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Port of Spain Gazette
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â–  aiLVA'.
t Gigajattes.
The ‘‘ Showcrtyle lioatcr".—Price $1.44
Square Edge Prims „ 1,44
Cable Edge Prims ,, ,1.44
Trinidad Building and
Men’s Black Flexible Felt Hats
Loan Association,
Children s Sailor Hats.
.... .^ Fredorlck Street
Ladies’ and Childre
Straw Hats
Jos. A. do Snzo
12, Frederick St.
Victoria Institute
IK (UBI aQomrix,â„¢
Kcms & Clgarsltcs
Safe Bacon
zfoir, s-A-iiiEj ■“
70, South Quay.
Geo. E. McLean
" fron
celebrated nrm
OTABD DtrPUY & Co.. Cognac.
aip»lllUrBtA«Ó^^ó»ftE«‘K"S A5S0BTMEMT: -

The Saw Mill has every (ability to handle work’quickly—a( railway •j„,
6 Country Customers to sentWieir logs to" be sawn right into the Mill without‘ü
ist, &c—and we shall endeavour to (hrn out all work in the best possil
s We shall keep a good stock of Jalousie Flaps, Window ]
” -Pinnacle», Fretwork, & a, and' charge reasonable pr
Í good olean work.
Just Arrived and Now Landingj VuftT* | HtNOLRSON'S I
-A- 0_A_IR,GrO
Pitch Pine Lumber
Ex •• \V. U. Kichar
Ladies Ready- to'
ixtrlan in cd S
Ü”C h'triio’Srt'p'roíenfffigffl*
x. a mines sBrriKmsr
S J^TL,:
»18,000 BK.IC
SlnLrsir*1 *â– 
.rrail fuiiherloformuion ipjj/
Marino Square Port-of-Spoin

HIT Hats, Hats.
Ready- to - Wear Hats.
BEADED trimmings a
. asijasTJsussrtust-
ify. ValiMoiIijra LlkaJjlllarJ'si
Onk-Minuie i’costjic •Foy.tR
5 P.M. &. 8.30
lies of
Into the Jaws of!
Small Union Jacks—with & without sticks—suitable Tor Sebo
largo „ „ ,, „ „ fur llouso Dcct , _ .
Royal Standards, Whito Ensigns, Blue Ensigns, Rod Ensigns, S
Rod, Whito and Bluo Draping Cloth — Plain and Printed— "
“ God Save tho King.'’
Lengths of Streamers, Ready Taped—Suitablo for Oross-stroot Deci
Also a limited number ot Glass Fairy Lamps—with Candles to S
—itlclpnto a rush on those Goods
nurses thunk:
Pl'tOUM ; So , II
Iron StrcngtliBDiii
m; z l l e e’s

Ludios Black Enckio Shoes,
Gents Tan Vici Kid Biuohor,
, _Jmc\ |«5ots^;Ílo pÍc-n?o^
Cents * Split * Bals,
Dente Black Satin Calf palmeral».
Adíes’ Tan Derby,
Girls White
Canvass Shoes
Gents Tan WiUow Oxfords,


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i =
ae. A

Twa @



—— -GENT’?S HAT DEPARTMENT D Historie, snd
2. tori

as. < Oretava’
Is now fullyFetockod with all the -newest shapes in Straws end graphical Account of the jeiaad

; a} ‘STORAGE: Its, The following are a few of our Chong a freee ts aay . sa wa + Compiled expres a use in

, ae
at the fast annual eral me ° tT
bere, ft fen of Borip


Ladies and Children's} see


28, Ghuconm ereas



b jormer
PSERRINGS doz Go| The * Showertyte Boater”—Price $14.44 Otietee Se sicerahe epi atthe Jos. A. do Suze
HUES vel” te Square Edge Brims » 1.44 | Pondne ‘ —
sso] Cable Edge Brims nda | A Jorttaty a Teeturer, St P aw H at S SECOND EDITION
WIDGET ow. arcana nanan aerate October 1910, ILLUSTRATED,
can (lbos. 720} Men's and‘Boys’ ALPINE ard TEWAL FELT HATS—Pricos from |

36 conts to #3,00—All shades aud nowost shapes.

pa ava ) van SUCRE ESTA we own Tenidad ding and
iy fIpHICUNt| Men's Black Flexible Felt Hats Loan Associatiaa,



mates BAUR ena perlb See

Es om 72 cents to $2.00, 7 .
januasmacen, Telephone: Mo..52

ae BOYS & MEN’S CAPS, ——

jon + arascas

; ABERCROMBIE ST Eton, Golf and Motor Shapes,
Baraown 297, Children's Sailor Hats.

Victoria Institute

oom *

SKEOGH & 60'S.) coacens

. “THE Wejmaketa speciality of this, Department, New Goods rg a MATSON, © : For toi
re GRO. . Comuiencos on Monday 15th May.
J, GLENDINNING & CO. 12, Frederick St
eal ‘igarattes. a~ 8) .Frodorick Streot. to. 5, ,

a ftom, the Mildest

peenti Fomaces. CALEDON LAN EEC IU SE. ———————
oe ~ 83» FOR IN TFN DING vor fe. rT ERs Conifiat Becaazasys Orica.

; " : Teen British Consat a at Penama baw ro.

raven, SOLID LEATHER CABINET TRUNKS KIT BAGS DECK CHAIRS iolooed nll of aldad horace

E 4 d Beond Cut In Cactildgea woop . oe â„¢" ts Gola Beoree
Per Tin TiN CABIN TRUNKS tdeting On )BUBUE,



QGE4LED lenters “Badremed bo the Colo-
tal Secretary apd marked * Teodery

for Males, Trans penepots Trale, » Pe Public Works
Department ip to 12
noou on Satarday 27th inet, for the supply
of fire (5) Amacious miles 15 bands bigbs

sing 6 years old, sound ie wind and Lb,
pe | and scbiece te the approval of ted a Govern

ment barr jas: ergeon. joe le te
a Pore Spain, not later

I Patent Pipe Fillers—tsf cach.
. Seeman

ils & Wilson, Litd,

\, && a+ wrod at.



* Aotlag Golocal Beeretay

lS _——- NOTICE.

aot 6 Frwh Supply | Ep TO IR SA TW [ee en * oerrurslon| f B R AN DY, y 9) 66 1 6 BE R A PANDY” Het eee ea

. J ‘ Xo, Tre & sax.
Phado’s Cigars EX STORE, on sat Sam ot —_—__ i Steyn lear he pfu
PANRTELLAS a Satu day, 4 ay oma Tas a the, euperetruigre ie of

per ee RECENT ARRIVAL | prizsia orame Ut. Chard, "| Tust arrived ex R.M.S, “Atrato,” from the /ieér

Especiaies ATE VMKH fo ren Lip bibonse Satya 2 ated firm d. BUBLE.

bites & Cigareties Cases Full CREAMIMILK “ Cowboy” Brind. ope in tin ‘haart TARD DUPuY &, Co., Cognac, Ma wn flee al era,
c Bales STRAW PA APER . riivibs Curette tees bagitre | O (established 4705)” DEPARTMEAT OF AGRIOULTORE.
FY Once tre AR OMAN, Cases CUBE SUGA Ueted from “The hieaec ond from tems A Shi ent, of. BRANDY comprising the tlolag ASSURTHENT: — | prux Gorsmeat, “tlackney Bullion

reriiresued, Bags DUTCH OnTs—( ‘Heavy”) bere of the corpregetion. Tickets not pa “One Ree as rath cet tours iy etand for eevee +

SmMoron Tiercos SMALL RIB ee ae oe ie ces * Three Star” Birdy loetaae to 40h Jane Wit epeld od 5
Bh Ham ages canadian Oats 6 Cases “V. 0," Brandy . Haliday, Kags, Pletoa Betaiae +e

pial Hams & Bacon Cases aoe ; BALMON—Tierces ard Barrels O08 NUMBER Pu PUORK 302 “2, Cases “V.0.P, 2“ Brundy areas Fae, sabes eon

yeast, Received: “WW Gua April 34, 1911,

be Riess Bread
Eealoas Baroot BUAPE FEEDING BOTTLE, “ole Agente

FESS sn [WESSELS BROS, & VON GOWTARD, Desesteesiees| scOnT, BOYD & CO., mame

South Lienciiice, A! ine, Mech Toa end pare wing tesclutions fot she seat moniag
dam Cheese EHONE se 8 tia pope pres No, 6, Broadway. _« \" me ee TARYAN,,
i . 306 Pre La! = —emmmeeme es Se ~ oo '

Matas Atrbeades ‘DENTISTRY. 7 E, _ McLean MEDIGAL * HALL. meme GITTENS' MOR? RELIABLE sie ee vst

venue " boat. 2 as Ss] CARRIAGES = AND Quiastoce #

. jennie Eco! J GF OLARKE | watcu mzrauee ayo | Princes Town. | |. EE RBLESG,| osrovire Sita acerca
es ese Az sapere. ot Sara tir |= mHLLER sings Poul fede Mae tol] | emgeeeee mom | memntnn MPH H ae gett
r WW. GOODING Drug fT Leet bins at | OF Er odorick St. “MILLEM'S BIURES HORSES PLONE 36 & 0 IN TOWN. yb gheing thrdogh lauds on Fete,

L. wet

a ree a —— a
——— = ame AN CATES! —THE- C6 s
| Halinay Beatie see | Trinidad Blectrio or, x 5.8. At: s


Get your orders early for ©


‘PROR BENE = Sasit Otters Traravia | Pali from Rallway Station, Five alte for) STER FOR CORONATION:

bolidisg, Cash parchsser will meet with _
for @ Bachelor) partly furvished. |, “berasio. No Feaonable Offer refused. | With the fal spproval of the Coro- WARD PRICE & 00
For particalare spply to Miss G, Peter, nation Service. which follows closely ;

Now occapled by Ma. ELTON MILLER. x so hiss ©, eaten
Fiooadilly £0. Behoo of Spete. on traditional Jines, (he rehearvals of | auctioneers, Valuers, Ketate Agen
May Ttha3 w. nn cron the cevemmuny have begun li West- and Accountante,
por BATE Baath Now Coin eee giainister Abbey. orking of nat ghapDERne St, J Tuarsore 116,
the oe O. niadon insure einooth working o! Veet all dna
tog & Reoms also Kitebeo, elaborate and complicated a function | Goode received for wale a

Poseewsion let Jabe. Apply to 49 Cipri-

bol Bi ulevard—=May 10-—-tw
OTTAGE yor RENT —1 vicars a walk
Guta town, 2 large bedro sme, dressing,

10 Cases CHAMPAGNE—P, & G.-Quarta 4
5% Casos CHAMPAGNE ” Piows Also -
00 Cascs SOOTCH WHISK ¥—Quaris, ‘a

drewing nod dining rooms, aleo front gel- | Breet, on
lery rge yard aod waael out offices, | Bath aod

2 Cx $1,000—(part can re | necessitates the most careful snd

No, 2 Winton Lane, Mey lOch—im molu oo toortgage), Also vecact lot of | systematic training of all the scores of Kk West. attractive and cool .
a3 Wis HENTGH ZDCAAWEY po | Lind, corper “New and Bords Streeta, | individuate who bave duties to per | geit Shel hain te ener y bet Jey} You may desire us to | 35 Casco oo Fins= oi
away for a chaoge, which is ov i mApply to Mr. Josery 1. AcHAM | form. Each person has toatudy hls [ioe fooror fire months, at a low reat, do for Androw Osher's Spocial Reetg


aleo 11, Ulavetock Srexne, farnlshed,
with immediate poneaties, $25 monthly.
For orders to view and all porticalars
apply to Wano Paice & Co., Agents, uw
Pioderick Street.<- Way 7th—lw,

U BE SOLD OR LET~Uhbarm ng conn.
1 ey residesce wib 3 texeptios rvoms, 5

conronient aod expeseivewben yoa have

Temple Louse, Rt. Viscent Sireeh— | part as closely asan actor and every
ell yua need at hand in the love! Ua.

valiey | Apri! sectlon of the service has to be re-
of sa Crus, Ibst fine 2 store: Saliding Ol NALE,-Tea ectoe of land with fhearsed again and again until the
koowsas* Fera Villa only 3 hour drive Kota besrlog cocoa trem theteos, | whole éplendid scene is tected.

from the city and 10 shleates from San {| and cocoa beam, lathe Weed of Turure To the Duke of Nort. , ae Karl Mar
Joan Railway Station, Fally tarnished, (fanepe Ward), Apply to Atrngo abal, falls the duty of “stage mana-

Grande,-— ‘ ging the great spectacle. Under his
riverraoniog at beck of property, nice | KiLGo batcher, gre Grande | tog th reat spectacle, Under toe

The Coronation. j
4o-p.Ovloared Lamps mkea 1B $8. “Grown of Geanada” from.

a small cost.
good shaw ab a My onDING | ° 900 Bags HEAVY WIHITE OANADIAN oat

flower gerdes, pasturage, stables, carriage | April Lith,-—Im. ‘ di bl

one = t the actual arrangement of the | bed and dresiog roone, gudooca, stabling, —ALBO—=
oy fas Var acvey daly trom te eae eeetling.” He has to school and train | poattry b uses and § sores, of sivagesb, ___General Manager, 20 Kegs BUTTER — ~Lestrades { 1 Quso BULTE Bs.
there you enjoy fresh air and water, which WANTED. each pacticipant In his roles he are | Oae mis from Railway Sativa Price —— 5 Re BUTTER be
mins hese and plessore comblard. | — — - —_-- -___- rangesand regulates oll detailsof robes | $2400, Key termes pdesived, of woul b ARO [2 Koge UTTER, (lb ti ° 1 Caso B on al
Hogege carly a2 tiv much fa demand Jans | Uy MINTED at once at the Diego Martin | and dressea; he controls and directs | le: wit opvity of pestuse, te napeplat ® 10 Cases BUTTER, (51b tins) ,, so BUTTER wi
now, For fartber particulars apply to Boys’ Reformatory, a good Black- | tho rehearsals and on the great day is |ienen. Apply Uo ves ot a Mae Tinael
CHAS, J. DECLE, 46 Marine Square— | srolth, Salary 81{ per. month sod | responsible for every item of tho cere- | Estate Aseas, ore Bye Shy ee Xor Saie by

10b le,

Mey Kole. _ lodgin 4 rations and palform, Church montal is one exception in form ab | ao HEREAS certera uvscrupaloae 2
Ui REND —Uvinlurea! ot Kogland, ply with 2 testimoniale ae] 3 a "
F 9 Chaveety Lave coutelalog four apart. to Soperiaten gat.—9th May, Iw. ait rate to the Earl Marshal's control, El Dora do House, W Bhopkoepers are remoricg “Re W S! I 1 H 1D) M A N A R ( { i
Wents With wsust ont bones Aservents | (ALESHAN WANTED.—For they th pet Bhimacit- is instructed vTUuUN arPUuUMNA. volver” Stont Iabels from empty * Re- 2ad May, 1911 7
+ Pom osm by added itrrqaired. Recently Suk and Deess statf Department. Mast | and sehearost ) not by the Kal Mar volver” Stout bottles, and pasticg them Ys —

00 bottles contalaiog other aad soferior


We now cifee a reward of

tepaired and palates Tamediate poe | be a gord stock keeper, Apply with %

seesion. Reot moderate. Apply to Miss | stterectes betwooa Ii. and ¥ pe. to ale bat © y ihe Ae pi Canter

Cammiog, Albert surcet, Bt. Joseph. Keys | Steruens LTD ~** Toe Storee"—May Tthy | Chaplain of \Weatminster.

fa, BUhecon st ° v apr 30 rn © fiw At fist the rehearsals take the char-

Long 5 Chacon street, — April 30th —Tm._ ANTED—Thoy 10” years, baving « {simply plotting out the gene-

NWO LET.—No ti Abeicromlve Street W awall kagasedge ol’ Shorthanl fod ee anpetneat of the scene, anign-
(Haris Hr rosnsde.) Cottage with | Typewriting wishes employment for better- ing yxxilions and atations to indivi-

ABD PRICE & CO, are fivound
V with fos uctions {out 2HORNTYN
Wasrge, E-q. JY. tosotl by auction
on the sr ‘melon Thursday, May 18th,
Valuable Household Furnishings, in-
clauiug assur g wy traoad ding sable,
wa'nus dincer weggor, 6 beatwoou dining

faoolactared by A, SOUBLETE af No, 15;Park dt, F
chara, black Sona git duplay cebloct, 0Oo.—

Qne Hundred Dollars eT

ail cvnrenionces for small family, Sfodera | ment of positivn. Apolicatin can be ' duals, calculating distances and places

Bewerage, Porsession tet Jane Heatal | mada to “Hoy” c/o, GAZETTE —May % ( slanuing the etructural work necessary | guibertand table, yp cabnet, tuuctold :
8%. Apply to Pedra Prada Ld.—Aprt | —Im. 3 ‘and preparing e detailed time table, screen, wiuker voclsit x chair, a wore . ¥ CHOCOLATES uP pared by a pipecal ind peleatltie ret a
Titbo—tw i LU PANTED Land, one tor or race | Meanwhile all those who have to exe lea, tres framed upright Greed | for sach iaformstion sa may enable ues ah, i oer poretae atnaneee eed pe ert sie eel
prox RENT—A House at Kittb Company W: io Beluoat, house vot reqaleed, | take part in the ceremony are having | Pienof ite in ebvulsed eave, revolving | to obtain a coariction agaiost acy not ely Selicion bab aes pourlehm nd it ls gorivalied. Pab "
Village, Savana Grandeme eplea- 1 tay woald buy if chesp—G, Ojo | their various daties allotled to them, | book-cuse, 2 cf o wilting tables, card | person or persons guilty of such frauda- t blot ¢ a " ony
did atand for a bop, in fact the bostin the | Gazette offies.—April 22d Im, and jnashort tine regular rehearsals [ table, 3 mahogany and cedar pressry Pere Practices. a packages, :

Trader Riess Melia eal
le Me We Noe sl
Geo, Younger & Son, STANDARD, ant trom Saopeia own rah couctey districts,
their agen's

13, 4, Is Bakes,

wartee top W suacaud, toilet Seble, cham-
ber wart, handeome chiva diane? rervice,
tesaad dresklen services, gissa war, tess
asfe, icé crvam freezer, kitcbea store,
cooking atensils, dc. Alec lady's b cycle,
Grey b.ree wad baggy, :
Tbe sale will coinmence ad 2 o'clock
preciewy.—Soy LW b—kw,
VANTA CRU% Cocos Estate off 76
acres with 4,00 Cacao trees, 1,00)
Cites trea, sud o berenltivetions, Oocvs

gilt Wh Cloning ont waz | Aran. Wor 5 aout ata | Ryle tun and wil outing tte

A iy within to N PAV illtems abl 10 ‘ ception for a longer period, f th oe rvice bein; J taken in succession,

Paw Con . Willey oor Misa A bh furnished house in Port-of-Spain from | © AL thrones rehocruais the principal

ting, 4 pacy villas my about June 15th. Reotel at between h } duties
Â¥, 47, Bt Viacent Boreet, Port-ol- BWand $0. Apply in writing tok" functionasics go Uhrough their ae

TORRENT Na FoipeesTwonarem, | othe Often April 192 reat sedtncale et wanda office
JUK REN T.—No. 2 Cipeiscl Bouclver’s | pm slik hata and footstool for regalia and
ontalalog —Drewieg. Dioniog and

sdroome, front and back galleries, > ‘ two ordinary rush bottom paotry and wsasl out-offices, aleo stables Milk for Sale. the wi throneas al) the most import:

November 27th--lm

ani cartlage house, Electric light and

; : BSOLUTELY PURE SILK tn | ant parts of the eersico with thus have | pt o
Bee a eeeeteee & Gillen, Heated Hoteles delivered uy tron Taseth cast fn their Arst rough mould, house, ualy $1,500 for qaick ssla—M oy BOARD AND LODGING Roasts
Clyde baw mnt 6 Richmond street, | Mee. LEGGE, The Rookery, Maraval, gad the polishing process will then be ‘GAMER paras Opa 2 ma As bebad b ; sor ot : 3
April 22—1m, Telephone 75 . te 1 - ill be Taree small Cutva Ketates of 77, 63 C ‘ ad by geatlemen (3 or a .
“ - , uring this perlod the King w . leasant, healthy locality. Newly palot-
OR TERT. Out Coiage Fe Oe May 10,—1W. & regular attendant at tho Abbey | aud 17 sstes respectively all in tucellons | pleasant, healthy looslits. Newly plot Broiles, Toasts

‘canes learning his part. Then will come the
Light and all coareaiences, P ston final Teheareala of the whole scene,

dat Mey Kont $24 ON ORY % culminating in two, or it may be three

Weta) Buowt Saepboue 86 18-7 Coronation Moothing | tut wees rncaraais of the wicie ser

Klectrie lighs, tera: wmolerate; by

applying to 1 ‘A. cfr offise of thie paper, | Perfoctly—Heats wash water and sod
~~ Spril 10-b, irons quickly, Heat concentrated at
bottom of pot, kestle or pan—nowhere

Siope--ta be tod bt low prices—pars of
which may rem ia On wort,age— full ps -
ticulare aod vider to view of WARU
PRICE & Co, Estate Ageotd, 26 Fredei-
ick Bt, Por Spain, who bave also

TOR RENT, ‘The desdratle Dwelliag . ry fir Houses for diapcaal— else—Kitchen coo
FOR BENT og Wictas Avera oved MONTSERRAT. ih fates et Hower cevesi=) POR SALE. I

» All aod:
Froklog Traqatisty Sqaase, |All maser THE Wanden bogs to invite, the Associagao Portugueza 1° de

B50 reontbly, fren, Guat oni] 4 Public of Montsarrat to a Moet Dezembrd.

Street, T+ phone No, 155.—-Aprit 1b, ing to be held at the Wardon’s YEDIDO d Die Aad d

POR TENTS Cottage ja. $f Clar- | Othco at Gran Couva on Saturday a ‘Awenbleu Genk Exvaordinaria
ence Street, Bt, James, newly | 13th May 1911 ab2 pm for the ia 14 do vorrente, pel

huilyaod paloted, in a quite Jocality : ! para o dia 14 do ‘oorrente, pelas 4 borne

wily aod p " q ' pores of brran ing a Programme dia tarde, ua séduda Assccisgis, Nu. 83,

2 oe eee ae beaeooue or Colebratiog the Coroffation of Duku Btreet, atin de trataias dis,

j 9 soguintes asaumptos .

Gel ‘ouk on Waler isk on a8 sogoree V., on tho 22nd of Avoca Ge, Mensagem, earl te de

te. ite TO utuos Frac
LbAMG.: id be Klondy ke." April ith, | 5 & Mey, L01t, ternidade Naval de Lisbon e a reepectiva
lo. 18 “To me oh Feapceta we ats seado labore la pels

O LET —aydenbem HT k “a l camminsio pomeada para, cose fim.

si Nw 6 Victoria “Areauc, oumprisig Smut Robertson & (0 2? Resolver acerce du diversos
4 largs Bedrooms, 2 dreesing roomy eocios que se acham focursos no NOL
drawing room, dining room, front OFFER FOR SALE do Art» S80 Arto 59 doa Estatatos.
beck galleciee, pantry and ail cut-pilices,

ith eexvapte rooms attached, Sewerage z ”

Tod Usctre light tostalled-—quiet focaty. | 2X88. “forgorm” from Glasgow,

Tomodiate possession. Apply on premises,

Ault 12 how lw,

rr TNENT—No. 33, St. Vincent Siect | 34 cuss Floes' OLD SCOTCH WHISKY
opposite eee aoe a tcmiigverets Buas. ‘SALYBIA' from London

or conal aaa oF ba saval: 1 8) bags OHULENDOREF 8 Oseoe Manure

Stee Ae amen | Mn ee TO Pe

Olivia Terasitage Koad caves Five

‘ tlouse No Zl Marioe Pasare.” Hours Se eaent Arnvalsand Bu Store,

Ctiford sircer, He'moot, Ane, to WIL- 40LEOMARGARINE “OAKDALE

LIAM Dust, Hoa Agent, No, 50, Fred, (Ne, 2° allalzses,

erick ttrest—Apiil 20- Ja GAUTIERS BRANDY -Io all ojzes,



i Ucttage with dining, sitting and | FIRE BRICKS Usresbe,

two bed rouse, dreseing-room fand .
gallery outoftions, kilcben, tervant | 2.chwwn an
rooul, stables, and carriage house, | _ y .
Llectric light jnstalled. nawly painted
and put in order, Large grouods
with Zrult trees. &c. Cool and healthy
residence, No, 3 St. Frangols Valley
Road, Belmont, 5 minutes from the
trawmecar. Ment moderrte, froly No,
& Park dt, Vort of Spalo. - May dedw,



Quesn’s Park Hots) Company, Ltd. willdo anything any stove will do,

ATES providing for Reapals and Re | And will do it better,

Lewals, depreciation iu the valae of :
Propert and’ Incressingtbe ‘Raverve If not at your dealers call or write

Faod 8 dividend of Jeju was paid fur
MAR offec of IS): 0 Share forthe whole cr Wost India Oil Comp

ma ras be “Sto this paps OFFICE: No. 3 BT. VINCENT STREETS

ne ae ene

Vi. J EPN- To be Let with posse
N) sion on July fat. Comfortebsfsmt'T
fetueror, Dear woation, eoutsiniog two
large t.ceptiun too a, S bedrvome, bath.
room, ete, stabling, poultry b use sod
3 sores savanued, Rint ouy #27, For
vider to view sppty to WARD PRICE
CO, Agents, 23 Mrederisk bereet, Po.
OlSpatn—May Hth—lw.

et eet
n) .


Marsums” vigarette.


AX? we shali now be pleated to fill

all orders, Everyone is delighted
wih sha quetity of saocee Cigarettes,
which are puro Virgiols Tobsoco, made
by hood, 1nd pu. ap ia vary nice tlas, vo
be cep iled at 8 eres ps tia of 10, aad 4)?
cants per tin of 60. It you have aot tried
thea you west do sy st vace sod yor qill
then emoke po other.

W bo'esaia A zeats,
28, Frede.ica Surest,
Apri Db-1a,

ror saiei| REQUIRES

HOSE two werner eed desiree real:
ors Oppaite tbe Prin
Beravosh Tosvaas see ee - FOR.

minsin zrrnreeow:!| CYT by SOLE

Port of Spas,
$de Maio de latr,
© Presidente da Anembleia Cerel,
(s) D, ve F. pa BILVA,

Bivches up 5b Pembroke Street and Aber. 5
cromby Street reepectively 5 two baadred ——— a) i


wuss more fitting tribute can you pay
to the meniory of your mother or .

father, wife or husband, sister or brother, 'L a

oranyof your dear relatives or friends Aus fev on Fridzy 2b Mey 1911 ats Be Viccent Building, Port-ol-Bysio,

h fi heir pl: be Wad M1.

aud given 4 place Of hongur ‘in your [ac livgceds Theo dsane Charen ag [| tty 2— 2a. Cocoa Planters Sugar Plantera and Cano Farsi
aC e into your Lands by using our 1&
Trinidad Government F

Fra sh aw ata nate et tian ttt car
je Agency a! erick Starve roa Maude oruugh. TRIN IDAD MANURIAL 3
Railways . Lg
AND S38, “NAPARIMA." Ouality—Best. Price—
Arrangements for Empire Day th Manvractonep By
elt t

whery you will sce the different samples Terma Cash,
Wednesday, 24th May, 1911. Tinidad Shipping anil Trading i

fed bill bot h
which will Uyweut tothe tlead One te | Dated tble sb Mey tO BEST,
O 2itu May, all Urdioary and Local

enlarged from 8x10 40.00,
Week-Day Tralne will - .
ieeaua eaten! OIL FIELDS OF TRINK
0 Valle: iD
the Uperd Uuwo Main Live Teateee .

Spine prevents asf iv ig the pri Loemd BL if & Abetiooer,
ot every sige porttat moperatel Ye Wane Xo 04 Fie wick Binet, Purteul Spaio.
pire Day will be available for the hn .

and aitty feet upua Keate dties, ard two

“Ppuction Sala nodied aod @ xty fees on uthern ( ‘ : t _
auction Salo [Ensim iene | ‘Trinidad Manurial I

#70, Meaess, Udua, Grant & Uo,

we have cheaper than elsewhere. DENTIST WY prec ted 06 movete pi -
HSALE,~ Bi Roose would do | *BWAWTRANGH COW.) | Vurtenusare half with order, balance ope wt Popular prcve= Pueue 33 Nov.
Bewsi te call av No. 8 BA Vinoent | ibe separate agencine which baro hereto. | Oyitelictry of portraits, 13 b-109,

areca uhere some Gee bergelas arel fore teen cartied on by Mosera. re au ‘ily framed tures from
are offered in Birds, tocladiog palre of | PJ Bourr & bon and my tall al for the | trom ain td yn, vet heen
Assualen Perogucias ay restlogy 2 | fature be carried on asone by Messrs | Mowers, Mruite and Animale at $1.84
[ov echer Cauaries and-ocber Dirdas FF BQUTT & SON, who are autheru.
partes anh one _ 2 lusue policies sod gran’
yok BALE —That Bane residence | for renewal pemians grant receipte
known as O'Brien's House, lu St. QMO. SPIERS.
Jawes, standing on two seres of land, ~— * | trom Acadamy Dictares frum fe to tue.
Planted in Cocoa, Cottes and all Minds | vy 71711 ecterence to the abrve we are | Seaes, Hratnen from Su to The. dat
of fruit tr lately renewed. with \ eparrd t . © f Gants afthe World» Fanous Malatings &
Btabilng, Carriage Mousa, Ac, and all prepared to grant renewal re-) ewe Masters aud Views of Eunpe
conveaieace for a large family, also | Cepte acd issue policies at fart rates Sapriog %r, Daten ue, .
‘pow Bower garden, within easy reach | 08 ell descr! ptiow ot projerty in Towa hy Hanauer” hes Leen usel
of Vortof-Spain, Trame pase before ] acd country cluding Buikliags, ete., at | {ively on thie Tice List, therefary ia yuts
Ube Ser, va cuey terms, oF cheap for the Onna SOOTT & ee at we feiggticd tea per
Casb, For furtber particulars, apply .35 8 rede lad
onthe ploveyor at (a Blarine Hyuere Airey oe rt sON, execute ady aed all orders in au edieéont

" 7p aod and business iike puanner.
7 ALK Ne ¢ Ft ne Ltd,
Fe BALK No Jy award direst, | With which i focorporeted tbe hed


Bes te ioform bis customers sod the
Kevera] pallic thal be bas semuved to

do Su, lary direst to jerger aud moe
© misvdivus promises, Tuning end ie, au-
wg ot Memes, Urgeus aud Husa cninms &
pheciely O14 breve parcbasad, Cao
Useiere mace Le vids 1 watoticle aLd
wo kmaobip guarauited,

Api 22—1m,



H AS great pleasursiotuform ibegia-
tte icaad typectally bis pas,
Cusioiwets thar he bas returue
inews, afier a bape of 1 months
Maing Wiel Line be neve: worked
fut or vader soy persou, o1 taught oF
oumaueiatod His oFeLiAL MeTHUD
* . Cukanng Fanaua Marte wiTHuUT
Ww sDyune. . A. CRHALO DIS
biedwick sud Duke Stevets, I orof-
Spelt, oppusite La ludia Hutel —
ey Sed,

Rive thy prheof our poplar Wat only g
gal. excepting those for distances of ,

N OTIGE !. with frauie complete.
Tatas Hemi as Femeteet | De, LE. W, LYNCIL
ean: Bad tet pod Dew. os taror ot
inirnaurirtwveioeyace "| Perkins Hacintosh Petrolewm Tool & Boring Of
Workmen’s Tickets will not be

rpMe undersigned having sesigned the | Peart OO Se plasle B73 Pasteling 5.00
Shbsry Dots U ster. Up A,, 27
Bed neg wil OF ST. ALBAN'S, ENGLAN®

agency of the ATLas Assumance | Uil (bust) 0.50 Bromide 350 Aluumen 250
Fiedenk BL Ad tsuctes ut Uptvdete
GOODS TRAI NS Are proparad to supply complete ‘equipments for the Neill
° Gag and Water Wells,

Company Lp. (with wh’eh fs facorpo. | Convex Crayon 940K Comex bx pla $1.78
NO GOODS TRAINS WILL pee | ESiD0% Derricks and lools of overy description turn

tated . Pastel on bay San hae bite gion

Tig MANOoHEstiT .
RUN ON EMPIRE DAY, but ali | £zpert drillers engaged, aud drilli i
} . i, ing by contract i
nea wlth be parted on Tessar, pley Full pardcularas, with specifications etd, can be 0

You way er any frame fro patteria
which dete the Usual Goode Teor, | Lg to .

Leveled Mirrursup to $1 Slereow
with views tromelon® * pee
anes alors are sultahle gifte for Wod
Ke ie. «
ey ale have Sheet Pictures copled

bervice will be resumed,

e, §. ss NAPARIMA.’? Chacon Sireet, Port-of Sy ala,

ON EMPIRE D. lat February,
»NAPAMIMA™ Witt 28 woe Ee

reeunie her boned a ao May. will Without Rival


aad May; Astng Genera Manager, i clean droks in clean bottle .


Phoee whe heed to an enka!
taining drawing and divivg roome, roand cant ae est orden te }
oon b wi we
roome acd 3 desing rooms, pantry, ' 4, chester Assurance Coy. me
Wickes Rasdaed wUteeouuaiseg Seeks op

0 43, jer Wconlelnieg draw.
tog od alidog wean, 4 tod rae, we | NOTICE.

elry, 2 sorvanis atatle, Bees -
ie apd bewersire insialicd, f att FTMLE public te oly informed :
cules apply as No, 20, Bdwerd nee { T wee ever sda Cues ny eeeer os ‘ UNSOL PATER VORTRAL PAWD
oy J. A. dunia, No du, Lacy Sutet, g Ot bon, FY, Meggine & Us rt
Moy S—lo, PAUL, H, BAULNEY May Tebow Parana as Manager,

¢t week.
* Hurwe-guse” well (ell thes
prices axe right, Pe ate de'proference,

iucerely Yours,

=_ , > o~ °


, / 7 4
“ \ . (Ekfore Ur, 2, Van Buren, SP) ;
: 4 Wednentay
\ ‘L Oneracerixa A Coveranty. -Ognetabla :
- . GeUllnean cha Ernest Wllains with ;
© an \ arene hi mm while in Planet pllty
f . 4 , '
. coolls festival at Marava ‘elt was fined . . :
- Or ® nemtoomstnt te THedgios ‘ ’ ¥

'Eozema, Yaws, Ulcers and






thargel Amon Phillp and Philp Jéeph
wit disordesly tet on the’ licenced

an En . , ’
ae aA, We have taken over this Saw Mill from the Estate of;

M =
+, Skin Diseases . That, ee Sate ne Mr, F. A. SKEBTE and are resuming work

eben o , ;
EXO-EN-T-O is an ficient Anti] [Etawecreet|Oin MONDAY, Sth INSTA! ;

. * . ee eh by L. CG Garnett with committin,
septic, Stimulant & Mild Germicidal | | ssiitie Zavies wi’bie horse and oe
* Ointment, ° 7


aN ALR Pitionen Dosw pleted grullty The Saw Mill has every facility to handle work “quickly —a, railway esidi

ining inmghitr Cooiaie Acsim ie | Country Customers to send>thcir logs to’ be sawn right into the Mill without-ex
with fighting at St. Joseph Toad.

= ' i
imenVinentiicrsnnned | WO Skall keep a good stock of Jalousie Flaps, Window ¥

~ Jt honts—scothos and allays Irritation an (todiag of the skin
At destroys tho putrefactivo garms, foanl in the affusted
skin and cleanses it of all infection.

_ Itatimulates the blood vassols, induces hoalthy Wood supply
ani trapid formation of now healthy skin.

- Jt is employed with success fu tho troatuiont of severe
advanced casoa of Eczema.

James Stanislans and Clementina (oorre
. Mr.
and abe fined Ss, or seven days,

thy Constable Austl
and cost, &c—and we shall endeavour to furn out all work in the best possible nig
‘Attale appeared forthe defendants. The
by Sergt. Holter

ni the wrong sie of Canoe Sines | Pinnacles, Eretwork, &c., and charge reasonable px

Fiartiva, Constallé. Clarke charged
attack. Jie was therefore discharged,
o34 8 oollapsibt bes and fll ti by all Deu ists. They were fined 10s, ench or even days. fi
hen eo a ~ ae Tow Con anti nee yan Siero sae) good clean work, :
¢-Inter-American Drug and Trading Company, | | Titvitence showed that’ Spencer. hed :
Poy te
130-182, Pearl Street, New York, sire dtialethaaiteearn sates GHROLD & SCHHRA

ws o Perert asvault. Spencer wagoonvicted and fined _
wice noe zy: . 2

at or twenty-one days and Lrathwaite
ARAAULT, -Martha Osborne — ch:

Zold by all the Leading ChomI\sts Lea enre old He ea et ete . - ——s
: att lA little oy. Deten - ° Pyjama
. _|SHESGSILe eS |dust Arrived and Now Landing|'aneâ„¢ | HENDERSON'S |

== his dog. Defendant was fined 136, or

Eversley with ateating’ two firkins /
Th Alston & endant plead. OF

of butter the ae rty jot Messrs. G, e g
WHEN YOU OAN OW heat see] “ ALL HEART” SELECTED |Ladies Ready- to-

e e dayin August 1910, defendant a carter
A nice little home of your own ? [meri £65 jut iya'en UNBDED 7 AND = ;

hing covered with bags which when

—_—— De baien Defend owes agua ts Pitch Pin Isumber Untrimmed By
wnt for his en here an iy
Phere are several Choice Lots (50° x 100') availablo on the| the butter ant while be “dented any Qe -

t ti f rE “hi knowledge of tle Tratter and how I These have been specially sclected by our Maj
* a 6) Le As! Is intorrogator t7
healthfest andcoo est section of our Estate, within easy him. Eto that time defendant ‘ Ex Schooner “W, M. Richards who is at present in Ewgland, i
a sa ron sort-of & nm an *
reach of thie Ours, good roads and abundantly watered ee alee dovwaae whet he ae . 3 LADIFHS SEIRTI
just awaiting your selection, arrested jon a marrant which bed Ven FROM CRANDALL, FLOKIDA : 4
. dant dented hav tog teeitneen in” Alston " j "oo IN ALL THE LEADING SHADES, “3
= ene arlon that particviar Tuesday and eve: in
~ bing else t thon with the inetd ne, co PRelaizn oplineg ds Ze
Se one of these lols NOW at the very moderato rental of [Pb lees connection with te neti Dimon. : Ment, en os. op »
cure Y J sduice August, tat he returued to) Port-of (PER aw Po - o 5 039 OUR LACES & EMBROIDERIES ARE U SPECIALITY,
. Nyv + on one . es 2
‘ » a i t trate Leliesed: that defend q on tee . eoraarravercereze ;
ONE DOLLAR A MONTIL maaceee ener ante nt ahag yrs. 4012 2
Peru hands Estate, St. Vamos |serilimific tad iowindge of t war 353 maak Fancy (0. W. HENDERSOY, ¥
‘ . there and was about to take posession of 3 x ow “ ‘ ° . $ ‘
* 4 z 4, 20 728°
= eee [fhe Te menteneed laa to thrve anonths d25 £15 gOte Khaki ] wne mxcnange
‘ Lut, = J pstina B i oss OZ :
= woman iatsed ary” Mune. f.gncamoned & 35x10 ane 3,358 ; a
R M S P The Royal Mail her on Ant oh pad arother named peu - 18
Amie for a ny and abe og her tr i i.
ligheon represented the complainant, an 8 4037
6 °- a Steam Packet Co, ‘Attes hearing evidence the Magistrate qxz6 i
: fete hoth defendants fining M . “e Aty ,
—_—_—_—X—X—KK-__—X—X<3F Tanne 10a and the other Ja al payment ot ‘ z i ” 3.08 7
' the coat to be divided between then, ix a ; —OF——
ERDICE.-The RB N.9, °* Barbice” evillleavo Port-of-Spain on Tuesday 16th] Lancexy vy a TRic x.—Bengates x ~ 3-056
May. at p.m. for Carnrano, Pampatar, La Gusyra and Pto, Cabello, hs fica Witttarns vith, atealing by 5 x § ” rae a
oand mails, a » FS. La Chapelle om, 408 ~
tre pesonger tender will leave the Lighthouse Jetty, Queen's Wharf fet 1 appeared, for the conyplaingnt and E 6x6 ve , 9 10a 4
Pm, with let and Zod class passengers aod thelr baggege for the * Berbice.” | F¥lmer-Chissole for the defendant, 6 oz 3 we * 3.103 4
Cargo for the ** Harhice * @ill be received up to 4 pm. on Monday Lith May. fonvplainent dueling cently reine 5 z % a 5109 ° 4
= BMS. “Clyde” Iu due here frou: New Yoik, via Antilla (Ci trom Guadeloupe gut acquainted with & x10 ue {
Oye tion Cartagena, Pto. Colombia aud Ptu. adslloon Monale ee defendant axl vunault him = with 1 x 3 ” ast -
May, and willleave the next day for Southampton, via Harbadas, St Michaela | whe! 10 the le waiting of money on the My 8 = 20,643 “eo R
(Arores) and Cherboucg, taking let class and deck pasvengers, cargo and mails, Informnation ated a mnie i x Bend ap, aq. : 252) eh ee ‘
The tender bt leave the Lighthouse Jetty, Queeas Wharf at4pun., with quupanted to the pltenal tinok of Cane “em Sacdop, do. on 0437
eongere ne ti i ——_ ‘
Pavasssogere are specially notified that a baggage lighter to be despatched to deponit of 8h, Defendant uncletonk the Total Roogh Beantlirg, Boards and fonts 258,420 feat Doors, Windows, Doort
the bomeward mail will leave the St. Vincent Jetty at | p.m, oo the day of eall. | transaction for defendant and deposited 2 ox 8 aad up, Dressed Boa:de~) heoed .
5 Jal ie Ft Ac
ing, and passengersare therefore requested to see that thelr baggage fe sent | {he money inbis own name aod gave tbe Rolle, Q&T oe S147 alousie aps,
vown before thet hour, . wae te ay oF ead who not be! 1 ox 6 sad up, Drew Boarde.. planed
ERBIOE.~The R.M.8, " Berbice’ laduo here froin Demerara on Tuesday | aware of that faut, hone Ume ales 2 4 Be ty Ge Teme oe 10,007 om AND —
ting with the MH. Cly le! an th . bi 1 z looring Buardsmplaned Lolde, Q,&T, 5,221
1b May, connecting with the vie! on that «late, when spinplalnant waa negotiating for itz 8 g Boards ploncd Qeider, G, &T, 15038 75,413 feos

ALANTIA.~Tho RMS, “ Dalautia™ 16 due here frons the Northern fslande | to tue bank to withdraw bis ——— ‘
on Tuesday 16:b Alay, conoecting with the IUAL.S. "Clyde" on that dere wasonly then tat he learned forthe tet TOTAL CARGO 339,812 fees 18 OO O BRI t
_ me the money not 0 ted in Cee e8
RENT,—1b Tors Treuey Te due Tere Tron Bots gron, vie Ober bo hile name but in Willlame and that $70 | We effer the above at oor Wgalar low rates, snd lovite iaepeotisn cf Ivas being really 9 y

ry ~~ ibe UB
Michaels (Ax ‘d May, and will . re ,
ise quarantine at this port, teking mualle oaly. A7e end will work ln the depottn Gompltinnny trite JUAT CLAks Quatptr, W. S. EQBERTSON & C0., LTD Ar a
re. ‘Sal o Me al ry fe .

a A PS any Dioney from defendant, it
Biases RMB. **Derbioe * will teave here on Tucsdey ied May, | buh setk” Rave. evidence of ¢7a | SAN FERNANTO,

. . 1 having been withdrawn by: J Leth Be yy 191
) for Grenades Bt oe pas Bee aaclte Soiginlos Monteerrat, Antigua, William the was unable to day whether Pa, RIDICULOUSLY LOW;

: ‘i

The tender will leave the btbouse Jetty, Queen's Wohaef at 5 pm, with {hat man w vedefendant) who sald that he TRINIDAD.

pefmourre acd thee baggage fr the ht ae aay ae {he hank hak ay eccuniy thervfores Upme | BALE FCI THURSDAY TUE ler ' Atm a

torte for the **Herbice” wi recelred on Monday 22od May, only up that atatewient ~ wat an h AY OF JUNE, 191L a ih In ll 8 r ze ;
ep, raw wets dant jou a A. 23 EE ELEY £) we

SN ASR nal ute, w' UBLIC NOTICE ts hereby glren th 1
LANTIA—The R.ALS, *Balantia” will leave here on Tuceday 23 oe made the J h- Det oad 1 Y given thes
Biter Demers ave tio Lightlouse Jetty, Gueens’ V tiitea wn wae i co tue, tl a bas we iecved ot Mongesres inthe’ Canin, <8 SOUTE C UA
/ eo " wor . - :
P ‘the tender wil eave * |i Lou erty ns Wharf abl pw, with eae ell rl tert ieee ‘asec clog Ordinance Ne, 73 and the Ataal DANCE SSS SS See = poe

f Cargo for the *Balantia® will be received on Monday ud Ney, only up wu ddepoctte ta detonated, Podiaia. Moaseodun of in
o ort.

day complainant. spoke to defendant of | No 2 ‘ o! Oot AT gl
" teupiag gqnye Lynd gad defendant Ob M
Newt Sailings for Garapano, Pam- eee eesee aati ln tae lett A , QUE EN’S PARK HOTEL mete Foothachs
nowt! Salling to Baropa ! pytat La Gniyra and Pto fa th land at waked an to witharane | & od Bs yucon THE ONLY REMEDY THAT GIVES INSTANT RR
nAtHATO C. - ae od BERBICK SO, 10h May “as Mra too fo. the tan MM then he Utdey goue 2011, between she hows ~ON ‘Those who have ured ig sey © 1c in really eagles’ ys,
ROT’ wn? ue HALANIIA Bab Me wa the Lauk book to show the party from . . Prive lac. per wotsle
wo, Sat . : y on be t x AU thet of land ait:
SHaGpenusian 7 Wh shy | FRMGE, EX DE ,oâ„¢ ve SL ER DICK *, Thun uly atte Witte the hi othe eas ange ee ernat baron and abit bree wm mncoent ' and at The Faroutiie Poarmacy, opposite Wivh House wa
* ATRATO® ... we = - BL Auguel | DALANTIA oo. Sth July stated by the hank tone i A "male AY percbes | ibe ume as ores oF lose tgloured Gentlemen Dinner & Dante tekst " fa 0 . tagint rate ve fonda : ,
a ‘ Las Gentleme eoee 08 . = a
New Service to Vonezuela, _[jissiietoscrinits onenata'entt | PARED TE svi
o Veoquentty withdraw and did not described —e v
ee Setencnd at ie" Gis at tect | Alla ear dat
t a - ¢ :
pentsreteedan gn iienay fob icy ancntentof ats, snnouring ct ujuniy wana gor land Dry eaneniy devi ipa | EQ” Cevtlonen, ao ented to y
Port-of-Brain, to Oarupano, lampatar, Le Gosyraand Plo Ostelicn ee Om XXVIF, folie 405 of the Real P f x
© The firet sailing willbe the IeMtG, Derbloe a io Cabello, Wh Pa WI Oro | eae fails W508 the Rul Propert Bay por wil) be serveut ot 61 por bead . : :
followed by the H,M.8, “ Dalantia” on the 3xh May and Uhereafier ever ts ¥ v ° ts bes orton lands seat wi DOM y ——~ H’rom Ist Ju (J
wee : ren
¥i clase pecond clase and desk passengers will be catried at tucderate FOR TOUR pele Gre Wr she Atooee ru aad Oy, ibe ESTi¢ ctRVANTS AAVAL HE ON ee
by * - ast 7 Iplaot :
we essen gers will be embarked’and Janded free of charge at Port-ol-Spaln fo ww ae EINER, Hea rnts of. Orpen ead ¥ ht LL, Bouthen storey of the larga and well situated

ern corner of Broadway, and bouth Quay, #

‘the cpremises hare
. three moaths and no epee’

1g Companys own sivas Heunobes 4
steep notion = bd freight and all furtber particulars apply at the

When you can obtain Fresh
Buti pated by hhh a abares

For all further foformation app) exalt" whieh { 14
! apply at Boeet ba NISH cbilet ey, pie

THE COMPANY’S OFFICE, more than thet wbicb you .tow pry fpr


pomn(Q) nme
a and ea the Wess by the Lapioos daa cbs ni ah, aatiaet | Broudray ‘tod 60 Bouth Quay,
tod tbls Orb day of Moy, 191! Of Aflatery prtecinns eee tte ab the bead uP the pas
‘ Louls soil & Co, soca 1a reetal ete lees ite predeces, spared with regand to MO ern improvements Ba .
mares, | Jeu cision eas Ate Tualoded thab ne uch: | Heareurey th UPtod to and adunizably suited fet
The Finest ‘Thingy | pruiiyysehatise don ivecers 224 | auticatione are fanings@o"e Hares Company or other
ix Tooth Washes Is *Odentul j seored Te aultesetwnsiuwent are | be executed early, so that faa: 4

. ed ‘rdance with the taste and require
Marine Equare Port-ol-Spain The City D Keeps the mouth swest and cloar GB WATERMAN, ©} Occupants. Apply ta ie
ru ' Preeig Py ott
ray (rari) radaahe {caine ebuLeea firaRstacs 0. GODULED 0. F. RBS

Becretaty, dad May, 1942,


., —


eee eee

. -


» SHAVING RE LISITES 21 different Styles In Men's “* MAGNOLIA” Boots, .
= RCLOTH ING Just opened - Vhole and Half Sizes. Femenbe Ting that int

gee Special Leading Lines, aun ce omm OOR OVHR S00 PATRES.

No 8-Mens Dlack al
Viel Whole Froht Elastic Bide Doo'a ae 425

No. @ «Mens Tan Vict Kid Shos Cat Derby Borte _.. we 625

A Lorely Lotto acleot fs mia
ani ch wide. rh tua BS,
ide Price $5.00, Frive $5.00 g No 0-Mens Tan Willow Calf bhoe Cot
No 10-Mene Black Vici Derby Boots, O50 EZ-E Soles ae 02!

a m t .
saatry Stair Carpots — | SPA" BU4088 TO mAOm WEMIEH, | No: 11-Mens Black Vici Lace Boot, OBO EY Kvolea |

e fwith Border).~Especially suitable for Bed- No
B roms—at eh GOe, 72c and $1.00 per yard, ENDERS BLADES, suk | 1g —Mene Tan Viel Lace Bootsy QSQ ECE Boley ww 15 | 0 All cors ructod on
. No 18 Mena Tan Grala Derby boots for Heavy Wear â„¢

eee .
Economy tnd Comfort. Not 17 + Mens Bleck Viel Kid Derby Shces, O-50-EZ-E Sols

7 8 No 18—Meus Tan Vici Kid Derby Shoe, O-SO EZ-E Bolee ..

No 19-Mens Ten Viel Kila Derby Shoo, Dr. Baoyou

a ¢ Thing wa l ace Ss XROPP, TAYLOR'S MARCO AND METROPOLE ees Tea Vet Kit Deiby thot, Dr Batyon
poise 10 18 TR A. ZO BR, G. [Mase every ease te Beso
° a it Country and Intercolonial

HAND MADE LINEN TORCHONES-- bavi Special attention pal
y Bdgiags and Insertions, Be ei Shaviog Eoaps. . Hi

i Mdgings and Insertions to match, Razor Strops

ote Hg Stone Int to Ha) nck -onos « co,| Smith Bros. & Co,



Constitutional Catinet responsible to the | tution which has for years teen well
known in Port-ofHpain as the Boys

Catholic schools of the

rine, Margarine, | *=is2"


The Cabinet copnists of the heads in the the femotition ‘of the old, dilapidated,

Govrrument De}

. by further mutual action following an
laily attend tha school, and one too,
Swi FT CARS extension of unutaal privileg§ for invest! dae th Keening with teeters Vea ae


houses, Offices, Shop, and Store

Mtish Made Margarine. |="ree"" ="

‘Advices from Moroceo atate tbat Cap shonkd provide for ite students. We



needed work, Application has been

New York, May 10th.
The “Tribune” reports the arrival of | mate for an extension for along term
@ I Senor Vasque, formerly a member of | of the Icase, or for permission
‘Castro's Cabinet. whois now [| chase the site outt!
nxt President Go no doubt but that this application will

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THE STORES, Vanques says Venezuela te ripe for re- Comm fonere esite iecertalnly a

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¢ Tinidad Shipping & Trading Company, Lid. Cotton Seed

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Por GR Ae TRINID a DEMERARA en U bon the hearing cunt Povinharne ant ‘Tux Journal of the Houari of Trede for [and since it Is there already and, there
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Carrying Through Freight for Tobago,and Ciudad Bollvar, g oan ot oe ort
—_— who waa returned bye piajority of he | relative to Martinique, 4 It is vory Inter.

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SOLE AGENTS. THE 88. ° BIARACAS.” soh, | hardly be reganled as capable of bain;

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Frcte and child, Mise J. Prescott, Rev. Y
K. Moore, and Messra. Eyre, Krecber an
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the centre of aconalderable residentlal
istrict, It Ja, on account of Its peculiar



taing bis seat d: jority of dicatl ‘ects of finity to the other end of this same
Tie PRINCE Be RES AND HIS Fetter imse for Tine binter It fe Wie ait dietrlcte vit Dake, and,
STU tent our governinen etree TT 1
vince of | appropriation of £240 atta tha | the town authotities will be prepared


ls Tas the achool manegers are about to

CON OF ORANADAY : Yale to compete for tbe Grand Challen (ZHAN), to be expend very teat
. , prevent conduc 2
MERS CALL AT GRENADA BOTH WAYS, Btoamers Cop. ant Rneatine ree t- follows Hstension, of the, 4 int us ie ‘ ai =
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AD TED fa a charge, 6H,U fr. Lb, water . . " .
a SRUAIDAD SHIPPING AND TR ING COMPANY, LIMI "Phone 184 Pe an TT ets ¢ supply works papa te FUND. eer Mincowato ws test ‘wo ib a5 :
ars 9 Broadway, New York and Port of Spain, Trinlds3, B.W.L, ‘vious tilt, When busbands ond wives fe fart er proponed Rrant_ a con: ‘Tux following are the subset [ptlons clit gellag Upland a No quotatloa
miseg entitling (be busbands ate rions for the received uy Commander Ouomla RAN, mt bane Mu Hilo plan a any

mont Boys’ Haod Fund,

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premlony sTuay register as joint | eatatilshiment of a coal depot at Fort: | Pom tity

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THE §UGR COUGH CORB|Advicg To Travallory, | ieseeeePselesctsor?eatiieteakeral | Se France

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FP ero PEGE Bos No. 0 etm Laing’s White Pine AGrolds. lots of trouble fans CONSTI ToUDs., A MERACE TO HEALTH Mreand Meu Trav beirerer . | Mal
perc noed Teacher of Hiementary sab- *Cough Syrup. AigePaiaice, comer, Frederick and id the alives t ee ; . hich Meare Wie aon a
OY | Queen Bireet.—A pril 13th. — " 8
LIS ~PHARMAOY ;@ April 13h—Im, vod ta AO fo a histerrind te the peramanth which toy five Sa Re
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Beate terms, for one pupil, five
a ‘daily Apelt 25th— 30° pil, # THE ENG a | td ry oa
pect to the rakin at .
p eal Pear aes Conserve, yal Voodstatts froin the umping | Me. Jules Auduss =o jus
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parties serving ooo

tion of these artivies ax Uangeruus

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Cc ar multe articles were sep diene MayueaR Cn xan
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SS of the diticully, Sead Lanedoyne’s Ul | or cad were cundginund by Me. A. Oralul ar tm
WEED ad ite first reading. iy, Sn eotimated 11 apy Authorities at Lhe shojl gr icrorer Meaers Steadinan Areber & Co. aw
cust OPE be Conservative msiority In the revo | Mey So articles were etn thee en
stituted 1oune of Lorde wou a, and | Dee ral fur incineration oF Total to date O.L1L. § $19,109
is regarded chiefly uacful sa @ laslg for m Toot & hauilary _—
N LO N TS negotiations othe renewal alter the pas | burial in ike piver ee
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case of Com Tegan the
The Hoave, of Comrenns, «Hina Ios | otbers tn toe ecg
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Owners of the au “Delta.”
Come One Rae a 00
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decayed polatexs, onions, anc ad rence 4 Dtephens, Hont& Ca, ye.
have bwen taken ¢ oe 0nd dadilva, sdarunt 9 Htephens Ld, v.
af eaed aulbority in | iecall-adiourned ¢ Ngriues ve 0°
with incest Batlelows All fuod-
jot huwan cusseuin - ———— *
rt oa Lateatutely dealt with by Ags verwituge (bere fe nothing 20
the Havitary authority who woukl be prizes as Mother Graves’ Worm
espected te me thet slepa were taken 4 Haterminator, and itcan te given to
to prevent their being need fy apy = the uiet delicate chiki without frer of
vaae for hupan cuoruuptied, injury to the cunstiluliva.






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E . Bonanza | Bonanza GentsDept. |¢ Macnolia.’ Bonanza

Rest-Rooms should be

If PAYS TO SPROLALIZE 80 BONANZA A Real Gem (BOMANZA) | Ns a-pteoe mck Glace ety BootenPatens Ting ow A182 SANITARY AND COMFORTABLE
a . 7 Yeas Blac i Ace = Leather Lice ton w 'é
SPECIALIZE IN CARPETS. SAFETY Rd a0R- Price $1.00. xe ichee Tan Vil Wholafront ian Borts | 432 | Thess aro Just two of the many points to which
om in 18 Inch, 22 fnch Billotte Rasor. Auto Btrop Basor, Berme’s Safety Besor, | Xo 7 -Mene Patent Bboe Cat Derby Boott > Vick Tipe see 435 8. B, & Co, attond properly,

F rioe $2: No. G
+ &85
o' 1—Mens Tan Vici Kid Derby Boots, O50 EZ-E Soles. 435 Aroju t the dainticst croations you Gau Iindgine and
Boots, O08 ENt


. 4
GRABHORN-Eest Pocket Safety Razor. | Not 1s—Mens Tan Graig 11 loch High leg Planters Hote, wu oi BEFORE YOU DECIDE ON WHAT FURN
. . ‘
430 | They will help you to plan it out "so that your

all Orders. Really Well Furnished and Comfortable,

Prico 7 Of course that depends on requires
ments, but you will be surpriscd to fiad what a
lot S, B. & Uo, car provide for littla money.


. Lancashire Insurance lio / 0000 M ILES: seddotey feta eu atte thn, a8 Tr ts reported to be the Intention of win hones sould te bape i vives

4 x htt a
the Grand Council and subtituting a | the managing authorities of the lost sont ney Teel unduly creme with thelg
husbands—qLondoa Dally Mirror.)

Weatern Behool, one of the most suc: | the other morn at breakfast

2 ; A
Straker Squire, All British nit 7 cea tte cat \ arrangements for | The exus were cal, the fish wasdry,
The 11gge Wad A m1ENd}
and certainly far from nightly melding ¢ And when my munnors louder grew,

Funds Ex riment
Ss unds Coed +++ £12,000,000 He TIOD IN THE FRAPFIC OF «
: ASE FOR N Hede Motor Gar OVIUM, tid cota ew hut is at, present eon | My wife replied. “Twice one are two!
: L SURANOES effected agalnst A Chino British oplum agreement A ducted, and to reerect ta its stead 6 The coffee, thick with bitter grounds,
AUGUSTE PELLERIN’S ,,losa or damage by Fire 00 | us done to, Tisited mithoad » slogle Jitreaneen Chinas praluction | handwine atone clic, tne enon | Wincor ey dimen
Buildings and contenta of Ware- biich in the Machinery. ‘ {| ta necommortate te real harnevads | Feed te Keep may wrath i bond
: ' thetrafiietn 4017, unlese nooner stopped | Oe boys from all over, the town who } yf, nel fe my Taster bent ore.

And, auilingty, saldt ** Tw!
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RVlOG. wy PRANTH ANDMOROCCO. | to what a really first, clast whoo! bv. casey. r atarted from my chale
And asked

4 . . . * nds arrival at fea bas not} anderatand however that consed stedt
excellent substitute for cooking Butter without MENT seniL TWO SEATERS. The siege continues, | upon the early termination of the lee By oltting tilt and placid there
faving to pay the excessive price which Buttor . Ta gearoe, and gemma von, Mian: | ammdor which the tan te heldl frout the | She atill pursued her, mocking tricks,
: - Yor particnlard gad price apply to Germany bay » aires of pecupallon. iasioners, there la some | And cally salds “Twice threo are six!”
Of Kose Bene ITE ARRIVES AT NEW hesitation on the part of the church
A CASTE ro “ee authovities to proceed with thiaanuch Sach fary awelted within my breast
er indifference

That I some atrongiah views expressed

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Tat atl sho sat, serene, acdat
hty and wehave | Het iy sad "Twice four ere slght!*

central one for the purposes, and can [ Then mingled with the giddy crowd

*T was two when I
bhe yawned and sald’ “Telce five ara
tent” —Traths

Saturdays ~

t hoola) owned by At
are two, other tion in clowe proxt | Harragin 0, D, Young &, Iter, W. Be
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Duke and Hichmond atone 60, J, BieGillirray 8 Ws Taamte

to refitae na reasonable an applicat H. Queanel 37, J, Cummings
Mears, Q Pi

PA onan Al lit WARD AND VALE SCHALLSNOE | charg : octor'«
{ali x Quality, | sett Caen mrt cet a fa on hth ent cuurgerni| | "She ange be opel 0 Bab
i MOF NAVA? ak Msy 3 for Me me Club in July, pro forward et bis |every, encouragement that & really | day the Lith instant.
ae F NAVARKEâ„¢ ... 10 For Sale by onthe She on REFUSAL OF resort for first clans balidiog, nich ap we node
5 ‘A “I Oo to 8 e one contenup!
OMAR CA CRANADA® «- "i TRVanDs CHALLENGE i. AL. Codwul at Martiniqne (Sr. IL J be and which will iy doubt prove an PRICES CURRENT.
2 Ostord refusing Harverd’s chal | Mengh porte. that Lhe General Toxample to others in time to cour, —
be aubstituted for the May 10th, .

Upon er} re ;
lenge, the Henley btewards bare sust ended | Gonueil of that colony has ar roved._ &1 shoul Ml New York
eer ehallengce un, Flour Ilended Clears f
PUL HL SCHEER i Cl. {pa rilea hich, Yor tbe Grand, Challeng ep gana 4 ona ot 8.81.00 | very unaullable peesnarg ig wich the | Fie ielicstg = gum


arenes ans at “

- Furniture:

spend at least one third of *
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(Many homes would ba happier If w!

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That was enough. I cursed aloud,
And left the house In haste,

Wha London's pleasures taste


Tho following scores were made lash

Tacarigua —J, W, Meyer @ 1f.C,
orite -Tdent-Colonet R. Johae

enn 2,
Bri Clase Bhote—V, Collingwood $1,

roctor and KR. E. Ques

Exchange, New York and

London, @idaye'slzht os = 6842
Exchangr, New York aud

Tandon elaine . one. AH
T dad Cocos N. York we MEE tO END

Lose, a cn May 10th,
1USTATR rystala
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Tires & Hentes wat! +”
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Pars. 96 75
Petroleum Options . a & wis
Weaterm Olldekis - is ‘fe
(iltelds . oe ao 116 Bde

seneral Petroleum . . 18 to lw
Guapo oe see, 88 te ws «A

Ax On Without ALCOHOL, “Rome 4
olls aud many mediclues have alcohol:
as @ prowtnent ingredient A
clous tingling Uf six cuential :
compan the famous Unnadian Healing
Olt and there fs po alewbol_ fa va woé
thet ita effects ere lasting, There lena
mnedicinal oil fompou ied that ca
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beallpg jower. 3

eo . - ‘—


Jin Leth who had done his utmost Wo litt | counsel of the eminence of
U L log sitting Ido notthio Lazare returned to the T} tothe crechutow that the dificuttyin feral, who Utheral: “
LAZARE VS. WRICHT contemplated Prt ox event bi sa remember whether bewat | The deciding thie iio bcd Bern mae {he cone out uf the apne of per “ mal atom ‘and on followed y
et ~~ [ting. Ide not direct my mled aa te strate anid +I have ordere: cosy. Matters 0 e LUbaee occasions fo” mt
Lam tolgoing'on what Ral havefuneiter, if1 rose for lope and fat] ent of Court.” Mr. Lazaro said to: § tenes dlterent pointa of view by diifers | put the cane on 4 high Pinte Pollet) to surrender hiteelf folhoee legal tum- Chim (Mr, Ps
gathered frein the © tort-of pein Ga: fagatn inthe afternoon, ny order would | “have obeyed your order and te fent tndivkluaty, They could not all be rep it tobe heeath: bie presence | Inaries, Hut when *snialler fry” were f thata judge
pelts” por from what yon have heard | aj piy to the afternoon a8 well, turned.” ‘The Magistrate midt-Ue.} more or lew as prosy as thet w7ll ther Mn for th : te) of protec te teforehim he exercised “patriarchal | legs, iret i,
from others, bgt on your own record | “Feu Intended to exclude him the { lees you apologise | will put you out.” | knowa grntiemad whocalled for the | there wae for (he purpose of pemele | CE hs moved about in anyy | the magistrate
of the incident as you suppled it tu E wholeday ?~I had 60 hitention px Mr, Lazare said s—™ Apologine, what I [ giaan {nldrder to find out what smile ne thee ® trencal had” eet [ay rhe aaton the railing with the] “surely 7 can
the judges, That ie’ the only thing 1] to exclude hinv. during the whsle alt | will ro cut." or attfinde should go with any particn. J Lhe Attcrney ‘of ancertainiog | ekill ofan acrobat wi this lege dar | without dn :
will pertnit yu to refresh your metho ] ting. Crossexamined 1~Bergrant = Nare [ lat lot of words. ughter.) It wae) & for the pur tube “Haeree | giing.on tlie” oe (danghior), | trate directs
ty frum, Nyw, do fow say, ae Tun. Fon cannot tellus what wera your { took Ir out the ercond time in the | the misfortune of most of then, and | Sot far the ee fC advoontes' Tadewhen they;bad the presiding | so that thar
derstand, that you have hours that ?—The Port-of-spatn | sine way geen the first occasion but [ beyond thelr control and it was a[ ected the at le a rocnte nite setuisig that example, bow cary [ation jen wee
MATALY HECOLLECTIONE. | Gabtis will tht you Lo. the ‘tzute | witout touching hu The Magie | milter in which, they tnbst give amt | the courta -of suinmary jurinliction | geulue melt Ag Ube Gen ee ONE | Ment upon
of the focident?—Not an clear ael f (Loughler.) trate made the rematk about apoto- | teke, Ba tbat on the question orfover which the tlefend unt rr CO ra er ha oitbol tochare He!
would have bad, had the rasecomeon# Never mind the Gazeile. Having | aising when Mr. Lazare wae at the ice or wantof reazonable and pro- | He need bantly say & on his Tart, POM HE wee GAMALI hts know! Niles :
earlier, out, soa expected bim to come f table Tam sure Larare saudi | bable cauce, his submignion under that | there wae alnolutely me Demenal OS | a tticnere “were quick to fullow'| he was being &
Lunderstand that you are quite pre-Plack and’ say he as ‘worry P—It]?* Yes, Lhave deliberately tured my | bead of the case waa, there wad po ert terest la the matter. hi . fe Seber d those things (Laughter) Before Mr, Offeringee
pared te seve nh Ne is Chapelle’s ac- he hed mid he waa sorry, I would have bak, ae you detibes ately wok the dence whatover on whith I{le honour op all, necastons of whl Rol Wrkh Dower’ cee rite Chom Uke defendant | slved, The 2} Sa
count of oT thin e give a ¥i ie! jm stay. exe OY Oo 1H ave nn cou rome a jon al . a
fair acconnl It was tinctured with You Intended him to be hept out completed | my ¥ oeeramination.” megmisitcoor want ct reasonable and Es had always peen struck with his { had referred) they woul) Mind a per f Pxetcise of thes %
TH eon "ao

the Moat

, ‘ decorum } he eat in bie | the oftender to be @
hi Ww, I very fair and no- | 1 ® Durt Si note of thr jncident bt AVith regatd to ex. | Yery coorteous 4 pie view: bet tae ery fair and no: year be did n 2 1 ng the sitting, atthetime, About two weeks alter I] com of Jurtedictlon, his iarnee friend ivaty treatn ent extended to hint, | coat and nothing shook or tnoved him : fod ftir ere iol

is voice was
fe whole thing, from begiuning tof Did you inthnate to him that he] furnished (be Magistrate with astate Fin his opening, had pubib the one| Ha that, it came to hin as a matter of h
end 2] do not necept hie Sateen should “keep out HU the year 1?--] | ipent for which SS yyi asked me. The | singte Tints That oppertualty of exe fonsilerable surprise that there should Cinle whlaper, "0 Vhat Lt, was imprem- Thal Hieetion, "
about Mr, Lazare being calm or that | gare no directions (othe police at all, |Next day I took clippings from both planation had not been given to Afr, | be cause for complaint as en alleged oranyone todo otherwise | Mr mur he sams nom
it was usual tor him tosit that way, f think that some days afterwards | O¢Wspapers and they contirmed what I] Lazare, Assuming tbat no opportuy inthe particular patter ‘ore theron. f Laza: i pie ain atlitade wi by pehmes t on thnlee

Do you say Nr, Lasare was violent? { when,— had in my mind. knew the report: Pnitvof explanation had been given, Upon the facts of t ran he found | counse! ' inset uk Nine ma fT ‘ae
=No, I should aay hewasannoyed| Mr, Pollard Don't rule, don't [¢ra—Thorne and Barriteau, My tm- | and that ane ought to have been given, it was Impousible to assist Mia Honour, | sort © me c ct keeping: croue ng | mar an fence,
and showed his snovyance, rule, the learned Judge will dothat. [pression of what took place fe not [yet he still sulunitted there was na He had always found ib extremely manner, ant was tha » ogau ean Pig $

Having a haty recollection or no | (Laughter, what the reporters said asto the talk [excess of jurisdiction; because the diMenlt to assist a fudge fn arriving | against hin an areapert oe cons farecn Wy
recollection whatever of{t, are you] {It was here noted at Mr.-Pollard’s | before the first turping out. It was | jurisdiction of the Magistrate lo dep] | ¥t @ conclusion pon any confit at] tempt? Counsel saw an it wt snoment aniriater, who wae
going to pit your recollection of it} request, that Hia Honour excluded J Not my experienice that = Lazary eat | with cases of misconduct under section | facta It was easicr to asolst s ory some strangers at | 8 jar tab e, who pnd pk Me
agalost the recollection of the witness [crosscxamination and wll other evi. | 4a ludid vefore. He may have done | 143 were clear, and the exercise-of that of twelve men than & Judge; and he { might jwith an fost ce be torn faite to 6 order
eoled think mj lary recollection is|dence as to the Magistrate's general ¢% but L have oot seen him. Mr. | Jurisdiction waa a different matter, It (thonght he might be pernitterd losay out of court (i onour 3 J6 rikes tales quict the
ae good as theirs’. conduct.} Lazare epoke Inbis ordinary tone. He] may not be exercised in @ way | that the course of the evidence hi mea there are great many gen lemen ma © genevally

Inepite of the lapseof time?—That} Lauppone, Mr. Wright, there would [wae calm It must be « mistake on | which wouk! be approved by most of shown how wiee the plalnifl was in | at large tho have not gol fg carn fi oir mm Te, -except ina
fe trve of us all, be no doubt that if Mr, Lazare turned | [be part of plaintiff and hie witnesses [them zor it might he easily exercised | desiring tohave a jury as tothe facta | tmoney.) That casa if ov! ently ofr was bm 7

They are in confilct with you on] hie back to you and if be was sitting [to may thatthe Magistrate did not fin a way which would tender apy of Lhe case. He salvo thought it had J aroused some public ntereate v ae ncaderale a ;
several material pointe ?-—They ate. on a chair parallel with the dock there | aive Mr. Lazare an opportanity of sit- f order made under that jurisdiction re- | bow become perfectly apparent haw | accounted for e presence of po many tint By but it- wesw

Do you easy that they ave wrong and J was question of meng rea arising P—I ne prgpenly before putting him out, f yersible on appeals but it was @ very easily severable the facta are from the J spectators, but that wes hot the fein io yjoperation alld j
you are right ?—1 think sa, do not think there js sty in this casa, f He had wufteient opportunity in my | duferent iow to say that be. | law, a¢ wasenntended on the applica] to which he was referring. TI feo 8 vanishinest y

Did you tell Mr, Laeare that “you? Do you admit that a practitioner | opinion, Tpe Magistrate told him i— | causethe Magistratedidnot exercise his tion for « pry and if he gave His | could not expect here, the same atand: Fs A ts i
wat down and deliberately turned your Jinigbt be alttiog as Mr. Vivare was f “iE you continue to sit as youare sit- undoubted furiadicUon in wa thatmet | Honour no further acsistance, [t was | ard of decoium asin the English court | 9° fagtetraiy
back Y—E do notrentmber using the | without dreaming of giving bffence to | ting now with your back to the bench J with the fullappioval of the Gourt of hecause he believed Wie Houour did | whfch wasalmost. a soloma temple, | ote. aa he would uz
words “sat down,” the Bench ? -Uh, yeas he might. I will have to get the police to put you | Appeal, therefore he must be liable to Poot need it His Monour had } [n England, they would find noptrang- vel Some n pote

You will becommitting mo just] Apart -from hie fitelevant crow pout.” If Tam in conflict with the wit- fanaction. If that were eo, it must | beard the evidence on both sides, -the er invading the .barristers table. No- + fength and a
now if am geting impatient! (/auyA-pexaminationn, he had alwaya been | nesses, It ismy impression of what | follow that whenevet an order for pincipal parties and their witnesses, body would induce bim to believe that re cee to adie: Gm
fr) Tam sorry, . teapectful Not what Ucalbrespeet- | bappened and {swear to it. i kept 8 | contempt was reversed, that would at {aad contlict on impottant polnte stood [ Mr.” Lazare was a nian who § having to keep order q

the witnesses right when they J ful, He had been of considcrable | copy of the statement I gave the Mag- F once render the judge or magtatrate J out, Mle Honour had taken the ful. | would insist upon turning his faa te was enpo ,
aay that you never refernd to Mr. | assistance to nie in sume cases, istrata. Ido not agree that nothing Fliable to action. In neltherof the | lest possible notes and he had no {back {to a pres! ding genius after udge, but audi. ,
Lazare aa “‘aitling down” when]? Yuusasy thathte conduct has not [sas said asto apologizing unt rl Suse he had mentioned was that even | foubt, he would be able to arrive ata | having been told that the way in which in & matint never 3

a were complainiug of his turn- J been uatformly good, Take the in- J Jazare was being put out at. tie door | sngwested, and all that was decided [ decision upon thure facts, Iu address [ be waa sitting was not proper. Noth- } ite f submitted s
arning his back to you? -E do cot p stance of hle having summoned a wit- | the second time. ‘Lhe Magistrate said [ was, that exercising the right of aging on tho law however, he would | log coutd~have caused.the whole inci. treating new and
think { saw him sitdown. Ethinkfiness who did not attend, He asked * Keep hin out until he apologizes,” [ Cuurt of Appeal, they, reversed fudg- Passume the facts ta be proved | dent but the Magistrate's precipi. |] ments, must he
the first tine I saw him was when hiftoe an adjournment and failed to get ¢ On Lhe first occasion the Magistrate f ment and oo nore. “With regard to fas the ptaintitf and hie witnesses | tancy, and his desire ta pounce upon gonstrued. Asta
had sat down, it, Ho asked for a wartant for hia ap- ff did not {atimate to Mr. Lazare that he [ the facta of the case, they lay within a | had proved them, because to his mind | the san who waa preventing the free | diction the cane‘

In your report to the judges, you | prehension and that wastefused, You J should remain out until the tising of | very smatl compass indeed, Un the | it was imposible for hint to reconcile | flow of bis work, and imperiliing the LJ. P: etl was
told “them that Mr. Lazare, without Paied the case and convicted thy man, J the Comf. I understood the exclusion | ocrasion in question, @ most un- f those contradictions Ie woukl not [chances of early adjournment—the qyarrel led with the’ ”
rising and turoiog bis chair ball { ifowsdo you account for that If 1 | to refer till the conclusion of the case. J fintunate disagrrement arose — be- | rely upon numbers, because the plain- ] only Magistiate who liad been able to § /errand and the otheg@l
round, wat but did not continue his | .ocw tho facts £ would actount for it, | itis dilicult fora person of my term. tween the two gentlemen, Uptoaf tiffs evle was four agaist ¢wo, fenjoy afternoons with a crowded the Attorney G ia
crous-examination: ** 1 ssid he had sat Fut I don’t kuow the facts, perature to get into such s thing. Eble J certain point there was no doubt as to | because Dr Blackwout ¥ right was | court. All these things must be taken j related to the H
down deliberately, tarned bls back on >) Doesn't itaunke yur ‘ neve ,in the saurtte 16 moda, Ido f what bad happened, There was a dif- A HOST IN HIMSEL foto account in order to asceitain for Coroner's Qow
me and the witness.” To-day, you AM OUTITAGEOUS uot think the «tosexamination in | ference as to what happened after Mr J and he might outweigh the plainutfs | whether Mr. Lazare was guilty of any [vistere’ Courts whideg
assure us that youdid not notice hin] No. Ifa manss charged witha very [ thls cass was auuuly interfered with | Lazare had plainly shown thathe bad [ four. He would tot rely upon discre. [ contempt or not, or whether the Ba- court of record, had
alt down w hea you fret complained of f ertous assault aud he admita amino | by the Magistrate, I don’t think I] taken exception to the Magistrate's J pancies, because they were alwaye pro | gistrate acted with that judicial care preserving er. Al
hie turolug hfs backy-As ( under f ueanlt and ft propoe ta punish him | would act as Mr, Lazare acted. If action, He would simply confine hiv} sent in those cages, He eould only | “high one would expect from a person record common ie
stand the distinclion of words, J see forthe minor assault, I need pot worry always give way tothe judges. If 1 | attention to the statement made by | leave it to his honour to ascertain | cutrusted with those large arbitrary which they could al
the refluement you are making. uy head about witnerses to prove the think Jans wrong Tappeal I perse- f Mr LaChapelle and Mr Prizgar, He] what was the actual incident as it had powers. If there was anything In Mr, [ Judges of those oo

There is_ no refinement but wi lous assault, sere uptothe stage that the law al- | thought it was only fair to both these | taken place. In their case, they denied | Lazare’s attitude it was the act iteelf, [ immune from action.

A SOLID CONTRADICTION You have plaiged your oath thatin | lows ome, Wheu Mr, Lazare waa] gentlemen to say that although they { that al any tine did Mr Lazare ever | He ventured to ask His Mouour to | to thake a judge of 6
of what you statad !-Ibe Chief Jus- | uy case that you had not the slight- fF cromexamining the witness, the J aiffered in impottant particulars, no-f address the magistrate over his} come to the conclusion that there was { Hable for c
Ucerwill decide that. st enmity againet bin ? -Yea, Magistrate went to the east to | body could hep being struck with the | shoulder , and that was the only state | no design in it, but Chat it was Mr, J #00 aod Cook, “Bat

When youspoke of his giying you You ratber love hiu. (LaugAter) P—Pthe — witness-box, Before taking | wa they. gave their evidence, | inent he took eaception to in the Lnzate's way. After all Mr. Lazare § 1505 for the first
hiy back you referred ta the time when ff sVu did vot bave occasiun for loye oa | the witness out of hie hand, the f and their desire to tell the truth, | Attorney Gencrat's almost was not dlary Justices to then
ho necesauly turned his Jack to] che reverse. . Magistrate did not ask Mr, Lazare’s [and nothing bat the truth, On the JUDICIAL PREJENTMENT A PRINCE OF POLISH the Supreme Gourst,
get to hia sweatP—-No. Mr, Lazare ivf What do you expect Ja that Court, | permission Only about eight or ten | evidence Yor the plaintit!, there was fufhiscase, If such an Incident had J and hie manner on that occasion, was kuew, lo Engiand
too Intelligent not to have understood | hat men should cdage, fawn, bow ? | questions were asked by the Magis: | misconduct on the pait of Mr. Lacare, | o-curred, he should certainly have | hia way of showing he had separated f (except Demerara
me taughict).—No, txtrate. ‘They did not aesiat_ my case | —inisconduct in the sense that hesitated ty goa step further Tn con | himself from the case; and be sat in f Dance was copied)


i can seo your inoucudo jo that Do you suggest thatin England, cx- fatal Mr. Lazare was dispicased, a way to Indicate that be had no | preme Court only Ma
worl “intelligent,”"—that you are pow ception won it have Leen taken to] andafter making a noise with the NO MORAL STIOMA nection with paragraph Cof the state it tn it, and that olberwise It might nvaunity whereas ‘
seam of all the Intelligence inf use words. "Surely, suy loud, lean | chair eatdown, Tid not think that [attached to it, but yet in jlself some: | yur would find that‘on the whole, the | 0¢ possibly considerod -that his pre- | always exposed to acti
Christendom, but Ubave none. Laugh: | dtae L hike.” ¢~1 thiuk so. Mr. Lazare had findhed — his — cross: | thing which brought him within the} tainty had presented the trne state] sence there might have exponed Ein in Trinidad, and
ter}, May Lsay thay Mr Lazare mie] [lave you xeen a single incident of f+ xamination. Then followed Mr, | punitive powersof the court, Supow | Te thingsas it occurred, Whatever | to the argument that he was en { 8? In the tlmo of ana ~

underatoud a As you weis complaln-§ che hind in England? E lave never | Lazares insistence on his right to | lng Dr. Wright hat told Mr, Lazare to v : uiescln he remembered ya
ingot ?~Ido not think he could have wen anybody tara thle back onthe Pc1oss-examme. 1, in hie place? wonld face round and he had refused, {f he Hiv Honour might find, be felt wrens amet of w pee. ties Meee eete was pasved . ur
done #0, judge, . have insisted untilanote was taken, Phad conunitted hii or ordered hinr] tine addressed the Magistrate over | acted a4 4 person glad to seize an op- | Lat very case, for the ;
You thought it quite right to goon}” We are now on the words!—1 can- | 1 would not say that the Magistrate [ out of court, he was acting strictly [ higshoutder. Ile could not defend | portunity of discipliging that refrace | curing tathe magistesgy
with the case against bis chent after [ not conceive avy English practitioner | shouted hia refusal. Other Magis | within the ligite of the powers confer: { thacin auy case, nor the fact that tory man who had from time to time, { nity for which the,
having deprived the chent of hie ad-] signing that ho was entitled to turn | Gates have epuken softer, Wie way [red upon hig by section 1 There | h.)9 (ook hiv seat with the deliberate In. | caused his acts to be reviewed here, | contendet. But eu!
vocatat—Yes, aigback on the judge, of refusal was neither cakulated to | waa noqueston of cringing or fawn- | tention of being disrespectful La the | there and everywhere. (Langhter). | tlons, the ouagistrates
You'had alsorefiued to allow Mr.{ [will ilustrateany weaning? Inthe] soothe or rouse, Hoth have loud | ing, He was asloteresied as Mr. Pol] siagistrate. If he could get hinwelf to § He had hoped to eupport the Inference | fudges, Possibly it wand
to contlnue his crues+ezamina ] deychellos you woutl voices, (aughter) fan in mnajutaining the rights and { pelleve that that was ever Mr Lazare's | of malice, by evidence uf actual ani- | that time to alwaye gay
tion of the witnesd becailse you were PROCEED ‘TU TREPAN Mr, Pollard :—Hoth adiutrate¢ one | diynaties of his profesion, god here | frame of mind, he would abwolately | Mids, anu Mr, Lazare had put to Jr.| bench, men of the jl
shot aatistied with the way in which he| hin at once | (laugAfer)-No doubt [ou the Bench and the other on the | puciated Ae strongly as anybody else, | strove to diecttes paragraph f of ho | Wright, cectain casey on the assuinp. | talnmenta x batone t
was sitting down?—Had I thought] sou have beew there and wen what is | floor (more laughter), the thought that counsel ‘at the bar | Matce tne or elaine They all kn tion that there waa this aniinus Bet p What the effect Jw
his crossezamination would do any | done, You speak from experience, Roexamined iI never resorted to [ xting within their duties, are uot as [590 Tavare'adefecta and hfe qualti sa | hedid not take the position whichthe | be if all “tha
useful purpose, L would have allowed] No, Tam getuing your experience I— Fturning my buck on the Magistrate, J wortlly of respect saanyone ele. It 3 nono of them could ever! inna es Attorney General a ested, viz, that | powers were to be
him to goon, Na, that ienot my experfence. Ibave | (here isuodoubt that that is what | would be @ too shoit-sighted policy | {hat he was a pereon to concelv Fe | tecause the ma, atria bad de ided J any restriction
Yoo made noallowsnce at all forthe | aut heard of a vase hike that except fu § Mr. Lazare did. altogether to think of such an argu- | ites of deht rot turnl , hi othe agalpst bin particular cases, th ef country like this, wh
fact that he might have made hief ncspital The Cowt then adjourned for [ment But the, power to see that de- ce Tet wte with the ing the f ite Lazare ane to the cla ion Magistrates were"
crow-ezamination of use ta the Court: | What did you hear of in hospital ¢—- Planch, corum was taintained in the courts | howing. contempt, or demeect {that the maglatrate bed n't cling § of the Peace, but whe
oMr, Lazare thought that the women fpanning, laughter) I THE ATTORNEY GENERAL'S must reidein sone individual person toward. hink i Msn “TLazate's lecck against bin,“ Oue at the instance never to mount the”
was sthpit or obstinate and he got her ou are joking *—No, 1 an serious. ) SSN, and atcording heir eyateru, it ii F
to be a laughing stock, aud that was] Linally, Mr. Wi ight has itnot been] The Attorney General on the { not reside In Counsel or chien but In trate tany Umea! ane Magis; the teanlcurete comune tase when ena finitions
very wellif you had notinng elxe to dof your practice in that Court ever aince J resampfion = said that was the] the judge; And fn this particalar case, aid Not amavaten tl ware t thet he could po Jon: ey aled pesse in was a case tn which
and 1 wanted to gel w Uttle further. you have artived to bully, fusult aod last witness, gat he would | Dr. Wirght was the only judge Of a | eee erect all sous tittnees ttt | which the magutrale Pefaeed aa of a JusticeZof the
ne iY sow you Tose tore] ua! juin practitioners. ake very shortly to sun up the . | Was proper or pot; on him alone was ‘ d
exannne and to Teliatilitate her byl ‘the Attain: Generals Tobject to | lle did Bet propove to deal with “be thrown the responsibility to decide. for the bene uel Me Twhe at on moet Inexp! ical le vy to adjourn s talnment, who yours
undolng his crussexamaination?--Nu fthat Thatis Tat what Your Honour [law aa he had already submitted there | If he decided wrongly, there nére ways the wer ba a vated b: ‘ee Py nm portant witnena wi he Tne anim. who was now"
Mr, Lazare suggests that you anth | ses ruled agalist. was never any case tor the defence. ta | ofappealta acourteuperior to the mag: | IMG Y87, ite end Pr Wright, tamot| done ble utmost tocile. ‘Phetwne had Jt legal world”
clpated bie cruseexawination fu put-[ iin Munonrs That has already been Janswen. He would then deat with | latvute’s, but there waa noright on he ve. bee Pe “a scl right, Tyuet AN OUTRAGE U; TING satura with »
ting to her questions which he might | culed against, Mr, Pollard. the facts purely, aud the only section | the part of an advocate (and that he | fave t an hin, Mee th Pos tion tor # magistrate to a ve TILING of the English Barf
ynignt have Pa eu, proceeded Witness t 1 shall be very sorty if} be Proposed to quote was section sabaultte mvet strongly) by hic nn | eis hed stated Theyyould con: out the witness who hed ieen suai. of tlie wey in whiok:
zanines ure he ¢€ ave any one offence, which 1a own whethe ber show any cisree; w lever to . * how it
never heard hinasto the points un “ EEX ASIINATION, could sueceed with auc te r plaintit the court, Le submited the evidence frive that Mr: Larare only wat al that had ert plied fares mpi Mr. Larare There be ene of e0 7
Which “he wes about tw ciosi+| Reezamloeds When L asked Mr, Pasmuming that he had. @ caso to{ Was abundantly clear that ina no- | horeeshoo tale (where nien were not J bad spppiied for a warrant soas to ae- | {ere be celle Of
examine !—No, Lazare to sit properly he refused. 1 toswer, fis learned friend nuuet sat. [ment of Irtitation and “disgust (for | to° former magist To Mad Veter | of the atuitude, of thee ea teet | cock high attalomentalg
‘The witoeases are all quite clear that pry aboud 7,180 caves Byoar? I cannot Pisfy the Court, that the act complain. | he wee sure Mr. Lazare woulino more | 20 opined In’ any ed ever | rate toned or the maple powers entrusted 12
on the pecond occasion when you cous | pretend to Lax my mind with details | ed of in the first place was done inalic. | dream uf being disrespectful to the Coe ented ae ance Luding wie: | maniteets eho tou in ee | bery worde he had belied
Pitlved of his slitheg with bie back aw al ihove cases, ‘That number does J iously and, without reasonable and | court, fbanany oa tle wher he was jhe took ne further art " iD that ii Ltheart do such a aaa wa th man ira “the sal
a *
¢ Court that thie is wh ppened : [not include Coroner's Jnqueata, probable cause, or that it was done | calm) he allow: is feclings to get head who would permit himself tobe affect- judges created 73


particular case; and Wright's

—* Surely 1 can sitas L choose” said AN OPPOSING SOLICITOR, Me watter nob within the furisdic- f the better of him, Hedid not th

teference to hiv having duliberately | ed against that * sturdy little fellow” that po

Mr, Lazare, and you sald" Police] yi, Rubert. Montella. Theophilo | ton of the Justice; and he thought | Mr, Lazare would have allowed tha bac had 2

man, pen te sth the wituesers of Veurgar aid . 1 au & volleitor tien What woe the inksrrent dimtculty in ie bat for that thos pufortunate eo Wood MMe. Tame te ee tothe or i tolew every noes 3 in aoe ee tiiug mon
bo Tee esee! . ane, ab were aad ards = Jor.

ug side as to that Now ee Gourt for Be ytees E nebtiees | wliich bore direetly’ of indirectly on | Wiighh, There wae no mistaking hie | time wben be (lr. Lazare) left where | W be the only voice onping wi Ma Need gerne

bs had been standing to resune his | magistrate in that i ty. There wass
eeat. Could Mis Honour conceive st { There waa no doubt Chat whes the offences, ordinance gh
wesible, with crosexam{nation un- | Magistrate arrived here, he met a | sect tothe same sr

To the contrary s you sayfyou gavel th f . ‘4 the questiva of malice and want attitude ip the witnesbux, Ha gave
ates opportunity: of pitting proper: tel ee et Wake arts rosa mnablo and probable cause? i bis evidoues aa failly 40 be could ‘when
Cy ui en Walb in e a8 one of the i acting u Yr strong ng. was *
that he would have to leave the Court peared | for cumplaluant a During bls learned friend bad brought et sure fire Lazare beheved he had been inished: and 5 man charged with a neous ainoant ofarrears, ont J could never be urd
if be persisted in altting tn the same] ithe second witness) by. MrrLacare, | 84s the Magistrate's general demea- | Wronged, and that waea proper way 5 mee ithe ene ent ng lmprison- jhe Polonial Office he had been [ fisuersof the P
You then requested him tofine Magistrate put certaln questions, | 80Ur bext; the fact that on twoor | of rightlog that wroug, If hy bad | Mie wears fatt Hine and en- waving bomething of hin bew.charge § wagiiratey 10, te
Jen e the Court an he aid met comply Mr. Lazare Who was standing at the § tires occasions, Dr, Wright refufed | only contented A binneedt with acting bevbret Sen Ne gad vagabond belng pep ehere was Lo dou be ou arrtying {hee aust show ba re
wud he refused Then ap en only | oath-weetern pat of the Mar tabie | to stautadjourniments to Mr. Pazare | within ibis legal > phtelnetead OF be» be more unreasonable | bis Knowledge on that soe ees the four -curners of ae
ey 0

ou called upon the policeman to pul we 1 chal nd when he wasappearing in the C having iu amanner that undoubtedly | 22ythlog cou!
moute Sir Lagat and his three turned the chalsruund a little and sat before ,him, ‘dud th irdty, eae would-be Impoaulble for the busluecs than to, shat out Crossexamination use one of Itider aggard's conceptions, xt
sritnessce are then, hopelemly at seat thie That scat was ia the ordinary Prouskt'to be uiade gut” that Dry | of the court to be carted on if it were vihcltor wheese {bought nightie there was always ** witch-finding.” | Roce Counsel next rq
—Aller eighteen wouths ft Wiway put into the Mar table. Mi, p Wetgbthad sald things about Br. | passed by without notice, that would | MS Or Brose abilit Dr, Walght | Wassteurprising ta concelve that | Peferred to by the
bhely, . Ladary Lorned {t round facing’ noith | Lazare which weut to prove malice. | have been a different matter, buthe | {DMIN WEL et and Nise reputation the Magistrate coming from the |7¢ /ellard, 5. Mowe

‘Aad you are not ?—Nu dae lie beck tothe Benehe Wea PAWith ngant tothe think’ fact. ie | did what wad wrong and untecoiuing, he vaya ie nowel J Ww untessonably | heychellew where his powers were | Cusee p, TE. ‘ as
Lesides dtr, Tachapehe whom youl the Magistrate had finlabed bis exatw- § 484 somewhat Important to them, | aud therefore was guilty of unbecou- mh c woot Wright's -course of | larger, where he sometiues acted ag | Jt was now 4 path
gran to swear Ly now, there Woe (We | vation’ Nite Larare stood up aud faced f lecauselt was a fact which if proved ing conduct within the meaning of the action ie ont hab occasion might be f Guvernor and where absolute powers adjourned to 7
her witneseess Partita and | itu saying dhet he hed wot diplehed f would militate ty the strongest. de ction to which be had already called fazed from Ube fact, that after turn. flo a an's hand tended to lower his | O'Clock. of
Thorns 1—Une of the reporters did put Phiscroaeexanination, In the scan- (Rite pousibleagelut Dr, Wright's | his honours attention Io da not | rears t oad icltor be had the te. (standard of right and consideration
seen torecoliectat allgand the other [iui the Nagistiate had told the pintegiity as a nagistiate. But there | propose to go any further with the ei ty to un lertake tocontinuy that | to be shown to others—was it unreas | 2~-
contradicted his own report. witnews 10 leave the box, lr, Lazare P48 note title of evidence on which | walter, His honour had listened very Toedlehdh . m al charge agsinst an { sonable to AiTpowe that on arrivin “t
The reporters aro solid on that] ieisted thathe had pot finished. The — bs honour cc utd infer that auything | patiently to his very Honig addiyed in | [edivicaa: mil hout the assistance of } bere, he put down the amount 0 .
polot that Me, Lasare's account jel stegitrate sakl. You fad deliber: | hatever Geen sald by Dr. Weight to opening the case forthe defeuce, AN | Tay counee Mhalerer, Jo such casey, farreary ta the alien crows abaoclutely correct, Now, r ately turned) your back on 7e” show feeling | inany way tow wide Mp. he soul | bay was ¥ hack had said op fudge inva ably core an adjourn. exauniper—Mr, Lazare consurnin oO

u SE . ALATO fe he previous day,— thal eUHONL 1) nue!

NRE. BRIERLEY ons ON THE] Mr,” Lazare sald rences bad been iade 1 Xe tie regretted charged being prejudiced, and \ Wine and




delitvately tuuet omy “7 of a sowew hat very suuch judeed that any Wright bad’ oe f Dr, | it should cease? Doewhla honour pot

=Yes, . aud reumed bivecat facing north as WRETCHED TITTLE-TATTLE PERSONAL FEELING fine xan ail ut done so, they hada | say that a practiouer venturing to
Here you cited him ?—-Na Launder | before, Aflerwatds the actatrate but there was no evidence of ite It | should havebven importa ta the case DRACONIAS METHODS take Into contich nich tbe essere —
Sian he bad Biren you a prool ist, sal et dames 3 gah rie wae vot given even at second hand buch a state of affairs was regrettable | which he adopted on that particutar | and te lt not buma the ina " 4 cg 70 2
nie. lie pave ue a Copy he tha x fo me That at third or fouth, Meferences J under al} circumetancéa, but it was [dey. The man who could c imly at | diagistrate would park leat that i wit BEG #0


most so in a profession — hike | dlapasslonately refuse to allow counsel | tnentlon it to bi
told ba nN their's which after all, was a v to crosvesaialue a wi 3 (lerk with a view BIE
preo eon ee Mr Lasary pester be ata ott ke hoot stores went bet Mr an Stet be te: DK one. and which ‘would become something ée the conduct cams ot might etait Boe ? heae Puddtheunee CON
; . t nee!
1 suppose you will admil that Hf the | Ihe Magistrate spoke in the usual way Tao that, and he wubeniticd, as reganis fowtoul Simmggtes to Interfere. With of Cour and ‘coldly and ete reo saicdon inane’. {hat the magistrate TUAT THE O
Incident of e fit ture ne out ot Wal tacasion Lean ea thet us tat that, there was nothing upon which | the mux isl, and more important part of | on with the case,—was fust the 76 of nialice at oor pala with that degree
‘toe that y wa in fr-hon ader tbat tinued Both ies Konl hin honour could fad “the remotest | Unelr lives, If Mr, Lazare would ex-| who sould act ust as plaintit? an port the action # Hiet iy toe
pot WiOhg, mtg hath. wrung eivto heep ther temper! ‘The Magi» our paar Tae et rights ted Hin for aa ng 90, he thought he [sine in fn pe sending # po- } Attornd General had rretecttiog it £ xX ‘p rins.
You think that serfion entitfes you} tate sald: “If you continue to sit att cthe | (honestly be adn feel witor out of Court, He defied any {ae inating the tuagletrate absal
1 © [gory of facts was that referring to the | (bonestly be admitted feellags | 1 bi gletrate absclute
pocburk oot citi formal charg: |thatnay. cute goa tuck, | eee by br Wright of ble powers | wich ba de iia tok fcr caine Halice Cours for any time, and pricy titenoes ‘Iie (iin folie eaieaiuet | Has BEEN
whence s You ard the Magistrate called on the police bad wea every t ng came, AS ethos ow Dr. ghte a je aittlog, dlsenga, at that horséeboa | that theauthority in py Pate:
e i. y tine a fudge deeld- | towardatin, Mr. Laxare bad latened tabll ority tn of Lad. PER
You think, uuder theeireumstances, Hy pathine unt The serving-onicer, | at “Bivemely 40 ve a Judge deel Fe (hinge which were iirerelauk and that frends bat be hed no pt with Maplatrates | Cases p. 144 showed how
no beaing at all upon thow Lararonst, withoutever dreauing ot | was to antriain whether ae ticume

thata mien w notentitled to be heard Pi whou L took the order to ivfer not PO iauisdon of a case _
ook keep ofder Hret, having moved the dlagitrate called | ants adjourgment, such Nieelelona | relations Ne? could acure | M aac! ; i:
. fe ro tural H
You Wd not tblnk tung outfon Rergeant Nure, Bir. Laue itv Due to be taken as erilepce of il] | Laxire un behalf of Dr. Wright, there Hut, ihe tent the Magistrate toner athowed the offen ik of dis Prins fF yuu a
wes aluolutely nd feeling towants hin: Mr. Lazare was @ onan who had fa pre wily looked at, wit the A

@ proof he gave Nr. ja

zane, Mr. Lazare'’y lack was turned to the “e also
Axe you positive that Mr Hrierley were abo male to certain thin

Magbtiate, [ do bot remember the alleged to have been suit by Dh,



punishmeat> No, J did not treat it as] vite hi to pub bbe hand on hw. bi then allbe cmb that
ouch. It 4 ne of keeping | Nurse placal bis hand on Mr, Tasare’ may was,
hb. It was only a ineans of keeping bit shaahier tie Wee etl fweioy wont) his hosvur woubt very Hikedy be the | which coukt be construed to bein auy heen giving huu trouble in some interruption of Mr

oH thn , t pou pare 1a wits Uhe tbe bal nicked up bie itaghtony Twas iny steals ipery way boslile, and he trusted tha} Mr for of another since hie ar! etaimiuation (not ee owe which arrived 4.
whieh a mn oo4s' wee ange
ww» Gut uotil he poh Pen bags ult; it wan Only @ Formed one, PON te leaves ef the Court I ap

lasaie would & Ubat awe ri ( .
‘ NT PORE ATS Ribtanaeo’ Tal 18 the colony, The Magbirate right of the magnate totebe the | the ob May (i
View did you y They went out quiedly. Hy thie suet of thiat kind were to be teed
ta Ate L called the thind witness, Wheel ta for oben jaeet. t Lasare

n Pullant in the ouyree of bis that way befare—be blenelt ting in “ Hoees dud deal with blu ashe thought
beancur are always difficult to decide, " to bavi Jamal ibe defense by whodid
PRLS Wom wasuiuing thet witues, Mr, Nowmer'a Prd pot sit in

Ip ceat for any (bice wastheattltude spoken tohy the

bedi OY) arid bus!
de | reply said they had the gowlfortume uwet uncenrentiunal Tuaghuete asl ed he hondue to aa ree TRE ROYM
" ut be thought lus boguar veoukl cui fila bewtued fiend (ho 4 Wong uh cf thus, except pabspe whe Wilareen fur Ll defeme that’ Mr.) May Lith -2%

a near

“oF * gid <7 .
—. Mx Recent Arrivals.


ED 0 Ct meicne

3000/2 ags COARSE SALT

‘2000/2 Bags FINE SALT
400 Boxes OUBE SUGAR—vach 501bs,

all Sizes

100 Boxes BROWN SOAP—1683, .

Each 200 Galions.


South Quay,

eee ee ee

For Rent



At the Corner of Chacon St.

Occupied till recently as a Provision
Store by Mr, William Scott, at a Mode-
rate rental, ‘

For particulars apply next door to

Gerold & Scherer.


That®s the kind wo kaap, and the
kind you must Buy.

‘Shero is a way of boing
absolutely sure that tho
Shoes you buy are worth
at least as mi: ch as you
pay for them,

You may not tosblo
to tell good leather from
you muy not know
tho difforonce’ betwoon a
high-geado * hoo and an
article of roughor make,
And yet it is your own
fault if you are imposod,
upon You cannot bo
extcctod to defoct those
é difforcncos in material
which make euch a witerial difference. But you can at Joust
stake the precaution of makiog your purchases whoro

Misreprosentations are Never fra Moment

. Glanco over this iit of formidable F, ‘a 1 an
sill aud see the superb values o fered Fargelas or boiter atill,

“ow COVD Vicl BLUCHER T aes “3 to 300 pale
a WOS BALKAN K1D,OPERA TOR 190 to 3.00 “
ao, ds dc. a,

he "Pho Lowest Pricos—ALWays !"

i. 9

us RADA Ss,






. [with assorted oolour dots,
This weok-—por yard—40.



We beg 4 Femiod our readers of
Hlamletâ„¢ to-night at
he eee Normal Behool by tbe

In scether colums & anulvers |
‘ Hasment of Menara Wires Roberteos {he
\ . & On, Ltd, of Bart Fernand ng i me te Whealeay

tee & OR P
Bhbied” ete Tamber, enieh en performance promises ta be a

npently reached them by Rehooner { success,
WW. MM. Richents trom Crandall, anon
jorkd. Pol tments of Mr, Lovelace
Florida, US. 4, itor yg to the post of Deput

wood Wi trar of the Supreme Court, an
Mrk Diack word Wrisnt ay at i Dal Golltna as Linlef Clerk frthat


) . dressing the | nouncin:
MAILLARDS; beaten was etill addressing by Tnesday's mall steanier,
The Montreal Gasellé of April 2nd | _ According to ‘The Outlook, Count
left bebind him, In a more
ee | atatesi—A man wee Paka t the Tolstoy ett be ind b a Ine more

crime j or
of torent ite reer ‘te iigae to unknown dramas three novels, =

hme orelettes, and 6 large amount o
Latag tiny terentin matter which tvas Included

heed in the first drafte of his eketches and
bed dinonses Se oro® ef to cure novels, but which was subsequently

dioases, ee stricken bub because 16 conld but pene
Inconnection with the forthcomipg ] the Presa copsurship, becanse It w:
cycle and and athletic ererta te be phoute by the Countess Tolstoy to
held under the auspices of the Queen's | be objectionable, or becauan it did not
Park ©... Mesara, Davideon and | meet tha approval of the magazine
Todd, merchants in this city, havo | editors to whorn [t was originally sub-

is_ wife.
under the

THE of thrash
Port- ef-Spzin Gazatte.. it may do his kind
Published Darty, Mondays and Yablic
« Holidays excepted, at the Oftice 25 St,
Vincent Street, Port-of Spain,


Advertisements of Birtha, Deaths, 2
rf} The dramas are entilial “A
and Marriages, Acknowledge: gftersd @ prize value $10 for the 3 mile Tenet Wotan and A Trice

a ‘ Corpes.* The latter is to be put on
Asa precaution agalnst ‘the spread | the stage of the Fine Arta Theatre in
ree will be chargod for at of tuberculoaia, anuimber of enameled | Moscow next winter, and arrange-
Seach and to be prepaid. t plates are to be posted in conspicuous | ments have been made for its pro-
Casual Advertisements of E135 _ places sbout the lity bearing the words | ductions in the princfpal cities of

ments and Disclatmers jv
mast Le aulbenlioaved by the
signature of some ,reeponsible

description : —26 per week ; 3 do not apit on the pavement.” Mesara | weetern Europe, stories are

Penforgn leh per month per Brothers snd Company of ©The | “Tik-hon and) Malanie.” — «Father

prepaid, {| Rergie,” and *Hadji Marad,* a tale of
Wants, &o:—26 per week each, tobe ) Bonanza,” have work in hand o' Tats a .
tting up these ‘plates. Yesterday | the Uaucasut,

: Prepald. . one of the plates ied against an

FAltor and Publisher . A. DP. T, Amnaro, electric fron pole at the corner of Cha-
Manager... .. °.T. RL N.Lavonun, con and King streets, for the purpose | mail concerning Dr. H.L, Clare, The
Cashier 0. ._ OJ, H. Foun, of seeing what would ba the best way 4 ci devant BSurgeon-General, fur it isa
All Cheques sent to tho office of this of placing the plates. certainty that the eretwhile Czar of
paper a payment of bills ahould be = the Medical Department will not be

Taade peye lets The Port-ofSpain the manslaughter charge agalnst | returning to Trinidad, fs however still

ee ‘ Jack Leon the hlcaggy boxer, In con: ea tere, and though he haa a written
RAKE ' nection with the death o! santa ends here in a jolly strain, ho
To Oo PON DENTE. ng. twenty-four hours aftec he was | heverthel confesses it ng the eur: 3.

We do not hold ourselves responsible

for, nor do we necessarily endorse rise in having the matter still hang:

bs fire. on
The following fa from the Journal of

knocked patia a poring match with
th fons expressed b: Cor. oat Presque Tale overnber,
res} vPiteate in our wlaront. Alt was dropped in the Supreme Court.
lettera must be acoompanied bythe Leon pleaded guilty to another indict-

real signature of the writer, not ment, for engaging [n an illegal fight, | the Jamaica cultural Soclety s—
necessarily for publication, butas and palda fine of of $50. “Me, L, A. Wates reporte having

& guarantee of good faith. Reject —__ tapped twenty-one Castilloa rubber

ng Sale’ on Kypllation, (Ieee nitehseesteek fle"rlts tt | Lovog obtained 8 Toe Ton” tie
articles which reali jair prices a aving obtain be on is

Advertlstag Scala on & plication. the sale yesterday of househdia furel- makes three tappin at Intervals of

Subscription . - .25/ peryear, # ture ete, at Messrs, F. J, Scott & Son's | four months,—the first in May, 1910,
Payable in advance—Postage extra. | Auction Mart: A“ Yéot” typewriter | gave 4 lbs. 1 oz, the second in Septem:
was sold fur $25 & cyp press with r, 1910, gave 6 iba 10 ozs, and the

= mirror $22.50, and a Ton bedstead | third tapring tn January, 3911, which
with epring $12.50, has given 6 Ibe, 1 oz for 21 trees, an

CURRENT EVENTS. —we average of 13) ozs. per trea. Mr.

—_— The Chicago correspondent of the | Wates reports that thes¢ trees are by

TU-DAY, Nao York Times announces that Mr. | no means tapped severely and he

James A, Patten, known throughout] could have taken much more at the
Uhe world as the cornerer of grain and | last tapping. Mr. Hirst tapped a
cotton, has decided to devote his for- | Castilios tree In Clarendon wing
a tune to the fintherance of the crusade | under most adverse conditions—on
“Hamlet” at St. Rose's School. against consumption. The death of a | poor dry evil in a dry district, that ia,
The Lond Hlestri Th a brother from tubercaloate Jn sald to on the May pn side or Cha ton,
e London Electric Theatre—5 an: ave ins r.Patten'’s decision, 6 tree was originally broug! rom
830 pm. and he bas intimated that a sum of J Colombia, and is supposed to be about.
a $500,000 (£100,000) which he gave some | 16 yearsold. Mr. Hirst got a total of
Sale of three parcels of land situate time ago to the North-Western [8 ozs, of rubber between sheet and
fu the ward of Chaguannas by F. J. ] University at Evanston, IIL, for ] scrap from this tree at one tapplog,
Scott & Son—1 p.m. research pu . ts to be Increased -
. — = forthwith to 2,000,000 (over £100,000),
Sale of a piece of land situated in _—
the ward of Tacarigua by F, J. Scott] We are requested to state that no
appolutment has been made as yet to
replace Mr. C, P. David on the Legis-
Sale of a Cocoa Plantation situate , lative Council.
in the ward of Upper Caron} by F. J
Scott & Cont pm.

Adsminlatrator General's Hale of the

Supreme Court.—Lazare v Wright
10.30 a.m.

We regret to announce the some-
what sudden death, yeaterday morn-
ing, of our Mewenger, Edward Chan-
dler, at the Colonial Hospital, after a
couple days iliness. Chandler, who
had seen better days, wasa successful

&8on Ipm,

—_— nuner in El Callao, in days gone bys
Her many friends ia this colony will, | and was well. known everywhere in
doubtless giad to hear, thal Mrs, | the Wland, In fact he was In many
Robert Greig. daughter of Mr, 2, H. | ways an encyclopmdia of things West
estate of Octavia Babb—1 p.n. McCarthy C.M.G.- (iste Collector of | Indian in hia circle, The funeral took

— Customs of Trinidad), Is amongst the | place yesterday afternoon.

Administrator General's Sala of the [exhibitors of miniatures at the t ———

eytate of Simon Baird—1 p.m, annual show of pictures atthe Royal | = Mr. Quincey Tucker, who owns a
rubber estate ln Trini and who has

—- Academy, London Mra. Greig is ad-

Administrator General Sale of the | mittedly an artist of no mean order, rubber Pisuting concessions on sume
estate of Coronal p.m. jaland of the Essequebo Liver says the
. The man who Invented perforated Demerara Dady Uhrontcle of the 6th

High Water Morn 2.53 Even 3.12 pm, | sheets of stamps made «big fortune | instant, expects to leave Georgetown
Bun rises : 5.43 a out of the idea. It is aald tohave first | é¢arly next month for the Hubber
Bun sets + os G00 pam. | occurred toa hunting man who want- [| Exhibition In London. Mr. Tucker
Moon sets . os, 4323 aun, | ted to stampa letter, but could not | has already contributed samples of
——=— en lay his hand on knife or scissors, He | rubber to the British Gulana section

and apelection of rubber heels, made
in America from Sapluns Jenmant,
will also form an tateresting feature of
the exhibite. On Baboon Island on
the Exeequebo Mr. Tucker has about
B00 Suptum Jenmant treed, while on
his Trinidad plantation he has trees
of the varieties of Castillon, Manihot
and Para, some of the Para trees
being not leas than twelve yeare old,

suddenly bethought himself of hls spur,
Running the rowel along, he perforat-
ed the edges of the stamp, tore it off,
and thus started a revolution,



Mra, Pierre and Mr, Frederick A.
Plerre, wife and brother ‘of the late
Geo! Philip Pierre (Driggs) of Ma«

aro, bey through this medium to offer
heir heartfelt thanks to the mauy
kind friends aud wympathlzers who
sent thens letters of condolence in

We understand that Ne J, Hy,
Smith of the “Bonanza”, has pur.
chased the popu :
which he intends to enter for the Cor.
onation Raves, pected that Mr,

their recent sad bereavement. GR. Vinoent will be tn charge’ rohably the oldest in the West

ns == Horse, which stil hea many'iellowers | Ledles "Me, Tucker bas lately been exe

DEATHS. who are prepared to back old * Saylor timenting in bleeding sore of his

Boy” agelne the fleld, Jadgin from ree and hag fouod thay while. the

Kina.~Yeaterd 1 Saylor's present showlog, it la ex. | ‘/evea brusiiiensis yielded best in the

1 po ¥en jay ynoralng at her ted by those In the know that the early morning, ths milk of a Manihot

Tate Fyridence at Han Fernando Streets | Veteran will be abla lo give accounts qariety notwithstanding drought,
nm Vernando, Mre. Paulina King. | £5 hie adnirers, flowed freely in the hot afteruoon.

Funeral will take place to-day atd
pn. Friends please accept this {ntl-


Dary.—Yesterday at No, 3 Frode
erick Stivet, Florentina Daly, widow
ofthe late’ Dr. Charlee iL, Daly
Dentist) for many years a practit{gner
f this itand ; andsavther of Dr. ©,
W. Daly, W, EK. Daly aod Mr Ko,
Hapeey, Funeral’ at 4.3) this
afternuon to Holys Trinity Cathedral,



The Finance Committee met yester-
y afternoon and, énter alia, in-
creased thé vote for the building of an
isolation ward at the Colonial Lioepe
his. The little birds were released in | tal from £50) to £100, A small vote
he church at the morning service just | Was also for the fixtures of the
before the sermon and asthe chofr way | new District jOourt as also changes in
singing the offertory, Getting their | tbe Adimlulatrator-Geueral’s office,
freedom the httle singers Hew in ali | The vote fore master for the Queen's
directions, some alighting on the new | Hoyal College was agreed upon, the
Haster bonnets of the women wor. | sélary belng Azed at from “£20 to
shippers, while others flew to the | 4-10 per annum. A vote of £30) was
flawers which decorate] the body of | also approved af to meet Ilabilties due
thechurch, The ides of releasing the | on the supercession by the Govern-

Two hundred ‘winging canaries
caused a pleasant aster eaurpiise
among the worshippers at the Uentral
Uengregational Church in Philadel

: . ra 4 ted with the Hey, tuent of the Ma di
SEE ily Police Gout Ti'Kloes padior of the church” oad Boards sina wun wa sk
—— rly @ ved of in connect with
We h bee: the A Road Board,
Our Articleon ‘Th Posbi-fa, F fo (tintelet wonteal by dey. @ Ariips Focal Road J

lilies of Jobaga as an~ Oil | that-the dispensation to upen s New

. °. Lodge at Priaces Town, to be k
Producing Vee Glasings | 4 the “Olive Bravch", No, Wel Nee

Sugar, says Tie Cubs dlagasine, ts

s t cre] fi
thie ludustsy ts a lerge thie bebind

from the Aq tou tural News, { tional United Ondeé of Free Garde : ind Ameri.
SEB PAGE 8 F haw arrived and tte dato of the opont | facohemae thing Cuban and the yat

ing- will be snnounced in due qourve,


sugar , manufacturers of that hath

The Constabulary Baod will play at uited States amt thera pont the

Couva this afternoau frou 418 o'clock Lis the scoond, La: *
to B15 u'lock, The Band will afte vsatmest Cybag
rare cfered Men gam tr | Aveeno
00n| cet .
Uae etait Conewr ob | ested tall Ta ima aes ate
—- cplteeataty thouaen Hie
t export y tbe grown b queat tenn

Rehewaing Newat Westm ne
ther Jor Coronalion,

ere rnrey

— ~
In view of the contributions ta
IMLS, transatlantio service that nee
nm made by sonie of the W. L
colontes which at first did not

The team of Indlan cricketers which

tticl. left Bombay on May 6th, and put ina backed, Spaniards
pate ig the cost, a suin of 22.500 « year | fortaight's prec fond ly by an capital,
Tremaine ass surplus, Of this amant meeting the mene ards yrlor a 1 page tate duties on entering ite

Trinidad | will regeiye, ae slready [June 12 % will te under the cap. Tffeeesing about 1) ence meron,

vated, £200, and Heth Caisna | taincy of Maharajah of Patiala. This | +
2x reduwlng thetr subsidy to £2 70h | young Sikb pote aiere ante pecent. the, plas-appl
and ours to taen, ms Iau whe used tae saci ty hack Beading eat a wel ails
. Loan Hearne and “Billy” Brockwell, The m
agele an ork busluees Instsg hes sixteen embers of the teana were ¥ owen
hee @ plan for the cuu- fon! tely chow x torn rale

struction of a Hosting dock in Kings: and their nauiee ator The Makeesion motor eae pat i » Age Bine's
ton barbour, Jamalea, A promoter te fof Patiala (ca attain) K. BM. Mistri | San Fernando wag stopped'e ‘and
tlon to take in a passon a
er who
aoe Rat abe aud Rpauish cultl,

uegutlating with the loaal Govera- | (Patiala), Dr. », Y

iept The company wishes to pecure Me BR Madi nth, Henge, (Parsis),
{ ase ve tight to operate a fioat- | Warten
fag dock foy uinbly hing pears and to

auowy the pec t h
pent whieh qe to viet STON for the

The aan Aubrey Ii whe is
al te have wou Williaa
Dubpry at Ht. Juaph with a ievolver
va y wurulog bee boon arrested,

Mehethotsjl (Parsi) J.
Hiuduek i Saye fteue tite
be (7 asf
i Seeha Histreal UN. F, tah
Giang tn et sy
Chasd (Patiala “AY Nur Blah (och

solr) Haleunal Day (Aligarh), Hhaf.
4 in (Aligarh gash) aod Syde


Teee' ed h
Riot eel eariaate Sar eee Wwe HOLD A FULL

Straw and Felt: §

Prices from ws oe


Naoiticlal word was received by the| Miavine Square & Chacon

‘ ry fe

Tailors and Outfitters





sore oe


Sole Agents fa



0070 000000000006 po0¢ 0000000030000 oe



— TOE —

World’s Be

“S08 csc 002s cca ov0000500000 00000008




Be ee Mgr gre TO ere r a Terme oars Sara For ee rpc erage ym ae \ 1 OE ERE ARS PN TE ET ERTS ON NRETERS ET peer — .
‘ { °



THE sTores,- Stephens Limited, — THe stores,


py to heavy overstock weare offeriite the Ne i iti ots =
s west Styles in all qualities of Boots and’Shoes—For Ladies, Gen
fren & Infants at cost price and under for Two Weeks only for Cash. All prices marked in plain figures. terierte

LADIES Ladies Black Buckle Shoes, | Gents Tan Vici Kid Blucher,| Gents
Patent Lace Kid T, $1.44 TO 72 CENTS . Glace Slippers
BOOTS—‘The Pic-Nie £5.00 to $1.60. $1.44 to B40

$2 to $1.08.

Lapies Champagno\Bals | Ladies Tan 1 angtry Buckle Shoes
Ne — 81.92'to $1.29,
$2.40 to 81.20, Ladies Tan Uifords— $2.16 to $1.44, Gents Black Satin Calf Salmorals,

i. A Lenten Tan svisi Bats, GIRLS’ TAN LACE BOOTS, GENTS
. Qo ol, *
4 $108 TO #1 90. . ‘Tan Vici Bals.—$3 60
a Sf Ladies Tan Vici Button | GIRLS LACE & BUTTON BOOTS, 81.92 to 31,08 to $2.16,
F g cots—83 to $1.44, : . Gents Tan Calf Derb
- di _ Girls White $1.92 to 81.20.
Ladies an Derby,! Canvas Shoes ici
z $2.18 TO 81.20, | $id TO 72 CENTR. ” Gest eae Derby
a a Se SSS ne '. .


Stephens Limited, The Best Place to Buy Everything.

1 secined to think that there are aurl- [distributed for trlal among the various ¥ MOVEMENTS OF STEAMERS. | 4-4. don Di Line ‘
PRRTIN GCE, TEIN EG, |SPORTUNIDY POR) eer etter tet oat |erttmat dae "Tesi, te | MOVEMENTS OF STEAMERS._ nee an
* vom such ft (ter, itlaof int e _ ’ }
e reed bile rocks as there are {1 Ruperintentent af ‘Agriculture, rena. the Royal Mall Steam Packet Co, TR New CoLpstAL
BAR BADOS Tobago that much of the world's gold da, now xeports that the planta ralwd Fea Page 3, ARGASSO.—Thess. "Serjounee” led
9 wepely Sn irectly or indirectly, ot [there frou: this seed fratted heavily Tae, Konmnfaljhe W. Mail- here from London, vla E joa al
WPA @ report touches on the | during Jast month. This {a of Spterest Gs J : Grenada, owerabout 17th May ivil pro

Gents Tan Vici
Derby Oxfords
$5.00 to $3.60.

Gents Patent
Derby, 4.50 te

Geyts Evening
Oxfords 2 40 to

Gents Tan Willow Oxfords,

5 DOLS, TO 63.5)


B00 ZO 3.80.

$3.00 to $1.80, Gents * Split * Bals,

$1.8) 10 310


+ [excellent road matertal and the coral in relation to the extension of growing ‘dienst.
T f 1
limestone to be found tn ‘obago, and | of the Bambar sunt nute in the THz Rovan D M cane f aflerwants to Demerara taking

5 ¢ e * oe 9

; P then goes on to deal with oil possttill- | Weat Indies, from other patta of the

i he S S Afriean prince Tho Sch ripe. es. Aa these reportaare somewhat | would where it’ bes rresdy proved

a e e scarce, we reproduce in full what Mr. | useful.

P. ‘AMOS CUTTER 9 | Craig said on the subject : — + (Chartered) Bleawer “Ascanla” is | London and Continental ports,
'y ‘Ube evidence of the presence of petro. HM. Consul at Jerusalem reports | due here from Venezuelan Ports on er

ra eee q
leum, the ovcurrence olm hich ta Tohago J that great damage has been done ta [ abont [3th May 1011 proceeding afterwards eso am Leyland Ps |

re and mails,

KF CASTILE— The &, a


Usap Link 8eRvICcE, “Crown of Castile” will sail on or
ASCANIA. The Hoyal Dutch Mail | about zird May 1911 taking carga for =<

WILL BAIL FOR hasbeen Known olnce the latter part of i to Paramaribo, Havre and Amsterdam Ltd
8,400 TO NS BURTHEN, the peventeenth century, has proved suine: the Jaffa orange crop by & very violent taking carey. Taenen ra aad malls Company
. : what disappointing, Aull rockeewalniy | Stab» which arvse on the afternoon | WHT T nat fiL, The Hoya Duteh ‘Tae Naw Covonta Cor,
ALPLAdOS, | etre ees level near the mouth’ | of February 10, Ut I calculated Cha Diall Steamer * Pring Willem IL” te Linitsb — AGexrs,
. 9 | western coast, and fragments of ve ovanges sulicleftvto make 100,000 | toe nere from Auwsteriam sia Paramarl | \7UCATAN.— The aa. “ Yucatan’ ls due

: Is due from BA H lA, BRAZ IL, on (tch are washer oP on the bench> fihur casey Were torn

t h the trees, while fio and Demerara on or about Zind May here from Live via Barbados on

’ -~ON— row Polnt to Lowlands, but the locality } {hose remaining hase all been mors or | 3911 proceeding altrrwants to Catapand, | or about 26th May 1011 proceeding after.

of * the manjack pocka” from which ac } lesw damaged, Cumana, Guanta, La Guaym, Puerto] wards to La Gualea, bon Cabella and ‘
or abo Bee or

cording to Captain Jobn Poynte “the --— Cabello, Curmao, Jacmel, “Aug Cayes, | Curacao, taking cargo, passengers and
Saturday, 23th Inst. green iar exes ban uot ret 1 Pein Mention was inade, in the fasne of | Port aa Prince and New York takiog | mells if quarantine permits.
‘ po anoilitar the Amiculturad News for March 18 | carga, passeusers and tue ——— ee
Â¥. 2 AY Ing stratura been observed on the Island tINS WILLEMS LV, The Royal Datch 1
t p . ; | last, of three leafleta published by the J PIRLNS LEST TY . nu
r TURDA 3 1ISth M 5 1911, TAKING Dosallty, however, o more thane Permanent Exhibities Committeo of L Bail steamer “Pring Willera 1V 7 Is SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE,

detailed examination may furalsh more due here from Venekuclan Lorts on or


rellable evidence, Lvitish Guiania, dealing with the f oy h May I911, proceeding after ——

And will proceed thereafter to . CAEGO AND PASSENGERS, The pitch ig found atickIng to the rough fugar industry, the balata and rubber stout ey be ares and y anater ARRIVALS 1
x: irregular surface of tho coral Himestone in | industiies, and the rice Industry. Kince | dam taking cargo, passengers and malts, May tb, :

" a tches in such a manner asto sugwest | then, coples of three other equally 4a Konwkii ke W. tu: Provivenct: Irit atoep, Teapegue, 1
ai bat ft bas been quits soft oreven soni | attractive and useful Jeafleta in the . ‘di tous. % dayu, bt. Vinoent sty ah +
i V/ “So OE For Rates of Freight, &c, apply t> At gort oben “up. Much of it ts | same series have teen received 3 these dies Mai'dionst. ta, S aheep., + owtn, ui inn i

‘ af . Carr F. A. JONES, orto hed Pot hee in indicates that tha pitch { have reference to the timber lodustry, New York—-Paramaribe 17 bags ground ta, $0 barrel rey

- . ed Delors bebe Wee othe, air for long f the ¢acaa and coffee industries, aud Service, pase scocom, 4 pikaa Vegetables an
: ence ie orgtaaly | Ce nut and lime industries Tag Koval Durch Mats~AGExTs clown Or DANTILLE: Trit stmr, Smith,

fae from theplace whence st originally bed

DWE or exuded. 1 am informed that at the env . —v AROWIIJNE.—The ss. * Marow: £824 tonsa, 3ST hours, Demerara. § pkics
? Grell & Company Ltd the dry season large duentilice ot ‘ae , Diplomatic and Consular’ dicporte, ijne® fs due back here fepus yew aundries and | pamenger. - To New

* , tch can be collected and that it ls used | No. 4.611 Annual Beries shows that { amaribo via Barbadoson Tuesday Coloplal Co. Ltd. . .

In Cargo and Passengers par ee er erecterrennerny | HY the fishermen for caulking their boats, | Alexandria etill remaing the chlef | May 1011, and will leave the sanic day | Manscaa’ Iirit stmr., Kirkby, 1,604 ton

« = Judging from the almost horizontal dip of | catton port of Egypt, the erports in| direct for New York Uaking cargo,] 2 Lours, Greneda, 1700 tons genera:

. - {e such Tertiary strata as are expose, fois 1000 being valued at LINIM41,071, as passengers and malls, samy 1 dog snd it pasnengers—To
° probable that the ollrak which crope out | compared with those from Port sald, \OPPENAME -The sa. “ Coppe. 7] Trialdad Shipping & Trading (4

sae RENEE was jf inthe sea extends toland though covered | which are stated tuhave been wath Came ledue here from Turaued ine Niro, Jirit nti, Wickman, 1,008 tons}

PORT-OF- SPAIN aie oeacaled by newer strate, Ktispos | £11,824. The wportance of Port Said | on Monday Zod May 1911, aud will zh hours} }arhadom, 500 tons general

1 CFE, e
THURSDAY, lit MAY, 1911 at the olla k belongs to] in this rerpect ls Likely to increase on | feave next day at noon precisely direct | FU)
——="' S much older group in the Jertiary Series, | account of the construction. of & | for New York taking cargo, Paste | 7° eS PUR Trad ing Co,
a le

~niitiro AP ith the younger strata expused. To ob- | Channel between Lake Metzaleb and gere and mails, 9
P tal rtaln Eni 1 the Suez Canal, the effect of which nT lib etme. . 1,505
THE 08S IBILITIES OF TOBACO few shallow boriuy should beantctakatn will be to reduce the coat of the trans Lamport & Holt Line daar re . 20h one Ftekiod
fF gharre Jake Asphalt, 10,357 bags sugar, «

AS AN GIL-‘PRODUCING CENTRE. | sucu toringes could ‘to made with alight | pot of cotton from the interior, of - Vesmers 2D bags Trinkdad cocos, 43 love ced

~_— portable plant or even a hand drill and —-—- Srxce oll hasbeen actually export. | beed not be carried deeper than BU tect Statistics show that the output jot ~ AGENTS,

ed fcom the Glony, beth in tank Mil nest eae tees oe corel tim stone lugar fron: Furinosa fe rapidly fn- | TENNYSON, The as retary, de

Fe steamers to America and in burrels to | Tee the Tenth hed tmta should t creasing, while the consumption fa

ST, VINCENT BUILDING. England, there haa beens tocally,, [einaat bo Francia bered that the Tretiaries | Japan “ia fly pistes slowly. The | art taking carga, passengers and

s 1p h AT. 1 tremendous revival of Interest in the | jis gpon a very irregular surface of the | Board of Journal for December | yyuita,
ir ay, 1911, rubject, Veople are once more talk- | metamorphia 10 k4, 00 if cannot be ex | 20, 1010, gives figures with reference ‘Voimaine, The ws. “Voltaire® fadua | Usxpicu: Brit atme. Vennett, 1387 tona®

SF cere:

In oll, thinking off, and dreamlog vil | pected that any great thickuess of Tertl | to thls walter, and shows that the bere front Bueuoe Alres on the wth | Demerara, 1,174 phes fos Went goal


For rates of freight and all other particulars please




and 2 pussengere.—Hy George K. Alston

Penvv: French atine,, Jasseas, 2,065 tonn,
due here from bantos on the } * me a0 an

Jansing the same day for New Yurk via | Carupana, Poy chen a6

ee - Le sorts of opinions on the subject are | aries will be fouud ia any boring or that ‘ ‘ kits abin's store:
held by all conditions oof men, and one J an oll fork will be struck lo eve ical, rotund thelr attentioucineonmeurnces | vig’tistiadte Cablnyy sarge" passeraers | pid. i4, pumengera~ by Hoyal
. e bears on waety bern reiniva In letting oll feld of some four munre miles and of Ww the shipping ebroad of wugar i Tenor nest Onvtava, British steamer, Punkett, 423
ad . r fi the colony without | #hallow depth, may be proved by such a Tone oustog Line o| tons, Puerto Colamtla- in transit
ove Nog anything out of My Fe that it | sree of borings, rustica s thus it te anticipated that t teamore anid 3) tons bunker coal~ no ne
o Though th trikl Ormiowsan sugar Ww enter the hineee 7 ° It: Royal Mall bteam Jacket
; hee been vise In doln So, as non-inter: oil A euch tne gave attertfal the and Corean mrarkets, with centrifugal Gro, 4 Auton & Co. eompans. be a hateaner, Parker,
~ = cone Ons ww sugar, by ber ear, ALANTIA, eh st ran .
eS to develop; that the Standard OU § for Production, so mec, ao that rounder Kar, by next yoar, TK ERYINHBAD, The a. lxetetw: | tone Grenada 1170 peckages general
BS Oumpany le a great octopus that has [ chal experimental work fa justified, The pEsperiment Hatin Record of bead oclug hers fromm Buenos jlres Cargo, Vb packages ahtpa stores, 5 packa;
Pe. at least’ one tentacle operating a A ilus of suggested borings Ie marked | tha nilel States Department of va or als rat the Viet ie aad will are gon sundries, 155 tone banker pou and
Trinidad, or that the trust has not bing on 6 ranpi Pith a series ol bores, Lain Aguiculture, for October 1910, pole | Ye ene tay only 2 dpa " “ iy oy
% to do with us or ouroll, aby more than | PIDg teat the a wen fully, test ‘aesnlent livhes a paper presenting the results | SOUS: Ue nace Sisco” Navies € 10th,
the maa in the moon has On these | een ete et oe eat the sugges of an jovestigation concetning the da Veloca” Raviza- AbVANGH, Hrltheh ol Robert, 21 tons,
Hixatlon of nityngen tn soll, when cel- tione Italiana a Grenada—0 barrels 4 390 Rages Thee,


aud other! points, opinion le certaloly Wi

—AND— Ree eats radodlt, however, | Pats would anawer equally wall lulose {a yied by the bacteria aa a V
\ that, the ell industry has Feeelved a ents ts pnt ae enought pontlostve source of cuergy, It ie claimed that “0 spore Lr
consilerable | jurpetus, as ‘well as the experiinents show that the bene: | Tae Naw CucOniat Company Lp
Investigation to be justifiable and | gets) reulte obtained by aching a small AGENTS.
TTA DUTORING. Thoae “Citta dl

splendid advertleement, frow the
Torino” Ia due here frou: Gounod, via | chandiee and 6 passe:

oot 7
recent phipments . Fur the] even necessary, quantity of farmyard manuty te plant | (V1
oF mowent, we do not propose to div. be binted ETN.
. j dreihe vered questions that surround j gemalng, which are then te te Marneiilen Harvelona and Tenerite on of | Agow vx Dien \ fueruclan f fatucho, Mato,
Se | terete ur tolat tT CLEANINOBEROM THE AGRI: | mori“ “home ttnde"a | tne AN ay tt eed ster | fog, ammter-semrr
, while s good deal Is heard o 5 ; inaking availatle the ocllylows ta the [Bay iinus and Lolou, tabin: Heo, pes, | FoRTEN A, Veneauelan al Satanar, 38
a .

packages merchandise and 12 passeus

win Journ, Iiritish sloop, Lendo, 14
tons, Greuade~sundry packages Were

10 lage sugar, i) cance bitters, sandry .

Trinldad just now, nobody eeems to f . { f ene i on .
remember that there le probally a CULT: L MEWS, a athe nitionentizing oryablane e aeugers and wail itquarantine permite: tous, Cristotal Colon sundry packages

— hae xe a tren handive aul 7 amengers,
uefa) ofl Heid in Trinidad We bave NILE ae Trinkdad” Lino of | gitiuaccs, Patch eames Van der Fat
: usveral tines puinted out ‘that one of Al MILI i. The Dulletin dee Heancea de ka Hoclate Kteamers, Kt tote New York, 202i bags Trintdat
; an the Levt outside appointments ever] ry exports of cotton fiom Mont | x, ilonate f AG \ieutturane ia France. Tupapap Syireina & | ¢00ee 470 ages Venesnelan covun, Co
reer mares 0 mada jn Trinilad was that of Mr. scrrat, op tothe end uf fast month, | pay g rs . Teavine fim Accents, | mks old metal, we bras tnlons if
- Coontogham Craig av Government toll to 371,870 Ih Thle fe the | Sik elven adescriptian of experiments HACAB, m aera empty truma, 6 crates truit, § hades
Gaclogitt, Volartinataly, the Gov-p emounte La S870 Os Tele, eae PWHtN 8 funwicide contalning cauetle | NANA, Tusa iat Rene ork | Sklusand Eihwmencers nailed us Haat
' eroment of Trinidad god Mr, Cale | serra, eine the introduction of the | estate mrojacison Gf a fituucd back | 22 May 4 ll for Triukde cla Gewpae | DY bevel A HK
»- rted ta due ve on 5
: beet dial as toatitiue | ny tiwunt of Hah ds wits de encie | CHGS of ctaS aa in ts
ou e valua- * Crown
[is and had they tren retalned, by |, The sinount of ection picked 14 | against fuugt probably iuore wa that | [ine will lave fur Kew York on the 12th CLOSING OF MAl
. - pow he would douttless have cow: tots Pales, Fro preacnt Indica, | ordinary Dordeaux mislury : the effect er 1011 and (s dua there Heb May 1011, te Tee. Visceut, vad
Fae : pred 1 Eced deal of useful work that thon, it fs expected thal there will be of rtuinathar ot “pore, Poa oe the Ohara of Navarre tot the. THnldad wi vock fy ease Grown of Ormnada®
ig \] ¥ e Aloluh, tie services In Trinidad would 4 2" Increased area fu Able crep wtutin soap to’ cause them to swell up aud | Line will leave New York ou bith May J will be ¢! on Frida Lb jratant
; 5 Lieve been tnost. ‘useful, and he | te cee ra gbally momen: | burnt, while the prewetce of the, latter | 101s Teron viet Mag (eile ne | peper Spit iow ot CAleclock pu
ot . hevdd probally have to | ia 00! probably smaller, Dmade the Hyuld tore ftuld and nx eet ay el ot the | Per Me

been able ¥e ue
ponpjete hia geological report ou tbe — pdberrot. | thw claim te alec made ta (CF Tiaided Lindell toate Rew Sete |) exeepemencrmeeneneneeeser esa

4 . Toba vi According ta the Government Gaselle | reqard to fungi attacklug leaves, ¢
r baalls Publicitate 4 was of fhe Velerated Malay Klates for rea ene of the puwer to pene ga.the Jot May IpiL, ond bedue here gth a y
M BRE, [SESS stro herl | Sanaiey ht pie [inte dime Ray Gane | Naas Ti tk meee at pte artes es
p ¥; i] Y oe lwilre cou © 40), oi New t
. 64a, ARINE SQUA . much foteteet (Ope t of the rte sudly { Deve seule 1950 were thet Lave bwen attacked, . * the xed Moy toll, ‘aud Indus Huents, undert taken | hare “S 5 res
; =— . te x. ey anun! . _
: Mest She ill Page Peer eee | aA kes ee Oe | ee ial Urals | Ha, cara AL eer
$ “ |] tural polnt oe ype ae tbeens ne maingnaie ~ . Trosatlantique Vibe walt with pilialle gubje te
4 FoR SATE. pare tala of great ences 1 ie The Textile Mercury for March 6. | A Pun Taat Peovya ire Vater, - Q@ Leoraup & Bow | hopelessly strickou. rm wee of this
}p pever becoming too stiff or Linpervi- | 101s, states that there hes teen «| These of weak slowds will fud ee AGExth Syrup will Prevent the dire cones.
evevvvvreverrvrre nd allowing five mrowth of roots | material falling off lo the demand for | streu 1h la De. Kellogg's Vegetable Ts DOMINGUY, The Pronk Mall | queuces of veglec Gulla, A
ie an wolation pt ourlace water, To | Menila bewp, which ts considered to | Pil enue they ertve to walatats | + steamer” St, Pomlnioe frou Kurope which costs only 25 cent, with cong ,
: E ao ” {i he die to the Inferior aality ofthe [the healthful acthon of the stomach | Ya Goadsioups, Mas tlulywe and dt. yince you that tbls la conect,
f tit ehouly, be wayes ¢ There ls : rude? i te dus bere on of about the ith May, aud
i 4 Pee sellin the cokny which evhitlte five at, e"bein produc Prove fan ig lve, Iroeyularlee whl | Gis tureoh Siena hae ites | Sere”
. ch @ comlloation of favouraide | for (be hep are lower at present than | are tact dinlryaalu. Dyspeption are] ponubiy aad Cayeune, taking pas .
3 Sharacteristies, and the gruwth of | they have been for ten years, well avqualated with then and value | po ue a at one, BUTTER. {
. Of 16 Acros. cee ett open Wet epidion ——en | peur at thelr r worth, They | 'TEMou-—the Freach Mail Steamer M FINEST DAN I
~ ticulars en + thealluriua derived from its] ln'the Ayricaltural News foe Octoter | bave afferded if hen other pre I ttperou” (a due bere from. Ve: ‘| PLUMS I 1811,
No Yesaghahlo\cilog, reluged, For farther particulars) rit eer ion Leary elajuent teeth | 2) of last year, an seooant wes paraiiogs are “fattet, and Wave | inte om or stove, the wah May ‘oul wall Three Cove Prind, :
to g G MURR, FOLD rs ony tn the value of the sull from oF the Mawubarte gr Me ried alt cure te of long afiers Metdaless, Guede I Reduced to 22a. a Tin |
AER) a) RION pgricatiuisl pune of Tefen” Svat [ets nublerranesh aoe ab aint tbe og a rr) tabiagler Benseoes sod Haves, FD aixua Eko Tuinasor,
McKENZIE & HI { pegasd go mineral wealthy ls, Chats "same tare rewth pat wer passengers eorge uid issih, nis FMARMA ’

YON te . . ih
4 , : . - * “\

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NG TAIL. ae eS

nm store for
Hehener is sald to be his selection bt
err the Sword of Htate within
og . Westminster Abbey at the Ooronation
Showingttho increase jn deliveries Ton Ue UOOTEN At the last Corona,
tloa the eword was catrled by Lord
_ Londonderry.

ie fith instant*

Molassine [225
a Sis: ted a tb :

me Doz iFoods, ece:kFss) CLOSE OF THE DEFENCE,
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Drawingroom Suites



Dr, Wridnt Unper Oross-ExAMINATION,

a necessary “show money* to ene
able them to set foot tn tha colony,

Later 1 h »
, tRipeee merehart fa towerer, three! The Attorney Geueral’s Address.
. . arket. i
Thelideliveries for November, 1910, | 4 bond. for terentyeight ef the See.

Ye ae .

aw create a record, comers, who Wers Uv able to huve

SS —_ iechih “ths waninierwecietss| MAR. POLLARD OPENS HIS REPLY.
, . th


late in the afternoon when
“y too, were. set free by another of
thelr countryman signing a bond. Itis


to Surisam by the fret vessel which

THERE 1s they wll cary Oo bain ea entee ‘Tm trial was resumed before ton | wrong. He did not desire in any way WITH OR WITHOUT BOILER

men, etc, Chief Justice yesterday of the action / to question the validity of thoes two

. ores

of £1,000 dam for asranlt and falas ! decisions, but they bad ne application
tmprioonment In the matter of &. AM. } tothiecase, If that were a casein

Lasai Llackicood Wright.

HARBOUR AND MARINE NOTES. da betore, Mr. “Pollet prowertd agin Str Tavare an comltal or G 00 DWI L E W | LSO N
an .

The _Tiinldad liner “Marscaa® 1856] The Court had a larger crowd of | by the section and’ Mr. taeare had L &

BR THIS tons, Captain Kirkby, arrived at 190 p.m. i %
t G s [listeners than on the preceding day, | gune to the Court of Appeal and sald:
: ‘with To tone general cargo sopra Mrs, Blackwood Wright was again | "1 had no opportunity of explalolng LIMITED a

the follow! pansengers, From Ni Present, my conduct,” then those cases might
York :—Mr, Eyres Are, Borde New CORRECTION, heve teen in point. Another point
: child, Mra, W, Krocher, Jtev. FS, Mfoore,{ Ithaa been pointed out to us by His} ralset by hislearnet friend was that
“ Mr. FE. Erwin and Mies Jane. Frescott’ | Honour that an error crept into our | Mir, Lazare, having been ordered out

7. are Wifewent from all others. From Grenada-—-Mr, A. J. N. Sabey, Mr | report of the procadtlings on Tueeday, | of Oourt, waa entitled ta return at
G. B de Kreltas, Mr J. O, Thomas and] It was reported that Hie Honour sald | once, Mr. Lazare sald he returned

OTHER FOODS FEED DOGS ONLY, a aug ‘er dire & lara J Murrel | and deck he foul not have: sat on the seen had within two or three minutes, Me (the

’ nuwL a part: nciden:! "1 D Ty wilh
ine Foods not only*feol but keep? dogs} healthy, | renting. the Maracas will leave the city wee which he had been Connected, re- | time eats "ho ‘aemutaent tieeet yey

And Brizblon sen atice Gat 2emando | tured. ta at the trial, would come out | behalf of the plaintiff was tbat If he

D the cont, eradicate worms and prevent unpleatant these porte she will confinue her voyage in evidence, As @ tatter of fact. | walked out of Court and caine back at

to Demerara. what His Honour alluded to was the | once, that would have been compli. “
' odours from the skinrand excreta. me —-— circumstances of the part be pla ed ju | ance with the Magistrate's onder. | If Call and inspect our LARGE and UP-TO-UVATE stock of
—_—— The chartered steamer “Neas’ 1,002] the release of «man named mis | that was the coustruction to be placed PiANO2, “Wo make « point of importiog ouly tho

tons, Captain W. 8. Wickman, arrived/ whom the Magistrate had convicted, |-on that order, the whole thing would
yered from the purest ingredients only aod free feomany medicamsot, Call | Unoriuy alter I pam, jertorda "| NEWEST styles,
today 2% the nearest Dea! ‘boy 80) es y from Glas-j reference to which was alvo male at | be a farce and resolve Itself into a case y
a4 the nearest Dealers and boy some, gow via Barbados, with Sul tons general the ‘heatin '. “We much regret. the | of bo-peep between the Magistrate avd TWO (2) of thy NEATEST and MOST PER¥YEOT

handise aud 1.005 tons col. This idable. | the offending pe The real - { érli j
' Sol ents, J ateam ‘ error which was wholly unavoidal ¢ offenling person, The real mean: of BABY GRANDS from Q GORTZ¢ of Barlin have just
BO» Fe ALSTON Se COe SMe Reels _ | Speiand tae sever ines | karan tie amatmtagttcn eos cece retro tone | | been opened up—ttey are EXQUISITE fn “TUE
: Ghebroupht Ho passerine (OF Demerara. it was very difficult to hear what was | {he order extended at least for (ha PERFRUTLY RESPONSIVE in TUNICS, and ARTISTI-
Th St * took seine allusion to thie croomexarnination | matic was diferente lie eubaaltted CALLY casod
“ some alludion he crossre: . 4 *
W557 bate Trividad coon 0k Trint.| to the dianer party incident, our ro- J that Mr, Lazare had no business to go For a really first class Fiano ata low pricevome to us.
dad Epuree Lake Asphalt, 1.229 tags | porter fell into the error of finagining | back again when he did. and. that - TWENTY-FIV«é (25) NEW PIANOS to choose
Trtnidad Cocoa and 43 logs Cedar, [nat It was connected with it, It will | consequently ho hed brought himecif from, 20 Uprights and & Grands,

rr . bo re bered that counsel had no } within the purview of sub-section 6 of . ‘
The an. “Crown of Castille” 2,623 tons, objection to Ts Hoovour sitting. section LJ, which empowers! the tocood Hand Fanos and Harmoniums—cheap for

; . Q ° e
, 5, :. po
ith arrived yesterday mornin; } 1E «M3 from #3 month!
a otors 4 Accessories fepeein Smith a to Joes: for Continen SUBMITS NO OASE, Magistrate to exercies the jurisdiction cash, of on om ie
r . The Attorney General resumed from | conferred upon him tn section Ni jal £ i i t
porte, oversight hie addreas on the sub- | when there See “actual aod eapresa Special Fale of sbop soiled Musie from 6 canis copy.

mission that no case was made out for | disobedience in court lo any ruling or
naa Lifeamer of alrout L20tonsgrons, the defence to answer. Onthe point | order of the Justice made in the Music and all Accessorlos

bt « : be
4] : fihe hearing,” 11 braft ted

Btook Motor Cars for Sale, Trial TUNS, PIVEN | launched at Fredrikstad, She ts intended {of the immunity of magistrates from | course of the hearing, 3 subm!
5 7 for the United States and West Indla[llabilty in damages at law, the | formally that, even aasuming that the ALWAYS UN HAND,
BY to likey purchasers, Sole Agents for THE HUDB.- frult trade. apoaker quoted the Tyboldad case of | facts ‘aud the inferences from those

BON America’s best Motor Car — Anderson v Gorrie & ors, }.Q.13, 1905, { facta which were sought to be placed
us The steamer *Banes” whieh called | where the charge was that [defendants [upon them by Mr, Pollard in the

here recently under,the Panamauiaa tay, | acted " oppreasively and nialiclonsly to | course of the case were fully proved to Ki ST RO NI G

- has been sold to the Haytian Government | the prejudice of Che plaintiff and to | His Honour’s satisfaction, that the s e s

# . GEI A S Ss ORTMENT. ig poe man boat toi’, trafled for the > pervinion of _luattee,” A verdict gt jaw yas clear tbat both at, common. . i * :
‘ LA ~ £500 was given e jury agalnstthe | law and under this particular statu ¥
. R a oo Sorentae ng business when she flew the eonee Mr, Th co Conk. The | thisaction was not malntainable al, Frederick Strect. Phone 446,
+{0F ~ . ee case was taken to appeal and Lord | His Honour said, he was not prepary
. A remarkable record of ovean traveljisher and the other judges of the] ed tosayrightoif that no case was

PMOTOR SUPPLIES [shee Saher ee desea 2 EM Sere nt
t iflo § v1 St! a eo Jaw in ve!
Gover mall steamer’ “Orta now eons | definite terms. (The judgment which | Die WIMGIT,IN THE BOX,

TY) from Liverpool for bouth Ame: h read decided that for an: Mr. Erie Blackwood Wright said s—
a LOP HEAVY GROOVED AES—760 x 90 and 810 x 90 can ports. Ca fain Hayes, who is the act done in ble capacit as judges Tams barristenat-law and ‘Magle-
Inner Tube to Suit, senfor commodore salling out of Liver f man could not be made table in action [trate of VPortof-Spain, [do not

avRS STOUELDS— givd old covers now life , pool, is making his leird voyage tn con | even though he « tod maliciously and fyemeniber the occasion when I order.




fae i Be ee ee ein neem =



, . mand, During his long career he to gratify some private spleen) He [ed Mr, Lazare out of Court as well as . satlling Daten-1912,
MOANIZING MA LEMLALS,—Valve gnading compound, covered fistance of 25X10 miles at subniltted, both ‘bn the faceand aloo | [would like It. Aly tecollecon would -
weT-O DARBON REMOVER, doubles the life of Motor, =, tonotthe globe upwardot one hundred |en the law that thin case | be extremely hazy, but Lbayo heard SMeAMERS, Leave Tastodp, =, Apeive New Youn.
; * * i orf toe Imes. farloun te colien fell fairl, within the four | Lhe evidence yesternlay, read over the errno) :
tysSPARK PLUGS?to suit all Motors! t At s periods he bas tod \faltly ——
s e . £4,200 on behalf of the seamen’s charities. [corners of the use he bat | reports of the cass in both vewspepers | BYRON... woe “ ow April we Yah Avril, .. Bhat
a Captain Hayes’ younger brother is Com [ quoted, There was one more point to [and wy Own report ul the occurrence, | VABART . a aa April. 97th May ae th
f fe 11", 3 mander Hortram F. Hayes, ILD.. 1N.10, [which he would like tocall attention { aod what I think happened wae this: TENNYBON “s we
OF all purposes, of the White btar Linc, latterly of the [under section 144 and that was that | —Mr, Lazare was crussexaulolog « VOLTALRE aoe are ge Mey coe Bhat
" . Majestioand Learentio, and now in com: tfour courses are open to magistrates | wilness as to the tine the ‘hing BYRON ore ee teal Q0C se Sed
DR LAMPS for oil and Acetylene, mand of the Adriatic, when dealing with contempts) one | happened and he would not give hin VELDI" ty Sees tee we fae ane tee see
ne re on one

was to admonish and ducharge such | # straight answer, [ went to the seat

f rson. Assuming for one moment at the east of the Dench near to ihe
» | witness ry '.

HE JAMAICA SUCAR INDUSTRY. | [pat 52 Checoures of hixadmooteng: | azare by trying wo Ket nome definite
etating, } tine, and befora [succeeded T looked Vor rates of passage money aad all furthee {ofcrmation, apply to

Hirst, Necond & Third Clasa Accominoedation


_. PROPERTIES CHANGING ItANDS, ay, eocuslug the practic of | rantand saw Si Luca lllng ith
RI 3 t we case in of hia chair e
SUGAR PROPRIETORS, TO CUL- | Wilt Xetion for slander would le. | thought it was ea odd thing lo doy but GEO, R, ALSTON & 00,
mf) TIVATE B Uf hie learned friend's construction of | thought itt better, aa ut aay analous ie Teneruons No. 182 Shipping Department.
— would & inan of peace,” eno nutice | TELEP! .

ar ‘Onl seraptinuerst o” casraat racront. [fS"Opan to ihe piletif tp eoungand | ofl A thinklAie Kackapelly vetaou. | seers area nt eee ener aoe

i Kingston, Jamatca, March 25th Linn. | #47 +71 1k is true thet the se ection the next witness, WV hen Tdid Mr.

$ dovery estate in the pariat of bt Aun, Sele cxpreaved di ecthos 118" bat Tan | Lazare, to the lest of jay recollection TELE! ONE! TEIN GH

consisting of 250 acres, Pt
t protection | witha sort of half-turn round, sal
chased as It stands with all live atock for destroy the value of tha! see roe Of halttura roun

. haser 1 dicate} by alleging actual malice.” Kither
COMPLETE pomposed ae Ponte orivener Cotter A that anne, which re, nting the [ exaynination, Zwald. “You deliber=
- Ki Rerrie and the Hon. J, 1, Allnood, provisions of common-law gave ab- ately turved yourbukon we and I A
won't let you conUinue” 1 di e

The {manufactore of sugar wil) att! be} solute iuimunity to « judicial officer

>: ree
‘1 carried on, but later on bananas will be | gots ithin Bt werpor elae itls f member the exact words, Hesald he
4 q q planted on the sow socultivated portion, Practically Valurless. because ali that | turned his back, but gave no Ihe ~~ wemsmewmemomin
A KJ pe fA movement ts on foot to selatlieh ® | iialntit would have to allege would | Mr. Lazare fa quitefrank when ‘he 1 :
; vetitral factory In the vicinity of Hox +1 be actual spite and then the vei ready. 1 called the witaeas back, Ile

dime * ¢ .
This matter was takes tp some tlne azo, . Year in year out the quality of the Bruadios ship-el by the Hous
ich @ soc of that, kind | asked that a nute be taken, but I don't ry the Houre
peacorocsvazsovets Lee ee eer cat taint, sree Intended to mort would ative, and | remoniber wietieri sald 't wondd or | of MAKMKLL& Co. remalus the simo—tho best that the exporionce of
successful, as ald Campbell, who is | that was by rendealng judicial officers } would not allow it. Wheo I was [two centuries cun produce

* CALL AND BEE OUR SPLENDID STOCK OF wn in agriculture, tsintereatedin}| Halle to actions for anything that | floished with the witneu, 1 went bak All the Brandies exported by this famous French h
tng the necessary course of their | to wy Mr. 2 - gs : Ousd arg
investigations. “AE, Campbell ropreeenia je oe Tee cone In the cor hla trieud | fasste (he rasy Ieee and Daa bir ciatilled in {ts own distilleries, and the contents of every bottle that

& Mew company which determined | Were right, ha submitted thal no evi. | « little) sitting with ble back tome, I }lcaves the Martel! Yarebouses in Coznac aro guaranteod ss being th
’ the tablighmen of a central factory int i ed Ni 8 og the
R Li inthe event of eufficient inducement being | ence sf or ie tuble cause er bect proper Sey ae sitting was Pet 8 (pure product of tho distillation of wina growu in the Cognac district
‘ e atyen ty oe atterine has teen wold | given fo thie cave, for what evidence [ Lassre, without Falng. said
to Mr, atuon, of Hale Ver; Thia gentile Uti 1


ot Franco, .

OODS i ite bare eng iiogdnnpocs | Hel ol hin ; :
. » . 8 a 3e Te ae well 66
All made fromfourtbeautiful LOCAL W Dt nasa ie andersiond eset Roplih | of the allegation 7 1s was sinpiy Tate | Winagbt he waderetood, ‘aa well os Tonevrefore always ask tor
by our own Gabinet Makers. tic acquired for she purytes of evlabllahing » pecaalons, dex paslust the Plalutitt the grand on whi f refused rate . /
° e iy oi \e
» EST in, Trinidad, *Jeracalgnn entale, In Weelmoreland, bas | stance were auch that the Magistrate [ nation. I'tien asked! hime co toot M A IR! CTE DI ’§ BRA N DY
fn al been wokt to Br. Hopwood, of i could pot have given that decieloi un- bof Court if he could, and he refused. s
R A WING ROOM SUITES. Jamon ut ta stated ee eat ake | lem he had been actuated by personal | f asked oue policeman to tiirn bla out
+ , ite ite for the buliding of tke pron et feelings 8 alned Bin Ve thet was the | and Henoant Nurw lovk bin out. YOU WILL KNOW IT BY THE
. ware wan @ tahnial as *
BEDROOM SUITES t - ember of ceren of bate ne we sion was to lay a mnagistrale open to, [ sault and I told Bergeant Nurse to du
i a) secure the plant bas now been sewured. it would make the life of magistrates It i exerclard thecoamun law power BI ue & Ss i twe r L I
tol one, beca urnin pple out whe mam b
DINING ROOM FURNIT URE. inbib slate of the prope Ay marke, With you ‘would have to tind was awan,s hot behat veo ly. I bed notlce (oer eee e e

a eT a rar
teiaierye ieee (lr wittan te o's He] tone ter eo LAase | PLANT COCONUTS FROM

uver-aur re lee Onenf sume

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3 wt 6T0CK OF se utedte ee Swe ibe Seen aoe a ale ig | ngage tata cede eT Cp Estate C
2 WE HAVE ALSO A FL Tenens agelnet ine Then, hia friend also should not be any wistake E told the aguaramas State oconuts Average
MEDETEADS AND BEDDING) tie o1der offen, — |fhevatelineres thar ce scion ct) potent, of dey ast kee, | _o
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onan ™ a Se aad «Ping nut gue i fietub the aati OOF PRICH PHE 1,000

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down the work ?
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contrive ta get
throw otra by al er fire
fort pein Gareite told the tt
lor & er’
warmest moe
all's, Hovout Never roind the
a retle,
Witness Very well, No, The ex:
act hours ror af find In the Port-of-
in Gavette,
ran Pollard Former magistrates
had never been able to cope with the
work ?—I was not here. .
But you have learned that P-No.
Haven't you ascertained that frou
your clerks, from the state of the re-
cords? No
Are you serious f— Yes,
it assure me that you are seri-
ous, 1 won't prene it }—was told by
the Colonial. Ofice that magistrates
~ complaiaed of excessive work,
very congested list of two months’ ar | and 18 months after you are asking | ‘Thatedtisfies me. You hat noex-


Irrelevant talter and I told hin 90. lady who moves with the times knows that Beaded 4

An & o'clock be raised nthe white ore an you set p about Syutking off ing sletails about then. f “detaits,” orn of work ?—On the contrary, Trimmin and Garnitures are among the latest 4 7
» to sto we arrears P—Duing my bes ila is nota matter o! etails,” a ° : _
ee ae ante Ot ad The "And camo feequentiy ve but your attitude towards practition+ thiak excess of arreste?—No, none decreo of Fashion from afar. This style of Trim. 4

ming ia now Im vogue most everywhere —Don't fail 2
to look through the different styles thoroughly, - §

» Cc

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BLACK & WAITE SILK FRINGE, from 18) per yard to, ve Zhe
WHITE BEADED CABUUCHON with posrl acd brillisnts= Koch 9

’ 30c and 35s,

last cass’ was of a man I convicted [Iv CONFLIC? WITH Jute soticrrors | ers fiom the jump, You say you have f whatever.

who, it is sald, wae not allowed an { In consequence ?—The Acst few woeks, | no recollection of it P—Not apart from | Early after your assumption of the
. rumity of calling witnesses, Ido | yes. . the newspaper report. t, you lotimated to the Clerk of

not remember arcing Mr. Latare’a | Truncating their defences and stop- You did not furnish that newspaper | {he that Lazare would very

name on the roll of thove solicitors | ping their cross-exanilnatlone ?—I do | report ? I believe not. probabl t into trouble? Noa

who moved inthe niatter. The Gov | not think sa, Are you quite prepared to deny Nr. You Ld not futimate to Mr, Van

ernor acted on the Uhict Justice's ad- Deawling s¢ them ?—U deny that en. | Lazare'setatement from your own re- [ Buren that, “ thet little fellow.” ~

vice and re! the mgn, tirely, You have tho advantage of | collection, quite apart from any news: | pazane WOULD GET INTO °

CROSS-EXANINATION, knowing the court, Mr. Pollard. It 1 | paper report that TROUBLE ?
Mr. Vollandi—Until that 15th of | a very dificult Court to make yourself YOU WERKE INSUFFERABLY =No, and Ldid not describe him asa

RUDI « jitte fellow” at all. I think “ sturdy”

February 1010, did he give you avy | heard-in,
to him ?—T hope Tam never Insuffer | would be a better way to describe

canse of complaint ? ' 1 That is why Mr. Lazare sugggut Chat
Witnese+—Ms, Lazare had the ad- | you can be hotint &) or 6) yards off PL ably rude and [deny that. My recol- J him.
lection fs that 1 never was. You did not describe him as " alittle

vantage of # very courtoous old gen- | am pérfectly satisfied to Take Mr. La-
Without the refreshing of your [ chap” ?—Ni

tleman before I came— chapelto’s account, no
go you remember the Tocl- You did vot tell Mr. Van Buren

LT ask youd almple quration. eae inet nob discussing that particular meino
Â¥ oY ry,

don me and please anewer tt, Did he | day now, but something beforv '—You itaving freahed Ite T da. t ryou hl ar eye on bint and

oe would get Into trouble ?—No,

— dent P—
{ve you any cause for complaint ? are cacry{ng me bach ta eighteen From that day can you tell usin | that

nat cause? 1 was Just going to months axa which T cannot very well what we he showed want of sTinets ie Leoukl say what. Be, Van Buren Obhee Designs... eng to we, From 43 coats ep, a
tting £ . ' pline ¥ -My mind is not prejudiced | to! yesterday aflernoon you oy
a hat caer ot complain did he me Pratt eally wt at ete saint a ieere ont have not add- would ba aur ne fthim? A BIG ASSORTMENT 10F OTHER TRIMMINGS AT Cisd a
_. a ed up any of his Iniquities at al ‘ou dad no’ 6 your eye off him ?— a
Shiv Ars eerie iho reel Te aa it Wan aieved nicant tole You caunot remember ?—No, Not aun he was before me STORE PRICES,

r S

One Frice Only, | ValusHorhers Like Malllan’s, | Ase


Judges are not always right P—Yes, | (Laugier!
aa eatin ant tratarwe alle “ St Lazare In particular P--The’ Tho Appeal Court often neta them ‘ ie is the only, one you haves com:
THE SEYCIILLLES. last person E would be rude to. Hgnt ries anil sometimes the House raltted vo far r—New and I hopa it will
sys a eT .
The present custom of suit Sey. | KOWETIMGS, VOU WILL ADMIT, | ° That howe! how very hamble a inag. pens fhe ape ned to tea fan whont

shelley . discipline ? (Laughter, — 1) SAT WITNESHES FAINTED "| tatiate is. Gaore laughter) Ie must-be | you knew to: bave reported your do
"You had come from the Seychelles? | a your hand ?—1 do not know of any, | Wrong souictimes ?-No doubt (laugAter) | ings to the Governor ?-1 do not think

~Yea, Oning to your ynethed of crow-ex- You do nok countenance & solicitor FI knew. I knew that Mossrs, C.
You were there practically alone as | amulnlag witnesses ?—[do not remem | insisting on his rights #—What are Mr] Attale, Brown and Lachapelle were

Chief Justice, Magistrate and some. | ber anybody fainting, Lazave's methods? If F rule and he [ among them.

times Governor and so on? (Laughter) | Mr. “Lazare was the only one who | Kocs on and Lrule again and he atili} When you ent a boy to privoa wilh. |

—No, Twas Chief Justice and there | showed any opposition P—No I think | goes on and FE go on rubog and again | out the option of a tine for slapping a ME HaD A BAD CASE


there area grew many who willtake | agalust hl and he still persisted, itis | litte girlor somebody else, you knew | and wastrying to make the best’ of :
wearers the eta ane Uhat credit. y not courtesy. [like to get on with my | that he mada a ntatlons to the | It {iexghtert !
on as possible, | Governar at the time P—I never heard | Ue dues not know that the case 7

” Tam putting Mr, Lazaro's case to | work with a httle frict!
oureh The 8 eetation gina ne you. i1palone tod up, probably be- Ie that the only fustance, his inulst- | of that case until this second.

{sbad until you hava decided ?-Un-

000, Caupe you attacked him frum the oul- [ing lirevant croas-examination P= | Sa tt could not have been [n your | fortunately, men have taken cases 7 7 .
‘ talxed, population likg oura? — | et ?—In my readingof the papers | Thptts the only Instance [can remem: | mind before that turning out ?-- | which they advised as very weak and
Well, there’ wers no Spaniards, never attacked bins. bee, No they Insleted on going on. If he had ,
You had frequently noticed bin sit- Do youknow that Mr. Lazare got asked for hight, I would have given .

But th were re, coulles [ suppose, when you came here, you
Hast In tone and wa ev a. ‘That were watned of Mr, Lazare ?--T never | Ung in that way ?—Never, ofr, Lasalle who appeared againat-the

1 1 1 than F h this, [ heatd of his name. You are prepared to adit the state- | boy to support tha petition on the Then we have the case of DBelborda a
This be much tnore Engin, Me said tbat, on the very first occa- | ucot of our witnesses that he fre: ground that the offense. did not justify | where five Holicitors, headed by Mr,
And your kicas af proper discipline | sion he appeared before you, after you quently sat tn that way P—No, I ami | a sentence of impriaonment P—I do not | Lazare, testified against you!—How
and ao on were derived from the Hey: had taken a witness in hand aud ex- | not. think Mr. Lachapelle gave a | recollect St, [bave not the vaguest re- ong ago was that ?—I don’t remember


chetles P—From 2) years of practice amined hin (inordinately, you sudden- } fair statement; that Mr, Lazare was | collection of it.

the High Comt in England, ly turned round ta hinawith that dra- | lus huff and that be made frimaces at remember the then Colonial] MayItake itthat there was «
Yea; you had gone from the Tigh | matic foree of yours; ‘You yo]me. I never noticed his sitting that / Secretary bringing thie case to your | Perio of struggle between

Court ef Justice tn England to the | on.” Tx that true # Thave looked up | way before,

Seychelles where you were 4 law unto | the newspaper report aud jt does not Tebfik we have sufficlently got out

yourvelf P—I hope I was not (Laughler.) { cortpborate him. thie fact that you were obsessed by
Tam asking Tite question ret ts ied DJn't mind the newspaper report L— | the arréare P~No,

to keep up the traditions of the Bar of { That wasa fair, unbalased account, Your main feature of the adminis:

England. They aro not always accurate, The | ttation of Justice there is to kee

h And from od moment you came pallor inention: ‘a es conspicuous long these arrears ¥—I do not thin
CTS, YOU ru! the Poles Court with | tue man laughter) agree (more a for me to

an iron hand P—I don't think so, 1 | fasegAfer), % PRAISE OR BLAME MYSELF,

came asa achoolmaster into a school] | You cannot possibt have | St fs for the public, You got onto close 6pm., when | Caughter}-Tho pera will show

where the last schoolmaster did not | forgotten that incident ?—[ do not for Talea fact ? -L do not think I ought | ft was dark and Mr, Lazare told you } eeveral other gentlemen,

keep very good onter, get the incident at all because [looked | to ciltacizo myself, that he would not be able to read] Hewasthe only one who was not
That In your view of your prellcces Lup the newspapers about it. Te it ta ta your pralse, so much the | the notes ?—I do not remember, “all tail"?—(more laughter)—1 will

fore, of snen dike Mr. Power, Mr. Far: | he newspaper ia not giving eve £heller} 1 refuse to criticize inyself,| ‘That was hie grievance Ilia real fire youthe names of one or two

fan and Mr. Young, You found a‘dencet [have tiled about 7,000 cases except in private, guievance was that looking at me now, but don’t want

to, partleularise,

natice ?--No,

Mr, Lazare’s views on the subject
were never communicated ta you r—
Not that I remember,

Inthe Plowden case, the friendly
society case, you went on without
lights P—No. waathe only ono you so dealt ‘with
did you have lightson the Bench? | Who developed ‘what you apeak of
—No, [think we stopped at 530, every day as **his kbone "2

and Me. Lazare on the day
ed ?-—You may take it that I tried to
keep order in my court. There are
# number of gentlemen fo Court now
ta whom I also spoke,

We are suggesting that Mr, Lazare

—— re ee


Ong, Minors Feow Toe “Four R


th erent
st 8 DAG
and too little tail P=1 would | not. In- a
suit Uyese Kentlemen by calling them a
Tam using your own expression P— ICE dD ;
uuever use! that t=
Didn't you polat out Mr. Jeffers
— aa 4inay of iuimense backbone and
Mr, Chizzola aga manof “all tall?” ~- AT — ‘@
(loud laughter},—Oh not I am gtad

iietinie i eae 3] 8 PAM & 8.305



put sume wre on hi lien

Asked Mr Ghizwia to do ‘nothtog, 1
said in Court that [ thought Mr, Jefe
tersa person who coul infog fome

Be pent gilts, Chltzola” did PROGRAMM

Large Supplies of Flags and Decorations\ 222 ==\runsony saan af

suggest that Mz, “ on
backbone” and he. ¥ eal tall” 1TH 12TH, a
Your remaike are always inleunder«

FOR TEE deratonl tp that Court It te ve ‘
cree —(Into the Jaws off

lke the


Cathedral. Ibivso high, I
acout of religious pevtceas '* more
Thatle why your remake are

| . always inisundentood, People Ime
4 pute th{ ui that
: meanatalit-Yea 7ou Od Rot
é . , youn deny Ithat Mr, Lazare and
. an
a tee it were ia tagénism for a
You had your eye ou him ?
body see thar had my eye
avon the other practitioucre tanee,


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that ou cath re Never Geed 1 t os
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a No dleparaylag remark at all onthe
ttn 7: chucked hiu gut No,
bartek at + b very palnfal thing to



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