the
sud bonaded on the North by facde wt acres be the same wore or lose delineated | 10, Every oowpetitor will receive Ja communicated HK SPECIAL Micritop Btreet, ta the Town. of Peat -of-Spala, on
‘Angel Mase on the Boath and Kat b ta the disgram snnezed to {be dresaing rou» ticket bearing # hum | op CLeanine Panama Liage WITHOUT New Toe ea ee ees Binks Toaredey the 18h dey of May 3911,
orem betwern the bours of one and two Be

Crown Laod and on the West \ od to Beagoorant ta ber corresponding with hia number in the CEsato IS from Karta
fud &
Poteoes fee by Veblen Gis t unle ‘nad ts roy y favo bis chest og ey ibe tase otra of a] ONLY TO BE FOUND gta, Alo and Ge Commotion All and singslar thes certela nic?
aad by @ branch of the maid toad forty cyclin on bls back, and be must weer dis- ke Bitoet «f land situate in the Wad of
jake zie tive solours which areto be douiared te ee Qe , eerie ie the ittsnd ef ad! 4 lend sitaate
: ime of = com ores eo Oae
N.B—The two plecss of land above dee | oy Gi ‘competitors fe Boy’ Mtaces maust, at COVERNMENT AWCTICNEERS | more or lew delicasted ond with the

eribed are sow comprised ia on the th
Carcdoate of Tucie catered at Volume and thay wh wt er meal bhev$ Katabitened 1866 abbottals and bowadarice thereof shewn
OUTILL folio 202, La HL, LOVELAC: progra: he and mo Abbe ‘5

ia the plea or Glagram atrached to the
Dated thle Sed doy of fe Wie Crown it entered ia the 'Real Pro-
eds fe

Regier Book ab WVolnee XVI
. Gort, Auctiocens, Poivses and bouaded onthe North North by

FPA oe. Aleta Effer_, Sole Cherles Hefdsefck Ghempaga | issts rowel fue ig Hrandic, ie

VesCCR Reims Crows lands and latersccted Ly Past
General's ordlesnee * “ie Any quention arising and not pro-

vee watter of the Estate of of Doreane puso x Notion by be ba bareby 2 lve that fa sided fart thee tale wf be dott ith

sole Agents

is The disagreeable features | Be tcpal Bestest wu WB Kuo! N ‘Bs The stove Nera, eget
fete tm ‘al Sate con | Ones i
fiat count Ine alk wer ol Basle con: pled La of travelling can be overcome All letters to 00 8 ads and to the Bra

om of Tiansler No.4 dated 27th June
when you have a bottle of « THE OO ERCIAL a. Dut
Naan Enicien sill be arid spies y hooe 14 ty eee AL BALE | Dated this tun ab day of Apel Trt mt.


Assia, aetn ce Fen reread Protector yal De dea ates Perrot ye Aner s Sat fon ae daily —_— ean ect
Pee ean there ae To ba, | routing of living brings Head: | Secrolaties ef F Felevdly acd j{ Can't See Well? pope
ene sts Reweley wrist we 2 it aches, Biliousness and Con- Olher Qeel fails, . See Me \ cus et a al
Sees el betwee t ours of one ‘ . Whe t tw .
a reeers sof td avata t the EDUCATIONAL. |‘tpstion, which are so fre comlrdele 20d prow weary wl | i wee

All thet

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queatlyincidentaltotravelling YSLRING to uke: take seit in bbe Pro cat ret in ebatrnetsg ier

ener) eee
ef Trisibad evaprisiog 7 tare 3 varaf ot iad stale lathe wardot Mo: | MISS IDA O. PIERRE Abbey's Salt will almost omaion before Itis Excellency the aoe biaret,
teglavered ia | rage (a (he teland of Tilsides comprising > instantly selieve you of these, 3 yod June ore reqeend tote soy tt na enunton ne te

twelve acres aad fear perches be the same Graduate of the Re Academy 0,
Line, Lott we

auitie mere, oF lous dalinoated ead with disturbers of pleasure by its 3h fhe nedenigued not later than the

the abacis's
re ia Certificated ere soothinyefiecton the Stomach, . EDuAR TRIPP,
ECE! ¥ judents lomractlon fe fj i onorary Becretory.
fox by Approgesh * bal bys Ruerve tate: we toon and Bowels +. aed Moy. 1911. Eyes exemiard by, by ar and Bued wih
Tehary, eo & River, oa ste Pras PORYP, fH THRORY OP MUSIC: | Lerikee Adcom Ne Qasta Vietoris st oc giismet sccnrataly made nerer grom weaiy,
Deial thle pth doy _of May 1011, Bowta lead mesee sweat: bie " vine went "Re Eto bon ‘are oven | but. ere porfectly comfortable, You wwe:
(8a) We de J KKHNAUAN se ede of Ageplte Ale ‘A *| voige pacuuerion, tor tio wiry Mewas on: & Ce Postal § pot like to weet glameny bot do you lig
olaletr Ceporel, A ! beadec’ Ted ¢! wri a Aer
ser G along U s Hook ver and by Qows leud sus NG AND UNOSIGAL DIGHATION | To tho Ladies. |}8 YR OWA! r AINTING, | sulenute extmisation of fe ere for
—_——— e0d.on ew tA Corowa land aad by ELOCUT 10 N delestize rresight speciale
000 CORNS piss. Masia DP. Gareul and sptersected s h ng. c. CUMMINGS bege 10 laforre SAVE TUE Ni AND MONEY, bacon fullsurp'y « lareee’ I know | N by Cte
: 1, NQ'S (ims | Y Ae ande slong sheer take fortp-ire 1 rHSORY OF MUSIC ana Bi Tatton i ei Danas Manne ae i pe 8MALLG La roe power ané anyniy ‘ rs ony lise is On
" obs . = seu an pre mplete Pr
pes poet Tt gomrtihe “Avent oubs fy oe ener Wet Tr ac Tia | edtgapa eee bec | Aue farce ae ckte| | “Orme Teewintan
= plernewsog 10 8h om. ‘ iis ; By Fs . lor tions ail > TITZW ,
killer’ 34a pee bottle 3, WALTER cpusuis tt Fageste Road, fn loathe tat be ot all orders fa tbde latees fpeblons, aad eps | cless a tal fore, 5 ae 5 Oe aa

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welbul gt, mf for puptle residing fe tye cquuuy,

Lisy DPyasMavy
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wodate ‘es, Pires very psferate, [eon a
Addieors {U5 Tiageree Roots Chg Tau Gan Se MEOIMALD P08, Vices fret


ae ee ew nk OT a rom bane arn *

Tailors and Outfitters,
, Just Receivedk

New & Choice Sui

- wrertata bisk op toes ,
wrnie, dintog at the house of Pet ~ FOR OUR—


same Nee ee ze om eas getin ot W ory Lefora tee Posner
ur 4 Cy - : “Saco Toss equi canaiate (Wot en) rere
, FOR SALE | |mr af |
“"S' Mxj}Reoent Arrivals, * miNGeR® tore

erent) 0 Goch renee —Bech $18.50,

2000/2 Bags FINE SALT.
. a} ’ 4 “Ul” a § 8. of
“200 Boxes PRIOE UOAN DLES— gi . weieaerato os that he as the object ot p eke . wo
‘ . a 1Z08 Be riders suerte ak Ne rt Bt. ew on “Another tale ot the oa wiih doub ne . . is a
Lov Boxes BROWN SOAP—1683, GB, PRICE: OWE, PEANY. proar! you ser aah 3 a TAI LO RI N C DEPAI

. ba, ta a
SIX. IRON TANKS, ‘ nents and Lisdlalmers (which xcs, ore mid sibs, boy povlth = Fringed ang baal ect eee HIGH V. ALUES ! ? ‘LOW! PRI "

March 30th, and encountered sean, of tre-

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signatare of some responsible | You're all right} onty’~heatalingly-~ | mendouyvilence, Pounded Into belpless-

ra Lil be charged for at | « 6 at * ther let ness he heavy seas the barque was

Each 200 Gallions Geach and to be prepaid. mon emon't your mo you led ta pat Into the Ascrea and

° . cont Advertise: meta fot every | Weer trousers rir Struggted Into" Bt Michasle harbour on

BY sreneTater wee Sur | Theregie of Rew fotand hare mnt | Sorts ina eit eondton

. te t; 5, per month=to be | & 3 gift er “Crown of Granada”

‘ or . prepaid, Klug and Queen. It lea tT ation night for Groene

. 4 “ Wants, &e:—2,6 per week each, ta be | of gold, the nt pansengers. ) For

Prepald, oontry. he Bfor8, and New York:6 Chinese,“ For z

J ‘ — known aa the ie" fhugget. It } Nev. Father Conlon, Mr, RH. David, Mrs

mK Falitor and Publisher... A, I’. T. Amaann. | was found on the west coast of New { Otrway, Mr. G. do Freitas, Miss Hogans,

. > . janaxer ere ot! Ni Lavenitn. Zealand, and thas since been b mounted Miss 2 ot Sted se Mee Bt, Rose, Mr.
wwe Ode 7 le. fe

All Cheques sent to the office of this ts being ecahe to a “ .

S$ °o ut E h Glu ay. Paper in payment of bills should be | Fn stand in charge of a special nreasen- en port and Holt Hine. Tenn year

made able to Tae Port-of Spain
Te” i, * the local agente la expected to arrive from
the River Piate and Brasilian ports on the
Jéth instant and will sail the same day for
New York yla Barbados taking cargo,

ger by the direct route,
Professor Carmody, Director of
ture, will be leaving the island
‘about three months on the 30th | passengers and malls.

To Conresronpxents,
We do not hold ourselves responsible
for, not do we necessarily endorse | for

. the opinions expressed b: Cor. tant and will attend the Rubber — 5
feopandente ia oar coltyans, All va etion in London as the colony's | The Norwegian steamer ‘Fagersand’
hott re east be accom Tripanied by the } delegate, Durtug hinalmence Nr. W. BS tons, Captain Olsen, arrived Yesterday

| noceasarily for publication, bot as G, Freeman wi Lact ae Director. for French Galana. She called at this


SOUTH QUAY 68. | | raisin =" oe
- [UNDER THE TELEGRAPA orvice| |siseiieirecmenttc |“ Ra Mer aera
At the Corner of Ghacon &t..

& Fosrantee ject. ‘¢ rte for auppties and sailed last alxht for

manuscrtpte cannot be returned, Yerlenley piternoon Mr, see beyeere ERs steamer held no comuna:

tt. pryeend Carucciolo ¢ prietor o BTS | nication with the shore on arriving.

Ad rtl { 8 a} A li tt Grande), accompanied by Mr, Edgar a
Varvisiog scale oa Application. Agostini, K-O, consulted Profesor] The Veneruclan steawer

Tayi te eiteancePoslage elle | Gmetiog cats estore ta avindad. | Snes Shs el Seek Fabtbey ad Ne Limited. '
epecting cottun ure in ni noc wit! oxen, nkeys
tre Ceracciola intends to Plant 12) | following passengere for Trinidad Mrs. . ®


y and elena de Kocher Mrs, Ronalle de
Cumuto, Advised by the Director tu | Kochen, Miss, M. de Kochen, Miss M, Y.
first experiment with about 5 acres is jammer Miss G. Brocmel, Mra, B. de
each place, Mr, Caracciolo expressed 4 £728) 5,

whole [20 acres (with the He
Ootton grown in pobagoh M,N
the planting of which he wants as | Max Dude, witeand child, Mr. J. Fi

DOCE0OEOOSOT OS 04 0408088408

Lightho . Although the Prince of Wales does Delph, Mr. L. B, Debot and 4 deckers.
s use Jetty 2 peta. bot attaba his majority, until he is

The London Electri eighteen, there are indications that h ~
8.30 po on Electric Theatre—-5 and favatrend: considered to be out of ka ngs ta New York

— kK
Gorration Mocting - Montserrat — King and Queen's acquaintenance have per Trinidad L37U packages
al ’ - @ instructed not to na, —
Ppa ne Mee Gran Couva ~ | tater his next birthday-—he will be | The Canadian Government bas Invited
iti —— seveniven ou june gle is understood tenders tor s pew galt service Letween
hW. M . tha matk o! ference, Ww! Canada and Jama’
Sun ee an 407 Even et a always paid to grown up princes and [ Pe received upto Aug. lL. The service
Sun sets ow .. . 600 pm. [ princesses of Lhe blood, ail bo offered £4 scpnalet of sailings between Halifax
Moon ve +. em ttees tte hefrmapparent, paso, Islands each


WE Honticx—In our next,

Occupied till recently as a Provision
Store by Mr. William Scott, at a Mode-
rate rental. -

Neadley (Oouva) who was selected to more than ten years.
gccompany the Trinidad contingent to | are to state the lowest eu
England for the Coronation of His | the successful tenderer presumably belng
Majesty King George V, will not be J the one naming the lowest aubsidy, The
able ta go, Minister of Trade and Commerce ls to
oa Be freight a8 pamcanet ratea'sed the slips
Professor Thomas See, the aslropio- ff fre!
SEB PAGE 2 FOR mats haa told the American “Phitoes: | Splozetare ta here scomspodations for
The Bequm of Bhop st = Prine

cesi Wo 43 Going to th passengers, and are tobe rated at Lioyd’s
Coronalion A Hugs Clock, 1 and to sall ander the British Hag.
Rebel Usroize. Funeral of The first step fo the construction of the

; . . —< . lner © i , which
Mrs Paulina K ing A Hin-| rhe London + Daily Sail” says that willbe balit et Ceaspabiin: Yaa Uliedeh
du Wedding Objectel to the} onthe Coron:

For particulars apply next door to

Gerold & Scherer,



hia, for the Catan, fepubl tak
the Uolontal Goope will atiend Causck | 2a Ape 8h whens the Feat of te warship
R PAGE 6 parade ; and on the Mth of June they was laid a the nce of Captain Quilts
SEE PAGE 6 FOR will be presented with Coronation | of Phuedephae thease Cuban
Lhe Victoria tdmsed Insti- bulld # gunboat and ng
tute, ty ice Court oh wl Cave,
° Dr. Lewi: bh who @ out to
SEL PAGE 7 FOR study the life blstory of cort
Smokt after Your Dinner— chlefty the

tory, of certain cane
mats after Your Dinner A rictuie| AN UNSTAMPED RECEIPT.
tits Juice, News srune ne ond eee Teteneting.

One Sids Freesungs ihe subject, will be leaving for mm
Other Buraing, 4 Mountara country attheend of Jaue. Dr, Gou, Tus Hon. Denuls Slyne, Receiver



Doy with a Veordula tured last year having been caught [ed a recetpt which was not stamped lo
J "y of this year—a! ¢ 180,00) as cutnpared to Mr A, Ww. ‘Atroweinlth on eee,
129) this year, which shows thas J went by the latter of a certaln sum to

Nine German Words.
SSE | they are Ueing eradicated. These [ Vierre, ballif® of the Distri
are caught by coolie boys, Dr. | who had arrested bi

ITEMS OF NEWS. Gough expreaeee the opinion that | warract on board a

tu were ta care [steamer bound for New Yok
Dy revolution of the Minlster of the fully study his reports and act u oer ot

There is a way of boing
absolutely sure that tha
Shoos you buy are wor.h
at loast as much ay you
pay foe them,

” has d little, comparati General ed, ie Mi
of WhimThe Geol gists Be- speaking, ‘with Froghe pers which before Dn iackwood Wright yostan @ @ a
. Wf flow the Queen Train ee ee ere cout Pelaese Tene | reset an Cae eke qgumteanuped
: | een er chittn a7 ter are hen ohana toms | rect on the parueat ot cera A
That®s “ Pies wa kaap and tho | [cre pack 3 For Sinden “atct.” fara tbs alle, apne to po ’
a ou " B Jalking Doy may dfs «tour has "bes d onl bout Tee defendant,
y must uy. Through An.ervca— Don’ the [ thints of the number of the mothe cap. “the facts are that defendant tender- .

0008000000006600000000000006 0000: DOO

You may not te sblo 9 Pp [money due on « judgiueat smomons
Interlor of V La, it ji is suggestions the pest would be J defendant, Miller, belog ‘the
to jell good leather from of ihe calnent.ciusen Dr "Signet yon ‘eradicated, if not eutirely, Ina the plaint ft fa the, sult agent of
bad > bee red Weasure. is
the Axferonce: Letwoane | [the Hlpuca Wall of the Hedge | oe the person to whom the twsuey should
Palace fn Caracas on July 4th. Soclety and Commerce in Bolivar ve beed Iteh been ,

high-grado hoo and an
articlo of rougher make,
And yet it is your own

date on which his remains are to be [laments the «demise of Heior Carlos
travsferred to the National Pantheon, | Manuel Hevget which occurred at
ole io

Alures on the 2th ultimo, from a
The Cocorite ra itl be slab received) from a French
fault if you are fmposed fener practice ie membere or toe named Julio Bando, Rengel was one
upon. You canuct be be veal Porces god Tinkdad pititie vo ne principal merchaute of Rio
7” Sisronoo in vated | | ute he te rate <

. é ractico for the West Indian Club — seior G. | Jund Bferibes tu Lo
which usko suck a mterial ligerence, But you cau at Joust Haut ere » peclally Invited to attend, | has bea appoinied ‘Adinioletrstoe ot

teke the procaution of making your purchasos whers traitatle tthe A yrde henge, the Ouploutsof Gaauta, Venesuela,
ued inthe Wevt t tub Slat, | Bo f jourt J
Misrepresentations are, Never fora Moment . sete tia flv. wil be of

ove. Contractor



= Oorunation f the
A telegram recently recelved Jn Car | June 10 aod erties wi =

“ ‘ scas froin Mexico tthe d
Gh bis li 0 aoeratel fn the date pies of etn Cae ater
‘ ance over this litt of formidable Payains:—or Lottor atill ax an, an jm 1 functions t—
oull snd soo the superb values offered. * | [ot Cetmauade Buriety, June {7, 1810--Arrival of foreign

royal representatlvea,

Yesterday a telegrams show a tise ~
: MENS PATENT BLUCHER WELT ... 82.28 to $2.00 pale the quotation pf Hblee tn “Generd | tate Huckingham Palace Tee
; ~ COLD VIcI BLUCHER os 150to 300, Vetruleun” which is now 139 to Id, ultes afterwands,
¥. » ~- WOS BILKAN K1D,OPERA TOE 190 to 300 as ayelust the day before when it was une B—-Heception of special ens
: ao, &o. ‘den de quotad at 120 to 14, voys aod delegations Banquets
. + | Bucktoghasn Pa it w —AND—
— ee June 21 Heception of Colonial Pre. 1 be was afrald {f mgbt not bare
. te . - . v acee,
@ |“ The Lowost: Pricos—ALways 1 | [inti « er prolaiy “by | “Ts Crown Slcltor said detendant
kt bbe" rece!
Chamber, Dr. Miguel Parra _Piod June 2) receipe Loney for
sr rah [a tee hate eS a ce el i GA
na te Consulin Tri: 2h °
ae 1d View Piveident. For the Uhane I aor "reemdgit Ubrungh South Worship Tad. ~

he was Bok
a Bullcitor wag


i .

June 21+Royal review at Spitheaa, | satlatied that

June 23 U ’ Peformance at fright, bug be o ‘b
efieeal Ceaur, Vieeutini as sad | Sa so Thee Jestion were teay te

"ico Viwsklen, — Biiltiaul oporshes ! speulal service a meats sheos that, war oceans at
Weiv uladeon the'owasvp, “a Gauldbsl, tBu Paul's Laacheon should go oa in th

bet af Deputi Dr. Kuequiet A,
Vives le Trevilent, with "Genesal


, 4 . ‘ ea
- ®


Showing the-iacrease in deliverios

ond the attention

bhé Farm amerted to bea) him’ awh wee
= aoe eet |e erate eas coe “CALEDONIAN fot k,
some of We ¢ were based on " the w froin a hee Sw Fae 8 common, of

In report of a ‘of the “Agricul Hosen noun P A hait-qrown
some hesitatlon replied tha!
ib did not press “RALe ror GQO0A AN AND OTHER mon, * but Incertaln (netances



to _hnow that they tauet stamp their [| The following Trucrnaachdatlons of
Worwhip said the Receiver ra o

. me regia! he was vei dc ar thi
\ Qeneral wee quite right to tting | coees en_he was told, pes hieiet ene
_Molassine . [Seth Bee S| PSs emcee . RATTAN
the etd . waa suocecding very o
Rot put stamps un dedude they Lsensiog be atte in hi Mwhetner (trad
oe : must take the conser uences He ve appotated — fron
way that mo got iets Miter’s among Tespon: 1 ts S
hands and wea. wi ting to withdraw it te with ben clay
the case. He He tough defendant was was oti open
900 S, taben “ob Inacio cpoapaalaant, bad ncctively f eras “
Potente nt view of the wely, a eg ures of

eae but he wanted people

changed ee wy Fath ieetoce ee farce re siren tll RAETAN Woe ae da Ra AN ea
. crep and RATIAN OOUOH
The deliveries for November, 1910; AN IMPORTANT PROP PROPOGAL. Bt ot nates one CORES,
create a record, GOLDFIÂ¥LDs OF SOUTH AFRICA then capital of 300 dollars which he was GET ONE OF OUR

. DESIRE AMALGANTION WITIT eettietlons gilt ati ate donc an good had shate
TRINIDAD COMPANY, Mr, Glerk moved the following | tren there, becauna he lelieved thet KITCH EN RANGES ORZSTOVES
WILL FORM 21,200,000 COMP, N ame, “That the District Gomnlttes or cettainiarpnune of se naent from EBS 6, 8, 8, 8 FOR WOOD OR COAL,
: JOIN PETROLEUM COMPANY Licensing Board be the BJF, lemon Jaw ta ad ws
THERE IS cre uNibR gist a | aa ;| WITH OR WITHOUT BOILER


—= wet , Carr referrin: nmendae
on Li) 0CO, eo 0s
A REASON goon Meme nantPERa that It was very hant to draw tne line The banks, ‘ef the Hoel were con:
——S as to who waa a responsible proprietor veyed to Mri, W. Urich (Kntomolo- G OOo DWI L LE & WI 1SO N
Yesrerpiy's telegrams made the aud would therefore withdraw thet gist) for his “Notes on cocoa Insecta,
; FOR THIS following announcement which will Fetard ithe Warden, fame 82 And dirtetion for collection and study: :
ae he read with pleasure, | Itahows that it was atl considered that they were i0#7 Which war on the agenda for LIMITED.
“Change Inthe Metropolisy= °” f Becemar tp forms the Dutra sake "ras AGRICULTURAL BHOW :
The General Vetroleum properties | intheshands of the magistrate alone. | The followlng report of the, A

of Trinidad bes ismued a cirowlar tolls | ie begged to move the adoption of the | tural Show Countniitee was ado

"mre different fTvom allijcthewrsn) Mee Oe tite Cease a neat recommendation ae as it ot weet, lant keneral Agricultural { e ;

OTHER FOODS FEED DOGS ONLY, of em te Join the General Pe: | Mr, Clarke aad that with tie moat | rusry Tith-isth 10m Since then wer T he * Piano Warehouse

line Foods not only fosd but keep dogs healthy, AMpere tenel end an sal ation spoaubie Me ee rere oe ee ee eee eee ne e
the coat, eraditate worms and prevent unpleasant oil land, “The Consolidated Guldfelds clined to fritid "hie Sorendmient on weet of Tnetontall shows hes eneerly

pro to form « company with a
fatal of one ‘ailiion two) bundred in a further doco} anda san wtp {rallied the cost of one large shaw, Calla and inspect our LARGE and UP-TO-DATE stock of
ousand pounds, giving the Gene yess with » view of | indifferent places, 10 lor exhibits from PiaANOs, We make s point of importing ouly the

odours from the skin and excreta.
ee nes

Petroleum: Coin pa: three hundred
from the purest logredients ohly and free from acy meticament. Call | thousand full Pall 21 shares for abit feelings on the matter, pra and others of NEWEST Byles.
y at the Dearest Dealers and bey some, thelr Guayaguayary aod” Aripero Fico Thowght au Peel anythiey ema tem ntrat TWO (2) of ths NEATEST and MOST PERSEOU

tracts { being six shaven forevery five | about itaince. Shows with prizes open ta conipeti- of BABY GRANDS from O. GOK rae of Berlin bave just

©. R. ALSTON & CO.—Sole Agents. issued by the General Petroleum Ours Dr. Masson asked who would be] tion frou the whole Colony should
hich pr te he Consol: . ¥ show boen opened up—they are BXQUISITK ian TONE,
= dated. Goldfields “an option torn | {rare vith the eppolatment of the | be periodically held-suy once every PERFRUTLY RESPONSIVE in TUUOB, and ARTISTI.

period toenable ‘the latter to despatch |“ bp, Morton 1--The Uoveruor. seo the b best that the Island produces, CALLY cased.

~ ue + engineers ta Trinidad Ur report upon Dr, Mawon asked what was the se We therefore recommend that a For a really first c'as1 Jiang ata low price come to us.
: BONANZA: leet Gay. the airciors approve tie | ithe enero yA ee | nen Amriclburnt shows, Batd TWENTY. FIVE (25) NEW PIANOS to choose
i ° proposal subject to the shareholders, | een for granted that only responsi- | in February, 1012, to last ox days, from. 20 Uprights aod & Grands,

, Q conlirmation. ble specple would be arre! pointed man ta 10th, 12th ta Wih, Fecoad Hand Pianos aud Sarmoniums—chesp for
OLOLS 3 LACCESSOLIGS | rnnwoad-sortonne ano voan| oar seek eee ei sell] "tec ttiy unin grbenten| fomhor on TEAMS om 2 mnghi,

. write, own was \. not esti- 3 " A

ASSOCIA ATION. acres of land vend the object was evie mated that fe und to an smount be Fpod P . EY.

denity ito ensure that only , really proposed Show, ‘The anoint voted Music and all Accessories

responsible men were &
De Masson said ne a tot know

yor rizes In 1906 was B20K2 We
responsibility was synony ymous f t that this be redueed to &2,000 ALWAYS ON IIAND,

x i A fairly well attended epectal
Sook Motor Cars for Sale, ‘Trial runs ven in fatdy well attended special meet | oD te
ete like.y purchasers, Sole Agents for ‘THE H ciation, presided over eh the Vice- ith dewees of wealth, bu in Wea wo as approximately to bal-
President, Mr, Hugo Hoffman, was {was more so wlth good ance the estiniated Revenue and

ON America’s best Motor Car} held yesterday afternoon when theft andifa man were possessed of the | Expenditure.
latter quality, he wasa fit and proper ie Comtnittee views with favour H e Ss t . RO Ni G,

alteration of ule 03 was considered
lo regard to extension of time for Person tosit on the Board. a wuggestion that the annual exhibi-

payment o of dues etc, and reduction of Morton sald he was of opluion | tion of the Board of Industrial Traln-
. Dr, :
: perce yable on arrears, t si bidit: 1 . ing should take place fi injunction 7 , 'e
LARGE ASSORTMENT Potion on von the he subject was moved ty wae ih inlaligenoe wo eynony: wlth the ociety'a ‘Show, ia auch al, Frederick Street Phone 446
Or ~]} Mr, W. A. Bland, Amendments were Mr, Clarke’s smendment was then mutual terme, floanclal and other
* so wotaeer It was unanimously pat to the vote and lost, wise, as may bedetermined, In that
ES approved that ne lime for pay: |" sir, Carr's substantive motion with | event the Show to be called The Ag- cane see ee mene gee ere -
liOTOR Ss uU PPL ment of subscriptions, Interests and | ¢he deletion of the worl “*reepunsible” ricultural and Industrial Exhitition.
; ote Lut of each suonth or the for. | Wee een carcied, sNownan bawone
- OR: a!
OF HEAVY oO er Ted LTYRRE—760 x 90 and 810 x90 swe tlic when folie 10th ta « Bunday Mn Mille imoved that ~The Hoclety ae Hurehota ° LAMPORT AND HOLT LINE oF STEAM ERS
Inne Tube : recone: Hive
eT Ok ive old covors new life = Lith be tr the Toth, in every | issued to any, petvon, who has been A. Cann, ‘ VIA ._ BARBADOS | TO. NEW YORK.
ZING MATERIALS.—Valve grinding compound, me jecting the et lO ehalt mn more than a convicted of any of 2 1cxrou. . wr Daten- 2,
£t.0 CABBON REMOVER, doubles the life of | otors. amount of ines for default ah oF er joce™ - nance wot Arete ean it the bec + Buvawees, Leave Tuustpap. | Aanive New Youn.
arrears a . d. by io tler was receivod frum the hos careeqrereenentntienrirere Sere set
ity SPARK PLUGS; suit) all Motors, by a large nisjority, the rule, there- | wal recom ed and the motion | Ary of the load of Industrial BYRON. ow engilat
fore efoepl ax the ame eg hereto. ae ie Fite aN WELUOMED, | ‘Trsiaio: askin tbe Baclet to confer VABA oe oe oe
regard th a de; On oO! ie an = 08 eee
for all purposes time alresdy a approved. during ‘the Coe etd re te conting, the we eand weans of holding a jolat TANS RON te e ng ed
—= but «ould I he cultural show, avs Slat

LAMPS for oil and Acetylone,


BYRON j. rr
fi beginning. @ executive Committe of the weet :
AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. was glad to ee te pleasuratfe duty duty 4 cattural Bhow was a1 Intot an | VERDI"... eons oe at
NEW ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF | to perform of welcoming and intro | follows s Dr, | Morton, ae :

’ Swalo, Lt Colonel Colle! dD \
AGRICULTURE WELOOM ED. | ite ee ets ted Assintont | Me Hiahns A: ene! Collens Mewte 1 | Birt, Second & Third Clans doconmmedation

Ss a Director of A tare and Govern: | Hoffman, J. NcHnroy, Uy Cleaver, and For rates of passage money aad all furthor lofermation, apply ta
NWO L LOH - O ely wow beld ta the fhe Antic aitaral ment Hovenie het ree man was not | Edgar Tr NPR " ,
, re eel bad ‘been oy as ery “far tines uate Oa the inotiow of Dr Norton soon: GEO, R, ALSTON é 00,
‘ ese! ir % ot
Bro Car parte | ded by Mr, Carr, Mr. A. limeyer pplag Departaae
; } 7 mod FOG, Mo fessor mentot Ant pater alten ra wl bie’ Bente was elected tone mibership on ‘he vovoa TrizPHong No, 182, gents,
4 Rieck Bmith, Lieut. Gelonel if ci He personaly bed d had the | cooumitioe 1a place uf thelate Mis, 4, | === ee
° lens Dr Fredholm, Dr OH, Masson, | Dentin Leiden athe fmperial taste | Me. Gtollmeyer t= recogalee your TEE! ONE] arr AT CE
@ J Arduckle, J, Lick fold’ TJ. 86 Hil, tute Under Profeaor D 4 confidence and thank you,
4 : W. HL Mills, A, 5B. [ knowing and seeing the great and re J. We Atbuckle was alected

E. © Skinner, ry

~ tt 1 1 Hr ta to Lhe West Indian Agricul
bare Henr Lee ie the, colony eepel Ay In Ch laboratory re Petia Jn place of Ament That Never Ch an es
_ re J. A,
| come to thea oT views hie CANADIAN THADK Voss. , e
The Secretary sireed e a etter from the |

Ae Legge, the Agricultural Csaclety of we rtioidad Becretary of the Agricultural Soclet
av , | (applause). . ofS Vincent re the appointment of Yoar in year ont tho quality of the Broadies shipzel by- the Hou
idso Nn 4 To dd aD. en D al T. O' H dary Mi FREEMANS REYLY, a& trade Com. jloner js nela. [ot Man Ce & Co. lomalts the same =the best tha: batt the cxpertenoe t



ar Mr. Freemas sald be, thanked them | The he Becretary rentarked that the
on dai ten Pir fe last Se noting were | most slocerely for the very Mod i way inate had been copalidered wometline two centuries can produce, dbp thi
HAVE THE BEST ASSORTMENT OF confirmed. in which they had weloaued hi by the Chamber of Oo All tho Brandies exportod by this famous Frensh howe ava
NEW MEMDERS. thelr Hales? Yrinleds wes not the | abd a fares be could resialer, ec, It distilled iu its own distillorios, and the contonts of ercry bottle’ that
ae following es caudidates were elect- | tirst Agricultural Boctety In t In the West | was decided not ta doauy thing, pend Hovey the Martell \Vareboused in Cognac are guarantoed es being the
¢ : KS BE i I IS fo meme Ba W, SSfouter prea ot which he pad oret of ‘thele i Het "rela leave product of the distillstion ufwina gromuin tho Cognac distelot
Te. Hi. A. dart '. el . e knew nol og ae oO e: ?
Heese a WAbadje, Fl bae Hyan, | feland,~having on)y seen the fringe of of srostlon Morton, tot Franco,

matter y was post helt for consid:
and ib r-but be hoped ia 8 very short tlie | fs a et wax post noo

ROM THE BEST MAKERS The AL a tie | Sodus prouiena, nna “ot i UIANGES, AUAINIT, GOVERN:

Taarefere always ask ter
Mr, A x. Aspinall | contiibute hie sae ft

clase Secretary of thi reeou!
’ IWOLU DINE; . Department of “A guiculture Wash: mreguitioent for thelr kind words of Dr. Marton vvreding t to Dr, Fred- M A R [ E I I 1S BR A D
in the Hociety: {oF | welsume (applause) holove letter with seqant la certain e
slevti E hdtbot pave

c made against (he Government
SEYS. BUIL PROBLENA, v pate anes that consideration be
pox BROS. SLAZENGER. BUS met Mr. WO, Jatdine’s paper on «Bell © por postroned next hureting. an Hb wae YOU WILL KNOW IT BY THE
U eco plas " which emo shou
WEIGHTS FROM 13). TO dit ozs, nurunvers ity ele e spholotment of au Problems or ptlltied In the nee be LAL Rastetec ta iho tocattine a

Lary . .

. “a” w. for air ittee idboe Inted to
BOB — from $1 30 to $10 pes teodred ectit wich edied te te ea. bas” wasdown conter erith Mr, ‘Melaroy TAT prepare Biue & Si iver Label ‘
bad reels yoted at the last ‘meets, Mr. Warner sald he had read the | the matter for the Hoclety. Pe Se reer ea

"ENNIS B ALLS beaten Me mca a on ie arared Mente Acnarmeet | PLANT COCONUTS FROM

which Colonel Oollens wees so interest: | a paper which could be discussed off:

district In those farriery clases in] planters; but be did Wo thiok it was | the Farin had oren fog hiuweelt thatthe -

tl tecel Mr,
So cAumlihe S bancas ‘sapere trom | "Det Morton sald Use Hoclety was

AL, Sminith, o pert from %
‘ notlly id udebted to Mr, Jardine
COLONIAL, CHAMPION AND REGULATION, Joe to sl P. that he Y avocada for’! nla pepers but bw me felt that ihe it was very funny thas the an a ee ee ee
NT Rsoriea o the ratte vee of author eoul ij bare given thom a Hite whe made th the charged had never béeu Chaguaramas Esfate Coconuts A
CKE! PRESSES, GUT REVIVER, GUT, iirc could be prucared waa 140 eulde tout cit ie ogpnd tothe sollin order vii Keorlieucy drew alienation ta age: vetage
| ’ ye re was very 8 N,
T { NIS NEWS, feet otblo and i bliuself, but be was pre: |v 0 tor Me, Jardine or soumelaady else | arrived in the ealony the ae eloclta ral 85 ofa saecesceveceser”® Selects.” - 7
EN . reser mittee ameter follow ue the pe papers ile oved Moclety deckled that ft occult not re} ofo only! “Cull rs
Or INSTRUCTIONS FOR Ipeoner! itlee were afferded, Ife that the thanks y he con | enter Into any question connected ( MY Fasevane ay
ieeaiate he agurr ie 4 eB itne | Pee nacion dain vo w euatiee don” the ‘the! tips Tine rr PRIOH 7
LAW TeNwwe xr Liasta That slave the agenda SHADE ON NO BILADE F It was worbed. OF’ PHRF 1, ooo.
B r bad uy prepared be had re- one reps of the Oueoa Comsinittiee | ought t rou Ue ply Yr twit ab, i “
(By H.W. W. Wilberforce.) hots nese! my Fredo ask | on on a shit fo den Valmont Estate, | on that. Of pore thet Peqeceeg ths Apply ‘to, inks wd. a PSD aa aah
ine peer ‘i fee ad adjourned ab tie Laut Tie, be + free

OE et at win which hed
ironte fi aah Tn i specton wt
BDA: D AN TODD Ua hperteg che n't he ak Ota et te the report touched fe oly fueatloted tbe a deckelon
Farw wae criticized, and a subsoquent | nn the questioo of shade or na shade | baving Loon al y arvived at by the
E! aitkle in which defiaije charges of tr «uous, whieh was pune, oolved & Roviety in mares with the Farw


49, Marine gos


wmisuausgewent uf the Fara were] Mun Valmont by de. Swlliveyes. To Dr Ciwahulw aald be Led laqugh Apul 37tu—In



ey “sy

forward the matter, secing that the
charges were based on a ivport of 4
Qonunilttee of the Sock ty.

flectonthe Rev. KJ. Hot, in any
ways to the contrary, his musical
qualities are far too well known to



Ready-to-Wear Hats.

We haye just received a fine assortment.
Will you come and secure yours at once ?


MRemexmber we soll Ever wthing.
Fee our CORONATION POST CARDS—all noveltics Just received por PALS * Crotava®*

having heen placed there by defendant




The defence was that defendant and Agne
had beeu liting togetber and with’ hee

Professor Carnod wald = that [need any comment z but wheu It-comes permission he pledged it on April 3 to
when the ‘neport of the tety to organizing @ convert fn connectlon Fee eunicient roaney B bene hia
was madetwu or three years it | with the Institute for the new meni day, The magistrate convicted defendant

was the subject of considerable discuss
sion and correspondence, and nothing
noore was heani of it.

Mr Lamont said it would be yaving
too much publicity and tov an
advertisement to the newspaper in

uestion, totake any action in the [ space. . .
thatter, “le rronally had never had pee Yours Faithfully. oriented ae Fidlog, thelr bleyeles
an o] nity of ecelng the “Sport- A Loven or ditven viction each was fined lsorseven days.
log ronicle, por be know} 126080000 AN East Inpian DPicxrocket.—Joa:
whether ithad a very large circula. Se BU an Kast Indian, was cha
lations but he felt convinced that CITY POLICE COURT. Town Constable Willams with the.
grery, member of the A feultural is . mene, ots puree and 12 gente, from
a u al < le. @ elidenca show a
tha Liorarnuiest’ Farm was, to| (U¢fore Mr, EB. Wright, LD} the wonnras vendor at the Eastern Mar
ric! —— /et, cau, efendan' a! rue
the agriculture of the colony Friday. | | from her packet and ‘ropplug tebe t rad

and they would be well advise
ed to leave it at that, and not give the
pauch dealred tivertieenient ve the
sporting paper in qtiestion (a, ue
Pihe eng tertainated. PP


To the Editor of the Port-of-Spain
: Garette.

&ir—Under the above heading,
there appeared, in four fasue of the
Oth instant, a letter Irom one of your
correspondents, Music, fi whieh he
suggevta that a concert should, be got
up inaid of the above mentioned lu-
sUtution, the organizing of which
should be undertaken by the Rev, 1.

Hal wing, [think that it is only fair
that the conductomhip should be given
to Mr, Nothnagel, who has worked 0
hard and been so miscrably suppoital,
be Itsaid to the shame of our fora!
amateur musicians, for the last severt

Thanking you for your valualia

Frontisc — Constable Gillian chanced
Matilda Alleyne and another woinan
named Holder with fighting at St. Jawes
on hureday (th inet, Moller was die
charged, she havtug bern os pwelve party
In the disturucuee and Werne on con it
Clon was fined 1m, or sesca days

AN Tnsuutant ter Constable
Alleyne (detective! suimmoned Lmanvel
(iomes for throwing brine in the atreet.
Defendant pleaded guilty and stated
that his shop eleck had ooromiltted the
oflence in higabsence, Ele was fined 13a
Io default seven days imprisonuent.

Coxverina. Lance Gorporat Ford of
the detectives, charged Jawes Drathwaite
with conveying six pounds of sugar
ant two pounds of four, Complain
ant asid he stopped defendant who
sald he was carrying the merchandize te
lace at New Town,

Mr, Geo Grelia
taken Mr, Grell who sald

He was taken hack

and sent bin I for four mon! the
hard labour, to Be + ew

Taarric Raoctations—Andrew de
rr was summoned by Conatable Leacock
or falling to keepa motor van on the

left side of the road,

Deferdant was

fined £l or seven days.
Herouixs Critism.-Sebastian Salan-
dy, Ernest Meo Kenzie, and Robert HIIL

away bul waa

pursned and held. The

charge having been Jaid Indictably defen
ant was committed to the next assizes for



Three previeus courictionuis for
sarveny were proved agalost bi:

Bott Bot vv Over. George Curmminga
suminoned Chartie Crab-back for beatin;
him. After hearing the evidence es
Worship was natisiied that both were
fighting and hound them over in £20 each

keep the pesco for the next- six

~ th >




Tho following will represent the
Casuals Clab v. Majestic 0.0.3 -Us
HM. EKecles, N. Grell, 1, Johnstone. G
G. Owen, G. Dewhurst, J.

J. Holt. he kuev noting Aiout ie Defendant Turpin
. ent ml was belonging to a man }s
Pa Or eee eet a agg | naiped “doctor” Glwho alo dented tt | Rochford,

ia not necewary for the lustitute
management Lo apply fo the Rev. Holt
lo Ret up the concert when they have
their own conductor, in the person of
Mr, Nothnagel, wha ia the organizer
of tho vatious concerts which are given
fro tlie to tlaie by the Institute,

in hia preseave, Defendants necount ta
the mayiatrate wastnat the goods were
xiventubin by * doctor whe was iu
charge of Mr. Grell'a tau k store. He was
convicad and Med 410 or els wecks

Mable Willian chagged Juanites Sanne)
with disorderly behasiur at Une Eautern

Norinan, ©, Green. (Captain), and Le

1 Sinith (th man’

dhe following wil i cepeesent Ma ee
jc 1S ringer (Captain, G, .

Dranch, 1! Ttoberte it

Lynch, K. SMondesie, C Savary, P,

fiver i Chailes, & Breton and LL


PY Beott, Fe Grant, C,

Callender, M.

~— 2


and 8

ats, Hats. |!

J donot for an fuslant wish to re-

A Pine Tier Pros bs tt VAL
Thee of weak stomach will flad
strength in Dr. Kellogg's Vegetable
Pille vcnuse they serve to maintain
the heafthful action of the stomach
andthe liver, laregulaiities in) which
are tirost Clef readin. Dsepeptica are
well acquainted with thein and salue
them at thelr proper worth. Thry
have afforded relief when other pre-
parations have failed, and have

mathet Sin was tlned 4bur seven day
Leamsy oF A Sane Matus
Lance Capon Jovdlt) charged) Geonre
flanding with (he farvcens of a sewity,
Machin delenging ta Anne Quashie
valued! O00 | Fhe proncution alleg
that anhie and defendaut occupied
rooms jp the aime yard and were friendly,
Une day shen Anno was away from home
defendaut was seen by two women
(neighbours) to take the machine away
and when one of the women asked bln
what he was Rolin todo with it hesaid that
Anne had told him to take it away to
Mipalr, Some tive after the machine woe
recovered from Losada’a vawn shop, It


tock Ist

L, Sorzanyu, F

The followly
ht XDL—-bL. Uo

affectet cures fn ailments of loug
standing # here other soedicinces werv
found unavailable.

Namata, RB. Al

? Lhe following will represent Shame
Gardens, -N, Betancourt, V. Maingot
* » Boizano, A, Malngut,
V. Collins, Co Reece, BF. Winter, 0,
tatuur, U, Cummingy, McCattuey, J.

victorta lat Xty, sTINuo let xL

Paxall, J. Dowdy, J. Joseph, lt, Mo

against Botanto

willrepresent Victoria
nstantine (Capt), V,

exis, Ht. Cuthbert, W,

Ame, O
x f. Grifaeh (| ign ”

Seat 1 ilnga

mee torial D, Hate
ain, We Harereaveny Ws
. Amlirews, FY Gore,

2 Yoonse tl. Hichardava

ther, a ae

The felie: am will repress
rab ut thelr nda iu

Sete lode Sanchez
¢ match re Renwick,

t. D. Mapm

cy Je Fernandes, QO. Had:


J, Baker, -


To: .
owing will represent Eton

aoe ‘against Niddlesex pes
or taorian are ean Fartetl.
ylur, D, Greaves

J.A. Joeeph, £. Springer, A,
U. Geomty W, Litspham, ca
O. Hesper, WW, ts
(13eh gran),

mum &


7 J, Phitipa, 1. Nuree,

LL Hunt ()2th man). ',
« The following val re

Ped xl AB fark,
Spencer, E,
W, Spencer, B. Me
Bers, a Lameden, and euother.

Archibald’s team against Carenay
CO at Carnage
Q. HL Archibald,

A. Oxley.

To theBupreme Ovart of Trinliad aod

No, 161 of 19 9,
Wlleone (Glasgow aod Trelaldad) Linted,


UBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given that
P by an ordee o: Hus Honuur, Mr, Ja-
tice Kueseli dated the 6th day of (bis
present month of May, there wil te (a:
ap for Sale before the doors of the Cours
House in the town of Port ot Spats ou
Thusedsy the S.bdey of Jace Vif, be:

twean the hous uf | aod 2 pm

3, Aland mogular thay certain piece
or perce! of land eituateis the Ward vi
Mouteerias fa chia leand comprising 20
acres mace o¢ lees saa abating on che
Aoreh onthe Neermla's Es-ate ou the
Soath on the Gpring Eo ae on ite Bar

en abe Paulos Ee ate sudcathe We
oa the Siniog &ncate,

2 Alleed Aiogtier that ecraio plee
or pareul of land sitdere at Usion Vii age
inthe Ward of Chaguanas in this inlaw

comptluog Zl acres a6d abaltiog on tbs

North oa the Felicity Eetste, on tte
South bya Peabo Kved, on the Kast uy
the Ceas.gode Husd ad on th) We & ou
laude forsrerly belonging to the Felicity
Enate bet sow Ja the occapstiun «i
Kagonaath and others,

& All aod Blogalar the one sodivides
third share cf Sundarbese deceased,
end in all that certan p.cce or parcel wl
taad comprising one fot situate in tle
Ward ot Ooagurmes in this island ag
abuts gos the N rib, B stand West on
the parce: of lend bisa! re ecco dy



Try Miller’s


Black Canvas and Brown Willesden Canvas Covered Trunks,

Cash Fags,
Square Baye,
Gladstone Laga.
Cricket Hoge, .

Wood Oabin Trunks | ZINC PACKERS

ain Cabin Tranks WOOD PACKERS.



. Rug Straps,
Couricr Pags,


Labels, -


Oxford Zinc Trunks
Rochee Trunks
Saratoga Trunks



Twai H, Clarke,
Big don Ns Manning
i resent Stn,
el wing will represent Sth fs
Marquen, H. Famphilte,

. Cok AL
Be igclage, Geen th, Oakes

lowing will represent Victotia
+ dlenderson apt), \ L,

i, Care

Pariis, W. Sinith, A. Harrie,
Wilden B Brathwalte, A. Beville,

nt Thistle

Sees ee eater, 8.
. le

ere Nteleods It

The following will represent Mr.

ou Sunday Lith :—
KM. Corbie, W.
Daniel, T. Freeman, K. Hackett, ib.
Huggins, M. Maxwell, O. Slurle, 2.
» 0. R, Pierre, A. Spence aud





CAN'T sayf2too much about them-—-Evory tasty
lady who moves with the times kaows that Beaded


. , a â„¢~ Trimmings aad: Garditures are among the latest
5 decree of Fashion from ‘afar, This style of Trim. 4
ming Snow in vogue most everywhere—Don't fail 4

to look through the different styles thoroughly,

DHADED DRES# ORNAMENTS te elit pearl tren, and black, at Oey

oxtoizen ne aseo rata TRIM i sd

s, 00,
MING3—Mxed with Gilt

OXIDIZED BEADE INGE wo = o~ on Feom Zicents

. GILT BEADED FRINGE... “= - - “e 3heente

. GILT & PEARL BEADED FRINGE ary me oon 2leanss 4
we «= fpoméoto$iak = 3

BILK GIMPS—Ia the leadi ex ae . ees 49 por yard,
RACK WHITE SULK FRINGE, from Yea per yard ta Sia
WHITB BREADED OABUUCHON with pearl aad brillisats— Bash


30s and 360.
Osher Desigas tee ve on From 49 conte ap,


One Frice Only, |

dercribed and oa the South on tbe Peblis

4, All aod Singular theove usdirided
thiid shere of Eucderbasse deceased of
and Joall that parcel of land situate fo
the Ward of Chiguazas comprising lo
serea snd abutting on the North on lands
of the S', Obarlee Estate on the South on
the Eadesvonr Estate ou the E st on w
river aod on the Vest on lands of 8, Assor

5. And all and Siaguisr the one undiri-
ded third share of Sandarbasse deceased
of andio all that cert ia piece of parcel
of lend si uetedn the Ward of Chagnanas
* ppr meg 4 acres, 3eoods and 8 perches
wd abatiiogen the North ona on
ue South on lande of W. Wh rton-on the
€ avon Crown taods and ox the Weal on
(be Savannah Hoad, together with the
sppurtenances thereto belo BOF wed

ated this J2ch day of May,
Deputy Registrar.

[? BE LET—Maot's bay, Chacacheaare,

Tole cool ped o wiortable residesce
ts to be fed from May J6ch. Splendid
seafishing and tachig. For fall parti
cules spply to Warp Paice & Co.,
Agents, 26 Froderick St.o2May 18--Lw,


UBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given thas
fn exercised of the Power 1 See eon-
terred oa Mortgsyeos by the Conveyan-
cing Ordinance Ne. 72 and the
Property Ordinance, No, @) aad contained
in @ certala Memorssdunt of Mortgage
No, 173 dated the 200k day of Octaber
1010 from Hacsnoally to Maiiida Wildeme
tbere will be pot up for Sale by the tader.
eigsed at their Anctloa Mart, No 2
Coreer af Ssckvils sad Ba, Vinoons
Street, Poreol-Spalo, om Thuredey the
let dey of Juoe 1911, between tbe ro
of i iy A pm, oft
thet pisceof land aftnate fe th
Ward of Tacstigua fe the Ieland of Think
ded c.topelsiog ibree sores and thirty-three
perches be the same more or fens coloared
wreen {a the diszram apnexed to the
Memoreadam of Transfer No, 120 dated
the 22ad Acgort 1985 by Adhin to the
eaid Haeaanally tolog por: of obo lands
dercrited in the Crown Uraat to the aald
giihle {eule'ered in Volome XXIV, folio
{1 aod more particularly described ia the
Cortldcate of Title registered tp Volame
XXXVI, fotia 405 of the Real P,
Kogtatee Uxk and bounded on the Norske
by otter portion of lands described fa the
auld Orowa Uirsns and transferred to ong
Remdia) by tbe Aroses Kiver and by the
Topinot Had 0a the South by the Loptsos
1 by lands of Guepod and by the
Arouca River on the East by the Aroucs,
luiver and onthe West by’ the Toplact

Disted thls Oth dey of May, 1911,
Louls JouN ato,
Ato loneers.

a ere

DAY OF May, Io” TH

pu NOTICE'is hereby given that


BLAOK & WBITE G fading ed aad beaded

Valoa Nowhora Like Mallfard’s, | a ia:





One,Minora Feo'rae “Four &@


—_— AT —

5 P.M. & 3.30%



> ea


121TH, :

Into the Jaws off


TEE an aROnG


Prices: Ba, 1Gc

is exercise of the Power Bale con.
the Coovyancis

eoatsised fn M
deted the 3th dey of A oh
between Witleas Daron ie) bees made
papitee Aleit Coe
Bale dy the uedertgred at ble a.
art, No. 9, Martie Pro wale, ban


Tron Strongthonieg. ;

Highly recommended for Cow
of uppetite, Nervous debility,
casc#, General prostration ete.



@ Menvy :-atroet



Yeruacdo co ‘Toosds
May 1211, between thy gee, tose ani

$vo pm.
Al wbst certain pi
siseate Is the Ward ot gered br oad

Scath ta the fdlacd of Telatiad

ei omar A

tate aatda oi
james Dowsirge
Dared this

Wet oe
pd 08 Crowe Lend

Sith doyol A
Pe eee