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Port of Spain Gazette
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ita riled.
[ iKimi nfE nsnmiEi,
The ‘‘ Showcrlyle Bonier”—Trite $1.44
Square Fdgc Bril
Cable Edge Brims
FOR IMTTJnKrUIBirca- TTO'ir.Ak.GrlEUfc'---' â– 
[« > fmb imply
ado's Oigars
*n a
& C igarelles
Bams ft Bacon
Men’s Black Flexible-Felt Hats
Children's Sáílor Hats.
Miad Bailding and
Loan Association,
Ladies' and Ghildren’
Straw Hats
12, Frederic!; St.
Jos. A. de Suae
BRIEF BAGS. travelling
Victoria Institute
70, South Quay.
S3^Ssri'’“‘' 1
dentistry. ¡Geo. E. McLean
< Exgurslonll.

•mat tóax-óMrxiV qazkttx i'kiday, may, » mu
Marine Si|jar IVl-ol-Spaiil •

r 1F0-R SALE
c R«o»mt Arrir&li.
3000/2 asa OOAR8E SALT
2000/2 Bags FINE SALT -
400 Boxea CUBE' SUGAR—each COlbs,
' 200 Boxes PRICE CANDLES—
all Sixes
100 Boxes BROWN SOAP—168s.
South Quay.
For Rent!
At the Cornor of Chiaon St.
Occupied till recently as a Provision
Store by Mr. William Scott, at .t Mode¬
rate rental. *
Bor particulars apply next door to
Gerold Sc Scherer,

Drawingroom Suites

rdss’R SrSS
i SHáEísHH&sr^
Bag's, Portmanteau & Trunks
Wlllosden Cai
Rocklo Ti
Zinc lioukcir, 1
Wood „
Snrutogo *J"i utd<&

Ladies Black Buckle Shoe»,
Gents Tan Vici Kid Bluoher,
ft.» lO 1I.ÍI
Cants link latín Calf lalmaralt.
Girls White
Canvas Shoes
Gents Tan Willow Oxfords,
lephens Limited, The Best Place to Buy Everything.
tool Books
|h», marine square,
V’OIR. S-A-XjE)-

iteiiipfi i m siii
! 3. Mi
»e m
- a
iS flip 5
m ujt» j s.
i HíülüíiswaiKipüiiíüfflf"' .j
• ■
?»!ü8 ?% " ií# «ii !t lí 'ií: i&k
o s s« |
? a •> *■'
á|i |! Ill
gtí i? -i = lí
sb !h)P!sp
? f"í
¡i ®!is
a§ 5á
f- V 'f i '•
\‘ y,shihíi
*- *3 á.Í!íin*U!iiiHlifl!ir;;iíánÍl¡lí
íJ’iilrlllí ‘i

IN 0 OR POR AT ¿ D *1 i 10 ■ j J m 11
1 Head 0Slc4 *$!í'1SS!L ecotlan'1- - •* 5
ib from Tin "Four Roads" CAR
| P.M. & 8.30 P.M.
irar a. rwcoisrjaiHY.
I^and Scenes in London No.l.
esTsa, 16o, 24a.
, 28HS3S***'
BO Xj _Á_XXI>’S,
Magic Toothache Drops.
The Colonial Dispensary,
— HAIR as DYE Ji|! IS i
I b i
Just Received
;— r ^ n-i ca I Fbsks
3T -A- w -A- ^ "F-P." SPORTING
ojqaSTo^SStt^ Gunpowder
11 k JJ''«'%5áS-a. siMfflmi Bros
Music ^Lossons
%5 a¿"d
j “S!n!gi,5i!2& Matbraw
— ol'ÚESi —
y g5:l=
’ ““ assiw»^‘ís
KEEP in mind
tali Qonzilez
Aiiurano* Comonnv
i4 Long Felt Want.
r. Lino Diaz y Diaz
Hot" 63 ABlflCSMilE ST
Bui ICM;—Tul. UÍU»
W- Frederick dtroot,
srirjpaj*, ii. lunna min
is,:.- lEV»'
for .sale; W§:MS-
low Landing ox Sobr. '‘Melba'
Now Landing ox Sobr‘‘Melba* ■
from Georgetown, S.O
UUiliLJJ i. Wivi ii ’ _
Pine Boards and ^Planks. H'||§
Bnblcrand Aliiad Trades
ss aiSjMMona
lOimat 24m Ju«, nu> JRY

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LWHLLLSIL L P VLLL 0L }H P D L6 IOLS P XMW} M V L +¯¾O¾¯LVZDL.LS¾LL¯¾IIOIn M D fµ ‘ "}¾ "b L¯ mLL W O¯ nL¯ LtN R V Vm _ ,6OLML " D fµ! r‘n £_L _ ,OO JW¯ L" L O¯ VE Kf3VS " I¯ cL pLV YI¯¯V@nLLL -L8JOLI Di £ I 9 nI L nfµ ?f« \VKLK¯L cc3Lp r r £¯LQr8LLL+OLIOLUL¯£QOcO¯ ¯-f¬LLOUOOO¯ f«L ¯I+m¯n3O¯¯ 3O0LOI L@JS}e 0Lp DMXIL :t D}

= os ECTS eme coe ee _— nr

bented. (GLENDINNING’ Sime ati a ide eal

y ecPeRIENCED GENT?S HAT DEPARTME NT lan, ouaGoe oteeze

Â¥ Is now fully stocked with all the newest shapes in Straws end BURLEPEONE Ko, 6 a Fo grphital Scout of Wh and Geos
t E Y the foll owing are met of-our OLDERE « Policies dated 1

Tras wipes re Pee \ Y ~ BLERK. SPECIALLINES IN MEN'S STRAW HATS, [Eee se nN Lil

f~ e

: Apply

the schools of the Colony
phous, Lid.

‘ ow BY

Jos. A. de Suze
‘auya's mares a iaet HEMI her CO oe, an tom) Tinlad Building and] NOW OPENING

at phe aes aouual renoral meeting of mem-
ters, Holderé of Sorip issaed on former

The “ Showertyte Boater”—Price $1.44 ” | pice mia Pat iaMBy ave

Office for the Casi Dd
ponding to sam

Square Fdge Brims » 4 044

Cable Edge Brims _ Ad Ye a Seerbary b Tresetren "
PV LET ELEN TS October 1910, .
Men's and Boys’ 4LPINE ard TKHAI FELT HAT8—Fricos from ‘

cents fo 43,00—All shades ard newest shapes,


72 conta to $3.36,

* TIRNISHING! Men’s Black Flexible-Felt Hats cnn ;

Tho Arcado
SLISHMIENT, From 72 cents to $2.00, welephoue: Mo, 52

{we ANDI

; : xarastms|BOYS & MEN’S CAPS, |

; eiCROMBLR ST. Eton, Golf and Motor Shapes, 5
pres 207. Children's Sailor Hats. _ (SKEOCH & C0 5.

: THE We make a speciality of this Department. New Goods Ar. en oe
â„¢ received this Mail, Yort-of-Bplen,

HT) GLENDINNING & CO. - 12, Fredetick St.

iat 5, Froderick Strect. I

from the Mildest rere rere ouemennerryrnenanennrenrenrentaiete nani


1, Always used ! Nahe wf *
- «= 400 Kaeb,


i Brad G Cut in Cartridges WOOD CABIN TRUNKS

rite’ Pipe Fillera—lajeach.

big & Wilson, Ltd, LEATHER SUIT CASES



rine i Gold Crowne,


7 pptenchea-- Poat thi di be diverted a8
Telephone 855. 12 mile fora fiistecca ofalx cheire vhroug’
the laod of Meas pt job
(c) That be” Los * Arto adilo Road be
dlverted tetbe @ 3 milefve a distaace of
eighth cheius through fsnde ot Patter,

—AT— , .
Victoria Institute



For 1911 \
Commencog on Monday 15th May.




pug Government Ilickney Btallion
“Str Mor ty” willatand for soreice ab

Picton Evysate, Ban Herpacda, from %
fontend to 42h Jane 19!
Service fees 5 0 ba be prepsil to J. J,
Ialiday, Eeq , Picton Esta
Goverpment Farw, ager,
Apell 24, 10E1.

CoLontat Sucrstarr's Orrice,
2hib April, 191L.
FP\UE Chairmen of the Mansanilla

. Koad Hoard bea given notice of the
fotlowlog revolations for we pext meetlog
of tral Head |

Sec‘ etary aanttt Road Soird

(e) That the Catgual Extension Road be
diverted at ths § mie for a distense o
(wenty-pise chans through lands of sie

ee ae een — ea

y fisrd = oeue*l “BRANDY,” “BRANDY”

————eeee——O oo

e bget a Prowh Sopply
Rado’s Cigars FOR SAt =


Inuiaaation ¢ Orrics,

il Tak.
EX STORE. By Gulf Fieamer. (pune srolred Imulgreaw: Ar propose
.. PANETELLAG On Saturday, 13th May 1911. ! . ‘ ” Teter eying to Jodie thls season, shoahd
ER BUPPEK - N | T Y V i aid of Be Aoos UF. Cborch ust arrived ex R. M S ‘ Atr ito from the Thee nemee at the [migration
PADIES—Oonchas Espectales | RE CE ARRI AD nts MER leaves Ligh Louse Jerry at 2 J celeb rated firm ees ey vig ula char anata
S pm. aberp, rsturmiog by moonlight ab eicor re wel 9 appiieition, except under pes

Yobicoos & Cigarettes

Joos fos Kzeualo: elet circumstances wil! Ue received altec
ihwitedwi siete teed OTARD DUPUY & Co, Cognac, |“ tinea” «.
Hee eee tetas pete ee! (Established 1705)

Ue bad from "Tbe Menus" hed feats mea ty Shipment, of] BRANDY comprising the folowing ASSURTMENT: ~—

bere of the corgregsiion. Ticke's cos

Cases Full OREAM MILK “Cowboy” Brand,

08 iriedo-never refused, Cases CUBE 8U

Cemmacder RN
Pro ector ot Tmelgraste,

= aaa

a) Baga DUTCH ons —(‘‘IIcavy"!) Se es“ Cne star ran — ———
pa Tans & Bacon Tictees SMALL RIB —_e ~ ee 10 Cases | Three * tar © dinady - NOTICE,
nadian ‘Oats 5 Cases “V.U." Brandy
By Nicxsow & Cor, Cases § Bags oon h-—Tierces and Barrels, oUR )UR NUMBER PHONK 302 4 _2 Cases “ V."..P. 2 * Brundy [iscarat Pata ah
Pk ined Betas aro aS wo DSt Recolv ive ed: OTTLY. . “g2 Casas . Triatsad altene bao. pow Bae (er .
Feelin tt hieg & Franes Ae veitbey alte ood offuds ) Sole Agents: Mata Noad constructions.
Be a aati asia WESSELS | BROS. & Vul EONTARD. —Mamestteis tat uta SdOrT, BOYD GG. CO., -
South Quay. psec IRs ap tidied dee snd pers } . , Department of Agriculture
v eam Cheese PHONE 64 0, ‘Aleh gopuler pubes ‘ No, 6, Broadway. _= SPECIAL SEEN corron,
r , Pr Ly { Seeger b , \
eee eelleateaie, ‘DENTISTRY: [Geo. E E. “WoLean ‘MEDICAL * HALL} ‘saver GITTENS)! _ | HOsrRiLlane Pear apa ste mete de
reece ts sneos Town | *nnlacts LIVERY = AnD Shamcrtite taeda ie
sre autin oe dillos & Ce, WATCH REPAIRER 4ND Princes Town oF-TODATE at Id be ateted on che entgae
piseteen us} DR, C. ip . OLARKE JEWELLER bicgs Famed toda Water and arr STABLES, sStstten vets ey be
in ead S08 PAE Hay RADUATE ot Howsd Ustrowtth woct Drivks oan pow $a bul at oe? Twaguvete Mona P. CARMODY,
Mp. GOODING Gus ed haem neal ) 24 Frodorick St. MILLERS MORES HORSES PHONE -3 & 00 | aerown, > Divecitr,
uyarbunicg STRELT, cremby oT ‘
‘ a”





wu me FROM THe “Four RoAps” CAR


-— AT —

SPM. & 8.30 P.M.

Pros reste :


5TH, 5TH.

tenes {enemas



i and Scenes in London No. |.



pes: So, 1Gc,. atc.


Moye Clothes and H
Better Clothes

Th 3 a9 WThet 210 Pocsession cf a i
Senger” 2.9ens (9 Dvery Worran

A Biugrs Se-ing Macho enables a i"
woman oO Uoike herself more elegantly, #
confor eiiy and abhusdantt; ov her alicu
ance thas would othersiss be possible,and 4
gt the sane time. fords her a fasanathg =f
crployment and profitable pasume.

“Singer Sewing Machines |

oo alt beads of sewdeg rer ad sentir, wl ce the
‘he Mend ng t sank at ihe,

yewacae Vibe camiiows te give the

sorrie ts & hts.


F oi Frederick stroot,
BOF Sein, Telophone—403,


rr cone 48 boing eng*zeu, or ff you koow apybody
ft you should not to


from a tices waich shows ~ picture of « Diamond the
and only got a moro little twinkle
reended i quality i ia noas guarantood,

Pinest Thing | 2,000 CORNS

Washoe ly « rooted gut By"LAING' (im
we pana pre roved} Gorn-cure 8 feal coro

et! Mor 40. per bottle

bt tuanwacs Latny's Baobuy Vwaxdact


ecto a dis a "as CA ap,




Sige seSEScS= eros Ree ae RETGEATESEE. ot?
‘pier the Bre yer eile Cares ehedes any Rieck Dark Br ver
we eects brew “Or ail Chem ete hd tiseed BF BELO ACO Besiagrail Bireet, Landes

LiScral Surrender values,

5 peponat atranced oa recarity of Potloies ap to 99 per ceat, of tha vurrender valu at

ellen nme iste Redaction to home rates during visite tS Earope aad other temperate

teat epee Accapted ard Policles ismned ia ths Wart lation without reference to
ta Paid lumediately on proof of de sth anf settiement made by the Company's
Policies oa wh'ch ge 1s admitted at's uachillengeable after Two Years,

mena ta 1910 Bonus. ~''
¢ laat Lavestization for Divistou of Yroft 4 pl
aa ab 13th Nerenbee i810 aad the Bonus th ben “ sam rag the Pullc 1 sider 0 , tet
cen’, ye ennem oa all with Profs Tolistex. er & Polley toe £1,000 -thas has
ad’ed 69 the sem assared £75 =by way of Bount fur vague asnalan
Gereral Agoat

Coed ,
LIFE tees COMPANY ¢ oa i : Pertaatly Herenieed f = : {
Ratibliehed 1608, @ . “ HAIR DYE 4 ry
INCORPORATED isto Nose , EE ee :
Head Officd : urgl Scotland, | as 8 | Are MOBT/NATURACOAND: PERMANENT SHADES -iSy
Branch Olfice for the Heat Tat tt In ie 1d0g. 6 ea iy n THAT SCIEN CES mst Es $ Fiz R
fAsoeat webue Exceeds wo ' tee - atten enacs ean TRSEET Ne Seach 3 °
tr aa s . ~ * shana 8 = 3 § ‘ att eSeaeane SE seS staining the angers Af ppoiling aEESe 8 a s
Bienece Declared . ww “ 27 om. Ee 2 % Hand has’ne’egqual either In colour, pormanence or cloantiness @ | g j 5
a" | i's

: &
be Caan act eel Oh y lil alee,

The Barbados Mutual) ON

Various Systems of Insurance,
WHOLE LIFE ASSORANCE.—By pe pee payable for whole of lle, e


for a limited umber of yoars,
ENDOWMENT ASSURANCE 3—Payatle at a duet date of 08 previous death,
JUIN LIFE ASSURANCE,—Payable to the sacrivor of two pereona oa the death

sur rT mei ASSURANCE.—Saltable as eecarity for temporary loans sad kindred

‘NNG ny PAS {URANCE.—To esgare an anoulty to the wife o2 $be death cf the uvust Received

V NTS.+-Usefol ‘ovislon for edaeatl .
cop Be SOU NURANGH: Tbe latgont tosarance at the cilaaem | 2 PER38.8, “SANGASSO
outlay, onthe the advantage of low petauam during the early lyssre of .

Tho Iron Strengthening Bitters

Best Highly recommended for Convalesceuc*, Loss

f , N debili ’ Wi y di ae Tort rf isformetion please 6: 200 .
Tonio. |e eee prorat f “met RCRD owe ow, fora Soin Each T or :
' | SEND FORA BOTTLEAT 0 eee ac sa wo 4 |b.


Are» ante by


Port-of 8
Bist Fe at Febeace, 19it-§



No. 4 Heanre &troet

A Long Felt Want.

E fast and seliable. Motor Lunete® ‘

6 Henry - street.


24 GULD MEDALS of the highest awarda wherever they have been

beratvive tad Taeouly CIGAHS sod ciGaiderTEs awarded a certificate of honour
ternational Ex! on,

“ toe Cigers and Cigureties we tor ewokers of culture and discerning taste

ahty and &
Ue Gee eyerkncaabip sod d blending of MACHADO'S CIGARS & CIGARETTES

wastioeeiatoreel' DB & JB DAC HADO 0
Harbour Street Janaicé

17 1911| Music * Lessons
S00 Insurance | Office | private KEsIDENCE.

Hatapiished 2 2720, Mi D, HYNDMAN begs to,
eee a

Magic Toothache Drops,

‘Tare who hive wxtit ary ° 1 is really magic.”

Frisco iao. per Bottie


andat Cho Favonrice Pharmicy, opposite Wash House Bridge



W. Cc. ROSS & Coa.

Waetabwb. 1887.

The Colonial Dispensary,



etoras ie friends aud patrons thet

The Oldest Jhice qa gring to the Increasing demand ba bas

surance Compaoy jalty 96 home since opening his po Ain®

atts gn, tbe, World ieee aoces Sian, oe aad efter 1st May cext, those

of “ again Loss or Domege | who are wishful ta fears the art of playlog
‘ 6 by Fue effected upoa t sh Viollo, Maadoline, Banja, Usiter, &e.
See wnoat every Gescription | at their realdence are Fer esced te wake
“tna” e

of eroperty ta Tow and vorelel arsogement as to cha ges,

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Lowes by Lightolng ere Made d Qood ty the 7
one Assurance Company

1 ORDe, ste Desist ign" kt at | Guaranteed by the Yorkshere Fir

Ages treet vn fe Me REID and Life inaurance Coy

do. Saw Fercande.. ew sont eis Matablished 1848

et\ephone Wa. 107 | BUBSURIBED DARITAL.. .£, 500,000




Highly recomustded by Medlcat Authit ie
allover the World, ”

Ur. Lino Diaz y waz



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— CURES: — (Ora) ve ox 1.00000 Notico |
Head if a:—York, Bugland. .
Anacmia KEEP IN MIND Nove? prepared ta , sere Rieke Pita edt, rotified that
Chlorosis jotandt arog froma Harth- | Gand Hraucie Lema. | have boon) gouss
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Dobility Josep OnZuez brides oly PAULINA LEMO, A
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Nourasthenla. 3 Honry Street FRED Fu BOO}D ss, SOMONE oon
J, Bentavatlo, Taiesté ——ae que, ‘patule te beret notified not to

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Agricul a a! Forks, res all cises @ she baviag may Bor ould BO;

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Boster 0, 1 & 2, hove tcales Brace TIN CLARK %
Brades Il se, Howe Scales Tis Qaery Street, Port-ol-Spaln,
L. 1), Grae Kutves, Collare Axce Apt shot ia.

Cafiee Diggers, Ganile Cbalas

Bubherand Altiod trades

2a zabxhibitions
(Or DUM: 24th JUNE, 11th JULY

The Bonanzxa Drug Stores.

—aveat _ Cucos Hrecers, alt Ts Lue
i=" oer nena — Culeding Stover, be tea AIRINIDAD.
» | TRRSER, Berlitee (ARLES guna tae Stic
FOR SALE Mus oven, “aang ene , Notice.
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F Bie met,” Keitle Kare end Wire Pune Mirae haa bag Mt | [IS Comuiicce bas secored pace
{fg cupola | Alerter Seca | ht anasto
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Now Landing ex Schr, " Melba! |dusind sujttiog from Icted “th Ean dof Aiba arse | Modal, te for Compaision, Faruclas
from Geor getown, "s,0. JOSEI GONZALEZ, ee et ithe aoe pa sod ‘atgeaan G pe yateadiog Fabibitore are requested
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A. CARGO Hates done Hose EDGAR aire
-Ul— 00 YOUR own PBINTIN May Litt, between Wd boets of gue asd Gos Hecrotary,

Permanent Habibitien Committers,


BAVE TIME A i AND MONEY, siieata tet { Sevens Uracde

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Pine Boards ‘and , Planks, jassices bests Samra eat me csramiene

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48.089 fect tx “ ran T, SIDING

_2800 met Boativs oud "PLANES-—Rough,

RJ J, CLAMENS| —___="*

ni 8 Oleaner, Dyer, & Hatter DYASCED fa anal tures el
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April baste

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“St SA Li, | [WeEpon’s| [285 Se Somes: ie i oe gee batt ge ‘a
ee A ha . J +] requested to be punctual nightly ellghtiug he po! etures, | LO ba She 8
cee ore rT pope Ii Enivereal of the sth ultimo re; | will oboe fod Jooeeh for the Midaie- Tail 7
cent rivals hich wae ‘restated to General Gins | weight Championship of England, ‘ A1LL0LrS & Outfit are
Ex Recent Ar ‘ DAW. | [SRE GE eSeeea se RIL cats dora, eerie ° “ae
~ f | Rebezucin te chigciciy. by nrominent | ard Ales Mh yea cies "
, : . enezuclane in this city, on the ere of th ly art will be
ee 0 Cpgenenmee 8ix Cente Each. hie deperture for Caracas to take his, aot ed . ith ine 10 covade ‘shown. 7

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seat in the Senatorial Chamber of the ~ '
Republi rodactory Sunday ‘night, f sively the SP \
our anecinel conteuaporary pare the fast time, the Scenes 0 the Life and } LEN DID VALU

geoeral @ fitting ‘compliment In rev { Passion of our Blessed Lord will h>

cogniel the, high qualities which | shown.
eroipen fia’ for Bt

2000/2 Bags FINE SALT - fb als hh |

, ot ags XE -of- atte, | nate Rehescral of the Conti | fecondation’ = O00* farveno:benal) a IN DIGO BLUE
200 Boxes PRICE UANDLES— Pork of; Spain, Ganstte, rei ge ed tr, | Re inl ot eager J

=—IN— “

& medical practitioner In

. Published Darcy, Mondays and Public | place thisevening at So'clock and all | caves, Wit benzoF” of call itas
all Sizes LoJHolldays excepted, at the Oftive 23 St, | vocaliate are requested to attend. you "uke, DoctareRhelich and Hate,

10u Boxes BROWN SOA P—1683, Vincent Street, Port-of Spein. Tickets for the Ouncert at the moder

ate price of 2/-may be had from the { With this marvellous specific, have con-

—ee r
: Mr, i ferred one of the greatest gifts on
i GG PRICE: ONE PENNY. | ledirsof the Congregation and at } nl one of the greatest gifts on
OT TR O a Adrertisementa of Bicthe Deaths, Frankiln’s Electric Printerie. bes that sopeat as if “e080”, clef » primarily - EFrom cove $9. To a
—_ < N TA N IK te |, 4 foreign Fontemporary states that | inte as 2 spect s0ae8 :
“ > at fod [paclaimere figs the ore of Blea te the most | whose affliction filters “funto the mene ;
sem te et | tana te Ce aati | Mi, Aes wfeang ket HE a
* ) will be ch: for at } well ae oO thes & wns «
: Each 200 Gallons. cme and tole preiaid « evpecially “military ‘bid marine Poste for panacea, ¥
1 i =, — ‘
Uesetption Meg per week 430 in the athettan Saken and Mr. I. ©. Superville has resuined A

precautions are now being
Trento ie wr herp noe gimost an id bject | Printe Broad this city, and

~ ia. t joc rinter: roadway,
Wants, &c:—-2 0 per week cach, fo be rnong al by Unie uppe rrmoat eater’ hopes, %h heretofore, to give satisfac

S ( H OKN K A & CO Panne a ree Ear TEED | ee a toeditprmiag want colrwied
. > stranger «especial Engtis 8 | frie
j - 4 wt FAltor and Pu ilaher As BT AMBARD. Political Piles ae Uamburg and }tohim. . |

Cashier... GJ. i. Forn. Bremen have an unsually busy tine —- .
= . recauti The Council of Adinirals of Peru, on 2 —

All Cheques sent to the office of this ting precautionary measures ns Cone sidintrale of Ter. 09 SN =e
hite of California, UBS

the firm of Wh:

fosyneracy | the mapagenuent of the Commercial

Marine Square & Chace “i


paper in payment of bille should be against “an invasion of sples.”

South toad leto The Port-of Spal ——
u ay a Re . ortet Spain Mr. Otto Radeliffe Clarke has bought

an ——— +

~ oe 7s - To Connesronpents.
We do not hold ourselves responsible

’ sa
the construction of Torpedo boats a ”
the busidess of F. A. Skeete & Co., and [ Submarines of the “Holland” type. ;
Mesars. Alston & Co. have iret bought qh pa) m7 vt v ‘Alparniso draw atten,
—— out the stock of lumber, on part ol on @ cose
(e onlolons srpreernt by cote it free tastlll plen ty to cell to other | Peru,
Tepondeate in our columns All , -— The ‘Demerara Argosy” says that ‘
Y Ietforg must be of toes anled UY the The recent Congress of Venezuela | Nam Davis has already been acked by
necessarily for publication, butas | Musicipalitles held in Caracas’ wae] the G C.C. to bein readiness to gu to ;
. |] A uaratitee of jrood faith. Reject. ] presided aver by Dr. J. 1. Perez, Trinidad for the Cycle Sports on oF a,
edinanuscriptecannot be returacd. | President of the Congress {Delegate of | King’s Biithday, Our contemporary +

the Sunieipality of the Federal 4 on to say? -Sain's going to that
Mistrict) with our old friend Dr. Gil f island, 90 soon after his sensational
Fortoul as first Vice President, Seiior | defeat of Mikey Cipriani, Trioidad's

I. Vallenilla Lang acted as Secre’ . | champion cyclist, at the cycle meeting
There were six eemlone. tary recently held here, will be s circum: A — i

Advertising Scale oa Application.

ae Subscription . per year.
Payable in advance -Postaye extra,


First Quarter of the Moon,

SOUTH QUAY 68. Supreme Court 1090 an

UNDER THE TELEGR APR OFFI OR ears London Electiie Theatre--3 and
At the Cornor of Ghacon St..

—— atance of great interest, and should
In ourrepott of the funeral of the | serve asa big attraction for the eports, a

late Me. L. B. Legge we regret we were |-especially If Cipriani should compete ‘
tn error ia stating that he was a natise | at the meeting.” In the'event of two
of St, Vincent, for as = matter of-fact | men being se ted to represent Deme-
he was born here, He has left a bro- | rara,.the choice, it is said, will falt ou .
ther, Mr. 1 Hdwin Legge, so well] M.G = Nobrega (" Father Scoles) for
known and esteemed tu the commun- | the second place. Just now, however
ity, who was the chief mourner at the | the G.C.C, are undecided on the point

fuveral, —for one thing “Ncoles” was not in
such form at the last meeting.
To-day, May Sth, has been fired for] Besides him there is practically no
the proventatfon ta the office of be other rider of clasa,
va! ‘. mericar-Hepublics, in aahin: ni, —
At the Oval 230 p.m ofa gold medal to Mer, A. Carnesie, The “Demerara Argosy” states that
though the fgures relating to the

Tligh Water M , The medal which Is to be presented b:
Hus rece ra orn ad Even o13 na the Ministera of thes Tepublics, census have not yet been ofticially de-

8 te : ole assisted by President Taft, was] clared, sufficient ts known tu satisfy
Moon ¢ sets “ tease 60 pp decreed for presentation by the Pan-{ the public that the growth of the
American Conference recently beld in | population haa been most diasppoint-
~ —r, Buenos Alrea, On the obverse side ising. Excluding the aboriginal In-
SEB PAGE 2 FOR evgraved 3 * Benefactor of Humanity,” | dians, the population sp to be
dhe Georgetown Municipal. | and on the Rererve: The American [20,000 indicating an increase in
ily —- Alleged Practice of
Obtaining Accommd:tion

Republics to Andrew Carnegie.” twenty Fears, ot only 11,004 or a trifle

- over Tt cen * . . â„¢
ad nanother colunia wilt be seen, the The, avinidadPreabrtectan” Ocrsets, Lingerie, [rimmlngs ete, ara

veitisement o| ueen's Par “The in tian” for 5
Ton vi rae ; Where Hotel which announces by Patm Dinner | May is just to hand and is a particu. their most advariced styles to meet Dang
m ud Leads ; Queer | and Dance there on Friday uth fost. | la interesting number—brimful of demands, 4
Tale from In’and of Cuba— These functions | are always of ade articles and news. it, contalns as *
‘aggon §=Driver beevmes | Nghtfalcharacter and we are certain } eupplement the Tonle Sol-Fa music uf ,
- that the roaching fist itt the hymo “You will need Him”,

Blind and i #4 put down equally successful were â„¢ be words by Ida AL Budd; tane ie OOWN0000 000000 00 000008 8g

0 Witcherast—Strong Feel- -


The Whirlwind Cinemetograph Ca. —— =




Thissection is lavishly replete witli
latest in prasent day wear for ladies
Fiowers, Laces, Zephyrs, Voiles, Sills

Occupied till recently as a Provision
Store by Mr, William Scott, at a Mode-
rate rental, ?

For particulars apply next door to

Gerold & Scherer.


Men's *Farnishings:3

E _— ing th Esard by 0 B Franktla, harmonized
én Superatin : Encouraging news concerning the f by CG. W. Nothnage!
Tound Repelbiont Madtion: | health of Dr. W. de W. Wisba has —-
pu ; On- Theen recelved in Demerara by the last} Having observed figures published
are Brown'— HKesex Ancho-| Mail from’ England. The doctor | lo the latest Demerara papers to hand
rite to pay Income lax — | Writes himself to say that he {s cun- | relative to the last Census Laken there,
siderable improved both as to his phy- | we applied to the Registrar-General

ms Lafe in a Yackt, Twenty i i
. , sical condition and hls brain power, | yesterday for similar inturmation, Wi A very ff
Million Pounds Baby and he hopes at the expiration of his Wwery Informed that no figures will be being off ya in gottection of nt From ‘

ines SEE PAGE 6 FOR leave to be sufficientty’ recovered to favailable before the 15th as, up to ing offered inthis department. From
4 come back tthe colony and resume | now, all the papers have not been re- -artivals we mention the following :—E
—— City Police Court, his duties as [ealth Officer of George- | celved from the various Wardens, As and Gossi Halt Kai Silke
SEL PAGE 7 FOR town, & matter of fact, not all the enumer ossimer ia ose, Kaitted Silk:
ators of Port-of-Spein have as yet g

pattern, Crepe de Chene, Neckwear, Ni
yjamas, Jaegar Underwear, Straw Hated

Qur Article on “Reeent] yee a. Trojs, formerly druggint sent in their papers and the utter
ber Helmets,

Trameiw Accidents; EHn-}in charge of Poland's Pha macy, rubbish fontaine fn some of them
2 : iaid ud: | 134 has been appoln! e cba: ecessita: ele return for pro;
gk otatons in rintl ud; of the Governmeat Duspensary at Piye refilling up, Proper
sect Jum ites Steam: | mouth, Tobago, whither he proceeded ————
day vig! The Warden begs to Invite the

ship Service, To diy's out | on Non te
Lit . — purbiic of Monteerrat to a meeting to
News was received on the lst instant held at the Warden's Office at Gran

34 7

SEB PAGS 8 FOR ht by ‘the firm ot Hours. De Calros Bros, Cours on Saturday 13th May 201k abz H ' h i
. am | &2 ew ater stree' eor, OF 'Q purpose oO: ae

Match Makiny de (ure | re rath in Harbadoa of crore? thee | peomragme for Lelebratiug the Consus ] g â„¢ ass al 0 ;

Agency for Heiressce und | clerks, Mr. J, 8, 1. Sanlox Mr, San: | atloa of King Gearge Von th
Impecuns sus Nobls. tus, who jolaed the tm, since the |Junenest. 8 © Ztud

nnn erneeny Sptumencement ¢ ot ihe, business abou —
——_ 20 yea
ITEMS OF BEWS aySunt there or nemeatet | HARBOUR AD MARIKE NOTES.
~~ . Viver, went over to Barbados for the At the Harbour Ma.
We hear that to-morrow another | benefit of hie health. The deceased ore Captain Fh ee gee
race will be runin the Gulf between lanche, of the Harbour Con. ay 7

who was about 47 years of age, leaves ferday, beforn Captaia J. 1. Baunders,

a widow and two children, ° :
the boats fron ae BSL Phrdentta igi verso wore pronecuted at tabular, ihenged a bpurtae Mall 900000000000 200000000000 2006 000000006
dborothea D. and Cotbed. | Ay quite of the City Baltes Court yesterday by In. ind a Debus fat veots all Heensed
buat haa intlicted on the Colibri the | *Pector Holder of the’ Water" Autho- bear the #8, ° Haiba approached foo

opinion fs that the latter named craft | [ly for wastlog water, aud fn each . * :
igcapable of whipping her rival, ‘Tu | cave & fins ot By. Was iupoved with the jagtants before praia steamer had ao
grtow's race will prove whether this | sernative of seven days, was fined 10s, and the cuhers oe on
ive, We understand that the second Sodom and Gomor tah of Biblical days each, The same complainant
officer on board the #dantia le going iblical b charged one Henry Maniifeed eae ’





90040200 00000084100000000 2000 000000

. , Just received |, special range of choi
Sultings, also the” famous Sun and Sell
which are guaranteed not to change the

Th time bas guno by
When a voysewasanevout
m the family Jif. Now-
a-days almost ovoryous
travcls more or less. Jt cf
may toatripofafewdays 7% i
or it may extend ovora at
yor. In either case a
gerd trunk is nocossary—
one hatwillwithstendthe 4%
rough, bandling to which
it ia subjected.

We keop onty euch trunks as ex porteacy lias s.owa ust) be




to futhe Mondhes 1, 12 > | history bas been resuiysted ina
to corswalnthe 1 undies ereitement, madteru country Village in Demerara havin) gone vi board the aa. * Barba.

by Mr. Magistrate Hilt who hear- fore the boarding offer. De
ing that the pirties in a charge of feudant pleaded not guilty, but the

abuse had hailed frei" Grove” | Charge was proved and

Klag Manuel, ci derant Sovereign of f fe Of Hn. in thi d etd
Village, delivered himself as follows; fiuiposed. with tho alternative of 7 Ms depurtment we arefshowing a

Portugal, recently sisiled Madan Tus-

yoo str ug and servicouble, aud vur pricee ure cerluinly the anad’s world famed wax museum taf ian village of Grovets the worst in | Ua%% Alfred Stapleton was fined du. smart styles in Ladi d Men's High
tintewn Wo wa 0 vatl a 4 voursall ! Ioadon and was accompauind by two fie Ciony” It lea dl or T'days forhasing plied f A y f Ladies and Mens g
lowest 4 © want you to call aud s:0 for yourse filends Me took the greatest tare | tries in thal villeguiele te ond es qe wear, Special attention is requested to™


bot to approwch near the figures of his set it te an awful | & boatuian, without being duly li-

- Cabin Trunks—20 aty les, Co oper Bound dheameead Royal father and brother
Leather Straps, extra strong, 35," ao $7, as, $9, whe met ayo tragic deaths
to $14 40. -

Zinc Trunks—6 styles, square top’,. dou
locks, $5.50, $6 to 810, ;

Wardrobo Trunks - 3814.40, $16, 318
to $21-each complete, .

Sult Casos- $1.80 to 33.40. Pack}
Trenks- 6c. to 85. oning

200000 0000000000 00020004 >0.00000
9007 000000000000



lum aod Gomor.

place—s nontern models in Ladies Vienoa Shoes suitable fag

The as “Torgorm” 1,005 vear. q
Captaio Falconer, which arrived fron | ;

Welvenley ie fonder shart! For Gentlemen ‘we recommend o# 9
ing 7,200 Lagy Trinidad sugar. - and “Snow " Shoes", stocked in a varioty
and leathers, for comfort, appearance

ity, theso are unsurpassed.

One among the fest lot of Rev. Dr.
Morton's Hast Judian converte, wheo
& tmiseonary * down south,” Dinbun-
dhoo, Letter known ae Dinvoo Morton,
died at Morton Street, Prinses Town,
on Saturday last at the age of 80 years,
His funeral took place on the follow.
ing day With May at St, Andrew's
Vresby ferian Chureh, the service belig
conducted in Hindi and Engibh. It
was largely attended his ou-rligion-
iste anduthera. ‘The deceased has left
awhlow, two suns, grand and great
giand children to mourn hle loss,

It ia understood that one of the can-
didates who passed the recent exami.
nation in hygiene for sanitary Inspeo-
tors, has been temporarily enrolled on
the staf of ewlstant sanitary inepee

Included {fp the caryo of
“ Magdalena,” whl wailed fae tae
land on W ednesday, were 4.739 bunrhe
ew bananas, 1,052 tage Trinidad
and 8 Pu kages guid (transhipped frou
Lea" Della) The steaner touk in
40 tuus bunker cual before walling,

The chartered ‘ate un “
of the Pickford and Hock Grea

A despatch fivin Lisbon by Trench
Cable Males (hat the Decree of Repos
ation of Church and State in Portugal
whieh wae promulgated on the 2lst
ultliuwg was recelved with fadiiference,
The CGevernwent estimates to realize
SOG by the “seyuestration ” of
the proparty dc. of the Religtous,

We andervdand (hat the new khaki
uulferuite te wore by the Jocal eun-

tat the Coromallon of lifts

Ma, ety King George V. ls being made

“ep ener. Step Lad, at thiv




The Hes. F oC Glasgow, known fcargu in tran te

fautilaaly tw Cougrepadionalines as | sailed at Lanne aid il deck * Khe

* Fethee” Glaagow aud asthe © Hishop | Northern Islands with ui

af Cougiegativnalian,” died on the | Sire Dudley and chi ares

bat uslan at the Demers Public | Desllea, an
as after

tov a few aye bs fone. othe eee


| WiLsons ‘LIMITE

ae eorganf | The Venozyela
het 10) yuderlay a wo | waa held in high eatery ly the pre lef, at 1 n steaner * Dette
Ss. it te hed OC Ue |” well ae ae “hover, tis | Helivne, Se th ele fallow eet Gludaa
haa | latuet of whim he served for teuy ioe Ay Cantzares, Drea at
inn “ flue let, of thw Laval baret, Mr, CV. de Lemos, Mins N.
vernsuaat and the of Kainmer, Mr. and Nee Rook B
Agricultury, ® Maries, MNP. ween ae NE



4s —— ; . . \

_ QUAI ITH SAR tw OTS & HVE RY —For ladies, Gente, Children and Infants—At cost price and under
‘ o° Two Weeks Only for! arb, All prices matked in plain figures. See our Show Windows

LADIES - - {Ladies Black Buckle Shoes, | Gents Tan Vici Kid Blucher,

; ° tq « . cH 1
Patent | Lace Kid Top * . s.44 70 72 CENTS ~, $3.00 to 81.80, Glace, ' flippers, 3
— ‘Tho Pie-Nfot | [JA DIE r R V 3 "
q . :
$3.00 to $1.80, IES BLACK QXTO DS. tents * Ss pl at * Cals, Ganta Tan Vici “4
La ez totion | [Donne "Bios coe 2
: ADIES) hampagne‘Bals Ladi . ¢ 50, .
x ‘ I -
| 82.40 10 81.20," ce Tan 1 angtry Buckle Shoes— $1.92 to $1.20, | Cents Black Satin Calf Salmerais, Gexts Patent
ot : adiea Tan Uxfords= €2,tGt0 $1.44, Derby, 4.50 te
: reas Legal? we 3 wee, 4 DOL. TO $240. $3.00
f : ryratt : 00. .
LanteesTan aVici Bats. GIRLS’ TAN LACE BOOTS. GENTS Gears | Hyening
R »16 to $1.20, . wen Oxfords 2.40 to
P.O 41.92 TO #120. Tan VicisBals.—8360 | gigs, .
- 4 r es to $2.16. .
Ladiss Ten Vici Button | GIRLS LACE BUTTON BOOTS—$1.92 to 81,08., , Gents Tan Willow Oxfords,
; ogts—$3 to $1.44, Girl it Gents Tan Calf Derby 6 DOLS. TO s35u0
FS 2 i
fies’ Ta D irls White 3192 to St 20. GENTS TAN WILLOW DERBY 83 Tu 8
taro # 2rby:| Canvas Shoes GeariTen Viel Doty | GENTS PATENT, OXFORDS
. 20, oy 4 f <
$1.441T0'72 CENTS, $3.50 to $2.00, 3000 1.50. ,
. o e
o &
o phens Limited he Best Pl
ited, T ace to Buy Everything.
rr . = SE
‘. drivers will offer in such casea; but { “AM. ‘ . i Trinidad L
; OPPO RTU NITY FOR tiuth the position fs that would they THE DIRECT JAMAICA STEAM SAE monimilsike Wert ts fad Line of
; only devote their attention exclusively SHIP SERVICE . ; Tas 8
9 to the dangerous work on which they , New Vork= Paramaribo TRADING COT GEN TS.
. are employed and follow the fostruc- mice RLNADAM Thi “Grenada” of.
B BARBADOS: tus ged them, eve acldentecoaid | 4 AU Sr Ee inte oe | THE SOT Ie hn eas alana. | CAteiettad Une rit tare pa
eS ~~ with many a ut ve ail Kuow slea that of the Agricultural Soclety, handed in M ijne” fadue here from New York Fork on the Zud Alay igit aud Is duet!
a é “ slop for a pawenyer whom they thiak | th fallowtn questions to the Gover [ direct on Monday ath May Jou and aes $8. Tho ax Maracas’ of the
Pad *e). 2 Tho Sch should by able to board a car white in | PONT ee Oe A the costation | PHL Iea¥e the eau ay oe era | ae are dad Lane will Teave New york
7 os °o cnnr. alow motion, or to leave it ir the sane | (1) Js y trie f na nee | e ieee bo taking carga, pasengers and wails, { on May 2nd 3911 for Trinidad via Grenade
ON mT Os COL EIR? [eta ousbempinientop | tina iti lieraciatamitatt | Sica scan net inne rman | Chile OP GUS SGho”
.. } ® paswenger often gets ee . OW? NADA.--
: 5,100- T ON s BURTHEN Al OS CU L T ER, considerable. Ibis well nowa that thie nents to se favantage orn mtn buon Mouday Sty Mey oles a tines Tdoe withers Pregade of the Frinlded
. General Manager of the company does | j,6 greatly advance, and are wot { ¢, N Wr York takin ek » Paseen: | May 101 and in da there 20ch May 101.
Is DUF HIKE - ween wart ron | le tats in panto {facts te gunate tale | kerma cig ne SOâ„¢Eâ„¢ UE | CU GSAT
es ” * poof Xe ”
B b “+ [ihe safety of fis passengers: and precticall ramanivtent 3) In net MAROMERE | 1 Se Mayan Toe oe ee eee ork oneaae odes
. C ar ad os; severe penalties are generally meted ata y ae or en mee ly AVI du ijneâ„¢ is due Use ers fru ray 11 for Trinidad via Grenada and is dug
mt BA Fi i A, B RA zi L. out for breaches thereof when brought | [Ootage Ow Mie ont epy for aecur amariboy fa Mat alogon Tuc ay ut to arrive bere on Zist May 1011,
-, > - —ON-~ iv bia notice. The recent actions shew ine oe teaae with thet Royal Mail May loi au w ¥ et ih wome y ~oee
Aes: . yi how thoroughly well Justified te hla | Sttam Packet Company or othec iret for New York (aking: cargo, Ia Veloce Naviga-
P ~—ON OR 4B0! T— 3 severity (woweltmes eniticised a8 un: | reliable compan fon & subsldived | OF LAME The 6° Loppe stone Italtana +
; og tu rday, 29th Inst. Git they acos coew antortanatery Gor direct service for inaild, passengers, Yname” Ww dueheretrom Barainat be ¥ Vupare, .
Ube Liv areezoe ctourloval wuik and Crelg 4 ov Monday 22nd May 190), and w : .
JRDAY, 6TH MAY TAKING furtas espouniousterot thete position | 22 commenting on tts e tion ou th | Year, next day at noon precio, Sect | THe Naw s oueyiey Comrany Lr
" 3 3 CARGO AND PA as livers aud conductors, Will they Telegraph” slates that “every dav ere and mails, , MITTA DI TORING.—Thes. “Citta di
q . SSENGERS, nol seek WO remove this blot from their 7 chat passes by engraves on the ‘public € —— —_ ‘urine _is dae bere fro Genoa, vs
D WILL PRIOEED THEREAFTER TO general reputaion ? At one time Je | ynind thet,” although Une Jamaica Tanbaryg simrrs- | Maneillen, Harvsloua and Teuertife on
} — was & boast and justified and | Government oatentibly saves £29,000 Z tie about 1ith Stay VIL proceeding after-
Ww R i t, hoaceldenca hid ever occured cud no | 2 Fear tie colony stam Jove tor pave, semieamun d Co | Pra'tisnon and Catan tating congo pas
7 FortRates of Freight, &c., apply to ; and no] ines Chat amount id addition to the lon, ne CAFgO, pas.
’ * eight, dc apply 0 | claime ever had ‘to be canied into : oR : AGENTS sengers aad miglle if quarant lke.
: ths IPECU | cir yA sONFS, or to coulte Liven Dow thize wuld ofven | creamer advautage,” Further, trasle | cynic. -Theas | hile.” of the Haun quarantine permite
5 AEC DG . be nu oceasion to go t6 court were the “ . an |. burg- American Line ts due here from —
. true story given fo the Manager by ie for & eieect revive peeene Venesnelan ports on or about diay 10th,
*, a or fterw: le to asre ant
RS. | Grell & Com titel Lehone et dstnes dd eter re mniey tis Vanibargvia Pi Feowes, taiog cares | SHIPPING INTELLICE
. | ductorsandallether employers aitee | TODAYS COURT LIST, | Pawenaerannt mls ‘i
Be’ res a ne ene —
; So nn Will realixe that for thew! own honour _ : ARRIVALS
‘ The Pert-of-Spata Gazette. andreputatation av well us for that of SUMMAILY JURISDICTION Compagnie Generale | wnlay Si
“og ir com ae ‘, ener tor
iS Steamers have excellent passengers accommoda- USA ee | ecient pe The ad eet at (Anes JOR HEARING 2 2 fanaattint we. fw. Thonn Crlatabad Cole Leia
ke under seven days for the voyage ype 2 PAIN ocuur P Something should be possible | js Matas» Garner Aleantars © Blas au = | and) pusnenger. ve
5 * oT MAY, 1011, to that end; and we earnestly trust | Geshe Jiildlag & Loan Assoctation ¥ AGESTS, ith.
wl} oth ‘articul 1 apply to — nevily trust |g Coteau, Coppla v Bagzan Marmdge, ) OT DOMINGUL The Tren Mall | ia wars, Init simr, Davies, 2073 tou
other particulars, p ease apply | Snare for the sake of the com pany aod the | \andial v Witkon, Coen v Canden, Bur PS Bleamer “St. Domingue” ty due bere | ad hours Demerare, ea _ in transit
RECENT. JRAMCAR ACCIDENTS. travelling publicit wilt one, kett¥ Taylor, Hriceno ¢ Bethel, Hriceno | from Demerara on the 7th May and will | and )ideckers.” ‘to Gordon Grant and
—_—_—_—_—_—_—_ . etn ee v THethel, Mosre v Kelly, Ching Jobmons Pieave the same day for St. Lucia, Mare Coy. .
pay {TUpS the past, few months the Feo oN eae aan eand cai Sey Cratobal Catan 's Rocwes 5
In ectrie Uompany bas panen ee os H ; orsca,
: ; Fetal lets emery ees PS | ENGLISH POTATOES IN TRINIDAD | ananauh 15%. tettse tvice | Dune they treme aunatuee is | fcr mon 8 conmat and
@ | vr three ccvazivns ja actions brought _—— — Guad loupe and Martinique, on or about DEPARTURES,
ety 5 oe ae ene ence ot act ileuta The fullowing appeats in the April (Before Mr Sustier Feucatt ' the wh May api will Trrocoed aftcreards X wae May.
A er 4 . CARES FOR HEAHING to Ay ri Vanilia, 91 si
, AGENTS, PRINOE LINF, ~ inwhichit hes been held by the courte [Weriultuval’ Society or eiuidad. | , Sincald, boot & Gos Wiarton guar oo oa one Eat chase pannens | Caan taCuayee, nee ening | baad
By, that the employece of the company } 4 bat this important vegetable can bo beard, Mangiros v Marvey, Tatar ‘ TH, nalls and e4ryZa. passenger.” Hy New Culunlal Con
. were utterly in fault; aud there are | uccessfully grown inthe Culuny, bas doukdany Dipman Mabara] y Chetal Maly | QT, DOMINGL K-Tho Vrewl Mall} pany Lid.
— due or two uther cases which bave #0 | been demonstrated by a tewident of my Ah ty Boudon, Ankel ay tronsales, ‘ Bleamer bt Poutnmue Ips , Europe Cuowy or Cavite, rit stmr, Sinlth,
far ogo are aware vot yeb reached | tanta Cruz The grower recently sub- Aone Phiklens, Arkigue © Sate, Vig: pacoes eloupe aide ith Atay, and | 30) fe tons Demerere, 10 brie salmon,
6 the court, ia which it seems bard U0] gutted samples of potatoe grown in | pale e ceorme Vignale v flaphasl, Thom | will procecd afterwaide 10 Denterven, | + Hy Sew Colenial Coy, Legere MMPS
; believe the reeulte would be different | his garden “which ‘average Sjom in 'son ¥ Joyte, Pampellonne vy hadoa, Burhan anid Cayenne, taking carga, pun Arenuawa, Hint stiet, “Atpol
é were tbey taken there, Une cannot | weignt. | They. were. uf uniform | Hochoy v de Crevten, sengere and niall, “wna, Mowk Polat, Mls, mad ae
oe belp to wonse extent sympalblsing | growth, fim aod smvothskigned aod NOW ¢ bebe hoe. The. ¥rench, Mail Steamee [ trordun Grant & Co “ 7
with the company, that is ta say Witt Pon cooking proved exceptionally well O'Conner. Karimbocus Bratowalts + [ pérou” a due here frvia. Venexoelan | Turaoxs, Brit stene, Vwloouce, 1,065 tons
i {te chief execullve aod managing oltt- | iigyoured—easlly — surpacdly, apy | Jordan. ports on or about the 2h May and will |” Greenock, 7,30) lags Tad anger, po
Gate bere in thelr tuisfortune 10 veing | potatoes fuported | toh Col 7 Cherfore the Ohiet Juste s rocecd aflerwanda to Sariluique, Guade- | passengers, jy Trinidad balpplag and
% miulctet iu heavy compensation | for Pthe cultivation ie described as! Abtack v Admlatteater General walt, pasugers, carga and saee Biawre, | Ermtinig & Gay. laa 1
° it iu certalu t at heady Ts followsy-- Tialetate . - 4 ‘ a 2 rig etme, ey KUNE
1 of expenditure of the funds of the Jo i eeerenenneremmccerenmncnness | tans, Haradas, 10M fags dad cocoa” ~~
‘ | pay wil notte regarded as alte” | tuchee wide and Bre ches deep, pu: | MOVEMENTS OP STEAMERS. | sacha Vampert Th, tons | toes ited ay at
gether tory ting the soil sa turned up on either a oot ole driew 3h turtles, 41) te
—AND— way Maat? onthe partortbe weal {Pup old stabl oan, {ha Boyal Kall Beam fackeb Ce,— Gantt Atarrow te Co, | si" ona “Trtndads SU" packages
4 : *Putold stable maaure tos dept fee Pave 2 area At - AGKNTM eine “an bukegey gold
ofticials, Un the other hand there can ” 66 F3ga 4 MIWNNYBON, Th ‘Ty taf teow Hodivar, 1512 age
be'no doutt that in the eyes of the of 2 (oS luches ia the furrow: _ [’ Nive here ‘ow Rauiton ort ihe i§th Say ourga input be Northeru Inbordaeeeer et

leavhig the sane dav for New York via tathages from Deuerara,

Vast a taking cargu, paewengers and Vee la an. By LSE,

malia, . it

VY Girain, ‘The aw. ‘Voltaire’ Indue | ivcnaswix, Venexulan falucho, Ueres, 0

here frum Huevos Alres on the vith fons, Macareo sundry packages mer.

May, leaving the name clay for New York [chad

via’ barkeden, faking vargo pansengers J Ayiils, Vencauelan mk hoones, Clarke, 0S
et malls, tana, Cristobal Colon sundry pachaxus

tuertbandise and 2 panmengers

the Kast Astati Jarora, Hrltish Shoop, Adams, 16 tons,
. pent, wazlry pod
eo Line of Steamsrs dise aud # twauenyceree nies Ue

“¢ ‘ . bie it ba seganied as cminent- a HKonwkijke W Mast
: : iy oper and patistactury that fall | Mining one ur more youd eyes) with = dtenst.
< andromplete compensstion should be spree ithe de on the manure, Tux Reva, Dotca Ma
é B alee by the eouta in all cases wheres e fag a little sprinkling of eoll under 1 horns
o the recent instances itis shown e . tlean Link &envick,
a ae reconel Injuries sustatned by J yyy ecreT eb the sends with the turned pynig YREDEAIK WENUNIK: The
passeugers have been the direct out- } ut tuck we oS tet ok, p Hoyal Dutch Mall dwamer Prins
: Fone of wrongful conduct on the patt |S Witen the plante wet va a helgit of | Hepereonitik, haters Tt
vf the ewployoos of the company, 8 Incica of w add moye soil to a depth ut FR TOIL preceedtinut afterwards (9

* Place seeds (section of a tuber con- |

‘dhe broad rule of the buplied couuact F of one Inch.” . Cara Cumana, Cuayta, La Gita
-_ —— of tie company 6s _camermto coney eS took for remilte until the "Purr, Galatia. Gara Jactwel, Aug " Leto! i .
; —— —— their passe ely safely mut be sirlet- fNauts have become quite yellow and aten ran Prince and New York tak Geo He Alston Oo Tagan ants Cenegucien hob. vite
; iy entoreed: | Hut between these two have commenced ta wither. aod fixvargy somengerandwails | 6] sr THOMAS The se St.Thomas | fmbagen suerchandiee ond & pawmngers
yi . troluis of then thera It Foun for wane ehould any of Abe neve potatore appear | jG teed blenuret * maula a Sindee here froin Wurnunarity js Ow | Chrwn™ oe Caanana, ‘Britian steataet
; ‘cident, be other day whea acar | 200%" ' ere Ane! duc Were tram Veneagadun Pests ua ug PRD May proceeding aftervarde to, Har rueby, #763 dona, erare—carga In
twa dejiberately driven at a high 1ato bo uf aoll, Lae this ve Ay not happen If alnnt 31h Slay 1011 proceeding alter arde Couttoenial Fortes (aking cargo” pnee ane wena no pemenaern Wy TS. KT

peed ort a siding yherit shoud Fettended Wo a reyarde tine au reutngeater worere uu alles

9 ots the secund moulding hay been proper!
have awailed another car, with the . sail
/ featlt tate daugersge pullision, |tGind the veil arest at loast for ove 1?" Stat Brescger “> ae dare ny
won aight bave bery fer more year or (ry sampethigg else on it.” due here from Aupterlauy via Paramart
6 serious in ts besulta, occursed, ad the 19. evarding yield} each vigod will bo and Demerara on or about fud May
9 compeny bad lo pay sawluging/dsor | vet Sto Snow potatoes, Threw Wit proreeding afterwanis t Curspenn,

gers alul walls. sens

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Trapixae iro Auunt [| Mails for Parswartlo by theas “Mare.
NES ~The an Kee’ of the | wiine™ wil be clased on Monday the th
IN. Glaigaw Divet Dine in dus here | imum st vilak, Du, preelvely,

pgeato the vichins, the real cause OF | Tionehe fe the tive fren planting. to Puuaanas Guanes ve fuera iets

a trusble was not in the company aL ,
. ‘ ie was siuply on ‘nelance of the algal ta rerely blow) although Ports Prise and Now Sork tablog | pom Glansow via Hart on or about | Higdetratlon ones at 280 po,

P loual employee, tires 2 be P ¥ » wt fare, ean ng ,tualle, lth May 101L Proceeding afferwards to eile for, New York by then. «. “Bars

> 2 ity to reslise fuel prtipuaness ts bate a re freed formed, @ years of ex d oa ey tke Ho Dore Legare jug CENge, pamengers, and | reares will he Covad a Townlay the Mh
Ma x R Ss U ARE puslion as & carrie r of butinae perlence with polato culture, fréle due hers frow Venesyclan Porte of oF BN cee reenter fustann ae ! orient x ry lselye

i, 9 A INE . frelght, and serondly pis inability ig | tontklent that a guud giade of Eugilan about With May iy proceed afer Frederick Leyianwit & wees for Grenada, Vinceut, and

wea understand the value of « strict a potators can by grown inthe Colony, wards to Parewarila, Harve quad Amel Company Ltt New Vork ty the aa. * Crown of Granada”

2 unswerving obediende tu fustructloos Phy gravelly sulle of our Taountals dain taking suryd, peancagers a male, Tux New Cow, an wll te cfoned on Fritay Wtth fjastant

iw — a! lawtully fr from a higher ah} vatleyy seem to be well vulted fur thle % fon Direct Lane Limrep a YD et Buchok po. f stration News

’ ’ thority. Ja the most meently beard plant and the qnalter fa one which f x mT - BD ~ AgasyE pupes Mail seus 66 oslo ks pew,
4 . tion In the Suprewp Gout, where Lt recrive the attculipp of 6 of Nleameva, \ UCUALAS. Thee a. © Yuomten” ts dus
, a a plaintiil recovered several thoussud show gandeuers bout our Tue New Coursuar lwre froin Ldverpout via Tarhadon vas -

or abot 34th May WIE paused: aher
dotlare damages fur injures received weds. to las Gaalra. ie Calais wn
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7 ELVIN}IEaD. 1 ~ Ketyus | Uae stseap vajwrdiuput of ridding’ 5
ae vereraes Beate Aloe 1. Uy ostog Hi kl'e Byran,

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Yorks tabling sarge only + oo A wuseieigy uediving

hi; fall susta) ned bn conser unc ~. - NALYRIAThe as “Halybia” will
ue Thera lelnge deter ‘Ot before he \ At} ou oe about sil May, takle

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BMALL COGOA ESTATE [rir teeth catieree | unite tit am hor fat tu ean
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; nS Od? Acres. oud psiliy the onda lur, to ory 8 | Cayadian Healing OM prmerenue wury, re trom Laden 6 Thorton’ mid
« aud specific rule not to start a tin coucentrated furiy tt Ureaada, ua or stant ttt y Wil we

So cer a ibe! passeogee for whew it pundred tes the quantity uf ineay covdjag afterwards We Ber taklog

Fe o 4, NY 1
O” veasonab!. "For farther partiou ars topped bas ellber alighted ar got Punguents, te eben and tbe Toqenger® ga
A ae able cfier refased, For ta base 0 ‘ MoT the sw
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Â¥ bes . koow the. variuus uu OF laws ex: make 1 the pour san's frkeude wt 2 Crowe ot ate tag

McKENZIE & KIRTON. . egygeralod exc uae fur bury that these § dealer» etek oe cumplela without it pect] Beal paw eh




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rivel, He actually exports Nhe Wadhingtoo, April. ith.—Vincent

oeereemtanecesaninnteaeet ee cadies | JUST (PEND | a
“YOU MAY EAT EVERYTHING ra a fe, actually este. 216 Hate }
. . ALLEGED PRACTICE OF OBTAIN: | Slewan ecrnds out. His ex: | yy, 000,000 baby,
ING ACCOMMODATION FIOM”) "or Rehr werth, KLGHOR, i wala eles, the EAI AT
- Fes dln iat of epee ee |S fe alto at ae
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’ Wes tade, the fallowing fran, tie cette and exportal E107 fod te tnt re ma heath, in sorlet E ae
rn Dem: ; erman gossips declare *
Iith tTo the Ume-honoared bail ap- elght limes ap inuch Jom ae sll the | tht “tor Loyd, oF any one elas a
of “

rent Practice of the Ueorge er countries of Kurope together, to fase an ineurance policy

wn facil of obtaining accommo faving as thuch soap as France, aod


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dation from ite bankers in the shape
Uhree tinree as inuch as the United hen he leaves his
of areca, ey, Horernners bate | Etna is tte ahead tn eness pont bulatoe® aby
the representations of the Ataiitor [OL boola, saddles and barnes, i faced {n a nursery, the windows of
tho representations of the Auditor Vvteada, hate, and many other goods | Which are fitted wiih latticed ptodl
officer to whoni the Munfelpat accounts | numerdne fo mentee inabager shutters, which are Hocked from
had been submitted for examina. | States! er, pproupector, InAnaT | the inside at six o'clock in the exening. Our first shipment of Coronatioa toad

and eugincer on the face of Two armed detectives siboutside the
tion, punted to the irregulac-way in | 2nd oeeiny of it iefarouperton. | ayroatn ctoctives 2

which the Onunell was conducting ite] 20** onda I e r
cee— to Jobn Bull tor ‘quality’ fs & | praborate precantions area famlt - ‘
ferns uietacomeety” tt [ante sooo te ine maken ct, tte Luaition, Dore Merce | Ladies’ Ready -to - We:
% eo je parenta oO! :
Councillors were inclined to renent his | MOU with comparative drawings— | wero similarly provecfed against Kid- of the very latest style which we arc sell
See our Show Cases and be convinced,

interference ax gratuitous and wawar | iovte af Aevigioe, hanpers. a,

e 4
. . - a vanted. Probably the language of Mr

Use Niacolin Digestive [reine The Gortmer an
not the Corporation) may _ have

|For Pyspopsis, Indigestion Acidity of the, Ftoanch, Hoa-tburn Intoss Fee eee ctr? aneell | QUEER TALE FROM ISLAND OF

QO wann,

OOTORS, Pharmacia, Mecban',

aad the pabiie generally, are hereby

potifiet that I will not be respoodb'e fa

tlunl Indigestion {or starchy dyspepsia), Fermentation of criticism, On this occasion, however,
avy deb‘s contracted tn my name by avy

Headaches and all Irrogularitios of the Digestive Organ. the ground upon which the Auditor.

3 Oe cog . General ata: ==
Nalocing Digestive ls « Seieatifc Preparation, composed of Auimal and | (ivonger. ‘In his erawination of the | WAGGON DRIVER, HEGOUES | Petia mhsverer anstel os kee suihorie :
Vegetable Digestive Agents. Tieport and. Estimates of Ways, BLIND AND IT fy PuT DOWN [vf 4 7 Ladies' |U, ¥. OW
fupertority of Ninliooin Digestive. ane ads of jhe Town Connell ne TO WITCHCRAFT. Mey 5ch—ten HENRY Ao ATWELL Hats x 7 ) “
. : woe e COl — — le ‘le
It doo not crntain narcotics, purgatives, nor injurious drugs of | Gutlty of accounting helerodory. In | wrnoxa ¥uxtave OF AUPERSTITION IX | TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO. ne chanime, | 5

a letter addrewed to the Council last ISLAND HePUBLIC, Te the Supreme Court.

any kind

. &k the Government Secretary re- — tt Port-of-“pal 2
It converts the insoluble starchy foods fate nolubla sugars, warts that Mo. Retour" peltte Guantanaino, March 23.=This town The Rexistry at, Port-of-ypain,
{t digests the fleshy portions o ford including mats of ali kinds, oggs the first Place that the? uncollected is all ago mith a ctae ot supp Ta the Mutier of the Easter, Jenie, Aan
; 3 xesare shown t bala t teh: b nowbafiing chan oe le
cheese, milk, ete, into solublo substances. to amnunt to tbe ange © be lance Hite iteher cr ft nome day, Hamion te {o the lstend of | Pitaldad Decesved AY
K exceedin oe am tf 1 I as a messenget iy
TRY NIALUCIN DIGESTIVE AN OU Le KNOW UOW TO ENJOY by ‘ae much, as 00 ana that ee ot the canteen ‘of the San puBite NoTIOK {a hereb: sires :
e there was also uncollected revenue | Cecilia sugar init It was noonday of Erneel Rade ide Clarke of Port-ol-Spain, —orFr.

amounting to $1,517.69, inaking total | March 21 wheu Ramos, driving a mnall aforesaid for a Grant of Administration

oo °s = sum uncollected of $16,154, The n, was going through the San .
cee he last oill and vestament dated the
finan belng fn this position, the | Jufy woods, just .where the Mont with UI 1005 of Jawle Asa Ait .
. U EE St, Hew York Council did two thin; hich th vy plantation hae its limits when Bith day of October ‘eule
The Inter-American Nruz & Tradiag vo, 130-133 Poarl &t., Gountl did two things which the | gomery tient womaa ot Aegan op. | Mransexed Wate of bee ssi town of Patt :

havedone. It made overdrafts on ita arance and whom he says was tA, 1D. 1907 having at the tine
bankers and itused money that had Ueeased with # black akirt and had a | dey of Avgast LJ corte
Sold by all the Load ing Ch emlsie. . been earmarked for a specific purpose, | banda tled about her head. of her death fixed place of erode at Fore,
“The result ofthis non-collection of | As Ramos passed where the woman | (yii\6 beiag the person appolated by thie
nimeya and failure to levy in reepect | atood she rose frum. & sitting powture oer carabla Doak a8 the Taterint Receiver
of them 1s," acconting to the Auditor | and motioned him to stop, whereupon th Estate of Florence Mary, Miller acd
’ General, phown b the employment gt he pulled the reigs aud the we mutes fan Aleasader Miller-infants the sole

& Bum oO 49, representin: @ | hit! » the waggon hal M ineas W Wie
unspent. balance of aan ral for | following dialogue ken ensued + le geort aod Der ADR neder the Will of Doors, indows, Door
* extraordinary purposes to meet cur) * Are you guing tothe mill P” asked | Tika Grelg Ferrier the former aiainietre- Jalousio Fiaps, Re
rent expenditure; aod the oversha- [ the woman, tol : +i, Filed leaving part of the Zatate

H WN dowing of the Council's banking |“ Yes. madam; why ?” ter lusinicared zP

WHEN YOU OAN account to such aa extent that the| ‘Because I wish you would give fie “Aad notice Is atso given thas if ao

ratepayers had to pay a sum of $531.42] a ride. 1 cannot walk end I do not be- 4 bef ore th iration af
in the aggregate as interest on the | lieve I can get to the milL Caveat Ie lodged iron ties dave of Mehe

o = ad
ym W. accommodation thus obtained.” Th *¢ Come on, my poor woman.” - ¥ J
A nice little ho e of your o a 2 irregularity involved in thle is pointed Ramos then ane down from his Pabbeation of nie oor + esoont 0 Fo oy 4 18 OO O B e€
~ out, and the Council is advised that | seat and helped the woman to the rear | fag Adanluiatration with the lex 9

all unexpended foan moneys should | of the waggon and gave her a seat OD | Sir od Testsment of the asld Jeavie Aun ;
—A T— - 7


— AND — 4


pioperly be placed on fixed deposit or top of rome hegs of nails, which were | Vile spuexed forthe use and bearht a

. = aay, * tye , ilab‘' otherwise temporarily invested. so
There are several Choice Lots (50'x 100') availab’e on the |i they way"be meeured and. the | "Themutce were started, and Ttamoe | After Miter ant wa ooatttes | RE DLO ULOUSLY LOW

- S i ithi ratepayers may get the benefit of the Jaaysthatit was fust « few minutes
healthiest and coolest section of our Estate, within easy pectuiog interoxt” Then the iilegalit atierwards that is felt some thin shell att sin hia o# her majority. 191
reach of the Cars, good roads and abuadantly watered mATA

of accommodation by overdrafte {% | creeping on his back, just asif a han: T. A. THOMPSON
! : . douched upon and the Councit is told was being passed through the back of ‘ R-gis er. ¥ Eo
just awaiting your selection. EL A Se BET 4 fF


Council fi reapect of {t.° Thia scenrs | what it was, but he began tosee every-
tw be so according toe jadgment de- { thing dark about him and then he felt Ni QO Ti CS = 1


[ lvered in an English Court last year; that he was blind.
aud to which we referred the other | Ramos called to the woman, but
* 2 ;
Che St Vincent de Paul Nazare
~ = e
Unier tts ratroasze of His Eccelleacy the Goveroor Sir Gao

Secure one of these lots NOW at the very moderate rental of day § but a local ratepayer, we suggest | there wasno reply, He got off his
7 K.0,U.G., and of Els Grace the Archbishop of Po:

1 1 1 would hardly put bimeelt to the peatand wearched with hie hends for
ex al ‘.
ONE DOLLAR A MON T H. action. exalnet nwhe aes an “The iaulew, hich Lnew the way,

and this for the good reason thet, | picked their way to the mill and tn the
Wil make ber fiest appesrance ta tha Woet Indies as ae BA

Poru Lands Estato, Sst. Jamos pecuntarily, he would be a loser even’ } course of some time came to #, full
At the Princes Building, 4

if he succeeded Inthe litigation It ja {stopin front of the cauteen,

pee undersigaed having resigned the
agency of the ATLAS AssURANCE
Comrany Lro. (with which le facorpo-


the separate agencies which have bereto-
fore been carried on asone by Messrs
P.J Boor & Somend myself oil) for the
future be carried on asone by Meas
B,J, SCOTT & SON, who are suthcris-
ed to issue policies and grant receipts
for renewal premiums.

ITH reference to the above we are
prepsred to great recewal re-
ecipts aod issue policies at tarsi rates

sme chee mee =—_—eee eo true that sub-section 6 of section 127 of | Romosia great anguish told his tale.

-~ . . the Town Council Ordinance provides | ‘There is nothing about his eyes to
R N iI S P The Royal Mail
" J. «2 Steam Packet Co,

that any rateparyer, indicate that he iw blind, but he

" May by action before any Court | yinjply cannot see. Phywiclans, who
of competent jurivdiction pecuyer nase Jamined him, fail r explain the
with costs any sum which has been | aye, Gleaner.

pald or applied without legal *

authority from any member of the 1 ~

Council “who has authorised or y SS
taken part {fn puthorising such

igs or Tt ¢
bayment wen not Naihorned ex “MILLIONAIRE BROWN.”
Oriinance from the peron who ESSEX ANCHORITE 70 PAY

13.3.8. * Orotava” is due here frou Southampton, via Cherbourg,
ee a aiores) aud Barbados on Tuesday Uth May, and will work io
strict quarautine ab this port, tak!pg muaile only.

Ob, «ibe 8. ** Berbice § will leave bere oo Tuceday vib Mey


jnance from the person who

t sengers, cargo Aud ails. was the Town Clerk making such SOME TAX. on all description of groperty ia Town |...

3 ce Damier eave te uiboue Jetty, Queen's Wharf atl pw, with 4 * payment or application. — aad country tnclading Butldiags, eto, at | N'pllog’e “Flag of England” with Tableau effect aad Selections fans
pessengers and thelr baggage for the “ Berbice! Monday 6th M aly up’ But the succeeding subsection bails LIFE 18 A YACHT, tbe Oul- Fields, {oe arefleld, Kl Woedler Waoox, Kabat Lon's Stephoetty
1 arke for the *Bertice” will be recelred on Monday ay, only up Ontinary rate payer who coutew plates Mr. M. Bayant Brown, otherwise F.4. 8 ‘OTT & SON, Mo MEO E ws Reserved Baste, (Firat fo ve eves). $1 50,. Cobar

anaction, What would it boot him known se Slilllopalre Brown,” of the Attoroeys and agents of the Unreserved Seats 726, Gallery 48e,—~Tio't ire can ba obteined Mate

& Ou,, The Treasfer Deeg 8 Ht
Btadio,” No. 37 Tragaiese Boot See ber iain Orrealer Boeke


Hrom ist Ju

yacht Valfreyia,, Urightlingses, was Atlae Assurance On, Ltd.
_ ordered in the Law Ouurta tw pay In- | With which Is incorporated the Man
‘ come-taz, hislocome being estimated chester Assurance Uoy,

by w ourveyor of taxes at £10,000 & f iiy 5tn—se,

if he went to law when he is told
beforeband that ‘any sum eo recoverr
ed shall be pakt to the Tuwn Clerk
{pn nid of the Town Funds"? The
bringing of an action In the face of year.

such 6 provision would Indeed ratound — Mr. Brown, whovs fame has spread

for Grenada, Bt. Vincent, Ht. Lucia, Dominica, Monteerrat, Antigua,

wip and St Kitts taking Pate e ne say, “queca's

Bitar dresiae: TLM.S. * Belantia” will leave hereon Tuesday Oth May,

der will feave the Wharf at $ pm, with
oe tare apd Ubeir baggae for the “Balantia,'

pas S -
the Balantia” will be recelved on Monday 8th Mey, only up 7
CO Pn oe “ the heralaty of eae peuel pat to all parts of the world, i be wore p . [’
abrioudy It wo unproftable tric ay he is wi * ves the life a inwe
ERDICE. —The R M.S, * Dscbice * alll leavo Poet-of Spsina 1 Tuesday 16.4 ale! int of view, Yanenchorite, Twenty yeare he
May, av p.w. for Carupaco, Pampatar, La Guayra and Pro. Cavelis, Treen. however, | Let the objections a ough, the Valfiwyia, , me sean

king passengers, cargo and nisils, . {the Auditor General to the foanclal ty hoisted the Stars a tri
EE ecunet tender will leave the Lizhthouses Jetty, Queen's Wherf at 4 tnethode ofthe Municipality are well and snchored 200 yards from the shore —AND—


with Jet and 2nd class pansengers aad their baggege for the © Berbice.” + taken, and the common sense of the at Hrightlingses. Since then he has
Piirge for tha’ Berbice * will be recel edup tod p.m. on Monday 15h May. Goaneillors will doubtless wugaeet thet lived Sn busrd. end the vessel has 1E .
tly expedient that they should ay , never stirred froin her moorings DW ANC £3 Ly I 1 upper storoy of the largo and welt situated

- York, t
Gy p Brae ‘Car soos, atitiombin and fi Catelooe eet heal to My, Robson's representations | A full trew of elghteen, weeping
PITS A and will leave tbe next day for Southampton, vis Barbados, Bt, Michacls | and remove the irrvgularitiés to which regular watches, Alwaye on | en —:;T-
(Acores) and Cheetrurg, taking let elaas and deck passengers cargo sod malls, night aud day. ee lw alwa' B

The tender will Jeave the Lighthouse Jetty, Queens Wharf atépm., with WHERE JOHN BULL LEADS. realy to pul, to se sta moon s 00 aen’g nk HOTEL
, iN.

Southern corner of Broadway ant south Qua

Broedway aad 6) South Quay. ‘tho eptomisos rs noe

Orta’ Bive ropaires for the paxt three moiths aad no eg

a areal with regard to modera imp.uvonents aod

rendering them up-to-date and admniribly suite!
estaurant, or the Uffices ofa large Uo npady ot other 2

he pofuts,

eengers for the "Cyt Igbier to be despatched to
Tasseogers are specially notified that a baggage tighter to eopatche . _—— It tates that Mr. Drown orig-
leave the Ht. Vincent Jetty at 1 p.m, on the day of sail. The Strand Magazine has a mot AAOUr w nm orig.
the homeward mail wi therefore requested Lo see that their baggege (s sent eowfurting article under the above | inally came from Houth America, but

re ¢, ey
106. Otte fare thet Hour. file, Aa, the walter saya, John Bull the first tert vtlooed in courte when ON ‘pplications are invited early, so that final Internal
BICH —The ILM.S, " Berbice” ledue here f10u Dewerara on Tuceday t vy addicted Pa the habit ot self 1 yevas etated to be * Nassaustrect, . ha executed in accordance with the tute aid roquire oe
Bere Mave ‘connecting with the 1U.M.8. * Clyte! on that date, hierte ation, theegalden sid oot bis yey You.” W amen {iaiatng to be Frid ay 26 th | n st vecu pants Apply 4) a
ALANTIA. Tbe ILN.8. * Walantie® \e dae here from the Northern Islands shiek, IN AIT AND LAW bal elatly ee aye vine yacht! but : 9 . TT e R ny
vl th tl 8. “Clyde” on that date. 3 2 4 . - - - 7
B on Tuesday 16h May, conoectiog w @ Ihe does this he will see that ae a a ee ly ae ont her poekiieh he a 2ad May, 1911 32, ace

. schoolmaster, vopectally for the very
Berk Ballings for Qarupimo, Pam | younu: ho tinsnovauperfor he hae ne | Ostet ato, and foraerty tant | 2eDtLemen Dinner & Dane Ticket B/» 7” ne
Wert Balllog o Europe | iar, La Guayrs aad Peo produ Lions of hia remaucens avy mere laws of would be sect pienta wete ta te Gentlemen Dance Toket .... .. 4]. ou |
wOLYDE' vs 10th Mey ’ aball) widely popular than those of aug | 00 v weedy tor aninvitat wn bo ele ™
eats, BRAY. | aan nh Atay |e”, dotey if eri | Se SA he pa — s 5
< . . i + y * . . empeeee: #
mOTTAY, & - aun MALANTIA 6 0 th te faugicinent obtbe intitcacies of litle | fying visita to London, Wat te an | £2" Gentlewon aro entitled to - °
fe NAUMELUNAâ„¢ = Sth July MAVANTIA 7th June | Hou an) pin dlspongstion of equity hile life. uae invite on Vady, The Wh | j ; at
* OLY OK ae BERUICL Liv Spty feren thy Americans Wey Hy they Ty Orowy clafued thal the Val- Squier will be grtved a4 ih. Ir Win iInemé
PATHATU * . ~ dt Augusl | UALANTIA =. 6. Sut July Pe SPMRENRCE AND 1 xD berity freyle was with Whe, cuunty of Sale at t A ret head. ;
N COMMERCE + | Eauox, t t of € ter au i F
Hole ready to adventure bodly, to King’s danaine Mr. Brown re] ted al ea an uction COMP ANT

_~AT — a


AASSSKHewseeegse ‘a

s © t Vv. 1 take tisha which tet of other nat uns thaw he had never paid harbour @ Nee, N
wol : * 1
New Service to Venezuela, sea not take, to work steely Ty | eee ite tttusette cad that all be] V2 24, St Vindent Street,
He tuvestinentt ut at cen foconne came bo pia from abroad, but EDNES —oa—
js grlantin, mt nen t. Justice jerk wae
Ulgts ur flay, rplllg oF plantains | @ reajdent in the Unite Rasheed WEDNESDAY (0th MAY, 1011.
‘ qn NOR tnetraotions tecslved the

‘Whe Royal Mall Bteanr Packet Compavy beve much pleas ¢ 4 annownelog fl 16, & cisll oreinwer | line 1
that commnenctng oo io baw we tee vaytasad ba Oalellon ve PO We aaprewae teat voconiet i ‘ie rattle the Valtenyia wiltnawsteam naders
Port-f-Spalo, to Carapand, Tati ae eeierbice” on tbe tuth M be ftelliv the bout rallwaye and rllway | Yipee ‘shiversalten “yale where f toliowtog +: will Ser Jor ase tbe

‘The dat sailing will be the eee theth May end th May, to wagons in thafwopld, Jn ithe took | there arene Income-tax callecturs, toliowtog velastle Hoasebold Faraitars ® y
tolinred byte AL “alti” on the stan ay and theratar eFéry two] RATS tre Panoreing cade Lee € ureat rrize &
Ware tase, meromd clase and deck pessongere will be cdiried at moderate | {nelisling road allt Cie ig pgs | merece | Ms talon ebaaber free es pstares
* ee, DB. w, chaiva, centre ,

aren, e180 Cargo, . o vastly °
fare s1n0 CAFES ayuarked and landed froe of charge at Fortottipain in] artes, Hissnerrarne Me Cal | que iteaury ov Cuxan Burt—The | stUie 086 bree in g00d ecadltlos,

. the Company's own etean launches, i anuinies feandition of the H egul bi i bat — -
ce ratee of pamage and freight and a darther particulars apply at the pine ee galy ‘i worht's ouditbon of the bloat a disordered | ridabos ed wlth mlsrer, “wabetand wine G LETWEEN
Coo pany’s off! . Kreateet cotton splnuer, he ‘us ver eouved dinpurities da the blood | nico d awers, wardrobe with

rust | and these shuw (heal ves in bl From, dieing lable, OLDSW A Dp u
J twanvtas turer the te fleet and va thectinn Dr Rellowg'e Vewelatte | ole twa trom tedeseads ta s IN AN JOS

For all furthor uformation apply at " SUBJIOHN BULL | Pite In sot t a Alea ose “Your ©
TE TODS Meese rae ee eek tit | Olas Cases abd scodrien we wi tor the Middleweight Championship of

| y i veit he | (ollow latelligent uae of (hid standard ale at - a
ela Phas dibesadhy supply isag ht nee - uM =x. .
THE COM PANY S OFFICEs eapuite green oe cote one ieraalate wie Ting ube at a wr: Tree CALE un fs herp AND OTHER INTERESTING PIOTO. 4 .
h a
Pricos: _... 36c. 24¢ &

. . Gestiae ¢ « ery) Ha « (" SON,
Marine Squar Port-ol-Spain - Last it be a ptet Se he lit cic ethact wil Ue mast yratlfyings (dsb ato, yan, Oe" Aeetionsat,





BAD 3! : a


r or NAVARRE* ©.

om GRwWADAâ„¢ |


Tnpjdad and Grovada,


d Univeratty, 0 si. )
MeOm Derxmtist,

Toe Hat, STREET: Opposite

Ve Ths re
' Ibek
veoe¥ “



peclAal SHOW: HOW OH
as) Over Coats


Navy, Frown flato, Groen Fawn, Melton, at
. The 40, $275, $300—all «izes, 8

B from THINIDAL to DEMERARA cach trip, returning to New



wie. Liph Alpaca Overcoats

ye Bosutiful Shades—at #350, €3.60, $4.00,
p Ire e $3.80, 25.00 and #600 each,

a uidren’s Waterproof oats,

at 82,00, 25.00, #550, $6.00.
sizes—27ins, to 83 ins. long at #360 4 $100

Black, fan & White, Plain & Lace.

varie, Margarme,


ish Made Margarine.

cellent substitute for cooking Butter without
to pay the excessive prico which Buttor


fo bo bad RETAIL from tho Leading Greversand

il ad Shipping & Trading Company, Lid

Oarrying Through Freight tor bt for Tobsgo and Ciudad Dovivar,

Nzw York | Tatsipap


Leave + RRIVE
Tuinipap )Niw Yorn

Mch. 2 | Apr 1
Ap 4 « 12
wo « 22
oo «685 Moy 3
May 32 «10
w Ye] on
» «23 o «31
Jove 2 June 19
we on ve 20

> #0 Broad way, New York aod foo of pew. THaldsd, B.W.T,

oe Petey 1

Is por bottle,

Laing’s White Pine

Cough Byrup.

PHARM AQY ¢ Queen street,


ing Dept’mt. ‘Magnolia. Bonanza. Furniture


spend! at least one third of


Flannel Suitings.



Fancy Vests




Lancashire Insurance Ue

sow MaRGaD IN a §

BOYAL (8802408 COMPANY, Lta.
Funds Exceed ... £12,00u,00"

Net HANGER ¢ effected agaimt
on loss or danuge by Fire on
Buildings and ceptente vl Wane
cues, Ofhces, Shop, and Store
Promises, and Private Dwellings at
moderate prices

Lent O® Zoune


The Bonman vam,

Cotton seed


Al Quality,

For Sale by


‘Phone 184,

THB SURE COUGH COPB| Advice To Travellers,

Wve your bergsne marked. It
arolds Jots of trouble Cau be
done at your bome. Hee BOUNS
Sign-Tainter, corner Frederick aod
Aprib 3 =]

ichardson & Selway




UKERSEM 0c, up

aT 60c, 50 ROX

Rw. OF rove +

leans, THE




1 PRIDAY'MAY. 51911, .


21 diferent Stylea in in Mon’ s * MAGNOLIA” Boots,
z Just opened --Whole and Half &izes,

. our lives in bed it

No. 1=Meos Black Glace Derby Boott Potent Tips
No, £~Mens Black alt Viet Lace B-ot—Leatber Lieed
Neo 3 Meos Blark Viel Whole Front Elastic Bide Dools
Now é=Mene Ten Vici Whole front Elastio Boots ae
Now 5—Mens Block Viet Kid Shoe Cat Best

Na $ Meos Tan Viel Kid Shoe Cut Derby Bont
No T=Moag Uatent Shoe Cat Deby Toole Viel 7
No Fs Mens Velour Calf Bhoe Cut Desby Boot!
No 0-Mens Tan Willow Calf Bhoe Cut Derby
No 10 Mena Bleck Viel Dezby Boots. 0-80 Ree Boles as
Not 11- Mens Bleck Viri Lace », O80
Nov 12 Mens Tan V
Not 12—Mene Tas Viel Lace Benth OS
No’ 14— Meng Tan Vicl Kid Derby Loe Goons es
Na, 35) Mens Tan Graia Derby Trote for Hear} we ear ooo
Nol 16+ Mens Teo Groin i i ch High leg }tuntera Bote

No, 17) Mena Bek Vid Ki> Derby Bb es, obo Fe E Soha”
Nev’ 18 Mee Tan Vict Kid Desby hb: ep, 0.80 EZ-K Snice +.
VN dee Thr vie Ked Derby Shine, De Benyon

N. 90 ‘Mowe Bleck Vit Derby Bh e, 1, Baryon Casblon Beles 480
Ne. 91 - Mere Too Wathow Cut derby Lace Shces an 450

tpecial attention paid to Country and Intercolonial
Mall Orders.


Smith Bros. & Co.


effect at Preventing. the discoloura-
tion of-the balls by the red soll at the
saure toe of improving the bounce
of the ball. Tho results are enilnent-
ly satisfactory. and the club can now
buast of two as good courte as are to
be found anywhere iu or out the colony
The remaining two courte will le
similarly treated when material is
Btopnetting at the backa of the
courts is sadly wanted, but this defect
is to be remedied at an early date and
when the wire netting is up and the
other two courts ate relald the con.
ditions at the elnb will be almost ideal
from a tennisplayers point of
The tennis ladder” recently fn-
augurate at the Sqnare whould do
much to encouage tha play fg of
slnogtes—thitherte a rather neglet
branch of the game) and therrby a
prove the general Bandard uo play
aineng the club imcnbe

There are seve layers at the
Square whe have the Mal liyg of float
class exponents of (he game, and a
little encouragement combined with
adicious tullion in tho elements of
he yawe, together with the epias tng of
occasional tournaments will, without


. Be


lot §

the objective not the betterment of
the constitution and the Government
had succumberdt to the cajolaries and
(rents, tet the Natlouatote and

“pon closure Cause two passed by
20 40 195, clause 3 passed by 255 to 132,
there sere large majorities for other
clauses without aineudments end upon
& Kangaroo closure pro new
clauses were Dejertes


The Vominittes stage is fulstied ex.
cents the preamble, .


Kir Ldward Grey anyecring t an ene

uiry sald France's procedure in
Rordeco scomed trnobfectlonable; the
Tieasures wer desl gued menly for for
the protection of the lives and Intere
esta of foreigners with no intention to
alter tha pet itleal statis.

M Cups French Mintster of ak
elgn Affaisf, hax informed the Cabi-
net there was no confirmation of tbe
rperted atrival: of Captaln Bremond

at Fe
a, May ith


Pirst Mortgage

(without any special conditions)


$2,000 UPWARDs.
Apply to

Stehpans Ltd,


F inancial, Commercial and Three British firnahave’ mid for the doubt, flo much towards pualng such | 3
tl f 1 ers keen an ereby ra!
nsurance Agents, Canediaa Navy, bit the teeull bas hot Bahan of play In Tilnidad to a
3 bee ii A level.

In the House of Comtnons, Mr. O- .
ver requested aod Sir Wilfrid Laniler TRINIDAD 5 FAREWELL 10 DR.
roovedl for au laveatigation pf ‘er for, 1 CLARE,
against an unnatue tmninleter for
rete ante terms, for oe papil, Bre | Peery Jn conuection with the Cana: |
ours daily.—-April 25th 3w. dian Northern Railway land grant,’ Awriler of poetle luen of mind on

the money feiog ee i for canpatin learing of (he profound pleasure and

~~ LATEST T TELEGRAMS, Purposes, lenied tha any ppatitnde’ with which the public of
considerat on was teerved foraction Diuhlad heard of the severance of Ir,
Wl & Panama Telegraph Comvany fa the public interest. Sle Wilhid Clare's conve teu with the colony,

Lauiler answered the charges were 1 iu the Rymeraia

OsT. OFFICE E Bos No. 70, Port-of-
Spain, would be glad to bear frm
Experienced Tescher of Elementary sob-

unburdenett his sou

‘OV. IN ade 1m [oy & newspaper corres ars below,
“ROYAL FAL INNOV ATIO: IN rou pondent endo I be published, inlet iiht! be thy wuthors Insinuation we
Landon, May dth. ON THE ANI 4 OF THE Iniy think | his Ines area direct
Answedng the Lord Mayor's soni s compliment Trialdad’s conslee
munication regarding the proceedin: tency: ‘ed

Ifthe 0 penton relg supply for
at the meeting at the Guilthall, Chree moothe, bie Wilfrid Laurier will

Arthur Vigge, the King’s ‘se Private Sec. ge to Landou 7 adjournment pr races It ts usual ab the moment of departing [a
a u

From the land wherein you we te

Remewbering that me



ls surely reasonable that out

Rest-Rooms should be

Co, attend properly,

jae abd


THURSDAY, MAY 4, 2911,

His Excellency t the Governor hae
nn ple: ly make tha following
acting appointments during the ab-
tence on leave, as from the Sid ine
tant of | of the tfun'ble 8, Vv, Knaggs,
The Hon’ bla I, G. Bushe, Auditor.
General, to_act as Colonial Secretary,
Mr G. Vantio a at as Auditor-
oi raring tho almeace ont
ring thea sare on leave, as from
elie fnstont. of the Hon A. Cs,

r, DP. Stevens tu act as Director of
piliic Woks and aaGeueral Matus
gE of the Trinidad Governinent Float.
mK Deck and Workshap,

Mr, Fide Labastide ta actas Asulue
tant Dires tor of Public Works,

Mel » Hahn to act aa Inspector

Mines, and as Junior Divisional Exngie

Sarto the absence on leave, as from

the Sr {nstant, of Mr. W, AL, Gordon t
fr HH, 1. Knaggs to act as asuistant


ntl FA Taltt tonitas Chief Clerk Colo»
re ‘s and ae ©

tendent of Giver t Prieuoe

His Excelleucy the the Governor had
Leen pleased to’ make the fullowlng
appuintinents in cousequence uf the
Nurenwot of Bir, A. Dewan, Ct hier
Clerk to the Warden of Monteerra

Te Ue Joothousk! t tobe ar epleG Terk,
vice N Mr. t Jawson, and Met. Dirfant
tule Auistant Clerk vlee Mn, Bb Prout.

eat. F. A. Hancock hes heen 4p ppolnts
1 toact

bora! f
Ten Ape? Wile lect ree epen the


Tkeas aro {ust two of the many points to which


Arejutt the dainticst creations you can i
are nll cons ructed on HYGIENIC PRIN


450} 7 hey will help you to plan st out so that your
Bedrooms shall be 7

Really Well Furnished and Comfortable

Prico 7? OI course that depends on require?
ments, but you will be surprised | to find what a
. BL& Co. car Provide for little money.


te t His Majesty was re fedependent upon Mr, Kieldin the absence
ratited ita receive these rounds of | health and Fability te presa elpiuchty ty rer iepreniets Ve decent whea you," leave of Mr Qe Harold Wright.
oplaiops unanimously expressed upon under rules not allaw nee clomure, tleog. Nis Excelt ‘Te a
aiquestion of such supreme and far |) OPPOSITION COOLING DOWN. | "soa thee grievances tuamother and ! teen pl cer eney eremor, thse has
reaching Su) new by an assemblage} The mapufacturry opposition Ss . Mtoe! tensed 6B Pe-appo! nt ple we
w representative of the various llues | lows mask The Op pyrsition now Yor Attala they wey have hated you (7 oe nt oyernusen euber rt
of thought In our religious policy and relles upon ritya impetia jvm and antl. like pi Meni , tie: aaamenent of the
social lite, Thle bs the first occasion “ annezation, Theres ls en epparent They Bins Chink you were net Minidad Vu Libeary | a farther
ju wodera history that an English inderstautiug between the altogether , Pe i ‘one rou the 2ith
Sovereigh haa uttered a pablic opinion | tlonlets, Washington aod 0! ee ae the: ) match you vanish over the 9's AUNT e
regarding @ political question. playtug Into each other handy A hot AS. tes hot
PEACE, PENFECT PEACE, prorogation would pot be surprieing But that isnot the way fo Trinidad, | (2 ReSeSE epee,
Washington, May, ith. | witha special session In Beptember : : ”
The Cabinet haw discuwed @ pre- | Memberv would thus recelre double j Ant the van who's wen the rankest PICES cur 1,
iminary draft treaty, but It le not yet | Psy. . REN ,
in ite fisal form, Its period yu Pe == Ww uiPetien shel surprived emotion's New Youu, 7 May ith,
‘rina! Ds 1.
ters "Fal iter eyortuliie Fre TRANQUILITY SQUARE TENHIS , w: hen he's bid Godspeed by nobleman Fleer Blended ¢ Ceara FOE iss
» uvet muarkable
Clase bind oth’ to abstela front TOURNAMENT. And by fulke he has't spelen to for Mesh cas Teter thas
t her Da \« —
tually opproved, but excepting aibl. (By Umemen) rather conan which reviled hiw with: leary Mena Pork ped bet. No quot rire tun,
tration trates japan and Vasoce Su Tyetals per 10> "kD
ary already consdderiug wwh a res Tum tournament wascvutimad ou |W at ane as if they really felt woe (Srzetetes Wheet lui . 270
inépta, and othepvare expected, A Ww sclimedda eveulag When Misa Bushe quite rac Kogtiah Inland = Molasses
) proteste bare been recelved (ran aud Towcur, with a handicap of “tia departure tua great fume fo the gallou + No quotation,
irish. Anerign atid GerwaneAmert eed Mew Glenadsnnlog part- cdtion Middilng Lodaud at
can Sechetles, aud thelr shuilarity J uervd by Mr. Henderson, by two puts [ Jtut tht fa not (he way fn Triuidad, Liverpool
suggerts promotion from. @ central|to luve at 6 5, 6 2% Both ladiew Hac hange, ar You ‘ork aut
sourve, usttally resting that England dn | play ed wal and did theumelves full | 1f om ayy, ty yeu've nopaged te yadgulen tty ee oe -, Hate
Li ered ashiogton's eddveutenn | broud new susoct, paved anetert | They Sittopenirand pabluly applaud Sea “i
beat of rely ie fee ’ ee ope ty ae, ahd ae appa
piates | wm permanent objection toany Jeng game ds risiuy bs wan through the 1h? teseetcat that yeu it juee Tad Govua S. York i 9 WR
catepgllvg ui forelga a Hlapew, therefore | to mts, Mis aervice also was well at to lease thes, oe .
the allan, President | placed a owed elgia of furprove- Aud? suxnert that you have abwaye oh
yale pppoe of appronal before the fyuent, Mr. Healeraneaeiied lo act heer as fraud, Loxnox, Mays .
vdjourmment of the present pesaion too max h on the defensive and did pot 1A ewlodlee aed a bigaulst, aod never, Deinerara ¢ Crystals I
EMPTATION HEMSTED pital enough 6 fatal error particu- | Mave Uy felt ot wuy Uw bo trul Muscovads Flot Ly te be ‘
ond a peda
Me. Gulney, MAP. for ‘Nort Ga, he stikt rules with regard ta the | Aud they lupe yout gu and stop red eta te
Indeproden lonallyt, addressing non-ap pegs aioe on the courts of play. away for eder-—- German Hees tind 103
an alvtor-} ntend wreting at Cork, ax | ers booked to play you vies itta ates | That's the way they eay Cioulbye tn] O28T) “foley per owt, ,..
serted that he had that day recelved and which mention has alread been Tilyldad, ata wager ’ hve JUS
offers of £1,000 to resign and ajlow | made tu the last report, has already (lteat: Chap
ta be woo by the Redmond. | been outorede and one pair lise been —_—__ nel fur > .
tiem “ile ‘rads he declued, instantly TU ey eked oe vention flat e Sostingtgramaper Ww
ined e , a ase om ll
ret THE PARLIAMENT BILE. th aunier ter of new highly suring Dives ST. ANDREW S COLF Cl UB. Peuerare ene per gel “. M to rig
D % @ recep 1 bitte °
f House means upon” the | ported ind are mow oa bole at Wile | Tuedrawing forthe View President's collins Heed Noam poe owt | oY
SEE eee ae ee Hits ettatoaiiieaey [tape bole lay tatea place thle afer: | tesgiaee Liverzot
urchill, dec! mice |e nele fase
a i becaung the works rary ets twill be cUtalbabe at the fhoow at the Clubs Houne, mask. af mk of Wigland co ot
iy ug ot the conetltutlen was cou} Honan at an carly date, Tents stil, sate. Eos 3 por ee:
ith po redresa ex: frou wou wilt (betefore phere na ~ { ee ‘ Oe
Pet Yor Cun Cgarrratives: whe after ite | a pile ty reef jain a si ~ per “rent we
0 N a feta e ‘ .
Viera therefore reform aot tke ut In sheet Thw ease wane while leh corns aud warts pyereteun bY bane + wh i
Hove of Lor (yeveary as OMe oe “pt eft ie "secatig con be Tweed Heélloway'e Corns 5 .
denent ef thee Paleruee ay Me unpth g to ite Teevwweudallvn ae #
Priteatr repli that Lotae Top wae wag Uvevbdoas te tes a a

1 a” Zas and ch LE Te a
7 T Hi, Ae, G. Wenzel, Dr. 1 Anitely greater variety {hag (hows we ) Ae Ketshall:—-1 am eare fou cea p wWhihay . er
G AIL ~ : aN heaten Mr. HH. Tanaig, De and now ert chiefly’ froen Calli tate und ] a sont | my | 1 1 T ‘4
ne f t \ I » A, Creliedio and 11 deckerss Flore The. orahges pineapples, Getter & ) wie my heat topay ee “pepe L “ay f 4
7 A Goo D 7 Ail Lae bet Sounty barguanting, supposed to dicte of the, Wert Latics sanviol be | Mid, nix pister’ owned over 200 scree of |< . . ° .
~~ AT oF ga tenn | Beata soy bre dente ae reacah caee | Le rewee

then, entered the boras last evening, | “The beet coffes the world can Rr per Sanam

; Thia ventel will load aeatga of asphalt | dace ta. bel i
ofmanhalt dace te being grown in the aehtorto par So mentely ay from une NEW SHIPMENT OF

y. Stowing” the increase in deliverios from Messre Ambard & Son for esv J Mouotalnsof Jamaica, and Trinldat’s
c | York. % VDE SILA f= Mr

resources for growing flue cocoa are} Srrrntye, Sax &
ough pbot bo | Pantin for creditors asked for an adjJoumi

. A
~ — known e& where, Ra
e The “Trinidad Shipping and Tred iin Ca dn tf eek pendl ntl it.
Molassine [seiidlrsteny ip iiieet telterer| "ise icnlit vam RATTAN

Cleaned aud palnted, the West) Indies aecking annexation | Ofttviena v Porrrsa '- Mr Jelfere fon

ee erect! md DIn J, Rean for debtor
by the United States, Ninety per cent, Teetervedd to Chied Sustice before whor

sted, . .
DR. WRIGHT'S SUCCESTION. | 2hdbrie nemalation are negruce, whe | part rant D S t
° ~— ‘ eee How their fe blac Pourovwats v Lassaturs-Slr Paotia
Doge Foods, eying BRE" ea eee PP AWINS LOOM Sulles

a efault.
A C. AUSE TH AT LACKS ASSIS Be cmieee Iie rae. ve ao ~ ow
MT LHS As gin mt He nk paranoia | RARTAN CORNERO
‘Some eridence of means was given but ‘ A . ‘0 »
For very many frave, we have. teen ree oe ete ret ee ae a RATTAN CUUCHES, f49] RATLAN TABLES.
Pie wile he tsed we wnat side by Innies for’ creditor and Mr. 0. A, Vatmer- GETLONELOF OUR

tr ty Span ne | ren KITCHEN RANGES OR STOVES

ward Samuel, the three lads who | W animals, there 19 a Preswing need Order for payinent of 8$ monthly as from

; Were emanded on Wednesday for | for wome, snullar, ongenseation ‘ou | Snined tame se

them by Lance Corgoral ‘Quinn for | ate enough to be thrown on the world COURT SALES. .

sleeping in Mr yacht j Without parents or guartians of any

THERE IS Te, Dlsckwook Waa Foterteye tive vanwua Puce Usuriguithe oiny |, Yeatentay's Court fates rere at
The Piano Warehouse,

The two first named was | ¥ecar ample proof of tt : .

ad no parents or guanilan of any" an oetitatioy apait trom thee cuted Coy. + Ogeer Khan, a ptece of land
We invita your insprctioa of our Showrooms wherw the
larg sty und’ mot cumplete stock of newly imported

kind to look after them. Philip gave | Urphanages wich are establishedin | te the werd of Turure comprising
PisNOs over bol! iu crmidad osn be som. The iustras

his age ae fifteett years and ‘nt | our tufdse | and whi 12 acres drool, 13 potes, subject ton
A REASON to prison fora monthe Eamoad vatd permit uf inic moun feeds do nat inortgage of LA0 with interest therean
| . monta are all from tho vory best mikers an] have boan
SUPREME COURT eee Pas, spectally mnufactured for use in Trinwdad. They are a'l

he was fifteen years also, but he didn't | A cane | mat was bought for £103 4. 2 by Mr A.V.
look it and hie ane having been nt before Dr Blackwood Wrhght noe M, Thavenot. Solicitor for plaintitfs- -

onDINARY JURspicrion. [HBL ME Morbi the ton: J. 2 FRY oULEKIUN IN TONE ond BEAUTIFUL IN
8, Carter, C.1L Gopaul, E, Johustone, APPEARANOY,

ud to be thirteen, he w. terlay, when th " futhe matter of William = Scott v
FOR THIS, fudged to be t school for three yeane charged Pie the re itt Ragoonanan, apanetof land in’ the
Samuel was remanded for further ins J olfence of sleeping in an of 9 boat, | Wad of Cours comprising a lot and a
Betore Mr Justice . ‘ i
‘ uate Banh DERBY WIC Htobertaon, 1, C2 Baspaes LtBERAL DISOIUNT elhowod for CASH or on torms
Town Chtk and Treasurer. The of from L to 3 yrars. Qur modo cf detarred paymeat
wul alivays meet your conven ‘ence,

half was wold to Mr. Thayenot,
qe Worship remarked that public fewest Ont by The imagine eiet | Solicitor for plaintidt for £15- in the
attention should be called to the | be had no alternative than to con. | Matter of Marie Vanline Owen and
rainutes of the last meeting were read
Mr, W. sasary for plaiatlif and there waa | 808 confirmed, SEX bRCUND HANU FLANOS almost new)
No appearancé uf defendant. oat ati from 75 dollars '
Oatleacly sandseouve nan Bargain,

: necessity of a aoclety for tecting J sign ona of the lads Ors, V Marie Felleite Jacques (a par-
fre different from mil otherea. [its and atray childven ott prot really for a month, While the age yen tion suit), defendant bought for £31
Tig Wag a motion for yu in di A letter from the dceretary of the
fauivor delivery of te tee Ree te. Water Authority was read atating
TUS WERK ONLY ~5 dozau Second hind Mandoliues
ein 9dcouts VONOD ML $s ths,

, OTHER FOODS FEED DOGS ONLY, more necessary thana society for the | Glber came fn as a more inereifu | * Parcel of laod m St John's village
Gees suit. that he was directed by the Chairman


as ~ The deliveries for Novemter, 1910, ‘
D ‘we , Ww

3° ppt Philip. wm Tdintod, and


havo any place to go to or anybody to
luck after him. He suggested that
his ane was fifteen years to Prevent
’ hins being sent to an Industrial
‘BON ANZA Hcioal Iecasea Hf he were fifteen or
even fourteen he (the speaker) could

o do nothing to him except what he had

— At a regular mecting of the Bo-
rough Council betd at the Town liall
yostertay morning, there were pre


Oo. R. ALSTON & COo,—Sole Agents, his mother and he did not seem to J ou the moial Ife of the colony,
nt ——


done with the other boy—sent him to

"Y e

: a gaol fon a month which was a most
ir ors cc SS unsatisfactory way of dealing with the
case because he bad got to deem ea
A *

lny of fourteen and a hall years an
idle and dworlerly person whu was to
besentto gaol, That seemed to hin

: i to be agreat fault inthe Jaw. If he
. Motor Cars for Sale, Trial ‘runs ‘G. were areorpban, fourteen and a half
‘ y purchasers, Sole Agents for THE ° years, ot vere, ae, i? Jook
fay? x > after him he (the speaker) could not do

ow N \merica’s dest Motor Car an iting to protect him agaist bin
; self except sending him ta gaol
Luckily be was able to convince him-

relf,ortry to do ao, that the boyy

De Veateciwy Joaquin & Anon:

revention of cruelty to animals, As | chance of his being vent io an indus | the wal of Tacarigua contaloiug
Coeuat decrea. to state that no disoourtesy was in-

Fe saghed brought before hia. who were sleeping | that Dr. Wight entetams very '

Bua the coat, eradicate worms and prevent unpleasant | suywhere, withoutcare, and without | sizung views ou the need of some such? SAN FERNANDO BORQUCH
6 s_—s odours from the skin and excreta, Whee thee pas eee otf agane ane cae! niropated time aud COUNCIL.
ue eaten Delta nod bey tomry nn eT MUNN CY Aad pauline a woe Loe nee | srnne pe cenudteye aa tee MEETING.

Ait Opal and Chee” waanap: | Ante g0eal my elog oall be d

tack ceraen tay a | whe Sulina ce


y Feoda not only feed but keep dogs healthy, | Magistrate he had every week children J trial School We are glad to note | Ave quarrees,
parents and fhobody came to ese | iuetatution tue the protection of chile
gone to, Inone of the present cases | uent remarks frou this cher nagis- | IMPORTANT REPORTS READ AT
his father died, he did not remember J Which is certainly a distinct scandal (Frou a Correspondent.)
Muliakp v Moortnxap:—~Mn E.- tended to the Oounell by delay, and
pearauce Ly or on vbeball of defendant. dealt with,
mortgagee ® sult to enforce suis and to

thi oom ATS Edinund, was not fourteen years, an Fou ti uy, 6 oe : .
: ty 3 LARGE ASSORTMENT ao for his own sake not becouse there pal tere JuMement for a ttn he Way dicected ta repie ae ‘phone 416, “1, Frederick Street,
fs ~OF— was nothing known opalnst him, but] esr y Pautap —Hon HA. Alcazar | letter dated 1uth Febtuary and that
to protect him feom himself he sent | K.U. for plaiutiofand Ifon. L. A. Whar- they regretted delay in comunmicat-
Im toac Industrial School, If there | won sic. for defeudant, ing their decition on the subjects,
referral to wich waa occasioned by see en

‘Lhis was a motion by defendant for par-
(loulare of damages, Ste tho atwence from the colony, of the

By convent it waa ordcred : special dam. | 2° 7 s -
ages so Uo chained on partcnnre wong | nS vatey Works 01°81) wDORT AND HOLT LINE OF STEAMER

OTOR SUPPLIES, __| wen tctinl tucr there woul

OF HEAVY GROOVED TYRFE—760 x 90 and B10 580 | Te ao i lighten care to prem

Goopwitis & Witeox y Gi, .—Mr G.

under fourteen nothing at all would | « pattin of belllera Coy., for orolnors

& for all purposes} . be done,

May = os Dlet

y Inner. Tubs to Sut, tect the children who had got sou eile th until the present time, and he was

WTOKLIDS.. givo old eovers new hifo, save and bodies to look after and were generay. has already been adjourned. also directed to state that aa regante VIA BARBANOS TO NEW YORK, ‘

NIZING MATEMLALS,—Valya nding com und. far more Important then al! the . ICUDGMENT SUNMONSES. the use by the Bovough Council of the wrdlayse KP eeterss-~1014,

— Ru animals in Triuldad put together, He] Sairr, trod x Co. + UeKnT i Mr. T, | Water for watering the streets, free of
mO UAHBON RY MOVE H, doubles tho life of Motrra. thought the Police waa doing @ moet | M. seisiul fur creditors put in deviora fl charge, aud the request to allow cer- LuaveTutstoap. | Aneive New ¥
iy SPARK PLUGS to auit all Motors thaokless duty, because when they | written oufer, which he accepted, to pay [tain old mains to remain buried they Surancen, s ! t Ew ORK.
Y had not the tneans to, show a child's #4 moutbly as from doth toytans. concur witn the opinior of the Eo« BYRON ; ~ Trt an Apel! ue
ight age and they did not say he was gineer; and that for the water elready Vasant eon: Aon) vo ath | May no ath

used and to be used CT eee Pre TENNYRON ; ” ° May i. Wh

spied for an adjournueDt for @ fort, | Fent smmson no charge will vemeder | ot eee OO) May oath June i. 3d
LAMPS for ol and Acotylene, mS quired for such pul puse will have to | RYTON .., woe oad Jane 1 Jane a. 21
- ANNEX ISLANDS. loam v Gridép Mr, Pautlo sald thet | be pald for aa {é the custow in Portof. | VENDI" ose Jane atch July ah

although there had been no return of sor | Spainjand aleo that the Water Athori-
r10e, bo bad received a written offer rom | ty have no objection to the use by the
thededtor, He, therefore, asked foran arough Couneal of the pipes
adjournment fos a fortaight. needed.

First, Nccond & third Clans Acocommeodation
For rate of passsge money and all further fofcrosstion, apply to

IL Leraok dears tar craiiorand Air Fe | yh fePert from the Loginesr of fhe GEO, R, ALSLOY £ 00
u f Yater Autbor was read statlo . .
each litlarg for the ulher debtor, J. It, that water in ban Fernaudo js vere Shlpplog Departmest.


When, the debtor A. E. Harford was facarceand the Water Authority are] CrreeHonE No. 182. Agents,
was called up, Mr, Jetlerssak thathe | 006 ia a position to supply the rN TEC _
aid bot intend fo proceed against bim at Borough Coyne, with 51 allong
presen v uri, edry season free 0!

itte Honour And why was besum- Phatget and tie neversl departments (CETTE Onrsz} TET Rho
moned § of the Municipality should be consid-
dx. Jeffers replied that summunses | ered upon the waine basls as private

were tssued against both debtors,
reons and ment sliould_ be mado
Asked by thy Court whether behad any | Porat water cupplied for Munteral
thing to aay, the debtor Mlorsford suid that urposes 5 this includes water usedin e

From my observations on the spot,
and from what I have learned alter

+ .
The following is the article referred
: to in Mr. Walter Reere's letter which
F appeared in yesterday's issuct—
cs ‘ a

many conversstlous with merchants

" HAVE JUST OPENED {OUT FHR FOLLOWING and residents, [ would stron y urge

the Canadian Government to take in
wediate steps to acquire the Weat

i ? laletands, Wit West Indie:
ICK- § FLGLL N GF LIN ES. juiite Heleration, and better steam-
. ship factltt we could build upa
4) je with the

trad islands that would

Mite Hocoutsetl, he would, therefore, | Public Buildings, fountalng, for Hash"
diataias the suimsnons as agaluat Horsford. | 198 drains, elivet eprinkting and clean-
Dar, Jesters asked thagitve withdrawn, [fog 2 Agreganis takingup the old

. La Jes” . ’ :
acvordipgiy mains, the presence of © tubercles Year tr-your out the quality of the Krandies ship ol by the House


sewsegassaaaraasss make us practically independent of ibe debtor Nits Wililam was then exa- | upon the Intilur of the cast iron has { °
pie, : tue United States, for Jamaica, Barba. | mlued by Mr, Jesters oy table meana He | contractal the area of the pip and Pet MAKER EL & Co remat 8 the saino—the best tbat the expericuce of
s.. Caledonia Dover Stoves No. 7. slog, and the other Islands can send us |ooeie i per month. dle watery Ln §17 1) Truder thei of no smaterial usr. 19 Tawa centuries cau produce
Caledonia Dover faves No. 8. Hee toe Ne “conchimicn’ says the bat fenly tothe Liencla the dettor sald, feplaced by new maine the new pipes All the Hrantioa otported by this famous Fronch house aco
Double Blue Flame stoves. “Toronto, Ulube” reached by Nr. debe WAS AL ply aie an eae Once uae sie tald In approsiuatels the aging distilled in is own distilleries, and the conrentsof ovory bottle that
aa ‘attervun, proprietor 0! - ford, poultton as the old onen, pe ob! pipes B \ H " teod .
4 Double Blue Flaine Ovens, ed and lichani, Panufscturers of ee Teitere aI beliereyou have receat we taken and {f sound are cleaned and loaves the Marts Il Vera Ouse Th ane are § taran ‘ “a being tho
7 Single Blue Flame Ovens, printers? au piles, Jordan street after [ly coms into s legacy # ~ qare availabte for laying down in other | pwre product of the distf I.tion of wine grown io the Cognac district
be an extended | tip to those parts of the } "Debtor ;—Not that { kaow of, I have f{ streets. The queatlon ofmaking we fot France, .

ne hed written tustructions te that | of the wale fou thew’ wells te .
° Tog rou bare beard an t-Yor, munour worthy DRPeration Keron. Taoroforo always ask for
like everytblog e! Meas, FOS. Carter, and lalgell .

EGADE PITCH OLL STOVES | itt ein te tans

Poninton Government, Mr. Pat-
terwon informed a Globe mnan would,

B i j in le red, t with almost Haut thie ramour is true, for it 11 acaine- net he Hed a L .
Bowe Fitch Oil Stoves 8 BN ue arimente approva) both here and | thing like saui-i do not know (he Ciatermate “Of. the San Mes nan 4 ’ T
eatrice PitchzOil Stoves Double - in the West Indlew Hf there were ante ae be did not expret thet do Water Anthofity a. a de- £ ~ at) i e
Fi Berkeleldf Filters No, 1 any opposition it prould come fons the debtor would Lave given such vague ystation ‘ from the pee Vernaute
iiees, UT PEL mete Ona! sade tle au aay all
es . Borkefeld Filters No. 2 init ads perlad Government who foowe nok Son wAjoutaaene ns he Itequat, m , “m " You WILL KNOW IT BY THE

1. That the colinaler sent i the
Borough Council Wy the Secrrtary of
the Walér Authorily wae aseceptert id
then ae a pHoper estiiuate by whic

all concerned wetr to Le guided
2 That the Water Authulty are

he delior'’s means on [lint point,
v Adjourned generally. pet
Can now © Nowmax -Mi. Juneph
Wilnon Cur creditor asked for an adjouiu
mieut fur two weeks pending settlement.

4 *T: t ft foba,
Berkefeld Tap*Filters te NADA OKLESUEPORTING.
# Tam satlafied,” sald Mr Patterson,

s HAD BOxHS ALL Sr2BsS it would meet with very Htte oppo

ats 44 sitlon from the People wast concerned,
‘ dthat [twould becarried th th

Vooden Coffee Mills andiin'a snort thine, With the West
Wirs Meat Covers Taidles tu the Federation we alioull be

i rilog, producin;

Wire Cake Coolers welt eiting we. Reuded within’ the
Ss Mortars and Pesties - Dominion, Ko far aa the wervantile
« Wire Door Mats community fa concerned, they would

rs ' be glad tacome
SMAMELLED TOILET SEES | us rinte Noise be io

Blue & Silver Label,

Lag Sars Woovnorrs .-Mr, Jeffers not taying dawn the plpewof the de

(oe ett for erediter refused Ge poseee ne mnensfoos 2 greed upon but rather pipes PLA N T C oO Cc 0 N U TS FRO M
Aad fe wv ‘ Reodratte, wuses ols Thai Luther ity aye laying Cc HAGUA RA MAS.

ed by Mr Kelshall le d the plpew 4 tale ota ets whie
tae be a plapler He: tae thet are not latrdlect in the Patlinales al
cualit/slon fur citlgs ont be sid, was | Weatera end of Lord Winetay dee Oren Py
4 e sald, was q 1
a splay qualiation which “wasthe aus 4 Y"Vuat the main pipein Highdtewt ¢ Chaguiramas Estate Coconuts Average

I «
The trouble Bitherto Tn our trad.

ae & cUMIBON Juror, ~$Ve month, which fea ¢loch le an okt pipe enigt

| * aked whether he was ati nober
c . tion, With wore regular and faater | Anke! as s ive iy laid down 90 years agomand Jt 3
| EnamelledfPudding Bowls stoamebljw we could buikd up a great | Of 'te linard be sail Qs fied sakeck whe (eupdersLannl that this ald unaia be te bS 0/0 vse oa Seleces”
ing ’ trade, Lo the benefit of both purvelvee | ait he had been slik for very Sauy reriain as it is and will not be chased 1l$o0 (a “Cults.”
Be Enameled Coletere maaltoce ctea tba ee | bent aw™ wo Sei a a kV dM AY Sete Th 10 (aolyhevoe” Cull 4
aamelled Cafe carital {0 cyt |e with (hat in Br Jauwa treet whieh
Enameled Bre ariore Fi rae mak tee tee |e rate ob FOR. PRICH PHR 1,000;
mensely” benef canada: th the | Hoard If be ceased tehave the quailtes / aa “
c Apply .to _.


: 4 foam lal Julert nd the euier. teat Kelebal tam afral
4 D 4 N HOse COTTON, FIEUIT, COPFER, COOUA. | HE Honour ~ Than bow vere a plat
RED GA RB a3 2 oo pelelegtolacel ant ci ws og! y enter. nema tke ihe

1 with Jamatcs, growing the 1 fe :
fides gotten fe inerpaglug quantities » ace te had eo ts bal . 45, Marine Squ
Spel 2itb—Im

ae : -
Be A -ROC_AD EY. jie el? Bei creek

- . ?

teat! Lie Ae as,

+ 2



— EY he Map the Commit.

ten Ser ered ee to the next
meeting which was seconded by Mr.

wake es ee ine Tan tak
in en
. te sum of in be allocated to the La
‘ ‘reported that at a meat.

mittee held

pet, Lorene. Ttwas Peited thet Mr.
phould revelre $10 monthly’,

by Mr. Carter aml agreed tn

weer mond that 8 ro he pat
3 net
of decorattog the Town for the TO-DAY'S

aero BooTS

Nor abviss

The Town Clerk read a letter from

the Hanitary Inspector stating that the
Clean -Shavern




For Men, Women, and Children’s‘ Wear.—We favite Your Inspection.

‘ uae Hesok Sstaen BOUTS, from 4c. to 16/3. ' LADIE YU BLACK & TAN SHORI—From Wo 0032/6,
u La OBR, from fia td 16/8, LADIES LACK & BUTTON BOOT4, Fron é6to J
MEN'S BLUG Fore 4s ve Je! | LAQIES OOURT SHOES =F rom 85 to 104, i


{White Boots and Shoes, Cricketing Implements, Gardiners make. *
. Sewing Machines—From 5 dollars to'25 d Mare,


Surgeon General, to whow waa ref

the sueation of appointing the Town
Superiotendent asa Sanita Inspector,
dome not think it advisable ¢ use the
Town Superintendent docs not poseces
the necessary qualifications acd dual
contral (by ithe Boros h ) Connell
an e Sanitary Inspector

officer would probably lead to fric-

ananever's werent: PRICES.
— ~__| mie Panna A AS
_—— was read which s' at Lhe

a = Ibumencid Ammonia * . . ia
that the extending of mains fa several Pintertuptedt as little an pousille during | although he was not apprised of the | for, free and. a W the boot market t 10 we ara t ait
streets are now about to be commen: | the relaying of the mains, fact bat hts bounds mark had been and for solids, are somewhat, Bigh and in ord © mban to keop tho leud a able to market harof best’ v lugs oot, no st one
ced and although this additional) 5 The Lngineer has made no mls gremoved and would not be able ta | Om itn veguable debris, horde may y' s 19 . ¥ Solore our sel
eipenne tor extensions fg not Suctaded eke in the Hatimate, and haa slwaye safeguard his property. th The analysis ie as follows t— Don's to vat afiet with ita says soriag te sieving: Ailtaat wonase of you iste
at original estinates yet the nm well aware 0! ja capacity o e Mr, Carter sa! athe wason the . f i U0. Wit ’
smount of the eotimated cot fs not | workaand reservoirs, Y Paradise cominittee and asked to be apotae a Bhlovine Mh Free 201 our vatues and comparo tho prilos we q wa thosa Fou are maieto py elsowh
affected thereby. @& The cast iron plpes and specials taken ef and Mr. Johnson put in his Nr. Carter moved, sevonded by Mr. +

% It is noticed that no attempt | wera obtained at 6 time when the ; stead as he would like to report to Rasps that the ‘dovernnient? Aue 1° .
has beep made to take up and | maikit was favourable and cost con. them the “wcounlrelisin” of this mea. | a7 me written to and asked to bo . .
clean any old Spipes as it wae} alderably less than original estimate Mr, Jolinstone’« name was accord: tind ough to analyse the two dif- i LADIf~ GLACE GIBSON TIE RILOE3 with LADIEY BLUCHER CUT ROOTS },
stated would be dove io the | which wa« made three years ag> and | jogly putin Mr. Carter's stead, t " Coates Oban dbeele and patent tips worth §1.32 per Tan Vict with medium solesand ©
letter from the Secretary of the | tmseden prices prevalling at the time. A COMMITTEE'S REPORT, Atter the usual signing uf accounts . pair. Ours co only em SEBO alleizes. Per pair wt
San Fernando Water Autharity ‘The original estimate, which tacluded . | The Committee, appointed by your | 0 Board roee. LADI«s' “80 [ETY GIRL’ AHOES with three | - LADIES’ PATENT LEATHER Bateon §

& That the new fire phe atv too | 10 per cent. for contingencies, amount: » Worshipful Board on the 6th April the eens ws rape-Cubso beels, Black Vict Leatheres with gun metal tops—Pisin fron
small for the Brigade atand pipes, el to $13,000; but $14,400 was actually last to consider the revision 6f the Lichvsctes. Per par ws “tm wm BLE heels. Pointed toes —all sizess-pex
REPORT BY ENGINEER TO CHMEMAN f voted for the works, These savings ' present Wharf Dues beg to report as CITY POLICE COURT. LA 1E3° GLACE KID SHOKS with 3 Bora LADIDS' BLACK &T AN VICIB

OY WATER AUTHONITY. an the original estlinate make it poasi- ) follows: - — i Light soles and Uabsn heels, Tasecled fronts, with Pateot tips and tubs

(1) The Estimates referred to were | ble to effert more Improvements to 1. Your (Cothinittea met at (Before Mr. Bleckwood Wright LL.D) Mr pale - om ew ee BLES valuest Maillard’s we we
prepared about three years ago. These | the maing than was anticlpated, the Town Hall on the 6th of ~~ LADIED OPERA SHOS—In Black aad Tan
estimates were afterwards considernd | 7, About 300) fect of oll Sinch and | April) lust at 4 pam to cansider Thursday. Vii 1 Bar—Oubar’ Hecle and beaded de~ We would like our readers not to fongal
ata meeting of the Borough Council, | f-inch mains have been taken ip and | the questions involved. All: membors Davakenness—Corporal Callender corations aaaizenc per pale ~ 4L68 Ladies’ BOSTON FAVOURITE Wf
the Director of Public Works and Env | cleaned. These pipes will be lald down | of the Committee were present with J ch Frederick ‘Willlarns with LAvIES’ “PERFEUTION " 8HOES=Io Cham- still to the fore and that now wf

neer of Water Works and yourself | again In due course. Mr. J. It, Lewls, Collector of Wharf Geonkeu and disorderly conduct at pagneonly, Fancy Tipe and capped Toss, to offer them to our customers ot @

ing prevent. Iwas under the lmpres | & ‘The new Fire Hydrate are of the | Dues, in attendance at our request | Carenage. Defendant who had alz Caban becle—fully worth §2 16—our price 82.00 sum of only 00 cents per pair. ‘

sion that it was then decided to spend [same type and pattern, and from (also Mr EL Zurcher Town Clerk.
£3,000 on fnrprovementa in connection | tho same takers as the original by- | After cousultation, the Comittee
with the water mains of San fer | diauts, There fs, however, © slight adjourned to get nome figures front { or fourteen days.
pando, the details of he work being dufference in the site of the hi es pat Me i. i Lew: eer their Information “Ticker or LEAVE” CANCLLLED--
el he Water Authority. bis has been puttight by making a | which ha an some days after bert 3

(2) The only change that has been [| shght nlurration to the standpipes. | wards, re ¥ Al Mitchell was charged by the

5 . >
made fa to substitute twa ale inch |] The Supeilntendent of the Fhe Bil | 2 Your Comuitte had an informal same Corporal with falling fo report One Frice Only, | Value Nowhere Like Maillard 5, | Peyce lnsurall

previous convictions for drunkenness

aud dleorderly conduct was fined £1 Radtes’ Binok Tan Giteap Shoes-fe0m '9o0untsA

inasios for the eight Inch mains for | gade ia, T understand. quite satistled | meeting about a wech later when they [Ist instant. Defendant had been

avhich it was originally proposed to F with the hydrants {ansniniously agreed on the foltuw- fe
Jay from the Jeservol e aeoR Catih (Seda BV. Actos, th alterationeta tairit sentenced to two veers lnprisoumnent - — =
Ntreet and Coffee Street to corner by Engincer Water Woths, a) That in Exports the words April 4th, Heskould have reported

the Market. The caparity of two six Mr. Carter safd that jt was nota! “ manjak loose or fn bags” Gd. per ton |

fuch nui te about equal to Capacity night dlference. it a fire bad broken beaded tion in I 8 Pe Slay} buedud not, Police p, tation on
of one eight Inch main; and to have 7] out he sbonid have consulted e@ Coty 5 teration in Inmpotts to read Oe

two six inch mains from the Reservoir | mandant as it wasnot astight natter as fullows in Heuv of old tarilt, that Con nad een hy high the plantalns to sell which the latter | Ee NW G LA N D ic
one pussing along Uotfce Street ant | What they complained of was that — For every half hogshead of tobacco | dates. Hls Worship was not satis didand keptthe money, Defendant's 3
the other along, Gout Street John. the orginal scheme Mag not belug ear te A barrel of handi fied with that explanation and can. mortatye, rae ad poesht Shs w A NT s T
stone Street and Macurapo Street to} ried out, waking for hinself he ‘orevery barrel of merchan + .
the Market is a better arrangement thought the Patter was satisfactory. excepting Hour flout 2d. sel celled the defendant's license which | sumetime after he had sold them he

i that he willhave to serve five
than aveightinch main supplying ont: Mi. Raspass agresd with Mr. Carter. Vea every barrel or ba, f eh ” offered complainant part of the money
alon onestis t. Ppiying only Thed ator said that he was not pre: | weighiug Vat ites tet td. & of flour] monthsand twenty veven days In| which the latter refused. Ile Woe

‘ q . rison that being the unexpired Icted

(3) Mains ave being laid fu certalu | pared to assent te some remarka! lor every case Noda Vat the couvic and several convictions | > a
streets which are noe inc ludest fu the Mhade hy Mr. Carter about Mr Acton; | nnnerat haters 3. a Water or other ne ANotse~Joe Carew, Ran- having been. ghown agaiuel him he roaching | gre agree!
AssAcLT—Constable RawHos sum- Cinade's wreet fields are not the on ythlons beet arauk

Estimate. ‘You will remember that J and the report of Mi. Actun should be Vor every core of wine or fritue m
some months ago before the work preferred to the committve appotuted bus hquars 1a, ‘pms Kin Cummings Arthur Johnson, at moned Francis 1 f tu Lou
Was commenced E juformed you that | to conidia the matter. Tie alo ale | shect Lead (per 100) Ibs Id. Constable Wyatt with makipg & alittie girl named Nery -Olitviers 4 Stour GIN PILES the rect Genedion Kilsey Cure “Tne ate,
° he a \s
nolse at Obeervatory Street ou Wed- | wasproved that defondant struck | lkeGIN PILLS and the mlslonery work doce by tir, ead dics,

onsing we the fascaruble Inices jut Juded to eupute remat how hich if D> Piping (foul) ee LOG bbe Ed. te
wlhich the materiale were purchase pearad in the public pitsa stating row tankseach 40 galilons full Ys $
| ily Was not ie: | empty ls, viher sizes” fa Proportion bedi Comglags ware fined Be Conch ths acer Tle was” wonton eo “a oweUIN PILLS. omund waich wuterere from Kiduey Trousle av § :

would be possible ta lay down more | that the Water Authur
vew udine than was oniginally In: ] spousibte for the water supply. 5 and following to bedeleted. “Sugar { and the olhers 28 or veven da Uietace Tle was | sen
e Svcre- . Tung its.—Adeline Florendel sum Lexbap Woe: Davisvne,
—- NoING—-Leg Alleyne


fended and | suggested “that you The letters, from mill complete 104,
ebould ascertaly from the Borough tary of the Water Authoity and Theyfound ongoing iuto figures that? toned Loretts de Ganves with usin,

Counadil fo which of Che streets they | the reports from the Engineer were re- too much loss of revenue would accrue “3 5) waacharged by Sergeant Storey with E . 1 have i
svisbed the additional mains to be | ferred to the Committee appointed to {{ further reductions than above sug: via etoniant and aieadetae rity. Gounaing Latest of mspere at Bouth o.ce lng GIN PB. List Wet hen fc
laid aud also where tho old mate | discuss the matt r, . att gested were usade In. tartf, Tp wav shown {a evidenca that defend. Procpere Telng at ilormitel efecdann two years and they have neres ;
wore to be laid after being cleaned, 1 AN ACKNOW LLDGESIEST #y therefore left other atticles on | autthreatened to cut complainant | warteman ive ‘Monda nest, 0 GIN PILLS to the old evant: *
understood frvut you that $0 con- A letter was read from Ms, Filling | she fist as they areat present. They ! with a knife and might have done vo La ne T y Bh B4ve owe bo relatives and a i
pulled Ife Worship the Mayor ou the | hai Williains Lord Glenconner’s sec- i belleve that ifthelr suggested altera-{ had she not been prevented by her | gas RCENY OF THREAD--Bhafan an 4 asked onto fod out where th ;
eubject, and that bis answer was that | retary, thanking the Doart for the | tlans to present tarlif acceptxl by | inother, Defendant was bound over | { t Indian was charged with steal ‘ over bhi Everyone wat

the detail of the wok were left en: | letter nent to His Lordship, and pru- | the Council there will be no lows to | fa £10 with a aurety lo keep the peace | ee foUF parcels of fhrewt valued O2c, Vi wy and aald that only two pills walk
tinly to the Water Authority. miing to communicate to Ils Lords | revenue but probably an increase and | for twelve months und to pay cota of | prosecution all It, Defendant the raief, Wil you tet me kuow ff

4. It is proposed to lay down a new | ship who was away in Canada, ~ the tartif will be consistent ta tho! the information prosecution alleged, walked into the 7 aH sgeate la Koglind? (bad otew

above store and taking two packages
of thread frutn the counter asked for
a cheque for them,
6iuch malu in High Street and take A COMPLAINT.
up the ofd dinch main. Hb amustbe|] Aletter frou J. Inalea, of Mattia
tindeiwtood that it {s very important | Street, was read stating that u strip of

teck, bere and we gara then se €3
sbip aod she was much pleased

Present stateof trade at San Mernanda, ; Larcesy of Paavraiss The ad:
E. Jonxs:oxe—Convenor, journed case of Solomon Romaine

C. IL Gorau

J fost Juhi Gibbs fur stoaling 300 be of any help to thope
that the water supply, expecially top hisland was taken for fuprovement - I. CG. Waantoy, age re Co BON; was given him by a salesman a
the lower port of ihe ton ph, should be “which he would give for that purpow W. GC. Rosenteos, pisotalns was ee ee Neluant'e and bo went eral me GooF atath ey GEN Pins tee ~
—- Se re 6 u — : services.” =

7S having passed the wrapping ‘caunter, el x

(4 Constable was callad in” who ob- “ ,

served a loin cloth or copra” S01, absx, If your dealerglossnod bere thea, cant dicot we:
lying on the fluor and having | GIN PIOUS ara gascacteed to. give reliel, if mafcer teklag tame
arrested defendant told hit to | atleied, slaply retaea ths enpsy boen 02 your dra scat a1] ee
bring along the loin cloth If it | Promptly relaaded. Sumple box free if you weine us mesationag .
was his. Defendant disclalined own- aad Caenloal Co, Dept, Toroato, Usoade 7 ae

; ership thereof, but the Conateble IN PILLS are oaly mildiy faxedes, Fos Chroale Grae

insisted aa the defendant | temurely yee Eick Meatsobes, somebiag more active le required, If yoe i

. ope a: javative an i
R Oi Abdting yess né brought Ire blah @ and liver tonic, sake NATIONAL LAZY LIVI

wear ea two backoges of thea Beleiet Been maaded daca genrsared by the largest waoleate
satin 9 t foun SaaS ee "
‘ ° < i. . heref: 5

were only Mdentitled by thelr similar

ity ta the other fwo. Defendant Ceteeaeaseess

denied any futention tu steal, After UR Ch + ie
iv 1 . ooolate and Cocos Powder hare 59 equil nelthe SoM
Bag Ss, Portmanteau & Te Ub gS rie eee eles | QUE teeta in, Poeder tae op eaten

remuantg of cloth displayed there and | "0* !é Oltea two peace off the quality, | Oar sclentifa process iF

pretty eluse to the versppi be sayy and despair ot compatitors, don't be prejodi teh os
. Willesden Canvas Covered Trunks. mivere it wat, hie “inlention ta. ge | Awarded Diploma of Mec, Coxdiaa “National :hionoe
Afterwards, The toln tloth found on For sale everywhere 1nd wholesale from ff
about. He was convicted and ented Al hert Lucien -
to thive mouths lmprivonment, 1, Charlotte street, Port-otSpain, “0% And Chonlate
ak tan ta ————— Travelling Represen —

MONTSERRAT. OR SALE=No, 20, Edward Street,

hy vara) TRINIDAD.
BRIEF BAGS, LUGGAGE STRAPS TUT, |g was See isa me etter atin seater | BN Be
; “ : fantwerr iio w Meeting to ta beld ee aod water up-tairs, aleo Captaye Ja the Metter
COURLER BAGS N RUG STRAPS Atibe We din's Otlice st Urae Ccuvaon | No. 49, Woodford Hires cuntalulog dF: Jone
' a tne UG STRAPS, ie puigoa of artonlg’s titties |eelag, Saute Boon alesis | Ete He eg
vy 0 jobs a! the bs 's "
. ep cnet nn “Oe etary Sirect, —
. " ° ° zr, OTHER SOCIETIES TRINIDAD, application at od al
. ! . HALE TOR Tuexpay turism | Ale Grom
~ ] DH siNg to take patio the Ero DAY OF JUNE, 1ait this Island for 8
. ‘ DR , ceaion before Hie E B ‘ dl last Willand Tostaacet Of
DRESS SUIT CASES, KIT BAGS, Goveraor fo the ueew'e Fark’ og the | P lussucehe of he over oP ate ee | dey ‘ol uaber i oJ

. Ebuak Tipp, | Hee, Seed Abe bub Apel v10, and regis ciel psec

iad J ., 5 *
SOILED LINEN BAGS, HOLDALLS. yuh nemedtgord bot ltr then ta | copand Lowa opany Gina Pau | Mw yh a
O real . rv a ~

~~ uns ~~ ? tioncrary Becretary, teed aa No, 1033 for the year 2910, end said Alice

xt in Canistors. : 4 ~~ Oxtord Zine . Trunke, MW A. GE ee Pi flallonFatlsn Toya 4 Execateiz gamed 1a
0 ar joorge Lids. f

Tin Cabin Trunks Rockio Trunks. 2 A. CEBALO, third puity thee will ‘be pau up fon Sale | Syvtiy signe dete

by the woderaigned at ble A .
HATTER, Na Se, faerie menee, Ban. Yernsods pel ica lisee f cate

J ASgceat pleasuretotaform th «| oe Paesdey the 3:

TT et aoe | Teh eat a a | OA

busloees, afier a lapse of Wem, to parcel of land comprising two a

duriog wh eh tiene tr oy months penices situate te (be Ward of Kevena

fue or under any parson, oy tarred | Grande Pooth lathe Island of Triotdad

ght and bounded o

Prcraunue Pusha faa wees | telly aioe dames Geta | Without

ACID to anyone ; “6 oylor on the East 1B

GN ‘ » Cemato [§{ ppoa laodsof Bamnel Losey aad LAING'S KODA

y Hie ee a reeNo Ab Corner | Wav upon lands of Boobegeasone OP SWKXT S

| ape clean drinks fa

, Street, Porat] Deted thi ded fey ar Ti
- Avtar (LAING PURE %

WOOD _ ow

CABIN te Bod Zine Rockers,

As ‘per Sketch

(gd.) Tr As

fey ts arhete ba indie” Hogi YY tittno,

» ~


FOR RENT. | VAhTBbclast, ove io or mel MATCHMAKING DE LUXE. | AUCTION SALES}... fad Bectri bh |x oe S 66 At ie 7

R RENi—Oomfortable octaae Noe | bus woutd buy if cheep—G. Oje tine.

eu atetmen cect | Wraeeoaiior iar | WARD PRICE GOD |

mcate Wi b ascel oat houses serveal’s 0 — ~~ a

Toom ein be added if required, Recently \ lodging offered to three or four gem» Fraulein Yrma Dieyer, who has es FROM SOUTH MPTON,

Tepairet and psiated. Immediate tlenes, ine comfortsble home, eure to trf agency for the | 4 Valuers; Estate Avent ‘

temion, Reot moderae, Apply to Mine ft Sevanaah (weet eldr) terme moderate, purpose ot brioging about tarriages wettoneers. Venere ante 4

Carawisg, Albert street, St. Joseph. Keya for farther partlenlare apply to~X.Y.Z. © between American helresses and Aue {| Yarorhtt §1, | Txtersoxg 116,

crs be obtalced at Smith, Hobertaca & | Porte Spala Garette~ April 71m, is to London bu | Goode secul aslo at ail times,
Uo, 8 Chaena etree Apel S0ba Ie VV aaTEi Bere mouth, it trian noblemen, ks § cing to Tandon ft 8 ved for as eat si
FO en Ke TIT Absrcromlne Sirect \ option for s longer period, & | match-making during the Coronation 24 FREDERICK STREET.

XAemited —= I
Get your orders early for |


10 Casos OHAMPAGNE—P, & G.—Quarts :

5 Cass CHAMPAGNE —,_——s~Pints. Also *
100 Cases OOTCH WHISE Y—Quarts

srris Promenade.) Cottage with Ished bi {a Port-of t 80880! «t | :
etl convenievces forsmall family, Modern i forele bed oe Roniel oF tetweca Fraulein Dieyerexpects ta meet 4 Lhe City Salo Rooms You may desire us to 33 Oasos w ” Fin's— . 5
Sewerage, Possorsion Ist Jace, Rents! ; gy and $10. Apply in writing to * F* | number of American heiressea in Lone 4 do for . Andrew Usher's Special Peal
ee Apply to Pedra Prade [Ltd.—Apnl ¢{o this Ofticy, -April 19th poo this sumer, and, scoordiny to an } OUSEUOLD FURNITURE. Lien ~ -_

4m 'e —, aterview pubtisi ry mi is lated joods, ROLO'


| jens afrangs mee! br na Ba-oness West- 7
did stand for's Shop, in faa, the beet in the fevtim -alale, Address Edvard Noel—#9 | clients and ths daughters of American sorth(whohes jas fof the ooonshand | 4¢. p. Giloated Lamps make a kx § S. Orewa of Granada , from
Gletriet. " Filth Compeny is op thd wey to Neleon Street Ape 252-2 *-____. } millionaires ta Loudon than in New gine to sell by secdva on SATCRGAYS | cond ah Wat a Bilall Cost. :

onal; _ ork. Y OTH, ar ab ceiieD! - an

Appip withia to Nev Willlaso ‘Abloostag, OIE Bo Bazere Bajeae ane “T have no husband for girls whose effecte Iucladiog Haveas, beatwool aou 8, D. HARDING 300 Bags HEAVY: WHITE OANADIAN Od


Fitth Coropacy Viliage or Miss A. Abloo- only claim to gentility in wealth,” she wickee rockers ,aud reeliaiog chatrs.
dag, 37, Pa Vincent Street, Purt-of- oot road IFaloetes ‘walk fuera Ralless says. * They must Te well-bted and several oseas 018! ‘aad fancy tables, Ooe
Spsto. station, going at SII per lot, For fare | of sufficient culture to beable to Mill waloae sideboard by Map'e, HE onlaed
ORRENT.—N+ 2 Cipticol Liovelvacd, | thar gardeslie eppy at No, 35, Picea j the etation in which their salliance | drawiog room cablaet, geod tooed piso -
conaiaitg.—Drewieg, Divaiog aud | diuy street.—-April 3tn—Lw, with my noblemen will place them. forte, harmotiug, china, diaver and te
Bsdrooms, fruat and’ back galleries, ' {PANIED uv moe av tue Diego | One, titted Austrian officer return: sete, glass table wire. calery and electra
pasiy aad at onto inh atvies (WV “itera dope iateraniory ages | CLO, vigane ernnly, CUA) ah rare 6 taal quouty cf bel an!
aad carriege brave, Electric light and = Becksmith, Selery $14 pee mouth and [ye ii, +
uses: winter lacked an appearance 2 reseing cheste with large murose,

Sewerage iastelled. Possession 1256 lodgiogs, rations and aaiform, Charcb tf | OF Tistinctlon. Bomeof thom were tae gh - we rae canes

Gydo baw SUL’ S Richinrod esrret | Semeeten SafPY wit 2 Mnmonials YS) sadiy wantingin koowiedge of table water fouuala, laiz's aad gis bug

e, —ALSO--
____Generat_Manaeet_ | 09 Koos BUDLER —*Lestrados™ | 1 Case BU

$100 00 REWARD) BEST row come

For Sate by

HEREAS certaia unoscrapalous a,
Sh ykeepers are removiog “Re W S D lh fl A N \ A RC
wrieer” Stout tahela from empty “ Re- e “ TH A

April 22—1m. etiquette” cea, glazed shop cares, Excel'est dog volver” Sgout bottles, and pastlog them Zed May, 191. f
Top Fraulein Bleyer cites the following b rubber t: te,, ete,-April ey a tenmenan®
SOK NENT.—Cottage No, 43, Weich- | cern cases front her matrimonial buoks 3 Sykes, Fret, etc., ete~APTl | on bo:tles contaloiog other aad toferior

moad Sweet, with Sewerage, Llectic
Light aud ail Couvenieaces oe guention LOST.

Int Mey, Hoos 2 monthly. App y to ——— Vi Tis te thirty five years old
“Cuias, ¥, STOLLMETER'S Urtice Re 5, DOU, answers to the name of “Dash,” jenna. y, . Ni
Richmead Bireet. Telephone Ao, 155,— i Nals, _plvlout s=bleck aad ta with ae of on ote ine anept Satur day ext,
épril IS white pointe, top of & white, half ol wealth _

TO NiO" Tie devrable Dweluog | neck white, white siresk runciag down ARD PCICE & Co, will iacinde in
Por RES * oO Piet oie ee ele middle of face, Was last seen spose nie bohemian Count, it tet aerenty, \ then sale nett Satqrday at 3 pom.
looking Traquulity pquares Ali audera | Colonial Hoeplial on Good Fridsy aloat | tary castles to maintain. Heapekea | * YOY 8° 1 popy, hirvess aad baggy. be
conveuweces f'uesessiun lat May. Kear | 13000, Finder will be eaitably rewarded hree | d his fainil je | Droperty of the ste Sy.vastex Wi.

o t sy; on to 109 Abercromby Streed three languages an mauly utaus Ew., Buriser, Also they witl
Sw moclbiy. | Ary 0, CHAS. He Pern 7 one of the best in Bohemia. eoba a interdate bw valuable Library of
STLEMELE Rs Gane, Ne. 5, Xichwuud reer eitepnerereerennereeernny ‘A titted officer of the Landwebr Ll dota paneabes of which wil be
ae ee ee Oa _— OT ~~ Infanterie, stationed near yieuna. ‘ avacuaced ia due couurer,
fOlt RENT,—Cottage No, 17 Clat- i @ isthirty three years of age. ra rece,
I exce Street, St. James, newly Notico. Perhaps a {ittle too stout, but very 0 BE | ber FUUNISHEOâ„¢ Boom Way

A voungoficerof the Austrian : SALE AT 1.30 O'CLOCK.

White Dragoons, now stationed in

sire us gaus “h| TRINIDAD CHOCOLATE FA

We now cifee a reward of Mannufactared by A, SOUBLETTE at No, 39:Park b¢,, P

(ne Hundred Dollars), py cuocorare ispesee! ty» spel ant weeute pil

M tte complede solubility aod seta forth the exqaisibe arones aaa
for such information as may enable us | Being free from ell Furelga Substances, Aud mede from the fees’
to obtain a convistion agaiast apy } not only delicions, but as a nourithm nb {t fs corivalled, Pat ep Seam
peroa or persons guilty of auch fraudu- | Tablet packages, ~ 7

fo practices Tolgne, hed from she followtag Groceries «-STEPAEN}, Ltn, e
1 1 GRODERY GOODINGS, J.s¥. REIS (Nea York Betablicemsei
Geo, Youn er & Son, STANDARD, and {com Shops in tows and country districts, & a

built aad painted, in a quite localitys | 7, tng tare cultured. adhe UL Havelack, Streets poe!

gute neat to can, Oonilaing dene | TBottiet ta Feta ded he” | naan a endear ate | Aone, WaRb Puleg C0 "Aen , MAUITED, Noroatee 24-1

Meual cut Soleee, AVatet lad "oo. ren a gene plea beween Americal, nls (aad Pu fsireet eee. Ati aoie |p, RUST THUWBRIDGE & CO

usual cut ollices. ater ja on. ——~ orergners. 8 Bay’ RD PRICE & Co. wave for sale . . = Se

Fent moderate, Apply toS. F, Wit- | ‘UE Secretary of tbe Nao Fernsodd | the girls who desire to. marry her AR E ; , i

Lunte.—" The Klondybe."—April 13h. T Coronstion Execative Qunmmittoe will | clients must be wealthy; for the W saver’ QULOA PROFERTIES Io | o t-of-Spsia, ' —ASK You

13, 4,


be glad to know as 300,08 possible if ycar ho seek vatlous districts, (het cca oe boughs to
Socktit wi Toon tos" peeccs seses | MOTH of the noblemen, Who, seck oss per erat, Asn COTTAGE et
Fernaude “1, the Bod pane next, belog | maintain an luposing establish- RESIDENCES fo the city a, ee
Aaropat tices. ‘or sl clas

aueud, on Dey, and what aumber will | ment, Poibe ageote, 20, Frederick sireet, Port-

VOI KENT No. 10, Gace rerk
ii East, wih Tenots Court, HE eciric
Light acd Sewerage tussalied, Possession


#1 the Ist May next. For partuicalam E. ZURCHER, ~ ~~ folSyarn—Apre 30-b—Lw, AN behad by geotlemen (3 or 4),ia
Sarai, toe ‘fie vt the Por ive, ecreisiy. “| A RED-HOT WIRELESS MESSACE. C na ala nd ere .

AR HE TTB Va rd" Bicy, ste rials

’ tric tigh, ¢ t
Li dove (turn be ) No 83 Loag Cuiu- Riettr at orma = molerate; by

“Marsum,” igarette. Aladdin Secs

JHE Consolidated Portrait and Frame
Co, has opened an Agency at No, 74

le ran ae bk y appli CA. e/a offiz3 of th's pepsr. .
Road wit cay convenience for & ° t en — tb. :
fun}, Husine uiimuika doer | Partnership Hrelericg bireet, under toe tne puuicia | THE SECOND SHMMENT Has |~?——~————_—_______ AN O1LTHANE F
aie sant, Foe fusibee pcaiere apply general wil be shown & beautiful range af nD Abriven leaned to Bll FOR SALE : £ A
ou toe premises Apt im. Ty. sauplee of everything in some 0! we ® vw ww pleas a
FO Li Zejdecbom Loney Known cs | UNCEU:QATR wbasinces man, bevtog | ith will be offered for sale. all orders, Everyone {s delighted —_ ° For Its sup

several years’ experience in the Weet They are also publishers of Pictures, | with th qasdty uf ibese Uigaretice,

No. 4, Vico pia avenue, corprisby | Tudics ant New York, de-t (per: TeOHOO: . q
4 large Beirooms, 2 drasing toom utp with ove ia catablished Uncers, Btereoucopla views and Fost Cards Ne which L. mans Virgial Tabscoo, mete 200 SHARES OF ai BACH Caves
drewivg reom, dining rom, trout and | Thorough kpowledge of scsoauta, Good Sterooscopes and Art Specialiste at very , y Naito a Be ap rie ut wor to iy THE— Itis W. ite ii
back gulotion, pantry aa i wil cut-ofline | efe ences, Ureg baslnees prefered, low prices. be retsived ab t 3 yet tin of 10, aa tis Water white in
with servants 1oome attached, Sewers: Agurew 1" Partoe,” clo the office of | The Consolidated are Artistic Producers | cents per Ha ol 2 { You bave aut tried | Aneants Park Hotal Company; Ltd. beautiful soft, white a2
And cleeteic Hyht instale.—qaiet luca 40 pspor,-— April Rel ns, of High io Portraite in Craron, depiay Shem yoo sus: do wr at yire a: you mil —— a will not crust the wick. »
Juruediate pomession, Appt) ou pt eailece, Postel, Portraits in Oll {not oleographs), | thea amoke go, other. LE providing for Rupates and Re sant * oral
«Autti? helo, Pear}, bepiaoles, French Water Color or WARD PRICE & CO., A providing foe Eipaies an: ‘abel similar to the facsias
NOIRHENT Ne, SbU Vince Uaek | pe Araateline, prod eety ee clatures (in V Froeriot ‘Site Property end. Yaoreaat ‘ the ‘Neacrve 1] 7 es :
TAN, Cen! 3 Ce! D: " 1 3 atures, (ip Wy Pe oper’ on Cres SID, je jerre
epvoeite Audit Uthce—wost ssitade NOTICE. Craton: a. ‘and. Pastel Albupen, April 20 hed redenck Sires Faod @ dividssd of Tojo was paid for = INDIA
Of profowloual man or saall family, aval + — Oilsttgs of dnameline acd Vortraits ont Juss year — No, Office St. Vincent i
abla Jat Bley. Apply ta Na 18, Chacou pus Anausl Moctleg of ths Teiblded English Art Plate, Cushions and Pillow wo" ep Ag olfee of 15) @ Share for the whole or * . f
Bt.coi--Apr -lm Socwty forthe Prevention cf Urael y | Cares per, woul: be sccepted. ‘al
7[\O Lil —tHowss Novy He mage Animals whl be held at the Panto A Vay use call snd Using yoee Doend “THE UNDERSIGNED Ai ps be Oftice of this paps, =

House No 2t, Marine qaere, Heras | Javr ry on Wednesday, Blay 3rd at 2.30

Cidord 5 y a W pm. ws Excellency the Goverour wi
Liaw Buvr, io magnet, Het. red. cake the Chair, Members aad fcleads ore

Ochs Be vot—Apiil 2O— Io favited to attend.

friends and let us make yous Leautiful EGS to isform ais cost iis and the Apr} 21b.—1sa,

se =
enlargement in any of the above from eneral public that bee rem sved to
#3 ly—t0 x ON, Every Portrait Guaran- | x Heady Street o large aod more
Three reasons why you will evjoy deal- c-maidious premises, Tawny sud repair i OQ R SALE §


1 O8 AENT—Farowbed—"" wale View. MADEL A. DOYLE, Hi lity; | dog of Pianos, Orgece aus Horceniume a

Beamon tiara wees Avmiend Beccetary, | in wit om iccay, Abie. Loompe | eptotalhy, OFA tlanoe percaueed, rede |, 110.5 Th deslratt

cvateiolng drawing yoo, dislog room, 3 bhipments. Farviture made to order; materials acd ULOSE two corset a id desirasle tesi- ~FOR «
ixdrooms, naval ‘outbuaes, Electric Teal with a louse that has a uu. workmanship gauarsateed, dences Opposite the Prince's Lui ding

Highs aud sowersge fastslied Three & at ® Our Hobby , —Hunest Goods to Moneyt ¥, J. RILEY, f Ssvaco tunutes’ waik frou 8t, Clare Termlocs, 6 d L d t § Customers. 2) ‘ , ‘ , OUR SO "
Veoperty of ate, Alrads Siegert eed oo. Tall 1qul ablon ale, jit, desire —The ilendsbipat all Cas. | ABU Imte ‘ONSLOW WILLA & 'ST HILDA, La

by Mr, Socher. mery, : 5 i
fooalty, Ceausitat areas ache dosithy —— “Our Alna:—To be the largest Porielt { Mir. Tian A HOk. | ogi ~ ose bsndred and tity fot aod — 0 Oe ~

», and Frame Cy, jn the world. Siuch - upon Fenabroke Street and Aber:
L venseuelot ia Mey gegen Lira basuiculate TTVUE pub'io is tavited to eevgipae jo J Our Voliy:—To make exch order a per- KovoobMasTEK of the Seoond U we | ciomby Sinet reepeo'ively ; two handed

e t - Boas
t THY GREAT LIQUIDATION | sunaiwatter, prosing that + fiom Saricas, gi io Maries aud ete y fet: upon Keate Sires’, ard two] ; ;
Posceytese Sins tl Marie Sqaare= TP NALE OF friend and can da just what " preble, notin Naterat Besnee Mune (organ) was 1 edvaat s ny feat 08 th ‘Bautbore rin a all Ura q j
— se ency where your bea! tad, ne ibereol,— - a
- ae SUTALIAN & FRESCH CASIMERES, will bows with duigne, at the sight of aed rane k ales lo other brancats of aadety tae ee Oe Viee JP

we ke
each and everyoue of the beautiful sam. ly $0 the offies of th! _ c/o Mesuia, Gordon, Geant & Co. -
FOR RENT OR LEASE, |reaterat soorssuy throngh the reartie- | plen ne mitfshow you at prices which wil Ape dae nn Oe ths Bape 23 8 nn Vincent Beltding, LorvatSpels, | Cotea Planters, Sugar Plantors and Cano Feral


Po iN, OU lan Bs Woe ldudpts aya GONO aw jw We Info your Lands by using ig
eile, statin tice, ape | 2tHonry Stroot:! REDEMPIION, | anuoy, To tho Ladios. | TRINIDAD MANURIAKg
nod ot moe large etnse | Sac eg Vita ony 2 Ste -0F- . SANTAL MIDE, | Mitcithwitiwendin) Ouality-Best, Price-t
Gs hr See ee fev See Pa (ULL OL-SpRIM IMP-OVE- coed oe crn | ASSES RT ESE Loh mentdad Shee eed aging Sad
8, Park St, Port of Spain, Nay ow, Apalzna GAETANO BARBATO. ments Dab antures. Paice FOR saALcLe. eoweenend Gevitat oe , —— _ = ;

HN OTce is hereby gitea that the

following Vortof Spaia Ta prove- Ravlins’s Druy Store, DENTISTRY so ott -
meet Buraan imac aoa toe | seo “low i Ww. LYNOHIQIL FIELDSOF TRING

1888, (No. 257), will be redeemed on ths . *

30h Jane, lott, after which date jo: Ce ouse ols Mesa and Demensirator sf

terest on the ssid debeotures wil oleharry Le uel Cullens, USA.)
—— eee

WR BALES Ove Tred, Tulane
Hy More, JA Madi foch, risleg 3
sere, nad rery good auder saddia, = W.
finoapwa), vente Uardeos, Poit>.f-

Spel .- Mey <.b, 1911.
[rer BRALE~Tiree vey Goo MILUEL
COWRA Apply 27 Kuchwund Sires,
May Sad- tw,
AU BeLlLle—owsl N w COibsge, Leet
the Hevanush, No, €2, Da dousta
Btrom, ountsiaing & Kroma alov Kitceber,
Bath sad WW. ©, $1,000 (pare oan ee
male os morgage), lao vaoaet tus of

Cycle & Athletic


King’s Birthday,
Srd JUNE, 1011-

Prices of Adiniesion,
To the GROUND (ou Tregarete Itoad | Town Lat},

tease: —~

enone it” "| Sus RECEIVED . was sorsne comer, | FOlkins Macintosh Petroleum Tool & Banks
JUBEPH ARNOLD LAY x eae ee principles at Popule
Town Clerk & Tresearer. HX REFRIGHRATOR a Vitro, OF ST. ALBAN'S, ENG

Lend, cover New wad Bvrde Htreeia, &t, Clar Avreue) 6 cout, Port of Spsio. ere Why Pay Mi re =
A ply te Mr. Jonnrn Le Aciaa, | genet ga eee haa 55 . pale. j i” ¥ OPO | Are propared to supply complete equipments for the *
rears, pllowe bh Viscent Busen— Tregareta’ Road eed Bo” Gz Oth April, 291 FIESHL BUTTER ror Your preps PPY Gat and Water Wells,

Arsoues .Â¥4 eraty,
To she LUBLIO BTAND (oo Havelnk

description “Tac

MM. A. CEBALO, CABBAGE “oe expert Aeitlers engaged, aud drilling ty contract are

Fngines, Derricka and Jools of evor

hs OB BALE. -Tew acies of inud wi ke

2.490 bear wocos trees thereon, Sie", North + 43 vente,
and tooon pies the ‘Ward ‘4 Taree To the LabiEs STAND(ca Hevguek bt) HATT<=h. Borer ENE Full particulars, with specifications etc, can be
Jefe “Wanye sd ~ iSiee e re | [[ Seerearomomenirees | Eee ROOT Wren youn cls ing to "
_ : * tra pubbeagd es * an »
el tab —Io. ba hetebicia ct rev aBiane (a Here. gunkowert that be bae tarerd te ate Her dated by mA Eh, gheren RANDOLPH
~ ~ | Led MMe winess, after a lapse wontbs ett wheb ag
' WANTE D. Other Indu! acetals s 7 oat during whieh ime be nev worked ’ 'U R NV {P . e » Nish ea ey, ie et Chscos Street, Port-of Spain,
} ee fone a ~— | fleas CouMond ny” $i ag | Foe OF Gader any person, o: taught oF 9 Bree bd thet which 960 a lst ¥ebccary, 1911, °
RKTAWIED Jy 19 your, having a | Moatee st QELAL have'l uoiniuuce 1 Hd SPMIAL METHOD fustorus geales YOU BOW pey for | mmeenereen ne —————
bunsil Lnowiodge uf Nhetherd “a erecgwhere. @ lee souy oy Ciaxinu Ponawa Have SM iTnovT \ PPt BS Witheaut Rival [i the Post-o1f? ne
Trvewraioy wistos employ ment ta Letters PN-Ih Thebe's are obs duah'o as che Gates OAS he woud “On weer ave ‘ LAINGS euJA WAT lata ciliie) ill
aren) of poutlw. pphostian esa bef wy.0u bedsy of use Spvcts, Forlerth athintkestevete Perko 7 ATER apy
wands 48 Loy” Che GAIETTRW Day A. 8. BOWEN, nadie ty isthe” etal

Secretary, QUO

=} my,


nappooaiie i. The City Drug Stor, SWEET DRINKS,
ree SE OP OMEY & CO cou me” Uber i es oy

OL sl


3 NRG ”

‘ Teimogn,
PR Fame Gooey of Retold and


_ : a vs

ert wwAY * ¥ VOR TUSSDAY Pea bre

MEDICAL BOARD | Crile & LvbletioSeerta! the 8 ard of Industrial PM 20 soupy coe eevay EPO comand yaaa oar ER

aa te

e. —— * T)UBLIU NOTION fe brody girea that Ta the
\ Ulf Seer : Is hereby ives that P artiee af tee power of ssh con.
He 8, 1) tas & Co., Pralatifre EXAMINATIONS, R q — Traieing UpLto Now F porerehope com telaed lu @ cortate dead ol ne wed
ekch os anm Ss x BIRTHDAY Werk tethch de Ta tees ae | ined in ive artsin Mea rendscl Marts the Sub dey of December 1002
Viecant Poet Godes... Delon dents, XAMIR A TIONS for the )icomees r merQons page (1)No Et aatet 1 bday of December ae Ns, 9861 of ‘
UBLEG NOTICE ts herehy tvea obat . * SATORDAY 3ro JUNE is i. XOTICE TO HEANS AND 1903 ani made by Nowe Bip ite Whitlee Nichols Salvary ~
P by o¢ order of His Honour Mr Justice § of t Aswialant a ewe CRAFTIMBR, in fwoue of | Lee Lam 2) Na 60 Games & Ca of poe. ies | PUBLIC nur
Been mands, 10 the above matter oo the pret, M: mio, and Prete PROVISIONAL PROGREMME.| 7X cosederation ¢t the tuectmend of Gated tbe, apt ty ty Neaitee Waktler 1:6 ditad ihe 3rd day of Deocmeer 1008 Poser fen ,
ot tale belere ve of the, Cows | panty mwemination for Btudenta Ontinnt ce Now STE) Mevlotae ‘at ta favour ofthe a td Lee Lam, there will and mide by Nichole Siiv

for sale befere thedoors of the Cowt Busrmecy will take ‘place at Pre] THe fellowing is the programme of the by tow by | of Josh C &Oc, (The
House Port of-Spais on Tharedey the 230d | Evererecy will take ,p sremhins, Seine preeeet ueregixtored in the proscribed by pas wp for sate by ps elon Stee a Dips .
adersign Rg ace: ls pew
de of Juss 1011 betweea the hours of coe § Victoria Institute 5 ome! BrcreL ERAcK- Open te thous trader, tat . Beek er ine os ard Bboe- No. BBackrite Bireey in thd towe of Fleng by dated the 30: dey of Jace and

mekera, Testament def
. Cyet tt on Pyrt-of-Xpaia, an Tecedey the 9-b dey oz 1010, registeted as No, 9108 of 1910) 1910 of the
ch od lee that \certeta ree ot Oa Tuesday, May 05rd trance For X6 «Prism of the ‘of Goons, Cerne eS Geurtulibe May 1912, Lirweea the boars tf one ant Aud also in a certala deed of ror tgege whe died ea mes ;

and Time limit? $ v0. ALL th two veveral parcels dated the ith dey of Jaue 1910 (rz vy ee
«Of Bianehtasense ta the Tetend of Trick 2}2—Ke Lane Pat Hace Open Prieto Pelee Gekdlens aliee Tepe ele ike ceea'et Miaetenris teas Non 138) ul 1010} aod made bot- Places eta
the Nocth upeo lands Ar 12,30 PM. traece eee f i Prizes of the value wrights, Silversmiths, Tailors Tis-/!@ the Istend of Trisited THR FIRST | ween the ald Nicho'se Ratvary of thecoe Ward uf an
and on the Seath and Wostou Crows

iL Bove Bicyie RAce—Open ae Torners, Upbdolsterers, Wateb-] therect comprising Bix acres be the sswe a | pare ani thessd Neary roe pl che tiber Contles aed Jobe Coe

. Meat leve datinsated aud withika j pert, aed ates Jaa certal .
Biier und crows ean Mande of one Applications, -with certificatos, the porta. ian panes of eee Taro polar hoker Bl beatin Tred aloe tbetr Ne pd boued aif. thereol stews ia fi Merteage dated theeald Bib day of tors, somed im thy

. : t 1%, “No foettions fa thelr respective trades to come) 1mm
thet corte! previstoa plea or diseram at‘acked to tbeQ.own | Jose 1910 and mate by Nicholas Saivary | And
penal of tend the ovtd ietacd b id wader will be rezcired up te ie and § . Ry wi Loe, peering nae eane Grant entered lea the Reel Fyopaty, Beg’e- | in favour of Heary Sasg, there ait! be Caveat Nets
tbe provisions of the Heal Froperty Ordtea- Tu @ sia Ml a 1 6th Tre ures jan 6 LiL | e-view $0 antetiog sorh registratiog, at a ter Bok ot Volame CUNY . Jods, iss 1 m1 0p fe ile bz Petite eatin the | tweety gate <
acres ‘“ntrance - bit
more * Chee we ice abet abetted eed y ’ y , RG Time limits LN ralne. First prise montis bel on the Ist Feteunty, Tike There Frederick, ¢n the South by lands } Be. Vircent Stnetia the Town of So

ned 19 faau,
. sented. Lud prize to the value of 13 wk the But by lends af 1531) al | of 8 Jaeday the Sth dey of M.
tee Cate Ginoe Tay itored Ia and foes must to paid on, or before, on prise $2, Bel FL t ton of $4 0, hitherts payabla, la favour PFS wkes, oa on ‘ 4 prio na ay sy tees

. and on the Wet Fy fends of Macbide | 1011, betwees the b-a-a of one xed two He. ,
S&—Iona JuMP—-Open, Entrance Fee £8, | {thsaes who shall apply for reel-tratios Moun acd TUE BECOND thervet ieg'y. 7
‘same L at follo 383 ta which It Brpoare Maturday, May 20th, to 5 % cetbe evdiog' Stee Joly, | aad Mo ue acd T! 70) of! pw, Dated thie fv

“ bounded ou the North vpon lands of yey ‘ ate mre valve of 85 wate-Open. rei hacteaert rs date rgleteation wii comprising Nive scren, Thiee ioogeard | Atlact Slogalar those two pleces or Sed. vw? ;
ore leonsrd Coreliie and onthe South Entraves Fee £0. Time Hmit: 34 | follow the periodical ecamlaationa of the] perches ba the same me or | reresls of Isod siteate fo the Ward of I ‘ .
aid Woat spon Crown faods end on the molns. Prizes of the value of $10, a Board, lesa attichod lo the Orowa Grant catered [ Too in the Island of Trisidad, The First -
bast npoa Jands.of one Maxens Rondoe, Dn. F, PRADA, and §2. Erch spplicant will be required to satis. | ta the add Rezteter Book at Volame 1X5, | thereof comptitog 7 acres, 3 roods and 3
The above Ie eepectively sab- Secret 1-20 Yarns Frat Racs Open. En. | fy the Boare, either ia writing, orally, of | follo $17 and bouaded on the north ty pegbes and abattiog om tae- North upoa Rill. rg
rod 02 @ deed or M @ registered as ecrelary, trance Fee 1s G1. Tyises of the value | prsctically, that be poaserses a saicisnt | lads of Eo’ hi-te and C own Lind, ¢0 | lends now of lately of he Urown and epon

of $6, 3 and $1. th b by lande ¢f Tanoceects #ubero | the Public Row the Boath upon land: .

o, 3322 of 1000 end 8 memernndam of | TRINIDAD. 4—Oxe Mine Novy Bicreny Hace—Open | E2ettl Heowlodae cf bis partien'ar trade, O0e ron BEY ate Oo tee veat by Grove | howeor lately of tbe Grown on she Eas an
morigege bearleg dete the 30.b day of | SALE FORK TUESDAY THE Zino DAY | fahoywunder the seen a aad weight will be gives to tha eizoym 7 ot OO , Road ed od 4 1 OF FAW you)
November 3000 in favoar of one Emme OF MAY 1911. the day of-the Sparts, ‘Katranee Fre | e200 ithe shail have bees setusity fot- [ Exod a ard taterseo'ed by a tworved | upon lnode pow of lately of Jane Salrary & . a
uz Sueno ant, Tteee thepeoe ee te ‘be URLIO NOTICE Ia bereby given th Hae ofiee recog be fen sllowed. tontos bia eee ee se emlnor Pertod, Dated this Tikdoy of Api l Oil ef the Crowa sed aon the aalt Pautis Ex RMS
cald deed and memorandem of mortgage P in exercise of the power of sale contain. | Q—Tax Vovanza Five Mite Bicrcre | selves, end ebould ad ence orl to the LOUIS JORN é Lo. ba ote the eed thecsel sore oe less 20 Vases Gautier '
mentioned. in two certain memorenda of m a JtaceOpen, Entrance Feo 25 Gd. | Seocetary of The Bosrd cf nduebria} ——— ae —— delloes' 4 a 2 with | ‘ trattale aod -

Dated thie Grat dey of Mey nu, 1) No, 143 dated the 8th day of yy Time Simits 13) mins, Competitors | Training, Government Buildiogs, Port-t TRINIDAD, elines‘ed and with the abnatte! —

LH, LOVELACE, 908 aod made by Balbloo Rojasia faroor mmust have actually raced fn at least | Spaia for forme and all particata:s, bouodarire thereof ahews ia the plea or Ex SS. Crown

Deputy Hegiatrar, fof Frederieh Merrera and (2).No. U3 dated | 01¢ Of the preceding cycle events to he By Urder of the Board, SALE FOR THURSDAY THE 110 | disgram atteched to the Crown Grant |

eligible for thia event. Ist . . DAY OF MAY 101! ecte-ed ia the Reel Property er %, soma
TRINIDAD Wik Aptit 1908 and made by the sald] — Sileycle prenented by ‘Menare Smlih Te aera ——— ‘ Dork ab Volante ily folie S1y and Sous: | heise O-bialy tag
SALE FOR 1NURSDAY THE osrn patel ieee davon a te ee gid Bes 8 & Cas and Prize of the aine Off y7th Febroary, 1911, ° UBLIS NOTICE Is pereby ayes ded on the North by laode of Nicho'as * poe
DAY OF MAY, 1011. for asleby pablie auction by the under] 10.-tu0 Yani dlcwres Race—Open. Ahit ta exercise of she Power of Sa'e | Heivsry acd laces of Mary Jane Silvary

conferred upon Mortasgea by the Gone FINEST HaVa


dgpetay thele Auction Mart No, 12 Br, Entrace Fee 1a 6d, Prizes of the value
Vincent Berect tn the Town of Port-of- of $5, Stand $1.

and oa the S.ab, East ant West by
ia exercisn uf the Power of Bale con- | dpaia on Tussdey the ¥3rd day of May {11.—Two dite Bicrc.z txCz~Open to Notice to Flanters aod No, 72 and costaioed fa © certele Deed

Orown Jande,

posto NOTICE ts hereby ¢ ven that veyancisg aod Lew of Proj erty Ordloance

Dated thie Twelfth day of April 1011, 8ST, RAPHAEL

foed 1 ttain Wemorandam of Mort- those who have never re ted dated the 2ivs day of December 19:0 and Fd. SCOTT & BON, Qo
“as aint he aha dora Oasis | A aed eur wine teaver Goerfeccaemrepmes | COMGUOPR. | Uscaristattiey ot atrs "Gora hae loess, | FREEE counE

od ade rense jgon Baperville 108, le xenef the value es
{the wile of Wbitip Bopervaliey tufurour of | Gortpe halts Sneed oF Tread ue] Of $e Land BZ Time Imi: of ‘ made betwera Alke of the ove pwt and SULPHURIC Lown ay
Unprien ¥ sancole there will boa gut up for Finer thereof comprising 1] acres 3 rooda| t2. 24) Vane Fiat Back + Maudicap, , firme Fe vor eate by Tule Auelion at Checon Brreet, L
Sei Actin har Me 2 acai | Sheed otc deg tact foe] Bree astee Ss of eval | tee tsened rate ote ony tides aol Ran 9 Sa | EN PAP veayay rue anu pay| eset
Bueedin the Town of Port-of Spain on | Crown Grant in solne LYIIE. folie 673 1a— Tharedsy the 25th dvy of Msy 191), | and bounded on the North sod Scath Time dlmit: 9) mins, Competitors Cafes Ci oburte), Cedee Th, Neimeg, io the Towa of Fore ef vin on Thar fA —_— ° Frad Jo: r
Leen tte ont eietn Crown land on the East by lacds| must hae actually raed in at least [Dose Craread, Lreusty aod Halata cia | hoes slower dtwr pie, ores T LQUBLIU NOTICE + berebe g’veo that . ae

All and Singular that certain ptece or | catitioned for by Marceling Ramirez and two of the ing Cycle events to DB, raped, Ly cast, ap ta ete. | howre of one ard two pm. p la erercise of the tower ti wsle cone ag

ituate io the Ward of Le ellgitte for thia rice, Prizes of the | 12 time for delivery betwees tha wonthe] A I the uadividet to shied shore of the
teeta in aed Sb so, | Sop duane nd nero ty pred |, aes GPS Suootate Pe | eae aah tees ae ze cekertee tt AM aaee al, Hag eg
1a: Uwe - Es. ontrance ee OTe ‘ ei 8 al
Prisiog tre acres fs fifteen perches be Sevetved forty Hoke wide and bye branch In Gd, Prizes of the value of €5 and | loworielle oss be made uvacl for growlog | aypartanacces thereto appertaining situate
aod with the abuttale and bousdatite SECOND thereof comprieing 12. scree 3 13 "fivo Mita Bicone Tack (Handicap) sete ye metingtathes prefesbea ue ip the Ward ¢f Chequers {a be Teleed of
thereok shows | tn the Bae orotate roode aad 17 perches be ihe seme more or ZAatrance’ Heo za fl, Prises of the | of fist thadeand maleh tree. a Syectal ie bre there comprising the acres
val P i, * : - y a . auk th ¢pyurven: 9 offer a Syecial | god buto ‘gi as the no il: on Inde now
we eae eo eri and toonde on ‘ie $B tnd Pounded on tha North by tended 16 ate Miuy Bear acs oe eet ree Voltection cf Froisand Uroumentel troeafur lately af Usadey aod la da nee or
North Sy Crown land on tbe Sonth by § Angel Masse onthe Bouth acd’ East b of $6, Gland $2. in deaiboo pote vie. M
Crown lead on the Heed by Urowa land | Grown Land and on the Webt by lang) !7—THE Watsiow Nive Mite Dicvcur wt . row or latey of Reve de Vereml em the
end by liods formerly of Iu. Mongo's: # peil loced for by Fablen Cirilo and joter- Hace—Open to one representative | 1 Colwlte, 1 waard apple.) Sogerap-|easd om a ioed, og the weet oo lends of
art of tbe Covigce Estate and on the J sected by » roed reeerved forty links wide from Barbados, Demerara, Jamaica | ple 1 Lime, 1 Goava (Nicaraguan), 1Chi-| Simeon Azr, The a crd thve f com-
Wee by part of tha Prospect Ketate, and by @ brazch of the aald road fort and Trinidad, Ist prize: A Raleigh | vece ganve, 1 Large ros guava, 1 Papaw | prising one acd hel qastreee sad ooruded
Dated thie Ziscday of April, 1911, leks wife 7 (reciah Hicyele presented by the (Special), 1 Su pudit's, 1 Manga Zatetert, {on the puith on a road on the eeuth oo
LOUIS JORN & Co, N.B.—Thetwo plecesof land above der taleigh Cycie Co, through “thelr Arora o pear, 1 Gulden ¢@ ple, Pi- [lends now or lately yf Wiliam Wher oo

taicol fos certela ded af Mor *, A dnrands 6
dared tbe Sth deycl Jengery 1008, fewat tas 1 a"

tereies No 49 for the year 1909, and ‘
mide between (loriane Rivas hevigua nowt .
st Modesto pile gt the ore pert snd quake, Ring aad Gheliaa
xeeph Gan! the other par ere a
alike gut up foresls by Vato ‘hueton Marine Insuranen
Ha ite undersigned ot thule sactloa renga 2
ui on Tucedsy the doy ol a fi
1912, No 2 corner of Beckvili and se CAYERNMENT 5
Viecens Btrets, Po tol-Spiin, between Establleaed]
ibe bunrs of 2 ang 2 p w,
Ail and soga'er thac certala pleceor | maalan Age.
yt el f Sard situate in the Ward of

pruiog $0 aces mertor ies eed Voorn os | (BArIeS Hel dsolel


letely of Niamatko cn the ecathoa jascs

Agents, Messrs. Smith Bros & Co., 2ud oto (B y tree’ or Rols D'inde), 1 Cam: th S and ‘
Auctioneers. cribed are now comprised in the Prize of the ralue of $10. Lap prize 84 poor ‘ovamon, 1 doom He for “sls woe ‘on the OsontB hate Ro, The the **Jesus Marie Eatete’? atd abuttiog 7
ta eT Cort Micate of Title entered at Volume dollars ORNAMENTAL third beerect comprlemg one lot of laod pa the Neth Bpon, Cooma, Janda, ths Reims He
. . : ‘' measdring 60 feet io frontage and 100 feet | 0:0; oucbe River ard t evan Mar’ =
TRINIDAD. TVESPAY THE orm DAY | Dsted thie Sed day of Bay Moy Articles, 1 Bougsrilies, 2 Blephenotis, 2 Lapa |in cepts and Lounded ow t'e north on | Revire oo tbe Poath spoa the Roed to| Ep Beysl Pasnet ~ ae
OF MAY, 1911. * “Gort, Anetiones: 1. These races will be run, asfaraapract}. | P88» 2 Roses (kegitsh to name}, J Drar| landsof Abraham Roach oa the soath on | Mature and Toco on the Evatapon the Eowase VE}
cece: | abic, under the laws of the Atesteur | cee (Special vatiotie }, 2 Ferne, 2 Are | lands of Aloracder Willamsca the cass | Orop uche River and oo the West pon | an) Jattars to 00%
pUDLIO NOTICE bent sla tht wee [Aimee Sale. Sede | Oe are ac manaloaeeationgaite woes wed ve | Grogan aO le wie dog raced ay | A en 2g
‘of . 1 COD: f tle joa or late one Israet, 4 ropoucbe Pion
ia exercise of the Power of Ha HANFORD’S Kroundaien, Rolf caddies," ileeneed | ere to the lot cf 200 Osmphor pleate| Dated at Pore ol spate th’a ieidey of |Hiver aod ihe deeas Morte’ Raviee ROOMS 1488 Pig

rte f Statator

taloed 12 dated gle heed Apiit itp attendanta, &e., will be debaried frou | bout é feat bigh Ia _bemboo pote, which 1] April Ove Thousaod pine lrandeed and

istered ee N:, 102 ef 1010 and mede competing, offer foe $130.00, I msy mention that] eleven,
te ress Augasiin Migoel of the one part 2 Allentries must bo made and races | Camphor should be grown te:ween Rab- F. J. SCOTT & SON,

a BGeotrey of the other pard ran ia the ny! nane of tue competitor aud | ber ase Catch crop for, I believe, it le not Govt. Ancifonee &
there will be put up tor Baa by Pubic peste Teta outrcece ia The Coatetics | AeceeHl howe that ble produce ised ;

uotion by the undersigned ot theit MXTE R PG sa copjapetion with Kabber Jo the manu: W
Atcion att, No, 3, Carver of Sackville AN EXTEKNAL HRMFDY | jot theg).Ge Dlonoor bine’ right to} tuetare of Calluluit, Can t See ell ?

f eutry ¥
od Edward ‘Btreete, Port-of-8pala_on Mor DAN & BAe Resign a Foason oF to disquslify « oom . CARACCIOLO See We

—— '
together with the sppariecancee thereto —
belonging. :
N B---The above Mortgage is now verted a
Hayle, Metbaste trading under oie
woylus, ete! 8 trading ander at Tow
or GimolS, Dreslaa & Ce by deed tt OFFERS U
Tracafer of Mortgege, dated the Oth dey |. .

SRT canta aot | 4

., be t Jue; reerieg, ear at made ween A:

auctdey te i wae oar 1011 enween ‘We guarantee it to bea Perdue: ape eet eT twee ees Whea your eyrs foel paintal, hot, une Uprians Rivas 801 Medesto Rivas, of the 25 bsgy FLOUR, “ f

‘All thet plece of Iaods compristog one alter allele fails . that bis entry weamade ander false pre. comforisble acd grow weaty while | 00 pert and the sid James Augustus | os nail begs FLOUR,

lot sitaatest Tunapuoa Villege in the n tences, . INSURANCE resdiog, writing, aswing cr looktog st | Datla and Solomen Dreyfas of the ozher , ~* a ,
Ward of Tacarigas and abating oa the It. Removes Proud Pleah aa blerbess of the OCS Tull ave eee neat objects, lettore ron together whl'e Pat this Sth day of April $910, 20 begs FLOUR, * 0%
North wpon the lablia Roed oa the liwe It prevents Srangens, spevitied for the tarious eventm FIRE RISKS on al) kinds of Tso] —_teedlng ead become blarred, eee TOUIS JOHN & CO, i
wpon the Trivided Governseot Haliway ° 4. kyery competitor, provided be has ties ed b BHUR-ON . MU) bege do,
Lice on the East bpon the ey River and Tt Cisans Old Sores. entered for wore Ahan two events, will be parties acceptod by Acctloveers, | 4y hens do

‘ b st upoa Jaods of o! ticket it to free adi YY, 20
Capeiher with ‘tbe appareecsnces (bereto And Healt Them, |e ee ieGnapeio oes “| Thaorth Brilish & wercaatile —___.. aon ie
belonging. &. the day ofthe one tut

ty ie | (t henle atl fesh wounds and sores on the be allowed wn .
1 eee eer ie cectioy by | human ystamor Dome tie Avimal onal lt allwed ont rack axis} JNSURANCE CO LTD ame

6. The atart for each event will (ak: 8h ke for
Deed dated the 10 dey or SE te x0 GOures The piace punctually at the tlme stated fn the out ed 180 Eyes cxamined by me and Gtted with

TRINIDAD, {0 bags do.
MAY 19+, .

i —- i tccarately wade vever gr: a —— 200 SPLIT PEAS
HUBERT OSBORNE & Co, Ward Cases programe aad without reference to} « wo gra now prepared to accept |ter sve perfectly camiatsta You may PUBLIC NOTICED beceby given thas | 20 oe TL AVY OAR a
ee GUARANTEED TO GIVE SATISPAQ-] 7, A Lell will be rung three mfuutes | risks on' the Oil Fislds, ¢¢, on Der- Spot like to wear glasses, bat do you like B oterciee of the Puwer of Bale con- | 50 ,, CRUSHED OM

tained {0 a orrtala deed deted the 16: | 59 4, MOL«300
day of July 3900 (registered aa No. 2017 »» COTTON -
of 190) aod made between Andrew Tacl- » OILMEAL
Asus of the fint part, Mory Victoria! 75 tales HAY, =
im ony fNaih of the second, psrt ead Frances | 10 barre! salNont

TION OR COST YOU NOTHING, before each event when competitors wust [ricks, Motor, Eogine and Boiler] hestctes. #01 eyes an! wrink es bet’er?

SaLE FOR THURSDAY THE isTH SMITH BROS & OO, batting post vocal emeatt cater, | Joust Refioeries, Residential
Y OF MAY 1011, “ i
‘yr i * [there are giaht competitors at feast, the | Danke and their contents eta,

ind prize w lll be awarded unlena quarters end otber property, Oi}
UBLIONUTICH teberety given that | The Bouanes Drug Stores, Tarwtoap, | 9, The, i

When Weedeod. Teol-A-Sue of the third part, sod ine cere | 10 cases
. PRICE— 26 —~ by t 279, right ip making at any time any alters. — tala Memorsodum of Mortgage dated the
P ig exerci of the power of 22007 | Aagast Som ‘ tion la the programme,that may be found | CLAIMS PROMPTLY SETILED LEO, D, FITZWILLtAM, — | 41d 16 b dey of daly 1000 aad rade by
? . 4 On! mitiiia favour rapoee
Aloringe Ne, 1A dated the Mey | as auaniaite cial ecEalTenren nut | Se AemtalecTis Devevtment Lasse vispeapstoee, 7PM | TuiTalsae there wil be’ put op for wie
APiivour of pianuel Les-Ab-Yea there IN FORMA PAUPERIS, ber corresponding with bis qumber in the Port ohSpala, ty Pablio Auction by the audersizned at
Win be pat up for sale by tbe gndersigaed MARSIAL's OFFice, | Taming and such ticket must be worn the Teinided, Bxloning & Trading TRIRIDAD | thee Aneta Bart 0, 1% Bt Vincoot
hele Action Mart Nu. 2 Gechviile 3rd May, 191 y him on hia ches a the case of a: . . .
Shree ia the Town of Port-ofSpata, 09 | fo the Suprewe Court of Trinidad and . eon ae nilieh are te ty dee * In the Sapreme Court of Trinklad ard | Tucsday the Sch day of Atey }912, between

Thureley the 18th dey of May J¢11,

a Tobeg~ the boure of one and two pm.
‘obego, Cargo
between 'ths boure of cue acd two Pot. | Sctomery Jatlediction, Portol-Bpais, | A¢,1h9 time Athors fe Boys Racea must, at Qyecie (Gold oF Bllver) sed. Bc Xam. teal" lard aliate ta the’ Ward of

° Be Competitors pecie (Gold or Bil ad Reglatered etwren
All aad singntat tb t certain ices 3 No. sta/10. Ia the Matter of the, itn of eatry, setae, fhele ane ears 5 ‘ Post, Uy . Rosenéa Proddy— Pistols Pinsee Caron ie the Wabedat Teta iH
pascet of ta . la Louisa Charles a the d Tit roca ar The first thereul comprbieg 15 acter
sooiog tener be the same @ little are verses programune of the dey. a bith red THE OCEAN The Admlolstrator Grneral=Defendent } 19 perches known as Providence acd abut

dalloertet and with the | Cietert! Parkinson and Florence Pare | 12, No oumpetitor eball Le allowed tol MARWE’ INSURANCE CO, 0
anda theeet tobe Kloson (bls wile.) ale win frou chouklere te thee At oF LoMmDpon u PUBLg NOTICE len ene eeed at
Glagrem atiache — 00,00 edd . .

Crown cons scouted fo rauoe avi N OTICE le hereby. ive ‘ tbat {hore will inst icany oenapetitor whe ia tot "decently ResKRVE tae one oa Eanes bevel ft shetnd, wit eg sees are ct leas duilseated wk witb the ee

. ves u 2
Pry teat ed oath orth vy Faction Mart No 34, Bt, Vincent Firest, strtred, (pent —THE TRINIDAD SHIP | ly day of wey re Chena eee eauy | tala end loundarics thereof ahewa is tbe

. 1% A eotion arising and wet pro tay hy ‘
lands yetiduacd fue by treo HE. | Fortof- Sula, on Batarday, the 20h dey | yided for in these Mules will be dealt wiih | PIN MRARINA Coen ve dha o aden et ineguatet Unease the Beal Proven oy agi

tb, Eeat and Weet May, 1911, at 12 o'clock Boon, ———— . ",
sie? Boner datereceted by Vaul Mabe ight Utle and tatesest of the De: fad we of the Internatloual om way ioau. THURSDAY THE thw Teeuds onsions tte Adicio Ue Sundos onto Neh tet ae ot Helen
4 woo'en tenement _— AL. . .
aN ¢ Morigaga seculity fe [ ith getveulio! tron standiag on facdeot | Ad AU Entuige will be nevtved wp te | DAY OF MAY, 101). Tee Wed Seats of Pretiare, of the said | Metouy leubis uf Mitchell Alexander, and | (OR
Len'by Metworan- | Seauieaus and kaown at Not; Hose Hit nasi aug Weclvenbay Sint Say et (he — tees tf ke Deve wed in Woleiw Fos | lands of Natividad Coralailo oa the South
dow of Tisusler Ne, 43 dated 27th Jace] Levied wpon in the abore matter, Warden sUaice, ee iia ULL'O NOTICE te beveby given tust 8 Ht Activa bee Lees f Ly Crown laud on the E ot by a Ilonl co-

‘ogoa the Norh, South, Bast acd Weat
apoa lends niwor lately of the Crown,
The Becond theeof ermprising 15 vores


FO i ;

: ah d we fur uial ou Moudsy tbe ud { served thirty Hobe wide, aod om the West
2910, CLENENT, FRS. LIQOUKE, evretar + in exerciva uf the Bower cf Bale ewe) oo hy, 19h if abt, 0 War
* Y_ QVCO | ferred by the coy Ordinesoa No, ‘ by lauds of Mitchell Alexasder, Heleu *
Devel bla Oem dey of Apal 1941, Depaty Marsba’, ferred by the Un neyencioy Orilosson No. | Dated tile 208 dey at May, 1, Seung aud Macte Jor, Unariee cod The ape
Auctioneers cto



‘ . h Wand ty a cortala Moworendsm of Mort. AS BUKDE, Third th erof comprising 10 ecres be the SrarwooD
No, Y7 deud ibel2b deyof Je'y| ———____Paal Vida do'le't vr. faame more of less entered in the seid
lian High So 00 THE hom ‘abelto Oliver Vieverk Pik ~ | Reger Book ot Voleme LXLY, folle 207 TOBAGO.


. ST. JOHNS WA want % 1] be patep fer Bale by] TRIAIDAD, ad toncde} the North by lands of
Mansi Orne, —_~— a. 6, PEMBOKE BTEEET. Tebile Aaorn Gert unde-elened at th ta the Baprene 0 tof Titoidad_ ad Jae iivebel on jhe Bib by own tend Area
= * -- 2 rH ‘ort: ‘e yo on

ere a consyin | ISS DAO. PIERRE, lug ry en Bai i | ava Seedy aa aM PRI Sisacaed as Peg aa pune
? 1a the Cury, 7 cn ihe hours of ove a ween eer e 6 a
Semmary Justedle fon, Por of Spats, | Graduate of, fae Royal Academy °F | comenaded by Cierny mes, ato haw trope Carit--Plejoeur * NB. —Tletwe pieces of land pecondl) cultivation iat a
No, 11536! 7g matter of , yee Mercbaate and sachets, rar ta Alt thas sicoe cf tend oltuate tn the ‘tbe Ad and thrdly above desarlted are now orm: | 9,509 trees, 1 to 3 yen

Joshua Thomes Pitteus Certificated —Medallist, Leen erowted with eo mach succtes | Ward of Trevis Talend of Tele’ tolaistrate: -Greeral— Difendant, | piled im ibe Cartihoate of Tie entered cart ¢

shat moos of oar boys have cause to take} asd coe pis're seven setee sod three — at Volume CCXL, fa bu 19. over three J

vate tuition, ‘Tbe sadjens taught aad | roods te the er mé more OF Wen seb out and PUGLIO NOTICE te derety stven char] Dated shia Peeltie diy ot April 1911, a tasked
Bike ased are ibe same anat College. feserived Ia & Cartibcote cf Title to Hakel| + am Action hus been coy cat
Tcrms berics 3508 My. reateered fa Volume CLXXXY at foto} Gerib ofthe Ward of Ch

veraue 1 ECEIVES Students for instruction ic
Lowanse) Thames Pollard and Philipps tbe following suljects =


—— , “ for Prospestas at the Creole F p71, teisg por be jaed dereried tn] IWsad of Trinidal thet , | boards

OTIOE is borsby, Biren that shore wilt Ana Marvanony. Apply at once Pharmacy, ols else po Great werinened le Volers pawed ie the lave wat ¥ Cart, Auctioneers timber trees of

Le et aor le ee eee Bucet, |YOICE PROVUCTION, SIGHT. SING.) Apill 30-20, XVILL folio 4:7 and la the Certificate of | 9 Bday of Jane !08, tf Doo Angelior, Balete

Anton ere ee eedey vieeee avy INd AND PUSICAL DICTATION. rns | Tile te, stared ia Volume XXXVI, fo'la Boe died os he : St ld, setentire, =

oy & ou opthe No

At 1d o'clock BO Re cts ELOCUTION, fiber tertl wal the ald lard. now (rape | ttor Genaral ch LAING'S = | title under P.O.

f Bad CTIUN, DEPORTMENT aud GESTURE, BUTTER. fered te Catcore o@ tba Bewb by tho] of the mH Naot Wid 3 date, Estimated
IZORV OF MUSIC and HARMONY. . EST DANISH, | Atones River by terd of Heny snd by Aenwe Form of Lew aod thet ite wid| FOS Proser] tions Offers wih be We
"ey ‘Next Term It May, | PLOMS FIN PCrowp Land oajbe E gu Orowa Land | 3 joa bis bres sot diwalle tis! og p . loned. -

re “hs #ice ac, frecnewes pio items Bs tog pm, guy, Three Cows Brand, afoo ne wR es oe Date a Bed dog cy pas Hatt. “ Sonn DEN
fried "08 atae store meiten 17 hag Moa cane can Le Reduced to @2Ge 8 Thi] daiedues " pore a 10 thie dad dey ot May. att ENGLISH PHARMAOY u 7
= «, GLE it pada (ee Puria vonng Te tbe oouaiy, Laing Exuuisa Tuaxaagy, Gast, Avctionters, Uatarit'c Be tester, Frodozick Street, 4, Br, Vissest Siok Fs

port of pale .