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ete ne

] Ie the Bupreme Overt of Trtwided and

Sem-sery Jartedietion, Port of Spsia,
No, 488 of 1903,

x Betwees
Dewles Agailiors—Vialatlt
Goneviers Aguitlersond Eaved's Agailera


PUBLIC NOTICE te hereby given that
by on order of Lite Hovowr, Mr. Jaes
fice Bwon made bevein on the 23h day
of April 1910, there wilt d pat ap for
tale before the doore of the Cont Llowse,
Port-of Bpaje on Thareday (he lsh day
of December 19/9, betweea the hours of 3

and 2u,m. + "wen
ALL aND GINGULAR thoee three
parceis of sad the Firet thereof sligete is
the Ward of tanta Cras comprising tro
sod a ball querrets ard abating ofibe
North on the Santa Rita Eetste on the
South on lacds of Uonfat and of the
Crowa on the Kass ou the lands of the
eof) Ooafas and on the Weat oo the Pab-
ile Roady tha Becons thereof gliuste se
the seid Werd of Sista Cree asd com
pliudog cce-fourth quarree ¢f lend aud

Use Trinidad Temper’ Lime




dns. . - abuttang ow the Norimoa ibe Sao a Kl e
s Results will satisfy you, (Resneniningels
Taw a9 (MANUFAC TUMNRBD 23 . Third. threo! “Mhaste an D acchiesenee
1 Wet a} . , Wad comprising tweniy nine i) ot tice
’ and thicy om perches and sbaws

The Trimdad Shipping and Trading No,,' Lmtd | sieht eke eeftad oss

ADizens of the Hest oa lands of Lelnies
SS | and on the Wret on Crown lands,

Dated this 20:h deg of Usreber, 1910,


Eetabiahed Leas.
efead Office Edinburgh, Scotiand


pustic NOTICE is hereby given tbat fo
exercise of the Power of Sale conferred

Revenoe .. oe . ove £1,£00,000 ufo
~~ ny ee ’ 4 Morigegees by the Conveyancing Ordin-
. Bons Deckartn 4. a o mn vm» 7,000,000 ahve uumver 7a aed coviamed in © certain
. ACUUMULaTED FUNDS one eee oe » 12,800,000 deed of mortgage beariog date tbe qb cay of
ULaiMe PAD a ,

Ja: vary t909 segutered a6 wuumcer 26 for 1904
aud made between Albert Bemiisa of the first }
yart Joshua Coaries Bealisa of the atcond =part
ad Adem Smith aod James Henry Cotleos of
vechird pert there will ba put up for sale by
ibe ondersigned ot ther Aucuon Mart No. 14
St. Vincent Street, Port-ot-3pain, on Tuesday
tbe sand day of November, 1910, between tbe
bours of t and sp a.

All aod Stegular tbat parcel of iand and cocoa

aviation pitvate in thu Ward of Saute Crus la
be said Island called “ Parvenue™ containing
e@gbt quasrees of laod or thereabout aad bouns
ed on tte North by ‘lands pow or formerly of
jean Bapuste Daocla and by lands of Labasude
9u the Souh on ards of Francis Thomas _aod
otbers on the East on the Curumspalo River
and on the V/eat on a ridge of bills and loter-
sected by the La Canca Public Road and the
Curumaplalo River,

Dated this rgth day of September s910,

7). TT & SON,
Gort. Auctioneers,

NB —=By deed dated the r5ih day of Apnl
1gog, Registered as No. 1667 for igoo, tbe
above parce) of land is now vested fa Alpbon-
tioe Joseph,

. oe ve nn oe 37,750,008
ean eursenaet weit Rate, ABWLUTe x6 unit?
-XWANS, ADVANCED {ty of Polist
Tender value at 6 per cont interest yorteus ” UP "9 90 per cent, of bbe
IMMEDIATE KEDOCTION to home rates daring visita to Earope and
e¢der temperate citmarocs
PRUPUYALS AUCKPT ED sno Pollcieatucard {in abe Weat incien with
fefervuve W Loew Utice,
CLA md Fr Ail) medial # of \
° ora a Loapenyy Agtnriot on proof of death aon son ements made
LIGCS om watch aga te adwitted sre enchallongabia eoor Two Yaae

ern errs ge

The Barbados Mutual

: er
Various Systoms of ,Insurancc,
WHOLE,LIFEJASS0NANCE,--By premtam payable for who'e of life,
Do, do, for alimited number of years,

ENDOWMENT AVURANCE3—Payatre at a Gxed date or on previous death,
JUUINT LIFE ASSURANCE,—Payatle to the sarvivor of two pereous on the death

SHURT TERM ASSURANCE.—Salteble asresarity for temporary loans and kindred
buaigess arrangemeste, .
ANNUITY Assu ANCK.—To stsira aa anamity to thejwife o2 the death cf the
CAILDREN'S ENDOWMENTS --Unafol asa provision for edussttes, ~~
ENLAKUKABLE TERM ASSURANCE, —The Jargest™ tasursace at the minfmam

paulay, editing the advantage of low premium durlog the early yeara of

For farther latormation please apply to
FHANOIS BROWNE—Agont, Vort-of-Spain,
LW, BONYUN & 00.=San fernar do,




pusic NOTICE ts hereby given that

ia exercise of the Puser of Sale con:
ferred on Sori gegces by the Conveyanclog
Act No. 72 aod by a certain deed of mort
wege beariug date the 19th dey of Novem:
der J0U6 regletered as No 3184 for the
year 1908 acd made bebween John Modeste
wad Fhuip Modesteof the coe pers: end
James Miler of the other part there will
be pau op for asle by Public Auce
tion by the undemigned at thelr Aaotion
Mart Cornee of Sackville and Ss Vincent
Streets on Thoreday the 24th day of Nov:
ember 1910 between the hours of one and
two p.m,

Als that certala piece cf land sitaste in
the Ward of Arima in thie Islead contein-


or 77") a peelaic, © n {ag ten acres and bounded on ihe Norsh by
he be ER Sr ee sods: ft Mobambil and s ridge of hills oa
UININE DEAFNESS! he South by m ravine on the Kast by Jands

a“ st King, Fravogls and on the West on

Crowa lands,
Dated this 10th day of October, 1910



1o the Buprewe Court,

Ta the Matter of the Kotate of Margared
Narsy late cf the Town of vort-ol-
Spaw fa the Leland of Trloldad—

JUBLI 3 NOTICE ie hereby given het
epplicstion bas been modet me by
Sarah Wyce aod Pradecels Viryleia Mie
ohell both of tbe Town cf Port cf-ppain ba
this Telasd, Widow aod Spinster rerpeo-
tively fora gract of Probate of tbe lat
WL and Testamesd dated the I4ib Aprit
1009 of Margeres Harry late of the said
‘Lown of Vorvof epaia who died 00 the 8th
dsy of Janoary 1910, having at the time of
ber death s fixed piace of avode at No, 41, ;
Piotoa birees in the said Town of Purt-ote
Spain the ssid Sarah Wyse and Psadencis
ugiaia Michell belog the Kzecateizes
pamed fa the said Will.
dad Notice ts a ev given thet if no cas
voat fe lodged before the azpiration ¢f
tventy-elghe days from the date of the
publication of this noice the Cout will
to iwueto the ssid Sarah Wyse
oud Peudenels Virgiola Mitchell yrobate
tf the sald Wil aceusdis gty.

e a ie e , Sawa - .
4 Vino Tonico Wintersmith aguess statartal Fevers
Does not leave bad effect like quinine—-such as
disturbed vision. dlsontered stomach,

wn Deted thle 15.b day ot Ostober, 1910,
lathe Supreme Court of Trinidad and Tobega | Jn the Bupreme Court of Trinidad and Repletrar,
In Backruptcy, * Tobego. wine 1 TRINIDAD.
No, 7 of sg10 Ca la the Supreme Court of Trioidad aad

te the matter of In the matter of the Facate of ‘

Joho Woertog= Bankrupt: Jeaquia Ribelo @ &—s
Esper, R. Heode ator ‘ Late of the Towa of Port-ol. Spain in th
SUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given that tty Jatand of Trinidad, Merchant, Deceased,

. an order of Hig Hooour, ibe Chief Justus serene
made alo’ be Ext of UBLIC NOTICE ts bereby given that
1 soto tbe Aciing. Adwicmiaier Ue L Application bas beea nade to me by

Octoter 3910, the Acting Adwipisirator Cienes
‘Antente Nuno Vascorcellos and Richard

relacd Oticia) Receiver, bas been appoinigd
Trustee of tbe proparty of the backrupt, Uoorales Viteest, burh of the sald Tows
of Port-of Bpain, Merchants, for a Grent

‘All panos having ip thelr possession any cf

Tubogs, ’
Bommary Jurlediotiva Port-sf-Spain,
No, 276 of 3910,

Jomes Kovgoh Jelotft,
, 0B
Mary Jene Safe and Othors,, De‘endeote.

UBIO NOVICE 1s hereby given that by
op créer uf Hie Houwonr Me Justice

Uhe sflects of the bankrupt miust dalieer them io | of Probate of tbe Will bearing dete ibe | Memell, mee herein oa the lib dsy of

the Trusies, bd ail dele due to the bankrurt | ygch day of March 1900, and a Coded | Uciober 1910, there will Le pot up for sale

reunt be paid path day of Ociober, 2910. thereto, bering date the 6th day of | ufore the dovre of the Coury House, Purt

BA THOMPSON Beptember 1910 of Juaquim Ritelro late of | ut hpate, om Tburedey, we Sih day of

pose nto, Regvetrar, the aaid Towa of Port- ne atthe sald Town of For cLSpalo on the | sod wwe vowed 4 mr -

TRINIDAD, Bth day of Beptember 4910, having avthe| ALL thesatate fis life of the defeadant


pue enderetgned will pet ap for Haleby
Vadlio Acction at bis otfice in Harris’
Promposde (a the Towa of Sas Fernando
on Wedoesdey (he Léth day of November
pest, between the houre of | and 3 p.c,

time of ble death @ Axed plece of abode at
Vort-of Spain aforesaid the sald Aogutte
Nase Vasrconcetloe and Richard Gor seles
Vincent beng two of ihe Excoutors named
in Lhe oaid WIL, Leave boing reserved to

rant Like Probate to Joseph Josqelu

ibetro, Philip Hibeiro aud Joaquin

Nacy Jace Gefe in those two several par-
cola: f lard pliuste lathe Wardct Manas
shia fache Island of Trinidad The Fue.
thereol comprbusg thise acres ard
1oode sud slotting co ibe Noith opin


wode of Mra Deapes and upto Crowe
ued (oscrved, ou tbe Buath epoa lands of

Ce) RIT LE ae TE a Ri 6 re The I ee .


- Notice,

pur Tropical Pbarmsoel Coe piny,
Ploe Street, New York wishes to, ov]
the’ attention of the pablie, that ‘the
Trepicdl Toeclozieal Filta, ete mines
fectured onder the original formals of Dr.
N Foust by right as-lgord by one of the
belrn.nNovember & Im.
* mt te Cee t.
the Sapreme’U ve t,
Ia the tater ofthe wu rh Franels
loreph lata ofthe Wardell Armaca
toe Talend ol Trisidad—deesseed,

aan .
UBLIOC NOTICE ie beveby gives that
renset oan wer of Hie Hoavar

the Chief Justice aero bervio on the

Administrator (oneal's) IT WILL PAY YOU

Bales, sic.

1s INI AD oe Court of Trinidad and Tobago

DIVE 1p the Maxrer of the Administrator General's
Ordyfance, tgoa . .

In the Matter of the Goods of WF Sampson
Ite pf the Town of Port of Spaio, fo the
Isiaad of Trinidad—Deceaerd —Latesrate

LL pertone baring claims against the
A above estate are galred to, tend lo to
the uodersigord fuli particulars 0% the same

retara of a Priltloa wade by Bernard | verified by efidavit oa of boiore 5 Tnwsday te

Joseph. of he Wad of Arcees

Matilde Jee ph of the ward of Muotgermns | so claims will be

ad | s4th day of Novetsber 1910, att

‘wtuch date
enterta ped

bearing duioche 13h dey of Jane 1910, we ntivors whe hold tay security whatecever

applicstion bas bem made by the es!

inard Jooeyh and Maciids Jo-eph for 9
Groav ol Jevere +f vdeat istration with the
will nonexed of ibe eatare_ of tbe -abovs
Bawed decrad Fsctie Joseph late of,
Arcuen afcr eal) wbudied on the Zad day
of tegu-t,1399 t Aruce sforead sher
hevivg first mode wd padlisbed ble tas:
will nod re-temens bessing date th: 2ad
day of Aqyuet 1809 which add will bas
bers teginersd in tue Otfias of the Rezis-
rer General as No, 193 ior 1899, having at
the lime of bie desth a Sized place of
ahote withia tee call Ward of Aroace,
the seld Berased Jowph and Matilde
Jeeevh belog beseficiaries under the said

Aod Notice fs aleo given thet ff no
caveat ielodzed before the exviration of
twenty-eight days from the date of the
pablicetion of this netica the Coert will
proceed to issae Lalters of admloist ation
eh the will acnezed tothe said Iernerd
Joseph and Matilda Joseph accordingly.

Dated tbls 25 bh day ot October 1610,

In the Suprema Court.
In the matter of the Estate of Frances
Ammelis Ligoure late of tha Ward of

ust assess tbe security and
de reece a Eats 9
ve (or e
Payeenis bat be made on Friday the sud
dayof Dreember 3916, between the of
*Baied this yd Gayot ber 1930
te jay 0! iovem:
ad ‘tHowss 1 PO TER,
Acileg Administrator Ge:



pusrio NOTL & ishereby y Biren thet

in exercise of the Power of Sale con-
f rred oo Mortgagres by tha Conve yanciog
aod Law of Property Urdinanee 1884 and
contained. fa a cartala deed of Mortgsee
deted the First day of Jane lathe year
1908 and mide between Cyrnt Pradbomme
David of the first part, Marla Hycroft
Beat of the second partacd Arthur Wil
lem Stowe Waiawright of the third part,
there will be pot up for Sale by Pubic
Aud.ioo by the andersigoed at bls Auction
Mart, No Hanié Promenade, Sac
Fernando on Wednesdey the 9b dey of
Nov: mer, 1910, between the hours cf one
and two pm,

All those two several parcels of lard
situate inthe Ward of Chaguanes ba the
Isieod of Trialdad, THE FIRST thereof

M ysro ia the Island of Trioidad | comprising tweoty acres and three perches


pusute NOTICE ts hereby gives that
app ication has been mate to me by

And sbatting on the North on lands of
Wiliam Soott oo the couth oa lends of
Jobo Qovtie oo the East on lands of Alex’
eader Afller and oa the Weet on lands of

Oscar Ligoare of the Ward of Mayero fo | Witlem Francie} AND THE SECOND

the Isleod of T tnided Planter foe a grant
of Lersore of Adairiatrattos of tbe ea ate
of Francesa Amotie Lig are d -cecsed fa!
Mayaro afvensll whe did Ortbe 3rd day

thereof compriclog Bfty acres and abotiiog
onthe Norh ou lands cf William Madas
sod on Jands of R. Glubs, oo the S sath oo
tands of Kanaie sod on C owa laid, on the

of Jane 10:0, lotessate bering at the toe | £401 00 a Koad and on the Wert on Crows

of her death a tixed place uf abode within
the said Ward of Mayaro, The raid Qwar

Ligoure being the lawfal widowgrand relict | belongis:

of the decewed.

AND notice if aleo given that of wo
caveat is lodged before the expiration of
twenty-eight days from the date of the
publication of ttis aotice the Court will
proceed bo {esne letters of admiolatration
to the aa! 1 Oncar Lizonre accordtayly.

Dated this 2let day of Ostober 1910,


Ja ‘he Supreme, Court of Trinidad and

No, 236 of 1910.
In the matter of

lands and on landa of Mathew Maitos, t»
getber with the sppurtenanecs toereo


Dated this 30th dep ot Shptember, 1970,


pusiid NOTICE ts hereby given that

ia exercise of the Power of Sale con-
tainod in a certaia deed of Mortgage dated
the 10th dey of November 1910, and made
between Santiago Castillo. Honora Cas-
tila, Hernandez neg Wilsoa wile of
Laurencio flernacdes andj James Hen-

The Hamble Petitisn of Nurmeo Catala [dackeon Castille of the one pard

Briceao aa {ufeny ander wge of 2
yearea by bis mother etd next friend

and Juba Maechock of the ober pat
\bere will be put ap for sasie by

Jane Briceno, af the Ward of Morugs, | Public Auction by the undersigned at

Aod in the Satter of

The Ordiossore No. 43, an Ordinsace to | of-Spsia oo

ther Auctioa Mart, No. 2, Corner of
Sackvilie and St. Vincent Streets, Port.
Tuesdsy the 15h day of

aciiitate the Sale of Infsnte’ Estate. | November 1910, detweea the boa a “of 1
— an im,
GBLIO NOTICE ts hereby given that "A l'thoee two undivided third part or

by an urder of [Ils Hosour, the Chief
Justice made hereiu on the Slee dey of
October 1910, there wil be put up fur Site
& fore che duurs ef the Cpace Hunde, Port
of Spala on Tha aday the 22:d day of

D cember, 1910, berweea the buurs of one | Solid

and twop
All the oodivised fifth sharecf the above

shares of ond ia ailand al gu'ar thet cer.
tain parce! of tend aituateiuthe Vard of
Oaura lia the Istandef Trinidad cou anicg
threa screaund one fif.h part of an acre
tormlog part of the pisntation ‘alled Le
aod abutiicg on the North apun
jands of June Feiciaoe Roiriguer on the
South ani Wess on the Caura River and

nawed Feutuuer Numan Cataho Briecno [on the Eest on lauds of Noriega and

of and in all those Geo several paic:ls of

lend sitaate fut» Wa d of Morega inthe | may

Jelend of Tris fdad the Firet thereof com.
prislog ning acts, threes roode and turty

V Merael or howecerer otherwise the seme
be bated or bounded end more
particatarly described (ae regards to ihe

seid three sores and joce Gf th ia the plaa |

Dige percbes and eunsirg on the Norih, j annered to the sald deed,

E oc end Wert upon Crown fend and on
the Sou:bopon Groen land and faods of
F. A. Negge aud the Scoond thereof ¢om-
prisiog cluven acces acd twelve perchec
aud sbattlog on the North aod Weat
op a Crown land aid onthe Soath opon
laude of Juss Baptiste Briceno and apon
ye Ease upoo lends petiiloaed fur by ‘dm
arid Load are someting: catied or kuowa
a “ ot, Taedro™ Katate at the upset price
u t
Dared this Jat dey of Nove nter, 1010,
Acting De uty Registrar,


4a AL,
BALE FOR AUEIVAY THE 22ND | yooem as Fort Ueorge comping five


SUBLIO NUTICE la hereby given thie
wexerclae of tbe power of eale cons
talned in a certals dowd of mortgage dated
the 25th day of January 1902 registered os
No, 220 of lov aod fu a certein Memo
rapduai of Mortgege No, 66 dated the
sald 25.b dey of Jaouary 1902 and made
belween Janog of the ony pare and Caro:
line Gonsalves (sloce decesred) of the oiber
part, there will be put gp fur ssle by the
wodersigned asthelr Agction Mart Na, 2
Backville Street. in the Lowa of Port- Bpsic on Taceday the 220d dey of Novem-
ber 1910, between the buare of 0,6 acd

lecee oF fe ol
Ward of Vurureia the Island of Trividsd
The First theseol comprising ten acres aod
ebatting on the Nore vpva a Rosé, now
Litile Cora Road, os the 8 ath

formerly of the Crown bat

veribed te the Crown Grant eutered
XXIV, ‘toile 345 and buanded

fatersected bya Read 3 which | tered se No,

0 P.O.
wALe AND SINGULAR thove four
roele of Jacd situate tn the

Bpoo lands
ben or iately
tf Lowtan, va the Kost apoo leads ul } pi usrs Robinson to
Toolese Marsdye sod oa the Weee by
Jands of Munbud@ formerly Crown Lacd 3
The beeond thereol compriri: g 5 acies, 3
reods acd 81 perches sad atbnuing on the {Ia the Sapreme Court of Trinidad and

tn the
Real troperty Register Book at Volame
on the
worth by auds ol Peucoosm, od oa the
Booth, East and Woet ty Cyowa Land and
The Fourth cheref comprising 6 acres and
dwecribed ia the Cr we Gract entered ie | & hasy of Beptember 1610 shere will be
the sak Reyiater Book st Volame LXII,
(ullo 267 and toueded oa the North, bouth

Dated this 24:b dey of Ostobsr, 1910,

puso NOTICE Je hereby given that
ia exercius of che Power of Sale oon-
talned in a certain Dad of Mortgage
dated the 6h September, 1009 ond reyie~
2389 for 1909 and msde be-
tween Concelption Guerre ad loss Joss,
verce of the one pars acd Me y Ammon
of the «ther pars, there will te pet upisr
Hole by the wodersigned at No, 0, Harri?
Promenade in the Town of Naa Fernando
on Wedoeadsy the 30.h dey of November
1910, between the boure : tlaod2pm
Furatly ali bat certain cooos plantation

quaaresa in the Ward of Bsveons Urence
io the {sland of Trinidad and abutiing oo
the North upoa lands of Spsioger ow the
Houth upon lands of James Fortes on the
Kast epun laods of Spencer Lousy and va

the West spon lands ot Joseph Silver
Secondly all that parcel of lind com-

prising sizteen acres, eituate ad Sith
eompacy in the Ward of Severna Urande
aforesaid and abutting on the North upon
Sam Jooes on the Bouth spon lands of
Samuel Warren oa the Kast apon lands of
Eruee.lne Dowsey sod on tbe West upoa
Jends of Bamuel Ucoper,
Dated this 26.6 day of Octobor, 1910,


The above mentioned
falolag 16 acree fe a!
transfer of mortgeRe,

1010, dated 25:6 Mey 191


North upon a Rod, o# the buoth by ‘obsgo,

Crown Land, on the East by Lauda peti- | Sommary Jarisiicilon Port-ol-Spain,
(eced for id Montote ard on the Weat | No, 2¢9 of 1907,

17 jeods pe Uiloned for by Kokll: The Between

Third thereof compriciog 10 actos aud de- Seecharam Jovoy b—Pialatiff,

George King —Defondact,

ef of lend oon
sarject to &
from Helena
7 Anmoa Np

UBLIO NOTICE be hereby piven that
P by an order of & a Hononr Alr, Justice
Viighs madeta the above matier on the
at op for sale befuce Us doors of the
ort ML sase is the towa of Ports f-Spein,

§ . ,



Tate Sopa c
prema Court a
TO [TRY = No, sagt ote radicen, re
‘ . Ree Z4 it:
, Yr str. The Atnctruer aed
$ UEYY STREET, . — a
Tor Hardware, Glaeware and | Poe onG hee

‘ Rarthonware iin end so ort uf ae
" ~ i ay 1910, there will ee i

‘The doors of the Athy ©
Wholesale and Retail [scerhcrena


All Ubat s
miu ees tes |S el
PUDDING PANS, "| sed Soandarie thar, ea
GALVANIZE WIRE, tbe Sout ead Ean by Grea

Wat land petttionsd
Thouonts! na Pe
Dated ibis 24th dey of Onnpal dl


Cart Gacase in 11d tins, les and

Basting Spoons, Household, Kitchen

and Stablo roquisites all as usual | TRINIDAD, "~~
cheap, le the Sapreme Conrt of #

per Special attention to, Wholesale Sammury Jarladionree D

Customers. No, 473 of 1910, » Fake


'§8 Mo
3 Axury fthecr, ee
Widlam Bep -


an orderof Hs Sugg

UBLIG NOTICE hereby given that ls | Chief Jaatice made beret tal
P exeroice of the power of sale contatned | second day of September Sa ae

in a deed of mortgage dated the Sed April potse for sale before the
1909 and made betwees DeSilva Sylvestre | lowe, Port-of-Spaie og
Warrick and Evaline Warrick of the one | 10th day of November
part and Mary Rodaey of che otber om hours of oce acd two pw, _
there will be put ap for saleat the Auc-] Thertght title and Eien 7
tion Mart of Mesera, Louis John & Os., at | dant of acd im All and
the corner of St. Vincent 8t. and Seckville | tala piece or } of heaars
Btreat oa Tucedsy the 8thdsy of Novem- | 19 acres, 2 ands an
der 1910 between the hours of Rand 2 p.m. j the Parish of 8% Poul te
Alland Singalar thet parcel of land fore | Tobago bethe sans cag


imerly situate in the Ward of Monteerrat | ated aod with theabuttee aij
tut now In the Werd of anos com- | thereof shewn in the piss @
prinog 16 acrea and abuttlog on the North | Gract fa Volame CCXXIG,

abutting on the North br Om

upon lende ot Jegersem on the South and

West apon Crown land and on the East | the South by lends “-
artly upon land of Heera and partly upon | lsade of J. Applewhise
Brows land Aocd Aleo All that messasge | miah Coesae and by I

and premises altuate in the Towa of Porte }os the Kast by Crows hadm

of-Spain keowas as Na, 85 Dancan Atrest, | W. Holder by “lacds of dag
aod abutting on bhe North upon lo: 87 on | aod by lands of J, Appleattl

Weat by Crowe lande afi]

the Soath spon lot 83 oothe East upon
sngan Strent Roxborough and La

Dancan Street and on the West upoa Nel-

non Street, detphis road,
Daced thie @:h day of Oc'obsr 1910, Dated this 23rd day of Bil
Auctioneers, Acting Deg
From Factory to You. [i.e Baprene Coan of
— ‘obage, - ae
NOTHUER big lot of SEWING MA. Sammary Jarisdiction,
A UHINES. Yoo can easily own one | No, 240 of 1009, ;
with a amall deposit dowa and a weekly, Between . @

fortoightly or moathly psyaent suitable Gonnese Mabaradge~

to your convenience, to, Sed

Dorles ‘Slogh =D
THE LITTLE 8H0P, 5, Charlotte 8t. nh Dea
A Man you Know PUBLic NOVICE
i an order

MENHY DICK, by der of His

TRINIDAD | Sreesanth

* Q;
BALE FOR TUESDAY THE sta DAY | Sheath 1200, there wd


puBuic NOTICE is hereby givea that

in exercise of the Power of Bale cone
ferred upon” Mortgagaes by the Conveyaa.
clog and Law of Property Ordioance, No
72 and contelacd in aw certain dead o}
mortgage dited the 25th day of May 1907,
registered as No. 1301 of 1007 avd made
between Josephine Pietra of the one part
and Pascal Robert Mérk, James Young
Harper aod Be, Hil) Soyer (Trustees of the
Trinided Matus! Friendly toclety) of the
other part, shere will be pat ap sor Hate
by Pablio Anction by the naderaigue-d at
their Auction Mart, No, 2, Quraer of Sack
villeand Ss, Vinceat Streete in the towa
of Pott-of-Spain on Tuesday the 8th day
of November 1910, between the boure of

Poidof-Spala on Tharsdag 1
of November 1910, betwen 4
land 2pm, vi
eeverel parcels of lend siceat
fa the Ward of Aris ia
Trinldad the, Firat Eberest ;
Jot or thereaboutt and sty
North 0a 4 Public Roe
Easton lands of ove
ard onthe West os
And the Second thersol. osgl
acres, three roods aod H
abutilag on the North A
Road on the 320th upos gg
oa the East upon leade of Mg
and oa the Watt spo ;
howscerer othe the
batted or bounded, a

OLe and two pm, . %

All tbat Messuage and land pitaste in Dated hte uh day of 0 a
thet town of Porvot Spain fa ioe dosnt ‘Act.

G sown formerty as No. be yy rent
James Ktreet bat now as No. 64, Fredefick TRINTUAD AND TOM ;

Iq the Supreme Q

iter ef the
Jo he Meee of F.

Leland of Teiaidad—D

pusLio NOTICE f

A.reet, measoting thirty ove feet in front
by uloety two feesia depth and nbarttsg
onthe North apoa lot No, 64, Frederic!
Btreet, on the roath upoa lot No,
Frederick Street oo the Kast pon Ik
Bow or formerly of one Lawrence and on

the Wo-t upon Fioderick Suet, eppilieation bes bees min
Dated this 7h day of October, 1910, Louis Lake of the Ward Gag
we “TOUIS SOHN & Co. | be Taland of Trinidad

Grant of Probate of the
3rd day of eptember
nem james
Town aforesaid decessed ¥
Bch dey of Bepton er

me of his death
at Fisvagia Towe

fe Luke belag 008
veoed in the malt wit J

he other executor sawed OF
Gisclaimed the olee of

N.B.—The above Mortgage debs aad
the eecurlty forthe same became by dead
dated the J2ch dey of Fabraary 1900 (re-
Zietered as No, 374 of 1009) and are now
veoted lo Jeanne Marie Eve Braere,


Provision. Cocoa


pr atiDm brutes as ©; by ae
COMMISSION] MEROHANTS dated ce Shh ca a4
— whic! taecel
aa Vianrs etreat the Regier Gead @ 7
Ta the Si Court of b)
° Sammery Jaishertos Reatsaeee And natloe te slee, vd
Mo, 375 of tgt0,

t is lod; *,
Se dye tes Ge
Proccod tofu stone
0 isea ai
Fo the eald Loals Lats ail
Dated thle 12h de# ¢ g

Joho Woug Qua Piaiott
Charles Ark'ese—-Defendant.

pustic NOTICE Is bereby givea shat
an order of Hus tlonour Bir, Justice Kussel
made bereia oa the a71h day of tober, ¢910,
there wif be put up for sale before the doors of
the Court House, Port of Spain, on Thursday,
tbe 8h day of Docember, igto, betwees we
bours of one and (wo o'clock p.m

All those three piecta or parcels cf land
comprisiog logether forty-nine acres, one 100d
aLd twenty-siz perches, the same wore oF
Sess and delineated ia tbe dlagram attached to
theQrown Grant entered a the Real Properly
Regisier Book at Voluae CCXXV1 folig 069,
Siiuate in the Ward of Mayara, in tha Istabd of
Trinidad, The Fust thereof comprising nioe-
teea acres, Chrea roods and twenty hve perches
@nd bousded on the Norib by Crowe lauds, of
the South by lands petuioned for by G. T.
Arkless, 00 the East bya Road aed by Crows
lands, and on the West by lands petitioned for
by G, T. Atkless and by Crown land and inters
ected by the Black Water River wah a Reserve
forty five links wale stoog each beuk, The
Second thereof comprising See acres, 200 rood
aod twenty (wo perches and bounded oo ibd
North by jands of A Rabruan, on the South
‘by the Cunapg Southera Koad, ag the Enat by
lands of A. Rabmon aud wv tha Cunapo | less deliacated
Southern Road acd on tbe West by a Road | toundarios thereof 3
intersected by the Mack Water River with 6! drawa op the Crows


On saan

in exercise of oa

ferred on, Hor eee Q
2 Fad cootaloed be Dane
rade, of Mort oe

‘ane -
225 Tah dey of Jem OM
madeby Fellx tt, Lene ~
beth Lawrie there wit RSS
by Public Anction iy MHS
thelr Anclos Ast, NS,
Btrest, Port-ol-ypela 08
da of November 1916, HRS


OF Al that glee or pare “
fo the W. oe "
pineteon acres the te _



Rikelro thé other Execotors uamed Ja the | bitgbt » Blood, oo tbe Kast op othe,cew | aod Woes by C ‘ Reserva forty five loka wide ow each back, aud VALI
ruwa Lud end on the Kast | on Thaseday the 24th da y i. Volume XVIII,

endian Ward tedaplg, Teenie Snr Sal sons nstasulie Hocdand on she WWoay G1os | ty lands ol Blanaber and by Crowe Lend. | S010 gvaiegUa'wren he hoareal Vand 3 | 2, Ses SEUE, teen Beak aud Oe a a

Orogouche the property of Alt, George |” ANU NOTICE fe beroby piven thet it | prong eleven eces two sobde sid fuertien -B— Tbe above mur gege pocant pa. ALL AND bINGULAR thas certaia | North by the Cusapa Scurbern Koed,con the" and Week ‘of J.
now Fee ao Geurye Gousalves } piec reel © “ sat by lands . “h

Harris Hul, Ths "Beste compslees the po Cares ft lodged before the expiration perebes ond sbuting oa the North dyn} by anes 30h Mareh 3999 Viiage tots Ward ot Gates eeeerton Souk Crowe leads, om ihe bast Uy Crowe ay Teode. of

lage aos be Jot festile eoll with ob 23 deyefrem the dateoltbe Publicalive | teoceof Mra Drarer, cath: Sourb wpa] jp eristered os No 910 of 1008 aud | ose tor tessniiog £0 feet wide by 100 f é Crown lands, be ‘ Crows, Reeuve aad by tbe Dited this ard 497

Foude an oer Pe ba te Naitbin | Of tbls Dotice the Court will proceed to | lends of Brighton Blood. on the an upon] Aug ‘ay transfer if Mortgage N..| im depth sad avuiiogoa the x ib ae Cuanpo oarbérn Head end wsvrrsscsed by ibe Fd

ar ot ee ‘oo Out Wilds aed ene Protate te the sand Augusto Nuno } lesde di George jied, and cn ibe Wee WO daled the sald SUB Maret | lapde Of the belze of Aibert on he's M4 flack’ Weter Kver with a Kewyve fatty five Gover:

0 malles & f s eeeunorllon and Kiehsrd Govsalee Vio- | vjou the New Meoase tila Kosd, or bows 1908 ad wade botweca —Leeea | on land of Qivia Kiby on the Yaaton tenn Vabs wide 00 each tank, subjectto fete doe


ogden o'goad driring re a Tage indefgantie,
Spauicuiass pau’ as tosiact teas Dated ible Jot day of Nerowter, 1010

the wusersigoed. = het
Dated this Ae dey of Ootater gm ict T A. TMUMEOUD * Dated thle 1h doy of Govan, 1.
4S HGiteng, iRegutens, â„¢ Hegiotier,

eres Oli rwe ibe same may be buwed o
bunuded icgeher with all ibe sppartea

Bites thw Wb dey tf October 1910,

Goarsiv s ord ance Yade of the «ne
pare an Gouge Govsslvce of cbpoiber | of Mark

of Chsiles Boreli and ou the Weed on land | % Mortgage No 307 dad the arth Jay of ~
Fi «be bi
of tet Ls bet “teer wth | ame aeons Vegetable |
‘ interest
ated ele bead of Usigtes leo Desed thi. 19th day of Crtober pte A choice selection
Acty Deputy Kogleiar, Kegaiw. at the “


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4 Erintdsd Now Vork,
New York frinidas a 2. epee tl
eos Septs 17 ie Spd

oe Ott, 22 Oct. 30

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BOF WEANAD o” Ucie, 15

- - ’ - » 12 Nov, 20 "Pont No. 184,
rat odinawz Now. f = Non 2 Des it Oe
Sis "Nov we Date te ee
abe — aps Nar: 2 ~ BD ww “Decy 37a Dewy
WOrdi adi" Di 24 Jie 3, dis, LS da,
0 mere net
Mi abere Stounors all at the Island of Gronsta both wayt.

way, Now York{and Port cf Bosim, Trialied,,


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and Missés Black, White and | vesz rocggr BAFETY 3/ZOR®—The Néwéét and

\ t ft made. °
ut 6s

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. ' ont) ,
ITH BROS. & GO,| Bonanza dent’s Dep'mt,
my: ‘ ~y 99 | Lancasture Insurance Uy DENTISTRY. MR HALDANE TRIRS AN ARMY
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Mental Guwgoor, | CD KICHESER LEFT oR | AtdegheKernehan, Waddat, Alston, | © Dec Xnegae sald: ta tune Tosacces


, Ti
Pas * again arriv. e d by th e Peed cere Rea, Tat iver, at Baltes tial Beterrece g tour yp the Nile. Grelg, Matiwood, McLelland, Haynes, | regulations were ta be made effective,

pxsor ANOES effected against in sil branches, tan” which left Manchester on October the penaliies {aflicted were not adeters
- loss or damage by Fire on r

jouscs, ces, Bhop, an: _ Store | ———
Promises, and Private Dwellings at Latest Arrivals ber tothe “Santa Ursule® and they | the Council Chamber yesterday after [that the


Sy 4? Of Lorne

. Shipment of SMITH BROSAND CO} Hen’s Wh te Basile Slrew Hats

aie 8 The 'FKATHERLIKE’ 83 ea] Press bopes for a renewal of the an- specially Infected. The number of | vow of the Director of Pubtlo Works
peel LAGER BEER BREWERY, AMSTERDAM. | COPPER CLEANING ~ eat elon alr oy. roca | fel oP, ante tl, ne | re that ee at ane of
. ana

. S cu ho, MRI tlons, HKighty-Cour convictl were | tence, He (the 8 G
For Salo by Machine. $3 we PERIN PARLIAMENT TO MEET ghly-four convictions »_ He (the Surgeon General) had

A. gt a .
rte . ‘a0 Imperial Edect grante the populir de. | primanded and d wchar,e f snd one cise} had been for warded for examination,
finiaa adin oO Ltd. 450 — sire foraneatlher mesting of Varils |uisnissed, Four ftoformations were | He thought ifthe Town Commissione
d d Shipping & Tr. 2 C ” THE STORES. ment, and the year 1013 na ered fred [laid under the Puollo ifealth Ordin- | were asked in future to inform the .
. . for its firstassemblage, A respoualble | 80ce for non-coaipliance with sanitary | Board of Healthof the like occurrences, :
aE — — SSS SST | Cabloet fe to be appolated previously, | Orders, The defendante were cod-jacd of what precaations had been i
PIDAD The popular delight {s showa hy tha | victed and fined from 151. to £3. adopted, they would willingly do so, 1

Trnbiad, sarryiog Throagh Freight for Tobago and Oladsd Bolivar! In thoroughly good order

ee Bept 28. Urb 7 4 was dismissed, Iie listened | fortwo years, The Vatican regarde | ia the other case, flocs of 26 and3j/-) The Board then toee,
“Oat 8 Uae 1 P ‘ADL H. SCHERRER & C0. ures “aalrmation of bis cuetution to this modilled prohibition as enconrage were Imposed. The Legislature had ,

soe Nowe, Bie Nov, OE 41, MARINE BQUSRE.

20 a k tolic to Canada,
1. lath New Youn Novem 7th,
+ Des, Sh, Jane a COCA “COLA. Despatchoe from Capetown state CANAD AND THE UNITED bein recogalzs yr Ose did eat wi Flour, Blended Ulears De Wert,
a » Ith. that too stringent fines shon! me sas te
ths Osnulns Amertcan Coca-Dola. Brinton id ifasratte tay athe rrieoct peieee era, that too sulngeat fine abonld "im | files par barrel” = ekoy
. “ ted for the linpasse {a the Un 8 Late have begun, .
be moat nvigorstiog Acrated bever- | £5 Gor were succesful, It would be | AVIATUI MO OUMDY'S ATTEMPT somerffect. It seewed to bias that 20 cger( Gr7male per Tee. Fa

. The
ifs D SHIPPING AND TRADING COMPANY. LIMIDED On ico Wo bp secalved at as The poulble to anticipate the frst step


: i uolty by grandog equally and free-4 = T. del London, 00 days’ nght..
it the two rac n é tection agalnat epidemics uf yellow 2 aye mght.. 48158

e 4 « ¥ dom ispartal “follow ‘ike causes 2 The Irtsh Delegates have sailed with [ fever, and besides that, thera were Rachange New York and »
ew C4 Us South Africa which wasdes | 15),000 dollars and proruises of $0.0) | obber diseases conveyed by mosquitoes Tdad Virk wm 4859 ,
j PX ; tloed to play a brilliant partin the] more, They refused all discussion of | and the regulations werd directed tua Uocon Ny York .. 1p tog !

‘ history of the world’s greatest Kor | the recent repoity concerning the al | certain extent against them ales, lie ening
ASAIONABLE B, APER, pire. teration of thele policy regardicg | therefore thought the Board of Health {
Goods yiny p MENS Goi fe PENT TARR ON | Howe iS eraTES WaksIIP, |pecred tobe tis uedequecy eftha| — ZABON, Orpriaeneer Tih,

P 5 \ . ci
P20RT OF ; aloe TFITTER c Adletioguished assembly wlinessed St. Thomas Oh nalty fofileted from day to-dey lo a Per ewt | ee 168-108 i

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fe Teenwowerwooneee’ eather Purses, Tobacco Pouches; L
a: RS AND SHADE 7 ising In i i
_—eens™ | Walking « Sticks Hi 8s Gini Bry Wel op Wetad' ote
‘2 & GOTToONn POLEING & , ‘ Writiog Desk, | U4 Commode, Dainty Tada
; Leather Watch Wristlets.

‘Other Suite in Cyp; @edar and

, 45.00,





Soleo Agonts.

[is two children, Mee. Wilson, Mrs, portance of the regulations, which

sual dicts. an Satara nth isitrertoen

and maps, He proposes to contlaue
the vo

Yeates, Mra, ilart, Mia. Dolasiere, Mes | might probably have some effect,
Dabadie, Mrs. Prada, Miss Angeron, Nr. OUouner sald they could not


‘Austta, Nobriga, Peet. Heating Watts, ] the people were very ponr.

RINIDAD. Lord Kitchener has left England on | Smith, Dolestere, Dabadie, Huggins, | The Surgeon General aatd if the

URDI3SCAN” POUNDERKD, | Menzies, Robinson, Betancouct, For | and they had 80 offences every month
TISTRY The Anglo-Alzerian liner “ Kurdie- |] Tobago: Th Inatown of that size, (t showed that


I7th foundered off the Sicily Islands
on the th, And on the following

ay two esurvivore wera picked u
s Otfice, Attecdaccs all dey, by the sleaner "a Vincent which

fe Pental Office:
86, FREDERICK 8ST, Over Dr, Arthur


Koagge paid that Nery Probably,
-— nt notice taken Inthe ma
The ususl monthly tceting of the { would have some e‘fect. : tl

uoanimouny — agree
Board should “take
arrived at Teneritfe on Haturday, noon, there being present the Hon. EL | no further action In the matter In the
SUFFRAGETTES DEMONSTRA- | U Clare, Surgeon General (in the { belief that public reference thereto

ION, chalr), Dr, HE. Koaggs MMe. A. D, | would have the desired effect,
The Suffragettes wil! conduct a series | U Connor, aod Mr. f1.U tases, Secre- . ANTURAX,

of demonstrations during the present tary, ‘The Surgeon Ucneral ssid that at
week culminating atthe Aibert Hali| The minutes of thelast meeting were | the last meeting, the Director of
« on Saturday with the object of lapren- | Confirined aa previously cleculated Pablio Works had asked that the
s * | slog Partiament withthe necessi ¥ of ABSENT MEM HENS. ‘ Papers In connection with a case of
‘ passing the Conciliation Bul short! A letter waa received from the Act- | anthrax should be obtained, They
after reassembling oo the 15th fostané, | ing Governor's Private Secretary ox. | related to the case of sudden death of
otherwiee Javiting spectacular at- pressing Hie Excellency ¢ regret ab uot facow atNo 18 Edward St which

transferred them onthe 2nd Novem. | General Board of Health was held in Its was

oe Oman

tacks. RIVAL ov vith ein “ing atte to attend the meetlag. ived was reported by i f+, dfolestors. ie
THE vmilat contribution waa received wae repor! oO oe Secre-
A reo AlGTD from Hon. Adam Binith—the cause of | tary, ead the Uovergment Vetere


Herlia advices announce the arrival | absence, being press of work of an | inary Surgeon took action upon it in

. Tho ‘ELEGANT’ =... 1,48 ea, | of the Cear with a suite of 50 including | Urgeat Gature. the way of serving potice upon the
M Sasonoff the Foreign Minister, The SANITARY SUMMARY Feople coneerned, and upon the

The *DANDU’ es §=180 08 | Kaleer received him atthe Potsdam | |The Sanitary Sumuury for O tober | 2' bit the

‘vwa Commissioners to pro!
station and the Monarchs kissed and | showed that regulac and surprise visite Pajtarege of animels upou a certain

The *1VÂ¥' with 8 embraced repeatedly, A bunt took | had bsen paid to premises, aad of 447 [Infected area of land for a defloite
8 . will Elsstic plece on Saturday while M. Sasonotf | Ordere served, 351 had been comptiet| period, So far as he wae aware,
fitting Sweat Hand 1.20 ea | and Dr. Von Betimana Holtwag held | with, Four caves of typhoid fever bad |] there had been no other casa re.

a prolonged conference The German | been reported, and the premlses were | ported. He thought the polot of


in Town, and
ma Hats im Held Ia the supergersion of MM. Tew. | past mooth 0 being against oceupl- the general Board oF Health ree

eres under the anti-mosquito regu celved no notificatin of its exis.
obtained, aod floes from 2s, 6J., to 3s. | iacideatally heard of (¢ through Dr,

Despa' ches from Pekin state that an | Were linposed, one defendant was re: } Dickson, to whom some specimens

The Secretary wae accord!
ere wae | directed to write, to the Toma ie

wid Panama Telegraph Company |

decoration of thecity, this being the A DISPARITY IN Peg

: The Surgeon General sald
been made toane ie erlalert on. has one thingeo which he datired to draw | expressing the wish of the Board oa

been made to any fm 2
RELIGIOUS ESTABLISHMENTS IN [attention: thst was the disparity | the matter in question.
SPAIN, babween penaltlesloflicted forbreaches | De Kaagge drew attention to the
The Spavish Cortes hes passed the | of the mosquito r aodfor nurusijy Jorge number of cases of


ANT, so-called padiock bill forbidding the | on-complisoce with ssnitary ordore dysent ~dtarhosa ia the Nar
adon, November 7th. | creation ot Teligious establishments | {a the one case defendants were fined | pacina Ward Union furiog the past

Crippen's appeal was heard on Hat. | wotiltbe revision of tha Concordat oe | Siaounte ranging (rom 364, to £3 sod quarter,

tok: lace unmoved | ing hopes of a rapprochement marked its sease of the importance of :
Hi pbysleal apposrence'te deteriorate NEW DELEGATE ALOSTOLIO the mosquito regulations, by fixing a ———=—=
ut he eateand sleeps well, Miss 10 CANADA. fine not exceeding £2); and when one .
h ‘ 5 imoe? iAfchbishon Stagni has been appoint | 6aw #3 breaches of the regulations per PRICES CURRENT,
b mae

ed bim 3 t
4 nonth; being visited with fines of 2/6
UNION VE "rates. 4 as delepate apo fot aoe anenrrettls hod 3y- it did not appear as If the value

Downed 5 qm s,

that ata Government banquet, prell-

long is fines amounted to only zh 1, M walestetiib aot

U {the Empire's A New York Nov. 7th ,&nd d/+ were imposed on people wha tus"

a dard cecal | Dal pone tana aur | each cele ten, | tie alla

represents tede as Es afelee mad | cKelworin Acguite and ihe etiam geneially recognized that mosguite | Ootiony Middling Upland

unt oO town was of very grea’ e Iperin., 745
[that Canada bad been welded {nto | b eee oe one GATES atc. combat og } ora of vary gi mat Exchan Now fork se 3

wanted to make the regulations of }| New Season's Pork per bite No yy +,

Y ; " I { breaches of the requ: Hee
naught’ ‘BR, “Washlogton ” felt for Cul }large number aches of the regu vi
the Pion Palleneot rine ova thismorning. ae lations brought before the Magistrate, ‘| Floating terms In Rona.
toonles similar to those at Westnin- THE FRENCH STEAMER, During October. there weresd offences) . | percwt. wa 80000
‘Toe day Folate-a-Pitre@uh | agelnst those regulations, Jt showed | SuS*") Geriuan Heel 88 ¥ Lob |
Y Quadeloupe’from Frenes arrived 243 | that they, wore being duaregarded toa perecwh ow. ie OU
gone Heaseterre 0 a.m —Hasseterre Gih | coo derdtie extent, and fo bie opinion Java Sugar 0d ¥ Gibraltar’
“Guadeloupe” arrived 22), gone Marj 80 long ae those susall floes were fin- or Channel for orders floating
rone wasreed in) Wulgve ss ong FOR TRINIDAD, | breaches: They wanted ts stop suck | Perea reaper em on, my
5 ‘ . fa
the Senste Chamber and consluded| 2 BSENOE: Harbadov ih [offvaces, and the Hoard abould in | geet 1 Ucn Good pene bold

with B specis! mersage of goudwill ‘ yy
t it 8, “Clyde” from South. | some way mark ite sense of theim | ing lledpercws ..
from the King: withe Hie Sicjesty's The ILM ed SS Ovtion, Nediua’ Kine Hea ey

seen the lo evinced. ampton arly ain snd leaves


it idad about 4 pru, Passengers} Jf you are & sufferer fron) colds get | [elands ab Liverpool
AGOTHEN eee BALLOON for Pye rane ‘Gulls, Me and yal a bottle of Bickie’s Anti Consuwpt ve| Hank of Kagland rates of we le

‘ byrup aod test ite qualities Itwill be
Mr Willows, Welshoan, who an | Milliken, Mise Lerrera, Mrs Nivet fos that bo prates bestowed pe it ie Digco' — ww B per cent

dove all that fe clalined | Three per cent Rentesin Pane S733

don fn adirigible ballon | Baroness Weotworth, SMise Dizson,
fon August 7th peas: | Me and Mrs. Wilder, Mr, and Mise eo tt
. { tl 0 or (2) | for it, and doesittberoughle, Do not tral: Opi we
oe se vuoeateny ene Baath, raed ‘Mr, Atdagh, takeany substitute for Bex e's Syrup, Vestern Oli “3a. we 18 46
though be fos} ) Mra. MeLelland, Hoa. and Mrs. Ayoe | because it le the best, hevlog stood the | Ollfielde i 18 discount.
inf andun, Nes. Cox, we ue and ert Years. 411 the beat dealers a¢ll | Genorel eae BIT to $16 dieck,

re in & tog, byt
Tana’ ivbedilthravgh ouetea it Liddeluw, Ox. eud bre. Uulpe Q3

inate ninety = 17 NA ote ot noe
< W




That Desirable




2 ‘Dining & Drawing Rooms and 4 Bed rooms, also front gallery
g . and usual out offices, Water laid on,
‘ ~ALSO~
‘Lherefare the usual out offices with Carriage and Stable,
alr stone steps leading down tothe river.
Inspeotidn invited. No reasonable offertwill be icfuse .
. S “
_Schoe & Co
Schoener .




> rH

Choap For Cash
Or onfthe Hire Purchase System, Remember the

‘ADLER’ Works have just secured the Grand
Prize at the Brussels Exhibition, For prices

&o, call on


68,%South Quay.
Rhone SB.



Xmas Trade is Here -

to the} Culony J



body—mon, women,

39 A enOn evory pastime.
walk or side tsh or hunt, or whether you like to be dressod

up etd kep, 50, wo have
the 8 for all these usis and
purposes, ,

UE prices tuo aro nyht
Glance over this list of torrid.
able Baryulne or Lotter still
call and se for yourself !

Yen's Patoat slucbor Welt—
@L4$ to $3100 pair.

Men's Gloured Vici Bluchor
Welt — 91.60 ta 23.00 pair,
Wov Balkan Eid, Opera Too

$120 to ¢300 pale
do &o

. do
+ | S°°RNDLESS°Vaniety. prvuicuest quatity.
9000 0000 9000 VOOR 2000 9000 0000 Cuwn 0000 0000
“The Lowest Prices dV AYS’
eee BE heen


— eS

i |

“Dialling douse and Land

SHOES im m

and comprises ,the finest lot of Footwear ever brought

very kind of Shoe for evory-
aud babies, Shoos for every aga,
tvery business overy dress and
Whe.ber you



Lace ‘esrves’ with raised j
worked designs, ~ fringed

edges—-The latest,
iM—aato 38.00. :



that colon
trious and


Published Dany. fond ae Pane, Holt
ei, att oe joceat
IAT? Tatras Port of Spaims


Advertisements of Births, Deaths, dad | ¢;
uM acknowledgments sod,
Guctaimere (which must be autheatl

ated by the signatare of some
fespohsible person) will he charged
for at #/6 each to be prepalds

Casual A drertisements ot every description:
a2 64 week; 39 6d forts
wight, 58. per month per in: 1a be] «

Waous ae —s 64 per week gach, to be


Editor and Publuber |. = PT. Ampany,
Mavaget ” ee we “he N. Lavtaun,
Onshter wee J. H, Forp,,


All Choquas sent to the office of this {a
payment of bills should be rande payable
td The Port-of-Speia Gavette,

‘To ComnusronperTs,
We do not hold ourselves responsible lor, aor
do we accesearlly endorse the oplaicns

supressed b our Correspondents ia our
lumos, All letters mst be notom:

panied by the real signature of the writer,
hot tecessarily for publication, bot eae
Guarantees of good faith, Rejected manu
scripts cannot be returned,
Advartising 8oale on Appicaticn
Sule cron Sys per year
ne Revule inadvince—Pol geusiva

Current Events.


RN.S, “Clyde” arrives from South-
ampton via Cherbourg and Barbados;
and feavea for Jamaica Oanal Zone,
Savanilla, Carthagena and New York,
Mails close at 2 p.m.

Appeal Court +1030 a.m.

baleofa mexeuage and land situale
{n (he town of Port-of-Spain by Louis
Johu & Co. -1 pin :


Saleol a parcel of land aituate In
ward of Chagusoas by Louis Johs &

8.9, *Coppename” leaves for New
York. Masls closest 10 am.

Iitigh Water Morn 7.13 Even it pm

Sun rises we + e- 556 am.
Suan seta ove . ww» 632 p.m.
Moon sete «+ 31.00 am.

Feast of St. Borromeo—Pleas-
ant Function at Arima; Ae-
etdent to Demerara Medico —
Thrown from his Horeg
Demerara Combined Court
Business—" Let Him Bray”
Qur Article on Prison Res
form, Pollination of ths
Cocca Flower; The Canon-
Dias Syndicate Demerara—~
Asrival of A cther Race-
The Meaning of Invasion.


Amongst the many pewconsumersof
rubber asya a contemporary aeroplane
maoufacturert will soon lake a pro-
minent place, Rubber Js especiall
useful in the consecuction of shoe!
abeorbers for landing parposes. and
many appliances of this nature for
{ocorporetion in the tending arrange-
mente ofaeroplanes are being Intro.

Ia Sunday's {snue under the heading
* Corroborative Testimony”, reference
wasmade tocertaln datain connect-
fon with the Hronté Uslne triple
ceucblog plant Itmight further be
noted-thal Mr, De Berry has been to
charge of the Brontdé factory for
yeara, and has been largely {ostru-
mental ia bringing it up to ite bigh
etandard of efiiclency,

Amongst the passengers expected
ta arrive bere by, tha, mullof the
14th Instant io Nr. W. If Carrington,
HLA LLB, Dean of the legal frater-
nityon the CanalZone; Panaus, Mr,
Carrlogton iv on his way to Demerars-
in consequence of the recent sudden
death there, of bla brother Dr, H.
Carrington, late of tha Public Hos-


The Demerseca Legislature bas
tecently eanctioned anew system of
keeping the coloay's accounts. The
evange it le sald will bring that culopy
soto unlformity with the practice of
Grows Uiltain and of the otber

Owlog to the number of (nqulrl
that have reacbed us, we appealed
yesterday to ibe Ovlontal Secietary's
office where we gathered, that the Gib
fostant (formerly knowa as * King’s
Bicthdayâ„¢) will oot be proclaimed as a
public bolidey.

In pursusuce of a Commiltlee’s
reconimendatlon, the Deinerara Legie-
lature bas approved of w echeme for
smalgemating the Government and
Post Office Savings Vanks and
Placing all prrangetumente under the
control of the Postmaster General

@ tranefer of the Governaent
Savings Bank to the Post Ofice will
tate place frou the let July 1633,

fy the D.V.8. Saramacea from New
he . & fine horse was landed for the
Fire rigade Departineat,

The epecial rehearsal for Opera
Marttass, arranged to take

ible eveaing at the Institute hee to
Hi posoned we Nondey November

~~ —

Tera Legislature, a pesolatio


School for th 2 of giving 6
thorough =a: wdcaitural aol
training to wel
primary god erconda!

Dad October :—Trinidadis to have #
theatre, and a load for that pur

Spain, and to be repaid out of the
rates cfithe ity.

ment of the is
anoual subdvention of
towards the theatre.

encoureging. and Trini


and modern place of amusement, The

sister colony te a richer island than
ca. Ite

every, year.
chante have not the seme pressing
financial problems which
often have to face.

lature was

siudents of the Lys
thele Aicst-Commuolon,
accompanied to the

Aba recent inesting ef the Dems’
assed, approving the ertablishment
that colony, me an Agricultural

be fromthe
di ths from the
eee Jy vohoote, The

gislsture also p! {teelf to

vote the cout of Installation and

onual upkeep, estimated at $20 450
od P12 reopectively,

*A Demerara paper says thet Nd,
ustics Swan when a agittrate io
was known to bean indas
conecientions potetaker.

od as Judge id Trinidad be hes oo

several occaglotis fatned of the

TERE jasufficlen
Port-of-Spain Gazette. | he Appeal

of the YWotes sedt up ta
urt by the Magistrates,
ho, It would sem, in a large num:
r of cases do not take the evidence
demeeclres, ec

Bays the Jamaica Gleaner of the

be raleedon the credit of Port-of-
the Govern-
fst romised ao
a yeat
fn Unie le very
a et je ver
ind Tri tak will be all
better and brighter for ita new

fand has

“un British”

roepecta grow better
ts Tianters and mer-

ours #80

A meeting of the Dewerara Legis
xed for the Sth instant,
but there being do‘quorum, no meet
Ing could be beld, The only elective
member present, (Mr. Gaskin) in cen-
suring his absent confreres sald that
they could have at least notified His
Excellency of thelr intention not to
be present, and such conduct caine
with very bad gracefrom the elective
section which he regretted very much
Hie Excellency concurred in Mr.
Gaskin’s remarks, and added that he
thought the elective section abatala-
ag {rot coming there that day was
not courteous to the Preaident of the
Court or to the official members
whose time he would say was just as
valuable to them and tothe colony as
the time of the elective section,

Whilst five horses were being landed
from a lighter slougeide the Queen's
Wharton Saturday night last at about
14 o'clock, two of them broke away,
careered about the thoroughfares
Ooe of them came ta an untimely
death, breaking iteueck and two*legs
in the Dry River near Duncan Htreet.
The other animal took @ difereat
direction heading for &t. Joseph Ioad
where [t disappeared into an adjoia
ing estate onthe road to San Juan.
It was recaptured on Sunday morning,
The horses were consigned to Sir,
Francis Mendez, provision merchant
of Broadway.

A number of tickets for the Fete
Champetre at the St, Clair Oval on
Thursday next have been given by a
friend o! Greptelars Sabbath School,
for free distribution among, the mem-
bers of that school. Those who have
potas yet received their tickets are
reminded that they may have same
ty applying at theprintery of Mr. 0

Franklin on or before Wedneaday

Offers will be received by’ the
Colonial Secretary =P to noon of
Saturday 10th November 1010 fur the
purchase and removal of the building

hown atthe Drill Mall Arims, The
party whose offer fa accepted will be
required to removethbe Building and
have the site clearof debris within
one month of the date of the accep-
tance of his offer, The Government
does not biod itself to accept the
bighest or any offer,

Tested and approved by the officers
at Borden Camp was the Electric Pen-
cit for writing Inthe dark [0 addi-
tion to belng used for writing reports
on night operations when officers did
not want their positions discovered, it
waa successfully employed for olght
signalllog, the light ie switched on by
turning screw at the end opposite the
Pevoll. Should it be required as a
torch the pencil can be removed. One
can become the enviable seor of
thle novelty for 7/. Refile being 1/-
each, Muir Marsball and Co. ha,
Marine Bquare are the Agente,

‘ The Demerara Argosy states that
cablegrama have been received by
Memre, Garnett & Oo., Ltd, from the
Triaidad Chambee of Comunmerce aug:
gesting be sending over of delegates
to Barbados 14 convection with the
Mail service question, to be held on
lth fiostaut — return
delegates to be free This wae die.
cussed by the Council of the Chamber
of Commerce and in view of letters
that had gonelo to the Government
iv wae thought that there was not
snuch use in sending over a represent.
ative, Tbe Demerara Chimter has
aleo protested agalost the iesatution
passed by the Comumblned Coat with
regird to a mall sericea ria Canada,
declaring in favour of « direct avevice.

Ssys the Demerara Argosy of the
Sthinatant The Dutch frult steamer
** Coppename”™ has onthe occasion of
her present voyage made @ longer
stay than usual atthls port. Usaually
obo steasns away the night of the same
day errives, but though~ she
arrived here on Wednesday morning
she did not leave before last evening,
The reason of her longer stay was thet
she bad aload of cargo of sugar for
New Yotk Theload conelated of 500
Loos, . meeatenk bo, 4.540 bage thie

as put Into ber @ New Colon!
Co.,Ltd. The Teasel is golog to New
York with the suger, but is is really
latended for the Domialon of Oauads,
shither it will be seot fron New
York on trensbipment, by overland

At the Church of the Holy Name at
aia. on bundsy lack, eighteen

Franore niade
Count os

ure. e
Director of the Behoot, Blood “A. Is

Agqulrre and bi

faulrre and ieee togetber with
fellow students in uolform.
Mouorary Prevident, Mov. Orslendi
(Viee-(ousul tor the French Reputlicy
Kev, Father Patrick Smith O.P. was

and about twenty


bla son were also prescut. The

the cslebrantat Uoly Mass On the
return of the bore tothe Sehgal, the:
wore owed by Professor Batistin


According to’the Afarning Post 4

Prague paper states that the fortuve
of £70000) left by a men bamed
Lonedale of New York, hae been ree
chgnised as belonging to bis brother
and alater, named Ghtsensteln, which
wap Lonedale's real nays. The sis.
ter te the wife of a bawkee at Viens.
The brother le a ponr Jew Iving jo
Tonedate native village in| Russian
Poland. One half of the fortune is
eald ta be deposited In England,
while the other half is invested to
America, “

We have been requested to state
that the Seoond Annual Ball of the
Myrtle Association comes off to-night
atthe Mutual Mall under the Auspices
of Ita offlcers.

ee ‘
Our, acknowledgment Is dus onthe
receipt of the November number. of
the “Monthly Messenger of the
Baptist Church”, which fe as ueval
replete with readable matter.

We have recelved from the Colonial
Secretary's Office, the draft copy of an
ordinance to amend the Sunday Clos
jag Ordinance of 1900, the objecta and
reasons being thus set forth 1—"When
the Sunday Closing Ordinance, No. 7
of 1900 came to be worked, Te. was
found that [te operation Interfered
with the provieionlog and cosling of
ships, and caused thelr detention fo
certain tases, This interfered seriously
with the growing buokering trade of
Port-of- Spaia, and the amending Urdl-
naoce le introduced to remedy this
atate of affairs,’

A batch of laborers under the super
vision of Mr Ml. #rench, Supertatend-
entof Meeert, Sprostones at Arakeka,
left Georgetown recently for the Com:
pany’s property at Pomeroon for the
putpore of prospecting for oll, Unfor-
tunately thelandsat the time were
found tobe ucder water, and no pros-
pectiog work could be undertaken,
Sfessra Aprostone are the owners of
Cozier, Hope and Success, Pomercon,
and it letheir intention to systemati-
6 cally prospect this large area of land,
ae serveral eatiafactory indications
have been noted which point tothe fact
that petroleum or some othersubstagce
ofa like nature ie on the property 7
may be mentioned that there [ands
are held by Measre Sorostons through

purchase, and aretherefore freehold
Property, their exploitation for oil
not being dependent onany consent
or the | ssuing of any license frora the

Atthe corner of Queen aud Char-
lotte Streets yeaterday afternoon about
Spm 2a collision took place be-,
teon Four Roads car Nol8 driven by
motorman No (Zl, and one of
Wilsons’ Ltd. motor lorries, The
cac wae in Charlotte Street going
North and the lorry which came u
Queen Sireet heavily laden wit
‘red clay® was just rounding the
corner when they collided. It wae
about tweaty-five minutes before they
could be got apart, when {it was dis-
covered that the fender of the
car was completely brokeo and
almost torn away. Besidas a slight
indentation of the front casing which
protecte the machinery, the lorry
suffered, no damage It Je diMeult
to say which of the drivers te
blamablefortbe occucrence (if either
ds)ae the motormanie said to have
been vigorously ringing bie goog
when nearing the corner; while the
lorry‘’s whistle was being blown fall
blast, After about half hour's delay
thecar proceeded up Uharlotte Btreet,
Ita passengers having been previous]
transferred to another car whic
came onthe scene for that purpose,
Fortunately thejsudden impact caused
no injuryto aay of the occupants of
either veblcle,



The Dutch Mail steamer “Sara-
macca"2,1U1 tons, Cuptalo Van der
Ket, arrived yesterday frum New York
after a voyage of 6} daya with 330 tons
general cargo, 7 horees and 11 pessen:
were} Me P. Galagher, Me P. Stewart,
Me W. 8. Fatterfon, Me James
Putney, Me Adam Fulton, Me A. 8.
Creighton, malfand child, Mr ©. AL
Calland Me U, H. Vincent.

teamer left for Paramaribo with part
of Inward cargoaud one passenger—
Afr Licnol Allen,

The French Mal steamer “St
Dominigue”™ arrived yesterday morn:
log from Demerara empty and left
shottly afterwards for St. Lucia
and the French West Indies with 130
bags Trinidad cocoa, 22 bags Trinidad
cocoanut nieal, 18) hides, 1 ‘case Vene-
guelan gold, L case dry hides, 3 cases
feathera aud 22 deck passengers,

The Dutch Mail steamer Prlios
Maurite” 1,823 tons, Captain Van der
Goot, arrlved yesterday from Kurope
via Paramatibo ond Demerara with
2Wlons general cargo and ope passen-
ger—Me Fredekk Large. The
wteamer tele the sane night for
Venezuelan ports with the fulloslog
[psueouers from Trinidad 3 = For

usota;~Mr P, Battistioi, for Le
Queytas-Mr Edwarde loves, De 0,
Coatroras, Mr BP, A Dugues-Dithly,
Miss 42. Ouzler, Alles Meckett, Mre
Hraoco and one decker -Fue Caru-

anot-MrThomas ‘Thornbdil), Me N,

+ Auguetue, Me Alfred Simon aud 6

Thess. Viklog” Jeft on Saturday
nlgbt fur Guanves with three Pateone
were Mr Jubo M. Mack, Mle a. W,
Sawall-and Mer E. Badilio,

These. * Myperiaâ„¢ which artived
on Saturday from Pernambudo, took
fa 30 tons ‘bunker coal and left op
Hayttt for New Youk via Jawalca and


' ‘be Prioce Ling steamer astern
*Priace” 1799 tune Captain Ord, ar
tlved yerlerda fron beni, Biter a
Oyuge uf Lea daye with cargo in tran.
alt for the Vaited ‘Histon, She pro-
ceeded alongside the hulk Alloaby =
on firiving and took in 24) wns
buoker . Mee cargo from thie
port comprised 813 bays cocoa, oy
Liters “Tole steamer lele Inet eioge
ory er lefe jas
for New York, nigbt

The British steamer * Astras”
A1W tone regleter, Ceptaig Jleuey
arcived on Sunday after a Voyage ot
tieen days from Varavegus. bbe
called at thu port for Ordety and byo

md Look in 243 tone of the
taloezal from Gcrdon, Grapt & Go's




D cll & seo Our New.g
Which includes the very jai



Marine fquare & Ohsoes

ee ane re te Rr


New Goodg




"Chan ifver, 4


-~Oxe- in



200000000000 Co000N OR VOR? 0000000000000


seen the very latest moecls ia .


0000 00000000000000000000 00000000 0000000

Millinery + Trimmings §


ne IT SIRE Ieee









SR 99-792 7 ere


7 toy fe ‘ —_ . te iA . "
ae gh 7 qe , 4 The Usnadian stamer “Sobo™ wilt) BURGLARY AT MESSRS GOOD-, Garden Party and Harvest ‘ T TIA LY
jg EE Ss eae (ieaitm wtietiit cect | WILLE AND WILSON S [Festal au Ferantc, | () A LEDONTAN’ HOUS KS
a ae igandas Ss We He Noreiers Foun TRUER ARRESTED AND! — A THOROUGIT svocrss > " 4

md — a — io - o ry

— \ }. In consequence of the outbreak of OHARGED, It te on oldeaying “nothing euc Distinctive Tailoring
‘ . | typhoid fever on bond the German nae ‘ coods like success”, and thid was we .S
crulper Hansa ® the-ealth Authori- | REMANDED TILL 16TH INSTANT: [iting very forcibly demonstrated at .

so? Ves have eprayed and disinfected 7 San Fernando last Saturday after-
- the ship, Another sailor was BAIL IN £23 WITH A SURETY, noon, and agsinon Sunday when,
\ brodght ashore yesterday morntog ee zealous Oatholica yled with each other
. aod sent to Hospital There are now f -witt, Atso BE CHARGED doa ner: | in order that thelr Uarden Marty and
three seamen‘at thisinetitution anders | GLARIOUSLY ENTERING BONANZA'S liarvest Festival, to which the


foc treatment, a similar number STORE, southern community one and all hed
aying succumbed to the malad ~— been invited, should be the signal suc- IN
. . which ie said td have been contracted SomErime last ydot a report was made | ceas both functions uadoubledly were 1
x, “tn the Canary islands. tnat a thief or thieveehad entered | —Towarde 3 pu. on Saturday the .
OR SAT OR RENT ‘ “we Mesere Goodwille and Wileone store | Government School which commends
1 och. Known for hundreds of years as an | aud aleothat of MessraSmlth Brothers | a prominent view of the southern

°,@ d

‘ Interesting mechanical “toy, the | & Company, ofthe “Bonanss” and | country, wae converted into a dagship, 4
gyroscope has at last been pressed into | bad succeeded in carrylog off moneys [ bunting flying here, there and every- sg
practical service. The feasibility ofits [from both Arma, Several nighteafter | where, all ver trot lf placed, the han+ . =

8 4

: to the movorall car systenr te said | detect! kept a watch on the build: | diwork of Me Williaca Kenny of the
*s i 9) vahave been eatistactorily “| ings’ without 's , ontion 4
torily demonstrat- bi al hap: tion Department, The Commit
St, Ignatius Bay, ed, and & reputable marine journal reat soything unusual bap tea deaivee to thank Messrs Ufoodwille

oe Or PaG aaa
now carries the advertisement of af After resting on ble oare all these | & Wilson Ltd.¢ Wilson Limited and
firm thatiefurniebing gyroscopes to] months, and probably thinking that] Glendinning & Oo, of Port-of Bpain

veuela to keep them on a steady | She incident of jest year had -been for: | gnd Mestre DI Capus & Co, of Sad AN EXP p 4
: gotten, the thief renewed operations Rando for the loan of flags, The ser: | AN EXPERIEN CED

iG aod ja 2.8e AR BH.
: : keel In the moet ten:pestuous

. ’ eens, Sunday night last at Messrs Good: | vices of a local tring band waa requi- -
Jast thoroughly jRepaired,§ Most peopte red on ;
pleremember the gyroscope | wille & Wilson's on Marine Square, | eitioved, and the lively airs rendered (+ 7 x ow ok 53 EU, +
Painted and stumnished. aen kindoftop, with a spindle ace and after aucceeding {a makin eintcs kept MS puuierous little ones present FUNGE.X a we
. within two circles, one running ap and | and select haul of several articles, was | quite lively. The “toothsome table’ . events
“~axD— down and the other crosswise, Its} {ndentified and arrested at bie house | was In charge of Madames Laughil With our present hizhly ‘trained Staft guarantecs
. antics were moet remarkable. Ite} in Queen Street. Alfred Cox fh the | Zurcher, de Le Bastide, Ache asa's' Newest Styles and best Workmanship « . .
. u N wonderful Rroperties roughly ex: | name of the nocturnal visitor, He | by Misses Eligon and Anet, and taelrs y
Practically ow. plained on the principle that a rapidly J was yesterday charged before Mr {waa # constant dispensing of tea,
sere api rose ao'd sant uate | Athena Eat ate OE |e. tee ead ota
colace 0 . e ci rows | gins evidence of arrest. was en, @ “shooting ery” was
For par PPT additional light on the subject by de- | and the accused remanded to the 16th | favourite with the boys, and r

for the
scribing {t as * an instrument used to | instant. on ballin £25 with a surety. [| very firat time since the cricket ground
* ‘QKO, R. ALSTON & CO, damonstrate certain properties of a It would appear from the Tans wae formed at Central School, Sittwe
. rigid body when made torotate rapidly mer iq which Cox had carried | fair damasele face the bowler, driving F :
= about an axis, around which it Ie kine- | out oporationag at Messrs Good- [his ‘left banders* to boundary as .
. J

ang ae


Ucally symmetrical.” An explanation | wille ¢ \Vileone, that he evi-sthey felt pleased. Ua Sunday after
. of this sort is very helpful. It goes] dently had some knowledge of the | Solernn High Mase LIMITED
2 directly to the nub of the thing, as it | {uner situation of tbe, place, and was THE HARVEST FESTIVAL .
were, and fu equalled, perhaps, inthis] rathee careful in making his} waacooductedatthe Roman Catholle
? 8 respect only by Herbert Spencec’s de-] selections for which he bad taken the | Girla Hchool’ Here a very good col-
fiastion of evolation. precaution of providing himself with | lection of vegetables etc. were offered,
“ The authority already quoled saysfan Indian basket aod hand bag for | and these were disposed of the follow.

: that fo 1856 “Prof. Piazzi Smyth | thelr reception. While makiog hie | in morning by Mir Barrimond who 3
. devised a telegcope stand on thefexit from the store by way of the! did tha.duties of auctioneer, The
. principle of the gyroscope, that would | back premises opeving on Chacon breakfast could not otherwise than
always remain level on board shi; Street, he was detected R


notwithstanding ‘the. pltcht ne Immediately’ talsed ang clarm | umber who sel to table and it mes :

withstandln e og and j-~who immediate ral an¥ alarm, | number who sa je an wae
rocking, and so acilitate the taking of | and Gonstable: Parris was on the with the greatest cheerfulness and Is THE stout PAR EXCELLENCE,
astropomicel observations | at nes. It scene forthwith. 10% npor seeing pleasing demeanour that the Madames
wor! rlec at professor | thatit waeacese of ~ work done an urcher, ugblin, Mentor,
went About foyfully, taking hls ober [labour lost,” bolted, but as already Martin, acd ‘Misses Acet and Aché it Koo ks You Hoalthy & Vigorous,
vations and getting seasick every day | stated the arm of the law came in con- | responded to the calls nade upon them *
with the “pitching and roc ing. tact with bio, ja their capacity as “perverse”, The \
And fifty years dragged slowly by} The gocds, all of which have been | hghter pore ion of the breakfast was ry; .
before any one thought to steady the] recovered include shirts, socks, boots, | attended to by Nes Weekes, Mics 99° B AR 4

ebip byt @ samé method that was | perfumes, collars, ties, handkerchiefs, | Loochalion, Mrs. Lest, Miss Acham 4
. e peed keep the telescope stand

* e evel,

lanka, soaps, two panama hata, threads, | and Nre Pierre The Misees Lermont
It ie just as well, though, for ite

ends of dress materials, consisting [ (3) kept the * ices” well *fced” and
LATEJOFs‘H, MONOE AUX; P. 0.54500. eatlier uve would have been a death-

of tweeds silks etc, 18 cents and | though the day was a somewhat cold . ‘ —xa-—-
blow to the old-time sea romance,and | How the burglar affected an en-| That ‘lucky tub” presided over by Th QU EEN ; Bee rs
a wears thankful that Captsin Marryat | trance hae not yet been solved; but | Misses Hikfa Ache, Madeleine de La- e Oo e

ee mye ot an Ea de,

eurtain riogs one they were in conatant requisition
and Clark Russell Uved and wrote | the cord attached to one of the glass | bastide and Violet Zurcher, was indeed

before {ts day. Klee they might not | windows opening on tothe roof bae fs lucky receptacle deserving of the s
have Written-at all, since brisk atorm | been covered, os a a knife, patronage it received Last though by Te ATT Fal 4a TEs.
SOLE AGENTS FOR at sea, with allits attendant circum:] We leatn that Cox will alec be | no means least was the Bar, and here i

atances, wasm necessity to them. in [| charged iuconnection with a burglary | did Mrs Queydanassiated by Mr Walter ees ee ememee see
fact, one of the best sea stories ever | which was committed at the|render yeoman eervice, We cannot

written hinged oa the pitch of the | * Bonanza’ fortoight ago. It might | conclude witbout a ,word of praise to
obip. A beary swell threw the hero | be mentioned that the value of the | the Committees reslous cKud_ inde:

errr eeremeerrnenernimntammaeen
he heroine together in the lee | articles taken from Goodwiile & Wil- | fatigable Secre Mr, Felix Mentor > 3

ecuppere, wherethey were joined by | son’s is about $109, —as in all such movements, the 5

the villain as the result of a second ——— Secretar


‘THE PIANOFORTES! | sfiteitcd tcct itttycta tuspiare the "heck atd burden of tbe day and
par De |to unravel the complications that Burlal of German Stoker Leh- on this occasion it was well carried to ‘
ri BY: iro, | opine LEZ: CMaraniiytars | manniand death of Petty | Ssuesmtutconcoon The Piano Warehouse
as MANUFACTURED BYZ‘VALLI3 & SONS LTD, TTS om thou deep an dark blue Officer Cassuben. 2 BIEN Y RUE SHOOTING JU,
7 their rich, powerful sing- | Ten thousand. fleets eweep over! The burial of stokee Lebcosan of the THE ot ae ete ' .
ABe Cent eae ras snsive touch Ibe | BSS thes in y German crouse" Hansa” whose death CASE,
20 Ui U - ” ¥ —— *,
imprewet tanhid of oscstructioa ete have resulted | Seg] Audley te get “gyrate In at soy gegurred at the Covcolal Hevpitel on | geQueLTo SUPREME couRT | , CHANGE YOUR OLD
ia) laciog the Wallis Pianofortes ia the foremost SJ | end disturbing the moter. Itcan’e be moruive in the Lapeyronse Cemetery. PROCEEDINGS, PIANO FORA
ofthe best Makers whethor English or Continental. raj dove! GC Lee oe ar right fof | It in also with deep regret that we an- ~

whiskere of Neptane, let them not dis- | Dounce the demiee of petty officer Cassa~ — " on Al -
trb “old ocean's gray and mean. |e ea onat tnsepital after a bell li pucisioy nEsenvay, NEW BRINSMEAD

choly waste {” ——
ead from typhoid fever, The funeral d bt the Nan ¥ ft Basy
The Compagnie Generale Transat- | took place yesterdsy aftercouo, with oa- Poe ee se i J. Naneo with . NEW OTT YFavymertes,
lantique, owners of the steamer val honour, tbe cheplain af tle ge whom! was “associated is i, it. .

uieiane, whichis ashore on me F officlatin, he Deputy icsprctor GU. py in fastructed e
brero Heef, Florida, stated that they | eral atiecded at the Mametery, aod Sab simesred before ‘Med. iL Vaaea, ou, Extending over 2 or 3 Years,

hoped to eave the vessel and her cargo."| [ospector Cavenaugh with two mount: | and applied es parte) for a warrant for

; ~ e

; - A salvage steamer fcom New Work fed (Qoustables fullowed the remains | thearcest of Mr Arthur Saoderson, San-

7 has bee dered to proceed to the . a ft -
af {@) N ot Miss sceneand ntteropt to, Aust tha tine, | fom the Hospital to the place of later: | dy, Wrendlore aod Mee y| 6| AllInstruments Guaranteed

All the mail bags sand other} valuables i espite the presence of a number of j Lalsing for murder. Ae on previous

SEEING THE SPLENDID SHOW OF | bet ey any blame on Oaptaia Breton, | Priveton, i eve Pested neat the | fodiene (eed eodenee Me anes, & NEW MODEL JOST ARRIVED. °

dad careful mariner, and attributed | der, the crowd, or satber these whoap { seid thet they were there pursuant to

an application made by Lalsing inthe
J — At —

the accident solely to the burri- | pear not to possess a smattering of rea- Supreme Court ta the process of » Ss



-* Tuning and Repairing--A Speciality,


cane, eseither for the fivingor the dead, a tbe applicat! as .
hl Iga Atty-three years fot beyond control, and t rie beharioar theta wacrent should be granted 21, Frederick Street. *
ja now almos s was utterly disgracefal, {a shametul con- t Art anderson for murder,
writes the Weekly” Gazette of | freat totbe conduct of ‘tbo abo wits ara agalnet Hendy, Deeodford and FHRone 445
Montreal,” since the Great Eaetera | nessed the burial of the deceased aallor, | amlogan for aiding and abetuog,
wae launched. Abtbat timeshé wee } pial of thes Hace” 00 Friday more | Counsel quoted several sections from ‘ :

eee ip adean 2s snett, der gost log fast, Atte wub slocere hope that ] the local ordinance which gave Hig | je sansenememmmseseenruecennmmnner ements

the greavest vessel ever constructed | the hend of Death might not be egela Norebip disco ioe inn & paruicus fF mm

for forty-one eara, when the Oceanic | felt amongst ibe crew of the “Hana yar proc ee ats an argument .
was lauocued, Sines tbem develop- | walle abe us on oar watery but 1a the | St chat waae cave oft. higuly ita

be mostdairable that the police edopt portant character, audiaeacha case

ment jhas been much more rapid.
Wohlle{t required forty-one years to

Lhe Legislature provided against ball

a: ht large as the [the cocess ecautioaa in order to Ag iavol * ‘ .
Do ad HE rede tate besonly tal on eleven | prevent repetition of the shocking be roe em reat dea) ot ved. Cous: * Wwa.
. yeare to produce another besides | gaviour exhibiied by the crowd yester- { quoted from Archbold on murder, CS | nace IEE Breer *
. whith the Ureat Eastern becomes | diy aftercoon, The esd vocurrences of ¢ © ‘Tne affidavits of Laleing and olbers * @ARK & IRON WINE) ®
RENE i ae ft | "Ra nara ha aot ae lermuihree ete eerie
: at evoke the sincerest sy) 7. H
; . A Superb Collection o eens eae e | four times the | reapoosible tababitants of t @ ealite 90" wrbether he should advance ny erie * SRACES THE VITAL SYSTEM. |
Fe Olympic Ie Dearly two hundred fect | loys sad w are thet bebind the | teas a warrant y 4] srighty recommended by Madloal Autheritien %
y A . 100) er then the Grest Esetern, | votoward srcur of a crowd of irre: lle Worst replied in the negative, * aly til over the World. *
os while her beam Je about ten foet ponalbles, the Captale, Ofioert aot tao. Counsel fi inet he could wot bel i . CURES: ®
a * ey le bd CY Sd a
NCAG seatt SRTGa ET oF te, 0, | Pamstlaschazeeuty, oie fie | Ar Sey UCU oe Tende * Sten
; ou ° Death and burial of Mr. G, bave also to state that yet puotber of hee tant ‘; euniuione oR sot be ¥ Anaemia . =
° o - + " + a = tie
Wedding and Signet Rings — the ere td the: Mesplial peaverday mora: | Sccideat he sald was quite = different * Chloresis|*
= . : We regret to attuounce the passing fog saiferiog from tepid fever Thore | rnatter and he was sure that whea * D bilit 3
pEstays IN esau aston erica Me | ts frac pected | Be empene cae, rat : ebility|*
EF NE Jhar. ae recovery, *
. . THE VERY LATE phe Customs De partment whicb, sad ey Tee den be which have occured, be (Counsel) toade no distinction with * NEURASTHENIA. |#
: “ Gloeter Lodges on Geturday fest, | the * Lfsoss” bas beca thorough'y disias | Ducts cat was aleo applied, * ° —— « (es
The deceased had been connected | fected, At this stage two spplicationss were Sas DELIGHTFUL TASTE. x
; CT. ‘J with the Customs Department for the “LUE, League 1. F, League put in by Counsel fn Behalf of Lal *
i. e and duri .
a 0 rooc es that time he'de said to have 1 “- gus, fe, Naoco drew Ile . Worsbip's ww 2
eS a y vbowa bimeslf to be a very efficicut TODAYS (LEAGUE MATCH, attention to the Proceediogs taken 2 * «
E "Te foneral ook, Pisce on Gander BMAMROCK ¥. KESWICK. arlog aisionedt Ke Ganderkban, one
: NEOKLETS BRACELETS fie AB itutton ofisiating, ‘The | On Clydesdale ground, Wateres Mr, | ° Gouneel thee quoted the limailed BOLM AGIs: '
; LOCKETS BAK-RINGS bearers were siz Oustoms Loatinen, | ¥. J Lroteud Mek off €3) pin ick | Yue which wae within a Year, that s
; BANGLES HAFETY PINS te eee ete number ef Oliellows: | Cre te iidaferitas| The Bonanza Drug Steres.
E of whci Onder ‘the ‘deosased was 6 | J. Kernahen 1, Ke Wharton | MED, seilp evidence said tet Beptember Bb, 1010, .
can meniber, were ts jutler, thal wae eu: int evidence con — =
5 * , Curomin G Blaog
¢ PEARL PENDANTS Gee aint sot teaee LC Quamine yeaa Pea | ic Pets tat me ay 7
f/ STUDS & LINKS GOLD WATOBES — reso Peace elite | 3 nner Vee wots | arate” tet Sear, te | PLD CS 4
. 8 GOLD ALBERTS His wife 6: bin Isat year. |] F. Villeroel » Hy Polloaals wireid contemplate Achat would be :
Â¥ ' CARE PINS BUCKLE RINGS The interment took placein the La- | lay Meloget forwar ad" anteaume done and would give deaiston, oa Feb
¥. (CHARMS BUC poyrouse Cometery, —____ P, Hetancourt K. de tatastite | OT Mvorasummoa Pap es j
if . : T, Cunilogy of :
" , 1 E Perreite <==
‘atic dealeds, The total number of soarictlons L, Quesnel Neserres. Varner ~~ : — AKnon Pres)
Everything of the newest and most art.atic g obtained by the Society's Agents for MAGIATRATO’S ATPRAL . —

A, Nigrett!
tue south uf Uctober wae nios, bir | A. Litilepage Nigrettt
Nurthero Division, Hines 4 J. Gummlag » (ucace!

e ne ‘Three in the Southern Linesmeg

Lash ve Btspteton= For Jodgaent, |. 6 HENRY
one m fl € . *
\ ‘

' ate ¥





talaed laa ce trian deed of matgyce dated
the 25th sey ol Sanuery 1002 registered a¢
No, 220 of 102asd la’ a eotela Mem
reodum of Mortgsge No, 64 dated she
wld 258 dey of Janvary 1902 «

: Michasl P,” Maillard,


10E trea th
us ye oreo pert ale con: §
+ (‘The Cash ‘Btore.”} \ ener

tetweem Janco of the one part aod Caro-
los Govastres {elves deceased} of ekg ts

“e oe
STR eRe" peo deco el) otto

part, there

xodersigued ttbthelr Ancson Mer Ko 3 @
« We have just received quite’ a big lot of Now Goods including Ladies’ and] | Scireqhevny the'etaddey of Never: .
) Children’s Millinery, Hair Curls and Plaids, eto ; but we desire to make particular ber 1010. between the hare of 0.0 acd
°— mention of our Xmas and New Year Cards whicli are of excepticnal value, Come “et AR thor for
z ’ h ALL AND SINGOL in th
‘ 8 y : SL f Jaed situate In the .
: early and make your selectton, We have heaps of them for you tu choose from. , 2 sone or parcale of land aitnate tn the 0 U R
’ etipeg ti manera _
ir * 2
.. Xmas ani New Year Cards, Ladys’ Court Shoes. itis Urs Road, os thet mek npon ands )
: i Ere! Lapy'a COURT SHOES. Fite! lormerly of the Growa bat then ort LADI ES o
oe Vi i * Tent 3 COURT BHOES-— Fit ity! Inted t wtao, on eat 0 i" .
XMAS CARDS —Vory Wasi dole y Zt} LADS COURT SHOE For analyte poued | [tae tiadh tatat Re Wea
XMAR POST CARDS Very novel” and toterertig. | LEATHER SLIPPERS—Very ged zalan, wese well— nde of Mantode formerly Crom re, 3 he
Worth mach more on oe Only 20, up. Fem 480 op. Tools aed a per cor Padog oe € 9 7 8
WATERMAN — THE HATTER, CLOTHIER AXD OUTFITIE8, 15. Frederick Street Crown Lind, on the: by Landa pe e |.
LL toned for by Mantode ard om the Wert »
* ty lands petitioned for by Kokil: ‘The
Third theres comprising 1” ore snd és: es
Ne re erennn te 2 ‘owe Grant ep —_————
% Volome
Barbadian Modesty. rololteredin the chancery lunqtonays | Demerara Combined Court Bust } Berl /trorerts Recs ai oa the When nest you aro to ourLadies'{i
, —— halt ¢) the principles of law and procedure ness, Ere article we describe here fs »? it leased Tad
eokadasebe thane bending he Auity | I wasters nly etermised oF, ad seat sar pune eeTey ticle ime dusorite here {2 | | Departmont we shall bepleaed toshow
It: Ich Ie. characterieti ‘LET HIM BRAY. * » pom you thefollowing wil fin
«SP OUmez ty oe Barbara | Hen ot hee de Gotoh oes | Thefontog etetelige, the De toga woll sored stock this season, || Brig extrsiely' low. ;
+ erisket enthusiast In the * olland * fenkruptey (a) the principles of law mae years of the 4th {oetant;~— a bounded on the Norib, noth . 7
» Baa published a pictorial postcard com: | and procedura in matters waually | oy ia Rxcellency, at Wedoestay’s meet: | ana Woot by Crown Lard and onthe East LADIF3—White Maslin Robes and Costumes WHITE DAMASK COVERS—With frie
| memoratire of the victory by the Bar- | determined or adwnloistered inthe Pro- | Of the Cowbleed Court, appoited two lands of Manohurand ty Orowa Lind. ~=Embrcijered and Pleated Froste, # ed borders in red, ee J
bados team 10 the Toter-colonial [| bate, Divorce and Admlraity Division | Committees one 02 the Direct Taxstioa 'N.B.—The above mortgage seoanty is side range for your selection, from $1.80 edgea and estoar ‘i ora in re , :
Cricket Tournament, Skipper Taril- fog the High Court of Jusilee (Eng. | Proposale, and (heother on Canadun Bow veeted ia George Gonsalees to 9400 * ink sad yellow ahades, Exquisit cee
joule Fepresentad on the cricket feld land) 1 Criealnal law and ractice, and Neciproeity. b by deed fue 30. Mark 1998 9 autifal, each from 12 cents,
olding the cup aloftia hier and | proceedings be trat ‘a ‘o he t . od o o ns
while onthe ground on each elde of | Justices of the Peace jandanesamine: | the Coveroment Erscctane the heies * M MUSLIN EMBROIDERIES— Treeh fron WHITE DAMASK TABLING—56 inches
him le prone and looking very woe- I tion in the principles of the Horoan | General, the Receiver General, Messre the Manufectarers, Insertionsto match, wide, coloured borders, a big demand for |!
begotten the respective captaios of | Dutch law in force in thecolony., Ihe] R.G. Danean, J. 8. Me Arthur, E.G. varlous widths, prices pee yard from 63. it this neasoa, pet yard only 46 cents,
the Trnided and Demerara clevens. examination 2 Homan patel law Woolford, J Wood Davis, F, Dias, PLN. Gonsalves apd alice Yallt pt the ae .

5 - ‘ ren ns: 7" > .
represent © Pavilion crowded with | ed by Br, WV it Bisechopps, LLD, | Browee, 80d G. Ps Gaskig'; and tothe | Pary te’ Grerme MUSLIN FLOUNCINGS-=18 faches to 45 sae ea Trop ee ee rrarr tea errant
spectators. Onthe whole thedrawing | Lecturer and examiner in Homan ne er, the overament Secretary, the Dated this 20h de of October 1910, fnchea wide, Extra opecial values from ta and 20 cents, '

13. as atrocious as the poetry beneath, | Dutch Jaw for the Council of Legal | Receiver Genoral the’ Auditor General, LOUIS JOHN. & Co, If cents per yard to $1.80 84 ceate &

which le beaded Barbados the Van-| Education The feo for the two | less It G. Doser, G P, Garkin, Fe Anetioneers, AFFIA BTRAW RUNNERS. .Romethi

quisher,” viz r= examinations payable in advance Dias,and J. Wood Davie. His Exce'l R th ri ange fro 7 cease
fam Monarch of all Laurvey each candidate has been fixed’ by the |eacy ssid be hoped the membereap- | rriioaD WHITE QUIPURE INSERTIONS—trom bew, seo them, prises range from 4
My right there fe none to diepute. | Governor in Council with the approval | pointed would serve. SALE FOR TUESDAY THE Brn DAY Q conte per yard to 19 cents. . Up. ‘i
From the Mudbeads "round to | of thy Combined Court at Bléd; Lut] Withrespectto the former, Mritias- OF NOVEMBER, 1910, “ 1

"the Swellbeade " apy candidate who fails in either { blo aeked to be relieved, al = _—
1 a7 Lord of them all without | examination or in both, will be allow- | can, who said be bed to bee eee the pusuc NOTICE is hereby given that

lou ed to alt once again, without payment conntiy very much daring the vert lu sxerc'se of the Power o! je con. , ; Ten ee : q
_DENERARA SOLICITORS’ ExAtt-| om Or, cnmlsstions subsequently | ried tree be acl actos here es : rol froperty Ontinnne, | on Frice Only. | Value Nowhere Like Majllard’s, | Free Jusurane, i

held for the first examination of i d

granting therequest Me Wood Di

—_ M'Gaiit ocihen” peice the wala | He, Wied 0b telened on le groued | Resets ames ar a” es
at the proposal

ANEW ORDER OF THINGS, examinations, Tel ineatn peat athe eympalby? We would eaten eee between Josephine Pierre of the coe part

month of December and will not be | Jectionto then. topes oer Se Tee Te

BURSECTS 70 RE OFFERRD + THE FEES. | held more than once {a each year. His Excellency; That is why yoo Trisided Mateal W:ievd'y toclety) of the | St a
We note froma contemporary that —_—_—_ agape theres sways locked up ther pe wil be pat a ior ee TRINTDAD, ° 5 f

the Demerara Judges have lait . . . Senaton ast, S Ooreee i EL Tits Ss ,

hotified that ater che Jot. Sune, if, {Georgetown Munteipal Taxes. the Fiaancisl Representative as a Jabour ¢ their Auction slart, No. 2, Corver of Sask THE PULBIC A.

no person (not being under section ¢ of candidate, he proposals are totax the | ville acd Se, Vincent Ntreete ic the town

aN «Sard

y v1 nis nch man acd rel. of Port-of-Bpata om Toesday the 8b da . a ; ,
Dedinater, 165, exempt froma erative. OVER $10,000 PAID. Jem om Prise, teve the Poor map, and of November 110, between ibe hours ms Pane aatiied tot ey Ged e W ~ 48
tion)shall be admitted as a solicitor o: . is Excelecey . Ord " ote andtwo pm, . ,
the Supreme Court unlees and uati! he oAcrording ut memerara sonia. Me Wood Davis . he der. bray. All tbat Mesaage and fend al'artenia beg nea a of aCgtoles 3910, 1 anita ry * d S a ] ,
passed the standard of examina: [feigned upon the action taken | Go on brayiog, the town of Port-of-Spaia fn the Latand of f Mt Mery pos mA, Chensiea® Fatar ‘
tion bzed, The exemlaation, which | by the ‘Town Clerk of George- Tilnidad Keown formecly os No, 3>, 8% t dtary © 60 « Chiries? Estates, :

the property of Mary Elizabeth Warren J


lO Tal

svill be conducted by the Incorporated [town for the recovery of the rales Jamon Street but now sa No, 64, Frederick

{altbe principles of the Kingliely Lave to be tevied during the present year Football by videry twa fess a dope and abatt log
4 a “ ti °

Of real apd personal property and the payers before Me WVonlfeed tae onthe North apon lot No, 66, Fredenc

rincipies of law end procedure in
Hatters usually determined or ad topay much beyond the time stipulated

of Cunopia, aod that any person havin,

live or dead atock belonging to the sal
— estates aro rcquired to deliver the same
ecuveyancing: (b) the | onfee,nat a few of them being allowed tel the football match played yes ] Street, cn the Fouth upoe lot No. 62,1 forchwith tome

terday between Clydesdale and Q: B Frederick Street oa the But upog laod ’ hat of
eget jormer wrasse victor: bow oF merly of one ‘wrence and On
the Ordinance, and the action of} 5 goals to 1. fa the ctorlous by the Wert upon Fiederick 8 16 pecind Notice te farther given, that alt

—_—_—— : the present Town Clerk has couse-* gq Sh 4 th dt 1 0. ‘aber, 1010, ; by . . . ’
IMPURITIO’ OF THE BLOOD Coun: | quuently been nota little displeasing ,fufet Shamrock and Mejewic, the Dated this Tae hs JOUN & Co. Eatatos are to be paid to me on the] A Bhipment of this popular WATER PAINT has te
: received in assorted colours, ail pickagas of 7, 14

TERACTED sentles in ibe Mood to thone of thea who have been dia aller was defeated by 6 goaleto nil. ‘Auctionsers,

come from defectain the action of the | posed to take undue advantage of the Irs Virt N InED - iB :

liver, They are revealed by piroples, | consideration hitherto afforded them. |—Noone canes rane Tene power wt’ Berne ators ae foue ty aa Dated this Let fing.of November 1010] 56 lbs. each
aud unsightly blotches on the skin. | Out of a total sum of, approximates | that Canadian Healing Ol. possessee: \dated the 12th day of Febrnury 199 (re WALTER H. MILLS, ° .
They tust be treated Ipwaitly, and { ly, $101,000 close upon §110,000 ha | The originator was himeelf surprived { zilered as No, 371 of 1900) and are now Gunonpia’
for ‘ible purpose there te uo more } been already paid, and this when the | by the wonderful qualities that his | vested in Jeaone Marie Eva Brocse, ‘RINIDADAND 105‘00, °
effective compound to be steed than [second mnojety isonly now due. Pro compound porsessed. That howaethe | eee TRINIDAD AND TOBS Sourt

Dr. Kellogg's Vegetable Bills. They | ceedings in respect of the reccovery of | benefactor of humanity ls shown by | SZNo child should be allowed to suffer | to whe Mauer ete Ewete of Sophia Urich
act directly on theliverand by petting: the second moiety willnot be taken | the myriads that risein praise of thie | an hour frém worms when prompt late of Mayaro jn tbe Island of Trinidad
up healthy processea have a beneficial | before the isth inst., and Itbasaleo | wonderful Oil. So famibar fa every. | relief cao be got ia a simple but strong =—Decensed

effect upon tbe blood, so that lropurl- { been decided to extend payment of the one with It that {!s prized as & house. remedy-Mother Graves’ Worm Exter- UBLIC NOTICE 4 beewby g'ren that

ties are elimina: firet molety til that date. hold medici / licatton bes be bi
edicine everywhere, minator. unt? eatlon bes nae mance so coe by Jo ha.

tao 8

For Sale by

Sole A


* of June 1978 ofthe estate of Sopbia U: Sat
fuel Ot ie aud Word of ‘Mayuro la the Port-of-“pain,
Ivand of Trinidad who died oo the syd ser = ©
of May roto, at Wiesbaden, io the Eapire ——
of Gerniany, having at thi time of her a
fixed plact of abade at St Bervard Esste io on
. the said Ward of Mayaro te the asd } i
Idand of Trinidad ibe aiid Joba Urich beirg
seicd' Nace Waly gives bat Ht BO caveat
s od Notice {5 also given ca
, ls lodged before the expiration of twentry BELMONT.
thes publication ef (PCC oorerONe

nc Peet ee GEO eee aT Registrar,

Petre ne OE |

" AD,


pusuio NOTICE ts hereby Fltgs thas

é in exercise of the Fower
i ferred upon Mortgsgtea by the Conreyen:
, ia cing sod Law of Property Ordiseace, No,
. 42 and cootelned in theese cettela memo
“ * 4 reuds of Mostgege bearing dete the 2trd
day of June 1903, 20th day of July 1908,




Grocery Departm

and 13h dey ot Jaze, 1909 reapectivel
° made by Fellx bt. Louie in favour of Elle,
beth Lawrie there will be pat up for Bals
OF — Yablic Auction by the anders! at
thelr Auction Mart, Nx 16, St. Viacent
Strest, Port-of-Ypain on Thareday the 10th

@ dey of November, 1910, between the hours

of lacd 2 pw,
All thar ie or parcel of land situate
in the Werd of Upper Caroni contalalng
2 olpetcen acres be the samen litle more or
. . lesa dolingated and with ibe abuctals ead
@ koundaties therecl abown on the plan

‘ 7

| drawaon the © own Uicdt rozlotered ia
- Volume XVII1, folic 508 of the Register
Biok and bowaded on the North, ‘outh
. and Weet by Crown lands and of the
ren rey BY feted | int eee Eust by laads of J, M. Crespo and by
Crows Jaods.

Now openiog in recent arilvels,
8) ices for Who'essle Buyers, <

- W.C. ROSS &#




Carrrat Patrur 4, one v0 eee on
Ruszxvep Foxo

THE LATEST MODELS IN SHAPES & READY-TO-WEAR IIATS, mene Eater Shoe Ly none Heap Ghricys‘nowviina, "
overament Aucticncerr, . Fidaldent, Vice-Preatdent and Geosral


Baxx EG
Niw York Aowicr Be nenas, Paxcea Staats Was

= . oe TTS
Black -White, Navy; Royal Blue, Saxe Blue, Green, Fawn, SALE HGR wepvennay THE tera
Brown, Grey, Purple, Strawberry. ([ HE undestgasd willpab ao for Baleby

sombanta te the Te eae Vormenty Brooches Sn the Principal (utles and Towss of the DOMLMIMEs

H ‘ H @ 4 . P .
ALSO — Nite * Selection of Infants and Girl's Straws, Roy's Sailor Hats Ete sailed Noveaber | CANADA snd NEWFOUNDLAND j to LAVAN

aad ¢broc 4!
valli eal Pare o sbamGvtgen KINGSTON, JAMAIOA: and PORT-OP BEAIN: FAIMIDAD.
IN.B—AIl the Abovo Markod at Unusually Keon Pricos, Grepoude the preparty af hit. Gneres
Jez, sercure ot oleety ning fee three] BERN AMALUANA' FD WITH THAT OF TILE ROYAL Bank OF aa
bog B good driving teed. Title tndefeaelble,
s &

two milee of ibe Mylaaiso Ol Welds ad

Morris ul, The Eatste compiles tte | THE BUSINESS OF THE UNION BAN HALIFAX HAVE
and four pe.ches of fet Swhh |UNDOER WHICH NAME Gr BUsIS ce
ry * a threr through the same Tole wiutie | CONDUCTED AT MABINE SQUAEE-CORSEN RDERCEOMELE he
’ : u
a 1
‘ a AyUirayy

reat Eiitah




NEW SUITINGS, Jacket and Pants,

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MERCERISED DRESS SUITING—Quite Now—86,00, Jacket and Fanta

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From 60 centaup Special Line $1.44

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The FINE distinction between a
STYLISH anid a COMMON made
Garment is obtained by dealing

c2, With


709J00; 916%

> {igi0t

of defendants were allowed @ chance | thatthe boree has come for the syndi- be Koninsaljke W, Matl-

of paying the fines lwposed on them, | cate it wasconsigned to Schaller, and toes dienst.

he argued that it would save front } later, when a * Daily Argosy” report-
the contaminating fofluences of aj er scaght some information: from Me. Tut Rorat Durow Main TamipAn Switrine Amd
Taavixa Co—Acasts,

vict julwwany aman who at present | ed thatthe hone Gasthe property of | PRINS WILLEN V,— The Patch | ((ROWN OF GRANADA-Tne ¢s,



» ~
s : l a can falily be sald to havetraced the | Mr Schaller, Mr, CannonuRclinedto |. _Mail Stesmer 6s, “Prins Willem ** Crown of Granada® of the Trink
a . ¥." fa due here from Venezuelan | dad Line will feave for New York on
: brated * Whiskies. eee eee Dia downtell, not 2 divelge | jhe advever raced before. "87 | Porteon orabout the 12th November | the 8rd November 1010 and Je due

wa hele Pink etch combi. tus tn ken


mg —————; , 1010, Proceeding afterwards to Mar | there 12th Novembre 1¥td,

some trivial offenee, Lut from the day | aa eae ees amarlbo, Hl 3 t . 7 2
| riba Shvougt she efoesL ctemaric | MOVEMENTS OF STEAMERS. fog rare’ tarsecgerg and Nate. | (VL toe trinidad Lite wil eave or
te . be was forced lato the company of eee - en JRINS DER NEDERLANDEN, = | New York on the 12th, November,
E Finest Very Old and Mild & Old [As from Sunday, 6th! Bttted Sevrteantfoedinntt: | (YY © PP the Raya ast] dott eit Pasa gen | Hig tee ese te ae Noro
ae e e . albe ine. Anwsterdam vier Paramaribo and
me inst. the price of Beef} formerty conceindit to be. We think | Jrynu the RMS Clyde” ie | Demerara enor about the ais Novern= comer
p B that for well nigh every offence tria- due bere from Southamproa vin | ber io Proceeding he dist Novem:

be tT 1 ' . o_ ble by a magistrate, « fine shuold be on - i . tne, « 2
aa sri TCH LIQUEUR WaISKIES, will be as under capabie of blogimposed on fiat offend. | Chexbourgand Bartadioe oo Tuesday | Farupeno, Gument, Quanta Le Guey-} SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE.

trate t> graot him time to pay a fine,

. ‘

we lilo AMAA

day for New York, via Pto Colombia, | Aux Cayes, Port au Prince and New

. =, | special ceses, A third proposal of the t > —
A K tes ‘artagena, Colon, Jamaica and | York taking cargo Passengers and ARRIVALS,
eee’ ROAST & STFA 12¢, Ib pest be youthful, "Aree odenders, the Antille Cubs, taking let clase passon: | Maile. Now. 6th,
semen a ER ea nnnes object belag to avold sending them ta | Sete cargoand malls, RINS WILLEM IIL~The Dutch | Pasano, Venes falucho, Quijads,7

For them itis proposed |, The tender will leave the Light i Mail Steamer as. “Prins Willem

i” ts d tons. 8 daye Maturio ballast,

Biew Venivo, Venex fauch :
3 tons, 5 days Tucupita, 13° poles

renowned BLENDS extonsito'y used by the leading Furopean |} BRISKET & STEW 10¢ Ib [ privon at 1
Opmpanies, Clubs, and Hotels, are tow teing Fatrodneed 3 vee te era daily penal dull for 8 | with passengers for the Clyde" Potte on or about the wth November

e ie WHISKI ¢s of exceptional meritand superior quality, BONES ses vse Go Ib | posed Inctead of imprisonment, That | | Fastengers arespecially notified that | 1910. Proceeding afterwards to Pare

house Jetty, Queen's Wharf at 3 p.m. ue here from Venezuelan

: * a baggage ta despatched to the | amaribo, avre aud Amsterdam tek- | AsTRAcA, Brit at 2
fall _meltow flavour, peculiar only to tho old time Fete oe no eo reed | Outward, Mail will leave the St, Vin. | lng cargo Pasoagera and Malle. tone 18 days Perdana?
Ni OLD SCOTCH WHISEY, that for such classea of offenders there | cent Jetty at 10 am. on the day of . kiyke West l {For ordera and bunker coal) To
_ should be provided the means, by an | Siling, and passengers are therelore stoninkiyke Westdn-| Gordon, Grant & Co, j
* alteration of the existing reformatory Fequested to ace that the ie baggege fe discha Matliienst, Varxrnis Lilt sloop, Mitchell, 18 tons + Al
DB . am . ‘
law, whereby terme of jess than two RUBA The RMB. “Oruba” fs Now York—Paramarite $28 Spe o bon sheep,

- Ce fA ‘s han th Bere TS barrels
f rtificate o nalysis. GR ELL & Co Lid years, (say terme of pot jews than three due here frou New York viade-| ‘Tux tora Durer pberrlct urs, 8 turkeys, 9 ber i sere Peat

or six wontb "
‘made a minote Analyaia of « fsir aample of Mesnrs, Daniel youths for their first offence, such form malca, Oolon, Cartagena, Pto, ARAMAOQUA —Tbe 8.8. “Sara 18 pasaengers,

, . 3 ‘ ishment to be 1b Loysand | Colombia and D’to, Cabello on Monday macca” ts back bere from | Namacagna, }Venez_ stmr, Oliva:
seis Hove } {Botting fora vo BO Taa thee eels South Qui gine ic “wo the age of cay eighteen lth November, and will, leave the | Paramaribo vid Barbados on Tuseday, | 264 tons, 3 hours Oludad oliver ws
Ferree 5 paent, fi . Ys fostead of, ae at present, being | Sme day até p,m for Southampton, | t5ib November, 1010 and will leave | oxen, and 12 passengers for Trial-
ality tad very foe favour nod that fe bes ribo charceterictics 16th Uctober"1910, imited to children below sixteen. The qia Ter serie ba (Axons) ssure day direct for New York taking dad, 2104 pkgs for Trinidad ‘line, :
ther day the cit: veate consid: er DOU Rs wen, cargo, passengers and malls. pkge for French ling, 1,049 pkg ‘
had Matarity, . . - ered thax ‘eight Tanne ioe reforma- “The god male the Lighth yee? AMEThe B.8,*Suriname* | for Haoburg-American line, is ,
Sigsed) ROMERT ty Acai itor soe Concty ot | The PorL-AL-ODQD GATCIIE | Custom cratem orca chtied | aetty, Gucrss Whner ged gin wits | ameacistseiy, Rem hacemgariogs | BEES er hora gaarae ba»
nee x oll aTAC- , Pr os 8 218! oven ber, an é, ,
* Lanark on Renfrew, he, Qe Part u pad ale é tert Bue was cow yelled ta commit ima passenger for the Orube will leave next day at noon preclecly Nove. Th. * .
— for two yeare wa the miounum allowed | Passengers are specially notified | direct for New York, takiog cargo, | VietNo, Amer, stir, Smith, 192 tons,
~ runs Oe eee oN, io | bylaw nand although be intiniated | ee eee ncward hall will leave the | Pewancers and malls 12 Loura Cano Colorado, baitsst "
B: ° -" “
Prices on mppliocntion to * that he would strongly recommend an St Vincent Jetty at 12 b00n on tha A HOW ‘i Es ‘The 5. 8, Maro: and pe beantngers, To New York a
appealto the Government forthere | @ t galll 4 ij re from New lex Co’
* tpission of apart of the sentence, we | °F 0 Rk, and passengers &re | York on Monday, 2lst November. 1910, | 6t Dominaug, French stmr, Lancelot,


submit that thet form of procedure ie | therefore requested to see Lhat thelr J and willleave the same dey for Pare-| $56 tons, 33 boure Demerara, no

bag gene ia sent dawn before tbat hour.
totally wrovg in principle pnd iia PKRONIcThe WLS. Carontâ„¢ will maribo taking cargo, passengers and

cargo, no paxeengers, To Chas,
another closely allied case, where the a

Jn the course of on address delivered Leotaud & So;


me | offender was fust over sixteen, there leave bere on or about the 1%b AROWIINE.~The &8. Prue Macnira, Dutch stur, Van der :
eee matin’ the Pree for one bo sit tive but tosend this | Instant, taking cergo for Havre, Lon- A wijoe” in due back here from] oot, 1.828 tone, 38 hours Demerars, :
rleon reform which the Tuwperlal | tiret offender tu jall for two months Bon on tre Teh B oTh a} Varemaribo viA Barbados, on Tuesday, 230 tons general cargo ard 2 3
Agonts. overnment bad determined to In- | there provaldy Ww begin the downwand | I‘ AM eb ° Routh ames” | the 2th November, 1010, and willleave ] _sengee ‘To Koyal Dutch Mail

Uroduce In Ube shape of an 4ct_ nf | caccer the end uf which cannot be bard i te due, ere roe B upnawpton, the same day direct fur New York | Easteax Prixce, Brit etmr, Ord, a
se oe enema me ~ Parliament within the nest few] Ww foresee We suxgest Lhat there is nm 4 ere an bet : wil taking carge, passengers aod malls. 1,788 tons, 1Odare hie, cargo in * j
. months} and in some respects, dealing | ewple reason ju Trinided for the seri- lewve e caine ‘day foe New ‘York a Houston Lins of t hi tranait, (for bunker coal) To Gordon |
. (eg~* we . 4 as this achrme does, with the exescwe | vus ovnsiderativa of Ube Eoglish Gov. | Pe chen tt Darts ene Calan! * ousten Line of] Grant& oo :

* of the discretionary powers entrusted | erowent’s proposals with ryard to 7) * slew and Bent Gui, taking Leb Steamere Saramacca, Dutch stinr, Vander Es
' . to the magistrates and judges for| tbe refurming, aa distinct from the Cines pessenge cargo novt mallee Gro, . Atstox & Co— dul tons, 8) days New York, ,
Oan't Go meting out pupisbinent to offenders | merely puuit va treatment of prisons | Viney Peas Bett Tern pe eee nte. general cargo, 7 horees and 31 a

of various classes, It seemes to be one | ers, eepecially when they belong othe Jetty, Queeu's Whart ab2 pe, with MANcuEsTER INVENTOR, The | ,,bateeDsers. To Hoyal Dutch Mall, ‘

: . }
that might not be unworthy of careful | Hivl offenders type, . ae. Manchester Inventor” is] 24niTina, Venen boat, Campo. 7
By u y j Nn g consideration in this colony alsa, Que — FI CE eee a eee scited tbat | due hers to anive fom Buenos Alves fone day” Cristobal Colon
part of the new scheme is devoted te OWer | ao bazgege Jighter ta be deapatched to | Our about the Jt ember 5
. the tefurm of the exitiog system of | Pollination of the Cocoa the Outward mall will leave the St, [0d will leave the same day for AV diy, “Seimcohean eee, 7 tags

tment of irstuffenders. [tb will be — Hen Juan — Porto Mico, Cienfuegos
trmembered that Dr. Blackwood | (To the Editor f the Port-af Spain cen ee ata on the day of | itiyana,,. Mato.zog, Boston, cocoa, Zhides, 4horses, 2° donkeys,

: @
Your Wright, slitting as city magutrate re- Gasette) requested to soe that theie baggage le} York. taking ctrgo, passengers and tH pigs, 3 gosta and ¢ pata 1

Ain le

an wat, Venes aloo;
cently indicated, by certain remarks hich you re-pub- | seat down before that hour, piails, lone, ‘oda Ps
.-Th . a — ahaa =m a, Cumana, cargo fi \<
froma tbe bench toa ie ra? cluneee | iabed in Saturday's Gaselizof the bib | \[AGDALENA, The RM 6 Aas. the Humburg-Amers | sit idan kefuandosib invaniy
a the loge ordivance, and jotimeted instant, by H: Caracclol Ea. Janter, See eee cm from New bi: can Lina DRPARTUR :
the “Pollination 6! ie t e
pretty plaloly toat be would use the Joa fey ton doubtediy, great | Pto. Colombia and Pto, Cabello on Paci i, Scurrnxn & Co Nov. & Es,

ys : .
7 lenlenc: reby confeired | Fiower,
A powers ‘ta lite J sible. Tu | credit on this young ecientiflo worker Moods : o2tth , November, nnd mil VIRGINA the 1 aN gs ot | Vieiso, Amer suair An 12? tone
4 this connection it of interest fr its originality and concent, amptoo, vid Barbados, St. Michacls the Hamburg American Line |e ballast and 8 passengers. DN Yo
: to note from Me Winston Churchill's } What wae ee nown today and | (Atores), and Cherbourg, taklog pas | due here from Venezuelan porte on of tee ee oe stevie, nota ;
. Beit etinr, Mosrlson, a

speech that the Huwe Government
tops, Jamalea, 8tU tone bunker coal,

a y about ovemsber lth, proceeding
that ts that polltoation la not done by | Sener carded ive theTightbouse | afterwards to [lavre aod Iiemburg

ilar id bould
peach raped ihe Hogileh Buipen wind iufuence on account of

, pre Jetty, Queen's Wherf, at 3 p.m. with | via Ms ‘Toomes, taking cargo,’ passen- 4
‘ diaries, staied, in the fur of mu ie vibe tid of feared Tree nese pemenare forthe" Magdalena ” were and mails, “ " eae este en OO. onto
CARDS siucopal create to ll the ma sittienma wgambe na | © fareoners reerecaiipactiied that | ASSYIMA.Hhe ex, Aserrie at | Micen Bolersice sunaly piston,
brips, | @ bezmege lighter to be despatche i (San Fernando Sth lesta: ‘
4 dud that these clauses should be at otbing elsg tbent! the floweward mail will leave the Ht | ue here from Curacao on or about lo Sth lestant),
— freely brought foto pla geDus, oF gevers, remains y Nover 2ith roceeding afterwarde to Detra, Venes stmr, Lopez, 26 ton !
Warena wt en tbe aftence was @ Great soe for furtber work to prove. It ls ao Vincent Jetty at 14 noon on the day of avre ‘aud’ ilemburg via Ste ‘Thomas, Culdad Bolivar, ‘33 tons gener.

hly Intereatiog and jostructive con- | sailing, and passengers are therefore tndog and § passengers, Uy Cla au de
Nav Fluy Costde Venesuela

St. Domiaux, French etmr, Lances

udding that the deliberate dtsiga of tafoution wud one thet this gentleman | requested to seo thal. thelr baggage te taking cargo, passengers aod mails.
‘ompaugnis Generale} jot, 442 tous, St, Laels, 130 ba

Zransatl ntique. Tded mA bege T dad coon

G. Leoratp & Hows | meal, bese dry b 1 case Venes

sae ee ebe peaslule, tbe detention In | ts to be congratulated upon. sent down before that hour

s 7 ‘
; i f peracas forthe | The sbove peper, it, weuld appear, -
§ Ber ime, fouod ° anlty "of some | was first published in the ° Hrogeed, on Direct Line
, B Joffence not in heel indicatlog loug |inge of the Agricultural Society o Londo ‘Rlanmmove
e 3 . Handing criminal or, bratal propeos!: Toinided,” for October 1910, and ‘now .
, oo,

Aazats, wuld, § cases feathers, 18) hides and
Lies, gest that a similar cir. | just to band, Yours truly. Xxw PPoLonnnt Courast t DOMINGUE.~The French Malt Eipamengers By Chas, Leotsud &
colar to the local tnegiviracy might Ww PHEROID,-The ne." Mpuerold* |S) Steamer "St Doulngue® from ‘
not be out of piece. | Another matter OY will cal} 06 or sbout 10th November | Kurope vid Guadeloupe pique

Nov. 19 a
, 6, 4a, MARINE SQUARE, Lo, be dealt mated tow the proviion | No a= neat, taking cargo, for, London and | testy November and will proceed

hereby a defendant ~con- altorwards to Denwerera, Surinam and .
f mifiof some cfleace the punishment | TheCannon-Dias Syndicate | tlontorpasseogers, a | Garenne, tablog cargo paweugels and Closing of Mails,

cargo for London aud

nest laking


, ' , for which waea fine with ao alterna Demerara. a rtd ASSO wae * Bargata ie | ale
Sablishad over Eighty Years. juss tomtenoen soles te: =a fon a Cr eet sree ya teibe het
uted, piaent of euch fine. la many | ARRIVAL OF AMOTHER RACK HORSE, | ter 16th, proceeding afterwaids to eee dee Heer due bere
_ te b fruit, ateawer « Coppe Degas’ taklog cargo, pasvengors thesith November, and ail proceed olsely, Hegistration closesat 08) ac,
~] traten wo are well aa ere cet for The Pubic ‘errived jn Demerara |” - afterwards to Martinique, Guadtloupe, Mails for Uarupano, La Guayra,
colony St is a frequent practice for frou New York oo the 2nd instaot, , Nuviga- Hantander, Vordeaux and Havre, Paranilla and Colon by the “Guedes
Ro SAD Bi Bier ia| Bas eee ir aa La, Veto» Savign| ang pubegere tna wad cares' |e tip cal tly Csdey
on] wvengers pialla nad cargo. ;
fe thik, io view of the fact that a | tred race: oree bythe Ay it paten sione Italiana

~— tration closes at 2.30 p.m,
refusal of Hime ts oftea the tion ot hae bee of that elty, theCanaon- Vopote Glasyow Lnvect Line zoieie act Jacsaloe, Golo, Conal
certain magistrates, it, wou! we ‘c yndicate. This latest addition igs of Steamers, Nor York by the thane ayand .

Malls for New York by «8° “Cop:
oame” will be closed on Tussdey
he @ November 1910 a6 10 o'clock pre:

ete, coh wcll

: courts and befure @ good many megie-

Tux New Covontat Oo Lap— Aeynte

se e “UG
SMALL COGOA ESTATE tee aly ite te, in lined the | toube tborooaitrd tonne, nce! | (HSE LGa® te due ere from Grace Tustin, Sure, are | wil ux showed 98” Raed oe! a
ed . ™ of i185 AcFfos. Ge alo embuaied fa ore et WN eer up mother ity fa twogeen Nie un'ur eset wih Navewler perk PANARIV A | The ao * tenant ne Teglatratlon, ‘legen LB) “ "
N OK oes a Brey”? * wee Deine tect elary io favour of othe | © ce a was slleeted fa lo Cail Curesne, favenilla, L'to’ | Hesbedoe on or about (he Mit inetaut | New York by the “Maracas” will’ be
Fepeth’, Tessonablaysuies refused. FoF farther partioulars ' pePpruviniog Holds at out good in | wlan tarthesyedioue U7 octay | Lamoo apd tolge, tabi. oarge nud | aed iw ey oe gta | evatonacuraey tha Lath November
. ey tn 'Tripided, Apa pr who usually plies f te aed pasetun and mails, Mail aud Regineatton Shoteet Pee

. jew, et
tedustion in the cust ef the prison Jitay Trough it te Understood if quarantine permatta,

toe , MOKENZIE> & KIRTON, esteblabunects if ecertela preportica

' . . \ wiese Atti Keema a daniel
“ FT TT IT EE Oe TT ee
‘ .




we Ta ene he DAY OF NOVEMBER, Ine, orice Meee . ' FOR. _SALE, j j Notice. Now Scientific Motho SALE FUR SOWDUER Tone pay
Por ine Rotate of UBLIO NoTICE 5 by given to alt pevions - mee . Ht Ms

ciel | « RIO ETICE peat ramet Ait erates Peal cute Meter’ Char-a-Banc, \Teweer ti 22 St] YIOLIM TEACHING, | DUSHOMOTIEE sly pias be

No resonable efter will by cefased,

Apply to
No 85, Frederick Sireet.
October 29—Inr,


RENE buy e typewritiog tmachlne,

NM, MESIAL COOPER, teined Ina deed of Mougaga ented the

th day Of Jaty 1009, tegtesersd a8 No,
144, Delmont “Jrewar Road, the Sirad, a3 2: ly 009, trateser ere

—— i a an dover or teed der the Orme of
Dent stry. "Peal the! Schecret & “ol the fees
bath Aone wore Riot cae the

a . rae
Drjd. MARQUEZ, Surgeon Dentist, rad or aod the ecid Heul Herman
ared to execute att orders nclading | Mobeerer of the foarth pert acd also le ©

work, memoresdam of Mortgage wader the pro
barrirpmatia’ ofa te tate visions of the Resi Uroserty Ordinance

. qe pepe in to the] taladin a deedof Mortgage da
ated, to coramenoson the 2:
é. mee Deotaeed. * [twenty fret dag of Bortemtee 1900 repie- } 204 terminate 04 te Tose ee ENO. Ts ae nice parsons
~\— tered aa No. 2603 of 1909 and made te the day, Daunuckvdog wil be plase! froma — oe
MOTICE te hereby xiven thet | tween Clprtano Rivas H-driguez of the one | 2 p.m. to 6 pw, pris! Wheats, Lasthsr uapholatered
Hem bao been madeto me by | pact aod Wiliam Gordon Gordon Bed, Heata, sotid tyree, Detachable ainopy,
m Dhaai) Meloerta Labo | under the firm of Gordon Urent& Ua") SITUNARAYANDASS, BADIIOU, | Sith Epsie brass slda Lampe, ia perfect
: for a graut of Probate of | of the otber pert, and alo under the power | N.B =A contributions ‘mest be pald worklag order, « bargain for any one de-
ering date bbe éth day of May | contained fa memorandam of mortgage | 00 te abovendmed and no one e'se.qw | rows of ranuing & passenger vervice,
Baptivds lete of the tows } onder the Neal Property Ordinance dated Nov, dh, le, N.B.- Pees trial trip t epproved party,
d who died on the } thesame 21st o1 September 1909 wade | TR. . For farther porbicalare sppty to
1910, barlogsat the | by thesald Cipttano Rivas Rodrigues ts 1a the Supreme Conet, SMITH BRO, & CO.

pt fillog Ha alsa upeclaiions ia robve
teeth Axed place of abodd ad | faroar of the sald William Gordon Gordon | In the Mat Oot. 19th—1ae The Tonanse, become an expert. Carboo | i work ced to be Ad tb 23h ds Joly 1904,
. Rae raid Elens | there will ba put o¢ for Ssle by the under Till, of the Peace at Toratsein ns paper aod trpereler gota Nas filso, ect ons «) Frater Streets aie ate ry t ye oaid cr Bb Rivas Kedrie

Meloerte Haha being gigeed at bis Auction Mart, No. 12, Si, the Island of Trinidad, deceased, Vontrichard’t.-October soth=tm, Pau\ Bermed

ta the neld Will cent Street is the Towa of Port-of- UBLIQ NOTIC
avert en that IfpoCavest | Spun of Wednesday the Och day of No ap ee ee oe a eat
the expiration of twenty: | veobet 1910, betweea the houra of one | McDonald Sill of the eatd town of Fors
trove he date of she pabl ts | and two p th. of Ppsin inthe eald Leland for a grant of
fa the * Royal Gazette ALL SND SINGULAR thas certain | letters of Admlelste of the estate of
ation thd Coart will pro- | cocoa plantation situate ia the Ward of} Martha Sa Lit the abaveaamed d 4

jr up for Saeby
fe ’ h Th B t Pablie Auction by the nodersigned a6
118 of §- 8 68 t | ubetr Auction Mare, No, 14, Br, Vindens
ES Street, Fort-of Sena en Monday, tbe Zick
7 ween the tou.»

The antersigned has fash opened 2 under ‘r of Noveuter 910, wes
the HOTEU MIRANDA, Heory Street | ALL AND SISURIR That certala

Daster ia Typewriting Machines,
Thone 299 Tyee Dan'taye 1d Site

To Bl Witom Tt Way concery.

Notice, is hereby ven thet all Prowie-

Mth, Jaly 1910.

eo to the ald Eleva | Caara in the island of Trinidad called | late of Port-ofSoatn af oreasi ‘
Darkd Melnects Haha. x010. 4" Seu Jose de Tombs son” consisting of | having at the time of her taths fred é nayeble ws ey omen Na ot Peedetee a trautiial to lactation sitmathYat La Ceuoa ia the
fed de: of Novemter. n 1h e waveral pate avr and namely QL.) the Place of abode withia the sald towo 4 Bie mans he paid there and at no other 1 Verd of Santa Gus fo i jena of
T, A. THO areON F ; an teen mig eight quarrees {of Port-of-Spals, the sid MeDonatd Bt place, nor to apy other persoa ol” p-reons The Lrunest Stuffs Trinidad known ov ‘Belle Need odie.
cia |e Lette anata eau | Mut haleg th fl asinod and rato [Baris esteleset Fer tertste of fae gat Les
. ", ocean A «
Is ely of the Crown aod va land vf Choco | And notice is also given that il po caveat Dated thie 27. dey é Orca 1010. ~*OR~ ta the Bouth on land of Alariag O:ivarce
* ge poRMA PAUPERIS, ieis on the Bouth on the “Delle Vue” | ta loiged before the expiravion of twenty 3 on the Beat on the tidge of the M-racas

Estate on the Eect on land of Jose Migacl | eightideys from th te of the publica:
a [nidad and Tobago, | Blace and on the Weston land of Sees tion of thie notice the Co fl
: Geant of Te Port-of Spain, Miguel Blane aod on land of Adelaide | to iasve letters of Aamataatration peer

GENTLEMEN CLOTHING, |esiect ca Strece Antone a.esed

that other plevtation sitnateat Ly Lame .

‘fk Dentistry.

; Gasman. (2) the parcel of laced f iy | fogly, 3 foresaid hoowa as * San nel,” pote
° Bowwrens culled * Bante leabella* deveribed in the Sed this 21th day of October 1910, DR. L. 8. MEI KLE Farscn & Frain Mareniat prising twelve quarreve of leo abute
af pbs France Pialovt decd from Charles Caradoo Davies Ber- (Sed) T. A, THOMPSON, surgeon VMentiut, Uing on tho North oa land of the beue of

rington to Michael G bie ea containing trae, FREDERICK 8T -- (Opp Tha Vory Bost, Francisco tarcle a6 Leaner a eee


Aides, Mitchel) aod Anestasia

Theeldeal Disiniectant

a ten qaarrees and abatting vu he North =
fi—Delendasts, id Sf J 1 Town Hall, ;
sr cua ha ty | eed ak Cabs Necuote sey “Ean oa Notice. Mooenara CuinoesrOut. einim_| And bo waite the patronize of | Set0j Sula Panne! Garca ta
— ~ the East on the shige of Maracas Hille


REVOLVER STOUT|, . omen...

Sileing, Dancing and Polish
ing Merbine °aa be seen at Messrs GORDON
Unawt & Cos, tt Vincent Haildiag, bore
of-Mpalv, 22 vi Ovtover 1910,—2m,


Yi . don tha West on the La Cacoa tlver,
Octo. ef GAETANO BARBADO. Abo ailand Singalar thas cervala other

ial leatatiog sltaete in nine acid ward of Sante
Jros knows aa ‘* etira,” sunsiating
Financia . of three several parcels of Jaod The Fires
thereof comprising twenty four acre aed
abduttiog onthe North ou lard of Mare
Levnard naa ou baad of A. U, June on
Mouth and haat o isnd of AY

we lard of Jaan Andra Keyes sad oa th
soa tbe tr Gay of Feleusry $ | Weet ‘on lend of Manuel Oroaco de Leon | [3 hereby given thas all parties haviog

ap fot Sale before tbe | bat {n fact contaloing only sleven acres, Claima agalast the Estate of the late
Gow Floor, Port of Spal on | three roods and twenty two perches asme- Jorquima, Ribeico. are required pb presene
gead day of December 1910, | times described as three qaarrees and one then the Sith Ni @ uadersignei rot later
of 2 and ain the wiernoon. [half of @ quarree and abutting on the a mi { ovember 1910, after which
that certain parcel of land | North om land formerly of E-piscea now | Atte no claims will be allowed,
a of Port of Spain io tbe f or jately of Joes Votor onthe South on N, VASCONCELLOG,
4 koows formerly at No. 3a; | !snd formerly of Cataline of Ataline Gas. RG, VINCENT,

ton Sireet @0d | an sow or lately cf Jose Miguel Biano Execato «

THE undersigned is prepared ta discount
Promlesory Notes, of reasanable terme
from $25 to $500,

Bmall Mortgages on Towa or Country


the Eass ou thy “San Jine” Eavate | Nove. let, 1910,—Im. * of nace dohcles aod op the Wee on bend of
Weodtord Street and on the tins abore described aad on the Went oa 1710 Tae APA , [ THE UNDERSIGNED, | blog ae Peete aed Sou ne rarrine Conwiopter Murest ‘avd Joa Fiaucmes
upset price of | S ridge of Hills end oa the road to Mara- eatiotie? with the condacs ul the Officers a , | kts,00, (he Seo nd Sbereus touprning
at the car, (3) the parcel of land formerly called ‘ Bi-Centenary {H0, Gleszow Steamer bad, Merona ote et a Howe Lidge ae an Voneracian $3 20 gol solos eaves pod ete retchee
ol he ? he al %.

November 1910, * Belle Vane” comprising Ave quarrece of OF THE are obbalnable will be purchased.
L, H, LOVELACE, land and abottiog outhe North on the : $ fru! Casimero on the South ond Basson lasd
Aauog Registrar, | +* Bab Jove â„¢ Estate orthe South on land SUN INSURANCE OPF I OB } Oa aay Hioencls tastier conrult

- of one Demi: ud oa the West on lend
; TerNo 9 Be Vincent Bt. furraerly of Ucrvata now orsletely of Are

after the cigarette case which ova: (bem
938.89, have obtained LIU as surrender
value aader Rate 38, hove resigned my

Sold by every Doalor bt rosgnoa

f Peter Le Bi she Ea land of

Sone “Micuet Blas ‘od 0D ihe West oa TONDON: ‘ ne Ym «ow membership.2 I bave no farther, claim on aakt Lamby, acd the Taira thereo! come
f Jove Miguel B! a bi *. : be Society, rising three acres end shirty twu perches

land of Jove Mign jane aod (4) the pars | The Oldest Fire Office tn the W rid, . WARKANTED: the Society. JOSHUA HARLEY, petaing

Court of Triplded and J cet of leod compriring h‘teen acres two
sap jarheces: Portct-Spala, | Figs of Hills abd’og land of, Aupastinn
lotion, Port-c in. ge ol js aD land of Auguatina
we gm me Pe Perrieira on the Sout} on land of Fidelis
Between Garcia on the East od a road and on lacd
=T) {amines of Charlee ot Maris Menito Nive on land ol ap etina
-Platatii ‘erceira and on labd of Florentino re
GBH " J aan B. Pereira and Hilarla Perreitn aod
2 General~Detend on the West on land now or lately of Chus qn
. ator Gen eadant, La Blane and on land formerly of Ghee Qi o« “ah 4
DWOTICE ts hereby given that | DL. Berrlogton, with rhe appurienanse: %% RENT — tovursnces
Oréer of His Honour, Mr, Jos { Nore.—Tho raid plactations an de ‘Noso * affected for secur ag In-
wade in the above matter on | Above described will by sold subjee (om dersolty tor the Lows of Reat dn case ot Fire.
OE day of September 1010 there will | Mortgage dated thesixth day uf March | LOSSES by Lightaing are made, good ty
y Sale before the doors of the | 1005 regietered as No, 50) of 1005 and the Ofin~e,
: 7 Port-ol-Spaia on Tharaday } made between tho said Cipriano Rivas| Detephorme Wo. 170
dey of December 1910 between | Rodrigues of the one part and Jobo Arthar 1 ———
{uoa2 We Gordou of the other part for securing pay- | hi M. REID go nay ARO,
7 5 BINGUEDAR that certain } ment to theeaid Joba Arthur Gordon of palLRERS TORES, Limtted—Sa-Ageot,
. cel of land and eocca planta. j the ret aam of Beven ‘Thousand "Ft Ww. EONVUN & Co.—Sub-Agents, San

and sbattingog the North onlead fo mictiy
a. CowTr ef J. Sotillo now of lately of Anger Rives
on the Soath on fand of.-dacculomeo
Ve TUE Mansio acd on the East and Woat on laod
. formerly ot Arnold I Lawy. Abe eu tha

a other cccvs plantation situate la the war
Price of Beef, of Caura fa the said leland known os
“Raeoa Vista,” cunsleting of fyur several
parce of lad the Fut tuereo! comping

welra sores aud te: rohes aad evettty,
Whea you buy your Bree onthe North, south mad Eset on eon
from me you hsve money now or lately of the Crown sod g the
yeston land now or formerly of Jaciuto
lef. to purchase vogotablos, Castillo, the Beoond (bereuf cocreloiog
etc, Tam selling cheaper $6 acres and absttlog on the Nuh uo
than any one olse ia the Mar. Vrowa lands og the “outh on Crown lands
ket.—Try mo. sad oa Jana ot Fei Oelena ya the mast
? . on wo faod and om tand of Felipe ce
From to-dayf{theso Prices Ochos aad ou tbe Wees ov Crowa Feed
hold’gvod and on Jacd of P. i, Uedeno, the Turd
therool comprislog Len acies, tro rus

1 aod nine perebca aod abusting oa the

Roast & Ib 10c. North aod, Weato. Crowa laude vo the
Brisket & Stew... 45 9: 80 Mouth oa Crown laud and on lands of P,P,
B Gor Ceteuo aud outbe Eset on Crown tand
ONES oes oon sod on e ravioe, and the Fourth theresot

~ compristng twenty seren ecree aad sight
perches and abarting on the North, Souta

Felix Marsan] [ix7tt'caw cr lucy ef eb. Urdene

eee Soe ome

giRE oy Tosuracces PURE,
“7 avery dessripticn oimost Wholesome
7 AND XLuwiggormting

Price of Ice


Every bottle nas cork {TUSDAY'S DATE.

See thet you get th ganuine artic:




and < os QUARTS, each.

Appreciated by all classes, trom
PP hi to the *


OR trie, ibd ap tala Sa en ot PO Cah, NE

(igeed * La Boleded” eltaate in the | dollars aod foterest at the rateot bight pe cendo.
Mf Upper Csrov} containing ix | percentunt, per sonum.

; bon and abuttin Dated this 19th dey of October, 1010, a]
a wh pon lands bow of formerly ‘of F, J. BCOTT & BON, I O R S A L Li

8.00;per ton delivered.

tw wT
3 Ibs, for ay ee 2 Cont
25 Mba, fcr ey ves 15 conte
59 lbs, for’ oo oo 30 Contes
100 Ibs, for ase aes 60 cents


South upoo the Goveroment Auctioneers,

River on the East apon lands now
y of Thomas Leanraln ard on the
leads petitioned for by Gone | TRINIDAD.

the sald River. Also ait and | BALE FOR THURSDAY HE 17TH | One Pair of Oxen

Ae ae SR Any aman Eta eam ge Septet bE de,

a cortela eocon plantat! \° F NOVEMBER 1910, acon Ste! ,
yi two several jof iand called DAY OFNO | partly brokea to harness ; alaqoae 00 eephons 199, _— . (BASTERN MARKED) fidundie the peor iber arceis of laud
r ventbab = pair youcgoxen. For farther prr- TRINIDAD SHIPPING & Nov, dad—1m, perty Ordinnoce tbe Fiat thereof sitaste

“ * pontaining fourteen acres OTICE isheceby gi
tants and thity three perches and py LIG NO of the Power a ale con- tiealare please apply to
Mm three roode, sthirty Give perches | tained in a certain Deed of Mortgage,
Petry acd bounded wo the Nortd | dated the nieth day of Murch 10910, jo SQUIM RIBEIRO
wm of Mortin Sasnend opon thet reg gteret an No 623 of 1910 aod wads 54 Bouth Q '
Agere on the forth sod East upon | berwren Pedro fswos of the one part aod auth Yaay
Pagely of the Crowa bat now of | Emma Dreyfasof the otber part and also Nov let—26.
ger rery Valy aud on the West wpon | eontained in a certeic Memorandom of
im iely of Jove Vicente, Also} Mortgage under the Resl Property
fAMietler that other certain cocoa | Ordinance No 60 dated the nicth of Marc! ’
Ae ta the Ward of Guanspo | 1919 between the exid Pedro Kamos urd
a ad called * San Bariholo’ | the said a Diegfes, there will be weer
SMe ataaree tu Mas | poh zeee lb ae ace, kos ;'
eiz AUC! 4
fate now or formally of Shee Bndorelgoe ate in the Town of Puri-ot- Messrs. Smith Bros, & Co.
bet now of one Courson the Spain on Thursday the i7th day of Nu.
: ‘ee Ouronf River on the East | vember 1910 betwen the hous of ene acd
s pape rine and on the Gerook aad two pm
spon a DOW OF 0 ALL AND SINGULAR that certalo W
= Ouryas, ohn he o rioe ° a AMM lJend situate, ia the Ward | of IN BROAD AY;
parcel * 4g the Istaod of Trinkdei contaloing
ites fa the Villare of Bsa Rapbacl = aud Twenty-Six Perches Where they aro undertaking all clessce
ree wid inlined ad abutting op the pediet iret reaes wad Northoon she High of Motor Repairr iaclutiog Mutor

of Langeon the South | Road on the South on Ciowo Lacd on Buses, Vans, Lornice < Car Bote and

10 the told Ward of Cours comprising fuur
acres, three rood dl Bulrty two percbes
Wore oF seaa Uuilnes od

sod with the abut and bi eudertos
thereof showa ea the plen socexed to the

Vf Crowa Grant registered in Vu caw LY

Folio $7, and bounued oo the Nourtn ou
Hast by aod of Neowle cae end on
a the South ao eet Avwe lands, the
(Under |the Distinguished Patronage | second tbetout situate iu tue said Waid
of HB. tha ‘Acting Governor and of Ceuta comprising hve acre-, three rows
Afra, Knaggs.) and sixteen perches be the eawe w litle
mncre o jess delineaied sod wiih the abate
tela and boundaries therect ehown on the

0. P, ORIOKET GROUNE,|irssistateettt ras aae cee

Neomie Figerce sndoa the south eng

THURSDAY Nov. {Qru 1910 Weat by Crown leads, ard the Thud

iheteot situate ta the estd Ward of Banta
_ - US Comprising sight acres be the
F ROM os htele more ores delineated aad with
. che abatials 66 usdaries there shuwa
Goid by Druggtsts oll over the Werld, 3 P. Ni, to 6 P.M © {onthe plan suoezed ts the Crowo Urest
regletered ia Youme LVI, Fouu WS aud

Dated this 10th day of October, 1910, —AND— cwauded on the Nureh by Janu uf tue ders

be of Leonie da Lorme ou tbe dua.b vy Crowe

Prepared, Gold and Guaranteed by
sua ON + Janda ead on lend ot Heiserd id
VeNua «JONES 17 Pim to Midnight | ieee Ey oa el ene auet

WH Merges Jug &
Orger the Food ena Drugs Aet of June 0, 196, Witness HELEN LA UH APELLE, aod Cy Hives and by Given leads ud of
Goriat No 145. eat pa aioe ADMISSION 8 toe Weve Ly Jang of the brie uf Levuie og

Price of Beg f Marto Yen sete eta







.Grand Excursion to Sangre


Ointment » | | cagrdan nate cee

Veed throughout the Un ted Beaten since sti foots and 8 oe, and at G, F, Thompoo,
Has 40 equal a8 & COMPLEXION Page | 5% Tragarete Hoad.
SEAVER, A few applications will CHANGE Noticec.

A DAAK BKIN several shades Yehter,
2° whom jt may concern, All persons

ere bortby warbed from purchasing

Palmer's -! SKIN-BUCCESS '* Boap te Modt.
tated tor Toilet, Nursery aad Bath. 48 deal
or mberwiee dosing with press knows
ae No Kesate Street, Uso Feruindo Toe

Soap tor the Baby,
Patener'a ' BLOOD-SUCCESS"’ Remedy lo
aries abiempting to mortgage the seme
rq po interes: whatever ihersio, ae the

Epalatable, otfective Blood Punter ané Family
same is my bone Oje property.



4 ba the East mpon lands of J. Fihg Feat on lands now of lately of the Stationery
Dae seyeeto nea ine | pre ned pies mules Keen
ta on! ° aald plea- ‘eat on Liods o od9a TRINIDAD.
BAP fea Barvbolo,” = La Soledad," and | 024 02 the Teh ee a aaiject boweret, BALE Fut WRONEADAY, THE sora
una! 90 & certalydesd of mortzage Ito a cecsaia Deed of Mortgage bearlog DAY OF NOVEMBER 1010,
fitete the Gt day of November 1905 f 4506 the Sth day of Angast 1007, regiatered =
fa No 2267 for the year 1905 [45 Namber 2162 of 1007 for secariog PUBLIC NOTICE Is bereby, given that io
fwtwhen Felipe Bass or tbe ope yinent by Pedro Rawes to one Joseph exercisa of the Power of Fale coolerred on
Witism Warren of the fezioe of thesum of One Thuzssad Three Mrigagees by tha Conveyaccing and Law of

. perty Ordinance 2894 and contained ia a
is pow T Hondred snd Elghty-Eight Vortare aod Hom oedodum ef Mortgage No. 4 datod tbe

a, &, WATER NMA,

elie tS ae

bt (eacd Iaterest thereon, 3 —
. wR TALL that parcel of Land $704,405 oF January tgey from Arbus Alan | Nd oe Ne Samplen Dated this of Nuveraber, 1910,
aid et we and be- | situate in the asid Ward cf Tooo com Wen Cee ne ay swdectigned at FROM sb vay of Nevemtar, i
weld James Utama Waren of rising Kleven Acres and ibiny Taree wi aloe Sart No, ge tlaria Promenade. ia ~THE— = _— ¥. J. BCUTT & BUN, .
mel Ratny ot | Fra habe oe cg or le owas ea tigan Meco | sn PO DA Ye luteemtusemmnins [Steps veowenay meen
the third part and the princlpal hereof ebewa in ibe Plan an- drone end two Trinidad Flog Tie Co tions daring the afteracon wi 1D 1 HOR WEDNEaDAY TUE
ge SRILA AT ‘and tatereny thereon tered Me Oren (icant entered ja Vol allthat pareel of land situate in the Ward of U oe atrole, Bhooticg Gallery, Follies by the —
teed at pabiect as to thd aeld | LXXXLat Folio 20 sod hounds! on tha Gropouche ja, ibe Inend of Teed corinne Kkaraicert. —_—o— Piervots, Band, Ks wock ead ey cee PUBLIONOTICE t hereby given thes |
. , owe ‘Leod' .
rat be j ste [ieee uscin Hiner iy Grows Led ted vouned otto Nev ty ot Re, oy end — Go-ltoand, and Ball Hing. icered sn Mort garees by tbe Ove we

en eed Law of Froperty Urdin
A Suffragette Meoting will b Held | sodcvmsstoed tos, cersain, mew-sancnas
TEA, LOKS 1002 (rom Alexacdeer Koelocomar Dutt

rm the Mventnug Asrop to Mobem there will be pas op
A Vocal sod [nstenmental Concert st [for sale by the wodersigved og bis
which will assut the Jeadiog amateur | Suction toart NoP ec Marsis lomenade,

murichineio the colony saslated by of. | 460 Feroxado on Wedaowdey the sib
cereal WLM. * Henan” by the bind | Jay of tee pa 2 between che boars

Roast & STEAK 12c,
Electric. Bulbs, Brisket & STEW 1Ce,

E’bave jast recelved from Hamborg
Wy Bones - = - U6e.

@ fareg ahipwent of the well kouwn

mortgage bearlo, ver by Crown Lad
of December fo05, rogucered | EPPERS Mola, Wood by Lande a lands of Baltico Rojas om the Soutn by lands
& the year 1000 and m de | Athenee Silvery by Lante of Jave E. ae mtanda of tigioe Rejes aod Dy a street
Telippe Basa of the ons Halvary and ly Lvod of Toory Bma'l ow Fan by West by Jot No. 97 aod by lands
T'slieeieal Yuk of the ocber part oad | ine South bya @ Forty-Five Licks of Thos. Rosriques,

mires, "S08 of 8550 and interest 7 " Mate'nt River by Grown Dated this 98 b day of October 1910,

ide alo 4,


ites Secared, A dol Jane E Sitvary on P P PICKERING,
ae sala dus 1 ep gabe wI8. the Baas b ode of Aianese iat ty a Ae lure
. Linde of E. Balvary and by Laode ",
Aving Deputy Registrar, of Hery Saal acd on the Weat by Lande Maman | gio.

WOLPRAM, high eficirncy laws golog
st our usuel CHEAP PRICES
Coll early aod secure what soa may

of Bam Wood by Crowe Landed by 10 ihe 8 Cour of Trinidad aad | *92ire riniasion of Capt, Feldt,
a TURSDAY THE wri a Reserve Forty Five Links; wide sloog “° the Se ahage an 8.0, waRDING, peralanion of C Pe Ths snd Supper vei reall abies ae or
NOVEEMBRTL, 1910 | SAND ALSO that purl of Land com: Somme agamicton, Patoldyale, “=. ORONEY & CO. | 288i aa wa Ne, Tu Moune eet situate at
a Hooda sud *9 e . . . ° 6 Melice Sweet is the tows of Ban
ICR ie hereby given that { rising Nineteen Actes tne Prins ae Jarbe matter of q l I t Feroands and tovediog oo ibe Nock
tbe power of vale contained or ioe del Pairer] with the abatale George 1h alton & Co, eC nical osirus 100 J0 18th Cetr, 1910, ICE HOUsE,

As a Uhristmas Present. Clan oraa acl tial atta

Frew J
Ware offeriag our eustomara a new Ilo ae leads ofthe betes! Accent spon

of FOUTWEAK which we are making Beroudly—Ail thet

eo sale the season's demand, for o pareel vf land evs, vielog bas eto

Feshtonab'e & issting Bhos $2 40 ws lop No } Ptuoe Allred birece
{Ladies) Back or Tas) at . aitoate «at des Alted — Brisas

if you iutond buying yee wo te ten ne Baan tea atnale 8 ce, Alita | Bluest
av fcom § vo 2) shiliogs [and Mace Tar or Deck G83 ()| andar uy ibe Nek "epee acne

Oar Bpeclilty ie FOOTWEAR made to | E at lot
A Bargain Awalts You order, be well se good lises te ENGLISH Ween upos donde, of Marla Atsoe,’ aad

memoandan of nortgere N darles tbereuf shows Je the plan
tar 100 cod Jannersi te the Crowa Urent entered 14. rice syne es that thare will
a favourof | Volumy BXXVIL ab, Fo'lo 605 aad N be pat up for Solent L wgteneiile on
be put ep | bounded on the North South and Eestbp 7,108 yo oP nh day of Novewte', Sele

‘tics Many 328, sander. | Crown Laod and_on the Wess by dees z Th ovecoek mos t y be’,

Mitek Srpersnas | Eis aaa Megandgn eh Macau feu'bey Gade at Renu tay | dc Os Cg Let oe
eke dey bt November dated the 17 Bey 1006 for recurind coastatieg ¢f bh sts, Mustios, Unite, Suard of Todustral Tratoivg ot tbe a7.h
singatae that yweot to Joepe, iarian “Dollars ith Hate, Dickes, Glocka, Lampe, Rupe, | Meptembor Jas oa t f pow to
ia fherara ff oe Houdred Twenty ew Tobcco, Usoder, Couthe, Sogar | eetabliah o class rr ctas-es 0 astractlva
Interest thereon. 10. Heasbuld Farsitvie, alco 1 Cow, | la modera motbode of terriery ate
Dated this 17th dey of Ortoter 19 : requested to d> 90 by thé 35:h of thie

Wital apuuls

A New Panama Hat ?

EGISTEGED Hecksmithe acd ap
preotices who bave pot yet re

to the ato ter, th, aT
LOUIS JOUN & CO, vied urpa to shaabere matte, | BO D. M. HANI, CLAMENS. bow ciferieg sb coat pricg thE MOete | OI hee oppesctanoes ebereto Ywiongiang
De, uty Merebat. . Aotiog Chalrman, Geid CUTTER on the Preniises, ¥ f, PICKERING,
— ‘ acd Noveater, 1610 Corner Dake and George Bticets, aida ‘Acstionser,
aad reo the 's Ant and Cocarsach <7. o SSS scAniuh pen seusemss i RODRIGUEZ & Co Sy
Go, tyes Wav tr Lange's Ant andCocaraach pope soe sory tHe BRUSH ° SULL LEADING. vVIONEY CS pL A
7 ode of 4 é ou oS of ol
dptorvected by ihe Poison Lalog’s Fevourite & sted Waters—Pure, DVANCED bs puna oc large oume LA MODBR YS, 18, Frederick tre.
Whe 308 dav of ¢ will clew your house of thee pee J bal W. He CakSuLic Welcome, Sparkisg Baveregers pee A anny torus on Jewellery Sar peet, Pou
LOLS JOn Ge [is cosrennaty a vp bo Hae “Set w zou ee te posed fra sader eariy tet (46 delivery THIMIDAD LOAN 10, Nor, (gerne No. Wy, Se \
Avotlouren, Hie oe al a Fell PHAMAUY, ' Teaphooe Ne 0 Bigtad Pharnary. #4 Frederik Garvan, " Cee

aie eS ' TR Te ae, . UPL me -
ve ah 3 ; .
. . , / \ , 2 \ . ° . ; ,
a / 4 ZL .
™~ ¢
‘ * é « + , \ .
, ~ , : 4 wat oa’ aa ; ;
a on 8 Dre iy Pea, OT | «FOR: SALE ~‘Oyele & Athlell
Sor D7 " nan 0 a
‘ PLEASANT/FUNGTION AT ARIMA, (Before Me. Ht, BD, ttupgind 5.1.7.) The AdalolerstonGonms . y (locleding engage on
“Friday Yeet.—being Lhe Feast of Bt] Tire ata — Bil £ oe ttian Astin the Meier ofthe, Beate of a .
. : | Gaseie Borromto, Hatton Saint vt the | eh seged Ohaties Gay with aslog [lite rf the Viliege of Tasapensta thel Tug THOROUGHBRED FILLY St. Clair &
, e Very Revd, Monsignor de Martini # | theeate mod menaces to her, saying he Ward of Tacarigas in the Ilsod . . 3.
. e Py Acios mee tbe Socata a an would out her with # razor. 4 Detend Trialdad->Deceaned Tatesdate. “ E lia K' woke af:
~ , ¢ Tne Boye’ Bohol, "ABIL am. & depus | that the wee etaoks ion Mtl] AUCTION Sate for Toaredey the fot

tation of s waited on the Mons | ston atoned, ber, of 1910, betweea 3 end . ms Mabsliaâ„¢

ator aad cooducwed him fromthe | 0 Age, bubhe never threstoned. ter {ty of December 6, By Ly Fayatta"—" Map

Pi tery to the Bohoel. On being | £10 to keep tha peace for six months. eaten Arty 10

eked a programme of sopquand to" | AssauiT ~The adjourned ease of | » UBLIU NOTICE is beraby tives that

tauie waa 6 toreug ter t Lance-Oorporal MeNeu against Will- bere wlll be wat ap for Bate by Pub to GEG, R, ALSTON & Co, ° “fl
7 Mi then fam MeNoet for beauing. & Hittle | Aueiioe at the OMe of the undervizard. | Woy g_ow. TOs! MILE icy S

of the pupthy and teachers an addmes | hoy was resumed. Me, Sylvestre ! Purt-of-Sprts on Taarsday the lat day ef Oa nmneynememeee those who hare .

of congratulation ta the P,P. on the | wit ered for defendant om | Desember 1910 betwoes the hoursof Land stany reopen Geom

occadion of hie Feast Der, The Head wh he téhdered & pl ee B07", Cc : Cy } trance Fee ~

FOBOT' im t wo a
Teacher then t gullty * and explained thet ALL A, Sate mnt, ;

ae x
dinner gong, subecribed for by the rel: fendant’ and ‘ ee + os
pete nd teachers, The Very Revd. wasemplo ve of the defendant nd plece or ngreel of land eymprie ox Or i T ; i
Accountant and Valter, | wesc To eag

ossignor repliad thankic em fot | lighter. He was unable to give the | jinestel Inthe diagram attached $1 the

the kind exproseione contained in th® | necessary {nformation reepectlog ®@ | Crowe Grant regivered ander he Rest
address and for the nice preseat which | missing key and defendant gave bivs | Pre perty Ordloance at Voinme COX, 3.—HaLr ILE bors arcral
they ped given bim. Ile also beg a slight trashing, Defendaot waa ste le the COMMISSION AGENT,

P thank them aod the other parish: | discharged with a reprimand {ila fa the Island of Trinlded and bonaded

joners, fur the very many commu-| greeting on Premiers Wirnour on the North by Growa leads and by lands t B ker
nione which they offered oF for him | peawiseton.—? Hindosdree, an Heat { of aifred Bt Clale on the Sonth by lende Real Proper y re

at Maen that morniog. That spoke | Indias, was charged by Constable | of Ragooble and by « Rad on the Ea-$ by . 7
eloquently for the great devotion | Rermuel with sleeping onthe pretalses | lands of Alfred Br. Clalr aod on the Wo-t =—ANDao ‘Tak Haxtys-Not? agit
which existe for St, Obarles through- | of Afe, Joho McOartby and failing to | ty leads of Ragooble and by Crown lends, Li cense da Bailif® CYCLE RACE—Uves, $9

Satorday, 37d Donal


aan lS

T having cometo our notice that It has been
rumoured In shis market that the quality of the
White Herse Whiskey has fallen
off wo ‘are compelled to give the most emphatio
deslal to such reports and beg’ to state that the
reateat caro is'taken In blending and reblending
th White Horse Whiskey 20 that
no variation of quality can occur and our vats are
periodically examined and analysed by Dr, Olark
of Glasgow the well known analyst whdse last
certificate ia published below,

’ out the perish. He exhorted the ‘ecco t oh ~
City Analyst’s Laboratory bors Of tbeecbool to take advantage | Shure Dots, aot, eo Piprhmanded Dated tie 3 Case tlmtties ‘on tne —_——— OA. Bait i
‘ 138, Bath Street, Giapoesl in the school" They must | hod discharge, be baring slated thet sO ee orrer, peLEste Note—Leries tor house Tine of £5 preseatie
@ was suflerin ever an el eralys-Nots of A
Glagow, 7th July, 1910, Ace tent not undertaken, of the value of 8 ¢

Pete ea nea con ated a | Rett eee euatth,X dona tanned
aKING 4 Notes, —Biza e' LOND JUMP,- -
thelrfoturelife As the struggle for barged by Oonata fia | THLNIVAD. Open,
life wae becoming keener and Toener tune Toakin a y Const ie ane Notice fe hereby given thot all eredi © COLLECTIN GQ Depts? t— rides of rhe venue od
srany day, bey, should develop tnelt | causing « disturbance’ of the pence: | J nats wa nerens hinee serstlst oF | For leading Firms ia thiselty,and | “~tseetes oon 8
8 a > ime .
they may be able to hold their own pheoumente 10a oF seven days’ ime | ie oirat im this Leland who died on theT bh also for Firms in Kogland, of the valae oly 100g
in after life, In following the curriculum Daonxutness.— Constable James | dar of J owry 1910 and woes Wilt was -——— . ,—o0 Vans rr; oa
of studies the mental fuculties were | broughtup on separateinformationsfor prowed Ny Herre Allo! Ce ae 20, feea | Mone g Receive j vaca Feo eer
developed: but they mast remember | druoken and disorderly conduct John | inthe Weel of Tsosrigua ia the aiid Te 4 Sdols, 4 dols, and 3 ag
moreimportant atill te the develop: | aiesander and Norman Burnett, The | tend the Exensars pemed therein un the Lodyed a$ the Colonial Bank NE MILE boveet a
ment of the moral facultics. Know: | frst was reprimanded and discharged | 9th dey of Avgau 1910 fa the Baprena god a D 0x MILE Bore mi 5
ledge without an upright character | and the second fined 10s, of seven | Court of Trinwad and Tobigo are heroty to boy aie ?
isthe source of untold evils. They | days, reqnirsd to eeod ia the fall particulars of | fy BL ACCOUNTS ee porte,
should from tender youth, make NGHTIVG, ~ Mary Murphy and | there claims and demucds to the sid i Executed echo aaa's
strenuous eiorts to entertain a strong Lilian Wiggins were charged by Con- Heanrnt Ail sin, oF before the 7h diy of Prompuly ie
abhorrence for what is wrong, an 0 fighti Tease jecember, as, eg
cultivate a deep love for what is good table Thorue wie aes Sty = sod Aud Notice fa bereby aleo given tbit Renee! as arranged ap01— Weekly, baling tots no “te
oth ly, OF Neaaclery: mloutessUonipett or an

and honourable, The fear of pualsh- th after that dete the ealf Kxeca or will
ment must not be the only de rrent Tega Teer ay at eee Or procacd to dutriba:e the aevects of tne sald — freshen cnet
1 : eve OFPIOR: 59 FAsDERUK 8T. create tbe te
pris Oyo OD {

Acting admiat:-tretor-Ganeral,

: » I hereby certify that I have taken sam-

les” of every Vatting of Mackie'’s

‘“White Horse Cellar" Blud

of Scotch Whiskey used in bottling to this

date, and the results of my analyass indicate

that it conform to the standard for Pot Still
Scotch Whiskey set up in the London case,

I am also of opinion that it is a Whiskey a
of excellent quality of flavour, of GREAT

AGE, having been long matured in wood.

Publio analyst for the County of Lanark
and the Burgs of Patrick, Paisley, etc.

against wron doing. vil muat ach, aed among the partice entitled theres

be avoided on Secount of its own In- seven dayecseh. oF Row.—Joreph | 10. beving regard only to olsime of whieh

trinsic depravity; onthe other hand | Rawiing charged Moons with | the said Erecator shall then bave nouer

they must make every effort to culti+ | stealing «a pint bottle of * golden | #04 that he will nor bs liatie for che a4 te 1 10 tele

yates great love for rectitude. Heal | prove’ rum. Defendant pleaded “not | OF 807 part thereofeo di-tribue! toany |] Qvtr, sth—le. oy 0,‘ . a

fearof mind and contentment of ullty” adding that he k up the person et who o dedt or cision herbal ot | — meee ee certs Prise 3 oles

heart depend entirely on fulfilling ttle by a inistake. Complainant's ; hes bive bed notices Worthy of rote. 1)- °, CapLe -

one’s duties to God, and to our neigh: | case wae that he bought theram at | Dated thie 7th day of November, 1910 "__ trance Fes eats Cy

bour. It wasfor the purpose of 1m. | ong shop and then went{to another, on AUGUSTUS L. BROWN Nala That, No. 17 George ots, 4 doin, aed 3 Am,

arting such « training ta the youth of | ihe counter of which he placed the Solicitor for Hp TEE former azarech How Eactery oe one 11.—Two MILS BiCroLg

Teinided and Grenada, that he bad | botuealong withanother parcel. Do- HASARAT ALL aolieet ‘any ash SSordughiy up to date there a ore a

establiebed Schools in every parish fendant who was there buying good Iemwndee mathe Eceoutor. | trgiavs but ding wih @ most specious bate & 7 tue 4
le an. s

Wo now give rolice that BiIOO Roward
willbe paid to asy one who will give information
leading to a verdict in our favour against any

; 5 Z i he had been In view of took up his (complatoant's) dott! . > yHted with Eteciric gots, sb open fr
Aa eee or eee ae that the quality of berg essentially “an agricultural | walked of mab itt Ocopieitadne| LY P. AWNeB ORERS [S00 iy “midecae tater fot Country Pile | vale
© FiOrso has deteriorated. pountry, the | Monelgnor strougly ex: his sitention {9 the fact that he wae AND ) PUHERS, mime an eeteunore, balls eee 12,140 Yaans Star Rad
making off wit @ wrong bottle; — pr +e bl 7 1st. Ppseg
ty : heart and poul in the study of agricul+ | nut defendant iosleted that ls waa hia 7 The apertmeots below and yard rooms with traaov Bee 1s 64 a
[ fda ae ROMA of S100 will be | | rare, ‘theoreulonly “and. practically: | and weataway with ie Gompiaisant COMO Seize, rks text Gy the, ti" Lomgeis erremmninion wre ofred auth | of 8 dab 4 dale ane
paidto any one giving information leading to the That having thus ducing thelr net a constable aad placed defendaut and Ssvanaeb, | Finder revacniog aame ta | foyorcon is cordial y iavied. | Do not m'ss BICYCLE Kack Opel

days paid especial attention to the tin his charge. ‘Lhe Uonstable etated < Mr EMILO ALVAGRZ i
three ihe the Head, the Hand and the | tn evidence that whea be arrested de- oftoe, ot thle paper will reosive 3 dolar et tL basins Cordial Friendly Socley, sae Barbs ;
Heart, they will, on Jeaving school | rendant he had another,bottle on hic = Pat No. a4 Proce Sire’, Port of Spain, or 3! Competitors tases bea
be fully equipped with ali that is re- | containing vermouth, Ite took him Hilaue Sarpes, Secreary, Lodgs Room, 17 m ps ja

qulred, totake their piace fothe work | back to the shop and there learned George Street,

conviction of parties refillidg our bottles or adult-
erating our Whiskey in any raanner,

Jeaee two ihe a
erants to be eligible ee

Information which will be treated confidentially arente to bs lite

to be sent to our Solicitor,

28, St. Vincent Street,
MACKIE & CO,, Vistillers Ltd., Glasgow,

of life, thereby making thempelves | trom the clerk that he had aleo bought “Tad Sarr or Saxe”
honour to themeelvee, their parents TRINIDAD. ;
| an honour to themeelves, thelr parents 4 pint of Tied of paperias eeceiate 7S Ia the Supreme fears ot Tilaliad sod valaw of 8 dollara’
* Three cchecrs were then called ght saesrahant nlghs have made s in the Matter of the Estate of Ja 6d—Prizes of the

Charles he (the Monsignor) gave them | ants bottle of rau, tis Worebip No ¢f 1010, Milian "Sumr—Opee. -
for the Monaignor who was then Lanceny ov Croruina.—Rath Uht- Effer.
re-eacorted by the deputation to[teng charged Elizabeth Atwell with vescent

’ *

Joba Danafa de Silva ead 4 doliars a
late of the sown of Port-cf-Spato, Deceased F1g—Two MILE Bicy in
CAP = Entsnnce Feo“

bo: aan. i —*
Vetr 21st,—1m whllesteetan “Bor bie les, Jolly good | wealiba a pink dress sad bodice and = ; LBLIO NOTICE be bereby given that | of ihe value of $dollety
. Fellow.” Monelgnor de Martini was altty* and atated that she had been Haven t you found out appileatios hes 0900 mide tome by Jo:- 8 dollsrs, oa
aleo presented with @ beautiful, Crnet fiving with defendant about a month” about Abbey's Salt yet? tins co Silva of she tian of Fortoue a 1¢—HALy iB a fe ce ian
—= : = Pree ey Me atit Ot the members | Gar!2g which tme she gave her Tecntecd. fora Great of Protate of th O18 dollars, 8 dotlams
ewes . j of Be Joseph's Catholic Help Soclety | Mentioned iz hee’ Hieriiantiee, _. You know for a fact that | Wat testeg dntethe Zid dey of deve [a7 Tue Nive Mie Bang
sreuing at tha Fresbytorye | pilleved her story and convicted bee there is nothing so bad for | }0Â¥st Joba Venue nie van dete | Opene Lotro Fe
SIEXT. TO. DEMERARA femazrsidtacsisee cen; YOU health as a disordered [Wise nedty deca ec | seca
° e io at fl ja Siureas. eo onls 0; ec! wi 5
ACCIDENT TO DEMERARA [Heancay eet Stomach or a sluggish Liver. | jontea de Sllva tes thevole Lxecuinx this rece,’ Jet 7
MEDICO. ki ed in the eaid Wi. .
G ice $6 make inquires about her, samed In

a WLLL b
— INDECENT BERAviOTR,— It is al t AND NOSIUE is ales gtrea that if 10 Prise of the vale
THROWN FROM Hid HORSE. Cox charged Hilis Hteock wine able : a soa fac that there Caves is lodged before the expiration as Prize 6 dollars, :
a ing fa an indecent manoer in # public ‘4 nothing so good for a dis: | Twenty-eight days frow the dete of rob- | jg—Uxe Mice Fiar Rall :
The Demerara Daily Chronicle of Hemton of this Nowloe the Court will prs trence Fee le 64,


lace, Thé prosecuti ‘

book | Seeiias ssion ag, tla [WEMATeSpbeuiee SAenee Tver an Abbey's Salts | Daaiticeieay TRAE, wa | Shots

: ry le! w 7; a “ B 7 —o aes

THE undernamed is now prepared to book | scoured to pe see which nesty | round~ show on Waedbrook's Bera we as Abbey i. t. 1, 2."THOMPEON, artic

. + cos * popular young doc! slife, nab aod when aske y the proprie- ow OU ow — do Me . —

7 It that t ding bisepirited | tor to 1 he treated y EO ene wns Tene races all be nie,
orders for seeds due to arrive here about clding peer the Kitty section Of the | volame of abuse. The defeags was : forget to use it. To Be Investcod

i. . 5 1 Wall when a large volume of | denlal.—HisWorship sald he bell ——
& rst December { 9 Io Eve Seed offered 1S water came dachlog overthe wall, Ia defendant was just ths sort of perren London A duress: 344 Queen Victoria St.,2 & o-o2 Real Property fa Posto,
~ gelected from prime trees in the Selan gor: the twinkling of an ere the gelding wha went to thosa places and belfaved Sold is two sacs by all Chermusts and Storen 25 Spm. Appy in writing gir
a 4 Ros: Co., pas | 15 }o ether

Sate ioet De. Massiah, able equestrian He? convicted and *haed Bim oe pr Mesn : ti Cove Purtots Ryao, viewore Chancery, House,” ot

District of the Malay Peninsula, and shippe | ashe ix, wae unseated and thrown | with the alternative of 14 days’ iw

Qaeen Street, Purt-oltysis, Only fret
violently to the ground. prieonment, ~~ mortgagee of gord securition willbe ¢os-
The aolinal sorely frightened asit | No Prosxcuron— The ad . T 19
b an Expert, was, continued rearlog and plungiog, | case of Gilberts Smith agelast foenen - N Oo ic Ee. tideced _Qot dub. WIM,

PRICES and CONDITIONS upon satanic wi intitofteies [curseien ot eet Le Grand Salo of Work | COMMERCIAL.
hat $he hoofs of the geldiug were | Roads was called on and dismissed, AT HOME INDUSTRIES AS‘OCIA pus undersigned offers bis services

log right down into dle upturned | ¢ t not a] ing.
application to face, "Raflring his scattered wits Dr. "AN UNLIOBNCEO Usutxn.— Gon. AA TION, ftom. MONDAY. tho 2b n Acceoutant, for posting vy

TE} DM. AN ARGHE Masslah without @ momuat’s besites | stable Naynard charged Mongtoa with Novemterto SATURDAY 3d Dicimbyr, | Of books, auditing Acoounts, &o,, abu
e e , Ulen Prompily tolled over when down
came the

driving m@ cart without a Iloeace Needlework ¢f all deacrlptions; Grea | &¢ Valuator.of Coton Plantations aud

oofs, just missing his face | def leaded guilt variety of Faney Artic! {cabl Towu Properties,
64 touth Quay, Epabout afoot’! Reet | aed Lda orvevendapa, |) SUE Wee Ee Presale? Kiqaitio wae a EUGENE WENEKIND.
I ‘ort-of-Spain.—Cct. 15'h—1n, “It wasa miraculous escape,” said | Upsetaucriow.—Rembooleeand Ram: moderate price All kinds of carlos et J 2th Oct., 1910,
= SS <=» «| Dr. Massiah ferventiy, when relating | boroose were vharged by Constable the Ielend, A pice box of aawried Pr» Wow LOE,

the Incident last even DB. ‘ and only Maynant with Saaslug an pobetruetion , berres makes b moet scceptab’e Christus
. toy presence of mind prev wi uty *.
TCH AND CHAIN AND RING i E padlogtcomorushiog idwy poorekuil” They wero convicted, acd ne road. ' PAVANTED-Emply Jem Bortler, The
SUX For Solling Our High Grada Art Post Cards aE ach or seven days. FLA, will poy 2 cents each for emp*y § ro
atl wa nive phaolutels FILER this bihdnume MEDC AOE, STU SNE 458 BILD OCT Wench care: —_—_—_ botues, svmplete mith cubber rings and
funy toned ond tay quarested fo potllag only twenty basbarwe of er ficit ones PETROLEUM In YVENEZ CELA covers
ah? Pint CA elbd a package, Heng Os puar Dame a: nd tre eee er) eave . EPS
Whew aad Seea'en tne Soitiare sects will walitely Sood tom at once hig afl — HOUSt# AND LAND
WATCH ond CLAIM a6@ LING. We will fefvad the mosey If you sre aot perteculy | About « year ago says the Demerara Ss Ki A A
wots 2 ‘vat nee tor asi: Ned Last Od 8.8 Argosy the Nonesuelan Development
PEERLE! POMPANY, treet, CHICAGO, ILLINGIS, U, Company for the exploration of petro. For Sale.
With Giz acres of Lacd, attached.
Bituated to the Eist of the st

leum secured a concession of some
magnitude from the Government of
Augustios Bavannth.and adjoloing the
Tralg Stating,

the nelghhoucing Republic. since
TE House which 1s delightfally cool

then prospectione on an enormous TRIAL
scale bave been made, andthe easters | Tomas y Huntss—Mr W, Blache-
and comfortable dontsing ¢ bed.
tooms, drawing sad diniog rooms The

4 of the country lying between the

her Orinoco and batik Gulane has coors oatrueted -by M Hoe Te
been systematically acd thoroughly | aucher (Varner KO. aod Mea’
examloed, with the result that severat | Child, lovteucted by Mr T. M, Kelehall

Pantry with large kitchen and beth

are under cover to the Houth.
There are two lerge servants’ rooms
with store room under separate cover,

‘be start foe

Dr. N. BOLET’S anoveaiy ate Ue sie

OF WORLD WIDE FANE 9 thst posstion at {ee mare
RE manulectured at theotd Oillee 81 9 sir ot
A Now ‘Street, New Yorks UE, “ gt gompeiet i,
sore e! are are promptly attended jo,
Beware of deayerwus tateattooe “Look J Teton of aor une oy
for the genuine article with sod label.
Sop’, B.b.—2-0 w,—2u.

pd Aa cL ek
Fred uno, Seyit & Sop

Atlas Assurance Company Limited

Now prepared to acceps Ris
pv oloat Fire reeaiuta paid me
qoake, Kio and Civil Commotlo

Marne insurances Company Ltd
e ere) one

Supreme Court.
Kkwood Vr i
(Before Dr Black Auatiesy right, Acting


programme that ay Le Mtn REE
compeiiter Wj

o~ «Monday,


ee yee- - .

tracts contaloing petroleuny bave been Ff for di,

discovered, Theselocatione, there can ecelendant, | heard claim of £200
be no doubt, have given a strong atim: | damages for teeach of contract to lend
ulus to similar enterprise ia thie cole f money on mortgage.

ony and bave led toa inore careful ex: | “On the close of ibe plaintiff's case,
anlastion of proinialpe areas than | Me Warner eubmitted that judgment
was ever Pieriously made. Attention ebould go for defendant as there was

Just Arrived, and Now Landing

SO ELE « AD WT ABD Okey ’ has since been turned in Veneruela to | nothing for them to answer, There is Stabling for 3 horsea with Estoablisnod 1666, attendant
how soveldorduie artivit inthe region | IE Witson replied. onsch house 4169 fowl house with ——i— cont of 19, entitling bla
Aen Corey DI gosunl TabsMaracaloy at Sue | uoday achpag "oe uewrmed | EES Sas ive toe Wee with] oe ra crag
er a mile, where Ow ee omer
4.06,888 “BD EGSERIE Recs| "Sime Gan ora [tetiimetac eee Sot | Obes Meldsech Ghamyague| Seeeeees
~ under tbe direction of ao expert en. preme Coort Fixtures i ee One sere 28 been feoord a |
. e's richaceatn chiang mepbait der | The folowing viares for thla month | Yatiousleait tesrsatdyroced prortmoce elms
rt . 7 : choesein olland as le star lo emo ro
?, NWorth'Carolina Pitch Pine Boards poalta Chis territory will. be the centes | mere made yeonrday, 2 a Water supplied 09 the prewlees from B) Boyal Wasrant to H MM, Kis
SPECIALLY SELECTED AND CURED, uf tbe company’s operations and that | (Before Mr. Acting Justice Wright) | the St. Joseph and Tusapuna Water Kowaso Vil

Ite exploitation will be commenced or the 14 b iost—Dottia va Cherles, | Works

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LOOMS, 48 Viewet Sea be

This property is most convenie:
situs 1 tailes from Port of Sl,
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Anti-Constination Tablets Pailstay Quinta a

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A MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT OF" | 1s osJone i ot Pe el 0, Whore Real Bargains are Gbtainable.

cries caer XMAS CARDS
. pin sreep Boots and Shoes 222222] - ete A it Sie oo
— Bota, a0 |. ra — For Ladi@ and Children Set rchdinaad se SK EOC H & Cc 100 Biffereat Kinds
. pacuauiivn, x In a cthe Jatest variety'of styles,—We invite your Inspzction, | . a,x Maniigox, |” - O. Fo Guoeue From,
“i vom ae “LADIES Tan Glace 1-Bar Btoes, Git and Backlee a8 202 *Sorover 1910, ae ‘
STEles Eeena lee: ; # zt es Frederick Street, DAVIDSON & TODD
|g? SSREERESPS, ac pag Milled Bulldng and) | gy ORE FOR-EVERYBODY,| 74 ARCADE.

whi ted Got ude Bhoc ana & ao Re we] Loan Association,

F LVA'’S . OR CHILDREN: S| Telephone: no.6a We have a reputation for selling g goods that please, OFFERS YOR BALE

Fy ‘ CHILD'S, H Heel Backle Colonials, a Panten’, Tan and Glace, | The Board of Diectore of thls Assoclation and keep on pleasing “and make you proud of sac am. BORO”

4 | Childs White Back 1 Bur Btow we am dO, On ES Baa declared an your purchases. ,

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RUBBERSOLES | Wht Canvas Gibson Shoe, | Men’s Patenr for tke remo tare nea lath end L A S TL Y AND VER Y - BRIEFL Y

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BOOTS & SHOES | Tan Calf Bevdats, as, 4s, 5e. |EVENING SHOBS Srpiy to the ott for their respective cas

mo 3 Malt lt Begs) * FAVOURITE* FLOUR,
£0 tain KRINDENG Brad MILK

20 Cares “Blacnow” BUTT. Ban s/si lbs
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—FORe Black Glace Ta‘, lip Gibson ova oor pe eee tek ls prover teredeem ite It Pays ‘TO DEAL AT enn meat al ANBIVALS.
Mon and Boys. | White Kid Shoes, 8, to78-| Speoialily. DEBERTURE BONDS 19 Gurtoys BOTERURLG aC AcID
- on ePPlication teabes the fice enti Sth W Gauze Saya it
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olal Secretary mp to moon On Saturday
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Boy's Fgucy Eton Caps.

Away from Home,

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White Felt Helmetes
Wht. nubber Belmets

White Cork Helmet

Inere is but one way to have hot ng Golesi
or cold drinks wh'n you wart "COLONIAL Saunatany€ Orion,
I Vi Y them without asnoyanoe endirouble, Firthem up in IOV Men's Paris Hats, FTE Onslow ol Narember, 1980,
met bet Wilson: Ltd, . ° . HUT bottles before you start. Then they will be justright J Newest Shipos, from $1.2) ta 36.09. gee te ait

ron DASH,

Men's Straw Hats:
; aporium n2in,, 2]fe, and 2fia, Brims,
tase Bop kGile I reN'S ST RAW “wars ° Black and Fancy Bands—

| / ead Underware 2 and Qfin, Brim

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Newest Trowserings, JM, TARPAN,

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Newest Tennis Suitings ——
Newest Serges.

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* Pales COCOA BAUS—Guaranteed lbs, Paareaid, for ony Night-Bell f crowter,
ie POU PBUSd oeving » BUGARBAGS s, > Silbe, Bt agar Nabe fe Exss ‘Mutlah’ from Calcutta. sata
Hep OLD MEDAL YLOUR, Cases — et —_—_—_—_—_—_—_——
NULATED SUGAR—100Ibs. s ___ a TALERHONE 300, iF
ed (hatcal Cheese Ke ELLOW DHOLL ; NAGEARICE., ° iNFORTANT TO HOUBE. 1364 baga No, 1 Nagra [ico i i DE ONE deat
| wy Ha. OATS. OWNER 341 baga-No, 1 Nagra Rico =, fh ee ae a Teint “Ise
40 i coeenmaees oo Qe rn BO WNRRS Lsod Lads ts . 7 of Febreas '
a BRETROOTS IN BOwD Rene 337 Wags No, 1 W, J, Ballam Rico $i) Reg con
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PAL & PENNY ROYAL PILLS: Just as 00 gaya Nes Ye a. ee wr een RIOKVOst WRBWACH HILO
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