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Port of Spain Gazette
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Port of Spain Trinidad
Port of Spain Gazette
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t», Iiadleu Ac OliUarexi
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chool Books.
„ ***&»*+
s mSTbnzie fc'KIRTON.

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re = — =
FOR RENT: AMMioecurour if eoneson ter| king George's Popularity. 4 AUCTION SALESY. Tho Trinidad Musical


Sight profesional work only. Mastte in RE offering for sale a chiq awortmentd
‘ Noo0 Hee Uorongts goockaondition, Every care aud ns Pe to ee AM Portenness and guitaretta etyle
PP ZENT VU ever rath enlence fork | attention wi'l be gives toit. Avply * —_ Mandolins, Spanish Goltars, Strings aad
Tatts ets oe set conven Apply Par-of- tories Gerette "Fab 224d — w -King George, as he 1s eetUlng sccessorles, West nenite acts for Sav al Vv 1 bl vet
1 = 1 TED .O we USNILENRS | to bi ke i king a etrop —— eabore at the . *
eee ALA Tom tot AN quiet habits, or Married Couple imprestlon ‘co al whe come is Auctionsrre, Yal: Belate Agents We guarantes every fostramet fe er ‘very & ua 8 Vills Py
Ho RE ty 17 o's Park West, | tO share ia 6 besatifal hems {fa cool} contact with bim. He takes the and A nlante, property tested before leavis our and Cocoa Estates at Si y
y April nex i piscen’ Jy te ALFX | locslity of city, with a'l heme comforta, atest care to become thoroughly fa- Faepsricx 81, | Tatveruons 116, | premises, aod alea our strings for their Dp
Rianne Trioliel Hoinelon & Trading Co, | Addrece M.L,, f2 this papers. , Feb 438, formed on all matters aunmaltted to | _Qhode tecoived for sale at all times, tone and dprability, MontSerrat
FRALER, Tilotded Soipplog & Trading ate, hia. He possesses the ability not to, Th Ci Ss 1 R We will not secure the servis of asy le moe
LAd = Foby, 15-20. 3 WANTED. waste bie tiene on detalle. He oever’ e ity aie Looms Mosical expert, Bt because our Aleanctal
= T tached rooms, i 6 idou Worse “then weapy, or
scdatniuety wi Kiely uh? te WANTED. lat youre af Ele ie Kiog ward] 96 PREDESICK sTaRET, tbe Jndispatable feet. & ut personal | tk PASTORAT Bette at the oa:
a i iviaett a parol “tbe iowa With AS pretence’ Swlavormso for Bout | ofte Whatdece George think ?* was a FOR Ss ALE ! restore Soeolh ue for all things Pristog-ore 8 eemve atl eaten
th, booslit esithy . > < * m ae
Ring ba obtained by Liechcors er Married | STEPHENS, Leo. | Tae ators Ue fece trace atectetion: ~= . ww” DAB, HYNDMAN, — | 8. COURA™ Zetate situate a» Coora | 9-LOTS Nos, 214, “ig cag
pilemes from home (Bosrd if required) | February 24 Iw. lle does not pretend to grasp what he a1 BELMONTE CIRCULAR ROAD, ‘Manager. Village, Stparis, absut 2 elles from Inte oa the See ied
app'yiag to the office of this paper.~- - oe | does not ubderstand, but aske pert!- | 5 good rooms and a trout gallery. | Trinidad Musical, Bipatte Vi ee) eomorisieg over 25 Mela Road with Bigeue
Eide oven’ b ctu “ae - nent questions until he is satlafied, | Bukroom, yard, ete., fa good condition. | 44 Princes and 24 Frelerick 8¢ Branch. serer—all pleated, ‘The Sipsris E ta bultdiogs on sams,
ORNISHED = Ne. #9 LOST. Once he bas decided itia very dificult | Price galy $359, 23 Feby.—1. Ratlwey will pase bhroagh this pro- ness atgad, 2
Pembroke Street. covtelalog drawing Sa 'SS Fielorick (+2 Inducebim tochange bis mind. Ha SAN VAN ~ Balldiog Estare of 2) TRINIDAD, perty, . 1o-Lot No, 93 iz
fous, ne drealog soocte aed aveat out +H aieet tiene be he Hooalente ee si cbout bien nat Consideration for | peri BOURG—Dae qearree B1-Sacrea | 18 the Suprene Conrt of Trloidad and 3" QUINAM” Ee‘a'e a6 Qilnam Road ths Rrce Gag ene
WAdvoniee. Tor farther particulera apply tol sext so Town Head prembser), Unlike bie father, he likes to be lefs | of Baildieg Land suitable for esttsge aod ot 291 Tobag> Biparls comprisiog about 10 acres, -
W, — Axprasox, 80 Pembroke 8.—Leb, 7 fhe Sand measures 127 feet by 85 fet. | atone to read. H great reader of | market gra to be aotd, a bargaio, No, S01 of 1910 doo"LA BOYVANZ(" Este on the | U-LOTN, 69, a te
«© 954d, . The brwe consiete of a front portico’, large | serious books, ot ev mach ad- | AROUCA—Cottage with talidiags aud Tibaree Bouesn between i Johe Boceend Siparle-Eela Roal aboet one mile Qalasm Koad aed tha
‘ POR RENTING SD come S.reet, Fj drawing and dining royn, sewing rocwy, | dicted to fiction ts very domestic one tot of tad well sends Tiles $60. Eulea Ervacaud alve called Lesele Bras form the Biparia. Villege compcloisg to tha Chirch. Swe

y deaw | paatey three bedrooms aed large d osiog | and is foad of early hours. Consequent-
jog anddising Haine eeitome deeming room, ‘Lhe out buildings consist of J ser 7 seg
room, pantry and seas cushoness, Ela | vaots’ rooms, kitchens bath room, W.G,
trie Nant, sewerage aad atebles (nm: with sewerage, crciege dour, stables for

over 30 acrevmngiriy all pian ad, be crested 03 tote .
by tbose in honorary attendance upon | Thome Btrvet, goad bancess prition, caud and Letisty Ovasaatine oe The Bipsna-Eda Rullway atu pase . ™“ 43
him fodthele work light, whereas his oH Ee avA~0a lot of lacd with aad throng’ thle property, 12-101 No, 02, ne s B
secretaries are kept extremely busy. “rallwsy-very “low | The Adwlalstrator-Geverat-Defendant, | §—LOT No. 1of Stberta Village, at the Ts tied and

2 groom's ‘he King Intends to gi - | buildlogs close to railwsy—very low Of che Lest bare ons
dista ponvension, Appty fo |W. F, | tbres here, barpess room so The King intends to giva a pum t ~—— Janetion of the Sipsrls-Eria aod Or &
>, — room, all{n good order, The property ie « | piles. . with a newly ardent
~ Set General Fort Oflee.—Jeneaey sarroanded ty Btone Walle Preparty tngsem Ealace we tora or hoop “SANTA CRUZ Eseallent comatry real: pep 10 foe bes been edness oe Fined ‘vith very ‘wee ‘palldiug oo Hail ling, thew
w & “WSO REND — Sonos Bay. Well may be viawed acy de bahia dortad talus be particularly evjoys. They feole treet ene eee RY ever ae ween th parties herein whereby the Pista- same. Deena aod the weno
situated hoarse, fas bisch, moterate | 500 pum by application on p "| will be as Joformsal ss is compatible 4 £ 73 ofits as tb only sarviviog tawlal ehildres | ¢_ LOTS *Nos, 3 & 6 eljriaing (ha abor: snags "
5 yf. 131m, with bisposition, for he hag a» truly | vealence going at @ grest bergela aod on Deby ng Ch3 above
& vrrentel. Apply to HAMEL L. SMITH, 13 | ODDS: Te en ere, * easy terme of Sy, Crojz Boocaud, inte of the Lenatic with stabliog. 13-0020 4 Est. .
a a roid way +Jany=26—1o, ? ONT. -A gold chute bracelet whe Laie Ain iid ary eee Dn Fane LOWER CARONI~An execallest Es. | Atylon ta the Wa: of Bs Aone {a the T=—LOE Ns 7 with large Dwe'llog, veeran, eoaptlnag &
vod catch, between 3. aie driviogina | breeches for evening wear, King | tate of 197 sctes, coctaloing 38,600 Cocro | Island of aie ‘ ecm grant frm ot house eortelatog Drawing, Dining, planted, =
wo a caliiy Scree’s, pro bly whi cima sat | George generally diepenses with these | eee, 4000 Rabber trees, Cocosnar, | tere of Admisistrat oe ke golecia fra sod 3 Bol-roons, Pantry, Barbe | 16-CO WA Evtahe a
isa Tree: Ay Eee Otace Stitbe sainby | Aud allow hile friends to arrive dtoss: | Orange, Urcar and other trorn,in ate-lieus | lew fo toy carat of the satd Si Cool honse, Kicehenent avait out offizes, verrat, comprising
ae FOR SALE. brlegiow it ¢) this Oitse w watts y | ed asforan ordinary dianer culsle toatl partkcalara on apptication, seeds an © widower a tbat (This fe at preseas for Rant.) planted,
. %

the said action hes been ser dowa for trial

Soodsy te 6.b day of Marcb, 101L bag’ : .. 4
on Monday the 6 aay ot Fabre, It. Theso Properties ‘havo All bean inspacted by ba

ee rr ern | rewaried, Leby 28 —Iw. Me Is nothtog lik ticnlar as} SANTA CRUZ—" La Boledad” and
OR SALE—HOUSE AND LAND,— Ov A amalleitvertane [oontal wg Ole fore ne ene, Parlicn *Usiun™ Estar comprising together
E {Zlow) That newly built desirable | | y coe eorereign end a GO c's. ai vor piers, | sree file father as to what he eats, but | | Usion’ Hetarse, comp and capsble of

reeldeace, situated in Eastern Main Road | y.tweea the Tripidad Bhippicg acd Trad- he doe t ia smuoken rest doa . | zteat improvement, containing 10,000

opposite t, Joseph Jonastas and love to ing Ooy, and the Castors, Anyoce briog | hut is a a@ teetotaller, A weak | Coczs trees and ¥ruit trees wir house ond KA. FITZWIL! 7 valyators and are said to ba of the basi soil, Agoly

Cerepe Road (Loosl) ararlony gamle ree ane tothe Oilicvof this paper will be | whisky and soda is ble general dianer f bal diogs, to be sold for the very low price Fistor notleitor o No,, s° ’

with cataffloes, § Se Cassia is, Imm | ot sely rewsndel, Faber, ile, drinks te seldom takes a second glass. | of $1.30, , Pertol Spates Beets SMITH BROS, & Ga,

pritioa 0 hes Porteol Spam, Fey dt 10 [PRE A ade as ver Wi sich wt Btiold Oa ceremonial occasions he takes « ane tere bo view the atore and for a RINIDXD. pare. Feby. 4th--1 ”

alienate Relish ea aie alnader nF EE AY Rwivel ateached oa the o ol jase of chanipagne, More rare! e a 1 Spl KIN a — oo
NOR BALE “Peduco Giward Isinat | ragtaae in felmort Valley Ryd Yetwren | Sips after dineee a ence et porte WARU PRICE & Co, | SALE FORK’ WEDNESDAY THE 18T eby. 4tn——1m, . ‘The

ui Boy Mare—Retiatic and souri, atout | ihe renidecvas cf Me Patty an! Mee loo. although be always hasit poured out Anctioneors and Estate Agents. DAY OF MARCH I91L,

als yeeray and four whee'el Log Cart - 1 riche . Finder will ba rewarded by =
Erqalre at 70 Soath Qasy.-Vebry 19-0. | yety cine to the Offi of this paper of to
—2w. Me A_R Lawbte, 105, Bolmont Civcu'ar

Bins —Property No. 2b Atercros- | Koad Febrasry ¥4 -lw,

inorder notto render any guest un- | 26, Frederick Street,
comfortable who irightliketo sample Port-of-*p le,
the famous royal wine.—Zxchange. February 21,—1¥,

Auction ‘Salo

BE UNDERSIGNED rill pas >p for
sale oo Saterdey, the 2ith March I911,
between the hours of band 2 p.m, one
Wooden Tenement covered with galvene
{eed iron and standing on corerete filers,
kaowa se Ne, 144, St, Francols Valley

excercise of the Staiuvory Power of

Bsleaod of the proyisions of « certain
Mortgsge Bilcf Ssie deted the léth day
ot Javasry 1908, registered as No, 159 of
1903 and coxde bstweea Philip Joba of the
ove pirt and Chaclee M wtlmer Rtone Far-
bum cf theother part, there will be pat
opfor ante by Pablic Anciioa by the ander
signed at hia Auction Mart No, 62 Heary
Bureet, ja the Town of Posts Ary ee - . .

Vedneadey the led day 9 are!
tween the hours of one aed two pen, From Newport Newe 4 ;

All that dwelllog boase balis of concrete Ra.
with gelvanised iron staading on concrete
pillars with a wooden gallery attached
Ubereto standiog dn woolea plilars covered
with galvanized fron together with out

eiices thereto Lelonglag consisting of o
closet and kitchen the whole therete
bailton thelenods of Charles Morimer i” p
Stone Farnum, oltaste ia Pea Village ian 3 7"

bro bites, containing 3 Ve lrooms, —
wi d dining sous, root pactery | ~ ~ inn
aed other, copvententes a'eo 0 vente FOR SALE.
rooms, eewarageand bath, Thereisate -<— NOTICE.
An ont house suitable ia bichelor. vor No, 103, DUKE STREET NE pabite te here not: 1
Hera of the nremisoe Fety. 18 slin Corner of Dake and Pembeoke Bin Tree Tao ap inalble for aed artache
lina AIS ehe Slay py ta
“TAL Eu. st th 4 ontracted by my wife Acetera Dal ry .
Hee ‘tilde ‘entries, ‘a Baitabe tot February 8 ~1in D. Bh HAIN, berlog " my Uave dod protection w tbe oe Terms cash, Posmslon right
file wok, Coir; : ou apy jist cates since the 8th of October .
Apis te de, 3. Dasdooal let, WILLIAM BEST,

"Phone 219,—¥e 1i—ln, JOSEPH I. BAILY, Lioensed Bailut dec lovee,

+ bore tn towa property or acy one desiring FOR SALE. alt Fety Witeia ARRIVED IN TRINIDAD

ae largeand comfortable home ia a qa et


wee ’
pustic Noticele bereby given that ta |

Metinisinay wed wie | = MARLE HOUSE - [NO REGATTA aT san! Of Se Cetepeatea
rere Chambers ndhhes been 89 occupied 198 Woodford Street and No 3 FEKNANDO | MARSUMA ghe Qaarter of St James in the Ward of

. Upper story Gwalete of Ove bedrooms wib} Marl{ Street (near to All

Hiom add Iront gallery’ with erty. ober Sa'nts Church). R.

Finest Bebo ed Virglos Tobscos, bands | and on the East on tbe Pablie Koad which
mreulesce for = jarya fewlty, The X made, in tloeel 2c snd BO, to bel said dweliog house isp
propenty gives a monthly return uf (839 | The laod measaring 150 fees by 135 feet E CU RSION 23 Long Ciroulae "Rod ta eg
fi Port-ol-H otis fo the eid Island,
Dated this 223d dey of Fetrasry 1012,

- Bal'iff' ead Aactlooser,

Woerinvtin woken | ‘Berwind Standard New

retailed at 8 ceate and “hO, ceuts

tbe sold and any reasonab’s with grass lawn and Irate trees tir,
Hemant pe sold sod | any _rewonsbe [On Laster Monday, | "ris tamous teasd cf Cigarsttes eo

lace, Apply to No, 63 Tregare 8 | FAVOURED by fastructfons recelved bab'lsbad a record with the } s aa'e of
oo actlemlere. 13 btm, I the vodersigned will atfer for Ss'e at APRIL Mra, 1911, acy band-made Cigarette ever sold ta



TF OUSE FOR SALG cbiuste 3D thelr ettice, No. 12, 8, Virceat Street on England. * z .
. OUBE FOR SAL sia $05, | Welceeday 20.b March 1911, between the From San Fernando 10g OAN SMOKE TARSE HOODS TRINIDAD, * 5
" Sauiteeif ter etOabior Cas “appy | bets stomand txopn. Tintwavoray 70 TOT ABB FWET |PAEE Fok tuonmmay sur oo) W, STRDMAN ARCH
+ on the premiers. Kebrawy Ir —In, cecopiel b Nee, U wae HX 1911, 5 — -
: ——— i pied by Dr, Blil’e-, Government Veter YUBLIO notice is bereb: 4 ,
5 EMRE Tega ENS ey cate) cies ge x] Totron Boy | Vidalesten fle rumen | Pua ais A ieee tae aia] 64 South, Quay
+ «5, Marine Square, biaadard Lite Otior, qutio proof room, galery all ronad, pans (Ward Price & Ed, A, Dsarle), bill of salebeutog date the 9. of June a

4a4 + January Sl—lo, lay aad elore rom, On upper toor—two PER 5.8,‘ NAPARINA,
mcagalco prool rooms and three atber bed.

1008, and made botweea Hubert Al, bong

26, Frederick 8t., Fort-ol-Spala, Nurag of the ce pait acd Amtrenes

Fiby. 211m.

me ™ — Laress Thorpe since deceased of the
rome, two dressing rooms, bathroom atd Good Outing ! ree
© | deeveiog room, burees room ent WO ‘ prber part, Chere, will be pat vp for sale
jor Sala or Rent’ | srt cettty TEtiy Wood Bathing! | RECEIVED [i iie acct Seanad
wwe oe earn nO 88 ee een ee ew serer vents s0.0, cheo, s*ables, cow perce, ‘
tat ch . - between the bh
‘ev i H, RALR O% RENT. shat st nar Oe ceneele And parelige sheds all tn feats Fteamar Ieavos Jetty at 11 am EX o tween tf * tvnre of tone saad two SO oe

* Avenue contatpiog Drawing, Dioicg and

punetually, returning at 10 p.m
Si*eRtarge Bedrooms with Front Galle y and

ofreshments at moderate rates’, 3s. MOLINA.

house built of wood and etanding o

No‘e—Tha property may de viewed apy wooi.o pillars conteloleg ¢ rooms covered

dey before the av'e (SJandaye excepted)

Dastry, Servant's Reo, Carriage Houve 1 seo am. and 3 nm, Tickets to be bat at $1.00 ty —_ with gelvacized froa abeeta and aiscdiog
igre, weal Cacia eats pen Deed os Port cl-Spala thle ac4 dey uf} fronr * ane i barrele Bochhed Hersiogs A ' futamet tans ee of Por era fe
34 Portol-Spaim—Jevnary Mib—1m, February, 1911, ¥ J BCOTT & bON P: Il, DEVENIEH, 5 4, Femtly Pork “ aad known as No Jl Nostolk ttc0st cats

See a een! Gort. Audlancets King's Wharf San Fe-nand 5 Jowls trgetber with the out oflicer, consleting of ss
tou L:ASE ON Atttioncers. | fs WANs 80 Butte Od teh kitehea and bath room and other Once a Rayo user
« HOR RENT OR L-ASF. le S0—~100 tba drama niclam Carbide balding, ercoiloa, and domsstlo con. ] f
=, NE COTTAGE with dintug room FOR SALE, “o 400 bags Wolf Floue No, 1 extre fhargage, need and enjoyed la cconection \\ Fi] eee) tM tts

” on e e mt" . 5

1 OE eee ae Nadeonns reste —— French and Spanvich | asf ner Zerentte bese Nevers JACOB CLAREKCE,

wy m and gallery, cot offices, hitcher, AS 4 GOING CONCBEN, . GO bble Geiden Tie ¥, Lieerad Bal it andere tote,
. ote me ate Ye and cirrlege bavee, Lesions, 180 bole Pelden Tie Yar, No lestea ~_

Eheoirio fight icatatied, large ground with | 4 " — 37 Hoemlltoan Cream Sodaa 21,
cae eae nELy Reliable hh ug Star 0, YOUNG LADY Ie preparet to give 17, Saute Hama tous Cream Sodas /3 Ibe NOTICE.

. Fieoch acd Spacib * ~—
telarnce Sion Fraccole Valley Hoad, Lately carried oo by Me, P. A. Ramuey, Astaaie pike Aiply to the Coverlet rice oer daehtwhe tteal TK re eeg hereby noutel thet Jobe

Belmont, 5 misales from tae care | co rnorot Duke snd St. Viaceat Bireeie, | Bouding House, No, 48, Matice bquare, Bon oa Tee eae Tatelated ager faa Chea carryiog oa busisese at

aim Lhe RAYO {

Nichol Plated over saith abe H

If pot a8 you (estore call of weld

Janie Nee Park Bt OL INET: | fecladiog Brock, Fixtures, ete, ete. Fen Neth ed E octu ib, e emetel Cate witb ner be kensy frrtehstlores on est India C
sot — = nme | |For fall particulars please spply to THINIDAD AND TUB AGO, w big culsaser at me peas curlad poder, the name of James ‘4 Office: 9, St. Vincent Strast~
WwW. . athe ei t ¢ Corton se: . Jaraplobatim| .
VANTE D. yee Birch. ts aoe tte AT eae, io bake Molnar = la ube Ward ot Chaganan, = . SS own oo

. - —— — » a *, ’ a <- . Catt penn preeeed
bal 4 ENTED-Two competect gasfeters January Soth— Im. , 7 Louis Webard de Harry, late of Lronte 10 ‘ger Joa, 3 ty ies —— : ‘ ° 5 veh head
see VY a burdwore c'erke able 80 shew proper | emer emer Fa ta tbe Ward of South Naperong Wranke Baiger's ancets r r. 100 Diaz y Diay i Koom for fh fa

Hest Ae aeeteriacaerie| IM YOORS GONG By | Str zternUemued mimes | seuraraielsvedineen woes] A Treat for Lovers ae
‘* lrerson to TENNANT'S AGENCY, Ban BLIO NOTICE Is bereby give that BO ard 100 pints, =” .

SURQEON DENTisr 4 T Ne & Susmes

Offices 69 ABERCROMBY STREET | Ssislon, Arty ts Mes
ear Sepeereeeetere

WW. The
eXeccacdenVeby 2b iw. eyeglag-e bad bos one uses they were Y oppiication li » tees made to re ty | Profesor Carmndy's Ant Extermlastor, of Good Things,
LAY ANTE = Esper. car arner fo | Woru toassie the old fo'keio reading and | Porade Berry ofS James Ktreevin the Geddes Grant cate”

1 Moror Taciua Easing, {soning T «i y we bave foend many new | Towa of Ban Futnande, wilow, for a

1 RY The Resoets” Gloger Beer whea

b . ly Xba f base for gloces, Nearaighe, far sight, | Urastof Letiersc! Aduialstraiton of the + __UBreadway toe trad you wilt a: —
t god “Oe by dost 7 Kile peurelgta, hesd aches, orone-eyen, steer mata 1% robe i Been te ee ge Bene iss See pa Deke on id ete yerew For Se I
UY ARTO Hie cream oe | PewiPvinlinel spars ate | eosin haseyiee #et 21 College Sports wath tet tate, tent ervice, | Inve
wot ‘ +a for Fancy U-partaent.— . y .
mak nbsow & BELWAY, oly _ a Gsel place cfatode at Monte Eatse his ye “by ‘. bina, ALIC: aly to oh
a 7 beld this year at bbe Oval 4 E SMITH, j
“ NIEEUV— A Comypelest Ulerk tos SHUA-ON 4} wiedta theead Word of Booth yalos Satarday | N, fo
4G iflelie, mast have Koad. boow: Hass te said Dara, de Uarry bald tbe Pair De he wil be ako a Gym. gee Brosh (next to Treafer \V, D. LEWSEY, 1d road Lnunoreye fo oe

uote, ard be quick at lawfal eldow and selich of the d ,
ge vf acco . ! “Acd notice fs also gites et

“$d jt » 4 - y a
wares APPZ tox & Ga at wa tba‘ cur kind We bave the g'assts | Caveat te lodged before tbe explettos of | Bf, *! Anthony ” Fe eadly Foclety.

Toby, Tabet? th Porvobspaln, | oats atte oie
rere ceenpcteapneecedins


Tastenctor or condantel ae Sergeant | Vobruary 23-20,


Gore coment Uihuels only -
lad Feby,— lo,

Mewr koow ouiele serqsive powee wal say ply wets aight da ® frome tbe daleot tue LAING'S
" ‘nud runud AcE oen pab teation of thie aetice tbe CGiure will i Py a < Lease: ‘orresponden
aly aa saw dy, runudaed= wisi Wien Weedad procerd 0 jane Lat'ers of Adcoutstralion T vredy pense the bere em For P . ¥yane Las ona by ce ;
“spant'ty olese towbee roreleodoeudie} =. cro. p, TITZWILLIAM, carrier 42263 doy of Febr AD shat £:Byeeleetion wUi take piece oa 8 receriptions. @bd caus owsias seine ore a
the} East Const of Tub xo prefer of, - Optoma, @ qin ae Mey of Pebraaiy AD, | Tuorday the 7th proziina at tbely Lodge potent teacher Trews Mee eet RE
Rp ese, IN INS tate | 28k Vigan Bea wey Ts A, THomrio,” | Mietancgaety Suet a8 749 pa |THE ENGLISH PHARYAGY | “Fer sipcosan i McEnte, | SR
ig” ¥ wns Beguine, [yelp aheley Frederick Btreot, WEN us NT dos
© 4 #4, FO

é a
SP TP emer repress erm ena emery
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a it

' ¢7 Loe

tut rohroherAin

3 ee.


ton 8 ,
v 2 a q

F an RK REID a


om ; +h! ° 3

k |. Physical Culture Exhibition _|f 2 2 4 HAIR ;

: Assisted by Seamen of the H,M.S Scylla E~ . # et pene | :

Is your last, opportunity a: the Ship] MS 4 § " THATsSGIENCE CAN PRODUCE. *

Pa . leayes next day, : qx mtumnot, 40 svectereip Getien Aptertion ond wa cot attcted $1000 weler or stevia Ky

‘ TICKETS 32. 28. 13. o AEE sao 3

. At Mosxoz Boaxy, 64, Queen Street apd at Gregfeisre Hall at Nighb | ae o “It can’ be used without staining the fingers or spoiling clothes 4

. — — _ mens | i==| £ Pand’havnovegual ether in colour, permanence or cleanlingss «

supremé Court ODS AND BuDS. =) ES Be parrcieseses areraUSLETeacay |

1 = = ~ = ORDINARY JURISDICTION, RETRACTION. WAU aedtor breve Ol aM Chualate sed Eréron BF MELD CO- Besiogualt rest Laaen |

| - Use Nialocin Digestive — ine [pmagermspermytiiermenaare ico] 02 es i

For Dyspopats, Indigestion Acidity of the Flomach, Heartburn Intes- (Befor He Justice Swan.)

; : aetor improper lengusge which the
b . » tinal Indigestion or starchy dyspepsia), Fermentation uf Food, BANKRCPTEY.

ave adm their columns should
profit by the example of an editor who
gives natice ae follows:

"If any subscriber finds a Moe in
(hla paper that be does not like, and
cannot agree with, ibe will bring his
paper to the office and point out the
offending line, the editor will take his


Ihe Follow'ay”

Headaches and all Irrogularitics of the Vigostive Crgan — a
Nialocin Digostive is a So'oatific Preparation, compossd oF Avimalfand pitne Permiog ov IO. KVilbon, to:

i i ° ted Mr J. E, Attale, appeared
Vegotable Digestive Agents for the de tor She Atitisne Chet a


Buauyperiority of Nialocin Digentiwvs, Keops away mosquitoss, a2 ideal thing to Tkesp ab

. : * < e ivi eder {a bankruptcy , ., ! : . 5
. It does not contain narcotics, purzativos, nor injurious drugs of | Sede asalnes bimeelf on tbe ground ccisvore cod cut ft Out for Blea.” home for baby'ssake, try it, Price 2/> at Havo been add, -
purg: i B cut It out for toote
1 any kind. tot! sy food subt of bis foabillty to satlefy bis indebted: ROGER Bite PAR'S PHARMACY, Belmont, _ s'neo the pobine,
t converts tho intolublo starchy foods iato soluble sugars. Hou L.A Whatton, K ©, Instructed . . Liretorn
ludigests the fleshy portions ot food, including maats of all kinds eggs, by Me 2: D. Helier f3r gneot the cred ook, meee sof wa 1009 tons of pure aad at Che Favoarice Pharmuy, opprsited W. H. Bridge. P ease t eh
i . to! ordon, (iran! * hi foh ri: if =
cheose, milk, eto. into soluble aubstances, Wore (Gordon, (ren Sed een 188tt, b Litt ck Fives from 8 misera- pu ll yor
TRY NIALUCIN DIGESTIVE AND YOU WILL KNUW UUW TO ENJOY lostructed to oppose the application: | gharto New Iberia, Le., ls one of the
A HEARTY MEAL, but as be feceived it instruc ore patoral wonders of the ward, \ P .
Â¥rice One Shilling. Paved tor do wo theoy Ie few sult | yom cue teland. eves came iota exlet: ortoft

tt alt
ston & Uo, Gea,
182 Alston & Oo.
Depwneenâ„¢ R~

418 Centeno, Mf —_ t
223 Clute, Sire ke *
433 Collier, A. Je 4

aokrupicy, the debtor baving | conjecture, Vegetation {s prolific, the

eworn that ble assets did not ex:, cooley being benutifal an varied, In
ceed £7), The matter le complicated | the centre ofthe leland, which {s the
by an ‘admission of the debtor | only solid epot in the vast expanse of
that he fsin receiptof asalary of $30 | geg marab, which extends for miles io
per month. Toe whole thing bemerely | au directions, rises Salt Peak, the
to order of $12 per month OD | jargest hody of exposed rock salt fo
a judgment summons the world,

The Inter-Amerioan Droz & Yrading Co,, 130 133, Pearl St., Rew York.
Sold by all the Leading Chemiste.

Sal Gany Abdali. «
3 is Honour s=Can you give me | Heving never been surveyed, its ex- 313 G Provisiaa-
6 is ey: erald & Nchersp—
¢ >¢ ; general outline as to tbe grounds upon Cextent ie, as k How. One:
The GO NOCO: { D E wbich you fatend to base your opposl- seer, those who bare “yslved tie local ; 583 e_ittenes 3 E- Liey a
a COD NG— . 3 . .
Ne gS Mr. Wharton replied that he bad 99000,00' tons of pure crystal salt ia The best materials--the best that f 535 Kiog, L J. +4
‘ ws. Kava-Santal and Saw Palmetto | oot yet bad time to look fate the mat- sight. It fe needles to ead that the gia bereoaivape, A~ af
— THE BEST PREPARATION Fon —~ Pe ca aS a Chere a daszling clearoces of Salt Peak is to money can buy. B13 Meco, Siecle, bentg” 3
Rem Megation of indebtedness in £30) : . : .
emedy BLADDER TROUBLES jain they questioned” Booey oat eae marshes which A brewery as clean as your kitchen; }

Mr Wilson sald that thicisa mat- —_—
ter where Gérdoo, Grant & Coy held a & PECULIAR INSORIPTION,

licy of assurance on the life of Jones A geatleman was seen standing be-
fore gravestone in a cemetery, aa if
much engrossed, Another man ap
prudched, and asked him what It was
that so lazerested him at that partica-
jar spot.

He replied “Twas attracted by the
pecularity of this {ascription.”

The eecond man bent down and
read: * Here sies the body of a law
yee andao bonest man.”

“Well, asid he, * what ie there
strange about that?”



G Tenury Streaot

tle utensils as clean,

The cooling donc in filtered air, ina
plate glass room. ;

The beer aged for months, until
thoroughly fermented, so it will not
cause biliousness.

The beer filtered, then, sterilized in
the bottle.

The beer that will keepin any climate.
You're always welcome tq the brewery for
the owners are proud of it. w
And the size of it proves that people know
the worth of Schlitz.

Ask for the Brewery Botting.

13 Davies, A. Corymte

San Fern

UL Doseat, Lieas & H,
12 Murray, L. E, Seotek
4 Hobzrte v0, W, C—Kesidenghe
7 R yat Bank of Usgads,

1 Waartoa L O-Nepina

the premiums regularly and sued bim
everytime they did so, As long se
helived, a series of Judgments would
be registered against blu for the pre-
miums. \When would that end? Puss.
bly only when be passed beyond.
Mav Houour ~ Why not pay ?
Ne Wilson -He ls notable.
itis Honour said, the debtor awore
at @ property would no “Twas Just wondering how they
likely to realise £50, and that bie fa-
dvoucanese autounied ie £5783 The grave ie bury two men Fo the same
Ordinance ftse x the auwunt o!
Cae eee ie pietece tarereeyeod the assets in suall bankruptcies at £50
Darbedoeon Tuesday 28th instant and | . whilethe rules inade under the Ordi
will leave the same day for New York, nance provided £2. Tue rules seem
via Pto, Colombia, Cartagena, Colon. ed to provide fur something which is
Jamaica snd Antilia (Guba) taking aot oui We toe t tas pies te bampton at the age of 95, was boro in
aome little tiie to put the pleces o|
ours passengers, deckere and mails . the puzzle together 0 bet he could Deron fre Teeks after Waterloo, snd
‘ sea woat itis, (iaughter| & wou Te reigns of slx sover:
Jeny thueess, Whark Pier it piso help Me, Wharton vo understand eign, His father | was one of the ook
for the Jagus, m2 pelthe feared ine
Pipaoeeagecs ‘are specrall nolifled that Tttlon t sionsparte, and Bir Lon der
a baggage lighter to be despatched to Ip wer epee Boalt pn for hol °
the Outward mail will leave the St, 6. dad a** feu
Vincent Jatty atl pin. on the dey of

| RMS.P, BeBe,

TPASUB—The RMS, *Taguse" |


Joseph Lowder, @ retired cartioge
builder, who died recently at Wolser-

‘The matter was adjourned for two
weeks and referred tu chambers; if
necestary Ib will be referred back to


de jole “on the cocasion of the Corona. = .

ene Jom of William 1V, Ho was ove of the r . am
ealling. and passengers are therelore Bort Sailing to Europ. 4 special constables sworn non tne sone MYVAUHX, FBRWAND x RATION, *
requested. 01 seo tbat thelr baggage is g ps. i Demerara News. sloa ot the Murphy rots, Use soc CENTHAL STAR DAR CORPORAT

It ia necessary for the baggage of

, CLYDR* soe Th March, News has beea received 1a George-
dak paseengert proceeding to Pto.

{Ar-bar) formerly played for Wolver.
“THAMES as DhOb town Demerara, of the death In New | 14,

Wanderers and won inter Corner of Heary and Queen Streets,

(fm00y ovalbea

Color artagena, Oulon and] * TRENT” oe eee 4th April, York, on February (th, of Mr. W, tional, hooours. Mr, Lowder was

Jameica to be thialgated. and a[“ORUDL® oo Lab yt Farmer, of tat colony, who formerly propebly the oldest Oddfellow la Eag-

poeclal lighter will leave the St, | *M&GUVALENA ou ad May waeaclerk at** Bonaves” dry goods | *™

Vincent Jetty at@ am, to take! their store, Water Street, and fur some Boyal Exchssge,

— time at Messrs. Saudback, Parker &

Next Sallings fur Pto, Colombla,| —
Cathagena. Oslo2, Jumalca, | comoe lioueDenerace cornea
Cuba & New York, instant, for sbipureat © RMS
dwte 2) ren coleed at gabon ie ot
“TAQUS' » 29. Febrawy’ a
‘. ’ this awount, the Colonial Ba:
“ORUBA . so DE Marob shipped S23 ozs, 18 ‘dws, igre . eet
at $500.48 aod the Sritish Gulene
Usuk, 657 os, LU date. 13 gee, valued

Ulreulsr Tlokate. aban, bad

. During a recent debateln the .

ViretyClasa tlsketaare teeued from Trial: | erar Legislature oa the question et

ie 19 Septhsmpion, ie Now Yo k, and plegisterial appolotwents iis Excel-

cnldad or vlce veres for | leacy the Governor gave th

an foctasive fare of £53, ° thee it wae bie “determination to
e BLonevery ©; tual:

, Tbs Hekete arzeveilahle between New Thteratlaw in accordance, Trith ri

York aod Eng'aal aa! vice qyrea by the! pledae they bad given aod the

baggage to the harge for fumigation.

LANTIA.~The RM... “alaneae

will leave bereon Tuesday, 2th.

ostant at 2 p m. for Demerara, taking
pasvengers, ca and maile

The tender will leave the Lighthouse
Jetty, Queen’e Wharf at ipo. with
passengere and thelr beygage’ for {be
* Balantia.”

Cargo for the "Dslantia” will be re-
celved on Monday only upto 4p,w.
the 27th Inatant.

"PQERBICK —The RMB, * Derbice”
B will leave here on Tuesday, 23ib



Under the Captatney of Mry A. F.
*souansey 1" AF

oe ae

WD Tho Boor That Mado Milwaukee Famous
a eee

SINGER Sewing Machine 0

— —

March 6th, Arirval of the
arth M,C..C, Ti 3M,

weet § MOOV. Trinidad

netant at O pm, for Greoads, Nt.

Vincent, St. Lucila. Dominica, Mont«

serrat, Antigua, Nevis, sand St, Kitte,

taking passengers, cargo and malls,
The tender will leave the Lighthouse

Jetty Queen’e Wharf at 5 p.m. with

pageengere and their baggage forthe


Uargo for the *Lerbice™ will be ree | steamers cline American, Aviano Trane- | recummendation ofthe Court to the | March 9 e Islaad—oPLaster
celved on Monday only up to J pin, | port, Cuoard & White Btar Lies Necretary of State, March if Bt, Clair Oval. Is now prepared to furnish pubticnonice
LYDE.—The 1.M.A, Clyde’ fe] Thesetickete aresvatlablefor 12moagthe | The Darbidos corres adent of th are ‘ Lemo of tha Ward of
due here from New York via | frcim dite of fssae and permiss’ou cas be | Demerara J ey, writin ‘under the xX h T i id d Sy aed Toner ud.
Antiila (Oubs) Jamaica, Colon, Carta: | obtaloed to break the v. t bead week 5 ° e arch Il Thala Y N Wu acd Testament
gens, Pto, Colombia aud Pto, Cabello | poste toucted ab ta Tee reer ell peal ate fn rickel tal Larbados rs anh 13 . 0.6, Sli N GE R SEWI NG MACH I N ES Montserrat sforesaid,
on Nonday 0th March, and will leave Dawent show that the visitors are AtBe. . . :
the nest day at 5 pom. for Southamp- Children 1 to 10 yoara ball fares, strong fn bowllog and flelding, but yk
os —

ton via Bar’ Michatle Azores)
aod Cherbourg, taking passengers,
cargo and mails.

The tender will leave the Lighthouse
Jetty, Queen's Wharf, at 4 pon, with
passengers for the * Ciydy," ‘

Passengers are specially notified that
a age lighterlo be despatched to
she homeward mall will leave the St,
Vincent Jetty atip.m. on the day of
valling, and passengers are therefore
requested Lo see that their baggage is :
sent down before tbat hour, !

Boound clese circular tickets we issued ab | sutuewhat weak iu batting} greater a ‘
experts in buativg with tne, leather

than in wieldiog the willow,

on dectusivechargeof £33, I
it yee cat bata Orldrea 1 ¢0

t “THE


The business of thé Demerara Notor Prices of Adm laston:

Borvice Co, Ltd. wes pus up for sale AND ON

ving cous tl
thetdieectors oa toe’ 2g uauance of
Pursueuce of the course previously .
ssn OUOY tht Coapaey ae


lot 87, High Bursct. “The week
sluted of the motor garaze and dwell-

Groved 66. ; Uncovered Stand Ie, ; .

Ladiee Beene My Ludies 2s., *
Needles, Parts, Oil and Bets,

Coildrea Tn Days toa sar

Member? B:sod—Reserved for M wet ”
: Tr ae Mem
bereaad thoir f.ihes o y~Lid
Ie, Children ou! 3 ies


; =

NB—Mimboe of Q BOG fre
For allffurthor {nfo-mation spply at _ _


On Friday afernoon 251
Bel Ale Packs the new cee Or a

lomediately bobled

wars F) MarineSquare, Port-ol-Spain, eda tates anise atta Trades S| N C F R Mi AG H | N ES pao “



ILyou contomplave being engaged, or jf you &:
who is enxeged you should Dot iorgot y now anybody

Hod A
De, Godfrey, Colonel de Ruosy. De,

t c aes
Masviah and Nessre. O, Hienter mee 24th JW, iW Y ALWAYS ON HAND. Bumercas cdeneley


Koy, 3, W. Steven, L. ‘Colvin, P, NO Gene

B dA, King, BQ, i « A competent t .

sea ee See] Notice, —_fainanihfacaebertealr i atendure vest abooesat | Lavily fil
7. K Das Ts Blood * 1s obs escar SINGER BEWING é ‘ mon cangn ot

mao, "HD, tee i. elas. and K T is Comelieg, bes steed, space roach of all MAOHINES are tho best aud within the Fete, Vand oh ape

Ver, were no Habber Exhibition, Londos. eaciog Ha dvecs bom 5 069%
GA.. TIERCE EC RB, 81, PERRO stayey yuug erence aduitied, the mevting Prices la Means pede. a POP Gee ee pasdeg ha
eRe emneneee ET a mmrmnemers | Medals, abe for Coreprtiagn Paton Ox IBE gecess Bf ws
don't orde. from a catalogue waich slows a piowure of a Diamond the raegnowt Siva, *Nyotesdiog Exhibitor are seganted Sl NER SEWING MACHINE COM PANY Conse Ae
0 ever vetunded if qualty Je nous'guarantoed.e NU BWHEE DRINKS, "| Sedeigeca 38 O8e® Sith iby 14 Frederlok vt its
2 ' ; e r r
.¢, EE WHAT YOU Buy. ARNG FORE Sob reo EDGAR TRIER | Portol-Spain, ean ect, ean net
+ NG's FAOLURY Prrmenens Zapibitieg Gumol: ~ Tes .
wee J ‘ 8 he —~ Tealdag, Telephone $04
n ee I CT ” . +
et . . ee 1 ‘ * . .) 1
* « . rt


v C
la â„¢ eee Oe ree ae Se eae TOBAGO
Se Tih TRINIDAD, A OR TAURIDAY THE fap DAY Tay be Bupre ra Court,
F WORLD BEFORE YOUR. EYES {a tq Beprame oh a Tilal tad and VIOLIN SCHOO BALE FTA NCH 191, To tha matter of = Bubste of Joshas
Ws No. 28 ol 1010, es » WA NIMSSIAT COOPER (Veoltn’st) on Waitekee Ford, late éf the town of
‘ tom ‘4 (YH sTRAU) [UBLAT NOTICE ta hereby siren thes] Torvotspain, Proprietor ~Deseesel,
. . 'WItle® Gor’es, Gardos and Willian | \ . tn exe-cive ot the Power of esla com — ‘
‘ 1 Gordoa Gerla Urediag weder the 167 Haumonr CircuLan Rov! yateed tn rertsia deel iol mar ice pune NOTIOE In hereby given thay
toe . firea of Gord bs. Greet & Go» Pialatlts | mame datod tha tt dey of November 2006 re- aup'ication hes brea myle ta me by
. 4 and =” |: TWE PRACTICSL SCHIOL | etcterea as No 32/8 of 1908 and male be | Nabwll Emonnae Ford of No 28
‘ Pedra Antonie Vitlarcel, D, Morsleja & - EW IOWE twe Adhoare de ay eat ot he one Artapita Avepae {a the towe of Porbol- i Bra
' Op and Boy & Co-Defendaaw, | REWIQ) ° Ober par, there wu repay ee Or " @ Mf Uraat of Usyare at Adnataisteatin yor she fame. rea trie ‘ol
4 ha apie-sigerd ab thelt Actin Aart, | actatqefthe adore aimed Jovha \- ained tn —
Dee eee i ere ee (tee ecru opstes Nore |Nod Bckrile Buen to tustome of | tater Fyd lve of the towe of Portal. a
Hie Houour M*, Sasticg Bwan dated the | Woodlord Boree’, for the ainvevioace of [ Portenl-dosia on Thavstay the 214 diy of Soainy Proortetoe desesend, who dled ov
Bid deyol Jace 1910 and to theorder of | obilirea (boys end giro) of resporrable | March 19IT, bavween the, boars of yne wal { the 2t bday ot Dacombar 1910, having at | TRINIDAD,
" ' Iokcet Pohenury Wis there: wl be Brose oo Frito ta teat gee wile es twa tnea Biogatar thas gerta’s p reel of thoteat No. oN Adiptee Bend pene al Ta the Bapreme Cont of
oN ig Bash dey of Fetrusey 101) « ik, anditeanricons Srectal hie ni aod iogatat tak cere Pre | eee rn atd Nutech’ Barreneel “feed sanmere fark

Isiant of Trlatdad hnowa a No, 17 aod | being the o sly 599 sad next of kia of the

March now next earsiog bewwesa the] Terma moderate and eatisfaction | 17s af Rorasno Swread mecaaring 210 f,09 | antd decease t.

° band 7¢ lent, Binchea 09 | And Notice Ia also given that {f no
poare ot Land 2 Pe Aa ned ees | itarerscee Slane Strate tore'be : a caveat is foigal before the arptratia of

sup iorasie tefore tha d Beokward Sotolds and oh
Court Hoare ts inandsy the @ ts dey of j to compela fr Ol ee Ext ok No, 191 of 1910,

, a A TE AP nara

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. ! areal rd ference MoCarthy, Bolte | Qaces Strest, tozetber with the haildiags
wv OGDBBOOK PORT-OF-SP IW Mhattatious slteate ia aa Guava chitpdonthe pea pr inemetets Pia +e poted thereon and abutileg oa the North te ary-alght dasa feom the dete of Lhe
: s , ib dof Trinidad ‘Lhe fret thereof | Foloaon, Edacation uttiogs P.H Mittal, |upoa lands ot Dors Charlerie ata Alpbons | pablcatloa of this notice the Corrs will .
Kol eines and D, A, Keach, Cszhier, sive Lopes, 2 the 3 oh a por Borsa i ror eat lettert of Admlolstration | PUBLIC notices’ tp
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One Minute From Tue “Four Roaps” OAR [ieee ietvont's TOR Lipaedoxthe Went ~, Qrocatunas™ | “Deal haan b toy of Jena 18, Me Sante Reveal cate
1 rO ted ti ay of Foorna 2 5
me Me'wligon the Beath open the Blanaoat | SALE FOR TURSDAY THE siet) °°" Louis JOUIN & Ov. ’ Rewintrar, | Tote "Thete orl repay
y : . it ga the Bast open lands of Clsadly DAY OF MaRUH, 1011. 86 {ing » TRINIDAD, . the doors, sf Vhe Coare itenalil
P H} R HO R M A N On Frevclesn Fiorano Carels sod bis. wife } | PUBLIC NOTICE ts heraby given ober TRAV Ee caiespay tae era | SALE FOR SP MAROM Tolle AY | of iatereh Teil between ent
Thesecond therrof comprising elk acres 14 exercise of the power of eile cone DAY OF MARCY 191! . ood twop.
andadutiiog oo the North on land of M, | telced fas certala Memorsedam of Mort- —— ‘ UBLIO NOTIVE Is beret ven thi Toe ri and leteent ‘
Valdes on the Bouth ona Ravice oa tbe | tke is isa dated the 20m aay ot 2 JUBLIC NOTILE 1 beroby given thab Tt Svale, oom ‘ ‘
Keat on Orow Recive(ihinge yo, wen hy rE ony pate sod Leo Lamof tbe nuher L ta exercisa ot the power al sale cons taled ta 8 serala, memoranda of morte tele rascal of and asa au
aca oe Og Te: elo or mo! 40, te atd o he
eye Crowa stoog the sald | ery cee oy the amerstqoed ef tele thel rs dey of Januwy 1929 tegis ered 39 Rom mate by Vinceat Chatles la favont of Trinidad ovaprin sepia i
. «. aed


tn exercise of the pewer of sale con. | dast of aad All ond dageier
Karine) roe tuted Uheraof comprisiog sls | A ioe ht, 27 Nao ngackliie Bes thet a. 178 of 190%, and mule betweea | Jorg Volar, the @ will be pat ap forasle by | Ad] abattiag 08

— AT — d Auctlog Mars, 2, Sackviile Street io
~ . reres acd abutijog on the North on lead o, % Sackvitle Streetia Ne: 17821 Sih. swood ef tha one part | nebtig auction by she undersigned ot thelr | the South ou laude of
» . of Claadio Garela, Manuel Diss and oa the Ba any of Merb 101 in on Tavatey Abe ver Acther Adolphus O.Jivierr { the Prction mart, Ke. 12 St Vincent Screet, | the Heston leode Seemer ay
b O O . 2) S 3S Manaoel Raving on the South aod Kutoa | ON OG pm, other pet there will be pus up for eve by | tn the town of Port-of- Spain, on Tuesday, | Theodore Miil but new ;
~ A_IN Crown lands andor the Wonk on the} 218 004 (OP a ate pleco or | tbe uniersigand at their auction Mart No. | thy 7h dey of March 191, between the | and on the Wert 0 ale fer
5 Monscal Revine ¢ The tvarth thereof eom- pvreel of 1and eitcate iq the Ward of Tar-|2 sorser, of Sackrile and st, Vincent | boars of one and two pm, aud Thsodore Hilt bed ew
Ho ge ‘
Deted this 6b dy tte
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’ . a prisiog teu cerea and’ abutting on the a Past of-Spaia on Tharsday tbe 9th {land slogalar that certal f
. The Highest Clasa Living Pictures from . Hee ere anes ek on, he | kee ia tbe talond of Trioided, eomprieleg Sree eaeeoteltterween the beureof 1 | taAtastaste tevehe Ward of Ghoesces fa

all parts of the Word will be shewn. and East ou Crown land acd on the Went | Cevetorn acres two roode eat ele and 2 o'o'cok pti, the feland ‘of Triollad, oomprisiog ten

ou Jaad of Claadio Gareis and of Meouel Ali ant singaler that esrtala pleca or | aq es, be the eame more or leas delineated
. Dias j The fifth thereof eompristag twelve | ered snd mith the abaitele and boundaries | tea) of lead situate fa th and with the abotexte and bounfaries | "hy
: acrestso rooda aod twenty-four perches & Cc telog 410 aod abuatte bh {a the plan d Notice
tnd abatiieg on tba Norh on pd attached tothe Orowa Uirant eotered to, Aticazas Comprislaz ce thereof shewn Ja the plea drawn on Crowe noes
E - ey a] t y TY 5 > a ne “af Candido Mediag onthe Sruth oo lead of bi th on baadeol J. A. Iga ca sad | the Hegater Book. and bounded the | SALE FOR FRIDAY ‘THR sap
wo >A. C > Kayenio Loves on the E cat 00 the Macacal XVILL, fo to £9, ont a's desorihed io] 0 pe at on lands of Mex Hopd atet, Not ty Janta of Samael ‘Oharles, oa the OF M
an eee “Mi
Eageulo Lopez And the elzth thereof nor. this lat day of Febroary (9 0. the Evad by a road reas-ved 60 Hinks wid UBLIO NOTICE 4s beewty ae
SALOME MAD, THE PROPHECY. and DANCIEG TABLOIDS, ricing eight acres sliuste at Manecal | North by laos of Dokan on the South by} Da! ate 5 tN & U0, a Evad by . axe wide
' ' Pitted i LaBoedat’ and abattiag on the lands peficoed for by Laothue on the LOUIS JO ‘An-tlieeer pete ie the eppartenances thereto ferred upoa Morsaagoss by ve
The above mortgage ie now rested in | sacieg and Law 0

Ward of
tha Real Yeoperty Roxlazee Book at Vol, log oa the North and want om Cursesyo | Grant entered to Volame it, fulic 625, of
. + 2 ARCH i: Le
A Special long Programme of the Favouritss of this work. vizt= Raving and og the West on land of | OS, "oho cay nd ee ta Volume core eat axroes thereta belouz\es, Fo ee oy Crowe Lacie snane :
1a exeroe of Vbe paww Of whp)
—~ ; hown consist | North on tand of Beroadiag R indon on the Kast by laods of Manuel F. Gorcle and J, ae i F
Note.—Nine Pictures Will bs sho Siste | Norih on land of Rernading f MeDarid ead on the Ween by tends of | SALE FOR TURSDAY THE 71H DAY | pho ave RS” OC coruatem. of | eucbor 72 and i ee Salat

b ing of our best programme, ain ty anes of Babsdoar, lands of oF stacy, iL, Weeoater No, 121, dated the 4h February cartel, Memzcandom of '
; i seed epramaeneia “aah
. MON DAY 2'7TE. ee a TS SOBN CO pees NO ie mower of stat couterred op | -, Dated st Port-of-Spsla this 16th day St | Jutta the year INU aol a
‘Atciionsere, | Mortgagees by the Cooveyencing and Law of | February 1911, Reaoy Eavtachs ene ;
SCENES INTUNIA oo Property Ordiwaoce, No 7a, coutased in ibe F, J. SCOTT & SON, Mlonourabla George al
AN AWFOL BYMPHONY Deed and Mermorandum ot M wtgage da‘et the Government Auctlonares, } O-31.U there will De pee ap
iam Wiss boundaries therect shown on the plan WATIONA and day of Decomber i970 which deed Is | ERENTDALD, Vaolio Auction’ by tte
. Mice Cartes in Davere=, drawaona the Crown Geant to Vieguata Li ees niiee Conk Sm chindoug part and SALE FOR FRIDAY THE lita Day Sieot ie the Tove at how Z
° © Mivers Qourse Lare at Vi V folio 239 sod bouadel , 4 Cariog Marit Carmona of 2 1911, rs
. Thre Dimaqruesacexm, | on the ‘North by lands of Viegioia Lara Assurance Company feud Oeetinere wil } } tor sale by eiday the third day of Memb i

the they ar oe ee ucieraigued ot’ thete pupuic NOTICE fa hereby given shat { Set certain piece oF parvel of

hy lends of FranclaGraossataad by Crown | Guaranteed by the Yorkshire Far | Pure Auction ty the undersigned at their 23008 plantation situate ia hp

. ope A Mart, No a2, 5¢ Vioceot Street, Port fa exercise uf the Powér ct Sale con- ns
. « Tho Little Wood Cutter ;... Moskel tha Smuggler jeu Garroit Brants, Woodson the, or ais Geees a ° and Life insurance Coy of Spain om Tuerday tbe gun day of March vest ! ferred on Morigsgoes by the Conveyanelog nea ie the ulnod ot io
, wewmememew ene” Crown tand by lands of Anselms O stares ~_—— between the bours of i and # p.m. Ordinance, No 7Z and contaloed ia a cer cuore or lees delineated, ead 7

e@tablished 4123224

. . . . Ailaod Singular those two several parce's of | sain deed of Mortgage dated the 19th d
NOTE—Children’s Tickets —6d, each (Matin es only). | 24 by froma tod, and poe tre Wee. OF | SUBSCKIBED CAPITAL... 900,000 7 i? of

land situate 1p ihe Ward of Turure ia the snd | of April 1910, regiatered aa No, 1098 of 3 disgram squared ioe

* : AUCUMULATED FU. Island, the First ibereof coniprising three and fi
d seats can now be booked in advance at 1/6. aad bytardsol Virginia Lars, Aud tha CC NDS H ded he North 19t0 (rnd al-o lo & Memorandam of Afort .
. Reserved s / te “dither t prvlag Voelve neree (Over) . 1,500, soe fink acres and) bounde . oN mt by gare No, 167 dated the asid 19.b day of described fa tee oartitcate af aes

April 1010) and sade between Joseph

UCLXILE toto 259 aad

iat an als

three rood aod thirty Give perches be the Head Office:—-York, Bngland. formerly of Dema on the Last by lands now or

Veet Toraserly of Bridge Bubaa Maberaj and on the | Villeneace Gervais of the one part and
; MA INEES AT 5 P M the Srtv aad oad y Ostegen 4 with OW prepared to accept Niske Wat Uy lands tow of ately ot Paste. Mana | Joba Attin of the other part there wil) be Nora ayon lands pew o ms
. T = - . ‘on the Crown G ant to against Fire rosultiog from Earth | the second thereof coovaiping taree and ove | put up fot Bale by Public Avo toa ey the | Wiheas P bell of ae "
Avstlaa Olivares ab Votame I tole 257 quske, Riot aod Civil Commotion. filth pers and bauaded @p tbe North by the | undersigned at thelc Action Mart, No, 34 whem Camp’ fot *

4 é . | Usnde now or lately ef
. an tnnd def, Nay din | SO pct of concn kre | acer kato ha | Rep aean ase fat | aro
rice S C ’ C 3 C ° of Virgtola Lars and on Crows land 3 Also FRED Eu SCOTT, Samra? aad on the Weat by lands now uc iatly 1191), between ibe hours of one and two see Wert apes tow
all end sir gular that certela piece or parcel Avon, And also all that parcel oe tot of fand situate of the Crown togesbar wih
of tang sitaate in the Ward of Ceara ia the 1a the sad Ward of Turare contaluing nine tin fe the Ward of Cedrce in | “eosaces therate


Ss oe acid Isleod contaicing fiveacres two roods , acres, twa roods and thirty pins hee be the t Spee
and gweoty-three perches be the semen | TRINIDAD axp TOB \G0. | tame’ a litle more OF less Gouneated aod wit | tb d, comprising nine acres, three | Pabraary Eorvot ol a
« little more of less delceated and with the Ta the Sayreme Coor', the abuttels aod bouadaries toereot showe ia thirty nine porches and abattioy Yr yee ae
abuttale and boundaries thereof shown on | Ea the Matter of ths Estate uf Joba Collion| the diagrata aonexed to Memo of Traus‘er | on the North partly npon lands of Axide Gen.
§ . a the plan dédwo on or annered to the lata of Turtage Viilage in the Ward | dated jhe asad Sep ember s90 and descryed | Gorvars aud cpon laads of Carmen Andats =
Crown to the sald Pedro Antonio of Montecrraeia the Island of ‘Irinie| ia the Re grant to Aifred Moore Low entered Joa the Sinth spon lands of Franciaco | ELE FOR mosbay Tak iS

Vill dad,—Decessed, ia Volume soz, foliost7 and bousded oa the } Figaeros on the Kset upon lasds of Emilio F MABOR sud a
Mesoel registered ia the office of ihe Nonth by Lands of Dpaimdsé on tbe South by Michel Dell and on the West partlyapxo = ? a

. J UST ARRIVED. AND N OW LAND IN Gs tolodts and abattlog. onthe. Nout avon PUBLIC NOTICE lis heraty given that ids of Mungtee on the East dead of fone lands of Antoato Diss and upon laade of UBLAO NOTICE } haeety gma es

sRevioeand upon isnds now or lately of Baxco together w th the appurtenances thereto ‘Aloo all thet parcel of land eltnate Ic i Ly virnas of & ostlale "
Ex Bkt ‘Ethel Glarke’ from Gulf Port ‘

the wad Pedro Antonio Villarcet on tue | by Hammaud Josephs Chiospoo and Ie | ceinnging.
South npoa lends now or Istely of the ving bath of Gasracarite in the Ward of one agth day of Januuy, ttt the Ward of Opdroe comprising eleven | cage bearing date. the 64 dey
Crown aad apn lands now of lately ofthe | Mont-erratia the fsleod of Trimdat, for F. J, SOO1F @ SON, acres, three roots and thirty nloe perches | igu2 aod regisiered oo obs
ASPEOIALLY SELEUTED. OARGO OF asid Pedro Anicnio Vi'larcel oa the Kasb | ® arent Of probate of tha Wil bearing Govt Auctoeers, | delinested-Bod with tke abattels thereon | xezistrar Cenoral us Ne RMS 4 &
8 A LEO spre lands now of } taly of the sald Pedra | 18(¢ 20 b day of Dey 1910 of Jha Cuilios oathe plo annexed tothe Crown Grant | f Deeia tyr the, ye WS WA}
Axtonto Villareel opoa a Ksvloe and upon | late of Turtags Visage fa the Ward of / TRINIDAD, vo Issbells Gervais eatere! in Vol. OXI T, | retween Pawtou Vaal of te
lands vow or lately of the Crowa ana on | Monteerret aforesaid deronssd who died vo} SALE FUR TUESDAY TAR 28TH pag folio 687 god boauded on the Nori by | wud Migdatons Herssotes Ragu
- the Weet apon a Harioe and apon Jande | the 7b day of Utober 1010h vig as the OF M RCH, 1918, Crown Jandson the South bylandact A | aber pare there-wili ba pet Oy MUI
A & Loowor lately of the sald Ped Avtoato } time of bis death & fited ulsce of abo'e at — Gervalesnd on the Rass by laads of Aside | by Pasiic Auction by ‘
0 Vilarost and fotenected by & roal re | Tortaze Villege to the Ward of BM sots:r. pusiic NOTIOR fs bereby given that {| Uereale sod on the Week by s road rever- | wie Ancilon Mert a
served twenty links whey Alo atland | rat storceald the sud Hemarad Joph fa exercise of ihe Power ul Sate con- | ved Alty licke wide,

Zuset Porfeul-Spela oa red ve

929 Scantiina oe §=5.5867 Bxd ve $160 | cingular those caverat parcels of fend and] Chiao and Rees Colive bag the f ferret on Murtyegens by ihe Cooveraccic N.B,—The above Mo aod “Memo (fay of March IVIL.
ax3.— oe §=$2,003/ 526 ae 3,929 lentetions tteste fo the eatd Ward | Exacator aod Eccentsix named fo the waid | and L w of Piopenty Odin ance 1844 sad randam of Mortgage now vesied in ongend b wo DB, 5

o 426 aos ow 18949] 626 om L001 ‘sure the fat thereof koown as will leate gt b cuntalocd fa @ certain Aleworsudam of } George Fcederick-Huggine ia the towa of All andy sogulst beeen bot Game
£26 ace 13,188] 626 me 6864 vperangs” coupe alg eight :acresaod | And na ica fe given that if oocarent fe] sortgige, Nu 10 datettha Ub day of j Porrofspsia. Mercoaat by Tranvier of | cols of lead tense tm the SR
2x8 eee 12-759] 1x6 Roucy Boards we «BSL4 EA attlog onthe North va lead cow or | lodged before the expiration of tweuty-| Anzu c 1910, from Autoaio Ma iov Guller- J Mortgege deted the 13th day of August | \t cecas in the Islead 4
axes ove 14,086] 1 x20 & 19 te 28,218 | lete'y of Blverio Teades aod on taod of | RY: deye from the date of the publication | rus io Violet Lisdelow there will be put up | 1920, reg’ 4 as No, 3113 of 1910 and by | iret thereof compriag ayes

q aré coe P1925) 2) 2 10& 1S awe 83,450 | Camillo Mendia s onthe Suthoa lent wf tule notice, the Const ttl proceed to | for axle Ly the asteelgced at his othos No, | Memoranda’ Transfer of Mortaage | ixty twa 008

an8 *" goese] 1) x 2 Pranes “ cow or lately of ofe Disepe andan tre} eae pro are of the ald ill acearding y, 94 Harrie’ Promenade in the Towa of San | dated the asid Both dey or Aazat, 1010. [qasrree apd abat an
4xé " a7'389 210813 oo Evotent Weaton lead aiw or lete’y of Dated this 8 bday of Feb-uary lott, Weruvando on Taesday the 29h dey of f Dated thie 16-bdiy of February. 108 | irowa iands on the
azB * y0'70)] 3212 PLance the Crowa And then cond thereof known (Sad.) TT, A. THOMPSON, March 1012 between the hours of oae wad ¥, J. SCOTT & BON, tse beire of Geuling. 8 Be
rs ce Goro] LEO FL Beos,PavO aT. eo ** E] Choco” compristog thirteen adres Regletrar, [wo p.m, Government Auctioneers. [lands ot Willa Hell

“ 428 oe, *' y'sig 1h 26 , os“ and twenty-six perches and abarting oo] ews | All toc: two parcels of Joud al nate a | TRINIDAD. ———," Tepoo lands of Viewse -

TOTAL C4n30.,330033 FRED” “om She North ou lind now orlaay of the the Ward «f Oe pucbe athe Esleud of | Lathe Sapreme Coart of Mlatded aod | Uvojsmia and the setonl

Woat on land pow or Ietely uf the
tbe Crown Grant ia Vu'uus XV, folio Between il and J
616 and bounded og ihe Norta ty Crows Madgtaloe Joseph —Ptaintift
lan od by landect Coojannngh oo the tod’
ognetas Ja'ien Defendant,

Soath by lauds of L, A, Vo tun and by o A
UBLLJ NUTICE te beroby given that

J.C, NEWBOLD & CO. |. hresiteessis ty sates lee! eee Ss it
t a Road seserved 5) thinks wide va Ube Lust ‘
by an order of fis Honour, Bir, Jas. | ceasnces theres! sespaetint

Caarw (nthe esi A Toland compritiag fire vescen

acres be roo. the sme a Jina

more or less deliceated and with the abute by Crowy land. Jend of Cucjons

taleaad baandar ee thereof abowa on the Abbey’sSalt, asa beverage, & Road roverred 60 lake vedac eo ond by {re Harecil mide ia thie matter on the 13th N.B.wTbe above

senses Eebiipnenetiee emma amen cmiademee iat gate termini remem olsag
" plan encexed to the (rowa Urent regles * . Woer by Crows tantanl by laude of dayol 191, th ted in Fran 7
ww. CO. ROMs & CO. fered la Yolome CXXX. Foil) Slcrec, | Makes a delightfully cooling | a, Gurduas lararecgted bra Rae HL day ol B breery L9ll, there will be pat ne iT saaatar Mogg
at jay of October

. *
Crown cuthe Soath and Est on land cow Tae Sau or Sats J the drat Ubereut eunprislag £ Isiog one quaires ood
with eppurtentoces,

We offer the above te wats Choay. or Jately of Viowor Emanuel Adeies and sevea sores, two reod del ~ | Samcvary Jactadlett tof: indiedth parte of 6
CVS obes delineated in the ‘diegram annezel to No, 103001 909 30 Porvol-Spaln, ebatting 08 Lhe. Nec apt Aim


. . Real Property Register Book and bouadet | and toni i eon either back 65 liske wit ad § Howe, Portof 8 Thared K
Cclonial Dispensary. ea the rh by aDry Revise aod by ¢ drink, : the eccond thereof ¢ imprisiog sigan e re day of Aprit 1911 botwene tie eee oe 3243 for the year 1906,
jeed of V. G, Adrien on the Suath ly laud Abbey's Salr,as a * thiee poude and thirty serca perchea de- | aad $wo p.m, * Dated thle Qed dey of
exomemnerernnmemenen ef Bob D abu, by Memural Reedacd| , 2 ‘y alt, AMEGCING, fineated dn the diagram annexed to the] All ibaé prreel of land sltngte ia the r7. :
PIVERY LOTION: BLANO DE PERLES 7 land of i. L, OCoonne on the East by | aids digestion, keeps the | Crowe Grandia Volume OXL, folio 219] Weel of St, Augeta the Island of Trini
nega PEARL CREAH @ Dey Raving by tind of VW. G. Adriea by Bowel snd bounded on the North by Urowa lend | dad koowa a9 (ubsrl comprising two
ROUGE THEATRE, LIF HALVE. leod of Lia's Bob Do'abulis ani by | Bowels regular, touches up the fea the S.ath by S10 Fernsndo Siparia | querrees acd abuitlag on the North apoo 7 T UNIDAD. a
poUuGe THeate GosMeticn’ jamaurs) Road and on the West by Crows Liver and ¢ b Esta Road on the East by lends of Laoe | aridgeol Hilleon the Boath aod Evssupon | ta the Supreme Ceest at
wmfetts <2 a. teod snd laterescted by @ Road rraerved ne’ tones she Stomach, eos X:mand acd bythe Sie Farosado- J lands of thabelrs of Antoise Bone sad tad Tomes
Go eo mm OM PeOEsatizraan 20 ake wd lavaitaod Singulae thas Abbey's Salt, by : Siparia-Kilg Rood asd outhe West by | on the West opon lesds of A. MeWilllam | Lathe matter of Ue
0 & Froderiek Sts es cee enemee servela (Beara ¢. YS Salt, by making a | iscds cf Gorres aad by lands of the Crows 4 bow of Angastia dJallen, Hunts Dey
jiener Queen . | CARRY AL SEASON. Frinltcd forty Gaoen as Na, dt bt pad peomach uood, keeps the together sith bbe appurtenances thereto Also ail and Wlogalar that gern othe | aig Notion aha
smee Strees bat now re-enmbered and | Whole system in perf Daved this 2b day of March, I61L, pes kdowoas *P; “ ; ;
i knows as NO.76, Fredelck Sues ant y perfect order, By, P. Po PLIAERLNY, two qrareces ‘and abuttiog oa thefxot Neagy Hants of Vserle 2

sbottiog on the North up ntor Na 78,

Try Abbe "5, Ano loceer, oa laods of Angusti le: t of Chaguest
Feet Recah ene Bate ant Me | iO rtatin ian eee anna | pon Jandy of toe belve-ot deat avalon | Users ae
. reet on the Katee lug Nu, 7 WI pro pably regret you | TRINIDAD axnTUBAGd, Uovesad on the Bast upon the parce) of | ine Estate and sifuote @ J

. | 71, Henry Street and aa the Wiest span] yeas 4 To thes Uoart lend berelaabove d the ssld Uber!

. h B a tb ad Oo M U C u ad | k rgferick Be 2 ant foot oa regards tna | did'nt know about it sooner, In the Metter of she Eatate of West upoa ‘lands af sere neice, he Sedecend wo died oa tt
mortgage) Pondot Address} 144 Queen Yi.toria $t.,2.6, Marle Laote Lawy-late of the Towa of | Dated this a Tre ver 1900 haviag af the

detel the 14:t Novomber 1002, regina of] yoig Int: BP ‘| .
ses 7 ‘ortof-?piia so the Isang of ° Geel piece of ‘abode ot Ue
LI FE AgsU RANCE SOCIETY. ibe offica vf the Regiatrar Geserel of wer tes Re creas gad fiores dad, Bpine credeesneln of Trial. DOVE ACE, | iced pis ee ol so 4
. -~+- - syed we ofthe eee wa to mecare Pst of Spaia we —— Fas OFFTG ARSTALUS DFFICr — | Nevcy Reates bving o
fe & ($2,000) and fatereat. ther: on to MARSHALS OFFICE, UDLIQ Notice ls bnveby iven that aps Bh Feb-uary 1611 of abe oad Nency
Varlous Sygtems of of Insurance, foe fe bos: Jat lonee aed ranne 4 Februsry 1911. Edekra Savery of the Town of forte? fo the Bapreme Foard of THaldad and | oyiye, Ie Joaed batore OO
Teatel Taste by deed dau d. the aochedey | 12 the Sepreme O-ore of, Titaliad aed and of Traded, Preatar, | Summary Jarledictlon, Port-ol Bpsia | 28 deze frocs the pabiewhAs
WHOLE LIFE AN{OKANCE.—By premalece payable for Thole of We of of Jaonary 100, registered tn" $06 tfScx | NoS3 of 1010, 2° forenr of Probatedt the leat Witi | No, 69 of 1910 ‘ Peo Tiathe pore ee ie
° amen: y ta
HIND )WMERT ASSURANCES—Payati ad u Baad dete'oe ou ptoveace eae 700% | ofthe Hesleitar Venerol hla faland aa | Unibe Matter ot Fredatiok Jaoob | eraaber 10ldot thy sald Marie Leaders to the matter of Pe cauncptroulen of 0
JUINT LIYE AUSURANCE,~Poyatie to ibe sarvivor of two persoce on the death} feted thls 16h dav of ¥-hroary 1011, B aot ‘ Geemaeed, sabe ales oa the Zlet day of versus the sald Nancy Rootes, |
i, UH‘ LOVELAE, ag encary 101), biving at the time of ber Rambve Dated tble


ALU wT TERM ASSURANCE. —Ba table as security for temporary loane and kindred

RAN Gerth 0 Axed place of abode at No, 9 Chsa NoOpoe fa heredy gives that there will

Depety Regteuuar, N&zice lahorebyg thad there will fosry Lane fa the ti Tows of Poct-ole pat op for asie ab Uhagasnis of

ABSUHANCE.T. sity to th ——————=————— wits se for ton Val ; ; ——— a
ANNGITY i U. C. ‘9 vesure an sanity to the wife o1 the death cf the i r tbe Ward ot Ohareeant Uaton Villege Be mini the pad zi favery being the Hyedeedey abe Bot day of March/lvit st il ME Tupul a
LL OR EN STi TEEM MBBURANCE Tis legen insprcen at THE SURE COUGH CORB; sve, {17 “ Mevh t0e as 2 celack | | Ard soticeie a ibadit no Caveat | The right tile and interest of the Ptut 0 2
UENLABGEABLE TERM ASSURANCE.—The lergest tnvacsce at the mlaliuen arty) Intotgal before the expiration cf twentys | Uf Im ta anhelibed woolee ‘toons amnaolia :
oadey, giving the advantage of low premiom duieg tle early years of Ja, por bottla, Fotety "Hite Cee aee8 eats etre bine bi ‘Goon Ibe publicns (eavered with galvanized tron, eo to vader bee
ipourence. 4 , ai ord
t_ Hoefer atrmation Fas He OWN AgeLt Port-otSpain | bng’s White Pine )Hiilay*™ i) tA proper’ of ther ofug Probate tan dd Ever | Pou rmany tng oso backehs oop Wi paanes a et a
‘ 0 Ty-08-S pala Cough Syrup. | Lavied upsa fa the abo : sod 24 plecat hard-wood, moderate prices oa
one: NYUN & O0,—Sad Fernando: | go oyrup. cre Fe matter, Dated (bis 22d day of Febrany tots, f Leried upon fa the above matter, éleappolutmest,
. ‘ AoY Dejuty Meshal, " Cegiaccor CLEMENT * Deputy Betyoal, on as

. +


Te Follow ay

Koops away mosquitoes, an idewl thing to “keap at
home Di baby'eseka. ‘try it. Price tf at °6 M0 Keep



Have been adjod tour Exchanzes
Snes the publicat on of our




“fadminietrater, Senses!’

x“ MARK . x _{ (THE BOARD
‘ RE 8 . ‘ s.r toy ' “
4 , Perfectly REID S i wis | Indestrial Tra HITg. __- Bales, 6b
bee HAIR, [ete DYE gp S| weaumanH tn, Pato layy’ «gn Well Tod and Boag Co, TW”
3 ” Ove > ~ pre BOARD proposes to award four bance 1902, 3 \ 8 OH) ‘| @
g E | THE-MOST NATURALAND PERMANENT SHADES | BS Sfaatte eGR | enemttacmmnt | ee
2 ZHAT. SCIENCE CAN PRODUCE. oo |e OS Pleintinieusrart at | tains diac] OF SY. ALBAN'S, ENGLAND, -
th qneeraety Getter aeteetlon ond be wel attectad by ven water or pteem > z ta avait neat aader (be f lowing ew ditt tes: ornaict Latevtate, oy th Are and td 8 ete oqhipme for drilling i
4 250 SESE FESMIROPSE TESTERS Pea : BR TG | astm legmner ek Me oiacag [dy of Heres ll OxcweaTacd Bem . new a Pee ad Waar Wee esdeling of Cit
ean, be used without staining the fingers oF spoiling clothes ©}! “ rates, ich alone barseleg w: SOTICE In her agines, Derricka and Tools of every deseription fatnished ‘te order,
! EP hand has no equal either in colour, pormanenco op cleanliness « R os g et hove are vocatch e offered at primal PAte ite net ep pore rire thas Bapert ditters engage! and drilog by voatreet arreR : for, “4
¢ SOseTeSAeCE OR GR SE aR STE eeRaES ay |S (oF sone (3) Antetapeine os Toerliey’ the Bed Soy | apphnicgeee Tene Muth spreientions, do,’ can be by
E WHiad/wediem Slows OT ail Chemin’ bad tasers "EP RIG Cot roots Sue bee a &2 Gablnes men of Maoh it between the boura of one | Spplring to RANDOLPH RUST. ‘
eer p entero emeenrmemaneaine om cent Carpeovee (ty oe «| alland alngoler thes parcel of teod . ron apeeion Jtetea, t

Ma oa yh alsuate bo the Ward of Chagaceas fa the
Proority of refeciion to hia trade will rest | #land of Trintdad comprising dive scree be
with the cindidete guioirg ths grestect {the pame more or lene daliceated fa the
bas ber of marks in the examination, aad | Diagram ansesed te the Crown Grant ree
Wy ecoord:ng te bis powition on the het: giatered in Volame 63 fo'lo 107, a0-1 boand-

Onp lid: warned that bavearlea| eden the Noth by let aet BR Hw

Chagon Street, Porfof
Ist Februiry, 1011. ‘Spee,

The Royal Bank: of Canada


wded for appreations to | diledeon, on the Bouth and West ty Crown
Veades peced abibls exec lead acd on the Kuat.ty & road reserved
se hike wide,
sPupile oc ex-pepia of any nll or} Andaleo altstat parcel cf land
sebo td wha have bred eoatinaous yreldent the Ward of Caocgusncs in the
ta the colony daring $40 past tares yesra | Telulfad eowprisiag 19 acress be


yi . ‘ h . rh
: it: be et . ‘die tbe Di WILL OPEN A BRANCH AT'No, 14-‘HIGH STREBT, “4
aod at Lhe Favourite Pharm wy, opposited WW. H Bridge. ‘4 tre-tory, . TGancldtee tout be tre rom physte reant t ihm Grose Ursa tr isonet fa . : aa
ects f bewth, and 1 we lo ao: auded oa th
Please putin your Book, fais! a tet x's ett ctie| Nove faster cna te Sok San Fernando.
—=- . Joare, on the day Slexceateation aod Wert by Crown lands aod on the East ~ ON =
o Sah | aopig’ in Setttag to the Serene chem | patedd thie h dey of Febraary Told, ae _
” os - “7 a wriliag to the Neoretary o' a ayo ‘
. SO GRRE eee Port of Spain. [i ccceteture diudiy the iho] Bgl E, RADCIIVFE CLSRKE, EF HBERU AELLY Ast 1911. |
aes tee te 006 Alcals, J.P.—Reeidence Moreh next, esclosiag @ 6 riiflaate of good Adeajeistrator Ucnera', | .
- 181 Alston & Go, Geo, R.—Ofiice. condact {mom the principal of the college o* 4A GENERAL BANKING BUSINES? WILL BB TRANSACTED,
“ © 184 Alston & Oo, Geo B, — Bhipplog | Sheol whlch be nes amended. . .
Va . fs 418 Canten? Mrs Ac—Resld mast be pald by exch ‘candidate to te SALE FOR TRURSOVY THE lors ~ “ : ~
ke % f if 4 223 Clark E-R id ie Secretary ou of before the dey of examina- DAY OF MARCH 19tL, Savings Departanent-Depoits of dollar
pO ea i Collier, A. Jum Rendence. Hons E is teneived and joteress allowed, poein ob one ead epward
o , f 435 nee, Ae Jew dence, The subjecta of examination will be UBLIO NOTICE is bereby givea that
wm : ¥ 541 Gany Abdal- Provision Merchant | Dictation, Letier writing Oompoeliion in exereize of the Puwer of Bate con R KF. LEAVITT, >
d we ars F 313 Gerald & Beherer Cocoa Dept, | Arithmetia sad Drawiog, * | ferred oa mortyagees by tke Conveyancing Masager,
. Ap $83 Gittens, J. T.= Livery Btadles Barsaries of Free Pounds, Seren Pounds | 04 Law of Property Ordinacce No, 72 | _Janasry th—in.
a 44a pittens J.T Resideace. Tea, Tea Pounds, Twelve Pounds Tes aud aod fonteloed ia aot ou Sf more. See me
3 The best materials—the best that" | 278 Bah te Jo Ved ener ee eed ape the 8 | Tela (eeginared na No. 112 ef 1910) and e
on 310 London Flestric ‘Theat sppreaticrsh p, wil bs awarted io thow | Uwe, between Lewis Jobuson Smith of
money can buy. sis i mt a ne fe hea re, buya who, seudying the Ex the Fires Parr, Ambrose Oblamalng of ] aPPre es
BF . ioe RMS e. Un bi ence. D the bighess marke tn the , | the Seooud Part and Falicte Marla Aatoole
Bk A brewery as clean as-your kitchen; . bina Dept, | Poymenis will be msde querteriy, the firat| Braere of the Thied Purse Tuere will be

= the utensils ag clean.
; The cooling done in filtered air, ina
plate glass room.

The beer aged for months, until
thoroughly fermented, so it wilP not

cau ¢ biliousness.

Imported hy
‘EMAC, 24 ue aNDBx
Corner of Henry and Queen Streets.

Royal Kxcharge





ber death

the seld Jrseph Leama beiog

paves ie the pald will,

the sald J

493 Singer Sewing Machine Compeny,
212 Tmoidad G Railwey—Cocon Based

13 Davies, A. Cory—"' La Concordia”

San Fornando.

V1 Drvent, Lieat, A. H.--Residence,

18 Murray, L. E. Scotch Pi
4 Robertsor, W. C—Resid
7 R yal Bavk of Canada,
1 Whartoo L. O.—Nap'ma Dispensary etractuc are covsidered by the Board to bs


(JmocoOpoRrAted 12720.)| Houses, Refineries,
Heap Orricr:

Boyal Exchaoze, London, ¥.0,

South Quay, Port-of-Spain,

‘as Montsastat aloreseid bav-
abode af Mocteerrat aforesaid ie the va

ven that if pe caveat is
ice le else cnet of ewenty aight

pa: up for-sale by padblie aeston by the
uaderalzned at their Auction Mart, No, 2
eoruer of Sackville ant 8% Vincent
Screete 1a the towa of Port of-Spaln on
Thursday the 16.0 day of Merch [912 be
¢weea the houts ef one aod two p.m,

All aad Biogalae that certain Osee RS,
and parcel of ben: stefis the town ot
Porvof-Spala kodwa as No 37 Neleoa
Street and abattiog o@ the Noth on lot
Na 30 Nelsoa Street on the Suath oc lot
No, 35 Ne'son Street on the E+st on Nel-
oon S.reod and on the Weston lot No ¢
George Street

ing dae atthe eau Of Ubs third con-
* [plete mouth following che fires day of
epprenticesbip to @ licensed department,
rm or maner, Such payment wisl be
dependen upon the og.dact aod progress
athls craft, aod on his regular attendance
at the Technicd Uiasses proper to his
trade arranged by the B: to beheld at
a] the Vievorls Inedtate or elsewhere, of the
holder of the barsary and msy be withbeld
ot the barsary cincellei, when the quac-
terly reports of the smployer or the in-


HENRY CLAY & Co., Habana.


Whoternie mand Retail at

The Standard Hotel.


3 oye . aosatiafactory,
The beer filtéred, then sterilized in St. Josoph. T. B. JACKSON, Detad thle 15.b day of Febrosry 1911 St ee,
1, Me Jom . . LOUIS JOHN & CO. ;
- ~ A bottle. ‘is See ented oe Secretary, Auctioneers, NOTICE GoW oO SAM,
r The beer that will keepi limat . Megemsponas Fay ‘Statlon, , spe Concerning Certam ARHEOL,
he beer that will keepin any clima ° INSURANCE, SCOTLAND FOR EVER, Landa at La Brea. SANTAL ENOL, .
Mon re Sire . res —Je : ~ — i
_ You're always welcome to the brewery for NOTICE . Frank Niles IPAKE waratag Thiethe deed puroart- SANTAL PERLES, oy
| Seo" ncrvare proad of it FIRE ta ecenal ig’ | [oust inceatasiettelarat | atheceattiiaare tans | SARDAL WOOD ‘oth

"An! the size of it proves that people know To OIL PRUSPECTING SYNDICATES Thal th Br : 1 & ile til ian, a'oarepairate stort, lay te, aad | Cruden, Diseostaller, iDraggie of Poss COFAIBA,

# hy h f S I } t AND COMPANIES. 8 or lits orcad i 6 imetel ren eae Sconatlae Tt bey oa Bapreme Court of TrioWed aad Tobsro. GONO 3AN to Re themal

fhe wottho : Cnitz. —o— . INSURANCE co LT) queothy at Na It Leadon, Look for Avd farther tabs natice that tbe proper Prick <@/- Pax Borris

Ask for the Brewery Bottling. tae Bonen Baga Feb Msh—1e0 in the dlstries of Lalrey hove beea trace: [Gxt it at» =

MARCH, agtz,


pustic NOTICE
tnurcite ol the Po

eutaviletned 250 ferred tome by deed,

Pas alo
20. &
Febry 1Sib-lwe Mes Ovopone


“ We are now prepire ito accept
risks on tha O.l #idds ¢¢ an Var-
ricks, Motor, {sgine anl Boiler
quarters aniother proparty. Oil
‘dauka aod thoir oontsots et.”


Rawlins’s Drug Store.

Rubberand Allied Trades
LONDON: 24th duKe, fith WLY

id hereby given that 2»
wer of Sale coulerted om
Morigagora ty the Contsyacoog aad Liaw of
Pioperty Ordinance 1934 unt contalced ine
cettasa Memoracdum cf Mortgage, Na. 3§
dated tbe s4ih Septomver agio, from Kilahes
to William Sande son, there wil be put up lor
sale by the wodersigeed at bis Auction Mart
No. gt, Harr Promomads, $31 Feraando og
‘Luevsay (oe sist day 0: Murch igit, batweea

In the Supreme Coprt of Trinidad and Tobego,
No, 084 of agta,
la the Matter of
The Humble Paition of Nicholas Martane of
Priaces Towa to the Wart of Savana
G ande ‘5 the Island of Trisida4, Planter,

NGPveVTQ Bole dgente for Fir Department the bows of 3 and of Ordinance No 9), Suctica 3t,
Avon iA Lee ne eee at ta Trtoided 1, rly thoes tour several paseals of land The Estate fp Sean er imes called
BUI} DINGA, MAC AINERY, AND | Taq trinidad Shipplog & frading |Seckvitt ies ip (YOM | OU pose arcane lata of Prinors Towa in tbe otic
7 CA XXAVILL, todo 17, Notice
ema wiby the Od Field “of this 00, Ltd. aaron acd mieitee Paces ite Ott |e ane omee satin wee —
COND wets witb, eee © etches ba the sr¢ | MAKE NOTICE snet by ag order of Hin | FPS Comnil
lean del a oF earulttee has secured space
Cony emte, MARINE INSURANCH efected on Onrgo | t,0¢ fae, Sevaaated nod ent tbe bac | TT BOT eae Blackwood” wean | [foe Trietded sed Terese at Pace
speci, (Gold oF, silver) aod Registered | og tbe | Grows ( Grant io Volume XU, tole pads sss cen ar ttt day of Deceaates apie, Habber Exbibition, Leadon.
’ ost, by $43 0a lore by Crows aes T Pisses, he Wile? izes io ap to £900 —Trophiss
The KEW OOLOALOOMPARY, L'.| ppg QCRAN ears berets oe aSige tad | Ort ni teed fi itotand leo | Medel, st foe Uorpenon-Parucctar

Ted for Ren Hous and by lances Town decensed ia common

Manne INSUtatGe 60, LTD | Sexe ead en

wa and interacted by a Hoa

te Otis Ehil
Dated hia oth day of February, agtt ateadiog Ecbibltoca are requetied

: ‘ v9 oo meer Feb. 19th— 1m. capitan LOND, £100,000 i Send Abuteot cocaprtalon & sean acres, |- CIRAS. L, BORDE, to Commun Heate at once
’ RESERVE oe on ave £41.0,000 three roods cette ihe tine Boliettor for ibe Applicant, EDGAR TRIPP,
2 e more wi is mn
NIN GER Sawin Machine Go| eseeten® | tme-tae muupaenr [sani sc etic | To the Ladies. | ren xem Cclin
Ia the matter of the Eniaia or dodrea Leama | SING & TRADING Co ETI land be MINS: & CUMSIENGS tege to talon |
yoo . tate of the Word ‘of Mottecrrat ip the anid ene ; ber Jilends and oastomere seas she 3
- and— Planter—-Deceased. se teaomed UReSs-MAKING and ie pre
. y 1 UBLIC NOVICE ts boreby gives that ao
ds now prepared to furnish 10 arsine bus beet mace te by Jona Ice A ouse a eee eiactbnie ths coesativa 4
- % ca On rd ioe Pronata’ of tbe last ’ of olf ordere In thet test fashiovs, sad up ”
Sritaed Testament of Andrea Lesamt, late ef ede ot basco lntereqoied by 8 HpACt Htodate styles Prices very moderate, p) ®
AGER. SEWING MACHINE dcrard deed, toe 378 nie, [edirce 2240, tensarata Hoel Oh

foods and tbuiy four percts6 oe the suse taore |, Yebraary S—les,

8 Ghariocttat


a Bsed scr of Just RECEIVED of fens Geuneeled, end wiih toe atvitals aod —" ree k
tectemesr | vy REPRIGERATOR —_ |fuessed'as ee Serb opusar a Special Concert) j

wbikavon of bbis
40 lssve probate
sneph, Lome sccor-


nder mnosk distinwgiebed P ft
ww ene dovernor bie ‘corge Ky La

FRESH BUTTER Book ~- Keeping

’ 7 Dated this yxtb day of November s910, FRESH Cub Floll Mite snactal vote | Hoote'K O.M Ue at the ss a FURTOPSTAIN AND at gay
T. A. THOMP-ON ; . 4 ane oe :
. AA: 15d) T. A Kegis rer, FINtst KIPVERS, ree Carats fis wens PRINCES BUILDING Me BARTEOLOMEW, Cut.
BASY THRMS FINKST BLOATENS dats Uf dinnes 20d by lands periioned tor by ~ON THE etaudente are examines. and a
; 3 , . FINEST HADLOOKS Kadurabledad on tbe Bowth by (rove asd | Ate Pryeil 1911, | Himes Mewopoitea School, Load 4
i i La PetitGlaciere,) cee es ob Iie de, Parsloulare Later, | mies ue carer tauaal penta,
les, . Parts, Gil and Bets, 3 ROO Meee on (be 4b Murch sex, provided
ee . OMACGOM *™. SORNIPR, NOTICE. a of apelestives ‘weal, seach
fe _ —FOR— Immediately bebiad the Colonial Backs} = BYET ROUT, HGRUBY bog oe ty ta ersnt pan | SL eee a gee! es
e to _— Tobsge that (L8 vodeepigeed Jastles | £2MUR Bop aaa ,
. King csilsca (bam to eve tacir lends | ys, fr te Omg Sam
x? ENOWNEUD Jor the UNEQUALLED awuth end by Crowe inads aod 08 tbe | surveyod, she heviag bean ths purchacor of | Vo aary jaa « Bw,
a PRB anble alti hoported Laquore CR ON Ef Y Oa ee a hte mrad 87 0 | tne said Tanda she youn paslog tee, gta: | POINT :
rane, Wibaesog un ctl teubelt Se Oe cane Pasuied ibis towh day Poo reitttig Bhs caliev on tem for pened of oll -
ri ALWAYS ON HAND. asercer ellemetey a8 ‘6 — PUTNAM Pe PO couse denies Kags, Horie ead’ Bredshor, SINGUINKAU BBUS
‘ * ' be
A coms wat anaher is always in attendance t2 teach tho use of A Lavely Silver Cup FADELESS DYES. MONEY agelnes the Provietom: Ocean
" NEB and Attachments, 0 =— VAD be email qc large sumed ele
Pek GER SEWING MACHINGS are be best wod within the} De a Selnititnames | ()QL0UR, Joa tats cite soll A mor mms ea tener, Ne See
of all, parelag [ua doors from 2 w 6 pm cole all Hoes gg ‘Spats ald VHINIDAD LOAN (9 Wife Notice.
yor QY THE SEOO0D DAY GF THB) jie tapgermsat wi bres tingisg apart | HE PULIO le beraby woity thst Ede | 9
aad: Fr SEWING MACHINE COMPARY BOKI1G SAMATAL BLAcK @ assonTap colours Tho Finest Thing! i o is oben Et si z wis Rival,
Way , 9 . 1 “— avby, oving my dome ee: NGS
“4 lek street Mr, KINACI GOOU at Mvaciccs | Thee Slty Brug Ste@rels: toch Washes iss OdantuL | protecil-ewitbost sey juatores: LA 5 BOD Wasee ano
Frederick r ° wili be Bas, seein may be oe 0% beeps the mouth sweet andcloan] 4 nade Bt . ° ia .
Devabtecis.. “ the Ksseiwbarat by all who wah 1 47, Pan Etaaxt, at26 conta ver bottle. | pau t eget epaet Ldlnea PURE Pe c
Coad Toleghone—408 Pep ho de. RANGE BEG QTR Sgsal, USLS0'g BNGLUR PHARM AUT eby. Mela, ROD, AGROR

Apars ee o ni a

Agque and all Malarial Fevers

= Vino Tonico-'
LG Oe itTeaves qob


{L. 8. MEIKLE M,0.D.,D.S,

ont on

Dr. J. Baloh Carrington,

of Destel Sere
ay eee U.B.A. Sanene (Howard Untversity, U S.A.)
sorte A, E. ASTEBROOKE, Burreon Dexitint,
GBices ICK STREET, Opposite
Ber-No, 4 Backyille Bzreet, J FR Gite deny ee

Polloa Heed quarters

a a a ar

Manalactared by A, BOUBLETTE at No, 15 Park ft,, Port-of-Spaio,

ear gee ~


oco epared bya special and sclentifié process which losares
» heomplese risiy acd eet forth the exqaielte aroma of the Cocoa bean
ing free from alt Forelga abstances,
not only delicious, Lat as
Tablet packages,

the following 1 jes :—NSTEPHENS, Ltp., CAT EDONIAN
To Me doanT GOODINGS, & F. REIS (New York Eatabliabment), MARQUEZ

BTANDARD, and from Shope in town and country districta A. SOUBLETTE.

Hovember 27th—Im.

bat our gride of CHOCOLATE & COCOA FOWDER do not

OU ner Manderd quality. henoe we mafotala oar prices as we «ts not care to

pot ao elerior Quality on the market, Que ecientie process of Mannfuctare te tha

envy avo dexpair of our Competitors. Awarded Dip'oma Canadian Nitiood Exhbiol-
tion Toronto 1900, Sold everywbere and wholesale from

Albort Lucion & Co.

n & Chocolate Manufacturers.
Cocoa Dealers 1, Chariotle Street, Port-of-Spain.

Fe ene EO Se

SS Ses ee Lantern Set, A


ALS of the} bighest awards wherever they beve been,
Utara segured COLD loans aod cIGARKT TES awarded a certificate of hooous
at the Jamsioa Intersational Exbititioo, 1801. .

~Mechado's Cigars acd Cigarettes are for smokers of onlture and discerning taste
\ algae in qos y thip end bieadiog of MACHADO'S CIGARS & CIGARETTES

ca inot be excelled or equall


Harbour Street Jamaica. ©





—xro USK —

: Ryeryouo {oterested in Agricultare should find out sbout our

‘monials from all the lovding Plantera ia the Island.
tifoet oe application “Orders carefully and punctually attendod to.

‘chet Trinidad Shipping “and Trading Go., Lmtd.



o ».



r Exstabtakhed 18235

; ead Office Edinburgh. Scotiand
Accumonarsp Foxpe tee one eee eo 12,800,000
Cusine Parp on wee ne we atte 37,750,000
IO ANE "ADVANCED on noarity of Pollotes up to 90 per cent, of tn

ercont Interest

+ 6
render valoe & EDUCTION to beme raves darlag vlsite to Europe anc

hn arta ALCES TEL s++ Poliorweteoned 'm oh Woat Indies wit

od Othe .
- relerance oo ttn Jermec.oiei; “Dpreo of tee coo -athloment made

vay of tbe Comper Anew s miltted are arcbalcegedle efter Two Yours
’ og POUT SS eh Pe? * "a BiH AUSTIN,


‘od made frota the Enesb selected beans Ite | wood before applyiog and foliow witia light forking a fewinches deeg. ke weed:
a nouriecbment it te aorivalled, Pat up to f, i'b, 1 and 50 | or spread lightly over the minuroi land_as a mulch



-] of the following articles from let March

"| Swift's Animal-Humus Fertilizers|"=2"

eeeFOR THE cess '


. . ’ 4 Roagh and Drested.
Planters all over the world recogaize tho souadnass in’ scientiie priacipte ond cartiinty of profitable | gecoud Quality NA. White Pine Bosrde,

resulta from the use of any kiad of Organi Maaure Eapectally thosa forme are prefarred waich not oaly

lant food ina natural form @ut also Huaus asa neol in presereing the paysiasl propardal the | WIRE t ALTA aes reg of 100 Ihe

rot hus ensbling tho plant to show coattant profi able and listing results,


ate pure, natural, concentrated produc:s of BLOOD, BONE, and MEAT WASTES, from the animals
slaughtered at our own factories, t1ea from Chemical, acid, or added stimulssing matter,
fo contain only natural plant food and organic matter. One ton equals ia food olomart 10 to 18 tuns
of pure sheep mauure without, added weigat of water or earthy matrer = [he averago uss of one ton
to five acros has produced as good results as 20 to 3) tons of paa manurs per agro, givinga profit of not less
than 100% on the tozal cost the first year, and shewiog guod offects for threo to tive years fron tho fir t
single application, .

They create Humus, the store house of Nitrozen and Moisture, and their plant frod becomes slowly
available or as ‘fast av tha trea can adsimilare it As plants assimilate only as [+sy a3 geowsh continues,
lacking the camel's capacity for storaze ia their sys‘oms, s heavy loss in possidle ccop value mast rosalt
from etimulation and leaching with rapidly soluble caemical minures, f reiga to their normal structure,

Tt you have
who hare used them, ’

APPLICATION,—Spread the Mannra finely and evenly over the entiro aren
Ho not bury the maura but stir or mix well wit
the surface soil to promote rapid fermentation and bacterial action,

For analysos and prices apply to

er cCdivect to


Jersey City, U.S a,
February 16th—-2w.

STORY OF GRATITUDE. |Smith, Hobertson & Co

| Tojrrrive ex § sm SPHEROID"

“How Thankful I Am I Tried GIN PILLS,”

Everytody 1a HartGe'd lo New Bewaswick, kaows Me, Wilsou, sad everybody
koows bow he sofferod from Rheama iew, Ali hie neighbours offered augyes 1108 aad
to'd bim to try all e+rte of romedien—but arthiog give bin say rebel, Mead beea ‘ore
Stared with Hheametion for several yéare when ba resi io the pipsre about GIN PILLY |
and the wonderful cures they were making, bir, Wilson read of a csse so much hket
bls own th & he decided to give GIN PILLI « trial.

from to

To Arrive by Early 8 gamer.

** Tt adveda mia great pleasire to. couvay nod oaly
te you but toall saiferors frum Bickache and Khece
matiam, the great relif i beve ob aloed f om the use
of GIN PILLS, f feel thankfutte yoo. I recom:
mend GIN FILLY to every 010 suff serog a6 [ did,”



Areycuss dS. Wileon west Baas be ia to-dey,
Atl yon veod 1¢ GIN PILL. They will cos you
by dause they are the gresteat Kidocy Remedy known
te ecleucetoday. GIN PILLS instentty revere tbe
barniog, bitlog pola in the bak. GIN FILLS
te levesf ritated Liadder aad cure Lavontioance and
Bopprossion of Urine,

GIN PIULS strengihens the weak kidneys, GIN
PILLS peuwallse acie acid, GIN PILLS pony

boses of 169 and 200 Cigars,

an .

3 Que rinesT HAVANA clUuARS
—allez-e. ‘



SULPUURIv ACID~te 5 Ort, Dinas,

&, Chacon Strest,
7th Jeunare, 1911.

tebe ein a ie Sri tl
ands, knees,-ankies a eet, @:

We doo't ask you to bey GIN PILLA—bet to try
them—and weles youtry thew free, Write us and
we will gladly send you s f:e0samp'e of GIN FILLY,
Take then: sadirected aod a few pilis wl prove that

you bsve foand the rigat romey at lus GIN
N PILUS ia your |


PILLS are sold Ly dealers at 60 conte aton If you cau’t gov Ul.
neighboutbood, write us enclosing price aod we wili seid them ty you direct, National

. 7 Ait Iceombent om uli Ariisens

Drag and Cheaieal Company, Dep’, G.7., Toronto, Canada, Gere wat
MAGNA-TONE BLUOD AND NERVE TABLETS regu'ates the whole system—~ | Present auisuisiered in the prescribed

partly the biood—aad locresse the appet! # 60 cente a be yerem tredee, Le. | Hooktinders, Boot aud Shoe


Sore aa erry makers, Ooschbailders

~ . Coopers, Farsterr, Fitiers, Goldsml:
SS rrr ween Mesias, Muaiders, Macblatts, Fiembara
1a, Vatatere, dlers, Saithe,
Ss e rraval lo's Shipwrights, Bilversmitua, Teller. Tine

ecouibs, Tacness, Upholsterers, Wateh-

makers aud Wheelwsights who valoe their
© NO L aC positions in thelr respective brades to com.
viy with the pruvisiuas of she Urdinsnce
we . and tegistered themarlves, the Board, with
¥ wan —_ ‘ view toons toy such fegtetration, at a
‘ge 1D;
* (aAkX & AON WINR aa anthoreed the waiver othe ean yd,
9] svuMULATES THE APPETITE *& foe of $1 20, bitherte payable, in favour of
| |: REGeNERATES Une Btooa, * arataue woo shell auply, for Segtstratioa
14 ux mos
BRACES THE vst i 11h, attar whieh date regatta ol
‘ Highly recommended by Nedieat Authoritee re . follow the periodical examinetions of the
over the Wor! mee
cae Esch epp'icant will be required to aalie-
* — CURES: — # . fy tbe Board, either a writing, orally, or
* wo [ME] [eran that be pometece'S Sesiens
: @ 0
Anaemia | sed ogy ale ine te te sno
* ave <
* Chiorosis ‘ . loging bis alng ore desyitved per,
ie _
5 Debility * _ fete sn atonld ah cscs eptiy te tae
* N EBURASTHENIA, * - praising, Government Bulidlegs, Porn
; pala {oe forme aod ell particulars
DELUGHTFUL TASTE. * ” “sh Tackeon,
Wi “TS yeanavaite, vatrsrs (Auatzte), * . —_— rere Meth =“ ,
* . Batete) * SoS
KOO SOOO TOM Princes Town
OLY AGENT alcg's Famed Soda Water and
Tho Bonanza Drug. Stores. ont

Septembur 200b, 1910, MILLERS SLORKE

aniare guaranteed | roun tall,

hot already tried these Organic Manur.s, ask for results from any of your neighbours | om BLAM as 3. T

of soil, under the treos, a
is may by ala> forked 1 | It Bomoves Proud Flesh

$0),Puns Prd & Canniacs Bast Head
all sizes,
a J


The Byard of Industria}

Trapidad 42s sobuago

ml eee
Tr consideration of the enertment of
Ordinance No, 51010 having reo.

mskers, Oarpeniere aod Joleers, Catinet>


RALED TENDERS will be reroived
aD by the asdersigaed at the Tows
Holl, San Foracada, ap te 3 pc. of
Wedacedsy Sitad iostant forthe sapply

cextto 20th February 1018, delivery to
be taken as required. . .
CEMENT Roglish Gillinghatm’s, per
ATH—-Ex'ra heavy Cacedies, or
° Prince Hiward Talacd, per beg of

OLLMbAL—Best quality, per beg of

MOLABSES—~we gallon «.
DISINFECLANT | per gallon,


Beat Florida Pitch Pine Scantliog—
Brads aod Plaoks-

Hecond qislity Fiorlde Pitch Pine
Serotliog—Baaeda aad blacks,

Beat New York White Pine Boards—

Roogh and Dres:
NAIL Amper

, per foot.
tia of 24 Ibs. .
PAINT DIL—haw and Doiled, per
Town Clerk,

Ban Fernanda * .
9.h February 1911.


3 Henry 3


tied 2.
Mee else tale Sea i oi 2 ix
2°50 ie
It prevents Grangans, 232 Y
Is Cleans Old Bors, = | 3h O mH
, And Heals Them,’ |577 0 5
[thealetailfdesh wonods and soresoa the | = & a a
hamaa system or Domo.tic Animals,g ‘ Q
xt Ouren The Q os A
Hard Cases oO sk

° Sole Agente ¢

‘me SMITH BROS. & Co. =T
Danse ig Stores, ‘RINIDAD, 2.8
cere een br eo ee | Tyinidad


1710. 1911
Insurance Office

Bataplioehed 1710,

ON the two days of |

th ary S7ch and 29h,

ont? Che, “surance Coregacy in Belmont care will ree,

xh O, tbe World. Losurances Vark Street betweea the

; 5 against Loss or Damage | aod six p.m. ‘Trasefom wil
va by Fire effected? upon | {rons these lines to tie Feedesll

& S most every description , lines as usual,

of property in Towa and

« od eres nea also Le
f ec + Derricks
% af” Engloe & Boller Houses
Nose Refioeries, Residential

Sponge aad P

PHIS . se pe
cert, where quah dap
Race are a gre .

atm 2 °
great sicides, and to move ottk

Quarters and all losurable property on


at current rates,
9 per cent off rales for Courtry Residences
late Glass Windows las ared.
RENT :—Iosurance effected foe securing lndem

pity for the Loss of reat In cave of fre, 1eea found a
Losses by Lightoing are Made Good by tha | depariment. Siocge ent
ice, heotted ty deed

——— Ones have a bew
INCOME lp Ui pete. ooeseeee

armest of B
£6,069,974 aad owt

do, Sao Fernando,..Le W BONYUNACo p shiis pence mae
TNAreSPHoneH Wo. 170 | asd rou cithe will

— cae ie
oO Fred Jno, Sekt
Atlas Aseuranod a

eae Phe aaa

quake, Biot and Oa
Karine Insuraae



ewe of

mole Anonm ‘

(harles Hefds


Just Received


Each 10 Ib, in } Ib. Meh
Flasks All Letters 1° Oia
ROOMS 168 Fae

“BR.” SPORTING | Loyely Pali

nd. ovber §
ROTONS ond oibe


98, Absre

Taowninar ¢ en (21,000 OOM
Pepin Frey 201 Lane's EK

_ TOT TORRE ey apy ere . ~ — -

e ‘ ° & e


; ee ae eee eT Tee | aa
. .. Seber bed Rs ed © ton and ea ” lefe

. ‘ : Pe, gh 7{ * Pele ble Jecked lo Ube Peed ooces = ‘i i. > P Mi ill d La *
GOOD NEWS: Sees) i | Michael P. Maillard, |= '%
~ me NTA Sea atecaie Athen Syd oats ee Wh POPULAR Prices, >
worn and at fect the mone ine] Goods. . (The a Stora’) : Ces,



‘Boy told bier what be seen


the Feeult tharthe Corporal. searched
—IS DUE HERE ON THE 28TH INSTANT. ~— ghatged Osborne Martio, Rupert Wal ei on . 9 on:
. J . . & | | Soberts with fighting. They all plead : L ‘AT: 'S T | N M . I ’
FOR Gents, Iawacliess 42 CIhiic.2 GORD] | eetey wi the ‘exception of Wal | r i


OUR FIRSE SHIPMENT OF Ghartie Cormora, sgarched |
“ outta Sgpade tp ‘ic the eer way
. TD fee fer “phew god Maree ring
‘ae WATCH US AS IVR GRow! ane
VV, ATT RPRIVEALTIN , (The Hatter ): ned Ye tach or seven day ‘oe Way it's just this, We ato ftmporting-Hats to suit everyone. Yow wall

1 ¢ a Y “that 4 fost. Defechtant
~ id): a: «| |Sae coavitted’acd. sentenced to, 9
e * ry trenths’ ‘isprisonnient = with
the evidehce Martio' was fined 2+ ,
or"eeten days, Waldron diecharged. eomczeltnhsresemndichdtatonns .
Druntnustegres — Consiadle Sulivan

ww: Mrnper mad Outsittex, 16 Prederiux-nt. charged *Hobt. Green with drunken possibly look old under one of our Hats sot if you tried, Ladie# never get

1 : . i ‘ a
REMEMBER WH SELL BOOTS AND SHOES. ID) orsoven sconduct, He was Sned anyway, so what's the'use of saying mors ‘than that, we would like you jut

Rowina Bromma Sergt Molder step inandses how you look uo Jer“ongof-our latest introductions,

char, Manoel Zueguro, ‘elippe
charged Roberta Cora’ Pablo Rodel ee

gueft and Jeremiah Brusadey with

tending to complicate the situation. National, the Pacific Hallway, and. the

~—-——~—t | throwing stones @¥ Qupen 85 on Bate

approaches, Taking all these things ' d

The news that in Cartagena da Jadies | Antloqula Kailway, Ud falr, however, FP g Rif urdsy night. The 'eylidence showe
the Archbishop. of that Glovese had | to upen up Yast sections of new

. ' -
. an -— **, . = « ¥ i
the “Arebbisop of thar cloveey hed |e lee rane ae beany ae | acnens ane ceo ateeceore | 6 l These-Rank Among’ Something here*fe

country, see a development In Colombia which ded but during the night they
“bisboprie to ar American compasy | = Politice have quieted down desing | compare favourably with the wore fotned ‘out foe caustage a row, The Latest, 3 he’ Children,
provoked Violent popular demonstra, | the past year, President Hheyes | rrsults,attained In Mexico, Brasil or them stood in the’ étreet and an) ene
pee ig abel tom J cponeduryot | Fadred i June, 10S god ater iit Aveebdioe London Tome, tie at he’ fo te Sal r
wi enure of office by General Holguin, - re“convicted an ne
the country, An incident of this anew Dresident wae elected for the

LaDigs TRIMEC 1fbTs A Ready for ave—lo ne Fe

tf default eaven dave: - = “Wy
Satare, In a country essentially Ostho- | unexpired termmlasting one year— CITY POLICE COURT. “ededi, tf default seven dayey Bree, Preaat vreteefypenael with releat nad LURENS HATS = For every dey and ,
Peopivand their attitude towards the | molcu ended in Augast, 1010, fa the] 1 a, pineoad Wright. | 'kf batons ant Oiektee.* Priost raoge from 670 weur Sant the iad that will give suthfoede.y
Atnarican policy of expansion, This place, and President Catloe BK Rees 0 ee mont A QUESTION oO ve ue os vee we = 4.32 th-lfty parents. Riob from 390 ne

happened on the 12th of Decembur | trepo was chosen. Lie ta known to be Mondsy.
last, at atime When the represent au energetic and bigh-pilocipled man, | Daurxenyess,—Robt Orabam aa
Uve of Panama was on the eve of bit! op whom great hope tertained, | Charged by Sergt, Bailey with bein:
arrival on Colombian soil, athe hae drunk and disorderly, He ‘pleade
Ponibly the United States may per | a politician nearly all gully ‘aud was foed 2, oF
ceive In’ these occurrences an indicts | pews to hand shows seven days.—Kroest Mo Leod forthe
von of the lil-feeling which hss been already Introduced grest savings in | 84me cifence brought by Oon-
efeated inthe Latia American cont | ths admlnistration and has consider | stable Dowrage was similarly dealt
nent by Its past attitudeof superiority | aity jocreased the public revenue] with, as also a woman named

and protection, and by the actsofepoli- | though stricker methods of collection. | Emily Jones, Constable James being } has a-parallel' in cod liver oll. Over
ation which it has committed ype ‘There is au industrial revival in the | her prosceutor. & fitty’ mredietnal alkalouds our curative
Ue territory of sister Itepublics Onher beonntrys exporta of coffee, hides, | OxstRecTIOy~ConstableDrathwatte | elements are to ba found In the cod’
pért, Colombia will defend her ne # | rubber, and concentrates of minerals, | charged Exsetmond Edwards’ with liver, and for centuries pecple have
even thotigh in sodoing the shoul vat ae Welloe gold and vilver bare, are | Catixing an obstruction on the footpath | beenswallowing the greasy, {udiges
form hereelfinto ad obetacie inthepath greally on the iucrease, and the tible, nauseating oil. either iu its raw


; “sri AT3—lo thy [| COLLDREN'S SILK HATI—Ie white, bles ood glk
LAvIE® UNTEIT YES of Raw 2 Waits, bleex. 4 God enough for Sandey weir, and extra gow é
Lacct terra, winee, Saxe; toyel and brows, from tatterncoa weir, We areaelliog them
Berg tO one os ove on $2.40 0d we “ on te Ses



you. Immediately answer, because

the skid leindigestible, unpalatable,

Fhid delicious and nutritious fruit

at Prince atreet Ile pleaded not guilty

In-various Ehadesfeach on on ne vo: 18 ovate, rit
of the growing necessities of the #Ke. | Hudget for the ensuing year 1011-12 | but was fined As, or seven dayain de [form ‘or in at emulsion, té get the
The Government of pene Reatrepos shows acurplus, BY fault, 7 benefit of these medicinal elements,
as the outcome of 4 compro ise DRUNK AND DtsoRDERLY,—Robert | Now‘ it has been proved” by two
between'the part! em seems oa P' tr Owlog to various circumstances | Tumnbie was charged witht being deunk | celebrated Freoch chem! that the
sent legitimately a targe Pree One! T mostly vf a political admtoistra'ive | acd disorderly aad having ed guil- | off which enveloped the'turative pro-

. > 5
ice Oi 1 ' ’ ree Insur &
One Frice -Ohly, f Walaa Nowhere Like Walllard’sy | Fre Zsurame’
Colombia public opiniun. is is io | natere, the situation wad ther | fined & < ,
tayour of the authorities in, prepailog | duiticuls for the Governuent in "foun: TOnernceniox. Goes a roen Per ree aa thy skin of a orenae and oe

face the gravest problem whic jal t ‘\
ee rithes uadto encounter siuce | Cet pguatter#, during 1010; great | charged frances houve with loitering at | bave dis¢overed away to separate all

= ae
efforts were, however, made and all] St. Vincent wharl The evidence show: | of those medicinal elementé from the | TRINIDAD, ¥, - > f
the time when she shook off Uno yoke fitbe foreign engagements were dul d that defend. > 1 if nd
of Spanish dotinton, biet. ‘The reveuuee bow, tt is officially| ut declock yorterdey mores | heat eaa the bake wade and | Ia the Bopreme Court of Tristiad anf a) A ‘ ‘ , 7
a 8 ”

bout Jo'clock yesterday morns { e} ath bad, and thus make

t sbould be added that one it the reported leaves a surplus ae stated | tug as letbe custom none hucksters aoe * bad, Bemaary Jariaie bee, Port of tpefa

solutions proposed by Colombia io | above, including the service of all] of whom she isoue, but tecentiy that | This will explain’ what a valuable | No 453 of 1005

this conflict was that the question [external obligationy, and fa tbese practice bas been stopped byths Pahcs ] medi¢ine Ferrol is; and why (t Is ‘Between

should*be submitted to The Hegue }raurns the Uoveroment dees not] she was toed 5s, or seven"days, 'the | superseeding old-fashioned cod Mver Damian-Agalera-Plaint® .
charge baviog been amended to ‘one | off and eniulefons, and why {t bes been *

Tribunal, The United States. which } include the jacome fiom ite emerald

jst bow wishes to give proofs of ite | wives. which are practically the ualy of obsirusting.

ax :
oe 2 eo ‘successful in curin tomach | Geveveve Aguill Bareble Aguilera» * ” a of
love of Peace by agreeing with * ones in the world. ‘Tbe produce from Fioutixd.=Norman Febbs and Al- | troubles, giving btrength wea teenned and Thelephe Cer etents ate We “Received Hu 8 Ship
powerful nat lon to re ut lor Fithe mines may be sapywhere fiom | fred ‘fomas were charged with Aight vitality tothe weak, run-down and ve oy , ;
capeot logically refuve the propural | $2222 60 £W%000 per annum, aul | log by Yown Uonsiable Lash. They | aged,” aod" cuting chronle coughs, | PUBLIC Notieviv bereby given that by >
ofthe Colomblan Government to end | Governinent. beth In London dod ta fee tonticted and fined 20s, each or | colds; dad building up the convale- an Order of Hie Honour Mr Justice ~OF= ”

seven days’ f - ey “ .
@ Gispute in which not merely the [ Goloinbie, exceeds £9U0 LW in value. Medford ped piaprivonment, Jobert btent, and jt ta’ because’ we know so | Swan made herein oo the lat day of Febsa

. “Ferrol ls made that we | ary 1911, there willbe put ap for aslebey { :

auiity of two countries but the tray The country fa now allracting great | obarge werd fined scien bat Fe ‘ Jethe’ 0 U -D T : NTE ;

palit ot 8 whole continent {9} atieution froin foreign eapitallecs and | terminal inprisonoaent.” ach or alike tie eines oo wialified coor Te oe ena orien ot age , AK M, * |e Z LA . ty
nrolve _ eorex al imoiog groups Lave bent ex: ABSAULT—Constablé Woods charged | meént Gf phyetctane of thé very highest } 1911 tetween the houre of one and two pm ? ‘
—— . ploting expeditions into Colombia, Samuel Green with beatiog Virginia | standing throughout ihe country, All and slogolar those three parcels of SOPPER PAINT. %

Tue Hepublc of Colombia, wisch ts | 0 the Uoternment for tue eonsitue | Jonsson wits aeeeseneeaey aed t;| 5 Bold Agent: mich Bron & Coy Tho | Jued the ra thetcl sitmasingee Ward | —— = ;

0 + . onslru Chnton wha ss ¢ ’
known to be ono of the richest | tion of reilw vi 4 that he betroated ared lotieney aeked Bonanza, Port-of-Spaln. of Bente Cros and comprising 24 Qarrees

cou jee in Ame! cc the Sente Rir al [ aaa
otries in Latin America. seeins to | t y has n woman whoni be had assaulted wae | crmtsiteterren me teeny a} jutting on the North on
be entering Dpon a perlod of sipady proportions, tequiivg three steauters | hiskeeper and had no desire to see if

J of the Crown opd en the Kest suibe et t ete ‘
Gevelopment, It offerwan ample field | weekly and Is greatly on the facrease. | bim puaisbed, to f, TH 4 ‘eat . “OCC etcy
for the'remunerative jovestment of Cattle breeding ona large scale, com: counsel on delendaate be eis = On oF THE PEOrLE.—Many | lehiect the ssid Conlat sed oathe Wi

. ¢apital, aod ita soining possibilities ate | bloed with the establisment of | veatto prison for seven daye, | Sila have come and gone, but Cana. |on the Peblio Row, The

« 3 a
known to be ue great if not greater, | packing Louse, seen ‘to be withla || Larceny or ilo Corporal | fais the feelion aad, focus’ fea | ouptioerGunetiedenasveues | | 7 ROPE ale bey
. Ww, e 0! e
American continent. The diMeulty shortly to be started, oo | with the lsweny or giate te sphere of usefulness each year, Ita | on the North on the Haste Bite Estate,
bitberto has been tha absence of rail ae

4 : ng qualities have brought it to | oo the Sowhon lends of Confer, on the ~ . a
‘The lands on the sea-board, both on | Thomas Ashew at Charlotte 8 olor he Woet 7
roads, rendering the transport of | the atlantlo aod Pacilic coasts, have | Defendant leaded not guilty. ‘reek we pe relied the eben an It ple. cathe Bene Oe Raed sodot she thied a {: | 1 > ‘¥
machi ipery almoat impossible. Somme } begun to increase in value ae the evidence shoaed that Achew kept | Thousands have benefited by eae nd | thereof asiteate at Blenchlweses Ward } de L 1
trunk" Sines, like the Colomblan f opening of the Panama Caval 4aomalt shop at which defendant went ¢ would use ho other preparation, comprising 29 acres 3 roods aad 96 perches’ eo » a
end suuttlog on the North on oo binds
onthenes, oathe ath on ol yanmet
and Asdrows.on ube East on anda of Del 52, SOUTH Quart
a4 and on eat on Crown lends. 2
Dated this 2latday of Febraary 1011, 8th February, 1911, a
(Se4.) LH. LOYELAOE, aan
Deputy Hegletraz, — rr)

| Bate at, '

‘Fivh Fedre!

TRIN ur .
. an 7

Ia tbe Bepremefourt of TrtaMed“eod

Summary JerislinierPe-t-st Spal *
A-Fine’ Assortment of Pag

No, 270 of 1900
*$ni all the various shades, alse


Smith Bros and Co
which we ‘are selling at 1 shilling pet 4





2500 PATRS

Ladies American BOOTS.


Ay! :

“Pversce | ee
Beojamia C'arke’and Lowlad ‘Alice Clatke
OTICE 1s hereby “gives that there wi
N be put up freee te it eee
Acction Mat Ne, 38 B4’Visreot™ Street
Port of 8p lo, oF Batatday the Ich dey of
Merch Vfl otIZ b’eleck Boon,
2 bese coooe, 15 ely boards aod 10 ed
* Leried p-n fb the aboy: Mer,

Dspaty” Matebs!,


Mansuav's Orrice,
+ 24h tt rel.


Tn the a Trinidad aod orcoaseadasoorse . tf
Semmery Jarisdiction, Port-ol-Mpala "Spe a i
ee IS the wai , PLEASE iGIVE US A-a
Arands Kellosa , : Before Going Elsewhere. . ‘3
Nore sh sr forme sete Melt eu
Poceat Spates ce ieee, Vineent Sixes, P ints : THE KXVHANGE, | Pi
ae , op we? oe ancl Jovied apa Le thia mater,
LADIES BLACK LACE loots” sy DADIES ‘CAN: Lace-Boors | “Pou. Jer ANRIVED Pun BS “GRENADE go
’ , ' a | eee : RGE mus ” 4
“* LADIES do BUTTON do, ~LADIES ‘do - BUTTON tdo "The Finest {Thay ‘= pe EN re ents
. . +2 ‘To th Washes is + Odentol,” For particulars ploass apply ta wt waiet
LADIES dv BLUCHIER Zo A, 5 WA.BLUGHER do ~ [sratemsearenntcee losqund
oe DIFS '4¢-BEUCHER*do “LALENG S EROLOS PuUbMAcT ” Feby2¢~1w " ;

wre EET A eI TT TT I TT ery ts 3 ree ey sR m
PE re , SE ee RR EE Tae me
: ’

? '

f , ,

, ‘ te / ~ mars

a cud t ; } sateen / { .


rary is holding an advertielng brief
Foe ine pawnbroking profession, which

fe faithy largely represetited fn this

The Venescelan st ' Apare*
arrived on Randay from Ciudad Thott,

yar with $0 passengers=De Dias y BREAD AXD DUTTEROR BREAD and [city already, or whether he means to

; .
mt iaz. De, Cartos Tamayo, Rev Father wuggest that the nambee of pawnbro-
ba “ae GO. Alvins, Neeere Pablo Mart’ A : flacreaeed 1 alnce
For Rent. . Abreau, Oaclos Franchi, A. taital, At acertala stage of a recent moels in should be "tar a t

D, Mreetracci, G, hl 5 | fog of the the Demerara Legislature mi

Matter, The “stocnere cargo com HK Exeetlency the Governor said he arare, the wy Noeueed. and to

tised 360 Packease for Kurope pee | thought{t was the wish of the Court to | carry on business under thelr Hernoed
‘ fame, and who are debar: mim

. 4 Freneh ilne; ackages per Hlam: | 4dfourn, seeing that they bad met at
Kes pi i! ‘
agee oberging moretban 8 given rate of ins


‘ burg-American ite 80 pac! 8am,
per Royal Dotch all. and's3 pack-| Mfr, Duncan sald he was apposed Lo | terest fixed by lav, it would seem to me
~ ages merchandiee for New York, per | Stjourning gimply because of thecric- | asthough thet were really the solution
Royal Dutch Mall, ' Ket match, He he ongbe the Jaterret desired by hit. Iteo, may T remind
— of the colony # come before that, | the writer that pawalng is only poe
jee egret Genoadas 100] i Gt Detaten nae mae [aie rerpona hae core
day from Glasgow via thedes with Me, Duncan replied that time tbat to the, maple Security for the
20h tona coal, 4t1 tone general car, meant a lotto blm, “I Edon't get my |}, whea moraover one
5 « go oan sought aod
and 5 passengers, From Gl ~ [bread and butter sittlog down tike | fe ready to pledge that article for the
fe D, B, Munro. From Darbados=-4 he added ‘I bare to security ot the ean? it lence
who happens to.
fir Garnett Fabene other Topthy, | Rend of ancl amsiaianes wie eins
Poseessee or would care

LTA tons, Captain Habetimaun, whic facricket } articles, andI falltosee why the avers
aailed on Saturday night for Euro b match, it is ea be tected | 2&2 borrower, eb juld be nenatived by
via St, Thomas’ took away 1,90) | 4, ir arnetts ‘ embers are elec being prevented from obtaining bie
bege Trinidad eocoa, 640 bags Vene- attend to the business of the Court, flosnein a more private, and, to bim.
Bula cocoa, 187 cedar Inge 24 eylla- Bo long acthey are present yrhea tbe more satisfactory manner, on o simple
dere, L cave abelld, 163 hides, 120 Dalen | Pouce le altting they are doiag the | note of band, What I suxgeat le te;
balate, 42 pieces timber and sundry | “hy ness for re Aa eee oon slected. | quired, if a halt fs tobe called to the
packages merchandise, t. Santos: ink the Court shou! undoubtedly rapid and reckless pace at
go oa and Bok adjoura simply ety hich soms young pereons do roa into

—_— afow Englishmen hare come lebt, ie a more ready and speedy

ore towell Jones sald he hed ar- method of recovering, Jetta then s

. r

At San Fernando, ranged bis business gn the understand. Linnie Tecintive morisione enabling
= Ing that the Court ‘would adjouro at | the judge al trial an absolute dia-
The oploion was expressed terday 12 Is would not sult him forthe | cretion to fix tha rate of Interest on
that it inonly a question of afew more { CoUskto goon now, but erterwise he | any given loan according to the cir
years nod the Carnival will bavediced al are sine hte catty at je to.come sumable Pte et be bene wee
tataral death = Up bo do'clock yeaterdiy } back this afternoon because of the ar- qynable Joteliigence of is obviously
sfternxon when the traia left thee town | rangements I have made. been dis vrei fleeced and hes
there was not yeta decent band of mas-] Mr Davis the feeling of Vhe | already Porald the'loan many times in
queraders moriog about the streete aod | majority of the electives was that interest alone, we would even advo.
1 ia evident that falerest iv waaiog ia | they respectfully ack His Excellency | cate the rendering of judgment for the
this anaual fote of the mareqs. to allow the Court to meet at 8,20 and | defendant; but where an Intelligent
—_—_—_———— A adjourn fa the afternoon, They were | man Las agreed to pay a certain high,
tn gocd company when they took a | but not unreasonable or extortionate
de in the G holiday. The House of Commoue was | rate of Interest for a loan made him
6 in 8 Gulf | the great example for that. The bon. | jo speciel circumstances, and often on
member for North West Essequibo { very doubtful security, tbere seems to
whe protested 7 not in hie place no more reason for the ja to
at morniog. It wae not conve: | reliey: well conei-
BODY NOT RECOVERED, nient tor be to be there at ban bat fered aca at Tivos doing than thers
ornidy . ey agri meet at that ifmelo] would be to order a merchaat to
porei ray eres. ta, bore re view oF the adjournment in the after refund the price of an article, or an
man whom they described as bavio noon, If members would atten i @ | estate vendor to refund the price of &
been dressed in weuit of dark tweed, business of the Court rather than | property which be had sold ata figure
and wearing black boote and a felt AN EXCHANGE OF BANTER af lareer thea « similar one thes
hat, had committed suicide by throw- | Me Duncanexplained he had a ve th gat by Ne anink elee, oh Ta
ing’ himself Into the Gulf inthe vic | tmpoctanteroetiog, which wae Axed | sotes eke mabe think it worn ee
nity of Coourive, between one and two | tor csiddan” Iie intimated that be | siete words your contemporary loses
o'clock on Suaday afternoon last, The | coutd not attend as the Court wae tied & entirely of the elementary prin
boys said thst the man had offered to | sitting. and: ta sult hls convenience it | may Bene ee emetic ident
take them for a row in a,bost, and | was decided ta mect in the moroing. | or 7s ‘Darel wecontteete tase long
when amidatream, the man poloted | That explained biu absence that morc: | asit wae mode with his eyes open, in
toa icatier and asked theta Wo looks | fag" “ie'id'vot neglect the baninees | Bissobee wanes, et ai sye che tran
heard a eplash, and looking round of the Court, but he could pot, attend, not fooled or tricked, I fall to see the
they discovered that the man hed of independent means,” be added, to just ve of afterwarde saving him lee
Jumbed overboard. He quickly disap- | Com hore at any bane” ~ poe Consequences ofan ack ot Sivan.
peared beneath tne water. The boys | “ys, AVoolford | inted out that they tio rae the “fines 7, diva tone "for

who were at their wite' end toknow | git fog a. conuderable amoant of f which he now wante torefuseto DA
what to do, managed to bring the boat } work by atteading the meeting of the what h rene wane to refuse bid my
beck to shore at abous eight o'clock a8 | Court, T Some, he would liké Bir, Duns | ee one ere COLONIST .
nig) @ police are taaklag enqul: | ean to know, had to give away feea 27th Febru oo
ries to find out who is Lhe maa. Lie wae apraking for his legal friends, taary 0lt,
Hie Excellency saidit would be ver:

+ '

PTE stoond & third Storeys
of the]. Building No, 24,
e Frederick Street, corner of
mg: Queen Street. Very suitable
}. fora dwelling and cool. Will .


some members,”

The Geroian steamer **Sparta.” ot

. * be put in thorough repair for a

responsible Tenant, if taken

eon a lease. Apply;to

“ J


2 Henry Street


ad \

Supposed Sulci
of Parla.


Repair Department:


New Quarters opened up for the repairs of
motor Cars and all work pertaining to j%, -




. bat Roe

. ca. devicable for the Court togo on deal- FAraMRIA.
© ORS | rere ing with the business of the vourt aod COLOMBIA.
, MVM a5 >) ea THE CARNIVAL Seog ft eeicctea on | THE UNITED States AND
: :

_~_, bi fi d that they should
The Carnival feetival of 1011 opened ae ASD ene adjoura ar 4.90, and

5, From a Colombian Corres nat.)
ith the. break of day yesterday, and | thofeellog of the Court was tbatthere | (from Colomb Beco ba ee ie

- : inl 1 eS
5 °
| Shipment of do'unbia Dey Cells to hand].

. willcontinue uatil (ts koell sounds oo } should be no meéting on the Saturday.
wy the stroke of twelve to-night. With | The adjournment would, therefore, be negotiations between the Oolombian
TRY *N for cleaning Sil +] ferpece, he geebacen ares | wane ioh Monday , He rani, t2 | Param mst tone place ie the

ei 1 as passed off, it might with equal jus- deratan: bat the feeling w 5

dee of brass ig elo’ or cleaning Silver and {plating tice extended Into columns of print regard to future meetings. Were they spring of 1000, the Vanems peation
tyrin B sel Caria e Wheels d while you waid dom lines, ‘but “in consideration of Mon 1 aE ee a ead Wedaewday feom the fleld of diplomati¢ Interven-
ig Sugey a 3 done y the varied tastes of our readers, we they should and sit as long ae pewaible weion ey principal reason for this

, rupose to adopt neithertbe one nor f-wit ly aft journment
the otbereapedicat. To begin with, sit Me Davie Toeied thas it ibe Court | fuss) of the United states to renew

. | Degotlations upon any baeie otber than
may be told that it did not require the | was to meet at 6 30, it was hard to ex thet accepted b 7 Colombian Mine

if, of propbetio inspiration in order to t them to work all d d neglect
BROS. AND CO,, ere cercsie fedioee | feiss rns dogo assy | er fe ia hive wrponle
e ¢9 [on the 101) Testivel. aod aoyordinary | working for bread and butter like tbe lercely repudiated bre large aection

individual could have risked the oplu- ber for Nortb*Weat Essequebo,” of publio opinion fn Dogoté and could
ion that no improvement would bave Ne Devie vemarked, wi ouiy for | n° be malotalned by the Uolomblan
been fortheumiuy on its immediate | bread and water.” (Leughter.) joverameot In reviving the matter,

predecessors, So that in thie casest]) Ne Duncans Hread and rum,

created a considerable amount of un:
feast, {it wae not the unexpected Me Davies Yen, if good Barbados pleaeantnesa between the two oouts-

¢ thath ned, Kverytblog that made the st hich ie manufac
aK tor aa entertaining: festival, wae as foray pot Be tue Isughter,) tries: fee Valted States, In its loter-
] if by prearraugemeot studiouly { The Court then adjourned, the tne feelin veire to. dlepley te, friendly
eliminated from the d: us mactments, | being 2 p.ui Iteputlles, sees with much anxiety tna

and throughout the ones ears
were assaulted with the dry, arti ireuption of thie awkward incident
‘ oto ite diplomatic relations with the
: —AT— Banat ca eile’ perfecily cone Money Leaders and Indebted- sister ountries The eeries of more
summated.) Wanting inevery veallgeol ness, ’ hy means et

f originality, the masqueradere frum —
: every cook Tad cornerof the cltyand |] To the Eduor Z The Port of Sprain obtalaing possession of tt ° anal zone
4 : be sirroucdinges, seemed to vie witn ‘ b sselte. hat would the good will of Mt abe mnie pater
‘ Ohne moLber 1a Leper oO ob an car Int be Likely Yo develop into J and bas, moreover, created a stroug
a .


I nce


These occurrencee @ naturally

nlogless refrain ofs Ub,
ie one. to rouch uh dem puo Sal lor | quite a series of articles, an attempt eentimentof mistrust throughout tbe

” entire Latin-American continent.
boy” the solitary yariation belog the | is being made iu the editorial coluuins | eh me eon american Some ‘Te

‘ — enn © rp bh Babajanindslan | of your dall temporary to arouse
: ‘ Peery Pay ‘ecartah ina ae it a sburious atereat tbe orile of pie that a certain section of oplaion ia
tin u tora of des,
js uM FREEZERS, OHANOIS LEATHERS Ce ane erections The cbarec: tow wblob it le apt to drive those who of the Hepublician Party d of ita
i COOLERS, SELVYE OLOTHS terethalmads public appeargaceslaiply are foulish enough to become its vice Ciel, Whose head is viel a n these
BANE LANTERNG - DOG COLLARS, excelled in the none too arduous tesk | time 1 have anyealf on mat re than one | aed of iste in Soe amiorance 8.
01 anys | occa:

: cents Ky PON ES LOOKS thing, an rein the tizeption of the opinion that extortionate usury. Bs fet ocwe volt sentiments bas induced

Bi pues, : looked for clowns, dere tea re ah Te clit dace ve ihe. atten fon of our | lo begia lhe parley afresh, lo

3 AT, JAPANESE TitiYs, the majority of the dagulee were 0 legislators and of (he judgesof the civil | which will not compromis th

= O4K TRAYS, ao eee nots bell ta Hut Ldo not thiuk therals avy | bude previous
BRUSHES OUR FAVORITES’ GOLD ENAMEL, ats ae teiCorer prospect ee io teal need for the whole bearted
do, . “GOLD LEA aotp sore foe todsy's cocabration, and we oor ceoterupors a Government haa sought the reopeniog
* nce: a. 2, .
do, OHLORIDE OF GOLD, to be fed fato euch # fleld of optimlen | the aubject ie al og binwelf vo aritt, out ostetelble tuleryection by” the

That there willbe ao increase inthe | Thst the leodiag Whita Mouse
number of masqueraders to-day, coup { woney at enorimone rates of loterest | On | Oey ita io send a repres
led with a more fanciful dress dis; play to persous ins poor position of ronan: | sentative to Oolombla, in the person of

: , rs ) ee
foot . [ we do pot deny, but we pot able tostend euch a 8! Paper enya
. ss of & character or Mendoss, The resident
; ' very much whether the element of | temporsry distress 0 of the new Republic, Hefior Arosemens,
rs { N A ay C LA 5 § D E P ‘ origioallty which was so much | which deinands soe eee mieod bas cabled 1a the Colombian Prevideat

tachi, io the previous day's { at any pil See the wad é
roceedings, will be an attendant | coe which fe tar tov comtaoa ta oe es Be Dan rand ther re.

' . JUGs, CHAMBER ShTA feature. A’ apy fate, nobody will | colony, nove can deny, ‘Sus 60 f tative of Pants and | dent
ieee eS, <5 Giiteue Disiies: |S. soe soiasapi cunped | itll oteahe ast bnce | ise ran mers tee

Sag than ouree)vee, eS | dent of the pits
ay ‘LES, SOUP TORERN®. obtains: With regard to the} rlog of Lange credit aot joe position aus, ‘to raise tule” taleslen matt

auass FLOWER Vi8kS

RO JUGS os 55%
pewPce pors “7


feeecttee Tor eaogretalation ob that y uo tush Hlabiltlee, apd f she ene ead Seioe Meadeas, has laa adress
score, and it Je sbout the only plea- | evil cannot be correc! other | ea a © oon 8

been. Moreover, | cannot see how ra of the Colombian pol
crea isanke. {he day oe thought the entorclag of the temedy suggested parites, cndeavairing tu pin belt
of the police authorities, ia iseuing 4 | by your contemporary, —the intsodus- he za oe to lu i our chon. 0

A FULL ASSORTMENT OF — general werolng. There wase marked | tion of nee reales pall acne fend. dendom matte ae Sie ort “ and

T . ae eet of lends Reeteproyrs a ney Jendere in their own regie mittes to recelre oformally the
ARA GLASSWARE ater’ k own objectionable features, tered name, would either meet the evil mets, of the President of Panemé
oe ke ji Iderably reduced, te ble of thorough evforce. | Tha United Staies, although it a

were beret daa Poin there {s also to be passed | not Aiguré ia this attemp

mAND— The lawices and dapgerous bibltiog onder heavy | of thu tnaty, ie confroaun
it , 1 ) China was torseuse warned on the Pireets renee fy risaament. bo tbe oetneot pituation, Colom eat oom
ean ‘od ifanything of the like wasatall | lending andl rrowlng oO! oo poe Covennt of 1 ‘and the Latla-
4 8 French (Limoges ‘ ‘ fnduiged [a4 weacopfoed so the four ate ore ateone A etadeney Aeerican Cevabiica” and | have by
| Pa ee fx inonaiony ronittrs | tesa teding dos aay
are desarrlpg -of praise | money lender eypeneeerot bis. noe of thie histrie incident fn order bhat

¢ .
hie ; ° privat ad for thaguies manner fo bleh tha de itlee; and the borrower will Tthey may Yo guided by it la pele
> , elebration wae observed. Oa lnguiry turg proovire with regari ta the!
Mm vidson’”’To Sr inra that thoremote vey fewer, ad: BARU IGE Sonne | elsls witibe hueceda 0


lawlessness. -D over sach & cowed Wo

gor Theas.*t Yauativa."a val “onder

,° 4 . tala Grindley, arrived pscctee one, | THE BEMPRARA LEGISLATURE | Jenitimate what le now tone thet

i Soe! | Pergerara tn batiags ana Hypereded to's BOLD COUNCIL ADJOURN ON | Weald bendy to eee eaveaetionte
. : a 2 a ons

. no pamengere eas Bhe brought | ACOOUNT OF CRICKET MALU? { party tothe walority’ of tine en

“ /







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Sathiug Dates-19128,

Suranses Leavs Tarntoap, T Augive New Yorx.

BY RON*., as
BYRON... os

tes ase Februvy b4th Febrdary Slat
vee age February 27th March 2, eh
rr March .,. 14th Meacch vos SEat
oe . March... 87.8 April see Sed
ee oe] Aprll wo. 14th April... Slab
eee aes April .. 87th May oe 6th

Birat, Second & DThird Clase dccommoadation,
For rétes of pasgige money acd all forther lafcrmation, apply to

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Bhipplog Department. _

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Y the House of SIARLELL & Co remains the eet
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As used of 8,3, Mauretania’ & H.M.7.D, ‘Tartar,’


ispwhat the Chief Camuissioner ap-
parently desires to veo’ instituted with
tegatd to the Arieplta Asylum. And
It certalnly would & good thing fur

theSistere aswell ac for their charges,

$ ~ WR Jit such period visits could be ar:
ranged. But we suggest that the

Town Board might wit advantage Ro


actep farther, and endeavour to

terest ladies as well ln this work,
Thereare, we understand, or at least
there used to be, a amall band of ladies
who took it fa turn to visit the asylum,
totalk to, read to, and otherwise seek
to brighten up the inmates; but it
appears that to-dey there ls not much
done fu that direction, The gentlemen



togetbeecut of
the property

ofthe instiwution is concerned bunt
thatis apparently, jadging by the ad
mirable condition ja which the place
seems to be, just what is least wanted,
though it may not be amiss to have
i. Butthere is much In guch anin:
atitution which could be bette? done
by ledy visitors; and we would venture
to throw out the suggestion to the
Obief Oonmissioner that be would be
conferring a still greater boon on the
inmates were be to endearour to In-
augurete a small band of regular lady
laitars to this lostitution,


Layne Explalns,



2 -ALSO-
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Will not Crack or Blister in the Sun.

AS pper Orncraanr-strest,

; Wholosalo oniy by



Mitsuren Hocse,

The Port-of-Spata Gazelle.
——_—_—_—_—_—_—e aaa
TUESDAY, 23ru FEBY, 1011.


Ix the fnstitutiod ‘aa the
Ariapita Asylum for the reception and
housing and csre of the aged aad
alckly poor of the city there has been
for msoy years past walotained by the
municipal authority of Port-ol-Spaly,

fate charge and
ood nune of the

Layne the Goorgetowa C. U. pro-
feeaso al who was receotly iid op at
Trintdad, on having lost bie pyrawge t>
Barbedos explained toa“ Datly Arg wy”
reporter that ha delsy at Liiuidad wae
due to tBe fact that be was miscformed
bythe mate on tbe U,M.3 “ Balantio”
that ble beggege had veo trauebtpped
tothe IMc, “Migdelena”, by whieh
steamer he was tobsvelelt fz barbados
aod thet be was uoate to secure a
posasge by the GM “sobs” the firet
atelieb.e opportuaity, ae it was reper ed
to bia that @ case of plegae bd
vecurred fa the Jalsnd aod that the
steamer w.s not tablog acy parsengers
to Barbados, The * Maydeiens” was to
leave at three voluck that dey aod
brfae be could got dick tu the
“Delan'ie” which wes anchored a lorg
distapoe from the @ dlagda ena”, wiud
aud raia setia and bo bud perforce to
fi! bebicd a cteamer avd save bimelf.

Oc direct fcom tho Manufacturere,


+ 2h February, 1011. Paper correspondent.

apy foreign

oe hold it,

ae eT ee


maosgement of the
Dowloican Ordet of Little Slaters of
Obarity one of the most useful
and deserving of publly charities the Uolted States
absoluce waete of wouey,

voluatary jostitution of the Nesareth
Houees moafotalaed Ly the Soolety of
St. Vincent de Paul.“ Standing In ite
own extensive grounds ine desu tful

Coronation Reats

Just av sites foe ataode to view the co
road loa proesetsieare letting slowly,
owiog tuthe einsmeous pe ces ask
the letting of Wet Kad housse or fiste
fur the CU ronstion sersin is being do-
layed by the exorbitant rents acked,

“ Many cf tharente,” easy Mosecg Hamp:
toa acd Sons, of Wockspurstrect ,f a oal-
portion to t!
wke the cweyt
house in Qieen's gets which 3a cormal
yeeramigot fet for £800 foe the arason
Cf thicteea weeks-faraishad, and wih an
upper houren id to look after the boure-

tolght posbd'y fet for £2099 1a the Oo
roustion “weagua . yet sone holders are

The demaad is for hous ain Mayfair,
St Jamey’s, snd Be gesvie; acd. foe
teas degree to theaorth of Hyde Park and
We bave beard
of 3.5.0 guiness being pild for a bouse
at that lsquite

Mensra Mabbett and Klge, of M-ant-
atree?, express siaitar views,
seate will aead proapcctive tenacts to
horels, or keap them out of Loodo1 al
toge ber,’ Ooo instance of a hizh price,
bowever, is 4,000 gat ers pall
rich Amariosn (or a faraisbed boaeala



“There sone very gondreason why
the Unitea Kiates would be allly to
fortdy tbe Panes Canal," sald Me,
James MeKechnie naval construgtor,
of Meawa Vickers Sone S Nazim, an
one of the moat distiogalehed wer
ship archilectein the wo. ld, to a news:
“That fe thet
‘ower which captneed It
from tha United States could not | Ibo

**No Power escept England has a
nayal base nearer thea 310) miles,
and [au surpriset that this qtestion
baa not bven thoughtoas carefully by

To furtify (he Panama Oaval lean
If you bave
& good enough navy you can defeod
It at bovb endes if your navy is not
good enough, and some other natiou
geteloto s war with you, thea it be
really na gain to It, and no loss to

e \ 1 e ’ ‘
7 , ‘



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ed, 30 T CROIX ~The se, “St, Croix” Is ROWN OF NAVARKE.—The so,
due here front Enrops oa or about * Crown of Navarre * of the Telals
the 2ad March lesviog thessme day | dad Line will leave New York on the
for Demerara taking cargo gasecogers | lst February 10it acd is due hereon
and mails the 2ad March ail,

ne ARACAS.=The a6 “MM. *
Lv Veloce Navvsa- | MUA THaigad Line will lowes, for
sone Ititianaa
Tue New Cotnviat Co Ltp = AOEs18,

New York of the 4th Ke! 1022,
Cua & DE TORINOTue 4,8, “ Citta

Trinidad Lina of

DING Un,—-Agarre.

alue of
ay, ofa


end Is Cue there on the Sth BM. 1811,
ai Torino fudue here feom Genoa,

Wo 152 International” Composition [LAGER BEE Rs | sissresitetere date ites | gue imiee tots estat | wi Mars, Greate tnaras Anatvate.
Wo. 1 3 ST 70 Jt R ji 7 , C one . hesriog of complaints, looking after | paying for gis, elec ric liga? telephone OF ee Ope Maree tho Oabollon 2th
rane. Lc uproavec ttQENS onwposttion. Browo 1 at Burton-on-Trent by | the coumlssariat, and general worklog | charies, aod the lke, Such » houst | Guragos, Savacitla, Vo Linon and | APvas—Venes stmecMats, 237 tone,

3 bourse, Od Bolivar—500 pkge mdse
for Europe per Freoch Line. 23%
pkgs wndee for Europs per Hamburg
anerican live, 80 pkge mdse per
Royal Duteh Maul and 43 packages
for New York per Royal Dutch Mall,
Guava.ovurs-French star La Diane,
2 08 tons, Thours, Carupano, | dog,
1 bale bats, 2 cases oundrles and
fey pasecogere, To Charies Leotaud

ox" fe due back here from Para: | & Son,

matibo via Darbedos on Tuesday, 7th | LiggpaL—Venes boas Goozales, 9

March JVM, and will leave the same | tous, 1 day, Cartiaquite.

day dirvot fur New York taking cargo | 4UUILA—Venesechar Clarke, 60 tons,

Pesenuers and malle 30 bourse. O. Uolon, 83 occa,’

M RO 1JNK, -The 85 “Marow-{ O00 coconuts planta aod 33 bags
iJoe” ladue bere from New York | coffve.

Onowk or Gnanava-Belt atme

direct on Nonday 13.b, March 1013 aod Pent wie As
rindlay, bon ho
badou wd ‘tons eal and ttl tome

Oovlon, taking cargo, firetclase passen-
gersonly. and mails.

nonunkitize West Ine
disols Mau benat
New York—Paramaribo,
Tae Rovat DuTca Matt “haaxrs,
AR(NACOt, The SS, * Saramace
* Fancy

will leave tits same day for Paranari-

URINE ee tte oie wurlnemee alcargu. To Trinidad Shipping
-Dbe 8. * Surloame general cargo, 2 f
S fe duehere from Paremarito on | & Trading lo, Shipping

Naw Masxutr=Brit sloop Di
tons 1 day, Geenedas phaecnaee
moo, 23 pkgs grounaguts, end 3
Avpvanciés—Lrit sloop Roberts, 21 tons.
4 dey, Greasde, 0 goats, 3 turkeys, 3
boxzee ease Taye cocos, 8 pkee
mabogaoy, pkge bides, and 25 pase.
Lavaniva =Brit str Grindlay? 2135
VAR SHAUO’ = The 88. *araef tous, 38 hoarse, Demerara, Tu Trini
S macoa" ietine bere fro New Yorke ded duipplog and Treading to,
dlrect on Monday, 27h March 19t1 aod | Datta—Veues stor Lopes, aa tours
36 1 15 oxen an
27 px
al ch

Monday, 13 b Slarch, 1911, and will
leave bazt dey st noon precisely
direct for New York taking cargo,
passengers and mails,

\ AROWIING,—The 55. %Nerow-
DML ijae” le due back here from Par
awartbo via Barbados on Tuesday 2let
March (911, and will leave the same
day direct for New York, taking cargo,
passengers aod mulle

will leave the eaweday for Parawer- bouce, O'd Bolivar,

taklog cargo passeogers acd £4 passengers for Trinidad, P ‘
wells. fur Kurope_ per Hoyal Mail, ‘2,
VOPPENANE, The 83. *Coppes pkgs fur Eu aca
C ame” fe dus here frow Parnneribo | «uericaa Iie, 4 pk tor Kurope
on Monday, 27th March aod will leave ir Royal Dutch nifund 1,008 pkge
nestday atnooun precisely direct for ‘or New Youk pee Trinidad Hne,

New Youk taklog cargo, passengers
and malia.

shade eam
Company Jad,
Tux New CoLontsL Cor,
Limitan Agents
LMERIAN=The 6.6 * Almerisn”

To Ua sude

oxen an Fluv y oes de
eRnManiccs=German vtme Brandt
4575 loos, 174 balias$,
To ordon, Grand. and

Prine Mavnita Dutchattr, Van dee
Goot, L490 loos, 3% bes, Demerara-«
100 tous genl cargo and6 passengers,

Se She

and apparently bealtby locality to tbe ] E14 wae picked op by alighters Eveat | you, because that olber nation could To Royal Duteh Mit,
r AND reas of the pewiy laid, ous revidectal | ually be ducoveicd shat his bsgzege bed | hat bold tt for two weeks, Beeld dus bece from Liverpool Wi" | Corrssawa: Dutch etmr, Uessoot, ~
« _. - district of Victoria Squire, Sor our, | at beea removed from the * alsotia” | “Finish “your canal aod bulld a see eerwacds to LvGusyre, | 2923 tous, @ hrs, Paramacibo—oar
5 207! FSititlon om i tbe vides ac. | 16 wae too Jate thea aod the other bigger navy to defind It. ees man Poerte Ga lo ard Curacas, taklog Hoyt pace sta Passeogers, eS “
commodation for, tomer ners (ato | tee ee Burepoen ouve oftcee,anye thahtie | A RUTS ht pas aun” | Sassiaccas Duschatny Vander
Toe A De jortification of | nas Osos * . a8, .
, “ i sell Moe iuteresied fo Ot eect Physical Wrecks | on Board s.s. hae bwen tne mal tenis of ditousslon, fh te due Bote trot ee ii soar cual arg ana 16 Denon
° he colony, Yet we do not suppose Oter gud that they are all of ble opinion | oceeding atrerwarde to Ls Gusire, ateh -
there Ste parsons cree ta Honk We tebe tbe tal . ' tbat fortification would bs uselees. Frew Cabello aad Curacao takiog Tenwrous pate F
lo, who realise the exis e etbe og from @ repos carg .
NM. ‘ thisaszlin, of take the smallest pet: [of Ur. J #. Bridger, ube arbaios MOVEMENTS OF STBAMESS, heen! wongers,
i a7 a io jateres! a 8 joer, to the usranlios s
ae sone MMe feer could be foucd wbo | Loud of tbat island. thi Boyal Mall Steam Packet Cr.— The Hamburg-Amoric | BMPS? Veors sehor, Ramos 29
x ~~ . , | would have ta confess to an honest | The Cuban s,s. Overl arrived at Bar. 168 Page 3 can Line ~ coe and 1 passenger,
. . ed ignorance of It, or at the Leste most | bados on the ¥.b insiant from Pera to Pavt IL. ScuEERER 4 Co DE .
: hasy idee of ita whereabouts od tts | witt 30 ngers. Of these 12) were ‘oninkiljke W, Matl- ‘AGENTS PARTURKS,
Sa > work. Last week this fostitation was Jroesuelpn patives taken by this ship . o . sib 4
' 7 y dienst. RAECIA—The os, *Uraecle" of f vasanuy Beit
o: visited by [le Excellency the Governor | 99 contract labourers fur the dladeira ‘Tys Rovat, Doro Mase G he Hamburg Awericen Line te | "5 neti thins, Cadogan, 87 tons,
. we understand for the Sret tle} piemoe Kallway aud refued, ‘Ihe Ev eure due fee, from Venezuelan porte on or shieclor cargo, no paseen.*
‘ . eloce his arrivalia the colony sand st | semalning 99 were persoos wha bed 1 Soe e envice. |sbout March 31th IVIL proceeding Gere, By Gow. R Alston &0),
4 , « ae the meeting of the Towa Board held | worked on the railway, and the ma)ur- INS WILLEME Vv The. Oe T orerwards to Havreand Memburg via Mb
; , ' - ' oa the following Thureday, Mr tone. Yee ee bonplsl bt Trust of ie Dee sees rive Willem V" | Str Tuswas, taking cargo, passengers
» | " frag tothe ate ined ta, il | Sa pe oe sear Meroe promedog | ABVIUCA The, a4, = Aura’ of
ae . e uinbex of these p the Hamburg American Line le dus
eT acwrecoey’ pleased with all be tare | man ng porelcal weackaihe rewultof | Sictreruamrtabide cargor poseengere [bere from) Veurtuslan ports 08 oF
, e tamales and the evident care takea of 3 beri-berl, Othere bave Led d » | pad malls about Alerch 2itb July proceeding
ei he same | (coy? youu: | PENS DIt NEDERLANDEN, The | afterwards to Havre aad Hamburg vis
| tue. ar "Bo ih of reds “0 rseation art cule . few tmanifoct’ geacral Dateb Mall Steance “ Prine der Nedere | Nu Thowas, taklog carga, paseoagers
Lo members of the Board which we | detiliy. ere were three Juyatics. fanden” lailue berefrom Amelerdam | and mails

Thess 0 are chiefly culoured labuuters.
Toe followlog eualyeia shows where

tbey belong +01 Hetbadiaus (uf hou
bat lig

oh. ep long to cuuniry districts) 435
each of the membere sbould be ep- | Urenadsevs 23; Demsrariace 9: Vince:
‘ated, ooe by pne, sod month by

sontane 73 Kt tfoniaus 2 p/trividedians
path to dodertake the duties of what .

fo Kagland aod 1b koown ef ta Uolux ube bocits Oatley
ndend sleewbere ko tapes O, nesta Oy
a viattore” to the fasituilon, It

New Youk, 10, 8; ninklog @ totel of VY,
wae almoet mentioned, what is

bly pet gonerelly keown, bere ————_—z———
ener The eMicecy of Bickle’s Anti-Cov-
qumpilre Syrup io guriug Coughs aud
ouide and ar! sinmetion of
the tangs, Can be pelabicthed b
dvede vf teatlusonials from al
ta, | nad couditous of mens Ibie a staud-
exdremrdy lp thoes alloseots aad ali

wards atteviatlog the lonely

aMectiuns ul the ibrdat sed Igugs Lb
ee those whom iuess tu hoe bigbly recuaueuded

coupels by wedicloe
epend a time of suffering la this justi: | peudurs, beceuce bey khoow aud sppre:
tution, Something os fet pone ened

clate jts value asacurative, ry i

terwarde to

Gueota, La





pgersand malls.

weer vrrvewrrrye


For} fortber;‘particulars


aod walls,


Pi tte ’ -

vie Pacawariba aod Demerara on or Loniun Direct Line
about 13.b March tvll, proceeding af of Staa *.

Pto Cabello,

Curacao, Jacmel, Aus Cazes, Portau-
Priace and New York, (aking cargo,

B WILLEM [L—The Datch | February, taking cargo for

ail Steamer * Pring Willeus 111"

ja due bere from Venesuclan ports oo ) QAHSTOUN
bout }#.b March 1011, proceediug

efterwardsto Paramaribo, Havre ao

aAvotlerdads, takiog cargo, passengers

SUANIA,—Toe Dutch Mall (Char {i
A tered) Steamer ** Asoancla® ie dug oo:

Cumaca, Uusote, L
a, Curacad, Jacuwl, Aux
Cayes, Portau Mrlove and New York

tabling cargo, pasveogecs and malle,

New Cotostet Company

GARGASSO—The 6.8. thst gaseo”
will ‘sail oa of about a wh


London. and Continental ports,

The oe. “sarstoon”
is due hore frow Laudos tla Bar
aa aad Cirenade on of about Merch

cb proceeding afterwarde ta Dens:

orare laklog Gargo, patsengere aod

Mother Gravee Worm Kstermlnatoe
will drive worms froin the syste
vithout fojary to the child, ase
ste action, while fully e@ecti re, ie calla,

: prions a


a7 TUESDAY EDOOARY 28 1911 .


[Now Hest touts

Xk aeitec,

Kew GOc.



(MBTUAL & O8-OPERATIVE) van by Mary Gaaet
FOR — « a ~o . TAE 0380 RNBS—by y EF. Boose
t 12, Cuncen street LAvY MOhLy or ‘HOTLAND 0
am Walker's é n i fi n i n 0 TELEPHONE No, &, N THE THIBE oF vin OE Pulp
” OLDERS 0 Tolie'er datol' 1064, ms UNDER THE’ rare
OANADIAN be bow apply yt thet ome es an | e sity Alten Ratoe
THE SFASONS MOST ATTRACLIVE STYLES wer Micr thea’ PRIBNNTAL 9 | a wintees conn .
CLUB tN BCR CAT aoa oi ei mais xour ov ite oo
- a IN at the last annaal gederal meeag of meme 5 NOW W JANE CHALON by MM, PY, Bhisl,
Ht SKY Prevotdl precios eae si aee former HEW GOODS 0 W OPE 146. ene Matt uf Eideoleighy
Office fort the asl DivID J corres: JULIAN REV Featte McCarth
= Fa Gast, to Warehouses pondieg to : AN wire MusuaNs—at 60, 8a AND 120, AN ATFAIR OF The suonouR ge 7
b Hers i A. F. MATITISON, Bre, ove AT 80 120, m. de Morged,
= a ant barerliee wa FOR-= Pasa Searetany & Tiosrncet, FANCY BROOADES & CaDES & FIQUES..A1 "AT 89 AND 120. THE seit we rene A, Biya
a dby a0 Officiat Stsmpc ver the we TRE MAN WHO DRu' e THECA
a LADIES & CHILDREN Oesabes 110. SEE OUR MARI ARVELLOUS VALUES, [os sreaatscesets Rue Te
m _ ~ . . justrions Eriace=(hy Philips
" aT Your Inspection of this very pretty assortment Invited . © Tenve riepacty «qr fPPentelms
rs LADIES Wi B ; ss saa: .
De SILVA’S te Hi ih BU, AA Se a eer a aa" “ i Trinidad Building and Lawas I Indlan Linons ! Persian Lawns!
I al i Pee cihure dietetic “Qs Goan Assoeiat NEW LACES. NEW LMBROIDERIES. {DAVIDSON & TODD.
do, ‘ Sivee Barwa ot: oe 3 5 wh Awvwond
* TURNING) EPSON eee taee ge: | bay Axgchatn |Spocial White Drilie, At 10: 125 180) __zee_Aronen
= won Bat we ws. OFFICE; NO. 1s, OH CHACON STREET, e AS
. go. WHITE Kil LANGTRY BHOES Large Bilk Bo w a ,
fi ABLISUMENT, . do, «= REL VERE KID COLONTAY ath Gilt Buckles ™ aon wwe Ble welephouo: mo. a2 ALL WOOL DRESS GOUDS= ficeats, NOW oe. cee DB cont,
4%, WHITE KID I BAR SHOES Pearl Banded oa os ¥ i v
° do. PALE RIUE SATIN 1 BAR SUOB4 with Bosds rn iy —— FANOY NUSLINSSZEPINRS 88 1D NOW = 1 geet
: ——— Omen 7 itver Buckles see - on toe
+o do, CHAMPAGNE LANGTRY 8HO88 et b Gold Bactl we oye 25f= FANCY CORD PIQUE y
ABBRUROMBIB ST] as Witre ktoi gan suozs runt a Holders of Debaofara Bonds | Faxcy PRuvtED Ewa, | 12Zc Now 8c
te dco TINK SATIN 1 BAR SHOES with Dude mts tae TWEED SUIT LENGTILS, $2104 8289 NOW 8,44 and 61.0 .
PHONE 247, do. WHITH CANVAS COLONIAL Sileer Buckles ne ace 1G] CYP tbls Aceueistlon are hervby notigd | PAST DYE KULaKI 20 cea « UW ane ” ve Moent. Peps 7 <
a RILVERKD KID 1 BAR SHOES with Brillisat we i Qeat aa Sande will be roleemed x Victoria Institute


—_- Bast Vatu fa WHITE & GREY COTTON, Cotton and aul Wool
Flannel, Cold Dats, Oxfords. Fancy Prints, etc, of Ge

SK HOC E &é& CO.

rirvm sc,
We Can Save You 25 or 50 Per Cent, on Your Purohases.

12 Frodorick ck Stre reot


do. WHITE BUUKSKIN 1 BAR SHOES with Large Bows woe moutba after the led day of Jannary nexs,
and that afver the 32.6 day of Jnoe 1911,
bo farther loterest wit! be paid on seme,

Holders who desire to cancel their
Debentures before the 3%h day of Jace
Jel}, may apply at the olfice of the Acso-
ciatioa for thelr values aod {atereste
thereon to date of cancellation.

By order of the Board of Directors,

Secretary & Treasurer,
Novr,[2l, 1930.


waned Plated Straw Slippers, Chinese Slippers, Carpet Slip-
. + THE Martiniquan Slippers, Satin Slippers and mumerous

wif EANEERY. bther lines always in stock.


& EFroderiolk Atrecst,

— wos a Weeols
gil BUTTER —10 ceate per tia

‘pUTTER-1s centatper tin






Peavy Pos
British Post

the Freach Post 0

General Post Ofice,
baer Tebresty, Ul.

QUEZ, Surgeon Dentist,

ta,rrecu.e at orders ischudlog


Penoy Postege rate has

work, gad, allo Name of Name el
avy sleo specialises ia rubber
All work guaranteed Fi msc et french Post

‘ey Freder chk Sicect, ed
Ociotes 20 b-wsm,



“a é

BIL “& Nice!
Gonda Cheese
Vandi E8—Erosllest Quality,

pris: * Hams.
p PRULYAI bin'’s

Arras pin? b pee ha

sien WS alaky.

o at B40 yr Bot

| MacKay WuIdKY,

é ‘Recolved. JUST T RECEIVED FOR RENT. ‘FOR « +SALE Lear gt.

— BY




24x 48,


&, Broadway,




70, South Quay.

$80 ew ‘Btomth,


Y. DE Lid & (0.

Tatlephower 1s
—————— SS

‘ igned cLean , ’
peak eee as ANY aT o BUTTLE rane oer ad Geo, E. M ==w | GITTENS MO8T RELIABLE
7 B ecere) pablig thad be hes ve ena e WaTCH REPAIRER AND CARRIAGES VERY “ane
tes, Cigarettes, | ye Sarit Bi, te tras iad pore s2WELLER : LIVE ones
ee: * prunt of sional i Says one it Taam Me rend Ho Hoionlame \ ww STABLES, "
ee a peel aot yaaa | 24 Frederlek St. |* . Oo: Teawguvete Moud | Stables
OODI a webs nbip gi arnali J, RILEY, Jon dle, swe + Jeauary Sib-lm,” Q R2Es Paoxes SUS iW, IN TUWN:

Fes YtbeIas,


NFURMATION bas beoe recetve from

the scope of the Tepe. tal Peary T’sstage

eer the arraogement the Teopertal
acheme is extended co the
Mors ta French darrttory te ta
fodls (0 live of which is given below), and
Moos in thove settion:

——— TIN CABIN TRUNKS ded Kenan god 8 Ab Gologies end
. Protectorate at looperiat Pensy Postage
pdvills & Wilson, Ltd, LEATHER SUIT CASES rates CLARENGS Hose |

Liat of Post Offices altuated in the French
settiensests im Ladle te which the Imperial

orented Iwo
ame fhe

Bain Peet





Rope ,




peo. OmMNAr. |

s /


wank B00 stale.


. .

: each) fitted with brassvcock-and: “keg suitable
for water or oil, . i
. .

eemw weds s (Se qame ames ' »







Gatvd, Buckets and Maths
Anchors and Chains,

Hoes, , Spades,
Coffee ,Diggers,
Cuttlasses Scrapers




For Estatejand everything in theJMardware Line
Cailkr om Ua mt


—————— =



PRES ae te

— Costumes




tepresentatives of
The Fiench Cruleers ‘Amlral-Aube,'
“Uonde” and * Gloire’ which ware
in port took part tu readerivg the
occasion still nvre solemn.




+ § emieantadeedegriemnnnetneaeete RO ~
For The

1Doz, Packets Powder
15 conta



Port-of- Spain Gazette,


Publishef Day, Moadays ats Pudlic Holi
Gays encepted, at the St Gee 06 St, Vincent
_. Stroat, Port of Spala,


Adeotlsements of Births, Deaths, aod
Marriages, acknowodgments aod
sieclumers (which musi be autbeat

ated by ibe sigaature of sore
respoamble persou) will be charge’
for at 2/6 each (9 be prepaidy

Ossual fdrertisemagis 01 every description:
—ss 6d hk 1 3 6d tort-
night, se pet moath per tach ==t0 be

Wants, &¢ :0s 6d per week each, 10 be

Editor aod Publisher A. P. ‘T, Amsagy,
Manager “ t.

. L .
Conse zo N. Lavon,

ow GC, J, H, Forp,
Â¥ ae
Au heguaae nent to the office of thie paper fo
7 men! shoul mu. bt
to ThePort-of Sporn Cawtte. parent


TO Oomaxsronpenrs,

“We do not bold ourselves responsible for, oof

da we bdecessaniy’ endorse iba opiaioar

ox by our Correspondenis In our

columos, 41 letters must Le accom:

panied by the real aigoature of the writer,

got pecessanly fur publication, Dut as @

guaranies of good lacb, Rejected mane
scripts C20001 De returned =

Advertising Soale on Appitoation

Subsef ption : sey Sf ear

apable ta Stusme—Pataccienn ?

Current Events.
New Moon,
Carnival—Second Day,

Sale of houses and parcela of land by
St. Joseph and Tunapuna Water Atho-
rity at the Wardens Office—1 pm

The London Electric Theatre -5 aod
2 p.m,

RMS, ** Tagus” arrives from South.
ampton via Cherbourg, St Michaels
Azores) and Barbados; and leaves for

ew York via Pto. Colombia, Carta-
gena, Oolon, Jamaica and Antilla
(Cabs), Malis close at

8.8, “Prins Maorite” Jeaves for
Carupano, Cumana, Guanta, La Guay-
ra, Pto, Cabello, Curacao and Port-au-
Prince sails close at 11 a.u.

8.8, “Coppename” te N
York. Ma! clove atl ane for New

High Watee Morn 433 Even 4.52 pm.
un rises " 19 a.m.

Bun sete on 607 p.m.
oon an wets.

Supreme Court; Demerara
News; Oddvani Anis

Ov y Polies Court

Our Article on The driapits
Asylum : Layne Szplains—
Why he lest his passuge to
Barbaios—Misied bya Mite;
Physical Wrecks on brard
as Ovi; Coronation Rents,
Panama Cans Fortifica-
tions—Opinion in Keglind
cferrying ths Waterway
would bs quits useless,
Pace 4 Fua

tng Georys popu'arily—
ifs disake for’ unecesssry


{tis announced that Professor Otto
Mabon of the University of Berlla bes
discovered Mesothorium, a substitute
for Hedlum, Dring the taat low
moothe the Academy of Science of
Berlin has been ia pussessioa of 230

arammes ofthe new wetal. It Ie
ed that Germany alone can pro-

produce 10 grammes of Mesothorium

sooually, aquaatity which corresponds
with the total guantity of radium now
possessed ja the worl

Bie Lesile Probyn the new
of Barbados ie stotoriee and brougbt
outs chauffeur and cer with blin,


We have lo draw the attention of.
the authorities to the Union Jack “In
tatters and rag” which le doing service
at the Harbour Master's Uflce If
economy te auch an important Question
in that’ Department, as a geoewan
remarted on Yanday, why not beg for
ope; es cially wince the establishment
here, of the gue of the Empires,
Union Jacke can be procured almost
for tbe mere beguiling. Avy way the
fleg as displayed on Sunday last was
simply disgraceful to eay the least.

The last pemoris) service held fo
Navena in Lonour of the sailors who
died fo the U.S 8. Maine was con
ducted on February 16.4, the thirteenth
snolvetsary of Lhe destruction of that
battleship. Vice President Zayas pro.
nounced the oration on the ovoadlon
there being present representatives of
the Cuben army aod nary and many

the government,

nations specially lnyited to take part
in the feetivities of the Centenary of

Country.” Spalo.

fa brinkdad
and that le oe

joan Unt be west to fagland, He

Hd ‘ nts Hog and be much preferred ;

meomes “= ———— Sar
"i rnd soleme instatlallon of tbe Varly Me. OR firowne, of the Bpartan

[oa Legislative sssembties

Ualted States of Vereguela took piece

va the 3h fnatent,

OG, wha faethe leland s beet bowler,
Mr W (bbs, of the Spartan CO,
and' Me. Leadle Archer of the Pick+
wick GO, represent Barbados in the

Et Luchador eaye, that among the | test match

ta the


Spanlsh Ameticaaicdady has among |
ite planting body several agriculturiets
who graduated in eouthertt quepe 5
er of the igland, and now we heer that
Mr, Arthur Sanderson of Naparima,
goes to Heru to fill an sppolatnient 00

ope of jte sugar plantations.

The public are remtaded that Queen's

eneruela figures the "Mother

A eecdnd batch of prisoners who
were accused of taking part la the
recent Berlin riots hae been sentenced.
The Court showed remarkable leni-
and condemned the action of the

a, Lager Beer, will bao tan todey at
police, especially ta the cate of fatally the Jubilee” [etadlishment at the

Corner of St, Vincent aud Park Streets

The charge against Me, Herry
atl, once clerk in charge of the
ethewe office of the West India

sabred. The trial Judge told the fory
that ft was not illegal to resist a police-
man when the latter was execediog
bis duty, and added that if Hermacn

had used a revolver under the cir:
cog Id have acted | and Panawa Telegraph Co, for alleged
cintancat sua citizen. . defalcations extending to about

$1,962 49 have been temporarily with
drawn, The case was postponed
from December Idet to the 23d fnstant
when Mr, Cameron the prosecuting
soheltor informed Mr. Hil Stipen-
diary Magistrate that the accused wae
In sucha state of health that i¢ wae
unlikely that he would be able to
stand histrial fora considerable time
aud be had beeninatructed to withdraw
the charges againet him, la view of the
fach that they would be brought
again ifthe accused had eufficiently
recovered as to stand bis trial.

On Sunday last, assisted by & num-
ber of boys from the Western H.C,
School, the newly formed tale cholr
made theic debut at the Cathedral of
the Immaculate Oooception, All
thinga considered, the mueio of the
Mass (Baftmann’s) was well rendered,
Me. A. E. Matk conductlag; The
sulolets wera Messrs Cruickebank and
Flemming (CAriaté eletron) Bland,
Patrem omnipotenten) aud M. A.
Maillard Genitum nom factum, The
boys were responsible for the sotos
Rt Spiritum and Agnus Del Afver
the Elevation, Fatber McQuillan, O.F,
Rave an exquisite rendering of Le Pro-
vosts’ Ave Verum The Gregorian
music was song by Father McQuillan
and Messrs Charvonne and Wells as
sisted by Father Nolan and Mr, L. Fus
Wiliam, After Mans there was Expo-
sitionof the Most Biessed Sacrament
for which the choir sung Father
Aylvard’s O Salutarfe in four parts.


Showing thd effect of the thirteen”
superstition the commander of
the Peninsular And Oriental eteam-
ship Morea which arrived at Ply-
mouth recently reported the suicide
of Captain It. C, Blair of the
Sixth Ghurka Riffes on Friday
January 13, Ae Captain Diair sat
wih twelve others at table bie at-
tention wae called to the unlGéLy num:
ber and to the day and date The
combination preyed on bie mind. He
talkedof pothin else and that night
jumped to deathia the Hed Sea,

According to the “Tageblatt” a
movement is on foot among Germah
capltaliets toestablich three German
echoolsof engineering fa hina. I is

urposed to ralee about 859,000, the
frge banks and Dr. Gustav von Krupp
von Boblerand Halbach contribution
liberally to the fund = Daron von Kid-
erlin Waechter of Foreign Affetra and
Adalral von Tirplts, Secretary of the
Admiralty, are giving encouragement
tothe plan, The lotention Is to estab-
lich two institutions of the lower

rade and one of higher rank for stu
Fonts wishing broader theoretical test-
ing. The movemeot evidently ie de-
signed for the purpose of breaking the
British and American monopoly fa
higher instruction fn Chica

Ia view of the great success of the
feats done at the Physical Culture
Exhibition on Saturday night last,
another ehow takes place to-night
Tuesday the 2th February at which
the eame seamen of the HN 8, Scylla
will take part. This is the tact oppor.
tunity left, asthe HLM.S Scyiia leaves
the nextday, Tickets at 3/-, 2/- and I/-
at M. Bornn Gf Queen Street and the
night of performance at the door,



The French meil steamer *Guade-
Joupe’, 2QJ8 tons, Captain Le Blanc,
arrived on Sunday from Venezuelan

rie with GW passengers :—From

imon ~Me J. Solozy. Frooi Savanilla

Me Wo. Mueths, From Porto
Oabello Me Pedro Bracho, Mies Jtosa
Yelleria and Mr O Telleria. Frow
Ls Guayra—F, Boccardo. Maria
Monch, Homer Power, J Acevedo,
©. Ascevedo, J, Scholtz, Maris
Teron, L Proctor, Pde Tamayo.
Maria A, Jiminesz, M Urbano, 8 Ur.
baco, J de Freitas, J, Schaller, A Ti-
rado, Q Tirado, Y. UD. Calcino, G D
Rodriguez, A Jaramillo, XO Yames.
CG Marcano and M Benaburt, From
Carupano~Henry Purdon, Magdalena
Valery, B, Mata, E Mata A Canejo, 8
Cama)», V. Mata J:'Pagazani, Gabriel
Rafal and child, J. M. Emery and
Nelson Nunes, From Uolon—ten
deckers. The ‘Guadeloupe’ auiled tha
same day for Kurope via Martinique
aod Guadeloupe with 5:0 bags Trini-
dad cocoa, 380 bage Venezuelan cocoa,
172 hides, 11 barrels old metal lewpty
caiboy and 9 passengers. DeS Oliver,
De 8, Cordova Messrs J. Fericelli, D,
A Magani, C Franchi, D Naestracci, J,
4, Matahine and 2 deckers, ‘

Loyal enthuslaem has been deeply
atirred by the announcemrnt that the
Kling and Queen wit visit Dublin aad
Edinburgh duriog July, é# tothe tn
clucionof later ie the visit, Sie Arthur
Bigge states “nothing has been settled
yet” Itia possible that their Majea-
tles may'slay at llolyrood Palace, Ed
inburgh, which bae been greatly {m-

roved ot a cost of £7,00), The Quesn
yas taken much fnterest {in the
changes. In any cate aCourt will he
held there, Itishoped, too, that the
King wsy open the Ohapelofthe Or
der of the Thistle erected ia connection
with St, Giles’ Uathedral with money
left by the Rarlof Leven and Melville,
1t ie furtber suggested thet the King
may visit both Glasgow, and Rowyth,
the naval base near the Forth Bridge.
Tmprovemente are being msde both
at Dalhon Castle, where a Court, will be
held. and at the Viceregal Lodge.
Vhoenix Park, where ther Majesties
willetay, *

The Dutch Mail steamer ‘Saramacca’
acrived Featerday from New York
direct in 63 days with 250 tons general
cargo and 15 paseen ers-Se F, HH,
Walker, Captain A Luod Me J Fita-
simmons Mise Elizabeth Kechm, MMe
JIL Fernandez and child, Me and Nrs
U FColbdorp, Miss Grace Colbotn, Mr
J, R, StateesM oA J Archibald, Mr B
Lange, MrHSunge. Mell Diaz Rodi
guez, and Me H,Gould The ‘Sara:
miacca’ left fast night for Paramariba
with part of faward cargo and 2 pas-
sengers -SMe Van der Berg aod Me
Jos. Achong,

The Venezuelan steamer ‘Delta’
arrived yesterday from Bolivar with
215 oxen and 21 passengers for Trini-
dad Sir and Mra 8 Naraves and sers
vant, Me KE. Innes, Mr L Yanes, Mr M.
Moufica, Me WW. Montaeratte, Mr and
Mra 8. R, Macloo, Me FP ON. Rag, Mra
M. Beotgui aud servant, Mre 1. Tel-
leria, Miss FA, Telletia, Bte José
Afanador, Me MA. Gusuches, Me K,
Rellean, Mie ‘T. Licclonl, MeL. Guel-
son, and 3 deckers; The steamer
alsol brought 270 packages for
“ucope per Royal Mail, 2,03) packages
per, Hambur-American Line 2x40
packages per Royal Dotch Mafl and

6u3 packages for New, York per Trinl-
dad line,

The German stesmer * Gerwant.
cus,” 38735 tons, Captain Hrandt, ar
tlved yesterday frow the Itiver Plate
via Hiasilian ‘ports io ballavt, She
ealled at thle port for a supply of
buaker coal srom the Trinidad Uvaliog

The Dutch Mail steamer “ Prins
Maurits’ arrived yesterday from Dew
erara with 100 tous general cargo and
6 passengers, From Paratnarlbo ~
Me dl. Kinperbak, Me J, Beadiker,
MeT., A,Hok MeL Itspbael- Fron
Demerara]Me A, C puilth and MeL.
T, Wilson, She leaves: to-day for
Vevetuelan porte tallog cargo, pas.
sengers and weils

Oustomere of Walter's Brewery are
requested to send to theirorders not
later, than 1L am. today as the pre
tolees will be closed after that hour on
account of carnival festivities,

Attention Is drawn to the sale to.
day atthe Tunspuns Warden's Oftice
of properties in St, Joseph and Tuna.
puna for arrears of water rates,

This morolng at 7 o'clock, Asbaran,
who wasconricted at the last Port-of-
Spain Ausizes foe ths murder of Mata.
deen at Mansanilla, will be executed
at the Royal Gaol, Vort-of Spain,

esterday by

An elderly’ man named George
ule, a boatman, was charged £
Mr, Blackwood Wright
Lance-Corporal Ford with the’ lat-
ceny from” the American Ware.
house of a box of cheese some
clothing sad vuther articles the
property of the Triautad Shippin
and Tradlog Coy Me. O J, Me.
sppeared for the defendant and the
ebarge was lald Indictably Evidence
of defendant's arrest at ble house ic
Teagsrete Road was taken for a re.
maod which wasgranted ustil (Wed.
percey> defendant being put on £100


Toe auousl Genera! Meeting of the
Howe Induitries Association bas been
pnaveldatly postponed to Thuesday
March 2od at the Victoria fustitute
at 430 p.m, Associates kindly take

6 ee a

ari fivete Naumana of tbe German
rmy hasevery prospect of spendin

the remaloder of hte Ife if privon
because he persistent! tefuses to eub-
mit tomilit ry disciplinss Naumann,
who beionge ‘to the sect known av
adwentiste, declares that Saturday is
the teal Sabbath, and thatany kind of
work, on that day, even the Ii btest,
JeiG the highest degree sinful, When
be became « soildisr in 1007 be refused
to obey auy orders between sunset on
Filday and auasent on Saturday,
He hes already undergone ecntences
of three mouths and two Yoary
joprisonment reepeciively, aod te
bow sorrowiog « ecutence of five years,
at the end of which he will be required
to verve the remainder of bis two,
years compuleoty military sercice


«A, Tepresentative of the Barbadbe
edvocate” bad an faterelew with Mr,
BSomervet the Skipper of tbe M.C.Q
teaus and asked what be thought of the
reepective noite of the Barbrdos and
Tiluidad cricket. Me, Somerset ould,
u oe taettee by far; because
syed on wattlog,
tuk beet of cricket, 14!
veyou aolostances Mr, bydoey
Dever developed into a bate.

The Datch mall steamer * Ooppens
ame,” 20.3 tons, Captain Eleasnoot,
arrived yeeterdsy from Paramaribo
with 5 passengers. From New Yorke.
Meand Mee. Edwards, Froo Pare
taaribo~Mr K, Draoger, Thle steam.
er leaves at m00n to-day for New York
caret with cargo, passengers 4nd

The Lamport and Holt nee © Te.

ence,* 300 tous, Capt rodson

atelved yesterday frou ante "

voyage of T days with 28) tons general

catge and a Deseongrre from Buenos
ve~—Sle Fr

Ne 0. Gaglionoae. sa den Berg aad

after a

Coptala Win, Beearn:
ag schooner * Flanes" wae coe ra
Oe veven days yesterday at the Har
the itetoce Osieact f gtesen of
nance U,
SP peared as complaloant, #0. dames

(Continued on Paye 9)

lmself sald be never understood play: |


wy unantre So


Tailors and Outfitters, 7



Gents Cashmere.

im Blnoclx 49 Whirite


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Sn OR pee — ee


Marino Squaro and Chace,




20-09 00000000000 9200 0000 90004000 0000 too.

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e 4
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Ri e 6 a
af isites,
wie are
Cricket Bats
Tho ‘Practice’ $1,50 * Masterpiece’ $l.
The ‘Universal’ 2.40 * Knockabout’ 24 |
The ‘ Defiable? 3,00 * Reliance
“Anglo Saxon’ 3,60. ‘St, Gearg’e ft 4,00



DOWER 0001400000000 0006000000008

Tennis Racquets ;





Bussey's Noted Makes,





O08 ewe tn 0008803888388 ee




t. » »


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FFE GUT GLASS. SMITH BROS & CO The Bovanza Sporting Couds Uepartment. j ,
SMITH BROS. & Go,|S MELE BROS. & CO.) curea pros, « co. {SMITH BROS. &-CD.
SIA, EA RITAIN (2 9 ibancashito Insurance Go] “DENTIST Ey - |" STRAT HPCOETLAD GSE ELPA Fama of Wr, Gomori,

; | Lancashire Insurance Uo
: i of Commons, Me, Asquith, sald the that General Leconte aqd other refu.) The faneral of MraSussooah Berkeley +
s ° Dental surgeon,

Gcvrernmeot da nat intend tocomniu- gees have embirked on the German | wife of Mr George Berkeley, wh
FRIRE:& LIFE pleate with the United States regard- steamer 1 Caledonia. for Se Thomas, | Gevrh wie ann moced in car fase fone,
ew wiatsimarplelelaielaia aOw misard Inf 8 PERMANENTLY, ESTABLISHED IN

The Pike eaux CANES, beon ! rokbaribe cone fermen td
Funils Exceed ... £12,000,00)

almost completely destroyed by fice, | I a G
CRICKET. Feber, Lo sation OL, bene a
[NSURANCES ottected against
> loss or damage’ by Fire on

oBlelaa’, Mr, tri td
organ, and de Jaa Crale! Tatakandued

Buildings and contents of Ware-

houses,- Offices, Shop, -and > Store

wae Becca 26

ing the Canadian anneration agitation,

Qitawa, Feby eb | u mith
. & bas adjourned unti eurerare, etbh.
aaery, on Frectical Be perioral March the ath thuemsaking Imposibie , Eollowlog Combined West ladisn
ons “in all branch RY | the coofirmation of the reciprocity peerm wilh play tn test match foutay : =
nes . or. agreement before the United States I 12 1. Moulder (CaptaiaW H.O. Bey:
TOREDERICK oT ow i nb Congress explres, The adjourpment ley. © Gienpson, H. A. Usoal, Dayne
86, Reid's Ottice. Atte ver all'd mbar] i. now significant. The Government ' and Hinds (British Gulena)s L ‘4.
Telepho s Nod Attendance ays will taken vote after Ach Wadnesday, cher, O, 2, Browne aud W, Gibbs (Bar-
‘elephone No 448. NOTICE OF MOTION. badoe]; Q Rogere and John-George
Notice bas been given by a Western , (Trinidad).

Beir, ‘A. B. Barteaux’

; Krom Mobile, Ala.

Gradoa‘e of Baltimore Oollege Tenta The Senat

in thesinging. The bearers M
Albort Valea, JN: Danley Wee Ma"
Nemars, OF Agosthal, Jaa A Devenish,
aad Fatlip Lacgton Amons those
preseat we noticed: Me sod Mr J A
Sites Driggy Mrfastt

: . eee Shame, Me aad
“Premises, and Private Dwellings at ‘ ber that he will ‘Test uatch OU e Combined W.L | i
tiatabats prices A Moments Reflection |sesssnetmerssoucatunsictne tart | vant tact wen’ scna aud Gopen Heed soi Mie fed

grate anoually therefore the Domiolou , jonlogeat 11 0am, and at lancheon

Me and Mra P EO Doi a
Dhooaws, Mra J oe Bertets, ‘ire rote
Mleses Devenish (25, Mrs and Misseal Aa
Namira, Minos Mitty sod Fuany Sofith,

. will promote the movement by negotl: | time (2 mm.) senre was Bl for ¢

N INCE ating annexation to the United Staten, | wicketaaHogers 0, Moulder 3) Heyley

WILU CONVINCE YOU AN STACK UPON REOIPROCITY, | 33 Archer 2° Layne 7 not out, Giubs 2
Washington Feby 27th = | notout, extese I Wicket perfect,



: . : of the importance of choosing | senator Mecumbsrof North Dakota, | Later Pi ce te ond | Mesere Goa T Regie, Acdrew Cesham:
rah v= ‘toma ene your Tailor well, if you want pened “tbe attack upon, reciproclty, ot 3.0 Bs, coinbined tenth” were OG Bait, aan F pple, 9 D
“ 2, 2 ery a Ome - . g *

fod Feet Selected All Veart Pp P, SCANTLING > to dross well Seer dnande of Yelle frurnatian, . Oral 18 Toh deotga D ‘Siempeon vy O.livierre Francis endes. . Sine
yf ‘ , ‘SMITIT BROSAND co andrunloneto Werlern fariners who OR. Riowned natous Mindelsextrae | eviseaw, AG Manger, J Lyon 8 xith.
ae i BOARDS & PLANKS. © . Let us Make Knreeacrificed (0 provide cheap food 2 Bawling aualyelas Saith 4 for 61, | FSD Smith, Joba Homey WA Bland,
#2 ‘Feet Solected All Heart I’, P, FLOORING The Bonanusan for the Indi tet CONGRESE | Moe Omerey, Cle Urowa O for 14 | Hoary Cherie, RA Wiao, J Wi Mo

a ’ + n) 2 3 i ‘ .

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Wem a rORws.

W fdeiPanama Telsoraph Compan,

ware A aaron
chan, eve t A
Congress Incresese with the doubts ‘and at clown of 4 43) hed
wbether, thie Congress will appruve seored 3 fund wees) nlialagton He soatss He Weermen, Dejtns, Thow
reciprocity, S Lfulia se roan 1h, anmen = 5
REORGANIZATION OF FRENCH Heane t, A. Ky ewace-et 0, Minti | G°mye Os Tea loner Meaperthay,
Navy. BUb Git, Barun 20 et aus waives 10 | tk, Move. Liga. Clark, wddeneso,
Landon Behe 20h “T QUy AT B RB DOS 1 ror, Lembert ($s Picherla, Todd (2)
Tha French Chamb-r nf Deputies, Barbados, 27th. Faea e« (8) ela‘oxh (8) "Ids Pretre,
has approved tho reorgsnizatiunofihe | “Tague from Southampton ar Mendi ckeso May Jack, Lambie(3)
Navy, as proposed by 4. Delcasses, | rived 10 Oa, wove Trinidad about 3 | Keelve Daly, Koox, (8) Marie B'andin
commission, aud rejected BM Jaure'nad- (pm Paswengere foc TrinidadrMesere } aod Master feliz Smith. The remains
verse motion bre 220 73) Thiele bo Bea) emia Meauy MoCcosley, Wake, | were jaterred lathe Lipeyronse cente-
accordance with the Anglo Freach | Mitcnell, Bosworth, Wiyeaoi, Dat: | tery, ,Too deceased bastelt eightebildera
gntente requiring France to defend the weot, Austin, Mes, Benjariag, vig along {with bee busbsod to moara ber
editerracean unaided ae Kugland de- | Agostini. ios aetin a6
fende tbe channel and Freoch At ro Mere. Darweet, Mrs. Gets, Jos and to whom we beg ta offer our
Jantle Coast, [n three years the
Freuch Navy will ba more powerful

! 2 ‘
hap, Auetcia Tely and Turkey eom-( Phystoal Cultura Exhibition,
ERNMENT. Oaoe who was present sends us the

The Soclalists attacked the Govern | following account of Satardey
meot, alleging that clerfoalisin wae] nivht'’s physical culture etbibitions
shown by the laxity of the esforces| —The physical culture exhibition

ent of the congregstingal lew Sf } which took place ou Saturdey night at
Briand replied that all due progress} Greyfriera Lai] at whiob seamen ot

mee Feet Nu 2 ROUGH BOARDS
R070; Feet :
e Trinidad Shipping & Trading Co,, Ltd.

re ‘oh danaary 1911,

The prospect of # apecial cession of NCC. b-ain Ist lontoge 8 23 pm

Tothe Publicin General,


Cocoa Fstate Proprietors in
THe undersigned. PAUL By
SOHKLEKELR & OO., wish it to
be koown that their only placa of
tusiness at Port-of-Npidais at No
41; MARINE sQUaRK and that
they are ia no way connected with
ths Coos Shop rua as No. 17

Charlotte Etreet by Messrs Gorold
& tcherce



NIDAD .LINE OF -STEAMERS Around the Stoves,

Carrying Through Freight for Tobagovand Ciuded Bolivar,




pink&o Secures your masks at once,

F Leave Apaiva Leave Annive don, Feb. ab, made it Imprac Icable to unreat the | tbe MLS ssaylla ware present wets biberwise you willbelate. Itementer
pe tenmexss. New York} Tawipap | Trvtpad | Lon % institutionsol kenerations foripeinn huge euacres, deve elighted aod spe: our first shipment of K sster Goods due

een carried in several voles, once by a] oial applause aod appreciation was ou the 23th lnstant, Look out as they

New Yore Y t
DANK H SCHORR G0: eR cage ance
2 : , 4 MT.
Feby. 13 . We UY, HELATH. 8

ACAS* iv, Javy. 21 ajority ‘of 16, bat M Beiand regards | evinced over the wrestling exbibluloa | arrive by every 1.3L, Steamer from
wh or NAVARKEY | | ery: is 35 4 yey. a nad neat responsive labile denvanda he first of iteclass ever seen ln Trinl- Eagland, Weterman tor sverythin «
ADA" a say ga |. Faby, 7 | Feby. 15 4. Foby, 24 Smal Mr, Lloyd George's friends are } for complete confidence, and hla resig- | ded. Seaman Sivel and Me, Meades in ry xoods, Elemember we se! ‘
aCAY? ot Es B. Faby, 17 | Foby 255 eb, 8 Port-of-“pain, alarmed by neurssthenia follawing | nation afier Ueneral Brune funeral | both of fureigu and world reavwoed oat aa Shoes, Waterman, Fhe :
AWN OF NAVARRE" ~. Pag, gi} Mob, 2 | Meh, bb | Mb. 39 February 25th, L9LL. i} upon ble business carea, Hele again | wanld.not be surprising Already tbe | reputation natethe fileadly demony | Hatter, Draper & Outfitter,
Dae “Tl Meh &@ | Met, 260] Bfob. 22 | Bch. 31 neem} Confined ta bis room, . revolutionary trades unloulate whoa | tration.
Bh . “| Aten, a3 | BMeb. 26, Apel Bf gApnt 9 THE ARMY ESTIMATES, M Ueland fougutarenocompromising: | Another feature which was also «

8 ct
Â¥ NAVANREâ„¢ Apit 7 | April $5 | iApni 23



. New Yong Febru
iow, Blonded lear for We
pst Bilder ae _ face
low a's ae:
Heavy Meus Pork vr bel, Blea

9 The Army Estiaistes totat 27,00,- icing, Tos Tempsssye M Beland Jeulon was Hoamia T. Bleel de
Yuille 3 Bay, Monos, Q0U pounds, including $5.00) pounds fur 4 rele by Palnig. pinion, ba Joonetragiag the Jiu Jitelu art (errest>
VIP@ we. 36 amex, 4 ales)

-| Mech, 40
ips adecrease of 7. pounds. | Hance i¢ menaced by moral disarde lng throwlug dowa, attacking defend:
Delightful Bathing, oranduns stating there is a disquieting | Delcasse us a-dark boree is menUoned | cesary) with b

paves! fom TRINIDAD to DEMERAIRA cach trip, returning to Now

Wa Irisid.d d

iDp tbe estimstes laa mein-| and arcbosciencelees pariiaw@ent. Bi | log and-disabling aa necallant lf ne.
ft didates at Maodburst, The 8 is a ate atsietaat Corporal
eof cas a8 uret. : .
We He TOCLLE, 7% (Queen Street’ tnd ope jal lnducements arg peneseary, ery aie © Mourey ise Oe there were Weight liftlog feate
Ye Adamson Printerte. for hillog ‘commmlesions, Eriéotiesixg, oF THE GER | and cleasical poslog by seaman Blazer

r ' {40a, B.W.L, Whe * z d Ble, Pedeo Pierre 5, the form ba
— eee POT SRI memes | HNOLAN NOT OIG 10 BUN] rue geronn neler keels |e taerath ata atts cai [menue
oie ~ The Hegue 4s hi Y Col pen over the Socialist opposition | artful way be did ble feats’ sbowed ngtist mr ~No qua.
ie = decided thes Magisud te ats The speakers spproved disarmament [up spgalust tbe local 4*Handow” cotlia idding pland
OR — ' 4 but regretted tt wae impracticable ‘tT who bas not bad the same advantages at Live rib, we 7123) ’
bene |e S OH ATI OF & NOVOLIST. Horlsonital bar feace’ by Me, Nonree | Exch, ‘ew nd x
a . P ” . @ death Is announced of Herr’) Bornnand Beaman Goddard sclentifie an OD days oght ¢66 78 *
wichardson elw ay: See eon or ePaetceanfewabing arta ot | Rechange Ne Fores
3 ~ ‘- - a“ art, banjo 3, 43058
5 " - Nor b 7 featcres that com: r ne
eavic eS Teena esta yaa [eet iseainaeh ants oben [Longo |e Wabty
estes al * agton Feby men’ i ‘.
. ‘ a House of Hepresontal lees b lo view of the request. of those who =
fas . T 5 REN: PRICES jected ia motion ter aelay in the for | were bere and ot be fact that tbe op per ome wn 014d
MOTE THESE GOODS & THE EE Lact atoc it tuhea tee | eed eaten toe aesiion |g | Beware mls Rope
. t 4 will be tod toniaht (Tuceday) | Sager) goon Beet 86%
" ' . cotton oft brew mlinna for be. = Grepiniare fiat Adinasdoa 36 26 eee peek tole
. C
GENTS Ww HITE KID GLOVES ee a < fas timeurd he defers OF the. eee pene nee ag ee Oneal fore
ADIES VeLVET 5 all colora~ . Republicans belog offs emocrat = waren oe “
pport eltbe sresideut's patic
new " poeys A Taonovad Pitt To elear the Lid wim

CLOU\ OTH— Go, a yard. oo
A iow GQLADSTAINI & KIT BAGY—solled-$3 nad $5.
CHINESE MATTING 1} yds wide—only 40¢ a ye,

CONFEITI 240. a dozen boxes ~buy now. .

THEY OF COMMERCE He | wraerh snd terli ot iwpurie aod
Â¥ NI. rritante ie peocesmry when tbe
tn bees of all Eopilehe JEu pypaTes MaTIFLED section le (rreg ilar, Tho pill thay wil
eimaely verte € aie Othe) rhe Senate has ratified the Treaty of | 19 thie work therougbiy arg De

Commerce with Japan, The clause | Kelloga’s Vegetable Pills, whieh ore
Lor peeepaey. aUPPORST Imasigration b p> | ulld ta actloa but slgaty in results,
FONANY ped, the Japanove Ambassador giving | They purse palolessly a effecaively,

fa cons | sa assurance that Japen will coadoug sod wok @ permanent cure. T!

otk... ce

ie oe
. = ce, per cons
Oonedle saa nti apt 6100
Petrcleuni - iso
Woetern he 1 Cy



« Lod fe eapeech
nection with ihe Charles Dickens's | the present pulley of restricting pasae | S62 ba teed without fear be the maost - re
WN. Genteoary, sald be hoped Amerinaos This precedent will protatly delicately constituted, ac there are 00 f Oilsekie 108 to i168
PORT-OF-SPAIN & PRINCES TO buy willloce pf svar fase Canadas, whovets palofel effecte preceeding taele geatle | General Petraleom 10s to 1/6
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Wat eco Reety v1 agKiibemfesine —.. OT g NAMIE UBLIC NOTICE hore'y given, thes | late. of Sangre Uleate et
WATER AUTHORITY. Mes jowh rat TT Sivatiepie’ties 8 8 Toe Appllngsof Praag Pi canis clan eam aeneeee [tine betamed a a
in, Eogeve ,., . . | oMarket Street 08a aa : * yancing
4 Ir4s Lamy, Maria & * . Ta the macter cf Low of Prope t¢ Ordicence, 1884 hereby. give
. 1987 La Blane, leno : me Onarlooe wrest ‘ ° i 2 The Real Froperty Ordinance 1895, @atsivet In a Tereale vermo-nedam of F us LO NOTICE bes Peedhe iat
1078 Moretna He'r yose Fy v7 SED BL Rod “oF 8 | PUBuic RatION ss herany given then morogres, No 14 dated the 8 A dey of | Onrislion Gries a
gaie of Properties within the Se. Jose hand ine went Hotes, John wn oe onMaracae Road ~ O40 shee Wank pide in Hi pte ae ee sa oe {ds Wallecs, Wer of Tarure ha the f» a ls
Tunapuoa Water Area tor Arrears of Water Rate Steg Miebell? Leire] Bevesion ~ je Richwond Btreeh 2 2 OE Denwaber “10, wa “good cous tobe heres at b'e suction msi Ny 90 Harris Widow, tor & grand of Leeubare
for the year 1910—f1, SPAR Miaveelaces Here cc Z| Scigammmien Gado | Saured, PNege tt Petco at abit the ah dny of Murch iy" Betwens Ue | 3iopen ce pe carta crKe ead ok the
. oatonriecr, Heirs =. EM. "9 ior the data © ra’ a ja between 1988, oo !
(099 Montrichasd, Ms . - Ak M. “ 10 J noticeia the Royal Gasaite @ Provivlensl boorecfone and two gue, u tae
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UB Maes; aiieâ„¢ = | peyntg work G14 9 | Sritetect Buch ieeh ic eng A'igtn oreocye ceed ate a | tgs sede atari to lg Cte
outage, Or! . in reepect te Ailant Singn'ar that parce teh Lheroof | tf
DAN by alvon thet avder andy Virtue of Wenctoee, No.1 of 1906 ive Not While n = Eecomen Suteet, 838 fina traate nether Wert Wf Heath erate eeeaee give rand aod riilenel tie anid Secetaes How and
Pad tee Obsirmen of the Bt. Joseph and Tu let the, acne; So eph “ c.Breeman Brest” OO 8 sparlwa Wee inths ‘nand cl one Cn e | And Note fs also given thal if
Beso iil ius Boasce and purel of and beretngeritachtet eid nets [HU Paste Pies? maminiient $4 B [itetrege press tterne mas or Cones tail fos Qn gud traniet on | trairdgat Saye fom thd ste
pee A: efore the doors of the Warden's Offise, Tanipans, betwees | 17 Pierre, Bnannuh ‘ “Markee dren 44} tess deilorated In theding am nn eset tn the North by Crown Lard, oa the Roath | pabii Coart
. : § 3 . cobLarkes Street 08 gyy 4 babliostion of thie motice, the Coart will
of and 9 Ocoee nes mr EE! BRUARY a8tH, 1911, aatess | ids Revell. MoM, 3 : Wnaeus Vieta Breet, =O TO the Crown (Grant Lane ot oy Grown. Land. oa she & sk on ton ne procoad ta Jame Latiers of A imfaletration
Mee nmoont of anch rates and the conte of, nod facitentalvoa auch. tals te [ 178 Smad, ee mae, ~ 9 2 9 | Cbemps T tenteof Bidjan othe Crown Land intersected by a Reed Re-| Datel thi th aay of Freores f
the Secretary of the Gt. Joseph sad Tunapaca Water Authority beloe 1188 Release, Virginie ” m Waitegton Bucs "Oo | Sent ty Coors ot sd” ihe Tresed «bareot hi Bk THOMSON,
wie, ue Vince! ees a " “ “Kit suet 5 a 2 sod ty" ede ore nampasing ced on ibe glerea acres and seven perches wbeata ‘< r x
6 os roy wre. ~ a2 orngs aa afor a ff 1
iH Whukese Adu s we Mareets Row “010 6 fincas °7 leadeot Babjun end by Crown | oiitiram severed to. the Grown Grane | 1 tbe Supreme Court of Trieldad and
¢ * - we St Joveph me 02 OP Dated thie 0h dey ot eno ee eee eng canmded | Ne 18 of 1909
“= Neme . Locality Due EOQM VE! PS km Ureenidees on tbe
. . | Roath on lends of Johe G Between
TUNAPUNA, 257 Rood BT JOSEPH WARD Te, Kambnlands c€ Nichlch und onthe Wort | Boavee Botalara and OooePtalatite
we we Water Lane c ! 4 ina sated ond Roopiol my ro Bt Jo a -~ Q 4. 9 {a the Sopreme Soar of Trialded and by, Grown Land. Day of Febranry 10115 Mary Warren—Delendaat
- we eJabilegBtreet § 2 0 1 1280 Kagee, Pierre * ne “ “‘Freemen At “ > PBR, PICKERING, omen
oo oe ou B sllon Street bang ° 1 $ 1310 Jour Frederick ‘ “ee wanes Oy 8 hs 237 of 1910 q , Anctioneer, Pvstto NOTICE ts hereby gives that
ae see ow Totapana Road we QO 4 0 | 139% Joseph, Leander Bhiel at ge sen arte 7 $ u ‘ a the matter of sa application ot Nattai i by ao order ot {lls Honour Ie Jastice
™ ” ~Peegaeeet - 8 12 a i Aled °. BE, M we we _toBuena Vista Streey "0 8 9 [Ta the matter of the Real Poop tly : dercety IO there wilt be toe oer
one os +-St Vincent Street f. 0 i © | 188 Poter, Edward a we vreoman Breet 7” $ } é Ordinance 1885, TRINIDAD. sesreiet doer of the Go h Hode mn
- oe weft vincent Btreet 4. O14 0 ue Poskering. JF, tes on w8t Angariloe « 0 BO UBLIC NOTICE fabeveby gives that SALE FOR WEDNESDAY, THE [ March 121] betweeea ‘ Konre of vee aed
waren, EADS ie = SEM hol oie | lilremy Ml EISEN 1 S4S 8 Pataael tn caSehet lle enone tr dastos | me apn, :
'e . aa ~ en ws «a S.B Cults . ateel] m: § h — ’
Fotis A, mBagitarey Road mg 1 8 PIE Roranl end Doodenl â„¢ Banta Margera | 0 8 0 | Jnowary Wil, unless coat evune torthe PUBLIONOTZ 2H is hereby given that s+ Charles constettag Paz gation oat
Elis an Pee ieee 0 4 Oe real z ES MN Road 016 o | contrary be showa withla foarieen. daye | 4, netercise of the ower of Naleconter. # laud, the tay iheteed. compeisiog bth
8 ate et Hire Eloise ore Soa = 08 OS tebe sa a « O10 from the de t the publication of this Ted noon mortaagae by cle conveycnsing acres sicaate in the Wand of Charaane
Sarre» noun vo we oe pee ete vee 9 8 a 1408 Willian, Robert m Taterty Btreet . 012, 0 Fistont Cartifiute 0 Tule it raed | Sod mortgage Gated the 2ad dey ot | ‘ast 7 Crome ese eton
. oe eee on oe . ti ttal aga} ope thoassnod nin aadred and
5. m= tt, Uren Btress 8 CHAS, W, JULUMSIVGH bet carta paige! of aed state dine , MeL tered ae ember 2346 for 1010 | to MO Glendon, aul os, theres wae
a Geebeere, E. Vs woe ~ rele M, Road we O17 6 8 ‘sod 7 . word of Ssvana Grande Soath, compra | 80d made between Betton Evienns of the f teadeof William W jpn
ye arare, Andrew ™ x oE, M. Fond aan oar lecrotary Bt. Joseph and Tuaspaoa Water Authority, fing § actes. 3 rog'n. and. 38 perehes one pataod Menaela Le mora Harrteon of | of comprising forty plee Toe reoond there
Beaten SEMEL, D818 [rami — —— panioqn «(Spann ees reg Ge peblenttety oeunle eg is Wot | Suara Cacti any ete
a Thoe... â„¢ woPabrryMeregs 8 4 0 Hibs Supreme Court of Tricidad and Tebexo, | In the Sopreme Courk ef Tiloldad and | sed boarded on the Noth by iene sronton Mart, No 2 Xaskelila street ta the Notth poe late al overt Wea Wavess
2 see ae on ° ono . Toba, petitioned for by Kedirrabimted A bd ‘uwne ‘ortof Spata on aedsy the Bo! 6
oo, W. A. oe sBheritt gireet ' oo 8 1 : Joseph Joaquin Ribwros=Pliintif Neen Th Jerladition, Port-of-Spila Growa ead ea the Honth by Grown Jand | Heth day ot Nyreb ett betwees the hous thy Cana River bed open teen eet
oe - ase 4 oa 3 pe'dtionad b, to
; o »8s Vincent Breet 1. 0 4 0 | Charies Mortimer Stone Paroum aod Andre Between Kelloo and ou she Weatlly fande nidoo | Aland Siogaler that plsce or parcel af | {aide reserved slong the Balwey ee ee
EXT De Reser, Brave w ' snBaallon® reat | O12 0 Jeachia—Delendants Marle Awehe Andre—Pialatift edfor by Kemlell and late ssoted by A isiand of Trinidad comprisiogelrreen neice | Ca.Be ve pon ode nay or tay of
se ae - yes d apace reeerved fora road. Comprisiog elateen serosa} the 1 The yo
x Joba Charles we Back Street = 0 1 0 | PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby pre that by Marie Loulse James and Edwin Broad Piyabed this Sed day of Febrnary 1911, | t¢ abutting on the North by Crowa | cig 7two seer thos rere gommer ne
ah . os «Ki Dorado Road = 3, 0 10 an order bearing date tbe sth December belt—Defandante, ¥,0, M, STONE, inode on the South by Crowa land¢ on the hea sitaate In the Ward of Lowes
Bete See TAMER Road o8 EB | cde ce ae te edt | pUBLIG NOTISE intr gee Geum ime | Gite Garren end ove Web| Eooat’ dad oang ee te Noch cpon
? ls 6 c ' te gt T, y an order of Hie Hor Mr J r laude reserved along th
Jet. Har Edward - Fairley Street we OS Fee ee Ug pul ee for sate Nore tbe doors foo Rasell rade herein oo the 16th day o Boum Senreme Court cf Telaliad and Dated this 19th day of Hebraary 101L | the South uroa Taoda. formeciy Bioawlon
Bp igeoss. Pool x = vBhendt Sires 0-4 0 | BS ab dayet amines under | Janeary J0UL, there will be pat wp for Tobago. LOUIS JOLIN 5.00.” | to Charles Nicto » Sleguinesa but now te
. ~ - Janes Streets we 9 8 All aud Siogular these several parcels uf land | "A€ belore the doors of the Court fa the | No, 283 of 1010 Auctioneers, ) Robsrt Willie Warren acd on the East
Joba, 8 we oe cugablles Strect w 08 end plantations pow known as Moo Jaloux plan | 19w9, of Hort-of-Hpsta la tha Island of In the Matter of and West apo lands now of lately Crown
Soares, B &. oe = »-Tansolna Rod a 0 ted partly in eagar cane “aad Eats a cocoa Trinidad o Thursdey the 16:h day of | The Real Property Ordinance, No, 60 aan, | sods. The fourth theceot comprising ove
v0, ro ae w Bberf Biceet on aiuate in tbe Ward of Lower Carooi the Fist March 1911 beteees the boots of one aod Betwrea "Tae Sarr or Satrs” handred, acres situate la the Ward of
Qaacwtis one -~ ~Te ene we 912 thereat ome ly kaown aa Cuaupea comprising Gtwop.m. All acd singular that cortida | Baches, an [ofent, by Rumsgeah her vext J Lower Caronf, and abutting on the North
See. “Etbodtthna Gg G | sokatuirg ontin ork tata soo | Wise fade tact aided teend= Srpnnet lends so, the: Bouts upee fanss Toctors
e one oe ar oruze ia che lelaad of Trinidad 4 lands oo @ ath upon 3
»H isabeth | woBaliharsr Road = 1 0 4 tormerty of Edward Garner nad upon the parcel ! forming part of the Lis Gilorta estate, orare Cangage'lich~ Herpendent, bo'ooging toChatles Nicholas Slagaiceas
dy Haley, ‘ wn Bs jt Koad ove 4 Jalour berewwalter Goscrived oc the Sout upon prising fre acres acd abutting on the puBtic OTICE ia hereby given that batnow of Robert Wilties: Warrea, oa
eirs Jawes Bat ase Road tee 8 ‘road on the East upon the Maras Settlement ueth, Soath, Kt and Weet upoa other Jo parearnce of the order herein of Effer- he Fae upon lande reserved. And the
* Fa ley Strees «» 910 fd on the West upona road aod upoa laods laada of the said La Glorie eatete, subject | His Hosoor the Cblef Justloe, dated the vescent a Rieb ther comprising forvy-nine aces
ouBairley Screet ws 8 atw of lateyzol oce Joseph Lemont, The | 628 certain deed of morteaxe ia f voor of | 13th day of Decomber 2910, there will ba three t00 ts aod tweaty~stz perches situate
ott Vincent Streae 5. 1 Second thereol totmerly koowa at Exigtence | 006 Eugene Bernard Acham, to sec pat up tor asle befo @ the doors of the \ Ib kf in the Ward of Chaguenas and abattlog
en Tnospona Road aw (1 c-mprising ttirteea acres or th-reabous aad | principal eam of Gye handred dollars aod | Court House to ths Towne! Port-of-Spata cu wi e thankful when fon the Nori Jande bowor lately
«Jubilee Street we 4 abutting on tbe North upon tbe Caron) River | lotorest thereon, on Thareday the h day of March 1910, ] you become acafiainted with Urown lande sod upon laude now or lately
eo . ue 0 on tbe poutb and Wert upon laod now ot lately Dived tbie 30 bh day of Saowary 1911 between the hours of 2 and 3 p.m, q vt beloogleg to N Latte, on the South epoa
ooBs M. Road we O12 o | cae Bardamie Daniel god on the East ooon (9d) LH, LOVELACE ‘All that the one undiyided moiety of } Abbey's Salt, for you will find | tsndenow or lately balouging to Charles Ni
oe Tape puce Road @ sugar plantation Moa Jalon hersinafier Depaty Reguirar bi: srensmed Gaogegellish of and fo itpl d effecti choles Siegumeas bat now Robert Wiilfany
- we panapene Rod Gescried.’ The Ted thereol called Mow arsel of land comprstog lt acrrs be up casant and effective. pide oe Sar East ore i ade reserved
4 ove Road ral a rc ore o¢ leas autnste int! a atiwey lee,
ae ie Riese, UWeirr, G, “"Tooapane Rood 1 [sloux compelling, terea teen eet, One rood see a ae oe ee Teed ct ieintded Abbey’ sSaltconquershead upon Inads now ot lately Crown eae
Le Bano, Helos, Ones, walt, M, Road pre «be Carunl River on tLe dS vuth and Weer | TRINIDAD axp TOBAGO. dehaceted in the diagram attached tothe! ache, constipation, indiges Accd sino all that certain cone plantation
GS Licks: ish, Kovetta .Taoupane Road a upus land now or taiely of ove Greg cia B nar Ts the dapreme Coart, Roya) Grast regis'oretia Vo'ums XELIX | |; ve sod hinds called *$¢ Mary” bokt under
B Lavic, Emacaet : wBalthezer Rod, Ia the Matte of the Estate of at fo'la 650 of the Rezis er Book end | tion, biliousness, and all | the provisions of the roperiy Ordi-
Lebo, Viowns = eoTovepunsitoerd =. ged tbe Fourth thereof cated Moa jaloux Pattoo boanded on the North by lande pe tioned | trot bh] that fi annoesicna'ela the Ward of Crsguanas
~ Heese A , “Phenit Sane and “od abe ting ob a North upse tbe Carorl late of Laplaot, Aroasy ia tha Wael of | for by Sewratran and by leo otfoned ares a come rom ® otis me e huadred scree be the same
MB la tisno, Lamers Oe Me Rod 2 River on tbe South upon the plesiation Coaupi, | Taoangasin the Iv'and of Trinidad, [ff by Grazageliah oa tbe Sah and | disordered condition of the | th ‘alcttata sid oe dries tee
4 ne “, ° we Sereiabefure dererbed the pidntierion Se ta Piacter—Deceasad, Weat by Crowa Lend anion sha East by * t ae aederies therecf shawn
vefanapace Road we aad vp a land pow of ately o Quinta Kelly | — tends poutine! for by Kemeama'ee ! stomach, liver and bowels. Voie, Caaiteate of aie te tered in
wn a oa th y land \e BLIC ated this 2trd day of Jan ver . a , aD sand
EM Gregus Honalr o¢oa he phaeta'ioa Hieaitine | Pees iesttoa ter Leet incl ne ee at tan in covecion {| When you do become ace | ibe North by a roed 30 links Pide oa the

South by Crown Isade aod b:
Coryat, oa the Kast ty jande Tae ae

ont ot
C0 Oe a ee bet ee Pw OD Oe HS OF ES Be OOM CE Pw OB 0 Oe Ed

aft Vincent Scteet ... and upoe tte Madras Satdemeot acd catie | Wiliim Theophilas baltuo of Lopja st, Deputy Regis rer quainted with Abbey’s Salt,

tod on tbe Ean tp athe planta o |

aM alogot Road West upen tha plantation tenre herein | Arouce in the Ward of Tecari, T

oo ecarigns ia the | THINIDAL, ‘ |
or bteloy gtioed a“ a Quaie eat end ee Ietead of Titalsad, Pisatar fora Grant of la the Supreme Court of Telawed sad you will probably be sorry you etjcct an vardeihe er cate
1. Fairley 8) Mil =O} otber plantation called Loe lang siiuate ip the Weobave of zhe buat Wil aad Teatement obsgo Aid’nt k bout i Be Chari sto a mor cen enone
wo Fairley Breed oe Wad Of Socte Nepalting tonatag ang | dated the 27.b dey of November 1910 of | Sanmaary Javisdiction, Pert-ol-Spata, | O! nt know about it sooner. ed by deed baurleg dee eke ot
mana te “ hundred eadeiguty tws quarrers and twenty | Pel 09 sateot Lylavt sf esdid Posntor | No, 636 cf 1910 London Address. 144 Queen Victoria St., E.G f Maroy 1906 (reginared ae N a i iKoet
=r pps * ue wight thirty third parte © @ querres of tbere ? 400 aed wwdivd un the 2944 dsy of Nove Between Sobl un two sizes by ‘9 Chemists and Stores, } for securing payment to Alice Bone f
EM. os abouts aod abutting on ibe North by Lands | rmder 1910 having ot the time ot bieueath | George Rabert Fraacle Jeeph—Piaialf , antby Messe WC Ross&Co., Port ofSpsin } the sum of G t ‘ a
ie eilon Street a oocarie 1 by Americaa Setslement and toe | a.Ged pace of aode as Lupinas aluresei i an nH latereet acd a ents advances dad
os Zasspane ue plaotation St Jobm Gardea om the South upoa { theedu Willem Tasophiiae Ps too being | Anue lamenne Simoa ant the Adalcle th Mery â„¢ T ee sates
=Covbrane Sirect A 01 tbe plantation Laverseet and the plnuativa | the Exegutor named {athe said Will trator Generl-~Defeadants, TRINIDAD. Seah eerie re
El Doradelnes 7 eure and ‘spoa Crowe Iands oud oa tbe | GAGS, Ne ine fa alsa given thet if ao OTICE Ie horaby given tnay | EON OY Te OTH Hee paruey duit Lamy
aes. ve Wee tod ie see er totmarls form +d bai expirativa ou UBLIO N ja hereby givea that DAY OF MAKCH 1911 oft
ooK, M, Road on cart of tee pieoration pind fon ue haw ek | Taecty awhe deye trom the dete of the P pureaant toa d ores herein dite! the } ° To el rrbetorey of Maruecre petal

»=Topepans Road on
efit Vincent Soret 4.
Green Street ’

ogetme with all otber laods pow kaowa as | P ced to iveue Probate of the sald Will fof Ifig tlonog . The Chief Jus ice mete ia exercise of the power of sale con- Bolesier
ofthe sald , Katatloa Lothians or worked | 60 the.eud Williat Theophilus Paltce | herele the 19h d.yoi Docember 1910, gland ia a certala deed of Mortgige, ‘uaa $7,000 farther sdsaces gadis

y belooging to une Jc ba Louis fonnsoa pabllo.tion of ths no loa the Quart will | 29 bh dey af October 1910, asd ton order Pie NOTICE Is hereby gives that | dg'od the lst dey of Mtarch 1908. for se

@cuceucoacoaecaccosccooceooscoorosce SOSOCHS SS OSSAMSoSaocoasseocooecoseococarvacococoscoeeeoscos


suCvcbrane Breet ~ 148 there with and ‘formerly in the ocedpatton of | e0vording y. a
° - HM there will be pat upfor asle tefore the dated the tith day of March 1910, regis a
Ball OS Sirens - } : abert Martin Marclay. Daves sble 1503 doy of Febroary 1011, [doors of the oars Hea 8, Parrot 8p.40 on date No 3745 for the yoae iro, wed ted thls 24uh day of Jonuery 1911,
sek Bereot os 1 Ase 2.42 all thooe three peveral parce § o ry T A. THOMPSON, Thoreday the 3006 dey of M rch 1911, ( made berweea Ueorge Biccosheld Grol- (og4) La HE LOTELACE
sck'Btrect “ 1 Guansso foraleg Ube plantation St 4 g0es, tbe Reufstrete | between the houce of one acd two p.m {frog of tha one part end Emme Dreyias Depw tear,
sizloy Street Zool First thereof containing ten acres and ebatting | TRINIDAD All aed Slogaler thes cratela pices at | of Lue o bet Pirt, aod aive costslued ie @ | THIN :
~ nT . . sreet of lead sitasteie * gertala Memurandam ef Mortas, a b .
Fonepase Herons 1 } 2e esaly ol tbe Ree aioe tbe bent ups le the Supreme Courtof Trinidad aod be Bpaia aod keowa as No, 69, Dake Btreer the sali Uzth day of March folo, and | o8 the Supeeme, Court of Trlaided and -
"RE Vinceut Brees 72 OS lately of coe foun Hapuse ebego sad abutting on ths North upon Dake | made by the sald George Hicrasfield Ueot-[n, ot igi,
St Viecetishee Oo 1 The Second thereof compriaag | No. 217 of 1910 Tereet oa the Srath wpoa No 62 Neleos | foy la bev ur of the sald Emma Dreylas, Ie the
ms Vi otpsireet vee 4 48 acrta and abutting ov the North wpos laade tween Rreet oo the Hess upon No 57, Sake! phere will bs patup foreale by public The Estate CR . latter of
wet Vincent Bereed os 1 cow of lately of toe Crowe and upon lands Badoolog —Paiant Ht ect aad on the West opon No, 6), Dake ; auciion by the aodesaigned at thar suction tthe T ot Robert Freocts Black, tate
on - i of ons Jobnateve oo tbe Souh apoa pow aad Sires jomart Nu 2 coroer of Sackville and St, of the Town of Por}-of-¥ pain —Decesved,
on Taoepane on 4 or iately of Joba Thomas sad poe lead bow | Blsandeysl and Seewangel Infact, by | Ded this 15.b dey of Febrasry, 191' | Vincent streets, Port-of-Spalo, on Tbures uBuCN — ‘
wns Rack treat, me eee Lei Le eee Gees ort Gaus See | SRtHE father and neze frleed GQ ofoder Lit LOVELACE, [dey tte Gh dey of March 19it, beowees | [? 4) TO TLOE fe Berety given thas
“ “ ° aw Deleudenis, Depaty Realetirar [ine houre of 1 sod 2 pa, * ‘ maby
onH M. Rowd vr 0 8 OL eron nd ibe Thad eral coateLt tea UBLIC No fein aD AND TOB ‘Allapd sloguler tbat certala parcel of | Guiberiag Ulect, and Nophis Hack of the
meTonenone ~ ON scren and alntilog oa the North, Sout, Eat P BI ONo foe Ae hereby given the “4 Ta the Bepreme Uonrts | ‘ land or ©. 6 antatlon eal “ see | refolded ‘Saters pada ., ibe Ielend of
one “ 40 at wu pow oF dl i" rareisc)* siten' a the War * .
on B30 Vincent Stree as 9 Crowa toxetiay with all plants, machinery and | G4 tbe Bb dey of March 1911 app festloa Me Mitntees ate ote Sulome Louse” Vol Tecarigus Ja the Island of Trisidad Grant ot f coders of the Wii! bearing date
oe fanapane eo All and every the Implements of buatandry | stil be mede ww the Cuury for s Creat of 363 Coayo'se Street in the Tow s of { corpriaing 18 Quarsees aed abutlirg 09 | vie coe Block corey: Lee. of Robart :
oeKeecling Streeh wy 017 need io the of tog said plastation Mos | Probate uf the lass Will aad Testament Portof- Bpale (a tbo Ia'acd of Tri [tbe North snl Kut upon the Midorade | hy iot diet oa the Het-day
one ve See T'anepana om i faloux sod alsa atl tbe live stock sa4 dead | deted the Slatdey cf of May 1910 of plied -Deseased, Ketate and ap re lsade forearly of Maheo pf Decem ir, 19W having ab thetine of ’
on oe oo Valrley Street ne 0 sock pow wpoe and belovcing to tbe wd Loaned, late of Baade Lilet Huad ia the —— Netto sow of lately of Ambant and epon |, deve a feed of at Port af
" mee OD 0 | Binaustion Ladies to a ecerigage tated tbe | Srean" ho" dat cates dk aay of te; | poOBLto Notog ig Reraby given that | sree of Hila op he ec ead og the aed ‘Mopbls, Black are the Rremtrines
oe “ woe “ “ N . ot une licating has bees mase to me hy | West 5: 0. spose a ‘
Basilon Btrig) we 1 0 Sib day of Sepreaber 1925, reginered a4 No} yoigat Mande L'Est aforesaid, The . apo! . = fH fa the eald Witt,
pea ~ “ made ul oo ' Coloma House” 163 } Hidge of Hille and @ Crowe lands.
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