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Port of Spain Gazette
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Port of Spain Gazette
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â– Si? ISllfpa

Marine fiq-jrc Port e!-Spain

400 Boxee CUBE SUGAR—cacli 6011*.
: 100 Boxes BROWN SOAP—168*
South Quay,
For Rent!!
¡THE £?TOTxE3|
At the Corner of Chaoon 8t
Fort-Gf-SpSi Oazitti.
â– tasABNSgttSac.
1 1
it-S ¡
Straw and Felt
Sole Agents M
World’s B«
-A E.S.I-yrH13ESH


THE gQgfrOgggjjg gAjgCTMraWff^T KAY 10 1811
ÃœiUnion Jacks with & without Stioks-e.iiuWc for School Cliildrri..
ij**'*’? _ j ."n,..’■ . •* •• fir Homo Decoration, i‘
Royal Standard*. White Ensigns, Bino Ensigns, Rod Ensigns.
R#d> anJ, Blue Draping Cloth — Plain and Printed—
“God Save tho King. ~
Lengths, of Streamers, Ready Tapod-tSuitnlilo for Oross-strcot Decon
Also'* limited number ol Glass Fairy Lnmps-witli Caudles to Sui
oíínSSÍ?y.“ rUSb thoao Uoad*

THE PORTOf gPXiy.-Q»ZErrK.' W>ÍpyK3D¿T, afAV 10 lili1
Stephens Limited, -thk storks.
t0[h?“7i ovoritoek wo are offering: the Nei
m A. Tnfutf at. onat. im,* rl i ” r. TT-
price and under for
i Newest Btylta in all qualities of.Boots and1 Shoes—For Ladies.^Gejjts
Two Weeks only for Cash. All prices marked in plain ligaros. -ISJw.^Soi
Ladies Black Bnoklo Shoes,
Gents Tan Vioi Kid Blnchor,
Cents * Split: ♦ Sals,
Omt* Black latín Half minerals.
,n Willow Oxford»;
Stephens Limited, The
is. s. ‘African Prince’
IRg£Y,14tH MAY, 1911.
E"W -yoE-^:
Cargo and Passengers,
chool Books'
joe sAia

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1m2&, ‘6L" ,6OOISD


7+( &203$1

%R[HH &8%( 68*$5f§FDFOL r £: %HJV <(//2: '+2// %R[HV 35,&( &$1'/(6f§ %R[HV %52:1 62$3f§r f¬r 6,; ,%21 7$1.6 6*+f(?..t&f 6RXWK 4XD\ )RU 5HQW c7+( e"727[(_ 6287+ 48$< _ 81'(5 7+( 7(/(*+$32)),&( _ $W WKH &RUQHU RI &KDRRQ W )RUW*I6S6L 2D]LWWL 6n.D6VVVL 6i0P r JDDUVVMIIL% ‘WDV$%16JWW6DF PPeP JJLU66U6 VVSVL LOV¾ OLLL6, ZKELNWHYH[WV 6VLV63 JSVrL 77nr eI£¯AA% ccXVLP V6666V% LPD6(%66UrA LW6 c LIJIVVV 6WUDZ DQG )HOW 7+( '2 6ROH $JHQWV 0 EVD, 5XGJH IRLO $*.12:/(2IOO :RUOGf¬V %m LVWHLZ 6KLSPHQWA -7767 $ (6,\U+(6+







rer oor ~ (wpe pore oy xX wre * 4 ‘ ey ee . , . ob Poe y om SC

mone ~~ “e . . i ®
4 . y p iat ¢

anes ERO


. poenowornina SHAVING G REQUISITES Just opened'.-Whole and Hall Sage. eur lives; in bed i t is surely reasonable thet ou

aan 30 unm oux OVHR 800 PAIRS. Heei-Rooms should be |

"| onan A Beal Gem (BONAREL) be i¥epeonemeecnete us| SANITARY AND BIE.
SPINY RAYOK- Pree $1.00, |B 42 Eee = EB] thon jy of cana wie

No. ¢-M Vici Kid Bhoe Cat Derb ow a ‘o, altoad
Gila Fase, Lute Steep Rago, Berme’s hin Raver, | Xo 3 =Meee fate nine Ou Dery HuoleeVicl py Properly.

Price 66.00. Price $5.60 Trice $9.00; x eis ey ce Ge Cut Derby Boots oe is BONANZA BEDROOM SUITES

31 different Styles| in Men's * MAGNOLIA” Boots, Remembering tone spend at least one third's

: poy Stair Carpets z SPAR BLADES TO MACH MAD, Ne i= Meoe Book tH Ler NE Ta is Atoju:t tho dalutieet crosté
B« twith, Border).—Kspecially suitable for Bed- oF Ler Mens Tan Viel Rig Lise ORBLE Rie ju O acred GLB "et
rooms—at 48c., 60c, 72¢ ant 31.00 por yard, ENDERS BLADES, stock. Ne Tic Mene Tea Vist Rie De Lice eo Boots we awe as «ro all core rected ow HY OF ie
Derdy for Hoa We
pees ag GRABHORN— Rew Pocket falely\Retor. | Xs: ie-Moee fee Gris itech Rice FilewBra "> G80 BEFORE YOU BICIDE OW WHAT Fy WAL
y mor No tecMecs Ten Vict Kid Derby .BO EZ-R Sole, 435 HAVE, COME TO S.B. & CO. roe

KROPP, TAYLOR'S NARCO A .«*f No. 19-Mene Ten Vici Kid Derby amet Dr. .Bypyon
AND METAOPOLE No. 20~Meae Blark Vial Det by Shes, Dr. Bat you Cabin Bcice tig | They will kelp vou to plan st ee 50 that your

kB A. 7, © RR S No. 3] -Meos Tan Willow Calf Derby Lace Shoes .., see 4.30 Bedrocm shal 3, o
° {tention pald to Cos nd lateroslental .
Snes hy St een eee vray | Healy Well Furnshed aad Comfortable


Razor ‘Strops oom —— Price 7 Of course that depends on require.

ments, but you will be surprised to figd what

OF EVERY DESORIPTION, ° lot §. B, & Uo, cat provide for little money,
: Smith Bros. & Co.

ee SMITH . . .

thing wo T- -
Bois Laces.
in ings and Insertigns.

in Kdgings and Insertions to match,

Big. Shipment Just to. Hand


ancas ; nce HY ee eit ataxs will bo inerraseet shane aan nen ee larbes tale, goed bis uxreor Rly ANT BUTE.

hire Insuran 10000 MILES | ictee itr somendiortnealy | S57 mpeg aati ait | The ila the

e@ permanent orice
Lanezalin & GLH BH THAT 18 WHAT THE Tekons six thounan WwW Pounds more rr Bernt. Goolman, took Duberr we hosteawa, euch fete
sow impossible, reductions at the number of | residence of tho Acting D. Merliorongh, Mew Waldort mide
womans J cuaker Scutre, All Brillsh | eezecarisreisisceeeetrs | anrsugmeaat hing cteteat a | Me Soon briana
. din suspense stor, the
, RO OYAL TNSORANOR OOMPARY, Ita. f er qa 6, f Uteimpossbility ot digesting details so | to the Oulonfal Hoa tn Port-of- | the Duchess of Manchester. Nra

Spain whither he wae taken by cab | Dre: devxel, B ra J. H. Sinith, the Countess

‘ Funds Exceed ... £12 000,000 ont THENDERER ON TUR the sawe morning. Examivation die | of Uranard, to mention oul

% , . a a lew,
ASK HFOoR UR. OES s ? Kode Mofor Car The Tihacp eo carne that’ cold age tok. eke it. mee ee heen may are imed Eyer prounise of of a season of an

8 AN wet Fie inst » pens will coat t the nation e: tenn enta i that the bt sete et we reseed brillianey en faras Ainericaneare con+
3 loss or damage ‘ira on | bes done in Titled without a alsg’ alt millions nyon clase which will | qe wound is ofa perforating dee The American A and

BAUGU Ss TE Pr ELLERI N Ss Buildings and contents of Ware. bitch ta the Machinery, contrilmte nie millon more Inegpeettles | exiption and i centalnly very danger | Whitelaw Tteld aad tne ine opeclal eon me

INDUSTRY, oue to life, The mau complains of parsador, Mr, J:
i CARS TRINIDAD. Re RRR oes pairs on the right slde of his abdomen, Mon Amps crpeated to" cont tet Baw
Ia tus Coune of Commwns Mr. Volnte Livns have already been perform: J eke the Coronation peason inetsoree
WY NEAT & CHEAP = { EnenisidSowel ‘Atte “itareoure whethet | doubth 1 hopes at ye aleriaio 1 tate | ike noetally.
Shei Mr, Uarcourt ether F dou! 10 na ned of hig
SOME VERY NEA’ the Trinidad Governinont on inatractions recovery: Th appears to hare aihtaes are ben srected msl roe
TWO SEATERS., | [oe leione Cormment had peed 3] TAC Victaraen die tnen, for name | San Ue rols rte, carmel ion
‘ vara i eee a Teds miss | hitle tle HG per Na iv old hand ha the sereinony wil] take place, Is cure
attedtt } be e establishment aud le aap » ted 1 Unset Ginwy wleoctures,
For partioatars and price epny to - ee is tie ve vont ot the new | Suspect that Dabony wl uf ware Ther Dive! y x.
apany whkh was | tecent ewploynient eae vas ry joy avd
ta-ouet blur from wee Suclueet by

anr eatotered rail hares dwing | police ate funy ing which ary voted td fitch fou Bi)
s i jand Harper, it shoud by Fad, ws a capolo ol of to x expe
face A ie a

Gu eine YOR SKATS.

houses, Offices, Shop, and Store
Promises, and Frivane Dwallings at
noderate prices!


down @r Xvoene


)%o be “bad RETAIL from the Leading Grecers and Pave pais, ™

ish Made Margarine.

’ "Bose substitute for cooking Butter without
gto pay the excessive price which Butior

he etand¢ hear the Abley

h 933 probally the
igher, & i probeldy the

RUSH OF VISITORS IS EXPECTED. | forthe dhotestta

~~ wi long Ub nd,
(BEATS ALONG ROUTE AT ip wtidovre a eal other
PREMIUN NOW, favorite


Wii & Panama _Teleqraph Company,


Vika Shlpplng & Trading Company, Lid. Cotton Seed SU

. Tondon, May oth, to com
IDAD LINE OF STEAMERS O T Ly |: pits Hesse of Lert the ary ot | revi stale SPRL sen as Fo Tue BERALD ¥tA | Oleg
he Govi Con bh

“Oarryiog Through Prelate for Peele 3 Cludad Bolivar, The coronation Tondon, April th, | ul

PROPOSED SAILING DATES, 1911. ‘ SiS Gay Departure ror | th

t 8
Lrave wAnMve x BA SKE TS ral glawe peers upon alstatory quall- “As Copenl al ,olegrim sare the Unte Unt the Havoy, Claridgee and other
. the C1 io distingu' Lerrebhn a lea cote ave a farewell! cone though tae Influx of notable 4 Amerl-
o nA Quality q od one bun d rile Ghriatinn and ied tor thet the United Btates few have reat in the month here” as
_GBANADA ‘ Cou mK Bo Cou: eboered bay AWR TOL Pate soseon, Many have gone tors Parle a and

we May Oth, | Lhe Kuglish waside

sardine “ Ape hood messages | The coronation rush ls ext weet to
OPGRANADA* =| “ For Sale by trom he Kine aes Any alth aod others boon (a earnest mits the ‘aisival of the
i wl May caused Bie Wiittd Taurl rer ry Feconaide er Carloust
rs "NAVARRE n Y bu ahatentlon from the Imperial Con
” "
id "

ference. Prebably there will 1s 7.
ie iit ile ite ed | Et fuck tedantl wigoons tapeles
bad rita wll be carried oi


i TRINIDAD D to DEMERABA oach tai roturni to New Arn sands i sal w ay th,
z ARNE ARE. reat: | the Continent and Meet fo tL
SHIETING Nv WP NY, © saMiae ue « Ra aes RUCRTI ov rue | ach aa Mia aa ts colon spinueul sity
D FING AND TRADING COMPANY, ’ Proposal 3 eu eine i tae | sey ,
ent Broelway, New York and Port pf Boat, Trinided, BLW.L, ~ |'Phone 184. st ’ eres "cae encleih aces ae act MANY WIDI, asin vo anal
j = Linen) . etoine Jevii hte wea ie i ‘able ‘to Lelters con. pphmong these £ oN nae
Meational. |THE SURE COUGH CURE/ Advice To Travellers, |= wines dally” Wo abes Goawatclis emmy hey cok aa rhs {Sar eae od
, Ts, per betile, ~ — e COURT = GRAMAN EMPFROR tpou the o Capital | Bag annuinoed ba is | Mr “SS * Xmory Moo
R OFLIGE Bor | 5 ve i RxD Renin sors ar wink Tariher tat ui fe fon. Mie J. Amory ours, | ka hase, Yor
* d begidd ter iow Lain White Pins, Tr eroter tue oan . Be cet eee gwat lait, there Foster ene rr he is able Wena is | wiganived From Parle o sas igntione @daye slat a td
ced Teacher of Elementary anb- ougu Syrup. itz ~ 6 conutines of tunctives, ‘LONDON bUGAN STOC: ia ‘Berk dmg
rene v ‘ » serner bed ed An BTC 6 ‘ded Cocoa N, York t
yap ikea hs fe oe ENGLIGH PHARMACY | Queen Btzpel April 104u.—1m, jot Ene | | Gagar iu, stock on the’ eth ay Shien Miller G F ok A Mitoat
ene snare NET ee ener Palace tous, Last year 7,000 May Oth,
eee nrp toner tneersnenen Derewhs 1 1U0 (otha ‘
AVidener, of Muscoradg Float.

‘sMeOTH AT § ST. JOGEPH. rat li feave for Varta ‘ou Mons Ing terus ia “a

Richardson & Selway [Eee | rere toeran Seen
epee tone the. Gero uate the pe ee Hawk Markey, who \s at

ANDIEAS eta bere! u: lugton, will
cures Aten! My oe “thd rs . sly dita md by esevolver shure eit Se aria civet Sep 4
. fuse: ry showed t ubliey Hat ee
F: | SUST OPHIWHD warn, drat, tte fn et | Bang iowed Cat aay Hier | we 7
NEW MOUNT Sina ha es ooo ay dures | ary ee ach yuan | ene oogeenon ANON, | Reece wi Oe
° abiay "clack and Ter Monday of hor *
os M S or or se iringham nn relune: ch yy [eret haus icy the seam are aS be
TRA Ne " Rey, 4 . on
NEW SHAPES IN 8 WS aller the Coronation. vattt Duberry, ppears, Ja patting the Bi ieretord stent Mire. Cecil Valwa il Hwa | « . - XN

‘ i Ty
TRIS SATLORS | |B Serriaanerenos ie aE reins ner fe
Mr, Aastes Chamberials, te John berry to rry to pay fo for he ibe tee dotting ber house cia Charles otreet Rn
and Mr, im x re, Walter Farwell . who has leased

Fledmond, M ." ou
Wales MUSLINS EMBROIDERED ALL OVER VERY PROSTY sia Pc te teed ae re le tes Anta, the Mre ger cares whee tae genes |G

Levins ta WHITE BUMEMADEN AT. the ie 5 BOXES Of Lovey FLOWEDE, TRE ems ng eran arava | efeink pa sseroeatatinatintboca | Wnt, Waly hada see ie

Y NEWRRY—AND OTHER O06 MER NO Me erent ‘of the re bard sian of the ayia of of thet re, and WWkkersbaws og of bea bo The = i

orile by the owt thiank at Dut tree! Lay Gevzite tho c.
ie peoaled grerheed fired eet alles lett wide ot feet, of Now Yorba b hare * vated In Tooth

’ RICHARDSON and SELWAY. : eraeg an oe en above tbe labs pac & house In Berks @! ley ayers Keene the crest jad det

et Nel then bi ti + “ating at 24 cents
PORLOFPSPAIA & PRINCES TOWN. are mere eee wes if i eas ly Th wounded map © uty ceed ie aE pow ia Payla, fe lea pegetls § tet 0 Nga. bir bettie, THARMAC)

par rar


tery, [a the oly, wore MAROOUE AND MAI , : | i j
bine reeas attes money, “wit at ane . A. ;
Teaty yan urtnders “It Te thowdien that fi A
here was thander, a eement e an

«thie nw ti of the com
the rain Pecaaon, It may be men

hore tat tN ay iat thet of Lome Tailors and Outfit:

commenced on May 13th, and that of

F titi ane 7 Ba)




‘Bx Recent Arrivals,

Â¥ 388 Se ey
: th assorted colour dots, 1880 00 May 15tbe
t eee elt) 8 Gr Gannwenene This week—por yard — fe. ‘The (announcement made b

: . chelrman .of the jet - ' -
r 2000/2 Tags FINE SALT ot eee eeney semog the orate salt and Y Es’ 5 A \a

400 Boxes CUBE SUGAR—tach 501bé. —_ Ketter ange rec one ag Pc GENES!
30 Bags YELLOW DHOLL ° Port~of-Spain Gazette. |r, Ai tin wit akan of |Meoag trace ehetat Sptiag
‘900 Boxes PRICE UANDLES— ESTABLISHED No2s. | HRA Aegina ml maar SEPAW. BD Felt, ;

. o * | Pablished Dattr, Mondays and Public | the loyal scrvicees of their employees. | + Herblea “sailed at 5 m4 gesterday for
t ; Ba | tmteaseReeise”™ "|, angen ete shai a i et A ‘
*, 100 Boxes BROWN SOA P —1683, i PRICE: ONE PENNY. rOrtavas waa ihe lon Dr trancia} holm, Mr, GT Gaskin and Mr, H.’ 0. UPi ITO DATE ESTYLES:

Glean and 4 deckera,

Y ions
4 ‘Advertisements of Births, Deaths, | Watts, OMG, Iniperial Counmnine! —— -
° RON TANKS Benirana finns for b | yay 4, Goes oe gel Mal lencioni teoeet | Prices from 31.40,
io Six I O 3 must be anthentioated y he oe facluded in, the scare of ithe on oalentie _sitlled Inet night ene see oer
nati: Of 20Om4 Preapons: le Lorem
Person) willbe chanced for at | London, were 183 barreteof Triatdad gers from Tne a ate, =
Each 200 Gallons. G each and to be prepaid, troleur, Montserrat~Mr, Hadden P Shand. For


Casual Aaertnements ot every rt nich t. Vincent-—Misa Frances everson and
enc On 2 8 per weex; . iela.*" Infant, the Misses A, an rant ‘or
fortnight; 5/- permonth per nas Moker Laan Peli eulel aod Greuatn—Met Lioyd Soalth and 18 dechers

, ' nch»to be prepald,
ue ’ : red, left Port-ot- in. for Ban | for various porte. :
, Wants oan perweek cach, to be Foret to eer ner itinerary amamten wag

‘ “ ° ’ y ” 4
° i The Dutch Bfail ateamer “Prins Fre

“Ql ' . YyD...0. GAGY thor and Patiieg? 7A. P.4 from that port to Fort Fortin to-day,| Te Daan timione Gaia d F | Marine Square & Chacon §

ARON : 4 | begeeptrotuaber ATT Aumann | A Pe adeectsenent forare amnvk Taran anl ewes Lal

" Ail Cliance sot tne often af thls y Court durivg he rat Fis dfonour| "Menthe Renee area oe

~ . en BON! 0! 8 arin; 6 trial aM, J, dail ramari- .

‘ . “ ent of bills should be | the Chief Justice ‘Sir A” Lacie Saith, Cert wlithe re red {hat thia nteamer

1 paper in pa:
, South Qu ay. made payable to The Lort-ofSpaim | of the action LasareulVright. Mr. | collided In. the stralta of Dover with the


EK. 5, Pollard appeared for plalotiff | a0. “Nervion” thres days after having set


ENTS and the Attorney General, Hon. }1. CG [out from Amsterdam. She was com: ne
We Ao oe PRRESPORD ENT reaponsible | Gollan, defended, The Svidence for Pelled to pu i] nto London for repairs | A ‘
far, nor do we necessarily endorse the plalntlff was concluded and up to ae ‘nie column "che oc Pnns eg
the opinions expressed by our Oor. | the adjournment, yeaterday afterncon, feeder Hendrik ” discharged ber ;
respondeata In our solumus. All| S{r, Gollan was addressing the Court, |i itt quarantine aad sailed dariog tbe a
letters must be accompanied by the | eubraltting that no case had been wade evening for Venexuclan ports taking 7
real signature of the writer, not {out against his client. A full repovt | neither cargo nor passengera from
Deoonsartly 1 for Poe nea of the trial appears elsewhere. Trinidad. z
EE ed inanuecripta cannot be returned. News was received by yesterday's] The Hamburg. American Voner ,"* Syria” a
y om

mnaj] of the death of Lad: dlaney, wife | 2.240 tons. Captain Ranschenplat’ arrived
. i ing f Caru with
Advertisiag Scale on A plication of our former Chief Justice Bir John posterday moreing from ro rith

Bubscription . BY peryear, | Galdney, which took place at Cor

Payable in advance~Poataye extra, | sham, [ogland. 3 Passengers. apm Peete, Labelle Ss Lui « t , sf
— SS The Icocos (Trinidad) Development | fhidren, Mim & Velindes, Mr. and Mow mii ed,

Gn ” Gompany) .. Was registered on Santiago Juan, Mr, Noberto R. Campo,

Ben, CURRENT EVENTS. Apnl ith b IL. G. Jennings, of 4, Mr, N. ER een and 10 deckers from -

- — ous Is steamer he! 0 ji

Tu-DAY, E.G. Capital £10,000, In £1 shares. | communication with the shore on attain tate tata tats detent tan tan

Court Lazer Odlectat To carry o tn qrinided or | arriving. os
T Y § rt. v elsewhere the business 0! roducerss —— .
So U H © VA 68. 1030'ain eve Wright and refiners of and dealers in Betroleum The French Bfall Steamer “ Perou” 2,005

and other molneral oile. &c, Private | tons Captain Jasseau arrived abortly after

, Sale of furniture, glaw cases and t conipany. { am, yesterday from Europe vis Sole A ents fe
UNDER THE TELEGRAPH OFFICE] [STSSSESE25 vest | ru aeeo Dyan everinnnnt sp tas pacengrs dena fete £ ' q

ton) and ers. The “PVeroa”

ae In another colamn, Dr, W, R. Lam hanged eran!
8S, “Prins Frederik Wendrik” the well known American Oculist an discharged her ea 9 in trict, ques ugune
leaves for Catupano, Cumana, Guanta, | Optician, will be here for about a fort-}g30 am. asfast as her sea lega could i7
At the Corner of Ghacon St La Guayra, Pto Cabello, Curacao and | nightfrom the &th inet. carry ber. A]
: ° Port-au-Prinee, Maile close at I p.m. ~ = - = ,
——— We leain saya the Barbados Stan, wane london, Direct Lins Steamer :
. 9 . a ast evening for A
High Water Morn 20 Eve a ee ae ey pee ‘to 7 Dee Police and Continental ports via theoNorthern
* Nun sets a . GOB pm | Magistrate of the City, who le at ro Telands with 1-000 tons Talad eparee Lake
° Occupied till recently as a Provision Moonsetd 4... » 354 am* peat in the Hank a Montreal, has ‘Asphalt, 135 Tded Petrote im e ~ e
t 21 been 4 0 " Teller”
° SSS | Hiranch of the Royal Dank of Canada, | nip suger, G0 begycopre, 36 cedar, lon,

‘Store by Mr. William Scott, at a Mode-

DEATH Mr. Boyes will leave Moutreal and | bags cocoa, 3 casks horn: sundry pack:
rate rental,

sailfor thicisland, via New York, 00 Jaze and 6 passengers. For London :-

— the &th Inst, on the aa. “Coppename,”— Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Morgan, Misa Babb,

Meow..—At No, 13 Prince Street, arriving here on the 15th inst, to? Mr. Carter, Mra. Atwell, and Mr, KB.
Port-of-Spain, Louis Meow a; 35 | assume his duties, Aterell. —

Years, late clerk at Mess, J. Glendin« neocon Hy two sbiseenaers palled by the ao

ning “uneral at $.J0 p.m. froin @ Coronation Service at Hol fc yesterday for

the above named residency to the met Cathedral will ‘ake the former Europe, dir, Frederick Meyer fod Mls i

Church of the Immaculate Conception. [a State Service, This was formally {* oble for London,

Friends Kindly accept this fotimation decided upon hy his Excellency the nor
4 The a. “Crown of Castille” will
- = —_ Governor Test week, In this connect-
SEE PACE & FOR = J ion to enable the Constabulary and acrive tle morning from Demerara, Ul @
to take par 0 Parade of the Loca The Rofal Mail Ocean Steamer “* Oro-
: 1 . . | tara” c "
The West India Committes Forces, will take pisce at 7.90 am. | tava “i tons net Captain Plonkett

is ortierly proposed, | arrived in the harbour shortly after @ a.m.
Civculur—-W st Indian Rail | at 8 o'clock. 7 Prop’ esterday alter a run of 1S oure trom

. . : ir
he it New, Hinge on gusft iting, Apslstant Surgeon Pe G. | ior pridldeds i tone oe eee
Irinid n * ‘ the a. &. * Berl foe", 123 tons for the
vinid d Oit-Industry 3 The | Marine Hospital Service, of Washing. 1 tbe. & & Ialand ea, “Palantla"; 9

Funams Ganah Fo iia | ime Bs Uhechan bon delet to ct ttty snes tat Ga
Paper ie a4 Bamboo} tor tbe parpes of lsretion of pe erhundes fr Varin, The lon
ng fa al ngers,

f the United States, and the fumigation | Southam; for Trini ad br, N, Be

SEB PAGE 7 FOR of vessels bound for ports south of Rev, Gud, Hes M. Atklancn, wee

“1 — AND —

- For particulars apply next door to

Gerold & Scherer,




. G Turrel 2
which s Anathema ~2k tchss | Scotts a summarized version, It that} air, Paul Detgen. For Sears,

. sh be used, of ** *
of Gowns not to ba Printed, | wilt te stagud-on Lrorvow events Be M Barney cond Me Tow, oer 90'70000000000000 200000000000200008
SE2 SUP?7LEMENT PAGE FOR at the St Howe's Normal iBehool Demerara >~ Str, J.” Dake bunith, Mig 8,
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‘ : — ee nrecees | Hittens OGL of mmyhand went back CAN'T say too much about them— Every tasty
4 early tn the merming and that some Phin while he was exaaining the wlt- | trale’s order [+ lokeep Me, Lazare out to my seal, I didnot wish 10 eines e@ lad who moves with the timss knows that ded ‘
Wty faking know! Wy of that fact pee, and het Lo ine caanier of alftinig, ot Gut 5 tony let bin couse inwotll ton a tbe +a 1 a a "rob mean be o4 mmings and Garaltures are among: the latest
eee eomerae, tt became. dene | trie base te bit bat ine had dehberaice Vehormeckelost. she. or allowed ka ope | °Be peosfar to hint at al ve decree of Fashion fromfar. This style of Trim!

dares ‘
entra] t- hi
ascertain, therefore, tho | ty taken tho witness out of my band. portunity of niveting any. On that -, fore une you twit out Biog in vogue most ever where Don't fail

fhe husband got u askol hin to taken note, He shout- tere was 6 eltting of the A: Ts crose-¢ No,” * 7

t : was represented vy edt=" I refuey* 1 then asked the ooure which I then attended, The int ee ad 1 examinations to look throsgh the different styles thoroughly. -§¥

4 , an experienced solicitor | clerk tomnakea note and returned to [ tarned be.ween 1 and 2 pm. ta the ek deliberately turned my back to ’ ‘
courte for years, The | the Har table taking ny seat. I slight- { Police Court and asked for admittance

not aliow Mr, Prizgar | ly removed the chair ag as to ‘cross my | which the policemanrefiysed me. Later bio bee he took the witness out

to oe but examined the wit: | legs and to put my elbow on the table. | onlretarnedandinet Nurse bythe ’ le
nee the Magistrate re-examined | [removed the chair ea esto pasa be: | dourdownstairs, Next day I returned eines the ca aaa yeu peal so BE ED PED TTE ic pearl ores and black, st Ge
thea whkness, |] svas'then crosecrant | between it and the table, Isat with to go inte court to keep engagements io Tho dieter er Aa Portof-Spain ‘ OXIDIZEU BEADSO DRRB4 TRIMMING t—Mixed with Gig 44235

inlug the wife. « witnees for complain: poy right elbow on thetable and my jade enquirtes there and tound OXIDIZED BEADED FRINGE ... - we i Front 24 ceote

ant, when the Magistrate left hie scat leg over myright, The Magis | that the order had not been reseluded, GasetteYes, Bir ? , ee eo
and came vy ta the witness-box | trate bad left his deatand Gone round (was la no warlikespirit onthe day |, 1 will read to you what the Fort f GiLe ERADED FRINGE. FRINGE s “ EH een
aod asked toced queations. Ile | tolhe eastern side of the enclosere near Fin question. My mother ny SPO y BLACK & WBITE GLMP. ainanibesded =... from Gato SLAL

BILK QIMPS—[o the lead

des aoa on we 46 per yard,
BLACK & WSITE BILK FRINGE, feom 189 per yard to 4,

stood upatthe relia of the Hench. At | the witnesebox, Mr. Pringarcavtini: | buried fost the day before, Atthe | PoMUt tt nttnens,

poet time ia between the iar a to examine hle pitness end while second muting of the texlatrale, 1 ap Ne, Larave re 3 hisremarks”, 24
le theek's desk, almoet 0; waa gulng on Lheard the Magis | pew in de Sousa yousa for de- . ( — E
posite to the fcl hav 5 left ny trate nay P “Dlr, Lazare, yousre not | feodant. After complalnant’s 8 ” oe tolled eaere the, question WHITE BEADEO CABOUCKON with pearl and brillents~ Heeb
wat behind. The examin | altting properly in Court" That waa] the Magistrate turned to me and ssid: e Ia evid yo URIENTAL SILK & TINSEL INSERTION ~-Tise desige $249
ed the witness rt hom all the first tine that the Magistrate | —** You goon, * waving hend at me, I} P48 t reports thee th ot Onh “ oa 48 cent
the fects 4 of the eee, ; Zante tuadeanyreferericeto my way sitting. atid not rise to crows: “ amine phen her { ,,t is Honour salt pT ey cout be ec Designs o. MO gee oe Feo! 5 uD :
5 atm had nut chan my pos . $ ory waa fin rate . y

row exaoniot jon. hen Vee hi 4 Magietrate has inever “complained tne aa When he ‘fold ie “ Yee Eo asked whether the contanta were cor A BIG ASSORTMENT OF OTHER TRIMMIKGS AT CASH

ng his examination, untier ‘or of how Fo sat incourtk | I dropped [ on” 00) uo notice ou ‘ .
Co gn toiny reat whieh Lcould not | my hand leg and. sods —" Sie, I think { of Lim. ‘That te not. the way Tam ee pollard It ioe wing! peaking . STORE PRICES, ’ 4

have got lo unless [turned ny back to FJ sit as choose. © Tati rot epeak lo] accustomed (2 be treated by ‘magie-
him. The effect of that wae that Pany deflantvoce. At uo timnodid the [ tiates.” He repeated: "1 say, I say, porters, rat ioul
ny Lack wasfor the momeyt to the | Magistrate tell ne what Inynnpriety f | you go on,” To anid: -* Are you The Attorney General (continuing
“ HMagiatrate, Took my svat ad quictly | had doue, When 1 spoke last, I was | epeaking to wer” He paid +" Yes", readily yi t vou deliberate!
asfoould, I sat wit my, back vir | halfstanding or halfaitting. ‘The| 1 protested at his shouting. I hed His Worshtp s—You deliberately
tually to Mr. Hrieriey [J. Bet treab turned ‘our back to me. I be
on the western slde of the Magistrates | put hha out,” The Magistrate never | nent. [remembera lad named Thorne Ae re ¢ Yeu Bir, I deliber
desk facing east. The Magistrate | asked we to change my mauner of slt- | being prosecuted for assualt amt sent ately turned iny bee 2 and beg fe =
faces north, The sergeant of police | ting o: asked mo to leave, Ilo spoke to Jall without the option of a fina | tate now that Idid not finish the . §
was etili nearer to methan Afr, Brenly to the policemaa flanding al the west | Tappealed to ghe Magiatrate without crossexamination, and Your vow ‘ 4
iv .

. ship took the witness out of m
Both the sergeant. and Mr, Brialey | ern eide of the duck, e policeusan | avail for a fice as Tktew the boy's p to say” cuntinued the Nelicitor, | A

<* were practically inaline to me. Be} did not move, The Magistrate then | people and it was the firs beg | al Court to rectify what js wrong, [lo obedience to an omer to leave the ; day when I could ‘as
+" tween the two yond bo the inspectors | sal : -thergt. Nurse, Bat him out ped been consicted. I got tne e “that I desire to cross-examine, Tafa not turn my back oie Magis- ] Court is that he should leave the j fused ta adjourn the
of police, Ny back waa also turned to] (polnting) *Sergt. Nurse stood up{ tition to the Governor abow —No, All Laald wast—Sir, that Ido | trate, [tis hard to tell where the | Comt and return agalo? If the | that be woud elt wp q
the se: te 1 was sitting with my | andsaid: "Mr, Lazare, youare order matter and Interviewed tbe Colonial not deny. Court is. Sometimes the Court ts | person was creating a disturbance or | when I said { a
right elbow on my right th ah and the | out." Teald4- * Lan not prepared to | Secretary on It. I aleo appeared in lis Honours It is practically the [ leaning over the rails overlooking the [| laterrupting the proceedings of the judgment against me
tight hand under my right Jew. I] obey that orders you will Tao to put 1000 in Tioeden v Frederthe TE gut | Same: witnese-box, sometimes before the | Court, froni the moment that person | ing me su upporttuniags
always sit that way whenat Jeisure. | meoul” Ser ure apoke quiedy {the Attorney General to get the} rhe Attorney Generals Ths Mirror | Clerk of the Peace directing him, | was put out of Court the disturbance | the other witnesess" 7
My lega were not crowed. The Magu | and! answered quietly,” Nurse then | Magistrate tO state a case there, In also saysthat the conversation also | sometimes ho sits with his legs on topt | stope, Ho can then return as that of And s0 you come 6
trate conded his examination of the | took my bouk, papers hat etc. held mo | November 1000 Belborda was cons took place inthe same way ?— The | of the raila,-you don’t know where [ fence bas been purgeds that whenever De.

1 wit and then shouted outi—Next [ by the aim, (Lotfercd slight resistance) | victed) and ventenced without being | & ortaf-spulss Gazette nays **celiber- | the Court id (laughter) . By our going out? Yeu Jagainst you that i
witness" f stood np and moved ‘on 4 | and put out of the court-toom. Expoke | heard in his defeuce, f was no ately. said i—"1 admit that you} The Attorory Generul~But under | And you were perfectly justified in | tte feeling YI do po
little between the barand the clerk's} to aman named Coz andl one or two | engaged in the case but I foterested | deliberately touk the witness out uf my | all circumstances, If you placed your | returning ?—Yes, not only as 6 coll. | because fo miny *
desk and toldhim: "Sir, Phad not | pepele outelde, Lremalued there about | myself! {1 the mistter, Mr. Wright | band chair inthe ordinary way, you will] citor, but ns # meniber of the cum: | inducing him to betie
completed my crow-exaniinntton | two or ties minutes beforereturning. | stated thet the man never asked Sor Did Me Walght call your attention | always be faciug the Court, however It | munity. was on the right elde,
when you took the wituessout of my | The Maglelrate did not Inthuate how | anadjourfiment, and with the assis | to the fact thal you were vittingin 4 | moves t~Yes, Sir. If it weroa straight | When youreturned, the Magistiale | | Now, isn't @ gre
hand" He inade no reply to me but | long § whould way outelde, Wher} tance of five ‘solicitors present 1 | disrespectful manner?—No, he said LU] table, butthe bar is a three-quarter | told you that he did not consider that | feeling yuu have abo
shouted out t—"noxt witness.” Dre | went back 2 found the same casein | proved that that was ‘not, wo, wae noteltting properly. It was the | circle alinoxt, so that you will have to ad compiled with bis order? { what you heard fron &

paled “Hir, | have not completed my youn J nat in the saindeeat atthe | man was acquitted. In the Magis. second tioe when I sat‘down that he | tind yourself at different angles to face The NM strale can seo pie as I enter Mr. Van Bureo

owexanination and J insist ow my | Hay which f had vacated, Trapped at trates! court Lalyaye tried to keep nr spoke as to bow | was sitting, the Magistrate. The Court tu every-f ed the door, Ho sawme eoter. Isat | somebody who re
right to conclude [f," The next wit: | the door, the polireinman oponed and I ve, Mo far ea fam cuncerned, Did be tell you that the course of | where (more laughter.) down before he said one word to | thing (whether correct
ness had meanwhile entered the box | entered quietty, When the Magistrate | had nothing against hint, but to ine | CoUduct you were pursulog was not re- Was itonly when a iefused to | me somebody else, and th
and Mr, Prizgar rose to exantine blin, faaw me he said You are ordered {he had always an averse attitude, | *rectfal, aod that you must turn [tum roundthat the Magistrate told | Iam Instructed to put itlo you, Met] sald something to you
A asked Mr, Srizgarto permit ite to | out ofof Court, 1 replied x" That | My practise generally was much alfece | 70d P—No, he never sald that, you to leave theDourt P—-Never, Sir. | Lazare, that what happened was that | look at the records yo
settla the point of the last wituess | onder, Sir hasten catled out and f tek by being turned out of Court, |, id Me Wright ask you ta leave the} He told zou to leave the Court be | he spoke to you and twid you that you | the first day Mr.
int. 1 repeated rah pplication tothe [have returned.” Ile salda Sergt. | From ‘that day to this, J have pot | Court sod you sald that you would | fore he called upon the Sergeant to re- | coukl not come in unleva’ you wished | and threatened me,

One Frice Ony.-| Value Kowbere Like Malllrd’s | vee Zasurgg

*Jwhg sits] Magistrate next sald s—* Policeman, } doue nothing to deserve t

Ma ho mei Youhad | Nurve, put him out.” Sergt, Nurse! practised before hin as not leave unless put. out P—1 would bo { move you t-Never, to apo! before sittin: me 8

Geliberately turned your back to me again tonk ne and was leading me out Iie has never caused it to pagistrates greatly ou it ho says 20, WVhat exactly occurred before Dr. | The vord 8 logy ° was Setered on Tat rape esas

end the witness, p to then, no{ when the Magistrate saids— Keep [to me that he withdrew the order | ,,COnunulog under cross-examinatlon, | Wright told you to leave the Cont? [the first occasion when I was being | * Well, Br, Lasare

complaint had been made by | bimout till he apologises.” When wa | for apology, The Court was fullon | 2; Lazaressidt-Mer Wright prome-[ What was tle exact thiug that hap- | put out the second tine, ou In your places"

bim. 1 thought he altuded tai got tothe door, Sergt, Nurse saldin a the Rr question and I felt very nades up aud down the Beoub at lele- | pened immediately before hetold the | Iputitagalnto you that this ls a very sorry if the ecg

the fat of my having left 1 loud tone of yolces--"'The Magle much hurt at the turning out, ure (laughter) I uever quarrel with | policeman to take xu out P—Just one [ correct acouunt of what took place] Take this other a
. Mer Wright, but Lalways come to the | settence from Mr Wright and another | on the second occasion {4A Afirro;] 1— | dicner party }-You 49am

—SoS ——

from myself. “You are not sitting “ A few sevonds later, he (thac'’s, [it a withdrew it, . «2am
zo ruperly in Court" usd the Magistrate, yoursei) re-entered the Gout ‘and | 3 think you ulowed be

- . ; ty quawer was fe rsurely, 1 gan sit as , al eat al ; which bad i J
. »" ** Policeman. ta out” * a Lazare bal - A
said the Magiatrate, Tabsure you that have asked you ‘to rt out of prvfecslocal genuacen P
I was very rouch distressed that morn-| Court. - court would have 29 2m
ing by my family bereavement. Mr. Lazare (standing) 1—I have | Apart from being» 2 ;
; ‘ou have told us that you read the f obeyed your orders, ir, and [| aman. a
account in the papers, “Now, I putit | have simply returned,” taking his] You are perfectly :
. oxen Phat this i “poet actually touk went le Worvh! to proper treatmens ot &
. a Ke Lazare then took hla seat Conk, eareanes keer | eine aeaore pals t

* Hr, hin outof Comt, You can retui iving you more pais
with his back tothe Magistrate, He | if r—Just #0; in | bly help, that you allo
aid bot tun his chairiaany way] Met. Lazare, continuing saldt—-I | fags to become excited

at resumed his seat aa befare. might have penta Diessage by Consta- | beard P—My feellngy af

Mlle Worshipt—Mr, Lazare, 1 {bie Hollingsworth to Sergeant Nurse | but I feel exceed! ,
must ask you please not to sitin’| shortly alter being put ous the sccond | Me. Wright to
i at way or I will ask the police to | tlie. I never told Nergeant Nurse | sional man of this 6

¢ you out of Court, there thet he must stay vutside with | Aud that thes

Your answer wast-~ me to keep me thane. largely created by a loti
“X sit In any way I choose”?—I RELATIONS 8 batter P= ‘
nid totais ate tt) MARA peer, [RF
1 pul j {ut bow souething of the relations PERSOS f
uk pat | tte you that these are the , between you, and I'take It that that | _Hls Honour sald, a

Se ee ee

‘The incident wae go un- | action of “the Magistrate the di ty inc
expected that even the reporters saw ye twas due ee sot ad ex 7 thee ite
¢ afterwards, pg P—I am pouitive, Sir, 1 am not in thing to do with the
eee tibet you formally asked | povition to tell you all that 1 | Was mixed up with
LOR TEA at you should be put out of Court? | know, lhought he ought nob
Toe eergtan’ Nurme caine up | 1 du not see why you should not tell tad be koows
ey 6 that i Pia onered gut o me foie Wright stated that he was ve wat. ‘
— OF Bi .
dot prepared: to gly you Will how’ P me ene f sen oppatuhity of turning net Anny,
tol j

a to quit mg out of Cour When ?—About ating: ae
eft on never wah something to (his { months before the incident’ acount, the. Attorney Uenaets
hand on we cate wi get acto Maa whom did bh 7The | member an ‘Kero oe oe

Ole dee

Panay ate dt yeu willhase ts | Hace, who repeated | | Satis’ te 9

‘ mM, it there was

. . | Frankly, had you soy ddubt'ia your | Whepproed ee nae phat De Wright sald ia

sulnd that You ought not to he wh aald e turned bareegr pany
wae nuder the circumstances ander tliat negreust of caury aye turned Wes glad you hed .
gleh, rou are sakesl to leave the a ahat Lb sbvolutely botrue t-1 am end thought rus b

I have seen jud; right epuliates “{ ghtful moul
(have seen & aes of js papreme Dr. Wright, tepudiates that atate. | lightful moud (less

Small Union Jacks—with & without sticks—suitable for School Children, | 222 Rscitoush ne oor aad | at broophe ter une citet veen | SOE ta age

Large - tempt N through another, Th Court the fact that # mao net been | Were as emineut a doctor Mi
ry] ” 39 . a9 fur House Decoration, &’ eo wrongly iinpelsaned ‘and got hie ee | Wright 1 would, hare
Royal Standards, White Ensigns, Blue Ensigns, Red Ensigns, hieurder wes tected cares ferirnaste eet wa Eat Keowing tbat fam
Red, White and Biuc Draping Cloth— Plain and Printed—|"st»r sremon tuned: Will “the Blagitate thet | war warn tisk De WOR
“God Save the King.” tliat urcasion, didh't yum thonarghig | ewes metanitt cranial and that | elncern, are yoalag sl
tos . yx wes not there Tarked fara warract or your states ;
Waesath a do semmare, Rondly Taped —Suitele for Crowstrest Desoration EE | gitaaha cra Ee
4 ass airy amps—with Candles to Suit, you say thet be uojusily and bet on! *y ize hes a

F ine out of ty ju
Coury the order waa coupe Tete the feliberately ‘ned that man because PLAN tier

a N.B.—Ae we anticipato ma rush on th L te: 0, ething abor =
oso Gooda éustemera ia the interpre! vou put} vofuetly, }~1do not way someth Zs ; be -
‘ m? e ' . : put . Y application ne a H t
q- requested to call carly, . ; Jud, vi that when a | reasonshile one whieh Tok, under por {are baviog . ;

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atau The Altoruey
‘ils only refused beoauss he was | the question od the

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. ° bedi er dace rot to mye Teuton His Honcur though WR
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gout wall feta des Nae (Contlaued o@ §

ons, he would have | cident, General “

Fer any PennOSN TENT

ipeens 5 Ltd |



a ae ps a Is now ful pochi wi all te, newest tn Poepeed santas a Hgts saiet apn eg | agreed -!
Rice i The “Showertyte Beater"—~Price $1.44 | seok aris a arg oe .
ais — Stray Hats;
Pes A adn

Square Edge Brims » 4d
i|- NOW & OPEN: J NG”

Cable Edge Brims » 44

iy es “FOLKS


ae we in

PBT od, >
Jos. A. de Suse

BrsaGks pet”

[albea, 724] Men's and Boys’ ALPINE end TEKAL FELT BATS—Prices froin
3¢0 36 cents to #2.90—All shade and Seeent shapes *

{116 0a

‘Uho™ Camp," Telesc and Flanter Fhe . 4
WHITE & KHaKt HELMETS | in Rubber, Cork, terete, ete, from |

ESILVA'S =| 72 cents to 8396
, TORAH Men’s Black Flexible Felt Hats],

From 72%cents to 82.00,

Ree CROMBIE BT. ” Eton, Golf and Motor Shdpes,
Children's Sailor Hate

. Wermakeva speciality of this Department. New Goods
received this Mail.




The Areade

Victoria Institut

., SKEOGH & 60'S, ones

For, Jett
soma. oa Koiy {Sth May.



~ ANDS-—~ .

12, Frederick ot,

Laws Ves

' 5S, Frederiek Street.



: ;


wv NCTION. : GLADSTONE BAGS ioeeei ee it .
Brosd Cut in Cartridges y _ ot teens fooleai

Per Tin, TIN ‘OABLN TRUNKS : wade

Pateot Pips Fillers--lsjesch-

ne Win, Ltd,

; < ntistry.


a. a. STARQUinZ 7 ig rot st rs

B46 Eved Ht, DRE SSING CASES. a a ae ee . " ris ee ge 103: fe
\e ee Wesaches—Telephone 1


ne ath a Frovh Soppiy FOR SA. " 7 Brand Exoralen| “BRANDY,” “BI 93 BRANDY” ae

; hado’ 8 Cigars EX STORE. } am Gulf fleamer, a ee a he Ties fers Mead lg
fas gC AMBTELCAS ECENT . A [-. on id of aber Just arrived : ‘GX RM. S, ss x RMS, “ Attuto, ” from the feeearoteae oe is
BM Ls DIEA~Oneches Bepoot R ae Te an fesnee 5 ssi Saas celebrated firm fo
. “ Lag 2 octetees o Lon
obi Si Canes Full OREAMIMILK Brand, Ee re & Ce. 0 age ae
a pin gn alee STRAW FABER mt feos, tie OTARD chia 17064 owns sigh hale Larvegh lode
; C cu " 0 oThs Mase? ond foleriiog RT HENT: —
F Ones tried —never’refused. Sage DUTCH Aras (Meare) beret gue ernregnne not A Shipment Cates “ re Saat way Nozios,
, Omorom liercea SMALL . ‘ tne 10 Cases “ hres Star? Bo y ; ,
With Hams & Bacon Bige Canadian @ute, OUST PreK 362 Sees VOB. 2 « Brand nuivegee
gs By Micusos & ask Caséu SamDINEs ; ae aed Borreis in. eo 2 Cases “'V.0.P, 2 “ Brandy

Swi Bernd... seal
igotleas Raver .

cP Seine | WESSEL. as. & YON. sompnny,|*

B2 Cases

SCOLN, “BOYD & 60, —s,

m_ Cheese rena ne eee Ne, 6, Brondway.

pn ESE PIO See .
DENTIOTRY. (Qe0, £. Malean Reisen |MERICAL * HALL) ‘semer OGOITTENS' _ —_
oo ‘: a a, penne | CARRIAGES LIVERY Ft sont : eke. i
me ae Eeiagee DR OF : OLARKE nie [argent ta) = | SEARLES Omen Ceram tts
er We Br tle, RaDUATE, of Howsrd Ue nae E bo had at v Trlelded 6 awiog the Now Bchewe fog

§ M&w-e0opIne Gls "beset heiene ad 24FrederiekSt.| MILLEES soles | HORSES PHONE 8 6 10 IN TOON, Mala Road eoentractiog

» MPRBDEBICK sTaxet, comby Bw Thy »


MAY: 11 > fee aw

1/7 { toa"


Ye _ _



mets ere Mr. F. A. SKBETE'and are resuming’ work
Guiana followed {1 1846, 3nd {be pro-

table antiquity f
, ; juile & respec fe an equity or £
a . ~ ‘ f
P * the. phrase, ‘ . \ » , :
se ger alee eee ce |) NDAY, 8th INSTA
. 4 a wa ae shares ere Ps
axative’ for — [tdiy’ mbecited for, ‘the pane f 9 _— Aa

SE a


mf ty We have taken over this Saw; Mill from the Hstate: of ¢
colonial steam locomotion. tish '
alocin &

CHRONIC CONSLIPATION, PILIOUSNRSS DIZZINESS, NAUBEA | Occurred tn, the eame yoar, and, the ; aio > :
Q HEADACHES, BAD BREADTH. Sotctiog the calls dum, Hue Feel The Saw Mill has every facility to handle work quickly—a railway sidings
Superiority of Nialocin Laxative over |tnmet Fit 00 Oster io iay7, | Country Customers to send their logs to be:sawn right into the Mill withoutmextygemm

Y Me eo » 3] ie . - ° °

Old Time Purgatives, the ling only recht Piatwanen, a | and cost, &c —and we shall endeavour to furn.out all work in the best possible
eer, The Barbados Rallway, thoug: . a *

It contains no Habit-Forming Drugs. Seecaatowed by Sie Thobect Seheon.

Tt does not cause pain or griping, bwargk in bie history published in 1847, FOR BUI LDE RS AN D CON TRACTO RS ;

Is Is absolutely safe, dota navancing por Bp bowere
4 t is suitable for young and oid, throughout all these colonies, « change + " z °
“Te is palatable Children eat it like Candy, forinrrertetusion are to be beard Se We skall ‘keep a good stock ef Jalousie FE laps, Window 7
]t 18 Powerful and effective for Chronic Oo nstipation | stein, Jamaica sieedyhav'e ie] Pinnacles, Fretwork, &c, and charge reasonable prit
oI nh . Coad
We’. e°Tt aves no bed fter-Elfect, Monsen ber, tnd ie ane | good clean work.

Ewarton 2 utiles ali three connecting

bY Pangew of Chrormto JConstipation tHpanish Town, It lenow to as
~ SURONIC CONSTIPATION POISONS Tit, HUMAN SYSTEM, AFFECTING EVERY [ puill's short [ino of 12 tales mn so CHRO. Ts) &S S CEL -—E UH} a=¢ y
. OKGAN@EVEN THE BRAIN from May Pen on the Montego Ba’ ¥ - <

Price One Shitling, tore ithe rsete ay tent “thie SAW MILL TELEPBONE No, 53.—ntay 2th—1m. OFFICE TELEPROXE, SOUTH @

Phe Inter-American Drag & Trading Co, 190-192, Pearl 8b, Hew York Wvaticy, hich le» wow productive
Governor seems to be heartily in| King Street to Water Lane, The] pure wuler supply, on which s) mue! me /

region, and has a teeming popula: Miss’ The building hes a fronta: difficulties hitherte encountered have
a it is
7 pana

. p, ee

favour of the project, and has already | main banking room is of noble hasis was in connection with f
: sent eae be near ta pe alative proportions, fe occupies the centre earlier experiments, and this has, of WAVE JUST RECEIVED 4 NEW ASSORTN EE

Council on the subject. I¢ ja estimated Jef the building, measuring 85 feet J courea, an tportant bearing an the :


Sold by all the Leading Chemists, . tion, At present access ¢ of 2 Teet on King Street, and extends | been succewfully overcome. Modern P jama
4 iz
that the cost of the extension with} by 74, with an arched roof 23 { location of mills, which need n0 longer

very difficult, and the need of such aj to the full depth of the block upor jmethods of filtration have obviated J’ ulte
development haslong been felt, The | which it etands namely, 150 feet from [entirely the necessity of an original
10 uipment would be about | feet from the floor to the centre | be conflacd to a Hilted area, Ale, ® “4 7
WHEN YOU CAN OWN Ponlo0d, aad to this ft would be desi |of the arches Oa the left. of the | Mcttae had sucreeded Jn socuring tan:
. able to add (Bnether £1000 for the entrance is the inanager's 5 sanctum Bible rewults, owlng to the eeonginical - =
7 = - mprovemen a construction of where se cour! ug | aN popu 4? I met a oF manutacture, an arlog r
A nice little home of your own? -


roads to the terminus and the various { manager, Mr. A. IL Howley, dispenses | the last few months Orange Grove .

stations, Itcannet bedoubted, how- | words of hope and regret to clients as | paper has been produced on commer - AND =

ever, Uhat in af very es years the circumt ences reine, On the right cial aes and muccessfully marketed {a ’

amount of traffice would yield a very fis @ public waiting room and a large rt-of-Spain, whers now bein =~

there | { Choice Lots {80' x 100') available on the | atattarsianatiar, on ir [marie aay Wegmtottl Kis] wedinaraaiet Geatoretee wre | CO RO GRA IAM A CL TE

* ii available on the car nvolved, Ww. e dringing oO! es! n the islan ny ri uy Specimens o' 8 ,

eset eaont and ocala acation of ou state, within vasy [tances tate |e penalty um remy ocr, | aes fur teavenas toner ul [These have been specially aclected by out Mu.

o state, within ogston ap harbour mus! a yi amaica ety Jomnnittes ms, ani wi al . .

ealthiest an est section of our , y the general prosperity of the fsland, igriculture and Commerce "and once recognized fron them that the who is at present in Eagland,: 3

reach of the Cura, ads and-abundantly watered [In Iarbados, the chief diftculty with | Merchant's Exchange, an airy roota | tinprovement over the earlier samples .
, Noe Cc * good ro 3 ° y which the railway bas had to contend | overlookiug the gardens of the Public fa Prone marked, Mr, McRae has Red KTR,
just awaiting your selection, is that wherens the ling from Bridge: | Hulldings being dedicated to thea wide experience of papermaking DBADITEHS Ss CoM
* town to St. Andrews passes for the | use of tue genial secretary, Mr. J. L.] and of the paper trade generally, . aR
. —— — first twelve miles through the best | Ashenheim, Tothe rear of the bank: J having served his apprenticeship at IN ALL THE LEADING SHADES, *

part of the sugar districts, it follows |ing rovm are three large stationa: Messrs, Alex. Cowan and Son r
I : me cash vaults, above which Is the hers " eet

« Che last twelve iniles th 1 Penicuil he Pelmines, Foyplines 40 teyphs
“Secure one of jthese lots NOW at the very moderate rental of fin, *tenich litte iratie can be | rrotautantfor theetatl, whone comfort til thaece or Naperneecloge robes me *

. obtained, the same mistake having jis further provided fur by residential | quently acting as salesman for the OUR LACES & EMBROIDERIES ARE A SPECIALITY,
: 7 Ne been made in Barbados that was made [quasters near the manager's res fet at therr London house, He aft.
: ONE DOLLAR A MOD TLL. in Jamaica When the line was driven iHeace onthe hill elopes at Constant wands went, to India, where he took eoecwracacnce cere

-. . throngh the useless Cockpit try | Spring. ton of . T
.’ "Peru Lands Estato, St. Jamos Ji NE Frederick Wesdn and his Qe 8 _—— ibe Saliy Paper Mls near caleattes F 0 Vy HENDERSOY
; American associates -a part of ite} THE TRINIDAD OIL INDUSTRY. | and consequently he has been able to ancy ‘ e j


~ history which, like others, we should | Mr, A. Beeby Thomson continues to] bring a varied experience to bear on
. beReiceatrsts aang ae [mente tien prone ttn | ie ul of Gemeuiog epee |__| ADVICE] “ewe eoumnere: |
e : road from poin! at fs con- | pros he ol ustry in 76 i encoun
I , M S P The Royal Mail atierable long and wor in an land of dnd, wingrs the existance ot oi Fy gon’ connection with the manufacture of
amall extent, where time is of little | siderable quantities nde per from bamboo, wegass, &c., in
. m ralue, itis natural that much of the eatabluhed Ly results in several localls Er West Indies on a commercial
’ . . ' Stea Packet Co, tiailic should still go by road. Now, J ties, hotable et the Pitch Lake, atthe bass, . "
however, the Barbados Ligbt Hallway | property of the Trinidad Oittields, Ltd.
Company, who have succeeded the old | where one of the wells recently yielded
asitway company, are planning ao 100 tons an hour for five hours, and at

extension, which’ will, iu effect, bi a | Uuayaguayare. The oll from the | HEIRS WANTED — ROBERT DAVID-

new line, running due north from §gusher™ of the Trinidad Oulfields,

eG °= ——

HOTAVA,— IMS. “ Oroteva’ is dre bere from Southampton, via Cherbourg,
St. Michaels (Azores) and Uarbados onTuesday Oth May, and will work in
eotrict quaragtine at this port, taklog malls oaly. ,

Inligetown to the uelghbourbood of bas been stored In ear SON—DECEASED.

eee Q) Fame :
‘ine 2bO * tlice ' will leave bere on Tu y oth bley F St, Luey'ay the northermost parish of [theru reservoirs, Development work

for Demerara, takiog sengers, cargo and malls. the island, This will i$ through | is siso proceediug at Guapo and Cedros, h . ~ a
Be tender will leave the Wiguthouse Jetty, Queen's Wharf at 1 p.m, with J Speightatown, and verve the estates Mir. Leebby Thonimon docs not antlelpate Ane eRSO Wie ROBERT DaviD. ‘Ee
+ Pasoongers and thelr baggage for the " Berbice,” ja the leeward distri, There fs Jany dificulty about marketing such | 56N, sarine Draughtsmas; who re- ‘
Cargo for the “Berbice” will be received on Monday &b May, only uptimuch talk aleo at present of | oll as is produood in Trinidad, dided at 3 Vier Terrace, Dumbarton

to ‘rt, the erection of a Central Factor: To the list of Trinidad oi companies

4k all the ba; praece gers by thls sblp bas to be fumigated, Passengers | sximowhere In that direction, and which a yed in the last tesa Toul Scotland, and w he died there on 2ad
ere specially pot thal a lighter will eave the 8c Vincent Jetty at Qam. tof that were accomplished—as we be § be add e following: The Conaoli- § means without known belrs) or person
take their beggege to the fumigation barge, prior to ite being placed oo board | lieve that it could be by co-operation J dated Olitields of Trinidad Ltd, with a E iated to bis father, the deceased Jobn
eee neinnreninnnaieninennemamennemmnncemen | £4 private enterpriso—this new line | capital of £35,000 In 2. shares, and | Davidson, Kxoise OfMicer, who resided

Biter Greosday ILN.S. * Balantia” will leave here ou Tucedsy Oth May, hye Tn Batieke = inost useful | with offices at 672, Salisbury House, | somntlmeat.talsley and afta wards at Ooors, Windows, Door

Guiana the De K..4 the West lodlan Devel
fr Guede be ia eto bomlase Hooter, Aavent | pUnituray Gumcy fas eee | pacha, tne tegen | eecirmnand Ai o o Jalousio Flaps, Re
The teoder will leave the Lighthouse Jetty, Queen’s Wharfat § p.m, with | Query: be Demerara, « ce f bon pera mpany, itd,» | Davidson, Surgeon, who was born to .”

passengers and thelr baggage lor the ““Balantls, only up parr avi ee mire ar the east capital ean in RL shares, & Princes | Renfrew apd Is sald to have sesided a= AND w= o.

Og i d the Tri
Cargo for the" Balantla® will be received on Nonday Sth May, distance of | sties, aud the’ Weae | ruckpoce Petroleum Syaileater Lad, | mene Wat adie setae

fos pm. Ovast Railway, which runs for 15 mil a 21,000 tu &i ab

‘of passenge! thle ebip has to be fumigated, passengere $ lea F copital £1, iO &t sbares, t, Brosu § yrandfather, 0 tbele descendants} ore p
are spotiaity buclbed toute Tighter will leave the Sr. Vinceot Jetty stDacm to flood Lee Sreen ane eo Yared-en: | Bureet Elace, ISO. ro fe eta) | requested to, cotamaunicate lamedi- 7}
take tlsie baggagel to the fumigation barge prior to Lia being placed on board | {10 the short Ine owned by M ss peve opus PAL: . stely with Jawes Cowan Mecbain, 9 .

; sa

, res, 4, Oorbet Coutth Grace: Fi:
‘he ship. bproston’s, Lid, between “ Wisinar f church Street, and the Cedros Oil Com Sie Ota ae #5 es, I Hope
ERBICH, «The BMA." Durbicd © ell leave Port-of pain on Taveday 16rh | ond [loc tatone, which formes a con} pany, Lid, 12400) a £1 shares, 24 | appointed by the Coutt of Berslon on —AT— :
May, atG pom. for Carnpsoo, Pampatar, La Uuayra and Pio, Cabello, | meting ln ve between the Demerara f basicheap, EC. tbe estate of the said Robert 1 :
‘aglet bawenbrn urea a ae Ta par ly coat Tan von.) Donde RIDICULOUSLY
The passenger tender will leave the Lighthouse Jetty. Queen's Whart vit | suman lathe preseut tune we print |THE PANAMA CANAL -YORTIFI- JAMES WILSON, LOW,
Pinu, with et And and clase, passeogere and thelr baggage for the © Ber bi Temerere Rellwey Gamers pe the ew of Cee atively near | ng ooneitor for the Judicial Factor, Se
% -” wl recelvai t .T. ON AlOndsA' ‘. "
Cargo for the ** Hertice =. = fiast half-year, from which he will be | approach of the date of the opening of Church Street, AT “

CULYDE. The RMS. “Clyde” Is dus here from New York, vis Aptilla (Cubs), | ecen that satisfactory dirkiend 2 Canal, is it Dumbarton, Meotland, Boh April
Jamaica, Calon, Cartagena, Pio, Colombia aad Pt Cabelloon Monday 15th [ now being paid on Ail claasce of stock. then, hentia Governeene wh be: TL
May, and willleave the next day for Southampton, via Darbados, St, Michaels | fn Trinidad the raliway is owned by Evtirring \teelf about the defences of
(Azores) and Cherbourg, taking let clase and deck passengers, cargo and mails, | the Yoverament, At present it runs | such jopurtant bases as ‘Trinid: e
The touder will leave the Lighthouse Jetty, Quesas Wharf atapm, with [from Portof-spain through San Fer | Jaualca and St lacia; An fait p dl nm )) inh er

* =ANDw

2". A, 23. EE EVEVE EY:

Magic Toothache UD

seongere for the * Clyde,” nando to Princes Tow, milea, and 000000 e
Pergeeengere are 4) nly notified that a baggage lighter to be despatched to | theiv are aleo branches to “Arios 16 fzpeodtiure oe rae ee, the tort:
ithe howeward wnail will leave the St, Vincent Jetty at i p.m, onthe day of sail: | miler, acd Sangre Grande, 2) miles. | authorized in the United States Nun
ing, and ngere are therefore requested to soe thal thele baggage Ie sent | Hxtenstons fron San Feinands to} dry Civil Act spproved on March 4th,
down before that hour. Siparl and Hilo Claro are ia progress tol, tn the following terms s—~

A a SS SPSS SSD dey the direetio) of Mr, JL
BRBIOK.—The RMS, “ Berbice” fe due here from Demerara on Tuesday | woud and « ooodderahle’ part of tire | “For construction af ves cowt betteries DANO ‘
B iGub Mey, connecting with the I.M.8. “Cigte® on that deta has alread Leda * pegged onthe Onnal Lous. tire million dollars. rw =i

ALANTIA. Toe I.M.S. *Balactio” ie due bere from the Northern Jolends al ther, pappotntiogs “

test of wen const common Lor const defo —AT~-
f * werv West indisu railw by
oo Tuesday 16h May, oopuectiog with the H.M.8. **Uiyde “on that date, gone by, we believe iwary { includibg their carriages, sighta, imple.

pane er 0 ee dete ee, , ‘Tove
prosperit: {snow opening telete'thesne Deeueelasy tae ena ‘wasafatare tbs VEEN’) FP ARK HOTE
Noxt Sailings for Uaropano, Pau- | so hat Inthe near fultre they ell [arsnahe the cont ultimate is
, N.

who have seals asy “[t it really asacieat’
Rarloa liga par Bottke


rt x0eod one million ning hundred a1
Mott Salliog to Europe. | star, La Quayra and Pto Rerwall ae faee relies We the huvewtiiry | Thousand dollars, one ralllion dollsd#tbs ~ON~ . and at The Favourite Pharmscy, opposite Wash Hous
y TURD we Nha anal isepnty fhe pees clolen | atea aust apes |
Ew ATRATO - 4y | HERBICK Jou Af — oa — omens ee
*OROTAVA" isn duue | HALANTIA san May TUE NEW KINGSTON, diy fegumngidation of tbe, Penang Fr iday 26th Inst,
. " — .
S&S NAGDELENA™ uth July HALANTIA . 2th Jupe THY NOVA OCYTIA HANK, gr ohare er eae ‘Urection oho Gentlemen Dinver & Das:
*ATRATO ' . Bib Sugust | BALANTIA Eun Juy deateiion was piers Nat tue peer | ettualan Cenal Communion, «oe | Gentlemen Dale Ftat
: Be) on dia purpose Was see .
! New Sorvice te Venezuela, | ier Betiptalie’in kittie | ifistast Uh walautaleae to done me e
' ———9-——— Iudian architect a Hathon of —_— @
The loyal Mail Steaca Packet wou Paoy bsve much pleasu ¢ in announcing also be sald of the buiLting at the fies on Mapes tetion of Bu “ [> Gant! : rom ist Jun “
that couweosing on Tuesday, 1th May they will ostatlish a new service from | Hak of Nove Scotle, which now helps Seeley AS 101i, reduces the amount cntiemen aro cniitled fo ae
Portol-spaln, a Osrapang, Pampatar, Le Guayre and Po Cabello, toadurn King Street. Jt ts situated }io be appropriated Lo $14, 474234 invite ond Lad ie

The fires salllog will be the } MR, * Berblos* on the Itth May, to te fimmetiately to the mouth of t

} datywed by the H,I1s *naleotis “og the Suh bey end Unereatver every bao blak ofthe new Pride dultal
ow whl te alar Leaer!

, Fisst class, second slace aud deck passengers will be carried at moderate thiwe columnaa, and ite aprearancs ie

eee ,

~—=e Bopper vill ba served BE ieber storey of the: la: : a
MEQASS AND BANBOO PAPER. vervel os 01 pec bead T Bouthorn cornet of Brosdwes andnoak hase oe b
Me, Arthur Mc llacy who bas for the Sessmrsrassees | Broadway aad 60 Soath Quay, Jhy “premises have bem 2

fares aloo carga, Uy enhanced b: © | past twelte months buen superiutend- f extebsi :
- Passengers 4 Hl be ewharked ead tended free of charge at Fortof-Spala Ia fois ganiewon we nyritvetde oe ig the manufacture of paver on mitted a ponsuniptive Syrup ka este ria ae thd past throa months aod no a4 wy
} the Uumpany » own teats lsunches, Ae befits a Canadian bank, the | Uisnge Grove Ketate at Tacarigua, ertaken ton it experi Tegard to moderq improvements aod comity
i. oatee! rates of pewsage and freight and all further particufers apply at the architects oh ag Inuposin ‘buildin Tella) on | buhalf of the West ine |) a fnflacamation of the hows rendering them up-to-date and wirably suited for s WS
i n ig ; were Cana! ents. Lad, be recently * by
For all further information apply at Pearen of Turonts, who have catede |Tetitrued to this country, Me, Meltew Ds the | Restagrant, ur the Offices of large. ‘ompany or other

t : Applications are invited ear! i

: Aspeahty of bank work. ‘Thisfiria it | Whw has give particular atteation to (AU the world nitlealde ects and be: Vitod early, eo that final internal

, ’ tile fy lary nk {the uw of bamboo and imogass as He as wn tlerta executed in scoordance with the taste and requiréaeal
I HE COME ANY S OF f ICE; roe Te ce ited the future al she induc quenies of prglected dire, conser | $CCUpAnte, fpplyta’ - '

the C i bea «' Colds,
e a te , t hich eost wi A. trial, : o?
Marine Square Port-of-Spain mel tessa of tt Fasten wa ibe Hy Th appealing Waal ike chal sinceyoutiat lai caoee, ond May, 1021, Je *

en vies wine «va. THE PORTOFSPAIN GAZETTE WEDNESDAY, MAY, 10 191 en




we ned




aria and ny out vf Cout,
That incident, he submitted, waa then
closed. The solicitor discussed it out.
side with some persons he koevw and

Showing the increasoffin deliverios SOLICITOR SUES MAGISTRATE FOR 21,000 DAMAGES FOR |he ‘did oo for an sprretiabie space NEW SHIPMENT OF
8 +, REIN TURNED OUT OF COAT. tad (i kate isan .
Molassine] |macisrats vemande Avcivay/Suetermie RATTAN :
: e® Demands Apolo bn rier tha e oy:
- - AND KREPS oo pe hon te ert of Covet and S
: - KF « S$ SULIOITOR OUT OF COURT. the exine rays without, shy intima, Ta Ingroom
. D oF 0a ds, : ‘ Seed hiviog he waa’ again
PL Te C ASE CLOSE. tdered outof Gout, The same thin *
. . AINTIFF§ Cz 3, ordered oubof Gout, Tersmethiog| © RATTAN ROCKERS, | RATTAN ;OORNBR CHAIRS,

tion 1—that.on his getting ta the dour, RATTAN ARM OHAIRS, do ‘FANOY OHAIRS,

Sergeant Nurse ave a teen the RATTAN OOUCHES, | RATTAN TABLES.

The deliveries for November, 1910, r
‘create a record, * ATTORNEY - GENERAL SupmiTs No OASE, fondest vole pore Te eencle keer GET, ONE_OF OUR

him out theré” . .
ADJOURNED TILL TO-DAY. bins conte, bock nbiteh abet! KITCHEN RANGES OR STOVES. ,
* or worda to that elfect, Mr. Lazare SIZES 6, \7, &, 9 FOR WOODIURZOOAL, .

returned later Jn the day and found
* °
THERE IS [siete Gieeyluctdletey ote plea de dee malen ct deter 2 | ited Bandibatieose hed| WITH OR WITHOUT BOILER
an le el “

that. theorder to keep him out still
was begon“of the action of £1,000 dant not been withdrawn. seut

te abe St:

damayes clalmed for assault and false — The Aitorn erabind SUBMISSIONS,

4 Rep a ee See teeetatnl the weothee ney uSeneratinle admit} O44) no (Mr. Pollard) submitted

A REASON Lazare, a solicitor and conreyancer, THE FACTS, waa thatIn those circumstances there

15 ne Mogi ot ts eoorneie | terroti Late contenuing 8 ide itt withia theme iow for nteinp i rth G O OC D W f L L. E & VW | LSO N
FOR THIS oa Ke TOT prada ie ‘i setts Houoxr nd ithe fulaht, therefore potago aun 10 nag ported en °
° oe Mo get shortly be » rom the poin' ¥ - he
~ Pollard appeared for plaintiffs the Hon | View of the ‘plaintift in thiamaye. | that harsh and oppreaalve way ben LIMITED.

The Piano Warehouse,

Gremictad by Me Ay De Connor [of cross examining a witness, | no ieee than three iustances in which
Cnll and inspect our LARGE and UP-TO-DATE stock of

Crown Solicito: red for defen-
dant A full Bar a, a crowded court & dificult operation | under any! xr, Lazare had been the moans of
PiANOs, Wo mako a putot of importing only tho
NEWEST atyles. °

followed the proceedings with breath: | Seemed to hevocnecewed hicaticnbe | lotuarein that Nagistrate’sCourt being

ieee itterent fr0m mill otherm,
0° Foods not onlytfeed but keep? dogs) healthy,

m 1 to have exercised his undoubt- ¥
lesa Interest. Ara. Blackwoud Wright | oq rist enquired into, and that, Mr. Wrigh
ig edrightot putting questions ta the kaw that. They would alo ask His

was aleoin attendance.
THE PLEADINGS. witness, then under cromaexamination, | Jronour to infer from the very cls

Mr, Pollard read the Pleadings: from the Hench. Tut the Magistrate | cumstances themvelses, from thu fact

did something taure. The plaintiff yO
The Statement of Claim is as 5 Pp of the solicitor baring been a second
alu complained that he took the witness time ejected and k ‘Hout tUl he a]

aader :— out of his hand in an uncouth and of- bs
1, The platati® fa a solicitor and con [| fensive way without the wsnal Cour. space gt ky ie woul be

the coat, eradicate worms and prevent unpleasant
veyancor practising Inthe several courts
ofthe eald inland.” nite wererw fe ores abou Erion ee and also from the very unguant-

. odours from the skin and excreta,

‘ 2. The d t a X

from the purest Ingrediente ooly snd free from any medicament, Call | of ine Ivers of Pertsor yin ane Weeters of bis hand for an fopeiderable bere feth Tehine amt after this intent
the bearost Dealers and buy some, District of the County of St. George ln the | 7.5 xiagistiats Look the Witness cry | Ley ‘would be able to prove absulucly


ci nald teland. , he facta required eupport the ° ‘
’: ALSTON & CO,~—Sole Agents. A Ontthe Lith day of February 1910, the | of the eollitor'’s hand fer a considera. | tbe ty of BABY GRANDS from O, GOKIZE of Berlin havo just
p: R. AL : ee pint nen pracltag saan atrorie ts | Ute Hine, the wlicnor at the time | Ninbad ben tured ove ofa crews |, J been opamod unethoy are EXQUISITE in, TOME,
defendants such bipendi ed Court or any Cout at allur any PERFAUTLY RESPONSIVK in TUYOH, and ARTIsTI-

Justice in | of the Har table (they would prove a public bullding could appreciate tbe OALLY cased

fad the Police Court House of Port-ofdpain. | plan of the Court in due course} and : Ji N
“” "’ 4. While the plantif? was wo practising | desk ofthe Clak of the Peace, the )e2vere injury wo ones feelings. No For a ronlly firet c'as1 Liano at a low price como to us,
BON ANZA; sa oral and appearing for tbe detente | pole table Uviug at the fet of, tlw [Ny alee the aptal mwivenic, - Necew TWENTY. FIV. (35) NEW PIANOS to choose
tion “complaint, the sald Mictendant | Clerkofthe Peac. Having left his sarily, a mane practive must be from, 20 Uprights and 5 Grands, '

liclously and ‘unlawful d without | Sat, the Magistrate moved castwards Mr. a .
maliclously unlawfully and without | ois tira witness-box, affecte], but what animated Mr toeood Hand Pianos and Harmoniums—cheap for

f e
~ 8 reasonable and probable cause caused the La: srincipally io buuging the
a Cc S orl piaintiir to bo assaulted ‘by « policeman | preventing bis left, side to the solicitor. | Lava™ Drtcpeey witcha tigate otthe cash, or on LE AMS from {3 monthly.
aud forcibly removed trom the sald | Ihe solicitor returned to his seat, | orofession of en advocate to which he Seanial Se if
PY . Court and ejected out of the asid Court | necesany, fa doing that, unless he [etonged must be protected if he wan Epocial Sale of stop soiled Music frou @ conts copy.
a eo

House. adopted the imethods of Court and -
ards, Id 13th 3, right vn the occasion 5 while he equal- .
= for Sale, ‘Trial runstgiven eeleaaty 110 white pain as buckesl away fromthe “Dicine Prox iy'recogulnal the lunportance of the Music and all Atcossories | —
* Motor Cars for Sale, Trial runs.§ Practising ave solicitor aud advocate 98 | hig back lo him, and that was the | situing in the King’s seat, no nietler ALWAYS ON LAND, :

ay? G.- t only tine the solicitor consciously fi
yepurchasers, Sole Agents for THE H mente in matters then, depending ia te | Covad tua tuck tothe Magicrater-s {1 ,WHRe, SADSCILT, dispensing, the
America’s best Motor Car] the defendant on the plaintiff to be | circumatauce which daily occurred at | over, the Important correlative right
aeseuliedand ory efrteurominsend | tbe Lotice Court, Then the, Magie | advocacy. it wae intolerabin that H. STRONG
Art ani 1e| mm} ni ani ad
\ Kept out of the wald art House, and the wag, tustructed, without piving the orice. fouls go Into ge and . 5
5 plain was iu consequence unabis solic: ¥ anj opportun of resumin, : :
LARGER ASSORTMENT vee ead defendant, tn equating the | Dc croweeremitiation he called fort ihe Tha wast nee intealea te 21, Frederick Street. "Phone 446,
, next withe whereupon 80! Tv
~ Of — rated from” the ited and loreliy ey who wad aitting in the way described | Wimitne wean for ‘this ation, Ie
with bis chair, not oractly facing the | had been suggested by Bin Wright

esid Court House as alleged in

a from the Dench but so turned that. his rightside

MOTOR SUPPLIES the fourth and ith paragraph of the | sl Mee owarde the, witacertors | himuselt (and they propowal Ww give
excess of his jurisdiction. his back being ta the police officer | iought it as a speculative action.




Ste: '—760 x 90 and 810 x 90 . Hot. g provisions in | aitting immediately behind him well
HOE HEAVY GROOVED TYRES 760 ee eet the aald biundact has been away froin the Maxistrate’s bench, his Mr, rare, of | neceallys fiped his
. Inner Tubs to Sull, duly served with a notics of the plaints | lege not crossed but disposed of fa the ma a Vv. ARBADOS TO NEW . YORK.
BaTUKLDS-~. give old covcrs new life, intention to bring thla soulon. || | oninary way, petharw under the table his object was to secure ep tnlerprei: 1A BARBA =x Daten-1011, R
ZING MACERIALS.—-Valve grinding com und. vere atsaer intl bas beck Injured, | aud bis elbow,en favourite attitude | a] the most extracrdinary clauses

vuftered great damage by reason of the of hie which he would probably have | fro. the point of ylew of thowe nob in Bucamers,

to ayvold in future- seating on hie | jhe ranks of Magistratew, the prutec- Aazives New Yoar,


BRO CARBON REMOVER, doubles the life of Motors

Laave Triminap,

Belity SPARK PLUGS to suit all Motors, premiseee thigh and his jaw resting on his handy -
-. “ 4 fone gitatement of Defence was as theother han Ista tome between his | on piven to Alagwtrates by it being te | BYRON... moon April ef 1dth Aprifg... slet
focal" The defendant ts not guilty by Statute; | lees (describes) -the wolicilor rove f have an authoritative pronouncement VABANI vs “ Apnl .. sith May a» Ath
jfoctal spurposes§ . that ls to say, Ordinance No. 1 (Magis | fr0a his seat,’polntod out that he had | of ihe meaning of the clauses, ‘They | LENNYSON =. May ae 14h May cs Slat

trates’ Summary Procedure) Vol. tof the | not completed his cros-exsmination f sibmitted that that was, therefore, a |VOLTAIRE = oe we May 4. 37th Ja0e we

LAMPS for oil and Acetylene, revised laws of ‘Trinidad and Tobago, part J and asked to be permitted tocontinue, J case raising very important fesues | BYRON... oe one oeep SOOO oe, 16th Jane -eo-Blet
. roe view, and | VERDI"... we one . June iw. 87th Joly vo dth

tions 143, Htaud 143 and part 10, [ It would be told Hils Honour that the
a erro isd and 163 reepectively (Public | Magistrate, not by any means Ina from tbe plaints poir

; 1 O januages could by no ineane
, Ordinance). courteous way, but shouting at him, ji ‘aordl exces °
TH BRO S. AND C . THE CASE OPENED. refused to alivw him to eontinue the | 8 said te beesiracntlnaty of tine | Kidaet, Necond & Third Clase Accommodation
; Mr, Pollard first defined the issues, | crossexamination and told bim.— | ment ot that composite right (if he For rates ot and all further {afcrmatlon, y
fe ee He took It, he said, that the issue rais- | You deliberately turned your back on | night so put ft) fad been asseased, of rates o€ passage money er Infcrmation, apply to
ef ed by section 4 of the pleadlugs which | me.” Thesolicitor imagining that the | pven it Ube trial were to have a +
E . © alleged that the defendant maliciously | Magistrate was referring to tbe > | negative result ao far as Mr Lazare GEO, R, ALSTON ¢€ 00,
3 unlawfully atid without reasonable | ment when be necesearly turned his | wen concern he woult deserve, Shipping Departmoct.
and probable cause caused the plaintit | back to him in order to get, back to mibmitted, the thanks of the-| TrLEevoNE No, 182, Apentd,
1 to be assaulted eto was whether there | bls sest, angwered. “That Ido not ty io having it well ectabliah- .
waa any wobeooming conduct st ail or deny, Out Fou peer alely ok erer [oc that, the Ordinance meant what | apiaasinninetan
ut it in other words, whe v { 3
; OP ut ything -which amounted to | dreaming that any objection was Ar ve bein this, rtloular instanee TEwy ONE KEIN Ss

atempt which @ reseoueble mind | being made to the wayip which be | would not be the fret time that Mr,
fegally . constituted the summary | was sitting: The Magistrate, hows Latare had recel red public thank for,

convietion offeace of contempt 7 ever, aod refused and. by | not tong ago he received the than'

‘ COMPLETE cenvurt provided against by | way of penalty, proceeded to penalise F the secivtary of late hiineelf for au

1 hether fn | his client b: refusing to let the solic

law, aud Incidentally, “I he! her OD torbave ‘anop a rtes ity of conclu lrapostant public duty performed at bis 6

. the circumstances, there |
7 renso his crosrezamination. Then the usu : °C
aUSE FUR NISHERS, |Sieeerees ee te ee ae materia wat.
4 y ® oer Or ue abil the onter was ui on of the M Lagintr 9 relusol 10 ve clk to Me, Jeffers, solicitor

‘ “ faed

“ DPewmsmwimsmiaie

se ot mot iu oar out thos quality of the Breovtias thi re 1 by the Hou
ul ti h " Mr. ° G , Femalas the suno—ti¢ | a 8 axporienoe of
wenca of reasunable snd probable Pe reed called. The sulterior Blackwood Wright ta Thatedey the | two centuries can produce re

is ‘ we ae to supply the p Iith of Fet i b
hog DID STOCK OF aah a MIPPY hethee there was | down unoousclously turning his ebale | 17th of February last year, _ All tho Brandies exported this Exmous French houso are
‘ALL AND BEE OUR SPLEN ialice, an alittle more to the rigbt, Fils chalr, VLAINTIFE INTHE BOX. distilled in its own distillories, atvd tho contents of orery bottle that

tual matice P en the next were
the lesuce rafeed by section 5 of the | apparently, had been @ little to hie Mr. Mmmanuel M'Zumbo Lazare leaves the Martell \Yarobousos in Coznag are guaranteed aa being the

Bone .
ich | loti On that cacaslon ble elbow [said s—U ain 6 solicitor and convey: oholscs k .

, J t pea telit alleged Ciain, pinder ta"com: rested on the table, hin hand wasunder J Bove practising In the courts of the | pure product of tho distillation ofwine grown in the Cognsa district

ae - plained of iu section 4and alev in seo { wandhehad hielett leg crowed on [colony wuce, 1 think, 14k On the ot France. og ists ui 4

E . © [hon & of the Claim were done, “with: | his right. Theo, he w state, the § 15th February 1910 | appeared io the a

id ree.
Aeon’ whetber t ‘nora wea sucly abe ton, the Magistrate refused and the J 4nd I was wer ays yet atthe date of


: h strate's | Magistrate suddenly startled hia: by | Volice Court ia the case of Gibson v -
All made from*our"o tifalfLOCAL wooDs put ad to es tee ecjumeilon a exorus saying that he ‘was Dot luting ed Lucten for tha serious offeace of bein, Tnaretfore always ask tor
E ¢ trom, our, oeau arose with fespect to the act com- | perly in Court, The solicitor who was found on promises for an unlawiul
ib by our own Cabinet Makers, the ned of losection 4, Re submitted [unaware that be bad given | purpose, T appeared for defendant. 1
» BEST in Tr pain ‘assuming that the caso of euch [any , cause of offence Ancrose | Was crove-oxawloing the witnese for ? '
in Trinidad, contempt as was contemplated by the [ed hls legy, dropped bis haud and, cywplalpant on what [ canuidervd ;
; ATA Oninance wes made ott tha question Pennie . Rye a4 Magbtrates m miaterial point for niy defence. e
ie e ana “ ° sy eae
PAWING ROOM SUITES, TiatcreiineproyesltUlencitn | ure gilt any, warnag orn | Nepeactaraing instar ny | YOU WILL KHOW IT BY THE
r 5 vf the Ordinagoe proscyibing the way ty | mation ap 8 Was COIN ng !
. BEDROOMISUITES which thy power waa to by eteteined / | au offence under the Ordinaoes, | quit MAGISTRATES REPORT. “
J f] The next lewue was whether there was | without any opportunity being given lie TRATES REVOE
mportaaliy Using given | His Honour tant movil! ESlue & Silver Label,

{tho off with which the plal him of kaowi

D G ROOM FURNITURE. fitia tbe cane waa Charged wast with, and of explaining sway any the law a snagletrale Je laud to se PSS a SC rt
; distinctly stated (a him wo thet hie | didiculty or, if necessary, apulogisiag, | rare iese tiloge lo tha Coart. _
ININ dint gina oy ine, to ie | ola oe Mo emaraatin rate PLANT COCONUTS FROM 4
— was about ta be Pualsbed or deelt with Pe occa a emer tpt eT seenit. In another case In which I wT, Vor

. <4% wi iportaro: ¥ . 4
f, ChinaCabinets Ladies Writin ; Desks of dusweting or explaining away what That onder, was giireaved, wot i the | 4s coneermenl He fudge ebd they ty CHAGUARAMAS. 24,
. ~ was ie pergean Oow oi ‘

kare Sete hal fore tle tlngtioa i, bre | ioe wove etna adc xt | Ue: itare you nora Stn “i
oy: Boll Top{ Desks / Card Tables. graph § related to a tinct actol ex: | to the ocunstelle og woutera aide Attorney, Ueveral.

. rk,


Baluae from that sentloned inthenre. | of the duck, That, constable not ae General:—No, Ble, I

; The tesue aris

7 ESIWE HAVE ALSO A FINK BTOCK OF ING oti Plgucte chet whee th ace acvemed, the’ Hes have not ible planed with the
Po.) al Baral : oe ergean Gu . papers, 90 I thought Toth of you had

de TEADS AND BEDD out isjuriaicicn, wet ye Rowers | Usury es vate Juprjtaide bn these | sa it

BS O/0 .sscrsveresees!* Selects.” ve

aE bEOADE e the Vj

. " given tothe ent arietes The Atlogney (leneraly—A copy has 15 ofa (only!....... Culls.” .
noun, Sean May nd Mag, ib Dow Mao EGP ooh FES |e coe she te | a Ce (only oat ons
; China and Glasaware, on toerclode unit | epee oe ah catenin propelaty in auy way had not 900, ation It because It PRIOCH PHR LOO
: Oe . for the Hews. teturned’ to Cause be the Bet #1 | piecesmarily did not yleld ta {he Ber * vibe | worewdl . > ‘

Be Wi ban Sopply you with Erorytning Necessary mision, waa there w free pontoupt? | yrent's ealeftetions, | Nurwa baring | eur latter reading report Apply to 2% go
then thorw up arin a0 jue on | keown ME ‘ line a H vn seeu that yepert lk will ig : . Sg a
. =ZMw) Us WIENS. secioa Lisof the muinanse, Ie sute | desiriag ta be as hind! the witness some questions at once, . © Spt oy. ds : re ,
q DD tulle that the four corners of tha | the necedlty of belog EXAMINATION RESUMETA LASGELLESW Deg MENCADOS& CO. ential
AVIDSON- AND I Ebates eye saris is) antag a tae ASOSH SLO A DOS CO oad
. tation given bim, that Gibsoy hed Wokave hig house April 21th—Iq. “ . rae
‘ . &
_ x


“NOW 5518 VOL, XXX pronmmanerenc—roscm Se ‘6S
FOR RBNT: | FSM any Mhoor tes nh a fie ABDLIONSALES),_ idad ete Ct. , ox s. s. Nr

errant eer ETA, Gada-lw,

ares ears | BENET yolnae em er| WARD PRICES C0 oneeanertan


orepied by Ba urn Siem: | Fy i from Retey Bastion, Five site for GUERLYAtiwe oppceRticr, ” teow FROM SO HAMPT

sal Bex May ihe. wibastis he Vie other op ‘| wae ee Aeon edd 2 Get your orders early for
a 5 @ reasgnab's e
- weik to Miss G, PRTPR, | SKETCHES or. GOWNS NOT TO BE “meh errors oe

QO" trota town, Tlarge Dediovenn iveasing, Perot a Pinole Portof Bpalo. & INTE! 30 Cases OMAMPAGNE—E, & G—Quarts

Goods received fer alee ‘at all cimen.
ei eee | ANY THMPORARY WARK: 73 Ss Ee

rawieg sed dining rooms, aleg fro09 Ral: Maysese CUSTOM OF FUSING FOR TIRE NEWE

fa Hite tic Poe alee Naw ‘Dicdoaeld TARPURMED, 18 NOT TO BY You may desire ‘aa to +4 Cases * ’ fias—
Winans uence a ER gt ac doo ander als spi
Sg get are ete | Ek me cae ica | Pera Ca Cony ond as | The Coronation : 2) froma i
Fer itaura is seas cs |e, iw at Wes Ber den, apt Serta One Tae aka Fx.B8. “Orewa of ‘Uranada from
ietzenace hi» oer ue Pee ‘esting eo Pg pris Ut by the Quvenshrongh tbe a aon ed fi 8 atl te - 960 Begs (HUAVY WHITE ©. OANADEAW’ Of
seit data sist Ramenbet (Canepa Ward), Apply, to ALIRED | | Woman eligible for Court Vadowes ‘wae. met Has _____ iat aa | 9g 0 3 Kegs 2 BUPER — *Lostraiea™” } Cass BUTTE
niteud besten and” plomers combined, | Apel 12ch. Im. frperettne ce courtesy correctiy. IW 11 wey-we stall Bow be" pieared to, fll $100. 00 Re REWARD 10! Cosee SEUTTER, (lb tins) : 1Csso BOTT
weet Fee Thenter porticiars srply to WANTED. ieritcetle ana sepiout, the aki eau quailty of deve Se " 4
SILAS, , DEOLF, 48 46 Marine Square. x iD, the Dieg hl Diep henh fellowed ed soon by, an intimatton that which are are pare sal = Fobece, Tew Sule wer

LENE mala ‘cottage No. Wits somes a8 th good Black the {immense hats and page Pyrame te ead cs ge cena tie of 10, an ee en are cu some W. STH DM. AN AR

B seminarians eer [am Ati tt ce ard poet Sr rhs (tne eats ene th |e” ot i fn a he C
orm can be added it Fequiceds Recently } of hing ‘end. Apply with testhnonials thing outre. In the attire of Oot teeo smoke 20 “other. volver” Stoat bottles and ane | fevor God Mey, Wil,

repalred and printed " Inimediste pa jt Soperiaten WABD-EMOR & CO., on bottles coatslalng others a: ipterio =e

jent—9th May, lw, ladies,
session, Reot moderate, ly to Bi SaAt WT Pee Wi int aloo has been coure Wholesale A gécbs, malt liqaor, and , passing
Camming, Albert street, St, fa aes Keys Sas Was wa Department, wnt peeremes M nt hae the ntloe of i4 28, Frederick Stree’, hquor off "as geaniae + Revolvers
ese be obteleed at Beith: Io Hopertnon Tbe a gord afook keeper, Apply with | sketcher of their Qourt and coronas | April 20b—Ie, Btoat.
Go,, 3 Cheenn otreet,—A Tm. referecced betwoon ed B rm. to] tion gowns published in the newese @ DEGOLD on Lar Cearmicgcons. | We now offee a reward of

Fw Lin—No itt « Soatie Bir ro STeripexa LTD =" Toe Btorvs “—May 7th, papers also is distasteful ta) the Queens y reaideoce with 3 re rooms, 6 .
Cottage ¥! the illustrated j probably Manufactured by A, SOUBLETTE i No, 15:Park St,
Iw. ¢ iluetrated journals One Hundred Dollars ani a No ‘ar!

(Uusrls tr weated Ned wad dressing wins ‘pardese, srablise,

+1 convent f ell family, Mole TT will have to be cmtent with ts oe

Bewersan " Poweenloa ny one, Raatal Boral gad of the robes and accessories worn by poaliry beaves gd 8 seces of sarangi , :

Frisactee 7 Oo Vedra Prada Led. Ape mpl mannequins a art deatrd, of woeld | for such {aformation se may enable ot terete tab rye ete eer ube arene Sl
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POT ines sOnandene sles. | 1yis.20 "Bey" le GarerteSay £,) Sa, | tate ceonie WARD EaICE Eco perc ot pervcon guilty of oh frandae | Re fr Eee ee eee at it's arralids “Pong

did stend for vs Shops ta kaon the best in the ‘tt eon be ene tot or more Assoclagao portugueza 1° de i Zoyete Ayenusy ‘ ent practices. Tiler *
1 F pray in on the way in Belmuat. hoase vot teqaired, zembro. Towzoe from the follin Groveries STEPAENS, Ley

Moroge and ie a progresing rege | tot would buy if ch an -G. H. Of? Se. Geo Youn er & Son pe, bad fe 'GOODINGS, d, F, BEES (Nev York Boteb!

Apply _witbla to Mra PWvilllows Ablooalag, Gasette office,—-Apeil 224d -1 m. PEDIDO da Dire . 3 conrocada Auction Us ei feoe > HTANDARD, sod from Baope ig owe 4 conotey aici _

Fill Company Village or Mire A, Abloo- Se TED ee aoete atch
slog, a Bt Vinceob Bree, Port-of- Ws0 aan for - longer. period, “ A a Assembleia Geral Extraordicarid AT

Bosia, turotebed bouse | fn Portot-Spala trons eed o. Cia M 1 do. correo te, pas $ bora a No, 14, St Vincent Street,

By theira Novepber 2ih—la


TOM RENT»—No, 2 O.prisdt Duvelvard, | about done} between
prontalnlog 1 Dravieg. Divot mR gad $30 and Bu . dr fa. fo writing to apr Bak tr oe de Cratar-ae dos porto “Spein, THE WH 5
yemry tod feud curetions alas wtables | saeneomes 2 Lniura dur Mepaagem envide dé | WEDWROBAY 10th MAY, 1911.) “13, 4 it 08 WH
ros Mlutaos Fras ;


(atta banat loouttys Now's pa
Fereebed‘Toa'ea, bail’ aad oh
Electele igh, tera solerate ‘ nee,
Te to B, As e/) office of thus Papers

i lege b Etectrie light and aocietA> de Socoor
Rererage eatvlied” Porenion 125 sty |COFONAtION Meetin Anccigh Yraval de Lisboa @ respective |:[TNDEW, tosirectoae reoared the
u de ser bts “oeuaiad Quee, reapceta que etd seodo ala peal, ‘atl Mouseboig Famituce
Apell 122 oto. MONTSERRAT, commis&> someads para esse fia

> Re s
Pete eee ‘ 2> Resolver acerca do diversoe tare | U

tee aes lactis socios que 99 acham focurace no N Ol an
_faoed Bteest, with Rowerage, Kigarile THE Warden bogs tv invite the { do Art. 81 9 Arto. £9 dos Estatutos, {] re
Lublic of Montserrat to a Meet<

boey, Rend $24 monthiy. ato,
Cus, F, broueuxran's Ultcs, Ane? 5 ing to ba held at the aVarden's oO frat je linens Gu Pro i
\ diice at Gran Couva on Saturday (-D, DEF, Da Bi
Ash May 1911 at 2 pm for the weing = ai FOR SALE.


ROUDS ETE breapy 4

Wichasnod burtet,~ Telephone No 153,~-
sat lob,

;OR RENT, =Tha desttable Dwelling

Lous, No" 20, Vilorle Avecoe, overs} nuirponeof-arran in a Programma, j . Hee Ale —_—
tol Eco ety ees | a \Clbeatig the Creation ot) FOQURE REND AADTAE PMLA eo Sek sine wire" 99 SHARES OF 21 EACH THE
$3), montis, one ve, Gyas. Bing saeorae , onthe 22ad of WHat ore suing tetbate oa poupey wr Terme me on delivery! wit TaE= ae aot

Mereat Tt phous Not ese Chien | SH Mere tall. J Srany’ot ont npabénd titer orb F, JQCOTT & BON. | Onean’s Park Hotel otal Company, Lt,

F 4th Moy, 1011. , "
butteand Berean iS “Tames, neri7 anil R Robertson & bo: I “he wish a eulemement, mode! eee ATIER providiag for Repules and Re

“Oonfaintog dran= 25 gulemement a “Prinigad. ‘Bovernment Lowsls, depreciation im the value of

= ‘Sot foond ob
West In

Property sod ina easing tha Reserve

quite near to car,
ti ddiniog rooms, two ;
wid dressiog. Foote teat galler OFFER FOR SALE were you mr wile ts the 6, ditterrat, vshon Bante @ dividend ¢f qe. ‘wen pald fon ' oe orn
a %
ent moderato. Apply oH, F. Wit | Bx 8.8. orgorm” from Olasgor,! Calarge od {ieee tte, head Ontos to Jallways A ots ge a Bhare forthe whole or} © § ‘ + ows

LiAMa——" The iktoutlyeer® April [3tb, bpace prevents ua from giving the price! r9y at the Otis of this paper,

OLD savor ieeith pce ear yopiae Wied only] AND 8.8." TAPAKIMA,”

FOr mNITe. wth, Tennis Courn 7B ral Sécisor Flace OLD SCOTCH WHISKY | Sith tram e couplets,
Lighs and Bawersge fostalied, Posstasion Sass, "SALTBIA® from London, Grayon” § ga 73 Epimietas b Hast lng Arrangements fer. Faiplre Day, FOR _SALE j

on the let May next For erticulare, 50 begs OH LENDOBFF 8 Cocos Macare! ah RE QUI RE
Tleswe eprly ab the cBlce of this paper.! Ex Steamer from Oporto, Uooves Crayon Staak Convex Sepia U3 Wodesoday, May, 1911. HOSE te vaet and ealrahie reek

Ft Ler caging Tene tea 30 cuses Fiocet OL) PORT WINE Patel eee eee Soa N:BMPINE DAY, Weoxrepar,| [deaoct oppodie the Erlow'e Bul fieg FOR

FPO Let —eydeubam Tous, kaowa se) He Revent Arrivele and Ev Store. nate! on Eo ro Train fron ptteras D's ‘Sra MAY, all Ordinary and Local,| Savaneeh ieee * .

No, 4, Victons Avenue, romp: e'ng You may tetow wilt Ty aD 4 4 ’ ‘
large {ene 2 dressing 100 OLEOMARGARINE OAKDALE we have cheaper than elev here, ook Dey ran. A Mid~) ‘ONSLO W VILLA & ‘ST MLBA,
drevisn room, dining reom, fond an {No.1 al! nl sizer, vr balance Cepare¥ wa ey Ue, sopneeiog wt with ibe lends yug Letween snd meeear- SO

Trinidad Ma Manurial iz

gaberias, peasy pod all eut-ofices,
CIGARS, nest HAVANA, ites front | be RRA TOR ET certs | Stuchee up m Pembroke Bteeet aod Absr-

with erveols rooms attached, Newerege stu in (oo lane)
and al Se ee doemty CIUARS, BRAZILIAN wana Bo, r to 9a Pi panee of Dire Day will bravailable for the day | oe ete ae kee wyeise
Aoi tt bod PORTLAND CEMENT, ** Feter x POE Sahai, hove tee dialance 0 | snadied aad e'aty fees cm the 0 outhera

FIRE BRICKS Gernosbe,’ end
a RENTS 33, Bt, Vinceny 8 rect Agr, KAPHAKL WINE, write above ae. Bion gifts for Wed }] be araable tall the be follow wing day, ‘| boandery line Se ete,

¢] posite Aud 5 Coacon Street, * din
meg ot omall femity, avel:- OhM 1 ' § jo Mesess, Gos
fey 1912. rset Ste Pictures sorted: Workmen's Tiekets will not be, ued By Vincent Buin, = Cocoa Planters Sugar Planters and Cane Fe
rout 5 ;

avie dss ar vapely te Nu 18, Coscou fooued
N IOTICE | t Garda pt the We Worlds Pusan taletinge by ‘of n Eepire Be life into yout Lands by using om

Burest--Apeil $
House No, 3, Marloc Fqsare, licut

Cilford Street, He'mont, Apply to Wie PF HE underel ord bas having resigned the | ,

7 é ' “Tyrer to keforaa | TRINIDAD MAN URL A _

ps Le i—tiouse No. 3, lies mitege Hood
Liam Devt, House Ago #, Frid, agency of the AtLén Assumance | 7,2)
erick Btreet =A pril 20— 19 Courahy Lr. (with which ts lacorpo- { suiting to you, wo foul entitled loa por 9 'Ge0ps TRAINS pve BE ( teads aed
ed Casiowers thet she
& 6 re woe! Lawes. Onveality—
Dared bo accept od cae Eat avd-be pre- pre- Best. Price

. ae execute any anni all orders tu eat etictent | UN ON AMPINE DAY, b
FOR RENT OR LEASE, ‘} HUB M ANOHESTER and bus ee ry ee puanier, 1 gees & orgs, og, uegter, iuty re
EE Ce d and e
R RENT OR LEASH, = Fine ASSURANOE COY,) hone sho perean oct bein ieee il ba we) yueval Goods Traig tial ordre lib at he tha szoce ManurdActtrep bY

ULottage with dole , alttlag and | the eeparate agencios which bare pereto- found maui for “tee tin proigen tefate et pias & aad ep-
wo bod-roonia, rowing Foow and « Addvesst 05 very moderate, Trinidad
£8. Sabena | eee ae The Shippitg and aig


early for the Ant order to hoaye
allery, oulo8! “ea! Tt ch FS 8 a eried ce A ‘will mt Htoree dense” will tell that ovr
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a Ye 1 it y bervant: fciur mle myselt feet prices are nigh t ‘

roou, stables, aud parilege house,

Blestria | light lostatled. nawly painted [ ¥. J, SCOTT & SON, shy are Lathe i
and wits Ba ia onder, Large rounda ed to Issue policies ‘and grant reeeipt Sincerely Yours “RAP Ri 1K wilt Ror hut 4
ult tree, de. Geol od SUED | for renewal prepolae. CONDOLIMATED POHTRAIT AND APANIA see UN
mont, & mlauten, from the Gio. SPLERS, rua) ACY, peeves ure bec uot itoerasy, Mer, -

t ir, Stent
ram ¢4r, bese wi reference to the above we are

a Basaatace Manager,
i ~
HRA Herestclon Mey b_ be Wren a gent tunel ee Domtsiit "SELVATS MAVAL r, FOMLINSON, |
od issue cles al ‘
FOR SALE. oavall de oo Rinna

Gad May, 191k.
TROR BALEcThet foe residence lage, atc, ot que abore am a at the Prisces
toate UBelen’s House, fa 8b, ballding onthe 17ib May ieilesaag’ DENTISTRY


Forking Macintosh Patroleum Yoo! & Barig

‘ | withe rgetlc jites att t At
Panted a Goa, G Gottea and oil hints Aste ‘ bod agents of the | of stelre, promines Lo eolipre le pre leores Da. WL YNCIL OF ST. ALBAN'S, ENG
Stalling. Carrlage It With, wbich is tucceported’ tbe Hi? | goats betlions tre temioded thet no} OLD ‘ictalit cea Der beg, PO i= aoe ‘

fe 8 |. —
cuaventroca for . mi pur ch is Me heater ‘Ateatance Ory. , oe ter ocitea |S Gates: Saye ince ‘Imp ki le tg Are prepared ta supply complete Sets for the,

Ow - Gerasno’

wi tatvotiiaie Nralus pase’ ucters face ene Pay ibe masie, Eerie a porlaal Ady ‘Weblgens ! one ond evory desorption § .

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_—_ so

phe dove ae focth ion be cheey fe NOTICE. — Cer WATERMAN, TS hoowe we evi

on the place, oF at Harine yur, K public ta beraby Letormed that f G. GODDARD,
oars paver at Reoretary,

Fo eats alt O Kawa’ Direct, oa) Uwe la the employ
Milk for Sale.

Â¥, Ho ane Co
gry end daiog roma Gee 6 PAUL, B,RaU
bed ood § droning roo! LNEY.
Sishewend waler apeiale, Sieg Conert :
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ae Era a Eewsse tubele Three Cows Brand, 1 beech, ihe daar ta , ad | BEN He wary once by pignte ea meee = dies t Plvall Aen cre

award Street sy dd
dau ie Dery aa | Beduced to “azo: a Tia
Ci x ty Gate Laws Bxoutsn Trsaxact, npn es Te,

2 .


HRPM = ad oa Wes

wees r Hg,

SUPPLRMENY TO THE Port. or. SPAIN | UG, ghete WweDNESDAY MAY: 10, “1915


Phe St Vincent, ‘do. Paul Neéafeth House. ;

Under tee setronage of Ris Ewolleacy the (1 ¢'ernot * “goons “
K.0.M.G,, and of Bite Grech he seme ip ol Peel

Miss DA C. PIERRE dalist
AbSWTED BY 1.03AL me, Cue >.
wat marke hee f 4 Sppetaged in the Wot Te Hos we te, BLOCUTIONISS,

At the Princek Building, at 8 pm

Kijliog’ a Flax of Boglea’” with Tablesa effect snd Selectines bron Tennyne, Brown.

t nbs fo eld, Wheeler Wileos, Robt Loa's Bieptedso?, aud other wail

LEG ew bed Revarved Beate, (Fiest fore tows}. $1 Bes Other tows...81.01
Pereanved Neate 725, Gallery ee a Tickets we u obbrined from Pat Marshall

rr ee eeerernannar
’ & Co, Toe Transfer Deeg Sore, Na. 6 Baler" Rad fae * Th ° '
~ Better Clothes | Basar No a TegectiiortSeehiautin nt A dee She NOTICE. Ice | Louse, UN
SSS ILE pabiie te bereby botibied nos .f q ‘
TM eat httt,Rerratn ct + | Gok attatt eer kota

jarke she be Rosne a

a oeerigeame to Every Wonen eu Sate tation = JUST RECEIVED
Apett Setar? reels Fervot Sein. ¥X REFRIGERATOR,
1710. 1911

woman {0 cloths herself ‘more elegantly,
Ban Tnsnrance | Office | FRESE BUTTER

\ 7




Perfectly Harmless

HAIR [ete [atthe DYE


iy atreretely” ones beteation hd 6 ot ottecied by oon water + ptenel




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it tah be used without etaining the fingers tr epolling cluthes
Jand‘ fhas"no ‘equal either In colour, permanones -»* els ana

tye the Dye we hatihs Seren ay testy Diack. Dark Dee
Ore grgnial Reveal et “oreu Teenie ade a " Se ABIDA Se wag rail Birset, Fences.

Sole. —ZSonte


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The Benanez Drag Shorge,
‘young Snag



FaLiwE Ficowomy.


comfortably end abandantly on her allow
ance than would otherwise be possible, and
@t the same time affords ber a fascinating
employment and profitable pastime,

Singer Sewing Machines

Ov JB Chocolate set Oocds Powder hare vo éqad aather fa loos! or 3
caasufectuts. Nose bettor at aay price, You forges thil a Peay. of t
Q te often two peace off the q rilit: Orr scleatida prsesse of misatacta
hoe envy rd Bupeleot competitor loa't be trejodiond, a trial will cotviacs yout

fe ail kinds as of sewing perfeetly and sana, frome the Awari loms of Men! Ginsdna jatvoaal Exhibition, Toryute, 1909 LONDoO
mnie mancat to hq making of the most elaborate For sale overyahere an4 wholesalé Satatlislect 2 2:740.
orcad they comave suislactory — i
SSrvice ov ecines w uve y ‘Albert L hucion & Co. “Th The Oldest {Fire ta CABBAGE Just " Recsived
\ 1 Charlotte Cocoa, Choco anufacturers, eure Company ln a
farelling Resrasetauee HENRY E, GIROUX, Spe Munn Lon or Dunage BEET ROOT R BS. “SARGASSO
| | FESS Ss: ‘ cet aps
Se ne gicomr ia teveees | TURNIPS 200 CASES
% - paneccean alo be
wang ed wove: Derricks,

Eo ne & Bolter Houses,
efoeries, Retideatis
Quertert aad al tonuranis property oa


yarrent rates.
ate pw ceat of rates | rates foe we Country Residences,
Ba Glass

APPLES, Each to lb, in } Ib,
CRONEY & C0. Flasks

14 Frederick street. Hata, 13577.
The Colonial Dispensary,

rerol- Spain, Telephone —408

ca re ~FOR— ENT refonwance itvted for sncerogiadom
t ql ri] a C396 re ——
YO I J ARE HNGAGED FRESH DRUGS & CHEMICALS. doect Lowes by Lightoiog are Made Good by the SAVE TIME AN AND MONEY,

pee oontem eng*ged, or ff you know anybody NIGHT BELL AT QUEEN SIRKEET —o—— 6 SMALL, Completa slots Priating Oaths for @

5 mane a should no torget INCOME fe 2909 oe os 5 cbhes o LU667.875 A Bales Burgalo. No ressoachle offee

x - Soe, Sina a Tebegy J. SEREID | will be refused, Suitable for prisileg all

DECEVHM EWM, 82, PREDEMOK SRERy mp | Eub Ageot, Port of Spain & Arinia, ‘Matters | clase of eman'l Joke, pip REDINALD ria Fevanietsy 1

° | da, Sea Feonoda, L. WDONVOR FS | HARVEY, 0h Qeees Ble Apr S=

er\ephomnme Wo. 107

ards; from a cig which shows a picture of a Diamond the Serraval J o's


leaornotive fash light and only got a mera little twinkle ~ . D INSURANCE
onsy refunded if quality is noas guarantood, mT O NO L Cc I . KEEP IN Ml N FIRE RISES iam a in at the Portof Fital 2 a
SEE WHAT’ aol hk (ean, ano nos we) Joseph Gonzalez pers nepa ern

Thelorlh Brilish & Mereantl SINGUINEAU BROS

= —
; MG Al, ‘BOA ARD yy | ESDAD Sopreme Coart of Tiled sod STEMULATES THE APZETITE 3 Henry Streot INSUBANCE C0 LTD Provision,
sn INATIONB No, 1Zof 1911, Bet . R:GENERATES THE BLOOD . - \ WHEN BUYING - eutmoliuaed 1mz0w _
JXAM A . etwren . BRACES THE VITAL SY8 EM _—_—
2 Nat Garib— Plain fed by Medical A uthovitles ‘. HARDWARE, GLASS &ENAMELWARE | | Wo are now prepared to accept COMMISSION MEROHANT
ATIONS forthelicensss | The Adminlstrator-General-—- Dofendact, Highy recom Suer the’ World . ———— rake 8 the Oil ¥i ds, $4 on ere o. enrvy Street
ist Assistant Drug- UBLIC NOTICE is hereby given Lhat ’ — re ovr, Hagine] ani oiler ne
Waive ond the Prolin: | 3 Asi bes an commesiad by —CURES:—, |, s+ | GRRE mros pcoWinrgites | Houses, Refineries, Wosidential | A / ong Felt Want.
ination for Btudénts ia | Ivaod of Trinidal the Bole Executor Anaomia SpeteaG, 1&2 Howe Scalee Brave | quarters aud other property. “Qu!
will take ;place at the | semed ta the lass Will bearing date tbs . Braden Hoes ea ire sae Tia | Tanke and thoir contents eta ProwicMonD ay, tler MAY, the
Bite Institute hod Poa toe Sth day pease 1508, at oe Chiorosis 7 A «be Be fee Diggers, * Ovatle Chaos CLAIMS PROMPTLY SETILED fast sod relisble’ Motor Lurch
; Ghsgusnes wlorenald again the Admioly | FA = = * Yop ee “fig Good Presers, Ball Tae te for Yr . ce PMLICT AL
Debillty “FatinbePane, Boggy Lampe Sole Agents Trinidad jrpertmes

. trevor or Geaerel cleicoing a Grout of Probate
lay, May 58n of the acid lasts Will ot the deceased {a
t 9 | Soleosa Form of Lew and thet tho valid

Actiog has been ces dowa for trial o2
At 32.30 PW Monday the 221d dey of Sfay, apt

Hand Siw Fi'er, Gan Shot
Pls Saw Files, = No, 3 Corpor Pranere
BeatricaGtorrr, Tin bheas

wilt ply for passengeres betwee
Fernando, an Bios tndibales =i
on Mondays, Wedoesdsys
Fridays, leaving after the aretval "of

Nourasthenia. The tela i Shipping & Trading

Dated ibis 2od dey of Ma: DH LIGmrGuoks DASE. MLP.B over, = K ctle Ewa end Wire
heations, with certificates, Chass, BORE, . we — hversthing Cheap o d good as | yanine ndoRaOr ce eu Cargo | Hornig train fiom city, returaing ia
received up to Hsia Baler usucl, you will nov.r regret pur: | Bpecte (Gold or ures) tad Bogiatarca | tay or fateh traln forcity.
P TRINIDAD. J, FERRAVALLO, TRIESTE chasing anything from Poat, b "

To the Bapreme, Coxrt of Trinidad and

No 22 of 1911,


3 Hsway STacrr.

y, May 16th, DENTISTRY.

BOL s24GanNTs

a mt tgftenot bofore, Rossune Preliy~Piaault Tho Bonanza Drug-Storos, [Tod anata) |OARIMAR, ee em E100. 09 Uc. Lino Diag
. pnt PRADA, The Adamlvistratos- Gmeral--Dalendant —— the Board of Industrial poor tT oninipad sili? SURGEON DEN J alias


Feb let,

Technical lnstrection Classes.

(pur eecwd terms of there C'ersea for

arose | FOR SALE,

Pure Copper Syrup. Notice

“Cimaronero Mill” obtain.
Asti-aoe oad Apsention mill beglu {ROM the az rable ta bere hereby motif.
wr) able Jo sealed bottles from Oale- ed that
Ni MYRRH ee, a ot Grane cbirbate. wf tbe ald = Son a the Vict Fie Toaltt ater Hect of Fpalo ou | Gonian Grocecy, Btephens’ Grocery 4 ie bana rene a . tha Ail treateseas of my has
Deve aed fa Bema Fora Now Landing ¢ e- 6 OT ones the Tete to Relé Groceries, TWO Rose & Co. an: rancla Lema, | bare bees cone
Jane Will of the Devo et Yr, Forriny =H days, wt 7 U0, South” Kad Drug’ Store {Lompres)) | Ptued (0 leave ble bouse,
BXTYKNA L IEMEDY | of Law, ond thet the asid Actloa has been ow. Bol disg Grolts—blondays, at 2.30, Bouth Bad Drug Store (Lompres} ber
BEE che Hea Mesee | fet dowe for trial on Mondey the Wad from Georg n Cc. Deawtog (sovapoed) = M-1lej 7.20, upulously cleans Nothiog bette PAULINA x LEMO,
" oe tet tha Enginoriog OrallenTuredaye, ab7.30. | Vivtrootten’ Better than goldensyrup. | ~ oh
Es tea ib to hes Dates this Zod ayy ot May LL Drawh gx § kusatary ard lotere ediste), | Tey, Cetlm Mey These syrup, Witaess to mark ¢
Ltr DE, Weduesdeye, ot 7.3), Mer : ORKOLD BLLcock, :
i — qs . - ____” Plalata's Bolale fs Bollolter. Typorre repby yueTheretays, ot 7.30, - eet, Baa Fauindo, a
~OF— Itvok bindleg—Tbar day, at 7 2 Mea Apri’, 2911.

PRO rewe ert of THalded and

No, 20 of 1911,

Sccrelatios of Friendly and

SbipweightsThareday, ab?
Atitame io (olemecracy 8 and Gi ranoed)«



2 Faldays, 00 7.90,
Foes: None are abirged te Arpreatlors j

i ve ailes ~#
waive (Ping Boards and Planks." ceigeg” | Ut ene * | Mutheeaud diet trader
fa “wousda and sores The Adwiabsiretoreoars! —- Defendant, ° “tesla, HSILING to take put la, the Tro: Exhibi bilens
wore ad on the ‘eonth —__ Goverowrns | Balidlagr, D cession before ite Hsceliessy thé
Biaalay uaLig NOTICE fe boreby given thst 297.984 toot bx 12 Plaued 2 bids C. & Purt-ol- Spain. veroor {athe Qeeco’s Pak on the
ae che Hoboderie, Ane lestel Witow sod velice ef 25.480 foot 1 x 12 Baidoy 7 The B t Pi ca / / / aa ihertadersigaod cot 1 lator the ihe Oh ; 24th JUN vita JOLY
Pe * wi ew: igned no an the
BTRED TO GIVE SATISVAU J d, la]. 4‘ 396 fo. t x a . olan, sIDINe:’ 68 d tet Kosten EDUAR TRIPP, 2
OF ust YOU NOTHING, Form be. pian E: ' 43059 fet ix 6, Gond T. e Moperoty, Uonorney Ssretary. Notice.
LUTH BROS, & Co, i sae We terre 99,600 fect BYARDS snd PLANES—Roug’, © have PANAMA and «ll othor | 3° Mey. 3911. WIS SCoraultted bas secured, space

HaTs Cleso, Block, Etc is tho jor. Trinidad aod Tobsgo at th
Sey Taneroan, |“ Datslebi ot depot Mop 20H, LL “TOBUT foot, ARINIDAD DYE WORKS Corer Harber “Egbbition, Landous
Wy, HAMEY Bx wane, | te0r . Cc. 31 Luke and Georye Etroots, Tels. I, GEDDES GRAN |: wilde ta Money ap po £90~1 topes <
No, 100, Queen Bueeh, N WBOLY & CO. phove 15, Only kt us kwow bow | *@ spe for Comapeution, Particulars +
in ani Hi Poit4f-dpaia. corey me you wish your Hat dine and give OFFERS FOR SALE. pateadiog Kabibitors ere reqaesied 5
meray at) ph Schao} Tg wasn SSS the exact ‘siza when b okiog your Communicate at once with the i
; a, SEY JOHN'S HALL, Grand Liquidation Salo order, aod satisfection can be tha er undersigned, .
ee }JB" AL Co TSS |RSS ow note i sogan Fate,
Greif Bel HE HENOWNED CULEANza, Bakers, , Y i
ik sy raat ay oot of a kied ue it Jaclted th participate Lygn & Harren, 26 balf begs FLOUR, “Toronto's Pride Permacent Exbibition Commitioen §
oreenea’ sechare Gartoition aut ali REAT EI bibatioNn ~"NOTICE. = 20 bege FLOUR, * Wiles Feroartte® “ j
we thy . ere,
sar bose b ITALIAN & FRENCH CASIMERES, ' BMnohado's Det ase, erbrn Bie ts ‘pow Bite | N ior! ox, 4
b hbo otlae ally, ? 20 do, *Wolt® Noi Es bie hereby mouled that
setae tears es CIGARS & CIGARETTES |2.saiiees atthe |e aS chat Pais Be eo bee cae tie a st
OTOP +. secured SObege = da. Banner" No, I Ka nena to Temata with bin
. she ‘o ue
2 Henry Street, janine BrmecaatyseschaniS peta ore, artocever ther bare been SF ee eluae or ied by = ty] sotece de Banner Tipo ei Meme Grants oot tha.
SS lex atthe Jams ‘ate -
RNS [rrseesigsmeekr . imushtnetindtomen mesg MAP CEN, ART A youre | oo
out by LANG'S (im. | 2 $5 $308 Gin 8S Sail or $000 pos os8 The Wenteichp aod taodig of MACHADO 8 CIGARS & ceuerm EY so sULAscUrT, Ns Hh
tory areal corn, ores peop ad oo pee eunt be'ow cost, gene B& J; B. ADVANCED ts ae ore Jee cams s . Ott ba: SEED MEAL
icant p GAETANO BABBATO. ‘| idl 0 LADO... oo TN Iba Loa O bartels BALMON (large with bade)
waxwaor April 27ib- Io, e Bireed Jamaica 3° Fredrick Bure twee BV BUTTER Te. thes


- SA AE DECOR ETE naan : ieemne Lavare went so far -aa to mhke r
oO some extent, @ Magistrate's Pthen told : '
LATARE.. ¥ WAICHT. tar er aki hot a al een a re out of court aod tt ladeed tp that it esas Pres reer LN very
patty eh Teee ss to the “rest of thetncident. He waaghim return until he apologized. 1 had peen called taeay J ei neither ofthe Legislature, , "3
Continued frem Pago 6 very Imperative whert It came to df-P would my that the Magistrate wae] that they noticed nothing ab all wrong J brentle inewnter, Sf OO core he would 7
1 5 setae line expulsnay of Me, Lazare, [eomewtal “brecty” on thiaparticue/ in Mr Lathre’s ecnduct in altling in § Toy PS, abtion So that ft ni r ‘
‘ie, because the reporta had been grad | Hle.wulce eran loud, I should pot eay | las socraslon., TA roles Tn aU | ens mda very general ei an Hike would be néen they were netfactiy alive | fy {) N' ] ;
shouting then, Mr . at
Out, and witness was questioned on nee wen wc hack to bie ecat and mds the way In which one gentleman | mot eenieral { he, the ten ay wees, really

parts’ LT would faddremnes anothen Mr. Lazare J worth ve was theincentng of that seo

tery natural tion
portant. Plaint Complete | Fer Ay pabien best hare astin that | svas quite calm and kept his temper, I ff what bis honour ‘had te was the sneaning of that seo .
Me, Lazared—1 was saying that tho | way myself, Dr. Tatar having. 0s a ee ee ant it In] thecase was whelbes unos : ht he’ would be able to satlsty
reporteri. saw ine and adaitted that } in. that way, the 6 a ’ 7
ba “aly ¢ Irritated. " Ipumediately as Mr, Lazare | he roused theire of the learned doctor, | that the ennditton of afiairs an that hie Donoue, thet it wast sas new f
i . Ne
M t a4...

the thing waa oo hurriedly done, Ubat
eat down the Magistrate paldi—'] {At no Lime that day did I hear the | particular day, was nota t deal dif 1
maT onion asd detelivot evergtuing. eannot allow you to elt in that way, | magistrate c! nv Lazare with Ferent from That ord arly 1 prevailed, vee ore doen wrote the ‘ae
me Pollard;—Did the reporters tli Mr, Lazare, in" my COoort.” Mr. Law pany lecular afence and ask him | for be thought ft was conclusitely |W \ oniinagee what he arb:
you that the report was abedlu gare tarned round and sald "Surely | Whether he had anything tosay. It Sef proved that the attitude of Mr Lazare ea waste reruen “law ou that
of cogzeety acd thout flaw PF” hy i think Lean nitas T choose’, At that pore, fact inet Toe nasa et 30 That cocanion fon was undermtond per rartcntee dip co me fieat casa, to
Petes) ot hin; Fe a 7
de No j they sald, there | crite. Latare'econduct., Mr. jazares| sitting... Mr. Lazare did not_tefase to Ttwee True that bis manner wae on which he woutd Invite hig borrara at ~

were some details which they did not
manner throngbout wae insistent, but [ change his way of sitting. The magis | the whole, quiet, and t t heexerctned J iC Yip. 8tL. treacle
lite, I rather think he kept hisftrate did not warn Air. Lazare to { control so faras some of the witncenes § Barmuevll and Creei er Cee WOODRROOK PORT
~ 5


Mn, Poilant:--Did you go out of the

. The Magistrate, in his samefebange hie manner of sitting or he | say ; but the fact of the turing of his

pur oom of gour awa free wil? impetuous manner, turned to the po. would t have to turn hin out, itis not besk towards the magistrate was a cular rolnt was, that where ss Justice
Mr, Polland telad Nuree not con: | lice and raids “Put Me, Lazare out of } s fact that the Magistrate seked Mr. [rptest agalost the conduct of the pet Bi athe bowers cc aie ersiton Ga

‘ucted you, outaide, would you have | Court. The Magistrate ail not ask | Lezare to leave the court before order. | Magistrate in taking the witness out thie’ eles lat rems, ibat of expuleicn) ir a el
ot Mr. Larare to turn round, nor did he ing Sergt, Nurse to turn hin out. of bis bands, was ateolutely clearly this partic ular rane, (Ont hla decision ONE } NUTE FROM THO Four if

Temalined in court P
eartie . tell him he would have to leave the xainined tI wouldn't say | shown. There was no doubt that the
HEISTe TR Yu par ate | Cue mnie vp ALA aaeet eC | Nee ea a etna |p alah ewan i
rm ne that ddr, La: et he wes! iona. rexs! w u ions he ~~”
pra the tin Feo ae eet wetting Laon eee | tieena tothe nF en it wae trae given to him notso inuch4a bis own = ae

r an Site take ai meee tare. sat down the whole thing waa] glanc
CALE mi eno further pare it teresta, ag for the protection of the
dose la at hapetnous and quick way {why Tahould not back my mem hat many of them when at the Bar [°° By
Ugg oes Toe tt down wr Ren ho rie ue, fe WUC ee Stay ac | Rene atts antic ue | al re ay oy he nee PERFORMAN®
= trate utse 7. La. eexaminedt—Mr, Lazare'’s atél-[ thelr petty queationg on the crose-ex- . i
iin Ta ‘Yes, farvout of Court, Nurse poprosched tude was neither disrespectful nor 1n- binindeion bed beeg snticinated from { Duniatration of the Law would be (m- ;

Mr, Pollard:—Did you at anytime f on or pulivials bet pod
Mr. La f very reluctant man: [ aeual, the Bei and if he migbt aay ao, | Possible, if when a lo
that dey intend any disrespect to the ery 8 ahi. Lanre relieved him, of ANOTITER TEPORTER TESTIFIES. that feeling wae Seeuly y th: was taken by the Magistrate, that
the dekcate position by saying: You} Mr. J. Parry Thorne siad.-I amalmate and Petectty, human t | t | the Magistrate become ete Le darae

magistrate ?
ty Lazare;—Never.
lant: = muet turn me ou urse then put [reporter onthe Staff of the Port-of | it was their duty es members of the
k ar Poll “ A Dd yom at tthe hia hand under Mi, Lazare’s arm fad iRain Gaselte, 1 wae renee | at the } Rar tc saent A the control which aaron tt ees fre thet t Lone p powers .
led him outside the door which was] City Police onst on the 15th Feby, | the bench exercised over the the con.) BOY | iss “Cited ‘stated, thal in — AT — “1

out for?
Lazare!=! closed. Uptothat moment the MMa-| 19) ni Me, Lazare’s cromtes: iduct of every case, although a9 a
ir TARO you at anytine | gistrate bad not charged Mr. Lazare sutnation of a witness, the nagistrate [ matter of tect, they might think that iene was Pied eee he at . . ¥
addres the Magistrate witbout rising, | With any specific offence, After 4 [| nteposed and continued for some time. [it pressed a little hardly on their evil that might be in rod mn .
Mr, Lazare:—Never, minute or two Mr Lazare re-entered | Mr, Lazare remained standing for #|clienta. They might go further and | Chery time a magistrate 0 setlon P. M. & 8.30 3
Mie Pollanticls Ita fact that you | the Court and eat down on the Bar /littis while atthe south-western corner [protest and ‘even suggest that the way ie dente powers i ection ¥.-

table, Just as he sat dowi the Ma of the Bar table, and then returned to [ court had better as far aa possible,
beck ont hind deliberately Vunned your trate saidtetMr Lazare, you een hianeat. The magistrate at that Ume [trust to ocuunsel’s knowledge of the | suitof law, The case he had last eu nn
Mr, Lazare;}=No+ . been onlerel out of Conrts) a whieh was not In his acciet ved neat but facts of the cases and oliow them to aetna a waa referred -- 3
FP a. leo r. Lavare replied —* That onter haa] was standing near the wiln x, As ng out their cases [n their ordin: : , °
te Matmeutt. ‘eee it te ah been “obec The Magistrate ther | onasthemagiotratewasfinished with way’ But what he submitted was, Une Hramwell In tho case But billie w Afe PRO GRAM, ivi
court ivinthe Lotice Court, and that | wid: Sergeant, pub him out of [ the witness he told her ta stand down, [to actin the way Mr, Lazare. qid,— Loughlin, Li, Exchequer Divlaton, q
Mr, Lazare then rose from his seat and } under the influence of strong feeling, | P 13%

nd | Court.” As Mr. Lazare made a step o1
tory mine core uf phere there and wo, under the conduct of the potice, Jald he had not finlshed bis cross-ex- | was nut becoming In a gentleman of It belng pant fo chock, Us Honoar
times he slia with his lega on the tall- | the Magistrate said —* Unless he apol- | amination, The magistrate pald noat- | his position and of his reputation, | Mid as the Attorney Generate arg
glee "The Magistrate did not state } tention tothat, and called for next wit [ and he would go further and say that nent will continue for some Ume, it
what Mr. Lazare was to apulogize for. J 0 fr. Lazare repeated what he [if Mr, Lazare had notgbeen under the would be better to adjourn. 1 bi
his chair have fashion and vomethnes | About a minute or two elapsed be | battxaid before, and the magistratessid | intluence of such strong, feeling on The Court then fourned it?! 8
with bislegs onthe rails andthe pub ] ‘ween Mr, Tazare's going out and] | Youhave delitprately turved your | that morning, there would have been morning at 10:0) o'clock when the
lic see hin skin, (inugAler). coming in again. On thispecond ores. | back aponme, ’ Mr, Lazare admitted [no chance of his acting 1a the way | Attorney General will resume his

Mr, Pollard:—Dou't go Into more des J sion the Magistrate's manner was Im [that he had, but ead the magistrate [ that hehad, Lehad not been In the | 4rsument, e
taila than I ask you. Your tied the petuous: I would not say he was had deliberately taken the witness out | coluny very long. but he was there ene AP
phrase “shouted " from fime to tine [ and the Allorney Qeneralhas contrast | When roscexamining the woman, {4 note of hin protest be taken and re [ Mr Lazare held. It waa hia duty to
but had resumed his seat when the | turned to bie seat and sat bt much the [ put certain facta to Mr Lazare ‘con- FRIARS. -"
pe them because it was necessary for On Monday evening Jast, avery enjoy

STH 9TH, 4

#, Lazare:—Sometiines he site fn



ed that with your * cooing.” What is
s second witness was being examined, ame poaltion asbefore, The magis- | tradictory of what he was stating. |
the shouting you speak of P Con yuu Me. Pollard .—Ibves that magistrate | trate said Mr. Lazare I must ask you a


describe [t mure clearly ?
‘Mr. Lazare:—I have seen the Magie | *t any example of decorum in hia}to sit properly in court or I will ask [ the purpove of his case, but be did not | able time w as kpent at Greyfriars Prosby
trate right up to the witnesa bux | court thy patice to take you out of court. Mr. | now any more Uban when he was putt- | tedan Church by thove who bad availed THE DREAM PILL ’
with Aenched fiat to the witnoas Tho Attoiney General objected to | Lazare rephed :—"t Surely Sir, [ can | ing them, suggest that Me Lazaro was | themsclves of the opportunity of eccurin,
(laughter the question. sit an Tchowe,” The magistaate then | trying ta do ansthing more than put | {kets for the Sacted Concert there bel BOLD HARRY
Me (ark rdi-We are talking now Mr. Pollard :=1 put the question, 1 | told the police to take Mr. Lazare out | the facts as they appeared to hin, But ‘The attendance, though falily small, was FOOLSHEADS xX { ;
about his vuice. bave fn my amind an old Apostol« Pof comand Sergt Nurse eventuatly | hu submitted that after the length of appreciative. A fuller house would have MAS
Mr, Latare:—Ife shouted so that | tert. Wang. ter), tsa, Affer a minite or two Mr. [tune that had elapsed and paving re been on encouragement to the singers: and SIGN OF THE CROSS 3
oy could bear him at least | fis Honour upbekt the Attorney | Lazare re irned and the Magistrate | gard ta the state of feeling prevalling | foe eee ne eee cogramme W as
b or WW jes off, Bven the General's objection. said :-"Mi, Lazare 1 have ordered | in his mind, Mr Lazare had quite uo- as opened by ‘ax wean sols hy lierr RESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP
Crown bolicifor had seen hlin ettig MI. LACHAPELLE CROSS. | Yetwout of conct,” Mr. Lazare rephed | | consciously made statements, or even f Nothnagel, ho rendered " Offertolre,” bh RABBIT COURSING og
with his logs over the raila, EXAMINED, —“Thatorder, Sir, has been obeyed [forgotten thea with regan! to the | Lefcbure Wely, jaa ruasteriy style. ‘This ’ e ,
Me pod ey ain exsiutning sou] Croseexainined. After Me, Lazsre | tnd and I have returtied.” The magle: | facts which actually occurred on the | was followed by. a solo “Jerusalem,” 10 KING Or THE BEGGARS.
trate then told Sergt. Nurse to put Fday in question, There was no doubt | the setting of Henry Parker, sung by ll

aato the example he set» incourt. | saw the Magistrate had taken posses
What example Mocs he set: is he | ston of Ihetwitness he walked ik to | tla out of court and keep him out atall as to the position in which Dr, Mr. HL. Davies. This was the fret occasion ewrarem melee), were
alwaya a myetel of judicial decorum | hie wat, pulled bia ehate, and dropped until he are zines, 1 wouldn't sey Wright assumed, Ile was sued as @ meee e bare had, the opportanity of 5
ughter: - inte dts an ust. which, 1 think, is $ awiotrate actin: hin the were . ,
Me Loon taughingly) 1 eee Ihe } better than lo face the Magistrate and said I refuse and Put bin | conterred upon un by the law, for baritone solve should certainly be heard Prices: So., LG be
Honour shakes his bead. make bad faces, Caughler) Therein} out of court.” [never heard the mag- | the cunduct of his business In court, rendering of this song aa rer. auch a
The Chief Justice t—Hecause [think [no doubt about it that Mtr, Lazaren|tbate intimate to Mr, Lazare what | and he would submit that the prinel- reciated, Next followed a duet hy Sim,
it has nothing to do with the case, inanter showed tacit disgust. He was pelfence he had committed. pal part of his duty as amagletrate saa and Mrs, Pashley—" Ob lovely Peace” . 3
Ne Pollardt-—1 dou’t propuse to | very ordaily and decorvus, except lu Crowexamined. TL iumderstood that sitting jo that way, was to sce that | by Mandel. Both of these ladies are eing- 6
pees it if Your Ilonour thinks so (fo | hie inanner of sitting, if that may be the magistrate objected to Mr. Lazare’s | the busiuess uf the court was carried | ers ef merit, but thelr volves did not seem The rol rely OnIag. 4
al are you been present |aald te be Tee Magistrate never silting with bls back turned | fowands on effectively and without any inter. } to lend In this particular duet. Mr. Ee . vet
hen a Nl . 4 — ay, inks er 5 "1 uption from a - TF Aanensets, one our leading ‘cello : ‘
‘when avything happened to witnesses | sald "You deliberately sat down aecountet Incident. could nek aay que es an nm) ys be he a mem layers, rendered Memembranee h Highly recommended for Cov
. & Nolicitor or a Viake ti ,

under ‘croesexamination by the Jand turned our back = against 4
Magistrate? 7 ne.” Mr. Ladare's rpattees waspthat Mr. Lazare was irtitated, Het member of the generalg public. He J one? Becker which had a move peevaut Best of appetite, Nervous debilig

Ave Attorney Geoeral -Ilow does] na sbarp imanner, but he did might have been diagusted. Aa faras [could not do better than read the us o ] :
this arfoo outof my crow-examina- pF not sawe his voice or shout, There | f temember { don't think Mr, Lazare | words of a greatjudge as tu the paw- yon Fae eee eee ore Tonio cases, General prostration etc. ‘*

tiun ? Wae no rough hatulling in potting Mtr | vas facing due weet at any times [ers which are glventy & judge or 4] Me&, Pashley, in ber we ful graceful style,

Ar, Pollard s—I propose toget it in 7 Lazare out of court. t. Lazare told |, He-exaniued—Mr, Lazare at na tine twaglatrate in the sonduct of his | This lady has captivated the hearte of all
e Hemry -atreecet.

thie way, toney Ui 1 of t i t [eteliberately turned his baek on the T business, That jut; 1 " !
re Loney Geneesl {che polio they must (urn bin ou Magistrate. Ihave seen him sit hke Justice evan iat ee" Bolland by : sae Tpmarante nang nation ts
that before. Mer. Lazaro was very | Counctt Appeal Cases p. 7/1. (reads) Palwayn leartils apuuve lated, This item

ani the Magltrate, and if f show | sat down with hb back tuned to abn aight through, aud kept bis [ What were the powers given a mag | (loved the first part of the programe as
temper, intrate to presenve decom in Jue | Me Knowles was incapacitated by [ness

what bis manner generally fs, it wil b wards him. As a speytator Twas
oeslnt Your Honour in areertainiog on Puder the Impression that the Magis {| ‘This closed the cane for the oainti®. SCout #7 4, wert laid down cleare frou, taking Bie part. he second part of
fi. | THE ATIORNEY-GENERAL'S "Vy in section {13 of the local ontinaoce | Ue, n@ermtve comprined | “The brug pter

which side the truth lu asto the shout: Tinate was irritated because M
log anit cooing, Lazare Insieted on croe-examinlin SUBMISSION, bat the only eub-seitions to which be fhe varus nololotes adniitehly enetayned |”

Rie Chiot duatice —Tdon't think it | (ie witnems, There was an elementol |, The Altorney-General zald before | proposed to call his honuut~ atten- . onota .
je uecersary to go into allof that. irritation on the Magistrate's part, [be dealt with the facts of the case it [tion were 2, 4, and 5, in oN hick ref. fait rte speac teiaurees Professional Aanouncement BALE FOR THY
Mn Pollard (fo plainéyt):—I beheve Land tacit insistence by Mr, Lazare. was obvious that one could not help | erence wae made to vivlent, Indecent, Jand Slr, L. Boswell Juuiss the pass, ° DAY OF
regretting very strougly that the ac: | or unbecoming gesture or conduct in | both of whom did ample justiceto thelr anne Orwwereewe

askod several questions a8 to the [J ant quile sure Chat at no time did the
tful demeanour of Mi. Lazare | Magletrate tcl Mr. Lazare that be had



you visltal the Holice Court yesgr | Under ordinary circumstances one
day? aa dows nottuin his back tipon the Court, tlon should have ever commenced; | Court. Of course, he did not for a rta, fully wmalntaing thelr past repute
oc Alr, Lacace 1=Yeu, imbin the epage of a short time when | because after all, whether they were | moment suggest that anything done | ten in this class of musk = A duet
Me. Pollard?-Did you see a chair [an adsocate who has been huffea [00 the beach or engaged aa advocates | by Mr, Lazare was elther viownt or | Soprano and Tenor “ Love Divine All love
furna his back, don’t know that that | before the courts, one could not help | indecent, what he dit way waa, here | Hscelling’ was exceptionally well render American Oculist and Optician,

laced to theeastofthe magistrate’s
down «@ visitation ot | feeling that much of the value of their } were facts—even on the evidence ss Ee ee aon ding ‘ether erect

nach P should biln
Mr, Lasaret—Yea, ulsion, 1 don't know that there | vork In the courts depended upon the | called for the plaiutitf,— .
» Mr Pollardi-On the day in ques many anule of pos at which an ed- | epinit that Letween bench‘ he was guilty of. unbecomtage tone Tbe cence solo S My, dope, ln the Hyer ESIRES to announce to’ the
ton, wasthat chair where you have | vocale is required tu sit, and bar. ills learned frlend Mr. Pol. J duct in behaving in the manuer that | but Mr, MeCracken did ample Justice ¢6 cltizons of Trinidad that he
indicated the magistrate waa? e-exarulued s—There Was, nothing lard be did not hlamein én rnay! but be did fo turning bis back on the fit athe choruses we must ma special will bo ia Port-of-Spain
fy LAZAre imo, n Mr. zare’s wanoer to show deh- ° strate. He also s: t ft th les? ‘
Mz, Pollard aI (hat the chale on f ance; It was morein the wature of a {deuce In the casa which he (the Al: J Mr. Lecare’s conduct a ORIa. come [tbe Walling "=e very sweeten! tune BEA SH 230th Street te the
which het vometiniee crosses his lew? sal we who bad not got bie bua lorne General) submitted was nut ad: within the purview, of the words | ft melody, and the divfatn pf the volves | ond will remain about a fortel bt, fowween the bees
a" v TOU! gl al utifal
re Sauare reno Fat eae Ta EDURTER IN THE BOX. | againet” And if he might eay so, he renting or obstructing” the procesd. | wideb gle John Sealuer tvao Jusily i. oninlg All tod Big
u po

Bie. Pallardt-f think In answer to [ Mr. Josiah Larrteau wuld .—I aus now | thought It wes a pity that the attempt J in, the Court,” and furthe ten ho wnaccompari ton —3i
the Attorney General ta said you ‘auployed du the Trinidad Aephalt | vas ever made to tender that evi- nuder subsection Bin ree eon belnat | pare eularly effective, “Awake _May $th,—Sins,
did nut intend to be disrespectful w PF Company at La Brea. L was formerly tlence, Lecanae {t only went to show {the court ashe di, he wae ullty which the choris aa ran Geum ber to TRINIDAD asp TOBAGO.
the magistrate on sitting as you did: | a reporter on (he stall of the “Mirror what was the feeling that actuated | ofexpross cliobedience to the Court @ atiack being correct! foarked at every To the Sup eme Court
Nr, paearey;—None whatever: newspaper. I attended a sitting of the plaintiif in launching the action. fife submitted thet the magistrate } point, 7 * SvETY Tin the Matter of the Estate of Charte
Sr Polladimll you had had an | che Police Court on the Lith February | lle did not say that that feeling waa Tvould have dealt wlth Mr. “Lazare |) This 1s nob the first time that the evobler late of the Ward of Morape
opportunity of expt ung Lefore you [101 [had bevu jn constant attea- | any way malicious tonards the de | under any of those subsections, ut | “Dauxhter of Jalrus” has Leen perforined a the Boland of THoldad Pusnber=
Bee turned oul, would yuu have | faice at tbat court slice Dr, Wright's [feodant, There was no fact at sll 00 fhe had dealt with hun under the words } { Trinidad, We remember pis rendition Decessod nberem
communicated that fact to the magis- f srrl which be could ground such a charge, which gave blu the power in cases here on the Oth May 191 just lea yearn fe
"trate? Mr. Pollant:—During your attend. / sud ft was the very Inst charge he | where people were guilty of unbecom. | A&0- Uader the leadership’ of Mr, Navid UBCIO NOTICE fs hered
Me, Laxare Certainly, ance at the Police Court since Dr. | would suggest agalinet Sf. Lazare. ging conduct in cour What the | Adamon, Oa that occasion it will bere. that application bas been ‘made given
rahe Court then adjourned for Wright's arrival, what was bis cone Hut he thought te was plaln U stegistrate was entitled to do’ was | membered that the late Mrs §Loarly u Beojen Heyves of the. es a
sacbeon. uc wards practiioners an ie ore joruga fa the lsiand of Tris!
nS UARNISTERSREVIDENCE, — | public generally F into Sa ‘state of feeling which 4 houour would see the | the . , pied Vianter
Mr ro Fachapl \ was pied on vibe tan ney General bgala objat bad prediapewedl bli eo cok olor “u worded no pari tad tection pie one certainly gare evides sat per i Tretament of Craven Pushin ated
reaunt ptlor, a wald. ant @ P adand was pled, . able one PCR UNE kr part ee
iyewnber of the Buglish Har and have Contiouung, Withues ahd, On this tases before Dr, Wright, He thought Cag was usually the Mane aint Me studied forgone ‘Satins ra Wart ot Me 7 Cctabes mw ate of the
racticed Iu thin colony for 18 yours. P partigulur oevasion, Une Mayletrate chat hitle remark ‘of Mr Jazre's io J tate if any “of the offentos | the Conent was adecided success aud | died on the Vib da Agate ma
was at ibe Police Court on the lth Paok the witness out of Mr, Lacare » regard to some silly and Choroughly | ghove mentioned were conunitted | PFer7, One. We are aure, went away fally | apthe tine of ble F eaik Hy 4 1910, pari

q 9 turd Th i het improper, and he woukl aay alist 1 satistiod We th
Pebrosry | 19 and was present during | band add examined her for some Unie, paar den A ie Mon A aght te then ie puagistiate may tly thbedor Tere Nat hna tet alliriefore congratulate bode at Lalone fo the ectd Wad of

Rot bimwsel€ Figid down fu section 144

the whe of the Incident in which [ During that) thue Mr. Lazare left rT] b
the Comt Is juqubing, Ma, Lavare | where he was standing amt returned Phad heard had born made by Dr. | opinion of the Justi for the rib tral he adosded the munical | Morcgs the eald Beajauts Haynes belo 1
ioe, Goceezauining ihe wanplainants io hie wat Whe the ‘Nagistrale “ right, went to show what Mr. La- ee vrnlttedd by oe any offeuns yas seclion of our coumuunity. Yea tore Executor named Io the seid TRINTD nai
wits, and pot weveral questions of had folabed, be fold the witness tu | are # blate of iniud wax Merepadl- be way exerci one of the TON BALES Dad Varclae sould, ‘Aad pvtice ts al 8 vay
her, with the endeavour + Aning stand down without yalling on ar, ated the rena) a enone wveral powers Ue submitted those HS te call’ an ie ete would of oscee to ols el beboce ree tbat i ee sales"
a a i . is 'e rt ae
the an eho wis. rather evasive. ve | axare, who then ruse and explained 1 (ut veered ae bande ne circum: wonls werw very finpottant, not only | surest where some fee bargelne cent Tweury-elght days trom ibe wee st the ytd "

anagistiate dntarfered and took the fito the Magbtiate that he had! not In that particular, but as she .

woe vat of Sin, Lagare'r hand for | dntehed bse cromezauination and [tance would he have allowed binwelf [ihe whole matte: wae fefe 1a ee that Xe oltered ia Birds, lopladiog 2 palra of publtcayice Rad this Notice the Court will
sone tine Mr, Lasare who was then Parked to be allonead to do sa. The { make ouch a remark and here | etion uf the Tice ithat his dis Acstratian Peroguett, an cesting, 8 Freese ae probate of the sald Will
Standing between the clerh'y erat | Magistiate reluwedand sauls—o Next porated that repudiation alter having | retiou cuuld only te dealt with in the | tcv-of atbes Ca Jet Cavarics oda fing | &¢Oordtogiy.

andthe par table walked away and P witness, Me. Jarare continued his asked De, Wright whether he wae [nanner laid dawn in the subweqpent lob of other Canaries end other birds, Dated this 13cb day of April 1011.
atin hile chair with hls back to the | protest ¢tal asked that the witness tx golly of auch an tropropwr remsall: rc thon, aid aloo yrave pecullar ak TRINIDAD, 7 aT. A. THOMFBON,
lable, magia! coutine av deccalled 16 be cromezamilocnd, ae kance, th: tras,
mone thw and the witness was made | Magistiate refusnt ait dr. Lazare pthat Proper amount of Ibert alts ten serie mantis PALE FOR ONE A eT DAY OF ' ,

to stand down and auother witness Poked that it te noted, apd took bis should be extended to eormsel prec- .
called and aworn, Mr Prisger who feat. ‘The next witness waa being [thing in all the courts of the colony, | % neh be exencleat any alxipting UBLIO NOTICE is hereby given that

uwer givertto hinggby the law — Thei a

aereniad somplainant wae sbout Pexsmined by Sle. Priggar, the Magw [at although he was appoailig for the ton fa sxercise of the Power of Sal uction Salo.

to examine the witness when Mr. [urate at thle Aine belong near the | the defense, ‘one atreouly Fer trate many tee af terete tine jarred om Mort gagece by the Quaveyacelng ~—

Lazare ot up frou blewwt, aod Ina [altnew tox The Magletente asked extedas Mr are aut tr. Lazate: | une of thuse Waa What the loagistrate asd Law of Property Ordinaace 1384 el LE andessigoed will eel by Pablic

very polite but lasisdont mapper | Nr. Lazare not to elt ip that way and ae repet and bberty shoul! 7 aij in this cane, and that was order | Scnteloed io & certain Dead of Sor Auction on Fridiy 12th May 1911 at f-
went the macht rate toL Mr, fara in a twllradng attitude [4 Klven both to members of the tar Digg the plaintiff to be removed from | ted the bth Jol Grand Covva in tbe Ward of Montearral

this gifect: © You have allowed fauld In could alt any way. The pand to the solicitors, beeause afer tiie coms, There were four alleruative Mitatze de. lacorpot ut 11 clock, The Goode aad Coattale of

aimacy of Mesrs, A. Olliverirs

ibe witness to gy and J have | Magitiate then underwl she potice wi [ all, whether tbey oceupled ofictal po- t
« Oe had | vilian’ of not. the aclly courwes thet night be taken there will be pass end T, Ob fan for arrears of oot dae Siise


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pot concluded my cruseexamipation” Piske bing nut of oomt, Nuthi y were allex axaivst any * person off
The Magbtrita, in reply, sald —You | been oakl about Mr, Lagares sitting ON THK SAME LBVEL the peuvierita. af iTending amelnes to sadsreigoed Bt hig Ave lons Maude Hdiaborossh,
Juve Usned your lek vpon me, Mr. before (hat abe uiliceian at thet nefonslonally. And Mr Pullast'equati- | regard thos alternatives, no right Teer ee . WILLIAM BEAT.
Kassie’ A wat “i in gies " ‘ weeiuedd te wa lant Yo gull wut Mr Avations Wes jut wo wan! apd per al J ae was given where the | ives y it day of Jane 1916 te LAcened Balllff & Auctioneer,
Mabie Drs Faxzae wali 2 a tetera aati | bets totter Chau bbe and My Latare | afer ee re Li eee ref agi that yarosl of inet i Cie'ip th Nera Cask, ‘Dated thu oth ay isl
vate the ‘ash, +
——— TT

the witaree out of wy hand,” apd the 7 opos

Magistrate sald “You torned your Lduty, (aaagAfer be we Nur
see ines mies” Sf, Laaare ten oe tok having aedloted Mr, Lazare out of

igeant Nurse to performs Chat | oy edicitor was entithd toa peoper | fret court, and section 119 went un to
Ward of Oroptuche {:
regards of hivaights. Habbe suluut- | yive quite an extraordi proche ia the Ieland of .
rege of bie gute wmive quite wary protection | ga4 comprisiog three acres wace ia f

that on t te ebown in e t the toagistiwie where any de- ~
xt ig tag, Duty aheneily | tant ie Tasca fa wate otto | Canale apponnat that the rumct | nie ene Hwee aiinten [Bert Cadence’ | BUTTER,
» swt rie eagite a pte te op har tatde. vii sapsate thee wupoh is wey thee he Neaoe uf i wnfootangte "ise ieranity to sayvew ring tinder thee of has Newatin on the Bent then jens
a saul ** Mer, \ tem! 3 : ‘ . .
tbat & bute be takew that Pdesiie ly fiut of courte te whieh “ur Ladare se pier on Urhalf a site Pollard ‘ 1 Shee Mt. llapere Though lode uf the aid Chay Newna wree ] PLUME FINEST DANISH,
tyeeetsinloe tbe wpe weben the Jygdicdi UL have abeyed thst onde, proctite to prevbll fos adse | the prov of that section were Mated this Ou doy cf May, 1O1L, Taree Cows Brind,

Megiotunte said ~"l avfuse," shouusg | pd have, riutued.” The magwicste ‘ates te wt with their backsto the altogether of on exceptionsl characte. RR FIC EKINO, | Heduced nt? a2c- a Tin

at 6s Exoues AEMACT,

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, . \ ay


THE Stores, - Stephens Limited, — THe stores.

“en. 3

ge to heavy overstock we are offering the Newest Styles i iti a' i
ns. : , Styles in all qualities of.Boots and'Shoes—For Ladies..
pen & Infants at cost price and under for Two Weeks only for Cash. All prices marked in plain figures. |

LADIES Ladies Black Buckle Shoes, | Gents Tan Vici Kid Blucher,
Patent Lace Kid Top $1.44 TO 7 CENTS 783.00 to $1.80, Glace, cine

Sods, S| VADIES BLACK OXFORDS. | Gents * Split * Gals, Guar Tan Viet
erby Oxfords ,


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Abies ChampagneBals | Ladies Tan Langtry Buckle Shoes—~81.92to 91,20 Gents Patent
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o Buy tverything.

trilling tool fs lost in advep well tsa fut proceeding aflerwarda to Carnpand, q « oman Ei
question whieh may often be asked by Cumsan, . Gineta fa Ceuayrs, Puerto fy in Ganteloupe: Mertens wel ain a
Har with methods } Cabell, Curmcao, Jamel, Aux Caves, fi, due here on ur about the zéth May, and

ou way? Perhapa

those who have not a Not compli.
‘ a hu foun Venezuelan Ports on or op -
AMOS CUTTER,? | SUDDEN DEATH AT SAN JUAN) tureofian at ileal which bun occured | 55,2 tidy fit ‘proceetog af’ [rat tanith Sik Br sed
Oa Nunday evening last Mes, Gere f Pethapa only 6 iaches in diameter re | gain taking cargo, passengers and mails, { Jur po, Santandar, Horlesux aed Havre,

Trae @ a
‘Stephens Limited, The Best Place t
mentary, this, a
. . half a mile below the surface in a bole | Yani, ia Paraiuarlon, Marve aad Amster | procned afterm ards to Siartinique, Guado-
* . WILL SAIL FOR trude Nurse, wh mives@omobhill, Many devices have J =
8400 TO NS BURTHEN, at Mra" Sid" ‘Papin, , pendin ane Been pertes ted for captonng fost tools, tromrkiyke W. fue | 8&!n4 passengers, cargo and malls,
arte. > | and the necessity for first learning the dios Masltdivnst

- eer renee pene are AR —
‘ tion for Lisopinion, Sa he will not 120 f t to th ttn drilling wella gto Tarauiarito, Havre and Arstendam Compazvie
- I . BE LINE OPPORTUNITY FOR ipprove of @ distinction which the of piextinum depths . a me \ RS Tua Cee ovat natch . prague Generale
, e make after death | METHODS OF RECOVERING LOST L Stall Sccainee ° Pring Willem Lt is G& Leovacy & SoN—
ee a”
not; but very serious, we can assure any person unfan
; , Barbad os; San Juan, complained of au extra-

BAR BAD O Ss ween those sinsera who have been TOUIS. due here Civm Auisterdam via Paramart AGENTS,
_ x you. There will be no separate burial | of well drilling The weosery of lost | Port-au Prince and New York takteg Pwill procecdt aftorwards to Demerara,
4 an
~ . . ordinary severe headach shape of the upper end of the tgot and _ meet . 1 Loudou Direct Lino
le from BAH | Ay, B RAZ [ L. on usual home remedies rere rented the potion ic which {t les invinder lo New vee ‘s * of Steamors,
9 . ’ 4 ~ON-- roceed to recover [t has even teil to THs Kove Doron Mam.—AoK

found out by human authority and | «tow can work prvceed when a [ie and Demerane on or about Zod May | eT. DOMINGLE The French Matt
6 * 3
fi ¢ : ground in Mt, Catherine."—Agricuttte broken dail wleta, infact, one [ carge, pawengers aad inalla, Sa: de tak. ,
: § S Afriean I rince - Tho Schnr. ral Reporter, ee Oot the inst dftieue features of welll P TNs WILLEN IY ~The Hoy at Lynt ch semper wind malls aking argo pas:
par ® 8 § "aT OAU drilling, dSnuply to asertain the aa. Maul btearuer ‘Prius Willem * Pp ROU ~The Freach fut Steamer
but to no avail, Later spasins of a mill

° hature were not: 2 | the dnventlon of ¢ small camera which ear aN ve ‘
t or about soturd ay. 29 th Inst tinued with arene? cand [hee aad can be lowered to the bottom of the AARON ENE ee fen pee tANGASSO. The v ar AT
ie - , ’ ~ | despite all the efforts mate grew more hale 2 take photograph showing the amaribo yis Has batos ou Toredsy 1th Ss here from London, via Harbados aud
DAY: 14th MAY; 1911 zaxina tng when (he atiever expired "pe; | Hewgent euployol-Amerioan de | May {Ot aud wil earache mse Soy | cect atierwaris to. Deinetars tlle
‘pou Wm, 3. 3 3 Perez, the 1) 3L.0,, ordered i porter. direct fox New ike NE targus neo yewvengers and tall, id

e@ Corpse Passen ua ey Taw _
CARGO AND PASSENGERS, | W2theos Joveph Mortuary’ whery an OPPENAME,—The | xe. « Cope | eC a Oe caatlie’ “will aul ono

s ‘aber SS
i autopay eld and the cause of } fi BR o>

ol L E I ig due bere from Paramari ‘

oe: And will proceed thereafter to : Goath yay found tot cerebral bem CITY PO {CE COUR ’ O rane oe 1il,and. will shout ied Say, iit taking cargo for

oy -_— —-
ae ‘ hage. The funeral took place at the (Before Mr, H. Van Buren, J.P.) leave next day at noon prechaly dirvet

pase he funeral took place, at. the monn pretbe Cnn
PG “WW DP oO BR KK Forsatee of Freight, &c, apply to | 08 Mondy lernoon Hews, Father uvaday, for New York taking sarge, Vase of, Frederick Leyland &
: , Carr F. A, JONES, or to Farrelly (ulliclated. ‘The attendance | Angaurr.—Cunstable Herbert charged | —<—————<—— _— Company tal

was large"and much # thy_was “Hamburg Amori- THe New Coton Oor,
; . Baty : yapathy was | Joerph Thomas with having on the oth Jarnburg ue New Covow ‘6

. . instant assaaited and beaten Mary Thomas, can Line.
Dire role “ defendaat pleaded not ty. Tb FITOATAN Thess * Yucatan” ig due
. ? ‘ dell & Com an Ltd Fellcctnen said (eeridenee ‘sm Inforum! G55... H, Scurcnta & Or y here fnun Laverfont via Tkarbadog on
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: 1 lved, that Tb Aquyrs Wont gith May WL proweding atts
ne 2) CG d Passen ers ——— WELL-DRILLING LORE, woman blow wih anon onthe head, YRTA—The a! byrla of fic Han Warde ta Tat (naira, to. Cale o" ned
~ argo an & a ‘ vo art anuther inthe stoma. The defen feng Vneriau Line is due here fram Paar so liking cargo pamengers aud
‘ ™ 1h8 POrt-0f-Spaly Gazelle. The dee; well Inthe United States [ dant aakl that Mary was the worse for] Venernelin porta on of about May loth, B nus if guamatiue poalts,
0 ra i 1 oth icul ars please fe pens ee tala nth Va te Dott | isnor, and we hile, ela er, ee | a aaa akiag wale
a 1eul ar: Ci ee | ( neath the sufue and cut ber on nome elones, 0 amburg via 1 >
. rates of freight and all other part c P PORT-UF-SPAIN deepest wellinthe world je da ‘Uermany defendant was convicted and unlered to | pascengur and nails —

. A
WEDNESDAY, loss MAY, 1011, J anduQotz tedeei, Amare rruneskabic | Ing sling 42 indole week : Lamport & Holt Line| SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE.

an nN 00 N c R A N T & G9 3.000 feet, was drilled for petruleaa in ete te del Forde Stet of > teumers ARRIVALS
yall ;

SIR SYDNEY OLIVIER ON Weetern China by primitive methods il, A. Attala appeared for defendaut, who Gro, R Avsron & Co, May 0th,

and by means of such crule appliances | pleaded not gulity, Kvilence was taken wAUESTS Vb n> aMtnh Nene fulucko Salazar,
ERS, asacablomade of twisted siraudetf | Spice houstor dvin't fustifya comiction | fPWNNYSON,—The am. “Teunnoo™ te] iluna, Lday, C. Ovo 1 bores, @ bags

— rattan, and the ease was disulaed, due here from fantos on the Hkh Ma: qucos and Zpasengern— *

The Governur of Jamaica, Sir Syd- These facte and muuch other loterest- Lert tHe Estate. Sjeclat Coo leaving the aatucday for New York tia? Pasruwa. Venes sloop Rodrigues, tons
ney Olivier, lua remarkable roan as} ing informatio conceruing under. | stable Rumbslawan, attached tothe lorm) | Bactedon taklug cargo, Powongers aud] iday C. Colon, 13,08) covoanuts and 9
everybody knows, Itis not geverally | gtcnd supplies of water and vil and | gration Departinent, charged eleven inden:

eh analta, paspenpers,
a ‘ tured Immigrants of EK) Hosurio Fatale, OLTAINE, Thess, * Voltaic” in due] Sinta: Seevaas etwr Ranschenplat, 2.240
ST. VINO ENT BUI LDING. knowns nom Eee how ft prevents jnelhode rt seltlng at th eas eyes Pole, with Rating thelr Hastutes without a V here frout Buenos Alres on the git tne u houry © pana, 70 tuga coiled,
Methods," Bo fo, jus When esked what they had {a say May, leaving the saine day for New York pkgs sundrie:
Jamaica. The Board re- alah Bows Per themacires, Ibe delinquecte rejoined | via Matbades, taking cargo passengers | Te faul 11. Scheerer &

aand 2) passengersqe
Boards of ° co,
ork May, 1911, ferred to waa the Bt Catberine Paro- | published ta bhe United Bates Geolo- | teat they were taking @ drive to town, | and malts, Pupug! French atenr Jassean, 2,065 tous,
Latrate ordered’ tha Pty e. Ii hours, Martinique, WS tons

fal Board, which applied to His Ex. | gical Survey, « The re; ie compre- nS
coeoey asking leavertos tee ton | beusive and well Mustrated, covering | hetee® elrreturn to the 74, G'asgow Direct Line gugo sud 10 paseedgera—To Rhaties
the purchase of a pleoe of land to be | 19 pages and con plates an: NK ANG DrsvnoERLY,.—Constable rf Steamers, Lactead & bon.


Sakamaccat Dutch otmr Vanderest,

4 figures, and may be considered oue of | Watwn cl bi ¢ ind!
’ uved a8 & burial place = for culprits and ue wetal-popules publications of the pu ee rant and d inordetiye Bs Teuetnan Buirrixe anp |"ibl tomy 19 hour, ‘Barbadow
. € Board waa as followst— urvey. netable jo foun e endan ESS. The & & “Nese” of the Duteb Mail passengers,
“Gentlemen,—I ant directed by SANDSTONE WEula ANONG THE [fying ine canal belpless, wo miocts thas he N Giaugow Direct Line ie due here | wo M. stcwau: Siitachne Richard, 323
the Governor toarknowledge there 1 at rocks conte ce water, but | Pollo Meadquarters, A fine of Jim. was frum Glaneow 11 arbulows on or about] tons Pi dare Florida U.s.d—Jomber—
‘ ¥ ‘ge: Tith inetait, esting sanction for the some eon an thepe tats granites, adage, Com the defendant In 1 “ Demerara Taking corm, panengera, 0nd | girends th “ a ‘ 7 Fer
ie hase ~ PERANZAS Vouex 7 toot,
‘ Seer te ued as a bublaly x Bauidstone, on the other hand, bas an wetnen. wenn chan at Perea need ~— a ep |S de Ma Maturine-taliante (San Fernaadd

land+to be used as 4 burial Dp

forculprits and copvicta, tosay p sbeurptive, capacity of w gillou oF | edwards with » ing clothes laa viver, Houston Line of

Tern! re of wate: a0! ke, wed Daiyxe Paroxnsk Levortc: Datch stmt.
. n repl y that the Government dose andi the beat rater “Laer of the porpeos,, The detemdante mare convict Oxo, ee & Go.) Ar ¥. Borden, 1,30 tuna i boure;
AND rd ato make after | evlldrocks. Wella sunk in sandstone | an fined 2a, Od, or five dayw {a gach. AGENts. * Demerura=470 tone general cerge an
, —, _ your Det ween the bodies of those [| are Gsuaily drilled, and the water de. au Excitauin Waltni Blk Heskett, ELVINUEAD. The ae “Kelvla popes eo Me af Dutch M 0
1a Fo an ne Conn OO Te a ce eemtdag vink: | tuarged. J. tallanucre, head walter, with tend" tadue bers trons Haenca Aires |” 16 tous, 0 daye, Cladad Dollvar balan
- ‘ human authority and those who use who giv contemplating sink: | site onthe ath Apel), [assaulted and [on erabout the 17th May, and will leave
have not and sees no reason why, | lng wells orincreaslng thete water SUP Liston bin, ‘The defendant who wae re: [tho same day diet for and New .
| . providing. space ia available, the re: pre. uoderground sourees bt le Fon | presented by Mr. G. & Pantin, pleaded York, taking cargo only. mess fe pa tone peocral
) uiaine of such persons should not mot guilty, Tt a roin the os ide: " la -Velota Navi ager
‘ og200 report receutly publisbed Ja the Sur | thae'defeodant loot Die leruper, tee a ve ~ ‘ubage, 10 tone
0 - 6. buried In the conimon public remedy 7 Uadenge and Waters for Farm | couplainant nut having envied’ outta alone Jtaliena a Uda Dover, 189 tous for Dems
“ (Spl) Roar. Jouneroxs, LH be of phates. ‘ELL, | and he trereepen thocked and ented th Vapore Rorthiery falanded vous for: Berwsabones
‘ - + “ “ Colona! Becretary," DI ONE W 4 fompiuinant, rhe defendant onus cow. Tue New Coconut Company Lr '@ Huyal Mall bteam Va ket Co,
— e This seply was deted Jequary 2, victed aud Hued Ive, or fourteen days bard AOKNTe DEPARTURES,
' * wll, bub wes ovly read a4 a mewn | nialory of well Natit , MITA DITOMISOL The an “Cilia di . ath May.
. are of the Jjoart on” April 13, when the Tunrt. Angelina Sobery, ahucBeler In ( Torino” indve here fran Genus, via | Mabowiax lukh star Deijver, 2008
Freed . point of ity a# we learn from the f practice fu Ching Shown he Eastern Market, gharged an East | a(ienllies, Harceluun and Tenerifte on we | tons, Parawariba, part of inward ca
. containe descriptions of tha many Hndian cove with the theft ofie the | Marlies See Mee aetans itor’ |. to pureogers. Hy Loyal Outs ha Ball

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. inetbods of drillwg sow Jo usu In the * . 1
chain of er tc ed tegen Mai lke | ivan eel Hew li | Reidel tl ci Curaan | acdc St
teNetoor was serious, pnd it pceuse | driilieg for wlog but for at and uthet | vue pruwcution dinivied (hal the deter: | eugure aud mia if aeanitee pemualie” |G. Ags Bakley,

that bie Jioard conteto taking | Tesources. The chedit of reducing well dant aoe

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3 ' vee glyen & quantity of provisbotte Trinidad Live, of
a . , vtepe to try and fad out w er y ite sige be 0
‘ out ly. Come | Chinese, but 1 this, ag ia many other turned te the cuuplinant. He teatners,
penritt oa the incilent the “Uleaner* thingy the, Culneee sngineers hava se ordered to be kept te bard tabour for wine Suprise “de CLOSING OF MAILS. ‘
/ t We presumistiiat (he Hoard takes made but slight lnprovewent during 9% Site awn Harrany, Allan Juseph HUNG Cover AUNTS Lyrae for Greunda, ht, Vinceut, aud
9 6


eay¥t Y Lich bas wit ‘ i

Bible versously, Well now, where | the last century, whic! witness! | summoned Ladi tin, with esmauiels MEN ADA-—The 6.0." Grenada” of the J
aid it iver read in {be New Testament | su remarkable an [anes in mechan’: aud beating lan ierilanee mee laheny Trinddad Lane will leave (or New New Xone Uy the a prow a of Uranedd ae
that sivnera would not be saved) If cal development ju the, Unite! | sad the defeudant was ined 1Ue. la default | York on the tud Mlay 1011 end is due there ono s. Metitrstion Dat
saved, thet i follows that they will | SANS onng OF WELLDIILL | corer days te woak Ate. La P Cipriaot | nh Mey dat

Ce eee adeea Nines “stunere f- ING BIGH, ~ ta
to haze beey found out pmo

sathorit mal thosa Lave not,’ f cas

ARACAS, Tho “Masacan of the Mall clase at du vtlouk poms,
AGHTING. — Man M ‘Trinidad Line will leave New York Rs for Carapana, Cunane Uasa

garda the use of well | Blenry Adol OL gd ty Cosmtacte | oa Klay tied WIT for Trinkiad vin Corenseia aw
aie Bowman tr use of we! lenry Peas an a by Ga o A Alay e eis om May Mee wale fort cs fea Fh et

on th terri Improyement Anhey wit ihe and (s dae to srrt : { na
T al 8) {OWN OF GRANADA. ~ Th . F
serteal or alle y hod mutes | ke Sience thay fel sully Bad sh eon opt Grumwlas ot tbe Trialded Wetocsday ol butant at Leblock pigs

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E be any, in hell Why | ye
ARE, nor will C holes can Gow be gugk aefely, t ortes
Gta, MaRINE SQU. anny | tite make ne dLlntion og eerthh rapidly Go edevthy 2 E080 eel, fig | Ried Honk or forte ey ae ee tae le
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convicl. | Why le vindictive towants | decries (he tole Meer g (oe net Nesarre tad the Weloked

orp a ine wilh U Yok on lh May . .
MOVEMENTS OF STBAMEBS., | (ir trintina'vis Creoats and ts due | A Putt, Tuat S'aowsa 17e Vatve—

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the Boyal Mail §tsam racket Co, — (git inn aw eee ia ctun [olrength to Dr, Kellogg's Vegetable,

: bie poor bend, He may have repent- from those ulret for the
BOR SPATIE. [Ete tee | tiie ied tare fs

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, LL Loco w. Now, it being very ofla and many tmedleliyes have alcohol Kounskijke W. atait- | May ira igoep alutressing. Dyepeptios ane
“e usto sep where the ultimate hume of fas m proninent lugradient, JA * Jui be diens& - fell acruasatesh wk them aug value
res. the conrich and the rrepectable nan | clous sulngheg of six eoventisl pile "tax Rovat Durca Man, fo wil be for Ww aie gout ene eet oe te bo eat a ieahng { Sees Aw a vesuntuge tee bs nuthlag ro have atfugrled relief when olber pre
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¥or farther particulars ease sail Luucratle eluness, sre we | tat itestieriare lusting, Theelsuc| . scaXta ae bet sel penat as Mathes Groves’ Worw yentepe atte, atte vary
pop? The Governor sugyeste that we f uualiclusl olf compounded that ca AA (Gartened) Besar vigwitlia 4} | Lxterudnator, and lt ean te Given tu standing Wherv olber wediciace were

arvell very wierrable wauers indeed, | qual this oll in ila“ prvveative ad due exuetan Krrte ag ug ) the twost delicate child without (var of found unavatatie, .

KIRTON, erie aie Bayon Hiro Hy ik} eNircmedg iat ofr the Svasutat

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