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Port of Spain Gazette
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^íd'rCTL^?*ll~T,,í?SrC»'Sl«d fed? w^^mK^Uu!
Xmm feer #«nk. J ^ ^U WATERMAN-Mi B» CIOTIU.ilC DimTTR IS. Mgirt Win
oiub TOtrA*.
â– n
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peguenenagrey =, C . " 3
a ati Bperts BALE’ FOR THURSDAY vie is -
DAY OFN ute , tel i TRINIDAD, TRINIDAD, aeveenl parcele of aed of .
ane OVEMBER 1919, A moistiator U éneral's NOTICE SALE FOR TURADAY THe term DAY | TUBLIC D oTICit te heceby given thes J dete favtes fobs Weed ta Wes
Tt Pysuo NOTICE te Rereby given thab Sali ——0mms . OF NOVEMBER, Ito, fa exorcine of the Fower’ of Sdiq cons 9 Coenpriveg eeres
la exercioe of the Power, of hn ° og 9 BIC G d8& « ferred on mortgegees by tha Convey aed
Oval US 8 etein, Deed “ol Mortenee, | TRINIDAD Grand Salo of Work UBLIO NOTICT is hervbyeleea tha | and Law of Property Ordenang Norte aod tite
'e! lay of March Yer * fe the & T HOME INDUATRIES A8sOct a OK Clee Of o wer ‘@ evn | coatatn oR oorieia wool @
Fegistered as N, ’, 0, ‘Moréme Conrt of Trinidad and Tobe, . CIA} telned In a cortaln deed of Mortgage dated | dated the Lb day of Febraary 1006 regia teepectively described
~ON-> between Pedro Het f ute coe nade Ie tag bat ot tte Administrator gases Arion sirup ay pits 268 the 10% dey of November 1910 /and mada tered inte af Mice oth e Feat rennet gste of Title registered fa Vol, XO) tots
nt sof the other pais Needlework «fall cert, Baatiago jo, Honora, Ces: {ae No. 604) ood im wees ;
Davomber 1910 | Saree ‘Sauces Heron | tant Sic» canee | tT gy fun AN and "Fel Heke | umte Aruae eat Statiages Satin | the caval faint of naa a St
|: nce No 00 dated the let Treperty Idand of TPemnldea re ee Pale Ie ibe moderate priesa. A eigtte woe ted!driekeon Castillo of the one Fourler Btollméyer aod Ru Rast of { oatd Ward of acres The theee-
PROGRAMME, iv betwgen the oald Pedra Ramoa ‘aed Lu — ateatate the Istaed A plee bor of sevorted Pre teers ont Meche os “is omens we he other hand tlio Ie cortala behind mae eine shaadcat wees ms
: : * et np for as! Ta rigege 1 previstoas
2 RAcR—Open t pas op for sale L Me fate there ry te A thors ewrete are E a? etalon tbe preeetenee A asoet accepteb'e Christus] Public Avction Ny tha woderstgned ax af tbe Heal Evepany Ordisanen ested the | South upoa inuds of G de la Rosa Gamers \
OLE . shire ptise ‘ned at it Aurtion tion fitty tbe dadersigood full particulars of the same WANTED—Empty da Boal there Auction Mort, No, 2, Corser of f auld 10u dey of Hebroary 1906 made by f oa the Kast uron lards of M. Moadocn
w Gycle Movting ‘Ba. Sackville Street in the Town ot Portal ash are fat oa oF Leford Thursday the | HLTA, willpey 2 ccove tach ter pty in Bachvllle Cane it if pow, ne “tab ot i ease Spies Emenve \ Ae . 1 lene ot terrae non iiee-eote ot arabe ten
i * 3910, att ti pein’ on Tursda ie rthns Rex weezer
mPa tb ae, | Yemte 00 tntvna inher Soba ed | SENSES Dy ere | SEER ee ene Hote tnd | Reve Tet brews thu hows st | Aiton pear Senza end fanaa | howe einige wf Ker open
. ty whatecever an ow, 6 ai ba cert jeed of mort. arta
6 me RP aN SINGULAR th py ene ate Fale ct their pecurity and Al Finoee two andivided third part or a dated tue tid teath dey of Febreary | land oa the Raat see laud of Valeria
ce Opens roel of land situate in t at certain trcarky! and prove for tbe wee give ep thar “Fas Sac er Sars” shertact aod in alland ef gular thas cer fais texletered as No, 663 for 1905 and | Vitleruel aod oa the Went woor lands of
prise ot the valeg | Vos te the Toland OT irae @ Ward of | Payuects Gil ben sor bola cata 1 : 9 tale parcel of land altvate luthe Ward cf { made between the vald Jates Emaenel { Fabien Villaracl And The TAird thereck
prise 4 dole, 3rd, 2 dole venbeen Acres énd Te a4 contaloing Say of December t9t0 betwen ide the and Caura lo the Island of Triatdad containing | Ache of the one sardand dhe sald Charlee | Comprleing sixteen acrea and abaciien ou
BICYCLE RACK = Oped | a ah ouing Oo ah Norse Perches | two acd three ia the afe-noos a of three acreaand. one Afch pats of aa acre] Fourier Stol'meyer of the other part and J 'be North upon leade of Heacion Babala oa
ier the age of 16 years on on the Bout nett om the High | Dated this grd day of Novecaber 1910” forming put ef the plesiation called Lé [also fae certain Memorandam cf mort. | the cath and Eset Crowa leeds acd og
Apert. Lotrence Foe tbe Evat on land on Crowa Land on TOMAS T POV TER, Bolided and abotitog onthe North npon | gige ucder the provisions of the teal | the West upon laude of Jone Benita AND
the vaine of 6 dole, 4 dele H s aor or lataly of the Acting Admiorytrator General Effer- lands of Juse Feiclano Rodrigues on the Property Ordinance dated the alt 30 h ALSO ALL aod SINGULAR that certain ++
.B,—No racing eyoles y, sa sof Maniaes Rondon TRINIDav. vesce t a Bcutd and Weas on the Caura Ri d | dey of Vebrasry 1903 made by the eaid | other piece or parcel of land eltuate in the
. and on the Hick’ (ogy *ae of O-Hondoa 1 alter of R on the Beat on laude of Norieca aod | Joles Knanact-Ache bn fuvoae of the eaid | weld Ward of Monserret comprisiog forty
sys-NoT? OMB MILE Bi-} oo", certela feat, Batject however | Th, Admielaueat neras Oral ' Villarael or bowscarer otherwise the same | Charles Fourier, Htollmeyer there will be | b10¢ scree one rood and eighteen percbes
per, ntrance Food case eve ach de otha Pfortaegs beariag o~Ge bance, Haven't you .found out |mey be batted or boanded ond more | pit op for Sale by Public auction by the | dod abating on the north epon iaade now
Meanie 33 minutes. 108 FO Nabe alee Zeb 1907, regiater And in the Mstuac of the ata’ about Ab > parilcalarly deeoribed (as regerds to the | nodereigned at thele action Mart No 14 { OF lutely of bubarpge upon lends formerly
silver, Cup of tbe Praia hot as of 90 a cm secarta Adetpbag ofthe tare of ut bey 3 Salt yet? asid three saree sand pre it. 4 pleo Bee Vincent Sirect Fort-of Spala EA Taco ol the Crowa ong ey ot Bo
¢ aoner ibe . 4 ¢ an
jyatian of th he sora of O Thontand Taree late wf abe, Wiles of Tans " You know for a fact that | dered thi Ht-h dey of Oatober, 1010. tween tht hourvol oue and two o'clock reel upon tends Lsreuesty of wee a, oe
es re an a weal o! -
Rees, ements | ORS se saree | ances cent | anere is nothing so bad for Avetlesin. | MFinsr sALt. AND that | ladon the Ean aa Inde (ese,
7 rey 5 sn AUCTION 8a! our heal PRINT DCS nn eT certain cocoa-plantation eallet *
pace aslerbras | noe Sng Ana tad Sup Wm [A2e€ ows tele | Stomach or a sluggish Lives | ea PaeM EEDA RS OTH | Cees cheung eld mor | eee eue, ac Paves oe
7” Perches be the a: p.m, Aver. DAY OF NOVEMUER, 1910. bal ola .
five of 10dols, 6 dols, andj ieee’ be ie ners oF te de Iti ee fog ¢ of the soreral eight paresis of lend of Fencion Gebele sad! Marla Modecte.
BT se sace—Open Kgs | osderies thereul shewa ia th LURLIO NOTICE ts hereby given thes] , [tis alsoa fact that there | PUBLIC NOTIOE is hereby given that tn | herelp after described, that le tomy Zhe} | SND, RIESE: AN tte Baar st
7 Tstoce of these oexed to Crowa Greot entered there will be nat ep for Bale by Pab is 183 noth} . sxercles of the power of selecontained | Hivet thereof ecomprisiog atx aces aod prising 13 serea 3 roods and 35 perches and
‘ou, of EXXXI at Follo 20 and bo Paton at the Obie Of the andecelznsd, 1 mg so good for a dis. a cortale mem mandare of muottecce No, sbanting oa the’North npon lands ow o¢ Peete ate Nek neea acl ot Does
‘ort! Rese: Fort pala on Thureta: elas d ’ sted the letday of October eo .
woe gw ot le yearten f 222 the satan River OF Grove Ena December 1910 betweog the hours of Land Live Stomach ora sluggish prude by Mare Tae George ta favor of | lands now or lataly ot Jaan, B. Villatene | tid of O, dele Rove Zumer Baath gpon
Fite Sorte Katrence ee | Alussene Sulrsry by eet ot | ALL AND SINGULAR that cy S Sait. for wsle by. public auction by the Geder: | Qusrico Ferreira and on the West upm fupoa Urown land and on the West spon
Hest Wet O18 de | learyand by aad of Henry. grat Ls | Bese oF vaeel of Teed comprise fre] Now you kno don’ wed a Uae Auction Aart Nova Bac. | inde now of lately of Goslam, Hosa aad | lad athe eepertien “LA. PROVED-
BE dol, N.8.—No racing the South by'a Reserve Yorty-Five Linke He dpe the, seine more oF eee) and de. forget t y _ now — Gone | si ‘pSurget tee og ad s Tor ol Bala de cre (eng Petal ton bere arated ENCIA™ “BEN JOIB" and the several
a CLE RACE—Opeo, En- ff # sos Crowo Graot re; ieered plete Pe to the O use It. 1910 ber ren ibe boars one aod twe p. rita 0 ) and ebattlog ou the North parce’s of land thirdly and fourthly des
Wow.--Tine 6 18h Preeperty Ordicacoe at Yoleme tee! Longén Address: 144 aeep Victoria St, Be, All ‘sod aingalar that parcel ot lov of upoa lendeof Callipar on the Soath opr Teng we goutaloed tp tba deed of ihe
; tor must hare tacea folla 360 siiaste ia tbe Ward of Manaan. | Sold in two nzes by all Chemist: ee, | 1nd pituste fa the Werd of Gaens: lands pow or lately of Kudaratoa tbs b Jal oy 4 the sald
fgue of the preceding eyele lila fo the Inland of Trinided and bonaded | andby Mess, W sca pend Stores East upon lauds now or lately of Lachisan | thestid dales Vmmanuel Ache and thes
. winible lor the sactlat b On the North by Crows lande tad br lends nn Rot & Con Port of Spals and Baleki ant oa the wens 4 we {s ode cals foarthiy deverioed ere alco coutalead
presen of aifred St. ai : earn aera rence hewn onWrown | Of now or ately Sontalis Rivas
B avondeyrs vase | ett fe iuemtisder shateaceetee! = NATMONAL __ [Baseseictres 2 Yaryceeiiit ine | ate, Thee tier, umniing, fe | te ultered eran Rope Oi
4 — lands o! re Ce ie and - 17 an an on the Nort owe
i AND, ALSG tat pum of Lend come |i’ d'Mcemtie ae eS a Regma eget MS Rta aster of tan ne cic “ap nteied ean ia day ot Flea
iad prises of a aloe at slrty Eight Perches be the same more N ‘Beattverg torts ot airombers i. Assurance, Company East by Orden leade wend op ihe wont be lands na ot intaly ol Fakerac at Sonth Ache in favour of the sald Charles Fourier
sed a dols, tod bonadatins saeoat ite ihe abotala above parcel of ead, stlon 00 the | Cuarantecd by tha Yorkshire Fir [landeot Ancbsrd & Co, by lende of | 9f0% lands now or lately of perowath ware seascity of the Lote de et Tabeuury
annexed to the Crowa Grot tates ‘a Ae LOMAS 1 rotr ER and Life Insurance Coy Pllameia Karle sod latervected by the Since nad os Ihe wart upon “nse coe for {1905 ia favort of the sald James Atthor
Volume LXXVII at Folio 505 aod oe A Cmlalstrator Gene —— Date ' lately of Baodollo Hivas The Fourth | Rex Stolimeyer, Craries Fourier stoll-
Bees ice Gus | Cumiatnc cn ae warhrine | Worthy of Note, | ee ottet 2oae | ONSITE SORNTEIGS, | eon soasrhing zs" aes lng | mre and Kanda Rie ae He tl
ands newer jo a» a a
pick stem Me | pital ee Satie se ver | UE én Sere |e dn a al a | a tena
Race—Open. Ene eas ere Te randan af Mortgage | ¢\lE former Nesareth House, No, 17 George TED FUNDS pubuic NOTICE is hereby given that oa the North upon len vol ale Presa on Onitneoee vated “the tomas douh de if
Brisas of the value | oo rmons bo Jowph Uiien ce chee diatonts Opponite Siegerts Paclory—a coms (Over) ve evs 1,800,000 in exercus of the Power of Sale orn. | (be Boath avon lends now or lately of Fae | oe renee ee et oy he sald ules
i aad 2 dole, One Huadred aoe T srlow of, the sam o cpuuica balla, eneith ona peg ee Head Offica:—York, En Jand talsed io & certala Deed of Mortgage oon e Saw Up Ware or ei Eameaual Ache ta fcrour of the said
Bee see InterCovoniat | ict eresr ther wenty Dollara with aleety ved ang Blectne nec, "pecrous ball OW red 1 BNE * {dated the 6.h September, 1909 and regie- | o Csmbreyo and on the The kV pen lan "FT James Arthur Rex Stollmeyer, Charlee
ies Bete Dome +” Dated this 17th day of October 1910 irimag very ° devate rates (or Cousury Bi N inet Fire ronaltiog Treen Baik fared of No. ee Gor 108 and mide bee of Soumpeiny ‘ten rere (oatee i Ne 2 Foarter Btolimeyer aad \ Runde! A Race.
Mr yVime init 9) mins LOUIS JOHN & CO, lee snoetine’, eter the toc ea, Concerts. f agake, Huot and Civil Commotion. a ‘of the one part and Mary Ammon | Caracas Settlement) and abating on the @ several parcels of land Althly des
at bave nea ja at At etlonccre. othe aparimcns telow end Sant rotse lost, |” 50 pee cent. off country riske occupied of the cther parte Frere will be pot up for North wpon the Cartota Estate on the hopeless in ie deed ol mas
the prectedlag Cycle From Fa t Y complete accommodation are offered at the | DY.fsidencos only Sale by tha andoreizoed at No. 9, Harris’ | Soveh upon low No Zi oa the East upoo by the eatd Juice Eomenuel Acte
Hitigible for thie rece. les Cc ory to You. cheapest monthly seata's for their kind, Public FRED, Ex SCOTT, Promenade tn the Town of Baa Fernando | Jot Now g aod op the Wert a 3 to Noy id Charles Fourier
7 dal. Sad, Friss of the NOTHER big lot wae chanca ead evi to Me karin Auvauee Agent Toro ace ae 9 20-8 ay of November ‘een ares tt ean porehed Pond auto y ject ta « mortgage
rize t of < » ETCINIDAD tween the bouresf | and 2 pm. My
, P A’UiiNes. ce can eanlly ove bee Tressuree 1 Rouge Corda Foaud'y Society, | PELNIUAD. esp Firstly ali that eertala eoooa plantalion { 08 the North upos the Cersces Estate on | Sete the 10th day of May 1001 ragutered 8
Open, Entrance Foe [| with a amall deposit down wad & weekly, | HN pe el, Fort of Spain, or Me BA JESDAY THE 2x0] hoon as Fort Geo-ga compraiog five Kea ontk wy at Oo . bot. or \ lately of ne ‘Joseph ;°
baleed tha valaeofG dollars fortolghtly or moathly payment suitable George Street.” Scorutary, Lodge Room, 17 wid NUTIGE nae 1910. ths gusatens fa the Ward ot Beragne Greate East spon leadanowen iavely ol hoor Ache of the Iss pars tha sald Jales
es your i 1 land of Tria and abattiog ,
Fac Race Haspe TER LITELE 820 208 axereise of tha power af the “North pp2a fandeof Springer on the and ot tbe said Querieo Fermia aod oe the Fumannel Ache ot a 2a part and | ar
~ aa 00 conte, Prises A E SHOP, 5 Charlotta Bt. the 25th day of Jeawany 100d ene Fonth opon lande of Jamea far oa the Goolam Heean The Seventh dherval cosas thereby secured, pa
ee ollara, ¢ dollars aod an ene 10K. Fred Jn0 Scott; & Son No, 220 of Tot nad ta’ eetetn ene thew eat ‘pa lacie of Sonepe ‘Sulver piising, tes bers pod abubiiag oa the Dated this 8b a of November 1910,
. A _erennne re ee 4 al a he -Ruad ove le
Bg ap caP— Ea WOTIKODn merentes | sald 25.b doy of January 1002 acd made MiReoadly all that, parcel of land com: lands now or istely of Klogtally aod of Gore, Auctioneers,
fue doar x * | atlas avsranoe-Dompany Limited | Rarteaeats hole ceaen ed Ge | eine latte aren, i | Gurr erates heme un | TRIAD
Wane BICYCLE Race Dr N BOLET'S ute ‘» deceased)of the other | compaay in the Ward of Savaros Grande Wort, 2 Techs bow : la , “ ne In the Saprewe Court of Trinidad and
Mine Foo 0 conte, Time mr. Ne Now pre to” Ri by Pet Up tur sale bg the aforesaid and sbatting on the North upon | ot tnd The Bighth th aie yo he Tobago.
Competitors must fOCOLOGICAL PILAS ferred f Sacer' @ Binks teats Pe eatetion Mart No 2| Sem Jones oa the South upaa lands of | Crows And 7) sarang Leo ae | No, 130 of 1910, :
Bt least two of the pre~ g aeake. Riss bea Gee fo arthe Bpaie oa Ta Leet. . the Jowa of Port of- | Samuel Warren oa the East apon laode of Geter Wiest} od dette & aes ° jetween
Bereate to be eligible for OF WORLD WIDE FAME 4 4 me20Nod. we 1910 be y the 22ad day of Novow- | Ernesiiae Wowsey andon the Weat upon Catto te ee ie be North | James Daparewa aod Frederick Daparswa
Frisoto be presented | 4 RE mannfectured at hecld Omics st, | ATU8 Insuranoe Vompany Ltd | Tope.” “ives the Bours of c end) lends ot Samual oper i | iRtand Wenn use iandeot etree | Pistia
- Ws . jetober,
vlan of 10 dottare, 22% An: Bureet, New York, US.a' —0-— ALL AND SINGULAR thoes foor| -*** P. by PILKERING, ether with all the appurteakcces thereto ¥ Edwin Dapwrews, Abraham Daparswe,
zvelce said | where ail orders are promptly attended tor | COV:SXMENT AUCTIONEERS leows of parcels of land sitaste in the Aactioneer, Joan Margaret Atking and the Admialstra~
Lap Preise 3 dollars, | Beware of dangerous iaiiations, Look . 1 | Woes cf Vorasele the laand of Tiloided | * SECONDLY tALL AND SINGULAR lor Genaral--Delendante.
p Paro Pins ifn for the genuine article with red label, Establisnod-1866.: Toe, Fires thereot comprising ten acrea aad | The above meotized parest of lant oon- | bab cartals cooos-plantation called —
ead 3d, vast Sept, ib,—2-6-w.—2a2, — lw abaiting on tbs North pon a Road, now | taining 16 acres fs also subject to a | HAN JOSE™ comprising one handed UBLIC NOTICE le hereby given that
aole Agente formerly ra Hood, of the & wah Bpon lands transter ot mortage, {rom Iidlena ceotene pee aod etoa ta eveed P an action bas been commenced by
wo bab then or letelyipeuare Robinson ty Mary Ammon No, ard T Jamce Daparewa and Frederick Dapurawa
a SIN IN KA (ihar'es Heldsetck Gaampagne Tocee Heesog nee gE imt Bpos tends of | 1919, dated 25.b Mey 191 of Monnarras sodabattlogon theNorthap | twa of the childres snd nextol-kia of
seo, os fax as 3 GU U BROS Reims lands of Muabute formerly Goown Leann, TRINIOAD, of the Crewe and dhoa laude bow or Neely dap of ¥ebrorey 1908 te the Tooe of bon
Provision, Cocoa Bn Seg Maal oy eg erm d] "LelbeiapreagCoutot Tietobend [of Delennd siaianie ov et iy | Seat the Indnd of tele ara
. ea and abstiiog oo obagy, 4 det
cael Mieodacts® Ron cil ee By Boyal Waraat to H M. Ke Noth npon « Hod, on the oath b Summary Javiadio ie, Portof Spste, now or Jately of i, Lwite upoa Tends bow qasot ol Latwers ot *Adatalsenon rie
Te and ; Ak Dew - 7 Crowe hey oa the } aan ty Lands tt No, 707 of 1910, B or Jatel aialy ot ak adore, bert grea Innds Bolema Form of the estate of the ssid
’ saces a ento'es apd on 6 ‘eat etween spon (be
seupetitce, and co etry |OOMMISSION MERCHANTS Al Letters to be tidromod to the Bia | sy lands petisuoned fe by Kokilt The} Maurice Philp de Boluslere, soweiace | Poneh Settlement Road j on the Esat upoa Henriette Duparewa, snd that the suid ‘
.? Socompanied by the No. @ Hoenr~’ street a au ay CIAL SALE | 1bird thereof Comprising 20 acres sod dee] called Maurice Polly Boleslere, by bie | !sods mow of lately of Jose La Cras Monday the Sth of December 1910,
TRINIDAD, | ier ree Rages Bae ee Vine | AMorney Mearl A de Bolsters | | Daiie opou lands sow or latetyot’gea | Dated this 70h day of Norembee 1016,
GALE FOR TRURIDAY THE 2¢ra Notice, XXIV, belo b4B"and booted oa. the acd Charlee upon the Bante Lucia Katate apoa ee eatise bolictear,
DAY OF NOVEMBER, 1910, HE Tropleal Pharaeest Co 5 . north oy tends of Eeaovora, and 00 the Midalive Pierte—Defaadaat, tande eet jataiy ot ineip othe Gres
. —— 70) acmas, up iz: a al Ot ‘owe and — wo
; QP.GC. will have a patio NOTICK te hereby given this T Pine Hueck, Now York witeate & Tbe Fourth there.t comprising 8 acres and SUBLIO NOTICE Ie hereby given that | 10d co tbe Woes upoo the Mayo River
ea eatiacce tes in exercise of, ths Power of Sale ouns f the atteation of the pablic, s1as the | described In the Or.wa Crant entered bo by an order of His Houour Mr, Jastice | 9pea the Montaerrat Village lends upon ’
f ferred om Mortgagees by the Comreyanclsg | Troploal Tusoloslosl Pills, are mana. | the said Bogister Bork at V lame LXIL, | Russet made io the stove waiter on the | Isuds how or Istely cf Jobe Wilts, of
ha has entered { Act No, 72 aod by a certeis deed of morte | factared snder the original formule of Dr, | folio 267 and bouaded on thy Nortb, Sdatb | Jib dey uf Novemb.r, 1910, there will be | Mary Cenickehen ky of Richard Eiwar ‘
fee bearlog dete the 19:b day of Novem: ] N Pougt by rights aadgued by ongof the | sod West by Crown Lcd apd on tbe Kast | put up for ale betore the dvore of the | of iobert Foy, of Leonsrd Charles and vy! eles
x 1906 registered as No, $184 for the f helre—November 6.~lm, by lavda of Macobar and by Urowa Lond, | U,ure Hvuse, Port of-Spatn, oo Tharedsy, | Merle Mendota and forerserted by the | Road Kastaig and Assurance Broker, ’
Sper, year 1008 and made betwees Joha Modeate | Serer —rnrrnnnennen | ON, A.—The above mortgage security ie | the Qead day of December, 1010, batween | Mayo Koad together with the eppartens Valuer and General Com; .
0 bo one but officials I and Phillp Modeste of the one part aad Su AND LAN D pow” vested ia Geurge Govsalred| the hours oi ose and twu o's'cck io the | saced iherste beloogiag. mission Agent, a
ack, (This rule will be T James uiliter of the othor part there will by deed dated 30-b March 19)4/aftercoun, All aad Siogular that certaie THIBOLY, | ali ani Singular thet ~
be pat up for sale by Pablic Auc: regletered as No. 919 of 1908 and | plore or parcel of land situsts fa the Ward | certala cooca-piantatiun altuate at Mayo [ATT ORXLO BM ME, 8
Udn by the vodertgned at thelr Anctioa For Salo, aloo by treceler cf Mortgage No, | ul Diego Martia catled “ Mittsad Le Nola. | ie the vald Ward of Moatserrat compruiag ee
Mart Corner of Seckeitla and St Vincent — 70 dated the sald sub March | ded” comprisiog three acd three fourths | vighs soree ond abutilag on the Noch | NO, 24 ST, VINCENT STREET 4
erecta ga Thoraday the 24th dey of Nov- | ruay WELL KNOWN PROPERTY, | $208 , sod tsde between Leena parts of ® quarree and bouoded on*he | Spee Ache Hoad and upon two acres *
ember 1910 between the boars of one and ¢T Gone avd Alice Yullile of the ene! Nob ty laods formerly of Mra, Henry | reoerved for Marie Alexander oa the Bouih (Opposite General Post Ufice,)
¢wo p.m, BAVANNAH HOUSE, part and George Gooss'ves of theoiber jand M. Hernandex but now paitty by | epoa leads formerly of Antonio Lopes bas a
All that certata plece of Isod sitostefa With Biz acres of Laod attached. pe. lands pf Debols and leads of Jocegh Low. now of Jaiee Ache oo the Kast yupon | TRINIDAD, e
the Ward af Aricus fn thie Island contaln- | Situated to the Eust of the St pated Ute 20.b dey of October 1910, ssles on the Booth by lands formerly of | lands of Maris Loaise Alaxaader and [le obs Hupceme Court ol Trlatded and #*:;
(og ten acres aad bowcded on the North by | Augustine Savanosh aod adjriniog the LOUIS JUUN & Ce, Jean Francule acd Madeleine Josep) abd | Pt ur pon lence formerly of Jesn aa
lande of Mahambll aod 3 cidge of bile on Lycat Train Station, Auctioneers, [belreof P, Hernandes bot now partly op cles bat now of Uabriel Ache an4 os | No, 296 of 3010. ”
ebeoath by eering oa the Eas) by ands | PULK Louse which te doighitully col | rINTTAT, : lands of Widow Nichoiss ond of the lands | eepcolt bet aoe of Sais Avie Mt3O | The Humble ees Ostatn ”
e a!
bed-| SALE FUK THURSDAY THE i0TH toto of Medatelae Joseph Zand “Atenis | altrand SINUULAB that certela ocher | °° uriscees ant cence Narmad Ontalin

wo Mloy Francois aad on the West oa

Growa lande, and comfortable contsios 4

rooms, drawiog aod diniog rooms. The Medalelse Joseph

patly by lande of J, de | eoces-piantation slinsié

erly of
Dabele bat sow

he sald Ward ears by bia mother sod next friend


Dated this 19th day of October, 1910 Paotey with large kitcbea and beth
> —_— foulseriat compriaip,
SLOUIS JUNG CO | sre ander epver to the Bouth. [PUBLIC NUTICIE i barby piven can) UE 8! BAP UY en ee te ace toe of the Ward of Blorege,
There ato two large serzante’ rooms ia exercise of the Tower of Sala coo) 5°, motly of Eleanor Copild but now of J, | oa the North apus laod now or lately And in the Matter of
TRINIDAD, with store room ‘under reparate cover, | ferred wpun Moitgegecs by the Conveyane |) Dane John Potils oa the Suuch apon Jeode sow | The Ordiaasce, No. 42, 02 Urdlasbee ta
BALE FOR TUESDAY THE 22ND DAY] There is Stabling for 3 horece with | £196 604 Law of Property O.dinacce, Na, | "211 a5 all those two several parcels of | of lately uf Hlizabeth Hatebos ba the Hub facilltate the Bale of Iofapte’ Estate.
OF NOVEMBER 1910, goach house 4109 fowl house with | 74nd enctained is three certeln memo |i, oa torraerly tvradog pars of the i, | upon leadelamerty of Leonard Chiries —

— ran at the back, rabbit house, eic. Fenda of Sastgege Dearing dale the Zid |v oohig Kelsie” the First tbereol ecm | bad now of thessid Jeles Ache aad oo the UBLIC NOTICE ts hereby given thas
DUBLIC NOTICE is hereby gives that 1a | The g scres have beea levelled ith day of Jane lve, Mh day of July 1908, boing one acre, three roads, aud eight | West epos laods of Francis Lisdve aND by aa dena Lig Honour, the Chisf
om plt pe itsrene ot ibe Power of ‘Bae vonlerred re fence toand formi * 13-b day of Jace, 1000 respectively | Pe obese asd abutilog oa,the Nutth oe lauds | ALSO ALL and BINGULAR shat cartsia | Jastion made herein on the Slap dey of
tbe | upon Morigegess by the Conseysscing Urdio- | TAG Sate Qoancre bas been fonsey | madeby Feils Bt, Lone ta tavunr of E isa | U1sS" heirs of Heroandes og ibe Boath | other parcel of land or concs-plontetion | Oeveber IBIO. there will ber pat up tor Hale
anne uuniver pe aad coateised la a certas | O08! rete bes been fenced | bab Lawrie there will be pus up for Bale apon the lege Mertia Kiver oa the Kast | situate at Maye aforcaald comprising | Lefose the doors of the Cours House, Porte

jaude of Widow Heraandes and on the | tweaty-soves acres two roods and sweaty: | of Spale on Tharaday 1h
we feude ted sbaitiog on he Neste Deeraier 1910, betwean the Tne close
° as twop.m,
two touda nud thirty-rwo perebes acdabut: | on the South partly upon fand of Marie | Alltheaedirlded Gfth share of she atove
Hit eis stot ew tamara {taser naan he Wentror inated [sed irentaae amen, Coal Bee
- Haver va 8,08 wrmety of a ls of t! t ole
ta the Ward of Upper Caronl soutelsiog |i “Toussl A 'tew of Madeisiog | iissleth Sambos ude of Wibiame | lend altuate ia tbe Ward ef Blorege ta the


loss cetissated wad with the sbeitale oud Iyer om th vacciel by soe ban of Bripkdad Bet First theres

fonndasion tnaieewa Cheat regliecen ice Herssndes UBTHEY: Ail sod tuogelar bet) atne pecobes and abutting on the Nori,
. 01

Vulume XVIMLy {lio 601 of the Regleter | Dey ¢ tis cae ri oleae toe Hares Piantadion | if ot sad Woes upon Crowe land apd

ack aay
dead of bearing dus the gth day of [ia round the bouse aod Is plasted ta
wots! Ss pumber & various {rait trees and proaed proviuone

has entered istered as nucaber @ tfor 5
January 1904 10g) bea Water supplied on the premises from

d made betweea, Albert Beolias of the
Joabua Charles Besliss of the second part the Be Joseph aod Tuospana Water


tbe | and Adam Smith aad James tivary Colles:

will jor sale
which pavst he wadehigued ai tho Kedaoe ban No, % Thu Property is most conveniently
St, Vincent Stsset, Port-ol-Spain, on Tuesday | situated, 7 miles from Purt of Bpalo,
acd sill become youly more valuable
fo thhs rleiog district, In fact it isnow
fooked upon as the ideal snot of the
iasing | locality, fecing the Bt Angnotios Club.

by Pub le Auction by the andereizaed at
thele Aucioa Mert, No 4 Be, Vincent
Bireet, Port-ul-spate oa Tharday the 10.b
dey of November, 1910, be.ween the bourse
2 on
all that pleoe oe parcel of land situate

Eve per

Weat on leads of Josm Na acdy aud the

Ubereuf ovmyrisloy three acres,

oa tbe West oo lends fur. |
Goals Toussains but ave of

fou b upon Crown land aad

1930 at

¥, HARRAGIN Toe pecs ieation’ joe ered tt ned Biek aod tise ang Nort ooh Latedthie Jib dey of November, 3910 [twenty-four perches aliuste ta the ali fh. A, Negus ood the Second thersof som
. corte . , lexus ol JM, Crespo. ced 'b 1, iL LOVELACK Ward of Munteorrat dolipeatsd jm the prilog ea acres and twalrd perches
Beoret, pape THOS. J. McOAItTHY, yu t + ty Cree y Aotlog Deputy Hegietrer. diagiam or pan scvexed to the Croan [esd al lilng os the North West
Ere a Be SCA ‘ D Ted this Sd day of Octoter, 1910, —. Grant to one Vicenta Lesawa registoid | epoa Crowa land aid oa the Both apoa
& Auguetne. e oT BCO ‘. SS eS | in Volome It folio2. ALYU ALL, aad | lands of Joes Baptiete Bricena and wy:
BINGULAN( that cortela other perce! of lande petiuionad fur by ‘am

the Kasey
fend of cvcus-plantativg sitvate im she } Couper aad kntercostod bya Rud; wv
Cresthres roode and. siisiyeeinet portucs | tr ie LaciteS Eaten aaa eaew
6 asebes
etos tates toads 7 Pp as $2, Leadre te at the apset price
tethe Crown G Dated thle lat day uf November, 1910

Lex swe sogisiore Veluwe {Ul folle 2,
ALSO Anlog Depasy Hayletrar,

Uoreromat Accthoens, (Plano Lossons.

ee —_
Vegetable Seeds, eee elite se vaceps

A.choice selection just to hand | PaF #4 teitios 00 tbe Have.

at the Hnousu Mitanwacy Neveu ne

Lange's Ant and Cocaoroach

+) h day of Apel I wilt elear your Lousy of thene peote, Is

Moy duered sate ey or agoe. tbe Ps cooveniantly vot up ia tlos witt per

parcel of land is wow veried la Aipboa ey” era each ow Kaglish

ALL avd RINGULAR those thine


serene nae mpgh “ee Diag aly Se AT 9 Fol a a TE EI

/ fj


; .
renee Tet Pers Ens ee re rN SP TT

Arnott, Lambie & Compag

and competition are fast throwing out of the market Genuine Im, -
False Economy ** ganvition ae iat taps = . a

- - .. . 3
As P ] fail to appreciate that “TIME iS MONEY” the merchant steps in and finds bette:
ecop e ‘supplying cheaply TUMBLED OUT GOODS at catch prices. 2

zy Gauge, Crooking Set, Coffee Digger, Digging and Weeding Hoe, Axe, Cart Harness, Prui
Ever ¥ udding Enifo, Cocoa, House Sorapes, Wheel, Rail, Brush & Shovel :

€ . aa
* FF



THEY DO NOT SELL CHISELS that take the workman three-quarters of his time to keep an edge
tools are merely frauds, ‘*

ESTATE HOSPITALS can do no betterin price and quality if their su 2


' HUTCH—The Dyspeptic’s Friend.

CELERY KING—The Blood Purifying Laxative. ¥

PONSO-The Twenty-four Hours Cold Cure. q

LIQUID VENEER—The Housewife’s Deli

“THE ‘comp NIES ACT. 1862 & 1803 " T Os s
“ A ) ' el e ~ J ‘ FE .
26 & 26 Vic. «. 89, Rubber Sé¢

Form of Statement referred te in Part Il of the Act, a

City Police.Court.

2 (Before Mr, 2. D, Huggins, SJI.P.}


Bergeant flolder charged Ramoo

with sleeping under # verandah, De-

e fendant way vent to prison for seven

Ciusriva = Constable Robinson
charged John Archer (ad Jobo) and

= = {
Picton Chl . : a
Vincent Waert, They wereeooricted? Th Colonial Bank, London, Due here 22nd Novend
T having cometo our notice that it has been against" Dad Joba and tainty tures x .
| rumoured in this market that the quality of the suainatChild. Talrty days’ imprison. -: . . Lega e .
Whito Horse Whiskoy has fallen Cour, sD was the sentence of the where “gpital of the Company is £2,000,000, divide int» 100,000 Every care has been taken in
i j In Tux Comrany or Prostrrotes,— | * teh. : : . 1 :
off wo are compelled to Bb, the most emphatic Clara Simmons was charged by Sergt. The numbor of Shares issued fs 100,000. Calls to tho amount of method of shipment t> ensure th
denial to such reports and beg to state that the Hoyd with being in the company of | e4 per share hevo been made, under which the sum of £3.0,00) se ‘ q
greatest care is taken in blending and reblending Mie wes I? years © Fits mother sald) born rocewved, - germinating when planied, a
th Whito Horso Whiskey so that wae remanded for further iuquitles’ . a",
no variation of quality can occur and our vats are with assauidlug and beating poe ieee | rpg LIABILITIES of the Company on the First day of JULY, TERMS STATED ON APPLICATIODM
+ at * \ Were t= is
periodically examined and analysed by Dr. Clark beth Lewia, Me, Joseph Wilson ap- * _
of Glasgow the well known analyst whose last | | puteltor iecttendent and pleaded | Debts owitg to sundry persons by the Cotopany W. STEDMAN ARG
certificateSia published below, toltted baving struck the woman ‘with On Judgment on one ove Nil, ° .
fon pews a Un Spectality on tee toe Ni . a
City Analyst’s Laboratory friends aad the woman hertelt hed ae Va Notes or Bills .., ee. eee = £1,061.878 6 5 ee 84, SOUTH Qui is
138, Bath Street, dealt sremreuteetendaat ras Qi pimple Contracts ae ae SBBSAADE Bg
Glagow, 7th July, 1910, for #1x montbe. P the p On Estimated Liavilities * Nu, yt E
rf Takowinag SuLpuuRiIO ACto=— : ‘ -
. Joseph Berpard waa charged by Uor- ‘the ASSKTS of the Company oo that day wore: — i ,
T hereby certify that I RA faben game poral Alexander with barlog unlaw British and Colonial Government , “a
les_ of” every Vatting ut achio's ria acid on one Mabel Pvt. Defer a Becurities— ‘ “ =
(White Horso Collar’ Blend | |Satcnmneter is Deeract Sar5ous 9 6 7 £08596) Just Arrived, and Now ¥
. of Scotch Whiskey used in bottling to this Bots Workhip thes be wet tae Other Investments — ’ a
: date, and the results of my analyses indicate faa wyeky Une to 9 on, and the case . £660,919 8 6 =x ‘5
that it conform to the standart for Vot still fendant belng held la contody. Fills of ¥rehan x) and Eromissory Noets £1472823 911 z
cote: iskey setup In the Londun care. To Be BENT LACK TORT Vincant,— Cash at Bankoss and on hin se T5230 7 SCs « WT
to of Chinion that it is a Whisk oted and rercmn et one 2 Was, Con Other Securitios . eve, 8738.759 OD ER. ‘4D a
of opinion that it is a Whiske teall lak bodice and sbi wr.
{ 1 tle a's u tit of flivour, of GR FAL another woman wae called uP h Daced the 12th October, 1910, FROM GMORGALO
AGE, having been long matured in wood. Vincent favo Poaised Yo sod Str |b pmpyer= aod war eauabt by Todi, ber fandon, why aid th Fy
, ec rood, nt having pi te was cau . . , _
[AGE having beon long ° tuecitathktieaies war ie [MMR A Tastee lel seat! =< OSC SSS Ek
or ve wa: cbicken 10} 5 - :
7 ROBERT M. CLARK, BSe., PAG, “ noe y cold te raneuires overdone, and ita | was net lpresvod with ihe ‘defen NorthiC li Pit hP 7
. LARCENY OF FLANNEL. ~Charlos f thicki aroling £1tc 7"
Publio analyst for the County of Lanark Bischow, a lad about tes shopman got in the batit of thinkiog | aud sent her to geol for a month.
: . old. was charged Uy Contneeh ary j thal they could steal thelr ewployers | FIGHTING, — Constable Mayers SPECIALLY SELECTED AND CO ;
and thé Burgs of Patrick, Paisley, etc. was charged by Corpor urd | ccods and be treated tinder that Act | charged Narloesiog and Lally with ra
sath steatiog a pleosof Hanne! yalued ey were thoroughly mistaken. If] tighting., Mr Kelly appeared jor'de, 258,103 Ft, 12 12 PLAINED 8 SIDES-~G Se
~ Bylvestre Willvame bolding Mire Jonu: | defendant were a young ed oF exsoan | fendants who were fined 1 each, in 39,85¢, 1x12 4 4 on
We row give notice that B100 Roward sions brief appeared for ibedefondaat, | All couvictlona aud’ thioge of thet | ‘Dawauine a Pesce. wy 1, Vin- joan ars } toe
will be paid toany one who will give information and pleaded guilty, Ie said defendant | Lind, and the parent of a fainily who | cent charged Nathaniel Deteorel win ea” tou Be / PLANRA Pa
be y y R 0 was wellconnected, aud it was the | soaitatarve wihout hie belp, those dauisging a table belovging to th 46,891,, ROUGH BOARDS AND PLAN! j
leading to a verdict in our fwour against any Peace ae eth an he emitted any | would by vircumstances which would | Eealera Market, by chopsiog tare (Sar We Offer tha whove as “semlay
person spreading or repoating that the quality of forit. Ifle father whom be knew t eed jonw to act as be bad beeo aeked | Hefendant uploaded guilty sud | ~~ a4
; ui , a
hite Horso hai detcriorated, bea very ieepecteble school inaster quite dierent’ position, fe was true | + Liga Srone Tinowsxo, — Fi J. CN EWBOLD &
. bad pledged himself ta be responsible b tb olen before, but be | netta Ford vWJe Pa
. for bis son's future good condueh He thes us ave oI at re. a een- | for th wt sumuoaed thilis Layoe | em nen a
the same Roward of £100 will be asked Lbatihe be treated aso firet | (he Madistrete) mush lipase a eo ees wigues in ber hous. ate COMMERGIAL. ANTED—Smon 90)
d iving information teasing to the offender.- tareply to Mis Worvip on ‘bo. wets larly ew. } bebal fondant for hey, O28 Wena D PT
paid to any one giving Vt & Inspector Harragan said the led wae | t cthere who wese similarly balfof defendant for whoa Le ap. ~— Btepheue LAd—Nov, Mea
conviction of parties refilling our bottles or adult- turployed a9 4 cleak ab the abore firm, | Poysd (and he was sorry thathe could | peared, Kvidence was takeo acd the | 7IIE undersigued offers hie services | S22 .
° * . u ted of dishonest qf 206 deal with bio uoder that Act. He Aiumissed, asan A
erating our Whiskey in any taanney, was watebed, and ou leaving the slnc | Would sot vend bim to gaol foralong| A Brsrsct. Lunatic. ~ Corporal | of booker audio ee £08, posting ™P | ASSOCIACAO PQs
Tuceday afternoon wlil a perce) coe | tera, but becould not du otberwies | Watts charged an elderly and deject. { as Valu } suditing Accounts, &c., also DER
Jaformation which will be treated;confldentially ieiniog tke deunel be was ‘questioned than seod bim fdr one month with etiocking roman with ‘aking | Town Prope mien a Plantations and ~
to be sent to our Solicitor, wesion ofits “ite sald ‘be hed Cotes Tuxrt or 4 FowL —The adjourned | tUad mind snd was remanded for th Oct. sty tani WEIEKIND, AO conridedon
. Naud ean aes, w the nave cave of Geatiabie Hua ageing Louise medical observation, * To Bo Invost d Gerad ovdinaria gue ted
, : : where be adaiit viug stolen it - | Bowen for conveying a fowl suspect ——— od. eorrect®
Mi, EDWARD Gi INSAU L, iis Worship said) defeadant was not | to have beea » en was resumed, A SSS Q5() Da Keep Pre Cn Fae se est Aociacat *
, a8, ot vingant Straw, wen tewaplad to walk. Ait with | clelmed. te font tte esate | WANTED Young Lay tee tee Toot | APY, SPB, (ADDI Ld “welting gre | Ser distora Basld0*
MACKIE & CU, Vistillere Lub, Glaagow. coin ething He as wan ecmplayed | chasyed wo leway, Defendant a and sos the ie ert een! orcas, | Rous, abeitor, Chancery, Houses” Wl ‘tecicer a
+ © . a 4 vi re,
Ovtr 21st,—1m ; ieerately sivle we worth of goods frum Sud called 60a winaese Au) bid Bunt DP ],% Seerhew hog. Re Bicvet, | Germs Beats Lurstpain, Only” grat | “Parco de Mexpante Mt
: ‘ Ox, tub, 1014, Novy 10d tou

0 9315 VOL XXIV

aeutNS LMTD,

yoy Department.

Girls’ White Kid Now Ol Show PAABEY LEATEER |




18, Chmcen Straet

ouvnss oa Tole dated 1076, my
bow spply at the DPT

Chaeon See, f for_thele Thi IRNN NIAL
SCIP CERTIFICATES acd also for thele
OAS DIVIDEND on aime, eanctioned
at the last annasl geveral meeting of mem
dere, Holders cf Scrip leued on former
‘ieanial prewiams may aleo x at the
Othee fort the UASH DIVIDE BS Cortes
pondlog to seme,


Boots and Shoes

For Ladies and Childyen

; {In all the latest variety’of styles.—We invite your Inspzction.

w SLED e4
on 120

ite &

Becretary & Trewurer,
oa Port of Spiin,
3 wg -—s LADIES Tan Glace 1-Bar Bhoos, Gilt acd Backlee we Mb1On fae Ootober 1910,
ai ARS... $1.80 BS » Black Glace Shoes to tie, Stecl Backles... 2 $300 $ E
, and 218 dos, | p>, w ‘Tan Glace 6-Strap Shoes, Louis XV heels =... $3 60
B33 » Black Glace 1-Bar Shoes, Light Soles! os ive 82.00 me —
At 3s wT ideal’ Coben Hee), Gibron a ae tee 10 oa Tas
mI Gun Metal, TieGibson Shoes, ,S,ge” SE Pipidad Building and
8 Egy ” (hampagee e Colonials Gut Baicktes tee 15s. A
sTO RES. 2 n Batio Be # Shoes-—Paste Diamond, {a White. nel a8 ar
; we 16R oo
- » ite tt and Dar 088, 8b 3/6 to oe 158 ’
S stsoxae 2°77, = White Kid Court and Bar Bh ma Loan Association
: Be Fg | OFFiox: No. 18, CHACON BTREET,
esi Ss = FOR CHILDREN: = Telephone: Mo.s2
Bs: CHILDS Het 1Backle Colonials, In Pantent, Tan and Glace, Be The Board of Diredare of thls Avevelation
| J hilda White Buck 1 BieStos wows 4868 SES ae declared oa

=~ os


for the half-yeir coded S0th Jane Jas, and
membsra whose ebares hive now matured
of whose mortgages are now pild up ma:
apply to the oltice for their respec: Ive cae
atiounte or re‘easen of mortgages.

‘Ube Association Is prepared to redeem its


oa spplication at the Office until 30th
September ext.

RUBBER SOLES | Wht Canvas Gibson Bhoe,

4s, 55, 6
BOOTS & SHOES | Tan Calf Sandals, 3s, 4s, 5s.
Black Glace Pa’, Tip Gibson

White ea Shoos, 3s, to 7s,


Men's Pateyr

ResecRONBIR 87.


Mon and Boys.




Pe ‘ a Git

b's Biscuits

Oe tia

And a Varity of other Items too Rumerous to Mention,


ee eer erent

Xoo was still contiowe to be granted
on the nsaal terms in accordance with the
rolea of the Association,

a | Becratary & Troasuter,
Aaznet 26. 1910

, om

w oo



‘Gur Famous

TL. V. YY.
Men's Straw Hats;

In 2in., 2fio, and 2fin, Brims.
MEN'S SYRAW HATS Black and Fancy Bands—
2 aod 2}in, Brims.

493 99
or culd

gk Win Ld
Gents, Ladica, Boya & Cirle

oy 20d Uaderwara

4d & WHORES for ong and a'l

A, GLOGK and the Finish Lot
meres GARDE pyr imported.

rs Paris Btweet,
c M. ABDELNOR—P. op:letor.

SWICK GROCERY | ‘ust Received,



me Wheat in Pkge Bales Gocoe BAGS ~ Guaranteod ates
: ' GAR Ss
" Pr anog saunya zune % WRAPPING Pare

mad (Redcar Cheese Hee LOW DHOLL ; NAGRA RICE.


Wantedl Known | =m

preseetsions oom:
9 Toe rays & to cone Gate ite
She oe every fogredient use
eo! foes very bees qastity eat to terr
out cur alm we keep valy competent bacds
for oar compoundisg depertment where
by reasoa of our check system accuracy ts

forrentet eget for our Night-Dell for

pight emergencion,
ger> TELEPIONE 302
" ae aT



Owe Fad, Coes OATH.
etiivat wal, r OUSEOWNERS ‘od Lied Lords fa
Pevsutnecie DRANDYS, 2 imac aye
meant & CAKES. MACHOL!3 BRANDY—1!, 2 & 3 Crowns, (Sein teen heowe Avent bat re

J, QUWIE’S—" House of of Lorss" Whisky


trnatiog gach work toble care,—Uct. me

70 d Bourit Quay, DENTISTRY.
~ {Phere is “ Nothing} Dr.d. Raloh 1 Carrington,

Just as Good" “ees gt U. Dental Ser
E Cougba ss Lalog’s White

red, a8 bitherto, te moder.
Irie yMetion of reats and te tuske

BIS Scuirs, jegalar ead sccucate returcs to those ¢

Wy Cockers, 3 cu
=~ 0, te Oe Miced,
aaa Mined, Kid lager,

mr ee Fite O'otock Tea

Puonz 574

Aplel acd Steel Pills,

vureasts? Vasile Seger "Woler
There ate effestaal ocossiooal medi.

i, W. GO Go cies for tadwe Price 3,- pee bottle
Fe Owniyg, Ys GOODING, oes hem ap Bawllee’s Drag Stare

say theep at mente moet fas ' onan tL Lbieenoune,
4 ons
Pine Cough Byrup, 3h cents at | gaena émachrilie steoes eppoalte
the Eoglsh Fulicg Head quastere




Incro is but ono way to have hot

them without annoyance andtruuble, Fix them up in LY
HUT bottles before you start. Then they wi'l bo jussright

sor DATA,

West Indie,
Sale Agente, Ue nels $ ’


we Always Keep in Min


HP Gms wee


Frederick Street,


We have 4 raputation for selling goods ‘hat please,
and keep on pleasingeand make you proud of
your purchases.



Skeoch &0o.s



Boy's Fancy Eton Cap3.

from Home,

White Cork Helmet
White Felt Helmetrs
Wht hbubber He!mets

drinks whin you wart


j Newest Shepas, from $1.2) to 20.09
Newest Trowserings,

Newest Tennis Suitings
Newest Serges



— BY —



60 Drums Prime Large Lunenburg CODFISH (

25 Veices Mediu " ”
a cece, Aarvivate,

0 Half Casks MISTELA
35 Hall Casks ALICVANTE ; 100 Kegs MISTELA
150 Cases Noilly Frat VERMOUTH-cpints
60 Cases ” quarts

” a”

+ Gdozen pints

croft'= each 6 ¢lozen pints.


mds -Orolt MOPALH HILO

Whére Real: Bargains are Obtainable.|*'

6 Ceses Bulmer’s Sparkling ¢ ider'Cherry Normin”—vach
6 Cases Bulmor’s Champsgne Derry “ Longland & Morre

poe GITTENS CARRIAGE FSCTORY bas edied « cow Department fa (he intone of Claaes


qd; NOW

Ts ths time to order your

Private Qrecting

was ays


A Sploadid Eelection of over
100 Different Kinds

Xo GDhoome Fron.


— om


D>=l am. “BOBO”

250 Mall Bace * FATOURITE” FLOUE.

250 Baga SPLIT P

50 Gare bid RRINDEW Beaed MILK
30 Cares “Blaeaose™ BUTTER — 1 ty rT) nn - itt Ibe,


20 Tanke Datger's BIE
10 Cardoss BOceuuie at ACID
S$ Casks Lis DDOCK

23 Hige 8S The, POLLARD
21 Casea Batgere PASSO tb.
The for Haraxcl Anta,

9, Broadway.



OTICE is hersoy, giren that the Wind.
ward Main Hixed, Tobsgo, will be
closed to traffic between the West banks
of the Hope and Heohedia Rivers, from
Zlat November to 17sh December inclarlve,
for the barposa of extending the Hope

River Lroa brid Ra.
[Direator of Pablie Works,
7b November 1010,


TFKERS will be reoelved by the Colo
sial Sroretary up to noon on Natarday
the 19.4 November Foie foe the purchase
acd removal ba be @ buildiog knows as the
Othe party whoee offer La accepted will
eo party whose offer la accepted wi
be re drei remove the Balidto, and
barethe atecisaselof debis with
month of tbe date of the acceptance of ts
The Government docs nob bled iteclf
ta accept the highest or are offer,
Actin, Gctoniet Becretary. |
CoLowraL Secaerary as Ortice,
3d Nevembas, 1910.
HE Ch Obairmsan of the Tacarigea Loost
Loard bas givea so of the
fo oh teed Resolution for the pext meetlag
of the Central Kosd Pour
Recretary, Coat Saati Kosd Board.

* 1a sonsection with the diversion
of the Caurs Royal Hosd to avoli
*¢ giver erceslags aod pteep bilis, thes
med pened eaee a
noe 'e rus.
+ ping in an easter) duet to through
“the lasds of GL L4id fees
“Saod Marie Hill, yh jeet, and te
direction theough the
ss iends of atla Clato, 830 fect, aol
* Doewses Mato 340 feet, aod in a
* porth-sasterty direction shroagh ue
“foods of be Lota 1,960 fese
“ tocmmleatlag atthe Tocarlane ‘best

“— portber!

“a total distance of 4,900 and be
*t dedereda i eaeti ce al) Road" mie

Inalere ation 0


ERSONS desirous ae spplyiag fog
Pr Todiae Tatalgrante bo a dere
ing the season J911-1912 are reageied to
sead Jaench spplicstions before the 1k
dsy of Fobrusry 1911.

Yhe fons cf app ication g:nationed 2b:
the Goversor (se pablished le the * Hoy
Gusatte® of W3d Angset 100 1000, asd. foviea
of ave foras can La obtaloed at the Lomi
gration Ottioe if soqaied,

1s mast be borne | ‘a mind that those whe
receive Jmmgiranta wili be rerjelrad 60 pro

vide each portion of the * Revere Varssre"
ef thesimue as laact pat: Tava by bb the ta Saml
rants shemaclves, whlen wi charged
‘or fe ecomssnce witb Beotion 29, Ondine

1s mast sleahe disUootly acderstoot
that 80 application foe piarearants will bs
saterkale by the Protecte- foe asy
stete that has pot sow pied with the peo.

‘2% Onilagnce 22 of 1bUs,
oxeeps ander the express authority of Lua
Exovdeoty the Governor,

as, B speles, ose be com, od on qulekess W., of. COOMNS,
Where Meter Cae Lee ot. luxe, ‘tave of Adaus Nintdsdunte Orn Labdsa ta a, Conmendes RN,
ts teasige of thls brash, Baerel wark, Lawes prices, Protector of Umauigrants,

tba 2 Sst se

ete 7


et A A- Naatze. Wage" eto te ta xv os! - ws c
a rer ay fms See + Shep Gop gia rept ms i ” SRE TINE Fe Pome in


. . - \ ‘
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f 4




he Bonanza/BONANZA GENTS|New Arrivals|Bonanza Furniture}

. _- Department ° ‘

IN o SMITH BROS. holds the Dighorss gens

and Misses Blaék, White and | vest rocket earns zone the eas and Star Brand “eae tor "

Crinott me a The Bast Furniture’

Fave your mate!
In Trinidad.

; i: 1k Crinoline Hats @njoy m Coot danore,
BP onsneated with Tat] Peads and Jct Poads. G A I “AABASHL * PLPR S, ued tNLain CResenutet
pecialitd s £3 fe
° } : FURNITURE, e



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; eee ee eee" - Leather Purses, Tobacco Pouches.
ties Can Now Get atso A PINE Lor oF ao

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mac & COTTON votive suavis . Watling How of Tiles an2 Commode, Dainty Ladies ’

Leather Watch Wristlets, FOR LADIES GENTS & OHILDREN. Other Suite in Cyp, @edar and @
Crapo from $45.00.

Comprising Targe Combiued ross and (Wardrobe with two
Mirror D. ors, Quaint Baroxu, Marble Top Washstand with

"He moet popular Drosa Trimming of this scason,
mn oeata pee dozen, Cotton 12 cents per dozos.


. ITH BROS. & C0, Sonata at's Deyn. SMITH BROS, & Go.| "i #8) IsPHer snOCk. ¢


‘ e r ’ el fanraghira Inenna ' or flexible : ae | ETRE
, 99) Lancashire Insarance to] DENTIST. [ore eee moron, | aeartae Sete ee | wronswaeruanmre
“a 1 | Resolved. farthee that with » view to ! « ror SWEET CHARITY'S SAKE.*
- D t Delug toad
(} mie dl GP IRE & LIFE |DR. CHAS “DALY. |stbssiamie iersencue: [Basasigpar Sictatet| new ar sariet te pee §
SOW windup IN 1 & Dental Surgeon, neressed by 6,405,000 pounds, j the desirability of takiag steps to | at the Queen's Patk Oval, one of the i

PERMANENTLY ESTABLISHED IN and the exports by, 773) pounds malotala tthe gdirect mail service &) Lest planned forme of tae
EB SOUTH WALES STRIKES. | delegste be appoluted to attend the pu

| BOTAL THSOBANOR COMPARE, Ltd. TEINIOAD, : ¥ steers iat Donte, he

Funds Exceed ... £12,000,000

The Eighteenth Lussare have [conference to be held la Barbados at ol
Greduats of B been treated to for some time past,
Bune 3 ve Baltimore tod Bere teen been ordered to sup the tuetance of the Trioidad Chamber | 214. judging from the ronenseste. j
NSURANOES effected azainst
loss or damage by Fire on

rt the po-
hee who are wufferlog in coll\- f of Oummerce,” we
Lotion ia Rial r have every reason to predict for thote

vn fa CLASS DENTISTRY | sions with the striking colllers in WOODEIRES IN Ne Us who attend @ most enjoyable time t
Buildings and contents of Waro-
houses, Offices, Shop, and Stors

Solo fAgcnts.

= 1

Mas again arrived by the
8.S.* Crown of Navarre.”


fn all branches, South Wales.

fe Dental GHice; | TIESTRANDEDSIIE'PREUSSEN | The flames seen by the steamer | LPM slare to Saleh. Amenges toe
86, FREDER * Tugs are standing by tho ship | “Gusdeloape” came from wood fires | stingtrets, Follies by th q y aH
6, Reid's ERICK BT. ore Dr, Artbar] “Preussen * which lies ina danger: | near Precheur, Plea. Me Ry Kefre known 3
oe. Atteodance all day, ous position on the South Forelends! POLITICAL | REVOLUTION = IN { ang Judy," Gipsy Caravan, Merry-go- #

: ‘. 5 a ———nonmmemen ther crew have not yet been rescued UNITED STATES,.

Premis3s, and Private Dwellings at THE CRIPPEN EXECUTION, New York Nov. oth | Hound, Vollsing. Shooilon fae

moderate prices The postponement of Crippen’s execu- | A political revolutions in the United | evening there there will be a Yocal 4

IN TH E MAR KET. s ° Ucn Je dus to the law uiring « fort. | Statev, rivaling any ever experienced, | ang Instrumental Concert at which x
‘ . PROMPT Axo fQul TABI E SETTLE: night to elapse between tha decision on }has taken place convecting the Ste | wilt assist the leadicog amateur i
e* Th St au appeal and the execution, and {s bot { publican majority of 47 lathe Ilouse | pinstciane in the colony. B atetedt b ei

2 . N So orcs. connected with American telegrarmaas- | of Stepresentatives into a Democratic NM ‘ z
wratermiamlamiaraelsias . ofticers of nM S. Sansa. There w! .

a eee —t vertlog that ble wife faliving and {etak- majority for the first time in 18 years be refreshments of all kloda daria }
OL Zousse FINANCIAL, COMMERCIAL, ng her revenge through his suepense, | of about e Democrats have o1s0 | the day and supper from 7.3) to u 4

Me Newton. Crippen’s solicitor, ledraft- Frined about Sseats iathe Senate. | ociock, midaight, As wa hi ‘

{ng a petition for bi leve, A] Messrs Viz, Wilson and Lsrmon bare . e nere *
INSURANCE AND GENERAL Poiladelphia despatch Bates that Sr. mme the leading candidates for plready stated i are will be attractions
‘AGENTS. Todin, & yer, asserte tbat Orippen’s | Democratic nomination for the Preal- log thatthe roceeds will be devoted
J wife isin # eanatorium in Chicago, and deney * to**awest charity” we b te be
we be produced alive pefore the date 1 pDY's, INVLUENCE FEUD able to Sanounce a Dumper attend:

of hiv execution, and tha av @ Demoératlo majorities were the
Loars made on Cocoa Estates hare, been sent io Mwashin ton to lne largest here Colonel Roosevelt was Mace, en
rest’the Etate Department in themat- ] most active, for@xample Senator De- ~~ we. Unk ef
ter. These “reporte ‘are ‘however ace | verid sthe loeding Western Insurgent Funeral of Mr, Louis Geofroy.
From $2,000 Upwards. cepted with reserve, and it fe authort. | Hepublican was defested forthe Hen- ~—

. tatlvely reported from Washington | ate by & Demoocatiomsjority of 12.1 The funeral of Me Louls Geofroy,
Without any Special Conditions that no action will be taken by the | President Tuft'e State, Oblo, elected | whose death waa announced in our
Â¥ Spec ONAUTONE T orate Department, the matter cons | Mr, Harmon for Gavernor by a mejor. yeaterday's leaue, tock place yesterdsy 4
cerning British fustice only. Ity of 40,009 and Colonel Hoosevelt's | morning, and was largely and reapoc- ®
AGENTS FOR THE CHINESE, DUMESTIO ‘AFFAIRS, | State aod home district, New York, | tably attended, despite the very incle- 4
. Despatches from Peking atate that jelected Mr, Dix for Governor by a | ment weather which prevall The
COMMIACIAL CAR COMPAKY’S the agitation for the earlier meatlog twajority of 65,000. Mr. Wileon the | service wae performed Rev. Father = 4
q rian ‘

i have also on hand a Fresh | 40:
; Shipment of SMITH BROSAND cO

hich Pilsener Beer"



. of Parllament has not been affected | Demoucgtle candidate for Governnr of { G. V. Suthe: OP., Parish Priest
Famous. Poter Delivery Vans |by the recent concession, althdugh | New Seroey was olected bya 81,00) [of Now Town, Sue deotror was for
Straker-Bquira Al’ Brivith ade | ote Detoe’Pantaesine'teesca | = ae Le years enY eaaanacads
quire Title § members lamented that, the loterval —_—— of inrbeaita watch ater on fevsloped 3
ore endang@ ancau aod comple! OF: er 4
MOTOR CAR, gered Mane Sinon during which Umebe recelved

seeeeg tue faci to be averted UF SED | the most devoted attention from his
+ vi @ moe ero alientio:
Uoparalieted record fn this Colooy. ec was only to beaverted by! MRE, D, CLARKG'S PROPO beloved wife nee Salleneyer) il toe i‘
ead came. ot Me

= For Sale by Machine.
M Trinidad Shipping & Trading Co,, Ltd. At20

7 RUN 6600 MILES without s ain acserabling Parllament within a year
a ~— — ELECTRIC MOTOR breakdowa, Uatalogas and particulars THE CANADIAN ORUISER “ RAIN. RETIREMENT. Gootroy, the wellknown florists des *
WNIDAD LINE OF STEAMERS 00 application. toi, nov oi, | WHO WHEE Bie ts SUCCESSOR? | ceased ‘was vary popalar with « ‘ona:
7 . ee Loria, b uv 1h ——~ amo ol er x
ELE the cruteer Hal b derstand thet Me, E. def of merchaote, and oth
vad Trakded, carrying Through Fraight for Tobsgo und Cleat Bolivar | Tn thoroughly good order LATEST TELEGRAMS nthe pralece s Malubomen the sednad | WY wunderstend bet presently on | po olfer our elucerest condolence to the

Pacifle | oral bas {ved aad ex- | vacation leave {a Hoyland, will return | boreaved relatives.
ne PROPOBED SAILING DATES, 1010, ge | Lie Rename Fitorohconvany | Eade caters pacts totes | itches ame We fr Den | pe ee eae
5 oad Leave Arrive Leave Artive - TOR SALE BR TRINIDADS GOVERNOR AND | trary tothe usual practice. Command: | to take up bla new appolatwent as ie qo are aeufferer from colds get
hast Now York = frinidad Trinidad = = New York. BRITISH GUIAN a's BISHOP er Blawart later exchanged official | Administrator General and Oficial | # boltle of Bicele's Ant! Coosumplive
Be ae fk eo Bee ATS Beye on Gog nee aoa the | Une Mae aaa, Adspicl, toga, | Mecelner tale farae etrerie, that | ford dust ng prals betowad on {de
ao) ta? we ui = ye ~_ who & vi te ‘emplemaa, | & teto relia a
RAQPOHKANAD'A” Sept, 10 7. bert. 20 ery aT Ucke PAUL H SCHBERBS & C0 Bisbo of British Guiana sail today Domtalon Minister of Toland Revenues itl ‘Me, Clarke's latention to retire | tobigh, It does alt that le pleimed
ADA’. we Bite FE we Ftpte BO oe DOE Bas ore 18 . VV. | fiom Southamptor. Ale McBride, Premier of British Co- | from the Goverament service on the | for it, and dove tt thoroughly. Do not
ie ay Si oe Cette Bone Cater 14. Orth, Bw Och 20 CANADA Nootes IN SOUTIT lumbia, and Mr, Morley, the Mayor, |Jith March next—a determination take any substitute for Hiekle’s Syrup,
SBAN ADs" Car 38 - Orit Bowe Nowe Taw Non It 41, MARINE SQUARE, ‘Ot, CANAULAN POLITICS. which hemade knows to the Beers. | becauee {8 le the best, having stbod tbe
Bibae’s — OT, 26 we Biv, @ = Nov, 32a Now 1 "Prom No. Lat. A despatch from the Caps Town Ottawa, Nov, Oth. [tary of State when acoeptiog pis test of years. All the best
BROFGits napar dees 18 ke de bee TD Dents — Y correspondent of the “timer alates | Ale. Forxet, a Cooservauire mentar | recent, sppaietment Gt, wag is | =
. . to e oon ree ic! ’
2 o w= dow 30 Dip 9 wa Deo, IT a “Dee, 85 Y Borden to resiga the bh di PRICES CURRENT.
y Fee, op Dete 23 . Dea, 31... Jeo 8 COCA ” COLA. rt bip as uel tothe ‘oes .
a Of AMADA" Dee, 4 = sn 8 Jan, Me Jan, 20 he Gea! meric 4 Is. tlon with, the opening, of the first slecilon of fir, Uber 1p fe rumoured New Yoas Nor: Ort
a Paameeecene| ‘ Geea- ment, 1a speec fe McBride Prom
ap the adore Steamers oall at the Toland of Revaada beth ways i m Amer a Os vide batietin Te “Toatant) dlacuned Columbia, Js willing to take theilender- gal Flour, Blanded 1 tears for | 0
vd ‘ . ~ . . ” in Prdets a
Di “ ‘ . The most nvigorating Aerated baver- the ably an guage probleme pelle wale tte orden who lsready rae eolthe general public who loog Meal Klin . ad pee Darrel O48) -2 90
MEDAN BHIPPING 4ND TRADING COMPANY, LIMEQED | aga koows. Jast secelred at “The MniaL respoxsiuitity |“oaNADV AND RECIPROCITY. |oince bad come to realize bie uns) Sor n's Pork per brio
, ’ TMP. Meavy Mess Povk per bri,
320, Youleay, Now York ned Part of Byes. Tricked, BW), Meus Wicow, Si plumber Sd—do. MUST Be CONSCIEN- The reciprocity: negotlations with |doubted worth ae a overnuent WUrystale ce °
rere — TIOUBLY wAgeD .. the United States continue. In wlols- | odiovr, The question of Mr Otar ‘ Bugar{ pdscovedoW beet l00lb 8.38 4
+ —— golog “The | terial circles resentmont fe felt at the soposed retirement opens up tbe English {elind Molasses


log article expresses | prematare and extreme opposition b: urther question of the sppola ment alloa—No quae
aud declares that th omlolon Standpatters and Drltlsb | of ble successor, For several months a

Dutch ia ‘south Africa, Uke the Freak taclff reformers, P ast, Ar, Ts J, Potter bas been Alling Cot Saiddilog Upland

t Liverpool per Tim 7
SH have the fullest pro. | DOMINIUA AND DIRECT MAIL ‘otttces of Adulnlatrator al
f totiow of all tbete Intesests witbin ibe BERVICH, Tal dtavelver, In. an schange Now York aad unas
Df t/ New Empire, but tha Domioion and the Domlolca 9th vides 1¢ ta | 9p, (ondon, 00 care mst
/ _ South African Union equally should | The following cesolution was pawed fadaittedthat bebas discharged the Loclon Mabt. 18558
ood remecaber that Imperial Privite eo will | by the Sounsi) atthe Domiulos A various duties of oftoe, efliclently aod | 141 Cocos N Yok hws
ABLE BRAp, * vaoleh unless Imperial responsibilities cultural and Como.erclal Hociety Ite] to the complete satisfaction of all B ”
KS OO ERS. Goods leotia fare. The latter | solved that In the spinion of this concerned, Jo tte pafimeamastancee LONDON te oe aie Oth.
waoen je tii
WITPERS, ° . sd the se Mall Be c we thiok Percws wn om 148 H146 -
adiaa Noval I by th that In justice to MI Musoov
: tendlog t lessen the ties between the | claime to Uimate spprintment to- an Floating terms tn Bond
TS TI TL that | Mother Country and these Colonies | oftice which he bee already filled duget SESE OW ee oe 20
W Shi pmen £ ofr the 4, aly fand leading to dimiglsh the trade pith ouch gatlefactlon, should | coralce er ew Beeb 88 % Lob, a0,
receive fatou eo oe! oO fon ses take
© Reccived a Large ro fs toe thi ° dovernment. Java Sugar % Gibraltac

of Channel for orders Hostlog

terms OWhe we 100
Deweoare itm Now. 6a] 103 tol14d, «
Trinidad Cocoa, G Middl ‘
fog Red perowth «ww
Cotton, Mediuu Fine Bea
{slands at Liverpool Nour perl, 18

INT Hj NA * C+ © © 1D Ss sree ia —_—_——_===

*DSILY NEW: Juevarron pe tux Uioon Cuow-

Kit TeHACTED ~ {impurities In the blond

To-day's Court List.
(Before Me. Acting Justice Weight)

*Daily News" says the Cava- efron defects lathe ection of tbe
dine Novy Beheme sprang, directly liver, They are revealed by planles

. t
| New : j ages and All-overs the naval ecare wh di d upsightly Llotehes ou the skis, Hauk of England rates of
|: Dross Goods, Last Fashious in Lacies Straws, Ribbons, Lace lovers, from tM, Irighten. the Uoloulee lato | They ‘aust be treated lowardly, and Ju Dang arT BU NMOREKA, Disoount = 7 Vme

. Uonso s = Whi
tlog the Japerlal Navy prema] for thie purpose there is po more See Young v Tabsrdon, Suilth Three per opat Tescteela Pare Ui

Heros, & Oo. vy Headersven, Deoyfue & | Petroleua Opticas we a

Os v Morile, Pellonals, vy Lassalle, | Weatera Oilfelds ~~ ROHS
Busith Brow & Oo v Bubran Jlosd. | Oiflelds 3 to | 8 discount, ‘
Leuab y Teelueksiog, Philp v Daly & | General ltotroleum 516 to 316 dgte
Auer, Valaslat v Attale. « * Guapo 43 fo #0

‘ equate preparation | effective compound to be used thea
tio sentiment, the result of | De. Kellogg's Vegetatle Pill, They
which jaa strong protest addressed to | act directly on the liverand by selalng
Koglsad. Kagllebunen, it adda, should | up bealthy processea have @ bene fiets!
beware of forcing the bands of Vola | sifeet upwn the blued, so that lwpurl-
pigh otatosmen or of pubstituting cons © peaare Alwioated,

i See Our Now Goods—_Keonost Prices.
| Roa RIwVONM &sHLWwAy. |

a —t

- , .
RETR ee at rar ea | See zor eter oes - Yow
OT RTS RIT TES TT Set awrta ane may |e . " toe ‘ + 1 .


7 ~ 3 Few Seientiis” Metaed

Netice. | FOR SALE, ‘Netice, tol

a Ts ALIN ARs. Neb psteriee pat cers: Meter Char-a-bane, of 1M TEAQHING.
Sewer Road, = The Stred,

au - - ae tat
~ ep “2

6 ® We somurenee’oa the snd Denote. wv seat nice persons. /

Use Trinidad Temper LimalseseesccSeE| cer et eee ue | sis = akan
aad gmanatities sangou TYPRWRITING SERED | pe wanqUed,Surgoo vai
s, ‘1 00 the aad no dae ‘ , eters .
SPRAYING PURPOSHS|"““iettee | C°S"him prt ae | CPE
ot “4 maND— _ ate : wonoa, we, ae alto Bee
‘ 4 ; « \ the Betate of the mn
TRIBFOAN “MANURIAL “LIME = [esnatixoco ere ST AAT aVa | Hine. Clotks— The Bost.
~~ FOR— date na clatese wit be eect 4 al malt i whe A. “Tee nadersigerd bot opesed op vader
FE -_ . NOTICE berets gree eee the HOTEL Seta. Beary (treet

F MANURAL PURPOSES, | sir. 10. 010-10. Ereentors, gersoee Tey often New BS, Fredertet @ bese i

Results will satisfy you, . {{/10. Bi-Certeery 1910,

The Trinidad Shipping and Trading Co., Lmtd

a r = ER Ne

37h, Jaty 180.

mast ba paid there and at po other rye
pines, er bo avy ovber pereos of perros The Fenest Stuffs
a] then the an 6
Dated this 27. day af Oetrber 1010, Seredhind



Gm Dentistry.



DR. L 8. MEIKLE] Pesce & trates Maren,

TT Hall,
MoDERATS Onanaeg, —03". Bm—tate |] Acd te notte the patronage (of


Tiéeldeal Disinfectant:


: Ewtenbintnect 28s,

? ac —
he stead Office Edinburgh, Scotiand B, EB, QUVIERES Patented Cecso a cinencial
Sr : ehine “an be acen at Mesere GoROON .
° eens . nant & Co's, 8 Vincent Hailding, Port. .
Boxee Dect RED oy " " we Stee ee poa oO ae br Lightning are msde good by FRESH SulPMENT of Spuv.n-2ind Outoner 1010. Fer eriNetee pirreatanebie tern
AocomuLarxp Foxbe oes os ney eee 1zsoni009 LOLS PLoS Wo, 270 Si, TO. ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, | from 63 to ® OO on ‘Town of Country
one eee see vee os f —Omee . of RAGE ee Properties will be taken in same varying
. My REID ence IGNED, belog_dis-
Nad geirmaaenane, CATE ARSOMDTS GepOITY bath pois CiaiZaiS yg wow Stommort | Lessiesins inst ae | actaty vrctsy ey el le | Henney tn Seay
LOANS ADVANCED on secarity of Policits up to 90 pet cour, of she | te We BONYUN & Co.Sub-Ageats, Sea ts ae E.G, F-ts both betore wad edd Bank of Venesnele eae Doe | and abutting on the Rane

render yalue at & per cent Interest ‘afoer the cigarette case which cost them

On any Finanelal matter consald “Caslnsro on the Benth al

. “ThAn AAaATN 10 id of ons Demint
vue MMBDIATE REDUCTION to home raten daring visite to Earope sn F OR S ALE . gold by every 1 toroegnes SIE her Hile 1S, have ralneet der T, Li—No, 9 St, Vincent St. | of ons Demalniges and
PROPOSALS ACCEPTED and Policios issued in the Woot Lodies wit. woe Colony wm me memberships I bave no farther, claim on sold L 7
reference to Hesd Ofce. . ——a WABRRANIED« ' ‘JOSHUA HARLEY, and abuttingoa the Maid
CLAIMS PAID tamediavely on prood of death aud vwttlemeot made . 7hY - Aa OVT oJ, Sotillo now or pall
@ any of the Company s Apencisr, One Pair of Oxen PURE. ‘ - ga the Bouth 04 jess
to ep fs . wholesome: +N THE Muraio aod on the Bip
LICTHES on which are fe sdinitted are oe ater a Yoav] partly broken to barneses also one AND 2uwiggormting 8 formeriy of Arveld Sql
, in. ., . ry ths o a
Siege | Rani ese patton P| aypeeited, ball lates, toe —— Price of Beef,| | ecctiug
ee - . highest to the “Buena Vista,” 6

parcelaof land tie
twolve scree 4: om
4When you buy your Brrr] | onthe Norib, South

from me you bave money | { sow or lately of the
lols to purchase vosetablea,» | Wetoe iat new
oc, Lam selling cheaper eb acresand sbeuiagg
than any one else in the Mar- 9} | Crowa lands on se a


The Barbados Mutual jn. ee

Various Systems of Insuranco,

and 4 os. QUARYS, each.

Price of Ice

| Every bottle nas cork |TOsDAY’S DATE,

ket.—Try me,

1 . branded. From to-day] those Prices
WAOLE.LIFEASIOKANCE.—By premlam peysble fot rte te tee of yoann, essere: Smith Bros. & Co) ann oarsuie xunvsseo, bold"gvod, 1
ENDOWMENT ASSURANCES—Payalve at a fixed dat jousdeata, | that you y . }
eae ee aeee eee eae ee ea ee aah { "MAK optarneD raenises | 96¢CAst you uel thgeanine artict- 18H (](] ner Top Delivered | jRoast & lb 10c.
os SALE ——e SPs
SHORT TERM ASSURANCE.—Aa'table asnecatity for temporary lousandknded IN BROADWAY, FOR Bal WB 2 XL, Brieket & Stewn » » ber edewo and oa the
Nowe arraogemente, "4 pee ree °
ANNUITY "ABSURANCE.—To sajure an annuity to the wife o4 the death cf the Whee they ars uodertakiog atl ease Rl | o the for moon 2 caate 0: and on & revive, and
ORILDREN’A ENDOWMENTS —Usafal as provision for education, * pg Miter Repiics, lociuding Motor BV ibs, for vx. ene 80 Conta =
RNLABUEABLH TERM ABSURANCE,—The largest | the mia anes, Van tes, Cars, Boata, aod M
outlay, giving the ao ouge Gt iow yreantara darlog the early ‘Yoare wt Stationery Motora~Octe 19—1m: Ohason St—Telaphons 199, 100 Ibs for se vor 60 cents Felix prepara 4 ad all these ste Sam
_ enters * held ander the p 2



For farther information please epp! Nov, 2ad—Im, Ordinedes the Frebitim
FHA Fe ite'eatd ‘Ward of Cage
acres, three rouds aad
be the same s litte
and with the

As a Christmas Present, | Bees dan

— ——
Weare oferlng our.eastomas & new Ine

Grand Bxeursion to Sangre
of FooT which we are makieg | Second thereof chants

% on rEace-uAKBWS DAY, uh Nova. Re eee cece ey seme, Rite | Becond ibereat »

— for a
m Tickets 00 Sale ad iba Bee Hive, Park | “sshlonable & lasting Shoo and sixteen p
Dood woinin nent : St, where poo can get bev made Creie | (ladies) Back or Tas) at $2.40 more oF less detio
— ea 3840, F Boo's and Hho, anda GE. Thompton, fand Men's Tan or Bleck (als and bourdarien Mal
Hae no equal a¢ & COMPLEXION PRE Bouts $3.00

63, Tragarete Koad. plan ancezed to them
StAven. Af Hieatio tered lo Volame Lf
ADAAR OKIN several ebade Roman ee Notice. i

Oar Spectalty te FOOTWEAR ade to | ded 02 the North a
— order, an_wellas good tises eom'e ree

Palmer's '# BIOIN-SUCCESS"* Baap le Modl- copcers. Al and FRENOM TWEEDS, which

Su a Falla, Meroe and Baths anes | O BODE Ut may eee portieciog | 00m offeri0g ab cost prioe, vane

Weat by Crowe
Soap for the Baby,
or osherelesdesting with property kaowa | = Gocd CUTTER on the Premiace.


PvBtic NOTICE is hereby given that ia
exercise of the Power of Sais conferred on
7 Mortgagest by the Coaveyaociog and Law of
y Property Ordiaance 1884 aod ¢ olained in a

Ty to
NOS BROWN K—Agont, Vort-of-Spain. 2 ARINIOAD,
LW. BONYON & ©O.—San Fernando,



SALT RHCUM Parga eee xm




Memorandum of Mortgage No. 4 dated the

= 7 - 7 ta

sant day of January 1909 frore_ Arthur Albert
3k St JA Wauwath aoe 1, Chases Newall there
. willl« t up for vale Py the undersigued at
Lo big Auc art No, 9¢ Harris Promenade in
Q y the Town of San Fernando on Wedoesday the
I : goth day of November agto, between the bours

Sl gy f

of ont and two .
All that parcel of faod situate in the Ward of
Oropruche jo the Islecd of Triaidad compriss
tog one lot being lot No, 978 of Supasia Village,
sod bounded oo the Nerih by lot No, 97 and by
lands Of Ballaso Rojas on tbe Souta by lands
of Toom1s Rodriguca aod by a street on the
East by ‘ands of Balblog Rejis and by a street
andon the Wier by lot No, 97 and by lands
of Thos, Rotrigues,
A! = Dated this 81h day of October 1910,

ong oe on

tbereof altuate is
Palmer's *' BLOOD-SUCCESS 1" Romety tg Crus comprising

SOaiateble, efective Blog Punter and Family fae No Keate Strevt, daa Verusodo. The

ea atremptiog to mortgage the came

\. 4 listle more oF lout
Seid by Druggiate al ever the World, ave no loterest whaterer iherelo, jes the

RODBIGUEZ & Co, | Shsgbaeal end ws

i fa bone Bie property. ceghtored in Voleme im

= Prev ident Guceatet ty | “Daceaidusionh dey'ol Oorsoer, 2910, | “LA MODBRNA,” 18, Frederiok Bt. Eoroded on te Kook

ie de i af: ,

. The ‘Wargon. Dey G



TéLEPHoxE No, 70, lands and oa
Nov, dthemQw Bivas oo the

Urder the Food and Drace Act of J . mark, ;
FIRE RISKS oa all Winds of Bro weooxty aa tt, | Wivneset MRLEN LA CHAPELLE, aint — sod G Rivas aad
perties accepted by ~ ow. wy 1 UTICE ie hereby given that all eredit- | Lorme and by O
. . ™ 5 | om AOAC AP, ric 8 0 6 § N ora aud persons baring apy eleima ie cate of ticle Ls ise
cunzs 5 The North British & wlercaolile Sole Agent —14, Fretorick Btreat, demande upon or sgalaat the Estate of | be Real
** Malarlal Fi ; Apply for Free Samples, Gasarat io thls Island who died on thetih | ated thie
eu Malartal VVCrs ie , = THE" FROM day of Jonasy 1910 acd whose WIil was Y. -
Does not leave bad effect like quinine—such as 7 INSURANCE CO LT . so proved b oaren Allof Cala Chin Boss Coven
disturbed vision’ disordered stomach, eutabliahed 280w Trinidad Elecurj 8 Oo tend te z te atone banned thee oa os i. SILeTOR ere
enews . a i ogus the OF!
© = Toral Funds at Slat December, XoMeraiceack, ’ . a ban Coase of Telaload aad Tobago tre hereby DAY OF
TRINIDAD, 1908. soccccvcerst S19,875.357 0 0 eet . th clei ‘ UBLIC NOTI :
IT WI LL PAY Y0 0 Roast & STEAK 12¢. leeteat Ail one felore thee tated P fo exerelse of _

| ORea Noclee se beret of

ad Notice je bereby aleo given that
stay (hat date the seid Mecoator will spd ountained, ta P
pricocd to duttibate the assests of the ones
decoaced am wg ibe parties entitled theres 1002 frow .

Ya the Suprime Court of Triadad and Teb9g9 4 Total Kovonuo for yoar 1Â¥09
~To frat= No, 7 of agra 1 Bashroptey. 24495,606 7 10

Io the matter of The strong position beld by the Com
Joba Whartons-Hanhrupt Dy as set forth by the above 9;
JOSEPH GONZALEZ| Fa-panie, R Hendersion—Creditor thould tz ped toall those who desire sate


Electric Bulbs, Brisker & STEW 1Ce.

Ware Just received fron Hamborg

, 8 HENY STREST, UBLIC NOTICE te bereby gives that by losuraccs e lerce abipment of Ube will haves Bonk - a - U6 ta, baring regard os! Asroa. 6 Mobam
t WOLTVHAM, high sticte C, | 8. baving regard only to claims of which
* Yor Hardware, Glaaeware and | a, an cite ot iiitioneer wecuet juice | CLAIMS PROMPTLY SETILED |etoaramu near Paces’ ee ee 8 * J sigeals Zcosator shan chen bare notice | OF PMO Ne
Rarthenware . Octohar tor, tbe Acting Administratce Genes ! Vall arly and secure whet jou may eee (Qeeesrsee, a * hot be liable fur ibe assets ban Ferunode 00 Wm
. =~0= ral asd Gadd Receiver, ha been appointed Bole Agents foe Pus Dorertmens require 8. D, HARDING peteon tf whose deteon ale be dey of Norember
: -O-— ’ ‘Trontes of the property of ibe baokrups. * » . then have bed cots b ul coe oad bwe ps ae
- Wholowale and Rotail | .fvesernscenstecsamesoo o | ue trinidad “Shipplag & tradlog = | ORONEY &:C0, | terest seo | eyctacntns
j. ROPE ALL SIZES the Trasiee, and all debts due 10 104 baalrupt op td f h : oe e AUGUSTUS be BROWN ON ko 14 B Moste Oe
[TO q 30: —— av ALL Medine Sweet ts Me
WAITE poraon LINES Deed thle Hain ey ot Oe OMESON, _| MARINE INSURANCE effected on Cargo echnical Tostruction. 1D 18th Cetr 1910, OE BOP Frewniw, HASAKAT ALT | paranda sed oe
PUDDING mts, awa, Istrar "| Upecla, {Guld or Milver) aod Reglatered Farris . ———— Cn aecnenoem § Upon tends of the
GALVANIZE WIR the ° SALE FOR WEDNESD Proucie Joequin snd ea ©
DOOKU Ooi THE PULBIC mavlee iusUzaNse co LID’ nike wba hare ak aad "> A Now Panama Hat 7 DAY OF NOVES ICS, Fon ote te lande of of aul :
8 heren: tied that plied to the Ciscular Latter of the ° ——
Cart Gacase in 3b tina, Ladies and ] tela “patrucment in, Welvor dated Of BOWRONn & Sroard of ludustrual Trajeicg of the 87h f If you iutend buyiog » Canama eee re eer iil pat up for Sale by

Basting Spoons, Mousehold, Kitcben [the 2Â¥h dey of Octoler 1910, L[SAPITAM =~ = om Aluuuug | eptember Test on the proposal to

P r taste a6
andBtable requisites al] as ususl | bave beso: appototed Meceiver cf the ReDEEVE oe wee owe hBOUUUY | Fatablish 6 clase ce classts of lostruction a Wedoeeday he Jou Goya renee Hin th

Hat fom 6 to'29 shillings 0 Wedoeddsy the 10h day of November in ibe town cd

“OE ger

ches “St Mary "sod “St. Charles’ Fatat io modeto metLods of farriery are * between the b pd . founding on ,
tar Special attention to Wholesale ibe property, of Mary Eluscbeth Wairee Agenta—THE CHINIDAD SHIP | Hasegted 10 do v0 by the eb of thu] A Bargain Awaits You pele nla Paral of land Hist on patsy oeage of
Customers. hive or dead stock belongieg to the eitd : : 1 . D. MATIN, c Mi Oropoucbe tke property of ‘rs teorce | West Bpon Pi tia0t e al
JOSEPIL G ONZALEZ, tase ara requited to datver the wtiae PING 4 TRADING Co. LTD 3d Novewter, wie S Coelemén LA ENS, lage scbeage aa sda compile : "band teh aah ag a
( . ; 5 : . $o
‘ 3 Hany Starr. Rot Nothee fa farther given that ali | ? eres eng Corner Duke and George Bueate, | soods and fuur pe-ches of feitile ceil wite eee

ERNE ”" : SS
r Anu Constination TADS | teins eee ea oe att, Ae DORS BOT SOIL THE BRUSH STILL LEADING.

from the femous pres riptioa wlove pemed Hatates, LANG'S WII Lalng’s Fevouite Airted Wattre-~Pure,

Ber TaLeruvce 15 e river through the same. 19 ts
two wiles of ibe Peleasica Vil Wield cod

Mi a N EY bees good driving road. Title lodeleasi

of Ble Andrew Ciatk. Dose Saal. tal tbia let d ; ITE CARWULIO | Wheesome, Byarkt DYANUED Ia Further particulars can Le obtaiced
Msies Vp F bo De VALTER Hew ieee eTown, paied feb every wore eee ee A Wnty bein de Steeleye oe nme | the waderalgued,

TRINIDAD LOAN 60, wed Wee Bae diy of October, 1810,

33 Viedechs Gacew Auctiouscs,

Get themat Bawlins’s Drog Store


. Zi ake. thee, (Ware ord
Uoouzla Bhatisu ruayacy, Tetepboue Noy 86, Beysh Phase


7 Fee TF ¥ :

That Desirable

‘Dwelling douse and Land
' Dwelling douse and Lan

Dining & Drawing Rooms and 4 Bed rooms, also front gallery
: , and uscal out offices. Water laid on,




“There¥are the usual out offices with Carriage and Stable,
alr > stone’ stops leading down to tho river.
t Inspection invited. No reasonable offergwill be tefuss

‘Schoener & Co.




Choap For Cash


Or onfthe Hire Purchase System, Remember the
*ADLER’ Works have just secured the Granada

Prizo « the Brussels Exhibition, For prices
&o, call on .
68, South Quay.
kFhone Ss. i


STLO BS fi 1

Xmas Trade is Here

finest lot of Footwear ever brought
to! the} Colony |

ie yy

and comprises the


ca ea kvory hind of Shee for evory-

Lody—-mon, women, childrea
end babies ; Shoos for every aga
tvory business, evory dress and
139 A st08 every pastims Whother you

walk or ride fish or hunt, or whethor you bke t> be creased
up and kept so, we bavo
shoes for all these uses and
purposes. .

Gur prices too aro right
Glance over this list of formid-
ablu Margains or Lotter atill
call and ees for yourself f

Veu's Patont siucber Welt—
$144 to 64100 pair.

Men's Orloured Vici Blucber
Welt ~ $1.80 to 23.60 pair,
Wow Balkan Kid, Opera Too—

$120 to £300 pair
do, ac de


PIO OOOO 9900 VOC 2000 9000 007 60~v 0000 8000

. “The Lowest Prices Al WAYS'




°. Qa. :


greece of they Major J. Bell Symth who arrived] —
ra neee Club {Asecciecad 3P de here oy thd tan6 Royal Mail Seamer

Desemtro} le convened to take piece | will bd here on month's vielt after
on Buedey 1th Instant, at3 em. for | which he returas to the old country,



eae the p of ing with the
foal reetiog lea ‘of the
Boarves with rateed, Aesocionlontatd forte pares ctdent HARBOUR AND MARINE NOTES,
worked designs, — fringed log with other matters of Importance. |, amon merchants and 1 bankers
—_ teat, esterday ed | connected wit e es
gee—The la ayiterier Kivi bea “a astreculous | Boaland;: cave vie Week Tadia Gon
$1.24 te 528,00, escepe with hislife. It he wae {‘roitiee, “there is a complete unan

waadi on the spot.
intended to erect
entrance of the few .
ou the ra wey rmalees,

ity of opinion; the Mat! Scheme of
ere le tet ob oyal Commisaion locked upon

a te to the | the
poad them as quite unsuitable to the
which bee regalreinente ct thealtuation. Accord.


~UF. |


a Neck weg



to the latest available Blue-booke,
Bevve ew hen ne oer Wilzona motor total trade between the West Inv
lorries up, dashed into him | die and Great Britain amounts to

0,221,340 4 year—(expdris £2,300,116 5
knoeking him down violently, Thea] tmporte #4801 3X)—and Is likely to
dciver of the lorry wae evading a cab [increase If a British preference h Py
when the scoident occurred. Argyle nted by the West lodies itt as
msdead te clutch’at the Seblcte, n suggested that the Wet To lies
and ia zac, he the palm of | mlebt have received earfler Intlmation
his hand lacerated. fiz atec teceived | of the threatened change, The blame
a paety cot on the back of the band, { for the omlesion to‘convey it to them
and one of the wheels passed over his | cannot be Isid at the door of the Oom-
foot. Fortunately ha was none the | pany, for notice to terminate the pre-

- ° bet: he tout of the way,
Port-of-Spain Garette) | Knceting bien advo, viol
Published sue Montage ater tne Hott
dayt excepted, at tha 0 &, Vincept
Street, Port of Spain.

Advertinecnents ol Births, | Deaths, aod
declaimers (wbich wast’be autbentt


sent poundage system waa given by It- Call & se .
oes Pr tbe 4 wre ot sore aod’ ‘eben eee ee Marat, cone to the Fost fice a far back ae May F Heo Our Rew i
for at o/6 can te be tend E' | stable Kirby if by would like to be {lash and ft fe much to be re Which focludes the very tii

Cooual Advertisements ot every descriptions
mes 64 per week; 90 6d pe forts
aight, pee month per ioc! to be

Want “oe 8d be
wee tae bd per week each, to

thatthe Oolonles were note
ingen? the horpital, be said he wae notified earlier.”

a sale of obsolete Dritlsh warships
letan allway | took place recen al javeppor
Golteetor ot Pesce ad resent Dockyard, where Messrs Fuller, Hor
ly been awarded « Diploma of “ the | scy, Sone and Caesell offered foe aale
highest merit’ for Bock-keeplng from | by auction the old battleshi “Howe”
the world famed Comme Tres: 1030 tone diapl., and “Kdinburgt.’
dence Behools of Roehester, New | 0,420 tons diepl, the old bulk De
York. andie now studying Hoglish | dee IL,” 8724, tons dispL, the tug
ammer and Compost! ‘as taught | “Perseverance,” 006 tons displ... the
Eyitbe Pitman Metro School, | torpedo-boat destroyer “Swordfish,
London. Bince his transfer from the | 530 tone displ, and the torpedo-boat
Tunapune Station, where he was} “No. 106.” 99 tons displ. Tl @ hatte.
Station Master for @ Httle over four | ships “Howe” and “Edinburgh” were
years, Mr, Bates has been devoting | #0! to Mesua Thomas Ward,
much of his spare time to Mall course | Ltd. Shefileld, for £25,100 and £19.40
study with the above noted results. | respectively 3 the “Tenedos IL” to Me,
oilers “eluularly tasted ee go and | the ‘swordiaay for £1510" and the
others = similar’ Da an e fi )
doltkewisa 0 & ¥ torpedo-boat “No, 108” for £305

We have been requested to state] The-seagolng tralning ship of the
that a 7 o'clock thie motaing there | Argentine Navy, the‘ Presidente Sate
will be « ‘month's mind” Hequlem | miento,” whic id usa visit during
Mass celebrated at the family mau-} the month of August last, will, wa
soleum, Lapeyrouse Cemetery, for the | understand, return to thie port oa her
repose of the soul of the late Felicia | homeward trip from the United States

A correspondent writest Mr.



ost Marine Square & Chase Qi

FAlice acd Publisher ,., A PT Anan,
aoagee sk ue Te AVGHLI
Cashiee = &JeH, For: *

All Cheques soot to the office of this in
payment of bills should be taude\peyable
10 ThePort-ef-S pase Gavette.

To ConausroxDEyTs,

We do no} bold ourselves responsible lor, aor
do we pecessarily endorse (be opinions
oxoreased by out Correspondents In our
Col wns, Ail letters must be accor:
penled by the real signature of tbe writer,
Oot pocescarily for publication, but asa
guaranies of good faith, Rejected mane
seripes Cannot be returned

Advertising Soale on Application
Subse erp A oe cf. per year
Payable te adasncemPost ee extra r




SS ees

Current Events. toni ber cruise from Buenos T
ee Rambert, _ on econ 3uly Tub, “the * Presidente Li M i E D,
TO-DAY. By the last Hoyal Mail Steamer {| Sarmiento” visited Trinidad, La Guay-
First Quarter of the Moon, arriving here, Messrs W. CO, Rose & | ra, Colon, Vera Cras and New Orleans,

Supreme Court—10.30 a.m.
Chamber of Cominerce—12,3¢ p.m.

Co of the Colonial Dispensary, re-| This veseel has on board the mid

celved a consigament of daligattal sbipmen of h ha Perera eee onl
i . cademy w

teed focal dod ‘ted before’ the stock tecbnicel ccuree and are being shown

[ (OTE

New Goo

—— fy sold out the Navy yardsand great 8 ipbuoild

ve th. , kk} —~ ne . Ing plantein the United States, The

caer’ Games par ts Ot Several ersouns were prosecuted | Bieaidente dSarmiento™ was bulllt

Byun, to inidnight. before Mr. 11 D. Luggins yesterday [at Birkenhead in 1807 She iscf

—_— eeping stagnant water. on their | teel, sheathed and coppered and ship
for eer & ack inl fined 6) cente j rigged. Herdemenoins are, kngth

utone—Mr Lewis Mernard wha was | 205 feet. beam di feet, depth Zt fret,
fined 6 shillings, Eis AVorahip adjudg | ttean draught. 18 feet 6 Inches, die
Ing him to be iu a better position than Pitcement 2,73) tons, speed at 2,000
the others, hp. 13 knots She bas eingle-ecrew,

Sate of aparcel of land situated In
the Ward of Upper Caroni by F. J.
Scott & Son—1 pin,

High Water Morn 8.52 Even 925 p.m.

triple expansion engines, two cytindri- 7 - i
gon sets. a ~ ean pu Mrs. and Mies Centeno, accompanied | cal return tubes, and two Niclausse 4 AR wb HY V ‘3 N
Mooneeta a. . Morn. by Mr, Usnteno, Jor. are expected to | boilers withadonkey bgfler for auxi- : . .
eemeen a visit -her¢, arriving by the next Nary engines. Ler srmament con- ,
SEE PACE 2 FOR eis Steamer. After a abort stay | alete of five 4.7in guns, and 14 auto. ; /
Oty Poli ara, and Mise Centeno, will take | matic guns, hesides two 13 In torpedo ri
nty Police Court, up residence {in Barbados, while {t | tubes, one of which islocated fn the

E PAC OR bow. Her usual complement fs about ne s

st EGF

le reported that Mr, Centeno Jar., will
look after his father's interests,

Messrs. Wilsona (G & T) Ltd are io
receipt of the advance proofe of Mr.
da Costa's favourite HougAfon with
Keeble u in natural colours,—
reproduced by the world ‘famed firm
of colour printers Messrs. Alf Cooke &
Oo., of Leeds. The picture id really
acplendid one, giving the crowded
grandstand as a background, and will
show to fine advantage well framed
up. Wedo not know the conditions
for presentation just yat, but we all
the eame advise sporting inclined
folke to inepect the two plotures on
exhibition ‘x the store’s show cases,

Ja France Colontale (Martinique)
publishes the following plaint from
— ndenti “One must vis

M. Chardien, clerk of the Oustoms } Guadeloupe to hear recounted uae
(Guadeloupe) baring apat In the face: equalled enormitier, Legitinus bas
of M. Charles Dubois, « Munictpal | been convicted and sentenced to twa

Councillor of Polaote a Pitray « 820 | yours imprisonment. This happened

400 officersand men and her Captain
is Commander Enrique Fliees

The New Railway Extension,

Tus Crpeno Raitway Diervre

We understand that three engineers
appointed (of the Sve) for the proposed
railway extensions will bé arriving in
the colony by the next mall; the other
two will follow soon after. It lestatad
that Mr. Marwood, jnr,, will not be
among the number, but that young
Mr, Tomlinson will be oomingout It
will atso be good news toall to know
that the belated Oipero Railway quea-
tlon has beer ecttled, therefore the two
extensions will be, for all practical
, started elmaltancously.

When Yon are Attacked ; Art

of Defence, New Police Tactics

Our Article on “ The Savings

tf the People” ; Suprems Court

Watching Digestion by X-


"Lhan Ever, -’






000000000000 900000000003 9000000000



The organ of St, Margaret's Church.
Belmont which has for some time been
in need of a general overhauling, te at
preeent In the hands of Mr. Ball


duel resulted In which Br, Dubols got Shout a month ego andthe case will —w
tbe worse, bie shoulder baving gotwbe heard by the Court of Appeal, OASUALS ys ST. MARY'S
jojured , Bight da so Yprevious he or; anleed 6 COLLEGE.

News wae received by NM. Adolphe
Lara, Editor of “Nouvelliste” of
Guadeloupe, giting the _beat- ae
counts of a number fewales
who eft there for Quebec,
Canada. Jt ie presuined that many
others will follow, the conditions over
there belng most acceptable.

The Pacis Journal publishes a feng:
thy article dealing with the Foung
Prince of Dahomey Arini Ouanilo, son
of the late King of Dabomey, Behan-
in Haldjere Hossu Bowelle more gene-
rally known es Debanzla. It will be

subscription banquet to which the
President and other members of the
Court contributed, The banquet took
ace an wat rea nves

Governor Gautret, Frith Legttinus at, | the Western goal At the very start
hlaright, Yes, truly one must visit | Casuals madea determined rush aod
Guadeloupe avd Guadeloupe only, to | C&ttied the ball into the Students
bebvid a thorough reveree of tradi. | territory, but Clarke intercepted and
tions to eee a complete dissdlution cleared desutit by arell eee “clearede

of manners,~sdim nistrative and Heid then got possession and fading
biunself hard-pressed passed to Grell
who shot but the ball went over the bar,
Ecclea made a run along the right wing
with the ball at his toes and centred to
Neville Grell who fouod no difficulty

Casuale having won the toss At,
' Mary's kicked off fo the direction of



Four persons were charged at the
City Police Court yesterday by { .
tor’ Holder ofthe Water Authority

with wasting water, andtwo women
Fy the French Gnvernmentand batt with » meabloy eiotiee at a stand ips, malehy ae ear fime fbb IN UE MILLINARY SHOWROOM as
ve some yearelin Martinique, Quaniilo ; eveu n front of St, Mary's seen tho very Ia Lols i ‘
fe now studying law at Dordeaua where Gia sand tietslive rot tevea dayne” xoal where the Casusls by Roe Ty Istest mocols in

be is making brilliant progreas,

Conséquent on the locreaaliig daily
requests (sometinies over #) daily) for
aevetaoce from public funds, Gaverpor
Foureaun, of Martinique, has been
compelled to address the public of
(hat foland exprovelng hie regret
that the funds for this purpose are
completely exhausted therefore it was
ueelese to uest toficial charity.”
Inthe caseof the too very frequent
spplications for government employ.
ment In offices &e.. Mr, Foureau slates
that he hae decided In every ease to
have competitive erauloations for
vacancies, and thet notice of avy
vacancies willin future be made la
the newspspere so as to prepare
poss ble competitors.

Amooget the passengers who arrived
here by the Jt M, Steamer from Eng.
land on Tuesday, was Nr. George
Aleton, seolor partner cf the firm of
George Alston & Coy,, of this city,
and aleo senior partner of a large busl-
nees concern jo London, under the
atyle of Alston, Arbuthnot &Ooy. Mr.
Alaton who pald 6 previoss visié ta the
colony about seven years ago, fa at
preset staylog at Goveroment House,
t. Anns,

combined play worked the ball War
ner cleated and fisted out Ina darlog
mavoer and the ball wag returned ta
Casuale end, Avother rush to St
Mary's end then resulted inthe eeeond

Beveral persone were prosecuted be-
fore Me II. D. Mugging yesterday for
keeplog eta nant wer on thele are
nilwes ach was fine ‘geach, bu! eal being acored by W Eccle
one—Mr Lewie Bernard, who was eaded ed Bome devultore Ney ta.
fined be, Mis Worship adjudying blin | towed ead on Itochtord Getting pos
to bein a better position than the soasion, a fine bit of eumbination was
others. witnessed between thet player and

It le rumoured that the Secretary of Neville Grell, Ecclea who fasver onthe

State to whom the matter was referred elert gasped Op and, feplstered the

has decided that the Lon, OU, David's "a backs
retainer of £00 forthe defence of the could reallze the situation, ion eer,
the” Casush) a free kick

—— = Bs


Millinery * Trimmings






fer on General before the recent fell to quick
ea) Commission of Toquiry, mus

be pald by the local Government. It notbtog tangible eine | Soon after
will be rememberod that the Govern: | fold scored the fourth gout pee
oniy tothe eatentof Ey and the [MAME end half time was enncunced
balance had to be made te pith the acore standing at Casualu 4.
Dr. Clare bimeelf, We learn that the
Downing Street decision will occupy
thg attention of the Jocal Executive,

Casuale but

Marys 0,

In the opening of the second half,
lay became spirited and the bet!
ravelled to and from without any-
thing noticeable belong done The
tiret Foal fo the second beif was shot
by John Rochford who scored anuther
spon after by @ clever bis uf combi-
bation with Neville Grell. At this
stage the Maroons” were com.
piste masters and try how they may
‘he bors could not get the bs! se |

Yesterday afternoon the Venexuclan
schooner “Mercedes Jullo’ wae detaia-
od by the (Customs Autboritles for bay.
lng secreted in a false compartment
abuut 300 cigars, and a slmilar number
of cigarettes, The matter le la the
hands of the Collector of Customs,

from thelr quarte:
M. Restanu, an engineer employed at Mw more tent ne male

Two phanomobile were landed here | tle sounded, two more

it both o} which Were

oala went to

are constructed onthe trieyele pifn-
ciple, the wheels being very massive,
aud are protected by a non-sk Idding
band @ larger of the vebicles ie
teovided with three seats, aod the
viber witb ous,

“oa QO wa KENEsIS

te, da
lor Queen's Royal Uullege

soured three goals

versariva phe Ae Bpelost ibe

(sine d'Arbuusler, in the suburb of { resterday for the fret tle, They | Casuals cre , NOVE LTIES in -
Polute a Pitre, Guadeloupe, ia con- J formed part of the by the RMS by Nevillé Grell, Nothing further u

structing on aeroplane of the Bleriot | ‘Clyde from Eo sland on Tuesday, | beicg scored, Casuale were lef vietori.

tyres As soon ae the motor; which [ and are consigoed to Nr Ardagh, | U8 with goaleto nil, tt, Marys

he has ordered from France, arrives | visitor to the colony, who fe staying af | P*ver scored @ siagle goal and oever :

be proposes to Ay over the place de la | the Queen's Park Hotel, The vehicles | looked like making one, Ven

Membere of the = Port of-Spalo
Friendly Society are bereby reminded
of the general” meeting to be held
Uhiv evening at Bu cluck precisely,



Leming Wraps


ba, Hi
Rubber from Oastilloa later ja fa a me qurernen


BO eT mang Pe * PHP oe eee STE ET YT 5 nye TEE A EL, TE TS ETE TE eT 7
# “y . - . me © a
’ +e ° ; 1 ; . . i. .
4 4 oe |
’ we " .
— 7A * 22 . Jenn RRNA 6,

4 . elk Fe Tweodee 4 J =y e

E a ee . . _- Departmen ure Hitvea—TFhe late Acsistant Direo- of preet, benefit to the Cattle Ia-

i re Lc Aeriealtare Yiclded lefex ta geod Acsatily’ here ire cation nt probibiting the I ‘

, ie etex ia aaa es estion of pro: iD; exe

: ey ve varieties te recupe| Reatehiteesalnie tes Wins | ratonst pers trace oS WWUNLAL i
a. . t comparison wi rou eo the *
; \ / of e peciel Berenomledee the receipt Eastilioa, msde a special effort, to, ime older calturn but the proposale were ee . .

F . rt a quen o€ Hevea seeds fro rt 8 etleable. .

é. contaige enant of Agriculture which | Fialagat Ihle was “unferunsiely Iigatineecthe ovement: Vetert: Distinctive Tailoring

Re . on the various institutions trolled hes aseucceteful as was antic pated, nary Surgeon reports favourably on » ot

. by the Department, We tale the fol. { OL we fires 15,000 ereds only about the healthint the Live Stock,
ys lowing extracts from the Din toe of BUCO germinated, of subsequent lote TOBAGO FARM * .

5; culture's general ommere” tthe of 1,108,000 only one germinated, } The question of the large excess of . 4

> \ | reports a POO eee ER, ell, bovever bs | expenditure, over receipts, vince the NEWEST DESIGNS «
fs mi jatrodu 8 es ut of a branch Farm ai

P RINCIP AL AGRICULTURAL CaemiLLoaA +The reparation “of the ore the consideration 1- ' Loe
1 ve ~e

taken from the
but for this year the


The export values and quantities are
Gustons Btatiatics t
returns are made
np tothe 31st Decembee instead of to

Slat Bt
from 1001 omwente 'm previous years
F % ‘ 4) ‘aluer tithe
p/St. “Ignatius Bay ceo .crgtess a Seams
: ? Melessee. ean cc thet tone
; (eo Ae Ae, Hom, - sen) "Bape
oe ” B2002 4
. Ooconuta.,, EL983 |.
rf Jast Khoroughl Repaired, Copra Toi Rae ie
Painted an urnis ed] Coconut Meal 23% 08.210 ,
° 8,908 gale
. Rruly—.., 20,808 ~
. AND ga | Gotten as 468 8,586 Ibe,
| jo actically New, Timber, ato —
a a MbET, v0 ved
3 r Habber, im 1988 0, 13,885 Ibe.
A ve + tos
Fi GEO. R. ALSTON & CO, Hidewsnd’ 4077 “3,001 No,
i . os
CO ————————————— ~ dD rotaty eneot
; valu








fA RE OELEBRATED for their rich, powerful sing-
‘kiag quality and light responsive touch, The
Betevod mathod of construction etc. have resulted
iag the Wallis Fianofortes in the foremost
a best Makers whethor English or Continental.



*HEÂ¥O 80a -


ing and Repairing-—A Speciality

5 Not Miss -


1 Jewellery

— AT —

A Superb Collectionjof



edding and Signet Rings




canes of each farmer
and the average income cooly

of one district,
this district fe
causes, bub t
detinitely ascertained,

yeer bas been about $11.53 per 110 Ibe
in the local market.

and Inepection have been received from
aficm largely interested In Trinidad
sideration : but there can be no doubt
that the adoption of a standard guar-
anteed by
the greatest possible advantage to
shippers of Trinidad Cacao. The Cacao
Placter’s Association has worked on
these fines for some timé past, and
with marked benefit to its members,

work bas been done by the Board's In-
spectore amon . Pro
prietors. Heceived at fret with sue
picion, andat times with inditference

ceeded in galning the confidence of
the yoajority of these most conserva-
tive of cultivators, The Inspectora
svere chosen on account of their 1

tates successfull:
considerably fa
in their position. The:
show how canker could be removed,
héw estates®could be kept in s healthy
ep coguised, and how they should be
treated when Fecognised.

that the Agricultural Iaspectors were
practical planters like themselves bus
with a better knowledge of cacao cul-
UUyation, that Loey

estates with the obj
taxation, tuat their services were
gratuitous, and that thoee who follow-
ed thelr instructions bad done so with
advantage to their cultivation without
apy greater expenditure of labour
than before, but with the sam
lose, amount of jsbour intelligently ap
plied. That there bas bees «# consid:
erable amount of unlatelligent labour
atpended on small
evident to anyone visiting them ;a0d
it ts easy to understand how this
leads, as it sootten does, to cultural
operations belp
the trees and pic!
duced by them.

ably good and on one tetate an aver.
se yield ofover 36 tons was obtained.
It was ® great dleappointment to find
tbat the sucrose content of the juice
was considerably lower than usual
aod that the yield of sugar was below
the yearly averaze In consequence.

ia the exports ofthe Colony, A
eer with long experience
Paper i nul
ton bettee results may be expected,

justice tot.

the hear
ut the wall
Toe juice gave
baie Ubat thie cane will prove a valus-

ble introduction.

thatthere were 11,401 Cane Farmers
who sold 151,683 tons of
937.817 or at the average rile of (2.19

"7 gel Gold Brooches} zie:

The cacao exports amounted to

51,675,000 Iba—the bigest yet recorded
There should be # steady
yearly owing to young trees atriving
at bearing age.
should more than counter-balance any
diminution of the yield on old or
neglected eatates,


@. yield from these

he increase was, with the exception
Reneral. The lose in
pre ably due to climatic
ese have not yet been

The average price of cacao for the
Porposale for Government etandards
Tha matter letill under con-

overnment would of

the email cacao

nd even refusal they, by the exercise
(tact and discretion, gradually suc-

ractical experience, and because they
adintbe management ofcacso ea-

‘adopted methode
vance of other men
were able to

ow diseases could be re-

The small proprietors socn realised

did not visit the

object of increasing

eacao estates is

redaced ta pruning
ADs the few pods pro-

The growth of canes Swae remark:

Paper pulp appears for tbe first


anufacture hes been engaged

and under his direc-


Those recelred trom Britieh Gulans

ave been grown at Nt Clair, but the

vailable 8 was inaufticient to do
ie growth.

‘The Queensland Cane bss not given

yleld that was expected?

atSt. Olalr is a poor one.

resuita, aod under

6 conditions It fe pro~

OUane Fanuina—The returns show
cane for

The erersge production of
only 136 tons
lodividually sbesid
show something betier


KETS BAH-RINGS The market prices tor these con
MIGLES . SAFETY PINS tious to be remunerative aod future,
Me . prospects are good. The eztension
, of thie culdivation ie solng op steadily
PEARL PENDAN T S andcen selely onDulh

From returns received from plant.

crease iv sufiiciently encouraging to
justify further .efforte to establish a
jarger trade in Havana, We bave
Jearned the beat stage at which to cut

cured # market, Luu steamers are pro-
British Weet todien Fruit Cowpan
agency through which regular
pes caa be obtained, we Gave sure
muunted most of the Initial diMoulties
and those yet remainia;
importance, We sho
peers on the present position. It wili
average nett price of BS cents per

November, 1008, and {
figures showing « nett price of 21 cents

able coodition, and ja sixteen pre-
January, 19:0, 100 per cent, have

of the Government and subsequent!

of the Legislative Counc! by whom it
waa refecred to'thé Board of Agrical-
ture. Proposals wore approved for

the reduction of the expenditure from . . e e
£1,000 to £500, meklog with £100 re-
celpta for fees, ete., a nett expenditure ‘
of about £10 This could be dons by f,
Nmiting the stock kept at the Tobago
Farm to those actually ulred for
improving the breeds, and by dispoa-
fog of the surplus stock. These desir.

more advanced position in this Oolony
than eleawhere. Previons to the intro=
duction of the machine patented
Me. Harry 8, Smith of Tobago the ol
tedious procese of washiog and cream
ing was practiced, and the resulte
were not eatisfactory, Hy thes ald of
this machine dry rubber can ob-
tainedin fifteen minutes, and the die
coloration and deterioration of the
rubber, which undoubtedly oceur If the


separation of hie rubber from its able reopmmendations Till pe sarried

alex is delayed, are avo! out as for as practicable during the )

Numerous rubber tapping expert- Present year. 2 proposals met with A N EXt ER EN sD
ments were planned by ie tie Aualet. 7 r ‘obago HManters T CE

some opposition from
at frat, but when fully explained to
them, their advantages were admitted.

Trialdad Chamber of Commerce

A special meeting of the Chamber
will be held at the News loom at
1280 pm, to-day. The followiug Is
the sgendas~

tL. To nominate delegates to attend
the Conference of Weet Indian Cham-
bers of Commerce and Agricultural
Bocietiea to be held at Barbados on
W5th Inst, toconsider the matter of a
contiovance of direct mall communi.
reation with the Mother country.

To receive the Report of the
Bpecial Committee appointed to con»
sider the question of the Royal Com:
tmipsionere’ proposals ae regards a
steamsbip service with Canada.

act Director and hiseariy death will
bea great*loss to thie branch of the
Oolony's industries.

JANGLIss .omrmear -

a a
With our prevent highly trained Stal guarantees
Naweat Sty anode orkmanehip~ = .




The cultivation of Cotton has not
extended In Tobago to anything like
the extent tha might be expected frem
the facilities afforded by the Govern-
ment to amall growers for the sale of
tbeir cotton, The difticulties experi
enced are in the cultivation, and these
seem to besufficient to retard pro-

as Only two planters are engaged
othe cultivation on a comparatively
large scale, but though the cotton has
latterly been sold at Zid, per lb, { am
assured that the margin of profit Is
emall, and ie largely dependent on the
success of the ratoon crop,

One of these ptanters, Mr, Thornton,
who {aa specialist in cotton growing,
has been engsged for some Fears ti
hybridising cotton plante, and hae at

oe se ees etre ene
i oa


length succeeded in produci hy-

brid which gives a ier larger rieta e OIL NOTES.

cotton per tree and a quality equal to ——

Bea Island, It is hoped that he will EXCELLENT OUTLOOK. I8 THE STOUT PAR EXCELLENCE,
recelve the flaanclal sup; neces- ~~

sary for the continuation of hie work (SPECTAL TO “ THE ‘aLODE,”)

in hybridisation, He {ts of opinion
that the variety of cotton he has pro-
duced will be readily taken up by the

- It Keeks You Healthy & Virorous.
The tone of the Oil Share Market
has distinctly improved during the

1 eae etl AS Sli

planters {n Tobago and elsewhere. ast week, rearigue ,inflaences have ce ” .
nH responsible for this, turnin
TOBACCO, eonfidence by the pubiie intbe finan Q [ yi H} N DL AGHR BHEBR ‘
An experimental field of 10 acres was { cial outiook, which has favourably af- e

Flauted io Tobagu by an Experienced
tobacco Grower, The results are re-
ported to be so satlefactory that the
cultivation will be extended next year


Though emall trial shipmente are
being made, the exports oF fruic atitl
largely conslet of Bananas, In my
tast Annual Report quoting from the
figures given in the Gustome Returas,
1 gave the total exports as 71 0U0
bunches and crates, or at the rate of
2,700 per fortnight, Detalied inform:
ation of the shipmeata bas elnce been
kindly supplied me, and the total is
shown to be 110,0U0 for 23 ahipmenta
or at the rate of 4,410 per shipment,
Tem glad to be able to record this
Jnciease ae {t places the bana trade
ine more favourable Ii bt.

@ shipments for the year ended
Slet December last amounted
111 055 and to a value bf £19,585,

A few shippers have been greatly
discouraged by the results of the
seles; but others, and among them
“St Augustine’ Estate, have no
reason to be dissativiied with the re-
resulta, A special report of the a-
nena Cultivation at “St Augustine”
Ketate isin preparation in which the
actual results obtained will be shown,

Toe Bacans exports now amount in
value to £10,0W) as compared with
£1,000 five yeare ago; and this fo-

fected moet markets, has not failed to
bring about fmproved quotations for
OilSbares, In thie connection I may
be allowed, perhaps, to point out that
in my last notes } recommended a pur-
chase of Shells at Tde now Sled, of
Egyptian Ou Truct at 42, now 53-5; 3
and of Red Ses Oilfields at 90s. now
£2, LobitosandCalifornisa Oulfelds,
aiso, have limproved elightly. con-
tinue to recommend all theve shares,
even at the enbanced prices, They are
among thepick ofthe Oil Shares
Shareholdersin New Rivera would be
very ill-advised to Join in the attempt
which is being made to securean in-
quiry [nto the affaire of this company,
which are being satisfactorily admin t
istered 3 and I feel confident that those |
who purchase the shares at thefpresent
price willnot regret their purchase,

urmabsa@re not dear,
Qltractive purchase je the Siz per
Cent. Oonvertible Stock of the Com:
monwealth Oil Corporation at 90-05.
This stock is convertible at owner's
option fato Deferred Ordinary Shares
at paratany time for several yeare to


The Oil War, asitis called by the
sensation loving section ofthe Press,
bas not occasioned any alarm among
the inner circles of the Oil world, Tho
Standard Oil Company for several
years past bas been steadily losing,
not eo muchits premier position

ae SE me

The QUEEN of Beers. -


- alillgpe

= eerie +


The Piario Warehouse,



crush possible rivals, During the last Extending over 2 or 3 Years,

few yeare uch powerful oil companies .

Dutch, the Dura Od Goopaty,| | All Instruments Guarantoed

Steel Brothe: and various otbere
21, Frederick Street.




the fruit for shipment, we have se-

vided with etticient cold storage, the have auccessfully ariseh, dospite the ;

opposition of ‘the Standard, The
Scottish Oll Shale companies, which
weveral years ago were the especial ob-
jects of Standard opposition, are to-
day more powerful than ever. But it
le not merely the efforts of these and
other oll companies that the Standard
basto fight. It bas arrayed against
it the Governments of several of
the largest ol poneusing | coun.
triee of the Continent. ‘a Core
poration, howsver, powerful, ls able ta
crush @ business rival eltuated faa
gototry with large markets, Protected
Tectlcally. x ve s

Moreover the taba FO Company, foe ——_
js handicap by the increasing ex+
pense of adiminishiog output from ites
wells. During the last few months
the Eastern Hiates of America, which
are the especial preserve of the Stand>
ard, have been successfully lnvaded ;
pome of its rivals, who have succeeds
ineelling millions of gations of oil4n
these parts. The brains which, more
than anything, were responsible for
the Standard supremacy, longer
available, Inthis respect the adran:
tage cow Iles with ite oppanenta,

fo bie Marcus Samuel, of the Shell

become known

ap 6B reliable

are of minor
try to im

Fhonme 44a

seen from the valuable report of Mr
Adie printed in Bulletin No. Gt that an

bunch was obtained

from January to
have before me

trom February to May 191, During
the latter peslod 92 pet cont of the
fruit arrived in (noglaud in a cale-


vioustiipuiress feo April, 19d, to va.
TREC arrerntenaannee®

Ighly recommended by Medloal Authertties
ov all over the World.

w= CURES: mmm

asleable, ‘hie clearly shows that the
cold storage on the Royal Mail
steamers has reached a state of satle-
factory eficiency, jilanters can at
present obtain a nett price of 2) cente
a buoch all the eer round, aod cao
calculate from this what the return
pee acre will amount to, At wo

uoches, the return per acre would be
$180 lesa working expenses (say 95).
At “St, Augustine” the Governor Ba-


Transport, AM. Deterdlag, of the Royal .

1 po

telly on account jot Joes suscepti. | Dutch and (t allied eowpanies, among Anaemia

billty to disease, oilargenisation oreeted by Mer Hock. Chi i
UgAyTED MaNGora> Owing to the | oll Oriente nen one te Oe ee oresis

reduction ja the price of Grafted Man. | feller ete Limes 7 oes

oes, there was an jocressed demand | pe aan atretdng abilities ne Debility

ich, & to observe, bas wot
Boom fully wom, Zhe desirabilty of | culmneee With which tbe OIL here NEURASTHENIA,
extending the c vation of thie rule | i sidard's determination to cripple ite e semnennes e

opponents by cutilng prices ia « faith.
fel retiection ot the dubeliet of the Ou
wortd in the Standard es ability to hurt
anyone but itevelf by these tactics,
Does anyone belleve that the Standard
In the imposalble task of killing Armlye
established srivats, will indefinite
continue & polley, by whichit would
lose & considerable part of its present
enormous profith “What dvee the] .
Standard mean by atatiog ou the one

vernal eaquiries from abroad hare
bien received by the Department at
Yo the possibility of purchasing fruit
from thls Oolony, and full loformation
hae been supplied In avewer to these

A scheme for the training of
skilled Jabour by means of a system of


aon Acuyes,

eee ied te the Boards nat oy | band thatit propaeestowcussieger| The Bonanza Drug Steres.
present ary t are avaliable for jon of the trade by underselling ite! Geptember 02h, 1910.
Parryiog it oot rivela, while an the olber bandit ur ee

Acother sebeme for Home Ieading that the 7 wae’ terete rhe +4

° recs ia agriculture was approv: Beets
tUDB & LINKS GOLD WAT OUD ——_| fduotrinwsotaru warring front |and wiluecareind cui by toe Kepane [ENR eaty Seed ue] PADS
Manes BO AL TTNas —_(2RLattaett Prony ecariagi— [meee cmtaevin asuccncy ot ihe [youyctone Sueuec, TAA ftrta .
4 rar
WARMS BUOKLE RINGS Castillon ic) | Beall at the feed Oftice, toy whieh ie beginning to recognize J
‘ ia EST BUTTONS picbot thee varieties hea” Chowan } GOVERNMENT PARM Sock eee tole yeungee mors r a es a
Oo «| satisfactory. growth, and especially | JMFUKTATION ove! ip BTOCK | yigoruue, aud more fortunately stwua:
i UNTED Vv . Custillos. Experimental tapping acs Tatotteneral fa fadie for 4 Zewu od, rivale, Lhavenot alluded tothe FIRST SHIPMENT FOR THE SEASON JUST TO HAND x
feryching of th d most artistic dealgas. belog made with the letter bo ssote | Liles 8 for Helalee and one fur the Patt eye edie terribly bapien reed 3
ee g Of the newest and m Cee ee neta ate prow. | Uovernment Vera, A pure bred Zebu oe ee eae aetrol and L neta — 41
" * obtatuio & ftow uf baler: Fe Woven | in call bas Leon ordered for the Farus, | by is la 6 ridewduct a's bani tod
; ———e Ye ae eee ieee orproved | Three walter Duttala bulls have also | suppl Ce crades lal the lasses of t 6 HENRY $
bit so far no generally 2. probes | been ordered. ‘These auluale axeex- [oll wixch are eeedia ecaDd, ahd A SS
VI D TO M% D wethod bas been adopted fur Cate” eid’ to arrive ebortly, acd abould | which ae pousedia abundance by mtg STREKD




— pecan re equanenay er eae

; ‘Our Millinery “Show” still in full Swing. _ |

h~ * OTe eaDeOaTAOOTELaP

Sunray” Shantuns - . | ;
=: | ~— W
27 Io, only 24 cents yard, BUY THE BEST IN NE SUITINGS, Jacket and Pants,
* Eight Dollars, Ten Dollars Up,

c SHANTCNG—All the Newost Bhados=-S4 inch—72 oonts °. ®
PRE SOU Rio ome |RVERING Dress Suits, | Hse ss tance em sew mas
ui | FA #eyvilis TRIPED A L PACA Prices from $20.00 to $40.00 CREAM FLANNEL SUITINGS,

. o
Jacket aad and Pants—$10.00 Up
, 44 lnch—Hesedas, Mossgreen, Brown and Navy-~84e, ' d
LADIES READY-TO-WEAR HATS in all the leading ooloure—48 ons, | [HO FINE distinction between a gescurNew Range of

BADING UNTRIMMED SHAPES 36 cents’ 43 cents, T2e, to 8240 STYLISH and'a COMMON made| Double Width Tweeds,

OS OLINE SHAPES iu White and Colored—all prices

rae OWERS IN GREAT V. ARIETY Garment is obtained by dealing From 60 conts up, Spocia] Line $1.43 ’



WAN SYN] S.mowwog Ma y





From 12 cents to 8 dollars, . c- With WHITE SHIRTS—0 conta 84 cents to 1.48 e
. . . MATT SHIRTS with Collar—our own make, 84 cents
Sprays, Ribbons, Wings, Mounts, ée . . LINEN DOUBLE FOLD COLLARS— Tho Centurian'’—144 Dozon
° .

“ton e700; aoa

THE *FLYWING* COLLAR--Quite Stylish—1.80 Dozen,


— avers commer $ oy

= = ae — SE ee
rietary. Oarefalnese and thrifts Sn hh. see 5 ye,
4 ’ - od Rave made the French peasant to dienst. Stea
the banker of Europe, and we wis! merge
that we could seoa Tittle more, ofl a~sa nm Th 4 pt Tar Royal Doren Mat Teapeee Ona “st
. his’ report L RING WILLEM V,- The, Datch
a y Bank of the Mail Steamor ae. “Prins Willem

Sbrated « Whiskies.

. _ V." ie due bere from Veneguelan
Qolony ought to attrect man ere N Portson or about the 12th November | the Srd November 1010 acd is due
the cause is the frequeney with Colon, gens, Pio. | \ Proceeding afterwards to Par | there 12th Novembe 1019,
which lucrative Investments, offer Ainasibo, Havre and Arosterd ALAUAS The se, * Maracas” of

: . instant, fog va Passe 3 tall 4 b

, —————— Ast day, 16th (Sear egret ead | etary cept | BAR BER EER Abo | Sey Fess te da Nora
ix: i @ Duce a . and Is due there wtb Ni be
Ainest Very Old Jand M4d & Old S Irom Sun ay, 16th vate thie tauerexplanation for the and Cherbourg, taking passengers, | * Pring der Nederlanden* fi 1910, # overnbere

° . cargo and mails Amoterd { ibe Vv -

inst the price of Beef] excelent reson that, as a rule, 8 |. ‘The tender will leave the Lighthouse Ae aan cout theatst Novem: | Cr ocrown ot Neves of the ree
. . oetue of thloge precede a more Jetty, Queen's Wharf at 3 p.m with T ber lv! Proceeding afterwarde to | dad Line will leave for Naw York on

will be as under eo lucrative one. An increase of 1,(00 papengers for the oa Carypano, Cumaoa. Guanto, La Goay- Monday alet November 10 and fe due

depositors in & year is bot very7much } tet a ba, gage lighter to be despatched | Aux Cayes, Port ma ee Ao acrpel. ere pn Monday 28th November 1910,


inwcolony that shows an Increase of
hto the ward Mail will leave the | Y:
ROAST & STEAK 12c¢. Ib considerabiy over, one quarter per 8t Vincest Fetty at ]2 boon on the york Vaking cargo Passengers and SHIPPING INTELLIGEXCE.
* shee e ne ete eee es tame tee eta Ecarigan, and "Tobago day of salllog, and pamengers are RINS WILLEM IIL—The Duteb ARKIVA
renowned BLENDS extonsivoly usd by the lesding Furoposn | BRISKET & STEW 10c Ih | aistrica thers ean Metoal considers: | etuse ant Gown beforetbat Bout, | LEE." fe duo. here: from Veaezieian Nove bu ’
apanies, Ulubs, and Hotels, are now being lotroduced . . ble and unere dopantery, ertueh ie RONI~The HALS, ** Usronl” will | Ports on or about the 2uth November | PRovipENcK ¢ Dritish sloop, Telema- ed
ara WHISKIES of exceptional merit and superior quality, | BONE Go Ib |evpectally, marked at Arima. Nor leave bere on or about the 19th {1910 Proceeding afterwagde ta Pare ue, 10 tons, Sdaye, He. Viocent— 4
’ . ven * oe vee a does the follow in th instant, taklog cargo for Mavre, Lon- | amaribo, Havre aud Amsterdam tak« } bage aad nuta, 2 bage starch,

@ full mellow flavoar, pecalise fonly}ito jthe) old time eet eopad ng statement in the | don and (ont! Rental ports, fog cargo Passengers and Mails. 25 barcels tanias, 16 Potatoes, 7
me OLD SOOTOH WHISKEY, : rope atponts da qncouregiog 13 AMES.=The RALS. “Thames” 5 7 90 dozen yams, 2 berrels provision, — =
rg wee wewe-we to 204800 BD cod’ then @ decre 6 due bere from, Soutiiampton, sonnklijke Weat ine] dozen pumpklas, 40 pigs, 50 goats, |
F Be death neces ei | Shinar ar eee wa | gla dicks Moaiena |e sieag aeriin viene

‘ ; e ovember, ~Pacamari pgers, 2
Certificate of Analysis.i == witadrawals represent { toave the eama dey for New York, New York~Par be | HarneLtay Venez. felucho, Gomes, ”.

EEN 9, I}, ant-were less than | via Pro, Colombla, Uartagena. Oolon bery' & tons, 2 days, Gus
GRELL & Co. Ltd | ievisritt syst 2 a8) see Scat Gavigens cate | tar ws nova, Masshopem | Sarnee tage
100 we sees theo for the previous | CUA#* Passengers, cargo and raalls, tmacce’ ts due back bere from | 22284N0$ Venezuelan fetucho, Bala
South Quay, Fear, sod so wae the -puihbor of Jenty, Chase. TWinere ae a) fon wi Paramaribo vid Barbados on Tuesday, | 2of)3 tanh Jocaz acs, yang Sh bags
iM pew accounts opened, and we are ° a 35th November, 1010 and will leave ie, az
16th Uctober 1910, afraid that a catefal examination of Panne core Lo te cially aewiided that | sce dey direct for New York taking a1 Rares B chen chee echor
to elan .

made a minutes Analysis of a fale sample of: Messrs. Danial
i mysell ia process of Bottling for Bhipment, and} from the resulta
. odtuloed J acs of opivisa that st ie a Pare Malt Whiaky of
lity acd very fins favour acd that ib has all the characteristics


ead Maturity, See tha report does not sbow that -the| . bageage lighter ta be despatched carga, passsngers end malls. Lo 0 wv
\(Gigoed) ROBERT M. CLARK, B. Be, F-LC, The POrt-of-Spary Gazelie. | people seneraliy sre growing more | the Reage lentes 1 tl teare the Bt. GURN AMES The 8, Burtpae? eee eect ty Or Colon,
Pablic Analyst for the County of = Iity On the contrary urea there | Vincent Jetty at 10 a.m, on the day of | sonday, the zie November, 1010, and | Bidet hale balate, Shorecs and st”
Lanark and Renfrew, & ~PORT-OF SPAIN. sre ater agencies “which. ‘affect the salling, and passengers are (here ony | will leave nest day at noon precisely Oxnuen Mai 4
eee THURSDAY, 10ra NOVR, 1910 consideration et the matter, One of requested to seo tree oar. BeeKe ts direct for New ork, taking cargo, Toe dene tat Vi enezuelan felucho, 4 ;
the local banks now & savings ngers aod ms BON el oe z jf
bank di 1 endowment AROWYINE.=The 8, 8, “ Maro. plantains, tanias wand = ©
Joos om ApPiomtion oo . THE SAYINGS OF THB PEOPLE. paranote Seeencre prevalent, sod & . Mining! de due bere from New Révowuapoe Ve i" rh
In most countries other than Trin! good deal of Lhe people's ay neat ork on Monday, 21st November, 1010, + Venezuelan boat. Vas- ‘e

to friendly, sick aud other aod will leave the same dey for Para- ee BStons, 4 days Tucuplta—bals

= dad the saviogs bank system je not | Scieties-w el it
DO N C R AN ] & C0 carried on in an arate departing | ee eee re aoee tl alter the Peabo a he f - | eatin: AbIOg cargo, Passengers and DEPARTURES, A
: + PSB yd nose ad
oe 5 5 s . Oftice, and “bee. are feck thas, the, Government ee ed Azores), aud Cherbourg, taklag pas} (V tN peck Be a dlaro- Curpe: British star, Dick, 3,051 tone 4
,2 those who advocate that this should | thay, eee On the whole, PPoriee | setiners, cargo and mails, Lighth Nee te eee on aecion | Puerto Colombia—cargo” Ia transis 4
io “ Agents. be the case here alco. The vem o eded | ype Gacawe Woath at 3 ping with | the akb November, 1010, and will loave and passengers. By ba
SS andeavings beok work, all centralized f lens,” tating carg of mergers ac New York | Corraxamet Dutch steamer, !

in, one Lig department have been d that Ubie is at the root
voloed from time to time b people, aud hat vole The majorly ot the

we “3 > NNER

00 . Goodwille at the Legislative Couacil, ople of this colony are. (wo "7 Houston Lrne of
. Hrssucitae haat eras | Mn Otitadl te tetansnata | Wamewseayaune cena t| lg "Sima

n't Go saviogs bank wlth the Post Office | ( mexe really good savers aod thle requested to see that theie baggage is Gro, R,Austo 13 caske old metal, 6 cases rum, 2

g applies to almost every section of tbe M ANOUESTER InVENtS Th caske crude petroteum oil, 1,087 dey

A NTOR- The} fides, 138 bundles skins, 27 bales

: ¢ hat bour.
after @ jong trial of the separe Community save ope It dces pot sent down before t:
° . : artment systeta, there Is littl 7 , ti -
: ONG I $ By - Buying er the exaniple being followed locally, oper ay eee dagen ay de as, ‘Manchester Invegtor” {¢{ palate,


oe ok,

x 3 ote

Glasgow Direct Line} due bere to arrive from Huencs Aires a cance sida end 5 pas

e although, ite peyloge bank in every. positors go up [n uunibers every year, of towmers co or abont the Mth Novembee 1910, angers Hy Moy i Dateb Mell x

* 3 PP gepositors and the volume a And so doce the aug u Dt ey air Tuivibay BIUEFING, Ady and ye leave -the same ony, for 3109 tons, New Orleans tallest aud ¥

i. sos bea very de- ie credl DIKG TO = Agts. ae Your their savings, it would sland Lo their credit, NARIVA The 0 *. “¥ Ba} Havens, Matousos, Voston, New Grants & Co

ee Ey ey g . sirable consummation. Oentralisetion, head belog £15 11 8 ANA ee anariva” | york taking oar ogere and Py

4 lar f fe due here from Glasgow vis & E> passengers a BKoGLanys Sweedish steamer, 1
. however, bas never been popular In) pil, ponpares imost fevourabl with ¥ it ue bere treme tit i etant nisilee aT oe, pleamers 19 s

Trinidad, either with officials or | coe rest ut the. population, and gives ray pads voalC it Fore a
By Gordon, Grant & Oo,

Gcavetover; Vrench steamer. Le
The Hamburg-Amed Blanc, 3,088 tons, Carupano «78 cases
th: can Ldn bitters and 3 passengers.
Pacu H, Scuxexxa @Co | Vaticynins British sloop, Mitebell,
18 Tenade, 95 ors

ublic, If means, in general, fewer y* De. Hawuel | aad will esll the following dey for
Pablo, corte ne doubt, fad lees ivoney | (00d for serious rete oo: Ars ri then | Demerara taking cergo, passengers
spent on the civil lists which 3° | When he wrotes*-“Tbere ie dignity in and mails,

7, . “se . .
ae 1 ‘ kof eod malls,
ate Greetin TAG | etcetera co ice kes | he vee eters tans Ta Veloce Nuviga-
bend, ‘ope would imagine that thie | > stone Italiana a
“ td make centralization ular prod Vo
Ms people generally hove, ne oar 1s New Coton Oo Lro~ Agents,

rbe people generally have never poor tusN ox
D 1NO,—The 68. ° Uitte
foto the queation serloudy and Eave (HTT bUTo INO, -Th 2 9 Utl

IRGINIA~Tb g.8. Virgil f crete

~The 8.8. “ ola” o:

Vv the Hamburg ‘American Lice be 2) be

due here from Venezuelan porta on Of | Santa Hosat “ae ) pases Toei, Pin.

‘ < ! A a See Hagan “ote ising ex control t ib drives away ia Marseilles, Barcelona and Tene jabout November 11th proceeding |" erne, 6 tons, CO, Col
RDS . ‘ and ae jodiridos) oMicle tne ° cared Fe eee ett ere te Hie on of about 11th November next, stterwards to Marre and’ Hamburg | (ages merchandise, lon—sundry pace
4 , log» of even more than the ye AML thie Ie 80 roveeding afterwards Lo La Gus pra, | via ! i. "Thomas, taking cargo, paseson- Arya; Veorsuelan boast, Moreno, 7
at ion’s share of the plume of office and Ja: every way Uabeilo, Curacao, Haven ‘aad & BS IAs Tbe as, “Assyria” of
: the opportunities of self aggrandize- tb the Governments | LAmou and Colon. tabiog cargo q y' ine 1 10
a “| ment. Uf course there le always this lspot-mecse patronized | Disile and first class pawengere onty, 4 the Hamburg Awerican f ine te | eens British 'sloop,
a latter daoger, butit isone that whedon enerally comes with | Hf quarantine permite. Nover ah, pr seding afterwa: rato Urenade-suadry packag
/ pad forest Pawell-contidered scheme f nck: nnn FT stavreand Hamburg via St. Thomes, | Mitvas Vencsuelan schooner, Ramcs,
, of centralization will be necessary —- p Ls b gers Bnd mails, QW tons, O, Colon~eundry packages
5 BUfa the publlo service before + " . London Direct ine V 1 s Vanetia ef merchandiee,
i ebrcirse re tt te | SUPRA COURTS | ia eS nue peer ata [Pizza i! gun at Coen,
‘ wi el ° — 4 4
. treealog bil for the repidly growing (Before tha Chief Sustios) ew AGANTS . . . be pingrsbandisa, ek
r civil lise will be morg then the pullts Wedorndey, PHENOL The ae.‘ Spheroid Guayra, Pio, Cabello and Uuracao, | 7 tons, Marertaceusdey” peckges

or i eall on or bout TO nase and taking cargo, passengers and mails, inerc!
Ceatinental porte, Good accowmode-

@4a, MARINE SQUARE. can f00h beri coe thet deserves Junie ¥ jourusla & coosidered

more then a chapter to Itself. while Jodgouot, His Hosour foucd tur defea-

wee “

ee a hae led ORO lye en

y . . a the object of this article is bcvets ia an action to eect aside | Lion for passengers.
the anbual dact with ous AsBU,e< > Bargaseo “Is
bd lishad over Eighty Years, Ftanoeer of the Govsrnmens wont tee be, Black wood Wright Acting Se ee stint past be Co ea tanga Closing of Malis,
Sr e rece ° ‘ ry e mat
rs & Hanks wo Souccll Paper fro vd at {yie, Justiog. owe od Or oneedlng afterwarde to G. Levravp & How [4 Malls foe Bt, Vincent, Grenade and
pel This te far from being an uoimportant Tas Dewersre, aking cargo, paswogers AGEutTs, New York by the “MManscas” will be
i document. Any repurt which shows] Juomss 7 Lvarsx—This wes s part | oasis J. DOMINGUE.~The Freneh Mal! | loved on Baturdaythe Link Novewber
OR S om the saving capacity of tbe people | beard claim to peoover £200 dameges for S Hosmer St. Domingue” from at 8 o'clock piu. precisely, pers
iy fe evormously important, sod tbrice |g breach of contrect fu lend 3,00 on a Euro is Guadeloupe tartinigue Mell aad i icsre tion olosss atl om
2 is tbe coun t ' fy jae due bere 0a 0: . besos, -
wow errr rrr rrre Lewoeeees & geceraliy thrifty people, “a W Blache Wiloo, instructed by | tye Vintos Caxnot BE Dem kieey. the Zith November aod with ipeuceed en anes Astigue oruose, Se “
TE Wer'do nut) want « paysimonious | ye qi iE Mercer fur plalotid aod tbe | No onecen pxplaio the subtle powse | afterwards to Vemerars. Burinem sod ey the Hobo becluerdos :
ALL COGOA ESTA a people Hen KB Aucher Waroer K Cond Me} thes ootedian Treating ou possesses! | Cayenue, taklog cargo passengers and wont’ te Mtb November ole i
? " urlo oF U1 GA Child, wetructed by Me TM Kel | The originator was bupoell our ved tails . cio) ob ane ye Kegltration |
abil, for duflendact. « by the wonderful qualities that | i (QUAPELOUPE SOF IG Acres anne eremctaded., | edmimnud remem IP thee Oy Ht taucae pond oa er aba mm
Se }iss Hcooor, io giviog judgment for eats that Flea la Weise of thie the 2oth wepuelas Ports Oe ii tstcoed | 22 child should be allowed te suffer }

Ae ene SES ! to prosperity
0 able we haved For farther particulars oteconosny, frugel detent oe aeduth found (thst oo | (ue ipa) Git, bo fomiliar Ws every” afterwards Lo Martinique, Guadeloupe, Telletcan be got lana slapieal eet :


wm ity, savinggess, with is bhatis prised as a bout Banteodar, Hordesux and Uavie, | penedy—M.
' \ MOMENZIB-& KIRTON, TA Mci Serie fs ie reno tbe tutele ot Solves every mbar tablog pseogerowalisaud argu | tantee, Movere rave Worm isin
. eM 4
¢ . fae 4

- Fo oo ee

m Ate ¢ aa ROT SBE fe 4 «ee en


sa ot louse,

” ¢ > > > the
wat received quite a big Jot of New Goods inoludiog Ladies’ aad os ant neretey ie Dare ek

fen : pncceuarneneee yn i a ith Ame AO neg orem “— sonny Yarra carcapepti

Michel. P, Maillard

("The Cash, Bore."

‘We have

Children’s Mill Hale Plalds, ete, } but we desire to make parttoular | [ose . —
mention of, oar Xraee nad New Yoar Cards which are of wacept jue Come) |+ AGN ERB Sinan tat ste ; oy
early aint thake your selection, We'have heape of them for yout» ¢ rom. in the Isleod cf OUR , \ OU R

Xmas api how Year Garde, Ladys’ Court ‘Shoes,

———— > + somanamann €
XNAB CARDG--Vory begutial desges. Ezectitnt | LADY'S gouat BHORS


ST CARDS Very i" ana “eter whey, [LEATHER BLt Very good val Or ee TRINIDAD. .
4 om Ver: torel er . ~Yel value, Wear Well .
xe aimach more a ow Only 9. up. From. 46, op. Je Bepreme Over cf Trinidad and . 7 9 9
ebegn, ,
WATERMAN — THE HAYTER, CLOTHIER AND OBTFIPTEG, 15. Fredoriok Street. pEtmnany Derladietien, Fort ol Bpaln NEPAR [ M. i e
ee Ss SS PS OR ’ . 2 mgaere
Gonsees bares - oeenemmaae. - —~ — el .
Ma rivals, Ja kerosine or lamp oltthe the sudden emergency uoharmed. They | about m and either Kaoel a hie‘ar Dorlee Megh,- Deloadiat, . . i
odard con’ | are: or grab the revolving block © is that . .
tage, butevenin this respect ils pre} Patup a Sght, you will haves very fair chacce'te ee: | Leo gece arid te Hewege hie Jur Every article we describe bere is ree mort te jo ous Lal
eminence'will shortly be assailed by | Try to throw up the tmao's arc. cape infary, 4 tee made barein oa the Mad day row, "new, pew. Wecerlainly are carry. | Depart ment wi Bless ‘
the ofa of Harneo. i Ha bier if you can, “It your assailant fe armed with a | of Angas there wilbe put ep lor ew, now, pow. he you the fcllowing itema, You's :
ie Unp the res block of the pletol, | knife fostead of a revolver the problem of the Court IHvase, faga well assorte! stock this seagon, =f Prins extremely low, -
mts He lg le eave ou ale | Iceni a Gn .
wrist—he oan . n . - 7
. u At firat thought If dosan’t look as if} With a knife, howover, unless coke! 1 ant ape BINGULA! LADIEI White Mavia Fighen nod Costacven WRITE DAMAHK COVERS—With
‘wii burt noo: nd most proba- | there was much chance to do anythiog | trates the heat or severe thejagular vela | ALL AN. § BR there two . edgea and ostenred borders in
bly will becedt chiefly those Was ine | agaiost a mau armed with a loaded pie | a stab fe‘aeldom fatal A tana who is | revere! parce's of land situate at D'Abadie pide rege for your selection, fiom $1.90 tk and yellow shades, Xxq
tended to rt OF one thieg A am aL There be hie chances however — haod with jie fate cas kook out bis ia the ard 2 Arias te tha Istadd of al, each from 18 cents. -
contident 3 and tha! at it will o ou may divert bis alm god meke the | asasifent ac the kai . + ae
fast for longy—Globe. W’ | Ballet go, wild, Yeu may even be able | advice would te to land one goad blos MUSLIN, EMBROIDERIES— reek trom WHITE DAMASI TABUING.-t4 ‘if
to stop bin shooting at all. That ie] on bis jaw. I? you arenot capable of | Eset on laeds of que Madame Alexandre the Manafecturers, Jneestions to snatch, Tide colosre per yerdoal i
When you are Attacked : Art |te soot woyeare Wickes borer or a | c0 UE 9ea Been ee sere yee Tet | Sad, goythe, Went on lasde of {2 uilkes Various width Pricee per yard from . . one
y { Def ‘ highwayman, who, be if remembered, | able to keep hin from ata ze yon. If | sores, three roods avd thirty perohos aad MUSLIN FLOUNCINGS—12 tnches to 45 EMBRUIDERED CUSHION 8QU.
of Defenee, will not shoot uoless bs has to, throw j you cao grip your assailant’s arm eo) abubing on the North upon the Pablie {ochee wide, Extra epecial valocs from Ja White a5 a Crd, extra speci
wew roince tacrice, | SP J0nt Randel Av orale BG wets) that rena tara outwards rom he | $e aa ast ar Wasa Soacny yeah per ad aD i cet atd 30 cnt
#00} en. e w, becan a: to i: . /
tall tthe treete te growlo This ia the advice of Lospector George | but gach grips are usual te seule and on the West apoa lands of K. Gay er i RAFFIA STRAW RUNNERS, Bom
me beatal ty of the a Pettion ot large | Ltaesell, bead of the New York Dectec. | The sarest and the quickest way is to { Rowecerer, otherwise the same tay Le WHITE SUTURE, 13 ‘BERTIONS—trom wow, soe thea, prices range from
then formerly, and every now and agaio tive Dureay, a world-wide authority on jawiog oa bis jaw. I have knows ene “Dated shies 6th dey of October, 1910, conte per P

man who was basdy with bis Aste t
lick four men who 7 Tere armed with Pe Lore. Dopery egicise
kolves, Ile kaocke’ them down in
each rapid succession that be dido’t
even receive a acratch..
taay ta kech hia there for eos ogi ot a
y to keep him there for any length of
time if you are unarmed, ‘alight prea: ahaa overeat rare of
foree anyone backlearda had, wil Seep | L4fe,0the Towa ot Focot-Spald'ts the
0 backwards, hod w ee
bim perfectly belp'ess antl telp arrives. Seland of Tuned, erebanhy Doceased,
ys PUBLIC NOTICE fa hereby given that
eee ee ee i Application bas been made to me by

Antouo Nano Vasconcellos and Richard

Gonaalea Viceent, bath of the D Town

pried jhe may be a lunatic ina frenzy “Ifyou are bendy with your fiste | S2INIDAD AND TuBAGU. { Portof-Bprin, Merchants, fe a Grant

of homicidal mavia; he mey to some | yoq can soaetimes “knock ont your a In the Sopreme Court. St Peobeta ofthe. Wilt bearing’ date tbe

y hh F, 4 —
bo has deliberately come to kill a the watter of the Estate of Frances | 34.5 M 909, Cod » . hal ef. e
Erber aorage viata, Att ame gees aaae bese] Aus Eis taed Racha | Nevin res eee tee | ornare | CIICATY « Wash
we ‘ : “ ic of Jos ee
come tocol bre You hear a polse, stunt | tO.8tip the reyolving block. It is al- deceased, Septen’ uf 1010 of Josqaica 06 ‘Mrs, Knagge) L ’

Bed aod ran foto aman in af DO uaelese to ecizs the wrist or the Port«of-Spaie, who died

aman runs “amok” with knife or pis-
wine. ho One cr ermenes strength you bare # god chance of
are ever called upon during theie liteime the jaw peptten mete pot 28 Leen blow oa
to face a loaded revolver in tho hand of | oo ont cf business, The finest’ abot

gomeone who wants to bill, Perba 5
not one fo @ thousand. But of the cant alc atralgns if be is punched

thousand how meoy kaow just whatto |” ure ihe revolver 1s 20 clree to you that

do. th the odds eo much sgainst mt = geach i:,° eaid Tor ctr Tas.
aell, “it is often good plan te gr

not fre Spermed. pligt the man whe the revolving block: a wight preasuce

. : will stop this from turning, and ta
0 eoite Ee atgulee ered to kil. He | ross revolver, if the block will not

x whom you bave aur: | tag the trigger cannot be pulled.

lt you are of equal or superior Acrg. Depary Reglstrac, .


In the Sapreme Coart of Tiisided and

| one Frice Only, | Value Nowhere Like Mallfard’s: | Fre f

a sald Towa of Port-ci-Spain on the
2 { your assailant; hecaa easly UBLIC NOTICE la hereb abthe
k with @ revolver pointing atralght } 2° © ; ’ P la hereby givea that [ uch day of September 1910, having at the
at your heatts You are out late, maybe, pull tho triggers Te leon ‘made

é spp icution bas een to me by | tine of biedeath a Axed f abode at pP ORIGKET AROUND
walk home through a deserted streets | “Of course, if a min has ths drop on | the Islacd of Tialded Viseter ford gent Rene ecooace los ead et a4,

Out of the abadow pops aman with a} you, even If you are armed, jou are at | of Letters of Adealolstration of tbe eae | Nate, mconce los and Richard Govastes
loaded pistol, . Eis mercy, but the foatioct ‘of self pre | of Frances Auolia Ligyare decossed lata ot | hates it Wun iaave talop reserved to THURSDAY NOV. L0t# 1910 —~ aT
How about it? What will you do | servation sbould be so strong that you | Mayaro aforesaid who dred 04 the Sed day Probate bo Joseph Jorquin *
now! Or else, without warniog, a | would at least give bim a fight, By | of Jace 19:0, lotestatehaving ot the lime Phiip Kibeiro mech Joaqaim —FROM— o
Tuoatlo throws himself io your path with che

knocklog up ble arm and plaotiog a well
direct blow on bie fiw you may succced
In rece ping uolojured.

Thetud Wardol Moura, The ad Gee
of Mayaro, 0 8
Ligonta being the lax fal widowerand aus and apply. 3 P.M, to 6 P.M.
Much claborate advice has beea | of the deceased, AND Norice lsberoby given that if —AND—=
giten along the line of getting * gripa! eee Ale gia, that af no { no Caress {1 lodged before the expiration
i . lion 0: strom ave of the neal
Sra Beet your howd soe eal Sal, | Sweaty-s'ghs days fiom the aate of the of thle posice the Court wil proeca o | 7 poi to Midnight

Ribeiro ee Executors named ia the
aaid Will, whenever they shall come io

A Shipment of this populas WATER PAINT
received in assorted colours, ail packages of Vy
56 ibs, each,

shining revolver and s'aring eye, aod
ou realise that you hive but moment

if you want tosave your life. What is

the thing todo—the quickest thing to

There ie one angser—~don't lose your

the Zwenitng

A Vosal°and Iastramental Concert at
which will aseist the Jeadiag amatear
musicians la thea oolosy sasleted by ofl.
cersof ULM. * Heosa” by thy kind
permiseloa of Cept Feldt,

Refreshmente of all kinds end Bopper
{rom 7285 AVE THE KING.

Ti sopeetne Court of Trinkdad and Toago | | Vest Opened.

io, Suny Jevitioon, Port of Spas, —

“nae GRAPES,

The Adae rte Deteodact, FRESH XDAM OHEESE, GooDA use
Pvsiie NOTICE | gives that by aT OADBURY'S CHOCOLATES,

Ceaeracnserres .?



. ; For Saie by .
bead; ke our wits ‘That is your | breakor dislocate it, but wh: . pabilca'iou of tue arice the Cout will | jane Probate tothe said Augusto Nowe . 4 4
only chanee, Then there are « few bots, confronted with a armed burglar of in peosend Oo lame letters of cord attstlon Vaseouoelios ne Richard Gossales Vine ADMISSION 2 ,
givea by men who have faced a revolver | natioyoa hare 20 opportunity to get | Dated this 2st day of O.tober iio, | Ist day of Novembe i ‘Children; 64 ‘ 4
ora knife more than otce, which must | soy tency gripe or totblok up soy fia. T. A. THOMPKON, Dato] this Ist dey of November, 1010, fternoen Jy- . 6d. o
ee ee ee, | omeatectme [inom | A SKEET oi
. —aees w7
==. = ea ° Sele
A t the amusements and attrac- pels
tloos daria the afterncoa will bs Min- 53 Souta Quay, fe
atrela, Shoot of Gallery, Follies by the rt-ol-Spatn,
z Pierrot, Biod, Panch aod Jody (Me | “~~ °~ ~~ ee
« Ee poi Ciravan, Merry. —
, A> aod, and Ball Ring. 3 ;
. £ Saftragette Meeting will bs Held PAR'S HARMA¢

meen CE Bie SC anne
. J

we — peat


her Large Shipment

OF — ra faz of Decomber,

ude ®@ eae . Ea a aaneSSTSSESaSeanSenas nen |
; adies Hats. eedcotnse|THE ROYAL BANK OF QAM

aonexd 10 the Crowe Grant se) is
. Nand cya Reed Shewrted gorlinks won, ee WS FAW ELSIE 1HOO
i ibe South and ast by Crowe lands and onthe ‘
it Went by lind fe for by Thomsy
5 7 . Cartrat Pare OF aes on one on a
‘ ; . / Dated chia 14th dayet Ocrchor 3 10. Rasraven Fuup pos ae oe oe
Leta ap ‘ . TainsDAD ASU toe Oot H, 8, HOLT: sent, Vice-President aad
[Biack, White, Navy, Royal Blue, Saxe Blue, Greon, Faw [toe ues STi un ne pane RONDUN BRANCH
g . mn * a Deceined Naw awe nO
F Brown, Grey, Furple, Strawberry. puBcie"Ronce . = Acuscr ak
wo. . . of aoches in the Principal Citles sud Towcs of the DURE
. eu . idad = Prepriet Grant of °
ALSO —Nice Selectlon of Infants and Girl's Straws, Boy’s Sailor Hats Etc | Brats de Wit tance ane oe'st up | SAN ADA sed NEWFOUNDLAND | lo LAV ANA, sud dane
i , oo ; fae of abn aid Ward of. Marare ia tbe | KINGSTON, JAMAICA, and FORT-OF SPAIN, TRINIDAD
eo )6ONL.B.—All tho Above Marked at Unusually Keon Pricos, . oe es Wieetaten, be toe Enns . ;
\ Dr ! tia earcaat sama ia be sad wt "6 | CONDUCTED AT MARINE SQUAKR, CORNER ALEBCAU

Kives tbat Kt to caveat

4, 8, CB

Portol-Spale Tyiald od,
November dor, 1910,


zt ” 2?
a t




Nae ©

- «

. * - - : . -
eRe tg RE EC wry, 7 Tey teen wt Oty
TR OR OY TU oma. Sa Wp. we
. t







waraig pam HY -|AUCTIONSALES|R MSP Bata

2 CS

Ex Recent Arrivg

tH: RSDAY NOVEMBER 10 1910 ‘

— ee
Movie: rea have been CE & CO 7
OR EBRT-—" Combuhnble Destiog mare aor tones teryteen) WARD PRI Hort allings K ieep0, “"
Baas to Seota Ores Valley, beowa rented | Onrvallo, and be vleims to have over: pee _ momen nmemem em ‘
Bin Neely te the ansserd Life srtcn | producing uvtantanecus lorerescions y 2NoHonemTe, Prabuere, Betate Agni} wonypas Lh Norns 24 Pi a
ls in = ~
Rovurnnes Co Marine Sqacra~Nov B—Sw. pepe | ba tbe ‘Photographie film. Hehseaue | set wopharic-mt. | MAGDALENA \. Btw Now, Cases ‘ nts -
= Sees! digestive pro- OTe L CLYDE" swe Dicom!
nos =) einleg Di srt ‘Dheivg SSrsce Bt Ghlcbear “rales? frogs, and FORT-OF araiN, BW. “THAN EG" ‘Dh D.comber 7 {
Boelevard erstaining Dra + Dis} ~ = “vs .
rootna, alte ri other animals. food of the —

, Buber reane meres, WANTED. seimals wee maxed with toate bie] THE CITY ABOTION ROOMS, | are saitiags for Pte. Oolembla ST J Ul TEN Q} A
gad Cortage House, , Eire m Ie Dec LTANTED for Ca-oct Ratate, « goo! feeb ie apyeretoe won dysised” toc 9 FRBOMEGI“A STREET. Garthagena, samelea & = : 4
isowerage lostalied, Porress'on Ie = » “ . 2 '

ee & VV Overseer, A jo the ban: | taking and reproducing the suosesslre LIFE Posey’ SALE «? ‘ hy a
Gaum Ugie kaw ME Merb Kehecod | apeeNerseiee, Athy views of the stomach and £ os ‘ARD BOD, baversoelred 19 | ru cygge HOM OE a secretes Hautefaye G. .Preller & Co., Bord
P)EMIRERA Pewerenstorsr aires daring digestion. With this appara abroetions te Auction of | ane above ateamere will take Let clase s
. toge No, 16, Berment ous’ exparleoce socks eitaettog. Has | tus, expesuree of the fe Tatertats phen eel ute ue Ll E POLICY | Peergere, cargo nad mafia, ~All ~
suing Bledvocu desler, | Triedek ‘becslectwy tetiamials Ape | vacglog. from tie small fraction of @ | Meche Geta erase ae eo ' 50- Oo

* Ghusth, conteinisg 2 bedrooms, fe | Telwidad. t 5 oan hour. the process bei A ‘Crmpary of Oseada fer $10,000 k land u
Salen toddsawieg room rs paattys klicbee Bly te | Agtionture” ¢/5 this offce-—N av, continued ‘sutomauicaly for ‘periods Fans Fobreny 1008 en the Life cf Excursions te Dg GASES-1 2 a TS: CHAM i
‘s Ni ake Spsaib Quod ea ta! stra een! artee ‘ IN 1910 2 ens - - a
Stat 8. Broadway ClyoNer. & "| references, “apo Burne Pory-of- soatlng of Gouble thickness, p and the ee Auctioneers 20) F Streat, . OARTE D'OR, G.,PRELLER #8
Os Re Taco, Ne 33, on Garette."—Nov, 3rd, 1910.2", i inches quare. ‘The avra carte | me Foam Wiammtom |SPEQIAL REDUCTION OARTE VERTE i
~ a a I —_ 3 .
ial tng 9 Bedroom, Wanted at Once. | sccrpeciterindittion oot haviogan| cup wcrryâ„¢ BALE ROOM OF FIRST CLASS FARA, For Sale by. .
breaks ace lets eee mepigity. ate 26, Faupmaox Breast, " | eeruRN PARE FROMTRINIDAD TO we
~D., sare lees than one thou
garden eta often Mantibe qaice clei, | Cf second, and spiral. springs Soe | WARD PRICE & Coz hare secalred SOUTHABETON £8. W. STRDMA N ARG
Cok . ® n; one. mee :
Exrests coclaiaing Bedroouies Drawing roo, | and haneat y god willing to work. Apple hun ath wef a’ second givlog” good Be eee ondag Meenas oe | Fine Cue Retara Tickets ab che, tuya * a
Danlog room bod [root galery, kitches, dc tlontars ty to No Yo. dackeon pictures w & moderate curren’ ~Tipto at So'clock p.m. . Poltey abtractive ra: leoued oe :
Ne Sette A ae Ree eo | ly, yee Re Hl Poni —T | Sens Utne He ia dads Novant, reutig | Seale Wale Cropmeys “li| G4, South Quay. Z
apply to T.G, LUKE, No, st, Picton | Novr.—lw. y, ‘TJooeph wing dates only 1 . a S : y
or'No 4, Broadway, SSE | tor £500 on the life of Lionel setor Josep Sh Avcasy 1010 |" 19th Bepte, 1930 i
7TpOR “MENT, —Coitage No. ol, Be ——e Whartoc. 15 veers endomment, dae ep. 334 Angasd 3rd October
He Viscent Street. Petvher pavusalars " TO TAILORS tember 2ist 1040, also Foliey No, N42) “Eh aoe dah Oototee”t , d 4
apply at Sedieal Hall — No ee 2.— lm. FOR SALE. The Ress COATMAKERS wit | MaLoe Pie Teteracoe Oompary tor 31st October Lol . ’
joker videner, eontalslog = 00 fad Constan Earp 3 | 83,000 on the life of Joba Aretas (Â¥baitoo, Lab November oy .
phbalietle family resldener, ee g i t t t ( t 3 astand Employment a! 1S. youre eadowment, due Novemter let | 7. Tees eye ee lee ;
* reseln Ne \ only lable
draviog and dining from, Peony, wish 000d &8ta 8 ab UNMU0 Stephons, Bah. foes inte ates day of October, 1910, | the return journey {rom Roglaad by any Drachadc’ - !
Ce we oe 00a.
bed giecte Line analicd—Apyiy¢3 COOSA ESTATE of 273 ners la abrve THE STORES, UST BREULOL BODE WATER | Bombampton, 08 under . 4
Keate Bt-Nov3—lm, named district @ lew anlesirom Ralwayg Nov, Ole MUST BE SULU— BOA WALEI | 98.b October 2910 | 23rd November 1910 .
Stadion with goo! carrlage road right lato Estate Pee PLANT — In perfeot ordar, to be Oh Nove, » [Jth December ,,
por BENT.—Vloare No. 37, Dondopard There are avout 3,00 beariog trees; plus loared this week a6 the best price obtains lab December x. LS
Bureet, | Porosion Ist December! ron trees inthe hands of conuactore, The . . + fable, Boe it ab encn— WARD PHICE | Passengers are tested 00 note that a
Redan or, ents” cores Bie ie Registro de Cumercio 3 C0. Suler room, 28, Feedericle Btreety | the period for which Heketa are avell- | Have secured GULD MEDALS of -the highest awards wheresie
Caleedy latalined trdot Reams | Bae ot wnder any ciroumetances | exhitited. ‘Tae oaly CIG Att sok CIGAR TTS sera ;
Y moathe {com Ist prozimo~"Lieelice” Nit CALE Aw eave sue HOO 1aDe


Nosottos DALTON ¥ Ca Baceso-
tes, comerciantes domiciiados ea
esta ciudad, por ef presente dccamento

are ix Cocoa = properties
full dDeariog which are nowforsala There
ate s Cocoa Houses, overseers oartere asd
barracks. The Enate ts situated in a desirabie
and heslihy focakiy easy reach from Cumuta
Railway Station, 1 of purchess money ean
temaia on mortgage at 6 per cent interest, ‘For
particulars ap to



Diego Marti, the iejidence of F, 4,
Bkeete. For particulars apply wo FA
Bheet & Uo, South Qaay, er Em. Lazire
= Svleivor, Bt, Viecent dte= 28h October
1910+ 3m,
Ae LER —Uctiage 193 Hemiy ptreor,
Qaict Locality, 2 Large Badroome, 2
Dresetog Rooms, Drawing and Diolag
Roowa, AN ous hocew, Largs bachelors
room in yard. New Sewerage, Hlectele
Agbtsthroagbost, Apply, O. Bazoant &
Co., 48 Marine Bquare.-Oc', 2t.— 1m,

jot KENT = yay Forsbbed= Tue
viver acd taciog alr for ove’s Healtb,
which can eatily be obtained by going to
Bente Crus to thet lovely two scorey
building koows aa Fern Villa’ wlth all
axcommodation fora family, Higtly reoom-
mended by those who have jived there
‘Vately, Stable and Caniege Louse ect,
4 hour drive from the el'y, 10 miantes
drive fcom San Jaan Railwey Station,
Levuly garden of roses aad flowers, pas: “
ture, tiver running through the Property

Avyone desirous of lozpectiog with e view
torenting con apply tu Citas, J, Decir,
48 Marlpa Square. Poasasion Ist Nov,
Oct 2

TOUR RENR cope NY 3 Wleh
mond Sweet wih all cvovaulances
Rest S24 monthly lL vecession lot Novem
‘ber, App'y to Cuas. KF. STOLLRaVER's
Oluce, No. S Niclmond Street, “Telephone
No, LdS—Ver. 1 =],

bramos factor de nucatra” casa de
comercio, al athor §f%dliam Dalton tHen-
derson, tamb'ét vecing de esta ciudad y
mayor de edad, ddadole al efecto nues
tro poder general sia liatitse’da algues,
Pira que nos represente en todos bues-
tros aauatos y oegucios mercabtiles, con
todas las facultades que aegia el Chui
de Comercio le competan y Ine que le
acacrds ef Codigo Ciril como jaadat-
atio, para adwinistrar, intervenir y
obrar €0 todo c1s0, como Jo hicidramos
noactros mismoe, pudicnda cn econse-
cueocis ges‘ionar aote Jay autoridades,
faccionarios y corgoracicnes puiblicas
e@ncuanto lo crea necesatio & conve-
niente & noestros intereses, tratar, cous
tratar, cobear, soribir y dar recibosy
aceptar, girar, endosar y pagar letras de
cambio, chcqies, vales, paguds, obli-
Gacicnes, tartas dopago y dems docu-
meatos que ao selacionen oon puestros
Megocios, wf como comprar, veoder y
celebrar convenlos, arreglos 6 contraloe
Â¥ transscciones que en pu concepto con-
veegan A ouestra firma social, Armando
Por Hoantros dichos actos como nuestro
apoderado y reproscatante gecersl}
desde ahora dcclaramos ; que démos por
va'rda y legal todo cusnto naestro repros
seatente y apoderado general sf
Walham Daltoo Uendersop, begs, dis
peogey coovergten cusstro nombre 6

Df emma social | Aad Io decimos y frescos
To all whom it MOBY | Por acteel ciudadauo Rigistrader Sab-

Oct. ttm

AChance'to get. a Good Little Home

ITUATE 35, Jerotoghsm Avenue.
S Large yard. Healthy loewl y, 4 one
throw from the Halmont cit snd nov
very far fom the St. Ana'scar, E-ostsle
lights isstaile’, Water cn preiser,
Onver eliag simp'y tecanse he fe
Gesirons of lovesicg in a Jercer pace,
Tespeoiion favite? at once.— Nor, 9.5,


Mrs ©.'T. McCutcheon
HH seturnG Irom New Youk, U.S A.
and Uansda, with a well assorted
sooth onal Gti ba
= ee cosday, ‘thursday,
"FOR SALE. span tenes ~ Monday, Wedncilay sod
36 Broderick Street, Parte. f-Spain,
OR SALE~One Kabler tyred Conzord | 21/10/10—1e0,
Baggy acd one sobber tyred Park

Piwton—all ia good order, Apply to F.
ARD ‘a Park Hotel—= Ob alterno del Distrito Heres, en Ciadad
Sia, Gevews Fark Hote ae Concern. Bolivar & primero de poviernbre de mil

i Awerican Fox Moands, weil matched,
well broken, trained and thoroughly ac
tHmatteed, For price &0., app'y to GEO,
¥. HUGGINE, 66, Boutb,Qusy,—Nov, Sod


noveciente dies.—Dulion y Co, Sucesores.

No, 31 of 1010

LIS DEED witoersth that we the

iE underigoed, Dalton & Uo, Boers,
erchante, rosicent in this Crty, by vir-

tue of Uhese presents declaret that we

BR. O C, ViNCENI |e po longer
AVL acttorieed to collect or recelvs acy
monies whatever on my asorcust, and all
persons to whom Le may apply for pay-
ment of principal or ioteresd money on
a nnnernmenmneemntnnmeerenens | Pro, Noter mace In diy favour, or made
K SALE-LIORSE (15 beads) Con, | and iscoreed over to him, are warned
cord Baggy with folding Lack scat and aipet makiog acy peymentato hia saless ,
Magtsh Varnes, ali in pesfeot order, | ube notes made oreadorad ty them ere at bereby couatitats ‘and
Haviog vo farther use for thema cmb} the same time produced or sh.wa to] Wilitm Dalton Heoderson, who is of
purchaser wi!l mop wih a bargain, | them, . age and also resident fa this City, to be
appr te LE. Lovenacs, Court House BERTRAM GRAINGER, | our Attcroey with fall and ample powers
or 37, New Btret'

‘ Slot Oot. 1910.20. acd without hoy restrictions whatsoever
J,0K BALEHOSE for vale= Dak len al) wanw iP ule TOUT OT

Po vrewe Kelling, geet tote eee | 10 ALL WHOM Lf MAY CONDBBN. | tthe ‘bunisees etrase cree meete
oa Melati oe wa crvbar ge for food MEdBeRTRAM Ghatsaen of ror sod privileges te eben anise
peaseles borse—muat ° i je .
gre jAPrly 66 Froterkk Bucet—Octr. | cosise ofthe Feemiwory, Notes tude by | Reeordacce with our’ Commercial Uode

poy | Of Lvwa 4a well as those that are accor.
‘row BALE=VateaUe Property Ke. ta 9 Oh Moodie Biresry
Abscrowbile birret, cuatalutog apart

1b my i Boe ded to him se an Atlorpey by virtue of
they tolrred to Umea lore the Civil Code cf Lame to tduisineh
poifoa tw er, Any police to that atervene aodto act freely io every
woeals up ot doweutala, |Ataa 4 roms effect by the SET penidee Greloger is f cssetnour bebalf as we would act our-
ia yerd of B85. Oe oath. Atboon the efore misleading aid wacellsbie, I wae] selves acd beiog able ia oousequence
area with coro wit « bermete prie | Bevereiuployed se eilrctor nor wes} ex | thervol lo tate euch steps whatever as
chaser wil Hrowae, LD O pire! in the cape clty etated by Mr, He.- f may be necessiry at eny time before the
aon ‘am Graloger,la bie Lotice of 33st Octo‘ er, conatitated Buthorities, officore aad
OH HALE.wwtbapoop Vitla, Na: 10 L bave this dsy given my Sollelior ios'suce
Queen's Park West, coatatsiog foor | tloveto tastituie forthelib legal proceed.
downstairs nod 3 wy otal, Draw. | loge ageicat. (be sald Bertrana taloger

patliocorporations aske tosy deen fit
of fenvesient la the latereas of our
. alsita § ¢0 negotiate, contract, collect
tay eat rt ree iraes aaa Heed erent ‘On vIN CENT. due ty bia debte, tecelre moceye and faaue receipts,
rooms, Stables and Carrlage House, & cep’, endorseaod pay Bulle of Ex:hangr,
Hlectrio Ligbt aud Sewerage joside ard re, | CA qaee, promicnory notes, goods, obliga.
oatalde, With toslde add guteide, The ~~" ne | tlonsand all other documentycgocerned
leod runs from Q. p iat te Weodteed with car busloess as well atto barchae,
Btreet, ag that the beck Jote could
bout interfert ith the main se
ap sliboat inaeriag: bith ihe an Cocoa Bags
A Larga Lot Jost Bocelved.
tes, AllsBlave, AU Weights,
the Lowest Prices—Always ‘

sell, contractaod make arrangements oF
ce. Apply to®, J MK. c/s Mackeas's

agreements and all scch riler treneac.
@ Kisyon.--Deb, 121d, 19) Ls,
Geter, 22 An tm

‘Apply to
AF 1D es bea

tions as be ig bis diseretion may deem
adelasble tc wake la the faterest of our
Grta sigoing such acts on our bebalf as
our Attorcey aod gereral repreweota'ive
aad by vistue of tale iostrament wa
further declare. that we accept ag bled.
fog and legal avything whatsoever that
the sud Willisa Lishoa Henderson may
O, direct oF agreeto ta our name,
Bigard avd colvered before the Sub-
Registrar of thy Distles Hares fo
Cluged Bollrar, Vooeguele, thle drat atl

For Saltcor Rent
£orsasoor nem

Toe RENT OR SALE—The Yanally

Cott ge No, 23 Warner Siest, yale

® with exory convenlence fore
surie. ligts tostalinés Benere
fab Mr, Chastes Heandella of

Mesaza G2 Menlo o8 (be
b (astan's Ap yea, N, Oxivar of

" , . aaa
_ apathy, Sets iee h

of Sorcaiber Oosthounnd alee bucde
" DALTON & CO, fue,

= -


declaramos? que constitaimog. y nom: { N.

* & Co, we above—Novr, ¢~lw,

BR Broderick irae’ TION Ol Cost YOU NofaiNGe —Ne vf
QUSEBOLD Farolsblogs — Plato Sole dg ‘ o
uM 6 carria: jena ° ° . om
a7 A Uaty yosng Gio ba acne SMITIBROS. & 00. - Chocolate andjCocoi Powder Mat
wi sell-taa ”
bore by Asctisa’ on Batardey “ ° HBNCE OUR, SUOCE3S IN THE TRADS.
next November 1h 05 1.30 o'clock, | a The Bonanzs Drog Stores, Termtpan, We thealore de! UR SUOCHss IN THE 7
jpanse, Uyp prenan Aazese Sect 8it— by Fost, 278, at the Wanedion SAevonal Exbitisioa Toroata on Fas i
Dioieg table, Carpets and sage. Betataads | AtxRt MRD. dolesle from

and matcresser, &
dog cur
eb, donkey and cart, yearling Batt aad

ether wiecel
ATURDAY menting. “Fartoar purticer
suutsNew erie nn

Sale-at Auction }wo.aiitine: [IF YOU ARE ENGAM


Trading Coy, Ltd., the widasigoed w
offer for ext the
e< 8.5, ** Matlab

DUOLL 5) Cues 57, KAPHARL “?
ean Ge aed bitty, 20h CAUTIERSHICANDY Tall se SEE WHAT You BUY: @
Wid. BOOTT & SON, | wperine “Us kdrigte en et one . - na
Gevt, Avotloaeera. Masare—Obleodou fe, Wotky — Fines eS .
Na Neromtar ieee rhs 73 Bales May, 50 ‘Tove Patent DENTIST STRY ~ Cyclists Take ae
FOR SALE [| ‘1taesti« Dr. If, W. LYNOH 1» a
(sclading engegewents}

at the Jamsica International Exhibition, 1991, %
Machado's Cigars and Cigarettes are for emokers of caliare auld

Unigas ia quality and aroma, =~ na
be Workmanship end blending of MACHADO'S CIGARS &

PIANOFORTE, specially boils for
ths trcpics, cosa $300, Price for quick
aele & May be seen by ap
on sppiication +9 WaRD FRIVE & CO.,

Parpoogers are recommended to secure
thelr berths for the tetarn journey tame
lately upon their arrival ia England,

For ferther information, apply at

Quy Hale Rooms, 26 Fresaick Btreet— | he Company's offlos, cannst be Sroctied equal & J. B. MACH
wv. é~I, — . a \ Fi

GuaRsrO- APU—To be sold Gtoneata) MARINA SQu aww TA TROPICAL,
great Aa Bstave of 78


acr’s, well watered, 2} mites from Btatios,
goadroads, 10 acres, 1m Coosa (2,500 trees),
aot theremicder Hogar lands, Dwelling
hoaseand large shed, Steam Engine
aod Fater Makisg Moechivery,
only $2,000 forthe who'e, Order to view
of WakO PRICE & ca,’ Estasa Agents
&®Auctionsers, 26, Frederick Btreet,-~
Nov. 4-1w, '
Busse ke VILLAGE For ‘Sal or
Rent—Honee, 3 mows acd ofti-ee,
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oroflar, Apply WARD PBICE





Bakes, Roast,
Brelles, Toasts

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elso—Kitchen cool,


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We guarantee it to heal
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It Removes Proud Floeh
Ié prevents Grangeae,

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VOR iomediate Ssle—The O11 Tram.
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asilector, Low price will be accepted, And Heals Thea, or write

Urder lo view on applisation te the Cit
Aatiloa aod Easta’e Ulloa, 26 Fred rick
Swe .— Nov, 6 b-~lw,

Saturday Next,


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Mark Canes



, & *Tamlia” ivcubstor, &
Colores More—142=7 reare old,
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Sm th Robertson & Co,

Ofer for Sale Ex a,“ CROW,

Albert Lucieon{@ iam
- Cocoa Dealers d Chocolate te Mons met
Travel! ive— ROUX, ;
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Bz Reornt Arrivals


3,000 Londres~-Villar & Villar,
1000 Londies=Heary Clay,

1,000 Cooches Ficas—Marlas,

500 Vassdores—Viller & Villar

500 Cazadoree Imperial urlas
1 Case BRAZILIAN Cloans

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All branches
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Important Notice,

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‘ : ” HEREBY beg to souly the pati 9 baie eel
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