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Port of Spain Gazette
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j<:o >-nii v'oi] xxT "
~ iv.n.'v ii.Mi-: jihnst '
iffiW TEAR
Special * linos
wir" ' '
im Bins m customehs
Triniflad Building and
, _
Holders cl Dibulora Bonds
Now Opening:
Thousands of Dollars Worth
Fancy and Staple Dry Goods,
Wholesale Trade.

gttl fOUt-OMPilS tAXSTfi mnitSDAT JANUARY C 1!
I" O B. X. A. X» I JEta
New Silk' fiord frilling
"“SJKSSKJ^Jffir 'mre-In
â– Bonanza Tailoring
Bonanza Furniture
•air Colours & «tripas.
Ordors now being booked
o' â–  for Eastor.
Guaranteed Fit
& Workmanship.
Estlmutn A Designs Supplied Free.
Bicycle and Motor !
.Repair Kilt and ail Repair Supptii*.
Retyreing Carriage & Buggy Wheels.'
The Bonanza.
Has again arrived, by the
S.S. ‘ Crown of Navarro."
Ex S.S. ‘‘Serrana” from Cardiff,
200 TONS
The Trinidad rShipF
ntiMDAD tga irp w M .«..I I.w I A--'As .TÜiiV'á*'¡’ill I
Grand Xmas Show Nouiofti
Rlohnrdaon & Bolway.

300 Boxm Onbo Sugar -
350 Bags Garden Siam
360 Bags Best Yellow Dhah
60 Bags Extra Spooinl
Green Dliali
1364 Bags No. 1 Nagra Bice.
Sehoenep & Co.
Twine,Twine,Twine, I k
Hope. Canvas. Oars.
Faints Oils, Varnishes,
For anything in the Hardwa
Wish Their Friends and Customers
A Merry Christmas
grfyOHN HOADLEY &. Qfl
. Tailors and Outfitters
Happy and Prospero


BAirtl' tttPMDJLT JAKtLART S lili
;í ,w«.sü.,ai¡i ::„,.lí~.T
3 barwiy.CEr€rr!i
as-siS .MiM
:.■■■ - ,-..’VV. :./!;.
The Proprietors
A Prosperous New Year.
Michael P. Maillard,
°"fy. | Yslaj Mere Like UallM’s. i
Just Received
¡0)::í Hcdso Ba*l3
Coca Hoeü Wheels
Cccoí Bap (tiioap)
U:cíi bag Twice
ígricnltnral Forks:
Coffee Diggers
Cutlasses and He
Ppades and Shovel*
Opposito Railway Station,
Circling Wai
Wcdnosday, tho 4th Instant
Fu.- Lt.Jiis and Cl.ildicn l.u.ii 4
Gen«rjl Public Irem j |>.
Only 6 cents for a Trip
,®fi* huh «»«•-»«.
w‘ in ttMhh injnjii|lms/®®.6*» iww»

", I Mail P. MailW
Pmptro*! toil-

. tu* foxinniunr funxi. ijipnsuAr ^anttatiy 6 wii * t
1911. For The New Year 1911.
IVDCDlCklOCn CkloiMttn ~ :i.-t t . tiy™ !*?UJ“,2-
Bronte SugarFaetory
CRELL;4Co Ltd.
íéiÉé! fita
s0’?.-'. ictu-ciin
&HSr«:£ tir.r.
â– J.fcAS'. aPPi.Y ON THE' KST.VTK.
lit >l!l ll-ifM Huir.
r.? ¡:zr!:.-r;.- c:.
4ÍS... ,
aiâ– sSSSEtSS
â– EFiSr??]*wB
2a-—> —
Muir, Marshall & co.
_ . Of f «or.»
Var loitf»r;p»niouUn
r-varc ».rsjt"L
teg gggg

' ’ Til» yOMCT-gPAIW MtHJI, lltOnaDAT JAKTTATIY ti 1011 • • ' - •'. T~~
1911. For The New Year 1911.
BronW SugarFaitopy
GRELLfeCo Ltd.
' -
•fSKvijSMA. Err..”
nr a. i’j\ itiivi
I‘E a
; ±M£h l
«¿¿i -•
It! ftiii! &;a t Sam:».
r.Ci.r' .*“ u;
’■r.V.Vr.W .U
r-rr-* r*r v:y-
i y
;-'-í'r5=- 1-
â– ggyaataig
Muir, Marshall & co.
te is
^yji'MÃœwi- tot
1 V
i mmz
■ÜSÍ'&U* ‘

U09D irvUOAlXSjiS
"Gx s.s. ‘ Ganga
S gtjs'ffiicl ¿... I %
For Sale, |^^!?,¿;ijSrÍKr.ír|
r ^ r_
IsiírsMáCfS: Auction Salo.
¿aáSSr- ®= TSáSSKWÍ-SS
FnoM Calcutta.
1.364 Bags
roREwCtrl ‘SHGIAL’
¡ÍIS^SIrKSrS Tral'3' TraP3' TraíS
IIP - -
F. A. Skeete&Co
Hiw Ukttb Method
KliMlag ft por Dial k W.U
â–  Paper- .11.. oioj cUt.p.
| Sicamor» WaicIioimc |
Dn. II. W. LYNOü
Cheap Lumbd
W. C. ROSS & co.



Full Text

. = Ag Pr my are ry
ge so 4


Taina rae stance w.| TNT QA Opening: We Have Received


Stephens Lite) ~ |


7 GROOE RY DEFT. (ke Es "yee _ | (erent ‘a ma coarenrt A Large Shinmoat
m 13 FULL OF wit wake” . . , “qh ~ s | a, mee SKEOCH & CO’.S SCALVANIT?
000 THINGS) espera X-MAS SHIPMENTS. nae aoa

ab the last annual geceral mertiag of toes a
Ni nw | BAR: Wd. GLEN DINNIN CG & CO. paces Bena ov Thousands of Dollars Worth re atte Metals,
GOME AND SEE] = Wieh Thelr roar "Fancy and Staple Dry Go0ds,| one tee
Speotat + zines | MUMEROUS FRENDS AND CUSTOMERS. J ASSORTING ntvingoy & Topp
WENT se t [Pa s: .
Sr cnvas = |A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAs|Tihiiad Bulling ane] 9" a meen | —eaenaeare
HHL RUSHING) as Ase sr eae] CHER ESE SESE iy i ss
ESTABLISHMENT, NEw, yo AR. ~welephone: noes Whole sale Trade. HAPPY CHRISTMAS

Holders of Debsolare Bonds

F ible Assvelation are berery putid-d
thet ssid bonde will be redeemed ox


Leceritone 247, - - . . -



Bright & Prosperous New Year.

OUR. STOCK rosperot
. N. Abdoinor,

« a 37, PARK STREET,
ote af er the ted t J aes,
H . me coemionte |Our Prices are Right. |Pucsme won
i E . . no ror ber forercet will be paid o6 ean. i
. v their
. Debanrures before the sh ‘fay of Jace A LADY
Ap . chloe for ply . the sete ot the Aw. ‘Takes co chances when sbe buye
. thereon to date of sanceliation, xrew ve CGiggaw
- ‘By order of the Bsard of Directors, E H ‘ O. for her bustaada’ X fi
Nat oo _ S K sure to apareniate ae OU ie wl

Seorotary & Treasurer,
Novr, 21, 1010,


enjoys an Ie, It’s Trinblad’s Brey
Pork Boreet, opposiia Transfer Station,
Cao be obajued almost everywhere,
Dec. 900. ~—Im,





1 Ber FN oy Mate RUM
+e a
wee ope — XMAS CHEER AN D XMAS FARE. Labour on tho fsthmus of Pane
1 Sn GieestaLt Zeb FRUITS TS SS ama.
De eee aisiNs Xmas Plun. Puddings Hudson's Prime York Hams, Wines. a easy the Serer as he
. . ec! 8 publication o! we
ri bis wets iby tk and 4 6 Tien 8 to, 400 Ib Coe eee a ees oilline: took end | Sitar at lhc Satya
a . 48 : , Ci nts, White Winos irkliug Hock an s
i u's bus Ques Benene Xmas Minceme at—11b & 2lb Tins, Hooters Comberland Cat Home 1s 020 Ibs. oe 40° 'b Mole iu sand Quite, P s matous By Command,
aloog win a Be. cuaat Calender Toys Hest French Prous 1b Bota dos: 2'be Hots. 73 Honteg'e Yk Gat Lams 6 son bs atte wee 33) , . (o.19 oe yy Rmaaee
' 5] lean ooo » ¢" se 8 een eee eee * le be. jeciotary.
reeune Ge Fioest Mascatel Kylsloe 61D boaches 300 Fertls American, Hate, ti sete esi aoe oe 3 the Champagnes. Moet ¢ 0) ve ict
e— . . 6 bs Bores $1 33 60 pmowe Awericss ” meh eure snl Gotonin nt i vet ¢ Chand on, Veuve BRITISE LEGATION
Goudy dwisle 4 % YT Iso Ltd, a Metallics ove Ie Ke gar's American Fic. ale, 8 ToLObs ve vee URED Ci cqn t, Hed tal ck yey Mon spo'o co, ec Dea org
00 l QD. Bholl {Almonds “ on oe oe 180 lb, Bell's American mw Bobs one see ye i» SKY Rts "1 bave the houour toloforas Your
SS yal ate cm ae, e vee ove 180 i Haters Sliced Go ked' Heme 10 10:B, sve me un ae WHI a Exceilency that the lathmisa Canal
Dentistry. - Buceloos Nowe <2] RRR nae AN the popatar brands kort in sty k Cur | Gemuilesion base quested the Stesme
‘ ove ve te are 1G SO spemlenre, ALiv & Ure gis Prem, 5iton, ip roe eum ets ene atthe thar
DeA MARQUEZ, Surgeon Dentist, Finest Turkey Figs, in. Bets, PENT ENGLISU BACK B\CON bad “ee 2 ° wrealbd. o, onnepleu vue plecws fn iby officeto warn
noe nee ase . One
| 3 prepwed to execu s all orders Including 49s cach. Boxes at 139 and 309 each, . HUNTER SLICED gw ot b Th Sn tos RUTHENFORS HIGHL No} LIQUEURS 4) BOTTLE Hier fa Ua surplae aay Bee
» VAN ow oe a .
: i cet acd He ES vepcociead fa vetoes | Fle Stolfed with Cherries and Nats oe 403 Bot, - ” : en we Lh & gib Botrs. BIQuUNnTIR = At. ICO, sees ibe present tine: musof Pan:

aod meta! otaes, All work guarantesd to be

ect Ofiw 84 Freiegck Stree, abave
votrichare’s, Ge OF F 9a htm,


xmas “Goods!

Xmas Goods!

Come and te tit yourself and
make your Ins rurchaseg,


Trecommend that wide publicity
Le given tothin warning, In order to
discourage Sintd gration of persons
whe pay desirato comets Pins
on thele own iniiletive, ia svsrch o:
work, as thoy will meet with disap-

The Canal worke are already withia
& nieasutsble distance of being come
ple dy and soon it will be 5:

ducethe force. When this
pent it Is probable that the ranks Oe
be onemployed on the [sthmus will be
twelkd to considerable proportions,
and In view of theatringent vagrancy
laws ip force in the Canal Zone aad the
Republio maoy of them will fled theme
selves i a ere rae eesnens alt situation,
bave the honour to be,


Just Received, 1" BOY
Ametsaa Soda Walet Factory

"x (BOYD & CO.
AND FOR SALE, ses Es ne

AT REASON ABLE PRICU. Fait, Flare, & Laing Quality.


ond them once, and you, will beve no

bs Yous Ur uaM

pauls, Amproutt's, BWiETS and

SWIFT'S FIUMIG HAMS ab 162 per tb)

CU ESSE =~ Fda, Cream,

. 1400 Bags

Sova WAa38 32a down soviet Daings,
All blows, 360 dest,
pore arrangements for Eaterctasa-


ae me

Your Excellency's obediént Servant,

AU Britan le Majest
He Bacellne nlc Majesty . ‘Minister,
The Governer of Trinidad, .

ite w = Gees Table) TRetzotion ¢ AF FACTORY CORDI- - j
nite Wanee a “peleoen . Phone 670. — ALLY INVIT HU. 100 Dp R u M s — 4
salt a * a #t
CURKAN1Sel lb, pigs., ccsacd. ;
Buea 1 ice cael VOIEAUG all () bb. The Medical Hall. PRIME Lande LUNENBURG CODFISH, rane seveaoxs
UG iks—Lsiog, Cestor & ot bere, Loval, a . . . . « Rl 3 '
dInGbtcbeubel= be mer QUE Bests, Derwtorat, 50 Tierces Prime Medium Lunenburg Codfish Ordinances Novtot and 40, :
XUTS, ALMUND WALNUTS, We sre sare to have whet your Preacrip: . LIGNtING UP KOUAS FOR VE a ?
belo etee eie tee MI for. ved lot UTCE VOR 24BUARY, FEBRUARY AB
PLUM PUDBING—{ & 2 Ib, Tlas. ¥ PeesLy BROS & Wahave ale receved anew Jot ot _ anor. doth
Coa ee EUTIOR NEY ON GONTARD, Grist ssd ibe New * Bhppar Bod Pao, BO Dp ° T AMPS muot be Kept bareag. om
Euscalt Se aipeela— pene wo OT cpemmemmnanemsmmmsmen en a OUTH QUAY,” ati Frescripiiogs ne pot up are com 7th Deoewl or 1910. 6, Provdwar. Revie ibrcaahous th the Oclony beiwees the

following hres

4,0, ras Toxavis, Ox FONUUEE, Apiel and Sisal Pails, ROOM Fax a DOARBERS. mine ea BIL Vs fe COn ANEW GARAGE. eteare Io “From § 28 ym te 8 de ty

ain oe 2 HQTORE, yd PQUEURS | STE(L d& PENNY ROYAL P us| — PLEASE. TUE, GITFENG CAUBIAGE FACTORY bas dled « sew Dupre wil a a ‘arate .

und, nt | eA agaist aiet| cteamtontgparaieey | Mn, moron, maar Ame Te ates! oft tela
MW, GoooING, | Gat veem at Bewilan’s Bray ser oe ino ae en OT LAINGS PURE SODA FACTORY: | “tiev@rutt! reams Bm MAE, Ta not Aenea mu ameag Oo Cantrotin | Pare Deetober 1


* ~~
ne xt lll ts a

NO $400 VOL. XXX

Ssturdsy, 24h December, between

An Oyster,

“TLE Nook” 06 La Fan oO

iTi=' Jadee req, (Tonapnaey and . .
BRENT ~ 8 TES Nook +0 ta Foe | care cas need we ies tne Ra &, rot oan | DUSTON WOMAN'S DESCRIPTION, 19 AC;
Huastesl Gardena, with Breoris Lieb’, rece|ot om ex iuery pep F froin A. Hsia to WAVE BECOME JNDISTINCT,
Reworege, acd all cobvenienve for a | Koptelat, Fis'e'o_twirutng seme to a = x
feaily. Pletes app'y to A, Mexoes, 7 | Prareteo Marg, Tua puna, of to Vr [Spectal Deapatch to the Herald |

Fred Cas vile, 109 Qa-en Bireet, wali be
ewarded.-Dece 30 6 - Iw,

Pptchaslshchs birtnat ee A en Tome
* —_ one
Pee rata Steet tn thea
GLORnGk THoMat Waekns, daroased ; ~
1, Now, 62 # 54 Meuut Aloidss, Reed, S10
2 Np, 9) Mt, Morksk Revi, Sn Fercante
3, Nebas


Cheeon Btreet. or 49 Jerolnghem Aveuce.
—Javy. 3m, _ _

RENT. ~That wost delrable Oet-

tage lo Maerrey Street, nest 39 the
Woodbrook Post Office, jant the place for
a sewly married couple containing 3D d
rooma with Bow window, Drawing corm,
Dining room, Kucdeo, Favtry and batn
roum &o. Water laid on the premises.
Twuedlate fornessior. Apply to T G
Lexy, 31 Carlos Street o 4 Broadway
omJany, 5~ Im.

NO LET.—No. 15 Queen's Fark Fact
T aaltable for bachelors tr @ siaal
famly, ElectrioAtuioge Moderate rent

for inspection. Apply at No, 9$
A omby Bt.—Jasy, 4~ Im.
OK RENT=Cotuge Ne, 20 Aivba
Street, with ell convenience, con'slo-
ing 3 bedioows, dining sed drawing roome,
pesiry and vevsl out ofrces, sewerage and
Prectrle Hgbtinetalled, Immeciste pace
sion. ApplytaO &. Lawars, Bt. Joe ph
wary. dle,

As a teqit of the pablcetion ia
various newsparera fa story’ to the
eff-ct that K 31. Glese, of thle elty.
hed found a woman's ring set with a
red stone embed ted in an oyater while
eating a stew, Mr Glass hae receiv:
a leties for & woman in Boston, to
which she says; —

* Seeing w notice of your having
food a ring fy an oyster, fam curious
to knnw Hit could be tbe ene T lost at
Higham Harbour while(n bathing f
ain wandering If it could travel that dle-
tance, Will you please see if it bears
the iafiiale ‘M. 28’ on the Inside? It
answers your deectiption inthe paper
asto the red stone and the relue.”

There are three {nitials engraved ia
the ring found by Mr. Glass, The first
uouwistakaldy isM ° The other two
ate indistinct, bat seem tobe“ E EB.”


4 Na os as 1 we oe
5B No, 1 apd 3 Qourt Strret, Ben Fernando
6, Nad ” se ou ae
7. No, 303 & t+ offea Herre, og
8 Nu, #3 Wort Mertsh Road, Kan Fee-
narda I tan tend.

Aprile to Joyern Weare, Ban Fara ndo
P wt Off, or Junathas Myan 8 ich or,
“Cham ery I as’ Of trees 8 rect, Port

ee ee
RY°s HEN £—Un.tege Ne 7 Tayau ta, pasa De. O hohe _ en

Belmont. Poasersion Iith 2 owary | ~"“2a,
1911, Moderate rental — For farther par-
tlen'ars spy to Roast, Josyrx, 34 Duka FOR SALE.
Steed, or Afr, Lee Lara a bai La rite envemneneum ae
Bireetr—Dee, Shh tm .

POR RENT Vercisben ur Gasacee ed
1 =X, & Brewme Ptreet, Bs Choir,
facing Eovt peomaining drawing sod din-
{ng roows, S$ bedrioas, D oang room

HAT desiratie re doirre lenws ae
Abernyta No dQren's Pook bat,
Tre xpd exerds o 4 vepth cf 1s Gu ft
with a fruempe fF 1624 The ge ain


large gellery, ete. EBerctsic twht ad | ase well etreked ei h feat tr om of of
1 ". F, Kraw kiede, and heore f bef ve wees.
sewerage, Ainiy” to, We aie - den wa Pt. be pata Aw 2 Tne . (Oppostta Rallwiy Station.)
rOR RENT< The Lover kexey, N Cor cand a Croypuet lawn wih ont vent PORT-OF-SPAIN,
fi R RENT= Tho Upper temeys N> | Caines Grace at the b al fv dao 1,
18 Chacon Street Paersooa 86] Tre Heme runteins § Publ) Hem xed —ssaee

onee. For further parsical te, eppy at
the ofgoa of the Titoldad Baring aod

Oatede ste Pasty, Bothronn 3 Lave.
Loan Assoclation.— Deer, 16cb tories Kitebon, il Servante Room, Hare

oe RENT Ge teage No, 67 Turbriond | nee Raow, Oats Kam, © rings ioe
it Street Electele Light apd all rosvem: | fir 4 Carsiswte, 4 al eand 2 loons hone,

fs Bedroome, aloe Garret with &R> on Traps, Traps, Traps


fencer, Kent $26 monibly. Possession | Qowehed of t Cire, bowl bma Or 1 Me

[vt Japcary 191), Appy te Che-. drsiret the Hone can te sod for -ishet 4GOUTL Ta dPs,
boollmyes Of60:5 Ihebaond Sticet.~ For po ware pase onpy ts TAMER Lit) TRAPS

Deo. = 15d 1, MiLion, Jar .eja Mr' ev. Gren) MOSGOUSE TRAFS,
Fes RENT Two Story dover, situac® Dee hm. PL-te TRF,

Long Oirruiar Road, St. Jota, om

~ For Sale. — WOLD PLG TRYP3,


Thinks She Lost Ring’ Found In AUC] IONS ALES |Sale at Auction |


ix ss, ‘Gangd

From CaLcurrs.


1364 Bags



rukSDAY, 1th JANOARY 1911

NOER_lestractione reorlved from
Ilon. Comm=ndent Local Forces the
undersigaed will cBer for tale

7 Blinke’s, 14 Numnahs

hy order of tbe Maoager Gore. P fatlog
Olficer—-1 clock, 2 tin ern'e’ers, 1 Tok
stand, letter Ble and for other toberestas—
One pratry gebla, tolles table, waeh-
atend, server, BW, Rocker, mirror, bie
lex, D ube bedstead, 1 balr mate
pear. *


Auctioneers, Valuers, Estate Agents
and Accountanta,
20 Faeprrnk &1. | Taternoar 116.
Onoda rected for eale at all simes,

wee #242

For Sale.

NAN FERNANDO 9 lotr of land sits.
S ate corer of Vircest Bt aed Patoo | cult
Lane. ecod bailing sites. low price, trees, wardrobe, preee, whatnot,

LAVENTILLE 12 eeree of tend with | softs and snndeies as wil ap
qrarry ond rights, rateable propery, tu be Smie me 2
pold ata bargaia. Terme Cosh belore date

TOBAGO -Oce-+hld interest to the ¥. J. SCOTT & SON,
Ade phi Ee ate (492 acres}, close to the . Gort, Auctloneers, |
town of Sew bwoogs, sith dwelling house, | 12 St. Viccent Re,

3rd Jansery 1911

ocengJed by the D }1.0.—Fice opporta-

Th Rushes spi | Auction Sale.

Fall pirticalars on a7 plicasion.
TO i we

BAGO Windsard dintict, Estate
of £00 acon, partly planred, with BO acres) pir nderigoed will sell by Pablle
‘Auction, on SATURDAY, the 7th,

eavanpah Jands 30 dols, per acre excellent

prtion and beathy dieu
Frederick S'reet, Port-2t-3,

INO. 1

100 BAGS


For Salol by


64,South Quay.

Cheap Lumbd


Wo aro now reccoiving a cared






TINIDAD.— Cocos Estates, from 10
to S00 acres fa tha best districte, in fall
besring, from 50 dole per acre, U ber
propersies at $12 por sere.— Appiicaions

o .
oclek pw, the Goods ofthe Pharmacy
‘be oogiug to Bartho'omew F Miles for
arresrect HoaseR ay dae to Michrel P.
Mal-rd — >
ARD Ynit® & CO, m-be do Pour Giass cassa with contente—z'ne,
V eberges onles thepare scccesr(al | soaps, patent redicioss, tollét waters,
an selhieg pre perries, and will bs pleased to | god «mpty conoter case (S}—vis s eneps
reeere particulere of Estates and prover: | end triles reqalel e, serloges, 2 bowre>
ties tbat are for disposal; they re pect- bic boxes wih contents, 4 cat glace
fa'ty invita all persons who are wishing to ‘es, 2 welgbing m chiaes, 8 eoueter
bey Estates for iaveutwent or oc-upsiioa | shelves with tuiles requisites, 8 counter
to orp'y to them for particalare of proper | draws with retall agndiies, 1 case cootals-
ties thes ere available, ing plestere sod 8 bed pane, Shot water |,

Avcioa and Estate Oflizes, 20 Frele | glasws, 1 8: ebow case with conteats,
ick Mireet, Port of Npvin.--the, 30 b,- lw,

coe dis,en-ing counter contslaieg wine snd

YARRIAGES Ward P To & Ga have | t Vet eeyu altes, 6 decozated show boit'es, 2

O for Sate as! .w Peicee—-Teao Vievorias, | hardwnal benctos, 37,bsles of role with

2 Doggies, 2 Gize, Governe 8 Var, Duthe | stecd wrepo ng pape’, 2 office desks, dis-
dencCar, ood a Leodean.

No ressunsbe } posing cosaer with dispensing droge. 3

en PE Gare eee

offer relused, Eee bem at tbe Ciry Ssle | disproeing roves, also torber Jers, pille 4
me, 2A, Fek Ht,—Jen, lw, Saiael 15 shelves og Boatb, with drage s

CoE ANN, -Na, 1 Catiears Avaune, | tad list’, Piteat mejicives, 2 empty 4
The attractive aod nesrly new two ( Mich Lorties ; West--62 sbelves with deage FROM NOVA SO ’ 2

storey residence, omtalsing” 6 rooms | !* )48 eat bottles, a's empry jing COTI* ‘

and large galleries, 3 bathruoms, 2 Nev be-19 with bo Le

W.C.'s, E. LL, Garder, servants roms,
da, lo met bealsty penitio —trans cca)

ome with drags . ° 7
‘ik | Ex. Schooner “ Annie E, Ba:

a t.

taining 3 bedrooms Aawing and dinieg . +g lo—must bero'd end it will be ould to come ela 4
Lede nicest Remeeesic igheaed | A 2 BRED ZEBI, BULL, Cre'e of RQUIRNEL IRaPes, adr toler aed all puticelawwel Gvard | Wetta12 cnpboarde swith drugs & polsoas, Asai. Fox WHITE PINE No 1 ‘
. 8 oplarce Savenpab, Tedegy Gon be seam at saris — Vrice Co, Auctlon and Estate Untcer, | Said cupbserde with tome soaps. 5 » No, 4
‘Apply In Js Ws Gamuat, Crown fonds | No. 21, Seach Qiey, “Pace ther plow: 26, Frederick Stroet—Jan. L—le, "| cfactt Shes O guineas ae balsa 45,251 Foot HYMLOGK BOAR 4 }
Oftice,= Dre. = 15ch—tin, | | bere arty ve PRAXIS MENUKA, F A Sk £ & Cc 1s & telcos Liseue paper. ! 5,000 Feet SPRUCE ty
POR TENT —soewe Gnd armaied 8 MENUES, A, eete 0 ren chest, 27 shelves with droge, :
oud 380 ex land with over 200 besrieg 1) Bredwsy, eer ne ee

fralt trees, healthy, good petzub susbood, Det, Ben Be,
S$ micutes walk from Yeluong ttam— 8
Br, krencois Valley. Ausly to Tio &.
JUD, 3 Be. Feercols Valley or A.V,
Nontrichard 88 Fiedaneck 8 .—Dier Hib
pres REST. ‘160 Biorey Wodee of ants
a Tecor gus, Sputatving 4 P deen,
apg Sv0m sod drawing room, large vpen :
Killery--traal out ciicer-gods water (2) Bow BLUENONE CuRKer
Supply. & micates walk from Hailwsy f 10 O-ser, 33 Ub rine hae oe BUTE RR
Staion, App'y for funber perucalers to 75 Dariele Vansdlso FUKK MP Ad
Gorvov Guast & Co., Bt Vinoeat 34 Do, Ket
Durldidg—3ed Dec—1a, a)


2) Bervele SPT CT HE RRENG

New ccientifis Method

44. Balepoat Tircuw Road, the Stred,
Orb thet


FIRE RISKS on all binds of I'ro
peruas accepted by

TheNorth Brilish & Mercantile

ewtaollatedt 280


5 De »
© Cesev ieuilten’s UnbaAM SUD 48—-
“43th Tus
Dram Linge New. sodland FISH
Basil “

See ee ee

ii *AUNILIARY Lat SCH aur. Ex Ratont Arrivals
Alt teow, tivged as ws Yeo) aad pied | 20 Carboye SULPHUURIO ACID
with OUP. 2Cyhader Petrol Sl ace. 5 Gases 44) Ib, Gi as Betzee JAMS
Apply to Cari, JO8bs 1 Svew Yacht | lu 771 in, Toe Ne goss JAM 4
*Cors'aut’ Tiloidad or lo fir, Prnuent hf 5 Tanke Iitver s SWEETS <1 4 Ibe,


te UM LLP . —_—~
Deaxr, Healt Officer's Unh € Babule sim Na phldl JM, Total Funds at 3ist Decomber,
TORBATE Ten hin Meer hin, | 2) Iegs CRUSHED U ATS~-100 Ike. 1908. ...e00s ceereeL19,875 357 0 0
jruk SALE~Two New Awenioin Maes .,
landed ex “ Crown af Navarre’ oo | $5 Hue O8TG Total Kovenuo for year 1909
220812 10~saltab's for ailwork = Apply | 30 Haze MOLASCUITR £3,405.5°6 7 10


20H ge POLLARY .

§ Cases Crowa Band MVICHES

30 Vases Culgurie & To - U TANON


t» A. de Boasiere, Imaulgsa joa Ulli,
Yort-of Spain,—Drer 24 b-2w,

VOR SALE-A it} ject SlRLL BUAT |
in g00d condition and complete with
asil, meee, boow, @ patra 7 feet Scale, }
ir 10 Seebosre. Can laseen In town
ii applylag to Jawea MILLER, far ca
iler 8 Stores £.td,— Decermore 29/i0—lw,

The strong position Leld by the Com
pary ae sot forth by the above figures
should 6) pesl toall three who desire sale


dule Agents tor Fils, Department
- fa Trinided s

x Egerampy nite sttneeee QOSEPH GONZALEZ) tited, thpning « teats

Fe SACB=Hoave with four tome 0%

Cour, Me tala oad, Tevepuos, pevenlte
vse w ool th

Srrraxns, LTD.— Deer, i sani. evrto

; —

BALK=—A toeatfol Bay sith
splendid esa bathing tod coud Henne

Wholesaig and Retail Eardware,
Qlase and Barthenwato,

Tad'o Kniyes Rea Tig Teise

et ee

MARINE INSURANCE effected on Cargo

Specie, (Volt oF Bilver) and Hegistered
Post, by


ja the peightoasbood. Batebew’ Kal Multe ; 3 it C

Malaleod rear the Gret Bose ketene Greoe Prucers. ‘ bug etand Cocna MARINE INSUtadit GO. LTD

Gacy i Tess [Seine ruaaeitte | CARTER so ae Soe tong
1 9 4 o on oo

Monge Dee aces oa, hd Miss Moraton Tose Bis lathe” - RESERVE fn 2 £300,000

Se ———_ + dlinges ‘lah ff a! 4 °
For Reatorioes een Flah 1 ginte-—THE TRINIDAD BHIP-
. F or Rent or Lease. —_ Via Voint Nala | Mele Gade fron OING 4 TUATING On. EPID
sitting yoo e “i ‘edlagks 89336048) each

dreoaa, dressing
ovum, sod geliery, out ciBoce, kiuchea,
Servant room, elabie and guttiage by us,
Electric Jigbe lastelled, lerge grousd wih,
8)t kinds of f.20 trees, alee lays quastily

Cheseos aut rofvcitecs, Cot sod healthy

Keamet Chombens On Pro-notos,
sx WUE) TO be taves ed ta emi! sume

fom 025,00 to $50.00 at
lavdercte tuteresg,

Hanemgehop daugs
He Tawup! '
Stent Lamp

Word Lanny

Vi weeed G3 sag

Framel Saye
Vows ol Matus
Fore Mitle

GC Nee Mille
Cotise Hose’ ers

A Wine Ulin oes
Secidence Bon Fissools sluy Road, Cotvuret 1 a: Arey
‘ a0 "
pew 9 mluces from tres ray Howlsrop & > aucre Faves’! Agent, 08 Verte
‘neces atye et LA large variety of Sow Jouds = :

woderate, Apply Ne, 6 Fork direct-—L.e

{ocludiag Paper Bags & Wall HluLiIpay * GIFT

‘Paper= all us usua cheap. |, USRE4 vo patseytog the fier ther

ctly empty. § barrels vasalace.
sselues with bowles and afew
wih droge, 1 Jron machise prees, 3
empty jere, 7 cases with wood esloaring,
empty, some

vis. J jarg mortar,
Went—16 sholves Partly

ea aod dregela

titles and jars; 15 shelves opntaio-

coataining & few dott
fog few bottles of drugs,
Sox hel seb harness trowe, ose acd a
ls weehlog sodas 8 boxes
bores, maled mi k, soaje aod lsbels ft
box oor fl y.1 W PL tables 2 doors or
bi erie fittings, 2 small


It will ba to your own interest to seo us bef 2a you call else

SE We Offer tha abo as neal Cha



Lately of West Eud, London.
FREKS ber servicers to the Lees uf
Trindad, Prices Modern'e.
Mavamgé HIGLIOT.
No. 83 Abercromby 8, to Uif-Spalo,
A few prces from Park 8% Corer,
Deo Bheia. -


LADY who has been treated for ant
pormimentiy cured of sopert soos
haire oa the face. ia wilting to treat shoes
simllarly eMuted. by the same apparatus
need by be, The me hol seqnires vo
chem cals oF ouber deteverious mlrares Lieented Daf and Avetioseer,
6 ta .perfectly harmless ao aloiess, . a
being ected by the eae rol te vestae: i
tloa o: root Beira, ’ .
Prices muderaie aad afl eommauiestions SA LE A [ AUCTION
wil be treated 4a e'riotly cond eatial, - at Tan


Many People
' £m wriuidad

wil do their owa baking in
tl eir owo Lowes this Xmaz

Why Not You?
Its “e and sure wth

New Perfection Ovan.

te Room—Emptypess to cottles,
t omson tottle room and sundries,
Termes Cash,

dd Mee, 3
ie oan Hi Oteeel there, {Steamers Warehouse| | NEW PERFECTION WICK
D a i
U Ms D'ANDRADE) uxzzstesrtissetans tx] | rit do soring soy store
L N — te
Deol Sota and nuranee Dobe, | i de, Trask Seapgcronzne | | Mnot at your dealers cal
“omission Agent. laudad demayed ere ue, oD atentle™ oon. cr write
awe ene. draped by taivey end sold for ths beneBt Wa xr ZWHora. orx, GonmPraws
a Bale at 10 a.— Termes Cash before on SEE PINCENT Stent, Fevthone 6H

(Oppostte General Post Ufice,) . ————

Gevr. Ancti .
12, 8t. Vincent Street, Anctlonsers

Sard Jsonary, 101],

BEG te notlfy the pubic thet t da
[ U iadeyald ver te Gen ¥. “Heggine

W. C. ROSS & Co.

8 Co, all my right, Ue and’ WISH THEI NOM
. Bec ly ett ain erent te FRMENDS AND CUSLOMENG
wea yg nal dein owlog te ty Ht kon 4 Hapyy ana Yr
. a Witg fo m:
Trinidad Electric . Hh + [essizred by me Ay) are peyelle tovens eee enomns
bei be. Jo < Ue | said Firm of Geo. ¥. Huggins & Co, NEW yYy
~—e . “Tr ya ‘ :
. EFERRING to Mose TARY Wl. | | Colonial Dispensary—rgrt.
POPP a 4s +tbe tig te heraby notified thet :
. pvethis da: =
8. D. HANDING, Robert Detour, aod with cuny eatue coe ote eee
Manayer vader sbe Firm or Style of Geo, I, Dag: CHEAP SALE 0
. poe, £24 Os aa pe greende Mr, De F MUSIC, Ja es obe
f none m R
ne la the mrornenest. ested with A Tute TRINIDAD, MUstCAD HALL | 778 no fooger ia loy,
GEO, F. MUGGING & Co, | sangha ael et Meters Se Shents A ssle— Torrone ee employ,

avy ote. ee ee
Why Don't Your 3 Teowsers Fit?

wm, Twa Steas ato, fi
cents.” Waldiec'el. Wallect acd’ Gola Walks
Albums for 38%, Violin parts separatg to ay

Dumber 9c,
WV &.~For all tblogy mac
SS Per coat Jess than eewher

acy mooles whatever oui
thth D.ce., totc—2ue


AUB BEALEY begeto remlod beef

U wesllow you


———_—_—_—_—_—_—_ eacher
7 D. &. HYNDMAN ° &
rume f d y a
WANTED, " ° They Oe watsol tbe ery tot Tene, thet abe ls a8 oat prepared to 80) ply yan Sipser go alecoee Deo, 30-108 of Suing lastrumaats, Princes Tow
ANTED ~ A goéd vatier, mun [JOSEPH GONZALRZ, | bos ahsg? 1 He bebsese Toy thew, | peyai Bik Citiataae, rend eal | Merksaupe on Motday dhe Wh lant at Lsicg
moolale required, Apply te Nerf, pal ite JORACcO PacToRY, D Bt 101 Charlette Birest. | eo Pome ser fot Laicg’s Famed Sods Water!
Sees seny sores | PUY eee roa | aw ate oP |e DENTISTRY — | Nour Credit t¢ Good, ri ieeite giOkes?
TEL Used, Ouong bony, 14,2 band Juby De Sonee bi Touphs | Deere HOthmtm, — = AIS Me abe 78
oF 3. Quiet to ride ordeive, Geld. are not tatsbs . Dr. T rey BaDe Bewis a uk beeae ;
gee dese run Gass, | gion coment br 32 | To Ensure Deli capa 1 NOH fa credrcrs seit haEA RS | =
Bos dee. hone us buy wlil lossth, > Lalne’ Ph © Ensure Ueilivery Bs Narry Dv itd CH Eee, © | Leaps supply Moat Ms with ¢ er deeet 4
‘ raD—a fen, bo rdsie r ji faees red) MASEL BTEC, ' ng 3 AYIAAOy. te 4 * 7 ag, USAJ dowaan weekin, Sntelgbily or weet
: a s " , . LEZ. ease serd ue your Xwas order ty 7 Mwederian we. | pryucetecuiehe to yourrve enisnre.
ae ase tee ty i I ter Ai| Dated ib ani day et Deotsteifio, | Toe PHESCRIPLION STORE, Rots Sv uSR ied, AQ branche of Uptodue DENTISTRY The Lie chaps 8 Oberle
gad Hist Moriwuy JloeenDer. #10 Pat, HS Frectertom me, (LAINE PURE SODA FACTORY [Ritrtate sche Puke ayes
, oa You Key,




. | lin—all shades

EX RECENT ARRIVALS. srsud 2 40 720,


300 Boxes Cube Sugar — .
Etch 50%bs, *

850 Bags Garden Siam Rice
250 Bags Best Yellow Dhah
‘50 Bags Extra Special

; Green Dhah
‘1864 Bags No. 1 Nagra Rice,



@11 Simenm,

Port-of-Spain Gazette.
Published Dare, Moocays and Publie Holl
days excepted, at the Once 36 St, Vincent

— a Street, Port of Spain,



Marriages, acknowledgments aod
daclaimers (which must be muthent
sted by the’ agaogtars of sore
responsible persoa) will be charge’
for at af wach to be prepaids

Casual Advertisements of every description?
29 64 per week; 33 64 fort:
alght, - per month pet nebo to be

Wants, a6 s—aa 6d per week each, ta be

Editor aad Publisher . A, P. T. AMBARD,
Maosger « . “CRN. Lavaxun,
Casbler G J. H. Forp,
All Cheques sent to the office of this paper fo
payment of bills should be raade\peyable
to ThePort-of-Spain Gaveite.


| Schoener & Co.


on oe

‘We do not bold ourselves reepoosible for, a0r
do we nocessanty endorse the opinions
expressed by our Correspondents in our
columns, it letters must be accom:
pacied by the real signature of the writer,
mot becessacily for publication, but ase
Guarantee of goodfanh, Rejected manu
scripts canaot be returned

| To Conngsronpents,

Twine, Twine, Twine,

Twin ze.

Rope Canvas; Oars.
Paints Oils, Varnishes,

heerptioa a“ as/- per year
3 Parade be afvincePoilace extra ’

Current Events,



ILM.S, “ Berbice" arrives from St,
Thomas and leaves for Demerara,
Mails close at } p.m.

Sale of several parcels of land sitt-
ated inthe ward of Moruga by F. J.
Scott & Son—1 p.m

Hale of one Trunk Sawples contain.
ing 83 hosiery handkerchiefs, belts
aod combs at the Steamer's Ware-
houre—10 a.m.




the ward of Chaguanas by F, J. Scott
& Son—! p.m

8.8. *'Saratoon"â„¢ leaves for Grenada,
Barbados, St. Vincent and St. Lucia,
Maule close at 2 p.m.

Sale ol Cocoa Plantation situate in

Son—1I p.m.


ward of Manzaniila by F J. Scott &

For anything in the Hardware Line,

Soa—] p.m.

GAL OM —— High Water Morn 731 Even 7.49pm,
Sun rises on a we O Dae.
Sun seta wee wee 6 EO
Moon sete we ee ae 10 PL,

A Visitto Meases Geo R Als.





Cradit to Irvaviad — Up-to-

~ date in every particular,
Legislative Counctt
dad and Tobago; Kavser and

Relwion; Wedding Bela;
Board of Industrial Train-


Our Article on * Conditions
in Our Country Districts ;
Turf Club Race Winnings,

Thinks ehe lost Ring found in
Oyster— Boston Womans de-
scription is accurte, but Ini-
tials inside has become in-

ee ——————z=—=__

The malle for Europe, the United
Kingdom and New York per ae,
“Sarammaccs” will be closed at }
pin: reclsely on Tuesday the lvth
ost. Registration and Kewspaper
maile at iam, There will te no
parcel post for Kurope and the Uaited
logdorn by this mail.

The RM.S Berbice willarcive trom
Thomas to-day with the English
malls and passengers.

Through an oversight, we omitted
to meution that United
Hele, and Mr. A. IL
tary of the Turf Club were amougst
those who followed in the funeral
Pencession, of the late Jockey Phair,
Ve also take this


Wish Their Friends and Customers

A Merry Christmas
_ a AND= .



Beason 1910—31. Marios Square and

Henry Street,

| , The Demerara Argosy of the 25th

lostant commentiog on the re

of the Clare

esys inter vidently = Mr,
Justice Russell to bis flodingd has
tem’ Justice with mercy with no js
spariog band, Kren in arelving at | f,
the conclusion that the bes!
of the colonial service and of the
colony have not been advanced bg
Dr. Clare's methods with regar
notification, we find him astlll hesitat- a
ing and doubting whether, after
be may not be wroog in his
sions. The chalrman’s anal.
arrive at a juste milieu le cous, jcuous,
aod I secais at times as if he hae for-
gotten the uazion of Pulllus Syrus— a
wee damnatur cu nocene ‘absol:

ety to

. colony
aa: Crepe dd Onno dy Pop- |-- | Divid ronal Kagineer of Ban Fernanda,

banian, and the other ty
Dee toe the Honourable G, T. Fenwick.

battle of Manila Ba
seventy-third birthday on the 271h { and

Charvi of Eoglan

clergy present were the Dean (Vener-

SS. a | be traced. Oa Sfonda

the ward of (luanapo by F. J. Scott & on

tondéCos New Suwmill— | ly Mevsenger

oval for Archers depot, cumple
task of discbargiug into the huke
Boe was chariered
@ was chartere

States Consul § one round trip to the
iprianl Hecre-f cost of £700.

** Kilsyth,” 3,547 tons,
yoish srrived teom Norfolk Va., with

pppertupity jot the harbour discharging.

port | McMullan,
Commis sion of Inquiry PoUadelphla to London recent!
aligim~ if countered a gale, with mous
ecas which ewept the vessel,

t Interests wae almost lostentaneous. The vow.
eel appe.
and while the oll did Bot stop the

all, | a

Tuseday olght for Ke Kitts,

Motor,eare which have béconie 4
Popular meaue of conveyance with 6

certuln seetion of the community,
apparently: cone to stay. Two more

eae vehiclag ‘have arrived in the
¢ one for Mr. de Tabsatide

the an, Al:

feh was brought 0: he OP aie

Admiral Dewey who fought. the

celebrated his

service for the

Friendly Soclet:
wae held In Holy Triolty Usthedea
yesterday at 12 otlock. Herides tbe
membore of the three branches of All
Salot's Church, New Town, St Mar
geret’s, Belwont, and the Cathedral.
there wae a fair gatherlog of otber
persons within the eacred edifice, The

The anniverea:

able Archdeecon Smith) Ker tl, A;

Ikev. G@. HE Byrnett, and Rev. EJ,
Holt who presided at theorgan, Rev,
Frank L. Mercy, acting parish priest
of San Fernando, was the preacher,
aud he took ble tert from Jeremlah,
and from Ficst Timothy, $ chapter,
aud the 8th verse,

From an advertisement elsewhere ia
thie feaue it will be seen that the “Cir
cling Wave" will be on its old location
at the junction of Park Street and
Arlapita Avenue to night, and to-mor
row night, and at Tacarigua on Sunday
Sth jostant. Ladies and childreo
will be admitted from 4 to6 p,m, and
the general public from 7

By the as. “Albanian” yesterday.
evening the jockeye Brunner and
Schaller left the island for Veneauela
where races will be resumed at Cara-
cas. We understand that there have
been recent importatioas of hocsetlesh
in the republic and Ube paces ought.
therefore, to excite considerable in-

Advertising Soate on Appiloation | terest.

1t will be remembered, that in May
Inst it was reported thata man had
disappeared from Arima and could not
last the bones
of Pedro Mejias was discovered by A.
Paponette, hie son and a lad named L,
Reyee jn the heights of Oropouche
near to the Timital Kavloe, Hie (Me-
jisss hat, boots, clothes etc were
ound scattered no doubt by the cor:
beaux, and identified by his wife The
remaine were taken to Valencia where
they were yewed by.the D.M.O, vr
Nebineon and ordered'to be buried,

The Constabulary Band will play at
Arima thie afterooon from 5 o'coe

Mr Walter “Abdullah has been given
the appointment of Clerk to the Ofi-
cial Receiver and Admlaistrator-Gen-

Sale of aparcel of land situated in | eval.

Maiden lane diamond {mporters
were informed onthe 24th December
of a report submitted to ebsreholders
by directors of the De Beers Consoli-
dated Mines, Ltd, for the twelve
moothe ended June 30, 1910, which
was made at a general mecting beid
December l0in Landon. The Le
eers Consolidated Mines, Ltd, can-
trols the bulk of the entire diamond

Sale ofa parcel of land situate in outputtf ths world, and the report is

full with big figures showing profi

and dividends distributed. The profit

for the year was £2 60) 720 (about 813,

p00) Dividends of nearly $0,0.0,-
were distributed.

There will be a full rehearsal of
“Slaritana” this eveniag, and all per-
formers are requested to atteod punc-
tually at8 o'clock, so that late rebeasal
may be avoided.

The January number of the “Month

of tbe Baptist Church
is qaite up to the excelleuce of fis pre
decessors, and ie realiy a vory read-
able number.

Constabulary left Eaylund for New
York on Vecember 11th and that bis
heatth has unfortunately not much
improved. He expecta however to
arrivela Trinidad on the 2rd instant.

— A felegram was received yesterday
Supreme Court Fiaturea;] >. Mr, file Phale tee joes arente

F oO sharlie ale je jockey who w,
The Funeral of dirs killed on Monday last, re aeeting that

hieremains be forwards
at the earliest opportunity,

To Mr, W. IL. Yullle proprietorof"Ye
Adameon Priaterio,” our acknowledge-
ment ithereby tendered, on receipt of
the 1011 calender issued by that

to Canada


Throughout the month of Janua
sailing vessels will fod generally fa

weather with fresh north-east trade the offence, that, It belng the de

wiods throughout the West Indie
aod tbe Caribbean ses, Alon:
trane-atlantlc routes, north of the
high pressure, foul weather with
mosterier gales and bigh seas moay be


The British steamer * Magda,” 1,608
tons, Captain WV. Bennett, whicn
arrived from Newport News on
December 25th last with 3,0U0 tous

"Brien" and “Star of Gere
esterday and will be fumi-
thls moruing prior to leaving.
nu New York foe
West Indies ata
The British steamer
Captala Smith,
385 tons on tober ub te still in
She was

The steamer * Suwanee,” Ca

while on a yoyege from

teamer was hove-te ang fish oll used
closets forward. The effecd

jared to be in smooth

coming a
parenuly vo sivength ja them.
ut two gallons ao hour were

ured upon the ses from a four gallon
rura ta each closet,

After taking 115 tong
% this port, the Lritish tele,
* Meury Dolmes" Je

se the Tone panseogerse Me.
{ 6 followin .
Teger "Agostial. “KO. Me. Q
Veatch, Me OC B Figueredo, Mr. ¥.
R. Bartlet Mr Wt. Tor

j sbourere for the asphalt deposit.

89) tone, Captain, Hivaro, atrived
Yates be

We note therefrom § Guifon Saturday last
of Tronte | that Baodoiaster Elliott of the local

the people at 1 30, who were perfectly un-

Oup wae played yesterday after

easre, Gordon, Urant | on the College Ground, BO ate
£825 for the round | tween representative
Cesuale and local |
clubs sod resulted in ao ~

tain | side scorin, ene
fairly even
towarde the close

a goal but

without anything

done,, aes rf

was inde

bunker coat Goprodactive m4 mtn?
réph Snneequentl '

6 00 J Wisuersto this game wlll b
Clydesdale sn the Howl match,” to pley

The American steaner “Viklog”

night for Gylaneco

sa and 78

The Venranelan stearher “ Guayana®

esterday from Onidad Bolivar qithr

oa leather and 3 passengers
for Trinldad=Mr Mattly Andersea
2 deckery The eteamert al-o
brought a large actouat of cargo for
transbip.neat (0 Europe and the
Vatted States,

arun of thirty eigbt hours
trou Bemerarb. the? Datch Mail
steamer “Pring Brederi Hendrik”
arrived ia the hatbour yesterday with
140 tous general cargo. She brought
DO passengers)

The DMS _" Coppename” which
e D,) ,
left -on Tuerdsy took away 1830

Advatiements of Births, Deatha, and | Melville, Rurat Doan of 8t, Margareta, | bags Trinidad cocoa and the Zollows

Ing pacsengera for New York —Judge
W. Foster, Me +, A. Heserick, Meo J.
Auberon, Mr and Mee, V, York, Mr
4. Dickson, Mrand Mre J, ‘Kneif, Mr
Rt. D,_ Irvine, Mr W. D. Anderson, Me.
Thog Lloyd and Ne F. Rt. Ward.

The Britieh etme, “Indus” 2110
tovs, Captain Kydd, left on Tuesday
night for Barbados with 7 passengers
-—De PF, Oooke, Messrs Gilimore
Hil, Carter, Murray, Pollard and
Elder> The steamer took in 400 tons
bfinker coal before leaving.

Thess," Aibanian “sailed on Tues-
day evenlog for Venezuelan porte with
part of inward cargo and the following

assengers for La Guayrat Me Jobo
5 Connor, De B, Baldo’ Me Joe Beun-
nerand Mr. J. Schaller,

The as. * African Peloce” which
left on Tuesday night for New York
took away 006 bags Trinidad eacwa, 12
bags Venezuelan cocoa 19! bage
Venezuelan coconuts and 330 tons
bunker coal,

The Norwegian barque ‘Acorn ™
493 tons, °Captain Mathison, cleared

esterday for Stettin Germany, with
300 tone Trinidad crude lake asphalt
and 505 tons Trinidad epuree lak’
asphalt from Jullan G, Rust.

According to « late {ssue of the
‘“Shippicg Nlustrated,” the Crown
Agents forthe Colonies have invited
tenders fora constal steamer service
round and between the Islands of
Triaidad and Tobago.

During the year just ended 14,853
tons of coal were handled by the
Royal Mail Steam Vat Coy at this
port, The coastal steamers —Kenuet ”
and “Spey were supplied with
2,747 tons, the transatlantic ships
took away 11,608 tonsa. the cargo boats
were given 315 tone of the mineral and
63 tons were used on the Jauaches etc,

It will perhaps be loteresting to note
that during the year just ended
337,844 bags of cocox were shipped
from Trinidad to Kurope and the
Unitedastates by the various steamers
Iu January last 50030 bags were
thipred, ‘ebroary 39,0ly, March
22.027 ¢ Aprit 26448, May 37,201, June
30,013, July 23.533 3S August 19,621;
September, 11,4°0; (Octuber 11,642;
ene 22.622, and Deceiver

The Trinidad liver “Granada” left
ast nigbt for Demerara to load 2,200
tons sugar, She took away no pasren-
gere and will return of Tuesday morn-
ing to Gillup before proceeding to the
States via Grenada,

Captain J, B. Saunders, Ltarbour
Master will open on inquest to-day
touching the death of the man James

lackiaen who wae drowned io the





Before Mr, H, D, Huggins, at the
City Police Court yesterday Hergt.
Boyd summoned Mr. W. E, Hender-
son for baving, on the 24th of Vecem-
ber last kept, employed fo hie Dr
Goods shop at Yrederick Street, retall
selling clerks, after the hour of one
o'clock, Defendant pleaded gullty,

The complainant said he warned de-
fendant at 1,16, sod in spite of this
warping he continued to sell until
Sfter three o'clock. All the other
stores were closed

Defendautalleged io mitigation of

fore Xmas, the store was Aled will

controllable and bls clerks bad to sell
to tbem,

IMs Worsbips=That je no excuse;

@ Ordinance says you must pot keep
open after oned'clo-k, It appesra to
tne an absolute deflance of tho law,

Defendant bad a previous cooviction
for the same offecce, when he waa
Aned £2,

He was now finsd £5 0¢ 8 month's
Imprisonment, the masinam penalty
for such an offence.

Yesterday's Football,
The sensi final game for the Bonaza

talr, be: f.
teame of the

one goal The ganie was
Q ite opening stages but
the Furces_ had the

better of the actual play, T;
goal of the F be Hret
Hain be |
V4 from the lefs wing Soon
this, however, Joba Rochtord
* Maroone” be
there was | fur halftime

match went

Vorces being the credit

shut by George
equalised for fe
fore the whistle sounded

At the restart both


sides stralned eyery nerve to secure

the end was announced

tanglble bei
The usual twenty Fatautes pley
le also was
@ gme was

Geelared a draw,

Forces football | .


. Vailors and











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tase Is, the transaction was Scott's,
and bot Knox's, and he refused to have
any dealings with Knox, I don’t think
itis peceseary to decide whether Air.
Field ja right when he saye that the
laintiffs all along knew that it, wae
c. Knox's money that was being
cabled to Neubsuer’s although this
appears likely since the saws bill bad
feerloust been offered to them by
pox and bad been refused, And Mr,
Gordon said that he presumed that
Knox required the money cabled to re-
turn a draft that wae maturing. That
the plalotiffe knew that it was Knox's
money is alao likely from the fact that
Knox was the drawer of the bill, and
it was not suggested tbat Scott had
ererbought the bill from Knoz, The
whole dealings both with Knox and
Scott as to this bill go to shew that, in
neither case did the plalntilfs rely on
the fact of Scott's endorsement as being
@ guarantee by bim as Neubauers
agent, that Neubauer would accept the
bill wo endorsed. Jn Knox's case, 1o
epite of such endorsement the plaintul
would not touch the billand when be
did take thie same bill from Scott on
his own showivg be and Smith relied
either on some stateinent of Scott,
that he bad some special telegraphic
authority (which neither Mr, Gordon
nor Smith asked to see, nor existed in
fact)—or cleo relied on the fact that
they were paying the money into
Scott's account at Neubauer’s, Ths
inet bod of payment Mr. Gordon at firvt
called earmarking the money for the
benefit of Neubauer, and then admit.
ted that he was only relying on Scott's
word that the money would be ali
right. Scott telegraphed next day the
Ath to Neubauer to transfer the
amount cabledto Knox's account and
this belng done Neubauer accepted the
billof £100 already referred to, on the
day following, the 20th, These are all
the facte which I consider material
with reference to the firet bill. The
dealings in connection with the sub-
sequenttwo billsdrawn in favour of
Bcott for £1.50 and £60 respectively
by Knox and endorsed by Scott were
practically thes me except that they
were never offered by Knox (as [odced
was useless forhbe had been told that
the pleintitte wéduld not deal wit!
them). The Lill for £1,830 was sol
with others on June With to the plain-
sil by Scott, and their proceeds cabled
by him to Scott's account at Neu-
baver's, beott transferred tbe proceeds
to Keox's account vext day, Ist July,
which procured Neubauer's acreptance
of drafts coring forward on July 2nd.
Similarly on July 13th the Lill of EU,
drawn aud epndoreed aa before, [a client's cbeque would bo Mable to
wae @ to Gordon and {tw pro- b honour every subsequent cheque " Ie
ceeds telegraphed to Scott's account pit by not prvventiig people kuuwlog


en a ee
at Neubauer’s and transferred by { that Scott acted as his agent in his
bim to Knox's account which pro | money lending business? There is no
cured Nenbaver’s acceptance of Lille spharent autbority that I know of
numbered 65) and 05! which had come Ff that an agent for a money. lender has,
forward for acceptance ‘These being }and no evidence of such appsrent
Lhe facts relating to the sale of the bills, | authority bss Leen given in the case,
is Me Neubauer liable-for not accept: ! a0 asto shew that the mere fact of
fog? ile can pnly, be Hable Io one { Scott occupying tbe position of the
of two ways. Lither because (1) he ! banker or money-lender agent's would
actually authorized Scott by en-
doriing, to guarantee he would
accept the bills, or because
(2) he conducted his business Ip such a
way that he misled persons burlng
the billsand soduced them to believe
that Scott's endoriement was a
Ruarantee that the billy would be
accepted by Nebuauer. Nol, depends
on what Scott's authority actually was
to bind Neubauer to accept, ‘Scott
had author uy to give a bill if the
particular planter had not exceeded
the mit upto which Neubsuer bad
agreed to make advances and also a
right to give a bi whenever any
of Neubauer's clients gave biin
cover for the samy. Scott had po other
authority, Knox. as we have seen,
had over-drawn the limit some years
before therefore it fs clear that Scott
did pot endorse any of these bille
became Knox was within bis Jinut,

lead people to thiak his endorsement
wea equivalent to bis principal's
acceptance. It then resolves iteelf
into this that the only holding out
tbat Neubauer can have been guilty
of, consisted in his doing bis money:
lending business {in the peculiar
inanner that be did i.e. having all bills
which be intended to accept, drawn
on him in favour of Scott and then
endorsed by Scott, Now, how did

thie manner of doiog bis bustoess
represent totbird parties, dealing In
auch bills, that Scott's endorsement
iwas equivalent toa guarantee that ®
bill ehould be accepted? The whole
evidence iv the other way The plaintiff
himself, as bas already been pointed
out, did not originally avd at the
time he bought these bills, regard
Scott's endorsement asa guatantee,
ahs le lear from hie refusal of the
3b bill when offered bim nox,
Ilad Scott then cover, enabling bim to | The manager of the Laok ov tlaite,
give the Lille? I think It is {impossible we bave it in evidence, wrote as follows
to hold he had. Scott isaned the bills | to Neubauer. “We are frequently
to Koox without receiving avything J offered deaf « on youe good selves
avd endotsed them without receiving | cudotsed by ’ KE Scott... ... Iethe
anythivg sod then when Gordon, | endorsement of Messre. Scott and Son
Grant would not deal witb Koox, sold | any Ruarantee to ue that you will
themphimeell te Gordon, Giraut, ‘The neerpe the drafts?" Showing he did
money be recelved . fom Gerdon f not tegard such endorse
Grant for the billa cunrtot bo consider- & h ment oy itself
ed cover for their ixsue before they were
sald. The bills were Knox's Lille an nut
Scott, so Scott was bound to transfer
their proceeds ta Knox, This issue
and endorsing of bills was not within
the authority and Neubauer Is not
liable for non-acceptance unless be Is
Viebla under the 2nd head. Ie then
Neubauer liable by estoppel because
he guvd Scott apparent authority to
guarantea that he (Neubauer) would
accept atl bills, drawn on him by
cliente when Scott endorsed them ¥
{It cannot be eugkAsted that Neubauer
gave apparent dutfority to Scott’ tu
guarantes Neubauer’s acceptance of
any bill drawn by Tom, Dick or Harry
that Beott chose to endorse). Now,
how Ielt suggested tbat he beld ov
Scott ag baring authority’ to bin
him? It canuot ba by the mere fact of
his having accepted a previous draft
soendorved. If the mere acceptance
of previous drafts were a bolding out,
then every banker who once honoured

a¢ guarantee that Neubauer’ would
accept any bill Scott endorsed and he
must have known tbat Scott wae
Neubauer's agent. 1, therefore, think
that Mesers, Neubauer are not Hable
by estoppel for not accepting these
bile, ‘Abie will be judgment for
appellant with conte.

Supreme Court Fixtures. ©
(Lefure the Chief Juatice),

Ob January,
The following fixtures tor the month
of January were made yesterday 1—
Beuery v Liverpool and London and
Globe Insurance Co., Chankersing ¥
Cowwercisl Union losurance Co,
Pierre v Lowalhiog Zepcro ¥ Jacques,
12th January,
Dutler v Adininistrator Geveral.

* | 10th January, «|
Frederick vy Jubo, MeLeao v Ten
pant! Egtate and anor, Arkless ¥
Larowell, Betbel v Briceno, Figueroa



The Proprietors



Have much pleasure in wishing their customers
and friends



‘ Figuerns, Ang Geoeral, Tu
Administrator Generat,

Ca, Tappih ¥

‘Tonie Wallace were charged by


l(ABRAPPY xvas


"Auguetue ¢ Daniel, Coff
Avguetue ¢ Davie toe f

‘Tied Janvary+
& Ua. v Aletod &
Tafeorl An toe ey eGo.

Bowen ¥ Sen senuary,

. a
ire ¥ Webel da Urasse ¥Ge
ont arhlets y Arkiess, McLeag v,
Arh Rrooke y Administrator Gen-!
eral, Archibald ¥ Archibald,. ‘

(Befery Mr. Juatice Ruleoelt),

(tb January,
De Lone v (Webster,

23th January. .
Looby v Confederation Life Asso-

cetation, —

The Funeral of Mrs, H, Gibbon,

Yesterday morning the remains of
Mra Henrietta Gibbon were conveyed
to San Fernando for interment by the
first train from Todd's Hoad whe

she died at her husbend's residence,
Atjhe Rallway Station Kev, Fatber
Cantwell PP, (San Fernando) assisted
by Rev, Father Q'Bryne with acolytes
and cross-bearers met the corpse and
then proceeded to the Roman Ustholic
Church where the,funeral rites were
performed. The choie was in attend:
ance and rendered most elfectively
the sacred music, while Mss BK. Regis
sang the “ Libera” and Mis Menrietta
Dough ,presided at the organ, At
the conclusion ,of the ceremony
the Clergy and acolytes pre-
ceded the hearse ctianting § %!

funeral to the Parad

rere. Dre. J. Gibbon. H,


2, Messre FE. H, Gibbon, 0
En. J. Mose and G, A, Porteous,
Among those who followed were the

Nurses aod Wardemen of the San Fer-}.

pando Colonial Hospital, irs W,
Date, Mrs, Porteous, Sirs Sargeant,
Mra Zurcher, Mirs,de Labastide, Miss
Johnstone, Misses Zurcher (2) Mies
Harragin, Miss Greenidge, Mre Meo-
Kenzie, Mre Norman, Misses Norman
(3), Mise M. Maxwell, Mra A. P, Mar:
ryat, Mre V. Marryat, Mra Doyle,
Nisces Doyle (2), Mre Fabien, Mra,
Torrence, Mes H. oH. McLean, Mrs
Forster, Mre Ciboua, Misses Date (3),
Mise Brerton, MosereJ U Lewis 1.5.U.

0. 2. I. Norman, H, UH. Pasea, W,
Sanderson, Rev, 4, Doorly, Rev. K, A
Hendy, ttev. Huckerby, De L. Fabien,
Nesers. L, U. Wharton, E, Jobostone,
A. Sanderson, EH, Sanderson, [, M,
Hobson, J, de Gannes, H. Zurcher,
Bynoe, W. McKedizie, R 11 McLean,
07. [tasspaesy A 4, Torrence, Lh.
Hamel-Sumith, G. M, Stone, de La-
bastide, A, K, Stone, J. Date, E. Ross,
Sadically, and masy others. Nu-
merous wreaths were sent from
friends aud sympathieers of the family,
The following were tLe mourners: Mr
HL. Gibbon (husband), Sire, Gueydea
{wother), afr F Gibbon, Miss Gibbun,
and otbers, We offer our sincere 8ym-
pathy to the bereaved husband and
other relatives.

City Police Court,
(Befo« Mr, LD. Huggins S.J Pj


Gawpiina, ~ Lance Carporal ‘Ed-
wards charged Mahabdeen with gam-
bling in a public Riscs: After bearing”
the prosecution His Worahip held that
defendant was not gambling in a public
place but a private yard and dismissed
vhe case,

SLEEPING ON A Footpatit.— Juman,
Sirjov and Biljah werecbarged by Ser-
geant Holder with sleeping on @ foot-
Path at twelve ociuck on Tues-
day night, This being Biljah's
Licst ofieace he was discharged with a
reprimand, theother two who had
been previously convicted for the same
offence weresent to pcson for li days

MAxING 4 Noles —Rosa Millington,
Hoss Korman, liederick Walisce, and

stable Eoatewalu with waking « noise

ne, .

a AND ye _— .
code ~t
rb ; }
“| A Prosperous New Year. | |
‘ , * } . — |
wo t }
i? oo
. i . _ °
‘ , 7 , iy : ! .
J ot ys mig
use ede . ‘ °

rue pal Vels hereby notified that J wil!

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* We beg to thank ouy numerous friends

and cusomers for their Uberal and

. generous patronage during 1910 und

extendio them our heartiest wishes for

° _ | @ Merry Xmas and a most Happy and
Prosperous 1911,



e , ;
Valaa Nowhere Like Malllard’s: | Free lusuradsce,

One Frice Only. |

at Cipriani Boulevard on the Mth of
Jdecember last They pleaded guilty.
The women were discharged with a
reprimand, aod the men fined $s cach
orthree days,

No Ligut, — Constable Springer
charged ‘Lboe, Harbert with driving his
cord with at Glight. He pleaded guiity
and wes fined 108 or reven dayr,

AILEGID THrvT—~FJrancie Aastin som-
moned Samael Elecock for the larceuy of
table valued 1/8 Defendant pleaded not
guilty, Cowplsinant's casp wes that oo
the 17th of last December abe gave defen-
deot among other farniture a teb'e to
varnish. She zot beck the other farniiure
from bin but not the table which she
afver wards learn the bed so'd. The defence
was that the sork was not given to him,
boteo bis hitsle son who etl bad the tab'e
in bis possession, A table was predoced in
Court which cowplatoant sald was pot the
ore abe geve defendant to varpisa, His
Worblp thonghs it a matter for acotber
Court and dismissed it,

No Licence Corporal Qaashie charged
Alfted Ssmmylwith driving his cart with-
out alicence, Ho was Bned 10s, of seven


Constable Bei! charged Lewis Belmar and
Maurice Agricul with quarrelling
ed = =©6Charlotte Street and Belmar
charged Agiica’s acd Raphael Jc fa
with besting bim, Mr 2 M Lesare repres
sented Ba'mar and Alc W Mobsos 6: -
od for Agricala in the assaultcese, After
heartog ite evidence in both cases Bel-
mar Was discharged tn the firstand Agil.
eala fined £lor lddays, Io the amault
cxse Raphael wae dlecherged and Agricala
mede to pay the coste of tha summons
and bound over to keep the perce for elx
months in £5.

ACDILDREY’s SQusseLe~Elizs Mo-
desterummoned on Kash Indien woman
bamed Elta for beatiog ber little son
Henry. Alter bearing the evidence His
Worship to:d compisinant th Court
wastods burery or place for tog
equabbles between chUdren and distla:
the esse, O*

ALLEGrD AssaULt—Feleela Naruse
sammoned Joseph Hoberts ‘and Joseph
Clatke better koown as » Lege” for hav.
log sesulted and beaten her on the 26t8 of
December last, Mr'Andre dank
ed for (he defendsnts, Com
was thaton tbe bight of ¢!
Robeita rushed ont ofa yard fa Edward
Street and cuffed ber onthe head, the
fall and while on the groaud crylog out for
**macder” % Lege’ came rp ood kicked
her twice, Only enocbee woman was
ia the street af tle time end she aw
everyibiog that took place—The defecce
wae thatoomplelcant threw esveral stones
in the yard where the adante live some
tf which stinck defendants, Roberts
went up ta ber. the etreet,
Ne followed er at Dake
Street corner ly held ber, and
Bothlog mon was dismlered,

Just Received

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Cocoa Bag Twine

om fh, Te

F. A. SKEETE & 60

Opposite Railway Station, §


e e “

. re
The Cireling Wav




Wednesday, the 4th Instant, 4


above dave

— ROR ~—


and will be at TACAKIGUA from SUNDAY th

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General’ Public from 7

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\ . (°The Cash Btore,”) ' ———— q

eral, Archibald v Archibeld,,
(Before Mr, Justice Russell).

kth January,
De Lone v Webster.
Bth JanJary.
Looby y Confederation Life Asso-

The Funeral of Mrs, H, Gibbon,

Yesterday mordlog the remains of
Mrs Henrietta Gibbon were conveyed
to San Fernando for interment by the
firat train from Todd's Koad where
she died at ber husband's residence,

. to

Le Ay
wv Ribeiro, dé Grasse v de
grote arbor ’ Arktens, McLean v
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fr Py DAD: 2 : : =
, ith acolyte , .
WOM LEVEGDE AI, The Hatter, Draper and Outéteer, | (EI Gtwetittee ae te'coree ed HANK YOU. (|
SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK ) then ven ebe . tae funeral ree were ; eee i
re wae in attend- + wee . e
Peet orend’ readered most elfectively - We beg to thank our numerous {riends ,

he eacred music, while M'ee KB, Regis
tang the * Libera” and Mie Henrietta
Douglia ,presided at the organ. At
the cone usion sof the | rem . duri 1910 und
the Cler; an acoly * r arin .
ceded tee hearse chanting the generous pat onage q =
funeral dirge to the Varadice
Cemetery, The following were the
bearers, Drs. J. Gibbon, F. A, Kodri-

et, Mesace E, H, Gibbon, O V Uib-
Eon, J. Hose and G, A, Porteous,
Atnong those who followed were the
Nurses and Wardemen of the‘dan Fer.
pando Goloales _dicepitale ire eat

ate, Mrs, Porteous, Sirs Sargean
Mra Zurcher, Labastide, Miss
Johnatone, Misses Zurcher (2, Misw
Harragin, Mise Greenidge, Mre Me-
Kenzie, sira Norman, Misses Norroao
(3), Misa M. Maxwell, Mire A. P, Mar:
tyat, Mre V. Macryat, Mrs Doyle,
Misses Doyle (2), dics Fabien, Mes.
Torrence, Aira it. JL, McLean, Mrs
Forster, Mra “inou, Misses Date (3),
Mise Beerjpn. Messrs J ULowis 18.0,
oO. B. H*Norman, H, H, Pasea, W,
Sanderson, Rav, 4. Doorly, Ker. K, A
Hendy, Key, Huckerby, Ue L Fabien,
Messrs. L. OU, Whacton, E, Jobnsvone,
A. Sanderson, EK. Sanderson, L, M,
Hobson, J. de Gannes, EK, Zurcher,
Bynoe, ¥ «McKenzie, HR WL McLean,
J, Q, T, Rasspacs, 2, A, Torrence, Hi,
Hamel-Smivh, HE. G M, Stane, de La
bastide, A, K. Stone, J..Date, £, Ross,
Sadicaily, and others. Nu-
merous wreaths were sent from
friends and eympathisers of the family.
The following were tbe muurneres Alc
H. Gibbon (husband), Mrs, Gueydan
(wother), Mir # Gibbon, Miss Gibbun,
aod others, We oller pur sincers ¢ym-
pathy to the bereaved husband and
other relatives.

ener ee ae ane een ne ene nt
tase fs, the transaction waa Seatt'e, Pat Newbauer’s and tianeferred by | that Sodlt-alted as his agent in ble
and pot Knox's, and he refused to have | him to Knoz‘'e account which pro- | money lendlog business ? There is no
any dealings with Knox, I don'ttbink | cured Neutauer’s acceptance of ville ‘ apparent authority that I know of
it lw necessary to decide whether Mr‘ | numbered Ud) and O51 which had come Ff that an agent for a money lender has,
Field is right when he saya that the | forward for acceptance, These being Jand no evidence of such apparent
lalntifte all authority has been given ia th

and cusomers for their liberat and

4 $ . . ‘ .
along knew that it wea | the facts relating to the sale of the bills, . extend to them our hearttest wishes jor

@ Case,
e. Knox's money that was being | is Mr Neubauer liable for not accept-! so asta shew that the mere fact of
cabled to Neubauer’e although thie|/ing? lie can guly bo Ilable in one { Scott occupying the portion of the
appears likely since the same bill bad } of two ways, Luther because (1) he ! banker or money-lender agent's would
previoual been offered to them by |actually suthorized Scott by en-] lead peoplato think his endorsement

pox and bad been refused. And Mr.{dorsing, to guatantee he would] was equivalent to his rincipale
Gordon sald that he presumed that] accept the bills, or Dbecausa| acceptance, It then resolves itself
Knox required the money cabled to re- | (2) he conducted his business Jo auch # (into thie that the only holding out
turn @ draft that was maturing. That | way that be misled persons Luying [ that Neubauer can have been guilty
the plaintiffe know that it was Koox's | the bills and induced them to believe | of, consisted in his doing hie moneys
money Is also likely fromthe facttbat that Scott's endorsement wae alflending business fn the peculiar
Knox wasthe drawer of the bill, and [ guarantee tat the bills would be | msoner that he did J,e, having all bille
ib wae pot suggested that Scott had | accepted by Nebuauer. Nol, depends | which he fotended to atcept, drawn
ever bought the bill froin Knox, The | on what Scott's authority actually was | on bimin favour of Scott and then
whole dealings both with Knox and}to bind Neubauer to accept, Scott | endorsed by Scott. Now, hdw did
Scott as to this bill go to shew that, in | bad author! ty to give a bill Jf the] this manner of dolog his business
neither case did the plaintiffe rely on | particular planter bad not exceeded | represent to third parties, dealing fo
the fact of bcott's endorsement as being | the limit upto which Neubsuer had | shch bills, that Scotts endorsement
&® gtaractee by bim ac Neabauers | agreed to make advances and also a | svaa equivalent toa guarantee that s
egent, that Neubauer would accept the | right to give a bil whenever any | bill should be accepted? The whole
bul eo endorsed. In Knox's case, in| of Neubauer’s chents gave hii | evidence isthe other way The plaiotiif
spite of auch endorsement the plalotut | cover for the same. Scott bad no other | himeelf, avhas already been pointed
would not touch tbe billand when be | authority, Knox, aa we have seen, { out, did not originally and at the
did take this same bill from Scott on | had over-drawn the limit some years} time he bought these bills, regard
his own showiog be and Yoith relied | before; therefore it is clear tuat Kcott | Scott's endorsement ada guarantee,
either on some staternent of Scott, [did not endorse any of these bille{ Thisie clear from hia refusal af the
that he had some special telegraphic | becamea Knox waa within his limit. | first bul when offered him by Knox,
authority (which neither Mr, Gordon | Ilad Scott then cover, cuabling bim to | The manager ofthe Bank of Halifax,
nor Smith asked to see, nor existed at] give the billse I think it js impossible | we bave tla evidence, wrote as follows
fact}~or cle relied on the fact that | toholdbe had. Scott lemed the billafto Neubauer. “We are frequently
they were paying the money into | to Kuox without receiving anything [y {fered drals on your good selves
Beott'’s account at Neubauec’s, ‘Th's | avd endoreed them without receiving pudorved by £ BE. Scott. .... Isthe
method of payment Mr, Gordon at first | anything avd then when Gordorg}cudorsement of Messrs, Scott and Soa
called ecarmaikipg the money tor the | Uirant would not deal with Koox, sold any §uarantee to us that you will
benefit of Neubauer, and then admit- | them himself{to Gordon Grant, Tha] accept the drafte?" Showing hedid
led that he was only relying on Scott's | money, be recelved fiom Ucrdon | pot regard such endorsement by iteetf
word that the money would be all] Grant for the tilla cannot bo consider: | aw guarantee that Neubauer would
right. Scott telegraphed next day the | edcover for their issue before they were [| accept avy bill Scott endorsed and be

ewes fhe Ore a ee

@ Merry Xmas and a most Happy and
Prosperous 1911, ,

Oa eee
a x

as bine

- patie enn


One Frice Only. | Value Nowhere Like Malflard’s, | Free lusuvaice,




at Uipriant Boulevard on the Hth of
ivecember last They pleaded guilty.

Ferns] JUSt Received

No Ligut, — Constable Springer ovr)

sith to Neubauer to transfer the { sold. Thebillswere Knox's bills and not charged bore, Harbert with’driviog his

amount cabled to Knox's account and | Scott, so Scott wae bound to transfer ust bare known teat poet res City Police Court card with ut alight, He pleaded guilty

Mil of E00 alsendy referred te, on the | sua edorsiog of billewee not withia | oveseeeer jeubauer are not liable |. “= oncts tA oct Tinricsyeccie Aveta sors Hocoa House Rails’ | Agricultural Forks#
a al | a bd

day following, the 25th. These areall| the authority and Neubauer fa not pepe tn es “Jodgueat foe Ueto Mr, MD D. Huggins 8.5 P.) mond Semuel Elcock for the larcevy of « | pried ra or §

the facts which I consider material | liable for nou-acceptance unless be is appellant with costs. Wednesd. table valued 1/0 Defendact pleaded nod .

with reference to the first bill, The] liable under the 2nd bead. Is then ednesday: | guilty, Complstoant’s case was that on

—= Gamattna, — Lance Carporal Ed:
wards charged Mahabdeen with gam-
bliog ine public place, Afier bearing
the prosecution His Worship held that
defendant was not gambling io a public
place but a private yardand dismissed
the case,

SLEEPING OW A Foorratu.-- Juman,
Sirjou and Bijah were charged by Ner-
geant Holder with sleemnog eno a foot-
path at twelve ociock on Tues
day’ night, ‘hie being Biljah’s
tirst oficuce he was discharged with a
reprimand, the other two who bad
been previously convicted for the same
offence were sent to prison for li days


Maxine A Nolex —Rosa Millington
Rose Korman, sederick Walldce, and Coratabie Bell charged Lewis eiee

deatings in connection with the sub, Nonbaver lable by estoppel because —— fi
sequent two bilisdrawn jin favour of] he gave Hcolt apparent authority to
Beott for Elion and £050 respectively xusrantes tbat be (Neubauer ‘would Supreme Court Fixtures.
y Knox and endorsed by Scott were | accept a wis, drawn on him Jr.

practically the same except that they client when Scott endorsed them? ORVINARY JURISDICTION,
sere never offered by Knox (as indeed | (It cannot be suggested that Neubauer Be he ©) " >
was useless for be bad been told that | gave apparent authority to Scott to (Uefore the Chief Suatice),
the piaintiffs would not deal with | guerantee Neubauer's acceptance of th Jane
theo}. The bill for £1,500 was sold | any bil drawo by Tow, Dick or Harry . {th January,
with others on June 30th to the plain- | that Scott chose to endorse). Now, The following fixtures tor the month
tiff by Scott, and thelr proceeds cabled | how Isit suggested that he beld out of January were made yesterday t=
by him to Scott's account at Neu-| Scott as baving authority? to bind | ,, Vruery v Liverpool and London and
Lauer's, beotttransferred the proceeds | hiw? It cannot be by the mere fact of Globe insurance vo., Chankersing ¥
to Knox's account next day, Jet July, | his having accepted a previous dralt | Commercial Union, Iasurance Co.
which procured Neubater’s acceptance | so endorsed. If the mere acceptance | /erre v lowalling Zepero v Jacques,
of drafts comipe forward on July 2nd. | of previotis drafts were a bolding out, i2th January.
Shnilarly on July 13th the bill of £650, | then every banker who once hcvoured Butler v Admivietrator General.
drawn ‘and endorsed as before.|a@ client's cheque would bo Hable to . 10th January,
me sald to Bordon and ftw pro- honour every subsequent cheque. Is neaeterick Zebne NeLean v Ten ‘Tonle Wallace were charged by Con and
ceeds telegre: ‘oa t » 7 “ v i C

erephed to Beott'e account Jit by not preventiig people knowing 4 fara wwell, Bethel ¥ Briceno, Figueroa J stable Hoatewalu with waklog a noise Sharged Agicu's “aed Ravbeel“deje

— oe ———_—o—>EE=>EeEeyeyy——————————_ ee with beating him, Mr E M Lesare repre-
| sented Be'mar ead Air W Hobsoa sppear-
ei for Agiicula in the assault case, After
’ beering the evidence {a both caset Bele
maar Was discharged la the firsband Agri-
‘ cals fined Zlor lddaye, Ja the smenlt
+ ores Rapbasl was diecherged and Agricala
. made ty psy the costs of ths semmons
. > . and bound over to keep the peice for siz

, - months in £5
‘ os" deste tummoned on Fass Indien womas
paced Ella for bestiog her Ilttle oon
Heory, Alter bearing the evidence His
Worship to:d cowpleinsot that the Court
. , waerova burrery or place for setitio
aquabbics between cbhidren and dismiss

the 17th of last December she gave defen-
dant among otber furolture a teb’e to
varoish. Sbe zot back the otber farni:ure
from bim bué not the tetle which she
afterwards learn the bedso'd. The defence
was that the work waa not given to bim,
butto bis htcle son who etill bad the tabie
in bis poreesalon, A table was predaced in
Cours which complatoant sald was nos tbe
one she give defendant to varnisa, His
Woreblp thoughelt a matter tor arotber
Cours pod diamiased tt, 1 Qaasbie charged
0 Licesce Corporat Qaashie char,
Aifed Saumytwith driving bis cart web.
ont alicenre, Hoe was Boed 104 or seven,

Cocoa House Wheels | Coffee Diggers

Cocoa Bags (cheap) | Cutlasses and Hem

Gocoa Bag Twine | Spades and Shovels
‘ Etc., Etc., Etc.



Opposite Railway Station, 7


The Cireling Wa


" ¥ROM ;

Wednesday, the 4th Instant’

— ROR —


Altxcrp AssavLT—Felecla Naree

~ summoned Joseph Hoberta apd Joseph
. e . i . oO rie ors Clarke better kaown os Legs” for bar.
tog sssuited and beaten her on the 26th of

December last. Mr Andre Cipsiani appesr-

. ed for (he defendants, Com aDb'e Case

—OFr— waathat ontbe nightof theabove da‘e
Roberta rushed oot of yard io Edward

Buest aod cuffed har onthehead, the

. = | MILLER’S STORES, LIMITED.| Peart ce wee

everyibing that took plece=The deferce
wearbaborm leloact threw several stones
in the yard where the defead ante live some

_ Have much pleasure in wishing their customers went up to her and she rae up the vivesh

\ - tant +p to her and abe mo ap the street,
efollowed and overt er ab
and friends ’ Street worser aod meray deld bers oad
Bothing more, The case was dismissed.


: 4 Some persons are more

ZA “ET A. Prew IV A. to colde than others, contracting Ge
. im rargemente of the

’ . . t


pulmonary organs


; so from ba est fond a noua and will be at TACARIQUA from SUNDAY, 8th;
AND ' sieeae Any SoneeeT Eee TERDY Ube
! 1 . . . ’ ‘ . ‘or . ’ .
Soda, , Eten aunt ar fresno ot For Ladies and Children from 4 to 6 p
te, A Forge em te cold mar, be General .
. . 4S P N ‘ . remedy hike Bickle'sfor it fe the bow enera Public from 7 p.m.
. A chOSperous New Year. . Wife Notice.
Lo fF PITRE ei at n ‘
| feet ae ate Lane" Bmat, he ly 6 t f T
/ ‘ . vvwtattan Louis BELMAXH, cen S oP d Pip
, ,- ) , | aT wt
at - Py _ cB
e So "| Aran EEA wie mere teen | aanmeraoe A ead
I . a, . : ™ . ./ ’ descrlytion be pg g. reset ede from the f LAIN
a ot 1 ~ | Binet ae Faprtiy aris neeet pl Asdrve Gu ee riptlen Ne, COD AS snd awa
" . eo oo Frvvot Souls, 1 LAING'S P
/ e i vate att be tt ‘ & URE SODA FAQTOR
: .. é \ n i nh, A at Aawllu'y Drog Btors PRONE Nea (4 s)
e . - ; o
, i wrt ‘ . we, ? ‘ / ,
ja : . of * wean ate ae Ww, Naas .

a Mt!
wee ‘ee


. \

; _ ic

’ Artes, AE

x ‘


5 . ' \: ,





With Nece-sary Qualifications,


” "


—F RTHE— -

Bronte Sugarl aclory




GRELL.& Co Ltd,

-The Port-of-Spa'q Gazelle,

THURSDAY, tra JANY, 10!t,


- M mayer,

THz Wardens’ anoue! reports afford
an opporiunity of testing one's own
4 | Personal hopressions of the conditicos

of the couatry districts of the colony
that feextremely valuable; but ities
little ditticult t understand why tbe
should be so belated, muking their
united appearance fa Council” Paper

140 of 1010 at the end of the last

wonth of the year, and many of them

belng dated. aod presumably written,
-pas recently aa wotcewbere In the

middie of October Isst. When one
senembeis that these reports refer to
@ period of administration which
ended so long ago asthe S'et March
1910, one Is constrained to the belief
tibet either there fs a great deal of
truth in that oft-reiterated cry of the
orer-working ofthe wardens, or else,
some of thew atall events, are a litte
inclined to procrastination, One
Warden alone ben menaged to date
hiareport in the month of April, aud
ft le significant that be fe an srting
and very young iweb, 60 We oupp ne
be did not koow suy better? Bat,
Joklog apart, the dilatory sppearsuce
of these reports fe ecomewbat trying to
those who are interested in the cone
ditions of our country districts, sud
certainty does not add to their value.
Information of thls sort ehould 8
acertalg timelinese ae one of Its first
qualities, Queof the moat Important
subjects that these reports deal with
isthe sanitation of the villages of the
country,~8 quesiton that js often
complicated by a feck of good drinking
water. Ihus we find that while tha
sanitary conditlons of the five princi-
pal villages of the Arinia ward are
reported to be * falely good’ —which
fe about as far as our best country
villages api eur to get on the road to
Best sanitation at Oumato and

abadia there waa a\carcity of good
drinking water in the dry season.
At Couva there wus egain trouble with
the water supply, and the rates levied
for & suppl of water that often did
hot reach t who were peying fur
It proved 9 source of great dissatis:
fection Now the rating system end
the Water suthority ve teen
abolished, avd the Wardeo sels the
waterdisect frou the cleterne at the
price of six gallons fcx @ penny,- a
prianitive syeteos that bas at least the
advantage over the one $1 superseded,
In thatthe buyer gets what be


Muir, Marshall & eo.


_ for. Under the ratio ayetem/ be

Coming to the Cheguauas district, the
lack of water at Cuoupia Usrapichalma
aud eleewhore in the ward as reported
on by the Warden ies very distressing
matter, At Sangre Grande Village
thea water supply requires atiention
wod the drainage tv bed aod the
Warden fa of opston‘that if suy ouk
bieak occunvd there would deei-
mete the village before It could be got
woder, From Nayaro comes the saice

/ Of 18 Acres.

= ‘
ae Nantgaions » ZO Sefunod, For farther :partdoulars
-epyly tn _ =


. woe

cumstances of w special uaiure may
send pioneers fate the bush, but here,
as elsewhere, man iv a gicgarious
animal and if he cannot cettie in or
ueara town, desires, if possvle, to
iyveinorpebe @ village. Lvety year
in Trinidad, we shalt eee our ‘iliges
becommog mere and more important,
aud we
eyotew of lovkiog alter thew inca the

nuit dlabusete ie uu tbe eve of being
there wil be suine conederable shite
ug of the centres of population when
the out buduetry takes & fiiu poll of
the placy, aud tue Wardes uf
tepurte eu sotiug of labuureie inte bis
ward oo bhas account,
serral ward tbe population is settling
inte w ell-evtablsbedcomusuoities, even
at Brasso Caparo where there isa great
demand for village building sites,
Biea village
mining camp and the removal of the
villagwto a better elie lean urgent
tequuement. Piobably wheo
taitway extensions are pushed on, the
copital and ‘centre of admiration
ofthis ward will be space, whee &
considerable town is pietiy sure Lo
spripg up. Ceaneferuning hes an fue
populated all avun

xrowing on abandoned estate landd
baea lhe effect ig some distiicte. An
jumtence Of the Furman of villages
OULU es Bt Babe ie bu ihe dint clinee Gee

of the peas Uf the peg dle tous se
village Centoes, aud tein qui evideus
that in @ few yeale time ibe villages
s point of development which will be
about as far as they can get without
oxtraseous asistuncd ia the shape of
more pighly

tion. the
article, it fs impossible to review these

do all the countr

colony, acd we shaliieturn to the
subject ou suother occasion.

Costa $2] and


tale, and the Warden reports that
the “question of the purity of the
probaly water aupply Ie a senious aud
ever-presepG Uue, wwu aauiples muv-
tntted to the official Anatyet beio
pronotincea ae “suspicious” an
“dangerous to healih” respectively
galu, ju the Napaciuia district this
evil exists, and it ie pasticulaily
Provounced iu the Savanna Gravde
district, while, even where the matier
is not specisliy imentioned by tne
Warden, It ia to be feared that coa-
ditious lu thiv respect. are nut whet
Ubey should te, va winater of fact.
Nn eaiuest and sysiewatic aileuspt
should be wade Lo tackle Lbie question
of the provision of proper water
eupphes iu uur villages ail over the
colony. A village without an effective
aupply of water can never be eanitary
or healthy. With regard to sanita-
tion generally, the Wadena seem
to do the beet they can with the
Mesus at theit disposal and we vo
derstuud that thes oficere are now
HIVE Cue braiding me sanitary tue
epectors. Notwitbeieuding the diaw
tacks to village —uly caused by bad
drains. or po diaius, foul water or no
water, this te the life that attracts an
lnsteusiogly large nutober of people,
Yur the wowt part, the ,populauiuna of
the old-established villages aru eloadily
fucrgaving, sud mew setlicv-enls that
are growing fovo vilisges are being
furmed all over the cuustry., Un-

fauy tbat tbe piceent

way to being vub-growa and something

dv te very probavle tbat

7 ayalu

Io the Mout-


hes & mere



Steadying eifecs on the
|» keeping them

wely lu orbear vilisged, Provision.

Ward fu thet ale asty ins anos

Tiinidad “ will have teached

orgauized administra:
In june of one brilef
Wardens’ reporta, embracing aa they
diticts of ihe


Tux followlog are the mean win-
clogs iu connectlun withthe recently
Turf Club racest~Mesara, Da
Governor's Cup,
Ravanoah Stables $1,400, Mr i. Kent
$550, De tfreitas $370, Horde Broe #25
A. U, Belgert 8270 Dias 20, T, Flood
$25), Netsun $15, AM. Kernaban $100,
Field $100, aod WhitHeld gu,


R N.S.P The Royat Mail

EIBICE - The 1.308. © Berblee ’
is due bere from 8t, Thomes
ou Thursday January 5th and will pro-
ceed the same day for Demerara, tak-
jo Passengers, cargo sad nalis,

He tender will leave the Light
house Jewty, Queen's Wharf at 2p 1,
with pas-engers and thelr baggage fur
the " Besbee ‘

Sweet aod palatable, Vother Giaves
Wow Exzivimiuator is acceptable
shildres, od it does its work surely
and plromplly.

ceed afterwards
Gusyra, Savanilla Colon and Port
Limon, taking lst class passengers,
maiis and cargo

4) Steamer **bt
Esrope via Guadeloupe,
and St. Ludia isdue bese onor about
the 2ith January and will proceed af
terwardsto Demerara, Surinam and
Cayenne, taking cargo, passengers

\ 4 ,


t \¥ F ” 7 > .
.¢ : . ' "oe oy . - z ’
, : ‘ - : *
. 4 ’
y . " . ” ‘ ‘
ae . y .
rf a's , e
‘ 6

f -



"PU “Berbice” willleave Demerara
on Sunday the 8th January, and
arylee at Bortof Spain at Gam, on
Toe te he Wh
ALANTIA—The 1.M,S "Balantia”®
B will leave St. Thomae on the 3rd
January, calling at St. Kitts, Nevis,
Antigua, Monteerrat, Doninica, St.
Lucia, St Vincent and Greuada, arriv-
ing at Tricidad at Gam, onthe ljih
HE“ Balantla™ aod
4 will connect with the Datch Royal
Mall Steamer Saramacca'’ which
teaves thia port direct for New York
on Tuesday 16th January,
[A QUs.-The RMS. *Tagusâ„¢ will
leave St. Thomas on thé Oth
January for Southampton via Axrores
and Cherbourg, but there will be no
counection made with that steamer at
8t. Thornas. 4
VIE * Balantia" and “Berbice will
leave Vort-of-Spain on Wednes-
day lth Jeouary for Barbados, taking
pPareengere, cargo and uiails, These
steamere will connect with the Har-
thon Line bteamer, due toarrive at
Barbados from Liverpool onthe th
January, one Iatercolonial Steamer
will proceed to Demerara and the other
to the Northern Islands.
Isansall ntyae

daitide € Lrutaup & Suv—

T. DOMINIGLE - The Kiench Mait
Steamer ’* Domivugue’ is due here


Compaynte Generale


from Detnerara on the 7th January
and willleave the eaue day for St
Lucia, Martinique Guadioupe and St,
Nazaire, taking passengers, mails and


PALTINIQUE —The ,rench Mat

Sivamer Mertlnique js due
here from Kurope via Guade |,
loupeand Magilnique, ou or about

Sth January acd will

to Carupano.

“T. DOMINGUE.-The French Mal
Domingue” from


\patriiave ~The French Mail

Steamer * Martinique’ is due

here frous Venezuclan ports oo or about
the 20.b Jany and will proceed after-
wards tuMartinique, Guadeloupe, San-
tander, Dordeaur, and Havre, taking
passengers, mails and cargo.


Frederick Leyland «
Compane Ltd,

Tun New CoLoxtay Coy,
Aiwitsp -Agswia

1! OUISIANIAN — The 8.8, * Louisi-

wolan” ie dus here from Liverpool

via Barbados, on or about January
7th lvil proceeding afterwards to La
Goeyra,*Puerte Cabello and Cucacos,
teking cargo, passengers and mails,

se ap te

La Veloce Novsgt
tek zione Italians &
Sgro Vupore

Tur New Cotoviau Co Urn- Aacnms

* Cltta di Torino” la due here from

Genoa via Mareeliies, Barcelona, and
Teneriffe on or about 11th Jaouary
wu La
Havanills, Vort
takiog cargo, fret ¢lase passengers
only and maile

Proceeding afterwarde to
Puerto Cabello, Curacna,
Limon end Colon,

~- -
re Trinvdad Line of
ae Steamere
C “Crown of averre’ of the
Trioldad Line will leave (or New York
onthe let December 14, aud te due
there Sth January 10:0, :
RENADA—The as, * Qrenads ' of
G the Trinidad Line fe due here ferus
Denrerara on the ith January 1034,
roceediog the sawe day to New Xow
ear weengers aud insite,
aeRO cee The we * Maracas’ of
d the Trinidad Line will leave New
Youk onthe 4th January 1021 and ie
due bore eth Jeuuary 10)
HOWN OF NaVaAliG. The as,
4 oe Crown of Navarse’ of the Tess
dad Live wiltleave New Yosk on the
38th January Wiland fedue hereon

the Zh January 1011,

vy. TOM


Honinklijke WeetIn-

dische Mailiienst
New York—Paramaribo,


THe Rovat Dotcn Mar—Aornrs.
ARAMACUA.—The ¢@8. “Saran:
aces” ie due back here from Par
amaribo vis. Darbados on Tueasdey 10th
January 1911, and will leave the same
day direct for New York taking cargo

esengers and mails,

URINAME +The as, 'Suriname*

fadue here from Paramaribo on
Monday 10h January 1011, atid will
leave next day at noun precisely dipect
for New York taking cargo, passengers
and tnails
i AROWIINE.—The as, Marow-
dL ijue” ie due here from New York
direct on Monday 16th January, 1011,
abd.will Jeave the same day fof Par.
stnaribo taking cargo passongers and

YTAKOWIINE.—The 2.9, *Marow:
401 ijne” is due back bere from Par-
amatiby via Garbadoa on Tuesday
2th January 10/1, and wiltleavq the
same day direct for New York taking
cargo passengers and mails,
cee ENAMI.—The «ae. ' Goppe-

J name” ie due here from Parama-
ribo on Monday 90th January 1911, and
wiltleave nextday at noon precieely
direct fog New York taking carga
patsengers and malls, “
JARAMACCUA,—The we *Saram-
i aces" is due here direct from New
York on Monday Sib January 1011,
and will Jeave the same day for J’ar-
amaribo taking cargo passengera and

Konwminijke W, digit
. dienst.
Tux RovaL Durcu Mar
Heap Link SEuvick,
The Duteh Mai Steamer * Prins
dee Nederlanden" je due here from
Venetuelan Porte on or about 7th
January 1011, Proceeding afterwards
to Paramaribo, Havre aod Amsterdam
taking cargo passengers and mails,
RINS Witt V.%= The Dutch
Mail Steamer “Prins Willem Y."
is due here from Amsterdam via. Par-
amaribo and Demerara on or about
16th January 1911 Broveeding after-
wards to Carupano, Cumans, Guanta,
La Guayra, Puerto Cabello, Curacao,
Jacmel, Aux Ceyes, Port-au-Prince,
arsd New York, taking cargo, paseen-
gere pod mails,
SUANIA —The Dutch Mall Charter.
ed Steamer "* Ascania” is due bere
from Venezuelan Potte on or about
2let January 1013, Proceeding after.
wards to Paramaribo, lavre aod
Amsterdam, taking cargo, pawengers
and mails,

| Mail Steamee “ Prins Willem IIL
is due here from Ameterdain vlat Par-
amaribo and Demerara on or about
Snb January 1011, Proceeding after
wardsto Carupana, Cumana, Guanta
1a Guayra, Puerto Cabello, Curacao,
Jacmel. Aur Cayeu, Port-au-Prince
acd New York taking cargo, passen

getesnd mails, ,

Glasyow Tnrect Lune
. of Steamers,

TsantvaD_ Sreia. AbD

Traving Co. Lrp—Age.t

ORGORM.—The ¢.¢, * Torgorm ” of

T the Glasgow Direct ne of

Steamers is due here from Glasgow via

Darbados op or about the 10th January

1011, and will proceed the following day

to Demerara taking cargo, paswengere
and malte,

4¢ Hamburg-amers

can Line
Pat H. Scuxsrtg 4 Co


KORGIA—The os. “Georgia® of
the Hamburg-American Line is due
here on or about 7th January JG1t and
will proceed on the same day to Marre
and Tarourg via St. Thomas taking

cargo, passengers ard mails. |
RIA—The os “Syria’ of the
S Hamburg-Amerkaa Line fs due
here from Venezuelan Ports on or
bout January ¢ roceeding after
warde to llavee an Honea via. St,
Thomas, taking cargo, passengers

and walle,


Se ee rence
London Direct Line
Mii vn econ
Urn. Agents

PHEROW —The 8. 4. “Spberola”

fa doe bese from Landon via “Bar

lados apd Grenada onor aboub Janu-

ary 2th 101 proceediog afterwards to

Detnerare, taking cargo, passengers

sud ma

AHSTUON ~The 8,8. ' Rarestoon”

a will sail 09 or about the ¢th Jonue

j aly 3012 {aking cargo fur Loudon
and Voutinental Poste,





Vicrony, Brit sloop,
days, St Vin



Jany, dthag -*
Simmons, 18
cent ~ 42

61 briastarch, 25 bage wodeate,
G)2 pigs, sheep, 2 turtles, 86 bags


les, 2 coope fowls and 12 pas

Puins Frevenik Usnxorg, Dutch

atmr, Van

38 hours, Demerara—140 tona
no passengers—To

GuaYana, Venes atme, Rive:
tons, 2 days, Cuidad Bolivar,

ral cargo ~
Gutch Gai

der Borden, 1,366 tons,


ro, 600
3 bales

leather and3 paasengers for Trini:
dad, 3 pkge muse for Europe per
French line ¢3 pkgs per Itogat Mats

3.008 pkee

Mall 3 1.774 pkgs for
‘Trinidad Line and
Royal Dutch Mail—To Ciat
Nav 3 Flav y Cost de Venez,

mdse per Royal Dutch
New York per

164 net per


Virginia, German
1,504 tons, Carupano—no carg
seugers=By Paul HH. Scheerer &

Arrican Prince, Drit etmr, Andere

January 3rd.
stmr, Schneter,

0, 15

sons A181 tons. New York - 006 bags

bage Venez

301 bage Venez coconuts and x0

tone bunker coal,
Gordon Grant &
SaRamacca, Dutch atmr, Van der

no passengere—Hy

Lit, 2101 tone, Paraniaribo~part of

joward cargo and 8
Royal Dutch Mall,
Corruname, Dutch stme,
2023 tons, N
Tad cocoa, 31 tons


ew York=1,50 bags
bunker coal and

12 passengers—Ly
ald ge! y Hoyal Dutch

Usvey Hormas, Brit telegraph stanr;

Morrell, 403 tone, St Kitte +115 tone
bunker coal.


Trinidad 8

Inpos, Brit stmr, Kydd, 2110 tone,
os -cargo In transit, 400 tous

banker coal and 7 passengers—33
Peie hipping y ‘Tredisg oo

ALBAIIAY, Brit star, Horttoon, 1,878
tons, La Guayra—ca:

in transit

and 4 passen, p—B
ead 4 2 gere.—By New Colonial



Vikino, Amer stmr, Smith, 192 tone,

ton general cargo, 65

- tons bunker coal and 83
By New York o Pier Worn.

Hermudez Cor-~


Acoan, Norwg, bai Mathison,
tone Siete, Getuay. Bie aoe
Trinkdad crude

200 tons,

fate and 25

lake asp

tons )Trinidad epuree Iake asphalt,

viz ulian a
ENEZUELA, Vonez, culler, Wile
49 tons, Cristobal Colon, andy




merchandise and

Vevez, achnor,, Clarke, 41

tone, Cristobal Colon, sund .
ages merchandise and 2 eee

Kine Eowarp Vir, Brit.
launch, Hart. & tons


era, 40 tone,



sundry packages rer
Mencuogs Jota, Venex. echur,, Lov-

Cristobal Colon, sundry

packages merchandisejand a) pase


Fortuna, Venez, eloo
Cristo! a
packages merchandise and 7 pas



Salazar, 14

bal lon, sundry

Espina, Venez. eloo ei
tons, Crialobal Proiats Allen, =

ion, | sandry

pecksges merchandice and 6 pas


tone, 0

BaLvADon, ‘Venes, boat, Hidalgo, 0

tobal Oolon, — gun

packsges merchandise and’ 2 pas


Esreranza, Venez,


sloop, Chacha,

45 tons. Crletobal {Col
tnereban bie ead


Closing of Malls,

Malls for Demerara by the “ Barbleey

will be closed on Thursda
inet, at } o'clock
tration closes at 1290 p.m

m. precisely, esis:

Balls for Bt. Vincent, Si. Lact
Barbados by the es} ons, 7 and
will be closed on Thursdsy the bth

inst, at 10

Malls for
dom and Ne

aces” will be closed
on Tuesday the J0th instan

tration and Newapa; all ot
{hore will. be he’ pamela Boca ae

Lurope and
this ull.

at 3 o'clock
Mog closes


clock am. precisely,
closes at 0.4) abe r

the United King.
a 6.0, “Seren
abi p.m precleely

i. Rogie

iw York

po parels
the United Kingdem tr

Molle for Greuads, Bt. Vine
Now York by the as, “Grenades wah
Declosed on Wedoesdey tha lith Inet.

a) deely,
zto pu. eely, Reglatrae

911. For The New Year 1911.



Be te Re gO ee

pO. tr edhe anne a apna Gon i, oy Ty


the Boa:






ending for the 191 sessio

Attendance at their res
will be required. No fees w

themselves for the Boa:
feo of Sixty conts yer



geez ot

aon ms
2 vite street opposite
eed hes quarters .

i ° 4
“ .
2 |
Go art

po TE
* Beard of Industrial Training



Session, 1911.


The Classes will be under she
vision of [the Technical Instractio
of Industrial Training,
of instruction in the different

and. lealiag up to


175 Bosrd_ has comploted arrasgemoats for the lostitution ot
Evening Olisies for Technical Instruction to ba held at ‘the
Vetoria Institute, by kiad ‘poriniss’o1 of ths Bosrd of Management of
that Institution. in the trades i!
demonstrations, where noces ary to bo arrangod as convenient.

{t Biatended toextend instruction to other trades as the demand

enumerated Le'ow; with practical

immditte manazement ani supe:
1and Examination Cemmittes of
aud ara arrsnged ta embracs a course
trades, oxtending over two or threa
the Boar's Exam nation for Artisans’


Eession will ba divided into three terms commenciog and

a as follows :—

6th January to the r5th April.

15th May to
18 September

classes will also be o

term, or

An order that the classos may
ontries to bea made with tne Secretar
mencement cf the Session, when fees will

arrangement for the

FarrieryX(for Blackamiths sod Shoeing- Smiths mer
Lecturer aad Demonstrator: Staff F.
(fieet Life Guards acd Triaidad Constsbuta
op, factioal Horse-ahoeing ; Hantiog’s Att of
Building teadea (Carpenters

9 peu.

Painters), Mon 4
Me QA, BR sare

the r2th August.’
tothe 16th-December.

pective clisssa by tho Bourd's apprentices
ill bo charged for ap, reatices,

peoed to artisins wishing to propate

td's Exsmination Coititisate on paymant of 6

$1.50 for tha session of throa terms.

ba taken through tke who's subject,
to the Poard at the com-
be payable,

Session L011 ara -—

Moadiys, 7.30 pm, to
arrier-Sergeant Paxton
Text books: Flaming’s
orse hosing.

sod Joisors Masons, Bricklayers, Plasterers,
30 pa. to9 p.m, Lecturer aad [astructor :—

B.Sc, Text-booku: Wilsoas’s Carpootry

acd Joinery ; Hasluck’s Plasterers and Brickwork ; Hastack’s Prac-

tical Paister's Work.

smiths, Moalders aod

Lectaree and Lasteactor: Me.
Tarvers’ aod Fitters’ Hsodbook ;


Daceiptire Geometry,

days, 7.30 to 0
D. Gormvndy 3 Brok

Text-books :—Could’s .
ang; Pierce’s Bookbiadi

trades (Boilermakers, Fitters, Turners,

Muachiofsts, Copper.
Tuesdays, 7.39 to 9 pm,
J. faghs, Text-brok13 Greenwood's
Wileoa’s Pattora makiog and


Artisans’ Deawing (1 crafts) —Wedaesday, 7.30 to 9 pm. Lostractor
Mn. A. ik F

Se. .Text books;

Hostack’s od Heather's

Typographical trades (Qompositors, (Preeemen aad Bookbiaders) —}Thars-
p-m-—Lectuees aad
Teacher—Mr. Theophilds E. Philip

Demonstrators; Typographical
3 Deess-work Tercher: Se Victor
Bindiog Teacher: Mr. Joho W. Hopkias,
Letter-Press Priating ; Has'uck’s Book jbiad-
jog acd Priotiag.

Ar-hmetic for Artisans (all crafts). Fridayat7.39 ta 9 p.m, Loss actor t—

Me, Thomas Hi. Cross, Tert-bovke: Hislack's Meagarstioa ¢ Smith's


‘entry to these courses aad all farther isformatios
tothe Bands bie Ofice: Government Biildiags, Port-ol-


addrow the Bacretary


. Secretary,



(Formerly Mlunt's)

Now Horses & Carriages have just been Added


Telephone 681.



Or to the Minsgor—J. B. MBYIVIEB,




Opposite Wash Hoare Bridges.

Dr. J. Baloh Carringwon,

Destal Bare

Naw .
A. KE,



English or Scotch
GENTLEMEN—ove or twe with
quled babii, cam God a eumfortable
bome with a revpectetls private family,

08 moderate terme by applying to the ultice
Of this paper. y spplylog Lo

seltuated to the north of the main | will say It?” wonton the Kelser, and
tbullding, and is smaller than the “Oertainly not,” replied the pro-| one oft

shed already referred to. We peat | fessor, of
Proceeded @ little further to the] Good then", the Kaleer declared,

northern boundary of the Preailees | “Since no teacher can or will 804 places,
whither we were taken to a amall | speak as Chrlet spoke, ol believe that { uader tbh
buliding where concrete dlocks ath | Christ was nes ouly s mas,

twoulded by machinery, ia sous in. | trus God,”

See eee

Plums Finest. Danish,


Reduced to 42,0 ‘tin

Alston & Ovy’s. plant hoastsy

A Visit to Messrs Gao. R. Alston

proprietors with thele well

‘ I: atl
B Go's Now Savas Sites ahere at
& OREDIT TU TRINIDAD, wat at the time o

—- day morning when

Avieit to «a fattory of any sort,
whether it be associated with fce,
rice, mechanical engineering. of A
sewrolll, always effords a degree of
fascination and feaves {uspression on
the mind which Is not easily effaced.
eepecially when one happens to flod at
thetimenfthe visit operations It full
ewing. Having been favoured wit!
an favitation tq visit the newly.
erected sawmill, the property of
Messre George Ro Alston & Co,
cocoa, ang provision merchants of
this tity. and agents for the East
Aelatic and the Lamport and Holt
line of ateatmers, a “Gazette” reporter
pronesded thither yeeterday morning

are! '


and Tobago,,
A meeling of the Legislatly

Annezed is the
A Paper of the business 1
‘or confirmation +
Minutes af meeting
ou 19th December, 1910,


Whether he will lay on the
a company of Mr. W. A. Olarke ay
(manager rf the sawmill and lumber i oounell & tabulated
ard) sod Mr N FE. Grabam (the well. showin,

nown contractor and Yul wm) wha, | sve been collected or

it will be rewenbered, conatz act

last year au artesian well on the lectibly on estates of

remises of the Eleciric Company's Phose death een

‘ower Station. ne oer ° ofthe O:
TELL THEIR OWN TALE & 19 of 19 0, and

It might not be outof place here to
revert cn passant to the serious con-
Aagration which, It will be remem.
bered, reduced to ashea the origibal
eawmill plant during the early morn-
jing of the i&th of January last year,
and which also destroyed & number of
adjoiniog houses Yesterday. we could
not avoid the temptation of rermark-
Jag on the yet visible sigus (charred
debrie} on the petinlecs, ab some dis
tance from the site of the new build.
fogs. which tel their own tate of the
former destruction to which allusion
bas been made. To begin with

This astrncture (a two-storeyed one)
towers several feet from its basement,
aud measures 100 feet by 50 feet, gal-
vanleed iron theets, wood and concrete
belong used fa ite structure, Starting
our inspection en
which Is of concrete, with wooden and
concrete colunins supporting the floor
of the upper storey, there we saw the
most modern Improvements jn wood-
working machinery from a turning
lathe to a planer and matcher (com:
monly called the groove aud tongue
planer) The machines on thie Hoor
nclude two for moulding purposes,
which are capable of transforming the
poughest _plece of timber fato the best
faished twatertal; a hand lathe which
can turn out any piece of ornamental
work, and in short, from a cart nave
toa column 18 to 2 feet long and 30
,inches in® diameter; and a cross-cut
; 8aw which we had the pleasure of see
ingatwork, This lsacircular saw at-
| tabbed to an [ron frame suspendiay
overhead, The scanthng to be sawn ie
placed on astand made for the pur-
ose, and an operator grasping the
ron frame pullsit forward aud the
saw passing through the wood makes
aclean cut atabout 4,00) revolutians
spermioute, The planer-snd matcber
was specially operated for our benefit,
and within a“ jiffy" weeaw turned
out as clean 4 job, as evec mathine did
put forth, It might be mentioned
Uhatthls machine is capable of planing
anything up to by Sinches, We
were next taken tothe tenoniog and
morticing machiue. These are worked
with & reciprocating wotion, and the
mechanism {¢eo complicated that it
would take only an expert, to describe
fy wioutely, asdid Me. Clarke who
Seems s past maater in this particular,
There are also two. bsod eaws. and a
similar nuwber of re-eaw machines,
One of the former was put ia motion
for us, and perbaps the cleanest [2
Inch cut that we have everscen was
made by thismachine, The advant-

age which thie method of cutting a

very thia board has overtheold wa:

of uslog the band saw, is that there (e

hardly any or very little waste of

toaterial, From tha basement floor
we were taken

Here the carpenters’ shop ie situated

Saws, hammers, planes kept UPA reg:

ular dig as they wore pl ed over the

various pieces of wood work, We
naw jalousle doors with pannelling,
and counters being built, but what at-
tracted our attention moet in this sec.
ton was the carviog of acolumo bead
of pouls bya young man whoee deft
fingers gui *his tool, with wonder.
ful preciston, Ths carvlog was the

replica of some leaf or other, to [mi

tale a similar piece of work on an

Sron column, and which, we were told

when ftnlehed aud palnted will bardly

be distinguishable fron {i prototype,

Passing from the carpenters bench. we

were shown a “wolrersal” wood

working machine y~an InstrGwent tor

have been

pable on
fetes under’ t

fog thereof.

Honouruble Colonial Secretary
2 Mioutes of meetings of the

December 1910

2 Peti {com the General
Tramway Ordinance


{a) Revised Esti,
tura for 1910-11,

penditure for 1@t0 11,
& Arima Loc

Slat March, i911,
July to 30th September, 1910
Yhe Hogal Mail Transatlantic

made for the
against Marine rieks,
9 Resolved. —That this
adoptsthe Reports of the
Committee on Finance, dated
December, 1910 and the 20th

the Secretary
3,200 Indian“ [maslgrants



laying down

Prin Tay
13 Ao Ordinance


to report
pawers oo the Uvnimiesioner
red to Sutect Goumtites 6
Committees to report)

oa 4th

rence to the 7
Law Society,
15 Au Ordinance relating to

torney General 19—19—(2~10
16 Aan Ordinance to

and publisbed 14-11-10,

published 16—12~-10,

18 Ab Ordinance to ratif:
fiem the Supplemental Ky
the service of the
$910, and tie lesue
paid forthe servi


Uished 2 =12-10,}
crusbing oate,—a paonelling machine, | P% ‘ ‘ It was decided to place the matter
ea automatically worked machice for PNote ene oreo srnance sagen the before the Teenuical’ Tasteuctton aud
taway abd a device for ascerteltion tue | cqld, A? Ordinance to, amend the Lar.| Hzacntn OF WORKSOP SUBMITTED.
occurscy of Knives used fa the planer, | Gass Oniinance No, 15=(19 Attorney Mr Henn suunued a


These form the most convenient
acquisitions on tha premises, and to
each machive, ons is attached, They
are connected. to «sort


—~OUirculated and

off 21 An Ordinance relating ta the | tute ,
centrifuge! machine afized ov: ~ CHAIBMAN'S TRIBCTE TO THE BOARD,
bead abich sucke ine contlowens Couva Waterworks (1° Attorosy


column of air through alvanised Sle1s—10.)

fron pipes, with sufficient force
to send ‘it alung through the pipes
lo @ wooden funnel-shaped recep.
tacte placed In front oF the boiler,
The shavinge and sawdust thus
sucked in by the blowers, Pace out
through a large openiog at the bot-
, tom of the receptacle and are de-
a ted around jo bo used as fuel

lor the boiler, Leaving the main
‘building weturned into the yard to
ithe east of tt, There the eye reste


of the Kalser's logic in
ters fe publivbea by the
paper of Bavaria.
versation about

it relates
the diviatty of
between the Kafier and certs!

and the

bound to secure
atrooaras! an ft
mur visit yester
every man wan
busy aaa bee in the proverbial tar

Legis!ktive Council of Trinidad

cil will be beld atthe Government | the guests arrived
Dalldjoge on Monday the Mh January { by
at noon

Mr, Alearar toask the Revetver Gen

Committes belion the 19band 2th

leum Properties of Trinidad, Limited
with respect to the draft Rust’s Road F

3 Despaten from the Secretary

aor the rotates covering cor-
reepondence wit @ Goveroment o}
Sataica respecting restrictlona Im. | Vere conficiu
posed by that Colony in cases of

4 Arima Local Road Board—
ate of Expendi-

(6) Bupplemental Estimate of Ex-
al Road Bosrd—

6 Immigration Account from Ist
Correspondence on the subject of

8 Letter fromthe Croan Agente for
the Colopiea notifylog arrangements
fusurance of goods


ber, 1010 -(Colonial Secretary.)

30 Resolred—That this Council re
commends the {otroduction, subject
of State's approval,
uriog the
season 1911-12,—(Mr, Fenwick.)

Il An Ordinanos ta authhrise the
of Acettala tramway—
the Governor.--Standing r
Order 63 ~Read 19 —27+-4—-1910,)

relating to Petty
Courts~(Referrred to Select
Coamittee,—6 ~6 «1910, — Commitice

drdinanee to confer certain

or-ol-Spalu District Couct —(Kefer-

tlag of trees {in certain Cases.—(22 At th

amend the
Criminal Procedure Ordinance, No. 13
=—(12 Attorney General Circulated

iW an 1 Ordinance to provide “for the
romotion of Industrial Training.«
irs Attorney General Curculated cad it would be advivable for bim to

sand con.
Gaancial year 190)
ofcertain moneys
ica of the Govern.
ment of thé Colony of Trinfdad and

‘Tobago during the sane year—(1¢0
Colonial Secretary..Circulated an

General -Cirgulated and published 23 —

2 An Ordinance relating to House
Tax in Tobago (19 .Attorney General
Published 3112-10 }

aod publuhed

—— Ss 4
Kalser And Religion.

religious mat-


known ,,

On, Tharsts
St. Edwards,
pretty wedding
tracuog partices

daughter of Mr asd

the organ,
e Coun-

the bride, leaning

Agenda | her father, who fs"
Marshall acted ia


ance Ketate, Lrasso
the pealing of
the health of

table nfj Ainong

the guest

are col.

persona fand — Marerlina,

diasoce married

such es

Finance Tratolog was held


Petro. 1, Munroe,


and TB

n 6


be had been spprenticed,

eod The bo:

Rauway eugineering »

Vhoae circumstances,

There being
Couneit | Stier it was laid on the

the 19.h

Decem- Colonial Secretary

Chelrman that tle



val classes,
The Secretary was


annua wae considered.
of tbe

he Secretary's duty to ld
Techuical classes,


duct fon of the

the cut-

Ye to request Me laoglie


the «;
to bo.
tices, probably

prepare for it.

tea for sent


in which

onuection with


tbat was being

duu by


& cons
in pro-

. Wedding Bells.

(Communwated )

last at the church pf
‘shaquilm, & Quidt add
topk plee thd eon-
feiog Me.
Robert FPridsl and Mi Eealing


ly at the appointed hou

Panciuelly followed soon after

on the arms of

ber away. Mr.

the capacity of

il held aewed by tat to Persever

A %

of Council held | party journey: 7 ral got reer ste

{be church bells, where

the wedded pale was

in butopera of champagne,

y wern noticed Rev

lends, Me. and Mra, Janes Saeen

‘3 Mr. & Mra, + arabsll Ate Mis & Sine
fies wd se

(a, The death daties whieh elthar Ketersons ire ue a foie Oene

we Baucend

Phitip, ©, Tant rm sind severa

wee One te Later ‘in the day the newly

g couple deny for Fianagins

fown, ¢arryiog with them the ve

(0) Phe death duties, whiela would b at wishes ot = large cireie of friends
ke se} for happiness and prosperity lo

if the same had eordioanse career’ upon which they have now

force Immediately on the pase- entered,

Board of Industrial Training.

* A meeting of the Board of Industrial
io the Oouncil
Chamber at 2 vcihck vesterday* afters
Prvssat were Geu -Uslonel
Uollens, Chairman, Mees. DOM Habe,
E, B. Jones, TER Mare
wood, W. Brown, Ty Jackeun, GB
Jack»vu, See

The minutes of the last meeting
2] Which had been pridted and circulated



Bome correxjeudeuss between the
Secretary and George Lewis was read
respectingan apphesulo ty the batte,
that hile Ouessry be re granted, tle
same having beva recently cancelled
on accouutof thu applicant's lusubor-
Hatimate for Malntevaace Works | dition to Mr KB

uuder the Public Works De
riment from Ist Jaouary to

oves, with whonr

Me Brown thonght the whole thing
wae uifortunate from beginuing us
went to
ayalnetblie will, tu being hisdesire te
ba apprenticed to Me Marweod at tn

Me Jo

bop, wad

would bea pityto absaudug bia tb

Me Jones agreed thatthe boy neve:
wanted ta be # blacksmith,
av qwotlon upon the


The ecictary read a winute fe athe
Fxcellency tae
Governor had thanked Messrs Siepbens
for their generous gift of a worksbop
of and f Unge fur the technical clacses

Minutes of Tecburcel Instruction and
Examination Committee were subinit-
ted to the Board, aod approved,

Handolph 3turrell wrote asking for
certain information respecting Techni-

fastructed to
eply, giving tbe required informa:


A suggestion 10 lacreasa the salary
of the Becretary from £50 to £75 per

The Uhateman eg pressed bis opinion
fn favour ef Lhe Incrpave as it weuld be
ok afwr the
which would neces-

14 An Ordinsnce to amend the Law sarily involve morecorres
relating LoBolicitors (Attorney Gen-
eral.—Lielerred to Special! Committees
Jeu ry, , 1000,) Committee's
seport, CP > 202 of 1910) uoder
rele rinidad Locorporated


Is was unsoiwmoudy decided to ap-

rosch the Governor asktug for the
ucreased salary on accouatof the in-
creased work which devolved on the
coneryuent upon the jntrce

Leebnicat classes,

Lawrence Alexaadet, Huwr's uppren-
ice applied te Lhe Buard foe sui

ority | Deite and upos lende now or lately of
to examine | Je-n Cast] s on the Boab a.
& |) wor twely of H. Dwite apoe janas non

The Secretary was directed to notify

ftcant vf toe Board « lutentiou
#0 exemiuetog for appren-
in June next end thet


The question as to whether the pre-
system of awarding the Hoard's

les Is altogether satiyfactory,
and whether it wuuld nov bw now ad:
visable to offer them in spec.tis trades
there are « lew we wy regio
q| tered sppieutices, came up fur coosi-

play of the
wotKshup which it is proposed to erect
in the stvcholca:

a atibe Vicroite lo-titiiw. Toe
haltdlog will ba erected ueae the Insti:

“Too Vnsirman said be uiignt reat
that be was kept ta touch tubruugh the
Dewppapers sent tu bias with tbe work

the Bust

ble wuveuce, aud fem what
BD doue the echnical scheme
bed assumed « very thaugivle shape,
1t appeared to hid tbat the Buatd
Berlin, December tT.-Ag example [ttarted a new year with a tech
x aleal work and he could uot help ap
preclatiog the fact thet « great dea
ad been done in hiv abwnce. Ib
setmed @ ort of reminder that tbe
best thirg was for bla keep out uf


ceremony was, perform
by the The llendy a do was fully
choral. Me. Jonise sb|f presiding at





«N VAD, \ ‘
pune N wee is horsh
ex-nte sf th: Power of Sale canters
‘ef ou BO a ees by the Ouoveyancing
Plo» ry Oriinence No. 72
adiled tha }Qth dey Of Febrast
eclatared sa tbe "othon. of the Moaglatia;
Generel ag No SUbo! 1005 and mada be:
tween Jolee Emanuel Acheof the one
pard sod James Arthar Rex Stollmeyer
Uneries Posrlee Stollméeyer and Ran

ant Law of
ud coats(u@s a a vag

dolph Rost of the other

ce dated the ssid 100

meyerand I
f be o her par

aed hseaid lth
d Ly theeatd Ja

their anouion Mart N

uf one and two p m.

Revert nde,
top ttang
Noth e,00 lands now
avan oaths boah a

thee mulet
wren grants
be N rhe

to Rivas

of Balaki,



{lormearty belonging to

Gxcoa plantation called

Conah tt eont Road

pon Jands now or ate
‘pon ibe Banta Lucie Z

and onthe West a

fuichebaok, of

svers ibererg

Mouteerras. comprised:
oul Ing on the by

of Jaw Acie,
a priely cos
es, pe rodd

stely of Joba
ols bow oF tately of Eli


Acve and wm the We

tain deed of

ch and also is a
cortalg memorsodam of mortgage coder
the provisions of the Neal property Ordin-
cf jey of Febraery
105 made by the asid Jalee HKmaouei
Ache fa favour of theasld James Arthur
Rex Sollmeyer, Charles Foarler Stull
Xindotph Rust and aleoias
osrbain deed of mortgage dated
tenth day of February 1005 registered at
No 805 for 1906 and meade batween th:
atid Ja'os Emantol Acie of. the one part
mi the ssid Unarlee Fourier Sto lmeyer
aadiehein a cette
emorirdas of mortgage boder the pr
feiong of tha Heal Property Ord:nane.
(ir of Pebrnery 1d
e¢ Emaseel Ache
év ur tibe sald Charles Fourier beo
eyerihere wii] Lo pavap toreste b:
Pubic Auction by the uaderal, ted s
Sweet Port-of Spsia on THURSDAY the
260t day of JANUARY between the h sare


o 12 NO

FIRST All and alogular that.
cor # plantation’ balled LA PROVEDEN-
{Aol aite ia the Ward of Monteerret in
the Island of Trinidad consisting of th
ight percels of Ised berets afte:
{ battle to aay the fires thereut
six acres aad aboctiag on the
of the
a jauds vow,
\atey of Jago K Villefans on the Kas
avon lend. sow of intely of Querioe Fer
tire a dootbe Wes upon tants now w
fately of Guvlam Honea and Kadarat,

The BEVOND thereof cowrg.iag Ose
ecrea (belong part of ten acrea gesoted &
Orasam) and abutting oa the North Spo
‘aada of Caltipar oa the Svatb upon lands
auw or lately of Kadarat ou the Bast 0;

ftapdenow or fately of Luchmsa at
Sslaki and os the West spon feude nue
re dtely of Sindalia Rivas. Toe TH1K
he eof comprising Bré ocres (velug tu
ofthe eli parcel of te

Orewnm and abattiog o
n landenow of ijately «
# kirenothe South upom laads vow vu
wely of Parsternanth on ibe Eat a
tends pow or Ietely of Sachioer aod o
Vest uum iansa new or leely uf Seud
‘Tbe YUUKLH thereof cum
vrbing awo qsarkees (being pareol lot Ne
24 Caracas Se cement graced
iEmeppacd abutting oa the Noma oj:

adeof Louis Vreeu sad 0a the South 9

stands uw uf letely uf Fakira ov bbe
sat tyoutants bow of isteiy of Vew
tayuand athe West upos tsnis now o
The FIVTH therev
vuprictas tec acres (belong lot No 23 Our
eu dett ewent) sod abubtiog on the Nort}
apen che eatacea. Estate on the Suath a;
voly NOZE’ «ts the East apoa to. N
{4 and ou tha Wee upun jot Nua
The Bisih siereuf compredag fourtie:
0 en and two percuee end abaitiog on th
North’ ayon the Carscae Estate ou tk
Opus ia de vow of lately of Kujar.
snd of Querrey Ferwta on tue fas, apo
toads bp w or is ely uf Angatesb acd of th:
said Qagrico Fermin sod +n ths West ops
jante now of Istely of the said Gooiws
Hossa The bevea.b thereof comprian,
€u ecreo 1d abuttiog on the North opu,
& Road oa the South apon lands now u
ately of Kingbally ead of Querioo Fern
on the Kast upon lends now of lately o
Soha de Lsiree and on the West upy
feuds now or lately of the Crowd, Anu
the E ghth thereot comprisiag one

or fae


on the Eeseg



y given that tn

the pal+


to Gove


and abating on the North upon the Osis
cae Eetate andon the South, Eat an
Weet upon Iacds of Fakira togetber whi
Hite appurtenances (hereto betungivg,

—— ee
Secondly all and Sidcalar that certan
San Jove cowpri-
ing ove buadied and ninety eighd acres,
bree ronds and nineteea perches ave
fituate io the Ward of Monteerrat an
sha tiog on the North upos the Mey.
River upca leads now or lately of t

rown ead upon isnds now or lately of 2,

a eno

laveiy of fheodore Bertete upoa teue
1 wo lately of the Crown sad upon the

aude now of lately af Juve La Cros Unites
spor tarde pow or lately of H. Dea
of Jean Charle
state Uson land:
gow or hteyol Theokire Bertete ano
Upon lends now or Jetely of the Crow:
pon the Mayo River
ayo the Mooteerras Villave lands ope
auds vow or a'ely uf Juba Whi eof Mor
Richard Fdwards, o
Robert Fey. of Lonard Chatles and g:
Maria Meudozs sud {otersected
Mayo Roed together with the app
lor glag,
sad S oguler thas cortala
fon eituate st Meyois tbe add Ward o
og eight acres as.
orth upon Ache Row
wd Upon kyo seres tecerved fur Maru
A exenuor ug the 8 ath Spon laoue for
Hy of Antoine Lopes tat sow of Jue
sbeoa the East party tpoo lands os
ar 6 Louies Alezauder ‘anu Partly apo
aide formerly of Jean Cheties bi
vf GebsI-t Ache and oo tee W.
ids formeriy of Henry E Sooig

Teirviyt at

at Dov
‘est Upos
bat Doe
Also al} and S'ogaias
plantation elig ste io tLe
Ward of Moutserray tomprising ods
and thirty ove p-rehseaug

sburiog oo the North apoa leads now o
Phibp oa the Seuth apos

beth Bancbor
the Kost uyou fends formerly of Leon
Caares bac now ef the ald Jeies

Bt Upto lands o

’ Vranois Lindos, aod leo alt and inguin:
the fousor, The letter, accordion to the | the way (laugAfer} More progress | sbst cera uber pareel of lavd or coca.
! GALVANIZZD sep Xalser, tried ta persuade tlm that | hed been weds iu bidabsence then bp | vlectation sitecre Le Mayo storeesid com.
1 of enopnious size extedding from { Christ’ was not od. The Kaltes [tbe foe Prezious Jeare, The way | pilslog twenty seven acces, two roods and
j Bouth Qusy on to Marine Square] asked the Professor if he ever said to [things hed been golog on wae vory | iweaty five perches and abutiiog on the

Ht Yetite and Ue feo tne ven | ars thy tnghgkeâ„¢ to4 Pe aod 706 | etctorylodend and Ke bad greet | Net ore Lndect bedaraect Me

‘le, ee e a odrils. e 0 jab ftecanical educeclon{ Foy on the Kua wily oy,

i Thie ehed was fully stocked with ; Baty pee tua

The anawér was No,”
oo Do

luinber, and Ie capable of storin,
ee Kaleer, that apy

2,000,000 feet, Another shed in whic

ecantling, blocké etc., were stured, fs Pigiewor

you ever sald such ‘a thin:

elances to imitate k: ys
Finy to elxby: blocks we were told
could by moulded per day by one

UTO Dats,

It fe stated by thoes competent to
Judge that without excepilon, Deme.
rere focluded, there fs t0 sawoulll ia
tbe Wee Indes to compare with the
uplodateness which Messrs. Geo, R,

The paper addy that the con
tlon fasted for upwards of an
The: Squotstion referred to b

}Kaleor was weltten by bim tex

the Gartlson

witbout me ye cea do sothlpy.”

Caureh at
sage onder

you belleve," continued the { but it wo

? or ever { through

ia a Bible lately presented by bim to

bowver rewsins fn meand Uf
Produces much fruit, Insuaneh a z

before | was in touch
he was

luproduedion to one or
techaica! schools and

With teoholcal class
versa. f othcisl
hout Jone this year and bi

es |

o gave

y the | speaker) sume Instructions how

tually | trast be be

a20 ia asmall we

ha bad

206 Hoard rove after 8 p.m.


They weuld not sew the good,
uid telkinyfuture years. He
with the Colonial Office
the Kducation ae

told the

that they were tu begin a email

bla, {the

The Chateman ¢h bi twel
Strasburg ariabers several book bene the *@ oo ee thre

subject of tecbotcal education which
brought with hun from

ug on the

rtment | Wililes Gordoa Gran’
very much indebted to
cial thera who gave bim letture | Meyo Ruad Foarthi
stwo large fsbst certala parce
as maby sm.
Atthe Polytechuics he saw
@ most favoursbia
but the fetances the work that was carried on

Matle Meudoas
the,vsid Juiee
lauds cf Kigsbeth 84

James Poulip and

Plentetion comprisiag
160 aacd teent
theadd Ward o!
ewe Grand to
au ad eloguler thas cortals
of land or eycos ylantat
ssid Ward of ‘ss ran
-aohes dellnected fig
ee tud Vincent

lawe HIT {uw 29 Also all

_ Mose thee several parcels

our Ferches laste ja
fa the disgram or plag annexed to the
Or one Viocect Iezani,
reglatered ia Volame JIL folio 25 Also
other par
ay soprisis,
roa Wand (aiip alos
e Paa-nrered to the Coowe G

Lesame tegigend 1a







on planta t+ “Bote
uty scree (2
carobes ant (J)
sairty ais


sa Val ACU tole 833,

South upon lande

lande of

tandaof Feblea Vi

‘topnar thet

e iad

sully of Mbare

toe Crown +

fsresand comp. ising
vie wud ibicty five p

aad of duh rege,


be mreoal parcels “of

sottiege of tbe 10ta day
Qeie by ibe sad

wimeyer etd ste

oid Jaes

wsneye sbeiedy aecurey,


Ge W OF:
Jallen de Uresee

10 bet


fsuvery, 1Â¥il,
Daou this


Ya, 239 0f 919 AF?

pUBLio Notice
saiios bi

$90 sald Jud Daniel

‘ Town Hall, —Jaoy, 5


teacribed ate cootetned in the de
ot Feva ry i
Jales bwuead
Ache iu faroar of the sshd Lutes du
on jie
do tgege dated the 15th omy
igleered os No 1138 for tho e
44 txpreaced to be made Letéen o
Sweph muyene Ache of be tet pars
WUIbaDds) Adve O1 tie %
ad Virgins Prada of tue Sit vars oud

N.W. Brooks—-Piatatit
ths, Admlalstzetor "Geveral—Del oil

~a a
is hereby given thd
a9 been eaey aren, i
"ten Willem Brooks, tbe lawfal,b
bads Sole surviving nest of kin of
Moe Brosks deceased, eyalort the
Siwis.ravor Genorsi cliimwyg a gr:
isthere of Adoloistretion uf the Estey
Broke, deceased
ulema Foru ut Law aud that the
\¢.loa bas began set down for trial oa
7, the 30th day of Jonuary 39it,
ated this 4th dey of January 1988 “4
Pistouft's Suilcita
No 103 Queen strcot

u. §. MEIKLE M,D.D , D,!

(Howard University, U.8.4.)
Surgeon Dexrntin
and partly ;upon lands oJ 5), FREUKRICK
Ache aad on ibe West Bpou

chos upoa lands of

and apes | auds of
interseaced by
Alt end aingelar
of lacd or ovcon
eighteen acres three

Mowwetren sutyswl ¢ e-pectll
Gre awd “ogo
scren sore wuss

Â¥ sing
averal tareale of laud are sind
rvecribet 19 OariiGoate ol Thee rex

Fitthiy all and singular thee
esveral parcels of aod eituate ja sam
Ward of, Montserrat The tint @
somptistng ten acres end abatuea
North spon leods of Bohoran Wi
of O de tao
Gemara on the East apoa lente’
Mendossaod oa the West upoe
2Ucnraes Theo arooad therect.
tog len mcres andssbatting on the
apon aria Modeste aady
wows lecdoa the Eas upoa |
Valeria Villetast and onthe W,
Ueeacl aad
shereof compricing sisteen
sbutting va the North apos
seuciua Subaia pa the Buuth
‘pe Uruss tends acd un cow West]
oud? ut due Bynua Aud alee @

evita etler

avivel uf lend siteste fa the sais
Moutrertat contyrisind test
ond eightecn
vatiing vu lhe Noise upoo tend’
upon laude funy

Uebsiauren the souba Bped jag
fallen Vilsiuel poo lance form
be Crown but eubagieatly of
sod upos Cowa lande oo the, Kant
aads formérly of the Crown bat
qsontly of Oscdido Zamara of Soll
sod Bohsrem end on we Wet
‘onda maw or formeriy vf Sencivs ad
sud of Matta Musvete Aud siath!
rab percel of lana estuew ia Buu
BOVE Keegy
40268 Bul a
o4 the North ups issde of ‘
wi of Duwaus h 0. the Seah
ond ot OU dela Koos Zamare oo the
ipvaLiown Jend and un ibs West é

ihe 4

) vined


N,B.-Tre properties * La Provide
‘Baa Jose” and the several
aed thudiy aud foutthly deserited 4
sbtatned ia the deed of the 10th d
1005 made between the
maszusl Ache sod the’
Berea Fourier Stolimeyer ard the p

‘rathhly devribed are also 008 tained
Memorandam ¢f Mortgave peder ¢
»OrsiOns of the Keai Property O
seca detedthe same 10th dey of Fe
4003 made by the anid Jules Em
Loue 30, tevuue of the said
Fuuler dtoliwsyer aud are audject te
wurigege eecud y of the luh ¢.
vebracty 105 to tavuar ot the aa J
Aube Kex dionucyer Ubares Fi
vlimeye: and Kisuvyph Kas os
ud parcels fucesay Gee ived ae
abjecs tothe Mewvretuem § teat
luver the pruvisdiee oc tue Koa bry
Mdwance dated the sewe Iu veg
february 1903 wade by th sew ¢
Sanmaouel Arbe ia favour os the
famee Arthur Het Sullwe
fuuler dtoilmeyee Biol ‘Rata.


er Ubi
vipa Ki

a) 1
wee 3

Deted (ois fu day uf Jenuary $9110
Â¥, do CTT
Govt, Adusste



St the Bapreme Cjurt of Tundad's
Letter G., No, 125 of 1920,


Uletlanos Caamce Urase—trfen

UBLIC NOTICE 1 hereby givea

au action Las beva commeced
Be above-named Patulif why cine
40 the wie Kgrcutur aede: ibe Wied

.24y ul Adgust, 10ND ue Wi
sseui de Cranee fete ul the Ward ol dl
Diceased who dud ow the 9
tay vl Octover 190), exsiuet tie
seed Defeudeut tur a G out ur BY
€ the solu Wat tu cucu suru ot
od thee toe sald Aguas bev b
wwe foc trlalae the coet Uf ose
d-3psia oo Biundsy sue BU. apt


ith doy of Jauuary, 16]
Delict ve for ibe tia


‘a (the Supreme Court of Trin ded



at mF nyt


Public Notice }

cB hereby given thas I bave eold

tol, Mammy
Dated 19th December 1910,

kaowa aa

aod stort to-trede of b
+ Cit: fr
0s 47, Park Street, Portsoy



-[AYING acquired the slow» I beg to
nelly the poblie that i bali cve{]

Jone teasree Oothe barf rea ia thee lt!
ewl-es ander the oama aye The

Jy Dig Geyer"
ted the 19 b Decomber pe






ee “«* _ c« , Lo) OORT RSE eee
TRINIDAD, . A WIT ree Venain nYPranr ju; ~ "29
@ |» tse Moseuneen by tia Cowreeccind ase 7 aaa ' . 7 wi, . "a, ;

ee cena eyo ot eon Revise FRESH, SaiIPMENT
* rj Lawe of Triad’, ed
ey eortein
RLEGTR (; THEATRE Pes “eet Thera

4, i
R-MS.P rte
' .


~ od ,


| Mart Balliogs to Redope,

F « SAN FERYAN Ashse of the fret part, SeedeHo Marchesa ° a
| CARGO OF SPEOIALLY SELBOTED AND BUPE.-| wit “pers tnd’ lowe oorl tronper | «oll by every Lsaletnarougzoe

Palustre de Virssy ond Merte Gabricile Tei iw
~ RIOR QUALITY ee * sent: w ree

“ : & up
GH PIKE LUMBER, @i3sers |<
. ‘ i é PoLewormres
' ITC 9 | Sanualy, between the Kpuse clone sek | AND XxawrSgreoaren CAxage

two 9,
wee SPs

"A end ler that certala ploce or Averseiated by tt clasees, trom
SCHNR ‘C- D. PIGK ELLA,’ |ritetemeices oust S| soon ty mABRRls sdoe pint

{Now Lanpuyt anp For Sanu by “ ts re
There will ba co ernescting Later,

enmnun.t'ss A ie, we Deeds Glesgew Steamer
‘ Rormoy, yea 1907) ned made ecole ters Wes
SD. .
to'onial steamers with thie sailing.
Moxt Arriqgl from Europe.

CE.—'The 2.0.8, Berbice’ is |
Bre feem Et. Thomason Thare-
dey, Janusry Bh pad will ptocesd the
eime day for Demerara, tekidz passene
gore, cargo ant mails,


Ons Minurarrou tie “Four Roaps” OAR,

Fares! of } situate je the Ward of
FROM CRANDALL, FLORIDA, U.B.A shail pare Nox ape adeeb a and S Of. que TR, oath
bbe io a; ands
As per spooification bolow—which will be sold at reasonable rates. Touas Tyson oa the Hast tien lande of
. ‘ Leonardo Rivera upon lends of Bam Cokstt

: *Berblee” will leare Demerara
Ly tbe ub, and anive at Port-of-

Mpula at 6 am, on Tuesday the 101d. 3
- oe nd ppoa Jande ef Jallan a and os - . x
SPECIFICATION... thd npee, lands ef Jallen Tyron snd 8 | Every bottle has cork >. TLANTIA cue RAGA, * Dalasta”® °
ME ETI ” ow, 32 css, tae nelv of Jortaoan Pees 9 Bormades branded. .B will leave Bt, Thomes ene pei jane ‘
fe s
mo = Gakn, Mouse Woman, Datel thia 6th day af Deoambor, 1910 . h Hee eer ee te Lucia: Bt View
xv " ba07 "BOS Goveratiest Avetlonset AND OAPSULE &MBUSSED This up-to-date, permanent Cinomatogr er oie | cetband Grenade, accsiog ot Trinkiad at
erp a : $ 1 . ar
x ‘ " ney V x : * sp wo Sass TRINIDAD, ~~ *_F See thxt you gst th ssauine artis | Picture Palaco, now in active Foie oe Sam. oa the 10tn Janay
m4 . nis] if 38 aap " so087 | SALE FOR THURSDAY THR Sti DAY struction will be opened early in January, The highest class BALANTIA® and BERBICE”
x§ " Tres 10478 BLIO NOLICE fo" Deroy riven thes FOR BALE BY Living Pictures, from all parts of the world will be shewn daily | (es dhe Portmolpaia on Weddesday
x6 woof Hos too7t L vel sence of te Done Zee 00. 1 a ’ Lich Jaonery for Barbados, tekiog pen
; 2 " 93108 Rough LFianixs. ferred oa Mortgagess by the Conveyancing i { a Berm cargo aod yale Haven Line
xé . ones 228k ° "inis fereay a Perens Heviat Des ot r rt Gomed ro Tra, 8 rama, Steamer, due toarnre at Barbados from
x a tere
x8 a a [328 & op a Bora | Trial iad ond Topage end cuntaioed ies} Chacon St.—Telaphone 190, Y; 5 , © | Lirerpe Seaner will provera Deets .
‘Deed Smt anions Se
x g . 2a 4x8aup ay day of Fobra 10, G intared i ie HANFORD’S on end the other tothe Northera Islands, ‘
x6 “ Tolagd ae No (03 othe Protect | Il fertber informatioa, spply at
9176 Island ae No, 493 of the Protocol of Deeds T For all fer e
soot 6B ci radboved'ece cee BALSAM OF MyoRH | INSTRUCTIVE AND AMUSING, | testi
10 ‘ Dressed Bonarda. e of the one
aa mB eaepdazeaa. are "iia | teacups yc Se, een at md | eae saan
x fe —_ ?
x8 " oor | 1, 28S epdd2adeG. aT — aezi2 Action bythe taderued a thet Apion | AN EXTERNAL MEMEDY | ’ aunogte—Refinement Popular Prices, ~
x 19 * 2098 itz 6&dd2, Ge Th wera a Teendie th picet, Eon wow (nt am 2 wna |!\s . . . -
Bx ” re
Py 12 " 9002 wes January 1031, betweeo the hours of ona We guarantes tt torhesl ’ b 1
: : tw , , :
xe .” — Speoial vl acd Blagalar that cotta, paral ot Alter allele falls, CONSTANT ENTIRE CHANGE OF PROGRAMME Smith. Robertson & Uo.
* land and Cocos plantation ea oo ~ 4
18312 13x 6 dd t side 0, & T. 12238 ‘Actoolo” utes Re ‘Attpo fo the Ward of It Removes Proud Flesh AAA. Oller for, Bale Ex aa.,t* CROWN ~ 4
BROMO Whawes|iixs, 2. Gat. craptiling wereoty acre eae THolded It prevents Grangene, OF ARRAGOX* iném London,
=_Bmrw. -vest, i x 10 Roogh Boards tweaty four perches (delineated in & plan It Cleans Old Sores, + ; PRICES 1OU;Barrele CEMENT" Petere.â„¢
Jeces &* x 10° 4S' es, 1890 [3 x8 Plenke/ 8060 panexed dayot Fouware 1ohee eaten PR [CES sorvees oh. Sobe, ofa tis Mar,
oeER Rs Mme mans | Matas stieg iy Regiae ara And Heals Them, 9 9 be “ICAAADDOGICS Ye
" . 367 9, $92 0! aod made between Jove; ‘2 fecent Arriva
a — Sancir of the first part the asld Petronilis lt heals alf feah wounds and sores on the . +8
sore ‘ _ Talonsle rode 456 | senetr of the seoocd part acd evan Heptiss | 20Dua0 system or Dome tic Avimala§ OF Oo or TOO ee eS aS
—, “ner (Seti hee da ERS | ge amen wane : 1 tnt
Koets = ~~ om we od ° Crown unt aod | by ruths zl Mano, River ard Cases . . Myo Gandoeee Villas Villar
o o we ” an @ Paradize Ketate on tho Feat 5 a
Fitch Tins Scantling cue _ ae nl tbe Apo River aad by the said Paradisn GUARNATEED TO GIVE SATISFAU- a § 16 Ni DA. cen § SE ATS 1 case BRALILIAN CGA Morlas
Banas, = MR fae Rceee Metz cera teas | TON ORG xouRoMINE! TCE ATS |Oy. grt 2 RAUILAEL Wii
we ae wn we wD : 2007», GAUTIER'S BRA 1 at
Prsclal Droste Boasds and Plasks ww - ae 36785 howsvever olberwite the same miy be SMITH BROS. & CO. Balpharie Acid fa Sewt drome, Olea
Jalousie Rode oe = wee o o> $38 batted, boanded, koown designated or The Bonanza Drug Stores, TRINIDAD,

margarine * Uskdale”—all sizes, Cocoa
Mauure—Oblendorfis, Whisky — Finest
Heoteby 75 Bales Hay, 50 Tons Pateat
& Chaoon Street,
7b Uchober 1010,


—o Os


8, Olhnmocon Stroet,

Immediately behind the Colonist Has,

Pomlively the Best House to Buy Your

Xmas & New Vear’s Supplies

a3is2c PRICE-2/6 — by Poat 2/9,


Dated this 6th day ‘df December, 1910

Watch this Snaca for Further Particular;

q e N +
12/10 —2w. KINGS WHARE. Sax Fenwaxpo, | FHINDADaxe 108400, ~~ SINGUINEAU BRUS
————er—— Io the Matter of the Estate of Provision: Cocoa - .
“Py ' A IN THRs ot Caurs, io the Island of Trinidad eS i i A ( : i ] i = |
pune Novick beraby given tbat No 4 Henry Steet. ’
s ation has ad
obn Yate Maauei of the Ward ‘of Caura VIGTORIA INSTITUTE. ,
—FOK—- Grant of Letters of Adminlatration of the | nite following tab jects sre taught ab Machado 53
Eitate of Angeleot Manuel, Widow, de- T the Instliaye 1—Euglish Composition,
Needlework. Cleases daily.
—AN place of abode withla the seld Ward of | Agtisans CLaasxs—Eo, lish, Arithmetic,

Angele Mangel, Widow, late ol the Ward ASD < fs ——» —~.. —_ yO
‘rinidad Temper Li
F 56 Trini a 6m per Ima in the Island of Trinidad, Planter, for a
PPRAYING PURPOSHS |Rei artis hi fest iturocmrecatecat CLGARS & CIGARETTE

the oald Jobe Ville Menuol telag

and Drawing, on Mondays, Wednea , {1a¥0 secured GULD MEDALS of the} bigheat awards wherever they have been

one of the lawfal childres of tbe sald daya and Fridays, reepeotively, exhibited, Theonly CIGARS and CIGARETTES awarded « certificate of honour Ovn lOanp 14 Years +
deceased, EOTION Ts i tthe Jamsica International Cxbibitlen, 1691, . OD oO
. iD fl MANURIAL L| M E acd Notles fs, aleo givea thas if no Oncuesr re "Beorion wT irharedaye at 1 . Mechado'a Cigara and Cigarettes ate for smokers of cnltare ead disceraing taste WV
2 Caveat, ls lodged before the expieasioa of 8,15 post Usigque In quality aod aroma, — - wwe already made thelz neme In the fooa
. twenty of ghe doze from the date of the Litenaky axe Drpatina Sacriox — The Workmanship and blending of MACHADO'S CIGARS & CIGARETTES wyinstkets fod therefore feralce og funy
OB, art wi a
’ —FOR— Frogeed 1a tssaeLatiers of, Aumaie taut Forunightiy, cannot be excelled or equalled. especiane ta Q sat

Cutss SECTION ~ Dally,
Reaping axp Recrgation Rooms —Open

Admittance tothe Secilone ts} fi:
Merubere and Avocla toe, - free to
abecription» Atsociates ‘Garter,
Members" annually. 16 per quarter
The Iaetitute teopen from 8 to 10 a.m,
aed from 310 10 pum daly.

to ibe ssid Joho Ville Moenuel accord.
Dried thin 6th_day of December, 1910,


- LA TROPICAL, Establishment

Guc, per bottle.
Oouw Biquoeours
sch aa Falernaw, Cora & Oil, Auntectie,
Noyeat, Saatisgo Bouquet, and Ubery
irandy staud ta Ddold relief above aii
uthore in the city, , We carry a tg atock of
abe best brands of Drandies, blakieg
Madeira Wine and Gins.— PAY Una VISIT

| Results will satisfy you,

ULAMUBPAOTURED BE t Ia the Bupreme Court.

nthe Matuer of toe Estate of William

arbour Btreet Jamaica.



Welsch tate cf they “eciam sad pousnts oar | privoe fefore baylog, cle
° © ae. ; in i Towa of Port-of- where =—\We dety competition fo 4
B Trinidad Shipping and Trading Co,, Lmtd) ses viser Suto MONEY iat ot repr
Sonera Saree eee rn PUBLIC nctice te hereby tren thes Are ED inumall or lerge vume JUST RECEIVED eraod—im | ee ep Pserore
— s pplication a aide to me by TRUNIDAD LOAN 00, : ; RK
eee iaould Faria of te Town of Fort
u00K 1 ROOK! ! LOOK! It .
Epecsalty in MOVING PICTURE C0,
Ree y eee e OTE. VEGETABLES AND CUNSERVES. productions la the sontds taser eontt

diplay of
_ Kindly Call Farlyat = ——— /voving * PIOPURES

5 7 f -d no state of health?
ili idali aie alien — os September 1905 of Willow ad at IF YOU MOst TAKE MBDIOIEE.
ee of she sald Town ef Port-ol-Spiia who athena

7 7 died on tbe tit a of May Wig bavio
awe) stcbe time o: oath a fixed .
Ioana be MEALLAYREA absde in the and Towa of furtct-Spela
the 6 Loute Farfsa belog the sole
executor named thersio, And potloe ie | ment, Price only Alty ceats, Post paid, 1 will

A AaaTe Tonico Leathe astntiee| m slaa given thar {f no esveat is lodged | ntod you a sample box on receipt of three

4tiam ; Coxupound
GREATEST Toole oa Earth for Men,

Women, and drea, Lach box cog.
tains ene hnodred doses of one month's treat.

jasc y an BE. sae

hefo a the expiration of 29 days from u.8 | peop in sams. Address all orders ig
d the pablioati ALBERT WARNER, agent of Ur v1,
late of the publication of this a tiow ia the ‘Nelson’ Scroct, Port opal


And Illustrated Songe

*Hoyal Gazstie” aad @ focal pewe- aid. No %

ET VOUR CAKES FOR XMAS! Puestating to the public the moss realutle
Cr eT paper ibe Cour wit! proceed to issue aeb— tm. see vrente ul oaly lite and thrilling scenes of 4
Frobate so the esid Loule Farfan s0- she abcrigines of the worla’a moat p
earn codingly. stesalve ooantsy, Combined with nm
: Dared this Latdsy of December 1910 woauerfal dmpiay, wo reprodace Spain's, }
Parasite and WA, THOMPEON, sonbes dade playa, or tne uae garenaue ‘
cea) er ae TRINIDAD Be Toutayr A scnpruia, FAIS LEAS mInawonm, Mannfactares by A, SOUBLETTE at Ne, 15 Park 8+., Port-of-Spalo, derelopad tn aa artiste posnner, pioged z
Pn a the Sapreme Co: HEADS, OA ANY FORM ..
Pray en Lat a Metter ofthe Eatale of BRIN DISEASE YIELDS AT ONCE Jo Somme eee * | atenooen au proreise BEST wed et i
mas Beajemin Piry " {which fasares
OS tern late of the Towa ef Pureof Spsla, Carpens PALM ER N ¥ CHOCOLATE. fa prepared by . pected aa ipleatitic Process iwbich nena SLALORATE peetion of Pictures sree x
tor=Deceaerd,- Being free trom all Fureiga Buby ancen, And wade from the Soest selected beans i to | imerics, Abe Pan-American Slovigg .
pusius NOTICE ls bereby given that not only deliclaus, Lat ae @ nourishment it te worivalted, Pot opto i, bby 2 8nd 80 F picraig Co's wonderful reproductions bare Lo
eT ere spplication bea been made $0 me by ntment ‘ Tablet packages sede rldwile adouretiog ead cymes .
Deen Peer neutes Hall and Angeliog To he had from the following Orecerie :-8TEPHENS, Lrv., CALEDONIAN | weedsiloo, and with thle waprescdeatet
Mee tear ee erteot-Spaia ta the | Used tarourboat the Dates Staten alae sty, GRO“ERY, OOODINGS, 4 F, REIS (Now York Establishment}, MARQUEZ, Vetllca or tie hee ae fen meeeibcent "
Tileod ul Telldad foe «grant of Probita | mas no qui as 0 COMPLEXION STANDARD, aid from Shops {a town and goustry districts, - cheb out elfotie will elec be ee Cpbiideus
of the laos Will and Testament dated the} sraven, "itt, ‘applications will Cuanire ' . A. SOUBLEI “ be peoule wilde be eppreciatad by
pt SAY of Novemsar 1910 of Ttomes | A DARK SKIN several pbagee figatere et Novewber 27'b<1m, t r the people of thie couatey.

. a * Booj min Put late of the T
SS ee ae ae Ag, UCarpecter whe tied ow Chetry

x abode in the | as Paimar's * B10D-sUCCEAS + Rowsty |
sald Towa of Part of Spein th . aaa ,
We’ Atgasied Hall and Asgeliag tiny | kegsintsstvesre Bot Panera



Poimer'a " SKIN-GUCCESS*! Soap ls Meal.

Gated foe Toilet, Nas aad Bata,
7 Soap {04 ihe Bavye aul

Commencing this Evening {
ST, OLAIR OVAL, at 889 o'clock,

obser tout gredeof CHOCOLATE & COCOA FOWDBE do nos] Dene’ the sxtcotors aad trustees samad Sola by Druggiate all evet the Werid, it you oontomplavs being engaged, or ff you know anybody Admiralon }—Resarved Beats 2 . .
ory ts hale sendacd quality, beace we m our pricey ts we do not care to | therein, . P —— who is en od you should not torget _ "Fegan weate J ehilling, ailtiogn os
quality ca the maiket, Ocr preqaes Mepsieotare a tha le Ard potloe le also piven that if 20 caveat repared, Bold and Guaranteed by :
Awar ome Cacedien Babtble | be lutged betore the expiration of twenty

Th. o3ts for sale fiota M joed .
tad Wilson of ab tbe Oren nee q

na d of our Compesitors,
monte SOR. "Bold every where aod Wholesale

Albert Lueien & Ce.
Cocon a :


don't orde. from a catalogue waich shows # picture of a Diamond

Wr Morgen Ding

Diet od at pe dct es,

§ defor '
sabe 'e30 from ibs date of th

Dewapaper the Court will
leeve prorete io ibe sald Frack! ms Avene

Beahere 3 BROOKLYN, NEW YO @ of a locomotive flash light dnd only get a mers lite twinkle
opeoeostanec™ damier Portofspain, — | pelt “ih tae dey et becom fia a. A, ey ADM, Money refunded if quality is noas gruarantoods
prose A, P-ON, | a .
one a ae , “Hagia, 4 Sela domnt is Teese Sapah SEE WHAT YOU BUY.
% . ’ “ *
ms y , a _ ~~ ee = me 7
pe ENA Lenk ee roa Pa a Ae RS eS An Aa Oe ee
Pe ce. t * * 4 * m, XY ‘ ' .
ee a ‘ » ‘


SO ——oneereereeemmemaaeensiaememanime *) 3
NOVELTIESTBonanza Tailoring |Bonanza Furniture|Bicyele and Motor?

~ Neckwear :

FOR LADI“As| NEw sTook

~AT— -0OFr—

| New Silk: Cord ‘Prilling Self Colours & Stripes.

, + —FOR—

BEIN TIME.| BIesvoomor

Orders now being pooked MOTOR SUNDRIES.

: for Easter, DUNTOP GROOVED TYRES—760 x 90% 810 x 90)
KURV¥ RSHIELDS—make old covers new .

BENTWOOD SUIS | SHSitie some |



Tn all Colours 8 cents peryard. . : .

White and Colours—9@ ctnts eac! :


-AND— .


. & Workmanship.
In Whito & Colours, .

In many gnd beautiful etyles at prices to suit all

’ From 8s46.00.

INLAID BEDROOM | wcetssees puerto rouge apres

SULTEHS. Retyreing Carriage & Buggy Wheels, ;

Estimates & Designs Suppiled Free. FoR EVERYTHING FOR MOTORS ~

Is second to none—Give us a trial,

Repair Kits and all Repair Stupplior,



‘6 . . 99|Lancashire Insurance U0 | sors aassre ron
J ohne i alkep |) BIRE& LIFE | [Po stance.
XOW MARGED Int 8 Caos Thin 01 &0o

Has again arrived by the = [Funds txceea... £12,000,000

S.S.‘ Crown of Navarre.” p NEURANCES efoed pgainat 38, FREDERICK ST,

THE FAVORITE WHISKY |setezeiscit25 [ane and orca

H BROS. & co.|surre BRos. ¢co|f#he Bonanza,

Scots Guarda declares he heard, Sergeant at Arms ofths Dominion
two distinct [solated shots. «ne natled | H suse of Commons, O.M G.

the flimes burat out aod. thereafter | HUDSON BAY RAILWAY PLANS
tbere was silence, Nobody excaped DISCUSSED

and two charred curpses were recovers Mesere Uackenzie and Marin have
ed after w partial xearch, Home of the | conferred with Me. Graham Minister
bystanders say they saw the suspects [ of Railways and Canals. regarding the
fall back from the roof jnto the flames, | plans for the Hudson Bay railway
\ fireman's spine was broken by a | which are to be submitted to partia
falling wall which also injured five / tnent immediately.

otaera, Two policemen, two soldiers, | RIOTING SUPPRESSKD IN BRA:
and three civilians were {njured by 4IL BY OAVALRY

bullets slightly, The enormous crowds New York Jan ith
necessitated the massing of Ofteen A despatch from Para, Brazil, re
huairad polos O'hac forces engaged | porta that Cavalry have suppressed
were two arma balf companies of the rioting, pilleging and iocendiirism

New Year Races at Arima,

The Arima New Year Reces passed
vit successfully 3 the weather was
fect, the Stand and ground crow
and those present ex} ed themesives
dammensely, The Donkey Races gave
any emount of merriment, aud the ,
Pony Kaces wero very well contested,
« close fialsh marking the end of every
face, Among thove prosent were nae
joed: Hie Worship the Mayor (W,
K. Beckles, Huq). Messrs, Clifton
Vianagin (Warden), Martia 8 Btricke
land, 2 de Ia Bastide, GO J. de

(LaTgz ov H. Monscgzaux
BP. and 0. Co)

octe Guards from the Tower nf Lon {| agsinst the mal-aduinistration of the | 2400 y Rymister, B. Buxoo, J,
sont a battery of Horse Artillery with | municipality and many casualties o Lough Io, De, ‘A. Rotinson. J, Samp
three machine guna, which however | occured during the ekirmishiny. son, te Clale Ashby,


K Bf, Hoaten, If Brunt .
Brown, P.K Ttanukeescou, eu Ke
Kon, and i] ©, Bernard Hon, Secty,
and Treasurer.)

The resulta ofthe races are as fol-
oT Neie Year Stak

om New yesi _,
Voicans tad : es.—-Liberty Ist,

am St -

wom yaad takes —Dashaway Ist,
° 5 ~-Pooy Race,-Volcano Ist, Bullet

4.—Donkey Tace,-Tommy,
6 ~Arima’ Stakes.— le
betty fed, ¢s,—=Volcano tet, Lhe.
Liber dee let,
Donkey landicap.~Tominy lat,
28—Pooy ‘IL —
ultag 2o oy ee Volcano let,
6 innovation which appeared
much appreciated by the seuers yee
(ntroduced by the Secretary (Mfr, EL,
QO. Bernard) {#, the payment of the
Stakes immediately after each race
wasrun, The Stewards of the Senta
Roea Races present, then and there
determined to adopt the same proces


were not uved andthe fire brigade DOMINIOA AND THE NAIL
Many Westenders paid « big price for SERVICE
commanding positions to watch the Dominica ith
slogular proceedings. Following passed Legislative Ooun-
GHOSTLY SEQUEL, TO LIOUNDS.- [ell yesterday t Resolved that with re-
DITOH AFF IR, ference to theacting Administrators
Acorpse fuund on Clapham Com.- | message on the subject of the Contri-
mon stabbed through the heart and | bution tothe Transatlantic Mall Ser
the ekull smashed, bas been identified | vice, the acting Administrator be
asa French Jew of the East Kad, aod / authorized to (oform the Governor,
the landlord uf some of thove arrested | that this presidency will be prepared
io connection with the Houndoditch { tocouthibute atarate not exceeding
affair, Itie believed he was murdered | £310 per annum towards the subsidy for
for giving {nformation adirect Transatlantic service between

moderate prices.


English and German Pianos
for Hiro,


or on Hire Purchase System,

2» wma acmrmrmeaama eat ae

&£ Bouse

NOW, LANDING __[ewm:°
Ex §.S, “Serrana” from Cardiff, SMITH BROSAND | co

“200 ‘TONS Peter


For Salo by

The Trinidad Shipping & Trading C@o,, Ltd, T a S S 0


=. eo @
Tanlog and Repairing,
ND HIS DEVENCE, | the U.K. and the West Iadies on the
a Bpeciatieszy, Aldred, has telegraphed to James, understanding that an acceptadle
advising bim agalost any announce: | fortolghtly faward and outward malt
ment upon bis arrival In Paris that he pnd | passenger service willbe taala:
wall to London for tha de-;taloed This Council! further expresses
fense ol } Mytias Aldred declares thet ] its approyal and appreciation of the
James will be arrested upon arrival | artangements made by the Postmaster
within Britivh jurisdiction, Aldred { General forthe transmission of malls,
also after seelog Mylius ia Brixton! and forqutilizing tha fntercolonial
prison declared that the latter; steamers to the best advantage for
will repudiate any apology the purpose, ponding the result of
by Mr. Kewton oo 1 bis i bebe if negotiations with the R.M.S.P, Com:
and qlil demand atrial which w pany, .
come on about the time ofthe Corona- SKITISH WARSHIP AT BT.
tion Ifhe {snot released. James re- THOMAS,
cently published a sensational book St Thombs sth.
arguing that Christ was the founder ¢ | H.M.S8. "Scylla” arrived from Porto
of democracy, and wae crucified for | Hico 10.


Pental surgeon.

Gradeate of Biltimoe COoillege Penta

Surgery, 20 years’ Practical Experioncein

in all branches,

fer Pemtsatl OMoe:!
86, YREDERICK 8ST, Over Dr, arthor

GRENADA, TRINIDAD, AND DEMERARA FOR SALE BY Telephone Ne de ed eh “AUUTILALIA'S eENSATIONAL suger ta eto sang ganUary Hibs To-days Court List.
) Carrylog Through Hrelght for Tobago dnd Ciudad Bolivar, — Inthe second test match between tone 4 last Beas 73,00) pone. (Before the Chief Justice)
: Australia and South ahirica, the fer THE JAMAIC TAGES, tub : orion
. A coale: . Me
PROPOSED BAILING DATES, 1911, | ted second ianinge, Bouth Africa In| Conclusion, — January races at | Otley e Tom. |
ee eR . . thele first lonloge scored 600, but {n | Kautsford Park, yesterday, Results }~ Moncesux v Winter {To Stead tla

Leave ARRIVS Axnivs

: Leave
| Aitess2e077m, Naw Yoru | Tarmrpap | Trixipap FG Youx cy

their second collapsed after making 8) { Winter Mendicep, 6 fuea+Lady Irene

The wiches wae perfect, Australia Jet, D namo Z Japan Srd. Tine, for order of Commitment), Shoe


“CROWN OF NAVAHRE® ..| Mech, £0

Young vy Richardson, Smith Bros &
: 0 won by §9 runs. = +168 Sthe Oo v Abbott, Wilsons Bons & Co,

CANADIAN FARWERS’ REPRE Jamaice Handicap, 1 mtle—Whale- Blakely, K I ¥
* MARACAS* we od Jany, 4 | Janpet3 | Savy, 21 | Jany, 4] it ‘ rq TIONS, bone lst, Dainty Dutcbees Zod Run-a- + Kemelngh v Devenish, Des
“CROWN OF NAVAMRE® | Jevysi8 | Japsse7 | Yeby. € | Feby. 12 s WAYDG ¢Quare, BENT A oes Jany sth [wey Sed Time 1.443 othe. matiah y Mitchell.
“GKENADA® - of Sany, 28 Feby, 7 Feby, 15 Feby. 24 a The fermers’ representations to Sir ockey Club Handicap, L mile-Lad
“MAR ACAS" ad Feby, & |, Veby,37 | Feby 25 | Mcb. 5 . Wittrid Laurler ate too urgent to be | Loulse Let, Bugle wall Zod, Tine 142, | Geert eer reer
“CROWN OF NAVARRE” | Feby. 21 Mch, 11] Meb, 19 | $4" PIhome Aae, ~ overlooked, hence Movers Fielding and | Protest against Kva Tanquay j first
“GRENADA! - on] Mol. 4 Meh, 22 ] Mech. 31 Patersov, ministers of Finance aad | borse allowed,
“WAKAO 45" Mch, 15 Customs respectively have gone to}, Pony Handicap, 2 mile -Teres Ist, PRICES CURRENT,

Washington, with fostructlona to
negotiate reciprocity, upon some basis,
but there will be fierce opposition
when it iseubmitted to Parliament,
The manufacturers being reluforced by
those whe fear that ihe vepacatlet taa-
dencles of Commercial lutimacy with
the Volted Btates areflospropos to
the approaching Conference la Loo
don when abroader scheme of Jin
ferial preference fs anticinated,

Highland Fiiog gad, Irie 3ed, Time,

Galloway Stakes, 7 furlongs-He-
ffegchment let, Dainty Duchess 2ad.
ted wing Srd. me 1.31,
Farewell Stakes 6 fure.-« Mise Loris
lst Alteration 2ad, Kva Tanguay Sed.

aris | as |NO INCREASE. A



procecd from TRINIDAD to DEMERARA cach trip, returning to New | THES2 BS wtattadnare,

dork vid brividud and Grénada. THREE DAYS 23 SHILLINGS, a

. —— Ow " ' og
TRINIDAD SHIPPING AND CRADING COMPANY Limimen, | A NLicpjeceton to wicnées tha tate “is
®@ Broadway, Now York and Pocd of Byew, Iloided, D.W.1 and sca. “Ticketsat AUAR'S, Park § .

New Yore Jano
Flour, Blended Clears for Woat {the
Lodies per barrel wn ne $5.00
Meal, Kiladried per barre! $2.75~-25a
Now Season's Pork per bri—No aby
Heavy Mess Pork per bri, 31 Sa
Orystals O8l be a

Time 1 33 25tbe.

The Palm Collection at the Ex
DECADE NH orona YEAR periment Station, St Clair,

The Now Year rrorpuona voruesp- | To tbe north of the Oflice buildin
ra to be decrraalng, and more than | and runolag parallel with the Mareval
one Calinet minister bad bo npen | Public Ituad, atandaa fine block of
house. Sie Wilfeid Laurler, was first | pelos in many klads some native
resented to Karl Grey, at what f¢ bis | Others foreiga,e To those who are in »
ant reception. and afterwards Bir | Dovition to judge they are asserted to

cot lon, Budaitog Upta

at Live ir a
F Ib, ]
Exchan ‘New York and 810

London, 0) days’
Brchange New Yorkaspeâ„¢ amt
London sled... - £85,
Tdad Cocoa N, York wo 11g toile





~~ ‘ Wilfrid binself recelved fated b ~ares
; . LATEST TELEGRAMS Lady Laurier, shove convalscence | lining paineto ba found under eultivs
+ — ve mute Heasure, .
r an d X m a S S h SW N ow on 1 W I é& Panama Telegraph Compans, | “ritows NEW YEAR HONOURS [Won te, the, West, fadiew | The} = Lawton lanuary th,
‘ >

Io ofticlal circles, the cangratule | {ougdiverss forme taken on by the
Honus, were accoupenies by Gere | ditlerent species of thie Liogly Order
eral ChaiT, asis custoinary In Canada | °C pisates dwart aod bueby, modiam
on such occasions moog others
who have received honours are! Mr,
Tart, recently Chairman of the Hall-
way Commissloners, Victoris, Austrs-
lia, Knighted, and Colonel Hinltb,

London, Jany, éth,

The police having located some an-
archicts suapected of connection with
the Houndeditch burglary and mare
ders at Martin Mansions. Sydoey
Htreet, Stepney, shortly before dawn
ergeant Jeeeon spproached to recon«
nojtre and was shot jn the breast.
This started a skirmish which lasted
uotil the afternoon, The fusilades
smashed every window, the suspects
retreated upsleire which was accessi-
We only through a narrow passage
commanded by sutomatic revolvers
discharged from ind barricades,
end Aoally flames buret out. It Is vari:



Minoan a UAH ;

acd tall, some flowering and fruitlog £ in Bond,
but once end then dytng. othera pro-
ducing thelr flowers regularly while
otbers again blossam but at irregular
fotervals, Llere is at hand for the
student magolficent materials for
study and observation,



pere cw se om OD
Java Bugar (a
or Obannoe) ‘Ce orteeheatieg
Denseara Hom Nom. Pee 1 gOS
Trinided Coooa, G ifaw volld,
ing led per OWE eae sae
Telands af Clverpoct Roce
. at Live
Mank of Hogied retenog @ M8,
Discount =~ wm 4) pes
Conse per
eee cont Reates faPart
oudly reported thst straw was burned ere the troutle Iles, tbey will | thlog thateo potent a medicioe should | P are 07 os
toemohs, aod the suspects It is also} restore normal conditions and Health result from the six logredients which
ful sleep will follow, They exert ajenter Into its composition, A

te | sedative forca upon the nerves aod § wilt convince the moet skeptical of its
where there aucreat t ey brloge rest. ui eee ristaee

Newest Shades in Ribbens.


to. e « . ‘ “y
ea , o “y *
LP asians he POI she tats as setae buat eshte Ab eedtenitersiy aieaiite aetna heen el sade baiattelialit ~ . malt

SLUVPLESaNESs ~Bleep le the great
reetorur aod to be deprived of it in
vital loss, Whatever may be the cause | the cures effected by Canadian Heal-
of it, jodigestion vervoue derangre | ing Oil ure considered, the speedy and
mentor n.ental worry, try a course of | pernianent relief it has brought to the
Dr, Kellogg’s Vegetable Pille By | suffering wherever i¢ bas been used,
Fepulating t eactlon of the stomach, | ltasust be regarded a & marvellous

Richardson. & Gelway.

‘ \ . '


SALE FU THURADAY THE Sra} in jhe Saprema Conft ef Trinidad and j Ne. 71 of 1010,

ruB ra . \ ‘73 of t9t9, ‘sting | BALE YOR THURSDAY THE UTIL
P ARUABY 11, T co ae of 108 ween Soaeph Souqs, Bipctro~ Piatt torgale n sadn ee DAY OF JANUARY y911,
ety given chat | yr weeu ‘ vi , der see Of at fears | POT NT IC NOTICE fe bereby given thet
Se re et rn | ee ony MekweSTED Abico of ati Ta ec ee aly
4 dul Gorton, G = — et

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1 Reet [905 and exade Letwore Jceepa Francie | Pedro Anioala Vilerosl, D. storaleje & POE G tesa of Bia Hence Mr Dee ad ‘Piiaire NOTICE bere oa Ny | iziee ped ot iw ‘i
a eee eet sone anche & orf of Uo apd Boyd & Co~—Defeudsats, tice Bwan made Je thie miter on the 6b Jemen Bobert Dovglss Paoatt - De sore oa be ees Ui November iy gent fees rv r Bete tiannd lige we erehts Volewe © <

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cl iortaeiey dated the sald die dey of D'yarvuacce of the Deere beeia ef li | fert-ef-Syain ve Tberndey the 2od dey ae OE AE Lle Lop: | bt Cost Home, FE os TPecreeea tha bows | auanber 1798 ef 190s) aed made beiwees V'osqoe playtalion mtaets, tx the
mate ia fervour of the | Hocoar Mr. Jastice Bwan daiet te? d | Fetraary 1911, betwrea the beersef pm | ocr Vir Justice Kassel] mide lo bls raed spo i Fee ieedse I Tete Cboend | Centr eeven apres Utes a

old Joseph Jraquios Kattire there wil) be t x first part Diandbe Fartascf the stocnd [twenty setes = apres Lares
Bop lot bole ah tha. Anctioe Dest ef | eels gre piaane ee the dar of the | | Ail aed Birgviet te Siactota eees | action vad bearing date thoi doy of Atand corer Sot Pit Fare ‘and Wallem Sebo Daodua, Archi. | tweaty perches be, tbe name
cura, Jott & Sos at No. if, Mt | dopo December 110 thers will te pot op p dioste la the Ward of Gaasape la te | October 1910 there will be pul Gp for bounded 09, the [held Robert Crsafard Times and | delineated and described te
Vincent birest tet ween the boure of Lard | io? asie belnce Ube doors of the ‘Cours leised of Trisied ead bbaitiog on the | 826 before the doors cf the Court Houre | compen, Bre Laoaard Walter ‘Dickooe (therein and [ attached to the a Grant
Z pov. on Tharedey the 6sb day of Jan} ilcens ce Thureday the 20th day of pNoch « (n the Town cf Port-of Span oa Toare | beneinsfiec eatled "the mat *) | im Voleme CXLVI follo’ 271 aedy
oe : Jeeuary 1011 pow next eneclrg between | saw of day the 2od dy cf Febrosry 191) be | Road be the Esut See 1 the third part also 1a, athe howe sepdet rink, tg
7 w 1 Ube paseal of Jued eftante fa the f the tonrsof lad? p.m, Allaodsingelar | u tween the hours of oneand twd pm. | Wee by sbe Cap de ol $995 47. tandem pf Mortg: ated t weoty og Alex H "
abeite iat ihe eoreat tenes 10 G21 | thone six parcele of lead aod oucva plasts- jane Wedisgion oa the Ean pon { All that patcel of Inod of soger placta- { by a Ravine at the 295 a apra f Ceventh dey of A the year one ibos- | cow of lately of Asguctas
i z nad spos 8 space left Trion ataate falbe Ward cf Caars ia the | teed formerly of the Créwa but pow of J tic fa the Parieh cf bt Georpesin the |, Veted os nyih i LOVELACE, sand pine bandred and seven and made § upce lands now or lately of Jose;
4 ot 0 Wand and epom taod pow or lately | Seland of Trinidad the Gret thereol com- | George Wight sud un ihe Wort upos leds | Islaod of Tobsga known as “ The Crad- \ pettrg Deputy Kegtauer the salt Traacla Arabroe § upon lands pow ot lately of Sere
of Coy b 02 the boath upon tends pow @F | prising ten ae ee two roods end tea ivusay of Dauded pow of Anbar Wet | Icy Estate," cintaioicg one bondred acd rae, pena feting Depaty Regmress. Facto in favoor of ths Moctgagees sod | ufos a Crows
feuely we & nen . Bred aeath gree patches called “ Bante Locie” abd abut | hegeun god on landsiol Nich*l de Leoo, ferenty fire acres of Bod aor thereabout TRINIDAD Comt of Trasdadand Tytaga, | #00 ts & eae peimesty uM y Bhd
. « ‘. . ege e @!
the Wes apt Moroes Ke Aut aes ireoo and tole a tae, Kiovin Slorees cotne’ lastation iesbe ta the Wad. pf and dodnded on the Negth by the) wa asaulagie ot Joorasas: ane athe géer one Uhousaod alee
Ward ofetaloing Lz 3. at fo the ons 7 it eile om the Soeth wpos the Meszace) | Arima in ibe eahl Leland ealled * Le Nina Lee tate on tee Seradiey Earate " ‘ome aes “| deed god seven ood eee rita! for | seats
. Oro ntus ir Z * a. ormerly . in favour ef the mort+ a bow or
bo the Novuk wpoa. tends o' Caturie: | ite one’ oo the West apoa, lauds ot | the Fivettd such an oe sad on the West by the Uossurdia 80d [i tr of ihe etl Property Onduaasice. seaoeee hore will be pat up for sale by cen, Pupos «Crows
Miisbell now of Josephine Aicra: oo \*Poecamen Flornne Gatos and ble wile; | ainien second sbuttog oa the Norte | Cepamon Hill Extaten, eabject to a) ts Oem == Public Auction st the Auction Mart of | wpoe lands oew or fately
the Hoath wpos tends torcur') of w‘| The mecoud there evepridog siz acres | spon Crows fend gutted to Mubstear | Jadement debt in favour (f Jobe Fer-| sy. piic NOTICE « beroty mre the by | the’ wadersigned altnate at acmber 12 | maa BMearigee om the saat =
Ags * rete bet wow of J OV. A. Faris’. | ins obauing on the Nurth on lewd of M. being the Westerm patel om the Sou h | feire for the sum of £22 Iv 0 aod coma. L ‘en order of Hu Honour the Ciraf Jusvce | aint Vincent Street ta che town tf Turt- | cow oz talery of Heary Louw,
ou tbe Fest npoo Minin J. os ant vt | \asiezom the Soath of & Havine on the | apo land cow or lately of Madet Molyck | Dated thie 16 b day { December 1410 | cusde teresa on the pb day of Nuvomber 1610. | of-Â¥psia on Thareday the twetlth day cf | epon lands pow or lately of Juan
tbe, Wet spo laede of one Lmoede | Hest os Orews feuda aod o1be Weet oo | on the Fast spon land of Gapinl MeDena L H LOVELACE, gains good cause to the contrary be 28S 1 y Cosy igil berwees the baste of coe | ups lands sow of laisly of 8
Awd alee en the pepe ol Pine Menwal Hevaee (birt) fee terg re] apd tuo t t Crowe land and Depaty Hegutree | web tourwan days from the dae Mt eT Ala awe p.m, 1. Alland Siogular thet | 9503 lends new or tatety of
lend callea® Altagrar coats 6, 2 FD are) ty the Crow p slong the asia lauded, Neboter Lt oute aud ‘tbe Secoad ee certala piee: or parce! of lemd sed cocos ee upoa a Crows reser
aad abetting wet Nor tiuses leur © TE Rassue) ‘due thin thereof teu gua [uf sech parceso iad compnm g alx TRINIDAD, 4 Sia cutation situate te the ward of Morege | noe of lately of Gamma M
Carbo mnt Mees! ue tos mea upon lad | auten aud abuttiog oo ube North on wd scree upd abaitiog cathe Nora und Kaa-| 19 the SapremeCeart of Titalded and lar that yom ibe nite Hathe islard of Trinidad eontalaiang ten | lends now or lately of Blas Ca:
of Paul jsf monde og ths Kast upon the | of Claodw Garcin, Meouel Liss acd’oa the | apsa laid ave or lately of the Crown on Lathe coe of parcel Mee Keland of Trialdad | acres one rool ead twenty four perches | apoa lande now of {ately of the
T ‘Adrisi trate Geceral’s Ordiusnce | compraing twelve acres be the same more OF sad abattiog on the North aod oa the [ oa the weet upos
ne me 1902 fess delipested fo the diagram encered to the | West upus iaads now oF lately
Crows Grast ia Vol, CLXXVI fo. 494 2d | Crown on the Boath upon poworfol Thom.s Alexander Hi

Viabine Hed aad os tne Wert apo las | Manscal Heving on the Bowh and Best oo | the foath upon land ol Mehaboer tong

Od. ¥. A. Vartsn, Acd also all those | Crows Jands and on the Westoa the roel leseribed Cro
tha ps above d aod co the

uf eating 23h and Ve Heketvha eee eoring 4 Tee fours ubcroct pow, agse? land now or lately of Natirited and ft Bounded on tha North and South bytws roads | jaiely of Jolin Thomes aod ow the East | lends pow e7 lately of the

the Norib ood West wpou Crown laed on | North on lando! M Valdes on the Kouth i i In (be matter of the goode o reserved Sify lipks wide each o@ the Lat by the Road to Mission, 2 Alt ead Jo Reserve forty-Gre like whi

tbe Booth ¢pon lands of Blicte. Alexeoder | ged Ess on Cruwa lapde and on the Wes wa donate fe re varde ot ane? welled Quatin Herbert Spicer, Isteo! the Towa | Crowe land ‘and on tha West by lands soguler tbore bhree several pleces or} Mariquite Rivee eed fave

ond on tue Esst apes ine Vatiie Road. | ut tand of Cisudio Garede asd of Mangel ot Hae Fetnando is the Island of Trinidad tigved for by Boodboo aad Sookra} iter th a Reserva
thereof “ ' fe peu reels of land and cocoa pleotetion eite-'] Hevins Laods with &
Le Norby Sek aca | Visas The Bik cbereot comprisieg twelve eee et iand che Fut of each parcole of | Deceased Leucatate Dated ths atm day of Dorember gic, | Bieta the anid word ot Noruge the Bnet | Hoke wide along cither bank sad
acres two ft je and tweal ‘1

Heratrar Gener hereof exptaining Dine ecrestwo roods and | toad reserved forty-fire ltoks
at Gooert | a enty percbesvond abating oa the! bye branch of the veld Hmd
North apoa taode formerly of the Crowa [ apother Hosd teservel Gfty Ue

four perehes 4 telng ten aod
Weta Sire’ bor | Seagate on one See, ou [PG eer apes ede novo iy ie: | A oe ar
those twelve paresis of land oa ped pully vy aud Cpartly by he anders yoed- fall parti~ulars of the 5 ' dad and Y
bel uate, the Proves of | the Haul Kegeue Lx son the coud on tbe Maneeal {holoyeh “pos tania mn rh lately of the sree. enies oy afianst oa or before Ta the Sapreme eee Trielded ep bate O oe Sow or heusly of Mictet eeetbe spostivaly Ul ritke
9 oe ther " we pase will be . 2 ‘rancis
evmpicing & 2, 18 in Val 31 tabs 253 wf raeee wake are we ue erat ea the nowt 308 i Mees Bille ujon lode Mendes ee dae no aims will be enter- No. 6 of wid the matter of Aree pallie Hed nad os the West he ot Joseph, fie 7 os
tie Keguiter Book ens ausson own | TINSEL, MERE meron ove A errente iy jo BN, SCLOCR OB The Backrup ry Ordinance, No, 6 upon #aods f -rmer.y cf the Crown bat aow | faroar of the sald Joveph F, re

LL persoes hoviog elaine against the
Lire estate are sequired to sead lo | TRINIDAD,

Dorth laudeet Jose Mors Kite he Eust party upon the Wight nerne | Cedi wo bold asy tecari'y what- be matter of . Ou ‘arian Standard
apd by ft ug Mato Koad 10 tke wide Nort og ast a Hi tusdigo Heedos on tse sod partly sien lands of J. BLN, Mare coever tue assese tbe valae of thelr seca The Brokremrey of Soya ‘Aresas Wharton or alately 1 eee nee Cptateisy oe , dita the jar et d
(08S Boats wad Wer 5 Lown a9. | onc own ‘anda aad ow the Went on tbe rbeon aod oD baal ob partly upoa © | riry aed proveduer Ube difference or give of the Tewn of Port-ol-Spaia, ten acres and five perches and atatting on Aprilia ths year one thoassnd o!
‘ gad of tine Bont upua tbe Morus Malo | Weuua Koed ; Also all these two several | lands ceened ty Doran cok Cee tapes | apytbew eeceruy and prove forthe whale | geequptant, and ia the matter of tht | ibe Noruh zon lands formerly of the} drei and serra pambered 76525
Rnd winien aod suet vette | parents of land staate tn the Ward of | cadriy dive tere Leiag reertved cm ed p debt. Application of Crown bat now of lately of Caroline | wheieby the sam of two

Payments will bg made on Monday the
Yan day of January 1911, between the
boore of two and three in the sfterno2n.

Gordon, Grant and Company, Samneloa the Bouth offen leads formerty ] hundred poands
_—— ‘ Bam Oo te aoe I Sol Gent be paid asia the ssid Policy oe:
pustic NOTICE Jebereby given that | Pomaia cathe Bist apon lands formerty} Dusted at Port-of-Spaia this bt
Datel this Zlet day of Deowmber isio, In pursasnce ofthe Decrea berela of | cf tbe Ciown bat now or lately of the Pday of November in the year ofo
E. KAUCLIFFE CLARKE Hle Honoer, Mr. Jastice Blackwood | said Per:y Ezerton Ottley Donawa and | 1919,

febo 36 and abuttis 7 ‘eure ww the eed Lelsod the timp therect | uf ibe Wright Karloe by ive Crown, the
lead petitieced ior < og tne (Neri aie somprining sk ares Cue soot 8 Wirty- | Seound of such parcese of and CoN p rising
aod land of ,Micuel Alexeude: on the | SUE Perrlee Le Lhe same 4 @ mv Ott even acres of std wou abut vo the
Sovth aad Went spon * cowl lasd wod on one danusate! aud wih the abuitals aod North parly upyoo lands of Natéritad
the East by land of Cuthertoe Misbe | itcen'os tie Grown Graal te Vicguate | Alou ted by the parse of lend paxt Adminiatentor-General. (Wright dated the 7ch day of Jaly 1970, }oatbe W the Marae Hosd and ¥, J, SCOTT &
cd aleg thea A leat cootaluing | MEO oF sistant to Virgiote | neremafter deserted on ibe Soath wos | c.ieqnag——— SSS iC der ofthe aiid Mr, Jastlce } being interservod aqaite Ri over rt
35,3, 24 00 Vol. LXX'6 foro 41 end | oS at) ulume ¥ foto £t) aod bounded | sade row or lurmeriy io the occupation gf | TRINIDAD, utd ant Togaxo aod to the ord ee ene the leh dep of being Interseeted by the Manga’ te River Government Aac
avouteg on ibe Nerth and Wee eou vs the North by lends of Virginia bare Fraveui- Jean Louis og the East sp u Ip tue Supreme Court rimdad BAR | Blackw: ig e ay of | and the Ubitd thereof contaiang fourteen | TRINIDAD, °
lund of 1 x Ueicy BD. 5 ny inc ie vl Feaaeis Greoneulsad by Crosu | jande formeny of Mehabll but now of the | No 231 9f 1920 : Decemnter 1910, there willbe pat mp for ¢ acres two roovseid one perch aod abut. [ arb POR TPURIDAY THE
y rey ero U..tty Donswe on | os. sa the Suoth by Crows lend op the id t a “Ps Nina” and Ja the matter of the spptication of Soobruadas | gate before the doors of the Coart Mouse | cieg on the North apoo Lands formeriy of DAY OF JANUARY Io!
ti ra re na Sion ei | fy “ante Hr Granta | Sta, faet aad tower iy cane | meg socio al varcacapae tour [ect awe ot ie aout Fey | DAY OF JANUARY Jot
Ceowe Jend, Aud slevell thst parcel of wad ty ined bg tanda of pAuseime guverss ‘sewe end thé Taira of sach pareola of | to the matter of the Real Property Ordinance, the 24xh dey of January 1911, betwean the Egerton Ottley Donawa on the South apes pusuc, NOTICE Ie hereby git
led Sr Va NV | Cae Behn tes Cg | eal uted Wet apie eaSew | put sori ey ere | galing faethe | yo eeg ill 08 ts ee Mende of
ti . ve cool Virginie Lire * ‘ the oe esta gran d tot weion (oow Ps ,
yet Shoe Crome fered od Ube pou vede secoed Uerecf cunpeisiog Uselre acres lsteiy uf the.Lrown 69 the bouth ee mates athe u day of Noveaalee! tot Her Moe Eacelleos Majesty. the late ie pepd on thd West apoa lands now No 112, dated the 26th day of 1
Deewreo rad tend of Mybe! Alerender hree tools wed Lnirty five erebes te the | cus uf Eeperavos Botina sod by ibe toless § xd au to tbe courey praeneh aves, Vistoris date ieee day of Feb or letety of the sald Verey ceerton’ Otley ceased) rey teoar of Joba Blair, the
‘ ood on the Kant by ieud uf tube Thouars fo a Walaand bovodaries thereol shows | Cara! Ul laa vert herein before described. sae rtbe maze us the Royal Garone a] barca of acd with the dwelling bouss pricombel pares Motiedend Siok planta be parte for sale by | Public
sroulaf oad cmpriiny 3, 2b iu Ve, | i tbe pine drawn by fhe Crown tient ww (a Froud dacContn’ to als list patcal ob Pron mona ere ie iat eeapect a | 204, buildings thereon state ta the (owe | sions alinate in tbe sald ward of Moruge, bbe undersigned ot the Aten
* ee Anselae U wares at Vulame 1 t 6) to uodas cf Port-of-Bpain formerly kcown a9 N>. 1 rect taloing Gfteen acres .
EERE Ti is acing the sua branded on the Nor 1. Bow ht end eg eriy Ordiner Bromine of the Heal ail and 8 a 2 that eek of laa saste ie Tranquinty Lande bat Bow koowa as No, the first oeret tloe perebes be the same of Seale 19, Thareday, the ie
of Ueteetion Mitel oo the 8 aio open beee oo Crome cwod st tbe Won on} leo ove rood spd thirty live gerttes te the | [sland of Trinidad cumpumeg ma acres ue tbe 8 eee No 6s, of aa Ba the more wt less delineated and describes in WO PDB. *
leads 1, L Latoucads aud by Crowe leed | oy aia aimgelar thet certala doce ur pareal | PEG Te FT lena deliseated witaste in | suse mots or te octet fa Vou thou the Sosth op lot formerly No 17, Treos the Pisa stay 2 XV folia 214 and |, Ait ead Blegaler that certala p
a ar eat te “Heo 8; | acest Hard Geren | tui inet utataad fone | tas ese fe Nene tet [any Landon ngage a | Rog abe Nove ted, thn es | be taunt of Trl veeiaog
- eat oe and wotsinteg Ove acces two ruais Crown en ya of Rwks 08 Orme: w fands cow or lat oft Srown o8 eae
Pts Reger teat ad rte aoa Uy | Se atu-cner ewes im tae ene | ae esc gnc dated ve fols Dicee | rs encima ce aa ge | Uf Singer Sone oaing Bade | Asai aon anda IN iy ot | iSeure amery oF ional
4 WL e wore ut sawel and with . et + Street on es ey : »
Jand comprang 2. 3.9 in Voi, 1 tote sbutials aad tmgodarios thereot ehowa on | It 180), Regisered ia Volume V, Folto Dated thus aim day of Decemler 1919 sabject to a certela deed of Mortasgs Lewes eee eed aie lends now a fod with the abbatal “

2s) eed abuttigg oo toe North Gpoo len ia 5 sos boucied oo the Nurth by lands EC M STONE. ° thereof shews je the

f -BAASNSSuMAGS Sahar aen | Neve Srna ea or sorted aie | sta Weltacinoven fue Sout Oy 0 were EMER, [Set haces der ol sjdembn 1007 1. | iy alee Atnasgr acto ihe | eveuitt a Val CLE RUTY
Alexunder on tbe Bouth epon Crown land | \irerosl teslevered wth, Wabee ot abe large Having oa oe Haat by Crown laods | FiTNIDAD, Seer eter Mecure payment of rhe eam of | pe CHR, Leeds Cow te ey or tate. | OL of the Reguter Buck aad aba
East upsa Crown tend cot baad of | Hegutsar Geseral at Volume CLXYVIL | 204 by tue teid Ravine aod on the Weet | yy UANT to @ Decres of this Honour: | ¢4 649 and rateress !bereon Thomes ord Alona: der, th sound ibere. the North fy lands of Besteliing#
Mlehel Aiexander avdon the Wees upot | tm 553 and wbu tay on the Nonh cpon | of iaods ol, Josquim, Dee Court wede fo an attton Wilsons | oie es oen day of December, 1910 M4 of Sty a aerate cites be the same} Wella and by Crown Lends, on the:
land of Dastaue Coteso asd by Crown], Kavice aod opor andes vow of lately of (Glasgow aud Trinded) Limied against (43d) TA. THOMP3UN ol coutaa Di, meet ‘aad deecribed in § ¥Y,Crowa Lrods on the Rest by
laud, And all thet percel of inod oa - | these Pedeo Antonis Villaroel on ine | Hsted thls Boch day of December, 1910 Lirg ste the creditors of Suntan: lane, lace Regie thewlen & acted ithe Crowa Geant | 2469 Wells and Dobe Dixon and
tanleg #) ecres iu Voi NAXV fcho 445] souyt pou beuss vow or lately of the (Sed.) Ly Ht LOVELACE, at the Ward of Chsgoeray gen the wald | Ti ¢D AND TUOBIGO. teglacerod io Voume NXX¥ folio 4354 Vest by lande of A Fosrailher,
god sbetting om they Noms aod Bust | cruwn and opon lends wow ot late of be _ Depary Kegu.sar. stand who died ta or abuu'TLe in ath of Ia the Supreme Cosrt. acd sbu'tng on the No th endoa the East with the appurtenances thereto be

Lathe Supreme Court
Ta the tastier ut ihe entate of

pon Crown lned un the 8 ath upum les
oi Johu Teumes now ft, be Ui gana
end by Crows inpd ion | Weapon
Jand of Emose Gare ine Samuels nou ints
of John Jhumaanuw Poi, Doanewa,
Aad abeo ali that percel do iaed conpein-
fogB 3, dv ta Vo LIV f ue 117! aud
ebuttieg oa the Nurth iy iowa iend vo
the kovth upon Janta petiioned fur by
r Pioronec Edward Luwy on the Eat »

Beptember® 1008, ere oa » vt re be 20
day of December 191 '> 1 Y pout,
peepald, to Mr Juba Bop u: Levuls sel-

Jobs Lawrence ine, the Solicitor forthe FP unde, Wi
Late of Sangre Giande ia the Ward of Tu- | asus (Glsagow sod Trivtdad) Liu ¢4 thele
rust io tbe Lslaad of Drinlded—Leceased | Chrisiiea and Sarcames 4 deeoses acd

ind descrip lous, the fal! par icalere of (bor
sevediwenty Heks wide, Also all and peBuic NOTICE, sa hereby given that |c alms, & statements bor accounts, aod
anguler elves savaal peroee ol Juod and au Application has beep mede to 199 | the La'are, of tbe secantice at asy) held
* nos plan'abiona w toate in thesedd Ward | by Lacies buperviile end Zrcarlab Gare « | by them, or ia defau» theresf, they wis
f Caura the frst thereof knowa as] toth of Sangre Grande ta the Ward of be peremptorily exclated from che ve ont
‘Esperanze' ¢ wprisiog eight acres and | Maozacills ia the talsgiof Trinidad fare

wid Potro Antivais Vulacel oa the Baa
spon lguos now or larely of the said Pedro
antuid Villareal ap os Raine ou opon
sads vue ot lately oliae Crown und on
be West upon is Ravine and upun laude
auw of letely of the said Pedre Antonio
Viliaroel «id satereee el sroed re

In the Matter ofthe Eotate of
Lrarention Smith
la‘e of the Town of Port-ot-Spalo, Widow
Dece wed

upon lands sow or lacety of the Crowo on
the Buoth apse jaods foimaly of Jono
Thowas bat now or lately of Percy Eger:
tom Ottley Donawa and npon lands sow

— lately of tbe Crown and on the Wot
JUBLIC NOTICE fe hereby given thet | apos laads now oF lately of mays Caroline
spplication has been tasde to me by | Samuels sod upon lands formerly of Joho

Dated the od dey of Decembal
F, J,SO0IT &8
Government Aactia




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ro a we

Crown band aud upes lead of Claries
Thowas and va the Wert opoa land ot


Juba Lieoek of tbe Town of Port-of-Spain ] Thomas bat now orlacly of Perey Hger-
fora great ef Priv’ teof the jast Will and } taining twenty nine ecres three roots and p wy i i
ef the said Jadgment. Peutatacnt dated the 13:h da a Beptem- pine Parebes te the same more or less erseverance * Ny
Avgustio Bi, Rove and by Jand of:F. E. 7 ytattiog on the North oo lend pow or grant of prokaue of the va bearlog dete 4 aiding nay nse ariey 19 ber, 1902 of LaarentsasSecith tate of the J delineated and desctibed fa the plas CEDROS::
the 20. tober 1910 of Job - | pro suse the same before -fis if» . - .
gontaniog Y 20 io Vor Mya fob | Vamite Mendinas oo the Boath on lead renes tate o! bangre ber elo at Jobo roe Faatlce, Rassell, athe Guantere, at the S10 oe th these olay St Demater 1910, fo Volame L iio Sat and abatuing ou the
Dg oo the Noes opoo w of lately of cow Disa wo the
A. King now CG, Andersoa on the Kas ta a ae kno bel Ho beton beteotesd of Ne. pain, on Moods) io ee. one the said Joba E'cock belog the sole] or lateiy of Mite Alexender oa the $ OLARAFIRBS ith .
oe Ol 1 eve . ie
fyon Crowp faod aod landofG. ‘Ay King | Sheil Gnose™ coo prs thereot Kkoown } feath arog at the, time of bla wt | Execator named therein, Bou: Tpon Iacds now or lately of the Ey wit
On | Greude sforesa'd, the sald Lucien Sapere | 09 the claims. is Joiged before the expiration of twenty { lately of the Crown a lands aow
we Kieg: Pee odereen wee & we Norub os feed por Lue on jacd ihe ville and Zicarias Garcia being the ¢xe- Dated this 15th dey of November, 1019. elgbs Says fiom the date of the pablicatios | or lately of Mitchel Alesander aed on the 1 bTEAM PAN


in the Psland of Trigidad, Cemetery Keeper | ton Ortley Donawa, the third the-eof con-
oditur botding aay «scarry isto :
Lamy. Acd aleo all thas pareel of lava | lately of biiverio Tandes acd op land of Every erodite ee aad Town of Vort-of-Spsin, Witow who | attached tothe Crown Grant registered J
fT the Lalas , se, io ike Town of Port of- 2 JUICE REATEKS, ‘4
Crown land on the Bouth upon land of U, | Pestand West on lend new or lately of { Terore to the Island of Trisidsl de | Court Hoo { abode inthe salt Towa of Port-of Spain | Florence E. Lamy sod npoe lands ‘now
aoe Anderson acd on the Weet ei styl gare ae tates death a Axed place of abode at Seogre | being the time appointed for atjudication | "ATG 2) ig is olao giveathat it n0 Careat | Crown oa the Bust po tends toworl S ELIMINATORS ‘
ly of

entors nawed ia the eed Wul. 844. JORN DENNIS SELLIER “
And potice fa givenihet if bo caveat is Bolicitor for Wi'sons (Glseg ow

lodged bsfore the expiration of twenty- avd Trinided) Limited

eight daystcom thedate of the putuce

tion of this putle , che Court will proceed



tf ible notice iu tbe Koyal Gazetee acd a} West apootanda now of Jately cf Dutalee| 7 SYRUP TANKS a
focal newapsper tbe Court will proered ta | Cedeno sod upon tands now or Iately of 2 SETS ILEOTRIO PLA
fesae Probste to the esd Jobo Etock | the Crown, the fourth thereot containing 3 DONKEY ENGINES

accordip, te + pine acres thies roods ani sighteen rs a

Dated ible Gib dey of Desemter, 1910, | perebes be the ame more or lass delineated | 3 SKIMMING’ PHESSES

7. A THOMPSON, | anddescribed Ia the plan attached tothe} 6 WATER PUMPS

Registrar, Crown Geant registered ia Volume XXXI AND A LAROE LOT O *

TRINTDAD. folig 253 a.d abultiog on the North ¢

the Maniqae Kiver, Ant aloo oll that | or latoiy of Victor Emiosncel Atrien aod
parcel of land comprajog 9, 3. WH and T ig con West on land pow or Jately of the
abutting on she North spoons soul re | ruwn with the appurtenances.

served W Luks widen the Bouth aod Als aliaod Siagalar tbat certsic plece
West spon the Muroge ocw toad and bY | ir parcel of Sand eituateia the Ward of | bo lecue probate of the said wil’,

lend of U A. King andon the East 1poo pi'gure inthe seid Isiaud tomprisiog five | Dated thie 10th day of December 1610,
Crown lends, Aud also sil ibet parcel ot | yreg and une rood be the perce « little T, A, THOMPRON
land comprising ¥. 3.37 tn Vor X' VII | wore of Jeve delineated and with tbe atut- Reynatrar.
folla 470 and abottiog on the North aod | pay aad bound srice theréof ehuwa on the | TRINIDAD & TUDAGO, =
Heat upon Crown leode va tbe Bouth ppoa glen annexed to tha wa Grane regis- ‘a ibe upreine Cowt.

Ia the Supreme Court
The Reeletry &6 Purt-o' pric
In the Setter of the Extace of
Thomas Taylor tate of Fuat Company

Jo the Suprense Court of Trinidad and Tobiga, | open lends pow o¢ Iately of Jose Maria

‘No. 248 of 1910, bere aod Spon the Moguza Malo
Ig the of the Hustle Petition of Victora | Road one haodred floke wide on the Houth

a rowl rescrved 4) jiuke wide wy janis UI I (ered in, Volame CAXN, Folio $71 of the Tus Kegutry at Port-ot-5 ? , Ww. t che] wad Kosaea Mardell, starts be W 1 ATTLY
E.G. Samos and 7. &, 0. Dunawa and ly Megintor by d bounded he Matter ofthe Fatate PatD, “ Villege, in the Ward of bavasn Mat . and on thé West opon tanda now of TO x
on the West upen iands of Suloweo Lawy Heal Vie ores tyne Dey Itavlos aad by ma late ot fuparia ‘hte ward a Orepebe, Grande, Proprietor. —Decessed oder the age of az years by ther guardiao | lately of the Crowa and on the Kost opos L ROST.

ang Oext fread Saspel Mutcbell the Moraga Alain Road one buodred i
Ja the Matter of the Ordinsnce No, 43 a0 likes wide, the Gith thereof containing Or to GEO, ‘. ALSTON & O64

aod J, M, iene invested by « road Fe | land of V uy Adtiea un tbe Houth by land

Fropeietor— Deceased,
served 60 Jinks wide, and slso all that pare] of Bol Dulabaiiie, by Memaral Kosd snd

pustic NOTICE ts bereby glren thas

— .
eel ot innd cowprieiog 15, 3. 30 tu Vol. UBLIC NOTICE is hereby that & epplicatioa bas tecu made to me by set tolacthlate ths tale ol Taio’ Jowenty elne scree thied, roods an

CLX folio 397 tol, mbutile ca the Nort Jor Havive by leod of VG. Ades ag I has been mide io me ty gues pplication Semea Taylor of First Company in the (res . pas sweaty slx perches be the same more orl Noy, s¢th~tis, of
wpon a rod reerved 6) siuke wide aod by B isad of Louls Bvb Dolabaille aod by ) 'esrs latte ward ol O apuche, widow lor « ward of Savens Grarde, Viacter for « — lesa delinested and ¢escribed la the plag E

enact camel
1 ech a bb Protate of the will beaiog date the | Gract of Probate ef the will Leasing dete LIG NOTICE ts b tine | ectachod to the Crowa Grant registered in a

ee cue Ewe ee Iie aay ee arrester we Koad Temoned “ 3 day November igig of the esiate of [ihe 6b oer ot December 1001, of the Uarusot te tbe de: ree daved whe 3th day | Volame CLXLY folio 465 wl abate

Ctncha a04 Jules Muchel? and on thet co links wide; Also all cod Singaler thet | ccâ„¢y terme late of Sipena to tbe Ward of | Katate of Thomas Tavior late of First | of necemtar agte, there will be put ug tar sale J 00 the North upoa leods now or lately *

West upoa a road reserved 60 Linke wide | rertala Messasce and lend situate ls the’ erates oprwtor decetsed who died og the | Company Villege to the ward ot Savane | peicss the doors of the Court House iu the Towa | the sald Joseph Francie Ambrose Furlan j

YOU are suffering, bof

‘Noveaber !
bad by sauce of Jaap Cabrales ead tater | Tees of Perce Spel fe tbe Talked oe ee eee ee a olite Meee ts the | Grande, Propriswr Deoeaved sho died oa of Fort of Spain, oa Thurscay the sith dey of | and upoa lands now or lately of 0.
not know the oanse
ble, seek the ald of

at y
by a suad bu Linke wide. and abo sli { Traldad formerly kaowo as No. @ of Bt. | Sparse within the aad ward of Osopuche tbe the 23rd dey of aete 6 fixed plece o! ine ‘0d Singular that certaia prece or piieenen eae fons’ spon lands Popes
abode st Fivet Company Village witbia | of land of Cocoa Plantation atuate in the Ward and

.! lands now or lately of the Crowa on the
the seid Ward of Bavens Urande the said | Savane Girne NS dunuog oo tbs News Eset upon lends gow or ately of the

plece of tang sowpilelog 327, 3, 0. lo | Samen Street but now recambersd pod | raid Agues Kavello Leiog tbe executrix pamed st the time of bis

Vol. UXLV I fulle 221 and abating 06 the | known aa No, 76, Frederick Btsead and:) ia the sed will,
North agom lendeof Thomas Alxzeader ) atoitiog og the North spoa lot Ne, 7¢, And aoticr le alse given that if po Caveat is Tor bed ithe Executors hel
Hinggins by leads of Augustus Mlmmocds | ¢rederick Street on the Bonth on Jot No, | Sotked before the ration of twealy oght | Jaw ts Taylor teiog one ol t . eof Janes Gaucher, on tbe South [tbe helisof A. Garcia and spon lends
U landa of Jean Lesame by lade of Stve | 74, Hrederick Htieet oa the Keston lub No. | 62)! frome the dae of the tcaoo of thus | pemed la the asid will Micheel Warwell Upon laads of Walia Charies, on the East | Dow or lately of PB, Lafoucsdeand co
Villevaty a Crown sesecye by lands of } 27) teary Sirect and on tLe Wear J ms pore the Court will proceed 10 issue Pratate | the otber Exeentor named ia the sald will | UO%5 Loasof Wilhara Lous andy the Wee | tbe West apon finds now or lately of
Joneph Cabrales by landeol Lorenss Agat | Headerich Bisecy, watyect on regards thle Oe a ae oA died on the 24 b day of Augast 1903, bpos Iande of Joba Charles af the Upeet price | the ssid Joseph Francis Ambrose Fatlaa
Jere by lands of Jules Mitchell oud by | aid mesvasye aod Tand it) a montgege we ran we A THOMESON A teed ut H reat renioe of On tad of Dee Ler

lands of Gosia Meariqueva the Suath f dstet the November 1002, registered . Reprurar, est g lore at stat dey smaber 1950

tpon Crown Jend cmarved ond by land of fis theolicaot the Hegistrer General of | => oo ae Regrare | gwenty eight daye from the date of the

a bs a enue TRNIDAD, aviication of this noties the Court with
evan Bastines on Me eae or oan f thls Lelaud ae No, 201¢of, 100240 secure PPILBCIS NOTICE s beret given chat Proored ta Jeno Hrobste ot the asid will
Lassmy by tsade of teva Villava Ly isude balers (92,00) a terete thereoa to] 4, baetleetaeed petee tetrad a ported socordingly. Lith day of Beptem'er AD
of Laadort Masriguy by Growa tends | onacond Mary Toit wich ald mort} fe Latterande the ened wig dnd on tae | ggg, Ut Un Ct7 DDS OO
cha and vy Orcwa land aud onthe Wast | esvel Tait by deed dated the Ponda ea Ch the voen of Ported Boel J. A. THOMPSON,
Ly lsod of Juseph Cabrales by land of | of ‘7 Ty 1¥05, reglsteres in the office | ts the sald Island the Executec pamed therelg Registrar,
Vmowss Alexander Hagains vy Crown | of tus Hegletrer Ueverel of this Ieisnd aa |oa the gtd day of September s906 io the
lend and by ereserve d5 links wide sloog | No. 342 fur the year 1005. Sopreme Court of Trinwad sad Tobago are
the Moriqeibe siver aod intermecied by 81" Dated thie tu day of DeremLer, 1910 | deveby requued to sead ia the jul paruicalass

bod pes inode now or lately of the
Jrown, the sixth therec i
Med) Lt LEGMELACE, | ferea,” three roode. and. oer alah
oe [Beit deected ia. tha" plannattcher al —
NA MONAL the Crown registered ia Volvae Liv : .
Assurance Company |istrize or ‘iasiyt te Cowsos te} Bthi +1 Oe
rows on i
wore aac te Crowson et tical Union
Guaranteat by the Yorkshire Fir
and Life Insurance Coy Views. Roser not 7,08 the, cask poo . . f ts
e on fatcly of Charies E. Toomey and oo trp | fF informationgaud doin
emtatliakledcd 1632 a | weet open lands now or Mtaly of Augas'

Mavine aod by lande wiih a resasve 45 ~ H, x, of thew clams and demands to the sud Jules |» 7 ¢ 1 -—— Bt. Koeesfuow Auguste Bobb) and Hundreds Baya Boon Dall
Ke wideand bya trasch of ‘the eeld Fedoes onioe baiore tbe gh day of Jacuwy | Last Half Yearly Sale!!! a } aod ape undreda Hava Boo
sarve aad Uy esuser food 60 links wie, Detiog Deploy BAUM 1918 NOTICE tw tasty also given that RO TR ODUM GSS °°? | Lamy, the. sevedtbcauhrreol sontatnteg Thare Is Hope for You. 7

VKH aegelar hall yeasty Bale of usolaim- | ACCUMULATED FUNDS tem scree déliceated
v * Cecouats, ad fata wer (Over) rw sueLy800,000 | Sigg atuecbed So the “Groma Greet | OLCENS of every descriptis
ded Dye Works te noe tn rrogrtom med Head Ofilce:—York, England. | reelstered in Votame XVII follo 295 or] -yeare standing bare beoa

eleareid whbous caception, The rg No brepared to accept Risks 308 snd abluttiog on the port's upon Jeads .

J hove parcels uf lend are sabdjecs ta a deed
of morigege fafervar of the Stacdard
TAle Assurance Ounpany te vacure thesum
of Z5UUN, and lates thereon at 6%,

afie that dae the sald Fuceutor wil procesd
to disinbute the ssseta of the sald deceased &-

tbe partes eotiled thereto, having re
gard only to cluime of which tbe seid b.zeculos

Country. Customers enall thea have povice and that he will wot Le

eo a Hatale fot the aseats of aby part thereof bo dis
espeetfully requeuted to send thele | rip
“eae foe SODAS & DINK? | peshal en bevettee hed waicas

itloned fos by Mitchel Al 2
Works te ov ded aod puoin “ust Le { t tb. | he y Mit lexacder and
Work Senversrowd da | foo rare there ' aavke uinat Eases reoaitiog from Kar b+} apoe laate vow ur ‘lately of Blitchal

willbe uy bo Cyasly ade, oud ali work "59 per cont. off gouctry rake occupied hitidooe or tect et th aad west upoo

- = nL Alo. bend OLIN DENNIG bRCEIbOe oe band for als clear Calender monibe, by residouces only The set spon Needs ee eresnl oo) 7 yeasty St
¥.d, B0UTT & RON... ‘Sol or Bik k. . wilh bs sold witneas aug Jurther bobo \ , . Oathertes bed mn or lately of . ys -
Gorerrancat Fem i AINCSNLURE SODA FAOTORY . I et. I Jy Je CLAMENY, * FRED, Eu ROUT coutalnlog Biteen acres. ities, rood ners Des se(betness Park & Dot



. \ . a x . ‘ ~
1 5 ome > ‘ .
4 A one apart nt ne one fe pe eee : A a
\ 0. Mr, Justi¢e Huscell eatds-) concer | ue by drawing the inl ip favour of . xy geen ty 4
A port Gl HOLE oe see SE EE CAT ITO yt!
bf (Before thelr, Honoure Sir A van Lacie | When to okere or merchants | dod banded tack to the planter to ; t $
y t bile drawn Knox and [ negotiate. Nenbaner'’sobject In bav-
p amlths BEC. and dr Justice ollie jantera npow Neubauer and ing bille deawn oo bim in thie form L h @ 4
. Wednesday ' endorned by Scott an Neubaner's | wae tat he intended Reott to wee that ; ae
LINE OF STE . qlUDOMENT, | PEFR relicnco cm what they knew os | Sentara” Hotes See ot eodorsing ~ pewee *
Ss. Gordan, rant &: fou vikoott & thought: they know with Tegan to | sboold heequivaient toa statement by ' ; é
Koo" a ai, inl Volant | edrymere, nancial prion ator | utnatthetiltwas dren propery i NEW SHIPMENT OF
instructed by Me. J. D, Sellier, for | Sorssment Sf Nenbauers 8 ént ae vi edo make Scott himeelf iiable - .
; reepondentat Hon Ht. B. Attcher/ cosrentwe that these bile vere bills ‘the th hinesee he had nat observed ‘2.
“ce . Warner HO, Hon I. A. Alaazar KO. | hich Neubauer would accepi? A | theae| conditions. Seott. alee had V nn * .
7 «NX = : V) [and Me G. A. Child, instructed by Mr. | Pescnot doubt that, Neubauer & Sw] authority "to gise endorsed bills tf be a a a J i a
; . ~| 1; ode we, ii: FJ. Maingor, for Appellants, Ngu-\ that euch would be, and wae the case bad euiicient tover, The bills were bi s
open Corel apetion oald ret ain Hill of iv Hid reeset reution the aie gaan Rey eee Boat te ritiated ‘ per hundred
pion judgment given 6
2 . - Court below te . sige one od 1 have prbich bee Prevented stealt to 2 inind Shen for the Pleaser Scott wad ne PATTAGAS—Regs Corte i Feot .. 1a Bores of to tee $12.00
Z2,o00o TON ttle to add to ce . ! og vee
. NS, between the pattica In'whether Beutt ferarded wee bering dovabt | in ze. gathority to endorse ile for eaten Do. Cazadores dé Calidad .. 2 83 ow 1800
e . undertook on bebalf of Neubauer ofthe fact that when Atat presented vo iene ‘were complied wilh, whieb Vo Brevasa ja Corserva vu ” 60 on 632.00
Is q h j . thes Neubauer would accept the bills | them with thab endorsement the fulle | ltoke we qeane that he had tha Do. Brovas oe " w 50 we 1000
18 0 ajtlve \ ere rom f ver a 8 and whether be bad due authority lived. ‘Ibe et b é h bind Neubauer t PUNUOH — Panetelas Imperial. » 130 a. 1800
’ i from Nevbsuer so to do. As J have neltar deel oe t tes arent in vr. eh or Krein b ‘hd when s Te Reg del Rey om « 60 ae §=1000 \
; ce [-oN. \ already stated in my judgment in tho | ferante os tbeb ikey bought in re. cnaditte eing rentioned: were gont- Do +“ Paritqnos Finca 50 se, 1000 x
New \ Court below I bave’na’ doubt that jance -on specie (neni remtations oo Ais juts al Semin ted 4 pon ‘De Londres Fito soe. ry. 3 oe, i000 \
yay Erott did undertake that Neubauer thet eee, Neat! sates Vn ipete Pied oath aud tutillel to nue Nee Do, Porch Cabfoet ae ‘
; FRI DAY 27thi JANUARY 191] l would accept the bills and I think og ‘that Beotts eneral apeac wes ine bauer if he aid notaccept Ne Knox Ta, ‘Conchos Es , 0 a
? ° the whole of the evidence be bad | cater} lin this conpection, Vike tes- | the drawer of the bills sued ou was D Reg. Ei e 60 a
4 ane AS ? | authority from Neubauer to give this ondents relying, not on hishaving | one of the plantereto whom Neubauer ' ~ Det fovea ° Pas bh ” 4
d ill evidence ta , From Me Huttenbelu's cope what e Srainarily did fa ihe bad made cavences but had for some Po. Pe iclono del Pace " & 7”
Ag and will leave same day for clear to me thht Bore eed (Bore eears | course of his employment, Vin, en- | yeare before the date of these bills ex- Do. Brevas tilt "$0 2%. 1000
~ the Agentsof the defendants Neubauer | C086 the bills, but vpon special in. | ceeded hie Hilt. dle therefore was HOMEO & Britsnica Imperial 25 we 1800
° . for the purpese of | beig | Stroctiona which he stated be had re. | only entitled to haves bill given bim JULIETA— Comme ll Fant E . ah 1200
"4 ~. Dusheeeeae, blasa Tees on pbelr celved, and which in fact-had no] by Scottend endorsed by him if he D — Benado S00 EP ae " = boo
! ©O ER consisted principally ‘of making ad | Czittence. This fe rather « dificult | gave Scott euver on obtaining the bill. Do. then a » 6 1800
vances to cocoa planters, elther ca the | Polat, but the answer to it seemsto | Mr, Knox vover did this, but he till Os vi ag’ 7 fee » oS 10.00
wre = security of thefr estates or on the | Ota be thie: What the reepondente | contioued for over two years by every Do Reg. Victoria ® on
(waa BPTI MLO s) . crops. Ecott & Co were to see that the | T@@ly relied upon fn the long run | mail drawing blleon Neubauer, He Do. Conchas de Regalo 4; * BO we 9.00
antere consigned their cocoa’ to | NA still Scottd endorsement ; and | did this, by getting Ncott In breach of De. Neg. de Ja Region 4s n 10 2. 800

mening (Passengers, Cargo and Malle.

€~3TheSrext "boat of this Line will be due here on J4th
Febraary, and there will be regular sailings thereafter on
the 28th and L4ch of each month, arriving in New York six
days after leaving here. :

For cates of Passage and freight aud all other particulars
please apply to


* wonta.








'avidson and Todd.



; Stains and Varnishes.



JAP-A-LAC—t5 cents, 24 cents, 48 cents tin—sultable for
floor and furniture.
JAPANFSE ENAMEL—19 cents and?2d cents tin
COPAL VARNISH§No, 1-— 8c, 12c,, 20¢., 380, tin
COPAL VARNISH No, 1—15 cents per pint
JUDSON'S STAIN & VARNISH—12 cents vial
ETEPHEN'S STAIN—12 cents and 24 cents vial
ALUMINUM PAINT ~18c , 36c, 48¢, tin
TURPENTINE-10 cents pint
GERMAN FLOUR POLISH 30 cents tin ‘
« READY MIXED, PAINTS—10 cents tia
OAKEY's KNIFE POLISH —82centefand 15 cents tin
OAKEY’S STOVE POLISH—-8 cents and]15icentajtin
RISING SUN POLISH 10 cent packet ’
PUTIZ CREAM —10 cents, 18 cents, 86 cents tin
BURNISHINE- 10 cents, 18 cents, 36 cents
TUKRPENTINE PASTE—8 cents, 18 cents 86 cents tin,



In’ great Variety at



eubsuer or paid to them the pro-
ceedsof cocoa sold locally, When
Bedtt & Co had cover by way of cocoa
or bavk draft they were autborieed to
make advances on behalf of Neubauer
tothe planter. Tbese advances were
always made by meana of drafte
drawn by the planter on Neubauer in
favour of Scott & Son and by them In-
doreed This was done for the pur.
pove of making Hcott & Son careful in
Rrantiog drafie as they made them-
selves personally liable on the drafie,
{t might also serve anotber purpose,
naniely that of making sure that the
money would get into Scoth & Sons
bande They were the payees and
technically }be money on the sale cf
the drafte would be paid to them and
they would advance it tothe planter.
The mooey having got Into Scott &
Co's hands it waatheie duty and ft was
ik thiok the} arrangement between
thers and Neubsuer that it should be
applied for Neubauer's purpoeea, Dur-
fog the course of the argument some
mention was made of a Power of
Attorney given by Neubauer to Scott,
but it was admitted by all parties and
by the defendant ttuttenhelm himself
that the power waa given for special
purposes, the ordinary course of busi-
ness remained precisely wheres it
was. The ordinary course of budiness
had been going on since 1800 and
wat I think well known totbe buyers
of dillsin Trinidad, Me Huttenteim
eays he had not given Scott any
special authority to give any under
taking that these or any bille
be accepted and that he
was not bound to accept them
Further on however he says * I
cc guppose everything being ‘within
“thelhmit or my agent haying
“covet I would bave been bound to
‘faccept.” Hisagent was here for
the Borpose of seeing that the
smounts drawn were within the
Mmitor that he had cover The
Iesuing of the bills, and the indorsing
them were a statement tothe publo
that all things were correct and tbe
bills would be accepted. If the in-
doreement of Beott had not this
eheet why should Neubauer write
telliogbins not to jssue or grant
dralts,why should Neubauer re.

*) proach Scott for Haring, passed draft on the agent's endorer dent x a guar

letter to Knox ih
Neubeauer wasin no way affected
thereby. There wasno necessity to
get Neubauer’s sanction to the
giving or granting of a draft if the
giving or granting did not affect. bim
Knox who dealt with Neubauer [n the
sawe way asthe other planters with-
{na fortaigbt of giving the mort-
gage got drafts passed by Mcott ex-
ceeding the limit and without cover.
for which Neubaover reproached Scott
andtold Knox that be had = given
strict Injunctions to Scott not to
‘act him = further drafts une
ess) «= they bad cover, The
bille were accepted, however,
Neubauer authorised Scotti& Son to
prece bille drawn on them to be sold
A tbhecolony sthey must bave been
Ht eware that a0 bills would be
bought on the credit of a planter who
was being financed by them or of
Scott & Hon, When they allowed
Scott and Son to grant or issue bills to
planters forsale, in my opinion they
were, well aware tbat such bills were
bought Od the understanding that
they, Neubauer, would accept them if
duly issued, thatis indorsed by Scott
aod Co, and their mode of dealing for
« long pumber of years justified the
bil buyers in buying on the under-
standing, such bilis would be sccept-
ted, It is contended however on the
the part of the appellante that the re-
spondent in buying the bills sued on
Ald notrely ont
business t
ona special authority
mite respect to these «
to buy these billa from Knox, but en-
quired from Beott {f the bills were all
right and paldthe movey to Scott,
therels an admission by them that
they knew that as regards these billg
Scott's endortation wae not a guaran:
tee that Nevbaver would accept, and
that the respondents therefore die

piven tto Scott

do votthink thisis so. The respon:
dents, having beard that Neubsuet
was about to clove Knox's account
altogether, thought it more prudent to
make enquiries of Scott if theses bills
were alright, acd they bought thens
asthey had previously bought others,
“bot carried out strict]

this was really complyir,
arrangement mado by k
Heott by which thelr Interests should
be safeguarded.
led on by Nouba
money should come into Seott's bande
Scott could then sdvance the mone
to the Plantes requiring an advance.
do cot think it wae iay ny way
in wae rly applied by Soott
Scott shoul have ‘ne y opinion ins
formed bls principals
wasfor these thes bills and-not sial
ply stated it wasto be put ty ibe
ereditot Knox, In thtse reseous } als
of opinion this Appeal should be die
ralesed with costa, ’ ‘


« faith, they would have been safe; nor | of big property.

jeueual course of the | Wright's
t hed been carri¢d 00, but | follows by Mr. Justice Kassell :—Thie

1b be eald [| judgment
because the respondents refused | without s jury ;and gave judgwent for

eredited fuhe general authority ss] dumages f
ebewn by theprevious transactions. I | bills of £9), 21,850 an

The safeguard crisis { acting within

aethe muuey I vanced money bas a lmit

the assurances required by them were } his authori{ty, to endorse bille without

merely te yatlofy t a that Beott was cover, t bee t ef tha
ws sactin a eubsuer® agen amount equa. o @ amoun iu

ae oy s a betore the bill tteelf camo The

fa” connection with these bills, On
that polot 1 think they were enti
Ued to accept Kcott's declurations
witbout exacting proof, it was nota
question of the agent dolpg what he
had bever done before, but of bis cun-
tinulng to da whathe bed always
done if the respondents bad relied dn
the ‘endoreement at once im good

ean ] regard the fact that at this time,
wheo it was rumoured that Neubauer
wasclosing Kauz'e account, they ie-
qultedto be assured by Neubauer's
agent tothecohtrary, as disentithng
them when so assured to rely ou
bis endorsenunte The fact thet
Neubauer kep! on beottas his agent
afver Le had found him acting contra-
ry to big instructions, tella sgainst
Neubauer? , he thought it necessary to
warn the bankers and mefchants,
though the reapondents were omitted:
but apart from special circumstances
of that sort, Edon'tthiok ft isepen to
Neubauer toasy that because the re-
spondente tnade inquitles (as appar-
ently they were in the way of doing to
&® certain extent all along) by way of
greater precaution, what Lhe relied
upon wae the result of those inquirtes
and not the tact of endorsement
by the drawees agent They reheu
o both. anit as have saul
before, what L think they malnly re-
Hed on way the endorsement. It
strengthens m) view on that point
thatthey tnughs ft advisable for
their further protection to cable the
money to dcott's accounts their idea
evidently being that a payment
made,on the agents endorsement and
to bis account could not in any event
be chatleuged by hie principal, It ie
unnecessary to gointo the soundness
of their reasoning on that point ona
atrictly legal views ita importance
for my puypose heraisthat it shows
that the respondents relfed maloly
onthe fact of Scott being Neubauers
sgent. The transaction was within the
ordaiary scope of his agency; and
nodoubte or misgivings whith the
reapondents may have hid ut and for
Spatticuisat tine oupit to observe
the factthat ulimately ctay did rely

aptee thas the bills
by him in the ordinary + ope of bis
employment and would consequently
be accepted by bis principal When
Reott intormed Gordon thar tbe bills
bad nothing to dv with Hoox.
Gordon, it may be said, ought
to _bave suspected that thera was
something Wrong and that Scott was
acting outside the usual scope of his
employment. But Scott was Neu-
bauer’s geveral repreeentalive here,
and spart from bis belog a man of
geod Tepute bis position towards

eubsuer was such that in case of
dleregarding ‘bia lostructions he
would himself be a heavy loser, and
altogether it is not unnatural that
@ busy banker should bave accepted
bis assurances without prying unne-
Cessarily into the reasons for what
was being done. It seems unlikely
that for the sake of tbe comitesicn
and whatever elsa be stood to earpy
Gordon would have acted in bad
faith lowards Neubauer and delib-
erately tisked the lawruit which has
alnce resulted. And if he acted in
ood faith. (ae apparcntly tbe Chief

uetice muet have believed to be the
cave), relying on the endorsement of
the bills by Neubauer» agent as &
gusrantee that Neuduuer would ac-
rept 1 think he is clearly entitled to
relief agalost Ube principal,

bad bern passed

Mr, Acting Justice Blackwood

judgment was read as
te the defendant's appeal from a
ofthe Chief Justice who sat
the plaloull with costs. As phe jude
roent appealed fromis that of a single
judge, this appesi amounts to a
reheariog aod the Court hae power ta
draw any inferences of fact from the
evidence. The action was Lrought Ly
Messrs Gordon Urant agalust Messrs,
Neubauer, bankers of Hamburg, for
lor hot accepting three
‘ 4000 drawn
by W I. Koox In favour of If bon
Beott and endorsed by Bcutt. These
bills were suld to tho plaintit? on tbe
Zard of June, s0th June, 1sth July 1X8
respectively. Tbe plainti{fscacs was
that Bir Scott who bad sold them
these bijlawaz the defendant's agent,

y the legal effects | and tiat in selling then: these tills so
of the billaby peylog the money to | endorsed, he ern} actlog
Beatt the parece, lbappears to me | authority, A

with the | gald thet if
eubauer with | within bis actual aathorit:

withia his
Mernatlyely, the plainti<
Scott was not acting
i, In endors.

these bills, be wae

ing and sejin
ia outensible authority

wer was that the | asthe defendant's agent, The follow-

ing are the fectey=The defendant's
Neubsauer’s busivess in Trinidad con-
sisted in foancing oocva-pianters

the | vither by jending t fo:
duty of the buyer ofa bill io see that working yheir tate of tle be wake

fetateaor elsa by waxk-
jog them advances agalost | cous
Lach pisuter to whens Neubauss ad
up to which
Neubauer syired to advance. Scutt,
ae Neulaueis gent cosbled the
ploniers i diaw an Neubaweie by
een tue @ blaik Gileawea on

‘eubsuer, which (he plantes bad to! uetenel, ae ber way the ple


Caledonian Grocery,

and then Knox cabled an

IN drawn,
forward to Neubauer for acceptance
in the regular course of the post This
was a most ruindus method of ralelng
money but Knox justified it, by sayin
that be hoped to eave his estates an
pay hiscieditora and-only used thie
amethod of ralsng money until be
should receive the proceeds of the sale

Neubauer on several
orcasions gave both Knox and Scott
distinct warning tbat sueh bill draw-
ing was tot withioa Scotts authority,
and thet he would not aocept
any bill for which he had not
cover. On more than one ocea-
sion, cabled reimttances arrived late
and Neubauer refused to accept bills
and protested against fcott's having
endorsed the bills, tle added in one of
hie letters, after stating tbathe bad
not accepted the nil. “ what the cou.
eequesce will be [ dont know,”
Whetber Neubauer was referring
ta his poasibie liability to third parties
holding the till, is pot clear-or
whether he was only thinking of the
contequences to Scott and Koox,
Nothing however, happened until the
billa sued on in this action, wera re-
fused acceptance, as the reinittances

a eee et

It Kocks You Healthy & Vigorous,



The QUEEN of Beers.

in the previous cases eventually came ad a= ee —
to bandand so the bills were ultimate- om —
As Neubsuer did not —

ly accepted.
stop these accoinmiodation transactions
of huox's and Scott a he may be ead to

have aiesced in Ncott's conduct
and to have takco the risk of any
habdthty he might icu:” to third part-

tes in the event of his non-acceptsoce,
Aalong as remittances came forward
together with bis commission for
accepting, the business was profitable
asitinvolved no risk except the pos-
mble risk of Hability to third parties
for not accepting. On the luth of
Apri} 1008, Neubauer wrote to both
Beott and Knox eaying Knox's account
must be definitely closed on the loth
cfJuly that year, but, notwithetandiug
both Inox and Scott continued their
bill-transactians aud most of the bills
were suld to Messi» Gurdon Grant and
lo. as beretofors thuugh «ome were
taken by othee merchants Both
uc x wd Scott were heavily involved
and were unable tu taise nigivy utber-
wise. Kuox lad not been able to sell
dis estates and had no othe: moans of
staving off ao crash, eave raisin:
money by bills, scott wae lovuiv.
with Knox baving endorsed prowia-
sory notes for bim both with the
plabatlits, and the Dank of Halifax,
Svott also was in the babit of « unater-
signing the *t goods” that Kuox gave
the plaintiff against drafts to be cle
Hivered, in order to shew that drafts
would be {ssued by him, Thie wae the
state of things when the plaiutiffs last
bought a bill from Koox direct
amounting to £800, pamely, on June
16th. dbometine between that date
and the 23rd of the same month, Mr,
Gordonlearned of Neubsuer’s intentiod
to sell up Knox aud refused to buy o
4000 bill which Kuox brought to him
between the 10th aud Wrd and which
te the first bill sued on, 10 this action—
and though it was endorsed by Scott
mae uoual Knox wasunder anlmwmediate
necessity of selling bills to have their
rocegds remitted to Neubauer for he
ad m bill fo tranelt of £1,400) which
wascoming forward to Neubauer for
acceptance on June vith, if Knox
did not geb that suminto Neubauer's
hande by the 2th the bill would not
be accepted, Mr. Gordon said fn bia
evidence that be presumed that the
money was required by Knox to re
turn adraft that wae maturing te,
wae required to put Neubsuer in
fuuds to meet biilhe bad accepted
on bebalf of Knox, Me smith says,
that up to th¢time that Knox tiled to
setl the bill of £000 which Mr, Gordon
had refused, bis firm were satisfied
with Knox's position—which, coupled



EGS toanvounce to the pusbhe ja geveral that the services of Mr

C.W NSOLTHNAGEL the veil known TEACHER of MUSIO and
MUSICAL LXVERE has been added to their frm.

Teschere and Amafgeors are invited to write ta Mr. ©. W.
Nothoagel c/o Tha “ Piano Warehouse’ 21 Frederick Street conceroiag
latest Teaching waterisi and solo music.



21 Frederick Street, Port-of-Spain,

— a ee ee gen




Highly recommended by Medical Authorities
all ever the World,

=== CURES: ===







7 ene
with the fact that they refused, looks eee .
as Uf the £00 bul atihough endoreod "rey cy Debility
by Seodtt, prerious- transactions ghige i ape
nda beentddne relying solely on Knox's ; : NEURASTH ENIA, 3
crc aud not on Heoit s eudoryeaent == rea
After this wen refuse ft. : ’ ,
Smith says that Mr. Svott came to Meigen DELIGHTFUL TASTE #

sew bim about it and repeated that he
had Neubauer's authority to give its
but in epite of that, Me. Smith
eald they would not deal with Koox
any more, hor secognisea him in the
transaction, Then, Nr. Spilthesye, tbat
deote pointed out that the money wasto

, SOL AGEN= xo to Neubauer’ and wae to be cabled

uot to Knox butto his(tcotts) edit]. Tho Bonanza Drug Stores.
and that be had telegraphic authority | geptembar 302, 1010,

XMAS | french Bon-Bong

thereupon be, Smith, took the bill and



Neubauer’s, Mr, Scott says that he
does not remember negotiating this
£000 bill or eltber of the other two
bills sued upon personally. Ale. Scott
saye thet theeeiling of the drafis b:

bin was done through Lieclerk, Vield,
and suggestuthat the money was trans:
titted ¢a his {Hoatt ) oredit Instead of
to Knos'e enly w prevent people
knowing to what extent Kuox was io-


volved in Lili-transactions. However ARK" DEING OPENED FOR THE SEASON
this may be, whether but eae Bmlth 5
ot .
ith anraving " what bis clerk A. “BO L) Ss
korStadduue, of et Pie d bad made 7T i A I N “

i seen
the at vogement does ol ses oO, xte — wt.

\ : 1 ¥ L


* 2



1911. For The New Year 1911.

== = ———————————OO — —— an — —
. . tale. and the Warden reporte that] *NHE “Berbice” will leave Demerara noninklsjke West In- .
the * question of Ve | panty of the J ' on Sunday ihe sth January, and discha isthe W eat SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE
a Wal jt qous series at eae Tare pala A an
: everpreveut Sues tewe ecusplee wulte teh , New York—Paramaribo, ARRIVALS ‘

Jany, ith. a

Vicrony, Brit sloop, Simmons,
lone days, St Vincent -42 goat
Ss put


mitted to the official Analyst bein ALANTIA—The B.M.S “Balantia”
pronounced as swtlispicioue” aod B will leave St. Thomas on the 3rd Tae Rovay Dore AIL AGENTS.
dangerous to bealth” respectively | Javuygry, calilogat St. Kitts, Nevis, ncea’ is due back here from Pare

gaiu, lu the Napaiima district this [Antigua, Moolserrat, Dominica, St. ama tbo vie 8 bados on Tueadsy 10th
evil exists, sod i fe particularly ! Lucia, St: ¥anrent and Grenada, arriv- Tar i IL ra will leave theeame
ronounced fu the Savanna Grande | ing at Tricidad ot Gam., onthe Wth | sAvuiry oe Se York’ taking cargo
district, while, eyeu where the matter | January. . Jonge and wintle. iB carg
te “bot specially mentioned by tne Hi" Balantia” and “Berbue” URINAL a The as, “Suriname”
Warden, it is 10 ba feared that cov- ‘ will connect with Ube Datch Royal is due t a from Paramaribo on
ditious iu thle respect. are ool what | Mail Steamer “Saratoacca” which Mond 16h Yanuacy 1011, and will
Lbey ebould eee . m anatter of fact, leaves thie rt direct for New York leave at day at ey precteely direct
an tatuewG abd systematic attempt | ou Lueala bth January, - *
should be uiede to tackle tbls questiea 1\AGUS.-The RMS. STsgua "will for New York taking cargo, passengers
of the provitioa of proper water leave ‘St, Thomas on the Oh “SHOWIINE. The a8,“ Marows
eupphes iuuur villages all over the | January for Southampton via Arores M \jue” ts due here from New York
colony. A village without an effective | and. Cherbourg, bu} there will be no ai ech oa Monday 6th January 1911
sup ly of water can never be enurtary counection made with that steamer at and will leate the pame day for Par.
or bealtby, th regac sanita- it, Thomas,
Vion penctally, the Wardens eens ‘ (HE Briantian and “Herbice” will einaribo takipg cargo passengers and
to do the bevé they can with the leave Port-of-Spalo on nes: Oe _ “ .
mesps at theit disposal and weuo | day lith Jenuary for Barbados, taking HALON ENE vhs es podlarow:
deteteud that then officers are now |] passengers, cargo and mails These t. ine via’ Dacbados ba Tuesday
Biveu solve Laing ae sanitary tb | steamere will connect with bd Har- tad e 1011, and willleave the
speclois. Notwiitveudiag tbe diaw | clon Line Steamer, due toscrive ab | © ag tie ct for New York taklog
backs to village -ife caused by bad | Hdibados from Liverpool on the 13th same nF engers ‘and anally.
desing, or bo disine, foul eater or no] January, one Intercolonial Steamer OL. EN ASE {tbe as. Copper
water, thie ig pbe life that attracts an | will proceed to Detuerara and the other ; me" is due here from Parama-
incresslagty large nuwber of people. | to the Northern Islands. ba 3 101I, and
Fur the uost part, tbe populauons of ribo on Monda goth Stmoon precleely
the uld-establisued villages are etouddly direct. for New York taking \sargo
tuCteastng, sud Lew eltfuucuts tbat Compagms Generate ratcengers and matla
ery towing iol villages ate being} od OE Teaneatlntigoe | QUIEKMACOA,-The us | \*Baram-
cumstances of « special hater way © Leotaup & ‘bon— |] © acca” ie due here direct from New
seod pionters into the busb, but here, AGENTS, York op Monday doth January Par
ae ¢lsewhere, man is a gregarious T. VOMINIGLE -‘lbeMrench Mat | and wilt leave the same day for ani
animal and if be cannot ete favs | >) Steamer * Domingue’ tadue here | amarilo taking cargo passengers an
peara town, desires, if pusotile, fo | from Demerara on the 7th January | male
liveata or near a village. Livery year | aod will leave the same day for St
in Trinidad, we shall eee our sitlages | lacia, Mattinique. Guadioupe aud St,
becoming ture apd amore iaiportant, | Nezaire, taking passengers, mails and
and we faucy that tbe present | CaRO .
py ete of lopking atter them wes the i ALLINIQUL —The yBeench Mu
way Wo belug cub grown aad something dl Steamer Martinique ia due
ture elubovate is ou tbe eve of belog | here from Kurope via Guade
aequaed le is very probsule that loupe sud Martinique, on or about
thee will by sous conederaule sbi [tbe 8th January acd will ed
Jng of the centres ef population when ceed afterwards to Carupano.,
the ot loduptey tubes & tian hop of | ueyray Savaniiia Colon and Tort
the place, aud tue Wardeu of > ayatu Limon, faking let clase passengers,
reports eu lottux of labuurere inte bis { Walls and carga
ward un tiabactuua.. In Lire Woot. ‘T. DOMINGUE,—The French Mal
eerrat waid the population is seltiiog ‘Steamer “St, Domingue” frou
into w vil-establiebed communities, even | Earopey via Guadeloupe, Martinique
at Braseo Uaparo where there lea great | aud St. ‘Lucia je due beds on or about
demand for village building sites. La | the 2ith January and will proceed af
Brea village bes become a mere| terwardeto Demerara, Surinam apd
nulving camp ped the removal of the Cayenne, taking carg%, passengers
villageto a better site is an urgent { Malls. .
tequrement. Probably when Bore \ARTINIQUE The French Mail
railway exiensious are pusbea on, the] |! Sleamer “ Martinique’ fe due
capital and ‘ceatre of adiwinistration | herefrou Venezuelan porte va or about
of this ward wall ba ipass, whee a | tbe 2.b Jany and will proceed afters
considerable town fe pretty sure to | Warde tuMartinique, Guadeloupe, Nan-
vpting up. Cauefarming bas ao iu- | tender, Bordeaux, and Haste, taking
creasingly steadyiog eifecs on the | passengers, roally and cargo,
popalatiod all souud, keeplog thew

sgely io or pear villages, Piozivion-
growing on sbandoned estate Jands

besa like effect ip some districts, Ab - Frederick Leylans 6
tuwtance of the fultie oD ot villages ce J Company Ltd,

61 brisstarch, 25 bage un

G32 pigs, 1 sheep, 2 turtles, 86
vegetables, 2 toope fowls and 12 pa
seugers. *

Prins Frepertx Henprix, Dutc
stmr, Van der Borden, 1,366 ton
33 hours, Demerara—1d tone gen
ral cargo -no passengers—To y?
Dutch Mail,

Guayanr Veoes stme, Rivero, &
tons, 3 days, Cuidad Bolivar, 3_ bal
leather and 3 passengers for Trip
dad, 3 pkgs mdee for Europe pr
Freach line 33 pkgs per Royal Mai!
3.008 pkgs ntdse per Royal Dute
Mail; 1.774 pkgs for New “York pe
Teinidad Line and 1.624 pkgs
Noyat Dutch Mall —To tet a
Nava Flav y Gost da Venez.

January 3rd,

Vingtnra, German “ stmr, Schnate
1,604 tons, Carupaho—no cargo, 1

pasreogera «By Paul H, Scheerer.

Arnican Prixce, Brit stor, 2b

With Neve-sa:y Qualification,




Bronte Sugar Factory




——_ _

son, 4181 tons, New York - 006
T dad cocea, 12 bage Venez ec
pL page Venes coconuts and &
ns bunker coal, no passengers—B
Gordon Grant & Gor 6 .
Sarawacca, Dutch stmr, Van di
Liat, 210] tone, Paraniaribo—part «
inward cargo and 3 passengers—L
Koyal Dutch Mall, ¢
Correxams, Dutch stme, Heaanoo!
2U8 tone, New York—1,50 ba;
‘T’dad cocoa, Si tons bunker coal an
R ipateengers—Ly Royal = Date

Usvry Hotwxs, Brit telegraph etm:
Morrell, 405 tone. St Kitts 118 tor
bunker coal.

Inpvua, Brit stmr, Kydd, 210 ton
Barbados ~ cargo in transit, 400 tor
bunker coal sud 7 passengers—B
Felaldad Shipping ing ©

ALBANIAN, Brit stme, Hertison, 18
tous, La Guayra—car Jn trans
and assengere.— ‘ow Co!
bold, es

Vikina, Amer atinr, Smith, 192 ton:
Guavoco=1 ton general cargo, (
tons bunker coal and 83 passenger
By Now York & Bermudez Con

pany 4th.

Acony, Norwg, barque, Mathleon, «
tons, Btettio, Germany, 200 ton
Trinidad crude lake asphalt and 2
tons Trinidad epuree lake aspha!
By Jolian G. Rust.

VENSZCELA, Venez, cutter, Wiilso
49 tons, Cristobal Colon, sund:

s packages werchandise and

Docorrra, Venez. echor, Clarke, -
tons, Cristobal Colon, sundry pac
ages merchandise and 2 passenge:

Kina Epwarn Vin Brit. stes
launch, Hart. 8 tone Cristot
Colon, sundry packages me

Menceogs Jorsa, Veoes, echar,, Lo
era, 0 tons, Cristobal Colon, sund
packages merchandiseJand 20 p:

FurTonsa, Venez. sloop, Salazar,

The Port-of-Spa't Gazetir.



THE Wardens’ anoual reporte afford
an opporimnily of testing one's own
personal iropressions cf the conditions
of the couotry districts of the colony
thet leextrrmely valuable; but itisa
Nitele ditticult t7 understand why the
should beso belated, making their
united~&ppearance ta Council Paper
140 of 1910 at the end of the last
month of the year, and many of them
being dated, and presumably written,
as recently as poroewbere in the
middle of ctobes, last, When one
remembers that t! oa reports refer to
ae period of = adainistration which
endéd eo long ago asthe Stet March
19010, one le constrained to the behef
that either there js « great deal of
truth (n that oft-reiterated cry of the
over-working ofthe warduns, or elee,
come of thew atallevents, area litue
Inclined to procrastinatlog, Ove
Warden alone bes maneged to date
bis report In the wonth of Agrl, and
iv fs significant thar be is an acting
and very youog Wan, 90 we suppee
he did not know avy better at,
joklog spar, the dilatory appesrance
of (hese reports fa somewhat tying to
those who are interested in the con-
ditions of our country districts, and
certalaly does notadd to their value.
Informatiun of thls sort should peat
acertaln timeliness as one of its first
qualities, Ove of tbe most important

Konanktlyke W, Start
Taz Roran Dorce Mam
Ogab Ling SERVICE,
The Dutch Mail Steamer “Prins
der Nederlanden” fe due bere from
Venezuelan Ports on of about 7th
January J911, Proceeding afterwards
to Paramaribo, Havre acd Ameterdam
taking cargo passengers and malis.
puiks VILLEM V,"-= The Dutch
Mail Steamer “Pring Willem V.
ie due here from Amsterdam via. Pare
amaribo and Demerara on or about
16th January 191%. Proceeding after:
wards to Carupano, Cumana, Guanta,
La Guayra, Puerto Cabello, Curacao,
Jacmel, Aux Cayes, ” Port-au-Prince,
ern New York, taking cargo, passen-
gers avd mails.
SOANIA,—The Dutch Mail Charter.
ed Steamer * Ancania’ ie due bere
from Venezuelan Potts on or about
2let January 1011, Proceeding afters
wards to [aramaribo, Havre and
Amsterdam, taking cargo, passengers
and iaile.
Mall bteamee * Prine Willets IIL
je due here from Amsterdam viat Par-
amaribo and Demerara on or about
Bnb January 301), Proceeding after-
wards to Carupsno, Cumana, Guasta

MR, J. J. McLeEop,


- Manayer,

— ah


wecure at Bike © tus chen Ubies Citene tine Tue New Cocos Ooy,
Waid iba thea owe 40. oe IANIAN one Bee Lan ist tare
ul the grusiu uf tue popu IS —The &.8, * Louisl- G Puerto Cabello, Curacao,
village veulves, sud a. Je aie ve j puts is due bere from Liverpool ja Gen Cayru, Port-su-Prince
thatia # few yeurs time tbe villages | via Barbados, on or about January | aoa New York taking cargo, paseen
vt Trluidad “ will bave ceacted ) tb iyi proceeding afterwarde to La | ouig and mails. oe
# point vt development which wilt be | Gusyra, Puerto Cabello and Guracoe, — Glasgow Jnrect Line
about oe far as they can get without i Oy Paseen gers mails, .

extraneaue ausleteute iu ube shape of taking cargos pasveng a of Steamers,
more highly orgauized adoiuletra: nn TRIWDaD SHIPPING 49D
tion, lo the huwits of one brief

TeavinaCo Lrp—Agest } tons, Cristobal op, sund
- hyects thet tb ta deal with | article, it le impovelble to review these Li Veloce Nuvsga- ONGORM.—The s@, *Torgorm”™ of Ds in
reer enna pupirctg that ene THe viltnges of the 3 7T the Glasgow Direct ine of packages merchandise and 7 px

Esrixa, ‘Vones slog, “FitAlls

Pina, Venez sloop, sAlle

tops, Cristobal "oto, sand
packages merchandise and 6 p

SaLvapor, Venez, boat, Hidalgo
tons, Crletobal Colon, gun
packages merchandise and 3

Esrenanza, Vv 1 Chac
PERANZ, enez, sloo
45 tons, Cristobal Colon, eon
packages werchandiee and

couotry,~a question that is oftea
complicated by a leck of good drinking
water, [bus we flud that while the
sanliary conditions of the five priucl-
pal villsges of the Arloia ward are
reported to be ** fairly good" which,
fg about se far ae our best country”
villeges appear to get on the road ta

sfect sapitation at Cumuto and

abadia there was a\scarcity of good
drinking water in the dry season.
At Couvathere was again trouble with
the water supply, and Che rates levied
for asupl of water that oftea did

Wardeos' reports, embracing av tbe ote i
do all the ountt district of th see nione Italiana o Steamers bs due here from Glasgow via
colouy, and we shallreturn to the Vupore Barbados on or about the 10th January
eubjegt ou auother occasion. Tus New Oovoxtan CoLrp-Agems | 101), and will proceed the following day
a "TTA Di TORINO, The 8. B Ito Demerara taking cargo, patesengers
ny GC Citta di Torin” indue bere frou and malte fore rr
Genoa via Marseilies, Barcelona, an dhe Mar oA TEYS

TURF CLUB RACB WINNINGS, | Génctite'om or about. aTth Januery Tha Haare

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price of alx gallons fcr a penny, -&
primitive systea: that hae wt least the
advantage over the one it superseded,
in that the buyer gets what be peys
for, Under tbe rating system, he
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ome thi % bas be did not get.
rain; the Chaguauas district, the
lack of water xt Cunupla Carapichalma
and eleewhere in tbe ward as reported
on by the Warden ion very distressing
matter, At Mangre Grande Villagw
the water eupply pequupe attention

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. The Royal Mat Ppetgee Tne wil ave’ forNew Yok (Thomas, taking cargo, passengers
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BERBICE ~The ISLS "*Berbloe” | there Bh January Wie | eee ~ London Direct Line
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ceed the seine tay oF Demerara, k- | Dene jog the came day ta New York e. Lin, ~AaEnts ., | acca” will be closed ab 1 p.m. p:
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Bweet aod palatahle, Mother Gravee |E Crown of Navarre! ef the Trial: LA a TOON ~The 8,8, ‘ Aarstoon” | New York by the ¢.¢.." Grenada”
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Malls for Bt. Vincer.t, 8t. Lucla
Barbad by the as)” Narsto
will ba closed on Thursday the
inet, at 10 oclock am,’ preci:
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Of 18 Acres.



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