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Port of Spain Gazette
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i rniD i. -'>'i i . ¡
8KROKS «to. Kto.
fancy Suiting's -
■■ • inch
3- 4BEBUB0MB1R .31.
Black * Vicunas
if & Strlpod MarcoriNed Tua-
J.GIendinning & Co
DZRT5T (3-00 JDS
m Have Received â–  j
A Large ,
Goodwille & Wilson Lmtd.
Just Received,
;\T reasonable price.
mm bus. & voi jomip,
Ifk: i:i SiKl Mi*. , HIM m 3 Milllil
PHisriovu: ^ , •» >
X luta'iSn*
EX E.M.S. “DEE” -
from London.
Garden Siam Rice,

THJt mrowjja aAnwa . tpmdít jawoaht m mi.
The Bonanza
Tailoring Dept’mt.
Bonanza Furniture]
The Right Place for
creole furniture;
The Cheapest and Best Store in Trioidad,
SPECIALITIES : - Om» Furniture,
Holler Top Desks I Filing Cabinets
Flat „ .. | . Office Chairs.


(Driving Beilis
‘Biding „
Heads & Heins
[Heads tails
trailing Hoots
Polo Boots
IpUnl Boots
fetlock Boots
pcedy'Gut Boot
A fplondfd 4
Ickal Mrturvtli

Till gQMjOfjPAXH 8A»rtK‘ 1'PEilUT JANUARY 10 1
1911. For The New Year 1911.
f “i
iThe s.s.“ Asiati c Prince ’ ’
| 6,100 TONS BURDEN,
| II Jue here Irom BAHIA BBAZIL, on or about
j;jaking Cargo and Passengers.
College Books
liir, Marshall &eo.
For ionhor paitloul.*


wmjgojty to na nmamujr gmfra vmdnjuayixtJ»; wt
Now JjiXDcro and For Sai,e iiy
sra msDJiKce oraci,
W»H*W ttMUMf
MU II EliULt 71*. PIS’
Ose Trinidad Temper Limo i
fta TTiaiiBl Sbifrá aid fradisK 0.,
, The Circling
Wednesday, the 4th. Instant,
; «0 will beatTAOAKIUUA iron SUNDAY, 111,!
' For Ladies and Children from 4 to 6 pm
. General Pubtic from j p.m.
. .Only 6 cents for a Trip, >
One Minute feomtub "Foob Hoads” OAlt.
11 (i
-locate, pjmaaent CI rt • rrl^atoK raph
íüuípiciürS l£ü dlpm rfiewtl 35 be L> July
Comedy, Tragedy, Drama.
Keynote-Refinement. Popular Prices.
4d, 8U, Is.
8,18 A 24 cents
. Watch this. Space fir Mher Particulars
Port-of-Spain Town 1 Board
St írS'sííál
I SsgSfS,,,^
® ^í^éíisfAinss1
Kindly Call Early at
rALtuiasxnsiTú « awms,
The Ss:lfj Briiüfc
â– Moma
'! £ .

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Coatings,|"weewen.| HAVE

NO w-44t VOL XXV 191

Stephens Kid, Mt. weeds,

GROCERY DEPT. jj A Large Shinment ;

TE DAY. . . ' am, com Hturset we Ne Hee
——— ‘1. “SS ERAES Ktoc. Etc. — YFELBPHORE No. #2, G a O Cc re 0’ 8 6 G “CALY ANIT’ :
Py aappocks meh Fees a boupsay 2 One
IPPESED GPW BLO VK puedSodz rm fer thee TRIENNIAL —ror
hats HBLuON TRUS o ~483 dt Sci crrtt END oe ame, ene their —
i Mipage CHEESE” ae S iti Beate Holden et Beilp ceed te former HOME £LECIRO-PLAT.
q p ieeued on fo «
pee a MIDGET oulitese i, aoe es ancy UL ing. Ss Wiecalal premise may abo apply at the ING AND POLISHING
ERY CHOICE AréLEs, “ poodleg to same, 6 dn Various Metala,
ok Ds0'd Frou 60c, to $3 Psr Yp,
PARE RED CPriRs 19's seeds A. F. MATIISON, siLven,
D Be 3 Treasurer,
MAROAUECARKOTS “wrath | Black Coatingse—From $1.00 to $3 per yd | Putot-speis, | , ,

BEETROON, TURNIPS BS % BoJb, Bluo & Black Serges-—trom e0c¢ to $3.60 yd .
init Whito Seargea—from 96c to 2.40 per yd ne . . a ues
HE STORES. Striped Sorges—from I6c to 2.40 peryd we sates
—— Trinidad Building and WE ARE NOW SHOWING

IAFRAL * FURNISHING Black - Vicunas | [oan Association “THE MOST WONDERFUL STOCK


ESTABLISHMENT, Welophone: Mo. 52 OF
Solf & Striped Merccrised Tus- —— —_—e

soro Sultingss—from 24c to 60q

p3 ABERUROMBIE «87. stvipod Linen Drilla~tcom 20c. to 366, Holders of Debaaturs Bonds FANCY AND STAPLE

U7. . F thle Acsuolati hi rihed
Ls Striped Cotton Drille—tfrom a to 150, | Oude aP eine eile penteaet ie
mouths afrer the let day of Jannery news,

24 cents per Tin,


Ist Term Commences 16ut Jan. “It

Moxpass—Freoch (beglaners) at 6 o'tock p
Spaoish ({oterm) 7 pm. ‘Typewriting HH
8 y9a.m 20d 7 oc pm

TURSDAYS ~ Diessmaking at 3 33 and 6 o'clock
Be mm Drasiog at § o'cluck p.t sas, Speieh


. nd thet afer the Soc day of Jace 1911, beginners) at 7 o'ciock p.oh
- THE Khaki Drill - from Isc. to 360 the ccrrect shade, potar her loterest wilt be paid on same DRY ( +O ODS wepeesoare Sher band (atermadat) at 6
Holders who desire to cancel thelr 3 o'clock p ma, acedh at 7

actock pm, it eters at? pm
Tuuneparsnatt Needlework at 43 pod is o'clock
pm. & .pgish Comprution al
penish © advances; 7 P. m *Pipemrog
o {Cots aod 7 p.m, Orchestral Seve
Funpars=freach’ flotermediate) at 6 p.nt,
Dborihan4 (begianers) at Gandy pclock pat

Intending nudente are are invited to give fa thele
eames fo the Assistast Seeretary at the Tost

AF « ARO Debentures before the oat day at Jare . wee
Hettoe Yor" tbeir values aed ionarerc | Ever Imported into Trinidad.

eee neal, Glendinning & Col same... |
Mas HAMPER enainn ing | scatman 13" FREDERICK ST. 12.


(SONTANTaA. . , ——————z—~—&—&_=z~=~&=&={—=[@[q[_—=
} Bat Bore KY a i 1

i Bias Pu Str re,
ta PSUR .
1 bot, CHOW CHOW. vo. ; - â„¢.. QUEBHS ROYAL COLLEGE.
1 Dox CHYSTALLIZED PRUITS _ rely . . NEXD torm begine on HMonday, Jane

. . * nas ar! a net,
Lp TABLE RAISINS - . a admit naw pupila on Saturday, Jane
1 The biscutTs : ary Jith, and on Monday, ‘anusry
1 Pas PRUNES Weibs s between the hours of a.m, and
a a

i ss seat NERY W. LURSLEM,
og with a By.atual Caleaien} Toys] Principal.
reote Ge.

audwille & Wilson, Ltd. EEPLIGATIONS have ten seared
Dentistry. Vacsla aod Piriod Dacanes eee od
ontis ry. o~ . " Pereone able to aapply the above are

requested to wilte to the Onderalgaed

A. MARQUEZ, Surgeon Dentist,

5 3 prepared te execute all orders sly aed
and bridge work, gold, alloy sa

mi ear” ‘tia Ne aso specializes la rubber

d metal All_ work guaranteed to be

fect. at Oia By Fredérick Sueet, above


Sed January Lott.

‘October so.b—im,


Labour on the Isthmus of Pans

Ua Excellence cy y the Governor bad
directed the publication of the follow

+ . : letter frow Hie Britaaala Mafesty’s
aS SSS = ee >
. . TO 7 FRONT = iifatter at Panawa, for general lufor-
neice, Just Received, =... BO" "Eis
Xmas Goodsa|l 9 ‘xuans pee . ee] Gol) coloalat Secretary.

UST IN Tine oe FRESH -

mo and 209 {de yourself and
mike your Xmas vorchises,


December £910

AND FOR SALE, | {nile Soda Waler Factry OFFER
AT REASON ABLE PRICE. Thele Stallllaed (ini Borareges are “FOE. S A "Lie vaca hahaa iat Leet

sb p Companies Trading from the Unk:

UT HAW Tarity, Flavour, & Lair Quality Colon, to post a botice ia

“ AMMOUR 8, BWiPls and oO ete em onte, and yea will beve no sé conspicuous placeain the office to wari
PAGAMIUM LO ta ee ' ci 'X R. M. Di iE ian ig search of exployineat

Wy Pawetunld NIAMS at 6a per Ib Sova WATER 32 dosen Sapa Dans, S. Mier is a surplae of ekllied sod vo

dato, Ci esi, All bloss, 360 doze

Wa pute Saliapas aes srfangemente for Entertala- From London.

OTE Be ete ee Ata BiaFacrion oF TeaTeeY conDe =
agteguee as ete toa, WALLY dll 0 UC. ee 700 BAGS OF NO. 1
‘Totes Cader aod Gravaiaed,, ‘ pointe

BINGE ga asched—-ibe hes The Canal worke are already withla
Peden Vila — . lryeemporium|Garden Siam Rice, cei sta a
LUM PUDDING — nena ‘iy te robeble that the gf
sADBUKY'S CHUZOL ATs acd ¥ h at PARK 9 one, . e uoetoployed on tbe fechas
sccomcedcâ„¢* lwoseels BAUS. & VON SONTARD,| ote Born eon. |Ztrsiesy

Euvcaulls Steels— ar” le LADIES, GENTS & quitpnen | _ThJenuary 19, | Broadway ea eect ety ct the

po. pids' Tonatize, Ox soncuss, | AIO Tad Steel Pills, isl ra m7 DOALBERI. * Biotiive & Chota A NEW GARAGE. rare T bate the haoat to gavaton.

nan ot Ls ta ds Mlacws
tes Bou Ba Els STEEL & PENNY ROYAL PILLS Sevwweeda ds Bergen f GITTENS CARRIAGE FACTORY has added s cow Department ta’ the Your Bgoolleney’s obedient Bervant,

The are ¢Sectus) AT! tecldeace to a healiby focal aad | Erarytbing you west and 02 essy psylog Do ttape of

tsINd [Choice Mosoael—{e8) Table) skilled labour op the Iethmus of Pane


eines for laden, Price 1/ per epper MOoOTrONM BMAP axkre Sw
Lass of v:ber tinge for Jou to polect _—_—— Erery conor} Hie elnne yy ly to Where Motor Oura, Lanaches Blorclas, ee ncaa Le com ingly rnpaleed on grickess iis {ie Britannia Daley's . "ilalater,
office Loe, fe MICUE, fate of ears Bicnalac! le
M, W, GOODING, Got team at Rawllea’s oe er "Tae Desabee si peper N. Abdeliner. fecoatge of gale breach, Best of work, Lowest peices, « The Governerot Trinkded,


wetted hye 83

Nm nel tm lee

Be te

f 4
et ® . * i
Mie @ Mintel ticle a ’ . tee ae a ce Pe Ate te we ee ccd jt pbs Aen yl

we ot oe es



NO 9414 VOL, XXX

L~___FOR RENT. FOR SALE. | Praise forDemerara Photo: 7 AUCTION SALES | Sale at Auction G Ss S 6 Ga . »
ee eee S Ledrorms —e | eran new ton natrou WARD PRICE & C0 PRICE g C0 NO, 14 ST, VINOZNT STREET xx om a an "
dicing rome aad ¢Feing tomes tenet or | IPURAT desirable resd-rea kooen. as OF BURLEIGH. TUESDAY, 10k JANUARY 1911
Woes geese ani, tt abe AeT'Eenes oth SLCGA | paapannty or i race 1 708 ¥ Frou Catcurra,

ionsers, uers, Estate Agents NOTE foeteuctions received from
Auct pe piniie tn 4 Loa, Commandant Local Fores the wom mememen

undestigued will offer for sale

oy nae, Hanes, 1A Hama, 1,864 Bags

moderate, For farther prrtirn are SFP'Y | Sich a fiontere of 1S2it, Tha g-owsde
$0 130 Hoary Strectmtar.7~3 4, ; are well eteeked with fait tree of al
i RENT. —~ Toe Nook ot La Fee | Linde, aod hee ose of the Borat fvwrr war:
tania Road, Bt. Ana‘e, adjolaiog the | deas fg Fortal-Spsic, Also 2 Tenale
Braatcal Gardeca, with E'encle b. | Goarts and 0 Croquet fawn with snfinect


Boys the Demerara “ Argosy * of the
Sth festant--

20 Yarpsrix Sr. } Terernoxe 116,

row BENT, Tat mon desirable Oot | Tories, Kit 1 Servants Rooms, Her- | vices as Chairman of the R yal Com:

Latel; Seat
tege ta Merray Strevt, best to the | ness Room a Roow, Coretage House | rousien on Trade Relations between Watly of Feat Gnd,

evit tex, D.uble bedstead, 1 beir mat-

We ved Bat f Borleigh, 02 & received for sale at all times, atte
Bewers ge al) convestences for & | Gaines Grass at the beck for 4 entnale b wah K hat cout the bon: Oiice nel elect =
family. Piesse apply to A, Mapes, NP be House coutsine 4 Publie Rwmenad | whom the hiog Micheal a rice ra clack 3 ee teres 2 Jes ;
Coscon or 49 Jerninghsm Avenue so a G: ith & Rooms, | our of the Grend Creasof St. Ma atand, teres :
rote ‘mee 8 Bedrooms Pantry, Bathroom, 3 Lave. | and St. George in reeogaitinn of bis tty PARISIEN DRESSMAKER. wore pastry tin gies babies wash: ’
a -

ber services to the Latics tt

‘ ‘ ¥ treee, wardrobe, pres, whatnot, sideboard,
brook Post ast the piece for | for 4 Carriages, 4 stalla and 2 tooes boxe”, | f'anida aod the West Icdies, wis fo Travdad ‘Moderate. 5 ’ a 3
wots wartied Lets eotalnion 3Bed- | Cowebed of 4 Cows, Fowl house Jf] 7) mevare he was photogs’ bed by Mr ‘Mavame LILLIOT, sole and sucdries aa wi Lepoeer 3
rome with Bar Wiadow, Drawioz, hes deniret the Hae faa be vod ferrgrbot Q Glad m gf the Ooliat Photo Bro- Ne, a5 Abereromby Bu, Port-efSpele, Terms Cash before delivery. aa
toorp,, Kitehoo, Faatry ao oF partica'are pene spply . Water Street, The photo gave ces from t Corser, od
Din he Water laid ow the promises, | wrrite Jor, ee Millers Sores Ld yreat sathfectinoy and Mr Sardi” has oP ¥, J. SCOTT & SON, 100 BAGS '

Gort, Auctionsers,

Des. h—im. *
12. Bt, Viecent Bt.

DENTISTRY. "Auction Sale:
L, §. MEIKLE-M,D.D., D,S, uction Saie.

BE aodsrsigned will sell by Pabtic
(Howard University, U.8.4.) T A tio0,, FR D. sh

For Salo); by 3
aetion, on FRIDAY, the

i <<

Surzoon Dentist DAY OF JANUARY, 1911, at No, 32. . *
8, PREDERICK STREET, Opposite Frederick Street, Port-ot-Spaln, ab two W CG! I ! HD M A N A R ( \ Ha
Towa Hall=Jany, 3 o'elak pm, the Goods of tbe Pharmacy e w

lmnediate porsessior, Apply to T. G. Dee. Ll—Im,
Lure, 31 Carlos Berett ot ¢ Broadway.
aJasy. $= 3m.

r LET.—Na 15 Queen's Park East
sa suitable

received ao appreciative letter from His
Lordship in which he sys :

t] "The adsitionsl copies of the photo:
7 GEDDES GRA raph taken by you when J was in
muy. Weetilefitslogs Moderaie reet. . emerara came to band. Both ans
Reactors, Ae P| orrans om nati, | heart Mhaltatan ingest

om by St. » 4-1, —g———
Pio RENT Cause Ne, 0 Alton | uarete PUT MENRING 4 | Men'uite im ibe Nest edie
. ocnt i ”

jag 4 bodiose, ditiog sd eraciog rose, 10 Cae. 45-1 Ju, tine HWeenove BUTLER The pho'o jo question depicts His

for bacbelors cr as tmal

Ps TRA! Lordabipia a staodiog position, and fs be'onging vo Barthoiomew F. Miles for
Wechele light lostalieds fonbostete ee it tele Canadian Pork Peet 3 | cettaloly a hfe-hke portrait t mt
son, = Avply to C, B, Lawiie, bt, dopa | 8 Lo, . a» SMALLECEL | taken at Gorernmeat Honore, for whic!

FASILY PORK Me. Jardim is the cfisial Photographer.

5 Dy
OARENTOUs Ups ReT Layer uy | 40 Cares Hamilton's CREAM FODAS-
Kt Belmont, Possession isin deoaury 35 Tage * WOLE" rLoun” y Tine
Lear anys Rost, Jonni, at Deke Drame Large Newioandlacd FISH Christmas Letters,

: nee arrears of Hoare 1 dae to Micheel P, ' South Quay.
New Scientific’ Method [Misc am anncin crise | G4, South Quay

aoape, patent meticiaes, toilet waters,
abd etopty eoanter cases (5}—vis: sceps

VIOLIN TEACHING and tollec reqaisi ee, serloges, 2 bona a . ° i
de: Beno H, MESSTAU COOPEP, occlea, 2 weighing mchioek, & cogater eap um p

aJacy, 4—lo.

boall ”
Stree, ot hr, Leo Las btore, Coirintte " _ eae vernon er The Stred, | shelves with wiles requisites, 8 couster
tee Dee, 30sb~1m Ex Resent Arrivals. BUSIEST WEEK OF YEAR AT THE | _Oct_ sth, draws with retail sand ies, 1 case contain-
*FgUR TEN f=Fercihea or uatutatenes | 20 Cartoye SULPHURIC ACID POST OFFICE LONDON, IF YOU MOS? f4KE MED(GINE "| ing plastera and 8 bed pans, 3hot water 0-0-0 ee
i —No, & Lroome btieet, bs Ciair, 3 Cates 4-1 Ib, Glas Hatzer'e JAMB . -— * +f glasses, I emall show case with contents. ‘
facing Esse ; containing drawing acd din-{ 31) Casea 721 1h Tine Roger's JAMS We take the follomiog from the Daily ome TRY dispensing counter coatsioiog wice a %
{og rooms, 3 bedrvous. D.esing rooms, | § Teohs Biter « SWEETS—100 4 Ite, | Malt cf 16 December— Atlas ; Gompound. | toilet reqa sites, 6 decorated stow bates? | WO AMO ROW rocolving aca ,
y . large gallery, ete. Lectrie habe aud | 100 Bige SPLIT EEAS « The buevest week cf the year ab the — bard wood beuctes, 37 baies or ro'ls with a
‘ sewerage. Apply to W. WK. Kaowses, | 50 Mage NK AN—HO) tbe, Poot Office comuenceson Moaday next | (JREATEST Tone oa Earth for Meo, | stacd-wrapping pape’, 2efi-e desks, die

tivnezal Poet Office, er. 28th—tun x By Wey CRUBIIAD OATS~ Ly tbs and an pie jut over 80,000 men aod
OM RENT Tbe Upper tturey, No | 23 Hage OATS women isready drilled to weet the rus
it 38 Chacon Bueeth Vaasa ab] 30 Hage MULAS( CITE of work. Christmae st the Poat Office
3) ig COTTON SELD MEAL meina more work for every body, from
~y age POLLARD the permanenteerretery to the latest-

oneo. For facther particulars, appy at

the office of the Trinidad Baudysg acd
Loan Anoclation,—Decr, 160h, eres Crows Wand M ATOR on joined meser gar boy, For the exéca
OR RENT Cottsge No. 47 Michinewd | 10 Cases Colgate LAUNDEY £0aP. | Ht etal of chief cfticials, bowerer, the
‘ght and all couven- great tisk cf organizatico, which began

fences, Keot #24 ciunthly, Dossession om nts + 4
Ist January 191, Apply to Chas, F109, BROADWAY, PORT-OF-SPAIN. | ctobersts over a ca
Brollmyes Ottes5 Hichmusd Street.— nn wul be engagedin collectiosg, sortic

Dee.= 15:8 -le.

Womea, and Childrea, Etch tox con- wu Gter with dispeesing drugs, 3 :
mak hes ay pec Marge ag | tenant wo mere fi pi
stad you « sample bor oa rece of three neneah, 3 shelve oa Soath, with drags ors A ,

str Waiee, Atte Al orday to | etd rcleats Wectetl cote eine FROM NVA SCOTT |
Ex. Schooner ** Annie EH, Bi

Na, 14 Ne'soa Sirect, Port of Spain [18 jus sat bottles, also empty jure;
43317 Fox, WHITE PINE Nol @

Dece atb—en. Nerch—19 with bottles, sorea with druge
ne Fand ofbere empty; North—6 shelves wit
A CARD. Palaben door saa
— North capboarde with patent medicines
RS SEALEY to remiod hes Bot fa:
h pumerons friends and customers | Weeb—12 capboards with drags & polsons.

: and dehisenog Christmes letters sod | thie” she is as usual epared to 6a Soath—5 copboards with some soups,
RENT T Sh thei pply 6381 Fes da do, No.2
n . ONZALEZ percele alone in the Briti-h Isles, Over Oneeloct, ore office cash desk Lalarn : 5 .
Biron ve eae UDSEPN C (ng aden pein a | Age. Hi Cor” bread | ec eaetrepe | Hast Font BeMLOOK BOARDE “4
a tootwr, tein y . ‘ ime, 4
rome: large open gallery useal vat tees HENY STREET, wth bniky bagaof ettere and most of Dee 2-44 & 10t Charlutte Street. North—1 iron cheat, 27 sbelves with drugs, 5,000 Feot SPRUUE y
tod twowtrvente rooms eeciric lighe and | Wholenaie Sod Retall Bardware, | tb.mwitiportorm d obvedaty, : euess ‘ihe eee th peiloe and wipe It will 63 to your own interest to a0 us babora you call

with drags, 1 fron mechine pres, 3
empty fers, 7 cases with wood covering, | GI” We Offor the abavs ax ustal!

‘ o e i
bat | wWest—16 shelves part! empty, some 1

iN took on | Sa b. ‘ i “Tinttnw «x tm
Apert. Se Ores earenaee. Glass and Earthenware, rote tot eeparipent wbich bes to HOLIDAY * GIET.

08, ~ Dees = 1th - ‘bia K TORT, Christinse 10 the “TP O&—the de- —
ek TENT.—tiou ily forsisbed? | Esb's Kavers Mallee Fete” partment which regulates the travel, TpurRes re Chae tee, des !

Batcuere’ Kaives

Bou h<1 set barpess trow
bpll barrels washing

and 3 oc ov land wit over 20) beanog | Gonoe raters buger sod Cocos | 10g peat offices fo the express mail tralas the (ERE — taining @ few bottles and dre 4
fruit ters, deatthy, good werghlsuthood. | Cotes @ Hag Twice | Leaierday the special iostractions to are wadeol the very best Tobacco, bott! . je pad 4 she! ae W J
3 wmicutes walk trou Belmung tram—¥ Pit Raw Pyles postmasters with regard to this trae Bomething b5¢ for the holidays, Try them, tog tw ott 4 heres santalor Js Cc. NE BOLD & on

ES . | Cattare Wire
Foe oaelt Failed. APE? Si | Tower Bye Ladlee were ierued and rua to 200 printed

T. Hoge sod 6


Flob Urok p get. Ry Sunday, when the Grat pres- 3 boxes

Moostrichard 84 Frederick BieeDVecr bib Leck: Brace Wire ay. Park Street, opposite Transfer dtution, _ ra -
—Im, ‘ Pacis Fount Nats | Mole Carlars {rm | 3282 of Christmas work begias, the ordi« ‘Awarded Diplomas, prone Rik, sons ale n on rn
ane €1.32 to dw each | USF travelling steff of 450 men will be | Door. 10tay le. coder blades elect fe Fins 2 owall tis ey ous

FOR SALE. Kosmel Chembers | Haugogebop Jaa, o | ty creuged by 380. Forty travel ing post er , m .

Enamel Mogs Week Lamp ceawork in and out ot Londov, and

ladder, } large ladder,
§ [ | Ht N § ] No, 3 Store Room—Emptyness ba bottles,
: scoms on botile room aad sandries,
. =o Termes Gash,
N pattiog up asy Presciption how- WILLIAM BEST,

ever amall, wo ase the uimos Licensed Baill snd Auctioneer.
andonly the ° mosh care, No, 56, Frederick Street.

Ee otc Streets
Ist Jaxvanr 1931.
PUREST « DRUGS T BEG to norty the pab is that 2 have
. ay sold over oO, Fe
We consider this the ntost important Co all ore be, tide sad iaterea nthe , Once a Rayo user
rt of our business, « 0 thi pices: carci.d on by we as vs i ~
fo laterfore with ic’ It ty out parpong | ebant, lathe ova of Sau Ferkewdan \ i cabana ae
to give our customers exactly whit they . Alldebdts owing to wy Brm have bees a "

[P08 BALE ~O00 Mulch Cow with Cul | Eoawel Paces Band Lamp “acl, wil bate practicaily a double etedt.
sdloottea deyeuld Apply to J, | Cora Mills Nend Lany
Gb January 1911 Coffee Roasters } Wine Gi
jp OH BALE tie Taige Vroper'y, “ Colared Garey Y
between Dake Kaward btreot’s Dowlsoup & > suuere lc A
Aalst Sesh oth ; e Frouse
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————_——_—_ 3 ! . infe’ Parish Re een’ :
WANTED, } ‘ vont, Queen's Park | WhY Done Your frousers Vit?


Wreet (entrance from Marit 8t}



Corner Queen & Fred Sts. ae

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on deecsljiion beuna given te the strc DS, raps. LAPS | test fo the ty and of A slosdad Deceased Lee Lem, Your sca cay pass flee for (Oeacch] 04 Pretec MCA, HALL C7B no looger fa wy
this pager aad payacat of this adverise- . . — 'o Koyal or 88 lege wp to — Songs, Waltses, Two Sian ete. f nf is oot authwzed to
ment MANICOU TRaP: pe BLIC NOTICE {2 hereby given that | J4 yeare ANOTHER shloment of the now popu- | ceats. Waldtewel Wattees se rom 6 to 42 any roonles whatsoever ef,
Port-of-Spals, ‘ 3. 82 spplicailon hes bee mate te me Doctors, Lawyera, Tevbere and Maro} 4%. ler WULYEAM LAMPS Jae} pe. | Albums for ttc, Violin parts Cake Walks 4
Bed Jnowary, 1911. AGUUTL THAks, by Locien Bupervitieand Z Garcia | thacts loe'udiog Dr, Belmonte, I. Tap- | cvived fiom Germany 25, 22, Be.p, | dumber ° Separate to asy Uth D 191G. La¥Pe TRAPS beth of Bangre Uraode is the Ward of | pia Esq’, asd Bra Glendinsing recom- | Uvieg at oar Brgnl pheap prices, ‘Thess |. W.#.—For all thiogs muicil we allow “te
* MONGOOSE TRAPS Mebsesiite ta the E-leadef Trisited fara | mend this School, I you wish ycur aoq | mre alve a alee solt livbt' ane coceateg | #5 Po! Ceal kes thee Cresen med
N otic e h SE TRAPS, sract of probace of the Will beariag date | 00 do well st Colleze asd to take an | YO little enrrest. Givethem a Glal, D. KB. WYNDMAN,
* HEER TRaPs, ibe 9Ush day of Octobsr 1910 of Juha Lew. } Island Bcholarebip, let os iret efve bie a Teacher of Sizing lesuamen: :
ae WILD DOG Taps revge late of Sungra Urnade in ibe Ward | £20ty Dee, 20—1a, =. + Princes
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——-o— death a breil p'sce of abode at Sangre } PATRICK E, ALEXIS, Vilacizel. Sweet Dricks can now

Groude aforesaid, the sald Lucien Seper- | Jacy 7th—tm.

tile sod 2 cuish Uureis being the qae | Soo |
F, A, Skeete & Co eeccene e sare LAINGS Without Rival,
: For Preseriptions.

Your Credit ts Geod,

pais is about the time of the year

whee every bome needs a little beaeh-
fog up witha of farcitare here or there,

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MONEY rigatde strom ibedete of the pabisce-

LAING'S EODA WATER AND i eas, sa y shat tis with w omall dep vais
will be treated es silo ore Bdeoval Abvancep fa cmell or largesems | to ‘ee prteeot a ait cn Proceed THE ENGLISH PHARM ' SWEET DRINKS, peymeata eles UA eEhty, of soa Dy
‘taco he, Rtg | baiibieh ay dit cm sifeet, [aioe eee es
Dies HOthee 83-F¢ derich Serees, rad Registror, [ Frederick Street, . | . HENRY DI,
: “ | | | . . LAING'S PURE SODA FACTORY & Mea YopEnor,



NUARY* 10° 1911
awsyin the moreing aod did not, make tothe loyal Mail Commuythe >, A O [h-bieg pepel Med!
cdaway in the K aud did not; mate tothe Moya Mail Comrany th ia M GPa teak G07




ome to la Une for religions] offer referred ta, But the offer was
fostroction of did en whea it was welj-{ rejected and Mr, Harcourt declared
§ | nigh over, showed that he bed not | that His Majesty's Government did not

bonger and the thirst for the | consider thet cireumstances justified
doctrine of Cunet, that be did oot | a greater coufnbauon from Imperial
value Christlan Instruction, abet bef fands, And he added, “Postmaster
did not ebow hiroself desirous of grow. | * General will now be obliged to
ing bpia the wisdom and grace that] “make such arrangements ae ase
would make bis life here 4 copy of the | * possible for mails, aliliziog Inter-
Ufe of Christ Himeelf. + colonial steamers to the best af rec:

SECULAR INSTRUCTION. “tage far the purpose” This seemed

same te
Fert Arrival from Bury
Oy Sonitamptan pe ibe (ih fasee's
‘ | et
sod Js dee bo arrive at St, Thomas ca the
U7 bh January,

ALANTIA~The RM,% © Balantla”
B wil leave Tilelded for Berbados at

And while they adesnced in| to re t the last words on the sub- ‘J ‘uals,

\ religious educat! they sbould al $ Trinidad te: the lm wood ow , aueary, &
‘Able and Inetructive Address by | igi aes ar ee 20 iSieniee cane ovis wand Prunconors nad wate cod cargo fof Jumades |

Archbishop Dowling. They should show that, while the | evoked from br. Harcoart hearty coat 70" Gael Wann Gt it ane whe

pedecranre ,inod teele beggege for the
jon’ és,
BRBICE—The RWS. “ Bertice*
B wit} leave for Barbados ca Weds
weeday, 11th instant, taking passengers,
ewgoant mails,

Ube reader will leave the Lighthouse
Qreen’s Wher, at fl om,, with
their bigrege foe the

oo—eryery dey to prayer and Catholic } ** villingness of Trinidsd to assist Hi
doctrina, it tae not behiddthaad In| * Majesty’¢ Government in Ubeis ef
that lnstsuction that went lo make ¢* to secure direct communication with.
perfect a’atan%of the world, a boy | “the Weet Indies” No one who bas
successful at his examinations and to | followed the course of this question
ralve the etandard ot the school fa the carefolly can fail to be eet oee t oor
nepector’s eyes and in hiateport, le} eant ie) this

sdvised the children to work bard by | His Ma otye JGovernment were ab all Jerty, py)
studyiog theirxtithmetic their reading | desirvus df securiog direct communi: | P gure

* Ber!


Twat magnifcently designed aod

some little share of the virtues thateo

stably constructed building known as | Archbish: ht ¢ aud ibe writing. They shoald lears oleation with ibe West Indies, -

\ ft Joseph Boye’ Ca oot | lo pees oy the Jate Archblsbop’s pro- tg know all about the world by means | Cousequent o9 the publication of the! , Thee tsas tne dee wie ars
which now adorns the ancient capital | mise and ‘desire, of Beogrephy, lolmprove their gram: | telecram reevited bere by thd ‘eling |p Oo re ey ane bab S piss
of the Island was daly dedicated with t TUE SCHOOL ITSELP, mar and psrsiog well, | Governor un Decewbs 12 ft appeare y

yY epellin
as ‘de

writing © elalerererta sles wth prment te

solemn ritual on Sunday last. Now that he saw the ecbool, be was ler sod speaking | tohare been despatcbed by Me, Ilar-] 7 ea ae to St, Thoms via

®& goo
Hie Grace the Arcbbiebop of Po! ver leased to b tried out th properiy. wbether to the Inepector, | courton Dec $ tbe Chamber of Com:
ofBpain, the Most Tere J Pine | wishes, The school that they bad the Parteb Priest or Hie Excellency | werce prompily met and considered the Non here [isste wee wih (he

the Governor. CualtivatS al] that | matter and recommended the Govern:
went to make the gentleman! He | orin Executive Committee toagreeto
always humble and submissive to } offer te pay on bebalf of shia Colony,
maubsidy of £850 a yesr, in leu of
odace ratevand inctosive of subsi

y for [ntercolonial Hervice, if Barba-


Dowling O.P, After solemn high | there is certaloly one of the mostolld,
Maseat Dam. at which Iiis Grace lif not the bess of the most solidly
pontificated in the Catholic Chorch of | byilt of thelr achools In Trinidad or in
the town of which the Rev Father | any of the other islands that form the | their teachers, and show their bumil-
J. MeDonnéll fe the devoted and | archdiocese. Maay of them knew his | ity and submission by (heir nice be
sealous Parish Priest, the parishioners | desire ell nteng to Lave @ school, not | baviour, by respect for them sod by
accompanted His Grace in processional | merely to ornament the town of St, | the way in which they avawered even [dos were made
order to the new school where the | Joseph, bat a thorough school, a school | their school companions: for, as they | Company and tranqhipnrent port. Thi
ceremony of inauguration took place } that would last for years and years.— | advanced in the Jove of God, tbey | recommendation was approved of, and
about 11.39 o'ctoe Incladed in the | nay, be boped for centuries, not only | advanced in the science of the saicte, [the Legisiature not bring !a session, 5, Thomas on the 17th, ocling at
procession were the 8 and the | commodious and lighteome, but alooa }eod afterwards, ae they advanced | pledges were obtained from a majority} ©" 1 8 hae Aviizas, Monseerra?
girls of the respective Catholic Schools ] place that bas Godsairin abundance | fiom chapter to chapter ia Christian | of thoes who would surely be returned Dy i ee BL Lacla, ‘Barbados Bt View
of the town heeded by the banners of a had there, not only their gallery } doctrine, they should have the eaine | as members Lo vote the amount named | 707! * Gnleage Demerars acd irinidad
8. Joerph and the Blessed Virgin | for the fofants, but also their stage for | Measure of advance in the ordiwary | aaan anqual subsidy. This fact was Shwe che 1a deeoa the 2U hdapaut .
Mary, the Society of tbe Eacred Heart | those who are worthy to take their | branches of secular instruction. telegraphed to the_Hecretary-of State ERBICE Tee KMS * Bob ece”
of Josus with f per also, children | place upon the stage of the school aod | OUTSIDE OATHOLIU INFLUENCE, | fue the Colonies, The idea was that, 1 suas ve Baba iusea tbel3 b jane
Aquerters, were estimated | 4-0 /s

aLANTLi.—The K ME. “Balsstis”
eonncering with the Harton Lae
steatnsra will Jeave Barbatos va the 13ib
January, calliey at Grenada, St, Visceaat,
Nonese Kh eee rear ales

erie, Be. jus dmis, where

headquarters ofthe | vo iedee ne the 17ih isstact, sod will
cmeee’ whh the *O otwa” ac thas port,
ALANTI 4.—Toe “Batantia® will leave



theit Second Com-}to prepare or perfect themeelves to The influence of theie Vorstiau | aathe Compsny'sexpenses at Darba- ’

munion at 7 o'clock that morning from takethule place Pon the see ernie education must show itvelf outside of | doe as hee. wre oul mae a erlve at D-merate vo
His Grace, besides a ¢ pum of} life all of them knew thaton the | the echool-bouse and outside of school. [ta be several thouseod nds lees ae ase an edaep at Demers Be vies
Catholica in general, ‘Tbe procession | school stage they had a very iruport- | hours. The boys who weat away from | thao at Trintdad, is might bare been mn ’ 4 ih betone

closed with cross bearer and acolytes fant part to act and a very onerous | & Christian = school ought to be] possible tofind a new ia of treaty LYDE—The MB “Clyde” la dae
preceding His Grace who, robed and duty to perform. to aa to fit each one | more modest, holer, more obedient | for aservice with thie olfer from Bar

tmitered, walked under @ canopy borne of them to acthia partin thie hfe] to father aod mother at home, | bados, The reply received was practi.
by Merers._ F. J. Gransaull. F, E. Grane {in order to obtain the reward [othe | ought to more devoted in| cally to the effect that the offer of
saull, 4. J. Graneasit, J MM. Farfan, ecburch, ought to essiet at Suo-| £850 a year with ite conditions was
Henry Usracciolo (snr) and A. VC. day School more regularly, ought to | altogether belated. The precise lan-


bere from Ssuthemptea, via Cher.
boar and St, Michaele(Aro es) on Tuee-
day 31st Jenuary, and will leave the ecme
lav bur New ¥rk, vie Pro Os ombes, Car-
tsgere, Colac, Jamates cad Aatedy, Cade;


Gomes. attended several prieste| They could t ob asvist attbe Holy Sacramentof the Mass | guage of Me. Harcourt’s telegraa ta,
from the surroundiog villages and | better day than thet to” tesag: | with greater devotion then tbe boys| “question of placlog. besdquarters| tasieg peseegwe cargo and malla
bt. Mary's College, Port-of- Spain, who | uraty by God's solemn blessing | Who bad not known the advantages |eleewhere than in Trinided could The «nder oi leave ¢-e Lighibous

also witnessed the cerewony. The} that school of of Christian education, who were sent | not be considered at this stage’ Bar | Jetty, Quera’s Wharf at 5 pm, with pas-
children then formed a guardof |they were k oe tine Tete, nt to aschool where they breathed the | badvs did not think of tempting His | ean-t fat the *C.yJe ily 00 ied vi

bonour by hintog the approaches to the | only of Our Divloe Lord's E; iphany in | whole day the neutral and sometimes { Majesty's Government with the offer} Fao wom are specs ly wo ified v “a
building while His Grace entered it. | the temple, but aleo Ilis holy infancy } the poisonous air of purely secular | of afew thousand pounds, but Triai- baggage teh ec rt Geopicaed ta lbs
The blessing ceremony taing over, | They were keepiog that great feast | education, dad did, And that colony now stands | Oa werd Mail, will le yt st. Vinceat
Hile Grace took a seat on th® platform | when the childrew in many parts of VOUATION IN. LIFE. to benefit by the correct measure she | Jesty ob! p.w., 0m the dey of saillog, and
when the following address slgued of | the world are brought to the Church Une of them aight be destined to] took of tha Government. Barbadce | peseenge:s are Ubercfare seqacetad ta me

behalt of the parisbloners. was to show their love to God and their
to him by Mr HH. Caracciolo (sar ) desire to imitate their model, the
WELCOME AND GRATITUDE, infant or child Jesus Each one of
poms them wust {mitate Our Divine Lord In
ADDERS T) WIS GHACE TYE «Rey. | Orderto be true to their faiths each
wisHOF, onecfthem wust begia young to ls
Nay" please your Grace, ® solid foundation of holiness; eac
We, the inbebitants of the old capi- | one of them, whether boysor girls,
tal of St. Joseph, beg to approach [ must begin tery young and lay thet
Yeur Grace, in order to express our | ¢0ol'd foundation *
higb apprectation of, and sincere FOUNDATION OF CURISTIAN

sopposed the statement made in the see weet biggsge is vent dywa before
Earl of Crews's despatch to the effect { ‘bat boa. ~
raise a school like that in some other | that the Royal Gomsission'’s ‘recou ALANTIA, ~The R M8. * Balaotia
art of thearchdiocese, anotber might | mendation wae being considered was will leave horg on Taeslay 3ise Jin
Called to one of the learned pro: | to be rehed eat acd that, ic any die oer, fe Demet te, taking pes eagers,
feesions, bub whatever calling the: sition or intention ta give prefer. . 5 oe
might follow, they must reueniber eee to direct Transatlantic Mail BEB The “Berbice” will leave
that God had a cdlling in store for each | Service were entertained, he Volonies bere on Tucaday the Jia January,
one of them ; and that is to be always | would all have beenduly notified of the | callivg at Grenada, St. Viecear, Si,
a disciple of Christ, to be always true | fact, If our offer was, indeed, made} Lac, iaxe Moowerrat, Ancigas,
to thelr Christian fslth, Be sever | at a time when His Majesty's Govern | Nevin, acd St, Kite, taking parszogers,

be a cocoa planter, anotber might be
come a carpenter, some one rise might

thanks f. O ity in givi ashamed of it, whether at the bottom | ment were already too far compromly- | sree ani mate,
our Parish this adiairaly constructed There they had a solld school built, | of the ladder or the top rung of it. ba ed by Trinidad'’s thousands, it was} For all [gctaer leformation, apply a
School in which we have the pleasure j #0d {a order to erect that solid school } always proud of their faith aad glory | clearly no fault of ones that it wae go, | ths Company's office, .

bo ineet Your Grace this day, (b was necessary to lay a very? deep

Weare aware of the fact that His] and sold foundation Now, the
Grace, our tate lamented Archbishop, | foundation of the Coristian life must
‘was good enough to promise the erec- | be far more sohd, far deeper, fer
Lon of a school from the funds which | widerand far stronger than even the
one of the parishioners of thie town, | foundation of the Egon school: for,
the late Mr. Numa EGgon, had gen- [ they hadtolay a g foundation in
erously bequeathed for ‘aseful Gand the minde of their children and that

io the cross of Christ. having the} It is to be observed that the whole —
crucifis, not only in their boaes or | difficulty appears to have originated MABREIWM ~QU A&A Re
school-bouse, but aleo by the love of | through the carelessness or fully of Port-of Spain:

Christin their hearts those who made the agreement with = ———e
Auction Sale.

MORAL PRECEPTS, the R.M.S.P Company respectiog the
HERE will bea Lablic Auction Sate on

They should be always huoourable [ cohveyance of the Transatlantic Nails,
and honest, upright aod frack fa deal. [ termioable on six months’ notice,
tog with their fathers and mothers, | whereas the Intercolonial contract


Board of Intlustrial tre







Session, 19711.

HE] Board has complotsd arrasgements for the ‘is
Classss for Technica Instruction to ba
Vctoria In.iitute, by kiad pecmisso.1of ths Board of

that Institat’on, in tte trades enumerate? ba ow
demonstrations, where neces ary, to bo arranged as

It isintended toextend instruction to other trades as ti

; with


Tita Classes will be under the immediate manazoment
vision of jthe Technical lostructioa and Examination
the Hosrd of Industrial Trainiog, and ara arrac
of instruction in the different trates, exieud ng ove twed
sossivus aud loading up to the Bourd’s sxam nation foc?)



16th January to the r5th April, 2
15th May to the r2th August, @
18 September to the,.16th Dece

AttenJance at thoir respectiva ctissas by the Yoard's;
will be required, No fees will be ch irgod fur sp, ranticnn 3

The fession willbe divided into three terms commest
eodiog for the 1911 sessioa as follows :—



The clases will _slso be opezel to artiswus wishing tol
themselves for the Board's Examuation Uertifizate on i
foo of sixty couts per term, or 81.50 fur the session of three

© Inorder that the classes may bo taken through tle whellg
entries ta bomida with toe See-viary to the Boanl at
mencemeat ofthe Session, when f33s will ba payable,
The arrangement for the tessiou ILL are —~


Parcisry (for Blackemiths aod Sh: elog Smiths mea), Moadays, ‘

9 pm.

Lecturer aod Vemastrator :—Stall farrier Sorged
Firet Life Gaards acd Trias Voastabalacy). Tort bose
‘cactical Horse-shoeing ; Hantiag’s Art of tloree-shoelag. ©

Building trades (Uarpeniers ond Juicers, Masvos, Brickls '
Peter, Muadays, 7.30 p.m. 109 pm. Lectorer wath


A. MK, Farrel,
aod Jomery ; Hesluek’s Pas
tieal asters Work.

chantable purposes, in the diecretion | foundation must become more and | He always truthful, never teil a lie | waaentered into for acertain period

of the PArebblehor, With that | more eolid every day of their school even to. eave their own lives, fof ten years. Under thp latter the de the Tata Leva meee
thoughtfoiness which was eo charac} year. He bad ‘called the blessing | never tell s hie efen to Jest, never tell | Company would have fully done their] Street, of tbe fol owing ugredeemad articies
teristic of him, Hie Grace believed | Which be bad given that school a} alieifeven by doing eo they would | part, if they assembled their Inter SEPTEMare, 1999.

that no better use could be made of a | Solemn one, avd the gathering them.
portion of these funds than in the erec- | telves had ~been witnesses of its
tion of a School wherein the youth of | solemnity Ther: had seen him, ac-
the donor's Parish would receive a | Companied by tha Rev Fathers, go
ge0d and eound Catholics education around the outside of the schov!
We are, however, also aware that | eprickliog it with boly water and they
Your Grace wasin no way bound, Io f bad seen bin) perfor a hike ceremony
the elrcumatances of the gift, by your | ia the laterlor —nay. they bad seen
predecessor's promise; and we cannot 2 £0 around with invens> Incen~ng
ut express how deeply grate. | the walls of the echonl Just as they
fal we feelfor you: setlon. not caly | incensed the walls of the Church,—
fo fulilhog that prowlse, but fn tal. hay, as they jocensed the altar of God.
filhog it ln so generous @ manner ag] They bad ‘heard mavuy prayers said
- togive ue what, in our opinion, Ie | 49d many songesusg. They had seen
the best constructed School in the | dim erect a crucifix in the most con-
faland, splcuous part of the echool room sand
Weare aleo pleased that Your | (ost ¢rucifiz, as they knew, repre
Urace bas approved the suggestion | s¢nted Mim who was once a child Tike
thatthe &chocl should be coiled the | the children there, but He grew up Ia

age. wisdom and grace to manhood
until, aw tbe victim of love for all of
them, Ha laid down that same life on
the cross.

“Eillgon School” fn grateful memo
of the parishioner to whose generosity
we are Indebted.

Tn conclusion, we

egala warol

zation the whole world! Uopy the [colonial steamera at thie port once a} 36470—2 par gaiteanog,
spit of divine truth sod always teil | fortoight, whether thers waea Trane VECEMBER, 1909,
the truth fot the love of it. for the | atlantic steainee to meet thea and tu | t4450—f gold neck et
love of God and Chest! Bs alwaye | travefer maetle to them or now Five | 14453) ted chao.
true to their empluyers aa they [agreement thet! Such meptuads oo [145 gms ee craia,
were true fo UCbest, ther father | the partof Mis vay wy es G iveruweat | ‘4 73~8 “ ‘pres
aod masters; and sv, tw whatever | t¢reallyastoushing Th wughout biel 17S rr neg
vocation they might be called and | whole affele the Govecsuieut hare gerne gold chae, 9 gold earciz;
whatever duty they bad to perform, {been allogetber ow witied and out-| sgyegma gold evtnege. ee
alwaya remember that they were to | clasted by the Roy.i 31a! Compauy’s out tilver binges,
fulgV that duty perfeculy as only | Directors. Ttotdeds ti tducee sud pagdtome gg Mack ei,
Christian mes could fulal {t, Do is | perception of the hucktrring inativets| 49241 8 iver coll, 3 1) ver ankits
for the love of Gud and for the love of | of the Imperial authorities Lave stoud ; 8497t—2 dlte cotar, 6 siver sid "5 silver
their own [mmortal souls. And sa, hav- | herin good stead As fer aa Barta- chain, 30 +i ver baxeins
fog fulfilled their course here, having [-doe le coucerned, there remeing noth} 15°27! £94 oetkiet ¢ gold ring,
fought “the good fight uf faith "fu | iog ele for ber tn do than mccept the | 1923—15 Deere gold.
that school and learocd theie lessons f situation, Thie shecandy with com- ons sitver-bang'es.
well, they would be acknowledged by | poware The Secretary-of Stale bas 05163 =6 aslver collar,
Christ in beaven sad received by Huw | plainly told ber tbat sction oa ber f iss og st rer arm ee, .
as disciples, — which state is pruwiwed | part “at this stage ' is useless, | Schwa gold wateh, 3 gold albert.
to those who know and love aad fulluw —_— . $a y -8ga'd acklet,
02, ‘The followirg are the telegrams that | 952 8—0 gold pecklet,
Cheers were given forthe Archtis. | bave beea loterchanged between the tearm gold tangle, & gold earrings, x gold


Avtisans’ Drawing (All evalt}—We laeelay, 7.39
Ate. a. ab Partetls Baa Cees Darke:

Bex. Text-b-oks «

J? Logue

to 0 pa

Dsccrptive Gsumetry, Ke,

ecers aad Brackwork , H i

Eoginseriog trades (Boilermsker-, Fitters, Turaera, Machisity
su.tis, Mosiders aad Pat era-msteray. T : ;
Lecturer aod lastrassor; 1.
Cacoers’ aod Fitters’ Haadook ;

Tuveiays, 1.30
Wilsva’s Patters-n


Typogesphies! trades (Jompoatucs, yPremmen aad Dookbied
toys, 7.30 109 put —Lecines aut Don restratorss

TeavocraMew Cacophitue K Us
D. Gumuads ;

itip 5
Hook Bia lig Pebesces Mr Juaa

Bresso otk Cacao gl


Texteoorks im sad’s Lister-crass Priatiug ; dasask’s
10g; Pierce's Bovkoia diag au 1 Priauog, $s

Ar-hmetlc for Artisnse (all crafts). Fridays, 7.3) to 9 pm, fi na

Me, Thomas H. astuon’s Muss arate


Ucoss, Text-so0ct:

For egtey to these ocursse nod all farttse faloe matics, adicase the

thank Your Grate for your ort CATLOLIC EDUCATION, hon and the Jarich Priest Acting Governor aod tha Secretary of
cent gift to Bt. Joseph. * ® The Christian or the Catholic school hy assemblage then seperated. State for the Uolonies referred to fn { 15#St~t Seong machine, w
We have the honourto remain Your | {«theechool in whieb Chrlet reigned, THE VISITATION, article above 1 E353 Siew taceal , .
Grece'a most devoted and gratefut | which Ife governed. which he directed 5 e main streets of the town Governor to Secretary of-Stale, apy at ateege
ebildren, and Christ reigned, not ooly inthe | presented quite a= pleturcsque ap- Barbados Chamber of Commerce re- nhict ke Toe oe. *
Bigoed on bebalf of the parishioners | school, but in the heart of each one of | pearance Arches were erected at [CoMminend grant by Legistatuce of #$$30~ ¢ gold oo $ 20d rip, orna.
of St, Joseph, the scbolara, Eeth one of the [cross streets with scriptucal texts | £8500 for transatlantic 2 d foter- wet, ¢ god ornament.” ¥ gold
oP pero, F. J, Granssull B, | holareio thet Catholic Boys’ School | aad words of welcome, while buot- | colunial mailleerice, provided Barba- | 135531 gold wath. &
Ztpern, A.V. C, Gores, P,E. Gran. | Of St Joseph ought tatey, as fares he [log {0 profusn was visible from | doe first aod last port of call aud | ssccems cold bangle.
eaull, M, J, Gransaull, M. Farfan, [ ould. to reproduce {0 hie own young | spy a house sod streamers con- | beadquarttre for braoshipment of | 15649—2 pece gold chaia,

13, Granado, H, Caracciolo, (sor) HH,
Caracciola (jaz

ils Grace, addressing the geueral
assembly, sald, he need scarcely tell
hiedesr childsen how very thankful
he was for the touching dees with | told that Le
bien all of thera of ¢! @ Parieb of bt. 2erpelem we ni Vi aod was
jose a 0 Im s for, | Subject to the Blessed Virgin an
all that Me Caracdolo bed done. was, | Joveph. When they came tbere 5

life tbe life of the child Jesus who was
obedient to 8t. Mary, Mis
Mother, and to St, Joseph, his


tulbuted to enhance the ecenic effect. | passeugers aod
Blessed Oa Faturday efvernoon a procession of | Com nittee approve,
foster. [Catholics met His Grace in Kiog
Each one of them ought to [ Street on the occasion of nis visltalion
the virtues thes Christ Jefe | to the
them when he wasachild They were | the bledings
went down from | cemetery which wae illuminated for | tuce meets on
the purpose, the Tsberoacie, the Host,
etc, On duodsy
made his visitation to Tunspune | early.

1$527—¢6 silver baogles,
196333 cold pings,
tseqg—a ai ver bangies.
(365 8 Kd hang os
1874a—0 go 4 brace et.

cargo. Exceutlve
3f foregoing
accept fotercotonial subsidy will
pasion of his vi be peld Tom detect surpension, An
e visitation lariuded | #6u y men of Legislature | pe765—s sewing machi

of the tombs ja the | that thie will be voted when Legis vagdt tangicte

e Lue lineela 0 ih anarye us: a guid Ganglet, & gold bracelets, ¢ silver
0 sufficient toenaure Barb 15803 ~24i ver be collar
afternoon His Grace | Wl be beadquarters? Please reply tgeogg ner banger” ¥ aver

5S eg oa wtver baeg os


tothe Board at his Uf. oveca mast But liege, Port-ot-dpue.



200 pex Bom.

ORYSTALIZ#D FRt LtS—in 10 & 200 be





Opposite Wash Ususe Bridge.

not oaly for the members of th school, and they ought toc where slaila: Bentz +JOmE sil :
ralttee of ‘tbe, pariah, but aso forall | Afier ‘day, their duty ‘ie ao shes | served wt Ceremonies were ob- | Beat Akh December, 1913, tmoortgodcham pen
Uiedonoured paren" of tbe arc | ahd by tbat obedionss tp show there Seer baraden ® CONT#OT tet ad ac an
aris! 6 arch. ence show thei. Ba: = z A
giocne of Hastetopain, As tbe ad- | posdieacs to Ghriat and theiedealrete | THE BARBADOS AGRICULTURAL | _Amountimenioucd te'yout ttogram| M#S-LE MA Pas tce St a SALE FOR Cost OF
thought be pin not devote a portion bebool where Christ siigued aan REPORTER AND THE MAIL bevice fegard ta feet are ut and, Specias Contracts under Ordina a
sia Sots CTL USta TT | Clot Wat Cape as ut fe SERVICE sie ded ne key a | endaam | O :
wre stage! nae bet a srr Ta maalog Sieeer of : ERAGESIAST
tog therg in the anclent capital of the | schoo! where Christ did not rsiga,| Hrou, am article published in the | Neil Steam Packet Company mear| S8ta-1 gadcnuc Tt, MOREY M
"fer bepentet Godeciclandia | ot Chant in excndea a "tate | foe ee aurcuarganparegteted | Uecemuet, 2a MERE cha fan) matnt Bad Satay Sees i
. e ‘raosallan ai dale” . a ‘ia. rv — . ”
dnd aelereuy, hetthotpeakerl avons | of Koowlsige ‘whieh “Sete Draven | taka the followingextracti= | "| subeequently increased amount of | 77-1 eld mut etala,« rat's cha THE PORI-3SPAIN SEWER \GE
waworthy auceessor of Frock a great the are capable of receiving ae op toners the situation of aftaire gad ich alone tafe wegotletions 7514—8 guid cose, t e gold 17 OF 1907 SECTION 2G)
yaaa, an ardent follower | the one, great, persevering, heavenly | tel rece re EP Tin | 408 direct service feacibi fe | 7785—n gold bake, gold wish, 7 gold sic , 2 (3),
ot Our Diving Lord, euch a very branch of knowledge which ie the i: coleacy th, ived here by Ills lactog head ore elaawen he. 48404 pina, @ gold opeerscla st
alroa k 1 pucelleacy the Govervor frow the 4 quarters elsewhere than od wut ‘ames, 4 soe teeta ee sees
airoan aod stout | pillar 0 Goat's how to serve iim aod pt das Christa new Secretar yotstate i, the Golo. fa edad could hot be considered chaos, 2 fsld vest 2 pad ae PUBLIC NoTiCR su hereby givon that, to sreecha of sthe power
feiyen, bul web, tn Seapets bad secular achoete ares Sree Attended pews dag per’ ot £35 ru, ia Hew et Received ath December, 2910, TIBSwE gold racelet, 2 gold earrings, 3 gota | 1907, (No trot tory eh . wadermbetinges ¥ Fortof-Spaia Boworan
jhe wae not slowed to accompliab, AL | Felgnoould not have the same crace] General dios arty ‘and the Vice Th&m1 gold chala pablie auction before the doors, of th Premises "will ba put op
though, as the address tind paid. be | that children had who attended eo | portrait ott Unies and the West 7609-22 god waich THE tort JANUARY, 1911. beta eee rey Letlle Portof-3puta, on. Tam
was not boand legally to take hia pre- | Catholle School where Christ is the | (ona cplonies for Direct Tranaatlan r 78 j8—t diamond rio; : ed taataltment of threxcomees| oe eemeed tht botire of cae and
Aecessor's promise so rouch to beart, | Master aad the model of Mis disciples, Titotded Wad frith Nigadquarters at round the Stores. W0p0—s gold rings 6 with th #erpeasea locarred by the Hoard ia connect oh
st00) : a offered gd rifu —— # soworage synteci, with int Boaaectes
ar coustlence ad socordien te tbe he HEQULAR AND ALY ATTEND. | by the it M 4 P, Conpany, who were Dayey's Guatgcose—Measre Smith i wrt eg eeee , pase ta arreas aod aopald for the period of thee moathy af te the tl ;
of God he wae bound, and be felt | They should. thereforé, show their meg. for & sybady “of gmOn, | Heros & of the Bonangs Drug] $7*—1 gold chaig by the Board for the payment thereof, nalass theme the | ae
himself bound, to cut that good | ePpreciation of that Christian schout | of folded, It sppeart,ras an evidenos | Stores tog bo notify theirenumerous| #571 50d chas, 9 leer bangles gach premises bs pala before such aalc. samouns das aad ¢

work that the late Archbishop b

ceire ta see the direng | customers for Drugs which include

by comlog to it regularly aod pot ata ——e ’
J- | brancatiantia Mall servic: th Y Panties pays, eae ed
eetberin wring or tetel ae ied. ” sed ey trom ie or ada yoxcept fora | and ave means, if poutlis, to loduce the ele Agee te this Colour at hate lous Fatawod. E uictoat ap ta date of sala can PREMISES, . ent dua dee A
tothe prises of the arctsdlocees of taorning In toe tor retlgi oe lo myery | ibe imperial authorities to abandon | ]eyer's Genuine Gusiacose and all of OweRs, andfaore thee
Porvoftpain, Ho that, be did not | too, io tlme to show thele love of the | eee et ed aad Ungeverous attitude | Herer’s Pbermaceulical Producte Noti ‘3 months us
fook upon it as anything extraordi: | Divine Master snd-Model, ig thine to | soyeme tte, SVeet Hodian Uoloaies,— | whieh are finported direct from the | rye orice. 8%, Neleon Street 4, Joueph B. —
wary on bis part to have devoted some | study the many truily by hearing the | basa rt tate Pay, & eubeldy of £15,0%0 | Laboratories of Friede, Uayer & Ooy ‘T PUBLIG ore hereby notiger | Sh Prince Bireat : Pap 8 Darsaay a 37-69
ofthe faade for the erection of tbat | Catechlemn taught ond aren ' a the towards any ountract thet might | of Alderfeld, Germany, baat Lbavethis dey porchesed the 6, Priace Street = F 'p Biano ee shat
webvol, but hs looked upon it as awere | #pirit of Chriet by means of Carters | Cf Wade, subject ta certala couditiaus : auek (a trade, and goiwiil of the baal | 12 FiteUorald Lang fbi Blaos ee $499
19pt o¢ duty and # mere set of instryction. Sorette ns ayerietan P and this offer, the Goluutal Minister wae of Joule Qu Yau, B fet | 3% Daoduae' * se George Toussaint 3391 4
i Gi suty ands mere act of respect | instruction. Jas Caristlan School au | bes practically adumaed, ted ive rnnnmnnnceremat | iu d, Tile La, Hives Tree, CEST Te gareted o Doe Mubeto iW
motou ire ta Telolded botpiot’ |ulon All tee for rriivioue lustruc f Majesty's Govet oweut to abanden the ‘There uisy be oth Ald bts duet tbenda gen, $ Movs oireat ve Litton Alecander | aggad
apd be, mould feel very tueh hou educnoed Uhear the gag deat tie at the area peril sebewe of « Heine ee Oe ee ares but You ate Babe pany eens dame Q aj | rm cena eS i
wan! atitude and bis want of | 4ud, there soy chlid who of be list e . SOND ) . 1
ore, boy ho remala they appeared \o be proaquoced, and ' concerned, 0 far ae resale seh oy Juniry, ieee” CHOW, JUSUPH AKNOLD LAMY, 28

Tun Clerk and

: EE eer ~y ” 4 . foot ” . ‘ ‘ ye we mm TT CERT ES EVE ER
/ * .

a ; \ . . - ®
7 é } . } \ ‘


IRUAD, ok Mostriten com rn re nn

4 , Rreepactl-ely (1) » regleered tn ¥ . ho TRINIDAD. “ ve ~
a UBLbu Notice ta heteby gen that Ie fity wanret (2) five meres ond tect crenata Vonee ANTE foils 74 sed Pea eepewe Court of Tein ded abd Iuthe Bapreme Coort of Trinidad and ; - a -sol-aeeer ee ee”

ul faoaragent Fhe rareyieg Erg e parceg each "acd” we |e etetse Reseeeee at Pr et No ban sto TM rapag nny eanistonm THE ABERCROMBY
raat Law of Property Ocdiasnce No. 72 several pareele of land ate respsetieetp the Crown tot Tage patidenel’ fez ct [ ata b60 ot 1010 Be Na 05 of 108,” ‘

Pard eonteloa} io & cervald derd of’ rt) de crihed aa Lert

aise ted the 10v8 day AE Feb aety 1035 in Va Xeibtolio ob, ue Testetored
Buines diethe office of the Negitrar, Filhy all and slegelar thoas three
Ueveral wy No 50h 01 1905 ent mide be- aoreral Farcele of land witaate in. the esta
prween Jaha Ewsouel Achedf the one] Warl of Monteortat The first thereof
ee Jone Artha: Rex Bolmmeyer Siuerytsing ten acres end abutting og tha

Leoeada Deoootbo god apo latds caw of NW. D ookesPialeud
lately of Mitebelt A'exender acd on she an .
Ress apoa lends now or fately of Jcha | The Adanlatstrator Generel—Defendant,
Thomas atd spre lends now 0° fate: —
ly of Mirehel Alesander the second there. pusita Notles te hereby given ihet an
ef containing, twenty acrca be the same a¢iog hee beea spamercel by Nev
mote or lera delioes' acd deectifed fa | than William Brovks, the lawfal brother
ie plen atrached to she Crown CUrent | aud sole sacriviog sext of kin cf Job UBLIC NOTICE is hereby that fa
regisvered. in Vo'ame XXXV follo 435 | Danie: Broske decessed, agela.t the Ad- mranatice of agurderot His Hoa:
and ebattiag on the North nodon the Esat | miniatrator General cleiming mgrenvol | our Me Justice Mansell mad ba thi
spon landg now or lateiy cf the Crowa oe | letters of Adwloistretions! the Estateot | action aud beiring date the Slat dey of
the Sonth apsa leads foimey of Joba | the said Jub Déeie! Daoks, deosaed, in Ostober Noikes wil! be patuo for
Thomas bas now or lately of Perey Egere | Solems Form of Law and thas the sald | £1. before the doote fth-U urt Hone
ton Onley Dontwaand apon lands sow | Aciton baa been eet dawn for triet on, Mow in thé Towo of Port-of-Spala on Tdare-
lately of the Crown oni oa the West ay tbe Sich day of Jonacry 1918. | day ihe 25d dey of Fetruaty 191k be
upod Jands now of lately of Emma Caroline ated this 4th dey of January 2918 y ibe Den y t hoe
Barauels and epon Jaode formerly of Joba M, HAMEL BMITIT tween the boars of une do “9 pe a
Thomas but now of lavely of Perey Fyere Telauf’s Sulleitoe | All that parcel of Jind or sugar ee a
ton Uctley Donawa, tha third thereof con- No 109 Queen Streets iva Ig aT Vaclah f std. gress a the \
detand oO obsags known as *

talolog (wenty nice acres three boode and Port-of Beate,
bine perches the esme more or less ley Estate,” con aloiog one buadred and
Gelineated and described in the plano seventy five acres of taod or thereaboot

seth Sar eames | EMMA ti iii Meta’! STANDARD LIFE ASSURANCE OCMPA

{o"Votume L fio 281 acd abutting on the | Ia the Sapreme Conrt of Trlaidad and
by Jaods formerly of the Cead ry Es a°e

North spon lands now o¢ lately pf Tobago,
Florence K, Lamy and wprn lands ‘now | No, 6 of 1910. anton the West by the Oworrgis and Eatabtahed 1826.
Cinvamoa Lill E-tatee, subject ta a

Heory McK+onon Ties Andignee, of
Lucretia Jane King Talons,

Jamon Robsrt Douglas Punnett - De. ! 6
fendant. U

. (Formerly Munt'a)
Now Hurses & Oarriages havajust bean Added



Or to the Minsger—J. B- MBTIVIRE,


srlgg Fuanet Stolimeyee an! Ke» North pon fas
i Roat ot the othed part acd alsoina Sah wooa en “it cater
win menorandam vl moresge noder | Camera on tbe Eis) son lente of M
provoicat of tbe Real property Ordlae | sea fora and on the Wess upon land of J
Pqwer dated tbe maid 10cnd.y of Fe inery | UO Goneset The? searad theteot comprie-
Miwade by the oatd Jule Kwosonel , hog ten stres an abutting oa the North
fuss faxjacof theadd James arthur | opoa lands sf Matin Modeste and bpoa
Batin-ye, Charlee Fuarioe S:olle | Crowa land oa the Hast upon lande of
ppeyer Aad Reodotpy Rast sof ales ina | Vaerds VYilatuel aod oo the Wed epon
Bpreia deol of worsgexe dated the aati | landsof Febled Villaruel and the Third
Wah vay of Faoraceg 1995 regltered au | therest comprielog eizteen acres aod
F006 Lor 1905 and mide bsiwees the abutting on ths North apos tsnde ¢f
d Jaco Emineet Ache of theone put | Senclon Babala on the Sonth and Fast
et the ssid Charles Fourier Sto lmeser | epon Crown lands acd on the Wea fpoa
qh ober pars agi sliola @ cactain | lands of Jose Benito And ales ell aod
Sesoraudgal of mort t1ge Gadsr the prov | singular that certain other piece
ejos of tbe Royal Property ance | parcel of land aitaate in the raid Ward o
Reet the said 10.b' day nf Vebrasty"1005 Oalserrad comatising forty sine acces
balls by the anid dale EmiuecfAche ia fore toed and eighteen {perches aad
of pe osld Cranes Foarice svod- | abattlog oa the North upon land now or
there willbe pasap foraate by | lately of Bobarege upon lands former.y’


Telephone 681.


orlate’'y cf Mitchell Alexsoderoa the Ia the matter of

ble Acction by the aadersluced at jot the Crown t eabseqaentiy cf} Seuchapon lacdenow or lately of th sey Ordt

ra Sorta at a rion ya { Povarom on the Soath ape isade of Orowa om ths Hut upon lands, zen or The eae matter at No.8 Jaement debt in AS Joho Fer. dead Office Edinburgh. Scotiand
, ‘ atael apo fen 1 Hy { a °
aday of JANUARY ba.wreu toe bow a | the Crown ba eu m quently ‘of Nesbar or lively Ment “Klercoder asa'cu the The Beakra ce tne Are iearten Dated this (6 bh day « F Decamber 1910 HRA NOW OFPIOCE FOR WEST INDIES, BARBADOS
gmtome and lwo p rT lar th \ wad nypon O owd lands onthe East upoa Weat upon lands noe or lavely cf Dostetes | Accouctant, and fe the matter of the Lc H. LOVEL ACE, “ST RVEW TE” ° oo oe oe ese £100,000

SARST All wud singa' ar at ce tala lands formerly of tha Crowa but eu Cedeng aod upoadaods pow or lately cf Application cf eputy Kegteirae. Roxvs Decnartp .. te my as ee 7,000,000
we ® pidatation oie WAT mee, EME | any of Cacdilo Zearsreof Soharage | the Crown, the fourth thereof contalalng Gordon, Grant and Company, RINID AD Acoumunateo Fuxps ave ase owe eee 12,800,000
Eid ot aite io tbe Wardell Moutaercatia [end Uvhicem ent on the Wet spon | nine acres thres rocde nl eighteen —— Io the Snoreme Court of Trinidad and Tob2go, Ciames Pato oon wee we oe vee _ 37,750,000

ints paren ot aod bender ale | cdf Mats Stte Casa ceuy ated Sudgereteag many cet lng aretie| PUBLIO NOTICE i bey sees St ee Ee ue tuto of Vier MODERATE RATE, ABSOLUTE S20UKITY

o ates! od afz' a aad derc in the plen e*tao! e b be M. of th tlt "i °
ved that ie to aay the frst thereof | that parcel of land siteate in Montesrrat Crowa Grant rogleered {a Volame XXXL | His parse tbe Decree herein of . ineher aad Rowan hivcretl, Taanta {beral Sarrender values.

Beotisiag six ecres aad abottiag on vhe

bh apoiisndsnow or lately of the

a soatha Soa'h ov0a Jaods vow or

yot Jaan K Villafaos on the Kast

mtendintw ot lately of Qaerica Fore

simecdoathe Wast spon lads now or

ft Yaely of Goo’am Hoesa and Kadarat,



Toe SECOND thereot conorlsiog Gre

follo 253 ad abutting on the North | Wright dated the 7 bday of Jely 1010, under the age of et years by their guardiaa LOANS ADVANCED on sesurity of Polioles ap to 90 per cent, of the
Bon Jends Bow or laiy ot June Marte avd to the ender of the nid Bir atts “and peat [rend Samuel Mucboll tender value at 5 par cont taterect 7 P
raze da t is
Rosd ove ban fed Joke wide oa tbe South Dece mater 1910, ‘there sau be pat 90 for Ta es totgediave tus sate er Laatst wy ee aiaaten one te home rates daring visits te Harope snc
laoda o . .
lately of tha Srown aod onthe Evt usoa ia the sownet | Port-of-Spale on Thurelep Lures oan PBOPOSALS ACCEVTED and Pollelestesuedin the West Indies witt
the Mo-uga Main Road one handced | the 24th day of January 1911, between the | yytpLic NOTICE is hereby elven that reference to Head Office,
links wide, the Ath thereof, containing | hoars of 1 and 2 p.m. I pirsuant to the decree dated the 1h day CLALIMb PAID tmmediately on proof of death and vettlemest madé
Sead aaeteate hea toto Pues anol e*beane cacy | oe teamaing dsachieciereas | eopof the Company 4 Agen
fe t +
Jess daiveatet and ¢escribed in the plaa iter’ Move Excelleay Ms eaty the lata of Fort of Spurn, oa Thurs ay. tse tnih day of LACLES on watch age ts admitted are an oR sean Yeare
: Agent

efsressid compriaing twelve acree three
roo te and thirty five perobes and abatting
oo the North apon tacds of Bobaras
ani of Damaneaih on the Soath uv
land of O dg la Rois Zimire on the Last
vpoo Crown fend andon ibe West upon
tani of Bob rage.
“ N.DwThe popertles Ly Providencle!
an Joe” an 0 aeveral parcels o!
ir eat 2 (oe og Por log oa ane eanapan ja thirdly ad foarthly described are
; Sait ot Cellipar on the Boath vpoo anda Feuroaty ry tm de between th My a
« now or lately of KaSaratou the Kost ore yao, Homanuel Ache and the ssid
‘ lately of Luchaien aod é .
% oamsde now 0 y Charles Fourier Stolimeyer and the parcels

extached to the Crown Grant tegistered fa | Qaeen Victoria dated the 7th day of Feb- | Jaquary s9to betwees the hours of t and 8 p.or, A BR
Volame OLXIV folio 465 and abattlog | raary 1842 tn Alland Singolor that certain |, Al and Singular that certain piece o¢ parcel
W t w on the Novth upoa lands now or lately of | parcst of land with the dwelling house | 2f aed or Cocoa Plaatation situate la the Ward
© Yalakl aad o2 the West pom tsous now | fousthty described are slevoontalned in be | theasld Joseph Francia Ambroce Farfan | and buildiogs thereon situate fn the towa | 58tane Graoce North in the suid Island cam

ottatel y of Sendalis Rives The THIRU Memorandam ¢f Mortgaze under the | and spon lands now or lately of C. | cf Port-of-Spato formerly known aeNo, t prising 4 aeres and. abutting on tte Nort
freee! compris! tive corte (oelog ye porisions of the Real Property Orda. } Mitchell on the Booth apoa lands cr Tranqaitity Lande bot dow kaowa as Ne. teoe tance a vata pies ara g r a OQ u uid
5 ovat moet oUnean tot abutting oa | 27°e diteitbeaime 10th day of Febracry }iately of P. DB. Lafoucade -« upon | 6, Vistorla veage ant abuttiog oa thd | ups Jaods of William Louis and un the West
Peers granted to lend rate 8 Cte, 1903 made by the esid Jolce Emmancel | lands now or lately of the Crown on the | North on lot No. 64, of the auld Tends, on | upon lands of Joha Charles at the upset price ’ :
sue Norway Soak upon ieee ey or fone tn ifevour ot the aid {Grates Ra upon Jande. now toe lately of the the South on los formerly No, 17, Trane oF 4 800 do'hrs, day of Levante
eFakies ‘oiler Btolimeyer aud aresubjctto ths 6 heirs o srclacand op pn, lends ulli y Laade now longing ðe heirs alt us ast day Sectmber 190
Nataly of Pareb ree Fathead But upoa mortgage tecul x of the Luh day of | pow or lately of P. B, Lifcuosdeend oo a Rovke on the Eset on eg, formerly ot (5g4) L If LOVELACE, . LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY.
thande bow of lately «' a rust ® ne February 1999 lattoar of the said James | the West apon linde now or lately of | Dr J, G, UB. Siegert & Sone fronting Borde —eputy Registrar
Bc Wess Goon fants COURT teocoot a A Arthae Hex Stotlaeyac Charen Fourier { the ssid Joseph Francis Ambrose Farfaa | Street onthe West oa Victoria Avenue,
p Aira, The © oe t iat oN. Scotlesee and Kandolph Kast and the | and apon lands now or lately of the Jaubject to a certala decd of Mortgage
Molelag two q terres (Daing pape Ga incg | 2¥UL parcels fourthly described are als» | Crown, the sixth thereof containing fire | dated “the Sth day of September 1007 (No.
Fi C.rs0as Be xlemeat arash Neue a sabjecttothe Menorandam cf Mortgage| acrea, thiee foods and thirty-eighe 2437 of 1907) in fav -ur of Geronimo Selesar
Hoi) aod sbuttiag oy ‘ a S. they n | aoder the provisions of the Rast Property | perches be theeamwe more or less de fasated | Mooteroue to cocure payment of the sum of
leaiaot Louls Wierd sp ae ba a 1 Urd osnes dated the sime 20th day of | and described In the plan attached to | $4 800 and Interest theroun.
lands sow ordst 'y © ' kita os ‘or Keveqary 1905 mate by thy sald Jales | the Crowo registered in Volvme LIV | Dated this 7th dey of D-comber, 1010
"Ret npr fants coe or latory of va ; Homangal Ache ia favour of the aaid | fotio 117 aod abvattiog on the north opm (844) T, A. THOMPSON,
‘tayo andon th: Wes or it how ot Jamee Acthar Ret Hollmeyee Chsries | favds now or latelycf the Crowe 0a the Registrar,
lately of Baol ke Tas t M 23U rs Foaiir Stollmeyee and Kas 21p' Rast, | sooth upon. -Jande—petitioned for by TRinibip SSCS
ipoaprelag ten acres (eto lus Ao Dork ‘Ibe seveal pasce's of Jani filthly | Flo-eoce Edward Lums on the east apos } 15444 Sapreme Court of Trinidad and Tobago
saa Betsremm pct) Bee a Tigce , cescribed aie coataloed to the desi of | 8 Crown Reserve aad upon lende now or | “ng 939 of 1910,
< upon ie Caracas state on ths toa! oe wortgege of tbo 10th day of Fab nary 1905 | lately of Charies E, Thomas and on the Between
SealowNeZton tbe .apso to NX» | ade by the ssid Jales Emmsncel | wert opon lande now or lately of Aagaste Norma Mildred Archibald Plaintiff

ib the Supreae Court of Trinided aud Tobago, .
9 of 1910,

Na 73 oI, Ordionace No 43 eating Various Systoms of Insurancoc,
t9 the sale of Iotacts’ & atate*acd in the
Vilaruel ae. intact ut derapeet or geste

i " ? are ol ir
y be saber and pext fread Fosep Lebed WHOLE LIFE ASSORANCE,~By pan payable for reek We. ber of yeate,
Wlaruel, ENDOWMEST ASSURANCES—Payats' at a Gxod dats or oa prerions death.
pvautc NOTICE ib oe given tha by JUINT Life AdIURANCE.—Payeble ta the sarrivor of two parsons on the death
at lo , .

a Fee vats ina ds} et Hore ar ‘a SUURT TERM ASSURANCE.—Su table as secarity for temporary loans and kindred

te ww ip al 4 ore 8 * Wi a

ihe Court Hous, Pon Span oo “Toursday ANNUILLY ASSURANCE.—To sesure aa annuity to the wife o3 the dosth ef the

‘HW sad on the Woet upd tod No 205 Aste ia favour of tbe said Charles Fuarier | St, Rowe {now Aagaste Bobb) asd upoa a6d te 96h day OF Jaouiry tgit, Letween the hours bashand,
Ths Sicth sheref ¢ morieing fourteo | Kio meyer ond are snlject to «4 findenow or lately of Fiorenoe Klward Heory Ernest drctimald-Delendan’, of tand 2 p.m CHILDREN'S ENDOWMENTS -Usafal asa provision for eduestion.
eaand two perce ond abatting 09 the | mortyazedated the 15.4 day of Meg 1901 | Lamy, the sereath—thereo! contaloing UBLIC NOTICE is hereby given tbat an | Alland nngularsbat parcelcr lot of landutuate _ ENLAHUBABLIC TERM ASSURANCE,—-The Jetgest insurance at the mlatatams
(Borth wyoa the Caracas Estate on tbe | pegisierad ab No 1133 for tho eime seit | ten accesdelloesied aad described in tbe action has been commenced by Norma | lo the Ward of Cedros inthe Island o Trioliad outlay, giving the advantage of low proalam darlag the early yeaca of
KBouth apou laude pow or lately of Katarat aot expcegred to be made between fase plan atteched to the Crown Grapes Madrea Archibald the ns Excutng pe one comprinng, Bye eres and Soumee one forurauce, yn
Seedof Queries Fermia on toe Haat pod | Juenh x he of «be 1 tha | realstered in Volame XVII folio 206 or uoder Wh of Margaret . For farther loformation pleass spply to
‘ ‘ x or lately of Angerosb and of (h3 | gag Galer Rnmaauel Ache of Whe wad part 306 aod ‘abattiog on the north upon lends | Alerender Porter who died on ibe 7b day of | Maruin HI. Worrell aad by the Cup de Ville y " FRANOIS: RROWNE—A ‘ent, Port-of-Spaia,
Bt Qaerico Fermin aud -a.ths Werropoa | gad Virgioa Lada of the Sed parb and che | petitioned for by Mitchel Alexander and | TS ficod agcant ihe aoove named do ondant Went by tse Gap de Ville Koad nu latervected ¢L_W.TONYUN & 00-°Sen Fornando
¢ a t ‘. .
ie "Tos Beer thereof comprising ea tet 1 et senunry VOlL. Wenader "oa the rook sod went epee seid Wil bowing ae the ah doy ot Ropst "ated ts ayb a o Bees, 4 yo. a re
acres sed abutting 02 the North upoa F, J. SCOTT & SUN, leada sow of lately of the C owa and on | 1907, and that the sald action has been set 1,4, LOVELAC TRINIDAD, NOTICE:
Baad on the Seath upon lands sow or Gort, Auctiougera, the east spoa lacds now or lately of | dowa for uial on Monday the 3x%b day ot Acting Deputy Kegie.rar, BALE FOR THURSDAY THE 2Tu —
lately of Kingbally and of Qresteo Feria Catherise Eitebat andthe eighth thereof | January 19:2, DAY OF JANUARY 1911 TOTICE ts hereby given that Me, il. T.
0a the Kash epon lands now or laely of | . cootslaing tif.ean acres three roode and | DVeted this aand day of December igto, TRINIDAD. - JUBLIC NOTICE fs beroby given thet N Gammell leno tongee connected with
debs de ry and 99, ihg, Nest gor Notice. jreeuy toe parbet bib bie 20 ot TORT ME | TRINTOAD a tert U toerapiget ta tonetah tds taed | teeta Tre Apeer, cahol
pow or iately ¢ ck 40, ess nea! a esa athe plea af * ja James Wilden ‘atren aod contain: jews U M I. ¢ aon
be Bighub theo’ comprisiag or6 qascree — saneted to the Crown Great registered io of Seca? House No 9¢ Queen Street, Port | The Adapoistiavor G sueral’s Ordin nce {in @ cortela Mewo andum of Mortgege & Coy, pabilehers of the Catbolls acy<

xogwly bsloaging to Gotan HH sn) SALE FOR THURSDAY THE 12TH j VolameLXX{I folic 41 and abottiwg on
aad abattiog on the North upon the Oura- DAY OF JANUARY 1911, the north and on the west apon lands now [ TRINIDAD,
f cas Estate anion the Sou b, But aad — or lately of Perey Egerton U.tley Dosewa | In toe Suprems Court of Trinidad and Tobago,
Week uz00 lecds of Faktra together with UBLIC NOTICESs hereby given that! on the south upoo lends now or Istey No, 949 of a9to,
all the sppurtensnces thereto belouglog. P in exerclagof the stetatory power of | the Crown and on the east apon lands Asbioa Between aout

. Besondlys All aod Sloculer thet cersain | site pooferref pon mortsagees by the] now or tate'y of Nathaole! A’exander aod
etc4 plaatation called Sin Jose compel | Conveyanciog and Law of Property No. | epson lands now or lstey of the Crown The Adaiatat rates oe sl--Dsfendant

ag cove buodred aod ninsty eight acre*, | 72 and contained or implied in @ certala | woich eald two lestly mentioned parcels of n8r fendaat, of Jaousry, i1Ltetween lend 2 prs Thurgday tha 26ih day of Jaocary 1911
' roods and niostess perches and | dead of mortgage dated the twersy filth | lood are elec deronhel Ia the ceruificace of | pyuBLic NOTICE ls bereby gives that ao % _. Pte be.wern the hcurs of ove and Two p.m.
Hmpeate io ths Wardot Montesrret nod | diy of April in the year ‘ore thoasaad | title regltcredin Volume CXL folio 399, £ ‘action has been commenced by Ashton UBLIC NOTICE ia hereby given that ALL and Singaler that certala piece or °
Fava tiog on ibe Nurbb apoa the Miro niug haodret aod seven (registered as | 4. steo all that pieces or parcet of land acd | Turaer the Administrator of ins Estace of Mary P tuere wil by put Up for sale by Pane patcel ‘of lend aituate fa the Ward of r 0 ATTINGCON
KBeer opon lsods now or lately cf the | camber 1799 of 19 7) aad mide biiwees | cocos plantation situate Lathe eeid ward | Soarpe dicessed who died oo the gh Jay of ‘Action at the office of ihe na erelgaed Torare comprising ¢weaty-four acree ae §

- Aero No, Sldated the 29.b day of Jane 1910 | clopadia sod ta nov aathorisod to collect
And in the mater of the estate of and mad by Abloal I «mad iu favour of f socounte or lasae receipe oo behalf of

Wee tity Sal wd Mab ongdase James Wililsis Wasrea there will be pat | tha atove—January &b,—lw,

sn the Idleod of Tiluiisa—Dicesesd OP, for sails by Public Auct on by the T T
« wadersigued atthei¢ auctiva mart Nu, 2
Intestate. Corset “ct Sackritle and Bt Vioorn DEN is RY.
Acotion Sate or Ibu eday the 19 b dey Streeta Inth Town of Port-of-Spain_ 00 ‘

th es rands ani elevea perches be (he eame

we bat gpos lands now of lately of Wd, ( Jo-eph Francis Amorose Farlaa of toe (of Moraga contaloiag three haadred and | Fepruary 1914 at the Towe of Port vi Spsia ia #. pieofeSpala os Looteday the 19:9 da
ke sod upon lends now of lately oly frat pate B archs Faria uf the seccnl | twenty seven aces three roods and | this tsincd ugal ist the Admiaisiraioe General | 5 a ry ADLt bess eeu the b ti y vd } alittle nore or less delinested sud with Graduate College of Devtal Sure
h Oarvke on the Hoa nyo legis | yery and Willless Joba Dandss, Arcal- | twenty perches be thesame more or less cialening a Grant of Laners of Z Aeoipistratian rar ibe iter cow. wore Of 2 aU ) bbe abata and boned tries thereof shewo gory of New Yor, Ue ‘A. Buco.
* Y * wil e .
crime Del apes lance nay [Haid fark Cosatard Poems and | deuenued and dented fos the ved | Sis toa ote iy a Jenvayigey tases [ail that pareedof ond of ate da ihe | tbeyies reance, Goze Greateatg;| | worle Ase MSTEBROOKE

0 lataly of Theudore Bertere 707 tenis | Leosarl Waites Dukoa (there'n and
A of lately of the Crown avd a the | hereinefc1e called °* che moartgageen”)
Reeah Sett emote tod oa the ist op 7d | of the third parta‘eo loa certsia Memo- [ on the north usoa lands now of Jale'y o!
now or lately uf Jure La Ursus Unites | randam of Moctgige detel the twenty | Thomsa Alexsoder Huggics, apoa leads
Jasds now or letely cf HM, Uaite | seventh day of April ia the year 030 thos» | now or lately of Aaguus bimmoads,
gpeea laad« pow or Jate y of Jaao Charles | sand pine basdred and siven sod made | upon lends now of lately of Jaan Lesems,

zed to Solemn Form of Liw and that ibe | Ward of Savane Giaods Siath, 1a she 7 ;
in Volame CXLVI fulio 221 and abattiog | nh! “Action bes bees act down for tral op )Seaud vf Trislded Soy tnog Vive ao-rs, on the No th by teowa Laud oo the 8 wath QeOe™ te street s
Monday ibe xin day of January 2911, bres ro de and fuurreeu perches be «he | 024 Eee by two sonia seaacved forty loka | ON paling Heed quarters
Dated this sand da: cembur 6910 seme m ieor cae delice tet in Lhe Diae petiiloned for by Luciano Bfareans,

——Detles Head quarters
Plats Solickor, | Stam sovered co the Cows Grantto she | Pp eed ihe Gai dav (5 nuary 1Ui1, English or Scotch

Py the*Santa Loole Estate cpoa lords | by Abe esli Josep Francis Ambrose | upon lands now or farely of Villelve Cheocery House No gt Ques Ssoct, Port ¥ LOUIS JOUN & CO.
wow or late y of ‘Theod we Beitete and afin ta favone of ths Mortgagess snd apon a Grown ane upon leads now | of Spale, ’ Noor ‘ x isared le Voi CLXXXTL fol. $11 bound. Auctioneers, ENTLEMEN=one or tyo with
eyes lends bow or letoly of the Crown alsofaacartaia Memorandem of Mort- | or late'y of Joseph Catceles spon Jaads oa ube North ry tree m land end 6 (60d | meee eres sqaiet hablts, cans dod « comfortable
bod onthe West upon the” Mayo Hiver | gige dated thessmetwesty fAlth day of { pow orlata'y of & alters spoa landa now | TRINIDAD, eee weed net for b Mebaodp me Wifo Noti bone with a respectable private family,
pos the Movtyrrat Villace lands upon Te tin she year ove thousand alne hun or lately of’ Sales Mitebel) and wvon leale | 1a toe Supreme Court cf Trioliad ant Togaga, | E's, wy S Koed teaery d bony Cee hake oe otico. oa moderate terme by applying to the office
a now or lately ct John White of Miry | dred and serea and made by the sald | now or lately of Crusman Masrigue on the wit, #3 00 1910. sppheation of Sosbrandas «tte and on toe Wee: by Croco tend and _—_ o! paper.

Blanche Farfan ia favoue ef thy torts | sooth sponiandsanuw or letely of the
agtes there willby pat ap for esle by | Crown, spon & Orows sescrve and
Ponts Auction at the Auctloa Mart of | upon Jande now or ately cf Crus.
the uoderalgoed asltaste at aumbee 12} maa Msarique on the esst apon lands
Salat Vincect Streetia the towns cf Port- | now or lately of Heory Louw Hoggios

kebegk, of Ricbard Edwards, of
rt Foy, of Leonard Ubirles and of
a Meodozs acd intersected ty the
paayo Koad together with the spp ssrtea-
‘Maees théreio beloiglog, Toiralys All

and Lagunachyee, tatersected by the Rogan River with s HE paNis le hereby notideld thet I wilt
s y ‘acd Reserve torty Gve. links wide a oog either T pottbe reepuosil © for ay debs aon Wi FE NOTICE.
To the matter of the Real Property Ocdioance, } ba: ke ttavred by my wile, Laure Helmarh, she begto notify the public ts geseral thas
UBLIG NOTICE Is hereby given that by Devel tele Bed dar ee Tie havieg Jefe my bouw eod protection I amoo Jonger respoasible for any
Sogalar that certala cocos plactas | of-spva oa Thareday the tweltth dey cf | vpon lands now or istely of Juan Lez ms nn ordez of tlie Hocone doe Chiel josie (Sg4.) A anne tila SRK Ey withoat avy jast cause. debt or debte contracted by my wife Gane
sttaweat Meyois thead Weel of | Jaagiry 1912 between the Lovrs of cos | upon lands tow or latey of Seva Villalva | ose bere 0 the day of November. 1910, he et rete re gediab, she having left wy bouse and pro-
terres o cupristog elzbt acres and] acd two p.m, 1. Ailend Slogalar thet | apon lends now or lately of Leonce BMag- | goicss good cause to tbe copirasy be sbews § TRINIDAD. LUULS BELMAKH, tection,
tiloz cathe North upsn Aoke Hod | cercela picos or parcel of Jand asd cocoa | riqae apoa ss Crowa reserve upon lends | within fourteen days from the date of she pudli J La the Supreme Courh cf Tilol isd and Port-ot-Spala. KALI PARSAD bis

wud cpoatvo acres saserved for Merle | plautation altastein the ward of Moraga | now or lately of Gusman Merriqis upoa | cetion of this nouce ip ibe Royal Gareue a Tubsgh 1 4 cmlo.
4 Nersu tet on the S nth upoa lag ie forms | fatbeislacd of Trinidad ooctalnleg tea | lands how oF Jately of Blas Chacba sod } Provisonal Certificate, of Tittle will be lisued § Io Bankinp ey. Sch Javy, toll 1m mark
rly of Antulue Lorex tat now ef Ja'es | acresone rool and twenty foar perches | ppon lands now or (ately of the Orown and | t2 Soobruadas and Laguodohyee ia respect 10 § No, § of 1010. 6th Jen, 1~1w,

f | all and Sitgu ar that parcel of land siiuute ia 1a the Matter cf

Laon the Evet psrty apoo lande of facd aba‘tiog oa the Norih and on the} on the weet apoa lands now cr lately ©
Poul flenry Becluey A Binkerapt.

Mere Loalse Atexauder ani partly apoo | West upon lanfe now or Jately of the | Joseph Ocbraies upon lands now ot letelv

the ward of Sowh Napuima West in tbe

Assoc'acao Portaguesa 7° de

Tripidad ovmprising tix acres be ibe
és tom tty of Jaon Ohsrlev tat sow | Crom om the South upon tends pow orlof Thom » Alexsoder Huggios apon | sland of TEx pate Geox ¥. Hoyyins & On TRINIDAD,
et Uebi4 ache and 0 te Weer apon | farely of Joh Tbomis aod on the Eust | lends now of lately of the Crown aud opoa thoesed 19 ue Crowe Giaos . Vel heer P ¥ Creditoree " Decewbr 0, BALE Ea ee pay



if 1s formerly of Beary E Sco abut row | upostte Koad to Milo. 2 All end | a Reserve toriy~five itobe wide slong tbe

rat Jace Ache, Atto all and B-ogatar | einguler thee three several pieces of | Mariqaite Hirer sad jatersec' by by Caowa land on the South by @ Road
Pub 18 certela eucos p'sstation ri uate ia tte | paice s of lend end eocds plantetion situs | Hericle Lacds wih s Reserve forty-Sve | cesrved one buadred links wide and oa tbe
bard Ward of Montserrat comprising siz | atsinthe ssid ward cf Moraga the first | Hoke wide slong either benk aod by & | Wer by lands petitioned tor by Sochdeob,
ic ope rood pat thirty one p rb gard | thereof conteinlog clncactettwo roodeand | Fused reserved forty-Bve tints wide sné Dajed shis 9cat day of Decomicr_ i910

tot. 377 and bounded oo the Norih and bust ——

UBLIC NUTICE is hereby g'veo that

by an orderof Mis Moooor Mr Juss

tice Wi [ght made fe the avove matter on

the 19.) day of D cember 1010, Mr Carl

A, Boos, of thetowa of Port-at-Spain,

Mercbaut has been sppoloted Tinstes of
the property of the Laokrap\

YS convocada a assembles Geral dos pystic NOTICE ts hereby given that
argice para o dis 13 & gorrente peas 3 ty sxercize of ib power ils cone
4 tardena edie de As‘ocia L

tendo. a orden dos trabalboe: 3 | Gated the 25th dey of Bley 1009, cored

1, Aprenseaterur do telatorio @ con: | #* No. 1528 for tbe your 1000, aed made

ting on the Norbujoe leatsuow ori tweoty perches aud abatting on the [by a branch of the sald Hosd and by E.G M. STONE.
betwees Dominique Jatlen of the ons part

telp ot Joho Philipen the Sourh ween | North apon lands formerly of Crowa | another Hoid tesecyed fifty licks wide Registear Geceral
sade now oc lately of I:tughe'h Baochos | bas pow or fitely of ¥, Coward pa the [together with all the appartens: Cos

ihe But o,on lands (araely of J. ox | soath upon lands povor Sately of Miobel | thereto rospestively belonging. 8 Acd | TRINIDAD. Tl peresee hevivg ba thelr possession | t4#99 ano fad» and Kemmy Elias Jacoben of the oiber
be) Coares bet pow & the cad Jalea | Atexandar and upou a Hub io Koad on the | aleg sil thas Pulley of Assurance on the Iothe Matterof “ anti ol the Hekraps mare detwor (2 Admiac&y dé novos candidatos a art, there will te pat up forsale by pub-
! Babe and oo ths W 0? ppca inode of | Kisp opon e Patile rad acd on the Weat | hile of Joveph Harry Leuit Farten ta The Admiolutrator Goneral’s Ordiae [them othe Trosseaad all detce dae so | SOCloe to acetion by thé undersicoed 4 the

ana's Liedor, ard also al! and siozolar | upon iesda formerly cf the Croen bat cow | favvar of the sald Joseph Francis Ambrose noe 3002, tbe bsokrops suaat be pald to the Trustes 3. Ele'gay dos corpoa gsrentes que } agotinn mart No, ¥ corner of Bsokville
feat eertain orber parcel of land or cceos lor Jately of Percy Egerton Ottley | Varlas fo the Standard Life’ Assurance ap Dated thls 9b dey of Deremter 1910. | b> de funciona no corrente sano Br, Vioceat Bireets, Porr-of-Spaln, on

ton sitaste ad ALayo efajosald com- | (yynawa, the second iberoof contalaing Gompany, dated the seventeenth day ¢f | 1a the Matter of the Ketateo! Marie Wil- T, A. THOMPSON, A. DIBECAO. Thursday the Zad day of February 1911,

s gveen'y osven poves.twd rocds aod } tea acres and Gve po ches and sbatting on | April inthe yeer one thoasaed aioe boo- Hema, late of the Towa et Port of- Regia.rar, Jen T.-l w. Letweea the hours of 3 aod 2 pm,
Bgreciy live perches ard etatiiog onthe | obs North won aot ciyead? Catolics | ataeby the can of tea iiocusd’ Ave] Rpen,ta ihe feped of Trinket | rate tcovor parcel tld o Cocos sitios

Bp a lante of the devies vu sbert rowel vow or whaie' oO ace restate, RNINAD, plece or parcel of land o¢ Cocos etation
¥ ; bendred poancs (£2,509 0 0) te sesared to RT Ie NOTICE ts hereby given ht al Last, Half Yearly Sale! 1! | kicesest tererel ta ihe ein ice

14299 onthe Buu rity vpoa lands cf] Simuet ou he Socth vpoa Jands formes)
Marle Mendanvend nade mn leads of f of the Crowa Yat pow of lately of Gentil be paidasiathesst Polloy mentioned.
tsa eeid Ja’ee Ache and on the Weatupon | Bomsia on the Esato lands formerly | D.ted at Porteof Spsta thie tweats-0lg b
Meadael Kisgherh Bs choa spou isode of F.ftha Uiowa bat now of lately of the | dey of Novemberin the yeer of oar Lard
f, Willlam Cordon Urant and up atands of | aad Persy Ezerton Ottley Donawe end | 1910.
James Phillin aod lotesseaed by the] onthe West ason the Morage Road and
HayoRoad Vourthiy All aod eingelie | being lotersested by the Meriquine River
thse aertcla parcel cf fund of sua | and the thud therevf contslaleg foureen
Pleatition comprising eighteen acres three | sores two foods and one perch aod atuts
400 bard Ceeatystoue perches aitaste in | xe g on hs Nosh epoa leads formerly of
the gud Ward of Montserrat do'leested [tho Crowokue vow cf the sald Pocy
Sethe cisgram oy plas annexed to the | Ezaton Ott'ey Dooawady the Soath spon
Crowa Craot to one Vincant 1, gece fcas forex tle Crowa'but now of
rk steed in Vo'ume IL folio 25 Ala» | lately of Ouborive Mitebell on the Baad
allond clogatar thet certala otber parce! | wpon the lived to the Bl se'oa (cow P. hore
land or eccos jlantation altuale be the ow.) and os the Wert epoo leads mow
ell Wad cf Montaerrad cowprisiog | of lately of the eald Perey Egertoa Ot'e
twelve abet), ootapod bbity-nise} Donawe & Alss all thoes elgbt sever.
bye kerehos dallesedie tla the»d
ated 59 Ce "

dad kaown ac “Poca a Pose” eompticing
ue segolec half yesrly Sala of unc'aim- | 1 acrea and 3-5 uf og ecre and s' uttieg
of Ge meats, and [1 ite, ab the Trials | oa the North apop land formerly of Pierre
ded Dye W rhe is aoe ba progress, ord [ Uithelmy dat tow ot Jean Baptiste
oll wok six woa'hs oa band, most bef Nicholes oa the Hoath upon fands of she
cleared wihoa exception, The Dye} Heles of Remy Ureciaaon the Bast epee
Wake te nver-crowded aed room must lands of Deanie Neadesand oa the Wase
wad . Take Notloe, tha: la fatare there { upop lar de of Charles Nicbo'ag,
wilt be_ no bolf yearly asle, and all work Daved this 4 ay ol Javasey 1911,
no beod for ox clear Calendar months, QUIS JOHN & Co.
will be sold wicbous soy further notice. Aasctlanesrs.
—EE ae]

BUTTER. Provision, Cocoa


— ”

Auction Sale for Thursday the t6th L Creduors and persons haviog any claine cr
da uot ot the estate of

day, of January 210 betrecen | deans vt cnde iv th teaed wh eden be

—, 3d day Of July 19% aod whove wit wes proved
pupe NOTIE ie bereby given tliat Fe aie

dy Juke spduse of the tows of Porte

there wall be pat ap for aale by Fab le f '9. 28 NaS) (ot se Uruter age ia. the
Avetlon at tbe Ofice of the wuderergued, | 22 Pac court! of Trivided and Tobago ars
Posteo Spate, on Tharedey the 26.4 dey | pereby required to send Io the tu!) particulars
af Jenny Oh ee Ube boars of | os inee coins gid cemends, to tbe sald Ju‘es

4d e * *pduss 08 OF bLeicre away:
a sud Biogalet hse pircel of and ist. we yoy ’
situsteta the Ward of Chegagous je the | AND NOTICE ls hereby a'vo given that

, ‘yialded, eomprineg five auces | afe that fae the edd Excutor wil precoad
fade & ore or feat dedceated 4 he | 10 distribute the orsets of she sri decrased a
Disgiem enpered te the Grows Grane | mous tbe parts suliled toereia, bavreg re
registered ja Yo, 83, folla 107 and Loundes | Rit4 o8 ¥ to Clusia Mt Shan te nae te
oa 1be Rersh by beads of A, E, Hendricks ne 2

.. laule tor the assets or Boy part tberec! a0 dis
som, oa the Eouth and Weeg by Crown | iritused to ney person of ‘obese debt os clais

F, J. SCOTT & £0N,
Gove smens Anctioncers,


fill Melalist end Demenstreter of
Mebarry Pestad College, USA.)

cals oftand ond c.o28 plaster
ve shatla im the eald ward of gs.

she plone sreclex. Land tbe Kast by a Rosd reserved ion, %
the aud Vinesse Lagtone ‘Wegls ondise | tivdrastherect soataleleg filtesa acres | AT Ws Loin at pn had on foie Mask by 2 Moed rows ates tin ay" Deceaiber 1660, Rt dueat to a2ee a’ Tin JOOMMISSION] §=MEROHANT:
Wane trey gence Algaathoad sala | Chiee FeO ee re rej aad. denatbnd fo | AB, yseche, of Urus tue DENTISTRY Bose ie Sh gore deer I 1OUN eh terdocractoe | Larwag E Tianaacr, 4 i
OR Rerer x “or ons oo e > D je
1.998 pluotaraan siveeis fa Hod ved Word Poaples sitached to tha Crowe Great! Ftaveraows pheRen, Feomipey et) Adualaisizatog-Gecerel, The Kateutoe, Inds ENGLISH "4 Na aurr Breet.
oN ae . .
i , ao - , 7 _ 7s —_ Fr Ee " Bra ~
Re ae = OF Late ’ —o ee Telia ae es Some eterna St eae enln ag Saki Tate a a

“y . ~ - Qo: . ’ ‘ ‘ ( ; ~ F

-The Bonanza|Tailoring Dept’mt. S ( /Bonanza Furniture’



4 nor New Mercari d Suiti | | i. | ‘The Right Place for .
Swiss Embroideries|"â„¢ Heresrised Suitings| CoO PATRS |eprqe FURNITURE!


oe | @orve + Fast,
Mnsling “and Gambrics.| cet veure tow,

HOOTS \" SHOE The Cheapest and Best Store in Trinidad,

: ¥
ALLOVERS—up to 42 inches wide. . «
FINE FRONTINGS for Shirt, Walsta —from Bonanza Furniture made in Bonanza Workshops =’

40 cents per yard to $1.29, . * S U iil N Ci S has wo equal. / ’

MADE IN Y BEDROOM SUITES %,, 4... in all Woote
m | SIDEBOARDS .. en!

PRESSES ete ee


~P10N~ UNBREAKABLE FRONTS. | You'll get a Bargain if you | SPECIALITIES = — Office Furniture,

Two cents per Yard and Upwards. can get a Fit. Roller Top Desks | Filing Cabinets
Flat ” » . Office Chairs,

The Bonanza.|switH BROS. & Co.

INOW LANDING ern sere [sz]

necerevmmenerereuniesere ~ | me Thos. Thoms on-& Co
x OYAL IRSUBABOR OOMPART, Ltd. (Laze or H, Movceavx
» Funds Exceed ... £12,000,000 P- 4300, Co)

é 9) ) NSURANOES ‘efoto! against 38, FREDERICK ST,
. r .,loss_or damage by Fire on
(} r. wD. opi eany pouty fiom, hop. aid Str Plano and Organ
moderate prices IMPORTE RS
From Mobile, Ala. PROMPT AND £QUITABIE SETTLE: | J P°#/#B end Gorman Pianos

Acenta: or on Hire Purchase Syetent.
225,454 Feet Selected All Ueart PLP, SCANTLING, —

BOARDS & PLANKS. SMITH BROSAND CO] [Toning and Repairing,

f srounerscs-at widths—from 24 cents up.


’ ‘THE BEST VAWUES IW TRINIDAD, Satisfaction * Guaranteed,



OFFICERS FLEE FROM UNMER-) SUDDEN DE:TH AMONG BRa-g ing to accept hia contributions as
CIFUL CHAFF ZILTAN MUTINEERS, member thereof, and (2) to reac
The Colonel of the Scents Guards has New York, Janucry 9th, £100 Mameges for wrongfal exclusion
left London and the subordinate offt tt Is reported that 43 of the Bra- } from the sald Society,
ocersavoldthe clnbs where the cheff]zilian mutioears bave suddenly and In the course of his opening, Mer,
Jaunmereful, foe example the wee |] myeterlourly dled among thealleged | Pollard said that Lowalling, the Pre-
of the Sc itn Guards were so posted [ Canees are sunstrike, gangrene and | sident, having died since the fling of
that (fthe burglars had bolted tha } saffecatina in thele ceils, The etrict | the action. the name of Joseph was
soldiers would shoot each otber [€ | ceneorshipa prevent’ detalles or any } substituted for his, the other Sefend:
‘they fired authentle account of the disorders in {| ant belng Dati.
INSUR ‘(NCH COMCANLIES Para and elwwhere Martial Law has} Pleadings were delivered. From
WO LDNT DY. been penelaimed at Nict peroy. the etatement of claim It appears that
The Insurances Uompanies refuse INCOMPREHENSIBLE ROYAL Pierre who ie« builder and contractor
topay becsuse the balding wae &allL ANSOUNCEMENT, was also a member and trustee of the
allowed to burn and the fire engines The Royal Mail Company announ: | Society Without any just causa, ata
were not used, necessitating applica | ces (t will not call at southampton, | mestiag onthe Oth of ‘April 1000 the
tloo for re-Imbursement with debate | but will Pie only, between the Westy President suspended him from’ the
regarding other expenses Indies and New York, The Oruba, } benefits of the Soclety for siz months,
Trent, and Magdalena will cross foe | and ate speclal meating on the 2tet
PHOTOGRAPHING AMID FLYING | overbaullig at Lome ports and pro- | May 1900 be was deposed from the
RULLETS bably will not carry passengers on | office of trustee.
a While the soldivre and patice bhun. these last alliage, ew schedules watt defence it 3B wae that plaintitt
ered the press photographets were Maced. as guepended for dleorderly conduc
cata aaidabe ‘aviuy Batlote, taking] ROYAL M‘IL QUESTION 8ET. ata tnecting of the coustmittes of the
pletures in the most dangerous TLED at L 8ST. Society under the rules of the Society,
positions, London, January Sth. | acd in consequence of such suspension
WELL KNOWN CONTRACTOR The new contract with the Royal] ba was subsequently deposed from
PASSE4, Mail bas been concluded for 63 office ae truates,
» The death fv annonoced of Bir Jobn punnds annually for 7 years. and} Evidence was then taken and the
Aird, Bart, tbe well koown contrac: | Trinidad becomes the traushippiog | defence was reached but not concluds
tor. station, The fortnightly service wil | ed
PROOF OF AVIATOR'S DEATH | begin with the Olyde leaving South: | The bearfog will he resumed to day,

a? the 18th Inatant,
Bis2.009 Feet Selected All Heart P,P, FLOORING| ane xonmnem, Ampeciarses, | | cree thease here been “found, | STHAMERS MOVEWENT?
5 BOARLS, “ Porvel pets | which practically proves bla death. The RMS poe uthamptan Othe i
- mn; 3 joe
£74,200 Feet Nu. 2 ROUGH BOARDS. ———ase, UNIONIST ORITICIS « OF RED- Indies arrived here at Saw. to-day, A Fortunate [f to’
147,107 Feet No, 2 DRESSED BOAKDS ——] the Ustouist nowepapers denounce | | New York, Jeouary 0 ee
a . me 8 dened serene * Croten of Navarree arrived te
= . Redmond e statements : . Beye El .
. FRESH DENTISTRY . | Me wedmends steteuwale ss com ae In Gulltornia resides Ocorge Galena
The Liberal organs wake nu comment; SUPREME COURT veteran of the civil war, who is 70

480,670 Feet, some Ipnfer that the Liveral leaders


—— ure ofage, aod who has just sold ¥
inveod tu postpone the question of | (Before Sir Aired Lucte Smut Chtef ble Invention for the sum he choose

Howe Rule until the vee of plural ask for 1% Gates’ fovention con-

: FOR SALE BY Domini were wor.
PERMANENTLY ESTABLISHEY IN | voting iv enacted. The Unigulet ure — slate in the maklag of railwa

ws . ~ . 4 ord ot TRINIDAD. rege Penva Rave ovoteud tbat Se Iedasund Ie Monday, | sleepers {from a mirture of omall
radua'e itimore wlege en‘ uw Ne to tederu te wurde even x Ne atonea, me an ac! le ae
The Trinidad Shipping & Trading Co,,_Ltd. Surgery, 20 tear’ Practical Experience 4 | desirous and urge a Luuwe Hule refers Oe OMAN RUSHONE. {dea for bis invention was only cone
Looden in HIGH CLASS DENTISTRY | endutu, enticipatiug au adverse tue | gaitih roe & Co v Abbotlz=No | celred aebort time ago, and ‘be capi-
; 6.h January 1911, 4n ail branobes, jority. appearauca, struct out, tallete to whom Gates first offered bie
P fer Wental Office: WHAT THIS BELE ST NEWS TRIALS, fovention treated “him as an foeane
ee | FOR SALE BY [os rere ee araat "| he nella Mane tour sayathas | pmuerle Zonder Liveingt & Globe | Skis Hey, wal deeper alts of coe!
. 0 . o ‘ - je Hl, AL i
ETRINIDAD LINE OF STEAMERS Telephone NOU | tbe Orangemen are dililing, aud thy | Ky Gs and Air, Gaston. Johoston: | postion when even wood le not eutl-

thousaad are ready Wo sespond fo | instructed by Nr, J Alex. Romeo. for clentty elastic.” But the very next
stanly UOavalry urgenization te aleo | ptatotlity Mr, Sclpiq Pollard Jostruct- | week Gates recelved the first money
proceeding ‘The Liberals are leva} ed by Mr. J, D. Heliter, for defendgat [Ja payment for blapatent, which wes =,
scofing regarding Uble decelopment. | Ony, a cheque for 3500 00U against the ’
LORD_RODERTS UNVEILS Toe clalaa was to recover urider a | Croker National Denk of Hen Frans
sTaTik (O GENL, icy of ineurance the amfunt of | Cleco, Califurnia The remainder due
‘Ky wa sustalaed by fire of the stock-In- | /¢ $1.00\(00 and will be paid to hin
Lord Roberts, iu uuveiling a statue | trade of arum and provision shop at | 1d shares frura the rene mae formed
of Geverel Wolfe at hte birthplace, ani¢co to exploit the laventiou by a group of
Westethaoy, Kent sald Eogland owe After a conference of some length | the same capitalists who et fires
to Wolfe her yreatest [uspeital poses | between counsel In the cae, Me. Aloa- | laughed at Gates but who pow con-
clon, and bis Victory Wes vue of the | xir annouvoed that the defendant | Krstulate themselves on having pure
brightest pages iu Brille history, ! Company bad consented to judgment | chased an fovention for next ta
Nuwvrvus Usnedians seat wreaths, nothing.
aod Lord Strathouns sod Bir Chatlos

F R , EME ee
Ce Er nD a Que ee DAL GeuTTRIR ; () |DO Your
PROPOSED RAILING DATES, 1011. v . Trousers Fit 2°

i. IF NOT,

All Tallors


Al, Marine Square,

fo’ Pome LE6.


“MARACAR” aes wl Jany, 4
ykOWN OF NAVARRE" ...[ Jay, 18
“GkKENADA” ” wl Saoy. 23
"MAR ACAs ase wf Feby, 8
CROWN Of NAVARRE” ..| Feby, 21

Da’ M 4

going agelnet them for without

MOKENA ch. Tupper were present. Mer. Pollardt—1 would rather Rut It
- ” oe . RU SO URRMAN ENTENTE, this wayt the Insurance Coy, being
crows Oy NAVARRE" * Ho. 5 Takes po chances when she boys a Lotertsted sre fa: mit 8 publisbed of an alleged pnglous that they should havea repus |. PRICES CORRENT.

° - ° oe * ‘vited to Ttusso-German eutente regerdivg Pers | tation for generosity, consent to judg- Kb Tis, G * tor ber Postacse’ xe Te will be \ slag eitelres Germany, disctelns any mend Being gente Vaughen ro rt January Geb. “j
et Vall at Oa Hou ,WaYa, ' Steamers | io6 taoporeclate than, | Kvery smoker Ste hess. politiont interests sand 1vssis assents ders i ur, Blonded Gleare fo a gs.00 "
Proceed from THINIDAD to URMERARA ca-h trip, returning to Now | enjoys ob 18s, It's Trinkded’s Best dephe: ewieed and France arthtartore. | thankering © Commercial Union| Meal, pelted te Gaorel sete a 88 .
Aork vid sri Sided ond Grovada. Cigar, — JERE TOBACCO FACTORY, test agalost ibis result of the Czars | Assurance Coy t—Me, Pollard, Instruc-| New Season's Pork per bri—No Quta |

ted by Mr. Phillp Malngot, for plaine} Heavy Mess Pork per bri, B~

tlif, Mr, Alcasar ao ve We. Savary, Sugar # per Oto 3.

Instructed by Be, J, D Geller, tor | SUF**| auscovadoStestioudb 823

dlefendant-—Ooy, Lesson
Thole js also a Gre-losurance lala. par gallon Ne qua "4
Mr. Pollard said, it was only on | Cot adiddiiog Upland

Saturday that they got notice of de at Liverpool per, Ib... 81-20

fendants Inteotlon to apply that mor. | Exchan ‘ew York and

ning for an Iwportant amendoent of London, 60 faye aght 4.958

the statement of defence; and if tbat | Exchange New Yarkand

amendment were allowed, opportunit London sight. 88 7.

glaly to the Kaleer if tt is verified,

> Workrooms
wveis pm, on

mensay {61H

Poway odttelsy, oND LRADING COMPANY, LIMIMED, | Perk Street opposite Transter Btarlon,
3) rod way, New York and Foca sf Boum, Triaidad, BW L Ee Daim et Mme Srerrwberee~

a sommes
' Se ne ee TY
« -

Richardson & Selway

Tha Eoonontists applaud President
Tetts univerval Atbliration Treaty,
buvthe press generally le reserved aod
lukewarm) Ibrough recollem bon of pre
qlous dizappuintinent by U.s Senates

at FOC ‘ne Gh 4
LATEST TRLGHAMS aera Ge tbs loudest, although ‘it te | would also bave to be given plaintiff | T'dad Cocos M. York ‘ve 12g to
Wet, apprehended that the Goveroment fa | to put fo a reply at defendantes onste, ——
Wicd Panama Tesgraph Company potlikely ta cousmlt Hugland without Me Alcazar said that they gave Lonpvon _ January Ot.
- ee nneremennonmes | Come reservation ER 1 notice since the 6-b of Decembec tor merare etade 1We-u8
SDUSN MINISTERS DECLINE | the bearing which was ave 10 re - om
Now Opening THE BTEPNEY Rit Q APES Eee Rwe gE tice a fe" deya intr, sod ys werent, j
~ uae vy mm rece
The police bave found la the rulns Tt oe eon, dusuary a:b, fon Saturday for the heariog that day,

Floating termes in
‘Stree eppare: per ont cee =
five ee and tome imoporsant dot, The Canadian Mitlswre have are| Hebhow made formsl epplication for | Suaer Gteun Bet i %lob ”

d tether be the amendment, . perc 00 ~
“Bihon wor ay amancaer, |e, Se ntae testi, | dears cre arated gitenvad te) ce cureeg ies
t je
It ba the fe tone | Lirzce Pine te tines The boos uur days aod pusintif? to reply withla

Lovely New Goods
—FOR— Oe
Tn Wa TELAR..-.

the police dieprove aay sonnection
St ies ow Berog with Tes Mounds

ob was
pit re tea fic, ia supposed
was murdered by relatives of tbe girls

reuisal times defendante ba pay’ ail | Oesueasa Rasn Nos, per gal hd vo td,
the usu: me 3 .defeadan » Ee
costs of, and oacasioned by the pend Telnidad { aeod staat

ments case to be put on February
tor tlaturay
walling ard anolhert~=

cuedioge will be private until the
result is announced. Kerl Urey and
wle Wilfrid Laurier have deciloed
Preeldent Tafs'’s Invitation to atiend

rulned ty bia. a dinowr $d the pegutiatore, Karl e Lo
. Ivith tone] Loo. MMe. Pollard, Justructed by Me Jona
pecmeremenmnnel | |e OU Ae ee CHU ere Daye e Cuonel Hocsevelt oe) cy ityan, for plein ead” Be = me pee cant
: . . we it ibe 3 ane tate less tue enedie Belterrtor defepdenta,’ Me de B. pee Rentes iiPane nts
for the avleln joarua. s! ¢ o ‘
R a & Ss We vente F Thie ls an action (I) to restrata the Pesrciouns Bptlons om -
ich rdson el v- : vot 8 aif iatoieh ouginoge wee ys eiogtans Presidegt and the to cokers from ax: | Westera 0 - I ”
tludisg plelow# from the mestloge | Ollsedde 32/8 bo La

Usnadlans quote Oongress men as
elteratiog toe previous objectiqne to
copcospions ta Canada,

PORT OF SPAIN & PRINCE TOWN, end the beoetite of the L'Union Fran: | Generel Petrolecai 6) to 7/4

emoaker, but the id
Mf ‘ ine attention of Pa tore 1
ot i ons bo pirengehen Lae at! éples Selewdly Society and trom pefue-

a ~or a ge -





Only 6 cents for aTrip,


The Oldest Fire Office tn the W side
ane Ge ome


Now Lavina AND For SALE BY

€128 Of, tusorances of dimas
v, ob tenh 1 ence
Tennant's Agency, | »*. 0 ay oer as |
SAN FERNANDO. Ab or Demege by fire,
. RIOR QUALITY ¥ wri Goa ewes
t e
: 2% yo RENT —~ tataranoss
. J AL bos hen or mein te
» | Doses ore god ty
ne HI TeiePphoues Wo, 179;
7 _———
. MRED. | me Agents
SCHNR ‘C- D. PICKELLS,’ | Jitises raiis aeniactem,
° , TW EONYUN & CanSub-Agvots, San
As por specification below—which will bs sold at reacusable rates. 4s ;
-¢ ADTTERM Ct, Mough wBoawrcda. q
as “OD FELT. og vat 2 8 Z
Ait . BGT Ii"zs" &ap ” 061 = aes
2 33 " Wali x28 & up " ae Soh] e wooe an
234 ” 13 itis & ep " GUST 2O84
mane .
38 " 1793 ‘ 1007 a 5 5
Ri " 346] Rough Planice. eM &
8B x6 ” 280d sext, | be “S S
4ecn 4 . 288 | ora ok op ” S7Ul3 = &
é-ix 5 " $190 1323 & op . yorz oO -
4-26 ” 2631 1448 & op ’ aS wi
5625 ” 02) —_— ie
5 x6 * 3007 31160 . =
e°x8 ° 9176 -— a ogy ,
6x5 *» cuz x=
6 x lo 5, OS) wressedk Boarcia, | fone
5 :312 ” 1634 ruar.
8 xis " REEL k@&epdd— 472) npaD
8 x so . oes Hy x té a4 L aide é & q. OT Ia the Supreme reat of Triohled and
. 2U06 oe .
p22 ” 2002 “Faia | Ne tazot ime,
Wri. * ass Speotat, —“—“T & Dreytas and Company~Pta'ntitfe
aa an
see [rt x6aa tide G. & 7, "Tah ‘Ulsce Joeeph— Defendant,
BSBLEorTrsewm FX. at’ ss 11) 16 ., 2 u . 12623 ULLIC NOTICE b her iren thab
MLE 1) x 10%, Mooyh Boards 198 i te order ofl Heel ie Jee
° Pte. ” tt ¢.berein on tbe 8
5 plscts 8° x 10” 35° ea, is [2 58 Phoks mn of October 19°, there will be pat op tet
nw 8 210 wo 13 «oh, +* | Sule before the doors of the Court Howe,
"8 » 19 210 6 y sos “Jered fortol- Sata oa Taured: the Is h dey of
Folz . by + between the hours of 1 an
id Jakare rode 528 Zim wd and Bingo er the following
“ — " Pee ot AN ata Blogalar thove five Jove
. Lew, ar Dga. Fi
Keats , Sammars, Fen of and ia the Ward of Lavestille ard
oo one oe, we oe » he Nosh oa *
Pitch Fine Scantilog “ : Wane Road onthe Foath upoe crowa lande on
Routh Piecke - one an80 the But npcolacdaof William Smith and
Dremed Boards - Joa on the West poo Crowa lards.
Soenial Drewed Doaids and Vache = am 078 sore ct. peel cf lao) lathe Weed ot
Jaloctle Rods =“ ad ~ ibeds Laveatte comprining Lhres eacres aod one.
> Total carge . wee we 431620 th pars of an acre and abnitisg on
AND 2 SPANS, 72 FEET LONG EACU, Pattie ood othe Zutons ppon the
28/19/10 —2w. KINGS WHARE. Sat Ferxsv>. Willan Pashley ard on the Weat epone


¢ 3-All and Singeler that certein
percel or Iot of laud in the Ward of Laven.
Ue aod ubaiting oatbe North upoa the
Â¥able Road oa the South upon Crowr
lands cotbe Kast upon lands of Semper
and co ibe West op oa Ravine,

Lot $=All and Sicgulse that certala
parcel of land in the Ward of Ceara com-
brislog sixteen acres aod sbuttiaz on the
North upon lands of Charles Le Blane 03
the South apou Isnde of ro Jose 0
on the Eas’ ason leads of ML Martiaes
apd op the Wert epos Crowa landa,

Lot 5—All and Elopolar that certain
yarcel uf land inthe Ward «f Laventi'le
comprising three scres aod abutting on
the North avon lands of the Trinidad
Goversment Kallweys on the Soath apoo
leods of the bers of Montonte and epon
innde of Elisabeth Pashley on the Ent
upon fends cf M. Regeby aad apoa the
Laveatitle Estate and oa the West epoa
the Pol! ¢ Baril Grounds,

Lot 6—Ail aod Si: gater that eertata
parcel of unt inthe Waid of Laventille
comprising t 0 quarrees aod abutting ca
the Nora epoa tend of Widow Tom
Yasabs Asdame Cyril, Ance Catalins on
the doath apon flaudsc! Roect « and the
beraof Giza y oa ths Eset aon lands of
the belrs cf Atarle Sasticle andon the
Weet upon ards of Liwseace,

~All and Singular thit ce.tals
prcel of land ia the Ward of Tarare com
prulog sevea ecreaand abutting on the
North partly opna the Qiase Kiver and
partly upon a ited onibe South eos
Crown lands co the East wpon ths Gaaleo
Road acd co the West upsa the Quare

vers *

Lot 8~All aod Siogular that oertale
parcel cflasd ia the Ward of Tarute com.
piislog Sve acrea more or feng aad abut.
ung oathe Noth aod Wet npom Crowe
isade ca the boath and Hawt upco a Pable



Use Trinidad Temper Lime






- Results will satisfy you,


tha Trinidad Shipping and Trading Co,, Lmtd

~The Gieling Wave




* Wednesday, the 4th. Instant,


Let 9~All and Slogaler that certain
accel at La Cauca ie tbe Ward of Seats
iat compriing tweoey five scree and
ebatilag oa the North epoa Isads of
Etouod Emmeonel on sthe Hah npoa
lendscl J Brthelwy on the East spor the
Ls Tileided" Reoate and on the Wat
opon Jaade of the esid Evound Meouel.

Lo jo--afl aud Singelar that certain
pucol cl lsodiuthe Ward ¢f Tnrere com.
frewe elateen acres sud abutting oa the

‘orth upum leads of J. i Bibley on the
Mouth partiy sp.m the (Qaare River and
fattly upon B Koad on the Kast uo
Crown lacda ond on the, West upva the
sald Qa we Hives,

Dated thie 23d day of December, 1010,


Depaty Registrar.

Assurance Company

Guaranteed by the Yorkehire Fir’
and Life Insurance Coy

exutubitehed 1540


(Over) ove eve 1,600,000

Head Ofilcs:—York, Rngland.
Now Prepared to accept Risks
oat Kise rosultieg from Earth:

queke, Mot and Civil Commotion.
-, £0 per cent. off country risks ootapled
by rsatdecees caly

. Ee, BCOTT,
FRED. Fy. vO


— FYOnR-—


and will be at TACARIQUA fron

; n SUNDAY, 8th,

'" For Ladies and Children from 4 to 6 pin,

. General Public from 7 p.m.

pony i710, BieCeoteroy 1940, REVOLVER STOW

S All thad plese of land eitnate fe the

M FUNDS Ly Folio 40

West by a road recived Alt:
ibe 4 purtecarces Iberenf,


0 in as

4 000, Sone


tins mts 5 ~3

Masgew Steamer , cerca

aND Xu-wigpormtizgy
preelated all classes, from
as highoss whe

wu Oc QUARTS, seek.


One Minute From Tus “Four Roavs” OAR. | INSUE r a

FIRE RISKS oa ot (i

Every bottle has_cork

h ots, Se
CAPSULE SMBUS ‘This up-to-date, permanent CInematograph
Besith 3 you get th gsavins article Pictu re Palace, now in aang course of con The North Br ila -
Br Living Pictures, fom all parts of the world will be shewn daily INZURANC:

Total Funds at Sti
1008...sccrreseoee SQ
Total Revenue for yay

The stroog post
pacy as ect forth b
should sppeal toall


Sole Agents for Fe I

ihe Trinidad Shigglll
0, Cl


Chscon St—Tel phond 190.



Sor MAn(Sa[(BHAsIT

We guarantee it to hesl
alter alleleefsils .

Comedy, Tragedy, Drama.


Keynote-Refinement, Popular Prices.


veer orev Grange ’ Speci (Olt home es
Mi pleang Did Son THE Of
Ib Cleans Old Sore. = |] PRICES 4. S$ PRICES me OS
And Heals Them, | d, d, is bf ee nom
Is. beale at flesh woseds and eortson thé oF OF BYSSERVE wm sell
& human system or Dome tie Animais,§

{xe Ounrves The
Hara Gasen

Bole Agents?


The Bonaose Drug Stores, TRINIDAD,
Paick-2/6— by Post 29,

bases Watch this. Space fur Further Particulars

Port-of-Spain Town , Board

B, 16 & 24. cants) gens)

be & me Cows:
Jn the Supe nee


Sammary Jarl
io she
Moby &

Churis y

YOTICE fs hereby |
N be pet ap ft sa i
on Monday : . ev d
atiloeciockroum? .
The right Uule and iy
fendest ia a wool
with galvanized togetbaty
Banding on buds @


Jo the Supreme; Ovart of Trisidad and

Letter @ , No. 125 of 1910,
Jullen de Grasre~ Plaintiff
Cheletlanca Caam ce Grasse ~Defendaot,

— ee j
UBLIO NOTICE je hereby givea thet mao be OOHE Levied aioe ues a
an action been commenced by wa

the above-named Plafatifl who eleime to
be the sole Ezceator ander the Will dated
the Ist dey of August, 1009 of Willism
Caam de Graave late of the Ward of Treo,
Pianter, Deeeased who died on the 20th
day of October 1909, against the above
Bamed Defendant fora Grant of Probate
of the sald Will faro'ewn form of law
and thes the said Action hes heen set
down far trial at the Coart Hoase. Port.


HE Port-of-Spain Town Poard invite Teaderstfur the’supply of the
uadermeationed articles for the tw.lve,’months Sirom the let
‘ pril, 1943 to the Bist March, 1912 :—

Smith, Robeel

on mah
To arrive ex 88.

ofSpain om Moody the 0h day of No; 1—BEEF (for Ariapita Asylum 60 Poos F.rd & Oost
ater inate de of Jascery, 1911, No, 2 —BREAU (for Are ite Dyluc) Picked BRISTOL 2
HAMILTON £1'G, MERCER, No. 8—OCEMENT and LMe To Arrive by
Ballcltor for the Flanelif, No, 4—COFFINS ang HEARSES
TRINIDAD & TOBAGO, No, 6—~LUMBE} all sliee. | a zitiate
ne tnate Seprree Cour No, 7—MEUDIOINES and DRUGS 1a Beazley
Ia phe Bastar of the Exaia of Meacy’ Ravatio No, 8—MEDIOINES and DRUGS (Veterinary)
late of Fiparia in tbe ward of Osopache, No, 9~QATS, BRAN and HAY o EX RECGINE
Proprietor — Deceased, No, 1


LMELCNONCE they yetenion| No, LI PROVISIONS (or svnoita Asylum) OLEOMANOARINI~‘
fiparin tate ward of Oropicee dow for af No. 12—-METAL and BUULDE 1 tt wingh

Graot of Probate of the will Leasle
* b daz of Novemter 1919 of

ve-dizpers, and for Town Constab'oy’ g


-No, 13—UNIFORMS for

& dale the

late of Sipariain the

eetale ss 7 OuF eS
Mardol KOUVING forinmates of the OLLEND &

Fant 8 CEMENT, @
he, priator bo 3
Sod day of Novemixy A.D. vote barnes tet Arispita Asylum. BULPUURIV AID
tome of ber death a fixed place of abode

at ne
Siparia within the sad ward of Oro the

#aid Agoet Ravello being the execuuix named
the said will,
Apd notice is alsa given that if no Caveat te

Chacon Strest, :
oath Jaueesy, Toi

with a ehort { TRINIDAD,

1. Forms of tender may be obtaloed co sprlicetion atthe Town Hall® Port.
Bpaln, from and after the Stet Docember, 1910, ¢
5 ‘Tenders, sohich wrust bs in duplicate, mast be endorsed TuEsoall
description of the articles teadered for, aad must be reat fo ta the wodersigued not | SALE 2 of PECRUR
later than 18 o'clock S000 on Saturday, the S1et January, 1011. UBLIG NOTIUR
3 Kvery contractor will be required to execute s bond with an approved surety in exerche of the
or the dus performance of bis contract. icloed in @ certels ;
4. The proposed surety must sign the declaration of bis williognens tu be the +e Nov 131 dated the
surety of tbe tenderec which is at the foot of the prescribed form of tender. ‘Ud, and mace bet
be 6. No tender will be considered which docs not comply with the conditions one part aed Anthoay ,
above set for! eee the other part,
& The Board do nof biad thomecl verjto"accept the lowest of any tender, ante b: the vader igeedl

mart No, 2 Kacksil
JOSEPH ARNOLD Lamy, of Portof-Spsia va
Town Clerk and, Treasurer

7 of December A

-D., 298



UBLIC NOTICE is barely given that

fe exercise of tbe Lower of Bale con.
jotred on Moxtgagece by the Provisions
ct the Real Propnty Urdioance No. 60
and ander and by yirteeof a Memorsndata
ot Motgege from Haymord Pictca to
James Williams Warren dated the 26th
day of Oxeber 1909 there will be pst to
for Bile ty Publle Auctloa by ibe se
dersigned at their Action Mait No, 22
Bs, Viscess Btrced Port-of-Spaln on
Monday tbe Gh dey of Foebroary 1921
betwen the boars of coe and two

of Febraary 1931,~
one and two Jian an
certain pleee or parcel Og
the Ward of Tasers
Trinidad ecmprisicg
samen fittle more oc
with the abutals aud bay
shewn ja the ee or Oo
Rs Crown | inter ;
ropert }
LXXX' fulig 499 sed
Noth bya reservay 3
on the thend Wess He
aod on the Kast by

ND, 3 The sbore Ma
age 1s now veoted Le JOGe
f Memorandum of TF 7
im 142 de a
Dated thie 6.b ee

Town Hall, Port-of-Spsin,
7th Novemler,

a Car ravenerry




t .
and by Crown Jeed om Bpecrvalty in

idadet afd by Crowe lat} | STRAWBERRIVS IN BYLUPS, CHOUCROUT 1

An gta Crowa Land asd on
Kindly Call Early at
Les, |


Ward of Magzsinille ta the Toland of
Tilotdid compiteing 2) acres aed B perc
be the same a little more of fess delineated

links wide Vosarved
Deted this Ob soy ot Jas

Ae ra ee



droaght ap on deck from the ship's

We publivh fn another colama any bold No€ having the necessary
extract from an-editorial of the | amount to permit of hie Iaadiog in

A TT — — ”
We learn form the II bia the ed “Archibald o€ the ilar e ae.
lotta Recrevary that toy iLALS. | eettty le search the ves-! . OS )
nan will acrira hers about tbe | eelwith the reealé that an old decrip- iz ,
t adie of February. Ve me! med Rabin Kdmand ‘was . i
* 1 .
my I

\ ee

% WELDONS JOURNAL for Barbados Agriculiural Reporter of the | Trinidad Rabin was Jetaived on fo
+r rite sounsttrn| | iasammence ana Sectonnt | tn ocean gatreaer a eae Tailors and Outfitters, .

BS i 14 ft Mas +. "
EX REGEN: ARRIVALS. * FASHIONS questicn in ite ieee ‘nt ‘he ad dere, wid ordered bid prosecution.
—_ “ ' ‘ foe Jaadery~—12 cents. December remarks: [t ts 37 . .
TLAF dolog, cad pay noting at al Suede | Wetweea tne pork end the mtilnod of Foot coved

MAILLARD'S pound: Tout there Is bardly aby | Veneruela continues steadily to to- wensbssorrearaaane :

persoaig the islend.—bartlng idiota f crease, 2 fact which proves that trade
Tad eraoka--who doce pot realise: | relatiods with oug neighbours hare
more of lest fully, how serious would | aleo increased. Searcely adey pesers

sy of

309 Boxes-.Cube Sugar Soh s0 tbe

3 7 . ant | . : ie aan w @ val * x
350 Bags Garden Siam Rice Current Events. sad in‘reepeck of sha grata fn, te rehoourr brggiog w lvege Guscth . . ‘
250 Bags; Best, Yellow Dhak Supreme Couto) am, Deadguaciers coe eed ers ice ‘The Ly 1 steamer *Loulsiantan’ | = dss dl Ori
" 50 Bags Extra Special fal of 7 busisig M Nosioabs,¢ At youerdey'vonet 280 tons, Captain Reid, “arrived on |

3 8 “a meetiog of the Lexie | Sanday from ball
Canisters etc. at No, If St Vin- . th ed th ith 30) to 1 ca and 9 ;
Green Dhaka | ones sire Tatas aisce—or' | tony, tbe latter recommended tbe | with 361) tong, general cares ans 2 ee

1 2. { State's a: Not 330 ledianim- | N. Lamont, Me. Goatley, Mrs St i
1364. Bags No. 1 Nagra Rice, » — migrants dictog tet season 191-1, Bolia, Wont, and F, Solis, Miss OC, 4
Sale for cost of Sewerage Inetalla- | MeO, P. David wae the only dissen: | Solin, Mra MM. Hewlett, Mee, Taitt. , is
. Uons at the Town Mall between the | tient, Miss I. Hobloeon, The steamer left
—ALSO— bours of 2 and3 p m. Toa BE, VhomeyBzoo! tion | last night for. Venezuelan and Colom
~~ aa. *“ eo jomag Sch: ination a 6took away no pass.
¢ t 8.8, ¢ Prins der Nederlanden leaves for free admision to St Mary's Col. enger, ;
‘or Paramaribo. Mails close 12o'clock | tege, rerulted this year with success to —_— . .
: Ve noon. the following pupsla +— The following passengers arrived 2 of
8, “Saramacca" leaves for Euro Master Oe ‘ i frora Demet comer an ey $ * ty
. s » HL * :
. AlL Sinon, the United Kingdom and New Yor Sada Gaones 3 | Mr.Joba Coppin, Me. Wan, Borel :
BY Maila close at 2 p mx. % G.Gitkes 1. | Me: Dookity Me, Chas, Hlntezen, Me, . ,
Nigh Water Morn 11H Even Tg tees Ty meats Moises | Zevgeod Ddecktra, VS" “7 . 0
— are ander aim con: Om: Ose Og ao
Sun rises we ee 623 am. | given by the Goveroment, 6° aoe Marine Square. and Chacon *,

S choenep & C Soma ost mee BBS nm —e,! The German steamer “ Eciphia”
@ | Mooneets ss LSS am, We learn that the German cruiser [ 1,259 tons net register, Captain Belllo
—Tteanthlanant. 66 in the harbour on Sun-

“Freya” which arrived fo the bare | ana, arrived
SOUTH OUAY. Acknowledgment,

bour from Curacao on the lith ultimo, | day after a voyage of eleven days
Manel Lareto da Costa and Alipio | instant.

will leave on or about the 17th or 18th | from Norfolk via U,S.A,, with 3,107
thea tons coal for Messrs Gordon, Grant &
A. Ferreira beg through this medium [ . ., —< de V it 2
“& to express their most grateful thanks Yesterday, De Fernand erteu . ~~ "
orem — was the recipient of a cheque for £300] The Danish steamer * St. Jaa” 1507
bo the many frends an qe athisery from the } srer-Ceneral. as pay- | tous, Captain lngerman arrived yester

Rho attented fhe, funeral Ferreira da | Ment of his costs in the Clare Com- | day from Lornpe via the Northern le

s 2 °
Costa. mussion of Inquiry. We understand j lands with 20 tons general cargo and
: that the amount was handed over to * 4 passengers Nr. H. 3. Creosbaw, Mr.
, “ 9 9 9 7” the Hon L. A. Wharton K.C, Acting | Henry C. sim and 2 deckere. She left
DIED. ° Sohcitor-General who appeared atthe [last night for Demerara with part of
—= inquiry on bebalf of De de Verteuil
Buwsetz—At her residence, Traga-

and others,
rete Hoad (opposite Queen's Park Pa-


$008 060000009000 090 0000 0000







Have Just been Received |




inward cargo and one cabin passenger
De fy De Verteall.


ear. Trotman is 135 yeare old and
ay two years younger. -

be open for business every

RECEIVED EX RECENT ARRIVALS vilion), yesterday evening, widow of | : Yesterday afternoon in the Council] fhe Hamburg-American steamer
mont, some time in September Jast | telll and 25 deckers. The “Georgia”

bishop Dow'ing—Hs Grace's } the management of the Warden, The | thie port.
Stf PAGE 7 FOR January 191 __ 18 tons Trinidad epuree Lake asphalt

the late Sergt. Bonnett and mother of | Chamber Ifis Excellency the Governor J “Georgia” 2,022 tons, Captain Krieger,
2 £01 left Jast night for Europe sia St.
FISH HOOKS AND LINES, Visitation to 8. Joseph unt | Back »
TAR, TCH. OAKUM. Our Article on‘ The Question | ‘We are sure that his many friends from Julian G. Kush

Charles Bonnett. The funeral will | presented the Royal Humane Society | arrived from Venezuelan ports oa
SEI N E M U LLET & H E RR l N G take place at 43) p.m. to-day to All | Medal to Arnold Tro'man and the | Sunday with 404 bags cocoa, 69 pack-
3 Sainte’ Chorch. Friends will kindly | Testimonial to Ralph Guy, for life. ] ages skins and 17 passengers. From
. accept thie intimation, saving and atvempted lifesaving re | Pampatar: -Me, Felipe Aristigueta,
= Saenneenns Japectively, in the Dry River {at Bel- | Prom Cerupano:—Mr, Antonio San-

TT -.. ~ The New St Joveph Catholic Thomas with 276 bag cocoa 253 bales
Schoot—Imposing Inaugural tubber, 519 bags coffee, 4,140 hides, 63
. Ceremonye=db'e and In- His Excetlency the Governor has | empty cylinders, 3 cases feathers and
BRASS FISH{ NG WI RE { DAY mm: approved of the establishment ofa | 14 packages sundries from Tricidad,
‘ A s structive Address by Arch- | Branch Savings Bank at Erin, under | She took away no passengers from
a Second Wedossday, in each month, The Brilish “parquenting « Ada
y SEE PACE 6 FOR Wedoredsy ‘tra Scan’ th 4 pr, | edyerterday. for Liverpool wits 13)

- rom am, oO a
Rope: Can Vas: Oars. Cily Police Court commencing on Wednesday the [5th | tone Trinidad crude Lake asphalt and
Water Supply’; ! will ba glad to learn that Me Hazell | (The French Mail steamer *: Martiai-
Paints Oils, Varnishes thy Auten Londgn Ma | WA ceasing Agaan | yg yet iat Ye
: > 5 gatrats's Harsh Methots, Bank of Canada, Mr Hart's affability, | Curope via the reach Weat Indies

" SEE PACE 8 FOR it ia safe to anticipate, will certaloly | with 33 tons general cargo and 8
. Praise for Demerara Phots fontribute to & speedy popularity fo fecaers, This qitémer salted at 735

. . ° ® * 7 D oe Ver
: |For anything in the Hardware Line, grapher—Letter From Lord |nOWsPBOFe: part of inward cargo and the following
: ax Balfour of Dartigh Pre) Tinsel sabe rings The ited | enh Ai alee Me W.
4 . last no! “gs, dan” +f Muller, Me «Silverman, Me W. G.
o r ON Jerret of any falen ta the erara aru be Fernacd da Verteul Fraser, Sie Fraser ebild and servant,
West Indies Cheistinas Let-| who wil epend a few days in the | Master Fraser. and Me V. Ferrari.

ters—Buasieat Week of the Yesr,| Megaificent Province aad return | For Carupano ¢ Me Welstruck, Miss

‘T home by th te. . Weistruck and MrSantilli, For La

G ER 0 LD & § G H ER E R at the Post Ofice, Londun zeeae omer Guayra-Mee B, Piguereda, Me and
—_———_—XX_—X—X—X—s—XsX— Ad stinguiebed visitor who isnot | Miss Guevarre, Miss M. de Levanas

Iogeth: 4 3 children, Mre 3. Wannoi aod
PHONE 58 AT 68 SOUTH QUAY. ITEMS OF NEWS, srted Yesterday by tha ea! Loar ehvdand Nr G. L Dallesos” For

sisniad “fn transit for LaCivayra The | SavanillaseMeJ.D Martinez
Readers will perhaps be alartoed on | Visitor above referred i is Lord —_—=====s===

coming across the telegraphic an-| Brabourne who duriag Lis recent

—— SS Sn nouocement that the Roval Mail | tistcin March Jast year was the guest

Company will notcall at South: ton, | of SMe. Norman Lamont at Phillipine
but eat nt ont: between the AVeat House down south, Edward Konebe

Indies and New York. The rcowpre- | bull Hugessen MP. D.L. J.P. secuad
heasible telegram continues’ to state } baron Brabourne, isthe secoud son
that the *Oruba", “Trent snd “Mag. of the let Baron Brabourns and Anna

{Wo havo just receive] from

Birmingham a large sbipment

of our well-known and justly.



dalena” will cross for overbauliog at | Maria Elizabeth, daughter of At. It.

the Hoe ports, and probably will | Southwell eq, He was born April

beac Coorg dhe Tat (BGI ad teed ti he a

eallia New schedules a: ri e daaghler

Fa ce ee oe enero
ashington fs allthe more puzzlirg | 4 og and Uriord, Lord Urebourue i

whea put side by side with ibe follow” reprewented Rochester in Parliamout clieseitlg postetdey sea atte Coun-

ing cabled advice from Londo under { He owns about 5.000 acres and bis heir | ourgble members were still at Lbele

the same date-9:b jostant; ‘The |iathe ton. We AW. Kuatchbull- | seats a pleasant function took place,

new contract with the Royal Mail | Huguessen, Me. Norman Lamost | in tne presentation by Sie Geome Le

Company bes been concluded for | also returned from the Motber | Hunte, K-C3LGs of the Royal Ho

26LU0 per anoue for gares years, | Country by the same steamer, “mane Society's medal and certificate

and Trin comes the transhi Daun -uiolug

og station, ‘Tue new foriniehtly | HARBOUR AND MARINE NOTES. | tittnd the Sociesy®, Tetendeat a

ee Cly a Rilph Guy, aged 19

leaving Southawpton on the 18ib The Dutch Mail steamer “ Pring several re htlves of t o recipient

jostant _ der Noderlanden © imhich is expected | (here were present L*.Colonel Collens
The regular movibly Band Concert | Ew labourers who are arerated te | fo cctee eee Marshall, | Deputy


| popular Iron Bedsteads, given the Fubee Heed en 22) labourers who sre treruiled = Ja tor General of Constabular SONGE D'AU ITOMNE, VIs e..
« Wo do oot know thet wo | | itonde will be bed tonight, January | now ta acoree of constcct tay rill be temecabered, bad tener » VISION OF SALOME,3

TWh at&do'clock, Extra care will be | BranL These toea will be transferred { September last when Guy in attempt.

have avytbing spocial to ssy of THE CHQCOLATE SOLUIER, THE VALETA4

WURTETEUS 80400000084 &400040808


too lato for our Xmes tra la, we
have marked them all a'l at re-
markably low prices—certaialy
the lowest in towa and we iavite
your perusal of the subjoined
iat, which shows only a few of

s =


bo Canada on Saturday aight: rived yesterday from Carupang, ler | ering, said be had « ve
ry pleasant
——— complement of elght men eacry 6 | duty to perform, which was the °
We take the following from the | Martial Heary rifle, Sbelesuppesrd | sentation of the J aioe
Dominica Chrontels of Liecem ber to prevent antogpliog but if on Bloclet ¢_ bedal a dcetlteaia ee
wi judge from her 8 uy ‘rotman, and the Society’:
of Bda the Gulf thea shets | Testimonial to Halo Gay, News


Ie hi provided lo actommodats the large lon boardthe HAMS. © Bilactis” jag to the life of Robert
i ig pew [ot of & Bodstoads, save bumber of people who may attend ibe | the latters atrival and will be sent bi inthe ‘Dy Hirer, w Hobert ala reden _—AND— . ih
s re by the iy ie ey same. ouarbados where phey will join the | daager of bisown life, when be was a
= i that is posible ton ake. 5 Uy the Peekford and Diack steamer end proceed to Bran bravely rescued by bis comrade Trot. PEACEFUL HENRY (2-Stop).j
ti ' ruro, ¥, 6 arlee The Venesuelan Coastguard sl. ‘THE HEROES REWARDED, _ ‘

— 7 These Bodsteads have come Hosier, the “boy” jockey, was shipped *Minera’ of only 14 tone recister, ee His Excellency addressing ‘he gath. ~~



y able rug downand capture | asked by the Heeretary of State to

ha ' any of the vessels thet carr she Lhe presentation | . 4
the moro atribiog Bargains t~— welarious Lrade for whieh thal epee Sod accordingly Debed ce Tay _
i \ Priest, | specially Ots then. Uoas to be sent to the parties and their
U at the Buboge Oratory, We con- ne ne frends for Wele atlendsnce. His
STUMP BEDSTEADS _.. $3.60 tn $ 6 each srelulate the enotracting parties and} The R D.M 8. ‘Saramacca” will ax | Excellency then shook hands with the ~ ° ‘ i
FOUR POST BEDSrEADS 5,00 shew bong career of happiness, | rive from Paramanto, vis Darbados | teciplents, and sald that the rewerd of - © :
00 10 40 cach o- to-day and will leave during theatter. | ther bravery was dus to the f. Oo Lr oO VV *
A batch of convales ent immigrants § noon for New York direct, Maile spa. n ‘

HALF TE3TER BEDSTEADS 8.00 to 15 cach

“the Lowest Prices—ALWAYS,”


thought of 14.-Cotone! Marshall, De
from the depot was brought up to the | Kurope aod the United 5 foray Ins Gene ‘ Dae
city yesterdsy morning for allotment, steamer, bave been cxtenied ted pale wba Gi forwarded to. bias preose
— @ Leader wit anes. ener eo ws
fa Holy Tricity Cathedral oa Sun- | the Light House jeuy ai pee leave ogcurrence, gether with the oro of the
day, the Archdeacon announced to the ~——— remarks at the inquest, MMs Excel.
congregation that the collections for } Masters of veseele trading between | lency next read Colonel Marshall's
church dues, taken in the plates and | this port and tbe Helghbvuring lalands [ statement which fs follows ta
carelopes on Cbristinas Day, amount | seliora reallee what a risk they rua by | Honourable ‘Inspector General :—~
to F13., . tndearouring to lutroduce icdeslra- { attach becewith pewapaper re
ras eoln colony. They are habla to port o occurrence, ar
«ibe Agrwullural News, states that Patise of £2) with on without bard and remarks of the Coroner ree
h @ Finperiat Commissioner of Agrt [labour Yet some deliberately try to], case where Robert Marsden lost his
calture been infor by the | deceive the harbour officials by, secrets} lile through drowalog afterstrenous
Becre taey-of State fur the Coloniled, of | ing agers in their shi Acase| efforts had been made by Arnold
of tbe Lords Cowmieslon- | of ature occured yeslerday and | Trotman, « boy of Afteen years of

-OF— . ¥


ere of the Treasury to contique the | the culprit will be duly called ¢ be Marede also
§ ceaiseaaa Gite Cetra Gey gf | expaeintor tha Gi rhea | tna obec tat drag
tu eon tnsperial fuods Tora | Oa the asrival ofthe Dritlsh sloop | thirteoa years al ee an heseey
Mond oS it pertod a (en years, from April [ Comet” from Grenada yesterdayaj time | l personally have visited ‘snd

J, 204 fist of the vewel's ngerawas given | gooe over the ground whe:
Wel eallthe s to the warding Oflcee by the Ceptela eident took place, Tne Dey he ine
vente eg to the stention of our} and In reponse toa query esto whe. | bed iv usually without Water exceps
p “ol. tes Fampitcs ite ther etree Ta more my afuee heavy Telos whea she river
sone eseel the er te ashes down ina tori:
beb anther selgaais, * pe," The boarding oultee then re | cecasion ia question Tam persence


atvallent< Mit defence wet an elitls |
during which Lovpector llarregan 54!
be balered a the Conwtalte woe rolsteke
end w rew care

“FianTs® o.—Oenrtable Williams
therged Hutchisson Jones, Robert
Drakes ps Lydia Davis with fighting
at Pas on


i/2" | Michael P, Maillard, \2=s

Quakty .
Cooas. ts i Gok Btore”)

New New New
Year Rules Hats,

Servet Xenas day.
Givetosed a Agbt between the
men over the woman. She wre die-

Our New Method of Business,


- . Mr Prisger appeared
Wer have decided to run our Business at small margin of protit. We will start a For ‘the men and Me, Lassalle for the
ia our new . "No Liatr.—Constable Banfleld ram-

General Dry Goods Store,

\ From To-Day. Our campaign will startwith

Ma. H.C, Bain will load the attack. Wo will not esite uatil evorgbod his recogaizod our sup


~T Ry

mtn with whoa he b
severe beating causing contusions
about ber face. Me also bis ber on tbe

. : o ‘ He was con
riority in thi Department, Remember our mct'o; Quick Nale and Light Profit. . UNtty-sir convictions proved agsinet J . ; . ,
(utiefmution ov Four Money Back. . aie te ton Conta. Tie wee veut We have opened up the New Year with now resolutions, New Rules, New oy thing.
Oo enced to three monthe’ Imprisooment and to crown it all'we have opened up a ‘large sbipmeat 0 ¢ 1s will be wise for
WH ATED ECIME ATW, The Hatter, Drapor & Outfitter. 16 Fred 8b with bard labour, -Trinided. Frery ono is ia keoping with the sbapes foe present woar

those who appreciate good Hata to look them ovar at their estliest coavenionc.



Miss Ipa ©, Pierre,
Greate ef tie Lokdonn ny

Ordinance toamendthe law relating ~ It wae also suggested that the Pub-
to Solici

tore, said it wealn a some | lic Worke Departinent ehould also bs City Police Court.
what similar ition to the foregoing | included

ordinances. It was moving alongtbe| The Direvtcr of Public Works al ou Mr. Per py Trak ELD.

right direction, but it got an slowly | he did not sce the necessity of it, = t
It was necesss take the opinjon of t, Prada . Suppose f bad a tree Bit nd Certificated —Medallis
. different pervout and bodies on tie sub: beh intoy yord and ft away from A Avsat A Monday. FBEGS te lator ber frleads and the ta LADIES WHITE STRAW HA1S-Tramed LADIES READY TO WEAB_ HATS ta
ject, and at prevent the ordinance wae | an Electric wire, would I have to tell t LLEGED eT in Iiert ons thas be pre to ‘with fowere made from straw, nestly fairhed . Rese, Proce, Browo, Fewn, Strawberry,
with the Trinidad Incorporated Law | the Company about it if I wanted to | touts ever ben ing b a Brepbatn, © | caive siadeots for jest the following with ailk ta assorted shades each from ... {2010 2 Black Navy and Green each $1.90, 1.33 & Le
Society, and ss soon as their report | trim thattree, elthough there was no ing thes or at og ie iv ver on subjects from the 26h lostast, * oa
was received he thought it weuld be | possibility vf ite getiing in contact | 2 rosecution Hils Worship die- .


4nd Harmony)

Possible to decide which position the | with the wire. Toived the case,

ordinance should take. Hrerythicg | The Director of Public Works: If it | No Lionr —Constable Tappin charg:
won being done to expedite the tatler was Sitbigh it would hardly be called ed Willtam Wilkie with soaek 5


butt was of considerable, importance | tree, 1t would be a shrub and obody | Cri,meadayae (eat He was Gned 2/-| VOOR Fr One Y aT LADIES SILK HATS fa White, Black and

aod involved large differences of § would scarcely prosecute for that, ARMAtLE Lushiogton Paul sum: . ° ° DIES CHIFFON HATS—Eatra opettal lot Cham e and other Jeadiog Ps Sect

"he vecond resding wae accordingly lett tothe Magistrate wie would ave woned Hubert Kupie for beating him Dictioe Elocut ‘cone i “ylamed mith frwer=In the ieadiog 19 #0 he avinn: fee me ee Bee to 3.60
postponed. some common sense, fre ether and a ner Noel 1 Petey of Mave and ‘Harmory, west popular shapes —esch frous wm: S192 tO, r

THE CUTTIXG OF THEES, Eventually the ordinance wae amend

The Attorney General moved the | ¢d 60 asto fix reeponsibihty on the

second reading of an ordinance rela eon whe actually cat, trimaied, or
in in certai § fe the tree,

wee, hes I said bade Marten] that a] Onthe resumption ¢f Council the
good deal of juconvenience and dan- | ordinance was read a third t ime and
gee was incurred by people cutting | passed.
trees and allowlog them to {sll on the SCUPYLEMENTAL EATIMATES.
Electric Coy’s wires; and the ordi- The Colonial Secre*ary moved the
nauce provided under penalty of £5 | frst reading of an ordinance to ratif;
that 24 bours notice should be given | and confirm the Supplemental Esal-
tothe Coy. when any person desired to ] mates for the eervice of the ficancial
cut, trim, or fell atree within 5) feet | year JUH-I010, and the fesue of certain
from an alectris wire, mooeys pald for the service ofthe

The Colonia! Secretary seconded, | Governmnent of the Colony of Trint-
and the ordinance having been read a | dad aud Tobago during the same year,
ereond Ume, Council went into Com- | Tbe ordinance was read a first time,
mitlee. and Standing Orders baving been sue-

Dr, Prada asked whetber the ordi prndes. it passed theouch its rematao-
navee applied to ihe Town Hoard? ng stages and beesine Jaw.

‘Will be givea by correspondence to teachers
aed others residing io the couptry,

DICTION which is so erseaual ts bighly
recommended ta wagers and Elocutioniss
Misa Precre will be pleased to furnish further

* of persons
Sy at No, 37, Tregarete Road, from 4 to § pu,
Geily of by appointea-at —Jany Sth—--im,

Anda Trizsmmer


Jasy tdb—tw,

The Medical Hal.

UR Prescription Deport ft
O stocked with allthe new atic
We are sure to have what your Preacrip-
tieoa call for. ied ”

have also received a I
Apiolicoe de Chepstesut, Ko Antics
Graoulé>, and the New Slipper Bed Pap,

Mercer appeared for the complainant
and Mr, Lasealle appeared for the
defendants, The evidence disclosed a


| If you doo’t like the prevailing fashiov, remember that we sell atraw by the yard in overy shade—ia
order that you might fsbioa your own hat, .

One Fricé Only. | Value Nowhere Like Maillard’s, | Free Iusurance, |


Te the Matter of \
The Adaisistrator Generale Ordloance, u st R e Cc C1 V e d
to the Metter of the Estate of :
Piisne ‘Deciol Hepes thea oa'led James J
late of Woodbrook Tenge fa th ot

SSE Goose Hones Ralls [Agricultural Forks’

Aaetion Sate for Thursday the 2th dey

fight between cormplainant and Kunie
over a eizpeoce which the latter
claimed the other hed owed blm for
culling his bair, Kunie started the
Sight and butted atd cuffed complain-
ant. Neel merely separated them.

Kunie was convicted and fined 26 and
costs &- Ge seven days. Noel was
discharged and complelaant made to
pay bin 10/. by way of costs,

Mistaken ‘{pevtrry. Constable
Warner charged Beriie Boatick with
assaulting him whileluthe execution
of hiedu i Defendant was represent.
ed dr Prlzgac ona plea of not guilty,
The Constable sald that on Xmas
night deferdent and about four other
persone were walking on the * pitch *

olding one another's hands, He

The Altorney General —It applies WITHDRAWN
to everybody, On the motion of the Attorney Gene
Or. Prada toMust they give notice | eral,an ordinance relaling to “house
tothe Electric Coy when they Intend j taxin Tobago was withdrawn, in or-
to trim a tree? dor thatan amended draft ebould be
The Attorney General said on second { framed and circulated
thought, it would eppesr that the THEIR FINST RXADNLT
ordinance did novapply to the Town The following ordinances wee read
Board because the section provided | a first time: —
Lbat notice must be giveh by the An Ordinance toamend tha Criminal

told thens that wae not the way to
walk ac it would impede the free pee
sage of other persons. Upon that de
fendant rusbed at him and butted him.
They struggled aod fell in the canal.
Nefendant got up first and ran away,
Remembering that be bad seen defens-

ight. All thet parcel of lend comprising 15
poTome oerd. fortalgnt actes aed 2t perches ani delineated ia the

diagrem annexed to Crowa Grant and re-

TYPEWRITING ETC. | zaesesens eset

ESSONS given fo Typewritieg, Pitt d of Tris
ee ee BovkeLeeplog afd | egr4 of Cosgasnas in the Leland of Telak

dad the North on lands
Spanteh Sborinand=Tpyewriting mechines Sod bonaded om

casy borthand } Jends of Mobabeersirg on the South on
ond Typewriting work andectakeo, laode of Sepaal on lads of Lootoo aad os

A Satz Pitt Tor Scrreeens.—
There are pills that violently ‘purge

n antat Belmoot sometime previously | large, mediam and emal of J 1911 between f and 2pm, C I ; Wh ] 0 ff Di

§ Cree ah occupiers He took ie bow: Procedure Ordinance, No. 33 ho wentthere the followiog day and on ‘All Preecriptions we put up are com. snuets -— Rp ocda 0088 68 8 0 88 iggers
5 toe tight fa . tad wen wceinus ‘te motional Lodeagiel Trainee ee pro: deseribio, Sefendant £0 a little boy he | pounded with care, pesiic NOTICE? ts hereby given that

work to such a way with the Lilectric | An Ordinance 10 amend the Larceny radeay. Ile accordingly eoee ne A. U. pe BILVA & CO., ii bee will be pos 8 toe sale by. Fab: t B h ) 6 t] d i

Bar one tS Fan On hrested tibet! oree Onitenoce selating to the Coura later place where he saw defendant Proprietors sigued, Port-ot-Spale, on Thuredsy the 0004 aps C bap Hf asses all i
Pr ODe. Prada sald thet bis remarke | Water Works -- whom be at once recognised as his 25th day ¢f Jenuary 1913, between the . ‘
w were rather fotended to include! The Council then adjourned fora = —_ hours of I and 2‘n the afternoon.

Cocoa Bag Twine | Spades. and Shovels,

aod fill the stomach
Bickle’s Antl-Coneumptive Syrup ~ with palo, De Kelloggs Vaeetlnes
needs bo recommendation. | Boall wba . Villa are mild ard effective, They are
ore fam! w speaks for itself, ure’ table, i

Years of use io the treatment of colds 1,000 CORNS Enter De tote thelr ‘coupes coe ue

od coughs and all affections of the 3 «| their etfect i a
throat bas unquestionably established footed out by LAING’s un-, Tiber od bo eepand, benedcial

Etc., Etc. , Etc.

— AT


Opposite Railway Station, |


- Try therm and be convinced Thou. ‘Arple t
its place among the very best medi- rovod) Gorn-cure a roal cora sands can attest their ply to lards of Dasid Williams oa the East on
eines for auch dlrascn. Te you give it illor 240, per bottle.” qualitice because thousands owe tbelt ¥ ‘Dandovald sireen, | {004,04 the ald Dard Wittens and oe
- Oa:
will finds 2 cente well invested,
4 Janasry 10~1m, fotersected by a Pablle Road,
Dated this Oth dey of Janeery. leit,
=== == | Spd.) E. RADCLIFFE CLARKE,

; rr

; MI ® lI ; 9 Have Just Received = ———_—
' ] ep S lene oited

; . or A N 0 T Hi ER S H | PM EN T The AdolalnrtorGscerts Ordlcance

In the matter of the
Qalatin Herbert Sploar, late of the Towa
or Feroande le the Ielacd of Triaidad
=D cesecd [otistate,

iEnglish Harness and Saddlery, 22333


OU will obserre that our grade of CRUCOLATE & COCOA DEe @
Y la their etandard quality, hence we mnuotela ove prices A Fowp “as
Sine eased Caen gett ite ees a ea

ar rhe "
toa Toronto 1900, Bold Srteyabere and ‘wboleasle ona Censélen


‘ . e to the nodersigned fall bertivalare pie Cocoa
; THY QUALITY OF WHICH IS WELL KNOWN THROVGHOUT THE ISLAND, Monday the 20:4 dey of donacry Wit Dealers & Chocolate Mar

1, Charlot
t af bich d eleime will be «| Tarvel!in an
iD . r ter wi late no 4 enter al Jat Heproweatative HENRY E ainoux
TIVIDE Jcins Drivi soever mast assess the value of areas
1D ¥
Â¥ 5 Saddles . pad prove for the dfezence of ive
% 20th “day of Janeary 1011, between the
i: Gener
Bre, 9 $ C800 00g eotiad O Ctra toate Bee Oe ame MED OmOOS
. In the Spreme Cours of Tris
Heme Sticks _- “

ed IT TET ern oe, tained,
‘we. eee thelr socarity ard prove for
‘Riding PA Riding
Heads & Reins ours of twe and thrae in the af
Breast Straps . MARSHAL'S OFricE.
Bem mary Juiedicisoy Port of Spats,


Machado's 4

Have secured GULD MEDALS of thet highest s ards wh h
exhibited. Theoa! w wherever they
6s the Jameica sou ClOATS and c1Gh RETTES awarded a certificate of

Creditors who bold any secarity what.
“Payments will be made oa Monday the
Pat, Leather Collars | De! tha hae day of Deeraber THI
7 January, 1911,

+ Saddlo Pads a U ae andes Cigars and Cigarettes are foe amokers of culture and disce
hing Boots Drivi ng Headstall ‘Thos Lost tn a, sate Him Bang blending of MACHADO’ CIGARS & CIGAR
olo Boots Bk & Bro 1. 8 a OT Nee B &dJ. B. MACHADO j
Bplint Boots . eee Nee oatseraes itis eee tna oad
: Girths Ticle Berea, Pore of Bip ee nes reeds

p 16h dey ‘of ducer rete et 12 alone
etlock Boots Bie . om
3 sos Newtnarket Bandoges | ,,teSeckisytrte ott pot Boot

ane erg eeepeeeeeeeee o—

. Ciee’r, Carpets, ote, ete, ote, Macsfectured by A, SOUB “4
Rubber Ring. Vaio oe ine ere miter LETTE 08 Ne, 15 Park Bt, Porbol-Spel
A Splendid Assortmont of Black z Depaty Marshal, PO 0 Oe

ckel Mountings ranging In Priest, Brown Harness in Brass or

¥ CHOCOLATE’ te prepared bya spactal and aclentifi (whieh

Fy ie process -

d Buggy Lamps. Wits, Spurs, Whips Bree eee 165: Carriage (npr iyep COUGH CORE Eee tea
1s. per bettle,

s, B uchies Etc. rips daictons, bat as 0 nosrishwent jt ie antivalied, Pat opie j, fie

IVE L Lc Li EE Fr, 3 S Laing's White Pine


To he from the following Areceries L
Y ooonlnca tt I~STEPAENS, Lyp., CA

ABD, ond trom Beple fee sseeres Yoru Seta meath

Nerepter Thely, é 500;
~as rE TD eet ATE ero
. if



LONG “C.a cn

Showing the increase ih deliveries


alare of the large volume of wa'
which waerushiig down fn th
called Dry Rivers t teat
ooturrence, bi
river lower a "
| also soon after the oocurrenoe,
fiver wm the time when the bo:
en Jumped in, was conaldera
yond his de
speed at whic!
ing down towards th
lunetion of the Dry
lrasnt river, When
man first_saw,the two


at the time of the f physiown,
aviog passed over the | scioumness be ex
own shortly before and morning,



eo- feinking and be

Withont sain
pired onthe iho
iis death soon

oti at lerge.

@ (Ralph | bage, but {t also disclosed the fact

alin daw hin, but he wae already
a the whill of the |

eo “—
Monday | AT 4, mesting of the. Taeiulatieg CALE

knows and the police arrested Alleyne
Trot. who now etande charged with rou
th, In addition $0 line

the water was rush-} Harrie |

but Harri made himself scarce and is
The blew dealt by
je supposed to have been the
een from the | proximate caure 6!

{fetersa ‘At noord, there were present:
lis KExrellency Gir George Le Hunte,
K.0.M,G,, Hon. 8. W. Knaggs0.8,,0,,
sOolonlal Hecretaryy Hon, KR. 8.
Aucher Warner K.U (Acting Attor
ney, General), Hoo, IL. A. Wharton,
KO., (Acting Solicitor Geveral) Uon,
R, GQ, Buse (Auditor Geveral), lon,
Lt-Colonel Swain, (luepector General


Guy and Robert Marsden) drift! that. of CGonatabulatr) Mon. 4. G. Bell
down inthe current at the jamin’ Sak many of the organs, of the de \ Director qf Public Works), fon. J Ww
of the Dry River, he at ence plunge reer Hakin (Acting Rurgeon Leneral, Hoe.
aod rescue: aiph Gu: moander >» m .
pushing him towards the baka’: The Finance! Committeo, (Protector of Imrolgrante) Hon HL rar perbuodred, +
sbiviog hima leg up. P..ving done — HB Walcott (Collector of Custoun), TAGAS—Reg, Comme il Faut 2. Ia Boxes of 80 we $)200
vo Trotmanimmediately swam down @ followlng ors the minutes of thd | and Hlons. O, P, David, Sami, Hender- Do, Keg. Sporta au thm m0 ee 1000 3
the current and fame close up be. | meeting of the Finance Committes | ron. Carl de Verteull, \y. dG. Kay, J. te Da Cazadores de Calidad .. . B5 oe §=1800
. Bind Robert Marsden once oc twice { held on Tuesday the 20th December, | D.Jfobson Adam Brlth. and Ur 1b, Do, Brevisa la Cosserta oo ‘n $0 ne 12.00 y
The deliveriog for Novemher, 1910, | being almost withio reach of thia] 1910, Present :—Lhe Colonial Kecre- | Prada, with ale 1L L Knegge Clerk Do. Brevas ews or n «80 snwe-10.00 a
‘ t ’ 1] doy who was contiqually belong suck, | tary, the Auditor General, the Diree | of the Council PUNUH — Fanetelas Imperial. " 50 ue 18.00 ;
créate a record, ed” under the current, at which'f tor of Public Works, Me HU Thorn: AKW TEAR GREETINGS, Lo Reg del Rey one 50 vie = 10.00 “?
' time tho width of the river roust | fan, Mr. HM A. Alcazar 1.0, Nr 8] Ife Hxcellency before the business Do, Paritacos Fisos . 30 10,00 fs
have been betweed fifteen and twen- | Henderson, Mr, 0. de Verteuil, Mr. W, | of the day was proceeded with, wiahed Do. Lendrea Finos ove so Ms y000 ”
gp test On arriving at a point about |G. Kay, Mr, Adam Smith, Dr, D, | bonourable members a happy new Do, Puech Cabiget nee ” e800 i
yards below the junction of these | Prada. year.~that being tbe Grst regular De Goochos Es a ave _ wo 900 ;
two rivers be man tobaulhim.| |The following votes were recom. | meeting of the year, De R el t. se . ° id 4
self upon the bank eo as to avoid | ded foe approval 3-- The tuloutes of the meeting of the pe ens Kieg inte we ” 60 o. 1000 ‘
being dashed agalast the concrete | (t) The payment ofa pension at the | 29th December. and of the special 20, Deliciosoa del Puoch 4. w 85 owe 18.00 7
culvert which paeses under Belmont rateof £100 7 Speraonum from | Meeting of the Gib lostant, were con- | | Tho Perfector els . tee ” 25 we 30.00
- Circular Road where the river takes Ist November, 1910, to Mr. J, A, | Ormed Do. Brevas Chicas one « 80 is ©1000 <
@ eudden bend from North and Morgan, late Steward at the LAID) KOMEO & Britanica Imperial os a 23 ww. 1800 y
South to West. The hoy Trotman Colovlal Hospital, Port of-Spaln |, The Colonial Secretary laid the JULIETA— Oommeil FaatEsp 4, n —~ oe 1200 ae
on leaving the water made bis way —(M.P, 71,0) 8 following documents on the table Do + Benadores .. oe win he oe §=1500 i,
A REASON aequickly as possible tothelower{ (2) For Experimepts to-secure direct | _ Minutes of nieetinge of the Finance Do. Brevan on oes (780 4. Ikea. HY
ewe orenanepe nese eee pare ofthe culvertand then took to wireless comiounication between | Committee held on the 10th and 20th Do Reg, Victoria SRO we 1000, ¥
- be water again continuing — his Portof-tpsia and Tobage£150 | December, 1010. Petition from tha Do, CorchardeReratlo .* . wot 08 —
H search for « distance of another bun- MP, o- . Generat Petroleum Properties of Trini. Do. Reg. do la Regi oe "400 “ jd 3
FOR vT dred yarde in the hope off (8) Forrewardseto Oustoma Ofticers | dad, Limited, with respect to the draft 6 BIO we ” ” £
Is. reecuing Robert Marsden. Later a Supplemental Vote of £175 10 4 Ruet’s Road Trainway Ordinance, De- ,
ces {a the arte racen Arnold Thole ‘ Sci PP 10) bo spate frota the Seoretary of Btate for Th Cc: I d = G <
en @ mon of ¢ lanagin Town 2 Lote=For ¢ Colonles covering correspondence t.
river and after assisting the Constab, @ o} nog ot alreetes £20-(M. 1. with the Government of Jamaica . e ale onman rocerys i
: ulary to searcefor the body of Robert olos—1307,) respecting restrictions imposed by GOODWILLE & WILSON, LTD. 4
: Mareden, wasinstrumental in find-| (5) Cloak oom at Government | that Colony in caves of plague, Atima ‘ £
f~ They ave different from wil othermn, ing the lifeless body of that boy on House~Additlonal Vote for £20 | Locat Board— | . :
Other foods feed dogs only. the shore of the Gulf nearthe mouth =—(M P, 5135—~-10.). (a), Revised Estimate of Lzpendituce f° 3
of the river, From the enclosed| The Director of Public Works ex } for l01v=1).

atetenient it would appear

fs Molassine Foods not only feed but keep dogs healthy, Ralph Guy also risked Lic tite


¥ mprove the coat, eradicate worms and prevent unpleasant Naraden “aged, 8 | year. lebrt
nee eeenenteeemmemme cena nel areden by accident havi Hi ped
. odours from the skin and excreta. intd the Belmont river and belog wo-

able to get out wae being washed
down In the current. Ralph Guy
Jumped into the river to help Mars-
den and In doing so would have lost
hie own hfe were it not forthe time:
ly and brave assistance rendered to
bim by Arnold Trotman. I submit
that the names of Arnold Trotman
and Palph Guy together with this
report brought to the notice of
the Royal Humane Society,

Depnty I R S Maranatt, ‘

eputy Inspector General o


Hla Excellency then addressing {he
lad$ Trotman sald, he had very great
pleasure indeed in carrying out the
struction of thu Secretary of Stat.
who hadforwarded the medal conferre:
pos Arnold Trotman for
hie very @ellant act, * first
of all in attempt fog to save a
poor boy who eventually got drowned,
aod secondly, for rescuing hie comrade
Guy who had tirst attempted to save
the hfe of the poor boy Marsden, Trot-
man had set a very good example to
everybody in the colony, ani the
medal was «decoration ta be vei
proud of throughout all his life, as it
did not fall to the lot of everyone to be
able to dosuch splendid service in
saving other People's lives at the risk
of their own. It was a distinction
medal, in that it wasthe only one (ia
English orders) that was worn on the
tight breast. All others were worn on
tho left breast, butthe right specially
reserved forthat Iifeeaving decora-
gion. Ie hoped that a hfe which had
begun so welland bravelyas Trot«
jman’s would coutinue along the same


rn reetctcceneennirtnerecnnan
Mapofactaeed from the purest Ingrediente only and free fi 4
to day at the regrest Desler'svacd bey ootes nd free from any medicament, Call

GEO. R. ALSTON & Co,—Sole Agents.

at &c.


at 5c.



FDon't Lose this Chance of Securing a Good
Pair of Boots CHEAP,


at Sc. at Bc,



“JT have much pleasure,” continued
His Excellency, in pining thie medal
on to your right breast, and io also

resenting you with the accompany.

ing certificate. I when you
grow up and becon:
will Join the Volunteers, and then you
will baveacbance of getting more
decorations (applause).


His Excellency next preeented the
Roval Humane fety's Testimonial
to Ralph Guy for attempting to rea
cuea boy from drownip
done hie best very gallan
atill feel proad: although Ire had not
aucceeded in his brave attempt, He
would be very gladif both recipients
would bear his personal congratula-
Uane tothele parents, It was a very
great pleasure at the cpentog of the
new year tobe presentata function
where bravery wen rewarded’ and be
wished the youthful recipients success
alj through life (applause).

be function then came to a closes,

Ralph Guy's family—tt niay not be
out of place to mention—seems to be
peculiarly associated with life saving.

me years ago Malph'sfatber (W. A.



Davidson and Todd.



Stains and :Varnishes.


f Gu
tly, and must

) saved the Hvasof one of the


rhe grote Wilsons of Glasgow Limited and one
Sap-atioe Its Rephaw iereltac ete i Aer
A Vv . : a °
Ryap-a-Lkoe16 conts, 24Goents,}48 cents tin—suitable for | cs, saved the lifeot's man who was

1 4 floor andéfurniture.

JAPANESE ENAMEL—10 centsfandz2é cents tin
COPAL VARNISH No. 1— 8c, 12c., 20c.,.860, tin
COPAL VARNISH No, 1—15' cents per’ pint
JUDSON'S STAIN & VARNISH—12 cents vial
STEPHEN'S STAIN—12 cents and 24 cents vial
ALUMINUM PAINT—186 , 36c, 480, tin

yenowped asone of the greatest life
cavers, and yet another relative Ed-
gar Marsden, at Eastertide last year,
saved the life of one Mr Jobn

Date's sonsat Ban Farnehdo,
New Year's Day Tragedy,


TURPENTINE—10 cents pint The year hes already opened with a
GERMAN FLOOR POLISH 30 cents tin seer ee eta veewalay to be narrated:

On the afternocn of Sunday the Ist of
January, about 6.90 o'slock « Sabb
took Hs at Senta Margarita, Bt.

J . between @ cabeaan,
end Wittam Alleyas, a labourer, e
reason sesigsed for this consbat is the
silegatlon ot Alleyne ha
White the Agut wae ta progress:
wae la pr one
Joesph ye Joined Phere with
whopt he is friendly, and dealt joo
a won the heed with a stick,
Alleyne aleo struck Hoodoo bat Sind
arm, Others are said ve jdine
the meléejand blows were freely

¢ READY MIXED, PAINTS~-10 cents tin
ADAM'S FURN(TURE OREAM—200, and 36c.
OAKEY’S KNIFE/POLISN—8%centsfand 15 cents tin
OARKEY’3 STOVE POLISH—Bicents and 15 cents tin
RISING SUN POLISH 10 cent packet

+ PUIZ OREAM —10 éents, 18 cénts, 36 cents tin

. BURNISHINE-— lo%cents, 18;cents, 36 cents .

- TURPENTINE PASTE—8 cents, 18 cents 36 cents tin,

In great Variety at Hise of tog erat reat io ait

all st hig house for thelr lojurice
Boodeo w: 10 entered
seat without belp apd drove away,
spparently alzi Boring the night
He wee et cose taken to the Bt, Joseph
eo wet at Ones © Ht, Josep:
where Dr, Alstoi

District Meapital a


partment under “ Extraordinary”
would cover this extra charge against
the criginal estimate.

(6) Arrangements for the spyepare.
tion of the 1011 Consus-(M P, 3557~10),

The following arrangementa were re
commended for approval :—

Mr. K, GQ M Stone tobe relieved of
hia duties a« Tegiatrar General,
and to be engaged aolelyon the
work of preparing the Ceneus,
for which he should be given a
geatuity of £20 to be paid on the
completion of the report, such
gratuity to cover all work already

The Deputy Registrar, General to be
appointed ta act aa Kegistrar
General and to(recelve ad

ditional salary at the rate of
£100) per annum while so

An extra clerk to be temporarily
appointed {n the . Registrar Gen-
eral’s Office, and to receive salary
at the rate of £100 per anuum,

(7) Remuneration of Ofticers of the
Receiver Geveralé Department for ex-
tra work inconneetion with the Es.
tate Duty Ordinance,—(M.P, 178-3.)

The Colonial Hecretary read a report
by jthe Receiver General dated the
2th November, 1910.

The Uommittee recommend the fol-
Jowing arrangemente for approval, as
from the Ist January, 1011 c=

Mr. Sivne, Receiver General, ta be
.given a pereoval allowance at
{che rate of £100 per annum, and

the clerks in the Treasury on
whom extra duties wonld be
thrown ta receive the following
allowances, vist, ;~
Toe Chief Clerk at tbe rate of £30
The Kighth Clerk at the rate of

£25 per annuus
The Ninth Clerk at the rate of £25
per annum,

The Colonial Secretary explained
that Mr, Slyoe would be relieved of bie
duties as Receiver General for two
mouths so asto enable bimto devote

e able-bodied, you | his whole time to the preparation of | double taxation on (he sane ostate,

the necessary forms and niskd are
rangements for the satlafactory work-
ing of the Ordinance,

by Establishment of a temporary
Taolation Station at Rock Jelaod

A vote of £145 for thls purpose was


®) Arima Local Hood Board,

@ Solonial Secretard informed the
members , that the Governor had
superseded the Arima Local Road
Board, ag from the lat January. 1911,
onaccount of its Ananolal inability to
carry on work, and that the Director
of Public Worke had been deputed to
exercise the functions of the ard ae
from that date,

The board had been given an addi-
tlanal grant of 8600 (£3 6 8) with
which and the funds in hand (§600), to
carry out the mosb urgen’ require
mente to 3lst December, and the Di.
rector af Public Works bad eubmitied
anestimate for £1,217 for maioten
ance to Stet March, 1011,

The Colonial Secretary also explain-
ed that the sum of of £10) voted in the
current estimates for the L, Orange
Eatension Road bad been banded over
tothe Board forthe purpose of the
extension. It been ascertained

special erent hed boon appt
, ren 28
extension fa question, tbe Balance har.
ng been absorbed into the general
funds of the Hoard and spent on its
currentwork. The a:wnount could not
vow be recovered,
The Comnittes, recommends tbat
the following expenditure be eanc:
ned t=
‘Additional grant Ari.
ms Local Koad Board
Hie Deemer sg 8
To Director Puble Works
for malntenence works

of thle
for the

OT Uay eile, oo | The Colonial vecroiar gave notice S0OL8 AGEN ITs
: tention at nexb moecting
aa ee |Goumel, o more the gente t| The Bonanza Drug Stores.
: 9 the prayer of the petition forwarded | ¢geptember B0th, 1910,
(10) Supplemental Estimates for OTe ea ee tothe SS
1009 10. ¢(Counell Vaper 1391010.) Oratt Huet’s Road Tramway Ordia-

The Supplemental Estimates were
gone through in detail, and the Oom-
inittee recommends the. followlog
sums for confirwation t~, .

Charges on account of
PublioDebt - £2 48315 0
Pensions Bis 7 OR

Uolonial Secretary’s’ De-
partinent, wrio g
Transport » 145 03
Ecclesiastical 4 mia
Aduinjetrator Generel, 8015 24
Miscellaneous Services “ ¥538 35 }
{ Publis pores Extraom 18 2h
1080 , 2

Roads and Bildges Extra-

dinar, 12:2
The meatlog adjourned at Rs pm

plained the reason forasking of an ad-
additional vote, and stated that the-
deavouring to save the boy Robert | savings on the other votes of this De- { Arima Local Road Board—

(o) Supplemental Estimate of Ex-
penditure for 1910-11,

it Kooks You Healthy & Vigorous.

Estimate fur Maintenance Works I
underthe Public Works Department
fcom Jat January Ud Sist Mareb, 1911.
Immigration Account from let July to
BOth September, 1010, Correspondence
on the subject of the Royal Mail
Transatlantis Service. Letter from
the Crown Agenta for the Colonies
notifying arrangements inada for the

WB Ae ay

insurance of goods aguinst Marine 2
tleaks aed return receipts and pay- a
ments of the colony for 110 a


The following. question stocd in the
name of Hoo. 11 A, Alcazar t—
Mr Alcazar lo ask the Receiver Gencrals
Woether he willlayen the table of
this Council a tabulaed returo

(a), The death duties which either
have been collected or are
collectable on estates uf persons
whove deaths have occurred


The QUEEN of Beers.


since the passing of the Ordine
ance No. 10 ot 1000, and
(6). The death duties which would
have been payable on such
estates under the ssid Ordin-
ance If the same had come
{oto force Immediately on the
passing thereof. |
The following reply by the Heceiver
General was read by the Clerk :—
Death dutles of persons who died |
since the passing of Ordinance No, 19
ot 1809—Actually collected £372 63 Gu.
Collectable under old law-—£1,233 15 4,
Death duties which would bars been
payab'eon such estates of the said
ordinance had been in force LIBUS4
6a 21 This would have been an
abnormal collection dus to an unusual}
nonmber of well-to-do destators within
the period ingue’tion. When ordin-
ance 19of 1 wae passed its com-
mencement wae poatponed vending
the result of negotiations that hi
be opened with the Commissioners of
Inland Hevenue with tha object of
obtalning such an application of
Section &) of the I:nance Act 160l, as
would without the {mpomtion of



EGS toacnounce to the public in general that the services of Mr
C. W, SOTHNAGLL th well-cnown TEACHER of MUSIC and
SICAL EXPERT has beea addod to their firm.
Teachers aad Amateurs are invited to write to Mre C. W.
Nothnagel ¢/o Ths * Piano Warebouse” 21 Froderick Street concerolag
lateat Teaching waterial and solo music.

pene et Ry ont;

Pe eecee an semencen]



21 Frederick Streets Port-of-Spain,

tot mies on

allow this colony to recover death
duty payable to the Imperial Treasury
on certain, real property situated here
but the owner of which died demi-
cled intha United Kingdom, Iven-
tually it was considered desirable that
the Attorney General should person

ally diecuse the subject with the
authorisies fa London, and it was
only on bis recent retuen from Eng-

land the queation was éettled.

The Colunisal Hecretary moved the
adoption of the reports of the Stand.
ing Committee on Finance dated the
leh and 20th December, 1010,

The Auditor General seconded and
the motion was adopted.


The Colonial Secretary said, that
the Senlor Unoflicial member had
saked bim to expreea his regret that
owing to pressure of business, ha was
nnable to attend the meeting, aod
he fucther asked that fly Excellency
allow the motion for the jatroduction
of Immigrants standing in his nane,
to be moved by Mr. Adam Suith.*

Mr, Smith accordingly moved that
the Council recominends the introduc-
tion, subject to the Secretary of
Btate’s approval, of 3290 Indian imf-

ents during the scason 101112, fle
fought that last week the llon. Mr.
Fenwick had Practically ealad all that
could be said on the subject, and be
wae afraid that he(Mr. Souith) had
po further remarks to make on it

Mr, Henderson seconded.

His Excellency 1—Honourable mem-
bers must understand that wo will
havp to satisfy the Secretary of State,
of our financial ont ‘

Me, David asked that his dlavent
from the motion be recorded.

The motion was then cairled with
Mr, David's dissent,



Highly recommended by Medloal Astheritise
all ever the World,

=== CURES; ==




a a



TO GET Medicines

@G tYeury Otrvet


Toe acting Attorney Géoeral asked
that the respective ordinances relating
to Petty Civil Courts, and to coufer
certaln powers on the Oommissfoner
of the PortofSpala District Court
be postponed. The two ordinances
were jotimately connected, ard
a committee had been sitting on them;
but unfortunately there were diiler-
ences of views which nesessitated fur.
ther consideration, He boped ot nest
meeting to be able to lay the reporton
the table, .


The Attoruey General in whose

nams atood the second reading of sn


Tea UE aS a Sp W IER TRA TT = Nae wrge = —
‘e ™ , Seen ORES OE x ” oe a er VOTH PTT a SOW UEE SERRE,

te -
. 1

- f


. . . ee
Lo, , . *
vy : . : ‘

t { 4 2 . ‘ \ ?!
’ ot meee vi te tne . 8 ‘sy 0
re ‘ \ : - {

° 7 : - { , ‘


. 1 .
. ' :





a .


1911. For The New Year 1911.



—— -

Montnklyke West ln
dischs Maildtenst
New York+Paramasibc,

Tag Rorau"DutcHe MAIG—AGENTS.
ARAMACOA —Thé e0. ‘Saram-
acew” ie due back here from lar-
aniaribu via, Bacbados on Tuesday 1th
January 111, and will leave the same
day direct for Néw York taking cargo
Passengers and mails,
URINAME —The 6.2, "Suriname"
isdue here from Paramaribo on


R.M.S.P â„¢ time

ARONI, -The R.M.S, * Uaroni" fs
due bere on Wednesday Ith
Janwary, and will leave the dame day
for Demerara, taking deck passengers,
carg2 and mails,
ALANTIA,~Thelt M.S. “Balantia”
B willleave Urinidad for Barbados
at noon on Tuesday 0th January,

yaklog pasengers male and cargofor > vtonday Isih January JWI', and will

na tend iL leave the Lighthouse | !eave next day at Moon precisely direct
Jetty, Queen's Wharf atlle a with for New York taking cai yo, passengers

and maila
passengers, and tees jaReage for the JIARONDNE, “The a0» Marow-
Bence rhe RAMS. “ Berbice’ direct fralue ners trom New York
will leave here for Batbadus on | 17 win leave ties waine day for wily

aeeene ey and teailee” taking pas sinariba taking cargo passengers and

‘Lhe tender will teave the Lighthouse ons os

Jetty, Queen's Wharf at ile on with d AhOM pa ean bers eee

paceongers and their baggage for the amaribo via seligrbados on Tuceday
‘ 24th January » and will leave ie

the itarrisom Line Bteamer dug’ to | sate day direct fe Neg yore tbl

arrive at Barbados from Liverpool on | C2°Ko pa , ‘ an

the 18th January, one fotervolagll UPPENAME,-The ss, ‘Coppe

J name” is due here from Varawa-
Steamer will roqeed to Demerayé ‘Nore ribo on Monday 30th January 1011, and

thern Islands to conoect with the | Willlesve nextday atnoon precisely
1U.M.S, “Orotava"on the i7thanuary | direct for New ork taking cargo
()HOTAVA ~The RLS. “Orotava | PTE anit walla, “8
left Southampton on the th Jan- |] QARAMACCA, -T “i oe a New
uary, and fa due to arrive at St. acca” is due here direct frou New
omas on the t7th January York ov Aouday Oth January 1911,
ALANTIA,—The MS, “Balantia” | 804 will leave the same day for Var-
connecting with the Uariison atuaribo taking cargo passengers aod

Line Steamer will leave Barbidos on | Maile

att fae


Janu 7th
Oruno, Britetmr, Bale, 1,249 tons,
33 hours, Demerara, cargo in tran-
sitand 10 passengers, io Gordon
Grant and Uoy,
wa Sth,
Groreta, German stmr, Krieger

are correctiu stating that there lea
| regulation practically depriving amall

, . finda boast of reasons against the adop-
thon of this courses but we urge it upon
‘ the authorities asa much needed re-
y a . { gulation At present we belleve we
eee neTmermnremant


teacmients below a certain fixed tax
able value of the privilege of having a
Private water supply except upon the
condition of their being apecially
made Hable toa higher water rate
than they ordinarily would have to
pay, aod under this regulation it is of
course natural that many persons of
the poorer class should elect to do
without a yard service and trust to the
standpipe and the barrel. Yet it must
be obvious that the standpipe isa far
from satisfactory substitute for the
water service in one’eown yard; and
alike on public aad on private grounds
(bere are many and grave reasons
againet the perpetuation of thie sys-
tem of supply where other means are
avallable, What can bethe object io
penalising small bcusesin this direc-
tion we do not know}; but we are cer-
tainly of opinion that the sooner the
law requires every yard inthe town
to have {tsown water pipe ass con-
dition precedent to its being occupied,
the better for the health of the whole

Baggallay—The Autocrat.


Taner is strong reaaca for the resent-
ment thet te felt at the manner ta which

2.022 tons, 12 hours Carupano, 2

204 bage c praed ekios ed
17 passengers. To Paul LL Scheerer
aod Ooy a %

Exrpura, Geeman stme, Bell
tons, Ui days Norfolk ava. 130
tons coal To Uordon Grant and

Auer. Venez toop,! B if 15

7 wi ‘ello,

I day Cristobal Colon, &2 bags coon?
15 hides, aud 4 passengers,

San Jose, Venea boat, Mario, 7 tons,
@ days Maturin, ballast,

Louisivuans, Brit etmr, Reld, 2335
tonsa, 18 houre Barbados, 36) tons
general cargo aad 9D passengers,


Is due here from BAHIA BRAZIL, on or about


St. Jan, Danish stmr, Ingerm
1.007 tony 16) bours Barbados, 700
tons general cargo and 4 “
pengers, To G@ RK. Alston Aad
San Vincente, Venez falucho, Marin,
tons, Gdays Cano Colorado, 37
ange socans and {foods tn tranelt.

C: rit. sloo oberte,
tons, Ida Grenada, 6 2
o pk iIenit, ¢ turties, an
Manrusiqus, French star, Le
RTLNIQUE, French ster,
Zi0 tone, 18 houre' “Stadioane,


‘ wet


‘ Te Pore Spat Gazette.

For all particulars please apply to

‘ We -
; Me E. Baggillay diecbarges bia duties | the i3:h January, calling at Grenada, 38 tons general cargo, and ‘8 deck:
TORTOFSPALN a a inagharata at Wesimisster Polics Bt Vincent. St inca, Daal, Mont; Konankaljke W. Mait- ony To Chas Laotaud and Bo 1
> “.OF- > ur serrat, Antigua, Nevis, tts an ’ . a,
L ~ ! & TUESDAY, l0rnJ ANUARY, 1911, Hie deciaions sre not to be grumbled | St, Thomase where ste Is duson the hy. ore ee Mam day, Grenada, a bags epics, & bags
’ 4 . e 2 —————————————— ae | at, but bis perpetual browbeatiog ot the yeh inevant, and will counect with the BN GENTS Seupere 2bagefruitrnd 123 pas
. witnesses, periicalarly police witnesses, | “Orotava™ at tbat por! . "
, : + / Tat WESTION OF WATER } sea tte Stheers of the Court generally, | [PALANTIA.—The 3.3.8. “Balantie RINS Wi take oe DEPARTURES
: A PHIN D i 1 7th
a gents, INCE LINE LIMITED, SUPPLY. is becomtog well nigh intolerable, ‘Tos | #7 will leave St, Thomason the ‘ict Mall Steamer “Prins Willem V." | Onno, Brit strar, Bale, 1,210 to:
ee i , 4 1 — sligbeat slip or facisecretion, however | fe Pe eS nite St iu ta, iar’ | 2# ue here from Ainsterdatn vis: Par | Barbados, 150 Pre ee ne,
. Ey

amaribo and Demerara on er atjout
16th January 1911, Drocéeding after-
wards to Carupano, Cumana, Guenta,
La Guayra, Pcerta Cabello, Curacao,
Jacmel, Aux Cayes, Port-au-Prince,
and New York, taking cargo, passen-
gere and mails.

BUANIA.—The Dutch Mail Charter.

od Steamce * Ascania" is dae here

Tue question raleed tormally at the
laat meeting of the General Board of
Heelth a6 to the desirability of urgia
upon the town authorities the ner
forthe providing of additional facitl-
ties Ia soma of the poorer districts
of the city for obtaining an adequate
supply of wholesume drinking water
iaone which we venture to consider
worthy of the serioua attention of
those [a whose hands It lies to accede
to or to igaore this demand We
bave ourselves on more than one
occas(on ta the past directed attention
to the fact that a very real bardship
Je often Jofiicted upou:tke occuplers of
houses or huts of the poorest class in
eome of the atreets aud lanes of
Belmont, andthe Kust Dry River, by

harmteas, ueter goes uarebuked. and
the tuckless offend.ris lmmodiately sub
jected to a abarp, anappy, unedifying
jecture aa to the precise character of
his duties.

Not meny days ag) Mr. Baggallay
was endeavoutiog to put a question to
w slightly deaf witngss, ana after his
third feeffectual attempt, an ashee
atandiog close by~one cf the mcat
popular geptlemea engeg’d af the
Court, by the way—so fae forge bim-
aclf as to come to the magistrate’s
ess'stance by repeating tbe qars ion
io the witness's ear—ausuil procedure
when ober magistrates are presiding at

10 bage Venezuzlan cocoa, .
ebeona temper lime,} horse, bria
oranges, 24brle onions, 12 bundle
okins, Ti pkgs sundries, and 47 pas.
sspgers. 3y Gordon Grant aod

Danpnuay, Brit atmr, Fafrileld
fone, Fort Arthor, : Tones’ Une
6 ban . Gordo
Grant and Co,” coal By a
1KING, Amer stmr, Smith,
QGuances, 1 ton general eh 88 tens
2 passengers, Uy New York and
Be eTOMINGOE F ooh etmr, Li
reoch » :
433 tons, St. Lace, b0 begeTaed .
cucoa, 3 cases feathers antl
pangers, Dy Charles Leotaud aod

bsdos, St, Vincent, Grenada, Demerara
and Trealdad, where sho {8 due on the
20h January,

ERBICK.—The RMS,“ Berbice

will leave Harbados on the 13ih

Jaunsry, and [s due to arrive at Demo-
rara on the 15th. She will leave
Demerare on the 10tb Januar . callieg
ae neat and jaroaso | from Venesuelan Ports on or about
One te RMS. Clyde” fe | ois Januar 1011, Proceeding after:
on due tor OE Oe) via | wards to Paramaribo, Havre and
Sher bour, ichaele ¥) on
Tuesday dian January, god will teave Amsterdam, taking cargo, passengers
the same day for New York, vis Pto. . os
Colombla, Cartagena, Colos, Jamaica SHINS WILLES i. yee Dutch
and Antilia, Cubs, taking passengers. | ti aue here from Amsterdaia vist Pare
carga ao .

The tender will leave the Lighthouse Se aoe eer ae ceding about

Sth January, 1911.


Mr. Baggillay glared at the vofor: | Jetty, Queen's Wharfat 5 pun, with ‘

. their being prosecuted a Haniter: $ oe P wards to Carupano, Oumana, Guanta | Ming,
—ALL THE— ace prrenea 7 ig Sty | tna ig ug bu waa Dare td | paar tS agg | Eatunaey Tee why Coan | “Eten ey Geen ing Res
’ taoke. ‘Marmle and the we boilers | You arecot the ms tatrete," and Sle, a baguage lighter to ba despatched to saci York telling Pr eo jawven: ADA PHARD, al fb Datne, ade, 219
a tainty do | Baggallay, “tow dare you interfere | the Uutward Mal, wil leave bie bi, d sna!) ‘ crude
k bree oir tbs torene of “raver io | with a Tritoon} Lam the matgutrate, | Vinceot Jetty at I p.m. on the day of cee awe Laat Tint ake aspbaits "8 tone Trded epurca
such receptacles should be suppressed | nod I am questioning him, not you.” palling, and pasesagece arg there sore tagyow drvrect Lame y ocvana. Venea etaur Tiel y
‘ ‘ | wethornughly agree, Gat it is not | Oa tbe same day & police officer Io | Tet Ly before that hour. BeAB 7 of Steamers. pi] (0s, Cristobal Golon, 18 tone gea
reasonable In due opiaion, to, prose: | charge of thesammuases quietly check: | > ALANTIA—The 1.8 "Dalantia TaavnaCo.LtD—agest | grelestda and 5 pasengerg {ri
° . . ject bt which le to secure to them: wo defender oe Ag aeteropt tee 3 will leave here on Tue Stet ORGORM.—The «6, “*Torgorm ” of Gthy, By Ciaen de Nay, Fluv'y Oost

. 'e iw . ‘al 1h stens
~FoR~ riceeaciy re ee acatiog Shae | pay quoted ef ees | gar cared et, «nuiuon | anne eden ceatron clea te | ton Cnet Cora, "sokte ye
te dat: ont you k ft man BICK.—The . * Berbice jo, sup

° and at the same time to refuse to} ion fils trial} Your erterehee fe Be Jeave hereon Tuesday 3 st | Barbados on or about the 10th January | odes, page

granttbeir off repeated uesta for
veater facilities for obtelaing water
rom, the town eupply towards the
coat of the upkeep and maintenance
of which they contribute In the sha
of water rates. The Board of Leal
advocates the plactog of additional

1011, and will prpceed tha following day
to Demerara taklog cargo, passevnger

and malls
Compagnie Uenerate
G Leoravy & Bow [ serrat, Antigua, Nevis, St, Kids, St.
AGENTA, Thomas, hy the ILALS. * Balantia®
T, DOMINGUE.—The French Mail | willbe closed on Tuesday the lvth
SD ‘Steamer ‘St Domingue" frou lustant at 10 Ficlock en. precisely,
‘arope via Guadeloupe, Martinique Heglatration closes 8.00 a.m,
alle for Paramaribo by thes. 8,
“piine der Nederlanden” will be
closed on ‘Luceday Mth fost, at 13
o'clock noon precieely, Negistration

January, calilng at Grenada, Se. Vio-
rent, Ste Lucia, Dominica, Montserrat,
Aotigua, Nevis aod St, Kitta, takiog
passengers, cargo and mails.

‘the Hamburg-Amert

can Line
Pauw H, Scumeree 4 Co

QYRIA~The ee “Byrla* of the
Hamburg-Americeg Line $e due }and St. Lucia fadue bere on or about
bere frou Venetuelan Porty on of | the 2ith January aod will proceed af
about January 2itb Proceeding alter- } cerwarde te Demerara, Surinsgy and
wards to Havre aud Uemburg via St. Cayenne, taking carga, passengers f
Zod maalie, EOE CAE emerges call INIQUE The French Mail | “Salle sor Europe, the United K.

and malls, TING —The Freach Mal alle fo pe, the Uni .

M* TINIQ * Martinique’ is due | dom aod New York per a4, “

Se Sa Vilost Naga: | NLU Steamer
tid la Ve Navsid- | ore from Veneauelaa porte on or about | acca” will be closed at 2 p.m.

most improper, and I canoot allow such
bebaviour,* be declared,

lostaocea of thig kind could be
adduced ‘ad Hib" Practically every
witnessed ig badgered and barassed ie
this meocer,

‘The result Is that oficoss acquelated
with this mmagistrate’a overbessiog eon
dact naturally opea their mouths as
iofeequeatly es possible whea be fs

A qagistrate cancot be tco errefal fo
rememberiog thst the cause of justice
iv never helped by an atmostpbere of
bolly and bluster. Ao aprenracce sat
a police court is ao unnerving ordes! to
moat people, shether they appear ae
witcesses, prosecutors or prisonert.
Buch people are far more likely to give NEw Co LOo lyn AGENI®
clear acd straightforward evidence if | Tux New Covonla: n— AGEN
they are allued to feel at home. IITA DI TORINO, The 38. 8 passengers, tnelle and Cargo. _.

Tt would be well for his Worsbip to CO "Uitte di Torino” Is due bere from Trinidad Line of
remember that these are-not ths days Govos vie Marseilles, Uarcelona, and ae Steamers
of the thistesath coutury, Justice is Teneritfe on ot ahont t epuey TeIDAD BHIPeG ape | bE closed on Wedocaday the Ligh laos,
Beiter efmlciateced without the brow | 191 proceeding’ afterwards to T Doe Acarae, | SbSo'clock p.m preciealy, Regtehee-

AoE, ot he lucklesd peleo ud { Gusy Puerto Oabella, Curacoa, D Poi Wo—AcarTs Tio closes zh nl *
Hee te cece though goer were | Havana, ory’ Linon ‘aad Colon, | YIN Atatdad Lane ide hve fone |, sitlefor Harbus by tags, Ram

- Di ica” wil closed oa
Demerara on the lth Jauuary Itt, the llth {netant at 10

only and mails,
: roceeding the same day to New York precleely. Hegistretion “

on Derect Lene tokio cargo, pawenyers sud wails,

——, p Of 18 Acres. oof Bleamers, | MADAR tad Line will Isave New | S=S=2=esasneaesamesanymeRanenent
‘ wa ott ’ New CoLowtat Courast ) York on the 4th January WIL aod Ie the Finest Thing
fade at lowest & yard pertire should te | ductor, Osu dieu Healog Ui ferwa sy PuEnoly The 8.8 = Apberaid | OT OF NAVARRE ~The as. iu. To th Washes ia * Odentol’

a For farther partioulars Liro.<- AGENTS @ here Ith January }
eo required Lo be Isid fa every fndivituel be dy, Afew dhops u je due beige fri Louden vie Lan Us varee' of the Trial
we . ord fa ow eld fa very Hedi ek | ple teers A ented cette ud badwt aud Ureuadé anor about Jaau- | 44 Line wilt lease New Yorkoa tbe Hed tbe nuautl owant and olen

Sad ‘A ane,
brook, Newtown and Kast D: laced iu the eng will wok dere | Afy 2b 1D } pruceeding afterwards 10 J Wiland fsdue b
MoKENZIB &-KIRTON, Rivorloovaded- Loa dords willoteourse ‘elleving palms 01 ae are, LERIDE. Cargo, paneenges Tle edits Cove beeee | inde NIUE PAARMAOT,

a. of “ala

Closing of Malls,

Malle for Barbados, Grenada, St,
Vincent, St. Lucia, Dominica, Mont.

fa eg

standpi In various parts of the
town where the need for such con:
venlences is greatest; and we fully

e .
ja the tlon that a f
. sae eae dec woah ie
ceabadvantage But etill more than
. if, whet lercally required Is the pro
‘ vision of @ domestic house or yard
9 @ | service to every leoe in the town,

In most olv coun tefes it is, we be-
lleva pot permitted, under paln of
heavy penalties, for any house to be
reated for bomen occupation of
feosnted even by the owner. sxcept
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