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Port of Spain Gazette
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The ‘‘,Showertyte Roater”—Price $:
Square Edge Prims „ i
Cable Edge Brims „ i
Men’s Black Flexible Felt Hats
I,; Mt
t Cigarettes.
TliX/m fllE IXSBREJIliE Gl.
Trinidad Building and
Loan associate
SEE OUR 5s., 0s., AND 8», COUNTERS r
SKEOCH & 00.
Jos. A. do Suze
Victoria Institute
o^.xJEX)onsri_A.3sr house.
70, South Quay.
dentistry Geo. E. McLean
ar.¡2 [ 24 Pr od o ■
Just arrived e* RM.5, '• Atrito," from Ihe
celebrated firm . ,
OTARD DUPUY & Co., Cognac,
¡«Uf BBIinr^íp^Woj Iho [* SCOTT, BOYD & CO.,


he Bonanza
Toilet &Ti
Your -Trade.
Classy Goods
imith Bros. & Co.
Boots sfHBI”1
± “ Slobpfins Ltd.
- . is
m®cs~ i
â– ps'
Sfc. i

ATRIL 29 1911
Ex Recent Arrival*.
Tailors Ac Outfitl«¿'
2000/2 Baga FINE SALT
400 Boxes CUBE SUGAR—uacll 6011»
all Sizes
100 Boxea BROWN SOAP—168s.
Fort-of-Spáítt Oazetie.
WPiPBicit ',. m hot. u
I '
From ... 5*. To
Marino 8quar.A Chacon
South Quay.
, -SELL-
For Rent I
l2 ¿s «
MnrtOlii Ü* inltntta
At the Cornir of Ctiecon St.
¡LT"" :LLj
• Occupied till recently as a Provision
Store by Mr. William Scott, at a Mode¬
rate rental.
ar ^
SféjÜSF® B¡J. !M ,«*
tierold Sc Scherer.
«a ¥re*i¿í?st?sí,*.
Men's Furnishings/
bdegoflered In Oil. de^mmetu. ‘Fro® o
tltMS 0= «WS
^(]Ko^.TCdllt'i Silk.
High - Glass Tailor
Tie Boot Dept.!
¡a: rar'*’
Haul stylesjn Laiiei anil Men's ilightll
models la Sidics'vfcii^Sl'iora1 ¡HEuAm
¡V* Am? lor MrwVo^ad ét
wjjWti Piwhlnc
j/slLivi tsKtilY { Ili'r-r" I'l . .
Ds ADA’s

,TW“ A.T?.n AJDIS-
Lt T't

Bag's, Portnaatean <§e Trunks

Two Steipl* Undmhlrti,
bin Bag*—81.44, 2.00, 3.00
ither Sait Caso*,
it's Dressing Cases, $5 up.1
ladies Spun Silk Vosts,
Gent’s Jaeger Undershirts and Pants,
2 POET. A ~RB TO 32.40
Compressed Cano Trank»—110, 312, #18 & §24.
Flannel Undershirt»
Pyjama Suit»—S1.20 to 83-00
Fitted Suit Case».
â–  Ladles Dressing Cases
Stephens, Limited, The Best Place to Bny Everything:.
Merchant jankers
lilis if Jxchaige, Cable Transfers,
Saturday, 29th ln*L
ÍT.&'áíu*-■* *
Orcil A Cacfitf Lid,
iney for Investment
Icltool Books
«MALL cocoa estate
:> ''**M¡uwír h.siRTON.
.sirtrY.c,.. ,«
á QJÍSIj* Oi I.1HK.
: : :: '
â– ASM
• m

8.30 P.M.
Ths Whirlwind Cinematograph Co,
Mindtbkbom tub “Foor Roads” OAK
Frosrazame :
•sday, Friday, Saturday
April 27th. 28-fn. 28th,
w * •
■m asm A -n-[-j ¡ Q-XT3ST
: So , 16c. 240.
iger Sewing Machines
Fradarick altraat,
Iron- SlrengthaDiog Bitti
bo l _a_nsrni)’s,
Magic Toothache Drops,
W- C. ROSS & CO.
The Colonial Dispensary,
tí AIRgp DYE
Just Received
...®!!=«b;.t«a=-=!™sS!S "w'” sporting
The Barbados (ftutual “
â– niiiim.
W .A. C T S
' A Long Felt Want.
Sf.K’SHi ,vw
¡FlELId-a. ”
'W Landing ex Sohr. '‘Melba
from Georgetown, S,C.
Pine Boards and Planks,
1,000 CORHS I ■ '¿mm Si julio» ¿j ptiwgs-8»
1",',“i."o'.u«BW*oi,r * oo.

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we 7 ~

~ 7. — _ : —————— » _ o
of Industria] Oyele & Abhlatia Srerte iF CEODtS . OR AN i nos ial siete ta pay gale Toe TavRsDer tat um Cycly
nbn " . ’ ; So

= ¥y


th ant
: f




ralaing ‘ r 6 Lid NOLICE te hereby given | 8S Bs
PINs OFFERS FOR BALE Na‘ihis ol isos Je axertlee of tbe rower of le cote ee oto ofthe Power of See t
Weiaidad do rewere KING S_ BIRTHDAY ’ Leoten Boleut ties uteer Beeston sported F resin meni tha Pet ot Be King
ys NOTICE TO ARTISANS'AND SATURDAY Sxp JUNE 104 i, adil. aeNo, 9861 of 1902) ‘and made between feruncieg sod Lew of Hoy ory Oralaaace n ae’
OBAFTSMEN, acs bees Frotr, “Tooate’e frige eondrd Neleon—Deleod ont, Nichalse Salvarg ot the one part and Jaan { No, 72 a0 ,

en Game & Oo, of tha o hee part and ina | dated the 246 day of Deccater 19,0 and Sed
UBIIO NOTICE ts hereby given tbat cerrain semorandam of Mortgege, Nw 3 registered ta. & Gaics of ths Hagiatrare
Bikers, anorder of His Honour, Mr, Jes [ats dated the 3ed dayef Deo miter 1002, Uuzeral of thie Co‘ony as No 406 of 1211 Pricea
20 begs FLOUR, "Wiles Favoarite* | tee Swan made herria oa 1b4 26 d of | and made by Nicholas Belvary ia favoar | wade between Alksol the one part aod ,
Betere, | Mateb 3611, there will be pat ap for ssle} of Juan Cunipel & Cor (Thé sbore raort- sz ot the other pirt thers will
Does “dk “Lay Queen” Bakers | defere the doors of the Court House, Pots, gege security ls now vecet ja Heort lor asle by Pablia Auction ab

PROVISIONAL PROGRAMME, | op sant ters FLOUR, “Torontee Pe ide*

Tre followin inthe Programine of the
aprgpech ng Meeting
MILEBcraLZRACK Open telthord

Tr Consideration of the enactment of
Ordioance No, S=19LL baviag rea
dered it focambent on all Artisans af

preceent moregetered la the prescribed

lL Ove
tradee, 10, kbiaders, Boot aed Shoe who have never won afi prise at

and 53. Chale
maki tere and Joiners, Cabidete 40 be de egy - of Mpata on Toureday the 23 h dey of May | Siang by deed dated the 30 bday ct Jane the Auctlon Mait of Merars F, J. Beott &
takers, Coppernmlcns” Conchballdere * hie qdihel talueat| 20}. ag der Wels No, 3 Batra TWIN, betwen she bors of one aDd U9] 101 registered as No, 310) of iVIC) How sluasts at No 12 St Vizoent 8 reet | TEP UNOU
Coopers, Farriera, “Fitters, Golderalths, ak, Stand #2 Time limits 3} mina, 4107... “doa “Rad Feather No 1 | 0ock ia the afrernoor, Abd aley io @ certela deed of mortgage fa the Towa of Port cf fj a oa Tbpraday Aveous ;
Masons, Moulders, Mecbiolsts, Plumbers, (2-10) Yarne Fiat Rack--Open, Fas Al thove threa sev lege ow pare 14) dated the 23th day of Jane 1910 (vgie- the Ith day of Mey 10Lt, Letweda the |, the PU;
Printers, Painters, Saddler, Smiths, trance Feee: 16, Priresof the value | /Ohase do, of Mit teereet | tered on Ni, 1887 of $910) aed mute bets boars of ore ard lwo pm. 8 Ba ;
Bhipwrights, Silversmiths, Teilore. Tine PFS Siend Bt nis dy *Go'den Tip” No t ad uf Tiiolded, The First there- | ween 18 Nisho'an Haivary rftbetne | Ail ihs wodivided to thted share of the Wit, rain :
amitha, Turaere, Upbolsterera, Wateh- | 3, Har MiLe Bora Bicvex Hack~Open Ruta of comprising 10 acreale the same a litle | pare an ald Hoory 5 mogif the ether, ali A bata All aod Sigalet thoe thre
makeraand \Vbeelwrights who valine their iz. boys under 16 pears of age on day of f £00 bags RPLIT PEAS, ~ more or less delinsated and with the eba’>| part, anda‘so ina crisit Memorandam | e.verst parcile of land and — ail
positions ia tele reepective trades to com ee tte eee tee 16 xo 20 4. HESVY CANADIAN OATS, { tela and boundaries thrrecd shown in the/ of Mortzaze dated thesaid 215 of | appurtanauces thereto spperteining sttaste fora ine ay tere Ll
ply with the provisions of the Urdinance value of 64, Riand M1. rizes of the | 50 | CRUSHED OATS, 100ibe, ecch pis of disgram atuchal to the Crown | Jone 1910 and made hy Nicholas ry { in the WVard of Chsgearas to be Islacd of fone Bee ‘
aad recistered themselves, the Board, with {4 Ove Mire Bicrcue Hack—Open. Va. [5 «© MOLASCUIT, *{ Giant catered {a ths Heal Property Regis | Ja favourof entry Sicoy, ther be | Tilaidet Ladies of eee
a view to asslating sach stration, at s trance Fee 26. Time diunit a ‘Sain | 50 3: COTTON BEED MEAL. tet Book at Volome XXII, follo 327 and | pus up forsale by Pabiic Aueionhy the] The st theedt comprising nice acres Other na
meeting held on the Ist February, 1911, Virst prize presented, 2ud prise te the] 73 5 OILMEAL © Eagle brand, boneded om the Noth, Sith aod East | aodersigned at thele Action Slut, No, 12 { aod bountel ox the a0 th oa lends new | Goat, (don Mei
author the walverof the ezaminatios valoo of $4, 3rd priso #2, 78 bales HAY. ie by Crows land and on the Wet by lnods | Bt. Vircent Street la the Towa ol Porte [or lately cf Hoadiey and lends now of Member On: M ewbaeitig
foe of $1.20, bitherte payable, ia favour £1 8—- Tosa Jeep Opens Fatrance. Veo 16, | 10 barrels SALMON (lerge whl beade.) of J, A. Hivae, The Recoad therec{ com: ] ef Spala oe Tuesdsy the 0. day of lately of Niametb, on the south on lends

arvisaos who shall apply for registration Prites of the value of 83 and 83, 10 covee LU. BUTTER Ub Tice 191i, betwepn phe hea of one aed two / cow or Jate'y of Mere de Verveull on the

daring theeiz months coding 3iaa Jaty, | & Wary Mink Brevik Rack—Open,

Entrance Fee 26 Time limit: 1) oe oO , =&nic
I01l, after which date registration will mnlna see ofthe tales of B10, P| F R SALE

follow the periodical examlaatioas of the thereof sbewn in the plao or drasrsm jtereete of lind eltuste lo the Ward of | prising one and ha { querrece acd bounded
Board, le 2 foam Fiat Race 0; attached totbe Crown Grant entered ia { Toco in the Ialand of Trloidsd, Tue First | oa the poith oo a rcaden the eoath on
Each applicant will bs required to aatle- | “ Cs mh

R Ew} —" the Heal Property Register Book at Vol-| therec! ogmpriiog 7 J
~ fy the Boars, either fa writing, orally, or Wen eit ge Prizes of the value STARWOOD FBTATE | ametcxx, as Gal and boanded on | perches ha abaciog oa the North upoa | of the easton Crown lende anal on

rising ,9 ecres, Sroods apd 12 perches be
Ere pet's Bitttle more or leas Velinested eat on stood, tn the wert on lends of

pm. N.B.— Tick ete ang
acd with the abnttals acd b-undorics Alland Slagalic thie twa pieres or [Simeon Asw., The secved therect cow:

only, on the op :

euel Garela and Grand Li
Veodsct Meouel Lm jande pow or lately of the Crown sod epon | west on the Carcol Sivanna Roa’, Toe a 7

tioall + be esses @ aaficien : the North b:
Feoeral xtowisige oral partlealat trade, * tobosunnder the age of "aS ean on A TD GO, by lend ef Eapene Noal Joveph 02 tbe the Pablie Roadon the Swath upon lends third bhereot compriiing one lot of, land
be lb be givea © the elrcam the day of the Sports, Ent F y Crown lend a:d on the | pow or lately of the Crown on the Essb | moasariog 60 feet ia frontage an eet
stance if he shall bave bees actually fol- in Oe) No racing GC cies allowed, rea 400 Acres. Wea by, Jande of Mauve} Garcis end lands | opon lauds now ot lately of Jone Bal

in depth and tousted on the north on P[VUE pattie i px:
® Gre

i386) be ft al ind | an ly |}
Artissoe are urgod to tegister them | %~-THE Bovanza Five Mise Bicrcre HIRTY BAX (36) recistered contrac: | tbereot bee Lat Net vi, of the wrasse | of tee ‘Ce wo aed Spon the sald Vatiie | Inads of Atcrasder, Willan oa the east SALE OF
solves, and shoaid ab once aprly te the Hace Petia Vuntrance Feo 25 td,

Ubereol being Lot No, 97, of the Brazso [of the Crowa and the sald Peblio | ladde of Afezander Willamson the east
i C wert eerste tee (75) actea ia cocoa Copsro Village delineated’ acd with ihe Road, acd Ihe Sesecd thereof comprising | on a strat and on the weet op lands now a
Secretary of The Boarl o aetria mane have 23) mine. omnpetitors 0.860¢ lon Sixty (00) acres planted ap | abatiale and bonadari¢s therect sbewn ia | 10 acres Lethe same a litsie mare or lene | of lately of one Isreal, ITALIAN & if
Trafaing, Government Baildings, Port-2 one of tive preceding oaced Via at leant 1 9 bree Ito is old, 6,000 being | the plan or dlagram attached to the Cr-wa | delises'ed and with the abuttels and | Dated at Port of Spaia this Qletday of ro
Spaia. for forme aod all patticalacs, eligible tur this events. tat prize A over three years Overseers boase | Great eatered in the said Renleter Bock | boundathe thereof ahewa tothe plen or | Aptil Oae Thouwaod nine hoodred and | rendered veorsasey. :

lowing bis calling for « lewgtheued period. Prizes of the value of $4 83 and 81, T

Uy Urder of the Board, 1 4 builtof bard wood Value £50 Timber | at Volame LXXXVII, follo 223 end bonn- | dis tteched to the Crown Grant { cleven, bie d
7 7, B. dACKSON, icy cle Eregnied by eer, pulth | cut and” stacked 1,396 £ Uedar | det on thy North by Los No. 100.00 the | rottred In the Haat Property Register , ¥. J, BCOTT & BON, Europes The
becretary, RX, Urd prize $1. Lap prize $2, scantling and 1,440 feet Cedar | Soath bys Street en the East by Int No. | Book at Volame XII, folio 517 and bouc- ~ Gord. Anetionee.s.

snare yt OEE | TR att he | BA PORE, Oy mache eta Sete loan e LaF he Reno

Entrace Fee lati. Hrizes ofthe value | timber trove still on land, Cedar
Note 40 Planters and js sike3iss eves nace ope to] 2 ettaiea Nate Sed “daa tse [tee thay oy wert See te | Cwaanda an AN
those,arho have never representet a | Ce ‘ave ne 9 "
. $y au Colony ducing the Inst two yearn, En- beach half a mile long ” Lodefeanible Mahatersiog jee ae ty Bat Moratee Dated Ute Tyee ae ce one ‘
Proprie v0 fs. u exercise of the Lower of Sale con- | 83, $3.59, $1, 9

trance Eee 240d, Drizes ef the vatue | titleunder RP.O. All taxee paid to * :
ones #4 and “$ZTinue Himtt; 6} | date, , Eatimated value eso” Fa es 160 deted the llth day of Gov's, Ancsloncers, can een eee ed eal cha hen [carry awe” Sool
12-40 Yannos Frat Rack—Open, En Offers will be received by the] Deed tah dey of Api tei, day of July TOUU (registered as No, Sw17 | givcu away ab 20 pil
H : .

8ALE ¥OR TUESDAY Sra DAY OF (Vader the

MAY Jol,
— when tho-s will |
puattc NOTICE is bereby given tha, | tons to Dfose


{race Fee 1s fa Prizea of the value | igned. Sgd) L. ye . LACE 909) and made besweea a Andrew wy ,

and |. id ify tore

I be to remind Planters of the necoeaity (S—TuwLe Mite Ticicie Rack -Open, 40 N DENNIS BELLIER. . en SALE FOR MONDAY. THE Eicatu gare et iis Nos Bart ‘3 Frances April Zth=im, ‘39

Cifles Hobusta), Mabogaoy, Natm i Time Innit: Ob mine Competitors (43g. yj Bollcttor ZRINIDAD, ‘ ) DAY OF Ma, 191L Teol-A-Sue of the third part, sod ia a care

Giver Cisnamop, C G Tosss puust have mtu raced fant denst bo Lorene Biroet SALE POR TUE ND iv HE ot Day UBLIC NOT! ‘Ele bereby given thet | %4!3 Memorandam of Moregege dated the }

° woof the preced 3 7, id
Hews, Crapead, Locust, and TRhate eta, Le eligible dor this race Erizes of the SS _______. AY tik P in exercise cf the Power of le ope ite ictola Bak, a favour of Fraser Smith Ro}

on 4

BLIC NOT E is hereby stven that { ferred ov Mortgaece by she Cocveyareing | A16,7Vuctorle Sealilt ta favour of Urepose

$2, U
nm, Entrance F TRINIDAD & TOBAG : t . Z
sa6 nae of vale 0 0 and Dee ropscn, |B is eect olina poner fun com | Ones Nit sed onnlon ina ne er raehancenty ie beieeigtera | | OFFER
te ar oft ata Te ent ace aut taacpo Den | of Bisa et | ete ue Sy Re Vet | OU
. #ysro fa the Island ant wade by fete Whitier acd mde een Kaephame ve «
Of Priuided, Pianre:—Deoce sod, in favour of Lee Lum end 2) No, 60} Beroon Nevario of the ode pats tad Ry ee ee bei heres atid betwoen eae

ia time for delivery between tha months
of May and October this year, oni not w
forges the DADAP which Léing « epinelesy
Immortells oan be made use ot for growing
Vanilla (a plaotof bitherto neglected va-
lee) thereby maklug faither piodtable use
of that zhadeand mulch (ree.

value of §1 $3. and La
Th Iftar eed athe

13 TWO Mur Beavcer Race Glandicap)
batrance Fee 2s fd, Prizes of the
value of &4, Bt and 82,


; 1 tG—HaLe Mak Fear ack Open, Ea . —— dated the ssid 14h dey of December [ Amctis Fizart of the oti er pure there wi 29 G
cof tnk the peportumty $0 offer a Special trance tive 1a il Tries of the’ vaioe PUBLIC NOTICE te hereby given shat sloresald sod made by Necales Waitlor be pat up for Bale by Pale Auctiva by Peete COReIE Bose three ects oF 20 Cease Gaato’e J
Oo Bt l ,
ia bataboo pola vi, i jand $2 Nrcx Mure Wreveur | Wieeuam Joundar ques a the by io javour ofthe aslé Lee Lum, there will | the ondcesigeed as ther Anctlon Mart, Upzer Caroal io the Island ef Trinidad, Ex S.S.

tap for sale by pubhe auction by | No 12, Se Vincent Strees, Port-of-%o-1a
- FRUIT. Nack-—Open_ to one representative ¢ Mayare, Mantes for « Gr sb Pa N The fi at Ubereot comprislog 15 actes and
UCalwite, 1Cuetard apple, 1 Sagar ap- from Barbados, Demevara, Jamaica | the last Will and ‘Testament teviog ae Nog eee Mtreete ff Azstion Sah teeesentt e houre a oy aa ieootsork 19 perches known ss Providence and ahac- Gl Cassa Ou

le, 1 Lime, 1 Guava (Nicaraguan), 1 Chis and Trinidad, Ist prize: A Hateiah | the 12h day of April 1910 of s 4 ae Mog os the North, South, Eash aod West | GARINE,
Bove guava, 1 Large red goave, 1’ Papew pehretalr Bicycle, presented by the | Riehsrss cf Mayers in the isand of Tents | Moy IDL between she bears cf one Zod | All ard Siognlar that certsla pareel of | 2700 Iands nw or lately of the Crown, wa
> (Spgcial, Bepoditis, 1 Mango Zabricot, Raente Mecare Brnih Lute cot Bele | dad, Pista who died on the }0:h day cf | two fiw. ALL those twa several parcels | ‘and sl’anteta the Ward of Mormge tn the | 12¢ Second thecot evmprisiog 13 ecres| preesr 11,VASi
Avocado pear, 1 Golden apple, 1 Pi prise of the value of $10., Lap prise @ Agri 1910 having a¢ the time of his death | of Innd of usteto the ward ot Mooteerrat | Leland of Trinidad compiising savestee | 2 00°S 8nd 31 schos be ihe sams litte! pRaZICfAN OBR
mento (Bay tree or Hols Diicde) 1 Cam- nue OF #0, NAP P a Gres place of abode at Mayaro ia the [io the Island of Trioidad THE FIRST | crev, twenty soven perches wcd two bua. | Were oF less delineated sod withthe abate) or Fi pH ag
phor, “1 Uinaamon, J Soareer, for siz Artic! acid Inland of Trinidad the aid Wiseman | thereof comprisiag Six acres be the samen | died atd twen'y nine eaperficial feet and | (#48 ead Dounderies thers f ahewa inthe! Git eN DOR’
dollars . rticios, Jean-Jecques—beitg the Execu or named | little more cr lees delineated and with the | abutting oa the North tuzon laude fortaerly | Plea or disgrm a tached 10 the Crowe paren came
ORNAMENTAL. : - hereto, sbava's and boundaries ibereo! chews in | of theCrown bat cow of P. A Lafoucade,{ rent entered in the Real l'rorerty Ragis- |) vine BRICKS
1 Bougenvilles, 2 stephanctis, 2 drpa- | 2 These races willteran, asfuraspract!. | And rottce fe also given that if no the plenor diservam attached ta Ube Ocowa | on the South opoathe Sea on the Eich | (ef Book at Vo'ume Lf, fulio 483 acd gurpauRio 26
rages, ZHoees (Eaglish to nome), 2 Die- | siite, under the igut of the Amateue | caveat le lodged before the expiration of Grant entered in the Real Property Begis- | 8poa lands formerly of one Gerald bus | eades 00 the North by lands of Helen} parent Fu
casas (Syecls! verietien) 2 Verne, 2 Atte Athlete Amwxlation of Enuciand. and pro: | twenty-eigbs daye trem the date cf the ter Buk of Volume CCXVIL follo 135 | sow of one Alvares and on the Wea ojoa | Melong lenlis of Micchall Alezender, and | Ciscon Breet,
line, for mx dollara, Kroundanen, poll caddies, - Heenoed | Paviicatios of hie woclee the Coure wiit aod boarded on tbe Nort by lendsof | loads cl Paul Lafoccade together wi.h the | e049 of Natividad Corsballo oa the Suathy| en aarch, A811


Taleo bey to draw the attestion of Plact mo proceed to bane Probate to th: 1 by Crows Jand onthe E as by « Ioed re-
ere to the lot of 2,000 Camhor planta sendin &c., wlll be detuned from | neg Jeat:Jecquoe accordiegly, sald Wie ‘iprker ake Boe iy eeu ae wire *PDaled thin 20m dey a acre Olt. served thirty Hake w de, asd on the West
sboud 4 het bigh fn bemboo pots, which 1] y “Alt entries must le made and races | Dated tbe 2let dey of Apriv 911, aod on the Wet by lacde of Manbode F J, SCOT & EON, by, lands of Mitchell Alexauder, Helen
offer toe 824.0. I may meation that | run In thu real nauie of the competitur and T A, THUMDON, and Mco wa aod THE SECOND ther of Gor, Ausdoncer, ony aod Mace Jos, Charies aod The
Camphur should be growa between Rab- [no entry will be accepted unless accom Register, comping Nice acres, Thtee 100ds aod Third threrof comprisiog 1U sores ba the
ber ase Usteh crOp lore i Leileve, it ie hot panied the cntrance fee. The Committee TRINIDAD AND 10DAGU, 7 ~_ Thirty-twa perches be the same more or | fume more or ee pater ie the oard

wo that t of AC, a i e rc ene % 2
a pupjenetion with Rubber io the eee refuse an entry Mithont be “hound to Tathe Stprowe O-a:t, leee aitechnd to the Usown Grant entered war Biok at Volome + folle GUT

hont being hound tol ya the Mutter of the Estate of Marie is the suld Register Book at Volume LAL E TRINIDAD ” ud Loanded on the North lands of

Coll ! payoil , uF to dinynalif \. ae:

Meters of Galtchty CARACCIOLO | ile muy. oie Chin coxveraiion or | Mudchlee olor Daiols Ure fang. folie 17 ad Eunded oa the ports Uy TSALK FOR THURSDAY THE tin [dete vant by ecocd eemnettiiny eke | AN EXTEIOE
- ui nu! . im 7

Bt Joreph Narserler. | tpne his entry asinade Guder fales re Trinkled, Eploster, dceeasees! oath by Jande of Ionocencia Nabero DAY OY BLNY, 101 wide and onthe West by fends pf Berle Bow A Fs


1 testate, she East and West %, Crown puBiro NOTICE ts bereby given that FN Be ttetwo tice at at accondly

\ A Members of the @ 1.0.0 will b Lands ard {ater
Fred Jno, Scott & Son attmnlerot the at CC wilt bate a UDLIC NOTICE ks tere ty gloen than! ard latereected bya Road Reserved io exercise uf the Power cf Yale con: | got tnrdly above described are now com.

irty Hake wide,
awzenoe specited for ihe Farlous vente, ep, ietion hes been su'de tororg tg Datedthie bin of Avett tall, Hono the Roa Prone Deiat Ne. p bed ia the Cerdsate of Tile eatered

nes 4. Kvery competitor, provided he hawl Grrirde M Lik y
Atlas Assurance Company Limited | entered for more than twoevents, will be o'Syain in be oF te Paes, “Auctioneers, Wendy OP dead the to bday al dey Dated thls Twailth day of Apetl 1911,

given a ticket entitling bin to free sdula: et emcee ¥. J. HCUTT & SON
lon to the Competitors’ enc! . pioner, tbe lawfal Attorney of Marie 1910 from Uskalto Oiver Viscend "G6 ,
Now prepared: te accept Bike — |"'5" Gnthe day of the sports uo une but} Aeooie Asrore Dubola st the fark et SALE FUR TUESDAY THE yeTH | Wiliam there wil be pus upirr Bile by | _————_ Urb, Auctionerr
Qtaks, Alot and Civfi Commotion, | OMctaM wll usyeliowel on the track (Tle ord et Gardeoone Penge ytd DAY OF MAY 1911, Diier NOTE BL Vines Mee! Can't See Well?
Mar Insaran U Ltd @, The start for exch event will take | Jodies, the eng wees od Veer = le Oltices No. 12, 6 Yinceat bireets Poet, a e © 24
108 og bompany place punctually et the time stated fn the ? of kin of tr era puzuic NOTICE fs hereby civeathas | of-Spsia co Tocretay the 11 b dey of
—— aoe broRremme. and without teference to bof tte vaia Madolaine Fidore 1a oxerche of the Power ct Hale pone | May 1013, betwern the boure of ove and See Me Te hesle at Seah ws
GUstdAMENT AUCTIONEERS, | *tenters Mbisaie” aise od Law of Frepety Grdinaces (20h uo8 | TAG tha) pleoecf land iteate fe che] When zone epee foelpwiafahy toh ane} SUS TSG
' 7A Dell will be rung three minutes | abore- Madelaloe Tedora cratained ia 8 oestain Memorandem er { Wardof Tecuigua fa the Island of Tilei- comfortable and grow weary while xe G

ee pnlened 1666. before exch event when competitors must | Det ine Bpinster, deceased who died en resdiog, writing, sewlog or looklag a

" dad con piisiog seven acres and thr a A
atonce take up their punitions at the] the 16 b dey of ajil) 190 beving at the Mor gage No, 65 dsted the 4th March 1000 neat objects, letrera ron Logether whi: ae
ca . f mrs Dogesto Edward H toods he 1be are more of fees ort oat acd
Boke Acme wate be prize will be awarded unless vie ot pete a fred plece of sbode Gibbon there will be put ° for aty deverined In a Certificate of Title to Hikul reading and become blurred, GUARANTEED @
there are efght competitorw at least. at No, £3 ake Fires jatbeasld Towarf the wadersizned ab bit Aue loa Mat No, | tegllered in Vo'eme CLXXXV at folo SHUR-ON TION OR 9
{parles «e{dgeick (hemp 1c] | Babs, Beate Commitice renee toe eee eta herons Deere ine Bo Harte Peomenade Ran Hernando co | 574, tclog parton of the iand deserted in . -
rit io muaking ab ary tine any wltera: | tise aball coms la tad spuige es tre ce" Tueedar tbe loch day of May 011 be, [ibe Grows Creo regivered in. Volare SMITH®

tion La the prograumesthat may be found the bours of od 2
teolms # tn very competitor with recelve In Cares fosged’ Later Whe expieula nd sata pee of land si tae ii the give Lay tered ia Volume XXXVI toile
\ r . aod loanled oat!
By Boye pvrent vit MS Kno the dressing room a ticket bearing « oura [| twen'y-elght on, from the dete of the Toland of Tiaided seoptaieg ae te other port! a of the sald land tow usoe.

The rae
Augeat eb’

ben.sre comm

Eyes examined by we and fitted with

f corresponding with his number in the | publication of Note, the Coart will 4 , ferred to Catooes on tha 7
All letters to ve addressad * to the fra , pamare and such Ucket runt be “la proceed te heave Littesof Adainistration tbe screcomowty tf itelea, Gallneatesis Asoncs River by lar act lary ad by gleases docurstely msde pever grow wesiy, g
a THE COMMERCIAL BALK | ey cits) on his back, and he must wear dle. sorsedinaly. a the diagram eovexed tp tbe Cuwa Grant | Crowe Land o4 the Eis) by Orr wa Land t but arg perfectly comfatabis, You may
ROOMS 14 8t Vinceat Rizsee tinctive colours which are bo be declared ated the 2lot day of Apri! 1911. to Stopben Coosians rigictercd ia va ume | Md on tke West by the Aroucs River, not like to wear glasses, batda you like}. ¥
(cence, at the thue of entry, T. & THOMPSON, VIU folio 335 and a's) dercrited fo ibe § Veted thie 220d day of apr 19%, headaches, red eyes anl wrinkies better? ” a
11. Competitors iu Boys’ Races wast, at Hogistrar, [| Certifustect Tittle |e Volume VIII ¥. J. SCOTT & SON, Beleatiic exemiuation of the eyes for 7
INSURANCE the time of ni eb wil atpen on tht Ishio 6s end | bounded oa thea North by the ~ "Govt, Auctiozsers, defeertra crest be ie â„¢y apeclalty.
* Cement Road om che ath t vee Sul supply of g'
aman programme of the day, and If required | TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO, Orowalndan ib helr curative powes cad aupply thera
‘ . au. alenicn the Eres the tholr curative power aod supply
FIRE RISKS on all kinds of T',0 | inast furnish certificates of bith. Ie tbe Seprcuse Carrt, FF ote a ee PT Fast hon we

pertios accepted by wt Ne competitor shall Ne allowed to) fo the Matter of! the Estate’ of Louis | Crows land aod on the Wert by the Jee | rittarpan,

. Ball aleeces and Bcberer inte or the Towa cf Franbfors | molety of the iid fend 3 SALL.FOR TUEADAY THE 9TuL
Tho Hor h British & Mercantile j pists stotins from shoutters to the knees | Gr the Main da the Euuplre of Ger. | Hooter Bettlement Head. tO POR OF MAY ILE re OAY . Optometelot,
pysrie NOTICE ts bereby a’ that } 24 8t Viscent Btcsct,

AN B C0 LT) track apy oomnjetitor who ia not decyutly mapy~ deceased, Dated this @b dey of April 2011, :
INSURANC ee Cy qneation arising and not pro] PUBLIC NOTICE hs berely given that Lee estate ded ok Ape, | Port of

op . _Port of-8
ewbADLiaodt LEGO bs | led orld tiers tules will lo deatt Sith | E> appttcation hes been maderio me nr PICKERING, | (aleed toe apie Seouasy 190 eee TRINIDA


— under Gove of the International Olyuz | Willlaa Hoberiecn ead Joba ddam Coels texeles No 40 for the year lyos! JUBLIC NOTICE bo hereby given thad

“ Wo aro now proparod to avcept Jw, 1 NOWEN acht bthof the Tuws of PortafSpalo Ta" FT mede betwees Cipriane Hives Ko gas L in exorcise of the Vawerol’ Hale oon:
isks on the Oil Kields ¢4, on Dor- . OTe, | We tbe Telaad of Trintded merants for a | TRINIDAD 48D TOLAUO, and Modesto Mivas of the ove pert sod } ferred ou Mortaagess by the Loaveysnciag
Tisks On Us, 14, , ce, PUtEMLAY, QUINCE. fF grast of probate s L the will cated the vob Ia the Supreme Gort Uswmbe of the other part, there | sod Law of Property Ordwauce Na, 6
ricks, Motor, Kagino and Boiler | ———- d-y of August 1006 of the abare uewed fa the Matter of (Lo Etats of ' pub up forsale Ly yubio pucdun fet the Mevised Lawe of ‘Irdotdad abd

Loaie Echeror Jatec) Frenkiors on Malo Autopia Mend

Houses, Refineries, Residential the wodesigeed at ibeie puctloa | Tole,é and conlained la @ certain Mew b-

oforeeaid deotanal wha dicd on the d:b | late of tbe Town of Por

uarters and other property, Oil ¢ of-Npate, Mere 4 ‘om ‘Pueadsy the Oh dey of May | randact Mortutye «ated reapectively tbe

D do doy uf Bepts ruber 1910 baviog st ihe Lme = Deceared TOU, Ne 2 y ! :
mannan gS Preatiat “Mats detain conan + | Mason’ usr Vareotpuiy inte [tod ful eptemtae a a ale
— Freskfat oa Malu alnsesld the sald UBLIO NOTICE Wu herety gives that | tbe hours o! '
dome Wil Be BP BLIO N rely 8 £2 and 3 py, Kedabrob fo favour of Walter Fras
CLAMS PROMPILY SETILED. oO | nhcketateg the Drees pier Gott | A abelication bes been. melby | All sod singular tas certain viene or | Amtard there will be pat up for Sale by
a i H
Bole Agents for Fle Department 4 ao a J sald will te atmlolster the enate of th ‘Avenae aad BMopeel Jraqggim de Nuva alee Korere fo the Kad Thishded ce Meu. V5. Bent & Soo, Now ME Bh
fo Trinidad s = We mags jaale Bx berer fa Telalded. | called Joaqoia sntrale de Siva of Na, prising 30 acres more of less aud known ae | Vieotot Ntreet, Port-«fSpala oa Thare:
The trinidad 8h! & Tredlag | ° a eee clue gives that if wo | B2ts, Chelate reat, Merchant hoi of | ibe "leone Marie Estes” ard atuttiog | day the Lith dey of May 1012, between the
i s of | crreat Is todgod Lefora the expiration of [the Towa of J. 1t-of-Kpaie fora Great ul | os Noth opem Crown Istds, the | bours of one and twe p.m.
Oo., Lid. 4 twenty sigs deye frum ibe dete of the | Pritate of tbe fase Will aad Tewement (Orojouche Hirer acd the Jesus Marie} Alland Blogulee ‘det cartala plece or

sublicgtioa of this Butice the Ch urt will | dated the Bch dey of Sepimur 108 of the [ Mavire 00 the F.
os | proceed to lseue proba’a of the sald will 10 | above-pamed Antonla Sender, deceased | Maters acd "Tose ve t e rt Food io Peortisieg os vores ad verbs
the sald WiLL te Hoberteon aad Jobo | ehodied on tbe ls bi dey of March 101), | Uropeche River and oo the Wexu situsioia the Waid of Upper Caroal
Adora Gos lebt wr cordiegiy. bavisg at the tue of bis death © dred | Crows laid 0 feet wide belog reserred ty |io the slaud off Trinidad rot oat
Dated this Pith des of i vou, place of abode at Ne, 19, Jer \be Crown on each bank of fe Otopocebe | snd deveiibed iq a Cortitete “of Title ‘
(8g))T. A. TH SIPBON | | Aveane Inthe Tows af Hort-of Rivy sed tbe Jesus Morte Itaving| tutored tn Volome XCIIL, folio 407 ond pu res
Hegltsa. Labs enid Jotard of Trinkdad ) Logetber with (he sppurtecances (hereto | abutting on tha Noeth on the remeisiog ne oma .
Biai\'de Mendes sod Manuel Jo: qu de} beoweteg. rtion of lend in the sald Crowa Grant | care of me *
i Blive sleocal ed Josqulin Antonio deBilve | N B-—The abore Mortgegelsnow reeled | Lelong! gio G itbary en tbe Nou: oo | hod fe tps ce
Leiog two of tbe Eaecators samed Ia the [fo Jemes Avgasines Davis and Sulomon | rows land, on the eet on acd of Joba my
NOTICE bald Will (leave below reserved 04 srast Deerten, Merchants edirg under aty'a | Thomes and on the West os lands of Seogre Great, . ies
* Ue probete to Feederick, datento Maodea | or Gime cf B. Dregfun & Ga by died “ot | Leden Doxo0, , Apr en
— x o ravaler ¢: Oortgege, wae
EAU werent aay | ea Ga ee hao ae ancient! ge eae | ng oe et ante het) gel
to Acimels eit Le bald at the Pubile | Oeveet te lodged belore the es © beiween the sald ppre Coroui eet Lat ocd cow ae
Libessy co Widuesday, May Sed at 2.30) oy dasetun bs dave of the patileatioe of veh part eed ve bihy ene oe Oe ee PKK tiie oT cat etaietes B

* 1 “ A {a Volume XX, folio 257 end ebuttin, ¥
DYASCED 1p small co-lanay, ume For Preserl tiens. Bis wt setae ald ies eee tls so ke the Gust will prceeed te ave | Dots and Su'oain Dirylos of ieee hes | tbe North, Kou h sud Eeat on Crows fend PLUMS

INE INSURANCE effected on Cargo

R fected on

Bhecne (Wold “Pew and Hoglstered


or Lonpowm
OAPITAL on on ove £100,000

VE Ae TRiNIDE ee itil
& ‘ Pl eat RATING 4 LID — Sey

Pe await hes So! i © AE



Theeldeal Di

cm osay teres om Poncllaey. “= may,” GLISH Fuahs invited to etterd Probe, port. apd op the Weel on land of Soora’uy,
= LINO Log. AoY Ned ty outers neh A, DOYIE. Dated ibis 28-6 fs ot April. 1911, Loted this Gk day of April tpt, Deted sls it day of April, WL Neduced _ 5
‘Sark a beter sath det Ick Btroot, a vhitin beubtery, ae epinlany uiliss Beek Be Keats wx, Laie FOr

a ~ 2
t re '

8 °
; deere a _. , — » Coeeasons aes bees + The Mon, A. , ell PAW im "| Th Fi hh Bnd cles cruleer **D'Ex- \ ig
CY) } Lo | Trccmeg | mee Garin | rer eee ig ene a es
‘ A wd . ancy obtained Pace santa! lave tat hopes) a Verse] of 220) tons displarement and ; 4
‘i \ tik md exteaalon of air weeksortwo parties « complement of 223, mn ant Joe ka
| . . an re his nee here ‘catlier.” We | codinuntcate with the abore on arriv. Tailors & Outfit tem,
xR x . led here for orders aod ) ql
Hx Recent Arrivals, | Tinsel ria PaCara mtcomnesrat | eA, pesca ete tal he
” Insertion—Fine Destga— Bente return. Captain M. Prouchet is in somman . 5

6 inches wide
— Per Yard #240.


By Mr Justice Ruseell yestentay, — Y
= ts The Dutch ‘Governmeut steamer .
MAILLARD'S | [area Shee Gor | unber sti adit SPLENDID VALUR®:
necccnaeearereeneatieeeanes Toeper mantel Recirt ror Be injuries | yesterday aborning after a voyage of ’ 4
6 loed white boarding a car under [$j da rom Curacoa, She tight _ine ‘

0 Ore
‘400 Boxes OUBE SUGAR—tachi 501bs TIE Pee aistot erase ours | anmene ee fru ke E
eas ‘| Fort-of-Spain Gazette.
The Uonsul forthe Netherlands, Mr
all Sizes Holidaya excepted, at the Office 29 8% | had boen impoeed agalost Trinidad by | port for internal repairs. She is

3060/2 ags COARSE SALT
2000/2 Bags FINE SALT
The claim was for £1 His Honour’s | Antonio FP. Peres. rinses - .
B YELLOW D yA OL Judgment appears eleewhere. J olians © ts commanded bya velentife \

300 8 4 ahs w the } Hen! a Kiselng who has een | N D | GO B LU F 4

‘200 Boxes PRICE CANDLES— pause TABLISHED 1826, | cuttin Jetrdey egrea cabin | Hee ecloet al ras ott I
see once ae aaa ee pauuty oun s| = =6 PACKET & TROUSE
100 Boxes BRO WN SOA P—1683, = PRICE ‘ ONE PENNY. For the last time, fowtay. the District | pleasure yacht, .

dvertisements of Births, Deaths, | Court: will sit on Ha ye Toda: raped ay
‘aad Marriages, Ackrowlodae: | ales ‘marke the ing of the alk rts, Prince Le lsamer 7 Black From wn $2. To *=
anenta and Divlatmers which | regime under which justice was din | o race, a NS orving from. Vico '
SIX IRON TAN Sir rete ed sr eas | een —".
4 ’ pawon} will be. contged for at Bupreme “Gourds and, from Monday Fe Te ee eset ute Unt . -
pereond wilt bec ee “tT next the new order of things will be- | days with carfo lo tratett tet tt the ;
Each 200 Gallons. Casual Advertisements of every | Ein —_ acting United State Marine Oftcer 3
SriaRlinsge Peete | An a sequel to a rtd on Thurnny | nd saled for |New, Onesie, after / ‘

t fortalght; & - per month per >]
Tet to te prepatd, afternoon engineered by Corpt. Phipps, fi he Trinidad Coaling Corapany.
‘Wants, &et—26 Keach, tobe | Dowlat Chankersiug, a respectable | from the Z1u 5 .
Prepaid” Per "eek eaths fob8 | ving East Indian, wae placed before | She took away no passengers, Marine Square & Chacon:



. Kdltorpnd Publisher «A, P.'t, Awsann, | OObINg Hast Indian, wae placed before = .
QE { VQ), ERR Se | fee amet eid omer | aati te Med
h J . ~ , ‘ All Cheques sent to the office of this penis meme ee of ston of Mas and O62 bags Veneruelan foconuis 7 .

paper in payment of bills should be bitters, 20 bria mackerel,
South Quay.

made leta The Port-of Spain | teferred pending the report from the Fe 1 Imon, 2 boxes wine, 21 baskets
Gazette. or are Government Anaiyat respecting the onions and 130 tons bunker coal.

0 CORRESPONDENTA. geoyinences or otherwise of the coin.

T * i
We do not hold it sibl ankersing smesowhile will be held —- * ‘ *
"tor, ner do we necessarily endorse in ziw ) bail to cover the three chai Bone Fa ot ett “yentendey .
ee, matte Saroer column, it ire. HL A. Attale appeared to defen torniog for Cristobal Colon with 3 Ra
letters must be accormapasied by the , Daswengers Mra. Brown, child and =
veal nanature of the iiriter, pot We learn that local eportmen are | vervanth . .
COCARA or pubilcation, as * , ~~ ——— .
a Fusrantee of good faith. ‘Reject- pilling oe TE ace er In addition to 180 tons cual for bun-
ed manascripts cannot be returned. f 7) Conten Races, in accordance jker use, *the Norwegian steamer f 5
alo with Senor Edward Sucré’s Induce- |" Lovstakken ” which came consigned “ ;
Advertising Scale oa Appltcatlon. tent, provided the time will allow of [to W.S. Archer, took away 22 bags :
. a

The | cocoa from this port for New York,


For Rent!


At the Corner of Chacon St.

Subseription 25) per year, | the Trinidad horses taking part,
yable nce Pe racea will be run for four weeks during om —
invade im anvance-Pastage extra, | Teen wath of July, ke every Sunday, | “Satine operations of an unusual ;
dane in the event of the Trinidad horsea J Dature are bow being conducted in the 1g
being sent over, every provision inthe {gulf down south. The well'k own = ;
CURRENT EVENTS. way of stabling and fodder will be un- | trader between this port and San Fer~ * = . Oe
Ta. dertakeu by the Caracas suthorities, | pando, the flat * Bonne Aventure” hes a

TU-DAY, Provision willalso be made for jockeys | &t the bottom of the sea tn 10 fathoms . ’
ii s f water and containing 40 tons of
Distriet Court—0.00 a m. and grooms, _. patent fe nl taken ‘in if ron the coal
i it ‘4 ard of Messrs, Gordon, Uran' I
Cricket at the Orale ovenignt at the Watitwind Cineme ast, Monday. . Un her way south that ,
Fhe London Hecile Theatre—Sand | se of, ion ‘rojeetel, among, tke | Ph a ath uct oi Chesions ay |
BO pon lot being an exciting encuunter with the above pesult, “The * Hone .
G 2

———e between “Cops” and Burglar, Alter al
The Whirlwind Cinematograph Coy, 14 long and adventurous chase, | Aventure Isanid to have been carry

eB ‘ ich many lives are lost, the | ing no lighta, A. professional diver «
st the Queen's Patk Oral—90 prim. dart te the capture of “3 | from the city, two large lighters and a 2

HighWaterMorn 4. 23 p.m, | Sikes disciple. Poverty and Probity | gang of men are pow at work endeav: — SE
Sun ea ore Even ‘3 Hai is @ very fine pictare with # “carrying: | our to float the'sunken graft,
Kun sets . er 407 p.m, | t-bed” morals, lt proves thatin every

we thing honeety {s the best policy, that
Meow renee sete times the inveterate enemy of deceit,

; 7
7 oo J and; that the friend in need is the |
SEE PAGE 2 FOR frlendindeed’ Caught fa bis own trap 10 DAY S_GRIGKET.
’ nis very amusing 4 a
Building and Loan Associa- carrion @ long moral too. It vhows the ! TRST CLASS,
tion—-The Missing €8.851.41 | fealous hubby desirous of regletering VICTORIA V, THISTLE.

} . | his wife's actions, places a cameraiu | The following will represent Vie-
Chartered Accunante Re wition furtbe purpose of securing | tora Int XI ‘yereus Thistle Ist XT =

port—Shareholders aske for | tell-tale records, He, however, for [f Gonstantine (Cape), Vo Pascal, J.
Erplanation—V.te or Gon. | getting the trap he had wet hail his Dowdy, J, Tog De AW. At. tat” A.
ein the Fecretary and | Os Photograph taken, much to bis | xevine, Alexia, 1, Cutbbest, 8,
fidence in the Fecretary a own astonishment and annoyance. leals, R, NcNawara, 8. Brathwaite
the Directorate, are sure thatall attending will enjoy “le i Fuentes” ’
SEE PAGE 6 FOR the shows , The followlog will represent Phistle
Board of Kduca‘ion; St Ane} At the Steamers’ Warchonse yee. et i t ae es a” plerbell.

d ew's Golf Club terday morning, Messrs. F. J. Beott | at, . » Nobel
‘ « ‘Non, Auctioneers, disposed of 20 prngaud, J. Neyos, de Nobriga, L.
SE Ee om gE ee A eee tae ha
Finance ; Charge of Assault


This section is lavishly replete with §
latest in present day wear for ladies, ~ ¥
Flowers, Laces, Zephyrs, Voiles, Sileagl
Ocrsets, Lingerie, Trimmings etc., are]
their most advanced styles to meet Dame.
demands, ‘ a

Occupied till recently as a Provision
Store by Mr. William Scott, at a Mode-
rate rental,

For particulars apply next door to

Gerold & Scherer,

—_—— —— Se ee




WOM 0S 00400608 00400008

Men’s Farnishings,+

A very fine collection of sman?wear

SS.“ Oruro” at 81.10 per barrel.
against Governm nt Audit
rmometer registered 86 degrees f yA Pinder (Lapt.}, GP, Camber
in the shade, at 2.90 p.m. There was | j,, . :
how ver, a coolin beeeza which tem- baich, D. King,” Wiloo George being offered in this de arement, rom
pered somewhat the intense heat, All, J. Small, 11. Philp, F. Willlam,
cab driver, for wounding Joho Hendy [ 14¢,.X1 WW. De Ha ay Me D. attern, Cre oa
Thecarpenters are rushingon the} on the tot Vebeuary Mal was called Hlarpreaves, Be orbie 3, fos Poles fees Ure area Nees
fixtures for the new Disirict Gourt eo | and further edjourned to the 8th of I drews, D, Andrews, D, C, Bally, N, ber Helmets,
are being made so aa toatford further | able to leave that lnstitution for some ‘ y, 00070000 0
light and alr, " time The Injuries from which he 8! qhe following will Cerreent. the POLBODSUOGOODOIICOLO C009
— suffering {s the result of a collision at [ Casuals Club v, the QP. 0, atth
Mr, Fred Kent, the well-knowa | the corer of Duke aud Abercrombie | Oval Play at 7 e

“ Old Sol” shone yesterday {nallhle} phe followiag will represent Botanic
. arrivals we mention the- i
F, Oliver, W. Wyatt and. David. followin F
as to be in readiness for Monday. | June next, Iendy is still very ill in | Horde and J, Baker,
2 pm. punctually . 1
Grenada turfite, recently loported a | Strreta with defendant's cab while h ym pune Lad a
thorough-tred Bpauieh Sack, wamed | was riding » bloycle which is sald to G, Groen (apt, HY Grol, F; Grant, - : § ] bs
\ atl

glory. On this sido of the equator, | Gardens C, U. against Stingo Ist XUt
Warning to Japan,
The case against Hichard Barker, | “rhe following’ will play for 8tia; and Gossimer Half Hose, Kaitte Silk
Openings Inthe eastern partition wall J hospital and {t is expected will not be
*The General,” stacost of £20) and J have been caused by Barker's negli- ford, G, Dewhunt, LH. Smith, G,

which {4 being offered for service { ence in falling to keep on the left wide . OW,

the sister Istana ata fee of Li, ee in oF theroad, Mr, Palrner-Chizzola ap. X, dere, G. Norman and Jt Johue
pee for Burkerwho wae let out on

tig own ball.

i fa not nevall; - known, we are
inclinal to°betiever that the least

_ Just received @ special range of cholgl
BECOND CLASS, Suitings, also the famous Sun and Seigg

. . Registrar of Friendly Socletles res} We understand that It fs the inten: : : which are guaran he sal
Th time bas gono by ceives no salary from the Governinent. f thon of a number of Nowa eportamen to The following ait play fon ou teed not to change ‘ 3

fam & syndicate among themselves | 2nd X13~R, re pee iy ictal
fov the purpose of purchasing the “old [J, Asses (Capt. 1. Nurse, W, Smith,
war horse” Sa HOF. ir the tt susaction I Phitlps, A, Henderson, W, Harris,
wuike a¢ aotic el inten . Y

wo hear to race the animal at the ann No ituatae Het Te Rawlins,
condng Coronation meet.

Alt his income to this direction Is from
thy feew for registration of new sucie~
ties, registration of new rules and
Amendinenta, cei tificates, &¢

dlr, Joseph J. Slechta, Ametican
Vice-Oonsul-eneral at Ho de Janelra, TRINITY V. VORKGININE,

Feaxll, 4 : ths
geinuatheas Vesen on There [HARBOUR AKD MARINE NOTES, phe following will represent Trinity

depent a few hours yinitiog the | On page 2 will be seen an adverttac® the arlene anal, Fethahire U.C. on

stores, driving about the tity and call- toyal Mall Ki 4, ; Archer, P,
tng at (he Americau coumiale, They eee toy ee al finns Packet eae Hn AY, A. Onley, 0, Vierve
erpressed great pleasure in noting the [cing on Tuvslay, May Ith, they will vapey Nf der, J. Proce
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im the family life Now-
a-days almost ovoryone
travels moro or Joss. Jt
may Lo atrip of a few days
or it mnay extond overa
yoar, Jn cithor cue a
ood trunk iy nocessury—
ono that will withstand tbo
rough handling to which
itis subjected,
Wo keop only auch trunks as oxperioacy tits sown us to bo
ood, strong aud sorvicoable, aod vur pres are cerluinty the
weet in town We waut you to aul aad see for yoursall!

Cabin Trunks—2 atyles, Copper Bound,
Leather Straps, extra strong, $5, 36, $7, 33, $9,
to 314 40,

Zinc Trunks—5 styles, square tops, dou
locks, $5.50, 86 to, #10.

Wardrobe Trunks- 311.10, $16, 318
to $24 - each complete.

ult Cases-—it.80 lv 83.00. Pachkin
. Trunke- 60c. to 85. ’ =

weeks ae tt apeveut


The Boot Dept 3

Jn this department we are showing
smart stylestin Ladies and Men's High
Wear, Special attention is requested @-

models in Ladies ViennajShoes suitable ff

ain and the picturesque beautles of | from Porto yCarupanns Pane f Veekes, and A. ¥
Tilnidad'’s landscape meneen from the from it aeepele as sane Paine The following will play for Youk.
bout and on shure. he firw, sailing will be by the 22.3.8, shire tA. dow Bantos, 1, Dunn, K | ~
“Berbice, to be followed by the Pontos it Dunn, Geo, ryee F,
* Bulantla’ two weeks after and ko ono} Yar yte Derwent, Te de obrlga,
Onlhuary Jurisdiction a few tlaye We are sure that our Venesuelan | aft Emery (Capt) and Truilic
When juuicr counsel, learned tn the [friends will hall the new service (2th man).
law, tn the cours of his remarks to | with pleasure.
the learned judge said: “ We antici:
pete tne, Your Honour,” to which that | ‘The Oll tank steamer * Prudentis,”
unctiouary spicitetly replieds © { | of which we jade meation some thoes on their grounds fn
bever anticipate, siel—In fact I did ayo arrived at the Brighton plier on | the abuve match today;—A, Welch
hot anticipate you woukl bave made so [Thursday afternoou ab Oo'clock and 4 (Capt), H. D, Mapp, A. Heuwick, U.
Sonlish va remark” -—~. (4 patnful | commenced taking ju her load of off Hoches, P. Vamjuez, U, 8. Luclilo,
silenge.) oil tive huurs after, ‘In appearance, J \V: 4. Manning, | J, Fernandez, 0,
. — the * Prudentia” fs aequarely built, ( Heddaway, A, Thaltes, 1, Clarke,
mats Prvtector of Ienulyrante, ou her machinery belog ‘situate In the and A. Gomes.
et sul, ve paid & visit of | stern and the tanks forewanl. he @ following wil
(rapection on Thuralay tu plantations | leaves thie evening fur New York, 2nd XI1—A. i Man ernie

fn the soutbera district eniploying in Hpenco pDelunas’ R, Munes. Ww. TRAVELLING op ‘
5 oe

dentured fumigrants, Afters long aml weary pamage of Tre
+ d Hea !
Vesterlay's lelegrainis announce that Soe vot “Venere oun the bor the M. Taide ee m Mellug an ?
‘Vhe Harber Asphalt Company is Hritlh sloop Nelllan” arrived inthe ome REQUIS y


it wasia the Supreme Court In ite


The follow!
the ‘Arcade Oct teams will represent

For Gentlemen we recommend oat "2am
and “ Snow" Shoes", stocked in a varioty fm
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oo. erectug @ refinery and will stait a hath terda BL Vii
ENDLESS VARIETY LOWEST Pil tot | [aguas oucies foro discover tn | binging ‘ight, tase cngers se bet The followin zm epee Flon
us * .
2290 GOTO OTD 0000 C0nT 00000000 0000 & Newspaper announcing that the Caf } provisions. ‘The ‘Melliso’ tat round (Cope 2. daira pti dowel OF EVERY DESCRIPTION.

n Jravea, A. Farrell, D, cplnger, 3

Y.: itis therefore pre- Harper, J, A, Beet

outuerd that the Metinery will by = to the Jlatbour Constabulary, Tho [1 Wete, Nee wv ty

ilelay was cats ud by rouzli wens or " | 1

— by Violent wind ¥i ¥ LONATABU:

Laat tage o W.L & Manaina Tele compas which went ron shortly The following ‘will repre yw * f ;

gpepble “pdes catient™ shows s de after leaving St. Vincen}. The voyage | 2d XE rE £ Hon, BP, lewis, We ean
1 a

wiv the quotaBon uf the shares tu fit Kingstown is hauall ef Henry, A. Rk D ~
Hebia from 184 wi 2Vp. Ue dey plished Uy the © Nelilant a abous dH Matetey Ge Luror fe ep Pulls
ve Joweph, A. Thomas and N. Alesin

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Captain Halinie was formerty attached

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befery, to 18.0 ta By> yeeter wo dave,

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* we Ce a 7 —

: the matter tl i .

LONG TAIL BUHLBING & LOAN ASBOCIATION. freratane ree erent tle ata a nee Bul et | T :

" ri

uU AG COD T (Contiousd From Page 2), | Hiiretore repeety should be adoptek. [ Mttermpting to: eoter the mee Cyrerane WN!

B } I Al Le intle anomalous Ther to cy Mr. Hears Which statement? The glug the handrail whilst the car maa ta { ,

hat when the meet.‘ intotrect statement to he adopted ? motion and befere the same cbuld
tstounia the and ot Frrnoss ofthe © The Chairmans ‘We have porrected atoppet, with the remit that he

. . rectors eeem: } for you by the charfered accountants, | missed hisgrasp apd fell: backwarda, ‘ °
iy ne? lenet to have left It to the meeting to ' oan,
Showhigithe increase in deliverios | Frkat'gmumienny toarmar ase | Mara pemerent iets ts [fufo elimi eee! = NEW SHIPMENT OF
a litte ai ‘@ inust confers that he was discussed at thelr regular meeting, | ho had suffered any damage It was
sappolnted with what bad You sent ns @ report some tine ago | proved by the medical evidence that the rR ATT AN

7 fallen from the Uhatr, Mr, Stone, he which wad found to be Incoric had been crushed
Mola Ssine thon ht, let Yall the remark thatthe ‘The Chalrmansclt was Tet’ tncore tone ap and the wale. of the | |
ipa ney accountante were before rect. It was Feictly correct. front part of his foot torn off, ‘
Mr. Stouerel never sald that ¢ ey astwhat ia route? qoviree inns spiel fad oe inated et and hed the Cr a t 1
. — w } al 2
res before the directorate, but that auditors are to report any irregulart: Injuries peanttine “ate likely to be pers awln ry 00m ul eS

. -_

. H' crose-questioned them severely, tea they found. That nut having bee t. If tavery strong im:

7 . D 0s oOo ds Nn Bere nee In whateapacily? f done, a new report should be bent to pression at the Une of the trian} that
© 4 8) bp. Laurence Taowt quite appre: wee Drayton Wh d pee the ts Hi a tothe war

ry . clate your position, then! port? You cannot change the figures! jpeaning ire atiilent bcturted, ‘and RATTAN ROOKERS, RATTAN (CORNERSOHAIRS,

Mr. Stone :-I am not trylng to hide Mr. [lea here quoted from the regu. | ubat the defendants’ witnesses who RATTAN ARM OHAIRS, do FANOY Oiralns,

the fact that [ saw them. lations the dutles of audite .
a iveri eer wre which [ spoke to the ocettrence were deliberate- a
. The deliveries for November, 1910, wy, Laurence;—Were they Lefure | included that of reporting any Ircegu- eet aale a false version of it. It RATTAN COUOGHES, | RATTAN TABLES.
S create a record e tire torate P| . laritles, and verifying the correctness | revined so shocking "that witnesses
~ nw Stong3~Certainly they were. | of any acconnt or statement, in accor: | should thus give Flee evidence to GES ONE OF OUR
. holders in tho laterest of the share: | dance with law, and epeciaily report: [ prevent aman so eeveitly injured ’
“Dr Laurence tay bw Yack, tethat | rtts matoarhe or net a mteontanes | enh hee ete tt KITCHEN RANGES OR STOVES
. . v ched, or not in prthec o
an important point of that kind { with law. , “oe “e Pepe reenter Croat hke to -

would have been put before the share- | Sir, Vielrar—I risa to a potat of | bell did t the time SIZES @ 7, 8, 9 FOR WOOD URZOOAL,
holders by the Chairman of the direct-{ order. I cannot appreciate ie tet reallze eee neture of ths man's ‘ ORS
orate and pot leftto Mr. Stone to say | contention. Accounts were sent to | in aries, any more than the defendants

THERE IS so, He thought if the Ghateras h each shareholder shonine nee ne did when “they pleaded that te WITH OR WITHOUT BOILER

puta little fuller statement before the | accounts stood. The only difference [did not gutfer any data ) thal

ia aide Gangtan” 1h ate | ee ee mae tage | toe, te come eat

le Placing of it the am iter an #9 through my notes

A RE ASON joan wasratiafied that no one could [counts in exactly tho same post. for the evidence meveral Umes

be pointed to au having taken the} tion as they shou be ingand if § Masing d so wlth much care, Dam

momeyat dice guetanetn hie | they “tent, out, acon aeatn Prana th wy imreeatone teed | GOOD WILLE & WILSON
hey would alm ser t tt the ¢ it the ~

FOR THIS, kardto the matter would have been sariothing as before me fhe Tilwenea were corre jTaud that the 7

more soothing to the shareholders. | Mr. Deane moved that the Directors’ 7 itt
(Aear hear’ e bad no antmus in the > report be adopted, rat the Directors fefondante tn een the car ia vat — oo. . Li MITED. ee eS

matter and he would be the last one to ¥. Hourne seconded. thon while the plaintiff was getting in,
hear anything said against an old, [> Mr. Marding sald that in accepting and that {he defentents Save

The Piano

tried and trusted servant of the | the report it premned | hat the ks | liable fn damages for the Injuries
ave iifferent from alli othe2zw. Assoclation,--a man at whose time of | when audited afp tO Alsat. December | which he sustalbed. It would ‘verve
r Ufo was vot going to barter his reputa- | showed there was a shortage of {no food urpose_ to gu through the
‘ OTHER FOODS FEFD DOGS ONLY, ton fpr money. oppiauseh Hie felt SARGL 41 wr a balance in hand which evidence fh deta: bat pe point it
~ 8 le nf was hotin . t . {
waine Foods not only feed but keep dogs healthy, | treated with the frankness to which | ¢haci4 never belenget to the “Anos yer male t any the Gonipany by the
the coat, eradicate worms and prevent unplearant

they were entitled. (arpianacy clatlon until the hooks were andited [-romductoron the day following (hat on
odours from the ekin and excreta,

he Chairman sald with regard to | and the shortage found out. which the accldent occurred to the
Dr, Laurence's remarks, he really did | | The Chaitman aaid that only $200 | eifect that the rate of epeed at which
not know that he badn't given all the | had to be replaced as $010 waa already | the car was going wan ‘owe mde an
explanation he could we Me had inthe Sheet. In tl \ hour.” That bereits not only the
wr to the Ia t Mr, Uanding: In the meantime if ] conductor's evidence given In Court,
tered froma the purest Ingredients only and free from any medicament, Call | na anh June, “ihe natue as they | Mr. Mathie hadadied ' ; if other
50d y at the nearest) Dealers and boy some, had got from the shartered tecoune. got that inoney back? would we have but the evden, ertntantes and: the
: nts, e Chatrman: Y: td it. it sp by them to the
o ‘oO. R. ALSTOQ N & Cco,—Sole Agents. Laurence :—The explanation | have — lost it” as his bond aa Brot sty aa Van rotng, not at
. “ ee i oly came after intorrogations. there, » full speed, but ata sani feratde speed.

7 expe nsirman 2 Can you five 3 ttt lice tnoved an atmendment that FI belies athe nory told by the Plaintitt,

ng at once e report rejec because it was | and confiri other Witnesses, tha
« BOR AR 2: A. ? might say that at the time when this [ false, pe I we the car had stopped for hia, but was
thing oecurred—between the 18th The amendment fell through fot ] set in motion while he wae in the act
April and 30th of June—the employees want of a seconder, of getting iny and under the whole
were not those of the Board, but of The original motion for the adop- | circumstances dlectosed in the evidence

a Cc 1 Mr, Mathison therefore the
Mr 3 5 Y } tion of the report was then carried. eg. the plaintit? being a very stout
to rs a C SSOrigs looked to the latter for the ref Mr. Fatfan’ at this stage moved a reeey tan with ap Fabrella in hie
. tun of the monty, Nowr the em: | vote of confidence inthe Auditoys and | hand] I find that the defendants’ ser

ployees belonged tothe Board, anid the | Secretary of the Association, but on | vants were in fact and in law guilty of
directors would see that they conduct | the Chairman dlecovering {hat the begligence in starting off the cat

Stringed & Beruaas Ireateuxrmexriteas
A large and complete stode, all the finest
toned, and beautiful in appearance.

; ed the business In a proper manner, motioa was not in order it Ith- | while the plaintit® was fn an unsafe i .
io ok Motor Cars for Sale, Trial runs given} Dr. Laurencer-Kver those points | drawn, ort Wea with position of the foothoant and before 5 Dozen Second Hand Guitars from 750, each a Bargain
e * HUD would have been acceptable to uw! AUDITORS BELECTED. fo had an opportunity to get right PIANOS! PYAWOE!I!
ie likey purchasers, Sole Agents for THE ° mare Chairman When ¥s eoaad og Gregvire moved the re-election into the far. 1 have, carefully con A Large Selection to Choe frodi Ussh or on 3 Yoara Byalom,
° oney was inissing e en: of Messrs. » Innlenea lone! fe emeasurs of damages, an
ON America’s best Motor Car} cember, we called upon the Secretary | Legge as Auditors for fio ensuing Tasecss them at £00, ‘There will. bo COME TO US FOR A PIANO STOOL.

. toreplace it inthe Bank and it was} year. judgment for the plalutif{ for that
done. Mr, Inniss said bo declined the | amount with costa.

Dr. Laurence1—That is exactly my ] honvur, as aspersione had been cast - T
LARGE ASSO RTMENT contention, We wanted some explan: J pon him. Te had thought that the SUMMARY JURISDICTION, i | . S RO N G,
. . , ae qt E troubil since they hed 1 eee Td tae JUDGMENT,
~OF— r. Iles :—Excuse me troubling you | since they had inet he wor pot ace .
? OF too much, but it is just a good for the | cept the oftice of Anditor, It were —_— 21, FREDERICK STREET.
Secretary as for the Shareholders. I § better to have the chartered account- Marrnew 7 Piennre. - Counsel t Mr,
oO I OR Ss U PP | ES want to know whether from January | ante and pay thei £250 Inateadorpt. 4 Rene for plaintiff and Mr. W.
down Lo the the officers} 100 dollars as pald ‘0 the past Blache Wilson for.dcfeudant. . ae eee ee

4 : resent day, .
BLP HEAVY GROOVED TYREE—760 x90 and 610 x00 | werounderpliee ental ot senaees | AMES ovat tation the [dcr en ane ran

the to But crnlayeee Heli rai could receive | cat iared eroountanty Slowte: Uieeo- | fudgment for dfeniant—no coe |) ABORT AND HOLT LINE OF STEAMERS

ae U MLDS girsiold covers new life, money, or whether receipts for moni oud and it MALE teas
SANIZING MATENIALS.—Valve grinding compound. ee ils forthe wwholc of inst yeer, | Mr Gremoizencst moved that Mr | tion: adjourned one week’ pending “VIA RARBADOS ‘TO NEW YORK,

M-O CABBON REMOVEH, doubles the life of Motors. jhe Chairman t-Receipts were only WA, Bland tin Place of Mr. Jnniss settlement, . evo v Wuantow. watilive Daten-1012,
nali i WO, an rr Lionel rot Scott —
Puslily SPARK PLUGS to suit all Motors ein Nea t—Can you Jet us know who | auditors. BEe * Mr. Ja DP, Ciprianl inseructed by dfr. Sucawers. Leave Trisipav. | Agxtve New Yorn.

* Mr, Petioni seconded. G. C. Pantin, for plalntlit, Mr. 14, Bele

. those two ere? CE. D, Farnum,

The Chairmans—During the first} Mr, Bland dechned the nomination. fis, Pollard and 4 BYRON,. ws 7 vee April... 14th | April ... 2let

for all purposes} ;
A rt of last year the Board nothing Mr. Ettis moved a fnrthe: d- [instructed by Mr. 11 M. Hea, for de- tt a " . "
ine, ‘ Pado with The officers 3 it waa there- | ment that Mr, A, & Daly "and Mr, ferdant, TRAY SON ™ ” pel with May on pot
O% LAMPS for o'f and Acetylene, . fore in the hands of the Secretary. Legge be elected. This waa an action toxecover fom 1 UGi Taine". My Stn 5 YY ove rat
ee Mr. Iles +I understand that, but the Me Gregoire seconded, defendant £51 6 0} ax acceptor of a BY RON ote o “ Ju ae use aos
1 question 1am putting ts a ide one, On the voto being taken Messrm, [bill of exchange, ere was also & VE Di ove ve an on 5 oe 4 we | yon ose 2108
ie TE BRO S A » Land ope that will exonerate the Secre- | Greenwoodand Kerr were elected audi | counterclaim, K a oe ase of une «. 87 | uly 4. 4th
a > ® tary. I tell you candidly that EX tors by a majority, of 2 enate defendant bean anil he Was in
joa’ je Wilness-box the ole "* s e ‘
Tie ecu have terpel out plain | Me, Franklin moved s vole of confle sete bearing was adjourned to next | Birst, Second & Third Class Accommodation
bh di ay.
° gad eaey 9 and I am putting ie aed | thes ee all Fee ae ce ottices | All the other oases on thelist were | For ratevof passage money and all further {nfcrmation, apply to
whether in the employ of the Associa- | years. alvo adjourned to Friday. GEO, R, ALSTON & CO
7 tlon or of Mr. Mathison. The ehare-| Mr, Clark seconded and the vote was -— . Bbippiog D. .
7 holders would like to know who has | carried with acclamation, (Before Mr. Justice Swan) N pplog Department.
Fi taken their money. The Chalrmani I think after all ~— ‘ TELEPHONE No, | 182, Agents,
The Ghalrman rt cannot tell you they have gone t through and the alat- TRIALS. Se ec a mene End
who were emp one ng we have & vote of confidence Mrs W. Black:
. om VY ik the Secre | ought to be passod on the Directors. Denonet v Morniws—Mr. W. e
tos Peitiieve een in Parilament ‘ic Petiun! seconded and reveral | Wilson, Sustincted by Mr. i Gran- DO YoU KNO VW

addressee a minister his sub | shareholders simultancvously supported He Cor Pa eel iA LK Couke

r HAVE JUST OPRNED OUT THE FOLLOWING newer. ter conferring with the notion which was carti jo aient ms 9
or The Chairman after conferrin applause, 2 This wasanactlon of £5) dainages
; y L the Secretar aald the three explo een the Hee GRATITUDE. ly rose to | for personal Injuries sustained by WHY
BUICK ~ SELLING LINES, [eerie gerpcrmery toate | lie Quearzealite ey tn te | GC Tia ath tien by atan |

Douawa, tor the vote of confidence In himn. | He intiif's case sbowed that on the

rarenacacocerccess * Mr, Iles i--Did Mr, Jionesle Mathleon | feoneed Chet Chat Uy ated given fw | night of the znd Heptember last he Is tho Bost.

4 . . Donawa give receipta for alk in the vieint
Caledonia Dover Stoveg No. 7. . and eve vi n . the at, and E Mould ae oe 3 wi echence at Tunapuna. Hewes Pr eT,
Caledonia Dover Stoves No. 8. : The Chairman 1—No. ad the | contidenee they had shown in him that | without hat or stick, and his pokey: BLOAUGE it is distilled from grapes fprown in tho famous
~ Doubt Blue F! St Me Nesi—Io Whowe cus aly was aflernoon.--(upplause ) ment of the walk was rude bw Cognac valley jo tho South ot France, ans
oubdle Blue Flame otoves. ey ey ante lan theBecre | The mecting then Leimiuated. tevrupted by an altac bit him . .
The Chairt pose feudenVs dug me BECAUSE, tho House of Martoll during two conturics of oxpericnce

° . Inti mtouped as though . ’

anys, Inuing here remashed that as R. neverel¥., Plain stone Tid the dp has discovered all tho socrets for the making of a

1 K i

anditor he did not know of certain Appearing na uo foto moruwe iasue | dai led away and stuod in ita master's

; Double Blue Flatao Ovens,
iB Single Blue Flame Ovens,

a 9 V things until now mentioned by the reading to those | gateway bavking. Beveral witpesecs 2

6 ADE PITCH GIL STO" ES Cha FTaNs ‘ eng: See terrae indus! rye ‘ Our aan tothe viclous nature of the
. 1M . Reve Bonne salt that now that this | stall Letter willlactude dog which bad made noceremonlous y er ec ra
7a Beatrice Pitch Oil Stoves Bingle matter had stirred up, it was not ikely Fe Wetter a. latroductions of bis HE elton ‘
‘ . > . to, happen again, rect fon for 1v12. ‘or seve! u be

Beatricd Pitch Oj! Stoves Double , woke Up to their reeponelbility and he | The young cutulresies tor from the effects of the bite, and he
. , 1 The Ltities of Cane Fanaing. btaln leave from his ei . te .

* Berkefeld Filtera Nu. 1 meas perfectly eet town its had be “been | Auzcho from Horeala Galax Hriae [tent aw an Audit Oltioe clerk, “Ie tor the kitchen, the medicine chest, the side-board, buy

* The Cultivation of 8: Pp
Â¥ on ere vation ouer | waa alan attended by Dr. Dent. wus only the best,

like its Secreta Mr. Mathbion - ‘ !
Berkefeld Filters No. 2 without reproach? (hear her) a eee eae communntoation from the | _ Mr. Wilson, on the closo of

"Fi thet lon, asked Jeave toeall Dr. Mart
Borkefeld Tap*Filters _— therefore he ssi bd ot fe r on te dlgrict of Berane Grande, routla iti Sra ya ‘re - wotlk . 5
BAD BOXHS 1 8rZ tha Becrary- rae pets ibe | SUPREME CURT. inbred) IVA RC eT Trs.

wae any use sekin who ware, Ubewe a | ou presiows,

e that were one wae. . f° Cane a . a ET oe ET
Wooden Coffee Mills inoney was missing, unless they werd . Friday. His Honour sald thal (he case had
criml- INARY JURISDICTION, ady lasted au hourand a half when

wire Meat Covers _, nategad wore te Piero ry had dealt bobetiy ” - nals Io ena Wrougd to bave ken fe ae PLANT COCONU J Ss FROM

Rai tre! ith the whole rove Mr. eee! Ne & polles cou
Mortars and esl eg tg glen eter ae cs PAC cat ht CHAGUARAMAS..
refu LENT: no evidence tha ~
pon ths ouguhehsd already done | flodrigueso The Trintdat Klectrie loaned the dog that bil plalAuf, : ; i

Wire Door Mats vie on
wer ter heart everything he Counsel Mr. HL P, Gante: Hist rt: Ample, ample!
thought the feeeree fund thouls be eye oupaeh sa Kd, Main mn for ie, Honosrl he had’ bad evidence ah

, Ingt enected 9 le . .
AMELLED TOILET SETS [resis We theca aye Ti Plntatery oma tt Auch Warner indices tie is ewes ut font Chaguaramas Estate Coconuts Average
a hen. .

Hy bt not ker, but he did not | structed ty Me. J. D. Belliw, for de | ooulng . He guianitted la what-

Enamelled Breakfast Carriers

Baamelled}Pudding Bowls feel inclined to allow a man who was | (endant—Coy, ever order Jlia Aonour night make, B5 OfO ..nseaceerevenel™ Selects,”
boroughly ho: and who he felt Clalns of £3,500, . H I i ad inert sald
Faamelled}& wers tare had a tauclind one rent of the ital delivered the following be thug that inti had ew 15 ofo (onty!.....0 Cully.”
name’ a woney= jantenal with the ex | oun wdlgment te je as | tabtis! can the .
. fetieres pense of replacing It, He supposed be | action for dt es for injules sue [had bitten hha Peshape the de- HOR PRICE PHR 1,00C

wouldnt gots backer, and he saw bivi tained by the platnti® through the [ femtaut found the dog useful to

; » dear old the Neeretary shaking | peyligence of the defendautasers ants sf bluse in watebing ble cart, but it was ’
S 4) | bie bead aa tnuch as to may 9% You are | the negligence fauplained Of telug | fost aswell when it was nut so eu: Aprly to . tow 2
R { GA RD 4 ‘ BE} a donkey for vuggrating that” (dawgh- | that whl lot the y sloth wasin theact | yuyet te heey ft muzzled or Uct oe 4 gr” Ay
ED TEN 00 epeiitecen tee |r lear | yn LASCELLES, De S9nGavo'e coh”
4a] M wv wv ° ‘
a, . ae eT sohdenoe in the fiowelation ta the plaintiff Lo ba knocked dawee with | pamoree wae taking # walk In the LASCELLE De M KQALO &CO,;

a : . in the past (applause). the result thet the wheel weut over | dark without his capand the ev}, Sid ~e-* ° 49° Marine Square.
r ’ HE & ( } - a PRBUTOIS HERYICT DISCUDNED, | bis fru | The defendants Mica tae thnklag hick ree suet an quota, re: oe ek mer
-* * " vai, ADF. Phe yuan i= Wo hare discueeed | tbe daosye, if say, was bot eaused avy Ah Lit hua uae wou be April 2k ‘ ye one ss
' ' f
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For Men, Women, and Children’s Wear.—We Invite Your Inspectton.

MENS BLACK & TAN BOUTS, from 49 to 16/8 CIE NL: K & TAN MNOK4— Fe wy Oe 1912/8
MEN'S BLACK RRUES, fro Reto 18/8 LA IFS LACE & RUTION BOOT , Freon: dau 16/3
MEN'S BLUOHERS- -Fiom 4a to 7s. LA LES COURT ANOKS—From 21010, *


White Boots and Shoes, Cricketing Implements, -Gardivers make.
Sewing Machincs—Prom 5 dollars to 25 dollars,
BBM MBS We SRLS Mwy err,
a Bh ‘


yy .



{udzment for defendant for £5 with
jetrict Court costa,

Seburid v Cuadthoo,
Wilson for plaintiff and Mr. Poland « by tho Chief duaticn to undertake the


This wasaciaim of 450 damages for


. m
Thus wax alo an actlon lo weuer
posession of land.

Mr. Jobnsoy who fad tren askgd | dackson and, Mins

Mr. Mlache-

defendant. shfence reporjed that the defendant

could not resist the daim and that his

Mr ch Vertenii moyed that Mise N.
IL. McKay, Assistant
Tenthers of the Kastern Girl's Govern
ment School, having had onty Th years
sersicg at Assistant Teachers, the ‘ros
lution of the Hoard a¢ meeting of Zist

[.f of Betis
‘eras are autores
Femi was submitted t=
eld at 2 pnton Paeeaay, ish
April, 191.
Inspector of Schoold,
The f ie a 7 wave aeaee eemaldered +
e low Te We! —
1 ‘Anplications Por at Clase Gertif-
“ (Front Mn ta Ni Cerringtons Teed
School, for - Ist Class Cartificate
BetvwernTased ad Second (lass Examina:
tis" been Head Teacher of Gloster
Lodge Road Moraviaa Sc
Recommended by the Assistant In-

teantd I wae rte

ton in 1908,

Ulage O.S1.1. School,

let April, 10k to dist March,

A Teacher—-Ft
Poet ‘April, 1007 to as

Meat Teacher's;
ist January, 100K to

Head Teacher —Unién” Vill

from ist March, 1910 te date-—1 year,


5 h Boye B.C, School.
sori Vas Mgeanted 2nd Class

ee ae ur,

from 193 to

@ From 1 Cornelius Debi, Head Teacher
Scoond Clase’ Exantna-

Head Toather —Carapi alma CML front |
Madeleine C.M.1.

07-8 months.
vansa, OALI. from
jh bebrasty io

mont ba, ’

2 yearn— eae


Total eprvice 7 pears 0} month.
Recoumended by the Assistant In
Hey Eom Air, M, Te Tinto, tfead Teacher



| 5$$





Interesting to

Th ho tske a dolight in woatinz seloct Hosiery will note with pleastro that
now to ba a a fino rauge of ONYX STUCKINGS & SU JK4 in popular shades al
and at various psicts —we invite

N Po ar, $

and KTaltkr.Eome



both Ladies & Gentlex


immediate ine postion bocaudy alroady thoy havo beg

malicious prowecation. position was untenable as agalust the | November, 5910, approving o€ a Jong | 104 under Rule Sh ead Teacher bt.

Malntiff was upder examination | plant! who was entitled Lo fudgorent | service atlowar y certaln teachers | Joueph Boys’ R.C. School slace before \ ¥ ‘ ‘
when'Mr. Wileon gate votice ot dls but the defendant would be adsfsed to | therein menttourdl, be rescinded so farang | 10st Dante, at I Onyx Stockings. Onyx Half-Ho ,
continuance, bring an action against some other | anch resalntion approved of an allowance Recommended by the Assistaut In. . - 4

After some partey between counscl, | parties. of £2 104 to the sald M. Jackson and E_| apectar. Cortifieat LADIE 2 PURE SILK ONYX HOSE fa beck, MENS’ FANCY ONYX HALF HOSE je 9
Judgment was ordered to be weitten | Jodgtocat went for plaintiff! weth | McKay, nod that no farther allowance 2 Application for aud Class Cert Flea sky, plok, edampagne, white, hetiorrope sad tac browa, parple, steel, yollaw acd ehote
up by consent for defendant with £10 | comts Pad to them of either of them until they | to), Prom Hr. een oument "Sebpal v Pharial heqaend tone -perpaitenly heels and tore—s rE
costs. POUMHAINT SADE Ef OA ae eae eae ere te et i wen | fora hecond Clase Certificate muder ADIES. BLAME BILIC LACE ONS i032 MENS ONYX Lisle HaLe-Ho igo

Mungaroo « Harvey.
Tlosein, instructed by) Mr. M. Hammel
Sunith. for plaintt? and Mr. Cn 4.
Attale for defendant.

Thiewasan action of slander ium- | and another month in Hen of-otice.
poting lmniorality toa woman,

Pleadings were filed,

Mr. Attale submitted that no case of
ation was dis
The Chastity Women's Ac’
Jand was not jaw in thie colon
plaintiff could not suececd without a
plea of special damage,

His Honour said, ihe Reneval ps inet

Mot ber Country fur the work o! 4 spettor, . >
pladgha that no action wonkd fie winless | iver for the dismisal was that a mat they nay by allowed work of tenching i) From Mus Edith Danlel, Assistant
special damage was alleged The Pof more expadence fn sajar-bodiug xeoond class certiticates at the end of Teacher han Fernando Girl’ Govera-
, vonls were not actionable without | was wanted, Plamtit rephed ctaum- one vear of training. ment School, act Exami
proof of special damage. ing one month. swary in Hea of ne 2% Role U6 to rvad “The? term of Service—Vussed Secor jasy Examioa-
Mew Hosein thereupon ashe for ftice. Na arrangement as to noticad — [relolog shall be (aba years for fourth tlon In 1ue7,

leave to aniend,
that the words were ac tlonable per se,
and he alsu constraed the Act to aye

ply allover the Butish Empire, Peet ofthe St Chartes amd st. Mary Great Lrflain and [Ireland who furnivh | Government School from lat September,
JNe Honour sald that that wat not | ettates. As endihe en aged plate evidence that they have been sean 1? to date~3 years SP ironthat conten the report howed that the
a, tif fur kvereeering work subject to tuinel inthe Mother Country for the . the, (cagiers nerrice had been in three distinct
Teayve owas allowed platutul do [adiemilseaDan short notice atanytine 7 work ti primary ms hools. Total £ years 3 months, feat With regard to all those obliga-
amend the statement of chillin ax tu Bid. J. 1 Cottey heed

bpectal damage within fourteen days

and leave to plaintiff te reply, if ne

cenary, within seven day tl

costa fied by consent at two guineas

tothe paid by plainiul todefendant.

Laluet-Chizzola fur plaintit?: aud Ma


This was a

Judgment by consent for plaintill
for 8.0 principal and 8400 interest on
the mnurtgage withaontss in defawt


ove with lenve tu plaintt

aston for plaintit? and My, W.Sasary
for defendant, .

Thie actlon ta recover pos
session of six aeres of Jand at Man-
vanilla, and for micene profits.

The facta were not in dispute but a
polut of law arising Cbeefiom was,
and efter hearing atgument Ils Ton
our reserved! Judgment. '

Livwws Vv.
pref, instiuctad by, Ma. P, de Labae

Jobneton for defendant.




ay +










- Tin Canisters,
Tin Cabin

Me 0 ELM. @Toe plaintiff. and Mr M. Hamel Stuith
for defendant
Thie was a claiut of #% ja one

‘ not entitled ta ft.
tnonth's salary as an estalo overseer

wos postponed to next meethiys,
It was showed for palaintut that he

wasemployed by defendant as over
eweeroniwo cane estates at Cunupla
ata inouthly salary of 84h That was
in November 1910. On the th Vel>
wury of the following year he recefy-
ed aletter from defendant giving hin
notlee ta quit: with effect as from the
Sth of Ube same month. The reason

sclosed on the pleadings,
amt the case.

have heen special

(lass aasistante, pit

Ife thought, he ssid, naples of practicing

was nade at (he time of employment.

‘The alefenve slowed that the deferut
aut was molgages pecelve: in tree

if work was properly done or If the
fut gagor paid up the money or if the
estate Was’ sald and defendaut's ve
eaivership deternnaed. Plaintiff did
did wotdo his woth propaty and he
wae distlased. .

Judgment for $1) he conte

Tha other casen wor adjmuen tu
Viiday next,


A meeting pf the Hoavd of Vo lucation
was held ly the Council Chamber y ester
lay, there belay present Hua G.
Hiushe (in the chain Verv it. Dr BA
Cechan, Principal of St) Mary‘ College
Ja, Cotonel J, 11. Cotleus, Taspector of
, howls, Ilow Dr. Hi, Vrada, De So
Laurence, Me. . Seltler "Me VW. X.
de Verteulland Mr © 4 Soxlen wlth
Mfr. Halph Gomes Secretary,
Ihe minutes of the last wmecting were
contipmed ae previously ciroulate d
Dir. Laurence moved the granting of
cutehe applications for loag service
allo vances whith ad) been postponed
from the meeting of the 2nd }ebruar;
peading am: nduent of rule di,
The Inspector of Schooly secundul: aud
the motlyn wae adopted


hervafter : tion of whith he had ghyen

sathortaed by the

v Duncan.—Mr CG. AL The
Attale for defendant.

Code, taught
tunitgagee’s suit buboul.

for jhere iv a
the class

sayment, sale of mortgaged pron:
! tu ict!
Mt, Gaston John-

Ja couforméty with the time table
> The Ini netor of dchools

v Noel. mei

Ta twounlawe — with
atractlons, the Innpector ol
purted that bot
‘terre fiovernment


being Sf and Polntasi Pierre Us,
MAITLINDi~-Mi. Blache e
Sluon. holding Mr J. D iefiata |

je. for plainth, and Mero Gaston

average Ucenghters


tn cgnnection witha letter from Rev.
Father Duggan with respect to roles 47
and Lt as affecting the Sisters of St.
Seveph, the Inspector vf Schools aub-
tultted the following amendment ta meet

wr of the schwot had Aywured bing ho
had taken ali pusslblo prosartions in the

fn tuls appropriation of the fuuds to pay
the vearw salary to a tember who was

‘Tbe fartber cousidcration of the matter

L. FRider to rule 47, When Students
tiatned in the

hachery and
schools (b) one year
far third claw teachers ant fourth class
heal teachers and for teachers from

De Laurence asked the following ques-
t notice
“Whether ft iv tre that subjects not
Code are belng taught
atthe Sangre Grande, U. pchvot,
Insywotor of Schonla repited that
there are no subjects unauthorized by the
nm Sangre Granule “RC,

ptivate cians held
before andafter school, but the work of
fy in conformity with the tine

Or Lanrence sabthe didi quite follow
(fit was not in school hours how It was


rey lous
bchoois re
th Las Lomas and Pointed.
tebe on a wound fuoting. The avernge
attendanve forthe quarter at Las Lomas

Nr. de Verventl sald be thought Lay
Lows should have acelebration uf some
description, a» it warthe first time in [ts
Kistory that tt hal ever bad ench an


le 52,
ane Tassed Second Clana (n 1007,
Assistant Teacber—San Fernando Hy
Government School from ist May, 197

Acting Head ber=Victon Doyw

Assistant Teacher—Gaaparilla, Govern:

ment frum ist January, 10

Assistant Teacher~ban Fernando Girly’

cate - 6
‘Third Class Certificate under Rulé 52,

Service Pawol Third Class Examine
tion in 19.0 (March),

jeare (od
Necommended by (Ne Anvistant In
S&pectar. -

Rocomwpendation of Counni{tee .—

All the above appli ants having fulfilled
be conditions of Kules 44 and 52 respect
vely, we recommend the issue of

certlioate as follows -
Ist Class to Nenara, I. N. Carrlagtou,
Cornelius Débl and BM. 1. Uinta,

gud Classta Mr. Dixon Williaus and
Miss Edith Daniel.

Sed Class to Mir, Geo. G. Toby.

J. Ut, Cortaas,

Tducation Department,

1th April, UL. .

Me. de Verteui! sald that Mr Willlains
application for a 2nd Classcertificate could
not be granted under ruk $2 asit was
clear that he bad not been inune ond the
spmeschool for not jess thauZ yeuts. Tothe


Bags, Portmanteau & Trunks

. Willesdon Canvas Covored Trunks. -

foc oe EF bi


Soke ree .

Te ee

As pet Sketch




. Oxtord Zinc
Rocklo Trunkea,

Zino Rockers,


Saratoga ‘lruvks




SIst October, 10U8 (ig month’ months,

from lst Nosember, 1018 to
Government “orb April, 10 6 months.
Head Teacher—Icacos Government from
lst May, lu) to date—I year, 21 months,

Total 3 years 2 months,

to ath
August, 1907-8 months,

Reepmuended by the Agting Assistaus
& Application (or 3rd Class Certifi-

Yront Mr. Geo. G. Toby, Head Teacher
Spring Garden Moravian School fur a

Head Teacher Spring Garden Moratian
School (ores lous to) April 10U0, to dateZ


eee ank’asmoali sirme—par pal


fn white only

es ayer palr

Recommended by the Assistant In- .

thougtt It.wase farce tbat the
ease vat son shonkd bo making
rules and akin them faster thanchey
follgwed them. ‘Thef should change the
rules and strike out atl the conditions
about serving iu diflurent schoula, and let
the ouas be upon the the Inspector o
bebools to tell the Buard whether the
persoa makiag the application shuuld be

t ornot.
Ta ter moved that Mr. Williams
application be not granted, it not being in
Dr, Prada seconded and the motion was
carrigd, ‘
. The report was then adepted,


The Laspector of Schools eubmitted a
mloute ahh respect to attendance at
Gaapo Governmeat School, It showed
that the School was started in September
last ay anexperimenut the bead teacher
receiving the tery worlerate salary of 440

Tanuug, fle done good work aud

wi b eltk i-ty tops acd epiiced heots aad toot—

erale fae
tops tops mede to pevect sispen-
dere waaring throazgh—-all elerw—-per pair

SILK IL}SE with ep ice! boote
and toes to purg i+, helio, tlack, white, taa- wy 2»

Half-Hose Suspenders tn alt shades—per pur-lte

we Fruce uly. | Value Nowhere Like Waillard’s,


—apliced hogls and toe1~foels like of)
ayer pal. In ichite only ° kn a

pre and tan—-pare pilk throughout
selaant toes—rer pair ~ oe
black aad tan only—all s'ses—pee pair




ae ae


fee lasu

“How Thanktul I Am I Tried Ging

Everybody fa fer dod la New B-asswiek, kuvee Mfr. Wi
coows how basatlered from Rieama dem, Ail hie oelgnbaars o
old bim t>try alt sorts of renaiien—-ou. nothiag gave bin auy rel
ared with Kieamatiza for sovocal years wa2a ha read La tae pip
wd the woaderfal cares piey wore oskiag. dir, Wileva read of &
sis own th the decided to give GIN PILLY « trial, a

. a

“Tt adords ms graat pleased

to you but toall sutferore (rom

im itism, the great re ivf | bare

of GIN PILLS, TI fool thask!

mead GIN BILLY loner o


Are you as Mr, Wilson wae tt
All you neod fe CIN PILLS,’

jad succeeded in getting an average atten:
dance daring last quarter, and it was fair
to give bins the salary to which ne was

‘Lhe Chalrmiay sald be did not think ja
the cirumstances that the teacher fu

J question was *entitled” to the salary
fixed by law until the necessary conditions
bad been complled with.

the [uspector of Sibosls nied the
teacher be given £30, and that the Boant
fiz a tine when tbe Beboul should bo re

reed as aa ordinary one
r. Prada thought tbe altendattce
would iteelf Hx the thue forthe School to

Le recognized, aud then the tea her would

ome forwar atm with his application,

Mr. do Verteuil sald he did nut ace why
there should be any dificalty with this
particular school bere were nuany
avhools in ihe country going on fur ten
Sears before they coulit ask to be
hlzed whereas this particula:
ong ia exlstence forthree months, £4!
f . Taxpeutor ut Schools :--Uut the

exhere gut

Sr. de Verteull ‘hald he referred to
asalsted Schouls, many of the teachers of
which got even leas than £10,

The Inspector of Schoola:—Yes but
those. teachers are also pald b:
the Managers. The man shoul:
Ret paid. and I don’t think this Lourd
should pructtre “Sweating.” -

Mr. deliler.—Idout think that le a
Correct expression.

The Inspector of Schools said if the man,
was able (o earn attendance grant, be
askedthe Bourd toallow {t, as it. would
be an encouragement to the teaher to
goon With the good work he jad been
doing dartug the past months Ie
thought that was only fair to the teacher
aeastion, who after all ould not bo ex

d to live decently ow £30 a year!

Dr, Laurence thought it would be better
to let the teacher finksh the pear with the
£Waud ifthe shoul kept up the attea-
dane be could apply at the eud of that

ane, ,
‘The Inspector of school moved (hat the
teacher te pail p Capitation grant thea
be shall have exmed by average
alituiance fell th h

dwotios fell thro: for wan
sevonder, ay | aut of a

Thet Ustat x DuTINETION.

erminal re: the 1

of Queen a loyal weed St. Brae. Fae toate
showed that ¢he vonduct of the Hoard of
Education #xhilitioners was eatinfac tory.
The Prinapal of Queen's lo al Callege
farther repurted that two ofthe rece
mholarsbips were awatied to exhibi
(loners, aud Master Hubn wae placed
first winong allthe candidates who sat at
the exauloation -a distlactlon never
were, gained Ly any mhool ia the
Tho msctluy then cams td a clues.



Gentlemen are reminded of (he

monthly medal
fabs place thls wfiermeeg eee Which

Priuces Town.

Laloy’s Famed 60
Bweet Drinks can tow a, gu


because they are the greatest

to sclencesu-dsy, GIN PiLigg

burning, biving pain in te

telioves iricated bladder acd

Suppression of Urine, +y

GIN PIULS strengthens the
PILLS neatra‘ize urie acld, *
the bio. GIN PILLS
heode, knees, anki aad

We don’t ask you to buy GRE
them—and wales youtry shew.
we will gled y send yous tree
Take them as directed and s

DO AST DORE AST AM, you heave fosad the right rg
PILLS ara wold Ly dealers at GOce0tt @ bor, If you can's got |
belgrtenshood, write oe eaclosiag peice aud,we will eead thea bese
Drag and Chenteal Oompeny, Depts & route, Cackis, .

purify the blood—snd (acresse the sppet@9) Cears a byx.
cre nee



~—AT— a




Tre y


Uur first shipment of Coronation Gell

Ladies’ Ready -to- Weg
of the very latest style which we ate sell
See our Show Cases and be convinog


Jar TO Haney,
' ;


Hats The Mmohbuuse

ES a



UR Checolate snd Cocos Powder have no cqail noliber
qacufacteree Nose better at esy price. Vou forget
rice {a often two pence off the quvlity | Uur ecieatite pro
te onry abd despale ot competitors, don’t be prejudice
Awarded Dipioma of Merit, Caosdiao
For asin qrerywhere vod wholessle from

bert Lucien

and Chocobal
$, Churtotis street, Port of Bpaln

Travelling Representative HENRY F. OIROCH
Jagzuaea GR.

‘Ladics' [" ¥. HENDERSON,

ational me a






Gent’s Jaeger Undershirts and Pants,

LwMilitary Hair Brushes, 2 DOLLARS TO 32.4.0 .

= , -a¢billings to s[[shillings each,

Bin Bage-si,44, 2.00, 800.| BATH ROBES. DRESSING. GOWNS.
Compressed Cane Trunks—$10, $12, 18 & $24.

Flannel Undershirts.
$1.08 to $2.00,

Pyjama Suits—$1.20 to $3.00
Fitted Suit Cases.

=~ a
‘ Ladies Dressing Cases

is Two Steeple Undershirts,

u Pure Wool—$1.44 each,

iether Suit Cases,
LEATHER TRUNKS-+110 to $24

Mpent’s Dressing Cases, $5 Up. | ticHT WATERPROOF COATS Five Dollars
Pi $7.00 to $15. .

Padies Spun Silk Vosts, | paseo winch cuanmore | crarere one cccemore | MDIES SILK AND WOOL VESTS

; 30 cents, 40- cents. b -Hoso—30 cents to 48 cents. ocka—20 cents ard 24 cents, 48 cents each,

CABIN TRUNKS--$1.50 up.


a a = @ . 3 a
‘Btephens, Limited, The Best Place to Buy Everything.
peter nremeer—neeeen eee nn e see e ee nee en nee nn ee ee nn ee eee ne nn

i A

| R D0 N t R A N T & ca OPPORTUNITY FOR | tin Wobibrmestateceide had &¢ Vitro Sitavioura Aunty tour | MOVEMENTS OF STBAMERS, Zs Steamares

emi . ithe case were ‘the complicated and thelttwo children have been yeceleed eae are. Gxos"R. Astor & Co.
wee BARBADOS. | riceGeeel mete He init tomas Cthaicens Hho Rap Eat Tame Teka On — | Fetus, Se igen”

tion, Moreover it fa stated by the . -
Government, as one reason azelnet NOVEL SCHEWE TO FIGIIT CON. onorabout the Sth April, and will

- oe oe ee


ofttcer of healt Bernondsey bas
received the approval of the Local

Megan Ling Sxnvicn. oo .
Gevernment Board, RINS DER NEDERLANDEN, — Trinidad Line of
Ht ta intended to obtain portable The Royal Dutch Mall Steamer Steamers

Merchant- Bankers

F Wills of Fxchango, Cable ‘ransfers

the ralsing of thelr own — tail- 8 IN. Koninkaljhe W. Sait. | leave the same day for Cienfuegos Hav.

Tho Schnr. ways ane h harbour works loans A novel wchteviie for try treatinent of " ee ayo end malls, New Yok taking
of ‘several hundred thousand pounds consumpltives, proposed by the medical TH

‘ . ® Roraw Dutca Maj.
‘AMOS CUTTER,’ that the present in an tbauspi preps prat. Durew Mar __

loan, if one is sought in the same shelte: hi. . : *
inainer, to be equally unproflalie? feturalog from the Salland Senate: | gate"Yecraasian Yotte om oF alot Tyreran | witrag 4x0
And we do not anticipate that Mr. riumtoennble them ta sleep outof | ath April 111, proceeding after. ROWN OF GRANADA,—The sa,
of the Government in raising their vided with fuinit 1% serena eae - ve 4

Saturday, 29th Inst. | ia acura et ta gece Mirage tlie and beeing ad | TouiNS Penn, TENDIRS the [th Apa ait The
tion, supports this proposal for the Frederik Hendrik'ss dueherefrom London | (ys Gruwa of Navatre? ‘of the

pe frum time to time sold outto = Noalimilar case ia on record. Puerto Catelia, Curacao, i .
. Y Y HENADA Th Gi t

present or future occupiers 0 as to -——- Cayen, Pert an Prince and New York tok | CUVSADS heen | GremeteeNte

cious moment to go Intathe market
diegert iv prepared to ail hisestale on doors in their own, backyards, ‘The | wards to Daranavibo, Havre and | Uy “Crowa of Granada’ of the
TAKING y local ralving of the joan: it was eug- MAN WITIL THREE* LUNGS. via Paramaribo and Demerara on or aboat | 1 (nidad Line will leave for New York
raise funds for {mprovement works, — A curious banquet ia being organised { 98 gee the rd atch Matt | York on the gad May 101( aod ts due there

for money, sill not the name argue

nient operete to cause the Woddbrook
—ON~ indefinite cr such as would be shelters will be siniple aud collapsible y
Ameteniain taking catgu, Juuwengers [ Trinidad Line willdeave New York
cessary If he fe to await the pleasire contrivances on wheels Mall be pro: (and mails. the 21a Apel 2912, and iedug here
ted when the purchase m heme was It was stated ata Hattersea inquest ] 8th May lt) précording afterwards to -

. ‘i : on the 2th april 10UL, and is dite

‘CARGO AND PASSENGERS, Being debated that some of the lots recently that a man had three lungs, | Carupano, ( uana, Caanta Ja Cua "~ there et Mey'l nil . and ‘
and to re the outlay of capital io- (n Paris £ oy, A . .

For Rates of Freight, &., apply to Solved in the purthase,> But teens bate honour of the 20 duela in A Chit redy Btesnser “Ancania te | Wtb Bay 191,

5 . ‘Cart F. A. JONES, or to we know this could only be done If thes shary eitheras puincipal or aspecond, | wiout bith Slay 10h procceding afterwards London Direct Line
ae 1 money was borrowed on debentures Jtougier Dorcleres, who fv a Paria] to Paranalbo, Iavre and Amsterdam ° of Steamers,
t e and pot ona foan, 80 as toatlow of a journalist, has nade duelling a specia- | taking cargo, passengers aut quails, Tux New Cou
“i jy [ectles of small annual repayment of [ity, and will be the quest at the ban- ps S WICLEN {1 ~The Royal Dutch tg New Conovtat
\ . + sineipal atong with the Interest, aod quet of hia own opponents and other Mail Steamer “Trina Witlein TIT” bs 7 ComPany,—AGENT,
. duellista whom he has assisted, making | due here from Amsterdam via Paramarl- HOWN OF CASTILE—The as. “Crown

lie consequent yearly decrease of the "y ro
De . f town's Tabi {nrespect of the ostate, yin all Ne AIL Ive act boand Denierars on or about find May of Castle" is dae here from Landiou,
The orl-0f-5pala Gazette. To our urind thateysten of repayment the "panquet who “has not erocsed IVIL proceeding afterwards to Varnpano, aa Nae tot or eecdinn at srwaris ts
of the cost would be the most desirable. yworde wlth M, Rouzier Doreleres, or | Gamans: Gosanta, i Guaym, Puerto ft oer ou reeding terwa rts 89
oe . OO As we have stated we have been In- who hav not employed hing asa second. paren. pane. i Feinels Ale aw malls, «saree ne

PORT-OF-SEAIN formed thatit is probable that several Touzler Dorleres Joa very mild man: | fcrea Prince and New, Yor "EY CALYDIA.- The nu Salybla” will

SATURDAY, 2ru APRIL, WIL .[ large capitaliata of the colony would _- ~~ 5 raed Mi The Hoyal Dutch S sall on or about &h May, taklo;
take up this matter, and the purchases NEMORIES OF TWO CORONA- ] Mall steatner “Prine Witeat TV" is | catge for Loudon and Uontinental

of the property witn loca) capital TIONS, due here from Venesuelan Ports on or | ports,
A QUESTION OF FINANCE. would in itself ba a further goud | Jatnes irewster, a retired contrac- about Zith Ma Wit preceeding after QTATIA. -The as, “ftatia” will eall
= point about the transaction, saF tor now Hvingin New York, who wit- | wards (o Parantariba, larve and Amater on or about 2h Apil taklag cargo

el Dp,
7 soucn* AND ‘SOLD.
Now thatit cau ba fairty considered | Bothing of the advantages such an hessed the festivities in London at the | dam tekiog cargo, passetiaers and malls, | for Havre, London aud Uontinental

oney for Investment
| u
yertivement of the local public opinton ¢j ft Victoria'’a i _
stort Senne the punches ot The | iri ancl wandiog’t the colony ai agaby ak the Coromatlon of Ring Ze enantio West In| Doe

F “a RITIES. shortly become the purchasers of the aa ee Gn all grounds Ptlwaete ie duel ‘ dische Mail isenat.
g ON APPROVED SECURIT! Arne Uae Fm Se eg | ttn iy tose ta nd ae aed ae stupa esters, | SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE,

the propodal should receive the ear | Georges Coronation procesmlon, Mr. Service,
aga, al - Ie °
” te ° aE ee to reer avird proves nest attention of the Town Bos Brewster, who waa boinin Dunmow, | Tas Hovat Dorca MAIb—AGENTs, ARRIVALS
Vincent Building, obtaining of the necessary funds for Essex, in 1825, was only twelve years AROWIINE.--Tho 8.8,“ Marow- April 28th
‘ort-of-Spai the ase and subsequent fmprove- ——————— old when Queen Victoria came to the {Jne” bs due here frons New York | Natitan, Brit sloop, ltalmie, 13 tons, It
Ol-Spain, ment of the property, again becomes 5 throne, Hoe has lived fu America for] direct. on Monday Sth May 1911 and days, pte Vincent, 3 sheep, 12 goats, 30
one of moment tothe ratepayers of the CHARCE, OF ASSAULT ACAIK T more than halfa century, will leave the same day for Paramarl- Pure ne Sei crate fowl 10. bets
aes . . — ing cargo, iengers aud ma’ i os
~ oe eee ee ee retrce | GOVERNMENT AUDIT CLERK. NO WASH, DESCIPLE. een eR ere a barame Alra, Vents bate” Moreco, 7 t
lace at the meeting of the Town —e To the Editor of the London "Ex | 0S‘ acce” Je dus here from Paramarle | “Ci fopel Gulon 73 bape tonne Mant
e soard, at which the purchase was de-| SAN F- ERNANDO POLICH COURT, sprees, boon Monday 6th May 1011, aud will | fcytinder and 13 passenger, ion,
oe ’ termined upon, it wee stated thet two —— CHARGE 6lr,—I read with Interest the article | leave next day at noon precisely direct | purscxas Jetama, Dutch stor, Kiaaln,
a A waysof rawlngthe wouey had been | °4°* WITHDRAWN, BUT FRESH CHARGE) on washing by “Hkin Specialists * io | for New York taking cargo, Passen- | ry tone, 3) deys, 261% Lage saitand |
Ay considered, namely, by weans ofa loan LAID. thet Es yryen, The writer appears to | gers aud malls, passbnger, To loyal Dutch Mall
3 through the Government, ‘(which | At the San Fernando Police Goart yew | be ‘one of thow Individualy who wash ANOWIINE.—The on. “Marows 7] Biack Vaorce, Hrit stmr, Mhomas,"2,500
i hieane. a loan raised for the Board by | terday morning before Dr, HH. Vases, and recommend washing, but what A ijno” Isdue back hers frons Par | tons, 104 days, Victoria, Brasil, cargo
' , the Crown Agents) and by means of | 8.1.2., Mr. Edward FitzGerald, second | has be to say In ite favour? amatribo tla Nai baduson Tuesday 16th in transit (Cor bunker cual). To jain,
2 debentures, As against the adviaa- | Clerk In the Audit Office was eb b Who cares about the IDUItlewof | May 1911, and will leave the same da aren we. ob ard class
‘ bility of the purchase Leiag carried | one Buojanan a free Faust Indian Coolle, | wo-called microbes ainultiplying on an | direct fur New York taklug cargo, t M Droebe wy ton of raiser, Capr
é 7a out at all, Mr. Vieira used an argue with unfawtnlly asaaulting himon the 3ist } unwashed skia, or the ands of the panvsengers and tnails. 10; neand Aw tons, a} 8, Curacoa,
f the stro ¢ possible value i of March last at the Governunent fering? ekin becoming blocked ty therowa OPPENAME.—The aa “Coppe [sr, Ynowas, Danleh et
. . ment of of ‘our own previoudl y exe | Bank, Defendant Pleaded pot auiy aod | secretions P name ie due here from Taramai tin tone. 17 hours, erode, Lid
wa : —AND= permed oploion, that the money should Cewawolicioen. Mr A nner | Lhave never taken a bath for twenty | on Munday ind May vt}, aud will Sorte Aas etn? Pawongern Te

7 ears, anal my kin is as as any: | leave next dey ab noon precisely direct
be Tae nay Dts’ alcaay. chotacter, | Seon, die. Berriter fitsbatric ut tote! Ceara and -{ wever ferl cold. Let | for New York taking Largs, Panent | Bax BAIvanon Venes host, Goussles, @

be | “Skin Specialist” wash if he wishes, | gv niails, tona, § day," Cristobal Coton, 5 1
‘SLt Vieira contended that the loss on | the Court and asked thet the tase meal Bpec atlet "aati ie he wines gers ard niall, _ pirpeneod La cooreute, lon, 3 Inge

Joan 10 the shape of the expenses of ] allowed to stand down until one o'clock p
: 1: : ilatog et ondot in Growa amcots | woen te, Po, Getatatdinre | tile Atami Waigce dernstiike | ahaa Fraderice Leylant & | "Giiotal Goi, ¥ pam Verte a
7 sa on, WO so as ; J cova
~ @ | eictitate the towa pledglng itself te pit 0 Conner oppor See e ei gome | Taalug ou why atoull wo wash Tux New GolowtaL Gov | Chana Conse, Venex sloop, Stiumonds
4 loan of fully eight or ten thousand specially for that case and was bound to ad a BENEX, Luutep— Acarts Mutneals orth Cristobal Colon, 2
; wade tore than the estate Piet Bo: | Jeave for Porvol Spain by the® mid-day LIFE'B IRONIES, Bas, =The ae, “Barbadian [pontan, Hritetme, Davies, 2,072 tons,

to t,
eS sion was that this slowed the price | “Mat YytaPatrick sald that be bad Leen |) After Sylting agalnst Red Indians gue here fron Ldyerynol via are hours, Hartados, 700 tous

bo May 1011, proceeding here!
offered to be too high, being {a effect, [ asked to make the application for Mr. fandun board the Keafsagy when it doa on ie eo aire, Dro Cabello Crest par Passengers, To Eonton,

% .
understand him aright, abuat | Carter who would return at one o'clock. destroyed tbe Alsbama, worktog in a | and Cnracou, taking cargo passengers an
} a Fidoean We do not concus iy hieex- Mr. 0 Connor, bn re Ny plated that thet fume factory, eaillog. round the | uallalf Mestanting permite. 4 DEVANRTURES,
traordinary contention as tothe un- § very, morning on ane er Cate na orld, and sutviving the San Fiancle- ar 7 ~ 1 Vasant, Belt atinr, Colour gent
windotn of buying the evtatex but, we { Marbella dunctlug snd sakel bin sey [co sarthquake, James Winslow re the Hast Astatec | ° ortatos, su) bage Tead rovoa, 234 bags
certaloly do agree with dim, that Prt Mre Carter replied that e knew of f ocived his first Injury iia Omehe last Lane of dteamers. Tdad coconots, 345 bags” Veuex
every care should be taken to sea | "ihe but there was a romour to the effect { eek by slipping oa a banana peel, Gxo, IL Ataron& Co covonuts, 75 canca Ditters, 3) berks
4 that the cost of raising the money | that be had bene bat be knew of . —— -- Arenta, 5 mackerel, 10 bris ealmon. 2 Loses. wine,
be as low as posslble, and if ft} nothing further than that there waa acase TEN IN ONE BED, ST THOMAS Thess, “Bt Thouy | 2 baskets oulons, tus tees bunker oval
+] be ible to rule the money | against the defendant for assault, It was stated at the gewcastleuns | Sse” fg dno here from Furops on or | S24! passenger, By Geo, Jb Alston &
by “any cheaper means than & ip, FitsVatrick still lnalsted that His | dep Lyme Police Court two weekg a, pil April, proceeding Afte: vo
Clown Ageots loaa {t should certain: Worship should, allow the casedo stand Ue other Was sentenced {ik aboutthe zur ar Ser taking “ourgo, Teavaus, Dit mo at rge Mart. 31
we \ e y bevdone. It uw stated, that the don ornblp jen futimated that the | 20nths' (mprisonnent for overlaying | passengers and mails, Crlatobal Colon, sundry pkgs uxdse an
§ Oca are practical y punatle te cane should be istenn aud @ fresh ove her ebild w ve Jntoxlcated, thet ica -~ ee ~ a Passenger. P
5 1 aca, row e8 Oro’ rione wept Inthe save |—-five a! Ousunta enes » Vi
r Agents when serking to raise loauns lls ey farther ment it wae events Pech end, J Hamburg Amoi | once total Gols, wanary + phi dae
, aid (hat the lous of several thousands | giiy decided that case should be with- - aad 6 Passengers, i
Coeaaee te ap entroldathe secrecy | ane aaatben iad, 2 one nde) ACTOR FOHIIDDEN TO MALLY. Fall eeantense a ce | “La toses New Vert ain
aD, :
4a, MARINE SQUARE. of She altuatlon, Surely the, seme unt heed divonred baNew York by he OAT tae ttane | cE ae aae tone booker Soak
? A. de} wore sorporation Ii * the Town foi wife, who wae formerly Miss Cen Les ia bere frow | VACKYEE, iy! slog Mitchell, 18 toma
Se Commlsloners. They are, acrordin Kdos Goodrich, ant actress inone 6f | Yengsucian ports ua of about May fuck, | ,,{ireuada, i)
— to the often repeated words oe S AND his theatricat compenics. wroveeding afterwards (0 Havre andy Vicvory, Brit a 9 es
succemive Governors, ia po senses & ODD. - ENBG. liy the teronsof hie device Mr. Good. | Mambung via bt ‘Thoums, aking cargy, aes faery +
BPOR, SLA ToB [Bee] a woneny Youaamnys | | eats waele Meroe Bist | Pome wit CEM, caaey come
i Services y, are 'penden! rin “One of the ladies was a servant! Me. Gootwia way erate the New a paccergere eee veew


such a readiness to thuse nul ver to Now Jereeya ° of Steamers, OLOGIG OF MAES.

c why fol} 1
SMALL _COGOA ESTATE Jin â„¢ Gres stats cer | ans sues tein rac mens sopeys pli ite 1 he elon

free from strict’ Government ru 4 , “|
11,” sald a witness at the Weet Lon | Youk State law and tuatry agel .
Why, tact ene boy: Le tines nue grt chica Courts Then,” said the | paying two-peuce wage eee ‘an Glasgow Direct Lisa

for the subscription a lady and eye London Daily Frpress, BADINGCo LTDeAgEyt |- Malla for Pureuaribo by ihe 8. *
3 . sad bo invited, we are not writiog |e the Bow fi "Eaetien ina of arate: t —— u der Xeleslanden” will rf ese Ari
fh WOOF 1 Acres. St random of merely upon gucem fiuan? Io ble Court the gent DD pcos enn me | LANARIVA Thean. ” Yauarive” of [day les presime at 18 moos proclaely
, wok. For we are cieditly foforu: [fs the person mba slaods in the the Ulamow Dirvset Line fa due here Istratlun glowes at 1100. aun,
< For years Mother Gravee Worm Glasgow via Darketurs ve oF about ells toy Grenada, BL, Vincent and Nev

frua .
Hiteyruluator has ranked as the tauat | 10th May (th Drovsediog altorwanda ta) York peras, © Ureusce” «il be ¢! wed
etfedive preparation: “uanuiten laurel, Detnernra taking cargo, passenger, std Bod prox atS pm Megistration closes

vefased, For forther partiqulare wd that if only the opportapity | dock
, and It always sucintainsite reputation, — malls, pun

be atorded | by the tase of 8 yicaRh CHANGE OF RELIGION,

fuewwe Nrinde of the Feyubltecuy) 3he “Tablet” eupeunces that the



1 . é nil
atemgtny |



* Fe ee

theny to the auditors,“ Whe auditors
audited the book:

N , : 1 i” / "7 they dl

Directors, @ directors were not
looking after the books; they appoint
hey were

! ed the auditors todo that,
: 1 = , thelr
@ Missi n 61.41. ld for lt and they mut di ;
$3.3 a t. Vielra aaid that the Chairman
. misnnderstood him. Somebody who
; ; . handidl the tooks wae reeponaltie Ut
5 rectors were not, then
CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS REPORT. |ihediecon were ne ee ea ad
explain, He did not easy that the one Pome
directora werd bound to explain, dut

. ~ . somebody whose daty it was and who - is
Shareholders Ask for Explanation Amati rig! =,» HNTIRE STO¢
tons therte Se eee: “jutting Troms xm Kote or by Simgle 7

the Point: man sald, they were nt | COMMENCING ON 2281

adrift! from the point at all,
The Bain’ was this i money was

mnie Vletva Who fa_reeponsible? ESTATES SUPPLIE

Use Niacolin Digestive 8
a eld ol ex lon’ ’ The Chal ~The Treasurer, and r 5
Thurdey aftertogn et Vee often in | Mere inal tol money out of ple | He hws replaced thetnoneyiethe tank, AGHIOULTURAL 1000S, | 4

For Tyspe ps Indigestion Acidity of the Stomach, Hoartburn-Intes | Chacon” Street, here” being present | pockets to And out whether defalcas le there any otherdexplanativa you 4 PAINTS, OILS, Cocoa House 3
. ‘


a =




A werting of the Trinidad Building | tlons, should bear the expense of the

tinal Indigestion ‘or starchy dyspepsia), Fermentation of Food | tf the directorate, Mesrs J. A.) Lonstonk place, ‘t | Mr. Vieira sald, h ,
aand all Nice’ et the L eeeh cGheltman), ogo, Hofman | | Me, Vieira i—Mn Chairman dont | sO RPRISED AT THE CHAIRMAN, SHIPBUILDING MATER

, eer Ra
Headaches and all {rregularitics of the Digestive Urgan. Vice-President) J. ‘arthy, A. 7 you think It would elucidate matters
Nalocin’ Digostive is a Scientific Preparation, composed of Animal and ty Rudin, A. H. Clarence itoes, 1 We (fe some explanation were given as to | (the Secretary and Treasurer could

; i Brathwaite, CO. K. Drayton, V. Kid hi bi became short ? give no explanation, then ho was
Vegetable Digestive Agents. Stone (couneel) and Hon. Adan Snalth,” Wie iewtel Twas coming to that. perfectly incapable of phelting wht mt CARPENTERS’ TOO
Superiority of Mianlooin Digestive, and the following shareholders t Nev. Mr. Vieira :-I was expecting from positon avds had no right to ele - * BLASTING POWD
; } in} . urne, Dr, |. Laurence, Dr. | the Di some explapation 0! Becre
It Joos Hoh contain narcotics, purgatives, nor injurious drugs of a, A! Peres, Beare. ©, W. Nothoagel, whose fauitit was that the money Ione receleiog. the money, bute whet. ad HARDWARE
” re iy ‘'.
y . ‘orteus, HH. A. de Bolssi 4. | ralssing. I wouldn't call it defalcations ine efit. What contidence could

It converts the fotoluble etArch foods into roluble sugars, in a Be Codrington, (0, Aug. Petiont, J. exactly, becaus the! fnoney hes been they
it digests the fleshy portions of foo, Including meats of a 8, OES niss, 1 O. Innis rh | re $ ey has been | ey.
cheese, milk, etc, into soluble substances. Hae Narige. Wav Ferreira, We ik tnlecing, surely the directors should be | the

Sremsle Phipps Nis, | able to make some explanation about

have in a person who received
money If there was no explana-
tion forthcoming! That was what he

Great advantage will be given to purchasers ofl

if, M, Hea, HE. Jeffers, Poyer, | it! meant when he sald that they were

J. Y. Harper, G. GO. Deane, GC, . In 1-~As a directo! i, 1 | running away from the point,
A HEARTY MEA Werbatchs Te’ Senucle Laden eh | date eee ine Baad oF Directive | “Mr. licet 4d think the shareholders
Riley, HL A, Orshavn J, Liresolre, M. have anything tte do with that, You are really waiting for some explana:
erard o = aimsden, 5. oklin, In J. Uh a re an Board re trereerenenrnvomernmny
oe One Spbilling Vieira, BD, Harding G, Wiiltheld, A | Riecsurh and Auditare to go into that | Rev. Bourne said that the Chair {cuits a differeat form tothe present. | eyesight had els

B. Ki t . . man might help the meeting If he . with ref —
the Inler-AWericen Frug & Fading Co, 130-182 Pearl &t., Bow York | ii eeuime: Too Nest er aection | oe they oumne to, tell om. Wives | told them what were the authority te Stoker "The ‘rules of of the Amo. | would tate pine’
and A, Mathison (Secretary). we found theshortage, we brought it gad powers of the Board of Directors t ciation pertcnlerly mentioned that which he had
CHARTERED ACCOU: to your notice. the counsel of the Association shall be athison would
Sold by all the Leading Chemiste. REPORR ONT ANTS | | Say



r, Vielfa 1--Then you have no_ ex: | rights to them, and he it, there | on ex-officio director, and another rule gf ill attenti d
planation to. give Us? From whou | fore, that the board must represent | Sid that all directors ehall have Ave, chat leing the ae
untst [as a shareholder expect an ex- theniio ovad che 4 + Reports from the unappropriated shares in the Aesocla- | the directors 5
planation P suditors end t he retary muet frat don three months before — their removing Mr. Mee
toloutes lo be read. The ouly thing | Mr Rudin t-From the Secretary or pees fe boank: | ost of them roe eprolntinents asdirectors. ir. Stone, was e blamed]
he had to report was that the share. | the auditors, sented them on an inner miatter of hen In the "Astéclation’s he took bis satiated thie nore

: , es
WV hold t bei Mr, Vieira s-—Will the: ve us an
HY PAY REN accounte had. Ine tested with the explanation then P yal that kind, and what was their author | shares after being appointed, Mec. fand that a similar

to th fe Lo Mr. Tea quoted from the regulations, ity? Nanco is a sharholders he was aluo § tkely to ha,
WHEN YOU OAN OWN ex Ureenwoul. and Coy. cor Oe dlpesre: and contended that it was the duty of | Afr Woffmann:~The rules, one when solleitor of the Association. | Me, Stone. ae

i é Rev, Bourne said, it was e long time y
coupe bo eto ip ucoany the mangas to berg tentoned at |, ite pone atest at |, acy ot asthe Chae | a al ta
2 littl h t The: bed done ao, and he would read acconiance with law. That should | therefore, forgotten then But the | gnereholders had not lost anything ; | self being an engl
A nice little home of YOUN OWN ? | othe ths chartered ee would Teed Rave been brought iinmediatelf to the | question was whether they, aga body. | that the $100) add had been paid back, | he asvured the et
. port which Is as folluwa: — notice of the directors, Of course he to look to the Board of Director | and that they had declared a dividend | sel for the time bela
did not exonerate the directors 5 but it [oC the Secretary? He thought they | of nine percent; aleo that the defal, | might have bee,
To the Directors of the Trinidad Building was the duty of the auditors to hate had aright to know that. cations were made ata certain tini J into the ¢
and Loan Assoriation— made known the fact that they A voice :—Certainly, . last year. lie wanted to kuow if the { not worthy of his
Gentlemen, In accordance with Your auditeditems not in accordance wit! The Chairman said that Rev. Bourne inovey was a direct loss tothe Aasucic- | tause he had

There are several Choice Lots (50°x 100’) available on the fientle sccondance, audited prot in accordance with | ee fetly eight itt beokog oe abe
structions we have m . It It A a
| amination of the cash transactions for to inquire and find! ont “where thas | board, The shareholdery had not lost the: nontheapecitied taken between thebe aus Eiebn

healthiest and coolest section of ous Estate, within easy | se af the, cas a hing; ia fact, they hea poe ni ?

eyear ending Slat December 1910 as 1 vason the Sist December, and | 207thing ; infact, they got nine ied. th 7
reach of the Cara, good roads and abundantly watered ! Teconted in the books of the Association, If they didn't kuow where it was, Uhey Per cent sald, that brought him to bare’ teen a direct eas ‘ton he to question sad ;
just awaiting your selection. red were to subjoin to their report a etate- . . 8 Association, but they had the J closely aod sev: a

The Chairman reminded those
resent that the meeting was an ad-
journed one; hence there were no

ee ee ee

and other evidence we were able to he last ti As be left th
Dalen Ww ment that it was not in accordance | the last meeting, As be left thai rantee of the Treasurer Uiat at any J out the whole
< : wd ° the, balance “tt should ive fhat with law 5 an although they had pa mneetin m there rere, three notions fo He, if heran away with the ones. been any | talelt@
a nthe the secre aw! e vil as lance, ye! elt a wi .
December 1010. as shown bythe cash. they did not know where it was, [statements made there ae regarded | £5 bo pal nee woul eve dot frauds, In aq

— — paid.
book, and supported by th: hi Therefore, so far asthe actual report | the defaications were incorrect. . Vielras~-What . Men
Secure one of these lots koW at. the very moderate rental of aud information given we amounted to nf the auditors was coucerned, Mine Although he was the chief mover, Mr, Vieira 1~-What le the bond for : eulogy F of Me

881 41 . lirectorw to that extent were exonerat- | When he left there he really wisheu di ith th
_q mr ‘ he Chal tinui ‘ that i iwatl pounds. geen with them i

O N ; pe ) l I 4 A ON ] he Chairman continuing saldthat el. But the question waa, what the on investigation of the mattery ttf" Nr, Test red hat len!
+ i AR ait [ t T I. “as the sane state of attalre as given directors intesded doing now, ‘They | Would be found that the $3,000 odd pounde tess Than thea dcfaleathonte Atty, thes te the ;

at the last meeting, and the report | had th would have to be returned to the

Poru Lands Estate, St. Vamos showed that the books were perfectly | aed tite ees nee OF the shaeholders, | fon who put it in, It wae latent

pa nk er ee ee _—~ =, Correct, and the balance was 843,861 #1. | tion, and the shareh ders looked upon | Wish, butit wae nevertheless in him.
Mr, Vielra asked if he were to un- | them to take some active step before | The auditors appointed had shewn

Mr. Fraoklin sald, he understoou J wticted. Like
Mr. Davis's point to be that the shen ff uk them to bese
a ers = holders lost interest, by the money plaute Prhile be

© derstand that only the cash account | they themselves attempted todo any- [ that there were shortages. When he te De side with renerd b ner’ the san
The Royal Mail was looked into by the chartered ac- thig. t h P 7 | osed the word **defalcation” just now, last pola hea a hese oe the would wot be tne t
St ~ P k Tountants, or whetherit was the whole | The Chairman’ sald the auditors | be did so in no atingtog sense, but t time sad he knew there was « large J veen done befa
' e e a eam ac et Co, of books ¥ It appeared fron the [ were certainly responsible for the | because it was more legal. Some surplus at the back bearing nu ff ocen brought
. 78 report that they bad only pone over hooks, and they were responsible | members thought It offensive, Lut he | interest, The sum was something like J changed the &
the cash, accounts ‘but he b lieved it for snot bringing forward the peaat in hie aaind ane pert notion $18,000. The whole question resolved || sn existence for fo
shareholders | short the notice of the nd was the expecta-
A AQUALENA.—The RM.S, “Magdalena” Ie due here from Now York, tla that all the books should be audited, directors, One of the auditors was | ton that the persons who had caused inthe dirertors! The “suditors: they dia vyatens feo
dM Antills (Cubs), Jamaica, Colon, Cartagena, Pto, Colombla and Pto. Cabello 2&9 it had been repdrted by the Secre- | present and he would ask him to ex. | the defalcations would have been bold thought, madea little mistake in nel su
ou Monday 1st May, aod will feavo the nextday for Southampton, via Barbados, ‘4FY that there must have been some | plain why they had not, enough to have “chucked up tht | calling attention to the fact that the aad
Se, Mighaele (Azores) and Cherbourg, taking let clessrand deck passengers, [Dlstake inthe books | Waa be right} = an AUDITOR ACCOUNTS | Sonsersthat was, to resign their | Aurea were not in accordance with { could trace eve
cargo and mails, in presuming that euly, the cashac-| 317 Inniss said, at the audit in the office and allow the shaieholders to [tie law or the: not reportea | the evil frow jrhidig

The tender will leave the Lighthouse Jetty, Queene Wharf at4 p.m, with counts had been audited ? middle of the year he wasin Evglaod appoint other officers in their place, sufficiently effectivel and that caused § suifering. Every 4
passengers for the Magdalena, The Chairman said the chartered | ud at theaud\t at the end of the year, Ghat, they had not done—he would | git this hullabaloo” which they had } been treated aud’

Passcogersare spacialiy notified tbat a baggage Nghter to be despatched to e@coun nts ound the books perfectly | the auditors gave the directors the | Hovsay “he” but “they.” The thir | inere thatday. They were exactly in | had now, 6 if
the homeward mail will leave the Bt. Vincent Jetty at I, on the day of sail. Ourmect but the cash book was short | accounts algned the night before the | {V4 ® hoper—not a wish or an expecta: I the same position as befure. “The | could not find fool
tog, aud passengers.are therefore requested to seo thatibeir baggage is sent ROL & e3 shown before, meeting on the next merning so that | (2%, but ® wish apd an expectation,| point arcee, and’ Rey, Hourne had | than that he felt
down before that hour, woull read over the rence Chalrouan the directors knew of the fatter as pended. that the aceie would stated (t, whether the directors were | counsel what he @

Se encarta pe a woul efaultin, ie» | to account more

ERBICE.—The ILM.S, * Herbice” is due bere from tbe Northera Ielands on oct that they only checked the cash §2000 es the auditors did. Methi- Fito resign, ‘There, they found thet holder and it they ere’ reap share [bald trom toe

Tuendap 20d May, convecting with the 1.M.8. “Magdalena” on that date, Sccouct. Buteurely there wers other got to whether they would give thein eome edly, the accousté

accounts besides tb
JROGANEIA: The HALA + Balactla® ts due here from Demerara oa Tusedey there were (ree dntrios ee peeeamed what thes j the chartered

Zod May, coonectlog with the H.M.S, “Magdalena” on that d be was told that he would have to replace those in what manne: fyuent ta the
a ee Hhlnge OE thee sort, Hee eceeie ne themoney, and he did ao," for taeay nee iie Tent tne SLOTLag Ss gd that shortage of the {ound
KOTAVA.—R.M.S. “ Orotava” le dus here from Southampton, via Cherbourg, know whether those accounts bad, ‘Sits Iles s—That faa lame excuse. That brought him to the directors | Doney F He took It that those | could wei
Bt. Michsels (Azores) aud Barbados on Tuosdsy Och May, and will work i beeg checked, because the Secre Mr Inole aid, perhaps it was, but [themselves There were two or then, | sentiemen were elected by
strict guerantine a¢ this port, taking taille only, waa under the impression there ay he had told them what pappened, gentiemen on the board, and he wale solders who. hed confi ence in them. | was yuen a had
CH—The iMus, ~ Berbice” will toave bore ou Tuesday 11a Mey bee wo othe Intake somewhere, and if | ¢ot-note to your account that I “ i three gentlemen,” ‘not figuratively, f ov their attitude that ettedson re astake be hed 7
} cteeni eee DRE te aes ae ac sharky bea" the were of weer” | frequen trae fosiuy aia upon cy btrticeay poCGoe ui E'Te | ge” (Rouge the rage a bane Ale [vero Bt
“ usen's arf atl p.m,with tantshad not been d ep ie you know that the rules pro: [ yj . ‘ues, | (De {0 this sensat that they did ‘nu: | ta bis pocket 7
assengere aud thelr baggage for the “ Derbioe.” m done av the share- virectors there carried on the bisivess vate
eon the *Derbice™ will be received on Monday Sth May, only up MM Tee fetore you toad the rev bigper or more at hove at MLTELE FAMILY CIRCLE ‘ere ra ely rae alta To te wie
t t, Innias 3—I know nothing about 4 | eo 8 ortag (Aear ; faaid that ma:
Brie TA. The PUA oa Belantig’ rill leare here on Tuesday Vih May, Eihatmtan buentloned witha teat tne: Ie ae haves Tre Ihe hav ! that is tiers which Moved wine eid ae Fetalretions the mente wr du r eke a a
enada, . eo have je t rations
> for Gs ° Oo mead oi Montserrat, Antigua, Ing, that It wasthe opinion pf thedirec | We are told yoaudit the Looks and we Rebingon waa couusel ee the Associ- ube Secretary dnd Teenaurer ta hoe, if Lain corsec
to Mr. Hoffmann, Mr, | He was aman of homean learnivg ar hom they a ee cate net eat wore sant ,
Cargo for the *Balantla® will be received on Monday 8th Mey, conly up iwentioning there was “smucthing bo went way in August, é a ee ee wee, One who | vealgn ae Mr. tee au ted (hear wrould be able ¥o
to 4 pm. , Wrong in the accounts (laughter), lt, ottmana 1 Didnt you know infancy up ie ainactetion from its J tear He took. it that Mr, Stathioan | attention to the L.,
ENBICK ~The RB NLS, * Bi srbice © will leave Port-of Rpsinaa Tuesday 16th pahe.Chaliman tT beg your pardon, | there Waa a ohrvtoe ? e year that ant subsequently Mr, Deane, ores 3hD SERVANT 7OY THK ASSO. been able us a
May, at@ p.m, for Catupaoo, Tampatar, La Guayra and Pto, Cabello, ‘Mer Rodin tcl ‘sald U may ir. Inniee int kuew there was af eppointed. alr. Deans was no junlor HLA "PRaa" Stag oat
taking parsengeis, cargo and mails, ou the audito Cu may tell | inistake somewhere and we were try. | then in the conse of what they would | who had been with them for about | counts were co
ie li ind Fedele pamnoaar rub bggee Re"tae A yetant © hole meal fing and ued” the «MA? Ee RE wtether ae. tonne ed, beet eablg btm | corien meena mle bad worked | growie pag
ot . ge for the © Borbive tT Tes as whether Mr, I n in. practise re. up ti
Catxo for tbe * Berbloe "will Le recelved up to ¢ pan. on Monday 15th May, tre lices oan auy Of these gentle could show « report. that there wee Deane rewgnet ind a counsel wares: present. Tourist roma thea ta 4 of Mr

this shortage, an item of $450 odd, | ulied, Two eminent counsel there, } did not think that anybud reaso:
men t 3 fi
LO anrrameaen | The Chalroan t-No but you can | Ug eash acount? Though it denoted Sears Nanco and Wilson, spplled for | able “consideration ” cou a. ut

rprise visite
aloe dally '

vhs and St. Kitts. taking passeugere, cargo and malls tors that th
Tbe tender will leave the ui bihouse Jetty, Queen's Wharl st § pm, with some tide of ihe acconatyy 1 eeried bet audit them,

pacecogere end Lheir baggage for the “Halantla. now, even the euund of your voice rol el d

F shortage, tbat was wot the style,of | fle post. Thelr applications, up to | personal bi to
Nox Salllog wo Europa Next Sailings for Oar Dp3n0, Pan- Mir: Tes relieve teen you an audit that the Jaw required. was | then, had not een’ toswered, Peet thelr contineance of oon
© J AGDALENA* Qnd Ba J pita, la Guayra and Pto detalis of the defatcation, that | Y | the duty of tit auditory to find out if pointed counsel of | Mathison (loud a
“CLYDE? Tous Bey : say over what tls iteatendedy | °° | the accounts were correct and not ‘to Avwclation | He hed nothing | che fourteen years hi ‘M
. pe " goth Mee Gaball). | Tie Chairman o--The he ¥ allow the directors to put a false atate- | “eeinat the Individual, but Mr. Stone | been Secretary of (he th able to attend to @
wagers, = BMY [ meeutoa Ween Mad. | Me toes Wun tate the shane: {earner ove tion tee sain | Mane feruae julorand tie bnle | Bed mere ot ctscout oy iar od | ty sas fae
9 ne " AA ih wae .
«AG DELINA* v Th July necae ah Juoe: polders, in your coutktence and let's cutlon, Anything that was felad was hen oe no getilug out of IE would fied ft Very digtculy te Mu Ne ahareboldere ran
(3! - . y , . DHO &| t
cee ee oe eT HERMES TRIE Oe Unsiuans—thoy have uidthe | MAC Eeiton aad that Italy az | warelated by ems tsiio dle | bkon IC was ira that here were f athlon tm
” ” BU} BALANTIA = 5°) 2i:h July, Board ‘Ubetween the fetof Apa et sald that “the auditory shall os | iene ube was NicePresident. A [thove that they Tne than ae | dealings with the Ol
ee Kh June JIL and Various funda Ween mt eee, tts | obo ate eeanetion would perhaps dertake others of which they did] Lemporar charge cd
{ Mr. Hees -Will ale: e would [pot know, Mr, Mathison’ had | taken it, (he a
7. Hes: =\Vill you tetl us the | securities and report thereon fa write sey ba related by ala to Mr. Hows, veen suffering very inuch frou fig | caally settled. We

— eyes recently and had th 6 ‘the Unusual!
trai sBtoue (rlalg) et think Tt te babe to ve phat rectal alteaiion wis Paw taken te
The Chairman (interposing):~I | the last year that lation during re Hews
- yearthat should strict] t nloyere
think you are getting perwunal, Mr, | been given, The directors had hed to terete and Jager

charge those gentlemen have made? bag tot
New Service to Vonezuela, . | The Chairman :—£538 ot1s or $57 Of Sie. Visita salt that theother auditor

° Mr. Mes :—That necessitates another | was not there ta give svine accour:!
The Royal Mall Sleam Packet Cowpa " question. Js it lotended to be be , f
that Somulenclag on Tucwday, 16th Mey ‘iy raronch na 6B anoounela by the shareholders ? borne Tomine ihe tat i Why shoul Be,
50, Pam Ls

ba new secvice from %
Port-o’-Spaiy, to Cara uayie { The Chairuian I should say it Mr. Rudi
‘The tiretesiling will be the itM.8. + Hertice* oe the te May, to be because it was their order to Suploy wartota mentee that Mr, Legge Mr. Hees aun dealing with th boratiee they eee feed te ears F plage by the tecret i
followed by the 1,M.8, * Balantis” on the 3xb May and therealter ever two these men, Mr. ‘Vieira said that they were | directors vullectively. °T val to oe cree es iter ting | piored by ioe a
weeks, y Mir, Mew: be tt equitable F DRIFTING FROM THE POINT, | The Chalrmani That te not fair | not called, upon tl te age aes | AT, Thee ho we
z Lear --

First clase, second clase and deck psssen 4) The Chalrman. 1 cau't Tt I , ie upon ‘him to reign. ‘si
fares, alto cares: Passengers wilt ba carried at moderate peve Biren your orders to do a ting ot then point wes the explanation rive You are hitting “below the {he oth Juue new arrangements had |. The Chalrnaas 9
Messengers will be emberked and landed free of charge at Port-of Spala fa aml we have done it, own views of the culpability of the] lr, Hlest—It te quits above, » fp? pinadle, hte pon, Mr. J, Mathison because L was put J '
re cyatea tt pesegeand fraight aud all furtber particu audng levi nnaseittor dat oat | hate’ shacthclier way teactiseeto’ | wy tame Temaee moet Feu mention |everythag "nae Swurklog well’ ije| Heatcacy tome) Bel
oF * si . 5
Company's oftice, partleulafe apply at the mite, defalcation. We had auditors | of how the money was anexplanetion Luok and you willmee the ae rere aute Understood that Me, Mathleon's polng bs beleg —

and ofticers of the Boatd who should | Surely, somebody should be mad Epeed Me, Stone's nam: do not say the
For all further iuf . ! . have kept the booke prupely, So far explals. Who was teeponsliia? Who iy,” tones * Or voted for Tue tues all things, and ve Lae Re etandout a
ve all further luformation apply at at the auditors ary suncerned they are Haudled the money? “When was the | hells, yeeuralog sald then Mr Antl-Consumplive. Byru ha god sco, between, thew
i é }s © actual | & vantage found ait? What explana. | Mathleon was related to Mfr, Stone by | the teat of yeare lt now ranks asa feed: Sad June last yor "

tat foding of the itemawentioned in thelr } ton had the afin!
3 ol ned in thelr } f hey to give for the sh: ty also, Tha
J H E COM P. AN y S$ OFF | CE, queuing, though: they arecensuradle in | ‘Troe were thhuwee oy which *Re had leon taken, tone waa ieee pete Hi ataet at treatment of all all: ployeus :
bother respect. Mut stitl for the pur- | (hought every inetuber of the Ausocl- | bv taken and nous would be tak by euften and ae aul lun It will" Ur. Laurenve p
Thee of gevitaining the Mate of the [ation expa(al an explanation fiom {tbe directors tu have that batter \ mar au ue the owel stubluin | Lusoces quan but

: ines > Ofe 1’ aeuwunts aharehollers wor hound to | Uhose peaponsibl brought cough by relieving the drvitats .
Marine Square I ort-of Spain do this. aut surely Ue person or | The Charman sald, the only explau- Government etree vt io Mintel da ( raters be affected organs wt heats

Jerwouy whe Lave caured thoee detalca; 4 ativu they could give wae by defeiring {PIM that thing would sbave toler Toy it and be couviused of ue saints


APRIL £0, 10



THE LONDON. {The Whirlwind Cinematograph Co,


ut UTH FROM THE “Four Roaps” CAR Popular Prices .. 24c. 16c, Sc.

. fs dvsctytety doften detertion on ead to hea “attetted bp eo oad water or eteem

ainhenth hohe mp Pe RROPCENED SORT SS mh LEON EDRS ES ae,
. { alt can be used without staining the fingers or spoiling clothes
Dana” has no cquat either In colour, parmansence or cleantinose @

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“09 3 “SOUT HLS
sUSeZy e1}°Cog

The Bouahza Drag






VICE DALEY |=" PASSION PLAY 1a: og ro ca

Branch Office for the West sata, Barbados.


Price ee see dees E. aon oo £ 000
— AT — 36c., 24c., 12c. Avesta nee = “ 7 i Just R ved
Etistiog Aosorances - te 18 ecelve
. - Declare ae 7,000,000
|. Pe uM. ‘& Ss. 3O P. M. Poors opened at 7.30, Performance starts at 8.39 p.m. Giiaraa 27,750,000
MODER. ITE hires, ApsonuTH# secURITY, PER 88. *,8ARG ASSO

ie Trowel tee anit of Bullci to 90 t., of th di 1 t
ane & ivanced on security of Pvlicies sup por cert, of the aurrender valae ai
5 b to!
oe Tonetdiete Re Reduction to home retes dorlag vhlts to Earops sad otber temperate 200 CASES
clfina: .
Pra ‘a Accepted and Polltes lesucd ia tus West Indice without reference to °

cures ne " Each 10 lb in $ Ib
Chins Paid tumediately oo proof of death and sertioment made by the Company's FI k


me Policies én which age ts 1910 are Boruc . after Two Years,

Pprogvamine : Tho Iron~ Strengthening Bitters

Highly recommended ior baie Wang Loss i

Brslay, Friday, Saturday rn | Secretaria: Wen

case’, General prosttation etc,

April 27th, 28th, 29th, onlc. | SEND FORA BOTTLE AT


280 the” following Pictuves. ~

The last, lovestigation for Division of Profits amuog the Polley: bol lars took ok place
#800 15th November 1910; andthe Bonasthen declared was at rate r
cent, per sopam on ull with Profits Polisies, Such @ Policy” Ae ‘st, 200 orcas hes
adcod to tho sum assared £75 —by way of Boaus fur the ayer esOal
A. J. SOALD, ata,
a Beeretarye

pot OF THE TUUNDERER—A great Hindoo Magic Toothache Drops, The Barbados Mutual|= en watery
ATA onere, Tae OULy AIMED Tuas cles any neLgr Lire assurance society. —_{AlS1 iR{HUHIDEE & OO),




. TE G ===

eloo 120 peer Hottie


and st Che Farqurice Pharmicy, opposite Wash House Bridge.

2tat February, 1981.



No. &@ Wanrw Btreat

A Long Felt Want.

Pita and relieves Motor butere®


will ply for Passengers between San


Various Systoms— of Insurance,

WHOLE LIFE ASJURANCE.—By pr mlom p payable for whole of life,

do foralimited sumber of years,
ENDOWMENT ASSURANCE3—Payat'e ata fined dateo or o« previous death,
JVUINT LIFE ASSUBANCE.— Payable to the survivor of two persons on the death

gue FT wen ASSURANCE.—Sulteble assccurity for temporary loans and kindred
ent arTan;
INNG ity ASSU UNANCE.-To sesare ga scoaity to the wife on the death cf the

CHILUREN. 3 ENDOWMENTS —Usefol asa provielon for education,
NLABRUEABLE TERM ASSURANCE,—The largest insurance at the minimam
patleye fine the advanoisge of low preminm daziog the early lyoats of


ices: Soc., 146c. atc. W. 0, RO: Cc ROSS & CO. & CO

Watabh, 1357.

The Colonial Dispensary,
* FOR—



For feriber er informa: i Pent spply
ANOIS BKOWNE— Agent, Port-ol-Spain
V. BONYUN & CO.—SapFornandy,

Fernaodo, Laurea and loint Foatia


Serravallo’ s




morning tralia frou city, returalog in
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em hw,


Miss Ipa ¢ 0.1 Pierre,
Graduate of, the Royal Academy Cy


Ueve secured GULD MEDALS ay the B heat awards wherever they have been
exbibited, Theon'y CIGARS acd "ES awarded a certificate of honour
at the Jamaica Icternational rabies ek

Machado's Cgare and Cigarentes are for smokers of cnltare and disceraing taste

ah Singer Sewing Machine will quickly pay for | BASS THE VIAL 8YB EM oe Fito Werkusoatlp vod bending of MACHADO'S CIGARS & CIGARETTES Certieated —Medals,
thtough the many ways it enables you to econo- Mighty recommantad by Madtoat Authoriticn annot be excelled or equalled, TRECEIVES, Students for lanructlon ta
t saves dressmakers’ bills, valuable time, and | over the Wo . B&J i ShACHADO » | PlauO FOREE, THEORY oF MUszO
Cost of repairs, which fi figure considerably in the —_ “6 U RES: io Hafboar Gtseet Jemsloe And Warmony,
maintenance of in erior machines, Many . 70. . .®|49M/KEED IN NINN VOICE PRODUGTION, sictiT. SING.
only realize the superiority of Anaomia 1911 | KEEP IN MIND{ #4 MUSICAL DICTATION
Roger Sewins Machi Chlorosis "sin ‘Insurance Office - = bieLOGUTIONs
, g acnines Debillty wme Shiskea 7s0. J oseph Gonzalez THSORY OF MUSIC and TIARMON Ye
7 «they have wasted money upon nondescript = ; Ne feetsis rate, 8 fte5 pany ah
e3 which soon become com letely useless, Nourasthenla.”* atte, Olden Pry To n{3 Honry Street as 7; Trogarete Koed. sehr anh
: y eit experience, and pet a Singer the Jirst DULIGHTGUL WAsTD aitten, Ba nisprancet WHEN BUYING mada for papi renciog fe te ousey.
us Never need another sewing machine, wae ee ea ae nee Se nirnmenneenes ae be b burs elected, u renee erennnennmncremanine
et g machine Siumviun Tu - aad chew nica arorpure | HARDWARE, GLASS&ENAMELWARE] DENTISTRY.

“on aw Tewubeace can, stto be

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; ws (ISOLNLAGEwts Eogies @Lialec Howes; | Qatleslarel Forks, | Ropes all oi
ie ro D ad at tanwatteeres, Revsus.| Bondoc t't & 2, Hove Benler hee URGEON DENTIGT
: . —The (Bonanza Drug Stores. Queries able preparty ow Brodes Hoey, owe Seales Tia oF: “69 ABLACROMBIE ST
POO nen etre eevee eee OIL, FIELD 1, 1, Grasa Kalvos, Collars Axes ¥eb 1
aT oe . Ss Colles Plagers, Cattle Chalny

"hes lass Windows Tae Far

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ENT Sint inde rete fr osurog iadow, flare Saw Files, we

aity for the Lass of rent ta case of five, Vil Sew Files, 5 Quower Proners
Lowes by Lightoing are Sade ficod by tbe eee, Booves, ‘Sooo
Othes, 41 LY, Biores, Kovtle Ba va and Whe
eCUIE ion Everything Choap nod “goul as


y 4 Frederick street,
° pol-Spatn, Tilcphont— 198


Now Landing ex Schr, ‘Melba’

Dr. J, Raloh GArringta,

from Georgetown, §,C. sear Pa | unl youl nev oe yr Seti
Se i. or Uf you ow anybody, oY REET, - ’
eogaged, you should oni torget ‘CURED NORTH CAROLINA Music * Le * ‘Lessons DO Your OWN WN PRINTING, Notice


bis house,

kh OD, E HVND. AN te,
M itoa & tle a He i perso tas to A Saat SMALL sLemgion Fe Feiatlog 0 Onths wtbis for pelled to, tea
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jail, Maadoline, Uet J+ Usiter, de, arly eo tT Pornsocgk

Pine Boards and Planks.

200,084 fcot 1x 12 Planed 2 Ves G,&fT.
26820 fotl x12 4 Bei
51,826 fees 1 x 12 4 ai
41,228 feet 1 xy, at, SIDING

trom a nenssomue waiob’ shows a picwure of s Diamond tbe

; Gash light and on! a more little twink
os relunded {f quality ia moat guaranteod.


48,059 fect 7G ee at
Piseat Thing. |,1,000° CORNS — 800 est DARDS ful PLANES Boog, yaciatite aia aa
fa “Oder rooted out by LAING’s (im. » “TTgs17 kev .
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ar 4a por bottle, Tiluided Dys W
Toad Uae a INGLUY Voanaavy Us O, NEWSOL dg Go. me, ee Rt. Cran Date

Tyg, . . : ‘

Mhe Bonanza|Tailoring Dept’mt.|8QQ Paire|SMITH BROS. & Co:

8 3

pAL~ TENERIFFE) Select Suit Lengttis| anager ea a

| requirements of the Businezs man in his office are

. ’ . ®e
Linen Drawn Thread Work COMALAND Ma nolia now speciatizing in this branch, 3
=a, 2 Their New Sanitary Furniture;
7 :

t Lace Toilet & Table Covers, Your «Trade. WILL COMMEND ITSELF TO EVERY kIGHT- A


i Mie jst received « Lovely Assortment of


"n -


‘ Cloths, Toa Cloths, Sideboard Cloths, = . .
Pothees Cloths, Toble Centres, Ledepreads, ° NEWEST PRODUCTIONS oy Sanitary Roll Top Desks from $17.50 |
a. —ALsO— . IN OO S Ditto Flat Top Desks from 15 00

K : . | / . itto Letter Filing Cabincts ,
al Madeira Classy Goods aN ‘fo Bute all RequLromeztys,
. RE


. Hand Embroidered. NOW HERE : ae :

Bonanza Furniture.

his feet and recognising the owner of the

AN IMPORTANT MATTER. head aud ejes ta be on member of the
sterner sex he grabbed hins by the back of

_! Lancashire Insurance ba] VASA x LENT) eae is
oy 4 ‘s ae
by q , ‘ ae Aburvey of the Laventille Ruamp fs [ ht ft and denfauded an explanation,
; ariile dr ari le FIRE & LIFE on ait Sagorentney tat a henry sai ty ae i | Wen ae eo al
: « ON Nes Yorke Departinent with the objec a ail in dulng eo cansedeom.
i sOW MERGED IN 1 & ° move and Mr. Halfout will second a 1 ronnary plans ith ex: | plalnant's arin to get bruised by the edge
“ 8 resolution that the cftizena of Landon, | preparing the nevemary i
: 5 First Mortgage assembled at the Guitdhall, welcome | Umates for the efter ee ‘letting of holy Sank detente fone, ay reece tl

Bd that portion of the swamp lying be I
YAL INSUBAESR COMPANY, Ltd. the proposal of the United States for Hevea te thie eva iver deampiainant marie aiter in srt ini

wi i ditions 1 1
Funds. Exceed ... £12,000,000 (without any special conditions) | a general treaty of arbitration, aml he Vernal Boeanyp, will De having | ight the former! tripped nied tetlom the

. edge their support of the principt
see Raine tothe Inghest interests of sinular attention ta the near fatty T and naw that he was cut. Hie Worship

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ASE eHOR . Hy Je meas to allow the fy .
E 5 NSURANOES flected against] COCOA ESTATES | tot nations, andes promotiee of the | Ghivevinentta confer ath the owere finan ent nol lot or meven Gaps
AUGUSTE PELLERIN’S Buildiege end coneate of Wane IN SUMS OF DUEOMATS CRITICIZE, | el Cavonl Batata (of @ bleh the tat ee pruoye Lacy, Constable
. MATS AAI). Carn She . .
a ings and contents of Ware Ata banquet, scveraldiplomate salt) WG. Kay ia attorney) | Seee whieh | Daniel sunmoned ohenen Young Harper

Â¥ they had been eiiticized because of , directly ben for driving aw tmgyzy wlth one light, and

houses, Offices, Shop, and Store
Premises, and Private Dwellings at $2,000 UPWARDS. thely muppert of an Angla-Ainerican (it 19 proposed will be CA oe Ee ee award tor driving @ hand cart

a a Kae


5 —~. | ¥mith Bros. & Co. '

. °


aud part reclamation of the Oropouc the road, Defendsat was fined 13s. ot
its articla impugning the goud faith of .
Aaents th ‘part of the Inland te at prevent wader | Ooo coniplafount wext charged Nathantel

Lagoon in the tuterest of the oil in. f seven dara,
-resident T. ithe United ntate:
! OLESOHE & AU TRITIOUS SMITH BROSAND 10 The lant Sia} n contende re fwusideration «news wirich snarl te Charies with causing an obstruction with
a * 2 ’ .
U Financial, Commercial and

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; ish Made Mar gar’) ne @ | mydcrate prices! tteafy witch they fustified borause it thlt connection It wilt be aleu interest | without a light. Lach defendant waa fine
shuntry. dt will therefore ba seen that Fianeiva, Beatrice Alleyne and one
The Lord Mayor contends that the mont ery body counected Hialined cert hie Ne Jauten Malis Rowdy
The Bonnanmn, Insurance Agents,

was not to be conmdercd ag anuremise ing te state that the Government It] Ci inn or meen sLage, » Corpural HMerpoint
“the dtalnage and part reclamation of Leonora were changed by Constable James
snovenient fn lelween two peoples, nidad. Usor seven daya wae the penalty us
Mo be had RETAIL from the Leading Grecersand Porvotbpaie

interest of all with afuilar sentin lish wyndicate concerning the dhainaze tokcep hls hated cart ou the left aide
pands, Of Bosse “Morning Post,” protesting agalnat
ogy the entire awamp landa bathe western | Some wit Cie imped oneeeh The

countries were. so corrupt as the ~ a
* Mormog Post * vu te, such a cone AMAL. daiuen Monsegue sigumoned,
spiracy 4 alee their countiynien A YANKEE TRUST IN TRINIDAD. En ene, al i sransltlg bin at
would Le dmupossible of anccens iL eons | 1. appeared for the iefendant aghlunt whou
trary to the popniar senthineut which Under the alove caption the aeieey trivial aruault wae proved. aod Hla
ia being manifested in unparatleled following appean in Truth OC Worship ontered both parties ta be bound
force. * the lzth Enetaut: «Un reply to my | over in a} each to keep the peace for six
GMORNING POST STANDS ITS recent articles under thia headin. 80 | months’
GROUND, _exoficial stntng binself © Weet Ine 7 Lgreeey or Cuarertion Alfred Sts.
The * Morning Post.” perstets Chat) dian" takes ap the ecndgrin for the pletion charged Ratert Willlaina and Hell
ackaon of sepelate Informations alth

the negotiations are between (he Goe b American Asphalt Trust so far as the
sernment rather than the people; aud t effect of ts operations on. the welfare stealing a tin of oh, mrettvn jack palued
{t fv amatter of apiniou whether the ' of Trinidad are concerned, Tle cone thee Gefterwlante are ied ionpnineiten: aah
Bismarckiag procedurd of the United , fends that the asphalt concession laiuaut had engaged tien to pull Lim off
States may properly de dew ribatde aw! granted fo the late Mr, Basher in, 18 Cn vertain, ship’ with kupplies, eran,
corrapt pbut the conrupden which bir Fras heen of great benefit to the colony, | (hem several tua of cigaretton, On thelr
Edward (rey representa fathat ofa the capital and enterprle with vbich
wTeat? a people seeking to evade thelr national i it wan worked resulting Jn a develope
NLA MARKET RACEH, 1 rexponsibilittes br the bope of diving a | ment af the business which would not .

A Ss K E T Ss The r tor dada A nd Ure ote N CONSTITUTIONAL ut herwiee have been secured, ths ihe Se nat he ee ae gunn:

no race FG . AUVSTRALUAN CONS NAL!) port duty and suyalty now Ining the .
IN 6B Guipean Stakes, af New Market, was REFERENDUM, Havernment'=. fevenie of S00 6 fled wot gat Pala lan, (Jacteacry had
Al Quality.


Apply ty, or untdendis in any sense, bat in the | «tually fa negrilation with an Eng | cummoned Reginald 11idyunan for fallin,
excellent substitute for ccoking Butter without RENT YOUN. MAYOUS | PROTEST
. ? : ° . Nats . LE
wg to pay the 1geXCCESIVE price which Butter t6 ans t ‘The Lord Mayor haa written to the
a 6 Ford with dghting, They were eontict-
and esen if the politicians of both Poel ort detetdent,
WHOLESALE from Trintded

Tinad Shipping & Trading Company, Lid Cotton Seed paarerariase ent

frets. Btate terms, forone pepil, Ave
ours daily.©Apnil 25th - 3w.


WI & Panama Telearaph Company



return ta abore (wo tha of whal complain,
ant. bad wut sald were mixsing, ane of
which was taken frpin seen ie je

Carrying Through Frelgbt for Tobago and Ciudad Uo,lvar,


Leave { ABLIVE

Leave Ancivs
New Youk | Tuiipap

232 Or Fs. |

won by Me. J, 1s, Joes * Sanstarâ„¢ The Austrailan Gonsututionat Re | year As ta the exploitation of the

we * ¢ “a : intaaek plate.
Lont Derby's * Btea fast, Welt second | ponatin haw rejected twa amend: | petroleum deponite Weel tndian® antgyesly aud the hatter woabhciedart
and Me, JS. Be dale LÂ¥6000." | ents vesting the Veleral Partlauent 'sayethere canbe no danger of any | whatever he tovk frous bis pay, Ls
} Yankee anonopaly Inaaiuch as the [fondant wun sent np for seven days,
aren for which the company has ad Asati. Jaen Willams (pleaded

maar we
a OF | GRANADA? |.

Mech, 4 | dMch. 32
“ 23

third. with power dver Jabour aml cour

POUTBALI: tnerce, hithert erebel by (he State

oe OF NAVARKE . Abr Ja the play off of the tle fn the floab Nest A
’ . a 1 t vahouta hundredth part sity to baslug awaulted Helens Junen,
re er ” For Sale by forthe We ball Assocation Challenge Leaielatutess if 4, wattle and ofl peer ail lands of Trinidad te Thdence KR iowed he etrmek ber a
Cup, a€ Manchester, Bradford defeated | siintuister any monopely. ‘The rep He thinky too, that fa view of various 7 ere tdow on the anm witha, ekhk, He *

yt May Newcastle, beventy thousand #pect& tune are het comple, but the ad- | facta it leidleto auppose that the cum: wan cont ed prisou fur nls week, Chattea *

AY NAVATRE* . ‘ toms were present, fa: t i

s mn CHAN API : t i abandun the export of au Ty .

BA ae navipas cl | gate i Le eer Peg x avpuunTED | Wrmamer tie ate mylar excep | pane wlll aby de estore fs | wali a he hi map order two
SANA AT. 2 Jove 8 —— » . IN NEW YORK. i ye weet of altering the rejection. The f shin oll wich when refined would nuying bury

RS CALL AT GRENADA BOTH WAYS, Stcamcrs Sir Henry Wosl has received the | finkktry's positign be shakes and (he | ylehl a residue of bitumen.”

oo . appolntwent of Conductor of the New Asappaluted Labourltes stoned the = =
Me ERINIDAD to DEMERARA cach trip, returning to New 41, MARINE SQUARE. York Philharmonic uclety, spe. pactlow Bremer Mr ‘Hyduey, Et he CITY POLICE COURT. PRICES CURRENT

CHICAGO PASTOI 14 not expected that the Prewier, Mr.
GEONA, CIICRCIL Hieber whi ie ess toate fur Tandon,

Ei 9 roadway, Now York acd Ford cf Boain, Tviaidsd, BLW.1, "Phone 184. The, Metrupolitan Tater orate [Will tealgn -@ tes faton sof Cher prom | Before Jr mab Wrig [New You, tt Apia
Z N STRY. | y onOr CANA Cll Tens (Cueee Heer Ste Dison of | SER TCoS. Fils OLN PROTEST. | aura, Philip Jacob aot eg | Weed Clears for osu :
LOE 107 Tica go. rae? A Mexico despatch dewstiew the |, . Aichi hike | Meal, Kitudrled per barrel ge3d *
POENTISTRY. (TOE SURE COUGH CUPB] Advice To Travellers, jisSuvonguumanseancans | piace ha am reat Sr keg ae | ety dae ar tven aye od | Star eee FOE a A
— chase from tha widow of the artht FP ponsklerallod for England, couse te eta ritan ta. Willian changed Heavy Mess Pork per bet, is on oe

. CUrvetals per lum, 202
Buxar{ Mencuvediy texk tut, ad


Mileward University, U.S.A)
CSO Derpmtiat,

Is, per bottle,
AVE your baggage marked, It Von Leubacho€ two Titans, Uhought Pong with eshte fo suaintaly i ith canal Me nao
Laing’s White Fine Il avoids lote of trouble, (au tots deatined for Gerinan iniecums, | “Pe Uh oleate Aa, juaintal Jomea Laing with eatininus nue olatruction
done ab your bone. See BOUNY | pe anon pou che Bey ee ant alll eon “ jase cane) a oneant wee en Viigtish “Eland Molassen

Cough Syrup. ¢ . n : .
ign-Fainter, corner Feederick aod aKING, PATRON OB HUBBER PO en ’ Conntalde, MeCralah 1 ‘No qnots
e . Se Ed eC TON. ANADIAN, POLITION SLAC IU eT ae tae Venttng dames Colton, idle Upland wen tation


o » Oprosite on y aeen Btreet, ~ April 18th Jin ¢ "
: me Hallmtany, THK ENOLISI PHARMAOY - BON Pies WILT, BH CUEDTS | BONBIN'S Hourne on Thursday aixht. Complalaant {Liverpool per ate :
MONTLY RUBBER CHALLENGE sald he wadont on bis wife's errmnad nod [| Exchange, New York aud .
— The King sill be patron of the Ottawa, Apll 24th, wen Into the yant fo whieh defendant Loudon, UU deyn sight tell * q
Rubber Eabtbitlon to be opened inf. Sir Withed Laurier” accepta Mr tived. Defendaut’s door was the only one | Eschaige, New Yok and ¢
Con sat week, amd bir Henry Bunten x shallenge, but rounires the onrenel anid he was ving wp '9 tnauire for Thal Catows York he ng A
. tonlenites ti aanime the besponsl- ae prreny a . oe “vy
Blake willbe president, Twenty-four bility” ne fovelng. & gevesal vheetlen when hw beard quarreling (4 defendant'y

house and retreated. Ue bad reachet as

duutewand cunpiiies will le respre-
gented, it de expected that rubber
will be so plentitul within w decade,

wae Although Len he tel le ,

the Jiberale are morseunfdeut than | ft as the gute shen he felt pun tions .

that the Loudon pavement will be | the Conservatives, the latter's punks io ale eat feos ed a ttle Taixtox, Apelt eh”

tineet! rubber, are not broken by redpoucity even in Pb wound, Defendant had lnk tect thea.” “De iuerare Cr) stale

PROGRESS OF THE PARLIAMENE [thé tnost gestern platricte, and thelr)” Defendants etury wax that bimwelf and percet AY telae
BILL Float

befere the census in

Richardson & Selway

——— cr ~




catopal yn funds from. pone source are ) wife were undreaned ty theis Lense when stpmeoresle ‘sin
Awguilh and Sr Uabfour arrued ab Tie Conservat New aan hay a erry {owe as Meee eet iat mites | bin ‘ genet, ict ee los
Aadidment to the Pariainent Dilly | thing to yelu apd rick nothing by a | Tie port ae aowenie the halt | UMM fants ue ewes
that If 3 tues rejected by the Lords ft stubs CO TASPITAL T COMPANY | doce and bebeld a pair of eyea peering la. | © Java sugar due 106
should be subsaltiad loa referendum, DANDES SD THINSDAD ub. side. Thinking they were belonulay to Gly eltsror Chau.

Upon a stirislon It wan tejected bey 2x New York, April ath, | ome of bla fvmale neixbiours who had Wee orders
* lng terme per -
toi. The Bilile making wuch wort oo. pastes x plaal * Goipany’ Ia | fuune on & Krteudly dale lon be matched Te.
sus ite dig

In the Howe of Commons, Mer,

expected progress that the lobby cor p y we
y Lerectlog a refinery, will stat a] jiitog when be noticed that the head | Dusersre Row pe
respondent of the “Tiines” autlel tleamulily Seragce fur oll discovered (n | Mhich qnatatned the siey legen to low ev ‘Tejada Uwe, ( rent 3. :

reach it
pate of Lotte teen reading Trinidad. grafualiy. Ubia brought pouplainant to Cotas Mediuna
aa ee ITO, VINIT To VALORIZATIO’ OF TRAZILIAN talus ot Liseryou!
* HEBRNE res tt r vee
Osh OF LOItbs, coh wakes Wigland
1Dineauus... ase ~ dyec

Tue O11 yor THE Faruen 1
Lottle of Canadian Mewling Ot fa Che

she Au

: Weoshlagton, April ath rates of

Viscount Kitchener, who was made | , Lepresentative Site Ueianded farvs house willeave pisny a journey |) vin e eeu

a Peer 12 yvats 6 eutered the House | (hat tbe United Hlates shoul rtali: | forthe doctor, It ks not anly coud for | Thre per eret Rented ts x 4
‘ 2 at

i. an

of Laatde for Che Bist tue and took the | ate aqalost the Brazilian valuibestion [the chiklaan when fakeo with eoldé D's pany

i ae . . ‘
z VW Y vath, accompanied of Visounts fee LY ad fiating ctosts, o> an t 1 L for the mats crude tain ¢ :
a Ri S$ HAR dD so N mz nd S E L. A , Morley aud Milner 4s sponsure. He ewinincte siete ‘irwailian tutte. sitter trem pines fad axles batt as velere Uh sae ‘180. iy
, , es TOWN. bee the lant Chaneullor, | dotted He mugursted te was marble to mae | areievs tions for fla we oo wick cattle, | ilields oo we Veny
a f 1 val on unprofitable deptle ite ere phiow: ways a le rebe Un.” « Datete
, PORT-OF-BPAIN & PLING camtaczaeee «ety oat spperent vtioroed to date, in the horas y Gusyo on we . OY w ths

BDL re
; pepe come a ns eee _ . . enc Lerner

i en Sep AREME, | ene 6 Uc LOS TRINIDAD.

E 8, « Atrato” Is now fully stocked with all the an ae NT end - (THLEPHOND Ro 52, SEE OUR 5° 1 6, AND 80, COUNTERS | Dewristive uistries, and (Geo.

im Is):
° Ce Ib Felts, The following area few of our OLDERS © Folicies dated 1906, ma — FOR ~ graphics) Account 0 ot ite slap
Bp HEARING &0e dos Llc srniyat ee Compiled for usa

mao Seoib The “,Showertyte Boater’—Price $1.44 Seca rais piso spply at the Jos. A, de Suze

; if I ers of Borip ed on former
MeokT DHEFSE quate Edge Brims » 1.44 1 —_—-
m & | Cable Edge Brims 1 TA | ratgpag ener a SKE OCH . CH & COQ, secoxpzprt0x

, 1 [iba OMT ATEN OLT 1 CAPE ATMEL . October 2910, TELUSTRA TEP,
ee ythad Naso 1b | Moi, and Boys ALPUY or @ THAT Er BMATE—Frics fom | PRICE CUTTING |

‘the “Camp,” Telescope and Planter Fh: ps, Tho Arcade

SILVA’S — | wea unai beimelsn Hubber, Cork, ett eve, eto, from | [TiNidad Building and REDUCED ALL-OVER LACES.

72 cents to $3.36, Pr
. Loan Association, - REDUCED EMBROIDERIES,
Sin it Men’s Black Flexible Felt Hats), — u;Giaon exuzaz,| REDUCED MUSLINS AND PRINTS. oo
a - From 72 cents to 82.00, werepnonarmees | REDUCED DRESS STUFFS, 80, 80 &0/ yi i Irctitute
Brome 297, " Eton, Golf and Motor oe H WE HAVE THE GOODS YOU WANT, THE SECOND TERM >,
; === | Children's Sailor Hats.
TH We make a spccialityjoftthis Department. New Goods AF. MATHISON. OUR PRICES ARE RIGHT CLAS SHS
+ | received this Mail. Fortof-Spien, wh e ——— | For 101
N ‘ .
. i Oommencos on Monday 16th May:
a he Mildest _&, Fredorick Strect. 1 12 Frodorick Stroot, . ~~
at ty, a ——_



a 400 Each,
— ~ .

DECK CHAIRS itbasiarrsch eas, aia

2 Fernsado, from 26th
teat tofu Jane Yih, beds
re wo
Hallday, Beans Provan Ea re



Broad Cut fa Cartridges TRUNKS
b Per Tin, woon CABIN

e Pipe Fillera1s each. TIN OABIN TRUNKS
SE —————"

te £ Vilson. Ltd,| LEATHER SUIT CASES

- tistry.

wen cae com | DRESSING CASHS. brain cae ame

ork, Terms moder- (b) That the Wardas Read be div verted at


Armadillo Moad
diverted ab the 2 mile fur a distance

bas given motlos of the
wing seeolations for the next tla
ofthe © tral Hoad J Hoary ne
Secretary dite, Road Bo,
8) That the Ceigual Extension Koad be
Qo at the § mile for a aoe
tweoty-nioe chains through Jsada of ats

eighth chatos tbrocgh laade“ofjPatten,



‘ Put a irahsypy | OF NOTICE, |6 99 66 99 [3h ail be ba
ps digers| BOF, stone |vinira & bo, BRANDY,” “BRANDY recat,

on za Stree fats

, RE CENT ARRIVAL . ores rot vate * Just arr ived ex RMS, “ Atrato, ” from the nin pc ait

P sate & Cigarettes At Port-of-Spain Wharf celebrated firm nists

; Cases Full CREAM MILK " Cowboy” Brand. , I TOLASSES OTARD DUPUY & Co., Cognac. i

Fr Once iciedmnever ref AW PAPER (ratabliahed 1795)

F. Once tried—never refused, Bales STR. At the following Cheap rates vis 1— lowing ASSURTMENT;
: Cases CUBE SUGAR : Per Puschoos Je per gelton A Shipment of BRANDY comprising the following |e
E OmMOxoR Bags DUTCH ont — (“Heavy”) Mapulteie, FE 15 Cases" One Star” Brand

ai it Hams & Bacon Ticress SMALL RIBS : 19 (Cases we ghree Star iad ly
By Mictsow & Cor, Bags Canadien ome BER PHONK 382 ses “V.0.P. 2“ Brand

stot tiptoe Casey Saxpines; SALMON—Tierces and Barrels. OUR ny 301 2 Cases y

Proals K ee ived: 32 Cases

BF Oriole Sieiog Frases A Mamguaterenoine BOTTLE, Sole Agents: rT 7 fc f+ wach,
sad fate Worked witboet valve and affords 1D weps of T aod 30 woape °
Fess ote ct, | WESC pals & VON GONTARD, [eect | COTE BOYD & CO. (eR:
Pream Cheese South Qua Levcuin a Sa nee No. 6 Brondway ” [Department of Agrloltare
PHONE 54 Mth popalar prices oS Br . - SPECIAL BEED COTTON.
SSS re ——o
INIDAD Planters whe wey be desire
DENTISTRY: Geo, E. McLean MEDICAL * HALL ==) GI TREIS’ | HORTRELLUDLE | Tees acentag os Behe
een eeers—e—e GES + wae snake sarly application for ceed which will
‘WATCH REPAIRER AND Princes Town. CARRIAGE LIVERY ontopars pase ed free ef charge, osha type
te, . d , a
mittee Oe DR. 0. Fr ’, OLARKE * SEWELLEB Leing’s Famed Soda Water and BET a? wend CBhES, Stablien vate te a am for
™. Wee GOODING Gaanuane of Howerd Vatcentt tweet Dnvks cau cow Lo bad at HORSES ® canyoDr,

U.S.A, Bargeos, Des . MILLERS SLONES
4 WRDERICK grexyr, couey " Loree vere wt rite 24 Frodorick st :

~ NO 9.583 VOL. XXX


LET.=No M1 Abersomble Street
(Ussria trcmenade.} Oottege with
all conrecisnces for small femily, Modera
Bonerege. Poseceslon lst June, Reatal
pt Aoply to Pedra Prada Lid. April
ith, = Le.

FUR RENT—A Louse at Fifth Company
Vitlege, Sevace Grande—a plea.
did stand for a Shop, 1a fea; the beet ia the
dietslet = Fifth Compiny is on the way bo
Morogs and ts a progressing village,
Apply wubloto Mre Willtem Ablooeing,
Filth Oompany Village or Misa A. Abioo-
wiog. 47, St. Viacest Beeer, Port-ol-

Fo RENT,—No, 2 Cipriani Bovelvard,
rontaintng 1—Drawing, Dianiog acd
Bdrocme, froot and back gailories,
pantry end usual cut-offices, aleo stables
oni orlepa house, Electric light and
Rewerage iustailed. Poesession 12 b stay
For vartieo'ars epel to Taytor & Gililes,
tiyds Kaw Bul, 5
April 22 gdm.

Richmond street,
-~ the
For RENT OR LEASE —¥ine Ooy
lage with dining, atiicg sad tw,
bet rvume, dreas|og-roons and gslery, on
Offices, hitchea, tervaot-room, eablea and
carriage bourse, E'ectric light fosdalicd,
Dewly pasatel avd pub toorder Large
je ¢ with frat trees Ke. Oool and
luhy reedence, No.2 Ht. Fraucols
Val ey road, Lielmoat, & minutes from the
tromair, Heat mocerate, Apply No. 8
Park cheet, Hort-of-Spain,--April 23—Lw,

‘rer KER

~Large Family Kesideoce,

hve (5) miontes wake from the Arima

Tatiway Station ¢ coutatuing foar (4) large

bedrooms, dreayng drawiog and uleiog

ruotme, klicheo, servants toums, ©:
buuee, stables and cow pea. Water |
os everywhere, Flower garden, &., &o
For further parilcolare apply
LeOMUD & bon, Wort-of-Speis..

Juss tepiired aad paloted brough-

out, croer PoloteaPieira avd Mouad

an Feroando,

_ Morieh Koad,
remsee, Apply to J,

laid va the
f, Lawes or
nsodo,-13 h April, 1911 ow


prow Bast.

Light aud ati couventences, Possersion
Yet May, bend €24 monsbly. Agely w
Cases, Fo STULL UnrsR’s Office, No. 5,
hihnond Stree Telephone No 155,—
Apri bb.

feeR RUNT ~The dosable Dwellog
Slouar, No 20, Victoria Avenue, overs
All wodera
Hoesesvion 306 May. Hous
B11 TLMKVERY Otis, No, 5, Richmond
Suest, Trl phoce No, 155,- Apri 1th,
cpor “TENT. = Voltage No, 17” Clas
Containing draw-
jog end dining rooms, two bedrooms
Kent moderato: Apply tos. F. Waite

looking Traqallity,@quace,

$0 monthly. Apply to CHas,

dst. James

ence Street
ted, In a quite

hudt aod pain’
quite near to car,

and dressing room, front gaile
usual oub offices. Water lai

Liama—" The Klon yke."—April 13th,

on the Me Mey mart. For
lease apply ay the og 0:
APH ALS Moe nem egenet
por RESTIF rom Bea

deace (furdiehed) No 33 Long Ciron-
or Road with eva:
faanty, Electiie o,
Bia seat,
on the promises--A pril 8

pe Oe
May). Apply to 40 Cipriact Boulevard,
Ret eS * ‘

por RENT—No, 123 Ostord apd Se
Viocent st, A besatifal « aod for a



Groceryr Cheap rent to a sultable tensot,

tion, Bt Freexck dt, deleptone 672

avd U37April J—Im,,
RR KENT—Oostaye No.
Helmout coutaining

izg roow, dining etd drawing rum and
usual ont ofbcer, Uene 10 per month,
Abo Cottage Ni, 3 Haden Powell se
Wore tavok Rona 83 per month App!
to AeTius a MONTHILUARD, ‘Toe Gil-
teeot 64 Frederick St, Telephone 473

BT -Apui—tm, ” erhone 472 and

AT Oita Nt

yu Sacwoe
Avenue now

9 Havbig Ttoed

2 bedrooms I dees

Tepeired and
ia od cuntaluiag Drawioy, Dioleg aud
frout and beck gallatier,
pactry and usual out-offices aleo Stable
aod Carriage boner, Kiectrio Light and
Siwerage seteiled, [mmediste pos eas
glow oe, eee tery, te Tavton
anb Oiluies, Clyde Hew Mil je
wood Stiret— March 32, h & Kies

OK RENT ~ Folly Puiplebod—Te
‘ a
alverand bracing aie for cave boclee
dich can easi y be obtained Ly golog to
Bante Croz io thes lovely two store
baldwg koown ae “Vora Yun with @!
seeommoudaiion for 6 family, Might
rroummende!t by those who bave feed
there Jatety Btab'a and (% 4 House
wic, ball bour drive from (be city, 40
juuncs dive frou Hea Jeac Halleay
butor, lovey garden of rose aod
Howey, partace, iiver ranning Lough
the bopesty, lmmediste possess'on,
Aaroce peebind of luspe cing wpa view
ary acéepply toCnaa J, Dec
40 Wavee Sqa re April led. us



71 UH HENT Ni 33 bt. Vincent Street
{ «panne Audit Olboe ~most seitabe
for professional man or pmal family, avalle
able lew Day. Apely be No 13, Cbscoa
‘ peso Apibihs dw

Ty O LUT ~Sydevham TTouw, nnoen os

Ne. & Viow ne Arenas, cory 6 og

- Les Uplrvoms 2 dreeslag soows
{ éravkcg sodm,, dining rcom. froot ar

beck galleries, pantry and all Out-c tings,

wi events s00m4 attached, Sewerage
asd qleetri Ligtt installed quiet becaliy,

Junoediate ve Ap
Pav iabiag ” APely os weader,


ta O,

por REWT—A aioe Litvie Cottage

A, TORRANCE, dan Fere
ce 49, ib.

mond Street, with Sewerage, Eleotsic

= No. 10 Queene Fark
East, wih Tenole Court, E eetiic
Ligh’ and Bowerage lostalied, Powession

Bisy be resi
convesleace for a
tiastatled. Moder
For faribec perticalare epply

prienl Boules
verd Qacen’s Park Woat, (fiom lit

Formerly koown oe the Ideal

T°, LUT-—Lowse No, 3, Hermitage Koad, |
House No. 21, Marine tquars, Howe
Clifford Street, He'mont. pel to WI
LIAM Bust, House Agent, No, 56, Fre
erick Htreet— 20-1

OR RENT=Forotshed"" fair View,

6n Casbew Hill, Bolsvere's Village
contaloiog drawing room, dining rom. 3
bedrooms, usual outhouses, Electile
slight aod sewerrge totalled Three
minutes’ wa'k from St, Clair Termians,
Property of Mr. Alfredo Segert acd oo
cupied Mr, Peal Kocher. iealthy
locality, beautifal view on the barboar,
Poseersion ia May or Jane, For particatars
spply to Pauw Kocure=t/o Penl
Heheorer & Uo, 41 Marine Sqaare=
“Paone 184, —April Sth—-1nt


kek SALE.—Small New Cottage, nest

the Bavanvad, Nu. 62, Da.uoneld
Bueet, oonialaing 4 Hioma also Kitcheo,
Bath and W, GC. $f,000-{pare can ree
mala oa mortgey ‘also vacant lod of
Lied, corer New and Borde Streets.
—Ajply to Mr, Josera L, ACKAM,
Tempie Houee, St. Vioceat Saech—
Apri 24 b,

UH BALE,—Koac mare 14 beods
hi Exeetient Saddie bores ateo Grey
mare 13) bends saddia and drafi, Muth
acimale well bred. Apply to Da, CLEAVER,

Bt, Juceph<-Ap Si Zist,—Lw,
Oe SALE isa acres of isod wi b

| Hi 2,400 bearing cocos trees thereon,
god cocoa house, inthe Ward of Tarare
(fnaape Ward) = Apply to ALFRED
ILGQUR, batcher, Sacgtre Grande,—
Apel Léth.—-1m.
prok ALB RS 103 Dake Sireew
corner of Dake aad tembrokes teets*
Apely to D M. Haha, 89 Qaces strest
—siareh x8 ela,



VAPANTaU wo vuco at toe D
Maron Boys’ Rsforaa ory, & yond
Backomitb, Salery S14 per mouth abd
lJodginge, ratious and aeltuim, Ubarch of
Eogiend, Appy with 2 tevsmoiate to
pg le
AN fe D.—a yeoemsa having bos!
bess expeiiouce with « kaowled,®
at Hook-keep ngtoteke up a ptsltion 1a
Bolivar, \ Woalt 1eLotre ® huowiedge of
tue Spauieh laoguage—sppi ¥
Parke 50% ‘April a hb me 7 Macen'e
geners] servant bo Bacheivis, good
testlmoniale, Address. Liward Nosi—t
Neleon Strect.April 25th—2 ¢,
way ILD AT ONCE -~Ac Auistent,
Certificated Teacher tur Bt,
Clements E., School, Apply tu Ssa-

ager.—Aprit Whale,
PED, voe |
jo Belmwat, house noe teqaireds
bus would buy tf choip,=G, Ojo

Gazette othce,oy April 224g—1 om.
\ ANTED ABUOERS — Bored sad
lodging offernd tu three of four gen-
tlemea, tua cowfstable home, ewes to
Baraonab (west side) terms moterate,
‘or factber particulars apply to ~X.Y.Z,
t/a Putt Bpaia Gasetter April i-la
ANTED.—As Hugimbmes wiene®

co mest Wi @ lighs coloured tady

to 35, with amall cepitsl 19 tovest in
goed paying busluess, strictly ovolisen-

vial, Apply to°* A" jn care of
ae april vies 1w, this utties,

W option “for of foe one

furnished bouse In Porvataigeia tone

about June Jéuh, Kental at between

$90 and §40. Apply in writlog to * F*

cfothis Beem, U 20.b
an Vein, meas
W of asy Busses ouscere, ‘acounae

tani, Osebler or other postion ut trust,
18 years commercial sapeiesce, Fireie
ease testumoniale and isteieoces, Sat
seantie! Brad lurulehed uf required. Appl.
by .evter unty wu ALL, cf) Gaede Stee

April l—
GENTCESIAN, Roglish, at prosent
in the Colony, representing some
Hirve class Koglivn houses wishes to
coireepond with @ gentleman of re-
pute with reeorenoe we pobagens oo
App » i cjo . Box 2ll,en
Trindad.—Apeil 1b, *

a es


Te enn ager ee

DOG, auasera to the name ol “fash.”
A Male, Coluur black aod tas i
white puints, top of tail white, ball ‘of
nek w hie white streak ranning down
middle cf lace, Was last aceo opposite
Colonial Uospital on Good Filday about
‘Zoos, Vader will be saitably vewarded
09 spplyicg to 102 Abecrowby Ktres

ONT, ~Ag Trisa Yeerler Pa y tat
4 Aag mronsbe old, ord ue nawe

a Ws rerarned Lo 3

Quecn's Pk Weel, April 10 bed, *e
Logtatat eres 81, Vinowot Bireet aud

Qaeen’e Park Hotel o2 the 18th tos’,
@ shite poolea Bhawl, The fluder, on
brlogibg same to chis Othor, will be re-
warded with 1'so Dollars, .


P-TO.DATE bassuees maa, b

veorel years’ ox fe ‘

dodive eat ew Vout, vdesice wise
pe oae fe esta’

TVhorcugh kaowledge of sees Goel


workmanship guaranteed, 1
Api se-ta. oJ, MILEY,

aod Talloring, Mook your Esaver Suit
sud be ovaviuced


I Trinidad



The " Lvening Suu,” of April Sth,
ublishes the following niessage from
“| Paso, Texas —

** It 1s learned from an absolutely re-
ilable source, which fe very close to the
Mexican Forelgu Office, that President |
Taft sent Federal troops to Texas |
because of ure being exercised on
Mexico by Japan for the concession of
acoaling station,

“The movenient of troops was both
a warning to Mexico not to grant this
concession and to Japan te keepaway.”


J]VHE Consolidated Portrait: and Frame

Gs. has opened an Agency at No 74
Frederick Street, under the management
of Mr. ¥. Basanta, where the public in
general wil be shone Dpantifal range of
samples of eve n some
which will be offered for sale.

They are also pubjishers of Pictures,
Stereoecopic views and Post Cards, Manu-
facturers of Mouldings, Frames, Mirrors,
Stersosco: pes and Art Specialists at very

The Consolidated are Artistic Producers
of High grade Portraits In Crayon, be la,
Pastel, Portraitain Oil (not ol pha),
Pear), Sepiaoles, French Water Color or
Pasteline, Bromides, Convex or Dome (in
Crayon, Sepia and Pastel), Mlalatares, (in
Crayon, bepia and Pastel), Albumen,
Quettes or Enameline, and Vortraita on
Boglish Art Plate, Cushions aud Pillow


Pay us a call and bring your photo.
aap sand those of jour relatives and

riends sud let us make jou « beautif
enlargement in any of the above from
& x 10-40 x 6, «Livery Portralt Guaran-

Three reasons why you will eujoy deal.
Jung with us. First.—High Guality;
Second:-Low Prices; Tuird :—trompt

Deal with a House that has a soul.

Our Hobby: —Honest Goods to Honest

Our Desire:—Tho friendship of all Cus-


Auctionsere, Valuers, Hetate Agént
and A ntante. a

Yarpraivx St, | Tstersoxg 116,
Gooda received for sale at all times,

The City Sale Rooms


Harsuma” Cigaratta.


AX? we shall now be pleased to fil
all orders, Everyone is delighted
with the qaailty of these Cigarettes,
which are pare Virgiale Tobacco, made
by head, and gu up ta very nice tlas, 6)
be revailed a6 8 cents per tin of 10, and 41
cents per tin of It you have aot trie!
thea you wast dd eo at cote and you will
then smoke no other.
Wholesale Agente,
2, Froderick Street.
Apnl 20th—1m,




Blacksmith Shed,

mpuene will be pas ap for Sale ou the
seid premises by the undersigned on
Tuesday 2od May 1911 av I o'clock
sharp) The Bisckemith Shed koown as
1. Zhe Richard Stree, Lezied apoa
for arrears ot Lod rent das dy Erancis
Lyre co J. Surza vo (Laadiord,)
‘erme—Soijo ty £) ash on fait of Hemmer,
Lied, Halil &e, Xo,
54 Duke surces,

“Oug Alm —To be the largest Portrait ae
= t
ond Fin co in Beir eer | Auction Sale

Our Policy »-To make each order « per
sounlinatter, proving that we are your
friends, and can do just what we promise,

Come to the jigency where your heart
will bump with delight at the sight of
eal and every one of the beautiful sam.
ples we will show you at prices which will

stonish yous

Mr. Tjian A Hok.

CHOOLMASTER of the Seoond-Class
trom Surinam, gives lessons ia Mathe-
metica, Natural Scieo Music (orgen),
aod Freoch; als ia other branches of

HE andersigeet will sell by Pablic

Auction on Tussday Zod May, 1911 [st
Sn, James on lands of Messrv. Robert and
Jewe Henderson the fullowiog wooden
tenements divtrained opon for arrears of
leod rent belonging teepectively to1-—
Helra of Rosalie Fieber, No. 7 Agra street
Golodod ...0...000..N0 2 Bengal atreet,
C. T. McCatehaon, Nd. 12 Bombay street,
Peal Joseph... «. 5 Ca'cutta street,
EP. Michell, .. .27 Caloantte strect,
Amie E, Worm,... 010 Medrae street,

Bale to commence at J,

teaching. TERMS CASH,
Apply to the office of thiu paper.—23rd {NOBMAN LORD,
April—2w, ® Auctiocerr,
To tho Ladics. Tranquillity

RS, C. CUMMINGS begs to inform

ber friends aod castomers that abe

sa roromed Dxess-MAKING and te pre-

pered bo accept ordera in eame and pro

tulees to give satisfaction ia the exeoation

of all ordera in the latest fashions, acd up-

‘teedate styles, LP ices ~wery moderate,
I Addresa; 105 Tragarete Road, City.


UBLIO NOTICE le hereby given thet
my wife Elmira Jaws baving lefs my
house and protection stoce the 4:h day of
April 2921 without any juct cause Ido not
hold myeclf sesponsible for any debt or
dents pontracted by her,
Daved this 10:h day of April, 1011

Govt. Girls’ Schoo!

NEW CLASS bas been formed for
Gila who wish to prepare for the
Caubridge Local Exemioations, (Pre:
Uminary aad. Juoior).
BUBJEOTS. — Arithmetic, Dictatio
English Grammar, Vompoaition ani
Literature, Eogluh Histor), Geo-
rapby, French, Geometry, algebra,
rawiog, Singing, Neodlework aod
Cuttiog Gut, Housebold Manage-
ment acd Iater Prac.icel Cookery,
certiticated, Cambridge Higher


his FEES—83 a month, payablo fa advance.
AUGUSTUS x JAMES, HOURS — Morpiog 9-11.30; Alter:
Of Polnt Cum Careseys Ward NEW THE Pegins on Sfond:
Apil Mate _ May Ist. w

For admlasion, application should be
made to the Principal,


pu publlo le hereby nodGed not to
give acy cisdit tomy wife Alethe
Clarke she baring left my houses and Pro
tection without any jast caese,
Query doreet, Portol-Npain,







GONUSAN to ps theimal

Paice «tj: Pax Buttis

Garin at

Rewlins’s Druyj Store,

Apill 2



Quean’s Park Hotel vompiny, LU

TER providing for Ropaire and He

Bewsle, depreciation ta the valae of

Property and increasing the Heserve

Fuoas dividend of J ojo was paid for

Ao offer of 15/- 0 Share for the whole or


od Afcdelit and Demonstrator of
odcherry Destel Caller, USA.)

a7 Fwrederiok at.

All branches of Up-to-date DENTISTRY | P49 Weald be mocepl
ecticed wodera at Popuia | Apply et the Otioe of thie paper,
Pion Pucw sf =mNow 1gtb—tcon Spal lm. pee

able Tailors,


The Fashion Why Pay More

K CLARKE & go. |TKO City Drug Store,

Apul 3 -lu, 47, PANK BTRET.

‘aod belf bearing, with large cocoa

«| Station, The propert:

200 SHABES OF £1 xace | QAMDS. Lamps,

wy va! The s,s,‘Donj

do for Is duel here from Buenos Ayreston &

The Coronation |TUESDAY, 18th APRI a

c. p- Coloured Lamps maka a ’ .
yott nw at a small cost. AND WILL TAKE CARGO)


General Manager.
For particulars upaly to

$100.00 REWARD
Wseeie cas aneaets| WV, STEDMAN AR

volver” Stout labels fram eapty “ Re-
voleerâ„¢ Stout bottles, and pastiag them
on bottles contelaiog other acd inferior
malt liquor, and passing this ioferio”
nquor off as geoutde “Revolver:

We now offer a reward of

Qoe Hundred Tolle:

for such information aa may enable us
to obtain a cooviction against any

reon or persone guilty of aach fraadu-
lent practices.

Geo, Younger & Son,

By their agents


Electric Co,



Get your orders early for



. i


Mansfactared by A, SOU SLETTS at Na, 15:Pack 5°, Pugh
—=-7 00 On

Y CHOCOLATE ts prepared by 9 spestel and sclontitis pei
t ita complere solubility avd sates forth the exqalsite arom
Beiag free from all Foreiga Gubetaaces, Ant mode from the f
Bot oaly delicious, but as a noarichm nt it ts aorivalies, Pas’
Tablet packages, ;

To be had from the followlag Orncarive =STEPAENG, £: a
GRO KRY GOODINGS, J, F, REIS (Yee York Citvbisegl
STANDABD, and froci Bhops in towne aa] country duscciots, “9

November 27pb—1 ;




-of- Spain, ,
13, 4,1 OFIHE %
ck. be bad by gsatlemen (3 or 4) ia ‘
pleassnt, healthy locatlty, Newly paint-
ed farnished sorad, bath and shower, +
Electric lige, tecds aolecaces by ;
ore aR G.A. cfs ofissof this peper. HOLDs sTzapee
5 i “3
Eee ia) HE, -
va } 3% le strongly made a
Ras e Tt fe the ben
E 34s wae, yy
= ¥ on If not foacd oh
3 E88 weite ig
m6” West Ing
ae “4
~ a 3, -t W


Cocoa Kstate for Sale,

UNE Instructions received from
Mra. Eogracia de Bello (owner
the undersfgned will offer for cale a
thelr office No, 13 St. Vincent street
op] Friday 2th April JOlL between the
boursof one and two pm “unless
Previously dleposed of.” The Gracla
j@ Dice Ovcos Ertate situate in
Cumuto containiag 93 acres 2 roode
aud 23 perches bounded on the North
by « road. Rajonath, Bhoodo aod
Lallah—on the Houth by Donun and
Joba Morton, onthe East by Kaboo-
taree and Blight Hossein, on the Weat

lapee Jobn Morton. The
state contilns 9,095 trees, bearing


Trinidad Manurial §

Cocoa Planters, Sugar Planters and‘Cane Fr
lifeginto your Lands by using omg

Quality—Best. Price-{
7 Manuracrurzp by

Lamps|The ‘Trinidad Shipping and Trading :


Porkins Macintogh Petroleum Tool & Beri

Aro prepared to supply complete equipments for the

house {residence below, p0cos,
jande and well watered, rp eitucticn
© ideal for extension and only two
miles from’ the Oumuto Rallwas

y may be viewed
odany day before the date
Port-of- Spain lath ape wie T RIN I
Â¥, J. 8 & BON,
Govt, Auctioneers,

Plan aod valuation ma:
application, 7 be seen on


Jost Arrived ex a8. Grenade °

A new shipment of
the famous “ Kol-
1O1D « Wotrgax *
Tungetin Lampsso
well toasted in thig
city. None gonu-
tne without: catral
B Support and Spiral

Filament. Mark

i aie in

commute, Gung
telereuces, Deeg bu jersigned y:
‘Address ot rene eee a of ft UK wad ovcapled the weuth peat ale FOR YouR tho bamo + Kol. Engi . Gaa and Water Wells, a
thle paper,— April Wo a, Cutter of the bra of © W. Meade loid- Wolfram’ ; ac. | EPBin08, Derticks and Jools of every description ‘furniiayy
—__ lags informa Ue rand, euebomers, nd BUTTER, 7 copt noother. tou. | #xPert drillers engaged, and drilling by contract
THE UNDERSIGNED Paainese ay the above, where be ls propar: |. . Lie tbe light, balf i Full particulars, with specifications etc. can be obtelga
Ww setlefectarige” Bulls tacie teanded fron pares fac obtain Freab Copenhagen the cost, raves 79 | 188 0 . .
eal ec ‘. G. musle to jaf, F708 [+t ch 2 .
Bese Ayer Bie Spatomers sa foe 8 dollere upranie, “Trimalng iaol'make sn" witch le eaaal neers ae tay angi of your Bil, will burn at RANDOLPH
a eo west ash: prices, le
Ne ios eureet ‘anieer aod more | coll terme gives to rellable customers, more dhe the re See rice be pot Reaidente te Bal Chacon Street, Port-of. Bale
ing of Hien +, Organs and Heprocleey ibe serrtooe, ot Me W. Bepervilie hare inferior grades. You now pay for ply frou PARS tance thels oup- lat Febeuary, ap 4
cy. fe: » * ° a... Fe ee
geneity, 4 Nlesos parchasad: Grea's | Seal Seeare fopercuoe ta dey gant —_ The Canadian Tongatea Lamp ¢o,| Without Rival “Va


a Taephone eds vents clean drinks ia flea



6-ILn*/(1',11,1&f¬6 *(17f¬6 +$7 '(3$570(17 63(&,$/ /,1(6 8172 675$ : +$76 7KH f«f«6KRZHUW\WH 5RDWHUf°f§3ULFH 6TXDUH (GJH 3ULPV f± L &DEOH (GJH %ULPV f± L 0(1n6 62)7 )(/7 +$76 :6O%66%96WL6W 7$ m 0HQf¬V %ODFN )OH[LEOH )HOW +DWV %2<6 t 0(1f¬6 &$36 , 0W W &LJDUHWWHV */(1'O11,1* t &2 7OL;P IOO( ,;6%5(-,OL( *O 7ULQLGDG %XLOGLQJ DQG /RDQ DVVRFLDWH 5HGXFWLRQV 6(( 285 V V $1' } &2817(56 U 0$59(/286 9$/8(6 6.(2&+ t /,77/( )2/.6 75,1,'$' 9 6+257 -RV $ GR 6X]H 6(&21' (',7,21 '$9,26žt72'' 5('8&(' $//29(5 /$&(6 5('8&(' (0%52,'(5,(6 5('8&(' 086/,16 $1' 35,176 5('8&(' '5(66 678))6 t&f± tL :+2/(6$7% 77" $ 7YP 285 35,&(6 $5( 5,*+7 9LFWRULD ,QVWLWXWH 6.(2&+ t &2 RA[-(;fRQVULB$VU KRXVH U2+ ,1781'P2 92<$*%%n /($7+(5 &$%,1(7 7+81.6 .,7 %$*6 B'(&. &+$,56 &$%,1 7581.6 7581.6 /($7+(5 6ž,7 &$6(6 /($7+(5 +$7 &$6(6 '5(66,1* &$6(6 62,/(' /,1(1 %$*6 *2228:,//( 6R :,/6219'07' +L :8,,8OW LU %.,&(/7't% 75$9(//,1* 75ž1. , 52( 6A$=(M,( (; 6725( 5(&(17 $55,9$/ 9(66(/6 %,26 t 921 &075' 6RXWK 4XD\ GHQWLVWU\ *HR ( 0F/HDQ '5 ) &/$5.( BP// DUc > 3U RG R ‘ LGRUORN%W 127,&( 9,(,5$ t &2 %5$1'rEI $W68(W70(67Lf§ =n 6&277 %2<' t &2 *,77,1 67$%/(6 :+O+,,W8 7n




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