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Port of Spain Gazette
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â–  Tweeds, Coatings,
Stephens, Ltd.
Spooial To-Day.
Fancy Suiting's
SERGES Etc.'Etc.
rmmm-lnm COc to tS.CO yd
om 96c to S.iO per Jd
■Ml • ill»
Black â–  Vicunas
ai-corlaed Tu».
.Js-:. Coodwille & Wilson Lmtd.
J.GIendinning tfe Co
imhm fih iikiiice ci.
Trinidad Building and
Loan Assooiatioo,
Holders cl Debeslore Bonds
We be Buell
* Luí. I
24 isntsjiir Tilt
■rid Oontagñéia lili
Ever Imported into Trinidad.
Just Received, BOYD & 60.
(â– uka Sodi Wder Fitlcrf
tOO Bag»
A?’.d I!i sm! raa. ¡miTfii 3 Minns
n’.’^lííjuj^Liiuav.v StIClr* PBXt MUI nil* I
ii mim-MMiui m
FOE S-A_31iE3
" EX. R.M.S. “DEE”
From London.
Garden Siam Rice
m intTirun

Living Pictures, iron, all parti of the world will be shewn.
Comedy, Tragedy, Drama.
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4d, 3d, Is.
8,18 k 2d cents
Watch this Spate for Farther PuUcnlais ri
' %mrz
^síSk íirs,~=H>:
doad Offle® Edinburgh, Scotmnrt
SSSri a z = r. ||
¡í.ji^iiSWÍiF siT“- *“ówó'8£(wSitF
' The Barbados (Wulual ~Mss

nir. Wirt or hpaix gairrrit .vi;i)?n^i)AY jaxuaiiv
a Lonra tail
| Dog Foods.
r. AUSTpN A Co,-». . Alfil»
md Todd.
Stains and Varnishes.

Driving Ruina
Biding „ ■
Heads & Beilis
Headstalls . >
Martingales .
Brutliing Uuuts
Polo Boots
.Splint Boots
Fetlock Boots
Speedy Cut liooia. â– 
A tnlendld Saam

the roffKOggrjjm 0A»infi, wkdkksuay jantt^ky. n- ion
[everything NEW and up-to-date.
1911. For The New Year 1911.

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7+( /21'21 ef¯6IGrL/;UbULL!A /LYLQJ 3LFWXUHV LURQ DOO SDUWL RI WKH ZRUOG ZLOO EH VKHZQ &RPHG\ 7UDJHG\ 'UDPD ,16758&7,9($1' $086,1* .H\QRWH5HILQHPHQW r 3RSXODU 3ULFHV &2167$6 (67,%( &+$1*( G G ,V N G FHQWV 35,&(6 :DWFK WKLV 6SDWH IRU )DUWKHU 3X8FQODLV UL Oƒ7(67 )2% 7+( &+5,670$6 6)$621 -867 5(&&,9(• &21),785(6 '& /(8=%285* VWLOO n bPU] AV¯6N ¯LUVa +! PP iL¾L 6!$7,6A,LG5(, fµ A6:,66f¬ 67$1'$5' /,.( $6685$1&( 2&03$: GRDG 2IIOHp (GLQEXUJK 6FRWPQUW %WO$;2OO 2)3,2%)2% :(67 ,1n,,,.6 +$,WO 666UL D ] U __ c¯MLALL6:L) VL7f¯ rf¯µZµneZ6LW) n 7KH %DUEDGRV :XOXDO a0VV /,)( $6685$1&( 62&,(7<


QLU :LUW RU KSDL[ JDLUUULW YLLf"QALf$< MD[XDLLY D /RQUD WDLO %87 $ *22' 7$,/ 0RODVVLQH _ 'RJ )RRGV U $867S1 $ &R} $OILO} 35,176, c35,176 &DOO DW +(1'(5621f¬6 c/ 85*( 6+,30(17 2) %2276 -867 $OW +,9(' PG 7RGG %527(1 <285 +20(6 %< 86,1* 285 )$0286 6WDLQV DQG 9DUQLVKHV 3$,+7 L 9$5+,6+ %586+(6 7KH $5&$'( iI /8VAWU/QUW Y .Y¯_LU 6 i, AbLVUeL O¾WUp (6ž 7n PP





- \ . 1
t ° . : ’

Q . \ :

sointon ech Teper fo appese teats | for fostent of Soencrttog ta, fo CALED ON TA N HOU

summon such leper to appear befora | for Instead of asserting in forcefa
. ee

bln jor if he thinks it necessary. euch | verse? 'f lay me down in peace

Havana Ciga

der bis hande directed to any member } sentiment by moaniog out: “1 sit me
PARTAGAS—Teg, Comme il Fant ue + Ia Boreas of to ow $12)

—- © I me RF De TT * . x ated Ror mwa Tj ere pew oF TPS, 7) ery \ a
em ways \ sO " serene ts | NOR Te ee
. . 1 ef
. m4 fo SY


‘dad, Darbados, St Michaels (Azorve).
I Cherbourg and Boutbemplog “Atiee

A. LONG AEE: the call of the /’Orctava* at 6
BUT A GOOD TAIL. [emitted

© (fJeave Trinidad on January 2rd and

all su went ates
a eed mers ml eall at


After ovcupylag the floating dock for
nearly five days, the pretty little
teailer” Maria nor cate Off yes:
larday. The repairs carried out on
thie wellknown trader will doubtless
euable her to take her trips acroes the
Gulf of-Paria even quicker than hereto-
fora,—and thie jesaying a good des}
for she bad the reparation of being &

‘ood cutter, She leaves thie afternoon

fthe Gonstabulary Force, ‘authoriz. | down to sleepin pieces.” One man
ing or Mrecting such member to causa | Who hae left hiv face ex to the
any leper fd be brought before him at | teropest, commences ta ove off In‘wn
atime aod piece to be epecified in} timeaty slumber, when the wind,
such summons or warrant, fluttering bis bedraggled moustache
Any member of: the Constabu- [ about like grace before a storm, canses
lary Force may atrest without war. | bim tq bound op with « stream of
tant any leper whom he finde wan- } * Scorpions * while hp mnadly unded
dering about begging or collecting | hie face and head In « vain altem pt to
alms, of serking Precarious suppors | mother the Insect born of bie own
or exposing; bis leprosy lu any public { Imagination, .
road, vireet or place, and shall ageoon | This firet night has an end, how.
ae posible thereafter bring bim be | ¢ver. and as the sun risea from the
fore a Megisteate® ta be dealt with as | distant Hast an. attendant pastes

Showing the increase in deliveries

fF Molassine
Dog Foods.

ereinafter provided, along the‘Ueck and as af commencing
fos Maturio with ber usual cargo of ber Ifon the hearing of the case tt wlth himeelf, murmurs: “ Come and Do. oe Shore Calidad + ” 4 e 10
~ rogrchandise. Se proved to the sAtistaction of auch | Ret yer tea bring along—your meal Do - Rrevaea la Cocserta. .. ° wo on in
. yy th Magistrate thet such eappoted leper is] ticket” Kachidecker then ferrete out e Dreva oe ” 5 oot 10.
The deliveries for Novemher, 1910; ¢ Inquest into the death of Famea |'a leper, and it te made furtbec to ap- | hie paste board Badge and commences De yewaa arr ae " oe
x ’ (] Blackman was concluded *yesterda. F ble for flgrimage to the PUNUH — Fanetelaa Imperial... wn 9 we 1
¢ te d Y } ‘pear, upon the oath of some credible enforced _pilgrimag: .
D teate a.record, . before Captain J.B. Saunders, Har [ witness, that such a leper bad been | Salley door, In Indian file we Io Reg. del Hey we nm Owe iooot
ue Master, sitting ae Coroner. Inf seen wandering abroad begging or} merci along a veritable * hune To, Purltanos Fisos on ® 50 .. 10.08
secordance with the evidence n verdict | collecting alms, orjseching precarious | &TY arwy" each uo =ogete on Do, Londres Finca © oe " "ee = 10 08-
of asphyzia from aubmersion was | support, or expusing his leprosy on polka discolouted“water, with ; Do, Punch Cabinet ws " oe 16.60)
‘ returned, avy public road, street or place, then | the idea ofa smell of old tea-loaves Da Coochor Exp vee e 8 we 30
Th a it ‘eball aad may be lawful for any {| lurklay io ite murky deptbe—he next Da Reg. Eleginte ae ” G0 sw. 1000
erst warship ever builtin Vere? Magistrate, unless aecurity te given ae | approaches another man, who holds Do, Deliciosoe del Pacch 25 ae 18.00
TH pale wae launehed receutly atthe | hereinafter provided, to makean or | ®& @mall rollin one hand and a butter Do, . — Perfectos e/a one ‘ 33 4. «690.00 /F
ERE Is uerto, Cabello arsenal fa the pre- | der for the removal and conveyance of | 8Pen tn the otbee and at your request Do. Brevas Chicas ° 50 30.09
eer Prevldedt “ot tae ao ioente Gomer, | such fener toa tener esylura sand any smothers the roll in a trickling stream ROMEO & Britanicn Imperial aan . «(83 | «1808
. + | member o nstabulary Force, ] Of yellow grease, = * . ”
Twensionp of the ship are 78 feet long. | thereto directed by euch Atagisteate be houra paseae they may; the SULINTA— Guna il Faut E: “ ” ~— °° 10
A i feet broad acd 7 feet deep. The f shall remove an convey such fiter to | Jsugting notes of a cracked ylolin, ac- be Tree sree te .° . Pe |
REASON boiler otitis 120 b.p. with @ Scotch fm leper acytum, there to be detained | companied by « piano, in the suggest: oe victorin’ ag ” os 1200
a eee er of 175 pounds pressure, giving «| until discharged by order of the Gov: | ive strains ofthe * Jtoast Heef of old Do, Reg. Victoria . w 80 we 10.00
speed of twelve knots, Thle vessel | ernor, Kogtand” remind us that the firat- Do. Conchasde Resalo as a 50 we ee!
has been named “29 de Enero” (20th, (4) If on hearing of the case the | clase engers are taking breakfast De. Teg. da la Regios ws * nw 100s we .
FOR THIS ot January) aod will be used for coast | leper or any oneon his behalf gives | and with dreary thoughts anit downs
a a efense, @ estimated cost will be { security to the Orown Bolicitor'b af} cast hopes, we hear the chatter of
a ND $14 106. — bond with a surety {Ibis satlefactlon | cutlery, and loud. light hearted

The GCaledonian Grocery


The British barque Skoda" of 653 | to the amount. of twenty pounds that | lsughier—born of a fult stomach and
fone Sisplacement has bees chartered | auch person shall be properly isolated | 4 healthy digestion=coming from the
in New ork to bring # large cargo of | and maintained and treated fa private | far-bidden Tastnessee of the dining
lumber te Trlaidad from Mobile, She | and shall not be suffered to be at | saloon. Oarthagena bay is now before
will probably arfive here next month. | large, the Magistrate may abstain] us and the pilot carries the ship
—a from imaking an order of removal [| through ite tortuous narrows. Far

The | Dutch Mail steamer “Bara-}The amount sa secured may be re faway on the crest of a conical bill
macca”, 2101 tons, Captain Van der | covered in the same manner asa pen: | stands a fortress, which may cause
Est, acrived yesterday morning frum alty Imposed for a summary conto: | cold shivers to the Commaud+r of a
Paramaribo aod Barbados bringing ¢ tion offence. Venezuelan gunboat, but would be a
the passeagers and matle transferr (3) If it be proved tothe eatiafac- { teupting target to a cruiser of any

rTrhey are cdifferent from nil othermn,
Other foods feed dogs only. ~

Molassine Foods not only feed but keep dogs healthy,
a pence en a TOT,
mprove the coat, eradicate worms and prevent unpleasant


- from the D.M,S-] ‘Suriname’ in Car- | ¢j & tion. Afrived at Cartba: .
_— odours from the skin and excreta. Nile Bay, Barbados. The following ts | ko’ Foe he eeetate that eDy ainea gene. the passengers. watch tha pro- IS THE STOUT PAR EXCELLENCE, :
ce Rhee the list of passengers. From New | under sub section (1) hereof je out | cose of taking {n and landing carg . *

* Mavafactneed from the purest fogredients only and free froma any medicament, Call
to dey at the nearest Dealer's avd boy some,

_GEO. R. ALSTON & Co,—Sole Agents.



at 5c. at 5c.

York~Me 1, B, Jackson, Mr Charles | maintained Ina state of isolation fi when suddenly a * phenomencn * i
Ax Johustocs, “Srv ie Aulens Hr and | maiulained in s state of isolation from | Theo euidenty a “rhenomencs | it Kooks You Hoalthy & Vigorous
Mes Randolph Rust. From Barbados for such Magistrate by warrant under | rainbow imakes his appeatance on

~Mer RJ. Nan Mre Neverson- aud | hishand to order the detention of | the deck. Hearlo rha; that

child, Mre it. J, Clarke, Me and Mre | auch leper in aleperacsylum uutilhe |& Ccompauy of Tr atish OM oldiers ce .

Browne, Miss D. Ince, Me 8. Higgins Je discharged by order ofthe Governor. {from Jamaica for Lngland were 4 4 LP 4

aod $ children, Mrand Mre A. Siegert, 3, Section 13 of Ordiaance No. 104 [om boards be sought to Impress iL £

Schildren and 2 servants, Mrand Mre [shall be read with the omission of the | them with the military efflsency of 4

Uorsford and 4 children, Mre E, | words * leprosy or” wherever the] Ovlomiva, so standing there with

Clarke, fic ¥, Racker, afliss Ws Robin. game occur, ferocious moustache cur id pub horizon —Kka-— 4
oak, Laytor, ryden, dr 4 The following shall be reall at the | tally like the yard-dérmy of a barquen-

WV. Grell, Me W. 8. ES Bernardo, Miss | endand aaa part of the Schedule to the | tiuewearlag a sword two-thirds of T f {

L, Jones, Miss It, Jones, Major and | Ordinance No 190; Boatman, Sailor, | bis own ‘diminutive length, and top- he QU EE © Eee rs.

recuaceat Htaeed Oust tne iat | semua there, eo feu | vinden baled eect (

steamed out o @ iGulf | oceupation, employment or calliogin | “epindieshanks,’ ke looked the picture .

during the afternoon for New York which the. Peon employed comer In off modern edition of Don Quixote, SC SE AE & 4a E.K.. \

direct with the following passengers, | contact with other persons Finding that Tommy Athine peid a!

Wiss A, Fricker, Mr, Mere and Mice Passed io Council thie-day of—{n { more attention to bauanasand oranges ————— nn meme ee a

Agostini, Mr James Peet, De G, R. | the year of Our Lord one thousand | than to his important self, however,


Percy, aod Me N, G. Hackney. hine hundred and eleven. the General brought s dozen wore " —_:
a —— men In part-colored uniforms to aiver- . -

The RMS “ Balantia * 1380 tons, OBJECTS AND REASONS, tize the glorious army of Colombia s
Captain Plunkett, arrived yesterday Bection 2 enables a Mauistrate to | but the sone of Meitaio were blind to e
from Grenada with 4 packages aun- [deal with lepers wanderiug about | ber blandishmente until the tinsel -

. dries and 25 passengers. From St. | begging or exposing their sores In | soldiers slaok away.
Kitte: Me A Zurchet, From St Vincent pubhe pl . Carthagena !eft, we present our
. , Me, A. Do Santos andMr J, Do Santos Bectlon Acase has occurred in | Meal tickets, get Wasucepan and in it r

& poater-paste moss, scooped up with a
ladle, anda roll and slice of gritty yawn
in its jacket to keep it warm, A reck-

leas decker stands to remonstrate over :
this brutal treatment but one look at "EL
the menacing ladle, andthe remem . .

From Grenada-Mise May Jones and | which a school is belng kept by a leper,
2ldeckers, This atesmer arrived st [ aod as the Schedule or Foblblte
St Thomas on the Sed Instant aod | trades io Ordinance No, 199 le so word:
took the passengeré for the Windward } ed that ft cannot be made to apply to
islaode from the Ocean steamer *Mag- I the occupation+of schoolmaster. or
dajena.” She arrived yesterday to | teacher, itis necessary to amend it
meet the * Saramacca” with mails etc ————_—=_
forNew York, The following

pert who ciation’ yas from Kngl ante FROM COLON TO TRINIDAD,

rt on bosrd the *Balantia” — JCES 0

From Routhampton for Barbadoni— EXPERIENCES or A DECKER
esers It an: ed. F. Beale ;

Mise Gooch, Aire Plews, 3 children ney (By Pausroy B. Cian.)


Don't Lose this Chance of Securing a Good
Pair of Boots CHEAP,

prance ot Oliver Twist when he “asked

‘or nore.” tiade him vaguely poke &

finger aod thumb into the mysterious TH E PIAN oO WARE H OUSE
deptba of the soup, from which he

extracta a lump of fat and gristie and EGS to anvonnee to the publie io general that the services of Mr

while he gingerly toys with the bit of CG. W NOTHNAGEL the well-kaowa TEACHER of MUSIC and

Freire leet mu Ocoee USiCAL EXPERS han bea added to their Gra.



ce . Nurse, Miss G. B, Wood, Milas A, ‘ do for dis—I is bear aready and got Teachers and Amateots are iavited to write ta Mr CW,
- PRI NTS P RI NTS Wood, Dr. and Mrs’ Beldger, Mr. Col- pape the morning of Tucsda the 2th bo etandit," y 8 Nothosgel co Tha * Piano Warehouse” 21.frederick Street concerning
. maa Me, and Mre CH Bagot, MreE. | alongside the dock awaiting the | ,Savanillais reached and the same latest Teaching material and solo muaic.

L Boweo aod sou, Miss D, Briggs, Mr. | swarm of passengers who have left the old game goes on asat the firet port,

but there are no soldiers visible bere,
asail the uniforms weta lent to Car-
thagena the day before for itw impos

jog review 1m honour of the Britivb eT. iS‘ TELON CG

Tommies, Leaving Savanilla we goto
Puerto Cabelto and were treated toa

duplay of Porto Hellan bunger by . vat
ig es ait rateemoe ets | |THE PIANO WAREHOUSE
beef forthe Koglish mai ket, we started . .
roscbed.eeven days frou Gate of rail 21 Frederick Street, Port-of-Spain,

log from Colon.



At the City Police Court yesterday Beilaws.

and MreP, Haynes, and son and2 f frenzied hustlin
ig of Yankeedom far
deckers: rom reusde forjBarbudos behind them on the eerpentine strip
The stesmer left yeaterd leckers. | of the Canal Zone and now acek peace
e steamer left yesterday afternoon | and reetfulness in # voyage to thelr
for Barbados with the followin Pas f istand homes inthe West.
sengers from Tyinidad—MMre M. Mran-} ‘The doctor of the ship stands at the
col, Mr, A ascall, Me. G, ¥. fangway, and as each decker passes

Payne, Mr. H. D, Gwen, Mise O.
Moock, MN. EF. a. Bell, Mr. O ©. iseyelids are ekinned backwards in

‘ ®

uest of inflectious germe; but, these

George, Mr, It. W. K. Pollock, Mesare eyes are qermproo! for sight” before

G, Ponsonby, E. A. Dearie, and L, L. | 4) ey had seen eoakes, dragons and

Lesliemoore, Miss EH Drayton. twelve | other unearthly monsters, after pathe-

¢ deckery and at labourers transferred J tig mid-night partings with friends,

0x85 * Prine der Nederlanden, whoee emotions could only be brought

». emt 5c. . at Be,


The Dutch Mall steamer “ Prine der { UOGer control by coplons libations of

Nederlanden” arrived yesterday morn: | The throng passes on triumphantl
ing from Venesuelan ports with three | nog a manejo bas even a mote in wre
tons general cargo, one horse, and 224 | eve nora squint nore maidlin look,
eee From Curscoat~Mr, A. | andat 10 am. the Thames, with a
elcker, Mr Is Barloco, Mr A. Niovel, | jerky, rheumatic motion--a natural
From Puerto’ Cabello :—Mr, K, Kolster uence of old age—mores out of

Rl = AP ats AR BL AE AEM te an alll poten, aT,


the hospital I was the frst persoa «

returned froat ~Guenaco yesterday | ¢1) feeling brougbt on by selfish euch. on the scene aftr be fell, [afterwards SOL.M AGENIEs

*. ‘ADAM'S FURN(TURE CREAM-—200. and 36c.
OAKEY’s KNIFE POLISH —SicentsJand 16 cents tin

debild. From La Goayrai-Mr, | Ge: iY
BY USING OUR FAMOUS tnd Mes GDL Me. 8 Hernaadse Ale ce toe nee pork "at 1G Certhe | ar iL D, Huggins sitting as Coroner ee ener * ON
Helnojoss, Mr. A.G Monagas, dr. 8. “ - | resumed the loquiry into the clreum- = (MARK & MON WITH 7
: x Nall O NM the scampering sbout fac comfort: | ptanees surrounding the traglo death . f
ee eee era Lepage. Feoar Cara: | SU¢ positions hegine among the | Oring young fockey Charice Phalr at | STIMULATES THE APPETITE me :
e e E, Duno, Mr, A. Lepage. rom) Cais | deckers, Some stand in vacant | fh, Qa eg dock TC evanneb on Jane tae REGENERATES THE BLOOD *
0 arnls es Beticen Stet, Te atelll, Nie, O° Jronder with omy chalra, pasrots, ban- | (he Queen's * EGENERATES THE BLOOD Ia
. , Me.
alns BU We | ragersns, three dscuers dna 221 | LOT Soton in thelr possesion, uot | 4 2;,, elgetord Walker | on belng | sigtty recommended by Mecioal Authorition [6
. A » labourers in travsit, koowlng where to deposit them fa | fvOsn ener ‘Trinidad Government = all ever the World. 0 ?
. . The Trinided Moer “Grenada” re- ane whirl of confusion and bewil: rallway, Oa the second January, 1011 # CURES: # t
. at t 48 ts.ti uitable for turned er Pees eae weet Jabourers are here, en routs to razil, vedas abous 2 a ae hen T * - x ;
JAP-A-LAC= 5i5 gona cents, 48 cents. inas lace, Bho leaves’ thie evening for und theirs le the office to keep a¢ tanc tan a race belng run between tres * Anaemia . M
© JAPANESE ENAMEL—10 cents and 2¢.cents din Paclengors and woalig» “IPS 6% | atroon expectorating ou the allopery | whoa nearing « pale tsaw the fockey im Chioresis
' ~ . ‘ . - — look beck fur an ,lostant and then 3
COUPAL VARNISH No, 1— 8c, 12c.;'20c., 360, tin The Royal Mail Intorcolontat steamer | GsSt one becomes an araateur conto. | euroed forward and urged on his bore mt Debility |< ‘
« COPAL VARNISH No, 1—15 cents per pint ‘ nr aeetle od fononden teome Demerare | Honist in ble sadeavour to twist him Fee ne dom chee vice % :
t bs . ol! " *
é JUDSON'S STAIN & VARN (SH—12 cents vial ater rue oe totes pub tow have aven edopted the pasiures of manner, “fhe! post was uprooted and * NEU RASTH ENIA. 4
D ed
, STEPHEN'S STAIN—412 cents and 24 cents vial . _ Jyugar sod O-passengérs, Mc, 2. A. | [ow todock and taille perts exposed p awa. ran up immediately to him j DELIGHTFUL TASTE. *
E ALUMINUM PAINT—180) 360, fe, tn | Binttient Mcayoe nna ts oral uigetrmtndsotnearan |, | Bim aut, ileweageaplnu and cuscte i
. toa Bry" Js com the peer
TURPENTINE-—10 Gents pint * ‘ This eleacer leaves to-day for Mar | pegcofully down, npont {beaters toot scious. There wae severe round oa % 7, GERMAVALLO, THILSTE (Aucule), x ‘
f GERMAN FLOOR POLISH 30 cents to “] Baden ° lmeenme weary cou ne oa ale plots id her and rendered his assistance and he ® Te. ch? ch? Gl he the ce 1 5
READY MIXUD, PAINTS—10 cents tin .-2> 8 The American steamer Viking” fiyusiaat overpowered Le fortersid ene war putintos carriage and taken to #* EEK 4

moroing with 4 cabin agers, Mr. | ingsof a fat black bottle, begins ta

A. U, teh, Mr, G. wo, Afr, He t found out that the jockey who fell .
- OAKEY’3 STOVE POLISH—8 cents and 15 cents Ho +] Bond oud Mr. T,, Wilson Oe 1 tatey a aleetta the oid wae named Charles Phair whom 1| whe Bonanza Drug Stores. ;

soot aoe by an aaed Popeter
... nail... pought aboard by ab original-mio
The Leper Ordinance, decker, begins to crow ia, & aleepy
“=, ~~ meover and af If to emphasize the
~The followjog Is the fret draft of an | fatal result which followed that historis
Ordinance to sinend the Lepers Ord. | crow in the ders of old Bt, Peter,
nance No, 10) which 16 fe proposed to | the rain startle fall, and with it
lotroduce In Legislative Oouncil—= | pandiaonium ie let loose, Those
Bet by the Governor of | who, ley on the side decks of the
Frieidad and Tpbago with the advice hin, devoid of aay protection from

Charles Croney who wasnezt sworn | september 30th, )010,
ealds { am a werchant carrying on
business at Marine Square, Porct-of-

Spain, 1 knew the deceased Charles
Phale who wasa jockey and lived atthe FE es
Ice ticuse Hotel Oa the ad of Jane HTE BEST Yr
ual t s y io
revence of Dr, Eakin at the Uolonlal D ru = s

ospital, He was aged fourteen years PL ACE . AND .
of ret Lesieistive Qoun- | they are sparta, Cetey rete | erg Se ees ca and sald . :
° Gedinance n very fawn dt L tthe Customs, ”

form soft, ays’ foc the | } Suis iac ng walter a

tee Lopece Cease teil teeeail be ecreamito hurrying about Oa the Zad January va the TO GET Med ici ra
read ga one with the Lepers Ordinance | hieg of more protected Lin ar the racers Lee page ie - 4

‘RISING SUN POLISH 10 cent packet -.
PUTZ CREAM —10 cents,, 18 cents, 36 cents tin .
BURNISHINE—10'conts, 18 cents, 36, 9eats ;
TURPENTINE PASTE—8 cents, 18 conta 36 conts tin,



In great Variety, at

Tp rg egee =


uartera, rain Je over and the | avout 2
No Mn) Ie shall be lawful tog any dust rlses—e blest that penstrates | Une horse wasabout a length in front

’ blankets and woolen cloth! tring Lot the other and the third was bebiad, 5
~ Pinaleisn Tate Oran ey leper ta thd very 19 irtpe, sorb ee ee { Jturued wy attention othe font hors Ab
e has been wandering about begging or | sti ieee ae i ch ured the ise pike wroicu wee wbual a a ve thie | in ue -
a lectiog sla, seek | wro' ed ia e Oradiea « é ous *
‘ ’ sepparte or onpotiog h [oprosy ia Deep * ovuld never have travelled asa | ouvory “the boy bes fallen.” [luoked @ Kteury Street 4

vproey ia

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ja our new °

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We. 5. Baty will lesd the attack. We will not core uatil everslod hys rocoguizod our supe-
riority in th} Degartment. Remember our met'o, Quick Nale and Light Profit’

Matiafaution or Nour Money Bao.

WO EEE VE. ATS, The Hatter, Draper & Outfitter, 15 Fred £¢


and saw tbe jockey cf the first borse [ remedy wasto goto the Surendiary
thit the ground, aod to] Magnirate wuder subsection 3 As | Jan
pe ides the bid feet of the second | Mlustrating (be principle of domestic — waa 5
horse, lwas aboot a hocdred es settiement, course! quoted the case of
of, | ran up to the spot sod fcund
Mr. Walker joer’ soothet gentlemen
holdin; e yy ¢ was
pt cocemntoes Thos the
he: te was aries
y Tad not see how he feil,
‘This cloved the evidence. .
The Coroner retarned a Verdict of
“acridental death.

(Before Sir Arad hucieSmith, Kt


oe was resumed of this ax
tion for an Iojanciton of restraint
from suspension of membershi and
£10c for wrovgtful exclusion
from the LUnion Francaise Friendly

Building foclelw v Kent. it. L, 1853
Counties’ Conservative
Dauilding Sociecy, H LJ, QB. p. 2H
Oa the facta, be submitted the most
for which plaintiff could come tatbe
Supreme Court would be for a
mandamus to compe) the proper trt
buaal which is the gene body 10
adjadicate apou the matter, Hutthey
could vot rewore the matter from the
Jorisdiction of the tribuaal created by
therules firstly, the Gagiog com
muttes and seconiiy. te general bod
Further he submitied’that the activa
of the President waa justifiable by the
rulessodthat he bad power tosus-
pend under rule di. Ite true that the
rules did not prescribe the procedure
to be followed, but he sabmiltted that
they should be interpreted io a liberal
tnanner soas to give effect to them as
far as ible Tne President had
origisally suspended the member,
but he submitted his action is
the committee of tmansgement
who, by a insjority, approved of
what he had done, It had been sug-
ested that rulaS gives power to the
*restdent to surpead fa certain cases
and that those arethe only cases in
which hecan suspend Counsel now
sabmitttd that it dil not necessarily
follow, Special power 1s given under
rule Sto suspend when a charge Is
brought agaiost! an officer and that
charge had not yet been heard; but
that fe an eoticely, diferent offence
from that which (¢dealt: with fa rule
Al which provided power of suspen-
efon for disorderly conduct in the hall,
and that fs clearly a power that most
be exercl: thece and then. That
tule provided for the snapension nf a
member for a third off-uce of d-sor-
derly conduct. Flalotif! was fined
three times aud eventually suspended,
As:ta whetber bis cenduct was dis-
orderly or nof, that 16 clearly a
question which mast be left entrely
to thedomestio tribunal created by
therules Moreover, plaintiffs appeal
was to the committee to review the
decision of the Uresident and not to
the general body as contemplated by
tae legislature, aud if even an.action
for mandamus could be brought,
none would lie because he reer real-
ly called upon the Secretary to sum-
mon ageneral reeling to adjudicate
upon the matter Jt is quite clear
that nosach injunction asibat arked
for. to restrain defendanta from ex-
cluding plalati! from the benefits
and privileges of the Sovuety and the
office of trustee, could be granted at

Toe matter,
took pi

the receipt by pl
cation te. whieh


way. and, therefore,

existiog at
writ waa filed as earl
after the occurrences to

would not affect

Fisher v Jackson, autre

WL, 2
preveot relief. It appeared from
% ‘erre who rose to

The appearances were as before.

The. eridence far the defence was


ir Alcazur, for the defence, sub-
mitted In tbe firet place thet that
Court had no furlediction to Interfere
fn that matter, because there fe s
5 tribunal crested by the rules
vol the Hociety to decide matters of the
kind aod the decision of that tribunal
feflnal under section 15 of Ord. 110,
The etfect of that section acd its sub-
section, 8, is to ouet the jurmdiction of
the Sopreme Court. foruile 12 of the
Society s rules, provision is wade for
the settlement of “disputes sod ia-
sulla” between members by cooatitut-
ing: the Eociety s committee os the
domestic tribunal for the purpose,
Then there is role3) which gives a
right of appeal to tbe general body
from any decision of the committee,
Awuning the commiitee decided that
the President was right to suspendiog

aintalf. ben uoder rule he
Paphia: bad an undoubted right of
ap: t butassuming that the Socict
used to entertain lis appeal,

OO arcane ser maaan

Bickle’s Anti-Consumptive Syrup
needs no recommendation. So all who
are familiar with it, it epeakd for itself.
Years of usc in thetreatment of colds
andcoughs and all affections of the
throat bas voquestiovably established
ive place among the very best niedi-
clioes for such dueases, [fyou give it
@ trial you will not regret it, You
will Bnd it 25 conte well lovested.

pg rr

Miller’s ,

words that the I’resident


ee equent meeting, he

the oiclals and
whict he went.

insulting words used to him with.

ot the facts, there was no disorderl

being Aaed nor ao
euspended, But Jae suming

ofcheir rules,
there ts nothing
which gives the right to
tyaque for six rwonths - it le not mere

obedience of bie order to sit dow:
Rule ft is only a schedal
notterally a tale, Aine favs an

tule which gives the
Nale 87 provided

third offence of disorder]

could not possibly be diso erly con


English Harness and Sadd


omens aie CIEE EE FR ih een a,

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Headstalls i.

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and Sugey Lamps, Rita. Spure, Whips, Buc


ies £
Sere a *
wo ese

a Cre
Kad neprreN aoe,” ale.
‘ 88 tam ow ow



nt, because he was nollfied in
1910, at all events, that, be

2 a member of the Society and
ae such liable for eertalo contributions | cea
the Muolcipal Fermecent Investment | which ha wae calied upon to pay.
t farther, came up for

ee QB. Zxhand Norton vw The! adjudication in that Court two years
Vermapent [alter the incidents complained of

Me. Potlacd, for platoti#®, said that
ee eee

ty en ast
bad not heen proved johns
question of Its delivery stilt remalaed

conld possibly affect the state of thingy
the time of fte fling, The

May 1950, and any delay occasio
since through a variety of fue

decided that delay Is not sufficient to

sidew that some josulting words w:
which reached tbe heariag of
traction, and it Was Te tbe cosene et
bis ignistence for retraction of those
joffict the flaes upon him that he ‘atid ple
In reguiee succession, and when,
and tendered the amount
of the foes, be was turned away from
the table at which he was sittiog with
be from the room to
je eF; also J.
mitted that plainotifg who stasmners
was hoed lathe way suggested while
on bialegs eodeavouriag to have the

drawn, Accepting plaintiff's version

condu:t on hia part, no reasoa for his
for being
views put forward by defen: sols wee
correct, counsel still submitted that
went eoturely outside of the body
Passing over the fines,

whatever in the rules
suspend a

Gestion of the rules being | a
plete Hule 43 gives the President
Power to fia@ any member for dis-

in that achedyle is governed oe ek

power to foe,

(canculent receipt of sick vena. Toe

duct three tImes at one meeting. As-

Have Just Received

Newmarket Bandoges
‘ Rubber Ring.
& Brown Harnosa in Brase er

$22.50 to $366.
kies Ete


lag outsi
to the domestic forum, the mem!
the committee are empow

the members of the Bociet:

pebly of St

live under the

of the Bociety.
fe not g domestic \duspute at
Palliser v Dale. LR

and Addrews v Mitchell,
1005, 78, were cited as establishing the
test: whether the rules have

been done against as


wrongful exclasion from the Soclety
besides a mandatory injunction of
restralat from enjoy e the besefite
and privileges of the ety,

Hie Hooour said thatthe case is of
much {importance and he would take
time to consider it,

A Demerara Problem.


Whed should the Health Officer
visit phips that come from an infected


9 Question has been ralsed
she Council of the Demerara

a! of Commerce. who herve
gone the length of answering itas the
result of an incident that happened

Ga the oceasion |

‘in the occasion in questiog, a vessel
arrived in the river andthe Harbour
Master went off to board It, Onre-
turning he notified the Health Officer
that bls presence on the t wae
Decessary, but by the time the latter
got on board the tide had been miesed,
In consequence, the varvel was delayed
lothe river for some time, aod the
work of unloading and Joading had to


Driving Saddles
Riding, .

Pat, Leather Collars
Bro. ,,
Breast Straps
Heme Sticks


$ ietion
Bot rule 12 which he
seemed con-

settle such disputes of insults, Pro
would says * Dere we take

our eaint to & court of law 2" VaugAter).
The cases quoted by his frien’ referred
small doarestic disputes which clear-
fell withia the parview of the rules
wvthe dispute here
1 QB aL
LE, App. GC,
d a wheth: thi ee
obsernd and whether anything has
tice The

. Blachwood-Wrigh ,
(Befoe Mr. Bink pt right, LL.

charged 60
Carriage without a
appeared for def.
Rot guilty. After hearin,
or seven days,

Boyd charged

obey an order requ
cesspit, 1% was
shad been executed

nit fined 5a, or seven dayrimpeison-

making ® solee at 82, Habb’
ghey were fined 55 each or seven

ners oe ne po 7 Re po

- i



it sat

| aa | Mictael P, Maillard, (==)
Ge, | HD PORULAR | |r

i i

New New New4
Year Rules Hats


the New Your with new resolutions, New Hules, Now averqubt

od up & a abipmant of New Bats for the Ladies: J
a te Fey oncie in keeping with tha haze fot resent Wor Jt will bs wise
these sh sppreciate good Hats to Jook them over at their earliest coavenicaca




We have opened u

Tia ismeetedasioccniem toon | Be Re Brera ra an & 1a
* 5 4

eet eee heyy | Reece oe aa


IL you don’t like the prevsiting faabloo, remember that we ocil straw by the yard ia every shade—te

order that you might f.shion your own hat, { ;

| One Frice Only. | Yalng-Rowhero Like Maillerd’s. | Aree Insuraisce,.


Just Receive

Agricultural Forks
Coffea Diggers 3
‘Cutlasses and &
Spades and Shovs

‘ Ete., Etc. 3

F. A. SKERTE & @
Opposite Railway Stationj


be fone overnight, an expensive

The incident was reported to the
Chamber of Commerce, and the Orun-
ed decided to write suggesting that
the Harbour Master should make «

nt of taking the Medical Ufficer with
bim when he first boarded a vessel
rom an iofected pott.

To the Council's letter, the Governor
replied that the Harbour Maater was
accompanied by the Health Oficer as
often ss poset le when visiting vessels
arriving from & pleguetatec
but that frequently is was oat of the
question, owing to the Harbour Mas-
ter not knowlog untiJ be boarded the
abip whether the presence of the

or Bot.
As it fe

{Cocoa House Ra'ls
Cocoa House Wheels
Cocoa Bags (cheap)
Uocoa Bag Twine

a e rule for ee Harbour
aster of the port to which a vessel
bound to be notified of ber departure
from an inf port, the Governor's
reply was not considered satisfactory.
Abother letter was accordingly sent
the Council which it was stated
they considered that in 00 casce out of
100° the Herboue Master ought to
know from what port & vessel was
arriving aod whether the presence of
the Health Officer was pecessary or
not. Ia any case, It was further signi
ficantly stated, where there waa any
doubt the steamer’s agent would
fee topay the usual fees rather “than
bare the vessel detained and loee the

Thos the matter stands at present,



you will cbeerre thet cur gradecf CHUCOLATE & COCOA Tow
in their standard qualy, Prices <
pat on erior quality om tie eucket, Gar edeauae Tae ‘Meoaledy

§ . 9, of

SE Aas emul ut Grareuigns" Awutel Popean Cocigea
Aibért Lualen & Ga
coe Mere Lusler & Oq
Street, Porto


City Police Court.

Lavce-Oorporal Austin
Feud with driving a
Wgat. Mr, Prisgar
t on aplea of

No Licut-

efendant was convicted and f,
Tarrelilag Representative HE i
Discwardixe FPirgworxs + hone 0,69 SRY & Gigoux
Bertie Williams with
fireworks In. Charlotte

‘. pleaded

oa Dec. 4, Defendant

equiring him ta clana


bed by the order. Defendant

Machado's -

Have secared GULD MEDALS of thet hich t
exhibited. Teo HE est a warda wherever thoy 5
'7 Cl Ali aod LGA t BB awarded a0

Maxixa 4 Nows—Akra, Lot&mlt
and Matoors were summoned for
6 Road.

CLT=Ella Adsms sammoned | § the Jamsica hibition, Isa1, i
Saddle Pads Belg rect on tee ted tata rt U, co nate ers and Cigarettes are for smokers of cniture and dise
.. oct sppeared lor defendant Orkmanship and blending of MACILADO'S CIGARS & CIG
Driving Hea talls w Pleeded B ae gpilty. lease peeved cannot be excelled or squal'ed,

Bik & Bro. Traces


Pos prosecutloe weethas
bes complainsot’s ‘ereployers

arra a
bad brought Prensa for ‘iar

complsiuant withthe plece of
bus after sbe bed bee:
Hie Worship believed defendant b


Harbour Birest:



Menalactared by A, SOUBLETTE at Ne, 18 Park Bt, Port-of Bale 3
0 Oe i
Â¥ CHOCOLATE [a prepared bya ophclal and scleatifie process {whldli

8 firet otruck by {ts complete sal
lakon it . ebility aad coin forth the exquisite eroms of ide 9
bed Being tree tro alt Fureige Suletancer, And wale iroea tae boost

Mr, ap
ed for Vaughs. The eridence for
Vangha went

struck heea few

id not deny strié:

nesaulted t DOt to ibe Tetlen peace bates a pourlshmeat it la marivaliod, Pet op le b .
connie fined an rene 33 Te he hed f h snail
8 Gy or seren dazu end crdereg | GROCERY, GOODINGS ? fieteist IoNTEPAENS, Lro., CALRM
: women to enter [nto ‘ INGS, J, FREI (New Youk Betsblsbmwesth It
= such “ateep the pute fortae Sieh] gene ree ee Stipe fs down ud euaty dvr me
hence Tersaber $1:b~} a, A HOE


ve +

\ .





1911. For The New Year 1911. ;

ALANTIA.—The IM 8, “Bslantia” Monynkisgke West In- The Hamburg-Ameris
connecting with the farrlson dischée Maildienst, can Line
Lina Steamer wil} leave Barbados on New York—Paramaribr, Pavui. EXRER 400
Aarts *


. —_™ ffaras can be jad trom the large


RO tater eB

in “various commercial capacities, a
very law-abiding and desirable ciaes of

a i \ tet pad de the ach Januaty calling at Grenade, Service.
ane imaigrants for the colony to encour: acent,5b Lucia, Dominica, Mono
‘Tage, Might it not be worth while to { serrat, Antigua, Nevis, bt Kitts and Tue RoraL Durch Mam—Acents, YRIA.-The as, ‘Syria of the

consider afresh whether it would
not be well to reopen thie queation
ourselves, with a view to supplement:

th URINAME.-The as, “Suriname” Hamburg-American Line ig due

Te, mere she te du ooh the {adue here from Paramaribo on | here from Venesuelan Porte on or
“Qrotava’ at tbat port. Monday 16th January 1011, and will { about January Zith, Preeseding after.
ALANTIA,-The RLS. ‘Balantia’ leave next day at noon precisely direct | warde in liavre and Hamburg via, St.


. ing our anoual Importationa of Indian *,
- o¢ e ’ e 99 t immigrants for tire ordinary Held work willleave St, Thomas ou the {7th. for New York taking cargo, pasyengere Thomas, taking cargo, passengers
Thes.s.‘Asiatie Prince sree er em | Uncrate oe ee,
upon some system of contract of fami- ontuerra! minica. cia, iar. ve wen . Ss

x eVe . hes of Madeira Portuguese? It fs | bados, St, Vincent, Grenada, Demerara | + Hue® Ie due hers from New York SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE.
c probable that the suggestion will not | and Trinidad, where she ifdue on the | direct on Monday Iii Jenuaty Aott, —

J feet with & ready approval on all | th January. eo. bicgin| amanibo labia eargu pastergers and ARRIVALS

nds; few new suggestions do so IRBICE,—The ILM, “Berbice” .

* 6100 TONS BURDEN, and as we have suid, on the last ocra’ | 13 ition

will leave Barbadoa on the Ith | malls. a '
AROWIINIL—The ws,“ Marow. | GHENADS, Lit star, McGrath* 1,453
fare on the ssh ee Ne leave i ine is dua back bere, from Par | 0%, “hours Demerara, ot ake

+ sundries no passengers,
Demerara on the 10th January, callirg | @tartbo via Barbadow on Tuceday i " .
at Gre vada, St. Vincent and Hesbadoe #ith January Jou, and will leave the pany pene and Trading Com
RUBS.- The 1LM.8, “Ocuba” ta | seme day direct for New ta PE ViKisu, Amer stmr, Smith, 192 tones,
due here from New York, vis UDBEN ANIL To tnaily “Coppe. | T2 boura Uuanoco, 4 przseayers, B
Antillas, Caba, Jamaica, Oolorm, Caria | (WORPES ia due here from P PPe- New York aud erinndez Coy. y
gens, Fito, Oclombla atd Pto, Cabello | \4 bame” ie due here from Perea: | yeeicw Brit stir, bienbell. 1,937
on Mondsy 2Jrd instant, and will leave rr Piea on ay iF a Coe, . vat tons, 35 hours Deureiars, GIS ba,
the same day for Southampton, via wil or noxt ork eh Dreeery | rice, 2i[bage sugar aud 6 ene
Hiarbados, St. Michaels (Azores) and pasceosers dod wate PE CATBOT pers. OILM S. Packet Coy.
Cherbourg, taking passengery, cargo TARAMACOA.—The ue | “Saran BALANTIA, Bilt etmr, Plunkelt, 1,889

and mails. ” . tong 12h \*
The tender will feave the Lighthouse acca” is due hers direct froin New dries and ‘2 jeune kee sun

5 York on Monday Wth January 1011
Jetty. Queen's Wharf ato, my with | ond will leave the sane day for Par- pS Ooy.
Posten gers are spectaliy notified that aroatibo taking cargo passengers and pried lau NEDERLANDEN, Dutch
a baggage lighter to bs despetched to | Mas Carupane Thome 3 One 1 bow
the Homeward Mast will leave the Bt, cargo and 244 passengers, To Royal

Vincent Jetty st 1 p.m,, ou the day of Koninkiljke W. Maile] Patch Mail,
calling, and Traseet gers gre-_therelore EE; dienet, ateb Mail.

slon when it was mooted a strenuous
opposition to it was manifested in
certain quarters, But we put it for.
ward for discussion aud consideration,
aod should welcome the expression of
opinion upon an idea which is made
fo the desire to assist in some small
way towards the fladiog of a remedy
for the very real and serious shortage
of labour which {s certain to be expe-
Tienced ehortly, and for the dealing
with which we fear na adequate efforts
are as yet being made,

Departure of the Governor
of Demerara.


1¢ Is understood that His Excellancy
Sir Frederie Hodgeon will leave Dem-
erara for Ecglaod about May to at-
tend the Coronation, and will not
return to Beitiey Guiana.

From private advices recelyed from
Eogiacd is is learnt thatthe tivvern-
or's probable successor says the Daily
Chronicle will be Sir Waller EKxerton,
K.GBLQ The Colonial Ofte L st

ives bla record as follows. -Burn in
fess, he waa educated at Tonbridge
School; cadet, 8. Settlements, Octo
ber, 1890; assistant to the Ubioese
pret. January, 13851; Magistrate,

iagapore, 18814 passed final exanina-
tion, Malay, May, 1882; collector of
land revenue, Penang and ?.W., Jan-
uary, 1883; second magistrate of pol,
Penang, May 1853; aleo official as
signee under the Bankruptcy Ordin-
ance, Sept., 1884, acting senior district
officer, Butterworth, P.W., April 1890,
aJ.P, and coroner for S. Settlements
avd a visiting justice for Penang;
officerin charge Bangel Njong, July,
18K1; acting resident, Pahang, May to
July, 1904, officlal assignee and regis-
trac of deeds, Hingspore, June 18U5;
Inspector of prisons, 8. Seutlements,
May, 1807; dep, pres. of imuu. com-
murs, bingapore, mi 18UT; let Magia:
trate, Penang, April, 1897; acting ist
Magistrate, Singapore, Octuber, 1808,
but continued to act asrea coun, BS,
April, 10003 ag. res. couu., Penang,
February to April, 1001; acting colon-
fal treasurer 8, 8., November to Dee-
ember, 19084 ‘actlag col, sec. 8. By
April. 190; high commissioner, 8.
Nigeria, November, 1435; aud Uov.,
Lagoa, Sib July, Wty Governor and

; H fetdue here;from BAHIA BRAZIL, on or about ~








Taking Cargo and Passengers.

. a ’
' For all particulars please apply to



4 Sth January, 1911. ~


Boveri, Venez boat, Mareano, 8
uested to seo that theie baggage is UTCH tone, 1 day C: 3
seiitdlown before that bour. Tue Roray Dor Mar. pengeis, 7 Uristobal, Colon, 2 pas

DE ~The RMS, "Clyde" Js SERV: SaRaMacea, D.
kan Ling Service, » Dutch stmr, Van de

UL) “due here feom Southampton, vla! rye WILLE V.-< The Dutch | at, 2,101 tons, 15) houre,’ Barbados,

Cherbourg & &t. Michaels (Azores) on Mail Steamer “ Prins Willem V." [2 goats, 2 pkgs madse and 66 passens

Tuesday Bist January, and will leave | ig due here from Amsterdam via. Par- | gers To Koyal Dutch Mail, «

.the sane day for New York. via to. ! aniaribo and Deuierata on oc about | PkOvIvENCIA, Venez boat, Moreno, 7

Colombia, Cartagens, Colon, Jainaien | Toph January IW, Proceeding after- toas, | day Cristobal Colon, ballast

and Antiila, Cubs, taking passengers. | wards to Carupano, Cumana, Guanta, and 4 Passengers,

cargo and mails, ' Ta Guayra, Puerto Cabello, Curacao, | 42. Angens, Hrit-schor,, Garraway,
‘The tender will leave tho Laghth: se | Jarmel, Aux Cayes, Port-au-Drince, | =i tons, 2daye St, Vincent, 16 posts,

Jetty, Queen's Wharf at G pin. with | and New York, taklog cargo, pawen- 8 gigs, 7 sheep, 2pots fowls, 34

passengers for tho © Clyde. gers acd mails. barrels arrowroot, 7} bags cocoa, 9
Passengers are specially notsfled that | "4 SUANIA,—The Dutch Mail Charter | bags groundaute, 50 bags pota

a baggage lighter to be despatched to | /\ ed steamer ' Ascania” isduc here | 4 Lage yams, ! barrel rowelone, 2

bunches plantains, Sdozea pump:

kins, 0 boxes egge and 14 pas
requekted sa vee thecthetr baggage is wards fo "aramaribo, Havre and} sengers, DEPARTURES e
sent down before that hour. Anwletdatn, Waking cargo, passengers oth

ALANTIA—The R,M,8 “Balantia” I LINS WILLEM UL"—The Dutch | MARTINIQUE, French stmr., Le Bette,

“Tite PorT-of-Spaln Gazelle.



Excuanaes to hand recently from
the United States, contain details of an
foteresting experiment fo foreign Im-
migration intoan American territory
now about to be undertaken by the
Government of the United States. io
the interests of the sugar industry of
the Hawaian group, from which we
think it might be possible for our own
authorities to glean some ideas as to
the methods for meeting the existing
and the anticipated shortage of labour
fa thiscolony. It appears that an im-
migration agent bes been accredited
by the Awerican Goveroment for the
purpose of collecting would be enl-
rante from the Portuguese colony of
Windeire, who are to conveyed to
theie new homes by stesmer at the
cost of the American Government,
aod who are offered field labour on
arrival lo Hawailet stipulated rates
ec mouth, The conditions Include
ree water supply, separate house
accommodation foreach family of eml-
grants, and ao on. It will be seen
that what le offered te fer acd away
superior to what these islands of the
West Indies beve ever offered to
Indiap icsmigrants; bot it must be

the Gutward Mail, will leave the St, >
Vincent deity at pny onthe day ot | fey, Qrmemueian Posts om at





Collecre Books

will leave bere on Tuesday 3ist Mall Steamer * Pring Willan HI® | 2440 tons, Carnpana one case

gene, for Demerara, taking passen- | [eave bere from Alasterdam vias Par- | and 23 passengers, By O, Leotaud

' amanbo and Demerara’ ou or about | _ and Bon,
ERDI BE The WM Ste Herbicet Both January 101, Vroceeding afver- D<A. Venez stir, Loper, 2 ton
; w leave ere a ad Vine wards to Oarupano, Cuowana, Guante Cludad olivar, 109) tons gener.
snuary, calling at Grenade, bt Vics | 1s Guayre, Puerto Cabelio Curacao, | cargo, 3) tone bunker coal and 2
Ratigua, Nevis and St. Kitts, takiog Jacinel, Aux, Cavin, Port-aut'sioce | posengers, tel Cia Au de Nev
- ; New ¥ BEKO, en
passengere, cargo and mails ant eedualls eee P St, Jax, Danish atusr,, Ingermaon,

GDALENA ~The RAL8, “Mag | eere snd malls,
N Galena * Yedue here froin New . Conipagnis Generale] 507 tons, Demerara, cargo Ia

York, va Antltla, Cuba, Jamaica Col 4 Transatl intique, \raneit and 2 passengers, By Geo,
Betas caday Save Peorusry, | ie ©, Lactavy & Son— | CEvINO: Venues boat, Vasquer, 9 tons
and will leave the eause day for Southes ' The Fok 4 Mall rie obal ion, sundry packages
ton, via Barbados, St Michaels T, DOMINGUE, e@ Kiench Mal muerchandise and 2 passengers,
smptou, via Barbados, Bt Michaels |e) ‘sieamer “St, Domingue’ from | Gxondia: German stir, Krlegers
(Azores) an a a oad ep Earope vie Guadeloupe, Martinique 2123 tons, Bt. ‘Thomas—1,870 bags
Coe etondes will leavethe Lighthogee and 4t Lucla iedve bereonor about Tdad cocos, 20 bage Venez cocos,
J uty, Q ea VWharfa en witb the 24th January aud will proceed af 53 empty cylinders, 11 pkgs sun
etty, Ruoeos fot p terwardsto Demerara, Surioauw and diies aod the following transbipe

ae Neste Nah a i ats NGS Menta Sedan - atten gh Ley tems Mma sk dace lll ea ate

Saket edie

borne fo min at tap same fine that bisted colony nad pro ors. saalae paeseogere for the oe at eee tited that Cayenne, taking cargo, passengers pent cargo ‘pf lt hides, 109 bales

the clase 0 who are being {otro malls, .

* —FOR— duced are fer better than what Triuk | tay, } a bepuage nantes to be, deepal hed | SF ARTINIQUE - The, Ereuch, Sail | coli~s @ettindors,6 cases feathers
dadand Demerara get as sugar estate To-da SC t List. Vincent Jetty at lp ta. onthe day of Stesroer Martinique’ ie dus By Paul H, Scheerer & Vo.

* lomigrants. We do pot suggest that ys Court Lis calling, abd patsongers are therefore | berefrom Vepexuclan porta on or about 10th
. = we should do the same for our coolies; yb etd to bon that ther baggage fe the 'sth Jany and will proceed after | ALice i Venex sloop, Silva, 15 tons, 2
. but, in view of the recent discussion TRIALS, er ‘own before that Lour Be0g' wards toMactinique, Guadoloupe, San- | Cristobal Colon—sundry pkge m te
5 2 ae hy : atthe Agricultural Bociety as tothe net He em eee nomen g | tander, Hordeaux, aod flavse, taking | BALANTIA; Brit stor, Pluokett, 1
: me shortage ite better class Bela pad Te (Before rtrd Jnatice.) London Direct Lon? | passengers, Joaile apd Saree _ tops, Parbados—s _bortes 16 bage
buil e urere which fe likely B . ———— ane of s passene
ee poe Ege uvetienced sndin view ot) di: of Steamers. drvnsdad gers, By KM.S.EKE Uo

(Before Mr, Justice Russell.)
De Lorne aodora, ¥ Webster (part


R M S P The Royal Matt
ShONT tbe RLS, Loeesat*
ANONIL, -The 8, * Oaro: fa
} due here on Wednesday Ith
January, and will leave Lhe same day
for Demerara, taking deck passengers,
cargo aod tails,
HBICK.=—The RMS. * Berbice"
will wavehere for Harbadce on
ednesday Jith fastant, taking pas-

the fact that the fatroduction of Casas (OMA; Brit motor launch, Mat.
labourers and others from soine of the
other West Indian islands was at that
time mooted, we think it may be
worth while coualdering once again
whether we might not do after the
example of oug American cousins an
turn our eyes towards the Portuguese
colouy of Sladvira as a source of labour
of the better olase, It will be remem:
bered that several years ego at the
time when Mr. Marryat wae com:
missloned totiy bie schewe of {amie
ration from 5%, Vincent. the availa
Eitity, ot Madeira as a labour centre
was lscussed 3 fo4 J€ we remember
atigbt,‘the principal reasons advanced
egalost the undertaking of the experi-
meot were, Ja tbe fret lace thet the aangers, cargo nd m
class of men who would be obtained “ihe tender will leave the Lighthouse
were Above what the estates wanted, [ Jetty, Queen's Wharf at Jlaw., with
aod would ulre to be brought, sengers aod their baggage for the
not singly Hke the coolies, but by thele * Herbice.”
{ewllies, and secondly thatthe people | These steamers Wii connect with
of Medetra could not eteand work jn the [the aMarrison Line Gresmes, dus to
cace Holds and.bolling bousee of the, | arrive at Uarbados from Liverpool on
Wet indies. That mayor may bot be’l the 13:h Jaouary, one lutercolonia!
oo3in the face of the deliberate deter< ' Bteamer will protged to Demerars aud
malastion to try it which the American , the other to ‘bt Thomwas-via the Nor-
Government beve come to with regard [thern Iviands to connect with the
toone of thelr ows troptoal coluntes, * HMMS. “) otava” on the 17th January
it hardly seers a correct seuutoption. cy oTava ~The ILMLM. -Orotuve’

New Covontat, Courasy mis Steamers
TO. AGENTS Teimivap Brirrine as Bolivar ~ ballas!
PHEROID.—The 8,8. “Spheroid* Taapika (o.-Acest8~ tel : ponte Ciudad var iM
is dae beta from London via Bar- RONADA--The s.¢, ** Grenade” of | Ovutias Venex bost, Campo, 7 tone,
dos and Urenada pn or about Janu: the Trinidad Line’is due here from Cacupano—sundry pkge mdse,
ary 2th 111 proceeding afterwards to | pyemerara on the Mth January JI,
Desmorara, taking cargo, passengere !} proceeding the same day tu New York Closing of Mails
CaS. -These “Maracas” of Molls for Grenads, Bt. Vincent ana

end mallee The hing cargo, pawengers and mails,
he Kast Atnatio ABA teoe | New York b: o
> y the as. Grenada” wit e* «
Lane of bleamer, M tue Naa ish January. IUit bi fe | be closed ou Wedaeeday the llth inet"
Geo, K. +, ALaTON & Co. | due bere ith January IAL, (preceeding atJo'clock pm. preciesly. Registrar
he 55

, Agents, fterwards on 1 th January to | on closes ab 2.90 po,
GAN JAN-8.8. 88 Jen fe dus bere si errara taking cargo, passengers |, Maile for aii Eainrado by the as,

“Slaria Leonor’ will be closed on 3

ith Jacuary 1011 and will leave the aod oN OÂ¥ NAVARRE - The 22. | Wednesday the 11th Lost, at 3 o'clock,

samo day for St, Lucls, St. Thom. "Grown of Navarre’ of the Trial: pm preclsely, Iegtstration closes a6

Havie, London and Uontlnentel | 1.4 Line will leave New York on the Pm ' "

rae taking cargu passengers end | ys January vil pod ts due hereon tnlee, ‘Montesrra’ Antigas, Nevis, BC

malls, the gh ounery iO 3 Nat Hints and, Be rbox 4 oe ae
en re “ge chice” Wi jcsed on ‘ednee
A Sarg Pitt, Fos {Gurveanna.< ye siong Italvana a day the tith lost at 10 Golook, 0 a

at violen marge "
Theat the stomach and iteltings opere.

precleely, Registration closes
th pain. De Kellogge Vegetable Tux New CoLosiat CoLrp- Aqgnis, -
HAD Palo id and effective ‘They are | (VITA. DI TORING, The 5.

23 HE oS

wr, Marshall & eo.



Gevowrvy TT rrr

ik. Of 18 Acres.

aivng, ThtetadeeAiiet, rfosod. For farther particulars

: apply ter" ne * . ‘

[i .
‘ ~ r .


ade a YO

Ul Torino’ iedue hove from | tdeearache la toendure tartare ‘The ”
*Ditte ‘orino” ie due hese fr oe earache fs to endure Ure. y
purely vegetable, Do miners) par geti ys | Genoa via barvelllet, Barcelona, and | eas is » delicate organ and few care to
Chele etrect t¢ sootblog nd beneficial | Teneriffe ou or about 17th JanGsry J deal with !t, cons tog te work for &
Try them and. be eoovinced Thou- | 1911 proceeding afterwards ta {| doctor, Canadian Healing Ol uffere a
sands can attest tbeir gerat eutative| Gusyra, Puerto Cabello. Curscoas | simple remedy. A few drops upon &
But what te uodonisble Ie thet Ivf poutbainptod on the 4ib dau: | quaiuies because Lhuussuds owe their | Bayanills, + Port, usa qauvogels [Eincsdia the. eas wale rk wonder
Portuguese of Madelra arp noted aé usryy and ie due te arrive at Ht, | bealth aud strength to tluely use of taking carzo, Syet clase f plas ad iy t 8 vend wil work wonders
sgriculturistej and that they form, ag Thowes on thelith Jaguary. “** this cwet excellent medicine. only end mails, wDavilsviog p alo,




FOR RENT. FOR SALE. Djokoss « Stamp, an AUCTIONSALES} Auction Satie. ie x SS. °‘G

RES GE andesigned will nell Pebtie
eet ‘ ° FRIDAY ish
SS Bande Sor, Seer eres enteoary | Trott: Deserta 1911, ot Ne HL.
moni v
Appty mex dooce. Jany, Llib, 2 lw, be ilies m J ‘Lord Frederick Sereet, Post-3f: =, a iwo
Albernyte aeen's Far '. eens
LET.—Ne La? Henry Btreet with all

‘ ;
From Oatourta,
. 48 Charles Mathews, and Mr, Retate Agents | o'cieck p.m, the Goole othe Facrmsey .

coavesiere, sonteinirg 3 bere me ine tcceres tek hee ore wer Lawson, OLP., trustees of the fund. Auctioneers, Valuera, Bets 4 de'coging to Bartho'omed Fo Miles
@ioing roow and érawieg rooms mrval tu

MM el Pr PEM PPO’ es tae ewm
; Mr, UG. Berpard: Shaw wrotat— anveers of HoaseRrat dee to Michs

Baiteb'e foe | are well stocked with frit trees of a'l “Drek 1d bave a monument in

oticen, sewerage insta) tabie f Kinds, acd has ove of the Baeat Bower ger. ekens shou!

DBichelors ot o cmall fanlty, Rest

yy 7
Malisrd p> . 7
y ° arorrnk St, { Trtsrnoxe 116 ‘ase wich contonts—s'ne,

Tor Jartber prrtiea'ars apply {Seat Je PortolSpsia, Also 2 Tecate | Landon like Ecott's In Edinburgh.” | 28 ¥ Four Gass cass 1,36 4A Ba o

wi ja recessed for sale at all times, tens
320 ileary Bureet—Jar, 7-39, Courts and s © fewe with suSidest ile urged the committee to ask the
be eat ofan dw, scape, patent modiciors, tollet waters,

i really magnificent — - baad em’
i RENT.—* The Nook” on Le Fas- Guizes Uree M ed le Mee ted i Ti “ect a’ limie to the SALA at once, ewner leaving the | gad taller reqelel'ea, atringes, 2 bow ey
: a'r, adjolsing the |g Bedrooms, alo a Garret with & Rocats, Provision for the family,

1 a
OK =
Road, F Oolosy.—-Ne £1, Carlos Suset, « ver fe boxes with contents, 4 est glass ma
nat Bet he, oore. Ie Breed that the defiaite slow" Hitt'e property, oaty $100 to qnkk pene, 2 weighiog mechiscs, 8 coasier
‘Basakeal od al “oe mueee fer s Cat fie Parry, Beths Tene Ate. object of the Dickens stamp lassued " shelves w req: ‘ ;
pone. r ‘ tories. Kite ne. : the eommiltes should be “for the q
p ty to A, MEXDES, 7 Room, Oate Crrringa Mouse | UY c ; aa
Casora Rureet on 4 Jersinghens Avesee. fora Nerve 4 eralis and 2 looes boxes, puresse of raising a food for the arrer, '2 000 trees, nad 5 years old,

Charles | good

a ; ° ‘or 4 Gow, Fowt bowre if efit of the descendantaof ge

Fee BEAT aire sana eatiabte bat: | Genre’ cot, | Come, Font, fareishet | Dickens’ and, should the proceed T?,
tage in Rea

Y couster casts (3}—vis s soaps

BE LET cil, Hereiock Street, far- Sepemisg counter coutsiniog wise and 4

DOTA fa for aix months, trqa'sites, Gdecoreted show bat'es, 2 ¥
Marrey Btreet, part 20 the | Yor pirtico'are plosse opp’y ts Janes permit, of in otber ways comme t sb bee or walera} bed for aix | fallet rrasisites, 6 den ceted show bet'es. 3 100 BAGS ;
Wonlbrook Poss Office, jest the plees for | stitaee, Jor, e/a Mil'er's 8 ores L'd, Cant cnpioe nt the stamp have been | (-UR SALE.—Tree-quaters're Dilllard stand wrapping pire, 2 efire desks, di. 3
aceviy married couple coutala ing 3Ekd-} Dee, H1—-Im, — ~ | forwarded ut bis express rete the Wistieia food order, by ee a vey proving © counter ‘a dlepessing drags. 3 4 A
Toows with Bow window, lag, b Kiog. caer, re » comp’ r rm Pe 4
Dusteg room, Kicbes, Pastry and Bath FOR SALE Sa | tow price will be nceepted. achive J6 sbelves oa Soetb, with dregs
room ke Water {id cc the premions. BOLIDLY BUILT and cocfortable EDUCATIONAL. For Inrther pasticn are, ov onlez to view sed ad, 8 eat smodiciees, 2 empty . '
igre ioe Btruet wi Brood way. aA Fout!y resideres, with every modern oom a abe Seer ae Froterick Street, Port: | fe"fuss ook oe shel cary jest For Sale} by .
o wSeay. 51m. _- | conveniences, fa the arper psrt of the M I O P Moped asaary tlth—-Lw. Nemhold 4 reel with are ,
PTY LET.—No, 25 Queen's rack Eaot | tower, Thiris are ° yaa RYAN MISS IDA ‘* LERRB, ne soa ober gmoty Wet ES uheltes wii Tr
‘. SS 3 ’ a
waattatie, lor, bacbelory er emaal Appiy to Borcivor, | Graduate of the Royal Academy oy PARISIEN DRESSMAKERS. pllabes, done tthe ‘em W. S! I 1 I 1D) \ f{ A > | A
O . . . edicines
inspection, Apply at No. 98] Chancery Hows, Queen St, - uate Lately of West Bud, London. orth boar Paten!
Ateracaty BieJery, ie. Jany. Wth~2e, Certificated —Medallist, in y aera care wth dra pl 64, South Quay,
OR EXNT—Cotioge Ne. 20 Alkicn = t BESS totorm bet Kelrads end Labe pub ie le. Heath & esphoards with rome eat |
pbecicces, dining ard drawing recmr, ED ES GRA ceive 5 wsents foe vostruction E the following tereromby 51, Port-ofSpsie, | clock, aboot 6 quires tisene paper. 5
pa Find ertal eniticen: mevenne ard , sublet § trom the 16 b lost wt. Me ihe poses trees Park 81, Corner, “" store xtooma. dre > ;
try 6 bal og . i rm .
Flectrte light ipetatleds, Towediate re arts OFFENS FUR SALE. PURO FORTE, THBORY OF MUSIC, | pes“oes-te: North roa ches, £7 seire wiih dear,
sion. Apply to C. E. Lawniz, St. Joorph —o—— And Harmony) DENTISTRY. Tinie, PUL CIT, £ barrate vane ‘Yew 4
dary. 4-1. amos | 2S Barreto RPLIT HERRING . a wih deegy, 1 toa. machine p ;
UK RENT—Ooitege No. 7 Laren tty | 20 13sxex BLUENOSE CHEE?R VOICE P ODUCTION, sIGnT-sing- —— oe wt fir Teaser 22 Test, As f a
“EY Delmont. Vomersion 15h Jancary | 10 Canse, 3-1 Ib, tiae N'eenoe DUTIER | * sae ANU MUSI UAL DILTaTION, if D D D g sins | large uorter, wood eoloarin ia
tetars apply te Rows Joven 3u Deke | £4 oazelt Casadlaa TURK BEADS Elocution. L, §. MEIKLE MD. r4t00 | Won te ‘shales party erpty, nome] ——— ps0
ra'e Brave . . oe? ft a few len ‘ Z
Gireyeiigetgeveine Conte | YRS RANT peat | ue rere ery of uaa asa H ‘suomeon Deneioe, | nite wd ict, ie | We are now recelving
Street Dre, 30:b—1m. 5 Ds a FAMILY PURK y Ot Masa jarmooy, ‘es cour om Dentist. panes tute :
POR RENT—Farobbed or wolarvisteu | #0 Cases Hamitton’s CHEAM 2ODAS— | win te Fiven ty correspondeoce ta teachers YREUERICK STREET, Opposite | Boao Dotti era Legwa, one and s reg i
~No, § Broome treat, St Clair, gle He Tare | ane cer SIE a the conmirys is highty |e RED dann hilt barele washieg soda; 3. boxes oan
lactog East s contalniog drawing and ein- | 73 Bags * WOLP" FLOUR . od se enn ong ats ee iG t malted mi k. soars aod labola jt '
log rece, 5 bedrooms, D.ersing rooms, Drome lerge New aandiaod FISH ote Pave 20 mae meena Taree Turtber = SRT Eg | bar confity, 2 W. P, tables 2 doors er . F
llery, ete, Evectrio Wabt aud Small ” "| pwctcuters, euber Sy corerpoodence or persons Scientific Method cedar blieds; sleerfe Attinge, 1 small ba.
oly to W. ¥, KNowLer, Ex Recent Arcivals. ally at No. 37 Trogarete Road, irom 4 10 § pa, New g H ladder, 1 large ladder,
OTT RENT a fae Uke Saige So, | 2 Sulere SULPHURIC ACID | 4 lrerty rppammat Jans toma, —OF— No, 3 Store Rasm—Faptynese in bottler, F2OM NOVA SCOTIZ
pOK KENT— Too Upper viniey, N% | “5 Gree bul ib, Glove Reige's JAMS | VIOLIN TEACHING Sr oe ati le room aed sundries, i:
TE Chgon, Biroek | Lesveatos 261 1a Gawa 721 1. Tue Roger's JAMS | cRixinap, «| xresaraxa es Casinos Sch ‘s .
the ofice of the Telaudel Datdieg Yaad | 512 Tanke B teers SWEETS—1004 ibe, | BALE Ft WEDNESDAY, THE: ISTH H. MES'IAH COOPEE, Lemed Bide ee, |e. Schooner Annie.
Lown Arvoet tis a pecte Wee st a het ran. ron DAY OF FEBRUARY 1911, 44, Belmost Tircuur Road, The Sirad, Cente No. 68. Predectek Street. a
- * Par eee : bo ae aT fe ——w Os. thorn, fe J a
Eo F Gotinge No. 47 Tcbasod 2p Bigs CRUSHED OATS- $00 Ib JUBLIZ NOTICE ie herety given that —— ter Jancaay }oIL 43817, Fost WHITE PINE ;
Street Klectric Light ard slteoaven | 95 Bigs OATS _ in exrr-tee of the Power ct Bile cone BEG to novity 112 rove ant Le erate Poe di aN
lenoes, Hent $24 monthly. Voseska | 20 Hage NOLASCUITR ferred on Mortgages by (hs Conveyarciog thle day sok over to Geo, F. Haggias 45,251 Fest HEHLOOK BO
Boolean omit, APY to Chew. F | 3) Hogs COTTON SEED MEAL and Law of Property Urdinacce 18%, acd | am, & Co, all wy right, title snd interest in the . 0
Btolimyer's Ofer & woad Sues 7 20 Bigs PULLARD ewtaned fa sce.tsin Memorandem of . Fight, eand' ate] 5, Fest SPRUOE .
cee | 8 Cate Golgute erate Dy STAGON Mae ta8a Free? gies the Sah day a is , wn of San Feteada.
OR RENT Two Bwory horse, situate | 20 Cases Colge LAUNDRY toaP | M8? 1 fron Eiw eleequez to Women,

" brodred doses
x oie og Gusw'ar Rosd, Bt dotorr, ay AY. PORT. OF-SPAIN fan's hy tbe eedoalgned wl bie ‘Baeven mee rceonty iy ent
talping 3 voome, drawiaz an °. sf Mart No, Go Tacsls Peomeesca, Ban Fore
room, large open gallery meas! ov tilioce 8, BROADWAY, PORT. rando. on Wedzesday the Tith day of orretrenrs
dewereges Nite netct oe per atiahs and F-brusry 101} between the bears of oe and | ALBERT Ne
sewerage, Nice pat'ook op anne Leads (wop.w. Allthateertala pucel cf lacd Decr s¢b—1e,
Apes bed Wiis poems owe SE st aste in the Ward of Oroposche compris

log sevenec cobs the s:me more or less

tes ov, firm have bee: ‘ : 4
“a soil ashes omiog to my syable’to tha | Ib will bs to your ofa interast to sso us botore ya
wid Tim ot Goo, Cope ox scuza, |G” We Offer the abova ay:


KOR RENT. —touse (partly forested? ye delineated in the diagrams annesed to the A CARD. ‘De 4
port ENT. Hoare, (Purdy Teresued? __ HENY STREBT, rdware, | cere oiast bs, VowmeLRViL, “Pas BS SEALEY bege to. remfod hes | autor tbe Ferra Angers Gan Fee
Irals uoes, beslthy, good oe g sbsehood. | Wholeszig and Retafl Hardware, based teva °° The North by lande pumerous friends acd customere | fi08 and Cy Gan Ferasade’ Mie
3 micntes Walk irom Belmvnt tram—8 Blass and Karthenware pet foned for by b, Vi'lalva, on the Boah thet abe ft ‘ red gos! will eontlone to be atsceiated with
Bu Franeola Valley, Apply to That. 8°, . Y leeds of Crowa on the Eust by « void | thet she is os usa! Brepa fo sopply.| os'in the mene mest.

* HU, 23 B+. Prawcols Valley ot A \. T.Be Kolvee 8 Bie Trice reserved fity loka wide, anda the Wess them with their Christmas bread and GEO, F. UUGGINS & Co,
Montsloberd $4 Frederick 8+,—-Dect Mi 7,5 Kolvee Matereenae by lands petitioned for by E. Galend and Jany 4—Le,
—Ie. Batchers’ Katves alwTe a + Mereban, 84 & 101 Charlotte Street. S
FOR SALE. [gece [BEE Soe [TOTS o nde otdeaeen ta. | Deo afl!
7 : —
° Catlew Wire Pit Saw Fies . THE
RBALE—One Mulch Cow with Call | Tower Bult Lali oe Asctloaeer PRESGRIP TONS I ss :

fat for ten days cla. Apply oe | ol Pee Bean Wine TRINIDAD mega di wie Os
Siem 10S Brews ds Valley, Belmont Pere Vorat Neils Mele Coitere ira Noes Court of Trinidad and Tobega, | yy putting up any Fresciption how. Mismireda
wer ‘be Yuge” Proper’: od a > eacl i ver sm: *
Oe EAVE~ ts Rivard Steoe Emmet Chembere Heselogehop tacaye kvelya Theaiies, an alte der the ere of a¢ ( and only the | wwe ane the u'most care, naar
Ne Tk Abt alet "Na fh -Churtnys | Eouwel Slsge | Deck Lamp Pele baer otter and vent eed, Frases . LAMPS.
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DEANE, Health Off.e1's Ofte, Katades | Peper —all ns usual cheap, PRICES AS LOW 8 D. HARDING,
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JOR NACE cleo Now Action E-iwo New A Baie! the syrd day of February, i9ci, Lewwern Onn me
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FOR SALES Howse, with four tows ou | Enarineny sey one wha led mooey on the | & Ava JUST RECEIVED eer RECELY:
o the mtis toad, Tacepane, opposite 7 rate fe cov moeik—X. Dued tas rh day of January, 1918 MISS MAY REID

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Dated this é AU Saints Parish Foon s P
Dat tbls Ivib day cf Drcember, 1910) a Weat (entrance vote Nang






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Tac war ceentaally decided that the f [JOR BALE—A ine re
2 SE Wd. le was eventaally derided that the | [70 Gane ;
te yy! BOARD OF EDJCATION, §—« s thag-Arsftent lauioter fv rivanee COmMATeS, sel iunted could non expatain the arption | Bs. Gale Aves tow a
EYES be t required peciod of service 'tngat the Pinance Goramitee beld on | tion. we xpccatid® £edierriona, | sceomodstion for a1 large
Ate mevting of the Roacd of Eduea- oy 7 sare aa ET Ube Srd Instant was nest dealt with: « ROARD OF EDUCATION des nounced | bairooma 2 dreeusg cores, gum
. : 9 Use beid sa Ube Council Chamber yer 4 (ramely, having seceed as Anais ( Prevent: The Ineprctot of Schools, Pe laseres the examinations fot | disieg room. sittieg roo
oe ‘ . terday afternocé and presided over by; tart Teacber 2 yeare and 0, Chairman; Dr. 8 A Lanrence, yey Reard of Education Exbibiioas to [ rooms, Stadling, 0 urdes,

His Excellency Sie George Le Honte

. ber 8S) Hev, De, E, A. Crehan M «Xx, In this acd Kéwer ste. j
e RONG lees mereeprreae ne | memthtand halced Teriees | Merc ioe G23 each OG [Gohege as needy ane, ts | ez ME ae
“* ALR LONDON — Rgeeceeees) Sei rrsiec' 2 7 ac [ia har ‘ae Sie re a cree |

. . : . e = re one
HL Colteas Inspector of Bcbools Hon. | Wa'eeMTomend that Me.‘Care ta | 1 Application of Iev.tFather Sao Ann's Load Govt, School bad que ————
f. WV. Koagge 0300. Colonial Seere- iotormed that bis application| —“Qaillan and De. lang that thé « for eb SET a ISRES, TRINIDAD ,
wal Device Raia eRe | mavenrmneved atte ender] Brulra oh Eeoot Hees] tttuloriog sevatern rep a | aL POP weoxnsnay,
Laureoes, Messrs. J, D, Sellier, T. KM. six months. lera, Head that aid be granted to it. ated for Teachery Not the DAY OF JANUAR
Kylshall, VX de’ Verteull, yA rae ues tion of me quere teet The Gomusitiee ‘recomended that j ination, wut 1 Te rine pat aanector UBLI NOTICE & a
Voy, and Se School fora Kecond Class Certificate sonsideration Ratt art ea veer orethsols oe ALK Wollene A en p wader acd b: cna be
; a De. ;
i oe sounb tive sbphicant te well known ot “ibe Inspector of Schools to ture) Ter De. dioron in ‘Scott gia Bul ot 8s je :
Be pointment cf Mr 3. ia pines of the as a successfal teacher of Needle: Tobago in, rebraary“2Erh when fy Letnealte (tt sae nes Boot (iho: day ot Boe, ae note
. Hon. L A. Wharton K.C., who nated Pad necsement sod it there-| _ fully on the existlog conditions Sargarien} and Vrofessor Notbosge! | Alfred Mendes of the othe gy
- to be relieved of membership as he fore not eligible uoder Rule 62 j 2 A prlication of Rev. Father Mue- | (Music. rai ine woders sale by
_ Nm found is impresible to attend the Wa therefore recommend thatthe? kan sod Mr. A, P. Naingot, fot The following papers were lald on the Toone ot
meetin then tere eee rar pplication be not granted. ' 5 leston to cetablidh e school at table. Copies of Agricuttural Newt Parked. prin,
jo a =,
Appenl of the Criminal Sessions. 4 i ne Tee and ibe Assistant In | receival from Jeuperizl Commissioner tad two pom. the folis
tila Excellency ssid he wae very Meo de Verteutl referring to thé spector bare both reported io fa [of Agricattuce for the Y eet do lesus of Forcltare, nawely s =
- - worry to lose Mr Wharton but was Cornwittee’s mmendation not to your of this application, The] Letters of than * ee tee received | 228 miabegsoy words
, ' glad to welcome Sir Lamy (hear hear). “om reco! school le Intended taxecve a new | their Second Class Certifical wabscaod, 1 mahogany

The minutes of the meeting held on Grant, Mies Aliers’s application for a district with about 220 echoolable | from Miss M, St. Louie, Head Teacher. drawera, Ll chebogeny

G " A class certificate under Rule 63, , Sch: aod Miss aha
Noveraber 2th 1910, were confirmed. | Pitted attention to tbe fact that the| children, Lhe nearest school being | Mararal Girls’ ILO, Behool, aod dee | ty beatwood and 2 ordiane

' NT. t the Cunapo Government Schoot } Lilien Barber, cheiry, 3 marble top table, Bl
ONE MINUTB FROM THE “Four Roaps” CAR, Dr Prade sold that at the risk of DMiheatee ter beadlegoe ranted ‘and about three miles distaut. Tae } Street BC Fee tore Reports on sots, 8 pe crer, I marb's on
. being considered | bypercritical, he | te wanted ta know, dinthe tightot | — appligation was recommended Avastant laspectors’ | Reports wart | lining tabs, ¢ disty tum
might be nee te amake na. tin rx. the present case, those two previons| 3 eine Me Y A Timothy. Soe ee oe Vand 3 Ietric meat cole, I gold wateb, chai
a te je re era . et so Nara a a e ring.
was reference toa Teeport of the Staft Mtr carde mot a misappropriation of School, woking for 8: fe-considers! nt, Board then adjourned te the 3let Am fies will alee *
This up-to-dat t Cinomat fr | pis looked Sh ihe document Teel | Tae, Loapreta of Soest idan nen ot eee Oe tee | eteeaceeemrmemms | SNS (ret De
ig ee ai > pemanen ino nave, ograrr there 728, auch, epert s thers Tiotake at the meetingin graot-| This application was refused at the a Mi S P Ing Ko Kall The Drag Store and ite contd
Picture Palacoy now in active course and Baildings Coramittee, He had no | 1g aumller certificates to Alise Barber, | meetings a i Ul Steam -Facket 0 daave 2 mbogany in
woceee | eounters, alga’ *,

struction will be opened in January, The highest class | Qoube that ie wae quite right the stat? | Head teacher of Doke Street EO} 1910 Ne Timothy, thoagh a Zod
Verb arrival from Europs. chawicals, medicioes & 4

ary 4 * . $ Mise St. Louls, Head Clase Teacher is employed at a 3rd
Living Pictures, from all parts of the world will be shewn daily | and Uuildings Committee should hare Reboot and (wise Gils RG school. Clase School and by Hale 42 can

minutes of their own proceedings to HOW TO DEAL WITH MISTAKES? not receive higher than maximum

ji end thelr baggaze for the ‘aed

ade, &. Application of Mre, HL. Bowen, Peis” . Daase Soserh-

; rant rather incongruous that | ™ ipal Tranquility Girls’ Gow |“ Berbice. Delaze Sogep
- .Keynote—Refinement ,* Popular Prices, | iin vt\ierrmenttiand nes | tts Sttene, eee hacer] fret deel et permlo| toon gramme cuseaets SUMMA yoo nome te
. ian question thatthe certificates ostitute doe from Liverpoot on 13th Jaabery bres of Lite Heem
’ the report of the Finance Vommittee i da tbey must nection with this school. Barbydoe orset is ‘

eee a. reports a at nt there quality “ia ourebel a’ roanagratent uu The Committee are. toking steps te pre iatere ato the other 19 Ba scat doe Resell apie. * poreta

¢ iced by the ordinance, He wou acquire 01 rt Islands to connect with tbe | dale before ths doors of
simply the minutes of the Finance [ool take the certificates away, but and are not at present prepared to} Nortbere Ie fore tha doors :

merengecieacondemea ne NOT" |ile teachees noua ty idibatipey | make any recopincngiion | eciaStnia Tee eae, wusanus” | rzus"ihi into
i ality in the other subject ss ‘ fog with the iartleca Line | 3 Al ; :
His Excellency~I think that is a ae ahs “Exsellene humorously Cheirman connecting ra AU asd Sogesr §

* Barbs4 the 13d a
mistake of the Secretary te put ibe | yueried there was Mr, Seller when MISS .BOWKNS APPLICATION Jeong, Talliog at Grevada, bt. Vincent Te nese Singaler
word minutes ut he Flnence ¢ ty | the mitake wafmadein foterpreting| Dr, Prada sald that Are. Bowens TE Lathe, L)areinies, Moateerrat, Aptigans, | fend lo the Wereale
commentistions of the Finance € & [ine ordinance? He knew that Mr. application sought to eatablich a new] vi se Kiuteand St. Thomas, where tbutting on the Narth
mittee. ad id hie idea of th op | de Verteuil was out of the colony | standard, and it was not properly af 3° ing oa the 17th fostaet, aad wil f toed os the Routh o
' thet th 9 ‘y ue Nine (laughter) fisance matter, 1é suggested that # | Ooo oih the Orotare” at thes ‘be Kut apon lands
Goromiltes * should bare wlauves Tae fglonlel Becretary atti the Special Committee, ot tne Tioard be * ALANTI 4.—The | Balantia” will leave T sa the Wong dpon Cire
; matter did no . 1 consider e 10, . th. oablin _

of their proceedin 3 bat ra bey it was before the Stalf and Buildiags reread hever been before the Board. | J) bie Fe atic ‘Montecrra', aus? ane blo a
the matters submitted ‘to them | Committes. iWeal 1 up | 204 consequently the latter had never | 1) viciea, St. Lacks, Hatbador, St, Vii | ibree
It was a» small point oo a mat- Mr. Beller iWwe “bois we woud referred 1% to the Finance Commit eens, Grovads, Demerara and Triniled 9} dfth part of ao acre and ae
funior,—Dr. Pri y yesig he thought De | whzreshe fs dae on the 20 h Jsousry. Yorth aps a Road on the Bg

ter of fotm, but when there was a lee.
at that (more liughler. His Excellence: ~The HAMS. “Berbice * 2
Flaht and a wrong way of $2 edopt During further discussion, Mr. Sel | prada was right. It was really an Beeece ‘thados oa thelzib Jot ae Pectin eet East

lier asked whether the issue of tbe | application to establish @ higher grade

the TigDE way auger.) PANY. certificates made avy difference in a Vducation for girls, and. it was a
Dr, Laurence said he bad done hie} “ary ? ma'ter forthe Uoard He thougbt it Oth January, calling at Urenade BL Vie Of sarcel oc lt of faud in tbe

“past this tle to seca re | ree Iospector of Schools rephed| would be a most excellent arrange. | 2h Java Se wile and abetting ov the &
Intend of minutes ‘and. he "1 a ‘pot afirostively. roeut if they could work it. ARUBA —The RMS. "Urabe isds | Jabtic oad oa the 0

know whetherit was the Secretary's | Mit Soceesuapey or weer es taeda | ape eee ee eens dase thick the] CY" bere from New York, via Avtite | ‘ods oa the: Feat spor

E appheation w +. 5 . " a

ox ibe interes, alate, He's | hamanian’ ages the Donel bel CEP Esa ge na etca ‘Bp [Gabe lemma, Coes, cartarent IY | deat fret ap te
pth report, and with bis own bea 5 pould Ret an injunction to prevent the Ordinance f Dard iserant, oud will leave the same da; |} sarcel of iaed te the yea

bad written @ Report of tbe staff and row paying the money, The luspector of Scbools said tbat] it Eontnampton, via Barbados, 61 | wistcg alxteen actee acd oO

. A RESOLUTION, {n other places there were * Middle x sie
Buildings’ Comanttee,” but how it Dr. Pradanext waved that | Schools,” vaich did nos reach the stan Micheele ¢ Veores) and Cherbourg, tating ‘We toate a lanctest

~ . came to be changed, he did not know, solution passed at the last meetlog, | dardof secondary educatl Te was a | POM2ztEs C8rE9 oi saile,
LATEST FOR THE CHRISTMAS SEASON | trrcsisuercerstss Shutihes | cettin, echt Gat s2Ccers | asitetecanday craion. Meret | MiacRteer fae hg Lghhoaw [2° ey astra
company (laughter) although he did | Misses arber and Bt, Louls be rescin- {thought could be adopted with ad pan eoyere for the * Orabe,” *

not want to be

~The K.BLS, **Orotara’ JOSEPH ©
rule thes trom time ta time,, Dat be Ineb that the Sed Class pay, The applicant ac | (PeOTAY A. 3 : ual ee
Nieeed Tothat Gomotttes oeternce mbtake was dae to Tbe foterpretation knowledge thie, but makes 2 pica ) ef Sate on the bth Jeane + LUce 2 4 7 oe
OMe y, rag 6 y r ama. cific things fo ‘rom Tbemtab the Board Leer reo be particular section a i‘ ot Dy 'yeary’ service and suggested Lith Jonaery- __.
tonial Becret thought if it at the rules a ~ v * Porbice TE cxts
3 copy of their minutes, buts requir | |The mietake, the Boacdehould stick| to ullow teachers of 2) years sec ERDICE The | RNS Barbies CRINIDAD, me Ooert of
report on matters submitted to then. to it,and try acd prevent it {n future, vioe to be pald according to the ae ute testant, taking passengers, Leer of §
J y entire cot eerie te Abe | De Prada suggested tbat the Board]. certificates they bold, lrrespectire | enter Uh its No, 132 of 1909,
INSTRUCTIVE AND AMUSING. . | rienetciuttitncttamtte i | ail gealete gzuenerarntca| pe tae of tel TS | Ate or hy atte | AI a
* v ~ * ‘Ito rber ap $3 t 5 n a na it '
& ae if Hornitche hod. fault of suet ain: the grousd thata mistake hed been is not recommefded. Jetty, Qisen'e Wher i = B§Dreyfus 024 Com;



3 t*PRICES 4g Sd, Is. | Ices

yo OF . or

SEATS g, 16 Xj Dd. cents SEATS

ng, if they could, they should

acd fe due to arrive at Demerarace 3 tt iat 7
the 15th, She will leave Uemerara ont [tor g—ail aad Siogek

Watch this Spaco for Further Particulars

ded, as belng ultra vires, veotage to Trinidad which wae a Lot 8=Alt and Slog
not want to, body ee tt ot Mr. Kelshatlin seconding, said, he progressive colony. ‘ Barecogert are epee ay oated that rea ot land ia the W
, ~ = radati be * {| thought they ought to be consistect.[" His Excellency sald it would be a] S8#<#%® a Aeil will leave the St. Vineen mprising Ubree scree aa
, JUS RECEIVED Pes Exeellene rit we substitute the They should say nothing about the| very good thing 7 they could manage Homewer: we be North won Sande off

be day of sailing an. 3 Rail ’
matter at all, or reluctantly recall tbhe[it, io give the gicle a bigher educa- | %tt'y s¢! pms oat doreromeot ways 09
certificates, but to tell the teachers} tion, There was opportunity for the [ ,perenstre we pags ie tear does facie cals ot the helre of Alo
that they must {,ushly ia housebold | boys but the gicle having gone so far. that howr i osnde eee it i
lusnagement, Was ool a gvod thing Lo | were ate stand etitl. tYon!—The RMB “Clyde ‘le die pon lende «Hey
do, asinthe event cf thee aot qual De Laurence seid he thought the here from Soothampion, vis Cher areailile hit ood on @
ania the mesure they ond time bad Pome when its Keneral | ious and Kt, Micheels(Arores) oa Tuco Lot. Gol wud “Bg i
have to pay the salaries, ered the schools should be con- day 3ist January, sod will leave the aan Ef serce] ‘of bead io ibe Vb po

word “ report” for “ minutes,” I think
it witkcover the whole thing,

De Prada sald be alvo took that op
portunity of congratulating the Staff
and Buildings Curmmiuttee, that in-
stead of the hitherto meagre iniorma-
tlyn given, they now got inure detalle,



Specralty in

Ts ~ ° 7 Ilie was RENO! . . dap for New York, via Pto Ovlombis, Car FP om prist w steees
+ STRAWBERRIES IN SYRUPS, CHOUCROUTE(N 1}, AND VAKIETIES THE | LUTON OF FUSED, Sle‘ bellier said that rsonally il Ly prising two qu
~ or OTHER VEGETABLES AND CONSLRVES. vant on the latt oceasiou. bur he wae glad Mr. de Verteuu ~aid be would vote [it could be dune, he would suppore in] tegeas, Color, Jamsica sod Antillas, Cate ne “Nora upon fam of 9

qi ti eeengers, carg? aod maile,
tonee that hie yore had sume etfect | S84inet the resulution fur cue simple fallhe could. He suggested thet Dr | Seking pscseng Verabe Madame Osril,

f . season. It weemed to bun to be very | Pp, . The tender will leavo the Lighthout | he soath epon lan iso! Req

vo Kindly Call Early at Cae tency : Tealways has desirable tbat that Lboard or muy Proaace Gonna aoe? added to the Jetty, Queen's Waatah6 ems wish par | anreot Genty on the Bap
- : , cco! i . | Board al sho Passing resolu- | matter, iz < soe o '@ Sa

. PATISSIBNRAE « Swiss, rected ia future to head he dosent tone at one meeting and revcioding| Kyentually the appligation was re-], !e*¢? specially morifled that 6 | West wpou laude of Law

i them at tha neat, even although the: bszgageltghter to be deepatehed to the I Loy T—All int pucguleg
in question as the Keport of the | aight recoguize having made & nie Tred to eclal committes gi atte Oarward Mail, will leavethe 8s, Viceo! | oueel of land ewe ‘
teed oft Mir que Gomnnittes” in) take, At py subsequent meeting, General, Dr Prada and Messrs Lamy Janty 00 J p.cs., cn the dey of sailing, aod | “visieg seveq sores avd ofl
stead o oules, they might have similae resolutvons, | and De Verteull. . passcogers are therefore requested to ose & Noh partly apoa the Qad
STARY AND BUILDINGS COMMITTER. fand the whole work of the Boa The wicutesof the Fiaacce Com | te? thelt biggage te sens dawa befor Partly upon a Ried of
a @ fol on pg m outes of thesStef | outa be lisble to be put in a great | mittee were Lhen addpted. that boar. « + § rowan lends on the Ket
eed ai uae Cowmittee meeting | uddie, It was true thet it might be ‘ANOTHER APPLICATION. ALANTIA, The RAMS, ** Balantle” 7 tosg aod on the West?
. he on the 3: justant were adopted said that the present wasanexcep-| The Secretary real the application will leave bere on Tacsiay Sled Jea- J cver, 4
r Eetabienea so208 (Cosirany De Bet Tawronce Very Honally clearcase, yet It seemed to | of Btesara, J.D, Tevxis, J. CP tlonel | tary for Demersra, taking peseogers | _ Loe arAll aod Biased
' : + m to come under the same prin- 3 . sarcel of land Ia the a
tev. Dr. E, A. Crebas. ciple, and for that reswa be woah Marries Ot reid ate hoo Eh Llead: ERBILE. ~The “Berbice” will leave | cling Gye acres more ot


ee ee ee


. ci6ad Office Edinburgh, Ecotiand ‘ollowio, .

vote et Ube resolution, Spain, for permissioa to present thelr bere oa TuesJsy the 3lst January


“oa oa the Noth acd Weel

~ Wit tell callieg at Grenade, St. Visceat, Si Resi
Revesce ... . ee ae pee 21,500,000 1 Renewed spplication of Me G. it. you raised ibe question? ell us why vation ranibion cote cote, Edo Lacie Domioics Montserrat, Antigue, 4, the Boath and Rea
Bosca Dactinso ., neta 770005000 Hekeol tore Tet Ghee Ce rtiae ee tht: | Me de Vesteutl:=Ooly that it “The Auditor Uenecal said the gen | Nevin and St, Kitts, taking passengers, | “ya O—All aod Siozvions
AccuxULaten Fospe ove ove ove oor 12,800,000 Rule 46 (Iteturned at tueetlog of the | SBoUld be considered. eral consideration was that the Jloard | /g780d mulls, avcel at Le Cases in ibe

- ALENA.+ The BMS, “Mogds. F 2
27,750,000 Itoard on 2th November, Me, Hellier thought that whea the {of Education was only authorized to AGDAL ere sien cowprisiog owen
.” Hoard on nb November, tte for Board discovered it bad madea mis- expend public money on Kiewentary AL “roost das bere trom ‘New York, prison ny

a1D oe ove ove “ tos
MODERATE BATE. ABSOLUTE SECURIT ould rec "eC 5 wattlag om she North -
. 7 take, it should tify uw tia Aatil’e, Cabs asics,‘ olow, Carta-
Sera? terre eR ATL Irish’s service. posible aud not allow the peooes Tole as detined by th 6 Ord aid tea’ pena, Po. Uslomiia aod Fie, Cadell on, | fia Red Emmanuel oa |

LOANS ADVANCED on security of Policies ap to 90 per cand. of From the reports of Mr. Mobinson ed to thi Mondey 6 February, and will leave th. | cu8o0 J betselniy on tee |
guordet value at 5 per cent ioterss) 7 P P of the ex Assistant foepector, and Mr, thet mistake, Te hope ny Fould | canon Doygin bad brought forward trme day Soutbanipton, vis Barbador, “a stilolded” tasate

P i . at would | a similar proposal to the Board de
JMMEDIATE REDUCTION t2 home rater daring visits to Basopeand | —tersiv’dece aos appear tect tts | bean incentive to Sir, de Verteull tol yearsagur nt ome |pe (Aichsele (Anorts) aud Chertoarg, | "i Wade, Cf thesuid
otter temperate cilmates service of the applicant web that CODE OY HoNocR wood ic'was beps sie ta the | law “The Feeder’ will eave tte Lighthouw epcal of land (nthe W.
FROPOSALS § ACCEN I ED and Polisissfseued to yhe Wot tudles with se to merit Firet Glass Ger pe prepared for thew, by malch the pro. Application, Unleash the acloole were | 2ettTe Qneca's Whart, af § ym with que omen beren ant
orente 6. age of the might ded . passrogars foe | "idag ba,
CLAIMS PAID immedistaly on proot of death ad vattlemrat mad diferent he lay served et Sra In fate a ery a [Oveetbem, tnt’ bad Bo control | pyarere are apeceliy oouted tat « | x08 party span the 4
wry of the Compeny s Agenciss ' which have the resulta beea Mr, de Verteuili> That I will be} Ilis Zucsllency sald that under the} beseeae lixbrer to be dewpaiched to the | Qutly wpua © Koad Oe &
m POLICIES Tia i Melenuy high standard y toda. (iore laughier) Present law, he did not thiok the | foweward Sail will leave she BA Vincent | ir 4
~ on which ae le admitted are anchateageble allo Two Years btigently high standard, Excellency said he had’ thought | sppheation could be cotertelucg, '2° | Setty at I p a, on the day of sajliog, ans |." akopatieer. “we
LO A PKLCK AUSTIN ve do ot recommend this at fret that ft wo i be better to L ult Prada sald if tbe idea wae that Thar whew are therelore Sequsetad eee ‘bie aad dey ,
~ achers keep tha. ce: calag eent down a
te _ - ere = __ Agent 2 Application of Mr, A.W. Dreres Jang qualif for’ thes} ‘put he sould pet the ndvastove ty highs ches boar, eee “ .

ton, Head Teacher of, oh Mary's EO, tere Yor ell further {olormation, apply at

. = St Me his mind. and be] Educatt
. . Beliool for ta iret Clase Certificate Jihought if they bad msde a mie-|greovthe aprlicanes feet (om ‘the | 8 Company's office,
is eae Iireretou paseed ble nd Class take in the apphcation.of the tax fother bandit they simply follow the —
oe d Lutinlostion tn 1 he bee | payers money, they were bound tofmachinery lo order to MARINE SQuarnw

ke served As Aluictant. Teacher for Correct ty It was their duty to do so | schools uader the control of Port-of-Bpain:
month, a'

Te the Supreme
Ta the enstler of ths

Joha Law
Late of Sangre Grande ie a

r. de Verteull said, suppose at] to do well ln order ta -
Head Teacher for | next meellng someone trough up the ditions at tbe. Colleges thes, ‘he TRINIDAD,

LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY. Barousended both by hie Ganggey i andJought not ta grant is at al

uestion and they decide:

* andby the Aesetent Inepector vad subsequently they were wrong. [ebould not a boy teught at td {a the Baprewe oa Of Telalded aod | rari ta the Islaad utr

-—— Srplied wie theteqansenet | waprore Ueionk hetroutieoiockup| sip exttaatones ote” tebe] © Laueray Re fasot ta | pruntig’yoricl wt
complied with the requirements | four oases and hat thi i Jebw oe an application bast

g tule #4. privet @ previous be Auditor Ueneral.—I don't datien d oP

‘ Various Systeme of Insuranco, we Tecommend the fee of a | prpretation of the rule wascorrect*| any reason for eacoureging thats _— aoe Petal Be bani craete ie

Mis Excellency, -I thiok you would Personally I doa't

First Ulaca Certificateto Mr. | te pleading toa deaf Court of Appeal, | f

see aay necessity | Clristlanoa Caacs dq Grasee—Defondant, | Maozsnitia lo the leland of %

. Brereton; (laughter) orth — rant of probate ci the Wid
t WHOLE LIFE ASWURANCE.—Dy premiom payabte for whole of life 3. Application ‘of Mr. Walter Carr, THE. Reso De: Crebaa was understood to eay | PHUBLIC NOTICE Iu hereby given that | He voru deg of Ootober 100
. Do, ' da. fora lil ‘ Head Teacher of Kanga EO Schoo} OLUTION ADOPTED, that ia bie opinion. echolarebi P an actloa bas bea . at aude a
ENDOWMENT ANSURANOES—Payalle af o fined date ot ov prarines teste, 2°! | fort a Third. Clad -Certlticete andes | ogi2ts,Fada’s reeolation was" then! shguld beopen Stegey & actos commenced by | rence late of Sangre &

»-eould [ toe above-named Pia al
JULNT Live ASGURANCE.—Payeble to the survivor of ¢wo pentona oa the death Rule 62 pat to the vote and carried by afcompete for then. ba ths sole Ereenlte aie me claims to [of Torare fa the Jalsod

toajority of Oto 4,~the latter being| The Colovial Sec be Will dated | cessed whe died cu the 1606

tther, The applicant passed bis Scd Clase | Dp’ G : retary asld ft was/thelet aiy of Angnat, 1909 of due

BUURT TERM ASSURANCE.—Saltable ascecerity for temporary loans and kindred fizamination In 107 vy, he bas Cri tits Bocrp ay rand iede ve es the sonaldep eee ot the Board tof Ceam de Grasse ae a wl! 8 of ayes yerober 110 barlog 3 By

eee SSUMANCE.” niarvoyrebly re g on by Panter, Deceased whod f
{ ANNUITY ASSURANCE. ~To sazure on asanity to the wife 03 tbe death cf the S == aay te Beller sald tbe applicants sphautd at of betater Tas, taste the hore vile asd dew Case be
". z ° lor a Grant of Probate | caters caed in the oa é
SULAMUZABLE TEM ASSURACE “Tie hrget Gecioe'ts he wistmem | 7H8 SURE COUGH CURB] 1,000 CORNS = jses Ghd hat ie ud ates teat ttl ny a
. guiley, giving the edvantage of low yreminm dulog the early yous of Js por bottle, j Footed out by LAING'S § (im- Sowa for trial ab tbe Court Hesse, Porte eget dese fer th
* for fervber information please apply to Laejng’s White Pine i pened: Gorn-cure a real coru ay beother cora cures, but Seusry, ri onder the Wb dey of [tun of vole potice, bie Vi
, HhANCls BROWNE—Agont Vort-of-Spain Cough Syrup, ier 340. per butulo. Gorn Cure staude a6 tbe Daved bo tone pr: bats

tie 4th d "4 ‘ a
lab s0-dar av resulte “See MAMILION EDC NERS” | Dated vale Merb doy 0) Ug

' Golicivoe for the Plaiatlg, cene

‘ LW, BONYUN & CO.—San Fornando, THE ENGLISH PHARMAOY, Latnc's Exczisy Puanwaoy,

CY ar , Y ~ oo " . TE SENATE EE I 6 RR
ee , . .
af .


ae B q A LE HO. B-Oulaer (NG "REVBLVER “STOU! THe — — | Ered dita & Sam


, se remen
- . e a . ‘
bear, ~ .o 1) bbls Jesnrance Gompady Lintoel
| . ress suirment (Board of Industrial Training) ten ey me
z Bomwrwer, \ HAMAS anbool ¥
F, Now LANDING AND For SAtz by py pen / Ret ett
af . — —
Jenmant'=s Agenoy oho, miners of sion | Cesgew Steamer OF TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO, _ | Mt inerseee | Gempaay id
ay ' SELEC > Bell by avery Dealer tareegace 0 rrr ‘
“a RGO OF SPECIAL DAR ERUTED AND SUPE. real 200 Osleey oe =~ = Eetablisned 1566
bE _ ; "Plate Gla ewe WABBANIBD« 4 wole Aweste
. BRS koe ADCS | (hsrlesHeldsolck Daampages
: 2 leone igen GEvSrS| ax Re wawommeiase : me. al
i ‘ ahi "
5 — PER “Telephone Wo, 170 Avoroclated by. sll chaseos, frosr, Session, 1i9Ti. By Boyal Warragt ” ff WS Kua
6 ’ eM, REID wn ene ARBOk ew
DANR *C: D. PICKELLS, rbilighs tGiEs amize ms | aguy 1 BARLELS Tt, tu828 pee All Latter tobe ered tothe fre
; seo BOMORANDALL FLOMDAUSA | pete een re aad S od QUABTS, oaeb. feattaton ot | eet Mate
Byer sporifion' Ow wich wih 00 gold at reatouable rates. rm DE; Board has completed arzaigemonts for ihe {institution © A
. i hnioal Instruction to ba held at the RA
SPECIFICATION, ( Q | Every bottle has cork |v intlutn byhied prorat bol of tangent ot | INSURANCE
is 3 hat Institution, io the trades enumerated boow; with practica .
[OME ANS. Rough xonrcae, a 5 3 2 branded, demonstrations, where oces ary, to be arranged as convenient. FIRE eareer apy ail made of I'ro
r “a123 ‘ vert, é i
. #23” é a} ame ‘ OAPS U8 58 isi rades as the demand :
1 ” a i is eae " aor EG é >| se thst you gat thgeareion aD ote [isa alt isiatecded toextend inttruction to other trades The North British & Mercantile
a ” 4 x up ” yl Ory re) id ” > . ea eg
: " hom =~ 8 FOR SALE BS] ‘Tho Classes will be under the immediato management and super:
: ” Tos a A om x 4 a vision of ftbo Technical Instruction and Examination Cemmittos of INSURANCE co LTD
iA ” 23108 Rough Flanice. — a 4 RIK ROMANS i fA the Board of Industrial Gypicing: and are array Q to embrace 8 o7urse eutablished 280u
1 ” ° t R > . of instruction in the different trades, ex ing over three ,
wa s "590 vitae " aon Gcre ul hone 190, [sessions and leading up to the Board's Examnation for Artisans’ | Total Funda at Slat December,
Va , 26311448 & up , 8075 Bg - Chacon Bt—~Telendone 19%, Vertifice tes. ™ r 1OOB seeseees ozseel 87 5B
ass oo 39) ‘ — ~~ a 4 . ‘0 avenue for year
x6 ” a 31160 “. " The Eession will be divided into threo terms commenciog and , £4,405,806 7 10
fis » ‘one ~~ Al ce hf HANFORD'S | ending for the 1911 sessioa as follows :— Plea aren neon tan
x 10 * Dresmed Bourdm, y bould appeal toall those who desire safe
x, b ” 3se7 l xce&& * dt 2aidsG, & T~ "azia 16th January to the I sth -April. etal PROMPILY SETILED
x8 “ “Bes ree a telde G.& T. 2321 3 ' CLA | le
Ex 10 " og | ESOS doz, Ge tT sti Last Half Yoarly Salell!] an exTenna .KEMEDYS h May to the 12th August. Bole Agents lor Fir Department
ee : atts ; SO) Te gece Ley taleg guia, | owe SE ATL Oor aS mae rate May foe 3 8 rhe rinldad Shipping & frading
a a —_— srmeote, aod Este, at the Tool. - 4
: wie] at ae rag La eee Meteo oate ere ad WePatreueraneo oe 18 September tothe 16th December. Oo., Ltd.

—— x aide G, c, 223] ateared withow: exception, The e _—< ~ . ind ‘ * JURANCE off ‘ed on Car;
al ORME |) E Jo" Hoth Beis ‘ibe Works Ivaverarowiod and foom saat be Te bemoras Proud Floh _. Attendance at their ro»pective clissia Ly the Bosed’s apprentices BARNS of dire ond Heglatered
2 rERT, Wz 3Z., ag " 7702 | wilt te nobo'f yearly aile, and all work ft pravonts 8 en8, will be required, No feos will bo charged for sp, rantices, ty by
plows 8° x 10" 55° e0, 18% ]3 xB Planks 8060 | oa bend for alx clear Calendar months, It Cleanz Old Sores, . . vo THE OCEAN

wm, 8 £10 6 4 2007 (3 nb. : 74 | will bs sold without any further aotios, Tho clas:es will als bo opened to artisins wishing to propare MARINE INSURANGE CQ. LID
rm 10 510 8 we “paras R, J.J. CLAMENS, And Heals Them, | themselves for the Board's Examination Certificate on paymantof a RE INSURANGE 00.
‘ . «12 bul rode 836 | Ih heals allfeab woueds and the | £40 of bixty conts For tora, or $1.50 for the sossion of three terms, CAPITAL (wm ses eee £100,000
—— — z ’ a oda and. sores on . . 5
: ‘Bumamacs, . Fenn, Wifo ‘Not ico. ar homeo eystem or Dowortre Avimals§ To onder thit the classes may be taken thr.ugh te whole subjects ‘ent un TRINI pap. SruP.
os + gee on a oe ies t mide with tho Secrotar gente:
Fitch Tad Beaatiog ms vs gta FPME pane te hereby actided that t witt | SE QOESewom nensemont of tho Session, when fess will be payable, PING 4 TRADING Co. LTD
& Roush Boards ‘- oa - - met insted bp wr wll ba cre i tout, ihe GUARNATEED 10 GIVE SATISFACs The arrangement for the Fossion 1911 sre — MARSITAL'S OFFICE
" ove ow ow se a toct .
Dee ee eee ae eee ET ReABET | sar er MteaantsinneSoltgmey Meta pate | MAEAYS OR
; Jalousie Rode om on on oe ts : po Berges n. ‘
4 43182 ofS, LOUIS DELM ARE, SMITH BROS. & 00. Fe te ear ia aloes Art of 2 oetethoclag. emuee* Summary Jarhdiction Purt-of Spats,
Total cargo ons oes 000431820 Port-of-Spain. The Bonaose Drug Stores, Tatnrpan, ; ‘ractical Le ci Sot Masons, Bricklayers, Plasterers, Jo bb umabie of
a AND 2 SPARS, 72 FEET LONG EACH, Oth Jaoy, 191L—o, Aagest Space 8 ~ by Post 2/0, Balding ee eennya 7.30 x Joiners, Mars Lectare a Tesircter ; ry hirer abs
1 —_ Ra" ¢ : 7 i , ote ersu
zine HINGS WHARE, Sat BERWNDO. English or Scotelr b —— W ATIONAL AL and dsiet j thule’ Picaiérere’ end Brick work 5 Healack's Piss Charles Wille,
" EN one, or tyro wit tie: jotecs Wor TOTICE is hereby given that there will
Bh. quiet bablte, coal dad « comfortable . hint Copper be pat op for eale at Maveenilia No 3
hone with a respectable private family, . Koginesriog trades (Boilermakers, Fitters, Turners, Mac en to deem, | on Monday the 23rd day of January 191
f£PinAIN THRs sagoknitentty rec onets | Aggurange COMPANY pa eae te SIRE. musth Greamdt | SUSE TDIe a tn othe pe
So ‘Trinidad Temper Lima} wire Notice. | serene yi rorttir sr oatingtos Tew Usiheek sles eterna oe eatel tear anata 2 at
. ° ; . : oulding. i mda of the Defendanve
-— and Life Insurance Coy . . _ . > po. Jastructor :— | Standing on Innis of the Defeodan
t ~FORK— D . J ree tor ieorce renpoacitle for aay exvtabitebed 182% Artisan Oeming eal se vou Mraldeks ad Heather's wirted upoo ta the shore matter

debt or debts coatrested by my wife Gan- Descriptive Geometry, &c. CLEMENT F, LIGOUKE,

9 : GAPIT Depu y Marshal,
, i gadiab, ebo baviag left my house and pro- | SUBSCRIBED CAPITAL...£ 500,000 . d Bookbinders). | Thara-
BPR. AYING PURBRPO SHS [eae te [ACCUMULATEDFUNDS™” | Trvostaphiel, trade PrareLatate end Decorate 3 Erpogrephical Gmith, Robertson & Uo
* > oes ove 1,600, wo 3ite . Philip ; Peess-w:
i AN auinatteie, | Hl tort, Ragland Bday etuing deh Me So Henge [PUOLN, OUBEYSOD ob U0,
' tl Jan, 1-Lw, to b Risks -bookat-—Goald’s Letrer-bress Pri / Diod:
TRINI ) AN M AN URI AL il Mi F — N rian Fh °. forallog from Earths i ; Pierce's Bookbinding and Priotiog, n ricceaii spuepotye
i: *"G0 per cent off poastry risks oocupted fi Werafts) Fridays, 73)109 pm, fess actor = alii sitag tn ia
a : _ror— . DENTISTRY. by ouidenees of pons y via! ‘op Af-hmatle | for Act ana (all sort cake Wi vatack'e Measatatioa ; Bualth's to Pons wan one best tend
p. . —_ . FRED. Eu. Bool? b Acithmetie- , Picked BRISTOL TEMPER LIMS,
NURAL PURPOSES. |D1J, Baloh Carrington, TE] arent tothe onan nad alah Infovmstion, adds thy Beeler | Ty arrive by Early Seamer
= * tothe Board at bis Oise, i - ,
eee ults will satisfy you, - Gradaate Collage of Destal Bax SALE FOR MONDAY SHE OTH DAY T, B. JACKSON, 200 Cues GAUTIER'S DRANDY--ta
;. (MANUFACTURED m= mite A, EB ASTEBROOKE GBLic Nort Els pereby given that Sccretary, 1 Gn BRAZILIAN, CIOARS ~ta
re wos . Omoen P ga Mortgegees by the Prorialons : < .
, ' Bar-No, 4 Sackville etrees opposite or gree OF ‘ ——— tt EX RECINT ARRIVALS,
Trinidad Shipping and Trading Go,, Lmtd | "asthsiruesce ome teithet nd i rdecl tenses So TED IGG | ([Lgmeriuese uavana cruane
4 4 . oe :
b= he Medical Hall. (nxitzcrnzer ers FRESH ELMIR FIGS DOERR SSA
ot ir re w! iy *
The Me ICal Hall. tar Baa ty Petula Anrtion by the ase 190 pew Bom FINEST SCOTCH WHISKY,

CRYSTALIZ »D FROITS—in 10 & 20¢ bores een ORE ER Coen MANURE,

. BULEUURIO AUID=la 8 Cet, Dinmes,
Opposite, Wash House Bridge. __e Squaacyy WL,

ne eee aes PBALE FOR T'

‘ ° ®
P eS
Ri. Prescripti Department ig {8a Vincezt trees Port-of-Spala oo
OU with all the ose remedice. Monday ete dey of Hebraary | Tous
; Seaton: BAY? Wbst your Proscrips | beiTtet ay plece of land sicoate’ fay the

We have also received a new Jot ot j Werd of Merasaitla im the Island of

. Apiolive de Chspnteant, Kola Antler 7, Inlded compalsing 20 screa and 3 perches

fe WILL BE ON ITS OLD LOGATION AT THE Praou' de and the Naw Shpper Bed Fan, | aad with the absttale and boundaries
Gl 9 ral

JUNOTION OF ’ All Prercriptions we put up are com: | {a the Royal Grant devel tbe ae bate

of April ta entered ia Volame XLVI

Folio 40t_ and bogaded on the North by

lands of Baw; and by Crows lacd on

lowed for by

F FEBRUAKY tie pay
Pitan NOTIGE is aerof es thas

unded wit
Pe “A

. FROM Abbe 75

Wednesday, the 4th Instant, | Effer.. Salt

—xor— The disagreeable features’

ioexzeroke of the power
wed fa a cartala Memorandaas of Mort.
ae No, J3t detest the bib dey of March
ead mace between Tacoodcen of the

ft pert, thee will be pat up for
ale by (he wadenigned at ther action
mart No, 2 Yackville & ree’, ja the Towa
of Port-of-dpaw va Teosday tbe 7th day
of Febraary 1911, between the houre cl
onesedtwe pw. Alleod Siogaler thas
erteia plece or parcel ¢f aod situete in
the Ward of Tarwe ta the Ivand of
Triaklad ectaprelog Ten scits be the
Games Ito more oc lesa delineated aad
with the abutials and boacdaries thecec!
ohewn in the p'anor disgiam atiched to
-tt@ Crows Grant entered in the Mel


West bye road rececved filty links wide

sod intersec the yas River

Fitty Hoke wida sescrved together wiih’
Darethind hd Te a 11
at ay of Ja 6
Â¥. J, sourr SON,

Govt. Auctlonesra,
Sete er


T .
LESSONS aires fe 2rveritieg, Fue

of travelling can be overcome

, ;
hen* y
-] REE ' D AYS: ON LY, Abbey's Salt with you He of

i Pore Reglater Hook at Volume
mens LAXXY, foto 409 and bounded on the

Novus by a Hoad reserved toy inka wide

athend Webs Crowe Lind

, A ch fi ‘ bh Bhortbend, Magid foa,
Ps, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY & FRIDAY, routine of living brines Hex, Rice diac seParoe a
| will be at TACAKIQUA from SUNDAY, 81h, aches, Biliousness and Con- | “4° ?"anee fo ees

, . dee stipation, which are so fres
. Ladies and Children from 4 to 6 p.m, quentlyincidental totravelling Jere tn

FFER WHEN [BB | Sit icomncr nor
YOU CAN PROCURE 4s how vested {a Joseph Leon Anbeam,

morandam of Frabebur of

0 oy
4, Dendoccld weet,

THIS MEDICIN > . fs 147 dated 414 Avgoes 1910.
. Abbey's Salt will almost E eS abi Ou ae,
9 UIs JOHN &
f General Public from 7 pm. instantly relieve you of these 8 ae AtL Druaaisys Im
§ 1 ae! disturbers of pleasure by its SINGUINESU BROS .
TTT eo soothing effectonthe Stomach, Provision, Cocoa

Liyer and Howels. & sade


, , wee oe \ ‘, "or . , 4
a j , - « : > oe tat ws . .
ine sat ete ue ese otha de Loos Potfasras ne tA Fe watt ll + os

Kint& Co Patol Spee Sarg, & Ucarr Steet

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Baer ’
er = *, , . . i

~F\ . a

SO = 7 Tee Gudlas Dabop pt iemecsp nie sng fu Oae Ole wevenes FR Bree pay
.. KOR SALE. | [Girvours| #ees if ate ee oes HN HOADLEY, o

, SAT Ke Dominica Cua
' Pend whe wtehew she gilt to be anob row Demerara by
| meas. This fa to provide, subject

Bis eee conditions which were being settled, & Titaldad.
ke - SS scholarship at the rate o! r | wife,
se WELDON'S JOURNAL for) { Sanum avaliable for meeting the coat

J BAY we ee vadent at the Theological College terdsy morning at bslf pine 2
WELDOWH JOURNSE “Ot rte Sed for muerte forthe Ministry euck haif-a dozen policemea from Tailors and Outfi
. ,

e as e. | > 4 RECENT ARRIVALS. FASHIONS Sf the Chureh of England, Head-querters were taken off by the ; oa

wan cosine tabol launch to the
, for Seon weymit conte, Mr. Charles Reis, sscond son of Me, HANS Prine der Ne Igden ov boerd


‘| 3. PF, Reis merchant of thi¢ city has lof which estes they were posted
been admitted a student of the Hon-| daring the stansbipment of the
ale erat eeu an ean een Oe Sei beee o

jor o bg ca 0 + le

Fah 60 Ibs, ners | £5 the bar, & in charge of the iabourers, who, a2

: ° ~ \
‘ . - > THe 4 ——— atated [a this paper yesterday, ace v vo
ws- 333560 Bags Garden Siam,'ice ort-ofeSpain Gacette. | tne Pamemn Arie sates that « | prcveding to Bran to wuk cd tbe wD.
| | +$250. Bags Best Yellow Dhah Lor Shrbanes ae t® | Smt eenchaied nisar eal | aa Ig " dso (





' , 300 Boxes Cube Sugar —

Protished Dany, Mondays aed Patlic Holt | Balata Betates, Ltd, The firma recenté lathe Hige Conn at Justice, Kioge
i .

* ° $0.Bags Extra Special O” terete Petatsun "| Lede tedhit ns been fousdabat not foe, Laon, Ce

js, adit bas been foundabat not] Dench Dir!

' sr —- b be uted. Some Boyle, the plaintiff {a & duit

1 \ Green Dhah ay PCE: OVE PENNY. | attached by a tied of fangoid, dlseaee, egal the pauetrepglitaa Railway
sy and hare been forws to Professor 0 o
: 1864 Bags No. 1 Nagra Rice. Aératimmeate of Birks, Deaths, sod | irattion for laventigation Sstestol £20 for injuries tecelved as

arranges, . .
Auaclaimers (which be nutheat ne the recult of the company's hegligence
. sted by Ne eqearure on sone Thelicn Edgar and Mrs Apoetint io permitting a bavanaskinta be lett
—ALSO— tespoosble persoa) wil be charge | together with Miss Agostial ealled for]on the platform of Baker Str

for: to be N ML. don. Wr. Moyle sli .
, ' ; Canal ddreioeeents every description! wT eleanceas ea Trt oneet oa use banana stia aad tojured pe f ,
THE FAMOUS ENG 0) RE Wals RY mien es Pere wosatb det incbente be across the Atlantic to Kogland by one | self severely, ; ;
v pepade moet of the well known ocean "grey: Me and Mee Randolph Host -t ; ‘

Wan, &c as Sd yer wack each; ve te | hounds.”

emcee turoed to the colony yeelerday by the
All Simes. Ednor and Publisher... A. P. T. AMBARD, Me... Brooks, whd for seyers! | D.M08. “Saramecca’ via Barbados. 4
BY . Manager TT. RYN. Lavcaus, | years past bas been In charge of the | Oo their way out, Airs Rust paids 4
° Oceshier oe wwe GY. HA, Forp, Asticultural School at Morne Bruce, | visit to hér ‘relatives In Ontario, Uae . ,
‘ —_ = Dominica will leavethereon Tuesdsy | pada, We sre gad to see Me and Mre M a in 3) S uare ‘and Chi
A Cooques seat to tbe office of this paper fe | the Sth of mexzt month to take up his | Rust looking a0 well and are pleased r
: payment of tills should be made paysble | new duties as Superictendeot of | to learn that further progress hes ’
= e ta Tha Pert-af-Spasn Gavetta, Agriculture at St. Lucia, to which he | been made by the oil concera with
4 —we has recently been appoloted. which Mr Rust te connected at Gus- re a
. We do To OouetsrosDENTS. . tee yaguayare. . . ay _
‘¢ do act hold ourselves respoos! oor |) 6221 Venezuelan labou arrived —— :
‘ SOUTH OQUAY. do we necessarily endorse the opraicos peterday, by the D.ALS, “Prins der | ‘The following extract {s taken from *o =
. . == ——s panied by the real sigaature of the writer, | Thy Were transbippedinto the RNS. [Governor of Demerara, forwarding : -
mT — not Fecessarily for publicatioa, bat asa | “Balantia * and taken on to Barbados | the Iaperial Government's invitation y
. ° qavrantes of good faith, Reyocted maew | Whence they will proceed to Hrazil by | to that colony to send representatites
, . e sf 6 scripts cusnot bi roeraed Hoatl the wert A potice was Posted at of ie military forces on the aecasion :
in a Cation | the entrsnceto the Harbour Master's } of the Kicgs ccronal ~
. Advert & se eon Application Ofice yesterday warning labourers | rangements made forthe Corcnation ;
9 Parsdle tau forme —Ps fa wevire that they had better remain in Trini: | Procession and other ceremonies in | a
? ? SSS St | dad and bear the Ills they have than | connection with the Coronation do net
NAG E R fiy to those they know not. contemplate the presence of so large a '
M A ° number of troops from the Colones as ]

The Barbados Gighe of January 4th fon previous pccasions of a similar
says:~The friends ate Jal Dyer, pature. and the number available for
soa of Mr Harry T.” Poyht’’ of | the representation of Gye West Indian
should be Spleased ‘to learn of his | Colonies at a whole bas been red
coatinued suceess with the bat forthe ] accordingly In tbese circumstances
Brooklyn Oricket Club, At Che itis proposed that only officers and
Annual Club Dinner held on the7h {senior non-commissioned officers
November last Me, Poyer was the] sbould be present from the Weet
object of all eyes. because of bie loug { Indies, and that the contingent to be
aod continued successes, He hasfdespatthed from British Guiana
beea chawpion bat of bis club since { should notexceed twelve in all, having
1002 16 the-close of the last (1010) {regard to the total number of the
season when he topped the batting | Miltary Forces maintaloe’d by tbe
average with 60,14 for 17 Invings. aod | colony. Ie 1s essential that there
bas bees the champinn bat of the | should be at least one officer of som-
Metropolitan Leagus, ie beading ail | missioned rank to take charge of the
comersin that particpler tourney, for | party, and I would eaggess that in
five sessons dneluding the last. In | selecting the non-commissioned ofticers
the list of dverages we also see the | regard ehould be had to fengib of
names of A, Lovell, C. A, Worm, 1. Li | service ja the forca, The militar:
Poyer, O. Smith, and R. C.Mf. Browne, | character of the contingent which it
——— fa desired to assemble oa this occasion
In the case of Bruery v tho Liver: | makes it tmposuble to recognisa the


90000900-00000000 66466 06-00 0000000006




RECEIVED EX RECENT ARRIVALS Wiarhne “cininclograph Keates
‘ -of educstion and address-able to

SEINE, MULLET & HERRING | Lster'otitescriie ppc

Current Events.

° TT VY, > IN 4. TO-DAY.

Supreme Court—IU 3) a am.

« |BRASS FI-HING WIRE!) [sftcctny keioccian

FISH HOO KS AND LI NES, S.8. “ Berbice “leaves for Barbados,

Bt. Lucia, Domimeca, Monteerrat,
Antigua, Nevis, St. Kitta and St.

Rop es Canvas: ‘Oars. Thomas, Mails close atl0 am.

High Water Morn 009 Even 0.45 pm.




Sun rises ~ $2) am : dered by tb
TAR TCH. OAKUM. Ban vo BBR pia | pet tendon & Globe Insurance Coy, | valuable, servers rendered by tbe | Ii f
: * : - te Moon vets ss ==; | Supreme Court yesterday for £300, we | Goverament by extending the lovita i” "
ne en es a
i > . Paints Oils, Varnishes, SEE PAGE 2 oR . the amout of the dain Cab that ve ee — an ; 8
me Toys ‘oird of Education ‘ore fire insurance) was e Indian annu obarrun festi- ;
% — vat which commenced on the2nd inst uy
AT ee . ° ° PACEG FOR | The Denerara dAryosy says it Is | and cejebrated throughout the colony, a
es For anything in the Hardware Line, . Supreme Court Understood that the policecontemplate | will terminate to-day. The tadjahs .
0 SEE PACE 7 FOR instituting proceedings agalost “Dr.” | were brought out last night and will —~AND—
3 6 ee FAK ODT ———— ‘An Interesting Example. De-|U A. Bailey,an “eye specialist” from | bethrown away to-day with the usual

Barbados, “ who has been in N ceremony.
parture of the Governor of | ameterdsm for some weeks past for " ———


Demerara—His Probable Suc- | practising witbous having been regis | Three of the Croney’s race horses,

cessor, To-day's Court List. tered under the Medical Practitioners’ | including $be fleet footed Athlete aod

. R Ordinance. “ Dr ' Bailey will bere | Amazon, were Ee some walking
SEE PACE 8 Fo membered iu Trinidad, as baving been [ exercise by Mr H. Hunn, around the ;

s . Dickena Stainp. atoas time a* preacher of the gospel”, Queen's ark | Savanoah, lt Ja said
. 5 — en nn and subsequently, an opticia: that Mr Da Costa was grea! wmpreas- i
PHONE 58 AT 68 SOUTH QUAY, mua TNO PUcas, ed by Athletes tformances ia bis TES H? €
. ITEHS OF NEWS. itdement was reserved yesterday in | eagsgements in the recent Turf Club 7
. — Pierre ¢ Lowa Sad aneeane, iat races

: . vette eaeeence is xeportad fo yea lea claim for tojaccticn against sus- Among the pastengers booked to 4

2 oR boomer Via the Londoa market, the quotation Feasion from the L Union Francaise | leave England for Harbados or Wed-

5 now being 67/ per ewt, drlendiy Society and damages forex. [| nesday next, January 4th, says a f

--= ¢ uston from the seme | It came out Harbados Pattee BA, Mon f e
a evidence that the minutes and th ‘epnell FitzPatric! eon 0. r
wee eed ee ee “Stewaent correspondence are done in French, E. FuzPatrick of that island. This
lo thie issue, that the HLS. “Ucuba” but the deliberations are condacted {fo youre lence, who holds a comfortable
which leaves bere on the Zird instant » A report of the arguments | living 1a the Mother Country, has
t will wilt be found eleewhere,* agreed with the Revd, Menies for w
for South ae ad ubsoeee? wie ———_ temporary exchange of livings, aod
under the new contract, goy which | Slembers of the Thistte C.C, are re. | will minister tothe St. Pauls’ Charch
Trinidad has agreed to pay an annual | Dinded of thamedting to take place at | Members during bis stay on this side,
subsidy of £20 010 ~the transatlantic Me Ae EK. Mark's residence, No 10 | Herd, FitzPatrick isnot poknown in
service would be malntaine! direct | Marll Street at 79) ta night. iurbados, be paid bis parvats 5 vielt
——— & couple o! ears AGO, wn as.
frog and to Trinidad! It fa announced fo Jamaica thata made @ Great iapression a9 preacher,
According to the Guardian the member of ee cmerican Syndicate —_——_—_:
Fee Boonies tauional Pulsne | Catia 40) miles of railway ine saty | HARBOUR AND MARINE NOTES.
vetted aud te ‘is expected that thy | intends to take some Jamsica banana |. ——
appointment will be provided for at | Planters to belp to develop the land late pores Suton sooo steered?
thie occasion no falee butkhead was
discovered. Toe Venezuelan sloop


We havo just received from
Birmingham a large sbipment
of our well known and justly.

Have Just ben Recé
—Iv— ‘




Ube nest Session of the Federal Coun. | 00g the railway track, A wherf aod
el The bew Judge will reside at St. gonerete dock bave been completed at
Kitts, and it is understood that the } Fortau-Prince, and hotels and roads


po salar Tron Bodstonds salary will bo £60, I fe moreover an | “Fe Projected. galicen which had sented during the Pee UTOMNE, VISION OF}
@ do oot know thit we open secret that tbe appointment hes | ne ine prasad ay w ee utaal Composite cargo COLATE SULUIER, TH
have anything spocial to ssy of | | been offered tothe tion. 8. It, Pem- Onur ons stant [isck steamer pl foodatudts Gat general selsed eee ,

berton, the Assistant to the Attorney.
General at Dominica. 1¢ ia also be
lieved in certain quarters that Mr,
Martin J Uamacho, of Antigua, has
secured the appointment of Assistant
to the Attorney-General In Domixica,

Dr G. HR, Perey who has not been
eojoyiag ood Lealth for some
tine past, jefe lest night by the
Veremaccs “for the United uate Cave of warehouse gouds Ti
@ hope the geo! tor will sco; wa Be te-
revura bearing. visible sigas of the The St. Lucia Voice understands | maiulog bottle wes alee disclosed bus.
benefit of hls trip that Mr. Frank Belmar of Castries has | 011006 ite cuntegia, fur sodie in eolous
* ome ben oHered Dd bes acoapted ao selloe had prideat! ‘sucouedes With
De J, F, Bridger, the Po: onimens tn the Colonial Service | the of & ba O getting the
fcer of Hartedos ro arc pith at Nigeria. Breclous fale. ihe spk wae bid.
the Went Jadiee by the ~ ” ar 8 eo Veeuel,
Sard throws thie tact weteedeyons MeseraN, Caunon and F, Dies, who | Ley tbe partition under the ballast:
beara the i.M,8, eitatotles Hg | Peturned by the 1.M8 Des ta Dene: | Tad" Alice lea teita fitile exalt aud a
was acoompanied by Mre Bridger. pte were laterviewed by a Demerara | fekular trader between this port and
= Dauy Caronicle representative. Mr, | Cristobal Colon. She registers 15 tone
The death occurred wader tragic | CA000n stated that the ravcs werga | 58 and is commanded by Captain
clrcumetances [n London on the bth thorough buccess, With regard to the Silva,
Tecember of Mr, Hoderick Geikie, | poe eng Of Houghton hebad never arena
Chief Clerk of the Colonial Onice, | p62 'a, better furm. The Cannon-{ | The following telegram appeared in
Alr. Geikle, who was only 3, wie the a Syndicate borses were alea last night's bullets ~ weferring to a
eon of Bir Archibald Geikle, the Preel. | Sight. "Ae will be seen, Hiesidean | Paragraph fn the public telegrams
teat of the Hoyal Bocisty, On the} mon the New Yeer Handicap oa the | thle morolog, service atranged be
tworning of the oth alt. a4 ® train on eat de of the races iit animal was] tweeu New York and Puerto Colombia
the Metropolitan District Meilway | Shea tidden by Keeble, the Jockey of | Wes in tbe eventof there Wing no
eotered Queen'e Hoad station, Ste, figuodtun, Lhe beet rider la ibe West | transatlantic service. Now that toa,
Geikle juaipedin front of the engine joie. Hy’ ela > Cannon, “he | tact transétlantic sersice bas been
aod the trala passed over bion Afr, 7 '¢ Streets ahead of any of the others”, | srranged, the former itinerary of the
Gelkle graduated with a first-class in mo Hoy aul Cotnpany’s tteauiera will
tbe Historical Tripos, Uambeidge, in[ 4 quiet little wedding was celebrat- pe resumed and epeclal service re.
1908, aod was elected a Fellow in Jou, | ¢d et St, Michael's Cathedral Barbadog | {¢fred to above will be cabeelied, 411
Aller a few years’ service with the (94 December 26th at 239 pm, The fbe Couipany‘s steamers will proceed
Government Board he wae trans. | coutractiog partic were Miss leabelia | [Om Bouthampton via the Weet Ia.
ferred to the Colonial Office as Chief Mey Cowie, daughter of the late Me. tos sad Oolon to New York and back
Clerk in 18, Wiliam Oowle, of England, aod Mr, | bY thesame route, The totercolonial
~—— Ceci May, sou'of the late Dean May | Svesmers will connect with the Trang.
Mies A, Fri¢ker who 1¢ will be re [of Gedruclewn, Demerara, They | AUantio steamers at Trivinad con.
membered secured the pow of Chief | were united oy ble Lordbip ibe javeelieg with the *Ciyde on Bist
Matron of the Culouial Iospital | Hisuop, aseted by Mev PB. Farrar, | usteut Tue "Oruus” and * May.
through Der Clare's foetrumeatallty burgeoa General of | Uelens * wulnot cali at 4, Thowes
foft tbe coluny last eveulog for New |: be, aeie present bunewsrd voyeye
York by the * Saramacca.” Dut will call at Puerta -Vabello, Tein

this new fot. of Hedsteads, save
perhaps ihat they aro repre.
sented by the very bot bels
that is possible to make,

These Bodstcads have come
too late for cur Xinas traie, we
have marked them all a'l at re.
markably low prices= certaialy
tha lowest in town aad we iovitg

your perusal of the subjoined
ist, which shows only a few of
the moro striking Bargains: — .

STUMP BEDSTEADS _.. $3.60 to $ 6 each
' FOUR POST BEDSrEADS 5.00 to 40 cach

“the Lowest Prices —ALWAYS,”



nut filly Miouet was shi breach of the Custony's regulation:
Barbados, Yesterday ja eupped 4 and moored alongside the "Canton
Jockey-tralnee Payne, Me Ds *e | Jetty, Where a guard bas been pleced
string locluding the champion Hovgh- | v0 ber” uotil tbe matter be toally
ton also left for Barbados by the | shreshed out before the Collector of
RMB. *Balentia’. The hoses’ were | Custowe. From what we bave been
gived & most popular send-off by » | sble to gather, it appears Lhat a search
large crowd | Patriotis Marbadiang, [00 board by the tide surveyor (Mr,
(0 the acconmpaniinent of a “brase® | Irving Lewis) discluoed 23 buttles of
aod, @buky, being Lhe cuatents fof two


wWeeetewe 0000004480888


Stock in Tov
—OF— }






RiNipaD Moavsartat cotprislog reepestlely (1), regiscered ia Voume XVIL folio fiéea%l a 3%: ay TKINIU D. aod ;
J BLIU Notle tety pi fal a 6 te the North sad on the Wet Lie the Sepreme Overt sf Yrieldad '
Bene aren tnt Eig tae | hy) Are en cod. aude sm eRe sod om he ea | AChministrator Usneral § rr ce THE ABERCROMEV,
7 teh pu mortseres by the Coureyencing Nees of 1910. A

thirty sic perebes which eld three | the South apoe lands pew of le-ely of ween
Gorden, Gordon etd Wihlame BRY ST
Werte Gerda trediug asder the 4 * A B ,

y . |
acd Law of ty Ordinapes No, 72, several perce's of lend are rerpxtively | the Crewe wp: lends peticional for b: Sal 8 i.
sed contaivat ins carisia deed of mort * deverihad tn Gort ifcate of Tile Teghtered Laorad Deosoroo aed apes lands as ___ bale ? e
* | TRINIDAD, Grass & Co~Piaintists
Fewiszered le the efice ef the Registrar} Filhy all sad slocelae thoer tires | Zariaoon lends mow oe ta'ely of Jche Ts the Matter of firm of Ger’oo, Gras ,
Goorra] 83 No_ 80101 1905 ant mode be- | ceveral’parcele of Ivod situate fe the ¢-id | Thomas acd apie Lands wow or Iste- istrator-Geeere's Ordlnab aod Fermerl Munt's :
Uwoea Jalve Enansel Acheol the ove! Ward ue Montserrat The first thervof 2g of Biirehel Alcrander, the secoad ta re- Tea Adatobiretat : a! 7a Antoa'g Villaroel, D, Morsleje d ¢ ¥ . J :
0 and James Arthar ex ineyet | ermprbiog'ten acres ecd abutting 02 of containing, twesty eerce same And ta the Matter of the Estate saute 28 & h t hog ‘4
trles Foarer Stollmeyer and Ken {North wpoa leats of Dohoran om the | more or lees delisested acd deveribed ta | p, wes pustio wotice Hy Herat given that ie Now Hurses Carriages ava jus it
owtela menorantac cf mortghze woder | Gamera of the Ene) 0 lente of M | registered in Vo'awe XXXV folle 435 brook te the town of paresecce eer tear ereremtarnrneinam ORV eatin 2
the provisions of the Real preperty 0 ‘dine | Meadoss and_oa th Wen apo land of J | nad abatting on the North end ow the Bast Tue eee the Inland of Trinkded Hoooar Mr, Tasticve Suen dared thed a ORDER AT a
exes doled the esjl lock dey of Fe sad the eof comprie- | upon lands mow or late'y of the Creea 08 Deceased Latestats, dey of Vane 191d aod te ioe ned the Eat 5
KS made by the atld Jakes Em abattiaz oa the North | the South apom lasds forme-ty of Juba om Widear Me Jackies Wrig' tdved ets Ag STABLES 135 ABERCROMBY
Arve le f abd Sewes Arthar spon lands «f Marsa Modeate aod wpse | Thowes bat arw or lately of Eger | Action Sale lor Taurvdey the S8-b day | eay of D-eonsher 1a were wT the ‘Cour T bs A
\ ;
Rast aed also ine ers Vitisracl abd on tbe West pon | lately of the Crawa and. oo the West | %Jeatery, 1011 bowere Lead 2 pm. Uoase o* Tosteday the TH hb dey ot Or to the Miatger—J. R.3
corsain deed of waves dated, ihe cali | lemtect Fabien Viilarael and the Turd | upos late sow of lately of EmmsUarotise | -rytyprtg NOTICE ieherwby gives thes | Janvery 1012 now neat Kn and ‘af l +
Seath day of Veresry 1933 regivvered 0g | theresf competing sisteen acres and | Semvels aad apoa Janda formerly of Joba P the keeraud Leds or ee ouroa pleats Telephone 681. AT WILSON'S CORNER ,
erey di hove parce! -, 7 !
sald Ja‘os Emaneot Ache of tho one put [ Seocion Saba'a on the Soath and Esat | toa Outey' Dooawa, the third the-eof oo He Aserioa ah ths © nee T as the tizgs ptaate lethe Ward {vere io the . , rs
andthe esd Chsrles Foarier Staloezer | npua Crowe leeds aed on tbe Wesd upos taining twealy aise acres three roods aad * a9)l, between’ the | Island of Triskdad the first ther : s
ofthe other part ant alois o certain | lands of Jove Benito Aad alse atl and | size percbee the seme more or less 2'n 1 | perches called © Sagta Lucia” aod ebat- + wat ‘i
lore. oF plas petal .
Visions af the Real Property Ordinsnce | parcel of land situate Ia the ead Ward of f artached tothe Crowe Great. registered oe a ree oe aS aetioenced in the | 9K ou the North bo Led of Mex mo IF \ O l J ARE IN G. mY
Gated the sald 10.u dey of Fobrusry 1903 | Moateertay exmprising forty nine ecrea | ts Volame L fll 281 and abatoleg on the Giagtam aneexed to Crowa Grant sad re: | Sforens and Darin ¢o he Manacal
meds by the said Jules Emaveel Ache la fore tood and’ aightecn fperches and | North upra laods pow or lately of Riveren tha Bae upon funds t Claalia Ifyou contemplava bein
. c Chaguanas in the Inlacd of Triat- yor
meyerthere willle parap fureate by | lately of Soharage upon lands former.y | orlate'y of Mitchel! Alexseder oe tbe s rem « a should not torres tH
Publis Acetion by ibe wederscre! a: | of we Cina. oat Paabreqaeatly a] scuk spon leotsnow of lately of the ded avd boaeded ou the Nori aad ‘on | Francwes Fiorsco Gareis and bis wife; who is engas EYE Us 98, PREOE:
User avetva Mare Nod. sr Sineen T Bosaram on the Sosth upon lands of | Crown 02 the But ‘span lspde now of | jends of Mobabeersieg on the South oa The eceond ihe-eof compe ae te oi, £3. Z > E% 9
Bucet Purvol Foye oo TH! RSDAY had dacen Vi roel upon feats formerly ot | lately of the Crows and apm laade now lands of Japan! on land of Lootoo acd oa | $f4 abutting on the North hawk tne “
BB day IAN Ald Letweentoe bret the Leomu v2 sehuqrentiy of Neebar | or lately of Mitchel Alerander aed om the . Hellex on the Boath ete Woet oa don't orde. from a catslogue waich showa.a pictore of a ¥
e pon lands of the exid David Willism and os feet being ve | Goat orde. { re
FIRST All end soca: tha curtain {ade lurmerly of tbe Crowa tat enbee- | Cedeno end upon tande now or lately of | ire Weat ow lands of the said Mohebeer- | the Manacal Revine (:buty fee id |] @ of a locomotive Gash light and only get a mere little t
eoeva pisatation es tod LA PHOVEDES- | qsentiy of Osnusio Z masa of Sobarage | the Crown, the foarth thereof coataia aed ont terted by the Crown along the seid | 6 .
CL urteta the Ward f M1 nteorrat in a ‘Vustea ont on the. Wat cpea nine bares threes roode ant eigbtees sing asd on leade vf Rampeal and bucg

‘geome deted the 100s day ef Feb wiry 19% | fa Vol XCI! folio $53, lavely of Mitchell A'exander aad on th
Co aad Boyd & Co -Dofeadents,
hd James
delph Rises of thu ether pitard alsorea {8 ath wpes lands of © ds te Ros] the plan attached to the Crown Grane | *:i#@ Daniel Heyees ols ce
ers, Ch Yea Fourier 8'0il- the Fass apos leads of | tou Onley Dooews and apon ls mow foe eale before
te by Pab-
No 686 koe mide beiwees the | sbe.tiag oa ths North upoe lands ef | Thomas bet mow or isiely of P. thoce will be pat ep fo sale by
prieng ten scien two roode end ten .
meamorasdam of mortgage tader the pro- | seaelar that eertaim cther Celineated and described ia th Aer
. f 1532, eltaste fo the t
Larous of the sald Chsries Fourier Bro l- | abutting o9 the North up7o land sow or | Florence Lamy sod upwa lands sow yiered te No, 1398 0! Gane oad on the st ape lacdeo! 1, OF Ef you know 1
oy 2
Of ond aod twe p ow. nadia, oo ovn lands oaite FE. West upos lands now of lately of Dotales leads of David Williams oa the East o
; The third thereof eowprisia} six Money rofanded if quality is noss guaranteed, .
the Iuland of Triaiias const og 4 the | isnde aew of formerly of Seocina Sabala | perebes be tha same more or less delineated intersected bya Publie Koad Baclae); The t ey q

part Sar nd abutting om the Nori on laod 4
Nagy mabGlavrEckagee,” | otc Manca Dr-t and on the WHAT _YOU_ Buy
several encht paresis of aod be-ete alter] atd of Miria Mod And oisthly all | aad dercribed In the plan attached te the : of Claudio Gases, Mansel Di-s a0: SEE 3
Geacrited thal te to say the frat thereol that purest, of lan te Bootearrat Crown Grant fexrered fa Volame XXXE (°¢d.) B. RADCLIFFE CLARKE, Manecal Revise on the Syuth end Rast ea

comprising siz acres aud ebottiog on the | sfaresaid comprising twelve scree three | follo 253 acd abatileg on the North ___ Admilaistrator-General

Crown Jande and oa the Weston the NOTICE: TRINIDAD. 4
Nerth Bpra hands now or lately of the } roots aod thirty five porches and abating wpon leeds Row or lately a Jose Alera TRINIDAD, Had ant Manscal Rivine 4 Tee jontauieg oa tbe ats No, 21 of 3910, Berweea
Srowa on tbs Syrah won lends cowor loa tha North 1 Arka iro ® the oraze d reme Trio! > = |
Netely of Jaca EB Villalasa of the Kart fant of Daniacraih on “the fob apes Rod ove handred Maks wile ce the Soath ta the Bap weak ot , “ orth en lsed of M. Valdes on the Roath YOTICELs hereby given aan eh Joveph Joaquim Libeies
upoa lands ase or la’ely of Qierieo Fer- | lead of © dela Hows Ze oa the East | and ca the Wert apse lands now or Inthe matter of sad East on Crown leads aud on the West | LN Garmell js po longer connects ole acd
reice and onthe Weer spon lacds now ot | sponCrown Isod ead on tte West con | lately of the Crown sod on the Esst aoa | The Admlcistrato--Cleceral’e Ordivance | of land of Claadio Garcia ant of Manuel | the Cathatie Trai ney:
dere'v of Goolam Irena esd Kidarat. | lant of Boh rage,

Adolpbe Gaateff Halfhite i
Road Diz; The Sfth thereof compridog twelve | News Ulice, of Messrs. bert, Appleton ‘Custe~Defead
stieg * Ly Provideocla’ ee ee Sterect “convelaien se acres iwo rods and beenty foar pages & Coy. pab isbersof the Gatbolie’Eacy- .
the eeveral parcels of [Sweaty sine sees three moods an Ia the matter of tbe goods of and abattisg on the North oa fend of elopadia acd la nod suthorised to eal ct Ppustic NOTICE ts te he
thirdly and foarthiy described are | bweoty siz perches be the eame more or Quintin Herbert Spicer, late ot the Tow, | Coadido Metica on the Sjath on lao: of accounts oF issue recalp-a 1 by an order of Dis #
O.asam) end abaitiog oa toe North ps0 | ewmtaiond tm the deed of the 10th dey of | lesa delinasted and cescribed ia the piaa of Ben Ferasndo ta the Island of Triaidad | Eogeals Lopexes the Exston the Massest the store—Jaouary Bth.—lw. tee Swan made fe this tm:
Jands of Cailtpur oa the Boarh DBpro a4} vebrasry 1905 imide between tha said | attached to the Crows Grant regitrered fo | op d [ovstate, Ravios acd cn the West oo land of , day of Jane lest, there will
now or lately of Kafaraton the Kost u,- | Jae, Volume. CLXIY folio 465 ana abnt' ainst the | Kuzenio Lopes Ard che aizth cbereofaxes TRINIDAD, Sa'e belore the doors of the

Emmanuel Ache and the asid fo LL persona having claims az: .

on aniepow o istely ct Locbaas aed | Chiries Funtier Stollmeyer acd the 1g | on the Noth upos lsods now ot Jat! i A pe tateare reqaired to seod in | prviog erght aces sitase a. Atenacsl Zang FOR THURSUAY THE 2éru | Port-of-Spaia on Tharedsy

ilaki aad oa the Weet pps lands ew | uu th y described are also contained in the } the osid Joseph Francis Ambros Ferien to (he uaders'goed fall ‘parti-alare of the | Caled “La & let.d” und abating oa the , Day OF JANUARY 2911, Febraary 1011, bet ween the ¥

or lately ol Bindalie Hives | The THIRU | 3t-mo ecdam «f Mortgace under the |anddpon leods now or lately of C. same verified by affilaviton or before | North on isnt of 13 toaiino Ruodoson tha | UBLIC NUTICE Iv hereby given thet] Att and Siegalar thas

ibereol comgrisiog five coreas( ving te} pore ucy of the Kea Hropscty Ordia. | Mitchel! oo the fonth apo lands’ now or Mondey the 23dday of Jaaasy 19.1 | Svuthoa lacd of Manuel Dirk vo the Bast in exercise of the Power of asl veoted | rarcel of Jaad contats

Other moiety of tae seld parcel of te0 | sore detel the same 10th day of February lately of P. B. Lafoucade end spon | after which dateno claims will be entes- | 00 Ceown lands ard on ths West of the 45 James Wilitra Warren aod coateined | sitgete ia the Ward of G

seres granted 10 Urensm and abuttiig om | 1905 made by the sal! Jales Emmuocel | laode now or lately of the Crowa oo the tained. Manccal Road 5 Alea all thore two sereual io a corteln Mecorandam cf Mortgege | Islaod of Trinidad Kad al

Avus io fevour of the paid Charles | Esxt apom lends now oc lately of the} Creditors who bald acy teouri'y what. f parosie cf tand stdste in she Ward of No, Sldated the 23:8 diy of Jans 1910 | Nonh epea laods formeriy
Fouter Scollaeyer aud araaubyctto in| the heitsof A. Garcia and ep20 Jende | soover must assess the value of their secn- | Caare in tbe aaid Leland the fint there f and made by Abtoot Hamed in {yvour of ¢ now of Artyar Wellagro

morgsge secusy of the 2yb dey of { now or lately of P. B, Lifonosdeand on rity aod prove for the difference or give comprising s'x acres one food a (Lity* Jenmes Willies Warrea there will be pet pea lands formerly of x.

M Feb-aary 14.519 taronr of tho said James | tha West apon leds now or lately of | up thelr secarty and prove for the whole | elzbt perenes be theesmee iikle moeor 4p for sate by Publis Auction the domes Wetlogtoa on

“Vest upon lends ww oO leeyolSsode' ft A ther Mex bdollmeser Chares Fourier | theaat Joseph Frascia Ambrose Farfan H lesa dvtineste! aod with the ebatte's aod undoisigned al thete auction mart No, ¥ ] Jaod formerly of the Cre

ho Ravas, Ths FOURSH thsrect com 14 olimeser snd Hindolph Ka.t andthe | and apon isode now of lately of the toandaries thereof ehowa on the ps0 Corger uf Sickrille and Bt Vincent | Gedege Wight and oa the

Pripeg two q sarregs (boeg pare of lotN. Teail ps foarthly described are a'ea | Crowo, therizth thereof contalnieg Sve | sock dsy of Jaouary GIL, botweea the

24 Carscan ve mlemtat granted t0 Goo'am | pat ject to ths Me scrandam «f Mortgaze f acres, three roode aod thirty-eight | hous of gwo and tires {f the afteroo.,

Isafved Loot fog aed ov hu Sonun ope | Seg cae Migniowet ot ue Rael Properiy | pets basbe saa oreo on deiovatd | “Dited this eh day of D.cmber 1810

2 wd mence ist tha game 10th dae of | and desc: @ the plas attac to ‘
on lands now of lee y of Fekl a on the Pebrasry 2005 afsle by ths aald J P EB. KADCLIFFE CLARKE

The SECOND thereof comorsin; fire a Byte mere
acrce(beiog psrt of ten acreq qrauted to | trod

Lhe Noth epor lamas now of fates of
Fekirs onthe Seath apon lied sow or
Jatety of Pareb-raae 2 03 the Est apoa
lands sow or lately of Savh rnes and on

Payments willbe mateoa Monday the

drawa onthy Crowa Great to Virginia | Streets in th: Town of Port-of-Spela oa | former! Duodi A
Lis at Vo une V 12230 aod bounded | Thursday tha ee bh day of Jqenaary 1910] Bo, on vee! oa a tH .
o1the North by laate of Virgicia Lrwa | te-ween toe bcu sof coe and 50 p.t ess pads sol
by lands of Feave.s Siraresul aod by Crowo | ALL and Singaler that certaia piece or qgalar 7

tation eitusse ie

the Crown segistered ia Volvme LIV Genet lands on the Sooth by Crowa ft on the parcel of lend situate ia the Ward of | Arimain the sald Islead
Kast spor iagis pow or latey of Cem | Rumaiaust Ache io fevoar of the sald | folto 117 aad aluttiogon the north opon Aqminietrator-Geseral. | by lands of Francis Grensall by | Tarnre conpiiiog tweaty-fcur acres couslatiogrof two several pal
brayo aed on tha Wee up orsinis now or | James Arthur Rex Svollmeyer Charles | lande now or Jatelycf the Crowa oa ibe Crown land by [node of pAnselons Gilvores 1h ee roods and eleven perches bs the seme | the First of eech of foal
Hately ot Boslekl, Toe r1¥Tth therest | Vos tr Beolimeyer and Kacdolp> Rait, | south pos lende—petitioned for by acd by Crown land aod cathe Wet by! a iitle more of lefe delicested and with |alzcens acces abutting 4
co nprising ven etree, seiag ly, N>23C ret ibe screal parces cf lend fifthly | io ence Edward Lamy onthe east upoa | TRINIDAD. Crowa land by lands of Francs Geaveaall the abarta’s and boned ules thareo! shewo open Crowa tend gras
Gs Bete emect) aed abut az orthe Nor b tdeeritel are eostained fo ths deel ol | a C-orr Keserve acd apa Iacde pow oF [a the Matter of and by lade of Vievtole Lore, And the fq the pan drawn on Crown Great enter | bsiog the Western parcel
apoa the Vereoss Eateie on ths toa bar Ves tyege of ube 10sh day of Fed airy 199$ | te’ely of Charice E, Thomas and on the | The Adriois rator Geaeral’s Ordia- [recsad thereof ec mprinag twelve actee eying Voune CIX fo'lo 577 aad bounied apos Lead now or lately of
oalovNoZtun the Be agi lo No fiesta by the esd Jaler Ewntsonel | weet apon leads now or lately of Augzesta ence 1902, hrestosds ea! thirty five porebes be the on the Noh by Crown Lead on the Bouth | on the Kast wpon land ef Gost
23 and o1 the Waet apa lo N 20} Ake ia favour of the anid Charles Fourier | br. Rosa (cow Acgusta Bobb) acd apou and =i, | mame a luitie more or essdelinested “etth and Eves by two roads reversed furly lioke | and “om the West aon Cam
The dizth there crarpeet.g foarivea } sul meyer volo sobjsct to « | tande now of lately of Florence Edward , Ia the Mtter of the Estate of Marie Wil- | tne abatrateead boundaries theses shown wise esch and on the Wast by lands | Jaad’of Nicholas Lodibatt
seven tro perches and wbuiting ea tbe me tgage dated the 15.b day of Mey 1901 | Lumy, the eereath—thereof containing liams, late of the Town of Port of- | on the piso drawn by sta Crown Grant 10 pitiqued for by Laciena Mercany,

or a,o1 + a74C5S Telate o3

‘ reylewred os No 1134 for the sime your | ten acresdeligeated and described in the Bpwa in the Island of Trinidad—
Bouth non fande vow or lataty of Kafarat | apy expressed to bo made between ove | plan aiteched to the Crown Grant Doceasad Latestate,
and cf Qrerioy Frranin on tue Eset apom | Joseph tugane Ache of she lit part the | registered in Volame XVII folio 206 or —_—
lands new or lete'y of Angerosh aod of ths | gid dates Eumanasl Ache of che 2ud pare 308 and abutting on the bocth upon landa | Auction Sales for Thursday the sith
suid Qistico Fermin acd +aths Wes 07a T and Virgies Prada of the 3ed part and ube ' petitioned for by Mitchel Alexaoder and day of January 191t beliceen
legte pow of Istely cfitbe aril Gooam

Aneelace O ivarca at Volama 2 fulia 257 ted this 6:h day + Jsneary 1911,
and boanded on the Nob, Svath and Date laels Sol & CO.

Ea on Crown land and the West on tente N ‘Auctiooee's.
Vi on Crown land; = : /
ail sod mogoler that ceria pese nds Aue Anti-Constination Tablot | tht perce! ebove deveri

- Weat apua land now or
taooys tbereby soured, epoa is now or lately of Mitchel Land £ p.m, of Jeod situate in the Ward of Cusra io the Jade from the {famous pres ription | Alfon “4
Morin Tas Eever b thereof compristog |" Died thied b day of Janvary 191. ‘Avexeader oa thaequth acd west upon , sad Island contaiolng Bre acres two rooda i ut Andrew Clatky Lease, Seaail ‘Also ail and Biaguler
ten serec od abatiiog oa the North upos ¥, J. SCOTT & SON, Jaads Bow of lately of the © own and oa puBeie NOTICE is hereby given that | acd tweaty-tbroa perches be the same es Price 1) p t bottle, tlon siteate In the Ward
& How onthe Soath apon lands now or Gort, Austioveers. the east spoa sods now or lately of there will be pat*up for sele by Pab'ic | litt’e more or lees delioeated ant wih the * Kape f lating
ately of Kiogbally sud uf (te-t00 gr eon ncee | Gatberiae Afitebe'l and the elgbth thereof | Aectioa at tbe Oifice of the aedareignod, abatials aod Lowndasfos thereof showa oa Get th at Rawling’é Drug Stora piece tf ia ‘nod the Finvot
eee. oon ads now wry of Costeining hif:ean acres three roxde and Fort-af Spal, oa Theredsy spe 2. day the pian deawe oe be pauexed ht 8 sm rag land comprising ten acres
6 atres gu 2 West upoe . tweoty-foar perches b of Jeon sau tween the hours of | Crowo Uraatto the » Yoirs Ap ne
ends nor of lates t tbe Crowe, ded Notice, jellneaed tte ihe plea Pend 2 lathe afternoos. Vitteroel rovlaered in the ODve of the tte North apo laeds now
8 re prialag O00 7 ¥u -——

4 e .
ennexed to the Crown Grant tered ta All aad Siogaiear that pirest of land [ Registrar Genera! at Voiome CLAVIL ‘ é Qo

(formeerly t> (hoo'am Uf aso) SALE FOR THURSEAY THE L2TIL VolameLXXiLllollo 4) and a fting oa } situate in the Ward of Chsgaanes in the § fulio 573 and aba ting oc the Norch ujoa Asso¢ 4¢a0 Polo aesa 1 de

and abuttiog 6 1he Norch u, 0 the Caras DAY UF JANUAR) 1911, the porth and cn the west apo lands now | Ielacd of Triolded, comprinog five acres ja Ravice and upoa ianis sow or lately of

gut Ketate anton c'@ Soath, Lut ant — or bately of Percy Egerton U.tiey Dooawa | ba the same more Or lees delineated fa the B thesaid Pedro Actois--Villarcel oo the Decorbro

Wert uzoa lands of F.kire rogether with VOLIC NOTICE is bereby given that oa the south apop finds now or late'y Disgram annexed to the Crowa Grast J south ujon lenis now of lately cf the .

all the appurtenancss thereto beloogiog fotxercisaal the abatutory powerot ibe Crown and on the east epra lands } registered in Vol. 83, folia 107 and Loande

4 pecone Ins i aod Dias aler that vertala asta cooferrel upon mortgagees by tho now of late'y of Nathaniel Alesander and | a tbe Nor.b by lindscf A. E, Hendrick.

acos pleotal a! io Y

fed piurtiy by Dorlah
atojsh gpoe lands vow of:

Cro id upos the Wripttg

the Soath o a Ridgaot #

Bow © tate 7 ot. BN. }
wa aod opoa lanjs now or lately of the * —_— e t partly epoo

nid Pedro SPetnete’ Villatoet 00 the Est = convocada a asremblia Geral dos | ead partly wjoa lands of J,

¥ 4 beoa andoo the ‘Yet
Law of Property No. spon lards pow of late'y of the Crown | son, oo the bonth and Was by Crowa | apog lands now or lately of the sid Pedro socios pira o dia 15 do corrente ‘pelea } ¢ 2
ing one hundred aod ty eighd acre, | 72 ed of faptled 19 ” certata wate said two lestly roetrtoued parcela of | Lod aad os the East by a Raid reserved Antonie Villaree! opon J Ravice sod vyon 4 horas da tardena ide da As o:iacd), fridge of Eilts, god peer ,
tbree tcode and olvetesa paches atd | dead ‘lV mortgege dated the twecty filth lend ere alec decritel lo the cerudcate of | Gfty loks wide, leads pow of lately othe Crowa andoa sendo a ordem doe trabalhos ; fre! * te .
va in the Ward of Monmecrrat aud | day of April ignthe yesr oce thourand tle reguteredia Voleme CXL foto 309, | Lated thie 5th day of Jeonerp 1011, ibe West apina Raving and upon lands “1, Arsenseatacd> do relatorio e con | Dity Sre ty acing by @
ing 0 tbe Nort opoa the Mayo] nine bandrel Axod seven (registered as 4, eleo all that plece or parcel of land and (3z4.) BE. RADCLIFFE CLARKE, now or Istely of the sald Felco Antosio pss 4o anoo God» 8 nd of om Teele of | 7
River upsa leude now of lately cf the | pumber 17991127) and mide bstwees coos plantation altuate ia the seid ward Atoloiawator-Generel. | Vitlarcel and latereected ty a road re jecond of sac! Bes of hel
Crown aut apes Isods now or Jately of d and

Joeph Francie Awtose Farfan of toe of Moraga contamiug three bandred and served tweacy luke wide Y Alea all aod | 2 Admistha de novos candidates & ] rerea scree of
Dwite and upon lands oow or iaely cf ¢ first part DB anche Patlan of ths‘ secon Owenty seven soos three roods

Jesa Caerke on tha Son bh apon lan‘staart sod William Joho Daodas, Archi-


slogaler thove several parce.s of land and 80108, wpoa lads

ee ee

- x the

twanty perches be the same more cr lene ecoa plan ations ataa'e ia thesaid Ward | % Elecdy do corps gareates qe | Alfonso by the parcel §

pow or lately of LI, Dwi ¢ upor lecas wow f baid, Robert Creefard lsman and delineated aod described ia the p'sa TRINIDAD. a statter of af apes the Gret thereof known ae 42 de fancionar no corrente an00 hereinafter described Pity
or Sately of Theudare Berteie a003 lands | Leonard AV ite Dakine ( barea and gtieched tothe Crows Qrant registered The Adcaloleprator-Geseral’s Ordinance |“ E perenss comprising eight acres aud | A. DIRECAQ | lende cow or formerly ‘on that
Bow of lately-vi the Crown abd upon the | hereinef er calied “che mortgagees”) fs Volams CXLVI fulio 221 and abuttio 1002, abatliog on the North on Juninow or, Jan. 7-—Iw. . Fraocols Jona one se
Yoash Bett emsot Raed oa the Lit opon | of ibe third part a'ea fas certala Memo on the north upoa lends now or late’y o} And ia the matter of the oatate of lately of Sileerio Tandes acd on land of lends formerty Ly Niet
lands now or lately of Suse Le Crox Unites | reudum of Sloregage dated the twen'y Thomes Alexsoder Hoggits, opoa lands Mengoodas siso cal‘ed Mahsongies Caulle Mecdioas oo theSouthen tard) ——— Pld Plantation 0 v
Bpoa fade pow cob Mataly fi ne serenih day if Ave ta the year 020 thos now or lately ot Aagasiss Simmonds, | tate of the Werdofl Bavace Creode South | 20 or Jauels of ore Dusp? sod, “a the TRENIDAD. Wea upoa land now of
Dpen lang 6: a eeot pice burded and siavea and mule gpon tend. lately of — tend Weston lend now or lately o
op the Santa Lucia Estateojon lesdel ty ihe said Joseph Weancie Acabrose 1OCe eds bon OF lately © Las Ja the Island of Trisidai—D.cossed | Eas y

Ia the Buprems Court of Tailed and § Crown andthe Talrd of sem
a 2 bi ¢ thercot kao Tob land comprising ten acres aay
now or leteyol Theod re Berets sod} ya-fon io favour of the Mortgagues end Totcatate. the Ciown Ard the secoc ercol kaowa | ‘big

5 West

upoas Cowen Reserre, upoa laods now ~— as* Ei Choco” comprising thirteen acres Ia Bankrap cy, the North, East aod A
Gpon lenda now of Jately of the Crown! ategismecartals Memorandem of Morte oe ia Sy cf doseph Cabreles up3e 18048] Anetlon Bale for Thuretey the 10ch dey | sod tweotyalx perches ard aba'tiogoa No 5 of 2910, iP cy of the Crows on &
aod onthe West upon ihe Meys Kier | gage datel the usmetweoty fifth day of pow or lately of Aquitera wpoa lands pow of Jeouary; 1911 between Land 2 po the North on laod now or la ey of the In the Metter of
Bpor tbe Mosteerres Village laacs upon | Apert ia the year ove thoniand pine buat or lataly of "soles Mitebell and avon taads ° —— , Crowa on tbe Suath aod East on inod pow Deory Ssulney—A Binkropt.
lands pow cr lately cl Juba Wolect Stiry | decd and seveg and made by the said | pow or lately of Crugcan Maerigaeoa the UBLIG NOTICE fa hereby given that for lately of Victor Emmanuel Atriensad Ex pate Gen F. Huggins & Com
Gralckebenk, of Richard Edwards, of | Disnche Failaa in favour of tbs morte | south upon lands now of letaly of the | there will be pat up for ssle by Pabyc } ua the West on mand now or bue'y of the Creditors,
Robert Fey. of Leonard Chiries and of | yagees there will bs put up for axle by | Crewo, wpog a Crowe reserve acd “Aetine et The office of the a tersizaed, | Crown with ihe sppuctesacces. a
Marla Moodoss aud iotersecied ty the] Pay i: Auction st the Aactlua Mart of npoa ends pow of jately cf Crom | bore -of Spain os Thareday the We dayol! Also allaod Siogalar that oateln plece UBLIC NUTICE is hereby given that | teed oder the Pr
Mayo Hood together a 46 opp Fane t enueaber 12 maa Mosriqee on the cass uzon lends | Seonary IOLI, betwoes the boars of acd | or pticel of land ef uate la the Ward of by aa order of Hs Houoar Me Jus- | Progert Ordtnsnos of
aod Hiegular tras wile coos plertas y pow orlatey of Heary Louw Iluggios | 2 io the alternocs. Canre 1m the said Isiacd comprancg five tice Weight mate ia the abave matter on | 08

Dpon lands Bow of lately,of Jasa Les ms f ’ the 19.0 day of D.cymber 1910, Me Carl fasme more or less dell
tion sltasie st Mayo ts theatd War! of | Jamasry IDL betwrea the hours of 19 | uyon lands tow of lataty'of Bava Villalva yey ee eee ou ta the wits clone delineated end wliniteata, Ac Door, el ihatowa of Port-al-Spals, | the Ward of Gaseng
Mootesrrat ¢ wprisivg eights acres and [aid two pw, 1 Ailend Biogular thes ppoa leads pow oz jately of Leonce Alaa Is'aad of Trinkded comptinng Five acres, (tale aod bound ries thereof shown on the Meschaut bss besn sppdinted Trostes of Trinidad aod with the oe
abating outbe North opoa Ache Ho d | cer aia pies: or parcel of land ard cocos Bpoea Crowa reserve opos leads | three reds and fourteen perches be the {plan aouered to tbe Crown Grane regis= the property of tbe baakrops. dries chereol abewn on the gt

mpoa tro aries icvarved lor Merwe | jCautatioa sitastate the ward of Morsze | now of lately of Gasman Mecriqie pa | same more or tesa delineated fq the Dis fered in Vo ome UXXX, Folto S71 of he All persons bevisg in thetr'possesaton | ia the Royal Grant d
ay at movsien Lopes bee non et {pees | bo abe tel Soland taraty Faat perches | Wade Bow oe lasel Ct Ble Chscha and | grat aanensd to the Crowa Grant to ihe | Real Property Rrgute Book aud boanded S07 effi.teuf the Linkreps nays deliver | ber 1 eect oa the
a * Lt
Acheon the Est party upoa lands of | acd abu tingop the Norib ood on the et tat ¢ Crown as Masgoodas aleactlied Mebooudassre fen the North ly a Dry Ravine aod by ‘hem 10 the Trostee acd oll debie due to | 005 and

Marie Lovire Alessoder ani partly upos | West upon ianie wow or lately of the gictered is Vol CLAXXUL, fol, 311 bouod- [land of V. G, Adrica on the oath by land tbe bickrops must be pald to the Truates, | of James Weillicgtoa os
lacds form sty of Jean Carries Lat cow | Crown on the South upon lands now oe

wypun lends now or lately of 8



#4 on the North by Grown land sod by lands | of Bob Do'stailte, by Mamoral Road end | Muted this 19h dey of Derember 1910. | lorge Karine on he Ee

, ’ , T, A. THOMPSON, and by the salt Revive sett
of Gabifal Ache and 09 &@ Weed opoo | lately of Joh Thoms ood on the Eut titoned for by Robas om the South by ity fand of J, L. O'U moor on the East by re Joaquim: 6%
laude formerly of Heary E Seoibbat cow lepovtte Koad to Musi. % Alt acd ads petitioned foe Ww lands of GU. Joos ,
of Ja'es Acie. Also all sod beguet | sioguier Ube three ecserst pleces or

rae em oed by Mabsad on the ely Rarloe by land of VG. Ad les by Stoginwrer,
ajby « served forty five Jin 4 f
wide and on the West by Croom lapd aod lend 8 »b Dolabaille aad ty

intersected Ly the Roscan Murer with «
Hessive forty five hoks wide aloog either

Dated thle 3rd dey of January, 1911.

Abi cectela cceos p'antations! yste le tLe | peices of land and cocos pleatetion aita- | iavinig Lands w esecre Br
said Ward of Moutsorraa compris! ee jathe sald wird ct Moraga tbe Bree Bevis Wide ion 1b a Reserve fore ere
eeres, ae rood and thirty ove p rch e and | thereof conteloieg sine acrestwo roods ead | Jtzed ress ed focty-Gre lisks wide as¢
ebemieg vo the Nor bujas soda now oct twenty perches and abattiog oo the by a bracch of the eald Jtosd and by
la dvba Phulpon the Ecuth spoa | North apon lands formesly of the Crowe | goother Hod reserved Sley biske wide
now or betely of Elusbeth Seachos | but pow ot lately of F. Coward on the together with all the sppartenasces
aa east pon lands {omorly of iean doath Bloods pow or fatey cf Bllebel thereva respectively beloopiag. & Ard
a sree bot pow: @ bal ales exeoder sad upou a Pablo onthe Dp aurnoce
Ache acd on the Wat upva fends of | Hist upon a Hotlia Jkved and on tbe Weet flea all tbe Vo lcy of Asser pa the

Mamoural Hosd acd va the West by Crowo Dated this 19tb dey of
lande aod Lotersocted by a Road reserved | TRINIDAD. >

20 Links whie; Algo alt aod Sisgelae that | Jy the Sapremy Court of Teloided and (Sz) L. H.
certale Mesrnace and lead siteateinthe | = Tobago—~- Summary Jarisdictloa~ D
Town of Vort-of-3pain le tbe leleod cf Port-of- Spain, -
Trisidad formerly known as Ne. 441 81. | No. 706 of 1908, TRINIOAD, 2
James Bisect tut now reonmbered aod Between In 2b¢ Scpreme Cou
Foown as Ne, 76, Frederick Stuees and No, 232 of z9t0,

‘ Heory McKinnon es Auignes of
battieg ov tbe Noth spon lot No; 78, u § Ta the sostier of the ;
; ; Ifa of Joveph Marry Ivaie Fartea te | rpininan. Fredrick Bu the Bouth op fot No, ucretia Jane King~Fialotid. wage, 4
thet eertin other parr of Dead or teeos | of latly’ ole biicy eheseete wurty | aranr of tbe eld Jongrb Fraseis Ambrose | BALM POH THURSDAY THE 2av DAY | Lr ymsiti Sitest ce there (ten hee James Robect Dds ta ths enue of we RE Pel
plantation situatd! at Meyo aforesaid com: the second’ thereuf cootalaiog | Compasy tated the rerenteenth day of OF FEBRUAKY leit, Th Heory Burst and on the Wert apon | “Ames | mast gles Puauet ~ De- | Ja _
prising twanty seven acces, two rvods aud | leg acres and five porches end abattiog on Apel iazte Jeat ene thoassed slee Tec: Feederich Bcroer, sabjeot ae regards this

. 3 : UBLIC NOTICE ts beregl

Gweoty Sve perches acd at mnipg bits} the North pon Isods formerly of the | dred and eorea pembered 76335 T. Le UBLIC NOTICE is hereby gives that }esld mroenege aod lead 0> a mortgege UBLIC NOTICE Ic hereby that Io P an order of [dig Hoscer
North ap uw leads of the deviece uf It-ters | Crowa Lab cow of lately of Carclize | wberet thounad’ in exercise of the ‘er of sale cos | dated the lith November 1002 reyiste cd arsaatce of an order of fis Lion: | mate beraa on the 7th day
Toy onthe Boab party upsa leude ¢f | Kamust oo the Hovts epon lands formerly toes pounds (E200 UU) ie emured to tained in = eertala deod of Mortraxe, Jim thecthoee? the Kegistrwe (ruecal of ue Ne Justice Hassell mid ' a unless good cause to the ott
Marie Meodozvond paraty upon laude of | of ube Crown } at eow or late'y cf Genul od sak tioned, dated the 25h day of Mey 1000, regtotered [| thin Jataud as No, 2dldof 190210 secure t200 aod be date within fourtesa dayt foe
the seid Ja'es Ache ani ca ibe Weat poe | Pomila oa the E-e: apoa tants forroeriy be pede Pataca Policy mentioned: | aa Ne, 1538 fag the your 1908, acd mate Jmeat of the esol Tes Thoasasd Cstobes Wyle there eng, (he dlat day Of | eer Carloe of this ection ft
Vande cf Kusabete Sa choe wpoa ‘aece of fifths Groee bat wow of laie'y of the * N. Fortof Spela this tweots sre betweee Dumiaiqan Jalicn of the one pert hotte (92,000) and foterest theron uo , Ostober held there will bs patup for 8 Provisional Certiécate of
Wiliam Gordon Grant nod ep ol adde of | sand Persy Eyertoa “Otley Docawe and | cei% Nevemberia the seer ofour Lord | oa temmy Klas dgesteta of ibe ober | Hosamond Mary Teltt ubioh weld ave, | Mate before the doors cf the Uourt House | Joorewansiogh in respea
James Voulio aud isterece od by the | oaths Wier esos the Morcge Kod ond 1910. Bry tere will be pat ep for sale by vad-[peze ie now vested 4) ore Constance | !0 the Towa of Port-of-Spainoa Thurs: | lec tat of tand

Tear y Al aud siglo | being sntersected by the Mariqeite Miver augtion by tbe tadersisued ab their | [estal Tels by deed dated the Qh dey | day the Sod day of February 1911 be- | Souh Napasionn West le
abu parcel of leed oF won fas the ihwd theref eoovslaleg fur e-s auction mort No, 2 corner of Sackvile and J of Jaseary 1605, registered fa the cfice [tween the hours of ove acd two pina. | Comprlang twelve

npr slag eighteen acsee ini00 | pares two roods sod one perch sod ate - Thereitr ibe pel aey Fore tn gt the Hesherer General of Ubis Ie'and as All tbat parcel of lied oe Gouger placta- hineated
oat) foo: perches pitgate ia bing ce ths North a lepds formeriy of e obeuary a | No. ur the year O 10 the Parish of St Grorges in
dot Muauerrst dersated | cy eohome tar sow ef v f bet weee tbe boars of Land 2p m, ges in the

Dared thi t December, 194 . .
ALL AND BINGULAB ehet eS 0 70 way Veeaee 0 | Island of Tobago kaown as “ The Crad
plece or parce] of land or Cocos plastation

. ley Estate,” containing ose hundred and
Pinate ee bMateval la the lelend’ of Teton Acting Deproy Hegictrar, | seventy fite acres of lad or thereabout
dad kuown as * Poco a Fuso” ecmpr!:

and bdoueded on the North by the
13 acres sod 35 of ca sere and 0! Tse mmrmars | Adelpht Eatate oa the South and Eist
oa tbe North apes laad formerly of by lacde formerly of the Ceadiey Estate
Detbelay bat sow of Jose Dap BUTTER. and onthe West by the Cooondla and
Nieboles oo the Routh wpoa lands of the Cromamoa Hill Estates, subject to a

Heirs of Remy Gracion ow ibe East » ‘ Jadgment debt .
laade of Descla Mendes asd om the Wet PLUME oT INEST DAN ISH reine for the tom fssour et oho Fors

Uovernmens Auction cere,


tately of Catherine Mitchell on the Fass
Ad slogular chad ceriala olber pareal ty woibe Kosd to the 3 se'o0 (now Fisces

lend of laotation altente ie C41 Tow.) endoatte Wet woe laeds po
44 Wad ¢ fegat cvmprislag | ge setaiy of the eald Perey Kgerton Q tee Da, Hf, W. LYN OH
9 Paes aa hy ree sRiciw4nd thileporcget Doaawa 2 A's ali thces eight severe! Gd Melalish 00d Demonstrator of
parched deltodated id + themwisardal | pfeces of pares le ol tend oad ¢.028 Aehorry Dusted Colkge, U.S.A}
or plan unoeted to the Crown G aovig ne eunete in tbe sald ward of
ye edd Vincens Lesama ergicand bo bide erect eootalelog Mite avy #raderiol mt.
clause LIE folly 29 Aloo all pad ocular | ytsty sgods acd ploe perebes be

“the Finest
jn Washed Wy

. spr lade of Charles Nicbo ot, hate | Dated t Keeps the mouth §
\ “Iypnen thea vevorel partele of 4003 Ot | icate on lees devteaad ood deuaribet ta | Al breaches of Upstate DENTISTRY | Dated thie (ib 6 ot ae et Heduced to @2cru Tin ated thu 6th i. Lovitace , 2¢ conta per
$.608 plantations aituaie to tbe nald Ward the pian sitached to the Chee Grant Frcare Poona echior tibet Fenuiat Acctlonsars, Aavior Exar Poapuacy, oputy Registror,

Laina'g £NQ

‘NO Hts VOL =

‘Stephens, Ld) T weeds, Coatings,

SERGES Etc.’ Etc.

‘Special al To-Day.


C.AK FH Fancy Suitings|:

24c. per Ib. Fron 600, to $3 Per Yp,

CHERRY, GINGER Black Coatinge—From $1.00 to $3 per yd
. MADEIRA FRUIT | Blue & Black Serges—trom 60c to $3.60 yd

AT White Sarges-—trom 96c Lo 2.40 per yd

THE STORES. Striped Serges-—irom 6c to 2.40 per yd




Me r



cal = gag] PAO”, Waonnas

soro Seieinewen ton 24c to 606,

63. ABBRCROMBIR 87,/Stripod Linen Drills—tcom 20c, to 306,
Striped Cotton Drilla—from 9 to 150.
Khaki Drili—from 150, to 360 the ccrrect shade,

——O mam

Lecernone 297,

ne J Glendinning & Co}

UNSURPASSED VALUE, 5: Froderick Street.

* ~
n -


1 Bot corey WHISKY


1 Pit Pulte E

iri VL PLU Foou ING

1 be GuvaraLinzeo FRUITS


1 Box


pra PRO

! * cour IONERY

ong with “Brantal Calender} Toye}
rmgate &e,



Goudwilte & Wilson, Ltd,

~ "Rentistry.
Dr A. MARQUEZ, Sui Surgeon Dentist,

9 prepared to execute all orders lulsdiog
crowa aad bridge work, cod;
foment ling. Hie a's> > ne Ia Fubber
and avtal All w
fect. Ofiice. ry Freder

outrichard’s=rOctober so


Xmas “Goods!

Xmas Goeds!

ome and see for yourself and
mika your J Xue turchsses

RUNTER es vont Gur & CUMBER-

Beis, 2 ANHOUR'S, ith rss acd

BWIE Ta PLUNLg t HAMS at \6o per Ib

BASING Choices duscatel (U8) Tobie)

Wa nate Salranse

RAL TASS isd. pkys Seated, Baltacus.
CUNHANTS--5 io, B, Pkees cleaned.

Livge--l ib, 08 10s. per Ib.
PEEL Citron, Lomo, Orange

HU Sate Gak Castor Fegan Local,

- @



100 Hage

“Venezuelan Ciofiee, |


Bors, 6" P

PLY: a & 2 lb, Tine.

a pa


Vip and Sie Fl


e. c Frias’ GUES,
the act cyiquens, Li LIQUEURS. STEEL & PENNY ROYAL ALIS. -—
LIVE TeRivtt—ReMLLLLT ra Tease fecal gomolonel med ALT ett Des peata eee

toa ‘et you fo selec Tie atthe etn of ala pper, FP?

ne GOODING, “get thom ak Rawlin’s eee: Me | "Seabee fat

Ply te



ay, Ghacon Street
OLDRRE of Folces dated 1009, aa
oon oe TRIBNN 1AL
sci Pout otic and aleo for thelr
ND on seme, ssoctioned
ght one le soncal | general meeting of mem-
on former

sala poniin roa: t ob
¢ OaBH DIVIDENDS correc:

Port-of-Bpain eearere
Cetober 1940,

Trinidad Building and
Loan Association,


Welephone: Mo, 8m
— ey

Holders of Debsotara Bonds

Mg Asaucistion are hereby potified
yiee sald bonds will be redeamed siz
he afer the lst day of January nees,
aed thet tfur the 30h dey of Jane vl 1,
po farther laterest will be psfd on asm:
aldera who desire to csnoal thele
Debdsotares before the Mth day of June
101), may avply at the offic of tha A-so-
cletion for th values and iateresta
to date of Stosaralls tion.
By or order of the Board of Directors, «

Secretary & Treasarer,
Nort, a i910 ‘e


Just Received, aaa aime
| ameiisn Soda Water Factory
AT REASON ABLE PRICE.|n. Sati dared Beverages 0

Tarty, Pernt, & ating alt

geve pO

Bops ewsaenten Wo a Soeens u Sweer-Daincs,

Alt kines,
Bpecidl areopumente” for Entertaln-

bone §70,—ec, 61m.



THE EMPORIUM Garden Siam Rice

2, Plax ot BERET.


moots ds Bonen
wweed&ls és Serpren

Mrorything you weal and on easy payiog
N. Abdeliner.
Ps soptletor,

«|SiC HOCH. -& CO's

| £2, FREDERICK ST. 12.




! We Have Rece



In Various Me

= Marvellous





Ever Imported into Trinidad.

‘ 4h

24 cents Rer Tied

lat Tera{ Commences 16th Jan. 4

Monvars—~French (bei (eal cour) at 6 o'clock §
Spavish (Coterm), Typewrit
Testis Dees ne ead 6 0°
tm «6Draeiog at g o'clock pm, 3p
fecteos at at 7o'clock p,m, Choral
weoxespart=Storibaad & (otermed
o'clock eaeawced
o'clock o n Bekherpiog atype.”
THU aan ATs—Art Neodiework at 4 gol
m, English até Pee ‘

hag ete are Tovited ta give =

names to t Secretary at


Govganuent Hoc:
* . Gth January: i
His Excellency the 6
. ed of the eviablonment
ngs Bank a!
the management of the Avarden.
Ban¥ will be opeo for sinees F

fro’ p.m. and every Fe
Wedoesday from 3 an. to 4g

gommencinig ou Wednesday the
January 10 ;
By oA wacae
- NA!
Colonial Becre i"


EXT term begine on Monds
N® a gins on se

WW, BRB i sid


Labour on the Asthmas a ~

s ais Seamer


From London,

700 BAGS OF NO. 1

the Governor .
tion of the
iti fiction tron Hie Britannle M
Minister a ab Pepats

rANaM -

Su, /
Lbave the bonoar to faform ie
. LE Exeetlenoy thas t the Iethulan 6
uested the f

8, Petes:


peg ot orrrians CABRIAGE VACTORY hae sddedsa sew Department fo ihe Your itealiency's obedient &

me OM AXE Ro
Where Motor Usa, tana - aches icy Hen ete ete, +s, $40 US coun apelently r reeatrad on ‘aulekess tiie u Iie le firitanole Moon : i
pat 1 te 0: a blepale Lond
fesber sherge a thie Tecenebs. ‘Bost of wutk, Lieut prices, “ ‘ The Govecner of Trobe,
Cieadoaeal v teen PE yore - Ps re ee

. . . . : “ye od
senisinemiemmmmmcent ie PORTOFAPAIN GAZETTE: WEDNESDAY JANUARY 11 int 3

nza| Tailoring Dept’mt.

«The Bona

Â¥ MAN BOW On aMmow am .

PED AAE Eee eernentorestten s a oe

SAMPLES. Pans, nia



The Right Place for.

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BRINE FRONTINGS for Shirt’ Walste —from >.
B. 40 cents per yard to $1.20, -

ne ~IN=

BOUTS i SHOES The Cheapest and Best Store in Trinidad,

Bonanza Furniture made in Bonanza Workshops
" Y BEDROOM SUITES *... 4 in all Woods, ;
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HE FLOUNCINGS —all widths~from 24 cents up, MADE IN
DINING TABLES vee eee ” " .

EMBROIDERY wx den —== BUREAUX oa Teste oo.

has uo equal.

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Satisfaction * Guaranteed. Flat~~,, Office Chairs, * ;


SMITH BROS. & co./SMITH BRos. & co.| Fhe Bonanza.|swrrH BROS. & Co.


NOW LANDING Jie ews] Cero

ae nevoeeeveimverinrmimesene aow manor In 1 1 Thos, Thomson & Co
; ROYAL IHSURANOE COMPARY, Ltd] | are or t, sonceavs
+ Funds Exceod ... £12,000,000 . .

| ‘ 9) saunas neat aging} [ADs FREER
[, o Ue dr BAllX oa aoe, eet os seers | | Plano and Organ
Premises, and Private Dwellings at

General of Ganada instead of the Duka Canal tolls between fifty cents and

which might bave been caused by

of Connaught, one dollar fifty, exempting coastwise | irritation at a subordinate crosssip
EXCELLENT BOARD OF TRADE | tre between United States | sworde with his superior, In spite o
RE WS. portk, except when euch trafic is} the good qualities mentioned Dr.

Tha December Boerd of Trade re-! carried in vessels aftitiated with rail
turne repeat the receat excellent Aig: | ways, especlally such as seek mode:
ures. The total [mporte during 1010 [ rate competition between Railway
were 673 millions. an Sacrease of 53 | and Canal routes.
mithons, exporte 631 antilhons, an {o- LONDON SUGAK MARKET.
crease of Gt milllons, London, Jany, 19th.

PRESS ON ANGLO.ANERIOAN Sugar instock onthe 7th’ Instant

ENTENTE. wan 49 000 lest year 75.000 tone,

Yesterday's “Tunes” says President | NEW ROYAL MAIL SERVICE.
Tafa Angto-American “Arbitration , Trinidad 10th
Treaty be merely one of several cover: Referring to paragraph in public
ing the World, and despite the suggea- [telegrams this morning, eervica
tion of Utoplaniem, England's favour | arranged between New York and
able attitude remaina unaltered since }] Puerto Colombla was Ia the event
tho rejection of Its overtures in 1897. | of there being no transatiantle sor:

Clare, as Rurgeon-General of Trinidad,
was a public danger, aod became |
an impoasbility, His administration
has aleo been fraught with danger
to Trinidad’sueighbours, We consider
hie removal from office necessary, for
#0 long ss he contiaues to occupy his
cesent position there will be grounds
‘or pusp clon, as there have been in the
past, that something is being conceal
ed from the other parties to the Quare
antine Convention, This would alwaya
produce (reitation, and interfere with
he emooth working of the Convention,
and we shall, therefore, be g¢' ta
eara later on that be bas bee

IMPORTERS The * Standard” comments similarly [ vice. Now that contract trantatiantic a
moderate Prices with a remloiscence that Irishand }eervice hae been arranged the | transferred to some other part of the
. Fn glish and German Pianos Gprman a oppoee bas heretofore former Iunerery of the Royal Belt Eupire and givena suitable poet Hs
. reven aes Ar ogic-Ameérican Mm pany & eamers Ww resume mey nol f& auccetslul ad mi a
f Fro a ¥ 2 Mo blo i fe, A I a - PROMPT AND FQui TABI E SET TLE: for Hiro, Pitente1 therefore it would be prudent | and the Jpectal servica referred to Tot bis ‘medical Knowledge. may fe
; . ~ MENT to mafutain reserve until the result fe | above will be cancelled, AlitheUom [bim to play a useful part as @
DISCOUNT FOR CASH acsured. . pany steamers will proceel from { subordinate officer,
—e ef Xosse ‘ RUMOURED TRIPARTITE jouthampton via the West Indies ———S=_=
- Acentet or on Hird Purchase System, PE CE TREATY, and Colua ta New York and back. by The Board of Industrial
ao ‘0 Reports are cusrentin Washington | the same route, The Intercolonlal T i {
225,454 Feet Selected All Weart P,P. SCANTLING, enter . that sliniler treaties ore contemplated steamers iit connect mith the traue- raining,
MI t and, Japan “ani ej atlantic steamers nidad cam- ——
2 BOARDS & PLANKS. S TH BROSAND co Toning and Repatring, United ‘States, tubs(autisily creating mencing with the. * Clyde » on Stat] On Monday last, the Techolcat tne

atripartite treaty by individual un- | January. The “Orubs * and * Mag. | atruction Committees ofthe Board o:

33,909 Peet Eelected All Heart P, P, FLOORING The HMonsmnmn, - spe oiniiaty. derstandings and ibe freatest bul- | dalena ? sill not call,at St, Thomee | Industrial Training met the lecturers
i BOARS. Perera Martaga Cgens a" be agrestis | fat wil Eatae bus Get, WERT, | when ars vadverdand te asad
rhaps too grea: cal . On oldad,
eng Feet re 2 Oa BOARDS. — Tussle ad German on in DEMON Barbadon, Bt atte. (Azores) column of thle paper Tha syliabusee
* , eet No, 2 BE BOARDS, ° STRATION, . the Sail of ‘be "Or ae a at St various courses of Instruction vettleds
————— FRESH DENTISTRY, A Lisbon deepatch says a mob] Thomason the inh Jaouary, the | It was decided to ask all the teachers,
¥480,070 Fect —o—— wrecked the office of thrers movarch- Jcallof the Company's steamera at | students and members of the Board to
nes ee, J DR C H D ALY let newepapers duting Ananti-mon | that post wilt ba cancelled, The] be present at the opening of the
oe ° AS. archist demonstration, * Oru will leave Trinidad on the | classeson Mcaday next at 73) p.m.
- FOR SALE BY Dental Burgeon. CHILIAN ELRCTRIOAL AND | 23rd Jenuary, and to ask the Chalrman of the Hoard
Th T. . id . ° r Gradua'e of TRINIDAD S stloge Leo's At Santiago, Chili, the Central Bta- THE CLARE ENQUIRY. clase, All artisane, apprentices aod
I iy bi are’ Prac tlon and entire electric and telephone . employers of labour, ae well as aby
he Trinidad Shipping & Trading Co,, Ltd. Ba Bey EES ERTS | etusbaericca eens ase TOS |e peas ry on | Ste gentinne pias trail 2
6th January 1911, in. all branches, Tolllion dollars aca Ye, the Barbados Standard 0 the movement and who ms care to
fer Destalt OF ice! THE FRENCH STEAMER Bet aes c pe are. Surgeon, present are 0 Helly inv ted. bine
———_—_—_—————————————— FOR SALE BY 88, FREDERICK BT, Over De, arthor NONTHRNA La, ay toh, Yradof ability. Iie temper tenotal | mind intendiog eredcots that euteles
RINIDAD LINE F STE eas renee site Oboe, Attendance all dey, A telegram “fron” Cape ?Heltien | ways under eootroland he may besald | for the clarseeshould be made to. hlta
ie oO AME jephone No. Hf. states the autboritles there took at once, and that Ja many of the

tobe wilful pout hat he bas ptreogth of
mlod and t classes entries will only be accepted 2b
the beginning of acourse. Me {nglis's
classes for example are based on &

nite course of work exteoding over
the threeterma of the year, and en:
trante cannot be allowed at any tme,
but must work through the course

charge of tbe oalle by the
French steamer ° Montreal” .no
further communication with the shore
was allowed and the” Montreal” pro-
ceeded for Port-au-Prince with M.
Fila aboard.


f Curing Toreugh Fuld foe Forse aed Cludad Bolivar, Pil, { SCHERIR t (( DO YOUR Toned it le perbeee oleae ie
ea BREPOE KD SAILING DATES, 198. & . Tréusers: Fit ? wilfolnees coy led with s certain con:
LC _— worklog under him that he has proyed

. gtamaeose Luaye | Anatva [Leave | Abaita 2 -

} : ‘ pei pod ne TRRNAL COMBUSTION. an uLeuccessful administrator, Sa] from the beginning. Obviously the

; if oun Naw Youu] Tatmpad | Trixtpap Naw Yous, dj . Havin f quare | ite IF NOT, ol Tae See tment at Washiog: | highly does be value his own opinion | teachers vewin keep going back over

- § ‘ 4 f WHY NOT? ] en bee recelved advicesfrom Havana | that be bas also treated the views of [ their work for the sake of those who

SER ACAS” ve Javy. 4 Jeary. 18 , thet coal and skeletons bave the press and people of Trinided as] di tojolo afterthe classes have

negligible, The result of this uofor
tnnate fisplay of self-love te that Dr.
Clare » alone when place on trial,
ble subordinate offloers and the public
generally treating bim as an
enemy to be vanquished at all costs,
Mr, Justice Rueseli, who presided at
the Clare Inguiry, sayetn ble report,
which has recently ‘been published,
that tbe Surgeon General was unfair
(n his conduts towards Vere
teull, After this hard shot comes

found outelde the * Maine” euggest-

WN Of} RE" * . .
AY NAVALRE surg 28 years $7 log ashe was destroyed by internal

RREN AD wnt nef Savy. 28 | Feby, 2 ir PHone 264.

RACAY® ane sed Feby, 8 Faby, W BMpb, 6 een an rT
See N OF NAVARRE” 4] Feby.21 | Mob, 2 Meby 1 A LADY
egeacase ows] Sone a8 | atenr ge | capet t | Apel 8 bi canaees
FROWN OF NAVAHRES () Mou. $9 | April 7 | Api is | Apri oe | THA fs whee the bors

gotunder way. While this espoclally
applies tothe eoglneering trades class
andthe warekshop practice class for
Attera and Ctursere, 16 applies alec
toa great extent toall the classes,

combuatluo. .
. CRiats.

The banking crists {s the most severe
slocw1973 the Nortbern Bank has
suspended following tha disclosure of
Irregularities by President Robin aod
bis association with the Washington
Havings Bank, aod the Carnegie Trust
Qompany has caused thelr suspension.


”, Anberteted aro fo:
vited to

New Your Jan ry 10th,
Flour, Blended Olears for West
In ea per barrel we om 9610
Meal, Kilndried per barrel €2. 76-255

- MEKS UALL AT GQNUENADA BOCH WAYS. Steamers | ! nor Haze Hire He will be
ea JA. A RUENADA AYS, Steamers | ft voviate there

fom TRINIDAD to DEMERARA each trip, returning to tefere te om Erery meoker

via trioidsd od Grovada. . P, revurn'ng Now t Zar, ahs TOBAOOG FAUTORY,


y inter relationa among directorates | suother of atlit greater force. Ite-
PeONIVAD sHikviNt. AND TRADING COMPANY, LIMIQEy, | Pere Seca. oppestte Traveler Staton. | . Workrooms does aico Caused distrust of several | ferriog ta Dr, Clare's attitude towards] New Season's Pork per bri~No Guta
E 20 Brovteay, New York a04 Por) of Span, Triaided, B Wi *t Can be obteleed almost everywhere, — other fostitutions, butthe Intervene | the nolidaation of infectious diseases, | Hoavy Meas Pork per bri, 2 —
Tea 0 . Deo, 9.b.—le, ton of Mr* Pierpont Morgan bas | Mr, Justice Hussell saysi—""3 enticely stels per 100ibe = 8.07.
——s A‘ 8.15 p.m, 00 | checked the trouble through a belief aout bias of any conscious dishonesty | Sugse Mascovasosotestiugih £17
Looe ——— mo VS ———_—= that allsolvyent Institutions will be | orleckof bonourt but I feel that the! English Island Molasses

protected, end embarrassment among

Mi *

' PasSPOKTs,

The Kusslan Doums is considerin
dispensing with passports for Ammi+
grante by the Russian line which the
Atlantic Conference expelled from
business giving the trafigto German
Hoes which will be unablé to compete
with steamshipe relieved from the

best lotereste of thls Colony and its
repotation a 4d have not been

vanced by Dr. Clare's methode, nor
will they be ssfe lo bis bends until he
changes ble whole attitude of mind to-
wards notification of infectious cases.”
Therela a nutehell we bave the justifi-
cation of the complaints made by

thados agalost the lax method of
wotiScation by Trinidad during De,
Olare’s regime. It mey be that the

Richardson & Selwa

Now Opening

“Aten NONEIF lGlf.
WI & Panama Telsareph Compan,

Lon sight.n om
Tdad Cocos N, York .» Uttol = 7’
Lonpox 3 ela, :

' ‘of passports of from three to five | Surgéon-General is oversceupulous, Muscovy:
F The raclog calender’ Jee ib fouadee piece. Germany, bas ao-] and olweye isles to prove his cases Floatiog terme tn Bond, 4
eg nominations vader tha King | nounced regulations binderiog both | ' up, lothe bile,” butse Mr. Justice 8 Gwe vn OOO {
. Mdward veed. King G "se polovre | ernigranta acd fasmigrants frou: ¢rav- | Hucsell oleerves, there fs a moral get Boet 66 X f.0.b, 2
’ Ss whl Aret appear a ‘iar: | elliog via non-German porte, eepecially | obligation *'to give warning ou the Por Cwh. an ons oe S/O
hot Ia tee second twith | Datch. pocurrence of ly probable cases, Java Sugar 06 X% Gi ae
. bralaer, ° 40 EXCLUDE FONEION BHIP: | 00a lo allow for example, or Uhannel for opders ‘
a fies OF TRE BRD Una BER. BING POOLS to take precaushowm age! @ OW ou
h|| -~FOR— lee Waeblogtoo, Javy, 10h. [sible coming of * the } Deweara ve tld,
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