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Port of Spain Gazette
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:ns lmtd,
~ Di
Boots and Shoes
â– Always Keep in Mind
Where Real Bargains are Obtainable.
Frcderiok Street,
the ¿mm-
Skeoch& Co.’s
Our Fap.33a.ouai
x. sr. ~sr.
MTen’s Straw Hats.
wfLlX J*rioaa.
Just iUceivod.K^S^0^ gAiiB â– 
,m 'í¡wllT« UiínrtíwWn 1 «¡Sí,.‘ '“““KfiÜB

*r: -
íflií i
ÉispijP i
! K¡B¡( I5 sSSE: i|™!S-l
r E"
Hi sÉJgg * pf § ni
g i i !-#]• i 2 M §=
S Í 0 fbí
. jnraiWAOK Aven

BOL.A T?X>S,: l51,,

.roKKor-siMia ¿AÍÓBn -raruat,' «oyembir u
Our Millinery ‘«Show” still in full Swing.
“gnnray” Shantung.
;n fñwt'wfuíSicl.K-^ri'S,”'- “ »M0
prays. Ribbons, Wings, Mounts, &c.
Evening Dress Suits,
THo PINE distinction between a
STYLISH and a- COMMON made
Garment is obtained by dealing
NEW- SUITINGS, Jacket and Pants,
Eight Bollar», Ten Dollar» Dp.
Double Width Tweeds,
Irated • Whiskies.
«¡Voy Old and Mild & Old
‘<4 gj; guvjing
Site Greeting Xmas
«had over Eighty Years.
Ull cogoaT estate
|¡ÍIWÍ' n«ajkt Vor lortlw P"U»“'


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UR..RUVL0LD $•%Q UDUXDWn mR\HPELU X 3+(16 /07'f¯ 7KH 6WRUHV A67(3+(16 /07• 2XU 0LOOLQHU\ f«m6KRZf° VWLOO LQ IXOO 6ZLQJ /$',(6 nA'(3$570(17 f¯JQQUD\f° 6KDQWXQJ ‘)$5&< 675,3(' $/3$&$ Q I³ZWnZIX¯6LFO.AULn6f°n f¯ }0 72:(56 ,1 *5($7 9$5,(7< SUD\V 5LEERQV :LQJV 0RXQWV tF 7$,/2%,7* %8< 7+. %07 ,1 (YHQLQJ 'UHVV 6XLWV 7+R 3,1( GLVWLQFWLRQ EHWZHHQ D 67

62UU/(0(1I 72 7+. 32872I%3$O1 4$=%J7, )5,'$I 627*03(,W

+, ‘ . . . . Nee wo ial al al ve ney” ee ee ee epee |e
. / . ~ 7 . / \
i ' .

4 t

dor t-of-Spain Town Board Oyele & Atbletio Sporta‘ adm

ia mAT ow

istrater General's’ Purse Rorice s wnty ne was |e seat Minera Mees WIOTORIA INGTI

. fe exercies of (de Fo of Bal comprising rrepectirely (i) eres (2 Gane
V os Bit ’ iered on caortgageen by he Conveyancing { Five berea god rer ana iy HE followsig sebjeots ars
3 and Law of Property U.dinance No. 72 a! Berea atrre coe \reod nad teirty-ote 3 |] the feccleens a Beaton! C ”

< coatalped ta @ coriate deed of mo teber whick seid three several patvets of 5 Pal
DOO ee St, Clair Oval Tete ae Court of Trinidad and Tobago | tortie thew eor tbe henna, 4908 regu: cute of Tet raeloweed int See {é srorion Serpe
~ox- He Hae heme eons | Se ae se eee | Sah t Donon a Wok Late) Fey :

and Juloe Emanuel Ache of the oos pars and | FISTHLY, Ail sad Slagalar thove
tu the Matter of the Goods of WF Sampsoe Jemea Arthae Rea Stol'meyer, Charles | thies several parcels of Jaa elivate le the

late of the Town of Port of Spuie, ia the | Fourlee Btolimeyer and Readoiph Rast of | sald Ward of Moawerrat The FÂ¥raf there.
Isiand Bf Tilnidad—Doceneedlatestaie | the other part nod alec lo 4 certeia Memos | of comprising lon acres aad

Is 3rd Decoa a 1910 random of mortgage asder ibe provisions | the Norte wou jandact. hoes ont the

PROVISIO LL pbrecas hemng etal al of tbe Real Property Ordt dated the Booth spoa eda of C, dela Rosa Gamera
* fo Tf re rd fovi { OnaL FROG HME. A Above satste are tequtred 10 Send tate waid 10h. day of Fobraary 1908 mede by | 0a lhe ete acon lecda of M. Mondoss Forsafghtly, * ¢
— Fort-of-Spain Town Foard invite Tenders for the supply of the L—Ose mmx sicrcee RACE—Open bo the ful) panucglara of tbe same | the oad Ja'ea Emanvel Ache le favour of | And on the West npoa lands of J, O, Gue- Beene. Dally .
entioned artleles for the twelve m b: . Shoe whe have bever won a free prisg | Tevtted by sMdarit Oo wt beiore Thursday the | the ssid James Asthat Rex Stollweyar, | tales The Second the-eof ing tee y .
a onths from ‘the 1 prise | agth day of Novrabor Raapora aup Recaation Roovs
1911 tothe 3lst March, 1912 1 BM ] shaay reougutzed Cycle Meeting, Mn- | bo caters vill tm entertamel Vee Ome | Charlee Fourier Beollmeyer abd Nevdaiph | Asrea aad staning on the North spon | oasis,
trance Fea ® let prise of tba valne | Creditors whe hold any sip? whatsoever Rastand alee ina certain deed of morte je Of Marta Mudeste aed apoa Crows Adnatitance to the Beoileas Is


. * ot dols, da . bend on the Ee a len :
~ 1--BEEF (for Ariapita Asylum) . : Tine Litt 9} wince es oO prove for tha @berwecr, tit, SwcuTty and Tas regieteroh ac Ne OW for 1006 usd | Viberael and ou the West evan Lande of ecto iprieas Ace nteten 38 per qual
3—BREAD (for Anapita Aaylum) 2-100 Vamps FLAT RACE—Opan, Eco | Weurky tad prove for tbe wholedene made berweeh the sald Jules Kmenuel | Fables Viltereel And Ths Third thereot | pombers $3 aonaally.
3—ORMENT and LIME s traece Fool Mm les pose ot the valae | , Parmeote will be mace on Friday the sod | Ache of the one fart aed the eld Cheriee tbe anne blateen acres and evattleg O27 The Loatitate te ppen from 8 to wu
“ OG de, 2ad prised dels, Srd dole | 247% December sora, between the bours of | Fourier Stoltmeyer of ihe other part and 7 tbe North upoe lends of Seucion Babala on f and from, 3 to 10 p.m. dail ‘
| SCTRONMONGARY, TOOL «| AHA mtr nora mired ace pos | ee Sie Rates gre | an atest pment | Ae a ae a ee
to boys und. joverber tore nige ueder the eisions of the Kea ‘esha a ova Betito AD 7
. RO GARY, TOOLS and IMPLEMENTS the day of ube Bportt = Eatrence Pee et HOMAS TFOFTER, Prepares _Ordteabes dated the seid osm | ALSO AL ad SINGULAR thes certain Auction Sale;
— Prizes of the val eee BASministrator General | dey of February mate a an ec plece of parce! situate in the —
7—MEVICINES and DRUGS Har) dow Nelo No tectog' cycles |, TRINIDAD, Jules Rmaauel Ache tu favour of the sald | eald Ward of Moururrat eomprlaing forty (THERE witt bse. PUBLIO AL
8—MADIOINES and DKUGS (Veterip ‘ allowed, la the Matter of - Charlca Fourier Stollmeyer thaie will be Acres one rood ang eighteen petghes BALE oc F the 28th Nov
TS, BHAN and HAY pary) &—Tax Hamcyy-Norr ove wire a | The Adwilolatrator-Genoral’a Ordisaace, | pub wp ice Sale by Pal enucton tbe babing on the worth pra lends pow | 1910 ay} p.m. at ¥. De LIMA,
No, §—UATS, an CYCLE RACK-Opeo, Entrance Fee undersigned at thelr auetton Mart No ld tely of Soharege upon lands formerly | Broker, No, 24 Frederiok
4, 10—PATENT FUEL and OOAL Weih—Time limit 5% minutes, ~let And Ia the Meter of the Estate of Bt, Vincent Street Pe pain on Tuon | of the Crown but subecquemtty of Boharea | foltowirg unredeemed artlo'es t—
Wo, 11—PROVISIONS (for Ariapita Asyl prita-A. Solid Biver Cop of the Adolphus Bkeote day the 225d dey of November 1910 be | O28 the Buuth apon lacds of Jalen Viile- Sarrycssz 1900,
~ BO, ylum) yaine of £5 presented by J, A, D, | latg ef the Village of Tunapann la the | tween the boureotone and two o'clock | rel cpon lands formerly of the Orowa bat} No
METAL and BUULVEL ¥ Tore De ry
Rel 12—- ant I Hamlyn-Nott of Eagland, =2od prise Ward of Toosrlgns in the lelaad of | Pm v | dabeeqeently of Neebar and upon Grown | 6108 =I iron bed and spring
No: 18—-VUNIFORMS for grave-di gers, and for Town Constables ef Ube valae of 5 dole, 3rd 8 dole, Trloldsd—~Deceased Latestate, FIRST 1ALL AND SINGULAR thas | Icda of the Kaet wpoa lands formerly of] 6414—1 gold chaise
waar and OLOTHING aud BEDDING f, 8,'} $.—Loxd Juur,--Open, Eotrance Fee 1/6 — certain cocoa-plantation called “LA PRU. { the Orown bat savecqaently of Candido] 6453—1 gold bracelet 4
rae or Inmates of the Pees of the value of Sdole and Sdola, | AUCTION Bale for Tharedey the tat | VIDENCLA “situate dn the Ward of Mou- | Zswera rf Soharage and of Bobuua aad | 066¢—~1 gold ebsie and peodent ¥
Arispita Asylum. G—-l abe MILE BICYCLE BACK Open, Ea- dy of December 1910, between 2 and ferzat io th od pt Tialdad evsalate ba the Wont pea Jands Ber formerly O20 +3 sitvor colua aad @ silver banglod
- . trance Fee 60 cts,—Time lim! i388 p.m, og eseveral @ parcel a lon Sabsia an este, T06 ja ing an rer
. —_ mn of the value ‘a 30 dols, G dc tad hereis after deeeribed” ebat 16 tomy The |, AND SIXTHLY. Ali the pare! of os Gospare 1990, aiid {

3 dol

4 ty Ee LIQ NOTICE ty horeby given that | Siva? thereof eomprislag siz acios aad | lend situste te Moatesrras aforesaid come! 73991 gold rin 3
j~—-220 Yarns Fat -Rack—Opes Fas


. rinlog 12
- from sad after the 31st Decamber, 1910, trdace Kee 1/6—Prizes of the value of Auction al the OMe el ake wees terre whe Geowe oD, Phe Mot nee Matting ‘ ntne North upon ieefor boner Home wt neck hala

which must be is duplicate, toust be endorsed with « ehort Bdols, 4 dole, acd 2 dole, Port-of-Spala oa Tharelay the let dey of | Janda now or Istely of Jaan E, Villafvos an acd of Damaneath on the South spon | 7511—~7 pis-ee alrer, 2 pairs silver

of the articles tendered for, and mast be seat in to the undersigned not | S—ONEMILE BOYS BICYCLE BACE=Open | December 1910 between the boure of J and | oa the Ext upoa late now or lately of | ezd of O, dole Kora Zemara on the Mart gles, 1 pliver chata, 8 gold ri

1% o'clock noon On Ssturday, the let January, 1911, to boys under the age cf 16 years on | 4 fu the afternoon, Quertoa Fetreira and on the West upon f 2700 Orowa lead andoa the West epoa gold brooch end I pair gold

ooatractor will be required to execute s bend with ao approved saret: the day of the Sports, Entrance Fee} ,ALL AND SINGULAR that esrtaln j leode pow or lately of Goolam, [isan and | land of Buhsrage, r rip i

tet the dae performance of bis contract. ety 1/6,—-Prises of the value of 6 do's, | Piece oF psrcel of facd cosaprieing five | K t The Second thereof comprising | NB The propertles LA PROVID- | 7521—1 gold chala and charms, t si

4. The proposed acrety must sign the declaration of his willi 4 dole aad 2 dole, N.U!—No racing | Acree (be tbe same more or lees} pod de- | fire acres (being part of ten acrer granted ENCIA® "BAN JOSE” and the several wateh and chute, bed orier, sad

wey of ne teaderer which is at the foot of the prescribed form hae? be the eycles allowed, Nioeated inthe diagram sttechod to tha | 10 Oresam) and absttiag oa the North | Perce's of tend thirdly and fourchly des. gold wateh fn hed order =


Forms of tender may be obtained co application at the Fown Hall, Port


¢ . t.—Five Ming Bic a . | Crowe Gract registered under be Real { Upoa lands of Callipor oa the Socth wpon | Vlibed are contalned in ihe deed cf the] 7572=9 paire gold éatrio,
Noweoder will be considered which does not comply with the conditions teaace Fos Fn eae OF an Prverty Ordtoaoe ” volume sox, leads bow or iste ot Kedarat s oa the {pub axe eabreary 1905 made talireen fe “1 fold rag teand 4
“ tea—Oom al siaste lat of Mansan- et pon lands now or le! of Lachinan | & e bap 7033 <1 onl "d bracele pale gob
¢. Tas Board do not bind themselver to accept the lowest or any tender, fosbLest coatot the neeesie eyele ile ta the Island of Trintdad and boneded | sud Balektagdon the West, upon lands | Charies Fourier Spollmeyer end the pare aks
y events to be eligible for the race,—lat | O2 the North by Crown lands sad by lands fof, now, or lately Sendals Hives Prnfoatbly desoribed are also contelned | 7730-2 tron bed
’ JOSEPH ARNOLD LAMY, prist A Bicycle preaeoted b; of Alfred Bt, Cale om the Bouth by lands) TAe Third thereof comprisisg’ five | T4the Memorandam of Mortgage ander} 7733 1 gold neck ehala 2
% Town Clerk and Treasa ‘2nd prise 4 the eatue | Of Ragoubirand by a Road on the Lars by | etree {being the other cisety of the | the provisions of the Real Property Ordin~ | 7793~1 gold neck phaia %
Town Hall, Port-of Spain rere of 10 dole, Sed prise 5 dole-Lap | lstdscf Alfred Bt, Clair and onthe West | Sald parcel of tea acres granted to | Auce dated the 10th dey of Fetiu 730381 gold neck chala
, ° Paes do by lands of Ragoutie aud by Crown ts Orasam} sod abattiog on the North apon { 1905 made by the sali Jules Emmanuel { §277—9 coli rings
ith November, 10-190 Ys HURDLE RACE — Eu. | Dated this Jeb dey cf Novem'er, 1910, | leads now or lately of Fakira oa the Bouth } Ache to farvur of the aski Charles Fourter { 9436~3 gold studs and 2 plece gold it
: trance Fee 1/3—-Prises of the value cd | N«Bi—Theve fa orcos onniration on tbe | 8p09 tarda now or lately of Parabarnaath ( Sto lmeyor acd ara sotject to, the mort- Special Contracts under Ordinanes
aT eo dated Sob sUraRR RUth oer en (ataetiruiesenameoreiy cto | futon tug ao of Rory | OPS) Mae tae” Onno
. we jnexead oa the West upon a ow oF ar - sia an: al
RT-OF - SPAIN | LE FOR THURSDAY ane s77H | | hosecyeiiste whoheranm ripened Acting adatottrsvu-Gearral,_ {Istely of Sandullo Rives The ourta | Rex Stollmayer, Charles ‘Foutlor Btoll Fo dU pale gold bam
re ACM eer General,

DAY OF NOVEMBER Iyi0, ” & Colony during the last two years, thereo? comprising two qaariees (being | Weyer aud Keodolph Rast and the seid 18L43-2'g0ld watches, 1 gold thimble and

—= tof lot 26 Car i aroeis fourthly desoribid are alu sabject
Pyeee NOTICE fehereby given thas Botrance Fee, OC ceute. Erie's of the Worthy of Note. Eranted to Goclaas J Sy and ebarting Dothe Mem Jodam of Blortgege tet 16338 ileereiarratre

Town Board. =] case silver cutlery as por List 3

10 doilas, 6 dollars, and 3 | pean), and abaciing
In exercise of the Power of Sale cou yatae of > bh on the North peace Pe Pi Louis Proauon | the proviclona of Res Property | 16405 =1 gente gold chata, without
isined i a certalt Deed of Mortrere, | 12. Ci0 YARDS ELAT Rubee Open, Ea. |‘ LE former Nezarah House, No. 17 George | the Soath opou leads now of Iately ot Hae me 10ch dey of | Lessd—t Eaiicateokd toatt cui tee
; dated the oloth day of March 1910, trance Fee ls6d. Prizes of the vaiae modiour te and ‘hotougbiy upie deve Lire on the a pre Lande bow ot lately Piaainend Werer Joue ith ates Sold watch, J gold fob ehals,
PRA | Seeseebete it let eek watt ae aa Fan [se datend Bike ee tesoonea | oarumzaergnitt Meeenatont | Sommarunchha duu eau | fall gan treed spot
PRINTING GONTRAGY, | emcbrsic cece ctr seq tute | Hanes MAE lanatco.ona, |S Fa ak Ee ih Core | sb yta coment ar ROS | Ferer attnyetad et" Tapa ,
‘ cootaloed ‘10 « certsia Memorandum of sendatives teom pelos, Detoerare, | etimages and Excursious. balls, Concerts, { Caracas Settlement) aod abating oo the ¢ several parcels of laa 7 cess | 16754 ~1 gold chala aad pendant .
Hectares er te, Real » Eroeerty ant Trinkdad.cTime Uslt 9 mine, | PubvE mecogr cic. ete, from the rstb last. | North upoo ibe Cesscas Eatate on the cribed are contaiued in the deed ay 1au6 1032-1 go't nee tao. *
. re idiosni (i al the alot! ar Uompstaitars mast have rac: fa at ‘be apestmecnts below aod yard rooms with vuth upos 'O Ziog the A 1 god peck chala and l gold maf
1910 between the scld Pedro Ram P ete sccommodation are offered at the | lot No, 26 and oo the Wesb los made Ly the said Ja'es Eomanael Ache
DERS for executing all the | the said Eama Dre pete Be og ead ene ee enon preceeding Cycle cheapest moutbly ventals for tba kinds ube | 90 The Blcth therest comp late; T in favowr of the asid Charles Fourier | 17048 alma watch t
pnating work required by the Port- J pos up foe « Pablio Auction by the eren! eee re, UES | laspection is cordialiy invited, Do not mis | teen acres and twa porches ttlog ¢ Siollmeyer acd sreeabjectto @ mortgage J 17)72—1 vente bike 4
a Town Board fer the twelve | cndecsign thew Ansti M prisa Gold Medel 2ad_ Prize of the | your chance, and apply to Mr Esto ALvAERE, | on the North upoa tbe Caracas Eetate on | date the loth day uf May JOQL registers 17413 71 fold chal t
from the lst of April, 1911 to Sackville Btroccin the Ti on Mort Noa valae of 8 dotlara, Lap Prize 3] Treasurer 1, Latente borane Fitend'y Society, | tne South @ pan bow or lately of [No 1138 for bh: eyesr and ex 17621 — seid cbata hal
‘Bie March, 1013, ko aconrddnea with | Spela oa Thursday the uth a Partol- dollars, ar No. 24 Proce Sireat, Port of Spain, or Mt | Kuasren ant of Querico Ferinia no ibe | t0 be made between cae Joseph Engene ~! gold watt ja aod 2 ladies gokd
terms and conditions of contract f vember 1910 between the hours of one aad Mert Pelemol toe rales of Od kee Goweseen . tary. Lodge Root, 37) vasy upon laudenow or lately of Angereah | Ache of tha Jes part thi sald Jules f 17323.3 old cheles, 1 pale gold ‘
whieh taay be seen on application to the a * and 4 dollare, ° oliere 3 and of the aald Qaerico Fermin sod on the | Ewmanuel Ache of the 23d part aod Vire lete, 1 gold medalion aad 2 vod
pre Clerk, wilt be received at the ALL AND SINGULAR that certain 15—Two Mux Bicyctzs Race Hao: Woes’ upon Jandy now or Sate'y of the anid | Sinai Prada of the 3cd partand tha moneys brooches, in bad order
Hall, 8

Goolam Hosen Ths Seventh thereof com: | therety secares.
pyiies ten acres end abutelag “on the Dated this 8. ‘ny of Ronee

- pais wp lo 4 pts. fareel of lead situate io the Ward of CAP—Eatrence Fee 60 canta. Prises
eee orth apon & Road on the Spath rpop

tn the Island of ‘Trinidad contalal Fee ered eat see eee
ow Monday, the 12th mber, 1910. ‘ rine contatalpg ot the valowof 8 dollars, 4 dollars and f
Porwa ct teoder mey be obtained on tel ahentine on and Hannu Six Pe ie a dollars, Tad Jn0. Sool & Sil

dlamoad ring, } dlamoed
I gold mof chain and} diamped

b jands now or lately of Kingbally aad of fod ebain
srptintion us the Town Clerk's office oo | Road on the South on Crowa Land. op | Jo UALY Mutu Race Hanprcar—Ka- ererce: Quorco Fermin on the Het cpua leads | THIND — 23—1 diamon
* br Fee is64. tr f the val: T Ab, 176232 di: id slag
afer ihe at ot OLD TAMY, the Eat oa s lands now = ately ef ‘the ot Sat ee a dolls ae a i ssluet Atlas Assurance Company Limited tow or lately of Joba pebares aud on Ia the Sepreme Ooart of Trloided and ieidet et ahela aod 1 pale gold Jinks
ne we stILe Bicycur > -
Ball Towa Clerk & Treasurer, snd on the wet A Lands of Q Hondon | ?? Open. ‘Retrance Fve 00 cease, Tos Now prepared to acceps Risks {rown And The Arlee spareat compris: No, 130 a 1910, 18676 4 ilver watches, 1 gold wateb,
‘Taye Be at to be igh Koad, Sabject however giles 30 mins, Compeitiors must syaiaed Fire reeslolng from Earth: Onto Hive o) ed taste onane Nate Between fold neck chain and charm, 4 g9
; -Spaio, Teee cheek dened ok, Mortgage bears have caced le at least two of the pre- quake, Rica sod Civil Commotion Cran the Gatacae entate action thegaa b James Dopurawa and Frederick Dapuraws rooches, 1 pendant, 1 pice ©
eta fe Bub diy of Augeet 907, resisters beding Oyeie create, to be ‘oligible sor Hanns Insurance bympaoy Ltd Saatand Wen upon Jands of ¥akire te- Visiatitfe aud Mi specne charm, 3 Settons ag
chia race, rea to presen —— ber with all th tea hereto i |
pPOPMORILAE TI, | Ma ice Seta Rie | Faas wmentsocaung ad gYemaMOMT AMeTiONER, [Siweees ne eenne | Regueeaieesite aac | tages OM wa ot
gue wns | Eager foeten ren, |g SUN RACE PEER] Rtgeabllgned 1866." | yiFCOMULY ALL Ann sixoutas| lr deta buimdace eee
UBLIO NOTICE Is hereby given thas ALL thet t 18—-UNE, Mit! C&—Open, (Ene ' at certals a oo 6 p
pareel of Land 1. —— + ” UBLIO NOTICE ls hereby glren that | am Parties ng {nterest ep Lo date o
Â¥ Jn sxaroine of tee gree of Bale on oe ig the aia Ward a Toes, soca. waaee gt OF vee the value mole Agents wee ae Three re bandred P an action bes oe coutmenord by ] sale con hevehelnerencnet, P
: agtes i ‘oo a bree earch: A z ames Duporewa aa erkc! arewe T li dD ,
B Aes Ho. 78 sa by @ cortstn deed of mort- Porobee the sswe more or fous dee ‘ daldasiat eee bore aa jaudicnes deat: two of Ube children and mextol-kin of INIDAD whe sopra Oot.
; a ing date the 19th day of Novem | lnested and with the ebattels and nes Ct v1 api as the Mayo Ki land lal Hanrletta Daparewa who died on the 2036
: WONG Teyisbered as No, 3184 for’ the | boundaries thereuf sbewn In the Plan en- These races rao, | ofthe Orem ros lacde how or lavele | day of Fabrasry 1065 iu tha Town of Forte Tae Regione atsfort-of Bpaia
yee Bod made between Joba Modeste | nezed to Crown Grant entered in Vol uecer ade mre ‘be “Naor “Abts elma oie pave end cpbolusdetow” . asely of Bpela in the Talend of Trinkded « siust ia e stant lute of ‘ise owe of ne
+ ine Mudeate of the one part aod | LXXX1 at Follo 29 and bounded ow the | nevus of Englcd, sod pratessioval ° ’ the aboveusmed defendants clatulag « P bbe
jason Atlee of the cbber part there will | North by a Reserve Forty Laks "wide | cibieces profecsonal crikours, greunammes, | 89 Boyat WarvssT-to H M. Kis J of Jour istaly of Hs the ue leads tat of Letiare pt Aduialsration ste Bpaia ip the Toland of Trial
jenn orm e Os ol e

Sp for ale by Pablio Auc- | slong the Matelot River by Crowa Land | gol caddies, hoecsed atendacts, &o., will be tpwase VI lately of fb 1

ton by the odecsignad at thelr Avotioa | pb de of Sam Wood by Lande of Seherred frore coro petiog, ‘ on poe bat sodore Beriete spon lands Menristta Vopurewa, and that the sald Bul

Mart ervey of Neakville and 8} Vincsot dihacess Guiray Lents of fave E,| © Ai sairks must be made and racce ran lo | Al Letters to be etdraued bo the firm | Dow or lslely of eos crgwe ead ee eet eee bet dice toe Trl a PUBLIC NOTICE ts hereby girea
I ry.

reday the 24th dey of Nov- [ Satvary and by of Heory Bmall os | ths teal name of tbe compeuior, aod no sniry a THE COMMERCIAL SALE | ids now or Istely of Jose La (aa | Monday the Sth dey of December 1910, poe tEPtioation bee bean meade ta me

jel 0 between the boars of one and | the Boat bya Haserve Jorty-Fire Lae | aoe er ae ate Gg Pete KOOME, 148 Vinocat Btreet Unites opoa lacds mow of f Dated thie Zeb dex ot Nerember 1010, | of port.o'at/ala tor @ Grant of Pre
saat certala place of land sitaate fo Tide alon re Eiateict River by Crows | cosy reserve the right to seluee aa entry wiihoul Dwite epon la CHS, LEQ. NIDAR Ata of the Willdated the—dsy ef Deos

2 bs Ward of Arica ia thls Island containe | the Esat by Landa of Athenee alvecy by | OUzE bgund to aaege a tessoa | orto dagualily Notice, funda bower lately oft Lbeedae Dostere een, |, oe eae, Copeland late of obs
fet Meret and bounded on the North by | Lande of Jane Ke Balvary end by Laode | soaauct a Bubsoomiog ur Wit is shows that bis leat Phereaaest Conpiny, 86, | 004 epon lan’s cow of lately uf the Crowa ee pale 4

iq a INHE Tro died oa the 28cd dey of
Mie Rate Sievcn ce tbe uty nee | aa’ Wand Ue Capen Leta a | rlachcn es SECT eh tae «| L Raetarme Yok waen se a | Redo hy Wane pee the Migs. oe

ry f a’ upoo the Monteerrat Village fends’ agen ’ pric barteg at Peed ee te Sean '
. ' al 9
irae sad oa the Wer a Reeve Forte fir Linke} wide along (cited foe tae sacnous eveotn, snuence (oe Tropes Teowoweont bh are tanner feode cow or Ivtely of Jubs White, of J M. 0 ANDRADE afore he uid “Louies vi
‘tua Toth day of October, 1910 AND ALSO that parcel of Land oom: | 4 Every competitor, provided ba has entered | fectared ander theo tla formate of Dr, end, of Hicherd E 4 —— Liprisal belog the sole Kescunls
sLOUIa JUBN & CO,, Poleg Niveteen Acres three Hoods acd f Ba! lest thac three evects will be SK the N Bover by sigh argon ty oneof the

Ucket — aa tbe | Real Kastate and Assurance Broker, 1
‘7 Auctioneers ty Hight Perches be the same wore | Coo gauiuing bim to five deira November @=tm. Muyo Hod together wu appartecs Valuer andl General Com, oft pie eit titers siren thes Ua
*s » or loss delineated and with the abutsie a the day of the Spare bo one but officials 4 D L N ances therelo belonging. mission Agent, twenty-eight daye frow thy Wisensen
and boundaries thereof shewa in the plan be allowed on the track, (This rule will be St A TUIKVLY. ali and Blogeler that thin auics te the Royat cos
i —s sonexed to the Crown Great pntered ta rekny advetdta} certain pocaa-p'antation eltusce at Maye AVOTION HAM. jocal newspaper the Ooart will ‘
pee EDAD, Volume LXXVIT ob Fo'lo 605 and} 6 The wart for each event will take place For Sale in the sald Ward uf Mosteerret comprising — lanes Probeee to the oad

TOF NO EATS aaND DAY | Grown Land aod ou the West by Leads | and wtuee cteroce vo mente, — sigh aor abd abatlog on the Nor (NO. 24 ST. VINCENT STREET | Gru es

VEMUEH 1910, Manon, aleutes bet LL KNOWN PRO upyoo Ache * lad Sth day of November 4.D 190
noe titloned for by Elivorio Kamos, Babject | 7 Aball will berung three misutes before | THAT WE PERTY, | seservad for Marie Ator Oppostte General Fost V, 7
BLIC NOTICH ta hereby given that In Poa veriela Memoreadum of Mortis each erect whee compeiiors sual af once tak b BAYANNAH HOUSE, bpon lands foraerly of { fce,) T, A. THOMPSOR, 3

Pemic, ee 3
YOTICH, i Gated ‘the 37th be up thew powtios at the startiog post, With Sis acres of Land attached, ft Ju'en Ache oo the Kast part! TRISIVAD, . —_
sees wer of Said voulerres permect to Jove Bariu of obs au sole bere T sisuated to the Hust of the St.| sede of Marie locke Alovasder and | Te she Bepreme, Conrs of Telodded ond | BINDAD xp TOBAGO.

Rte caederd,tot Teeoiy Delay “with |S Rs Sey apres rr he Hghle | Anganie Kevasnah and e4)-iing the | Puy wom ade fsery, Col 2000 | csaasinig, TM ee oA
Dated tals 17th dey of October 1910. progrennone thai may ba loved wocessary, ’ 1E H Local Tru SPRINT Mt 1 | she Weat spon Jeads lormeriy of eur: Io the matter of In the ‘Tbe Diakeies Hagley 4
Lould JOBN & CU, tu Kvery computor wil cwcaive la ube | TE coufor stable contal tally cool | Pootsbes naw of Jales Ache ALSO | The lemble Peiition of Nermea Catalin fo Al Cann mee G
Auctioneers, | desig room a ticks boancg & pumler aod stable Sonteiog 4 bed- | ALL and BINGULAH that cortala o ber Bilceso ag fufact ander age of 2h Joven Alex jet ate of the T
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‘ a ao of Mouteerrat cnuprisieg siz sarees one |. ane Off ar rags, .
at tbewr Avguon lant No, 4 NOTICE. chew or (a the cass of Reyclinty on bis beck, | ore uader cover to the Buuth. ~~

ood aud Lhirtys b he LLL, Widow,
== reseed ctor ar er wttrs tone ede pea he” | Shunt aaeette atte acl [ue onan tt Miatas ta | Prsvneioe te
p vy ‘ wit eparate cover, J bial e Hua aude now -disance, Now a .
Grand Sale of Work | .2! ofa wae tb cgu arvensis | Toerg 1s Beabluog for 2 hones with oF lately uf Elluabath Her ele og tbe Hash | feeltate the ule Tafaite ‘Botace: | Arthur, Hiothioe ofthe sald tows of Pua
oF whuch wall ramme of t coach bo 90 fowl ho eo Soumiesly of Leonard C —
ATION em MORUAY, Se clk abd V required enum burt ih neridcates of . tud at the back, rabbit h rcee, ete. wt Dav now of the sald Jles Ache aod on the Pitrss NOT! E Se boreby airven thet Wall nod Tectamend dated the

~ dey of Joly 1904 of George J: Aj
Desetaber, | 59 Ne compen shall be allowed to start | rh9 gq acres Lzte been levelled with | Weet epun lends of Fraecis Licder aND by an order of His Huoour, the Chief | 4 ong
wyatt SATURDAY a Dest Seihng toe ‘Shoucer to tbe ese oni tos | wire fecce alf round forming a very | 4180 ALL aot SINGULAR thas certain tice made herela on the Sles dey of | Usdes 1:0 of eee ove ie

power 0008, Bpate. Deceased
ee reer arent aed | ett 1G ge on, te On | ree ee aaa ts ba fers | teuus-atiepe.aloresit comprning | vfte See deol ihe Cone cee, Foe | rplaator AL 199 earag te
oe Pres “ :

a ate prises, All klods of curios of mr very competitor, provided be bas entered varioos fruit trees sod ground provisions to0de ang bweniy® of-Bpele ae the Thad dey of ot eat s Place @ ood
1 aa aoe aocop ae Oariatises Soe ee Oe ees e iatat hte ereud et |, Water supplied o0 the prealses from | apod o derisers ef Robert Tuy | acd iwopm Brotheros bolag the sole Ezecator
greeny * nese eecepulls the Hy Joaph acd Tusepasa Water | on tbe Satb pertlp apes jsed of Lterig | Alltbe ondivhded Ach sbare uf the abore | tberein,

WANTED—Eeopty Jom Bottles, The

ee Worke ad 4 lend of the sald | semod Petitioner Norman Catalin Brioeoo |, A8d Dotke le alee gives thai if 4
2 onats euch for aanpty Jom | be supplied wih adinioctive badge which moat | This property la most convenisotly Toe “ache asdou thy Waat sjoa Landa of | of acd fu all those twoeevere) parcels of | Cavour le lodged bel

ia hereby gi!
1 3910, bylween tbe eyplteation bas been mba ‘owe f

lore the exp .
ALTA. will pa, be the hott ted, 7 coules fi Wilitast | lend sltwate 1a tre Ward of Morega ia ibe | Swesty-eizth days from the sate of
bottles, complete with rubber rege and Pek tection eiaing and aot pronsed to | UA*E D come your Tort of Balas | Hsstaik Senchos wpe laude of Millet | Telaod ef Trielied the Yiree theced some | Ppiilocaboa of tks orice in the
CER rn nmrrermmmen | Ln eae Kei Will te cel anand hone of Vig hia ring district, Tu fact It le pow | Philip and latersected by the Mayo Hoad, | prising bine weros, three roots and sbirey | Gaels, aad & local mawspaper, the
! EAU BRUS Oe Pal bares ou be recuved up to 4 pon | lopked spon #8 the tdeak spot of the URTHLY, Ail cad Mivgater thet | sine perches and abuvieg on the North, wil proceed 2 tease Probdste to the
S GUIN Friday o5t8 November 1910 at the Secretsry’s doe ett Bu Aveutioe Unite eactain parcel of lasd or eccca-plsatation | Eset aod Weet upou Lige . lend and oo

e Bepect at say

1 th upon Crown laut and lands of [Dated the Oth day of November
Otxe, Fort of Spas, 0 wprisiog elgbteon acres three rosde and | the oath spon dole
OO i * oh ebee sitaste cle tbe sald | ¥. A. Nogge aod the Moss tharecl com
Provision, Go saad PE HARRAGIN. | [tine on application to’ ‘Ciaice of fine | tenis tara, siaste ee eis | Miaag elton actos “Sed vecire raters
—sID= ctlng Hoot ary, GP, paper or p'ss sesezed to the Crowe] sod abattiog om the North aod Weat



rdon the Svaih upoa

me Vicente Cesena reyisiece | vpes Crows land
BE Ati ait elle es, “ALSO ALL ‘and | Ieade of Jase Baytlate lease and upoa
ners emma mem? HRINUULAL, thet cartela oi! are 6 ei jande pstit oe rym
Lange's Ant and Cocnroach lad oF covenpleetation vitae, ia the | Couper cn batereected bye Read ebice Piane Leseo
auld ward of Ms e'nercat comprisiog beelve | 6tid lands are somstimes colied er kaowe KR NEGONDE PIEREE
Poison seros three posts oud thisty-vine peches | oe “At. Lede” Estate ot the upset prlve M Nelwa Street, be .
will clear your house of these prota, Ie | dellcested in the disgrace of plug seovacd | of £100, ‘Va for eal te le Reise Ao
ie coureelsolly vet up fu tise with pers fo tbe Crows Sue te tbe ptt seen Dated thie let dex of een pel Teme Piasa
ied Lida, 26 te t pune reu:8 a Viuwe 0 av, . ye: ? Moderate
Pestwecy mente each agi | USD ALL oud EINGULAR ove tates | Abting Deputy Tagttrar, | Nerewler Lv. clase

Parlslay Quinine Halt Tosls
Vegetable Seeds. | beings back co Lis original teasty
A choice selection justtohand SGc.q per bottleat the English

wi the Yxcuirw Fuaewacy | Pharmscy.

af tha gid Ovice 31,
all Ondete pr, Nev Sete s

q Beware of denyereng linliationa, Look
ek ioe alle mith sed etal
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ween 5

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cor 20 = A, at .
Pn smn pret oe
/ fpumusns\nssuemavedeamminananmnteramraenart nl aes


14 ‘ eee -
x iT having comng to out hat it has, boon
: ] ramoured thet wdtity of the
e Horee bedtery, bes faling
, aid lad bo give she mow omphatio
2 > # uch yeporta and to state’ that the
_ ener ote is taken In and reblunding
tte Horse Whiskey 10 tht,

no variation of quality oan occur and our vate are

leally examined and analysed by Dr, Clark
of Glasgow the well known analyst whose last
cértiflcategis published below,

City Analyst’s Laboratory
138, Bath Street,
Glagow, 7th July, 1910.
pe h wT “

zhereby, certify that I have:taken sam-
of ‘wery ‘Vatting of Minckie's
White Herse Cellar’ Blau
ofSeotch Whiskey used in bottling ‘to this
date, and the results of my analyses indicate
that it conform to the standard for I'ot Still
Scotch Whiskey setup in the London case,

1 am also of opinion that it is a Whiskey
of excellent quality of favour, of GREAT
AGE, having been long matured in wood,

Public analyst for the County of Lanark
and the Burgs of Patrick, Paisley, etc.

We now give rotive that S100 Reward
will be paid to any one who will give information
leading to n verdict in our favour‘ against any
person spreading or repeatiog’ that the quality of
Whito Horse has detoriorated.

‘Ihe came Roward of £100 will be
paid to any one giving information leading to the
conviction of parties refilling our bottles or adult.
erating our Whiskey in any raanner,

Information which will be treated, confidentially
to ko sent to our Solicitor,

. 28, St. Vincent Street,
MACKIE & CO,, Distillers Ltd., Glasgow.
_Octr 2isteatnr~ * .


Rubber Seeds

Due here 22nd. November.


” Every care has been taken in selection and
method of ‘shipment ta ensure the whole lot

germinating when planted,


_64, South “ uay. _

_——— rr mare ae Fao

* : . a PO ee
. EX
£3 Co ELE. ‘
: wmon SROKSG BToOwN, F.C.

; 406,838 BT.



om? iz 2 © ANDSPRUNG.

v ” we

41088, Ixis ,

21,078 1 a : a. aT,

. 48,691, NOUGH
‘tar We


of booke,
ae Valuator of
Town Vroperties,

2 A0 coavidados 08 poslos désta Avaocta-
6 cso, & Comparecerem & Asransdiele
erat ocdiearls que ie & loger po prozsime
clomingg 13 do corren's a8 3 horse da tarde
1 wasdiets Aswolacaa, aim “@ se proy-

der A lettura Anal do nora Hegalementey
14 @ fesolved outres azeeni plow roucesneotes

“ Aire d¢ Herpauba 0/11/10,
Uno WO. dios,


_th Oct, 10}0,

1g chs. aod 2éets. uh




Just Arrived, and Now Landing


Carolina Pitch Pine Boards

Offer the above an unnal Cheap!



Acccoutant, for og u
auditing ‘Account os ales
Gocca Plantations and





pl a0

pitaaarés ‘iFeoten 0

odusirerees paroer on ragecesn


mn, AL@baNON AeetHatL To ne
of the Obamber
the +
at Qom

A, G, J
Joba: ee 5
vies, A. Vaecon-
inner, Marshall Greg,
Omen 5 Ste-
J P. Farnum, George F. Hog-
gine and Hon. Adam Smith, Honorary
The Secretary sald that before pro-
ceeding Tie We regular

al of corrgepondence in
his hand at ibe time, aud could not
ve inatter proper attention.
Biscers Bernetein. pp. Davies and
Skioner were appolnted, and they
tackled wee matter very promply fo.
deed, fret thiog they did wae to
to Barbados by ‘the Mall,
mentioning what it wae proposed by
{be Trinidad Chamber to do, sad on the
2 netant @ Lelegrapbia was re-
oelved from Barbados fo ine following
termaiit="P ro, cordially accepted’
{hear hear), @ had just received a
urther reply from Barbados acknow-
ledging the receipt of the Chamber's
communication, and confirming the
telegram of the Sud instant, and not!-
fring that farther commanication fo
the matter was awaited. The next
thing the Committee did waa to formu-
late a telegram which was doapatched
to Demorara, Grenada, St. Vincent,
8t, Lucia, Antigua, Domluica and St,
Kitte,setting forth the proposal by the
Telnidad Chamber of Commerce to
hold a West Indlan Conference at
Barbados for the consideration of «
continuance of direct mail communica:
tion with the Mother Country. In the
Nrat {inetance, the Oommittee ap
roached Mr, Miller, local Superin«
mdent of the Telegraph Coy. in
order to ascertain whether the Uoy
would be prepared to allow the mes-
sages to pass over thele wires free of
coat, Mr. Miller did pot consider that
he was justified in doing it himself
without reference to his superintend-
ent in St. Thomas, and the latter res
ferred {tto headquarters in Loudon
and In due course got the reply that it
was agreed to allow the messages
and answers to paes over the wires
free (hear Aeur). That was a very
ceurteous thing oa the part of the
Telegraph Coy, The next reply came
rom &t. Vincent saying that t pre
al wés favourably considered. Next
hey heard from the Agricultural and
Commercial Society of Grenada, noti-
fylog shat the lnvitaUon was accept-
ed, and delegates appointed were
Messrs Deane an jwaton Grant.
Dennerare also considered that a direct
service was indispensableand intimated
Ubrt that colony was sending a dele-
gate. St. Lucia had bkewise accepted
the proposal, and was sending dele.
Gates in the persons of Messre Grant
and Bennett, Dominica was sendin
up Mr. Harold Niocols, barrister-ate
law. They had not gt teceived
replies from Antigua or St, Kitts,
The Chairman, sddreelag the Cham.
ber said, that was a apecial meeting
called for the Purpose of nominating
delegates lo altead a West Todian
Conference at Barbados on the 18th
(netant to consider the matter of # con.
Unuabdoe of direct mall communication
with the Mother Country, and
secondly to receive the repory be the
special! Committees appoloted to cons
sider the question of the Hayal Com,
tuissioners’ proposals as regards a
ateameblp service with Canad: e
two proposals were very Intiaately cose
hected, and the same remarks would
almost apply to both of them. He
thought Nr. Barneteln wae to be
congratulated on his suggestion that
thedelegatesofditferent co! lonlesshould
meet at Harbados and discuss the
mall queation and form ited de
elslon with regard to it, and it was
IEy eratifsio to see the reception
Ithad met with from all the other
colonies. I énly remaloed for thea
to elect delegates and give them «
mendate Yrow the Chamber, He
thought they would all Sgree that
the raodaie from the Chamber
should be one with considerable
stren They had been hasdling
Ube question of the Hoyal Mail service
with kid gloves upto how, The reso-
lutions passed had all been most
teepectfully couched and had all been
eonsiatenot, but they did not seem u
fo the present to have had very muc
effect upon the desired quacter, vias
the Imperial Government, aad he
thought the time had now come when
they shou'd speak out with po uncer.
taln volea and let them woderstand
clearly and definitely that the Weet
Indian colonies asa whole, Inested
upon aries 8 direct service with the
Royal Mall Company or some equally
good Iloe, continued, and that for
the sake of better relations with
Canada, they were Hot prepared to
forego * if rect service which had
een exleting foe very many years,
{hear, Aoar) re were all 3 ,
» sad gladly welcomed the ides of
linproved relations with Canada; and
was sure bat the 12) koot sereios
proposed by St, Vineent niet with
be approbation of all of them, fend
it wan ope that wae calculated to
anower the needs of the West Indian
colonies and Canada for many yeare
to onme)s; bub it would nevér do to
allow thet to take the plece of the
direct service malotained by the
Hoyal Mail Cowpany for the last
seventy veare, tie thought they t
should distinctly talog that home to
the Inperiat Government. As ta the
afterthought (it sould hardly be any-
thing else) contalnes in the Hoyal
Onin: re aeport with Tespept
to @ 13 knot service, thiy could
hardly be serious in throwing
over the Joys! Mail swivies
for ons of thet vature,

A eer

a omen

Sood, Bel ower aad. 10 come
ave w
thelr with praate-tn-ald,
whieh ad gmoant to fac more teen
~ Therelore, it was @


tey to spopomive fn oa the
Mell vice to the t
of the amaller istands jelly, He

would“ suggest tbe“ deiogaas for
Unele approval, and sa Mr, Bernetela
Waa proposer of the peegeetlod, he
{tbe Obsirman) thoaght be was en:
Utled to be appolated along with the
Honorasy wary of the Chamber
Tneof that Soap ada'aa TP "Bagar
a i.
Tre was vary of the A rioult ta:

he alo
‘ ate. He
~ narees of
three gentlemen thelr con-

i escdaded ‘and Mr, Rust
Blalth and Rigar Tipo"be ap°
teg delegates

a gates for the purposes
olready mentioned.
‘Themotion wae unanimously cartled
aad with acclamation
Mrgaqesuip Service wrra Canada.
The meeting next considered the re-
port of the Speck] Committee sp-
inted to consider the question of the
‘ai Commissioners’ 1s 8
arden Steamotl service with Canada,
Exe report is ae followe? «
Your Qommittee have carefully
estions made in

“cousidered the eu, '

part o ¢ yal Commission
respecting th cbroposed Steauier Ser-
vice between Canada and the West
Indies and beg to re, as followst

1, That ia view of the fact that an
Improved service is very desirable,
Lhe Committee approve of the recom-
mendations of the Royal Commise
foners contained in their report as
set out in Part 12, clausea dt,
145 and 114, pre iding for a 124
koot servica by steamers of ade-
quate size, with an itinerary such as
is indicated In the scheme submitted
by Mr. F. OW. Griffith, Sapervivor of

stoms of St, Vincent av printed at
page 28 appendix 13 of part Sof the
report, They consider that this ser
vice would amply meet all ible
requirements for @ considerable
number of years and they are of
oploion that the colony ‘would be
Justified in contributing a» reason.
able su ly for euch « service,

2 Taey consider that the propo-
sale contelned in clauses 161163 are
fnadvisable not only on the grounds
that ao 15 knot weekly service would
menifestly be unduly costly but also
because it could not possibly be ao-
cepted asa: eubstitute for a direct
teil service with Kogland, a con-
tinuance of phish tho Committee re-
gard as vital not only on account of
the fruittrade which will ctherwles
perish, batio the Interesi¢ of the
colony generally, Via beg to submit
these conclusion# for the considers.
tion and conformation of the Cham:
ber sigred .

J. IL Ssarru.

L J Besnxsreix,

BOW. Stepuxns


Tuomas Boyp,

4; OornY-DAvViks,

4LKO Fatsen

Epaan Tripp,

ADAM Rutrn,

Hon, Secty,.

The references to the Royal Com-

mission's report made by the Oom:

mittee of the Chamber are‘as under 1—

144-A scheme for meeting the Te.

ulrements of both the larger aod

thesmaller Colonies was put before

us by the official witness at Ht.

Vincsot, and will befaund printed

lathe ap iz to the Miautes of

evidence en io the Weat Indies,

This proposal involves a weekly ser:

vice from a Canadiag port, on the

following plan. One” week the

steamer would proceed only to the


be inidad,
return journey at all the ports ae
served. with the additionof Gren
ada. The second week the
would call at ali portson ¢
ward Journey, returning
Trinidad and Barbados on!
would giva in effect a weekly ter-
vice | to the larger, parte with a forts
n one @ smaller island
wile a alternate weeks it

service performed by
to steam at the rate of 134 knots, and
of a carrylog capactty of B&Y to
4.000 tons," While we sooour in the
teraeceel we Gli
begtaning to wtipslate for “lar,
boate than are at present engaged in
lod. Jt must be remembered
larger {ncrease in the number
Of sailings isin contemplation, We
doubt whether the truffle would
Justlfy fo addition «0 large an ine
Sreasela the capacity of ibe boate
employed, and the reaulte of ia
quirles we bare made leads ue to
believe thaten increase la the else
of tbe boats would favolvea poaterl.
ul lacrease in the cost of the service,
Oa the otherband, baviog regard
tothe greater eficlency o! ern
bleamers, and to the fect shat each
roposed service
be materlally shorter than
under thw existiog contract, we do
bot cousider that the additional
speed la itself, apart from the num.
F of vor.ges, wonld neceesarily
jovolve an locressed subsidy,
@ cousider that the general

> ee

It you are a eulferer from colds get
abottleof Hickles Antl UOovsumptive
fyrup and Lest itequalltles It win be
found that. no praise bestowed on it te
tobigh it does all that is olalined
for it, and does it thoroggly. Do not
take any substitute for Testes Syrup,
because it is the best, baring stood the
int of years, All the best dealers sell




tence Sei


however, 4 new situation bas arisen
throagh the determination by the
Hoyal Mall Steam Packet Company
ofthe contrast for the conyeyance
of mailsfrom Southampton to the
Weat Indies, and through the ex-
lration of the contract with the
mperlal Direct V Ind
Service Company,
Briatol and Jam

Ind eo asto provide ao
ietha otate for maile betweeo

the Vuiled Kinogdum and the West | what mandate they must take from | Fernand

udies, by way of Canada.
, 1022We hare Aiecussed this pro-
al with representatives of the
eneral Post {iice, and have ven
our assistance ic preparing a schem
fora service between Oanads and
the West Indies, onthe same gene-
ral lines as we have favoured ia the
preceding paragraphs but with
veesele capable of eteaming at a
speed of 15 knots. It ie contemplat-
ed that these vessels should start
fron) Halifax or 8t John immediate-
ly on toe arrival atthe port of the
weekly mails from Liverpool, which
{fosummer, when the St Laurence
le open, would be landed at Tina-
ouski and conveyed to Halifax or St
Joba by rail. 2

163—1¢ does not fall within oor
province to enter into a full die
cuasion of the details of thle scheme,
but its general principles have our
entire approval. Not onty would the
propoted service provide exception:
al Pecilities for trade between
Canada and the West Indies, but ft
would greatly Improve the mail
serviceamongst the islands them-
aelvea, Che acheme ie, moreover,
drawn up ta such a manner as to
admit of direct communication for
cargo purposes between the West
Indies and the three sports of Mon-
treal, Halifax, and St John, to
accordance with our recommends
ton, assuming that such an arrange
«ment would not be uoduly costly,

164-—the adoption of this proposal
would furoish an additional argu:
ment ia favour of ths provision of
ao Imperial eubaldy for this service
The determination of the contract
to which we have referred above sets
{ree annual paymente by the Iinpe-
rlal Government amounting fo thy
aggre; tonearly £15,000, while,
if by arrangement the goatcact for
the later-colontal service can also be
EO belt of whics Te paystnty

bz of which fs payable
certaln West Indian Colonies, will
be available.

163 Wa strongly recommend to
Your Majesty that early steps should
be takes, by calling for tenders, to
mecertain the cost of such a service
as we bare fodicated, aad that very
fa thie poselbilty of hs inacarreiee
to the nity oF inauguratio:


Mr, Berneteia sald he did not think
the report need any aieguselon, and
without taking up thelr time, b
would almply move that it be adsote
and forwarded to His Excellency the

Mr, Stephens seconded and the mo-
tlon was uaanimously adopted.


Mr, Bernstein sad that before they
ted, he thought every nember of
Pos Chamber would take great plea.
eure in according a hearty vote of
company and the

Royal Mailfor the generous manner
io wh'ch they bad ected in the matter
efthe proposal tS send delegates to
Barbados. Wheo he was personally
asked toapproach the cable company
he had very gtave doubts asto whe.
ther they could see thule way to give

free messages,

rather leogtbyg and

hamber of them to

erefore they could Imagine

with what pleasureable surprise it
cane to bins, that vot oaly would the
Messagea bosent free, but ihe answers
also (hear Acar). Ha moved thata vote
of thanks be accorded tha local repre-
sentatives of the Cable and the loyal
Mail Companies fo order that the latter
might know thatthe Chamber appre
clated their action io the watter fhear

watt! tmotlon was “unaotmously


Mr, ‘Tripp sald if the Chaleman
would allow “bin ‘ refer Pir
a matter " was
on the agenda, he would hike to asy :
word with regard to the fiylog yisit to
the West ladies of Mr Aspinall who
would pass through hereon thé next
mall going Up to Barbados, which pers
bape would afford them the advania, e
of meeting him atthe ,Confersoce. ots

occurred to bim as Honorary Cor
fespondent of the Weet India Com.
mittes, and knowing as he did the
seneral fooling eat
as @ work the West lo
Oommmittee bad dane* durio aie
years aod espeolaliy the kind aod Good
service In every way b Me Aspinall
and also remembering ¢ courtesy be
had extended to members of the
Chamber aud the Agricultural Bo.
ciety when at bome—iy occurred to | *
Dio that tt world not be right to

w Mr Aspinall to pass throu,
colony without sivio : owe its

mitted It to

Chamber of Commer

ali agteed, The suegestion wae thet
untbe morolag of bis arrival, tley
should offer him a breakfast ot a dun.
Cheon at the Queen's Park Holel Ne
alvo proposed to subuit It to the Oom-
tittes of the Agricultural Society,
and of coures it would Open to avy
Mueuibys of the Chamber and the be BC

Y sNOVBALBRR «11 -1980-— —-

amongst moat of them | of }
fata’ Of the
the past [ Isand of Trinidad whe Gied on
of May egto, at Wiesbades, Ia the
toe of Mayne i:
Iiland of Triulded , tbe } fob Uricd “bene
la lod,
right days from the Gateol the Publicayjoa of

bins some Litt!
mark of their attention, He bed ub proband tbe sald

Anti Constination

formation, butt)

toareive tbe latest on «= Wednesday

ternoou, +,
ue Tripp sald be bad’ sleo ‘submit.
ted to the cammities of the Chamber
the fact thatlooking at the extreme
courtesy they lately received
from Mr, Skinner, they abould at least
ask ‘as «representative of the
any, to be their
as well a¢ MMe..

al (Acar Acar).

one baumeatee’ MANDATE,
‘The Chairman sald before they part-
ed, the delegates wavted to know

the Chamber, He thought that the
mandate should bethat the delegates
were teurge with el the etrength io
thelr power that a direct service with
the Royal Mail Company or any other
good line sbould at all costs continues,
and they should approve of a seryice
between the West Indies and Canada,
similar ta the one outlined the
Royal Commiasion in clause if1—146,
and disapprove of Lhe Bropocal con:
taloed in clauses 161 and 165, and to
make their remarks as emphatle as
poasible, and speak as strongly ae they
could on the polat, They also hoped
thatthe delegates front the diferent
colonies would be unanimous, so that
their united volces would carry (greater

(Me Vaseoncellot:—And leave the
vexed question of headquarters foe the
Royal Mail to decide (laughter),

‘he Chairmap—!I think 60,

Me Wuggine—I object to the Chalr
man’é renatk ‘tat all costs.” You
don’t mean that Mr Chairman, do
your .

The Chalrman—{At all reasonable

coat. .
Mr Davies thought the delegates
should urge the continuance the
existing service until’sa contract was

On the motion of Me Farnom « vote
of thanks was accorded the two com-
mMittees of the Chamber engaged op
tha Royal Mai? question, and proposed
Canadian Steamship Service respec-


The meeting then terminated,

fa the Supreme Couct of Triaided ard
‘ t Tobago,

Famnery Jorisdiction, Port-ol-Spaip,
No, 240 of 1909, e

Goncess Mabaradge~Pl slntlit—~
and \

Nor'ee Singh—Defeadast,

PuBtic NO‘DICE te hereby gives that

he an order of His Hoacar, Mz, Jan.
bce Weiebk mede berela on the Mad dey
of Aupnst, 1910 there willbe puttp for
Nale before tha doors ot the Court Huases
Poitof-Spain' oa Thursday the 17th day
uf November 1910, betweea the bourse of

t and'2 po, <

ALL ‘AND BINGULAB thoes’ two
several parcels of land situate at D'Abadi-
in tha Ward of Arima fa the Island of
Trloldad the Firat thereot comprising ons
fot or thereaboot ao abutuce ou the
North on a Public Road oa the Sonth and
Easton leoda of one Madame Alexandre
and oa the Weat oa lacds of (, Gilkes
And the Beoond thereof comprie'ng two
acres threa roods and thiny perches ana
abuwiog on the North epon the Pablie
Road on the South upog the Hallway Lice’
on the East opon lands of Madame Johany
end on the Weat wpoa lands of K. Gay or
bowscarrr otherwise the same way Le
batted or bounded,

Dated chia Oth day of October, 1910,

8gd. L, H. LOVELACE,
Actg. Deputy Regietrar,

fa the Ssepreme Court of Trinidad aod

Summary Jariedietion, F
Nov SObof 1010, | Om Portol-Spala,

Rampersad Mat atall~ Patni

*puBtic NOTICE ts herebp given thee

by au order of Hie Houoar, Mr, Jus
thea Russell made herein on the S7ih day
of October J010, there will be put up for
Male before tbe doors al the Court oute,
Vorteof-Spala oo Thursday the dtad day
of Decewber 1919, between the hours of
one and two pw.

ALL ANU HINGULAR that certafe
plece or psicalel lend situate fa the ward
of Menzavills, 1a the [sland of Trinidad
comprising ive acres and abu on the
North by Gown lands,. on ty by
fande of Jeshode, on the Kast b Crowa-
h Bd an the Wess by Crow lands,
bed bbls 7b dey of lovermter, 1910


L, H.
Actlog Depaty Hogi ’
8 1be Supreme Court
Ya the Matter of the Falete of fa Urich
late of Mayaro ig the Island Tralded
ls bereby gives that

pee eons
ica as been made ba me db

Urich of tbe Ward or Mayara 1a the tole

a Grast of

ut bearing date the sth da

19-4 of the esisie of Sophias Uric!

aut Ward of Mayara in the

the 3rd day


Geata a

macy, having al tbe tine of ber
lo at St Bernard Eatare in

plage of shod
sald Ward

be execiior pamed in ihe
Asd Notice is aaa sivoa that i:

ged before the ox of tert

oe of tweatsy
Botice the Court will proceed
walt ‘2000! ingly 0 hie
(hia 3t0t Gay of October sgn
ade from the famous prea fipt ots
ol bis Andrew Olark, Dose Smal!
Proce 1): p ¢ buttle,

th thomas Rawwiins's Drog Stora


“Neve, Vet, 1910.19,

1110. Bi-Cenk

The Uldert Fire &

io fy

aipghas or ate ie
the O88, .
Tere phoue


vee hah

Port-of-Sprln sod

L. W. BONYUN & Oks

TOR Siam
One Pair

partly broken to Hi
pair young ores, For tu
tloulare ploase apply t.


Nov. tuta2e.? a

Messrs. Smith Bae


Where they are gud a

sf Blotor, Repsies” deg =
Basses, Vaa 7
Stationery Motors 4


pusuc NOTICE ss
cagent by the Conve

Vortgagecs Co

Propeny Or 1084

ted day of Joauery pe oar i

ieatworh om 10 Coat _
iy q

bis Auction Mars No, 0

the Towa of San Fernando os

goth day of November igte,

of cat A0d two

Aare io the na ae

rope! Fi

ig 006 lot being bt Ne, »

aad bounded oq the PI

jands Of Balb‘no Rojas

Ean by

aod on the West by

ial ew) thie 8th day A 0


INSU ; ' 7 _

FIRE RISKS oa all a
ies anoopted

Tho North Britsh & al



Total Funda Maio
1908. sccseoed eves

Zotal Revenue fee yy

The stroag postion .
piny as set focth ’
sdoald appeal toall '

The Tiakded 2


. eo





Assuranee ? i?

. and Life naaronse OH


(Over “se
Head ‘Gttee:—tork, Sal
Nout Pe roles
Riot and Civil Oni rad °




byjessidenoes we, os, 8















$ hereby given at atl panties

I claims aga! inet the of Ube tate
Sowjeim Rideiro. are reaaied te presend
weak claims tothe undersiguet tot later
thea the ath November 1910, afte: which

date ne stale will be alls ved.

ise Trinidad Temper Lime



Neer, let, 1910.2-1m,

SPRAYING | PURPOSES 1740, BlsCentenery 190,

The Oldest {Fir fst the W rid.

a —FOR— ane OF, Tesoracces of almost

SN every desertion of pez

MANURAL PURPOSES. |** dor Dassage OF tres
ORI por Catt Rat

for Coun =

Results will satisfy you,

The ‘Trinidad Shipping and Trading (o.,

‘abe, Loss of Rent in case of

Lutd {ut Mtosbes ty Lightoing are made good ty

KSalephone wo. 170

Eevrtabisbhed 1828,

stead Office Edinburgh, Scotiand


cirbraias 2. oom fee | One Pair of Oxen
“AccumcLaTen Foun? ove aee ae one 413,500,000 party broken to harness j ; leo one
ove vee ave $7,750) it young oxen, For farther pat.
searay uence IDBRATE fe RATES ABSULUTS SECURITY Kiculara please apply to
LOANS ADVANCED on ascarity of Policfes ap to 90 per cons, of the JOAQUIM KIBEIRO,

nonder vais at 5 th © par cont fnterest 54 Bouth Quay
Mw OCTION to Lome rates daring visits to Earope an?
agaer tena rilaatee
PROPOSALS ACCENTED sed Policioslasued (n the Weet Indios witt
reference to Head Off

Nov, lst—2e.
CLAIMS PAID immed » iy on progt of death and settlement made

° wey of th the » Compaay & Ageucier,

OLED er heh 4s admaltted he Ke after Two Yous .
skotee aren ante ‘AGS ewe Messrs. Smith Bros. & Co



Where they are undertaking all classes

The Barbados Mutual’

a Motor Mepsirs, focluding Motor
LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY. Boren van Lortise, Cart, Boat, ‘aad
Various Systoms oF Insuranco,' cam


pusucs NOTICE |

WAOLE,LIFEJASSURANCE.—-By premier, payable for whole of life,

for a limited number of ysars,
ENDOWMENT ASSURANCE 3—Payats' ata fast date or on previous deato.
JUINT LIVE ASSURANCE.—Payabie to the survivor of two persotis on the death

puuRT TERM ASSURANCE,—Saltable as security for bemporary loans and kindred
boaloess arrangements,
ANNUITY Assu: 'ANCE.—To eesare av auvnlty to the wife o1 the death cf the

ls hereby given that io
wer of Sale conle oa
Mortgagess by the Conreyaociog and Law of
Property Ordinance 1884 aod cman’ ia a
Mem>racdum of Mortgage No.

znd day of pouary ps ots, Abr Albert
COILDREN a ENDOWMENTS —Usafal ass provfson for edeatlon. MST put up Tor sale by the nedlensigoa ae

ENLARVUEABLE TERM ASSURANCE.—The Jargest fosnranca af the miaimam

oatlsy, giving the advantage of low yeeatam dariog the early yeare of

For fartber tatormation Powe) appt
FRA ts BUOWNE—Agent, Port-of-Spain
L we BONYUN & 00,—6an Fornando.

bia Auction Mart No, ge Harris Promeaade io
the Tows of Sag Fernand oa Wedassday the
goth day of November soto, betwees tbe ours

of on® aad two
of tand situate fo the Ward of

Oropouche in the Island of Triaidal compe

1g Poe lot being tot No, 974 of Siparia Village,
acd bousded an the Nerth by Jot No. 97 and
lands of Balr'co boo Rojas a we South by lands

of Thom: Rodrigues by a street on ths
East by fangs a eine Kojisand by a atrect
aod oo the West by lot No. 97 and by lands
of Thos. Ra srigues

Dated this naib d day of Octoher 1910,



FIRE RISKS on all kinds of Pro
pertios accepted by

The North British & Mercaatile

eutmbiished 1480

Total Funds at 31st *December,
1908..000000 000000.£19,875 357 0
Tota) Kovenue for year 1909
£4,495,806 7 10
The strong position hel held by the Com
py aa set forth abo: wi
Moatd appeal toall yo who rr

ele Ave ft Eres
Toa Trinidad Shipping & Trading
Qo., Ltd.

MARINE INSURANCE effected on Cargo


cCvwR=Is oe
“i Malartal Fevers |
Does not leave bad effect like quinine such as
disturbed vision; dlsordered stomach. _





the Supreme four at 3 of Taulded and Tobe go

—To [mnt 7 OF 19H ine mater wyecie, (Gold or Silver) and Hegistered

URLIC NOTICE ib is bere! iven fat uy

ware and P eat order of His Hogour My ics

the above malter on the rgth 7 ‘a

Bade ie ape the Avung Adminis tator Genes

rel acd Ofvclal Receiver, hea brea azpoluted
Trustee of tba property of tha bankrupt

perspas bsvivg iu tbels pomesmus aay of

we efivets of the tmokrupt aust deliver thems i)



’ patdware Ol
Tor Bartheow 8

Wholesale and. Retail



ROPE ALL the Trustee, and all deias due to ibe baokrupt | dgmés—THE CRINIDAD SHIP
WHITE OOFTON LINES Bates Sh ap of teen ra, PING 4 TRADING Go. Lith -



DOOR LOCK Agsurance Company

Dal berevy u tifed that py a -er
tala cstruweat ia wrtiog dated
the 29h dey of Octot or y10, 1
have beea> appointed itecelver cf ‘the

* St. Mary ‘aad “B. Charles! Fatates,
the property of Mary Ehasbeth Warrea
of Caoupls, aad that soy person having
hive or dead stock beluoglog to the usid
estates are required to deliver tho same
forthwith tome.

And Notice ia farther given that all

Guarantead by the Youkshure Pir
and Life Insurance Coy

entabiislied Avan,


Gaease in 2b tins, Ladies and
Citing Spoons, Housebold, Kitchen
asl roquieites all a9 ususl

tar Special attention fo Wholeale


3 Naxay Steccr.

Head ‘itce— fork, England

to socept Hisks

naty Dn Tablets reote aod revenues due to the sald i Here woul fi Kart
Apr -Consti eines ee tina Hata‘on are ts be peld w me on ibe qusk semien iG Coun mation ” rth
ol Bot Andrew Gtr ain wee Saall Dated tub 1 da d Roomy lie. oe canto ee ween ticks otepled

Bet themat fawlion's Drog Bore

a Plan ww sop, 1




‘Meter Char-a-Bano, |

BALE FoR 1 Honey

Pilsen NOTICR & a


}ropert koe we ad No. 85, BY
Ty Viscent Brreat I ienow open to an offer,
No rensonable citer will bs, refered.

Now Sie Method

fa exercies af the’


To seat piio persons. * ° H. MESSIAH COOPRP,
ne re. steer Apply to aM nest, Aout, tag. Delmont Seeuar Road, 7h he Stred, a tera de 2
y r creek.
Tee cope feewnory, | _Oetaber poten entistry.
im ip a :
Tote adanna ernie tang ee) TYPEWRITING SPEED | peg MARQUET, Surgeon Donte, | Fe
sires ag of ronning passeoget PAVS
(Bio Free trie! rg toapgrered party. ‘ peo ared, 4 execute’ all ‘ in
For farther purticalars app! oa erdang teckud!


Oct. 19th—1oa Th - Bopanss,
1S a €
=O 5
em ad
AO ws
ao Te
= Oo




Clescow Steamer’

Soll bye Deaiers
SsOsher ore



AND xuwigoratiny

Appreciated by all clasecs, t
PP srhest to rhe vom


and < og QUABTS, sack,

Every bottle aas cork


Sse that you get thgsauing artrote



Thasan SlmeTelephones 190,


SCROFULA, Ay sineia

Serta ERes 8 sete
faces, oR any



FS ’

Veod throughout the on s tea ‘Slaten slace ya,

Hae po equal ory COMPLEXION .
SERVER, A few applications will CHANAE
A DARK GRIN several eral odades lghter,

Palmer's «* SEIN-SuccESs had Seen io te Metis
cated fox Teller, Buss
for the Ba } by, v7 na Bat,

itmer's *) BLOOD-SUCCESE #9
apauatabie, eftective Blood Bunter Byaety te

Bold by Drageiste att all over the World,
Prepared, fotg ana ¢ ond Guaranteed by
“We Margen Drag
Under the Food asé a Diggs Act Act of Jase go, 1908,

a, A, WaTanmn ay,

‘Sole Agent=18, Frederick Bt
Sen oe ty for Pree bape



Trinidad Electric Uo;

Hilectric Bulbs,,.

Wwe bave joat tecalved from Hombarg

WOLTHAS, Bia sMleney “iiope puleg
at our caval Ounae P: 7 ve polog
Call early and vacate what joa may


Technical Instruction in
Farriery. =~

EQISTERED the bleckemiths and ep-
preotices who have not yet rs

pis to the Circular Letter of the
oard of Todustetel Tralolog of the ¢7th
September last on the proposal to
establish a class cr classes of fortruction
ja modera methods oft tarrlery are
requested toda aa by the 15:h of this

2, if HAMN,
ard a November, W910 eee


Yyisg’s Fovewite Regie! Waters Pi
relesome, Spas Beverages 4 pre


+ pn teidge work, gaidy alloy
men fling, He ae 0, spocialines
plates, i govacied tote
ect. Office, By AY ele Street, abv
Mootrichard’ ’a,-October aoth—1m,

Fine Cloths—the Bests

The ondersigued has ast opened ep under
ie NOLEL BIRANDA, Henry Street

ENT of atypprritlog machine,
rune ae caper, Curbod
u t ne Bold ale,
Dealer in Typewriting Machices,
Orreeveath Stre

Ti gl Wom May Cane.

Noucy fe bereby riven tbat all Promle-

Notes or other: dooaments made a beautiial lo ‘ass . so
th archaeal a sae eed ;
tt 9 9 el or
place, nor to any obber person o1 pervose T. he Trinest “Stuf, aatog foes on 3 a

thea ibe ande: ed.
Dated this Pibde a Gowran 1010,
al y ered

as Dentistry.


Frencu & Irattam Marentat — | eforessid koown og © te

DRL. S. MELELE- or cae
a,’ -
FREDERICK S St. iy Oe 1 _|The Vory Best, | fice cud §

Mopreats CHangEs.—Ost, 251m & | And he aolicite the qbatronsse fot tier and ule s
_~—— ae a

PATENT. {GAETANO BATBADO. | andon the Weston

Octo. Sith. 1m.
. Financial.

HES undersigned le Ie prepared to diecount
T Promissory N otes, on ressanable terme,
from $25 to

Smell Mortgezes oa :Towa or Country
Properties will te taken fo suwe varyiog
between $200 and $1,000.

Aamany Venemneian $3.60 gold colns,
and Bank of Venezaela $360 cotes as
are obtainable will be purchased,

Ua any Financial matter consult

ir T. L— No. 8 St. Vincent St.

QUYERts Patented Cacao
Siivog, Dancing aud Polish.
fag Machine °an be seen at Messrs GORDON
Unaut & Co's, t Vincent Baildiog, Port-
of-Spsln,—221d Ovtover 1910, lo,


THE ('NDERSIGNED, being dis-
I satisfied with the condace of ite Officers
and Members of the Morning Rose Lage
of the BO.A.F.G. F.9., both before and
after the cigarette case which cost them
$338.89, have obtained £10 as surrender
value uoder Rale 18, have resigokd my
membership.s I have no farther, elain on

the Bodies sognua HARLEY, _

Price of {ee


$8.00 per Ton delivered.

Jrus ks
of three several Peroele
thereof compri ‘a
t gbattio on ea oe 7
god on aad of
im mpouth aod Ka
Jolicters and of the :
Chrletopter Mores esd, the Second

tevds oigl
and sbattlogon tae ig
» Oss'mero on tbe Seusk ga
} of one Deminigee and oa
formerly of Gervais aaa
Lamby, and ues 3g
prising three acres
and abutting on the B
ef J, Botille now or be
on the South oe 7
Massi¢ and on the Rast
i formerly of Arnold sg
other cocoa plantation wane
} of Caura ia the ond am
*Baens Vista,” 0 ‘:
parcels of land the Fiabe
twetve scres and tee
ua the North, Geath
, now of lately of he
Weston land pee og
Castillo, oy the aay
fen acres aad a!
Urowa lands a the
and ou land of PP, 0
on Crown land aad

Also atl and ne
Plantation stance * : :




Price of Beef,

When you oi buy yout Breer
from me vo money
lefs to purchase vozetables,
ec, I am selling cheaper
than any one else in tho Mar-
ket—Try me,

From to-day] those Prices

Roast & Ib 10c.

RET ax, Brisket & Stew... np SC
3 lbs, fot vee vee 25 ibe fee aoe . 15 cents
oe see cena -
100 Ibs, for veo ove 60 Cents | Felix Marsan
TRINIDAD SHIPPING & (EASTERN MARKER) | | ld sade a peveaned

Nov, 2ad—Im, perty Ordinance tha
au tbe said Ward of
acres, threa ee 7

the sames j
aod with the aoe 7
thereof shows oa we 5
Crown Graat t

Volio 87. acd


As a Christmas Present



Grand Excursion to Sangre,

Wein by land of ¥
rande. @are oferlog our customers ® new line ’ ine ce OT ee Wen
ON FEACH-MAKER'S DAY, 9th Nova’ | Cf BOOTH EAR wae oe are mn Od | Secoud thereat steeis Mae

Fuhlousbie & lasting dor S040) i
Park ashionabie acting i
plan annened to the G

(Ladies) Binck or Tan) at
3,00 ts Soeand to

and Men's Tao or _ Bleck
83, Tragarete Road. ta a ve
Notico One Bpectaty ia FOOTWEAR. mate to North end
otice. order, sa well as good ines lo ENOLIBIL del oe te ‘ie ood
40 whom it may con concern, All persone { and eR RENCH TWEED3, which weare | West by Crowa ia
ere hersby warned from parchesing | pow offerieg ab cost price, thereof situate ia the

ling with ic ing
os Nor Keataturech Uae Foroeado. ‘Toe | 00d CUTTER on the Pretniece, | SF al ets

pertica ablemptirg to mortgage the same
“LA MODERNA,” 18, Frederick St.

va no intercas Shep the
Tereruony No, 79

name is my bona 6:
Dated thts 10h ay rt Gaiaber, 1810,
Nov, 4thm2w

N UTICH te hereby
oreand persone

Prica of Beef



oem ames

_ vf Caura comprising E79.

id sixteen pores be Gy
coore or lees deiinested 0G
tale acd bonadarios Menem

Ticketa 09 Bale a th at the Boe Hive,
8t., where yoo cana get bese mate Creo's
Boots and Show, and at G, F, Thowpsos,

Loree and by’ Or

cate of title ia

the Real Pro
Dated this Pu.

mm ven that all credits
aving hey elsima or
demands upon or ogelcat th 0 Estate of
Hasarat ia ttle Island who died on the Tih
day cf Jaouary 1910) and whose Will was
proved Ww Uararat ali of Chia Chia Road
inthe Ward of Tacerigua inthe gald Is.
land the Exe ators pemwed therein on the
Oth day of August 3010 in the Supreme
Cours of Trlniuad and Tobago are hereby
reqaired to send fo tbe full particulars of
ier sisims and demends, to ibs sald
sears on or before the de:
December, 1010 i vot
Aod Notice is beruby aleo given thet

Roast & Sreak 12¢,
Briskbt & STEW 1c, | ue Una dete the said Execator will
Boxes + - 060 Hae


the feald Extoajor sball thea bave potice
aad that be will not ba llabie for tbe aescts
OF any part thereof ao distributed to any

18th Cotr, 1910.

peron of qhove dbo or claim be shall not
A Xow Panama Hat ?

then bare hed
Odted this Th day of November, 1910
If you tutend “busing a Panama
Hat from 6 to 20 shillings

A Bargain Awaits You

E FOR Wass

pusiie NOTIGE »
jo exercise of the 2
feo ed pS Mortgag

d contained ia & OS
ot Mortage No 108

Asroo to Mobsm siietay
for sale cy the enmals
auctloa mart Ne’ wal a
baa Feroa
day of November ye bal
of one end isa pe
wey and land 0 ncuing
‘es ~
Le ae
38 aa
odo esd beasling i
yove iacde uf the hots BY
The ate oon ade 4
she "7
cis Jonge
Frente ota ear
aorta coop
aitaste as


la—w—iw, Lhe Executor,


‘pes: uodersigned + put op for Sale b:
Nubile Auction at bis office fo Harris
I conan ia the Town of San Fernando
on Wedocsdey the 16th day of November
bext, between the houre, of L aod 2 p.m, Lalchai
All (hat certalu paroel of land situate oo iende of

mate the Hiparis, Kein Road io. the Ward of | Latt.5Pos Fee Aue
9 he th est ULOD
CLAMENS, Hertls Hut Tie Reetste oo eee tes wich the Hayne sheer m

lei ge soreage of nlcety vine acres,
tyods and fedr Alay chew of fertile 6
a river through the seme, ry in whibin
bwo miles of tbe Melasico Od Fields ped
hous a yeed ditving toad. Tine lodete
tanber past 7a oan Le olasir gl

Duted wa bib as oy a ores i910


Corser Vuke acd George Stieete,
io TaLERHuuE 15 eu

Aver ot a Jeweloey £0"
é Vrodnke Bale


be bit
Cat OP

AOR OBER TT ar paren 7, OR we Oe ‘ ~My ep
SRS Srp mae ge ren este
‘ 7 .

es \ y

i MORAN ype Morar xovMUM aL
Bone a BONAN ZA GEN TS. New Arr ivals Bonanza ‘urnity a
Very Latest Creations eR Ament. ~or- DEPARTMENT.. 4
ee. | PREGIDENT BRACES ~ | Brand SMITH nROR hl at iors ara


+g In Woliday Boxes forXmas Presents. ”


fand Miceps Black, White arid | vaer. POCKET SAFETY MéZOR2—the Woweat aad = s wet ap oe ,
red” NI pee falta ava LIGHTER For Fmokees—- Th B ( ve
Crinoline Hats. Enjoy a.Coot uniatre: ‘ *. oo a 7 * oy ' . U F
ated with Foal: Peada and, Jet Loads, CALABASH ¥ PIP 1 S.. . In. Trinidad. .
fs Journ tillastrated in the curroat A Meet the Wont, " ES, a . ; Specialics i INLAID URE eee *
ee Leather Purses, Tobacco, Pouches ee ' ;

. 4,

Comprising Targa Oorblued Prors and Wanlroba with two
Mirror iors Quaint Buroau, Marblo Top Wasbatand with 7
Double Row of Jilcs and Commode, Daitty LTadiea *

THe COLOURS AND BLADES IN Wa | k i n g * Sti cks

: Te Te TOR RA Gy (asLaghT MFR sxe Bao 5 ani Shoes COMPLETE —$80.00.,
7 TAGHE BRAID Leather Watch Wristlets, F ~

FOR LADIES, GENTS & CHILDREN, Other Grane Pam By vs ar_and

oy TH BROS. & C0.| Bonanza dent’s Dep’mt,. SMITH BROS. & CO,

alk p - 4 9 Lancashire Insurance j9| DEN TISTRY, Promote _lateninperial relationship, | == City Police curt Te, aos ss

‘ lar Drees Trimming of this season,
fn cocla per dozen, Cotton 12 Senta per dozen,

Bain et ote 2 aA.




Solo ‘Agonts.

Sag Se


Paria despatches atata that contra —_

DR. CHAS. DALY, to custons M. Briand read the declare. Thursday. her cut: ‘The case waa dismissed John
XOW wigceD te < t Pental Aupgecn, ton ft his policy in which be declared Wkevetxa Ta Ongy AN CROKKI~ | gimmoned Biss laniss for beating ber,
PERMANENTLY BSTABLIEH nv] that the Goveroment was vnabletoal: | siarey sara} was charged with refass | Me gyivactrw Willams & ae

ED IN} jowjitsemployesto paralysetbe natlon's y fi Os or 4
TRINIDAD, life, and Re Trout therefore ask the ing ta comply with the order of ate the'complsinant. After bearing the
Grados‘e of Baltimore Qollege Penta | Chamber of Deputlesto enact mea: ail faeces it,.| evidence His Worship considered the
Sargery, 2 year’ Prectloel Experiencein | sures asouriog the working of the pub- ing bim to repsle the wal on wit | assault an utprevoked one and con:
Toodon in HIGH CLASS DENTISTRY | Iie eerviees i0 casce of etrikee and for | Defendant | tirtdes wae done, ‘The | victed defendact | Thirty-elgbt prey

in all branches. ¢ punishment of sabotage. dg that only a sma!

f- Dental Offos; | BERLIN AND Tilt BUDGET ES- or eee siicwas completed; the time | Seeinat ber she wee svatenoed to six
se FREDERICK T. Over Dr. Arthur! Dertia news annouuees that the | slowed badesplred, Ilo wea fined | Ax Unatrenpip Cant — Lance

1 t d
e Ottioe, Aitendange all dey, Budget esulmates amount to 2924043 aL or ee Parr Usarresomp t= Corporat | Holl summoned Humphre:

133 marks, an increase of about &),C00- } y 0° egGrichlow was charged with leA¥s | Frederick log, ble cart unattend ne

—o— M. DRIAND'S DECLARATION, Do Hugging, 81.7.) | be Fea!
[ | CIRE & LIFE (Before Mfr, HH. Dy Huggina nob very willing to go and he

Ree 4 BE a A

wi again arrived by the | Funds Exceed ... £12,600,000

£8.“ Crown of Navarre.” NSURANOES aifocted szainat
_,Joss or damagé by Fire on

| i A Buildings and contents ofa Ware~
af houses, Offices, Shop, and Store
-= > Premiacs, and Private Dwollings at

ant Sanitary Luspector Roge

PAE ae genet

q 00) marke including over 16000,00))) > his horee and cart unattended at ed bill! or peveu ds
IN THE MARKET moderate ptioss STEPHENS LT). the army Ia drier "to" balance Four Toads, Iie wos Biued ioe o¢ | 889820° ——"
s . seven days

— oe the deficit al f sbout 10°.0W0,000 on }

PHMPT IND EQHIABESETILE:| tho Stores. [Eitan wet [chimed Macatee Gorgas) Tul, Longue

; ~ 6 previous cl tien for causing —
Bi - . retain malas MENT eee SING ART OEE nif obstruction by placing oxes on tha| ‘TO-DAY'S LEAGUE MATOIL 4
" ‘ach. woe q
Cf Zosse FINANCIAL, COMMERCIAL. Advices from Brussels state that footpaths Tory AV RONG AIDE 1- Bf. NARY'g YC, ¥ CHELSEA ¥.C,

v ave also on hand a Fresh |4o:
y ‘ Shipment of SMITH BROSAND cO

The Bormann,


Klog Albert reopened the Chamber fiea called
JBARCE enjanin itoberts, more oftea calle —_on
ms “A Au GENERAL ie aha Sucoate calilonsot printed wiatoo was charged by Constable | The following teams will play oa
AGENTS. 4 tit Netneods : o 1 Pe Foster with having interrupted the | Junior League ground this afternoon.
petitions demanding geners 1a * | free passage of other vehicles, bimsclf | Referee, G, Cumming. Kick off 4.0) t-«
were circulated and some in bring the dciver ofa horse and *tiap' | at MARY'¢ ¥.0, val CHELBEAY.C.

ke th & the Royal
Loats made on Cocoa Hsfales | Fernthe'nat wiusouratettog cas ocran | ME ,tata cists ‘thy aridenes |B, Tooke


% 1 ote. The Queen npon entering the het def Back 8. Davis
. tl a thet defen: cke
g, J Sen er eep F 2000 U rd hamber was greeted cordially until forthe ‘driving ‘down Prince Bireet | If Kuoz P, Francols
a rem , jpwards, shoute of . vive Is rel were given } poling weat on the, right spite of the VL, Albert salt back M, Laurence ,f
oo b nto colllalon w: . 2
. FROM THE A COMPLETE Wirhout any Special Conditions, | Haeawith the othere reveated then. | OMA which wae going, cast at a| VeAlbert * K.Bmith Jey
“4 P %° OF | walking pace on the left. There were | M, Boucaud Slee S
; ‘ KNTS FOR THR the Soclaliats exchanged shouts and} anand four small carteon defen- | Ui, Ache UMoe &
| L AGER BEER HREWERY AMSTERD AM * taunts with the Hheataneris Sent dante lett which side be should have It Motiees Forwards | ¥v 4
; 3 . COFFEE CLE ANING COMMERCIAL CAR COMPANY'S and upon demands for vitence they taken there satead of doing W. Kost Al Vancrosson 7?
e Famous “Motor Delis Pane | shouted that they bad nothing against fnit hg went aver to the otber alds | J, Reyes U. Rooka, 2
ie ’ . and Busses, a the Kiog, but thatthe Ministry beld | which was belonging to the cab colng | ©. Sellier J. Gilmoas” *
For Sale by Maarchine:. | tieter-squire al Britihh Made] Song" 2000 he Tpeecn ‘trom? the] eat ee tte astae” boing faunas poo on Reverves | hs
F . i ° ‘Throne. o ht e side forthe | ©, Munt J. de Bolastere
cm * 7 : MOrox Games, | &T. VINCENT DELEGATES FOR bed to Tears pie Perso tne collision | Ldnenmen
inidad Shipping we Trading Co,, Ltd. aLB0 = v. i ted 4 la thie Col Conr EUENUE AT BAR oorurred. The saelence, ares that the DB. Lianos E. Laurence
; ' . 0
RON 6000 MILES whbout « slogle St Vincent 1b | re ste tety wide of the road (defen: | =x cro)

At @ epectal meeting hf tbe St. bh ¢ not eufficlent
palpated hl aod partlealere | vincent Agricultural and Oovsmnercial danv's side ae eave without coming Inporimies OF Tae stoop Goons
Hazell ond Ne 5 Sprott were ap: {nto contact wits the cab whic tome trom Gefocts In the action -of ¢

Perret J e coutre

LATEST TELEGRAMS polated “astern ts lend tbe no: | ihe dimeulty be eld up husband as | LCG TRU o tLercnes on” abe dein
W féz Panama Takoraph ¢ Raestlon of direct iraoailanticateante | Shy being oa. tee trot, want on ihe | Ther must be. trealed Loran

ompany: e je! ado

1d Panama Telearaph Company. | shipeervics. The Society Aiopred ie [right the cabman heeged Doe, ble tdectivg compet’ to, ‘oa use
STRIKERS aoe SOLLIERY PIS- ee ota aed or malotaisicg & that al upied tn ooaveying bre other Act directly on the liver and by ‘
* London, Nov. 10b. | transatlantia service a¢ essential to ng occ! up healthy processes have a “
Advices from Cardsff slate that wild | the pros rity of these colovles. The fish to ble on ng cide and tbe wiles sHeat upon the blood, vo that impurt ©


7 tok Trmldsd, carrying Fhroagh Freight for Tobago and Oladad Bolivar In thoroughly good order

” Lave Arrive Leave Arrive .
‘ trinidad Trialded New York,
oe Bept, Bin Bepte 1 ~
od Bepty TP

ae Bept an

Eta. Ben cn teaialte Beebe,

WOR sAnm we


on Ot, B ane bing the colliery dis- | Hoo fastencted thele delegates tee are ellmins!
Sis an 33 5 oe Or Bhan 2 Teaetot Bowh Wales, chiefly round | to au yore, puch limited measures {a to break ine abate Ana reault 0 trap
GRAN ADA” we Nove, Bae Nov, 32 . at, MARINE SQUARE the Glamergan pi, Tony Pandy, where keeping with those resolutions 26 may | (iich ibe cabman nald was ao he
em Re 8 tk = Nor Bm Now 9 | Pitixe No 1 ' 1,000 striters are besleging the clerks | be proposed. ae dil not kuow how lt bore bid weight)
Mois navie Nor, 18 she 32 Dawgs | = ~——~-—— [and sagiorer, going toproveatteod-| me orseon General's 20d ble fou er Bg (bere wee bo space PRICES CURREAT,
va Nor, 30 Tl Dee, | IT Dea, 85 Keep tbe pumps make the re-openlog The Surgeon General’s Office} ship sald, admitting there was no space ¢
P .. ~ Peo 0 “De hl ums COCA ” COLA. ing Soiee tespoeel ble. The police = for defendant ta pass between the ¥. ee) .
WVGRANADA" Die, HO 3%. Jam US dee.’ 20 — ‘a 4. | bare been reenforoed by constables | STRUCTURAL INNOVTIONS. les and th Prodi Blseked Oars ter Wag
f shete Seamed tall x he Whead of Briaa te beth ways“ The Senviea American, Coaa-Dala. ae eed seer and Sooocebare | For the past few weekea company of led to, wind barrel id + oe
was - kers who | workmen have been golog * hammer | b Meal, Kind pee 3 gin
r ‘ Tho moat nvigoratiog Aerated bevor- by whom | and tongs" fa the renovetlon of the "S jane vew aVort per ite
D BMIPPING AND CRADING COMPANY, LIMIBRD | aso keews. Just seosired at “The d| Surgeon Generat's office Ia Hart id bave, Heavy Mose E te oath
eA Bean, Triaited, HW, Meiry Widow,’ September 28rd—1m. Streets The quondam open gallery (CecavelosOtest yb 98

ar, 8 Browdwey, How Kock bod

us Sara Leer

has been enclosed anda ceutral stair
are atlil | way erected for admlesion {and eics
lice | vered} to the general eteif's depart-

4, bub the | ment, The neplus ultra of the re
Soar Imprisonment.

ita thereat Taras
e new srrangement whic
there sity bal tbe old familler tone stairway tothe} Waars.—Kdwia Wilson summoned
starving thousands of | exclusive purposes of entree to the | James Patrick for refuslo
Ww ao Churchill bas | Honourable Surgeon Ueneral blinself, balance due for wor!
of the Home | We Lave cot been able to patter, whe | painter. Mr. loolee appeared for de-
a thee ap armed sentinel will be posted |fendaot ‘There wae & dispute as to
ae tT BIIP “ PREUS3EN." atibe landing, forthe purpose of de- | the amouot claimed and complsinact Loxpon November 100. .
the crew of the sbip | manding « password fore the caller

rescue not baring brought witnesses al Demerara Orystals
ry) Bee ee bas begun, but the vessel can be ushe! into the sugost pres) was Niemiared. percwt wae ae ABIES

Island M

—_ —_- =~ a


HCY \**~

pOoUus namely ne aS arts Goods

P the Medical departs) Morugs axp Davauter.—Crancta Muscoy
an) : ; 7 Je still endangered oon oF ence of tbe bee se efno doubt chat | afeLean, summoned ber daughter ‘| Floating tonne fn Bond.
BRITISH EMEIE. goltalle arrange te ihing idea of | Mer Lassalie 6 Seale eetdeieadtee
. o
hts {rom Uspe Town state | in keeping ne ot tht ve « The genere! Fiidence showed that

We Received a Large Shipment ef


Dress Goods, “Last Fashions In Lacies Straws, Ribbons, I aces aod All-overs.

— a Ee OuriNew Geodsa— Keenest Prices.

Despate! B
je Doke of Conosught io a | the new order of thin per cw a
te Se at an offclal dinner My Govern: ——— there bad beenso svgry

, $ Bouse, sald beanticipated with between tha two women arising out Cc

seegreateet confidence, be ploess and COURT SALE, of the mother aceusing the daughter terms we OFF. se

ee erity for the Hout african ~ of having stolen 2 shillngefrow an- | Neneare Rum ont. Dee inl bolted
Palen ‘andite people who are acimat.| Before the doorsof the Port-of Spain | other relative of hers, On the dey | Trinidad Cocoa, Good M
ed with ratrlotes akin to the love | Court lloise yesterday afternoon, ibe $o question while defendant was Owe ns se
which Britons {p the other domtoloos | right title and interest of defendant, | passing belofe complainant's door
pave for the coustries of their birth, | Inthe matter of George Me Lean vy, | with a pan of water, the Jatter a
aod who ere also jospired with that Willan Beptlate, és parcel of lend | referred to the twa sbillings Ineldea!

J. 4 rh when defendast lost her tem
triotiem which makes all alike | comprising 39sec. 2rd. Spr. wee pu moe Meee an ieee ike

wider pa y Console — ww iw
Seite op! inthe brotherbood of the } chased by nies at os —— rectited ‘and: dood ber, She was rirayet ovat Rast Pane tits 3
a defen! ue oa "
FARA TION TO, ¥ SIE OANA DAS aN aa Pond sto worue ‘when proupt ANOTHER ASSAULT.~Nary Mathews ‘Western ‘Oubelde
Accompany of fermere, merchante | rellef can be got io a simple but strong | sumtoned Bil. Ulifton for assault | Olldelds j to 1 8 discount

we | G ‘y Ext {og and bealing her, Jt appeared | Geoera) Petroleum $19 to 3:30 dleek
HST trata, Alea T temedye Navner Graven WWoratneâ„¢ (ity aetendant heph an ise arpot | Copa 83 to a



a cagrereaee ra

‘ Ae eo

- e

Ae By hi TS,
Re Os

‘ “a

Interview with Ohief Engineer Karvond.




Work to bo Proceeded With ‘at Once J

fob” \



St. “Ignatius Bay,”

[Just thoroughly” Ropaired, §f
Painted and § Furnished. ¢ sy
Practically New.
For pertleeters apply tt


: |The Clpero ‘Bugbear? Defeated.
4 rere erchnapee nee



A. Gaseite vi tative yeeterday , In both
ingpogs sad, bn | Touslieron be an
| Marweed, N. . General | bee seein i
3 ond eer of onc) W. wea
- ways, for the purpose of learning | very ye hte
all the facta that were available con- | most satlefac
cernlug the proposed extensions. Mr, | say that itis .verg-
‘ Marwood having | returned from Eog: ( that nothing is
land (whither hep: some | scholarehi
months aga Jn conneotion Loerewith) Nason ha
on Tuesday last, After the usa
courtesioe, our man remarked that
Mr. Marwood's facial « “ance
Holiday tour te walch he rephed ti
oliday tour, ta whic!
have bad real hard wor!
ter; ib fact I worked up
on the Tuesday afternoon and left the
followlag day at 8o’clock.”
Asked whet was his position,
whether he would be the chief con*
structing engineer, or not, for the pro-
i extensions, Mr, Marwood stated;
will bathe chief constructing engin
eer—entrusted with the building of the
Proposed extensions, 1¢ will my
duty tocommunieate with the con’
sulliog engineers at home from time
rugress of the
require advice on

to come out,
tlon to the Oonsull 2
4 careful iu test.
Sites depress
aatlsfled with bis pr
The other taro eoalocere &

oginesr and an apelotan
out later, I woo it was stated
my eon waa to come out.

make euch an appointment,

Have you
quired sraterialeP=—No, with,
exception of tha

ordered. Ge put these on order aa
the market ie now very favorable.
The other fronwork could ‘not be
ordered untlil make out my further
Teport, which will be very soon.

And what about the Cipero Tram:
way 1 wa heard that the matter has at
last been settled ?—-Yes (omllingly), it
has been settled. “Tits Government
will take over the trazoway which we
ever contended belonged to the
Colony We will use thoseqparts weneod
and the fortion wedo not require the
Sugar panies will opkeep ‘or their
own us pay us ® nominal rent,

ere rt piece of Une which
wilt inconvenience them—from Lee
Efforts to eomewhere between Uorinth
and Ste Madelaine-and we will lay
aovther line forthem, No payment
whaterveris to be made by the Govern-
ment. In this matter the Hon. Edgar
Agostini K.O, Attorney Geceral
and I were deputed to negotiate «
settlement. Leaw His Excellency Sir
George Le Hunte on several occasion
after his arrivalin Kogland. Web
@ hard time of {t iu thle matter,

atabout tha city Rallway

Station, Mr Marwood ?—We will com:

mence work at once—that ie td say

the borings for foundations & will be
commenced forthwith. cod, If

» Mir Marwood, orgot

all about the. Guaracara version §

what ebout 1 ?~Ob that's.all ia the

echeme, We will divert from a

int @ short way from Glenro:

OUSE, a w the crossing and wi.
cut through to Malgrejoute Factory
and will take up the’ Oipero tram:
way route to reach Princes Town. Io
order to improvethe gradiog we will
moet probably slightly change tbe
course. By this diversion the railway
will secure the haulage of canes from
Garth and thereabouts to Malgretoute
Factory. So it will be generally

Having thanked Mr Marwood for
bis courtesy and for the toformation








aay way, and I willgive allcrders as
I think necessary, from experience, to
sult local requirements, °

Ist true that the entire route: on
doth Hoes will have to be re-sur
veyed? asked our man —No, replied
Mr. Marwood, this is entirely a mie<
take, Ibis only on the question of the
eile of the station for Siparia—whether
ft should be bullton one side of the
ravine or the other, This was the most
{uportant of the questions where
there wasa difference of epiaton to
tpeak of, Perbape it would better

I were to explain the modus operandt
of railway constructions First of all,
to get an Idea of the route to be traver-
sede we make what is called « Prelim),
bary survey without **stakip
or peusing’ as it ia called. by thls
means the engineer ie able to eetimate
the probable cost, taking all care not
to underestimate. This completed,
the “stakingout "of the route pro-

eed ie proceeded with. In the pre-
sent case only the preliminary surrey
was done; as soon as the engineers
arrive the peg will be proceeded
with, which, on Hoes+Siparia and

Olaro cao eter work digging
then, of course, the other work, a
&e., will be commenced with as litte
delay ae pssajble,

A RE CELEBRATED for their rich, powerful siog-
Bye ing quality and light responsive touch, The

proved method of construction ete, have resulted
jog the Wallis Pianofortes in the foremost
best Makers whether English or Continental,


QusTd yor

And when are the engineers coming
Out P queried our man. If there was
omodation for them on the last
wonld have come out with
me op last Tuesday. They will, however,
here on the od, They eres Messrs,
Allan (Zoglehmen), Murray (Soote-
msn) and Tomlinson (an Island
Hcbolar) Nr, Allan bashed cooslder-
able experience in Kogland, West
Africa and Indja and Mr. Murray the J 00 readily given our representative
other District Engineer te experienced § withdrew.
ee eens
TALK ov WARFARE. ultimate struggle which must deter-

â„¢ Not Miss


w Jewellery

— AT{(—

a %

A Superb Collection‘of


mine mbetber reat Britain shall re
PREDERIG, YUIRRE,BAMIEYES | ie dloted gad wet fue fom
& was on these 8 te that Mr
18 NOT OVER. Villerstelkea “bee


fe taken from the
wane, teen of the 18th ultimo,

T** am of al] men the most interested
fu the pospibtlities of aerial warfare’,
sald Me Villers, * because I bad the
idea seventeen years ago when I in-
Fented=on Paper, of course a dirigi-

2 |
wits a basket from
rop explosives on au enemy.
Lnsed thlelua story uf sa itnaginary

mous wat correspondent.
peony of the opinion that the era of
great ware ia not orers at it mill ever
cod as lone “He ie alsa atrongly io-

come to grips, with a bla:

patlons ecibded, joa struggle which
will leave one or-the other country as
the dominant would power, and
aseries of bew ireps, And, further,
Mr, Villiers, speakiog with an etperi-

enoe that covers rtery important cam:
the past thirty years, ls
by toe oe thas mea” was

Varna by d: ag bonibe from a great
height,” reppiog §

Idea that the ine would come w

actual war, Maxim tried é
only the ates

13 eagine, the weight
was too greet. Then ope the gaso-

: 1 Wer Whe dirigible

‘oe - ten
edding and Signet Rings [arrieyite | eae the lan ot well ne’ feualoed
comes,” sald Mr, Villiers, *the first Ia tbe ais i ave:


15°" Gold Brooches

thing to do wwill beto clear the air
Aud'wbi ver side

havean ady

ultimate victory,

valk of the abeure
coming over
big cities, Bott

bi ath ben tbe: ald ses
Ww " co sos
i ae “Londoa could bot see

them. .
* Supposing four balloo:

ne were sent

SOCKETS PRACHLETS elStad" dpi pombe ot hgh
. . .

AACKRETS BAk-RINGS ae} when (s comes ta action by teen plosives, tbiae, ot the ainmoralialng
MNGLES 5 SAFETY PINS 4 will ees the Vitoria Gross, fellure destroy wars fsnsion House or the
tho tamous te ends . a fo tater Toseage vane from Herlia that cach

however, was impossi bir, Villlera | telioous would be sent over unless

Hiritaln espitulated-it le & podtion

be is too experienced to be loterriewed, ’
be will submit to sonversstion, | that le absulutely Pose! ble to-day, Ths
oN *S GoLb WeueRTS: sad it'he tp bait at interesting a 6 | balloons already, ental, and expert

theie edeptbiity, It is ont
a oenatter of inte Do the ,
shells bave bean luveu
taio resulls as with siftes or canne

inbiastion of lostruclion
ard Bee alte those wha bear


bi P eed
is ob tour on this
aoe ubles over with ex-


eloce they

. soy . ~ Mo ok . . vO . . come

‘ooaeat, ‘Ws

of iM he: .
of Fees it ve to ‘clear

ef papers a .
tory. la thie case I may | and the side snccessful in the alt wi!
stated | score tremendous!

wie 3Well, Mr, Tom | cide the battle absolutely, becanes the
vignibed bis, willioguees | side that hee (he atmny” and cleo the
ed his powlna- | acrial forces will have an advan’
who | that would almoet necessarily mean

come | tleulart

ere was | war officials were altogether two slow,
neverat any time -any IntenWon to | This wes shown

any of the re-} genloue instrament mad
the | mirrors, by whose usa soldiers could
atives and stay

stock, nothing bas been ! atill fre with perfect accuracy at au

eea armaments inten yeare the

Geets inthe world, with an army of

equal preponderance, And it

against France they are organia i all

attack France, Germany says she le
spending theas enormous sums on arm.
aments ta
think itis
the inference ls obvious, since there le
poly one foe she will need the nar:

I p


¢ bad a pro: sore an reamers ma
long experience af war that the era of
peace has nat yet arrived. Nome da:
wad there willoome 9 convulsion that will

| disturb¢he whole world, and what [

and othere

~ | Of war the world over are trying to dp .
aaa nt
* We have the ships, we have the men,

“Ker since then 1 have bad ‘ibe wear {a4 furore, and undoubted!

Occurs ae cer

. Villsbse Lhought thet the dirt

tie ot be

, wo gilie would be a ke
ber thing of the newest and most artistic designs. Anse be eee bed Lo gosh diet oF | plato
% . ao bour, ta keep fa the) Ue

latier of wack more seectcel ae bag

1 ” . * 4
oR 4 \

MR 11> 1910 ..



(oe ra

the others,
mecution they

oe Distinctive Tailewtiig 3
2 8

t ote | be he


take . —*{N ‘
fem °
Ee - @e,e@e . * 3
an army, : .
‘i cmmeee| L Weed Suitin £38
war, Itte simply a ofa fur ’
leen hope, and the Victoria Ureea for
thees on an aeroplane or in a eab-
marine {f they cto le work snd eet senna Gene .



With our bighly wealeed Bra guarantee
Newest Sy é ’




It Keeks You Healthy & Vigorous,

The QUEEN of Beers.

re ne

teaing to more thi

y, fact I do
see why the aerial ‘dght shoul not de

Ia England, Me, Villiers said
were not attend:

would like, while the Freach were

oa ta


active in bag tine, am t —
n. Villlors remarked that the British



ae recent ex,
of hla .own, Ie bad tnven

an in.
je. of emall


well undercover jn trenches and

&n advancing foer He submitted thle
to the War Office, whore it was ad-
mitted to do all that was claimed, yet
they did not think {1% practicable.” A
few months later one of the customary
broke out, but the
On the other ban
the Rusaiane at once saw ite usefulness
and now have ths instrument altach-
edto all thel¢ mazim guns, and are
Preiee. to ue it on their rides,

eeThat simply shows how slow our
War Otiice is,” said Mr, Villiers, “bey
simply wont accept a hew thing,
Why, Ikuow ee in the Balkans
where Afty riflemen equipped with
such a device could easily stop 3.000
men. They would see their comrades
falling all around, without .e visible
enemy to get after.*


Aa to the ibility of a great Euro-
fesz war, Alr, Villiera was a firm be-

lover in the Balkan idea. Such a
war might not start with Germany, be
rpinarked, but (t might broak out any
time In the Balkans, and drag the rest
of Europe In. Such a wild outbreak
nearly occurred last year over Austria's
aupexation of Dospla and Herse-

**1t seeme an, awful thing to say,”
sald Mr. Villlers thoughtfully, “but I
think that was our greatechance, We
should have let Turkey fight Austria
overtbat. Servis and the other
petty states would have been upin
arms, and the Slavs would have joined
sgainet Austria, in fact, thousands of
them In Russia were prepared to teke
uparms. Butthe Eaperor of Austria
advised Russia to keep quiet, and I
cather think ihe Emperor of er.
many gave the same advice to Ilritain,
and they did, To my mind, our oppore
tunity was to have brought fon the bi
war then, It would. heave involv.
Beitaln and Rusels, but it was our

teat chan: because, at the rate

ermany fs {ncreasing her land and

ware in Afganistan
War Office never thought o!
the Instrument.

The Piano Warshouse,| :


NEW OTTO “227.

Vawrmexntas, Jee
Extending over 2 or 3 Years, . ‘4

All Instruments Guaranteed

21, Frederick Street.

Date OSE Le


undoubtedly have one of the

le not,

this force- France will not attack
many, and Germany does not want to

rolect ber trade, But I
expend her trade, and

% regard, and that fe Great Lrit

“No matter what. uolversity profes

say,” conclud-
jeol Trom a life.

Villers, “1

o who have seen conditions

boawake the British,

aa they were


wa have the money, too,’ set the whats BRACES THE, VITAL SYSTEae je
the Russlans from a war wl Highly recommended by
all over the

Mr. Villlers le full‘of in
wlaiscenees of bis thirty

paigal .
oo that

hele thoroughly acqualnted with mo-

gern war me de, Me well ae those Chloroasis

ore resent duy o! a wor - fo.
rifles, Hele at present fo et oa « Debility ar
etour to give talkeon wartare, and

will m atthe Windsor Hall next
Thu ¥, in aid of the Hoyal Kdward
lostitute, after which be will makes
tour of Hastern Canads and the Kast-
ern Btates. .


(Before De, Blackicoad Wright, deting



BSOLm AM ws,

The RBonanza
Beprembee 30:5, 1910,


Grapes |


BOLAJIN DS, sin , é


Rhee Young v Richardson t-Me. G-
© Pavtia for creditor nuked for ao
edjruromect for thre weeks at there
was po service va debts,

Sanne Brow. & Co, v Henderson ond
avother ~Me J. A, Romeo foe creditor.

No order fur verses on fiefendenta

$1 aia two woke
wre ee a Oo 0 MorristeMe G8,
Herd inacructed by Mee J. Slysa fer

tier ¢xamloed } sd}ourned two

wits nals alle ime Mr, Pacts for
ater pa bees written offer,

. a



= ¢ fa teas « 4

| Micheal P. Maiftard, [2

‘(*The Cash Brore.”)

~ b Ome Ceai ALN:


~ ge te ‘ . A fea _— 4
i _ â„¢ â„¢ oy


We, have just received quite a big lot of New Goods inoludiag Ladies! and | +
Children’s Mitinery, Heir Curla nnd Plekis, ete, bat we tesire to make partioular.t |
mention of. our Xmas and New Year Cards which are of excepticnal value, Comey
early and make your selection, We have heaps of them for'you t2 ‘chodee' from.

aetna narra NE pecan
Xmas ani’Rew Year Cards, Ladys’ Cowrt Sheds,
. eee emer {) Mir tentereme .
Suh canner lb Ret [LADS pT DEF yb
xMAl St CARDS =Very rovel and letererticg. LEATHER SLIP. ~Very good valer, wear well
. Worth taseh mere owe we Ooly 30, ape From 48¢. p,




Penn ay










~~ ’











R : When nest you are fo oust
Evory .article wo deseribo .here fe Lepari ment we shall be pleased
rew,,now, Dow, We certainly are carry- you the following itema, ou’) Balk

Log-a'woll aseortel pjock this season, Prins extremely low, *

— of Uctoder, 1910,
3 JOHN & Co.

FRUIT & RUBBER. ra Abert

“Feu Sacr of aon cnmenenpoonen
he 1 tbat
b | BORIS RIG pean gees et

2 aed of Mortgage
AVING been notified thatthe fale} page, -
storege of the RMB. * O.uba? “

leaving oo 14°h foatant iso herwise oc- vescent

cu; I theoght it more prndeat to . ”
Postpoae is formarding at Chtmas The disagreeable features.
crates 0 nges, e ames ‘

leaving on 28th Instat, after which of travelling can be overcome
date 1 will be glad tosapply acy far} when you have a bottle of

which he accepted, lo pay $8 monthly
as from December 1.

Philip v Dalyi—Me. J..A. Romeo for
credstor and Mr, Andrew McCarthy for
debtor who wasézamined, |

Order to pay 890 forthwith, $50 on
Degember land balance on January 1.
“ Bealth, Bros. & Oo, vy Boondaree 3—
Mr, H. Bobiotoa for creditor examined

LADIEI White Muslin Rabes aed Costumes WHITE DAMASK COVERS—With
[eat Sige tv ten comets |] igs cat sit tien
Bicuah ¥ Tesluctring s~Me. A. Ls $4.09 atifal, cach (com 14 cents,

Brown for creditor and Mer. W. Blache


Wyuson foe debtor took a techoical | thor orders. Abbey's Salt with you sors the Maosfacturors, Insertions ke match, wide, coloured ablg os
Heterea to Fall Gourt ier declion, A change from ‘he daily | ia iat be various widths, prices por yard from Go. St this season, per yard caly 34 conte
t ttalei—Mee McCarthy the f ™
for debtor offered to ry $10 moothly as RUBBER. . Y | fa the fe MUSLIN FLOUNCINGG—12 {oches to 45 EMBEVIDERED CUSHION 8Qv,

Ia White and Ecru, extra
24 ceata and 30 cents, serial

for debtor offer routine of living brings Head | jhe Nom tog,
. , of

‘ I take th ilt
Mr R binson for creditor accepted. # the opportaalty to Inform | aches, Biliousness and Con- Bean aren 4 Spencer Teme ‘Silver

inchea wide. Extra special values from
planters that my Vara Rubber Seeds are .

1S cents pee yard ta $1.60

: forminatiog very satisfactorily andthat | Stipation, which are so fre-t) Thin, ise parcel of land com- WHITE GUIPURE INSERTIONS—from See ry Ene ee
Hiverioa any” tiene aha ee 4; | quently incidental totravelling wictoen serse;' pasate ad Sith 8 conte per yard fo 19 cents. op
TAFA . Deceaaber at the followlog rates: Abbey's Salt will almost! Sortead any Ie the Word Oe ee rainepes . ,
nopars Pracrice Maton, | TRL ss 2 plnts Ja bambo> pots, | instantly relieve you of these; | Ram 27ers oe, Casha Ban con lande ol , *
— |__| From 2,000 to 4,000 plants ia ta ziboo pote, disturbers of pleasure by its, | Ernestine D ead on the Weet apoa ; , : ; A
MOCAL FORCES ¥.0, Y CLYDESDALE Mie. | aed WDdapeards vlan: in bauteo pote, | SOOthingeffectontheStomach, | * this sous ay od Ostader, 1810 One Frice Only. | Yalog Nowhere Like Malllard’s, | ree Jans ds
vores ine afternoon abe’ practice | M unOD¥er thesia Liver and Bowels. Be BIG beatae ; 2!

Clydesdale | Speciel London Address: Victoria St. ——
Yosdale | Specie] arrangements may be made with | Eo ee ive sizer Uo af Chemis and Stores | The above meatlonsd parte of land ooa-

Mound. Kickott £32 0 pee

je bod t-
wren iH atendiog purchasers, and by Meswrs.W.C Ioss& Co, Portof Spain [talning s@ acres te ‘gubject to a

GoaleA. EB. Herragin

Racks-8 Dv «We fi trans! f ¢ efrom Heleva me
ee ere Lumsden, 'T. Bealy, OJHER ROONOIO PLANTS. sraars Robison ts lacy Ammon No. | TRINIDAD. , .
M, Lumsden. TRINIDAD 1919, dated 26th Mey 301 ° To the Supreme Court of Tilafdad and

Forwards—K, Iarragin, J. Cipriani, | Fico grown Forastero Plants in bam-
J. Hornandea, de Nobriga, Ae dos | boo SALE FOR TUESDAY THE 20TH


pote 3fu igh and upwards ot | ey Ob NOVEMBETE Bat Sammary Jerledicio, Portof Spats,

jantos, 40.00 per thousan me, TRINIDAD, No, 787 of
Reeerves...8 Daly, P, Pierre. : herei In the Supreme Court of Trinidad and Tobago Betweea v
Uinesman—8, Daly. Funtimia Elastica at 4000 ¥ thoasand, P bb crthibet ri is her chy given tbat is N Summary Juriediciion, Port of Spuia. Maurice Philp de Botsslere, sometincs ‘ .
Maailon ee at40Q0 a cattale mae acre ot eae eental ee | No sogtelapoy called Maurice Philp Bolsslereaby bis ani ar * as q
———EEE Coffee Robusts = 883000, = g 07 dated the Ist day of October tow and Romea] Jean—Plaintitt Attorney Hearl A de Doissiere— , } ae
° Lowen Uatiide Testes ee eect Eater | rhe Adcuniernioen noersl—Delend ad Vialoutt , ae
eee Qo eee Ly ids Jon! ere Ww ak w ent
THINGS NOT GENERALLY ENOWN Lm Ne ARON FAB RES | Dos norte tay ern te | __ eklon Pete Datta DISTEMPER,:..
—— ‘ a action Mars ° 3 ven — .
Maillard’s bave recelyed no much Dey TIMBERS. ville Biurresiathe Town of ‘Port’ oLBeala P a Decres of His Hooour, Mr, Jumice Ras= UBLIO NOTICE ks bereby given that . . “
Gorda by this Mail that it hastaken tho ou Tuesday the 20.h day of November Gearing date the xoth day by an order of Hia Honowe Myr, Jastios ‘
Costoms Chern from Wednesdsy to | 4 GSae lot of Gelba at 40.00 1910 betweea thebours on¢ and twd pcr.‘ order operat, the Rasseil made in the above matter on the . 4
today to check the Jovoices and - per thoussod: |’ All and singatar that psreel vr lot of sade baa 7sh day of November, 1910, there will be
they Lave not yet Anished—Ade't, A fae lot uf Yoko at 40.00 per thousand. | tand eltaste 1a the Ward el Gasnepo oom. Be up for ssle before the doors of the _
A fine lot of Crp at 40.00 per thousand. | prising five acres and elx perches be the . surh House, Port of Spain, ou Tharedey, . . wx
oe came more or lew detiseated end with the ‘clock pai. the 2éad day of December, 1910, between | A Shipment of this popular WATER PAIN?
BH, CARACCIOLO, abutia's end toundaries abewa on Crowe ‘ard of | the hours of ose and two v'clock ba the . . _
irs Vintux OANNot pe Dirscnipep Ste Joneph Nurseries. | Grant regltored fu Vol, COXLIIT polio afteracoa, All sod Sisgalar thas certain | received in assorted colours, aal packages of
No one can explain the subtle power . ¥ Sisaud bounded on the North by Crows i tals | plece or parcel of tand sltause in she Ward | 56 Ibs. each.
thet Canadian Lealing Oil posseases* uh N 1910 land, on the Boath by lands +f Tiburelo? plan, sf Diezo Mertia called * Mittand Le Bole “ . qh
ibe originator rae h raselt eurprisod ee F and by lands af n 8. Delisle, » ou the ex eee ee a a comprisiog three and . KE s le b . 4
@ wonderful qualities tha! ie fy own lands and on the Weet ‘ ate
compound ensed. ‘That he was the MONEY bie vet Ambird & Oo, ty lends A . ,Or.. ate y an


benefactor of humanity is shown b; z @llumol South

Ube myriads that rine i praia of this ab feterrtrne rer ani sume piiumeia Karle avd Jatersected by tbe] Won py
jar is .

wonderful O1L, So fami every. aay tornus on Jewell i

Dated the 3lat dey of October, 9! October tani
poe with 16 that is prized as «# house- FRINIDAD LOAN £2 LOUIS sont to: Dared this 24th out A THOSIPSON, M4 Tossp' #! A SK 7RY Hy! I } H} &
old medicine evcry where, TT DE te . par: e
Z Anouloneers, Requitar’ | inods of Widow Nicholas and of she Taade ° os ‘

——— f of J. de Souss on the Esat by lands form.
Madeleine Joseph and Alexis

“ land

. ¥. :


- : And else all those two f f
, oon lad formerly toreiog part of mea
i Bophie Estate,” the First thereof com
: Prolog One wore, ihree roods, and eight
P Diogo Martis

Sees emer Ca Page on

Other Large §


53, SOUTH QUAY, sole.

Port-of-“pain, t



Just Opened...


Bomnsndes aad on the West on
uly of Jean Louls Toorsa‘nt ad

pe Campbell, 4
Datedthia Tih dey of Novewder, 1910

Ao‘iog Deputy Registrar,



Grocery. .

a prem:

Te the matter of tbe Hates te Frances
Amois Ligoure la'e of the Ward of
Méyuro to the Jeland of Trinidad


W..C. ROSS & CO.



ee TE

UBLIG NOTICE & bereby gi
Pp application has heey medetio mee
Oscar are ofthe Ward of Mayaro ia


panera Par Ur on ve vee owe

iizap OF rice s‘MONTIEAL ~~
H, 8, HOLT, x
Pie-Weat, + Vioe-President sad &


B Tekst, 2G
New Vox aan â„¢* bu seDixas ' Painces 5 ve Bon

of Fravece Amstia Ligoure deceased lat
Moyaco aforesaid whe dled oe theked. tay
of Jace 19:0, intestate having at the time
of ber death a Gxed place of abode witha
iar wariG ail ube oa
(tite eeu ; . wer and relics
Bot! ale
cea lec le de ett
gy @ from dsl
pablka lon etd ate

Black White, ‘Navy, Royal Blue, Saxe Blue, Green, Fawn
E Brown, Grey, Purple, Strawberry.
“ALSO — Nice Selection of Infants and Girl's Straws, Boy's Sailor Hats Ete,
N.B—All tho Above.Marxod at Unusually Koon Prices,

‘ "at


Aiea Rene SUN BLAND a TVA ae
¢ A a

bo the old Oscar Lizgonre asoordinyly, 4
cf Ontoter 1040,


alsg's Fovourlte Lrated WateremPare,
tdigten aa Regia Phunsyye




neal )



OAT ESL Re - 3 ro +
+ baal LS

— | care eros


—————— Thientadana ~~ T ATIATION i =
‘FOR RENT. __|___WANTED. Meter ardent [AUCTION SALES |p 4 § py tae segs), Mat

sv actire bey fot] At firet thought, o6@ might be inctin-
RENT— Comfortebte Dweiti , ]
Fours ta, Besta Cras Valle . Keowee V eallents _Depariment--Apsly 0 # ed to consider ¢ Incosgracas to bas an Bit a
.* Capries,” withia etry reach of the (Wakitcs kone bay Say Tar we COR electrical yebicte ns 8 narartemoveg | OI Se Recep,
A taatter ol 2 . ,
Se: ny Marin one arg ae Department, toust bave experience, | with etately silence, ease more diz- eee ee

| Ex Recent Arrit

WOW emt wom ame

Be “tt
= dove who o1n speck Bpsais’s preferred. | |; . Aucttonsers, Valucre, Betate Agents | ,, * ee Mh Nove, ° :
OR RiNY=Ooitege Now 5 Uris App'y te Biophens Lid.” © The Boorw”, oitcree wag recsatly y ntincted fore ae Ss, Renee «mt, “MAGDALENA® “dean Nort. Cases 24 Pints *
I ee a em R trie | Nor. 10-18, ea rood | Chicuso frm, and has been in conticu- ORT OF-SPAIN, B,W.L “CLYDE” wa wa 12 b December 4
Tasty and natal ‘Gutetices also Boobies Wee Tor Caroat Enaie, Et. | 928 marvice, tver since. Power is com: ———" . @THAMES” .. ne - 26th D:comber
Bl bt and field Overseer, Apply tothe Man: ) Locicsted from the motor to the rear
Ha ere one meee Lah end oger—Nor, 0—lw. wheels by means of silent chain drive THE CITY AUCTION ROOMS,

a otoversleren | The battery is supported under the 26 FREOEBICK STREET,

— t r .

bllagn or Pie. Solon! TY 1 , Ls

Guise, Cyde sae Mh oS Richaved D [eure experiance saoks sitantion. Hse | soain body of the vebicle {us compart: LIFE POLICY FOR BALE IT "ang Selea, Timala & | ® Ld eo
i e loyes f rt time in ql . . ; j

por RT Talal ‘alah ieulanalen are | men enbrenyte peg and tego | WHTAROTRICEA CG. nereertelia Lurnasivae AO Ua vnote| Hatitefaye G: Preller & Co,,Bs

no: *

5 a | 8

J Greaiat Roads optrie Be: Mesnurete | ply to * Agilenttare ? c/a this oficee—Nov, | sod is ropel the hearee for a distance aa : by Acction om | the above stocmere will take Ist clase "
Ghar etait Uberormn rete | ay seiner | dt ty tailen ~" Belooce Siftlognâ„¢ | Rournel San tnd tre pany LAFETOLICY | Plergert, cargo and tala, "+ catso=

aoe fed neat oxe sees on Naree, sapeake Spacbh. Cd - lls | No. 181.639 lat the ofGoe af the*Ban" Lite . 5 to z we

‘ o pat) © : rence 7 of Canada for :

Posse Deve: 1 { | references, Apply * Buake” =” Port-of- Asm pas Y E 1 d :

gio yee woethy A velt: tote Gapves | Bpaia Garetier'—Nov, 34, 1910.—20, Registra de Cumercio, sdeted February 2rd 1905 on the Lite of ACUISIONS Ngan c A E. 2 7 . L H A i

n 1 ae

RANT, 9, Broadway, City—Nov. 4. Sowph Gonses, o! a

= = — Fartoer pvticulars on application to IN 1910
TAO RENT—Cottage No. 33, Comer of | —— MUBAARO =x sz. Auctioneer: 26 Frederick Street. s * . ae
i Hetroome” Drestivg toon Drawing FOR SALE. OSOTROS DALTON ¥ Ca Baceso- Porat pao, Hoind = yy by Trobed, = e710 — OTI ARIE TERTE @..FRE “
7a . and, frou tes, comerciantes tdomiciliados en | oe Jon Wharton SPECIAL Repu ON . . oon
_— Seclaramoe’ que contiiainoe y wage] THE“CITY™ SALW Rou, OF FIRST CLASS FARES. | For gale by
bramos factor do nuestra ¢esa de 6 ° -“<)

f —o—

comercio, al efor William Dalton fHen- ICES PTON &
STBAM LAUNCH dersen, tambiés vecing de esta cladad 7 W ERD latte weil by’Avatioone eben SOUTHAMPTON o W S I A ‘DMA Ni A R €
mayor de edad, ddndole al efec’o aves First Class Retara Tickets at ths 1%e ° > we

age [ostal
Rental moderaty,
sppiy to 7


" 6c tro poder general aia limitacida algune, Tm. preclesly, Polley ty ve rates
SP Nog, Broadway nS Breet 37 | para que nos represeate en todos nues: | No, 15,366 dated 1th Norember, 1903 fa breinabet sie ie Garon shea 64, South Quay. .
7, OR RENT. —Cottage No. Ol, be ] | tros esuatos y negecios mercantiler, con | the “inden Assarance Curporatios steamers leavisg Trialdad on the fo- | = =
Vincent Street, Farther partionlara » todas las Lecultades que segia el Codigo | for £50000 the ifs ot Lioael Viclor Joseph roing dates only t .
apply at Medical Hall,—Nov, 2,—Im. de Comercio le competan y las que le Wharton, ‘one Polley Ni it “a Bh Angust19i0 | Ieth Septr, 1010 1 oh
"08 RENT —10 Viprianl MoulWara— —t—~ acaerda el Cédizo Ciril como mandat- | tember bist tho om lier Noy Bnd August 4, Ard October 9 a
Hysutenie family residence, cottaloing atio, para admlnistrar, jotervenir y fe carere” Life Ieraracce Com: pany for Sth Beptr, _,, 17th Oatoher oy
4darge bed rooms, wih dressing rocws, obrar ea todo cio, como Io hiciéramos 63,000 0a the life of Joha Aretea Whatton gut Octo ig
draviog and dining rooms, pastry, with 6 b ] { d al Present posstros mismo, pudiendo en, conse- 1 15" yesry endowment, dae November let Ath November ” . .
maua) oad bonuses, stables cic, bewerage aD § aspec e v | cueccia geationer ante Jas antoridades, 197 Thee Tien Norah sd nvaitable foe . 1s
end Electric Light testalled—Apply 3 fanciovarios y corporacicnes publicas |" “Dated thls 2let dey of October, 1910. | thy return fourpey trons Rogland by asy WCeachado =
Keste Bt~Noy 2—100. rl 3d enquiries e neuanto Jo ‘crea necesario S conve-| 1m of the Company's Mall Btosuere Ioavieg
= v 7. bemnn
: Street, Poovernon Pe bet ease acoress nq niente & nuestros sptcreses, trater, can OR lomediate Sils—The Old Tram. | Southampton, as ander «'

tratar, cobrar, recible y dar recibos}

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Apply at Biezest’s Factory, George Btreet and oflers to the Manager, aceptar, girar, endosar y pagar letras de way Barn as Cocor,te-w 90 feet, toad ee Nees 1810 id Decontee, ys10 CIGARS & CIGAR ae
= x

i ‘ 9th Nove.
No. @ & &..-Nov, 2—Im, cambio, cheques, vales, pagards, obif- | footage, and also sea froaiaze— Freeboid, ” | Stet Deesmber

door, ater laid oo, * 7

T{OR RENT. —Noady Taralened fordot aciones, cartes de pago y demAs docu- | 2remersy, parece door, . Passengers are reqcested to note that | Have secared GULD MEDALS of the highest awards wh
F months from led proximo—"‘Luacelles” VAL DE TRAVERS ASPHALT sreatos que aa Ielecicces, con nuestros Baitabe for opp tee w aa: rede the period for ‘which these thekete pre ayelle exhibited. Theooly CIGARS and CIGARKTTES awarded a oa
—=Diego Mastia, the reudence of Py A. PAVING CO., LTD.. negocios, af como comprar, vender y | &CO.—Nev, 6 k=l, able will not under any clroumstanoes | at the Jamaica International Exhibition, Lent. a
Bkgetr, For perticuters apply wo FA. celebrar ccnveoios, arreglos 6 contrates |) —_———— ne be extended, . ‘achado’s Cigars and Cigarettes are foe smokers of cult
Bheet Go, ont Quer oe me ames Sy, South Quay. y transacciones que eu su concepto con- RCHIDS— WARD PRICE & CO., nr hpengers are recommended to secere ) Unique in quality aud aromas. * z
Toro eat Be Vincent Bt.~ tober veegan A ovestre Grma social, firmando Bava bron fomructed td sell by | ‘hele bortoe ex the retorn foarcey ime |. ‘Toe Workmanship and blending of MACHADO CIG,
1} LE USES TIS. Nov 11 —Iw 6 Por posotros dichos actos coma nuestro | private treaty—a choice avlleotion’ of rare | Htely upon thels arriy England. cannot be excelled or 'equal'ed. °
y Quiet "Locality 2 beige Barone S saseneuee apoderado y representantes gecerals y Dretide, specially Inpcries pe private or arther information, apply at

° * aCot|
Dressing Koous,? Drawing acd Dinta desde abora declaramos ; que damoe por | collector. Low price will

pied, | h@ Company's office, B. & J Be AIAG
‘B vA'ida y legal todo cusnto nuestro repre. | Urder to view on epplication to the Cit —— THULICA
fom 1a jars. "New: Bencrage Blectrle FOR SALE. rentante y apodersdo general scfior | Atction and Estate Utices, 26 Frederick | MRAMEX DTM SSCQra MEL "s

hte thi i _— Walham Dalton Henderson, bega, dis- | S¥ees—Nov. 6 h—-lw. ort-of- Brat orm ca
4a a Mar rote Areas O Paboane « UE following delsiled Bicek of The pgs ¥ conveogs en pueatro nombre é Ss t d N ct P t-Bpain: re
"POR RENE = Soup Varsobed cee TP 'iltibedoe Motor Ouotbur Uompeny, | Bema sscial "Ait fo deeimos y Grmamos aturday Next,
EF river acd biaclog ‘a for one's Mealeb, | Ltd. (in Liquidation) 1= por ante gi cludadano pflegutrador Sab: B crrr “sa LE ROOMS .
a Lig’ ada 9 ‘ a
Bante Crotty thet tontly. too arcey | THRE STEAM MOTOR OMNIDUSES Bollrar 4 primero de novieribre demi | = 7 26 Frederick Stree’, HANFORD'S eta Famous
building known se * Fern Villa’ with alt by Messre, CLA¥KSON Ltd. of Chelm™ } noveciento diez.—Dulton y Co, Suctsoras, : i)

@xcommodation forafemily, Highly reoom- ford, wins —
mended by thuee who bave lived there | No.1 toreab 16 psasengera with sandry | REGISTER OF CUMMEROF,
lately, Stable and Carrlage Mousa ect, aparca for asme, No, 11 of 1910,

3 bour drive from the city, 10 minutes | No. 2 to seat 16 peasengers with eundry WIS DEED witnos th thet wa the
drive from Ban Jaan Kallwey station, pares for same, uedersigoed, Dalton & Co, Bacre.,
Lovoly paren of forte aad flowers, pas: | No. 5 to seat $4 paestogers wlth sundry | iteechante, resident io thie City, by vir-
tore, river rusolog through tbe Property apates for eam

“Anyone detirous of inspecting with Oview —ALS0-= tue of these presents declare: that we

feker cb
to reutiog” can apply to Cras, J. DECLE, bereby coustitute and appoict | Mr, | Diotcs cable, Carpets and rags,

OUSEHOLD Farntsbiogs — Placo-
forte, Locubstor, IL ee, 4 carriage,

okey & on young Ureole bail de,
ARD PHICE & Co, will seli the
above by Aaction on Satunlay

next November 12.h at 1.30 o'cluck,

Ths farpishlage include beutwood and
dir and Crp preaser,



Xow Qa” &s BHAT,
An aroriment of Worksop Tools, a .

46 Marine Square. Possession 10 Nov, . Wilham Dalton Henderson, who ts of Stee a Tewlia” iecabster, a a ,
Oct. Weel. guar ‘on at Nov, Galvan ged ioe Koof, Docrs and Windows age sod also resident in this City, to be Bae eee Maren lise? Nett aid, Wa gearanten ty to heal ey acee | Rayo Vr
“FOR SALE Tro Tankesnd sootry Qttes Voraltare, At. | £05 SiR say tenrictions ebaksoaver | 278 uty balaeas © bealy, Dew, Lees? ah aaah aealee
e: o
° anton rere bo add ciara 4128 | to represeot un 20 wll mattera conecroed | citer mucdianecns itee Os ylew on It Remover Proad Fleck

will be received by me up to 2 pw. o'clock | with the business affairs of oor firm or | SATURDAY mornlog. Farther partion
ober tad btevana ea | oe ay Bho wore Gk yeh eae beatae | eae

sp rt f U u o and privileges to whic! a
Pon enna) in good order, Apr! toF, iSMAA. Balldiogs., meen ° accordance ab our Commercial Code THE ITY saLE BOOMs,

Re Wanp= Queen's Park Hotel-Nov, 0b] The stove atock mey be farpected and | of Liws as well ae those that are accor. 28, Farpinicx Staret.
coin, :

The RAYO iu

Tt prevents Grangene,
Tt Oleans Old Sores,

fariber baflormetion olwalned ‘on spplica | ded to blo ae an Attorcey by virtue of | -7 PORTANT PALEot Valuab'e Houses Nickel-Plated over solid Brace, aad
‘eee FALE A5_A TFAUR. = Fryar g tion to KRINSON. the Civil Code of Lawet to admlatster,! noid Forolivre, Pisocforie, Pictares, And Heals Them, > If not at your dealers eal oe
Amerian Fox Houuds, weil matetved, F. WALTER PARKL x Gee, [todotervene and to act freely in every | China, &e.—Nov, tlw, West India
well broken, trained and thoroughly see] 9,4 Tal’etore { cssecn our bebalfes we would act our ae Tebesis al! flesh wounds and soreaen the FS
Simatioed, For piice &o., app'y to GEO, Bente relves ard beieg ablein consequence J ABD PRICE & Co, ore favcured with |“ homaa system or Dome tie Animale, MeHT Ofce: #, 54 Vincent Sire
¥, HUOGINE, 66, Bouth,Qasy.—Noy, dad Tub November, 1910. thereof fo teke auch steps whatever as] VV. Instractions from a gentleman who xe . :
ae | tens anne | may be bececsiry at soy time before the | hia temporarily lest the Colony, to eel by Cures Tie oa a =
fc P Avction os Friday, December 2:d, the Mara Gagsem c a : -
‘FoR BALE—LORSE (18 bade) Cor, constiuted authositice, ofticera and of ble expeseive feraisbinge and - ee, t
cord Baggy with folding back sest aud public corporations asbe ony dee 6g | whole Orpen es .
Heliog ne lertber pre fot thems es of, R venient {a the foterest of our bro om Tilda 4 Ob December, avery] TION On COnT YOU NOTHING, IN 1 eee
em & CAR offalra: to negotiate, contrac’ ect om IN = '
parchaser, will yee with bargain, debts, receive eooeye aod issue receipts, pcb poet orn Fal puteclive tories Bole Agente 3 :
App y so 1s gb VELACK, Court Siouse accept, endorse and pay Bulls of Exchange, Frederick Street. Chocol t d Cc Pp der M ”
: cheques, promissory notes, goods, obligas 96, Froderie IGeb, 1910, BMITH°BROS, & ate an ocoa row ae
Ok SALES HORSE Tor ule = Duiks | Mrs OT: MoCutclicon with ee batloese an well sate puresesss| BADARIOUAC One Minute Trot <5ROS, & CO, : HENCE OUR sUocEsa IN THe TRADES 8
° a! ° with our bualnese as w: asto purchase, —_ " “
ong do binds, 1a enod condition, weeta! (KNOWNAS A. E- TAYLOR) | sell, contractand make arraogements oF TADARIGUA Stat Bute {rom | tne BOE ee rat READ | Wo thurstore dely Competition Both la quality and Priss,
Veneuteled Ronee etehar fi for pond or xcroxan, sgreemente pnd all. sock other trensace on. Angst ene OT OF Feat 2% Waeatiag 2Natloaal Exbibinoa Toronto 100, i
over, —- 8 returced from New York, U,8 A, | tions as hela bis discretion may deem D PRICE & Cor have received ‘ .
Blatontiae YO Frederic Bueen—Uctrs | FY ear iaeder wicks, call ascoiad | adisable ic make ia the loterest of our | \WARD RICE, & Co, bare recelted Albert Luole

NOH BALE =Vaiucble Preperty Ror sg | stock of Optical Uoods.— Ofti:e be firm aigolog such acts on our bebalf pa reday, November 21th next, tbe whole
[POR BATE Veiuctie cone ee 8 Toosley, ‘Ihareday, and Batardey, from | Cur Atiorcey and. geceral representative { ct'ene Kewelfent fouscholt’ Fernteh
roealaup and downatalrs, Also Tseoms 9 s.r. to 8 pm —Nooday, Wedn ey end acd by virtue of thle lostrament we] ings; de, belongicg to Mr. C. 1, Rance.

Smith. Robertson & 00. | ronienemsuine sewer motte

Tridey, boars b olotment only, Hl b died. rtielere va the Ith isetant,—
eet ar gist ealg: Mrionion io | Fy Poses Buty CorietSpda, | {ogteed acral tayibieg’ wharaeeret aha | Anauencery Oilees 2, Feoderce Sucel,
Seta ta ap | ——_—____ at eis ace oo | eee | obediieens onan .
= £ L . =... ‘ 4
OK BALE.—sheaoue Villy Na 10/29 @ll whom it may ‘Bigced and slirered before the Bob) Sale at Auction | ro sews creenr— peters,” t
Queen's Park West, coataleing four Concern. Registrar of the: Distries eres ia Ex 9.0, Sobo* frow Halil 4
bedrooms downsteice tod 2 wy otalrr, Draw Ciudad Bolivar, Veocguels, thi frat day far, Yi

log aod Dialing rome, Ge, alo wilting N . aC VINCENT fe po bonger of Norember Que thousand ning hundred FRIDAY lita_NOVEMBER ilo
roost 0B. traste and | and tea, Ee
fooms, Stables” end ‘artloge House M iittedsa od my eeu eae DALTON & CO., Svcas, No, 18 ST, VINCENT STREET,
Electrio Light and Newosage taskde and persons to whom be way apply for pay) ne eee NDER {astrectians realred from

watelie, Math inskie and gu'alde, Tbh: t of princi t
land rane from Q. PL West ta Wrodtord To Notes ces! in tile fevenee oruade Messrs Thy Tilokdad Bl plog de

.50jDrums LARGE COb FISH. .
Caake HADDOCK, * Ifyou convemplare belag esgaged, or Lf you) ©
who fa cogeaed you should Bot torget me

Ex Reernt Arrivals _—*
WW eedetien ee | M- DEVE EO ee, 1. Ae

Btreeh, 00 (bat. the back love Trading Coy. Lid., the wedersigoed wl" Ve. a—I leary Clay, "1

Bp althoat inieiforoa with een trade mack eye pes Lear ere Cocoa Ba gs er for ale the following sarp'ee Stove 1,000 Uonchae Pisce “arias don't orde, from a catalogue. waich shows a piovars o-4

pideace. Apply toB. J Keely Mackena'e | the wotes aside or endoretd by them are at a ee BB, Matte Ice 600 Casadorra | 4 Villar @ of a locomotive fash light and only get a mere

Seem | htt nt Ut Prvtond ox ohare te Aclarge [ob Jost Rocelved Te OHOLU 1 Case BRAZILIAN CLOAK eee Money refunded if quality fs noss guaranteed; “4

ForSaleor Rent, | nznrran onainuer, Oy vss Boceivad. SALE AT 1 P.M. 20 eA RALHAEL WINE, ,

FOE RENE OR WALESTEe Pomity | 21 Oth ine Doane tovect Pai at eaye t Tees OTT BOOT &60N, Balpharie Acid te Bewt dean eae SEE WHAT YOU B
Cottere No, 23 Warner Btseet, Port-of- The Lowest Prices ~Alwayst Govt, Avetionters, | Margarine *U.kdale"— all alse:

Masure-Oblesdofla Wolly) Hoe | =, “
protchs 16 Baler Hy, 60 tow Fat] DENTISTRY | From Faotegie
B Chacon Strat, To oe
OTHER big a
10d October 1810 Dr H. W. LYNOH ANGtiNes vn sh
eermseremeras aud SMehalit 4nd Damonsireter of monthly,

etol,bily of
Dental Collegt, U.S.A.4 fo your ty x

Ne, 12 Bt, Vincent Street,
Gb November 1910,


Vlactediag engegemeats)

® th tenes for s family,
Weotrie Mie Tene, Gererane wi {0 ALL WHOM I? MAY COBCERN.
Herre Ofal & bet inaemire oe ace | AAR. BERTRAM ORAINOER ot

16 biostanr, Apply WA, x. Ouvgr of M OfBpata ie wot the bolder a Part.
Sy Ghenoere, Lenses” Qa sa Birest, Vote seronel parang (eumlwary, Notes made by
—— AY mop (Boe, Noles Yrederick Bueety
ACbance to gota Good Little Homa | eee ate, Oe yie te, a forms


. avy Wrederio: at |*
a nme | «tue tnonovoussen rity | Important Notice, | Ams soe mt, IPTLE 8802,
ITUATE 98, Jerpicgtam Argnac.— | {ectoemunalion eee TTT: TA ILORS , p * | pastoad "ca oder "principles at Popuse ee ee a
i twas ’ Prone 28 =How rehemtex, rf Fy
large yard, Heslidy Inout v8 wae bever employed a Saleetor nor waa as H “ Ella K TERERY beg te poully fps pobite ful
A 8 Yoyed in tbs cape city ots! . ' y ee
Feihaied Mier ee’ atin| tenoucer tesa taleduarty | dad Chute Eepeyenn at | py wha paywiataatehla® PiGee aaa | aaa Rae ipa
wets ts silion slapy beceuta be te | i ooo Leeks ee eee eo tet ur teatruse ‘ me uy talbaley te bu doisg Bachelor Rooms for Rebs
ealrons of leveaicg ic @ beter praoe, [irae anctran the cate it, Heal proceeds Stophcns Ltel Arriy tf bee te he dolog EL
eovection torte a cate ae Db, tote key Matinee meena foe a : ‘ “ATELY 0= + et ARY WONG cHOXG Pl FROM Bj. To MY. pan Sour Bursat,
wy woman £. VINCENT, Feb ov. petw Tue eTORks, vor, 0 GeO: He ALSTON & Co, Mero Vilage Mo~tn We a Bites eatin cats Lod pete
cavame ’ win the Megs wu,

olla Club=Nors, late oe, a

« * ~ x * , a *
\ wh t ‘ . ' om . q
‘ *
\ © “ 1

* . \ 1 _

a . _


_ Our Millinery “Show” still in full Swing. [3 3

; aan Or cf Sunray” Shantun weereeccerssecesee {= 7
i z. - ~ E . ¥
27 In, only 24 conta yan, BUY THE BEST IN NEW SUITINGS, J acket and Pants, :
SHANTUNG All the Newset Shades~.34 inch-72 cents ight lars, Ten Dollars Up,

e e
We BRUOHE SILK—French Mako—$1,00 NEW TROUSERINGS—A fine to select from
OORED STRIPED LOUJSINE SILK—Lovely shadoa-o48 MEROERISED DRESS SULTING—Quite New—34.00, Jacket and Fanta
Ne. iy cents f ' 9






Jacket aod and Pans—$10.00 Up .

244 fuch—Reeeda, Mossgreen, Brown and Navy—8¢e, . eins or f
Moaus! READY-TO-WEAR HATS {nll the leaciog colours—48 centa,| ~HO FINE distinction between a

Poets, 83 conts up ° Hea our Mew Runge of
SPLINE SLAPS Yo Witte sad oy cocks, 48, om 72c, to $2.40 STYLISH and a COMMON made Double Width Twee d 8,
{ OWERS IN GREAT V ARIETY Garment is obtained by dealing From 60 cents up. Special Line §1.45

From 12 centa to 8 dollars, cna W1 WHITE SHIRTS—60 cents 84 centa to 148 .

ee . ape ° ae MATT SHIRTS with Collar—our own reake, 84 cents
rays, Ribbons, Wings, Mounts, ée. { J SS. s| LINN DOUBLE FOLD COLLARS—* The Ceat bs Donen .

THE *FLYWING* COLLAR- Quite Stylish—1.80 D.

_— a


2 oe

eae ne


brated « Whiskies,| “NOTICE.


Fay : As from Sunday, 16th
if taVery Old and Mild & Old inst. the price of Beef


ROAST & STFAE 12c. lb
we BQSTSSSsesaevesas '
meeewced BLENDS extovaively used by the leading European] BRISKET & STEW 10c. Ib

e aioe ia and Hotels, Ay now peing utroduced

wre 3 of exceptional merit and superior quality, a

i :fall mellow ‘flour, gculisr fonly]ztotstbe, ald time BONES “ee s+ Go Ib

© ceemwe vemwemwe

Bertificate of Analysis.

¢ & minute Analyuls of a falr sample off Mears. Daniel GRELL &Co. Ltd

room for reasonadle regulation by the 7 Vialva. Marlay & Uo, v Ogheer Khan, inkilj. ile
police or whatever other authority ta | Tum Tack ¥ Nocokhala wane Konin rljhe Mail
competent to make pane, Above all —_ ‘Tax Rorat.D M
the rules regarding the crossing of cora- NEW CARER, iz vA urce Mart
ers sad the turning down of corners, { Gonzales v Trinidad Electric Oo, RINS WILLEN ye Duteb
which have been already Published, Ltd, Campbell v Clarke, Cowlessar ¥ P NaliSteamer ak. “J'rine Wilts
and. pick seem to be ‘ie 1 nigh a | Mierea, Vi" fa due bere from *Veuesuelan
ead seller save when accidents ur . To Ports on or about the 12th Novembe
fa the preeen te of rotlice more then (Before Mr. Justice Russell). 1910, Proc 10g Oieswene to Par: there 13th Novembr 191%
should Be pigidly vnforced. ‘There Williams v Goopeesing (for jode- proaribo, Havre aod Amsterdam tak \ AKAOAS The ar, “Maracas” of
should be no difficulty {a coimpelling ment), Nunes v Arrindell (motion cargo DER NEDERL ANDEN N the Trinidad Line will leave for
aa offending vebicle to pull up ao ADIOUBNED CASES, "The Ducch Malt’ 8 IN. = { New York on the lth, November,
in prosecuting the driver for danger Robinson v Hart, Cumberbatch y ie ce a teatmer | 8.8.



Trinidad Line of

Trumban Saipriae ayn

d 010, and is due there November,

ous and unlawful driving of this k: Bamuel tpart beard), Hapgoo ¥ Hage ‘utine der Nederlanden ~ edue fcom 1e OWN OF NAVARRE-Th os
s nee, @ ¥ de Jorna, ung ¥ R ~The

entirely out of consideration, Aud Flguerp, Moedoostog , Nelesn, War. | Demerara bn or about the 2ist Novem: s s Crown of Navarre’ of the Trini.

we would ask that the Constabulary | ner vy Long, Peter v Gonzales, Owen ¥ ged day fat Nooo tor New York on


should be specially instructed to take | Jacques’ Arnott Lambie& Co v Frag: e
there on Monday th November 1910,

note of ali such offencda, when we arefeo, Lomprese v Adrien, Takoor v¥
patiefled that, the iiective sentences Sewllaye. e

6 presen NEW CARE : 4

ely imposed by the pi 7 ‘La Veloce Naviga- i

sione Italiana a
Tus New Ootowsat Co Lap, Acznrs, ‘
ITTA DI TORINO,—Theds, “Citta *

acting City Magistrate will prove the Geoffroy vw Borde, Lipman Naraj v
neceseary deterrent. Chotai Maraj, Dalchan Maradge v
di Torino * isdue bere from G.
via Marseilles, Barcelona and Tone:

—a Lewis, A Veroni
rife, on or aboat 17th November next,

(Before the Chief Justice).
proceeding afterwards to La Gus
i, Peo


Steamer sa, Prins Willem
HIL* te due here ‘from Veneruelan
Porta on or about the [0th November
1910, ing afterwards to Par-
amaribo, Havre aud Atosterdam tak:
ing cargo Passengers and Salle,

. Aonsnkltjke West ine
4Ai; dische Matldienst,
New York—Paramaribo

Tue Rovat Dotce Mane Aone,

Deaputa deleer el filleto contentivo | , Detletey Masson Sevary & Co. (for
dela ‘erxponicisa queaate jos Jueces do fodgment) King v Safe (for judg-
fa Corte Saperior det Dutnto Federal

' re
ThssisaNGheresteceractendedete sor | MOVEMENTS OF STRAMERS.

de} fora. Navarro de Gare t
demanda qae ha jolestado contyé "a R M § P The Royal May
Sacesi¢a del Gral Joiquie} Crispo, por ° «Ue

- AMS. **Oruba" Ie ARAMAOOA—The 8.5. “Sara CCRT,
baea's (Limited) FINEST VERY, OLD SCOTCH WHISKY , derataciin de wei Canes’ ce eet ee ee oti Tut | ND tuscca” 1a due beck hore from SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE.
fa process of Bottliag for Shipment, and] from the resale South Quay, * Pi Uta profanda satufacciba al ver 4| Malca. Colon, Cartagena. Pe, Paramaribo via Uarbados Pp Tuesday,
B dbtslned Lamof opiolon that i¢ is a Puord Malt Whisky of ‘ : Colombia and Pto. Cabello oa Tueed ovember, 1910. and will leave —
Bibs acd very fine favour aod that {s bas all the charscteriatics 16th 4 ‘ctober' 1910, 2 erect Derectee He, indgetractibie | 15th natant, and will leave tue) same day direct for New York taking ARRIVALS, :
te “The POICOT-SDGTE GATEVIECT [smiths tore de murine baonde | omydeg aka es or Seale | came" | Yoouram tie eee ora
ia(Blgaed) ROBERT BM CLARK, B Be. FLO. of The FOrI-O1-Spatn Gazette. derrorhe dem gamentacioougae laJurin ra nee t ,blebaole (Asores) Y is due bere from Paramariboon| tous, 23 hours, Bartadon ath oe :
4 a Heat : y SL | prudencia contiese en eta grandes tra: | cargo and mails ag jay, the Zist November, 1010, and eneral cérgo, and 9 gere—To A
anark and Renfrew, do. FRI ORTOF Nove 1910 tados y el hombre de eungencta y “ ‘The tender will leave the Lighthouse i til leave next ty, oh entered jew Colonial Ook .
«lite t ¥ ¥ £ a= *
. R rH NC eorszcn bs s valle ton al eloje \s Jou Le Queen's Seon passengers aod mails. Vinaimta, Ger ature, Perlett, 1504 ton
— ~ euler 24 4 ¥ paseeng' rr
enon mppitoation to THE SPEED OF MOTORS. fusticia de lacauss que detiecde y &] Passengers sre apeciall notified \ ip adie the 5. B Maro- 22 bours, Carupenos 10) bage collec,”
_ i thatabe lighter to be despatch: ue here from New] 5 8 leatbor, lee woas skins,
Wa regret tobave to draw theatten. | [4202 que t@ icopoue gn Je foviae} OOM A ee ard Mail will leave the | York on Monday, Ziet November, 1010, pk gee alpes ates, ond We passengers,
DN, GRANT & 0. |zeceeeteeS | cha ae te tee a a as |e Ren
; owners ofthe cityto the dengerous | Ning hace de ics lutertses que 69 Je mn akere are | rails astonA, jVenes sloop, Rodrig .
y . : «| manner and speed at which some of | haa ovutiado ; las pracbes que prowote | formoctsednrdecnbefsreibachoun | Aj] AROWIINE.—The BS, “Maro-| coocanule 1,00 plamalee Ty pecs
the de vers | entra abit of drivieg | eB et debate Gel jarcio que bs. iostaurado | “UR NONI—~The WMS, “Caroni” will} Avi wijae” is due back bere trom | wood, and 8 passengers,
‘ f Agents them through the streets, Within the contra fa sapeda dot Grel Juquia leave bere ov or about the 30h ereeripe vik Bar bedos, on Tuesday, | Mania Liason, Ven ache, Rodcigu
NTS: __ | penton monthe there have cocarred, | Citspa, ¥ Ja rasoosba y_ oquitatir | instant, taklog cargo tor Havre, Loa, | t3e Ain November 1010 aod willleays | “7 tous, 4 daze, Cristobal Colsa,
tacion que Doe af. on aD otinen er
~~ ~ eecl ente caused ty soto van OF Condicion n> eumplida, cpacete por el PpPadres The HALA. “Thames” | taking cargs, passengers and wails, inules, 6 cases copaiba, 1 ay .
We lorries cawiog {oto oollision with | Abugedo de ia parte contrana, son cade Ja due here from Southampton, 2 bales skins, 39 cales h
y ther vebicles, or nearly runpiog down | sae poceroess y por lo tanto suficientes, | via Cherbourg and Barbados on Houtton Line of 2 bales rubber, 6 bags cocoa,
‘ ote ers in the sireets; sod io | pare Homer le ateocida del Magistrado Posday Mod November, and will Steamare 6 5 wet hid das, an 4 5 asee or, 17
i que hd de faller ea el Jaiciven cucstida. | leave the same “Da ‘or Ne D to, R Ateros & Co— P er,

beaily every case it hes appeared tons, 4 daye Grenade, 6 goats, 2

4) bag

spice, 1 cave flreworke and 6 passeus

Rerepanza t-Venesuslan sloop Cha-
cha, 4 toon, iday, Oristobal Colon,
161 baga cocoa, & horses, 17 goats,

via Pio, Colombia, Uartagena, Colon.
$ 1 2 peiaats that ccoctaive peed was tbe el eu idlere nada orbs te Javwaloa and Antiile, Cubs, taking ist
088 passen, cargo an ts.
are of y : uving mai ta, oot cae ceil | Souci dot rege deamacnt | Ohad inte gti
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ae $ were ° driven, end thelr drivers even seem £0 J 51110 que injure ery etat 9! derech0 | pesscngere for the *Thamex®

Agend, pare Poder wuscrrarel propio 21” Passengers are specially notified that

as, * Manchester inventor” is

on or about the lith November 1010

make soue attempt to observe the and will leave the same day for

ordinary rulesof thescad, which is

moe . Siu puede cuore: | a gage lighter to be despatched to] San Juan— Porto Ricw, Clenfurgos je corn, WW coconuts, 17 od
‘ Your a Borrot-Spalus ae when : ‘forty guirve en hoa pelecs que uo lemon if au the Gute mall will [eave the St. |Havans, Blato.sos, Hoston, New| kios.6 buoches A g* and pass
. in seen to swing round a busy coroer | reputeciéa de cirdigadoss con Magis- | Vincent Jetty at 10 am. on the day of | York, taking cwrgo, passengers and] gers. pessoa:
a , at such a speed that « couple of | trados que no tievea aseo Alas prevarl: { eatling, aad passengers are therefore | nratle, , DEBPARTURSA,
‘ ” . ackages of beavy car; caclones ¥ vO mance Seabocedon qae requested to see that their haggage is

desertin av jas hiag deade oticsan jos eent down before that hour.

is thrown violently ot intd the ?1AGUB

Gvaputocpat-Freneh ia ler

a Blane 3,08 tons, Carupane,
ie & X street by the force of the combined | soubres honredos AG UB te Gre etin mas check them inathiete wba wren seen cane quenoe, onope f pose bgerto a bei andi dae i Uriveat 8, Thowseon The Hasmburg-Amert Dectrud ted sou eneere en
. a v December, oan ne Heh. *
one a 7 dea cn eee very Ge toga de nues'rc pelssabeo muy bleo | Airsogements have nob yar been com* Pavt H, Sougensn #Co | Doroarrai—V ‘ .
—,)) one time ‘pon the Biestrie Wompany | 926 tudo en ef Oroo, cambia y sutre, | pleted fr the trecafersnce of passengers, A Clarks, 43 tons Origetad 1
th deelreehit alteraciones, wntove lus que esha oo sara and masile for the Bride Weed VINGINIAS The 8.8, * Virginia” of } sundry packages
thelr sar Geirese that they | doaconel sublime y sesp-tadle magia | I Hee ne Ome eg amex |a the Hamburg Ameriosa Line Ie ine hepeaeers, i
; depen conser rar ” - | due here engsuelan ports on or i» Vorseuelan t-Pome:
kerio del Foro 5 us 4 ‘de todo M Galena” te due bere from Now | about Novembee Vth, Proceed! ae

7 lone, Uristobsl Uclon. sand
ise, Y

Rerasiie:~Voncsuelaa boat Gomec
$ tone, Gegarequen, sundiy packages

Ruronu apo} —Venenuelen boat Vas-
ques 8 tons, Kio Caribe, sundry pack- ,
ages mercnandlse,
Satrvianon:Venesuelan boat Hidalgo, ‘
O tone Oristobe! sundry
agee merebandie and dS ae ,
Gooy Newasi-british p A we
16 tons, Grenada, tatlast and %
passengers. ¥
Comer Uritleh oop Joseph, 18 toms, rae
renada, au: kagee merce. / |
dies and 2 passsn gues, }

afterwards to Havre and Jlamburg
via Bt. Thomas, taking cargo, pasen<
gereand wails. .
ADSYRIA. a The ae, “Assyria” of
the Hamburg American Cine is
@ here from Uuracao on oF about
Nover 2th, proceeding afterwards to
Havre end amburg vi Bt Thouse,
ng ca} agereand mails,
ENGTiActhe om “Venetle” of
the Hamburg-American Lice
due “bere from Hamburg via 8t.
omas on or about Noveinber Zird,
icg afterwards to Carupano,
Guayra, Pio, Cabelioand Quracac,
tallog cargo, paveengere and inalls,


Compagnie Generale
hk: Transat intigua,
G Leovaup & Box ~

S DOMINGUE.—The French Mall
> Bi

fa secthad 7
actos gy Al msyyr

atten | Sarco tae:

da de jntereses adolvmre Monday, @th November, and will
oe ft tere sia fh que toda, ef | nave the same day at ¢ pan, for South:
a propio Letetee J oat trapulcariad |seopton, vA Barbados, BE Micheels
7 woritod de sud proceds rea, (Axoresh and Cagrbourms taking pas
; No e-mos amigas del Doctor Hilsnda | 78 tender, will leave the Lighthouse
Nis, ni conocemos al aloogedo dol Jetty, Queen's Wharf, at'3 pan, with
I atte oot tata eh facie, que’ bos | Fastacgers are specially notited that
toner ‘0 ovobemcg ou ol trluuia dol ) a baggage lighter ta be desfatched to
Det.oe Niven porqué est4 abscrita al | the jomeward mail will Jeavetbe Nt.
Jado wejur, por le Justicia de le cyuse Vincent Jetty at 12 moon on the day of
que Gebcoue ; pur 6k material de prosbas | balling, and paseenyere are » there ore
(08 que cussta F por lee civtandectes cea See ee #8
argomenios Qus pianica ovwo jar A

euto de tala y sume buumbdre de’ pore ts . Glasyow Livect Lyne

today the driving and go
Sct the cars is all that mai
ressopally be expected | with the

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’ ‘a DS ware scrteueted with 6 very dangerous
, ehlele dsty: at foo grea: opeed
te AER, aed it certainly must be sald thet af


rare, and when Lhey do occur are gener

. ally clearly tractable to contributory
negligenceon tbe part of some one
‘Tplew, fe {6 too much to bope thas
3 & | Senere of inotor pare and veos and
lorries will endeavour to sloularly
juprees their emplogess with tbe
necessity for care and cautiog and
respect for life and mb and for other

MARINE SQUARE. (on ist ethic oe a
had over Eighty Years, | psttacn,"tsy “diver isc tiete

but the trouble Ls
Sa a hey few people care to


veois oxi el Fucu Yeoutouno, of Steamers. —lwne

te sold tea simple manifestas TaisiDsD Barring asa
ota at nimple des . dob trlavton ANARIVA The as @ Yapariva
1 po se aid teperar
puso pleas a Miuaro. Y ue

Closing of Male,



Malls fog Dei i

by the nar* Pring Wille Weed he 4

of indeed serloasly to notice nem “ Se rbadoe oo oF about the ith fastant
«3 FR So A Toe jl WE some accident, bee poourred. "s Court Liet. us will vall the following day for |i) Steamer “Ht, ; ombogue® frei Saturday ‘Novena
ia digen' ele which atone time te To-dey's Demersra taklog cargo, pemwengere Rurepe vik Gusdsloupe opltriizique | tuto at B ciclock | noon ,
a ne
ie wevewees be entorced by ee poles. rererdiog SUMMARY JURISDICTION, aod weit ne, Dalen Direct’ Lina, tbe sth November aad will proceed is for BR. Vi Bo and
TE cartson the 1g Bd we ° afterwaide to Dewerara, BHurinam and | New York by the « wild
COGOA E early ee bould be imitaled ta | (Before Mr, Acting Justicn Height) naw ee Steatiers. |, | Gazpune taking cargo passengers and | closed on alurdaytbe iva Noveuaber
c wal DIOURNED CASEA, Bw Colonia . clock Pim, precisely, Paper
dealing with motor vebicless for pooeutbelng, Piper ¥ Nor — AGENTS UADELOUPH,—The Freoch Mall | Malt and Registra tida cloene & 2
‘ Memenay OF 16 Acres. that would object “ot “which thoes roamed als vProdent, Thales Vark, GAboasse. ~The ss, * Hargacso ’ fa Beamer” Quadeloupe! lsduebece | Maile for Barbados, Si, Tacs, paz
— % be tate d ppeedy means‘of convey: | Tattaree v Buckdsm, James v Young, due bere from Loudou, vis Harte from onrsuel a ports on of lous folca St Kitty Antigua, Uermuda, bt,
othe d. For farther particulars pos erful 6nd theen( ‘ut we do thick | Quintal Cou dv Silva & Go, v Uip- | dos, and Uienada on or about Nortins , the 2nb Plotember, ped wil proceed Jobin, by the = Hobo" will be closed an
‘ ne Fefue . see ee eea thatexticye nod the |sisol fall [reed v Ganga. Oth: | bee 10un, procerdiog siterwards to | efterwards to Blartioique, Guadeloupe, | Munday the 34h Noverober at 10
* thes Leimeent driviog which | cial Receiver y Wallace, Ultelal He | Demerara, taking cargo, passengers Sentaodar, Uordesux and Havre,

ceiver vy Sawpson, Marley é& Co. v ' aod mails aking passeogers malls and carga,

nn MQKENZIE Ge ERTRTON. "Phtfieseecaitin deters snate i