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MO -i
•focflry Department
«•- Always Keep in Mind
WbersRóal Bargains are Obtainable.
Frederick Street,
Skeoc3i& Co.’s
‘‘The BerkfLelcT
Be Fúmpacl Rapidly

Big show
ie Bonanza
fon, Sorge and Broadcloth
Minnie Walker”
fita TOMqy-imiN oizmfc wksdat November it .mo.
Smart * Tweeds,
Exclusive Suitings
A Speciality.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
7, Frederick Street.
itch Pilsener Beer
For Sato by
Trinidad Shipping & Trading Co„ Ltd.
dr. cuas.
See the STORES
?10L B.SCaBPSriB:& Cl.
tx Sates lame: Cat-::*.
K0RN1ESS BOOTS. Hardware D@phnt
400 New Pairs.
English Made. American Lasts.
Black BoK.Calf.
Evory Pair Guaranteed.
Sole Agents.
Mosquito Proof Wire Netting;
lililí RE ■ US Mils'I
White Frost Refrigerators. ^
lee Cream Pretiere at $2.30 each, 1
The Bonanza. 4
35! nu...
Now Good»- Keenaaj
»IS3 ■fc4LXtX»E*09Edlo
H g.; 3 .
jt3S&*s '

St. '“Ignatius Bay,1
^R^CBLEBReTED^ foe Itoir n
Inning and Ropairiug—A Speciality
rents & Children
The Arcade,
bhool Supplies
cDougall’s Alexandra Readers
okaollorfl & Stotlonor,
®he .A-RC-A-DBI.
DistUctive Tailed»*
- Twee(i suitings
lanlthvAVlKorcua,' d
The QUEEN of Been
STEO]SrG-’S, •
The Piano Warehouse
Extending over x
All Instruments Guaranteed
21, Frederick Strei
BOL A~~NnpS,-gggH
' J

«S3 &>
1.8. CWf»

th« Ponrog-srAiff/oAmfis iuesúat novtíjiber ib is
Just to Hand
3Slt« IWMlt Net «Mi Camkriy Veiling,
WHITE SWISS; BOBINQ—lie, soe, 21o.
Wkit« Ohifonette,—15o-, 20o,, 24c.
Embroidery * Ombrici
Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Hose
Guram Lamps Give the Best Light
r.á Eid * VhoM»,!
-míe rioino.'—i w.
Brown Rockingham Te» Pots,"
IP* Bast Vmlu* 1.20. 1.4*
S.S. “Indian Prince”
6,100 TONS
Is due to arrive from BaKia, Brazil.
ind will proceed thereafter direct to
Taking Passengers and Cargo,
».<,«!{ 59 guying pasgsg
Wvate Greeting Xmas
lEitablishad over Eighty Years
r»' tanher pulltolv

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g wey eg len weetmnene

“¥. . -

_SUPPhiewmnn:70, THR _Pokr Oras | rey TUMD IY. Xoymusix 1s 1910

Fas Rahat,

Ls" Sate 7 a oe sa
2STHERS |aremcn-; PORTE,
Ss nucwineT sw eaan uj Meter he tns-a-Bane, pares

inided Temper Lime Ea noe atten) rn aN ME

Pek. A MADE, Surgeon Dentist,
eucoute, 8‘ orders

tor see 7 puteet

«/ Piane Lessons.
% L MAGOWDE Fil rikaua,
parts fr teaton onthe Prose “*


dno sims Moderate, Pe pameeice
INIDAN: MANOR LIME Fj i 8 = Fine Uloths — Th The Best.
. . a * eeder
im URAL PURPOSES. ———e ‘e w ge aeadatrainedsy y weet
ts will satisfy you, AS 28 The Finest Stuffs
MAMUMTAOTURMD mx vet 5 3 | naa arma aE ot
Shipping and Trading Oni, td) a E we eum Pemica & Yrauue Marea, (Seti
Norv. let, 19}Q—1a, e . Town Lal, ~_ or
; DARD LIFE ASSURANCE OCNPANY|z TRINID. =4 Morus Caasom,~Ost, shia |The Very Best, °

NOLIC li . And bo mols the a _balronage of

oe err aaneeenaenarmemenantninyrtaend es
‘pusuic NOTICE ry tay iby given that to” GAETANO. BARBADO. andon

Entabtiapmed 12as,
exorcise of tbe ferred o8 Octo. 97tb.~1m.

Propert & . 4
M_OFFIOK FOR WEST INDIES, BARBADOS | Meret Tat Net oat Price e of Ice os Financials os | Skene a sy
800,000 Goodenough Ba: . .
. a we! ae Teotoeo uation. FR uu: Sul PMEN r Lies Promlemg Noten, pe essanable tel tur, atataog we Peaite Reve ee
ove we oon we 1 000 roma $96 Heath sad Bast
asin sae ue erence RIOT Coy | Met adc en orieks
+ Ti +t Oreaen BD:
3 Ain Palla axa the Wado Glesgew Steamer | TO.D ws DATE, Sears ti er gold coins, | Sorasaa, the Second threo! compeieing =;
ADVANCED on secasity of P me Bank of Venerula $2.00 notes as] Six eeres, three fonds and olght perekee
y of Pollofes up ‘to 90 per cond, of ths | five acres, three roods and thirty three perches enenuela BO! sod abetting es the North va leed of
@ at B per cent laterat Ba tba sive more or less daipeated and wih var Dude “aoa cdlerate, Crater onthe South and Easton le
PIATE REDUCTION to home rater daring visits to Earops an | the plan in the Crows Grant regutered In Bol by avery Doslet tatougnoe ° T. L—No, 9 Bt. Vinoees St, | of one Demlaigae and oa thejWent on land 5
noth ciimasten Volume LXVI, Fol 2 $57 aod bounded on the ume Y == ~ $8 00 per Ton Delivered forrnerly of rervale Bow orJately of Are :
ALS ACCEYTED and Polleientssued ta. ahe Woon Indios win’ | Now by land of Jolin Thonpeos Wainanrkp: ' . prining tres neven ted valrty twa, persone
¥ Head Offca, i Pee es —
gus PAID ime Sately, on proot of desthand settlements made | fox by wore teat Bibator oe wwe Doors] | ge Eye ‘
8 ences, ber, Wholesome
TS on yertieh ae (oe admltted are anchallengalis afwer rN, Year ft cow “ Sate evooese AnD sew eron mins 23 te ie ms an 30 canta I THE oecariy: ol “Aine Lewes tm at tt 2
A BROUOR AUST Avprediated by sil lames, troce WOO lbs for save GO CDI Price of Beef. other cocoa plantation sitnate in the ward =


?Buaera Vista,” conslating of foue several

Se : Lg TRINIDAD SHIEPING & pareeis of land tbe Fst toereol comprisiog
Prori e [Maatg me QUEER whe | TRADING CO, Leo._| | woaryoutay yor ous] [Sugawara
te [- 9 Town Be Board. from tae) jou bere money | ita! it cewet oeeaarl Saat
0 pain - COMMISSION MERCHANTS Price of Beal lefe to purchase vo ;etables, oud thereo!
_No_ 4 Honr~ Street_| Every bottle nag cork than any am selling cheape!
FROM ket.-Try ma,

Brn PRULT & BUBBER, | pate alms
> NTR ACTS FOR: 1911- 12, Soath at you yet th yeawine carteos

E, Genoe nad
TLO= DAY} fectigend? 2? Boe Freee] | ratte dere Fc te Tank

and nine perches and absitiog oa the t

AVING tra clit {hat the trate FOR BALE BY ome 0 mm Rast & Steak .pe Ib 10s, North and West oa Crows laude ae
= bee t
; en Hf ror tact is Sthermus oe Ro AST & STEAK 12¢. Bones € Wee on 9 Coden end ce tbe East oe Orewa land

ee Port-of-Spain}Town Poard invite’ Tenders for the supply of the ' fetvoe
a meéctioned articlés for the twelve months from ‘the Ist ! crates of Orenges, dc. to
1 fo the Slat March, 1012 :—- . leaving on 26th inatant, after which

I thought it more pradent to
e the foewatdig of Ghriatenas
tothe Thames”


Ohrinon Seinen Be Tolephone 190 1990

ton once Ge he
comprlaiog twenty seven acres aad eight + %
1 porebes aad abavtoog on the Norta,
aod Were Crown laude an4 on the act

Pelix Marsan [site oe peel et

Brisket & Staw 1c

- date I will be glad to supply any far- - «+ U6ea

}—BEEP (for Arispita Asylum) ther ond EC Bones . Nordea MARKEE)

2—BREAU {for Aria niapite Aeyluc) - ; oO arene:

» 8~ORMENT and LIM « ‘ RUBBER. senor , EAYSIPCLAR, inawon a we
COFFINS and HEARSES SALT BAEUM, Cimptte, lace” As a Christmas Prose tt

} SIRONMONGARY, TOOLS aad IMPLEMENTS edna ny Hae Hallet ao belts sun ate va rete LCRONEY & GO. a Tsuna Mas FfBsent,

cS 7—MED N erminating very satielac: ‘y an a! ICE HOUSE, Ww etl i Bast
Fs =MSDIOINES and Bias (Veterinary) jE any tine afer the woath of 1 @ | _28th Octs, 1910. sepa re urerts alee the Booth « sia by, Grows las
9-OATS, BRAN and H December at the following rates ;— | Wital abuul Fe shalt the, oaaaca’e demand, form | oe aura comprising five acters turee rood
D-PATENT FUEL and- GOAL eom 1,00 to 2000 plosts jn bamboo pot | niment: ° » | Meadian) ‘Bick or ta) ot DQ,A() | sad vistun Farehtn te ibe suse He
B1—PROVISIONS. (or aviapia Asylum) ' ona tate rita tentnopom,| "et Ameer mg ac ett A Now Panama Hab 2 }ooa asec’ tos oe muss B30 f ii aed tonnage

one Be equsl asa . a COMPLEXION DRE.
SEAVER. A tov applications will CHANGR
A DARK SUN Sevyral shades Uehter, «

Paisoor’s ! -20C! ve je
seh cute i fa a Bedi

1%--METAG and BUULD | at £000 por thous
18--UNIFORMS for wrave-dieg agers, and for Towa Constables, From 4,000 ubwarde phot in bamboo pots,
aud CLOLHING and BEDDING for lomates of the? — t 6900 per tboneind,
Ariapita Asylum. Speolel arrsvgemeots nay be msde with
intending purchasers,


Ifyou Yatsad buylog a Paname | Oe a tly {s FOOTWEAR mates

Hat feom 6 to 2) shillings> ord PRENOH HED
off 8 cost
A Bargain Awatts You You | Good CUTTER on the Premlece.


bated cr?
Boag for


pir eee tr ey ni avez
of tender may be obtalaed co application atthe Town Hall, Port- | OF HEB ROOHOMIO PLANTS. ee Bregelsts att eer the Wort, CLAM ENS! RODRIGUEZ & Co, a

and after the 31et December, 19
ich wast be vn daplnie “oust be endorsed with a sbort | hee growa Forastero Planta Io bam:
‘ for, and mast be seat fo to the uodersigned not boo poled ft. bigh aad upwards at
‘clevk noon O9 Baturday, the Slot January, 1911. 40.00 per thousand, + Thu Vargo Dw &
iy seatesctor will be required to grecate a bond with an approved sorely %
to 00 of ble sontrants dedaration of he will le S = orp oothats Blastica, a4 4000-8 thones thonsand, Dayar the Poet yg Drags Act of June 9, te6,
: d tar m@ eo aration js jngnees eo BtHlO® one
7 which leat the foot of the prescribed form of tondee, Gans Hebuata FY a oR, BROOKLYN, NEW YORK CITY
cameeeer: will ba considered which. doca not comply with the conditions 4, &, WATRRMAM,
Sole “avo Behe Fiolerteh 8 reat,


Comer Dake sod George, Buceste, “TA MODZBMA,” 18, Feedoriek a. | be

war Teveriva
— TstsrHons No. 29,
Now, dthneda


Raat Bastald and doreranee Broker, | FIRE BIRKS ca al oa all Yiade at Ive

Preecred, fold and C aad Gaarantest ty




oma Qe

Bored do not blag themselver to accept the lowest or any tender, mission Ag
JOSEPH ARNOLD LAMY, TIMBERS. 1740, Bie salary 19{0,| svorzosman. ° ThaNorib British & Moreen .
_ 7 Town Clerk and Treasurer, A fixe lot of Galba“at 0.00 ats ad ‘ ° —— ee ce
Hell, Fort-ot-Spals, . 4 oo Jot of Yoke at 4o.00 per tnousant | STUN IN UskNeg OFFICE NO. 24 ST. VINCENT STREET] INSURANCE ce LTB © [eave ron acy eae BE ote >
‘ fice fot ot Cyp at 49.00 per thousand, ' (Opposite General Poat Oftce,) eutabliiskhed 1800 pe Lio NOTIUE Dt roby alos .
Te H, OsRACCloLo, ig cztgsion ol the
oh PAY YOU eee trol Bis Jioeph N Nurseries | TM Oldest es Of ti WF rid. Tor Funds at at ist December, Sei
Bankraptey, elon SALE POR WEDNEQDAY ‘THE t6ru veorssesseeene SLO ATS BOT 0, 0 4
Nog of ag "nals the sianige of Lith Nor, 1916 4 Fine a ot Soca DAY OF NOVEMBER, 19:8, Total Revenue for . veri ar sod evnaaad to
GONZALEZ} eo iE. ¢ | SEE FE prpmeaeeieent _Tesiset toed teen
‘tae ua pe eocucheernemnst! Prgd Competitions. ens Pooper dt ta esta | hl ree tal hen eho Gey | sa
a me RTEEN FRIEEL sce faced tr a were) Prail tte core parent ot ied eV Gaihon “SLMS PROMPILY SETILED
oe ~ Le compaiiuon, by pantiemnen latereated le on, AEN . the Biparls, Bria Rosd Ie tue Le yard of Brie Agente Deparsment
ie aud id Retail che ettete of tha baskrvot mums 207 to soo a neta tar aE . | Marea uk. ‘The, Bie compilere ihe ia Sviebad .
ibe Trwstan, aad ll eit due Wide bubup Deuedesujeai= *7 | large sareage ofl M Usety pine ssios, threa The trinsdad na ta & Treding

let eeaan wea, 10 a river throagh tbe oben | Jo te waste

gon Lines! “Baa ay iter pe pei
f, A, THOMPSON, ire veo .

ERODED. | eight ae, Se to ee sana hace |

° ’ set Le W. BONYUN & On,—Sub-Ageati, Bae i een er enc Jon

m BOCKS EK PULBIC pedi Fewinds. i iii aay of Ouzater tav0 THE o OI EAN hands
ao ba Wailea, TH or aay tocel sewspaper ifvehnical Logi WCtien | ‘Anetloset. Hy el ed .
> ia Mp ting, Ladies and 5 berevy w tlfed tbat oy, si, "Eire ie ‘feehnical Tngirus Aa MAGNE oh eaance oe, LTb ata ot B :
ntir eace! °

micata ca ta | te apa naar Gar MMSE, 4 Eerareedene Farriery, Alexander the Great canna” PPL SF psoaon, | hanioe go,
have besa’ appointed ver of the NBeEus 4 aod “Coscia mum olga, “ tater dol ses

“St. Mery® gad “St. Charles’ Hetates,
the seproreny of ‘Mary Ella sbeth Wurea



Com petuiort EQISTERED & y teckam|ibs and op. GAIN appre to ta thove whe bey bows

of allention 10 Wholgaale 1 seed wbo bere wot yet re | Eh cere es Bote Bh? MSP! agente THE TRINIDAD SHIP
ere eae ere

_ ple ond that any petena batleg proviiets tse Letter of . Dati
Pr ¥ adoes!d lied to the Creulsr Letter the ING 4 TRADING Co LON
lon, to the ssid rer J plies .
? hanny ONZALEZ, te equi t Ho tO ine t ia te ‘wht’ tho, a Board of oduarul Trakleg apo o Parisian aiisiay Getnlds lr Tak
mebiration Zanjate| pacers ameicMnaa! ERR mas aah eee ee re a PATENT.
on b reote aud reyeoues dae STL arpeas Me bewspaper 711 vequested toda ao by the-Ibtb of this Joge back vo Ste origioal ! eauty LIVIERIS Petesica OO
Tablets Fatates are to ws to “ae "oa the, seh Deremiar, it CUMSLINGS, oq EF. E. O

month. D. M. HAN,
Actlog Chalrmas.'
3.d Noveuler, 1910.

r famous prea Mptien
Chr above named Estat
5 bottis Bus Dated thie ist wl dey of Nove Novem!

M Beviioys Deog staf

as ger,

fie | or beth lose sir. Bileleg, Dancing aod Puliah. [ol Log dh, rt ho
BSc. por bottle at tho Boglish J ies Masbiee “ae to sora us MenensG soon tc Hossol Bygia, Tiluldad, Wel
Pharmacy. tops Jocstbel Opocee “Wile

ii * oN 290.



! an tn A Ee ss: :
PEPHENS LMT, ‘ coca: Nowou Show/ye rs] nome un «bee Always Keep in Mind)
P. Srna Goons riearooxa300HT OY EMDINNINC’S pda = = THE STORE Diaries

—— a


Where Real Fargalns 3 aré Obtainable.} ’ do

0 wanasaa ms 91.50 om

8: Boots and Shoes|

For Ladies and Children

In all the latest Variety’of styles. —We invite your Inspection,

F 4 ane


er is cats

Cast b TY ID BN; —

at the lest annasl th .
bere, Holdera cf Borlp isened on former

tifennial prewlome way also “TB, J carrese at the

see SR BOCH & Co.

ponding to seme,
A. BF. MATINSON, ten) sme
tary & Tressuier,

Beet Tarcips, Carrots 8a ib | Port of Spala .
GLISH APPLES. oe dot | ex 4,4 : . - i \
a oe Feodoviox steest,* [DAVIDSON & TODD:
—- cyt RORRR SDL 2 BS wef . |
. 2: Gueichee, os eel linidad Bulding and)» oy opp Ry {THE ARCADE.
j he STORES. = ” Batia 1 Ba at Bhoss~Taste Diamond, ia Whites net Es eon ), a FOR EVE RY BODY,
Be te ptcne 277. =e » White Kid Oourk abd Bar Bhoos at 3;¢ to tc. 18s. Ee Loan Association, . T, GEDRBES GRANT §
ss 7S Be ; £7 | ornice: No. w, CHACON STREET, ° - OFFERS YOR SALE
Pe SILVA’S == FOR CHILDREN : Ss Telephone: Mo,.sa We have a reputation for selling goods that please, 225 «6. “BORO”
* 3 _ CHILDS Hee Backle Colonials, fa Pantont, Tso and Glace, me The Board of Dicosore of th A*soclation and keep on ploasing andl make.* you proud of —_
| Childs White Buck 1 Bsr Shoes oe ne AG 85, OBR a declared an your purchases. 25) Mall Bare “FAVOURITE” FLOUR,
ere ame PLIT 4


for the batl. ded 40h Jane last, and
Men’s PateNt men bare w Hove ebaces h hive now muivured

Oem ‘ 43, 5s, 6s, or whoee mortgages are now pill up ma

i ABERCRORBIR ST. BOOTS & SHOES'| Tan Valf Sindals, 3s, 4s, 5s. | EVENING SHOES | | spuly to tae office for hore reeveetive oxe

1250 Be
#3 ce 8

LASTLY AND VERY BRIEFLY |" Sotiittiowt tis.

. NUBBER SOLES | WhtCanvas Gibson Shoo,


IT PAYS ‘TO DHAL AT . 20 Tanks Be
. "ns 10 aera 8 Tenulie ot ACID
8 Cake lad
) Care

amounts or re'easce Of suort
POR Black Glace Pat, Tip Gibson our The As‘oclation is prepares to predectaits |-

Hen and Boye. | white Kid Shoos, 35,1075 | Apectaléty. || DEBENTURE BONDS

r e WW SYt ibs. GREEN TEA
f THE on opphcalga at ube Ore unti’3oh 5 of Gust, Comet Baal matcites
Bt f , ind a Varity of other Items too Rumerous a Kenton, Keeway as otill coatlane to be granted e 0 C 0 e 2 Gas Be gare JAMS 227 \b
Ea i Lae! GHOGERY. on the ual terme in accordance with the 40 Drams CALGIUM
a “4


£O Serpent tne tee eet 9



raiea of the Asvoclation. The beat for Parcel Aste, TOR

J: GLEN DINNING | ij G0. euganot ei FREDERICK STREET, 2 Broadway:





PoREAW ‘snowicu

2 ern canaher|

mi: Bi) T| “The Berkfisld’ RATTAN - FURNITURE, |‘) scene
Rockers, Armohairs, Setteos, Couches, tedeal wih o sata watson heeding
an) 7 TABLES, FANCY CUAIRS, T [erties Teme as

A THE DIRTIEST RAVINE WATER Pa reeeeeeeseren A (|i


: show; that the one
, free of moeqalte laren Testa oa the owners

————ne aod oceuplece cf hoaees,
7 . __ ‘ rl ( edtlashle to to ig ean ulin even guiser
vile & Wilson Ltd, | TS MADEIRA * FURNITURES) © eee See
» Aimporium L. we Pumped. Rapidly —IN- L woalsed pispietetble faspected —Pen kept :
PPM notiozs foronsand ol EX E Aj Lounge Chairs, ‘Tables, Market, Baskets, raanearenmacigaers *
iewetrny | s,|COMES OUT CLEAN & SPARKLING ge Chairs, Tables, Ma s |e


B, ABDELNOR—Prop ietor,

Wanted Known. | orice es rae vant Yes "
wl GROCERY | od ust “Received, Theaptrnmuemetenste FOR SADE Niet ce


— BY — be Hope and Hi echeias
AND FOR SALE. waeifees cred ones wad : fist ovecbar oti Berbera
; a of the very quality for the purpose of extending the Hope
oe} sen’ AMD oat cur alm we keep ubly coupetect bands Tirer tres eerie. .
Ae "xO 3 =x. for our componadion eperiment where ANCHIBALD G. BE 4

. by resson of ourcheck systeny racy
ded Wheabin Pgs | Bates cocoa BAUS ~ Guarenteot Jibs. eek “nt fr ge vr Nigu-bull foe x $8, *SOBO" FROM, CANADA, “paras ae He
” alg om nrRenclen. ee eer
a ohne vcuntan ee WHADPING PACE MEDICAL HALL. | 50 Drums Prime Large Lunenburg CODFISH (1 NOTICE,
Bry at htues Rating Cates 'D SUGAR—100Ibs. per TELEPHONE 302, “5 ‘liewces , Medium ,, =, one,
Pee thts Boxe GOLD EVAL PLAUR. 1g QUANULATE Trm/gretion
‘ Kegs GRA RICE ————— Mas Mecent Arvivele, ih oaritl
. iota hs Cheddar Cheese YELLOW DHOLL; NA . IsPORTANT TO HOUBE- YERBONS denrous ot sop'ylag foe
5 WNE 50 Half Casks MISTELA PPERSONE teatro ot eppiting ee
it Stee SLICED BACON, OATH. 0 RS. 25 Hall Casks ALIUANTE ; 100 Kegs MISTELA log the season 1911 1012 are requested ta
MON Due Fad, Coctts OUSEOWNERS sed Loot Lode 10 | 160 Cases Noilly Prot VERMOUTIL—pints geod in each sypliertions beloce the Ist
t Be a NAMB, IN N BOWD Mec ve gabards wil e 60 Cases ss ata quarts varie ba cine veatlon svnatloncd by
RES BEETROOTS 13, BRANDY—1, 2 & 3 Crowns Undes, the well kuowa Agee: has rach ue eof 434 Avgeet, 1000 and eo
sina & CAKES, y AGW IES * Hours of Lords" Whisky eeaeer ay 6 Casey snr Sprig weet Du ey Navaney each | of ea ft vf req bs Said Ge Tee
ieurTs ee toe ed oceraa. sararos ta those 6 Cases Bulmor's (Champagne, Perry â„¢Longland & Morr. rsfueyecea eesti th
cecktttion, Swyacepiy BROS, & VON GONTARD, essen) “ome eae a ea
' oo .
ee ie h BUYERS OF COCOA & OTHER PRUD DENTISTRY TELEPHOSE 132. 6, BROADWAY. Perera a wi mil charged
7 iaaie Oe ook Tre Puone 574 re riizO Bow Y Sour Quar, ® " Ih Bee ita he distinctly uedertood
a Fraiche ead, Vaollle Hogar “We fer Phere i is ne Nothing Dr. J Raloh 0; Carrington A NEY GARAGE. tbat ag explication f for Laumigranta, will y ae
“i . ere ' LS ‘ athes
7 i ss ef Ap} dd acd d Stel ‘ills, LLS Just as Good" Gradaste College of Dental San ' pa GITFENG CABRIAGE FACTUAY hee addel a sew Department ta the sites eG Gnlteaoo 3 1658,
Si st de PENNY ROVAL TT Ba ee LP eniOOe “* MOTOR eS Azs, sme RxTOR Wreticuey the ae eeses Se terey of

Allgerg at che he most ! effestual occasional medi- 1 Coughs a3 Laing’s White} ¢, re “| Whoce stauee Cte, awachon, W, if, CoownS
“a a aes ma Toate eho et are 1]. ae bo to [s Coagh pyrup Fh cents at erie ue siseot og poette note asiesse HSt iis ng oa daa eaiehats Ga Lise, i Goaia andes KN.

the Koglish Pbarciacy, ‘viloa Baad quartae Protector of mmigracte,
Fr cau anh We GOODING, "rot thom a Bawlnn's Drag Stare | Hee M8
FOE oT EO IIE TE EE TNE, Oy eer ~ â„¢. ty
o . . . foe



. . , e le

—— —— pia Tatnivad.
Viva with was deep. L{OTICE yR WEDNESUAY THE ost
] NEWS FROM DEMERARA. fencma, ran old ake ecution om the Sit no . BAL LY OF DECEMBER 1910,

7 notified that § will

o he gum of $1.25), the purcht rob ace
tha Argosy), srbeng Me King, Grows Solicitor, Pie rable ibe be any deve ot deb 8 | eyUBLIO NOTICE te hereby given, (tet
ia exercise of the Power of Sele con-

. io
Coats INTEROOLONIAL MALL CON: | on benall of & overpmenk Among ‘ed wile Lvulat, abe baicg 7
FERENCE Eben marae dute rh | nomen enderey pang tN” | linden Maeners by MeOreruarsce| St, Olay
es ; . a .
“FARE PASSAGE” IDEA EXPLODED, | of twollres ing made, ly went opie Hlodostan Road, soatalaed fe eS eetain Memoraadee of *

the Dally A of the tHth | to 930 and then by fives to 145. ber, 1910 = 9a. fort, No, 110 dated the tnd Jace,
oleate eae pu isheain “Quer ‘Letter nese bid was $100. which amounted Rb Nivembet, A __ Mop reer Oaieiel David to Joba Jawce

* i * “ 130, thea td $150 and fives Lend, ibe patap for Bale b: a
sen toe theanestiont «Canadeliencta | toSiOa’ then 83% #25) SG BCS, A GARD arta epered at his Luction Marty Ne, Saturday, 3d
who ie givta a free passage keep an | $850, $000. $700, a 9650, Harels Proweasde, Hin Feroands co

—— Sree Ss
épen mind io dealing with a matter | (50, $1,000, $1,000, oi BO, $120 oad ME CLAUDE DONAWA, for miny Wedueeta the 28th day of December 10.0,2 PROVISIONS SE

t interests the party giving the free | $1,250 at which bi of oneand two pm.
Tthaving"come to opr notice that it thas beon; sae acerâ„¢ la reply toile, itis stared | ft'oras Knocked down to Me, King, for | ing vt bette Ae noe Ot aed, aitante eae
| o a : " Dy tne Secretary of the Chamber of | the Gorgrament. pollealor of Eve | ward of Oroponche comprising alae acr
rumoured in this market that the quality of the Commerce thal the passage of the romente ____-— goliaslor of dor ‘ Ward of Oroponche compristog sine aes
White Horse Whiskey has fallen “ Chamber's dele ste tor 0 Mail Bervice TE BARBADOS NEWS. chaps, PON ANAS ey ’ the diagram annexed to the Grown Gem ‘
off wo are compelled to give the most emphatic . conte tree Of cost bythe Reval Aa Globe) ts Freseriok Scroa's | to,theeald Gabriel David to Vorime Xi.
. denial to such reports and beg to state that the Wail Compan but will be borne by the (From the Bi " Grows baad, and by lande of Jeremiah Je
reatest cara is taken In blending and reblending Cen coroner ee mamerce, It le| . THE D.LO, OF ST, JOIEPHL Lethe Matter of ‘Antoine, oa the Booch and Weet by Crowa
We understand there are no fewer The Eatate of Joceph Wong Chong, Lod aod on the Kast by the Qairana Road lobe, Ded pet
the White Horse Whiskey 50 that further stated, had reclined the Royal than fourteen. applicants already FOE ia beets, that all persone | Dated shie 18h day of Novamber, Lolo feo HALY aks pong
: 5! er el
no variation of quality can occur and our vats rare Chamber's delegate to the Conference regietered for te eae Pe toveph, Nevering cislan oF dameeds 0g eel vt . Aceon, te ity sete
periodically examined and analysed by Dr. Clark } | duteitecl ie Guamtecot Crmerce | Tay tery a £25 por anno and 1 | tomas eta lathe entel Kotworti | ened Ucrtadocph Agente ict | end do"
of Glasgow the. well known analyst whose last ie Mr. ITY, Delatons, who, s¢ the Con. | sald thet mors toa Ste rere among | Shopkeeper who dled oa the 16h day of | Memocaadam of Traveler, No, 109, dated allowet.
certificate is publishod below, ference is to be held on Tucedey next | Toes SPDITiOE. Jane 1910 are, required to send to we 44 | che Lech doy of Maret. 1910 Tae Haare
- ayo wai —


— APOLIUG CRICKET CLUB. | aforesaid, fall partieatars of auch elaine of
L leased he | deaands, on of before the Slet day of
FATAL FALL FROM A TREE. re mcitoritics hevetaken petal December next, in order thet the mama
ARMER’ the Yormation of acricket club for the | may be examloed and, if foand career,

4 RICE ¥ BRS SAD EXD. bekefit of the members of the Police | da'y diccharged. .
The circumstances under which Jobn | yorca, They are hopeful of securicg 11 persone fadebted bo the asid estate
Hunter otherwise known at **Obinee | groondsat Gheen's Park. At present 4 to pay the amouat of thelt | rrinipAD

City Analyst's Laboratory
138, Bath Street,
, Glagow, 7th July, 1910.

Administrator General's
Vales, ets.

of the vale
§,—-Long Jume,-.)

“Bruree of bh
=. John", aged &) years, met bis death on he uve to $u Court of Trieidea and Tobago | G—Hals mrtx
T hereby cortily that 1 have taken ove Thursday morciog 10th instant, aback Poe eke sree the game " the lah d In the Maaier ofthe: Admpiniatentor teste teance Fes 00 aula
ples of every Vatting of Mackio’s of No. 40 village, were rather painful. } and this new phase will secure for MARY WONG CHONG. Ordiasnce, 1908 of the valee afi
‘White Horse Cellar” Blend The young mau left bis home for the } them many more. Adentalatrasriz of the sald cutate, sod} 3de
' * - . * * tice Bela where be was engaged In the —— TRINIDAD ———=— [ta tbe Matter of the Goods of WF Sampson 1 9,—-220 Yaape
of Scotch Whiskey used in bottling to this ‘transportation of, day. Botween SUDDEN DEAIIML p|tette Bupreme Coart of Triaided and late of the Town of Port of Spain, ia the trance Fee
eleven gad tweive oclock news wasre- | Chriscella McCollia, 20, a resident ©

date, andgthe results of my analyses indicate Island of Trinidad—Deceeced—iotesiae | Basin. a


: ceived home to the effectthat he was | Colleton, St. John died there on the _— SONG MILB BOTS ela
, that it conform to the standard for Pot suill dying, and subsequently that de was 4th Instant jast before medical ald No 253 of 1910. of the application of A Lhe pereone bering calms plant, the to buys 5
Scotch Whiskey set up in the London case, dead. If sppearé thatafter working | could be procured for her, A pout The Adaioistrator Generat the usdersigned full particulars of the saute the cay of the Sag ;

fora time a the rice-fieli he left at | mortem was performed by De Dudley ee verGed by alfidavu op of belore Tharsdayize 1/6.—Priee af tea

Par . . about ten o'clock in order ta get some | (reaves who gave it as bie oplatoa Aud ia the matter of aqth day of November ro1o, atler which date 4 dala nad 9 an

I am also of opinion that it is a Whiske Water-coconute ae the sun wae very | that death was due to heart disease. Amaeera'ly also calied 2taceralle wo canns willbe eatertaine’ sever | bok

: : ewe Ssedi secur — MILE Moseaaia

\ of excellent quality of flavour, of GREA became nervous and Jost hia hold and A DROWNING ACCIDENT. Ard tha Real Property Ordinance, No, 00, Sn taste ton aioe of at 1, whatsoever WAVE MILE Moma

} AGE, having been long matured in wood. consequently fell headlong to the} a youth of eight years named PUGLIC NOTICE is bereby glyrn that Stor the Giflerence of give ep Ther mivates «0

grouad, where there were a lot of | gq. security ‘aad prove for ibe whole debt

jeorge Spencer, residing with his

he Chief {a atlenes sng;
tumps and prickly spines, with the by an order of His Hoaour, ¢ Payments Will be made os Friday the sad vente to be elit
"ROBERT M. CLARK, BSc, F.l.C., fesieiuererote hei rear |Gutbe fvergoon of the a fanas | Retlen Mg anee ge ate ase | araeshateeeres | pak
* atid wai i r .
‘ Publio analyst for hs County of Lanark through his nostrile to bls forehead. under uofortan ate circumstances, | Ale guaran be shove prithia, footer Dated this 3 day of November 1910 ot 10 dekc,
Other parts of his were . po . Prt doit
and tho Burgs of Latrick, Paisley, etc, tro aad fojured. lw Tyiog groans paris Tather into the sem Pree abe this notice in the Royal Gasstia » P.0- Acting Adminstrator Geoeral tise 3 dots,

in the Matter of

The Administrator-Uencral'e Ordienace, la iwo

a ttle ewiit be lea d
were beard by one Joha Ounmings he | Visional Certificate of
mo wont table avcaoce, He found | dlls atagow ox bey stouvehe [U7 ANY ata Siegler tat pure et a
the unfortunate man 1D, .
fusely. He succeeded in pauline im aehoat boar ye body was found under | jag at Camsca inthe Ward of Gasnspa

“We now give notice that 5100 Roward
will be paid toany one who will give iaformation

. . . . up from the epines which kept him _— fu this Island regis*ered in tbe Orttice of Asd tn the Matcor of the Estate of
leading to a verdict in our favour against any with bie face to the ground "A few ANOTHER BANK. the Registrar Giogral at Kollo 5, Vo ume Adolphus Sieete
* : di ing that th Vi f tninutes afterwards he died. Messre Sherman and Percival, repro- | 175 of the Re corerty Regia'er oth [late of the Village of Taospace id the
person: spreading or repeating ¢t fat the quality oO sentatives of the Royal Bank Of Chan. | prisiog 10 scree aod boon ied oa thes ue Ward of Tacarigos ta tae lelacd of
’ Whito Horso has dotorioratod. OFFICERS ON LEAVE. wit ybo have beenin the sland for «| by & Pabllo Road by iende of Hofic Trinidad—Decessed Lateatate,

Rereon aad by Crowe land 03 the Sou bh
by Crown land aod s Public Hoad on tbe

fast by Crows laad aod 00 the Wess by «
Public Road.

The Medical Boare having recom: I 1
mended to the Government that be ttle time, having setisfied Lhemeclves
should proceed to England without } their bank, have reported to Head-
any delay, Dr, F. Neal, Government quartes the result of their finding



AUCTIUN Sale for Thursday the let
dss of December 1910, vetween 1 and

‘the same Roward of S100 will be
paid to any one giving information leading to the


soe » * dical O21 fthe Leo visti Dated thle 10h day of November, 1910, “~—
. conviction of parties refilling our bottles or adult- Me ducal Optcer of the Leonare viatrict, dhe greatest ausleulty ta thelr way te (Sad) & or Be SIONE, PUBLIG NOTICE te hereby given, that
erating our Whiskey in any raanner, on leave of absence which will pro: | ing business. We learn that overtures wiatrar Georral, there will be pat up for Hale by Pub ws
° bably extend over a pertod of twelve wero wade to Messrs Carter & Ca, Anonion gt tee ODles ot the panderelue 4:
. . . onthe, Dr, Pereira wil reform the ‘urt-ol-Spala oo Tnursday ab day
. Information which will be treated confidentially dutier of Dr. Neal uatit permanent | FORmoogers, deed. of Brand Birees STAINED MIRROAS RE-SILVENLD | Deventer 1010 betweea the hours of Land
to be sent to our Solicitor, arrangements are made, Hon. Hobert | of business, but Messrs Carter's price 2in the alte:ooon,

Dulf, ‘lunmigration Ayent General, was too prohibitive, ‘We imagine
who has been ordered away to con: | that the Tireb floor of the Barbados

~ 2 sult a specialist {n relation to ac alfec- B xrutual Life Office woulkt make an
MR, EDWARD GRANSAULL, tion of hls eyes, has been granted idea} atand for the Dank, so that the

28, St. Vincent Street, Ubree moathe’ foave (of absence, and } digiculty of Ainding an oftce would be

_ MACKIE & CO., Distillers Ltd., Glasgow. WG, Crawford hes been appointed to | Say, CkerEcrae, As fhe, Comranies
Octr 2ist—Im act ae Immigeation {ent General, already passed the Assembly, there ie
2 De y * Bevery reason for believing that the
gration Agent, beginning of the New Year will find

THE FINAL TRIBUNAL, the bank at work,»
prtleoere, ee a jiltehell and 1, i H. REJECTED.
umpaore ave decided to a: al to *
the relary of State agalnet the bls. lotiys address to the Hisuse of

ALL AND SINGULAR that caitsis
piece or parcel of and comprising tive
acres (be the same more o¢ loss) and de-
lineated fa the diagram attached to the
Crowo Gract registered ander the i al
Pe perty Ordinance as Volume CCXI1,
oe cee {olla 300 alte tte ts the Ward of Masia:

Mv a in the Island of ' an Based
ulos! Mulos! va the Noven by Crowa lead and b lands
vf atin it, Clair on the South by janis
Mayne enyeinn| PACE Nietet cosa eet | satan
= nde of Alfred St. Ciair aod on the %
yat ARRIVED, ex ne “ Fiyrerls ” | by lands of Ragootir and by Crowa lind, u—Tus Nowe Mas 3
from, a ste ma Nd S ay Dated thie 7h day uf November, 1910, Recreere Oe
pply to Fnancs Meruprs, Nu $B o.d- 7 Ng there is owoazoaltivation on ibe

Ly the berd process’ f the St. Gobain
looking place Bite. Co, {Feauce)., All
wok fully warranted, Pieses cailor
wrivetoG, Hattior, Absecccomby se,
BS (Glty yardef oa Park Strev corner)

SFR Ay pT ern oe re «


‘, ' decision of ihe Governor In-Couneil sustained ty Mires Coen who was | WeYeNav1de2e, above parcel of faad. g
recommending their diemiasat from 1 OMAS =.
the Public Bervlee, Indsljeted oad hedin veri Ee QR SALE. Acting adminlatrator-Genera!,

reread twnenton Ellis laland atthe bands of .
> u e r e e S OFFICER BREORE, THE EXECU: | the United States Quarantine Author: .

TRINIDAD, Prise 6 ¢ollen,

* ities ~has been rejected, ——as MALEK FU THURSOAY WHE ITTH Mag
ARE ON THE 8.8. “\GANGES" _|firisiriues st the Sine toe Gas PROGRESS, DAY OF NOVEMBER uo,” |! inate
: appeared on the Ith instant before e ie
) BM tesea ace ih incest agate picceenoaty ttt] STEAM LAUNCH | pusuiaworc met uri

P ia exercise of the Power of Nale cus
od fo a certain Dest of Mortge e,
b vty

% cli to answer certain charges preferred | Gag Company have decided on Jo:
Due here 22nd November. agalnsthim, Lis wae represented by | stalling sinew Gasometer capable of | ¢¢ - 9) | deted ‘the piath day of Maro
re EA V. Abrabam, solicitor, carrying Sood subic feet orn the KING f OWARD Vil regulerod as No 623 of 1920 and wade
. Tesenbone in use carries so o
h b t k . | . d DROWNING OF ey eoee aad ya that with thle enlarged capacity the l fmme Drepive othe. one patted seo
Every cdré has bcen taken in selection and],2.™ inquest at Marlborough Cour, PAupPIY should prove still mors sgetalued to cortala Hemerendens of

method of shipment to ensure the whole lot [ered Gonsana Bo: Untace: wks ee ——- Ordinance No 60 dated the nicth of Ma

were drowned inthe Pomeroon river | The work ‘of laylog thecable and| (a0 )} Inspected at Present, te said Huma "Dreglan, there oui’
crite all the proceedings on behal essing ‘most rapidly, but we learn Please adress enquiries | Seckvite Sturecs in the Towa of Burs.t+
W: STEDMAN ABRCELER, [BE ee hai ts | SS Raremes
, “jumpers ' or slippers while oa duty

nat , the let Instant.
germinating when planted 2 ae ala soactar Widdup | STTeloe tae Paleg fay tbe etalation Jemigzles gus by sepileanotion by ue
TERMS STATED ON APPLICATION TO of the police, there was a strike among the
two witnesses were exaiuined, labourers on the morning of Lhe 10h;
the jory added se. ri er that in furure ————

64, South “ uay. @ police are no wear their + .

= Pa te em fotiner, Fireworks ! Fireworks !

and ofters tothe Manage:, Bpaia ya Tharsday the ,17ch day of Ny || cooduct ®

made oni!
iWon omg we hours of one aud ou, yo wae oe
VAL DE TRAVERS ASPHALT | psroet ot lad stasis innuse tyres
PAVING CO LTD., evo 2a tbe Inland of Trinidad costaiuing
ayeateen Acree and Twonty-Six Perebes po toiling
S68, South Quay. | Kod ce ee ite North on dhe High eG

be South on Crown Lend tha dag of
tae Best on laode sow or tately of he sowed sa




The Mail bas brought that M SPECIALLY IMPOR _ Crown sad on lanisot Maniago Round
1, W,, Target. will not bow. ‘othe to POR THA OR TED —Novalt Iw. facta tte Wait on Laode al G fesndee
the colony for the purposes of taking a tod on the High Koad. Sabject bows
ved. and Now Landing tis? scitciites|forcunaneaeesse'| | Cocoa Bags | [iene dainsmeend!| aie
rominent representative of which f ca & GERMANY se Nuwber Zi62 of 4007 fue t
Just Arrive 3 an OW an ing Gotonel Link” It scene that Me, Ter Coasleting ot varlel asaortment of Fire . & payment by Pedro Kawos to one Joep oP Ne tad pan
ce beers ts atpaaeracal epee | arta ler aes Gadiy Hace sca ge te Ps | os ea
: e overniment 0} ca r .
Ex Sierra Leone, where he has been en- | Wheele, Triangles, Hosett-a, ower Pun 4 Large Lot Jast Recelrad. Hight ove centaand Loveseat thereos, one | eathing

“ aged iv engineering work forsome | Vevils among tbe Tal or, Voloured Ges.
c - a Fite and will be leaving to take over | assere, Bengal Matches (el aod G:
es OEE: A.D AIT Oo EE, hie duties (here in asbort time, Anew | aod Evers Sparklers (pretty, affective
engineer is being engaged by the Syn: | aod quite burmioe), ar,
deate, however sud the delay in the ~ LEQ

bieh Mr. tg
ellod hee tede iuevitets will oufy Fresh Aryivals of
be for a brief space.

cuickesroxinpewenina [No, 4 GANGA AND OPiUY,

Yesterday sfternoon Pith instant a

Mtg Cente Al Welghts, sicaate ta the sent Woe ooo coms | te hn e
the Lowest Prices —Always visiog E’evea Acces and Thirty Three] UOmos nS ws
erches Le the same. more or iow de fod gad at

. . Siuested and with tbe abutte’é and cheat of (0 tne eran el 89
dounderios thereu! sbewa ja che Plao ao. and be must Wet
nered to Crowe Grant entered in Vol | to be detased a Oe
EXXXI st Fella, 20 su bounded on the iat Dr ae ae


alou the Matelot Hive: oe we ma new oe

Vood iy”


406,833 #'T.
North Carolina Pitch Pine Boards

of Jane % Salvery on

ur, was jinmediately on the scene, and Lands of Athaness Salvary ty

reported the suspects to Ji, J AL].
Hrowne acting Medical OBtce of Health | ——
for the city, who viewed aad prowoun-

ds of Ham WW. Lands ot
( ! All ob cheap sate, Wholesale tf Athi nee 8, .E
SPECIALLY SELECTED AND CURED, ey | eport salned curreacy in Ubarlestows ‘aud Keital', eee Salvary by Lande of Jace E.
WhO Fe IE FLAINED SGIDES (8 T. that ins bouse at the coraer of De Nosy LER LUM & CO ay A | tensonth by’ Kosrvetgtanry, Seal oo pe
WAG x ® oe Cases of small pox, : re ia the Matei .
agi, YEls fs AND SPRUNG, ir J.D, Lucas, Sanitary Toupect | 1h Nov. Toi, AY MTB Feet THE BONANZA, iand and by Land of Jone de Byers | comemitoe

21,078 1 6 “ z & ay Every


tar We Offer the above an usual Cheapt



Messrs. Smi deat, | seer ae
eSsts- ot Sam Woad by U y jaye

ord that the cass were the less dread- oo THE th Bros, & Co, & Resorve Yorty tive aa ee ey be supple vin sa
Ea muedy of 'chiebea pow rriaidad Electtio muvkostarse eansisty | eaten, (aaeiieeacos
PLN WINDRKOR FOREST SOLD, t ] wing Niet sod | 12 foese Kuies © i.
Pla. Windsor Forest on the Weet Tid 4 BCutlG hy IN BROADWAY, Tring get Verchen be ake cemaie sed atte

Eight Verches be the same mre f OC Sut -
Coast, which had reesatly be: . Ketaxzi ce ct, \ . $3 Au Loins
ITE undersigued cifers ble services | on rt en bad ree tly Oge3, deviled oc, oe lest douicsated and with the abutele Feday ayd Novenser


Where they are uodertakiog all cl sad boaadanes thereof shew ti tice, Hort of Spat
so courant ds Aum | oF MEE cng Neos d RenE AD — i any Upais acaheg Moy | patent Oe Gove Ghat watered ig
. ° % * . } <4 ‘
Pr) cnc, @ comparecrrem & Avrombiels ae Valietor of Cocos Plantations aud ‘ Bie etrie Bulbs Statiovery otore ose tee nie acd tounded on the North South and eat by
Geral oriisnde que te Aloyer no p oxins TABOR WaURKIND, | pl OEM, Mee Fatusne Rus of. Crova Land and om the Went by Lance
dows ous . ND. - — .
eee wArecieas, abo deve poe | _th06S 10 TV Uanadian tealien Oi" aot ‘not \VE taco fast tecelved ftom Marburg | ann —rrmmeny toa cer aia Meworendoe cf Moves
Sec laltera finel ds neve Hegulemecto, NOES HOP SOIL THe BRUSH = widen the cucle of ite friends a harag shipisent of the weil kauwa, ated the 17th May 200g for secure, a
resolver CuLIOS sraueiplos cuarernenter Quidlere for it coue fvom the woes | WOLVKAM, bisb tMtel sey lawye going Vv 7 yuent to Joseph Tranow of the sum o.
Areocincas. Laisa w , | unllaely pieces in the woes and for | ai eur usual Calvan Pace « A egotablo Seeds. wa Haudsed wod Twenty Dole win | Lalog’s Perouse Solel SE
Porto de Hespaubs 1/10, wie Ay HITE CanBOLic Qurth, fof ite fame bas trayolled fer, | Cell early aod secure wbst jou may . tuteseat thereon, Wholesawa, burke ¥
DIREUCAU. ’ bt deaet vos this attention, fur nu ull , quire . A choice selection just to hund | Dsl! this 30h dey of Getober vie, Ep e
~ — sede Ud ote. a6) 9l ote. tame, bes doneeo muck for humsaty. Ite! 8. LD, HANDING, Louis JOUN & CO, ly is
Neors. Lab—tins, ENGLIEH PHAMACY, ° wacderate cos makes it easy to get, Manager $2 the hnonisy Fiagmacy 4




4 a:


pe TO herr py be TRINIDD, a
2 7 ° Tamnpan, \ «TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO w the 5 ‘
+ PBURLAD Roz wots ta | eye erat ruda Mentor | las Spun Opt Tita oak Fee oops of Tiatad ha BALE AA rmomaply, te seat] Tete Reese Cows 8 Berne Ge OO
on sirsegis by oe Corvrstetg ive wee wet een mer Banmry Slee Port of prio, nome agritieu a, Port-of Spala, uBird NoTIGER hereby given that The Re ie ef the Weta of No. 899 of 1907, i. "
oon ee eet ately pacehen chek Seat heen oe et Ne, 191 of 1010, wees * ° * Between P ia exercise of the Puwet of Sale con- tabe of theneeo Poreal pale ia the Beecharan Jo au
ered The lWes dey of Feoreaty oe ee Keats teeourels deoeribed Ie - | Meare Philp de Boleslers, sometiocs Gennes Mabsrnige=Pialatift lorred of Mortaagees the Convegeasie eer read, D 2". 7
tered om the office af the oeeral | ease of Title reglevered iq Vol. XCII folio {| celled Maurice Philp Bolssiere, by bis aod ad and Low ot ropert y Oe ore ae ooeaee . George
oNe OM ef 1G ene Seeder | soe : Attorsey Beorl A de Bolster e.-= Darfer @ingh | Datead ant. gecteined Ie 6 Corte Ded eer tae | [PUBLIC NOTICE te hereby rirep viet King ~ Deed
Fate cee ‘of the one aad] TIFTHLY, All aod Slageler ‘thos? Walaci? pustic NOLICE fe hereby given that [datel (he, Aret day of Septem at oe FeO anaes beva mureto te by VLIGNOLICE ,
jamace Atthar Bratt bry t three bev 1 percets ft tand slimate is the acd by an order of Hig Hosoar, Myr, Jas ne made betwees Philomen Nar a t Elona Reahem end Daniel Metnerss Habe by an order of k's Reset
Broltmarer aad Rindcigh Revs of | osld Word of Monteactas Tha First there Medatise Pletre--Defoodact, ce Wricht mode herela ow the Med dey [ihe A et part, Evariato Varquea of the

ty tn fora gract of Piobite of |] Wright made te the
are there-wtt be patup for (second part and -Mery Jeve Boorne | of Porto Sp Sih day of September Ips
rele the North apon land vl the Real Property Ordiosare dattd the | Bouth apoa laode of G de le Kosa Gamers P by aa order of Hla Hoocer Mr. Jastice | Porbof-Grata on \Thareday the 17th day | deed of far har charge duted the Jed dey Of Portoh spele, Deceared whe died on the Geant Inmae ta ake lowe onlin
aeld 10th day of February 1990 mide by Jos the spon lacde of M. Meadona | Rave | meie fe the atove matteron tbe] wf November 2020, betwrea the boure of | of December 108 aod raade bs ween the of Por iKiatber 1910; baring at the | on Thateday thy 24ee
dvid Sales Behance Avte io faroer of and on the West wpos lands of J, O, Goo | Ich day of Nevembsr, 1010, there,will be | 2 and 2 pm egid Evariva Vasques nh ‘Wieoa time at ble desth o Bxed placerf abode at | 1910 ensulog between the heen
ine Jamon Arthur Rex Soollaeyes, | salea TAs Second thereot comprising ten] pat wp for sila before the doors of the} ALL AND SINGULAR thoes two angitbe aid Mary Jane House Tor | Porsof-Spelo aforcost?, the sald Htees | p.m. ALL AND SINGULAR!
asleaioarler Svollmoyar aad Raadelp b | acres, and abwing os (he North apon | Users Usare, Pert of Spalo, on Thoreday, | several parce's of land situate at D'Abadie {of ihe'puer, part tere will be pet ap for | Cirabeu ard Daslel Melogita Haba betag | pices or parcel of land alread
wh aad slea iam cartels deed of mot t- lands of Marla Modeste acd pon Crowe | the Bird dey of December, $010, bstwees | i+ the Word uf Arime ia the Ieland of jase by the asdersigosd at bla Meet of Ge acy ened in tha sald WH iHiaga la Lhe Ward of Oekin’s
dabad the vald tenth day of Febrnary | lecd on the Bast epoa land of Valeris | the boure os one an! twe o'clock fa the | Innldad the Firet thereol comprising one | Mert No Go Hacrla Proman le js the Tree ey is alo given that if 00 Cavest | one Jot rndasatiog 6D fees
TOR regictered atNa, 603 for 1035 nag § Villerael and on the Wen epor lands of | afteracoa, All and Blagolar that certain | lot or thereabset and abvttiog on the | Town of Han Fervandetn Wednesisy the le fuged Lefore the expiration of twenty. [fa depth and abuttiog ow
Woade beewaen the oak Jules! Measoael | Pablen Vitarnel And The Third thereot | piece of parcel of land sitaste la she Ward | North oa a Public Road 00 the ya andy 29th day cf December 1910 between the Hodge’ melee bie dete cf the pubyos- | lands of the heirs of 4
Agne of the one fart sad the sald Ubaries | eotaptieieg alxtecn scree acd abatting on | of Hhezo Martin ca'led ** Mithend La So's. | Easton leods of one Madame Alexandras hours of one aad two p.m. leu2 sttas nie, I tele notice ta the Royal Uasee” | on Jand of Olivia King on tip
Pater Stollmoyer of phe other part aed toe North spon lads of Senciow Saba(s on dad” comprising three apd throes fourths] ard onthe West oa latdeof ©, Giites,| All that cortaln parcel of lew ¢ taste te Toh i wewspaper the Coart wil of Charles Borell and en tht
aise tas erisia Memorandess of mort- the South aod Bass Grove lacds and oa eta of 8 teyres end tousded ga the Aad the Heovsd, oe tty Parone two Bi Leoguyin the Ward tt Ries range teed to lueue Probate 0 te said Htfeaa | of Mark L David, tal
oader aa de orm va, Hoary | acres, three a sha, 2 ances
Pperty Ordieawe dated the ead lok | ALSO ALL cod SINGULAR that cortaia | ard Me? Hersesden, bug, now pay ty | abuning on the North pion the Pabiie | prising foar quarrere aod abating ou the | Graham and David Metnerts F
day of Yebrasry 1903 maie by the sald other place or parcel of lend afteate ia the one

te other ond i ot od abate!
“pas ied fe afeertale Mem cr domprising len seres aad asbattiog on

day of November, 1910, ated this 8th day of Oobeume
Â¥ Isuda of Dabdots and tarde of Jovegh Koad oe the Bath epoa Ralway Lise | North epee lands now Of former oe Deted this aod ny MN OMESON, , re :
- Javea Bmaneel Arba fo favour of the saul | sald Ward of Mlouserrat comprising forty | sales ou the South by lands Sormerty of | on tbe Kass apon fence of Madame Johany | Heary Martia on tbe youth upon lee i. ot Dea
” Ubarien Foatiet Bbotlmayer there will be | nine screa.oce rood aal eighteen perches | Jean Francois and Malsieine Josep’ and | aod on the West pos Hand ot KR. Guy or pow or lately of ft saa a ot barje end Registr ser 7
t pata for Mele ty Pavtie ee ek the | acd ebutiiog oo the north Cpon lands now | heirs cl P, Hersxodes bat tow partly on } howsoever otberwieq the asme mey Le Spee Writ ono loads sow or formerly ee OA ne Cour a

14 J ef letely of Soharage toon lands formerly fe, Vincead Sireat Port-of.3pata on Toot of the Grown bat ateweq een ef Boharan | of J, de Sousa oa the ust by tandsform-} Dated thle 6th day of October, 1016, of Leon Tignero, Logetber wish the ap.
day the2ted day of November 1910 be- | ou the South upon lends of Juliea Villa- ferly of Madeleine Joseph and Alesis Sgd LH. LOVELACE, Parenanent a ue Or eRe etaber 19.0
Sween the hoorsofoue and two o'clock rel upon lsade formerly of the Crowa bat | Dubole but now partly by fands of J. de Acy. Veparty Registrar, Dated tb! F PICREMING "
pu. abseqeently of Neebuc and tpoa Crown | douss and partly by lends of the belre of w tebe at
FIRSE ALL AND 8{NGULAR. that | lands on the East apon lands formerly of | P, Hernaod 2 and onthe Weed by lands



prema Court of Trinidad aud Tobago.
ks Sanery Jurisdiction, Port-o’-Spala,
No, 089 of tgc8

No, 236 of 1910,

The Hamble Petltien a
Briceno on {ofant


“ Avc'loneer.

Beiwrea eara by bis mother aay
Qertatn cocom-plantation called © LA PRUs | the Crowe bot sateeqacatly of Candide f formuly of Kleavoc Cupido tut pow of J. + obo Francis—Plaiotit ane Brlese i‘
7 VIDENGIA 7, sitaate in bbe Ward of Moo- | Zamara of Robarsge and of wan aod f Tooseaiat, P TRINIDAD, NOTICE. } ond “Abestasia Widow, ool bee
" stertat ia the Island of TrinWed gous: fon the Weet upon jands now on formerly | Aad also all those two several parcels of | in the Supreme Court of Trinidad and Tobago, Y THE lore DAY | Ate Mitchell, Aleiaa Mitchell ana Abes ‘And {a the Sle ;
+ leg of the several eight parcels of land | of Beactoo Sabaia and of Maria Modeste. | land formerly forming pert of the "8S, Summary Sucisdictloa Pott-of-Spale, SALE FOR FRIDA en bee Mitcbell—Defendaats, The Ordicsnoe, No 48, ena
ay sher described shat ia tosay The | AND SIXTHLY. All the parcel of | Sophie Eataie,” the First thereof eom- } No. 175 of 19%, OF DECEMD . = Is beret thes facilitate the Bile of Lal
XS Mbral thorecls compridiag alz acies and | land situste ia Mooteerrat aforesaid com: fog one acre, three roode, and eight * ween Els hereby glren the: | PUBLIC NOTICE i hereby elven at by we 7
, Sbunedeg oa the North apo Msods sow oe | prising 12 acres 3 roods aad 35 perches sad | perches aod abatcing on the North onlanda Jotd Woug Quol--Plalntif{ UBLIC NOTICE fs hereby siren thes ao ree eect of rn UBLIO NOTICES
lands baw or ately ol, Dans’ Ee Vileioos | au andl Demanseth ow Cha Beste gos [oa he ae erence on the Benth Chain Ai'tr—Delendant sate gout sted apr HMortgares. ty the Foro, there wil be put'up for Saly before the | by aa order of Eas
ja BOW OF tan E, Villafane | an imanenth on the South o apon rhe Diezo in River o1 the a - P.
oa the Buta a fande now or lately of J land of O, de ie Rota Zemara on the Bare on leeds of Widow Hernandez and on the tdine | doors of the Court Hous, Porto€Spain on | Jasticn made herela on


Conreyacclag aod Lew of Property es
: Thursday the aand day of December tg10, | October 1910, there will be

thew Kamit gape imp buimaen the boars Of 2 aud eine afrason, | bare tue doore ofthe Oneal

lath day cf October a the year One | | Al Sd SSS port of Bpuia. is tbe Deesaber 100, bnwtee tr a
Mog on the North upon the Diego Martlo { ine Court Hous, Port of Spain, oa Thursday, | thousand niow haodre! aod peven (rogis- | 1.04 of Trinidad koowa formerly as No, 136 twopm ° a
River on the South upon lands formerly of | ibe 8h day of December, 1910, between tbe | tered as Namber 2,800 of 1907) sod made | by nsw kaown as No ff: Pecos Street aod cera’ ndlvided ffch shun gille
J. L. Tousssiet apd tow of Madele'ne | bcurs of cae had two o'clock pm between Goorge de Silva of the one Dery | Rbatting_oa the North on of fone Acaells | oamed Petitioner Normea Osa
Joseph onthe East on lands formerly of | All those Aires laces or parcels of land Hae ee at eee tad Leonard za tbe Sguih 06 rods of tbe Catbolia, Ch he | of and ta all those two :
Ww me + Wi com, ing togel -nloe a re
Herneader sed on the Wert oa {aude for. Bed (wanty ad perebess of tbe sasoe heb Walter Dickson of the Pablo Rectioe Met ca etce Street, a2 the upset price of eed aitaate La the Sona

ots a ioimed agrara attached wht utap for ea! a an
De Catepicde rent DERI OF | SeGrows Grant entered ig tha Ret Propet? | 34 the Auerion Merv of the Uudersigued | Dated tis anda of Novator 18, | Prlnng nln acres, thes rude

Dated this ch dey of Norember, Jeo Regyyiet Book bt Volume altuate at Namber 12 Satot Viccont Street ‘Acting Registrar,
Acting Deputy Registrar,

Queries Ferreira aad on the Woet upoa f apon Crowa land and ow the West spon
Meads now or Istely uf Goolarm, Hoean and | land of Soherage.
Kadarat The Second thervot comprisigg | N.B Tbe properties “LA PROVID-
fire ocres (belag part of ten acres grauted | RNCIAâ„¢ BAN JOSE "and the severe)
to Oravam) sod abutiiog oa the North | parcets of lead thirdly and foarthly des
Upon Jands offCallipar on the South apon f cribed are contaloed 1a the deed of the
~ Kanda sow or lately of Kadarat on whe [ 10.b day of Febrnary 1005 made between
Hast upon lands now of lately of Luchwan | the sald Jules Vamaouel Ache acd the sald
sod Balai aud on the ‘West upoo lends | Charles Vourier Mtollmever and the
of now or lately Nandalia ives | cole fourth!y described are eleo contained
The Third thersof comprisiog five {io the Memorandam of Mortgsge ander
eoree (being the other misty of the | the pro-tsions of the Real Property Ordin-
oald of ten neree granted to | ance datad the same 10ch dey of February
Oresam) tad abatting on the North opon [1903 aade by the ssid Jales Emmanuel
. lands now or lately of Fakira oa the South | Ache to favour of the sald Charles Fourier
upon lands now of lately of Parabernauth | Sto lmeyor and are sabjecs to, the mort:
oa the Kast upon lands nowor lately of San | cage socarity of the 10th dsy of Vebrasry
hiner aod on the Weet upon lands sow of | 1903 in favour of the cald James Arthur
letety of Sandollo Hives The Fourth | Kex Stollmeyer, Cherles Fourier Gtall-
comprising bwo quartees (being | meyer and Hendolph Hast and the sald
part of los Nu, 23 Caravas BHetllemeut | pascels fonrthly described are alse sabject
' greoted to Goolam Moean) and abusting | tothe Memoracdam of Afort “ny under
on the North npon lends of Loule Preag on | the = provistous ot the Red Loperby
‘ bbe Moath upoa lands now or lstely of Ye- | Urdinance ¢ the same 20th day of
Aire on bbe East upon Inode now or lately | Yebruary 1003 made by the eafd Jules
ot Cambssyo aod on the Weat cpon lands | Gamanuel Ache in favour of the sald
bow ox lately of Boclakl The FU/tA there- | Jawes Arthar Kez Stollmeyer, Charles
of compriiug ten acres (being lob No 23 | Fourser Stollmeyer and Hsodolpt Rust,
Ceracas Settlement) aod sbuttiog on the The scverai parcule of land fifthly des
North apon the Caracas Estate on the | ctibed are coutelued io the deed of mort
Doath upou los No 24on the Mast upon | gege of the lth day of Febrarary 1005
lot No, 26 and oo the Westy lov No, | made by the esid Jules Emuaouel Ache
90 The Sixth whereot comprhing Four. [ia favour of phe ssid Charles Fourier
(et acres and two porches and alutiing § Siollmeyer acd are subjectto a mortgage
ou the North upon the Caracas Estate un J date the 15th day of May 1001 regutered as
the South apon lands now or lately of | No. 1133 for the same year aud expressed
Kedarat wt Qaerico Feroin on the | to be made between cue Joseph Karese
Kaen apon lands now or Jately of Angareah fF Ache of tha let part the sald Jules
and of tbe said Querica Fermin and on the | Emmanuel Ache of the 2ad part snd Vir-
Wess pon lands now of lately of the said § glol Prada of the Sed partand the moneys
Goclam Hosan The Seventh thereot! com: | thereby secured,
ye ten eeres and ababiog on the} Dated this ib dey ot November 1910,
orth opoa @ Hoad on the South vpon ¥.d, SCOTT & SON,
lands pow or lately of Kingbally and of Gort. Auctioossrs,
Quesloo Ferma om the Mavs upon lends —
how oe lately of Joba Delarres tod on
Woeet 0 janda now or lately of the
Ceowa And The Bighth thereol compries
log one querrse {turwerly Lelonging to
Geolam Hussn) end abusing on the North
Upon the Caracas etave and on the South
Rast aud Weet opoo: Janus of Fak{ra to
gether with all the appurtenances thereto


thes certais ovcca-pianbation called
“BAN JUSE” comprising one baadred
ead alcsty-elght ecres three rovds and

order »f His Honour Bir, Justice Ru:
Second thereof comprisiog three acres, era of October.
two soode and thirty-two,perches and abat- tere wil be puto fx wale betore the doors of

West on leads of Jesa Saaody and the | PUBLIC NOTICE ts becshy gires ape




Btuate ie the Mard of Mayara, ta the Island O | ia the town of Port-of-Spslu on Friday the East and West upos Crown tl
qenidat we is and eweaiy ave tases sixteenth dey of Tecomber 1910 between ihe Seah Boon Ocows leat
d by Crown land the hours of one and two p.m, .
1NINIDAD AND TOBAGO, tod bounded ot oe Nocatee bral Te | ALLLAND SINGULAR ‘that certata | TRINIDAD, Court of Trintded ana | RISK tleven scree sad
Is the Supreme Oonrt, Arkless, on th¢ East bys Road aad by Crown | cocos plactation called * Destin” situate | In the Sapreme our o ad ani sad bated ms tee ae
Toe Rogiswy at Port-of tpala lacds, and on the West by lands peciidaed for tin the ward of Maraces in the Island of teak eâ„¢ Portals ppon Growa land s son 7
Ia the Mattar of the Esta’e of Jalos | bya,’ T, Arkiess and by land and inter: | Trinidad containing twenty qaurreoe of Sammary Jo 0. Portol-Spelo, | laade of J © Baptiste Bele
Caprieal late of the Town of Pot of | sected by the Back Water River with w Reserve | tend and abuttiag on the North upon the | No, 833 of 1906. she oa ? ‘
Bpria to the Island of Trinkiad— | forty five hoks wide slovg each bank. The] pidie of Mareces Hills, on the South / Botween pet and intersected by & |
Deoossod. Second thereof comprising Ave acres, 206 road partly a lands now or lately of the] Ticbuco Ravel'o. (Asdenee of Charles geld lends are sometiaes
NOTICE be thereby cleen that Nous by lands Pore gad boven og ot | belre of Sespar partly upon lande pow oF O'Brisa=-Platatit 4s 5 Bt: Leesa” Estate ot 1
Per ttcation has ben ee At by by tbe Cunapd Southern Road, oa the East by { tstely of Masis Mayara partly upoal bs The Adminlatrator General—Detendent, Dated this Let ass r en
Road he Wi Road laude now or lately of Jean Baptiste —— . ‘
of Fort-o -S ain tor @ Grant of Probate eee by ae ok Wane Rite “kh a woe atin. ov the East J yon lands now or prsite NOTICE ie hereby siren that
of the Willdated the—day of December | Reserva forty fire aks wide on each back, aad ately of Francisco Dafoue and upon laods ‘by ac Order of Hie Honour, Mr, Jax D x
1009 of doles Eiprisal ete of the mala The ‘Thurd thereof comprising weary four pow or lately ot Jean Peblo gad Rone Hea Welgbt moe tee tne oboe matter pn TRINIDAD. oe Court of
w ol ‘art-ol alo—Decoas” who | acres and puscteea perc! bounded tbe Weet upon tande now e
died on the 23rd dey of Beptember A.D | North by the Cunapo Southera Koad,zo0 the of lately of the wt Francisco ‘Dafour | be put up he Bale before the doors of the

1910 having at the time of his death a | South by Crowe laods, oo the bast by Crowo And also alland Singular those threa | Vourt Hous, Vort-af-Ipaia on Thursday

fited place of abode ad Port-of-Spain | lands aod by a Road, and om tbe West by |e at vieoes or parce's of land and cocoa | the 22ad day of December 1910 between
aforrenids the said Louise Ultime | Crows lands, by & Crown Reserve and by the |r ee ate toe sald. wacd the hoare of J and

of 2pm
Cipract belag the cole Executric named Bine ove for ei eee feracia, the first thereof ealied ** La ALL AND SINGULAR thet certain

Memmorand: Bahudar” eontaising fre guatrees of | piece or pircel of land and tocos planta- , a f

Aod notlee ls sls» given thet ff no} of Miatuge No er *Saied tbe e7th ‘ay ot laod and. abattiog on the North upou yon called +! Lia Boledsd” eitnate ta the | Edwin Dapuciwa, Ababes ;
Covert Iv lodged tefore the expiration of | Febeuary, igre, securing the paymeut to Juba | lends now or lately of Roas Cy Alvarez, on} Ward “ot Upper Caroal contalotog six Margaret Atking snd the &
twenty-eight deye rom spn cation of Baptute eos Selber of the aur of $503,36 andthe Sonth ween anda now or lovely of qusrrves of vhereabont aod | fpnciing o8 tor Generat—Defendsota, 4
tbls notice ia the cae and & | interest, tea Di the Kast upon len the North spon — ‘
Pee ecewrpaper the Goart will proceed to "Dated thia 19°b day of October, apt. Charles lately of Mone tse and oa | Fagenlo L'ssor oa the Bouth apon the pusute NOTICE ts a
ferue Probste to the sald Loaiss Ultima an action bas bees etm

ow or lately of Prerre Valere aud partly
Loulee Ultinie Ciprianl of the exid Town | ads of AY Rabmon end by the Cunape | 208 ot ade ae | ai, 43308


“Tobsgo- a

No, 130 of 1910. ay

James Dapurswa aad & '

Plaintiffs -~ , ¥

T. A. THOMPSON, DBabada Koad, the } Caropt River on the Nast upon lands now
Cipriaat, Regietrar, sean! the bur ‘eontelnts one quarres of | or formerly of Thomas Lauzals aod on the | James Daparews aod F
ted Sib dey of November A.D 1910, land and abatting oo the Noith upoa | West upon tande petitioned for by Uoas | ewo of the children ‘aed
oT, A. THOMPSON, | TRINIDAD? lands sow or lately of Hose Tennoe, 2 tbe gales pod the aid River. Also a aod Heoriene 5 Dapereee. whe a
Hegiotraz, fia the Supreme Coart of Trialded and | Soath lands now or futely of Mabjne | Sin; a ci

Tobrgo Moutricbard, on the Kiss mpon a Ridge of | alating of two several parcels of laad cstled ff of pala ia the Island of
No of L010 ills and oa the West upos lands now of | * Le Maromaâ„¢ contalolag fourteen acres I tbe above-named def
In the Mat‘erol tbe Betate of lately of Charles Berringioa and the third | three roode aod thirty three perches sad qrant of Letters of i.
Sobu Dsouie de Silva thereof con.aining one quarres of land | ove acre, three roods, {thirty Ave perches | dolema Form of Che, ote a
late of Ibe tows of Port-cf-Spain, Deceaned | and abutting on Lhe North pos linde now © respectively aud bounded on the Norte | Hearletts Dupuraws,
a . or letely of Oracles Berringtos, ge tbe upon leads of Martin Sasa and upoa the [action bas besa set on
UBLI} NOTICE fs hereby giveo that | South u lands now or Istely of Satine | Carouf River on the South aad East upon J Monday the bch day of ne
A. “appileation baa poou made to me by Jas- Woatticherd, ou the Esst spon a Ridge of | lands lstely of the Crowa bat pow off pated this 70 doy of Kot 4
tins de Silva of the town of Port-of-Spala, | Hills acd on the West apon lands now or | Charles Henry Daly aed 00 the West opon OLS, LEON Re
in the Island of Triaided. Widow of ihe| lately of Hise Ignace. Zogether with ] lsod now or lately of Jove Vicente, Also i
Deoeaned, fora Grart of Probste sf the | appurtenances thereto belonging. stlaod Singular that cther certain oocon

~ gs 7

Ia the Sapreme Court ef Trinidad and

Bowmary Jurisdiction Purt-ol-Spala.
No, 276 of 3910,

Jawes Kong] Velatig,
Mary Jane Safe and Others. Da'endants,
UBLIC NOVICE is hereby given that by

sa order of His Honour Mz Jastice
Raseell, made hereiaoa thelTsh day of

la the Svpreme Court of Trinidad aud

Sawmary Jarisdiction, Fort-ol-Spria.
No. 332 of 1010,

Rampersad Mat aball—Plaintift

UBLIO NUTICE is hereby gives theb


lands cow of lately of Theodore Lerteve

Dated this 7b ar ot November, 1910
aod epon lands now of lately of the Crown

% 2pon a Htreetoa the Esst upon lands of J,

iYaroel snd os the Weab apua lands of the


the Okt Road and the Second thersol com.

rdecul Hs H Mr J WIL bseting date the 2th dey of Jane, |. And aleo all thes Pulicy of Assarance 60 | p'satetion situate la the Ward of Gascspo RINIDAD axp TOS
; Bisetean perches and situate ia the Ward | October 110, there will be put ap for tale ya trace herein on the S7th day | 100 ef Jane Deunle de Salva Wao died on [ibs life of the eaid George de Bilva efected | fo the aald Inland ealed © Sau Bursbolo® | THINIDAD Sag
F _oatbedleyoltiracapos ands now er lalaly | OC 8pelBs on ‘Thereday, ake sib day al | of Orvover 1910 bere will be pat ep for | the Barenta des of Ooiater 1910, Ravieg {ia the Gtaaderd, Lite fein eo aay | ae ee etuning on the Nort | re phe aot ee Ee
u 2 jeath a fix: a wm 7
¥ of the Crowa aod wpoa leads bow or lately December 1910, between the hours of one pee eeret “oe Thuredey the tad day walte ac Portot Be fa wfotesitd, The veld |the year onethcusnd nlse huodred and} upon lands now or formerly of one e epee ‘Ajex Codes 7
i, a He Deteand upon lends now or ‘tel ang ee cabate for life of the defendant | of December 1919, besween the boars of | Justina de Bile paiva, the sole Execatetx | seven pampered 744)5 Tee etre Senrone tthe Ouroat Tar vont on get of +-ol-Spals, 7
ean Ub orles oa uth w nd two p.m. od in the e aura of tw sand ‘ ° as
f_Seblayet tein Senin na [ tet i ech at age | ALL, A apa cua | CAND NOE ene ule eee Pw ete Pee | saree cesar cai | nustsoxoried Gleig a
wd utuate fet ore the expicstion o 0 ;
~ bew or istely of the Crown and spon the pills ta tbe Islend of Tetalded The Fires errr pane in the ‘aiaad ot Trolded Tweacy-alightds © from the date of pub-| Dated at Poit-of-Spsim this taath day of | Antonia Coryat, ona ys all and eS apptication bas hoon ‘
Fooah Setteaens Roady om the Kast u erect od oats the North poo | comprising Ure sores and abutting on the | licavon of this Notice ths Court will pro- } November fa the yeas of wur Lord 1910, alec thed parcel of land comprisiag rat | Arthar Proshroe of the .
lands pow of lately of Jose La Crus | foods and a Bon ibe DoD ET North by Crowe lands, on the Boath by (ceed to issue Probate socordingiy, F, J, 803TT & SON, te situate in the Villege of Ban Raphael | oie ig Yar w G: ‘2
¢ Val ia badt ‘Sorat of ‘| as ates Date gad von | Crava | Nose Wiebe ou ite Ean ty Gooeg ["Ducdwensch uaporoeebes aio, | _—__** Gove Aaranace,_ | f'vhe ta Lasse anl"sbatng og the | Oespunan «Ont Sti
Bee eee icy at Jeet | Brighton Blood, on the Euat uprs the new | lenda And on the West by Lowa ian tr, T. 4 THOMPSON, | criniDAD. North mpoa lands of Linge on the South 1 ay of Joly 1904 of G -
b {aciea spon the Banca Lucie Kaiate apoa | AE otlis Koad ad on the! Wet ppos Ragisuar,

OF NOVEMBER, 1016. Id Jy Villaroal ealjeob av to theasid plan. | Spsies | Dec 'D,, 1910,

rieling eleten acca two roode and fourteen Acting Depaty hexistrar, —- sald Je ‘ ' plan: bor As Djs
bed nag Went opey the, mage Riva Prsbacent abetiog ov tie Nett agen —— | mixioa0 anp Tosaco, PUBLIO NOTICE Te hereby eran than | HElge “Ben Kartel he Seledy and | CUR ai td plo
lande new of lusty of Soba Whites of f iacds ot Mra Draper, ax the South apoa | rainiuab AND TOB\GO Ia the Sepreme Court. ia oxeicite of tha Poser of Bale Con. } sc ing date the 6th day of November 1005 FC! Spela eons at
Mary Uruicksbans, of Hiohard Edwards, ] ands of Brighton Bicod, on the East upon An tbe Supreme Court Ta the mattar of the Seats of Frances | teloed in s certain deed uf Morty sae dated | outta aa Na $367 forthe year 2905 | Peotherve being es

plies ool Laveand Cacia | Se Noc iastaide ou orton: | Sncieits etusrsapn, ase | ume igure ae of the er of) te Oa dy of Nowra: 110, aed nnds | cl mage Rewer Fope Hamar ne [OAM ey abe

Marla Menduze“apd interseted by the | P02 " je of May: ena eyaro u sand of Tr! ween part aod James Wililsm Warren el,. Is lodged belere Sais

eves otberwiee the same may Le butted or ‘eased , tilo, Hernsodes ner Wilson wite of Caveath a
Mayo Koad together with the sppurten bounded logerber ‘with all The apparten Ceceasod, ;

other part which sald worctgsze le cow
Bacea thereto velonging. Puc QTICe la bereby given thet

Lasrescle Herpecdes and James Hen-,

twoaty-elgth days free
drickson = Caatilio cf the one part

has twea made to we by Jobe patitostion of teas sation i

vested ta Henry Jobe Vieirra by deed
Urieb PP Were of Mayaro in the Island of

UBLIC NOTICE ls bersby given that bearing date the 2itn day of January 1006

. Listed Ula 19h day of Urtober, 1910,
TUIRDLY. All and Singular sat tT, THOMPS

: ther ~ part Gaseite, nade

‘ oc, foe « Gran of ication bas beea sade to me by fod dicha Mechock of the o PTT ezitered as 277 of 1906 and made be- "

3 certaia oocca-plantation altaate ac Maye ON Tena RS ri bearing date tbe gib da: Oacer’t ere of the Ward of Meysro a there wil be pas uw. rts y eee the esld Jamee William Warrea of ill proceed Meroe. F

s {a the said Word of Mostectras ood priain: min | of Juve t9°8 of the susie of Sophia Urich | guy Ietend of THolded Plantar for a grant | Pablie Auctiva by the uadenigned ot | ina ncet part, Fdwin Horatio Bapeey of | ited che Oth day of Set
sight sores and abutiiag oo the North } TrinipaD Teitad of Trildsd whe died ou ito, syed day | Of Lasers of Adalolsization of thoes ate | ROL tM ny Viseent Streets, ort | the second parvend the sald Heary Joba | j 10) < catl
vooe Ache itond end pun two acre ia the Hupreme Court of Titakled and | land of Treldad who died one sud day | Of Hrancen Amelia Lignare dwoweed late of | Seckrile aad Re Viacent Bureete, Ports | Vite of the third part and the priselpal TA
tveecved for Marte Alexander on the Bourd Pree eae of Garduaa’ aviog attbvnins of bar dent's | Mayuro aforoaald who died oo the 3rd dey jul-Brele on, Tuesday the 18th day of | cy ga.i71.47 and faterest thereon a

' won lends formerly of Astonio Lopes Lat — Baa ot ude ‘at Se Daraesd Ensen In | of ane 10:0, lolestate heving at the (lor | November woe thereby secured sod subject as to tha gaid | an aannneelt
pow of dales Ache oa the East paruy Upos “In the matter of the Estate of the sald Wand of Maysro Inthe sud | of bee death a fixed place of abode within [BOE TPM oo aisies third pare of | 8Wo fous of land at Ban Keplael Vitiage :

Joaquim Ribel o

Jaland of Trwided j the sald Jobe Urich being | the ssid Ward of Mayare, The sald Oscar

i to s certala deed of mortgage bearing dale | To ing Supreme Cou ot SF
: uy v, luce fumeriy of Jess " ps ra belag tbe lawial widower and relict | shores of and In all and ol: gular thas cor. | PSI Tes Sone fas regunered | 1 Tog am
‘ Unuiles but now of Uatriat Ache sod os Late of the Towa of Tertot~pala fn tbe {ibe err cntaclas giive thal’ it no caveat | ASCs de lag tela pares) of land sitgate lu the Wand of] tye, 122" for the year 1908 and 1 de Samuary Sariediotaty QM
the West tpoa lends formerly of isor eee » * |e lodged before we sipiration of teensy | wND potke if also given that if no| Castalia the Islan Bfth part ote OK | berwooa the said Felippe Saes of tbe one No. 438 of 190 3
7%, Beott bad now of Jules Ache ALN! AUBLIO NOTICE te hereby given that | ¢40t days from the daleot the publication of saventfia lodged before the szpirstion cf three acresaod one Bfth pars of aN ‘i pat aod Tang Yak ob ube other part and he Beswert bo
* ALL sod SINUULAL that certala ger k ‘Application bas bees &. by | this potce tbe Coat will proceed to issue twenty-sight days from the dete of the forming psrt of the plentarion called the principal surg of $560 snd interet Dawles Apel vee
evson-pinntation situate te the ald Ward | gic) Nana Vesconcstion und Richard | Prouste of the sald, will scoocd ngiy paditcation of ttle sstice the Court will |Botidad sud abutting oo the, North Ene | tbeceam thereby secared, ak
of Moutseriat comprising pix arcee oe Vinoest, both of the sald Ti Dated this 91st day of October apie proceed to teeue fetters of-admisistration | [nds ol Jose Veliciang Roirigacs om thet nt i yin dey of November, 1010, iavg Agulilers oat 7
food and sbiriy-s08 perches and abutting | UPpuiee, yinceets both of the sald Tows TA THOMPSON — 1 Tote ald Oncer Ligoase nooordaagly, | M-wth and West on the Caura River aod 1. Te LOVELACK, | Genevierg Age ie
oa the Nosth epoa jaod pow or lately ot prof Spal tbe Will beatiop dete tes Ee r Dated this 2tut day of O-toder aio, fon the Eat on leude Gt Norte and Astiog Depaty Registrar, UBLIO NOTION. © ve
Jobe Fhidp 08 Lhe Souls 9 landa bow fleck day of March 1900, aad a Godectl | TRINIDAD, 1, A. THOMPSON, Villarcel oF howsoever o' a nme by an order of 28 ERR
oc lately of Elicabeuh Hes oa the East tborevon. besrie date the &th dey of $ALE FOR TUESDAY THE 2IND DAY Registrar, | @2y be Watted , oF bows sad mere em Be caate bere
vps laude foimeriy of Levnerd Carlee | aorieabas 100 of Jouqatm Ribeiro lete of OF NOVENDEH 1910, Doit Moree Leree ad ne Ue tethe pies | sea: Papprit 1010, chore
ere eget pree Acts end oe hs | ie tall Towa of VoreotSpale, who die LIC NOTICE le bereby_givwe tbat saaeued te the sald deeds noe PMS BALL POU TROVEM SEI ta1a = | bate batore vba doo of SE
v8 2
Nise cic eee sINGULAI thet certain | ¢0 the eald Town of Port of-Spcia ow the | ieee NT ia owe of Sis soutered | TRINIDAD,

Bib dey of September 1910, having a6 the

tle of bie death & Oxed pleoe of abode at RE 76 God crolained is @ corte Sena wy Jusiadciion, Purt of bpala.
Port+l Spate storesaid the said Augusto deed of | morigege tearing date tbe qth dey of | No, 3038 of uy .

Dated thie 2th, dey of Cotober, 1910
Dilber parcel of land oF evcos-plantaliog LOU

3 JOUN & Co,


cE the “NIRROR™ uf November 12h
Sppens a garbled report of a case
Chiat | B “So ears Mee-tee espuee
1 end an order of Hes Jloecar, the ares, Actg +g wader t! caption
[ies made ls this ection ca ihe sth deyal [** A Biter Bit,” wherein it is stated that

jay tgio, there will be put up far Sale belore Porsen sud myself “bed some litigation
the doors of the Court Howse, Pory of Spain ov {in be Supreme Coart, each wicuing 0 oxse

upon Murtgagves by the Con reysecing Urdia- | Ja the Supreme Court of Trinidad and Tolago

VBLIO NOTICE ks boreby given thet lo
exercises of the power of avis contetued | and 2 pe ND BINGULAS
B scartala metoweadam of mortgezeNo, | ALL AND, fo, .
BT dated ths et dey of Oorober 100) and | peroele of land the FETS saga
made by Narie Louise Usorge a favour of | the Ward of oo Oe
Loulss Mot'de Teolss there will be put ap | acd a ball qauzeet _
for sale by pablle auction by the neder- | Norih oo teods ‘of nee
slgaed at thele Auction Maré No. 2 Sacks | Muth 08 he Best oo ah
ville Sureet ia the Towa of Purtol.Spaia | Crows oa the ben | :
ga Tysedey the 2v.b day uf November | suid Contes s6d 000g] oy
weed thebours ene aod two p.m, gue o

All and slogalar that pavel or ltt of the sald Ward of ,
lend slvaate da the Were ° Uornrya oun en gos

tislog Gre acres and lx perches be tho | 6! on
Bue mare oe few delisted end with the | Kitave os the Sost®
apatta » and pogndarien eeotitan ihe Eee ne Biate ,

BADE regiete a » C 2 ‘ee a Oe
Bigend Voueded tm the Norte by Oven | Third caereol ale ane
Yeod, om the Baath by laods of ‘Tibarels | ward san ehlcty alt ae
Vario oud by lands of 1, B, Deliste, og the | roots and UOT OSES
Kost by Crven lands and ux ‘he Wot by }oa abe


Fe iy bee

twonty-covea acres twe roode and twesty:

PER eects Pe Tie:

Nase Varconce loeasd Richard Goustles wary satered as number 96 for? Berworo

five yirshes end ebuitleg a phe Nesta Viwovat boing two of the Eneoutors named i Dude taween Alben Hewliaa of the Oost Roweat jeon—Plalaud
Spun lends fig Upon, lend of Barc | ia theeald Will, Leave telog reesrved to part Josbus Charles Beelise of the mecoad part wd a ecal-Delend,
icin Se tated | ot heh csp deena | tensa eg cseatgy || Tâ„¢ Aalreremnta
tise Anve su on ibe Wont opou lade Ot | iLlbaire the oaier Hzeoatore eamed iu Une | be peomesrsed tat Anctin Hart Na 14 | PUBLIC NOTICE! isbera' give that by
Gordseiorden aud spun lands of dames tad ule whowever they shall come ta tha oacd dey of November, 2pt0, betweee tbe | yall Ueiring’ duis tba, sau day of Drocuber
Foallp aud intersected by tua Maye Hot ANU NOTICE to beroby given thet tt] PUT EEN a a coco

USTHLY, 4 aad Sugels ati bo Caveat Ie lodged belore the expiration | a gisetion suuate ie thu Ward of Sauta Crug ia
certain parcel of lead or evave-p! nue A of 28 dayefrous the dete of the Patilesilon the said La'sed called “ Perveous” coalainiog
com prising slguteea sores three bo aaid | 98 thle Botice she Cours will provecd bo | ogni qaarress of lied oF theree tout and | Tousday ibe im day af December 1510, be-lagainsy tne others This ts totaliy false
WEA? htt daantad i ‘ie fee avai ta he Shagte Hews | ogee eaten: stat | Peg ge sto Secs Rtinc ya [gegiine yom een Pett ns

ei 7 } » a al
dlagiauw or piso sanensd bo the habdekt ont coconitosiys Mhand Gosasiee Vir tothe towh oe turds drancis Thomas aud | Toco coreprimng Gre screa be the samen ous ngelnnt ne protherworey east "geoere
losnto Leteme . Cone Soon .
la Velowe lit fount also ALL ssa] Deted Weta dat der ol Noreaiter W1O. | Sittcm ine Vent ona cudgel tule and iwter- | aud bowsdaria iberedt, slows oe. the plas, | ir ~Nov, 13-1,
. ' .



7 be el of x}
BINUULAL thet cetala otber. pare Lange's Ant and Cocnroach

land of Matjon.sitagie la abe rites | Scena piclo River Volume CIX oho, sor 654 bounded pe the
yard of Moulscrra) ow Zhe —
pores thz00 Doule.ged thirt nt wy Pye MONEY

tected by Ibe Le Canca Puble Koad asd tbe ) avoesed to the Crows Graal registered
Dated pong 1 gue ure jereter sgia, {ie bys Road seswved 36 links wide, on

the Soath 08 SE
IT & PON the South and kast ty Crows laads aad oe (he Poison lade of Awbard & Oo, by of | oa on the Banoo WE
nm ucteoneess. lowed honas meio Faris sod iater by the | Andrews Come I
dolimeeted ba tie dlagtan of jtee Agus VANURD to small ot lerguoume. 1 11, uy deed daied We rpb dey ot Apel | Yisucag et OH fa ty T will olear your buave of these peste, It | Poth Roads latersected by tbe | Antes Weston Oe
tothe Crows Urand to the“ Bald Vioest aay bacut on Jevaliacy, \ hm ‘as No 2 jes the | Deed this 6418 day of Octotar, 2916. © conraniostly i up la tee with per Dated the Sint day of October, 1910, us ane Bae
Lareme registered in Voume Jiteivie lve Aly sed SINUU RAK ways Sar UV iolacich buvety ~ ihe Jowph, Reguueart “ Pharmacy, Auutoacers, in
wh = i


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/ 1: 4 we
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“'— Or 400 New Pairs. dust RECEIVED:
F, eC Bonanza Smart = Tweeds, \.KO O22 005H rao, Mosquito Proof Wire Netting
Baia) - A RANGE " . English Made. American Lasts, CONGO ROOFING: 4
x ES WALKING SKIRTS Exelusive Suitin gs OAK TANNED SOLES. ] Bluc Flame Oil Stoves. "

‘ , Serge an d Broadcloth on DERBY & BALMORAL. SH, APES. Best English Driving Harness,



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ce Not] 1 i! “4 Evory Pair Guarantocd.
PYAL WORCESTER corsers | Natisfaction Guarantesd.) =»: LC SWATH & BROS, TYPERITER

5.4657, 401, 590, 613, 611, 609,
ve pirrarent’ sTYLes:! SMITH BROS, & CO, Sole Agents. | SMETE BROS. é& CO.,:


, 526;453,.504. 512 & 602. SMITH BROS. & CO.

ta all branches, Home Rule. . Taft on board and USS * Montana*’ be Imperial Department.
MR. BALFOUR DISHEARTENED. | arrived 7 am. thiv morning. Pre Your Committee reo¢mmend an a
tw Dental Offloe: [sr ‘Dalfour te described aa sodiv-| dent Tatt will be Colonel dicethal's | propriation of the same annual
66, FREDERICK ST, Over Dr, Arthur | heartened that be ls ready to reelqn Ruest at Culebra during bie short | amount for the prkeep of the perma.
Reid's Uttior. Attendance all dey, the leadership at the first: favourable [ atay, nent Department of the Colony dle
=~ portunity. Somethink that after tributed as follorst—

re RT oO Paar gene) ——— ae,
™ the anticipated Unionists’ defeat, «| Death and ‘Burial of Another] 3. salaries
See the S I OR ES party reorganization {9 possible, the (a) , A Superintendent

” —
8.5.“ Crown of Navarre. NSURANGES effected against
loss or damage by Fire on

; i Buildings and contenta of Ware-
: houses, Offices, Shop, and Store
BE Premises, and Private Dwellings at

ernment, and the Ucfonlste will ales] pice) and the usual complement of officer at

Kitch Pilsener Beer

‘Then go leaide and order your be prejudiced if It appears that their meu attending, Th ehip's bind was (9) ‘Clark ‘ab: Ne 80
Rom THe UTS | eee eatin ae eeeel ge ioeieaminoee |G Ges Og
be 7 F A COMPLETE XMAS, SU ls extremel vapopular alibough fa: beeen Tes the Chaplain of the ship 8 Meceongerat ~ a
; * you yt e cal, . .
YY OFFICE AND CABLE RATES, | We beg to tender our sympathy to oa
L LAGER BEER BREWERY AMSTERDAM Call early before ithe Great Rosh ¢o POSS Poet Ofice ts consulilng regard- | the officers and crew int elt further 2 fdeldentals for sugar £1,283
Qn 4 ‘ that Speci l attentive cho 8 Ing a reduction of Transatlantic Usable | bereavement, whilet expressing the carte, cottonend othe
P. srery dotall, t fpitated by the Commercial! | wish for = speedy recovery of the ©
F yates, prec’p y e z oxporiaienta, pote, la-
Cable Company's proposal to charge other foue sailors who are at present ile. carriage rent, cul-
: For Salo by Machine tapnace french dry icerela pine | howe tivation, | ireigation,
i age in eter: le SE
e , STEPHENS, LTD. negotiations include Coloulal mereages Barbados be artment of tatet in Sounection .
F o & . ’ e 4 ubno chang A t! a ge ee we at :
- {seion, gricuiture,
Trinidad Shipping & Trading Co,, Ltd. Aus tters. °F Iumadiate tranamts & "Famlgetion of plants
Pping 8 Tho Gouta Complete Oath e LEAVES NOTE BELIND. TROPOSKD eCHEME FOR ITS COATINY> £10 le Beker of be
i. FLEGTRIG MOTOR | tarasr tectcrans | ust tarts caster tute inet aN itis “Sasedt
' . Y ri le —— —:
MIDAD LINE OF STEAMERS w La Ponoma Fizeoph Comoan | etogargiertroeening rates | othe ag aa idee Commas | a Wenacunent atta
Fe . nama Telegraph Compan: | tg end bie days in seclusio: + fatey and Agricaltural
| daya be was found {othe Mon- | to consider # scheme for the pete
tat Telia, eareyig Throarh Hrvgbs for Tobago aad Cleled Bolinat | In thoroughly Rood order THE SNC adony Now, lish, | eatery of Revel 10, the, province of | manent, eetablighuaent of the Denert:| (a) Eatariean
mag PROPOSED SAILING DATES, 1910, wor wate me | clon cilencees | by the Count bis wife eiteaipied to | hes srezeatly been lsrued. | We take Fit Analytical As.
° ‘ . y . commit suicide nd do,” Assict.
i Now York = frtnided Trinidad New Yerk, Ist, Succoor Zod, Merry ‘Vask 3rd. Se OGUESE REPUBLIC, Y sateen tice heviog
mabir Avg. 31 3. ak 5 we Pia 7 re Beene as The it ONsoberiela hasappoint | Advices frei ison renort many i considered fbi question ant oo m &
ghoianavin see Jo Sage mS Bee SET | DAT HL SCHRPRUR'G: CO. | ste coceadreny Soave Siete! | mtesHtbePtepatiteay Gensany, | fceney end economy, tare come| SMH ETT Att
roe me ove Sept, wee Bept, 0 4. Oot, Bue Oot, 16 ° A A piers, including Bir Oe oan Dei eweden cod Norway fo,the conclusion tbat 1¢ fe eavtmtial (0) “Jneld erp aut
OF TRANAD TOE OnE MN, Ta Nw 41, MARINE BQUARE Eroteewor Yalsigh "ot Oaford Univer: | PAIIS THRE \TENED BY BLOODS, | for ® Department, of this sort to be aoe
i wpeite om See Non a . for | Deepa Patle state that | properly equipped to carry out tbe — sm
PP we Ove, 35 Nov, 6 =°Now 12 Nov. 20 *Prote No. 164. sity, and Mr, uckmaater, M.P. ee fron cea Terence for blot Ig fe eetabiivbes
a a ae Nae § w= Noms 38 c= Nom M. Pes ‘ EOE TO, ANONYMOUS LET. oehany last are wow tbieateniog the] or expenditure on It ts mere waste | oo eet £ bay
ROP GRANADA* Nov, 19... Now 2 0. Dec Ton Dee, 15 SEQUEL TO, st of mouey. PRICES CURRENT,
ees pwpe SoBe ut ts [COCA-COLA THR. cular baring | MIG FIELDING'S PROGRAMME. | Your Committee, with thls con —_
. . ve D 3 .. De st. = Jam, 8 . An anonymous pei ibeck yan Ottawa. Nov, 1th clusion before them, and at the New Youe ‘Nor ib.
ARANADAâ„¢ Dos, 34 Jans 3 oe Jame Mae daa, 20 sar elsely nesociated the Mr Fielding wil spend the Cbriet-| same time bearing in rolad the| Flour, Blended Clears for West. 3

a f
5 with the Charing Cross Hank, the Sjortda, and possibly) limited fcancial resources of the Indies per barrel...» 95.00
The Genuine Ameriean Co0a-Dols. deposltore i Per tet rons bolle ae ees bie lett oe, atta | foland, have directed thelr enquir Meat, Kulndried per barrel #250239
Tho moat pvigoratiog Aerated bever- tasted 8 rua on the bank, which ater | and leq belong disabled, The continu: | to ascertaln the rolafmum expendi: | New Season's Pork per bri=-No Qutn

om ‘bere Hoamers ‘all at tos Toland ot Broadda beth ways

7 i le be reciprocity negotialions fa] ture for which a Department can be Heavy Mess Pork per br, —
A AD SHIPPINU AND TRADING COMPANY, LIMITS) “f°, brome. dust sieceived, a ret lastiog two days til continues, Tbe ace of tbe: Iproctty negotietlo Uepe | uialotalned adequate for the agri. Buger stale per Voothe ed
i tern teen, New Yordfad Porto Bons, Toad, BW “ee demends andthe bavg the emietance | Mreton miter, a4, Semen teg | Amlovenigationot she mater fro | Rogiishietand-Mctasaa ™” *™
. fost the reclproc negotiations
—— of the Bank of Englacd. oge . this point of view bas satisiied your r gallon—No qua,
rd sean aa ea rived srbtch they term & National cin Committee thee * propery ‘ ulpped cotton Suiddling Fland
° ‘e an ¢ el je a ve we
contributed In the DISAPPOINT NT OVER REC eutture cag be established without ] Exohan ew York a0

; . additional expenditure to what is London, 00 days’ sight... 81
The hry een et now Ineutred for the upkeep of the Exchange New Yorkana’” 6°! 88
salutes, rovkela; | reciprocity concessions are disappoint prppent Jocal Department, London nights = = LF5E

JAB. Cue enon o oltceae ToT LNIOAN REPRESENATIVES eat organised suifere font PEt, | Teed Cocoa += Uyptoe
A SHION: LE BRAD, u “tome Rule being loudly OFF TO PANAMA, serious defect . [t possceses w staff of Lonnon November Nth,
fi ME, ir ARS, re ite, Willem O'Bren de] The [louse of Itepresintatives Com | niue reer t only one of them, Demerara tal
1h 7 . as TITTERS. Steves that this precipated the British | mittew on sppropriatious bae sailed for Mr a There woscovrada = NB=19u
VLE s y litieat crisis and the * Dally Mail,” | Panama to revise the estimates for 1 oer ene cralned ac usoovad 7
PLE pod = Deily elegraph® appeal for | the construction of the Canal, aud also me pron pment acquiring, oder Float ag t Dood.
the. defeat of ibe attack pon the | for its fortifiratioa and adoptiv to take tbe place of ibe Guperia | SUE! Gorman leet LLob.

peval Be . ft ab
GULNADA DELEGATEY TO tendent iu tha case of abvence oF re- 1] per cwt, ww ee
lirement of Mr. Bovelt, Iq the ve Suger 0d
o Bud, ot picussle Fined ech sWYAL Mall CONFER scheme recommended Jour ‘ jae Channa fer often eatin
MPLETE CONFUSION. Grenada, 14th, Committee, provision le inade, with: terms per owt.
cone vr the Cablust today or | The Hon, Seton Browne wid Mr] cut Increasing except teanporarily | Oeweare Tun Nom. re
toraerrow will decide upon the Gor: | P, J. Dean Lave Lxert oF ioted ans the prevens cont oer ee “ Tilaided Dooos. @
, . ference . . to
Tent Poche reture fou send: | bold. sv Barbados and feave for (bat tiained seieutife oftoer ap eecnpd {n- Cotton” Medium Sine Sun th 18
Hngbemm, Jett foe the country, and tee VWs LURE EDO DESTROYERS AT should baa proreriy quelled Piast | Bank of Mngland rieactâ„¢
Csbinet veattersd | is ad PORTO HICO, atbologiet (Myculogiat and Entomo | Discount on ow Byer cent
usion oo NESIGNATION T03- Porta itco, 12h. jog ist) wha would devote especial] Oonsols -—
INTSTR S The US. torpeds boat destroyers | 6t enlion to the varloue diseases | Three per cent Rentesln Pare 67/20
of the Beventh Torpedo division are that may allack our crops trom troleum Options oe

{tb transalen
Sone te tbs impending Crivis as ex-

Wo Recolved aLarge Shipmont of.

New Dress Goods, Last Fashions In Lacles Straws, Ribbons, Laces and All-overs.
Seo Our Now Goods—_ Keonest Prices.


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= : cv Fired Tle eee 8 Uiou af asags whereby auch diseases | Ouiteids {to te dlacousy. 2 SY
» ROM & *~EIX. AZ MAMINE SIATTANS. Qi msane whereby su ave | Olltielde {to 14 dlacoust.
TOMAR OSS PRINCES TOWN reas. «Duiligted ope eellurdievmisliy Vas oun whe Guys avon TT? M8 det





* : . 3
LM is
MITH BROS. & CO. 7, Frederick Street. | N.B,—PRICE - ~ $4.00. The Bonanza, 4
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e ° Ins 1 ENTISTRY he le unable to pass the Budget | Jamaica lth, the mase of an overtcewing popula =,
p Probably the taxes will be col. ILM 8, “Melpomene” left for Tor] tion depends entire! the '

. 99|Lancashire Insurance to| DENTISTRY. lected egaig witbouytatatoy- | tole thie meraieg er tin | Sieh Sete ina oe steals:
- nd for . ew York, November om nec .
dl fg TIRE & LIFE : DR. CG HAS. DALY, that iat e Irish woutd Nin harize the “tod Crown of Granada” arrived here matter and your ‘Goramitiee ye €

tofsane, an e nistry woul jay. u wo 2) mat a
U ROW MkaGED IN 11 8 Dental Surgeon. | Moideithera defeat ore buniliatlog "Gout hampton, November lth, change which gives the. find tus ?

PERMANENTLY ESTABLISHED IN | surreoder to the Irish upontheeve} The It M8 Tagua” fromthe West | entire services and undivided ate
ogg ROYAL IKSURAROR COMPARY, Ltd Tillie Gollege Dente | areteiog made tobe tari referers | "TALL REACHES COLON. | s'suell sharwot'tke eutenonracd —;

: = U . ti aja - . Ne

s again arr ived by the Funds Exceed ..; £12,000,000 Gredare 3 care Practical Experience fn | Wo abandon that foredooned fasue in Colon Mth, services pf the twa similar officers }
soe ? ’ London iu HIGH CLASS DENTISTRY | order to rally the country against U.9 8, “Tennessee” with President Katomologisé and = Mycologist) of ,




. IN TH MA K Tr moderate prices Noderates of both parties uniting to German Sailor. a mn wl Atravel- 1
a E R E the formation of a centre or is — ng allowance of £100 £00
e Tt ia ove pafnful duty to chronlet 6
- - PROMPT AND EQTITABLE SETTLE Show Window [mth cnagarre SHOUT. | the'paning inwey ot ret sntber of Oh arintandent who .
ecrew evr Vassnecr), 0 °
TATTLE Net eae ENT -~OFre . The 4 Baftragetics are at shout! ng the crew fletert ausa’. which ead Soe rey ee, pee ly
- Of Louse Miniter Gg WEIGHED IN THE. | ffospitel st abbur three oclock on Clee vied Ault |e
° oe LIN $ f . ospital at abou rea oclock on
have also on hand a Fresh | 4: NEW oo Sil TINGS BEING WATANGE, Funlay, afternoon Jest from typhoid | “hav at‘aios with
ze Shi t of Any frreat otis ert ites LES" tmantgibiet poate nee we are | Uagteg allowance
re ne - . S »
ipmen 0 SMITH BROSAND cod =AND= , sible until The apparent predoiniaancs told, « favourits dno at the officers ta Becond Field An” in
ofthe litsh may cause their defeat, | and men of the “ Hansa’, The funeral aletantat ... se ry
Porv-ctSpels, Mommssm, VES TT N ( \ S sloce both fides joey, unite peed Gok rises sey pitepoon, the , (e) Aulstantia charge
w rejyudic Ft .
Triehdea } it they propore sain 8 Chauber Uov- | Moffinan (Coneu! for the German Em. of _nurtertes _* 40

4d tata Qe

oe 10,0 ‘
ne feltON toma, :

meg eT "¢#
1 ‘, \ . 5 /
é \ ’
. ;

That Desirable

Dwelling douse and- Land}


“: Dining & Drawlag Rooms and 4 Bad rooms, also front gallery
: and usual out offices. Water laid on,




There arejthe usual out offices with Carriago and Stable,
al-y stone stops leading down to the river. .
Inspection invited. No reasonable offer will ba sefus2 «

Schoener & Co.

a ee ee ee


First Coamnnon,

White Liss and Lace
Hose for Women & Child.
reo. From 100 and up,

Plain Tortoiss sheil Bar-


Port-of-Spain Gasette.



Publiubet Datty, Mondsys and Pudtie Holt
days excoped, at the O ice 96 St, Vincent

Advetinmssi a Bitte, Death aa

jarriages, acknowledgments an
disclaimers (which must be authent
ed ty the sgaature of borne
ponsible person) will be charge:
for at 2/6 each to be prepaid. «
Casual 4 drectisements of avery description:

—28 6d per week; 93 64 fort:
aignt, $2. per per

Wants, Ac 256d per week each, to be

we AP. T. Amuahy,
« T RN. Lavouuin,
we GJ, H, Foun,
All Cheques rent to the office af this paper fo
payment of bitls should be made payible
to ThePort-ef-Spain Gavctts,


Eattor aod Publisher
Cashier x





Agricaitaral Implements

of avory description.

Paints, Oils

To Coxpesroxvents,

We do not bold ourselves rezponsible for, aor
da we vecessarily ein the opinions
expressed our jenta in our

junias, “ht betters mast be accom:
panied by the real ugoature of the writer,
aot becessarily se eubleeation, but asa
guarnates of good faith, Rejected manu
scripts canon be returned
Advertising Soale on Appitoation
Sus erptioa . R&> per year
Paystle in atrance—Post guste "

SHE PUBLIC ie bereby warned azainat
eteblog Colcalal Bink Cheque No.
Wj 63347 for $225,310 made oat to the
order of Mary Yatwarta aod signed by
Smith Broa & Co, payment of same
having been stopped at the Co'oxial Bank,
and s cew Cheque iwued in its places,
‘Tbe * Bovanzs”,
Nov, 11-10.


Current Events,

Appeal Court—10,90 a.m.




8.8. “ Saramacca” leaves for New
York. Maile close at 1 p.u.


Sale of s parcel of land situate tnthe
ward of Caura by Loule John & Co,
between the hours of land 2 p.m,


Catallnd BarcelS de Betsncourtilé
las mas expresivae gracias 4 todas laa
Persopas que tuvieron la bondad de

pasar dAsaludaria durante su enferme-

Role Agents For } : dad.

The Prarc5oce Wire Fenoese do. Catalink Barceld de Betancourt

=pe AcGier Worl«cs, expresses her many thanks to the

The Welvoline O11 Co. maoy who expressed sympathy by
calilng daring her recent illness,

News from Demerara~The
Intercolomal Mail Confers
encé—Fatal Pall from a Ires
Q, Bejore the Executive—

crowning of Two Policemen

—UChicken-Pox in Dimeraras
Late Birbsdos News —Sud-
den Desth—A Drowning de-

Si PACE 7 For
Our Article on ‘The Dele.
gute! Mandate’,




STO ES rn te

Xmas Trade is Here

and comprises the finest lot of Footwear ever brought
to the Colony!


Evory hind of Shoo for evesy-
body—mon, women, childrea
aud babies ; Shoes for ovéry aga,
every business, overy dress an
Overy pastime. Whoiher yo

walk or tide ish or hunt, or whuthor you liko to ba dreased
up and kept so, we bave _
Shoes for @i these ussy and


The parishoners of the St. Josepa
Anglican Church are subscribing to
warde the purchase of a pipe organ to
replace the small organ which has
ween service for many years, En aid
of the fund for this purpose the child.
ren of the Sunday Schoul purpose hav-
log nest month an entertainment for
which they are practisiog very hard.


SaevTNAT . 4

An exchange from Doruinica te ree
spunsible fcr the statement that Ils
Honour Willan: Douglas Young will
not ba resuming the Adwinistratorship
of that Presidency, but will be pro.
moted to the Uovernorsbip © of

\L Gur prices too are right Mauritius.

Glanoo over this list of tarmuid-
able Hargains or better still
call and see for yourself!

Men's Patent siucber Welt—
€144 to 64,00 pair.

Men's Ooloured Vici Pluchor
Wolt—#1.80 to 23.60 pair,
Wov Balkan Kid, Opora Tos—

$120 to #900 par
de, ao’ do

2000 ovobanoo


A public recreation ground has been
secured for Bt. Joseph. The elite leon
the Valuyn estate, which fe utilued as
(He Government Varia, aod near the
Constabulary Btation to the weet of
the river, Cricket aod other forme of
sport will be todulged io there; aod
for the purpose of levelling and other
wise preparing Lhe gyound subscription
Uete are going the rounde
\ An advertivemen| Steewhere In this

esue, announces the epecial laporta-
loa by Mesere Lee Inca & Gat ota
varied assortment of Chinese, Ameri
san and German fireworks for the
Xwas season


M Leland be organlawd anew
7, . ’ cabinet as follows: -l'resident of the
Cuunclland Minister of Jlows Atfeire,

‘* The Lowest Prices ALWAYS NM, dristide Bends Justice — Af.
Girard; Foreiga Affairs, M. Stephen
Ivebous Marlow, Bons de Lapereyrey
War, General Iran Pollis fosirue
low, Mi, Sfauriow Faure}
Siots 1 Unnmerce, Jean Dupuy; Ayri-
oulgure, Ml. Mauroe Reynaad | Colun-
jes, St, Morel. Pubile \Norkea, AM.
Loule Latesre. The Uadersscorotarics
ditete are. Marive, MM. Guisthen ;
ie Ando Lefesre; War,
j Belles Arte, Dujordin Beau:


Pivauce, 3,


Briton Guveramens
arries: 7 epphied ta the ores
Vision a) for adiesolytion of
ble marciage to. Maraqulte
Delamere sgalost whom he alleged
mlecoaduct with Mr, John Horatio
Thurston. a foriner Arms Officer, The
suit was
the bucband undertaking tortllow his
wife £3 per week, a decree oisi, with
coote, wae granted, petitioner to have
the custody pf his daughters,

Bt Joho the Baptiet, on Sunday laet
theltev. Father
devoted Parish Priest, took occasion to
explain to the congreg:
fog Gf the Ceneus and tried to impress
upon thent the neceastt
information to Loe tt owed (ashe
with courtesy, 68

ought to know them) the fallacy and

oppositions to the taking of the

tlo: ging fromthe house to
comment alle

Work on tha Punamd Canal,

. ¥

ae Seen 6 Me was
a Ol

lated with eof watet.—
Jattan, an Boe Todian mitk vendor,
wae fred £80 5 for a similar offence,
The mllk be wae selling was diluted
with water to the extent of 17 per

le oe
Atacpectal generil meetio of the
San Juan herary and Bebating
Association held on the 2th Instant,
the rariped rolee belong found more
' suitable ¢ requirements were
unanimously adopted. The Hew ad-
ministration ie gompcised of Messrs J.
Matthews Preetdent, P, Robinson
‘Vice-President, A, O. Culpeper Hon:
arary Secretary_aod Treasuree along
with Meesre T. (WV, ‘Atkinson, A.
Wilson and E. Spleer se members of
the Committee of Management. Im:
romptu speeches will be the subject
‘or the next regular fortnightly meet:
ing which oomes off on Thursday the
Meh fostant when the adjourned
question of celebration of the first
anniversary will also be discussed,

De, Percy Herbert Deteaere of hos Laerd



undefended, and,

Atthe Sen Jusa Parish Church of
altbew Farrelly, the
ation the mean-
of giving true
Hectoree-e nd
culousness of the popular native

Beas, many of which were based on
thorough superstition, His explana

rewards was most wel-

awit all the fullaess ofthe ritual In
guity and pomp, there were cons
crated In the Temple of Mercy, Cara
cas, the Bishops-eiect of Bar eimento
and Zulia the Reverend Fathers Sar-
coe F Alverada and Arturo Oclestino
Alvarez, res ely, The National
government of Venezuela wag fully
represented on the auspicious occasion,
The OConsectating Prelate was Mgr.
Aversa, Delegate Apostolis ta Venez
Delawho was asuisted by the Most
Rev, Archbishop de Castro of Caracas
and Primate of Venezuela and other
Prelates. The ceremony wae made
the oocasion of a great fete in Caracas,
Zatie and Barquisimeto,
A movement is on foot among a
number of gentlemen of thie ley to,
start a * Octtage Conversation Club,”
ach reunion will be held at the
residence of a member in regular
succession, and, as far as practicable,
there will be no “tie down” to par-
lamentary procedure, and only
questions of direct or {mmediate
importance will ba conversed on.
With the other eocial obligations
impoeed, which we think are helpful
tothe club, there fe no zesson why
the latter should not prove a success,
The progressive Governor of Cara:
cas, General F, mensres,


The Venezuelan eteamer “Delta”
arrived on Sunday night from Uiuded
Bolivar with ITT ozen aud 25 et

ie] te EL Dickenson. W 5 4 Orde.

fs goetin f , Acqua-
tella, Mr, Montero, Miss Mercedes
Landacts, Miss Maria Landacta, Me.
and Mra. AL A, Gomes and child, Mrs.
3. Benigue, Mere, O. Licciant, Mrs. V.
Renaud, Mr, G, Silva, and eieven
deckers, The steamer also brought
853 packages for Europe per Royal
Mail; 3.019 packages ¢ Hamburg:
American line; 74) packages for New
York per Royal Dutch Mails and 217
packages per Trinidad fine,

The Dutch Mall steamer “Prins
Willem V" atrived on Sunday fcom
Venecuelan ports with 3 horses,
bage coffee, 5 packages sundries aud
23 paesengere From La Guayrar
Mr, John Banchor, Me Juan Martines
and Mr. Gabriel Barrlos, From
Guenta: fir, J, Marcano Rafettf, Mr,
J. L. Dominicl. From Cumanas Mr.
M. Tan aod Mr, Martinez, From
Carupano? Mrs, Filomena Malavis,
ehild and servant, and 12 deckers
from variwus ports. The steamer left
the sarge day for Paramaribo, les

recently presented ta the Hospital
Vargas, athdrough set of Ophtbamo Low ban ttn’ ere wn
Jogical instruments, ec, as to make Trintdad

Epuree Lake Asphalt 6
cases Angostura bitters, If bags
gram and 1 case merchandise She
took away no passengers frou! this

The British steamer *Oorruona”
2,482 tons, Captain E, W. Cuckney,
arrived In the barbour on Suaday
after a voyage of 17 days from Buenos
Ayres. She called at this port for
200 tons bunker coal and left the same
evening for Gulfport, U. 8, 4, in

that Institution second to none for
cperations on the eye, Needless to
say General Colmenares’ generous
donation bas met with universe!
appreciation in Venezuela,

We have received from the Colonial
Secretary's Office the draft copy of an
ordinance to amend the * Criminal
Procedure Ordinance No. 13”, the ob-
ecta and reasons being thus set
orth i-—"* Having regard to the difl-
culty frequentlygexperienced in prov
fog the age of an offender, the Secre-
tary of State considers it desirable
that the Court should be given a die
cretlonary power in determining Ube
age in the abeenve of undeniabie evi
dence on this point, and itis pro d
to achieve this purpose by the inser-
Yon of the words " who in the opinion
of the Oourt is” in Section 2 of O-din-
ance No Zs of 1000, Thv latter Ordin-
ance |s repealed and re-enacted,”

The #4. * Sobo * 2,313 tone, Captain
Bridges, arrived yesterday from
Demerara with 400 bags rice and 23
passergers: Miss A, Johnstone, Air,
V. J. dspatra and 23 deckers,

‘The Canadian steamer ‘Oruro”,
1,219 tons, Captaln Bale, arrived on
Sunday from Canada via the Northern
lelands with 20) tons general carg9.

need 1,450 pieces lumber and 10 passengers.
By a decree of General J V. Gomes, | 13 °
President of Venezuela, the religious from Hel Wax ~De Hen 5 Hartley.

celebrations of All Sainte and All
Souls were suspended this year In the
various cemeteries of Osracas, Vene-
zuela. Thie was necesvary on grounds
ot hygiene,

We learn that Mr, Da Costa's equine
“ateing” which was cxpented to
arrive here this week to represent
Barbados at the December meeting,
will, ina be brought down by the
LM, steamer this day week,

Whilst coming up to the clty on
Sunday last, one of the lauoches of
the Gernian cruiser Hansa broke
down. The Harbour Coustabula:
launch went out to its assistance, an
low jiffy the eagine wae rectified,

The Venetuelan papers to hand glve
the varlous measures adopted by the
Caracas and La Guayra authorities to
keep in full control, the Bubucic Plague
visitation with which Caracas ts
threatened. Undoubtedly they are
leaving nothlog undone to safeguard
abelr and other interests,

The Secretary of Htate for the
Colonies, on the recommendation of
the authorities at Kew Uardens, has
appointed Mr, Bateson, of the
luspertat College of Scleuce and
Jechuology, to be Assistant Mrcoia
gist in the Federated Malay States;
and Mr Frederick G@, Spring, of the
University of Aberdeen, holder of the
Valveraity Diplowa aod National
Diploma iu Agriculture, to be Assistant
ty the Director of Agriculture and
Superintendent of Government flante-
tlone In the Federated Malay States,


and child, Miev Etmira Gray aod Me
Jas, Providence. From Mootserrat—
MrStepben Alien. Krom Barbados—
Mrs, Duncan and 4 deckers The
“Oruro” lef the same uight for De-
tnerara with OUD bags Hour, part of fn-
ward cargo and 5 passengerat —Messre
Buxton, Villers, Evans and 2 deckers,

Tha 8, “Spherold* which sailed for
London onthe 11th instant took away
803 tons Trinidad Lake epurde as:
phat, 1,400 tone Trinidad raw Lake
ssphalt, L124 begs molasses suger,
42) cases bitters, 800 bundles hides, 8)
bales tobacco, 10 bales balata and 2
porseo ete~Mr O. Evers and Me

wen-Joseph for London,


We very much regret that certala
remarks ia our report of thie match‘
should hava bven construed as
accusing the Referee, Ne L. Py Cip-
rianl, of bias, four reporter should
bave allowed bie saal to outrun his
discretion In this matter, aod the
words arecapsbleof the constructica
above referred to, wecan only tender
an poreserred apolo y. We fally ap.
preciate the dificulties enconntered by
those gentlemen who volunteer us
Keferees in these matches, aod !t te
nelthey the inteation nor the desire of
thie organ to Increase their difficulties
by criticlem which would cast retlecs
fon on their integrity,

Tue Eoitor,
The lastof the series of excursions —_—_—
in ald of the building fund of Su. Mar:
farews Church, Beluont, took place to Fatal Stabbi
acare on Satur ab, e e
Gulf steamer jeft the Light House a abb ng Affray In Aber
Jetty at apm, arriving atthe vee cromby Street.
atip.m where a very enjoyable three ——

hours wesepeot. The party who bad
the advantage of enjoying the goon:
Hight on the return trip reached the city
ataboot 10 pou A sowewhat unusual
ocourence & place whilst one of
the excursloniste wae taking the pro-
yertial “dip” amid stream, He bad
taken a “ header,” and epining up to
the sui faceagain found himeslf bathed
fo oll; and word was there and then
Piaseod around that Atr,eo and eo had
*atruck fle,’



There waca great uproar | ber.
cromby Street ywsterday Det worn a
and lo'clock, and excitement wae et
bolling point, the cause for which was
the etabbingof a yYouog wan uamed
Bertie Hicks, a joiner, by a_ woman
pamed Klizebeth idwarde The affair

iO & Jard a
cromby Binet t No 19 Aber
Sppeare from what we gathe

(com eye-witneeses, that the noone
who livesio the yard abore Meantlored
had bung some Clothes before llcke
door to which he objected, bhe re-
fused to remove the garments and
weut {ato her room, Hicks Proceeded
to the spot where-the elothes were
bung aod whilst removing them, the
women approached, sod witha knife
stabbed bim on both eldes of the
body, on the back and wriet, Tae
tan who fyll helpless to the

The office of the tailuay workshop
at St joweph which waa totally de
stroyed by fire during the last inonth
je being re-built, The former building
was 3) x 8 ft and contained two offices
for two inspuctors and the storekeeper.
The one in course of erection will con-
tain three oftices (one for each officer)
and be 2x lu ft. The concrete pillars
bave alrvedy been put down and the

wooden framewuik lealve up. The new | wee linmediately re: ground
buldhog wil be onthe same alte aethe lice to the t Gosia Wptte
furtner. Au loquest into the causge aad { His assailant wae arrested, a alec

Cireumetances attending the destruc [| S00tber woe:

tlw of ie old bullding ins been opened Alexander, sree te aliewed Apetis
© evidence of luspector Stevens ia the

and acting iocekeeper Hackett was j orfenes t commision of the
reewatly. No arrest has yet @ Usfortunste man

been wade in couustion with the tre. bieinjules later in the daysoved ‘°

NOVEMBER 15 . 1910



Marine Square and. Chacon Stregt;

« . =







Now |



9008 000-90000000000000000000000000000 cee |

Fancy | Wintec and | Victor

. Serge *
Tweed | Striped Suits,

WH mabe



pt eres,


SUITS | Fuanwen | vis stand fen
—~ | Suits | 5 f
$12 to $20 | sterworiece, | 16 Dolley

2909 0000 00000000900000900 0060000000000



ee a





efectment warreat the foreitare a


: + ves : fos ;
Spe enh 7 thes & tort Da “np ipmige! oh tents) | Mawes Sila J
et me, / The Wail Question, tt Sati hinge fplveowaag os oe Ta tse T . a
ARONDEAOON BINDLEYS test Seure he would | were netted OF : JE
/ bay %. knew that th st aboot f086, { é 5
ACCUBATION, wanted between father and won, "hes defence phowedthat plaintiff's \ i ,

bert Bi be asked dant whether he was} bad notice fiat the house would be

peta Eforbers, Bindley, formerly willing that the father should sel) the | levied upon ifthe reat was not pala

addressed the following lette: “tS the and be sald yes, provided his | in adrance half yearly, Three dollars

«| “Morning Post™ ne UE the | feuner gare bin something, About cent wasdue w ben the, Al Rie

eare ere Was deed m Defendan' .

coutact seen ry before the new Troe Sather tothe son with Mosang bought the housa for 12

ernrent andthe Ro man ie cor: reepeet to the same property, and that Marefrom bis driver who bonght

Packet Companys Che. taterostannt | ter hy Disiatlel gos {rom the father | at the original sale "for 8 dofiare

communication between the W lovial | the 9200 which theson eventually re | Defendact eabsequen "7 sold it to

dian Islands theanael: 3 ee io: fused, to aceept. He said that be | another person, eo house was not

‘ Barbados and Brith Goland waetsin would ulsimately sign the deed of | worth more than 60 dollars when
erably deficient, Parcels and letters 4 Coavevance to plalotif’ but he wanted

. lo new,
e oft hok to extort some wore money{ Hie Honourfound thatthe money
FOR SALE OR RENT, badon and ‘were Tependest Oa the from “the old vagebood” (mead. | wae ‘Dot ee in advance

Distinctive Tailoring 4
t vot. ;

7 IN —

tall of some tramp steamer for con- | {98 ils father) a9 the father | and gare judgment for plaloum for

eo, °° 3
T ee

veyance, This palurally lavolved reated bin very badly, Hie | 100 dollars” and costs, WW ‘ 1 i“
grea fatter bad already sigued, “At th F
erat gacrance and much’ dislocation | sime of the DegoUlstions for sale, de- Li t Tl. "

’ it ! fendant, aleo told plaintif? that the ———F
St. “Ignatius Bay,” nek abou tae maale,of blage te | deea ot fife was made by ble father

oon - .

- whatever attaches ¢ the, Mall Com, for the perro pe itrandio bs ChE CITY POLICE COURT. rnp 7
= are deserving ©: —_o ¥
; SASSY ARAN. Great gratitude for baving maintained | HA7mrly indebted ans by whom be wes | before Mr, H. D, Huggins SWlD
% 4 — =


s Jon » aud at an unremunerative assisted plaintiff in the negotiatio:

bh an excellent 3
= Just, thoroughly SRepaired,} service of Loate both fro Ba for the putchaee, Mr. Hobson paid Monde '
~t he . , ath from Bouthamp: | Sona Chartes a cbeque of §700 on. the NT! % |
(Eaisted and Futnisked| toe tothe Wect “tedon tage ati | Joha Chusesechequest S10 oo the| Paagcersome tus courant Or | PUNT GEES CSE OUI;
a of South and Central America. The | Which plaintiff re-pald hime few days | charged Garmen Collymore with fre | q
S 1 -anp— must fajl on the Uovernment, later by « withdrawal from the | quenting the company of prostitutes,

a | Af the Intention ls to refues'a sufficient | *#jio84 back sccounk phe belag vader the age of 16 years, 18
subsid Mr, David. on ‘the close of plaintiff's | to wit, The gitl’s mother sald her daugh
Practically New. sreunscre nnd to letthe cect doce case, submitted that before plaintiff | ter had taken to the ccmpany of pros.

could recover in this action, it is neces- ] tutes and she bel: t work
For pertiesiars apply te Every part ofthe pmeire oe ght to be | sary for bic, not only to produce « | every day bad found tt (wpossitie to

With our jet bighly tzalnca Stadt” pustantece

Newest Btylea and teet Workmanship~ = + .


tasintenance of cheap, regular and deed showing that the’ lega! Vit Trestrain her—She was ordered to te

abie estateia the land is vested in #
Lepftent, means of communicetion | hie, butthat be got @ conveyance | tained until she becomes. 18 yeare olde } ?
~ tt of the Empire ought to be pena. | Om, & man in possession of theland, | = Axnxoyina A Passexara—James
wed through the lack of these, [| #24 there [sno such evidence before | Winn waa charged by Sergeant Holder |

the Oourt. ‘f ‘
Feats te Wort idieand ac cH [tte igocor thought that bee was | pannoner enon ane, Ae Homes LIMITED. j
and plucky GolgateesToure Bae | | Me opened ble [ed not guilty.” After hearicg the
T, Uranert Binvisry case, submittiog that the deed vader | evidence His Worship sentenced de
Lately Archdeacon of Harba- | Which defendant held, although volun- fendant againat whom 10 previous

— — ne
% tary when executed, stance become convictions bad been proved, to on: . ¥
foetal biincipal of Cod-| valuable by the expenditure on the Taontate Heopelcoteeeay ite bard iar | @& 33
Medopbam Och 15, @ land of defendant's labour and tmoney. bour, Ansppeat by Mr Romeo that " y
Bir, Hobson then asked for leave hie client be given the option of a fine “i
putin a reply showing thatthe deed sed, ne

was refu:
[Sa of pitt was voluntary and fraudulent,{ DRUNKENNESS—~ Constable Orr

was impossible to foretell upon icharged Gracdison Dunbse with 18 THE STOUT PAR RXCELLENOE,
whal defence defendant would rely | drunken and disorderly conduct He

New Manicipal Buildin, der bis plea of ion whi
pa ze under bis plea of possession {Tick be | was convicted and fined 10%, orseven | 1 Kgoeks You Healthy & Visoreus. =
4& HERCULEAN TASK, under which be was able to ralse — REMANDED ~The adjourn:

almostany defence, ed case of Sergeant Dash againet Albert

7 Of the half million or more feet of | After some discussion His Ho: ~

sranite reauired In the construction said bethought the point chat the deed Daco ralfad sad further postpons ‘ter ‘e Q 4 2? q R B . R a

oftbe mammotn munic! og | was yolun was quite suftic Ul VAIN LAGI , BB} ‘

| ° 4 @151,000ft. are already stored in New and leave could be dotained nabee, spother fortnight. the iin scott | i


still belng dangerously



£, mad

York on ‘ strip, of Jend under this quently be raise tbe other point should } An application fcr ball wae refused, re

re side ¢ Manhattan Bridge. @ necessity arise. ALLEGED Stone TaRrowixnd—Con- — —

a LATE OF} H, MONOKAUX P.O, & CO. To addition to this, granite Is belag | ‘The cove easet up by defendant, | stable Mo Callin charged Hubert Ban- z
; !

fed and cut at thi te of 40000 | 8. i Methusela Charl hool-
oct per month, half doveo quarries | master, was that sinee 10i2he wasla | Neti apemredfor tae aiesas | Ie QUEEN of Beers.
FREDERICK STREET, belg utilized to their fullest capacit pcesession of the p which was ( whoafter the evidence was discharged,

‘Lhe steel alone in the structure wii then forest lands ta daly 1007 hie | Fiantinag— Constable Wilkinson Trey fe — a> A. I a E ne =

wi exceed 20,000 tons, of which 15,000 | father transferred the propeity to hint / ch: Edward Uollbutet_ aod MiHi
SOLE AGENTS FOR have slready been fabricated and | by deed of gift and on the same day | cont busali with ngbting at Pack Beret

oS stored ready for the comniencement | ® mortgsge was takeo from Mrs. Rid- Saturday night} Small plead- cor etee ee cameo oe ai: ‘
REIS & SONS ‘LTD. LONDON [ot tte setting. ‘The remaining 11,000 | dell. efeodant employed and paid | ed = ality © and Collburst for whow - - ~ e
: : odd tons are being fabricated at the | thecontractors as well as the tntercet | Nr aio Carthy appeared ‘not guilty.” ‘
| +

shops to be ready by the time the first | on the mortgage, Eventually defend- 1 From the evidence it appeared that

15,000 tons have been swung toto place, | ant went to Mr. Hobson's office with | Collhurst enquired of Small for a eer. 3 °
All subcontracts have been Jet for | the view ofhaving his deed registered | tain shoemaker (her neighbour) with.
such ines of work as are not peformed | to opposes & sale which bis father [ out baving firet accorded ber the uecal 2

direct by the contracting company. | wanted tohsvetoSuklal Mr, Hobson | salutation which important omission |
and materials are all in process of | was notin office and defendant was | Smail {ook except

fo and marked 5 ,
manufacture, to bedelivered in thelr | sent over to his house where Mr, | her indignation Tefuslag to vouch= i
logical sequence as the progress of the | Hobson told himto psy him the $5 00 | safe the Pequired ft formation, Anex-
building requires, ¢} balance on the original draft, to regis | change of uncomplementary epithets a).
a 7



Al (ARE‘OELEBRATED for their rich, powerful siog-
E ing qulity and light responsive touch. Tho
; improved method of eanstruction ete, have resulted
Ay of

The contracts forthe stone and for | ter thedeed Defendant paidand the | followed, whichia turn gave way to
thw atee] are sald to be the biggest ever | deed was regletered, Platotiff then | something of a graver nature wheu
plactdin the history of buliding con-{aaw defendant who told him that as | Small struck with a cup, she was cary
struction, snd tbe work of bsndling { he bad assisted bim in getting the}ingin ber hand at the time, whic! CHANGE YOUR OLD
thle material fiom the grade level to | deed registered, which prevented his ] came in contact with Oollhurtt’s left ‘
the dizzy heighte of forty atories or | father from selling it, woule he sell It gheek. cut It, aad fell in leced to PIANO FOR A 2
so will necasiteate the {installation of | tohim? Defendant told him he would } the ground. Sbe then raninto She
nearly tweaoty eteel derricks all of } do so on condition that his father | gateway. A witoese for the prosecu-

which equipment will be electrically | agreed fo give plm oneal pithe ton ald poet Collburet-bad Eyshed NEW BRIN SM E AD orn ~A }

HSÂ¥O wd


lacing the Wallis Piancfortes in the foremost
e best Makers whether English or Ountinental,


controlled. roceeds
The buliding, which is designed by ad alife foterest ia the property. foreshe struck him. Oollburst denied
4 a

tT ; d R inng-——~ A § 8 ] lit McKim Mead acd White, the archi- | Plaintiff told defendant that it le | having kicked her, but admitted the maew
: a tects s fs contracted te be turned over | beet to sell the land and ket | push which took place before he was W 0 wr xen tes,
Thing all oD inag . D tla i 4) to the aly Java y de 19 th fee whole ting. *Defendeateatt that ruck aod after Binet had brow he NE . TT we
man ro pson: e' ID PéD: e in falrness 8 father be wou: nol er jan jangerous| near ie
contractor, e apparently. Poin to | do that because his father would say | face,—They wae both. convicted and Extending over 2 or 3 Years,
make herculean efforts to du teaon | thathis own mosey had bought a | fined £1 or 1f days imprisonment each.
. the nem Poulidiage erected for private | him that tee land. was purely hie acd | pard was charged ty Gonsiable. Wil
‘ . ereci © priva ey @land wae pure: nard was charge AS: ie *
e caverprive It ietavideat thal it is | the bese thing todo wacto effect’ « | Kiueom with stealing a dozen empty All Instruments Guaranteed
going to be the effort of thie company | saleto him, Defendant would not | bags valued 10c ceach, the pro; rey of
to show the people of New York that araree to sell uniese hin father cone | vesars Huggins and Ooy, The ns

‘ vP*

—I[O— just aa good # record can be msde for Piaiotiiftben told him that | stable met defendant with the bags f A 1

t rivate owner, | bis (defendant's) fatber would not | and ou auking bim where he had got -
oo Se OT ee ‘alma Fi'be toavoid | egrev tosign adeedto him (plalntitt) | them from, the latter dropped shou NEW MODEL JUST RRIVED.

us delays which have to} andinorderto get it he ssid he] and ranof, Me was stopped by an-
. 7 Late te estent hexspered wouniclpal | would substitute Ur. Nightingale as} other Constable, The bay were sub- . .
iv Nn building In the past urcbaser, Plalatiff ales advised him | sequently claimed by the above firm, 21 Frederick Street.
. e ge home and tell bie father that | It was defendant's firat conviction and ’
’ Dr. Nightingale would psy oash for | he wae sent to gaol for two months, Thone 446
‘a theland, Subsequently plaintiffsew | Tuxyt Or JEWELLERY~The port
- bia at hie estate, told him that bis | poned oase of Constable Austin agalost

father would sell the land to Suklat | Henrietta Evans for stealing a gold aa

SUPREME COURT andadvisedhim to sell the whole | riogand gold brooch valued together

—— ’ thing to bim (plaiatiff) and notto give | @uy the property of Mlsa Knox was re-

(Before Dr, Blackwood Wright, Act» the old mana chance, Defendant | sumed. The evidence showed that de-
tng Justice.)



Pe, —TO—

eThe Arcade,

: —KOR-

Béhool Supplies


decided notto sell. Llesubsequently | fendant was a servant of Mise knox
received two letters ,oue from Sr. | aud the articles were missed from a
Monday. Hobson and the other from plaintitt, | drawer which was not locked and
. skiing him ato come to toe omces phich was in 4 room defendant had
. @ cousp! with neither o a cleaving tha! J: e
ORDINARY, JURISDICTION, then went up totheestate with Dr. [ traced toa pawnshop where defend-

epero ov

Alcazar, K.C., forplalatif? and Hon, { St was ueslese for
0. P, David, bolding Mr. Gaston Jobu- | place was alread
eton’s brief, for defendant. wentto Court he would lose, De- | would not send ber to prison, but de-
‘This was a wotlon for jodament for lieving atte war Hab de went Ky tained her in custody of ihe police
¢, Lobvon’s office a e@. clerk, oding the redemption of the articles
failure to deliver defence in a trespass Babson, presented a a ned to ae foe Bybee tactber wi wil 2 boregui.
in 24] signature on thereceipt of $2 « enter {nto a bond for her daught-
neat" sorcerer defence witele of | saw thatthe purchaser's name wes] ers future good bebaviour for a stated

motion, plaintiff reply Phe delivered | blank and he thought it wae pe tran: | peri
anytime before trial saction. Hoe refused to sign, Never) Agsavtt~ Edward Bell led guil-
7 Trials: In his Presence or tbecoce had he} ty to assaulting and beatiog Anthoay
Doltiny Charleat—The Hon, J, D, | called bis father a vagabcod. Hincelde fra, at St. Vincent strest
Hotson, B.A. and Mr, R. J. Nanco, | 10% defendant's fa\ had not work: | Defendant eald be could give no
lhatructed by Mr, T, M, Keloball, for }ed the state himself - Defendant's | reason for the assault which wes «
laintift and the Hon. O, P, David, in. | fathergave him the land out — of | biow with aetick: Anthouy aod bin-
Piructed by Me. J, A, Romeo, for de patural aflestlon Charles, the elder, j self were porters in the same employ
fendant. , did not receive any money, from plein: | and had beer drinking together that
Platotiff clalaus poreossion of a par. | Ut for the baseof the laod or | yory evening. Ilo wae fined flor t4





Hight: ded by Medical Actherities
‘ 7 Feeenll ever the Wortd,

wes CURES! ==

im to figbkas the} ide Owing to defendant's youth and

Jaoquent~Hon, H. A, | Nightingale and plow told bim | antadmitted having pledged them for
ly old, and {{ be} previous good character, lis Worship



2 —
cet of land, with buildings on it, at | from anybody on his behalf days. DELIGMTFUL TA
t aces AL res! <1) He was made to sigu and told to 1NMIssED. — Remkeoson charged & STE.
Torry Pesce an injunction reaiale walt ll bis won slgoed before hel Johh Paman with stealing a Tosor

and also from picking aod reaping | would be eo | valued is, Complainant sald he kept
The bearing was adjourned to Moo [| a email shop ia which were sold amon:
eocos or other produce xrowlag there- | , The hes i a samall obi e a which were sold an ng
‘The defence pleaded possession,



pos eotber esses on the Het were i question thers were siz razors on the
‘The case of plaintiff, William Alex. | adjourned tothe next available dey | counter which defendant and other


Un, cbief clerk of Mr. Ly M, | stier the 4ppeal Court. _[ nea were locking at. After defendant
Sele A tad Qriniwad for Hiobeon, solicitor. Weribee ernie weneme tyone was mivelog. The ace was SOLE AGUWES:
e@ Ayenta in Hoverty in Saveoos, Urende, er. SUMMARY JURISDICTION, | aemirsrd,
lo | Read Chatfroin Jona Unarlee, ihe father of Burore the Chet Justice Coureurion = duu! 4 ENS, Sonanza Drug Stores.
be alae be . J an cen . .
a U0 gall s Alexandra Ha ‘ ers Gefendant, for $Luiy' subject, to TRL, pee alia Bgbtiog. Mr, Lazare ap- a : =

ctgsge of GAL The sum of x4 are OP:
wee it cash, 064 for loterest 6: $20 fur defendants who p

: & ANOR V HosanazeMr, | not guilty.” The corporal said cries @

’ And others ®uplontions. wea kept by plalntif’ tor defendant | pit "tippe Instructed by Ne Ci )of* murder” took bin to esrtaia CALL auciss on .
: Boe oe eae eee defendant meat | F. Lagoare, tor pislatif and Hon. 1, | yard where be saw defendants sirug:
, Before the purchase defendant ment | 4 xicsrar KC. fostructed by Br J, | gliog aadwrrested thew, | They lived | ee g ep yy

to Mr Hobson's o} at Seq Fer Belil laintiff, logetber, The defence waa thal there
pando and stated that bis father was Die ler, for plain Cover as dank was notbing ino theshape of a fight we AND wx

’ desirous of selling the property, De- 2400 for trey a between the defendanis who were
5 aleo advised hii to buy It aa | seee £10 for and conver b F
faites ali ct [ae “ies wale ae ee| «| FROMAGE GRUYERE
| propery at Band Lest Koad. Plain: Pistotlits ease wee pee tle tes. * familiarly placed ble band upon

if told bli he did not think be dould | and hizo! bat pest arres f,

ide ted the
acd as bis fath ted too f'Jtiviers, fece, a house on a lot of y ber shoulder. JUS £ -
toe hati Itendasked hint how boueh Hina which they rented fron: defend- | AD. Teo wilneves were , Saited and T REOZIVED EX BBS, “GUADELOUPE

B 4 sg Defends Th te were pald to date, on POR f
eoksoliors & Stationors. i Hed ae tee Joare a oi wes tae the bouse was levied upon aseigned by Jenle for the yo rerrent
falued $1,150, "but consideriog ils | and sold ef auction for $4 Vowscssion | SUES Saw days, before wae ROT S eee
situation to bis land, be would accept | was denied urchsser when de- ted ber ia sennection with 5 - DEER

ae H E A BO ADF. $2,000, but be would not advise bim panded, but under the Negistrate’s beeppr

sent Rt GRMN ea at en



a4 .

* . owt e ~ ~ fe z ay . e 4

vas be

tory, Nala sent bo Agostino with the | io asd reserved 50 linka wide. usr Robinson — —
f soap i pF om 228, g Arthur Borman he 70 Be this 124 oe d Nove e er, 1910. } 1019, dated 25 bh May 191 Ammon No -
. i _
at et same there (aa) Be ergiatrer Geuatal, TuRIpAP ropert st SALE YOR TAURWDAY THE 20 9
rr of a0 amount orde 1 TICE fs hereby given that all eredit- DAY OF NOVEMBE, 191 FLATT S.
‘ no. =When Agostino denied Fred Jno deott a Son ore aud id pertoos buviog any cline or ie aod Wert by Gro th 281,
having ordered an be Bot fi b teved awexmta Hearn af Pf egal as Laat ibs Eetate of The Bourtht heraol comprising § serea and L UBLIO NOTICE te, Bereby give yen that
dence for the prosecution denied under ay cf Janay 1910 md he vl o7ui | Gosoribed ferred on Mort . ty eae isn
crose-exataiuation having sent defend: Atlas Susnrance Company Limited aay a oy tee ry 1910 and whose Ny i \ was tat Book at Volame Latte | act No. 72 00 Figcon by the y the aveyencag ni :
Bat to Agostiog with sospthatday,2or} ay revered to socep) Risks | in the Ward of Tecwsigas ia the said 14- ou the East } fore bearing date the ith ay rot “Koren &
had Agosting ordered any to hie last re reraltto occep) Eacth: lend the Exerntora pemed therein om the 906 regisnered as on 3184 ihe
knowledge, Agosting now admitted | Oe eae ied Civll Gammotioa Sib dey of Avgavt 1010 1a the Saprexe | W, is | year 1908 and made bnbwemn oe Med
having ordered soep that day and q ine Conte of Trinicad and Tobago are hereby ected ia Georg alves | And Philip Modeate of the oo eet T 7
fal bo bave or polabt olten at bleshor) Manne ara _bompany Ltd required ta aeod fa abe fall particulars a a te oe bie Al wil “DI Ss E ™M P E R.' q ,
about: it during that morning Usaarab All on or bolere the Yubv den ton “@
bk eoatnet well Semembers Hie’ Wore COVERKMENT * AUCTIONEERS, § December nop °F before the 7h dey of | slap by, tranafer of Mortgsgs, Now Coro eae, 4 vi ce . 4
abip did not belleve the suggestion 1 d 2866 And Notice is hereby al: bat ma x ;
A, ce is he jo thet .
See Te ey ee aerdn dag zag it] Het Pe, Pe ue [ rio ive” We ae So ar ai
months’ imprisonment was the sen- sole Amex Like {0 distribate the astests of the sald] pars and G Gonssivea of the other AR that cortala plece of land ventete fo

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waite ti "Monde , Lath Tinetant. The R.M.S.5 Clyde. brought ‘when you have a bottle o:
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‘bargain chances will, not occur this season, isi ws change front t y
x ° routine of living beings Head- THE CHOICEST FOOTWEAR.

Men's s Hats.

aches, Diliousnese and Con-
stipatién, which are so free:

Men's Hate.

ay ——senal


- a —B quently incidental totwavellisig t

marae, Seer p 108 er Bemis rs Ge Abbey's Salt will” almost Thou'sade have bood neat home pleased for tne, pret your-~Huadrede sro leaving tha a

nppearanee— JOR Etat ecte these Pressed witht the good all rouad, Weant ue

Frive §! wey Price 64 boots gud 96 costs, “ intently rere you oy its wtoh ont Feo Tooter eabivi sed & more Pissed vith he ‘Low Patrons which wo make law
WATERMAN — THE AittE2, OLOTHITR AND Oorrittae, 16, vrotiek stro | | Sets Bt you wit the cboteet footwear for tbo coming fue sara. mat

Liver and Bowels. &

London Address: 144 Victorla St , 2.0,
Lene in two niees hemists and Stores:
and by Messrs. WC. & Co., Pospol Spain

EAEE dos “iubabax* THE oex6


Ladies _ AW Gent's

la Bose Ci soto

falnet another] TRINIDAD, | UBLIC NOTICE te hereby alven tbat
Behe whom e wee on v9e7 Jn the Bopreme Coart of Trislded and auea| r iz greroias ot ibe Pover of Bale oon
case wae ® certela
steered and the Gorporal was ordered No, 282 ef 1910. acm eed 2 oh mber, 1909 and 1:

s heleme achers Mediem
dan a the matter of the arplication of tered reine Ne for 1900 aod made DAY OF
ne poppies ae , The Administrator Geceral. ween Conception Gaerra and Ross Joana fam tus poeple “ ae eee GRIVE —om elegantly folebed’ th
apd or ssid be =a Geers ot bhe one part asd Mary Ammen Sr btn ae that LADIBS Derby Roote—Bieck Satiat ny teed to
bia a: onlese And ta the matter of of the ¢tber pars, there will be pet ep fer wee of sala cone ‘and lat--Cuben bee's per pr $1.00 atlafact! ae, per yes
rs jpant's superior Rawperard, dscenaed, Bale by the undervicned at No. 8, Harris’ of mortgage dated ” From Tuesday 15th inst ‘
, ° And the Real Troperty Ordinance, No, 60, Promeneda ia the Town of Sau Fernando tered a4 ‘LADIES LACE BOOTS~B k. -¥e will send “customers M N's hs UR vict ‘ool
; on Wednesday the 50.b day of Novamber Ae bates bedante: $1.00 h thet acd htac
ble Rose | TDUBLIC NOTICE ts hereby given thes | 1910, between the boora ct {and 3 p m. - vith “ aroels to their | Glam sole and toe
¥ ¥ oF Soar. Constat steallag by an order of His Hlosoar.’ Tha Cal et k Fireuly a pat certaia epooe Plantation oald LADIEA BUTTON BOUTS respective | ts ii give nr jong:
e rein on the ay 0} eown a3 Fo! et 3 COM) iv" after price deen
oa Jiscary a 1x8 ¢ aight bare of oe November 1910. woless eause tothe quasrees (n the Ward ot Baracna G Reade Black and tan Cuban ecle “ gotten = per pale a for, an

be y ti te shown withis fourteen days j ia the island of Trinidad and abatio

Bappie, de, 3 rain ppeared from t a date of" the publication of thts the North wpon lands of Srrloger on oe Poe
jant who pleadotna Tae con. | Botlce In the Royal Gazette a Provisional | Rocth apon lands of James For Back

Feq Provecution was, tbat the con: | Gertibcate Of Title will be isced tp the | Baus apen lands of Spencer Lovey ced on on Taosdey the ad dey of Nevers

Bpeia on
d trator Gereral Je respect of all the mt Jaads ot between re of ce and
date with the soap whichhe said he Praveen land atuaste lathe \Verd of est wpen lands of Joseph Silver ber 191 the hoo

LADIBA White Kid Store—

sirap covered beele ser air’ 0 FREE eof CHARGE MENS PATENT | Biches

LADIES Wh White Canvas Shove
two eye'ets ~ = 91.08

p,Strob, and soap factory at] Tei Gstent fo the feland cf Triided | Meevadly all that perce! of lend cou AND SINGULAR thoes Porchases of $3.00 aad

A snd wae taking to one ccuprideg © acres sod delineated In the pee elcteen acres situate “ay atch wr reels of laud sltaate Inthe LADIES | Whtte "Norte Bhoes— | vids bares of te nine

gosting sting @ ob shopkeeper. bo The “Thop- diegram povexed to Crown Grest ia Vol- pany is the Ward of Sevavns Grande inead of Trinidad ba laces hever pan eg FiL20 drive within eity Wa tm Mediam soles,
Keeper named, who sald a he bad given ems 19, Fotio 189 and bounded on the storgeald and abattin on the North wpon { The First thereal comprising ten acres welts per pair

North by lands of Ragoosanon on the a Jones oa the th upon lendu of | abutting om the North a Road, now
bo order for spy at day}! sonth ard Enat ea Crown land aod on the | Remast Warren on the East upon lands of } Little Gora Road, on the § 2ath upon lands . ‘
qhereupon pide ned lib hinrand | Weedon a trace 50 links wide, Exnes'ine Dowae ond on the Weeb apon | formerly of the ‘Uns the Weare now showing @ Fine lot of Boys and Girls FOOTWEAR in all alece, ’
nt w 9 wrestle * ted Acd aloo Alland Sir guter that parcel | lands of Sameasi t
Reeser, ie was only arrested On | of lacd sltaate to the seid Ward of Lower | Dated thie 26 b, a a October, 1310,
Gvednesday last mda ceed tina | Caroal in the Islend of Trinided com , PICKERIN
ant te tae fare the Consta ion oie pilsing: 5 acres atd delineated fn (he Acolioncer,
soap ta tha facto f Add ened twee ‘Ten: | diagram sanexed to Crown Grant in Vols | ==
foreten that e ght bere ret defendant | ume ft» Fulio 477and bounded om the} Toe above mentioned parcel of lad con:
aba be defence hehe that de! ie face North by lads of Heorsh-oo the South | taining 56 actee Jv also subject to a
at that Limezan employee at the face | og past by Crown landsand on the West | tranater of 0: “tater frou ITelena


One Frige Only. | Valoe Nowhere Like Halllerd’s; | Fre fusurane,


among the parties entitled there-

tence of the Oourt. to, bavi 2 ooly to clal hich the Ward of Ari contain.
Dharles Hefdselck Ghampagns | Satscitatewsestzstcteats rie | Deca way sce stonone ia |e heart aoe a nena

A Shipment of this’popular WATER PAINT heg’
received in assorted "colours, and pickages of 7, 2am

AssaULT ~Manuel de Silva charged

that he will not be liabse for tbi it . | tends of Mohambil aad a ‘
Thomas de fours with beating him at ticims of auy part thereof so distributed to aay rere rend the Boath r sraviceon aw ee wigs 56 Ibs. each °
Maracal, Mr ©, 4. Meteod r pre: Bp Bo, al Werrant toH M. Ks Fyrron tf qhove debs or claim he shall not Beet Fepscaia and on the Wess ea .
@ complainant, an f " pot! . lon

Jeffers, the defen Ant, Alter bearing Enw. rasp Vit Dated tbte 7th day of Norembey 1910 Ant Constination Tablets Dated this 19th déy of October, 1910 For Sale by
the evidence on both ‘sides defendan AUGUSTUS L, BROWN ade from the fa our pres ription LOUIS JOHN & CO,

avicted and fined £t and 16). | Al Letters gobs addr addressed to the frm Boiiehir for ot Adrew G Gat, mall, Avetlonests, n .
Dosts, nm defanit seven days’ Imprison- ¥ COMMERCIAL SALE HASARAT ALL . - .
mente i COOH 108 Vianch Bint Qlsmw— te, Teedstenor, | eh Them tt invlint Drug Bor Tere toe weDNESDAY ‘THR grt #, A. SKE HTE &&

° 7M


Pia NOTION is hereby given thas 52, SOUTH QUAY, sole am

ia ezerciee of the Power of \« “pain
5 red on Mortga goes by the Oonreyancin Tort-of- 7
or law Licpersy Ordinance 1054 | ne 7
; nee mina oe rare ate
. al ie
a AEM | ET Sted, IE dey of Mah 107 CREME DE MENTHH
. 4 os - Mavis ot co one part ut and Mary, Sine
f D are 0 4 e.
fe Bourse Wilson of the other part an vai A Most’ Drzictous Arren Dinner cweesemey :
4 , ri

rry a Pokge LoODaAy. Frise



Havo received a Fine Selection of BOOTS & SHOES @
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PUMPS. ; i Ward of the fing ie Suet Opened.
} Bp lated” GRAPES,

mani ar oAbBURYS oteconatas, M4
Boys BuUOH ERS, » | :
LROUINDS, Tat \ eee

Girls a
ed on the North’ North by lands of tse apa the

Infants. " * i. Danvas Shoes 5 lds of iwiy are oe a Fret 2 THE ROYAL BANK OF Gh

Dated his ‘AMih ay of Nera ial

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aot m4 Apply: tc to STEPHENS Lop. iy HA maites for vedas prewes, and ‘evoral mud ; tt
10-16. 4, wif uigusesr, | ‘UF FIRST CLASH FARES. For Sale by
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eoistro de lumercio. epeed “Unronet | 5 Stee DT . r , 4
: = leis 1B uumerclo, Gatun Lake, fo to foe wha tek Sereek, SOUTHAMPTON 6a2@.., W. STHD M A N ARO 7
MORBEO XZ, for a distance of about 24 On" wale 7 mepurefaoe wale ood ab the lore 64, __64, South” Q ne
. —Tox ~ nertion with a uay.
OBOTROS DALTON ¥ Ca Baceso- SATURDAY, 26ru NOV, 1910, timer inving fad on the oe 5

Fea, onmerciantes domiciliados ea by excavation. The chavuel through

ar | Seclarneace’ Pots econtiainee "7 wom ihe cut is m9 feet Tide att bottom, and ‘At Warnsa's + Lead, Belzeat. Bb Anges 19:0 1th Bepte, 1910
bramoa factor da nuestra casa de hahoted tele BE uvdent WAL sell by Patig] S224 Asaet Detober
earaercla, 6 w flor William Dalion den | Sut el, reaching ven ievel sguin through TT aecuce mle ral gal wieceee | BeptEs os Beto

@ derson, tambiéa vecino de esta ciudad y fa series at Dtiraflores, | Pm. One Wooden Heuse, ‘covered with
terns Btieet, Farther paucniars mayor de edad, disdole al efeco pues pases ont into the Pacific frlrenined esa thea. els cut-affiors, ~; 1A Noveatat ”
al Hall,-Noy, 2—lea- tro poder general sin haitaciéa alguns,] through a ghaonel about 8} miles fn | keows as No. 38, Rosia Lase, ¢, belonging “These Tickete will enty be ‘available for _ hac.
CipeTenl “Bowlevara—= | para que nos represeate en todos. auee- length. Cd Bre, Ainslie. sTerend Spot Cash, ‘the re returns’ Joorney from Eogland by say ac zz a’ 2
YS Baltabia family reckdeace, containing | (ros asuntos y negucios mercantiler, oi total excavation as crigtoally ACOB OLARENCE, the Compan: @ Mad Seeamere losving
4 large bid roows, wib dreseing rocws. | tocas las facultaden que sega el Cbdig 2 planned was estimated at 103,705 0U0 Bat &.Anctloaccr. Soatbacrptoes a

deaving and dialog rooms peotiy, With Fie Comercio la competan y las que le} cuble yards, {n addition to theexcava- | Ne, 54, DekeStroet- a5 October isto rat oled November ato


vena] oat honess, scabies vic, bewernge cdael Céligo Ciel como mandat: | thon by the French companies, bub Oh Novz,
bt Logtalled—Aprs 3 acaerda ¢! ie
« Kauaseenereoa. YY * | atioy pata aduoiniatrar, lotervenir. ¥ { creased the amount to 174,008 S04 cuble WARD FRIC PRICE & COlw Rested nents Sas | Hare soraged GULD: MEDALS of the bigheot awards ‘heere
obrar ea todo cun, wiisade ta centes yan Active excavation, work ona tse pe Ta Witch Uckets are avolb exhibited. © Theoaly CIGARS and CIGARKTTES awarded a
‘ acaotios miswor, pudiocdo en hades Be ecale did not bean unt lout, and ab'e wild not under any cirquinstances | at the Jamaica Tateraational Exhibdita
t's Factory, ta bees heres cueocla xestionar ante Jas autoridedes ? up to theend of 1900, 94,080,387 cube Auctioneers, Valuers, 2 Batats Agents be extenclod, Machado’s Cigars and Cigarettes won, LB cokers of ealture aad
ov, 2—1m. fancionarioa y corporasi¢ace pub icas | yards bad.been removed. Buildio . asses gore, are recommended tq secare Unigas ia quality acd ares.
roHecdy feratmed iors | epevanto lo crea necesarlo 6 sonver eer OrSaae Bw thas berths for the tetara fosroey ieaee Workmipahip and blending of MACHADO'S CIGAR} &
mewn ann nines rg | ate # ae cal Ron Orseane BYE | Hey au tira aed, | east a col rata
th ease of F, ae € . ie
Yor pocesar apply to Ws A, | acentae gar, endosse y pense, tira THE ‘CITY AUCTION +ROOMS, | ts Companys om BB & J .B,dAg HAD
BiSacltant BL Vincent bt. 08 by October | guciones, cartas de pago 'y ‘demay’ docu- Sor) are Americans. 6000) are Wurope: 26 FREOESI;K STREET, MARINE SQuanw
Wowie. ary oa a eee ae vender y | 38:00 are Weet Indians, almost ehtire | LIFE POLICY BOR SALE ?? | Port-of-Bpain:
oP ceiet ‘Tocalttge & Large Besrooms, 2 celebrar ‘conrentos, atreglos & contratos ly British subjects, AgD PRIC. & CO. aes is TF Name

=e ch re teria ott emekerrt imo ies} SO TALTLORS |i

a :
Now Sewerage. Bisctric | por nosotros dichos dctos coms nuestro ¥

fights athiveghont Apply, O. Bakoax? & | spoderado -y- representante general; y Tue Bess COATMAKERS will HANFORD $s

Asser of
reac We tL—io. desde ahora deciaramce 3que damos por Sod Crnstatt Eoployment at no 0 on
per vives acd br tee watog alr for ones Heal he | Sects q ° poserado nner I ‘wnoe , ee | purtionle ication ta BALSAM (fF MYRRH |
which as aeauy te tee obtained by gonna Witte Batten t Hendersas, bags dies Sto phe ns, Ltd. the wrAneHdoert 36 rior ce Sareet,

ite ete ee

Basta Cras to that lovely two store: THE STORES, Port-ol-Spata, Trinidad, 18)
Dalldiog koown ae Yore Ville” with ait | POOS*Y contengs a puratia nombre 6 Nov. 0-1w , AN EXTERNAL uEMEDY?
socommedation for a {anil lilgbly recom 1 5, Pot acte el eludadaao jeesiandor, Sab: mo wohum Wha sn
alterna de! str e104, ¢5 ada waa “Ww Wha orm
i eke drive from, ects 10" mloetes Bolivar & primero de noviembre de mil FOR SALE Wow AAW fo BAS

- THE worry’ 6 BALE ROOM, tnee o Payot
drive from San Joag Kaulwey Btation, | DOtecleato diez—Dalton y Co, Sucesores. (laclading engagements) 8 %. ; , ay
r jen of roses aad 56, FRepsaix BrRext, a tar al ean le tot bal

Lor fe ” " ~ r ary aoe ’ ead
tary finer reonig throu the Troperty" REQISTER OF ‘Gousence, Wanp race ac Toy tars rei ) W oT een
4) >

. — Asyous destrows of forproting with « vi No, ’
, ta reatiog com apply te Calas, J, Dacte, | FTWULS DEED witaece th that we the Westsretion Nsodey, November i tele Ik Romavon Prod F Flesh | 4S: The RAYO Gitbe'hd

Marina t auare Foasesnoa 148 Nu, underalgned, Dalton 4 Cu, Sucrs, Ze'clock nm, precisely,
: Oe ise erchants, resident Ja this City, by vir- “Billa kK” No 188 veloek ‘ab “November, wee It prevents Grangoad,

tue of these preeents declare 5 shat we Corporation" 5 PP THRE 'O BETVER LAME AT
FOR SALE. Willis Dutton feegersone obs koud| By ‘La Fayette" dtabottas | {gr £60000 ie ie tion Plone "Te Cleans Old Sores, Nickel Plated ovoe eclld Brana nd tna i
Boggy avd one rabbar pied pak ageand also reaident fp this City, to be Atriy tember diet 1 also Polley No. 114,472 i Li If not at your dealera call ow
f Fearon | @ Rood enter. Arriy to F. ost Attorney with fall and smple powers APTLY TO isted Ba mt 1907 euch Onan tee And Teele Then, sTEary aes West India oO}
5. aeeu's ele 5 thout It ti sotarere
—in wn torepressat aaig all walters covetrocd | Nor, 5-00" HALSTON & Co. | Seon on te ce Areas Wasrtoe, Ijheale all Q-ah womnds and soresca thj| —-HEHT Officat 4, St 5 Pincent Strent—t
Aiixonieon for note vederunat | aibeviary tanner oth the ngie NOTICE, Sas tue aia toy ch Osea cin] a eee A |, teeter anaes =
he * a
brokes, snined sad any as ac", and Paluleges to which he is entitled fa Dated thie 21st day cf October, 1910, Skea awe td" ww {=e Ora
ioe dan app'y te acoordacee with our Commercial Cod UE Mooth'y mee leg of th yf ol, ard Gasen
y, Usain spd Beathsjene Now ged nL ell. as thoes that ex ete te ee te Ardent
. = . 83 a as well as thoss that are accot- S tural ioe ote which fc the sonal THE LIT BALE ROOM GUARNATBED [ro ov Ha gt £0 ~IN—
: setsy tam, | tte bimas an Attorney by ete of | faire road ba bad on the at estan i TION OH GOT YOU ROPBIRG. |
sat cord Boggy Hegay with olding tach wut and to lotervane fad to act trely is ssvey pet, euthos ty of His Exosl'eacy the Je of Yalutb's Bory Bole Agente s Chocolate and Cocoa Powder Man
Ietther uve for th oA @ would act our tale Hone
: Hise 2 Sen Meat wih er"hartn | frit tnd Bolog able la conseqasnce MDOAR THeceaip {| Shek Paraiteny, “Pisnoforie, «| SMITH BROS. & CO, HBNCE OUR SUCCESS IN THE TRADE.
oy RE, L H. A, LOvstace, Coors House te © tako such steye whatever as! Nov 2b. & Plebaree, » Ching, eo. We thetefore do!y Comspetitioa : Peoat Diplo
+ PERS es a aero TOMTA INBTITOTE "Ts ag Ren | HRSA TNE, RS
for esle= Dar® PEE ~Bew by Post 2/9,
public corporations aske msy d. ABD PRICE & Co, arg favoured with .
er eth OE I ride aa | Gr contesieat ia the laters of oot “1 W4 man whe Anseat Sieh, . at Albert Lucien: a

b sity heft the Ceseye
SEIS oe: niece, te | DME tees le twat | Raa ate BONNE Ba
Oreo me iT 1
+ grat Apply Oo Fradeilek Buset—Oete accept, endorsa aod pay Dullof Pxzhange, phottbands Typewritleg, Bpaalsh reneby | pe of hls expecsive feralahiogy’ and
loti. cl beques, promisnory nolen goods, keeping, Dra swe daily yemmaklog, Art

oollga. vaeoon *y, Ob De
ze ps gaa BaLE=Vite aable Property New 66 Joos and all other Docupeataanbcarned Reotlework, Cheeses daily tinh, Arithonette, | 8 lee aol Pcie eit reer Smith, Robertsan & Ce.|"

Cocos Bealers & Chocsla ere

vol ing Booresentatlve SHRNEY ¥) olka

Al {1 . oreee Fail lor Male Ex aya, ¢ CROWN
meateup and downste - mt log apart contract aod make arrangements of Senate Mee Hooters, Widnes ie Fade gan non shortly. Or aidadon i ON” hom Loosen,
* fa yard; He detail, Brlegiag in f Agreements and all yuch other tranasce | Cnonat. Buctioa--Tueedeys at Lis pe, loveenber 36th 1910 —1w, 18 e LE 0 RE “ENGAC
be athe Bret wis argon pelts | edvimte totoats in ibn ater ofeae | ChRa as SHON — Thaodeye ai Tea G GA ay MinOtO from Era Y U
‘eto e —_
<< ga engi 1 b—Im | firm pigalag such sola 98 our bea Liveune aan Denatisg Enorwa — ga 2 Hate, . 230 Drama La Z.O0D yieH, It you contemplave being eogeged, oF if you) neow
%oo4 i our Attorcey and. Seeezal representa‘ive Fortafghtiy, * who is Bok forget
“. eor. Rent and by virtue of thle lostrament we | Si5Ss BECTION Dally, Ware faice ‘& Co, have received Eu Rent Arrival ‘ _ .
, Pe AE on RENT=Two story farther deciare 1 that we ifeept aachied. Reap 4 AXD RECREATION Roose Dpee Pee natttatloas te gell by Auction On 1 1 Cans FINHOT HAVANA CIGARS m: COWES ED ae. 2. re
idiog F otreet, = 60. log & * fea ver Det 1 We Fecal
Grawlsg rece, diet R Teow, ‘we the ald Willises Dvahea Headereey ie ycttettince to the the Eeottoas $e free to} of the Lavetient Houscholdl Furnish ipa [redrvene Filer 4 vi iat, a ‘ : ot &
’ se rome with dreaiog rors, direct of agrweto le cur paws, Sabectipioey A ings, dts belosgieg ta Mi. U. Hs Repor, Hoon Cenakee pice, Oar. ont ode: from a watch shows » plewite
fe hae Sones down we ant cat cae -. qt igned aod ellvered before the Bub. yosiecine Atal enza Porgaartels Anedtarere Oters 3 to i ist 00 Ua rederve- 1 ar, o a
Arey brerusns Leu, The d oie. —Nor, Oretad Hhalva, Voeeaelee tui gees an aod tro Sie t0 poe dally tora 8 to.10 a.m. } Pert-ol Spala.—Nov, etre 1 Cane PBRantuign N Chane Money refunded if quality i noes goaranioed.
‘ of November Ode thousand bios hundred | BiCwen Hy NAPHAB i wide, SEEK WHA ou BUY-
POE ENE oF wit Ty—TtSs Feully yicd tea, A To.2e DE SOLD AT ONCE) aba ridiea, | 20" TMAtd BRAN OY “a alan TY
pan oft ster rary soavenanea fir wtanil, DALTON & CO, Becns Chance te gota aloed Ltle Home. ot 'y low price an owner |e leaviog the valuta 4, eee Gram Cleo .
Pec gt stalled, Newerage ete, ° UATE 35, Jersleghin 4 Gaon AS STATE of 8 cies gels Mature Obleedasta, W wl alses, yore tt DENTIST
Bon vit iby ae Tecan ey ing S Large azar itedby reat 8 Cae Suites 7 Prot “ b, 18 aan tity, > ® Toos. ra NTISTRY
° bicetant, Apply to A. N. Ove o} ier Meseus Ore oad But Bipavia, lao
x Ghatany Bast Qe ea titres, Forte my far sa a phe By Auvie sar, XK onrie WARD PRICE & Co, as insbracted a iese oon Eirest, 1910, Dr. H, W, LYNOH ANQTHEE bie, bin, ie ona
jee bpetas Kore 6 be Gener is allan simpy leeanve bets | DAY tea NUVEMGER: Oke oe We Misia eat Denintraue of | w.itaeaal dapat dome ety
os T M. dealron of loves Icg is a lerger piece, beta ie: Ma bat t eently Oened by Lawrence | ner penis, Adberry Lantel Colisgs, U.S.A.) fortaihuly or moathiy pe
ce: raO.T, McCutcheon od a once Nor Bb | 2 wars aad naw by Loules Krum a {mcrte a7 Fwedewriols av |‘° ui 5,
‘ bev jf y ak eat
rane yucair of Gucas Tart ‘ (ENOWNAG A, E TAYLORD Bivaris tione Quarry, and. the nahaing Tmportant Notice, | Abies, Uregue ennistay | THE ittly sav ew
ermelo No, F Qeeon's Part Bat w Orrxoran, Notico, ounate ares Bosih by Bardree) Mees Pca Puen gh cehsod £yd—s008,
5 "4 smnaet eS av, idbelw, PAS ited feem Xow York, LSA, t Hamoores f Nested ae J BEREBY beg M wie Bouly {he pbite COMFOR B
4 a + ot tbe . With a well mw VIE al loorleg Severaliy thet Mr. Kubert
t abe) apats i ituney sare at Ts vay | sack of Opriosl Goods ~Of beets oa quis’ Tropleal Paarpeoat beatae at lag. be Lead le planted with young | Toners, Lovyet's Gak, Us Hinieh TABLE
Maas purkes book cootaleieg several | g Qt Ast barders and Betardiyy from | the altestion of the , hat the "aatlt co nod ts titnate ie the oll bessiog | author sod ta collect any ‘oceans net I |
ds wroee uf vosloue pervors in baptint \ntee villey sees wa dey. Welaey tad ¢ Teepieal Teesleztes! fue are tapes a A ls & profivalle epecolauive panel . my Beibwity to bie ier t0 doing a § of
‘ABiaiye om Tauialeg seme to 8 fe cite jar bu oh Toetet Sete, | titel ender the original ferniute of Pr, | P'SRy axle will toke place at the Albaey | erst me steps nom Bf. T0 10. rea MouTiL
eum ewadeh* edi, Ns eet Sar Ey teed noe is | ae atts WAAR aape vues ORG COM, | He G2" ele tal ap ,
- SOR vidoe ray bef Novoutery 2910.~1a, isi etna ‘ 4

F% Just to Hand

4 White Bruesels Wet and Camieray Velling,
WHITE SWISS? ROBING— 15c, 200, 24c,

iWhite Chifonette,—i5c., 20c., 24c,

WHITE PERBIAN LAWNS, 100. 120, to 800; *WHITE
120, 18 to Me; WHITE VIOLORIA LAWNS, ean 1h DAWN

|Embroidery * Cambrics,


BS, = “White Net Edgings and Insertions ; Muslin and Cambric Embroidery, Fdg-
_— + ings aud Insertions to match—-All Prices.

ee Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Hose

wf Parasols, White Kid Sh and Whits Ca Bo
White Hid Ponte na i nvas Boots; A full Range of


STEPHENS; LMTD.—“'The Stores







Specially Selected

By the Sartorial Artist

The orclusive style and fit of those Materisls when made up by us are sure
to please syeryope who wiahes to be well dressed,


, PATENT ISOLA FLASKS QUA RIS—$5,60, $8.00, 7.00
Osram Lamps Give the Best Light

2nd savehalf your Bills—16-Uandle 720, 25 candlo power 840

fora couple of monthe hadan experi.
ence of an sorelleration of that ser

ATR acy


‘Tho Ideal! In Black and Tan—Gibeon Tie tin”
uclies * Mic * Shoes



"THK PAOIFIO"—12/6, . oA

“ne Best Finnters Boots aaosm, fe

BOOTS—The Cotapual 5.604 GENTh TAN VIOL BALLS—Ia Brack:
_ And Ten—Tho Censel, 410,

Brown Rockingham Tea Pots,”

28 cemta Up, ‘

Hot Water Jugs 200, 24¢up; White Cover Dishes, 15¢, 200, 240; Cheese
Dishes from S6c oach ; Glass Dishes 150, 200, B4c,3 Flower Mpergnes
720, 96c, 3 Chamber Seta, 5 Heces—1.80,.2.00 up.

Table Lamps Best Value 1.20, 1.449


College Fathers, Appendid are the
names of the randidaves i—La Garcia


vice {fot which ay noth: {| Permuy, M. de Lapeyrouse, BE. de “
ing & a now.) by a whole Muatbrin 4 , Garcia, P, Creds, I. Tar Rora Dutos Mar ARRIVALS, ’
a) oa ie outwai vO: ri je on! UD, GENTS,
‘Aud In our ‘opiston, the mandate 10 Stauble, I. Gomes, A. av barton, K RINS BER NROGHLANDEN. « Joux B Hasse vauens
F f the delegates should have O Connor, 4, Salazar, Balazar, “Pri i Gerla . Ploamer Se Brulos 18 doukers &@ pl
. reea the demands of Trinidad to a| O'Connor, X Von Weller A Pal tina der Nederlanden” ts due from esea, 11
irect mainline service on one of the | lonals, L. 0, GQ. Staudt Amsterdam viat Paramaribo and Shorves, | G bide, Bek te
~ two bases we ‘baye sketched shore, @ Montbran, 0 » ¥ Odone ere onor about the Zot Novem: BF. iaionet eae ners coope *
$ é ° ® 93 and to pledge the rolony to the | nor, M, O'Conoor N. Slyns My de Ceru wo ounerte Oren Te cna te Conte a Bel etc "Cuckne
hadlan rrince As from Sunday, 16th me ealvetiat wears got abwalval | V~ Elthon Ge Llanon Tt” ipbuns | Fustia, Guinln, Curses Tacred | fone AUitareBuepes Ayres ~ta
- in the ition of belngable to say] D. O'Connor, Ejsie m Heen, yes, Port an Prioce and New
ome : § irom oun ay, 16t to the Obionial Ostce voet itvmust bo | Lamy, Me bad 8 de Belestere i Fork taklag cargo Passengers and bageioscabe, Veneto loops Mar
- inst the price of Beef] svesttiers:moce ne "io contribute Sans ie Horners, PUINS WILLEM IIL.—The Datch | bare caeoes aod pamopeere
anything at all, But, as bas “been | G, Kivas, 0. Rivas, A. tiene M Gur, . Dteil Steamer as. Prive Willem | 1 WILLE
i A. 118 to “‘0ttrs Caren
5 will be as under s— - shown ‘in the past the ‘safielentiy M, Zapata, it” rimioghain, +f Porta gn or about the ‘ath November tron ects D0 age Cotten Be
so etermin tatentent o aida jordon.
d . f{ B hi B H] opinion ta uel &@ matter may not be Bo artbon Rredia afterwarde to Pare sundries and 2! passeogere Ty.
Is due to arrive from Ba la, Braz, ROAST & STEAK 12¢.Ib without Ita Voor ih Downing “reett | MOVEMENTS OF STREAMERS, | ‘°# cargo Iasscogers and balls MARIA, Vanes, sloop, Ramos, 7 it
on or about yenience to us, Bally AN) | rere ar slont BO Pa lanteins. 7
“f ‘ BRISKET & STEW 10c. Ib | be the cave when it Is seen that we The Royal Hat mominklifke Westin. | Provitions 60 papelones,
om have. been suMiciently iu earnest to dische BMatltienst: Jutta. Venues falucho, Mata, 4 tos
i - ave secured je £seer): of & con. e _
LA I Jz BONES “+ Gol Ib | ference from all the colo tes on the RUDA-The RMB. ye Now York—Paramaribe, 78 Carupans, 38 pign, aod 2 2
‘A! | l DA Y 19% IL N 8! I ’ ae eee subject, and have further strengthened due here from New York ae Tae Rovst Duron MaAIL- 4G Rosd Anxa, Venes 6 Jal
Y 9 *3 our case bythe general and unani- | malic. lon, | Cartagena, Pto, AILAM ACOA —The taney rs tone, 8 daya Cano Colo rato, “ab
F mous request to be allowed to dip | Colombia & Pto- Cabello oa Thursday, macca” te due back here fovea pPingisions end 3 bege 8 0000R. 4
il dire Our bands into ourowa pockels to| 17th instant, ‘and mill leeve the | Necemarito viA Dactedos on Tueeiay, 1 day Cristobal Volos f.000 Sones
and wlll proceed thereafter direct to the tone af isto eyonr fori pears | seme day fox Gruinasspion, wi Bar| tn ee one Stes ras ise, 800 Sos
. 60 aw to able to get what we Cherbourg, taking agers, cargo | 22° panne day sone for New York taklog passe
GR E L L C L t d conelder we require. Cortalnly there and malle passe ge id ovails, Okono.| ri sting,
Hw YORK 6 Co. Lit | EaieR ta LI | sareuee| SET | eR
e ui s
"| Seah Quay, Sree peice urea |Meat We Sey mate gaara ey at eset | (OE oan
the er to the Gulf vi ja
Taking Passengers and Cargo 16th October 1910, of the traushipment headquarters, | hat abergage lhtertobe despatched | Patengct ar'frmaigees aroe CAE DB mat tpn :
8 ‘ Bat Barbados solemnly parsed « vote | ke ibe crear Malla etre the ral WINE ibe 8.8, *Mero-{ and 2 passengers for irtaidad
< ionlars ! Seeee eee eabeidy tid paymene of | day of sailing, and passengers. are | ¢ fork ou Monday, at November New| pessfor Kurope per Bora >
For all other partioalara pleasa apply to ae ad iivion of | therefore requested to nee that their Ys ma ber. i ne e Ham
which she herself m he tronsbipuect baggage ia sont down before that hour, | S24 willleave (he same dsy for Para. | Jines for Newâ„¢ York
The Porl-o0-Spatt Gazelle. | See cepeuance of pe uensminnent | Aaa Mine AL "Caron | Pato tating eatge, tamengere and | Stop Duidh lll cad Bt pte
opeoneaaanenenmenenemnel eave bere on or abou a a
one QRTORSTAIN, 3) | something for the Pelee abe “hae | Ssaiact, tatiog cargo for Havre, Lon-| MAROWHNIE The BA Baro | Flury ont de Y Yenc.
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BE DELEGATES’ MANDATE, | for ta our mind that f6 a subsadiary la Cherbo Bar the same day direct for New York} and passengers. To “Got
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Agents. Br the oitgoing m mail steamer thie | oeccesity ur even desirability, ifft ls brave fo, same da: for New York, 4 auige- "ae L Man, Vones C
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. , Port-of-Spain, atrumental in havio bela for the die. | shorter wuree, vult Gonads as "well, { The Tender will leave the Lighthouse | Tae New Corosat. Co Lip ~ Aarts, Rersa vs Venes sloop. agp, Holler er, 0
2 [cussion of the vexed question of mail} pus whatever is done with that) Jetty, Queea’a Whart at 2pm, wil! ITT A DIE TORINO, ~The s a *Citha : Orletodal x
— services, leaves for Barbados, the pro» ape fe, tt le the service toand frum | Passengers for the * Thames.” 4i Toring * tedue here from Geaoa? Plante, 25) panied ponent.
: Weue aA 04 id seat of ee Conference, "At the enn land rect. that concerne us| Pseseengera are specially notified that | via Marseilles, Barcelona sod Tene lantalne, 4 buchos banansa
Yau jet meeting of the Obamber of Com | jaar now; and when that te weoured a baggage lighter to be deepatched to J rife, on or about 17th November next, aeand rh,
' merce, the clogates were chosen, and ice change of destruction, it will | the Outward mail will leave the Bt. procesa! oS afterwardsto La Guarre, yaa
Cen't G Cee ane aerate here iltiie | De MiRe ¢o cooklder the faucy'scbeme J Vint Sou Sf tary are tacrelors| Lition ond" ceue taking surgo ang | Toma, Venee. sloop. Sista, 9 &
en oO tosay. al are geod men, aod espe | oC # Cas sentimental service, Tequested to see thas t ele baggege {8 | nuails and first class passeogera only sundry peekages u
clally the Honk Secretary uf the Cham- T da Court List sent down befure that bou: if quarantine permits, ebendise
‘WRONG: zy than whom « betier men could O-day 8 a t ‘AGUS ~The RIL. Tau wit Compagnia Generale Manacas, Belt, ite cms, Kirkby. 1
& I Ou, our mn jeave Foulbampwa od ovens g
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our re epe. vee tide unconsciously First: Communion nad ion and Coafirm- ei Ro and calls. foe the Briilsh Wons eo ae Dontn ree . Venes coconuts, 36 bundles
. Praseod Ja favour of that country, ation, islands and Damerers, vik Guadeloupe mee uniee 13 Ob 0 bales skins, 6
Foe eee say thas it escee oo ue ‘ wees KODALEN A, The ILiES Mee | and sift Tacia is due bere on or about} EoPenes ba aspir, ezlindern
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there eee mete Ete ox sunday tit thy carmonng of | Yuta ates’ css, Geta | Una Reine coe Su beeed | utd aan eae oo
private Greetin Xmas poe rere cthatinegeatizeen bom | took place at the Chapel of Bt | Liocaoy, ak ‘November, saad. wil | Cayenne, tablog cargo Passengers snd Sand f. Oa Lea eeneers
gard the terme Reece eeate on fer qr eahatle~young ladies and are ee eioe: Be Al fosBouth: (UADELOUPE. The pera Mall ra enti ia alae
~ Eisen cay Saag | Sade etaHes | iron Satie Pe or | Ventana cece |
: sot Tr' as aengers, oar; November, and wi
ference ine oike b 7 eObember o: wee pultably eer led for tts tender will leave #2 the Lighthouse | #2 afterwards to Marta Ique, G Nay, vy Coos 3 ge Pesowere By
Commerce, the Legistature the Fioance | Cees! iaree | tbering of parente and | Jetty, Queen's Wharf a ae with | wentander, Bordeaux and vr Oosund, Beit, ime Cuckswr. ’
CARDS colon: “" ay fined Prete es relatives, Firet, Communion Mase | Pitot, Sogees are petilly notibed that { #k!2 ee mails and on tone, Gulfport, ballast, 90)" 1
oes euauee of tbe alrect raall service began st 7 ocloek, the Celebrant ab bagatge lighter to be despatched Lo bupker coal By Gordon G. aoa
, Sood frota the Mother Uountry, lv at Z jsace the Archbisho weward msi will leave the Ht On ERO, Delt aati Hale, La

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. Hemburg-American Line York o Now .
rused to "bere. We fare “wifing aoa tte vatuer | 88 here from vi Uaraburg nat ek | Higa fidua there ath Novenmber, tialle tor New 1 Fork
4 7 on of a! Bare:
rc ber hey Bivras ate, Mle May Hers | proorediog atiarwards “to Gerupanty | AUWN OF NAVARIM Toe as, | doy, the cry ‘November
has ever yet paid totbe Company for bid era, 1 BD sere | Ee Guayres Pia, Cabello and Curace Cs frown of Navarre’ of the Trini- } o'e X Pima. Brectent iY, Dacia
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either m more rapid malnliaw service} FAaULTLxes 15 Paxpanation Un: ne Méndey 21st November ‘ tte He

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Aha een
“Lonton Dwrect Lane
of Steamers.
New Covowiat Comrast
Lrp—Agants |
ARGASSO. —The 6s, * Bargaseo ” je
dua here from London, ¥'

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