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Port of Spain Gazette
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flilB JOBMMgAíH Úk¿&YÍ¿ sDKOAV NOVUMllElt lil 1819
The Bonanza
; Helton, Serge and Broadcloth
Smart 9 Tweeds.
Exclusive Suitings
400 New Pairs.
English Made. American Lasts.
Mosquito Proof Wire Netting.
Blue Flame Oil Steves.
Jlest English Driving Harness, ‘
■ « BIS'
Refrigerators, i

Tailors and Outfltt»r£fi
New Woollen

UDIES, girls and infants.
ܧS$ SIL I J0

UJust to Hand
White Brussels, Het and Oambray Veiling,
WHITE 8\ra5¡ ROBING-lie, SOo, 2(o,
White -Ohifonette.—lSa, 20o, 24c,
Embroidery * Cambrics,
Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Hose,
Bit the Sartorial Artist
Osram Lamps Give the Best Light
Ladle»’ * JECicl * «liaos,
Brown Rockingham Tea Pots,
Table lamo» Boot Valué 1.20, l.«4

^Ãœse Trinidad Temper Lime

TO Htg gQItT.QMPAflf SAZfcffli SUNDAY itoVgMjiEft 13 1310

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hits PORTORSPAIN Gadgets SUNDAY NOVEMBER 1 1610_ pictcintasletstetst sp
i. e * ae a te ae n SS ee
Geo, Gonsalves v Joseph Holder, F; ea =
ment of the original plant should be simply because tha idea originated y i SUIPPED, ort, rids :
Se mM EATHER AND CHOPS. Rll orevaovaets, Mcengs ach aeataanestewtel| wees metes aid | putas nepeomacnntn, [GREREAESST NomHO IML sy ee
’ . i} et engineer, Wy ore Who a! notin, is fa "y Ute: * ain
me HIGHLY INTERESTING CORRES southern division as well,as in the the development of the country knows spite date a0 Pk iar the tno (Before Mr Justice Rus Bame eaer. Fletcher v Maud Fernan- | 0a? teiend, Mee fe ee
a NDENCE north, ia but to be convinced phere \ that the time of ! preceding years tex . Baturday, | a-..—Bame order. * Lewevilie,! we ;
j NAPARIMA AND BAVANNA GRANDE, theeye Is capable of recogaieing it feon eee eT ON ore are | .anmrouz “7 appiications. Manoel de Souza ¥ Andre Joseph celyed & Bole from bien ie CE
Emelia Dyal vy doule Bollerand— Same or er yer & 00 ¥ A. fi, Toda | neta be pests

CULTIVATIONLOP A TIIGIt row no high woods, or very little of it
ORDER - $n the Aquthérn Province available to | ere
a le being tratptained frery where, and the pioneer who ie desitqua of favest | gygin ye.
A the forthnighls which may | tbls, applies ‘not only to the Istge fog bis capital in cocos, dod sooner or | Nery
tr 17 bosald tohave given weather of ealtivators, but among hundreds of later the Oropouches Lagoon, deserib-

Uy oe olirhoc desctiption since she { fattaere who have now been convioced ed as containing ten of thousands of | Morasessy—
pars vulenee eee Agri we think} Dat to take all outof the soil and acres of ons mass of vegetabletmanure | pos, 1,008
beet ore be a clel to the crope | Feturn none, means ultimate ruin to a! must force itselfupon the Government's Therese 2 RS
than the one brought to aclose yeslers salttration, These latter are many fattention, aod be raade accessible to] Barrels =.

0 em urchasers © al eta ecullivators, nd what is now a hot
dey, The opening half of the period raknures where thelr" benefactore” |

adjourned two weeks, —Bame orde: dinarily & j
anton a see eee him Bone Goodwille & Whleon Ltd v Arthur | to keow thee 7 a
Gerold & Beherer v Algernon Bar | de Sitva—Sanie order, . raloguage collected yp
kett—no appearance, struck out, Martha Merdiog v Boddy Pligtlm— | pirts—another Ipta- as
John Pereira v Joho Rodriguer-— | Same order, . ,
djourned one week Arthur v Stollmeyer & Co, v Mise J. | fon “Raven
seta Dissieearemteare to de- Pilgrim.—Judgment by confession | ioe atti oad ta
tend mith, Gosia, pepeble ey, 2 dollar | ether wlan
Frederic’ Gormandy v William f Prima vJeeleGteen.eAd- 447. Jn Le Ceront Marka

iaily Readers
\ OF rtifen Apectalty, Jor


were commanicaled te g


ie 1,433

under revlew ‘witnessed a contloutty 2? bed of pulrefaction ~ a feveratricken | Romi—Peoe{l,201 [2,753 Lt wkuels
eel dispoerd to lend a helping hand on | quarter be converted Into vast cultiva: " . ightingale and anor. same order. :

pi fine sunny cere, and, Shether the | ine security of an" Advance Note’: | Hoasal cane, robber, and such | Oooo 4 1—Lbe|93 6162043, 160400 50, 007858 Ninicie'O. Peereiea ¥ Joba Hodgigaet Journed be ween on Lad v JameaQa | Inte, aed Belge
k fusthended would fad old Sol] And the hitherto foul atmosphere ; hkstodustries, praftabiesto the Inves- ” ° , . Mragk Just ended would fod diecre | which surrounded many a spot in the | tor and Likewise to the colooy which | Corres Lee 3.76) so {i120 $Vilsone’ (U & T) Lid, vy Frances,G, urea Judgmen y CO ch hampered, a bea ws own pour of raig last Sub. | Villages where stock ip kept, ng Jooger] becomes enriched by euch ‘exports. — ee Netto — commitment extended “six ole Clebert Parkinson seen
4 the oi nd during the succeeding | Menaces the health of such places, | But you may wonder why thie divers Aare. . mooths. ‘ Flas v A a . city es

OF oeerat every pound of patural manure being | sion, so let me revert to crop prospecta ALT = Idem ¥ M, Narine—same order. journed two weeks, POLWE 6

Tons... (114,619 [119,673 {110310

daysalternate rain and sunshine .bave Sarmuel Cowes Eloock ¥ Loula Boute} Joba Carvalbo v F, Heath,—Same

been the feature in afl the agricultural | Femored and erplicd to thelr cane

t 2
deposited. Ia hia} | PECULIAR TO NAPAaRIMA Before Mr,.2. nail

districts with prhieh we are, 0 com stools directly Ie te depos ul Manzax-v'oe/1,100 (250 [1,258 andjouracd two weeks, notice to be orden caTERPLEADEN. Nu
munication inn e ; se ae 2 i
. DIREOIOR OF AGRICULTUR that sugar planters are never on .the erre—judg- | Kroest ender (creditor), Samue 5
the past as well as the present aitua- |, DIRKOLOI OF AGRICULTURE | | thet snaae Planters are never on the | cocortra:No|ti,ov0016|16.b80078|16,0)6813 | _ Ie, Tournler, v RO Pierre jadg- Beat (aeutgn, Jao Wealey Daniel| Seexrisa ox Pa £

tion to easy that egriculturiste, io
whichever of oue Industries be they
engaged, could have desired no more
propitious months In which to demon
etrate thefe skill and ability at pro-

ag | Holder charged Deeg ie
Philip Dal reditor), Matilda
Fond (debtor Hupeula Lavin (clalne aieevigg neat th prem
ant), Adjourned two weeks, fl plog & PB ae
Ha Maradge (creditor), Johna- | OfiCe. fondant sald ty gant

service to be made.

Dominique Julien v José Alten and
Madame J, Romain—subsetituted ser-
vice on wile.

Robt. A. G. Taylor v Henry Labege

each farmer forthe year ie only 136 probable results until the year is near
tone and saye; -* Cane farmers indivi. {tog ite clove It hes alresdy been
duallly should endeavour to sbow ' most marked, the rapid growth which
sumet ng better thaa’ these re- comes on immediately Antuma
suite” esbove average is un- | weather ceases and Winter months set

Coraa—begelti.es2 [13163 {1,108

Cases .., 114,786 [17,005 {18,062

mioting succesful crops, than tbe) aountediy low, but it includes the! {n. Thfa lejust what is happening at than Gumberbatch (debtor), Lincs | #948 one wha bed
Period sinagabe rainy vervon ite good. bad and indifferent. ven at { the Present moment ‘The “stunpy” Bauars-Wia 0 | sas _ Bor | And aucr-—adjourned one week. Ouenberbateh (clalmant}aejourned off in @ boat acd will a
30 there has been an improvement on | canes which a month ago were creat+ Goodwilla & Wlleon Ltd. v Alb, |] two weeks.
bas been with us. With the close of Mitebell-no service, extended ‘two aes diecharged.

st years, Do wenot remember a} ing ‘uneasiness In some quarters, are
ew Years ago a prominent eugar At- | observed ta be moving upwards, and

QOcnvVETIN. = Co
charged a man 5

autumo there hae been a decided
change of tewmperature. November ie


Mre. M, Cheltenham v Vicente Gar-


. Unuasance of similar progress, we
known to be a cool tropical month, torney telling an Agricultural confer | con —a-
ence beld under the presidency of outbis side may yet reach average — iaad ed. Uy, - conveying foar gx
: ood tit iaPerare ‘enjoyable conditions BIR DANIEL MORK. figures. ‘South Naparima has not reo | GREAT BUSINESS. MEN FORMU. | “Orsle eR Cero declos Norman—| U7ERCOMLEGIATE cur 1010~1L, | TM alien dae
z to those under cover ce well we others | inthis very island, that cane farmers | thank goodaess, been attacked b LATE RULES. debtor ta show caues, Wednesday Nove. Zird Bt Mary's | Gave 00 reneyn for the aly
f. whose avocations compelled them to] verage wae no rcore than Stons 15 | froghopper blight, but further nor! —— ‘lhe Prinidad Shipplog & Trading| yQRoO Referee Mc. J de Vertoull.Q | defeadact was curying Soy
7 be jn the open. ewts, and if within «few short years where t has jbecome troublesome ex+] 1¢ « business man does not ad: |Co. Ltd v ‘Marcus Gambal~§5 Monday Nove 23th—Q.1t0, St, | bagecd it was faptet
¥ NETEOROLOGIOAL they have brought it up from those | periments with [abled lanterns 84 | vertise ble gooda the sheriff will | monthly as from Dec, 1; commitment | ptary’s Referee Mr, Lil. Pitts, 623 Delondant stated: that tea
From the records of cur usual con- | Sgures to 136, there han certainly been | night, these placed in the cane tlelds,.| sooner or later do It for blm, In default Saturday Dece Sed Deciding match | Joseph acd madeawlsi aan
£ sulting station at * Lewlaville” in the substantial improvement. The signe does almiler work torat trape,andthe | This American epigram, quoted by Emily Simon v J, £, Murray Southorn Province do we abstract the | of the timesare such thatio another tiny ttle beggars are thus captured by | yf Ralston Balch, sounded the keynote | or to show cause, Leotaad, Tu bs played on the ground | them into the cit: the ;
following datat- three years cane farinera should be | the scores, of the Advertising Conference which |} Joseph de Freitas v McDoneld 8t{ of the first hamed club, tained him oat dhe By
° fs 3007 1908 tora 1010 | Abe ta Increase thelr general average BAVANNA GRANDE opened st Olympla last month in cdn- | Uill- adjourned two weeks, —— was diam u *
Joly 16.55 1843 1447 11.29 10.51 | from 13 102) tone per bead. | ood of . nection with the Business Exhibition. | VF. Marean v D, Plummer—whole | pare waex's League Mates AND} iD pe, .
August Wt7 5214 OUT Bz 1340] lmitating that whieh those who bavo | rye main tople of conyersation] |“ .rae Necessity of Advertising, in | amount by Tec. 1; AXYEREES Petia tome
Beptr. 342 597 OOF 683 474 | lofo fat 7 wledge and expert: | among sugar plantera in this’ place ie | Modern Commerce * was the subject} Joseph Philip v Felix Lawrenco— Monday Mth Nemesis v Shamrock . t we
Octr 702 473 3200 1061 Us ence are 3 ing. farmers pte gradually the froghopper invasion, for such ft is, | of the Conference, and Mr. Biach, Sir | no service, extended two weeks, Referee: Mr Hd. Pitte, Majestic v Bt, | James with beberi
Nov MW LSS 275 LoS ARS 7S whch ore sald te vield eo nucle ine since pluntations which ‘koew not the | Thomas Dewar, Me. 11, Gordon Self-| | A. 5, Laing & Ca, v A. P Best— Mary's Referee Me, W, Ward Price. mancer at Queen's What
, Totale 3909chA12 4443 S800 41 67 creased weight froman nere of land, =, | destructive little devil, bave now be- rid and Mr. Stewart Darveon, of debtor to show ease. Wednesday 16;h—Nemesia v Local | 12b. Alter teking ;
THE APPROACHING CASIPAIGN. | ihoro'’s nota, aucrone, bute money | Come, thelr popular arylum. I meta re House” fame, were among | MM. Joseph v Horny—$1,00month-| Forces Referee Mr. J. dé Verteull, | was reprimanded acd dui
It is considered that good improve: | basis, and in this way what matte: % friéndin the rallway the other day | the prominent advertisers who contri: | ly as from Dee, 1. Saturday l0th—Caeuals v Clydesdale | = Atrzasp Tairt or
ment has been made in the cultivation | ro "them the manufsclturers Heeretat | Who told me that the Jate Me. Bert de | buted to the debate. J. N. Hodgeon v J Austin—same| Referee Br, Fe J. Leotaud. Kick off | Rose charged Vi 2
coming uoder the Influence of the cut-{ Sanect of the transsction, That | L@â„¢marre was very successful withs Mr, Selfridge. fo pointing out the j order, 420 pm, a'eatio on Japuury 36 :
hiss the coming year, Thero bas never | Widely circulated organ tion. spray-of car bolic soap water when the Cra te een in advertise, oorditle: & Wilson Lad. v, James A f = bet cla soap valued 3a 4. Goody
bei bens! % e cogbopper became a atubborn enem ao 98 - » actise match? between en. a
See ee reece Laces ROUISIANA PLANTER | [Upihegies at Tacatigua Youre wap | five ablliogs to the employes who die- | weet, dale Pand *Local Forces will’ bo ¥ etandedin cuted ae
are now reported to be quite up to| {he parasite which has mow attacked | %_ “diplomatic explanation that Dr, | covers an error of any kindin oue ad | Idem v Samuel Weekes—85.00 on] played at 4.30 p.m. on Monday, on | He pleaded nat
mark and should yield a heavy ton- | ihe rare altanet generally throughout Gough ise Private individual attend. Mintate La wie nie atone Deo i and $260 monthly as from h ‘deedale ground. are, following ‘abiesto rea Be
4 t y08 ng to private interests, bution « mate ful t ale s—' : 14a
bieo informed Sclbercen the, sprog the sugar, io atrict at ogee pibe tee ofeach vital importance to all cane }Public announcements. In cases of | Jas, Wm, Fletcher y Joshua Max-| Forbes.” nr. Peck. Tloadley, Wile | Beatrice Edwards, a ght di
plants be said to be otherwise than severely inJured bi erie Sneael ot growers [ hold that ho policy ofexclu. | Rtammatical mistake, or where] well - 6&8 cente montbly as from Dec, I, | liams, Laver, Gordon, Howe, Bullock, | (ld, was charged by,
fairly eatisfactory, but the planter's | the fovhopres blichtand the viatier | #ionshonld be adopted to matters of | statements may mislead the reader. | commitment in default, Millar, Reserves~Piggott, Groves. } with stealing a gold ¢
hopes in regard to the ratoon canes haber Menten conwuleration for’ the kind, [It does seem as was re- | We pay theemployee who finds them Idem v John F. Santlean~§$1.00 ——_—_— Nante aod 0 god bes ¥%
are yet away down in the balance of | tego three «decades (italics route). marked to me that eon thle side of | the five shillings, even going so far as} monthly ae from Dec 1, commitment FRIENDLY SOCIETIES. 81), the property cf Eliibd
uncertain results, The rather late | Qn aneortwo occasiona before have | t2¢ Vusracara river have been given a Bikeen phen we bare inadvertently 10 Atal an v John Andrewodis Niebmoad Birt Loe
Aa ee eae nent condition wehad to draw attention to state-| SEEDLING CANE LEGACY Bie Thomas Dewar declared that in | missed. ‘The fourth enous! Forester’s dance ia | Rrllty sod was remeadeigy
Of these. Milling Iwill be remember. | Wents avnesring inthe Panter having modern commerce advertising wasthe | Papchetty v Joseph Vadivel — 80 }a‘d ofthe building fuod ,of Court “ Lily a
gael reference to our cane industry which | In the froghopper, which protilses { thing, cents fortnightly as from the 18thlofJere” came of en Friday night last
cd, wis concluded iajorty ef cases wereat vatlarea with facts We do | trouble, expense and anziety before it | Advertising, tomy miod ” be said, | inst. : at the Mutoal F8 Hallon Heery Street Around the 9
Ispour other tban indentured eon | Det suggest for 8 moment, ° Trelice | Is driven aay from the district. Glo- | must ba done persistently and con:{ Francis Losada v James Agge-$2.00| and uoder the management of a atron —_
became ro eee tt teste er foe! ne to rious weat er has been with us during | sistently for at least three years before | monthly as from Dec 1. committee was an unqaahfed success [ Sixx OUR snow winege
SCARE AS GOLD, Ie tolack of anthentic Information, | of days were pe periog toe malority the advertiser can, gett be return | Idem 7 Liskhiga Mondaray order in —_— oA large lot of mens J
Alland aundry of the “‘outsiders' Hotell the agricultural world that the | Much beneficlal’ work was gone | Cricy s thon that period the money | iden. "y aa3 piter. Members and intended members of | liged from 4S cls, to a
rushed off, vometo thelr rice and pro- | frogh has de dér consider. * th hb, and U elo one Pe the money en etenctbamiel Forde~$1.50 the Pi ire Crafts’ Usion are asked | Carpets. big amour
vision gronnda In the interior, othera | 44,5, tet idad plantes fora tooo through, and an excellent opportunity } spent ia lost.” monthly as from Deo 1, ee conrena re : ‘i hich ak Carpets, attractive ded
Iocelablien thelr acres of-cancs, and, | Aton by Trinidad planter for) to 3) ofered to get the youngeanes clean. | Sir Thomas emphasised the Imaport-| iden’ v Joseph Ferguason~ $1 09) t0 attend Noe ee eee ince | to $1250, See thea, oan
placed fo that awkward position the |7"*q wiauLy SIBLE DING. | jutnow, some places baving mors | mote some Seals tedcctad be pret | atic ot trom Deo I, commitment | Pee? Foye ine Deptt Tall No 0 Trees: | f4cton on your mony
i tensi tie 1 i e ‘ ‘ , * | man the Hatter
Raton under bie charge “bocame enting eee ae esteuriene ene ed habit they: dlealre, Hot ie je the old ing a bad article than even in some | Idem v Louis Sellier—$1.00 monthly | broke Street at & o'clock 35 Frederick Street. a
eerlously bandicapped In one eek may juatly be termed a sleepy headed | adopts just about this time of the year Bord pines and Manoa on panies. nue Bec 1, commitment in de- There will be a mesting of the Court} Joba Itoadle E Oe
wid'the tthe resstig® eae cane | Sl tera, tat renolces aki wien teen} the blidaye Thich il {ip wae bie aise idk | Witead Bertate — $200] ily of Tee Af0 Fe ltsreation Gud | cclred a splat
stools, Itis thus seen that however paras te succeeded In making. # lett ‘turn to Plantations they * jovertat ali homes J. Harratt, chairman ot frontaly as from Gee 1, commitment tomorrow night at half past 7 o'clock { comprising the latest lal
skilled the agriculthrist may be to bis] Crinon plantations in the northern | when their services wero moat needed. | ed from attenat, ‘a presida pre ob Ode aul * whea some important business will be | tinental styles. ‘
work, however favourable ell things count during receot yearsie a fact, Opinién favours the belief that | conference by Be attack of Catarch, generally, Faustin Cox -sdjourned | trannoteds More G ‘x Pom ‘
atthe. Wadousplish eld operations beyon t dispute, Hat {athe rita im. A SUBSTANTIAL IMPROVEMENT, | but be wrote that advertising 1a an] Idem v R.A, Millington -60 cents LV.OMM bers and friends tre re- Amon the. tioeties i
that oannot be postponet yen, the Ind Noharinae and Bavanna Sirande fe becoming vfaible In pue ate pak art entirely to He infancy. meatbiy ag from Deo ¥ Geo. # misded of the lecture tn ba aire by Par's Pharmacy, 8
h 1 ook for . ave not myee! n a aterman v Geo, H, 1 Nd ft
perloue Injen O crope {bound ts mane Petia not the southern able to do much “globe trotting * HOLY TRINITY CATHEDRAL Durbam—~no service, extended two Mr. 1 A Be eit ae PA George coon cn lak Come
follow, ‘to the local prodacer of sugar } it discovery. about eighteen tontbs | S¥0ut the placoeince sny Jast, but ex- _— ° . . santé fin, chocolat
Ign—the finan- . rience tells me thatit is too lata a Idem v Jobn_D, Ollivierre—$1,00| brotherhood of man; ita origla, progress
' Glaleublook of pricee ia anything but | feoeewe,temarkel in last Sundays pened ofthe yearfor Jost ground toy — THANE@GIYING Day, (TO-DAY) — | monthly as tram Dee 1. 1.00 | god inflaroce, A aiiver collestion will | TOURS? montelimest, ¢%
reassuring for tbe comlng year, a planter of acknowledged suade up from how J saw things af 9 9) a.m—TZHoly Oowmunion, (Choral) {dem ¥ William Davis—seame order, | be taken ups War's Larrrnne a)
THE EUROPEAN CROPS ability and enterprize, who manacee | 2% weeks ago, and for Savannal 9.59 @ m,--Meline & Holy Co ‘lem v Charles Lewie—same order -—— THIS WEEK.—Noileoy
from Heeb which Mr, Otto Ticut | Ability, and enterprize, w ne manages Grands todo more than a possible | niga Proschee Phe Binet Troces, | idem _v Geo, Goddard—same order,| Members ofthe Hearta of Oak F 8. | opened a large thipaasts
evtimated some time ago would ex: [groin conversations we had with seve | 2¥erage crop thecoming year. It was | sional Hymn No, 3785 Proper Pealms de® v Thos, Whitehead—82.00 on | are reminded that their Anniversary will | goods by Ube a a
: ceed the past season's figures by one | eral old and exporienced southern dis. | C%cellent news for the district that fai, 1031 Te Deum—Stanford B Flat; Dec 1 and balance on Dec 8l 5 coramlt-| take placa on Mondsy 16th November | the numerous itewe
‘ and a quarter million tons, bave since | trict planters, Chey ray that the which the “(latefte” anncunced to its | Renedictus — Woodward in # Flat ment in default, when they will march feum thelr Lodge | ty of Pboto framesta
Re been revieed, Man's Circular by | STRANGER WITHIN OUR GATES readere last'Lhureday, namely, that | Anthem =" All yo that ented.” “if p,tdem vd: Flerre-t dol monthly 49 | room st 10 am. tot John's Bavtist | 20d nickels oell
last malt records: —** the first estimate @ long stauding dispute between the | waited for the Lord "—Mendelesohn 3 | Se Falatded Consolidated Tele Church, The prescher will be the Rard | Biseses, soap boses, pom

wade its appearance almost simultane.
ous with the introduction of a variety
of seedling canes imported from the
northern datrict which now replace

the old Bourbon cane dawn south, In .
bie annual report for tbe year ended j Pao eee [ble Parerengern okey

Blet March 1910, the Dicector of Agri-
culture referring to freghopper cave t woods and Produce will be bumbered

—* Assoon aa these appeared in Jul STE
(1900), experiments were wade ta oA Ie tote ba hoped wie ae AST sion

Government and the Cipero Commle-
8, bas been finally settled, and I
ay Lhat this day twelve monthe
the historical “pick up” which now

Hymo before Sermon No, 163; Hymo

e ;
eller Sermon No. AiG, a Os Hymo B Horlck. Tost Sriety’s ball will be

of lbe Roropean Crop by Mr. KO
siven on Tuesday 10:h lostent.

I Licht—6,138,000 tous is now ipcreased
to 7,700.0 tons, these hgures being
2 fav larger than were generally anti-
eipated by the Trade.” It ie not necea-
sary to enlarge vpon the effect which
the more than prcbably increased crop
must have upon prices next year. And
rellef owing to shortage need not be
looked for in the direction of Cuba
where the recent severe cyclone is
reported to have done no very mater-
lal damage to the growlng canes
Prices are to-day quoted in the

at 14/0 to 166 in London and dé per
WWlbe. in New York to which latter

phone Lid. v Hitaudier Two jal
Hywn Ne ooo, monthly faottalments as from Deon

ANTHEM FoR Monvina —(Cuonvs.) { “New McLe ' A
anvG Herbert A Lodge of Sorrow will be beld at asl
distres wand deep etieiion’ te rece monthly ae from Dec. 1 1 20h lea St Benedict Friendie Society's Hall being shower
eth all your sorrows in the time of § one: ioedley & Co. v A. E. Dieffen-,4¢ Heoty Btreetat 43) p.m. to-day, | cents and Seldon
need. thallee-Na service extended for two Members of kindred societies and friends | tumes for jeer,
Dust (Soprani)_Axp Cuorva. y ‘ are also iavited. now to hand, Boa’
certain the chemicals best sulted for | os the rail to th I waited for the Lord, He inclined oner* & Co, v Albert Aebert—Same Cash btore a vies
thelr destruction.’ And the ready | ing op our Usines wiki hee tee vato me, He heard my complaints O | ‘Ditrajah v Jagroo Maharaj -2 acl would like to spend
siloniaica by proprstoreir Hopland | avait te taptaved meansafCsnaper | erteageâ„¢ me one bope nd run Inf mocthty eafao Bee ees + OM botedrasiege
, J and which tillers are anziousto get -_
Ugale and divise measures for the hold of, some more libéral policy wal Fa hiroes Brensong ~Preachor~The
ping Fomhcpper shows | dictate itselt to the traftio department 001) Proper Paslme 147, 150; pa No.

that the matter has not been u ht
consideration for anything ke the otthisisland railway No better filip | cat and Nuno Dimittle—Smart a By

A epecially large
there flowers, Tib

ultivaté Tumor for Cancep Cure


Thie week at Stephene
Hai bake nae
afte :
Leather Belts, Hale

Jobn Cyril Augustus y Loule Cutb- “a
Ladies Skirts, mt

bert—Adjourned two weeks,

Idemv Th now
ort eodore Sylvestre Same |

rtabout 70 per cent of Trinidad’s | number of decades tbe flanfer notes, | (A! Le given the canefarining industry J Anthem — “Hallelujah.” = Landet —
Ufyetale are usually sent, and the {than to futroduce railway branch fi 6 5% Idem ¥ Camelia Toufsaint- Tumors bay of
nt Deveed the tue, imarkets (20d negativessuch a suggestion. We {tines into the heart of the serecat £1220 before Sermon No, 985 Hymn order. salnt~ Bame et « been cultivated axtside Musllas, igre

beg to direct attention to the follwing | abando
nedestatesinand a Save
jotereslug correspondence from the anna Grande, aod frame a coaveneats

out detects tanta . tarlif on some lwproved lines to those

Val Laces, Net Lact
Crystalines, Feng 1
Mounts, Vlowely J

Kilene de Sousa y Letitia Richard-{ Montrose T Barrows, of the 1
Sid mona acta [anor Maa oh de
now In existence, It le true the G Jobn Sammy y \ ere Hist the methods which they
mecha ince ae tae etesied of four | eromenk now collects ite shilling an | Potge kisiou pf thla world te become | Na,service,ad|curned two weqtert” | ave Pursurd wil be valuable addition
the wer wero shut out Inst mail) dur Iy meara are alforded whetebe tare phe kingdom of our ford, and of Ilis Judgroent for eae aames Lovell— eaten stodziog the problem of
lorwbich time this dutrict, or rather again Lrought under cultivation by Christ » and Ho oball reign for ever |" y gut Renaud v Idem —Adjnarned As has been told in the “Herald.” | Corsets suitable fer
iStonplaiy age weaines "Ofte | eqpetatirm trorion verenee, and | Witiow ct Kiogy and Lord of Lond Sf@ "Te" Maat poping ons of| 847 Bavearondz reported fo thet | nadtum “Huns
wenty e ay, raln fell on ff * leluja! 3 , 6 can be made ~ om -
ofthein, sod the reinaining sunny | (22 and the colony's Importance en: | ‘The eollsctions at all the services | 3,120 “ror fotinbo de Bilva—| 9 grow outside of the body, and they Medium eed Full Page

. (and In enve! will be divided be: | gee rect for Pinloulit for 2 dol, and jor presents second bote os thie sub all witte lovg st
, '@ carrect pum of the Jouce | suspenders a!

ones were tnuch appreciated by those hince the recelpt of the lo
not s
having flat couotry to deal with, Mut Friday morning, our conte inaton Dally the Kenl Slcet Arplum and the “Joseph Alexander vy Sonny Thomas | Bal of she Americae Medical Aasoojation, | from Ot to 61 per
* ¢
dh 1B Corsets *

for the forethought of paylog the! douby read in tuat day's "Gazette"

guoted above is wuch In favor of the
fandon quotation. But unfortunately,
London grocery could not handle the
, great buik of our ougar io addition to
the supply they obtain from other
countries, If vyen local producers took
it Juto their heads to manufacture
none other but grocery crystallised.
Andafter the usual charges are de-
ducted from the above quotations Mt
even they held next year ibis a ques
tion whether the bett proceede of a
ton of sugar wore than covers the
cost of production as thlags now

Deum } Recesslona! Hymn No, UL
ANTHEM Fos EvEntya,
Hallelajeb for tbe Lord God Umal-


The Ladies of Tgiia
to leara thet The sae


stand, Rreatest attention to dramage, whick tame order. © We'b: “
COCOA Ke, wich [the interview with the General Afans Soe Hubert Paris y } « fjpave succeeded “ they write, | mous j
Ths sitvation salt alfete the prin: tile bole year ium for a ® sather | ager of Mailways respecting tho exten. . Judgment by comeen gy pold, ONeat— fo caltirating a very msligosnt earco- | U2 Figure Full ae
elpal disthjcta remaine about the saws [ noption of the cultivated” on . soul slun King Edward Battleships as and costes thilliogs ims (tamer) outeide uf the body, The with eed at foo ea
ae when wewrote last, ‘The weather | have been thoroughlyjwaterlogged. ty CANK PARMERS Rucloid Manoel da Silva vy Anthony Sol purpose of theexperlment was lode: | roy sed Cos i
hae been favourable, aud bere andi fact ae it wan lL ah Informed that | inthis district bave bad notice to the uciolds, Adjourned two weeks, ‘Omon | velop a general method which would pers ro 89 Ww Ff
there light picking contlaue to be | some young eanes. pecistied awin bed eifect that the system of Annual —_— G.G Vincenty L. Ji, Hasanta—] Mite stady of thetumor tissue csder | yyy Linited
made. Lhe cultivation Is however, | soogings now and again It te Rit Vries awards gran d by the sugae | There isa well-anthenticated aad g-ne- Judgment for defendant with enrta | *80we conditions and ta observe livlo, orn and N f
quite} proprietors willnow be givento those | rally accepted ramour that in the near W. B 8. Collie v Sydney roe catcer celle at every Instant of Iben stock of Xaus ia

ul I
Hine 1 think that the Government de- | of them who are possessed of the beet foture ships o€ the King Edward VIE Judqinent for defendant with costs, | growl.”

RECLAIM. Till! LAGOON cultioation and not necessaril retobe reduced to pucleus and}, Adelaide de Vreitesy Samuel Gens , Ut waafoandthat the growth of che

the [clas
beat can | r. oo bi _
which laa menace to those whose cul. determined. iWerioua. able wf te teacher to the Told Division of the costs. Judgment for Plaintist ta ented watts ofed f
obs of one o}

tivatlons are so situated ae to be the | lve M
receptacle ofthe great voluine of | ¢pective Managers, and it lean innova. | This alteration is deferded en the | _2°#*P) Fernandes ¥ Antonio Go: th
errhp hy as pore as Senueheantomeh espa | poets te measue pelt | gtglocend tne tanta tall seine he naan tye

¢ . : require om p'eaient a
Wah uch an oficial ae our present toe oan soremeae ia the farmers’ | about 320 menie ercess of teat requtzod ed two meee Buse Adjourn-| ties en thet’ wrery sep int thee ae.
Of eilaityethere stale te neuread wan inet fercibes by the woimparles °f Gangares ¥ Guaput—ad journed could be deteraal The pbyeiciens

7 the compsrleon of | genera ly to abide result of Dreeeot w techoical analyaia of theie ins
gaanery practice resulta of the two | Court proceedings. UPreme | vestigations day by day, & f°

Attboagt See ah p of the joseph Verneadesy Antonlo Gomes coms which bad ea propageted tee | See hte ack ioe
wo goat pues i: B é tbe } cieg Ete Paring urped of day bereeke jgisoug peri than O year asthe basis of their ox: pleasant. Use pein -
achieved conspicuous ard ansteined | yt bilip 0. Vierre James Corblen “These revolte? they couclade, ‘sho any, Ter mal barred
sac 20(o verlous guacery practices, the eeeeent 7 confession with coats, | that sarcomatous tissae rowalaxaciay, market. Lrewed from (Ot at

seoorda she has obtalced hive been the tayed six wees. rol
taception, and cannot be accepted aga wp eitrude Vaequea ¥ Thomas Haat cad pee of the iene iuata as tuateriele, wih rau
bi ta
Seraered cablaets ab Th eo

are also on ale, a
ein x

Take Tus Tip avD ea OES
fallgued from over

og sorefresbiog as 4 pe
beer—beer of the clase O Say
Beer, the queen of bees
through business “
other Fasees AP ioe ‘a

our al a
x @ glass of “Royal” un B

tnuch of which former should mature
and be ready for the reapess koife
early fo oll.

CHOP 1012,

A whole week of sucny weather
since our jast report enabled suger
planters to attack thele most per
sistent enewy without bindrance, with
the result that the young plant
canes are pow yepoited to be much
freer from the devourlog effects of

are grasa, Where labour wag availa:

ojo # eufiiciont quantity. We une
derstand that much activity wae die
pisyed during the fortolght to the
duectlon of seplantiog, and thet o
good slice bae been rumored off the
ovason's estitnated acreage, Jt ia
satisfactory to bear that as far ascan
teoeen the young canes are thririn

mountable dificulty to solve, Nr Bell | Stes SS
ste fous fron ‘ coustry which

eiparteies of waterways, ~
the eficteht vonstruction aod talaten. lite sey chee Moyne te slate oe:
ance of which depanda the agricultural Kellogg's Vegetable Pills are’ the
progress of the Magnificent Province. | result of long study of vegetalle com:
ey yeas ‘ while in vffice wa) pounds calculated. to stimulate the
Colosee ae. this iwportant centre, | stomachic functiong apd malntala
Colonel It is nretone, anasious se be { thei at the uorine! conditions. Yeare ueed b
oped, to bethe pres; ipracng.e sahe of uve bave prove their faultless lars and costs, exe rm dol: [alle growa fa the Brot cultare, and that
with a regularity that oes cok are ture) cen tea uf ibe island, devieed god | jharester gud © iad tile reputation oe citeretions above nieneed to leex December 1. Rene ite eraser ere apn cheered a
wl a reguariuy tbat bourne onze [Lave cepite ol ibe baad: deveedand Set tp “a ibe a roeet Roach ¥ T. # Arch case aboveryinetant of ita evolution, Jt
weather baa Leen’ ingest kind to thie | dreluing the Oropourke : wy BAve walolained for years and / pected to teke place gradually wa ships | fourned two week ‘paptory | i prob
Sparctica nod wi ube nuseey | ramoutaape neem eapeoe,, wat will coatlaue to maintain, Yor ‘there | nthe Laprond Bevudaoorht Geta | Epa. TP eoean erie | take reuse eit | Gai aseatae a ee

f a

Fyetem pow in rogue such sep:at ood fe wiligrotably begia t op alne VG. AW, Yordeludgaient ibe bodpe Caused to grow owelde of poe he Red Slatet ‘4
\ cedar

reported to well Jaden with pro-
wuising young fruit and flowers,

atandatd for she clas, whose Bring bas, ginent Ly confession for

opreutive (rem ap oficial of | on
vA ofc: quarter, tbe llet of atandard prepasationn ‘ wit "4 the cont Soreg mowtby, dat with Costh,



That Desirable


and usual out offices. Water laid on,





»-Dwalling douse and Land

Dining & Drawing Rooms and 4 Bed rooms, also front gallery


There arcjthe usual out offices with Carriage and Stable,

aly stone stops leading down tothe river, .
{nspection invited. No reasonable offer will bo 1efase .

Schoener & Co

“gr. c







Agrleaitural Implements

of every description. *

Paints, Oils





Sole Agents For

The Pare Wire Fence Co.
Eithe Adier Worlscn,
4 rcmRe Walivoline ©2121 Go,




Xmas Trado is Here

and comprises the finest lot of Footwear ever brought
to the Colony!


Evory kind of Shoe for evecy-
body—men, women, childrea
and babies ; Shoos for every aga,
every business, overy dress an
‘ every pasume, Whether yo

walk or ride fish or hunt Jor whethor you bhe ta bo dressed



THe tie TTY
b9 ASHE ”

up and kept so, we have
Shoes for, all these uses and
, purposes,

Gur prices too aro rigbt.
Glanco ovor this list of formid-
able Bargains or bottor atill
call and sea for yourself |

Nen's Patent stucper Welt
$1.4% to $4100 pair.

Men's Coloured Vici Bluchor
Welt—81.50 to 23,60 pair,
Wow. Balkan Kid, Opera Too—

$120 to @300 pair

do, ac do '
fone Oe! . Oot
4 90900 0000 00000000 9000 ONG 00-00 Fury 0000 2000


“The Lowest Prices ALWAYS’

ate Re —



SHOES fr: tu

E, Broad
eather yesterda


First (oumunion

White Lisle and Lace
Hose for Women & Child.
reo. From 10¢ and up,

Pigin Tortoise Shell Bar-
@3t68.44.0.186, .


Stet ne ee =

Port-of/-Spain Gazette,


Publuhed Dairy, Mondays acd Puthe Holl
days excepted, at the Oxice a6 St, Vincset
___ Street, Part of Spain,

Advertinments of Dima,” Deaths, ant
Mariagea, acknowledgments. aud
‘disclaimers (which must be autheat!
ated by ibe sigoature of some


Casual Adverusements ot every deseriplica:
= 6d per weeks 33 64 per fort-
night, 58. per mooth par loch--to be

Wants, &c ms
prepad mas 6d per week each, to be

Fao and Publister ... A. Pp. ru AMBARD.
“T, R, N, Lavoniin,
Cashier 28 J. For,
All Cheques sent to the aftice of this paper la
payment of dels should be made payable

10 ThePort-of-Spain Gantte,


‘We do not bold ourseives responsible lot, cof
do we necessarily cnaae the opiaions
expressed our ents la our
tolumoas, Wi Jettera must be accom:
panied by the real signature of ibe writer,
Dot pecessarily for publcatios, but as a
guarantee of good faith, Rejected maou
scripts cgnn% be rel urned

Advertising Soale on Appiloation
Subs crptioa . ae O5f- per year
Payable 14.6 bunce—Post ce extra



Â¥j 08347 for $225.10 made oat to the
order of Mary Yatwaris aud sigued ty
Bath Breve, & Co,
aod ¢ now Cheqes issued fa {ts pleor,
The * Bovarza",
Nov, 1 =1w,

Current Events.


Firat Communion and Confirmation |, from London Jast evening by the se.

atSt, Joseph's Vonvent Chapel,

Thanksgiving ‘Day at Holy Triality


8. 8, “Oruro” arrives from Canada
sia Northern Islands at 1 pm.; and

leaves for Demerara,

Constabulary Band at the Botanic

Gardess—5 p.m.

High Water Moro 0,10 Even 0.45 pm,
Sun rises , oo o> oe 5.67 & mm,
Sun sets . 681 p.m
Moon sete 288 am,

Supreme Court—10 30 a m,

8.8. **Bobo” leaves for Barbados,
8t Lucila, Dominica, St. Kitts, Anti-
gua, Bermuda aod St. John. Mails

Closé at 10 6 o1
Football at the Savannah,
HighWater Morn 1.18 Even 3.46 p,

Sua rises oe ee BS Oe
Sun ecte a oe BBL Pm
Moon seta « 823 am.


Weather and Orops—Highly
Interesting Curresponience
from Naps inaand Savane
Grande; Art of Advertising
Great Businessmen Formu-
lite Rules; King Edward
Battleships us Neucloids, Fact
Gall; Disterct Court ; Friendly
Socteties g Culisvate Tunur
for Cancer Cure Paystesans

of Rockfeller Institute Study,

Kv lution of Tissues Grow.
ing Oulsidethe Body,

Tha American Secrets of Oon-
ateuction = Why she Failed,
Marbles on Crickel?—Jhe in>
Jluence of Gamesor Boye,

Bie PACE 7 FOR ;
Our Article on “ Unjustified
Expenditure Notes from
The Catholie News; Hx-Ser-
geant Price

Best Lyltce—Frarat Conala:
bee Come from Satland.


‘Lhe “ hobble” akict is dead iq Paris
fy bas been killed by a succession of
acoldenta Luring the last few weeks
ladies wearing thie peculiar costume
bare falleo sooften and awkwardly
that several acuns and legé have been
broken aud the Varislenne bas now
definitely decided against tbe
*hobble’ skirt,

Last week the Director of Agrloul-
ture, Professue P. Carmody, Measre
W, E, Broadway (Ourator Botanic
Sta! Tobago) and Joha Noodis
vlelted the rubber plantation in the
Volnte Pierre district when an
ez went in tapping was conducted.

Owing to the fucloawency of the
Â¥ 4 there was vo rifle
at Oocorlte Tee annual com

petition of the Vuluuteere aud Con.

ry will lake place on tthe Dith,

Mb, dnd Mb ios,


E PUBLIC ls hereby waroed agalnst
essbiog Colonial Bank Cheque No,

payment of same
baving been stopped at the Cotonial Bank,


Question of practicn wae raised b 2 HARBOUR AND MARINE NOTES.

eactitioner. His Honour Mrs “end Black Liner
Justice Ttussell aaide—''L see herd a \ The Rickford an a fom Canada

Rentleman who Js sometimes cailed fande at 1 p,m
sthe Solicitor General of the Distelet Cerca ein Teave in *ihe-ovening

Court'!" (laughter) A Solicitor i= er
* Not the Soll Por Genera but the for rented Tatendiag, reer’ by
The Danish steamer “St-Thomae”

Attorney General,” (more laugMer) Op.m
G8" Ti saitons, Usptain Hansen, arrived

His Honour s—1 appeal
esterday from Europe via the

experience on the subject.”

Andrew McCarthy, soliciter,
orthera Islands with 200 tons gene-
ral cargo, 4 sheep, 1 dog and 21

the required explanation,
paskenaers. From don t=_Vr Louis

In the District Court yesterday,

Ths sixteenth annual tnepection of

the tet Trinidad Compaoy of the

pore Bri ade Gresfelars} bythe Alston, From Barbadoe: Mz T.

to take place one the Voluoteer Drill | Laurence and 10 deckers frou various

bp on Friday the 18th November, at

4.M.8. Brilliant will be touring these
waters in the near future, According
to the programme of movements kind-
iy, forwarded to ue by the acting

fonial Secretary, after leaving St.
Jobne, (Newfoundiaady Hahfaz, Ber:
muda‘ind Jamaica (where abe will
crulss round the island) abe arrives
here on January 20th and will leare
onthe lth February, The Brilliant
will then proceed ‘to Grenada, tt,
Lucia returning to Bermuda on
February 23th,

It bas been notified that Immigrants
who have registered thelr names for
® return passage to India by the aa,
Ganges which la expec to sail
from this port on or about December
ith, must be at the Immigration
Office on Monday December 5th.

We have been requested to remind
members of the Portuguese Aneocia-

rts. The steamer sailed last night
for Demerara with part of foward
cargo and a few deckers.

The Venervelan trader * Indifâ„¢
arrived yesterday from Cano Oolordo
bringiog her usual cargo ‘of oxen,
hides, *Eins, tobacco and balate.

The D.M.S, “ Pring-AWillem V" “will
arriveat day break, from Venesuelan

orte and will feave at noon to-day for
Demerara. Paramaribo, Harve and
Amaterdam, taking cargo passengers
and mAils,

The DMS. “Baramaces® will
arrive here from Barbados on Tuesday
morning and will leave at 2 yom. the
eame day for New York direct taking
cargo, passengers and mails, Malle
by thle steamer close at 1 pm, The
tender with passengers wii leave the
Light Houee Jetty at I paw.

bn oe

The Trinidad liner ** Maracas”
sailed last night for New York via
Grenada with 2 000 tone Trinidad crude
lake asphalt, 1,200 beg
bags coconuts, 3,109 hides and skins,
350 bunches bananas and 90 passeegers
For New York: Mr EP, Itutchinson,
Master George Huggins and = Mre
Richard. For Grenadat Mre EL

# Donaldson, Mrs Abrabam iarry, Mra
Dill and thirty deckers.
The Veresuelan steamer “ Mara-
cabo , lett pewerda for Ciudad
var with the followin Basen gers
secure some | Stroy, He Azancot, Mr “Guillermo
Wenzel and mece, Me J, M. Hernan-
dez-Moreno, Mir £. Nichelangeli, Mr
Garlos Coll, Mra Carmen Gomez and
etild MeO. Leguisanon and eight

, meeting which comes off to day when
along with other important matters
to be dealt with the new je of
rules will be finally read before

Boland’a Pharmacy, Wenry Street,

{fe in receipt of a fine Gueyere cheese,

| soft and ‘fresh, also some extra

; fine quality saucissons d’Arles and

1 Lona. Lovers of these delicacies

should pay « visit and
before it is too late,

We _bave been requested to state
that there willbe a meeting of the
membera of the Society of Our Lad
of Mercy at the Sacred Heart Schoo!
Richmond Street on Tuesday next at
half past four o'clock,


| Attention is directed to an advertise:
ment in this lesue, referring to s ecrics

, of Shorthand aod Typewriting com-

' petitions thatere being organised by
he Manager of the School of Com-
merce, 3 Dundonald Street,
* In honour of the saniveresry of the
birthday of His Beleaty the King of
Italy, the Italian flag wae flowa by
the esteemed Consul Mr, F, Vicentiai
at the local Consulate.

After taking 350 tone bunker coal at
this port, the Miitish jsteamer * Man-
cheater Inventor” which arrived on
Friday from Monte Video, steamed
outofthe barbour yesterday for the
United States via Porto Tuco. She
took away no passengers from this
port, The ** Manchester Javentor’

was been chartered by Messra HR. P.
Houston to perform the round

The Coastal steamer * Kennet "
arrived yesterday from around the
Coast with 1,021 packages general
carga locluding 330 bags cocoa. Hhe
also brought,44 steerage passengers»

Those Reckless Motor

Among the passengers who arrived

* 8t Thomas” was Mr Louis G. Alstoo
of the firm of Geo. R. Alston & Co,
Mr, Alston left bere sometime in Jane

last apd during hie five wonthe sta
} jo the old Cottey he scoubined bas Chauffeurs
nessa wilt! easure, returning yes- omy
terday as stated above bearing ae | Tothe Editor of the i ort of- Spain

ble sigus of the benefit of his trip,

The Florence Nightingale Trust for
Aged Nurses wae recently inaugu-
rated at @ Meeting at Grosvenor
Mouse, when Lord Chatles Beresford
took the chair and the linperial
memorial to the greatest of all nuises
was set in motioo, It is entitled
aq imperial meworlal because the
name of Florence Nightingale is
known throughout the Colonies, and
the Colonies are atked to join in the
tribute to her memory,

The first wall -eallender for the
ifn 1911, has reached us from Messrs

avideon and Todd, Jocal ageu's for
the General iveldent, Fue and Lite and -horae

seurance poration The ‘
institution wast established ta 2893, | Would surely have been caused to

"9 5 eome one. Had the driver biown ble
and its assets dow exceed £1,050,0.0, horn coming rouad the curve 1

state | ‘Would bave known what was comlog,
but this was not done, Ye gentle:
tmenfwho own motor care and ye
driveret who practice thie sort of
fun, as Tunderstand it le considered,
Teall upon this journal to witness
iny caution that ualess greater care
fe exercised in your afternoon
erambulatiops some fatal accident
sgoing to happen to those like
myrelf whohave equal rights to the

Sir,~Juet a wee space in your
widely retd journal to Iny~how
appheable your jeader at Fridays
issue io to some reckless \ootor car
dcivera fn this town aud adrrounding
duatrict, Decent speed seems to be
observed while San Fernaudo is
belong traversed but as goon as the
deivery of some of these machines
(and isregret to state that in some
cases the reckless drivers are them-
selves the owners) get On the country
coads, they imaging sach public Jigh-
ways ate to theic exclusive service,
Last week but for a lightning
make shift on my part one of thes
motors nearly smashed foto = buggy
Twas behind, when death

We hare been requested to
that owing to the weather, the lecture
which was to have been delivered on
Fatal Mistakes” at the Falthtul Uro-
thers all, 23 Peioce Street by Mr W,
Whitborne Goodridge baa been post.
pened to Thureday 1 th instant. Me

at, A attale will preside as pre-
viously anmounced.

The executive committee of the | °*%
Mansion House Fund for providin : Yourstruly,
memortal of King Edward in Londuo iAXPavEn,
has unapinioudly decided, That Coffee Bueet,
whatever shape the memortal San Fernaodo 11th Noy, 1910,

ulclinately takos, filest and foremost
there pball be erected a statue ofthe
a jog ia some public

Landon io be hereafter decided” ‘°

The Approacalng Direct Mail
Owing toan untort Li cf
At Petit Bours Sen Juan, yester- | the Tusehinery of the Ibi. . Onde
iy, Brora ao a! St Vinecentian | at Colon our delegates to the Mail
la nt tr a aay tereatlon about | Confereuce fixed to come uff at Bar
fome fouaes| io i al Te and two of | bados, cannvt leave to-worrow as was
bets the moe th eated in rage, Jexpected, but fostesd will sail oa
dhe eh ren taken up winds | nora SxMMeaemey, Unie fa
© | portant misaion,
reeult that there was ‘ very serous | strongly insist upon them the neese
of 4 Date ck Medical Onicer ee eid tty of carering* out % he fullest ex.
Cy @ spir o * yt
be requisitioned in both cases as | passed luca! ly in favour ofa Sheet
eeding was profused. Needless to fortnightly © mail

say the police were activa in the | Mother Uo ‘sroniply cerviee
matte: . s untry, A monthly service
coun pnd ey vdlacliete will in [is next to useless and will be oneo

occurs, face the moss retroxrada steps forus an
ester colonies, And it is pleas!
to note, that with the possible excep.
Uon of Antigua, there iv perfeet-unau-
nity in, thts Question, And who
nowa whether thie gicetin
from Bh | gates: initiated. by the local Tos
ommetce through the wie
give place te the Light posal ot Mr. LJ. Hernetoine mayo
fat ‘ ‘olunleers who go into the small beginuing towards a
frotracte for tthe unual tra ala a West tadien vedeibtion ¢ Anyway
@ proposal
150 men will underge tralning this aceepted, itive Trey, tone ney
year that the forbbeouuing wail Conference
may sesist in dispel og barrow fears
and petty jealousies which uadoubted-
hy exlet “among all the islands one
towardstheotber If even this latter
Is effected then the Meetlog of the
delegates wilt not bave been jn vain,
It Maxes New F, E ne
Dar-—Not a day goes by inet
Canadian Heallog wb does pot
widen the ctrole of ite friends
Orders for it come fom tbe moet
unlikely places in the weet and far
north, lor its fame bas travelled far
It deserves this attention, (or no oil
nas so much for humsnity. [te
baoslerate Goel uiakes it easy bo ge,

the court.


‘The recruits of the local Constabu-
lary bave been tranafered
James Barracks to Head
order to

A rehearsal of Opera Maritana will
take place on Monday evening at the
Victoria Inetitute, when Act I will be

8¢ through and a full attendance of
ediee and gentlemen le requested,

Rev. W MeOulloch Thompron, M.A,
will be to-day's preacher In Greyfriars
ered at beth ibe Osh ain, and 7
evening “ . je Sug
bool moots at 10.48. aw. 7


failoring Depart


Marine Square and

‘ a x


' Tailors and Outfitters,




New Wooll

rm oUuUFR

All Throughly Shry


Chacon Strang



a ee






ye *




Pancy | White and | Viol
1'Tweed | Striped ite
SUITS | Fuannen

—~ |Suit

$12 to $20 | siz two piece | 16 B

T 000-0 00000000000000000000 00600600000



Wi and Sea



7 i Soa *



HES LMID, | Birls' White Kia Now ou Show

ry-Department. SHOES,



Med xxaited,
ig, Ohnucon Streeat

Tiscwaret ot Policies datel 1006, may

ve Always Keep in Mind
Where Real Bargains are-0

io pe A, ‘Clyde!


; mia 2

Iskt gonna! general meeting of mem>
alders of Berip issued on former

bow apply at the Company's Office, ]
$150 es, u eon Btreet, for ther’ TRIENNIAL
20 a. Bele CERTIFICATES and also for thelr _
‘De ib CASH I/LVYIDEND' on seme, sanctioned ~ +d-O-t— --
KS! we 240 jp atthe

at the

For Ladies and Children

. -| In all the latest variety'of styles. —We invite your Inspection,

triennial prewiams mer aloo a)
Otfice forthe UASH DIVIDENDS
ponding to same,

Secretary & Treasurer,


Port of Spain,
22 LADIES Tan Glace 1-Bit Bhoos, Gilt and Buckle oe atlon * October 1910, :
s + Blick Ghee Stoce totes ted Bactiewss “$Sob gE Frederick Street,
bm t# Tan Glace 5-Strap Shoes, Louis XV beela ... $3.00 B .
; Bez in, Black Glace 1. Bar Bhooe, Light Boles, 4 ss. #200 Beye
4 -it= 33 * a |. Gibso ase eee tee . Eto a 274:
x = Guo M Tie Gibson 8b tee a ee os. S
les gos ee Sua pee] ltilldad Building and) 4 STORE FOR EVERYBODY,
vs STORES. B * ” Hatin tbs ar ic Bhooe— Paste Dismond, ia White, 63 ee o ge )
«61, =
w home 277, ~ B un White Kid ‘Court aad Bar Bhoes, wie to ibs EY Loan Association.
== —-0—— me —_— _—_——)3O004—————
SILVA’S | > Ss FOR CHILDREN : . a) Telephone: No..52 We have a reputation for selling goods that lease,
3 o Aomne P 88 Pp
* ' Ss CHILN'S Hect tDucklo Colonials, fo Panteot, Tan aod Glace, ee The Board of Directore of thie Association and keep on pleasing and make you proud of
| 8 Childs White Back i BarShoes .,, oso ow 45,58, 68 Ea has declared aa your purchases.

= ae


for the helf-yeir ended 30th Jane last, and
Mom bare whove shares have now mistured
or whose mortgages are now pilt up wa
apply to the alfice for their respective cas
amounts or re'easerol mortgages,

The As oclation ls prepared to redeent its


on spplication at the Office antil 30th
September next,

. . oo


HOME 297,
. ‘ And a YVarlty of other Items too Numerous to Mention,

b's Biscuits | pom

0c tin | f




RUBBERSOLES | Wht Canvas Gibson Shoo,

4s, 5s, 6:
BOOTS & SHOES | Tan Calf Sandals, 3s, 4s, 5s
Black Glace Pat, Tip Gibson

5s, 63,
White Kid Shoes, 3s, to 7s,



Skeoch &Co.’s




Men aud Boys.

Meco ca was phil continue to be granted
on the usuct terms in accordance with the
rules of the Association.

’ I Secretary oo Treasurer,
August 26, 1914

moe Be Boy's Fancy Eton n Gaps.
BT G00} 22
7 woe 1. oo ¢ 3 3
ACK TEA 30 “ o 38
Be wien A NEOESSITY gun
: oe NE mans
~ os) HAT DEPARTM ENT. Away from Home, asd
RK cxoodtars =~ Men — awa eal OMB
we BOO Our Famous ,
aD y ROBTBREAD 400 ’ ° dnera is but one way to havo hot aa

or culd drinke when you wart
them without annoyance andtruuble, Fixthem up ia lUY
WOT bottles before you start. Thea they will be justrigh’

FOR DaYrs,

MWen’s Paris ‘how,
Newest Shapes, from $12) to 26.09.

Newest Trowserings,

Newest Tennis Suitings
Newest Serges

rV. Xx.
Men's Straw Hats,

In 2in,, 2fin, and Qjin. Brims.
MEN'S SYRAW HATS Black and Fancy. Bands—
2and Q}in. Brims.


All Prices.

la & Wilson itd,
® Emporium
Goats, Ladics, Boys & Girls
hing 20d Undervrare
; ADHOSS | for ona and all

Baraat and the Finlsh Lot
kawee GARDS aver imported.
Pavlik: stweet,
-N. ABDELNOR—Proprietor,

; pect ca

pane ZANE

Pete’ Wheat in Pkgs.

paRinow UU PRUN ES for atewing.

oe alne

a iM Cheddar Cheese


Sole Agenta in West Toadies
and Vevezuels :

WantedKnown.| = -5
Just. Received, fen en

les COCOA BAUS—Gauaaranteed lbs,
Be ““ BUGAR BAGS , 2\bs,
eA eae
UBE S ——501bs,
Coes TOE aU SUGAR—100lbs,


eseriptions o¢t

We gosran‘es avery if logiedieut wee:

be ofthe very best quality and to carr

oot our elm we kcep ooly rompetent husds

for oar cunpountieg jepsriment where

by reasoa of our check “system socaracy ta

firprnmneed out for oor Night-Bell for
night emergence:

per TELEPONE 202,





50 Drums Prime Large Lunenburg CODFISH
“5 ‘Weices , Medium ,,
Mac HMeoent Awwivnia,

50 Half Casks MISTELA

a coe OATES 5. 25 Wall Casks ALICANTE ; 100 Kegs MISTBLA
. Ein Sat at = oO TD Tigers pod Toned Lords, to 150 Cases Noilly Prat VERsOUrHt pia

% N B i Spale the sa w " , ,

RESIT Berrroors I 2 Port tolleare Mr, Jomee E 50 Cases ’ ,

‘Gade be wall”
Gordo, adios o Now 1. Backvills ditevt
whore be ta prepsred, 08 bitberto, Lo nader-
take the collection of reate ead ta wake
seguiar sed secusste retaroe bo thoes en-
trncting seokh work toble cares—Uct 6


cows Agest har re

33 BRANDY—1, 2 & 3 Crowns,
ii GOWIES—" House of Lords” Whisky '


HUVERS OF S 70 Sourit Quays

z Anda.
me * BLCUITS & CAKES, 6 Cases Bulmer’s Sparkling Cier“Oisecy Nocaign "gach

Gdozen pirts ,
6 Cases Butmos" s Champagne Vurry * Longland & Morr.
crofr’— each 6 tozen plats.



i Biscor 73,
7 pore teas Macluae Mixed,


t Cdsesista Five O'clock Tes
â„¢ Vanilla Sogar Wafer

Puone 574




| EEE ET gy




O20 =.0. “SORO"*

250 Ilalf Bags ** FAVOURITE” FLOUR,
359 Dage SPLIT PEA:
10 Cases + REINO Brand MILK
10 Cases “Biucnose” BUTTER ation,
to ay “ Bilt Iba,


20 Tanke Batger’s SWEETS
10 Cases 60/1 lbs, UREEN TEA
& Cases * Crown” Braud MATUILES,
23. Higa 80 Ibe, POLLARD
2) 6. Coven ie gore JAMS —7. Feit We.
Tha best for Marseol Anta,

9, Broadway.


1, Appreciating the | fact that the cleans
fog of euves gutters presents dilfcalties,
the Baniuary Department are now pre ared,
ou bpplication, bc uodertake the wotk ate
reaaunable cost,

2, Yoar ooopecation lo this endeavour
to deal with ove of the common breedin
pleoes of dangerous mosquitoes ts volicibed

abstthe same time it mast be pulated
ont, as tbe Regulations of Jaty 2ad,
chow, thatthe duty of kee
free of mosquito larve reste on
and ototpisrs ef houses,

3. Io many {ostances it ly possible and
sivisable to do away with eaves gutlers
altogetber, aod allow the rain water ta
fell Gheetly from the roof and be taken
away | by the sarlace drains, Wheo thiels
consideced impracticable eaves gutters
should be regularly inspected and kept
clear and clean,

4, In your owa ‘oterests you ere pacino!
bo remove frown your Somes
boughs of tree cathe by deposit. we
leaves mnlght id sa block eaves patterns

5. App iestion for the cleansing of eavee
gatters should be made as the cilice of the

i. L, CLAKE,
Surgeon Ueneral,
Zod November, 1910,

a awoces



OTICK is beroty af siren, that the Wind.
ward Maio will be
closed to braitic ie eter ihe Vest banks
of the Hope Bleoheia Rivers, from
Bat Novenbar t to 17th Dever ber toclusive,
lor the purpose of extendiog the tops
River fron bridge.

ane TE
. or
7b November Tele, “

PERSONS desirous J nt! ing fur
Todiaa fotalgrants ilve dare

log the season 1911-1912 are reqarsted ta
4 ch a done oe he Iet


ive lmmyireats will be required 60
ids snub partion of the © Katara Passerg

ide ‘Hoa ere”

by Seta ae fenot pall by the Imai.
gents (hémselyes, which wil be charged
for te noosedenon whh Section 28, Ordine

" Is ser aleg te sutinohly understood
that ne op for pealaraute will be

ee a a Q That bed net somgiey wiih OF,
ete cas pial ard Steel Pill: Pills, || Chere s x Nothing Dr. J, Bal Garringt ’ Tee an ENS CARHIAGE FACTUBY bar added @ sew Dopartwent is the Tiees ot Gace scant a ota,
At gis SBE & PENNY ROYAL PILLs Just as Goo yery ot New ¥ ch, Uv A. Meenen MA SIOrOR BUY aH HILO Lietievey tbe Governor
[Wives ent th tbeep prices the cicst fas as = Laivg's = White wae oo be bs ' Whee Muiwi lus, bauuhes Bago ©, Can le + myeteatly repahied o@ qaishent “y on Coot, |
; Ss be pleased 50 qualty, Thece are efecto oe pe i 1 Dettle fur Coughs orsle poths, Apexpet, Alc BoM. Mitac, lati ot Aven slaoulactuslag Uv, Leaden ta,
3 WG cines for ladwe, Trice l pe Pine Cou Byrup. : Conte AL bor ceca sean eeente { ss sbaign ote bet, Boo of work, — Lusent prices, Proteter of iamiyvasta,

Wertwarth to Lia Newalla there
good ar | with 2 palr brass pide Lamps, ia‘ perfect
—FoR="~ bar ented Monto, 9 Tits Pamotehe inl working orders & bargain for any one de-
the Town oo Wedoesday the | slrous of runato Oger ServICs,
ae sah day of of November Upto, be ween the fours NB. Free tat ip to papprered party.
_ 4 Foe farther particalars apply to
* of on bat pereal of land nd situate in the la the Ward of BMITE BROS. & CO.
" ing 008 ioe being lot 8 rela al Biperd Siperla Vi vi Oc. 19th—10 he Bonanes,
4 —AND— bounded ne tbe News dot No. 97 and
> lands of Batting Rela oo tbe ny lands
of Thom Rodrigues aod by & surest on the . 3
AL LI f fart by tanga of blog Rejus asd by @ street Oo g
* andon iba West by lot No, 97 aod by lands a
“ One’ hueeire day of Octoher ren, o =
my, ~—FOR— " 1? Perl SKERING, a ;
i ’ ld



mo ” .

a2 s

oe & 5%. pegs attr ws


pusucsxe Novick is Bis hereby ateen tba to

ae Trinidad Temper Lima| ss

Meter Char-a-Banc, T
To ay ni e persons.

h holstered
Erase Retest clstered


Assurance Company
Guaranteed by the Yorkshire fir
a Life Tons rance Coy

ontablished 28a eH.


Head Oitee:—Tork, & iglnd™


Results will satisfy you,


The Trinidad Shipping and’ Trading Co. Lmtd



Me Disinfectant |se:

ke emamtcnes sate eee Se ROWER STOUT
e “— stead Office Edinburgh, Scotiand oe io es
VENUE ooo ry oe vas ace Agent
re. Pines Dectiazo ae oo “ one ass Epona = FRESH SHIPMEN’ ft
“ Acoumotaran FUNDG ween ont 13,500,009 Notice. av ance
‘ tear veestieeatt RATE ABSOLUTE 2OUKITY Toate iano ice] Hasgew Steamer
, LOANS ADVANCED on scourity of Poliotes up $9 90 per ceut. pf tha Jorquim, ‘nibelro. are reqaired to ny
” monder Vatee at 5 per cont Interest aach claims tothe undersigned £6 later
* JMMEDIATE. depoerion ta home rates daring visita to Earopo and | S08 thee oth Norember 1910, alter which toll every Dealer turowgnon
. as rate climates ALN, VA SCONCELLO —- ew
. War HOBOBALS ACCEPTED and Polleies leaned ta the Wott Indies witt o 7, WARRANTED:
x, Fieranoe to Head Offce. Execatore,
Mae CLAIMS PAID Immediately on proof of death and sertlements made | Neve. fst, 1010—1m, Pur,
, 0 acy of the Companys Agencies, Wholesome
’ . POLICIES on which are fe admitted are sent oe “ee Two Youu zai ban, MoxDay mie st NOV" AND Xnwigoratings
AUSTIN. ia- .
Agent t EMBER, 3 Acpreetet tte oi classes, frome

. _———

The Barbados Mutual

eM one aeee
Various Systoms of Insurance,

WHOLE,LIFE AS3URANCE—By preminm payable for whole of life All ibat parcel ol land situate ia the Ward of
le yp! pay} io forabmited number of years, Mon’ werratin the Island o of Trinidad comprising

ENDOWMENT ASSURANCE3—-Payat'e ata Bred dete or on previous death, be 7

JVINT LIVE e ASSURANCE. Payable to the sarviror of two persons on. the death

° SUORT at ASSURANCE, —Suitable aa security for temporary loans and klodred

ANNUITY ASSUKANCE,—To nesure an annuity to the wife o2 the death cf the

CIILDREN’A ENDOWNENTA —Uselul asa frovislon for education,
ENLAKUEABLE TERM ASSURANCE,—The largest insurance at the misinun
gutlay, alving the advantege of low real am daflag tLe early yeara of
Foe farther fatormation please spp!
' FRANCIS LROWNE—Agout, Port-of-Spaia,
L, W, BONYON & CO.—San Fernando.

puaric NOTICE is, is bereby tiven that to
exercise ot the Power of Sale conferred
Mortgagees by the Cooreyancing aod Law of
Property Ordinance 1884 aod contained fa a
Memosandum of Mortgage, No. 93 dated agra
Agel kg’8 from Albert Nicbolds to Harold
ugh Bayley abere will ba pat up for
by tbe undersigned at bis Auction Mart,
No 31, ifigh Street in the town of Sao Fernando
on Monday the @ st day of November toto,
betecea the hours of one aad two o'clock in
the afiernoon,

and & os. QUABYS, each.

Every bottle aas cork

Bast hat you get thgcauins articls



Chacon _ Chacon Bl—Telephone 190, _ 190,


GROPULA %, space

‘bo. jut, OD the
South by a Rond reserved filty jicks wide ee
the East by Crown Jacd and on the Wea: by
land petitioned for by Jos. Blackie,
Dated this 1t"h day of Noveraber, 1910


. Provisions Cocoa another ee at ones 6 x
~ PAL :

Noa 4 tTlant Rtreet


—— Oe

I AVING been notified thit the fruit
wavingog 14°h jostant Is o herwise oc-

Vood throughout the th States since 2840,”

Was se equal as race COMPLEXION Pat.
SERVER. A tew applications wil CHANGE
A DARK BRIN qaveral shades lighter,

Palmer’s “* SEIN-SUCCESS 1! 7"
ere ie Lf ree Barat? ie Metl

storage of tho RMS. © Orubs” i a eiuteery and an
BLOOD-800CR: CCESS *° Remedy ts
cupied I thvaght it more pradeat to atabie,etteats Blood y,
postpone the forwarding ot Gh: istmes vi 6) Seative Blood Purifier and Family

aola by Dregglate 0 al over the Welle?)
Prepared, Sod ona t and Guaranteed ty’

he ‘Woraps, Dwg &

crates of Orangea, d&c., to the * Thim
leaving on 28th instant, after whie
date Iwill be glad tosupply soy far.

ther orders,
v ot the Pood asa Drars Act of Jans yo, 1534,

I take the opportoalty to fcform| dbo aes PTE tel coe oe Be,

Viaotere that my Vara Rubber Boeds ars Agent—15, Frederick 8
grimioating very satifactorily aod that Sole, 1oty ior Bree ‘Sampler

ready to taka ordera for de: | oo
December at the following tee ate of {710. Bi-Centevary 1910,

liverioa any time after the
Prom 1,000 to 2.000 planta in bamboo pots, SUN INSUWANCE OFFICE,

tem Sven Hy pice oe:

Or Eaey

Frona 2.000 to AN planted
‘rom, 0 at

at SOW per thounad, j 'n bamboo pow.
Fron he upward pi


| TRINIDAD, sats ta bamboo pols, | 7A, outa | Wee is Of tn dn the W rid,

ta thy Supreme fort of art of Trluidag and Tolega at 80.00 per thousand,
oo [TRY= No, 7 of agto In the taehruptey Bpeclal arrangements may be made with losurances of
J OSEPH GONZALEZ Jana Eo menting Pabebasers Per mel apd
a pes Haden O'HBR BOONOIG PLUNTS. rctekat ro
oe Tor bitin, tlaneware and Lr bits oe yc sar ia Fioe grown Forastero Plants fa bam: for Ch pay Rendon
Barthenware Sacha sete ite ssang’ Adwonretie clare | Opole afk igh and upwards at @f 1, fiag Glas Windows

reland Ofal Beveivery baa been appulated KENT = fusursaces

+ ‘Trustee of the property of the badkeupt. 2 fected £
Wholesale and Rotail apdiven regs patos ther pesca any of | Eating atlcn 40.0 F thoustod. | senate tor th Laat of Rant nea of Fe
Poe Ae EES NER the Trumey,and all dates due tobe bankrupt | Gollee Robuta at D000, O'SES by Lighting good ty
a i Wo, 27
au eee ee Hi, vase, | thetsPaiee cai attt
BALL TWINE, TRINIDAD: TIMBERS. platen roms Vaud “out Ks,
GALVANIZE Wine, / rezali, BONYUN & ComBubAgeots, fan

A Gne lot of Galba at 40.00

A Ooe Jotcf Yoke at so.d0 bet per pean:
A foe fot ot Cypat 40.00 per thousand.

Ht Jveeph Nurseries.

Uith Nor, 1210.


& bereoy n tifed that by « cer
téin uitrament in Wribre date
the eh dey ic October gio, I
heve beca sppolated Hecelver if ‘the
te Mary ‘and “St. phetiet Fetates,
ibs oparty of Mery Blsvbeth Warrsa
Canuple, and oe any, person par a
live or de


Cart Grease {ao 3lb ting, Ladies and
Basting Spoons, Uoosebold,’ Kitcben
ands requisites all as usual

tal allent
ES, Soa a allention to Waholseale | t

Techaloal Instruction in

EGISTERED th blackamiths and ap.
preotices who have not yet rs

: A '
JOSEPH GONZALEZ, |atieitengural te dale te ee bat cldadutral Tvl ofthe
ny Btaxrt, forthwith tome oa the proposal to
1 Papers | iste rreins aes vecse on | Pattstan Quinine Halt Toate fences win st of ar
4 re fana atten oath bts it ig be paud to wae cu the] Brings bud oie onzinel teanty— [Fegaested toda vo by the 26:h Of thie
ry ae
Bie padres Gt dark . ‘, lated (ble dey at X Xovember Lute. 36 bettle ah “ths Eoglish BM Hally,
ant’ ‘themet Bawilor’s De tle ieee Thar macy. ted Norgoater, 1910. p78 Chalmtn.

sanomisisaine éoetndtantn no ote SORBOPARLIN Guukrte AUNOAY NOYaiioEK tf 100

wt 7



y koows as No. 5, Bt.
na it oT Breck te pee ei an bo SB ”
Tvieaat Bi efter wit be refcaeds

Ate! iy vo
wu, Maa, arelerick Streets
October nin.


new Botentii ‘Hiethot

raj Beimont Soowne Rank NP Sire,


Dr'A* MARQUEZ, Surgeon Deatlst, |

pre ared to execute ‘alt eget fecludio:
BNTo¢ bay « iyponrieg maehon, | Lele ies resin

me ao expert, Carbon aranieed to be

paper and trpemritecalb pies q one ott ct OSE peat miatick Stroat, abn
Dealer fo Typgerite, nites, menace cartes

Tae Beeksisseet | ing Glotts— Tho Bests
1 il 1 Wa i Ua CAOEIR- undersigned bes fast opened sp under
NorcR yee ie hereby ikon Promty he HOTBe HERANUA. Hoary Biren
Emin ocean cca | a. ane
plac; bor ao: rosber person ct procs T. he Finest Stuffs
oi ated thle 27 dey rt Octaber 1910, YOR

©, G& VINCENT.—Im.


Frencu & Iranian Marenrat.

Sins) Dentistry.

FARDBRICK 8 ar. - o0pP

iyeerouar’ And he soliclts the patronage, of
the pablia.

Mopenats Citances,—Oct, 25,--1a
Octor 27th.-- Im.

Price e of lee

ite aoe. io aumewarylog
ay ey entose $3.60 gold colo,

$8.00 per Top delivered.


3 Ibs for tee ate uv eats tt THE
25 Ibs. fer oon eos 15 O80 .
S0lbs for... .. S0eents | | Price of Beef.
100 Ibs, for aes see 60 cents


Prica of Beof



Roast & SreaK 12c,
Bnriskat & STEW 1c.
Bones U6e.

When you buy your Brrr
from me you have money
lefe to purchase vosetables,
e’c, I am selling cheaper
than any one else in the Mar-
ket—Try m
‘| From today these Prices
hold good.

Roast & Ib 10c.
Brisket & Stew... 5, »» 8¢
Bones Go

eee ecee

Felix Marsan

Nov, 2od—Im,

As a Christmas Present,

Weare offering our castomores pew ling
of FOOTWEAR which we are making
te season's demand, “h 0
Fashionable "x lasting Bhoe $2.40

(Ladies) D'ack or Tas) at

and Men's Tea or Black
Boots at
le FOOTWEAR made to

wood lines la ENGLISH


ee Qa
18th Octr. 1910,
WHALE abuur

A New Panama Hat ?

Ou Oar Bpocity i

ty you Intand “buy ing a Panama aad 'WRENOH WEEDS, which we sre
Hat from 6 to 20 shillings Gocel CUTTER on the Premtecs,

A Bargain Awaits You RODRIQUEZ & Co,

CLAMENS, “TA MODERWA,” 10, Froderick St.
Corner Dake aod Georee Bsreets, . Tecepuonn No, 79,

Nets tthe dthan} es


Real Bastate and desurance nce Broker, FIRE BISKS ‘oa oa al ae of Fro

Vaiuer and G Com,
mmission Agent, Thelorth British & Mercantil
No.2 st yincenr street] UNSURANCE CO LTD

{Opposile General Post Uffce,) eutmnitehed 1g0w

Total Fufiés at Bist December,
THES 908. sessrvee voereK19,875,857 0 0
we tet Total Revenue for Zotz, 2000 7
Trinidad Electric 00.5] russes aston ala bythe Com
Mtemived, fioaid upped tow foal thon whe dealeets
Electric Bulbs,| “2 seater ree

We bare jast tecaived from Hamborg

Youth Rie tae) tad a
Call early and secare what s JUBANGE ote
"sane 8D. uanpixt, mw Spends oy ed” Baro
snager THE OGEAN
he =m fie
Mes . the Cd own
arg Smith 8 B08, 66 COs) poston TRINIDAD BHP.

Ieee pa. Billing, Daselag avd Polish:
ol-pela— dad Ovtoper 1910,—10,


ren age 9 oH

The Very Best, |!

es E E. Oraueets Patentid Cov aon

Veoe °,
bane Bettie © Ot oats acd Usauy a Go's. re Vincest Belldieg, Porte |

1a Ae vonnuy ann
or sonata ;

pups NOTICE »

ve wt

is ar erolas of the Pew
duh dey ot Sarin
00 oli 09 and made be
Pag) le eben

Path Aneel Me ‘Heden mh i

third prt aah the aie
Bobeerer of “the fourth po
Memorsnion Mo
Yilone ot the

dated the reme oe
made by the mld G

3 {a favour ol the a

Bcbeerer there will tee
Pablic Aection by us gag
their a Ante Mart, No
Sueet, Port-of Spun aq cal
dey Novenbet 1816,
ofl eed 2e'clock


teatatlen aliuste af ba 4
Wara tf Bante Oras t ,
Trloidad known as “iam
pristog four quarters of ad gi
oa ibe North on land of ing
oa the Booth on lead of
ga the Erk oa the rides of .
9 acd ont! :
Uen Bacl and Kegs Aye
that otber plas
vforesald known as *' tea $f
pristog twelve qeartoes of fen
ting on the Nocth em land aba
tancisco Garcia sed ea y
Maraces Hills of the
Cbas. F, Bro'lm er and
river acd co Je:
the East on thet _
andon the Weetos eG _
Also ail aod 8 agaier
lantatlon sitaate fatte a
Gres known ev “BI a
three several pe i
thereof comprt
on the
Leonard ang on eee <4
the Routh and Rat 5
Jobctere sed os. the Wi
Chilatopber Moresa aed
Soraino, the Beovwd thet
elx acros,

vo 2
tod dea

recta and a and
end abattiogcn te :
Csalmero on the Sead a
of one Dominique sad an ;
formerly of Geivels new

pold Lamby, and the Teal @
pring three acres aad ‘
and ebatticg on tne Nate, mn

formerty of Atoo'd Lang. @
other cocus pla atetes
of Cavra ia the old 3
“Baens Vista,”
pareele cf lead the. Toni
twelve scres and tee
oa tbe North, South
now or lately ofthe
Wesson lead row or
Castiilo, tbe Brood tig .
ten eores aod abotiiieg a
Crown inade on the teeth
acdin lasdof P, fo
oa Crown laod
Ochos and oa the weed
and on land of P, P.O
thereof comprising isa
and sine sechos ad oe
orth end Wretes i
South oa Crows lacd sedge
Cedena and onthe StS
sod on @ raise, ead
cee ae twenty
sand abatsing 0
vod Weat on Crows
oo land poe or ne
Acd also all thoes ther saa
held under the lee aye
erty Ordicacce
n tha mld Word of Gsam

be the same a it ‘ae a
the sames
ard with the abettole mia
thereof shows on ibe

Crown Grant regetaes


Mead by Jand of ;
the Suurh aod Waet by OF
Hsoocd thereof sine ei
ef Ceara comprilng tr0 arty
and nzteen perce be Oe
more or Jess dellnea ad

tale aod Lousdaries the

plan acoexed co the On
taedia Volaze I LI}

Nrome Figace re ties 4
Weat by Grown Jordy agg
thereof situate tn the ould
cut leabre oft
st'le more
ibe abuttals and Losoterta Of
one tie osee te
registered fo é
peed on the Nurib by
of Laouie de lorme os
lacda and ov lend of
Ruvas on the Kast by ;
asd C, Kivas avd by Ouemy
Lor ori oe
eate gi ide is 7 iesaed _~
9 Real Pro}
Daud thie Fin lon ‘
z 5

—_—_-. 4

prsuexouce 7

in exerciee poe *
fcered on Nort a

Law of |
and contained, ins oot

of Mortasge cs


fi Alex
Aaron se Woba “a thege ;
stolen mai Nets, as
Bsn Feroando of
0 e
Finsiy aiid shat
scl is id 3 Sine
Medise Sucet i ed
Femando ard say
upon tai de et the beie
Se de
Francie Jouguiss spies the Tm

the lands af ihe ba .


town cf £8 :

Bonding op tbe dort 1

Taleban, Gouth poe ;

Meat upon senes ot ee
West spon Prices Also
wih the Sa

Dard t

t + cs
BPs re

pare of otied onan leg
suas ab oe

. “N wer

Oycle & Atbletic Sports



TBINIDAB, t dor 0" Jentations $Tristpat.: : Taintoay, . - ‘
UBLUG NOTICE le bereby girva thas } sivoste see atl Ward ‘ot Mosterrrat J GALE TUN WEDNESDAY THE set |SALE TOR WEONRMNAY TRE ast
A (a exoreiee of tbe Power of Sata cons & comprising respectively (1} Filty ectee (2 VAY OF DECEMBER 210, DAY OF DECEMBER 1910,

—AT— fted on tor by the Conve Lt a aed (3 —— ne
at abd Law of Preperey Ocdinsace Nec Td ned | Serge erira. oee seal aoa, thingie PUSUONOTICE is hereby etetn thet | FYUBLIO NOTICE ie heroby giveo, (bet
St Cl 2 Corteined tna septate deed of martgaze | y6 ches which ssid three several parcels of in exerclsect the Power ot ¢sle era: fa exerclee of the Tower of Sade aoce
‘ air Oval feted the Loch day of Femuscy 1005 rezie Hed ere prapeedrely ecemribed ia, Gertit. | ferral on Mostgs gers by the Gontevanelag | ferred oa Mortgagoes by the Convener
ia the citiys of t netrar Uh ti a Vol XCIE folla [aa aw oof Be perce nance 3w Of perty re
~ONas aaNo 506 of 1903 had ate Bene Epi of Tle regia aad contalned Ja A aerte a Deed of Mort, | contained in a certain Méxoraedam of


Jutes Emannel Acie of the one part aod Wo and Sogular thess [ g-gedsted tbe 15:h day ef Naich 1007
Jarra Arthar Rex 8 otlm ere atin Tney. Ad of land nate la the Has twusde breween Chiles Jean
Pourler Stotlmeser and 1 ndolph Rast of | eald Ward cf Moaterrat FAe Pret there- | Mave of the oae part, nt Mary Jane
the orher ‘and aloo {m a certain Memory | of eomprising ten sores and abutting ont Dourna Wilton cf tha other ped aad air
tandam of mortgeg wader the provisions | the North upda lands of Bohoraa oa the] fn a Deed ef Farther Cherga deted the
of the Real Property Ordinasce dated the Soath upon lands of Ode la itwa Gamera [31d day of Darvember 10°83 jane mete
old 10b doy ot Febraary 1993 msde by fon the But acon lords of M, Mandose | btweea the said Charice Join Mule of
the atid Ja‘oa Ematrot Acteln favoer of | and onthe Weit ppon lente ot J. O, Gon- [the one pecgq acd the aaid Afary Jans
thesstd Jame: Arthnt Rex Srollaeyey, | avles TAe Second ihereol conprising ton | Bonrae Wileos of the other pirg Tere
Cheles Fourter Geol'aeyer and Reudolpti | acrea and abating on tha North apos | will be pat up fir sate by ths vadomtzgred
Bast and alco td a sertsin dead of nor. lendeof Marin Mudoste acd apen Crowa | at b's {ration Mart, No 02 Heeris Prone:
SpGy ated the ald teath dey af February [land on thy Haat apoa land of Voeleria fimeda fe the town of Baa Fernando on

905 registered at No, 603 for 1035 an4 | Villatnel acd on the West anor Iagde of | We tn-aday the 23rh day of December 1910
made between the sald Jaes Kanne! | Meblen Vilarael And The TAlrd thereot
Ache of the one gars std tho sald Uhirles Comprising sixteen ecren atd alotting cn
Fourier Stollmeyer_ ef the other part od | the Nonh upon lands ct Ssactun Habata co
sleo ins contain Memoracdem tf mort- | the & uth and East Cr wa jande and on

Afortgige, No, 110 dated the Yod Jaze,
1909 from Usbstet David to Johe Janes
WeLed, thre will be ree. foe Bale by
he underatgned at bie Anction i: Ne,

9o, Harris Promensde, Bin Fersand+ on
Wedara fay the $8 day of December 1010,

Salorday, 3rd December 4910


1 Sarmeteepeme ete ame
/~ONK itm BICKCLE RACE =Open to
\bose who have never woo a first Brite
at any recognized Cycle Meeticg; £a-
trance Fee 50zts, Ist prize of the valng
of 8 dole, 24d Prize 5 dola, 3rd 3 dole,
Time Limit 3} minutes,
2~100 Yarns rut Race Open. Kae
Uacoe Foe 1/6 = 343 prize of the value
3 O16 dls, 2od prize d dole, 3rd Zdoly

{ ye e
iw deving cometo our notico that it has boon

bavi EA inthis market that the quality of tho
» Horse Whiskey has fallen
ave are compelled to give tho most emphatio
Feigal te such reports and beg to state that the
Saisie caro is taken in blending and reblending

” fh ite Horse Whiskoy #0 that
eration of quality:can occur and our vats ore

between the hors of ona and two p.m,

All shat ai of lacd altaas'te the
Ward of Gropouche comprising nine sere;
three rea la and 18 pene 6%, delinested in
the diagram annexe! to the Crows Grate
bo Ube eald Uisbriet Davids Vo'ume X11,
folta 62%, and bounded on the North oy
Cruen Lard, and by lands of Jeremiah Jy
Antoine, on the Bouth and Weat by Crown
Lind aod on the Nast by the Q sirama Row,
Dated this Mab oy of November, 1010,

te wees the hovrs tf Eaed 2 p.m,

All thoes font several prreels of
land pitnace at Pparo settiomiat la the
Wart of Montetrrat, the Get thereof

fas z ta bo: oge usderthe wielons of the Real t deof Sve Hulto AND j ommprising five neces more or ices, and P.B, PICKERING,
ieally examined and analysod by Dr, Clark the dapat ane arent old years oo roperty Ondieaboe dated the suid Lush | ALCO ALE cod MINOULATE that cottein | boncdet Sa the Noreh by lands of Debit Auctioneer,
ow the well known analyst whose last 3/6—Prises of the valnaol 6 dole, 4 dole | U°Y Of Vebraary 1003 mate by the aald | other piece or pitoel of haod sitaste in tha] on the Zouth by landsof Pamcha oa the] Tteebosre meatloned Mo: fe Dow

Juice Emanugl Ache to fovonrof the aiid | sald Ward of Monewret comptbiog forty
Cherlea Fourier Bol'msyer there will be | nice acres one rood aud elghicen parchea
Dut up for Bale by Pabtic auction by the | and abutting oo the north tpoa laude cow | by lands of Gridharl, the second thereo
vadersigned at thelr acction Mart No Ld or letaty of Bobarege upon lands formecly | somprintog five acres tore or lets and

Rast by tanta formerly Seyfon cow of

Yeeted in Ucratio Joreph Anquvie under
Kivaenan and Tekeva'tand onthe Wea

Nemoraadam of Tracaler, Ni 4
the 16. dey of March, tia 17m Sted

and 2 -
aiden N.B=Ne racieg cycles

4—THe UsMurw-Nort ONS MILE BI-
CYCLE .RACE~Opeo, Eutresee Fee


“¢ seis published below,

City Analyst’s Laboratory

e 00 ets, —’ _ Bt, Vincent Street Port-of-Spaia on T beeqtentty of Bobarua | boeoded on ths Neth by Lot No. 110 on 8 =
e 138, Bath Street prise "A Bold Blin Coptot ink | aay head day of Noveuiver 1010 ue: [on taney h Cee lands ot delien, Vill: | the Gouts by hot Nosigee om the Keay ty Administrator General's
b+ , ect, value cf £6 presented by J. A. D, | Seed the bearvof one and two o'clock | reel apoe Lunds formerly of the Crowa bat | lot No, 118 and onthe Wead by a road, the
a Glagow, th July, 3910. Heulyo-Nott of Ragland, ~2ad prise Be. sabseqiectty of Nesbar and wpoa Crowy | third thereof exmprising five acrea more or $
at «, Be ne LE dele Set doles certain coche Shae EN GUAR thet | Inndson the East epon lands tormeriy, of | lew and bounded oa ihe Nowth ty to; No; 68, Blt.

5 . _ we rtain covos-; PRO- o 2 m the Scat
I hereby certify that I have taken same NO JUMP.--Open. Entrance Fee 1/6 VIUENCIA a taata wa tne Ward'ct areas the Crown but sabecqnen y }

East br Lov No, 120 aod od tha West by | TRENTOAD

ia the Supreme tof Trinktad and T
Ta the Matter ra Adaioisirator Gwent
Ordinance, t9+a .

Ja the Matter of the Goous of Wa F Sampeca
tare of tha Town of Pert of Spaio. ia‘ the
island Of Trinkdad—Deceased Intestate

Zamara cf Sobsrage aud of Bobuaa aod
on the Wen enosflanda aw o1 formerly J Lot Ne. 110, andthe foer h thereof cow
tf Senclon Nabata anol Marla Modes e, prising Give acres more ot eas, and bonad-
hereto after described chat is tomy ZAe | AND BIXTIILY. Al the parret of | otcn the Nor.h by taods of Gatlio on the
Piret thoreot esmprtaz sig sciea aod | tand elu ste ia Monteercat eforowlt com: | Nonth by ian te of K phal, o9 the. East by
abutting on the North wpon lends now or | prising 12 acrea 3 roods and 35 perobes and | lards cf Rowly acd on the Wos! by lauds
latety of the Crowa on the Bouth wpon | abuzting on the North 0} 00 lant of Bobar. | of Gaanaees, ,

Jods now or lately of Jaan Ey Villalsue | an andel Damsarehou the S.uh avon] Vated chia 2th dey of ‘November 1010,

Prizes of the valne of 3dola sod 3 dols,
trence Fee 60 cte,—Time Heit 1 Prises
gt Abe valoe ot 30 dole, 6 dole, and
Tate ARDS aot RACE pret Ec-
Tan 8 Prizes
Sdols, 4 dole, and % dola, # value of

Reis of every Vatling of Mackio'’s
WWhito Horse Collar’ Blend
BeBcotch Whiskey used in bottling to this
Mate, and the results of my analyses indicate
poet it conform to tho standard for Pot Still

storrat in the Island of Trisidad conslet-
log fol the several eight parcela of jand

F “ $—ONE MILE BOYS DICT: _ outhe Bust cpon iaade now of lately ot | tand of G, deta Rows Zimirs on tbe Est Bgd PLL, PICKERING, LL ha
petoh Whiskey setup in the london case, 10 boye under the aueot injec eee] Querice Ferreira and oa the Woitopoa | urea Orovalied acd oa te Weer upon ve NAnetioater, | A Eb, perazes | ae ig nets atttingt the
- the duy of the Sports” utzon yee | '0ds now or lately of Goolem, Hosa sud | ned of Setverages than tbe wadersigaed full perucutars “of ibe parse
Oe V6—Prises of the value of @ dole, Kuderat The Second thersot compristog | NB ~The properties “LA PROVID- f are por WEDNESDAY THE Q9TH | reritied by asidivt oa or before Thurtday the

{ am also of opinion that it is a Whiske
of excellent quality of flavour, of GREA’
AGE, having been long matured in wood.


fire cree (boing pacd of ten acres granted | ENCIA” “SAN JOJE" and the several
to Oresam) and abattlog o¢ thee North parce sof Iscd thirdly aod fourthly ~tes>
wpoa lends of Callipar oo the Sooth upon | rribed are contained ia tte ded cf the
lends now or ls'o'y of Keadaraton tha! 30cb dey of Febrasry 1903 made detweea
Ea Sponlacds bow or lately of Lachisan § theesid Jules Ummacuel Ach> acd theead
and Balakiandouthe West upon lands | Charles Fowler Sxollmever snd the par-
of pow aor lately Sindats Riv 0 | osis fourth'y deccribed ate alto contained


4 dole aad 2 dots, N.B.—No racin
tyoies allowed, '
tresco Fee G0ots.—Time its Ath
mioatoe—Oompetl‘or must have raced
{a atleast one of the preceding cyc'e
evonta to be eligible for the race.—1st

- OE sath day of N. ber
DAY OF DECEMBER 1910, a laine wilt be eerie ced ar which date

pyBue NOTICE fa hereby given that ts who hoki asy Sesujity whavouver

Py ust assess the value of Used security and
ia exercisé of tha Power of Sule con- t an m
fesred 04M srtgegees b the Conreyanoiog | Poosty a the differeoce o: give up thei

tcurity aod prove for the whole debt
aad Lew of Property Osdioance 1934 an 2 ,

Payments Will ba made on Friday the sod
Gay of December rote, botwees the houre ot

; contained faa certain Deed of Mortgegs
Public analyst for the County of Lanark prise A Beeyole preseoted b The Third’ thereof comping five | ia the Meworsndum of Mortgige BoLE/ Gatar the i av dey ot nepteabor 106 | twa aud lnrewia the ofie-moee
. ‘ od a ores {belog the other moiety of the | the pro tstons of the Real Property Ordia- | a, ° a chi Dated this grd day of Noveraber
aad the Burgs of Patrick, Paisloy, etc, ot 10 doly sc prte ithe race sald parcel of tea acres Branted to pec dated ths semis 10.6 day of Pateasry | 07d made between Catiomon Morchan of * Fitosast Tol Ihe,

the Ost part, Keariso Vasques of the

Seroad a and ou, Ja0e Eaoree TRINIDAD
whoa of the thir rer An 0 baD.

deed of far her charge Wied the 2id day ° lo the Matter of ©

of Docemb=¢ 1909 and raade betweoathe i The Ad, , G ?
said Evacisto Vasqnes of the one part . maiolatratorCeneral's Qrdlvanes,

Oresam) and abaitiog on the North opoa [1905 mada by thesali Jalze Emuinac
lands now or lately of Fak'ra on the Bouth Ache ia isvour of the avid Chath Foucler
epon laods now of lately of Peraberneuth | Sto [meyer and are aut fred to, the mort:
on the Eset npon laade nowoc Jately of San | cage secarity of the 10ta day of Feb uwy
hiner aod oa the West upon Iands aow or J€0$ in favour of the sald James A'thor

of 20. cots Aciog Admimstrator General

10120 Yps McRULE RACE —Open, En:
tracce Fee 1/0~Prizes cf the valae of
6 doln, 4 dois, and 2 dole,

11,--Two MILE BICYCLE RacE—Open to

se v give notice fat S100 Roward
je‘paid toany one who will give information

‘ . latel. f Sandollo Ri . “es Foarier Stoll -
nto a verdict In our favour against any oColcoy daring the lect tonsa therot” comprising tno qaartecs,foclog meyer mod Headolph Travt ead tho sald ofthe ber pets Thera wh be put Bp for Aad phd Beate sate ot
; spreading or repeating that the quality of Entraace Fee 50 conta, Prista of the | PME of lob Ns. 26 Cardurs Setttemeat | parcele fourth'y desorib d are afer sabjech | aig by the audorsiasd at bie Auction flate cf the Village of Tuoapape la the

value of 10 dolla:s,6 dotisry, and 3
dollars, Time limit 6 mia.

12,—440 Yarps FLAT Race—Open. En-
treace Feo le6* Prizes of the valoe
of G dole, 4 dols, and 2 dots,

13—TuRre MiusK inTer-CoLoriaL
Dicycre Rack~Upen totwo epre-
sentatives from Barbados, Demerara,
aad Trinldad, Time limit 9} mlas
Competitors most haveraced in at
least two vf the preceeding Cycle
eventa to be eligible for this race, lat
prize Gold M.del, 2ad_ Prize of the
velaw of 8 dollars. Lep Prize 3

1—Hich Jome—Opes. Entrance Fee
1e61—Prises of the value of 6 dollars
and 4 doliars,

15—Two Mme Bicrctz Race Hawont-
Cap—Eatrance Feo 60 centa, Pilzos
of the value of Sdullara, $ dollars aod
% dollars,

1o-HaLy Mite Race Haxpicap—En-
brace Fee lei, #rizes of the value
of 8 doliers, 4 doilara and 3 dollars.

17~Tus Nixes Mitt Bicyvets Racs~
Open. Rotrance Fes Wosav, Time
Limit 30, colar, Competters must

granted to Uoolan Hosac) ‘and abusing | tothe Memorauiom of Mortgnas under
oa the North azon lands of Loale Preagon [the provisions of the Hed ioperty
the Soath opon lands now o: la‘ety of Fae | Ordinance fated the sams 10:5 ay of
kira on the Kast upon laade now or lately Febranry 105 male by ths tall Jales
of Cambrayoand on the Wost npon lands | Kameoue! Ache ia favour cf the ead
now or Sately uf DB olaki The Fifth there- | Jamce Arthor Rex Stollmeser, Obarles
of compri-lag ten acces (vetng tot No 23 | Foorier Stollmeyer aod Jtsndolph Kas, South fa the isnt of Trldad oom
Caracas Sottlemoct) and abugiing on the The asveral parcels of land filibty dea prleiog four quar ees and sbut fog on the
North upsa the Caracis Estate on the | crited are contaived in the deed of m rtt orth wpoa tauds sow of formerly ot
South Bpoo lot No 2ion the Kast upon gegeofth@torh day of Vebrora 1905 Heory Mirtio oa the Soath upon Iande
Jou No, 'Gaod on the Wees upon lob Ne, | made by the sail Ju'es Eawaauel Acte | now orleely of Remotar oa the East
20 The Sixth thereot comprising Four-} ia favour of she sald Chisies Fourier upoa landatow or formerly of Sarfa ood
teen scrosand two perches aod abottlog 1 8 o'lmeser ard are sat jotyio ‘a myrigage | oh ing West npoo Jands sow or formerly
on the North upon the Carscts Estate on | dite the 15ub day cf May 2021 registered as of Leon Signero, together with tas ap-
the South upon lands now or Jately of | No, 1139 for thiaime year aod expreevel portenscoss thereto beloogiog,
Kadacat sod of Qaerico ferwin on the | to be made between one Jousph Eavene | ny eg iis Bth day of November 19 0
Kasb upon lands now or laieiy of Angaresh b Ache of tha Ieb pn tbe said Jules Pt, PICKEBING
and of che asld Qaerice Formia aad on the | Foraquuel Ache of the 2 d part and Vir- ® ~~ Aue foneer,
West upoa lands sew or late'y of the sail | giai Prada of the 3d partand the moneys f ~——————___
Goaoiam toean TAs Seventh thereof com: | theral y socare4, NOTICE.
pres ten seres gnd abutting on the] Dated thie 8 b dey of Noremb 71910, —
orth upon & Readon the South rpon F.d.8 OTT & 8ON, SALE FOR FRIDAY TUE tor DAY
lands now or lately of Kioghal y ard of Gore Aacticucers, CFE DECEMBER 1910,
pusuc NOTICE fs herety gives thes
ta exercise of the S atutary Vover of

Qterioo Fermia on ibe Kset apes lands § — SS
sale confared upra Mortgsgees vane

fowoe lately of Joho DeLisi acl on
ies following devalled Bick of Tes | Cooveyacciog Aud Lvw of Froce ty Ordlo-

Mart Nu 99 Uaetrin Promenade ia the
Town of Sao Fornendocn Wednerisy the
ZWih day cf Docewmter 1910 between the
houre of on8 aad two p,m.

Ailthat certaia nvecol of land situate
at Leogna ia tha Ward of Savens Gracde

Ward of Tacar! in the lelaod
riuidad--Desesect Tatentete. tod of

JAUCTIUN Bale for Tiursday the Isp
ay of Deceudser 1910, between b and

pusuc NOTICE le hereby given thay

there will ba pnt op fore Sule by Publia
Auction at the Ultise of the undersigned
Vort-of-Spain oa Toursday the lst day of
Dacomter 1910 betweea the houre of 1 and
Zin the afte-noos. .

ALL AND SINGULAR thet esrtain
piece or percet cf Jeaad comprising tivo
scies (be the same niore of teas} aod dee
toeated in the diagram attached to the
Crowa Gract regtecered under the eel
Ve perty Ordinacce &¢ Voinme CUXIN,
fou 309 si usteia the Ward of Manzaa-
bia fa the Island of Drinklad aod bonaded
oa the North by Crows landa and by lands
of Alfred Bt, Gialr on the South by lands
of Magoobir and by a Road on the East by
lands of Alfred bi, Clair ood on toe Wees
by lends of Regoobie acd by Crowa lindég

Dated thle 7ih day cf Navember, 1910,

N,U.—There is ovcos cultivation ou the

above parcel of jaud,

Mite Horso has deteriorated.

feeke tanc Roward of S100 will be
ie any one giving information leading to the
Peion of parties refilling our bottles or adult-

Me our Whiskey in any raanner. :


Bfeformation which will be treated confidentially
sent to our Eolicitor,


Ty 28; St. Vincent Street,

MMACKIE & CO., Distillers Ltd., Glasgow.


Crown And Ths £ightA thereot compiis+
log one quences formerly Uclong'ng to
Goolam Hoseo) aod aba‘ting on the North

West apoa jaode now ce laey of the
Babidor Motor Oasibar Compeny, anos, Number 72 and contalead or tmp'ted

m bave cacad Lo at least two of the pres | goon the Caracas eetate aad 03 the Slab = (la Liqaidattsn} s— in a certain deed of Mortgege dated the VHOMAS L POTTE
EV . teding Cycle events to bo e'igible for} vast aod Wesb spon jandact Fakira toe jath day cf October ia the year One Ry
a this race, Let Irise to be prseated beeiher wiih all the appurtenances thereto | THREE STEAM MOTOR OMNIDUSES | Hot OU Ne astral and seveo (regien Acting admistetrator-General,
, I the valoo of 10 dollars, “ard Baioetng. LYIALL AND SINGULAR | RISE SHAPASON LAY. of Cosine bse od ns Number 2.8501 10v7) sd mede ——___.
. «se oftle valoeo ollera, 36 BELONDLY1 d ad between Guorge da Silva of the one part
é * Prise G dollars, Lap Prise 3 dollars. | thas ~ ocrtals sooot-plantation. ealled | No, L toveat 16 paesongers with suad'y Pang Willem’ Sola Dandes, Archivala | eSeNIDAD,

18—One MILg Frat Race—Opor, Ene
traoce Foe 1a 6!, Prizes cf ibe valoc
of dd yls, 6 dole. and $ dole,



t There races will be run, as far as practicable,
uader abe, lana of the Amateur Atblouc
Aswet of Englaod, ‘od prafessioval
athleus, professional cricketers, groundemeo,
golf caddies, Uceceet-stiendaats, &c,, will b=
debarred from competiag.

@ Allentries cust be made and races sun in
the real name of the competitor, and a9 entry
with be accepted unless accompanied by the
entrance fea, The Commitee of the Q P,C,C,
may reserve the right to refuse ao entry without
b.log bound to ass'ga azesson ; oF to duqualify
A competitor at any time if his conve reation oF
conduct is uobecoming ve i it is shown that bis
entry was made uni Preencce,

S Memters of the Q,P.C.C. will have «
Aliscount pf ag per esnt om the snuance tos

* BAN JUSS” comprisiog ona bandred oparce form mc. Rabert, Crawford tmin aid Leoxerd
and sinsty-elgbt acres three roods and | No, 2 toazst 16 pesssagere with sacdey | Walter Lickeou cf tbe other part, there
aiueteea perchesend sitcate in the Ward spares fur eawe, wiibe putup Torsa'e by Pubic Anc ion
of Mooteorrat aod sbuttiog on the Ncrihu
onthe Mayo Hirer upon lands now or lalely spares for same,
of the Crown and upon lands pow or lately =ALSO-< -
of u. Dake and ppon Jands tow ow betel An avrottment of Woikshop Toss,

now ort lately of in Deve upon mode now | Gelracusd Ito Itoof, ead Windows

vAY ornoveaben qwidg uTit

UBLIO NOTICE fs hereby’ given that

situate at Nambar 12 Silat Vincent Streos island ‘ra oie bead” how age,

in the town of Por'-of-Sprln on Friday the es

sixteesth day ¢f Meosmber 19.0 between fated eres aa Ne ost toe tone wel tafe

re or oe NO LEI batween Pedzo 10.08 of the one part acd

7 Iand: af Garage, ALL AND SING san thet cortald Emma Dreyfus of the other pait and also

orlacly of Khewlore Berteis pon lends | Tanke and ern try Ofties Faroitury, &c. cocoa piavtation called “DP atin | § tattg | codtained “in a cortala Memorandum of
Bera tus padre gan te | “ae ing, oes auan dot toe [in Fed of Marne athe Lonel of | Mvtnge sudeg ine, al te

onde now “or lately if Sose Ls Crus | wodernigae!, fur any or alot th« strive | Tilaldad cootatalr se ch

Ontinance No 60 dated the nicth of
Unitce opoa tarde pow or lately of Hi, | Will la received by me up to2 pir. ociock land end ahatting oo tbe North aon the | 1910 between the said Pedro Kama asd
. :
Dwite upoa lads pow or lately of Jean | 00 Wedneed y, “30th Novemte-, 1910,

Kidye cf Maraces [1 ls, oa the South fing salt Euma Die jus there euteee
Chasles upon the Sanca Lucia Ke'ate apoa [at tbe cftice of the Uridgetvev Clad, | rerly spon laads cow ce lately of the | ous up for sale iy Poblie Auction by the
lands pow or Jately of Theodore Bertete BML A. Bultéiogs,

heirs of Gasper pastly ofoa lasds sow or | codersigned at their Anetion Mart, No2
snd opon lands cow of lately of the Crown ‘Tre stove atock my te luspected sod

Istely of Masia Mayara partly apool © #1] wackyile Street ia the Towa of Porteot

«| cow or lately of P.crre Volere acd partly al red urteote

aid on thy Watt spoo tbe. Mayo Re ae Icformation ovuelueh * *Pellca ajon lands cow or lately cf Jean uptiste vmber 1010 betweza tie teal ce No:
Tada now of litely of Joho White, of F. WALTER Foe ann

Anguetin. 09 the East upon onda now oF | two p.m,
iste ‘ALi AND SINGULAR that certatn

Pe Due here 22nd November.


No, 3 to seas $4 pacssogare with sundry | gs the Aad in Mart cf the aodereigued

jcare has been taken im selection and
sof shipment to ensure the whole lot
ting when planted.




7 of Francl co Dalvacend apoa leods

Ipecified for 1né yarlous events, Mary Cralekahenk; of Richard Edwards sow or la'ely of dca Pablo acd Rese oe] of Seat oltnate in the Ward of
Ee 64 Ss th * ua re ere coorelin, avects Mba aw entered ee tt Foy ot Lac a eal > il ai uclon tert ae) Prepeees Data Bera ia ihe Island ot Feiaided costein!
St EF Ys | ee tauing ls ts tre emia to 0s | Moyo Bond together wns tai appacan | ___ TeNovenfber 2010. FUG, ote aad Singular thou ehigs | Stventcen Acres andaTwanty-Six Ferchee

sod abutting oa the North oa she High
Koad on the South og Crows fang
the East on lande now of lately of the
Crows sed on Janteof Maslaac Roudon
aod oa the Went on Linds of GO Hoodos
sud on the Hilgh Koad, Sabject however
ta a cectala Dood of Morigage bearing
date the 8th daycf Acgass 107 register:
as Number 2/62 of 1007 for escacla
pozment Vedro Kamos to one Joseph
Harion of the sam of Ooe Thousaed Three
Hondred and Bighty-Kighs Dowars and
Higbtyrone ceateand eterost thereos,

O ALL thet pared af Lind
situate In the aad Ward ef Tooo com.
pistes: K'ovea Acres and Thirty Three
‘erches be the some wore or lee! de
nested sod whh the sbotte’s and
boundaries theres! shewa La the Plea an.
pered to Orows (irant entered in Vol
LXXXLas Folio 29 aad bouode! oa the
North by © Reserve Forty Links wide
slong the Matelos Hiver Crowa Lard
by Lands of Him AV by Laode of

th day of toe is no one but officials
2 t 1900 One
. be a oa tbe tack (The cule will le
etrictty adbered to,

6 start for each event will take place
puoctuslly at the Gee sisted in the programme
aad without reference to abseatees.

ences thersio velonging,

THIROLY, All and Siogular ifs
otrtala ccose-p'antation altoate at Mayo
ia the sald Ward of Moateorrat comprwing
eighs acces and abuttiog on thu North
upon Ache Kosd and spon twa acres
reserved for Marig Alexaader 03 the Bout
spon Jande formeriy of Antonis Lopes tnt
now of Jules Ache on the East partiy npos
Jands of Marie Loulse Alexasder sod
tiy spon laa e fomerly of Jen
Crake bas mow cf Gabriat Ache ent o2
the Weet apon lends lo:metiy of Heery
K, Boote bus now of Jules Ache A
ALL aod SINGULAK that certala other
@s02s-piendation situate lathe axis Ward
of Muntserrat comprising sls scrces one
sood and thirty*2.@ percees acd abutting
on the North upoq taod sow or lately of
Joba Pbi.ip on the 50a, lauds naw
of lately Of Llisabeth Sarchos on the Kost
poa lends fameriy of Leouard Ubaslee
w pow of the said Jules Ache aod on the

several icces or parce 8 of lend aod conca
plantations eltuate fa toe sald ward of
tr ase, the firet thereof called ** La
Bahudar” ornteining five quarrees of
jaod and sbntting on the North upon
lends row or Iately of Rows C, Alvarex, on
the South yun Jauds sow or lately of
Chailes Dofour, on the Fast upon lends
now of lately cf Mena Desgssin and oa
she West apos the La Babades Hoad, the
second thereof poatalnlog one qoarres of
land ard abutting on the Noth upon
lands co ¥ of lately of Nove Ignece, on the
Bonth upon lands cow or Jats y of Mabloe
Montrichard, oa the Kiet wpon a Ridge of
Llills and oa the West upie lands now ov
1 tty of Char'es Derriogioa and the tAlrd
thereof ern'alulng coe querres of land
and abutting on the North ¢ pia lends now
ot lately of Usartee Bernagtor, on the
Bouth w lands now oristely of Babice
Woaulobard, on the K-et poo a Hidze of
Hileaod cn the West upon hinds now or
lately of Hoos Ignses, Together with


Sutton Cardens

London Old Tom Gin

MADE e . e


Orange Bitters




f Arrived, and Now Landing
be Ex


4.006.883 EL.

Carolina Pitch Pine Boards

are eight competitors at .

9 Sort Comumiites reserve the right io
making af wy, ine pay siteration the
froxramme me ad pecersary,

yo Kvery com paior will receive fa the
Gpelog room a tick boariog ee cunter
ben respoadiog wits bis sumber la the ae
and puct teket

Athanese Salrary by Lanis of Jace ER

be of Freocis Lind ” tenanre: therete be'opaing,

B.. SPECIALLY SELECTED AND CORED. wGthg “trom sboulsw to" tbe bares sad obs Aiso SL set wINGULAN Aba cite “ BICK-ME-UP. Vass aiso thee Volley of AF‘urance on the Beth bye fal a Forty ive Linke

- otber parcel of cooosplantat’ the life @ 88 5 wide slong the BMatelot Hives by Grow:
» M8193 Fit x 12 PLAINED 2 SIDES- G & T. Judge bes power v0 order Of the track any Mayo aforesaid oompriel 5 in the Stsnderd Life Arsgrence Company a

3 ig t 00) 2 Lasd asd ny

» 30858, 1x 1s “ Tecry compare, pe wi dhe a sotered ene ea acre tee toods and twaatye SOLE AGENTS dated the tweatieth day of Ae; tember in ihe. Barb: Y Aadwol Athenee aT, by

or more arecls, allow oe

+ aeand sbaitisg on the North
spre lands of the devisees of Robers Toy
oa the Svaih partly spot Isod of Marie
Mendoss aad partly poe land of the said
Jates Ache and ou ihe West oor lands of
Kusabeth Banchoa poe lands of Willisos


423, 1 : AND SPBUNG.

. ti coda % nog an atins

yp, *8.001 4, A

@ Ofer tha abova ax twual Cheap!

tbe sear ove theatand nine bandred and | randy of Jane E. Halvary ead etd

on numtered 74415 T.L. shereby the Fark
bum of two thousand poucds (£2(00} fa | Of Henry Sra sad on the Weat | y Lande

soeared to ba paid aa ip the ead Polloy 12 ee, rene nts whe of
sorarioned, the Metelot River,
Dated at Port-of-Spaic thie ‘aath cay of


setts ealtieg bla to sdmisune to tee
eatitlic; to a

oat ore . Such atteedsat wil


Goodwilla & Wilson Ltd


ie y

April S7tb, NU ALSO that parcel of Leod coms

e ag App quaaice pelo oat eactireen fot | Gordoaordoa aod pom laude of James _ November ia the yons of cur Lord 1910, ring Nineteen Acton three Hoods
= Oe Ww BD & CO. ta these Kues will be dents with Dilip ead jatareeeied by the Mayo Koad, ons ¥ud, SCOTT H BON, | Puiny ight Perch be the sae moe
&_ Vv. CONBWBOLD & OO. Moe a ie cad ba reouved ap ta ¢ prra.oa Pa ITHLY, All ead Birgelar that Piano Loss ° Gort, Auctioneers. Thuty Kigoe Ye ond with the bowie

. MLEMBRO COMME oftere hee services
a tate ear seb ee bast

tain ad oF coacs-plaatation
compris gightecn acres three rods and
twentydoar porches aitaste Is the sail
Ward of Mupteorrat delioeated ia the | P4:
diagram or pan savexed 60 the Urows

NDE VIERER, — No, 39
Bec aert fe wiling to seeps
pl efor tation om the Misao,

Tarms Moderato.

and bouodariee the

ausexed to the ‘Grows Gane ee ia

Ws ER Se Ara
a oa th

Crows Liod aad om the Woes by bby

N er oh tbe
Ye ek tpaieg > MU Oecwinrrs

Soe ee ere HARRAGIN,
Actlog Hoet Bicretary, VP,C.O,


Seeridedos ve accica Peale Assotlen |

at f jantations and Grane te ove Vioento Lesama regietgred ovemb.g Jer. - Jo, Direc: Bteswship commsaisstion between | petitioned for by Elivori: b
‘ dene é dmenbais aa wn Prope rer va wen D ie Velube alt 7) 2h abso al LL sod x vee eat Indies nnd Ucistl per thalmpertal | to carseiu Memorsudue of Morers
ear; EKIND, —

Teale ae 3 bores da tude th Oct., 1910,

ate, de se proce: 1 —_—— —_—

Direct Woot India Mail Berelee- Coupeny,
Farticulere i rusts the surtiea’ le
Hitpivg for Tt temas oad Cer-
Uhoatee se bevotaloed

dated the 37b May 1900 for

yuent fojeeras rive f the vam
s ap

froma JAMES | interent thersca, ny Dollars with

fend Of socce-plentation situate ia tbe

STILL LEABING. gaid ward of Mcateertss comprisiag twolre

Latay’s Favourite fratel Wat ts—Par, | actos three roads sod vblrty-aing perches

Ab fa small or large samt

6 d
te ahs St LAING'S WHITB CsRBOLIO jsowe, Aparkilog Bareregery pre Picsbe Grows Unssvtc, he? entd Vicent oy wmINIDAD 104 co, He TUN RSITY OF Dawtor, EXGLaxD. De eit SOHNE toe
“aan Toone Ponpes. Peri ra caer sateen Ee eet Rao ah hee ts FN Hedwia inves A Jer a arutieaein
. tins,
oasis, * IRECCAQ, - aN wad 34 ENGLISH PHAMAGT, Teapboos No 0 Begs Poarmecy, .


x a
gy Te ee mn . " TIP FT RT ee 0 Fe EET a
: 1

ec \

& : ‘ . é i o

\ ‘ \°



Eres (WEE

wee ey Oe



fhe Bonanza| Smart « Tweeds, | 400_ New . Pairs.

or— fo GEHOOSS] FON,

Eras ALSO A RANOE oF, English Made. Américan Lasts,
UES’ WALKING SKIRTS TRxelusive Suitings|oax tanieo soves.|

mex Melton, Serge and Broadcloth —or— TAN & BLACK VICI KID.

fetch Nei, Maple Fors Cor edie, 6 | | BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS. RIDING SADDLES.

PRICES FROM $1.00 to 83,00 FULL DRESS & DINNER SUITS Black Box Calf.


F sovaL worcester corsers | Satisfaction Guaranteed,| Every Paty cuarantoca. -

pa. 457,401, 590, 513, 611, 609,

mauve ouronasr sans [SMITH BROS. & 60.|°" terres

MITH BROS. & CO. 7, Frederick Strect. N.B.—PRICE - - $4.00.

Blue Flame Oil Stoves.
Best English Driving Harness,


White Frost Refrigerators. ¢ ;


Ice Cream Freezers at $1.20 cach, 3



The Bonanza,


busigess, of the Session before re | St Iatcis the contribution, os cubeldy, , disturbers of the peace, past or pro-

nal we

; e 1 '

Mt 19| Lancashire Insurance to] DENTISTRY. rain cca vino | keh tent ede [ek in it tedata ta
| HNC d er | FIRE & LIFE {DR. CHAS. DALY, valle ant. OATH cua uth, | Setttae aereeay, money, frase


Reporte, differ anto whether the ‘Antigua, ith, f supplies the want che ie feeding the

Dental Surgeon. Veto Couference failed upon thecom- | Mr ALP. Cowley hasbeen appoint- corpent that nay atlog her to death.

PERMANENTLY ESTABLISIIED IN sition of {he Comwmittee for the] edtorepresent the Agcicultural and [ Hence last month two new loans, ask-

TRINIDAD, adjustment of the differences be } CommercialSociely atthe forthcoming | edfor by Mungary and by Turkey,

tween Ibe two houses or upon the] Conference at Uirbadoa onthe Mail [ were refused access to the French
ee a adjustment, for a popular re-| PASE OIFICK NEGOTIATIONS FoR | Tike GUNTI v

euch an adjustment for o popular ree | POST OFFICE NEGO NS Mik OUNTROL OF THE BOURSE.

Lnodon in Mn auSpenches. LISTRY ferendaty y Oa behalf of Se. Abalfour, DIRECT MINE. tith When 1 ur ed at the Hague the [m-

r. alter KM arhados, portance of {nterdicting loans to_re=

te Demtal OM1Ce@! fannounces that Homo tule Vedera- | To day's Agiiultural Reporter calcitrant Governmental was told by

86, FREDERICK ST, Orer Dr, Artbur | tion aud devolution were rot diacuised | — Captain Owen, local, Superintende the Italian Delegate that flnance was

Reid's Utiice. Atteudance all dey, by the conferenco which confloed it: 7 of 2 MLAP, Ooy., haerecelyed a tele: | [sternational, and that it was beyond

eens fuelf to the constitutional question of } gram from London informing bim | the conttel of Governmenta, Tha re

- the relations betacen tlo Houses, [that the Directors of his Coinpan ly to that is that the relations bes

See the S t OR ES Other reporta say that Me. Arquith [ haa been insited by the Geseral Vos ween la haute finance and the Gove

a dissented from the reservation ofthose | Oitica Authorliles Lo negotiate fora | ernments are so close that no great

NOW manaxrp 1m 3 t

Fonds Exceed ... £12,000,000

[SS R4NCES effected against
loss or damage by Fire on
Buildings and contonts of Ware-
houses, Offices, Shop, and Store
Premises, and Private Dwellings at
moderate prices

Qradoate of Bultimore College Penta
Surgery. 2yeare’ Practical Experieoce in

Has again arrived by the
8.8. “Crown. of Navarre.”


questions from conalderation by coin- } direct monthly teanesallantic mail eer- | Osnkiog firm vould venture ta

IN THE MARKET. 0 . mittee of both houses to consider | yicg between the United Kingdom and | launch a foan jf the lasue w erget~

® . PROMPT AND EQUI TABI E SETTLE Show, Window jointly soy measures rejected Chrice | West Thdven." 6 tcally opposed by the Government of

- MENT 77 y the Peers, and that the Liberals de- — its own country, That is true of all

LTO AIAI MEANT . + or— manded that the Lorde Committee THE PROGRESS 0! OF THE WORLD countries. Lut in France the law of

*, of Bouse - should be constituted according to te » * the tand sad the pabroken custoin of
~ roportion _— Duce are give Lhe Governmen

¢ have also on hand a Fresh|4 NEW ee SUITINGS ire | ane veg eyue swe | Racecar

© ~ ° . that Mr. Balfour further requires END security ou the Bourse to which the
t hat the Irish Peers should be added] = fiondon October Ist, 1910: -The } Government tak too, Thi

Shipment of SMITH BROSAND v0 om AND tothe ‘Lord's committee for the con most notable thing that’ happened ia power vested te “the Freech Governs t

The Honan,
Port-of- Spain

Butch Pilsener Beer


. For Sale by
mhe Trinidad Shipping & Trading Co,, Ltd.

Hs treats one Temldad, carrying Throggh Freight for Tobago and Ctudad Botivar}





In thoroughly good order

sideration of Home Rule, the wonth of Septeniber wasthe em- | tuent could easily be conferred upon

1 XQ : ergence into the might of alt men] all other Goveroments, Last month

4 PD, [Generar SLncrioN BUVORE [om the vided great Power of | (he Erench Goveroment interfered to
- , XMAS URULD. the world, Therearesix great lowers | pievent tho issue of two loans—one

Then go Lonide and order your Mr, Balfour's followers are diswalis- | without whom the whele six ate] other by [ungary for £20,000,0u
fiedat bis plunging the parly into an] powerlews, The seventh great: Vower ] Turkey wanted the money to buy Iron.

Ss Ul T Ss other election certainly ofan adveree | lathe Moncy-lender Hitherto hiecx: | clads and materiale of war to enable ,
restilt, The liberal newepapers urge fistence haw been recogoived tacitly. | her to dominate the Dalkans and tere
agencral election before Christwas or | Last munth it was proclaimed on the | roriea reece. Hungary wanted the.

: ister {a ready [tie declared [| of the seventh great Mower Is Mrance. | for the cost of the anaezation of .
that Bpeclal attenticn can be given to that the King ie depressed hy the re- | The advent of the new sovereign even | [Bosnia and Herzegovina, That is ta
every detail, vival of the situation, necessital(ng his | now le not clearly discerned in uiany | way, money was wanted by one ta pre- x
° a acquiescence In Mr, Asquith’s demsaods | quarters, Vubthe reality of bis veto pare to break the peace, and by the
for the creation cf many Liberal fener ts felt and resented sn keenty in ] other to pay for the Gout of tearing up ‘
ENS LTD pee . te belog made todiplace bul ernment .basing ite objection on |

s * TOANADIAN RECIPROCITY CON- Minister. In otbee words, the | formal technical grounds —diesaliafao- (

FERENCL ADJOUINS. rivalry of nations, instead of being | tion with eecuritieg offered, eta,—re- {

She Gexts Complete OntAtters. confined to the markets, the armies, | fused to allow the money to be sub-
= Ottawa Nov 12th J and the navies ef the world, has pow | scribed io France, It was suggested '
The Reciprocity conference has ad- invaded (he Dourses Ib is on the] thet Kuglaod should come to the


in Europe. Bub thera is a seventh, | asked for by Turkey fae £4,000 UN), the
Call early before the Grent Rosh co | atleast ae soon. as possibleaftce the Pbowsetope, And the lime Miulster | money to pay, among other things, !
Serlin and Vienna that vigorous st- [a liuropean treaty, The French Gov:
——— i imect agataat Waeb- | Stock Exchange that the issue of peace | rescue of the Turkish loau. Sir Ecnest
LATEST TELEGRAMS {ogton in Jantary wher il hoped an and war wall be decided. hes 3 Cassell, who « Py promoting it,
Tele hed. 1 60 far ae concerns the ronptly came eel on bulng made
Wid Panama Teleqraph Company | sgreement will be ~ “ east bEtt tinacclog i aituie i notion the pe calag how vauch ripen og me te :
sTiiy 6 HHREO DTI 4 nificance © eevents of Rep - | regarde e British Governmen: “
NeW FORROAST OF IPBRIAL BT, LUCIA AN VICE. te Heein the factthatit became evl- | The cntente curdials for the moment .
FEDERATION, | dent that it lecqually true with regard | became a qdefensive alliange fn the do-

‘ FOR wATLU BE London, Nov. 12th. t
Meawer, wears, «og AT ght owen terest . The Duke of Marlbordugts | vii] At a meeting of Cee eee iPr Tie itoney-tendes stoppod | tered ad it Tinkey. aud itungaey u
we Aug 17 ws Avg. 26 wa Sept. 3m «Septell dressing a imeetlo ot es an fm. | Counciltoday the following resolu: ] the continuance uf the Itusvo-Japan: | would be compelled get money as .
sae, ve, AU, SL we Beph 8 ve Sep 17 van Bop’ 23 ' ° Colon irederation whereia Hogland § tions were adopted! Jet “That s com: | ese war The veto of the money-len beat they could from German gam-
Ge CHANDA” Spt, 10 om Beate 2) ww Holt Be Oona PAUL i SCHBERER & C0 i bere be the first among, bined cargo and passenger service on | der may succeed inerying * Halt blers, ‘Turkey, however, seems to
~ on Bept, BU wo Sept. 30 ww Var 8... Oot, 16 . . *{ would merely 1 td bee ae ee aneed and recomruended | those who ar@bent Upon reonlog the | have given assurances to France In ‘
mada”... ae Oott, & y, Octte 10 Cntr, B2ie Oct, 20 £, equals and be thought | + riot the by the Hoyal Commission in paras{ breatveck race of evinpelitive arise | consideration of which the Turkish
PWROP GRANADA" Octe, 15 2 Ocit, 2 i Nove 2m Nov, 31 41, MARINE SQUAR come customary Dominions beyond | graphs 163 to 100 of thelr report would | mente to the hitter end . loan Ia to be quoted on the Bourse.
MAE = sie 2b Nox, 4 = Non’ U2 Nor 3) | ‘PHose No. Le, Governore of the Dowinions beyond | graphs Mi te ve the existing commer: | TIE HOVERKIUNTY OF FRANCE, | Hevtew of Reviews.” .
cRaNapie ee ake ore 16 a Nor, 29 on Pec 4 so the opibe Me albrince slal neede of Bt facia for trade exten: | France, once the first mallitary and ——— —= ;
OR ” we * wn Dee ‘ eC, amongt 4 dsuccessfully pro [ the first naval Power on the .
ne Wor: 30 ~ Bes 2 ~ De 3 m See, * ‘COCA . COLA. y08 SNiAL TES ENENCE cola. trots tie elect trade reinione dle of Parone: ls pow the second moll tary PRICES CURRENT, .
Des, — a, - comblue 6 four . —— -
Or GRan ban Way Deve 3 Rs ut ja |: awe Me Joeeph Chawaberlala, {oo letter | aired 2nd: ~* That t faster conlined | and the fourth naval Tomer world of New Yonk November 11h, :
‘ ADA" Dea, 24 = vane = = Tidtey ta connection with a | inailpasenger & 4 9 b
ai (0) ane ‘The Genulas American Coca-Dola. to Lord br Tey teod dteforus League \ferredto In paragraphe 161 to 165 of Hasnce, The frugal habits ot dacaues Flour, ten ed Clears for West
mee tablishing regular cou. uhomme have en: iN *
tha shore Stoamsern all ab E08 Inland of Grenada both ways — prefereuce | tbe report ee

ndlea per Le ow Oo
at Manchester, hopes thet he United King: | the contentsof ble old stocking, to ree} Meal, Kiludried per barrel $20~290
me come, the nb’ Usionies atibe mance ee West “hdles vis Oanads | ptore in another reals the loat primacy | Now Season's Vork per brl=Na Qutn
complete union oft te ence, otber- } would, so far ae comwercial peece are fof France jo Kurope. But for bun Meavy Mees Pork per bri, 2}
pea Colonial 6 me too ‘late. Iie |eoncerned, bo in advancesf the to- | and his savings the Ituesiin Empire Bugar Jryotals per Ut be be
wiles It may Bet Hogland will show }-quirements of St. Lucia and wulkely | would jong ego have recled headion Engl j Muscovs dosOteat lub aug
piso eles y to make the changes toconfer avy trade benelit, cominen: [into treme leas baokrup Mn agile! lan essen

Lably Issger ex be has Jeut his money with aeingle rf gallun—No qua.
the Qolootes have already wade | surate with tbe pro! Toe each We hee Momiogat aestion, of ee. | Cot Middling Upland

Wad NG ODMPANY, LIMITED |ars tanwe. Jue tecieed at = The
RADING aes knows. Just received at “The
Dostieriva AND £RA shtipms, tdelied,-B.Wl, Merry Widow, Beptember Zicd— 1a,

tee, Be
— ing their wilingaoess to meet ber | peuse of such seerv re ity aiid Snte Jew or Boston, at Liverpool per 1b, .., 8a.
nifweys which, he says “ie very | last mentioned, Terre eonamunieas Cheicttan orl" an, Peace lower or] Exchan a New ork and
. 6 Tse “for ‘oue trade and our | gular we pe out Power, Ib bas been all oneto him London, 00 days’ aight... £8} 3.
New Now Prcaueye but, they will not walt for | tion will the Uolled Hingioe oy | we ie ache recelved bis dividends | Hachange New York and 138
Py 1, ever tts usr by Be Luca @ satisfactory substitute | with wofsilbng regularity. Nuts London sight. w= = EBS
A STEN CHAMBERLSIN'S foe direct service such asis now per- | change is cumlog over the opirit of hie] Tdad Goooa N, York .. 1b) tug
(SHSONABLE D, 2 8 tT. cock, | formed by the Royal Bail Coy ath dreaut, $e le rminolog ‘ wee pbat Lon pox Noveinber 22th,
G a nL VABTE DRAPERS Goods Mr Austen Chamberlain, in a sperch | UPC OT cessation of adirectinall | he may buy too dear if be Demerara Orystale
oods 7 OF RIT) rl MENS OUITITIE, f at Wiges, said, there was awple seseoger andcargasecvice betweenthe snatches ab dividends earned by fin- percwe ws we LO H1d6
he ve a Ky)? RS roo for trade between the Kmpire's v ited Kingdom aod the West Jadies j socing bls country’s foee Ja other || Musoovado
i LA LLY a ; Lioemen which would be not only pro- | Cer Elis to tbe present one | words, the pulitical bearing of fon. Floating terma ln ond,
4 5

lo but would strengtben Jiritaia
firatle Domlsicav under the Urown,
Hie decied that a duty of two
ebilloge oa corn would make the
Jost dear and declared that no
demand for sur sacrifice is wade
eiiber by the United Kingdom or the
Colonies, bud that the greatest pros
rity hee io the mutual stvances
went of tbe snlire Empire and he
aahed whetberthey would refuse the
reference which {fe proffered aod
accesstothe best market soy manu:
facturer could desire, .
Great activity is oteervalle at all

ter to be very greatiy [cial fovestments jie belog enmewhat perowt .. 14 8/—I0

oo es bel likely to” seriously | tardll feougolsed, Ne. Cobden ss. | SUBS German Doct SX LOK
interfere with existing trade relations ported it before the Crimean war, 8] POE CWE. eons ame BYES

blatineir development to cause soon: | made a memorable but unavalling pro- Java Bugarts X Gibraltar /
end thels disturbance of West Indian | teat In the Oity against suteceit mB to br Chaonel for orders Hoatio

nijinent and coavenirnce anddef-] Jtussian loaue. Frequently of late terns per cwh 4. 100
mitely weekea the Hok with tbe | ywarel bave urged the iapottance of | peucare Hum Nou, per gal 10d tollid,
Mother Couatry, and that the Imperial | an jovrnational snactuent forbidding Trinidad Coove, Good Biddle
Uovervment should bw tged to give | tne leue ut loans to aay Power srbic ing lted OWE tm
consideration ofthlaview.’ Sth ‘“Thet | has made iteelf the enewy of the bu- | Cotton, Nedlum Mine sea
Tr afice fuat conelderetiun, it be found | man race ty diereyardiog the recour | felauds at Liverpool Nom. per lb, 1/4
tbat arrangements for cur Hpuarce of | mendations of the Hague Conrentiva. | tank of Euglaod rates of

Gireot service cennot be made. | Iy’thes | doubt uot but tbat this form | Jnscount = = Sper cent
© ference . possible, bel uf Bugvott will la the Sceptre of | Consols om
rea to the fester cf the two Cavadian |} Posey; but} pleaded in vai at the | Tures per cent Rentesin Pane 07/9)
Brvices ise a the by | itague for the recognition of auy such Ketroleuta Options ww IA Ae

Wo Recolved a Large Shipmont of


New Dross Goods, Las} Fashions in Lacies Straws, Ribbons, Lacesyand All-overs,

Seo Our Now Goods—- Keonecst Priccs.
Pr ee


ince, sett aaa a sella er, lcs ete ntehin «

headquarters aud Mr As ula counrction tian of the ancient f festeru Oilteiis
Pole eat recently to Handringhaw whieh the Uated K iogdow | Last murth. however. ite eel tHelds § Lo 18 discount, au su
resuadly tf consult with the his, be = unintaioed, provid

ne aie a Ee.

tie teheved the Pyle di leading ooney to] Guapo 66 to 59

te ww rovid
favoure (be winding wp of the pa, boneres, that 16 dees ant ont

euwe ghinwerivg sense of the uct: Pelroleuia 614 to 3-
vf * 0 3-16 discts

a —

ce stn


me en ee I
MR, ALGERNON ASPINALL AND? ' Local Turf Notes, Yesterday’s League Football.

. . mem woee
THE WEST INDIA COMMITTED, ), The recent showers do nobapprar| + CASUALS Ys, SHAMROCK,

> <_ to have bad as much effect upon the ne
It was a happy thought of th Sevahnah track as toreqder exercis:| THE BATTLE OF THE GIANTS EtDS
Chamber of Commerce ty decide ts | ne otthe animals to be entered for In A TIE. .
nt entertain Me Algernon ‘Ti Acclde to | the December meet impossible, The -- .

the energetio Secretary of th Tyee erercising track wes ic fairly The League Match between repre:

Inde Comunittes, when ihe * pastes srg xe verday, when some of the sentative ams of the Caruals, and

UR. 8 colony on bis *{ Shamrock foot clubs was pla . ‘
Barbados by the nect mail The te Messrs Crovey‘s string of four with I yesterday aflerticon on the 12. , 4

Bliment, ts ‘one that is extremely well Tod Sloan and the boy jock Phair in | tery ground and == resulted io F T ‘
* | the pigekin were sent round at a mod ley
leeerved, A great man Peo te | era ty ing through the leat &@ tles— pach team scoring one Ni EWES DES iGnNSs
mm Pe te pace, com eo . .




‘ l "+


remembe: goal, Dee 7

before tale Clever edne bate four furlongs on @ sprint, Nr, Kere tue aetther t ite the tagemeny a

appointed as ite retary, and recol: tra new.fmportations, Krikina, w thronged’ with: « re whe “IN a3

we“ | loctions of fl organization as it was | Keur @Amour and Water Girl bave} pad-wended their wa: the wet ~, —_—

thea 3 ob alwa 6 of the pleas faken hindiy. at ato ey czerclae- savannah with the sepectation, pt 3
a ie "ee

wea thea the stones Commnlties | rwice round the old. track, Fleur thisthey © Greek mest Orred’ for 3

. e e
. this they were not disappointed for
most reactionary elements of the Armour with Gomes up, worked a] fnaamuchsatheteame ‘were evenly e
Ylantocrscy. 1s aimed to be, inall malle pegotiating oon rece tha matched the game was brisk aud or

St, “Ignatius Bay,”


ee ood

Just] {thoroughly' § Repaired, ,
Painted and_Furnished.

i (-anp—
Practically Now.
For pacticalars epply te



being the self sufticient mouth-piece of | 204 Dreadnought mere exercised by | I, wae agane ta which the players
Weet Indian affa(rs wae carried along the old | magly musculanty can procure, The .
iibade Gistaiog, domioecsing way | thence wot "wee wabsequasdy | Sen seeeteta ts tehiog panes | PRINCESS | CUT OCU

Â¥ a ;
ence was always thrown into the scale pacing track hae been very wisely | unabated lotetest until the Referee's Noweat Styles and test Workmanship + . . #
thatinterest, Butit by no means at ly staving off defeat the Shamrock ~
were among the sugar planters, even equalising goal was the result ofa
high a handtodo West Indian Inter. | 13pm. on Friday next i— teen timesdid the Referee’s whistle |

austulodisn ttalc, the triton among | trod. The Greeatacreclee lagers | Putten Sat weed throubout

RETeaoka! mat Spericlis len, | lee oP iow work, Duals Moora | SitaesStrience, seedy nerve and ' |

dicatola aot more "olen beard | Hovoratll, 200 gah bss fan cas | pelte emma dectanton ot th AN EXPERIENCED a

icteritatar orice igeeztaur | Soca suctn' eer? ote wih | Tala Rac ee vena me;

in Weet Indian affairs, and iteinflue| J might be mentioned that the | cited tospeak, watched the match with With our present highly, trained Stef

ye athe her fatcateted | under the exerilaguoots, "| tngulse game sndapart from actuals

ifasted unvreral surpert even from | Board of Agriculture, | could Sropratulats tueatalven Tune +3

ies IAAT | ae tvge Ge Anwes rt Ese ee wees | GOODWILLE & WILSON :

Pe Eigse otek et | dpe ete mien | ereely demrned, vie ack oss LIMITED. :

yr Algernon Aspinall's appointmen . [their atubborn fight be taken into ac- =
& change bepan Mo creep. over the signal Secretary of Dowmnltees, fare cgunt. However much the referee's ,
“apirit of the dream™ of the West © for a grant of dollare to nesiatia | rulings were appreciated in certain eet = y
{odia Committees, and it waa not long | carrying out the Agricultural Show to | Quarters, they seemed @ bitter disap: §
* before it underwent a complete meta: | be heldin San Fernando on December | polatment to many of the unbiased t { 593 4
morphosis There was a most welcome | Zand. onlookers. Itmight be‘mentioned {n- re
shifting of the scenery, and the West | 4.0,5.E,.P, 002 08, Engagement of | cidentally that at the time the re-
India Committee became almost in- y experienced Entomologist for pix | fereee were being chosen for the various o

stantly the powor for goodin West { months from April to Investigate matches the Casuals objected to Mr

Todian affairs thatitieto-day. Itno! Froghopper, Cipriant. The keevest interest was : c Z
TA, Sh. longer r represented a sectional latereat 5 Sup, 183-10, Manager River ent ‘tata ganie Rote 1g THE STOUT PAR EXOELLENCE, - é
mn efforts we: o 1 j
ever since, directed to « to al clever Eatate, application for anlacrease Of | Ooo aig “admirers placed a banner | Lt Kooks You Hoalthy & Vigorous. 7
And direct support of all West | OUSEP, 4011-07, Draft of Plant | bebiad the | Shaurock | goal | on
Indian interests that make for? Protecticn Ordinance, and Draft cf 4 Wich waspalnted ic bold letters fe

“Tble fe the way


to the goal, 1

aT Nyoolegtat's Report.
logist's Re
8 Entomologist's Report.

; progress and well-being, Of course
1 not allthe credit for the change can
be laid at Mr. Aspinall’s doors no one .
A e , @ | man could effect such a huge trans. ® Letter and Chequa for £100 from

formation, here were, already men Permanent Nitrate Gommittea,

’ olhe eatiadia mittes

LATE;OF] 'H, MONOEAUX PLO. & co. wha deplored the old autocratic A. Peete Tor resignation from Melt
methods, and the old aloofness from Ml Letter from Mr Plummer, Axri-

roy ary
86, FREDERICK STREET) |iesestescr tine ally its | Spohn cite wite ta Yolo cn


Precisely at the appointed time
490 p.m.) the sides lined Lb
U9) pany theses tnd wr te The QUEEN of Beers.

wade. Shamrock having won the .

, Weat India Committes was powerful, [ on coconut work, 7 s
po SOLE AGENTS FOR fei Asn of ta ange om Hable Tay EE Gata Tears Anh
i: . 1B oa hough they made several passing
a despised interests, and enlarging {ts 1 Oultivath M “af & g' ee ween me So a ean RRA!
PWALLIS & SONS ‘:LTD.* LONDON | tcopect nefuiness,tt'mfgnt tncomen| report on ne [ihe Shamrdck mica. stopped sens Gc aaanieaaenl
. ore 13} or Bb Caca I? —
* Weat Indian matters, The right man comtpest ° 0 Standard’s | ixchanges were fairly even for some

in the right place to carry out these 15 Me EF, Marray’s motion, vis:

time, the ball being transferred from 9
tecritory to territory without any. t I "RO IS j S ’
thing tangible resulting, except per: } 9

¢[UTHE PIANOFORTES ceidort of dea is, Ap Aspinall | «init inter o he Weet Touia UE
ca I. » Aspinall, 5 his letter @ West India Clr
2 1 a and since then his tireless energy [cular dated Sepiewber the Sth, hape a few fouls agelneh Casuals aoe ‘ .
2s, oon Be fod resourceful executive abillt have * stated (“The Speclal tavation ofthe f ¢wo cornersbad been conceeded to Hh:
2 . . a e service Oo. ~
“iaNuvactumsppyzwaLtts.e sovs,ito. — | oye | Maa ated c's tricia bs | «ofthe port sear es gu dohure | Uemut APA Rok pomtemice, fa 6 -Flando Warehouse
* + | RR | deserted oe the 2° font, Generel for | and wuchagendowment of tbla meg | buy Wading | bituself | hard-prossed " x
* : ies,’ e big co! w nile
AREOBLEBRATED for their rich, powerful sing: | £2 .4| havo oficial extabiabmente fa, Lon: | lose aculd. be In evidence. betore | Geni panyerred the bal ee ieee
iog quility and light risponsive touch, The | 83 ca] dontokeep them ia touch with the | + long.” opportunlty 10 shoot, tae Arthur
improved mathod of csustructioa ete, have resulted & | heart of the Empire, and to look sfter |“ As this statement fs Incorrect and | Maiagot wasia his bappiest mood CHANGE YOUR OLD
in ‘placi the Wallis Pi fortes in the foremost | their loterests there. Before Mr. | misleading, 1 move that it be | andcleared beautifully, After thls, ,
ag 9 ally 4ago ortes 10 the ore it Aepinall wentto the service of the | ** brought to Mr Trippe notice, and | McOracken bavio % possesion of PIANO FOR A
of the bost Makers whether English or Continental. erLLWeet India Committee, it possessed | * that he be asked to correct It, and be | the ball amid ASS. passed to W,

nothing of the sort Today Mr.{* more careful in ful J

Aspinall does nnofiiclally fo London | * fguros.” uture when quoting
the work that official agente-general
are doing there for big colonies, and

& «Toning and Repairing-—-A Speciality | dees teventtan meay of mem, too Goutt Lis

a today « real centre of West
7 J J C)

Kecles on the wing. Cumming, who
marked his man nicely endeavoured W M A D om
tom ob” and fuvt “as ‘both felt on . NE BRINS E ~
comiog to contac! e whistle
went for afoul against Casuale, Yet N EW OTT Baswy
Another foul, the seventh jnfayour of Payer ts,
fine LICK produced potbing noticeable :

ee kick produced nothing noticesbie
sud soon cftwr Casuele wersawarded a Extending over 2 or 3 Years,
free kick=the second foul given up to ~
that stageagainst the home team. A

fine bit of combination was witneseed | =| ALL Instruments Guaranteed

mmo §

Indian thought and Influence, and
there the beat Interests of these islan MONDAYS.

are sure of unqualified, hese itancy

acd powerful support, This applies

equally to the big and the little

. {ntereate, Mr. Asploall, moreover,

(Before Mr Acting Justice Wright)

haa the advantage of knowing the ford and MeUracken, bub V. Afal

soomed MOTION, ‘ord and McCracken, but alogot

—TO— Seeee gtee eae atailer intends aa | 2¢PerovJacquen bya clever pleor of play, spoilt the

he lain Jamaica, Trinidad and Barba- RIALS
dos, andthe West Indies owes him a Pietra nesale v Asuings

: A - good deal in his private capaclt sie PP a
:) i 0! 7
arents Se Children. |Sners8 ss) evn ecu suaen
; © | capacities be has done a good deal to

dvertice the beauties and the re- TRIAL (8 7)
Sources of thesa islands, and to pro-] Chance and anor v Hosang,

movement of his adversaries, Norton ‘ \ i
Martthen got possession and started NEW MODEL JUST ARRIVED.
updeld at great pace with the ball at een

histoes, but Lepingwell atuck to hin ~
and the ball eventually went out of
play. Acorner resulted aod from a
throw ia” soon after John Rochford
fet possession, and shot across td
toclesonthe wing. Ihe latter, howe

21, Frederick Street.»
whone 44a

mote the tourist trafic. He is the RIDA Y's ty fF
e author of the very best guide book to FRIDAY'S ort ison ng oe Paks erliounly :
~~ BRING OR SEND YOPR REQUISITIONS FOR tbe Wert Indles that bas been publish. SUMMARY JURISDICTION, the resultof a touch by Anderson.js free — aaa as 5 Ss

ed recently; and hae done much to help oe
toadvertise Trinidad particularly. Pow (Before Mr, Acting Justice W, right)

ony { " eibly,, with, his aid, much more 1! got
ee ave been done for the coming seaso
a in thle directlon bad not the present 3 ADJOCHNED. CARES beard),
’ * deplorable tpanye rogeding thaw |p Jacob "ynaeoOiNas OME esa
2 e 1
- Paceportune moment that it could | Hlovein y_ Park, Tatarea v Sookdan,
5 .

kick wae given to Shamrock, but this
roved unproductive. There was n0-
bing very noticeable after thie and
halftime found the score standing at
Casuals, 0,—Shanirock, 0,

When the teams had crossed, the
game became positively brilliant.
alter sume even play had been wit

\ . & foul was awarded againet
~~ ae TO ne to attend the conference In Barbados, yee. Gee Kecgiver Matiay x Os & rush took the ball tathe

He would be able to give ytlerance to k: | Casuals end, where a otruggie for ite
the unofiiclal feeling lp London onthe Uo ¥ Ogeer bate an Taek twion between ‘Gumetog and

y 4 matter which s distinctly ta favour of 7 a! v Ticetes ended b the ball going over the
ae” y the West jodien view of the ques el Campbe My Ulaske, Cowlemar vy Lepin, well males fine rua
{ ot only doo, i te provin: 7 naw Cases along the w' og and centered to Kecl
i“ 9 Glasgow and elvewbere in the p’ Chumley ~ Joseph, Constantine vj but Lummlog pleroerted aod cleare

to strengthen the hands of those who (Before dr, Juatios Russet) belog ruledoif-aide Grell then tested :

Wve. .
emma bimenniaaie ate td



Highly recommended by Medical Autherities

all over the World,

ex CURES: ==

James ¥ Young, Quintal v Qourt, de
hoped ut un ote er be tobe | Silva & Oo ¥ Crpriaal, Official Receitér



cea, very, strong opinions bave been beautifully, Atree kick wae given ta '
oxpreseed on the question that all tend | Toulesein Joseph, v Julien, Bhampock ‘soon after, Neville Grell Anaemia
ra LE " from this -
eux LEADING STORE 1x THE ISLAND | inteigtiet ont iat fein panne Hialbgst, seriously bay tog tie Chlorosis
| R— EtatetenstoneAgeataivewiy | ,Robineg 1 ete oHo0 JER th santo, men fy Oe cottoed Dehility
2 —FO i would be @ well deserved compli. | Ayoung v Figuera,’ ie worked the ball to Gasuale’ end
\ mept, apd Jt would afford aa opportu. on, Warner 9 ote LT Amiie OS play Dewhurst rushed cut and NEURASTHENIA.

nity of talklog over matteis that | Veen To Sib npressv Adrien, Takoor | cleared. Some exciting play thea en-

7 wight prove useful, as conference of tr i seared ees ctined sushy took ibe
. hool. Su lies any kind is always valuable, “ele te Fee tay etal Mare) 3 * Daleban | ball tothe Shamrock gnd, but | Arthue
: ve top ee ber of Commerce wil folpin | Maradge v Lawle, Ayoung ¥ Beingos a ain pared be side, Tus
ates, aud make the aifelr look pleasant Veronique: XEW CANES, avonaftes by John Rochford who
and notable, Coryat v Latchman,' Richardson autceeded in pavelng the Shamrock

te custodian with a feeble shot along the
u Ne Polis ¥ Hamlya & Son, ground, Head, oa getting possessions





. Arcata ¥ Areata,
y foe ausauited t! a oal, bub

i Sole Agents in Trinidad for ' fort tor Chl — Haingot eared, MAnotber tof agaiont B0Lm AGuIrs,

; Comfort for Chickens. Ussusle and a warm tine to fron Tho B D
y Can Caauale' gosl ended by the goal-keeper o onanza Drug Steres

E McDougall’s Alexandra Readers A Sacred Cantata, | Cesunle'goptended by the gost ee0eF | sepuerter 22h, 1010 res.

. g& e In Germany, the autboritice in one lay Abraws fouled Hart aod profiting en er mene — ereennere

. ‘ Gover nmeny district to wit, Munst e wisaellee penalty Cathedral on by the resultiog 1 penalty, tick. . —a ;

5 4nd other FPuplicationms, hav & police order which eb | Weare paced Cantatai—A Bong of | Ue exte found Ro sul L .

igual ante dt | ih atatgniy dnlt,Hauwtet ge | ear aet dr Manca wats | CALE auCIssons .

; ui A Hilver Collection will be
ore be gue evan tee ad | Eu Tad hig rag Fond ie ar, or tear ar de asace | EARLY
shall be forwarded and exposed for aale Bolol NS non, Mise Polo, Mr. AL Rae pated ‘Ibe duties of Wreferes ace — AND =

a *
\ * only in euch # manger that they shall A, Waike, Me b uc becatrried ous by Mr. dy .
. be able both to sit on the Mooring and | Crackea, air, athe, Me L Luniss. | The tuowing were the teame—tham- FOR
; ) V tand upright without presaing | Copies of the words may beobtaln, “ra, |-A Sals A laoge, V M ‘
A ID SON &y TODD I oletinet each otber. Totie the wioge | ed at the Veetry Price ove penny sod Malugoh N als outts a Peueloea, FRO AGE GRUYERE

‘to fasten several blrde together, ' three half pence. loo log. N Taitt, W 2B Gordon,
hd to-bang them up or carry thea by (ae nearer | N F ltt 1, de Vortoul and JUST RECKIVED EX BR, “GUADELOUPE”
the legs, le probibited. Stupid poultry |
Boeoksollors & Stationers. breeder’ shoul tose te ee toe | LCorns cdunet exist when Holioway's ( B ADietan, <7! —~GROOERY

frem the inhumanity of the act, tur ” Me oti a
; ‘ 08 thel ta Oure is apptied to theus, because |
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} H E LAER C A. oI giflings. growth.

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n motiog southw:

an hour, the actual chase ot th Best

loon would be south-east, and It would Ue Possé ble.
. ts Quality ‘
Ite actual’ cou 1 | Goods. Hh POPULAN Prices, '
~- instrumente of such’! ter, because . "The Cash Store.") Lan
- e they could have no connection with (
Cohen ane ie land of eea as a basis for the direction

- AN vee of motion, To determine the direction .
ae es -
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—_—— oe ————— waa, snack. But ne ions are not Ladios —-A— FO oT ‘gt
— ——— — eliman ani co!
: tiding welght by | aleship to ine perfect | dismayed, and another vessel is to be ‘ EAR:
The America: Secrets of yom Uh Tete ann becateeed | cule dante eee ec ee rae ee ee eee yetecta the FOOTWEAR FREE “AUTOMOBILE | Ww R.
Construction npward or dowaward. Instead the ! thawind, Ib was thought . beat to | lateone.—(Popular Sclence Siftings.”) am jinn'a BEAGR ASD uur} 8
onme opellera of the after engine were, provide for ten days’ travel at this eee LADIES Diack and ‘an Gibeon Blachera Medicom solepe 2”
WHY SHE FAILED ingeniously mounted soas to becapa-{ rate, Each engine consumed one Marbles or Cricket ? ° °

— bls of Acgular motion da plane areal phousand pounds 2 Rasollne per day,
@ lel withthe car; an us drive whic means 45 ten thousan
Ae ticabin ogi note hee failed | either upward or dawaward. pousds.or five tons, of gesoline must | Th INFHUENCE OF OAMED ON a thule
Fike mlasion design for her,] . The rudder at the rear of the car con: catried. About fourtoas could be * Boys must not be made into little
But no leas credit le due to the enter: | sisted of 3 yertical planes. The centre | stored fn the steel tank forming the | mea, but {ato the right kind of boys,
prising spirite who piloted her, and | plane was broader than the other two, | baseof the car. The remedning ton | said the Archbishop of Canterbury at a
our great contemporaries, the ** Daily | which were eet back few feet so that | wascarriediu what ore have described meetlog at Oolcheater,

wary! elegantly floished ~
dium toes per pair ‘| —— DRIVE oak guaranteed oe ‘
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andtsaCabanbeesle =... $1.00 | with their parcels to ther dines voles and tee wt

‘ . York Times’ | wheu the radder was turned sharply | as an" equilibrator,’ “Toe sxret le in gottic onthe to respective omos, that will gira wear
tat ra ood eed {ructification the plane at the faner slde of the} The equilibrater took the place of help boyea ue younger tea themael- LADIES BUTTON | poeta wo , after the price has beea fa
of an enterprise which bas advanced | turn would not close against tha car | tha drag rope heretofore used by drift- | esgacd stimulate thes Into ways of ins Black and ten i

the aclence of airmansh

i y alfand cut off or screen the centre, (ng balloons. It consisted of a long
stride eo important that ft has out-

gotten=per pile, Sl
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Inoss and service. p-olong-

lane, steel cable, on which were stru: stinctire usefa!

atripped all otber aslmilac ventures. Pte airship carried a crew, of six. thirty steel tanks, which rested co ing th, achool lod, and eventing cissses

The * America” accomplished about | Thasleeping quarters of the crew wers | claufpson the cable. Hach tank wae] ~ Jielp mas oot rom yo ut

00U mileein the air, She remained Probably in ‘thelife boat swung be | concave at one end and conver at the | ®4o are williag to make personal charac:

i Tbate ‘ fortab’e, all sizes ~per

bout three times | neath thecar, Thisliteboatwhich was } other, so that the convexit} of one | ter their asia thought ao that by imitat two eye’ote one om $1.08 i
afoat for period about three aire | 27 feet long and of 6 ft beam, weighed } tank rested {0 the coneaiey of the } ion it becomes lostinctive ia boys, . Bb. Parebases of $5.00 avd ur- ENS i AN Blocker *
abips, She completed a journey] less than 6 thousaty! pounds, belug | next adjacent tank. A recess was] “ Roligion should not be talked at LADIES White Ceovea Shoer= | wards will entitle you to a free cda—" The Bor 13
equivalent to two passages from | constructed of layers of mahogany | formed in the concave part of 'the } boys constadtly, ard yetit should be at Lace at sldomA Novelty— dilve within elty limita. Mediam s9'es,
London to Parisand back, But why | veuveer and canvds. It waa provided |clamp, A felt packing was placed | the back of allefforta to develop theis welts ~pef pair ve 8
did she fail to reach Europe? The | with two watertight compartmente | between thetanks, and the cable way


History ia a great atimulus. Take
the rxtmple of Nelson and of Welliog-
ton’s deapatcher, which spoke of ob!iga-

| covered heela yer palt + $1.00

answer le that an essential feature | fore and aft, and was a self baillog | through theconver part was flared so
other design proved deceptive. The ., | that there would no danger of
equilibrator, intended to act aaj The boat hada jury mast and eail, | shearing the wire rope, .
Dallnt and ip ateady the ably forked: | and was rien cals ocked,mt Pre: | Acie and of the sueline tankee | to aol aot ef gory wie Dovepartee ,

locks, eac! ° > dns,
total, Geetruction was “threatened. the airship, the crew could take to it | inches long, Were strung on the cable, despatches | apoks. oaly of glory, and One Frice Only. Value Nowhere Like Maillard Si | Free Insuraad, ;
The full circumstances of the disaster | until pickedup by a passing vessel Aj and formed asort of a™ rat-tail” tothe | Dever of obligation. odoubtedly « great on
can ‘only be appreciated by the ree pasecd vouod the body of the] equilibrator The upper end of the Joint games are vodou' g . -
ci balloon, and at one end carried an

We are now thowing a Fine lol of Boys and Girle FOOTWEAR in all altes, .

reco! constructive 6 rat-tall was about ten joches {ndiame- | stinulos to noselfishuess, aad in the
ets 8 Nona. heiebued to the |anchor shaped knife, When this fer, and tapered down to about four | past thess have besa much neglested
“*Bclentif{ic American” for our draw. | rope was pulled, either of the points of | jochesatthe extremeend. The entire amoog the poorer classes, who play
ings, which wake the whole matter | the anchor-shaped kulfe could dig Into length of the equilibrator was 390 feet | marbles with ouly a selfish iden), lostead
clear, the envelope, ripping {vopen As soon | andit madeit unnecessary to carry | of sueb games as cricket.”

Tho start was made from Atlantic | as one seem was cut the strain would | ballast for the air-sbip,
City, aod the very shortest distance { be suficient to part the other seaméas{ The lower end of the equill-
acrosa 1s close ta’ 3,0)! miles, where- | well. The boat wassuypendedon self: | brator was fotended to trail. N ATION AL
as po airship bas ae yet made a | reledsing hooks. so that by slashing a | in the water ond beaupported by It, If
record tf as much as ‘60 miles of | rope, it might be released instantly, | the balloon had begun to settle, more Assurance Comnany
uninterrupted travel, and even tho} The wireless telegraph spparatue of | of the equilibrator would have floated G teed by tha .
record of & drifting batloon is much | the expedition was located in the for- | andthe balloon would have beenre.| Fusranteed by York shire fir
lees than half that proposed by the | ward compartment of the lifeboat, | lievedof acertaln amount of weight, and Life Insurance Coy
expedition of Mr Walter Wellman, | The radius net acton oh ee which would ghee further settling, If ——
appears ave io miles, In [oa theother hand, when the gas was
who was the practical epirit of the at tiivon to this, tore Waa teleplionte heated by the su, the baligon ws ostaplished 182e,
The airehip’s balloon had an over- | communication ween the car an © rise, It wou) avehad to IB

all length ‘ot 723 feet, while ite | the boat. Lift part of the ‘equilibrator from the ACCUMULATED Toes 860,000
diameter waa G2 feet, giving s lifting |, To etfect a short and quick paseageot | water, and the increased welght thus (Over 1,800,0¢0
capacity of nearly 12 tons, or, to] the Atlantic, 8 balloon inust be driven earried would have checked further > goo 1
be mora exact, 200 pounds, The} athighspeed The engines of Me Well- | rise. The equilibrator thus served as Head Ofice:—York, England.
envelope {tzelf welghed over two ] mans airship, therefore bad a wost vo- | ballast with » atring attached ta it, 90 OW, prepared to accept TNiska
tons, and was made up of two ayers | raciuosnppetite. Each engine was capa. | that it wae not lost when thrown ine Fee resulting from Earth-
of silk and -one fayer of coiton | bleofdriving the balloon at the rate of | overboard, but might be lifted up agala quske, Riot and Civil Commotion.

ower of the engines was but 26 miles { time, 50 per cont. off country riska occupied
sere deaknge of the bydrogen Bae was ver hour. It wduld, therefore, bo ‘The problem of navigating this aire by residences wb. Ex
Tbe alrollp was provided with three | More economical to runone engine at [ ship was ona that doubtless proved . SCOTT,
gasoline engines, two of which were atime, naling the other as a yeserve in tad corona mete oe are the sextant Ageot
caso of accident; or ad eLer cou! usedinthe | 77" 0 oom =
Used for power on oy ena aes necessary to avoid and side out con- | ordiuary way to determine the position Lange's Ant and Coenr) ach

power engines were rated at WU to v0 Hay ed ata both an ives were | of the balloon from time to time, Hows



by the best process of the Si, Gobain

wine ee, Cy sony A .
write to G, HatLiot, Abercromby Sr, el
Postal Spates from Fark Btres corner | S d nita Ir y * Wa sh a
Nules |! Mulcs! . _.



UST ARRIVED ex »+.*, ‘ Hyperia”

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N tbe VMIRBOR” uf November 32th

eppeara a garbled report) of a case
heard at Conve before Mr. BL OH, Veo
Baren, Actg 8J.2., ander the caption
'* A Biter lit,” wherein it is stated that
Persan aud myselt * bad somo Htigation
in hy Bopreme Court, each winning « ease
against, t26 o.ber.” ‘Thie fa potally fale
ae whereas my case agslost Parsan waa
decided against him with cova, big ease

egeinst sy mother was adjourned .
tly—Nor13—1w, i mener

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fie be uaed | ever, siuco the winds are so changea-

together for a short time, ble. tt Ia be necessary to keep a | wil house of
taapecd oftwenty miles an hour, practically constant watch on fhe mca one pat ep Part oa I
it}pvould have required six days for the | motion of the a ship with respect to | forated Mids, $4 centa each— English



orea-power, and were situated near
thecentre of the car.
Unlike other alrabipa of this type,
ho stabilising planes were provided,


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evatainer mont be atceptad es heat Rees | CONDUCTED AT MARINE SQUARE, CUANER ABES

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aah Ney .


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Port-olSpais Trisided,
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an rrr nein




énd ssvehalf your Bills—16-Uandlo T2o, 25 candle-pawar 84c,


of bis real for the colony's welfare and {it eerious obligations, One wa: they | PVAGUS ~The RALS. © Tague" will Irinidal ‘:
through his excess of dnty towards rosy satisfy thelr obligation eto ia Jose tonthimprrn os the23 a Novem: Meee o¢
the Government, then we coutd have! kintto the deserving poor, ty and fe dae to artiveat Ss, Thane on Tax Bure
understood some reason being wad-| The bazsar sill ba opetied by Hig] beé.h Deeimber, rD4D Buirrina agp
vanced for requiring

the ratepayers,

on whose behalf he had been eub-. | the Archbishop
jectedto the fonoyance, paying his Weohall re:
coste, But the truth fs far other. me,

wise; and whatever may be the
eventual flodings of the long delayed
report, It is certaio that without very
seriously compromisiog themeelyes as
onour and reputation; none
Commissioners will be able to
Clare absolutely guiltless of
es brought ‘against bia or
atiesetof someot them That being
80, We are ulterly ab ao loss to com:
prebend what better right he bad to
ave his counsel feed

Excellency the Governor, Lis Gracey Asraogements have not yat been com
wil} aluo be present pleted £ r che transference ef pasweorere,
er vzain to it Io fe fads and moile for the Bddeh Weep

Taditn Intinds and Demerara.
Artand Fancy Stall-Nleses Lootaud da!

TRADING Co,—-Acawré.

N ARAQAS The az: “ Maracas” of
the IA pidad Lite will leave for

New York “on the.12th, November,
1910, and iedusthere Mth November,


lena” {¢ due here from Naw
and Kerna York, vit Jamaica, Coton, Cartagena,

Fancy Stall~sies Ma: uez, Mes, Rels,
and Mra, Sifontes. ‘

Toy Stall -Birs, 1, Mernard and Miss
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Toy stall—3ties Dodu and MreNomero,

Flower Stall- Mra. Orelni,

Jake Stall—Miases Wupperman and

Nee. Von Weitler

Tce-Creams ~Mra, Philip do la Bastide,

Dar ~ Nes. Laughlia,

Tea-Mea, Menry Caracciola,

Bran Tub -Mre J. Sintth,

y “* Ucown of Navaree” of the Trinls
Me colombia and ' to Gabolla on dad Line will leave for New York oa
leave the saine day tapas for South: Monday 2let November 1910 and fs due
amptoo, vi Barbados SE Mlebacls thera on Monday 23th November 1910,
{Arores) and Cherbourg, og pas. ondon Thonn Fn
sengers, cargo and taller’ ad London Larect Line

Toe tender will leave the Lighthouse of Steamers,
Jetty, Queen’a Wharf, at 3nin, with New Covoxr Compasy
passengere for the * Magdalena, TD AGENTS
Paesengers are opectally netitted that SARGASSO.—The @.6. “ Sacgaseo" Ie
criminal « baggago lighter to be despatched to dua here from London, ¥ Barbe.
Festions with weputry againat tho tha Homeward matt will leave the Ht. | dos, and Greoada on vf about Novem-

. b lawe z anery i jadeed the Supper Misses Boot Mie 4. Desle, Vincent Jetty at 12 noon on the ay of Dealdib, Proceeding gverrards to
i. iter, if a an ‘oorant nian, . Brown ao 6 J. de Ver- | salting, an sengere are therefore catgo, songere
. BRISKET & STEW 10c. I often, tooutminds would bave afar teull, requested to vee that theie baggage ia [ And mails 8 ze
. peat, Fight to fre concession than poneert and Dance Mrs. jing 1a tentdown before that hour, arn,
a ] I 2 Y ad Dr. Clare, But another aspect o ntrance fee at night If Children ~~ n Ulaajow Lirat Ling .
by DA 1L9t I I N S [ e BONES os we 69 Ib the matter merits some consideration. and Stall holdere halt prices. Glasgow ret Line Compagnie Generale
’ . 3 3 Tho action of the Executive Council, ANNUAL. of Steamers, Traneatlantiqua
EK ~ —~ and the contirmation thereof by The annual Ooncert of the boys of TeiiivaD fHirPINa aay WG Lroraup & “Boxe
d Wt d th ft di t ~ TT yess the Secretary of State, ie in direct St. Thowas’ Sodality will come aif on THAvINGCo Ltn ~ Agts Agguta,
and wv ‘ocee ereanler direct to rontradiction of the wholetenour of | dhureda next at the Sacred Heart ANANIVA Tue 8. *Yanariva" T, . ~
the Sacred He hy DOMINGUE, =The French Mail
the investigation, . It was distinotly Ril echool, The programine com is due here from Glasgow via |S Steamer
stated over and over agaln on bol “

mw XORK,

; . : South Quay,
; Taking}Passengers and Cargo, i

‘or all other particatars ploisa app'y to


GRELL & Co. Ltd.

“Ith Uctober 1910,

he Port-of-spaty Gazette.

SUNDAY, l3rmt NOVR, 1910,

Ritses ininetrels, recitatlonaand farces,

he price of adaiisson fe one shilling

aud the concert begins at 8

Varbados on or about the 2th fostant
and will sell the following day for
Demerara takiog cargo, passcagers
aud mails,

Honinkijka W, Alau-
MES re writ

“Be Domingue”
Europe vid. Quadelo Ktart!
and AP Tact is dug bere on OF aus
lovember and w roceed
ollerwarde to Demerara, Suriokas aad
Cayenne, taklog cargo passengere and

GUADELOUPE, ~The French Mall
Steamer ** Guadeloupe” te due hero
from Venezuelan

eldes, that the commission was not
the trial of Dé, Clare by tbe Govern:
roent but an impartial Investigation
by tbe Vovernment a between Dr,
Clare and his accusers, the general
public, Hither therefore, it must be
considered that the Government aod
ibe Colonist! Ofice wish to penalise
the public for baving bed the pre-
Dee e oe ack. pater aod actually

ng to fore a public enquiry
an Snicer of the Executive Council
{no whom not ono soul io the comniu-
pity baean atom of confidence, or ft

Ex-Sergeant Prico,

Ex-Nergeant John Pricoa few daye
aga who was sentenced to death in
WL for the murdes of hie wife at
Woolwich=the sentence was sub-
sequently commuted to one

Tux Roya Durcu Mam

The Ducch Mail Steaner «9
“ Deine der Nedetlanden” is due froin
Amsterdam via: Paramaribo and
Deuierara on or about the Zist Noven-

ports on or about
the 2th November, and will roceed
afterwards to Martlalque, Guedeloures
Santaodar, Bordeaur and itavre,
taking passengers mails and cargo,

of penal
servitude for life—wae released frony

ber 190, Proceeding afterwards to Hatiston Lene of
sal Maldetone Oonvict Prison, ,
RD ON G R AN L & G0 UNJUSTIFIED EXPENDITURE, | toepart olive Tocal Guresemes aed | tis aug Gaamet Uelaoas farupene, Gumane, Guantoy Ls Gua: . Steamere
3 j . e Tux decitlon cf ibe Becretary of the Poponal Oftice of the Brose cule crime ~it wen a oreauel i, abs contin Aut Cayes, Port aa Prince and New Geo, Te Com
en io eo
Agonts Btate, to whom it ls Understood thet Fermotiog De-Clore ta gue fates ha | aseuaed te Widespread sympathy | NOfK taklug cargo Passengers apd MANCHESTER INVENTOR. The
= ° the matter wag referred at the request J Gig before pulling himup, Whateveec | for the man that a petition several INS WILLEM IL-Ths Datch ae, * Manchester loventor” Is
mest Buildin of Dr. Olare, as to the amount to be} may be the mmeenlag of the decision, | mulles in leogtb was presented to the pP Mall Steamer as. “Prine Wille | 2U® here to arrive fro Buencs Alree
wets prio, ® ‘ Hon'ble GP David se couneel for the {es to oat mind) a “esoifatiy uatale paige secretary, yrith the result: that NIL” Ja due bere from Venesuelan | °° Pe us the 1th November 1910
tae ‘ ~ M

Surgeon Genera!

Eryeus +g

I before tb
Oomalsion of Eaquiry, bas resulted,

Pardoned and set free,
only tine years of bie

aad leave the same day for
Ban Juan Porta Hilco, Cienfuegos
Havana, Matozzoe, Loaton, ow
York, taklog cargo, psssengere and

eo recent | justifiable expenditure of taxpayers

mInoney But, on the supposition that
it meane a admisston’ af the guilt
of the local Government, as particl-

after serving

large number of people were

Present at the gales of the gual at

Ports on or about tbe 20.h November

OP tog afterwards to Pare
amarlbo, Ilarre aud Amsterdain take
log cargo Passcogere and Maile

. of the local Executive} and whatever fo De. Clare's actions, and | seven o'clock, when three inotop-cars . . staouot laescese ef the thres hum therefore tn'tbat ie. toresosts the containing Price's son, meaibere uf she Aoninkliske Weel Ine SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE.
Can't g ¢ dred gulocas paid by the Government | severance of bis connection with | committee which had been working dische Matldiendt,
we 9 ¢ e Mr. uavi mey hare received, willl tnecolony, we thlak it may perhapsfon his behalf, aod other friends New York—Paramarito ARRIVALS.
x $ - Gry perenne feof ei | ecPocdne Gots ueee Ses [ined 2 lke Won tis ceed | SO” Gace Ror tts
Daly. ay forthe hs ance o! g ty } ih, ~ 5 7
ONG! . U In Inetter’ seem tn be very aaople, sod Ofiber who bed tee any putive epinie | ee Party Lreaktasted a1 the nears | QARAMAUOA The A etc! ee BAY, Belt cline, Delmar, 40
. $ while It te satisfactory to learn that | yours certalaly have left the colony | est botel, and subser uently Journeyed |i) miacca” ty dug back here from ae 28 t laalbe pigs
Aste the Colonial OGice has not over-§ ors this, and whose retention of office | to tbe house, Jo Weltinglon-street, | Paramaribo via Lierbadoa op Tuesdays | turkey (Tobago bh fonpeee and 2
eeu ridden the decision of the local Exe I can only be regarded aean additional | Woolwich af’ sutoss son, who bee} i5th November, 1010 and wilt leave Cusen’ Up, Beit aloes Mn I
$ cutive jn the matter in favonr of tbe t orooe oF bis utter failure to realise | been building up a business for him. suse day direct for Now York taking too 4 de Os tH ‘om. 7
Your solocratof the medical service, We | whet le expected ofa gentleman hola-| trice attempted ta speak ia answer | cera, paseenvere and pralls, (Tobaga Bibinstant woot te
yew are certalaly at aloes to under | tno) Ciire's exal position In the] tothe cheers of the crowd, but be] URINANI The 8.4. “Suriname” | gt roe Danish he nN .
stand the prised les upon which the} service, could not raise bis volce ‘above a! ie due bere from Varemaribo en {97 Soi tone’ 184 bou, Tarbes angen,
‘ Executive acted, aod ce wall 2 thoss eee 2 whisper, and bis son asked the people Monday, the Zist November, 1010, and tones general cargo’ sheen, °° 20
. vi u eclaion a Neperae, ww eave next day at norn precise
has e upon which Te will be remembered From The Catholis News. Cinematograph pictures were taken | direct. for New York, taking care, and 21 ond Onee To George Fe
r thes the bit! origiaaty sent ia by Mr, = of,Price homecom{ny Passengers and mails, Inpta, Venes schor, Banobeg, 40
David was one for five bundred EXPOSITION, arene AHOW YZ SH The A, «Maron | Mita, Sones scbot Sanches 1
. There will be Kxposition of the MOVEMEXTS OF STEAMERS. \ wijne* fe due here (rom New caseetet 0 bags wie
Pay 7 Blessed Sacrarseut af the Uburch of | _ SV TAREAIO UL all York on slonday, Zlet November, 1910, Sl bare con oe 3
the Rosary froa the conclusion ot the * Ihe Royal Mait | aod will leave tho same dey for Vara} poise deer and ‘ bide, Ss .
6 o'clock, Mesa this soraing til the] Te A Line. taaribo taking cergo, passeogers and | pales deer 9 pasen ens: bags
orenlog devotions at 7,15 RUDA The ILMB. *Oruba" ty | mall


RKLLA DEL Max, Veoes echnr,

ANOWIINE.=The AB, Padilla, 41 tons, 8 da
47 725 cocouute, * 7 Guenta,

FIRST COMMUNION, due here from New York via Je | \ wijna” Ia dus beck here tenn

4. I Colon, Cartagena, Pitt .
that Contiroaion at Wh Joeeptte Gna ent Gotombla and flo, Cavelicon Tuesdey {argmeribo vid arbadog. on Tuesday, DECARTURES,
eo teat and « cheque for that eum was | Chapel to-day. “hie ofirmetion | 15th instant, and will twave the | tre Wns dsy direct for New York Nov, 12th,
. ive au eet ; same dey atd p.m, for Scuthampton, | tbe, and walls, § MANCHE#TEN Invewroa, Belt otmr,
? e ‘w { is rape two Lnodred takes place at 8 pm. via Uarbados, bt. Michael's (Azores) | E/Dg Carge, passengers an Krerest, 2775 tons, Porta toa, ua
r : From Dr, Ulw's private pocket, ‘Thea ANNUAL BAZAAT FOR THE [and Cherbourg, taking paseogere, | — vaeiae. | sed Gantt oat By Geo It, Alston
J ‘ oe its thee oaiad yee for dee 1 fete loog promised ote tender ei leave the Lighthouse Lt Velo arm Cannen Manta, Venex boat, Herngns
. H ALL flalcat: with the reoult already stated ['y hg folowing {4 the loog, promised Jetty, Queena Wharl aba’ with 4 ere Iiiliang o des, 7 tons, Orletobat Colon~aupdry
B | by un, Several important questions | to ue held on ue (Hriday) D ro oftes VP iautogers are spectelly notified . oy Fousuoer. Bett sloop, taker AT toon
& tous to arise in connecwon with [ "re annual bazaar bas been so ofte: t F pec 5 Tie New Corowat.Co Ltp - Anetta, U od. ‘Eee
tbls tter. Inthe first place, wh ferred to, that we are sure we neod [ that a baggsqe lighter to be despatebed. ITTA DUETORINO, ~Thaee, “Ultte reo tuodey pkge muse and 3
‘ a tole athe lony ps sayibiog ab all [5S y notbla pow save to remind the | to the Homeward Bait will Soave the CG dl Torino * lactua bere fron Geuca | y Pett ogers, 4
. shpuld snes ovate to Dr, Clare's de- people of the purpose of the berser rs ie Vincent Jetty af Hi poon on the vie Marseilles, Marcelona and Tene Pag Deny, Vines eles as °
Sta, MARINE SQUARE. = [iev Svante ite ns | eiceimetries 2 hraae |i Vert ap Maen te) Gi eeatraa ch Noveaierotae | aia tpn
3 well remembered bou a Prive above all diatlac f the ety des | baggage ts sent down before that hour. ing alter avanilla, er ase
wees eat the otber Mt fe absolutely dle The edie at provent wor ex very AHON Tbe WAALS, *Garoniâ„¢ will u seed Celene naling cargo and
bli j Y ars {otc i by the losal legiclatore ia bird sod. are ging ther tine and | Q)laave here oa of about the 10th tle aud first eless passeogers ouly Closing of Malls
: Is ad over Eig ty e allowe er he the Joyal Cowmle- to make Jb successful s it oaly } instant, taklog carga tor Herre, Lon if quarantine peruits, ace °
: sie ot Boqulry (end thal device remus ith bis world's. good tor coe reat seas ae eee | ggg the Haindurg-Amert | Malle for Uarbados, Bt, Lucla, Domi
Ses many yeere agof sndthat defioite | sited w: se ladiea remembers] Lhe ate bere tose Houthampton, can Line plea. Be Hittey Antigus, Yermude, Bt,
TOR SATE. eit red Rehan Mee a Mae coos... ae emeete
“ ale. we Hial Oeiot one pout on difer frou | ™ an leave the sate day for New York, BSYNIA.-The en Asp ria” ot ) octoe! ee ye Reglatration
Br Lucite? We'doube: BOR bus Ob eg neerenes yiatie Colbrlit Lasttgran, Coles tue Hauburg Atmerican Lice ie | ‘Rial for New. York by the oe,!
werewveee ere tae latler la Paccused, and of lee Ant-Co Class paser ager: parse and its. use Neer Pe eaeneaO om OF ab te day ae Th "Na eee Sloe 1010 t
. * “ eis: ew, eave K jor .,
(ALL COGOA ES I ATE which be it remem a be aaeven wie Ue ot Bee mnt to dices: Jatt, Queeu'e Wharf ata pay with Hevea aod i scuburg via Bt Thomes, a jock Pitan Ore sey tration
FEE et ae oohaye relat te Lone, wul subdue a cough faa short peasengere for the * Themes.’ taking cargo, Paks a cee Plates at O'clock pun.
sarees from tee ot tke Fatwhlle | tiave Thle sossrtion tan be verided by |" Vessengers are specially notified that | YES Ae wuerleta Line i fe 06 Harbados and Europe per
hd Or al Acres. Je tina ie bee tbe case "ybat huodeeds who have tried {> aud are |e bexzege Li bier to ba tespatebed to ue tbe \ I “nears susuuae va*yit iw el pore pa a fle hae 3
ery * m~ rioulars {3 Gurgeon Geosral bad come off | plessed to bear festlcmony tolts merits ihe at Jetty at i0 et on thease of | Tuounss on of about November 3rd, | paper and Ieulstration Mall ap 2.50
Aiteediabhe fpr ye raluiogy For farther |pa with tiring soloure from the ordeal, | 40 that fab ie. db eéate you Duly 2 waite, aed passengers are therefore piveredieg afttrwarde to Carupano, pm Moasy Orden leone and Parcale
Tae es 7S ° od bad Proved to the eat error este te Jota tbe racks of she niany J requeriod (a see that thelr baggage int La Uuayre, I'to Caballo and Parieee | Pyst recolved pp to § hum. Nonday
* vee Dorey weligitant sustaies aute who bave brea benedied by ite use, teat dowg belvea that bows Weblog tango, pasyo gers ou

‘ * “Vanes


FOR RENT. WANTED. The Best Pollee, AUCTION SALES} p MS pm Boy Hatt | . . #
— 2 ANTED — a @ - aes Steam * : :
cular Bade spaite Hohe Btatice, W. tealaea o metehtog. Ong ebay wi | FINesT OR ee TROM eae ® Do X ecen Priv we
talning drawing, diving acd several | grow to « large aise preferred. Address rhea & C0 Koxt Jalil 0K 3
droome, Newly palated. Apply toJ. | 3? eareof ‘Portof-Spius Gasette"—Nov, A special police recruiting mission in Q Ug6 10 Sarops, +
W, MCCARTHY, or Mre, G1iL, 6 £asd- | 13th—tw. Scotland bas brought s | purber ~ ee = ” osm mimemea ~ ae
aa ere pemones Nor Web— ee | TP ANIEL— Noung kaoy Tor vee Hows | of young Scotamen into Tie Metro- y ductionsers, Valuers, Belle Agents woruUpA" Mth Nore. . iat
F “= Comlorteble Dwelnog Department, must have experience, | politan Police Force. and Accountants. *MAGDALENA” -, 25th Nove. Cases 24 Pints
House in Basia Cros Valley, known | acd one who on spesk Spanist preferred. *Lshould not like to say,” raid « 6, Wredesiole-mt. | CLYDE " 12-b December 4
- L Ceprice,” withis ousy reach ot tis Arne Brephera Lx, The Btores™, prominent official &, eo “ Express * FORT OF-SPAIN, B.W.L “THAMES 8th Beoenber ‘
. 8 2 10-le, Tepresentative * ® tara a “ ‘
wraraoce Co Marine Byuare ~Nov 8-20, AT ANTED Tor Careal katave, «coo makes an ideal policeman, buthe bes} THE CITY AUCTION ROOMS, Rat Sallings for Pto. Polombis Rh} A ri
e ENi-Uotege Noo 2 Ciprian! W eld Overseer, Apply to the Wan: | several qualities which make bim o 28 FREOERIZK STREET, al p bf
Bonlevard esntalang Drawing, Lislsg | gpereNov, 9—Iw. very desirable member of the force, , . Carthagena, Colon, Jamatoa & e e tj b
Pusity ped sowsl Out-otow aloo Biabies | YAP ANTED.—Bitanilon, of Hoorerald | ite cn turat quality with all our | LIFE POLICY KOR SALE?! Yaw Yors- .
sod Cotriage House, Electric Liebe and or Nuree, Sponka Spanich men, Eoglish or Scottish, but I ee elt Lae | STRAMES* ... 220d November Hautefaye G. Preller & Co., Borde:


ref Apoly ** Burxe”® —' A
fer Por pueaiar pig to Tarvous | ein Genel Nov 3, iid.—20. | obStetteatigesnene ee ONO ‘A ne abee simer
TLL . " boare of one and two p.w., LIFE POLICY
Cissus, Chyde Bow bil, Kev Mebeond Waxated. | chin t cnt. Nor T2439 in the cig of’ the “tan” Lite

HOG ised ophtesc sige | SMART AND “ACTIVE YOUTA| — iststve Ancysay dase colt | RXCUSiONS t0 Fngland| ag oes 79 GTS: CHAM Pid

Thursday, Novr, 171b, 19:0 between the | The above steamers will take 1st olase


Church, covtaining 2 bedrooms, dresslag, o Bren tem he attributes which go sorter puticatare ca applicstion t> IN 1910
Ginleg and drawing room, pantry, kitchen the Auctlonerts, 26, Freden ‘

= FOR = jak Sheet, ‘| °
semvent'a room and crual ont octice, GENTS DEPARTMENT fo make, the Sneek policemen, end | puctol-Spaio, Trivided 18/10/10, —o— CARTE D'OR,” G.; PRELLER & 0¢}
Possession lst December 1910, Rental they aro bebe found very generally me vouan “WTAneew tua SPECIAL REDUCTION OARTE VERTE . Renda

B10 per month. Apply to T, Grovrs Apply, to STEPHENS Lp. | ove donot eey that you do not get

Guanr, 0, Broadway, City—Nor. 4. -lw them in England as well. ‘They are E “CITY™ BALE ROOM ¢
PoE RE Teaar ti Cadi gceeree SALE | a eee ceentiog | SS ERSERCE een rain For Sato by
. e Commissioners are extendin, — MM TRINID. z
vasetog eee Sees te rane FO R SA LL. . the barrack m of living a q Warp PRICE & Co, have received BETURN PARE FRoMa RINIDAD To W S! | } GDM. A N | A I 16} TY
Bal ,

large premises are being builtat Bam- {ostructions to sel) by Auction at their
ables, kitchen, bath aod jt —
pith Sai’ a premises and Fint Clase Retorn Tickets ab the tove
64, South Quay. “

d *mersmith for single men, ‘a Roomsoa Monday, November, 21s
perma Monee partcon Pouce nat Deer — Theee barracks offer many Induce- | 1910 at Ze'clock p.m precisely. Policy |" auirsetine rates will be tecued ta cove
Rent moderate Aleo—Cottage No, 18, Frazet ments to the young constable. [le can ] No, 15,366 dated 10.h November, 1005 fa netion with the Company's Mall
the “Londoa Assarance Oosrporatioa” ateamers leaving Trinidad on the for

Brreet, cootainiog 2 Bedrooms, Drawing room, idlive there very comfortably on his

Troon tery, kltchen, & {i ‘ *
Pioise Ooo a ott ERE: pisseasiog, STBAM LAUR tl ime has ne for £5000n the life of L'ouel Vietor Joseph lewin, only
Rental we moderate For further particulars
@ to T.U. LUKE, No, 51, Picton Street,

. Broadway, 6 rn 3
: “OR RENT: Ostiane No. oT,” Sp. KING EDWARD Vil
i Vincent Street. Further particolare 7 !

apply at Modical Hal!,Nov, 21m.
—10 Ciprianl Moulevara—
BSeitable family residence, cootaloing —t

pay. and fo bis off t! library,
writing room, emoking-room dialing
toom, billiard room, and canteen.--

Registro de Gumercio,


teen Septr, 1910
rd i

tember 2let 1920, also Policy No, 114,472

dated 23-a October, 1907 in the 4 Msou- 2nd bones . 17th Octobe .
fectarera” Lifo Tuevracce Compeoy for 2ist October 191

$3,000 on the life of Joba Aretas Wharton, ath November 4,

15 years endowment, due November jst ath November...
These Tickets will only be available for
the return jousney from England by any

Wharton, 15 years enlowment, das Sep- 8h ming Hates |

Dated this 2lst day cf Ocdober, 1910,



of the Company’s Mail Steamers leaving | ° .
4 large bed rooms, wib dreseing rocms, -—- RnOMs. | Soathampton, as uaders ;
draviog and. dini try, with OSOTR ALTON y Ca 8 THE OIfY SALB ROOMY, TT
seus got noorn ation es meowres | Can ba Inspected al Present, | N‘tem sneecuaten domicitador ea shtmoncesmn, | saton «peace | CIGARS & CIGARHTY
Keate SeeNev Boo, bs Apply eata ciudad, por el presente dccumeato Important Sale of Yaluabla House- 2let December ,, ;

Passengers are requested to note that | Have secured GULD MEDALS of the highest awards whersvoc sbapil
reld Furniture, Planoforte, the period for which theee tickets are priubited. Tbeoaly CIGARS and CLG \RKTTES awarded a 00
Pictures China, te able woul not under any ciroumstances | at the Jamsica International Exhibition, 1801, ag
Cures, je be extended, _ Machado's Cigars and Cigarettes are for smaokers of culture and d
— Unique in quality and aroma,
The Workmanabip and blending of SACHADO'S CIGARS & Cid

OI TEN # Tomar . declare mos : qe, cocatituimos y bom

T —Tlowse No. 37, Dundona + 5 iri ramos factor do nneatra casa do

Buree®, Poareesion Ist December.— Please address onquiries comercio, al stfor William Dalion Hen-

ferly st Sie; eats Factory, George bucet | and offers to the Manager, derson, tambid. vecino de esta ciudad y
On + he

SCENT. its ar de edad, ddndole a! efeco nues
VOM REN M—Noady Caralshed toc 2 of mayor le al
HT otha tiom in preatneniawsite' VAL DE TRAVERS | ASPHALT | yopotecenrtala mines leony

«, Passengers ere recommended to secare
J ARD PRICE & Co, are favoured with | their berth for the setarn jonrney fome-
ivetractions fom @ gentlemen Who} lstely upon their arrival in England.

0 haat ity left the Coluny, to sell t ¥ ‘ cannot,be excelled orsequalled. f
Bice For ‘partioclere apply vo EB x PAYING CO. LTD., tros asuntos y pegclog mereantiler, con | Auction oa. Tiday, Dermber 2d, the be Compacy’ : oflca. formation, apply #! BS J. B. MAC HA DO
Brest Cn Barth Quy, bP ne? ee todas las facultedes aque aegiia el digo whole Re bis expensive furoisblogs and — TROMICAL, 2 Ay)

- t: uny. le Comercio le competan jas que le | bric-s-brac. TKAREWA 8Qu. *

inesiae Vieceut Ste~ 28h Ostoler om Bout a 7 acnerda el Codigo Gil coin meodat 5 Ave oa reide % Sc Decembtre ovary = Quarn» Harbour *
i110 LET scClottage 143 Lesty Duress, ario, para admjnistrar, jotervenir 99 collection ante 0 -ofe, ins
T' ‘Qaiet Tenet Te ey ees | = Nov, 1b —tw. . * obra te todo eusa, come To hiclératacs | same gencleama, aul particnlare ebortiy, Port-of Spain: ee
Dressing Rooma, Drawher sod Dinlog - = | nosotros miswos, pudiendo en conse- Frederiole Street lw,
Rooms. All out houses, Large bachelors NOTICE. cuencis gestionar acte Jas autoridades, over ber ~iWe

room lo yard. New Sewerage, Electric —
Yigdta throsgbouty Apply. o BaRoarty & | (PYRE Month'y mee ng of the Agricu’-
Co., 48 Marine Bgusre,—Uer, 21.—1m, tural Society which fo the aoeual

TAO RENT ce Bolle” Forlani ine | cours de Leld on the 5th instant,
DOR RENT — Bully Foralshed Tho | Course would Le be
i river and braciog als for one’s Health, | 8s bees postponed until farther notice,

funcionanos y corgoracicnes publicas
encuanto fo crea necesatio 6 conve:
niente A nuestros tntereves, tratar, cane
tratar, cobrar, reibir y dar reciboe;
aceptar, girar, endoaar y paget letras de

HANFORD’S Bakes, Roaste,

BALSAM - OF. MYRRH Brolles, Toasts

PACARIGUA—One Kinote from

\ ARD PRICE & Co, bave seveived

Beta er aur thee dovely toe ney cada, “cohen frelon’ cartes d rege” Paget ae Tpartay. Nevumwvr Sib eax he hate Perfectly —Heats wash wator
ta s at love! wo alorey gxciones, Cartas depsgo y demas docu- I aS ii i

beilding koowo as ¥oro Vil'a’ with all BOGAR Teeretary, ineatus que se relaciouen oon nuestros Se eieetug eee furnish | AN FXTERNSL HEMEDY baaniteatrerad’ quickly, Heat,
penetra mart aed atemil Itgbly recom= Norv. 12 b, negocios, asf como comprar, vender y » Ful particatare on the 17.h iastant—

pot, kettle or pan—nowhero

celebrar convevios, arreglos 6 contratos | Auctioneers Osives, 24, Frederick Sureet, Kor nran 4 BUA ielsa Kiteh L.
° — en coo!

Jately, table and Carr Honae ect, y transacciones que er sa concepto con- | Port-of Spainx—Nor, 1i—2w.

hour drive from the city, 10 miautes VICTORIA INSTITU SE. eee ee
a ietoim Bae dere Reliwey. Biatioge Tengan A nuestra firms social, firmendo | ce aoLD AT ONGE: a © Tdics,

We guarantee It to hoal
Lorvuly garden of tosed snd flowers, pas- HE following eubjocve are tacght at Potdende 4 dichos actos coma nues'ro lously tow pries as owner is leavinw the after allelee faile . NEW PERFECTION WICK
tare, river panning through the l’roperty T the Institute :—Euglish Oomposition, desde Thorerd Soe ° nee n iy Oolony, Aa EaTArE of 9 a0 €¢ 9 rvods —
Anyone desirous of lorpecting with a view | chorthaud, Typewriting, Bpanteb, Freach, dida y legal ode cae q t pe bor | 3a probes ia tbe very bvery of the off | Jf Ramoves Proud Flesh Blue Flame OIL COOK STOVE
borenting can apply to Cuas, J. Dectr, Rook-keepiog, Drewiog, Dressmabiog, Are | 14ida y legs loca + O nueateo repre: | Gi rice,
#3 Marine Square, Louession 1b Nove | Needlework. Claavea daily. seatante y apoderado genersl sefior dapavia. It ts @ : .
Oct 15-110. AnTisANa CLonsys -Eogish, Arithmetle, | William Dalton Henderson, bagi, di] warn PRICE & Co, are instructed prevents Grangene, will do anything any stova
a aod Drawiog, on Mondays, Wednes- pga Y Convengiea uueatro Hombre 4 | 4, sii the adore by Auction on WEDNES. will do and will do it batter.
FOR S$ LE. daya and Fridays, res; eotiraly. rma social Ast lo decimos y Grmamos | Hay peat, NOVEMBER 1b, Toe Tt Cleans Old Sores, If not at your dealers call
T) UR BALE—Oce Rabber tyred Con.ocd | CHORAL BECTION~Taesdsye at 8,15 p.m | por ate el cludadano Registrador Sub- | escatele hat Tecently owaed by Lawrence A y “4
4“ Boggy and one cabb.e tyred Park | OacuEsTRAL Suciion — Tharsdaye at | elierno del Distrito Mores, en Ciadsd ( Pierre and cow by Louies Evacson (ma tte And Heals them or write — 4 ae
‘beoo--all ia good order. Avply to F. AS pm, b P Boivat & primera de noviembre de mil gree it fe aitaste haf a mie from / Wren zapxra, Orr, OOMFANTY +
By Nanp—Queent Fark Hotel=Now Ouh § LTE alah BBATING BErTION —~ | noveciento dien=Dalton y Ce. Sucesoree ovlerta er Boa ee aaa ate Te heals all Seah wounds and soreacn the Offs, 0, ST. VINCENT {3 [REBT, Tobpten eo
= OIC BALE “ASA PACK. Ech: | (UES Section —Ually, REQISTER OF CUMMERCE. Remocras g Norby Sueread Marabajy | Samsa syetem or Dome tic Animals, ———emneene: “~~
. SG4 | Rxapid aND RECREATION Rooms —Open No, 11 of 1910. West by Jeogra Radoomlog ant Mooklars ° See i:
American Fox Husnde, well matched, dally 4 t ‘She land is planted with yuuo Xe Curves The —— a
Well broken, trained aud thoroughly ace Adalitence tothe Sections ts feee to rps DEED witoers th that we the slog. wae weds eae ved wt breneg awa Gasmen wo , x; ew
climatioed, Fur price &o, apply to VEU. | sroraters and Associates, uodersigned, Dalton & Co, Bucrs, wnticlvens it fs a profitalle speculative . —) See OTA.
¥, HUGGING, 64, Bouth,Qasy.—Nor, Zod | ™ capseription s Assoolates 2/6 perquacter, | “erchants, resi¢ent ia thie City, by vire proposl ions GUARNATEED [TO G1VE SATISFAC-
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