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Port of Spain Gazette
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o» «.«.."razas-

108. THOMSON &C0.
raí mfrommx qáiwM wM&tSDAT novímbir » i»io
St. ’"Ignatius Bay,"
Practically Navi'.'
lotion 334 Bopwiag—A Fttt’ililr
Not Miss
’Weeding an & 15CT- Gold Brooches
líc kÍts ’
K*W' mi ‘ OUU) ALI l>
cavidson AND TODD.|
Dietinotira Tailoring
Tweed suitings
iuLfa, iKSiSSllvSt
ioalthy Me Vigor
The Piano Warehouse.
AllInstrument» Guaranteed
it. Frederick Street.
â–¡ ability
Grapes I

tCUldnm'i m illâ„¢
Xm«( *ni_R
w V««r Cards, Ladys1 (¡suit Shoe*.
571 Michael P. Maillard,
j Valuó Hoa’herS Lite Uallliid's. |
Another Large Shipment
Ladies Hats.
; Black White, Navy, Royal Blue, Saxo Bluo, Green, Pawn,
Brown, Groy, Purplo, Strawberry.
f ALSO — Nice . Selection ol Inhnts and Girl’s Straws .’oys Sailor Hafs Etc
Sanitarv) • Wash!
W. C. ROSS & CO 11
is/isy ¡¡^

» romrorspAm oazkijb Wednesday November o iaio
|j[ uup Millinery “Show” still in full Swine. li1
lj|ij Irish •'Sunray” Shantung
Evening Dress Suits,
NEW SUITINGS, Jacket and Pants, g,
Elgin Dolían, Ten .Dollar, Dp, . 19.
HE?QB»nKUKS!BsOlliso^8,al»KeillU«, Juk.1andlinla I
IL*T)Tr?'iJNTH1U?K HI? 8UAVKS— Meat». 49 ¿cafa Mu, u AJ40
ICAINOLINK AllAl’KH |d Wbitoao<] Cul,r.|_»U jnce.
J Sprays. Ribbons, Wings, Mounts, &c.
Tho FINE distinction, between a
Gnrmont is obtained by dealing
Double Width Tweeds, L
r*m 60 mi op ep*u lio, 11.41 IE,
[ «mall cocoa estate
QP 1#3'doroB.
W»:}.1l«S» KoKBHglB {< KIRTON


'• liso Trinidad Tamper Lima
Resolto will satisfy yon.
rtoad Office
Edinburgh, Scotland
SsSfeü I . =
. swcmta sí
«... ti...»

JjjgjMWjj M Ml mwwMi «turn wupiimmt mgm 11W
** Invested. | COMMERCIAL.
I jgBg¡giüfaa¡igg Imb *« mbmi b
Liw*' 4iSSW"1

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P W&8OGQPnL P LOOr1 ;Pm rQLB5 +($36 2) 7+(0 Z 9mmU &DUGV /DG\V cVXLW 6KRHr :$7(50$1,%6 +,7,. 2/2W%0 ,62 '2+,+LL ,6 ,UH-OWOWN 6WPW 63$< 129(0%(5 rrVDJrr WLte¯ 0LFKDHO 3 0DLOODUG ;M 3233n/$(L 285 /$',(6f¬ '(3$57 0f¬7 V6VWLV%FVU 36 285 6+86(+/' '(3$571,f¬7 M 9DOXµ +RDf¬KHU6 /LWH 8DOOOLLGnV _ 0,//(5f¬6 $QRWKHU /DUJH 6KLSPHQW ILOO /DGLHV +DWV 68% 7+( /$7)%U 08')/6 ,1 DL03ID r +($'<72:(67O , >$7" %ODFN :KLWH 1DY\ 5R\DO %OXH 6D[R %OXR *UHHQ 3DZQ %URZQ *UR\ 3XUSOR 6WUDZEHUU\ I $/62 f§ 1LFH 6HOHFWLRQ RO ,QKQWV DQG *LUOf¬V 6WUDZV f¬R\V 6DLORU +DIV (WF 0,//(5f¬6 +$//n6 6DQLWDUYf fµ :DVK ',67(03(5 ) $ 6.((7( t 3$5f¬6 3+$50$& f¯‘(066.7 : & 5266 t &2 7+( 52<$/ %$1. 2) &$, LVLV\ ccA I nVDDIW6IOr


} URPURUVS$P RD]NLME :HGQHVGD\ 1RYHPEHU R LDLR 7(3+(16 /07' f¯7KH 6WRUHVf° 67(3+(16 /072 _M> XXS 0LOOLQHU\ f¯6KRZf° VWLOO LQ IXOO 6ZLQH OL ((/ /$',(6n '(3$570(17 7$,,D2,5LQVU*K *(17n6 '(3$570(17 A OM_LM ,ULVK fµn6XQUD\f° 6KDQWXQJ %8< 7+( %(67 ,1 (YHQLQJ 'UHVV 6XLWV 1(: 68,7,1*6 -DFNHW DQG 3DQWV J (OJLQ 'RO¯DQ 7HQ 'ROODU 'S +("4%}Q.8.6%V2OOLVRADO}.HLOO8m -XNDQGOLQOD , 6 )$1&< 675,3(' $/3$&$ &5($0 )/$11(/ 68,7,1*6 f¯ ,/r7f7U"nL-17+8". +," 8$9.6f§ 0HDW} FDID 0X X $,&$,12/,1. $OO$Of¬.+ _G :ELWRDR@ &XOU_B}8 MQFH )/2:(56 ,1 *5($7 9$5,(7< 6SUD\V 5LEERQV :LQJV 0RXQWV tF 7KR ),1( GLVWLQFWLRQ EHWZHHQ D 67 mPDOO FRFRD HVWDWH 43 nGRUR% :}`Om6}D+m8 3RU LDQn.L SDQOP8R .R.%+JO% ^ .,5721


-MMJM0:MM 0 0O PZZ0L mWXUQ ZXSLLPPW PJP : rr ,QYHVWHG _ &200(5&,$/ , MJ%JcJL¾IDDcLJJ ,PE rm PEPL E /LZrn L66:


n-.4$-6ULn%-,.6f¬ nfµ OLVR 7ULQLGDG 7DPSHU /LPD ¯63%$<,1H 38.32tIIL6 a 7%,1M'0 000/ /,0( 0IO185$/ 385326(6 5HVROWR ZLOO VDWLVI\ \RQ 6)$1'$5' /,)( $6685$1&( 2&83$1I UWRDG 2IILFH (GLQEXUJK 6FRWODQG '$128 2.),2.)28 :(67 ,1',(6 %$5%$'26 6V6IH¾ , VZFPWD V¯ H m WL}





= te Invested. ¢

PE) +00 Red Pre

on tls oder

* Chane

petty ia Poss oly

pra ’

G. &T.
“ote * tGvdu BOanpg aNb BLANKS.
Offer tha abova an tual Cheap! Ha, the


a eeeeeaener

5 pfSeotch Whiskey used in bottling? to this
date, and the results of my analyses indicate

I am also of opinion that it is a Whiskey ee VINCENT, FRESH SHIPMENr of-Spsie,o 221d October 1010—1m,
‘b excellont quality of flavour, of GREAT
AGE, having been long matured in wood.

@' ROBERT M. CLARK, BSc., F,1.C,
Public analyst for the ‘County of Lanark
and the Burgs of Patrick, Paisley, ete.

je now give notice that S100 Roward
ibe paid toany one who will give information
ing to a verdict in our favour against any
an spreading or repeating that the quality of
iRhite Horso has deteriorated.

The same Roward of S100-will be
dbo any one giving information leading to the
jotion of parties refilling our bottles or adult-
g our Whiskey in any raanner,

{nformation which will be treatedjconfidentially
abe sent to our Solicitor,


» SC Vincent Streat,

; "MACKIE & co. ‘Distillers Ltd., Glasgow.
E Octr 2ist—1m


ME undernamed is now prepared to book
orders for seeds due to arrive here about

FOR SALE | */225°""=2¢ lninided dele Oh,

re oe free Coen

t “Arrived, and Now Landing |#stieny a Ramer Electric Bulbs


in writieg al
aay te dostiten
btery Howe,” 01

; week eee sia,
urs, oh, ins,

wi? Bret
be cone


BR aDwW ANOE,| —


5 06, 8383 “AY. seh ne Pott-of Spain, i
tCarolinaPitchPinoBogrds| ot iit — (Technical nshruction i} sexouesna™™ 2° | arg Dhriatmas Present | ices aes

258193 Ft 1 z N PLAINED 3 BIDES-G aT.

Sa Sn 7 ma ies


stlee, OR BALL N6tioé. wah rim

a ., _e - ny
| ea Nitice, saber
glvéd toall penoas

7 i te 4

’ / | fate ahy teeseste ytat ear Moter Char-a-Bane, ‘I word tie te se) UBLIO ROTICK ia hereby given shat
t ot vba Power
o Commence ca the Sad December, 130, To seat ni 9 persons. j Neo reseomable fer wilt retased, Ht, MESA’ BP, Met
and terminate o the 10ch D 16-19 WP, Apply v0 Mt ¥ oor: are

. e@ dpm my be pens wl Beare trom TPuSE we Wherle, Leather upholstered WILLIAM DEST, AGxsT a “aie un het wee of bad made bel ween

washable estopy, o-
onary BADHOU, | with Tee Deaae’ ride Limp, in pertece | octobee 201m,

B Al coatrtbations mut be paid) Woklog onter, a bergela ny 0 a EER DANS SPEED

to the abo shee reaping a perenese
to ., a venacaed and Bo one chew D --Free beat rig enoererad party,
an Forfactver pirttcalere apply to

—— wa THe Bcbecter & One ct ibe
. ‘Modeato Hives of the

Drea. MARQUEZ, Sui Sargeon Dentist, parts fay ifs Hires Rodrigues of

aed the sald i Morea
[Tr wre ered | He ceecste a ot ontern te wisp ack | Semerente Betoore of ihe foureh pact aad shea de
sae 8 pre-e

T baving come to our notico that it has been' |, Toe b pease
red in this market that the quality of the Ia thy Ja the Sapreme 1 Conte, Ox. rete BHO. 8 CO, R'y become tgpenriiog mecha, “fiers ai speclacs I is yitess of the ‘Rest
romoy. q y 1 Mater ofthe K f Metths Sr, per ined to pod
o Horse Whiskoy has fallen HU of eis ot Papeot Spa to A) 4 Paper wad pe writer tipbone Noe algo, wont on 8s Ff Ereamtek Geen she
=October se
off wo are © compelled to give the most emphatic UBLIJ NOTICE te bsrety given that =A se Deverjo Typewtiliog Macbives, ooucherey~Octbet wort, fevers ae = pet ap ot Bale br
al to such reports and beg to state that the seven? sts bas beeu muloto me by GS QO g | Pho 3 Diverse Ub Stre Fine Uloths The Bag Pabuee Atetion by Yee nuderoigned ot
e care is taken in blending and reblending ofFpalo Inthe sald fates oon ened = O > Ti iil ha It flay onesie. - | Sect ones = on hosdey. the diet
hite Horse Whishoy so that at i 3 a ” siete tenet The avdersigned bes jaa orga op under iH Ficomds 1910, betwoes the bows
ation of quality can occur and our vats are fata of Fort-at-Sraln afortentd tntewate items cg A | NOTCH Is hereby piven thet alt Promle- | the HOSEL MIRANDA, DBINGULAR. thas cecdata
ly examined and analysed by Dr. Clark Teen eof eat witha eee gcanth & Axed Eos arable a my oflloe No. 53 Naderiet a bea stn a a Oren tothe. "land
he well known analyst’ whose last - of Port-of ton the ed MeD-aud Bt FI OG | Evcest, mars be paid there and at n0 other The ‘Finest Stuffs Tietied. Keown ane bolle Vere
is is published below, a lawfat beadaod and relies of Poa’ we S pa headers aed. Person. prions Prislog slog four qaatrers ofl of land and thotting
‘ Ci A 12 ty: Us Lab shhh ate cna htt noguant P fa 8 Dated ARTA day ot Oooh CENT. —ron— sii os land of Mt Mtriens Chiveres
ity Analyst’s Laboratory ight days [com the dave of ihe public —. ~ on the Seat oa ee
. Gt 188, Bath Street, inate st tha Coart wll proeed - z= g Ca Dentistry. GENTLEMEN CLOTHING, | 8 tea Darl and Lngoale Alphooe
te lagow, 7th Jul 19103, secord: . merase a
Sa ereby centfy that 11 “aber ma “Bliss sae ot case ite FR =: (ORL s EEE ee tier iets to betre of
¥ ereby certily that I have taken same Tr Ae Hegistrar ag *| JPREDEMICK Tee ’ ioco Uarcia ond on a Hige vt th
= - pes of every Vatting of Mackie’s — Notice sa oc WO Thon: afaik SNe _|The Very Best, Frave rancisco (arcia ead on a ridge vf the
i *White Horse Collar" Blend . om Movesate Citanoes,:-Oor, 25 —ten"

rer aod on lead of Francieco Garcia on
the East on the ridge of Maracas Hills


To at siren thay Tokte slike nee PATENT. GAETANO. BARBADO. | and oa the West on the Le Casos tier,
Octo. Also all and Sngolar thas cervein other

Jo qaim Ribeiro. ate required to present FEE OUVIERIS Pateoted Cacso f Octo 27tbmtm, Aso au situate inthe eald werd of Banta

Ard be solictts the patronage fo of thee ¥, Scollmeyer and on the La Canosa
the pi

* that it conform to the standard for Pot Still acch olsims tu the andersizoel ros later Ore ry
Siting, Daacing acd Polleh- Fin ancia kaown au **E! Retiro, consist!
theo the 30th November 191G, afte: which ee % een Bb Messrs GOR00 I I a oere <
aoe Whiskey set Up in the London case, date no vats . a he allowed . log Marbiae’ oe Vineet Hala Ot of three several parcela of land The Fins

N, VASCONCELLOY BE tesieel i p le prepared to discount | thereof com priulo twenty four scree and

otes, on ressanable le terms, abatily; ‘orth oa land of Meria

TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. | tran 63 ce s50n isonarf ana on and of A 6. dcsine on

zesato Bua Mortgaree on Town of Gout

Novr, tet, 1910,—1m1,

ee oy MACH . Properties will te taken a suas varying | Jotictese and oo ihe Wess oo lend
1710, Bi-Centenary 1910,) Glasgow St a [LEER RRabIaaE, tinge meres Veecee B00 ed colon | Sot te read amet coomiay
. ’ PSZOW SLORMST | aca Menten ot the Morning Kove Lodge PART Verotcclen, $3.60 sold cole, | ee cerst, tree Forde and eight perches
t tere the cigarette case’ wbleb east are obealnatie will te purchased. and abattingow the Nor bh sn lecd of

O s'mero onthe S.u-b and Easton tana


eR have obtelasd £10 as surrender ¢ Os any Hinanclal matter ove masa St, | of one D. misique and on the West on lead
—— EE NA 8 Bt Vinooot Ste

Soll by every Desier torougase tue under Rale,18, heve tesigsed m:
i orice ¢ poe Coy -~— = w membershins I bave oo farther, a clalza on iid Lamby, oad the Talea” “Testo bane
The Oldest Fire nthe W eld, the eye ning three acres and thirty two bee
fice tn WARRANTED: JOSHUA HARLEY, _ End abaitingoo ibe Novth culaad fo meriy
* A. oO WwW i iy of J, Sotillo sow oc lately of Angel Rivas

va the Sowih oa land of Bertoloweo
vi THE Marslo and on the Kast and West on jand
_ formerly of fined Law Ato aut tbat

. other cccos plaatetinn sueate in the ward
Price of Beef. of Cane in the said lstand known ne
“Daens Viste,” consisting of four aeveral
parcels of land the Fust tus:eol comprising
twelve scree and ten pirches end abetting
onthe Norib, Goeth aod East on lasa

When you buy your Bere
from me you have money pow or lately of the Crown acd on the
Weston Jend sow ur former! " of Jaclsto

Price of Ice
left to purchase vozetables, 7 | (Neence foal iow vf former coatalniog

eo Tan selling chtaper tq ecesacd sbutilog anthe Nerih oa

Every ottle nas cork TO-DAY'S D ATE. than any one else fa the fare] | Crown iands on the Mth og. frown landa

AND Suwigporatingay

APrRignon be classes, frome

and 4] ox. QUABTS, each.


aut the Loss of Reat tn case of Fire,
beskes ES by wie ba are made good ty

“Telephone: Wo. 17oO

ket’ anden the Xass
latiews” TORES, Uitated “Sab Apest, bra: ed, F rom to-dayh these Prices Ocbow sad on. ihe Wee oa eh ietieds
. Po EONYUN & Co,—SubAgents, Sen AND C)PSULE ewBossuo. . hold*good, end oo land I

Fernanda Bea that you get tAgsauins artiols $8 00 ar Ton delivered oie, tne roads
N ' I ‘ Roast & Ib) 10c, Weat oa Crows ladtapa ine
FOR S A LE FOR BALE BY) RET ATL: Brisket & Stewie oy 9s Bee Booth oa Crows land and cn lands of BP, t
i TORO j ( 3 Ibs, for eee ee 2 cants Bones’ eee Gof. Gegene end ont ard the yes
25 lbs, fer aoe 15 cents oumptislog twenty stven acta and sight

| . terchis acd sbatting on the N

59 lbs, for oes ove 80 conts And West om Crown lands 8 te ou ‘onthe is
WOO Nbeten RD antal, Felix Marsan|{. tet thawl dear cM

__ Thasen tent rhea cela of bei
(EASTERN MARKET} pert ty Oval the provisions es Real - cat fren

JAD BHIPPING &| [ror sedcte, fe

ticutars please apply to “EGZEMA: E Ai TR NG CO., Lrp. Nor dodute . B tee dead Weed ot Gra coyuing fee
JOAQUIM RIBEIRO, senor eee MIA S= see EeDC LD te the aume a little more or res delloeated
543th Quy ant “ R Ee KM B E R acd with the abattals acd beundaries
Nov. it-¢@r. SHIN DistAse vielse fr ‘ONCE to & E MEN PSON'S FETE CHAM M p ETRE, Grows Gast teguteled ia Vole LV

1 H E BONANZA Grand Excursion to Sangre} Falla ogre aed buuaded oa the Noma an

» '
ia ape rats tenes Ba Rec

Thekets on Sale at the Bee Hive, Pak Mra, Knagge.) and sx cen percha

a cf Neomle Figeice acd to
the South aod Woat by Crewa Heads, tbe
Messrs. Smith uros & Co. Si, wheré you can ge. best mate Creole more or Jana deloeata
° ’ Boots and Bhow, and at O, F, Thomp on,

Qne -Pair of Oxen

par’ ICKER- Ur hataesyyateeene: -
pair young. or oxen, For forther pare



‘ rande.

ok sbown on the

a le he od toibe Cr Groat regis
ecember 1910, Every Seed offered is} | ™wrcuanuntaniisis | eines, Zi teusies ueuee |""""Noetee. ——1(), P, ORIOKET GROUND {ist tanee sth Fuiertisyelse:
ber shada e a
HN BROADWAY, Palmer's ‘¢ SXIN-SUCCESS fos fa Moats ond os tbe Boath 234,
petec from prime trees in the Selangor Where they sreastetshicg at duumy oSPTy pangeectboens fe whom Ib may sone A bewene} TTIGRSDAY NOY. LOT 1910 | Wee, by, Otome eds de Pind
pct ofthe Malay Peninsula, end shipped [at'siure” ttpur fecaline, Slut fine thas so TEs Bune aan Fee tre FROM Sitio aoe efied denon 24 Se
Ex t. f, Van Ties car oe i sty Dratete an World attempting 10 ior ay the vant the avutlale acd boandaries tb
per Stationery Motors ~Oct, 19— 1m, ow erie po interes bie fevpect 3 P.M, to 6 P.M, oa the ple sunerid ey? “
Prepared, Gold and duaraterd by 1 . x a Veame Folle 403 end
b_PRICES and CONDITIONS upon |suwon, vsossoay, rues Tee, “Das FTG, 1 aaup srusmedene a
mca ion to DAY OF NOVE MBER 1910, ngem Tong & VENUS &. JONES, T pmoMidnight rato ie ka
; pustic LIG NOTICE | is hereby girwa that In | Payer the Fret ant fe Act tf June pe, tet, Witness} HELEN LA CHAPELLP, * aad, tu
TED N ARCHER, | Visesseiitowerettatscere ot |g NN ADHISSION t be West by Pred 7 cron, anda and oa
MA neuaesy ne cummmi aaiay Z| BROOKLYN NEW voRK crTe | 1: ieee ate esate ia
en ay: iiotieniacane| A, ereremseeâ„¢.| Pigg Of Bei f|stwnin yn. tute w|i cco metesaras
pain.—Oct. 15° h—1m, saad day of January 1909 frero Arthur Albert oe! lene Sven! "be is ind soe Rebate, 010,

Wentworth ss to tes Newall> there Apply for Free Sainp! FROM

— ¥. J. ?

wih t# putup for sale by dhe undersigned it THE

bis Suction Mart No, gc ny Ucveroment Anctioncers,

TO DL) ALY ow] yArgtast thesomementa and attrac: | a7.te Fon WEDNESDAY THE sor
the afternoon will be Mi
tloae daring Binang a alee F Foleaty i‘ DAY OF NOVEMBER 1910

Ostpeucha ia io the Ssland of Trioidad com DWamiced, 1 —— Femme Prerrote, B Poet Judy (itr UBLIG NOTICE fe! te hereby z ‘elven ihes
og. ong lot being ket No, 07a of Sipasla Nila tty F. J. Nelaod's Gipe AVA, ‘Merr . Pp fi ise of ibe P
ah a a delinatine Nera oy lot No, ¢7 mane Roast & Steak 12c., o-fteaad, aod Ball sa ing very iced pm Mor gageee ety ths Grovoyinae
ap we Be

openy Urdi

and contelecd fo o cortala memorendege

srlacatigr o Ne ord Ss —-3 *|Buusker & Saw 10. |* Betagys Hog re | eee i agers

Bn SHEN ote, | WHS scl tem tas xa Sine atwemtmer | | Aiea pie te cites gar
sl Bi - ot 6 ao bu

Auctioncer outa «Wicirocy lamye goleg Bones - * 6c. A Yoo! re Jestramental Concert at suction mers Nev Oe thonteat

tout mamal Crear Prices, San Feraande of Wedoseed:
agit Ones * Gai"eaa “early and secare whit you msy ——.—— eat thus Cileae Hea ein doy of November 1940 betwee the’ beers
* . ol he shdtwo
fa the Beprome Court of Telnidad aod reanhe B.D. HARDING, Firtly—ait “that cestala

Mapaser_ er

sica of Capt. Faldt. plece
Peieltesbnents at Nh kinds, aod Sapper cel of land comprialog one lot k a
from 7.30 to 18 o'ctor k Ev No dats aeske ite oe
CR 0 fi | E Y & CO. 0 GOD BAVE THE KING. 4 Hedise,” Suess “ie o Etre urate on
erba! ard

lathe matter of

Aaroa, on

poe tend
WHAT AbOUT , Francia dosqaiee sods of fin hat

ppozten ist gic stay, wi Farriery.

be pet up for Loogdenriile on Wo are offering per earemen a pew Nae | the lands of the heirs of Anguati,
Thareday ibe J0ch day of November, 1910 EGISTEBED y Egekomlibe avd ap- \ of FOOTW bich we ere abla Bercadiy—All that oureia ne,
$f axpsenuno, iirwgnce oe Reimers cove oereot seers (A New Panama Hab 2) %egensas cs cosy sate pated ain ae age
Altea dtrsen””

J. C.NEWBOLD & Co. beta ethane

‘Lbe govsre atock- {e-trade of the Dofendeat | oica'to the Circular. Letter of the hiossh'e & lestis
ccclagg el Baas Ha Bioetae™ tee d of Tadastrlal Tealsieg of the 27b | if you iutsnd “buyiog « Panama "tare D ack o¢ thay oe as $2. 40|%

Neptember Jaat 6 proposal to
latte Disbee d Goch â„¢ da fe Benet fstab * close creases of otetion Hat from 6 to 20 shillings ood Men's Tea or Dies $3. 00
licenteld Faraitere, abo 1 Cow, }la mode ny , all " OTWEAR mad.
° A Bargain’ Awalts You Oar Bpectaty i roo ear

requested toda a0 by the [52h of this
baiphine ona FRENCH TWEE D3, which we are

CLAMENS, mow ¢fortag 08 cost prior,

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Pipes Adred
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Dana t Z3.b Ete Octeter rieitee

De, aty Marebal,

Actiog Cae.

COMME! IERCIAL. | 3rd November, 1910. Corner Deke asd Geotee Boueets, Good CUTTER on the Premtscs, Avetionssr,
ee a RLErH
rpionderieed ote oa tev (oops yor gombame ag0sd =| STILL LEABING. |——saonmy 71, RODRIGUEZ & Co,
o Favourite ate! /
oe eae eee of Cocos Hlantatiocs ag Laixos wilrte CaRsOLIO ike Se crea Beversgeey yret A? TANOED a opaller lrgrume | LA MODBRUS," 18, Frederic
Tome Prope GENE WEUEKIND? [11 ctu god Dies lee Finger cay 404 8 delivery TUNA ax £0 wegen NO 7
tb Oct. 101 ° Ghuliou riramacy, aloghew' ia pa Eeque Thame wes Meth Hen fied»


Tab EE AE |e Always Keep ij Mm Mind;

Sel ssatve hy
(mutual Fa sme 2

48, Ome: + trees
* TG aha

ow apply a ‘e ws

Cheers Bee tor the hime y
Boo . SCIP CERTIFICATES: Mod ane for thei
CASH safes an GB eames, sanctioned

at the four pul general tieeting of mem-

{a the time to order your

‘Private Greeting

fe ash whe dge Fy


. +
win tae?

Wes in Syrup

Pected in Glass Jars,

wis Rea

A Splendid Selection of over

. . bere, Hold Borip issacd on former
ao For Ladies and Childyen Cri tr OASH DIVIDENDS coe S K E O H 100 Different Kinds
7 36) 2. . . diag to afme,
30 In allgthe latest variety of styles.—We invite your Inspection, | ¢ ALF. MATIIGON O. To Goose From.
. 3 Port of Rpal Becretary & Treasurer, . —— he
ool 3 LADIES Tan Glace 1-Bir Bhoes, Gilt and Buckles at 103, E October 19 0, .
oe gy OCCT i ; ove . -
mR MS Bek Ges seagate tia: am: B Frederick Street, DAVIDSON & TODD
mm OO] Bey HidearGatue deat Geagag eee aae ve $200 BE
US MRE: geieetiche te: = = J EB) trinidad Guldng and|y om
ve STORES. 3 w White Kid Court and Ber Shoes, at 3/6 to 3 ibe . Bo Lo Association, . 7 GEDDES GRANT
a —=9-——— Ko] —
be sitvas |22 FOR CHILDREN EE | ovvices nt. ws cHAcoN staxer, ios ‘
' ao cuILDs i | Back Bs 1: = Tele zrome: Zao. 32 We have a reputation for selling goods that please, OFFERS FOR BALE
* URNISH Kt a2? Toy Cockle Coloaisis, in Pantent, Tan and Glace, EF ng | The Board of wrestore of thle A.stoctation and keep on pleasing ant make you proud. of Bal an, (HOBO*
| 3 Childe Winte itek 1BirShoes ose oe 44, 88,68. Se tea declared your purchases, . - —_—
——e= e . t Ld

250 Bags 5
60 Casey * REINDERS rand MILK
10 Caces “Blacaowe” BUTTER—4/21 pipe


20 Tacks Bat ‘s SWEETS
aS eer aC ACID

LS ~ o
om . 5 TEA
25 Li sys 80 Ihe, TOLLE
7 2) Cadee Hetgors JA jAMS= 1 th,

Siena Ath ams 2
Tha_beat lox Vargaclebesewmien emer



OuERS will be reeelved by the Colo

olal Beoretary 7 HP ta noon on Saturdey

the 19 & November [010 for the parchase

and removal of the bullding known as the
ort ae Arima,

jonepted will will

e parly whose offer is

bey Hae a? to remore the ret
hava the 6 be cleared of debris wit:
month of the dave of the acceptance of hi

tor the half. sar ended 30h Jane fast, and
menbsra whom shares hive now matured
or whoee morttages are now pill op ma
apply to the ofics for their respecilve cas
amounts or retaces of mortgages,

The As-coigion fe prepare ito redeem its


on application at the Office antil 30th
ptember next.


, RUBBERSOLES | Wht Canvas Gibson Shoo, | Men’s Pateyt
4s, 5s, 6s,

;BOOTS & SHOES} ran « alt Sandals, 3s, 4s, 5s. | EVENING SHOES
=ron— Black Glace Pat, Tip Gibson

S AbeecOMBIR 87.
bione 247,
THE .:



4 ”


5s, 6s, ove
Men and Boys. | white Kid Shoes, 8s, to 7s, Specialjty,

And a Varity of other Items Shor Tteme too Kum Humerous to Mantlon, Xseoea xa sill contiond to be granted
on the usasl ferma tn aceordance with the
rales of the Association,

‘a B, MATHISON, : . eo BRUNEDIN - 2 Ts.
{dC C LENDINNINC DINNING & Gl & C0. 1 agari a. “eK pecan K's OO LARS


Boy's Fancy Eton Caps.


Away from Home, «

° Ar



eet weopers

The Government docs not tad iteelf
to + the eat of any offer,
Acting Qoloaisl Beorevery

Men's Paris ‘Hats, Covomia Beceeranr's Orsick,
aE Ce Obatrinen ol the Taca:lgaa Local
Newost Shipes, from $1.20 to 36,00. pinto Board

haa givea notice of the
of the Ghtrat Heed Bounds te meets
. ol
Newest J'rowserings,
Newest Tennis Suitings
Newest Serges

CME peers Our Famous

Men's Straw Hats:
& In 2in,, 2}in, and Qfin. Brims.
Bee Gees Lads, Bye S Gils | | ENS SYRAW HAT> Black and Fancy Bands—

Be igaud U.derware 2and 2}in, Brims. , _ . aN

White Cork Helmet
White Felt Helmetes
Wht. nubber Helmets

Tnere is but ove way to have hot
or cold drinks when you want

hem without annoypuce andtruuble, Fitthem up in lOY
& UT bottles beforeyou start. Then they will be juswtight 4

‘ b & Wilson Ltd,

eee mo


Beoretary, Cent Central Road Board,

“Io connection w with the diversion
“of the Ceara Royal Road to avoid
river erussiogs aod steep hula, thet
“4a read be opened bracohing frou the
** Tacache Toad atl} mile post, raa.

*“ nloginan easterly directiva throagh
*' he lands of G, Ge fleoy LAtu fees
and Stacie Hill, 400 feet, and ja
*¢a northerly. direction theuugh the
* lende of arly Clato, 850 feec, ant

in Weet Indie
Sys ois Vestal 1 .

GUHOK and the Finish Lot 0 veportteuterly direction shrough the,
Fas? 64H03 evar umported Ail Prices. Milande of Dr, Late 1.900 feet aad 2
* ACisbaunonPepten = wail tigeen of AO foot nod ta j
e UNOR—Piopiletor. a ree 4 dectar Pa ” '
v Wwantaayws FOR SALE Notice.
maHICK GROCERY Just - Recei ed, T meri to bere eo 7o8 Ere ALE ~ BY — Prieta etter (
—— AND F OR SALE, Me rr aol to Siede Helatives of Lhe de-eased : Somied ta
situate fees BOYD & COSEke
MAW DCALIN KGS | Bates COCOA BAUS—Guaranteod Alba, irsbincds ee eos sega Dail log ° Caloatl Sergiy Ofion
Be canes raven ewer » BUGAbING pacer! ES rea ec Exss ‘Mutlah’ from Calcutta, NOTIGE.
Pode sie cote aEUAL rLouB.| Cates Cooe ae eED SUGAR 100lbs, Bete erlONe 202 L 1364 bags No, 1 Nagra Rice ty “asowe a toiedon Oe
: Maan a canta cheese BELLOW DHOLL;, NAGRA RICE, iNPORTANT TO HOUSE: ags NO. (| DUBOIS Ieteann te'Grtectaah
oS ayo Baa OAT, OWNERS. 341 bags No, 1 Nagra Rico Sh
pi Ou « = ‘and od de ia 5
en eal IN BOWD Tessa ae wee et | 337 baga No, 1 W. I, ‘Ballam Rice (ER) | eles aolouus wanoed oy
RESIT BEETROOTS , R NDY. t & Cr. wns tarerseted te well keown Areas bast re Gasettel of Zed Asazes 1030 thd sop
BISCUITS & CAKES, MACHOLS BRANDY) 2s Viisky | troved his ofce so No 1. Seckelie direet - aWP — Eratlon Qtiee if required,
EI ors. ), GUWIE 3—~"; House of Lords” W WKY | bere be i revere ce penta and fo ‘make ~ 1p ones be borue ia mind thet those whe

ae ei accarate retarns ta th reovive Sinmyirasie will be required te pro,

‘Hat Sized, rag eta to thoes ly cleaned and husked vie rash ponies
ESE —layesoets BROS. & VoN GONTARD,[Eer= = eee) oot nape smi com cece

ye Finger Cissm, OTHER rRunucg for bn sooordance with Bectsam 30,0) q
cri Puonet 574 nuvEnsor comes 0 Sourn Quay, DENTISTRY.

ear No, 1
Cictate Five O'slock Tea

iy muct alsohe distlsctly waderstoot
Fegan peer 7o Bourn Quay. aT AA NEW GARAGE. | sah rp ot emia res
= maptia’ with th ‘
piel ard Steel Pills, ~~") There is‘ Nothing Dr. J. Ralon EATIOBCON, NUE GITTENS CARRIAGE FaUTORY bas added & cow Department io the peter cone 3 Orica
ea Al sag at SHEL & PENNY ROYAL PILLS Just as Good py nen¥ ered T aus Stacker Musyclee" otc ene be evpotansly rovalied oy guickess | Utemirnty the Cet
ung Ab cheap peices the naost [ne eBectus! iosat a » a" ib Whee Siler ur ne Ott, . ‘ c .
_— te Fe quality, The it dee. Prise I we bottle fer re ed Syrup a cone a | &! Nees et oppealle dae area a Biba, at Ads Manatomenig On ‘als Broteetor of hums ‘
ow wh M, W, GOODING, Get them at Bawllos’s Drag store ue ¢ English Vbarazey, pba ed

- \ suppress | won 9 110 =

rts' Admmistrator Ueneral’s; Auction Sale. (sis foe vrousosy we ie NO

‘ Ye IPT, ANTM cy [lela & Atiletic Sp
Use Trinidad Temper Lima} 8s ove

omen * & a

nF HERE wit} ben PUBLIO AUCTION | — Uarig NOTICE te hereby pleen that G a

biG. TP YSALE' on Wedsesday the 2rd of | J Fe peceey poet Grand Sale ae

bales, OG sa 101g a3 1 pm. ad ba office of ata tn toed ef Stortgage datedvate HOME Imp eel *

twenty Are) dey ot Sastamber 1000 tegis- A TION, from i
tered as No, 2623 of 1990 ead wate bee Noventerto Sa TURD
tween Cipriaso Rivan 36 drigurs of the one Needlework ¢f 98 Bae
parkand Wililam Gordod Uorion trad.og verle’'y of Faucy &
asder (be frm of *Gordos Oraut& Un,” Xrags Presents,” jog
of the other part, and akounder the power moderate price, ‘ay bg
contatued fa s memorandum of matgege jhe Tslsad, A ples "

TRINIDAD be 4 Léan O mpany, 23 Feeder.
In the Supreme G.wt of Tilalisd aod Tobago ' te Titel ta of ths following poreteemtd
fo the Matier of tbe Adeinigtraton Geveral’s anicles m=

Ordicance, 1900 © it i eronan 1909 erata’e’s, 1
tn the j Goods of WF Srmpeoa | 11026 +1 stiver co'lar, 2 allt .
a be MM fei te of Pert of Speis, ie ihe 11098 hye bacale.

Island of Troldad—~Decesecd Intestate x * allver. bang'es,


FOR Setarday, 3rd December 1910

- , , 7 —— 1134+ silver anbleis, under the Reel Property Ordinances dad Cerves mebera b
ASPRAYING PURPOSHS PROVISIONAL PROGRAMME, | ALL, proms tarieg cules sins, el i, Mra sar trate ta tae ede Pr eD—eG
yee, -- the wadarigard full partulars of the same | 11252 —2 silver armiete hessid Wililaa Gordon Gard 1A. will pay 2 acta
i —AND— L—One StL BICYCLE RACE =Open to | verised by eAcdevlt on on before Thnveday the 111319 [aliver chain, 1 golf acd hale chain | fovoet of the se ‘ cr | botiten, aoc lone am
MP thoas who bave never won a first prisd Fags day of November rgto, atter which dare | 57324 _.9 liver an blows tenet be pat uf for Bile brake ase en, nowy one a

se claiens wid be, eoterts ne N351—1 go'd chain \ a
who bolt soy iy wha LST=1 “gold aeckics (broken), 2 gold
rust anvese, de alin Cf ie se bee nites U gold tad, Lallver bracelcs
and prove for the whole dott 11360—24 silver bengtes
Paymeate will be made on Fridey the end | 113823 sliver bangles
Decembet 19to, between the 6 of f 11338—1 gold rhein
the wligrpooe 11467] silver col at, Zellvor earrirgs
¥Pd day of November 1910 1161801 gv'd ev'n ‘
‘Frostas LPOLTER, H1ISTZ—1 wiver hyeat
Aciirg Admicrstrator Geoeral 11628 224 al ver bangles
TRINIDAD, * 11673 Lei'ver coliar, Zei'ver evia neck.
Ia the Metter of ete, Zc0 d vole -
Ths Adumlatewator-tcneral’s Ordlesnce, ! 11703 4 oi ver bangies
Ted, . 11705 =f god ting, 2g Al Iloke
And {d fhe Matier of the Estate of 11782 -4 0) vee arrulets
Adolphas Bkecte 18763 —¢ al vee Laogles
Tate of Wade Villoge ot Tanapana la the | 117891 go'd cris, t go'desring, Zallver

Videont Btceet Ia the, Tuwa ef Ports.
Epsia 64 Wednesdsy the 9.b day of Now
veiabee 1910, between dhe houre of ous
and two' p.m,

‘ALic GNO SINGULAR that oertala
owos plantation situate fo the Ward uf
Canre fo the feland of Trialded called
**Saa Joseda Tumbewonâ„¢ consistiog of
the several parcels of iand name’y (1,) the
parcel of land cocta'’ping eight quacees
fomnatly ovllid * San Jose” and stuttirg
oa the North on @ ravine on lands now or
Jetely of ths Urown and on lendcf Chee)
Gareisoa the Soath on the * Bolle Vie*
Kata oom the Bast ov land of Jose Migaat
Bisco andon ths Weston land of Jove
Miguel Diine and on faod of Adelaide
Gazmmag. (2) the pareel of laud formerly

Ha” deseri

sre dete Bat prt Sola, 3rd 3 dole.

ity se B do a

Time Limis 3} mloates.

Z—l00 Yarns ruat Racz~Open, Eas
traces Fee 1/5 = Is prize ot the vane
of 6 dob, 2ad prised dole, Brd 2 dole


to boys ander the age of 16 years on

the day of the Sports,—Eatrance Fee

16 Frises of NB Ne ol iG dolr, 4

a ole, N,By-No og ¢:

allowed. eycies

CYCLE RACK=Opeo, Entrance Foe
00 cte,-~Time limis 3} micates, Ist
prisemA Bolld Ki'ver Cup of. the
value cl £5 presented by J, A. D,


sae ‘~FOR—

Results will satisfy you,


The Trinidad Shipping and Trading Co., Lmtd

Haven't “you “al
about Abbey's Sag
You know for wail

eurlgaa Island of there is nothing ial

Trinkded—Beoeased Intestate. Tisoz—Vativar's Thy, dntver armte 4, 5

ef the valae of 5 dela, 3rd 3 dole. sy | eal! Sante laa! bed in thi a
a d—Loxo Jumre Open. Exttance Fee 1/6 silver bangter, Taltver watch oad | toeg term Obsttes Caradoa Davies Bex your health a8, a)
: Prises of tbe value of 3dols and adols, | , AUCTION Eslo' for Thursday the Jet eba'a Hiegton ta Micheel G bos as containing | St, h or alg
STANDARD LIFE ASSURANCE OSMPANY |‘-tanesntscnsaatets [ten omen ST at ae te en ge ge | Homa ora
J ence Fee 60 one ~cTime Limie t Prmee f° hes -- 121021 gold laske>, 1 silver watch, 1 gold | £5 Jead of Feblo Percita oa the Boa'h oa i hoki
of the value of 20 dots, 6 dole, 804), rptiG NOTICE te hereb 7 gives that ‘Esta oS BP | land of Cayteno Meadosa on the Hast on It is also a ing
. Estatteaheod 284865. 5 goo ans yur pace <0 BE Pi ibee wil te pet up for Sale by Pab to | 12107) go'd cota | wre of Joen pire Horse and on the nothing so yogi
’ . 20 Fee 1/S-Frizes of the value a+ | Auction at the Offles of the wodersigaed, | 12119—1 al vereoin neck'e’, 4 sliver ack’s's | bar'tn faen oontaleing only Seren acne orderedS H,.
. xfoad Office Edinburgh, Scotiand.. Sdoie édole aed @aoa Port-of Spala on Tharsday the let day ef | 12180 2 gold Haks, 4 gold butte: s pak in tack contalsing only eleven acris, red Stomac
ios : . . 8—ONE MILE pore BICYCLE RACK. 2 December 1910 between the hours of 1 and i293 =! Bild maf obala times described a8 three quercece and one Liver as Abbe
BRAN OH OFFIOE FOR WEST INDIES, BARBADOS | 2, toze sader tue axect 16 yearnon | TALI’ AND SINGULAR that extaln | 1243=2 gold Hogs 2 gold plas bait fo aearres and sbaitlog 00 the ow *
EVEXUE a0 ws . oes . re re 1 gold necklut and ch “' . ow ou ky
yoru Destine oT.“ Sees Vester sh WET Shes | Eee (bel sae weve rie egage [Laut tgsianeetes | RuaM meas oases Bh | forwet to use fa
AccomuLargn koxps ase one tee sce 125500,000' allowed. +BomNo racing | sinsated tn the diagram attached to the | 12666 —1 titver cola neck'ot man bow or late'y cf Sose Miguel Sins Ket to Th ee
Cranes Par | ove ove tae any ee 27,750,000 9.—FIVE MILE BICTCLY RACE HUVERATS BATE. ABSULUTY SECURITY trance Foe G0cte.—-Time jimit 1184 perty Ordinance at Yolame CCXI, Jor 1910, fies above dessited and on the West on | Sold in two sizes iene
> — {beral Surrender values. _ minutes—Competitor toast have raced falta 207 siarte inthe Wand of Manssn, 3964 2 go'd casrlogs aridgect Lille and on the road to Mara. | aad by Messrs. W.C Renal
LOANS ADVANCED on security of Polistes up to 90 per cent, of $ne in ab least ong of the preceding eycle | oa the North by Crowa landa Bad by lands | 3470—1 gold brace’e', 6 gd earrlnger G | fat, (3) pe parcel of land formerly called | Lovee a
‘ sender valu at D per cet tateest pier A Bie ett fo for the races1at Of gitved Bt. Laie om the South by Jande} 4 elleer bangles (broken) sila Voe” comprising Gre quarrees of m a
yole presented b: S544~1 gold ening Gallver armlete, eile | lead and abuttlog onthe North og the TO
IMMEDIATE NADUCTION to bome rates daring visite to Ei and ind priza of the value | of Ragoobie and by a Road on the avs by 1 - “San Jove” Estate oa the Suath o2 land Ls
8 arope lands of Alfred Br. Clair and en the West ver byea , 7 OM
oGaez temperate cilmates of 10 cole, 3cd prise 5 dols.~Lap by len ¢ of Ragoobir sod by Crowa lands, | 252-6 silver srclets, 2oilrer collar, 2] Of Peter Ls Blare oo the Eavt oa Mod of A
PHUFUSALS AUCEYTED and Policies lesaed In the West Lodles with | 9 i2hvee cthoux nace—Open, Eq.| Dted thls Th day «f November, 1910. siltereibondie, Laitver byeat ' | Jae Micual Blave ond on the Weat ca | ASSUTANG®
relerence to Head Oifice, trace Fee 1/0 Privea of abe value of N.Bo~ There te bh! paltivation on the Suen end free gold bargle cel of fand colebine fihesctasen” yo Guaranteed b be
UbALS FAL imoedcacaly on proot of death and cettlement made 6 vols, 4 dols, and # dola, Or TOMAS : POTTER, 4082—] silver collar, 4 silver armlete, 1 | to2de and abutting o1the North on the and Life -
9 soy uf the Companys Agsailes JL—Two MILE BICYCLE BACE—Open to Aating admiolstrator-General 1d nose rleg ridge of Hills and on Sandof Auzastian my ee
© PULLULES on watch age {0 edzitted are ap halleneahle aftar Twn Years}! those cyoliats who have not represented Beene ale 43-29 stver banges, lailser estlar, $ | Pesrienza oy the Soath on landef Fideli7] @wtats :
a a Colony daring the laattwo years, 4 olleer aralete, 2 silver earrings, 2 | Garcis on the East on a road and oa land J A
. BRUOE AUSTIN. Entrance Fee 60 evnta, Prizes of the E aifver coin ceckes of Maria Menito Ni'e on land cf Avguetins | SUBSCRIBED ae
sae, fea GN ane 3] Grandoe eeemenen) | Ee ae es, 1 [seein teveeeaatitlets mete | ACCUMULATIO RD
12,0440 Yaune Flat Race—Opeo. Ea: silver sibuodie, 2 al'ver cola neck. | on the West oa land now or lately of Ohas (Over) ow
trance ree ie $s 4 Eonas of the valee usr atte ’ vices gold , Lets, 6 bs Blane. sod on land formerly uf Chas, C, Hoad Offloe:-— Fee
al a =2ei'ver cy'ars, 2 silver ank'ete, . Be! . 6 Bppurtenances, me
1¢ Barbados Mutt |. Baie ie] a meow mar | oni eet tents a ee, | NOL rae
ICY! —' a wo Jepre , 498-1 gold chin above deso w o eabjech toa k ae
iT} ’ ! i quake, Kiot and Ciel
‘el FE ASSU RANCE SOCIETY. sentatives trom Barbados, Demerara, Ella K 51-2 silver ankle!s, Qei'ver armiets, 2 | Mortgage dated thesixth day of March | " 46 per cont, f 00
and Trinided, Time Nmit 9} mins silver collars, 18 ei'ver bsogies 3005 reg'stored se No, 80) of 1003 and ber cent. off o¢
‘ Saaane=a ara Competitors njnet have raced Ja at Dy “La Fayette Mabotte” 4373-2 gid bangles 6 made beiween the said Cipriano Rivas | 2Yifssidences we s
Various Sy stoms of iv 1s _ of Insu rance, peas ta be atigtole for thle gk 7 * eerene om eoed geld co te neckleb, Zailver ban Goren et thesteer Heats ie poke A net ~ oe
. < . prise Gold Medal. 2ad_ frize of the —ALPLy T tes, 1 goli neckie’, 2 go'd esr- | mendte theasid Juha Arthar Goi om of TRINIDAD. ~ _-
WHOLE,LIVE,ASSUKANCE.—By Premlaca payable for . ho’ of Vile. ter of years, yalas of & dollars, Lap Prize 3 GEO, R. ALSTON & r of 8 ’ tbe p doci, som of Seven Thoseand BAe ae TUR Dai
_ Wa te of O| . dollars, 5 Ca, 481.8 -1 string gold beads dol'ere acd interest at the ratect Kighs DAY OF N ,
ENDIWMENT ASSURANCE J—Payaiia at a fixed date or o4 previous deata. ( SUINT LIFE ASTUBANCH, Payable to the sarvivor of twa persons on the death ! 10 6 o=-Prises of the valae of 6 “dollars eee, te7at Netter, 2 oilver armiete, 4 Poaed this igie a cet October, 1910, P UB uid Nt mone .
+ "e * . a rae
SUUAT TERY ASSURANCE.—Su'table assecanty for teaporary loans and kindred |, S04 ¢ llaree Ra Worthy of }Note. silver buogles, Vativer cola neckiet ¥, J, BOOTE & CON, | eataet toace tua ted We
business arrangements, 15—~1wo Mitx Bicrctz Race Hanpt- —o-=— 4987—-1 gold cola necklet Goverame.t Aactiosecrr, | the 25:h day of Jaazary 18
ANNUL ry AgiU ANCE,—To sesate an annuity to the wife 01 the death cf the cf Fo hore of acu Teeter sisee CL HE former Nazar How np No_ 1? George nt wou tepals eh a, Nowe ot 7 a acd kg
asbsad, Strat, oppose 4 — e = A
"3 ENDOV NTa —Usafat Jal t % dollars, modious , aad ughty upto date | Car~ Parties prying lotereat up to Uimsol } prInipaD. —— 25.b day of
COILUREN'S ENQOWM “ANUBAS GP red elattal eae oe thy PET 1§—Haty Mite Bace Baxprcar—En. | y ay Sulkg ite a most spacious ball | sale can have jonas renewed.-——wee nh af 9, sevok THURSDAY ate arm | between descs et tees
eatiay, givlog Cie advent: low at Tey ea eth ¥ of 8 dollers, 6 dollars and dollars. | real st. verp svoderces Mleet tat Contary Far From Factory to You “DAY OF NOVEMBER 1y10, Uae Gonssives (recs
{osarance, . 17—THs Nive MILE Bicycuy RAcg— | grimages ant Excursiors, balls, Concerta, | SOTIAE is yart, there wilt ba peb pa
For faitber information p'eass epply to ‘ ~~ UBLIU NOTICE tab nodersigoed
o, Ectratee Hee fd centr, Time | purve meeting, etc., ete., from the rsth inst, BLIU N svoby given that goed a8 thelc
FMANOLS BROWNE Agent, Fort-of Spain, Limit 20 wics, Competirore must os aparin Below and yard rooms with ANOTUER be, lot of SEWING MA. ‘ daoxercien a! the Power of Bile cose fackrille Suse, is the ns
p mbt . : e arodaiion are at the , . You can e owe 006 | te ertain i a on Ta i
BO} * 00. n Fernando, have raced fa at least twoof the pre cbeapest monthly reata’s for thelr kied. Public 4 wth a small deprsit dows sod weekly, duted thee pisth dey of Ml wen ago wr

fortolghtly or moathly psymend guitetle | regusteres ae No 623 of 1910 and made

to your convenience. bevmven Pedro i su.08 of ihe one part aod
ta asof the of *

THELIETLE SHOP, 6, Charlotte 8b | Heme, Ureiss ct he citer pus ead ae

4 Han you Eno Mo tgegs asder the Kel Froverty

HONKY CK, | Oucauce No 60 deted the nicth of Mu
————— | 1910 between tis sald Pedro Hamos and

pediog Cycle sveoisto be silgibie for | taspection is dlaliy tovited, Do aot mvs
apply to

thie rece. Jet Priseto b¢ presented rar canoe, Me EMILG ALVAREZ,
. | Treasurer vente Gordial Frend y Society,
Vise of the valeeof 10dollara, cd fat No. 04 Suet Port of Spain, of ue

Prise Gdollera, Lop Prise 8 dollars, | Hilaire Sur; Secretary, Lodge Room, 1
18--Uxg Mite FLaT Hace—Opor, Exe | George Surests “o "
trscce Fee le 6% Prisos cf the value | E29

feces or parcels cf kent J
‘ord of Turare ie she bella

VINO of 6 dots, 6 Hole, aad B dole r Noti co, the nals Eames bys fas there mul ba
TONICO Avtictes. F ed J § % Tropleal Pharmag.! Eadeuigael ee tein Acetioa Batt, Noa
t ° Cott & Son 7a Fined cat Nee vork Coxpiny, 56, Hackrile Stres. ia the Town of Ture


1 Thee races will be sto, as far as practicable,

uoder the laws of the Amateur Atbietic

Assocation of Englacd, and prafessional

a eticheters, groundsmes,

If caddies, atiendaols, &c,, will bs
harted from competiog.

ibe attention of the pabiic, sia the | Spsia on Thareday the i7th dey of Ns.

Tropical Tucslozicsl Pilla, are ming. | vecaber 1910 between the hous of ons and
factured eater the origiasl farmuls ut De, two pote

N Porer by righte assizued by onsul the ALL AND BINGULAR that certala

beirs..—November 6,—1, roel of land siinete Jo tbe Word of

SS iS "002 int @ ean ol rials coat: alog

Iw ot € 7 Ky Scresteen Acros sad Tweaty-Six Perches

ex . Fd shunting 3° tbe Norhon phe Wles

STIs 20d on the Suuth om Ciowa Laod on

Dr N, BOLET’S the Est co lands pow oe lately of the


Atlas Amapance Oompany Limited
Matose He Toalig fa freak?
quske, and Oivil Oommotlon

ance Uompany Ltd


tor at tne if bis go: Cri a 4 ft ta
imitunbeduestanaweiats | Ketablisned ieee: |COGOLOGIGAL PILLS, | fice sr teteel Misins Loadee
eutry was fal oe OF WORLD WIDE FAME and on the lib Koad, Batjoct however

made under false pretenczs. . =?
3 Memlers of ite Q.P.C.C, will hve a | goke Agonts

Te tes senor | Charlo Heldselk Ghampa,ne

t y to a cectein Deed of Mor gage bearin;
RE magolactaret at Hot Once, Sls date the 8th dey cf Angost 1907, regiate:
where all orders are promptly at'ecded to. | &* Number 2162 of 1007 fur secasin
Beware of dacgerogs taltationa, Look payment by Pedro Hames to one Jose
for tbe ganuine article with red Jabel, tioa of the eum of One Thoasand Thres
Sept, 2.bw2s w,- 20, Usndred and Kighty-E‘ghs Doi'ara aod
E gityeonecents and aberest thereon,
O ALL that parrel of Land
ritaate in the ssid Ward ef Tooo com-

os . * Ising E'even Acres and Thirty Three

All Letters to be addressed to the firs SINGUINEAU BROS Perches be the situs more or de-
at THE COMMERCIAL SALE liowated and with the abatta'’s and
BUOME, 145 Vincent Street Provision, Cocoa boundaries thereuf shewa fn the Plan ene

specified lor , events, he bas eotered
Competitor, provided ent
pot eas than’ three’ evects will be nivea *
tighet entitheg bin ta free admission to the
tors’ Laclosure.

tba day of tbe Sports 56 one but officials
will be onthe tract, (This rule will be
terior adhered ta)

6 start for each sveot will take place
punctaslly at the toe stated in the programme
and wibouwt reference to abesntess,

y Abell wil tercog three raisutes before

° ° . e cuUnzs - By Boyal Wasrant to H M, Kis
Vino Tonico Winter SMItfl Aque wt Matarlal Fevers | Bowax Vil
Does not leave bad effect like quinine—such as
disturbed vistony disordered stomach,

Gonsalves and

a each evect whea competitors must at once taka : a ;
; ~~. Up thely position wt the startlog peat, renner ns eneeeneeroneenenen acres nexed to Crowa (rant entered in Volf part aad George whe,
6 No third il be awarded anleas there aT —aND~ LXXX{at Fo'lo 20 sod tounded om the wT.
' ) } TRINIDAD, areel ft eompettore eat HOUSE AND LAND OOMMISSION MEROHANTS j North by a Reserve Forty Links wide Brated bis 20 h tovt Bae
It WI] LL | AY YC UJ To the adidas Pa heh ree and Tobego 9 De Sport Coss caeaittwe reserva the right fa No 4 bianre “treed aloo the Matolo; Hirer by Crowa Lud Lou. ‘
' | 108 NT aa deer ood ‘
=T0 TRY No, ¥ ceatemtos that’ may beloved pecessary, For Salo, TRINIDAD ‘4 soese Balvaty b vette tice E,

ko Every competitor will receive iq the
somo foe i tite Dearie punter
corn 8, og w bum! programme
ict must be wors by bint oa bie



. Ath
SALE FOK WEDNESDAY THE orn Balvary sndby Land of Hearty Sma't oa

DAY OF NOVEMBER, 191y, a Sv’ ‘ye Ke erve Farty-Pive Maks
abel wldealong the Mate'ot River oan
Pustio NOTLE ts hereby siren that 4 Lacd aedby Land of Jane E Blivasy on

7 of gta the matter of HIM ,
0 Jobs Whettoo—Banbrupt SALE FOK THURS
Ex-parte, R. Hooderson—Crd tor DAY OF. “ he.

—— re

Whih Bix ‘acres of Lapd attached. pusiia x ne

$ MENY STREET, . NOTICE is hereby given that "by | chest at (1m the case of a tyctia) on bis bec > —
“ Ol and eee ee tli Tlonour soe Chel jac see wnluae wear duliosure count vince sve | Situated to the Ast of the St in exerciva of the Power of Hale one | the Lest by Lvnde of Athantes Balrary ty in oxerciog of the TORRE
Tor Eardware ai W atG made inthe shove meiter om the rsth day of | on be deciared at the time of eatry, Avgystine Bavecnall sod adjviniog the ( rredoa Pytchsebiiitierant creer Lands af Jae E, Salvary ond ty Laods | ferred ppon Mortgage ;
Rarthenware October 1910, (be Actiag Admiuiarmer tt Compeitors fa Boys Races must pt the Train Btation. sod Law of Proparty Grdivauce 2384 and | of Hevry Small and on the Weat by Lands
ame fal aod Osiclal Keceiver, haa teva appoieted | tine of eotry, state thelr age years eadenrottuh | rr HE House which La delightfully cost coatalned Ja & certaia deed of Mortgyee | of Sam Wood by Crows Land aud by
- o . Trantoe of tbe ptoperty of the bankrupt. which will @ppear oa the amie of ibe dey, T acd fortabl qbtlally cool | deted the Firrt day of Jace inthe year | a Resarve Forty Fave Links; wide along
| Ie antl Ratail ‘Ail nesanna having io their possesion easy of } aud if required must fur oa ls 5 a ry 91 a ‘4a foatelos 4 ted. ] 1908 and mide betweea Cyrus Pradhomme | the Matelot Rive,
0 esa heat ete of the bankrupt must deliver them to | 9 No conipetivor allowed jo start | DOOMs, Crewing BGd Cining rooms. ‘The | Levid of the ficst part, Marla Hyeroft] AND ALSO that pareel of Lied com:

. . dus to the bao k-upt
ROPE ALL S8iZES te Traniee No the True
WHITE COTTON LINES mea hls sa diy of Gute, 10


Pantry with large kitchea and beth | Best of thesxond partacd Asthar Wil | pridag Niveter code and
Judge fas power te order of ibe trick aoy | US oder cover to the Booth. . Hem Bowe Watowright of tbe thtrd part, , ity Eight Tercues be the ed “note
Jontvetiguy ebo i bot deouatly stured, There are $wo large servants’ rooms there will be pod up for Bale by iubie | orlew dsicested andwith thy sbatale

Ty Livery competitor, provided be baseatered | With store room under reparate cover, ave on ty the untecsigoed ds bis Auctiva | and bousdaries thereuf abewa {a the plea

NO PAN St . fot \brea oc soar wu Le allowed There is Btabliog for 3 bi ith | Mart, Nu ve, Horie’ Promenade, B 1a the C Spats on DOE
PLL TWINE ‘ TRINIDAD, , preodeat 14 whom s Lowose will be granted st | ooach house, iso fowl house wih Fernanda on Wednesdey the b ‘ay ‘of | Volume 4 XXVIT et Orie "SON end Brest ets rary es.
OA LVANIZE WiRt, cont of 16, goritlizg bien to sdeusoe the { rug at the back, rabbit rBse, otc, Now! er, 1910, Letween the hours cf ona | Sounded og the Noh South and But by da ott 33 pats, , ia
‘ THE PULBIC Cerspplied with a Gisiachve bedge Wich erunt | 20¢@sccea Lave beta levelled with | “Ay shoe’ cown Lad and on the West by Lends |” Air ther pisos of pole

All those two serrrid parcels of lard titioned for b: ’
be worm oa the left arm, wire feoce all cound forming a very | sitqute tothe Wad et ch ped for by Eiivoris Hsmwos, Ba ject
aiiavkacre legend on pel | at aii Catteni ate | ca lal) Su RS deed | he Re ay fe
@ | comprlatog tweaty acres aod three perches J
the Fsternadonal Olympiad, tgo8, various (rult treesand ground provisions [ and abatiing oa the North en tee pant {0 Jowps iuriva cf the sem 6
ig Ad bana wi {bw rected uo tga nson | "Water supphed oa fue procsiocs from | Wilines Soa oa tie sont on send a Bir iseded oo a Tweary Daltary wiih

raky ey Noweber 19:0 01 the Secswary's
Ottis, Fat wet Joups end -Tunepuoa Water | Joba Coviis oa the Kast on lease ot Alex | Datel thle 17ih doy of October 3920.

Fut of bpais, ander Miller and 04 the Wess h
da of
A. FE, HAHRAGIN, This property Ia, moet oooveniently Tie SECONI LOUIS JOAN & CO,

Willem Frases; AND THE SECOND
Aviing Huet Becretary, QP situated, 7° tires from Portet Bpalo, thereot Nanathing Bley scree suPabutiiog Auctioucers,

odach Witian Me lis

in J\b tia, os an
oe pont Uousebold, Kitchen

pineteca acres be tas aame
Joss delineated sad is
toasdeics jbscwet me
drowns the U ont Od
Volume XVI11, fale
Hiok and tosadel -
and Was by Cras re

& herevy mn tifed that pry a ser
fain gatrument in weting dated
tte 9! ho dey ot Caeler 910, 7
i ' @ besae ‘noted Hecurer oo! °

sod Siable- rojuisites a'l as sus “st alary “oad By CRarlea! Fata,
ary Ebg aren

par Special attention fo Wholesale of Cunspie and thay any person havia
Custoniers live or dead ateck belongiog to the asi

tn’ the Ward of Une OME


a ond

AAs, * od will
J OSEPIT G ONZALEZ, mates 9,18) aired to deliver tha tame = |e this rhdog duis fofock fajatle sed og andy K Glib, on the ath 8 Dated 3, 500
. 3.Es5 And Notlse fe furtbet given that oll Is! nine Hale T { poked upon as the ideal sot of Ab} Kast ona Hovland os tee tose: ootes ' a
oly = ty 16 T b {8 yonie aad revenuca dae to the ssid Pay § 4g Qu Q Qe a [ of { tocality, facing the Be Anguatiog Club, | tands and ow lends cf Mabe mere ga Lange's Ant and Cocnroach
Ent Vins aon HR sp Hate ein te paid to me on ibe beloge bara 10 ie origina! beaut Toe place cio be tospected at spy gether with tb oan ty be i ary a ;
Medefrom Lhe lemuse pres rept above named Evtates. faded of lack lorize Bole T | tas on application to Cittice of tte | Eetoogicg. 2 SPFBreCanEE thie o Poison Vogetaane
vl Ble Andrew Clark, Dow * | Dated thistat dev of Norembve 100 | og eg, per bottle at the Rogliah | Pare or to Devea sale 20th doy of Hemarber, 1910, fu conveniently pot ep a ise ate per-| A. choice sclecciee iam
Price Ife p ¢ bottle, WALTER ft MILLS, . THOS, J. McCARTHY, Vs BUPIckEiunut > 1 Sureaiaae'y vat op ta tine witt per- | A cholce 505 "agg
Gey themat Bawlines Qrog bore Caguple Tharmagy. tb, Augustive. Aactiocerr, 1 Battouey ‘ Sea each Hagled "a the HNobiaa io
” +8
EP ee ee et? my






~—\case of Elves v Smith, 1D & R07, fh



le the Bapreme Court of fs
‘Tha Ron COATMAKERS wilt {, Semwary Jaricdon’® gal
find Qunetans Rmployment at No, 453 of logs, j

Stephens, Ltd. 4

eee : Yn . T
PREAL CovRT eppellant which may or nay not bare evidence shows embessiement, con» frniented—frivately, however, rover fl NOTES OF INTEREST,
A AL C . ! teen for tbe aale of Jom. think on victa for embezziemens or Ifyhigher pr were peid. “over 664, Si , es .
Chtefs shee L tth and (thle evidence the Magistrate might larceny, he convicts for larceny !|for fine: A(thesales oo October Il MX Algeroon Asploall, Secretary of
(Before Mes Just wiles Gn@ | rightly cometo the concinsion that he ca do just as he wiabes. ‘Unie rice wae not halotained. the Weat Todia Committee, wan ¢ pane:
. stoneld, Lt. 13 } a there wae @ reasonable suspicion Ia this’ casos, be has convicted for] St. Lacia Bae been selling upto f5s engee to Jemalea by the * Port Kioge-
Tu * [Uhatrom fou on the premises wae larceny, and the evidense shows eup-| for fine, and down tos to 52s, for 100," on a short holiday. .
Desh ‘v Stapleone The Chief Jue: | there for the pur pose of sale by retail, breslements he should have couvicted | unfermented to good fair, . '

Declan ane ie

avd the cons therenpon reeted on the of embeztiement, Io the case of the} Domtofcad have not been offered ~ fi ‘ Generiove Agall » .
tee Gelivered ti following considered pppeliavtto shee tbat Lhe rum was not Queen Gorburt, (which fe exactly {since my leet, McE H Casniogbam Craig, tele Nor. 9 ote STORES. ~ talllere ond }
Joa ent taThls sivieate convietin forsale by retail, The account given tne same section In the English Act)| g Jamaicas fine sold with competition | ta remive fe ror in Bar oe etner jor. O~ Le, puBtio NOTLOE ie :
re sion the t den oe eof tne | by the sppellant ae to bow the rum the Court -eaid:—~ We think thet up to bts 6d. aod common ubferment- | tober 18th, b arrange with Professor me - by anontera ee
\ aa nha a Ovdinw . ° 177 | 94me,on. the premiere may or may “there is abundant evidence of en: down to 48s. 61, Usdenpe, of Biemioghem Usrve ne Ab He stro de Gumercio tise Awan made 4 *
Thive were the Teteine of « ERE “be ‘true, Pine Magistrate caw ‘berslement and uo evidence of] Honduras~A nice lot, realised 840.69 | nrdectakd all duties coonected wit vil \ «| of April 1910, there wasnt
brgued beford tire Ooures vin, (iy tet god beard the Wo thelg cesaibuiey. | crease SS God slthough under the | foe the Dest, dad Sie. for fale reddish. | Wert Indian oil tom soles dod syodi- — . Gale before bbe deere a rat

aroh mn jecide as their ci Je clause ta the recen' ch oO ad ainos. ine eo, an ates of which Me Crai * WAL SEO. ortol a
the sestoh warrack was not properly Certain witnesses were called who | “Slement’ prisomer tadicted of ateal-| pile, soldat 10s, to 72% eaten @ . = is at Decem| 189, eee nad

Jorued t (2) Ubat there ree nO erie 4 nay they saw norun belng sold but

ground for auspecting there wasintox!. ible to, nemarked they saw po rey

catlog liqaor kept on the premises for jt 8%. theie Iden th

the purpose of sale by retail; and, (3)) Pesative. 1 do not conside *

that from the evidence it wae clearly | Court can interfere with the Magis:

shewn that the intorieating Hquor was trates finding as tothe truth of t

appellant's account about the rum.
pot kept for the purposed of sate by | 1M nese reasone 1 think the appeal

At the preeeot moment there ts 8 ecar-

avd 24m,
elty ef lemona in this conntry, due to #

ALL AND. st 7a
pargele of iasd aegutat an
the Ward of Bes Ores eal
soda half qas aut .
North on the Bente Rite ed
South on lands of Onaieg
Orewa on the Red os tien faa
seid Coafat and 08 the Wee
fo Rosd 3 the Besead thar
be ald Ware of Hents

“tog may be convicted of embezzle-| Jaya—Good boldish pold ab 652 and
a teal vrit'thers ioe iy Gridence of ay dt Cabello. dood layed real: bh onaet
Ci fn ere is only evidence o erto 0,4 a . ach oH m5!
*y embezslement= ‘Therefore this con: |Ized 001 Other Venesudlan Rinde sold fal are io the crore ee Went
ftetion is wrong and must be retlat 83s, 6: 8%. for goclayed, and Ee a tet 6 vot temetteble tircum:
sride (As it lea purely tecboical't2s. to Sievabe clayed, showlng that | End. [ties most, regriitete Hecdee
Secti gruunds F tblok there should be no} pheclaylogdore nop always chown the tee eoseieat auc. eritical mment
Hs ion 6 of the Ordinance cosa t peice, . b a Hee eee meciated
fails and must be diemiesed with coete. Mr. Justice Russetli-I concur,| British Weet Africans ace worth | Limes ase beginning tobe apy:
Beene Ie ere oe ae Mr, Justice Rueselli—-I concur, I] Personally, f have s doubt whether} 43s, to 50s, for Accra kinds, in thia couatry, bat it ie hopeless to ex-
tu oat! reer ee or pus. am perfectly catisfied that itis not | the evidence here justifies a con’ Gerinan Cameroons and Fen Thomé peat Snf solid progreea to be made ca-
at ore ie Feaso Da! le cause! uot ia | necessary ibat the uods of sue | viction for embezziomentj but setting | are valued nomioally at 0s, to 52s, OF | tecg aregularsupp!y can be maintained,
Ott th any mtox ice! ie by vetall picloa upon which the warrant j¢ | that aside [ think it ‘perfectly clear rhape 633 foran attractive Jot of 2
an he sede at vw iteate toa issue & anted should be disclosed ia the | that on evidence of embezzlement, you Gainerooue . To the Angoat number of the “ Tropi-
e Sets eae tvgandit oformation at the time when {cannot convict a man of larceny Guayaquils are eelllog st O5s, to Os. | 4) ‘Agricalturst "Me E. Ernest Gteen
werran hh intoxicatl e Pitan . ke., fe noted. Tam aleo of opinion that it | Upon thet ground, { entirely coreurt for supetior summer Arriba Gis. for) Tieton the subject of the vew kind of
found the Parson executing the war Flnoe necessary that aie mrognds sa Sasi the Judgment of the Chief pioter A ba. Good ta foe Carquer sea'e bug iofreting Castillon rabber
. | suspicion sho sclose: ustice, ae been cthangiog hands *.
pant, ns. pelt puch Napor and notie the commencement of enquiry before] Dr, Wright:-I concur 63s, and Machale S76. to 61s, 1 Tumaco | He fuged, oo sinuieg tte sstate mbers it
cr ain + stem cate liquor, | the Magistratey I coneur entirely | The case was heard by Wr. Hf. van] is, toSze, ¥ was diacovere the a ‘ cr ring
rete fou Me} cod Manless it wade to | with the peyee the Chief Jastica| Buren, Acting Magistrate of Uouv Ceylons~Good medium estate last | of seven-and-a-half year o! ree :
. rear to" ach ‘Magi rate that such [thas te Is‘etticlent that accused | who sentenced Joseph to six weeke' | old at Tus, and before that some ex: | complete y overrum by the bug, the n
iSloxteating il eae ot deposited | #hould have an opportunity of cross- | bard labour for stealing B45 tensive sales Wers wade at 65s to Tle. | eecis encrusting the nader-surface of all
Broxicall Dg quer wae 8 a by retail examining the witnesses for the] Atthe hearings Mr Gaston Johnston whilst, ¢24, to 674, wae pald for Native, | the lateral branches aod enveloping the
fort Soe r fi o th oe von in whose | Polloe on that subject If hathinks fit | for appellant and the Hon, HL A, _——— ee vertical leaders. Ib was aleo present, oa
im one! prem ew the perro liquor is|t® doeo. Iam satlefled :hatin this| Alcazar K.O for respondent, THE IRON ROAD pecially in itacarhee stages, on the uo-
ound sball be latte toa penalty. To potntt Hore ee eee eridence - ene ° der surteco of the leaves, lipiog the mid.
intin, N at AUN PATA Be s : . ion
«LSM cuiga ‘amy Fach ietoalcating | [clog eold to justliy w conviction |THE LONDON COCCA MARKET, | FULWAM ENGINKEK DISCOVERS | RE aed more prominent lateral, ve
, ni

—— ae

AN rea, comerciantes dowicilisdos eo
eats cindad, por el presente docamentd
declaratnos: que constituinios y nom:
bramos factor de nucstra casa de
eomereto, al sehor fH ilisam Dalton fen:
derson, tambié. vecioo de esta cludad y
mayor de edad, ddadole al efec o nuet
tro podér general sin limitaclin alguos,
para que nos represeate en todos” odes:
tros asuntos y neg clos mercantiler, con f vriviag ove-fourth «, .,
todas lea facultedes que sega et Codigo sDatting oa the Norse ag a
de Uomercin le competan y fae, que def &:¢000 09 the Sunte oe aks
aénerda el Céiigo Civil como mandst yi Bact on the Pate a
ario, para admloaistrar, foterventr y we the Sects Ores Riva
obrar eo todo css, como Jo hiciéramos vais pitereat alvucte os Ree
nosotros mismos, padiendo en cunse | 04, a Ter nt tH eRe ag, 1
cuencia gegtionsr aote lay antoridedes, |. nS Nig en
factiota toe Y corgoracicnes pablices | 4yacn og thed weet
en cuanto lo crea neceeatio 6 conve | aniceve os the lune
niente A onestros lotercees, tratar, cou- | aad on the Went ea O
tratar, cobrar, recibie y dar recibos,] Dated this 20h dey of Gast
aceptar, girar, endosar y pagar letras de Bgd, lod -
cambio, cheques, vales, pagards, obti
geciones, cartasdepago y demas doco-
«pentos que se relacionen con nuestros


Noe goof the pest waa on an adj: siog

r it would be quite sufficient, — : ’ ~ f vegocios, wei como comprar, vender y OF NOVEMSeR Me
many Hae ere eect mend eran (ee Ei | (Efe Eile 67 Tropica | ie ee ena [herman ete mieaded eth | cleo etre, wept Sconrts | OF NOVHMEA oa
Tuopected to bean Lhe Wroratses for Ha section. “E'think it fe important to coun ne noe remaieed eg the IMPORTAN _AXPERIMENT. a badly infested Casulloa wae quite fren Jengan 4 nuestra firma social, firaando b exercise of the Poy ‘a

from iofection, Tbe coly remedy fo
1bis particular fnstetce appeared tobe
to cut down the trees, scue them from
etd toecd, to extract every ounce cf
rubber, and burn them,


por nosotros dichos ectos coma nuestro | Uroa Btgees by the
apoderado y representante geaeral; 5 | 92r9 ol morgen aad
desde abora declaraumcs ; que damos por ee

Jacuary 1 nating 7
sdtida y legal todo cutnto nuestro repre § tod ade bite bo

ed since our last appearance; if Mey-| TRINIDAD LAKE ernate THR BEST.
Ubing, here and there one notices aj Tuk following frpm The Evening
little stiffening fo values, and even Neva of the llth ber, received by
with Guayaquila thet are cowlog]| Mail yesterday will be read with in-
forward in euch large quantities, |terestr~The dustiees road bas been
prices are maintained. judging by | found at Jest, =a . .

what have been sold. Last month 65s,] For the last three years Mr. | Weitiog inthe “Tropical Agriculta-
6d, was the top price for summer] Francis Wood, th¢ borough engineer | rat ” on fhe subject of the probabilty of
Arriba, and they are till selling at|at Fulbaci, has mn experimenting | eyniheuerabber displacing nataral rub-
thie fitlce and up to 60a, for superior | with the object of dvolving a com ber, MrT Petch states, that, slthough

.{ notice that the presumption is not a
lontthe of sale by retail. In tbls sec: concluslve one % an Initial one
ns inecctions bdana Blof the Sama: which cau berebutttd by defendant

resenting & reasonable explanation
Qonvietion Oitences Ordinance No. © | thowing that the liquor was not there
same, The Summery Conviction Of. | forthe purposes of aale. Black
fences Ordinance No, & section 80] ,,75® Magistrate fe De Blackwood
provides that if any goods reason. Wright, now an Acting Justice, who
ably- suspected to have been stolen fined Stapleton £60 or six weeks’ bard
are f ah then the persdtiijnvwbone | °° 010%, bearing: Mr, Gaston Jobns

Albert 8

t fior [| part Joabas Coar:! Beation ded

weotante y spoderado general be and Asa Sota nthe

William Dalton Henderson, haga, dis:
wougs y convengsen nuestro Hombre vu
firmasocial Agi lo decimos y fcmamo,
por ante el cludadano Regstrador Sab

the third part thers wi
the nodersigned at their
BM. Vinceot St Pp
tbe sand day oN

lteroo del Distrito Heres, én Ciaded oft atd apm,
poprehi ded ht ¢ "rocabe before 8 ton for appellant and the Acting thetstece faLonden ia cleted ree mectiog the Tense sedatremedte af ie th isl caontchone hea been prep red Bo'ivar & primerode noviembre de m: | All aod Singular that pastel
Hegitrate and called upon to account | Attorney General for respondent, higher ($1,000 bage agalaat 21,000 bage | tbe travellia publ in the laboratory, it has aot been foun 1 | aovecienta diez—Dalfun y Co, Succsores | 9antalion siuate ta thd Wand @
posits goods. “te must therefore be Wharton v. ds Bourgs-The Chief | 4g, ear), but ia Spite of gthie and ef To-day he ie ‘ableko produce # result poserble forrepare ton s sommercia! . —_ cnet quarrees of teat : ee
proved that the goods foundarereason | Justices fodqment wee follows 5 the fact that the total receiptsto the | which is of the utmpet importance. scale, a0 ° REGISTER OF COMMERCE,

ably suspected to be stolen before the | 5) ae president and Treasurer of the

Magistrate can call for an account of Bt Jobe ihe Eraceelist. Fricodly Boon
Tera iiZ0e, ihe slagleizatebetors ety, daly registered under the Friendly

cesult ia the production of artifical rub-
middle of October amounted to uearly| Uriefly, the o er ce pie ber Io quavty, it ie very doubtful

I f | thie could compete with the natural v.-
ee ey sate riwy.. Besides, although the artifcia

No, 1} of 1910.
FPVUIS DEED witoers-th that we th
[ utdersigned, Dalton & Co, Sacre,

ted on theNorih by leeds apd
Daocls ang +

abers on the Bact a a
o iaia

sod 00 the Vest cae, -

&C0,0U0 quintale, Guayaquils have ea] \Vood bas found to
far malutained thelr values that they | able for the purpo
canbe quoted sf the same level as|two-finch granite

Merchants, resitent iu thie City, by va- ted by ’
ehended is | Societies Ordinance No. 110, did on the | 1,4 yearn via - bitumen, rubber might apres, os far as chemic.l * tected by the Le Cason
Drought ‘need “not nectrnerily be the 18th May 1910 neglect or refuse to do a years lu 1900 Thie comblnatiod sete {nto a rigid | onalysis could show ideoticel with the | Ae wf these presents declare . jibat ne Dated the ey

same person as the Magistrate who | Certala act required by the sald Ord Fale to good mae like iron and {a quite impervious | natural ariicle, it might be lackiog {io Witte 5 too tl dersow abe is cf 19 95: 7 of
fesued the search warrant. Iam of | mance bt wit to een abilitien orate Arriba — 8.Y- Lo Oty: ...00/- Lo O6/-cwt| to wet. Ale Wood thowedan Svening | esential features, A trae ayatoetic | William pute 4 ou ‘ine City, te be 1 1 wae
opinion that the Magiatrate before | Age the asect aad Habilities of the | Pale to good News representative w length of road | canatchouc 1s very diferent to so-calle1 | *8¢ 40d alao reat ea) ia thie City, to N.B—Ry deed dated uo a
whom the perron fs brought cannot | fy the Registrar of Trendiy Societies | ,Machula O0/- to): 58/- to 60/- +, | which bad been le withthe new | ariel rutbers, ‘lhese are merely out Attorney vith fail and smple power: 1909, Reguteed as Ne Mig]
enquire Into the grounga on which | Joa wastined, Ile subsequently pala | Falr to good material subdetitu’es or sdaltrante chiefly pre | S02 wi Dout aoy re! save parcel of land is aow

the Maglatrate | who inened the the fine and now appeals against his
to do 00, The warrantis put In and | conviction It Ja ob jected that as the
on the face of it states ‘that it fine has been i tor tee eb] ere
ara” to the Magistrate issu. { Suthority is given for thie objection.
Toe tbe warrant. by the informa. | Koow of now law preventing the ap:
lee of“acertain person “a eradible | Pellant from appealing an was done in
witness in this bebalf, that there fe] [le case of The Queen v Kerewill a5
reasonable cause for suspecting that 12h. 1 tlathew J. fo thet case sald
teal eaierby retail hor Soc itienot the most part academical because the

or the Magistrate before whom the | Want, ordered b Bs BTustices to be
person apprehended is brought to i ah thee rd, app have
review the discretion exercised beech made “throug Misra pecsitive:
sucther Magistrate. If the Mag-] ose, ‘The charge was faid under sec

Wetrae acne atte pommon damuk tion § (3) (b)ofthe Ordinance which

-* ide b bAIL AS an -oeeen df

Courk It le contended {hat the In- } AIAVGER,
formation on oath on Which the war. metnber therelgiwiitutly neglects or
rant {9 issued must set out the clreumn- } Tetuses to do any act tequired for
stances which lead the informant to t @ purposes of the Ordinance by the
have ® suspicion or the warrant is| ltegistrar. The act required by the
void, The case of Jones v Uerman, Registrar to be done was to cause the
1807, 1 Q.B, 374, {a relied on as support. Society's assets and abilities to be
ing this proposition, Thie case does yale by a valuer ta be appointed by
not lay down any such rule, but it fn | tbe Society and approved by the Keg:
aaldthater in that case the grounds letran, | Becton 8 U1) {0} (rorides that
. | ry ifive year: 6
of enepicion are est ou tin ibe tnforta- Boclety shall cause ite assets and Habil-
the common practice to do so, The
case ofJones vy German was decided
in the first instance by Lord Mussel of
Killowen O,J, (1806,2°Q.1 418), whose
decision was upbeld on apy The
Chief Justice rested hiedecision on th

Caraques 59". to 62/- 58/- to 01/0 4. Although it bad peen traversed hy

The demand latterly has been more] 2000 vehicles daily, {pcluding motor idered the bert,
for the cheaper qualities, Of Babies cabs, steam lorries, nd heavy carte, It sidered the bee
we do not bear much, tthe demand | shows no sign o: ror dust, while . —,
at the centre of production seems] an ordinary macadgn road near by is Friesda ef Commander Coombs, RN
good, and prices rewain at a high {ecored aud rutted Injall directions, - the Proiec or of Lnmigrante in Trini tad,
parity, aod speaklog generally, prices] The cost of the new composition fg | will be Interested in bearing that the
forall kinds *to arrive” are high | not so greatas thatiof tar macadaw. | gallactciicer is about once more toen
enough tpcheck business Trinidade| Fifteen years ie thpught not to be at | ter the satecf matsimony, His pros
have been selling more freely on| allan exaggerated edtimate of the life pective bride ie Mea Wigglesworth, wi
eccount of the Government purchases, |ofs road with a mirface of the pew dow of the late Me James Wigglesworth
aod tbe business included some 4U) | mixture, and boroug§ and urban coun- of Wakefield, Yorkabtre Mra Wigale-
bage of fine marke, at Gis. to 50s, [cil eill be glad toledrn that renewals “worth left for the Weet lodies by laa
While the supphes fiom Grenada | can be carried out for a few pence per My for Barbados, where the marriage
have decreased, this growth (in apite |yard, whereas macadamising entails will t ke pl. Wew b the peic ever
of the Island haviog exceeded all previ-|an expenditure of about one shilling | Pi take Place: We wuah the pair every
gue records, ot ouieyt BE 0, hagy), | and alxpenos per yard appipere
ago, picked lots having realisediwand{ ‘Ir. Ww 8a AND napecocetasiye Toe Wwety Lodisa exbibits at Turonto >
55s.&64., and privately at least 57 wae / that the tgr treatment of roads had not ) Exbabiticn attracted a great deal of at | debts, receive moneys and fasue receipte
pald, Goytona have been — freely | proved so successful as was anticipal. tection, Ason previous oerastons Mr | *¢cept, endorse acd psy Billa of Exchang:,
Feallerd good. pricea Oa tho bole | ARE Ge torm of construction | Qube! klorty of Meare Pek lord and | ioah anal other dees oe

e le * ‘orm of construction ack, who carried the gouda freight’ F accumenty erDe:
therefore, shippers a n . ft ‘ i
siderlog the heavy onrgplantens, coo roe ee Mecedamte ae in HH 3 took cherze f we Weat Tadis age cellecoe kro eat ae ell a to parchs o

Pave very little togrumble at conslder- { the middid of the elghteenth century ics Government, auroded sod peeeiae agreements and all sach other treoaac-
coueuinpllon fv now bear Lid tons| stance rekee tes ees Fates itaee inbatin. eogabereregssdiog’ine te: | uouse hola bis disretion may dere
behind, ‘aud supplies apd “stocks ‘ara Inches, an@l laid to a depth of from six poascrs of J ame Cae pine fabieation _ are ieee mae yee fateress 0 fou
tore than liberal. to nine Inches, would interlock with 5* /vbe, N B., though am.J @, was eqn- eon ache on ow .

Harre seems ally sucevecful. . ur Atiorsey and geceral represeata ise
September wth” pagans ard eee ination of anew Mecadam | ; —_—- nod by virtue of thie fostrameot w
eepeclally” for San Domin and {road show4 that thestoneade not wet, The full wing beve been among the |-farther deciare: that we accept aa bic
Haitle, The following table shows | properly uptil they, have bad consider: ‘rriles at the Weet India Comantcs | 10g an, legal anything whatsoever that
pbk the deliveries have exceeded the | ble trafiic, bd as urindimg ietbe result Ro me did g the weet fortaight ; Me | the ethd William L)atton Henderson may
andinge by, 6,500 bags, and the stock | of thle, aqpantity of floc dust |e creat EW. Cuniovgham Garg, Me KB Ach | do, direct of agree to in our name,

Bigaed aod de'lrered before the Sub

wae reduced to that extent It will] ed, which dcte ae cement om, Mr Nendo pb itaet, Me V Hanschell Spaw ia the blend &
be noted in the comparative prices| “My difQculty wasto flod a flocty- | Mp’ 8 Maveing, Me Fd Moris’ Me Registrar of tha District Heres te Love. aed.
=Ilf they do not then they have ‘coin. ualitie oer woe of the cheaper | divided paterfal to act as @ James Peer, Hine GT Fenwick, Me U | Cindad Bolivar, Veneznels, thie arat day —_
son tie raise milan SopBia | sor, thm levy pink was" eee | Gcthar kek was. not"aahauee'ak Gray ae AW A Trmeop, sued G| sf Novator Ocethoamod aoehaudrs | [2UBLL) NOTICH ball
ower ’ * “ a tl het
ci veinces oar mua AlOaEEH | ey ad evan em nT = [berm runic acre neue SE Sebteoe, GIL peered ae |* pacTos & 0, sucm, | suilWeaeu Perea
‘alu , ue . . "
pial mation wt henever end of often Sepe goth tgt0 ree 1979 ree EK Line, and Mee JH tart. . shell coth of the Tows

and bquid mererial, TENT en tenemos f thie Island, Widow ond ,
their valuations whenever they please pore $7,429 6$to C8. 30,978 . CSE) 70 “Natura asphalt had aleo too large The * Morstog Star” atates the visit TRINIDAD, avely fore grant vtfrehae ee

to represent us in all matters cone rocd
sith the busnesa sffars of our firm os
wherwise, together with allthe righ >
acd prisileges to which ha 1g eotitled fo
accordarce wiih our Commercial Cod.
of Liwa as well as those thet are acco
d-d to bim as an Attoroey by virtue «+
he Cevil Code of Laws. to administe ,
tofuterveoe andto act freely in every
cssaon our bebalf as we would act our
selves and beicg ablein conasequeon
thereof to take such steps ‘whatever a.
may be necessiry at any time before th:
constituted authorities, ofbcers anu
pablig GOPPOTATINOA ne be-mey deem tr
or convenient io the {oterest of ous
stfaire: to negotiate, contract, collec

pared from oils, of which liaaced is con- 100 Jovepa,

, ,

Tslnivay, a

SALE $08 TACR Ways
DAY OF Nuvg :

pustio NOTICE te

fa exercuaol the
ferred on Afloct, ageca by che
Act No. 72 and bys coe
g°n0 bearioy date the } a
ber 1996 registered ay Mag
year 1008 aod madeb
sad Fhittp Modeste of she

be pas op for sale
tion by the unden Pi
Mart Cocoer of Sackrille 7
‘Shreete on Tharedsy ths Sa dg
ember 1910 betweea the bound gill
two p.m, d os
All that certale ,
the Ward ct aries thts rt
fog ten acres aod boeedad of
lands of Mahan bil sad asi
che South by « raving on che:
at Koy Franosle sad 8 GR
Orowa’ tands, os
Daded tbla 19th das af Onl


{ties tobe valued, &c. I can Bad noth
fng In the Ordinance which authorises
the Registrar to call upon the Society
toesuse a valuation to be made, at
any particular time- The Society has

bieast once in every five years to
vause the valuation to be wade. It
appeare to nie that the Society can do
this at any timo within the five years

THIN au, " an

thd Bepeme Gnge
fo the Mutter of the aoa i

erry iste of the 7

Elsee v Smith the information on be

which the search warrant was granted
did pot ect out any particulare but
baldly stated that ‘a certalo person
“had reason to suspect that several
trees bad been stolen and that they
* were carried to the premises of John
“Smith.” The argument therefore of
the appellant fall. Itiappeare to me

Towa of Porsol. whe
dey of Jannary 1010, having we
ter death a Sized piace ot i
Picton Sireee Ln the sad Somat

‘i bia ne 85079. Ey 6B, + 63, f the carbenacecus li Ta the 8 .
from the cases pifore cites Ubat ic the Foes fwovery ive neee whe “boelers xa al ad ey &3 1 189., 67. me aod the waldition ot older none to che West Indi s, which Keri Grey is Pre coat Trloiset ang i ot Aterpencn ay 3.
form and the Magietratehad authority | Dee been fi exletence, 1 believe, for | Grenady””” 73-O w 9 Mo 70 undertakiog thia w.oter, is at the expreas Seer Te a tstiction, Port of-8palo. ish

about a yearand could pot, therefore
have been called upon to putin their
Ailnquennial saluation at the time the

No. 767 of

Maarle Philp de Buisstere, sometimes”

lo gravt such a warrant, such a
warrant le good; and if the Magistrate
or apy other pervon hasacted illegally

awit 30 ..68,, i
Sen 47 tas 67. $069 $9, &

Tequeat of the Brith Government, io
Thoms $804 64,. 67 7,59) 65 , OF

er to carefully fullow up the faves)
ationsof the recent Tuyal Romulan

uod 1t eminently success

guade it mops expensive.
«Then ie Trioldad Lake bvitu-
ormmendation for the new

istrar did so. It} tuatertal, which ie the first of ita kind |} } 4 called Manrioe Pai ip Bol ald Bar s

Ungaguon eyo anes te | oye fe oler cermnget ane [R039 sk fs cay ay, [init emma, hae fet Cha | Genahal glen kehdeeeis | Storey Hest A thine? | sree Sivek ton
” an of opinion that for the reasons ” 80,618 6t,,6. -ebippery,” Mlatoti 1
winion thet poe pt Toresentanton given above the convictian cannot | AS 26.947. $8... 62. 7d, §8,, oo lnclady the important questions | of aut ark Be rere “


qual faz. $2..,10,
Divers sbocs om , wi m $5 a

And Notice ts a’ss gis
rai era
ovanty-eighs o loom
publication of this waco Fe
proceed to juve te tte at
ond Pradencls Virgiais Bay
of thewatd Wid soos! an
* Dated thie 1500 day of Out

steawabip acd cab'e communication oe

The trip will be tekenoa ll MB “Nicgy Medelise Pievre~-Defeadact,

the Sigebip ct the now cruiser fleet cf pubic NOTICE ie hereby g’ve0 that

Canada A by an order of iis Honour Mr, Juet ce
Ravse l made la theabove matter on the

th doy cf Novemb ¢, 1010, there will be

ge up for ale before the doors of the

stand. The a ton be all
with coste, Ppest must be allowed

dmey inentlon, however: that tbe -—
ree. on e@ face of It, doeenota 1
prarto correct, Tha offence Is to “wil pnclon sie! potent begs

ully neglect,” aod here appellant was t -
charged with * neglect." Mie is fur Tinted ee ye

: toa Magistrate bet a aperen has
reason (o suspect that bie propert
**has been atolen and is concealed In z
“certain place the Magistrate may

*lawfolly Jusue hie warrant to erarc
*¢ the place and bring the occupier or
*owner before him. If it (the ware

From The West India Committee

pleasintecd succcesful scree, to

The total foreign acd coloxi
the United Kivogdom In ae aiadg ot

: . ve 0,653 IT 107 b, A i

” le Hy tssued, th ther charged with twa affencea: neg-|Grenadaa ' ge M year 1900 wae £1,003 110,961, as com. | U-vrt Hoare, Port of-Spala, ou Thared gd.
wi tebo causes hens be lasued Meet eee jerhand refusing. You eaunoteharge | Oiber Wil, 1 tape IBURE which we piladed in our je’, wee iven | pired with £970.06 311 10 10c8._ For the f20d dey of December, 1910, betwees a8.) Be
“ reparation to the person injured 3 heveseary to aiden tte however, un Brltish West Afcica 2811 " evening October Toth at the wae the bitae year tha total trade with Cane. | 78 beure of ieee fire cretack In the IINIDAD
that is tf be falsely and | = telousl Mr, Justice Hussell:-1 concur ft German sos et 1080 Hotel. The guests who bambered be- 200 ja To08 ae rere E2G.8, tloce gr parcel ot and sitacte in ewe Io the Bupreme Court t Tat vee
lam therefore of opinion that the teeing ta Be rertecuy, clear from the Ceylon and Java 14,180" 21,000 ,, tween oe pad o Wee received by ‘The total exporte frotn tbe United King: dad ee Martie called * Mitesnd La Fole B I inte adi
Fessone ete clon oa qbich the peceesary that tbe valuation sbeatt rf Hees ted able Bid 79 mn se Oepe te last, teat Todiee Hie comm bred ae ate HAN 834, Fine of quatre and toueded foarte No, 20 of 1 0a. on

ma thi. .! . a” 0 ~ oN ‘ ‘ i
proved fefore tbe Alagiarae infos | etter, aud tun There abou te tee Forane” 18am asian [aida tbe lon, Anos Ponty tie | eegaitatery ieee evtastoy | Mt be Tuame eee eae He Jone Korg tail 2
whom the person apprebended ia | SUDsequent valuations at intervaleof| Totele .. . O08 104,80 ttryal ‘Mail Btecen Packet Gon ° pe about 3398 per ceut. The imports f snds of Dabois sod fends of Jorenh bow. oat
taken, All that need be proved before | O°b lees than five years. That conclu-} Iroes, socording to the last sales ro- TE est one nya an ine same perio le were

f aslvp 09 the Suuth by Iso Jo; ‘Othe. I
£31 000 979, 1a 1909, and £20,249.750 in | Jen Francole acd Madeleine Sounp ood Mery Jane Bale owt
1uc@, thus abowing ap fucrease cf] beime! P, Hernsedes tar cow peerly on
£760,216 ° landa of Widow Nicholes apd of the Yoode
rn: etd. de Bonne on the East by lends fornw

erly of Modeleing Joseph
TRINIDAD, Debols bar bow partly by Tenn cnet
la tbe Supreme Peart of Trinidad aud | .o080 end 5

rily by Jards of the belys of
. 9
Rummary Jarisuiction, Jort-ol-Bpsio,

ints Se Wdtad Tuan er peck
tin @ Wisdsar. slaods pn ae Daniel
Tilotdeds—Lately no eales have | Moreie, furmesly Imperial Corominsioner

a reported, Bales durlog the lat of the West Indian riagitaral Depart-
ter part of September were made on Si ment, who tre Vico Presidents of tbe

0 Ctab Among those preseot vere.
ton 2l4as follows —"The Hirst valu. cadeed mien Tone pa UaTEe The Lord Ball ur of Borlelgh, Charaaasf
jration of @ new soolety or branch | bande from 55a torts, 6 Se} tbe Caosdian-Weat Indiaa Royal Com.

must lake plaice withia Ave years | to good mlddling, up to & mission, the Bishop of Triuided, Mr O

elon T arrived at sbmply upag thet

of the section. hott iene athe Pon toldedee pes
latereet to Ang from what seein to be
an ofticls! publication,~"The Guidé
ook of the Friendly socletien’ Hegise
tered UfMice, Londoa,"—at page 36 seq

such Magistrate ia that there was a
warrant duly Issued and that as a
reeult of the search under the warrant
there was found intoxicating liquor
which there was resson to suapect
was on the premises for the purpose
of eale by retail. On thie being proved
it les onthe person apprehended to
satisfy the Magistrate that the tiquor

— a
fea is tate
8 m¥re ry
otobae 1910, tbere wll bo pot
velore the doore pf sve 0 an
uf Mpata, on Teuredag, 0 vie
December 1910, between the HOPE TT

feirly liberal basis on aconunt of the

P Hernasdes end on the Weer b:
smerny of Eleanor Capida bat bow og,

. Te, to Ws, for N end two vewok mi i
weenoton the premises for the pur. | , {oi the date of registry,” and sec: | tloe marke, KA Griddle, of the © lonial Office, aud | No 234 ot 1010 Tovsvaint, TALL the tatate Scr lite of a0 GRE
pose of sale, This eplolon fg] fonzis: “Subsequent valuationshave| Grenades supplies are growing] MreCriddle, Me H H Cowsl!, & creter, Bets een Aud alse all those two severs! parcete of | Wary Jane Pale in thane se ARE
strengthened by che fact thet tl to be wade befure the ezplration of f smaltier, W Keowlog 6 fs Rewypersad M dehe'l—Plaislff aod former y f . 7 be Weed of Ties
US gore cn to provide that it shail ta | “every five yeare succeeding tbe date | ant toed deuashee bold Wil plone | Gomutestn ed Meo Geetha ea aud wphle Eade,” the Peet ieee 28: | eae of land straste a me

Comu tain, aod Mrs Cowell, the Hon
Mew Gideon Murray, Lady acd Mise
Llewellyn, Me Aribug Lubbock, Mr i
Matberford, Depaty Coalsmac cf the
He carts, Wien

tee Rutberiord, Me and MreJ Hippon,
a teunitiie oF THK Livop Saux Me RScbul, Me H Berser, Me Har dd

uiila ia the Lelesd of T
chereo! panics hes
0 (ti ,
othe belra of Heroeades oa tbe Boutb it a MA ‘Dea aad vee ED
spen the Mega Martia Kiver on the Reet | iand toserved, ou ibe Gosh wai
i isade cf Widow Uorsandes and on ibe | Brighvom Blood, on tte Bat
fat ou ante of Joon Sa sody acd the | Matzaniila Heed and 00 6:

10 the \¢
alas g one 806, three roode, ‘snd eight
bored os ard abot ing potbe Norib onlaude

wo defence to a charge under the
section that the Uquor found oo the
premises was deposited or brought
ervon after the lesue of the warrant,
‘be evidence shewe that the appel-
twas giving a subscription dance
and that when the police went In they

Boutaksn—ts fondant,
pe BLIC NUTICE ba hereby given thay
ty spusder ¢ cle Honour, Me, Jus
tice Kas-e!! maede herein on the S7ih" dey
of Uewrer 1910, bere will bs pas ap fue
bale bet te the unre nf the Quact Hos,

“of tbe tiet one. ty of ted ci
wiciaateetet uci es the] shia dae and fe GEL
to Ble for wood red, and 49. 26,
At the hearing: Mr KR. Phi r i ood fat
for sppeltent ‘and We. Ww. Taacee Che for ordinary wntermented te Sead fale
son fur respoodent.

roe es Be

a Porte 9 3 ¥
rape nuatineadetaeaterenna | emei Sagi tem) Rie ate Rg. [Ay at AC Dany [2a i Checahs Sa [sw ene conte | ane a eee
ae atc tabe Getty tea Meherdes aud. ayec tut ae [ed umastay see eons Goode Taaaat try ted Mis] sited preted Poaceae fe ties | int 2g te Hath Bfoe lands ater af | cada of hire Desc oA So
te iti hd Ar | htt hee ct mac tat | ile cto oe ain op coeberave, (aen ouch taeda Panu | Hore nih et tua icant | ae a Utara
Gortain other cepty pottles guoelliug hot ef lereeuce 9 sialntaionent and ¢ © Kellogy a eae w used fe inel “7 Sept “May ood, Ber Dee North by Coowe lands, on the South re Horpsades ani ou the Treat om ot Wtow eler baal ibe same way 0

lande of Jeetode, on the Fast b: Crown

man was found jn bed wliba bottle Jonda aod um the Woes by Unewn lands,

wound guilty of lareeny Under the | 8¢t ditcetly on the lis erand by srtting Grendy, Me Jobo Muu'e aod Me Kol rnerly of Jean Lous Toura'ut bus ow of | Loudded togerher wih

Me Bid


law, if a charge is op healthy processes have a beneti ial [ott Cana pgba , a pel. ances thereto
c bet bis legs. Certal, ke is made of lerunn: a a t Babom, vic ia solos b: Dated thie 7 :
Pe iy wk aC a ae a Uo edn asa MONO TE at| Basl OD iw re | itn Z
: octet Rubioso, | Acting Dipaty Kogistrar, Ae wg Dopury Registrar, '


\ \ , 2 oro

7 \ ‘ eo . ae

TE FORTORSPAIN Gagert’ Wionesvay NOVEMBER 9 ‘i910 2 yp OS

in ae Bonanza B


ie Very Latest Creations

. In Holiday Boxes for Xm
; . 3 a8 Presents,
‘and Misses Black, White and | vest rocker sarery KEZORS—The’ Newest and

ONANZA GENT'S!New Arrivals|Bonanza Furniture

partment ~OF— \ DEPARTMENT.

SMITII BROS. holds the Diploma granted by the

St ar Br an Board of Industrial Training for

| Coloured ' . se Asay Ea LIGHT2N—For Fmokers— Th f
Cote eee on 6 Dest FUPmIture
Pi kCrinoline Hats 2majoy =m Coot wees

In Trinldad. .



Comprising Tage Combined Press and Wardrobe with two
Mirror Decors, Quaint Bureau, Marble Top Washstand with
Double Row of Jiles and Commodse, Dainty Ladios

tod with Pour Pendsand Jet Pouts CALABASH * PIPBR a

the modes ,illustrated in tbe curren:
Whsbion, Joumals. - Meet the Want,

Podies Can Now Get) >> a5 s5evion HENS,


_{Walking + Stick& |,
‘ wad
iz a Wo cos ub
Leather Watch Wristlets.| ror LADIES, GENTS &oHtcDREN, —| Other ans Irom’ ease and

ae The most popular Dress Trimming of this season,
i Six 20 coats por dozon, Cotton 12 cents per dozon.

SMITH BROS. & CO.) Bonanza {Gent's Dep't. SMITH BROS. & 00. SMITH BROS. & CO

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“SS Co 6 a ' ' } a SS
the UI ; of .
99 |Latiss are Lasucaneg UI] DENTISTRY, |e eucttiies, mek Bogen pilot, cichetes when witng | econ tee feates te fs
. —O— tous crisis since the Boer Wat Tre first ‘production will be staged After the ceremony & reception was
LT ag B & LI Pr DH promoting _ political assimilation, Pat about the Coronation time which | held at * Broomftald,” and the bappy

DR CHAS. DALY, cco caiteg ule, | tie eis feta ar aid | Pa raelnsns eal ee
aD e nada, It,declares, would pre- | visitors. We will forward you an ratulations an: wishes, Later

BOW waaGeD In 1 € PERMANED MTLY ean om. ferta remain’ the keystoue of ‘he | the other Wert Indian papers=the f
San 7% : ROTAL INSORANCR COMPA RINID ABLISHED IN | Empire, but ite existence is menaced | Prospectus In due course and bope [left for Scotland, where the boney~
a. again Yarrived b the 1 KY, Ltd. Gradaae of AD, by the negotiations which are pro- | that you will aee your way to find [moon is being spent. The brides
8, ‘ : y 3 Funds Exceed ... £12,000,000 Borery. oes Bimore Onltege Tenta ducing the thing Canadiaus least space in your valuable columns for | travelling dress and coat were of tus-

, * a Then: a

$, publication of thie leuter as 8 sore silk, mth hat lo match, Scott

= —— nt. * yo en they re!

| NSURANCES effected inst id all breeches, preliminary announceme: you y uw rom Scotland
loss or damage by fits on wp tak Ofce, The “,Pruassen”, the world’s Jargeet

ia the day Mr and Mre Littlepage

will imagine in due course we will | they will sall from England and take

moake definite arrangements for choos. | up their residencein the Island of

ailing veusel is asabore on the! ing the meritorious onew from the | Trinidad, where Mr, Littlepage holds
applicants. {f, lowever, this pre ja Government ppoinument.

athe catering with

86, FREDERICK ST. Over Dr, Artbor | bouth Foreland after acolliion with

' A ; ,,Buildiays and contents of’ Ware- +
~ F V0 R i TE W H | S KY houxes Onhees, Shop, and Store Reld’a Ofjce. Attendance all dey, the steamer “Brighton” which [ liminary announcement aroures very Mrs, Schmid!
Peamisun ang Private Dwellings at reached Newhaven in a damaged con-| much ‘Intervet. and ladies care to}ber usual god gtyla, The wecdi
* moderate - Re dition The vessel js breaking op, | forward thele photographs with par- [carriages were furnished by Mes.
eral prices CT but ber crew are atill aboard, ticulars (age. height dc)to you, wel] Welch, aod friends of the ‘bride's
IN JTHEY MARKET. e PORICGLESE AFPALRS, will be pleased if you willaccept them | family lent motor care.
PROMPT AND {QUITABI E SETILE- , w Arlen from Linton wate ist the | Conditional upoaed a
——- azctia a
ae are MENT Tho Storcs. granting complete, “amnesty for by Mr. George we Baker, ‘a well A Man Arrested by Corporal
a NEO - a —- of xo place oences aud reducing crimius Krown ones The aggt of the Alexandet fh”. aah gite -
. aaa . Komwe COMMERCIAL, ~ | Uraze rays thy lachides the prowcu. | Dresing, “memtay-miyaibde RA ae, | ~
“h Tonar FINANCIALS COMMERUIAL, rage ways thiy inc P Fe pee
* ‘ ti f the F Oabloet sod that { Juli ra: v' 'fy-considered one Mabel Pitt. .
‘ ave also on hand a resh "INSURANCE AND GENERAL he regards the Republi ce tak astlot the, clevercay Jysto writers In E *

land has contributed. Two of Aman about 47 years old nam
best producers will handle the pro Joueph Bernard wasarrested by aot
duction, The Orchestra and Choral poral, Alexander of the detectives yes
work will be conducted by Mr. J. | terday afternoon In éounection with
Alrly-Dicks, the well koown com-Tijy recent gasault upon Mabel
Putt, agitiof about seventeen sum:
mers, by some one throwing sulphuric
acid on ber while she was asleep at
her employer's place, No, 23 Siparta
Hu, From what we have been able
to glean further, itappeary that Bers
nard who lives with Mabel's mother at
St.j Rove Hill, had on several occaslons
vious to the assault made overtures
the girl which she would not coun.
tenance add once even made itknows
to hee mother who decided got her

accomplished except the balancing of
publie dese he vaya will’ be ‘paid if
- public dei 8 eays, Ww pal
only by national subscription,
Laces on Coloa Estctes BPANISH. DEMON 91 RATIONS
: Spanish advices state that the
From $2,000 Unwards —jsotitd,“atucapted' os ‘Baodey ot
. o sereral virike centres,
Without any speoiaf Conditions. | 'y TURKISH LAN OF ELEVEN
AGENTS ron FRE nGonstantinople despatches snnounce
$ the Government has conclu
COMM-RCIAL CAR! COMPANY'S | s0 agreement with German bankers
Fi for w loan of £11,000,00 Turkish, 4
amous Motor Daivery Vane | percents at 81, advances to be meds

an Shipment of SMITH BROSAND vo

The Honnmna:m

Bich Pilsener Beer|""=__-

wer of the “ Truaipeter”.
poate the roductlon of the “Peart
of the Antilles", the “Lily of Ber-
muda” will be revised, then the
*Canbbeau Deauty '
of Captain J, Malcolm and Julian
Franke will follow, ‘ibe Lyrice are
by Terence Venville, Music by Nr.
George W, Baker,

You will see from the above thal
atany rate, the stay in Kogland o
the Weet Indian Artists would be a

ar repartee on eee

F and Busoce, astequired agsiust Treasury bills at | bappy one, out of Bernard's way by puttlug her

5 For Salo b i No 5} ofo uatil permanent bonde are Yours faithfully, domestic tt Me OAL

v | Pharchiirve. | SirokorSquire all frittsh Made) fice Stic Whe necttuy’ on" ths Vovontat Tur sreisoone | Auiy Goleltn) trou that Us
2 . . custome, i. leged the wan expres: se

me Trinidad Shipping & Trading C@o,, Ltd au90 = MOE al GaIte, DEATH OF AN EMINENE £8 Regent Street determination to dog ber path and

pping rading Co, Ltd. : SW

a ” Unparslieled record inf thia Colon ENGINEER, | ndon * had on foue or five occasions been seen

—_—_ RUN 5800 MILES Chnoat a teale New Youk, 8b, Qot, Ztet 1910, by persons, {a the nelghbourhood of

: need ~—— FI EG TRIG MOTOR breakdowa. Catalogue od particulars en bie tbe azine Wi dal t Enfield £ Attale's house a ie ht Walling foe

. ‘ son '.
oad IDAD LINE OF STEAMERS: on appdcation, terday was attacked by ucute inde edaing Raid ane was committed beis also sald to have
B — — gestiva and died shortiy after in a DoWYSNR~LITTLEPAGE. heen stooping behind a cluup of

buehea pot far from the house acd

Toll wheaacry waeraiseed by the aisha
UNCIO PROMOTED. | ab genta Ulserver fellow bad from the joan who Tiree near bv vay hin Fume
Archbishop Bbarretul "bas been | »,A Rreat sleal of Interest was, mast | nota” tmay be mentioned that the
dees coataement St Home | arernoon at Me Andrew Uarish |A70, ccoutioe aad It fe suppowad
CANADIAN PRESS URGES’ CAS. | C Kafield, of Mildred, Anue, | Vict be able to leave that inet!
Na PAIUN AS | cond daughter of Me, Alfred Slow. | Will not be a tu leave ‘ at, inetitue
The Canadian Press ave urging af Yet of rowhtleld,” Landon: yopae eens ed bel 3 the Oly
ging, Jafield, and Beverley Buraley, second j COUrsS charg: ‘ore the x

drug store to which be was removed,


W1i& Panama Telea pA Company,

sed Trinided, carrying Throagh Freight for Tobago and Otuéed Boller | In thoroughly good order

, ae, ve Arrive Lacre Artive

‘" Now York frinidad Triotded New York.

BBB Ae al ak 8 OT Bee anceps
of oii wand” See ig * eps rw Bept, we pt. 25

Pam Bee ae Soe OS Oe a Oe | PAOL H. SCHRFRERS C0

TOW wAtTE ue

n, Sovember th.
It Is announced thag the date of the
Coronation bae been fixed for June

ve we Gore, 5 48.5 Outre, 14 we Ostr, 23. Oct
Bi TCANADa" Oct, 154° Oct, BE TL Nov, 2°. Now il aptsnine square |™Onifbiws execytion vosr | Poutubwe: caval’ poey” in’ bots [tom of Me Alexander G, Ieverley | Magistrate with the ofenes.
; m= Qste 3h Nor, 4 = Nev 122 Nov. 30 "PHows No. 184. PONED. Ontatio aud Quebec, Littlepaxe, of Irioldad, .

soa Nor, to , ws 3 . r , The luterest ppy ;
“Nea Des 7 CHIOKED: hOUTH APINCA DE event was by no weana surprising, ue PRICES CURRENT, ‘

ci vee NOM, :
mre G8 ANADA® Now, 18! wghor, 29 ww Des, Tin Deo, 18

been Saiponel out tae Minette FEATS SOUTIL AUSLRALIA

a tpan: unt ie ir roe A Ss 2

~ Nor W 4, Dea 9 w Dec. 17.4. «= Dea, 25 R | : bride and hee famuy being well known ——

Orin Den 1 a a: a | OE COCA = COLA. ' cifita iN GploTHER The 1st cricket anctchy between aud reepected io cn district Be New Yoru November 8th,
p ADA” Deo, 24 Jaa, 3. Jan, ' 1b oe “Jan, The recent re election of MeJ. A.Si- lf thesouth Alrican team and Nouth Bow ory whe oe tn acd ally woe Flour, Blended Clears for Weet

Indies per barrel 4 oe $5 00
chaieman of that body. te known to Meal, Ellodried per Carvel @2u0-290
almost everybody, way puios w has New Beancn’e: bok per belay 3 Quta

r x ale always ua eavy Alesse Pork per Dns
dad loninge, 173, Youth Africa thus those who knew her Sugar stale per dutbe set
DOTCH CRUISER “PTREOHT’ AT |The service on Haturdsy was fully [5U84*4 je iscovadoWtestlUOlb 3.908

BE LUCIA choral, Me, W. Lee-Jones presiding at | pogtish Island Molasses

‘St Lucia 8.b. the organ, The nuptial knot was lied r gallon—Na qua,

- Dutch Crulser * Utrecht” arrived 8 by the Iter It Howel Brown, who | cotton, “Aiddling Upland
. a

o duting the service delivered a at Liverpoolpertb. . = 717-0 .
* SiH LONDON BUGAN ATOCK bleed ee rere, dress. The | Hchange, New York and
u— : utiles of bes
London Nov 51h, by Mr. Perey

man were carried out London. OO ays’ wight... 4.8138
Ulead'valng, of Trinl | Rychange New Yorkand
Bugar in stock on the ,6th instant large attendance of
was 72,000 tons, last sear 49,00 tons, dad. There wava large & ‘ iy Soca h ak = ney

Atttralia resulted as follows: South
Africa let tunings 133% .2nd Sonioxe
607, Bouth Austictia Isat fonings 155,

mou as Mf.P. for Walthametowjwas the
Alteenth bye electlog sinceJanusry, all
belng consecutlve confirmations of the
results of the last geoeral election
without @ single exception, giving
practical proof (hat an lumediate
election would streygthen the Govern:
went, beoce the Hedicale wish to
make phort work with the Peers, but
the Minletere and the Opposition alike
prefer to act according the Letter
aod more general sentiment that the
fesuee are eo important that they
abould be dealt with on an Impartican
basie witbout precipitating a crisis
during tbe corunatlon year, While

PM tha sbers Steamers ‘call ab the Toland ot Grenada bath ways. | [D8 Genolne American Coca-Crla.
The most nvigoratieg Aerated bever-

aD SHIPPING AND TRADING COMPANY, LIMITED | aga known. Just received at “The
M0 Mrovdway, New York[and Pord of Bonin, Tristied,. 2 WA, Many Widow,’ September 23cd—1w.


venaway by

di as gt
The bride, who was g ren away Oy

her father, had the «

To Advertise thé West Indies.

. @

. the Walth
’ FASHIONABLE D, RAPER S the resale ct ineed the Galas thet Ubree bridesnalds~ Misa Gladye Jarile, Loxpon Novembey 8th,
Tem th a WS Orriprzps. Tarut Reforu je making no progress —— | Mise May Littlepsge (alate of the Domerara Orystals
fs (1 pind AT and {sdoomed in an iuminediate elec: | 7a the Bdstor a, ine dort of Spasn pride Baa aoe se eeeoert) ach wr wet cut =e HUEY
he S$ PH tlon, on tbe otber band it bas olitt. uzelte, ee alee oe worea dreea of pale blue — Foun? terme in Bond.

ned the Government into enlargin,
ite demande beyond the Dotoulers
liking. After the 2th bession of the
Veto Conference last week the aj.
parent situation is that Mr Asquith
suggested @ working agreement re
garding tbe Veto and Wudget quee
tions upon termealiowing tbe Lords
to reforms Lberuselves leisurely, The
gossig regarding (he Veto Conference
rowng inte # larger constitutional
ovofereuce ie checked by intimatioue
tbat the ‘Paciticue” letters to the
* Tiwes” were written by a less ium

i .—A Cot oP fo just being | sata, and their silver grey hats were rewh
formed te be galled dhe i Colonial | adoroed with blue trimming, They | Sugar atnuap Beet 83% f.0.b,
Theatricala Lid’, 1: bas to do with { wore geld brooches (the gifts of the per owt. t= se B/10h
thlags that are purely West [ndian | bridegroom), and varied bouquets of Juve Sugar 0d % Gibraltar
i ieeant among other things to | pale pink carnations. t or Ubannel fur orders Hoatlog .
Be ee ride wbiteeavin: trtmaued Cita | Gesusabe foment va tae
* rere v .
We want Brltiob, eat eat ie nnon and peatlembroiwery be aleo pemieert Coven, Good Nita tollid,
wore # veil and wreath of orange jag Hed . ~~
Fegow area atlrer Tram sulty gas | Pubes ab gine, Se
at Liverpao!
a hie oe Hickles Agi -Consumptive Hanke of Hayland reve ote 1s
syrup aud toot ite qualities = [2 will be fT Diseount 8 pex cent
a eussprive the Indie fetighs ht abee all patho claimed | 14 cout Reatenin PY
tach ti dies - e tee per o
tof course will ba the obled putt | fog it, 0 bosoughly. Do not | Pe Yau 0 eve et fe



cht seit so cu RevnaE sete | Mente nthe bce, aviogetocd
as Ler. ‘Tee ladiee will bn selected beet uf years. ‘all the beet Sealers oa

after the manaer Of may- to gite you it. Guspa

Wo Rocolved a Largo Shi pmont of


ai . BY THE MAIL, 1
7 | New Dress Goods, Last Fashions in Lacies Straws, Ribbons, I} aces and All-overs.

dh 800 Our Now Goods— Kecncst Pricos. portant personage than previously
| RICHARDSON & aniLvAay.

ne Leah yi is
> “blender wee ate
PORTOF-SPAIN & PRINCES TOWN gpareia_ eaters redsiaiog Coma.
“ ’

ye . ‘

aon hae

- -_

{ete ee ae dt
ae w 09 the


1 ° ‘
% v

—F ‘ “

10 a «). ° .

mesneimecineticag «- e
fa another colar we publish aa] 10 W260, Circular ia ite last legue

; —_ ~C Bee pa oe apm ae 7 = ' -

7 , Intment, by | states thet the Eecretary of Stata hae . .
, REW SCARVE > eee ee ite Willieon Dalton “ihonles consented lo receive @ deputation 2 f *

a, ‘eon ae Attorney of the firm of Messrs, | the West India Oommittee on the ‘ ; 4d 8 1

, ° ton & Ca, Sacre, of Ouldad { question of the loyal Mail service. r | ar . é


LTE Rr | 7 _"s * nee .


Tot Ray ES gee a ae

R NN iver.

e , | Taco &carves with raised j , ame Dr, Hustace Greaves, Parochial Med: ro ; Fs fj
ft resol ‘ore t8t Joseph, , & .

‘a aa. RA. EtG AIM. . worked desi; ni fringed nairpolation te presently, beter tbe Beemer or ae “The vacancy, § 7 o : TAl LORS a UT :

cred om the | says a contemporary will, no doubt,
Progdlng £10 to be grantee tet of be soon filled by one of the foland’s'
Se ba fornlgating bullding young medicos. _.
near the age Warehouse 0 om
It has beén annouoced In London
wharf, mmm thatthe date of the Coronation has
We learn that Mr. D, G ios Costa's been fixed for June 22ad next.
equinus string to represent Larbados a! ——
The secretarial duties in connection
wil ee enes ber Facets with the Union Club of thie city, Is

_ edges ~The latest

That Desirable aianes s00.
t Dwelling douse and Land) —

er — ee


~UFMM °9

fs THE will arrive berg next week. belog performed by Mr, Alfred Pereira, NEAT A 7
> — ronMeRty tHe PROPERTY OB MR. J, D, ORIGHTON Port-of-Spain Gazette, | Tere was an easton, sale of flour | consequent 0, tbe Fidepiat ND
F , OFF BELLE EAU ROAD, BELMONT, ° pabilaned Se ee SHAD 24) st0q | morning by Mesere, FJ, Scott & Bon. |” —


days excepted, at the Office 56 3,
Te eenistremts Port of Bpales ot nese

Dining & Drawing Rooms aad 4 Bed rooms, also front gallory | _. - Port of 8 onan
3 p . and usual out ollices, Water laid on, hr PRICE: OFE_ PENNY .

, i od , a ;
The lot consisting of thirteen bage, wae Amale East Indian pedlar nam ; 5 :
zed $1. . & d died suddenly at No, 74 ; : iS
put up and realized aL per . Gall Bt Woodurock on | Mondey ae .
Seen on, don that Arc! night last. sae! ; .
Advertisments of Bika goons, sd pat le rumoured in Lon Of the West | went to. bed at night apparent! a

now! iy cA.

~ - acd at l, sod next ing he was foun: 3 Q ,
ALSO disclabsees (which Ticst be wutheot! sone resiriog and thar Ie Lordsal idoad In bie room. ‘The deceased who ; a Call & wee O * a
THAT COTTA & N caporettle Caren feature, o, sorte | Bisbop Swaby of Barbados ie expected |'was about 29 years old lived with bie | (gy gam ur Meat
. GE LA D foran ap etere bere ee to succeed him. family ab Sangre jirande, end, bed v Which foctudos the
4 Casual Advertisements of every description: eee . come to ad ae
E ON THE SANTA ORUZ OLD ROAD, WITH LAND*B0UNDING ss 64 per week} 32.60 pee fort | We taderstand that Mr, H. Prichard, | plyiog bis calling. The dead body | %&
F . f bse: 1 ved to the 3
; ON THE RIVER, may per month Fer tchoeo be Sangre Granae aitiake | egietridence Noctuary a the’ Tospital where aa FROM LOHOOH NO Ta ;

at the coufmodeus country seat { autopsy was held.

of Mr, M, .Hobeon, La Fortitude, ——
oh aishe miles yond Princes Town | Thean.s, “Sobo” which was expected
on the Bande L'Est Road, to arrive from Demerara thie morning,
. — will not arrive until! Noaday morning,
Mr, Ching Johnstone ls vow erecting | and will leave for Canada via the
4 ery large building | ins the pear Northern Ielands on same day.
4 ‘abaquite we: on, rennet
Frostid catancld uh Nr flenry O, Warher wae recent!

to ThePort-of-Sparn Gavetie, greauly enbancing the ollverwises. of on the proposition of Mr. A. ,

fF Schoener & Co.) ,resssenn, Rmmneet ire [sia seein ry, an


; . . Wants, &¢ s-008 6d per week each, to be

& Therefare the usual out offices with Carriago and Stable, repal ~-— .

; alr) stone steps leading down to the river. : Faltor and Publisher .. A. P. T. AMBARD,
Inspection invited, No reasonable offerqwill bo refuse. | Came mG fee havent,

THH pg

Harlng fquare & o)

AU Cheques rent to the office of this paper ta
payment of bills should be made payable


Wea FTN ci

——a Mr.
ourse! poas The latest arrival for the December | elected’a nfember of the West
we dee paeenariy sedeabe tas ions races was brought over yesterdsy by | Committes.


Corresponde: the R, M. Steamer from ‘Barbados by —

columns, "hi heaters oust te hotom Mr, 4,8. Kernahsn on his way fromthe] A robbery has been committed at
panied by the real sgaature of the writer, | * Mother Qountry.” This plece of | the Audit Office acd the culprit bas
Oct pecessarily for publication, but ass | horse fiesh le the three year old filly | succeeded {n carrying off £%, odd.

, f
¥ . guarantee of good faith, Rejected mass | +s Water Girl” th ‘hte f] When itis re: embers that the keys
} { * + scripts cannot be returped, ” Water Boy." and at the last Barba- of ine office are left at Constabu-
e J Advertising Scale on Application | dos races she carried Mr. BK, A. Robin. S§ lary Headquarters every afternoon,
5 Sul lon si pet year | son's cc Jours to the front {nthe Maiden ; the occurrence seems rather pecullar,

be crptl . noe Efe
Pepable inadrance—Port ge esire events, Thislittle flyer is now the | fecond messenger Joseph Clarence

Pe oN vd we). roperty 2¢ Mtr, Kernaban, Oaly aj after opening the office yesterday
A . NEW SHIPM ENT Just TO} HAND, —_—_— oy pouple 7F weeks ago two American moralog an ing to his desk,
ee » thoroonh vet arrived in the colony report aie C) money. bich he
or s wr sportaman, a ace ere on je previous .
Current Events, Po me . wae missing, The Fnoney wa Lowrvil i ED,
, oe A Bpecia) Meeting of the Sangre} given to Clarence to take to the 5 a
, ms TO-DAY. Grande Road rd was con- | Treasury, which he had forgotten to '
aD Supreme Court—10.30 a.m, vened for Monday affernoan and from | do. o sentry js however certain .
Pl d for Mond. df do, “Thi try is b rtai ”
. ra ; 2 eens. tumoyre which ere circulated | thatat no tima while on duty was aa
Football at the Savaoneb, Princes Townians were looking for | any body seen to enter the building. ‘LC
He, - a ay some *hotetuff,” The Chairman Mr. | Yesterday mornlog the detectives ;
pe , B.S. “Bobo” leaves for Barbados, | Lee Roche turned np dnd so did Mr. G. | found the keys:of the vault and of ® ry
Et ~ , Bt. Luela, Dominica, St. Kitts, Aoti- | Wyatt aod Ram Admoolah, but’ the | one of the doors outside on the lawn, "
' gus, Bermuda and St, Joho, Mails | other members reachhd near the office | but the vault waefoundintact. The s
* ¥ coon close at lv am, but did pot approach} Une preferred lice are mnakiog further Investiga-
eet * te CO to gndoy tbe attracthons of pilllerds fons.
¥ x Promenade Conce and another wae getting sick of tne ——
. IS Eten OCG, at Matual Halts cure the whole thing. Ram Adimoolsh reques-] In the lasteighteen monthe twelve .
es . BAS ——wee ted our representatirato take a note] thousand men of the American Arm
P fi) wy Bale of a Cocoa Plantation situate | of bis appearance, have beon vaccinated for typhol
o tat = in the ward of Caura by F. J, Scott & ~_ fever, Of these twelve thousand, only <
GS enadi Son=I pm, Constable Lambert who was admit. | three men have sioce been attacked
BE? —_ — tedto the bospitalon}he 26th ultimo, | by the dreaded scourge, and these ABS Bry GN a
B. Lilgh Water Morn 7.57 Even 822 p.m. | suffering from an iojulry to hls leg | slightly, There has not been «a &
Zz ‘ ‘ Bun rises woe BLO Gm, | Tecelved {n the explofipn of some dirty | death from the disease In the whele .
f R Sun eets 1 os we O82 p.m, | RUD powder which bad leaked from an | number, et inthe unvaccinate] . ;
Moon sets ve oe oes 1133 pam, | “exhibit” package og the store floor rtlon ofthe same arny there have ‘ 4
. of the property room Bt Constabulary | been seventy-two cases of typhol
[ ! Cheap For Cash Headquarters, was discharged from | aod seven deaths in each group o
a —SEE | thaticstl.ution yesterday morning twelve thousand men. In the Bfty ;
tthe Hire Purchase S Remomber 1] Pawntrokere Ja” articulae and | been three buudced, eases ‘and thiety "lth EK |
a mbes ‘awnbrokere in culae an en three bua ,caaes AD 2»
E Or on,the ’ re k whe 8e yen a te G P the Birth, others in general, wif note that the | deaths, y an. 4 vel e
_{ ‘ADLER? Works have just secured the, Grand Un the &h Novewwber 1010, the wife | Pot Nok adverticed to yesterday's ~-= IT 7
‘= 1. we Dewseele Cehihitinn ° For nrinee- eco ec eer eco uve Buus | fans ot tbe Uaretie se beng lost - | ' We regret to ttate that ow “] a - -
&o, call on ae Se Queen's Park Sitawect bow oes wap ie ¥ tg to tbe "Wietorle ice ‘N { "
en foung and returned to the owner. | stitute for Monday evenlag’s co: ; Og
Deaths, Ineltestaity it may be remarked that | the horee fell with the Bilt toed U ? ke

. _— this “Hod! aifo: nother proof (If {tbe shafts were broken,
NUegeRay im At N2 Licton Street | any were reeded) of he value ct advers somewhat of a shock tothe ad nS
jew Town. yesterday moroing, Loule | tising in phe Gazette, [he “ad” {0 | Masson very pluckily sang the firet
Peofroy. The funeral taker place at { question eppeared for the first tine in | song that was billed, but through
at sbarp to-day to St. Patrick's | yesterdsy’$ issue, and by 10 a1. the | Indisposition she was unfortunately
arch. New Town. rlende sre | Haderc at our office with the lost | unable to render the otber song she
asked Lo accept this [ntimation was prety sensible of the ped Kindly romlsed. We sincerely
. — e was entitle a rewar ope tbat there will be no after-
TRAVERSO,-At 23 Queen street, “ed.”
Catherine Traversorcunter mre of ated Ip the “ad.” Verily [ effects of the accident,
Traverso, of \W, C, Ross & Coy'’s. The — The following passengers leave
funeral took. place yesterday afternoon | The Dire}tors of the I.MLS.P, Coy. [ Southampton to-dsy for Friatded
* doe lock to the Cathedral Of the | have awadied £103 to be divided pro | INS Thames tour. J. Schotel jar,
mmaculate Conception, rata among the Captain, officers, snd | Miss Thowpeon, Miss? Nora Mall-
} crew of th "apy for salviog the os, | lard, Hon. and Sire G) T. Fenwick,
es ° wArsblans of i. tron’s Bey some ume MMe A. 3b. Bouceud, Mr, A. Holler, Me
a e greed upon for the | J. Centeno, His Xxcetlenc .
SEE PACE 2 FOR salvage ye rp Munte, . Mr, 1 A Vilas
on E Asptoall, Secretary

Gppeat Court 5 The London] yeat Beg, f iaptes Palen Ghee ad
fied rages Ue, from tte We ae Smite ace | aa, Orang aed ig, He
— Fu cl ere . ens
ham nginesr POrata™ ti next Monday, It q Horbera,, Cs tA. O “Boddts Whee

Ducovers the Dustless High
{tg | thought that hiv visit to We bam, izan,
uny Important Fuperiment India may here souiething to do wits (2 Biles B. Agocine Mewes wae


. 68,"South ,
RFPhome EU. Quey

- OF.



Xmas Trade is Here

. a
;. and compriseszthe finest lot of Footwear ever brought
: to_the{{JCulony J .



—Irinidid Laks Aaphalt the | the Royal Mall Service, ordon Gordao, fion. and Mire RK. G
Bet; From the Wet India ~~ Hebe, Be oe, 4 Blood, and ites
Committes Circuiar — Zhe | The Barbados * Mobs" of recent date herent trance, Booklogs
Weet India Clib; Notes of | pours, forth @ lamentation over the

. ALL LEATHER , . % that the German crulser “Hansa~ es

F LIN peel EVERBODY'S SHOES AR atorest, was forced to make an eatiler depare Giitnloge, aloe it Weld Sie ad

OTH Slat St) HERE! SEE PACE g FcR fore frm Billets Bay theo was in- | Mrs KR. A. Torrance, MrJ, F Morris,

Be ~— ae p< ae Evory kind of Shoo fur evory Boat struck by Lightning= tended, cause she was unable to 7 Mr acd Mrs 1% Goodwin, Ne and
f nad” x v Oise

procures sspply of coal, for mblch she | Mra J, 2. Gordos, Capt and Mrs J.
if con

Gov rnment Oficer's Alarm proored to Trinidad. | DB. Saund
C . ° : + La
ing Experience—Mow the ‘ary's lament was en: Collen, Me E ‘te Gane ina ¢
Crew Fared; City Police banced ot re subse vent pocurrence Acton, Ne 8. HH. Palrandeau, Mies
Court. o fhotler ¢ Se ance th respect | llobeon, My. and Mrs B. H, Littlepage,
; bot ashington” which | Me W. F, Koowles, Hey Father AT
gEE PACE ? FOR -weat to St Lecia to bunker, V Casey, Me W H Hobson and Mr V,
Colonial Bank—Half Yearly The Court of Directo: X. de Vesteau, ,
panera Mecting~Repart of tr MBP, Company recommend ee
*eocead ings out of the profite of the current’ yea:
se PACES FoR anmvsteerdsee cntieeewiacs | HARBOUR AND MARINE NOTES,
’ - iu —
Te Future of Ruller, {lees Income Taz)on the Preference | ‘Ihe French Weat Todian oer
. “Guadeloupe” “dropped anchor tn

tock. The Divideod Warrants will
be posted tq the proprietors on Jet | the harbour shortly before lp m. yee.
terday afters sua of 18 hours from



seen tho very'latest models {1

©0200 s000 00000000 00000000 000000000

Millinery + Trimmigg

body—mep, women, childrea OWROOM °

i ard babies; Shoo for overy age,
, "HS SHOR THAT ovory business, evory dress and
| 39 A suoe ~ very pasume, Whothor jou


walk or ride fish or hunt Scr whether you liko to be dresyod
up and kept 40, we bavo
‘4 thoes for all theso uses and

Cur prices too aro right.
Glance over this list of formic.
ablo Harguina or bettor atill




sail and te for youreey | she 1M, 1,» Tdture "ich leaves | At Rll De sees ihe lleyraine, the | mereoudine tel Fh peeateas, eeberal 7
Mon's Patent slucpor Welt houthaptontodey will, be Thenicce | execution of De Crippen bay been | port. At Oa.m, : FLO uw
- ton to-d I Ue tb : ports Ub yesterday when th WEBS! FEATHERS 4
in $145 to 84:00 pair. ofthe oread beate® accordiog: to wast postponed until the Zink PGtadetoupe was forty miles frou 3 ' fe
5 es sent arrangements, to come out to tating tbat atten wireless mpssage . a
/ Men's Ocloured Vici Bluvbor Tilnidad direct yla Barbados, the other Sein [a terrible outburst of fese wie nique ;
Welt—$1.50 to 33.69 pair, tress bavlng been ordered to Bparks, steward on board thea s, tert » On the ariival of the steamer at this x.
Wow Balkan Kid, Opora Too “Therces" will retura for the home | met with ae Ore auled on the dock, rt further particulars came to hand _ ;

. o accident which pearl aptain Le BI
Fine aia tbe lan dest Sommrinie | Sorte Cera raft fhe | Rarheegueniere, cited fou a re
m0 @ dock wi e x ~

tlon | Asfbs Colonial Oftice has not | wate man, aod having loo near oa Mondad’ migbh ded ae oie

the edge, he fell over from «belght of [ early bours of yesterdsy moraln 2

about twenty feet on totbetroa deck, | buge column of fame wat seen 7 a

striking himesl! eeversly agalost the | on board Ughting up the sea for miles



Kooeted ort P+] cor glalued vt ee tne ee aeee, At fret, 4 AND ‘ t Nos
<0 j

tide and lege Yester a7 roralog bs | tothe aenelenet nt Seereone asl SASWONABLE TE

was brought up to the city b
tears tog Caron end sdauted ae [olen wedriton the directioa of the

na .
sland of Martial ‘ ,
the Colonial iowpa. brea made ta fee tabs pute tee Ni OV E Li E S I N
_ of aay OR bearlog upon the ;
We understand that spect oT Ge, iaated by the Ceptaia ot
made with aes efor | Gus toupe ‘i

$120 to €300 pair
do, aoe de

900050000000 0006 ~W9 000006 00000 nennango

900600000000 0000 2000 9PO9 9000 Oowe 00000006 OD,

In another column of this fesue, we
veproduce from the Anfield Observer,
4n account of the marriagé of Mr, Li,
B Littlepage whoie away from the
colony on leave of absence, We are
suretbat bis many frieods here will
i in bearty copgratulations to Mr,

“The Lowest ‘Prices , ALWAYS'

monremeenhietet Sy

ttlepage aud his de, and extea

& whebee to them for a loog and fare belog to th but fears are peverthes
b ture. The new! { @ | lees entertaloed that Mou
one wit wee aoe Dey, peried Commencementof work on the pro: | agela awaken? one Paled has
Of the Z3cd footaut


we ls pelog pusbed

The resplag ofr
maa gee ity hata

Hlpg }6.20 dwpsrial bors
wpeslally for Workcsl aterigey oh fat

7 ’ .
ed new Church of ¢ ta te fom ite slumber, Tb,
Princes Towne pe yard ot theebuny ru bet and be love prose of zd
witblp Sroumatated tron elligeny cree fuse Tag uatbed at Bi Nesceeia | i :
mie % fs ee one | 1008 and bes sola crew sogluee ¢ e rN
’ a


4 ' @,

Sixeriva oy tae Footpata -Serat |
Holder charged Goolsa with sleeping
on the footpath “He waa reprimand
and diecharged

against’ Ernest Padmere = who
had been reihanded for medical
observation ox a charge of attempting
to commit suicide ty throwing bim-
self on the tram line was resumed,
It was shown that Padmore (s eubject
Lo periodical fits of mental derange
ment. He was discharged with &
reprimand and advised to stayat home


Real Kastate and Asrurance Broker,
Valuerand Gearal Com


We have. just received quite a big lot of New Goods including Ladies’ and
wChildren’s Millinery, Hair Carls and Plaids, eto ; but we ‘desire to make particalar
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mission Agent,
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Xmas ani Rew Year Cards, Ladys’ Court Shoes. AVOTIONBDH.
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XMAS CARDS.—Very beautiful designs. Excellent | LADY'd COURZ,GHOES—Five quslity—best polated NO. 24 8ST. VINCENT STREET
quality... see wos ae From 40. up, tips: Worth“33.00 vee +. Ooly 81.00
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named Backer, in charge of & Younger f out, and the next moment was belo . Eff. T= .
brother, twelve years oe ieee here horled swittly through apace. He fi Lity Police Court, bepcent
by the 8.8, “Verdi” for New York, [Jno the water nearly twenty feet Before M — .
and altbough their motber--Bire, Bare | away from the boat. Afr Roth fuckily ore Mr. H, D. Huggins SJ.P) The disagreeable features
* hereis working inNew York and was | was uninjured, though cnusiderabdly J 4 Tuesday, ;
‘wing to receive them, the twelve J shocked. od GEACLT ~Agues Jessamy summon. | of travelling can be overcome
“ old boy was refused admittauce | Not so fortonate was ile forest | Po) adler Jessamy for asshultiog and * f
the authorities at Hille Islacd on | ranger, Toussaint, howev: . Toue- | beating her, Mr, Lazare appeared for when you have = Bottle o
shallow pretence that he was too | saint waadirectly struck bythe light- | the complainahs and Mr. OH. Atéale Abbey's Salt with you,

fordefendant who pleaped “guilty”
end urged that the aeenu t Wasa very
trifling one, and that ‘complalnact
was bis wife. He wae bound over in
£5 to keep the peace for six months,

was charged with leaving ble hackney
carriage unattended, fie wal cop:
victed and floed l0syindefanit seven
days imprigonment.

ASSAULT +Onasia St, Louies
summoned for besting a hive
nemed Milly George. © It ap
that there was a fight between defend-
ant’s little girl and Milly George acd
defendant struck George. Defendant
was ordered to pay the cost of the
lo formation,

oung, and that bie mothe
te abi to support him.

f_might not

‘Both bors
returoed to this Island recently by the
8, 8. “Guiana.”


Extraordinary promotion — from
Tance Corporal to Lance-Sergeant—
Jathe honour recently conferred on
Police Constable William H. .Best of
the Inspector General's Office, Ber
geant Deat proceeds to District i Ubts
aftertioon vice Lance-Sergeant Hewitt
who has retired through ill-bealtb,
The new Lance Sergeant is spokea of
ja most appreciative terms by bis

ping, and experienced a heavy
shock, and ® severe burping sen-
sation on his right aside, It wae
then discovered that hie clothes
had been burnt clean. through, and
that the electric fluid bad burnt ite
way through his skia and flesh, leav:
ing along livid mark, suchas the raw
wale which would beleft asthe result
of a tremendous blow with a thin
whalebone whip. He suffered much
pain t in fact he bas had to be brought

own to Georgetown for attention at
the Public Hospital. The mark left by
the lightning has now partly closed up
atthe corners, but it has begun to fes-
ter, and ithas al the appearance of an

A change from_the daily
routine of living brings Head:
aches, Biliousness and Cone
stipation, which are so fre-
‘ Abbey’s Salt will almost
instantly relieve you of these
disturbers of pleasure by its
soothingeftectonthe Stomach,
Liver and Bowel. &


Struck by Lich Hoth Dost the Lands Omioerhimecté | TuREATS . Bertha Moore sum
oth’s 3 the Lands Officer himee! nett * yi .
Boat Struck by Lightning. making the trip to the city, where | moaed Cecfila Clarke for usin London Addie ot Panes elie tenag

threate and menaces to her, Mr CH,
Altale appeared for the defendant,
who after the evidence was ordered to
enter intoabond of £5 to keep the
peace for six months

Fiautina ~L.Q, Callender charged
Octavio Cote snd Octavio Lamore with
Benling and each defendant charged
the other with assault and battery.
The circumstances in each case belog
the same they were taken together,
Mr. Lazare represented Cote snd Mr.
OL Attale, Laemore. The evidence
showed that the two women metata
certain shop where a dispute arose be-
tween them and Jed toa fight of
which Lamore seemed to bave got the
worse, a piece of her lower lip having
been _coupletely bitten off by Cote
Mis Worship. ssid it was ditticult to
say which began the fight, but there
wasa Oght for which both were equal-
ly respousible.—Lhey were fined S0u.
‘or seven days’ fuprisonment each,
Limore beingio a delicate atate she
was given a week to pay the fine,

the errived cane n
there was another of the party, too,
who felt the effect of the! Iightning
ebock, and he was the man Allen, who
wav'standing onthe other side of the
mant. Heatated that he felt a tremend
ous blow witha draggiog sensation on
bis head, and be still feels the effect

At the time of the occurrénce, there
was lying uncovered tb the bottom of
the boat. the steel chain ordinaril
used by surveyors in their work, whic
was part of Mr, Moth's equipment,
andthere can be no doubt that this
was the element that attracted the
lightning. This chain was lying be-
tween Toussalot and Mr, Roth. The
yonder isthat the boat was not dam-

About the same time, a tree on the
shore was aleo stfuck by lightning, ae
well asa woman in the same vicinity,
whose was set on fire, She es-
caped harm otberwive,—(Argosy)



Ne Vincent Moth, Landa Officer in
the Demerara river district, on Sunday
afternoon the Sth October had a tere
rible experienee witb lightning. Me
Roth wae ¢ben {n bis boat, which waa
anchored off Uitcombe; with him were
the forest ranger of the district,
Danlel Toussaint, and the boatmen,
The y were about preparing to
bowt the boat's vail in order to take
advantage of a land breeze to get to
their destination, Suddenly a thun-
derstorm came or, and strangely it
waa pot accompauled apy rain.
‘The boat's mast was belong stepped,
Me Roth being on ave side, and one of
the bands, a man named Allen, on the
other alde of the mast.

It was at that moment, said Mr
Roth, that be efperienced several



ia exerche of the Power of Sa'a cup
between Santiago Castillo. Honors Cas
tillo, Hernandes nes

drickson Qsstillo of the

there will be pat mp for
ther Auctioa Alsrt,
Seckvitie and Sb Vincent Streets, Port

abares of and tn all aod af


anibs Newrs WC Ross & 40, Vort of Spain


BLIO NOTICE is bereby gives that

talned in a cectarn deed of Mortg sxe dued
the 10 b day of November 19:0, and made

Wilson wife of
Laurencio Hernsodis andj-Jumes Hens | tere{ an No. 2889 for 1009 snd made be-
eng psd
sod Jha Muechock of the) ober Out
ssle by
Fablio Auction by tha undersigned at
No. 2, Corusr of

of-Spaia on Tuesday the 18h day of
November 19{0, between the hours of 1

Al those two aadivided third psro or
alar that cere



‘ ‘

Michael P, Maillard,

("The Cash Store.”?

Lowest =
Prices, 7



“OUR” §


~~ OUR





LADIR3—White Movin Robes and Costumes
=~Embrijered and Pleated Fronts, a
wide rsoge for your selection, f10m $1.20
to $41.00

the Maoufacturers, Joscrtions to match,
various widibs, prices pér yard from 6c.

edges and colouret bordere {a red,
iok and yellow shades, Exquagiy

utifal,e ch from 12 cents, ‘

wido, coloured borders, « big dew
it this season, per yard ouly 24 ceote,

do White and Ecra, extea epecial, &
24 cents and 30 cents, k-

MUSLIN FLOUNCINGS—12 focbes to 45
jocbes wide. Extra epeciil values from
12 cents per yard to $1.60

uew, soe tLem, prices range from 78


8 cents per yard to 12 cents,




Free Insurai

[ Oue Frice omy. | Value Hower Like Halla’

DUBLIC NOT] E fe bereby xiven tbat
L in exeicise of the Hower of Sale con-
tasocd fo a cestan Ded of Mortesge
dated the 6b beptember, 1909 aud regis

Sanitary + Wash

tween Couceiptiva Gasria and Kovs Jorne
Goeria of the one part ard Ma y Ammon
of the «ther part, there wili te sat of ,
Sale by the undureizoes at No. 9, Harrie
Promenade in the Town of hau Ferpacdy
oa Wedueedsy the 30 b ay of November
1910, between the boure {Ll and 2 yam.
Firstly al theg certain cocos plastation
known ax Fort Grorge compiisirg five
quaarees in the Ward of Savaone Grenve
ta the Ialaod of Triniad aod abatdog, oo


a—— wT Tae

atran; sensations. He heard 8 tein pareel of land siteate inthe Ward of ands of Byrloget oa the wre ee coe
crane then hesawa bright fiseh of Conveying A FowL—Oonstable | Oaora ia the Island tf Triaidad coa ainiog See Nort pode of a eee on the ‘ 5
light pass in front of blm, felt a blow Huon charged Elizabeth Bowen with | three acteaand one filch part of an scio | Fast opun lands of Spencer Lovey aod on . . . a
ou bis arm, beard one of the men cry To-day's Court List conveying # fowl which be had jorming put of tbe plantation called Le | ihe West upon leads of Joseph Silver | A Shipment of this popular WATER PAIN?
y resonable cause to suspect bad been | Soidud sod abutting on the Norch*apon | Thon, * : “ .
Its Vintox Cannot BE Drscrinep oa stolen The Constable anid he arrested | tands of Jose Ve lcleao Roirigaes ou the | deecndly all that psreel of fond com: | received in assorted colours, ail packages of Wu
—No one can explain the subtle power JUDGMENT, defendant because she had the fowl | South and Weet oo the Cacra River aud prising sixteen dcres, ritusia ad Glth | 56 lbs, each, :

that Canadian Jeallng Oil possesses*
The originator was himself surprised
by the wonderful qualities that his
compound . That he wasthe
benefactor of humanity is shown by
the myriads that rise in rr jeo of this
wonderful Oil, So familiar is every-
one with it thatis prized as a house-
hold modicine everywhere,


in a basket covered with a bag, aod
when he examined the fowl! ita
wings were clipped Defendant sald
the fowl was bers and ehe brought
{tfrom her house at Nose Hull to
sell She was allowed to go0D &
personal bond for her appearance to-
day with a witcess who would prove
the fowl] to be hers

Julien v Joseph.

No child should be allowed to eufYer
an hour from worma when prompt
relief can be got in a elmple but atroug
remedy—Mother Graves’ Worm Litters

agcexed to the esid deed.
Daied this 24.b ut of Ustobar, 1910,

Va —



occa me ae a nn rr

Another Large Shipment

Ladies Hats.—

oo en anti A atm! i. came


+ 7H


ye :

PBlack White


; Navy, Royal Blue, Saxe Blue, Green, Fawn,
Brown, Grey, Purple, Strawberry.

FALSO — Nice . Selection of Infants and Girl's Straws «oy's Sailor Hafls Etc
i" . :
.N.B—AU tho Above Marxod at Unusually Koon Pricos,.


SSS ee eee


on the Eess on lauds of Noriega aod
| V laroel of bo ascorer otherwine the same
be datted or bousded snd moe
particalarly desorbed (as regards to the
avid thiee acres and fove Gf b in the p'sa

company in the Ward of Savana Urende
aforesaid and abattiog on the North open
Sam Jonre oa the Sourh apon Jancy of
Sewuel Warres on the Eest upon lande of
Erpestine Duwsey and onthe West upoo
lends of Samual Woper.

Dated this 26.6 diy of October, 1910,


For Salo)by


Auctloneer, mote
The above meationed pare’ of land con. 52, SOUTH QUAY, .
taining 16 acres fs oleo aa'jact to @ Port-of-Spain,
transfer of mortgage, from Heleoe
must Robinson to May Ammon No, ———— os
s019, cated 26a May 1910, ; .,


To the Sapreme Court of Trinided and

« ‘obaygo,
Bammary Jurladioiiun Port-ol-Spalo,

No, 209 of 1907,
* tween
Beecharam Joseph+Piaintif,
George Klog —Defendant.
Pipes. NOTICE fe hereby given that






Just Oponcd.

by an order of b » Honour Mr, Justice
smadein the above mat'eron the
bth day of September 1010 there will te

Brac itvee'n tne tow of Forte pug GRAPES, Fiat
L a ¥ 7 ra
1010 sorniog be wren the hoorsol lend | | FRESH EDAM CHEESE, GUODA CHEESE, “a
TEA eee REAL You
Iliage ta the Ward of Cedros comptlsing CADBURY'S CHOCOLATES. , oo”

one Jot measuring 60 feet wide by 1UU feet
fa depth and abuttingon the North on
tends of the heirs of Albert on the South
on land of Olivia Kiog on ibe Kast oo fand
of Charles Gorell and on the West 60 Jand
of Merk L, David, togetber whib tbe
eppartenances theret» beloog ng.

ated this BLh dey uf Os over 1910,

Aotg Depuly Register,

W. 6, ROSS & Go. | Urocery Depa









Caritat Patp-vr

—on one one ane see uo
UBLIC NUTICE ts bored: that Rearvep Funp aes woe ‘.
Peele ot the porer el atic contained iigap OFFIvEr MONTREAL â„¢
n @certaio mein Nendum of mi rege No. | H. 8, HOLT, x

Vioe-Presidend and 6 :

B. asrt, BG
New York Aon Buitpiyos, Paces St Pa ¢

07 deied the lerdsy of October 3000 and
made ty Mirle Louise George tn farcur of
, Lou se Mati ds Japiss bee will be put wp
foresleby pabiio succios by the under
tlgned at tbeir Auction Mart No. 2 Sach.


oS.rcesiathe Town of Port of. Spain _ - :
oa Tusday tlhe 20-b dey of November
1910 bewweee tbebuurs oveard iso p.m,

All aud slogaier that pucel or lutof

Brasches «fa the Principal T the

Fa a ay fe
an a "







Port-al Tiwaided
rata is

laud altacte ia the Word uf Gcenépo cum
prleiog Ove acres and via perches be the
dame mo ¢ oF leve de'ioesied ant witb the
abutiag and toendaries shewn ou Liows
' Groene regegered ia Vol, COXLIUE j tio
517 sad bounded oa the Nur by Gowns
fuod, on the Bouth by lendy cf Thbaele
| Faris ad by lendsof HB. Debsle, eu tbe
Kast by Crown lands and ou the West by
lapdeof Awbard & Oe, by lends of
' pllonsle | Herts and leversected by the

ated he Slet dev of Uctobes, UIG,

Wwle JOHN & Cu.



* a
. . kg
Peony avclo mo doverio bare io | | pots nest zou sro fa ont
rew, now, now. Weceriainly aro carry: you the following items, You'll find
ioga woll assorted stock this season, prices extremely low, Bo





~ NO 9391 VOL,

OR RF = Comlorteble Dwelling
House Santa Cras Valley,
of the

a on kre withia evey ree
tral. poly to the Stederd Life
Amvrance Co Marine Sqnsie- Nov 8-36.
FOR ke {= Oovtege No, 2 Uipriea
Boalevard eonteising Drawing, Dioleg
aod 3 Bedrooms, Front snd Back Galh rier,
Pantry end usual Ont {Scere leo Stables
ead Canines Youre, Electsic Light and
Bewerage Joatalled. Porsesion ly Decem-

ber, For pestioulsre sp ply to TAYLOR & Nov, Sa-lw,
Guizans leds Baw hil Nowe Kicbmoed | Hee tree PLANTER SSSA

Sescat—Nov, 6tb.

por RERT—Gyitsge No. 76, Bene
Olrenlar Koad, Sproaite Sa Marge
Church, contateiog 3 bedrooms, dre
@ining oud drawing roo», paatsy, kit
Sevant's rom aod beast out ofices,
Possession Ist December 1910, Reotal
$10 per month, Apply to T, Guonss
GANT, D, Broadway, City—Novr. 4. 7
R RENT «Cat No, Corner
Atlapita Aveous and Caries Street, cons
taining # Bedrooms, tg room, Drawieg
toom, Dialog room, Siady and froot gallery,
whd stables, kitchen, baib room acd servant
toom. Water laid on the premises aod a
beautiful Bower garden, Powsessioa ist Dect,
Rent moderate, Alsco—Cottage No, 01, Frater
Suet, contalaiog s Bedrooms, Drawing room,
Dining room eed front galery, kitchen, ac
Snstailed, Jasoediste possession.
Rectal awoderate, For fuctber particulars
wr. LUKE, No, gr, Pictoa Street,
or} a. ¢, Broadway.
OR |RENT, — Cottages No ot, 8e
Vincens Street. Farther p.sucolara
apply at Modiral Hall.—Nov. 2-1
por RENT—10 “Cip fol boulevara—
gSeltable fami'y seswercr, covtalning
4 targe bed rocms, sih dreseirg rocms,
drasiog end diokg reums piniy, with
wsual out booaca, stables etc, dsewerage
end Klectsio Light inualied—Apply 3
Keate St ~ Nov 21m.
‘POR RENT. —Hoase No, 37, Dandooaid
Bucet. Posse jon Ist ecember—
Apply ad Slegert’s Factory, George Street
Rey & a— Nev, m,
JOR BENT.—1 ‘evdy faraiwbed for Dot,
montbe fom let prosiao—*Laecelics
Diego Marilo, the residence of F,
dkeetr, For particalars apply to F,
Saeet & Oo, ath Qaey, er Em. Lazare
—Solicitor, 8. Viacevt dt, 28h October
T° LET,—Cottsge 68 Leary atiee:,
Qulet Locatity. 2 Large Bosroome, 2
Dreessog Rooms, Deawiog end Diniug
Hooms. All out huases, Large dachelore
room in yard. Now Sewerage. LHlectric
Ughte thiongboet, Apply, G. Harcant &
Uao., 48 Marive Squere,—Ocr, 21,210,
rok RENT = Pauly K
Tiver aud braciog air for
which cao easily be obtsine:
Santa Craz to shat lovely two storey
buildiog known Fern Villa’ with ait
eoowmmodation f ily. Highly recom.
mended by thoee why buve tived there
fately, Stable and Carilage Hovse ect,
§ hoor diive from the chy, 10 minutes
ative frum Bsn Juan Rallwey Station,
Lovuly garden of roves and fuwers, pas«
tare, river runing through the Property*
Avyone desirous of inspecting wiih a view
to reoting can apply Ww Cuas, J. Decis,
“40 Marie Square Poenasion Isd Nov.
Oct atm
= UR RENT(—Cottayye No. 45 Bich
fuond Street with all cunveniences
6826 monthly foasession let Novem
ber, Apply to Casas FB. STuULLMErYen’s
Ottice, No. 5 Hiobmoad Steet, Telephone
No, 165—=Oce. Ll= Im.

‘a Healtb,


R BALE—Onse Rubber tyred Conz0 d
Huggy and ove subber soled Park
’pwon—ail fo good order, Apply to ¥.
Ry Ward Queen's Park Hotel Nor, 9b
OK BATE AS A PACK, — 3 git
Amerlosa Fox }1 unde, weti mateted,
well bruker, trained aod thooash’y ac
climatised, Fur price &c., app y ts UED,
F, HUGGING, 66, SuarhiQcey.— Nov, 2 id
For BALE=HORBE (15 bande) Coo,
oord Boggy with folding Lack seat sud
Koglich Harness, al) in perfect order,
Havivg no feriber use for iben a cash

purchaser will weet with a bargasio,
Apply to L, MU. Loveracy, Court House
or 3%, Naw Bureet.

por BALE—HORKSE for sale ~ Dorks
brown gelding, guet to ride sat
“ive, 15 havay, ja g coadition, use!
V4 teliadle 5 ve will exchange for e
evesvelam horee—must be J4 haods of
ver Apply 86 Frederick Sucet—Uctr.
iM BALE—Vales tuperty No,
Abucromble Bureet, contaloing apart.
mectsnp and downstsla, Also 4 rooms
la yord, Sewaragelostathd, Bringing in
& reatal of $35.00 per month, A cash pure
ebeger will wet & bargalo. Apply to
Mri a's ropes, Lrp.—Ocir wee

H BALE.=Shenpos Villa “No, 10

Queen's Park West, contalsing four

rooms downstelre and 3 uy stalrr, Draws
fog and Dining trcoma, &o, alo sitting
room in Sropte Servants aod lockup
toomws, Sielles and Canisge House.
Klecurie Light sad Sewerage losids and
outside, Leth inside and tuside, The
land rune from Q. P. West to Waodlord
Berect, so that the beck Jute could be bails
ap without lateferiog with the male reo
aideoce. Apply to 8. J K., ¢/o Machensis
& Kirton. =Oct, 12th, I91Q— Jas, .

0 eee
For Salo or Ront

NT OK SALE—Tbe Fawit
Fee BEN. 23 Worver tues, Patol

8 th every poresienre fur a femily,
Bootie Aigbte fostalied, Sewersye ole

on the
YOub Instant, Apily to A. N, Ouvinn of

Cv, Vomseasl

Ques Birect, Fate

ent. House,’
otpalaw Not, Ord,


y going to’


fertile iand ang @ boure situated at E!

Socore Sas Juan, ASout gacres of land has

aprt,-about three ecrea are

known | barb aed netung wire for the parpose of resre

{wg stock, 5 mcrve cee be purchased or rented
seperetely, The buildings oe lot sot 38
Luis Street Woodbrook e for sale. yee pare
Ucul ars please apply to 7B” c/o this paper
Oct rotb—te,

ANTED for Carcol Estate, a good
field Overseer. Appiy tothe besa:

| ) wire’ erperience veekegitus 109, Hes
ateo a employed for o sho: ine in
Trinidad. Satislectory testinniale-Ap
py to * Agricniture” e/a thie office—Nov,
oe 1,

ANTED,—Bitaation se How emeld

oe Narse, Guod references. Apoly
“BuRKE” — * Port-of Spain Gasstte,"==
Nov, 3d,1910, -
ANTED,—Taoke acd Old Ddlere
for Water Storage aleo 2 Ssrong
Creole Horses broken isto Heroes
App'y to No, 12 ** Port-of-Spain Gazette,”
—Norr, 3rd.=lw,

Wanted at Once.

QMALU GIRL at Dorcestic Servant fae
WO abome oftwo. Must be quiet, civil,
and honest: end williog to work, Aooti+
tant can fod ready empl-yment. For
pyteten spply to No Je, Jackson
1it, veae Hose Gill Post Offica-4th


OST, -Os Stanmore Avenue, betwe'?

Trangollity aod Queen's Park West,

or between Stanmore Avenue and Wua-

donald Street— A Lidy’s Pearl Brovch*

Fioter will be rewarded’ on returniog

pame to R.M, No. 7, Queen's Park Weert
Nov, 3—J0



Cocoa Kstate at Gomuto

OSOA ESTATE of 173 acres la above
named district afew mules from Railway

Station with good carriage road right into Evtate

There are about 20,000 bearlog trees, plus

10,900 trees inthe bands of contractors,

larger portion of which are sow Learning and

teady to be taken over, There is sull

et yet culuvated, and fit of
exher ¢*coa oc subvec plating. There
are adjo'nolog small cocoa properties
fall bearipg whuh are now forsale = Theres
ate # Cocoa Houses overseers quartere, nod
barracks, The Estate ls situated in a desirable
end beahby locality easy reach from Cumuto

Railway Station. Bare of purchas? money can

temala on mortgage at 6 per cent interest, For

particulars apply to

Oct. tam
A Chance to get. a Good Little Home

GTIVATE 35, Jetoinghem Avenae-
Large yard. Wealtdy Incality, Sone
throw irem the Belmont oar ‘end nov
very far fom bbe St. Anu’scar, E'estric
Lights iratal'e?. Water co preniea,

5a Of loves Ieg in a lerner piacs,
Tropes lon fovited at oace—- Nov, 9.b.
= im,

; , o ee) A
Mrs C,'0. McCutcheon

oF 'xrorayw,

Toosdey, Uburaday, and Saturdsy,. from
Gaur. to8pm —Mondsy, Wednesday and
Friday. boo uy eprolotment only,

34 Frederick Btzest, Porte {-Spein,

To all whom it may

h H. GO, VINCENT is 50 Jouger

eatborived to collist or recelve any
waooles whatever on my aceru ft. 8nd al)
persons to whon be wey sappy for pay:
ment of p loeipal te iotereas money on
Tro, Notpa mide io bis favoar, or ade

and lohorerd over to bin, are warned

4 agslnet mekiog avy payments te blo culens
@ notes We OF endorse d by them are at |

tbe bare ure prodeced or ob wo to
S)et Out, 1120, :


AVL of%-8: ain fa pot the bolder io doe
course of the Piomiwory Notes made ty
several Pree’ © peretle to my order ard
at my (ce, No, 63 Frederick Btreet,
already toleried to by me lo a former
wotlce ip thieyaper “Apy notice to tbat
effect by the esld Bertram Grainger fa
the efore miele nding sud uorolistle, 1 was
Deverrmpl+yed as o diector sor waa] en:
hoyed in the cap: city etated by Mr, Be»
aca Orairgerjia bis boties of 3let Ocioter
Tbave this day given my Sollediur iosirae:
Hone te institete forthelib Joga) procoed-
loge oxaized the sald Bertram Oreleger
for a long standing areoent dae by Nat

fo we.-O. 0. VINCENT.

Plano Lessona.,

Neboa Bu. wi aregs

papi aber vwitiee ob te Fisns, we :

Terms Modera .
Nevouwter loneedw, ‘e l

MEO, Te PR VET et oe

+ . } -*

Owner ie seliog smp'y bocausy he is

I AB to weed {nm New York, U,8 A,
and Caneda. with a well meorted
atoek rf Optical Goode -Oftise beure oo


FOR RENT: —_— \eariog coven aod etbet frat trees. This tand | ere the rubber market ie AUCTIONSALES A M §.P Sean

ae for i ao
nt el tn toad ook

of the burning problema

day, andin dealing with this subject
the Soonomis? gives the following as an
estimate of the planting already com-
pleted before the current year.
may be premised that the Agures are
based on very faadequate retarns, and
are probably uoderestimated t=

Malay dala loa
Year Peston tia, Archi- Tous. 3

Acie, Acres. Acre ©

Y905 & earlier 64,000,.,, 6.000...94 00,344,000 —

Ip na ae S900 vt6,000-gp.ooes thease | __ LIFE POLICY FOR SALE!!!
1907. 4. §§ 060,32,000 ..$3 600,240,000 ARU PRIUE & CO. nave roomed in
19>3 u. 4. 032909...4¢2,000, .98 000.,.243 000 atsections to sell by Auction on
1909 1» w 6$ 000 §1,000 .94 004,339,000 | Thursday, Nove. 17.6, 1910 be-ween the

Thle gives a total planted area of
CHOW acres. Of the plentiog dove ta
185 and earller, by fae the greater
proportion was In the very best

lanting Sictricts of Ceslon and
Kialaye. end It will certainly be inside
the mark toasume that these 14,00
acres will be produclog aa average of
200 }bs. an acre next year, 300 Iba, In
1912, 400 Ibe. in 1913, and 500 Ibe to
J914. Of later ptants @ proportion are
situated In districts not yet fully
proved, nor would it be esfe to say
that the same technical standard of
work could in every instance be taken
for granted, as in the case of the
older plantations developed on a
emailer scale, andin a more leisurely
faablon. To be well on the safe side,
it may be assumed that the land
Planted after 1906 will, onthe average
yleld 50 lobe per acre on the fifth
calendar year after it was planted,
125 Ibe the next year, 20 lbs. the next,
and 25) lbs. the next. Oa this basiq
the following figures of future
production abould be obtained 1

TOLL serscesesorsserneeees 15,300 tons,
1082 wees seen 28,000 °°

0 ooo. 46,700 *
1914 o. . US,

By 1014, as amatter of fact, the plact-
ing done duriog the present year will
have begun to tell, aod for thie en
allowance bes been made, Nor has
it been possible to give any estimate
of the acreage uader cultivatiwa io
British and German coloalee ia Africa,
The latter, however, will not, at any
rate during the four years covered
by thle estimate, make any material
difference to the totals, which mean,
ae they stand, that whereas the
pupae rom the plantations will pro-
bably afford under 13 per cent of the
world's supply during this year, it
should most likely supply more than
half ln four years time,

These figures cannot be beld to polot
to over production, since there cau be
litvle duubt that, with lower, and
above all, steadier prices, the trade
will readily ebvorb double ita present
supplies io four years’ time. & foue
ordive shilling per lb rubber would
soun find ite way back to the markets
from which it bas tewporarily been
driven out. Meaowhies the plants-
tion lovestor hay the satisfaction of
kuowing that until the maaufacturer
cau afford to dispense with half bis
avaitatle supplies, tbo price cannot go
below (he figure at which wild rubber
can be turned out, which must always
leave plactation a very bandsome
margin of profit,

—— ——w

Cocoa Bags

Aglarge Lot Jost Beceived.
All Sis-, AU Welghts,
“The Low:gt Prices —Always{



FIRE RISKS oa all kinds of
Br acceptet b

The North British & Mercaotile

evOondblisnhed sBO0OW

Total Funda at 8let’ Decomber,

1908,, +».£19,875 357 0 0
Total Revenue for your 1900

- £4,406,606 7 10

The stroog position beld by the Com

pavy as set fob by the above figures

should a; yeh toall those who desire safe


Sole Agente fw ¥ Hic Departinent .

The trtaldad Shipping & Trading
do, Ltd.

MARINE INSURANCE eflouied 04 Verge

Qyerle (Guild or Bulvet) aod Registered
Post, by

MaAsteé [oUiadae 6) LID

. ov Beaponm

RUE = ot 7 floes

geet DUB mina BILE |


dAuclionesre, Valuers, Estate Agents
ity an and Accountants. e

BG, Trederioilc:mat.



hours of ons


Joseph Guns, of Trlaidad.

Fartoer pstticuiers on @:
the Anu-tione-ts,

Port-of-Spalo, Teloidad.— 18/00/10,
He John Wharton


wasro PRICE & Co, hava received
fosttactious ta bell by Aaction at there
Sa'e Rwmsoa Moaday, November, 2ts3
1910 at Yvslock ow. precissiy,
No. 15,366 da od 10:8 November, 193 ia
the *Leaden Assarance Ourpors wa”
Jor £500 un the life of Lioael Victor Jusaph
Wharton, 13 yeare ea lowment, doe sev-
teomter 2lst 1920, slea Hatier No. 114,472
tated 23d Oud 1, 1907 in the * Mwa-
factartreâ„¢ Life Tetarauce Company for
83,00 v0 the ife of Joho Arevae Wharton,
15 years endowment, dae November let

Dated this 2ist day cf Ocrober, 1910.

26 Freteriok



MUST Bh 8 Ls s0u. Walsit


ho tle see UU WALB
PLANT — Ia pecfeos order, to te
closred thia week at tne best p ice ob mies
See it ae unte— WAGD PILE
& CU, -Nalos-room, 2d, Frederick treet,

Nov, 4th ~Le,

WK oan


great sac


Now, 4 -lw.

ent +House, 3 roe ‘wud ull os,
gyed possiog.
perce SZ) uc effec Appy WatD PRICE

Keno $3 w oath y.

& Co, as above—Nov, 4—10,

ow fomodiate S.lew Tbe Uli Trem:
‘ay Bera ab Cocurito= VU iver, sued
frusiage, aud also ses Iroutage— Ficohad,
Teauway passce dour,
SBatabe foe bostbouse o: cad,
particulars, op y
& Y.—New. 6b


8 instrucied ‘ty sell by
private treaty—a choice erliection of rate
ally impor ed for private
w price will be accepted,
Urder to view on applicatingco the Cit:
Aasiioa and Esta'e Utices, 20 Frederic!

Urebids, aspect




Suee,- Nov, 0 h—lw,

Saturday Next,



26 Veoderick Buee,

OUSEBOLU Faratablogs —
forte, Iseabito i 4 Pis o-
Dovkey & Usits porug

AKD PHWs & Co, will soli tb
W above by Avetin oa Setarday.

bad &e,

pext November 124 at 1,30 o'cluck,

The foroistin
@lekrr chairs,
Diviog table, Usi
yo [ and matcresses,
Crea Colores

ni segs, Bedate.



UE following devsiled Bick of Tur
due Motor Umuibus Conpeny,

1 (1m L'quidation) t=

ry Adcaate, LLhaskson Ltt. of Unelaa

Not to seat 26 pesseogere with sandy


opasce lore we.’

ta beat 36 pesscogere with saadey

opares for came,

No, 3 wo sone 84
spares (vr came,


AQ ay ortment uf Workshop Tuols,

Gi bvens,
Troe Teokuaad
Offers to wij
Gsdersigued, f
Wild te reoeis
om We

as age,


at the ethee “uf Brig,
BMLA Halellopae Mecore Ob,
Toe stece stuck pry te lorpected aad

feriber information

obe-beed oa spplis-

Hus to
nee * Ldgeldsier,
ue Mor ember, 1950,

and two p.m,, LIFE PULICY
No. 121 433 in the uffice of the “ous” Life
Axsurence O mpa*y of Cruada for $10,000
—dated February 23 6 1003 on the Life of

location to


S-AW exvchwus tos irawe

FIANOFURCE, specioly bails fur
the trupics, oss SSW, Rice for quuk
wsle $120, Say be eesa
on applicatibato WARD PelLd &
Ouy sale Houmas 26 Frederick atreet.—

0 bs sold at onceata

ec atonceuia

Aa Estate of 73
mre well wetered, 24 wties from Statioa,
good roads, 10 acces, 14 Voo 28 (2,500 bees),
aod ths remalader Sagar lenis, Wwelliug
house and lore s20d, also Siesm Kogice
and Sager Making Machinery.
oaly $2,000 for ths whore,
of Waku PRIVE & 10,, Est pve Agents
& Aasiionsxre, 26,

by spyolotiqent

Order to view



Water laud vu,
Vor alt

une, d carriager,

8 inclais beatwood aod
sv and Cyp presses,

eal “ 7 eabarer, a
dog cart haipess, early a ‘ ‘og
seb. Sookey end Sart, Feerling Vals wad
other mw: vous hens

BAIUKDAY morning. Fortber genicn

b .
las later~Nuv 6—1e, Vortoer pettica

pasaingere with sundry

sed Iran Koo! Doure aod Windows

sentry Obice Futaitare, he.
ag, % be addrcoved To tbe
&v, euy o¢ oot the above
y meu ®. © elac
dareday, Wib Novela . See,

oF ! \

1910 ___ DAILY ONE P§

a1 Mail R R oa
co) HX Recent -Arry
——te ¥
Aart Sallings to Barope, ‘ " Pr 7
“ORUBA" sh Nove, . . a
MAGDALENA" 280 Nore» Cases 24 Pints. 3
"THAMES? 2ich D.cembet

floxt Ballings for Pto. folombis
Oarthagena. Calon, Jamatoa &

aw Yors.
“CLYDE® bee
*TRAMES" ..,


Flautefaye G, Preller & Co.,B;

Sth November
tor Zid Novermver

The above steamers wilt cake let clase
pareeogers, cargo and mails,

Bxcursios t Rugland| CASES 12 Q7S. CHAN


Sproran it OALTE VENTE :


64, South Quay.

~~ ALIO— .


First Clase Retarn Tickets ab the ler:
atirective rates will be lesued fo «vu
Beetion with the Company’s Mali
steamers lm-ving Trinklad on the fot:
wing dates only :


ShAugos 19:0 7 10th Sepir, 1910
22ad Auxus 4, | 3d Ocwber ,.
bub Bepre yy Lich October «,

31-t Ortotor 19]
14h Novemter ,.
28h November ,,

Those Ticke 8 will only be available for
the retarm journey from Eugiand by ay
of the Company's Mail Mtcamers leaving
Southampton, ax ander :

26h October 1910 | 23-1 November 1910

Mb Nove, [3 bDeenter
bet December ,,

Paseagers are wested to note that
the erie for phh | ere tickera are avril.
abe u any ciroumstances
b¢ extended, ¥

Pavsexgers are recommended to arcure
their bortbs for the :etura journey imme-
lately cpoa thelr arrival 1a Knglasd,

For farther isfurmatiou, apply a
he Company's office, .

MARING BAQuaxt» | .

Wachado'’s |

Hove eecared GULD MEDALS of the highnst awards wheel

exhibited, Tseon'y CIGARS sad CIG LRETIES awarded ae

atthe Jamsica International Exbibitivo, 189t, “
Mechado's Cigara nod Cigarettes are for emokere of coltane

Uniqus ia quality and arom.
‘Toe Workmanship and bleading of SI LCHADO'S CIO 4a

cannot be excelled or equalled,

Port-of-Spain. -




Vor Maw & BDAsâ„¢>,

We gaarantes it to heal
alter atlelsefsils .

It Removes Proud Flesh
It prevents Grangene,
Ts Cleans Old Sores.
_And Heals Them,

Ts beale ait A-sh wounds and soreson the
bamaa eystem or Dome tic Acimale,

THE ''#
le strongly mode og
It fe the best

Ti not fond 0 ie

write, a

West I

ga *
Teversond On

xt Gures The

Mard Gasen wW'ES Pr Ae

Sole Agente

SMITHI6+03.&0 %

The Bovanse Drag Stores, TRixiwan,
Awceat ou A” MY Post 2%

Chocolate and)Cocoa Powder er i

We therefore de'y Gon etitioa hh ia quality and Pree Destend
at the Once tion (Natiousl Exhibitiva Turoota 1909, fer

Wholesale from 1 da
Albert Lucien®

Cocoa Dealers & Chocolate tan d 5,

T log Roprevestative—tik j Ux, , ;
revallic, Path ven’ Oo 2
ig re’ NRY E, am . 1 7


Gabe HADDOCK, Ityou Soncemplase beta pasasd, oF It you
Ez Reornt Arrivals Rago’ YoU souls got forge ane

One INEST HAVANA Cioans | ES. JOVER TEN JE" we ae, 1. |

3,070 Loodree— Villar & Vislar.
1 Oy) Loadies—Hanry C ay,
1Eu0 Conches Tuaswsarle-,
Zatudororm> Villar & Vil ar
0 Cosadores Imperiniene Murlas
an " GAUTLEH'S BR ANUY—eil olsee
balpburio Acid ta 8 ews diam, Olec
margarine “(Uskdela™ all sisea, Cocca


§m th B bertson & Co.

Ofer for Sele Exae, “CRO

— eae
100 Barre’s CEMENT Petorz,”
Exe.a.¢*Sobo™ (vom Helitaz,

don't ode, from a catslozue waich shows a picware as
© of a locomotive flash light and only got a mere
Money refunded if quality is nvas guaranteed.



sere ge teasers, Wabky = Feet! — _ hKheniriacrov”” |. 2 7
et sae 4, 50 Tone Patent DENTISTRY | Uyclists iE
Fuk October 3910, Dr. If. WwW, LYNCH oon:

By tenons
‘dexcollecce, Seuied,
meee ta Beet
Apply at voce J

ot, 61 Dake B=
Ohta. ,


Geld Afetalsst and Demonutveter
Maherry Dental Collsge, USA.) “
AT Ewedertiols mt
All branches of Uptodate DENTISTRY
eed on ec!

modern i te
Priooa Pure a rn acute Fowler

TA the

Important Notice, -
[ HEREBY tag “wo boty the


ral a
Tatas Longe A Gane" Tamjet, of (ih
ig OS, aw to hte to delay Bachelor Rooms for in F

mon B/. tf.
[ast 2? Ht

Mose Vilsg
exoreater, 1, athena abe Nvyehoiue



: Tider ety eben LAr atta f Tagen od ip yeentogis = x jo *) Serre
an ~ \ : . ‘ d ws 7


. , \





so "| proved agreed tmuetieititte Pete ae Ot aimee hie inne — ane EE atl
anne. cod abcd taraigr i SSviet | Revytee at yceountenc gang | oem a he Tere atte T ) |

a , CT, cee fe By
— , - [Ei Bihan ene | sro ae are inaoe: | armen st exert |) A LA DONEAN HOUSE
R g be a

ing that of the North Atlantic liners © Mi whi
\ \ on the Victoria Institute of whick Mr,
. y Abe following passengers arri ed by W, Nothnagel fe condoctor, we , .
1 .. le gieamer. Fo a Rin=Me, v held atthat institation ou Monday : > 22
: \ spd Mrs, Ab postin! an a Son, Me, Court, Me, Ay Watts, Ke Yate Mire J: | pigbe under the patronage of Distinctive Tailoring
. '. em A, jeoc le
- . Uy RS Fane Ae nag | Reem oe ed oe A tee ea :
Gabriel de Uampe and 18 deckere fiom | Mere Prads, Mies Aagerons Moje a | Geacat tiers tot tee

\ , !
Martinique, Bowen, Mr J. Nuree, Me and Mrs rol * The eatertals ‘ . .
: ee Short, tr Wo, Greg, Mies Ma: “ Ni Ww st Dp S N

The’ Royal Mall steamer "Clyde | Wr H, Matwood, Mets MeLefle int of The unvetes , :
brought 103 passengers yesterday, | R. Meoser, br Robinson, tJ. Keme which ‘are of vo eee onder ' E



\ . amongst them being Baronces Went- | Betaneour! were rendered ina thi ‘
FOR SALE OR RENT, Sine etadan Be” | ca aia ny fea | Saar ace tecern ae 7a
, ' .f Dr Jonas, the femous meteorologist, " Cher : tie selection. 'Appended le the | ms ;
has left Germany for the West ies Misede Verteutl, From B for thee weeOGit ‘hee * the 5 e ®
ucder the auspices of the loterna- | Trintdadi-Mr F. Sherman, Rev. G, PART 1 e faa
yi . tonal Commission on Sclentific’Aero- | Burnett, Mrs Date. Misses Date (2) | 1. Overture... “Stradelifa,’ .. {Flotow) ul 1
v, . - 9 bautley to undertake a month's Invee- | Mrs, H. Robinson, Master J Carter, Orchestra
; St. | gnatius Bay Ulgation of the at bere, particu- | Commander and Mre WW, H. Coombe, | 2 Lallaby (Barnby) .Unaccompanied 7
w 3 larly thetredewlods Theexperiments | aod servant, Miss L, Manning Revd, Chorus, Choral Section. . . "
uae otepa? wick iterate | gaisten“aetdgeat® Ch Le] & Spoet tony A Toner in Damascus —
o SASYWAREW,. Tiisldad on) (December, Bed. "Toe ised: Date, Nes Glendinning, NieeW: te Geo, MI. Masson. . > 3
. a ndinwtog, Mr. /an K . i‘
Just thoroughly Repaired, eink. out for target practice and | Mr Rudder Me Gases, weia.! By Amy Wood) van? A AN EXPERIENOED
Painted and furnished. Soe ea ecry Och TOL alter a | Mord eR Howie, Med. Morgan, | forle Finden )b, Ifiaibe great FINGE.IS SX OvUTT a
4 month's stay ta the harbour, 19H, Miss % anes B Aloe Daaaare x .
—AND= —_ _— a rss (Toure). cn . a
” eee o.lWhen the Royal Matt Btoam Packet } Berd Bot, Loulee | & Piztteatl an (ourey, on Orebertra “With our prevent bizhlyJeralded Sis
Practically New. Ccmpany’s steamer 1 Asturies’ ar “aEne TT, gens "= Dy Marliee Nowost Styles and toa} Workmanship» —~ .
7 He ot Lalas 0 er the | r here oy PASSENGERS IN TRANSIT. othe vals mourir’~—Madame J.
’ Mice: oo. ani.
For particulars tpp'y$to - ordered the officers to take down the Frpm Bouthamgton for Savanilla1— | 6 The Ballad of «A Kolght and Ils ‘
peers Royalist flag. and, asthere was no | Mr.J Kirkpatrick, Mr IL L, Pearee, Daughter”. By Horatio W, Parker +
~|.GEO, R. ALSTON & CO, Republican flag available, to eubsti- | and Miss L. Quinby, From Southamp- «Chorus and Orchestra, . j
| tatej the Royal Mall House fag, all | fot Colouz=Miss M. Mallert, Me and INTERMISSION, . |
- thelaunches between ehip and shore § MreJ. May, Beand Mrs Bulloch,’ and PART IL ,
[a had to carry a red flag. 2 children, Se K- Duran, From South. {7% Selections ~From * Lwela DI Lam- -
me ror Jamaica t = ‘ d
After ap foterval of two or three Plan’ From §outharapton tor Golent 9, Rate cA Pastoral For Chorus of ° ~
ears, Messrs Ht, P. Houston & Oo, | —MrW,Jarvié, MeS Siddle, Hrom mixed Voices, LIMITED :
whose vessels call regularly hereon | Southampton for Antillar—Me 31 | 10 Intermerzo... ++ + Orchestra g . ~ e
. bels homeward tr'ps) he rom Southampton for New fcom the Romantic Opera” Tha a
are mended thelr sailings from Livertoo D: T, Ve Keene, From Nountainers” 3
to South Africa and have at tI ei dolon t~Rey, Mother | i2 “Salut t Splendour Du Jofe™.,.Ma- — :
the menal Cape pores: Of tata there | for Coloe Me At Teacsites caresaee | paumeg C+ Huclanly, as ny | Oh 3 . 4
{we been a tangible increase In the] Dierden, Mrs J,d arian Iteyer, pera ™ Sigurd "—By . %
volume of traffic to South African | Cater(2), Mr A. Cla 12 Choral Fantasia “Verdi". Chorus FY
LO he Houston Line re-entering the | Marshall God Save the King. 1g TILE STOUT PAR BXCELUENCE }
oe °

e years ago, aftera |] M
trade iu which som ences vier ® fle JD
Mire it’ Yerd “Gud denildvens 3 -=
| Messrs Harland and Wolff, of Bel- Dongle, Me ce Wackwitz.” mye (From the Standayd)
favt, have booked an order of five par French, The steamer left at 406 yes- DEATILOF MBS KERR,

wenger steamers for the Royal Mail | terday afternoon for New York via| A telegram haa been seceived by the | ¢¢ *
Bteam Packet Company. 16 may be] Colombian ports, Colon, Jamaica, and | Rev. J, A, Nichols conveying the news 4 +P] 4 .
taken for granted that the placing of Antilla, with pert of loward cargo and | Of the death fo England of Mrs Kerr,

aE B5—--

Jong Hight, they ee LATE BARBADOS NEWS,

selves as a Conference line,

] Forts, No doubt this isthe reason of id ants. Biloe t, and Orchestra

lt Kooks You Healthy & Vigorous:








maee.t ARECELE heir rich, powerful sing-

ma Fhe fog gu lity and ligh tapibsivd touch, hog?
4 improved mihod of cyus:ructioa eto. have r sultid
‘Aa plsciag tho Wallis dianofurtes in the foremost

o best Makers whether Foglish or Continental.


the order for five new steawers is & paseengeta. from Trinidad. Jor | relict of the late Thomas Kerr, Eeqr,
the sequel first of all to the natural } Jamaics—Mr ©, O. Asstoua, For Puer. }QM,G, Governor of the Falklan
development of South America, and |} to Colémbla—-Mr Martines Aparacia | Islands, and at one time Judge of the
secondly to the buying up of thé Pa | For Oattageoa-Mr F, Carson, Mr and

cificSteamNeviga'ion Compa: ya fiect | Mre 8, Barbour. ‘
The dimensions of the new sledmers —_——

have not yet been disclosed, but it 9 The British steawer Actraes,” 2.100 5
believed they will bea somewhat | tong, Oaptais Disney, which arrived Me W, G. Mehon, clerk to the Police
similar to thove of the *Amazon’, | from Varao ua on Sunday in ballast, | Magistrate of District “K,' bas obtain-
‘Aragon’, and *Avon’, three Aloe | sailed}. t night for New Orleané, after | od siz weeks leave of abeence as from
Naers of over 10,000 tons each, bullt in | taking 2idtons bunker coal fromthe | the lst instant, His duties, will be
recent yearsat Belfast for the Hoyal | Tri Cosliog Company's Hulk | performed by Lance-Corporal Good~
Nail Steam Packet Company. yy.” man, who fe connected with that die-

ade trict.
The three-masted schooner *Ilol- ' —_— rio __. 5

uN “Jaden with lumber for New

wrk. trom ‘h » TAR A Wodnesday next, (Uth November} is

Peacemaker's Day, aud Barbadians

TO-DAY'S LEAGUE MATCHES, | will be giadof thelr first opportunity |, .
} —— ofindulgiog tn a little merry-makiog
t gnc V NEMESIS, ae commemorating the birth of one OuS8, ‘
- a . vt “se ~

io helped by his own personality to

Court of Appeal of Barbados = Thissad
event took place on the 2éth ultimo,


The QUEEN of Beers.

York from New Orleana was aban-
doned recently In latitude 27.41, long
8741, She evcoustered a terrific hur.
ricane fu which sbe sprung «leak and
became waterlo Bet Mer spars acd

dec werelost, The — wh
one ote taven off the wrecked vessel] On QR, ground, Referes.hie. J, | enaintain the peace of the world, ~~"

boat from the Norwegian steamer | de Yerteuil kick off 4.90 ——e
iterela” which hep ned lo be past. | 9 BR C~ NEMESIS ELEOTRIOITY, ©
The work of laying down the wires

tthe tt It will be remembered Go:
ee the SMleitiewoodâ„¢ remained a | Ft, Waterman 4 G. de Verteull } of the Electric Company ls progressing
considerable Ume Inthe Gulf of Paris ac! favorabiy. Nelson Sireet bas been
G de Nobrige i L, Wharton | traversed, and operations are now

f arrived from the Weat
eee oar Nites fo ballast some time | P, e! B, Decle | being carried on ie Fatrenitd Street.

eer, Anew Captainio the per- Rail packs
ton a Mr k. E Walls was sent out | V. Henry Pre KF Kabey
from New York to take this vessel | It, Maiogot W, de Verteull | Weregret to have to chronicle the
V. Scott | death of Airs Liourish, wife of Mr B, D

ew Licorish, merchant of Broad Street,

home. Oa the corasion of the recent | O, Merxe!
which took place on Wednesday even-

mishap Captaln Walle wae fo com- s
d be remaived alone ja the | I Cameron KR. Quasael

era with at B. Borde (Llsnoe | ing last, Zod instant. Deceased bad

beer in illbealth for some time

etiog a
vesset with a hope of meetiog K. Laurence ‘ . V. Rodrigues

; e steamer to tow her Into some port. & pate ‘ Rodrigues
wt) oO iss hoown | L. Farrell «Hamel Smith
. the Rese
. oh



NEW OTTO “sarenenen.

Extending over 2 or 3 Years,


Tuving and ‘Ropaitiag--A Spec'ality

R rar

Her funeral took place on the follows
jog afternoon to the Weetbury

Cometerr -—_—


q Arather regrettable {ncldent occur.

redat St. Paul's on the afternoon of

the Jet lastant when the body of Mrs.
Elizabeth Ano Donuett of ‘Gritton's

AllInsirumonts Guaranteed’

service bad been performed by the Itev Frederick tre

Me Menzies, snd’ tbe coftiu lowered fa 21 ’ . Ss et.
the grave, when It was discovered that

the digger was not preseot Lo fill

ave, Alter vainly searching for .

aulter, another gravedigger
be obtained, RT RT ae A A NM; MS oa revere sapae aoe

it Radcliffe Clarke
8, Sorszano

BEEING THE SPLENOID SH JW OF wood from States markets, Oa Wridey LV, Maer ot JA Ortis

lest the Gweredish steamer “Skog


" ugh thie port baviog RY8
a Oe a lucble cargo of this] Oa Casuals grousd. Kick off

wood, Quebracho wood from the} 43) pm

a! . oe
being. more} Uocel—G, Dewbarst
ca Rives Fire eee ican makers. off Backe—L ‘Abraine, . M. Anderson
‘ tanning materials,.the !mporte into} Hatf Backs-O. RR. Balth A. Mo:
the later: (during: the b. sigh Cracken G. D. Owen
* . wonthe of 1010 amounted to $078, 1, |] Forwards -W, H. Hecles, J, Roch-
‘ against SE ee i, : @ 1900 ford. We Head, Ni G. Noch.
om AT — period and $190,467 fn the perlod. ede veo=G. Daler!

‘ =
Death of Victor Roel. Mayaro

ie ARCADE: rt

= (From a Corrpponpent
A Superb Collection of

Phone 44s


On Tuesday evening let Instant
at Bethel Wesleyan Church, it was
found that the grave dug on the
occasion of the funeral of Mr, Joho
Woeley Dyall, late tallor of Afarhill
Street, ‘wastoosmall, The coffin had
ta be laced a the gellar ‘ Hethel's

. i Slava aroa un! esterday afteruioon a
frantert I Noa owes cimeriog 83) o'clock, when the Totermens took
rom a cold contractet at Mayaro was | place.
being attended there De. Doprey,

cons fteamer “Spey” left

oRedey tal etn for Tobsxo with

Ite following passengert- fr. M. J

Kernahens 4 H.R Oornled, Rey.

» Me, .

We ae log Be Darke avd 90 deck-


Highly recommended by Medical Agtherjttes

We deeply regret (to redord tbe

Mean W.
the following pare Maher, P. Stuart,


; attereqn, P. Gal pfortunstely hleqgatinued inese re-
4 . He. end re. Oljelpels Afr, y Red vated ja nis bolng fexen on to the olty ail over the World. . fe
p si Gt | for treatment, Hewes attended in| There Isin our tmuldst Mr Shermane 4
a town by Dre, Masson and de Mont-jand another representative of the ea CURES: =<
: te ** sos SS ae + brus, but la spite of thele attentions | Canadian Wank, who are gathering
Be: a” Tevgak Boe oa . and the affeo caste nursing of bls dear information ae to the alblivy Anaemia
} dir and Si t Rij . wife aesisted by devoted friends belof @ branch succeeding’ la
Ww. ng an igne Ings Ereatbed bie lact.qg Buadey fast at} Barbados. Up to the present thees Chi .
. : oat about 6.3) pa. he peo ‘of Nayaro | gentlemen are somewhat optimlatic, oerosig
4 * te will hear thie with regret. At| and it is thought that in a short while «
B > TOE VERY LATEST DESIUNS IN Gs Hayarg. br. Viwor Noal res “apnre | a branch ofthe Hiyal Oanadlan Deol Dehility
‘i ~ ur yes cial lor qualities
drum Hrypecenand tenet CONS | aod bladeniond, Tabi wie ote | fnk Tae me masa ce nepreeoel NEURASTHENIA.
an g °
Messrs George B. Alston & Co. an e meeeere e

We regret to chronicle the death
ot Mre Catherine Carter, the wife of
Mr Robert A Uarter, accountant of
the firm of Messrs Jobnion & Hedman
whichfesd event took place at bor




‘he funeral the — service
peter oh wae 1

Dutch Mall steamer “Coppe-
puna” 3 033 tous net register, Captalo
Heanoot, arrived on Monday night
from Varemaribo with cargo ta tranalt

A 15°™ Gold Brooches

eartied from

te eehare Among those wh assieted

N Mt ed, . Idence Jo Park Road,

E roce gees BRACELETS Fae Seanurhit faianln fw New | MME eichadt TT afar | Uostting of ‘Ce Do henash He
* 4 Ss Bik-R York direct with the fallowlog per |b, Luke, Arcber, Miss Coursad, Mra, remains were loterred atibe West BOLM AG mews;

* BANGLES S3PETY PINS SIU tnnado cn 9 Hialat Alec | Ur Qsrtorgcidogtopuotigatnac| fa ine preenes, of tise Sites | mpg gp Drug Steres.

3 te A . sie. | at We 4 trleads Tb e onanza ,
: PEARL ANTS Ac" Goulon, 48d MO, Ke Melteoile |e Neal lee bgotber, ta. Me, Piece |eore wine, aes fe daliog health | _Seotenter 304, 10 nea eres. |

? PEND The Roysl Mell Trane eal APs saallles Fle ad ble fbildren i) foreqmeLiaue past SS 4

re r ; i He _ :
® STUDB & LINKS GOLD WATCHES —_| Bias ateced resterden, fom irons | TAr7 ara promuion Ty FHL FOR DEMERATA, -
me BCARF TINS GOLD ALBERIS Wis tone general cargo, for Fort ot through bere ou, Mondey leet, aboard rap es * 4
eos - BUCKLE RINGS = iiietibnaresimaraiie | Supme Coury | ee GaN tae ~ ,
a masbs ara to atlol . Blackwood Wright ¢ a

MOOLD MOUNTED VEST BUTTONS, [seri ureter de Re] Sem Pr giehid, Wraw | rte ie atest ag eet ras rapes

» ; rom Hourbempyon for Trinidad 1 “ buh July to Me WV, Midgar. ie FIRST SHIPMENT FOR THE SEASON JUST TO HAND

« Everything of th d most artlaicd eigns, ‘Mie MO Mere Mint” Dison, panne: | eee eae Demererian, turtve
; % Ol the newest aid most artia Taropedi dah, Me, aod Mrs. ardent Toouas ¥ Hoxtea-Mr. Blache | and the naluel was on ita wéy to the —A Ta .

te paban, Mr, aod dirs. | Wilson at 3 p.m. resumed bls argu: * Magaliicent Colony” on Nondsy ‘

fat be Gisedipbleg Miss Glea-] mente which were not conclu

‘4 eel ‘ . ~-— \ , WENRY
DAVIDSON AND’ TODD. [iicsie tahiti Bawa te] ans weenee nee, 3 OTA WIN DES, “sti

oy °



Irish “Sunray” Shantung.
27 ins~only 24 cents yeal,

SILK SHANTUNG~ All the Nowest Shados—-84 inch—
BLACK BRUCHE SILK—Frcch Maken sheg oon eee


44 {nch—-Roseda, Mosogroen, Brown and Navy—8ie,

LADIES READY-TO-WEAR HATS {nal the leading colours——48. cents,
st ae su apes atta ne

LADIES’ — 36 cents, 48 cents, 72,

OBINOLINE SHAPES in Whito and Colgied—all prone” ©? *? 4°




Evening Dress Suits,

Vrices from $20.00 to $40.00

The FINE distinction. between a
STYLISH and 2 COMMON. made
Garment is obtained by dealing

From 12 cents to 3 dollars, .

| Sprays, Ribbons, Wings, Mounts, &c. WU =.



. é .


mI BIN | pam

.'y| Our Millinery “Show”. still in full Swing.

“A1ananyoeye} OO) “SFLN Y SMI s.uervag May


NEW SUITINGS, Jacket and Pants

Hight Dollars, Ten Dellars Up,

NEW TROUSERINGS—A fino Range to select from
MEROERISED DRESS SUITING—Quito New—¥6,00, Jacket and Fanta

Jacket aod and Pants—$10.00 Up ,

See our Naw Hange of ‘

Double Width Tweeds,

From 60 centsup Special Line #144


WHITE SHIRTS—v0 conts 8% conts to 1.48

MATT SHIRTS with Collar—our own make, 83 cents

LINEN DOUBLE FOLD COLLARS-—* The Centurian’—1.44 Dozen
THE *FLYWING* COLLAR—Quite Stylish—1.80 Doren,




Weil, I thiok the Isat

understands perhaps

antimatter to which 1 wish to refer,
of which mention le made in the last
paragraph of oxe report It seems to
me @ great pityhat the direct line of
steamers from the United Kingdom to
Jamaica should be discontinued. (llear,
hear.) 18 hasdone much to opea up

brings me to the second very

fuod with the view of
ad a special reserve

as youall know,


| we
cially from this country, and it has

Hebrated « Whiskies:

P trata aus fag fo tae
f Finest Very Old and Mild & Old As from Sunday, 16th

5 inst. the price of Beef ie gaetaodenat
pia score LQUEU3 WHISKES,

themselres decided to discontinue their
will-be as under :—

share of Ube subsidy which bas enabled
thie line to be run, They mast be pre-

tenowned BL? NDS extensively used by the leading European
fp Vompanies, Olubs, and Hotels, are now being introduced

serve fund,
stances and care ma
puttiog back of the
sumedto know their own business best,
Lean only repeat that, in ny jJudg-”
ment, It seems to bea pity if the liae
is discontinued. Lut tbe Sidicuity
which has arisen with the Jtoyal Ma

Company,isa much more grave mat-
ter. Formany yearathe Koyal «Mall
has been the priscipal mesus of com-
munication for passengers aud letters
between (Great Britain and the West

for the half year ended
on the pald-up cap
tion, and that the sa:

ROASI &STrAK 12c. lb

come tax,”
The Deputy.Chairma:

. : : ry ‘ d that.
key sro WHISKIES of exceptional merit and superior quatity, ; Indien Colonies. we pom, learn | ond t revolution was
, ne full mellow flavour, ‘| ‘time BONES . s+ 60 Ib al ‘Mail bavegiven Potiee to terminate agreed to,

eculiar only} ito Scho] ol
AE OLD SCOTUL WHS Ey mrt se] The Chaleman ‘Ther

their cogtract, on the ground that it
business, gentlemen,

causes them to lose a substantial sum
of moneyevery year, If this le eono
one can expect A.private company tu
carry on the business ofthe Imperial
Post Office at a heavy annual ices,
But if the service is discontinued, it is
hard to estimate the loss that will fall
upon the West Indian Volonies, espe-
oully upon those lying to the South,
Ie te hard believe that the Post
Oftice, for thesake of a few thousand
pouods, would allow such smportant
possessions of the Crown as Barbados,
Liinided, and Uritiekh Gulanw to be
jeft without any direct wesus uf con

munication with the Mather Country,
inevitably throwing them and all their
Interests of trade aud aaociation in
the direction of the Unitec States,

Tbe Post Office exiata, pvt for the sake


:, Certificato of Analysis.:

wede & minute Aaalysis of: e~fatrvsamp’s of Mossra, Daniel
mort fa process of Bottllag for Shipment, and] from the reaults
ve obtained Lam of optoion that 1 isa Pare Malt Whisky of
quality and very fine flavoce and thet ft has all the cbharacteriatizs

aad Matatity,
(igoed) ROKERT M. CLARK, B. &e., F.LO, —_—_—_—_—:
Pabtie Avalyet for the Couaty of The Port-1f-Spaty Gazeltr.

Lanark and Renfre#, &c.

move @ voteof thauke
tors and the staff for th

GRELL & Co. Lid.

South Quay,
16th Uctober"1910,

and to kee:
incase of
® ver


Fricen om mppiliication to .

fore he becamea sharebolder— that
£60,500 was taken from the reserve

depreciation of investwents,

suddenly a few years ago,
Ume we have been setting aside £5,000
every half year towards the deprecia-
tlon of investments, I anz full
tothe necessity for Increasing thi
od 1 bope that cifcunr

The resolution wasthen put to the
meeting and carried uvanimouely.
The Chairman: 1 new move “Thata
dividend of three percent be made

of the Coropora
@ be payable on
and after the 15th instant, free of In-

Mr, Saine: Before we part I beg to

the business of the Company
hot quite agreed with the lact
man who epoke, iknow thatit has
been a difficult matter to kee
dividend as you have done,
heard from our Chalrman that hlogs
are not altogetber what they might be,
jathe West Indies—not through any
fault of the Directors, They are able
togive us adividend of six per cen
that excellent reserve fun

comfortable feeling.
therefore, to propose a vote of thanks
to the Directors and the Staif,

Mr. OCressall { I second that,

epeaker hardly inkilj il.
{t wae done be+ Kon itjke We. Ma
Tar Borat Doren’ Mar
setting ft aside GENTS
uod against | « Pp Mall ftesmer se. “Prine Willem
V." {8 due here from Veoesuelan
Ports on or about the 12th November
1910, Proceeding afterwards to Par
amaribo, Havre and Amsterdam tak:
ing cargo Wansengera and Malis.
The Ducch Mall Steamer oe.
* Prine der Nederlanden” ie due foom
Amsterdam via: Paramaribo and
erara on or about the Zist Novem:
ber 1010, Proceeding afterwards to
Carupane, Cumana, Guano, La Guay:
‘a, Puerto Cabello, Curacao, Jacmel,
kux Oayes, Port au Prloce and New
york taking cargo Passengers and
puns WILLEN Hif.—The Dutch
Mail Steamer oe. Prins Willem
IIT," fe due here from Venezuelan
Ports on or about the 2th November
1010, Proceeding afterwards to Par-
amaribo, Havre aud Ameterdam tak:
log cargo Passengers and Maile.

ven ‘ soninklyke West ine

dsschs Maildienst.
Tus Kova, Dorca Mart—Acente,

” Trinidad Line of

TRADING Co--Aganre.
Qkown OF GRANADA-}~The 2.9.
“ Orown of Granada * of the Triaf
did Line will leave for New York on
the 8rd November 1910 and is due
there 12th Novembre 1919,
AKACAS The as, * Maracas” of
the Trinidad Line will leave for
New York on the 12th, November,
ine and isdue there 20th November,
“ Crown of Navarre” of the Trini-
dad Line will leave for New York on
Mouday 2let. November 1910 and ta due
there on Monday 23th November 1910.

. London Direct Line
of Steamers,
Niw oloman ComPasTy
~~ AGE
PUEROID.The es. Bpherola*
will sail on or about 10th November
next taking cargo for London and
Continental ports, Good accommodae
tlon for passengers.
ARGASSO, due here from Londo:
dow, and Grenads on ora

occurred rather
For some

be re

ng about the

30th June 1010,

n~I beg to sec-


2 {s no sore aso fe

ut Noveme
ber 16th, proceeding afterwards to

Demer Aki
a ed matin” taking cargo, passengers

h. Ly Veloce Naviga-
aie sione Itabanaa
Tne New CotonxiaL Oo Lrp—Agenta,
Cus DETORINO,—Tho a6. “Citta
dl Torino * ivdue here from Genoa
via Marseilles, Barceloua aod Tone
rife, on or about 117th November next,
proceeding afiterwardsto La Guayra,
to, Cabelio, Curacao, Saranills, Oe
Limon aod Colon, taking cargo and
tusils and first class passengers only,

to the Direc.
cir attention to New York—Paramariba
Ida Nervi
ARAMACOA ~The 3.5. “Sara
macca” 14 due back here from
Paramaribo vlA Barbados on Tuesday,
16th November, 1010 and will leave
same day direct for New York taking
carne passengers and tails.
SUKINAML.—The 4.8, “Suriname”
43 is dus lere from Paramarbe on
Monday, the Zles Nuvember, 110, and
wlilleave next day at noon precisely
direct for New Yoik, taking cargo,
passengers and walls.
aROW YJNIG~The 8. 4, * Maro-

up the
We bave

Thatgives us
ahs bem

A wijae’ la due here from New
ork on Monday, dlgt November, 1010,

, i The vote w: ft ly accorded. if quarantine permits,
Colonial Bank, ot Minacetatalng eacimuntestion “be: The Chalrman t Gentiewen, on be- [ aod will leave the same dey for Para-
ri 0 HALF YEARLY GENERAL MEET. tween the diferent parts of the Em- ball of myself, my colleagues and abs maribo taking cargo, passengera and ——e
a ° a io A stall, whom we owea great deal
a: j ° ING. Pirro develiction et tate tf thie thos: | for thelr active and steeauote servion MAROWHNEWThe 8.8. «Maro. SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE.
y = ernment, forthe sake of savingafew | J thenk you very much forthie kin wijoe” ja due back bere from niiv Ls
ng Agonts RAPORT OF PROCEEDINGS. thousand pounds, wore to throw away | vote of thanks, Paramaribo vid Barbados, oo Tuesday, ARRIVALS,
o- o = ° = thetrads aod tbe loysity of somecf| The proceedings then terminated. the 2th November, 1910, and will leave |. Nov, ath,
; —————————————_—__== The one hundred and forty-fifth half J our oldest Colonies. "feel that, speak: the same day direct for New York | Goon Newst Drit sloop, Andrew, 14
A ~ yearly general meeting of this Cor | ing aa Cairman of the Bank. T speak | ara taking carge, panengere end inal. | tone, 1 day, Grenada 0 bage coco:
ee ~~ tion was held on Wedoesday, the { the oldest, ifnotthe oldest .
*YO0 3 duh day of October, 1910, at the Hank | and’ cortalaip the” ” mort widely’ | MOVEMENTS OF STEAMERS, Houston Lane of | Koes Urit sloop, ‘Duncan, 2 tons, 2
Withta, “Lonioo i Geis” Brevis | THEO, |, gommercial | Institution ti: Steamara Grvica fowls and It paasenger ©
, thio. don, the Weet indies, and J wou 8 | aay . _
Cen’t Go $ . Hoare, Eq; (tbe Chairman}, presid- | the Government ie (ais kice be ore R Mi S p The Royal Mai Guo, ct a STaNLETt Belk schne, (Lab : a@
9 $ ne Chalrmant Gentleinen, I will allowing the reek uhdaies appeal $ er Lins " 3 ANCHESTER INV. NTOR— The 250 drums, 1i0 tlerces, and 100 boxes
WRONG Y k the Secretary to read the adver . 8 RUBA=The RMS. “Oruba” Is ae. “Manchester Inventor” te codfish, and 0.217 feet lumber, To
BS wot Go t the meetia to the Frese to use their grout judu due bere from) New York via Ja- }] due here to arrive from Buenva Aices Geo. Ie Alaton & Oo,
“ $ ‘ wrt Becrotaty (: Charles 1, Mow. | cuce inthe same cause, and toevery | miicg, Colon, Uartagena, —Pto, J on or about the Jith November 1910 | cryuur lic etuir, Dix, 8001 tons, 1S
PAI. 2000 . e rth mr rtleement a,cofd- Sbarebolder in the Bab att} oy eitn Colombia aod Pto, Cabello on Mondsy J and will Jeave the same day for] “nr, Garbados-i hore, s73 tane
é . ett) read the adverticen: e one connected, however slightly, with | 1415 Noveinber, and will leave the | Ban Juan — Porto Hioa, Clenfiegos geul cargo for P.U.8. 12 tons geal
an > Your ing! Ys bh Is It your pleasure ihe yer ladies, to use whet Po | aame day até p,m. for Houthampton, | Havana, Mutoczos, Boston, New cargo for Tobago, 30 tons gen! cargo
wwe b ne C eure fe st you & ead? litical intluence they posuese lo sore via Barbados, Ht. Michael's (Asores)! York, taking cirgo, passeugere and fariaded Bolivar and 101 passene
° (Agreed) “Gentlemen, 1 do ‘not pro- | huld nabrief forthe lioyal Mall Gone | 804 Cherbourg, taking passengers, |aalle, | 07 ert for Trinkiad, To Hoy) Ball
4 pose to occupy much of your time Fogny, Jf they ask univssonable terme | “E> god mate. leave the Lighthouse Lhe HamburgeAmert team Packet Oo,
Wa this afternoon by any fetalied by ell Meaus get someone elve to do Jetty. Queen's Wharf ara prin with diay: can Line Ouangcourss French cpr, Le Diane,
e pari eo . ~ a + 40
j thowwot the corresponding, hell year | sute Bo ove in thie room mil deny | PARSDgsTe (OF the Ome tied raven iaoeare | eae RShL cttes god tl paseengers
, e ree In Gh current asupuntsthow au increase | UALit AS Bee eg eetee aise foctities | thst a baxgage lighter tobe despatched | 7IRUINIA—The 4.8, * Vicginis” of DEPARTURES,
i, of cutber™ over £200 000, and ouclo 2 a Betvioe tol a eeoevubioation to the Homeward Bfail will leave the the Hamburg American Line is Ith,
et ° Costmente on the other side of the | or ail kinds with the \Veet Indies, 00 | 8° Vincent Jotry at 12 boon on the due here frum Venenuelan ports on OF E eaereen Paice, Btit stinr, Ord, 1,780
¢ account show an jocrease of £18),0U0, should not be obliged tu fe day of palling, an to eee eer tie about November «proceeding F “tons, New York, $13 bags T dad co-

therefore requested

that they
ceive thele letters, and to juucney to
and fro by a rouad-sbout route=by
New York, or Liatitsx, thousands of

b lent in the Colonies re
ag ey oxtmaately the sawe, The

otber items show but triftiog altera- ~The KM.


via Cherbourg. an
Tuesday 2ad
leave the same de:
via Pto, Colombia,

£3,000 towarde the provision for depre-
elation of investments, our object
belng, as 2 beve frequently told you,
to te-transfer tbe special reserve 0!

£50,000 to the general reserve fund ad
soon a8 we can. So much for our
figures, There are two very import
aol matters affecting the West Indies
on which I wish to say a few words
First, there te the report of the Royal
Commission on trade with Canada.
You probably all have readat acy

business, J umy now conclude
wy remarks by moving, *That the
report of the irectore be recel ved.”
‘Lhe weputy-Obslrman (Mr, Kdmuod
O, Morgan): § beg to secund that.
be Chaurmant If any gentleman
bas any questions to avk of soy re
marks to make, I ball be very glad to
hear them.
Mr Goode, With regard to the
£5,L00 carried to provislon for deprecia-
tion of investments, it seewelio we




Ut ueeu’s Wharf
a rogers for the “Tb

the Oubwar

to be soon be
are levie
todistoul , aod each Colony haa its

porte Ihave gow 1 have not been «

for Herenue pur: shareholder fur more than four pr tire


when youcan putthat £0,u00to it,
but Ido not koow when thac will take

lace, I do oot suppese wy fellow
ee eantry, who adialte, oo | Dbarebolders will aurea “with iue, but
mish tne product itdont uty, | ernoeel dear dpa San seen
acd thie might affect their revenue ld at the same thue place
There i: further | you cou Pp
aeerions tiation that Ahere should be | £1400s s year to that reserve fund,

‘The tender will leave
Jetty, Queen’s Whar
passengers for the ** Me

Paswogere are speci.

iven by the Colonies or any
cote tint Uaplds, it would be bard

My - Qf 187 Acros. —

; * s8N rN seul
iE tpply p Feasonables.tertecfiserls For fartier partioulars
a ? .

; the
Vioerut Jetty a} 18 pou!

begrens fa sent dowa before that hour.
i bere on oF about the 1th

4 Ebarbados
tor N
Jauaica and Antills, Guba, wating ist
Class passengers, cargo and maile.
Theteoder will leave the Lixhtbouse

ames," .

Passengers are specially notified that

ighter to be despatched to

fe utcard: tail will leave the St
Vincent Jotty at 10 a.m. on th

"0, Colombia and fto, Cavella on
Monday. ¥éib November,

lighter to be devpatched
a Le ward wail will Jeave the 5b

sailing, avd parseogers are therefine

afterwards to Havre aud Ilamburg
via St. Thomas, taking cargo, paseen:
gersand malls.

BSYRIA.,-The an, “Assyria” of

601 bage Tdad coconute, 4) bags
Venezuela” coconuts, Dw cases Ane

*Varoni” will gostura bitters, 40 tons bucker coal

~ Wu.

Fy tone. Our profit and loss account ls & | aiiles out of their way, (Hear, bear ea > nein | 2042 passengers Mrs. Jainos

y trifle better. We propose lo pay the I thiok, eatlemen, ae our Dank be instant, taklo y ente for arre, Lon due eee American J ‘about lame sodehi By Gordon, Grant

ce ity eased oe toot per ane Theve lexeally hey Cr cle feature to | PPPHAMES ~The JLM.H. “Thames” | Nover 23th, proceeding afterwards to? vuencypon, Venes boat, Gonzales, 5
aman to carry # furtber eum of inotlon la onue with the balf- {s due here from Southampton, | Havre and Hatmburg via St, Thomas, B tons, Carupano, sundry p!

and will
‘ew York,


Dio Te SALVE, Veoes boat, Gouzales,

4 tone, Cano Colorado, sundry pk gos

taking cargo, passengers and walle,


Compagnie Cenerale
a Laotavn & Box

T. DOMINGUR.—The Freoch Mail
Steamer “St Domingue” from
Kurope yia Guadeloupe Martinique
and hg Locia fe due bere on or about
the 2ith November and will pruceed
afterwards to Vemerara, Surinam and

Goot, 1,100 tons, Oarupano, 8 casce
bitters, 6 cases wine, 2 cases gin, I
case Vermouth, t bri cigaretiwa, 1
case kerosina oil, 3 basket eweet o
A case sundries and 19 passengers,
Uy itoyal Dutch Stall.

Van dee

Savamacoa, Dutch stuvr,
Kat, 2101 (ous, Paramaribo, 200

at2pa. with

Pe o. d of ine
rate, the summery of (bat report, and hat the Vow would bave meade ailing, and ogere are therefore Osyenne, taking cargo passengers and uaoure, & cylinders gas, part
Estab ae ’ : you 'will remember thas the Commis’ | tot tt ow il it had Lown added to tbe | requetied to see thes thele baggege le | matte ' yard, qargo and 2 passenger, by
: sna over lg y CAPs, [aioners suggest eee eet ike | £50,000 which atande a2 a special ce- | sent down before that hour, GUADELOUL HE The Freneh Mall
F Cree iestan Uolonies ituw far that} cerve Aa to the reserve fund of | WrAGDALENA,-TheltM A *Meg- | UT sreauer ~ Guadeloupe” fx due here Closing of Mails
ns a | Wert Indian Colonicg | Mow far that) Siig Ihave been looking at that | \[“tatena” le due here from New | from Venesuslan porte on oF about .
iy a will prove to ws saties In the Wes | end comparing it with the otber re | York, via Jamaica, Colon, Cartagena, -

the wih Novealer, and will d
afterwards to Martinique, Guad

Malle for Bt, Vincent, Grenade and

eloupes | sen York by th

aod will Bordeaux and favre, o * Aarecasâ„¢ will be

1 baveeeen no change io it oe day al 4 pia. fur South: | taking passengers wails and ourgo. closed on Katurdaythe 12th November

‘ a ovo B f Bol, and ite te Bee qurieg that time, and 1 sbuuld like tanpton, ary lial bade. Bt Michaels akin’ a 2 Selock pnt Precisely. | Peper,

fl rs VYV UNV V TTY VOEe of ralsing trent utr ‘and ig | ery much (o ove # change ln the way ] (Agores}, and Cherbourg, taking pac Oe all ao a it 0: louse st Xo
ie eae cabered thet itn prefer | of increses It will look better | sengers, carga and malls . bados, 5t. [Las

plea He Kitts, Antigua, Uerm Su

the Lighthouse Jobn, by the * Hobo" will be closed on

7 Glasgow Inrect Line
vet of dteamers, 7
Teislvan 'PHITFING £60

at P te, with Monday the lith November at Jo

y votifed that TaavingOo Lro - Agis Jou'clock a, precisely, Heglytration
to ANARIVA The « s. “ Yanaiive” | closes at 9 90 am

ia duw bere froay Ulasguw via Dalle for La Guayra, Puerto Oabelio

non the day of | Herbades ov oF about the 24th instant | aud ( uracao by the" Yucatan” will be

aod will call the followieg day for

olosed on Wednesday the th November
Lemerua tabipyg carge,

10% at 8 goluck p.m precise!


Prins Maurrrs, Dutch str, Van der *~

eae P Ue acer tates at clita St Ne en gl?

We oes

Broan we

wae ORE A ak


oe Miele a ie Bt


aoe wate MGR. 2.

fake a ee



« iles any other geo- outed to sve tbat their baggag: te pastengere ly Re
~ subsidised Hoe of steamers from § Toe Chairwan y rea bat boar. aud walle. Gletration closes at 23) pn,
. McKENZIE & KIRTON Cavads yo the Wert Jodies, That tleuwa any oterevatlune fo make?” peat down leivre (hat buus Be
. \
: \ ‘ . 4 - - wath
a whe hen a - c* een AEE FST a emt “AREA ys ema Snr unEtelf i i oo eaaeerataemnamrrmmanrenrtaay