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The Bonanza Tailoring Dept’
Flannel Suitings.
Fancy Vests
II •
I M »
Smith Bros. & Co.
«a1;/ Kill falsM ¡ti Mflatle.

lite roitflor-spAiy gazette Tuesday may a ion

THi STORKS. - STEPHENS T,T'lvrTrrTn~n - THE storks.
ies’ Tan Derby,
Ladies Black Buckle Shoes,
Gents Tan Vici Kid Bluchor,
Gents * Split * Sals,
Dints Hack Satin Calf Balmoral*.
Gents Tan Willow Oxfords,
Itephens Limited, The Best Place to Buy Everything’.
'ÃœBDA.Y, G'i'H MAY,
IjjMi *iu tot.tio ram ant 10
GW YORK. Direct.
chool Books
& co.
64a, KaftlNE SQDARB.
FOR S-A.X,®-
“ “ - fg]
¡¡J* r»t er-tw

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ry oh


he Bonanza Tail



oring Dept’ mt.

Over Coats| Flannel Suitings.

lies Over Coats


- Navy, Brown Elato, Grecn Fawn, Melton, at
hy Many, 10, $275, $3.004-011 slzos, om B

Kies’ Light Alpaca Overcoats

- ‘

+ Oba
he, Twelve Bosutiful’Shades—at %3 50, $360, $4.00, 4
Be $4.80, 25.00 and $600 each, wt
og’ and Children’s Waterproof Coats, F an cy Vests
F adies’ at 84,00, @500, #550, $400, ~aND-

BChildrcn’s Gizos—27ins, to 33 ing, long at £360 & 8300,

Fi Black, fan & White, Plain & Lace. |-

jargarine, Margarine.





Lancashire Insurance Uo

Funds Exceed ... £12,000,000

NSURANOES effected t
L toss or damage by Pare


First Mortgage

(without any special conditions)




21 different Styles in Men’s ** MAGNOLIA” Boots,
Just opened~-Whole and Half Sizes.



-Remewbering that wo ezpend at le

Rest-Rooms should be

our lives in bed it is surely reasonabl


Bonanza Furniture

third of
that our

Noa t—-Mens Black Glace Derby Boote—Pstent Tips on S425 SANITARY AND COMFORTABLE
No, 2—Meus Black all Vict Lace Dsot— Leather Lined ow 425 wv e
Nor JIMen ee vied Whole trent Ehstie Bost eS" 385

o _ 0 c O16. 1) aes ee js > +
No S=Mess Black Viel Kid Shoe Cot Derby Bootes, = Ss 483 Tkeso aro Just two of tho many points to which
No- G-=Mens Tan Vici Kid Shoe Cat Derby Barts nue 4.25 8. B, & Co, attend properly,
No. ATH eae Peleee Chttebte Get Deroy Baste Vie Tepe "433 BONANZA BEDROO SUIT

Noo 8=Meps Velour Cal o@ Cat Der’ ici Tope .. 425
No 0= Mena Tan Willow Calf Shoe Uut Derby Roota vee 450 E
No 19—Mecs Black Viel Derby Boots. OSOEZE Boles 1. 43s M ITES
Not 1l=Mens Black Vici Tace Boote, O50 EZ EK voles vs 485 . tie . eo.
Ne } 2~Mons Tas Viel Kid Derby Boot. go BQ ELE Soles 425 Aro jut tho datnticst creations you can imagine and

No" 13—=MMe a Vici Lace Boo . oles oe
i et ene Tee ; i Kier “ise . Z. a 42 aro all cons ructed on HNGIENTO PRINCIPLES.

ens Tao Greig Tr OF Lita?’ ear ne 425 « ve
Re! 1¢—Meue Tas Grain iaeeh High tee Pikaters Ts ~ 680] BEFORE YOU DECIDE ON WHAT FURNITURE YOU WILL
. AC! CI Le! + Zoe, .!
Ne’ 18-Meva Ten Vici Kid Derb Bhrer, © SO EE Bolee t 435 HAVE, COME TO 8. B. & CO. FOR SUGGESTIONS.

No. 19+ Mers Teo Viel Kid Derby Shoes, De Buoyoa

Cushion Boles ase one ane os we 450
No. 20—-Meos Black Vici Derby Shoes, Dr. Bunyon Cushion Scles 4 80

No. 31 -Meos Tan Willow Call Derby Lace Shoes... ve 400 Bedvont shall be
Special attention paid i Country and Intercolonial



Smith Bros. & Co.


armament and Engjand’s responal
Uaihit remained unaltered. Other
siunlar- meetings were held siinulta-
neously andthe resolutions adopted
have been sent to the United States
through the [Linbassy. There fe an
almost unbroken chérus of approval
wn both sides of the ocean. “The
Morning Post ‘ however cenlea that
the neeting represents the uation and
sayathat this headlong approval
makes England the laug'! Hing atoack
of the Continent. Mr, Marold Spender
aavert Inthe “ Morning Leader " that

Price ? Of course that depends
ments, but you Will be surprised to


nothing has transpl

officials fs inexplicable,
dividend of Is, A pa ahi
since 190) wasdecla

(To the Editor of the Lort-of-Spain

Si, It fs said, and Daim afiald with
some degree of truth, that the good
folks of ‘this lovely and Interesting Ie
land da not reckon things educational
with sufficient Interest. ° The Mighty
Sartor” has hie deeds wilt In songat
* Marvellous Mikey” haa shared no
leas a fate, e Champin Cricketer

year is dua in May,


culated on the Stack Exchange,
ho oficial cunfirumtion ts obtainable.
In fact, inquiries at the cont
offices only elicitthe stateme

Really Well Furnlshed and Comfortable,

ou require
find what a

lot S. B, & Uo. ca provide for littl monoy.


to warrant

such sino which to the company's

A half-year’
are=the first

red in Novenber
last, and the flnaldeclaration for the


Mr. H.

Buildings and contents of Wares IN SUMS OF Mie traty 5 aml Lord Lorebusns [ Constantine “the her of « hundred (From a Correspondent)
‘ He eee eee and ert oo QOD UPWARDS. eee nnn ea ctattine RIS [SE resoltiog” ha wiht, bas teen HOLASTIC.
* an iva lia: ‘ American ftievdsblp comin » pre | gy, > 2B SCHOLASTIC,
vl sh Mad M I r 0 ‘moderate prices te Drationsat | § , ‘| dictedsimtlar goad nowe regarding | et'we Coe ee Prnhee rvtats | ‘The three schools iu the district ree
® * Germany toon. , dad latend todo for Mr, Hahn {inn opened on Monday last 2ith ultimo
a Apply to NEW BRITISH GATTLESIIP | {he educational hero’ of our inland? [alter the Easter vacation,
rt LAUNCHED. Ife who for the ‘fest time In the bls. [Thesiger replacing Mr.

ten’ R .
xcellent substitute forgcooking Butter without PROMPT AND EUITABI E SETTLE
4o--pay the excessive prico which Butter - ’

Cotton Seed



finda Shpplng& Trdg Compan, Li

BR, Carrylog Through Freight for Tobego and Ciudad Boilvar,



The race for the



2 28 cP we,

% OF NAVARRE* Mey been the World's
- AS we vee] ”
feed from TRINIDAD to DEMERARA each trip, returning to New
via Trinidad and’Grevada.
Broadway, Now York and Pord of Bpeiw, Trinlded, B.W.T,





'Phore 184,

Tove fie, eee ee Oppolte | oer ENGLIBH PHARMACY | Queen wirpet. April 3th.—le.


Richardson & Selway



1 presents.


lita ofan Imperial










wiers and every
among foanciers,


and Bir, Jun

New Zeala:
ot OT wie except


hew ere to

fur aU

London, Like N

fua compact fur

foureald it bad ne

Stehpans Ltd,

P Bpalo, would be
Sxperienced Teacher o
ects. State terma, for one pupil, five
ours daily.—A pril 25th—-3w.

“WI & Panama Teleqraph Compansg | ©
neas Stakes, at Newmarket, was won,

Mr, J. A. de Hothschild's Atmah,
Joel's (Radiancy znd,

hawplone bul rack+
ete sloce 100% The 2nd half will be
on the 13th i
t . Gardin haw
uM. for Cheltenham tice Mr,

unseat a

daughter of the Russian
in london, has married the Hon, Jay

Anju as tevelvel a non
partisan delegation to ur;

mperlal Conference,
Guildball jncluded Anglicans, Jews
and Catholics, the foremost rpresent-
atlvespf every party. 3) Mayors fn

the Archbishop
be "RV estanineter tb

earnestness, the common sentinsent
that it was a ste
makiog war luponible a

recefved an ovatloo~ a tare eayet mee
yY .ol

which wee veliherdletatlun tan o eet
for soy utber nation,

Goyergment school.
come the
trict and

successful catve:

y The Princess Ro,al christened her
nanmennke, the pew armotred crulser
which hus been successfally launched
from Vickers Sous and Maxfnuw Yard

tory of the Education of this Colony
has topped the fist of the Senior Cam-
bridge Exam, ainong so many other
competitors tn the vast British Em.

to his colleagues or — adjourn
opposition conceding Interln supply;
but the opposition to, reclprucit

would not case, Sir Wiitsld replies
tat his first duly was to Cauada f his
support of reciprocity was as uncom
prombing as) Mr. Borden's opposl tion,
and he wae puepared net ta attend

fallen fo better hands ta xend round
{he “ Fiery Cross,” Dut as Lremem-
ater things have been left to
hombler tertale to suggest, L take
conrage to suggest that a sulecriptiou
list be opened with a view to do hon-
our ta Mr. Hahn's success, It would
bea unique occasion here the acca-

veyed to the cemete:

pd to hear from
the family allotmen

Elementary asb-

Popwell, alon

her losaand to

fandon, May let, ‘anada would not be represented, and lw Hlemy Streets

one so unique ina {teelf:

Batley at the

We bey to wel-
pung genileman to the dis
o wish him a pleasant and


Of LDosaea tu °
: alse 4daents . T HE STORES, at Barrow In Furness, pied Lay bow must we honoursuch DEATIL or A GENARTAN:
© . . . CANADA EXCITED OVER IECI- | # young ian P| Were he anativeof ) 9, Tite pesnd away on Friday: Api
TY WATE. c oe or of same otber less iy

WOLESOME & NUTRITIOUS. | SMITH BROSAND co | Feegat, Commercial andy” wrociny Tash | in xmas asl th [fey duit ce ere
; fae Insurance Agents, Me. Borden the Conervative’ Lead. | Caribbean cornet the happy news ate. “3 ro uetal Wook lace ‘the

4 . The Honmuamn, . : , inthe H of Commons, aaid | COUCRAT Gn veep patriotic 2 wee Wr?
Zo be had RETAIL from the Leading Grecers{and Porvot-ipela Educational. [fi Wiis tatdere attentance at | Wud have already floated Re alr lke | eng raed ctleusated, tne Tene
. WHOLESALE f ad — Jaen the fiaperfal Conference was necew [Pian of hin in al the corbers of the Father Dulmaton IP, ofclatiig. At

rom et W the.

” OST OFFICE Boz No. 70, Port-of. ‘ saryand he might trust tweiprocity Pyveat Indies Would “the task had | the endof Mass the Libera was chants
the edafter which the remains wers cons

aud interred in

The u

has left three sona In the persons of
Meesra Leonanl, Atthur, and Gustave
with many grand.
ebikiren and other relatives to nioarn
whou we

beg to offer

Conferences | ae een Tead viow of publi recuguition of a Trinidad | our sincere eundolenee,
E tonal agenda regarding which | Scholar Jas. Davw Reis We cannot allow the

eto pase by:

our congratulations

rho d Gul. Pasked whether reciprocity was more withunt vfferin:
One Thonn de fmportant, Sie Wiitid did not to our energetic Ward Officer, Mr Hi.
answer. Ball Grey has been sum- UL. Fadelle, on the success which he


moned from Winnipeg ahd there ts

innch excjtenient regantlig the eub-

juysterioug aerugram which pase bef congratulations on his

len for Tperialian, tween the we * Verdi” in Barbados

The" Observer a prenaiys shnilay gra the os. Vasal" on her way to
" , .

beech sa snane trulincreet finn anyt Wethink itsonly fair to the old

. established amd reputable Firma of
thing Sir, Roosevelt on the Kalser ever | Sree tanec hell & Cav of arbacko ba

The “Morning Povt" regards Mr. blale that from the telegram received

> ‘i fron them we feel quite sure that
roe repreweujallve of American they hadtno Knowledge whalever of the

The Aimrican newspapers yldicule | dewpatch of the tuystesious uieasage,

reciprocity, substituting continental- Wie

nu flattery
nts Aletrict ts proud of
Leen elected

ed from the Cit
Woedneula ternoon

Hecheadonff, left on Saturday on hi


duger {






~—— per galhny
the crea- Tothe Editor ofthe Port-of-Spain Cotton, Middling Upland
+ $ Liverpool
a. tremsottal tothe Gazelle. Exchanxe, ee York

Dear Ble, Aa] do tiutdeslre to be ask-

London, 0
RENEWED, ed any further question onthe subject we OR layed wlcht

rE ne PS aE SE See NSA

hygiene, When it ie related the
vantages under which Mr. Fadelle
having to leave here for the

nialued un] his estate, Beaumont, aud
Le retura journey,

Exchange, New York 2

achleved at the recent examination in


the name
tu hand to een

hink that 3fr.

sucocem and it

D Yous a nock { eo _—
New York} Tarnipap | TuNipAD | New Major Eustace Loder’a Kuoc! ne i sie eyce will aurive on) To the Editor of the Port-of Spain wily
‘ fRENC ENNIS CHAMPION, ol nentay. lasctte, jabou

Da’ os «[/ Meh, @ | Meb, 12 | Mech, 26 Al Quality elie a east ikins COMMENTS: Hin, We uotice in your bud of | city every Friday tonttem] the Satur:
OF, GRANADA” ” Apr 4 . Lowe, the Ooveral et Tennis) The Londou “Morntag Poet” crith Sunday the anh Aprif a paragiaph Play lectures while durin

AS aes ” » 26 » Si Chanuplon. In the final round straight | ¢fzen President Taft's speech as imo. | wider the above heading, In the closing [ thie having the census

OF NAVARKE” ..[ Apr. ° le b sets Were played, Williains, of Har [ tived ‘ a dene to create JU-wht [nes of wbich you appear to cast some [ alwut conpling with that of his oficial
ADA* “ we " Mey 2 For Sale Yy tow, a professional, has defeated Jam- | against the Biitteh policy of Imperial | doubt upon the bunathles of Messrs] dutles, we venulure to ¢
im oF GRANADA* 21 » Wy set jin four straight sel. They have | preference whichis autagonical by | Iansebell & Co. futhe matter of the [ Fadelle desorves a double share of

nm we ssy that the

“Mr. Willlara Gurlon-Gonlon motor
yY reablog here on

last. Sle re

: 2 ne rs | ner White Itidley, brother of Vincount | Mr, Prince's speoth, and they nu doubt are quileas wuch ta PRICES CURRENT.
= 1 7 : Tuttiey There were tae cereinonies— { : the dark as ournelies as to who could —
j ENTISTRY. THE SURE COUGH CURB Advice To Travel | PTS, one with Greek rites at {he Hinbe sey . Henathiamupatan, Tate have perpetrated wuchs @ malicious Phere me for May lat.
MEIKLE id D D D § 1a, per bottle, — Weeluntnster, Mr. Asquith, Mes Male {The JUILH, * Oruba” arrived bere ab Htequesting you tu give publicity lo fp Weot tadles per barre) . $L0)
; ameMey Vila AVE your bagzeze marked, It felne * bers of the Diplo } basin. tualay frou tho Wot Iudies, these Hnes, Meal, Kilndried per harrel 32
Wloward University, U.S.A.) Laing’s White Pine il avolls lots, trouble, eae fete taaly tended atl the King “ vary, dear Bins 1 dew Reswous Pork mr qvotation
eat your home, ‘ours u ‘i : 3 a
WRC Dermtia, Cough Syrup. | RiguePaintar, corner Frederick and tod Que Oe ofl ra and tl —_—_— eee Bibtex ck Co, | Heavy Mew Vor ber bet. Wi 1}

Muacorasia mW test lum 24
Molusece wats

No quotation,
vw. 6310

wa SHE

~~ my “unthinking” trieadls | wish ta] Londoa sight . 486)
mctiiog at, the | Ataeteration quation tas een | slatsinat Tam mud the Bartan'acho | raed ame Ns York fifo au
. a , .
April 2th with ryard eg ihe ‘nest lerander Faustino dluthison at the Deinerara Cryelata
fimit having Lapaed Ja, the case of elf | Last meeting of the Molded Buildlug rest k », LY tole
relate rubles, every Colonial High | who were granted peruislous to carry | 20d Loan Ameen T. Farvax ing terms le
many Colvolal Pre [im prvspecting aperations 8, Ned Ku it-uf-Hpatn, ° erewt. ,
winews interest | The lheance of the 1.0, Ouflelds Lid. miu » Portus petty suger. German Hert mug 103
Bankerv and Hall: | has been renewed, dt having watlotied AO «cere etre 5 Lobe Der wt, .. .
Miciela Mr, Ampulth, dtr, Hale | the Government that the conditions ST MONA AND A Cae Ce felaiy +
he ut Canter under which the Tiulaslon was grant, THE WE PANAM nel for ocdera
Card is 8 ta) were yg COR) with.
ne chlet plabe In the tase a Mr, Hrnest, Farourn, TELEGRAPH C8, coe a termnier 9
a yen ven speclal consideration, ~
poke ennong others | eines belugestented by tnres |, MYWTEKIOUE sisi 1x ouatin | Demorarn Rit per gall 7. Ito 21)
wanath and] months imaking f, practically nine} % The Dally Mall "of the 2h Nom. per owt SS.
months allogether he hae been omt- | March ssyst During the past fews T Cou fun Fine ben ‘
towards | clally notified that hie permission will | Weeks there tas been a remarks Lreryool
opentag a | not fe reuew tiseln the ire ofths Onlluary perk, Now, ... 44
wold, Mr, Asquith | With reference to (he pestulsston | sharetef the West India aud Panawa [Dank of England rates of
held by Mr. J. Word Da sles to prom [Telegraph | Ouiopany, | The | shares Ulwounts ow os A vee cont,
erin the thetween the Piaperoon aid thy | witch are nowuin x £10 | Cully, pala | ee ce tent Heules Thee® oer
. r, Halfour he dle Mioruea, the Government are comiler- | were quoted at the eciuulng of thal] 4 per cong Hentes os as
(hat an alilaace was fnuulved | log what should be done. and this is] your at ik They nine ug ou March truleuns Opt lous wm barte £3
atlitration and | ale the case with regan! tothe Ieeere | 8 abd o16, aud sry now quoted at & eee Uiltelda â„¢ Vdto gt
bebl by Cannon and Selgert (Cink [after bejug up lo S316 fu the suean: Totnelds i = IT dee ay
Mr. Date T dad) to pouspert tu thw sivinity of due te eye | Eure of wi mraverl Geooral Metrvlsuwin fa US tn 190
beatlng upon dje Aruse Hiver, Nut Weet divisiet, divhyuds lu Lhe futury acy belog clas Umepo wee AY UO LYS

They will help you to plan tt out so that your


tity Wharton striking bin ae be or Hilt fa ibeeswewlll salen ver bp abs Worl of Couves, the eald (Mae, ® certain Memoranda PHON,
kt, Ae to hi ving sent the note Fost, b ed sppty. thelawlal Widew acd Ha'ics * dated the Vth day o! jetrar,
te dus y his bavi tthe nule Bpecle (Gold tt and Kagltered pede) come io heloct 8 geree belag Morte ge MO opel Healstrar,
calllag complainant to the ‘ Standan THE y gad notica je a’eo given that If no | derecsed, »D. 1008, ery
there wae no proof of thate Ie OCEAN caveet bs lodged belo tbe expiration of | _Aod Notice je aleg glen that If po ated tl te Teh yg! tet 1911,
thought bites ate buiee| CARINE IKSURANGE £3 Goya trom the dete of Ue fob'ication | Caveat is} ducd before the ezpirstion vf Sa) LovéLAC, | LAING’
Nent In the heady dU. Vria-,| O, LTD) fr int Noties tne Coors witl proceed tq | tweoty eisbtfoomtbe date of the pub | —— —_—_Depaty beglateor,
sald? tyhhte cttent. ested oF LOMDon fors to ibe oad Lue otla Vo'casg | Hoation of thle Naioe the Wonrt will pew MO
. ee carne Win HerMtngeetaeMee) CAPITAL on me ow Alon OO] 16 oF te tplag reouved tolaesd | Cond¥e bese Lanire of Adaiattraion | | NEY ' For Presoriptlens.
of come! toe tee eae Orr ecplt, oyty. ‘
ra eu wh mullty ataea tt . 3 inlemTH THINIDAD BIT pe Dialed tafe sey au duu. y Dated! ai fey “4 fogpery an. A wo eey et oa daschtts* “oe
q e ° 1 ‘ . eT A SON, .
eg ed he oi it Dela Ag ERODING Op LED Kt, Wegltae, MN egan ce, | EN doricke Sece

' i Naan ae ree ee ness
vs un sure rps) 28 Boat Of Tada ta) FPS! og nid sel SR cor thu FLUE PAngrngy oe vay or Admnisbrator-iguaral’S SG
» Biackteo , . ia? o N “ef, — . I “
(Newt. Traioiig” ——jatarsnigtteth raat [MO aes ewer [pyswoxongeeimtydge we! Sales, GEG: Ft
Datorcewrat-La( Sealey charget | A Maa be ropewe Witttens Beott~Platattt Bi Nieto Kon Eoceter of Jobe Jouee | tsloed fo Soertain deel of mortage dated -TRINIDALL |
Ciprian Crumpton: wi aranken, and NOTICE TO ARTIQANS AND (Magoovatan Defendant, ' Kuso, —Delendants as No, 404 for ihe our 1019 and | ae Tee Adniiaierracor-General’s O dlerace

. -- ie icra that ta | between Loots Ark’ b0. an
N fonetderation of the enertmend off URLIU NOTIOE ts hereby glren thet PUBLIC NOTICE we werrh Eitonoar oe | Augustiog Arkless ( inte decesnedpaf the | — Pla atatuntet the Fetste of

Ordinances No, 6~1011 baving rea by aa order ol His’ Henoar, Mr. Jue. | Jostice Swan mace la this action aod becering | other part acd alro coatalned ip a certala | (gyi tBotb, latect the Ward of Tuco
red it jocambent on all Artisace at} log Swan made bersis on the qa dey of | date the e7it day of March tote there will be | Vem rrendam of Mortgage dad ths 24th | “ta the Js'sod of Trickiad — Deceared

Worship that he was, and he was con
» Yeted and flacd Llor seven days ini-

ed not polly the evidence matiofied His


> present unrecisternd In the preseribed | March 2911, there efi] be pat x th up for sale tefore the doors of the Cou: J 1910 masde by fhe sakl *
Pierte an Geore Punto Onattet mettre Cay eke ees, Boot aad Shoe f tbs Grit Howe Foret Seay Fear ease a Sapna ewer, ‘be thless to favour of thesal Angee Auction Sale for Thareday, ite {teh day
by Constable Gittens of gambilog in | web @ ath dey of Mey 3921, | hours of one and twa p.01. of May, ¢ ween the hours o!
a publio place at St. James. Ene Cooy ere: Forties Beles Ocean briween tht bours of 1 acd @ tn the atter- PAu aed sgeiat tbe certain parcel of land ‘ WILICNOTIOE ts hereb

tion mart No & Corce:
aud Sh Vincent Rirecte Portnt. PU!

+ x , " vtuate fa the garish of ven that
Anta Were ent te pen tor never Pasona Molders, Machinists, Plambers,/ All thet payee! oe lot of lecd attuate ta | St Davie ia thet a Toba compan , thace will be png ap for se i Pablio
days each. eee tnte ntette Baddlers, Smiths, | the Werd of Couveia the sald ‘Island of | $24 acres sed huowa at tod nueibers 94 and es [ Aralaca Tharedey the 4b day of Miy | Agciion at the Office of the nedersigned,
‘Xnatit—-Constable Prescott charg- prrights, Bilrersmiths, Tallora. Tin- | Trinided. comprising one and ove half lote | aed abutllog on the North party upec tte 1011 betwrea ibe boars of Lend 2 f.t0- Lort-of-Spvie, on Thursday, the 11th da
eddames take Th axaaniting Thoms emtthe, Trroers, Uptoleterera, Wateb-| and bounded en the North by lards of | 2% 804 partiy upon Culloden Exate oo the All and Singulsr thee fsa: certeia of Mey, (011, between the hours of f aa
Siam sake m ! anna " e} mite makers aod Wheelwrights who valee their | Ramossr on tbe Synth b. Courch feude | Sovth partly upon Adveotere Estate and partly | nieces ar parcels of lard aliaste fo ths] Oia the alsecuom,
Fa nee TANE pleated sullty | positions ip thelr respective trades to com-fon the East by Iands of Ragoovanan, | © Fravklin’ Estate on the East upoa Les Vard of Macs voille ta the an'd Island the |” Ari ih ¢ parcel of lot of land oomprine
"A DAtNYoL Kime cht: Dower sun ply Wath tbe jprovlelones of the Urilosnes Piamissoon sud olpers and on the Weat Suvfel to t jocutnent dott Ye vou of tLe suid firat thereok oon ee 18 aren ent abate lag Tee acres be ths seme more or lees
. 7 ‘ e Soctbern on the Nor pon lands 4
Hamel aacthat, THerctant pleaded | &tiew to arting auch teptatration, af 8 over otherwisa the asme ony be toried | CraretLmopiias Davi for the um oldest 211TH cs be Crown ta the Boat, by Grown tirenteregisteretie Vetus Rey, 7 sight
galley aint the evidence showed thats meeting held on the Ist Febraary. 1921, ] bowoded known designated or decribed | tha K Anse Kino Mary Avo ven Beajaaia | road'on the Rust by 110 %q naw or dave'y in follo 13, al ute Jo the Ward of Toco, ta .PUblicstion of se is 7
lece of Marshalls lp was completely aathorired the waiver of exemination | togetter with the Spportenances thereio | Secocd, Mortimus Julien, ‘Thorns Guy, | Ihe oncupation of one Mie, Beizia ond 08 | png tniaod of Tilnidad, wad tounded’on lo teres
bitten off by Turney’ daring, a fighe | tel 3L20) isherte pers sn favour rd befooging. tein de Thomas A toipbas Jose wag EAdy Jrarpb, | the West on atoeds Bow of ately io the | the North by lands of bose: Chartes, oa | 6 the bid Vole Oy
2 > al mon ileus, occups'ioa * 4 accord , ah.
Defendant waa vent to pileon for | daring the slx tonthe ending Sis ms oye Ae Wood, Arcee Pee James Thomas, foba | eesnd tbereot enmprisiug 10 ecres and | ‘2° Bene end Weal by rowa fond, and Dated {its tou ;

Jal b Cc
Unree weeks, 1911, after which registration will Baker, Alexwoder Bicklord, Joseph Daptiaw doe, Peaco aad by
” . . fi the Norh and Wess apoa
mma Rinail wore naunonet hy Con, | fesoy eee Pooiea examiontions of the} Stee | epi Masta For na ote Leta leads nam oc teizat, the Crown oa the | #EUSCQ, Feblees i gy
. tion —_—_———_.___.
stable Tait for fighting at St. Vincent | Each applicant will be required to salle fend su! Jret nlad ta whatever might tile South upon s road end Op ihe Bust epon (834) W, I. J, KERN AHAN, T,
pitect Ii wae provest that carl de | fy the Boardgeitber ia wrltog, orally, or | TRINIDAD, or (ntereet Joseph Al'en may heve os furcha- | Lande now, of Ise y, Gt Ihe Owl prise Adminttrator-Generst, Smith Re

fendant Lit the other's finger Small set to aoy of the said Arnos Vale Estate,
etarted the fight and appeared to have venncs Woowleins ee elatpacuicner nets Io the Supreai# Court of Trolded and | “pated taeyed dav ut Anti tot "| Seg 10 acres and abnttiog on the North

been the aggreenmol right through, ‘ obago. u, LOVELACR, upon lands pow or lately of Georges Fran: TRINIDAD, :
Partis merely repelling her repeated at nod weight tain are boon acteatie nat. xeon ats lictloo, Port-of-Spata, * “Deputy Registrar, [elsoathe Soath by lead now erlutely of " 1a the Matter of

lacks. They were both convicted, Small | towing hie ealting for a lengtbeved . Between Alexsoder Keld and ra the West upon rn4 4 tminietrator-General'e Ordianace
Marie Panlino Owen, Philomen Ahong, 3

OFT ae

who had a preyiona conviction being Artisaos are urged to register Pertod, TRINIDAD, larda now or lately ofthe asld Charlotte

- 902, as Ex R

rent up for seven days and Parris } selves, and should a once apply to the} Gercia Deplaive, Bethel In the Supreme Court ¢f Trolasd and | Reid the foarth thereof coraprlsto 16 fa tbe Matter of the Bibate of s 7
in veo that nece Sie iter se Froretary eee beard rie oduatria acd Modes be DiplaisePisin me Sommary Jariadionie-Port-of-B pala, srailte Qetileent oa abetting ‘oa ihe Simon Balrd, late et the Ward ot oy 2) Casen Gaetler'gd)

a. 6 - f
Elem,” OF PARLUES eound oF a similar | Spain. for forme and alt paiticalsza, Marie Welicite Juequer—Defendang, J N&70ef 10H. | Geiwa sad upoa Tents ‘mow or-tately ef | Hatestate Ex 8.8: Crowatl

Davvkunvims Catherine Deleine ee ee SACKS Marly & Uo.—Platotls Ger ge Lontes on the Boath epsa the —
" . ON, UBL ‘ lia Road on the Esat Auction Sale for Tha-sday, the 11th day :

was brought up by Constable Coombs . r [ 2 Ogecr Han Defendant, Kora Meosanille Bes ihe weald Charlatte ot Mey, iil, between the hours of vakines 0 j

for having heen” drunk at Duncan
Street aml behaved disorderly, She
Was fined Ifa or seven days.
AvavuitT—Ononstable Clarke charged
Francis Willlain with assaulting (hee

13th Febrnary, 1011. 7 The &


UBLIO NOTICE ts hereb:
p that the-e ,will be rat upton safety

UBLIC NOTICE is hereby elven that | Re'd and aon lands tow or letely of the

ped op by aa order of Mis Honoar Mr, Justice | said Atexander Reld and on the West

Cours { Swan mode herefa on tbe 16th dey of | upon lands now of lately of Mademo Far-

pale oa Thereday thé dth | March 1911. there will be pat ap for ale] ley sometimes erroneously @orcribel as


Notice to Planters and

House, Por'-o'-
day of Bay 39

: between the ‘hours of | before tue d f h be M . | Polite Anctloa ab the Oficeof thenndew | ST. RAPHAR
phy Head. . . fore the duors of the Court House, Porte | abuttlog onthe North upos the Manzyn: Ly
Tonle onpeied ae aletendant. who 2 ars one and two p.m, ceBpela on Thoreday thevesh dey of Mey | illa lige Rovd oa the Sonth wpin the Herod, Vortot spss, oe Thustey ie | OHLENGOR IES
after the evilence wan fined £1 or { 0 priv Ors. Ail snd Birgalar that parcel of lacd | 191] between the boure of one sui two | river La Blacche on the East apna fot No, | Hthdey of May, 1911, between the hours} PETER CaM
a eeeemen climate at Br John’s Villere in the Ward | o'o ock in tbe alterocon, All that piece o | 18sco'loa "GO" of the Masranilla settle | Of Land in the afveraoan, FIRE BRICKS
seven dayu Of Tararigus containlog Fi bed oltonte rake Weed } All and Singalar that cer‘ala ol SULPHURIC
Piuutisa-+Sergeant Valey sam. — & Five querrecs or | land sltaate iatho Ward of Tararein the } rent asd on the West uprn lot 30 of the plece or

mone! Jataes Alloyne and Daisy Mit-
ington for fighting. Moenwrs ¢. 8.
Bole ancl Prizgar appeared Cor the

the eabouts and bonnded on the North island of Trinided compriang twolve acre, | sald Meozaoilla Setlement, pareel of land comprising seven acres, bes , PATENT FU
[ tae remind Planters of the neceesity | C‘Own Jandsand the 58 Angastine Ee one rood aad Gfoeen . et be the samen} A‘eo All and Siogular thove two pareals | the same moreer ive and dotinea'e! fa, o Chacon Str
to book their orders for Cocos. Coftee | tate formerly the Saute Rite Katate on the | little wore or lase delineated and with the | of land sitoace la the sald Ward of the Disgeam ath chet to Crowa Grant | 10h Merch, itt
tive defendants who on conyie. | (Cellea Robuste), Matogany, Natweg, | Sod b by lar di of Ramabery formerly | abbattals and boundaries thereof shows in | ranille tha rat thereol comprie ng 16 acres | Hegistered wader the Keal Property Or. |
thew of 110s, a O'ore, Cianamoe, Cedar, & p, Tonca| Felipe Dod:four aod Joato Villafans on | the plan or diagram attached to the Crown | be the-same a little more o7 Jessdeliceated | (ene a& Volams OXXUIL iad Se, 14 F
t ‘Nt wee Tate en on ayy cin | Boars, Crapacd, Locust, and alata etc. the East by lends of the beirs of Le Blane » Grant entered in the Neal Property Re. aad Feith t buttaly sod boandusies ' State fn the Ward cf Too, to the Ietso: t no
all boy Was chargel by Constable | (2 Ure for delivery between the mbeths| formerly bold by Deslands and the Tecari- | gister Book at Volame CLX, fol 671 apd thereol abewa to the plan ancexed ta the 9! Triulded, ond boaaded ov the North |
Bracks bY with, three in x tone at of May and October this year, aod not to) X98 Ward end onthe Weat by lands of pues ou the North by Crown Lind Grown Grant registered fa Volowe XCVE by ® Row reserved thirty links wide, oa
Meine une. Defendant Warortin | forget the DADAP which being spineless} the St Augustine Estate formerly the leads petitione! for by Lackyram, on folio $72 and ebuitiog on tbe N rih by « %¢ South by Sande petifoned for by
Harine he ogiel Defendant was onder | TM ortelts can be made vse ol for growing | Sente Rita Estate, ~ to Boate by he Cuvape scuthera Road road onths Routh s-¢ Ewt by Crown Geefroy Maik and by lends p-titioned for
SFEREING ON THE VooTraTH Con | Vanilla (s plan of bitherta veg'ected va- | Dated this Hoi day of March, Toll, one bondred links wide apd by Crown Jande aod on the West by arad reserved 'Y Thomse Hea w on the Esat by lands

Dound over to conte up for judyginent
If called Vpon ina personal ne The | mente (Bay tiee or Bow Linde), 1 Cam:

same Constable next charged Kissoon phors Cincamon, 1 Sourerp, for aix
with a alnilar offence at the same | dollars

t lve) thereby making farther prohtable use VUUAC. St o a h pothinned far tv Tuo mee Hector, and

stable Weaat cleansed Jutan Cumin | of thet ebadenod moh tree. Bepoty Hegintras, | br Ltr catty tne Caetes Rowehee, eae pat ag eed tm Tele piatenet the Wont by alkad reserved filly tees

von ‘treet ! Leak the opportomty to olfer a Special = «done bacdred links wide and onthe for by Josesh Onlicgwood the s-cond , Wide. Sa jet oo the ecisime of three .
Cee eee ae a suena the { Collection of Frul, aad Ozeamental trees| > West by Green ‘Land aod latemeeted by thereof coumdclug buster? roads andnag | ontraccora, 4 insiranegs
tee brigade aud had attended a shout. | $2 bamboo pote viz TRINIDAD, the Oache River with a reserve furty-Bve , porches acd abusilog onthe Norch b Dated thts 19:5 dey of Apnit, 1911. _
er'aineeting fromwhigh be we ie F * In the Sapreme Co Inks wide along either benk subject to uby ! [edsot George Toni s and by Crown taade 83a. W. L J. KERNAIIAN, COVERNMENT
turning Lochig home ‘at bt James, |, Calmite, 1 Custard apple, | Sagar ap- ¢ Hapreme Court of Trinidad and pagment of the priscipal sum $350 00 with [on thes uth 5 tandsof A‘exender Reid Adulnistrator-Geveral, ‘
when he sat down on the footpath ples Line, A Guava (Nicaragasa), 1 Chl. No, 36 of 1911, interest thereon fo Nerasdass Cowlessar and by. lands of Nieodstaas, Co inxwood te reer Estab)
and was found ate He ~ (Spectal + apodit'e, 1M Zabricot, ‘And Dtween certain Memorsodam Ofek wrtgege ‘Nov 42 leads by lat cf Nicodemus ‘Call agwood TRINIDAD, ole

Yo 5 . Avecaio pear, 1 Golden af ple, 1 Pi- ndrew Boott Kersabao—Platatitl dated the 16th dey of Jaty 1907, now Afexantee Reid ard by lead ef Re In the Matter of
ereb 1911

°D Dated the 2ead-dey of Bayce pow Alexander Keld and o2 the | 25® Adwlalstravor-General's Ordicacce
Gabriel Ache ard Gordon Gravb & Com % . VELACE, West by landesf George Inniss and : ti

Defendants, ” Deputy Rexistrac, | landsoffPe'er Shelve now Alexander Re Acd in the Macte?of the Estate of

harles Heléedl

lace, Kissoon told Mis Worship that ORNAMENTAL, UBLIC NOTICE Te bereb: FRinIDADO OO =C*dt: abana reegarde to the fi ot four par- . on’
. but Sergt | 1 Bouganvilles, 2 Sigphanotis, 2 Aspa- js bereby given thas ss . cele of land above described to. a certain | 1#!e of the Ward of Arimata the Island of

Hogdeatl he knew defendant well art | HRB 2 Roses (lingtiah to same) 1 Dra-| po, Parmaek to 8 Decree ances nee at | inthe apreme ega t Mbdaed | drat ot mortage dated the 3th clots Tiahiad, Deseurod Ietoatate Bo Bega
he did nomork. Ile was pent to gaol cacna (Special varietie ) 2 Ferns, 2 Are. dey of February 1011 and to an order of } No, 32 of 1910, Taganry 1810 registered as No. 403ter 1010, Auction Sale for Therviey tha Tith day | Att lottos Re py
Niore Botan Oven EL Lent ev ort to theelet of 2000 Coaster, pests dated the Ith fayette Tah ee Lovls Bede Plalautt ofthe sone part aud, the Hosoarable Pre vet between the boars of ove asid ’ THE O
Bianch summoned Kiances Tracey will be pot eorge Townsond Ienw! MG. of the Be
fn aeeaulting her, and Tracey cross fren th “Sue Dimer recto ic TT the Onure Vous, Porto seeleseee ‘ Regoonspan sometjunes called Regnonen | other pert and eutject ae regards the UBLIO N i tsb ot 4
chat ged foru sinilar offence Me Ce ae bii0. be grows pmeotion thee day the Sth day of Jane ith between the | od other times called Keguacouon 5 parcelé of land Stubly en nd sin bly sarees it there willbe panes for Bete yee ;

be a ace ae . i" oO :
were “poth™ bound a ec to Reep the Lee ana Catch crop tor, I believe, it ta not “Alt tod Fiagaite tone teveral parcels of feroennD fesdecte, sed Philipps Gaile Sader the Provisions of the Keal Property pactian ora TRE of the saderaigned, I, Ge i
peace for sfx mouths. eoeraily kaown thet iis product teased [1,04 sirnate jaybe Ward of Monteerres { Ordinance dated the sald 2ith of Jaous:y He Th Se inoe Tharday she 1th day of -

AssAteTt Helena Hreede summoned { (2 conjsaetion with Rabber ia the mena-| 4 pit wheret enwpristog 7 acres and vragen!
Linde Cumberbatch for awaultieg ber | store o! alold.

UBLIO NOTICE Is hereby give thay 3910 made bythe sald Laie Avklevs ta fia7 10% between the hours of Land 2 in OFFERS
H. GARACCIOLO Tate ee North op land formerly # ' The Taee Santee bree the 20:h Fear oe eee gore foe weenog Au agd Sincalec tbab certala plece or ’ " a
Bt_Joveph Nurserlet.| ing ‘South on land of Henry Nwite and ef | day of October 1910, end to an order of Payment to the ssld George Townssrd Pues’ « Jaod situateta the Ward of U,+
HAN FORD’S yee new ct fel Ache SS or tb en Port-ol Bonin . The Hovonratle Gerrge Lowosend Fer aod bouadaties thereof sown on the plan
a Sand forme! sore of the Sas, to! . ° 7
of Gabriel ‘Ache } "The Fecae Belto ow oo Thursday the [lth day of May 101, wick O,31.G, ts now veated in tha Hous Sonexed ta tbe Crown Grant, registered ia } oy begs FLOUR!

Pidro Brito cow of Gabrial Ache, oo the | Hie Honoar, Mr, Justice Swan made Fenwick O.MO, of the priscipaleaca of ; Per Zero, Uta the Island of Trinidad cern 25 bags FLOU ii
. Volome 322 folio 411 and bounded
comprial) bet the b 1 42 pm, oarable Eagene Ciprient by deed dated i on ths 3
BALSAM OF fAYARH 'Srvrtis sete, Stites greats Paocetachattaattnoe iutiavest anil tae daed Noam (Oa Man Ua oo ge ge

and Constance Gittens for aiding and Honour,

abetting her, Mr, ©. IL Attale appear
ed for Breedy, After the evidence,
Cumberbatch wae ordered to pay a
fino of Yy. and Uittene 158 or seven
dayein each case, payment of the
costs, bs, to be divided ebually between



rising six acrea be the oame a Mict'
Evat on land f herein on the 27th dey of March 1911, %!0000 and lotereat thereon, Pi ‘@ more
Nites now ef Oibia Ache soaencibe there will be pat up for sala belore Tes NB -—The above mortgere ta fevcar of | OF Jess de'icested ond with the abutia’s 25 ball bogs FLA

mp ny wis EX Sun Aoest Arthur tie ly of Pedro Britow 7 oF cocoa plantation o| ae No. 436 of 1910 and by memorsndow of Thow McShing 40 be de,
Naywanl wuumoued Dick Wharton N MEDY |° Ave Fonth on ito Seale ate pace of Tecartgon fn the I¥aod’ of Taleided (ner No, 43 dited tha 230d day of weet. Fast by sore Isod acd on ihe og _ do,
and Byane Rieharndson for ponaulting AN EXTEHNAL KEME on East on the Lela Fatats | containing 53 scree, 3 roods and 12 perches Pebraary [910. a De thie Died 4 sag George, 100 do
him. Mr. Blache Wilson represented | R*aaxe Dl se IT As ECR. | and 00 tha Went on land formerly of Jaan | belog parc of a parcel of land of 67 acres, Dated this Zod dey ef March 1911, Bete is ot Apa lott.
complainant, and the defendaute wore Fabien row of Gabriel Ache and of Do- ' 3 rooda and 19 perches coavered to Ragoo- LOOIS JOHN & CO, a" “Ad io AUAN, {bags do.
repreented reapoctively by Mesers Mc We guarantes it-to heat walago Zeperos Tha Thid whérecf com. nan. end to oe Gaycheo (now deceased) | __ Auctioneers, miniatrator-Ueneral. ro berrele de 4
Carthy and Pulzgar on pleas of not alter allelse falls « pilelog 10 acres and abaltiag o4 the Nor'h | by deed dated the 10 h dey uf April 189- | TRINIDAD, x

ailty, Theesidence for the proseeu-
fin wae that complainant laa commer
elal tervellerand the defendant Whar
ton wasuptos few months ago his
subagent in Triuidad, About six or

—_ oa lend of the heirs of Nimeoa Philip end | 4nd boarded on the Not.h by a9 ¢; % o SPLIT
It Removes Proud Flesh om daod of Bara sed Gabe Ache oo ihe | rrured ea fond ted by son ref feed | /2H¢ Supreme ont of Tein ded andy TRINIDAD. Geers of Traided and | 20 0 BEST
It prevents Grangens doa'hoa ths Santa Locis Evtate on the | reserved by anan ont of t id” Sommary Janedictlon, Pert of Spale P ol of Tele oO , CRUSE
prey u r 6 Esevon laod of Gabriel Ache nod nn thy | parcel of Isnd of 67 ae:0s, 3 ronds and 12 x9 1116 of 1909 . pales la the Matcer of tb ‘a indet; & 4. MOLAR
It Gieans Old Sores. Wat on bend of tbs hei a of Simos Pal lp | perebes and by 13acres which bave tenn ” Between Tal Ordluacee aretor Geot- I 5g SO
and on the Santa Jucia Estates The | sud thereoas to deebsleck, Desuasisg* Leeten Piniaudl gance, 12, OIL

pevren weeka when cumplaipant was

Poirot Blend 2a Healy That [dsm coe an ec ted | Bes arto Nay fat vd teak ator of dE aoats of zeae

of clothes clea’ a att ew tbe North oa > an ‘snow or ls e'y o a
money. with ‘on to pay for it | It beals all flesh wounds and sores on the on fend of Jctes Vreaer os the Beet Mar on the Eas! ‘Dp the sald oak Leonard Nelzog—Defecdant, Mitcboll late of By Andrew, gia the 10 barre! aS

. 10 eases a
froma balance thelatterbadowed him. | bomen system or Dome tie Animals, {lent of Samuel Jones and on the Kast and | aad on the West ty a Road, t ‘ E is Toland «f Tobago, deceaned—Laleatate, ;
On complainant's retain recently, to West on levd of the Crowns The Fifth] 2 All aod Singuler thet parcel of laod ne onder’ of ‘ite heey, es Jet LU parsons having elai
the colony Clamens' duoning clerk %t Gures The whereof comprising 11 acre, Broods and [sivaste at “Bon Als” Mountain in the | tice Awan made herein on ibe 23d ¢ ot A eres at ving claime sgalnat the
taine tobine for the money and he ward Gamuen 10 perches an@ abutting on the North og ' Ward of Tecarigus in the said Inland com. March 1911, there will be put wp f tothe a Jerel va tel tavcs Vo send la
told him that he bad given the moncyto land of Jales Freser party on the Mayo pistes zqauee aid toandet oa the | tefors the doors of the Conk u ve . same 4: “ fied ty nt ee
Wharton to pay fon the ault. Boine | GUARANTEED TO GIVE SATISÂ¥AC-| tiver ou the Booth on lend of J, B Brito, | North by lands belonging to Jowshir on | of gieieres Toodee nee ee Lees Meee Mandap ree aay gitissie om or before
where about the 6th or 7th of Jast TION OR COST YOU NOTHING, perdy on land of Jones, partly on Isnd of } the Sos by Jands of Dislel (oo't- Th, betwees the Doone ay he ay of ay | wh'e beds tad ay of Moy 1911, after
month cowplelnant receleet a hole Sols Agents howas Lewls aod partly on Crows land, | the Eust lacde of Joba Francis | cetock in the aliernoor, et 2 4 “Grenore who hold sey tear tae
from Clamens and stat lex out ta ga SM ITIL BROS, & OO oa the Eset portly on Jend of Jates Fraser | McDavid onthe West by ) ade of)” an those three severs! plece nr pa: 1 evertonsee who bold aay eceurity whateo~
there, but on seeing (he defendaute f . portly on nod of J. B, Brito and prrtly og | Laka! and tefecred to la o erstion | of Iend sit jothe W. iM paren a Tena t © value of thelr secarity
fu Clannad shop he yfused on and re. | The Bonanss Drog Btoree, TRINIDAD. fTiand ¢f Jones andon the Weedon the | marked * A” attached ton certala Ded ‘aid of Montserrat {60 {prove for the difference or aire vp

turned to the "Ice Hone Motel Prioz—2jt— by Post 2/9, M River and The Sizth whe «} dated the 15th day of Dace! io the Ls vf T.lnidad, The Fsret tberee | tbe! f secarity and prove for the who'e dels.
wheres holy staying. While there he | Aagest 20th. ‘ , pris Mn decten and 3 perebes td abet. roglotered atNo. aut of £008, ber 1906, crorece lets sialic he isthe ee onddpor sey JOT toes ee Tots
recelved a note frum the tatton bey | slog on the North sud Weet on the Al. rie alll and Binguler thst certale piece | tal wad boundaries tberaut eb t @ ata awa, of Bey IVIL, between the hours
purnorting to hase come from re . chal Estate on the South ov the Renta | Cr of Jand sitevieio the ssid Ward | cag or dlegram aitechol te tre oe Det ree ia the afterooan,
rouooning moves leant comp tibant INSUR ANCE facia Eatatoand oa the Eston lands of of Tecarlgae inthle Ivahd compritiog 2 Grant eatered in the Heal Property Hegiee | * (ed) W, i SRELNAUAN

AI | ’ e . .
had hake we dealing — Lefure, ; ‘ Died thin Bhod dey of April, 1911, ‘» No corel Dace tence | ter Book at Volume AXIS, bolo 327 sud

iY) Jai to thy “standard ’ a.
Moule Gomplainant went, at FIRE RISKS on all kinds of Iso ty VELACE Kagoocacaa sad Gughebls ou the Kast
LL . parily upoa | a Te the Supreme Conrt

the Jatler hotel and wot tluding pertics accepted by Muy Piracs acd
Boutooslyy eat down to Zanalt Jue ? Degaty Regie ¢ 17 spoa eof Repbsel aed on t frisipg 9 ocree, 3 and 12 perches ba
While there Wharton cate ap to him The Rorth British & Mercantile Weel aioe a raving or Tien ou the the same, a Hisle mor is lens dellnested de the Motter of rhe Estate of
and sald * Did you tell aan Heat SL — rae Dates thle 2718 das of Mev 1k thereat net batt "pie oe uodaries Isle of Uaratal iu the \Ward of Moutesrrat
ous maned for you" Whdeoont Malnant INSURANCE co LTD TRINIDAD Bed Le LOY Raneie ettached towbe Crown Grant entered fa fa the Island of Trinidad Deceased,
aepiied “yes? “whereapon Whsiton | estapliataect 2630+! lo the Soprems Court of Trislled and | Oo ume COXXI, tol S91 and bouaded yn PUBLIC yorick ‘Js Jacaby given that
" nt

on tear dettannas| fede alta whey bounded on the North, Siath aod Kuad * _Atmintarater Generals
s @ eald | by Crowa land and on the Wet b: TRIRTD AD ee TonaL Sanmawattahaan
ed JA. Rivas, “The Second therect some, HUMIDAD ane TOBAUO?

the Heal Property Register Book at Vol

. etruck hl two blows on the head with —o ‘obegs, TRINIDAD & TOBAGO. :
Liha critractiriat inten | | Wo aronow proparad to sceapt| gla nro ree RRO aa | as renmetanglouria ol gt tees Men el oe
seefiiuant Gla, bat before they ela | ti#ka on the Oil Fields, ve on Ver stare of Meaty Volosn a the marter of the Katate of Cheninees | bog'h and East by Crows funda don tre Ward of Mootecrrad to tbe felon of ‘Trial

tarman j rcka, Motor, Kogino and Boiler! py UBLIC NOTICE te hered Deceered dee Word of Cee ae ing Huet | West by tande of Mansel Garcia end laces Sits Planter fora Urartcl Probate of the

ve hl any more blows the
ik ben sway. The iteftice called Houses, Retineries, Rosidential *pylicction baa teen madeio me by of Trloldad, Proprletor—Deceastd— | Of Martane Mospedstes sud ‘The Third Will of; Garvh Iteuus Yoon bearing date

fr. McCartl F ‘ * Los No. 97, the 27tb dey of April 1908 who died,oa the
no wit et iS commplinant eu. uarters and othee property, il fan cane of Ce ene be the Tatestate, Capera Y 7, of the Taso 2) hh day of March 1931 having ot tiwe

Gelintated aod wih th i
for & gress — tb w e sete
tel (hat the latter had net glren | Tauke and their contents cta +f Probate of Che Jone will acd test . SELIG NOTICE fe hereb abpttal daries thereof abewn ig of bee ot ® fixed place of abole at
wane Mie oney pat pattie en bession © Wha TL day of Febreary | P pita application bas been Toate ts Qr : wait so tbe Ce “a Coratal to the Weed of sng tbe’ the
" [ A Wl M Y ‘ za of Py r B A
inatb, ‘addeewwel to the Hevchy Mr CLAIMS PROMPTLY SETILED of Carapie "who dled ‘onthe’ rors ‘Aleraader ‘Ville ia tbe Ward of stays I, fotlo 222 and toan. Esfeator named 10 ibe sald Wall,

‘ ded on ths North b Aod Notice in aleo gir

nant’s state 0 parte . en tl
Meaty nat let Whareon atte | ae AR er aa ererment | dey Menthe Deed plane een ine | toned Adena ngs fe ere ce wr taeda Beret othe Eas Wy 108 Ne Covert Is lodged Iaore he expration of
swney to pay Clamene for ihe fale The Urinldad Shi Ing & Trading eald village 6 Curepichaims the sald Chanicesr, late of Alexander Village | ‘9 ies on tbe Wort by low Noe, $9 & 98, peblicatiog tee from the deve of the
onenslad on the mind o! parton A th Lucretia Vouluen telog one the | Sforeesid deceased who died 03 the 17th | destibed tone 6 the pareet sceondiy | ed tot rs be @ the Oourt w
he had been called a thief and he Qe. . Execaters nemed ibere'n, Leave being | dey of Feb Bey Walt A.D. bavieg atthe | sacs of #1000" Paymees of the priceipal Proceed | a teas Bro teoftbe eald Will
doked His Warship to consider that —a) es reserved to 1 i tlmeot bis desib a Hized pl ce of abode | hebstens With, faterest thereon to si aly,
sufficlent provecation by comptinant | yy aRINE INSURANCE effected oa Cargo | Her Hoduey tbe 9 be Execotes 5 at Aexender Villbge witbin the sald created bee secared hy way cf Mortgage ated sh'e ath day chapl 1011,




Srctoreen oe

MEN'S BLUCHERS -From 40 to 7.



For Men, Women, and Children’s Wear.—We Invite Your Inspection.

LADIE® BLACK & TAN SHOES—From 24 02,0.
LADIES LACE & BUTTON BOOTS, From 44 to 16/8.

White Boots and Shoes, Cricketing Implements, -Gardiners make.
Sewing Machinés—From 5 dollars to 25 dollars,


MENS BLACK & TAN BOUTS, from 4s, to 16/8. |
K SHOES, from 63 10 16/8,


“rertttmard bo # Somatn-oatanr taninereanatertan Sos pas

15 FRED.




tieasures of disinfection were cn:
forced. ~

Mr. O'Connort- low long was he
H)_before taken to hoapitat.

The Chairman said the man’s people
sald he took Ul on Friday mornlag*
when he awoke apwechilene. Ile might
mention that the case referred to as
having occurred on the Zad of April,
wasaliseand they had every hope of
hia recovery, Ile might also state
that the backetore at Stephens had
been fumigated on 2the Sth ultfnyo.
It. was impossible therefore to may
where the man contracted the disease,
+ whether there or any other place he
might have been,


Me. O'Connor remarked that. once
whilst in conversation with Dr. Knox,
the fatter told him that it was no
spleadid thing to have mony. waler
roning down the guttern, Now he
raw the police were prosecuting vigor-
ously for such an offenre. He wanted
to bnow whether
really a good,
thing F

Deo naggs said it waea very good
thing for covered traing. .

The Chalrinan sakl the dials wore
different now to what they were

Mr. O'Connor sald ff it was merdy
soap water he could not see how it
could do any harmy imt there must
hea plenty of other things along with
the nonp.

The Chaliman sald the wap water
made adeposit, and except the mere
sutface diatss, every thing went inte
the were. Brom his own obser.
sation, he (honghtthe scavenging of
the streateand lensing of the drains
were splendidly done, That was his
personal opinion, having observed It
everyday, If they could only get the
tw kyare s inthe same state ft would


Dr, Kuages: That's the trouble. .

The Boand then rose,


(Before Iia Honour Mr, Commissioner
CG, BP. Darud.)

Jolin Hoadley A Coe J Made
Gannes—Adjoutnel for 2 weeks.

Wilsou (G0 & Ty Lid. v Robert Wate
ren. No service, extemlead one menth.

Davktwon & Todd v5. CG Naess -
Bowe over.

Chas. J. Milne v Maxwall Mite bales
S2monthly as frou June lat

Payne d Co. v Jovlua Blake Ade


wap water was
had or indifferent


journed 2 weeks
H. Moneeaux v Clement Stoute
Journed 2 week.


Idem V Lewis Hernandez~Sawe} teaume —Offer to pay debt and coats on

order, .

Idemy WRtiam Morr is—3 LS month:
ly an froth May 15th,

Idem v George Prudhomme—Wohole
amount to yaid on May Gu.

Idem v LJ. Briggs © Adjourned one

Idem vo Benjamin Ainold) Whole
on May U5th.

{enti Monceaux v J8. Butcher --
SZ inonthiy as frou June Jet,

Jdem v Thos, Adams -Oniler to pay
3s. monthly aa trom loth May.

Idem v Jom: Bourgents - Order to pay
3) monthly fs from May 15th.

Idem v Richard Walther - No appear:
ance. Debtor to be summoned to show

John G. Brown y David 1). Nathan -
Adjourned ore werk.

Richard McCothna v Tdhaynd Wor-
rel! Onder to pay 81 nionthly as from
June Ist

Wilsona (, &T) Lids ys FEU. Mar-
san -Adjotrned ane week,

Idem vo. CG. Phillips No appear.
nce. Order to rlow cause,

Tden vo Ciunest Wiltehiee - Offer to
pay 81.00 on May W5th and, 8150
tronthly from June 2.

Grace Stout v Ullver Stanley Offer
to pay &2 forthwith and 83 jyoonthly
from June},

John Uenry Grant vo stanley
Bul her.—Onder to pay $2 forthwith,
guarded by commitusent of seven days.

Albert Lucien vo James yan. --
Adjourned one week.

fdem_ ov Ippratiug P. Thomas—Ad-
Journal generally.

idem ¥ Ehag Caan: —( creditor to pay
debtor's costwdt day.

Iden ov Geotge Babb. Adjourned
two weeks

Idem vi Louisa Hemy No wervice,
extended £ weeks, .

dem ov J. W. Can Adjourned 2
weeks, poring. nettlement. |

Ramdehal v Kali baram—Noappoar-
ance —ttiuck ont,

Liomanuel Cablu sv 1G, Netto —
Conuntimient for Hi days,

Antontu- Gousals ew v James Selby —
Cominitment for seven days,

Gerald A Scherers Trvades ich Eank-
hart—Adjourtied 2 weeks

Tdewe v Algernon Bathelt -Offer to
pay 81.25 mouthly as fron May douh,

Heury PB. dcsouass ¢. J. Meliwan
Onler to pay KL auonthly as tigi
June t, ,

Oxtasio Robertwnv Thomas Corbin
1 Onler tu puy 4 doltatwa month, from

4. Vo Stollneyer ss Gilbert Suintes
No vavice, ExteadeaLfour weeks

John Gomes vy ob. Gittens Same

ler a
Samith Boos, & Coy. ¢ Anthony Gan-


August Int,

Iden vit, D, Kelly -Debt and costs
to be paid in 2 weeks

{dem Vv Jugmahuneing ~Offeito pay
1dollar monthly from June }.

Idem v D. Lacombe—No appearance,

Ta be sunamoned to show cause,

Idem jv John Dés Anges—Ad}l, 4

Idem ¢ W. &, Donawa -Offer to
pay Ldotlat monthly from June 1.

{dem v Jas Plerre Adjd. wue week,

Idem v1. OLilen-No sppearance,
to be summoned to show cause,

Klemv FN. Gray -No service, ex-
tended I weeks,

John Banstleld + James Francique—
Commitment for seven days,

Julia King v IL 2D, Redmond—No
appearance ¢ tu be suminoned to show

Feryuino Palgors U. 8, Donawa and
0. 3. Donana -offér to pay 2dollace
a month as from June le

Pauling Brown v Taftt—anjourned
one week.

Jamen Howail y James Stephens—
No seis ice, extended four weeks,

R. “de Castro: v Alexander Pr arce—
No appearance, to be summoned to
show cause,

Mark Hamkalawan v Paul Joseph—
Onler fur 2 dollais and fifty cents
monthly from June.


Arnotl Whye v Marian Walker—
fiuponent + debt to be paid by month.
ly instalments of 1 dollar ‘and fift
cents, first paymentas from June f,

= eer,


O one will dixpute the euratiye
AN value of cod liver oil, For cen-
tues it has been recognised as the
wtandest of all body-building agents
for wasted huwan strength and vital-


Yeba great deal of youl that should
have been derived fiom its use has
Toen prevented by the fact that many

sttlents wha were weakened — b'

iseumes could not digest the heavy oil
administere! either in fts raw forta or
in an Emulsion, and others would not
take it on account of its disagreeable
odourand taste,

Now modera science has proved that
the oil or greasy part has no value
whatever, eilher asa medicine or food,

It appeury that the alkaloids, or
medicinal elements, uf which there are

about Mitty diferent kinda found in the
ete itt represent all the tone

ybulld nd curative powers ©
this famous old femedy, inent

After years of study two emninen
French ‘chemists, ourgnes and
Gautier by nanie, dinovered & wy ‘
separate these allaloids. oF medicinal
elements from the oll, and pare te
modern medicine all the valua! pte bar
of this t remedy unencumbe iy

se teselens oll.

A Teration contalning all the
mediding curative elemeuts of eel
llver oft, but entire! free from oll ot

mus’ erefors, pecog
Ha the best tonic _reconstritctor pow
sible, Buch le FERROL,

Inno [way does FERROT, resemble

cod It oi, It does not Tork, nor
smell, nor taste like co: Jiver ofl.

to contain

Yet Ferrol ls guaran

‘wa highly concentrated form all the

medicinal eleinents actually taken
from fresh cods' Ivers, with organic
iron and Is deliciously palatable and

easily digeated.

FERROL therefore, representa tn
usual body builders and strengthening
virtue. In all casea where liver
oll ja needed, FERROL will give the
best resulta, at it {a _imumediately
assimilated acceptab!
weakest stomach and disagrees with

in o
pole J Agentet Bunith Bros. & Co, The
Bonanza.” 7°


The ease with which corns and warts
can be reinoved Holloway'’s Corn
Cure is its strongest: recommendation,
It seldom falls.

ANTED- Boy 19 years, having &
anell koos edge Shorthand | sad
riting wishes employment for F<
eee Toeition. 4 tication can be
mide to “ Boy” c/o, GAZETTR~-May 2,

Ia the Sapreme Ooart of Trinidad aod

No be + Between
Bohodarlos Pielatit
The Adainistrator-Geoeral — Defeadant,

UBLIO NOTICE it hereby given that
ao Action hae besa commenced by
Sohodaite, the lawfal Widow hod yellee o
Banece deceastd, egainet ¢! minle-
trator-General dates that Probate of
the Willof the said Bunsee decessed, io
Solemn Form be granted to her as Execa-
triz and that the said Action has been set
down for Trial on Monday the 22ad day
or zatals let day of Bfay, 1911
al at day of Sfay,
Platotiff's Solicitor,
No, 109, Qasen Street,

la the Supreme Court of Trinidad and

Inthe matter of the eitalnlsteator Gene-
rai'e Ordioance,

Ia the matter of the Goodsof Dockerao
of the late Ward of Tarure in the
Island of Trinidad—Veoceased lates

All persons having claima agstost the
above ectale are required to send In to the
undersigned fail psrticaters of tbe seme
verified, by effidav.t on or before Thare-
dsy the 25th day of May 191], sfter
whieh date nocliaea will beenterslnd.

Creditois whobold eny security what-
soever must assces tho valae ot their
security and prove for the difference or
ire op thet security and prove for the
whole de:

Peymeot will be made oa Friday the
2hrh “dey of May 191 between thy houre
of two and three in the afternoon,

Dated this let day of May 1011.



Bags, Port





In Canisters,

Tin Cabin Trunks

As per Sketch





Trunks. ;

Zinc Rockers,

manteau & Trunks

. Willeosdon Canvas Covored Trunks.



Oxford Zinc Trunks,










We moan to keep thé lead in the Yoot market therafsre wo are loaviog no ston
in order that wa may bo always able ty piace tho very bast values oofora our @
Don's be eatisGoi with Hearsay: setiog is bolieving’ Allthat wo ad of you is tem
our values and compare tho priles we quote with thoss you are mide to pay olsew ,.

Tan Vicl with medium soles and q
alisizes, Per pait ~ we®

with gua metal tops—Hisio fra
heels, Pointad toes—all sisce—- pam

with Patent tips and Cubsa &
value at Malllard’s ., -~Z

We would like our readers not to fos
still to the fore and that now

to offer them to our customers

suns of only 00 cents per paire

Osban heele and patent tips worth $1.33 PS
air. Our prics onl woe ose ome BED
Labi ky’ * SOLIETY GIRC” SHOES with three
a raps+Cuban_hee's, Black Vict
Light soles. Per ihe eo cs \
Light roles and Cubgq heels, Taseeled fronte,
Ver pale one : ~ ae oe *
LADIES’ OPERA" BUORS--Io Black aad Tan
Vict 1 Bar—Cubsn Heels aud beaded de-
corations—all elzes— Teas
eonly. Fancy Tips and capped Toes.
tu o beele—fully worth $2 16—our price §200

Radties’ Biacit Tarn Strap BShoes-feom 10 cents




’ 4 2
One Frice Only. | Valus Nowhoro Like Malllard’s, | Aree casa





“How Thanktul I Am I Tried Qi
Everybody ia HeriGeld io New Bruoewick, koows Mr. WO
knowe how he saffered from Rheumatiem, Ali his velghbours aff
told bios ta try all sorts of renedior—bat nothlag gave bin a0 .
tared with RLeamatiea for several years whea he reed |i i
and the wonderfal cures phey were makloz. Mr, W.
hie own thst he decided to give GIN PILLS a trial.


Tho Schnr.


+ It affords me great p ;
Barbados, taclirms the qrost roi | boop
of GIN PIL I feel th
ON wend GLN PILLS to erezy oul
Saturday, 29th inst. Are you ee Me, Wilsoa wi i
All you seod ie GIN PILL!
° TAKING Decause they are the greatest:

burning,” biog “pala fa Wa
relleres ioritated adder oli
Bappression cf Urine, =

GIN PILLS atrenguhess ef
PILLA neutralize arte :
the bicod,


hands, knees, ankles “f

We don't ask yoo to bey QUEM
them—and welet youtry a
we will gladly send yous %
Take them aa dirested aod
DO ASI DORE AST Alt, a bave found the right si
eutiSetes srie e, len e
oC pele! hood, wribe as en a
To the Mae ol the Wovate” of Loats | Drtg avd Chemical Companys Depts G.T., Toronte, Caasde, dg
Boherer late or the Town of Frankfory | MAGNA-TONE BLUOD AND NESVE TABLETS
ou the Mala Jo the Ewplre of Ger. | Purify the blood—snd locreasa the appelt@ 6) cente a bur

starters] eaaleâ„¢ [JUST OPENED [

PUBLIC NOTICE iv bereb gives that

tpplication hae been m

William Roberteon and Jobu ddere Gort.

For Rates of Freight, &c. to
Cart FAASONES orton PP

Grell & Company Ltd,



nicht both bf the Town of Port-of.8
fa the Island of Trinlded merchants ie
aract of probate of the will dated the 26h
dey of Angust 1906 of the above oemed
Louls Scherer tate of Frankfort on Male
efo deceased who died on the Sth
dey of September 1910 hariog at the time
of bie death @ fired place of abode at
Frenkfort 09 Mola aforesaid the said
William It ybe:teo and Jobu Adam Goel-
oicht belog the Executors named in the
sald will to administer the estate of th
above pamed Loals Beberer ia Trinidad,
SND NOTICE leateo given tkat if no
Caveat is lodged defora. ibe expiration of
twents-elghs daze frow the
publication of 1


Uur first shifpment of Coronation Gel

ete of the
notite the Oourt will

proceed vo heave probate of the sald will to 2 9
tb berLeoe —
Hanee ri [undies Ready « to - Was
‘ 11982, ° w
sank or Ap Nat © very latest styleswhich w¢

Revear, See our Show Cases and be cunvine

Pamphylian High School} ANOTHER LOY OF OUR FANCY Xi

ST. JOHN'S HA xu 2
Br 2Q AND,
% & Yeuapoxn Braere, Coreaseasaseaesad

FLUE oly Srooerary School of its kind 0, ¥. HENDERSOY,

atheCiy, iets recozoled and re-
The Baxrohmuse.

ocma ded by’ Cler,
gs Morchacte ond Teacher ‘& Oce ates
a9 been eewsed wiih 00 mach success

that eone of oor tes


bave canse to tahs

pi ters Ste it | ee ae ml

Terme bears Ih Ney * op
ace | Ae ICOM
Apil 20—$ +, macys eeecvrersarer

UR Cheeolate and Cocoa Powder bare oo equal nalthet
mapulacture. None better ataoy price. You lorgat

tice fa often two pence off the quality, | Uur aclenti6a pro

ke envy and deapsic ot competitors, don't be prejodices, 8
Awarded Diploma of Merit, Canadian Ne
For aale everywhere ant wholesale from

rt Lucien
1, Churtott bert eT canal
1, Churlotts atrel, Purt of Bpatn. GIRYUS,

Traveling Ke = Y &
we Eeepineatatire HENRY &.


Threw Coua Ji
Reduced ‘to daze. s Tin

Langs Fyousy Tuapysor,

” Dsdroomr, front and back ge letics,

a on


FOR RENT. I VJ ANTED Lac ak, oF naote

~ a Reinvest, DUSKY BELLES COME. ° AUCT ION SALES! . —THE- . | H B RB * . q
U (Semaimmnuueerstt Sciaeati ca | NILE Sane" ar BRIE Ci Tinlad Blectric Co, iT EK BARBER a
i ) )
and Accounta:

Toomcan be added if required, Recently lodging offered tu tbtee of four gene SERVICE, .
sepalred and psisted Immediate pas | tlesiea, (ain oer ed to betne, oe ta DAzmaitecd&k

With reference to the paragraph | Auctioneers,” Valuers, Estate Agent
Gaulog Aker anes BOE xers Karannah (weet aide) terms sosersie, f nublishat In our Sunda na Tene, the

For farther particulars apply tomX.YM, © Kontreal Garefte of April Sth has the | Frapseiwe Sr, | TaLersong 116, Get your orders early for
fins BUnacen otreek Spel Bopertaoa & | cys Vort-of-Spsip Garette Apel Io’ P rultow ing 1 Goods reosived foe! aale at all dimes,


ye 5.
tabe ware, s amall quantity «f bed and °
table linen, sarmalwa e, large eyp pre,
2 drossirg ehiate with large murros,
large ice che. kieioa # ove, sole

For particulars Rpaly to y

HEREAS certata unscrupuloas "
W Bhp beeners are removing “Re W S! I 1 HD M A N A ;
volver” Stont labels from empty “ Ro- e

solver” Stout bottles, and pastiog them ot

‘ou bottles containing other and i0ferior
malt hquor, and passing this ioferioâ„¢

jel ah Ald ANTED. For «a “month, alh] in answer to the appeal of. severat | ° i The S&S S Do
we Lar.—-Ko Til Abercrombie Birect \ option for a longer period, # Trene-Canadian fain then for domestic | The City Sale Rooms ANY TEMPOKABY WORK ‘ ® © i ‘
siotarenenes forse lami, todas | trun eo te fonegapas, em | mepranta eto wuld two, for ran sdb araond ¥ desire us to! %
. about June 15tb, ftental at between | able pay there arrived. in Montrea 20 FREDERICK Sfaket, ou may ‘
Bewarsre, Possession ds June, Rental | 33) and $1, Apply in writing to "2" | yesterlay morning fifty-cight sky re - wh "
24. Appr to Pedro Pada Lid.April | og this OMllce Api 19 b betes trom the French West Indian | OUSELOLD CRNITURE, Linen, a2 for Is duo; here from {Buenos Ayresjon G
ee ee —- stand 0! uadelon Hen ere by a Callery, Ps Goi anofurte = * * a
[PUR RESI—A thoose at Wofth Company = forner United States consul at St. I ete, WARE PRICK & olen anofortt The Coronation TUESDAY. 18th AP iS
aah, Hew one ee LOST. tein Staten by Acetate [aastaabaa' eNS ertntei | fg p. Glo Lampe make "ore :
od for & Shop, ta feo. the ja tbe atthe ndsor Station by their future | worth (wee has f2s) fafa the oo'ony) ao: C. B- a5
distikct. ~ Fifth Oo { hi terrence ne ‘a
Morogs and ie . ‘pfnteaiag lege DOG, answers to the nawe of **Dash.” Ts been a dearth In Montreal Stay orn wnee ‘Stestment St eseelleck good sh wat a small cost. AND WILL TAKE CARG }
FD coropeny Village ot Allah Asie: | white povbtng Vopr ol tal whee eae | Peete gla willing to Adopt domes effete ine'ndiog Battin, bantwood eat 8, D. HARDING . tog
pary Village v 0A. Ahloo- | © r a ceervies, aud the scale of wa aa A fi I a
sing, 47, Bt. Vincent See, Port-of- | orck white, ‘white streak raavieg down | been iuereasing year Ly year fotil it exes ose soit sal teary be ‘Gos __ General Manager,
fn ra, | eta pgfan oa aoat Eidey Sant oc wot ano of tae mde ins [guent geen gar, MBE ental | i
“TORRENT No 2 Oiprin Toue' iH Doala! a in Cio ‘4 abou 8 JABS ,
Oe elolng Ne 2 Giorng Woaele aud § 12 eens Finder yl be suite by sewaréed to cuploy a wervant than i would be te virgata, eli of toned . “
oo epply og af cromby S’ree to leave the work undone. he plaint | seth giasstab’e wi eusler
2 b) UOST-Between 4°, Vinneot Street ood | uf these families was heard by Mr. 1.
PagTey ond Cysal outaticen, aon Qaeen's Park Hotel ‘on the 18th teat, | A. Authier, late United States Oonsul
Bewerage iostaihd, Poseession 12% siay | a whe woolen Shaw), The fl der, on | at St. Hyacinthe, ant now a resident
For particulars apply to Teyior & Gillies, | briozing saae to this Oftise, will be 2e- [of Guadeloupe, who undertook to
Glyd) Paw Mile G Richmond a teet, | warded with Two Doles, supply & nutaber of servania that woter i walang, taty’e and Kies bien
22 aim, sensed exefy domestic viitu: o'es, glas-d cares, Exce'eit do
sm be rong REE = — Tanta be willing to work for reason: 2 ews wit inbhar’ tyree, eto, © oo tApi
nuond Buiest, with Beweress, ieewie | + P t hi mE haest instalment that anbed Qe Sie AT 1,30 O'CLOCK
eta hae det meme. ee artners 1p yesterday wava bright looking lot of .




Cnas. KF, STOLLME rH Ullee, No. 6, PTC-DATH basiness wae, bavi
Rutmond dtreet, Telepbove No. 155,— peversd teven experience io the Wert

Apis, nda and New York, de tres partners
T= The de-tavie Dweling ship wits one ia eatablishel concern,

v 20, Victoita Aveoue, overs | ‘Phorcugh knowledge of scotuits Good

aillay Equase, Ali mofern | referencer, Urge bucinons prefered,

cunremerces. Poeresticn Jet May. Keot Addresa -"' Partue’,”

%50 moothly. Apply to Cid. ¥,

SIGLLMNFYFRS Ulice, No, 5, Huchwood

Strat, T } phoos No, 15,- Apri: aa

SOT THENT ~Oottage No. 17” Clat-

i ones Street, ‘te James, newly NOTICE.

puilt and palated, in a quite lucalityr =

quite near to car, Contalolng draw- pee Bears te hereby: notified nok te

icy and dinlog roows, two bedrooms | Caste she baving left wy Renee and pro-

and dressing Meee front geller and teetion without any just cause,

usual ont offices. ater la \. .

ent thoderate.. Apply to 8, I, WIL MARTIN CLARKS,

LIAMS, =" The Klondyke.”—Aprit Lath. Apett 3 2} wey Street, Port-cf-Spalo,

aight acd Bowetsge icatelied, Possession ‘The Fashionable ‘'ailors.

on the lat May next. For particulars NO. 24 CHARLOTTE ST,
lease apply at the ct f shi Ts . .
AP PEE ne tice of sis pare ME undersigned, who for the peat siz

~ }hquor «f as geguiag “Herolvere D
women, chattering svisaciowly in Srout. R ] N | AD
French tat rolled from hele lips with Saturday Next. We now {offer a reward of
the quiet erulences of children and ac suafactared by A, SOUBLETTE at No, ts:Park Aide
with ey es wide opgned dilnking in the ARD P ICE & Co, will foctnde to, d d [ It - at No, 15; Pac!
new Woriders around then. They \ thir ade next Batucday at 8 pm, 8 th Ca 0 MDs “4 a OOO
Clad inostly inthe bright-huod Hight: | %,YrY 974 pooy. haroes and baggy hg Y CHOCOLATE fs prepired by a spe:tal acd scteaud

Prenat vis late Brivasten Wit for such foformation sa msy enable us ite cumplese eolability aad esta forth the oxquides
) Ga, Be * 2 by 4] to obtain a coavistiog against any | Being free from all Foreiga Bubsvances Aad made from th

th stare clo Uhe c thee of textured cotton garments of their own
Spaper, apeil9.—Lo sunny home. dur coats, bats and fy Vera teterdite bis valuab'e horey o
, 1 ertoa or persons guilty of such frauda- | notoaly doticious, bat a1 a notrishay of it fs narivalies,
Lew Bovks, pirticala's of which will be font practices. Tablet packages, °
jo E'rvm May

wiapa Were shuitly forthcoming, how-
evel, for the housewives to whom the f gen snared io dae e rare.
anect them, and the new dontestics | PO BE LEt PURNISHED—From W To ba hed from ths followlag Groceries 1—STEPREN3, bam
Cartel if ts their future homes, ane | L tsl—Ne I Harelck Sire erat | Geo, Younger & Son, |" sroseae adap e RES wer reas
passage ntouey of each gill, amounting [hows gy it $30.00 wynthly, am
French-Canadian’ wonten, some two | 26, Fiederics « reet, April ih--lw, By their ogents November 27th—[na
Montreag? ttt the guile started for AD PRICE & Co. bave for ule] RUST, TRUWBRIDGE & CU. j:

aaveral CULOA PROPERTIES ie } Fort-of-Spaio,

women Id been sent were on hand to
to eighty dollars, was paid by sixty } Appy WARD PRIGE & Co, Acents, LAMILED, STANDARD, and from Shope ta town ani country d
All the gitls will not stay in Sfont-

real ‘Two are destined for Quebec, [varlous districts, that een be bruh, to 13, 4, 11.

four io, Tuve Rivers, gue to fere Rt pe eet Aisa COrrauks and ae rere : : =
onne, two to Ste, Martine, and two > a the clty at equally Jow BOARD AND LODGING: y THES ous
AN behad by gaatlemen (3 or 4) Io

tu st. Ifyactuthe. prices, Foral etassce of property avpty

Votty-eight. more gitls will be jf tothe agents, 20 Frederick e:reet, Por -
brougt frum Guadeloupe on the next | of-Spalo,—Apra 30.b—-1w,

fessint, healthy jocality.New! io

ed Toralsbed ro? Rs, bath aod a ewer

Biettris light, teras molerates

trip of the steamer Panansa,
epyiying to B. % A. c/s offisa of Lbls paper,
ee eet

1 dey thevreai- | eee we ed its, Fanitloa of Ae) er fit arsumy” ti 4 atte

dence (foriishsty No 83 Losg Circa | Cuttero! ue. bem of (3, W. a couereon. « K i
ta Read ih cry foarenhace for «| eke essed Warbea-one sierea PA RED-HOT WIRELESS MESSACE. wae
ate sep’, For fariber pasticolare opply | Uusioess at the atuve, whoro be is pireeses THE SECOND BULPMENT HAS

~ peril 19-b,

FIO, Consolidated Lortratt and Frame

ed to execate allwock, suo val d “ .
aor a rei ie cpa my pour fatlefeovoty. Suite te jtoorder, from Pretec hav epened an fhamey at Doi ND we obali now be pleaasd to fill , & 3 Pner enema Cc:
—m, to os aa 7 "4 . < * 2
: vard Queen's Pat ke Weat. (Com let i daae ak tha Towiee race pees ote Ses pers tbe pablia in with Seri eres Saat B } 4, Ul are Rayo tie
Nyy Apely to a Cipriaud Houlevard. | greclal terms given torell b’e customers, Paninples of everything in art, some of | whieh are pare Vireiels Tobaco>, made as yk = always one
—April 3rd, Bie ecivices of Me W. Sapervilie have { which will Le offered for gale, by haed,«af pa. upta very nice tins, to wt us q :
PIO LET —syderham House, kaown as | teea tronred as general wantger, who Ibey are aleo publishers of Pictures, | be ret.iled a8 esaze par tin of 10, and 40 & & Mg \ “e . a
No, 4, Vice ria Avenue, comp aty | bat bad 25 yeire experience 1a dry giod | Stereoscopic views aud Most Cards, Mana | cents per tin gf £0. 1P Joa have sot tried & ss y wt.
4 barge Belroows, 2 dressing tours, aad Tallorion. 2 wk yout Ewer Salt | fecturers vf Mould ine, dpeclalicee ne ney shen you tatt go eo at oace and you w]i od § aE ae The RAYO Gi
dravicg Gining rom, hunt aud | ao conminced, . PeOHco| bd & eMOkE bo other. 5 4 " aoe
Dat geloviert pantre and all cutee Uses, I. CLARKE & Co, Per prices. . WARD PRICE & CO, mS ; Y THERE ARE LAMPS TRATGS
with stivente rooms atteched, bewersge | April 2 -Im, of Highigrade Portraits ie Gre Producers Who'esile A seats, a a THERE 18 NO BETVER LAM
aod cleetrie light Ned—-quiet tocatity. : : & ag Nickel-Plated over salid nel,
Tmmediate pos esuor, Apply on prowbes,


Aotit 12 b.~ Im, 5

I not at your dealers call ort
ine, Drumites, Convex or Dome (ir ,


Vd Ys.) be ee ‘ 20, Fred *s
Grand Liquidation Sale| EAE Apaoncten vet 8

+ Olt RENT — Nes SL Bt. Vincepe 5 rect Crayon, bepla and Pastel), Mintatures, (in FO \ WHITE dln cal bh West Iridia

i peta Audit Uflce | port vane TTVHE pab'lg te fovited ta" trtlelpate { Oeics oF Lamune “and Lostrale on AUCTION SALE R SALE. . oo 7
1 . . ‘ ricdpate fa 4 11 Art Plate, Ui Pi - ~

abies Tet Moye Apply to No 13, Chacon | T te GREAT LIGC TURTON { eee Art Hate, Cashfony and Piltow or A>

Seree'—Apit 16 lin BALL oF

7] O Let Howe Ne, 4, 1ie witege Rood
Teer oat ssapagareeita, | ITALIAN & PRE\CH CASIMERES,
Oifford Sturcet, Bemont. App'y to Wit rendired neo eave -

y titroh the regret pe
Liam Bast, Moor Agent, bob Fad, bie death of my privcipsl partner {fF

» v $ t
rapist thee of jor eave se | Blacksmith Shed,
friends and Jet us make you 4 beautiful ee

enlargement in any of the above from HERE wi'l be

8x lu-l0 x. Every Vortrait Guarsn- sald premises fy

200 SHARES OF £1 EACH . RE QUI : 7
old Tlitkqo
1 op for, Bale on the Queon’s Park Hotel Comptny, Ltd. x


Tuesday 2nd Mey 1011 as 1 o'vlock FIER providing for Ripals and Re - FOR.
prick & 22) Euroje, The sale takes place at wy store | , Litres reas why you wi culoy deal: | (uarp) ‘The Blacksmith Shed known aa ‘s, deprecksti <
_ _ . . ite fewa's, deprecistion ia tha valae of .
Ok gent. Te pee ats wun setontd "Low Price, 1 tt” Guat f Net Zia Richmond Street, Lovie? upon Property and

containing deawing room, dicing roow, 3 21 Hon ry Stroe ot,
drooms, ueual outbonser, | Eleouts (Under the Hotel M rinds,)
mittee walk’ Htots Bt, Claie Termiaues | U*P tho @ wI'l be exiraordinaty, reduc.

r tnereaylog the Roeerve ,
shi t for arresre of Lund sent dae hy Francis idend cf paid S OU BR S OO
Deal with a House (hat has a soat, Eyre to J, Sorsano (Lindiord.) 7 Beda end of Tojo was for

Our Hobby, - Hopest Guods to Honest ‘erme~Borlocly Cash oa fall of Maramer, | Aa offer of 15/s8 Shira forthe whole or


pirt wonld be accept ma Q0Ot————n
tous inp los. Viva to oeawhat fq Our Desire. -The filendelilp of all Cus- Led, Ballifl &e. do, Apply ac the Ofiss of th! *
Property of Mr, Alfiedo S egert ard oe " to - pply ai sacf thls page, . 8 a ‘
coped by din Paul Koch-s Healthy Ss gan) gt B3 S555 or g500 Sou o48 ‘Duriiu - To be the largest Portrait oyyioi. * 64 Duke Bereen, April 20th,—1a, ( iS
ecallty, Lesusitel view ou the harboor, given away at BU per ernt beo yen 7 and Frawe Co, In the work! hond oe _. . . Nhy Pay Mora ri a an U0 i
waccisios fo May or Jane. Fur particu ‘ ' ur cy: Toanahke rach ordee n per 2 . W y ay ero J
i" I matter, t In é 4
apply to PAUL Kocureec/o Poul Ul, GAETANO BARBATO, | gaunlmatter, proving tint we are your Auction: Sale : -â„¢Mi

Heboerer & Co. 4. Marlee quae .
"Phone 184A pill tih—la, Apilatth sin -

FOR SALE. | Cycle & Athletic
Por SALE Three vey foe MLL SPORTS

Come to the Ayency where your fe —, s
wii bump alii delight at tie signe at PUE, nderigued, will well by Patil
cab and every one of the beautiful san ! Auction oa jacaday ad Moy, 1012 jar
ples we will show yua at prhes which will ;.Su Janes on leads of Mteser, abort and
stouleh you, Jewe Hendersoa ihe following woolen
wenn | tenements diszained soon fur a:resre of

For your Cocoa Planters, Sugar Planters and Cane

life into your Lands by using


GOWA. Apply 27 Bich wend sureet, Tox Hace sl walle Fuster, Hert Aza stecet | Wbt8.309 can ¢b-alo Freak Copechagen
May Yod= Iw, _ Ki 4 B . +h d o. Neue of Rauatis fe er aca Seeet | Batier parked by Kuter Avker- Q ual it B + ri a
“TBaall New Coiteghy be ings ur ay, Gotndod vom asses Ney 3 Boagal sireete | amir” which ia equal ia quali Vv—-Best. P
Ou BAL aay Ne Dasdonrld Srd JUNE, 1911 ce Oo ui S 2, QT. McCarthsoa, No, 12 Bombay street, qual to quality to the '

Soest DANISH whitet the price la not

more than that which MANUFACTURED BY >
inferior grades. whlch 504 oow pay for i

—— _. {tho Trinidad Shipping and Tred
The City Drug Store, | smemeaesemeen


Btreet, onntaining 4 Keowa ales Kitcheo,
alk and W, CG. $1,000—<(part can re- . eee
natn oa mortgaged Also vaceot toro | Peices of durtusion.
Lod, cerver New avd Burde Streste, oe
omApply to Mr, Juskint dn AtHaAt ‘To te GRUUND (oa Tragarete Itasd
Tewp'e glivasc, St Vieveat Sweet [aad bi, Clits Avenue » Beak.
Aprlizeh. —' . _~, | Tothe UNCOVERED BIAND (iy va
yet SaLk, -Ten scite of tans wib ot Aragarete Kaw and Me Cia
2 log cocos trees thereon, ecate,
ad ovove Neaves Aathe Ward of Turero | To the PLBLIO STAND (on [avelock
‘Cavepo Ward) Apply to ALtheD | | Stree’, Norih ‘ 49 conte,
(irae butcher, Baogre Osrande.- | Tothe L WLES STAND (va Haselnck ot)

Poul Ja ncccu 4 Cileutta street
EP, Mi cualt sous -2T Colours atraote

JUST RECEIVED | 4"'«=. Wot ttrorineld Madras etrect,

% bala bo comwsnce at I p.m,
. mk Avcoiocerr,

EQ3 to isfores “Pls customers and the

VQ overs} pattie thet he bas removed to oe
April béth,—lm, Geot's . 72 cenie, CA BBA GE No. * Healy eee to larger and ete —_—
Tote Meotats Ladls Saad (ot Beate eee’ tose trees aainieeaeus | | SANTALKNOLL, a
4 oa Have * got Panes, Orgece a ormoniams & SANTAL BID . . . ;
W 5 lock Bueet, South): SST , epectalty, 0.4 plans parebased, Creo’ Y, j
=e NAN TED. __ Ladies of Members Hoarebott 24 centr, BEE r RO O1 Farolture ade ta erdar materials tad SANTAL PERLE, B erking Macintosh Petroleum Tool & om
. ANTE [fay ers tor 15 19 ef aed | Other Lad +. MB cents, wot kmanehip guaranteed, SANDAL WOUD OIL, ,
10 by 100 feet st San Jess village, | (2 av'p (soasMemt« rr) . hae OPAIBA
coptaloiog Srnit treer, beslthy locality, | Memtes of QU.CC. hare fee eatry

APPLES Mr. Tian A Hok.

good posde, 2 mloutes walk firm Mailwsy everyubere.
station, gol ab SIRUT per lot, Kor furs | NL oT kets ar0 oljainad’

c '
GONVU-AN topathor:al OF ST. ALBAN‘S, ENG

'e ab the Gates PRICK
thor particul re 6 Bre Ne 35, Picea: [+ enty, ou'the day of the Sports,

wn Are preparod to supply complete equipments fur
SNPANTED as “acts ots Dage bectatary Qh SOLeUM ARTES a ee Seat Cm |e Eoginos, Parricks na ena Wa el
Marvin Boze’ Refarwatury, a goed | 0 me . Nataral Ggtenors, ‘Basle (org ina’ 7 eibo%, crricks und Lools of avery description
pases ody Ste ete Notico CRONEY & CO.) inate ratetses | Haeline’s Drug Store, | expat Silo engsge,nul Sling by coun el
Eogiasd, Appy with 2 toslmmnlate 10] 79 the Secrelarce” Of att A ruenudty ADEE to the ofice of thle peper—29:4 —— Particulars, with specitications eto, can In

NOTICE. Aprils 2e,

“To the L, eeertnncees
pH Aonyel Meotiog of the Trlulded ° tho Ladies.
tvclety foribe Prevention cf Cruelt Mitr CUMNINGS bege to Iofora

Bopertarendenr,— drill Y.—1 5, boristics dn Nan Ferna
ANTED. =A gintieraan beving bu L- Want of Nopartae”
Wie experience whh 9 kpowieds@ . Oe

ot keheopin toWkegp s protilons fa (ue Secretary cf tae Bae Ferusude
Bolivar | vew uqaue @ bow lee of be berppevon | Execative Osromition wil

gv gusgeeapp! ! ensayo

ee ene meee 8 Te eae Tt eeite Wii pein th Prevention oie

Yryvendy en the 22.

~ Jane vest, bele


W fieaeral abet Bscbelar, je Coeenntea Dip, ond what vaulter wil

lay Addi Elwasd bee's:
Visteon Guest, Apr woke ae, rarer a

Da If, W. a =
© We LYNOB | cuscoa steset, port-ct Spato, ‘
at Febraary, 1011,
ote Bbelelin 656 Demonsvaioe of ai os
olakarry Deitel Calves, USA) Without Rival
27 Ewederio wt | LAINGS EODA WATER

All teeches of Upto dete DENTIST } BWKET DRINKS, -—
fi=Fack wens acim 4 Popo e clean ddake ta clean botiled


to Animale ait! Le beld at the Pabl t fdeads sadcas
Libtery co Wednesday, Mav Sed at 2.30 1 Bea re amed Duce stamva weds pre
wm, Use Excslieccy ibe Uavernor wi'l | pared to accept ordere to sime acd pro
ketbe Chair, Mewwlors and friscds are | wlsas tontrs satlstecuon fe the execution
{avived Ww aitead, ol all ordere id the lstest fashion, aad ope
MABEL A. DOYLE, eedate styles, Diicse very moderate,

Awdtant Gesisiary, —* Addieous 109 Teogarsie Road, Ory,

— ene SUPPLEMENT 10 1) i
Line “NIGHT.
ra LONDON |nagsr sEoOwW

i <=-0F—
TRIG THEATRE The ' Whirlwind — Cineniatograph

} 800K. PORT- or- SPAIN,
Borer rnou mie “Poon Touos OAR Th A Pasian p ay
iS PERFORMANCE For the Last Time.

8c., I6c. AND 24c,

5 P.M. & 8.30 P:M.

Farewell! — Farewell !

P \ Programme: : The Tron Strengtheniog Bitters .
a “4 " Bost Highly recommended for'Convalescence, Loss
= j - & of appetite, Nervous debility, Wasting dis-
DAY. TUESDAY. WEDNESDAY Tonic - eases, General prustration etc.
2ND, SBD, so



G Heures. stwast.




Magic Toothache Drops,

Taase who have arsd is asy * {514 reslly onagics.”
~~ ALSO iPrloo i120, per BWotttoe

aod at Che Pavoarice Pharmwy, opposite Wash House Bridge.

3, Dorothy Harker,
a” | Musical Selections on. the Xlophene, ‘




Hatanb. 1887.

The Colonial Dispensary,





pos: 8o., iGc. ee,





Highly recommended by, Madtont dushartiet .
e Werkl,

Yor Tis a
m Singer Sewing its will quickly pay for 4
rough the many ways it enables you to ¢cone-

Tt saves dressmakers’ bills, valuable time, aad —_— _
of | repairs, which figure considerably in the § CURES: *
- maintenance of in erior machines. Many Anaomia . ‘ ;
m only realize the superiority of Chlorosis 7 a :
= - ° ' . . a .*
ager Sewing Machines Dobillty at
; E they have wasted money upon nondescript Neurasthenia..


ee an ce ray a

J, Branavatro, Trrest& .

‘ which soon becoms completely uscless,
y their experience and get a inger the first §
ou will never need another sewing machine. ff

x Be . ’



Now Landing ex Schr, “< Melba’
from Georgetown, "$0.



eter age oe


4 Fredeérick street.
“Spala, Tcleph ne—408,


Ios yon a fae Re oF or ff you know anybédy —UF—
ben seuionevoar aw spa cet | PING Boards and Planks. hap.
ire Sesh Hight nad onl oaly got a more little twiek é
a quality la noas guarantecd, 200964 teot 1 x 13 Planod Planod ‘Faidea 0, &T, .
980 foo . sides o
"i x WHAT You BUY. ‘iat het i: if 2G gait T, BIDING
neat Thing. | “1,000 ) CORNS— 99,800 fest BOARDS dnd PEs Rog,
thar, tel’ rooted out by Layne (im: “775.517 feot,

roved) Gorn-cure
Dog ao
Lato! 3

twee bad clean

ie. ft battle, road ova’ { Weoger don
wax AG)


Ve Op MEWROLT & 00.



Sole Agents





; ’ CE DAILY AT REDUCED PRICES. Head OF ranch Oficefor the Ws ths Woot Indies, Bar






‘ What, h 3a0m Seton dereeyan ond ig"Rot effected by oe woter oF eieem

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‘seseig Sarg VINNNEg SL.

s,UuSesy e}°os

“it vpanzbe used without staining tha fingers or spolling cluthes
Jane? has no equat Teitner In colour, permanence or cleantiness

FeGegaluw |

Tho Bonanza Drag Steses,


Sep rsh o re SESE SESE mea ae ee Seton

a an! for & peiviee tke Dee ae Rerite Phree chedePoaly Bleck Dash Rrowa,
OLS sal ek ari ‘Of all Choemiets ond Sires Bd BIOS CO Bagigghall Gtreet, Londen


“OO R°


Estublished 1825.
Edlubu he Scotland.


Anoral Revenge Exceede” awe ae own w. & 3,622,000
favested Fun ie Exceed we one - OuGR J .
ounce Decluea” = Fiawess ust ” Received
O'alme Pald ts 27,750,000
Liberal Sarrender values,

Loane alvanced on security of Pu'lcies up to 99 pst coat, of the surrender value at

5 pes immedie Redaction to home rates duriaz visits to »Earops and other temperate 200 CASES

fa ins West fall iebout caferencs to *
nfs #oceptel end Pollsters tested io thy West falley without cafe Each 10 lb, in 4 lb,
Age Slaime Vaid Lmmediately on proof of desth anf sedt'enent moda by the Company's


5 Ker sale,b»


ees fo,
Ch thes Fel casey, AIL.

Policies on which aga le adaitted are ancballengeal'e after Two Years,

1910 Bonus.

The leat Lavestigation for Division of Profits amsag the Pulley-holders took place
ee ab l5th November 20!0; andthe Bonus then declared was atthe rate of 300. per
ciate ashes cae a oeadttogoas

Oo the aa wm neeu! 7 2 sqcenotam,

The Barbados Mutual

Various Systems o ‘of Insuranco,
WHOLE LIFE ASIURANCE,—By pr’ mium payat payable for whole of life,

— Het Febeaery, 1a
ENDOWMEST ASSURANCES—Paystgp aba Seed datgeron wrovione desta ee SINGUINESU BROS

NCE tb
JVUINT LIVE ASSURANCE, Payable to the aarvivor of two persons on the dea Provision
SORT rei ASSURANCE.—Baltatle assecority for temporary loans and Lindred _
INNG ay yASSUHANCE—To sesure an annuity to the wife on the death cf the | OOMMISSION MEROBANT

curebe ene ENDOW MENTS.—Ueelal as's projision for education, No 4 Menrw
NLAKUEBABLES TERM ASSURANCE,—The fargest fovarance st the mioimam

outlay, giving the advantage of low yremum dering the early iyears of A Long Felt Want,

rovtarbe fatoramatl PANOIS BROWNE Agent, Port-of- Spain ROM MUNDAY,
—, je AY, .
he W, BONYUN & 00. Sank, Fernando, F fest and reliable Motor’ beh ®


wilply for passengers between Sao
Fertaada, Lalirea and Polat Foutia
on Mondays, Wednesdays and
Fridays, leaving after the arrival of
morning trata from city, returaing ig
thee a he ae catch train forcity,

Ur. Lino Diaz y ihaz






Have semred GULD MEDALS of the he highest a awards wherever they have been
CSE ane Stead SARA GLGA Tee vee ro se
achado’s gars and Cigarettes are for smokers of culture and discerning taste OFF ICE:

Uae seenaualt nod ao aod fBiending of HACHADOS Claans & claaketres | “*? **
N oti ce

annot be excelled or equa
. “B & IBM LACH ADO pus publio fs ‘bere notified thet

Harbour Street Jamalca through tbe iil-trealment of ol ny hues
1 bare cont:

[KEEP IN MIND [ptei te site
Joseph, Gonzalez

1710. 1971
Sno Insurance Office

Sutatsliwlied 1720,

rauuina® : *LEMO,

Cipera Street, San Fernando,

je ounire |S Henry Street} Ami is
- ——______.
gee the World. losurances WHEN BUYING Tranqullll

fii, entaebes


Vege, an gflécied upon s Desricks, Agifealcaral Forks, alt Less NEW CLASS bee teea formed fer
E & Bolter Houses, ire Niftere if Girla who with to prepare for the
Que ters and all (asuratie property on nt 4, i ae Hore Beale the “ Tatnenee®, d a Examination, (Pre
ri — 3:
Ol, FIELDS | ition cis” [avait attends vitn
a correct ra Priwcre, Nall Twhve Faalish Gramauar, C Cosposition aad aod
per cont otf rates fee Comey Residences, Cn Bicoes, wate ty, Peach Eoglish ott Geo
Pianet ‘Glass Windows Fail raat, Breet gt ned
RENT swlosuracce Theta iS pcutne Indew Jleod Haw File, Uses . rawing, Si
tity for the Lss of rect in case of Bre. + Saw Files, ‘0, 2 Copper Pranere Cuttlsg oun f, Neodiowa
Loses ty ee are Made Good by the 9 Beoves, Bhect mead bend later Practical Ghee
osie MLP, Bore," Kistie kare aod Wire | TEAUHER Miss GLADYS bualie,
NCOVE fo Matt i Hrorgibiog, Cheep and good as cutfeaid Oambridge
tUNDS, sin mater ae an fon usutl, you will never rogret pure J pp(ir
fees, Tei Port of Spelea As “8 en chasing anything from HOU LE men Peytble ie sie

do, Sas’ Frresade, .L. W noire La
_Serpnona we. 107

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8 Mexay Stacer,
For inltalon, spyflation should be

Music * Lessons BO YOUR OWN PRINTING. made to the Bria


zg iNDY aN legt bo SMALL vlote Prist —

Fates ul eam frre sia crite een Osis fot | rr patito ta hasokg etibed spt f asm

Saree, Souths leer Inepesal stn Saale ot riting ll calecl my peer eeder ood
cas 2! bes alter ert a rie ea dole, y to ieginkto find tp Lm peantole 10 “
whe are wishlal te learn iba art tf phasing finvat’si, i AMELINGA a,
the > Be Bars Sane ée,, Bapgre Orende, ‘
at thele naidence are requested to make Sprif bola,
opactel ar Argroent sa lo ¢ oe: bal
sped oa sext Cass Betlos will be

7 ara Au aay d2@ wh
meetite f ut Modly ond is

wade ss OE RO,

Mspert ‘hase Dyer, & tum 7

eae Bale ison Qeorge Bus

aE a SR — ,
as LONG TAI ~ for thie port comprised 75 bage Den Ts ht if he semosed we and for no phe hekd vntl! hiadeath. Inthe Lon- . mor “ , 1
L ee tee Smal Teae rear tatere yaa ueesDeca te eat ' \ i
, The 28 Balybia "of * rhe Gaurta In Eopland are | onggr be wascable to turn out, Ae - [ ‘
BUT A GOOD TAIL, [sh teieiedituemn Hey de See gen |r bea 6 ALAIN / Kody
. ~ - ae -

urday night h more reepect thau they | Parkinson posnessel a practical know-
froin Demerara with 8 perngers fare treated here, It may bo that bee ledge of polarization which knowledge [- -
- and one decke ayron, He AL Fansy flava te more inpottant place than |] was always at the dieposal of hi¢ em- . POO tte
“ «od Showing” tho increaso in deliveries * Trotid treet the Cote Ae ee ee ee eae etme ton NIH mh
‘ re Conrt o alwith | aeuming and retiring neta a =
Lan? iinided Hiner “Grenade” | disrespect 1 nay ite trot roovderun, | tua of varied experience and wile HAW SHIPMENT oO:
ateturned Tena tain James aah able and | should be strongly ceneuiredd wding. Aialte and genial, jBarkte”
ature gan diate ever baring } will long bd remembered by, those who . RAT N
\ 7 A

crening with cargo in transit for the / apoken dierespectially af the Oot 1 tact with 2 ort
oO aSsin United States and 8 parsen for Appesk. Touly ni lon Ucn Tall with th Sait of hareaats kad wa
e Trinidad Nesers 1,8 D'Ada C. C. ane While offesst and my suppor and Mentisideration for sik ite waa
: ' : us
Dog Foods,
gm. Mr Pedro leelonl Mr 8,

Croney H. IL Iuhn and’ 5 Borde, | example wil be used aga
Mma | The deliveries for Novembi r, 1910, hand3 deckers,

e ‘ °
tideation | lover of his race and was ever ready to
eg dane cutee een Drawineroom suites:
New York via Grenada, y for = that niade for ite advancement, He “
cieate a record, 1 | The Trinidad liner “Crown of

. COURT. was a true christlan, and hie
. Ufe in
: Granada 1,76f tons Captain. Grich

private and public was an
exemplary one Ualifornia has
Jost & good man whove place will not

arrived on Sunday from New Y.

via Grenada with BO shee 100 tons

froeral merchandise and § passengers,


The Leyland "Liner * Barba .
2.83 tons Captain Manning. cea
from Liverpool via Barbados witb
30 tons general cargo and & ne

(Before the s a lef Justice.)

. Weslyan Cemetery, California, beside .
(Before Mr, Justice &ican,) th 4 f hi fe who prod ,
wm Magic terre aehereereees KITCHEN RANGES OR STOVES
r ings v mult roe, & Co., ea ¥ | months, The Itev, Huckerby and Mr, SIZES 6, 7, 8, 9 FOR WOODjUB200aL,
‘own rd, mariah y Deharre | T. Clarke (Lay. Missionary) conducted . owe

Baggath. the funeral obsequies both at the

De Grants y De Grame, Simon Birja | Stabe and the emcee. The we WITH OR WITHOUT BOILER

¥ Baggna, Salazar © Chanapan, funeral which Inc tded all classes, ‘an

Tepenenza stele mace menaine pent ef RATTAN ARM CHAIRS, | b ¥ FANOY OHALKS, .
and foe Gecnda Ttecterst nae

thel f tom by closing down RATTAN cuUCUES RsTfaAN TABLES.
Bowen ¥ Gorge the factory at mitelay on theta st
lazarey Wright Jr Patkineon’s death ard burtal ‘The GET ONE OF OUR
Incladed In the ca: of tl

THERE 1S |. jotugucany thse
specie for is valu at . od. f positiveof the esteem in which
+ about 81,875. One of these box Jobity v Henryand ore,, Kidial ¥ See,
A REASON contained $73 In American gota | Rodrigues v Allen. who followed his renvains tn theur Inet

coina consigned to Meésara, 3--N; ah resting pl “oM KB &
Iarriman, aud the other contained Tange ¥ Decle, Ramjattan v Guor- Gonnel, Grande Conne 1 ‘Jamnce Heatiie, G O O D Wi L. L E VW | LS O N
FO R THIS about: $100 In Mexican silter. din, Gomez v Laceg, iH rn Grant, Darul Hoadley 1 Mr and
’ moee —— Aira, La ra, . unt,
2 . 1! The Venezuelan steamer “Delta” (Byore Mr Justwe Russell.) Samoels, AM, Saul, Te A. Mardy, I. LIMITED. ‘
$ attived on Sanday hight frem Ciu- 4 3rd. McShine, W. Best, Mr. and Mrs, Jas, ~ nee
dad Bolivar with 168 oxen and 23 King v Wilson, Greaves, Mero and Mrs. Adams, Mra, —

Pareengers for this Mr, F. Pal-
kar Mreand dire Ps, Catalin aod
pare clifferent from all others. child, Bir, Hortesqne, Mr. Is Dorel,
. Mr, L. Marquez, Mr. A. 1s

orfeR{Foons FEED DOGS ONLY, iter. anon Froiter, Mr. A. Untaneta
. Mr A. E mn Mr. ~ a
no Foods not only feed but keep dogs healthy, | Waterman, Mr. Nagel) Kanasi aa
deckers, The steamer also brought

the coat, cradicate worms and prevent unpleasant | 63} packages for Europe per Joyal
; = Doth Mail, 118 pacha, per Hoyal
> odours from the skin and excreta. Nail and 70 packages for New York
y aS per Trinidat fine,

ith. N. Nathaniel, Messrs, K.P. Morgan. ,
Kast» Parian. a J.B, Parkinson, (brother) Mr and an
~ 1 Mra A. Rodney, T. A. Gordon (who
Rogudarrie v Adinr Gtheral, Gaiib v | played for the wersice) MBL Parkin:

NEW 200 TONS STEAMER Fon| SUPREME COURT The Piano Warehouse,


A FERT JETTY FOR CEDROS. | (Before Mr. Justice Ruaell LIB.)

i. ved from the purest logrediente only ard free from any medicament, Call The Royal Mail transatlanti ‘The Gosernment is presently con- —_ Monday,
Ens te-dey at the nearevl Dealers and bey sone. he oyal Mail transatlantic rlram- f | tering the ordering of « eteamer ta ‘ Thus, Ye . . ‘
. er Magdaleng willarrive at Sam, | Socrie te oF trade. ee Nepanins | Huery Partrece ion. He As Alen |= We iavite your inspsctios of our Showrooms whore the

arg at and’ mot completo stock of newly imported
PisNOS over bol! in srinidad oan boa som. The instru-
morta are all from the very bost maskers ant havo bein
spoorlly menufscturad foe use io trinwad Ihey areal
Ve RY -Ureniun an LONE and SESUTIEOu ts
“Per ARANOr, .

L BhR«L VISOIUNT showed for CA SH or on terms
ef from t to 3 yas. Our ide f det rred payme.t
wil a Ways moet y UF CODEN 4 100,

IX shuuav Hany PlANOS (almost \ new}
from 75 dalilars. .

Gatleaavcly andmsoecuve a Bargatm:

THIS WERK ONLY <5 doen Socond hand Mandolines’

ihe new steamer will be of about two zar KC. for plaintitl! and Hoo. 1. A.
handred(grossitous,orsixty morethan Wharton K.C., for defendant. o
the Saparina, which isutterlyungble = This is an action for apecite Per
tocope with the growing trafic. tn formance respecting oi) lands,
calling for tenderv, the service for Me. Whartan applied fur leave to
which the steawer ly required will be put in an amended defence,

vatlined and the specification Ac. will Mr. Alcazar did notat'fitet consent,
be Jett to the builaers who will be al- bntdiden subsequently on defendat
towed to give Che bevefitof theirex- being ordered to pay plaintiff the costs
perience A jetty of lad feet, on cun of the day.

crete piles, 8 to be erected at Cedros The amendinent waa aecordingly al-
inthe very near future. There will lowed. The question of supplying par-
be @ daily service, both ways, onthe ticulars of damage, ale asked for by
Cedrus Koute and during the building the defence, was resers ed for Thurnday
of the vew «teamer, it is expected that when the hearing begins,

onbw€the Gulf Steamers, the Jereor | Kiva vy Witsovs—Adjoutned to
the Patiu, will be put fn wervice to an. ; Wednesday (May 3)

e im today trom New York os her home
r QEO. R. ALSTO N & CO,—Sole Agents, ward voyage tu England, The tender
Eo . * Exe “which left for St, Lucia to
. |relievethe “Yare” will also arrive
frvan the last named port. The Cana-
- 4 dign | steiner Deane a Is also
‘ "1 ‘ scheda to arrise today = from

Ee ON. AD ZA. ‘ * |} Canada via the Northern. islands

as wel} as the Dutch steamer * Prins


der Nederlanden ” which coynes freer

' Q ~ b 4 Venezueelan Pore The intercolonial

A Oo r w Cc S O rl steamers * Herbice” and * Balantia”

< willalen arrive this” morning from

= . the Noithern islands and the latter
from Demerara,

moe a
a . The Lritish three-masted sch
Bick Miotor Cars Sor Sale, Trial runs given} oir, 6" "de tone net, Captain

: 5 . sistthe Aaparima. [tia expectal to a . 3
;to like.y purchasers. Sole Agents for THE HUD Retry, gleared hytenday morning for erect‘acraue of Mons capacity on (Before Mr. Justice Swans .ryum 98ceats DO NOT Mids Pus,
one of the wharves —this in deference _

Ambant and Son, to lbe recommendations of the Cham. | ‘ Jankxy MARAnGF vGenDEaGRAAT.
_— ber et Commerce. There Weed to bea pa nF. * Lachapelle and dr. uc -

"4 m crane, on the Yincent Palmer-Chiszola, instatcted Mr F.

0 eS et Re ee UD ava | Wharf, Lut ite weightlifting capacity J Maingot, for plaintiff t Tom. Te A:
cruisa along the Venezuelan coasts, has beep reduced tu 10 tons, Wharton K.C., taetracted) by Mr. T.

, Son America’s best Motor Car cindelake asphaltfrom Mesers, L. F.



"Ehone 446. 21 Frederick Street.


4 \
‘ * The $8, “Viking” sailed the same —_—_—_— M_ Kélshall, for defendant.
- a —OFf — 5 This isanaction fo set aente on the
Ba Mee Veatch: Snr Atfied Behan, WEDDING BELLS. Terre Sarton respect
| T UPPLIES = [Seta nens Sein cis nt erm fraud ee et Oe
; Oo OR Ss avd 41 labourers’ for the asphalt} ° ’ (From a Correspondent.) Mr Lachapelle applled for an ad-

_ journment on the ground! that plain-
On Sunday a quictand fashionable tiff who had not been well only came
wedding was mdviunized at St. aul’s out that morning and there had not



MOP HEAVY GROOVED TYRES—760 x 90 and 810 x 90


ae one

Inner Tube to Sui, Chorch, San Vernando, the contract- been thue to get some very matalal , .
SRSTOLLDS-. ivolold covers Lew life. - AN EXPLANA- fog partics being an Char ies mje evklence for his came, ry mateain VIA BARBADOS © TO | NEW. YORK,
PANIZING MATEVIALS —Valye grinding compound. TION Donald Bailey, headmaster of the Ce- | Mr. Wharton conseutad on pay iment salting On
. h 3 f Motors. . dros Government Schopl, and Miss by plaintiff of the costa of defendant's Li Tuisipap Anrivt New You.
2 CARBON REMOVE, doubles the hfe of Alo DR writ REPUDIATES THE Elaine V ‘anissa Tyrell, daughter of the witnesses before the hearing. Sucamena. | WAVE TRINIDAD. <
Pewliiy SPARK PLUGS to suit all Motors + | UAPPARENT DISRESPECT TO [LS he Cicch’a few taimutes Lefors bejald before the nect heating AFL. Uath April vs, 2st
BE THE APPEAL COURT- the appointed hour and punctually at Se ByRON, ay Apa web Mey th
few for all purposes] obising the siti ‘of the City Police 1 Aes beara on heat of enya ; (Bef “ the Chie} Justice.) TENNYSON www May loath deve Sl “aed
: x yesterday la Worehip "1A. Ino Pp ceutical Chemist, CHNEE VRAMLAL: Mer W, Blach “ ** ne J we BAth Jane Sle
poe LAMPS foro] and Acétylene, Blackwood Wright said in reading the | who re her away. Mra. J. Tiuech Fraser for plalntift and aud Nr. Lr By Roe an hee l Jane oma | Joly 4th

* Port-of-Spain Gazette” of Sunda
he came across a paragraph whi
charged him with treating the Court
of Appeal with disrespect and he want-
el to give an explanation about St.
Hie Worship then read the paragraph
after which be went on to say 3 very
Lawyer should treat every Court wit
reepect and for a Stipendary Magis
trate of an Inferior court ta take upon
himeelf to treat the Court of Appeal
with disrespect is, apart from any-
thing else a breach pf bie public
duty. Itis ble duty as a Magistrate to
treat the Court of Appeal with the
greatest pouslble respect. Whoever
rent this paragraph to the’ Portot-
Spain Gazette“ seemed to have gon:
ovived the idea that I have tovarily
spoken of the Court of Spneal with
jareapect, F repudiate thal as strong
ly as T poslbly can. 1 had the honour
to be anacting Judge for six monthe
and daring that six months I heard «
certalo pumber of appeals from Mag-
letrates, and thersfore Thad some ex-
wriense, not asa Magistrate but as A
udge, of the difficulties that the Ap
peal Uourt has when dealli.g with ay~
le from Magistrates Proceedings
In & Magistrate's Court are quick and
rapid aod note taking Ja not don, in
shorthand and the Clerk does bi [est
to takedown what be thinks essential
ints, but not beipy « Lawyer be
souet (nies misses eventual points, The
note taker I think testo be palns-
taking io doing his duty 1 he is not a
lawyer and therefore ble reayme of
what happens in Court sometimes
leayes put gusential parte of the case
the Appes) Conrt haa got to deal

acted as mother-giverand Mr, George Cipriani for defendant. ane a
Hocke performed ths dative of best- lore pert beand ac Uon to re- hird Clans A mumodation
nan, e¢ mdgsmsids were cover $I, wust funds, . . cco
Missca A, and MM. Jialley (sistere ofthe = Addreesea were heard and His )fon- First, Second & Bhire
bridegroom) and 3ilus . Tyrell (ulster our gare dudement for plaintiff sith For rates cf passage money sod all further infcrmation, apply to
of the bride), Rev. F. L. Nerry L.A.¢ costa with Jeave lo plaintiff lo yith- 5
aselated by Rey. Canon W.S. Doorly draw the amount froma savings bank "GEO, R, ALSTON & 00.
perform the marriage service where defcndent deposited It on bis , Shipping Department.
and at the conclusion the ownname No. 182. Agente
roembers of the Guild of bt, Agnes! Haxpaxre Sap00 v SodKia Mr, | TgLEPHONE NO. Sm rere
prese nted ihe bride with & beau iful g A yan, for paint pinetmucted hi ee

resaanda puree, Thecholr turn r. J. Ryan, for plaintiff: Hon, J. 1.
out in full forve while Mr, HJ, Win- Hobson, Instructed by Nr. Ll. M. Hob»
ter preaided at the orgen. Atthe cons son, for defendant, ¥ DO You KNO
¢lusion of the ceremony, the pry This was also a part heard actlon


repaired to the residence o for trespaseand an fujanction, ‘ j
Ueorge Martin, Cuenca Street, whera Further evidence wag heard and the ?
the reception was held. Among the { hearing adjourned till Grday after tho Wii Yy
toasts proposed was that tothe bride | sitting of the Appeal Court. |


avidson and Todd





Caledonia Dover Stoves{No. 7.
» Caledonia Dover Stoves No. 8.
Double Blue klame stoves.

&- Doublo Blue Flame Ovens.
E. « Single Blue Flame Uvens.


B Beatrice PitchfOil Stoves Bingle
Beatrice Pitch Oil Stoves Double
Berkefeld{Filtera Nu. 1

and bridegroom by Nev. F. L. Merry,
who eloqgdently entrested the young

letalivein secorda th thi
Sous they had ‘taken in the presence BOARD OF HEALTH. is tho Bcst.
of God that day, The following were —

th eotas Sr. J, A. Lamy, Mr, Hf, J, Tuk ordi thy meeting of « te ta Viati ‘ 5, i
Witter: Br, sod alma Av A” Pbilin | the General Hoard of Tesith was held ; BLOA USK it is distilled exclusiv ly_ from grapes ‘grown in the famous

Mr. GA. Bonaa, Mr.I. P. Chatles, [in the Council, Chamber yestenlay Ccgnac velley fa-the > outh ot France, an
Me. G, Martin (jorh Mr. KA. Stan: | afternoon, there jx Ing prosentt s—Hon, 5 . : :
{ey MnkE Ke Taylor Mr. C. Lamy, } Ur, J, We Eakin (! etlng.. Burgeon- BECAUSE. tho House of Mertcll during two centuries of experience

r, J. Shepherd, Me, ILI Me. Merah, De NILE. Kneggs, Lies * }
Catter, 31, and Seen heen and !Cutonet “Hy 8, Marshall, Sir. A.D. has disccvered all the socrets for the making ofa

Milde Brown, Mrpand Mre, C. Peter- [QConnor, with Mer. HL G. Vases, t

oon, Mivs G, de Craney, Mins 13, Mare | Seoretary,

tin, Mise D, Taylor,‘Miss EK. Dende, | The minutes of the fast moeting

Miss Lawny, Master D. Carter, Mls | were confirtst. . ' e ? é
Carter and Mise Al. Tyrell (annt of ile SANITATION,

bride| The bride aud bridegrwon | The fanitary summary for April ,

were the reclpleats nf numerous and | showed that the regular aod surprise {

raluable pene dm the greniug the | cht were tant Larson Ae pay wor the kitchen, the medicine chest, the side-board, bay
for Cod

sina for roe where they will} had been compiled with. Goacare'et only the best,


reside, typhoid fever vecurred at Na. 03 Par

' Berkefeld Pilters No, 2 with pha note as Md js [hare ale, ——— olivet, and the presulson, were special-
- * on: ’ had- Thea t wald jolefortune, be ly dleinfectet | 7
b _ Deksild TapFilters scorer | ites RTT RE | DEATHOP NRTA PARKINGDN | 7A? ope arertey ies WE As ee ei TTS.
° ~ i SS Se as
REA DIBOSHS 6 SIZES ie tithenetieta ms | — enatonmrmints — ean dae acs BLANT COCONUTS FROM
. Wooden?Coffee' Mills. - Mey particular caso to wbich the paras f It ts with extreme re tere that we lo rectal scavenging ant ral destruction ‘

refers le this i—-A witness wasin
thelbox and Jnsjector May esked ber
whether a cestaln woman was relisted
ta the prisoner and the witness sald,
+ the prlsuner was hla mother” which
was imposible and to J] sald 18 this
were taken on the notes and went up
to the Appeal Court they woukl sake
iest wok of ft, I never thought of
the Judges: thought of the learnal
Connsel who woukl be addressing the
Judges and whe would upon that make
gmt that the poor potetaker did not
puow ble business, that be was re-
srtlng in the janet Uy way, and that
fs no © wee pet seliabiy, near
ek pe my) oy
stenek pe tltng Tor the

Wirs Meat Covers °

Wire Cake Coolers -

Mortars and Pestles :
Wire Door Mats


Enantelled] Pudding Bowls
Enamolled Ewers
Enameled Breakfast Carriers


dvy chrunicls tha death of aveniduypaud ral destruc tion .
Alfred Pashia ae Lita ler | Stet Yo etary barns, CHAGUARAMAS.

fornia, whkh aad event took place ou [lode The nuber of telail shop '
the Zith ultima, In spite of avail: | inspected wae 10, shire Ri) rer —_———

able medical and pursiog akill, My. Yous were institute unter the ent W . : A .
vette en fereipeie aher'a rather | dna re, cotviinl aod Sued from Chaguaramas Estate Coconuts Average
cotracied and painful Ulness. Thomas | 7Vt2 1 allof which were |. \

Alfred Patkiuss) Watleen: Paurie Fae CAMILA he sreret ied to 85 0/0 verssszeeee ' Selects.

Hane, of whit tate | inform the Board that auother casg 15 o/o (ontyt.......° Culls.
Deiter was, a ene thine” tuatager of pee iad fend om pumeey / ( y . .
Oe ay uct tick | jeu oy te mala reed rer ot POR PRICH PHR 1,000
tention was turned ty sugarbolling | oman Cat jolie ( ary bs aot bad 7 , " .

‘hi iy
abe back
atproot the, (amily felling, Aid aE te | ie was brought tothe Hosp Apply to a“,

carly age ef lay (Hund

le fret appulntinent asf talalout mblday yeolentay (Sunday .
Judges, bat pighitly or wrongly | think [received by fi citi ard celock, The. usa . . . .
Ce le are Let eed plantations Lestioy lian: | meaaifes of (usceutien were finmed | LASCELLFS, Dé MEKCALO & CO,
sole dee) that was allt referred [tation Lalman (Deinerara) after 23 | ately, instituled All the contacte at 419, Marine Square.
te f think had Une oytaLdy copoten PTET TREN ere Taer er St. James had teen Inuwuleted, a:

ad epputnt § ese la PurtafBpain would be iace- April 2ithe-lg
diesen they eaey Sua be very | auent on the Eeperengs Estate ehhh culated that w{ternous. The full B

i itl


pn sa

R 8, “ Atrato”
4 onSooee


: BRRINGS oe doe
See OKs. 240 Ib
Mpa UB ACES eee 404 Ib
TER . 480 Ib
, f OHKESE. 60c¢ lb
> 4 [2lb—7260 ca,


ae [!]b—-38¢ ca,
’ “Carrots, Turnips—Se tb
s foie gli BAQUN—36e Ib
wAT on






orn ONE 297.
_ TH

Li il * “GG

he “Sigarattes,

bain rel from the Mildest
ain = xobnocom

p tried, , Always used 1
UF i Wi


ne a ”

ra vel,

fen tad Broad Cut in Cartrfdges
. Per Tin,
aes Patent Pipe Villera—1e each.

iis & Wilson, Litd,
orp t B64 Pvect at
Deed Ye race Te old Cromer!

3 aality aod satisisction guars
Oo te a braschee—Telephone °F,


Bean gob 8 8 Teas Soppiy
; Phado’s ‘Cigars

- a ;EADIL Gpachas Kopec'ates

Once iricd—never refused,


” By Nicusow & Cor,
. Sree pete favour
ta, Brow: Ad Vranes

Cream Cheese
2c, Pex Lo,}


oer) te 8 bad

ret tetne



Ps Tobaccos & Cigaretleg

th Hams & Bacay

ine Gieetis bad jotta, |

"M. W- Goopina Gils





“Reductions! Y


aR, Ghacom Stree

Is now fully stocked with all fhe newest shepes in Struwsead y” THREES Ho.
Felts. The following area. few.of our vpans oli - ety — FOR —
aon Street, fer their TT TENNIAL
P C@RTIFICATES and alec for their


Uae sShowerlyte Roater’—-Price $1.44 Waal premio ay A fico apply at the
quare Edge Brims ” 1.44 | Pnding omame -
Cable Edge Brims ys 144 ae conttaty be Teeasurel, S K K Q) C CH i XZ C O .

Fost of Spat
pevcwrararwimvaraimsmae tin October 1910,
Men’s and Boys’ ALPINE ard TEKAL FELT SAATS—Fricos from

36 cents to 23,00-—$11 shades ard nowost shapes,



hes‘Camp,” Telescopo and Flanter Ehepes.
WHITE & BUEL HELMETS in Rutber, Cork, ‘tee etc, ete, from
72 cents to $3.80,

Men’s Black Flexible Felt Hats

From 72 cents to $2.00,


Eton, Golf and Motor Shapes,

Children’s Sailor Hats.

We make a'specialityfofithis Pepartment. New Goods
received this Mail.


5, Frederick Street.

Trinidad Building and
Loap Association,

Veleyhone: Au. 53




12 Froderick | Street. a
ee arr enn es

> .


Porto Spisa,
bth april wil

bt od? 4











es wenry Mtwreot,
At Port-of-Spala Wharf


Just arrived ex R MAS, ‘ Atrato, ” “from the
celebrated firm




” Cages Full CV PAPER “ Cowboy” Brand.’
Bales STRAW Pare

(F atablished 1705

Cases CUBE SUGA A ta ftenteg Cheep rime oa | A Shipment of BRANDY comprising (he following ASSURTMENT:—
seus oo oats (eay ) Bees a pat Ells , 15 Cases * One Star” Brand, q, .
Tierces BMALLR Sp bed __ 10 Cases Thee Siar” Bren y
Canadian Oats 6 Cuses “ randy
cases eS, SEMON—Tierees and Berets, | OUR NOMBER PHONK 302 2 Gases "VOB, 2" Brandy .
yest BR t Recely 32 Cases
W BHAT ve PEEDL a Bote Awentm:

shed without relies bed offuds
tae grectett omform to, tetas
Tey ame and be ¢ 04 vi:
Abatetas gle wdid tot nef OLRM AN
ii apes tere 98 ecb a, and pare
precus og ir Pouchs


70, South Quay.

scOTT, BOYD & CO., |i

No, 6, Broadway.


PHONE 58 apt Aliat poraut prices —

DR. C.F CLARKE yee eWELAEn Pr inces T own 3) sw STABLES, | 027004Ts
RADUATE, of ge ward tsar “en pee Dritks con now Teta at a7 Truguvete Mond | Htanies


Dake, Sis nian on Donen ae | 24 Erodorick Sts

! gromty





Descriptive 1 Wietorice) ‘and G Geo-
graphica .

Compiled « ox ert for’ use ia
tho schools of the Colony

—DY .

Jos. A, de Suze




The Arcade

+ ten

Victoria Institute




For ton
Commences on Moaday 16th May.


Pri Government Hackvey Stalllon
tate ty”

witl stand for sex

Picton 7 ao F ‘erpacdo, froee 2 ooh

fastane i tu th Jane 1h paid vo Je te

jon to

uisisye Ese dievoo Exnte
Coperoment Fara, Manager,
April 24,3

* CowstiaL Sxcurrapy 's Orrice,
2tth April, 1911,
1B Chatreoan of the Mensaniila
Road Board bes given otice of the
wing sceolutlons for the next socetlog
the tral Road Board.

(b) That the Warden
ipatls for piltance of alz chaios through

the land of Sfee: job:

oc) That <” Arcaadillo Road be
diveted Gb the ¢ milefur a distssce of
eighth cbaice thrdagts land ef tt Patten,

Govgsunent Hovex,

bobeeitrareyt Clreote it to
formation thegas as rem tb be

i is Vine a i th
a Med Seta eda
fanend ofr TU arm, an oreery

jy Comm:


Jmmigastios Orrict,
lu. Aps il vil.

Me Terolgrante Opoee
aspired Terolgraate; whe Propors
= tan ‘ator

py relurolsg to ledia this ve
Fesister Vbele pames at the
8 early as poseibie, ao (had acre
2 made to charter s

vowel "No applic
celal clreume’ jauces

ce os dane Lats

Pro ecier of Lawl seat,

VE Directog of ‘Of Poble Works bas
ce diapose), ot WV eeek,
ie mepe « 30 waps 0

Feindad eet New Meheme for

~ pov x eriaes

sreCial sEB0 COTTON,

unt a bry ticas “
p caRuoDY





‘ —or—

A o .

\ ‘|Eczema, Yaws, Ulcers,-and
eo Skin Diseases .

‘ E-X-0-I-N-T-O is an efficient Anti-

«septic, Stimulant & Mild Gerinicidal

At heal s—soothos and allays irritation aud itching of tho skin
Jt destroys the putrefactive germs, foand in the affoctod
skin and cleanses 1t of all infoction.

ani'trapid formation of new hoalthy skin. .
lt is emp'ored with success in the treatment of sovere

advanced casos of Eozema,

Sold, in collapsible Tubes and jib tins by all Druggists

The Inter-American Drug and Trading Company,
130-132 Pearl Street, New York.

Price One shilling.

Sold by all the Leading Chemists




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— Old |fol_ shone down relentlessly cn
318 NONOUR'S REPLY. the sun-baked streets of Vortof-spalng
— 6 tram-ca) ave welcome com:
Yoltentay being the firet silting of | ta those obliged to go about the bisy
the Distric€ Court under Itanew furis-| city in pursuance of their daily avoca-
dition, His Honour Nr. Commissioner] tion, amid their whirring passage to
David, was Bttingly welcomed into | and fro, the printers and even those in
fice by tie Y of Solicttors, | the forbidden fastnesees of the edito-
gat. whom were prosent, Mesers. {rial sactum heard the shrill, suggest-
Crown Holicitor) BE. five cry of an aged hawker ‘ketch
MM. Lazare, iA, L, Brown, F, J, Maln- pur coo! soursop for de heat an de ole
tH, Attala, T. M. Kelshall, FU fluy foc lanyap if, This philaathropto
Tanssail, E. Mouttet, H. P. Mitchell, [ bid Tor allay ing he stralne that the
J. Wilson, J. A. Ryan, A. McCarthy, | weather now prevailing io these re
P, de Labastide, 10 M. Nes, H, leract gions has upon the vigor and energy of
Jeffers and A. H. Hlgapy, esars. Pal- | ua mortals, had no alluring charms for
mer-Chizzola, Gaston Johnstone and | the sons of old Caxton—lor devia, as
E. A. Durham (barristers) were aleo in| they are, printers’ devile in the true
attendance, sebee of the word, 'they piled ap on
WELOOMETO THE COMMISSONER the sine-metal types as fast aa they
Mr, Av 2). O Connor (Crown Holteltor) | could, and exchanged kpowing glances
on tising with his colleagues, said tf{of merriment as tae Korean of the
You will permit us to offer you our] Gazette" strode about, keeplag
alncere congratulations on your ap- | things ahuitming and a going in con:
Pelntment to be first Preaktent of thie [tlaucus pursuit of* the progress of
Jour, sand while congratulating you, | the old. yet youtbful journal.
to also congratulate ourselves and ive
public on the selection made by the
authorities (hear hear), This has been
truly sald to be “the poor man’s} In this time of the qe wheo even
court,” and therefore is {t emlnently [the Indian coolie, despite the airy
one whose President should be not only drapery tha be sporta, greets you
agifted and experienced lawyer, but} with the confidentig statement: “Oh,
also's man with « keen sense of even- | Sahib, toomach plefty hot like die mus
handed justice (hear Jear}, a man of tkillam,” we ara h ving some queer
broad and liberal views and aym- | reminders, of the insta Ifty of human
pathles, end certainly not teast,-—a | affairs, For lastance, I have seen the
man, with an intimate knowledge of the | grim rayal of a human skwiln
Peoples and of thelr customs, and of | white paint on « blue back Freund,
helr ways, If I may, E should aay { Chough to be a fitting symbol tothe
thatin Your Honour, Hts thirsty wayfarer that Ice 1a sold on tha
the Governor has found a happy and | premises with which this “gruesome
rare combination of those qualities [reminder” 1s adorned. he only
(Aear hear), and the legal profession {a | connection, however, that can be
assured ‘that under the able rule of imagined io this weird association of
Your Honour, the business of this | things so far removed fe, that as ice
hitherto somewhat despleed, but most | melts away so does life pass, therefore
invaluable court will Re dex hatched Jdrink deep of itere you too have be-
with promptness, without Joss of[come not a painted picture, but the
dignity, in strict accordance with the | true reality of what is left of your well
law, without undue deference to mere | groomed aelf after the denouement
technicahty, and alwayain obedience j of life.
tothe unchanging principlds of British —
justice (hear Aeur}. In welcoming you} And in this great heat wave that has
ir, this morning, we wish to ausure teen prevailing, one would have
a that on alloccasions we shall put thought that it was capable of cooling
orth our best endeavours to maintain [the ardour ofthe most militant or
thoes happy and cordial relations| fiery-tempered naturein this_cosmo-
between och and practitioners, iitan city of Port-of-Spain. But this
~-without which the efficient adiminis-{ has not been so, as the latest adven-
tration of justice {a well nigh an im-| ture of Jane Lelgrare, # devoted resi-
possibility~and to be of practical and{ dent ofthe female penitentiary will
real assistance to Your Honour in the | show. Jane woke upon the morning
discharge of the duties of the responsi. [of the 2th instant, blinked at the
ble oflice you have vow been called | rising sun and wondered to herself
upon to fil {frpianss). what would the flay. bring forth, She
HIS HONOUE REPLIES, waa not long in deciding however, and
His Honour the Commissioner sald ;]as a public house waa handy in the
—Mr. Crown Solicitor and geutiemen, ] near neighbourhood she sought solace
Yau extremely obliged tn you for the | and luspiration in its acvommodating
flattering terms in which you have | saloon. Socn her Amazonian temper
welcomed me to-day, In assuming the J ament began to assert Itself by little
oftice of Commissioner of this court, | wh ngs she had heard of the in-
oneofthectreumstances which tended to | qttiaitiveness of the local police in pry-
inspire confidence In my ability to dis-4 ing after the detection of crime. Jane
charge the duties of the office, was the | therefore, like a Mandlin edition of
asmipance that I could in all thea |her namesake, the Maid of Orleans.




“ g

in THE

(From a Correspondent)

This {mportantevent took place on
Easter Day at 350 pm. There bad
been constant rain for 34 hours, from
Good Uyiday hight, onwards, Easter
Day wae dull an threatentog, but
there was no actual rain till It
sgalp, just as erensong was concli le
there ad been the usual Matins aod
Holy Eucharist earlier in the day, and
It was followed the raual Even
song) theee being In the ’ylred_ room
mh ch pad been pbtained for Canon
iter's vis he ton; jonas
were inconveniently large at each
rerview, the larger part hating to

For the special nervice, the one Inuse
tn the Diocese of Trinidad was chiefly
used with slight yariations taken frou
the Australian authorized office, and
from the one sanctioned In the
Englivh Diocee of London, Salisbury
and others, &

At the usual place, the Stone, was
lowered Into its pésition at the floor
level of the sanctuary behind where

he Altar will be. It was duly tested

ith the level, and the usual form of
words sald. Thedocuméntto beputfata |
the cavity was read,'and then placed .
in a bottle and the cavity was cement-
ed up
follows r=
Tur Cucrci of THE RescrRecrion.


The Foundationstoneofthis Church
waa laid by Rev. Canon Trotter
M.A. V.D.. in the afternoon of
Easter Day 1011. The site of ground
having been already given by Mr. G
Alphe & resident, and the
preety, duly conveyed te S.P,Q.
5 Tufton Street, Westminster

London 8. W. England while! Het; * ‘
is represented by Canon Trotter, 7 The “St Vincent ae
The Church is being built by Sub-
scriptions und Donations by the
British subjects living fn the District
and when completed will have cost



Jalousie Fiaps, R

— AND —
18,000 BRI
—AT— i


~AT— ‘

The document was as EB A., PS ES EE 3




Paul Nazaredf

ry J
Under the petrocare of His Excellency the Governor Sit Geom
0, B4.G., and of Hls Grace the Archbishop of Porta

300 Pesos (£1,000 s
The Church fe the rire Church’ | MISS IDA C, PIERRE, (MM

butit in Venesvela in counection
with the Anglican Branch of the
Catholic Church ¢ommoaty known
asthe *Chuichof England® and aa lt
is a witness to the * Religious liberty
of every person” as guaranteed in
the constitution of the Republic, itis
a happy coincidence that this year of
our Lord (A.D, 1031) Is the
Centenary of the Independence of [

the Hepublic of Venezuela and the

At the Princes

koown authors,

First (aod Coronation) yearof George | o¢94 cy erent ws Reserved Seite, (First feae rows)...$1 50, Ov
Uoreserved Seats 722, Gall wry 430,—Tickets can ve obteleed
& Co,, Ths Trensfer Dreg Store, No 6 ilmans Circuuar Re
Btu hia,” No, 37 Tragstete Rosd,—See hiandbilis, a

V_Kiug and Emperor ‘
Ty. Epw. B. Trorrer, Canon,
©. Atrus—=Donor of Land,
W. Stronace President.
G. Reais -Treasurer,
J. 0, Kuue—Bankers,
and In the presence of the Prefect

Will meke her fret sppeacance in the Wet Indies as ae BG

THE 153a


Kiplog’s “Fag of Eegland” with Tableaa effect and Sslostions
ing, Mawfield, Ella Whesler Wilcox, Robert Louis 8)


lifficulties appertaining to the offi thought she had a mission and sallied
Secure one of these lots NOW at the very moderate rental of | rely upon the Joyal and cheerful and | out to treat every. policeman ebe could

. aympathetic co-operation of the mem: lay hands on. In her quest

bers of the Solicitors’ body in this | she fell’ in with constable Clark, who
Poru Lands Estato,

Keaster Day 1911,
Among the concluding Prayers was
the © Prayer for Unity” fron the As-
cession Service. This was sald both tn
Spanieh and In English.

aA cn
I O R R E \
At the conclusion of the Service the

EHrom ist Jui
following address was read

to t :

Prefect, It had been translated inte UE upper storey of th itoatetd

Bpanish, and .the Prefect infetly Southern comet of Broedece and aouth Quay. ;
plied, Brosdway and 60 Bouth Quay. The Spramisos hava‘

Honoured Sir, ~In the name of the . -
British subjects in this divmet, I beg extebsive repaires fur the past throv moaths aud neq
joconvey to you our sincere thanks spared with regard to modera improvements asd,
ged Wonca arate nace | Hentauraut, ortho Diheas ta age Gooey ot

ela, one of the principal wraut, ur the Ulices ofa largo Oom saay or other
clauses fs that’ Keligious betty Applications are invited carly, so that final internal

shall be allowed toall ! ial og
Bubjectaand for the most part wen, | be executed ia accordance with tte taste and require
Pply to w 3

ioland. I have flved atuong you {having read alittle about the Huffia:

for many years: you are aware | gettes of England, tried to ¢ajole her

st. James: of my shortcomings and I au; {into ming decurous but as @ proof

quite wure that wherever I may have/of her sincerity of pe powe and her

— (nee me Ne chown certain’ deficiencies in the dis. intention to do forthe heroic: mem-

* * * charge of my, offices Ishall with you bere wt 2 the Constabulary. she

7 io your case, fir erant and meri. | sna! ilué pancake cap from 2

* RIMS. Py get orne Meat aie ars et eh Sec cat erat tae
Lave n told ar mewhat arduous | an en asa ing display of ener,

a e e a Steam Packet Co, and asydu have reminded te, are in| ent forhinz in true pugitistic fashion

‘ > sone quarters regarded as not belug of | until Clarke, forgetting chivalry,

RTA [artiquar Importance, but you have] beauty apd the * gentler” sex, called

vuthfully salt, that {6 ie one of the [other brothers on the scene and Jane

AQUALENA.~The R.M.8, “ Magdalena” le due bere frou: New York, via . ofticesin the civil servicd as essential | was muarched off Uiiumphaotly to the

M Antilla (Caba}, Jamaica, Colon, Cartagena, Pto, Colombia aud Pto, Cabelio ‘tothe proper government of the col- | Police Station. Dr. Black w Wright

on Monday let May, and will leave the nextday for Southampton, via Barbados, ony as &ny other, And in endearour-[ was the yeotieman next called upon

St, Michsale (Azores) and Cherbourg, taking Ist class and deck passengers, ing to fulfill those duties, 1 du not feel | to decide the fate of our local Amazon | berv of the Cathoile Church in that | occupants,

cargo and mails. there shall be any loss of dignity on {and he -has not failat to pres ribe branch otit which Is called The An-

The tender will Jeare the Lighthouse Jotty, Queens Wharf atip.m., with . my patt, but that Tehall be cooperat-/ some potent sedatives that she will! glican Communion, we rejoice that

passengers for the ** Magdalena, + ing with other officers in Mis Majesty's] not likely lose sight of, nor forget for | thia day you have given a practical

Passengers are specialiy notified that a baggage lghter to be despatecbed to Service incarrying on the guod govy-}eome thine to come, Firvt of all she acknowledgment of the sane.

the homeward mail will leave the St. Vincent Jetty at 1 p.m , onthe day of sall- y ernment of this country (hear Acar), | Was handed the Nervatone of 10 or The Buildiug of this Church and

log, and agers are therefore requested to see that their baggage is sent ,1 myzelf have lived here for many] seven days for disturblog the peace;{ the Worship which will be carried

gown before thet hour, | years, and I do not remember the thue| had administered to her 14 quinine | on init when it iv completed, will, we

when (hia office (which confidently hope, make us not only

better vlog Christians, but will also
remind us that we mnust loyally u

hold the laws of the country in which

2nd Vay, 1911

eludible de ayudar a sostene¥ tas Jeyes j pey 1, 8. Rodn

de este peia a las cuales ow §=no balls 2, total &
sometidos, y a ser leales y fielesasu The weather
Gobierno. 1, wae witnessed bya
Nuestra Religion Agticana no tiends | Mr. A. Q, Hell
we reside, and be law-abiding. al espiritu de antagonismo al ramo Hu- | minutes cricket
It is In no spirit, of antagonlum to | many de la Iglesia Ustholica, nol antes | ought to be a lesan
the Roman Branch of the Catholic { Por el contrarie traba jayha trabsjado | ales Mr, J. Ba
Church that thiv work has been be- } slempre desde su primitiva edad como | putting upsorer §
for aod will always be carried on ; | ¢& 84 obligacion, some “ go "in hie
t we are bound to provide for the | 8dyectos todo lo necesario @ la con-{ The district is @
spiritual! wanta of our own people, | #ervacion de los bienes Espirituates, golog smooth 4
by providing then; with the Sacra. | #dministrandoles oportunamente los | proving pulnt, tai
nienta, the Doctrines, and the Dis. | Sacramentos, incurcandoles sus doc: | crowd's of m
cipline of that portion of the Catho- | ttinas, haclendulos cumpilr con la | around the rum sty
he Church to which we and those de from Saturday .

PPh sre U PSPS PERSONNE is not a new | tablets fo Faol days for assaulting the
ERBICK.—The 2M.S. * Berbice” fu due bere from the Northern Jelands on , one although the jurisdiction of the tice; and last of all had tu swallow
‘Tuesdap 3nd May, connecting with the R M.W *Magdalena"on that date, pout haw been Spey Pa not beey | the mortifying black fraught of 10s,
ALANTIA, -The H.N.M. * Balaotia” ledue bere from Demerara on Tuesday inl an f Ti i ai i ges for the destroyiuy the. oe lati “a ve ich
2nd May, connecting with the R.3f.8, “Magdalena” on that date, time when men of atch caaclyy ihe adorned t eo head at the eee! ch
HOTAVA.—I.N.8. “Orotava” is due here from Southanipton, vla Oherbourg, | ize, a gtuices, Fitz, Gerald, Nathan | the time of the fracas,

Bayne and other fudges of the Bue .
Sib bllchaale (Arores) aod Barbados 8 Tuesday Oth May, and wil} work ia preme Court held i le office and dig | It ia wonderful to many, how old cus

charged thelr duties in the manuer so | toms and old thoughts and supersti-
B ENDICE. The TCHS.“ Dechice ” will leave bere on Tuesdey 37 Mey

well known to you. Oae disadvantage | tions live among the humbler ¢
for Dewerara, taklog gers. cargo and mails.

in the fulfillment of this office which | Not many days ago old farce. & long:
‘ihe tender will leave the hthouse Jetty, Queen's Wharf atl pao . with i T shall not be able to overcome, will be | sliore man who * figs” Little Llue fishes
passengers andtheir baggage for the * Berbice,”

sir baggage for the bls that whatever i may, for Tan quite with i crooked pin and A few yards pt
“ wi! rece! ore m ministration w ff . brown’ read frum ¢
t tee for the hice ved on Bondsy Sth May, only up when coniparedd With the adutnlstre:( far reaches of tho La Base might

diciplina de esa parte la Iglesia
j before us belong, z hour on Sun
tion Of Unose able men, ( Vuives s--Ao, e been seen on s side-pavement of

Catolica a que pertenccieron nuest:
Again we thank you for your pre an uerosoree, que ho: senulmos and cards,

v x
ALANTIA,—The ILMB. ** Balantia” will leave here on Tuesday Oth May, | nol [was present. at the last sitting | the South Quay, gingerly nursing af sence and those who have come with | 9080tros lunitando y practicand
for Grenada, Bt. Vincent, St, Lucia, Domlolca, Monteerrat, Antigua, | of thls court on Haterds: ie “big toe that had « th 5 you, and we that bd sus lejitimos descend 9 como —
Bi and St Kitts, takiug passengers, cargo and maile gon Mr. Justice Tyee obey fh g a one bere rotect you end enable you tract ey timos desc Civ. tes, There ia non

Pipdecomor n contact with porte more coujbative
eave of the profession. } was witness} substance, judging from the Httle
te the cordiat and sympathetlo terms gatreak of blood oozing fron: beneath
which Mr, Ferdinand Malngot one of ] the vail and the general appearance of
the leading practitioners at this Dar, [of recent disaster that it wore, As
recorded to bin and bis colleagues in | Parole sat nagging his head commis:
office. T may aay ft have Teelved fratingly at that unfortunate toe
every assistance from Mr. Justice ff his, a boon companion came
Swan fn Introducing me tothe duties} up and after expectorating on
of this office. J am glad «with him] the pavements al wipin, his
that he has beer relfeved of iu | frowey moustache with the back of a
disagrecatle features of his judicial | shriveled hand, With fanvlike fingers,
office, but § trust you will not consider | exclaimed in sympatbetic manner tf

that cau comp
tne system the &
colds engender im
# suicide to veg
the cheap exp
wif of it by

indifferently ta mint En
the punbehinent of wickedness ant

ice, as
{ice and eae intenance of alt
to gay}

honibre de los suldti
Majestad Britannica resident, oe ee
Municiplo, y de todos los que formanioa

. party Intergrante de esta con racic

The Offerings (amountin religioss y mu sate del
were laki apon the Stonetandon leay- iustre y ctatigabies Cusonine
was handed tothe

Ing, an envelope Trotee tn ciatigabler

Os) TF, . presen! lebidas gra.
Canon enclosing $2) mak}: clas va. di which is 4 sii;
The Union 3 5 ee rH tog in all $60. y¥ demas empleados, asi a

como tambien a and once
Flag were hoisted ue vos ha Perecnas | aaa soverelga
mark Ube extreme Put Weltat the M oy veonteliulde mde yee .

eencla y contribulda a
Sanctuary, lucides ¥ realce a este hota ta ane “

‘he bender will leave the bthouse Jett useo’s Wh

pascoogereand thele bagaene for the “Dalant a Vhart at 5 pm., with
t Cargo for the *Balantia® will be received on Monday 8th May, only up
oO a.

ERBICK —The R M.S. ** Berbice” aillleavo Port-of Spain on Tuesday 16:0
May, at p.m. for Catusano, ampatar, La Guayra and Pto. Cabelle,
taking passengers, cargo aod wails,
The passenger tender will leave the Lighthouse Jetty, Queen's Wharf at 5
pon with let and Zod class passengers and their baggage for the * Berbice *
Cargo for the * Berbice ” will be received up to ¢ p,m. on Monday 15th May.


be F

* that because he has pawed away toa) Helio, Parole, garon, Was — doles slaceramente agradec : /
. «i *phere where debts AHO stump you Loe—-mon dew and (t . Al the condusio er
Hoxt Sailicg’to Burope Next Balllogs for Oarapano, Pan truntling and ud on are at from in'tool T was surry to sce such oust: following ad rea wag ree pete the PITT TTT Cae R
“MAQDALENA™ ow. Qad Bay ar, Guayra and Pto ! daugacers, it wit tupunsible for one | How you manage datr’ Parole turn. { William Stronach to the Jefe Clyil of GUAYACUAYARE, “
2QLYRR ma ball fit ane Geercaed acres “Tart tae il aeln nat be htt hus: | “igdedane dete icy demws em. Tom a. Gop aos
e iM -~ 8! ¢ e ol cress, In . a 'efe § .
SGUOTAVA"' «TT Jah Juve | RERBICHE ©... Sth Bly jag to fullaw in bis foedtateyw Tahall| theteuth must be told and ta wepul, | ploadoe de este Muntelpi, oes ge (rain @ Uurrespondent, OO tee ae
STUNT? oe Zit” RERBICH ot ey, tely open your sHoppration, and 1 chral tones, replied ¢ “Edlld divans uf | Penoritas, Benoves t YI The snen of the General Pet
~MAGDELENA™ "” Uith duty RAUANH 2th Juce Vetsuk you fur esming me da mich fred fish laust night, and before guy: | Acabamoe de prysencla yn Acto | ein) Properties of Trintdad ‘Ltd.
ORO eo RAR LURICIUIET 1, “TURSGRD enero aul ohogueal Yepue of that nF Ano I Wargwine fo hate a {wleune duy neucvecu ah fine | Save starled a" Cartel Clue! which | CASLOW,,!
: . v A ay
ATRATO* | uguyt PHALANTIA ve SoU Tuly | “aie Court then procewled to regu:| le nie sight Got Vas Int toa yee | que vera da mucha arinicy prresions f Bieged tte Malden Match against the I tog in all cee

s ¥
are ie with the following reaulte,
torporslen 2 fe MARY'SCc,

tas |, 8S Francie bowled ” Go:
na idew y tlende a un | David bowled Corbin 14, Te er

Aprts I 5 tpcbes apos
sromby Street
and aisty foot oy

eandred, acd,sis!

Jar bubiness. wer ene fliker Bint what's toda,
Sos mus’ te # it oumje— let ne

tuck § drink,” and the lwo okf

ablacion, ne tan acta on

le nw vgt ‘ool Ywas hit fa Jat
{ drituales, que tamblen

Now Service to Venezuela,

saturated ly Ly-gone Idea aud fareuay

. é ; folklore of the deys of the old platy | Bechor ta juveente It caught 8. Rodn,

The Woyal Malt Btesad 7 hes Company bave much pleas ¢ n anooucciog Defore the Foll Courts tions, arched pway to the toast) bien oon 4 vty 7 wus hgohae wren ‘ie a prey bowled Holes een
bat cominenclog on Tu Ith May they wil catatfleb snow service fro MAUINTRATEN AP kreg shop—the | ous ta drawn his | Cs amenta nie tia Pol “OG. Tura ta
Vort-of-Spato, to Carapano, Pampatar, 1s Guayra and Pte Cabello, = Jubnton v James, Faifany ii hand thouglite of disappuloted fortune, and | 14 Varta Fundamental de le Ve gu bowled ‘P hale dt

‘The firet ealung will Le the ILM.H, *Jerbloe” on the Ith May, to be Case ataled te Gomes ¥ Gaskya “and | he elbee to utter words of bh exuels en suis sabiog principles, trasle eorge at urnped Corbi @ Hie Not ;

cal cundulence between abldin, libertad de Cultos
*thecup that cheere” sips of addon

——w *

Kimith v Auwlog, Mahadew vy Director
Tux Beauty ov Curar 8x0.=The

af Pulte Works, Chanketsing vy Com
condition of the liver regulates the

particulars apply at the’ ueretal Union Tusyrance Oo,
Te Poon Man'a FAtexos, Mut up EradiGou of the tl Ha iA Meet ant

io susall Lotties that are pasily part f a
ableand sold for a very sinall Lath oa the a ee easel vegin blemulaheg i vy! i


t Alleyne bowled
Hot outfy byes B,

@QPrad ht Battl

A caug! 1


Veeprey O% HM. Austin Low. bowled

+ por eso now bowled Polon
Fi ct tecinto con et fia Auerne w veled Ric
Me Joseph bral Me
nase i, J,
total ot ed, Rog

ve by the #1,01.8, * Balaotls~ on the 94h May and thereafter every two mgt Wilkes y Mellington, Bansle ¥
Fist class, second clase and deck passengers will be casried at moderate ve ging,
fares, alsa cargo.

Parsengers wil bo emberked and landed free of charge et Fort-of Spala in i
the Company's own steam lauoches,

Vor rates of passpge and freight and alt further

Conpany's oflloe A QOH

ey +
ate pullicow de | Lowled Veeprey
if, i ak blew oo de led Matthena 4,

* For all furthor information spply at woke diaflagulden que ania Ia d

. Canadlan Heatlug if posscunce more | Pitle ft acing 4 nan th K Woot | Bi eto, por lo cual 0, U, Corbi
THE COMPANY’S OFFICE, |i eee eee rte re hei tt feaLaersnsla | 8.4, local bowie’ Necirey i 1s | Pade i
ae . nt bane’ ¢3 standard ! . nt HL apie te f
5 omg . . Verte it sheppard the! ivatietue” Ladies, who wills fully "Quo eo veribcere’ eriaifesteyel Culto | Sathiens0, It Chfton bowled Dovid t, | Cctr tes ches oeag
. * Marine Square Port-of-Spain wake eee oats Gide Se Alsen AM ote, Soutecbecacena a ictde este | Inwiea viagt A Badan | nbn a
"he a ° * er
_— ‘eo tock le counplete w tite that the effet will be nivet Protitying, ov eoprilare diatlamente ees Ke ey bowled Vesprey AY. bers of the
. . , suey ine § Alleyne caught Hodney bowled Vie teanslergbie.
oe \


i TE OTE 7 eet ii alll tie a en ae or
oT -
. 1


Oo ee erent
= <= ae ual ot the Di.
, We nested to state £ pee Shepherdess waa celebrated |.
alli w' propel vine, Shep . d paseed s §
CHIC shine lode hove vipeelegs | Shien oa posta ead, Pad |

rt from Tost \
Garniture ' Ferganda to Point Footin bn Nouday was celebrated Mayerg asinte by Ure . fe:
0 &th Tnstan Curd Ter. Father O'Bends. Theat Tailors & Outfitts

~ ves

rnryi By the aa Grenada from Demerara
ri ings on daturda night last, Messrs. Chaties

{ner} and young
Ia TINSEL BEADED AND Croney, TLE iiton tra eeene Bwdey eloquent Parish, | Priest y
SILK—From 120 to $2.40 with thelr charge Athlete, returo he “Qlortes of Mary’

ae after theie visit in connection with the | sermon on Tt the joy of yy
=. Alfrom the texts Thou # y ° SPLEN DID VAL ij
MAILLARD’S and the


| Ex Recent Arrivals,

‘ / .

ee all oe

30002 ags COARSE SALT !
2000/2 ‘Bags FINE SALT O a
400 Boxes CUBE SUGAR—tach 50Ib: a Demerara meet wag on, the | whole | Colon d

y a
rN RY t uring which the image er 3
“UL” e bich felt { patroness of the tish was me mi
3) Bags YELLOW DHOLL- To b- of-Spain daz fi Sartre | ta eget ‘
* 200 Boxes PRICE CANDILES— Vatlished Dartt, Mondays and Public it was thought. ¢ Ys rete the Tee ils and the Lie |


Tecen ently held Tort Cinb re Si to | Jerusalem, the glory of Taree] SOR we
Casella, repreecntatly 4s mentAT pey | honour 1 TP wily the greatert,in- ‘ :

eetenlay mooring, and gathered {0 was stent the ‘ition had —IN - :
Tee “cours of conversation that the | ter ng tllere wan a laape lof the

& the races wou reta . On return
Holidays exce; at the Ofice 0 Bt. | have been postponed. Mn Croney fany ote Church Benediction of the

Vinoent Street, Port-of Spain. race trac’ -
sar SPDT ieten Cenoner | Mest Blew, Mocrameut wae given, JACKET & TROU
GH PRICE. ONE PENNY. | totheckteounty, (Bertin) to witner | Me. i ‘ond asso thona who took part s
Advertisements of irtha, Deatha, | the .of the races there, Sfoo! inthe singing were Mesdames te Ver-

all Sizes
100 Boxes BROWN SOAP—1683,




and Marri Maclaren Che ete eines ‘Athlete eet ae teull and Iostant and the Misses From ~ neve $9. To
ST x TRO N TA N Its must be authenticated by the tat) waa not entered. That wee Mr.‘] Lennont.
ae ae y Fem stfevcranea or «| Frovidcn and fe-apreara be was | We tex todrar attention ta 3 —
’ enc
Each 200 Gallons. cong Adierienate of era [saw duiegneehoreay. injure erate gear ‘TH i JO Fi
Pree ee eres bermonth rer We anderstand that there isa likeli. | Broadway and South Quay. . A LE
Wanta, &c:-25 per week each, to he need ite Meyers, Croneyis bs ay Rays the Demerara Argosy of April

repaid, . . tf
Fditor and Pa Maher , A. PT. Awsanp, | sizteea hands, being entered for the thts Houghton, and pov eteraiich. Marine Square & Cha oe

Manager .. » TR N, Lavogtix, | Coronation races to be held under the i rived th
Cashier. . , OF. M. Forp, local Turf Club, This | lad_Juna race meeting, a ere
All Cheques vent to the office of this Heer t ori eiued Ite stifle folnt dur- Jon Tuesday last week A large nuin-


papec In payment of bilts ahould be
e made ps yableto The Lort-of Spain jog eee we ‘et dee

ber of persons were on hand to nce
cre? hee quite the invallers land. The horses were at

a ‘descendant of the Royal | once taken fa charge by Mr. *‘Torom,

% bein
South Quay Wedo not hoktourselres Teaponatble | Stablon abe anight prove. « han | Field, who will train them for, the
® for, nor do we Reooanatily endorse | “cracker” If raced next nionth, although in big flesh, Iooked in
¢ opinions expressed . —, Tess
an ee respondents in’ our pean Redes ti We are informed that the local | splendid cond! ition, but the Watenc: of . ;
letters must be accomapented by the | Coluintian Consul (Sedior A, Quevedo | inare seemed very thin audio need oe
- — real signature of the writer, not | Alvarez) hse recedved news from the | & lot of | viahten on Tats return to j
necessarily for publication, but aa | sanitary authorities at Baranquilla, to | “ay. a oe oe his December racing ren 7
. ® guarantee of good falth. Reject | ihe effect that work onthe new quar Barbados, oI r red and has had po ,
tnanurcripte cannot be returned. | gntine station which {3 being built at | here, waa Dhvlered and bas had ny - &
~ Puerto Colunbia will be completed in | work, ats np toda 6. lis Vfavoured ;
= Advertising Scale oa Application. | two or three montha time. eR ea eittatand training, Inthe
Payalde ta cddvance—Postage eaten, | Itinaald that the aged Ogden geld. | powible event of his showing the


Ing “Saylor” fa likely to be rent over slightest soreness in bls Ballons be

y a ll net be raced in Trinidad,
. CURRENT EVENTS. tocaracas for the coming Turf Club ie sent on to England where tho
— , —~ going likely to be much softer, and
Tu-DAY, Mr. eft on | in consequedce he will be able
‘TC BH a +” Appeal Court—10.90 am. sl fono ue justice S wan left on far better on bis home tracta, All
EL TORE a Criminal Jurisdiction there 1a one Sportamen, however, trust, ue
‘ beet a Supreme Court, case ; in the Appellate one also and in | see bot Hougbtou an Fe aterwitch
° , . =e the Summary fifteen. Mr, W. Blache [at their best form, bea hes
District Court-0.20 aon Wilson will prosecute for the Crown | popular Dalkeith livery at the June

at the Sessiona, Mr. I Bodu, Clerk in | meeting,
the Registrac's office, also went over.


Sale of 9 Blachaniith shed situate at
No, 254 Hichmond street, by Jacob — Yerterday*Messrs. George 1 Alston
Clarence at 1 p.un. The micceuor of Me. Lascelles in Land Co, local agents for the Lamport

a the office of Attoraey General of and Holt tine of Steamers received

Sale of six houses situate at Wood- | Ceylon ia Hie Honour Me. Justice | letters from Messrs Hanschell and Co,

by Norman Lord at 1 p.m. Anton Lertram, Puisne Judge of | the Barbados agents for the same line,
— Cyprus, Mr. Bertram entered the | fa which they further disclaim all

5.8, ** Grenada” leaves fur Grenada, | Cofontal Service in the year 1002 as | knowles, of the Verdi incident.
St. Vincent and New York. Stalls | Attorney-General of the Bahamas, | They only became aware of the fact
Clove at 3, where he acted also as Colonial Hecre- | When they received # cable from

——— tary and admiaistered the Govern. | Alston's.

I, M. 8, 4“ Magdalena” leaves for | ment of the colony. Four years later ————

Barbados and Europe. Maila close at | he was transferred to Cyprus as «

1.3) p.m, 1, h Shi
r — Jintice “of ‘vo Nopreme Court of tust | HARBOUR AND MARINE NOTES.
8, 8. “«Ocamo” leaves for Demerara. | Island. ~


At. the Corner of Ghacon St..

. v? © .
Occupied till recently as a Provision



This section is lavishly replete wis
latest in present day wear for ladies,

Mails close at 3 pan. —_— Through the courtesy of Capt, J. Ht Flowers, Laces, Zephyra, Voiles, Sil
> 1 ° a Owing bo the late arrival of the Gulf | haunders, Harbour Master aud Lloyd's Fy 1s Aad » Gephyra, ’
Store by Mr. William Scott, at a Mode- ate London Electric Theatre—3 and steanies Naparima® at Han Vernanda agent, in Trinidad, ns eye, re Ccrsets, Lingerie, Trim nings ete,
NM, f t ely a . al oyda returna :
rate rental. p ir Portatspein Isilacter tate Shih shows the numler, het and their most advanced styles to meet D

The Wohiilwind Cinematogra h Coy. — grovs tonnage and nationality of demands
at the Queen's Park Oval) pa. ¥ On Sands} nigrnlug the San Fer | steamers totally lost, condenined, &c . ‘

. —_— nando dowf train waa detained at dunng the quarter ended 3lat Decem-
High Water Morn (0d Even {2 pin. f Jerningham Juaction for 37 minutes | ber, 1010, as reported up ta the Zlst
oe as

Sun rises . an. fin consequence of some tablet" de | March, 1011, to be sight reight and

; .
lor particulars apply next door to RAW DV EErEarereeceeees

& Sun seta . : 6.08 pone [fect A hal to be sent (rom Cha- [75,047 and 125,033, respectively, The
~ Moon sets . 10235 pou. | guanas trolley to Jerninghuto | number, net tonnage and nationality 9 . ° 7s
erold & Scherer = |msentsatising eer aeeecces! A Man's Fornishings;
7 on umes. urin, je same per + lgone FT
J e ACKNOWLEDCMENT, ' y hundred a six with a tounage of Gh 103, n r hg

The death 1s reported from Sey- } Included in thereturvs are tables set-
Messrs. John and William Allan | che les of Sr. George H. Griffiths, the | ting forth the nanies, nationality, voy-
3 Chan of Maracas and Mrs. Jauies Chan | Treasurer, on the eve of his retirement age cargo and circumstances and
— of Freeport beg to tender their hearty | on pension, His first oficial op int- piece of casualty, The nunober and

shankelo the very many friends who | ment in the colony was In St as nnage of vessels owned by each coun-
— showed such various forme of sym- | Chief Officer of Police, and he has oc { try ie also given. Vessele under 100 tons
pathy on the occasion of the death of [ cupled the office of Treasurer since J net are not included in these returns,

helr beloved mother. They adopt J 10UL Qut of regard to his long and —e .

thie moans anit is utterty iui ite faithful service he was officially | The Jamaica papers of April 11 state
for them to write each of their friends, | granted # public funeral. that # New York business house bas

A very fine collection of smart weati
beiag offered in this department. From A
arrivals we mention the followlag :—
and Gossimer Half Hose. Kaitted Silk

attern, Crepe de Chene, Neckwear, Neg



—— greed. to fina! laa for the con- amas, Jaegar Underweir, Straw Haig
Se | Vestenday's telegrams show a de | struction of a floatlag dock in the her bee mas, Ja ® 18 a
SEB PAGE 2 FOR cline by one shilling in the Landon bour of Kia ot ner amoter, Is . ia
marke! Uk, ren a! ww, Ocal .
COME AND LOOK OVER OU2 LARGE STOCK OF Bench and Bir—Soveitore | acs. now quoled | vernment. The’ Company wishes to Coorereesccecosuccoo20u0 1000 c0000t
° Welcome Me Conmusioner = secure the exclusive right to operate a 4

: It will be pleasing to West Indians | floating dock for ninety-nine years and
David — Hie Honour's Reply. | to know thal ‘Alex’ Laird, who iilans to decure the pecexsary, sea front for
Zoulsya Court List. Occ leading Jockey fa Sonth Africa, with | the plant,-which la to cost §730,000,
swat Aotes Liying of the porer & wins, double the numbpr of —
Foundstion Stone of Firat | u7oue elve, is of West lodian birth, | Theses.“ Hersitia” has beeh char
of Firs IIe is only 17 years ofageand rules at {tered Ja New Yoik to bring downa
Aagiets Chure\ on the R.- Git Slbs. La nds chara terlatic We that ar 2of Sat Lons eal for the Royal
ublie ©; ° . . ® very stillon his mount w Mea nt Packet Ca frou» Norfolk,
publvo of Ventauels, Guaya- | Pe aie te te rece ea meen | Mall Kioam Packet Ga, troup Nort on

High - Glass Tailor

Just received | special range offer


ne} ates
. quay ire, buy, being born at Newcastle, Ja- | Thursday last, and as the voyage f Suitings, also the famons Sun and 9
. Th time nas gone by . SEE Face 6 FOR maica, Entel has been on the wloner Nortoli Ne voatally ‘accom Abed “by which are guaranteed not to change the ;
« iet ‘ourt ol iu 4 yaces In every pat wleamers 0! er ty an speed It) a 7
whon a voyezo wasanevent & rie of the colony, fucluding the th | about 10 days, she Are La bl .
in the teen ry lif. Now. \ SEE PAGE 7 FOR African Derby, although’ he has ont Lin the Gulf ot Parla on aturdey nent ccosens cone cooo ceo ces coed ooneee

2 Oud Ind - been riding in public three yearn, I ne

the So ey oe cle fy chiefly wears the colours TT ite. w. The wooden mbooner, “ Republic,”
i" . * Langenann, which went ashore at Hermuda with a

portant to Passengers Leavy _- argo of Trinidad asphalt, reached

i :
tng toulay, The Police ate nde in search New Youk un the lth April, in tow of a
SEE ‘PACK 8 FOR man called Jauies Lake whe i cuted the. tog © Tormeaton. a
a oe Vib: TIC! revious ' . a
Dusky Beltes Cunt —Immi- hana on aavomnat at Duncan street oss eit jomner weer “at which was .

gration of Quads'oups Woe] Satunlay night last, Aa the result of TUR into by the on “the 2ith ‘Apr

a-days almost overyone
travels moro or less It a:
may to atripofafawdays -7 Shler
or it may extoud over a ‘43 .
year, In cither case a
truok is nocessary—
one that will withstend tho
rough handlivg to which

men for Duneslic ce vants, | so allercation Lake je said tu have de

of Judostrial Traluiog ou Wednesda.
the debt posite at tee ‘o'clock in the the send of of nde had tat being built,
Jaga Porc a oreTHeNE alld: | Featiy on Bunlay' tase The suteres | othe geivigh x For Gentlemen we recommend o

itis subjected SEE SUPPLEMENE FJR paver te promi Ue wef ie | SU the was al a the dry donk a~ =a =
a ry wr ie weley o =
Wo kop only such trunks as ¢xponsace has siowa ust) bo City Pole Court. The woman now les at the Coleiti llegently Germany, to outde 1 Creat sn thisidepirtment we arejsho4 pg ¥
ood : strong and vorvicoublo, and our pricee are certurnl the ess tonbltal ta @ ome Calpe made” gad wonights one ot lin, calibre, as cone smart styles in Ladies and Men's High
i a Wow p ; . fered wi agland’s 1358 :
bia en” Rona pa a rl TEMS OF WEN," vane recat ee| we, Shea agen ouca
Cabin Trunks—20 atyles, Copper Bound, There will bw a meeting of the Hoan Mention was made at the mepting of | *Utactory, this calilre will be set ear, oe ieanay a0
ou all the battleshipd which ar now .

Leather Straps, extra strong, 85, 86, $7, 3%, $9,
to $14 40.

. whose nqne we ‘learn was Simeon | « Willena Gertrud wy perted schooner and“ Snow” Bhoes”, stocked ina variety
Zinc unks—5 styles, squire topt dou For ateallng electricity by tapping \Viliains) age 21, @ porter, was taken leter, Us fain Bank h it net ¥ ce
Tv “ . t
1 . 50, t 10. ’ Lght wir e a fal b do the Colonial Hosptlal at mld
. Spenfakes, # con :

fy Uoner, was on April 7th, sentenced | Sunday and died In the afterngon. ‘The :

by Jintye Forbes of BL Jon's, New tloceanted lived at Ht, James main road, | Pra’, at Fe aye. (with 2d feet ity, these are Unsurpassed,
Hrunswick, to two yoare Inthe penj- | And worked aa & Ga This vewel anchored inidway ie

- . r at Noeusra,
Wardrobe Trunks -311.40, $16, 318 tentiary ad a fine Of LUN and twa | Mtephene Limited tn this city, ‘The | the Chaanel ent eaeony

to $24 - each complete. care 1 sual i Hs Mpey”
c note ifthe Hoe ia not pald, 34 precautionary measuiwe have | y bey’
Suit Cases—s100 4102. Packing | [Ft viene Rees [eeeaaeecee| Tl TRAVELLING
— $1, 69. — t@ Hartoue SMaster,
Trunks- 60c. 10 85. & Inthe matter of Dumoret v Surris, ofsyaie. both at Bt James and Port- | tng vemel be removed ne that 4
heard ia inf bupreme Gouten Friday — ° ;
dat, (he jutgment of 43 w atric 7 The II . ;
200000 9000000000 00004064 b000000 Court coste went in farour of plaintiff | While the steanwhipe Progreso and ! ton, Capt ala Audra duiarius 1.008 REQUI
JeNDLESS VARIETY ; LOWFST PRICES end not defendant aa teported. ars dlonpiog the Gattante the 1 Wclay fils ‘ie ire hate th 9 . ;
. —— ? uy 16 brou 4
0000 000000000000 000000000000 9000 We beg to direet opecial attention to | Venexucla andwhb ave engaged on eaweny Te and “a phe ate be ne OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. ‘ ,
the alsertbewment which appears in | the Maracaibo Lake) were ou phe way | U.S, Neriue OBicer, The] the
another eolunin of thle iseue offering | to Puerto Catella to undergo lupor sailed Saat night for the Untield a og
gq fur reat the upper storey of the large | tant repalie and general overhauling efter taking a supply of buuk, tates, a
. ing at the cornet of Hreadway Jon the National Duck at Puerto | thle port, eroval at
aml Suyth Quey The prunices have | Cabello, they experienced very bad { — 4
' PLORO PRADA, LTD j fave ke weides: eral Myint fated aud fie neater ees jesult that the Mara cant, ae“ Torguru” iS tons fi
ye 0! beavy war peas! °
wh i i, sank ‘The eveauer Samora” agd frou Dem mierare t *Hived yeatenlay

are ta load far Le
Guayna were 6 aut Mas
| a wont aut tasee what don and Cuntinental

4 teal Mtoe I
; | esgpiatdigg"s, Hos view the fer
- a eccure a ready reatal, ught bo passengers and her ange


—— en




4 .

. ’ VALITH S OF BOOTS & +8 ES For Ladies, Gents, Children and Infants—At cost price and under
for Two Weeka Only forlash, All prices mocked in plain figures, See our Show Window;

LADIES Ladies Black Buckle Shoes, | Gents Tan Vici Kid Blucher,
Patent Lace Kid Top O14 10 72 CENTR, 35.00 to $1.80.

oon ene Pie-Nio'} DADIES BLACK OXFORDS. Gents * Split * Bals,
$2 toSloOs. . gi4o 10 #120

Ladies Tan 1 angtry Buckle Shoes— 81.92 to 81.20,
Ladies Tan ‘Uxfords— 82.16 to $1.44. Gents Black Satin Calf Balmorals,

S216 to $1.20, $192 TO $120. ‘Tan Vici Bals.—83 60
Ladies Tan Vici Button { GIRLA L CE’RBU TON BOOTS= $19 to 81,08.” G to Oe i Derb
ye Kuots—@% to $1.44, . - ents Tan Calf Der
- 5 a ‘ ° #41 Girls White 8192 to $1.20,
madies’ Tan Derby,| Canvas Shoes

% $2.°6 TO 81.20, 8t.44 TO 72 CENTS.

Glace Slippers,
$1.44 to Bde.
Gents Tan Vici

Derby Oxfords
85.00 to $3,50.
Gents Patent
- Derby, 4.50 tc
Gents —_ Evening
Oxfords 2 40 to

$1.68. oN _
Gents Tan Willow Oxfords,

5 DOLS. TO gas


Zoo TO 1.80.

ptephens Limited, The Best Place to Buy Everything.

: — en — me

. The Porl-of-§ | azelte. i Passing Guapo shortly after, there thetr surface hes such 6 source of fo, Paramaribo, Mayre aud fAmaterdam Glasqow Direct Lone
HY I N C E LI N E 9 Ki A a except tutleara the fact that es not ieee all these things, one feels de PEAS AT the Toyal Dutch of Steamers,
‘ ¥

PORT-UF-SPAIN the landing place uf the ail-felds, lghted for the 1 whieh the off fn ail Steamer “ Pring Willem 111" 4s TRINIDAD SHIPPING AND

Lavies{Champagne Bals
a2,40 to $1.20, B


Genta Tan Vici Derby
$3.60 to $2.00,

> TUESDAY, 2p MAY, 1011 Muat peupig who have not been to the dust these parts and to | fue bere from Amster dam vis Paramert = TeanisaCe ttn AGENT
k —_— , place tre under the liprossion that to the fe aid generally, and Veahoula te Tort vreeceting mon OF abe to Gaara, yak Mibb heme tiohrat L ine es eae
% THE reach Point Foitin you anust disem- some gratification tothe lovers ofgreen | Cumana, Guanta, Sa Ouayta, Poerta | from ww via Barbadces on or about

hark atG y Pp 1G 4 “
OL INDUSTRY. | Hitinisjedsvourmttnsy tues EES GauTaN NP llniog aren mag | Pereasiuces nad NewYork tabling | Jencuy lel, Lrmeeding attermerde, te

that though the oll inluiog area may | Port-au-Prince and New York taking | Deme taklag ¢ armada te
—= Guapo aud © Vill i & mall ,
ACTIVITY on THE SOUTHERN po and Capde-Ville and though scemtruly barren soil, destitute as it fe pi pasengers and mails, are ‘SrHO, Pasne!

not a mbeduled landing-place, the of thick's tation and looking like a ESS WILLEN IV Lhe Royat Dukh . "Ts Haat Aeialic
steanter slope tnere nuw for the eons sivall plain| aint by the sun's raye and Mail Seamer “Pring Willem IV bs y dhe Haat Agata


: . —— dao here from Venesuelan Jorts on or Tene of Steamers
F TONS BURTHEN By i pany woking there. , ; parched by hot winds, the financial Ebout vith Say Jeli, proceedings cniter

; 5, 100 * (By Ae) ab svvut noon Polut Kortln ts result ismuch tn favour of oll. Na to F rls. 12 e Gro, 2, Aaron & Oo
4% , 7 ~ vactied, ated Ub r 3 sp] Wands to Paramarite, Harve and Amster:

SS Point Fotia! ‘fouay, thanks to the reacted, and the first things that greet On the morning ofthe 3ptof April Agenta

dam taking cargo, passengers and mails, T. THOMAS,—The sa. “86, Thomas”

ia due here from Taramaribo on the

Sth May, proceoding aftqrwards to, Dar:

bados, St. Lucia, St. Thomas, London and,

New York—Pararaectho [| Couttnental Forts, faking cargo paseca:

tad eye are reveral bulldinge situated while at Point Fortin, want was re
aluaigauated Malway-pwauer ser fu eievaled ground. ‘lhe eleamer ceived that No. 7 Welt had started to

18 DUE HERE . gh unsnatyne West ds >
at - intl ued to bo’ the “conccmitase | got Larough god the come eee eee ee eee to tiie acene, and —aa desche itasl isenst
Te 2 Os Oe ad 9D cork ee gE eerie no cca et ine Beis gers and ia .
a wearisome and difficult journey, have | the steamer, you land on the com- awe Inspiring, was virogly 108 nifcent. Ta the ee we -
—ON OR ABOUT— happily qusapre soveret ng, one ane Vouy oP thelone Ke Bsghton ahd are Rae in allite glory wine ‘ pelching | ijne” fe dua here from New, Youk SHIP PING INTELLICEN CE. .

tively short tine with ttle or no | on the scene of activity of the “Tink the country for miles around with this direct on pflondey beh May toll and

Rs truuvle whatever, dad Oildetds Ltd." fluid; hissing, roaring, and with slight Li i sua ts.
fa Y asaviug the City by train at 7.26 What a change; Ffteen years detonati tchort intervals, the oil | bo taking cargo, pepsengers and sua STF N
i U | IDA 9 6TH MAY, aun va witive at San Fernando after | earlier in the tamer place where’ now wae pitched up with such terltic force SARASACOA. [The as Haram | Fagnaaang. Normegisn seamen Olgas

ilueus over two bours and there | stand the dulferent bungalows, rose that a 1eal column was formed extend. | f acea” in due here from Paramari. | {40 tons, 3 days, Cayenne, ti casks hides,

= 5 bo on Monday 6th May 1911, and will | Oo Petengers. Gordon, Grant &
tidusse: on vvacd the a8. Naparima” » plantation avd forest trees which ingto a height of about 15 to 2) feet . Ca,
, a Aluugeus tue jetty. Isutfortne inva vad feit'Lhe monotony of centuries and atove the derick, which In itself $s leave next day at noon precizely direct | Gaaxana Lritish steamer, McGrath,
: 4 ia

cay 3,

WW YORK: Direct
; wTaAIxImG ¢


April 20th

Yor New York taking cargo, Paseen- ‘

riews spuduuly Of luggage, Lretght, | vere scidous penetrated by the feet of ff, 80 tof) feet high, when it would 1,435 tons, 204 bours, Denrerara, 1 boras, -
Se est agnamca: | a, tne ema micrmmcoa or oy on, furbearers | AP AMON EAE Theta alma: | Rikiad elpdedent ato be
ah cular e ehallgwness of | sev ner, was then the resort of about, while the bu encepded MKB ” - y

the aNay a low tid, practically weal ban wand enhinats--and the relic ae eotialn, ta flow Into the reser. | AVE ijn” isduo back here frony Par. 9 Saty sta LUrllsh’ steamer, SVlixiasou
very ulue eo woul t ere futthe Hat “ Miodastan” which et! voir near by, Mav 1011, and wil leave the same day transit and 3 passengers,
the voysaye alung the southern | ues embedded fn tha sande of the | The gush at intervals would subside & * S t tra!
coast wount begw after the train's f cousl, proves that [t'ranpot be so very for a couple ‘of seconds, Dut {t soon re- | direct for New York taking cargo, { Colonial Co., Lt

i ; - R a passengera and malla, Soh.
, P 2. airivaL Unfortunately, however, it liong ago when VPolnt Fortin must peated itself with greater force, and : Crown ov Grasapat Britleh steam:
, Go A N D AS Ss E N GE # Toren happens wien the tlde is falling have been an inhospitable shore front ry at ‘ OPTENAME ~The as, © Coppe in

anatibo via Barbados on Tuesday Ith 2,131 tonsa, B hour, Demerars, cargo in
‘o New

hissed louder and longer as If an », Gruchy, Liiiitens, 13 Grenada,
that the sleamer must lift anchor and | the sheer solitude which reigned there. auch short suspension Standing fully | oy Stonda bs due here from Harainart A] 10) Conn general 30 sheep and 4 .
put out to sea, there to wait for lug: | How chan, is the eceng today? 100 feet away, iny clothes became leave 1 Sola at noon precieel direct passengers To Trinklad Shipping and
‘ gage and freight which is brought b Who would have thought It poeibie? stalned and dark from the sprays, aud for ‘New Yok taking ba Passens 8 | rading to, Tab '
é‘teamers have excellent passengers accommoda- | boats. Perhaps in the near future it} ‘The bom which fyllowed the dixu- the awfit ua feat with which No 7 [oot sng misila. iB cargo, Ce ee. Sjeperuelau boat, Blecn,
“tah d for the voy: will be snore weriously realised by | very of olfin thesepartsdttracted enter. dotiad the banc pad sais frou interrup- | &e = a ne bia Beth ateamers Mennin,
, ‘ ¢ under seven ays for the ete those in authority that time is tod {me prising men and at present, aputa which ting its. wpurt whould auttice to en Tramiury Amert- Mist tons Whours, Hatbados, 230 rats
i oO rant and valuable an asset to were cove! cuo0a cowanut, an miate these, who, thuugh they have ean ian neral range and 5 passen, vi
, vll ether J arsiculars,, please PP y Vrittered away tn being dependent on | forest trees have given place to bunga- ken up ther abode in what seeus & Paci “curxnre d Co e On 5 were LoNew
: AGxNTS Darta’ Venezuelan steamer, is, Ed

‘olonlal Co,, Lid,
wiwjelty vr not, until the tranship- { inysof every devermption, Cutungshave afforded the opportunity of bc holding YRIA—The aa,“ Syria of the Han tona, 28 Joura, Cludad Dotivar, [0s oxen,

‘ —_—ee
, ut of gud from the rauway is | weu made forthe purpose of laying one of Natures grandest exhibitions, burg-Atmerican Line jedue here from und 3 passengers for Trinldeds 116
i ’ ~ vouipiele, aud so. better arrangements | We raiway line aud thus enable’ the rendered much tore pnclanting by Stree feris on Or about May loth pack for Europa per Royal id;
wit ov provided, to accelerate the des- | company to take their inachinery, the knowledge of the value of what she ing ‘afterwards (o Havre ao a1 ke ea for Europe per Kiogal Dutch
ioe 9 be

the tide to Keep the steamer alongside | wws, barracks, auc several other build: most forsaken region, are nevertheless


(in of Lue cleaner after passengers | yoous elc,, from the plier 1igbt on surrenders reprewnts £8 aud 1), lanburg via bt. Thomas, taklog cargo, packages for New York per

eon 7 8 oer sures, or, wells ae ney The compu have done. aud fe otiIk | paowengers andinaiiy, Sed ena no ON Am de Nav Fluy
‘ ‘Lhe steawer's journey once begun, | reyu doing much towards the thorough Compagnse Generale ay ts

. AGENT , PRIN’ ¥ LINE interus ls at once awakend in benold- | Getting on tho public read from the sanitatlon of the distilct and ary veal Traneatlantiqua Iitawen Ticitish’ateauer, Anderwon,
lug, luoming tn thedistance, Brighton's | vea-shore, one pases a newly erected ously safeguarding the health of their © Leoravn & qe 1,00) tony, 18 dara, Plonteriieo, 100 tons
pier juttjog out at sea for a distance | derrick kuown as No. 9 just within 6 employees. The older officials who me - general ea To Geo. It, Alston & Co.
vou at least 12 to 16 hundred feet, | stune’s throw frum the ses; on an are at the helm of affaire are wen of GUE. -Th one
while far away in the vouth-west, | vievation oppusite stands a rather experience, and there can be no doubt T_ DOMINGUE, -The e's goats, I pig, 3 pote

Steamer “&t. Doin: duo here- 103 ar and
rising ju the distant horizon is seen af epauious aud good dwelling=thie 4s that they will teach the young ones eect eon tle Tih May and will fowls, 10 oxy S8B8 24 passeogurs,

e jendid chain of tnowntaios which in- | ae residence of onsof the pionvers of who at any momeot may be call Ste To M Toxaoany Steamer, Faloouer,
thoate our clove proximity to that vast | uf the place whe stuck fahhtully to ‘upon ta assuine their position to follow Ce ee eee tid and geese, tak iced fons, 20 hours, Demerara, 73 baa
rvpublic~ Venezuela. che distiict of bis chuicedespite the ju thelr lead, so that local men, who | ing jassengers, mails and carzo, how an 9 naar eee rad: im
% 7 Funged in thoughts of what might } usd reputation it enjoyed of being & are required to work with the com pee ‘the French Mail BSteainee | Lirona Hrit'sh aloop, Adame, 16 to

b Malt Even ¢ Brith! uloop, Duncan, 24 tous, f

suouotain f ueath-trap. Un each side of the ruad ny. wll feel that there Is every 4 Pero” ladue here frun Lurope 3a Bt. ‘Vincen ‘oo 4
bey io Fret sits power extended as you ve Probg le atuesterly direction, pean to become just as Interested as | Gasdeloupe and Martinique, on or about turkeys. 0 incenty Avetid ne i)
Pree his portion of the Buuth Auiert- moat bute and buildings are to beseens | the foreigner, in promoting theluterest | the rth May end will proceed afterwards nd puta, J turtle and 13 passengers,
eons coutinent--one in suddenly re- | theed aie the homes of the people wha | of same, to Carapauo, Lativarra, baveniis, Coloa | Wituena Gaxravpr, liritd- wasted schor,
Eiiled from dreamland by the shout- | work on the vilfields and the estates. May ibe Government facilitate, the | aad Vert Limon, taking Jat Clans pesmi | sunith, ¥7L tous, Bidere Fernandina,
ing of boatinen—an indication that we | ‘Trees have been felled, draiue dug | woking of the oil Industry and wo Be POMINGUIE The Yrench Mall Flas eh fh lumber. Td Gordon

sce yeac We stop just to ve thé sanitation of the! bung into sctlye development the. rich . e Gran
7 —AND— - » iione acherenie butduring this fier piace, and on different properties of fome lof oll which are tylog dle in S Reet po bartininne wee Eto Auvance Hat vloop, Roberts, 21 tone, 1
1 riod one canuot help contrasting in J ine company everything is scrupulous | several parts uf the colony, fa due here on or about the 2th May, and] chest, 4 oor dome mason ys, prea
bis mind the very sleepy and uninvit- | iy clean, airy and ght, and therefore ——e pkyes Tratt, 1 drum oll and 17 paasen.
Be a i er aeieto te waar | IMPORTANT TO PASSENGERS | Setermand mas” Oe" | ction atau,
be Tyere 4
h prevalle in the Jouve time was the Laue o ¥ P pera amd mila, nich Mall, Bleamor ana Lanta, -Venes ps , Cotora,

: ‘ . aivelike activity # bic ¢
, to year's assiig the house of the anager | ,
id . S tad i ingto the xe ented tn fn ta Fonunée oui ine raadalde, Ue coco LEAVING T0 DAY. jorte rou rou x i due berg ro ener covos aad 2, imate, an,
grea! bLchesistethere, | plantation is soen extending on e . . Se ee ey Suade TUR
‘ @ jin Pears wea, it does | sue in a southerly direction, while on] | We have heen requested lo make afterwards artinky ‘ ‘oh April.
5 0 0 0 0 bane A eed ery place, aud. | theuther are sure uf the bulldinga of | the following anuounument which ip ones Hantandary Hontraug ate. lavre, Jon 1, Basents, Dutch scbor.cTasself e
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f azuile | of Jmportance to persons Intending ta | taking prasenmers, canto Sin’ en tons, MuntectraG Senses Witers, 8 -
before the advent of asphalt must have | the company} when gbout bal orta nee tO! Mamlaiena’— rect Lind | bage Venesusle comics. 2 vi
Leon veoy secluded ladeed, exprept Wo ie covered you reach, the : anne, line tr are Chase ppaseen rs embarklog on = a D cocoa, 21,505 foot tam Pe berrela ne

will proceed afterwards to Demerara,

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tare taamar harecle breed
me Intle farther on you arrive oppo: f and conUnues toward the south for “(be ILALH, * Magdalena ™ today are of Rtaamars, fuent, 107 is bread and 7 passengers.

a Tins New Oouniar auth,

ide are, ¥ yequested to prownt themselves at ul x .

+ —_———— elte Brighton and ite Ane piers here J overs mille wherw the oilte! “ at b Ofticer’s Ofties at 3 COMPANY, @AGENTA. | Uarnoca, Venex, guard, Costa, Andrade
F Oy ene necs rel yanch bittte “aod Follow lug this lide pa both sid ey cf “ tn cee panerngere. mill fe (is TRON OU CAS Thy Thess ‘Crown a tous, Grintaial Cols, 13 fuen andt
d Setivity existe, Large Yemels which Fone wus aoe. ntdachly that Nature |” sperted at b pm Gre conor about | Viaisy, Amer. wttus, tiukth, 172 tous,

: Larbades and
“The baggage of first and third class 5 t cilag aftereandt to | Gaanovo, belleet aad 43
ne alongvide our jetty Ia the hanged bey espoct, andly confront: J ,, *T aed May £911 proceeding 5, passengers. Ly
Clty, go right up tothe per to take in ban areal panoranie of pipelines, eeneee feeb eae vee wit Demerera faking cargo, passengers aud ae rorh and Henaudes On we. 1803
At the present | workshops, rescevoire clauying off tg despatched from tha Bt. Vincent QALYBIA. The we *Galybla* will tune Demerara, cargo in tranalt and

4 and discharge cai gn.
. ' jnoment the oll tapk steamer “Laden: | hamuurs th eneting tanke, aud der a te cle bagna ae Demerara, cargo, in tra d
is tla ia thers taking in the fret cargo pC ricka ete, ie pausbes of pltls which tothe barge for fintgation, de: © nal on oe aoa kt Goutivental | Se -Alston cr eal By Geo.
Â¥ eon Tews! le.
‘ ou quantity, ‘The pler Itsel€ be & | Sn the surface of lhe earth reveals the eee at arantine eapenses ee | porte, nom | Dosa O., Beit, 2 masted schar, Very, 40h.
@ | wonument vf engineering skill fact that you are prea ng over the ull: |, inet b * Jamport > Hele Line, tous, New York, 550tons crude
) his poupauy have installed an clo} tckia profee, and fn wat gaupet, be) eee 2 MOP Beamere | setae Sirte Y. Amtard end Gon
nt ec there sre than sboa' 2 : CHUBS,
> tak Digits tor them tolimpede or In it welle have been sunk, over which, MOVEMENTS OF STEAMERS. Geu, ih (istox & Co, arrlatoual | Gotan, ballant
FONT En TC et weet recuse, they the desvicke tower bigh ta the alr, ET Ae om fPFNNYBSON, The a “Tennjeon” lel Cristobal Cola oY sundry packages ‘uscrt
would pther: e be the the c %1 Amung theee, wilhout looking one it facket Cr. ~ TL ‘due here from Santos ou the 1th Say [| chaudiee,
have, (a facte verted this E whit more finposing or iusportant than The Boyal Mall Steam Facket Ce, leaving (he sanw day for New } ork. via ereennentmetas
64a, KaRINE SQUARE. Une farest into a veritable fairyland of) 11.6 others stand the famous No, 7 Tee Page 2. Lesbadoa, taking Cargo, pasecogers “and
HH fru bo aoe ¢ ange and coms | ee aaagucbers | wae eat, ‘Thea Vollaire tue) CLOSING OF MAILS.
hha ie u, ‘. - : . a manda
— digus building this, 1 ucderstand, ia | “° * vce has inieed been Koninkiljke W. Matl- hers trom Huenos Alres on the 37th 1 isi, toed He Vis ‘
Sent ae quarters for sone of the} Nature's ayquera dient May, easing the sane day for New York yt betesen iret y cant and New

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\ eG company’s employees, and for tourists changed by the hang Total ban’ been i, today’ the tad o0 3 pan, sad
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“rere * vel Oe ee ee ete heath of jusn dre now thiogeof the pass Dath Mall Meamer “Prue TRINVAD PMIPCIRYG art piss Turtday fhe’ tua woe Pi ic “

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together wilh pe Large olf tanks | pest t = etal ite aud Jiinerain oo of alwut P
; SMALL COGOA ES bison ia a euarenient bubcensicwis | eat io ia ol their iajentie grandeur, [oes Slay. BI) proceeding aftermacds to | (~RQWN OF NAWAUIE. Oe tig
es Aton tiga altive operation J ust | dot svon the tne ts coniag when the Cora peso, Cas ee el "# | Tituldad Lice will leave for New York
a Of 1 Acres. Ie cot Ta iog Try Interested iu | woodman, exe, will reavund sud] Poer#, Cols ticgand New York tak | OM the Zab apr Wil and be lug

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