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Port of Spain Gazette
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ie Bonanza,
TiMtKi Lmis, taitas and JlHoyors,-
XJ apairtmant
B. "V. L3-
Under-W ear.
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Rosea • - - o«5c.
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- ¡iii'ia
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ff#lb i|i lifji g
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W I '-¡ii°*‘ -‘Shi Ill'S
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i iiHls Pill
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I'M ill
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fSHK Ig2
|3 *í S5 E
?P ?! 3 S3
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633Of«WWDUIFVU72 7+( 72572UJI$,O7 4$=.O7( )5,'$< 129(0%(5 '5 / 6 0%,,&/,L 'VE 7ULQLGDG 7HQSU 63(£7,1* 385326( 7-,‹$% 0$+ž5,$/ /,0( nA3$77(07f°f° ZLS IIOILFJ D RFURF 3ULRR RI %R RI 8UHWHUV P NTP &RQFHUW t 'DQFH UV‹-L WOFYHD Df§ ,.LLO6 OOA386% JIH6L¯WIO¯A L1XQRW )HOL[ 0DUDDQ 3ULFH RI LFH " 2DQWMDWQL 72'$<6 '$7( 6 SRU7R' 'HOLYHUHG s__6 r ILQH mORWXVUXH %DVW r f¯66.)6: LV P PVPP r} L: 6IRML LJe fµ¼¯WV¯tn6Y‹&Pn 2(IW7/(0(0 &7,,0 7KR 9UY ¯¯6¯ 3UL%% RI +RH f¯AcVVFUA )25 6$/( L6666ULL 66eXLU Miiic 8NLVNNW t 6UHY .6H 5RVHD fµ RmF 6cOJ i3 mg ‹,"e6 "


R 6 J IL __ D ALU L L ¯¯_ _6 t! m¯IFD £c r J Ln  N OLO+L6 cLLLnLD 6 D_& , f«,N : IIOE L_L OLIML J LOLUWUL SL cL : , ncLLrrf« f«6KL ,OOn6 (365:L:LOV ,,7IIO -J OLOLV ‘ PK c%L6% L LL+OV 3LOO O+I_ } , Lf¬LLnL I ( nfµ fµ t " L M , U ,n0 LOO , I ,f¬6LIL I ,SI , I6+. ,J _ r¯ 6 ( "3 " 6 L LtDDDDIL0 LL(

*. TNE pT TM a â„¢ ey
é st . , a,
Y oes _ *
pot, “ * - | Standand Mra Rad o n who cerliied thet’ There eae Lardlp Anstbiar foe yen ~ 9
a Ver a oe yet te en Were injared 1 Dr, BR. P. who tif 1 tng & *
, t pty vd 2 mae me Gor "Pans the, groom blightly. © Ne, deceosed bed! been vattering from bore Zyehe, Wye benly Ang thing for bina § | Tey T . .
et \ rs 7 time of the accident ary, at the | di and an inquest wae diepensed aaid, For the past two years that Mr,
ry , 2 . ' ° tata ent ybad pith His Femelog wore jloterred on , Slobeon had occupled the Oivie Chale, L ,
te Ime Dr. Nicholle reached the spot and tery, 7 ’ smet Demos teed eat to" yen a tha appotatment’s ot wy ;

' be very kindly drove them horse. s
Eade: » LHobeo: roth . . 7 >. .
tony, Saas le Progretiogsatiten, | PROMOTED, rerpector | b die, Johnitone ‘oad, Ube: chalrnan Distinctive Tailoring
Lani jf of the Iarpec! a that co sald aod be > *
gives rise to sone ansilety, General's Office, haa been promoted ro was pleased Lo sipport the motion,
Mr, Whatton, ou relog. said it was 1

tome anzlety,
aatrnen the rank of Oarporal and will succeed
SUPREME COURT, Lance-Sergeant Hewitt of District E, | almost uonecestary for bim to occup.

(tr De ese ht acing at TT ee te! 6~NEWEST - DESIGNS |


a mnern hadto their confidence and support, “
IRON BOX FOUNTA for re electing hit as Mayor of ‘Heo
While some childcen were bathing | Fernando, for it is a pleasing fact that SIN
FPA Toms tr | Wits Ease ele ee rage, Hor | Baamncne lebron era +
1 Ae Yo
feodaat stated | afternoon 24th ultlne. they peeday And moreover 1b Le weil known that be


Jeman possessed of rare and e e .
Deft, * haw eeae Stu that there was no service and acked for | accross the Iron box which \° me
ee mann “7 sp adjournment for three weeks. talned the raoney tnd Jewellry, so “the [hioat aoceunuehicy: ney wrestl Ne
er \~ ® —; 9 Granted, extent of £303, of Mrs. Castaneda, the | proud. In politics men must aiifer to ‘ 4
St ‘] natius Ba Monceavx v Lamv=Mr. Aadrew | Brazilian lady. Tt would appear that | a and though he(the ape: a : .
g Y, Mo Canby for creditor pat jo the | the thief or thleves after empty(og the | liberal fn hia views he cog! Dae . ¥
: “Sch rao seit orks omnes] Peabnatey pat stunts —
eri er ia be . avo: e on tC: ey areas much entit! ae he - *
ean mw. ] mi ment for terew days {iten, afer com — = {the speaker) wax wo bis. ta conclusion
eo sa a was oir aD 7
- JIuse jth roughly Repalred 1: Met, Hed Oo. For RIPERBON— AN ALLEGED. DARING CASE OF | straightforward to sckndwiedxe that 1 AN E x PERIENCED
‘ vas o nd y Pp 1d ate saked for an order for the debtors ct. PICKPOCKETING from what they know ot Ne. Hobson's a
Painted and Furnisbed.| yee, vendance, eDtor'a at: ’

opiniones; of bh a tntegrit , enthusiasm

. ue od Gast, Derexpayre (Gowwirmep ro] Sassen een es | FUNC OUI
a . + Ate
~ Mnicurtt vJateanx & O1s~ — m supporting the . #
. | Practically New; laan sdmipistration vert, © Ont THe PAIL IN £30, With our 4 highly trained Sif guarantees
‘e : Mr. HB Aylveatre Wililaras, holding Me | Before Me 1. D, Huggins at the Hoo, Joba Davidson Hobson had Newest Styles and best Workmanship~ = - °
” For particulars apply to B Belpio Follard’s brief, for plaiauff, Biz Police Court comrdey, Brederick Deen Usaninioasly Ferelected Mayor
. o 7 i. “ . a ni a!
dania oh Tantenume for fone Gefen bert Adamoon, perbaps more famillar. The Counelt waa thee enge in ap.
GEO, R, ALSTON & CO, thestxlofant defendants © nt ly known ae gbaale Waiscoat ” polating the vere! comto tee for
. arged wi
—S——_—_—_———_———_——_——— ee wits the coe opened by Me | colontal fvedoliar notes fromthe ae whieh the and eee, * conetuwion 0 ae
= = wy die ome at | ovata at adc ged ag" | Toe eee ae :
‘ : isn tb stayed wth cons eolle pre: |promute forthe’ petee 8 ine ae | 524 Fernando and Law Reports
‘. one order be ast cose of Ipteots } fendante who were warnednot toplead | = 74 the Edlior of the Port-of Spat
. oo to be paid before plaintiff Were represented by Mr, Johnston. ae pain M
. : farther preceediogs yea takes sey Gonatable ‘Beales of ‘the detectives Lei ITED.

————_—_— who brought the c
Feta Champetre, haviog arrested

8 —
The following potice has been pested | inisea for flve colonial bank n re t t 6 f +B 4
7 etite Farilion of the Queen's Park | 45 “Iie did not fad them but founda | Lerdey eater
. ricket Ulub tw $l treasury notein Adameon's truok . woke 5

The Oycle Track will not be open on amoug his clothes which nota Adar. length hie ressons for concurring, eaid

the objects for which the Fete labels: | O08 Wifeclaimed as bers, Ife took ft | and’ could “atford Go have chest ee IS THE STOUT PAR EXCELLENCE,
should aut croreeuicts ight ot fee | ,ainetontgzemination the Oonstable |ELUyâ„¢ Qciged ibe tease neiite |g - i 1
a should not exercise thele right of free | admitted that the note h found had 8
cutry on the oecasion. sovenasecion ins these ine y ts | away, abd tbe cology being unable to t Kooks You Healthy & Vigorous. +


errs ve been stolen, buthe had not given a fairness to the prisoner, after
’ LATE BARBADOS NEWS, ft ee ree peeause there was a possibil- inaking enquiries {rota all tbe " al ‘
a — dtylof \ts og useful to himin tracing | practwioners there and finding that | 66 ” - .
e LOSS OF THE ‘OROWN PRINCE. | a ia aa ede) they hed no books either) on the 4
. The telegrams foform ua that the sworn. ie sidher amet wae ogezt chance of being wrongin hie Jaw aod
LATE OF; H, MONCEAUX P. O.2&:C0. steamer “Crown Prince” fs belleved » ee hee eens from Csroal | not being able to fortily bis view there

on the 19th of lavt month with cocoa * uy
to have foundered in the great hueri- | which he sold to Pacpellone aad wea to stating thatlcase, — FF

¢ 7
cane that ewept over Cubs and raged | paid 6.40 in colonial bauk $Snoten Hav. | 1 hve (eet thee if the report be accurat
s FREDERICK STREET, |iitcanicititcoite itvite |Reoheiiscmertnewetarr [einen ane foe Pie QUEEN of Beers.
’ e SOL& AGENTS FOR atone, acrived bere from Victoria, | 2% made his wey towards Frederick { the private property of practitioners.

Street where he stopped looking at
1, bi {ust.. igned . AL the hearing of Rex v Daownary- ,
Braz, on the Tah inst. consicned £0 | some jemellery displayed ian pawn art 'yh eyes ie oye ton OT: THAT'S ATE.

. «
WALLIS & SONS (LTD. LONDON J some evening tor New Orleans, Tbop nindow. While standing | vy Ile Honour whether he could sup-
ot ug 7



fendaote came up ad
Valy one man_was shipped here, a stood both on bi lef bat th:
native of 8% Kitts named Joseph | nearest bounced blue ‘Afiee ‘rome
Emanuel. time one of the female shop attendants

*. AMra Helen Bolton, of New Or-| éatied him inside and ashe turned Pe
THE PIANOFORTES. tsttarbun Blase" Pftedd OF |; Auman muses and to | be ston Beach STROMNGS
tbe “Crown Prince,! was refused by | his pocketin which were five notes, | tryinon Reporte In ban Fernando, 2
tbe agente at the last moment. She | he (witvess) baviog himself! removed

as not sor esterday when she Weregre, that this reply should
learnt of what her fate would posalbly the sixth before, and took them out | have conveyed to Lis lonour the Im

ws held bie hand but with the j
have been. Prince’ ball other hand Adamson transferred the | [omc saat the practitioners of Ban- | ar ug
ube Crowe Oa ot ate. balls at [notes to Davis, and having jerked his!” Wve believe that. very few racti- a
Newcastle in 10.4, of steel, 4.600 tone | hand from his (eritnesses) grasp the tlonere in the Colony” eee the *
grose register. Ceptain Johnstone | two defendants turned foto suvther Queen's Bench Division Reports, and

and her other officers had many friends 5
bere, who will lament their uatimely fed ty ren and tee et ict e oe ne, | Wedo not think that.we are singular

fate, While lamenting hie tose two men | ‘poeberlng thea, CHANGE YOUL OLD
A boat load of survivors was see We may say that Me, J. D. Hobson

ner *G o if, advice be went | was the only practitioner applied to PIANO FOR A

eker are reported

by the eteamer “Glanton,” which was
unable to help them, hich gottata | “Bh, B aod reported ithe particulars o
e* ¢ Princo” which gotin' 'b Reg v eke
port with only seven tonsof coal left |" Chartes Lavsalle corruborated the to Kenny's Criminal Gaten 8 copy of Ww B N M fy D on «a
" 1 A, eters library,
os Ta ihe savual hele be heviow boos | 1 vghavenot been able to see la A. NE RINSME
+ 4 Obson’s reply the slightest jotimation Bass
quite near, bo sald, aud bad seen | co fiw Honour that either he or any of T T
everytblag the otber practitiouers 1a thie town, NEW Oo raymonts,


Ye ce § lists

‘sy manuractuRED BYZWALGII & SONS LTD,}
A E OELEBRATED for their rich, powerful sing-
iog quility ard light rasponsive touch, The
improved method of canstructio’a etc. have resulted
in placing the Wallis Pianofortes in the foremost
of the best Makers whether English or Ovntinental.


*BSTO 0d

xa Tuving and Repairing--A Speciality | ibe biskes, “Sho i's Seeron

mon Sifontes, who was next | do not posscas any law books.

F. bri, Cor aod a jury con: .
Naded tee "iuquiry tbich was begua forked hie acti daar wien, Adameon Your truly ow, Extending over 2 or 3, Years,

4 at the Generui Hospital on the pre- | igo gave evidence of the defendants

cone iso cr Tat ceara td ot West figbe io different “directions ibrough i p doses.
Burg ttnad, ts Micheal, whs died 'on | atecataee perer, vwemetueme en be tesadl, Homer AllInstruments Guaranteed
the 25th ultimo st that tastitution as This closed th tion. Me .

9 the result of jofuries received on being f jg enewer to His Worship Me. Joba- | gan Fernando. 1” Nonnxotox, — { NEW MODEL JOST ARRIVED.

. °

' coo’ iaolor gat) Aer” bearing “the | toe facuee aig oot Bempowe to catee | "Now, Seay Hi
evidence an @ Coroner's summing possibility of the case being decided —
Booksellers & Stationers, SP dtl deat * Terdic’ OF | summarily La which case be would call {San Fernando Summary Jurls-

Inepector Cavenaugh having Intl diction, 21, Fr ederick’ Str. eet.

y A MRO. L, BANCROFT. B.4., mated to Hie Worship that it was ex: ——
s I ed E A “EC } DA - TRODUGED 70 tH Bak OF pressly cequired that tbe case be taken From A Co1 respondent,
oS Ata sting of thy Uourt of Chan- tudiciably the letter agreed pot to ="

> cory, of 28h ulta, live Honour the change ta Procedure t wperetoee Me. | Before Hite Hon aur Mr, 4, D, Rus
Actlog Vice Chancelior presiding, | dufauce, Whiiam Huot vs. Lydia Brewster...

SPECIAL VALUE IN Me, oeraawe Mount ssn ot ie Tos defendants wore then formally | raig jg a claim to recover porseulon

, B Bancroft, merchant of thie city, cautioned and committed tothe bezt | oF ¢ wooden tenement situate at Hutton

‘ J.
- ° fotroduced to the Bar of Harba- street In the town of San Fornacdo.
KCCOUNT BOOKS. |e F Bes sete etter tpt cca ALKA ioe trend ed
. id Const o a endan
aS + | tr, Bancroft, tn reply seldi—May | bie ‘Tapplo, fone’ aguicat ademeon, | Judgment, for plalati@, "Me tlobwon
yt it please Your Honour~I havp to} users being two more to be proved | esid be did not sak for coats, asd they
‘ were not awarded. —*

thaok the Solicttor-General for bis | pacer on,

" 5 courtesy fa Introducing me to the] pat) remal before [n £30 each ar
STATE LABOUR BOOKS Bar of Barbados, end Your ilonour | with » Fansined ae belors Mary B a ela tem ‘RLpeD
; SHUP BOOKS tor the very klod way in which you = . ready set dowa fot BRACES THE VITAL SYSTEM.
og BLOTLERS bare recelred Tm Sou bavegiverme,|San Fernando Borough Council. |tesring snd the meter wa id Highly recommended by Medical Antheritiee
e ANDUM'BOUK3 which I shall alwaye endeavour to = through plaintiffs solicitor, th ail over tho World.
MEMOR Ly ? carry out, Like most Burbadians, I (From a Correspondent.) | LE 20, but not heaving receir .?
POCKET BOOKS Stirly ‘love the land “of my birtht | Tux How. J, D.iosson. i. Au. Unante | anythiag, the claim was agela filed acd . ws CURES! aman ,
% fore isa matter of Lhe deepest MOUSLY Kg-ELECTED NAYOR on thie cocasien Me Jonathan Byan
; , wee YOR THE KNSUING YEAR. appesred for plalati@and the Hon J D A mi
ce pecial meeting of the Lorough Eobeon BA? Sostructed by Me LM nae a
: Council, held st the Zown Ifall yester- | Hobsow appeared for the defendants hl s
Ww . : fession, , & day moralng, fur the parpowe of elect | The matter was adjourned to next court orosis
4 cd, tblere 1a adearth of |iog a Meyor for the ensuing year] sod Mr Nye od for extn Th one
hitgeifon ‘here and foes, re rien. | there were Gopal tO Wis Fe | ppetiationnaa aa covariate: T* Debility
; tously small. cou w io or, C a . Joorph Hl Dube ve P Tichard
er YN uate suppl johustane, Wm. Young and Me EK. oaep! ube ve Peter Richarde,.. ‘
aa x AND PRAYER BOOKS fast Chat tore inn the! bee of is Larchen Towa Olerk and Treasurer, This ie aclaina torecover poseston of NEURASTHENIA,
, BIB jeland, which makes 09 foar thet there IN THE CHALK, & parcel of land situate st High atreet, e eee e


fe no chanee whatever fora young§ [Athe abvence of the Mayor, Mr } Prices Town. The Hoo J 3} Uobson


ALBUNS be able to earh Mr. Carter to the chair, | B.A. appeared for plaintiff) defendant
AUTOGHAtH YOST CARD ALBUMS Being ore ot aa therefore have to ded Wharton, ee was ane lasoated a appeared io pers ES EEE
seek fields freah and tures . A NEW MEKRER WELCOMED. 20% Judgment for plaintiff with costs 3. BERBMAVALLO, TEIRETE (Austsie).
BE RABE Bey ota lassi the sbeence of ther Kinyor | ypretgate, estate Md. c4 Jory Graot CECE TRA MORERES
but whate us bs nts Ketates | og bevertgrar ar vaTvar arg rey
iad to wel . he oie

TOO Tar aati egg a, ctrins | bar edtna vance eegesore | ee tte Bear gan an ae

RITING PAPER & ENVELOPES fession of mbich fam proudo! being a| be would be aa acquleition ta the| Mt A, cares (or deleedeak | Ad. BOLUM AGxWrss:
TYPE-WRITING PAPER menve: T beg again to thauk Your Ubtey, Young. suitably replied and | defendant, The Bonanza Dru Stores.
WRITING PADS ACCIDENT. tothe Town, Ulerk, lald. on the tenis Broteratar 30sh, 1010, = ~

OPFIOINCOOUNT PAPER, | Op, Senday cerang muh aime, | ena deeutton of rest

oore, O! 2 Lane, Michael | pleasure in moviog that the j
A SPLENDID SELECTION OF —=[rer'Sening cu"toatd tne 2h’ | Deridioa Liebe at the ay ad west Grapes

oval ooKhia is an action for

Bets BPEOLAL TERMS—Given to School Teachers, and Puyors of PRIZE | Junior Resident Burgeon and dotsia bad been Mayor for tbe pest two | December, Mr Sylester Williams no}
* Blomidon,” was svovlng ble reelection, Hoteon fur pinctite D tendeut ap —«~
Mr. ie

Pi: BUUEN for SUNDAY SCHOOLS, Ete. SUDDEN DsATIL, end bad given every sacisfection, belay able $a attend.
board the schooner
'd died bt of the upaul ig bvcoadlog the moth ed io pireoo, Wieferred to Sub —
et ee die bad boon attends lug oo" Regutear to tbs eocouate aud sepurt, BODLAIN DS, STRERS.”

cae . ‘ but of the iob. auataised, Me L
"PRIZH BOO ESS | sarin ees wit | stcatecisec outer eras | Sacmee tiated. fo lene Grapes
beet Walcott, «young mau re Ieee well Oliied to be Mayor aod} Jobe Pasg ts Dre Dissst..Thie
DAVIDSON AND TODD. SxEsain ities] assis
——— “ y

member of the wwlative Ovuocl
ad’ fa Lightfoot's Lane, steward on | therefore be bad much plsssure in| ie 6 claim for

__ ~. ‘anata | ViGtO a Institute

_[Bargainsin Ladies Shoes| =| |=

s a

On Mobday, 81st October we will offer a fine lot df Lady's Court Shoes and Men's . ZAGORAMNE., rate
gw \ 1

ob«Felt Hats: at Next to nothing Prices, A better lot has nevér been seen before, An vo:
‘ JobeRelt Hi worth taking advantage of, Be on hand and see whet litle money oan do. a meamindanient*(- feces
3 Sone Sid a Gea s200
4) fie As ie Becdotn bradeaa

For Monday Only! For Monday Only.’

"LADYR coun? SuOMB Quinss Heels feat. | MENB JOB YRLT HATH Very Boe quahiy. opto | | STEP NMSL A Koieht snd Be Daoaner
LADYB COU. HOM... Louis l- . ja Very ahty, op- weveed soon
be soles, extra quality, worth faily Fen Tom aise —. date atyles, worth mach MOTe 1. * «Price 380, dts, INTERMISSION
7 Selections} from Lexi di Less

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WATERMAN — THE HATTER, OLOTHIER AND OUTTITPER, 15. Frederick Btreet gteersnesse Irom the Rowaetie OpwincToe

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City Police Court, Belts tonite ‘ua theo vutelEFor the Dance: lad Sie Be ine

D1 teh and —o— DHISSION ¢
» (Before Mr. Th D._Auggina, S52.) chai on Uy aniead to tawarscd that A, SELECTION of exceedtogly beau- Froat Seats (Br wares rows shitting,

tiful Evening Scarves have fact ia ‘Tabiing
Ax, | be ooald ge it for a modest eam Meal) ed by Wanene tee wi Unreserved Sate one aus 3 Stig,

4 A Dauegex Cis Dar On, iw be withia his power of ese | Saembers free, ne
J Lewia with | redewptiog. Defecdant acting upon { C20 be had in Japanese silk, de Coadorter | HERR NOTHNAGEL,
bis thackory carriage whilst fo @ | those instructions pawned the watch pate pnd Sane eae ee, eo have’ Notice
. rea aie Defeodast sod chala for 2 shillings and 6 pence. | testoons embroidered at the ende lo the price.

. habit to drick at sll, bat that day J it known tothe inmates of the hous, | with beavy Gloch fringes. Alscla the
Be Se ome ae nfl apne az | ult eucoencaent gna requ stramberye resida: pint oon Rise
. * . ok an

dayne Mr’ avis 4 foed & bine te to refeem bie pledge on Tuesday and | Prices trom $1.20 to Bo

N, thee Dhansck Pe Fetival wil be
at Orange Grove Eatate, Tecariecs,
to commence og the fad December, 13 0,
each. Ladies
was farther charged with working the , Losada after acceptiog the money told | should see the novel Jacket Capes made ped See heecuaing vil pete free
horre in a galled atate, and Goed 5s of | bim they bad beer taken away by the | of fancy wool, ia white with pink and [Soa to 6 p.m.
three days Polis, He then accompanied Oonaia-| while with blue, Theee ore very | wksy savnoo
| Corpor © Homeward to the station, not ander SHUNARA 8 ,

mente aT ot oteag pce, Corporal arreat, but for the watch, acd to bis evening wraps tel rice F200 each, at N.B—A'l coatributions ma-¢ te pud
cherged William MeNoel with beating | sorprise when he got there be wae} 2° Oot eoechee sre ie , opi en 1 to abe aborsoamed and no one elie—
one Lewis Mitchell. The cess wae | placed under arrest and charged. His | cream and bleck Bitte Ma ne Nov. 4\ho lw,
remanded to the 7th instaat on the ap- | Worship believed the defeace wae a] newlines in dainty footwear are very ) TRINIDAD AND TO0DsGO
plication of the Pollce, fixed up atory which almply aggravated smart, aod ore unequalled for appenté ‘a the Supreme Court

BEATING 4 Wonaw—James Nicolas | the offence aed senteaced defendant | ance, value and comfort, In che Matter of the Estate of Sophia Urich
was brought ap by Constable Tappis who had been convicted once previously, —_—_—_———— late of Mayaro In the Inland of Trinidad
for beatin; ea vj. | to foar months’ imprisonment, : . s le {
devce seed te the parties bel been Fioatina—Kdith Small acd Bertha Technical Tostruction 10 P \eppleaion tas tara made tains Op jobs
Miving togetber but separated three | Smith were charged by Lance Corporal . Urich of che Ward of Mayaro is the Eslaod of
weeks ogo. The day fa question the | Edwards with Sighting. The case hav. Farrie ‘Trinidad Froprietar, joe & Grant of
woman met defendant and asked him | log beea proved’ they were convicted . be vate alr gerind Serene dhe 4
for alxceuts, and within the Cousta- | acd fined £1 or 14 deys each, a ate) of the auld Ward of Moyera la. the
Die's aight te dealt her two kicks, | Vierent Laxauacs~Grace Aleran- EGISTERED blackamiths and sp- | [steed of Trinidad who eled on thy ay day

is Worsbip considered the assault an | der charged Eaily Flemming with A v, rentices one, hare not yet 9 of May t910, at jWiegtades. ig the Emp

Li wsing violen janguage 1 Dor. was 4c oO % trcuter tter of the Ys 9 tue

gual for a maoath. vent defendant to proved that defendane called complain- Joera of Ladaatrial Training of the 27. Bred plac of pe at St Boroard Estate ia .

Lasceny of 4 Warcn axp Cuaix, | ant a thief, She wasficed 6 shillicgs | September lest on ths propomat to | Be ,tid Ward, of Mazaro tn, ibe said

and stated that ft wes sot | Wheo he took it away be did not make | most perfectly blended colours, and Nowe te beraby Tirea to all pervoae


oba Urch beige | John Hobert Coo! god d | or threeds establish a class cr olass¢s of fostraction xecutor named la the ‘id TRINIDAD, . y
Tanne bert Gook, che A eee Wastrp’ ro Bur ue Tram o Ix-]ia modern methods of ferriery are ate Notice {6 also gives eel 20 caveat [Ia the Supreme Courvol Trinidad and “ELA L “C 3 Ss f

@nd chain va! . le | DantuRE-—Jtamdalio an iodentared | requested todo so he 15% of this § i lodged before the expirauioa of iventy ‘obago,
cpweared for aed tee nh vasalle imusigrant wae brocght upon a charge | wontb. ty fight days from the date of the publication of | No, 236 of 1910. ter of

ed not guilty, Complaioant who des- | of vagrancy. It was showa that cefen- D. M. HAHN, protartet the said ell sesorkiccie? (@ lssue The Hamble eg ee eo ese Catalin
Sribed himself asa planter said be Jeft § dant was held on bis way tothe lami = Acting Chairman. | "Dts this 378t day of October spr0 irieeooe actition o| under age of 21
hime on Monday {asp for the country | tation Office whete he was goicg to] 37d November, 1910 T A THOMPTON wears by bis mother and next friend
leaviog hit watch acd chain dependicg spel for leave to buy out his ucex age et Reglitrar Jane Briceno, of the Ward of Moraga,
from ® nail tebied bis bedrocm door | Pied term of indenture. Ile had sp- Public Notice Widow

and wheo he retarsed home on Tues | plied to an Lospector ia the country ° bo the Supreme Court of Trinidad aod Tobago Aod In the Matter of

day they wers gone. He made in: | who referred him back to hia employer, | 7S hereby given that the Prorden Tene. | te the Matter of the Admloinrator Geowals | The Ordisanee, No. dl. 80 Urilnsnce bo
quities aa to their disappearance aod | bat without going he came to Mort of- Mege advestiaed for Bale on "the Sth of nem AGE facilitate the Bale of Iafente’ Katate.

from certain information he received | Bpsia. Hie Worskip told defeadant be Ja the Matter of the Goods of W F Sa . —
be wasabls to trace them to Locade'a | could not buy out bia term without Navoteny pet peed, Piering perched . late of tbe Towa of Pert of Spal, fa" the prpuro grein reece the Geet
awobroking establishment, having | having {iret obtaiced his employer's t the came bufore che dooga of the Cvart o Iand of Trinkdad—Deceserd—Iotestate 3 ier sat Terele on the Slsy dey of
o pub there by defendent—Delea: | consent, end ordered bis return t0 the | the 14th day of Jane, 1909 And notice te Ie tas . easee iid te tele oa et ap for Gale
daat's atory was that ha waal frequently | estate. sino givea that I hare poe authorised any | A “iy, enone taviog. slums, sgainat, the | Ocsober 1910, thera will be pat wp lor Bute
fo od out of complalnant'a ied bis — person to see peame sate is ihe ‘Cuiest the undoregoed full pertulars ‘of thn seme of Bele “on Tbaraday the 220d day of
,, ‘ je Sapreme
jalogat fa croceerihtastiooy. Oeaks | A Dowskecu Mupicisic—Tbe heat: | eed’ soy-painon buying the uate woald be | SSG, Norombas igre: tier owen ae | Disember 1910, between the hours of ove
Nondey spoken cof complainant's | [08 Properties In six evevnotial olle are | buying luication. 20 claims will bu estertatned and two pm
motber sent bim on hes estate Be Caront | Concentrated fu every bottle of Canad. ARTHUR A. OAMPBELL, Creditors whe hold any security whatsoever | 9.004 Petitioner Nermea
with a mule to defendant, giviog him | #9 Hoalin OH, forming ver of the at Dt lord Burver, Fort ol-Bonia. f reunt assess the value of their security and | Otmed petitioner Nermea Cats parcals of
a shilliog to feed bloielf” and the | ey ornes et Haunents ever offered Anti-Constination Tabletg | Horuy asd prove for ine wuoie cobs Mend situate 1a the Ward of Morege ie the
animal oo the way, which aum bad testify as to ite power in allaying Made from the famous tiptioe yroents will de Fi Totend et Trinidad {bs Firat thereof cov
agta, we rising ming acres, reode
pthenated belore the cod of the journey Pervent stats Meera nh health ta | ol Bie Andrew Clark, Dose Ball. | foheedaresta te steno ot ioe percheanacd abutiieg on tbe Norihe

Vort-of-Spaia tbe same day, but before, it, {ts wonderful power is not )_ Price t/-p r bottle, Dated this srd day of November r910 E at_and Weat upon Crows land and ca
dolog a0 Fe tota complainaot be bad no & expressed by its cheapness. Get themat Rawlins’s Drog Store peices FOW EER, rene eee brpreer on

Ppristog eleven scree aed twelve perches

——~ Fad abutting on the North Wess
Nand ard on the Bouth epos

laeds of Jnae Baptiste Briceso end upon
the Eact epon Isade petitioned for by Sim
Cooper and intersected by a ad; which
grid lands are sometiongs called or’ khoowa
as enh. Leedro” Estate at the upset price

of £100,
Dated thie lat dey of Novenber, 1910,
Actiog Dezuty Registrar,




Ia the Supreme Court.

The Registry at Port-ol-Spalo,
Ta the Matter ef (he Estate of
. Qserizo Bu piste
late of the town of Port-of Bpain ia the
Island of Trinidsd, Docensed,

UBLIO NOTICE ts hereby given thet
“EP loation hee bees made to me by

Ladies’ & Men's jo Dort-alcSoaia fore grant ot Probes

of Port-ot-Spatr, Deceared who died oa the
RIDING § AUDLES lob day of ‘October 1910) bavieg at the
© Fume of bls death 0 Oxed plase cf abode ad
Portof-bpela tfaecsid, the sald Elena
Ucahem aod Daniel Meloerte Haha belng
the Execntovs tamod tm (be séid WIL
And votice te a's3 given that if po Carest
© [| elodged before the explration of tweaty.
eght days fiom the date cf the pablice-
CS tlow of thls Botice In the “Royal (ap ”
end a) esl cowspaper the Court w!
ceed to issue Probate to the sald
Grabs sod David Meloerte Asbs.
Dated thls 2ad Se of Nevember. 1910,






- Saddlery,



Wo ace offericg our eustomere a new I
of FOOTWEAR which we are mukiog
Oo salt the” seacou's demand, for a

*thaiia) Deter Tapes $2.40

gO "%
- ern,
7 =.

one oe

A Fine Assortment of HARNESS

Just received at prices from $24.00 to 965,70,

pider, sa weil ee goad tees ba ENGLISH
bow offering ah coat vale whlch wore

Good CUTTER on the Premtece,”

w!Aane KSeileoction




bint Hon|TRY MILLUR'S son HARNESS, eee
, om, . . \

=) Micheal P. Mallard, [oa

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tne Frice Only, | Val

ne Nowhere Like Malllard’s, | Free Susurames

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sr Bpecialty le FOOTWEAR made te | SAN JUAN aod PONCE Toto R



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("The Cosh Bore”) |



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ST ~


To make a long story short we have just opened them upand wouldJike you to
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3 Wf

A Shipment of this popalar WATER PAINT has js
" received in assorted colours, aii pickagis of 7, 14"
All tbe undivided fifth share of the above | 56 Ibs, each. q

For Sale by P|


Port-of-Sprin, e

belo good bea! "OPPO RATT Oe a
og th bodily and mestatly the stonich anf all iotesled 2
oust be kept la perfect working ormdilon just aathy til of ail ace :
Slogeed machingcy of your clock ea will DY3PaPCURA act uzon the
machioery of Systems, Ri4 yourself of Dyspepsia, Cosstipstica and om
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woe cen ta parly the systeas as to reixe foal like a real ania.
ia sold at eat ALEX, N Jour. Pare Parag,
wourke Pharmacy, op, Wash Ouse Bridge, ,


Rose ot Biano a


233 ae
Colonial Dispensary,


4ST 4.33 LIesMYD 2869, ~

Carrrat Pate.up
Rearaven Fuxp""

ou ave ove ore

oes ons ae a woe 74
HEAD ; 2
Presldeat, Vice-President and Generel

New Vosx Aarxor 1x pettpisas, Painces BTR, ET tdAM a
ee wren ==
Eranches Ja the Principal Cities ond Towaal of the DOMME
BLAND is HAVANA’ aod throats

. Ee wa i.




4, 8, ORRIG


ear :


paren aera



Omm «a 177,
ne eam


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anit i: Ltd

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——ooe ——— ee 7 ;
tees Apid ‘ ad rd Steel t Pills, There 18 ante
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ates was vac ree toot tes

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Ly Bysup. oh cents ab



(MRTUAL Me a 6 ~0-OPEA nk)

18, Ohncon Sereeatd

once’ih Tiyan Biren thes is ual

bated te ibe’ Pays OMe, ete
medeyy the
ore when the

ond balance sheet fof the year ended the
Stet of December last, and report thereon,
42 weondan.

1 T sleet Directors fa the place of
thoes retiring by rotation,
2 To elect Avditers foc the earrent yer,
3 To sanction the Cach Di end of
Five rer cent declared by the B
ot Directors on the amount of Scrip

4 To discuss bay ott other matters of in-

terest ¢ to the Com ALISON

10h October, 1010. etary

Trinidad Building and
‘Tan Association,

Yelephone: mo. S2
The Bard of Directors of this Avsociation
hus declared an


for the balf- your ended 20th Jane las’, and
emo bers whose shares | vive now mavere:
ww pild op ma
apply to tbe ollice for ibele sespeciire cas!
amounts or re eases of mortgages,
‘The Apoclation ia prepsreito redeem its

on appliatin at the Oflce pntil Sovh
ember a
cutter ural eed
rules of the Asecciath

.. Seerstary & Treasarer,
August 26, 1920.»



Mil Prices.

| Wanted Ei Known.

ciptions nom:

Veen peys t to bare ae mar pres an tions im
We efit used 62
eureer iss i 7 apeient uy bande

we keep
psriment where
UF resena of our check system socasacy be
ii toak sab fer gat Night tor


1" gar TELEPHONE 302

BRS sed Leed Lode ta
i Chiral spas aad the suburbs wii be
foterested te fl a boas ah Jaen &
Gordons reaisete ate Nev ft Heokrilla Stree
tts, ta nader:
Mevietioe ot? sea°8 avd to make
arale eter
tegaae ar aatsecey to bie case, —Oct, 14


Dp. J. Baloh Carringwoo,

Gradaa'e College of Deotal Sere
ULE.A, Hecoe.
gary ot Ney Te STEDROUNE.
No, d Beskeille sucet oppeaite
Ow Filia Band quate




Irera is but one way to have hot
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$+. 0 Ot



Skeoch &o0.’s:



Boy's Fancy Eton Caps.



' MEU Bilthb Miulater a Tanaris bea
the death at Colon of

ie Geer
Barvert { {at Burned’), & petiee ot Trickd.
Ratatives of phe de eased aresryaceted
communicate ich the Cotoalal ener
5. Golos th a
Coloalal 5 Beereneey’ ‘s Office,
Zod November, 191),

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6°, mast be borne ta colad that tbove

woh portion of
of theasme as isnot pa!
ot ate Ubemselres, which
for ia seoordance with Bestion 20,
SS ala ceed
% Renal
that pe wiht ee


roi ee
“Bip ‘Woata Gedinaase. Be. 13
of 1910.

TT ibe panied fe gooarel otorgee
hewn of

nace “62 provide tet

; : Eiete cramer seme
fx ss ‘Mutlah from Calcutta. Kesoutive 6 Uowsell to vee tows of
a emanneaind
364 bavs No, 1 NagraRico fh i pass SRO,
1364 ags 0, a6 ft 10th Uctoten arahoee we)
‘ ‘ ow Rice F Couuxtst Sucastary’s Gerson,
dal bags No, I Nagra Mh BE. picusnoanetl Sas:
337 baga No, 1 W, J, Ballam Rico [i | ein noe
AWD tee are ia , ogine
- -~ . brought e we
341 hags specially cleaned and husked |i s icepees ovee tanh
rhur dholl sie arenes ublle 2

hich Wroviaes*
A Ni EW GARAGE. lande ewulealy be granted aa to
SESSA ue payment of snc t competion, Se

peal GITJENS CARRIAGE VACTORY des odded a new Derm in the eer err ihe lande end the Licssees

mow ars HxxXEO nore dvfault of ech nent

rom ao

Lasvche Deraee te seat sompa'en vy aad oe aye “tbe Jariatratlon Grdinance Na. se
ad, a amt New a

Bead of wok, Losust prices, " Actlog palsalal bese ee yy

where outa, au skret Nee
ta websee of shia branch,
1 ba

7 yte . . 7 fe ‘ :
. a / . . j ws ‘ 8 - J


4 *

= eee .
x AN anny orres cites tt ‘The roalhenyers at work on \ . 2
0 ¥. N spat AL toeeog ge tke Arve | [eps Ma ocean ee echo JQ &
verday Mey he
S A ° 0 R R E N T ou * eed ee eee as elt Tinoudly. re | la'clock. The see was rough god =| . a
: ° no r }

. | tichters aloageide 2 $
PROTECTION! a elected Mayor for the enwing Peat. ichters sie aqvide ‘rightfully, .
+ a eee. poner Jitca rol Sie 3/0 Pereieas watch roa, | puch tev that some of the eckllDEs on Tallors & Outfitter 7%
~ . "| nu TO 7 ie
Ae. BARGAIN. Buy one of our famous wold, a byelection” wil be held to | fallin of A pulley from the mast bead ‘ va
Handle Walking morrow to Bil the yacnocy. craft fearing the worse would bave

ne . Ty
that tee

An application on behalf of Be. J. | happened. After being assured that | - oN +
- newspaper jetor) who | the danger was over, the women con J S ’ I v R } { . V.
Te Alien 6 7 ee ered Fa eapricote tinved thele work, C J aL 2)
meat 00 & ¢harge of libel against Chie — eadale BL .

ustloe ward Islands | In our report of the Clyd 8 ‘
iw pon Otel oe ee oneal, came oa | Néry’s matea pablished yecterday an EX $$. "“S6PHERO ID"
for héariag on the 2th ull! before | unfortunate error occurred where y, a .
His Honour & KR. Pemberton Acting | direct sharge of foutla wee mm da
Pulene Judge, Iie Honour refused to | againet Maloolea Fraser the Be ai e
pireat the application for bail, but gave | brilliant beck. As a matter of fact

. That Desirable ise co mee.

Dwelling House and Land|—




i a

ke :
eave to appeal. Laver wae facing his opponent at the ¥
OFF BELLE EAU KOAD, BELMONT. egnins ag Masdaecttan mat | “we sane tuo-Gasming from tne Kom tebe etae ee MERCERISED CRAS
oY . be s — .
Dining & Drawing Rdoms and 4 Bed rooms, also front]}gallery | ___- Suess, Portot Spaa, "0 Deminios Chrontcis of Setober 2238 We underatand thet Messrs Gordon, ver: aS
and usual out offices, Water Jaid on, ee Chics. ONE PEANY that Mr. George Sheridan Madgwick | Grant & Oo have been recently ap JACKET & TROUSERS—36.50,"im
Advertisments ot” Births, Deaths, and | (18 yours old) has euccessfully ated Agents for, Messre koe _
-ALS0— Mi ecknowled std | {iis London Matriculation Esaznloacion | Urawford & Sons Ltd the well-koown r

drectareners (which rausi be autheotl and {fe now studying at the Medical | Distillers aod Bleadere of Scotch
tated by the sigaature of sores . ¥ fi These Liquora, visi~
THAT COTT A GE & L A ND Tesponaiie personh I be ‘charged College of the London Hospital. Ia | Whiskies, ic

for at 0/6 each to be prepalds

y Kooks Lilce Silic 4s Wears tpteial
the Keport on the annual prize giving Finest Very Old Scotch Winaky” and

Casual A dveriuvemen' ‘deecst : | at Mighlaade School, Essex, publieb “Bild and Od Matured Svotch Lt
ON THE SANTA ORUZ OLD ROAD, WITH LAND BOUNDING sa od pe wonky ped pw fore |B the dicorden, we rd, with Soe ae etait in taces parts,
ON THE RIVER, wah EE pr wn ck bef ent and” Recor Es | Navy See Sand tte a mT . eens
=m * e 7 _ "
‘There ace the usual out offices with Carriage and Stable, | "4 —_— cm Aas paper 1 Examine | Shipping Oompaoies He D ©C) 4
alr) stone steps leading down to tho river. ' Filta aed Publisher .. SP. 7. Awsanu, | the Candidates aud thelr parents, we Hi ARBOUR AND MARINE NOTES :
"Inspection invited, No reasonable offer willbe ref sel | cemis™ = gt FA Rome "| SU tye OBEN, Auta Aebe — : Marine Square and Chacon Strea
a 2 tre auc scot to the office of this paper te) BAd the boys tindee her charge, The Cauadian steamer * 8ob0,' quai acon Str a

$ tons, Ceptain Tom Brid, ar
et esterday morntog from Ganade
via the Northern islands with 40) one
oeral cargo and 2 paseenge! 0
WRinidad from St. Kitts: Mise A Mul-
ser] From Antigus; Mise Nugent;
—_— From Barbados; Mra. T. G. Grant,
We understand that the Very Rev. | New. GQ WW. Welsb and child, Ste,
Father Henry V Casey, 0,P., will be} Kans, acd Mr. J, A. B, deckles. From
leaving Engtand for Trinidad on the | Dominica: Miss A. Lsureoce ; Frow
i inet, Halifax; Six Chinese and 6 deckers
from various ports. The steamer left
the eame night for Demerara with
part of {award cargo and twelve

payment of bills should be made parable
ta ThePort-a-paie Geortie,

Schoener & Co. vente TREO,

do we necessanly endorse the epiniont
er, 1 by ove Correspondents is our
fanod by jod real epnatureof the wrist,

ugnature of the writer
Gea necerdarly for publication, bat ese

; |ADEBR » BICYCLES | lseszittirtte

Pavable tas trance —Postaceeztra

en ee

Ne, W. A. Miller, Oolonlal Rugtnoer,
bas been appointed to be a Member of
the Executive Oovacil la Dominica
during the absence of the Hon. W.


The Conniilttes sppoiated by the
Legislative Council to consider the

y etter eennmeemnrane ee aman Hoyal, Mail luestion | wet yeeverdey sen ere, Me, Wit ee ater
. LL ex . wR » FW
NEW SHIPMENT.JUST,TO HAND. Current Events. sad adjournedie Wetneeday ® and nine deckers,
——t ° IDA ¢ carne baie re Helen Jt Eocleyy we The Gt “pleamer “Crown of
TODAY. . Ocapaon is President. will celabrate crre" 1063 tone. Captain MeKul- T
. Supreme Court 105) am, eee usivetaty oa” Wedsesday Nereriich’ arrived” {cou Kurope on Loi Mi i E Dp. -

Tuesday, left on Wednesday night
~ —< for Deherara, with &) puncheuns june
The Dominica Chronicle aonounces » aud 2 passengers, Me. Grovesnor and
the death of Mr. James Wiliam Trail | one decker,
oa the I5th October Mr. Trail en — ee

Concert and Dance in ald of the T.A | Dex “In bon ton”,

F, Association at the Prince s Buildlog
Footbsil Q 2.0 v St Mary's at Royal

- College grounds ~4.3) p.m, teved the Public Service la pur 1882, aunt ioamnigrant steamer “ Satte] ”
8 Hest aaa Clerk in the Kugineers 63 tons, Oaptain Brown, aa! on :
iligh Water Morn 56 Even 52 pm. Oftice aod io 1383 was transferred to | Wednvsdsy nigat for Demerara, afver a
Sun theca oR pie the Treasury Depattineat. ares de- taking 854 wus buuker coal fevny
i . ™ ceased was 4} years old, and leaves a | Archers depot ‘oe *surlef? w
Muon eete 70 nin, | dow and ax cuidrea mad tres | tae tiue expired covlies from Deme-

SEL PACE 2 FOR sisters to mourn hig loss, rara fur Calcutta,

Haalway — Extensiona —1n- bh LUle Mafoaty, the King ot Norway Tae following passengers sailed by

i i « {hae n ple to confer the Kuight- | the 8, 8. “Guayaoa” for Ur
atenction sty Paneutiing Ha- (nod of Be, Ulst ou Mey Williaa Pater | Uslooy De. Bat Dude, Ble. MA.
gincera —fingirs ngineers f of St, Lucia io recognition of services | Caraballo—Lavado, three Chineve and
ang staf “Recommended = | rendered as Vonsul for Norway. Sdeckers.

- ‘t ROADSTERS & R ACERS Teor pee mmploved *") the St Lucia Voice learns from] Among the passengers by the 8. 8.

liable sources that between Octobgc | Bono” yesterday, there arrived io i 7
: Ch Fe c h SEE Pace 5 FOR Istand Uctober, 1810, twenty-tive fe this olndy siz CatGamen who we wader -
. ‘ i . co Ww o the Anse la | stand have come ou! ti al- . iu
eee or ee se Pater oh tye duet practi em cia eee) Are More Attractive than Ey
> + : « ~~ . weng Lee wi ° 5
Or owthe Hire Purchase System, Remember the Gur Article on Responsibi-] On cululey at the Colonlal ‘Secre-] Lered thet some 5) more Chinese ‘_
oy ; ~ lites 0. he Stan- { tery’s Oltice we were,told that nothin ived here via the O. BP, Railway weer eo
, ADLER * Works have just secured the Grand dapa'e hing Invites United one way of the other, bed been done | jast month. ‘
Prizovat the Brussels Exhibition, For prices Stales in the case of alr, I, A. Bodu, Yesterday afternoon whilst four DRESS ZEPHYRS 1 9 T0 94 4
&c, callon SEE PACE 8 FOR Leslie's Weekly says of Canada’s | labuurets were coming ashore from ‘ J C Oo
Plante and Irces Possessing method | of Rens porallweret ous of the Teiaidad Saipping Trad: . i
o oO as bul mules " 4a ln @ am. olngy, * *
Byes, ° of rallroade, thts represents the greal- choppy vee coused by the suuvawreste LOVELY NEW DESIGNS AND SHADES, j
—— ] est per capita mlleagé of any couatry | erty oreeze bluwing at Lhe tine caused
iu the world. Usnada bas also a rail | the boat wheu nemiog the wharf tsturn .
. e : ITEMS OF NEWS, wey commission which deals directly | turtle precipeting Lhe wen juw the . ‘
“ nu 68, South Qua -—— ith both the people and the corpure- | water, with tbe reault that oue of the =
~ . y: Three mora seamen from the Ge: tions, and to each {te mictto reads, °A | occupants narrowly escaped 4 watery m r x |
KRhone (46a. man crujeer Hansa at anchor ia the | *tusredeat? The commission exujuys | grave, ~thaoke to the prompt assist. s
— barbour, were brought ‘ashore on the distinction of having settled more | ance of his cuafceres, why nappeued 4

Wedaesdsy afternoon and aduitted | Vsputes at less cost duriag the five | to be good swimusers,

ears of Ite exletence than were ac- ———— - 2c TO $1.08 P D— ‘ ia
— sald to be sulferiog from fever, 7 “| usted. to the, whole. haitceatury To-morrow s Garden Farly— | § PR YD—In White|Orean,4 ie
a of fi ulates aservice of great Sunday s Harvest Festival. aie
z RST S \ Thirty-elx bags of flour were yester. | Dission reg rr 5 r¥e zy
v U L FI SHIPM EN T 0 F aepscid ating a eeedt ced earenonse | the fectenet the derenuce and, Taper. A fow weeks ago wa andounced that Cc 0 L R D. D R E S S LI N =






¥ ‘ditures of the railroads of Canada are | & Communities of ladies aod gentlemen

tot realized $125 por bag. aaoull y over tyrice as much as those 3 the Homan Uatnohe Sormuuniy at

‘ of the er overamunt. ag Fecuaods ines to discuss

R T HE cathe 38 Garant brought ire motor am” * ways aud weang "bo suooection with

- landed yesterday morning t ve of | , Seversl pegfeons were ocouvicted at J their usual Hervest Festival which as
them bas been imported for Mr. M' P, ol

the Oity jew Court [oswrday aud | oow louked fucward to anouslly by
Maillard, of “El Populer" {rom the | 4204 6 cents each fur keeping stag. | quits # lacie seutiou of wourheruers, o8
Swift Motor Car Co,, London, Ite net

e pang oe on thele Premises which ‘ pine ol vitering sad uf theokegieog.

1" ° weight is 1,900 Ibe, and 2912 tbe, | Bs mosquitoes, | pepe bea od with sucossn, wad
Xmas Trade is Here Toeother caries for Mr St Mo Leen
of Sea Fernando, and was shipped by

= bave beeu crowned with success, and
. Wohlle at work at Messrs G, I Al-f that the Festival of 190 promises iu
~ | and comprises the finest lot of Footwear ever brought | | Mesers. Perrott and Perrott, L

ston & Coys saw niill at about half. [ every way to be an improvement upon

h past 1 Pelock yesterday ¢ boy by the Ite Prscleoeweor® Rated (Setuce

bame of Liooel Joseph mot with anac- | day) afiernoon at the Goverament

to the Colony | fg Another column of {ls fesue we cident which nearly cost bit a leg, at Usatral Hchool and grouads fang St

s 1 “. | eppeare thal je vawdust blower ad- goent Htrevt woicu Loe suthorities

ALL LEATHIR EVERBODY'S SHOES ARE poaa eo take Pisce on the Queen's Jauted over the plaviog tachine hed | kindly lent for the ovcasion the ball
HERE! ioth Instant, Uoder the dletlngulshea | 69b Cboked, and the boy In clearing {t, | will be vet a rolling when thet place
atronage of His Excellency the Act- | Pub bie foot on the rolier of the ma: | will be converted into @ garden party

fea Governor and Mra Knaggs, A | co:be with the result thatoue of bis f.resort, where delicate bande will be
glance at the prograwme cannot fall

Pf svery kind of Shoo fir eveiy- twee got crushed. and the ekin of the | avadatle to supply good and tooth.

body—mov, womeu, children fuct was tora off, Luckily ony | sume delicate relcyshuseute to large
Aud babies, Shoos for every aga, cello lady promoter Sle Kucsy Shas | ® Part of the belt was oa oF the tout | aumber who bere buyked theaweltvs
8 striven to provide a delectable © Pa of would bave beeo crvshed to s pulp, | tu support a movement having fur ite pane ,
TH3 sROR THAT “ay every business every dress aud | | tiie“ thee must sappeal to the daates | The boy wae seat to the Culoalal Hov- | object the auginentation of Uburch Os SUC HLs Bins Oream & Straw

pital balding funds, Ua Suadasy next the
oe Harvess will be beld st the old place—
Toe unvelling of the bronze statue | the Schoolrnom oa Harris Promenade,
to Wolte, by Me. F. Deeweus Wood, | aod we have bveo asked to fovite oue
A.A, teexpected to take place at | andall Lo come sad sea the products
Wosterbau, the hero's birtbplace, on { of nature in ail thele loveliness. A {ra,
the od of January next. dls, Wood | suite of the Hervout will be a well pre-
was chosen fue the task by Lord | pared dgeuner at the very wodest
Roberts, chairman of the Memorial | price of two aud eixpe.ce—beve ayain
Committee, and thle isthe sculptors ) willdasiaty bands su the butlennay.
fires iwportaut work siace bis aduwis- | Toose not providiug themsel yes witn
slon to the lbsyal Academy, Curlous- | 4 breakfast tickys will pay six cents
ly enodgb, this ie said to ve the first | for adunieslon to the Festival,

otatue oF Wolfs lo tbe British Ewpire pa
Asad accident in Dominica,

‘Lhe figure will be 7 fuvt 9 luches in
helgbt sod will represent Wolfe as he
Saysthe Dominica Caro
October 10:h:-We regret oot

appeared just before he was struck
wilh the pellet which beougbt bia his
the fotlowing accidvat waich oce
on Saturda S atteroown, ‘Mee, Dused

dvath fa the moment of victory, |
We have bevn asked to olate that
the match betweea Nbawrock colts end Nechotes dayne 8 " Soe 2
and Keswick F.0 which was to have | ae the carriage wae approachiug the
bvea played yesterday afternoon is | Goodwill bridge tbe mows-car cane
postponed to Tussday the 8¢b fastens, slong and tbe hore, which is a
ae high-spirited one, became resiuura, The
Daurlog the last tea or fltee. years | grooa: got dowa acd beld the boise's
fay Des aadly tbloned the roll of } bead uutll the car passed, bus tos

ds A suoe

walk or ride Ssh or b
up and kept s0, wo bave

ay, every pasime Whe.ber you of both young and old, An entertala.

unl, or whether you lke ta be dressed Bede aed tee oid certalaly not

aled-that the promoter will be

Madea an for ab encore, per

President Toft has before blu: for
floal actlon seatences of dismissal by
courts martiel of two ofiicersof the
army, They are Colonel, George F.
Ovoke, retired, and Quaplaln JK Dal-
law, of the Twelfth Infantry, Uoloaet
Cooke was court niartiailed for failure
to prevent Lhe lossef 310000 of guv-
ernment fuude Chaplain Lalla te
torted io the public priatsin Manila to
& reprimand by Major Geoeral Wil
liem &. Duvall,


SIlk All-Over La

Ce ee




Muslin & Cambric Embrey
eries & Insertions, ‘@

ors for all these usus and

Fposes. .

tur prices too are. righ t
Glance over this lies uf formid-
able bargaina or Lover still
call and ect for yourself!

Mou's Pateat Hlucbor Welb—
$144 to 82:00 pair.

Men's Coloured Vici Biucher
Welt~$1.50 to #3.60 pair,
Wow Balkan Kid, Opora Too—

$120 to $300 palr
do, &c do



The Uritieh Minister at Pansma hae
reported the death at QOvlon of Geor;
Burnett (or Barnett) a native of Tri-
nidad, Kelatives of the deceased are
Tryeested to communicate with the

900000000000 000000 000098000000 enananes jonie) Secretary
eee aT TRICE UAORT | | | arsenate nr ree

moped to interpret in a case of assault

. J riists aod men of | horse was frighteved aud th: .
* at Princes Town, where three} science that “tate: tions ere wes * ’ a
¢ | “Ihe Lowest Prices—ALWAYS' Nedra rare tharged. tripe. bie | Sided teites of whom Wapsleaed | Reteretener eters! BNW MBR'D FMLOUNCING
b was toed Zt and costesnd tbe other septa. ‘There te etuie however eta found that a donkey was tihered by :

wo were discharged,

Valencienne’ “ave & Luvert

0000 00009000 00:00 01.00.0600 0000 0000 0000 °


of sorerighs to whow Lteratuce, art, [louse clove by, Th

and aclence —all wholesome knowledge, | was trying tiger peene pete Ou, ont
indeedmare dear, Ia @ recent woik | this further Uruubled the bores which
Which bes been issued in Knoglish ag} had not calmed duwo, Jhen «bo

well as ia Jspanese, audwhich Ie in | came along witb a bicyele and ibet
Wooded ta be an iUlustration of the re- | Hoished iuatters, for the horse got
sources, eublimities sud ecenio beau. | beyond the groons's cootrul, and the
tice uf Japan. the Aluries 3f ber hie [ groom lust ble bead, ‘The tre)

tory sud ue capabilities of ber pou [ uverturoed by (he plauayiog of Uh

ple, the Lusperur and Kaipress figure | boree and all ibe uveupsate of the
os (vali ibutore of poeims, Cortlege Wye tbrowo out, dire,

phe road aud suvibec doukey was
ered donte _

a ele eS


The Voice of Domiaive says that a
petition fe belog got up for tranenie
ston to the Gevernor lu Oblef prayin
rerpets ts the secwenee tenet ves
ees ven v
MeL T Allen ~ Editor of tbe Mont,
worrat Herald in the receotly tried
Criminal libel wor as published by
ep short Line age

+ o™ ” wT re qQaer eo OE eT Ag = $ VEE, Fo Toy eran So “Set Ge Yas
\ ,
a . -


Gregan Ammar need nee


: FROM MONDAY 31ST: ~ O8kS |

F New Millinery in all Its Beauty, < |

' All The Leading FRENCH & ENGLISH FASHION JOURNALS Reccived as Published. and OUR
we EXPERT MILLINERS Can make any SPECIAL Style required, y

) an Inn pressive Array of New Goods, Nev: \Etyles, New = iIrdenm,

. Smact Ready-to-Wear HATS, and Stylish Modos, Flowers, Trimmings and Voilings, Infants Bonnets.
: LADIES EHOES— (The Hyde Park) GIRLS BOOTS — (Ihe I nterprise), GIRLS EHOEN~ (The Painty), BUCKLE SHOF,—BOYS Household and hard Wear BOOTS RUGBY SHOES


Compagnie General
, % Transailantiqua,
QO, Leoraup & Box ~

G7; ,DOMLNGUR.= be Freach Mall


"s1e}qyINO ¥ Ssiour
+ Bed .




is fodeed in some cases even the

outa ee bet tore to “eetote | _ MOVEMENTS OF STEAMERS. ye ¥ Bait.

e e ® e
Ice Line, Limited. NOTIGE, Sze 2: SEEe/ RM SP taut ree nord Re on
> . a


fe cast, tall et last she abandons all in |] (UILYDE—The RMB. “Clyde” Is RINS MAURITS.—The Dutch Mail
& fall which is rendered the greater by due here from Southampton via Steamer as. “Pring Maurits” te teamer St, Domivgue® te due
fhe fect of her temporary reecus from Cherbourg aad Barbados on Tuesday | due here from Amsterdam viat Maram- | bere from Demerara on the 7th No-
t We adyit that uoder present cies | Bh Noveraber, and wil leave the same | Stibs acd Demerara on or about the | vember, and will leave the aame day
cumstances there la arealand a very ; day for New York, via Pto Colombia, ; 7th November 1010, Proceeding after- | for St. Lucia, Martinique, Guadeloupe

â„¢ om TERN PRINGE {

‘ +P) tave difficulty in the wayofanylblog }(aitagena, Colon, Jamaica aod | Wards to Carupano, Cumana, Guanta, | aod St. Nazaire, tak pases
co , . AS L C Boing dune to betier thie orl bus Antilla, Cubs, taking 1sb class passen- | La Gueyra, Puerta Cabello,’ Curacao, inatla and cn a ee agers,

: slucrthe existence of the evil canuot | gern cargo and mails, dacmel, Aux Uayes, Port au Prince | (1UADELOUPE.—
As from Sunday, 16th be denied, and since it {x one that eape | The tender will leave the Light. | sad New York taxing cargo Passen- Steamer ~ Guadelog Pea et

~ ° . tha very life blood of our future geae- [| house Jetty, Queen’e Wharf at2 piu | Sera and Mails. from Europe viA Guadelou
’ : inst the p rice of Beet rationa, it is ove tbat demands aud with panvengers for the “ Clyde.” p t JRING WILLEM V.— The Dutch | tinique, ‘ou of about the 7b ef ‘Novem
2 885 Tons Register . should fearlessly receive the earnest | Pavsengers are specially notided that Mall Steamer as, “Prins Willem | bee and will proceed afterwards to
ey MY 2 will be 2S under oe attention and consideration of allcon- | a baggage to ba despatched tothe | V-" |e due bere from Venezuelan | Carupsno, LeGuayra, Savanilla, Colon
. . € ° cerned. Itde‘not merely the louticue | Outward Mail will leave the St. Vin- | Porteon orabout the 12th November | and Bors Linon, takiog 1st class pas- .
. rs, mall and car;

lone that shuuld bestic themvelves. {cent Jetty at 10 a.m, on the day of roceeding afterwa: ‘arm | een. o

. we eo i! ould ae , ft itl 2 id then ameritos Taree Rnd tondann ie +. DOMING hs
; + 46 . @ Government slould take cognl- | sailing) and passengers are therefore mos a ‘iT. UE.—The Freoch Mail
ptearrive here from BAH [A, BRAZ IL, ROAST & STEAK 12c, Ib | sance of the mutter, since to some ex-} requested to see that their baggage ie ing ca) go Passengers and Btalle, S Steamer “St. Domingue” fret
t b ° fent they are reeponal ble for the work tent dows before thet hour, | ba" 1 P ‘The pen ANEDERLANDEN, = Eure rif Guadeloupe artinique

. * ing, the otenance, and the Jimita- 6 8. *Oruba" Is | al e and Se Lucia le due here o1
: -on or about . BUISKET & STEW 10ce Jb | tique of authority of the refurmatories O due here trom New York via Ja. | “Pring der Nederlanden™ ie due from | the 24th November and will pressed
F . . and industrial schoole of the colony, | maica. Colon, Cartagena, Pto, {Amsterdam iat Paramaribo and | afterwards to Demerara, Surinam and
: Wht ie needed fe a right of supervi- | Colombia and Pto, Cabello on Monday | Demerara on or about the Zlet Novem- Cayenne, taklog cargo passengers and
a DAY 7th N OVE M B E R BONE3 tee soe GO} Ib j sion for several years after a child | Mth November, and will leave the] ber 1010, Proceeding efverwards to | malle
ari leaves euch an fostitution; together { same day for Southampton, vie Bar. | Carupano, Cumans, Quanto, La Guay. UADELOUPE,—The French Mail
ie 3 3 ° with the power of the inetitution, | bados, St. Michael's (Azores) & Cher. | ™® Puerto Cabelly, Curacao, Jacmel, Steamer * Guadeloupe” le due Lere
should anything be found to jusufy | bourg, taking passengers, cargo and gus Cayes, Port au Prince aud New [| from Venezuelan ports on or about
auch s couree, either to veek a magus | mails. : Xork takfog cargo Passengere and | the 2th November, and will proceed
trate’s order for the further detention | _ The tender will leave the Lighthouse | Malls, ° afterwards to Martinique, Guadeloupe,
of the child, orat least for her com. | Jetty, Queen's Wharf at2p.m with puss MILLEM ItI.—The Dutch | Santander, Bordeanz acd Havre,
Oruba.”* Mail Steamer as. “Pring Willem { taking Passengers wails and cargo.

VV/ GR ELL & Co Ltd o u mthetat tse andent bl ara Paseeoge wee veclalt tifiea | IIL te due here from Venesuelan
care than thet of the undesirable re- ‘asseogera are specially no! *
WO EEK, ° " Thatives to whom she may pave gravitas that a baggage lighter to be deepatched Porte on or about the 28th November aad Line of


ted, This may seum asirong course to | to the outward Mall will leave the | 1010, Proceeding afterwarde to Par- Steamers

South Quay, advocate; but the danger le real sod} St Vincent Jetty at 10.3) a.m. on the | Awaribo, Havre aud Amsterdam tak. Tarmipan Berpae ‘sap

ce + - ing cargo Passengers and Maile,
. 16th Uctober’ 1910, extremely serioun and wirong measures ay ot salling, and sennee?| re are ee Trapina 00. Ag ares,
Taking Passengers and Cargo. Te raay Po te generally renee the a bergace| te senr down before bab hour, a conantit ee West d ne A AR AOA: Saihe ¢ wine wilt ot
~ 2 a arr . ‘ “ :
, as greotas it is} but we can assure | (AMES ~ tp te Houthampton, New York—Paramer to New York on the 26th October 1910

~ “Rf Cp-cmn Pataolin | those concerned, that It | and that
atl other particulars please apply to The Port-af-Spatt Galelle. couldscrsethinyjtedone toreal rescue yla {Cherbourg wand, Barbados onl owe Rowan Doren Serriot ee oa" due hereon the 4th November
TD ese people or i
=== | falling back alter leaving’ by care of | leave the same dey. for New York, | (\OPPENAME ~The SS. © Cop eet CORANADA

0 “ Orown of Gracada * of the Trinf

ape. toy * theses foal Id be a | via Pto, Colombia, Cartagena. Colon, hame” fs due here from Paramariba
i ' #RIDAY, it NOVE, ‘W010. fer ether outtoo foh ihe lonprovewent Jainalca aud Antilla, Cubs, taking let | 00 Monday. the 7th Novensber, 1910, ged Hine yu leave for New Xork on 4
cols ofthe morality of Ube colouy in every | Class paawengers, cargo and mails, and will leave next day at noon pre- I there bith Novente 1019, and ls due
. ] _ h direction, The tender with leave the Lighthouse | cisely direct for Now York, taking e=areeeer 4
; 5 a | Responsibilities OF “Orphanages, Jetty, Queew’s Wharf at 2 poy with | cargo, passengers and walle,” | SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. 4
. —— sen ge ” on, — ul
“Se Somz months ago, fo concectlon Pepasecagers are specially potified that S macoa” is due here from New York ——
. with a letter fiom the pen of Canon - a bagaage lighter to be devpatched to | direct on Blonday, the 7th November, 4RRIVALA,
VINCENT BUILDING, Branch ‘which appeared In our ' the Outward mail will leave the 86, (12010, and will leavethe same day for Nov. 8:
pawt-oft pain, columns, dealing with the career of «| Standard’s Rival Invades United Vincent Jetty at l0am.on the day of Paramaribo, takjog cargo, passengers Bre gnes poate Stone,
" ‘oun, man Of 00 Dine m years ealling, and passengers are erefore a, ba—ballag 4
= Yha had paid the exiremme cally of States, requesied to fee ther thelr baggage le GQARAMACOA —The 8.8, “Hara | Vincebos, Venes sloop, Gonzales, §
8 the law for the crime of wilful murder, — seut down before that hour. -foncoa” te due back here fron tons, U days Oarupanom12 pi a 1
a Ale eo we drew attention ta the fact that, on | Keen Interest fa taken In London, \ AGDALENA, TheR.MS “Mag. | Paramaribo vid Barbados on Tucsday, ts, 10 turkeys, 4000 cocon t >
, the statements of the reverand | saya the Nova Scotian and Weekly } LVL delena” ie due bere from New| 15th November, 1910 and will leave ~ gentleman bimeelf, thére seemed ta | Chronide, lo the great war between | York, vid Jamaica, Coloo, Uartagens, | same day direct for New York taking { FALCON, Beit echor, Wallace, 3t tons,
Gen't $ be something waotiog fo the form of | the S.sudard Oil Ooapany sod the | Pro, Calowbia and #to, Osbello on | cargo, ngere and tralls. 4 days, St Vincent =15 10 poate, ‘
Go supervision of former inmates under. [ Sheil Trading und Transport Com- | Nondsy, 28th November, and will Ue 4ME.-The 8.8, “Suriname” & sheep, 49 baie provislo 1 dot
. $ taken by the orphanages and reforma- | pany for the conliol of the world's pe | jeave the same day for Gouthampton, | ie due here from Paramaribo on ame, iT dos pumpkins tg boxes *
torleaofthecolony Wedo not wish [ truteuin trade, While ube Standard's [ vid Barbados, 8t. Michaels (Anvres), | Mondey, the 2let November, 1910, and ‘owls and 17 passengers, ‘
RONG Y ~ to be uofaic or unduly vevereon theese | cepiial le yiveu ss $30,000, thefand Cherbourg, taking cargo, pas | willleave nexs day at noon precisely | S050, Heit etme, Br 2,818 ton: i
$ - icetitutlons, which we are well aware | Shell Compsoy, of which Sir Marcus | sengers and mails, direct fur New York, taking cargo, } 34 hrs, Barbados) tons eral i
ww ae 4 : . are doing an excellent work Inthe | Ssnuets fe Cbalrman, and Its allies The tender will Jeave the Lighthouse | passencera and nail cargo and ¥0 paseengers—To Berton :
. form of endeavouring to remodel the }« Id to represeat a capital of $204- | Jetty, Queen's Wharf, at 2 p.m. with \ AROWYINK. Grant & Oo. é
Y ~ . lives and careers of the youthe en- | 001000, passupgers for the * tagdslena,” VE wijoe te da DEPARTURBS, a
arewe our trustedtothem Butseveral matters} The Shell Com oy fs quits conf- | Passengers are specially octitied that | York on Monday, Zlet November, 1010, Nov. 2nd, . t
. ~ [ which have lately been brought to | dent ofits ability the ‘Ameri. | s baggage lighter to be despatched to ; 804 will leave the eame day for Para- | Cnownx or Navanag, Belt atmr, be
” - our notice seem to point to the | cea trust and ic le already attacking | the Homeward mail will leave the Ht. | maribo taking cargo, passengers aod Killop, 1,74] tone, Demerara—30 3
ie * * desirability of gome more axtensive, [the Sténdard on the latter's own | Vincent Jetty at 10,90 am, on the day | mails. Puncheones lime, part of inward *
2 ~ more thorough and more searching | ground by eending large consignwente | of sailing, avd passengers are there- N AROWJINE.—The 88, “Maro | cargoand 2 Pasecngere.—By Tdad .
ca » . supervision belng tmaintaloed over [ of oll tothe United States. Since the | fore requeeted to ‘see that thelr bag- wijne” ia dua back bere from] Shipping and Trading Oo,“ :
oe the lads aod girls who leave tbe care | battle began the price of patroteam in | goge is sent down before that hour Paramaribo vid Barbados, on Tuesday, | SUTLEJ, stmr, Brown, 2168 tone,
. Pee sare ning cee tone | ron Bataan don Vented | on dived Lint| ease naan | Wenge
1B, vB. @ 3, ¥
< oa the ible. acne butt the edestriet . Meinbers of the Shell group, which of Steamers, taklog cargo, passengers and mails, La. pping Oo a
New Coosa. Compaar Guavana, Venes etur, Vilacha, 00

atory children also. Fincludes the Royal Vutch Company
iv 4 a iodeolable fact thet when a | and the Asiatic Company, asoert thet Lrp,—Aaznte vustun Line of | tons, Cristobal Colon -no g
lad leavee oneot these inatitutions, | in the petroleuny trade of Kurope the SPHEROID,-the as, “Mpbsrold * Steamers passengers -~By Cla Au de Nav Mav
snort of undefined evil reputation, | proportion of the Shell's business i903 f+) will sail op or about 10th November Gro, KR. ALeton & Co— |. ¥ Cost de Vener, ey
. ARDS perbaps well founded, butas often se recent. te the Htandard’s 85 per opoty | next teking cargo for Loadon and “Agents. Diczoss, Fnpe sloop, Ramos, D tons, “e
not quite vofounded, clings to bim, | but that the Standard does perbapy Qoatinental Ports Good accommoda YPERIA-—“Theas, “llyperla? Is Crletpbal sundry phage mdse 1
and prevents bim from assuming s percent. Of the total kerosene business, | Hod for passengers, . I due here to arrive from Pera: |. Sad passengers,
Pd position In the vofimanity where | There was fortnerly a kind of market | WARG ASSO, - The ee, © Sargasso” Je] ambuco on or about the th November | 54" Joex, VYones falucho, 7
- ibe respect of othera will serveas an | arrangement by which they Jearned | &) due bere from Londou, vie Barbe. ( Iolyand will he same day for fp , tons, Carupanomsundry pkgs m
“ loceative to ble rasloteining hie own | each other's prices and -eiuck to Lhem, | dos, and Grepada on of about Novem: | Gieofuego, Hay and New York. }blonocoy, Verea falucha, Pe 1
9 - . self respect and so Seading & ueefulf The stock erchange quite recently | ber 36:h, p. ding afterwards to | taking cargo passengers and malis. tons, Tucupita sundry ,pk
F « and honourable life. That fs anfhad ao mene. (mse jo oll yhares. | Demerara, taking cargo, passengers ANeu NTEIL—The a6, "Mao: | ANN Renxooa, Iicit sloop, Alexis
¥ fT: -Me- evil Bhat sequines combatting and | Trading Mbell_ Traneport sberes Tell | and malls Chester” le due berate arrivefrom | tons, Grenada—30 cases bitters, 0
cd . wo suggest It could best bedone by | sharply, aod Russen so4 other oil TL - . Frederick Levland & Buenos Alres on of about the itth| tlerces fleh, sundry pkgs mdse and 6
7 4 ' BE rome scheme of co-cperation amongst | shares declined sppresiabl. , rederick Leylun Nov 1910 and will leave the same day | Paseengers, .
* the authorities of the various A telogram from Yienn Company Ltd, for Bag Juan~Porto Rico, Clenfuegoa em
fs” .? lestitutlons, whereby the authorities ¢ of the oil wae revel ved wi Tau New Cotowiat Coy, | Havens, Matocgos, Dostoa, New c r
: of each could bo kepé more or leas In f ty by the # ustriaa jadustry, The ma: Linitep—Agenss York, taking cirgo, passongere aod boeing of Malls,
i } . touch for several years with every ager of a leadiog Austrian firm pia UCATAN.—The «4. “ Yucatan” {| salle.
KARINE SQUARE boy or git who bes lett and qone | the Htandard’¢ oll competitiod in Aus, dus here from Ldverpool via Barbar
. back Into thelife of the world, With | tria hed pot been very successful. des | aceon or about November Jib, pro-
5 regardio girle, the position te still | pite out prises, because of preference ceeding @fterwards to La Guayr MS
nore ditieult and pectataly, fer more givea by Ausiclen purchaters to bome | (ubello, Curacao aod Banta Marta, Pave H, Scuxenre & Co he _Precleely. Togistration closes ob

7 ci)
s ‘ Ve have been of casce | fodustries, 1b 'd uesil
mab i Y' orgme's gir neat to the reformatory | “Austrian olf Bre aod the Stan- oe Novon. Aquurs Male for New Y¥. * Cop
° lishad over Eig hty ears. when. i rpbenege for a term at dard trusts" continued this informant, fa Velooe “Nuowa- PIR INI d< The 58 oN ireinle® ot peosme” will be ined Toe .
several yeare for some childish | compete all over tbe contineat, but scone Hilland a | duehere froin Veoeruclan porte on or | tbe # Noverober M0tu at 10 o'e
™ ’ ie offence, and during, thas, term | of eepectally ja fracce ota German Vapore about November Ukth, proceeding olsely, Leglstration choses at 030 am
prtoably: taught much "good, goes | the’ standerd bs how contemplating a | Tux New Corowa Oo Lto- Acmnre, | afuerwhids to Havre aad Hamburg
SS = Peck al theend of her term to ber | determined attempt to eut ous Aus- | (MITA DI TORING, ~The ss, “Citta | via St Thomes, taklag cargo, passen) [7-2 aemUE gy
7 former relatives and associates; and [ trian firme by a considoratle reduction dl Toring * ledue bere frow Genoa wOBSY IAL Th “ Ausyria” of
desplia tbe fect thet these latter arw | in prices, | have no hesitation in say: | via Marseilles, isrcelons and Tene | A Si NIA. of the worst and most immoral | ing the Austrian oll loduatry will Hght | rife, on or about 11th November next, dae tbe | fe if, Awe pete stout o-Mauy cansas lead to dleorders of the
charactor, the reformatory or orphan. | them. [know for « fect that there | procesding afterwards to ia Uusyra, Nover with, proceeding aflerwarte ts stomach and few arefree from thew.

eee ate Re start


anemones | Malls for Paramaribo
the Hamburg-Amert | “Saramaces” will be ¢ Ms ong
ts ean Line day the 7 November 1910 08 3 o'clock,



ane I A T ties have no power o b Gnavciel supplice amounting to | tu, Uabeilo, Curacna, Navanitla, Ito. At the fret wanlfeetati
LL COGOA ES E tie eewase | and ere loo What nl buadreds of thobsaude of pounds Liwen aod Colon, taking cargo aod Hevee and Harbury vie Bt, Themes, etomach and liver arenot't tae ‘
igon the high road to part of available to carry on euch & struggle, | malls and frst class pasovogers oaly | taking cargo, pasocogere and thely functions, a course o

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eo #8 Whatever good she tp di belleve it would be entered logg's Vegetadla Pills shoul:
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bs. Be Resenable!“uffer refuse For farther particulars too short Peri y enoul sta te proot dowineise the Gerace Mateets end Vegotabta seeds. No mea or wowan should hob action. “Taealiven cod) ne

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pide eae eo W ot Neves, Gvod releionees, Apsty jeg ryee te : Teese Auction Sale. poe eit Baill ae Oo % '

“ Bueew *t Port-ef Bpain Gaaet'e, "=

Nov, 3d, 1016, bjeot. The researches of iwi wl aie Pablo
with sation Eicben servaali * oneness nedersigotd wit
a ‘Water Isid ‘on the, premioes oad @ "ANTED,—Teake and oid, a Here ya Avuies i ee > .
Pe nt Dect, h prevaleat such organ Cet eater ino. Tee “ORUBA*® .. w= . 7
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Bevervee, fostalied. Immediate sate ommenion. cae AG experienced Bains | © sence, and faving tees ieemeing ats arson ! THA I. AGL 4 A
srg ora. Lox, Ro. n Pieioa, Street, W woman for Boot Departmect in a tsclal senses sce; areat once the seat of ¥ GRO. L, TOUSSAINT, Neat rls “tor Pha. ta, Golan i ‘ .

First-Olasa Btore, One with a knowledge 2 Gietinett Hie oe dee tieee,
Fo RENT = Cotlane “Wo. 61, Gu lof Spanish preferred, Apply by letter, Sie eared ae ‘ta Meo Bailiff and Auctionee in
“ CLYDE iri ue io Hautefaye G, Preller & Co., Ba

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eBtrect. Furthe tienlare stating experience to 1, 8.. ¢/o bhis OMoe, teow of Meaty ice’,
y sipledirs Hau.—Nov, tens du, apNoves Feed, eRe wiStementions co Soimmniniationy “Auction Salo.
ldsoee, cootnisteg WANTED bea, 1 rae Sib dreselog roome Cothodral of the Tmecalete eo we may have been ne tosuppose, and eel by P abi pateergers, cargo and mails. 3
’ Stalag yoome pastry, with | made to a ‘tne Cathedsal Accritane™ The brightness of guinmet's day. sinont Nae Tibia seiou ardey the Sih dey of j
pleat ete, ‘1—Arply "3 Presbytery"~ 31 Marjoe Bquere~Oct, 20 ‘he fall as well as wecan, Seefried t hts phe as Mart No Excursions ts ta England GASES 12 a TS: CHAM
Keste ag Nord ten ir erereney ond itsberlandt, workiog tere ieee tise se flloviog
OR exe T.—Houe Fe 37, Dandoonld | — specigt of treea and plants belooging:| ares of laraica ets sul Larne osk IN N 7910. G. PRE
i career " Pomesstoa ” 140 Decembor,— LOST. to common famlles ihe the os ta fT dapee matt, 1 CARTE DOR.

vs 6 Fastery, George Street OST,~On Baamore Aveous, Lerween | buttercup, etc. ad bave feo ee all
‘ ” L* Tranquillity aod Quetn’s Park Wests | of them cn the upper surface of the

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= between Stanmore Avenns and Wun: |} ye-calls, OF. rather, .oagans-of | 2 1 wiper table, For Sais b
Pest irae rast. | fel Sere Laare Pot hek | faerraaeaticen, ateey ate, DTG ence cost chal, Deech, Sows nan | OF FURST CLARG FARES. ¥
» thesrasideoce of| Finder. mil be tewerded on reverniog | properiy called. They, consist Of | retary: I basgiog lawps ‘and’ sundtte Nika ae
aise? Bart srideelare apply to ¥. A. | tome to RM ,No, 7, Queen's Patk Woats | epidermal colle, of which either the that ne 0g ‘amp, and sundries SOUTHAMETON £ae A
Bisel sires Em. Lanire | —Nor. 2—1w, o salto foreshepeeatratingienses ig | | 2eun gin eb All of hemor N
Hloniee® Bt, Vincent Bind October addition to Lhofe slplest forms, there «Se CHAR H. LEARY, mm (tam Batra Tih il be on ea ta South
7 ne vew ie ; FOR Ss ALE. are many special modifications, such nn Anrctioneer. peatien sith the “ sat 64, ‘ou » Quay.
iderd Lave. sassy Oeesew as conical papillae, over the outer steawers leaving Teall on the

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balls Cottage at No 3 5 Herialiege Koed " wale eee ie ar shape, “and ‘id WARD FR) } PRICES & C0
Aner ouster hee =" | (oda Estate ab COMULO | ster’ ace rel ae ae een “Feito ete
and A aris.

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Qaiet "Localltye "e Large ‘Dadrogme, 2 ou ESTATE, ot a7 373 acres in a a different devices, In fact, are Fesort 26, Wredawrigi«-st,
Drees, e order to provide lenses, oe FORTOPSEAIN, BW,L

Rooms, Drawing and Dinfag bamed district afew mules from Rail
bachelor of the moet ingenious being « m

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8.b “Avauas 1910 ¥ Joeh Beptr, wa
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Toom ta yn my mon eetel ractors, fication ,of some of the ordinary lea:
“Fata toe G Bancant & 100,08 whlch a 4 hairs, it fa obvious that these ao-| THE ‘CITY AUCTION ROOMS,
Cosas = Bauer es Bele, | teaty ta be wkea ever, There he will | CS Fkee ee se hae CORES fe 2OFREORUILKSTREZT,

bed~ Toe | and act culuvaied, and Bt t mopared with that model Southampton, as 0:
re k forsee Heals tie Grcon ox rubber plantiog, There | of perfection: the vertebrate « but | FB POLIOY FOR SALE 7b sb Ost ber 110 [isis Nerepett ( ' [ GA BS & G LG A RE
3 baurlog cave woe ft se ies | they are quit jhiedl y pre rguelied a a AKD PRUE ‘i co, pare secaired in ore Dee enter 2 A
Banta Cruz to. that vtalned full 2 Cocos Ht artere, and the structure hich are digoified w: et activns ry ¥ Auction on nested té mote that
the term ** eyce "in some of the more | Thursday, Nov. 17%b, 1910 be.ween the Have secored GOULD MEDALS bf the highest “awards wh
ra rata faa if with oh ce | Oa wcbt The Eats seated fa mated faa dena lowly groupe of Invertebrates. Inthe | hows of aa aed tee p-w?, LIFE POLICY wipe mbit tee tickets are avail exbiblted. Theoaly CIGARS and CIGAR Tres awarded a
a ee ved there | Railway Station, Part of purchass mouey can | case of the tree, however, rt thelr fancs | No, 126,433 in the offica of tbe *ziga” Life bes ext y at the Jamaica {oternationsl Exhibition, 189.
lately, Stable nd Coeite 66 Louse ect, | temris on mortgage at 6 percent Inimest, For [tionls much more localized and clr | Asscrevee Ovopany of Canada for $10,000

ded to sect: Muphado's Uigare and d Cigarettes are for smokers of cnltare
white i berths for the tetura *jourey imme. Unigus in kh quality and

bour drive fi the ct 10 minutes | particulars epply to cumscribed, but the exact extent of 5:
¢ bour drive com, the chy 10 minutes arr thele arrival to England, Workmanship tnd Vending of MACHADO'S CIGARS 4

HIABRY RUTTON, this function ts not determived. n Joveph Gomes, of Trinidad.
Prey om Bee of jase Bs Rowers tone o onl, eee reget r putcniera ou eppiication tr

pas durther her information apply at | excelled of equalled,
tare, rivet ronolog throngh the Property* | _ Oct. 1st. * he Acc Frederick Bhess, '
Avyobe desisous¢ "erpesting with «view patcotSpatee Teiaiged.~ ~ 18/10/10, * | be Company's office, B. & J. , B. AL AC:
Re John | Wiarton, MARIN SQuA%w aT RUrIUA a

sae sent Fone In Nor Cocoa Be Bags THE “CITY* BALE ROOM,
OR“ RENT. Cotte Na GS Heh 50, PREDERICY Brazrt,
oot S24 monitiy "Lomepioa lt Nevers A Large Lot Sask Bocelvd.) | yyanp ratce 3 Go. have tecelred ; ' 2“ Ee:

is rg Rats Ui Sa Biren zoe | Mira C,'T. McCutcheon nt, All Wolght gaviinnrer sme accents! Mf, _D'ANDRADE THE Famous

ites NaS Bie (KNOWN AS ASE. TAYLOR), “tha Lowest Pricas ~Always { ie se desech eve. ley ' JM lm

oR SALE | pas ror ven: tLe enter Capita? |

Ee CK. = Eight HAs od Caneds, with a well sraotied

the” "London Assurance Curporaton” | Zeas Enataly and denira and dssurance Broker,
oerices Fox Hoonds, rel eatened, stock of Optical Uoods.—Ofiw hours on

fer oo thea life of Liovel Victor Joseph General Com
“ tons 1S yeare eatowment a eho Teletine Agent,
wall broken, pinned oug t
sade Papas Reamer Ge OFO. | pater epee Naat Weel

(enter ale ls 1090, ‘alto Poli Policy. No. Mada AVOTIOWWRE,
F. pe OGINE, SontbyQuay. Nor, Zod Tritey , hours by appolatment aly.

favarares Lie Teloreuse’' Cetsa for
#eteriek treet, Parte: f-Sp:
OR BALE—Coits @ end Land, No, 8 atone

Octr, 2nd 1m 2c on thelist Jobe area Westen, [NO- 24 ST: VINGENT STREET
Meraval Teed ea Apartmente tod

endo dae Ni bee 1: r .
ae 7A tye omnia | re ee odo) | er ae
Lsnd No, 69 Woodlord . m way Ch Caober, 1910,

Mibu iefomt=aprirteuNGonsne | 2 all whom it my|Piano Lessons.| —is aes one

Macuy, Hollcitos Geeorals Oflices Ucte, Conc R NEGONBE PIEREE, of Na 2 [iO TET = erirecces $12, ¢ : 3

One a ALE—HORSE (18 Bade} Co RaG VINCEN1 le no Jonze M Naleoa Screct, is willie, to wacept | gouh Reet 40 good Heeaties HANFORD S The ‘RAYO } Ee f
cord Iarey with felélog tect seated sneatired to collect oF reseive any | peopl ¢ for taition on the Piano, TUBE c bol ty Prepettios tor bust THERE ARE Lives raat i
Fogilsh Harvess, alt in perfect order, | 20/08 whatever on my scocuat, acd a’ Terms Moderate. sidecoes from 83,0) THERE (3 NODECCER LAM ‘ o

> ARTE | queeie- 4 ‘ 1s diag
INSURANCE vay anita vate Yen Eisley ia seracl AN EXTERNAL REMEDY? Neck! pry poardeates cul-or

Port-of Spain:

Teont to whom be mey a: for paye 7 wiw, w vosre, i 8 a
Heriog to farther wre fot ‘hema ca men of p foclpal or fetereae aces a3 Noyautbor Jot chm 15 00 0 08 Bt Clair, Bd Ana's, B.luost

Kpely te to ee Ries Aaa Court House Po} Notes mace Jo bis fsvour, or made

or 7, Ne aed lacorsed over (a him, ave warned Grande, Bote Cros, Canrs, sad other quod W t Indi
iz apy payments to bia ouless “ diatrict, AppHoatlons lavited— Oowbee oe es n a
pO HOR Te aaa es ora paki er] me BISKS og all indo tro | tk ror maw a mma. Ove, 9 Vensant Sra
"ive, 18 binds, ta good condi tion, urefa | them a ° Pertios aocepted by acl BRE et: a 7
na reliable oe, wi or ina exchange for ° BERTRAM OQRAINGER, Th i tlh British & Wer oll lo we fe goarentee 40 to heal $e SR 9 a a cS
rer aptly 88 Frei 86 Frederick i fee he Jette | gree oma bi cage Gen hor quick tale, oven er. ae aheane ss WE SE EIO
oe! Pe . 00
Bletect FO ALL WHO Te i CONUEEN.| INSURANCE COLT ne ee For ate It Removes Proad Flesh. x.
aparte | VB BEATRAN Gb GRAINGER a Porte outanliahect 180u “. ad AMulonecre, ag t Batata It proronte2 Grangene, ~IN—
o _ .
ti ena ewarage la & cares of ie mers, Notor mda x Total pfands at ne Bist December, pence Raat Ber ott bol _ “ola Chocolate and Cocoa Powder Ma
wishes ee Weel | aye, ean veadlek te | rota Havens fot pan oes Notice, HaNeR OUR avocEss IN site TAA

tee ae
We tices defy Gompetivoa bith le qeality aud Prices,
st te ateion aos Extibtase ‘Eerosto 100, Fee

And Heals Them,

san0n, NIG | Botloe Ne by une beret Any botice to that
th beats ail Aish wounds and sores oa the

Fe Qusea' ork Weaty cos sfecd Bertraws Grainger is

44,406,806 7 101] vrunsne. WARD, Pack & co
the ator’ tulalsading and earellible, Iw. The strong positlon held by the Com M in

teeta to take & geatlemsaly Youth

oy as set forth e@ above figures ed pepe, type
Propel wake eprety ae was] ome sbodid id anpeid toall those who dees | oS wick wotld be Tatarted an aolerioe + homan ayetere or Dome tig Asiniale, Albert Lucien
$1002 Gralegerin bis notice of 316€ Ostorer, | surance, tothe Auction and Estete xe Cures Tie Cocoa Dealers & Chocolate Nanufe
ae schema aa ee eae creces| CLAMS PROMPTLY SEND. [fgeeyommecaca Se] SPAS ine Ronennninctgenie ofa
palaide, | ath tackle and ouside, The | Hons to louliieie foxthwtth legal proceed. Hole Agents for Fir Department = sr iw te ovsnaTeED 20 ive sAniarAG ) mason

Btaret, 00 that the back lots coald be bailt | for @ loo: sending Sccogat due by bim
sent inta:forlog with the mein se. | (9 we. ~O Q. VINCENT,

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The trinidad ” shipping & Tradlog aan ens Perc: ook

Frederick Street, Port t bpele = Nors, Bole Agente
ee Or SMITH, BROS. & soo.

MARINE INSUBANGE stomel on Dargo mM: ta
Bpecia, (Go! or a Kegistered
Post, by ' ai, bes come WARD Paice Te Bones Diy Sah Pk
THE OCEAN =—Nav, ater thal. 0 Serce’s | Acgeet soub.


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be. TORU ew rl

“Sty Mary ‘and “Sr, Charles! Fatates, 9000, from a outa
: the property of Mary Elizabeth Warren iy selothat ba ‘ooom ‘tanh monly gee a nore f |
Bu Juan, A the brane and that any person b Carian = B100,000 ae OC lay be soon by 8 Bet ao! j Gof al i i
ALEXAMDMA CHARLES (A) SAR ave oe eee ce application | Wik FA 1 & 00 un eae ag Jaa guaranveod. meee
ERG URSCEE EAE) wears tbwiinaay| ene = Ait Pe Wve SND, Boborson gy Go.) icorecese anal a

forthwith tome. Nevy 4-1, Offer for Bale Rx eo “CRO WN


‘\ ORRy, a
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Pats Oot = ta FING 4 TRADING Co. LUD Wt ell watered files fom Baton, 100 Dare CRITE tons

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de Bianutore Arete Aud Notice fo farther given that all

yonts aod revenues due to the said
= ware “aod | Falates are to be paid to me

lacd hecked ts. 00d iseallt oa the
Mua vsirsay Beacbore~ sola" ‘esse faa shove named Estates
tos. “A ie ee Sariber er perdlealara a apply | Dated thle adit cree N November 1010,

mene or Are. nie! PB iner, No, 5, sega WALT! 1. MILLS,

és 20 seres, 14 Coors (2,590 Kcre, ARs coe faltfas,

~ : tad tbe remale der ta Hogar lands, i Brass LARUE 00 ISH, ~ DENTISTRY ra Take
DENTAL SURGERY sa pas ites as Order to view Re Recent Arrivals Da rf. W. LYNOH bye cists

HE dé 00, Estate Agtsia| 1Cace FINEST DAVANa CIGARS

ore Oens Athy Ueto tet DR. CHAS. DALY & Angionser 20, Frederick Btresty— 1,000 Loodres.Viller & Viv'er, Cale Males anf Demon tector @ HAT the ‘aia
- ve dal, Je = feharry Dental Callsge VELOCE, homie
lsor nore Imp rt nt Noti G6 EREOK STREET 7 J POS Hogs dandzen lan Cia, ‘ay cede. Sem! eed axosiigeas Heldleg es
SEG, E ortan olice, Over Du ARTHUA UXIU's Ottice . Bo amdoratenY iat & Vitlar bait wt, og ad $25. Dor's

sre Timperialeem Markag Atl teacches ache of Upto-date DENTISTRY gol Fee coon JULES am

800 Cas PY
HEBEBY beg SS rerden c Soe . . OL Dake Sa #20
rtenerall ua Mr Re si peu Heats (eeeererrpaseeanernsaennennrwernenmenaet gut ae Wag nPalon a dn Soe
sree ee ets Cisike Is 30 longer Bast Agen eA Asctioneris, 84, ridere + GAUTIE. SERANOY all aleee COMFORTABLE ~~
i aviber v0 ta ‘collect ay scoogats co fot Birt Nor eee Dieipiane Acid ite bee a eam bi
pow ot feary | b6ball, wy eat te bla for 50 dolog MONEKY ores Riargiitae QU, kdele*.
ipuied barleg ban cence DYANCED fa snl large eewe B neiehe ORO ? Sallor Hue oueniie vf th paces Baer Rooms for uth
M) Ma oy: silage Hany Woxu cHong i4 wr WnINInAn te reluy, c ke a posite Met fe ae walt ith Yue! ia, ie Fotent BON Bf. TO I. Fen MosTa,
y U, vee “ W' 6 ea the precios, tales
Tiesa cbt, avi uA ak fy, Lye ne araririeen RICE crt tn Re ae tte ese Soy
a ‘ é

bh. \ ante Mnf cima re oe tk, Er ab allel ale

/ '
A 3




, REVOLVER SIOUT rawinas vowbay THE ats7 DAY

OF Mul KvBRR, 101,

First ~ Class Tailors


NOtOE ie
enereme vt te bones

“y oY natn muna teading . 0:
M Peal Me Beheover 4. Uae of the, & — FON
shodene ‘

Olesgow Stenmer [fie ther Rre tah All. Classes of Work.

comeito our notice that it has been: arti

od in this ‘maker Het thd quality of the toe Ocloagr! Utsler tarvngaee

god inl mar bt hb quay ofthe sae BONANZA.
4m.compelied te give the most enphatic te er a
wich ireporis and beg to state that the vw nolcsome From Factory to Yuu

is taken in’ blending and reblending
ite Horse Whiskey 50 that:
on of quality ban occur and our vata are
examined and analysed by Dr. Clark

4ND Xa wigpowmstimg
Appreciated b:
OPiighset to whet slasene, Sroee

oe that you get th gaauine art tole



Ohison St—Zelephone 190,

Glagow, 7th July, 1910.

e 4
- Ichereby certifysthat I have taken jem-
s af every Vaiting of Mackle’s
White Horse Cellar” Blend
of Bootoh Whiskey used in bottling to this
daté, and the results, of my analyses indicate
that it conform to the standard for Pot Still
Seotch Whiskéy-seé up in the London case, *

Vincent Street is noe
No resonable offer witl be


Cras, Fy d.0:1m0; ec and oa the Ls Casos
tiver and on tend of Francisco Garcia on
the Bess on the ridge of Marscaes Hills

Also a and Bingtler chat oervatn oches
plantation atcaate i the sud werd of dente
Urus koowa of “Xl Kearo,” ovnsietiug
vf torce several parcele ot fend Tue Fins

October ZI ~Im,


aod become an expert,

-_ wbareol comprising twenty {var sored and 4 jfzperh, Cerbor Revexoe v. ” ow ‘ eee £1,300,000
.. 1 am also of opinion is a Whiskey tmting on bbe Aarih va laed of Baru | PiPor Sod tpewrier TING Howve DECLARED wn, ee tee ee 7,000,000
= ‘et’ excellent quality of flavour, of GREAT IT WILL PAY Yau ne ard and ow lead of A. U. otolaa oa Pb Desler fo Typewrl og Machi en, Acoumutaten Fuxbs oe ws we ese Hes
AGE, having been Jong matured in wood. ro tare Scriawopaat” Meese aad Jeo i sacees Geran aces Dom one Street, MOVERATS RATE. ASSULUIE SSCURIY |
'p . Sorssouy the Second werwor comprises Tr dl Woon it ay UitQGbl]. | tel Sarroaasr vaiass.
apart m, cians pse.ric: | |YOSEPH GONZALEZ| sees Sess Se] tn mee CAME “USA VERE orf ee ro
io analyst for the Co } a
and the Burgs of Patrick, Paisley “i 3 HENY STREET, rene Deanaiqee cad oa tna Wat oe ne N abe’, aoe orother doonrarne tande IMMBODILATE UOTION to Lome rates daring visite to Earops aad
“™ , Por Hardware, Glaseware and | Sarely of nace naw or lately of Ars | Surcor, mast he perd thare and at eo other | «OBOE emanates, climates 9: .
sold Lamby, andthe Toird thereof com. | ° te h . PRO! ACCEPTED and Pollciesfasued tn the Wot Indies with
eo oive notice th enware prulag three acces ond shirry two perotee | At ineunienigeed: Po | reference da Head Ofice,
pad toaiy one wiowilgiveriornetion | | Wholesale and Retail \eoaraeea cerca] COMES ra eat |, GMMR ratblnwedinly on post of deh and witensey: aut
" it . va is a oa ol puigide nee NY = Oo &ly vl Bi e
BPE tO 8 verdict in our favour against any ue a8 ant 6 jirenw aud on she Kast aod Wess va seud tee Dentist ry POL ICERS on wae age te admitted are anobatlengable afer Two Veary
a “spreading or, repeating that the quality of WHITE COLTON LINES vibe ore plaaiadion. pcuata ta the wars —— ‘ A BRUCE AUT “
fhite Horse has deteriorated. CANAL LINES, “hege Ma eeomueaiareren |DR, LS. MBLKL | —= [os
. . . Py ED pH bOtD, w ~ ee ay
Ths same Reward of H100 will be BALL TWINE, ‘were cores wad von pervuve mud edBbuug FREDERICK ST. = \Deposite nancial,

Z the Nord, coun sud Bost i
Bout Looks ese lity Ss Cites sett
DRIVING WHIPS, Tendihey Mug Beoond Mbeteul opuveibioy
Cart Gaease in [tb ting, Ladies and | 29 scree aud suutiag vu tue Nard os
Baating peony, Hoaeakold, Hitchen ] ST" ase on se sain om Crova lance
and Stable requisites all as eval | so Crowe land aud va seud uf Faupe ay
cheap. Ochos and ou the pion oa prown lave
wo holeaale aon land of , VP, Us no, the Juare
ba, Special attention to Wi ‘b ovumpuslog lea moan, beo Tuvus

JosEPO Gon EZ ead pine chee and abudtiog on ths

North and West ou Gevwa teuds un the
3 Bexar 6racxt. Youth on Crowa iaud and on lands ot ft

{710 Bl-Centenary 1940,

gidto any one giving information leadicz to the Town Hall,
tion of parties refilling our bottles or adult-

sg oor Whiskey in any raanner. PATENT.

F. E. O

Saformation which will be treated confidentially
‘be sent to our Solicitor,


a 28, St. Vincent Street,
MACKIE & CO., Distillers Ltd., Glasgow.
Uae Tst—Im °°

acd on & Tavice, sod the Fuurth theeu
oumprisiog twenty seven acres aad vighy
perches sud aba.tiag 04 the North, Suute
oud Wea. on Crows nude oui og tho Bat
oa land pow of lately uf P,P, Uedeou.
Acd also all those otuer parovis of jeu



1d oe eed



er oY THE Mee. Kowgge.
” , held under she provisious uf the Heel (10- R
rVEA ZILIE SUN INSURANCE OPPICE, | zu cetessroresemecaties | SEEDS AND PLANTS, Jesters sunthit ruapyan xe] Vristet @ Sere BS
$ < 3 LONDON: acres, three roods and tbisty uwo perches For farther patticalars apply ta vember, | lela, ones too an 9 a
dD x The Oldasl Fire Office in the W oad uni the ubtceala cod beauderies “ Ooncerd Tlokets (Za) ‘cra be obtalred see gee
ten rid. } Sioresi shown ou ihe plas aduezed to the J, N. HARRIMAN & CO. J ooly fom Movers. danish Bros, & Ory (Boos
“~ peroot shown 00 1b6 Han eT LV LL | _ Sth Oct, 1910, Yar}, biepuen Lid., Wilean's Ltd (Uurner .
° * tosurances of alouoet | Fouo 67, aud bicaued oa the Nucca suc ~ | ore) and Veridern and Told, : Felix Marsan
et . ever Geecription ape Ks 0 by laud Ot N oF ive and od ‘ ILS Coucers ard U suse Tickews (Geatlenica
es 7 es | Kase by lead of Neoule Figeive oad N Q I {U I 36, Ladies 2/6) cae be ooteloed oa'y from (EASTERN MARKETS)
mete * : : Seoced thereof iuwatela tos said. Ware ‘ ine follow g Ladive Mra Ko lmcyer, | I Yor, 2ad—1m,
matt undernamed is now prepared to book uf usura oomprilog Bite acray three tote —waewe wed, * Decheale, Sa, AE, Tarragte |b mee
a ss . 2 s@ Day. jae B&D: eo leece Grex B,
mae Orders for seeds due to arrive here about Re sas ius deuineaud aad wich bho sui 4 D. Eobel, D, Lace, Ln Bellier and A. Kits Db
‘ a 108 3be qrogratnme of tbe Concert wl entistry.
m.December 1910 — Every Seed offered is hat RENE — tomrnncm, # pln, gonsnad wits Gere em PIC OF LCC) eet Df. MARQUE, Sa tat,
: en r , Surgeon Den

ghee . z decanhsy de tbe Lest of Rect io case of Fire ded on the Net oul Keat by bards ol
ced from pritne trees in the Selangor LOSSES by Lightaing ore meade good ty | Neomie Fije ve aidoo the booth aud

bet, ° ; the Ofi-e. Woes by Ciuwa lends, ard tue Tuud
rict-of the Malay Peninsula, and shipped | 7**°™="o3=™>

: TOD TF icereof wiums ie the eid Ward of Sante
W an rt, Late ws roiés, UTiued sus newat,


& Little more of ince deuneaced sod with
che abuttals aod dbouodarice thereof shows

Crus comprising wigul sures be ibe bolle


A New Panama Hat 7

PRIC . c we ofa and IN Sco, e-SubAgeots, San | 08 U4 piad euneaed to the Crown Urant ; ON PEACE-MAKER'S DAY, pth Novr} Rina (late che Hon
ication to $6.00 por Ton delivered. |ataxsnteeaieeass tet Fn Ulocas— the Hest

Ph Hey



Government Auctiwocss,

A Bargain Awaits You





E 0

of the BO. 4.8.0,
9305.80, bave odteleed #10, as surtendes
velne under Kale 19, heve resigned uy
cemberebip,, 1 have ne farther claim on

Fig, bow beture ane sem
Bs! which cost tom eee darbdidva. Fertof Spain,

Dawisn Agull.ote~Palatif

tote Day

ere Ts, & EX:.


UBLIO NOTICE ishereby givea
iu exorcise of the Power of Bale



day of November 2010 between the huac
of one rbd two pw,
Â¥orstiy sll tbat cestals or
parcel ofl iad compr sing oe@ lot kuown af
14H Mating bizest siuste a4

Bueet fe the jowa of Ban
“e fe Deh atrorr4


Ath Oct, 1010,

M4108 Fy x 18 PLAINED 2 SIDES-G & T.
mae, 1x18 » Son

font Lz1s 2» ANDEPRUNG.
401, ova

ze i g 4 ; ea —TNotice. North ow the Seats
We Offer tha abaya ax tonal Cheap!


ta "ss OC NEWBOLD: & CO.

pc? Be invested.| FOR SALE


a Sate Feeperty to Pons oft A sxconp wAxD
dering avettce | YU! ‘PY s EWRITER

ait hapless ol

oo *
i dition.

Uscwa om the Zant oe she lands
wll Ooo
fa Road ;
be sad

wideg ove-foarh


the Beoony

. ‘aims to the eadevsiene! os later
thas the aush November 1910, aloe: whicw
deta ne claias will be alivzed,

Noer, lat, 1910,—-lau.

"Ae wns OausoLa0


wihe town of Naa Fersando aad
toendug os ibe Aorth cpon tasdsof
Lachae, Buath upon leads of M.
E.m vpos lands of Marie Aaros,
West upon Prince Allied Berees together
elt tee eppe tepences tbrreto beloaging,
Uss d bis Bit say CF Oots ber 1910,


aacery *
. 0-3 wart,” 91

‘ ais Only 6 asd arthe Wai on Crows landa,
feed secnsliles’ wihne onet
Our, Det, 1910,

Dated th s 30.4 dse of Oc wher, 191U
egd, T, A. THOMEFON,


will be tw

r cy lo Jutstheo
~~) ale

| ott



ANOTER big lot of SEWING MA.
CHINES, Va ean eerily own one
with a small dep mit dowsand a w-ekly,
formlebily or moably, payment eadable,

ow the well known analyst’ whose last Sob0 Wy BARRELS = T4i3, PHYS ti LITTLE SAP, §, Obarlette St. . . wt te .
is published Below. *_O UAREG, cab. Man you row Results will satisfy fyou, .
. 9 . . = . *: o ° m» OAR
City Analyst's Laboratory et Eve ry bottle nas cork Notice. MANUS ACT TRBBlae “di

3K property known es No 05, 8,
en bo an offer,

No 58, Frederick Sireet.

R= or buy a typemeltiog machine,

Mopgnate Cuauces, -00", 25 —In}

UVIERUS Pateoted Cacao
silpg, Daaciag acd Pali-n
ing Ma nine “an te aera at Masare GORDON
URANT & UO8, *t Vincent Biilding, Bor

Urders now Boke

Hevea *_Braziliensi-


Speer Qezy, Lorwa sad by Crows lade(avew owls iba tor se ve Zevated Oa, an .
Bpaia—Cet. Shim, If you ivtend buying a Panama See hear property Urdiouser 25 Ibe force one 15 cont te ee ee erica pattbeleg The Finest Stuffs
- = a as Hat fiom 6 to 2U shillings Dased this Fires apy of Nuvember, 1910 | 89 lbs, for we eee 80 Cont | or ooberwies dewilog with proper knows
! . Je ROUTE & DUN, 100 Ibs, for wee cea 60 cents | @ No Koate Sireet, Ban Foraands. The FoR


eee btm GLAMENS, TUE UNDERSIGNED, Wlag, die | gr EE AVING CO, Ute
Arrived, and Now Landing} ° setsstiscrts, rt | [sete roms eet: | pone, oran olde vo

feared pa ol toperey Ordiaceze 1884 tbe Bosley’ sogpa HARLEY, | Tevetiere Aguile en 1 Eoveb's Agalilr FROM Octo.’32tu.— tus.
- 4 a sernatae ane SERRE Pen at aE Ree aae aee y =] . y
, SOM GHOR GE TOW?, B.C. fumecreke Wei aeetaciaiey | COMMERCIAL, | Pron siraieiecrte | LO= DAY. FOR SALE,
4206 1902 from Alexender X locxmar Dats — ’ 0 Been roade boven vn the 2518 der - —
83833 HY Asroa to Mobaue there will be cuss LB underslgaed offers bis services | f Agul Lvl0, there willb pat sp im — 9 AT FILL&ETre, WAKD UF
; ? cendnrm Ned snare, Probeeate | ryatee Aiming asa Basta" | Stalnec tartar Gib te BLANCHISSeU3&
2 Carolina Pitch Pine Boards Bim Ferosndo os Wedoesdsy the 305 ot poker of Uscon Plaotauonsand | f Decoaber 10’, lanes ibe hourecf 1 RoAst & STEAK 12¢, ¥


ALL AND SINGULAR those three
Pstowe of ned tbe Vires thereol pivaste ay
the Ward of Ponte Crue comp: lei g two
aed a hall querrece ard abeiusg on she
Ruta EeGste oa the
touch 6 lands of Unefes aad ca the
tas ond on the Weet of tbe Pub.
(hereof altaate tp
Word of Sapte Cis and com
§ lead and
(ung oa the North on she Sinta bl a
wf tere on the Bueth om Jaods uf Covfetsa

the East on the Dubie Kusd and on ibe
Weeb vw ibhe Sente Crus Kivers aed the

bird th-reol gia te at Beachios se
Ward comprisiog teeaty-oloese es thre
Funda and thiny siz perottbaad sbayirg
web Rethou Orews bend pad 03 Ihe
Ben jos the South on lands of Janes and
Address o8 ibe Eat 0g tes dod Ueines

Use Trinidad Temper

w= FOR




the Trinidad Shipping and Trading Go., Lmtd -


' Eataviehedt 18486,


rfead Office Edinburgh, Scotiand

U Ctandersigued te preprred ta dieoouat

P o-nigeory Nvtes, 00 ressenable Lerma, A, g& ur
from $25 te .
Bm dt Mor qeges on [Towa or Country | Ut TUE

Properties wil te caken la sams verylog
between $200 aa) $1,000.

As many Venetacias $1.4) Jrold eolna,
aod Bank of Venezneta $3.60 notes ar
are obtainsble will be parohased.

Oa aor Fiasnofel master o meaty

EK, T, LwNa. 8 Be, Vincent Bt,

Concert & Dance

Trinidad Amateur Football

Uad-r the disusguished pstronege of Dis
* Excellency tne Actwg Governor pad

' |Price of Beef,

atoms Lie ce ody Ete

When you buy your Barr
than any oue else ia the Mar-
ket—Try me,

from me you have mone
lef, 4 purchase vosstables,

| from to-day these Prices

ow, am selling ches ee
hold g.


Grand Exeursien to Sangre

Ls ared to execuis all ordere loc!

3° owe brioge work, goa, alloy

mea “Gling, He also specaloes ig rubver
pists, All work gusrscteed ta be

ect Olives 94 Frederck mree, abo

Monunchara’s,<-Ociate e aoih-~tm,

~w sand Snow, aod at G, ¥. Thompron,
Tregarete Koad,

The andersigoed bes fast opewed up under

the HUTBZu MIRANDA, | Henry ‘a
a bewutdal wool w®

LP tenes AT eral damn th ae 0 saat iliaachti Bal i

pathes attempting to mortgage the same
bave po lateress whetevertberein, as ths

we ls wy bene Bd ty.
“Dated tlle 10th day of Uorster, 1910,



Frevcu & Irattan Mareaqar,
7 whey

OF st ower
The Very Best,



56 Acres of Land

portiog of whwd le petted
whh ovscpat aad

BRiskRT & STEW 1c,
Bones - UGe,



ICE lous
18th Cotr, 1910, *

Octe, 2lstZw, .

To my Castowars aad woll-elshesg a:
a4 Oh Weternen, te Mater


Lange's Ant and Cocnrsach
a Poison carat,

pil sheet Four bowte fof thease

acated Ide, 7 ket np ia tine

wih" pom
24 crube 656g me Ko, a
aoa ca ial 7”

Pn SIN Eee : ae .
° e

. . a

. /- aan . : .

In Tdatdad, 1 bare conel-

fi y ore 2 fe 4 . ex imates bave brea | and Contractorss Agsnte thee davies at ailable ctinn the ea

TAY ETERS Maes te ene on otra ties way wed Uprepared tor ralleare built diipart- {inthe former repicay being ta ert Outs ered te rot cuadec ea Tor there

1 a te. rable to ordinary Abutment’? | mentally in ojher Osiosies wader our | the work. aad to sre thet, ay fa fists fo this Oduat hay the Conan
JNETRUOCTIONS BY CONSULT: | with wicg wallasod plers, ina = The plans, oentiona, | every kind ard execuied *! z rt ‘ageote heave been (stormed that Ina-

ony »,
Clara erten~] drawings and esticstes ehnald beat | accordsoate with the epecificslion, to

Zur grort airing 9 fat | meen * and to Teper eae foost mea ae far ap puss!

$2 The Tabaqeite
elon traverses = wndatating

ING ENGINEERS. derstand that it fe iateated

*“ muntey [companied b'e fa ai

PRGLION RNG: oi irr rougbout, asuitatle site foe Res } deecription %, wppeiel men: | certificates and
7 axSIS NG eT. thera ota to be between ton bdog mde of aay ptrtioalar cle | may be required. while in the latter minor appointee: sour to ba,
* R ~~ 13 mules 49 chaine and 12 gis 5) cumstaapes atect{n) ine wenites of tbe eapacity. i ls equally hele dauy to oe Bit, t
ehal Are rmed mar oce miruction ecpn0! a5
++ LOCAL MEN TO DE BUFLOTED IK | TOBE Mtastationat tbls spot would | Ese'variousecractares cally as ponibie, and Jo proper onier Your foot aed eit
MINOX APFOINTM BITS, serve the district welland be con ren- RR, Daring we uration of the § havicg regard te the need of ouhe ———
— lent and afford; facifeles for any fug- | workin Plan and evctlon. the officers | pletiog the railways, ete ja ~sy
Tux following are taken articledfrom | thee extension of the line. Oo this | eog should note carefally the ex- | shortest possible Lima sad to ensure Oopy. 130) atteb all Gardens.
edsy relating to the | extension taanels recpeetively 8) yards | jetence of quarries of stone enitadie for gocnomy. it ts therefore very Loodon BW.
ren extessious, a4 laid | sod 3) yards lovg, oocar at 4 miles ih Uding purprse, of clay saitablefor femeential that afl work whenerer Preesing. wr aber 1910.
tees ive Council at [te | chains aod 8 miles If chaina, th brick-making, or of ballast, as wel] as be carried = on y 30h ¢ letters

With reference to
elie of the th of Augast
and No. 2) of the 28.4 of Septem:
b-ron the aattect of the engicement

tontract or piecework, day
Looe being oaly ta whea

lect morting. the ridges on the ¢reste of which ¢
absofately neressaty. [t will therefore

TRINIDAD., COVARNMEXT RaILwaTe | Bt John’s trece, and the

opote where aide ecniticg caa be ob-
tained or teeta icpouted, and when
MEMORANDOM OF LESTATCTIO*S Road rad. The helght of thew rid; Isod

preparing © land fo

0 id 3),ft abute | these might ulred, it | le the duty of the Unief Eagiceer Io .

FoR THE cTixe neeivexr | Srv ree tire! wit eo ees ad being of coors ae importeat thet no controlling theee petty contracts orl of the eoasteuction stad for the Te
LW have bed saverel inter: | Me, Marnood that he expects the mss | lead in private bands te taken, when | piecework bering ant f° te Ib pthe honour to beanantt bere:
gers ruber i Marmont ie | ie ern cy SS api | ere cuet nou adda | pret, gota Ae fe EAR Se Sc lg wae ba
er 2 will eley, ere of the a MT .

Sonera) eee ge cot hit waye eeu asia fanvels on ibs Siparia vlog the Jand plecs care should | ed except by hie special sanction, recelred from the Uvtoaiel Govera

ment In. this matters together with

The Bag neering Staff oveupta enpies of a letter ad

trace the height of the crests of the

taken that an ample arce be teken ss
ridges above formation are mash lese up tor station sites, and land should | as we have just explained these das

stloce his arrival in this country ia re-

gard to the construction. of the Taha their

paris a sulting Eagineers an
fen wr lnarily justify the eons | a! uiredfor the ereetion of itions Government Eagioeers jour Uon
gaits ond Bio Chere, bod the Sea ere station ot tenet and careful | ptatele ere quarters at intervals fod Ooatractors’ Ageote, oaly reply weto request the Seere ot
USPecare, ‘ipero J ction Une, and | censideration should be given as to the | tbroag boat the line, and for residences | right that « tion’ of thelr sale 2! ha re o req pt the: secretary
: S alteration a tension ot the | Beed for their retection, having re | for the olber numbers of the mainten [and that of tha Arristinta fn thele | Siste’s las! rue tious fo th
‘ the sit $ Portof-Bre which it is | gardto the pature of the soil and to jancesteff and inselecting sites for | Office. should be charged aguiast the e, *
? : of Apel, departmwen: | the fact that if cuttings were substl- [these the presence of good potable | cost ofthe works executed by theo (Sz4) P. Ezecaigu,
under Mr, Marwood'e supervision | tuted for the tunnels, overiine bridges | water in the neighbourhood will be ajihe remainder beiog charged to mo For Crowa Ageote.

for the roads would probably be re-| manifest advantage. Land should also ['‘Hagineering and Administration, thit| Tue User Beceetary or STATE,

as Chief Resident Eogineer.

cessed by us to

rove / ¢ Se
, *
“ / sy * 4
*. a
. Misleatly expe: =
Vator robs ac eoMiecolly STS 7 415,000Ibe. OF
fs, the colony. His Laedstlp approves ;
af the Assistant Kogigeers beiog en) FOSTRIGH — Pr. NES
gaged Ia thivecuntry, \ coroNa Tio
2 In accordance with the second 1
paracrann of re tito from thle wht iy te are acs)
ooe ‘Aealetant Eagioeer shoald be en- to meet toeich 4

present, foe plumes which 1
3 Eamto add that Lord Crowe Usrousilon ereced® * “
aaderstands thet it ie intended to] The weighs of f

employ local men a¢ far as ble | with every cale of Dy

fa alt minor sppaintments, atthe lart bi-month)y adigt

Gentlemen, Tidks) ponds agslen ;


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7° The trade fa ostriek
The Artificial Polidation of the | of the foremont mereadly
Cocea Flower, the trade Jo diamon ‘

aay depended bebe “EE:

‘Tue following le the translation {com | perity of America, Whend
original (Spanolsh’ on “The | good in America thi >
Nalnehat Pol Toatlon fal the Cocos | for un. ea

Flower” by David Betancourt, which ai
was published ln @ monthly review en-

det La Haciendsin September fast.
It deals with an altogether new aspect
of gocoa cultivation and ite pabiicaticn
locally may be of general interest :--

__ * We are looking, the
improvement sow, fry
are fikely to be the
PTE, abotition of the di
” e

favour ot the small tee]

: . tion of store | apportioament being in the heads of tm KC, ay “I have been experimenting for | has roeanta conside in
2 Wehsave aleo examined ta ori | quired be taken up for the erec pee av a8. ted i
43. this extension bet ween 3 miles | houses, store. yards, workehope, quar- | the Chief Resideny Kugiacer, . . — an. 19 in this country, (dedica the feathers used ia
r ginal iba pretiminary pian a aod eec- gn chains and 6 miles 40 chalnsan eb tere for the construction a aod 3D, It le , rie irable thet Progeesel Acting Colonial Secretary to Crown | OMe ro Apricalvaral Barvulte) io ehlety envail tail athe 9
“ ternative trace marked * a | other Lemporary pi shou 'e nection + ® mano e . og wi
e Felat ag tp thee altersrion and rtene warre: by Me. Marwoou, . 1¢ adop. | being as "far an te practicable built | vals, say helf-yearly. These reports] 1431 00, S82. . * [Genrral cultivation of a cacacand It] Whet the publi
¥ mn tp the @ Btation which | rion of thls trace would avoid . :eaeed | upon Crown land, should give a histor? of the operations Colonial Secretary's Office. as alwaye seemed to me thst the out- | ~ ostrich feat, er,” 80
t Slarwood bas laid before as, | forthe tunnels we bave juetme.woned | 2. Ao examination of Mr. Mar | uadertaten during the half year cov- Trinidad, put of our estates should be higher than | preeentative learnt, is ki
* r. will be uired by Me Mar. and effect 4 saving in the length of the | wood's pians and sections lead us to] ered by them, and the general pro Sth September 3910. the ten ‘quintale’ upto now result- | oamesin the trade
4 wood for mak! @ working plan aod | line to be constructed of nearly 3-4 | the belief that ja somecases therele a | gress of the work dariog that half] Gentlemen, ing from 1.000 treea, Although my They are classified as
mood for ms Gremio Sud tie have | wile, and aelt pasece nearer tothe | tendency to underestimate the water- yearand to date, and special reference Referring to the letter which you eodeavours have beva to acertain de Whites: Wing fea
' been accordingly handed back bin crest of the ridge there would probab: | way required, this should ba guarded | should be made in them to avy condi |addressed to the Under Secreta qree rewarded by the sanitary nature? Fewloac Feathers
been cordingly been traced we shall | ly be some saviogia the waterways | eqainst as It is we consider very spe | tions favourable or otherwise affecting | of State for the Golonieson the 251 ofthe trees uoder care yet instill re 2 bide,
¢ be wi t any particulars of the pro- { required: ite disadvantages are (het | cisliy importantia railway constrac-| the progress of the work. Taey | ot July last, No, E/X83, and ta the} ool ees thet the production not Byockea Black aod
works ‘uatil we agsin receive | bigherthan acy polat on theother | tion in tropical count where at | should be accompanied by a reply from the Cotonist Otlze No. | Ooi Caine did pot get qreateria # E mate birds. ‘
Fron the colony cupies of Lhe plan ete | it pacsesover asummitsome dfeettrace | fntervals perhaps of several yearaex- [iar statement shewiog in acon] 29351/:9:0 of the llth of August, on satisfactory maoner. With the view Hovat Tall feathers, ay
“Io futare it will be well that tracluge | and that it deviates somewhat from the | ceptionaliy hoavy ralofalls occur, that} the total amount vf sch subd! ihe subjectof the selection of the staff of floding out the cause which preven. Spadoavas. Chick
cr photo printe of all plans, sections | route recommended by the Railway | ample waterway should be alwaye | bead fof the es:lwate, the expeodi-) fue carrying out the proposed Rallway ted wy bopee becoming realised Biack: Body f
Codarne ® be ents this country, Enquiry Commission, and (s morere- | provided. . tare ander each sub-bead to date, the | Erteasions, fam urected by the died the ination of the flowes Drate Feusele
t the original bela retained in Trini. | mote from the villagestheextension is] 90. We have discussed with Mr, } expenditure under each sub head dur | acting Governor to inform you that Spd fouod that the anthere of Theo Fioes Feather
dad, « intended toserve Weconsiderthet | Marwood the general specification | iag the half year, the value of work | ihe matter has been convidered by the broma cacao Bower were covered with They vary ia price
“2 In the course of these Inter | from anengineering point of view the | for the works, which we propose to | under each eub head dove to date, and | Finganee Comuilttes who recommend certain pouches which tiss from the | wands, bu course,
% views we bave diecused with Mr Mar- | Mivantages of the alternative trace | draw up forhie {aformation and | the value of, work done uoder each jinat local candidates be entployed tu petala. ‘The anthers are covered frow | go to the king of
wood the strength and constitution of | “B" more than counterbalance ite dis | guidance upon the receipt of bis plans, | rub-head during the helf year; the jay the appointments of Assiaiant Lo- The Bret opening to the fall of the f slume, for new fe
Q the conetrustlons staff and their duties | edvanteges, but as other considera: | sections, drawings and detailed estim: | values of work beicg ved at by) vineersou the oropored Extensions lowers thus preventing the to the existlog f ~
2 and have arranged with him, subject | tons may have to be taken into sc: | ates. This specification will embody | multiplying the unite of measurement | g¢ was done on the previous Butea reaching the stigmas by natura: | desired leagth lntiber
tothe « valet the Hight iton, the | count, it appears to us thet before } clauses applicabletothe special! re | by the estimated rates set down for | sions to Sangre Grande and Tebsquite: means, This fact made ove sus o— r
* Keeper er wot the Hiané i of en- | Goal! statlog out this extension, It } quirements regarding buildlog mate- | that particular unit. In this way conv | aad that two Disizict Exgineere oly hat there waa na so-called sélf-pollia-
a neers and their quslitications who would be desirable that the Chief Reel- | rials, etc, rendered n: by the | parison can ba readily wade between be appointed as recnmmended by the ation but that €nls took place ike tbr
& gipean be en ed in this country to | dent Eogincer should obtain the defi: } local conditions of Trinidad the enst of the work a¢ a whole aod in! Genera! Manager of Railways, fanila with the help of extraneous
¥ out theswerk nite jastructions of the Government © In addition to the staffof Ka- | detail, and the expenditure iccarred Thave etc. ‘gente. Following op start }
4 It is Dot Intended In Chis memo | #2 £0 Lhe rocte to be adopted. gineers pro to be engaged for] upon it, These pro; reporte (Sad). W. 34, Gorpon. luuked for any Ineccts that might sc:
o random to repeat in full all tbe so, 17, The generalarrangement of the | survey and construction purposes, | should be accompanied by progress Acting Culoatal Secretary. ‘ss pollen carriers aod soon found at .
t tions that hove Deed asade and ail | station’ arcs ahd the accomodatioa tod Mr. Marwood may sibly require { sections to a small borizoptal scale, -_— Slikoat microscopic jasrct which was | Under the Distinguished
: eallere that have bern discussed at } be provided both at the intermediate | from thie eountry. Foremen Bridge | say 5 inches to a mile, the vertical] copy, ‘ot atiogether unknown to we as | of HB, the Acting
& the meetings we have fuet mentioned, | 80 but rather ee lecord the general eon: | quite-Rio Ciara and the San fernando- | take care that [odeate for these ofticers j shew clearly Lhe earthworks, eto Oa dylesand Waring, pollinating them, This iovect ie vee,
clusions arrived at and eee leadin Sinaria Extensions, as wellas on the | are sent home inample time, ae It | these pro: s sections conventional { yy. 4313, cclive and with great rapidity croses:
neiples of action that should be for GuaracaraCipero Junction Line, if it | isnot infrequeatly the case that some | signs Indicating the etate of the work | Trinidad, aad re-crosses the flowers of cacao eni
princi belntended to establish a station onjdiMiculty is experienced in obtaiaing | should be used. 7 . Whitehall Gardens S.W, tering the pouches, climbigg the style
. & The plans, sections, aod draw. | this tine, will, subject of course tothe | suitable men, . 4L. As the Chie? Resident Engineer's s2ad September 1910, and the stigtaatic points, “tt Is able te
t ings that bewve been prepared by Me, | local conditioneof thesite sod thesn- 22 1t will also be Mr. Marwood's | estimate contains ao separate item for | Gentlemen, fly. Und-r the inicroscope { bare
Merwood oa which fet eutionetes ‘as | ticipated traffic, be generally similar | duty to prepare Indeats for bridge | plant be will understand thatthe rates! With reference to the 6th pare Fund pollen grains fastened to certalu
pirate Trinidad and Tobago Council | 19 type tothe statlonsof the corres. | etuactures, for pertcaneot way mate. [set down for the various uuite of! g.anh of your letter of the 10th of dristieson their backe and from the

aper No, XJ of 1000 are bared, though uly andto subsequent
atlording evidence of the eogineering
skill and Jabour which has been de-

voted to the work, are nevertheless | Council Pa

ponding class and description on the | rials, for signals, for station roofeand | work in thet estimale were intended
open lines in the syolenys We under: | other supp
stand from Mr. Marwoud, and fromidue foresight should be exercised ia
2 No 33 ed Hou inet the preparing these jodeate, so that they however ne. doubt fed tt convenient,
design forthe new station bulldicg sud | may be recerved in ample time fo eoa- | if not lo eusen open tpmpo-

pot ia our opinion subiciently detai led the Eiterations aod exteasions of the | ble the requiced materials toreach the | rary during the construction
dorve the aden; ‘of Mr. Marwoade | station yard at Port-of-Spain, bave | colony, without entaillog delay tothe | the
eatinate, and itis for this reason we | been submitted toand have received | work, and he sbould be yery careful | which might ba desiguated ‘Gen
cousider it essential that beforecon. | the provisional approval of Hie Ex-| before drawing up indente .upon this | rral Charges" and “ General Stores”.
struction work be begun the hoe | Cellency tbe Governor. While there-] country for plant or other articles, | To thefurmer of these items should be
. tbould be ty staked out aud | fore accepting the qeceral desiga and | especially such as are of an extensive | charged all expenditure incurred in
, t dra wine tr the various bridges, | CComodation proposed to be given, | nature, io sallsfy himeelf tbat bis re- {connection with the railway asa
ealverts, and otber structures prepare | t appears to wa that Important matters { quirements cannot be met either by | «bole, and not properly chargeable to
ed, on which detalled eatlineter’ cata of detail, which we bave explained to } joan or purchase from some other Go- fany particular: fem of werk: the]
be framed. Mr. Marwood sbould recelve his care- | verninent department
= The preliminary longitudioaleec | £21 consideration before the work be} 3* {ireat care should be taken that | roadshould it be required, would be
tlon of the Gen Fernando g; ria Line | taken ic hand, and faview ofthe de | all talents fur supplies frown thie coun: properly, chargeable under this hesd-
shows two tuanels, the firevncas Gan [| reofthe Government forthe early | try be clear, detailed and explicit. and, | ivy. To“ General Stores” should be
Fernando, about 4? chalos in lenath, Ie | Commencement of the alterations at [they should accompanied by [charged la the first instance the cost of
through a saddle between the Hospi. | thiestation, the points Io question © sketches ifneressary, thus la ordering | all stores aod materials supplied. as
tal and the Doctor's house, the hei Be should receive bie immediate attentiqn * bridgework it is essential to state | well as the cost of store buildiogs, and
11 on his return to the Colony, whether a through ora deck spa:
18. We furthermore uoderstand that { required, and ifthe bridge be on the ] men, aad as articles frum the storesare M

dad Railway Extensioos, I

respeel, and have to
observat gne in the tnatter,
(8g). P, H Ezecaixt,
For Crown Agents,

32, Dean's Yard, West mlocter,
2th September 1Â¥16,

of the summit of the saddle above for-
ination deyel being sbout Bote ive un-
ou hers lelndurated marl of t ane bull Ratape aud the lack of expert.
very liable to allp, and we uoderstand | ¢oceia brick magingin Trinidad, the
also that at the summit of this saddle | UTidges and culverts as well aa most of

tion of the ekew should bushewa by a | "General Stores” should be credite
sketch, with their. velue. and the
3t. We have In coojunctlon with | workfur which they have

421/00/ 182 from
arsicular Breve Trioldad,

road , the various rmscent bulldinge re | Vr, Marwood drawn up liste of boring | should be debited with it, Any out- atates thet the recommendations 5
’ and the LFeimeen the Doctor's ‘hours quired In connection with the-worke tackle which he has assured us are pot standing amounts at the completion wre made in ourletter to you on the them with nicotine, | petroleams ar: xa FRA
‘Asa genorsl rule it Ja pot. econowleal Bow proposed to be carried outiathe locally pvallable, but which will be of the ork and after the final disposal 10-b of July. last. regarding the | serge of coppers
ony, will pro y of cement { required tr enable loformation to be acy ui y which may istrength of the staff of Engloeers to
oo The euletinnted cuttin ren coneréie; in peaitions auch as the | obiained tothe probable bature of the remain to the detst of General | te sect out {rdta thiseountry for ser rafter on 4 soot as we got into the | A Vocal and [na

foundation of the bridges, etc., as well | Charges * and
for surveying instruments, drawing | should be sub-divided pro raia among [tion of the
aper, elf, and we shall move the | the otberitemsof the estimate
Jrown Agents for the Uolonies to in:
vite tenders for the supply of these, | 4nd the sccounte closed it will
without any formal indeata being re | desirable
ceived from the Colony, as tha articles Engioeer should reoder a
locluded {a these lists will be required | Prportupoo 1 This completion re-| neers on the
by thesurveyiog atalf at once rt should coutaio a shors history of | was dose on
&. Weheve explained to Mr. Mar. [the work, aod reference made ia it to} to 8,
wood {a much detail the general pro. ; any circumstances effecting ite pro | and thas two District Eagloeers cal
cedore in regard to tho staff, their | gress and cost. The completion reports | be appointed ag originally recommen
duties, Ure accounte aad custody of all [of the railwaya previously built uader Led by the General
stores and materials, followed as far ag | the departmental system sn Trialdad | ways,
wo are aware.ta thecase of rullways | kiven ta Ovuocil Papers 16) of 1897
previously constructed under the tn and 174 of 188 and others which wehave
perimental system, and hare fur | shewn bia will beof material assist-
dished him with copies of some of the { ance to Mr Marwood in framing H,
forms of accounts, returns. etc.. which | 43 fa thie tarmorandum we hares
have been used on other rallways | eudeavoured to recall to Mr Sarwouds

ares abutments of bridges and culverts,

mach ir mia than itis in ihe present which will have to carry considerable

fore In the course of the worklug sur- | Weight, concrete ia mars mnust general-

vey give careful consideration to the § ! be used, but for buildioge ie may be

for the retention of thie tuunel, |p Pe sable to use concrete ate dhe

' having regard to the nature of the soll bloc # end we bere bao ed me Le
and tothe fact that ifscuttiag waa | Marwood Bt be can be med locally
substituted for It, an overlice bridge ) Which such blocks can be made y
between the Doctor's house and the | for the supply of which should he
hospital would probably be required, ¢ determine usa thent he will do
Mr. Marwood haalately faformed us | 4°8bt prepare anindewt Whereasin
that the land here fe the pubic recrea- | the Port-of-Spain now station the walls
on ground for San Fervande, on { 4°, of two stories bigh, or where they
which it ie desired to encroach as little | Will have tocarry roof trusses of con-
a6 possible, and if s0 this would form a | *iderable span, It will bedesirable that
reason of some weight for the reten. | *teel stancbione be built (ato the eon:
Uonoftbetuanel, tle alsa advices us | Crete Walle soasto bear the welxbt, in
that this high ground endeina elif on | Other words a typeof steel framed con:

struction will be desiiable, and Aire,
the seashore which is constantly be | ei ood will prepare drawlogs shew-

stons, and their salari

proposed extension

with Mr. Marwood, who assured

to | repeat
avy length the detailed joformation | guidance willnaturally be subject to
on these points which we have given | such Instructionsas the Government
bin. It way however be advisable to |] may from time to time give, and be
state briefly that bis duties, subject of | wy himself duciag the peugress of
sourseto any special instructions he {the work fod circumstances, the
soar teceive from the Government, | Knowledge of which would alter the
wil comprise the management and | coociusions to which weat a distance
aduloletration of everything connect. | bave come, Should this bethe case
ed with the construction of the work, | Weshould nat desire to control hie
the control aod direction of the staff Judament which should have full
aud of the surveys, design and cog. j action. He will naturalty be {fo fre
struction of works of all hinds, the | Yuent communication with the Goy-
control of the accounts and stores, the | ¢rnmeat, so that aN? step he takes
ordering of all matetials, the control | ill be such as will best carry out thelr
ofthe letting of all suticontracte or | Views.

necesssry some reduction in its length
nay be possible, and thie point should
ba thoroughly studied.

10. ‘The second tunnel 8¢ chaine{n
Jength occars just befere Siparia
station teached, the maxzimun)
height of the ground above formation
level belog about 48 feet. The need
for thletunne) seemeto uste depead
upos the retention of the site chosen
hy-BMs. Marwood for the etatlon ab
Siperia, the undulating natureof the

undio the neighbouring renders
Bre thoice of a eultable site a mattor of
some dificulty, aod the station ar-

ite sepply ean be let.
19 Separate estimates for the Tabs-
quitete Claro Extension, the San
‘ernando-Niparia Katension, the Guar
scere-Cipero Junction Line, and the
alteration and extension uf the station
at Portof-Spalo, should te prepared,
each in two schedules, the first should
comprise those works which under
the contract system would usually be
earsied out by a Contractor
The price pee acre to be sat down
for thefand-in private hands under
suger, c banana, rice, or other
cultivation should be obtalned from i
the Government ONiclals or those Leat

ey een age ne


Oneand that noreduction io
would be advisable, In fact
sider jt more thao

aides furemen it wil
plemented by Juntor Ausistant Logi
u¢ere who could no doubl be obtained

ner e ”

coasltated , pleoework, and payment for all letionr | (S44,) Gkzcony Evixs & Waninu, different standing in convection with | Le the Matter of the .
rented oy Mae Maswood “4 ihe tite cont tent to plorm a tru-tworthy | as wellasthetprepsration of lodents Oth Be Consulting Kogiovers, of fabour Te tee ee, tei erelece better manuring, spraying &p and Hill, of s9 fase ot -
the vtation bein an Inconvenient one | oPide an ailow {Dould If necessary io: for all oecessary supplles from (bla pt, 1910, though they might be without pre abo a at that it, should | stank var bs iene ote “
Oi and willen " . ~~
, for workin sleet Koad fore lstance for eammpulecty sale, Ie fe presumed 3d. Mfr Marwood's duties wlil also | The Secretary of Stats to the Acting Sovetraction phate ees, is actual, keep them healthy and sleatee 4 Sipwuaa b as oe on
of upwards of Shthsof a mile, We t at a1) Crown Tabd will be available neludehthe prepsration of such period! Governor, & Wemay aed Ip Gonceion that hey wil{ be found to produce as much | weDoasid still uf *
have therefore suggested and marked | for, Failwey construction purposes cal reporte of progress and of such, Downlag Strest. | Lit would bot be Ja the interest of | ogee hundreds of thousands of troes | of Apaia ta the seid
ou Mr. Marwood's adeviation of ] Without charge , repo le estimates accounta and certi- 1th Ocvober, 1910. ecouowy ta undertake Leopertacn | at we plaot In this country, settee of A tesla
the fine whicd will render the tunnel | 21. Mr. Marwood's estimate for roll. fisates as may be required by the | Trinkdad—(No, 303) pe { have since ehowa s& number of | tarths oe Hull shot

works of the nature now cootem-

Goverament. He should also be fn plated with a staf? membereof which

full aud (vequeat correspoodeace with
us oficlaily under fying seal through
tbe Qovernment, and should act io
accordance with our views oo all
lec bales! questions,

7! Sr Marwood shoul aleo recollect
thet uoder the departmental system
of construction, be aad bie staff will
occupy te dual positions of Engineers

ee, een

Unekle's Anti Consumptive Syrup te

Hiro=[ have the bonour to acknow-
lege the receipt of your despatcn No
204 of the Sed Septeniber, aud to trans
mit te you for your Infortwnation the
enel eed copy of correspondence with
the Crown Agente respecting cba eo-
agement of the construction etaff for
the Frinided Government Rallway

2 As it appeared from this corres.
Poodence that na sufficiently expe
rienced candidates for the eppoiny

unnecessary, and would place the | ing stock as given on Page 6 of Coun-
station on the opposite or right bank [ ¢il Peper No 33 arprare to sto be
uf the Lava Pies Marine, the exami: | low, and wesbould suggest that for
nation of which we suggest should be | the rolling stock givenon that page
uw en. le deviation should | the cost £. 0, t. ia this country mi, £E
be adopted the length of the line | be taken at £2) 1'0, and adding to this
would be locreseed by about 1 Bh of » | sum BW percent, for freight and other
tulle, bot the practicability of its adop. | charges, the total price of the rolling
tha will paturally depend, as & block he s might ie set duwn
wi the ground beyond the alter fat £16034 18 is possitle that if is
ed site lssuitable for any further ex-

were practicable to plecethe order fur
tanslon of the line tow Erlo, and | the ruiliog stock required, at once, the

J yy euch
& otaff would fa all prubstility ‘be in
er by a sum many times wore
thea tibet expended pecuring
thoroughly weil qualitied Rauway

oxineere Weh
@ have eto.
(Sg4) Gavoony Extus & Waniny,

ean MR RE sy ee Ce

asthe bility of such extension be | above estimate woyld bea libere! ft | mente Of Assistant Kagiocers were Consulting Eogtueers,

Ing uudertakea te wentloned ia Coun. | but prices atthe present time sre low 2 fo nde eee lead ese Sr | HRY 1910, ~

eli Peper No i at iva, the point | aod D the event of aay considerable veotive of Intlanmation uf the lange ~~ . , Downing 8

should recede consideration be. | revivallatrade an advence is aud ohuruuiption, by dourayiog the pak RENT-0 atage Nu. 76, Belwons lth Ock ber 10}

ste ietan Fernanda tert Kate ak Type forte lon leg up. the gti tat avetap eae deeds aud | U Cicewter Hhuad, op om oie. Margereve| Gentionen, tober 3610,
the w we thable subgects | (beh. comcaled tet eons, dre sin Lam directed b "

oluz crosses the Uropouche Leguon setiwate for the works y eriekes 9 eee of tele: | din ge and x ., pabiry, heetet ts Hart of Crewe

pod dtloog. fewer ral canes suey peor Nec Marwoed fee a eae nawled be aren. wut offices ee dite “come Ihe a tes gel eat oat ‘goer, iettce Otte mike renet, ar 303)

Labi te bad, borings therefore will be we bave also given bin the oppperis Shieh cusses caly 2 coats, will con $ly yer wawees. Faber Aolh Rests ss ok se gosegemert of the con

pecially ueceseary to deter pe ally of esaminuiog nad tableg notee el vines you that the le eerrect, Mur % Boedvey Oey cnr, Quoors seis al fabs ite 4 Gor.


kn aon le aa aa tilt the ad tte me

tes from thie country, and | tocover the cost of plant aad all other | dence oa theengagement of District
Joctdental charges, Me Marwood will| and Assistant Engineers for the Teint
herewith for your jafermation a copy
ofaletter which wa have received
works, headings of account| from the Colonial Goveroment In thts
request your

esstof the construction of a service TRINIDAD GOVERNMENT RAIL

1, Wehevethe honour to acknow
0 be | the wages of Blorekeepers and store- | ledye the receipt of yourletier marked
4343 of the Zod fnstant with which
owlng to tbe genera! absence of suitable !akew the angle as well asthedirec- | deawn out for any particular work, oy wentia a copy of # letter No

fo Alf, @ Actiog Colonial
, to your addres
zen used |ofthe 3-alnostant, in which that off-

“Geoeral Stores” | vicé in connection with the constrac
railway exteo-
bare been
42. Whea the line has been flaished | constderrd by the Finante Committee
. bsfot Trinidad, wha recommend that
that the Chief Resident | local candidates be employed to fil
cowpletion (the appointmenta of Assistants Eagi-
revious e@xteasions
angee Grande and Tabsqaite,

Manager of fail.

3 Iareply we baveto remark that
the recommendations we made were
arrived at after full discussion
that heknew no Engineers available

Con- foverbear and weaken the trees ]

{pg undersaloed | by. tbe maret aod ing generally the steelwork required, | constructed under thie system | terollecticn most of the leading la Teloded Fee Peeeiaus expe.
avoid itby diverting the fine. Ncit} ineufticient detail to enabieparticulare] aod ft is aot therefore neces | pilaciples which we bare dlacuised. struction of rallwey work
aven ifthe retention of the tunnel be | $2 be framed on which cuntracte for]sary fur us at] Anythlog wehbave mentioned fur his and having regard to the eati-

cost cf the works now proposed
to be undertaken as compared with 7 w
the estimated cost of the SangreGrande J ¢,
aud Tabaquite Katensions, wa do not
heeltate Lo record our opinien that the
eta proposed to be engaged in this
oodatry for the work isa very moderate
testrengtb 1

we toa. midea pecking from these trees acd
cubasble that be
have ta be sup-

lonalty, and whose kaowledge’ regard:
iny the oaulee patois and conditions

tis clear that they are pollinaters.

As it is poveible that there sre
otber ways by whish the polie:
ceaches the stigma and that there
sre. other fosects that polliaat.
lam continuing to observe to ser
ahether there je anything further to

In order to forcethe yleld of the

cocoa tree J began artificial pollination ad
and alter a fe trlale We waa easy to do ADMISSION >
his in a whole plot of cocoa on whic
U usually experiment, Bab it bas Afcernoon 1;- .. wf
been a very successful ventore
‘act with as when the pods espanded Kvsning 2/-
to not more than tbe size of a rice

grain 8 perfect aroy of insect enemive
intruded. Day aad night millions
of aphides made me fese for the
suasll pode but {soon extermloated the
sphides entirely with eoap and petro- P.
loum. After te te & variety of othe Preprows bss
insects made their appearance, some . p
in the adult stages and others a+ | G>yRoaad, acd Bail
larvae sod began todestmy the smal
pode and flawers (sometines only the
pedicels} but I managed to exterminate

ad to combat greater FP wbch will ascuet the
enemies in the form of blights and [ musiciene in the

coloag @
other diseases of fuagoid origin. Te S “te
fight this [ began burning ity alt ce Le Sot a
dise Portions and = sprayed Iefreshments of all
both the diewssed aod healthy trees from 7.30 to Ida'clck

very carefully with Bordeaux mix i
ques using nsolation of lojo for the GOD 8AVE Tél Lj ~
stems from tne grovad up to & IN FUuRMA P,
centemetres high and soother solutiou J TAINIOAD,

of only jnfo for the rest of the trees | In the Sugreue Court of
and pods. 1 wae succesful lo the S unmary Jursdcie,
Aght and prevented the spread of the § Noa 3001 598
tlivease to contiguous trees but not obs F
Zitbstanding gee eoergetio Ineasiiree J and

sptedthls disesse nade me on
a fave treen 30 ofo of the frail Any Muchelly Akios
Oto make both the labour: of poltin- oe
tioa and su uent picking of the OTICE. ts hei
feut easier I only pothnated the trees puBeis Ne oa He &&
upto a height of 4 metres; and not &% I Seas made bareia on she
89:0, Shere will Le pet
fosded them with, af the most, 20U J dow, of the Cost Hout
sda but as a curiosity and study { put m weday ibe sa2d aoe,

od robust tree | be cmead Bingulat wal
sittse inthe fows of
Isliad of Triadad knows
tat sow koows a s Na ;
abutdeg co ws
00 $10 Sous oo lande of i
as the Eanoa Woo
West oo Prctog Sirect,

}podson a stout a
bich are now ripening with no bitch
nite trea in question up to now
barshown no signs of drooping. Tv ls
ste-king to look at these artificially
pollloated trees as
ths article will show.

a6 the fevulte are epleadid beyood con-
ception [ believe that the artificial
pollination of cocaa will sooner or
ater falroduce changes of such signlti:
cance inte the cacao industry, that
they will pub Ite cultivation on & very

fu the Ba:

tabourere the method of pollinating :
which they now srcomplish with | aaviog at she twecl MOH
dexterity ead speed and will be dally | lace of abdde wusle
ewployed ta this work. Boys are |ef Port-ol-Spsie, she @
preferable for thie ciges of work aa | Llidineusg ide leefel
labourers are scarce on the

partof this cougtéy. I have decided
to bring sume frou. the neighbouring | 1s folged before D0
and even if pecesary from other con: [eight days from she dase
Uguoas countries so certain am J that | tioa uf chix owe the O
the artificial pollloation of cocoa will [to sssee fetiers of Ad
sive very satisfactory results.

“Wanted at Once.

GMALL GIRL ss Domectle Servant for
* e of twa, out ules, clei,
and bunest : aod willing tow ah, at Trlng’s Farourite Br
tvat cae Bad ready employment For | \Wholmoaue, sparking
Pyiperiare spply to Na Ta, Jacksun | pared fresh avery #
HW, sear Hose Hill Post Cioe—ith | Pieaso order wat!
Nortwiw, Telopnons No, 5,

fate Porteol-Syele


seat ert YN TEE nt a vee

ie remeron. | : xc ns : soe say | (VEL
s ad Ute, MooLe 6 Soe Svaabpd one

Atti hd



~ Om Deoken bo harness j seo 86

i Or pet
$:d Decombar 1910 | °Bearshretrie


ae mee ae ® KIRO, ‘
ONAL MME. JOAQUIM er aen ees: | te soe
aole Awremen wus ner “sace Sen se Nev, ist—2e. . setertigeet _"
i. Spa
Tee ee Dh ae |0:0, VINCENT» es
By Revel Wernet to HM, Kis Clee, Bee] acerestexepeamemme, — | perl’ of teas RGU
2 ite sive! Acogmmbant and Valuer-é
Sy Ait Lette 0 1 wAdagered to the few | ‘St Be nave - Opes CHIR A oy
FT aos opt __ MIR TOR Wee nme wa Lk | Dengan Suro nd on we Fe], COMMISSION AGENT,
ae ven meommeehprsaan ee | Obi, RB-Ke mace oro" Raul Progrerty Broker

AY ‘ | 1 ee ‘ ftalned fa s cordate Ded of M ence SOCOT tg rae MaMLyN-NOTT OXE MILE Ie
Vino Tonico Wintersmitth aque wt Material Fevers | atta seer | rere mmm | area thc Dae, name Fe

for 1000 ant mad =T: limits misates, let
Does not leave bad effect like quininestch as Goocetption Guerra and Rose Joune DAY OF NOVEMBER, 1910, pneca “goat re, on, of eae Licensed Bailiff
aad p

° disturbed vislon; disordered stomach. Guerra of the one pars acd Mary Ammon ee

ae of the other part, thore will be pad up for J PULLIC NOTION la hereby iron that Presse Note—Levies lor house

- a Sale by tas usdecolgned at No, 9, Harris’ lan oxereien reat net undertek Righty-cus ceate and Lateaam
, —— SS Promesade ia the dura of Bas Ferneeda | f rred os Con’ alenexen, ‘ 16” Ap ;
: fe rete teat Lat E ay | ees mit pke| COLLWOTING DEDrs?
h. 2 ar a oO u ud koown as Forts G-o-ge compisteg re | 1906 and mode betweea Uyres Prad For Jeading Firms ia this city fand
ie f qusctece in the Ward of Savacna Grande | Devid of the fires, Marta Ryegol do's, aleo'for Firms in Began
t g fa the [sland of Triotiad and abatiteg on | Best af the pettaed Archar Wil | 7,—200 Yaros FLaT RACE~Oper Es- ——_
LI FE AS$U RANCE SOCIE T y e the North upon laade of Singer ov the | tim Stowe Walewrnghs of the third part, trance Feo 1/8—Prices of the value of s
a . ne OF I Yorth opm tande of Jemaea Forbes un tbe | Ubit, will be pas oy Soe Hale oy Fabid | Sele, ddeleand Zéele, All Moneys aCBLV.
‘ 4p pm laude pencer aud on a oe an: goed at activa | B—-OXxk MILE BOYS BICY! < .
r Various Systems oO nsurance, | eva opm Jeude of Joep Bitver Mary Be Do, Harte Promenade, maa 10 Dye wu ne acest 18 yearsoay Lodged at the Colonial Kank.
© WROLE LIFE ASSURANCE,—By pe mlam payable for whote of life, Tirccradly all thah parcel of lend com- [urdu er. 1010, betwoes the busta stone] /S.cPriege ef tha value of B dole gy | Savery andy
‘ - Do, dq, forelimited amber of years, | ito sicteen seres, eituace ab fifth | aud twe pm, $ dete acd 3 dois, N.Q&—No racing ALL AcCOU NT the South by a Reserve
ENDIWUE NIT ASIUR ANCE I—Pezatio at a Sized date o¢ o8 previons deavn, compasy iu the Ward of Berang Grande | All thoes two several parele of lard cycles allowed, Frompil Kroouted. wide along 0 Mateos
JUINT Live ASSURANCE, —Payadle to the survivor of two persons on the death § sroreeaid ond abetting on the Norih wpos gitacte ta the Ward Of Odaguance 1a the | 9, FIVE MILE BIOTCLE RBACE—Open, En. puy band and y, aed at
ichet, °. Bpoa a Prisid. aomTime fmt ode
BHURT TERM ASSURANCE, —Saltable ac eecarity for temporary loans and klodred dara Joes Oa the Boas pon janes of compristog tweaty ey pa tha eet tr Ee aoe wautt havaaire Renderet as arranged upon Weekly, Lands of Jane EK, Sab
basiness arrengementa, Ernes jee Do end on the West epoa | S84 abetting 00 the North om lande of le adlcart one of the preceding cycle Monthly, or Quarterly. of Heory Seaall and on-thy:
ANNUITY AS3UHANCE.—To eesard an ansnity to bheswife 02 the death of the J jonas of Samuel Dvoper, Whiliem Qoott on the koath oa Jands of events t# be eligible for tbe cvce,- lst aor ot Sam Wood be rene
hasband, Dated thle 2h dey of October, 1910, | Seba Ovolle on tha Kast on fanas of Alex: prisa A B oyo'e preseoted b: OFFICE : 58 FRSD RRIOK BT. Ja Reserve Forty Five Uehgg
CHILDREN'S ENOOWMENT4.-Usofal as « provision for edceation, , Sader Milter aod on the Weat oa Sande of : 2nd prise a the vatue the Matelot River, '
ENLABUSABLE TERM ASSURANCE,~Ths largest insarance at the minimen P. PB. PICKERING, Wiliam Frencst AND THE SECUND ot 10 dole, 3rd prise 5 dole. —Lap 2 ZL EPHONE G46, AND ALSO that
pala, giving the advantage of low yeemiams daring gthe .sarly;iyeare of Auctioneer, thervol comprising Gtty acres ond abatiiog Prise do's, 0 ya. | Octe cin. , sing Nicetern Aue
jearence, — out! vib O89 Ja 4 =! “ fe — ty
Yor farther laformetion please apply to The above mentloved parest of land cons | sad 00 Isods uf R. Gi z Withers Maloa soe eeeea Foe 1/B-Eriaon of js valoe tl aa LP [or fers dalineated and
FWANCls BROWNE—Agont, Port-of-Spain, talolng 16 acres ty also oa jot to & | tands of Kensie and un C own laud, onthe G do's, ddols, and 2 dols. FOR SALE and boundaries theresf
. a trensicr_ of mortgege, from Holens | Koes ou w Koad and 00 the West on Crown ~ LE BICYCLE BACK—Open to a aovexed to the Crows
L. W. BONYUN 4 OO,—San Fernando, t I.—Two MILE 5 pe —- LXXVIL
— _" — anya tasre Rebireon to 3! td Ammon Nv, [ sands and on Janus of Mathew Mailoa, t- ‘Vbuse eyciiata who heve not represented Volume x oo j
= 7018, dared 25 b May 191 ether with the appartenances thae.o a Colooy during the last two years, Motor Char-a-Bane. hounded on the North
TRINICAD, TRINIDAD. -— lo ging, Fee 80 centa, Pris-a of the 3 | Crown Lend aad on ¢
BALE FUR WEDNEWMAY THE ler] BALE FOR WEDNESDAY THE Orit | TRINIDAD. Dated sala 30th day of September, 10/0.] teicect 10 dodars, 6 dol'ars, and 3 To seat pice persons. petitioned for by Eu
DAY UF NOVEMBER, 1910, DAY OF NOVEMBER, 1010, In the Saprewe Court, P,P, PICKERING soe ot Piselian 6p mine 16-18 HP . a cer ala Meme
—t eUBLIC NOTICE fe hereby siven that | Le the Mater of the Kotte of Mercaret wu "Aecuovert, {0 Vita FLAT Racee-Open. Boe “nee pb ated she 17th Me}
*pBE anderstgaet «i pot ca for Sate by L" (exercise of the Power of Sale con- Hiry late of the Town of Fort-of- 2 | 12-440 Vane Fiat Paver of che voles HIGH Wheels, Lesther yaeat to Joeph
Peblic Audton at hia yiice ia Harrle’ | galocd $a a decdof Mortage deed we Sowa jo the Island of Tileided— | TRINIDAD, ae tdols, nad 2 dole, Beata, solid tyres, Detachel Bee Banded
Promenade ta the Tows of ‘San Fernando | gwenty fires dav of Serternbder 1000 regis Deoarsed, daLk £06 TUBRDAY TRE lsrz DaY 7 Mt TLk. latxn-Covonra | With 2 pair bras she Lamps, foverest thereon, .
00 Wedoesdsy the 16th dey of November | tered ne No, 2503 of 1909 and mase be- —_ UF NUVsMBBR, i010, 13—TBREE Hack “Open to two epee. | WoreIGg order, a barge! Dated this 17th day off
past, between ths bugs of | ond 2 yw. tween Cipriano Kivas K dsigues of the one | PYUBLI® NOTICE ie bereby gives thet ome BIC TC ieee Barbados Dewoerare, | ons of ranuing « passe: Lous ;
ail toes corvain pareet of land siruste on | part asd Willlacs Gordon Cords trade >ppticstion baa been mde to me by] »,UBLIO NOTICE is hereby given thet ee Trinidad, ‘Time Umit 9} los Bem F rea trial trip to ep! em
the Biparie, Erin Koad ie the Ward of | aoder the firm of “Gordoa Grant & Uv,” | Sarah Wace acd Pradevels Virgiala ative | lu exmoue of be Power ot Bae Guns as tore qauat bave raced jo a | Forfarther particalere epply to ’
Oroyouchs the property of Bir. George of tbe other part, and also under the power | chal! both of the Towa of Portcf-spein ia | caloed in a certain deed of Morty aye dated pomp ‘of the precending Cycle « SMITH BROS, & CO., -
Harris Hit, The Kevete oumpriers the | contalsed in o memorandam of mortesgy | this Island, Widow aod Spinster ie tue 10. dey of November 1919, and made rents to be eligible for thie race, lat | Oot. 10tb—Ira. The Bons TRINIDAD. _
" Jege acreage of ninety pine aces, three | ander the Real Property Urdinance dated | ively fur a grant of Probste of tbe i bavwown Bantiago Caatilio, Hooors Use erent ton ea Qed Priseot the | —______—,—S”C~”:”””::CM SALES FORK WEEDON
roods end tour pe ches of fertile soll with | che same let dey of S-prember 1909 wade | Will aed Testameot dated the i4th Apetl | ung, Mersandes ne; Wilsua wite of prize Hi 4 Models} Lap Prise 3} (j dae DAY OF NOVI
a river tbrough the same, Ip ta wiibin | by theasid Cipriaco Hives Rodcigues lo | 19 0f Marg.roe Hurry late of tha anid | Lacrencig Mervasdes andy J ‘Hep dolter ° ° . p = ° 4 ' ,
* two miles of ibe Palasios Oil Fields and | favour of the said William Gordon Gordos [ fuwa of Yori tree shidetooibetth Fuse Casto of the ous past 1¢aU my “P—Open, Entrance Fee oO a pvstio NOTIOE le
bas « good driving road. Titie ladefeasible, | bere wlll be put us for Bale by the ttodere | dey of Jennnry 1v10, beviog as thetiment fold J ha Mocbeck of ine ocber bat {2 1 Vt re The value cf @ dollers oS a in exercise of the
Farther particalare can be obtained from J egued at bis Anction Mert, No. 12, He, | ter death s fixes p ace of avode at No.4l, | here will ve pub ap fur Meer sigue. is O
the ea: arsigned, \ Viccent Street in the Towa of Porterf. | Piocoa dine. in the raid Towa of Purt-ot- | founa Auction ‘ay the uudermyeed es Two Mie Bicycux Race Hasvr- ao 2
Vated this Lith dey of October, 1910, Bpala oo Wednesday the 9h day of No- | Spstn the avid Sarah Wyse aud Prudecels { wer Aucwou Mart, No 3, Ueuer ot 15—Two Bacteure Fre 60 cena, Prisos a a ;
» W, PICKERING, . vender 1910, between the hours of one Vieginie Murhall one the Maecatelzes | gickelie aod Se Vincsus Diresia, Hor ot the value of Sdollara, ¢ dollare aad Cpe “ dated the ard iiss 1 @
worlonerre and t . Hh satmed in Ube oa . Tneed . 053 for
‘ALL. BND BINQULAR thab certain | Aad Notice is aeo gives thet lf nace Pee ie Wetesea, the hone ot 4 ny Bits Race Banpicar—Ea e oO & tween Richard. fol 4
TRINIDAD AND TOBAGU. cocoe plantation sitaate io the Ward of | vest is lodged pefore th~ oxpiratua of | ana xp on, trance Fee 161 frizes of the value mOok aod Eugene Marcas of thea
in the Supreme Court, Caura {fo the island of Trinidad called | tveoty-cighs daja froma the date of the Al tame two undivided third part or ors dotter Sdotlars aod 3 dollars — S will be pat up for Gale by WR
Io the mater of tha Estate of Frances | + en Josede Tumbewon” consistiag of | publicatisa of this potloe ibe Cowt will } yharew of aud fa ad nad al geist beat core so xing Mice BICYCLE Rack— ms at his efice, No. 0, ;
Amelie Ligoere love of the Ward of | the several parcels of land namely (L.) the | procend to lune tathe salt Gsreh Wyre | iy parce: of jead situate mibe Ward of u-y a Estrance ¥ue60 coats, Time aA ‘ the town of an Fernando
M yero ta the Island of Trinidad | parcel of land containing igh} quercrees | deceased, furmuly celled **Bao Jose” aad abutting | of the said Wil accuding'y. ties ected sud ong filo pats of av oe he. . ed Ja at Jona’ two of the pre- — 3 the boure of ove and Swe
— oa the North oa a raving on lands now o | Dated this 18a dey of Ostober, 1910. | urming putt of the plouladien nap poe hava raced fa at lect two os tt Pier ors ‘All thoee two parcele if
UBLIC NOTICE te hereby given that | Jetely of tue Vrown aod on lasd uf Choos (8gd.) TA, THOMPSON, Boided aad adutring ve the Norb upon ibis tece. let Frise to be prescaced uy Kall Town fa the Wael
Sppicatlus bee beeq mesa: ca me by | (arclsoa the Honth onthe *Dolle Vue% “ Reakttear, f iuus of duse Fe iciauo Rourigues oa ihe 2ad, ty - the Ieland, of Trinidad,
* Oscar fy sare ul the Waed of Mayaro in | Fetateon the Esat on land of Joce Migoc! cuutn aod Weas on the Laura Kiver aud Pass ofthe valae of 10 dollars, 3rd a eontelolng threes acres ent
the Lelaod of Tiloliad Plaater for a gract | Blane and on the Weeton lend of Jose | TolNIDAD, ’ va ibe frst un beule of Nuvtege pod PriseG dollars, Lap Prise 3 dollars. e = of lot Nod eat]
of Lazereof Adasnistration uf tba eatate | Miguel line and on Ised of Adelaide FYALE Kuk SUEIUAY THE 22ND | Vj cruel of howsvaret othernue te same | 16 Our MILE Far Race—0 Ene orth on lands of Gepht
of Frouc:a Amais Liga ira decoaced late of | @ swan, (2) the parcel of lacd furmerly DAY OF NOVEMBER 1914, may be bused of boauded ead muse 1 tracoa fea le 65, Prizes ¢ the valoe @ spon land of Mebal on
Mayaro af pweels wou vied ovthe Sed day | caued f Sanis Teatolla” described in tbe J PYUBLIO NUTICK Ie herby girea thet | orcaictly desctibed (as regards to tbe rea 6 dols, and 3 dots ol Bopal aud onthe
ol dane 1010, tatecdate Baving at the thee | deed from Obaries Uaradoa Davies Ber- in exereme of the power ot vale con- | Fos three mores and jue fil if 1a ube plas of § dale, ome , Bookeyram and the
OF Hee Uessen w Oed place ul abode within | rington to Michael U bos as goataloing salord la ace tala deed of mortgage dated | soe sea wu tbe paid used, P Avtiolom. ~eTIâ„¢ TOOLAATA RIOD A jtsining tea acres belay a
toeedd Ward of Mayara, The sald Q-cor {ton qasrrees and abatdng on the Norh | the Zirh day of Javvary 1902 registered an Dated this 2t.n dey of Uctobsr, 1910 ‘aweo 71] H E BONANZA abutting on the North anim
Lg: 09 ing tbe law fal widower and selict | qa lend uf Peblo Peralcaca the Soathon | No. 2 uf Joand tu @ ertsig Mem > LUUIs JOHN &' Uv, ‘These races will be rna, as far es proctioable, 4] on the Booth spon lemme
of she deogaed, land of Cayteno Meadosaoa the Kast on Prandum of Mortgage Nu 66 dated the ‘Aco.iuncess. usice the favs of the Amateur Athletic East epoa Crowe lead
AND votce if aleo given that if po | tand of Jaan Andre Heyes acd on the | ssid 25.4 dey of Jenuery 1002 ard made - (arenes | desncation of Eo e eT upon aad of Bisson,
Poavece te lodged before the expiration” of | West on fand of Manuel Oroeco de Leon | vet wees Janve of the one pars aod Caro. athleus, profeasloual evicketers, t sppartecances. 7 a
wwoaty-ergas days fibca the date of the) but ia fact oontaluiog only eleven ecrie, | tive Uones vos {eloed docew es) of the ober ING UiINE A U B itu | nif cadates, Ucecsed auiendzots, ac, wits | Wagers. Smith Bros, & Co Bated inte Bb
padientwa of aris nouce the Coart will y thtee roais and sweaty two perches soma | part, thee . ba put op fur wale by the ols Gebarred from competing. Bed. ¥.
proceed bo fescue fetters of admiautration | times described os three quarress and ose | eodersigee! ab their Aaciion Mart No, 2 6 Allenires wust be mode and races pun la
10 the auld Unease Ligoure acourdias!y. half of @ qaarres and sbattiog ou the | sackvili« Mireet, is the Jownoffone-{ . Pedvision, Covod the real name of the corapetiior, and po entry 1 ¢ = HAVE OBTAINED PREMISES :
Dated thie Ztatday of Ustober 1910, North on jand formerly of K-piaose now | Spsiv oa Tossdey ibe Z8ad day of Novem: wil be socepied Ralets pocom panied Poe TRINIDAD, y
T. A, THOMPSON, or lately of Jose Votor on the Suuth on | cer 1910, Latwien tue boure of ose and ~axp~ eowwance fe eta ae Cea IN BROADWAY, | #445 roe TURSDA'
wire, | land formerly of Ostalles or Atauma Gas Fo nm UUM MES of ott MEROHANTS Being bousd to sangeatesson 5 of ta dusquallly s OF NOVRMB
mat Ore Ae) at joo Pilaagl Blase ALL AND BINGOLAR thoes alee aeael a compeilior at aay time Uf bis comer Feattog or Where they arausdertakiog all classes! pustic NOTICE » hel
ens a on <6 Bal reels . ‘
TRINIDAD. firey sbove descrited and on she Wert oa Wa of Turore la soe Island of Tricided No & eure street ‘ouy was cane undet iaive pewoen toes BT of Motor Repsies foctading Motor | Pv averesa of tbe
HALE FOR TUESDAY THE TIL) ob iiacect Hille and oa the road to Maree | The Firet Luereof comprising ten acres aod , - ‘3 Meuters of te Q.P.C.C wil have a Busses, Vane, Lornes, Cars, tat acd | apoa Morigsgees by ¥ A.
DAY OF NOVEMBER, 1910, cas, (3) the parcel of land formerly ealled abartiog oo tbe Norib upon a oad, now discount of a5 per eent oo the enuance tee Stationery Motors — Oct’ 191m. (gp sane leacter 78 sod
‘ oom * Bele Ve” comprising five qaarrees of | Little Core Road, oa the 8 @.h Gon lauds ppeciied for ine various evects, .
UBLIC NUTICE le hereby given that Io | y54 and abustiog onthe North oa the | formerly of the Crows bet thea or lately . 4 Every competitor, provided be has entered . «
exercise of the power of pale contained | w+ ag Jone” Katele on the Bueth oa lsod | f Lowtas, oa the Ket upon lands of | TRINIDAD. pot less thag three erect il be given a
tu ecerten memorandum of mortgage No. | of Peter Le Blane oe the Easton land of | Toolees Marsdge acd on the Weed by | La we Guyreme Court of Trinidad aud Tobego ff ticket sniiding bin t> five ‘
B7 deta the Jat day 0! Ocrober 100) and | 42 Misuel Blsce ond on the West os | jande of bleabute formerly Crown Laod Ja Baokrupiy, Compeon Y oC nore no ove but officials SCROFULA, ENYDIPELAS. RiNGWonAM,
made by Marie Louie George to fervour of | 1nd of Jove Migust B.sno aod (4} the pare | The Becond thereof oowpristy g 8 eciee, 3 | No 7 Of 1900 vid te allowed on the uack,. {This rule wil be ONEADSL OF ANY FORM OF
Lease aatlids loos there will be pat ep | 64) of jand comprising fifteen sores two | roods aod 81 perches end abating on the abn ye natter of suiclly adbared to.) ‘ SKIN DISEASE TIELDS AT ONCE TO
+ forvaleby public suction by the noder | 3, aod abauing cathe North oo the § North mpun = Kod, os the buath by sore iC lasowreeeceio 6 The start for each event will take place
pigoed at their Auction Mart No. 2 Back: | v4.9 of Hille and on land of Aazustlas | Crows Lind, on the Kas by Lauds peti- Ex-parte, K Heugers puncinally at the time staid In the programme PAL ER's
ville Sueesia the Town of Pore ot pela | perrisire on the Syuch on land of Fedeily | udoed for ty aaavove and om the Weed | | yoric NOTICE whereby given that by | Sad vibout reference 10 sincciecs
paTuvelay the Bb day of November | Garcia on the Bast 00 a roed and on lend lends pet{uitloaed fur HA Kokity Toe ee eee ee His Hossa, seca Janke 7 Abell will berusg three mivuies belore
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land sitacte ba the Werd of Uacns}o com: | juss 8 Pereira ood Hilarie Porreire ana | Keal Property Reguier Bk 0c Volace | pained Ula neourer, bas boo appuiuied | & No thud prise will be awarded unless there intment:.
prreing Ave scres and oix perches be the | on phe Weet on land sow of lately of Obe | XXIV, foo 343 and bvucded 00 the ff frunces ot ine proverty Ol fhe OanksuDL ares! DP ee Ot eee eve the right [n | Used throughout the Vatted Btaten sisee rlye.
sawe mug ut oe dedueeted ond with tbe | 14 Bison aod om fend formerly uf Chas, O | aorih by ands ot Pevoootam, ard oa the} ail pusnos Laving tu (ber potemsiva ang ol 9 Ce ef ecy lus apy aiteraiion fo the —
abatias sod igendenes stews 08 LOD ~ 1) Herrington, with ube spperiecasoes, Sourb, Rest ous Woe t by sown Lisnd sae [ube cflcis of the laehrupt Gived deliver thous 10 mo thai mpy ve [oved necersary, Bas ve equal as A COMPLEXION PRE- | and on
Great regutered in Vol, COXLIIE julio ‘Notg.—The sald pisctations apd jands | (be Yvarth the ef comprising § acres and | we Ituetes, 60d all Gewts Gus $0 tow senukupt Pree Every compeutor will receive ta tbe] SERVER. A lew applications will CHANGE
B17 ond Woauded wa he Nuria by howe | pine desciibed will be suld eabjees 10 = | deecrited ia the Ur we Grast entered iu must Le pant ta tbe Seuss ob, dieslog roca A ticket bearing a pumler| A DANK SHIN several shades ligater,
; ad, oa Whe Bueth by leads of Libureh | Wonguge dated ibe sixth day of March | ibe e 1g Frere cod by lands of, i. &, Delle, ou th6 | 195 segurered ae Nu, 000 oh 1008 ‘aad | follo 967 ane bodeded on the Norto, poath im . o eeguscar, [404 Buch ticket must be wore by him om bin | sated for Toviet, Mursery and Bath, an ideal
2 Boot by Crown innde and on the West by | ute beiweem the auld Ciptlaso Rivas | sod Waet by Ceuwn Lard and on the Kee | OO ‘J chant or {ia the case of atyclist) ca bis beck, | feay for the Baby,
* landeut Ambsd & Ov, by leade of Hodrigues of the ung part and Joba Arbar [ by lande of Menoboreod by Uiows Liad. an rnemeeernnnaen eames F aad be mutt wear distinctive colours which are Palmer's ** RLOOD-S00B66 ** Ro: ie
Piao Fers nad latersected by the | C oraos of the other part for secering pey-} N.5,—The above morgage seourity te , ta be deciared at the Louk of enizy, Spaustable, ekactive Blood Pariser and Family
Koad. 2 ar Gordon of | pew vested ie Ger, Govsalern TRINIDAV. - 15 Compettors Ja Boy's Races must at the 38» .
, Pevis ment to thesaid Joha Arther i ‘thelr d months: Gola by Dreggists all ever the Wort’
“7 Daied toe Slee dav of Betoher, 1910, the piiscioal vom of Keven Tboassad | by deed deted 208 March 199 | Nabe FOR MONDAY, THE IIH DAY | tue cleats, mate ibely age soars nnd moots), ee .
- LwUle JOEN & UO. dclera aid foteress at the rateot Might] registered ao Ne 910 of 1908 end UF NUVE MDE 1910, a Oe Ot falc eeruteaies or bina, Prevaret, Sold and Guaranteed by
Ase vos ceo PAE ABER nor, 1010, | Beant ee taste MOTEL NS | uatiu NOTICK becoby given hatte | _ te Ne.cmmontior sll be alioved to art f TRINIDAD. 4,
epee cee | Dat ttle HY ThGOTE & EON, Gon Ted eaade sheceece, Loses | L Getyect sue Fear ul Osis coststaed | sels be, weare ball slaves sad, complete aS Wasen Drag [eae Fou Ne
* * Goveromeut Avi tloaserr, Goosstvie ood auce Yuille of the ne | ua ceria Dood of Mortguge daiol Ube } ity Ese power v0 order of the Wack Boy | tres the Food and Drece Act of Juno 30, 1904 ie
TRINIDAD, part asd George Gonsalves of tha ober | raib doy of auguns LUT = made bee | competitar who It pot deceally attired, e ‘Gutia! Boy ase me, 198, sUBLIO NOTIOS ©
BALE FUR WEONEIDAY, THE i0ra Mansnav's Orric Lbis 20 b doy of Oorober 1910, tte die eae plbet pare Ubae [fot finer te mare erent will be showed set | BROOKLYN, NEW YORK CITY Ln ha exeroie of WEG
DAY UF NOVEMBEd 1010, oth gngnan tala. LUV JUHN aco, fort beget prov oele by tbe uedeniaoel | sndgat fo whom alesse wilbe grand et |, Jd, WAT ATC SNe REALS, ferred on Mor re
Bis wal Kea Is, eatituo, ro)
Pusug NOTICE ls hereby. given thet ie In the Baproine Quer Avetisneers, fos Nos Bd ign Bere ana aay of Nove Post of Bs, seuutbog Bim vo atalmon to | Sola Agent —15, Frederick Brreat, ;

Apply for Samples,


Songageet hy toe. Cosreymcon aod Law of | Suamaazy Jariediction, Portol-Spals. emuer 10.0 bosevea ths bows of ove and | be supplied with a diulnctive badge which must

° be oe the belt arm, = -
s Froverty Ordinance Ate a aarti ive No aie Heke mathor of Wa oTi SG kk, bau souk ta the sfersous gay @ wou @ anulog sad Rot provided for THE

andom of Monesee Artbur laws & Ci Ruves wal h under tbose of ani Jonbni C
| eget tag tps Aue at | uorge He Ain & Co, = Aust yvsor palo od hel |e oensed Of aad te Trinidad tleotris Co.
ety pur up ht nle oy toe soaenigead Lose ix. Grand Salo of Work | xen as2t proses be tho same | pig Au tasers wile renived dp te ¢ amon MAwaiced
Bia Ausion pdart Ho, oe Ste Vegounday the | NOTICE isbereoy given that there will | 4 T HOME INDUSTRIES ASSOCIA: | meus ieee ce wasted nad wilh soe nlauins | Orica, Hort of Spiny ran
tne Towa of tae Fareauda 00 Wedassd be pat ap for Hale a6 Loagdustile oo TION, frum MUNDAY, the 2b | sad boundaries theceol shows ia te plas A. KE, HABRAGIN.
goth Gay of Novecmont 1900, Thareday the 10th dey of November, 1910 | November te SATURDAY dd Dicomues, | on the Lroaa Uraat registend fa Vouune Acilog Iteas B . b ;
“ST ibk psc of tnd sett he Ward | 5 Ad dre stocctcarede of he Daleodaat | estity of Panty Aitioesteattste fot | Nua Cuvee fanaa. ca tha Boat by setesommnerse [Electric Bulbs. iti, wuaiad
we Bure o ‘agiel aa (eleenen) oO! oe 2
Dropeusue 16 tbe sniand ov Triekiad Cte oe Dry Goode aad Provision Shop New Pronatat Baqusite wok sed taeda of Marta Cavhute Michell, acd by » Re che Word of Arias 8 &

. :

cousleting of bute, Maailos Peile, | woderate prlace All Kiwde of caciss of Ie laud co jhe Kast by Urvwa lena N fi i l d

doute by leads lta, Disbes, Links, Lamps, Rope, the lied A ple bor ol searied Pre- bene ver ucerter Dackd aad Dy jaude of tW Scienti 4 at 0
Tobecon,, Cotfec, Bogert ] rerves msbeca wet acveptsb @ Oaristass ave Coviadr Miscucli aod ou ibe West —OF.

. Barkin ibe
Waa: fg Ses fol ren Hoasebuld Furaase, alo 1 Cow, ¢ presen Ly a zdet reonved bly Hube wlve,
* a »
x ¥ ae Ra eitiastey lange et all [PWAN rep Keopty Jan Bottle, The | Munied st bes Hereccdy we ¥led Octo

E bs & received from Hambarg | ing ton ore a
Vv a vee dunigmens of the well kauwa ide of Mabaatll ott
WOLVHAM, bizh «ficiency lawps golog ibe Booth ty arenan

- . Viasaes
VIOLIN TEACHING. j*circiny ccd cere wuss you may] Crowe nde all

* i ot " . ated thie |
eof Pade MasTigusl levied epoo in the above matter. H.1.A, wail pay 3 ovnte ace far aigp'y jem | bes July H, MESSTAM COOPEP, 7} reaslie. D g
Dated tbls abu day of yom LOO CLEMENT VRS. LIVOURE, ] bouts, emote weth rubber mugs aud 4) JAGUOH W. CUR SBIF . , & Db. BARDING
' e P KICKEAING, : Vepaty Marstel Rovere Gs ren evil, Hy Beka Davuar Road, The Sires, . M ae

, " * #
~ Nd.

+ een tHe PORTOBREATS @dsivre Pripsy NOVEMBER l iste ae


-. Departm .
’ THIS WHEK Fou 300 PAIRS 100 :

; —At-. B.V.D: . ladies’ Ox Bloox d All Soul’ Days

0 © Bonanza, |Under-Weap. oxecn mrp THE BON ANZA§

A Yolonckeoce Laces, Insertions and Allovers,} — -18~

meg -tke NEW METALLIO GOLD ERFROT, | rae cones: rutva uvper tue avy, ANKLE STRAE SHOES, The Best Collection

* White, Cream, Butter and Paris,

- pare Ever Imported of
goucnon an ane Tac eon, Loose Fitting B,V.D. Goat Cut| . - atest Desigia, pe


Peete rms! UNDERSHIRTS | -VERY sTyLise. |Memorial Wreaths, }

gee 18 ioch wide Allovers. . . ‘
; .{Job Lot Price $2.75 a Pair.) MEMORIAL CR WN § :

Beg iek wide SILK EMBROIDERED NETLACEAND | @tar sour
INSERTIONS—sll to match,

b Pearl, White and Ioory White.| DB, ¥. D, Under Wear {$1.44 a Pair. Memor lal (r asses, # 7

[SHOLESALE LINES from 120, per dog. up. | FROM

{TH BROS. & Co. SMITH BROS. & CO., SMITH BROS. & 60.) sarrr=H BROS. & co 2

7 = but thought the situation required . _ a
CA RGO Lancashire Inguransa UO] ~ Kp ARH |STAN rags THB ST, VNCENT ypezzie-) = Arlna Hews,
-it~ “GaRSEAN CROWN PRINCE'S . “ orev] ‘The usual Borough Elections too! :
FIRE & LIVE 7 niche ta Bei, anacune REVINGR OFFICER, S1UTS "| narga Neat, een
Bernard. The former was reelected = 7)
by 0 votes and the he latter elected bys ¥
votes, Measra, Kd. Henry fod a0

Pereicra were elected : as aud
A SEQUEL 170 THE B ponoval

ROW MABGED 1N 7 8 . that eee Crown Prince with « suite of £700 AND A ABSCONDS-
ne WN or Funds Exceed... £12,000, 000 -—0-— tw “su FIELDING ANDU,&, THE moDUS JS OPLRANDI,

[NSORANCES"e effected against | AL Special SHOW] sc. weraing rovarn Nor Sct, | the folloniog tetaken trom the ft.


. loes or damage by Fire on non-committa nite rahewers totne FO een act been die fi An tacideat ot somemhat dee sea signi. a
cance occurred at the Town
Fe x Batne’ 6 M alweae 3 Coie and contents of Ware- IN ALL DEPARTMENTS. rotestanta against reciprocity. mb e covered dutiog the last week lavolving | terday, Just before ths opening of the ,
: es, Offices, and Eto e United States, regarding whic different sums amouating to £7, | meeting convened for that dsy, Mr. J.
és houses, Off Shop, re ete Ie believed the Cabinet are not stand- , alleged to be perpetrated In the Wind- | M. Percirra, a member of Council whe
FROM MOBILE, ALA Promises, and Private Dwelliagy at patters but regird itas their duty to) ward District of thie island t by, dir. Mr. | was reelected on Tuesday, onteredthe “

7 moderate pricos ; promote the Dansiolon'’s prosperity ia | Oyril [anise fa hie offical ca) Chamber and, approschlng the Mayor
. re OREO B Latest No veltie S, DEATILOÂ¥ a WouLDnEREalciE Revenue Officer In that district, 2 7 and other members at the table, sald

virtue of which he wasentrusted that he was very sorry to Inform them
- New York Sed the booke of the branch Savin, Backs 3
o feet Selected all heart Scantlin PROMPT AND EQUITABI E SETTLE Speciniities: The death bes takeo place at Loe | Witt authority ta receive depots nud declaration of eligibility aaft be Pius

64 U ee g I Angelesof Major Derudio, who au d da The accused Je sald to
A IBS’ MILLINBRY, tempted to assassinate the? Em peroe Pave ‘areied, on, since 1903, shortly been bro uebt the Sunicipal Gorpa

d b d ef Lownse L D Nea Bteon theSrdin J&8by a after his appointment, a regular, } tione Ordinance be was pot ed

S128 » Oo oards « deente: sod wae pardoved upon the Buprese expert practice of forging signatures tq be @ meiber of Council. Part, of of .
Gent's Builings & Ties. | Eucenie's interce of depositors on the “demaod slips” | this Section reads thus: +" Provided

THE SANTO DOMINGO CUSTOMS’ | for various amounte which he lesued

; $1,475 ” do Flooring Bds, SMITH BROSAND co —o— FRAUDS. to himeelf and entered {n the ofice

Advices from Puerto Ulata state ledger but not In the pass books which

aleo that no pereon belng an alien a
shall be enrolled naless bee shall have
been aq iobebitaut householder for

_ that judicial proceedings bave sre usually ja the custody at the re etc, ete.” And f te uM
C . t aoe Boxnmanws, THE BEST PLACE To BUY. for t titath {tbe ex pepe bese" f es! o nd for a term
3784 ” Rough boards Porvet Spain, EVBRTHING, fa connection with the Ouetome fraude depositors, Aud these © hawls— rat of three youre’ lu direct cou travention

vide Aitendeye bulletia) amountiog | mon or garden” dollar slips, but big
TH G A SsT¢ ) RES. {53.00 dollare which have been dis- Teetalwienta of ten, twenty, fifty, to
closed by thecomparieqn of a discre: | seventy-five pounds, and ihat fa tha.

458 ,, Dressed Boards

a ancy between Demloi¢in exports and | ¢ fall (be Government * red tape”
4 A COMPLETE LATES? TELEGRAMS NewYork Importe. A similar Inveati: | pod strict Wicdward Islande Audit ALLSAINTS NIGHT.
p25 5 a xation Is ls proceediog at various Europ: wrt ae (tle only after 8 change of The ‘Annual illumioation or the
we ae ma, graph Ce < cers occurred, an ° “
= de neunsadeceeees . Whe Ponane FRENCH RAILWAY AYNDICATE tbount be Sauted Eas wae Yotormed’ by town's “garden of peace” came of ~

Es 4
- COFFEE CLEANING MORLEY AY RR UCERD. on A Hla Janeiro despatch reporte that | closed, that the authorities discovered | 0° the part of many. The graves

were, in most cases, effectively deco.
rated and the bebavlour wae, cred. ’

table. Much regret was expressed at

the, sum “clearl ng © bo ae wal

aod suddry by the pollce, who

must wneeremonious about the mast:

ter. Were it not for the timely later: “

veation of a few Influential geucleasen

there might have been soma trouble

allthrougo want of ta of tach,


. 3rd. | a French Byndicete has obtained a | the frand,and when Investigation dis

—~- FOr SALE’ BY-—. The Irish wo endgns oe par concersion for valle s to be oom slesed ihe modus operandi of the une

t core: State fort B i etrac oul o eo procee ‘eithful servant, and ia raid succes.

T ° Morely, Secretary of federa) bonds to be issued for thirty: | sl ther forgeries were dectected,

e Trinidad Shipping & Trading? Co, Ltd. Machine pee reas by ihe Er of rene Lord five malttiog dollars. y But even then b ° Tanles once more
Morley declines to give any {nforma- | SOUTH

avo fi pUTH A AneuicaN TROUULES, check-mated the Government, for be
i - firmatory epatches from Lima state tha: aucec 1 making bisescape from
k: rt Noptember 1910. Hee eines ome credo eeitation of

7 ¢ Government bave arrested the riog:( the island. ere # warrant was issued
£ theUolonial Office Is anticipated, rev | leaders in s conspiracy for eimuultane | for bis apprebension. The accused Is
————— ELEGTRIG MOTOR | fists sees arc
tl TOWS, 6D
fSINIDAD LINE OF STEAMERS will be’ twa Coloplal Secretaries, one

oue uprising In inany citles. ‘The die | now being looked for in Trinidad, aad
fo or the Jarger. and another for the

affection is attributed to Cabinet dis- | githough naturally we deplore bie
senelone regardin the boundary dis- Itlon, yet in the fatereat of justice
with Hcuador sod tbe Preei- tia bopea that acon of the who

pute, Soda Water Van was coming tp Ceco-
Ve inabliity to obtala a Cabinet, b b wanton disregard for
nd Trinidad, oarrying Throagh Freight for Tobago and Claded Bolivar In thoroughly gaod erder rm ESULT OF. MUNICIPAL bots ’ pula ity fo obtain « Cabinet, bas ‘ am euch we ie joned r ble rite Road the bores, # bay 7 ania sl
PROPOSED SALLING DATES tate + ron AL zx ‘At the Monte polls the Labour: "SG GERMAN TRAINING BIIP IN regrettable delinquency alzo polats to ascertain pe
ww ee York fticldes «Trinidad New Fork, Ite bave tl oer ee ears | JAMAICA: gston, 2ad. scatet Reheat aarng Court Sale, “
HAS? u ou Aug we Root, 8.0 Kepts il and after defests for two yea German training ship * Freya” ar-

Bank fa country districts,
The witness asye? In order to inske
the loss to the Revenue from the

oo won fue 1
oa we Ang.
i? GHAWADA® Sips. ii woe Beate

ae ¢

at Manchester.
The Fropees uivee and Goclallsta have | rived

noon to-vday, Before the doors of of the Port-of
carried Weetham by majorities of siz | MARACAS, a Vseris

Court House yesterday, fa the matter of




mai oe Be Ak ae Bape How falcatione the Adcsloletrato GD, Hatt vy Reslsg, these parosle of
Sam aDA”.. ite on ove 8 we Otte, Bde Oct 0 BINE BQUANE, and Loree, belog galarbt two and ane acd. defal nel Ses ose * a erayettss upert ad ie tks Watt et epee Cees
Praca CANAD os Low, oS Nek, gota Sia "onaiTixe GROAS BANK'S t Maracas® arrived 10pm dad, goes | dupe” uid of oper see
° - 2 31 a Now, 4 2 Nov, 12 ‘Nov, 20 'Puoxs No. OUBLES, Tcloidad about 3p. is. | passengers for ponait tor :
in Pe shoiiasi 3 x mm a m De’ aA Den ] Ata mestiog of the opted that Trinidad s iM dc. tad: te Palgice —_——= .
a a a ay, ow veo Hors ti a A egeree le -
= Now i ~ De ao Dew 4 = co CA - - COLA. Bet abies smonne to, £a8%, Ma ern tod BE Boynan, Hany. To-day's Court Lilet, ind . '
m - - : sab bras, He ;
Prat ci vsasi wD De aw Mia Jen, 2 tbe vd and te assets ato ohio the. Atlantic, | Fal 6 o-day's Cour y Nem Yann. Normpher Sot
Goneiat sores feos fe. Rallwey, @ ——————— . "’ Clears
a abers Steamers Oall at tha lala sland 6 of Brenads beth wayt. Quebec and ich ie dowetfal a re Trinidad Amateur Football BUMMARY JURISDICLION ladies per barrel 964.”
" Th¢ saoah nsleorptag See ot ce pocesery to Falee funds Meal, Kilndried per barrel 9200 7890
MIVAD ‘SHIPPING AND SRADING COMPANY, LIMIGMD | og he » henge ie ogi od canes ¥ Tee | oy tay Ree F to avoid Astoclation, UDejors Mr Acting Justice WrigM)| New teanon’s Pork perkel—Ko Quam
Tarde bem Robi Hea’ = ‘
a: Beondway, New Work sod Ford of Bonin, Trinidad, B. iw [ste ioapers the Ptand adviee | TODAY'S LUAGUE NATCUE ADJOURNED CAgLG suger (0 ee
: a ee poner Ry oaks SND Fale PORTU- QR, COLLEUE ¥ WT, MARY’ Jacob v pDlnauthslog {part headh f Rng foland Molasses 2
; GUMBE REPO the foliowlog teamns will yey thle Gerold y Tes Remklsoon 1 pee ¥ Norman, wall n—No qua,
i ble paced Grey dealroeet ss {nowe- ay rudent, Hoses ark. | Cot Idling U

afternoon on Qt. Oollege Pprounds,
alate recognition of -the I tly thot ‘of | Iteferee Ar, F. J, Lectaud, Kick off | Tetaree ¥ Kap, James ¥ ae ane.

Portugal, bat France and Italy pie Dawe ' {iprisol, Kall Fersed vy Gangedell days aght. 4 |
acetate ave arendalat S30] Pranet, OM 5 ware | Reioeeaaotion, teem OMe | wees Ree aan (ST
proceedin T. As Francols » Warner Taad Cocca h York “= toe |
PRNIGHE BACHE TUT HEAD. P, Eckel {os pt) wen Veasar (Cont) NRW CASKS, ve iit
Hiatt bas he | O, de Nobrige ,:
APS scisty of Kelas actions da caster MEME on wane ween oe Tiara, Marley 4 Qo yen Mey OF
Bt ¥ per ano ery eadquarters in Lon: Jt Malogot- Ta de, Vertauil | wane —- Fiogting terms tn Bond, |
F i enr ihe Y
E ? don. PRENCIL eHIVISTERIAL L vanen Fyrwarde A. Malogot (Gcfore Mr Justicn Russell } Bugar German Hot 68 X tok, ;
4 fs We Recelvod a Large Shipment o Paris advices. state S ebats after a | Ge Busve Bs Rowenta ri tambod eo thart b ‘ Tere Sina tir ordi Resting
an 4 Councilit wae officially eo.) H. Laurence *G, Gomes} [dam ¥ arn {pe eard) or tor orésrs \
ti NT © “D S Oona that M. Briand considered | FE. Vorde Gi fecvelee Gumberbatel v gael Ree, De ho core oe fou
5 ‘ ' Ww ark ines: DoS eAre
= t Hy W7- * Cr O , on ive Of svatloos tr the i Iniee B. Cameron Leaer ves, ° Ranges v Bag aues. 7 Tortie v de Jorns. | Trinidad soot ileal
i collec! cee oft twas announced thet | A. Joseph A,fmith | Ayouog ¥ Fig Jooduosing ov | ing Hed, bee
f BY THE MAIL. tere end WUtlleres had asked M. | V. Luces 1s U, de Gannes Seiogane aur Shou: Oution, . ie ih
“f Pitted to form & bew Callnet, Deemed 1, Marto fe * falanda of Msgiad paves of
4 Ni : : : Pr aces aad All-oyers. tis understood that M. M. | F, Haba Builth Bron e oe ektoo, Arnott, | ease ch 4 : .
% tw Dross Goods, Last Fashions in Lacies Straws, Ribbons, 1 ; 4 Kiwerena ee dissent. ra Tun Gi. “Taal tan ine Cavite ton Arnott, Poel a Saazp x ot |
2 eRe een ‘o' ore
~ Keenest Prices. a, seeting future emergencies reser: eae ecies Petroleum 0;
Seo Our New Goods— K ie a Fecont tallway strike, but beck ta hs ortgtan (Beforethe Chef Justice) Western tute Gotlgce ~ as



SOMA TCLS BOM de sENT. WW aT. is oddeslge tbe Coble, 36c. ve ol Gi the Bag

hea’ theca for Curoberbatch Y Quowlns (part Gnoeral Vetcoleare Bis to 3264 dlect,
PORT-OPSPAING PRINCESTOWN ae eee thelete srinis bend} osepo Ga to 86

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