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Port of Spain Gazette
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Port of Spain Trinidad
Port of Spain Gazette
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. s rim ¡Jipi;
tdo’s Cigars
tkicws & , ¡
Straw Hats
12, Frederic!; St,
itiíSiiiiZtStiy m “
Jh, a, d* Sun
Victoria Institute
omita tn £-3liJ Ills tij.
yREOENT arrival
s bus. & TAI HITAIS.
70, lemtk Q**T-
dentistry- Geo. E. McLean
fcS¡í¿¡F“í*i»'" DR. C. V. CLARKE W*WI1 *”D
^«S«?ÍP,PD,NO ír.'.'.'2“ S!124 prodorlok St.
rrivcd ex R.M.S, " Air,to," from tl
celebrated firm
OTARD DUPUY & Co., Cognao. .

r ¡~
mu MWMm axirm .TCmu? sur. i
Mx K«fint'Arrlv»ú.
, 3.M) «h» YELLOW DHOLL .
.LaOO Boxee PlUOE 0 AN DI,ES—,.
South Quay,
For Rent I
At tho Cornor of Ohaoon St.
Occupied till recently as .
Store by Mr. William Scott,
. Kor particulars apply next door to
Gerold Sc Scherer.
Tallar» uu) OvtfltUltl
Straw and Felt
upirro iDAXE sryi.E&J
g ¿prjp:
M>rlnetqunr«4 ChHconjj
Sole Agents fi|
World’s Be;

_jric r WKT-óy-WAff:~áA>¡>rrrM TUKSDÁ-y-ofAY s. un .

‘iaa j^gwgjCTft^¡Wff^ggP£^W¿T f i»»
MTMNT*•** IH£ v
' Which
you seeking for ?
â– is-ThaTrad-AIr Haala
Wufrmun •for IlygrythinK
• cjy. TíIh Sirim llk» í'lllirj'i, .
” «y «jilrss. SArt
...leles, j'¿a=;s
THE LuNl5flT
OyeMisgiB mom t II s "FoouRomB
twice dab
Cycle & Athletic 0 p"Ml & s*3° 1
, I Kln*fs Blrthdai
«C JiWwi.iloB
? Scenes in London I
Small Union Jacks—with & without sticks—suitable for School Cliildrcu. -
hurgo „ » ,, „ ,, for Uouso Decoration, &
Royal Standards, White Ensigns, Bluo Ensigns, Red Enligas. A
Red, White and Bluo Draping Cloth — Plain and Printed— c
“ God Save tho King. ‘
lengths of Streamers, Ready Taped—BuiinWo for Croos-itrcct Decoration.
Also a limited number ot Glass Fairy Lamps—with Candle to Suit.
N.B.-Ab wo anticipado a ruoh on thoso Goods
â– ro roquoatod do call oarlv.
Z SSâ„¢S\

THB stork*. - Stephens Limited, - thk stork*.
Ladies Black Buckle Shoes,
Gents Tan Vioi Kid Bluoher,
Gente * Split * Bale,
Bodies’ Tan Derby,
Girls White
Canvas Shoes
Gents Tan Willow Oxfords,
»ks, Tanks, Tanks|™0f'
proa Tanks
JfHach com[)lclc w;'lr. hinged
^irar.-holc cticr and brass
phens Limited, The Best Place to Buy Everything.
you S-^HLE.
*#turd«y,29tb ln«t-
io¡ly-400, 500 & 600 gallonsj
¡bool Books
r - —
â– uSsiSi-
I ¡S

v;tíK ¿vasiLU :rxx.T/\\o atfj, OX ÍNStSi¿«4¿ü8

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+LDPW V ULP c-LSL WGRf¬V &LJDUV 866%(= WNLFZV t c 2NHRDH / )$6n+O21L%IILn 6WUDZ +DWV 12: 23(1,1* 6.(2*+ t *2f¬6 )UHGHULF 6W /,77/( )2/.6n 75,1,'$' $ 6+257 e"r6V/eL"U6IFL-7 LWL¯6LLLL=W6WL\ P f¯ -K D Gr 6XQ 6(&21' (',7,21 '$:'62+r 72'' 9LFWRULD ,QVWLWXWH 7'% 6(&21' 7(50 &/$66(6 RPLWD WQ eOL,OOV WLM 4B$O%;-VU;$6U%(a27aUL6( '(&. &+$,56 (2( 6$;M( (; 6725( \5(2(17 DUULYDO Xm 25($0:,,. &R/RM V EXV t 7$, +,7$,6 OHPWN 4rr7 GHQWLVWU\ *HR ( 0F/HDQ IF6c¯c)f¯¯rL}n '5 & 9 &/$5.( :r:, rf°' Am6m"33'12 ¯Unnnf¯ 6 SURGRUORN 6W UULYFG H[ 506 $LUWR IURP WO FHOHEUDWHG ILUP 27$5' '838< t &R &RJQDR


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YW¯. YDVL/8 U[[7??R DWIM 2; 16W6Lm¾

se i o¥ . OF
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TO ORE he Pa



eee ss, “Atral

to a i E MUKDEN
r od expen | pets on merioagee “Bie rape ot RAT hee ERR . wimaited FROM SOUTH AMPTON, -
Get your orders early for. ‘ .
rice “| an = 7 if 10 Ceoss CHAMPAGNE™P, & G.—Querts .

—Atply to Mr, Jospra L. ACHAN, TUREE CAMIS IN sT'
wy Taps i Hoase, Bt. Viecent Szeen= ¥ REST. Naan
fyen the ree roa !
16 mlaates from Ba: St, Petersburg, “Ami 2Mth.-A semi- node. reoel aslo at all ,
Raley Bution. Fatiy. Covelsbed, Pyro COWS. Apply 37 Hishmond Stross, | official tolegras from Mukden says on - ; eee “Gea - ANY TEMPORARY WaaK ie Coaee CHAMPAGNE Vinta, Alas
¥ > © Queen’


niverrepnieg at back of perparty, Dhoe | 41.) ocd. dw, the foreign Baelegates to the Interns- a
Pras Get Vee delivery a ‘ts 708 SALE. Ton scves of Tacd w1t | Covel fis Crotendeyy Te neveed Went. ‘This attractive and Y ay desire us to KgoTod WHISKY. Puasa
1 Vou dolly be 2400 bearlo secon trae thereon, | &lin that city yestenlay, are xi Seine tote le ferniebed f from July ou may ¢ MS Ce "
oity with mest aod oma | andeocos boase, in the Ward of Tarors that the con egpnce was without prace for ikea low reatal, do for ” andrew Ushers Epectat Rese
s , | (ansp> Ward, Apply to ALFRED aso AY BLOCK, ¥
‘ sail, mip se Beicaceat is Knoour, oatrber, angre Grande J gyre carn tho me fore the Uaied Fox oes an - ue | The Coronation 7 :
‘or farther pertica’ars epply Cerone: | Htates and Gren a a : , sf
oe #4 Motiag Bqearer— WANTED ti alae Gry a a rok Bicock.— May Moclwe 4o.p. Oia Lamps, make & kx 55. “Orewa of Granada from J
oe nn enereneneenmnennens | the fret named trio and the represen: ood shiw at a small ove 4
ALESYAN WANTED —-Fet the tailres of tumla, Japan, France, Hol- | ¢4 Marsuma ” Vigarette e 8, D. HARDING 800 noe HEAVY WHITE CANADIAN OATS:
ne aos, _

Sains Deew\ beepers Apay” Mow The Chines took the ground that ven meoem, ‘ General Manager, UTTER *Tostrades "11 Caso BULTER—
re ed pa relereece: botwena 12 end pita,” te they, could consider paly practical a THE SECOND SHLEMERT-1raS 5/2 on UTTER Ti
Dension, Root moderate, Apply to prernene Lr - + Too Stores »Eity Th, fons in connection with the fs t RRIV HEME 00 REWARD is t ne
Comming, Albert street, Bt Joseph, Keyes eh Seamed arte wr AX? ts, shall bow be pleased to. 6ll 10 easet che ns) 5 1 Caso ed a
fan, be obte! ¢ Hmith, Robertron ae Tene Gaxiow E is delighted D8:
Co., § Chacon street A mil auh i Wasa geal beseene at hou a sand tther woupe to bronien the scope of Fits the “qely loi, Cigarettes, For Saie»y .

sl writiog wishes employmen' .
te ie ata ccaeais | uae etc a | we tee Wet ty Bes | mat tel por lever tay 9 | YV/ UELEASontee 19 ere uaa W. E N
worpe: "Poseewion tat Jeet, Mivatal | ten 2 Lo SAEETTR~May & ) eye inonthe' tour of {nspection ta the, Cate par Un of sa aly eg ofa ad volver” ‘Stout Ia 18 from cupty * Re ST BR
a Tak oely te Ledrs Prade Lod,—Apri ANTED Land, 000 Jot or more eee ce criletiaken a4 the re- { bbem you wust do 0 at once and yor will | volver” tout bottlet, and pastiog them | 204 May, 1011.
th. Jas, | bav’ winid aims hvave bar te alee. ault uf the conditions ia‘the Far East | thea smoke vo osber.t on bottles conta ip og other a5 joe ioe wae
PORRENTAA Tlonee at Fitts Company Gantte Mee tate! “ime yo aviliaclont ina re rt recently recelV= WARD PRICE & CO., malt liquor, and paesing thie lofe

Bavane Grandoe plea. p Steet! the For Ofifee from the Ruaslan Wholesale Agents, liquor ff as geotioe ** Revolver- ’
saat atelectasis] VW ANLED et font 5k | Miata ack, Te renee eS | goal FEE eeu of fRINIDAD CHOCOL TE FAQ
oy is on the wa: v pel hi ° tn. ee wm reward of
and tana protreniog. silage, | furolsied bouve a Porvet pata from | {oor obeee thoes with the att We aon

ly withia to Mra Willlim Abloostng, | @bout Jane Miuh, Rental at between f hich attitude, i is f SOUBLETTE AN IP. ‘
dies Vilage of Min A. Abloo: | 80 and $10. Apply lo writiug tos" | not wholly pleasing’ to thie’ governs Qne Hondced Dollars Menulactared by A, SOUBLETIE 08 No 15.Park St Py

7, Bte Vincent Sweeter Port-- | e/o thle OMice,~ April mes | BH, Sale at Auction

Pies reenernaeraaen ater Y CHOCOLATE ieprepared bye special sod solentiis precept
NTimNo. 3 Cip pfiaal Honey ed LOST. 10 ouR FRIENDS AN DTHE PUBLIG.- ~AT= for gach inforwstion pa may gible, aa M {ts complete solabiliy sod sets forth the sagutake stone ot ag
Log t= lag, Dice tn . cee frou all Forelga Sabstances, tade from the foest
aT rod” ‘bck gels 6%, A’ A DOU, answers to the Daweof "Dash No. 14, St. Vincent Street, pessoa or peresos guilty of such franda- Bot only deicons, bat as a nourishes nb it is aarivalle?, Pat up ia
pantry and usual out-offices, as Motnbien Male, Go carr—black aod tan with rat AT more Atting g tribute tan you pay ON practices. Tablet packages, ot
house, Electric light and | white porte, top of tall white, ball of \ to the mewory of your mother or

WEDNESDAY 10th MAY, 1911 ;
age ie Idd al . ‘ Tope bed from the Iellonlag Qryerin ¢STEPIIEN, Len,
For pen tar spitz aap Giles, mode ef Licks War ieee cone | Grangol your deat slativen or frends : , Geo, Younger & Son, | â„¢Ghottae ooonnos ee Nav York Bieta

ay we
ichmond s:reet. | C, than getting their photographs enlarged NOB instroctions recotred the STANDARD, and from B40 ste taeo regan? distelots,
Riehinoe Page! wea write battle ean eaet and given &® place Xe honour In yur U undersigned will offer for sale the LIMITE Nt het 27 , 1 ‘. 7

oven than] as,

jollowing valuable Household Farnlture By theie agents

« | os apply nz to 109 Absecomby 8 rect Do you wish an ent ment_madef | sad eta cn
tt eniesces = l*osseesion i
Be ete wenthiy. Apply to Partnership “mhere you yor photoaterent pamplen ables, chamber rere, clock, jewe' Partof- Spin,

Fr toed Bireet, with b Kawerege, Lteoute es | cone a the Agency at 74 I rederick Stree cee chair, picta:

bh with
STOLLMKYER'S UlBce, No. 5, Man wl Brent ean Head Office to cues, be t . cbalrs, vgoatre | 23, 4 Me 13, 4, IL
Pibccd Ktreet, Telephone No. 155,~ P-TO-DATR busivers aso, hiviog eularged frum 8xlo- 40x00, b in good con oa, SE arte
April 19 b, U several years’ experience in the Wess | _Sbace Prevents ua from fuiving the price | dialag c lamp, bat rack, BOARD AND LODGING
esirable Lwelling | Jaikw ant New York, dete partner. of every sire portrait separate fe me deboard wi se Waal iseand with
Vicia Avenné, overs | tebip with one Ja mtabllshed cofcern, cise te price F popular 16x20 only § mirror, chest o| ert, wardro!

ar, Noe a
tol 5 Fares see aie, All mod Taorough kaowledze of sewmute Good at fray complete. $350 Pastel 9430 tilrror, desing table, meat safe, chil cx behad by geatlemen (3 of 4) Io

i P 84. fonier, two iron bedeteeds tn eondi- pleasant, pealiby looalit » New): pelnt-
wo monthly. Voneniy: te i F, wate Rept eaileces p oo tee se of Dias Ra 8% Acta {ea Also ong ust Prewsiters | ed farnlshed. rosas, bal and sho
ety One no's, ‘ichmond piper. - April Balm, sex Crayon $4.0 Convex: Sepia $4.7 lasa Cases, and sundries as wi + | Rlestie gts tera malerate . "oy
Btreet, Tel phone Ne 185,- -Aprlt 18h, . antel $323, Bale at 4 2a. op ‘lage S.A. cfs offies of this pepar
OW RUNT.= otige Na, TT Clie ; Goronation Meeting Sette tet Be Fore sour aso fe

hullt'esd painted, ina quite local, punta cheaper hn elasweres * OGory Aveloners,

é ,
wile gear to ear, Coutelning draw MONTSERRAT. oudedleery of portrait: vue? MAUS Tub atay, Y9Ht, FOR SALE, Teen Eel ety ae
scl dresiog room front galery nad om sun t9 64" Leave Hara aie vo ga THE UNDERSIGNED — Se ee

aodal out beicees Water laid. one TH Warden bogs to invite the | hom $108 ter geia, ed pane class 200 SHARES OF 21 BACH ae
Rent moderate, A: ies, ¥, Wit Public of Montsarrat to a Moot. | Klowers F rulte’ ond Antnala at Sia

BEG! to {olor ‘his customers aod the

The RAYO titict,

Hawa—" The Klondyke,"—April Sb. | iy to be hold at the Warden's] wiesicecinonel cot e Seereoecopes Hie that be bas removed to -1 Tat

=Im, Sf with views from §1 up.

Tas oromar ( fico at Gran Coura on Saturday | jifus ute or saitaile gitte for Wed: [ Xo, eee Sirens Og lajeer ond more | Qugan’s Park Hotel otel Compiny, Ltd. P THERE ARE LAMPS THAT COST
Kat, wih Teools Cour, K'ecuic {13:h May 101L at2 pm for she] Wei sino hare Sheet Pictures copled ff ing of Piance, aud Horeoniam THERE 19 NO BET: Sa L4MeP AT

Light aed Sew getnstalled, Posenion murp2se of arran sings, Prograname | fromm Academy Pictures, from is to thn, epectalty, O.4 blenoe parebasad, role ARTE rrovidiag fot Rapatre acd Re , ickel-Plated over solid Bi die onal

oa the Jat gest For arcicotara Br Celebratlog ‘the Coronation of val Mine {ames from cm {9 fae. Hos t Farnitsre wade we odin waterisle acd Protaty mde tocrecdon the elae of me Py act ted Sour sold Braas and dee

Deen ne fe the cflce of thie paper. hing Geor,a V, on tho 22nd of | Great. Mastery. and Views of Supe art workman ip guarenteed

‘EB. 3, RILEY, Faod s Y aindend of Jojo was pald for
April 22—Im. Jact year

t Dosen W. + "
No Teri erdeham Houve, koown as June next, An Ke Bledite Hatmines has been used es India oll a

—_——— er of 15/- 0 Share forthe whole or CHT Se }
4, Vicvone"Avenue, comprs'ng | 5h Mey, 191) ht on this Price Ln, therefore in wale Aa o oof Bhat
targs Bedrooms, 2 d roome, | — ON re ere quitting to you, Pe thereke part won accep SS — ~
drawisg room, dial 8 trom, front sod 5 j & tion of of Bone trade, és Mind eee AUCTION SALE. Api atthe Ofee of thie pepxs, rn
back galerie, pentiy acd all cut-cfices, Il 0 or Son 0 execate any and all orders In an eftictent Ap

Bod elecisle light instalish ante locate

as el pal a'et locality,

Tmmediate posreasion, Apply cn premier, OFFER FOR SALE
—Aoril 13 tw.

pocmenr: MANTA ar Vee oR Exes. “‘Torgorm” from Olasgow,

and busineyw-like knanner, TERE will ba ‘SPablia AD cti Om Sale | mmm ree eee
Th be ised to os Monday 234 May 1911, ab the

mache, oe ae aaeennde one | FOR SALE!

round early for the frst order to leave Frederick ie ol the fotlowleg were.

next wee MPHOSE two cover "aad desirahie real.



othiSrwe Genus” will tell you that our ~ FoR.

rices are right, so gi t fe Szrreqexn 1000, denoes Opposite the Prlace's Bul d
vp ey ratobal castor sal Tied F prices are right, so gi reas preference, NTh=1 place gold Eevanneh ore? : ‘s iug SOUR i
atig Ten an Mar, Apply to No. 18, $6 0x01 Fi pes” OLD SCOTCH WHISKY Sincerely Yours, 3-3 Fart 2010, ONSLOW VILLA’ & ‘ST HILDA,’
“Barwa Apel te | Bxas, *SALYBIA’ from London, CONSOLIDATED PORTRAIT AND] be8 sans eed ae With the leeds tying between and amaasay,
O LET—House No, 3, Hermitege oad | 69 bagy OULENDORIE S Coors Menara ¥HAMH AGENCY,“ 72-1 liver collar” Fe ee cee Rndied oad Sty trot and
House No. 31, Marios Fqaare Hewes. Ex Steamer from Oporto, > Ussaxta,~Manager, My—1 gold rg comby Bercet Teapectivel ba ni b Aber:
OX Besry loase digest hg rnd, | SOcaree Flat OL) PuRT WINK, f 2lrTthedws dip -¢rrer arm Qailver binges | S04 shtty feat Spon Keste Brey ard vee Trini
prick brick Btreet—Aprll 2 V=1m, Er Secent Arrilaand Ev Store, Assoclagao Portugueza 1° de] 20 =tallver collar, 3 sliver triste paadied ih ! “era ‘ es the _Gowbera | Manuria uria
~ JOLLOMARGARINE “OAKDALE Dezembro. (oot we'd i chain 7 Hine ereot = APE fo oe
TOAUTIER RANDY i all sizer, pee ° (a, Messrs, Gatien Grant & Oo, "
FOR RENT OR LEASE GAUTIENS DRANDY ola al alate A PEDIDO da Diner, éconvocada| W272 eld 4 Hoe fu Vincent Baliding, Poevot-Spete, Coa Planters, Sugar Planters and Cane Fai
a Auemblela Gera! Extranrdinaria 2a.

FE RENT Ol LEAS: — Fine | CIGAUS, BRAZILIAN lo Bose of 734—1 gold watch j Bay 2ed— . life into your Lands by using out

ta; Ith diol: ttl a {100 and 200. | para odis 14 do correote, pelas 4 hora 8062 gold earrio,
bod rooms, dreweleg-roon and | PORTLAND CEMENT, “feta'en | Se tarde, tu eSdede Austinats, Neves | Sued fod sees To the Ladies. |TRIN IDAD
eee Tc cegtane | Suan Gets De tte, oO ee o the Ladies. ANURIAL
fy , q ciotes sasumptoa s ”
y bt iuetalted. newly painted Cascou Street, © Leltura de Mecager eosida da | 13 5~Dtilver bace RS, ©, CUMMINGS begs 10 fafo — ’ _
i inktnetie claeeiveite | - ° hy duvckmay ae Back sam P| HEE Me MC edipicattrrtr Ouality—Best, ‘Price
‘Nae ‘ i, Fianqois ve Mee zt - Teepe gaa a dt tisha 2 8 torade mle 1987 —2 god ‘nae riogg * pered to revegt orders ‘ae Ma
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Brew oar, “ten modes rte, Appl t&> DOMCads pars Case fim. i) ar ee a] order: q
B Park St, Portof Bpalon dey 43 f ‘ies vateruigacd baring ceulgoed the adios Tesch ee oeres we’, ditergoe a7 1 re peekler ue Au, St ee
Keay of the AtLés Assunancx do Attys ats Arte 50. dos Katatutos. 2 gold earings ragarete Road, Uity,

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the separate agencies which bave bersto-

\ Speckal Conlracts uncer Ordinance

Dicene b10
WeUd—2 old watch, gold A Albett, 3

ce g0'd, I allyar buckle M. A. SEBALO,

cert old TER.
peua~ decid seria ebale- I] ares

Port of Spa
Bile Mito de dalt,
© Peeaidente da Anemblela Gers),
_&) D, ps F. va RILVA,


Te BALE—Tbst Hoe texidence
known as U'Lirien's House, in bt

Jawes, standing on two acres of land,


lanted in Cocoa, Coffee sod all kinds | fore bien canied on a8 ous by 3 3857I—1 alivee cola mekle’, 6 arw'ste, 2 lgand ast
ee ral ‘ora lately senewed. with fr. + Score & Bon sud in) vel val vctbe P al Nn Di inh r rs00- 2 roe lets , furiomeet terse ee 2 of my orned to
ce Toure Ke. and ell ‘atore be carried nn as 000 by Messrs WI=1 gold watch aad ebaia durlog whieh tae he never wok a
conrenience foe @ jar, rae family, abo | ¥. J, KOUIT & BON, |, Who are sutheris. colea for or under any person, oF taught e Perkin i tosh + fl
sr ner Rhea cette | fo ine pes had pant ep “AND Hu=d Bi ane feeestiaihamterme Neves | LOUAI0N Macintosh Potrotonm Tool & Boring
le ATS Ww!
wH Foe teniet merlcuaen wat ‘dz0. sriens, DANOE Hilt iereen treed | SMES aa Saaie |” OF ST, ALBAN! ND: 4
on the place, 0 or eb és, Marine oe byuace im ef ro ia araleta, tales ealler, 4 Fredo, aud Dube § au Dorner » N 5, ENGLA
bas fo erence +10 the above we are —A silter ourvioge, allver bangles, 4 Epaln, orpotlie La India" Hotel: ing
A SALE.< Slots of avd itis fe seirie aed d'tatce poutee at ta a oe DREN’s p an A TRL 19400-3 aliver eiduadie, @al'ver arm'ets, _ dre prepared b> supply complets Te as for the de
; 00 all deaceiption ot progerty la T Q N s wacelen? Theyre Gaz and Water Wells,
irom eeberni wet Eo) rio ot proerty la Tove 135-4 wd carieeh 2 old browt, 1 ToEpGrtant Advion fo Maaleleng ree Peres and stat ft every description _—
barges a aivee!, oH 8 pleces guld, dy & allver e1scadoce an in ¢ by contract arrabg
pertloalare sply to Muse U, Patan, .BOOTT & SON, 10378—2 gold bie TS keown thet a val panloulne clficati btal
ihiy Behool, yurt-of Bpats, ata aod sgeote cf ‘ihe PIF—m basgies jis. t~noleed A Bi PAY, Tottel mee th ape cations etc, can be ob!
ey sarees Oy Eat, Friday 26tl “26th Inst, | yt Sito ttag sce sis Dickie bn eon
ON GALE— Na Sh Hawaid suest, | Whib abled fetecaneens the’ Alan’ 10021 gol watch “aad chaioy J ativer | {oR canis ' RANDOLPH RW
taining drawing and dloieg tocna: heat mateh bo: , Linde cassd tad yom
ireciog aud ¥ ditag rooney pear, | My diate Gentlemen Dinner & Dance Ticket 8/+ | 8073-1 danond ng te 0 th “wales Chacon Bivets Portal § Bele Ageot ie
sed wate paises ae ; far § _ Gentlonea Danco okt - i). WITH gold Masioad ive ones” ot pe let Fobraary wre
. nemntenened ve ove = cetnorles » 191K
inion teow, 4 ted tne dae. NOTICE: - 10823—1 gelie Beate properly tart (Gratz ate) bearer et Seen eof
) 2 earrats room, otatlr, Erectile — WIst—t Theodat ur presaees, *s| Witheut Rival | tM. ON yor Sad a
sed Bewersse tootalkd, for pirtl- rpule patie te Lereby informed that | WISt~I gala tog rd gotcha 0, —Ranember We exchangeold lesire LAINGS ‘SODA ‘7 * “s nn
ed odee Nor ia Hing Whee | Goud Pima ecet tee | EIT Goulden, we vat. u | Bieta Haws sy SE ne DRINKS, OPP oi coe
i * ° OS TAUL I, BAULNEY, invite veo wily. ‘ar Vartivs paying ieteres totbed RINIDAD 3 clean k ye
Bupyet wall by ceived 8) OL per byad cee pio the date USICAL F ftoks in clean bottles fi 7 a
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red :

‘eae 8 _ * . 1 .
on . wey F ve 7 . , ‘ oe =



The St Vincent d de "Paul Nagareth House.

Uetec tac oatooren ob Be
K.CMAE, tnd of is Grace he Arcuoiees 1 Nea bra ix Hower,

Miss IDA C, PIERRE, (Medalist).
Witt rauke hor fit sppenrance A rere a Se LocuTION lat,
At the Princes Building, at 8 pm.

Kipliog’s Flag of Eogtant” with aN Aue, sare bra MA Ms eo, Brows



Perfectly Harmiees


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th srastately Sefton detection ond te we effested os ven ee er ete |
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: Midenangeeae * WOE Woeos, Hobart Let inrastern| 723 MOR EMENTENOT SEY GTEanae ana c 6PE TDi eke vawansr Bes tone i
Mor e€ Clothes and ; AG Rew ete —Rearrod Seats, (Firat fone rows).,.0L.504 Other rows. $1.00, : ane
& Uo The Teaoetes Deeg sre ae gustasst ge ohtaland trom Hues Meotall | ¢ ae = us
tter Clothes Stadio.” No. 87 Teagarets Road, ~Bor kasdtein, . NOTICE. Ice rou Se,! f Gh ‘
the —_—_—_—_— LIES pobile fe hereby netified now te
â„¢ i ae rie poneneton of af ph give ang credit tomy wife Alothe
A See, Brky echo Wonen : Clarke abe baving left my bouse Al Pros
poman |g cltte Penal move sewn. f = ALBEE HOONWORY. jovani cane |SUST ‘RECEIVED
techn Konld share be pone on eesrecerevere: _. Avett tert Sreeh Potot Spel EX REFRIGERATOR.
a @ aameé time affords hera fascina: iz A UR Chomtate ao. P di he
emptoynieat and profitable pastime. 0! aminatut ae Nove bate atte pr my ol ether I oo forelgn | 4 TtO. an Fr RSE TE BUTTER:
Singer Sewing Machines ] | do afl hinds pl veving perictly and eesily, from the Awarded Diploma of Meri Crnadian be prededice Exhibition, Toroate, 1909 LBomnDon.
Tovreend Neher ine tote tae tanto f For aple eres an wholenle from Latabliished 21'710. CABBAGE .
ISDA Mis ; Albert Lucion & Co., OT onder Fee Io Just Received
4, Charlotte Since Port-of Spa: focon, ond Choculale Manufacturers, surnoce comauy {a ae .
sp fraveling Reprentare HENRY E. GIROUX, Hep, trun la or Danae BEET ROOL FER $8. “RARG ASSO
a ‘ i pion |‘ “ .
meee Saet oe: TURNIPS 200 CASES
4 IN a” gcieeies| APPLES
R SEWING MACHINE COMPANY We C. ROSS & CO. tetris ; Eich 10 1b in } Ib.
Quarters and all {osurable property on
Mista, 1857. OIL, FIELDS Flasks. .

7° 44 Frederick street,
gb Spain, . Telephone—498



: 8M ALL Complete plete Priotlag Oath for
FUNDS far ber c190) . et A Bale—s ‘ome No reseon thle offer
A : MORETD | willbe retased.” Bclerble for prladng ot

The Colonial Dispensary,




cc percent sat off tates for Coustry Residences,
ive reins Windows
RENT .—Iosuracce vacusl tor for securing indem
atty for the Loss of rent in vase of fire,
Lomes by Lighting are Made Good by the


eonier a bg mao or if you know anybody

SRE SEOs, non mut) — : ta [Sore oat eA | werente ny
% - do, Sao Fernando... LW HONYUNB GS taavitiei gute tome prt 28 Jon.
rire watch shows « picture of « Diamond the Serravallo’s Se en AUST aR 1 ROWBR (Det j (0
mnotivo flash light and only get » mere ttle twinkle "INSURANCE H .

q retundod if quality is noas guaranteed ; ay ON TLC ]


Plat Fe Srtersiotly * 1


FIG RISES or on all kinds of I’,
portion nooepted by

The Ro: th British & Mercantil

Joseph fonzalez

FRURSDAY THE few | ta the soprene, Uoart of Tilolded and STIMULATES T 3 Vv INSURANCE CO LTD Proviston,
CE is hereby given that ! No, 12of 1911, R CENERATES THE BLOOD WHEN BUYING ectublisned zz0w/ + —45D— ’

No. & Lenre Stroet

Cuiatiy | reoommended by Medical Autharilies


Gartb—Plaiat ff


* We are now preparad to accept
risks on the Oil Kiads, +6. on Vor:

on y Ordioence No.

The Admipistrator-General— Defendant,

Re ee Td day of de over the World. Motor, £ 1 Boil —
e ay a'y UBSLIC NOTICE is hereby given “that wy - ricks otor, agine an oiler
te Oliver Vincent ‘Fix | DP tn Action has bees commenced by —— “¢ URES:— - Agricaltural Yorks, | Hopes all-slare sou, Reliners Rosideutial F
end” fTinidal’ the Bole Ezscator v ico 0 Howe tesien quarters aud cher property. cil A Long alt W. an t,

Island of Tilnidal the Sole Exscator . Anacmia we Boston Lae Howe Seales Brave

¥ pet “
ae we then andere e
Streot, Port. | named lu. the last Will bearing date the

Jauke and their cont contents etc,

mee of the lower of Bale con-
C vevancing Ordinance No.
ROM MUNDAY, sler MAY, the

on peer the Neb day oa 6.b day of 908, ‘d vf: ‘ L, 0, Grass Kotves, Collars Ares
Ay between ihe hours of one and | wo did on the Sih day of Jose 1000. | . ‘ Chlorosis . rota ot g button Wiggars, —” Castle Chatos CLAIMS PROMPTLY SETILED fast Rd rellable' "Motor Iawnch
thas vitce of land sitnate ta the tae Gener! cistvaiee a nue soe of tetats: t* va “Rs. “ae Seal 7 ° Grinding Beoces , Eaamelwore Bole Agente for Fir Department ‘. Ee HT OrT.
. e ries, . A
Brae sta ese tis [ulna Yeung cet peniity, fier ie, Gatto a mally for aweoxere
" re,
Riles oan more or less seb out and | Aciioa. baa Leen tet diwa for. tial og . Nourasthenia. Vin Sew Files,” Nou Copper Vrosere |The Erhidad Shipping & Tradine | srerusiao, ‘abies rica
he eats tle to Rekef Monday the 221d day of May, I91f, Pa ee Bowtticy ton 9% na a ve. od Wi es td. ca 4 Aloudays, ‘Nedoesdsys and
aon sme ULXEXV at fol'o | Dated this ud dey of May, 10s ~~ puniGirGux TABLE MIPS ove, tile Kava a ° ridays, loaving after the arrival of
, partion ot the Jeod described 12 8. BORDE, . Le _e Lyorything Choup and good a4 | 1:4 pins INSUBAN OB etfected on Cargo | MOfning Irwin from city, revarsing ta
Teast, fs uegistered in, Volome Plelottifs Solicitor, usual, you will never regret pur- | specie (Gold oF Bilver) and Keytstersd the eveuiog, to catch iraiu forcity,
i Alo Volome XXXVi,-folio | TRINIDAD, J, SeRRAVALLO, TitiKoTE . chasing anything from Post, b ’
mrt outs Mer ae Thane Ia the Sapreme Court of Trinidad and JOSEPIL GONZALEZ. THE OCEAN DENTI riST
7 ~ a’
Bhan trans ‘et woe ate [8 a vegn BOX GLA ESE oF aiever Graver, | MARINE INSURANCE 60. 110 RY:
ae the Hest by Cran ma Hosanna Preddy~Piaiotitt Tho Bonanza Crug, Stores. The Board of Industrial carne 2 “veto Ur. Lino Diag y lag
pre a ders a ae Adina Tevcby atvonttae | Semmes bb: 8 Board of Dstria MEBEBVE CRinIDAUon P| __.SURGZON DENTIST
v3 . ¥ SS SS tal a
U°"" Gort, Avetiousars, Deen aetoa,be b hie been. cost meaced by Trajoing PING £ THADING Oh UTI OFFICE « 69 ABLRCROMBIE ST
eed rns i the leat Wil bearlog date the mete .
{hin day of May 1900. of Joba Preddy io OR SALE, Technical Instrootlon Classes. | Prere Copper Syraep. No tice

{alsa koowo “ John Glasgow} deceaatd,

roll who died om the 20h, day of December NUE seovad SE theve o'ssees PROM the "Ciasrotary SIIL” obtain.
r NOTICE ie hereby: Ha thes 909, Tows of Ports! cE-Sp de La Chis en T ‘Aniirevs ya, of these 0 will beg a FE able in sealed bottles trom Cale: pus pubhe Sa bereby Fotilied thes
Pe on by the Couveganciog | oi inis iia 8 Probate of beet . ab tbe = Vitae Instltsie, Tort of fpala oo doutan, dronary i slepbene alrocery, | na eons tha i treatment ot niy base
Propert: © s ‘ rN | Frac Lema.
Pant a, enact aeWil the Dotaand ie Breas Fem | NT OUT Landing ex Schr, ‘‘Melba’|# Farin “Mordoye via | | Souths dad Drug 8 iors v(lompree} | pled fo as bir boos, Ort me seme
ceatalned ia fa a certain Mem o- | Sf Law, © ol ding Crafte—Mondeya, ab 7.. ewons
down f y pial on Moadsy the Sind mâ„¢m WW . Ur pe! 30. scrupulous! clean Nothing better %
‘1992 dey of hey 1 fr o Georg eto my, Ss, Cc Roxiern tg Grain —Tureloy a 7.30. wilh cova. Better thes Beldeasyrup. Witeee: ta ws Pavng, x 47 LENO,
wwivg i mentary seed lotecmediate) | Ary s bule.— maw, nes:
edoewayr, at 7.0 a ene moar am OREFuKU NLLCUCK,

CApmo Bu eat, Bon &
"Mibayn kee

LL LRT enti

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oa ue! | 12 the Beprome Osan, of Tenitad and CUKED NORTH CAROLINA

* Port-of Spaia ‘ares
sees ee No, _30 of 1913,

Ty poas raphy, yorThoredayt, at 7.39,

issekblp irg~Tharrday, § 4 ; 80,

Sdipwrighte—Tharedey, 067 3.

Artidme to (elewentary Sad od vanced) -
Fiidsyo, a8 7.3).

Foes None are charge

Seorelaties of Friendly acd
Other Socleites,

d to Apprestio ss

ann rite cortala p' or 8 arlene Piaint ff tins, Blaty's a's per term. Bubherand Altied Traded |.
eres “and, aes The Adutnernattberats- Deeodeat, Pine Boards and Pl lanks. Goverpuens amine TAREE, DESIRING tote psi, he Sxhibitions ° aa

Goreroor ia the Qacen’s turk va tbe
22ad Jane sre requested to communlcaly
with the undersigaed cot later shan tbe

Fi instante DUAR TRIP,
Honoraty Berretary,

Port-of Spain,

The Best Place! [1

d + WIE
© have PANABA and oll otbor | oe”
HATS Clow, Blick, Ftc: is tbe FRIEIDAD,

UBLIQ NOTICK |e bereby given thet 200084 teot'l x 19 Plano 2 andes 0,47,
25,320 foot t x 12 » asides
51,336 feoslx12 , 4sides
41228 fet 1x12; G,and T, SIDING
48059 feot x 6

: w Gand T,
Welz had that, te ene ated del “er 09, 600 foot BUARDS and puAN ES—Rough,

it BO! > 24th Jum, :
st DO! 240k ni 11th JULY .

Aces SComuittes be bas secured! »

lor Trisidad ood Tobago ae tbe

. ee tn “ible wees an OR ate ee

Si «1 jeud oomprlateg alx | of pur} 1011, STB 517 f
v May, 1911 ot. ab TURD n .
pore or tees) alsnaty im abe ssid jatod thia fab dey of Afaye d a nu, Weoger the Sove aa usual C: (HINIDAD DYK WORKS Conor | SALE ru. ee 4Y rue Orn DAY abber B Exbltutlo e london

Cipt Carotid ses out aad bes.
f Tiiiate of “ Pllautts Bator.
pee XX, fll 257 Sod atuttiog oe | No 10, eens Btiee,
we, utd East on Crown Vortf-Spsia.


aia t day of aie Grand Liguidation Sale,

~~ “Gore Avctianeers

Manbil's Oifics
Sth May JU1t, UE public fs tovited fo participate io
a The

coe pero for Voropetition, Paruculars

rae ‘Pabibltors are requested

Duke and George Etreets, Tele- |.
phone 15. Only t t us KNuw how pdpuic No NOTICE be ebereby | vie that


you wish your Hat done and give

the exact sizo whon b- oving y your ilo ioral» Ded of toy } to communicate at once with the
order, and satiafsction can bathe | registered av Ne, 101 of 10 ond made | COMED Tuer
Hoa. Becretar

Termasegh Exbibutien Gouna toe,

ouly result of dealing wilh Oua-
MENS, Tur Hexowarp Cixanye, | ‘84


Machacdo's NOTICE. sae sy Vit Levwees NOTICE,

OIGARS & CIGARETT Hs | Datei tity) Aste saee matey ene ece

PF Hyeme Sean a! Treldad and GREAT LIQUIDATION


z a oO
; * danske ttre | TAN & FRENCH CASIMERES,

re “Gerrye B. Alatos & Co rendered t pectwmry three the Fearetien

es ping Wharton, Marte Europe, The sale takes place at my slats

eoy delve contracted tn my nares Tay
Have secured GOLD MEDALS of the bighest awards Srherever they bave bees | Pence whatever, except os tha ou horny

sed satis 21Hoenry Stroot, tien ihe pou the
eabibited. | Taeoaly ClUAIS and CiGANK warded « cortlfcat wl a written order, sixned by sae, Dry fi .
(Upder the Hotel Miranda? ot the Jemsies Taternationsl Ex ES ‘ v'of bowoar HENRY A. ATWELL, foe te Woes epee Maeda of oc, WicLbocs tage Genie ‘
schado’s and Clpuretioy are vetuee smokers of enliure and Glocecoing taste | Mey Stb—le. | Caraplebaes, ether with the eppurtecaaces beste ‘

Vage guia. ‘in aaalisy and srome

ent Bireet, Workatuaship sod beading of anee CIGARS & CIGARETTES

fate 13h Moy | 33, $352. $455, 65 OO ot gs wticaily aeaot be excelled or equal

rire Si be hove Bort,
riONEY ye weaied Basaniine Copan


oi Bacay ig gree ws Do yeteant be'ow poet, on pVAKOeES ool or of lates suns Dead daved the tvib dey of Ape 4

aT yas ake A & J. 3B CHADO On easy texvme on wDuied fee ae {

T Vis 1100 GAETANO BABBATO. ial Fy i teblabmeot SNIDAL LOsh’co. ixhaattrs be i
Daya Merl * sprit 27h © Im, Hatboor Street Jamales te MINIDA ¥ Fredsick Hirects

ee ~_—-
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of Febroary 101

Â¥ ows \ ?
\ Vane ee . seanebenyeeneaa . EEA CoE Ip —rpantyram
a . —sa. ™ iD. TRUSWWAD | get OF af § TRIB AD. rik 4 GENDES GRANT A 2 :
7 ep foot ts ] TEA: a Gert of Trlebdad ond hal rare Ay tue or VAY | | Tn the Soprewe Gewet of ai ‘Wed ood ee aE coc! ‘ i a vie
° Betete Fobigo . Teleyey * RebS > gives ent ~ ~ ard . 7
«hate ol the eee eee, ENO OES ee UBLIC'NOTIOE fe bendy shee | NOS2HE II po te were cia cn:| OFT RIS FOK BALE. cs
Fa Ghost — Deceared, ’ . ‘Andrew Beet Kereebea—Vietatld’ P im cncretes of the power won: Lamia Bede hedt. ome cette neremanannte
— , inal jn too worteia Mem oat - be 150 tye) am Tool — '
poe erie wn sone Prdeiel debe ord Guten @rect &: Co. | gage tt)Na, 31 ener. 1] Hiok Tes Selves Scie cet 2 hage HOUR, Toronto's | Heide
"Tceare Ru 40, ovmlagaeds Dezesnote Of ine Low ‘oe 26 bell bog, FLOUR, “ Yrhie?
Avenve aod Masuel Joayel PCELIO KOTICE it bork she wold 14h lee ot, Mertens, Ro. |, .
= Foeqeten anes de porenart 16 2 Deere sige ’ i sis feta
{the prore, mort

Ober Rewer fon Ciel sunticg dated the a



w dage FLOUR, * Wits "
hE one OEE,
an, fe ‘








Meees, Port-ef Hpi
parcels a dey of Mey 1911,
tbe Ward of, Moateerra: | Uberanl eon of Lend 2pm. pert put ihe weld
coquim de where { orwmpriaing 7 adres and | ble more cr lees gehy that parcel of lend + sedelem fos

r wee Galed Josquias Antonio ue Mire | if a Ling os the Norb on lend formerly o° ptalion eitexte id vhs Ward | of Mer ~ daked
wu oF tbe Bescators named lath, [bert Kitara sow uf U Ulei Ache o | he plea of deere ot ached ip Ll eOrowa | of Tecarigns la tho Je'nnd of Telaided | Juce 1080 and wade

Wal (leeve tema comrved ts fren | be*Boath ow land of Hensy Let oand of | « ered tn the Re! Property Begs | © niainiag 58 acres, 3 ceeds aod 12 pircbee [la favoet of Rewty Siouy,

dete predede 10 Veedericg Aswrlo Meades | Peden Brite sow of Gabiist Ache, 05 th | er, ot Voleme COXVH, Jo lo 138 { teleg part of a parcel of lead of 07 scree,




x .
beh viG a ted i et io He, undersigned at their Anction Mert, US] 7S, os OILMBAL * Kogty * brand,
Eat cer ahereats we Sen masta a co [aot eeertnats be Sse Si rere | ahtras ats ery anes] fy mein whe wits) | a fea
Weat pa land formerly of Pedro Beil fSorokre, 08 the East ands ingems | by deed deed the 10 h ds pri pala ea Tadelay OE an
Gablial “Acca piibe pooned cheat [eed on ibe Wert by lade et Mantate | ood gensaca. ce the Mech by “a 1d cates EUs BUTTER lib. ‘ive. eq ma

space 1VLL, between tbe hee of cee sed two Saturda ‘a

Mi days trou tue dase of the pabiioation al | eowpriv'ing Saszee, J roode and § perebes | sed Mioaa aed THE BECOND tberval | resereed fr a rosd aad by one sere of ised"| pm, ’ Ye is

Vous 0 108 Lhe Uourt wil provesd to seve | snd aberting on ibe North on land foro] comping Nino acrea, Thtee toocs ard | reserred hy Bagnonesan oat of the aid} Aland Stogater those twa plesss or

Probate; oe ty nf Fidre Beko sow of G Athe Toirtystvs perahes be the same mors or | parcel of lend of ST actor, Sronde snd 13 /earests of lend sitnate io the Wend of

Daven thle Lech dey of Aprif, 1911, . we Yonth om the Seuts Leis Ketate, to the Crown Grant eate-ed | percbee aed by Hetrea which have deco | Tucoia the Isisnd of Trloidad, The First
T. A, THUMPSON, A the Keot on the Mente Lacla Estate | 14 th« seid Register Book at Volume LXI, | sold. thereeas to Geebsleck, Dcecasiog® f thereof comptislng 7 acres, 3 reosjeacd §


. “ Kegistrar, f aod on the West op Jaad forwerty of Jean j folio S17 and bousded oc the north by | Duarka and oibere on the Sosth bys river bes aod abantlng os
TRINIDAID& Minne CO ablen sow of Gedriel Ache and of Do- | lands of E'ol Mote and Crown Laod, ou | sod by lands Bew of la'ely of coe Forlat | end ol

tals Zepero; The Thid whereof com-| (be south by Jandt of Ionoccncie

prising 10 ae sod os the Eset and \Weet by Crown | and on the Weet bya


Ta the matter of tha Essace vf Deter Peal
Nich ude late of Meyare ia phe Istead
2¢ wb Trluadad, Piastece- Deceased,

‘ .
‘PUBLIC NOTICE le hereby gived thas


Mayaro, Manter for a Uraat of Probate of
the iset ‘Vill and Testament bearing date
phe Léch day of Aprti 1910 of Peover Paai
Kichsras of Mayers io toe Iyand of Trini.
dad, Plante: woo oled oa the 0th day of | Weet ov land of ube Crown; The £iftb
Apru viv baving a6 the seve of bis death | whereof comprising 11 acres, 3 roods aod
@ bxea ptece of adude ab gtsparo ie the
eaid Istend of Trionied the seid Wiseman
FeneVacqece—being the Laccuvor aemed | Krverop the South on land of J, B Brito,

Ta the weyreme

bee bees tui
Jean-Jacques of the ward of


Ad novice fe also given that if no
eavest is louged betore sbe expiration of | oo the East partly on land of Jales Fraser
Gwenty-eight Gays trom the dare of the} partly on laid of J, B, Brito acd partly on

padiicatios of this novice the Vourt will

proceed Lo tesas Probate to the said Wises J Meyo Hiver sud The Sisth whereof oom-
man Jean-Jacques accordiagly. prising € acres ond 32 perches and abut-

Dated the Zist day of Aprit 1911.


Is tbe



Nodelaive Fedora Dutols tate orthe
Town of S'ctt-ol Spain to the Island


Jetoe Sapreme uve:
Mater of the Katee of Marie

Triaklad, Spinsier, deceased

UML NOTICK is hereby given thas JN #77 of 1909
spicata bas deen made ty me ty
Gertrude Margaillon of the Tows of Port:

of-Spaia in the Idleod of ‘Trinidad ols Kitson EE
Bpinewr, the tawlat Attorney of Mane Liy Nifolas Kiron Executor of

Aswos Atrore Dabow of the Parked of
Usrmel ta the Tuan of Baaseterre in .he



orb day of Apri 1910 baring at the Preown as "Arcos Vale situate in ibe garish of fy

Ume ot her fa the isirod of Tobaxe compisiog

ef Uusdeioupe Freah Wert L
ladies, the si ourraving ester aud nexe
of hin of tne sera Marie
docesset, tor a Grant ol Lettere of f
adounutzeuen of the Estate of the
abovenamed Marie AMadeisiue Vedora

rev and abaitiog o« the North
‘a lend of ibe beire of Simeon Philip sad

@ Jand of Sita and Gebilel Ache og the | bitty licke wide,

Soath on the Savte Lacie Estate on the

Eacvon tand of Usbriel Ache and on thr
to ma by § West on lend of the hela of Simos Pallip
tod on the Saota Lucia Ketat

Fourth whereof comptising 10 acres aod
«batting oo the North on Crown lead sod

va laod of Jelea Frever

end of Samad Jones and ou the Eset and

40 percbes end abutting
sod of Jalea Fraser

guts on tend of Foces,
homes Lewis ant patel

rand of Jones aod on

ly on Crown lead,

oathe South op

oa the North oo
ttly oo the Meyo

partly on Jaod of

the Weston the

‘ing on tha Nosth au4 Weet on the Mori.
chal EHotate wa the Soath on the Sante

Lucia Letate sod on tho
lioetthae Poser


Suraroary Jucisdutton,

Cdarkes Leonidus David--Ptaatift

Kitos, Deceased -Defeadeot,
"SLIG NOTICE is baredy given that is

id two ptt,
Upiostes, decesset who died on houtt et tur ae wertafe parcel of la

death a fized place of abode

at No, 03 Dake Birees in she sald Town of
Fort-ol-Spain for the use aod boneile of the
esid Maria Antuoia Aurore Daduis acd uo


Owonty-eighs days Irow thy dave ui ihe
pabucawve uf sew Nuit. 1b» Vuurt will
Precend (0 issce Letters ut Adoulstralioa
ecuruibyly, ‘

Vacs we det day of Apsis 1911,

rr eer eee

tu ebe shall come in sod apply,
And nutice te aley piven that iisue f°

is lodgot delvie we expiretion vi


ite, unser,

Bupwwes Court,
ey of Borbut-opalo,

In tue weises of Loe Keotale Ul Jerouieh

dubs Auli, sew uf Siparia in | ver to avy part of the aald

tow Ward of Orupuucbe in the
Jalaod of Trinidad, rlsoter~De-

me by

pUselu NOTIOE is hereby given
Lhat appucaliva bas buen made tu

duevpn Jurvmien Kemy Antoine

of Biparie tu the Waraol Uropouche
Pienver, fur a Grant of Probate of the
will bearnvg datw tbo Zud day of Narn

iw of

the Hetate of Jerviuiah Joho

Antoine, iste of Siparie tothe Ward

of Urupuuc

i, Planter, Deseased who

died on the Uih dey of November, A.D,
duly, baying ab the tine of his death a
fized plece uf aloda at Siparia witbio
Ghepaid Wand of Uropouche, the sald
Jo sph Jervinian Kowy Antoine belug
the soleezecutor nawed inthe sald


careat is lodged before toe expiration
of tbweaty-eigat days from tbe date of
tbe publicatyog uf wie uutice the Court


sald va accordingly. .

iene Suprome art of Trialiad end

No, 6

The Real Property Ordisauce 1205
Aad in the Matter ol the Application of

col Lhe towa of Purt-ol-t pain, Merohant,
pusric NOTICE be bereby given thas

$0 lsue Frobate of the

the Sth day of April A.D, 1911,


of 1911,
da the Matter of

George Feedarlek Lagygias

Se Daved

Dated thus 2201 day of jp 1911,
_ Deputy Registrar,

Ta the Supreme Court of Tiiaidad acd Tobago | Trinidad,

Euston tauds of


ole janes

erin oo Thurs.

990 actes sadknows es lot owubete 24 aod BS
end abutting on the North partly upos the
sea sod partly upes Culloden Lstare on the

Sudject to w judgment dett 1a favour of tLe said

cbaries Levonies Vavid lor t

an‘ cosipand su! jet alas to tbe rights
tha K Snow hi con, Mary Aco York, Benjamin
ecund, Morimus Julen, Thomas Guy.

be sum OfLts ts 8

Thower Avolpbus Joseph alias Eddy Jooapb,
wma Wiles ales Samuel Williams, Scfcer

Wood, Archie
Beker Alestoder Hx klord,

Sandy, Janes Thomas, Joba

joseph Ha

tweph Natbaniel Furdice and Joshue Legait as

ouchierg OF parts Of

the Araos Vale

entare aad subject ule to whatever right tule

Or faumrest Josepb Alea mm:


Tobe ge
Sammary Jurisdiction,
No. 1116 of 1909,

Lee Tan- Plaioud

Leonard Neloon—Deleodent.

DIA NOTICE fe hereby given the
pea un order of His Hovout Mr Jae

Dated thus 3rd a. BvELAcu,

Jo the Supreme (Court of Trinidad and

ay have as purcba:

Dos Vale Esato,

puny Regis ar,


tor Swen made herela oa the 23rd dey of
March 1921, there will be put op for sale
befcre the soars of the Donrt House, Bore
of-Spela on Thareday the: jay of Ma:
votice je also given thatif no Wik” betwees tbe bours clove nod We

welcek ta the afters

All those three seve: 1 pices or parcels

ot land situateta thd V

of Nonteerrat

Lands and intersected by a Road Reserved

of Amit yin
18 JOUN & Oo.

Dated thie 7b da

es The TRINIDAD. _

DAY OF MAY 101),

PuBup NOTICE fs hereby given
(bat ia exercise of the Power of Sac
conferred vpon Morteagees by toe Uor-
veyancirg and Lsw of Property Ordinance
No. 72 and contained ia « certsia Deed
stated the Zlet day of December 1910 aod
registered ia the Office of ths Hugistrar-
Jeoeral vf this So'ooy as No 406 of [211
mado bobween Alkee!l the oae part and
Firma Palger ot t hee part there will
be put up for sale

the Auction Mart xt wevsre F, J, Scott &
Boa start at No 12 St, Viocent Streets
in tha Town 1s Morte 5; on Thuredsy
the 11h day of May 1911, betwoos the
houre efone and two pm,

A‘l the uodivided two third share of the
esid Alkaia Altand Singalar those three
Saverel = parcels of land and ail
@ppurtanauces thereto appertaining altuate
in the Ward of Cheguanas in the Island of

The bret thereol comprising nine acres
sad boundeioa the both on lands now
or lately of Hoadiey and lacds now or
uow or Iately of Hane de Verteuil on the

Simeon Azo. The second therec! com-

or of one Iuasl,

Govt, Auctioneers,

fatbe Supreme Court.
‘The Hezistry a3 Wur'-of-*paia,
In tho Matier of the Ents orf Jessle Ann
Miller late of the towa cd Pétt-of-Sralo
to the Island of Piioldad—Deoeaved,

UBLIC NOTICE la hersby given that
Plica'loe bes beaa mide to me by

the Inst will ard testament
th dey of Oordber 1905 of Jena
ov annexed, ta'@ of the pelttown of P wt-

wayul Avgns a D.,1007 beving ot the time
{ her death o Oxd place cf atoie at Ports
of- Gosia aforrast ald Froest Readoide
Garke bel g thersraon appoloted by!
Hooversble Court es the Loteria Reoe:

of the Estate of Floreace Slary Mit'e

fen Acxeoder Millortofeota the sole
Legaters and Devisces under the Will of
the sald Jeade Ang Miller decessed,

uf Jobo Grelg Forrke the former sdaalotatras | &

tog beviog dred Jeavlog pert of the Estate
vn thad if po

And notice fe ‘so i
Caveat la lodged befue the expiration of

tweoty-elzht days from the date of the
patlwation of thie notice in the Moyal
Gazette, the Coort will proceed to isaue

will ead Teste ment of the sald Jeesle Ano

ta the Island uf Tilsldad, The First there-| Mt ler sonered forthe tee and beorst of

of compricicg.- 10 acres ba

the came a title

bese delineated aud with the abut.
fale ead boundaries therecf shows ta the | Hush attaia bisor ber msjority,
plea or dlegrems attached to the Crown

tered ta the Heat Property Regle-
eiedeat Volame XIU, aio S27 Sod

ter Book at Yolame X2
toucded Noth,

Soath and Kaat

by Crowa load end on the Wet by lands
of 3. A. Riven, The Becood Wierect com:

rising 0 exer, 3 rouds
Ite esme atid

tached taibe Crown
the Real Property Re,

tanless good causa to the eoatrary Le | ume CUXX!, folio 59


of te patiication of Lbis potice ta the
Royal Gaserte a Provisional Certificate of | Routh and Ena

verthia luartees days from the data

Tike wil be bsaed te Urorge Frederlox

Mogg ve of the) tows of }
Norchaut la repect of All tuat piece or
pwcel of tand pieatein the Ward of Lower
Caroat compriuiag 7 acses, ¥ rode aad JA

oribed te Uorbfcate of Tite eutered ia | at Voly

‘art-of Bpals,

ibe awe more o¢ Jeze aed with

Voiswne 7, folie 140 tod bounded os the



dellan Fuentes aad by eods of Vaal
Romaia acd by Urown lanos and 9a


Devel thie les day of May, 19)1.


ey {sewn jands and by lsude eo!

I 6 on the East by lands of

by lands of Jalien Musntes aad by
fi Paul Rowals.

Aosiwg Registrar-Uenersl.


-epaaho mouth weet and clear

REAR Fiaguacs

the N
by laade ;

bh by leds of MM
of He

acd 12 perches br

je more or less delinested
acd with the abnottale sod beundarice
abereof sbewo ie the plea or diagram

cant entered is
ter Book at Vol.
and tounded an
angel Garcia ond

Weora by jande of Maagel Garcis sod lands

of Maisca Losped vies
thereot teleg Les Xo

acd The Third
97, of the Hranso

Copsre Village dellneetad aad with the
sbattalsund Loupdasles thereof pbews ie

perches the plan of dlogrent attached to the Crawu
o Ube abasele aod boundaries therant des | Creot entered in tte eald Regleter Book

ded on the North by
and ow the Wee ty

ubjocd ae regards the

LXXXVII, follo 223 snd Loao-
Lot No, 10) on the
by laadeot Jalion Fuentes on the | South by a Bireet oa the East by lot No,

Jota Noe, U9 & 93,
parcel secondly

devcribed to 4 | peyipesa of the priscipal

somol 13.000

nierest theseus to

Mabatenivg secured by way cl Mortgsye

saoated by & certala

Neworsndam of

Mortg go Nr. 150 dated the Mlih dey of

Februsry 1908,
Dated this 7th day of
(Sg4) fo UL

April, ton)

Deputy Registrar,

1,000 CORNS

Sanbt'] caotal out by LAINGB (im

rovod) Qorn-cure a rosl ooru-

sillse 240. por bottle
Latio's Exctisy PaaaMacy Lainas Eoriea buanwacr,

the asid Florence Bary Miller aed Ian
Alexender Milter and uctll ong of them

Dated tbe 3rd dey of Atay 4,D, J9UL,

we ee a estos

Ta the Supremus Ccare,
fa the Metter of tbe Fela'e of Louis
BSobsror fate vr tho Towu sf Franbl wt
oathe Maia ig the Finpire of Uer-

puBtte NOTICE is hereby gives that
bpplieation bea been made to wma b:
Williaw Rotertaca sad Joba Adam Uoel-
Aobt bth of the Town of Port-of-Npata
ta the Idand of Trinidad werchatte for a
gract of probate of ibs will cated the 28 b
dy of Anqust 1006 of the above uamed
Loais Boberer latest Fraekfors on Male
foressid deceased who died o« the Sih

ible death o fisel place of atode at
Vrankfort-oo Mf afocesall the said
WilUans Rotertecu pad Jobu Atam Gosl-
mich beleg the Execators panied in thet
veld wtll tu simtuister tLe evate of the
above rammed Loule Beborer in Triplded.
AND NOTIVE ta slag giver thas if vo

caveat be lodged before the rapiretion of.

went wight days from the dete of the
sbblication wf ibis police Lhe Vourt will
grucecd bo sarae ysohatecf the sak} will to
sbe wall WIL 4m Boberteva and Joby
Adem Uvelvicht a cordicgty.

Datad thle udch day of itt 191).

(3g0.9 T. A. THOMPSON



Thtce Oows Brynud,

Bdbero | M pe he Beet epon the bald river | the Dabile

ou the North opon laads of Daniel Mathew Gov't. Axo foreers,

He 8 TRINIDAD, i i
Road, pow or lately of the BALE YOR
2, Alland Bisgeler that parcel of laod | apon lands now of lately of Jane Salvary
obuate at “S.n Ale” Moaotain tn the | aad on the WVost apon isnds bow vf lately
Ward of Tacerigue Ia ihe satd Island com: f ef the Urowa acd opio the sald” Pub!
deing 2quarreca ard boundet oo the] Jt al,eud The Sesoud thereof eowpriviog
Norv by tande Lelosging to Jowsbir oa | Macros Le the same a littie more or jeso
the Soat. by inode of Uaviel (coolio) on j delioes eo and with tbe sbuttals sod
the East lands of Joha Fraocis | bauudarica thereuf shewa inthe plas of
MoDavikt sod onthe West Lode of [diagram aitached to the Crown Grant
Labet and referred to fa a aration | entered In the Heil Broperty Register
od * attached toa certala Ded | Book pt Volome XII, folio 617 apd boa
the 15.b dey of Decembor 1006, | ded ou the Noth by lande of Nichotas
tegiotered at No. 3504 of 1006, ~ Bdivaty and laade of Mary Jane Halvary
i All ood Biagular thet certala ploce fand op the Swath, Kest ‘aad West Ly
or et of land pituste in the sald Ward | Crown lands,
ef Tecarigua fa this Isiand comprislog 2] Dated this Twelfth dey of April HL
scree, Sroods and 3 perches sud abutting . d, bHCUTT & BON,



Ah, July

Frederick Herren
foe ale by public
poe at thels Accel
Viaceat Strevt la
Bpals on Taenlay

All and 5


T Keldeal D


oa the Foarh upon lands of the aid | Tidsipab. ie loces of lsod 7
Kegoonavan and Gugbabie on the Eaat eA eavay THOR eT Day | ———————— rorae in the
pacily spoa lands of Muy Wiram aod OF MAY Jolt, ? ” ¥resr thereof o a
pou ja of Repteel and ow the R SALE aod 27 perches be Mm
‘ost wpon a revise or river, UBLIC NOTICE fe heréby goen that delines ted in the

In the mater of the Estate of Chsniocen J sod Medesto Kivesofl the ose part and

tately of Niamath, om the mouth on jands ] me by Mangaree, aled called Maugeree of | the hours of J and 2 pw,
Alexander Village la the Ward of | All aud elogutar thee certala plesoor {cut and stacked 1,396 fest Cedar
exs$ on & inad, on the weat on lands of | Couva tu thle Island, fora grant of Lot. | parcelal facd eitoate in the Ward of | scantliog and 1,440

iRINIDAD & TOBAGO, . teredas No 49 for the pear 190%, sod

puene NOTICE fe hereby given | 1911, No 2 cornor, of Sakvillo and Sr, | 2509 treets,) to 3 years old, 6,000 being | !¢+# delioeatod fe oat


SvanwooD ‘ES@tare | settee cc iege
petitioned for by

Arca 400 Acres. [oo i

Dated ibis 27th dey of March, Lott. la eserciva of the gowor of sale con-
Sgt Ir Lovetavwe talood faa certala ‘aed of Movegeg,

pe y Negielese | dated tbe sch dey of January 1S, regis TOBAGO
ou. °

a the Suprema Court made between Cipriano Rivas Rodriguez

late of Alexender Village, | Joweph Gumbn of the other pait, there i reserved forty takes
fa the Ward of Coava; fo the Talend ‘rill be pat up for usta. by Tutte suctom FPVUINTY SLX (36) resiaterod pontrac: ot the asl ro
vt Teotdade Propristor—Deceased — wy the andesigned st shele aaction | citivation Si five (75) acres lo cocoa | BxCOND thereof ‘eng
Tutestate. a6 on Tuesdsy the 9h dey of May cultivation Sixty (00) acres planted up | reods and 17 p

Vie . over three yeara old Overseers hor the Crowa (Ccssa Sg
that application bss teen mace to cent Streets, Port-of Spain, between built of bard wood Value £50 Taber 543 acd Lonode! on Ml

Aocgel AM save on the

Croan Lecd sed oY

tereof Admioletcstion of the Eatate of } Turarein the Island of Tilefdad om ]boards. A cumber of valuable Potttoged fos by '

orslog poe and haf qaarreea aod bocnded | Chanidesr, late of Alexsoder Villaye | prising 30 acres more or leew aud known as {timber {revs auill on land, Cedar
‘pur uiance of ga order of bis Ilonoe: Mr] 0G the borth on & soad on the south on | aforesand deceased who died o2 tha 27h | the “Jems Marie Estete’ avd abuttlog | Angolinn, alate etc. Well
Jynice Swan made is this actlon od beearirg | 20de pow or lately of William Whatton { dey of Feb uy 191! a,0. avlog atthe fon the North opon Crows lands, the|d, extensive gravel bed, fine bai
adelaine Fedora | dace We #7th day of Marnb gts there will be | 00 the easton Crown lands aod on the ol ’

‘wt up for sale before ibe doors of the Court | weet on the Caroni Savanoa Road, ‘T
Ho se iy the town of Port of £

day the 38th day of Bay 1942

tiwe of biedeath s fixed
be atA'exsoder Village within tbe sald | Mavice on the Bonth upod the Road to
ubied thereof comprising one lot of land | Ward of Conva.
betweea the | méasariag 60 fect ia frontage and 100 feet | the lawfal Wido
ta depth and tounded on the porth on | deceased.

f Alexander Wiltsmson the east | Caveut is lodged before the expiration of
on a street aod on the west on Janda now | tweaty eight from the date of the pub-
lication of thie Notice the Conrt will pru-

at Port of Spaie th's 2letday of | cood te lesve Lenters of Administration | °N B-—The above Mortgage is now verted Soheite
South partly vpoa Adventure Estate aad parity} April Uoe Thoussud nine buvdred and | accoraing!
tapkling Lstate on the Last upoa Les] eleven,
Coteau Fetate and 66 the West upos tbe sea,


RINIDAD ano ToiAdo, — of Jaly 1010, registered ox No Z18i lor the| fe the Supreme Court of Trinidad and

roca bya 2 a .


water; habs ite me NG
° eC iwe f

la long Endefeasiblé eribed

Utle uoder LPO. All taxes paid to Cortilionta of

shade | Urogoucho Kiver and the Jesas Marte beach half am

the sald’ Muogerce beiog | Matursaod Toco on the Eqet vpon the] g,+ Enti al oH

w and Kellcs of the f Orop.ache River and on the Wests ate. timated value £3,000 COVIIE folio
Crown lacd S) fest wide bolag reserved by | Offers will be reecived by the | Deted thisaed

the Crownou erch bavk of the Oropouche | undersigned, F

River and ibe Jesue Marie vine}

together with the eppuriesences thereto


And Notice is also givea that jf no




ia J Acgaitue? Davie and Solomon | 13, St, Vi ;
coral! n Janes Acguatse Davis jolomon pet ioceat Strect

Lie with day of Folwutry 191}, Deeytot, «Merobants tradieg under style ‘ort-of Spaio,
gd. T. A. THOMPSON, or éim of 8, Dreyfus& Uo by dred ‘of
Registrar, | Lreoefer of Notgege, doted (be 9h dey] TRINIDAD,


la the & « Ou ear 1910 aod made bulween the ssid
la i Me te Se of iptisus Rivas aod Med.uto Rivas, of the la the ofthe Estate of itl EXTRAS
Barab Repne Boson ove part and the said James Augustus Philip Charles _
late .f Caratal su the Ward of Meuteerrat ee aad Solomon Dityfna of ths other | late wt Votiv Valiey ta the Ward of We gs can
in the Island of ‘Trin\dad- Diceased, Dated thisda day ol Api 2910, Page blertia tn the Toland cf Trial. alter a slag
pusne MOTICE ie horeby given that LOUIS JOHN & cu, conas

Wil of Sareh Henne Boron besring date
the eich as: nat Avril 1908 wha dled ou the p
. } 2 jay BrCl veg abt
of Spale Da OOT Roche ate tit | of ber, death a Bsed pleco al abate. at {alnod ty 4 emrtaia deni dated the 41s | 1010 of the ald Filip “Charlos deceazed | ' heal all Sok


esld A'exander Thatcher being the sole | of
Esecutor nawod inthe sald Will A-sue of the first

Alexepder Thatcher of Caratal fo the | /RINIDAD, application bas been
Ward ot Montecrrat ia the Eston of Trial | SALE FOR TUESDAY orm DAY OF | Peter Ulaties and. Joba’ Obaties Cony It prar

Anctivoces, | 2 yUBLIC NUTICE le hereby given. thar | Le,B9m0v08 P:

Sprliesion baa been wade to we by

Planter for e Grantet Probete ot Petit Valley fo the Ward of Mar
fobete of the — in the ssid Island of Trinidee Peet
UBLIG NOTICE ts bereby given tha, | for s-Cirimtof Proliste of the Jat Will

n estreiea of the Power of Baly cou. | 80d Testament dated the 20th day of Apa


aratal io the Ward of Men serra, the | day of Joly 1100 (registered ag No, 2017 | Who died on the 2vth day of MM bamwan eyeeu of .
Tow) au made between ahndree Tout. baring at the time ref i, deat a real nig
7 ry Victor | place of abode ad Datiy ee
Avd Notice fe aleo siren tbat if no] Saib of tbe second pitt vba Francer Yard of Diego Maria the nat Petar

Cavect le lodged tofurethe expiration of ; Teo! A-Sue of the third part, and io a een | Charles aod Johan Charles belag th


Leturre of Admbultration with the lest | No, 254 of 1910,

twenty efght de.
publication ef &

proceed te teane Probate of the enid Will | Maty Victoria Scilih tn favour of Frances} Ad Notice Is aleo given thet if po

s from the f the | tsia Memorandua of Mor dated the, 0098 aamed fo the sahl * F QUABANTEED 1% ;
Hla ‘Novice the Gout wit | sll 10 brdey of duly 1000a48 tute ‘te | bors © 8 WAL ee xeon: | TION OF OM

. Teol-A-Sue there willbe putup for eale| Caveat ba fudged befor . a

Dated +45 Mth day of Apt Wil, ty Vablic Auction by the are ed at | twenty eight days frets the as tt SMITH 4

T A, 1u0MPsUN, tocte Auctlon Bart No, 12% St. Vioceot] pablication of this notfoe the Courts will | The jusante

Registrar, | Beare! La the Town’ of Ws10f vain ca | proceed to leas Protate of tbe euld Will Pace
Tuenday Lhe Och dey of Kiny 1Vt], Letwoen | 1 the seid Voter Cherles aod Joba Ubarien | Auceat mits.

the boura of ope aud two p in, sooordiugly, —_ 4

_Alt sod Biogulas thos ibree pieces ut Dated this 1918 day of April L081, iN Fokwas

Ja the Sdpreme Cours of Trintiad aod
Sawmasy Jerisdiction—-Port-ol-Spaia,

seele of Jaod situate in the Wal Ba AL + 2
ever Curt in the Latend of Trivided, | 4 (OSVRON ‘ of
8, Dreyfus & Os, Vielntiff, , 7 fives thereot con risk is actor bul FRINIUAD - ee” fa the Supreme 9
- . ches kuown #9 Providence acd abu’ | Ja i ia
Viocent Paul Godes.Dolopdaats, | torus the Nori, Bou by ustaed Warade) Te Supreme res Trloided 8047 Suuwery Joell
peEic NOTICE be hereby gre that] apon tsods pow or Sately of the Crown, Ta the Matter of No-ZuH/lu, ‘
by an order of His Movour hig dasticg | The Second theeof compristog 13 ecres the Estate of Heory Volwan by

Been made ta the reve metter on the | 3 52018, pod BL phos be the umes Hutte Un creased
‘ob day of Marc! ere will t wore 08 ene delineated ead wlth the abat- :
for sele before, tbe doors of the ‘Goutt | tule aod tenndarien tbareot sbewa da tus | [> appustne ceceies beret aivan that

D Locre Loa

Clebert Parkis

. teen eco me ¥ fa
Hoase Bors of 3: on Tharadey the 220d | plan dr diegrata attacked to the Crowe | Lucresia Volwan of Cars LB kloxoa (bis ca
day of June LU] between abe b one ot outered fm tbe Real Property Regie. ] Ward clalina ia the _
ach 3pm \ # boura of tor Hovk st Vo'ume Sf, full 483 med | of Trotate ce ees ee gt sows for & grant OTICE |e hecehy

end ou the Suuth sod Weet sa ‘Crows


Didser aud Crown lands,

ance ho WW and comprising eight acres | Jules Mitebel on the Suuth by Crown and im the same will abensver be shell come da

“All wad singular that cectaia plece or | howcdes on tba North by fads uf Heise the Ieee will wad testament Le pad bp

Use Mth day ef Febraacy
pareel of ladd situate ie the Ward of | Melong Iaulds of Mitchel} Alersnder, aad | Jott of Usury Volusu of gheeald vill Auction Mart, Be 3
f Blanchisscuse ly the leland of Trialdad | Jende ot Natividad Coraballo oo the Seuth Sar api seal village
comprisiag thirteen acres apd bounded on by Crown Isod om the Mat by a Mtoe Te of Caner peliua who diel ow ibe rr

be North upow laude of Dableett Aran | nerved thuby Mobs. wile, aod on the West anti ee Bred plane aps tates Hine The right wo
by laude of Mitcball Aloxasder, Usteu|asid village ef Uacapicbaluy she pats | feadente tes ;
andsand oa the Kestoe fande of one | Moling and Merle Jos, Useries and Tue] Ueoretia Yolen Ueiag ove of the | Nib Kaleas ;
hird threret compelting 10 teres Ly ths| Executor’ pamed thereic, 1a being | Stsvistaue sed Leet
Ain ed tanceun the eeld ielecd babe etace | Reger Doct at Valens EMUG, Wea tald [reserved togeent hike Frotate ty reel | /*US0 Sah
st 8 en ne .
de provisious ul the Keal Fruperty Ordie- |i nd bouaded oa the North ty’ tande of Henry Rodoey the orber Hxeostor nomed 7

sod apply,

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more : Jews aod with the sbsttals aud | ou the Kas by s ro.d seserved ibirty tink! Aad “aotice BALE tOR OF

boundaries thereul ae elows is abe pl
enresed to Urews Grant Re, tered ta | Jos, Cuar d tarde ot Mhilp Vall,

jan | wide bod ea tbe Wav by lends of Merle| caveat is lud

Volome Lat fully 333 he which 16 ay N.BmThe wo pieces of laud ecovadly [27 Giy# from tke date of ul puss NOTHSS:

ft this Noticg the Cy
as Lounded 00 the North wpon fends of | and thrdly a denorkbest at ¢ Cuars
tee Lernard Canneilie wud Ga tha death | priced im ihe Ueriigcate of Tite to esced | me provate to the said Locre

io exercises of WS
talded ia &

ard Woes wpoo Crown leads and on the | st Volume (CAL, fo fo 19, tprordiealy leave being rocorved ta lerael | aased pve Sieh ug ;


Roduced to @2c. a Tin:

best apus lade cf ope Masens [tocdoa, | ated able Twelfth dey of Aprit tors, | Lnery Moduey ae afarensis,
rere iting ay Pe BA | OE a dal
avi * ¢
e BE of 108 aad * metvornadaun of wetloneary, Registrar,
portions beariog date the wib day vf = ee

inert tntenieand’ te vee PAM Vian High School] chomros.a wt

cali deed and memworsedens of “morigege No ST. JOUN'S WALL,

cub ad

meothoned 6, Vemscoxs Stuste, ARUEOL, ,
Voted thie Gres day, of May WIL. FEMME ouly ecosdary Scboul of ity Lind SANA KNOLL
Deputy Regisesr, pooh Ger, [tbe secaguined aud r4- 8 N . IDyY
SSS ee Y ergy wa, Doctors, Law> ANTAL PERLES, ,
i ue berchants op i“. here, Use tuition SANDAL WOOD uJL. West acd 7
LAING’S Moen eees Speed Sith 40 uch COPAIBA 1 Mee hie Oe

ings wot
vale talvon, The pare cat @Ubs]GONOSAN topathemal | decison oa

Fo r Pres cr tlons. Cooks baad tLe ohne seat eee oad Pace @/- Psa Borris the Ww wae *
eg iM. A

“KNGLIDUL PHARMACY © Arply ot econ lar rnetesee Tie Upsate jee eet
Lawlins’s Drug Store,


Frederick ttreet, Apt ee”

wn , boy om Pe * *t 28 EF me?

@ ey
4 oO
ese Js $


LET TS I TSE TE emp :â„¢
. e

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a | ix: Bi PORT: orerane Ginenty HUMEDA-MAY 9, Ioll .
Na TAIL é . | ringing feta, See . FSS a ARN oe ced Te MA. d- A

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a Was plevious. eld ha conten:

UT A Qabo0oD TAIL. igfspreanee tat Se es the ‘shore aad alter die

forgo sailed for Parg-

The work ome
. Wales eating: "aie af tne schooner * wate bens y of th the neeriTAL Howpltal
Showing! the increase in deliveries fed Pretest Bay sheds, Is neering yiteuret conen vA afternoon Lhe scene o'
. . weet erpoal corres ty feo ‘ eens ore rece that Tontition NEW SHIPME NT OF


trtedt ree fe then
amen! prrse ti Moran

ous cre cronfing. te ye ay's sericea, for Monatn’ 5, 3. Newbold with @ purse of eovercigns as &
Mol as sine nee frompis, mete todte ice tay $a: Mastern Prince, 1,700 | OF Cnet BPs meviore Saterding: aver RATTAN
, /

A reception will be tandered fo 'Hte Presi ite “args | RZ Tears se Brewed, which office

Ty Goaee” Gartioal Gibbons by nied Hates, She | Dee Semnle Gail eaprreacd the gveai 1 ;
‘Dog Foods, 222253 Saeko ne Gensoee ae mers Suites

Central Park Bouth, New York, coconuts and 270 fh Y ppore ware
0 nore wo!
BP geoa et Stil be airen in in bonne of the lone ons burteet poet my Gordon, Grant tuny Mel tee Rebenlt wher waa

Cone iblles “rf ef th e on ordination and | and Ca, unfortunately absent throw h Mvees,

‘ creer te Aitiin acpiver will . Tn tleamer “Ne se ra he RATTAN ATM Ot ‘Guanes | any ANE, HAIRS;
The, deliveriesYor November, 1910, | the Zh anciverssay "of hie sleration bine from ‘Mowe aie, Wan |

> create-a-feco ecardinalatadd Mullos Annoa! | Ya 3 with Lin) tems er iene were tow

coneletiog of lumber, She h GETZ ONEZOFAOUR
att istry, Get, the nara i Ace, oti ies |b ste aah ut hea | F ES
nation at Cornell Unt University, hen won, ae the lumber ade He had arene yee bat A ITCH E N R ANGES OR STOV S$
on meal
and d the Wi Wont foils Fea attaden, eee, git SIZES 6, .2, t, 9 FOR WOODIURDCOAL,

nerally tked (cheers), Tho

dtionacur fant A caaitt
THERE IS = [eeciiert esate |S ariel ont kiasees our ere yey ore | WITH OR WITHOUT BOILER


Garke won other prizes for essayaand | The repli miben be Telired last yewr they were
translations, He ia a funtor te the “O pleased to see that he retived in such a
A” REASON arte departinent of, the dalrentiy rotava,” artived 4 state of health as woul! enatte him to

cumes from the I enjoy his pension with ease and di ir.

To was about t t toh
eet fadics Gutkele charge Brighte hative land, ‘and they ‘ait wished him G OO D W i L L E & W I LSO N
FOR THIS eventually brought out a statement i " woutt ey Aclisnate onttother ens:

io 15 hours the “trotava” is due thaclinate and other con-

je We by M
J. G. Schurman, president, that fh 1 & fay.
] * . . negro women sould "rom {a the dor stand that, ioe Wertensit itians ot, boo ronlen® and anit hat " ut ITED.
9 mntory at Sage Co! ollege. v {he oe eters” d pot ran
tS Pause A cane 0! great pl.
At the office of "Mewrs RH J. Beott fever occured In Bridgetown on sature Fd grat eau a ak ae thal

Bre Aifferent from all others, | & Hon, yesterday, the mortgaged [ day, token for the services he had rende
consisting of liac. Z7pa, of to the hospital duing hi term of

"OTHER FOODS FEED DOGS ONLY, fin. and cocoa plautation In the ward DESERVED PUNISHMENT.

Foods not@@ity feed but keep dogs healthy, earn a niclie Figen a anaple Nes ta FTiher putilecate ne Eau gushing the prowenta:
>, Ganteaume, counsel in in Uheatres and other public entere bad been asked ie Torta ‘at
and pravent unpleasant prety taining places the world over the be- nas uunitrtake, aad he
be the cont, eradicate worms n p of Juan Nauarro, for $782.60, taining pisces the world over the o- | haa ‘very great pleasure hadeed,. In

The ‘Piano Warehouse,

tforming it, Dr. Grell hat tmen-
, odours from the skin and excreta. Several complaints havin ng reached fotnake thelcprevone feta aud no dy Honed that ho kaew Mr Norgan for t
. us conrequent on the inability of the | ierely confine themselves to Innocent | thiee years, bu he jth e spesker) J
from the parvel ingredients only sod free from any medicament, Call | 1M.8.P. Uompany to furniah berths, | fone and humour, Butany attempt )could say that ‘he known Mi. 5
@ the Pesrect Dealers and bey some, pp.te June, ine reir trunsatiantic ships ft, travel beyond the bed th tite Morgaa for thirty one years when he
for Europe, we yesterday made en: | ty cettelaly veprehensible and should | we tathe hospital having met wn Woe iavite your 1gspaction of our Showrooms whore ithe
i FR. ALSTON & Co,—Sole Agents. quis on the subject, of Mr. Os | not for a moment be even tolerated, Mongapaber there, ard during al that time larg et and most completo stock of newly im

kinner, Une Nupesintendent. Wel Ws have had in the past to complain he Thad had the greatort respect and PiaNOd over hold fa trinidad can be sean? fasten

were shown the bovking plans which
: = - chow tate all the bette have bee 0 of the Wookt enterta conduct bat the must bea singularly great inane t to moots are all from tho very best mikors aud have boon
* en taken up, bese hay ving heen en-

Mr. Morgan to be surroune ed by hin Ly f dd for use in Trinidad. They are all
~ b be; to ‘al a ia menufacture vy
‘BON ANZA. ' gaged, | case inonths ano. | intocureelves oi being left wittions | Ampclaies and conworkera there, He BRY SUPERIOR IN TONE and BEAUTIFUL-IN
e iocal office allote all Does occupation along that score; when had great pleasure in asking Mr. Mor ;

many spplicationt fo for pamages from suddenly an incident at the London | 88 to accept that Loken of o ‘Cheers APPEARANOK N 1 for CASH
being dealt ith here, The Company, Electric Theatre, reminds ua that we | UG? 5 howe ¥ Rood work raelved re LIBERAL DISCOUNT nol oy GAS dor on torms
ptor CCess OLIGS |saietiies reece Mic mees ich ues ope aah tinue state | [of tom to 8 yrs Gur mod of dared pyran

seruyutouay fair A thelr cllente’a ob had ita vequel in the City Police Court terns andy t Borer, having rpoken ae wil always moet your conven! wD,


nger in piitle (the far | yesterday and all good-mannered Indi | the hearty and respoure with

i station on the Loew

Islands [ ¥iduals must bein full accord with the | Which his retin oe subscriptions

route}, for Instance, engaged « berth quet on all sidcs, the function yeaine to from 7§ Uollars,
*k Motor Cars for Sale, Trial runs given | ody. it ts to be expected ‘that hls Hiackwood TH etehe anetel ont to the | & close * Gell carly and seouve m Bargain.
Crchasers. Sole doents for THE HUD- the rs seonger iu Trinlied sha yee pitgoer in question. “We have yet —— THIS WEEK ONLY ~8 dozen Second band Mandoliues
cep ers, ¥ q x rum 98cents DO NOT Miss fHIS. |

‘same day. The Col ta | fear that payment of the lowest
_ America’s best Motor Car . ae ne day ne Comp niente pehetule chatge, entities the tleket KIRG ‘EDWARD MEMORIAL.

mere hope of their being , fos; | able and genazally offensive as he pos. || We wein borough, agreement with
, z : sible Triaidad ad passengers, The aibly ‘rau’ in the first instance, and | the proposa suppor ed by. & pablie i H. ST RONG,
bg : which berths “may be cbtalned the | further seek, to Justity auch action by | Torey ‘fetta ise tee se
Rs. fea Ms * .
‘ (LARGE ‘ASSORTMENT “Orvtava,” on June ]3tb, y Mr. inflicting pl sical duty? of ensuring manent memorial to K King Edwant 'phone 416. 2), Fretlerick Street.
% Skinner's * ‘thorough cxplangtion Mot the behaviour. It ishoped that the | Vil. ‘There will naturally be some .
— OF methods of procedurs in dealing with | dontence inflicted in the cass under | divieton of opinion as to the mast

passages, It ja clear that no Injustice Is Hitable fone of this memouial ;
OR SUPPLIES [ebiehss tes Res esa Galata
ec nest co’ wi one, othera a Hos ‘or Con.

eu eraratar tats travyl yla in publ tthe art of behaving themct¥es ally nonded,

a i 90 ed and |
HEA ¥ GROOVED TYREE. 460°x 99 and 810 x New York or Continental ports. _- Le eertal Uistinctiveas aK King ' S LAMPORT AND HOLT LINE OF STEAMERS

nner Tube to Bull, Revd. ¥, Le Merry, BiAw preached

rua nell roraive grinding compound, cpogtenatin om Sunday sige attra A PUBLIC GREIVANGE, VIA, BARBADOS, TO_ NEW, YORK.
Ist. r Paul's C Church, fl a ttentl “has beeu yeoeut! f the Victoria Inatitate, and Of anmensecesnmmermemnene'
B OannoN REMOVER, doubles thei hfe vol otors. iGydtwentiewaa ives went afe "Ban Fe ferman | arewn “to : matter, the caletence a {ta meritiog the mactical support of Sucawens, | Leave Taieipap, | Aretve New Yorx,
iy, SPARK PLUGS fo suit otors, do abouteeven months ago for the the which certainly coustitutes A distinct fall clases of the communily. The 2 — -.—~-- --— nae emmesarcen mma eee See
benefit of bie health after a very relvance, which in the general poblic proposed addition would enlarge ite RYRON.. ews a Apel... tath Hees os sist
7. savers illness in Tobago; and having interest, sh should be puta atop to, py the Powubilities as a Tecbyical Schock = VAgARI OO Apat (7 "eteh oo May “eo ath
al spurposes* etitted by his stay, returns to authorities concerned. Bapliat Meavenger. TENNYSON (.ooe owt May Tt May woe Slat
porte ts thel lsland-ward, m there existaa very Me. ts TENNYSON tee » eet May ae 27th Jace w aed
‘ups for o'l and Acetylene, n under which the ssn Thee bort- ee ‘ AYKON ... a tal Jane we seth jane we sit
ene... BIY ve

Bays the a Sfemagers We are lo- lice “Tote and’ condean soy cucte| BRITISH CUIANA AND THE | VeRDIn™. oT,
piu BROS. AND GO. debted to Me, Le Os [bolas for the witt | of food ket for sale therein, as bein nt CORONATION | eT
2 a .
_————e sly a puat) Ce Ie ee eee ee deen a eciley nk-seaae _ Biret, Second & Third Class Accomniodation
er oor latform Is tll | when other circumstances are al wed ADDRESS INTHE MATOS TOTHE For rates of passage money aod all further lofcemation, spply to

neat f three cha id we come te against the useful powe
eae vo our Church Ald | whic isieeeaatar ine GEO, R, ALSTON & CO,
Beety as tnotser ih or bane ot fi t) serve, It seems a mere waste THANKS tu uEgct, CSRROLE, Shipping Department,
tices We regret ‘that it seme ve te TELEPHONE No. 182, Agents,
novation ¢ Hon of St Se Johns Hal can be t Souantity bf heiri: ma Lady Hodgson xecution $ ene
renal ion
posed for sale

proceeded wi ) mined wily, bs * slows certain wed, belo expen under the ] be presented to Her Majesty on the | ‘TEE Ouse} TRING

very much more requires tobe [ban of the Sanitary Authorities, and | occasion of the Uoronation 3 -
, * Pisa theo was anticipated. Our eB tisual course was adopted of cun- Government House,
4 COMPLETE friends will need to keep the renove- [ signing the articles thus condemned to B Ute Guiane,
‘ tlon fund fn mind And to add to ftas | the dumping ground In thé vicinity of vf petl 27th, Lid,
rapidly ae powible A Anew roof will [the tannery at Corbeaux Town, But [Dear Mr. Ca nell \ iN you let ine

i [ y 4 [; certainly be when alters: P having douse thi another nulsance | on behalf of the of Siritlah Gulas
ikel: f boys thank you v0 ee noerely for dolng
i S TU NIS RS. ta be or sate veh dad ren with Hing rested, tare eae not theiloinidated addvessfor presentation wore 2 weomtmeen

tof the work, To long tn ypoupsiog ups upon, the 8 pret ing |, ty the Queen. Yoar in pet vut the quality of the Braudioa shipze} by the House

3 1 rou bo supertiuous for me to
’ Cearonerevsarnasas ih atfouny sepa £10) can bo eat beam une, Dore off thel rj pass avy eas such ahighty [of MAKSKLL& Co. remaius the same—tho best that the exporience of
; ¥

which they managed to scrape artiatig and splendid ekecuted piece | two centuries cul produce,

thee wih the assistance of fingers f of work, eo [t ouly remalna for me to AJl tho Bratidjos exported this famous French houso arc
Dd atic. Needices to slate, a tical | express our deep appivelatlon of your ‘2 tho conteuts of orory bottle that

HARBOUR AND OM MARINE NOTES. Unpleasant odour told Its uwn tale of } great kindness fn «doing it and our | distilled in ite own distilleries, an

the condition of the condemned arti: grateful thanks for the many hours of | Juayes the Martell ‘Vare*Souses in Cs ‘ognag are guarantocd as being the
RE ame Canadian wi “Colma, aenved ta a so we food cond po soe ue airs your fare time which you bave de pure product of the distillstion of wine grown in the Oognw deiriet
e 1i7e tear 0 on muday 0 susrnlog mniog afte question elther that these waife ine] Jo the name of Lied “Marys~I re | of France

3 Ue harbor rua frow tb i tended to makes wyuare meal 0 of the f mein, yours faithfully,
E i made fromfourjbeautiful LOCAL WOODS. sepa ot Rese e Se eee Shing should certainly Sens Tnarefore always ask tor
Py our own Cabinet Makers, t#e Bt ' moater | pnd veanly, thet peach ol .

BeRST | it roby meri fof Cota ia | wily, Eth arcs gusta | TO-DAY'S COURT LIST. " ;
-— tig sL SUIDES ecsreearirs Eis Sail eon chats sa pate Be tance Jat MARTELL’S BRANDY.
OOM SU imei aeay ae wet hide | Recs aad a gout eee YOU WILL KNOW IT BY THE

BEDROOMESUITES, apd the follow sey froxa tH a pen fanitagy avin rile inant Lazare ¥ Wilght,

7 re Led 'ou ~~ 2
F DINING ROOMPURNIWURE| BAe Ge Sees) snc | Blue & Silver Label, _
: ‘or ohn | nally for umane consumption svi 7?
ae, Cask, Hew iahiade sivorali ineully tran AM ORDINARY IUIISDICTION, PLANT COCONUTS FROM

4 rz Momlay,

Chin mYCabinets ‘ Ladies Writin Desks Me, Viscen od Le Mancilog , a M. destroyed p fire or of ‘of th (Before Mr. Justin Mussell, LoL b

; = asess- =- Occasional Tables — i ee sn at hotties was MOTION CHAGUARAMAS.
1 To;

bles Be Geni Cen i Yee erullia” 3 bb Mert W Enioun iwMr. kK.
z WWE HAVE ALSO A FINE STOCK ov DING ois e natal ta ath joc sommon knowledge teen tot Munday nest for Mr. Chaguaramas Estate Coconuts Average: “s
e verege oul occupies’) that unser POSTPONEMENT,
a th resular , ‘
STEADS AND BED au Of oe vata nat,» stand! jhe ¢ siuuplng pron mack age j ier, TURN bart tdbraocal oni . a ap aan “ taal
. Lm, i Mats and Matting, Fibro Poor ot ligne fewivers artived yesteray | iloa wet fed bets wer atone the grad othe vgnitoued Hipese af Mr, 0/0 (only! ....006 /
oe mere from ‘of Gaptaly Startiey fhe curries CAD, "We certainly thivk it le of uth | ied tl tayetain a ser coon I FOR PRIOH (eR: ‘1,000
We bea Sapply you with Zrerytning Nrosesary for the Hots — | AMeowpiement oe 12 banned 4 | Shek tapering, Hat te sanltary [steal Dae Ahated ot i base wd
guns -_— netle yan, betore whoa fla matter Apply tory, * tet vr ag EF ‘
ZR UE Woes. Te Dutelr Mail’ cleanser + Marowe ° eat w yeas Heed for ing, had not peturned Siete” oe Bees ve “4
LJ *
i. ODD): wang 2a tone abate York acter a fei Ait thes ae | tot HTN Ateesar, Kits fur defeue LASCELLES, De TCT & £0, i
& pemege of eye rote fe) Prat pete th Sit dap into obuaay SOUP cle | dante, a ‘hitooge Dewassurry wot N49)" “Marine’ S quate, .
aC AROADE: «| Gatcsitere abis” Brook, Yous! tee © va vatie td oblige GH fen No} ape arehe tn
ww . .

. a
t ‘ Soe a) , oy He Soyer
a - a fs ap ct bail

ni Bae q

p 54 ‘VOL. XXX — TRINIDAD, ‘TUESDAY, _ MAY'S ‘igit oy


GENT’S HAT DEPARTMENT |am, onnco= merece]

1 '230 Ft. Is vow fully Btocked pits all the newest inten end] B Bo om



bef Geo
Dewrivsivs ial the tod

- comet for wie ig

Ladies’ and Ghildren’s\ ==


1 meeting of men: ne
5 BOARD 5 The “ sohowerty te Boater”—Price $1.44 cree treme wclaae nay ana Boe ' Jen. A, de Suse
4 Square Edge Brims Tagg. Roti testa | | 4
mAepiy = | Cable Edge Brims bo had ea Ee, Str a H at, S SECOND EDITION
i. ~ October 1910, \ A } ,
to 16S, Ltd, Men's aud Boys’ ALPINE ard TEHAL FELT HATS--Prices from . ILLUSTRATED,

conts to #3.00— $I shadeg aud Newest sh apes,


The Arcade


: he ‘Camp,’ Telescope and Flanter Sha
aivas ("TE cider uta baller aC, os tom) Tea Bulag and}
72 cents to $3.36;

:» TIMING] Mon’s Black Flexible Felt Hats| _ {#3 Aswcition,

SHIMENT, From 72 cents to $2.00, welephone: Hosa

srontaelBOYS & MEN'S CAPS, oo
_ ROMBIR «ST. Eton, {Golf and Motor Shapes,
pura, | Children's Sailor Hats.




Victoria Institute .

SKEOCH & C0’S.,|



. TH E © Womaken speciality yof this Department, New Goods’ reef a . - u Mee. For 1911
* fh btRY. . . Commences on Monday 15th May.
J. GLENDINNING & CO. 12, Frederick St
a “bigaretter. 5, Frederick Street 1. . ‘ -

potted from the Mildest
> Matored

. pa». ot as ‘ach, merece een

be 18) Kuoelteocy tha Governor bas Lesa

- Seepage


- Brosd Cat In Cartridges


; 4 & Wilson, Ltd, LEATHER SUIT CASES
bias xrea ax|DRESSING CASES. Se i â„¢N

April 34,1921,

: fe resctee—Teleph Aone 653,


; re ES
F a so FO RR, SATE een BRAN DY, 9966 BRAN DY”
0° & Cigars EX STORE. ath "May 1911. (wenlyarse chaise’ barca, [eed Me

: on a ts ” wf ohuiss
. een VREGENT ARRIVAL sty Hawtin cant, | Just arrived ex R.M.S, “Atrato,” from the te a vo ected us

{a) That the Calgual Ba

_ Ses iae sie Sz . celebrated firm 1} mile foe 8 Sletance of ais chairs the
pwvicoys & « ‘ sgarelles Cases Full OREAM?MILK “ Cowboy” Brand, bi wlio ee aud OTARD DUPUY & Go., Cognac. gic st Celta ii

Bas & noanoway, Bales STHAW PAPER ‘ jfale the Chscharare tsbitcaee, iach: iBatabilshea 170

ried —never rejused, ee Duro Oats (-ITeavy”) i. be bed fiom “Tbe Manes” ond from meme | Shipment of {BRANDY Gomprising the the faving ASSURTMENT:—
fF Gmoron aga Hovslerable, Cases “One ady NoTIOr,
ql ierees SMALL RIB 10 Cases “ Three Star® ‘Brn y ; °
4 . sadian Oate B Cases “V.0." raw y t Maianapiow Oreace, |
= Pe eas oo vacon es Bag eo Cane mires ond Bonuls OUR NOMBER PHONK 302 2 Cases “VOB, 2 Brandy ake soba enue
a sine

erent soy
Brand Bsa’ ‘eu Aovese Ped Anita Recoivod : x, 32 Cases

en! BOTTL) tui
Di mais aiea Peaars oo corked witbost valve on pftards Sole Amen
hiedat ‘ grestent cp oc term to tole aise’
m Bestnte Lag “py tbte W S PROS. & Vow CONTARD, |: roy pees SCOTT, BOYD & CO.,
70, South Quay. suver Fatleg Lt Douche Coss, 6, Broadway
ram © , pore pte No. 6 Brom
, ie, | Cheese ee Mol aan M CAL x HALL, —_—_——————
elisa, | DENTISTRY. Geo, E, McLean/MED aw | GITTENS! [mosis Sorrce.
ie Bate ‘ | ——— | CARRIAGES LIVERY AND « : yt
wstlhy by Gadi, de Ur I No TT ‘B WHE Duector of Pablig Works’ hes
sre on te Arg WATCH REPAIRER A Frinces Town OP-TO.DAT. .
RE coe DR. C. r | CLARKE, sEWELLER lafegs, Famed Eods Water -and ANT | os mvauneere tone’ Beanies is mart ct Tomes Rae
‘Bw.a6 - GOODING qua ‘eviews wae | 2a Frodorick St.| MILLERS sioKes | HORSES | = | ruoxe sam TONE Male Toa sonaeetioe
VEUIGK STOKER, gruuby Sr 7/4, 1


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Fhe Bonanza [Bonanza Gents Dept.|“Maonolig,, '|Botianza Furaitur
.j LADIES AND OWJLDREN'S A mt Meommint i geese DEP ART MENT. _
oe yeist Lending Lines SH AVING REQUISITES |= star mapnense em aT gna a


OVER 800 PATRS. Hen-Rooms shou


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PPCIALIZS IN CARPETS. | SAFETY RAZOR- Prioe $1.00, [Ss ire RAS erg apa :
q e . Xo. 3—Mene Black, Viel Kid Shee Cut Darby Bootes. on 4B 039 a0 Just, two g the » bnasiy polala to whieh
Lovely Lotto acest fom in 18 Inc, 2 lac (oie Baur Anto Serep Baser, Norma's Saety Reser, Ne 1~ Meoe Fhtcen oe Cat Dit Bote Tipe mis % attend properly,
ab a Oo * wv oe oa” =~
ee ee en, | E cineeiamenae ee, = {| BONANZA BEDROOM SUITES

postry winir Carpets —,/ "Pon piane + vo wacgm Bama, | No j1—Mena Boek Viel 1a Boo, OBO RZ Buca |
Not i8—Meos Tan Vicl Kid Derby Boots, 0.80 EGE Boles ...

with Uorder). «specially suitable for Bed. ‘i Rw : ise Aroju t the daintlest croations you can sad
rooms—at 48c., 60c.,72¢ ant $1.00 per yard, END ERS BLADES, aoc. Nor Mo ene ten VLG Derhy Laos Bate, aro all cors ructed on HYGIENIO PRINOIELES.

preemeersomeems GRABHORN Bex Pocket safety Razor, | $2 13_ Hest Fee Grete Davey eae = a0 | BEFORE YOU BRCIDE ON WHAT
Hesnomy tind Comfort, a) No igcates fea Wid Kid Derby Bho, OSO REG. oss | HAVE, COMBTO S.B. & C8. ron areae oe. Wie

. . 2 18—Meua
an Thing We . L . KROPP, TAYLOR'S MARCO AND METAOPOLR, | No 19-Slet Ton Viel Kit Dey Show, Dr: Baoyon i ,
i ACOS. fy CO Ee | ER RE Rr niin en | Ter 0 teh 9 ofl tt thay

WW HAND 4 NEN TORGHONEE-~« Shaving Brushes, Shaving Boaps. * | Spool attention Pall Orden and Totereolonlal A
eally Well Furnlshed and Comfortable

in Bdgings and nsertions, William's Shaviog Cream.
Price 7 Of cours that depends on requird.

AecN Moett «© M>* B FOROGHONES—
ments, bul you will be surprised to find what a




b, dgings and Insertions to match, R azor Strops

By Ag h'pment dust fo Hand, OF EVERY DESONIFTION. . ~ r lot S. B. & Uo, cay provide for little money,
SMITH BROS. & CO. Smith Bros. & Co. _

SMITH bROS, & CO. 7, Frederick Street.

Lancashire Insurance Uo| 7 Q LE
> , Unionist, | bee
FERR & LIFE 000 M/ E 3c | tn, some youd for the. varnnt LEONARD WALKER,
THAT IS WHAT THE seatat South Hirmloghen due lo Vis Yet another ie
gow uulax Ont § reemaer peth’s suceession te] the ole Feneration ae, eae ge older ere.
'e ’ agee NES ft Sees
ROYAL INSURANCE COMPANY, Ltd Straker Sqalre, All Br itish ANULOJAPANESE, TREATY oie, Pros Wenls, Walker, wifes
s ube A Tokio depatch announces the | Hlackwond Wright yeetentay with | S24nt of thiscity, The d . who
Funds ¥s0e0d w+ £12,000,000] Hada Motor Car akbr/orenees Seei hne een rl | Shea iwi ing one | fee oa at REN Muha nae
— e \ h uting come a
NSURANCES effected against

FROM BROOKLANDS TO BRIGHT: | plainant. The evidence for (he proses | foMuer, merchant of | Purt-ofspal
pe! NON THE WING, Pition was tat whilea chow wea mes | M® Walker had retired from acting
_ loss or damage by Fire on
Buildings and coDtenta of Ware-

hae done ia Trinidad withont ® slogle) guvey stew from Brovklands to ing on some nights agu defendant social tife many years ao, and to the
houses, Offices, Shop, and Store ed
. *, Y UNCLE a
BORDEN'S ANALYSIS OF UNCLE | bln and defendant attempted to butt ret, and several relatives. ta mourn
tive banquet, declared that the rect. | did notdeny biting the conplalnant, Satunlay nilgh to wlvertizeher deatn

pargarine, Margarine

Mish Made Margarine.

hexcellent substitute for cooking Butter without _
ving to pay the excessive price which Buttor ~


F. To be had RETAIL from the Leading Grecerg and
;_ ~ WHOLESALE from .


Nonnan Kight (ap (at rural cou-
stable), charged Janes Roy before te,

bitch ta the Machinery, Brighton. M, Hamel aniived firvt ia 6 | clamped and whistled, and when the present generation was princtpall
iniuutes, winning the prize which | constable apoke to bin he usdabnalve | AOown for the charity the dispensed
Prema isos, and Private Dwellings at Ss VY IFT CARS KIS OF ENC blo de
me i ° SAM'S RECIPROCITY PRO- tn but failed and he then resorted ¢
Grate prices POSALS, the use of his teeth om the constable’s | REP death, and to them we bey to ex.

Brighton offer language. The cunstable tried to eject | UtONg thowe around and dependent on
j SOME VERY NEAT & CHEAP Ottawa, May 8th in. Defendant sald Ul tend our alncereat synipathy, Though
PROMPT AW FQUITABI E SETTLE: a te ann ‘fendant wa! hee Were Any . ot
~ 7 WENT

ber, dhe leaves a husbact, four cbilde
: y . b it waa iui ibt
TW IO SEATERS. | Me. Routes, speaking at a Vonserva reine whistling besides himaclf, He Walker ay! halons uni night es

rocity propoeals of the United States | but the latter had struck him on the
For particulars and price apply to Oe ie abet mixhlevous aud must [lead with ble traacheou. Hla War the event was guickly known about
damnable thet Canada ever recel ship told him two there were | the city on Munday morniag, and tha


1 q and President Taft's declaration uf | others who behaved leutly that did nut largo uuaber of Pore bt at
{tio ratisn, alone, con- | excuas hinis If they were brought be | the funeml in the aliesnoun’ bore.
Ste pans. genosition to Lap ( pene iets, De | Unony to, the esteem ia which sive
Ta tet bea, ate

Of Leese

The Bomursmm,

Fors-ol Spata

d the entire matter In the winds } fore bit ho wall
9 of loyal Cenelians and all Mritish | fendant waa feed tor seven dlayson waa generally ef,
sub: cla. Canade le now confronted | the first charge and vent to prlwn for Meows, At Diane Gee a Cany i
. ree re! .

TH E STORES with the greatest lesue since 167 and [ veveun days without « fine for the t.
’ Uded tu know whether Sir Wilk | assault Biahe Wikon, U. a
at auer endores Drealdont Taft's 4 {nepbows) —* . SMartla

S0LE AGENTS, speech which Ie incampatible with the Mourners: —Mesnrs, Lronant Walkee
(widower) Irwin and Harold Walker

ne at help from the West, .
on, i .

The guardian of Ube Mosque of Omar Mr. McBride, Premier of British
BIyrusalens bas teen arrested. ttle Columbia, Mr. Hondrs Minleter of
ase: he received 43,000 to allow, Publig Work, Sfonitoba, and Mr
the Anglo-American Hyndeato to ex- | Hazen, Premier of New Brunswick
cavate, and that the Tuskish Governor declared Uhelr provinces, were or pond
received more, : r ty and would suppor!

' = rs | ies peg tt oll Sou Sten Ay Urwat
pe ndad Shopng & Tradng Company, Li.) Cotton Seed), , Ae een eA er | ou OM |Special eae

Batunley night, after we had gone tod yy.
res the following inesage front
he ILM.M, Magdalena wut to the
Garctle by Mr Rendolph Rust it
wpeahe for itewlf; “Magdalena 1,300
milles distant. Allwell. ltecord mee
age, ust” | The local Wtredews
elation is dally, more a more, ° Was
fying ite existence for comnunerstal end IL Motive


Oarrylog Through Mreight for Tobago and Ciudad Boulvar,



ition MARITIME, other purposes. Mive L. Newtud
Lrave Anzive Leave AvRIVE i N BA s KET s In he Won oe ae aining Janiaicu, 8th, â„¢
New York? Taisivan | Txrmpap | New Youre a tina signatures ‘ ri ading 22,00) ILMB, * Melpomene” left tor Naz
° wonien, was received, eau 9.35 wm .
+ , OMEN AND THE VOTE. Pulnte-Pitre Tth. Lan
RPS csandpaé =| MO it Al Quality, | “aNeees Ase te Leena | soa” hom stecerstrras ina | TRANQUILITY, SQUARE TERAIS
RAGA 8 se hoon 84 reading of fa ill removing sexdiaquali- | night gone Daseterre 5.0 asm. TOURNAMENT. 2
OF NAVABKE” ..4 Apr 4 fication and conferring upon women on Guadeloupe, jh —_—e Mise and seve:
DAY ns ved oye UE For Sale by b an nique its ‘arrived $35 gone Martl- {By Unrine) waht fullowing moug, others wont
” . ey . : —— rrathy 1 «Me,
a cage ORANADA oe "uty 4 tueney |r OROTAVA® COMING, Another match fo the Men's doybles | Witsen, tr T. tune, Dire
DWN OF NAVARRE’ ...] 12 asthele husbands, The Wilt eutr ai Harbedos 8th, | was played vit Saturday afternoon | Brown, and Mrs. .
Bes onvinw | oH seen enh ae ee | ath Ne Hana | Merten ier cet | Pee eee oe
‘ ° 10 ‘elu ‘. 2
NOFQRANADA® | 4, 30 & ‘ . i larger than Mr, Sbackleton's Leaves for Trinidad at about d Ro tevune. This watch was ‘suite
: 7

: rit
BRAMERS OALL AT GRFNADA BOTH WAYS, Steamers tain Bi recelved lat July, | wish the followings paancaners, tv, | vet that hen zetia paged atv . ,
J ‘ . i 2 i aD
5 "coms ERINLDAD to DEMERARA each trip, returning to New 41, MARINE SQUARE. Awong the rere ae Tova ebihd dew Hellice Hiveman Lalag pat una ine fame, ard tone were only 5 re
os read Geo wai . me y ,
MIVAD SHIPPING AND TRADING COMPANY, LIMIBED | 1 ono 18%, danas, He Jeb “won abd alt the | 2 Wilun mete anata "he ae PRIGES GUARENT.
Pn = THe burvRAUETTES, DEMERARA AND RUBBER PLANTS | ,reetaMiccihand shotedrew repeated | yy Nk Youn, May da

90 Broadway, New York ani Pord cf Nona, Triaded, RW,
a * Many euuthstalastic suffragettes meg! applause from theknot of iutervated | " Wen fad
THE SURE COUGH CORB] Advice To Travellera, | wacttreper tik siscpiate| A rent aveact tht an Grier | crctacrm one hibenoingsrics | Me Rinna TTB


-_ -
Wa “ ud ;
0 Is, ror bottle, ? the suffragettes woult Ht] mada by the Hoard of Agticultury au 4 placed, ile partner, | barrel ’ Né auwolatiog ?
POOPIE Bon Ns 70 Fort! raing's White Pino tae | Bie ol penta auialng tra | Er partner ber plant sri tt teens | Meera eevee,
oced Teueter of i eater ibe & ih any divoder, nn bling thy Govern. stumps and cuttings Delay ore tue to ble ‘steadiness | Cooper played Sager Branco rails W0 tent $02 Il us i
~ lermentary pobr OUg inant abluwe fe Hities without obetrug | preva nee of rel ou ot thee | “ery well and worked like walave, IIe Hadtiab tote Moles ts
lnensen dul nost gf the wok atthe net, and olton Ing Upland ab > «.guotalbog ig

*Bute terms, for one pupil, fire . wipe Mth. Bao,
dulyApil'tih Se) THE ENGLINIL PHARMACY | § WoO: OM ROLE DINSENMION [plants in any dewcription of earthy oF | uO St eat tlniee etl hia: sce

hand sua, Uavelock was pera paces cw Fork eu” read

» evtabheh apna, “dirail and the West indian | ea i gcellal blowlf ani sade was abi &

jer, te, Nm | Hala te petlbileds All much plants | dy ecencri Chat were aultere | Momiaraiges We aig
pict be bnapes: markalle With @ tittly eoutinuous | Tad Gua, York = ty oil

, ™ ——t 5 oe a ~ ere ee
) soparnste Erle
; 7 Soglamd should | ela, 0
Richardson & Selway teeleta teen tall younde aaa | est eaaniar uy an oer, of ih | ett ala emer’ lager ia
: nest anting ary anni - avelock shou evelop bite _
° : ° pee ire ‘ tefore belng removal fren the comet htay onl, ie should alee

uly. There alee differences | ture ;

number and conditions | wharf or stelling at which they ave | o 1 et
riot iepresentati Mi] Mndnte ff on inpoction they are | the Ban wlicey mame appoare alas ; day ads,
oo [LD to 138

Nt WD of Irish representation,

wy —E 5 2 mi ta be not free frou peste oF

ema aE am eth thn | aun of fay, xfer tre | PCLGe RS two chal
an ry

ter af fromthe wharf, taken Cildar ey Melloek . day q le

| oe mY 4 ad ee direct before remor .
FNEW ~LOUNTS - deserters hed, Deva ue |S oy ane fou a bast te
AA . forthe fires Une there was really s with * avy } foard of Agricul. G4, 54, GA Mel war tod Ws
a poe twos

reports dseensdone In] soll from Ceylon, &
; Tule, nients, the Malay Staten, Java, Rurk the urpsine grehetet the days for he

. Z WS r i the ppinlon of tha ,
: NEW SIfAP23 IN STIAS ~ wederwanate g bibween f in the opin of a sei nature, the | CAend bis oppanent. with the GitewltarorUben,
x aniodleduble volon by Intrinslo ac f plants, stumps oF cuttings” imvst be Thoo he put up Slac with « pew racquet Petts erments
. GIR S well oa ventiental in leresta, The dimiroyed. rete _ilanta, ete, which mento best, Verb ap. owt, ne re TY e
TS 53 fae chic Sete t's | ty Home od reine | earns en nk a | Beara! ar Ht
, WHITE MUSLIVS EMBROSDERED ALL OVER VERY PRE ‘ the Iroperlal_ peograsume, r be planted "syed from thee geveral rust content with the reeult, dling ttod Now, per owt. . Sin,
249 ‘ SSE ue AR SPEAR RICs, SILVER. cultivation and ta be subject frum) tough the club has four courte] itl Ren 5 Ht
YATLEUNS FOR DRESSES 200. Y FLOWERS, THE : jwe ta Line duriug twelve months Bank of Kngfeud retny of
r]| WAotrs Wilt KiwsiaDES AT 0c, 50 BOXES OF LOVELY FLOWERS, Upon the Stam pena: | io thn tae of econ io | Useless, eel Fea | Mitte trea

Z . ; . \ f the Mo

BE fl. VERY NEWEST—SND OTHER SUMMER NOVEL - top at afte from, the embers of the spection wy Whey nie. found ur be nlecw | pues! “portent ideatés in”

i == ~ Hew stan Lowther, apropos of thelr qulfering from "an wale OF dllnoases " = Aarts, on .
A d SELWAY. Siverwedlivg, Mi palfvur and Bir, a nree here Ara tea tere! r e 2 geds
Me RIC ie RD SON an we Heduvod shovk bande for the first they pay be ordered (0 be touted | dulged tn by the muy queryetle Ouse se Pome DS be By
p Mp. Balfour congratulated J or they, Dis Guder the i ta | bere without Jucouvenlencing “others eure ae Leto bie

f Redmond upon bis release fivpa ” vul or acelayt inepectiog oftves,” { Wha way bacaaigue ta play duubies, wapy ~ OF te DG

a PORT-OF SPAIN & PHINCES TOWN. #5, Rnimuon Deli gu yeent ppm pupeat

3 ; SA. Y

y me ’ toy
é , 4 “F .'
' Mx Regent Arrivals,

ta ¥

rel) 0 En gameee


\ 400 Boxes
, 30 Bags YELLOW DHOLL « .
4'200. Boxes PRIOE UANDIES—:




100 Boxes BROWN SOA P—1683s,

PF an,



. Each 200 Galions. ¢

6 ' a

South Quay.

’ *


‘. At tho Corner of Ghacon St.

Occupied till recently as a Provision

Store by Mr. William Scott, at a Mode-
‘rate rental, ~

. For particulars apply next door to

Gerold & Scherer,





That's the kind wo ksop and tho
kind you must Buy.

Shere is a way of boing
nbsolutcly suro that the
Shoes you buy are wor h
at lust ax ni ch as you
rey fo them,

You may not le ble
to tell gout Jeathor from
Lud you may not kavw
the difference betwoen a
high grade * liv and an
article vt rougher make
And yet it is your own
fault it you ere impos,
upon Yuu cannot be
y exrcted to detect these

ps differcnicus itt uraterial
which wake such o wsteriat dugerence. But yurPoun at lowt
teke the precaution of making your purcbaxes whero

Misrepresentations aro Never fora Moment

Glance over this list of formidsblp Ba-gains:- or better still,
oill ond wee the superb values offred,

MENS PATEST BLUCHER WELT ... $2.26 to $3.00 pair
" Col-b Mite BLUCHER wwe 160te 300 »
" WOS Bt N KID, OPERA TOE tau to au,

éc., ac, éc. ae,

“Tho Lowost Pricos—ALWAYS """



UBE SUGAR—vach 50]ba.
- gll-Sizos



For Rent!||

ee ae ne RR tC =

* \


"Ly +“ a - \e We me
* Boome,” yihow’ 1 Bie Pel | us aS

omen ee


with neserted dotout dus, arr Se
‘Unde weeek—por yard —to.

A week's olay 4a
Hoot i ree

rece eee eee era
| Port-of-Spam’Oagette.| sexsi Sok sors sive | fete rece
ESTABLISHED 1925. oats oh ferd Te Atal ned ON ech ore

Pabls | comenttics is | new Company for 299,008. 44 Can

Published Darcy, ends . and Pablie armed new y for a Segoe ie

Se th for the reason that not

— omPany at eh & ¢ een

% ever t

layed wndey irre Village, Gurene, ningle enon ahi have saythiog to ao

{woen the Pereeverance (0. of that | with Britleh Guiana. I think the

acd arid tie Kawex OQ, uf Ule cily, | Goverument should step In and pre
The former team having won the toss { vent this port of thing.

It is With deep regret that we have

elected ta bat and eco: & The

‘leltore scored 25; the home vent to report the deat of tye yearold
Ue wasp anye a srrempoiden: | AL na aii adener
a Aree BE AL ars of Dh | preted Ip Teint on ay Oe Gut on


jeneral: Chalt- | attack’of croup followed by diphtheria

mate ise Bronation Goamittee in | carried the Tittle one off on March Slvt,

well ft Jones is Bt

Holidays se ree concer!


Advertionnents of Birtha, Deaths,
and (Marriages, Ackrowl
ments and Disclaimers (which
maat Le aathenticated t

6 car! prey le
Casual Advertisements of every
description +-2.6 per week,
fortnight; 5/¢ per month per
nch~ to be prepald.
Wants, &0:—2% per week each, to be

Fadltorand Publisher A, P.T. Amsarn

Manager wh N Laventin.
ot ae «ode Dy

‘All Cheques acni to theo

Madde pafatleta Tha Furt-ay-Spatn

mn eo able

sep? rs

The thy of the inembers of
Joune Chureh waa expressed at the
eee Chuceh neeetin A uth all
. e ".

deny write At om hae i igned the pastorate of Sidcup
month of epecial devotion to the | Buptist Church where he has been
Blessed Virgi nathe well trained cholr settled slnce October 1900.

ewtow! ——
Seated a portion of Father Turner's Dr. Browne, acting M.O.H. of
Gevotional full score petting of the | Georgetown, Demerara, in company
Mass {n honour of St. John the Bap- | with Sani Inspector Lucas,
tlet, fa a soul otirring manner. It may | all the cookshops of the Werk-en-Rust
be here mentioned that Father Turner | district kept by Chincee, East Indians,
is considered one of the moet thought, Doral wens and Negrors. ° Vv 5 are ret
at wi

manuseripts cannot be returned. fat aoe saasto In toe woul Gand all. his whose object is evident enough; bul

la, cy thas 0) of siaill
Advertising Scale on Application. amatl naded vo | ection 1p Portot pela would not be
Babscriptio: 23

~ «

succession to Mr.
officially intimated,



ection in Port-of-Spsia would not be

es : ~ peryear. | the devotion by Playing an appropriate | harmful in any respect.

Payable tn advance—Postage extra, | violin solo which wus carefully accom- —
~— nied on the fine-toned organ. At] Theadjourned case agalnst Hermon
oe evenlog devotions the newly | Williains for forging a certain under

y's chol from Mr. | taking’ of Mr. Egbert Grovesnor for

‘ach tly, } the payment of $1.50 with Intent
CURRENT EVENTS. - Tandeas i rn Goat aang xi, preety. ps
Tu DAY, showed signs of care ul tealuing.

The gold entered at the Demerara
Custom House on the 20th ultimo, for

advisat bis
client not f call any more evidence aa

Distelet Court -D a.m.
{10.3 it would add_ nothing to bia statement

Supreme Oourt—10.90 4.01 shipment per RALS.
— . tw Sergeant Boyd. The question was
Agricultural Soclety—1.3) p.m. which arrived here on the 2nd lost. | whether Hla Worship thought ita

valued at $11,108,03 Of thie amount

Meeting of the Sodality ofthe Lady

‘ the Colonial Bank sbip 133602:
of Mercy at 4.30 o'clock p.m. 2lwte. » Valued at x O08 12, and
the British Guiana Bank 2780zs, 8dwts.


RMS. “Oratava”
Southampton via Cherbourg,
Nichaels (Azores) and Barbados; and
leaves for Pto Colombia, Carta:
Coton, Jamaica. Cubs aod New
Malle close at 3 p.m,

RMS. “Balantla” leaves
Gren St. Viucent, St Lucla,
Dominica, Monsteirat, Antigua, Nevis
aud St Kitts, Mails close at 3 p.n.

TAMAR, “ Berbloe” leaves for D,
sara. Maile clone at u Boon. reins

oa.“ Syria” leaves for 4t Th

ligrs,, valued at $1,081.50,

On Wedaesday, 3rd fnstant at the
Belfield Magistrate's Court, Demerara,
rv. Bugla had to referto the gullibi-
lity of a batch of cooliev indentured to
Pin, Hope * You came from India by
water,and you will go back by water 3
zou came by ship and you are to go
kk by whip,” said he to them, They
were charged by Me. Mearns, the
manager, with having left the estate
without kave. The menin pleading
uilty. explained that they had been

ted aby someone who sald he ~~
would lead them back to Calcutta. | By the as, Sdramacea of the Horal
They sssured the Magistrate that they | Dutch Mail Comyany, Br. Cyril Décie,
would not attempt to do sucha thing feecond son of our esteemed fellow
sgnla, One defendant declared that | cltizen Mr, O. J. Ldcle, leaves for New
ha would wring off his ears should he | Youk, er roule to Montreal, Canada,
do euch a thing again. He was repri- | where he Intends to * cast his lot"=.—
mended and discharged. and the | and with the very best wishes of his
charge against the otbers withdrawn. |] numerous friends for success, Mr.

Me FELL Bridat < dal of Mesera. Tene Décle was employed for some time a!

local office of the lo: al

nant'’s Agency, San Fernando, has nore
come up to town to act for Mn Ee A.

Pitts aa manager of the city branch. [ some Dg

Air. Pitts has gone on leave fora short | sréres in office

time. made ey Nr. Skinner, the

—_—— popular uperintendent of the Com.

rain ie Georgetowny operate | Spite 1 emePhy, ase nid

My . vi Pos}
Vingietrate Courts over which Me | a2 ome. We sincerely hope ta

days to come, We sincerely hupe to
Manb: ided, Acertaln Munici
Man by prea tal eal hear good reports of our young frend.

e half of those that em- Nouthly Messeoges” of th

BT hal uf Tastetag ted | Bagchee

dog in Leopold street. When the time } the varied character uf ie copvents.


said he thonght defendant
ovly todefraud the gusran-
tee but he would not take the respon:
sibility of dociding the case; be would
let it Fo, tothe Attorney-eneral who
would throw it out if he thought fit.
Defendant was then referred for trial
atthe next assizes and admitted to
ball in L90-vith @ surety,


Bale of _a ploce of land situate {
ward of Tachrigua by Hubert Ootenece
& Co.—1 pm,

5.8, T 7 1
8, “St. Thomas” leaves f
Lados, Maile close at 3p m or Bar

Sale of two le of Iand of

the ward of Montserrat by L Sena

Col pow

Bale of two pareela of land si
the ward of Teco by FJ. Heth eee


Male uf a pieco of land ait
thewand of IMrure by Le Jonata ofa
ml pun

Kale of three parcels of land situated
In the ward of upper Ca: .
foot &Son—l pa et by BS,

8. “Prins Frederik Hendrik * * passe
leaves for Carnpano, Camana, conan, and. Rowers Teinnds viel

Guanta, La Guayra, Pi
Curacao and Por aE race, Carat
close at 250 pain,

od | requested to note that they must
present themselves at the Port Health
Officer's Office at 4 p.m. today for
Sve FT inwpection, The héur for lospection
of deck passengers for the Northern
iManda fs 3 Pm. at the above office,
Harennalyon Sunday laat between y the anus te ines ied Up thee Pace Health
uao toda
ie first occupied the wickets and Ufllcer af 14 noon ve

MM. * Naramacca" leaves for

York, Maile close at Epon New

ing Abraham afar off.
Aimatch was played on San Juan

Tue London Electric Theatre --3 and
aad pain.

Nigh {Water Sforn Lit Been Lat

i pan, joked up a total of 90 to which theis 7

Mult al 7" : # am. gpponents replied rt % A ube anoual retavat for calechiute of
aes * . Dn an be East fodisu Missiuy i

Moon seta “ 418 ens. with the Angilcun “Church of ‘the

arene ererne

District Court, Sale oy the
(Demeara) 7 wer Uf tal,


¢ City Potice Court,


o* Que Article on ' Our Fillered

Be huter f° Miracle _ of Bulo-

mone Throng Was 3 a

Spleay cane tua conclusion jast week
ip: | stonday at St Jowpn after luting
rd § about seven daze, Devotlonal exercives
red and doctrinal
&! Among
psclal speakers weve His Lordship
Jishop, Heva, W. T, Allen, Jf.
Barrett, G, JI. Burnett, W, E Sinith
poe, and CU. Stokele: he! y- The
reaees Were ver’
Veen ab the Leper Argluua the | U, Ragbir is the upeintendene at
Gormnation fe La be oe epee a worth uy he now baa under lostructiun as many
. nal: | as eleven 1
derate Lin, Nedd, who hae nade the nla for catachiste

, t QO ca
hail dozen wickets at a coat of yee


fumates th itt Gis Cs
Cla work Wo der ? organi wart “entire! 7 eucceesful ockety ate eet " ed of thet eeey
SEE PAGE 8 FOR eu rtalouient, la seelog that. The} General Meeting which takes ‘place
dzperta oil to Agree on pemctorment, should interest and | to-night at Nu, 6) Chartotlesireet,

Pla wow Delegates to the dtuk- Tanetedbumanity. sympathy for

den Confersace e-parale ino


At both the 9.30 o'clock moruing an


Zheee Camps in tludy of {| The sv. SarowYne which arrived | 7,P.m Divine Beryicoe at Holy Inaity
* 431 f . t Cathedral on Sun. h °

Prague. fetta’ 1 New York brongh no | Sele Arched 7, teste foe Nene.

treet dusnt) et brought b:
any pl thetteyzeiyeueh Malt ee OF

It te omeentl reported in
Guedsloupe that on he aitiral of the
ernor, M. Voure: roms

“Janou ou the steamer uctielou
t was hear midnight it was so
detain (av had beea done og furwer
oveaslone) the atewner HH morning so
that the representative of the Mreach
Republic coult be secelved with the
bouours due to an official of bls rank,
On MM. Peusergne learolog that the
otammera delay there forthe pur;
woult cost the colony $0UQ, be de

: Woe. clined, prewe
ons Val Caer op India & ts, | board isch d eoat to the soeay” and
eopeeke’ ° °
y | curpetee oft reoric great

hase of s new organ
boat ch
the che am at


Uader the ayspices of the 8t. Ann's
Presbyterian Cikieh there will bo an
by Gulf Kteamer on Satur
slay next May 18th to La Tinta Hay—
Kbad peatubesloa of J. McCarthy

\ The steame: will
Lég it bows Jetty at 2 pe returnlog
ab 8 pum. givlag auapla Ume for a
falh wai trip te the Lighthouse.
‘betes 3- each oan be obtained at the


~ -


way. 5 lel

| Bene ecne WE HOLD A FULL

Straw and Felt (

Prices from

ree \


' ” ‘Taflers aud’ Outittes


\ omits

uo . "
| GH)


an &
erg” een 60°¢ :



Marine Square & Chaco:

bene oes

« - ss


Limited. (4

Sole Agents fq

— AND —






— THE — .

World's Beg

2002E2000000000U 000000000000 000000 .




LADIES Ladies Black Buckle Shoes,
Patent Tace Kid To 81.44 TO 72 CENTS

Hoo see fiehe | LADIES BLACK OXFORDS.’

Lapiea Ch $2 to $1.08.
pies ' .
22.40 oes Ladies Tan I angtry Buckle Shoes—~ $1,92tto $1.20,

ladies Tan Oxfords $2.16 to $1.44.
Tae hy ‘ ty * nal wR et

Lives Tan Viet Bals, | GIRLS’ TAN LACE BOOTS,

$2.16 to $1.20,
. S192 TO $1 20,

Ladies Tan Vici Button |] GIRLY 1CE& BU TON BO T+, 81.92 to 31.08

-Boots—83 to $1.44 :
; ; '|Girls White
dies’ Tan Derbhy,! Canvas Shoes

$3.00 to $1 80.

81.89 10 $L20

4DOLM, TO $240. - ,

“ ea .

to $2.16.

{he people of Portof-Npain ta driuk,

Aad withall due respect, we are ane on the first step be tieaed 1nd and

tho Noo immediatly stretched out ot

; aa! ; R S; able to adndt cb t
adnt «he suppusition as well: | paw on the right and tbe eagl: tt, talon
~ iid OW, SA. l j aH ‘ated Caseata thatthe a Anis md the Mn the Wit. Upon tent fie We ned,
. . - wen” ¢ The bt Anos Deeevole he cect oy and was spared the trouble of ascending

. z himself t 2 tt thing was
Tho Schnr. difficult of pollution. And ‘until there pee tie attmnate anil binds ote rah

in the Lown oe pot leas pure than as cde
livered direct from the St, Clatr ftters, | CRU WRRO RY BAGLUN
. may the kingdom of the house of David
. Taxina , THRONE levatablished.

is eos nobesitating and definite assur | until be arrived at the top. ‘Theo all

there will be reason and tifleati . . ;
for the pubhy foeling that ae are not ant Rating eee {hen eee throne
* whtee thts a dove of vid capemite
’ ’ ne thruns brought a ecrallof Use law

Each complete with hinged who:

. 4
>man-hole - cover and brass

ance from Dr Dickson or sume other [the birds of every. npetion began to
getting fur and proper return for ferept down beneath bis fect. The
and placed tt upon bis knees, Then
am . . ~
Fe lock up cock, : | Garr F. A, JONES, oF to
; ayo?


aa taken from the house and yard taps | alvick, and all the trees omitted theb
on —ON. }

On ES TLECG |soturaay, 20th inst.|" Fy eam «| trae ede eal

ee aturda nst. ‘ Sn thbrdones and all the beast and

¥< MIRACLES OF SOLOMON 8 Diddswithone accord extiJaimed, “Lon:
5 f
Dr. Moses Caster, one of the preatost
Hiebrew scholar i just by the (one, he read if, to fullll
For Bates of Fralabt, hoy, applyzo | nelisnowntiectirr atthe Uslverity | enti ue hs aaa ther al
o 41 “
Of Ustonle has ros ered in the Hud; the days of hla Hid” Every step ou

felan Library at Oxford an aucient
= 1 the throne contained” some vena in
Hebrew manuscript called The pralee ofthe Aw. nthe Henk «As

4 Chronicles of Jerahuieel,”
: wiittent “Ther Law of the Fant te
Grell & Company Ltd, From [nternal evidence Di, Gaster perfect, reftesling the soul.” On (he

; < city-40 0 ,. 500 &.600 gallons pibeiaannn believes that §t was wiitten about the necond $ “The testinony of the Lord fs

analyst to the effect that the water chirp and sing, aid The peacocks to
the very Jaryu outlay on the erection ea nestliug on the vines after walt
laylag it upou a golden reading deak


“Barpitp Hine of Phe desteuction of the Temple faithful, making the foullsh wise.” On

The Port-of-Spaly Gazelle. chronicles or legends ‘relathay te the Jee jatelng the | pia aot is Tod
re eee NNN N

— nearly all the great charactery of the fourth, an commandment of the

Uible~—A brah: Toasne, Sloses, David
. *T Lord Ho crented awan eulightenmesit
and so forth, In interest and tin |i the eyen, Outhe fife: “The fear

poppe ely nd only to the Bible | ce the Lard ts puny lasting forever.”
Ov the sixths “The judymente of

ROON. GRANT & GO | coe cette tere | ee ee i een vent
all of them.
a , 3 ‘ Ar’ the last meeting of the Town ita detailed dogerfption of the thrune When the people approached Solo

. ” =
; TUESDAY, Oru MAY, 1011

a verbal report was wade by for judgment, tha wheels of hin
o 5. Ht. Dickson upon the results of | the Lilble and other eyurces that this jon ue a
ST, VINCENT BUILDING, Drs J 2 Di kan pen inetionent ive | throne wae fitted with «a-suordinw v | Shrone tu ned, tie atmos net
te ee foom thu Mataval Iiver before | Mechanical devices for lumtilling ae 1 heated, the eagies sated tlie preacu ke
and after passing through the newly into the turbulent and tious over ‘hal hot the wf - 5 ue yok
erected system of filers at St. Clalr | Whom the wise king guled Mere are stiicked the crcks crowed, the hans
from which it appears that about 7) sume of ite wonders ectoamed, aud all the Meda clits ped, (o
ner cent of the injurious organisine | Abd what,wag the throno of eri the aud not plead w uy ean
Found in the water prior to ite filtration Solomons outs sages vay that andl cneure witnesses were Dot, wut :
through the "mounted bis throne by vix | fretfalsely, ‘On ancount of all thie lt Ys
aalda The Ike of i¢ will never be
inade in any kingdor,”
When Alfiasuctus wae king, be tried
for three yeats to havea throne minds
luke that of Sulamun, but In valu. +
Selence aditinga,

f Fortof-pain, 6th May 1911,

were removed in passing
Iter beds, and the hope was held out | dliferent weys, each way having ste;
fiite a Un each step there were two Ia, oe

that by further variations of thy quan:
lly of Altertn medium st would pers | vo the right, the other on the felt
z hepa be possible to etlll wre improve | Who did uot remain quivt, but were
the quality of the water, So[active And what did they dot
far a6 that is concerned, it] When Solomon went up on the fret
. iutat be admitted that the finpres- | stePy the liove on the right stretched

sion was of the most roca, Bat Poul thelr pawa. upon Whi ib
Mr Vielra's simple queetlon at once | Viiting was engraved. He could MOVEMENTS OF STEAMERS.
struck # significant note; andit waacer- | Mot place his fo on the second
a m tainip worthy of attention that deepite | step ontll he had sad what wee] Tha Boyal Mall fteam facket C*
my 2D the attempt of the Town Engineer and J written pa the lion's paws It was, ¥60 P 9
A ~AND— the Chairman aud Dr, Dickson, that |“ Yeshall hut respect persone io Judy: _€60 rage 4.
ary ¢ question remains still practically un- ment.” Turniog now to the left, fe Koumkeajke W sal-
. dnawered. Mr, Vieirs’s question goes J teed what the other livua had written d
frally further than the mere words} 08 thelr paves “Though shall not Tus ova Doyen Man

Yeap Ling Senyice.

SCANIA, Tha Royal Duth Mall

AX Chartered) Pleaser Asanis
due here from Veoesuelan Jtorta ob oF
about 13th Mey 19) proceoding afterwarda

to Faramarilsy Havre gad Armaterdain
taking cai passengers atte 1A a

TEAS MALLE HIT, The toyed Dutel
P all Dleamer * brine Wiltets LIE” fe

lin and Bt. Ann's, none of which te fil. Petenes aud ,pearts, red, while, and
tered. It waeadmitted thet it is say Kreen. Hinga'of trues specie of
and Dre Dickson sought to mininine § he pelin Wee were fixed gn boo sides
he effect of this necessary admission J of cech step, sad upon thir branches
ty adding that whereas tbe St. Ann's there nestlod® all khade of eagles, | due hers from Amatentam via Daranar)
Water was belleved to bo pure, and peacoche and binds On -the bigest boand Demerare on er about 2ut May

i ep were two b wit eeding afterwards te (aripano,
that fiom Diego Slartin aud Ht. peter wert ne heade BY ilere, ot See rte ee ea trasy ra Tucrta

Clelr waa pups) through natural fil. p lvor 4
‘abatlo, Ci dacmiel, | Aux Cayes,
te bia of aa, the Alana water troetiow vines fragrant with, very eee pines and New Youkâ„¢ tabiug

was kpown to be impregnated with [kind of perfume, whib they exhaled . 4 walle,
be] Tyfiss Niflaat 1Ve— the Ttoyal Dateh
all Steamer ' Pring Wiilew LV" be

® dan inierobes, All of which je | whenever bolumou ascended the
: perry ee, Fe tee aboeld Know | "The fhrone ital ato of
a ' bot be we sbou! now ie ne wee wade iv here us Venesuclan Porte on
\ the bacteriological results of au exam: overlakd with the gold of Ophir, ed dust om i 1u}t, praceedi otter
2 | nation of water drawn dirxt frow a | surrounded wilh precious stones and | warts to uramaritas, Yiaive and Awster
KJ © | few house and yard tape fa the town | pesris, Un ellher side of the throne a | dais taking cargo, pumcogers and mally
9 Asi Iden seat of hovour was placal, one} ~~ =~ “aon

* 5


os Inight seem to muggest, He asked | accept any bribe”

a Whether it ie not s factthat after filtre- | = SEVAN SHEATH OF THE GOLD

; tlan, the pater from the Maraval OPIIG

@ | Riveraelt ic belng delivered to the rep hehad to read

. eonaumer in town bs constantly inixed | seme portion of the law of fitdament.
: 5 with water fron St. Clalr, Diego Mar- | All the elepe were eet wilh precious



ioua rentres ? it fe, the im 7 -

Megwoloa teh rio uind of the onik | for Uad the ‘wer, aud the olber Loudon Wrect Lino

hary jeader b| Tepert pe the discus: | for Nathes be prophets And seventy 4 of *qamos

% sion is Chat after takly the tronble by Jother seats of 1 for the seventy Taa New Couonra
‘ a costly process lo render tha Mayaval § judges of th belia formed & OGWPANY. AGKETH

. ost pure, we are carefully | cin le around (he cepal thione UARQASEO.. The may wad
ae 64 I J R by adintsture $ Infrout of 1t was # lampot guld, ivbados
L By MaRINE SQ A E. f with ite souffer and cenverss ia grities BY bare from London, ria ay it aad
True Kar | eppurtenzupes. and on une ¥, “ cowllug afterwants fo Demerars taking
. an or]

gineer made the . . sven in eculptus a re ars inal
that rule bs [eer hi werkt, i t < o AN The *
wens ater the ot Anas eond | te eo Sita, Al (* HWS nH ‘ cane will sath on oF

“wey t
; FoR S A ‘ I Ey Heede water ie not turned juta the | viz, Aduis, Nosb-ehem, Ashen,
tis tesrrved for consumption | Ivaac, Jacul aud why.mb’on the | alah Sded May 19ff taking cargo fur
~ See wn districta, How fe thie! feat other side were the seten “ois Mecot Letdlon and Continental ports.

. Initeow
; may weask? Istheenlle tthe workd, via, Kehalh, An ee
revere rr rrwrre Vente rave mupicating of fs it Moses, Aaron, bided, Medad cod Lun ichle’s Anu Cousmapilse hy rug ie

and on the toy the fora of @ priest the tesull of orpert chanical ex yest

FALL COGOA ESTATE |iiiiireormeied ie liaise erat ta ea

: f a ve tele toe i" pee jullataengdior on
4 aut), Os §, B2l na were eat stu,
om OF # Acros. sick Gonctally supposed), then surely | asclean, all feciog gach ol a ud tak gree is!
™ 2 ‘ wy be always pot merely “ase | fret step the o« wes pl ie wil
ru “L. mens from the “rest of [the lion; on thw -~—
cf fe ee

; 7s *%
y tessonaple-y. fer, vobesed, ' For farther partioulara thewor tf. do woh siggret that | upposite thw wolf's ov

{ Ww ont
a oe Mr A weé guilty of juore theg ploy); ow the t aie ae Colle, A tatel,
em MoRERE & KIRTON, | ernst as nd that the cogent, Sect cette hose
Es aa




| THE STORES, - Stephens Limited, _-THE STORES.
) a

Gents * Split * Bals,

Ssnts Black Satin Calf Balmorale,


Tan Vici Bals.—-$3 60

Gents Tan Calf Derby
81.9240 81.20.

Gestra Tan Vici Derby


for Now
gera ond

= :








lace Slippers,
$1.44 to Sic,

Derby Oxfo

$5.00 to $3,50.

Derby, 4.50


May Ltt, and wallteas
direct for New YouR wht cago,
Passengers Atal natin.
QOPPEN AME ~The = Coppe-
name indie here from
on Mouday 2nd
loave next da

ab nyetr pieeledly,

York taking cane.


Gunts Tan Vici



Gents — Evoning
Oxfords 2 10 to

Gents Tan Willow Oxfords,

Tarn wre Dutes Mam -AGrnte
Aes eRe ~The w®% Sarow
4 uae fade Dak bore

bo vie Barbades ou Tiedas (th
the eovday





* DULY TO &1%


Coon Ban

May 1931, and will

Hamburg “meri-

can bine



AYRIARK—The as. Sicia "of the Ham-
SD burwAmierican Eine is due bere roa
Voneavelan ports on or about May hab,

pyorgeting afterwards to

Havre au

Lamburg via St Thomas thing carga,
pass ngers and malls




Lowpagtie Gouerale


C Leorato & sox

tT DOMINGUE, The Vreacb | Mail
Domingue from Furupe

$6.) Steamer * St.

vit Guadeloupe, Martinique anu st. Lunes
Ja die here on of about the Zith May, and

will p


ta, Demerara,

burinam and Cayenne, taklag “ergo, pe
re nid rand,
Eninch “Mail bteauer

? “al

Peruu ts dite hore f)


wn Veuesuclan

porta on or about rhe yale May and wil)
muceed afte twanls tu Martinkyue, Guade

juupn, Santuntar, Menieaux an

taklog prtnenzers, carge and pula

of ? tesmors


nd” Shavre,
a Lamport & Holt Lino


Gro, I. Atetov & Ca.

FYMENNYBON The 55, Tengen ly

de hon Or aa Saulen on the t

Uh Ma

leaving the same day for Now Youk vit
Hartwuloa, taking cargo, pram ngers and


V OLT AIRE, The a5," Volta” ts duc
bere from Luenos Aires on (ho Z7tt

Bay, leasing the same day for New York

vlan Uartadus, takfiig ta paseugere
and mails, ange
fad Gasgow Direct Line
me if Steamers
Trisivap BiirriNe AND
TaavwoCe Lrp Anune
TSs.- The an | Nos” of the

aN Glaxgow Dire Line ts due here
Hasladues oo er alinut

from Glan via

10th May



Vii. Procecdlug afterwards t
Denserare taking cargo, passenger, and


Mouston tine of


wee ee

Gnu, JL Ataton 4 Ce,


Kassin The os “Kelvin
A Dead trdase bere from Buenas Aires
on of about the th May, amd will leave
the sane day dirett fur flontun aud New

York, taking arya cnt


hens from Lave:

or ataut 24th May Wd presnned rig
ew bd

warts in Ba Goal fie. Cal

( Ura AO,



‘The aw. *
vol tia Darbeclus én

Company Lt


Limitep — Agents

CAPO, juve ngern
antle Uf qearcntine permis,

Froderick Leyland 9

‘Tus Naw CoLontss Cov,

‘ucalen” ledve

a ba Volco Naviga-
siona Italisua a

V pore

Tus New toa Comrary Lp,

- Torino” |

To. Tainan aid Caden, tak:


Theae, “Citta di
bere frum Genus, vie

i aud Teorsiite on
slough 1th May 401) proewding aller:
wards to La Gualnn, Pi he,


seeygere aol pralin iP quarantine pretulta,

y the aid 3s
hatte ta


Donne 8.

Live wm MM,

omy May Sad Wl} fur brintded 5

dee to saree on Dbay tL
up pa
ea ow ¥

ou diet

Thaidad tine will eave Sew

OBA pos
“Pmidad Line of

pamvad Bulreiwe a
3 ant
WUENADA The ma * Greusdn” ane

A Trinidad Hine will leave af the


1931 aul bs due there

mee | a

i= to heavy overstock we are offeri . a : : s
ag : 4 ering the Newest Styles in all qualities of Boots and'Shoes—For Ladies. Gents,,
yen i Infauts at cost price and under for Two Weeks only for Cash. All prices marked in plain figures. SI now

Gents Tan Vici Kid Blucher,


Make Uo rastons, dirit sub,

t 10 tan 2 lars

—_—— SO CENTS. 83.60 to $2.00 aoa wo 1.80.
A, e SL TT
ptephens Limited, The Best Place to Buy Everything.
ae; ‘Alecansion, It would nat have been Ino [imei anne ee = SW ie) SHIPDIND INTL LICENCE.
Boks, Tanks, Tanks) WEEE ee ae eS |


Harhcdos A plas,

waats, Locgups poultry, Rilogs, Vv bones
2 ae WO beradles waed hoor
coish 777 phic vcget bles, A tale ume

and 34 paseo we


id cooks

(kama, Briiah stir, Coftia 1173 tons, ot
hour, Demerara, cago in transit and 4
puswuyers - 10 Gordon Grant & Ca,

Eastrax Paves, Uiltish stair, Ord, 1,799
tomas laya, Babla, caneo in tranait (Hoe

Laaker coal
St. Dum inees,

In tranatt

To Gerdon, Grant and Co

French steamer, La-
anion, 48 tons 3 hours, Demerara, 08)

Leotaud anid boo.

bth ‘

+ passengers— To Uharies

tle wise, Ger stir, Andersen, 1,205 tons,

tia dave, Norfolk,

Te WALES Pkt Osy.

Nowiim, Sur. stu, Tounen,
dava, Martuiqoe, inn tons Janiter, arf

2 pawen gens. - Cu Trinidad Shipphig are

‘Trading Coy.,


Va, Y107 tons coal
RT tons, 1

A.V. Conrad, Urit 3 wetdechr, Corknun,
WAT tonn, Id daya, [dverpool, NL, 15,000

feet lumber Lo JSC. New

bold & Co.

Anvancy, Brilish aloup, Roberta, tf tons, t

dav, Grenada, 4 pieces pipin,
caadl, 3 pkgs frult and

<3 boxes

jo “passer

Feuxwont, Derit sinop, Baker, 17 tous, 3
days, Grenada, 3 bunrda, 4 baskets frult,

7 Passengers.
Vancunon, Venes host, Ul,
thas, Crisdolad Coton,
tp ag Thag eotles, and

bdo Be
ml JUDD covo-


Maura dustin, Jira ploop, Leuda, 14 tons,
Podas Chena, 2 pige elonamon, a bags
roeonunt Lompfy oylinder, and 10 pas
1 4t dh

Mas anne Nene

tank, louse Cristobal

andl 4g men

y yuuluat, Marling, Of

Colon, 4 gu,

Manowar Dutch eiruny Drijrer, 2,023

tons, A lays NewYork,

23 tous general

gana ane A passengers —-1o loyal Dutch

asta. Pare,
4 Dares, New Lork--Lan) begs

trite steainety Onl:


dad counts, 13) h ‘olugo cn onuls,
and 270 Lous iunker con ey teordou,

Grant & Ca,

Oc amo, Titleh steamer, Cou, 1,172 tons,
Kartindua’ Lb tage Eriuldacd CULOnULA,

£0) bays Trlaidad oovua, 10 b
Ww pu heone THulded


invhawses, 121 wet hides, 8

sundiles, &
Jauber aml 16
Grant & Ca

le gement, 6,710) feet


Istaxv Gua, Diritiah sloup, Ix

tons, Grenad


rd, 2h

t aod 1d passes.

Vewcbour, Uritieh aovp, Clowden, 19
touy Grenada 12 barvela bread and:
sundry pac hayes merc handive.
Foarwler, Brith sloop, Haker, 17 tory
QUrenada—sandey purkayes 9

Vixivu, American steamer, Beolth, 102

tuna, Guanocoe —

t toa peneral at


jorve and

4 Jeune core faaltled Jth inatantj~ Uy

dow Yu

& blermudes Ua,

Sr, Dowisars, Moench steamer, Liston
+0) tons, bt. Lauia- ny Cargo, 06 per
acngers, Uy Uhas Luotaud & Bon,


Malls for Orenada, 8t. Vinoont, At.

Tanta Doutulia, Moutacrrat,

Nevis, Be Kitta,
boty abtwod on T

wre Hegistration ¢

Malls fur fhe
WH) be chowet
lnetant oat 2

Uewiitration clots at 69 lec
Malls foo Dune rire gee B

eae * Balant!


la? wh

day 6h Inst at 3 ocdk

2H pm
a Ube SL


the Oil

osduh pou precisely



wild be clos at 12 noon un Tuesaday Ob
frat Hepivteatiun at 1100 aro.

Malte foe Pu

Coluulla, Cartayen.

, danein Culeaand New York w

lap elsod by Rn Ms

day ity Losi
at yale.

Malle fer Carupe
La Gusgra, Pro Cabell

Fieger” wil) tan

lant at SM pun, Ite;

alte for Vow

taaca” will Le chsed on

mo, Cua,
ite we. © Virus


lustant at 1 orto wu

Test stration oluswe #t 12.00
Mais fir Mt, Thotnse by ¢

2 wendy the th lnstasg,
z+ Segletratiog

wll eer buned one

dork p.m prec

‘ ait far Urenads, Ba
ath bythe na trowe of Graneda


* Orulava “on Tuew
at 3 o'clock p.ouw, Hegivtration

G waula

Curacao, a


thom Tucedey Hh
intratton ot 8D

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hat Ita Hot ae There le not ;
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healing yvwee, ve .


Which are you seeking for ?

wopety Mevoral makois of Rubber Horts hove tried to find oitt juke
moet t helrtee wey ret oth Hover clients with a Brean aapworlu HMool Unit will oa
lea, aul give all best hueman being demaude, but ta n0 nyail: »

Fester’s. New Process—The Tred-Air Heels .
moot all the requirecpente that lovers of hecls have aleuys bpon suckieg fr, Thero ts no galueeying
thet with » paic ef Tred-4iz Rubber Heols all doubt ofeaso ad comfort fs a realist! on, bret not
eveu Mr, Firsean, the air-flrer, can doubt ao outwaed show, but an inward roslity
recommending them, Como ous and socures pale at 1),


MAY 0 10if

Dyels & ‘Athlete Serta

* bey “> HDA
es, aA

tan ts the programens of the
eae eec eats
never] won 6 git

2. rs Friar 8. hi


"BE |

LECT Len Ove Mite
iz 7 ¢ Matraace kee
niet miot, First prise

4.—- Tan

~ -
rca. ae value ol Ph . - NX W 12
MP once aptrance Feat FOR EVENING a
: for Everything tee Oe a
° Waterman for Every Oe ee Fins limite a . ‘ : °
PRRCS ee t
sip Pee ofthe aise of ia OAN'L say too much about them— Ever, tasty
- ~ 200 Fa. : ith the times knows that Beaded
° = FN ee ee a ot ane valag laly who moves with the
‘the: tall. Connor with fighting trance ee 10 $a Prizes 0 ; i are among the latoit :
5 Nanco, The cae hat heen on the list CITY POLICE COURT, [sats on Friday night. tT ee a Bec yetx Race—Open Trimratn and Gamitures Thi. el { Tri
for & conslderable length of time, Ile — =~ sent te gaol for sever dl &2-Oes Mink MOS ot 16 years on decreo .of Fashion frem afar, i3 style o tims
Fite weve neared then the tater | ‘Before Mn Mechvewt sight LED. Fyeyiy f roars B5 | * Me Sar x toe Brorts, sate iowed, ming is now in vogue most everywhere lon't fail
vido were not mwady, tli - > Monday, [over ta keep the peace fe, No ractiag Cycles allo J
+ BM Us eat | rmomuyuctartte one ra ent eB wae Freset berg ARSE to look through the different styles thorongbly,
kr Mer arene ee raed wee wut share Ale Siti sighttans ante, Pal. “Tuavats—Willlan Kavary gununion- ante e 0 Epes “Ege ees . 7
onour eal, If rotr ‘ ad Adana, Jel Octavia Ferguson tor making use Tirme Simlts .
matey Spee atrangeaentn After he exc Adanyan Fo Ae te tne menaces: to hen Mi] must have act oa epee ‘evenys to bes ‘BADEN DUBS URNAMBNTS te ite eevee’ and black, #t @)
. Tdays tinea LL ale Appe Q . reefing cyclo rents to he sD Oe anata whireeyy i
Mr, Pollard ICit is tu ty October, (15 aml Rutney Ithq-or ant, Who affer the evklence,wae bound eligible for this BMenars, foalth i MGs TRIMMING t~oRized elth Gite . 15)
then Odtober It be. Ibe the plaintit? “INDIA ¥NT Benaviour, Mary Wil-foverin £3 to keep the peace for olx Hicyole egnted ay chine value of OsIMiee BEADRD aN we i ea eom 24 cents
welt oer Not he alone, Because | lain was chatged by 1. G Flerpaint monte, and orderval lo pay 78 couls, or | ard dprise 5, Lap prise Fe ten Vane oo GILT DED FAINGE... yRINGR te os oe conte
or r new | seven c ~ y ag 5 . oo vue
; ented re ee wdigupte tht qown polite eta Defertant wes chimed ns or eee laud 10 Batra fe tS Prizes of the value girs oS Ri BBADE! Siquiaagi beaded = one’ més o Brat
‘ “ a. ‘i monment. | Codungton summoned 4 * < lng sbedes vse oe y fae .
Une plat ntlit le ee ted an eat arene seh te Metaloney nel for Loating her at Prescott Alley nents Mie Bicreue Race -Open, to SILK GIMPS= 1a he lev INO: from Wei pw yden PO? :
h ari hanert hea augyrated an eaity | 2 charged by Constable Pieeacott on the Bath oe wat month, and Ramuet hood wt tere einet voyeurs, ED WHITE BEADEU GABOUGHON’ wih paul “ced prlten on “Feb
" tth haviug been diumk aud disunter: J eummoned Maud Codi ou, " ft tb tne
L. nee Steeag tee ee dante ears iy, aie . sadet wet wailty dat i ail Caizabethy Paul or : oy atinitag trance He ae yt rizen ef inate o unten aad 2ee & TINSELINSERTION—Tise 4 ws ine 8 M1
to make what order he thinks Nt eee pene daye furprivons place, After hearing the evidence, maine, R. Mandtea eObher Designy ... ar ue ow Som ube Ops
Neavines ©, Batti Brow A Care Prentenced to seven daye ui f nueb was convictedand fined ae, or | U2 2 Yaaoe Fuat Rack-~ en cap. wa ea ee na
Be eee ae tet. to plein ttl anal oAeast ur Comtable Richa rv dvon seven days, ond in the crouse char . Entrance Fee ie bi _ ; A BIG ASSORTMENT OF OTHER TRIMMINGS AT OASH
DEE yg OTN! ' ‘ . it | Codrington was flued Se, or _ { Dig vet. ack—Open,
dir, Aleazar fur dcfendants, » ina St Reet vee Sutgeee ie term, erie other two’ were dis |! Tine ihates Bf “nina, Competitors STORE P; RICES, *g
Hy conmuy adjoaied over the pideated eral eH was Hood 2 or [ charged, must have actually raced, in at icxt >°e
tacatlon, “ph Naw pest plead RooMARrse 4, Bssraniey DBisauar pp seven days. want Po Nawlt be: be eitatule for this race.” Prizes of the . > ;
. : 2 fed wuilty to assaulting Joseph Lewis, 2. . .
Ta ates Be Heese: Honsin tee dhe my and was Hoeet am ani “y cudaya ler FERROL, Mb Man Sour or neatat d One Price Only. Valae Nowhere Like Mallard 5 Ff. ee h as o ;
“Dhaygut. ON THA Waova si pn. —Jothaa bs de WHAT IT ES, ' ‘value an ma
Bhaygut. Nance x | Tes stmawened by Constable Stuart fy p is an eat fresh’ cod livers, iso Prizes of the . one
with jlewar atokting Mi 2 eke | for thiving a hote ai fiat on the ] containing all the virtues of pure | 13,—fwo Miux Tuerety Racy (Iendieap)
viet, Tul . M woong alds he ron © was fin 3 yer Uit without the nauseous Entrance Fee . Pris oe
for an adjournment tll \ ednewatay. WwW mt days, { pre belt with phosphors du value of $3, $l and $2, _ . 7
AOI ae ei toon | ODRewkeeins Chiles Durant the form of the Compound Syrup of | 16.~— Harr Miex Flat Itace-—Open, En.
gold It wae very hard on plaintit? who pleaded suilty to a charge of drunken | 17) onhoaphiten, nutitilous Extrace of trance Fre Ia 6d, Prizes of the value | Seememeemerremmsenensrenen :
ea conn | Reese opi Hatt | Sl te Pik Baa Wi |, PES GENIE vie ne rene] ters emeaas eT SIT :
mn Montarrat. 1] oon a
on ‘Aleniat wall he was instructed bbe ty brought a aiost bing yt oe Cherry Mark. x Race—Open, to one representative { sion to the Competitors’ enclusore, i,
Mr. Vhippa was to Lave appeared pot WHAT IT DOES, Demerara, Jamaica] 3. On the day of the sporta no one Wut
that 3 me “pie th r i she [seven daya. + . Tt will promptly relleve, and If ite and Trinidad, Ist prizet A Aaleigh officlals will be allowed on the track, (This ~ 7
for Mr, Naneo in that case, and a it CYVCUISG OW THR Wrosa Bibb use fy continued, permanently care (Special) Bicycle presented by the rule will heatrictly ahered tod s e4
bellevnl the Lou ouber cance before it Philip Gormandy waa tined 7A ot chronic, bronchitis, all pulmeouary Halelgh Cycle Co, tbroogts thelr] @ The start for each event wil) take 1 is
Mout toe eae he weutte the { #tci lays for ruling a bleycls onthe | ie tione, croup, hoarseness, nervous’ Agent Mesure. Smith Biron Cow znd place punciually at the time atated Im ¢ } y
+ chantry y the wrong side af the yaad. . ) disorders due toan exhausted cond!- the value of $10. Lap prize programme and without. reference to ,
‘ vo, shoot} A . Ifte Hangar: —That te very inst ¢ a1 Tranens Prevatie fer beating bet. (Qu), fevers, debility at. change of 7 A betl will be rung three minutes
haa, Mr. HW. Attaly appeared for cone | MOR k Articles, fore each ovent when competitors must
f . Adjourned peremporily fo “ edues- plainant and Mi, McCacthy for the ie. Se rtatlonel weak nent atany ee far “ stent take up their positions at the
, Marae tA pa 1 f . °. * al Ly
eo, palaeltre rome of witnesses fuel Garntainane ane ere anet afeilty. we 5 ariumnend Kerrol for very hy Thee races willbe run ants ‘ictewe wae dard it rae mit a ~ ret anteas
~ Oe hernacaecl hor emer ing anatgen |e, toll you of Korrch Te has ered | AUbfets Arwecatlon of Enaland-and po, | Cher Ao elt compat

Servant boy froin golag on an eccand
on which delonduus had sont him
She vented the areosattien aid de-
fondant caifeb ticked und slapped
her because she ivfusat to leave Mis

makes weak lings strong.
A Pi THat Paovad im Vater -

we of weak slomuach will tind

pute fat on thin pesple. It fs
strength In Dr Kelloggs Vegetable


‘ hea rawons wo ask you to try Ferrol,
. Jatain | employs without beng pant twe Sole at all druggists,
ie eelt bial wean ihe wontadke grote, sae heute ete owed her, bole AgeuleBUILH Lv and Co,
arp neat Stekeeeal ee eet i hued ind stenck complainant in eitheret | Phe Hunanza, Patof-spain,

well acquainted with they and value | the wayealleged by her, Khe abused

pe .
it ts shown 11, Competitors Ip Boys’ Races must, at an
him aud he entered her to go, bub she . . ondact is qobecoming or 1 . | the time of entry, atate thei
th & thelr proper woth They ‘NTEO at once at the Diego Mart! bat his entry was made er false pre. try, © their age (years rm et
bave aff t HE eer a eet eetaiant wae cenvicied oat per, Reformpatory. a good Blacks Lienoge riot theQP.CC. will hare af promo ne the garage ou toe | ONE MINUTE FROM THO “Four Rowe
prationy have falled, and) tave Hoed JO. orreven dage amlth, ary vee aopth aed em be: ee fee F bust furnish certlficaten of birth. *
Heeted cures In allmepdy of tong | Ate aa, lodgings, ratioas and uniform. Chuich discoun of 21 per cent, of the entrance fee

standing whervottey medtences were } FiGUTING'—Clenentiog Clarke and , ale | spect

of Kogland, a
fqund unavailable toWopeiinten


Alverting Dasie were charged by Con-

ent Sth May, lw.


8 oF Flags: and


“Large Suppl


Small Union Jacks—with & witho
Large ,, 29 7) .
Royal Standards, White Ensi
Red, White and Bluo Draping Cloth —
‘God Save the King.”
Lougths of Streamers, Read
Also a limited number ot G

N.B.~As wo an
‘aro roquostod to


gns, Blue "Ensi

y Taped—suitable
lass Fairy Lamp

ticlpato a rush
call carly.




— eae

many wha had given up hupe, It
It is pre
pared so ihatit van be awimilated
without the least digestive effort. at


ply whib? testimoplats

ut sticks—suitable for School Chi

House Decoration, & NATIONAL sec smemnarnness
igns,. Red Ensigus, Assurance Commanj | Prices: Bc, 1Go.
lain and Printed— Guaranterd by the Forkshare Fir
and Lys func

for Cross=streot Decoration.

ie Spe ittee reserve the
right {a making at any lime an rasltera:
tion in the programme, that may be found

10, Every competitor will receive $
the dreasiog root a ticket bearing a Dum.
ber corrcepondiag with bis Bumoberin the
Gy hia om bls ebest or tint fhe tse wore

¢yelist) on bis back, and he must wear dls-

tinetive colours which areto be declared
at the time of entry,

ground: s f caddies, Hiceu
wTpondents oe will be debarred from


eh entries must be made and reces
rin In tho real name of the competitor and
no entry will be accepted unless socom
peoted by theentrance fos, The Committee
of the QP... may reserve the right to
refusdan entry w thout, bein ee
assign a reason ¢ or to disqua

at any time, lf hle conversation or




for (he rarions ereuts.

% No vonipptitor shall be allowed td
4. Every competitor, provided be has

start unlead be wear half sleeves and com.
plete clothing from shoulders to the knees
and the Judge has power te order off the

track any cowpetitor who ts
ingey ad ots not decently

13, Any queation arful id
tided for Im theve Rule il eae Oa

under those of the Int
pind Won je International Olym-




King’s Birthday,
* Srd JUNB, 1941-

Prices of. Adtnission,

To the GROUND (oa T.
Sue band rae
‘othe ’ vb
Tragarete Road aad et Galt

Aver ue wees 4
Te the PUBLIC STAND {on Hareleel

treo, North... ag
Tothe LADIES STAND(on Havelock &)
Gen! 71 cents,

Ladles’ ... 48
Te the Mewters Led
Took Bueet, Sonrbig,) watt (ot Have.

Lidiee of Meeabers Low .
Other Indies * Howe ell a feu
(doav’s (con-Memb re),

-, Blea
Montes ef PEGG have fr0e eptcy

Nace Tes Ltaloab’
ovly, ou ihe boy of the porte, the Gates
Reortay, VECO,


Serer PCO.
Cycle & Athi



> a







- The Tron Strongthoniog &


imaa 4
S—with Candles to Suit, Acer BPUMa seo Beat | Bish ferommonded for contd
‘ ew of uppetite, Ner »
on thoso Goods customers Head Oflcs:—York, iylae” ease), Gengral prostration etc.
ow to sort Rite} TOMH®,

ak Fre
and Url Con ae Earth

#0 pet cent of gone
by rreidenses gulp eH? Fiabe oxcuptea




@ Menwy imtveat.

eo eee
7” sen enone erent meinen


; ‘ . oye 2S

' Use Niacol

* tinal Indigestion

Headaches and all

“Vogotablo Digestive Agonts.

Mupertority of Mimlooixn Digestive,
It doos not contain narcotics, purgatives, nor injurious drugs o

any kind

y :
lublo etarcby foods inte soluble sugars.
Ianewte ae esky. portions of f90d, Iacluding moats of ell kinds, oggs
solublo substances,


rice One Shilling’

a ths Inter-American Drag & Trading Oo, 180-132 Pearl St., Hew York
Seld: by all the Lead

cheeso, milk, ete, into





‘ icestion, Acidity of the Ftomach, Heartburn Intes-
it sa er qtarohy’ dyspopsia), Fermentation of Yood
Irrogularities of the Digestive Organ

Nalecio’ Digestive (Fw teteatif’ Preparation, composed o

in Digestive

Animal and

ing Chomiste.

SS ee





A nice little home of your own?

There aro several Choice Lots (50° x 100) available on the




Secure one of these lots NOW

healthlost aud coolest section of our Estate, within easy
reach of the Cura, good roads and abundantly watered
‘ just awaiting your selection.

at the very moderate rental of


Peru Lands Estato,



St. Jamos


The Royal Mail
Steam Packet Co,

7 .

AV A.--RM.S. Orotava is due here from Southauipton, via Cherbourg,

KoravA. (Asores}and Barbados on Tuesday Uth May, and will rork
strict quarantine at this port, taking mails only ‘



th, = Loe
for Demerara, tak!


ngers, Cargo and mall
y it th ui bthouse Jets Meen's
‘The Lender will leave fn poibougs Pras a

eave Here oo ay elo May

Wharf atl pm, with

passsncers and thelr be,

Rail the bsgar;
are specially noun

Cargo for the * Berbice”


will be recelred on Monday 8th May, only up

assengere by this ship tas to be fumigated, passengers
a lighter will leave the Sc, Vincent Jetty at Bam. to

take their baggage to the fumigation barge, priorto its being placed oo boaid

he abi

ALANTIA.—The IU.M.5. * Balaotia” will leave hers on Tuesday Oub May,

for Grenada, St. Vincent, Bt.

Lucia, Dominica, Montecrrat, Antigua,

Nevie and Bt. Kitts, taking passengers, cargo and mail

The tender vrtll leave the how
asseo gers aud their baggage for
r Cargo for the * Balantia” will be

to 9 eT the

Dayzage of passengers b:
are specially nutlbedthatte lighter wit

bthouse Jetty,

ueen’s Wharf at 5 p.nt., with
“Balant a ane Pas w
rocelved on Monday 8th May, only up

this ship has to be fumigated, passengers
leave the St, Vincent Jetty st Ua. to

take thelr baggage! Lo the fumigation barge prior to {ts belog placed on board

the ship.

ERBICY. ~The R NB. * Bible" wl Heavo PorteofSpsia ua Tuesday 10.b
May, at 6 pom, for Carugaoo, Pampater, La Guayra end Pto, Cabello,

taking pa-con gers, cargo and pinils,

The passenger tender wil} leave the Lizhtbouse Jetty, Queen's Wharf at }
prs, with Let and od elaes passengers gu thelr baggaye foe the © Berbice
Carga for the * Lertuce " will ba recelemd up to 4pm. on Monday loth May.

YOU. ~The ALS. “Clyde fe due bere from New York, via Antilla (Cube
LyDE. -T ‘Guica, Car Lapeoas Pla, Colombia sad Pio. Cabello on Redes hy

Nay, aud will leave the nest da:
(Aasres) and Cherhoucg, taking t

‘be tender will leave the Liglthouse Jetty, Queens ¥

Pansengers for tho * Clyde,

for Southawpton, via Harbados, Ht, Michaels
at clase aud deck passengers cargo and mails. | 4

berf atin, with

Pavecugers ary specially nolified that a Unggeice Ugbler w be despatched to

he homeward weil will leave the Bt

Vincente Jetty at f pan, onthe day af pall.

Ng. mud parernuere ate Lherefure requested lo we that ther baggage ie sent

own la fotw thet howe.

poh Mladen
‘KimThe ILM. “Bortice” Jedae here frou Dewerars of Tuceda
BIGICK «Tbe IES with the ILALS. * Clyde" on that date, tu y



y . The I-.NM.8, **Halantia® Je due bere from
ay teh May, connecting with the it.A1., *

the Northern Islands
Olydo” on that dete,

Next Sailings for Oarupaue, Pau-

Next Salliog to Earope | pitar, La Guayra and Pto
“CLYDE! > I6rb Mey Uabello.
* ATRATO * ve Bh Mey DEABICK 10 ta Slay
“ONOTAVA”™, - Ith Juve HALANTES anh May
~THENT® Zith on BERBICH 13,6 June
* MAGDKLENA"* ilth Jaly PALANTIA Zh June
* CLYDE" Dt . SERBICK » ‘Sth Joly
*ATRATO* Sth August | BALANTIA 2th July

New Service to Venezuela,

Royal Meil Steam Packet Com
at pom ueucls 16th May th

that pomnienciog on Tuesds
Port-of Spain, to Carupano, Tom
be tices sailing will

evoond clase aud deck
fares, also car
the Company's own pieaw faucches.
Wor cates of
Upinpany’s oftice

For all furthor information apply at


by the ILM.
to’ lowed by the I.M.s, ‘ Balantie ” ou Lhe dah May and thereafter every tuo

will be eoabarked‘and landed
Passage and freight and all further particulars Apply at the

have much pleasu e in anoounclog

ty Will seteblich a new service from
La Gusyiaaod Pto Usbellon
“Harbice™ orthe Iih May, to be
Passengers will be carried at moderate

free of charge at Fort-of-apala in


BE . Marine Square Port-of-Spain



‘Defore tila Monone Mr. U.P. Dawid)


Henrietta Hinds v Rowland Merre=
chard Allen v James Williams =
‘a i ¥ Franels Lewisa
Heoge’ (G. & T.) Lid. y Aol. Mar
om A e

oan: ou

John iste v Toeepts Thomas
Qeer to pay $1.00 monthly as from

une l,

Manuel Fernandes v Edward Serrett
~Offer to pay 1.50 forthwith and 93.00
monthly as from June 1.

Idem ¥ Wellington Superville~Onder
{a terms of debtor's offer.

Atthur V. Montrichant vy James
Brathwalte—Adjourned ons month.
adianels Ia . y David Stephens—

lourn wo weeks, .

iter Btapleton ¥ Alonzo Sandiford
~No appearances de! show cause,

Jose) Pr der'reitas vy Neo Donald St
Hill—Adjourved generally,

Albany Vaisaint v tgnacia A Reda
~Adjourned one week,

TwasunaJoveph y Tainble—Adjeurn:

ed nerally, «
em vy Charles Pierre—Adjourned
two weeks,

Thos, E. Miller v 5, Rosentein—Ad-
nimned one month,

Henrietta Legall v Albert Wade—
Offer to pay 81.00 forthwith and 61.00
monthly as from June

, K. Lopez v Mra. Benjamin Ad-
jeucned one month.

Jota Hoadley & Coy, v LIL Basanta
—Offer to pry. debt and costs in two
ginal mon hiy fostalmenta as from

une l,

Ellamah v Paul Joseph-$i.00 on
June 1 and 82,00 mouthly thereafter.

Papehetty v Alexander Lewis - Offer
ta pay whoie amount Slt instant.

fmith, Broa, & Coy. v James Pierre
-Adjourne! to first Nonday {fn June.


monthly as from June L.

Albert Luclen v James Ryan—Offer
to pay dollvr forthwith and 1 dollar
monthly as from Jane 1,

Naseb Abdelnor vy Lionel Kernahan
—Offer to pay 81.00 forthwith aad
Ualance In two equal tnthly In-
stalments as from Juno 15,

Idtemv Jobn Hes -Adjouned two

Guodwille & Wilbon Lidv J. BE
Cadogan ~Urder In terms of debtor's

Davideon & Told v J. C. Nunez—Ad-
journed two weeks,
Cecilia: Augustin v Mathew Urayier
Adjourned one week, debtor to be
elted as witness,
Obser IL dtanley v Chailes Dowding
~-Order In torins of debtor's offer,
Dr, Camps v Henry Barker-—Ad-
jounel one month,
Geutge M. Greaves v
Jackman~8300 on June L and $1.50
muathly thereafter, »
A. Y. Stolimeyer vy A. P. Heat—Ad-
journed one week,
Joseph Suntnonds v Goorge Aber-
devin dismissed,
HL IL Nurse .v John L, Bostock—Ad-
journed two weeks,
Mary Ht, Jobnsonv A. P. Walrond
sorter to pay Sdols. nionthly as frou
une dh.
Monajobn v Henry Daniel—Offer to
my Idol, monthly as from June 1.
oseph Fernandez v William Man-
ning—Offer to pay 7% cents forthwith
and 30 ceuts monthly as from June J.
dmith, Bros & Co v 2. E, Joseph
No appearance, debtor to_ show cause,
Adena v Alexander Clarke—Hame
> Mem v Moses Coveney—Same order.
dew ov Alfred Ornellas Dis
idem EM. MacDougall—No ap-
pearance, debtor lo show cause.
Idem v Sisto de la Rosa-Same
idem v Loula McCaithy—Offer to
pay whole debt and costs in three
equal monthly instalments as from
Toth inatant
Nem v Louis). Charles Adjourted
“Nie A.B. Menelik-=N
dem vi | Menelik~No servi
extend three weeks, on
ward — Adjourned

Idem v It, WH. Ed
idem CL Headley
jen v jey-- No sppearar
debtor to show catise, Prewrances
Idem v Peter Jackson - Adjourned
Neb, Myde—Ond
eu vB, je—Order in 1 0
debtor's vifer, 7 torus of
vy Tuttiveen Goddanl Ad.
fourned two weeks,
Vistine Fort v Catlus Parole -
Onder In te una of debtor's offer.


The preparation of the Articles of
Lesuciattion for the cunvermiva of the
Tower Hotel into a Muilted company fs
leing proceedit with, the work io Chty
tlire tion belagentrusted ta Mi. Francie
Divs solicitor, saya the singosy, Th
see EE feta belucorporateat tuner the
name of the Tower Hotel, Lad, and It
Wil havea nominal capital of $90,000,
dividest uta shares of the value of $16

‘The wanagement of the company In-
tend making ouaterial alterations, b
which the hotel will really be what (t
ia clainead to be, the leading oatablish
ment of {te kind in theculony, Io
short, everything is ta be done to run
the pléce on thé inost modern and up.

ate nes, The whole place will

renovated and the fittings and furnj.
turw renewed. .

Another improvement which will be
preciaudl by visitors to the hotel le
mt the mato entrance will be resery-
wd entivly fur thole use, and not as at
priwent also asan entrance tothe bar
and tallland rvum, For the conveni-
euce of pis Mtrons of theese latter
there will be an Independent entrance
from the pavement, aud Che concrete
haloony “i be provuled with small
tatdes for the use of those who prefer
to take thelr refreshinenta or lndulge
la convertion with a friend in the
feeb air, lu this cgnuection the new
protiolore wl be folowing the ar
auple a he Queen's Bar otel,
Trinkdad. The whe selene will alas

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injury Ww the constitutiva,



Pauline Frown v Clifford Taitt «$1.00


‘ et




MAY, #19


‘LA B.

We have taken
_ Mr, FB

On M


over this Saw Mill
A, SKEETE and are






from the Eatate of
resuming work 7


‘The Saw Mill has every facility tu handle work quickly—a_ railway ial

Country Customers to send their lugs to be sawrf right into the Mill without oe”

Trinidad Government


Arrangements for Empire Day,
Wednesday, 24th May, 1911.

N EMPIRE DAY. Weoxeapay,
2itt MAY, all Ordinary and Local
Woek-Day Traias willrun, A Mid-
day Train will also be rua on the
Uaparo Valley Line, connectiag with
the Up and Dowa Main Line Trains
RETURN TICKEL'S taken on Eur
pire Day will be available for the day
only, excepting those for distances of
twelve miies aod upw. which will
be available till the follow!

Workmen's Tickets will not be
issued on Emplre Day.


lines will be served on Tuesday, May
Zint aod Thuraday, May 25th, from
which date the uasel Goods Train
Service will be resumed,

8.8. “NAPARIMA.”

but on Thursday the 2th Nay, wil
resume ber usual itinerary,

Acting General Manager,

2nd May, 1911.

Professtonal Asnouncement,


American Qoullst and Optician,

KSIRES to soneunco to the
citizens of Tyinidid thas be
wi'l bo ia Port-of- spain


aod will remain about « fo toight,

ag day,

May 9th.—Sins,

In the Supreme, Coart of Trinidad and

In the Matter of the Estate of

javeph Bacasies
also catied B szicateo called Bakebie late
of the Ward at Chsgasnes in the
Jehsad of Triaided, Pisater,
pustc NOTICE(Ns hereby gireg that
spplieation hae been msieyts toe by
Alice Soonie of the Ward of Chageansa is
thiefeland Ive a Uraut of Probate of tbe
tag Willand Tostamend dated bhe léth
day of Uctobder fn of Joseph Baopeies
aloo ealied Boris ata caliod Bekshia let
UA0s8, deceased,
y of November
3010, having a0 the time of ble death «
Gzei place of abode at Chegaanas afore
oad, the said Aliwe Buonis Leing the Sole
Exoccuiz sawed is the sald W
Notice ts alsa given that if so
Caveatie lodged before the expiration of
Tewecty elget days from ibe dete of the
pub‘ication ol (his Notice thea Coert wilt
proceed tc leone Probate uf the sald Wall
10 theesald Alice Buoala Proording!y.
Dated this 26cb day of Apet!, 1011,
(3gd) T. a, THOMYBON,


OLD Medslivt and Dewonstretor of
G Bleharey Dental U dlage, UB. A. 27
sere Se. All tranches of Up-to-date
DENTISTRY practiced on modera prise
vs 03 Popular price: —Pboug 50 - Nov,
28 b— 2008,

vinnacles; -Fretwork, &c,
good clean work.

tn the Sapreme, oars of Trinidad aod


Ia the Matter of the estate of Andrd Bal-
motes late of Lae Attajos Valley la

the werd of Monteerrat—D.

UBLIC NOTICE tehereby given thet
applicetion has Leena made to me by
Catetlon Belmontes of Li Attajos Vatley
isthe Ward of Montecrrat Widow, for a
Grant of Probate of the Wil bearing date
the 25 day of October 1910, of tha state
of Aodrd Belmiratet late of Loa Attajos
Valley ia the ward of BMoateerras Planter
deceased wha died oo the 3ist day of
October 1910 having at she time of his
death a fixed p ace of abode atL-m Attajos
Valley witha the sek ward of Mooteerrat,
the said Catalina Beimontes being the
sole Executrix name! iwshe aafd Will,
And votics is aleo given that if po
caveat te lodged before the expiration of
twenty-cight ders from the date of the
pablication of this notice, the coart will
roceed to issue Probate of the said Wil

coordingly, .
Dated iis 2od day of May 1911.
(8g4.) 7. A, TUCMPSON,


DAY OF MAY, 1911,

aod Lew of Pry osty Urria woe last, ace
sont teed la «ce -ia Dot of Mortgage
dated the aut dey df April 190d, made
betweea Wilts Biro «ad Heo Bar
tou of the ove parsand Augustus ps
ot the other part, there will 56 put ap for
Ssle by the unde synei at bie Anction
Mart, No, 9, Hoo Pom uedr, Mar
¥eroa do on Tiresisy he dnb dey °
May 1911, between the fuare of uce aod
(wo Dm,

4) that ceriata pieces or parce of land
situate fo ibe Ward of Sevens Grande
Bosth fo the Island of Trisitad compridsg
two've acros being pers of Lot Ne, 24,
Secilon ‘A,’ and abattiog on the North on
laud of Samuel Ayers on the South on lsad
of Thomas Ayors on the Kast ou land of
Marths Arobidald oa the Wess o2 land of
James Downl: g and oa Urown laed,

Dared this 2icb ey of Apol, 1911.

* Axrctloncer,


DAY OF MAY 1911,

pusuic NOTICE ts bersby given thar
fo exercloeol tbe Power of Bie “eon.
fered ou Morigages by she Ooavey-usise
sod Law of Pruparty Urdiawnce 1884 aad
contained fa a cecteln Memorandeas or
Mortgage No, 65 datid the 4cb March 1900
irom James Voganto Edward Hewmoud
Gibbon there will be put op for sale by
be endersigued at bis Auc boa Mat Nu,
90 Harrie Promenade Kan Ferosado on
Taceday the Wdth day of May 1911 be
tween the bours of ots aod 2p.m,




All that pwrcel of land situate Ia
Ward of Sivacna Grande North ia
Ielaed of Trlolded ccmpr'sing nice acres
two roods aad thirty nine perehos being
the sasiera mule'y 0! theland daivorated it

diagram sovexed t) the U.: wa Grapr
to Btephen Constant reyf-tered Jn volume
VEt folio 335 and alvo described ta the
Lertldvateof Turtle le “Vulume VIII
folio 63 and bouoded os the North by ibe
Brothers Nettleweny Road on the Soath
by Crowa isaton the Kutpertly by the

Brovbere Cettionen’ Road snd 1]
Crows tend end on he Westy The bene,
Brotbere Betement, " ie oy the

Dated tbis 4b day ot April 3018,

. doeilancer, aod at ‘fhe Favorite Pharmacy, opposite Wash Howse di
TREND AD, —-——___, - “
—- ~eeeenenareren en neny. ens
EG SPRAY pg time | a= "a
prstic NOTICE, le besety given tha * "
fersed on ten jhe by the coat fo
tis aad Eww fi trepary Ordlsoos 15S, 4 4
8 oer ot Mort. .
wexe dated the 6h Aprll 1010, aad GY a
teredas No i ‘ m oo
irae! Lrom Ist toung
part, Npererges items of the eenencuee a
{biid put, tere anit oe pas ap tor Bae ue upper storey of the large and well situated Mig
yy the pyceiaiged at bs action Mut, Bouthomn corner of Broadway and south Quay,
Tacece ate aca Af Jeb | orcatalec sept pee oar. tha promises Tare bem
tect Bond 2 pia, 1 0 paires for the tth moaths acd noe
Ail thas parcel of lead comprising two | spared wit} riera ieteocone .
AU teas wo | spared with regard to mode: and 0
Code South iatae famed ef aeeaee | fetedering them upto-data and sdairably ule! for 8f
a4 spunneed a sorta epoa lande el fostaurant, oF the Ufices of # largo Cont pauiy or other b
spon lands of Margures Taylor oc tue gree | A Pplications are invited early, 1g that floal internal ar
Hon dius of Bamuel Lovey asd on ihe Coe nenutod In acos Ce with the taste aud roquiren0eer
pate ore te tn pau Apply to a
. oe LING, -
Auwionce, aud May, 1914, ° 32, Lsriol





SAW MILL TELEPHONE No, 58.—atay 7th-1a.



[edrer= | HENDERSON'S [3

and cost, &c—arid we shall endeavour to turn out all work in the best possible 7

We skall'keep a good stock of Jalousie Flaps, Window:
and charge reasonable p



AND = .


have been specially selected bytour Mi
who is at present in Eagl


Ladies Ready - to-



Delaines, Foplzus 4s tex t

Corner erlarere



Doors, Windows, Doorf

Jalousle Fiaps,
— AND —

18,000 BRIC




‘Those who have used is esy © 16 ts really mo:
‘ Prico lac per Bottle |







ia 8 F 0, W. HENDERSON, “a
Poitier ire sece | Kbvedel | ames maohnuge. ;



2. A, WC EET! ;
a ;
Magic Toothache D