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Port of Spain Gazette
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Port of Spain Trinidad
Port of Spain Gazette
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ai mama i¡mum¿k&w1
is 1 Mlc!li81 F-
1 -BIXi 3POJ1
¡SB?.- jsi
TliA-K, | Priaf
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| o« Fna On!,, j VtliH Koikiie Like Mallhrd’s. j r"‘ tnmam.
Another Large Shipment
Ladies Hats.
Jcconatut and Yalaer.
muhkio» icut,
H«kI frapcrty Brtktr
need" Batlllfr
¿11 Mosoia Escsind
Black White, Wavy, Royal Blue, Saxe Blue, Oreen, Fawn,
â– rewa, Grey, Purple, Strawberry.
tLSO — Nice Selection of Infants and Girls Straws, Poys Sailor Hal)
iN.B—AII the Abeve Mapped at Unusually Keen Price»,
Sanitary • Wdsha
ABjp" rfiS. WAToB PAISTSp^
Fop Bale by
Grocery Departmt
W- O. ROSS ,

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ai mama i¡mum¿k&w1
is 1 Mlc!li81 F-
1 -BIXi 3POJ1
¡SB?.- jsi
TliA-K, | Priaf
... .. . , »
| o« Fna On!,, j VtliH Koikiie Like Mallhrd’s. j r"‘ tnmam.
Another Large Shipment
Ladies Hats.
Jcconatut and Yalaer.
muhkio» icut,
H«kI frapcrty Brtktr
need" Batlllfr
¿11 Mosoia Escsind
Black White, Wavy, Royal Blue, Saxe Blue, Oreen, Fawn,
â– rewa, Grey, Purple, Strawberry.
tLSO — Nice Selection of Infants and Girls Straws, Poys Sailor Hal)
iN.B—AII the Abeve Mapped at Unusually Keen Price»,
Sanitary • Wdsha
ABjp" rfiS. WAToB PAISTSp^
Fop Bale by
Grocery Departmt
W- O. ROSS ,

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received qui big lot of New lot of New Goode 4 including Ladies’ and
ae oo st le Plaids, ete } but we desire to make far

vmention sf our Xmas am New Year Cards which are of excepticnal value. Come
early and make your seleohton, We halve heaps of them for you't» choose from

Xmas andi 'new Y Your -Garde, Ladys’ Cen Court Shoes.

Xmas Oa RDE:—Verr ‘Very bestia deetge. Becelvat LaDy'é court ROHS Free quay tow pototed
mee rst ons Ve vorel “aed laoretiog, LEA TER BLIPPERS Very, good valae, w: Oty ae
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fim, Lubin v © George Richardson and

Kew Chemieal Death to te Germs, Y _‘DISTRICT COURT, —*i

= 2 ing, When next you are ic our Ladig
MINNESOTA rRoveeeon's Discovenr | — (Before Dr Blackwood Wright) her? J0bebtRr SUMMONS, nssion tab xt Md 7 fambie,—Judg Frery articla we deseribe here is Popart nent we Ynall bo } ploaned oH
FO Oa ixyien “~~ sturd B.A. Bk & Oe 1 D.o , raw, now, now, We cengia y «re ca rry-* you the tr Ilnwiag items, You'l fod ¢
WaARfabE FARK, ABAD BX BXAMPI Tn” | —Noa aranee ar ents. Bowen.~ ina will assorted swek Ih § sss 2D, i ly low
‘ 4.0. ager HO. Cars af the Usiver. || The Portof Spain District, Court, Ie rohan eee v avid ‘Tayne~ $1.00 Gr woes eslaned * Prins oxiremely low,
for ming years head | supposed to cit at Qa.m. on Ssturdey | = 44 A —' FI—~White Masia R bes and Costames _
: ote Move, 5 medical sbemetry Task Geturda ie Jostice Hassell com, sorvice extended Lun weeks eNO FBlatmerinyRydony F Fowler DARTS brlieret: and Plewed Fronts. s WiiTne cod wcared ender tn ed by
5 pad chemiet to. ike Pee es bat legal Dondance and the | = Fornler v Re Gy Plea No service 3 srinent for 06 Band cos! wlte range fue your selection, fiom $1.20 ink acd yellow abades. 1q nla itelp ;
# Board of Health, bas Ponts be Court which ie ueually | struck out. a & Scnerer ¥ i tlecenen Bur to $4.00 fe 4
F. rod obecaien! that will revotu- Doavy bas been very auch delayed " Antonis, Valeatal ¥ lous J. Wil | kett ~ Judgment for plalatif with atifal, occa from TS cente, . .
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F’ tuconse In, caste bina physician roa Oe rd Walcne, expedl- Madawe J, Romeln—Adjourned twa P Paul Renaud ¥ J. Lovell Same various widtiha, prices pee yard from 69. iv this eason, per yard only 34 cents. * -
been ht tee al nemeg tage ae seek ady tate abeets |” Wiles ea Porta v Geo, A, Ghent | Biboo v Agotinho de Bliva~Same MUSLIN FLOUNCINGS~13 taches to 43 cee eta aed fore, tte emectal en ;
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bolo acid, ad yet ie pot poison gad litigants have ta avert bis coming ae sears ¥, ,D. Plummer —No ser Joseph Alexander v Bony Thomas Inches, ide, rire, erecial values from is cents sed 30 conte, Prete’ :
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r cht twogh of noy dulofectent in suf 035 @ eee eee apragiitoners the Idem’ ¥ LE. Plummer -Payment by 5 Hubert paris y Reynold O'Neil= RAFFIY STRAW RUNNERS. .Bomething
‘ cone eon Caray fe Hr tpeakieg of the Peer oO ate Out convenionse Berl Co. Ltd v Habect “Carter-Pay- Teagd G de Silva y Anthony WHITE GUIPURE INSERTIONS FO opew wr ebomteal, sa ractiLioters as well as litigants, ment In one week Bolo Bee order conte per yard to 15 cen"& e
: “Tam 20 content| la benetol tbat E rt SHORT BERMON. toa ebertaon v Thomas Corbin—Two ono, Vineent vL H Bassnte—Same
; istecuon fo prove That {yous be eacceue pros debtor agar vader examine. Manuel D, MacedavJ.8. Rouneltg } | Adelaide de Ereltas v Bamuel Sen-
fally with wy discovery. It] ionour eal Bo you ever read the | 5, s from D. ou me 0
phisA Black v Luclen 1 tose in} Joseph ronudes ¥ Antoslo Gomes , $ ?
, rehoe bn grt Eevedts. of powerlat Be Yen sie. #2 4} monthly 4 fom Deo}, commit ~iie ordee Fits Ford-Same Que Frice Only Valo Nowhere Like Maillard’, | “ree dusurance
sormicite wbleh can be taken jeteraaiy" Hile Honour t—You'd better read | af Ww Gooding ¥ Thos Augustlo— ongtrolive ey o
, § means that foternal lofection,can * Proverbs ™ god it will tell you that t ¢7.59 monthly as Rr om Deo Gangares y Gunpot—Same’ order, ~
ye arrested Jast as efectually by ite use as | married nen must bok endorses pro} "Thos, W,’ Atkioson » John A.| Joseph E. Perreira ¥ A Morris—To =
x prteroal | fofec\fon bas teen ta the past | mlsro! snore ot Teh . Rs, Romeo “Two moothly lostaluente at be patruck | oat if particulars be not .
B, vau fa further lustratlon in another De. Bleck wood Wright, following | “Toutes M: Innisa v.tlbert Oliver | Joseph Voruendes nod Cons ——_—_—=——
soldier, parched with thelead of the Chief Justice, made | 3 dolls monthly as from Dee 1 5 com Not reached, ad adjourned one week. Friendly § Societies
rite epee came upon @ pool of jodemens orders yesterday on rat | mitment in default, hilip Oscar Herre v, James Corbie— “EL A ‘L L 3 S
staguant water, ta which the deadly | 'â„¢ agalost the practice it was contend-| _ No varvios adjourned generally. = sin ty Thomes Clarke | , We #12 requested to, remind ticket
p syeese germ wat * by mollllona, ed Bat the Debtor's Act coutenplat Tdem y Louis Hcheu! {~Adjourned _gertra: ode yeeanes ¥ rm holders of the *dance which t-kes place
- emi dip bia cap fall of that not piinishment for Indebtedness, but | four week. “Ernest Hoach ¥T. Hf Archer—Same { 02 the night of Friday the 11th fostant
read, Ur slg soe doy offs | Pepeuern or deen ot comple | Joh de Piey de strato Ua v Win Ad. | Cont Livol lor NOP, insid of te Sa nitar + Washaf A
‘* ‘s \. 0 a 4
opus harmless and would Instently | commital order could not be made on ment in defeuit, rom Deo tj commit: Ayou v Chan ay 2 baildi g food. Ladies are prac a
A from a ots Polson to a byune- a fret, judgment summons, in that iwille & Wileon Ltd v Willlam rd—Same order | reminded that tickets taust be presen a
Rs Solas medicated drink,” eich defectors ob free "Ibe Ja at Oarr—No appearance atruck out, Lacle ar ae Perreira v Jobo [ at tbe door, &
=— S| ment Itself being & a general order, lyasfromNow ie dollar month: eokand Theopbilas & Licsou Peter The “Sona ef the Sal” daccin vee . Di = t E vi P E R, 9]
' peVANDELS 48 DEBTORS. Cierence Martia v Leonard Layne= | Dove - Adjourned two weeks for better | dance comes + ff on Ta ay nighvat BL .
If you ares sufferer from colds Twas on a judgment summons No. service, struck out. particulars, Becedict's Hl, Heory Street, and
Dw bottle of oi chiles AptlOoneurn ; re agalnet § Prison warder abet, His tmbur V Montrichard v Tacas INTERPLE (DERS urder competnet’ mnenerementie’ sare to 4
foun tha Do prais owed on fe fa len ye nut ber ‘of arde .eo iiateoa hole amount by Dee Joba Philip Daly creditor), Matilda fford a plenacnt night's enjoyment for ‘
to bigh. Iv doce all teat ie Claltned | ‘Avelicitor eald that they were nob | gio 2a, As Predicin=Whote | Kora tdettor, orh Bugenis, Labia felaior | those who altend, 5 id
B for ie and does it thoroughly. “Do not afraid of comm! ital orders 4s they are aipount b Nov 18, FP, Mearice—1 dol- ant) Not adjourned -one - A ‘Bhi *nt of thi Sul. WATER P AINT haste
f — take bny subetitute for Bickle's Byrup, | already In prien lar monthly es from Deoln WHtacalal Marad {creditors Jonathan The mcmbers of the Souls 1a Parga ; Oli nt ort ad focto ar t
fy because it is the best, having stood the Rote PPLICATIONS, be dem v Jobo Manniog~Struck out Camberbatel Rbtor, Loda Cum. | tory Friendly Society will hold the an. | receiv n assorto colours, a14 pickags3 of 7,.
i, eat of years, all tho best dealere cell aaiobert A: GT eee teary Lal ne A Flateber. v Jobo Adolphus | berbatab (c falmant)~Bame order, pane Borrow at abeis ball te-dey §6 lbs. each,
Mr, Justice Russell, Iden ¥ Thome F, Romnev—Whot ties and friends are invited. “. .
% neamara rene poled eigen amount by Deotscommitment in de. Anti Constination Tablets societies end frlendeare larited. for Sale by
. Vegetable Seeds. Reset ont Tues Bamdaya— | Andreide Achong v Thouss and Meda from the famous prea ripton FOR SALE :
, Woholce selection just to hand Cooder tate « Witeon 14d, v W, HL | pa Hoante mentbi ase Nov 18 Seen eeu Gah. Dogs Ball (loclading engegemente) Fr & @
- pt the Hnousy Fuakmacy i ddont ¥ Lawis Hegls—Refused. vice, yr adjoue ouened two weeks, rian ower | tat thea it Rawlits’'s Drog Store aos e A . SKHE TH _


conmrere sore an ten Gein iene

) Another large



OF —

|} Ladies ~ Hats.

a ba heeeeneemenemenemens eed x: 4 oon meena ee eed


%, Bae . Bn
; Otn 4 New Yi 4% Bustpsxas, Paixces StabET,
‘Brown, Grey, Purple, Strawberry. Se Bw NOM AgKcy Oe 6a, Wasa OF
Le ; ; Werthy o1 of Kete, sbrrscles, ta Nie Priocipal Citles aod ‘Towss' of the DOM
SO—Nice Selection of Infants and Girl's Straws, Roy's Sailor Hats Etc Liekesos tieaiainey ev Om SAN 3a A ped NeW OUND LAND. igHeyanh hi nan
INBZ-All the Aleve Marked at Unusually Keen Prices, Sey ily og oe v4 =
. tent bry "model ales, for Cousiry Pils BUSINESS OY THE UNION BAXK OF HALIFAX!
re pute poeetDen, scp ey em tani pean), AMAUAMATED WITH THAT OF THB ROYAL BARS
— * ' ergata epee CP otores at Aes, eqUAER, LOBNEW ABEACHO
4 * . ie
LLL R's aes, a
: . , a pine Me xX tie + tae d\
= t arieeletpel 14 04 .
nage we 8 Big aaa UNTER ty raat pS


VF. A. Agge & pee.

N. Sampeoo v, Jeb XE. ‘Resi: |
A Rock --Hatead-'
y Felts Lawrence.

coste to be paid four days before hear-
iC costa pot paid by Tuesday,



pok . White, Navy, Royal Blue, Saxe Blue, Green, Paws, 2&TEPHONE 646

ie aia ca nt = _
T Micheal P, “Waillard, Tar
"mL POE IY AR?” aiet Te

1 ai?

, Nore .
two ‘ %



Wo. W.


cia cereale en eR ad cs


“Ella K”

By *thy Fayette"—' Mabella”

Hole 4m
Tort-of-* palo.

Accountant and Valuer,| SEN: SEN CHEWING a
Real Property Breker| |LARGE SHIPMENT

Licensed Balliff Grocery Departme

Preise Notz.—Icvies for house

rent not undertaken, Now 6 peaiee, ta reoent agian

For loading Firms in this city, aud
also for Firms in Eoglan

All Motoys Received
Lodged at Une Colonial Bank,

Frompily Broeated.

* | Beaders? _
Sista Agee yret~ We


“‘W. C. ROSS 2

on =


Camrat Pate ur s

Hessavap Fuxp

, Pieldent,



, Vice-President and G

“ one one “e

FOR RENT. |. ee “The Rosé Cure For é Cure For Colds. | Al "AUCTIONSALES ep tee 27 HY

Frege | Soe | ees cece | WARD PRIGEGCH| weve.
seeder es | aie mat tie | hd eae eee th Hoes Dalian Ry
eae. fet, Decambar 80 Restal | eaters ve): the ofer—Nov. 621, Tenet ee en eERD at jtiniog. | Auctioneers? Valuers, Betate Agente | _
ee ao Nee NV ~ or N arte, Good referevces. APDIy Meoienl eebiittey at fe Jonson at ne, freane: ole - mt, eieitaias : "Nore
FRU os ee oe eh ria oe Spala Usertte."=- ] the Royal Horticultural Hall, Weat- TOF Scam. BW.L m CLY ORS ~ u ' December

‘ tar wens aed I, CON. . nates. "THAWES*™ > jt ma ber
janie, Retrone, eae cae oy Drawing | SS" ANTED’ ~Tavks cod Old B ters mh vegetable antisepUc tas been! THE OY AUCTION ROOMS, lat Selliegt for Pte. Calambts ST
alca &

og room,
roore, Dinty, » Grady and frvot rary, W evolved from the Duke of Edinbutg
room eter St Iso 2 Sit00; ~ TREORGI EK START.

win aby Lichen, bw ibe eee ad and : Creote hones . irokes inte iternere rose which is Tusde uP boto pon ° .

Deautitel Rower gardes. Possession 3st Deer, ( App'y to No, 12" Lort-.f-Spala Gazette.” | Aromatic lozenges ese, when dis LIFE PoLier.? PUR RALEI!

Reet moderate Also—Cotlege No, 27, Frarer t, Beda} solved in the mouth, wage relentless AKU PBIUB & UG. sare ooaved te Ken Tors: H fa

Sasest, containing » Bedrooms, Drawing £0000, 9 me nnn mar sgsiost, the countless millions of of ae ve ~Avalea caf CLYDE” 4. 8 Novewha auteia‘t

roora ficken, &c. ose w vy cree . , .
3 te eualiele reat gate, chen, Bc. ANTED@Aa porenniet for ote dition koown es “cold fa Che head" ibsredey, & ‘cod iy. ToLey “THauer weenie, eam e
°, ae ft particular? | ception, Portol Epelu, Arp ication tobe), 2ne rose antiseptic bas been placed | wa tac age te hes the *~sn0" Life | pacer gore, earge ond mals.
ty .&. LUKE, No, st, Picton Street, | Pes ne Oathed al Bucristea— Tbe | [to cultures of the bacilli of dipather Adsarncee Oaspare 6D :
T sx | Presbytecy”- 31 Marine Equare— Och, 20 | 1m. Poeumonla, typhoid, and other | —aeteg | Fobracty 38-4 1008 on wel ’
yet —Ontlage No 01, Be | Fee 4 12? | dloeases, ‘and oe every occasion jas Tosoh ravey of Tribes Excurs ions ta Ko land ,
¥ st Btrect Forber partuceiars pew] | routed the bacilll bores end foot, vet, pertoalse « dew ts
“ 5 Oster ols, * 4 Atisstated that on 7 to fnbale the wed ecco Baest, '
" Maat cuaeerie;| Wanted at Once. | ines sir Se ase Taare IN 1910. OARTE 1}
roomat at ares eon — boo! Iikewlse be — nee riqsa OA .
§ 1h dressing rooms, ALU GIRL st Dorueatlo Servant tor Palar boom way Ikewiee
wa bond "diate room, pasty wit ithe ottwo alent te. qslet clei toate Hor ta soseleny ont and the} gig “CrTy> SALE noow, SPECIAL RE REDUCLION
sek Dhececto thy yes | and honest » eod willing to work, Arell | both of which delicacies have hitherto 36, FREDERICK Brescr, UF FIRST Ct CLAS FACE

Meco Light toaalled—Arply tact can Bod empl ywent, Fur | be
en reserved for eweet-meat dishes
KetesteNerscim. srt'calere opp'y eedy Na. “Jo, Jackeon | of exclusive West Ead hostesses. Wao TRICE & a eh havo tresivrd BETURN PARE Fi riowrat a \D TO 1
ror RENT, Howe No, 37 Dandonald Hl, near Ree Hill Fou Offices bt in striking contrast to the rosa ' inet acti toe Birede Renieber zn UTHAMETUN &
Bieew, Posrersion tue December, Nove.~wlw i.zenges is ** Bottled Mud,” Imported | 5a'¢ a Su'elock Te Ne ‘ .
Arply ve Foctorys George Broce — = from the Spanish springs of ds TH 1810 we J wieloctt Oui aheree ees, Ine Fieve Cae Rotors Trebete at the love
No. 6 & h-Nov, 2—)m, LOST. and strongly recommend lor | No. 35,366 da ‘ascarenee “O-rpete tow @ Otrective rates etl be fer odo clue 64, South
2. rheumatism, gout, ansmla ee phe ee tin ulgo vent Vy rt petwe wih the Comp iy = Mail

POR Bat Fee ee area ee dots OST. Qo teomoe Avcone, betwee” | nia, and many other diseases and

- Tranquil lity and Queen's Park West? | complaints, Henceforward it will be | Whartea, 13 years

sires Mart a ‘iealere arniy ot ye a or between Biezmore asenee “an* Dua’ | possible. for a. sufferer from, eay, totes ats ie aise Coleg Re Teds

Biret & Oa. Boers Quer. oe fm. Vesite | donald Btreet— A Lady's Pearl Bro-ch* | acute rheumatism toavold the long | ‘sted 23 d Life Tuserance ee

Tegilcttars Bt, Vioceut 54-28 bh October Finder ait be fevered ro krncnieg, and {requentix@ costly sojourn at 8 eerets the leet Joae Sree Wee,
same to 0 7, Queen's Park Weet’] Uontinenta Or spa en

3010~ Jar Nov. Baw, ’ evjoy a mud bath’ Ss onre™ iw his own is eedowmest, dso Nevrmber les

ped. der general application “potty Da od thle Stet day cf Qerder, 1916,

FOR SALE. [HOM M i Pa.hyse?| Str amram mani Sa
cloth Thiele ‘placed ta tara oa oa tee cleared thie week 88 tae ot F ob-ate-
Gocon Kstate at Cumuto| = o The patient lies on the] able, Seo tt a8 vatne Wako” Tralcx
fetta we ha datseheeead | Saeeetiae ee

JOCOA ESTATE. on 179 acres io stove with a lazero warms mud. ~Oleali A nnn enn oa en,
C named distrkt afew qules from Raileay The sides of the waterproof cloth Bua ttasoronee eeelaly bal fr

weer ineving Tetase nn fol

ing datce only
Ob Aczves 1310 "Sen Briar 1810 :
Sato 3 | tne osh
ai« ms,” onl
~= Que sewly bait Cottage

, at Cufford Laos, Bermoat, One gen!
$ Cousge at No y Hermitage Ko

. Bemont. arpty te 4M BEsT.
pace oun

\ LET = Ce ware, 143 YWeor Stree.

TG peg Locality, 2 Large Decrooms 2

Drevaiog kouma, Drewisy | Det Dintag

Rooma. All out bovee?: Large bacbelur's

room ta yard, New Sewerage. Electric

Lpbte throughowt, Apply, G Bancant &

Teme Telos eu be airs ible f
the reters jourecy oat 7 any
ot othe Ompaaye wall Srese we iearing

28 b Ovtotes 1910 ed No @ « 1910

Wa Nev, = | iS Caer og

Paseee; ies eee ~ that
the ese fer eee teheis are avetl

owui cE
beastie me

Co,, 43 Marine Bqusre,—Uc% Zt, 1m, Station with oot carriage road rightsvto Ratate |. e then tolded over the patient, who ‘ ei
POR ENT — vey Faroubed- Tos rope ween i tthe hacdscloomvactors, Khe | ie then covered with « woollen | oie gid Mey teeve tp apeeletin | Pescars oe nein to »eare | tai: Meets es
river acd bracing alr for ose’s Health, portion of which are sow tearing and | blanket. on appioatla Wek vee ralcs a ‘on. thew boride ber ihe hetare Jos oey a snataee Trewtireoss

Uneks gland.

eady to be tskeo over, Thee i) (U0) ee Rooms 26 Leen
laced’ oot yet cultivated, and Bt or Ry ek Fieteten 8

ether cca Of subder lanlog. RKAaA 2S: = orebebe
ino t ereg which are are Dow fer aslo Lore Cocoa Bags Fad trees Desai I secret
—a os

ues Cocee Houses, overseers quastere, and

barracks, ‘The Emete is sstuated ia 8 desirable ord, 6 good toows aed
and healthy’ ¥, ocaltty easy reach frem Cumuto wae ase of pare sale
‘Railway Station, Part of purctuss movey can A Large Lot Jast Bocetvad flower sanlene ie feels

Tat ol ferwer telermation, a) "1 as | CAanot be excelled oF

bet Cum pesy's office,
MAMI 2 BQua {2D


whith oan essily be obtetned by going to
Bavte Cros to thet lovely two store:
Vulldsog known se“ Pern ie" with alt
fom mmodstionfors Semlly. Nigtly reeom-
mended by those why bave lived there
lately, Stable and Cariisge Louse ect,
4 bourdrive from the cl y, 10 wleates
urive from Bao Joan Railwey station,

Lovuly garden of rosea acd flowe: temaii mort gege at 6 t interest, For
, tare, siver ransing through the Trepety: particular ore apply SuAMRy BUTTON, All Size, All Walghts, Bane ann 75 was Ans Paice fe Ed ’
Apyone desirous of inepec:ing with a view oa, ‘the Lowest Prices —Always ! lau 8 ree & Avctiense: + HAN FORD Ss

to renting can apply to Cuas, J, Decie,
bet eins Equare. Poenssion Lit Nouv.
{. OR RENT,—Cowsge Nw i$ Rich

od Kueh wih all coareniences

Rest : monthly J usseesion let Novem
ber, Appty to Coase ¥. STOLLMEYER's
Qitlors re io 5 ot Haemand Stree, Tevephooe

G one e onsale
att ey Wee ty meshes mentee”
es tscL ol god roads, 10 seres, 10 Lee (25 ime),
and theTeeicide: Begar tea, wee ug
house nad large hed, abe mscom Bente
aod *egr Mobiag M. 3: Pree
onenie | cooly 4,000 fot the a sas eee
Atato serr, 3, Fredeck De


and svi srovs
concen’r stad

pot, kettle or




Tow MAW os BH ANT. else —Kitchen

Mrs 0.7, McCutcheon

pm OR SAL Nev. 4 le, .
A PACK OS aghs (KNOWN AS A. E. TAYLOR), We grervvten te te bel
ETRE ESARE | cmeteoEAnt ony lam vanreerte om [Deteee eee alnme NeW PERFFCT
NImatieod. For prlee ae, de, revarped from New Yor A; | FIRE RISKS oo all winds of Bro | #24 oe aonk: ed Blue Flame OF
F, UUGGINe, 08 Mouchstlasy a Nov dad ‘ ink of pied G onl nia te pertiee accopted by tee ban 9c oer. AIRY Wand PRICE It Remsves P Tied
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For Sale or Rent piGrouple, acd so4ite te pacing NI ‘ERSITY OF BRISTOL | BATURDAY mertiog Farther patie 0 ——~— —— ree Meherry Dealal Cobicge
HALE OR RENT —Linrs acres good gant ar canbe ta to ie 20 tbe ald US ERSIT OF ARTS. SCIENCE, Important Notice aa wooden.
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| Men!s , Straw Eats: |

Men's Paris Hats,

1 Newest Sh»pos, from $12) to 26.0.
Newest Trowserings,

, \" In 2lo,, 2] ‘and 2fiay Bales, ia ele Apts nia Wert ” Newest Tennis Suitings
ups SVRAW HATS Black aud. Fancy’ Basds—- s Newest Serges. =
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NULATED SUGAR—160ibe, k pao TRLEPEONE 200, : r ve
Ken PLOW DHOLL ; NAGKA RICE. iWPORTANE 10 HOUNE- fiGUwe. | 1364 bags No, 1 Nagra Rico fF Unemseal '
OAT sh. - OWNERS, | 341 bags No, 1 Nagra Rico =F.

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the sof a large noe0e asive yearly improvements fa the | wow five yearsslnce b@ bad read week, Mabile Kla {fot, Viger aad Vien)

‘When & the “ Forces” and the Clydee- cetate in colony. thing aboutesrtbquakes and thoes | rare waer's warcues AND nErannss, | Bonanss popular
FUNERAL ¢ ta possible that the pressat soale | theories 2 might be neodied by scisoce | Monday 7th Shaaipvek v Majreue | lavours, walle wseve eerved a code Fut a bod 08 find of
You oat ri ba ouite & sare that every seat tock place at rr oo, from the late | of ‘ecbany be too bigh and too easily | elnoe then, but he wae welling thom ‘aa | Referce Mr, Fi J, Leotand, Cipdes- | “ Meet me at The eden 4 “lhe an B Perielra aad
be weit with ladies sweet idence of the in Hoary | carved; ani that aspect of the qu ation he bed roid It five yeore ago. Harth- | dele y Q.10 Heforge Sergt. Lost, | Main, the best Hendes Vous in Ul oa she West oa lead won a

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Bokel will very soon got | Laurence, snd Boberteon, Mesere Jo oh seltthed by cea pupil. Backe=A Larue V Matogot..* — | otowlog ite latest Woet Bad feats Da-el tele" lou da
And Lanrenes can't kick # goal at all] toa. ke, B.A, Dea, BY iT | o,tem sot oar that the proposed | raded seat Detaaoours -J one batons eupplied free and diageaur oe ee
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We very voon to see the dey Jardiue, Harry Smith, W, sdone tera covoreted wi'b tha s worxing of pab- Whescror there oa . 4,90 pane f ered Mucli Merveriseg J SALE FOS THU 8D. i,
When | e men will alwaye have to con Clarke, P Pitman L. P, | lig demectary Sehvole,” should bel ariied ence in levels, im they got " Belts, Leather " DAL ornuve
cre, G slomon, Le B, Mustor, | tn consider the Teachors’ Memorist and | aod apthro in we o i
The Te ball Hamel Beal lth, Arthur dé Silva | advise whether i} would eot bs possible | other parte * ihe - = wi UsLto NOTIOn ie’
eet ented ue for t for the ladies gh EN Pes 5 4 A Dillon, M Haha, to modify the cxlstiog ayaten ia sucha | Japan Mouats, {a exercise at _ ,
‘Rot bgye and men, who are 00 14 E Bassllon, A " Viton it) Viele, wat aat t@ remove the grounds of The oe of | Meotonla” Trections |-teted the nina aM
Now. the ladies can't vee tbe ball at u ty Hes, A + Montell f pr Mo fe Shine, | P teh The Teachers should io the meu. We regret'te’ oo Lad, —" The Stores,’ ' fealevers se Meme iu
Ur uatle at the referees, Achar. F F seilier, ‘M ek man Eble be vali, ave oes of ae thon come
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L Degas, G Carabache’ HK Ring’ i, J and report upoo thelr bat . 3 “°
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andthe’ may the gome of football ssi, | alee Papliac Haniel 1 CATREOLIC NOTES, 4 ua Thareley Wed
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{To the tune of * Three Bnd mice.”) Erpositios ot tbe ‘pineved Rasramont ter where the tne Cathet of Hay ow
aloo 2 at the Chorob of the Mo'y Nima, will ngs rere the ceremony wes per entanlished 12m 6.
These four refertes, Bee Fe NecetloL—of which Order | 0 place to-day from tha oiaslasiva of oursineers OAP
‘ was & mem Mase til the afternoon Bovotien daadolence wi ‘att’ bereaved rela- BUBRORIGED GAPITAN. Wg | 900,000
R Se pete nll on then ¢ the conslusion of the flasl rites General ’
‘ [ - be Re ral Commanioa of the Rosary | ate awe 1,500,000
Z Ys when they should Maand before th the remains were de. Coufivteraity. 1 cp
not seeing , jog fouls they take the Recondante sit inthe je ceremon Aziuinanios oe oninarion ;
oxa' a O eblidrea
eit tovr reterees NeeJe W, McCarthy. Past, Master o
Lodge “astern Stace” oMelatiug,

four referees
fear referee Messrs. J, M d'And Sehool. Ruy Hall
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They're & very poor lot, twist you be were sent by the fohonieg yew NAnAnera Hover, 1 sents og BAY OF NOVEMBER 16
enn vn olecese rm JW, Medariay, Me and Mee. ‘Two Donsthoss have been reseived cf Japan, . mn UBLIC NOTICE ie ane
L | ns A. i, Vasconoeiiog, Mr. and Sirs. i a ndveated te Oar 4 . er
‘ , Vietaber, Mr, and Size, EE, ie the Rossey oad 10 far a beds OF Rev. - piss Viyiay
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eee then) rua pu ihe ladiee gu Alea Smith. De. and and Mrs 8 Mf. | Subseriptions coms ia very wvowly ani they bad Oy Pon Tor
y baie and Hoke they do theca Laurepes, Me. W. Gliver Builth, Dr. | there iv zeta big debt ta pay off | The ,
embers of Flociely, y bape, Before aeterty
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Rebeca reeds, Rees | 9 pall ot coer, whether is work or Is pe the dodefatiaeble, rahe Maat of Notice,
- sn ee aibey tote ye thrald be avoided, and labour oo last Mondey. It le to be boped
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fend yoval depaip | ove by o proper tslolog, while the old t 1 e origins! fgmule fe TOUT WORK, jevied upos Ia hs tetve mater, is conventestly
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FOS :8AD%,.08 RENT; is, natty tie cmt aioe Teter send to sbandon | tretkere sommeel 7 meniek on,

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Tred ia | tieelatly na Hie ecelleney the Gover~

° feader wtih gore will k the * sotial* being here:
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. ~ Captain~ Mortieon, a taecely ta the poor ¢ urg mea. We uad-rete events

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[ot A Ate, ev in Bbe bruught no pacsengers | penalty aa well as the former if | *esttom tone a tomed
~ aad ipft the sane Bight for New York:| santtetion aod bealthy methods of life | £0 FtOMes, eee uw roby tbe Joris AN EXPERIENCED
. "Inst khorogght Reprod}. ¥ yu al ual are pot Mugbt among what are called mndeot itag exprered 4 :
Y rhac of bunker oval f: those 8rd, oa we bear |
« Painted a um hed cap Arches Soe tee safes : fen tbe dey “ ante iat viet te lth Fim Gx: Lez CG w ss
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AND. yqhe,,Detch Mail steamer «Prine | oe ed ‘Analog Wea rosfologionl Uondon, thera ener, boeple: With oar proent bighls Traland Sah’ cuémntocs
‘ rol et: a as .VE, e .
Practical ly New. Barope via Paramaribo and Demerara we more ey and tess refurable, Hon Ia the Life of the Newent Bty es and orkasnellp ‘
x batiatareappiy + | fae Veneranian pina‘ tating cfcgs, | seas Cats soot: ts att tos i
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For, parti rarara apply to engere and mailx, Malls close at Trinidad Association for the Preven: {| Adam and Eve a La Francais, a
My ALSTON & CO 30 p.m. ton and Treatment of Tuberculvels — .
GEO. R 0 ° —— + extet, and it will probably beconsider- | 4 yrenchman’s idea of the tandus j
en The American steamer * Viking” | ed that enough has been sald to show by which that objectiocabl
NPIS arrived yesterday from La Guayrs | thas the general public ewes a duty to | P*rerds by which that o yer hten ¢
‘ with three pasesogers Mr. John M. | thet asscolation ‘thet 16 la pot licely | Fepttle, the serpent, carried out 8 pro~
: Mack, Mr, A, W.LSewall and Mr, E, | yet awhile to fully discharge, It Go, eramaia with Eve, ia thas plessiog!
“us ioe abet somal Gos bea, done [secated Aa, the reach atlomae’ LIMITED.
’; a io or t ,
, The Dutch Mall steamer “ Sara. Secretary and ‘Trosencer published & “M osiear Adam he walked up, be

maora” will arrive bers about noon bo | Jint of subscribers through whose! sees noe belle demcisella astip la ze
2 . Monday from New York Mrect aod offenags Ube Ansuciation had become [ garden, Voila de la chance! ‘Boa .

. ’ will leave the sare day for Paramaribo | eutitt

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: to the grant of £1U0 uifered * 4
, 7 ~ taklog cargy, agers and mails [ by the rower pinete A total of §.8142 lake pees je jane Ie ate cs 33 ‘
a: og - Maile closes at 8 p me re ie Breported tohare been raived, face, Adin pot up ble eye glase to
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0) Granada“ Hoot, be public of Trinidad. Nor | Prvmensda, Madame Lv abe feel hua \
Friday last, For New York 1 Nee. loubo Gureroient graat a pufloient gy. bhe sees sppel on ts arbre, IS THE STOUT PAR EXCRELLENCE, a

Sterie and two Chinesey For Grenada s goutributloa fcom jfeperal rereauo Serpent be promene ang, Varbre, make .

De, Ba. rt Mra, tbe associat! .

and MissG/hL, Smith, Mrs. ‘Thomas | Toe Assoctation le doing exovllent | pou’ say Iv, ‘Weel you bave oot | It Kooks You Healthy & Vigorous."
| Glarke, Mr, G Nis, Mr. Jobn Lyall, work, but ite {acome ig cidiculously In- [ b>0té to peek me some appel? Jal


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Steamer’ecarza comprised 26'2 tone | ** great white plague 7 Ie being fought serpeat ‘charmé da vous voir tol, “ce rol ‘
§ Penida pantan teas |uarmecaardrocate| aro sete el “QUEEN” LAGHR BEER:
* SRS ry enerue | entire incume of the local assuc: OD | ¢, » g}
we aa Iscocoa 5,5 U bage Trinidad coconuts would be eo minute as to noe effect stop que wonger sous faire} What d
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LATEjOF¥ ,"H, MONOEAUX P, 0.2% CO. ae hides 19 bundle Kkinw, 2 packages pybe bbe F poverty stricken incomaot s | of gut; he say t “Ab, Monslenr Adem,

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The NR. M, freight steamer “ Caronl™ } work, ‘Now it has @ slightly larger in- hebeet for za ladies} Madame Iv, z he QUEEN of Beors.
107 tone Captain Stomp, wbieh gone and & Uoveruuiens vole xe ermit me tg Gfier you some of this '

ervived [rom Curope on a a. 100 @ year, bub Lhe ter is Caries! e ol â„¢

left the following night for Demerara, tor Dune visiting. Ihe fect id the|tesy Ze soake he Gli her whole pare TELAT ES A Ee a
wich part of Joward cargo and 235 | time has come when it will be a pasts sol wiz appel."—Life's “Best Things

batruls bitumen In transit for London, | reproach to the community if thie] from Sest duttors*â„¢

Sbe took away’ no passengers from | ssvociation is pot universally. suppor-
thle port. ted by voluntary contribudons as







; " ene wall ae the recipient of » much larger . :
« St. Andrew s Golf Clab. Goyerament Granth £100 @ year to Monday's Court List, 3 4
Pe FO RTES' —— such ao association fruai the state ie —__ to
s TH E P IAN Oo ES} The October medal competition took a reprosch to the Governments which The following casés are down for fix- 3 b
. a, = lace yesterday ppiteronon od resulted responrlbllicy for the prevalence of | ture . ‘
2 , me a8 RH, tuberculosly in our midst. When o ADJOURNED GASES,
Ty snurasTuaeo BYZWALLIH & SONSHLTON | ESE aiteok eit botanic s| omntertttwms! (Tha Piano W arehouse, ;
‘ . ——== a 1 rederick ve . 7 .
Mag aay ee lgu topearofouck tho | ages] Corroborative Testimony. | LSA Talla ta pt a | Eten Sorted Os Se att’ 8
ag quilisy avd lighs responsive touch. Sa — ibe lafection 1a qatbere whure
jeaprovel minal of avaseeuce’ ev, hava rasatted f oo gl BYALEADING EEANTER IN come would Hast expe ie 1s Lee Ah Yoo ve Ximenes.” ’ CHANGE YOUR OLD
. * : MA, clase Mi jary es:
in placia the Wallis Piioofortes in the f yrem iat 3 ~= in berreck yards or huus, and. even paste ve Boyack, Dottla va Charles, PIANO FOR A ' ee
ofthe best Makers whather English or Voutineneal. wo] A few days ago. we hed the | where servants live wiih the fauiuy | Butler va Gentatstre Geaeral, Balt ;
: Foot pein Keowe, Bupermisndect oat | WE cuiploy thea, rbuir roome avy | re Aesiog, Jobatien 4 Phllipe, Tappin ‘
by . * a dF ut Dearly ways ili-veD al > av om A. *
ee eT Gnaniali cio of Sagar’ pleponcae i Nowe | wear tuehttgeit toed 0 gue | POR DEAR eta omy uate, NEW BRINSMEAD o a
f Turing and Repairing A t peciality laparicne, dir. b sleod has recently Hoveroment. aud public opinion also | Teansats Est. aod another, Chankersiog . W OTT weezy :
" = AL a oink” condition suggers that | OSte ® leraw responsivilty Sa Lois} ve Commercial Union Co. NE wayunests, 4
he must have bed an enjoyable boll. | tir thea tiey were yeare ago-rall BEFORE Mee Atria sustice, jyuont. . . ;
dey, Querle Mel fod adore geet ved over the Uulony’ peuple ary alluwed ta Extending over 2 or 3 Yeafs, e
Sotaop tatiana tare ching [Seah ne ome] || —— §
talely promising taken ae @ whole} @ | owners uf ho the mark) tbat 4
portlog of the eoldvation wins Mit | Sre"obromiy ante for nuaan tame] ‘Mr. ‘Tripp _ Regrets AllInstruments Guaranteed |:
between now and (be end of the year, ample. vere oy Koows that within | We bave mush plessure {o publish: t . ‘
SEBRING THE SPLENDID SH DW OF | and he futly beloved that thelr out- | tne'lact tow uioninesren Mug ranges | fog the folowing admlssion from the W MODEL JOST 8
. ut would be an average one ri uf barracks Dave been built witb ali | Secretary o the Agricu ure t oe y , one
one jcLeod is a very busy man, while | EBC evil features ty which we have pp bas certainly one alter t an . ‘
‘ - ¢ we could not trespass much 60 Bit | bewa 90 long »ctustomied. There is | bis contemporary of the Board, of ey
‘ tine to suggest an Pe pce old OF | perdly a street ia Lhe Wowa that does) Ag jeulture, eee oP eer ed e bp
oPirdog in Nepariars as scee rleoe bie | 00%, SuBtaia bucoan babiialiogs that | ec ely Felieed ve og to muiee 21, Frederick Street. sad
| ‘ return tothe colony. But of thle mach sidered suaisienly decent for the erferenoe wae madein this paper & rhenues dea Re
, betore leaving “It is a colnoldence, | DLUNOS ot ves x ta gpulidiogs oa Totha Sdttor of ths Portof-Spatn va
‘ he quid. thas on my arrival in London, | eerie rooms even ia the bewest . : i
~ . Leent my principals « report on tbs | 24 best houses, reroain mere tinven- | Sir,—My attention has been drawn ra a RS ren]

_ prospects of my crop, such as they | ijsied bu Ail Ubie neglect of an | t0 paragraph {in your paper of thie
— AT were when I left Trioidad. Oa iy | obvious duty’ we sbalh by the eternal | date elerring to the report of
going to the oftice later oa, they law of compensation, have to pay for | Speeches , .

wh our report substeotlates of this Society’ a .
= ’ DB: Woatwo read. la the Port-of Spate sopuer of later, and it way. qhe | ceedings of this Hockety without ac-
y © | Gasstls reepectiog weather and crops | wii ris ie that the young and the | Knowiedgment of the source, which

. gvoerally,” Wetbanked Mr, HeLeod | it nuoent will ea often. sulfec for the | wae clearly from one or other of tbe
very beartily for thle important (to us) yuut of Ehose who ebould kuow better, | Daliles published if Port-of 8 In,

pivee of Information, and sssured bia | f.4 onic? uf whou le bhe Goverument,, Asa rale,I amvery particular in

or . that we eball always endeavour tO) pais ig ait oid mentioning the source of al) other f
A Superb Collection of lay a correct ssoount of things as tbey | os tow now 40d geo the iuan origiaal matter, aa way be seen APPETITE
‘ toy oot be koown generally bat the aia 'tee a wesley te duped | tas thew | ad occasion ta 2 publish any rerbatlas BRAGES THE VITAL SYSTEM.
Per oe a ta slayaen | Svatinitire Is ating od a public health | FoPot. Srely tbroogh aa oversight Highly recommended by Megioal Authorities 2
7 " N Ci S . | DIEE et fit'we eany be permitted the uinhung yste done sud nuibiug really | fF mole {am alone responsitie, ail over the World, eos
reulturies | Uotbing ue d desire to express wy regret, nnng
‘ Tala soutbernrovince te dacover ite Seed to pet paecure on our tbat the omiesten ‘ebould now have zat CURES: == woe
* on t ter eaueh careful o to move ta , 2
_— Pe ereration eagied Mud havior ten | Secs matiere. Mecutioe here Your obedlect serra sor, Anaemia
’ > ton. wi
edding and Signet Rings i aieneraaer | mains Serer a de . Chiorosis
, . oalture, of eee lostlteton be s a not be u & —_—=—__ Debiliit
THK VERY LATESD DESIGNS IN member there to work out the | [ice at we ° pf tee puble can Fernando and the Early ° y
nenadg 08 cane oullivations: The | #04 pas suke ot the podbmcnity Cheag Ordiaanee. NEURASTHENIA,
ities based's Bu (ort rome ead 4 ee fange thos is will e900 be Pemored, e

tietice, show the

; of ‘o Mas a evleay with « population of Edu of the Pe tof-Spain
15° Gold Brooches eissee ete ete ere mm te i eter
. as auhapoapied eeong yas Paver a senetorium 16 el! ite borders! Bir Pernilt me 8 to ration thas

aed, iar The is fe rt . Mea the satiy closing ‘Law Pia hs
“s 108 du , 1 ded to Han ernan e .

Ff: NECKLETS BRACELETS the leedar’thronghout’ belog” fa | th J0 thar R/OMY poee : rhe Sere Benge ok test .
BS LOCKETS EAH-RINGS ortunes Using 1a Boush te | soupt but alas there fe nOUw AG were; Y
BANGLES . SAFETY PINS Be. ton tos who bs care cheoge: Theugh mere ae :

; ° bid factory wiih 666 por | BO%PY Tet, ee eure Mibe tne eiied i po.) The Bonanza Drug Stoerea... ;
TS ket Set og ar eer | ey beau tg ed sere few tect | «etemtes 20 te met
a. we uh oe
PEARL PENDAN Ad User become resl- ie" owe ‘without soaetiog wwe in barnes toa, o Paipee bas
’ . jone vaca ww. Os ol
‘ee DB & LINKS ‘GOLD WATOBES aod K | Seterred tar hich Feroando! ave nos been noficially not Yr a es I
Cae NS GOURLE RINGS recat Ste ~ am | Site ae reoathyer tauae
. Ha S BUCKLE RINGS “ tw fo eristion se istnnoee ™~ ppeated Lo for prowe, .
ONS. |e cerisele ttietultela gives | -Haqussatetpara Luewsunts pave | boudaye ae aperoachieg, tnd eabny rapes:
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prent J sT BUTT ° oiibrontes es a fine coconut plantation | that Uanedisa [Heahog Ou posswsses’ | are thicking w: at wit be ble powiuion
i MOUNTED VEST ©. tena, MeRRe Loeared ogi feria, ca | Boe ce eee quattes ieee" | oun estbez areuariypowerieto| FIRST SHIPMENT FOR THY MEAOOK JOST YO Kame
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Bas > Everything of the newest and most artistic deslgns. peers tae (old pad prot | Cumiceoue cf bummaniiy is enuwe iy Pee ibe suthuritiee io belp us fa thie —a.-
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an odd years airing at tne arto Oil "to fainter ia every; A Dax Goope Orsax,

on, Stee that ¢ with is thetle prised as a bouse sag Ferssedd AX T NJ I ) yg ;
aq DAV| D S QO N AN D TO 2 D. it noted. bela wedicing everywhere, November hb 1010 . Bot . S, ol





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[PRA ire peter ‘ AIRE ery 7 (


Our Millinery “Show” still in full Swing.
mrey NEW SUITINGS, Jacket and Pants
ARINTENG-—al th Movie hate asteobtt cents . , e e Hight Dollars, Ten Dollars Up,
UhED STRIPED LOUI6IN SILK—Lovely Ebades—40 conis Evenin g Dress Suits, MERVERISKD DRESS SUITING—Quite eee etree, Jeoket and Pants,

TT A AT: & 5 i

? —"The Stores ”—STEPHENS, LTD. ;

} . 4 â„¢ , 5 a ia
Hh “Sunray” Shantung. .
} . +

i RRUCHK bILK—Frevch Mske— 81.00 NEW TROUREBRINGS—A ‘fine Rengo to

Y Jacket aad and Pants—810.00 Up

1, ~ ‘4b foch—Receda, Mosegreen, Brown and Navy— 846, .
Lapik ! RVA-Y-1O-WEAR HATS {nal the leadi teh.
Fee outs, Bh cents u * ing coleura—48 cents,

DIRS" UNT? IMS» RHA PRE—386 cents, 48 cents, 72c, t
INOLINE bHAPES ja White and Colored-—all priose » #240


From 12 cents to 8 dollars,

Sprays Ribbons, Wings, Mounts, ce.


eon our New Kasmge ef

Double Width Tweeds;

From 60 contsup pecial Ling $1.44


WHITE SHIKTS—0 conts 84 conta to 1.44

MATT SHIRTS arith Collar—our own make, 8$ conta

LINEN DOUBLE FOLD COLLARS—* Tia Cenfurian’—144 Dozen
THE © FLYWING* COLLAR—Quite Stylish—1.80 Dozen,

‘The FINE distinction between a
, STYLISH and a;COMMON made
' Garment is obtained by dealing




SO]UG,) OOM) “LY 59 OY Seewer ay


ee ae ee oe reer erreaaceannns
of the asultability of the eystem i: ; tl. ~
° we cf the natant ovum | _ MOVEMENTS OP STHAMBRS Honinkiia WHat opeagnie. Gantrate
- provided to carry ¢ff storm waters, The Royat Matt Tux Rorat Di . M % tht,
H e nor as to be sus clency? in point of . Lina. oon & er ion
size and au auzillar: - °
. ? dratoe leading into the malo iraloy LYDE—The' M.S. “Clyde” ts PRINS MAURITS.-The Dutch Mall T, DOMINGUE,—-The French Mail
. % but there seems to ba some reasonable due here from Southampton via Steamer os. “Pring AMaurite™ te Steaner "St. Domingue’ te due
round for the disquieting cplolon | Cherbourg and Barbados on Toesday doe here from Amsterdam via: Param | here from
faa by nate few of the more iatelti- | 8th November, and will leave the same | Sf iba and Demerara nn or about the Jomber, and will loave iy
. gebt residents of Belmont, that it ie | day for New York, via’ Pto Colombia, ith November i9lo, Proceeding after. | for St, Lucis, Martlaique, Guadeloupe

2 7”
B l } RN PR N j the scheme that fe actual ible | Cattagena, Oolon, Jamaica and | Warde to Cerupano, Camana, Guants, [and St Nazaire, taking passengers,
AST 2 ‘x: L CG ” for the reorbt funds. Te ould not. be Anulla, (aba, lakiog lot class pansen- is Guayra, Puerto Cabello, Ouracao, | mails and ca:

we meek

ee Cha


. the firs. time that dralnage works j gere cargo and malls. acmel, Aux Uayea, Port au Prioce | U0 \DELOUPE.—The French Matf
As from Sunday, 16th undertaken oy tans Puole Works The tender will leave the Light | #°4 New York tanlog cargo Paseen- Steamer * Guadeloupe” fe due here
~ , nt had been eo regarded, | house Jetty, Queen's Wharf at 2 p.m. | Sere and Stalis. a ° from Hurope via. Guadeloupe and Mate
to be subsequently made | with passengers for the “ Clyde.” PRINS WILLEM Ves The Datch | tialque, on or aboutthe 7th of Novem~
good; we refer to the flucding of the | Passengere are specially notified that all Steamer es, “Prins Willer ber and will proceed afterwards to
will be 28 un de re town caused when firat the new drains | @ baggage to be despatched to the Porta geabout the ith Noversber Oats coe taGuayee Bavanllis, ¢ Colon
o e— in the Lown were lalddown some years | Outward Mail will leave the St. Vine | 39/5" P; jing afterwards to Var bengere, ‘asil ana carace pas


inst the price of Beef and bad’

ago, and which continued UII’ the] cent Jetty at 10 am. on the day of
oanly and far from sanitary inter: | sailing, and passengers are therefore frmerabes Harte and Apierdam tak- Si DOMINGUE. Che | Freneh Mall
ROA+1 & ST: AK 12e. Ib} cepting dratus sloog Duke Street had | requested to cee that their baggage fe RING DEN ST OITA DEN, « | eer ats 4
tobe tala. The Belmont Improvement sens dawn before phat pour Oeaba" fs The Ducch Mail Steamer ee | and % Lucls isdue hele on oF tee
. orke bave just m finished, and a! 8. ft “Prine d jen” lad
BRISKET & STEW 10co Ih | the very lat meetiog of the Torn () aus ‘here from Jew York via Je | A ieterdan “vint Paramerity ‘ond | alterwacds to Dercerae: Base eed
: . Director of Public Works, whose | Colombia and PLo, Cabelio om Monday Derierara on or abeut the zee Nove Cayenne, taking cargo passengers and
BON’ + aoe eos -Go Ib | mloute on the subject was read, and « 4, Ae ae tele Bouthemy ibs Carupano, Cumana, Guaato, La Guay- UADELOUPE,—The French Mell
~ ’ vote of the Bosrd’s thanks for tha i Pe Micbaet' plon, ra, Puerto Cabello, turacao, Jacme), Steamer ** Guadeloupe” is due here
excellence of the work was passed. if} via, Barbedos, St, Michaels (Azores) Aux Oayes, Part au Prince and New | irom Veuexuel ba:
——— Weare not mistaken, thie work bes |aod Oberbourg, taking pastengers, | VoL tking cargo Paesengere and [the akuh Nove nee, gad all orto a
™ sod f the dors Fer Cer thts | sed “The tector will leave the Lighthouse | Mails. 8 afterwards 10 Nartialque, Guadeloupes
ent o: a le *
sam an improyenent rate which the (Jetty, Queen's Wharf a3 p.m with Piet WILLEM I{L—The Dutch | Sentacdar, Bordesux and Hayre, .

. Hteamer ne “Pring Wier | takin ners melle and cal
> FA . district can hardly afford to pay js] paseengers for the * Ornba. i tering ce
GRZLL & Co. Ltd, | ietict ca secre Soins in thearea:) | Fameonere ore. specially, nollfed | jute on ar about the Bech Noveisigt cae TMinMiadt Land of
z Rane Works Or Hot. In view bf these | to the Humeward Mail will leave the 1010. Proceeding afterwarde to Pde

amaribo, Havre aud Amsterdam take TRInrDap BuIrmXe Ash

toarri ‘e here from BAHIA, BRAZIL,
on-or about



Taking Passengers and Cargo.

South Qury, circumstances, and of the fact Lhat a | St Vincent Jetty at 13 noon on the }) PB a Mall
. b in f f tra | day of aalling, and passengers are | ‘58 Cargo Passengers an ie Teavivg Co-mAcanre,
16th victober"1910, Co eee Oe oe a7 | Ubcrefore requested to eee that thelr CIROWN OF GHANADA=Ine ex,

presomably under the same depart- HONI—The ILM.8, * Caronl” will ailiienst, | dad Line will leave for New York on

req < “
upon inthe Kast Dry River District, bengaze fe sent down beforethat hour. bhd: aon “ts ieee Wet in * Crown of Granada” of the Trial

a eramael ‘ leave here on or about the J9th New York--Paramarita [the Sed November 1910 and ie dove .
~ . t TTT ment's managment, think It fe a there 1th Novembre 1912
tall, other particul yrs{j please apply to The Port-of-Spa 0 Gazelle. Gorenzment thes the coroplaints £4 | do al pores Havre, 100" | ig Rovau Doren Man AGENTe, ALSCAS The se, * Maracas” o
allegations belng | made with regard | FPHAMES.—The ILMB, “Thames” OPPENANE ~The 8.8. *Uop the Trinidad Live will leave for
POBT-OF- SPAIN to Belmont abould be iaveatigated and due bere from Houthaippton, name” Ie due here from Paramaribo New York on the luth, November,
SUNDAY. 6rx NOVR, 1910, it possible remedied before the town | ¥ia , Cherbourg and Barbados on} on Monday, the 7th, November, 1910, wie and isdue there 20h Noveuber,
a ' authorities ore ked to aye charge | Tuesd . wind Movember aod. will ang eare pet, day vee, pre 0, eee
‘ . THE CONDITION OF BELMONT, of worke which may EP Sonatane worry via Pto. Colombia, Cartagena, Coton, cargo, passer era and mails, SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE.
2 j : e ~ the | Sadexpensetothem. Wedonot sey Jawalca and Antilla, Cubs, taking lst | C(VAHAMAOUA.—The 8.5. “Bara —_—
3 : ot AB qill have been observed from the that tbe complaints sre well founded s | Class passengers, cargo and mails, macca” is due bere from New York ARRIVALS?
a numerous complalote which are being | Poe not in'a position todosa But | . Tbe tender will leave the Lighthouse day, the 7th November, Nov, 5th, .
VINTENT BUILDING, made through the medium | ot athe there is certaloly much serlous com- | Jetty, Queeu's Whart a2 pon with 1010, god will care the same day for Vigisae Amer, atnr., Smith, 192 tons, ’
iV seu gers forthe * a. s. hd nge OU: rl
ae “pela, - se 'the disquietiog suspicion that all | Plsintas to retent unueual flooding | passenge aoe eae ad that | oot g cargo, passeng re Ta Guayre, Ballast and 8

be ex- od mails. paseonge
t well with the drainage system | #04 the consequences way ba NANAMAOCA —Th a ©
{e not well wi n laid down under the | tremely serious; sa that we wonld 8 bangawe lighter to deepatched to e 8, Sera J [xrensat Brit. etmr., Morrison, 2,58

—_——we eee —

7 the holding of an satly and mall will leave the St. macca” te due back here from] tons, @days. Pernambuco, & mule,
we . . Belmont Improvement Scheme. We | Urs? Vincent Jetty at 10,. on the day of joe on Tueeda & boreee, 4,280 pk,
0 “$ - beve often and again commented in j pesrching investigation, with & Tiem | iting, aad passengers are therefore | 16th November, i010 and will leave] To G. Jt Naot aoe! CATE,

n the enormous ted that thelr ba; same day direct for New York taki: 4
ever may be found to be tke defects, Fequested to s00 bab thelr baggage Ma cara paeagere fe aem xo Dg TURES,
MAGRALENA, ThelLMS “Nage RINAME=The £8, “Hurisame” |] QRowN OF Gnanapad Brit. atane.
dalena” fq due here from New] t) is due here from Paramariboon] ~ Gruchy 1764 tone Grenada, 2618
le ba,

fomtGo $

f By Buying

York, via J. fca, Col Carta, . | Monday, the 2let November, 1910, and dad
RONG THE COMING CYCLE RACES IN 0. ‘Colomhin aod Vos Cabelis on will leave bert day at nore precisely bage Taeg cocoa, Bibage einen
% . ALN]DAD, . onday, 28h November, acd will] direct for New York, taking cargo, BSL bags T’dad eoconate, 1 t bege

~~ leave the saine day at 4 p.m. for South: | passengers and mails, Venes coconuts, 3d.
BALVADON'IN TRAINING, | smplon, vik artudon, OE. Michaels | PAHOWYIVE—~ibe & 8, “Maro-} tyree, 3 smply" Borsa bases’ 1° bos
IN . {pore ). aud Cherbourg, taking jae wijne’ ie due bere from New] soap, eandry pkus, andthe fallow:

Under the above caption the Deme- ngere, carga and mails, vik on Monday, 2iet November. 1010, anthipped ex Delta”

In ei
The tender will leave the Lightbouds } and wiillesve the same dey for Para- Bie dry Fides, rT)
‘a Dally Argosy saysi~" lb was "
briefly ecslaned ta the Dally Argos Jetty, Queen’s Wharf, at 3 pun. with raaribo taking cargo, passengers and dandt beg ala,

for the * Magdalena,” 8. rom Drinida
that so loviteuen hes Pamenguze arespeciaily netifed that | 9 AROWIJNE.—The 8.8, “Maro .
bps (bd ter to be despate h wijoe” le due back bere from Pingiand Trediog


” sine, 3 pkas


Lene te

: by the 6.0.0 the Sports a bagge bter ¢ despatched to &
s ae ft to eepatche bu
=e X wittge of Trintdad fa respe the Homeward mail will leave the St, | faremaribo id Barbados, on Tuesda Brit. 7]
ia < . mas colony betag represe: be held tn thi Vincent Jotty‘at 12 nooa on the day of | the Zh Novenuber, 1010, and will leave Oe trie tame, “oy Nei
: allega- {and athletic sports ta sailing, and passengers are therefore | the gsine day direct for New York] Mail Steam Packet Oo, 7

pope now being made as to the rpeulte | jeland in December. Origioally the ueated to see that their baggage je | taking carue, passengers and ralls, ¢ ’
of the Bret really thorough trsticg of ] sporte were te bare been beld on eae down before that hour, BEag g Nezuians Brit sloop, Rane, 3 tous,

stem erect, y
ber 9, but the date was sltere 1% Hot on, = n

a tI'some reason for to eee ber Brd, on socount of the a Direct Line . Houston | Line of FaLoww 4 Belt stan, Wallace a ols

betters ft rust be recent death of the fat ber of Trinidsd’s - of Steamers, 80, TE com o vives, ) gasen . bons, ‘i

‘CARDS a secitig | exemont ge MY, as New Gotan Conrasy ‘ater de ee ee

. ride at the sporte had they bern held ~ was «| AJANCHESTER.~The® as, .! Mane f ch: y . :

‘ , on ont original date, of ie be been eee aThe eh a, spberold M chester" {e due here to atrive from ATO Ay Srittah ytoop, ‘Adams, 18 tons,

Buenos tires on or about the Hth ato! ‘op, ballast and 6

at able to ride, he woube Btated t hing cargo for Loadon and } Noy 1910 and will leave the same day f sengers, ' “a pes

. eatried out, It mer sufficiently yes pe tog Don oe me ports Qood accommod& | for han Juan—Porto Rica, Clenfuegos BALvAl2, Vensauelan boat, Rodrigties,
sorien of somewhat exceptionally | ¥. Salvador end B. VARUABEO, “The ae, * Sargasso "ig | Havens, | Mato.sos, Loetan, New 3 tons, Tucupila, sundry packagey =,
9 ‘ . peavy ralnfaite; but in anawer to that | principal cyetishe. C, Th 8 due bers from London, vie Barbe | oof taklog cargo, possengore aa BAN tara, lee we
' fe wuss be polated out thet son, nur cbamplon stl dos, aod Grenada on or about Novem: | UO ee Tha, Qenrauelan boat, Mare "+

3 . & | downpours Bove not unaksown yrare the soloey. Dak, ber Mth, proceeding afterwards to The Hamwurg-Amers nans, sundry packa-


panned, gee merchandi.
Jong before the tion of each » | Demorera, taking cargo, passengers pau Lins Momixt, British schooner,
& of unt sod mails PavaH. EcuginesaCo | to est ea tees

os, Ht, Vincent, 150 cases
leu ofl, 45 baskets olfve o bare !

OusTs bare
Navigas| YIRGINIA~The 4.8. “Virginia” of | Tels cement, 3) bage rice and sundry
In ot we V the Hemburg ‘American Line fe] packages merchandise,
due here from Venezuelan porta on or “hw.

. course, Vopore pbout November lth, proceeding Cloalag of Walle, 4
it been BO prerel that Salvador | tue New CoronjatCo Lrp—Aagnre, | afterwaids to Hevre and Hamburg wae .
lotended ta gato Trinkded and com | ATTA DI TURING, ~The es, “Cie | via St Thormss, takiog cargo, passen:
pete at the sports, simply for the al Torino * le due bere from Genoa | gereand malls. i 7ra, ¢

urposa of baving it out * | ela Maredilles, Barcelona sud Tepe AbSkita ~The ss, “Assyria” of | Curacos and Port-au-Prince by the
Eiprisal He has been Jn sarnest brala- | rif¢, op or about J7th November next, the Hemburg American Line ie] “Prine Maurtte™ wilt be slosed
ing for come timenow, The meeting | proceeding alterwardeto La Guayra, | due bere from Cu i 8
ot { and Selvador will be looks | 510, UabeNo, Curacao, Savanilla, . + Nover 2th, pProserdins afterwarde ta | Otlock preclely,

weed $0 with the greatest | Ligon and Colon, taking cargo and | Havre and Hamburg via Bt Thowss, | at 9 p.m,
Malis for Paramaribo by the- se,

“ Baremacea" will be ol en


Malle for Caru;
Quanta, La Guayrn Pio Cates



plishad over Eighty Years.







b tualls apd fret class ingers ooly ' taking cargo, passengers aod sisils,


be the i y
ot i) quarsotine per mits, os
eo ‘ Per fostare the mectiog.© balvedor | UQuareOUne Pere on | ee mpemreernrnrenrnrerene 7 | day the 7 Novecoter 1080 at 3 cod,
tis ‘voteme at hot eet Sew bicyete {as fortn} seg Frederick Leyland & Glasgow Direct Line} pot precisely, Regletration closes
TE foods ia the | so—it fee “Trivmph” tasching, ‘en Company Ltd. j a of Steamers 43 pin
COGOA ES fie bs hes got out specially for ihe Tus New Coroatsi, Ovv, * Teriwap enrrixg Maile for Be Leola, bartinlque,
of | tT og. Th ls soprettaule Me MITEDAGaNIS. TeavinaCe Lto Acts, | Cetdeloupe and Kurope ly the #35,
. mit pea, tbet ihe Trividen committed did not Toe ne" Yucstan "Je Ny ANARIVA The ap. “Yanarivas | Domingue’ will be elovadon Monday
he Aor Gn, ibeis way torptend the invitation UCATAN. ~The ana Yucatan’ le WANARIVA The @ 3, 0 Yanarive’ | 7th November (10 at U oc k ane,
Rs 8S ata om “h@ fo Jemalen, pF the inclusion of the | L dus beve from tiverpen vie Mase ‘dos on oF about the 2th 1 Pree tion ALS dle ee
Jr a? relied rtloulare | eee ks from the “Tele of 8) dus, on oF about Nov » bso Merbados on 24th Inetact lorNew York bp eee
a “uffer . Foe further pa resid have Wrought together at the * ceeding efterwards tu La Uuaytey and will sail the fallowing day for] nensme" will be closed’ on
Dvalan aseormbly of the greatest cya Cabello, Curacao and fenta Marte, Doemersra taking cargo, faaengers Thee Novewber 1910 at 10 a’ y

” pera ,
\oK EM z a KI On. F 7 iste of the Weet fodles,” tobing cargo, passsrgers end wall, aud meile, Oley, Hegistuation Clowee ab GU) ay
ORES x -
. e ~ & 3 *

« 4 ”

aa’ te ~ wr. Now 6 tit ee at ma

Rate fo atk net ahh Naan a aa + alli. atlas mAs,

” . | m~ON "4
* ’ . .
ars 2 4 . r va ee, ,
, oe, | Sane ornare ttre Pater ese “Sesion A pomp nee me oon
pmeramean eas Bsa nens

0 alae shinee Pasar hn taint po camara tn da ale a He
Saas - ia wes 4 %

ae eee x

That ' Desirable

oo + y t ° to
Dwelling House. and Land

g & Drawing Rooms and 4 Bed rooms, ales f t gallery
and weual out dffices. Water ladon. ae



‘ in sete


‘Therelare the usual out offiese with Carriage and Stable,
‘ade > stone steps leading down to the river,
.. Lnepection invited. No reasonable offer will ba iefiye 1,

‘Schoener & .Co.






oe 9.


, Cheap For Cash



®Or onfthe Hire Purchase System,’ Remember the -
* ADLER" Works have just seoared the Grane
Prize at the Brussels Exhibition. Vor prices
- | &o, callfon


68,"South Quay.
wWhone Sa.



Xmas Trade is Here

and comprivessthe finest lot of Footwear ever brought
to,the, Culony |


Kvery kind of Shoe f r evary-

y--mon, women, childroa
ard babies; Bhoos for overy aga
very business, every dress and
every pastime, Whe.ber you

walk or ride Ssh or hunt, cr whether you like to Le eressed
ep ond kept ao, we baye —
Stiors for all these uses and ee

purpoces, .
Gur prieds too are right.
Glaste uver (bis Has of formid-
able or better sull
call ant ees for yourself !
Meu's Patent slucrer Welt—
$148'to 84100 pair,

Men's Coloured Vici Blucber
Welt —81.50 t2 83.60 pair,
Woy Belkan oon Toa—,

#120 to ¢3.00 pale

de, ~&¢. do.
; O900 DODD nD 000094 con000 ananonce
| Te) RET
ye} “The Lowest Prices—ALWAYS'’


AUS SRM yt ee ET te Fae ™ ; ‘ * ph a TRE Rs “77 SN

ble 2 Me Ee dp ve te, = Be
ae | J wl x 4 poe
" ry F} t 3 rd
4 > —
’ +
, °

' . P . \ _ 7 A gt eth * .
\ As . 1 5 / ' ;



ai Fo oe Me af o a
wane en gur

6 fri

nf Cee Me ae

Wie, Sentves, | |Z eRaereies Se Sake gee JohnHoadle
seni nt| } 3 ee TAILORR & QUTFIY
ease | |S Sees) (ep IF YOU ARE A |

y ~ OF

Nas an






1 . . a)
f an 82 (nr rrmamnveanenystanavany
a r a .
Men's dewntal. “+ Call & mee, Our ™ wi
' " Whiel Jocludes the very gg


German Navel Mekers’ Fuseral 7

Kerveet Fosttra! - San Fermando.| x 8
ry t the Bo- atthe aa
ante Sandenees pranenre tM ad evening

Ittah Water Morn 6.03 Even 63% pm.
Bun rises wow oat OM am

Supreme Ocurt «1050 aim.

Boart’of Meahh=8 pm.
8.8. Saramacea leaves for Faramari-
bo, Malls close at 3 p.m, oe Min
a8. Pr jn o ” ; Jeers fox O ene Jologist ducing hie — vject
ay nan! BA “
tae Cabelion Caracage ant Boca: tania "Fatal Mist ee eA Atiale

‘| Prince, Malls close at 2.30 p.m.

Concert by the Choral and Orebes-
tral Sectious of the Victoria Iustitate
9 90 p.m

t 5.8. Bt Domingue® leaves for Bt, iT in '
Lucia, Mart ue, uadeloupe ao hich will strosg!:
Europe adie doce at 0 a.m. | iatere a inretiog and ff Taopte a

—_— ‘ul:
Football,-Bhamrock _Â¥ Majestic, | COmPADY Fil be duly,
Clydesdale v Queen's R O,—4.50 p.m. We Jean thas a further supply ot tary of State egainet he confirma fou
——— weeds ig abou vo une
High Water Morn 6.30 Even 6.55 p.m. Pronduress “Planters Tequiring seeds ofthe decision of the Execu
Sun rises oe oe oe OG ATLL ofthis year's crop shoeld commun! -_—-
San sete oot oe 6.88 Pa | cate without delay to sthe Director of | The pro; ive LiEatente Cordiale
Moon seta see LOS a.m. | Agricultare, tety Ie now offering the
aang rae —_—- ious premleses, 17 George Atree: .
ash emai oe peert tp palaeetal | rpuhecny fea eerie
oe . fe . arene
To “4 FineMAn” 1©The remarke | cently reviewing the eltuation in Pore House "tor tent ae a rendesvous for +
to which you refer appeared fo “The | tugal. ‘The argument grew fast and | enuntry pilgrimages, excursions, aod
~] Mirror” “We, therefore, suggest that | furioue, and it did not take lang before J for Balle, toncerte, and Public Mect+
your letter be addressed to. that & breach of the once wae * ipltated, inga Xo. anne, place {a excellently Outed
le e de! re pitimatery a it wodern srrangemente, .
organ, ainth in the Magisterial Ujurt sehen the fine | CPaventencen,

of $2 jefiicted, ont have tanght the ———_
~ Tt {a understood, says the Demerara
VALERE.~Yesterday al No. 20 Dun-

feseon that after all cheap politics are
dearer In the long run, Daily Chronicle, phat a representative
— di lo oy.U. 7

donald Stieet,gthe wife of H. L-Valers| apg pyselection bold at Arima | {% arpresentia nat colony]
= - yesterday to fll’ the vacancy oo the

Is at present in that colony, his mise

ima Borough Counet ted by th fon below fowaich the development

. Arima a ance aan 7 the he oil try of Brlulbh Guiana.

atk PACE 2 FOR nor qualfiortion of yele MPerretra Oe one ot odoetry show aoy lodica-
ridsy Nights Corcert ant 5 resulted in Me. Shenath Thannog being | tion of developing succesfully the
Dance —A_ Successful Pune. | returned. 7+ | Standard representatlve will inimedl.

Dea ae the heads of the mam-
hon, Sudden th and| we begito ackuowladae the receipt | moth olorganioation in America. It
Bu of Me R W Gordon, | of the first issue of ‘Ihe British Gul- | ig gssumed that should the sitastion
Demérara School Teachers’ | us Iodustrial and Trade Review", | warrant sucha etep biog taken the
Grievance —Despatch from tha pubushed by Mr W. H. Hinds {n-] standard Oul Oompaoy wil, tn accord.

a Georgetown, Demerara. anos with Ite usual po eT make every
Secretary of Stata —Refarences effort, to gala control of Lbove lands on

tothe Board of Education, toi’ Demerara con ryetates that | which of fs found


— Sg

- "than Ever.

Pieke: i agar. KO Ge. wowwie *
“| SEE PACE g FoR Tale Gorernovol toe Coast Colony | tn our report of Friday's foottall ———ae

District Court heft estate vatu also | match please read "Q R , by fine com

SEE PACE 7 FGR gathered from th 0 thst | hiced play worked the ball to St, 3
Our drtiel "The Condi: the will of Lieutensut-Colovel B-rnard Marys eod where Warner who kept
er Te Lene The eon, | Zindel uet, MtherofMeB J. fost wasequal tothe occasion and .
t ; a *q hk
tion of Blmont'; The Com} 7, Bossnquet, the cricketer, has been | cleared benutlfully ” lastead of * Habn







0000 00000000 0000000000002 0000000000



ing Uycls Races In Trinidad | proved with petsonalty of £23,011, who kept goal for Francole ete, etc,”
Salvador in Trinidid Between Zand 3 o'clock yesterdey | The Inspector General of Oonstsbu-
SEE PACE 8 FOR afternoon, an America bay hore | tary and family left Port-of Spain yes-
Ross Cure for Catde—Novel- | from Med. HayaesClark'’s, stables | terday morulog for Pelican Island.
eaat Medical Rrhibity while diiving quests to @ wedding at | They return next Tuesday,
tea wal Hahibitton, Trinity Cathedral received a severe shnperenen
STE SUPJIEM.AT FOR . suostroke, froas Ube effects of which {t | ‘Through the Inetramentality of the
Colmistanut Homeborn. - | dled on retarning ta the stables, Deaierarh Chamber of Commerce the
— West India aod Panama Telegraph
ITEMS OF NEWS. Me Frank Dargsn, soo of the Iste | Company, Ltd, have arraoged to fa
° Dergen of Demerara | futare ticladain thelr Prices Current
-—— been stu pies: law at the | quotations of Para Rubber, With the
Mr, Olloton Greig. forwerly of the will be called to the f {porsasing (oterest which fe being
Pollce Service of Britlh Guiana, and { Bar on the Ilth instant. He will | taken ia rubber and balata, says the
latterly of the Trinidad Constabulary 4 practi in British Guiana aod ie ez | Argosy, it is inthe colony's wallace
bas as we sal ore, been ted ta sail fron’ Kogland on theft that as much as possible should be,
appotated Asletant Superiatendant hb November, known of them, especially at the pre-
ol the Police of Gawbia in succes: ——— pent ime and the Telegraph Company
sion to Me. T, B. Bracken, (transfer { Me C, H. Major, Chlef Justice of Fil, | should bave seen the defirability of
red to southern Nigeria). His | basassumed the duties of Governor of | taking the {oltlatlve without the
eee es on learn will ioe | thet, ooloay on he departure on leave pecesuity for lotervention on the part
£250 # r die orage we ho e Evora: mm urn, who are .
Hired be United Elogdom. bie of the Ol ember of Commerce, '
ajor was for mauy yours connec Among the passengers who ealled oa
with the Ovell Service of the West to Friday last by ibe ws: Crown of Grin
Fire Beigade quacters and bores, £100, | dire, where be latterly cocupied the for Grenada wae Dr, B A. Turplo
Bet oftice of Attorney-General of Greoada | who weare glad to learn has sufficient
rate ene tle Secretary of the Bee a voea mis f fJaalice of Fit in WOR Thy teoovered to enable himto uader>
‘ernando, Agricu ' » Me Ty. fan calle! eo Government
&. Evoreiey telia ue that (¢ requires | on a previous occasion, take a trip to Grenada forthe benefit

erery bentof $4, to put the affale
through in @ manner creditable to
that Borough and district, and upto
now they are foancial to the extent of
$900, only.

The death of Sie John Pickersgill
Rodger, K.QNQ.. who has bees


The San Juan Literary and Debat-

log Assoelation will bold a apacial

thestlox oon aE pighk when, i id | Governor of the Gold cast sloce Su,
reper e

aia the and Revising Conele jegves a Vacaney In the Colonial Ofloe

Wehbave beeo requested to tate that presented, st, Saye the Ceylon Ubdserver, which
Hekets Re bert. Thursday's ofne ye be bee ens ted to b way vet re bei, be Aled by Bir seen the very latest modols ia i g
Sbampetre are on sale at Mesare a 0 reque tate ug! ‘o 2” appolntmen 8
wille vs Wilson's, the Caledonian } Nr ‘Aairew P Lente that the Phil. | carries with ita much Jarger salary oTRIMMED HATS FROM LGRDON ANO a)
House, barmoole Mudeat Association will lo eevee nil

than that of Oolunisl Becrotary of
fature be korea aa The Portal a Cerlon, for whereas See Haxb Gut ord
5. rcheatra, Atplicat Peosiy: ob! e "Gu er
far membre jp will be gladly received the Gold Coast Ie paid £800 aod
by bim at Na be Frederick street or

at, Wileon's Licaiied, Corner Store,


©00000000000000000000000 00000000

Millinery * Trimmis


next Thursday's ete Champetre, as
wit permits special train belog run

between tbat cud pnd the elt and Tioeed nee
a on
vce tered, & ver ut 8 faa sep « The leave of absence of Colonel W. Gurermerabhiof uence Guees, but
We were yesterday informed at the | B; Davidsoo-Houston, Commisiooer | who cannot pow be cHered that poyt
Colonial Secretary's oMce that noth, | Of Montesrrat, Weet Indies, who is ar | fir anuther year, mey succeed Mie Jobu
Ing bas yet been done ia Mr Hodu’a | present io Kagland. Sas bee Rodger,
tte la, however, drawing balf ded for theve months frow the 14 h

ervorof Nysssaland, who ba«

selary. {netant. Be proceeding wwe ,
© Malllard’s Mall” for November te ta | Havidson Houston sav somslderable | 9 cy, eect ee iea ect
hand and {s, as usual, up to “ Uorner gercioe On the Weet Coss at ate sled ns Vielotle fonder yet “ } P
Store” Afark.| both civil Be err aoe Corabied feputation in musical circles of our tb ;
Readers in the southern dietetet are | thoner of Ashantl. sompoued ° a iene ot rer to tie
reminded of the Marveet Festival — ings ielover, 27! the verigue work — moment ¢
ng careful

which comee off today at Han Fer] Nembera of the Victotla Insti. y prepared

nando, in connection with the Ustholic | tute Uilerary Section sesoclation | Voucert will be bl

Chureh, Since our reference thereto | are ibtonued’ that to consequence rxoeption, judging by the v, Lo | r

Im last Friday's lsaue, we were told }of the concert held by the boralaod publiabed eleewbere, The pi ve y

ferret en enardo he deli brats | wrote fous ibe “orsigtar tice |ebone bal de beeen iix08 *
. oO oe fortnightly meats} abo 0@ Composliion by Eeratlo \ :

ast being prepared, and the * usuals” [fog f¢ postponed vo Monday Slat No. } Parker, one cf t . 3 "

thet go with & good dejevuser, and as veraber when @ paper on educstlon greatact set tbe frames, It not te AND FASILONAGLE TRIMMInS

these are rare opportuaities down | will be dativered by Mr A. N. Rey- | Adalrere of Verdie Immortal tusic

fouth. advantage sbould be taken | mond, will have an opportuaity of bearing

Atthe nest of the oficiales of the by Chorus eed Orchestra. “ Nerana N OVE Ti E S i

Volunteer Fire Brigade at San Fer | accompanied Cnoruses, fur the firet

nando, Colonel Robert Jobaetone, VD. | Ume pecfurmed bere, and 6 fin

oe ,


We understand that Me J.1, Bain
cocos expert, of Mareces valley wil
relurg to the colony by last mall next

We understand that durlo the early

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Latest Creations

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Funds Exceed ... £12,000,000
NEBRANOBS effected against
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Buildings and contents. of Ware-
houses, Offices, Shop, and Stere
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fo Bemtal Office:,
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Atteodance all day,
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Latest Arrivals

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The ELEGANT’ ., 143.08

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Panama Hates
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Other Sulte in Cyp, Cedar and
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Ata recent meeting of the Deme-

Oourt of Hi Exoellene

putes The Ohamber of Deputies i as
sdjourned until the 8b instant wh
thone gramme will be canowncede

The sorreepondent of, of the London
“Times” a! rte.a general
agreement to reco aise the Republic
after the elections ave approved the
new conatitut


‘oronto, Nov, Sth.

The Board of Trade of thiscity bes
unanimously resolved that reciprocity
mith the Unlted States eaeperens


Adr' aren Victanartie.G Quebec,
atate that Sir, Wilfrid Laurier bac re~
oelved the woret reduif ia bie career in
tha defeat of his candidate, Mr. Per-
raalt, vice M r, Lavergue, who wae re-
cently appoloted Beas‘or. The l’re-

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2 Dears OF


Wr regret to ansounce the death
yesterday morning of another Germen
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Canadian pol 0
wilentarress Sir Wwareda toner
beaten upon a polio ‘abyss ale WV
legea J maton opens Pate "ine Bri Britlah
od fs ig advance of Canadian
Tbe berals comment that

eet WHEN WILL yet ye TAKE rLace ?
opi Seo secralives did not venture even
roi alter:

A weil attended nueet! ofthe Com: | aimilaa extent,
woh istered a ariguitura sod does mot,

The Nines IrpaPasamuabaviog as
ed President Taft regardin, eaterdaye
oticat A3n aod Javited blm to visit ©

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Arosemena that the United “rate

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The meeting
"| SURESNa No: ;FORTIFIOATIONS, nidered thatthe 2ith rar ioe cay a
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lar sum (Q80)

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