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Port of Spain Gazette
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TRiXlDAl) TilUli.SÍ).\Y SKl'TOaillKIt i
hat;,y o>-i; ;'.;;xyy
ID luxuries
Football Boots,
For Men, Youth* and 'Boys,
pit SIM
ti!i:ni FIIEIHWISE El.
Stock-Taking Over.
FROM *2.00 UP.
Laces, Embroideries, Dress Goods I
rice Makers & Bargain Givers.
Goodwille & Wilson, Ltd.
250 Tailor Made Garments
Patent Flask,
Newfoundland Cod Fish
CUBE SUGAR—60 lb Boxen.
SALMON—ltcil and Medium Red.
TABLE liUTI'EB in Coser—J. Potorec
CrtltmnlbUniBin [íKV£gíi&,?'

íé Ladies’ Dépts.
he Bonanza
_TaB PoaTor-BPAJK gAggm ttu íisdat sbi!tembeu-is-wift;-
•Trimmed & Semi-Trimmed.
its at Half Price,
mve ton lot
wii Wrapping Papar
Tailoring Dept
iff simes,
Plain Groyg,
Striped Grey*.
Masiva Suiting a Speciality.
Smith Bros. & Co.,
The Bonanza.
•370 ECABTD.
From now on Every purchaser oi a Pair
The * Mighty Saylor’
At Christmlae Time,
Furniture Specialists,
Cheats of Drawer» '
la Calar, Cy,l *od Chnp, from $13,00. j
Price onCyp or Oarap. LineflJIwitb^ Cedar ;
$45.00. ' ' , '
3P! fa! Beer!

It l - -A-Uf,! WlTtT.ílPSP US nA7FWT'I'P TETtllmnA V RPtTl'MllKTl 15 1910
t*——- ■' 1 ■■ i J
Ex Recent Arrivals.
All grades.
Get * Clean
Tailors and Outfitter*. *
rTTT.T. sjdtoojk: . j
¡flirts Iím Cute
Price. Per^í, St.44 8I.«0 *¿4,
Sehoener & Co.
XrtJbi JD025T,
JTorino Square nud Clmcon Street; " 1
tr^^lho.-b && kS-_, J£S*W«^
.UiSSisr -•—
^â– TST^fSLil
Sr'Kr' Fot *
School Books .
College Requisites 1
â–  ^erold &
Household Dept.
d Curtáis S uiItni.^ljQihci^ ^ 4
°Tiuitd'T 3K Jti pu'rui ,.
English Harness.
Wo Ilnvo Just Received from W.iIm.11
A Fresh Lot
. BULorjuma
Waterproof Coats & Cap»*, :
Travelling Requisites
Special Ponj Set 21 Dollars
whips, whips• whips
Boot Department 1
ll“'‘ ***** "■*&üíKÍíí }
Tennis Racquets Restrung

i s s. “ Wilster”:
, 'iii; I’uitrnpHPAiw oazett:; tihrsdav sr.m.Miuat is me
ÍJ30 Baga No. 1 NAGHA RICE
172 Rasa YELLOW l)IJcil,I,
130 HjIcs STRAW l’APKR
I.C&-OS fis. No- 1 GHEE'
i Cuca -I». l)o.
61» Drums MUSTARD OIL.
[6 Casks Cod Fish.
|0 R. ALSTON k CO.
E-aLWr^LM-a. im
'and Todd,
i -~'rZ?^T -
g figSeBBa
sxx-»35.”Xrs i:a
m 2
; .wirSb-rxisr:
: sx-^KfSzZír.
â–  isSS Sii-Ssru
Ir-s-v.-rta: “
l 'ihKlxrZ i^kviJ,
' XV. ¡z*r~14 ’*•
¡ wmm
-TH^s&sáSr t
Distinctive T*,iIori»g;, ó
It koopu yon Hoalthy;&]7igorou*. .
nvraLtHAi ougctjdh jj
W. C. ROSS & CO..
'Royal” Extra Stout
Is THE «tout
par kxcbllenck
STR03ST C3-’S,
The Piano Warehouse,
Only the Beat Mcs-kept in IM.

Saddlo Cloths
Stirrup Leathers
Falso Collars
Horse Brushes
Dandy Brushes
Curry Combs
Wane Combs
Whip Lushes
Whip Thongs.
BCaMouok’s White Zinc,
Genuine Linseed Oil,
Uolwndm”—AVoodLicj Doitrtfsil
r Ifo O/Ar the oE
J. C. NEWBOLB & cm
t'ejitcuibcr Sili, 1U10 {
Coconut Plant»'
; The Quality of MILLER’S HARNESSis well known;
: Up to SO.OOO Plo»^
Not F.xokkoino 18ins
RBr!« ot$¿ü“ BUU* k"*" l"lf* *
‘ t>cidro»» *B .
. in nn tfMnt-frk t“a ” 1

T IMo Matter What The Matter is
| ona-ra wile, bo you good-
On Your Polished Floors!
jkrnott, Lambie & Company

sdí’pumekt to m
i ' .‘jffi3’ _^|r»ss‘g
Tha51,Oilsplc’sAoimIPailf T CEDDES GRANT
®“/tí íás™*
Industrial * Sg.
Trinidad Dja Work*
â–  Esas sas
■ ¡HilS
OU.BaM tetara,
• ¡mura vonoE.
"SXÜSmrvAUw itíisr1-' “'■A-i
(farlslan Qaielne Han Tais i,.rr , , to â– 
.. .. Training - w*.«Mra

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catia hl So Er Soe
wre Fl . i




———en re harnsanaennnere renee ranean
cues: TRINIDAD =
, . land wab diawn two tight sround , ARAN . . 3
; : | BACK 70 TRINIDAD. Te ere apereesinn Goede ined by | the foot sad, coperquentty aificted & THE ROYCROFIERS BALE 10K. TUESDAY TW8 ahi
Le. I 2 at Lberatéof | wound, w awevers ~AND@ Qt Ta q
HEVEA BRAZILIENSIS) s2wit-sun. (REE aia care erate] coostimtiom [PUBLIO NOTICE uy gong
. . 'D, u. ee ee ete dieeryous remedies were epplied, but notwita- R s which aeed pot be enumerated ex retee of the

tained joe + ain J
1 here, the Royorofers have ot yet advery tbe 256 doy ol ae a \g
aieed full are ot what they call tbele NO 'g 32 i
Co-cperalive, Profit-sharing, Mutual-beneét, te é oe 1006 “aad vy
(natalment System, yet ae losert io tour] Harry Howard Sowler of dy, Terme)
thousand copies of a Sunday tsaue of the | HMwriet Fasvy F. wet of the ety 4
* Port of Spaia Gasette,” though ks be couched pod The Maowl-crucers Lae wn,
In the vague and somewhat teren terms of thelr | Company of the thid pee [Py
preliminary annguocement, mum, of pecessily, | pnt an tor sale by Pate .
attract @ good deal of attention, undersigned at ‘he!
tly, they recnived vista from Ol we Vine ne ttreet fe the F

good many foquirers hs wanted information Kpato, on Tuc vodty the ‘we
a9 ta the metbat by winch they could reduce bet, 1010, between the
ebele Tailoring balls by 0 ty per cent. two 2.5 eon

That a twelve dollar suit or other clothing to A L D
tbat amount could be acquind by cash pay}, 4ND SINGULAR
meote tutaling at elt dollar, seamed ta bee | Vocoe Plaatation called *iggun
veoposition eminentiy Gesirable and amos po | ritheate fo the! Ward of "
good ta be troe, and yet * The Tailors” bad | Telaod of Trinidad to
staked thee reputation upoa the veracity of Latta ge thereon con
thee announcement, warcels uf land, the &

Amongst the first eoquires waa Bir, Geo, a6 ee acter, \bres tend

hich showed
olde the mall steamer at Southampton, ater ntly and a subd: [ he could for the autinal, w
with 84 first and second clase Hert Aas had one oe force for both piarked signs of loyprovenent between
E iehacle Te tek Atte rere | frst and od saloon § oeLete. A oelock onthe evening of Ube fatter
dale a change for the worse touk place.
Allefforte proved unavailing, and the
horve died, as abuve state, at nive
o'clock, being burted at sea‘on the full
owlog day, The horse was insured
The death of scotch Mist will nv doutt
be deeply regretted by spurtemen
throug bout the wins Toadies, aud we
ja Southampton water taking 10 | state that the spcund class accomino- | hope this stroke luck will not dis
istrict“ i i ; further importattons of pew
' oRera fom @ tender for New win yer: and cotlortable | courage p
District“of the Malay Peninsula, and shipped ; pemeosers tom a tender for New dation ie very good and. comtyate | court

by an Exper t spe camaue Vitor ant” iitepped and recommended, In fact there is little

* t. Michaels id the Asores, There! anart from the excursion tickete,
\ 1 two do: rt a
HE undernamed is now prepared'to book wre ako abrut two drzen Anayriang ihe ‘ates pald” byt toureta, do pot

orders fot seeds due to arrive here about) booked for Cartagena, ‘The ~ atrato" | One low be adopted aa the charge for

Br @. } tlon exer
We left {Py railway tation at bh departure made | standiog the tare and atten
' Waterton, Londen, st 10 sicack on | thlpeer ia leeuing cheap eneurnion | lee cian, superscoed ary Int
jay morotn, ae Au D Teo . . *
" , e an hour and a halt later were along: advocate woekiy: devertunee at. both § nary Surgeon, wae called la and did all
galled at noon and paened tloseto the] the general travelling public, If

: sci’ Deutechland?_of 16,508 t mf , the fort:
1st December -1910 Every Sced offered is] rarest «Aha, tone for feasible, aa 1 am told it te, the, fort
. orean stéamtbg with an average apeed

} : ers |. For tbh
selected from prime trees in the Selangor] ctover 2! knot-she wae at acchor | £2 Cppederably shortened. For the

difference in the two classes, batbs, OBITUARY. recon! the th oor ie’ shee ana teu [ergheyand station tps Me nea ge
ahead of us in grand style for} linen, berths, meals, games attend: We regret toa have to i ag ardently coger Lora peranet tas ne South upon the Indlaa Tee ae
n . Tt a nificent , the pro: } death of Me, William Newton leyne, | inay be deduced from the following letter,
PRICES and CONDITIONS upo Cherboure. iver magnificent lance etc, are identical, the

f£ St, Andrew,
. > menade deck is not s0 lengthy and | Parochial Tressurer, 9 Su Avarte
bour embarking mails and bestra perforive | which took place early on the m 6
application to ase tare. Good weather and calm See ee passengers afb Invited | of the Sth Tnetant, at New Ilaven,

5; tive!
seas prevailed on to the Azores acrone on Sundays and to Concerta | Christ Church, at the compara
the dreaded Hay of Mireay. Malls et ‘alle. Thore are on all the} early age of 40 years The decentnd,
W. STEDMAN ARGCETR. [rite ty srrarielby these | tite loisht aut gercneiites | wis wtf ony soriing tous
< MS, + Oruba” then at Port-of Spain | tor about fifty second saloon passen | late R. F, 1. Alleyne, Presiden of the
64 Eouth Quay homeward bound waa closed at roid | erg and 1 heartily recommend this } Assistant Uourt of Appeal, partied
al night on Sunday 4th September, nod | clase to intending travellers whose | daughter of the late dir. ting wean
k Port-of-Spain, at daylight next. morning we arrived kets are not over flowing. The] MCP, He was atone times p

tay d any occasions
- sa Ta Bt Michael. Early breakfast was th ticket and in | inent cricketer and on m
served at 7.30 to enable those paseon> tipe eto. would Oy Tor eight weeks | represented the {sland We tender

who cared to go ashore to do s0 lod, In & respectable | our condolence to bis widow and ther
9 “ oran hour and halt. Aniongst the poet ia Louden. West Indians should | relatives, ‘The funeral took place at
te BRA wengers for thie port was &| be encouraged by cheap passages and } St. Peter's Church, - Jb

Jirector of this company, 6 nicely er inducements, namely, joforma- —_— ,

npoken elderly gentleman and ble wife, | then gs tothe poulbility of obtalning LABOURERS EMIGRATED, |
——— ee Woe found pretty St.-Michaels’ quite | moderate living in respectable quarters | These. Clement of the Boot 0
i ar dry and parched owing to the absence | tn London, ite next to nothing travell. | of steamers which arrived here on
ft is aftraud on the part of the Grocertor the Shop- otrain, On our way to Europe In| ing erpences if the stranger te only | Monday 12ub (netant. frou New ork,
k i . June no rain fell daring the passage gulde aright frora the beginnlog, to | consigned to the lucal sxents,, Messrs,
eeper to give you and never fell on the return voyage | order tbat in the summer they may | Laurie & Uo. Ltd, proceede ; u tho
except fora very slight shower when | jike the Americans and other Drelgn afternooy to Para, with 151 emigrants,

we were 47) miles from Barbados. In | nations fiock to London fu thousande | who fatend sceklug euployment on
roing to Europe St Michaels’ mark | avery year to eve its beauties, ita] the Marmore Railway. Lhe greater

the feet rere, thin. Night summer | culture, and realize what politeness, Part of the euigrants pail from Uren-

- clothing Is put aside for warmer and good breeding is whic! ja, and sever

‘ That yea have not ordered, on the plea that the sub clothing. overenats la the evenings. feel sure will be a revelation to many. | Some arrived here the revious week
stitute is just 9s good, He is defrauding you and, de- Lianketsat night, and Bovil displaces | inglish people are seen to. best ad | by the It 3L8.E, Cos ete Galante

i k ho by hi ii “bas creams at Il am. The electric fans | vantage thelr own country with ite{ and Berbice, aud others by foterco

frauding the Ba er, W °. y 13 caferprise cease, the climatic soe e are ‘bea cool, bracing and exbilirating climate, | onial schooners.—Slandard, .

made a name and a reputation for his bread. amply splendid, nice cool days Roget to Ragland elther for healtiy | aa rtuNED,

nighte with healthy invigorating reation or fur education should not
i: It is not what you pay—but what you pet for what you breezes taking the place of the hot | fe fenced ia by grievousdisadvantages,] tia stated that Mr, G. 8, Ht. Arc-

i i + It ki just her ls taking the necessary legal steps
pay—that counts in everything, especially BREAD, You tropical weather, = It is just | Given moderate fized passage tickets | ber g

e- i log, living aod going | to hale the Advocate newspaper before
always want our Brow, and whea you ask for ENGLISH lightful_ chao In returning | to sbout ia London le dot at ait coatly 20 | the courts, the grievance he complains

insi tropics the reverse conditions bh is fh careful [ of beinga setter which appeared tn
BAKERY BREAD you must insist on gotting it, and accept eh pice ba spol end on Bunday tong, as the, stranger is fa caretal | of by OR ee eee eee
no other It ‘ morning T was not atall surprised at | summer'a sojourn io dearold Eogland | ous to bis interests sean Eungration
floding the officers and crew in sum: | ¢o all those who can make it courenl- | Agent. —Jbud,

edil ---
‘THE ENGLISH BAKERY,’ followed by the passcaners erpecially | oRt vo do #0, travelling on an excursion RETURNED HOME,

icketin preference, it available, or af
the ladies, The first Sunday out na} ¢ gscond saloon pas erif funds do Mr. T. M. Stewart, teacher of the

- PHONE 299. 60 PARK STREET notice was posted up about the held. hot allow ofa fist clase ticket which I | St, Joba's Coureb School, who receauly
> ing of Divine Nervice. but about 1039 | think is remarkably expensive. The | went to Aterica for tbe purpose o!

am, the muster of the crew was held settling the alTairs of bis bruther, who

f flying fish, senweed,
=== {and the roll called, fire and and boat beeeht warm sunshine. and cloar star { bad expired intestate at Leaver, Uvlo-

: station exercise wae held and “dis: ht nights shortly after leaving the | rado, returoed by the as, * Cleweny”
0 F S PAI N TOW N BOAR D inles” sounded, This evidently was Meoten“petcben Sur entry ote the | on the 22th, ‘The deceased was a ber-
7 ° os | designed to teke the place of service f tropics ‘The steamers are not allowed | tieter-at-law, at Deover sud bad tiseo

and would in all probability have done | ¢o travel faster than 90) to BiS‘nautical | toa high potion iu the State, where

vo, but for the fortunate circumstance | iijtes every 22 hours. They can of | be was known asthe lion. J. W. Ste
that amongst the passengers were

. course go very much quicker. To-day | wartt.~—Jbul,
le t Wes) -Methodist ministers, _ ve bad es
Returns Of Ownership two Wevleyan-Methodist ministers, |“ stonday~Jast before noon we pRoDUCH SiuPrED,

‘al by of ralo aod
acquiesced in the wishes of theProtest: | between S and 8 oclock. this evening The anvuut of produce shipped up

ant section and with the Captain's inidad and [ tothe 7b juvtaat, was 55,550 wns of
Â¥ apectal atbention of al} owners cf rateable procerty in the Town te directed to permission helda short service in the soticipate speaking to Trinidad an .

‘| o by wireless, 1 cannot conclude | sugar, and 76,083 puncheuus of imolas-
» vu the fect that SATURDAY THE 1st OCTOBER 1910, 10 ths test day for sending | saloon, the collection at which added pebase by wie etary grateful en 8¢ compared with 128% tuns of
* {nto the Town Clerk & Treasurer the retarne of ownership required to ba made under } nearl twopoundstothe Sailora widows thanks to the Commander of the | sugar and G4i6L punchevas uf mulae
+ + eeordon 33 of the Portoof-Spaia Town Board ( Amendment) Ordinacce, No, 14 of 1N0. | and Orphane Benevolent Fund, On the RALS, “ Ocubs” for so kindly ateam- | sea for tbe corresponding period last
‘ereone who aball not bevesent tothe retarns by thet date wlil be liabloto a| fotlowing Sunday Divine worship was ing nearto uson Friday mght and | year. Jbud,
6 penally of MERE ander the esas Ordinance. also held by the two ministers at 10,3) relieving our dullness for an hour, the
Those uwnere who bare pot as yot sent in returns fa reepsct of their properties are] am, and early notice posted. Half an display of lights and rotkete on his
therefore requested Lo do so witboat delay. bour bsfore service began muster, roll ship waa very beautiful.
Forme of Return tay Le had oo app'ication ab the Town Ilslt call, treand boat drill exercise were 1 the Improitu Concert,
U-vners of premise in Belmoot, whose housed are not yet pambered, of hive bees held gnd the men dieralesed. rane Chairman,—Mr, Jack
ly erected fo any of tha newly opesed sires #, ale reques ecorlhe such | attendance at “church” was fairly .
house in thar returns by the Naw'ee and Street scowtding to which {bey wera} good forthe Hirst saloon passengers, |! Overture Poetand Peasant Ship §

on the East spon Land, ‘
Mapa ae 1, | Mehebcet on the Wess ren inant ca
Saturday, June 21th ‘to, istal of Buggoa acd ape (6 Lede Tad
MGecuemeo “Vout very gecerous interpreta | five seen: theee roods and thieteen ,
tion of your obligations to me surely entities you | obes and abutilog on the North
ta more thaa ibe ordinary modicum of ibaoks, | No. 16, Carasan Settlement on the
aad anert from thie you deserve some commen | anon jande now or lately al
datea for the four beautifully foished and wt AAugnstan on the East epee
fuog garments which you peat ta me lately of Sewdee! aad oa be
tive principle has, E hetleve, | !4ude now or lately of ube Ve
pense Ceratire Pals nnd therefore fot third thereof coutaluing these 14
are tbe tare to be complimented upoa the MJ-1wo p Toles ond abusing gene
werking out of such a magoiicent and at tbe | North apoo leas tow ce lately
same time thoroughly practical scheme, onthe buath apos isads ney ee
Through your scheme I bave secured an f ve Yareba an Partly epee legos,

wegast Tweed Suit aod 8 no less elegant Silk lately «f ove Rondes oe tae ees ny
mats your incomparable style, four :
wetke ad feast an fares t an dbieto | {soda bow ot leiey f iam etal

pear erage etna tra Sot | bonny ihe font thal tease Re
jor v9
small mic of siaty ceats io tash, my ¢9 operation 0 05s thice Be fle at tbl teen sed 9 aa,
Raving wiped off the balance ead secured for | Pt . wee Ryon pee *
me sour receipt ip full, laude how UE atery of one 008 on changed
You bave my thanks aud my baartiest wishes | uporTinds now of lave y af Rursoaty
for Pour entus success. toe Ba opon inade sow of rwuly of
Tam, Dear Sirs, Meraghenduo and on the Went ages
. Youra truly. pow of lately of Williaa Horry, toe
Geo. DE SILVA FT itereal comprising twelre pare
The publ cation of such a letter, proclaiming twenty-two percher and al \tlag ‘er
such results wilt naturally excite widespread | North opun lands now or Ti
interest. Tha interest ee oe ne sles | ode apoo laode of Ramjewag
Lated oy vn interview wi per ators
there ce already many, or by Ore qulsuies ei dectoa and 2900 lanus Bow a
conversa on on the sucject with either of the ES @ Bunth apue isady
Rice ‘Broa. vf E, R. Country bus sew oc lta :
It te not the purdose of ibis article to disclose f Ravuld on the Wass upon lends muy.
dotalla Suffice it to say that the whole scheme | tately of Perse Voloey aud yee lead any
resolves Inio a stupeodous adver isiag propos! I of Lately of Lous Preau aad oben
ton , @ proposition of infinite tibues and Teng Weet upon lauds of the *
immense magaitude, suchas bas never bea | ir sig the sixth , thereof




equalled fo fioldad sod eminently worthy of fi ag serery +bree
our Tailor Major, : b batting epos she B
an untried echeme, Its finaacial | porches sod abuttiay epos
scunduese ‘beviog deen thoroughly tested io | ands now of lately of Thumae
America, the home of dang and original | she South upuo lends nue or iste
money makior operations, where it orimnated, } Teclockwog oa the Hest epee ianes
aq well as io England, where sinniar plans have ¢ ur lately of Baodoo sod spo. isede see
had a tremendous success, but il is new to | ately of El shangoo aod ve the West
Trimdad and there is no doubt that ia ap | igods cow oF Lavely of Thomas
operation @ very amall casb paymest peed be | seveoth thereof contalowy thre aa
made in order to cover the cost of every elegant } 11, acres end abuttu pea the
suit, lands pow or jatiy of
understand the subtle and | @POS,
pete bee io 19 sugeestiod which tbe ame | (ue Soath cpua lade sow or
of the firm contains, * The Tailors Ualimued* | Wiliam Hacrls oa the Kass woe
is fropbene when this scheme Is temembered, [| iw of Jetely of Tribeas ead on the Wow
a success of the oew firm was assured even | upon lands pow or lately of ane: .
before they opened thew doors, and we uoder { etghth thereof contaluiug Coe genset
Stand that their first three tradiog months, now aod abuitlug wpor sbq Nora ea
Just completed, bas brought them a measure of | yw or Lately of Vinah on the Sua
success which is beyond even their expectations. | jade now or tately ub Aganue on ee
Thele commodious premises bave 00 equal, | youn, suds wow ut iavely of Tevet
at least as far as Tuloriog is concerned, bul | UP Weot span lands sue ot itty ¢ A
commodious 06 they are, we have 60 gong | U9 He Week Spo ;
that tbey will soon be taxed to their utmost Poutues Istus, oad che plate ihaud om 89
twee sud & bell low moaserag
capacity, (alata ioe
fils, a square deal, the best mate | haudied shu twenty five fae by ee
rials nod werk macenie thet the peice would | deeu feet nud Bbatung on the heruaee
allow have always b-e5 Tan Rice's wulicy teode vow or lately of Charnes end ape %j
This policy end the clean reputation icbas | | pug ouw of lately of Usage on
tived fruui Gulun uu the bb Septeusber | Scared, najurally claims a mututude of cus | syath poe Lande now of Lenaly uf Jade
vy the Dayus to await Loe artivalol Low | Somers. of tbl tutude, with | 2! 'be 6 upon the ladias Tet
ea. Overt which will take them iw work |, Re cooperation of this mui a Road aud on the West poe lace ol Uae






A number ut sucticau engioeers ar-

wella whesy a esuutul watering place , YOUr health as a_disordered
& Song. My garden UM Eee could be created erarbados tau i
7 March. Jack Tar Ship's Orchestra, | UPBDL future as & Coulilt resurs and 1t
;, Jae : fa well thal schemes fut the develup-
God Save the Klug. weob of ibe waletiug places shuuld ve
MENU. wally set ull fout av as Ww keep pace
ot with Likely requiremeuts - Advouute,
Flore d' oeuvres, varies

Coneonmé Tapioca We ale pleased to be sble to
Potage Oiéme Parmesan sonounce that the Royal Dutch Mail
Bolled Saluson, Mousseling sauce oy, bave sent through their agente
Fillet of Beef, Parisienns

bere, Mevary ce. BP. Mussun Hon & Uo,
Cold Asparagus, Revigote Sauce #* Contribution of teu puunus towards


amuslog comic songs of the assistant
Purser, the oaly officer out of sizteen
who took any active pact. This
unostentatius pleasant gathering
handedin £2 5 2% for the Salors
widows and Orphans ‘nod, The
severve of the ofticere and their aloof.
nesela in striking contrast with the
. Reneral iivelpese aod bonhoumie jo
7 the * Ora when e days a!
Regulation at Present in Force, by happily and quickly pr noone
: ly missed f ball boallowed|ehip the aye are diy) ee thle
y LS bot bas appareotly missed fire, no pereon aba! allowed [| the days are diy epent In
10 ene spina fuse hab ceared to smoke for [5 widbles. Ths person | eat oF reading, sleeping and wleb-

Yoyslie atd ou the Wesy Bye
Delon (cave etd excvyt Lee aot +
lute wigs Loin, ou aco

Id to alec Maw
utd to Uuwuey nad une 1 odd 00

Tost ‘tas
"Bit iy assert


a Takers” and co operate they certalaly d upon lands now or lady 5,
i Orchestra: J09 the Maruore-siadeira railway,— |; \, mokes us OReiber eves skal ang | aso, acd apy
revolt Hou int Armaeay cer EEA RELL, |Rernolibecaasert wets Oat La soos Lealarinee (Welty tire [Clie Peon othe Kew Br wits we | OS A ecard mad
Acta. Town Clerk & Treasurer, [Invited aathey were entitled to be, ‘ eT etat | MI. DACOSTA BUYS MAXWELLS, | Sits man soe ee 1 land situate ab Ladin Tred 1athe Rab 4)
g. Towa Cler ‘ressurer, dot thelarge ships’ company com: | & Song ..That’s the reason nvo I wear te i (ved by mail cf Montserrat ty the Idard of ‘
: Towa Hel}, prising 100oficere and mene only the (eKilt | dtr, Jobo Ernat, it he mn thet Me Dente OT Datone adjomning the “too Plartaalee :
. Port of Bpalo, ber, 1910, ¢ ureer, assistant steward anda bekers' | & Song ~The Windwll. Ate, Sauth. ceulor of the Heat of Deore & Uo, wr * [odian Tray” aad euluvesed wad we
12th Beptomber, 1940, | dozen of table waiters attended. A 5. Bong.....Rove in the Bu Johuson | Led purchased Maxwells plautation, | Tad Sart or Sains J sind tn one, with the .
= aS ee + farther oer a One ice. wine 6, Song ..Dm afrald to go home fa the Seoul ne gid soe btw lag two ots messariag oot basen
regret the pretty word picture depict (Dark Mr Blanchard vetate but we bave nub learnt tbe price equare on the North epos tae iete “alt
’ log “church” on these mall ateamers 47 Song ..Wholl bay wy tavender. | paid by Me, DaCosta, euld tocne Gravin Persad on Lepore -
f a|se graphical Grectibed in Frank T fy Song .....Ladies Reward {ah V. i | Slaxwell’s bas come very good arable Effer. end Kast upon lent Oe ee
: ollens’ work * Hack To buony Seas. (Stivester, | ‘40d and in favourable veason makes a the Weet vpoas fe ne
lile books ates are not In the hips Interval *Jexcetleat crops, Hut st bee auother]| Wescertt of ponteln art perohen ad seca”
, : jbra roel oa yer win wont Pel 1. Song ..The Preacher and the Bear , | e#vetin ite iuation near Ube sea, with ’ Ha ee orth pod node of Pee o0 iM
dances or concerts organised @ tite Me. Blanchard, | # lvbg streth of building bat Min te Haven’t you found out Fouth apoa lauds of Beard Jove es the
} mild milk and water cricketing was | % Séng.....L’Auneau ‘Argent Nee Gosia propoved Lo bead a eyadicate to about Abbey's Sait yet? Kot opus land of Garage wd cane i
aan GOVERNSENT HO C8 eee tn ree re cre eed 82 ba, SonguuElove w Lasle...Mcueiie: | Dy Bay Hetate, and erect there a Hum. Wees upon laude of Wiulam Merry aed
r 18th September, 1910 | eR gare Gan hs sence eer |, Bong win Where my, caravan bas | per ot dweling ouses suitable for b You know for a fact that |, tutes ainsi, 2
i ised entirely by the passengers under ne ated catlfs. Crag. | the intend, Jv appeste probeoly tbat | there is nothing so bad for | bald ur Ambalou vn the Saath tet mort
i dosent of the Quarry Regulaticas which were . |, 5 Sofig Employment Agency. Mr, $ Pps g : by Kage wyen' sate x4)
Hee ene eee eae oe eh Garoten, Toot. sacl pubienette te chaltindasbi ct Sne of they ‘mur IV. Silvester, { such = pian hay Uv carried vut at Max: | taints oo haw 4

2463 of tLe “Rogal Gazette” of 3uth December, 1009, is pub-
frica fies ordanss with the reyulremeate of Section 25, Sab Section 3, of Ordin-

Stomach or a sluggish Liver,
ance Ne. 18 of 1907)

It is also a fact that there
is nothing so good for a dis-
_ ordered Stomach or a sluggish

Liver as Abbey’s Salt,

Now you k.ow — don’t
forget té use it,

Ys a,
By Commate sv GORD IN,
Axtg. O.lopial Bea ovary.

ta the Nepreme Coast add

obese « ;
Semrary Jartadiculon = Portobieemy- ;


‘anitia Ice Crean the fund for the relict of the sulferers . No, 605 of 1008,
. fng for the voyage to be end 5 ‘ x0 Between
Clasane "Ive hole shal then bo thorughly welled and site tating iltie| tne, dally roucerle ax folniraset | Motehturbey,Oranbrry Sauce | by the rw of ah July. "Tie dauailon | London Addo: 44 Crmutgand Siveg | Bmmanva Lale-Aniet
; @ tious hereinbefore prescribed, a powder charge or dynenite | ath and tea abd am, breakfant at Freeh Lobster Ourrey and Rice day. ‘This generous action on the and by Messrs, W.Co Rows & Cay Portot Spais . soba
; — Breesaary precaution be tep of it, 20 a4 to sbatter the rock and expose or] 43) boviil of iove at il, funch at 12:0 | Gooseberry Bouftls Swive Noliette | pars of the Strat Dune cenit Coys | memes. : Paul Vleet
Se tailed tilde’ °° It Sue couuot be dous iummnediate'y, a White stick Afternoon tea af. dinner o deat and Creamy Tartletles uiust be regaided we au appreclation -~ GY, Bictes Deleolais
: | eaver' of the business support allurded the ,
aball be stuck out prominently io the wetted bole io which le the unesilo ied Upon, There ts no scarcity of food, eon Se =
RSE on eal ant bs warn; reo yk cuvead os bok [ated he eta ay || mee | Kinet a rd | copa Dee a te Beg
t * re shall no! > cocked and properly served, the ‘ an order
sheh ‘es bored withiq 3 foet of tbo one which bas w ssed Gre, attendance at table aud elsewhere 1s LATE BARBADOS NEWS. Te eae ety tee bee, getublished, | 1a tbe Bapcewe Cours of T foidad and tice Wilgne wade bereia o8

The public will nove with much grat
Gcatuon the iuterest shown by the | No. 204 of 1010,
Vompany iu this matter, ~Advocute, Io the matter of the application of

+ tual 6,
yPHESENTATIONOF A DAT. | Aza in the beter a
e » | who fe un oO}
Barbadce tea was on Saturday lust otal Froperty Ordidenes No,

Presented with a Bat by sume ‘mem | j»UBLIC NOTICE fe hereb: iven the
beiguf tbe Spartan Usicket Cluu im L by en order of His Hoacare Mr. iu
tovguition os his very Hue perturus. | tice Weight meade herein oa the 29h diy
ance in the last Oup inatcn twiween | cf Aagess 1910, noless Kod canse to the
Wat tea and thy Wauderws. Ble, | contrary beabowa witbia fourteen da

Gibbs gov the tup secure Gy) aud tne | from the date of the publication of this
club Woe the gawe Uiute, Notie im the Royal Gasetta a Provision:

~~ Certificate of Tivle will te iss

GONE TO ED.NUURUH, Dre tus & Or, ia respect of thee pared ai
That vsieuh youug Viuselooien | lend 6 toate 'p the Ward of Caure com.
Afr. devine AiDuwas, wbu tae Just | prising 10 cesea, 1 rood, 37 perebes, deline-
Qutebed bi cvutee ws Harrieuu Uutiexe,
precveded lve uiell Ww baiuvusgo | shewn Ic the pi

where by will eke Medigiues, tig | Otant regitered in Volome XLV at Pot,

all that one can “sire, the waiters,
stewards, Ac, ate vecy polite, atten:
tive and courteous The bucks in the
Nbsrary can be improved on and ly
roon: of or In addition to the very
light uninteresting novels there new
buoke of Interest can be profitably
added. There are 103 books fn the
case—BS Uiitish and 17) Mreoch
weitere like ‘Thackeray, Charles
Dickens, W. W, Jacobe, Walter
Besant, Hider Haggard and Bre.
lumphrey Ward are represented 4

_ ‘obaga,

There will bea practice weeting of
the above on Saturday the JUuh of
September at the Government Hite
Heoge at 20, 5.0, and 00 yards be.
tween the bourse of lpm audé p.m,
Six members bave been Javited by the
Trinidad itle Assoclition to take part
Jo (heir annual competition on the 14tb
aud 15th October next, Subscriptions
are solicited ta enable Barbados to
send the most capable shote to eupport
the credit of the culony, Twelve iwen
have been selected for practice on the
1U.blostant. Precedence will be given
theni in the order of Bring at OU yards,
Agriculture Reporter,


& Avguad 1910, shee will = 7

fale Tefovg ibe doors oh & 4

Porsenf- no

ae oaakee 1910, between tbe bam

ond POND SINGULAR ted well ¢:

part or sbare of ibe dusadeot bose

sod in sit sod singular (hens & ¥
arcela of Jend shese te ei

Storage {o tbe Jelacd of Briand oS

thereot comprlang Sesiel va |

39 perches aod alattiog 00 ft ae ;

East and Weat pou Guns ie ead .

the Soath oa Crows tase, ;

Nigga _ Aud ibe seed ©

prwag Eleven one sioeg wena

and Bg te ee ce ba os

wr bd on ue
Baste iuterbe ond on 1d0 Fast 90

Proposed Amendment of Above
eS Regulation,

M 13—1f a shot hie apparently mlased Bee, no person ahall be allowed
i etal after a taped ct Bul an hour from the time the fuse was igoited.
The person or persone whose abot bas apparently missed fire shall iamediatel
ive warclog ol the seme. A abot shall uoder noconsideration be unramme
fered or picked out sod po holeshall be bored withic twelve jnebes of the one
tbat hae missed fire, Alter the tiweapeciied bas elapsed, another hole shall be | populer nautical worke areabe-pt Yet
ed for the purpose of distedging or exploding the charge that has missed fre, | this ship on ber last voyege homeward
aad suck bole shall te bord io such a direction that it will not.touch at apy potot} from the Weeb Inaiew carried uoder
the bole crotaloing the cberge that bee missed Gre. Alter the sbot bes been fired | 9) passengers, We were in wireless
a careful search shal) be made amongst the material dislodged to recover tha charge | camumunioation with both thee Tagus
issed Gr avd the *Uruba” aod got news from
Wat ai 3 thea of the contiuusnce of plague io

one voluine each, W Clark Jtussel,
Frank T. Bullen and other writers o


Gootch Met, th, _ | bateer ab Marcivcu-Lullege was bright } 218 end boarded od the Notth by lode of dereated specced
Bopt. 1d~30. -- Trinidad, V7) The wireless ayatem on | lish thoroughbred. cole wate eng) | bud sECoULagiUg — Globe, Gomscntes by ienda of Claudia Vatdomere ot ake seats em
Th P ° ] tit t this seamer— De Poreet of New fork ta thie island on tbe D G8, Sevag on | a Ube South by Total. Mesuel Deets oa ond Patrick (armody wha
———_———=— EE: ered
Wifo Notico. C LICE INSTICULE, | base clroult of Sy) milles, the charge August 72 leet, died of tetanus at the cs

ie two dollars for a inesuage frow ship
to ebip and twenty-one cent per
word lo a land station. The Roysl
Mall Company are always cowplaia-
ley of wot vishlog moary although

during the more than 1 yeare they

have Kalas mens; fa the West

3 Nees ~ A
eiese oreige bate catered the het

of Repreuber 30U6, sex
of 1906 for securing she TP
eum of $1 000 with seuerent

rate of 10 per gent par OR Sage
balt-yeatiy, And abe of 8 Oh ase
thereon iq favour of se ua bor 15
and dated ibe 71h doy he

bat Twill | 7x ET you see eicelesuy tained ead

hereby nouidui that Ie mons exceliepily ira! care-
PRE rte epee! poe iDy debt son G fatty taugte, at Troon tha feet that
traced by my wife, Nelolees Benches, { pee) rie 1c. w. Pra. bas is Le
eho being no loge thon'T Mri qrade, iw ibe epdans@ many tbat be bas the

anieot Bre, Manuel Octage and by Jen
of daeph Moran on the Kast by leeds of
Edward Kelly, by laode of Joveph Morag.
Y Janda of Manuel O:tege and by lands
Mie, Meooel Ortegs and on the West
by lauds of Cadeniee, by tacde of Leon
Agotle: aed by lands of Manuel Ortega,

Datea this day of Be ber 1010,
ea) ie i STONE,
lating Coueral,

les of Mr J. + brad
ulueu'clock on Baturdey Srentag Bente

10, The animal, which was by Mack-

latosh out of Bruyére, was prosounced

Provision, Coosa
by gaod Judges to be a fi |
Hep macat ee,
at a8 of the koe pede placed ony UMAUSIUT — MaRCHANTS
the ealinal betory it was shipped om Nur ab Labi wireyt

1G elds fora
t. Jolin. Juespane, vm
Oey hdd tld dw ire gasses oye aaa a si


jAdministrator Gonoral:
ism f)admneater fo

In the Beprme Cosrt of Trividad and



ware, ease oe, wie yout Wiltiom Peter, or Wiltem Pi
work. Thie ta Jost the thing for boelsess Pierre Pogslal or Orv, late

In the macter of
The Administrator-General’s Ordloence,

And to thé matiorsl the Guods of
ft Tana

mer, the hare worn at the pole puna, Decessed Int state,
potent SY ace Zaitsws seater bow} ALL persote bavirg claims agsisnt the

a abore estate are required to vend fa
were ered eer as, ted tothe oodersigeed foll Partlendars of tha
Wyvers snfering, The FOOT DRAFT | same verified efidavit oa or befere
will drew the poleore from tha whole Taemday the 20.b cay of September, 1910,

the of the ekla, and| after Which date no claims will be enter:
rately fears ah ine thas arise from | taloed,

lo} Creditord who hold any recarity what.
tee Petes ve oe ceant atte acd woever must eevess the value of ther
shoulders, Jambego, ard varione other ila, {eecarity and prove for the difference or
MAGIO. LOOT DRAFT cares pbeoms- sirevnp thelr eecurity and prove for the
wo, erate Stators ald. thelt Payments will be made oa Friday the


TEMBER 10910,

Gay of March 190: semiatered os
632 of =the Provoopl

gear 1%
Ateria of d

tered as No, 7% of tte
Geeds for the pear 256 6

made batveea
Goda of

the fret cart Matikig Goda of 1

fort REP.

Posie NOTICE, le hereby givea that: fa
exercise of the powers of sale cootained in
th® deed of morgage brariog dag the tenth
deeds fee the The
ond made between Paul Auguste
first pat Leos Goda of the secoad
part end Joba Bapiit Dense Seiler of the
bearing etre dele theeehh sed ensethe eetd
a even dale t 1d and ateat
oC pportasre bearing date the dat day of March | Wo, SA Qhumrlotte t,,

secotd part acd Hugh David Ravkins of ibe


TO THE FRONT {| ThoSl, Orispln’sAoauel Party’ | GEL DES GRANT)

me YO TNS ats)" | PRIAC E'S PUILDING sel Woe
InconrozaTeo 171TH May, 1900, ON

greatest Co-Operative Compary in larwemcimar Lith Coes,


the West Indies. . MISSION t}- " bee, Lone,
W* ose pala Bt we have opened Danct: aes mm ne reshments Comes Aneto’ mnee ICR ESSE ot for f
ent “ee oh, “Teintd dtring Hand. (2 a " » (On MeSH tyres =e a
P keta au ence to Rey, A.B, | £20; Boxes BLUENOSE culo deceand) wf 2
where the lowest rates provall, quality FREY lor teMtttaniock Bee Ge Bet Brie R soad re
weet Trent OOK TO-DOOR | Thompson, Livery Stahiea, or the Teble rls. Raw

eLIVERY foe Sherebotders. Become | Ho'deis,~ 10 b Sept. 1210,

of ¥


beara een ate torte thnea wit Capes | a arebalzec amd better Jar posiiea, —— | LINSEED OIL [i

for sale at the Aucticn Mart of the undersigned | Shareholders are epecially reqoes! Tew BOARLY ox of be we
Std. rq St Vinoeet Street in tha town of | purchesa from oar DepQs sad secure D ; O.ton of
Port of Scat oa Thursday the sgh day of |g half yearly dividend, heat rume XI |

September ipo Letweed the bours ot one and


land The Fuvt Thereof containing
rood and 8 perches and abutiing oa
on lands pow of tate!y of {.
Sou'h 00 lands now or Jate!


Albed Siogu‘at chat cccoa plantation situate
{a the ward of Turure comprising two parcels of
the Nenh
' ‘Oru
H1 Martin on tbe | _ Sept. 61a
of Agnes Roroney
and laads tow or letely of [lenry Olver of ihe

eall Vey O4~ 32, Charlotte Btreet,
toMerben’! Wholessle—our Ageecy, 10,

Broadway, For fall particatare epply

Managieg Director.

Industrial * ‘raining,

Qrade Nurnaries.

ww Gee

Nexsmination tre 1n0 Trade Bursaries
tftered ty ibe Beard of Industrial Train

lng, wil) bebeld, Leginaing at 9.3°¢.m, ia

-Oanloitam Carbide

Casces ,
(Batgers Taxa,

Publle Notico.

be Council Chamber, Goveroment Duildi —- 0 Hieing
sotion and prevent a retera of the disease, | 2rd day of Beptember, 1910, betwera the | Eset oe lands pow or late of the ssid J. 1 a Porto Spa, ob SATURDAY, ibe 94H SEP? 9 BROADWAY. Cone ts
Gearaateed sbecletely pure and harmless, | hours of two and three fa the olterroon, tbe Weston lands now of lately of the Crowa b T t d TEMBER test, subject to the following condi- Qaare Rews,,
Customers call early and secure year] Dated this 25h day of Aogotik’: | Ad The Second Thereof covtainicg y aerea $1,000 tobe Invested | ic ol or J. Brooks, sae
orders from the office of the Agent, or St. THOMAS a more or lese delineated en the plan annexed to tO, TTowe evcarity, Please apply to Mr. | - Pupils ct £-popils ty eamiens oe ~ lads,
Rose's Pharmacy, Corner «f Bt Jorept Acting Admlninteator-Cenere the Certificate of Tie in Volume Ci follo 489 Faxpinaxb dossra Matxcor, Boltettor, primary schocl who beve uring. We pest Trinidad Dye Works ‘Alve a ind
Read and Piccaailly Street acd St. Paul's | TRINIDAD, and lounded o@ the Northen landsof J. H. of Na, 23 Bs Vincent Street, Port of-£pain, i arnt io whe a y le toexbe ‘ of land ob '
Pharmacy, corner of Queso A Nelaon!] In the Bapreme Court of Trinkled and | Martin oa the South, £0 lanes of eae Pera. on | of Bir Manuel Fernandes of the Contra tbr @ years s' an REVISED Ss List, lst Coroel, te red
Streets. obsgo. . do Streets, Port-of- Candidates must be free from pby PTE Foutiess
For farther particalars npaiy te In the Matter of West SALES Smith end niermeetad iy the Bar Go Dated thie 3 day of August, eal delet a good bealth, ad eet —- and abv’ tag a a
W, MCWaRNER, Agent). [The Administrator-General's O:dinsace, Upper Cunspa Road go links wide, 1910—Aog 3ist- Im. under fifteen years ¢f are, oF corer pet- A PAMPHLET fe now in lot, | ow lately in ceeale
TO Plocadi'ly Street, 390; acd All and Singul ot t 0 eoteen years, on tbe day of examination. ving fall details in eoonectloa with } oq: by
ular that otber parcel of taod ot he
Yer onr bookleta im English, Freer a the Matter of the Goods of | situate (a the anid ward of Turure comprisio Any boy desirous of competing should | this jist, and will de out abortly 5 do not open the Ouse
Spanish and Dutch, eta. ee. Fravcie de Silva Serran, inte of Coffee gacres zx rood aod 3¢ perches delineated ocd * a ® acplyia witing ta the Secrstary of the fall to reed ft, the Cu: we
treet, in the Town of on arnao with the abu'tals t! own on the an. . 7 le Cr as -
re rman | Bireet, in the Ti f Ben F. do, | with the abu'tals the: Victoria Institute Board, oa or before Satucday, the 7th YEING, ows a
A University Coach, fa the Island ef Trindad.—Dezeased | nexed to the Crowa Grant la Volume KXXtt Eeptember next, enclosing @ otc ne |. Mingmum, mur | | leadiog 10 Tata
Anteatate, foha tai and abuitiog on the Neith aod East oo . kore conduct from the Prin pal oe Jacket wes We uy Jacket 581 Andane =
ITH 12 years’ experiences of Univer waite South oa crows or tndon tha Wee “Aa anciiaciion tes of tre aillings most | Pante om ne Pavia 3 | other of healt
sit: tutorial work at Edinburgh, is Al’ percons having elaime agatuat the on lands of James Sylvester Woods aed 00 The TVhird orm te paid by cach candidate to the Secretary | Veat vee we Vest 2 | Ward of 7 ine
epered to oosch pupils for Beba'erabl above estate are required to sead to | Crowe lands aud laterrected ty the sald Uppet or examione on or belore tbe day Uf examl | Moratog Coat... 6/- <.. Morelag Cost 71, aeret, 000 3
rr P other eaeminations, both Local a8 to the rt {alt particalare pt its Cuvtpo Road aod by the May cenectod 45 —oFr= bation, of the examination will be Frock Coat oot Tf ase Frock Go ne batting on ee vet
Kngliad, at moderate charges, Parente] Poy th ‘S0ib day of September, 1010, | Wms wide, Dictation” Latiecwniiegs Composlion, | nts OR Bhi a a) ”
Fee tee eer SHS aps cae ean wit bor | UNE EI, «| CO TEy ALES ESTELES |. Rite, Seem aso tot Lal Be te Teas Geet, ay | ee
I. . loneer: ie firs : aterproofe, Carpe:s, Cartaios, Tipits, | rast F
¢lo, Port of Spain Gasstte Office. Urtaln . city whate Govt, Auctioneers, lecable during tbe firs,’ ecoad, third, as 8 hone. a
TRINIDAD. evarsu tenn the taize ofthat aveanny | ERIRIDAD. 7 COMMENCES ON (aed Wat rarel tween | @&comaona me
SANS BAY OF ocroBER at," | Baeecray aad! pete or ibe who |” DAY OF SLITEMBEN inp nae et oy caine t | sede eee aT a, | ae et
— deb rel Se t 1910 which they caa be apprenticed by the] Frock Ovet 4/- Veet 1/- to 1/6, Ove
TICK is hereby clyen that] Payments willte made on Tuerdsy, the| JI URLIC NOTICE Is bereby piven that Monda 19 ll 4. i) be made | Orat 4f- Bkirt 9/- to 3/- Vresp Oat 3) to rt, 2
ease cncot tke Power of fale vested | Gib See nt Garcon islon barweex! the J)” In exerone of the Power ef Bale con y D ‘ feetrst beckanlog Gus st the ead of 10 | rr Bodlee ae ee af Diere Jacket oy} Dated ib
fo Norms Hopak end contained io w cer-| houra of twoand three io the aternoon, eats a certain dred of mortange tear: tbird cempleta moth following the rs Fo 8/. Othee Garments not specified —
tain deed tf 3 ortgage dated the 17th dey Dated this Rh der al Soper ett made between Jobn A’exander Piowden PROPERTY FOR § ALE tuots Brat taster Such paymstar will gronck. AND PRE&SS~4 rt. PuINIDAG, a
of Jaly 1908, reaistered as No. ‘g. Ad tator-Geceral, | of the one part, ond Mary Lane Jeflers of 4] be dependent upon the conduct and new Depart. | aa Pon Wa
aod made between Egbert Everel Bourne | — . Actg. Admipistrator Geceral, the other part ‘ad registered aa Na, 1 653 of leper Heatran of the holder of (se Ee. ment started, bavoee
of the ove pert and Norma Hopate of the TRINIDAD, 199 there will be put up for saleby Fatlic | (qyestern subirb of Pert-of-Spain) very. aod may be withbeld, or tbe bursary | Jacket and Ponts ls ves, O4., Frock
eben iy diction by tbe undarsigued st lo the Supreme Court of Trinidad ard | guczion by the undersl ed at thelr Anc- — canceled, wea tbe quanti report of Abe Coas 2/- Dinoes ond Pees te 2/6, PUBLIC Nee
a! te t Bai 5 he y is Dot cons '* .
thei Auctica Mart, No. 2 Corser of Jobe Rater ot | [towno! Forvet Spans oa Wedocetay the | TH vrell hngwe lande altnate at Pera | foplrrett oo “any | Sashet 8, Banta 1+ Vout, Skins 13 | 1 2Toaet a Re
Barkrille and Bt, Vincent S-scete ta the} 20¢ Aduinistrator-Jenerai's Ordicanre, | osih day of Se tewber 1910 between the ' * wn D, M. HAHN, Brdice 1, CLEANING. Lewof a
1nib: dey of Ontober 1010, betwecs 4b8{ Ang to the tarot tne Goods nt | Heath of one and two pc. | {Clarenco Valos"| jis, | Meum | HAT CLEANING, | Lev al Perel
hours of Lend? pam. 1 Robert Henry late ct the Ward of Gyuva net tae ol eace dated the bath woot Comprlelog 22 acres, 52 roode aad 3 2/- to 8/6, Men's Btraw Het Cleaned 1/- fee te %, oy
tee ance i lead rituate at, Hove jo the Talend of Tilnided, Deceared May seo laMogs che one oe 0 eon) North. on Western Alain Road to Diego DENTSTRY teal de ae wh , pod ro ibe were ¢
. ‘ s - 2 . ‘ bia : by
Inland of Tenkzndszzpricng Loon sage LL_ persons having clalos agateat the | [ulead of T lalded kacwa se Nerd bee Sy ou landeot JQ, B Slegert& Sons --- [New Pecama itus tioched and (iertes© | Wedecesey he
ficial feet ard sbatting on the North upon | A above ertate ale tequired to erat in | way measuring O5 fect in frost and 109 | £*8% 08 landa lormerle of Dr, C. Mf, 8. . Se. Cd. Pasame Hat cleasel, Blocked | 1910, between she pan
lands of Edward bake on the Soath upon | ty the undersigned fal patticolars of the fel Indepth ond sbatting on the North yer, bas bow of J. Meoderson, Dr J Ralph (Arrington, and trinmed~3s. 6d. Suk Hats, Cork eee eee
Jande of Even Del ine Tes Nor ga the apon|sme verided by sfilavit oa of bef re | on Biondway on the South pon lot No. 2s | ° Th Nbole of the facd Ie leid’ out fo . Heta, dc, conditional, ‘ Island of Trtabied, |
upon & Road acd on Mince | Friday the Such dey of September, 1919, | Norfolk Street on tho Easy Bpon lot No 1 te College of Deotal Sere Corner Duke and George Streets, clang 6te sure Soi
Crown Land together with the bal'dings : lai HL - beaotifel bulldiog Jote with well formed Graduate College o tr Tel 15, prising Ere
vd rte thereto belongin alter which date na claims will Le enter Broad wt. and oo the West upon otber | streets throagbout, almost the entire pro- gery of New York, U.8.A. Sadooe. ophone and deliventes to tied
aru apportenapces ther EIDE talced. lands of Ecoeat Avgas'ne Robiacon sab é fon of tht ta B. ASTEBROOKE. ee the Gown
Dated this 13.b day of Se ptemger, 1920.1” Creditors who hold spy security whateo- | jact to a mortgage thertoa created by | PEt ia fa the oceapation of moathly sor to Dr. A, be Gun 6H
LOUIS JOUN & CO. ever must assess the yaluoof their security | deed and boswiog date the 22ad day of fenante (cave and ezoe 7 or Slo) teen oe. lle street opposite . atria aed
Asctioncers, fond prova for the diterence or give up| May 1007 Io fay urcf the Triaided Baild- | Which Is built eeveral neat subarborn | ger No. ¢ ¥ les e op an am
ene AAT A DY”©6©6@6© 6 6 cota ges, Police Head quarters tee Soath by bands
NATIONAL thelr security’ and prove fur the whole ding and Loan Avor ation for securing Ee sea wall bulls om the sou 5 by nal
e pe ume offer froatege and a megnificent aod commodioue L vedra) oe
Feymenta will be made on Monday the] pated this 15 h day of Auzust 110.2 deeltice en ° $ HENRY STREET, =
house on the property to which do Ave scren, thooagy
Assurance Company 3 ey of October, 1910, botweea the LOUIS JOHN & CO? ds ee Patent relents eee m4 . . bipeninylirmey
.© [| hours of two and three in the afternoon, Atctionesre, e . ae pe ienuly wtusted Pr t <= . Vier A
Guaranteed by the Yorkshire Pir | Dated this 8'b dey'of September, 1910. perty Is moat oooveniently mtaated wit oO 3 Carrisge * Harness |e F
hs THOMAS L. FOTTER, os sve ctensive frontage onthe Weatern Malo CS = 4 ls Vol. of: ~
and Life Insurance Coy Actiog Admintstra‘orGecers]. | SALE FOR TUESDAY, Tar ari | Ratd slong which the Tram Car passes, Wes O ble ive Lind ot bp
extapiisied asae, [TINA cue im BEPTEMBER, ‘1910, Gr appheatize’ te the cnderlgoed 7 time 9 Fame amas, [ol Se
CAPITAL...f, 00 DaY OF OCTOBER, 1:0, PUBLIC NOTICE ts hereby given that ia | Sutborlscd to acoept offera for the purchase lus a A Moa ee ee
ROOSULATED FUNDS? °° UDLIC NOTICE Is beret at fin 0 erring of the power Of tale contataed » °° t°* R796, PRIZGAR, Bolicltor es S}OORN MILL. | pedsie ag
vi i ne of mortgage dal jay o! , * te — —Qeae tod
(Over) vee aw 1,800,000] D Vin crercive of the Power St"bse tot | Jove 1008 cad maseistwcen Nebrefercicg | of No.2 St Viaosat Mi, Poof pela, % QO | row rors coat rots, aap inons, | «Bed Mons
Baad ic:—“fonk, Haglnd ima oe Mnyacc Uys ln ese yeu ee T Cy Sf MANES Cuescrwine” [rete me
Law of Propert rdipaces 1M 4, § So ares a en ovher .
OW, prepared to accept Risks | SOF & tthere will be put up for sale by pabl FOR R E N ° * mot 6 of 19" eet ae
" a ving Fire resulting from Earth. cart day of Jase tony woke suction ty ‘The Bo. leraigned Y High Bice ° - ~ © 3 Stencil Ink, Dietz Lanterns, Patperpas a
quake, Jtiot a ¥ Moon. tween Daownarsyao Muahersj end | Mrincess Towo on Tussday, the Wh dey dw € "S xz pak a
60 per cent. off country risks occupied f Imiftl of tbe one part and Begwansing of | of beptewber 1910 between the bours of Those Conveniently situated = Bhop Lampe. Lande of 7
oly tha other pert acd regutered be Ni fot7 | one aud 2 p.m, wy . * ws
by realdencos FRED, Ex, SCOTT, of tbe ‘year 1904 an “aleo coptaland is All That’ parcel of land jsituste ia Dia. T E OC FE Beatrice Stoves eas rare <
Agent Memorandem of Mortgese No. 146 dsted J mood Kewd, Lingus Village in the ward of Ss OR. * Ro OMS — 3 | the Wet by Mates
—— oo | the onld Teh dey of Jove 1907 from | Savana Grande Soath in the Island of F 5 = HOWES SCALES, BRASS SIFTERS, | Datel the HR
the asd Deowserayan Maberaj to the | Trinided contalalng Bixteen scree ’ a a
Fred JO Scott 0D auld Bagwensiogh ihe @ will be pot up fend abutting on the Northand South ~AT~ a Acd nuwerons otber articles, Wholesale sil
° he Sale by the voderelgned. sb bis Olive, | 00 land sow or Istely of ooe Anthooy | SO 3B Chwmrlotte se,, and Retsil, ‘
. ety jaded, e, iy y
meremts}: No 0), Harrie Promenede, bin Fernando | Biaodia on ths East on land of Mo Special attention given to Wholesale on
Atlsa Ausurance Oompany Limited on Wedoesday pie zu day of Vototers ponela wed oa, the Werk on sed ef Me OPPOSITE MESSRS. GEO. R. ALSTON Cusfomere, SALE. rok?
q ween the hours of cne and two she par an , . ———— .
1m aliusie at 81. Cro road in the Ward . . 7 DAY OF OS
Now repared to accep peaks PPIRSTLY ALL that Mersa-ze and pers | slorreald contaloing three rods and sight { ALSO— Etores suitable for Provi- INSURANCE. JOSEPH GONZALEZ, Lio WoT
ogelos ‘fist Teen irl) Commotica eel of tend Knowa as Now land liof perches and abawicg on the North oa tbe sion or other Business ee Qe 8 Benny Srarxr. (8 a
quake, . Prince Albert Street Souxh In the Town of f ht Croix roid on the Sonth aod West 4 fa exwonh 3
T rf oo land of James Math: a Jlale nod | cueste at No. 1 Chastotte Sureet, Opp» | FIRE RISKS on all kinds™of bro { red
Marine Tarurance Uompany Ltd, | feo, eroundo, comprising tro tote and [on lend.ef Jaros Metban and Jia na Tere Poeer et atton. porties sooepted by Liqed ew a
ee Albert Birect ‘v the Koa'tt by Ne feof | Deted thus 13 hfe of fee rei0. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, ‘APPLY Pamphill Hoh School, | 2204
ENT AVCTIONEERS, | Punce Atteresirent on the Eaxt by Price: J, W. CO«SBIE, 10 Thel 1hB itt bh & ii till a P juan § CRO, Forte
COVERNN 1 | Alters ‘Bereet Bouth and on the (West bp * * “Anctneer, | Gordon, Grant:& Ca., OFld DHS ercanile AU DUKE STRERT, Now mer ©
Establisned 1666. No@ and }1, Prince Albert Street, * eis sald the sixteen acre parcel comes | St Vincest Building, . INSUB ANCE C0 LTH E-OPENS Sh Beptamber. Don or.) uodred ond maa
——— AND BECONDLY ALL that parcel of | witbin the out bearing antesline, Angst 2th im Lawyers, Merchsnts, and Teachers, | 3 ut of 1007) nl} =
eole Agrenta land compreiag Forty elzht acres sltuste Sutmdlishect ago, | commend it as the bees Bebool for bape Lacreio aa
{Hharles Hofdselck Qhampagoe [ea sicca'arca tense, Mazarin Wak $a | oa $2,000 — fe Datla h Fikscks Soot Kaen | aed
' a a
Relms disgrem annexed ‘to ibe Crowe Grentee TRINIDAD, Total Funds at alt December, fia December for the figs exsme wp to | dated the omit

thesald Deownsrsyan Mabarej regie’ered
ia Vol. XCLX, Fol, 835 pon reales ep

BylBorsl Fore Wut ME Jin. North by a Roed Reserved Alty Licks

was cay eee
— esac rom leode t
AllLetters be addressed to the fro | Mebadro Maharaj acd fora Crown ‘Taod


Ci a
* @UOMB, 168 Vincect Btrrat howe Land and

on tbe South and Last b
oa the West by a Road Neserved F. rty
Links wile, together with the apparten-
aucea Chace belonging.

Dated tbia tet day of September, 1950,

. — TBE= 9
ss |
Trinidad Electris Uo.,/AGAR’S FREE LAMP
DMrsmited, —ervenenneeen

PPP Norder to brirg m luently bee
reas eae ce
W. L MUNNIS, everything a e Pol epply Ded,

Patk avd Abererrmby Streets, be will gi
Actiog Mana; er, awey Free, Gratis, and for Nothnge .
Wtana Globe X22,
which he willezbibiyfa bis Glee Case at
the Depot. This Lamp will be filled with

. ol, and Hghted et 7 a.m. on tbe 15 b Ber
— ; - tember, pt the fret person ing states
UR, eheonel way, te anteriate Jo | saerely thet dey tbe Line il go ost

with AN ICK CREAM. The easiest
wey to obtala TUE FUELZER is trom
“Mize DAattie #hop.
$L.GD down—v5 seats Rit week,

$, Charlotte Nireet,
A Men you Koow,
Aagousb 14th, 1910.

naan erro


4 a ne,
Ti che od te GLISH PHAMAGY

Competwére pst 4 in ome oa takof ow
cheques add delves to Adm» Depot tn « lates
thas §actock po agth Sepiember, No charge,
Free to all, Aug sbib—s gu,


ALL Same (from $50 Joan 4
Ubveremecs (Geo us re suriesty
eonddeothhL «= Apply toNe dy, BL Vie.
sunt Bureat—iowa otale efeodeplember



190B.ssessesssseeeZ19,875,857 0 0 ja tbe yoor ons OGRE

Che age of 13 years, Boarders accepted, For

. PROPERTY. Appllosti lei f - od mele EE

OF OCTODER 1910 oy | wrttlog, plolog Lol prtieetene: eeata | Total Revenue for ypaz, 2200 Pareiee Bees pel a te Paap fodtog is Oe
UBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given thet in | S1ared. sddreswd tod, M.R., 62° Das 4,495,806 7 10 | — Se | Leccette Gale
@xerosruf the power of erie couteloed | Consld Street —Beptember 1.—im. The strong yosiiion held by the Com DE Y ola by Peb Ae

ia « certain deed of Morigege dated the MV 1 + pany as ret forth by the above figures NTISTR Hart of tho ae +

4th day of July 1008 reyisiered as No, eta 9 Sand, Gravel, should sppesl toall those who dealre safe ay 7

2ias foe 1906 and made beiweea Edward Eartl 4 | losurance. Dr. H W LYNO Beale et wien

tam Falby of the one part aod The arti, Manure, &e, 31 e e October, nae

Menufecturers Lify Iosararce Company ef —o CLAIMS PROMPTLY SETILEO (Geld Medalist aud Demonstrator of sod ivene

the other part, there will be pat up for GUEPLIED to Contractors, Uvase own: Bole Agente for Fir Department décherry Dental Collage, U.S.A.) L aod ental

sale by poblio auction ty the undersigued ete. Pros pily aod at moderate ia Trinidad y mT Bwvederiot wt. oa ci.

Bese eee Tere hg tf Hr: Viecent | rates, For farther No lo Deopey 2 | a8 Trinidad Shipping & Prading | An teasches of Upsodua DENTISTRY | 2 to Naan ae

ord of-"prin, on ‘Oy ROADWAY, g ;

Tuesisy the 16h dey cf Uctoler 1910, | Telephone 95 —2tst Aag.—Im. , 06., ty 4 oe moders principles et Popu'er | ecsion 0.1 5

between (be bours of ove and two p.m. | Ow entane = FRONT 56.— Now, ypth-oegre tatnleg sbetecs Oem

ALL AND SIXGULAR that certa!: ry North upeo tee PR

lend OF cocts, plantation oalied’ "Boe BOARD OF Se EIN UBANCE cfeiad on Carge otice. upon the ae

Hepos " » the Valey of Ariro In ane Pont, by HEREBY nollfy the public pot te wees an’

snd tveaiyanven fees Ton Industrial Tralning,| +vHe OCEAN Fierto, ts''ams ne lov ge unde hie prove | soon 100 OMT oa

wenty peiches aa: a —

Notth upon the Atipo Hiver “and «Bt FAX ettantion of regietored antivsone | MABINE INSURANGE CQ, LID |“ JOSEPUINE PIERRE, | °f 4. W., Mew add

Carmen” Estate on the Hoath and East by and apprentices is catled to the Nighs Or LONDON Sellen Ville of Pree the wld

Crowa Land end on the Wosbd by the } Classes conducted for their bene at che | CAPITAL oe eee one £100,000 peveio, oltaate 66 Oe pane ie

‘lithe vac necien ted | UCTORA TINGE UTS Oy titer EASLEVE = eles | Ps a | eahreg

tislcg Holf-Lot porsef No. 12 Voodferd A sew terme of these eesror bogive on Agente—THE TRINIDAD BRIP. 9 ; it Crows Groot bier
eat, (tormerly Ne, 32 Woodford Buest) | tbe 10h Instant, aod those widuag co] €INO 4 TRADING Oo LED Webar 8 Alpine Tea fo bo 311 sed

and avutting wpoa the North by No, 14 | jola are roquested te give ta thefr names taude petit! ,

Woodford Bireet om the Buath by Ne, 10 | to the Avslataot Beereiary of tha Vietorls - * ep a lands ;

Woolford Birees on the Ears by No 21 | losiitate, A fee cf BIXIY CENTS Dozen Paice 4. 81.08 the Bout no:

(ip lant Boalerard and oa the Wert by | teres fe ‘charged to each artless, bes FOR USTALy oes ane 43 ¢ latalyrol

a AEs ot aoster sve estates eer need SALE ! eit ii seated ia
1 re of So tewber . | Clessee fee of con: ee i

Govt. Auctoneeia, D. M. HAHN, “Ho! ; I A I I 1 Deud ae
Ag. Chairman, the year of O81 5
a Scream | ath Kept, 1910—16, 3 G
Wits Noticg—| NEWLY REPAmED, | Word lo Housewives,

Parisian Quinine Halt Tovle OR, ee | sur partieutare, App Con ie ‘las Esea‘e otal wie | “<7
i SPUE pablio te hereby .motifed that | “OF Particulirs, Apply to -} Joux aruine, 3 Marios Equare and , .
beings back (0 te ostgiosl Deaat Il pep be aible f 4 : ha
feded oF iwek lustre bodes fanly gobtrsoted by wywis, Gia Poel An SCHOENER & co. fee ett el be ile! Es a . |

ving lets boass Decne: 5 a ”

SGc. par botlle at the Eogtish 1a Wicboot ey We near slaca 76 South Quay, Beco Te ee Tehls oee et ap ihaee 7

Fh 4 rf 4 ran
Pharmacy. VostulSpsieg bepte 14, 1dlge ae L, Asgust 3su—20, rie por ect, of 6 Forks Scie 270 Aug AI We ne

Ladies’ Depts. |°

he Bonanza



Trimmed & Semi-Trimmed,



its at Half Price,

‘Cents to 7 Dols. Each.


wo Wrapping Paper

F 36in x 46in: AT £6.00 PER REAM. ~~ ,
Reat Parcels, This is an extra strong T'arcol Paper,
, The same as wo use ourselvas,


ip! Beor ! “Beer t





Just received from the Renowned


this Excellent Beverage,

ip fn Cases of 4 Dozen Tints and 2 dozen quarts.

. Sereneeenwaneses

finidad Shipping & Trading Co,, Ltd.

0nd Tranidad, garrylog Throagh Freight tat Tobago and Cindal whit


=e Leste Arrive
as iedTore sits prises a Ay
ee Ae pe 8 ce Bepe ITs Bhs

14 os o Ang. 8
PG “ 19 fr, Rept. 20. bept. Boe Orly 7
tgs AMADA Be te eee 30, oon Be Oth 16

JA” a0. we Oct, Ban Oct, 14 a Octre 22. Oete 30
OPGRANADA" Geis 18 Oct, Bf Nove, (2'— Now HA
AB" = Ortt, 23 c Nov, 4 — Nov, 120 Nowe 9
We anaphe Mtn fo Mar B= Now = Dont
” . . . ce. ase .
Agr BANADA® Nowe ee, 8, ees Wk Den 85

DA? w Pen 14 Deo. 93 4. Dee, 3 Jar, 8
OVGRANADA" Dec, 4 “eden, 3 us Jame HM Jan, 2

1 above Steamors ‘Call at bos Island of Oronads both wayr?

SHIPPING Xo Port ct Boain, ‘Trtolded, BW.

ee a ae

Trinidad Temper Lime





‘esults will satisfy you,

(rinidad fhipping and Trading Co., Lmtd

ey NE ay aE re RE ee rly hy RTL ale £09 by

Sri i sae.
3 Sh. ;, . . ; :

TV XT EUCHAI SON- «certainly a great Improvement, at the
Lancashire Insurance U0, Latest Arrivals FUE NEXT ease Cox ‘tne tie i would ‘be ucfortuaate “to

' a

TAR PORTOFaPAIN GAPETTE TitukSpaY SEETRITBER: {5-910 ——- —---—--—--—~-—-x4 —— 49


Tailoring Dept. The Bonanza.|SMITH BROS.'& GO::



JUST ARRIVED: Furniture Specialists,




TO HAND. Has no equal cither in Price or Finish.
Plain Greys, From now on Every purchaser of a Pair] Chests of Drawers
In Cedar, Cyp and Qarap, from $12,00,

Striped Greys. a


Four ft. Press with 2 Doors.and 1 Mirror with largo

Erclonve Suiting «Seen. §— | The ‘Mighty Saylor’ | saistsreare asta w

back and Commode,
—— rive on Oyp or Carap. Linedgwith Cedar
At Christmas Time. $45.00. ;

Smith: Bros. & Co., co — ee

reapaniox sr. |SMITH BROS. & CO./SMITH BROS. & 60.

ordered on this oocasion for a “change
of air” at No, 1 Clarence (irederick)
Street, for fourteen daya,

Pracrisina Obgau.—Jamee Joseph
and Martha Joasph were charged by

tte announced that the next Kuch: | rasb into so large a schome and ran

arietic Congresses vw: old success. debt b thi

FIR & LIFH —AT~ ivel at Bevilis, Vienna, Lyons and In oot ae eat oe ies Saet bortgwed lavce ral Ford with practising
oe Up le -Corpo! et

EARL GUEY WILL TOUR TUE £3,000 towards the improvement of] Chosh ‘The defendante pleaded net

4 our water aupply, and fcr which loan
STBPHENS : LTD VEST Pees. ent Mth | we baveto provide annually « sinking gullty. The constable staled that on
j . ° It Se understood that Farl Grey in | fund sod istereat,

the iith September he bed a warrant
to search the defendants’ house at
considering an extensive tour through We should have before ue, and they
the West India Islande etaiting in| require our Immediate attention, the


Funds Exceed .., £12,000,000

NSORANOES effected against

, loss or damage by Fire on’
Buildings and contents of Ware-
houses, Offices, Shop, and Store
Premises, and Priyate Dwellings at’
moderata pricos

MeN ‘

Cocorite He found in their possession,
s human skull and two bones which
he had reason to believe were for
the practice of obeah, The defendants
livedtogether. They were remanded
In a personal bond of £10, to sppear
on the Yet. tastant, the Magistrate
advising them to summon their

Distornixy THE PRACK y~Loulen
Adems, David Francois, Clara Alves,
and Rosana Adams were charg
with disturbiug the peace by quarrede
ling. The delondante pleaded not
gu ty Evidence was taken, aud the

dama's were sent to D fall for Wo days,
and Francole wae flned £2 or 21 days ;
Alvea wae discharged, David Fran-
gols and Loulea Adame were further
gharged by, Constable Foster with
fighting, ey were each sentenced
to 14 days" hard labour, O43
Dismissgp- Matthew Mark snui-

January vext. He bes arilved ati tabting of the towe, our assistance

Ry neve Nova Scotia, on the return | and cordial support towarda the
0S Ht lo (00 ire from Hudson Dey, . , opening «fa pubse horary and reading
THE QUEEN'S OWN OFFICERS AT- | room, urgently peeded to lnsprove the
: The Toronto “Globe ™ patilenes a rising generation, and the Improvement
IN BLACK & BRONZE, despatch praising the Queen’s Own cf oar Water supply sod Saaitary

ities participation in tbe Aldershot Wub a credit at our dispusal at the

mano « and reporting that Cep'
Non- Corrosivo, tains Pellatt George Kirkoatrick an Davk at so wider of my £6,000 ~
’ * : . Winnett and Lisutenanis Massey and | eooua'ly J consider ita great credit to
2iin, 36in & 48 inches wide, Gaxowakl, have been attacked with | usthit we have been able duriog the
Mesbes 14, 16. 18, To suit all | typhoid fever, but that nocases have | past yeare to speed about 83,000—
. Buildin : occurred amovg the men. every year atan averaze towards street
ulidings, RETHO-ACTION aN, Tan UNITED improvement, in paving our street
© ingend ravices ead atili tam at the

New York, bept. Nth.

Lid. | tmesateottins has elected’ a | cur ceedit the auwe average of credit ap
P 5 LUCL,| geceraii avert tor flirt tine [ihe “Buck of my “alt thoarad
delegation of representatives bave With ’
lected f tbat part ‘Lb ith the anoual vo'e of an average
Tho Stores. perctlec aeainel the Tepublicaas isso | of sey 85.000 for atrest improvement
{mportant fn national politica that | 2¢ "6 bave hitherto apent every your,

of Zoase


The Honmanmn,

Tatt fi ideriug. bis | sould it not be possible to accomplish n eeneae., t cae ; a it f bs
— ~ Presid le ‘or the couiplaloant, and Mr Lam
Financial. . ines for vieltlo Panama [tke object In view=that fe at the end| the defendant. ‘ihe evidence’ for
4 COMPLETB pe andersigned is prepared w2discount ITED STAIES AND PANAMA [of 25 yeers to reslue Mr, Couacillor the Prosecu on showed that the plan-
Proalesor Noter, on reassnable terms, POLITICS ANTAGONISTIC, Wharton's scheme? and ja. the mean- HA’ ieee’ fon, ng oboe an nt

A Washington despatch states that | tine takiog the Interest amount that
erat soseotee on Town or Country | 3!r Marsb, the. United States Charge’ | will have fo be paid oo the loan of
Properties will te taken ia coms varying | St Manama, bes been recalled, presume | gy $70.000~at 3} ¢/o we can kee
between $200 aod $1,000, bly an pecount ot dissatisfaction mith our drains and atreeta in order and pu

As mony Venotuelaa 8360 gold co'ne, | Dis action in Panama politics, Mr. | in circulation anouslly smmountiog -to

The complainant saw the defendant
cutting & plantains, and remonetras
ted with him, The latter neverthe-


« acd Bank of Vecesuela $3.60 notes ae | Davveon the lately appointed Un! aay 82,400 -acd the siaklog fund of acy a
, Mi ach me. Gre obtainable will te purchesed. Btates Tnundey * eee vill $3,000 on the losn to be pald yearly Fomplaioant, | The defence did not dis-
' . . On “ag Financial iautter conenis office, towards street improvement. was done in the presence of the over-
. T, L—o/o ** Uasetce” Obice, THE LONDON SUGAR STOCK. Considering, shen, our — present | seer, whilst « dispute over the bound.
London, Sept 13th. Gaanclal positios, aod the position we | ary mark was in progrese, The mags
F or Rent. Sugar instock op the 10ib instant, | will be placed ia if we pat ourrelves in | {strate didn't consider the case to

~n yas 100,00) tons, Jast year 64,000 debt cpriving ouree'res of tbat ie

De, * epodect financial a pg ‘to mee!

COTTAGE Na 2% Pa vrrtoeials AA Et DRAYTON WILE REPRESENT a0 emergency, it wou'd be nowire for
and dioning rooms, front gallery, an GRENADS Sept lab. | TP t? give my sopport to Me Warton's

tinal ont offices, with large yard, fower abeme,
en. Biestric hight. a sewerege The Hon, Edward Drayton, Colon: .

one of larceny and dismissed it,


In thoroughly good order

Budden traosition from a hot to «
Id temperature, exposure to rain,

Grenada, who baa ea. Un ool
: metalled, Apply to James Porroirs, Scnth {al becretary of
~ ane - roy been appointed to represent the Wind- oll iu sitting in a draught, uneeasonable sub.
wes Bium x Buz Galatta oN Langhin, fort ward Uplands at the forthcoming City P ice Court, stitutlon of light tor beavy clothing,
. Beale — Bepl + Quarantine Conference at Marbados Before Mre H D, Hugging SJ.P, | are fruitful causes of colds aod the re
ion. we * ¥ i a rnennevnneng | luaves by the 1.M,8, “ Balantia” vis —— dultant cough so perilous to persone of
PAUL ¥ HIE R& Ce rae St Lucia to-morrow, Wednesday, weak lunge. Among the many medy
adc nk Se *| LATEST TELEGRAMS BARDADOS THAM IMEWVE FORT tuurnaarino a Goate Gonetable | clues for Groneblal Glsorders ao attain
41, MARINE SQUARE, — : DEMSENRA, Sept isch | Beach ebarged AVilliam Nichole aud there le none | ee ae
*Paons No, iat, W I.d Panama Telegraph Company, | yottewlog Cricket team to represent Allred Jessa: p with i eres be sare the | come convinced, rice 24 cente,

QUEEN'S OWN RIFLES AND Tee teers tcapty Xrener, | defendants tugging et the goat's hore

KING, Sept 1th, | Austie; Balley, Hateoo, C. 1, Browne, | 22d equibe suoke to them. and Nichole

{ bled the following | tt Urowne, Uballenor, Gibbs. loce, | Staglstrate found that [twas « trivial

brim A intyites or { have the Heath, Worme, and Yearwood, toatter, and discharged the defend-
creatine Of tencivine the rereeerntas | DEMERALA'S ClLKI JUSTICE | hina,”

ve detatchment of the Queens Own BAIL FOR HOME, Breacu or Raitway Dyatawe~

Naw Youu Beptember 14th,

Thos, Thomson & Co.

don, Kept. 1th. at ll of Teall De:
(ater ee oe shodenhal won : ot atte aa Bir Heary Dovell, Chief Justice of Leo mt tae red badoosingh and Flour, Blended Clear ial West “s
fe ANP OO) oeuy The spisit thus shown by the | Dritish Guiana and Lady Movell sailed | Kiss (Hast Jodians) with a breach of Meal, Kilndried per barrel S125—-8.40
incnensia em Tato on the | day for Demerara. the Trinided Uovernwent Hallway wv Beason's Poik per brl-No qant
Dowlalon Ie « good augury thi e pe quota
94; Feb i(K ST, future of the Imperial army.” Colonel byelaws, Mr, M, Hameltiuwith aod Mol jisavy Mees Porkper bel, 28)--2
Pollatt sod :the other oficers of the 1 4. nates, Asfending respectively, uger{ sys sper OUihe 4.tden
—o— detatcbment bave dined with His! San Fernando Borough Counci We aded gull tye on he evidence, et at Bogie HoSD teat ONL Sy) —
‘ * —a
Plano & Organ Fase oxy. uowsan ag Fitba Gorrempatent, | Sidtaangeturn Uekat sold bal of | coult StUetting Upton
talbiog the ashes of Nr. & @ especial meeting cf the Ban | tothe other detendan was bo! at Live: Ib. | 825
IMPORTERE sate Hoot as a Sean | Fea urna Geel ol ges Pike totnion “ofthe praecie | nachange Mew forked"
'. ¥ - ar e Ds @ al, at
¢ 5 set “ ere —_ sebewe for releiog a foun for the “im. woul tike * ine defendanta to Exchange New York and ste
English and German Pianos AGOMPROMISHOR LOCKOUT, || prorowent" ot the “attcots ‘of the | Know from the Manisirate that they | "London sight. v= 4.80}
for Hire, The Manchester Kmployere bave | Jorough, after, fuily, golog foto the | had done wrong, it appeared from] Cocoa N. York jo lim}
a meeting forthe 3fib instant | matter {¢ was deciced to feave well | their demeanour that they were Lonpon eptember Lith. ,
DISCOUND FOR OAS8H,| | te consider the sitvetion frosted alone. Wetbink Me Nsmsoo deserves | | erent of toe pene ad omc 2 Demerara Orys /
Hire Purchase ibe employers demands. “The alterna. {*pecisl credit for to eeccetally each. whet owt wow 1017]
oe en een ives area comprouilee ora general | }utting the restate cf cficers before | eo 4 torrie Gnos.—Constable Moat
Syelom, Vives as pro the Louse, Jn pt he ekidiws | warcand charged Joseph Himmons Floeting terms tn Bond,
~ TRADE UNION PAYINGSALARIES | While Mr Cvunelilor, Wharton sbould | gtias serusuer, a well-kuown todivid: | Suge heron fleet is vtoe
T le acd R aliio TO PaRLIAMENTERS, be congratulated for bie echewe| ust, with using obscere tau, age, par owe ee oy
itd $ . tp At the opening of the trades Usion | towards paricg all the dralae and | When asked if be was guilty, t ie Nidve Sugar 06 X Gibraltar
Congress st ‘Bbefield dsr, James Has- ft ravises of sur town which woald be | fendant said he was golog to Grenada or Channel tor orders fuating
& Speciality) Jao: labourite Member of Parliament on Tbursday, and bad taken a little terms

ted that the inost linportent the defendant had ninety previous

tunbese to betraneacted waste re | AStandard Medigine- Dr, Kelloggs | D8 fefendant bed ninety Trialda

ton secpied by chem afore tbepre | iy egetsiie;uintancte now tohaye otlen Aedua Hine sea

tlon em before the pro- | ly vs Ne! Canadi Islands at Liverpool Nom. par lb. 16
cue borne cave Ifyiog and salutary effect upon | For Burns and sialds~ jan | Ie

fo alberta tbe of the cacti the digesure orgeus, Dave through | Healing Oit will take the dre out ofa fank of Bogleud rales of, © cont

owt... ft
for \be Cheeterfeld divielon of Derby. | cms = | prog forthelast I: was shown that Demeara Rum Now, iH =i
ida Dod Mikal. i-u '

mpm ing lied perewt ...

Printing Estab'ishment

5 for 4 ° of use alfaived so emi | Lunns or ecald cre sapidly than an
Mra efector | Erect tte dione tammy | rete ln tine tcy wash | ir apseratn” fennel Baya | eee a nici is Pac Us
ciate 6 attics Nem Sse Made t teu aber | his, “Hl je in their com. [it way be available at any thine, | Petroleum Options SUR40
ko. bave bees ordered for ibe parsocect| A BMadrid despatch states that the | rewemn re a, Bimple ete ees | cone uetetperetion sequin, ye Kytroleut aoe . inae
biehisg a Portugeess Nows, tbe | Goverpuient bas authorised the hold position they can be assiuilate- YY be here fen r Fpatation required, Sau | eerie discount to ‘par. -
Dom Carlos J, Job i'ristiog of she highs fog of demonstrations on Uvtober Zod | weakest stumach snd are certain epoly * sete noe Sotto pat
ut Spain egalast the prevail: | bare a bealihful aod sgrecatle ¢ffect | the paln will abate and liga elait Uwe levy P
Guy —bep Tthelig Proodney fog iupiety, mes i mn i on the pluggleh digestive orgeue, oses altogether, epal te 3b’

an nat al IE a a sen we et

em Ea Cho

adda Freee tlt, eet! oe tte WIM OS eet

Pein, Be I ae meen SR Mo Soe ENA ME sto *

7 , * va

LE 2 Antotly D, Lhemlo aud J Thee T

Ex Recent Arrivals.

. fee In commenting upon the nt,
ad ’ : . Demerararacesthe Darbador Bia aN
. at
, I O R S Get x Clean va Jeuuine eucpeies the weight A ellt {Rs dé Olivers, Mra, Oliveira, smal
' « Shave on ald Saylor, who was beaten inthe | and nures, and Mr E. Pescarmo
. Forced Ilandicap by Vidus, Alookat~ From Barbados 14 a Misi
¢ the weighte will convince everyone | For Carthegenar=Mee, an:
With a Metropole or
Astor Razor— Only ...

For Guayaquilt — Hie Excellenc:


wo, 5

that too much ted of the { Cusba.
veteran, whose 143 pout fs wasaamot- | For Colon:=Mesera, W. Wt Houzs,
herlug load with which to fight outa] Ls Zabala, A. Jiminer, ll, Vel aan uez,
toile battis with eo good a horse as 1, Grail, D. Jiarenean, ¥ Corp nee
Vidus, carrying C6 pounds, uy Tiarsba it pd chk a, ie Fa 1
he | Foster, ae .
“ eee the atnaces our te Adams, Mrs. G, Bullen end 2 childrens
tentlon bas been ¢alled to the fact thet | Meo and Mrs, L, Rodrtgues, Mra 3,
with respect y the Et ot the Mentos and 4 children, en
band stand in nswic ware, the
7 Foe Jamalca: Mr. N Mapp] Nr
motion was handed ia by Dr, Nawon, | Fes Jametcet Me Nic Ne

y tha Chle




1,000. BAGS _ FLOUR, lssmseeance



Potlisbrd any Mooceys gad | Pate Holl : t 3 em
\ . jays excepted, at t ce 86 St, Vince® | Victoria Institute fe postpon o | noon- for New .
t ALL GRADES. , nnn Street, Port of Spala, — | Thursday next week. Carthagens, Colon and Jamaica tak:


100 PACKAGES BUTTER. | Seeetes
Whole & Half Firkins—P.Y,

Schoener & Co.

nt, o, oe ere of sore

ing fumigated malls only from thie
‘The Coastal steamer “8

The Hon, Edward Drayton, Uolonlal
Secretary of Grenada, has been appoin-
ted to represent Grenada it the forth-
coming Quarantine Convention to gorterday me ning, for f
eee Ne Edwards and 20 deokers.

{ Rainbow

The Oraleer * nbow” one of the
pareased by
has | from Great Liritain to form the pu-
brought out many advertising povel- | cleus of a navy, left Portemouth
ties to further push his * recently for Canada. She lea second-
malaria.” Vino Tonico de Winter [clase cruiser of 3600 tons displace-
smith. ment aod carries two Gin, and six

1 a 47 in guos.
The Royal Dutch Mall Company aces
have sent. through thelr agent at The full rigged ship © Glosscap”
Barbadosa contiibution of 848 towards | is at present in New York harbour
the fund for the relief of the sufferers [ and ie being couvertd {nto a barge.
bythe fire of 20th July, baving been porchased by thé Gy
—_— sum Packet of Wiadsor, Bhe ‘e
James Joseph and Martha Joseph | a vessel of 1,72) tons register and
were esterday charged with practic: | wae launched at Spencer Island
log obeah at Cocorite and were re-Jin 1891. The “Glosscap’s” last
ananded by Mr Stlpendary Justice | voyage was from Trinidad to the
Huggine to appear on the Zist ona] United States and her removal
personal bond of £10 from the Parreborro registry leaves
-——— only one oqueretizged vesee] namely,
By the RRS “Kennet.” Mr | the ue’ Alkaline.” Ceptalo
William Melnroy, late of Brecblo | Spicer, who commanded the *

will be charged

=—ss 6d week 64
night, eel Tooth be

8} a
Wann as per week each, te be

Edtior and Publisher. A> P. 7, AMBARD,
Maneget wee Er RM. LAUGRLIM,
Oashies- sa ae GO, H, Forp,

dere et

All Cheques sent to the office of this paper la
Payment of bills should be made payable
10 7 bePort-of Spare Garette,

To Conausronbiwrs,

We do not bold ourselves responsible lor, nor
do we necessariy endorse the opinions
capemed our Correspondents in our

amos, Ail letters must be secom-
panied by the real sigoatore of the writer,
aot Pecessari yaa enh Rejected ase
guarantee fait! ted manu.
scripts ciinnot be ret uroed, hee

Advertising Soale on Appllfation




Subs cretion . + me BS ”
—, Castle, Couva, went over fo Tobsgd | cap” forabomber of years, hee re-
Payable in ubuance Biiiace frit one | to take charge of the Castara Hetate, | turned to hie bomest Spencer's faland,
. . — Current Events. the propetty of the Castara Estates | where he will proba settla down
Ltd, Itisexpected that Mr Mctoroy | for the remalnder of hisdaye, During
a (na Cc —— will prove an acquisition to Tobago, his short elay in this rh, Captaia
Seminal Ade Pay, t-of Spal he having acquired considerable ex- § Spicer made a number of friends, The
P he P Wire F . roale salzes — Port-of Spain= } rorience as a planter, ‘ Glovsca arrived bere on Ma jah
* ee jastend a joading a cargo of 1.4!
uts the age ie rence We ace requested to state that the Trinidad 5

toos crude asphat from
Mesers. L. , Ambard & Hon sailed for
New York on June 13th, It will be
remembered that sbe was caught Ina
gale whilst coming up from Ea Brea
The Carenage murder tria', which | oa the Iith June aod lost almost all
was opened on Tuesday last, befure Hia | ber satls. gThe erstwhile ship will now
Honour the Acting C fef Justice Mr. | end ber days asa berque sfter having
A.D. Russel, LB, came to a close | fought the elemeuts tur neorly twenty
yesterday afternoon, when the jury } years.
on the close of the prosecution return- —
ed a verdict of not guilty, whereupon Ona recent paseaxe the barquen-
the four persons accused, were’ dis- ] tine * Aurora ’ passed thruugh a wide
charged. We learn that the Acting | expanse of wilky-white water. Th
Chief Justice after the rising of the | tine of demarkation betweenthe white
Court privately complimented ~Mr. } and gresn waters was as pronounced
Gaston Johnston on his conduct of f as though painted on canvas, The
the defence, which ha thoaght was | crew took up several basketeful of the
conalstent througbout, and in no way | strange hquid, hoping to eicher solve
overdone, the mystery themselves or failing in
. this, to deliver the edmples for chenii-
The Beptember number of “Travel J cal analysie, but in the course of « few
5.57 p.m, | aod Ex: oration” came to band by [ boursthe chalky colour disapperred,
2.28 am, esterday'’s mail and as preceeding J and the water revumed its natural hue.
ane Taues fa’ very entertaining. Perbapa f No sediment was deposited in the buc-
E PACE 2 FOR 7 the most {roportant, and at the eame | kets, «o it fs concluded Lhat the foreign
SEE PAC . . time the moet interesting article, ie | factor wastaken out by rapid evapo-
Back to Trinidad in the} Colonel Beresford's narrative of his § ration.
Late Barbad: s News—Barbr-

t th b little-kn tracts in the _——
Sanensue. © on - The Danish steamer St. * Crols,”
dos Rifle Zexm for Zrinvlad

Cancasua. Mr. H ‘ Leveson,
10.8., contributes a well-writt:- n paper ¢ 1,60 tous, Captain Kall, arrired In the
describing survey work on the Burmo- | berbour yesterday with 781 loos gene-

—Death of a Ricehorse—Olbs- | Chinese frontier. Mr ©, A, Payton, | ral cargo aud 6 deck passengers She
tuary —Labourers Emigrated

. w=Newspaper to bs Artioned—

Mr Da Coste Buys Maxwell's

H.8.M, Consul at Calals, gives readers J will pruceed to Demerara after dis-
the benefit of some thirteen years’ [ charging.
Consular experiences la Morocco, pre- —
eented in # twost attractive manner, The Brazilian battleship “Bao
A Generous Contrrbution— | Mt. Bustace Heynolds-Hall describes | Paulo,” which recently completed very
P ° anamusipgadventure withan Algerian } successful trials, will feave the Clyde
resentation of a Bat—Gone panther ough whether the narrative | to-day (September 15th) aud will take
to Edinburgh a fictitious or nof does not appear, asa passenger at Lisbon, the Preal-
SEE PACE 6 FOR Mr, F. G. Afialo continues his amusiog | deut-elect,
the London C Market pmeleem of advice god oformation
cod —~ | for the * Traveller a 8,
By the Editer of * Tropical .
Life; League Football
e Works Depsrtment, charged a number
Wanted — An Agricultural of persons before the City Magletrate’s
Bink for the West Lndies— | Court yesterday with wasting water.
By a bharcho der— How the | A fine of 20 was Iwposed.
Colonial Bunk cv Help the ——
Telands and Ben fit tte Share-

BS. *Sobo" leaves for Demerara. | constabulary Dand will pay Its usual
Maile close at 3 p.m, visit to Prinzes Town toldey, and will

Sale ofa plece of land No 11 Franco | Play from 8,30 pm.
Lane, Belmont, by I’, J, Scott & Son- -

Bale of a Wooden Tenement situ-
ate at Cotton Hill by Hubert Parris.

8.8, “St, Croix” leaves for Dem:
erara, Maild close at 2 p.m .

years ahead of competition. It
weaken the lateral wires as other locks
do—it does hold the fence in shape year in, year out.

And the high-carbon steel-spring wire
in Page Fences can be stretched tighter Th at”

than other fences. Makes them sag--
proof, Call for only two posts where fiee. i Wine

Tram Excursion “and Dance by
St. John's the Hvangelist Friendly

othersneedthree, Save you money allround, Comeand
eesamples. Write, call, or phone for this year’s low prices.

Agar's Lamp ‘Competition clcse at
High Water Morn —— Even 045 pun
Sun rises wo oo . 68am

Sun sete to ”
Mooneets _... ae


| Gerold & Scherer,


N.B.- Insist] on eetting the
White Painted Fonce,

areLal Hermes da Fon-
seca, She will be manved by a Bratil-
fan crew of about 700 men, pitbough
her full complement Is intended to
1,100 and will carcy -cight guarantee ¢
engineers, some of whom represent
the ship engine builders, Messrs. Vick+
ers, Sous & Maxim Ltd., Marrow, and
others, Mesere, 4rmotrong, Whit
worth and to, who suppiied the
armament, The *2a0 Pablu”™ is the
second Ureadaought battleship deliv,
ered to Hrazils the first, the * Minas


English Harness.

Inepector older, of the Water

We notice fram our Barbados Ex-
changes that the papers there are

old: « | smarting over the castigation recently | Gerace" being already Jo Draxilau
ouders § fussengere to dr inflicted on the Barbadian attempt ot watere while a third aod more power.
. rite per 2 Mf Steamers, Kaleeriom, eo far aa the Quarantine | £4) vessel, the -Iio de Janeiro” is

The World. Wide lroblem o
the Day; The Dutth Peop'es
Spirit of Self Help,


Convention {0 concerned. We regret | 20°F 00 hand at Elewick.

that for want of space weare unable
to reproduce the articles in reply to

re, recent criticiany of Barbados’ atti-

We ave Just Received from Waball
' . A.Fresh Lot


a The Tel fo mi 7
Of our well-known Fnglish Harness This Harness is apecielly the he Telegrephi advices stale that HARBOUR AND MARINE NOTES. _ HALL OF JUSTICE.
made for us—to out own speciticstion and particulsrly moets CLO perce et Nee er Rinse | egthe Rickford & Diack Liner Solo Je} The special criuloal seesicon wea

of 61 perewt The New York Market | ezpeeted to arrive here fi C
shows sat of jg -baving gone from and the Northern Islands at ii Gelock

Ne, tote : o'clock aben
the teported that Mr, Justice It whesat i eten rineiot Mate} aon
at Mr. Justice Rus | The Royal Mall ates “ ,w fecse, in which Matiile Polydore, ‘Thea
sell will ikely send in his interlin re- | uu tones Captata Watoon, arto core Walker, Nowheelier Pol duce acd
port of the Clare Comniieslon of Eo- | anchor jo the harbour at | Alfesd P lydore etand cher; with the
quiry about the 15th Uctober, eeLerday from anampton via capital offence come on foe furtber bear.
, _—- erbourg ani jarbados oy: i 7
whe followtog Arora published ia the tous genceal cargo and the foilewing LLB. hutltg Chiet Satie. Kasuell
ot, . uJ e 4
celved in Barbados, dated, frow Trini. papeengere | row K. Troe aee for The Hon i BH jucusr Warner, KC,
dad, 12th lnstants In reference tothe Mre HKandolpb Hust, Ar. Manuel fe Ing Attorne Gece! proaccowd yrs
. eamers calling at Ant % v etn Bosteac ed ty .
g is Permuy, Mise B. Pantin, Mise G, KE JA. Lasnile eppeated for the Poly.

Cuba, {ble stated that Antilla fe quite | 3 Me Francle Bo Us
auew port which the Compan aa Hilton dire Fe ee OE, dorea, aud My. H.K Bione, LLB for
te. N.

develop with the aselatance of Mr, Pierre and infant, Walker.
Van llorne, who hae recently conneo- | Tobagor~AMr. and Mre. G. D, Hate Ty sill be remembered from the
fed it by rail with the Savana-Santlago | and Miss I. lope. Attorney General's opering ov the pre.
De. . yen Gberbourg for Trlalded -- Rev yrows day that the mctive tor the mar.
* —_— A *. 8. Sp, er, 94 suggest 3
ognenauiry yeaterday we wereunalle | From Barbados ton’ Trintdad :—Mles | desire saeeened by ore mae the
\ arn the date fixed for tbe inquest | A, B. Neales, Mr. and Mrs. A. Af. Low, obtalo a beg of cova whch . j
joucbing the death of Augustus Bim- | Me, W. ie Downla, MeO. Evers, | soceselen ol the deco ced wen
mont late Drakesman of the Guara-{ Me. and Nrs, ROB, Sheppard, Mr, W. eee

local requiraments, It it elegant onough i
gh for the smartest Ci
Udo and strong enough for the heaviest country woar. y

Special Pony Set 21 Dollars


6 Dollars to 24 Dollars


resowed jesterdsy ma rolag at 30.80

. cara traln. NG . oO A Cricanuin named Ahee ewore t
FULI. RANGE OF ~ ---* and Nee EA iliods, Bee d bettiey, | bStion been avakeced from sleep on the
fn Ife contribution to the I.IC, | Me. ¥ A, Carew, and 10 deckers, pight of the murder, by a kaveklog


The Lowest Prices+ ALWAYS,

Coreular Mr. Tripp je credited with

he following statement ¢ +The Medical From Sout: ton ta
inquiry Commission had “ wended its Fee eet on W, Jacobe | the Prisoners Allred acd Nowbeelier
Polydore tegeth & with « third part

For heany, pasoywbout the fortaight, and B, Ghaw. (

ve daye Dr. Clare wae} For Colons—Mer, aod Mrs, Ernest, { (4 msn) who was in th

paver crerneamiyation, and on the | Mr. rors, he. Blapeoa, aad Ar. | Whos ‘he onald ‘not sdetiy. Alled

enuuvel for the Kurgeon-Ueneral, ad: | For Gsilaa — Ted ydore asked witoess to bay & bag

irened the Commission for the defence | Vor ah sraquil nwa B eae or, ef ovens which be had ait bim at the

that, whaterer nur viewsimsy baad | UP Ria ane oe oe i matt le wee
- 7 —Mr. M,

the colony fe divided Inthe matter | Bir Drew ot ft Arde aod

| heise 7 for much adinizatidn, For Janalea —Two deckers,

at bla dove, Oa gettirg up be fit o

i ' cacdle, and og ol g nutsite be ave

oncos at (bat time of night = 2
eure that the two prisonere pemed
by him were thee whoin be had veen

Wharton, for the | For New York .—Mr. at bie shop om the
th cunere, would address the Coumbe brows Cberbontg Me O. Jack. murder. Altred Polyd ree el ie
siug Gayo Pow, and we could expect For havanilla: - One deck to purchase the vocoa aa bis mutber

sowed ling thet would susteio tbe re
“ ,

ab bv bad moyulsed at the ona. —Twely, Teekers waa sick, aod oa witvres ref

For Ost ueing,
_ Fue Coloa + Nies M. Dubuir, Mesers | beneat asd ¢
U. Aptenio, GC. Gioraaal, N Peulo, | hig ester Nowbeolne suet" prove


Commas rte rial st tho] J. Mercurine hoaga kers. Phat
i oe Chairman “por New York}- Mr, Mra, and Mies as ah
ree orerinee left yeaterday. after: . i "se 4
The Orchestral Rehearsal at, the je steamer eft F ater Sapeat ALA,

Soi ds it|Prices Per ‘Rox, s1.44 3.80 6 £49

Tailors and Outfitters, oo i
; : t \ ' '
= Ux. x ATock a ia]
— OF = a “4

IN ALL THR LATEST suapEy =| ft

. meow weeds

We TAF tweet
Eee FOR — ike

chool Books| :
AND , i tia

College Requisites|

Of every description.

Household Dept,

EmbroideredJand Drawn! Thread Tea Cloths—
$2,40 to 8.00 cack.
Bed-Spreads, Beautiful Designs—

$9.00 to 40,00 each.
Lace Table Centres, Tea Cloths, Duchess Set

. and Bureau S arfs—20c, to 48c. each,
White Frilled Curtain Muslins, 54 inches

; wide—48c. per’ y
Coloured Madras Curtain Muslins, Plain and

Tassled 36¢ to 96c per yard

Men's Department

Scotch Knit Golf Wool Caps Blatest colours
ps and shades,

Stylish Straw Hats from 960, to $1.80 each, * ‘9
Fashionable Felt Hats, latest shade and . oe
colours—720 to $2.40 each

Waterproof Coats & Capes, ia
‘Travelling Requisites _~ BA

Boot Department

Foot Ball andjTennis Bouts, if
| Goldie-Ized Boots for Planters—$4.00 and eek “4


Men’s Puttee Legging, $1.68 to 3.60 per pair a
CBRNE In Black and Brow #4

{Tennis Racquets Restrung | #

By new patent Stringing Machine. Old Racquelt
restrung perfectly rigid, This is our owa pa
, and cannot be found elsewhere,
lt ae eo m CN RTE TT Te —e BARE ITE ERE A RE I ETE ET Ta


r ‘ ‘ . = te wedictus, Th , tecure the t fen ing th 2 re ’
§ ¢ Wi p 33 | also dectiaed to soced a Pose! “ wae eect ue Itong Ban Ree to break Under ibele combined weights | " ;
' .: Under cromezamfnation b: t | nando, Fateron Nr. Ll IL Pases BLP. NOTES’ OF INTEREST. f { Ll L
% ¥

s {ebortos, witorsa admitted that the | of San Fernando together with Ms HJ Sir Rubert Boyce has relurned from

ret time whea Ber, tA +} K. Power the Acting Clerk of the | West Afri he HH WS, Field
approached bin, be Ciplog Rreraley Peace visited the injured manat the ing leayes for Canada via Bristol on

s = = 2 +

Thursday pert Distinotive Tailoring,
Mies Andie Holmes A Court, who ls -

ahortly, to be married to Gerald FA-
ward, eldest son of the Rev, Martin T
Friend, of Reading, fe the only daugh>
ter of the Elon. A. W. Holme 4 Cou
Tate Surveyor of Public Worke, an

Colonial Hopital and took his de
sitions, Ia charge uf two Constables
tha prisoner Sulla was Staken to the
Mospital where he was identified b:

Burbarrstogh as thé man who us

&@ Weapon upon hint.

be koow nothiog about the matter,
The hort time that Krorsley came beck,

josisted that witness keow eometbhis
of the murder, and if he did ant tell
what, be knew, be (Hversley) wonl | eee
that witness’ cocos licence would not be
renewed the next quarter, Everele:
left aod came back sext day, and {

#1430 Rags No. 1 NAGRA RICE


i * . ’ jo Hoglia
F700 Bags GARDEN STAM RICE [SaaS] st andar. |i aeamatie poe —rN

Another witness whoa! that BIR JON T. GOLDSEY'6 “CHALLENGE!
was oat fishing along ¢! tard that be > COP

coast oo the night of the murder, tes
fied to having heard a woman's voice
trying onti~Allredés don’t kill the
mao.” Subsequently a boat with three

Berkeley, of St, Kitte,

—-s Archdeacon Josa, leaves for Italy, hie
This much-coveted trophy 18 holes | nativeland, onthe Shh Inat, he propoees
handicap scores play, the finalof which | losay there uotll October Sth, when
took place on Saturday afternoon last [he returns to England, leaving on
was wou by Me A. L. Vaughan, who f October 12th for Britian Gulana Dur
ing his vielt to Italy, hie headquarters

Tweed Suitings

@ short disteace from him at a great

‘ ae at | ls being played for naw about twelve | will be at Perugia, but he hopes to y
30.Oases 89. No. 1 GHEE - , of them, Buortiy afer thee abe Years, ad the condlilong ere that i visit Anuisl and other places Hi
, headed towards the ab tl <ogether, and several gent! M ith Bi ft bb ttte ol
t Yet another witness “(e fisherman) mens have two fisuy aad these Mr very valuable book entitled ” A Hand: AN EXPERIEN CED 4
20 Cases 4s, Do. . avore to bavin, besa’ a boat going. at | Vaughan’s frst win, book of the Fungus, Diseases ot Vet *
- ow faciog speed pear by him odlan Plan! rev!
. ac and hoeaw tbat a beg ap areutly Aled eres appear fo an early fasue, Oopies, of EIN GE. Xt x Owner RIE
“ thie! t id be obtalned 4
50 Drums MUSTARD OIL : wrth sonethicg or another was lying Some -Nature Notes. Ae rn ‘Counties Hoome, Wi ‘
: . Bome darther eridence jbrowght ihe From bs village {0 Kogtand comes ® {#01 nel, of ‘ be post tree. Newut Biyhot nd hight otrene Pl
+ whereu . . ‘kmanship « ° .
—AND— : \ Arebor Cpriant Intimated to it llon. furlous anake story. Cows mere fous The Austratian Jam, Company hea

to be yielding small quantities of milk
our thatthe foreman could not express | Without apparent cause, The explan-
himaelt properly io Knglish,’ and hede- J ation was discovered one day. ows in charging a price for sugar
ulred to koow whethor be (MMr,-Cipriani) | ever, & cow being discovered tying J outside the world's price, fs fhe Aue
could apsak io bis behalf, down quite contestediy with two| tralian protection ‘of £0 perton, A
Mis Honour baviog replied affirm. | ree grease snakes suck{ng at her ud-f suticient quantity of Jaya sugar,
atively, the fary, through the substituted | 2% which could be obtained at £1 7s 94.
foreman, (without hearing the defence) fos Coruna seiare met be ie Refin-
pissoers were See t guilty, and the h pipes, which are made from the coming. the action of the Jam Com
The jury was relieved from further rd (Lageneria megaris), has cre ny ta closing core was Inevi-
attendances until Friday morning (to- ered a gaat Semand foe ibe product tae . .
Among the callers at the West

morrow) aod the Court adjourned till 10 | of thie vine, Perhaps some ‘of our
at. to day. West Indian colonists would say whe- f{odia Gommittea TRooma durtn

— thér this particular calabash isfound} the pact fortnight wero the fot

SECOND COURT. In the Wout Indies, lowing :~ Mr, J, Ro Bancroft, Mer.

. . fr, KE,
Limes and othe frult trees in the Meee, TERE flodeall, Ar. Bh

n temporarily closed owlng to the
action of the Oolonial Sugar Refining




babe Socreasin popularity’ of cala-




; Garloite Street. eeweirata aatne A Wright, Seychelles are. being, seriously dary i rowiet o stu sie 1. ont, remun® Na IN TMENT, am safe, suro snd ptectual
Cc f Goo: eg ani a some mpie' nr nere Guppy, rt. James Peet, a ofall corna an warts, without the uw:
With deptembr, 1910, Albers Sammy was charged wb Bae. deavroyed by the foerya, a. white | Ars JT. Dew, Mr. U, Liddelow, Mr. pf the knife, “

blight’ which is accompanied by a] Vartin Malden, Nr. 4 ©. Grant, Me,
email black ant. The sate use the} D. MM, Simpson, Lt.-Col, J. H. Collens, ONLY At
Icerya a@ cows from which they draw { ton. KE. Agostinl, K.0,, Se ugh Mo

the milk, and often build little shel- } Lelland, Mr, W. A. S. Vickers. Alr, ©.

tera over them to protect them from | F, ba. i iltan, Mr. VY CS R € SS & < > :
suiod ned Mr. Blache Freser defended theraln. Another fcale insect haa “ ited Mole citiuidad Mfteror), Mrv'sten . .* O., ‘
e prieuneron a p'ea of not guilty, @ jan coffee, whith hi- Craig, Hon, G. 8, dM co INX ATs PINS AER
The case for the prosecution a out | therto bas revisted all forme of dieease. Rando tucks Hufison, and Mr, LO Dre 2. =.
Richmond Fetate in Bt, Ano, Jamal. | - ~

lined by the Crown Prosecucor waa, that | Protective legislation is under the

Goolabea lived at St, Jamea and wasthe [ consideration of the Agricultural renee earner
Boa: ca, which le at present the property of

the Duchess of Mt, Albans and others,

tog on Wedocaday, Aog, 17, at Bt.

Jawea, received $390.14, mon 38 of Goo-

labea knuwiog it w bave been acolen,
Tue Activg Solic.tor General prose-


é ee ers errr re
whom the prisoner appeared tc have

TLORING DEPARTMENT, [tesetesrsenectus comparative

ig . some cents, and, it seemed, commanica-
Pri only toclear over 1,000 yards, various patterns o | ted her koowledge to the accused. It

mother of a git] named Sooastes with

India is great in the variety of ns

used for writing, the princlpal of | with a leasehold porti Bilenh
which are the ree ns ibe most not- nt ee etate: chore | 8

is to be offered for sale by auction, | # ¢ § 9
ye sod Oranbrook estate adjoining. by
able of them being that obtained from | Messrs. Jenkinson, Briasley & Jenkiu-
the Saccharum fuscum, This grass is | son at the Mart, Tokenhouse Yard, on
stated by the * Agricultural Ledger” | Thuraday, October Oth at 2 pin, Ihe ‘
to grow plentifully at Disful, in Persia | total area ie 1,80 acres, of which 300

was not long atter the prisoner became | whence the pens ‘are imported Into | acres are la canes, 2t in bananas, the
TWEED to make roons for another [ awere of the possession of thet money by | India via Lombay, Pens from this | remainder comprising two orange

LARGE SHIPMENT wan indaced te take tae eee | FEroughout. Assan “and generaiy | groverand baring on it limes, pimen: | j
t . whore is was hidden woder money (rom through the Peninsula of In to tha coco nub trees pasture an ve rss . Tee Stouwubd
nowzis the time wo specialize in OUR SADE TO ORDER | sad give it toa mio caliod Poon. Whe. j Tory South and woetward through the aan Caled States Census, Depart:
B45 and 86, Fit, Hinish and Style Guaranteed, tery attereerd Bccomplice of nob, he also reach Burmab, regarding gation aftoduction, wich P AR EXCELLENCE.
MINT ATMEL Sa, TE AAS [ee fo Grctoten in sonreguence of | ug “Annals of Botany" contain | Judiesfuralabed about per cont ot

7 } the records of the ioteresting research | the world’s cotton-supply, Medtterra- -
1 Wrom $3 to $15. sod found only $39.84, the total amount | ints the iltebletory of the parasitic | bean countries, 2) per osbt., aud DB

and Bra
being something hke 8429 98, She there- fungus Cladosporium Herbarium con- | til, 8 percent. The United States and It k % .
T Y upoa gave information to the Police, Ia aK ft This} ladia combined dutio th nie eeps ou Health & q
LOCKE Dp O AN SHAPE, the meantime Poon, who had takea the fangs OF te the green follage of Prtiod contributed less then 1 per cent. P y y. j 1wo0rousg.
money from the girl fur the purpose of | many plaota, The lite cycle appears | In 10060 Oper cent. of the world's ,
keeping it safe for ber, believing it to be | to be cuwposed of two couidial furme, | cotton was produced In the United

3 bers, was asked by the girlto hand it | Mermodendrun and Cladsoporium, | States, 21°4 percent. ia Uritish India, |
W } EL H , I N D H | | t, S O [ J S over tothe accused. Upon information } the former of which isa parasitic aad | 5 5 per ceut. in Egypt, aud 43 per cent
‘ ® haviog beea given to the Police they | Sumwer form, which passes into the in Russta,

form of Cladosporium . ¢t i 593 : .
i searched the prisoner's premises and ail mereee le ofth latt fie the The organisers ctate that apace Is
THE EXCHANGE that, ras found in the shape of money ting, ave rive to conidte of Terme rapidly boing taken up for the Later. :
. . ) pation: .
ort OfeBpain and YJangre Grande!” Evidence for the prosecation was thea Gacmodandvon atacta: Plante ‘which | Exhibition ta be held at the Iteyal .
. led. bear no pelation to euch other, andcan | Horticultural Hall, London, from June
At ite cloap Mer, Blache-Fraser sub. | be transferred from one host toan-| ith to July Ith, 1011. It is imperae

mitted that the evidence wat vagoe as | other without dificulty, Live, therefore, that thosa Weat In- ~ is _
tothe amount received by the prisoner 7 dian rubber-producing colonies which

,@ we
a ifhe did rece:ve any money at all I The importance of guano ae a fer. | wivh to participate should apply, for
order to coovict the prisoner the prose-
cation bad to provathe reveipt by the
prisoner of a specific eum.
9 His Honour held that the receipt by

ae a,

ote acter

Uunder the Iocas the bisa, on the ] them io the waio hall, Mr Henry U
Chincha Islands were carefully pro: | Pearson, of the “fodian Rubber

tec! and the d ite of guano | World,” le presenting a cup for the
Sey ape. | nce earn ea THAT'S * ALL
o ved on § atuu:
No witnesses were called for the de eoyoDe wha killed birde pear the rocks [ elastica at 9 minimum cost, °

. THE , fence sud Mr, Biache-Fracer, in che durlug the breeding season, Io our ee es - ee
} course of aa address to the jury, asked | own ealightened tfnnes we are told] A large Abre extracting machine te
Â¥ OUSE FOR TH i them totre t Poon as aa accompiioe | that uo legislailve action can be | now in use in West Caicos turne out .
» a *


3 bi 1 ediatel Ub: th ' ~
faditas" mot teen dy) furs’ ae |uilaodittieetuesconee| Ne OQOUEEN of Beers.
the prisoner of money had Leen

proved, and called for a detencs.

id « [taken to prevent the slaughter of three American tone of fibre per day, ee
ni Black or Erown. mee They epee na eared cortabora: these birdehbat the available guano | This les believed to bea record, Many
Y RIZE HARNESS ee vee lac r gir] Hooastee had said the parcel con. | deposits of the North Pacific and the improvements have been roade in it by STRO 3
BlZe HARNESS oe eee Bleck§or]Erown. tatniog the money was smaller whea ste bunineed to Hiv greed of the few. ‘whe and Trading Company to which it be: ha 3
roll bIZE HARNESS ve we Black or Brown, ee it back {toma P tbat fieo when profit by the violation of the bird laws longs, chief among them being a clever
‘25. CN LIN VOM EAD, joa more than belf of the mocey had | 0lthe United States, device for wavhiag the Abre in the

woe oe - machine as it is being decorticated. ‘

bea abstracted. If they believed the In some experiments on the tapping | Me Walter Holdsworth, who ie at

inv’ evidence they could not believe | of Veara rubber trees, Mr, EV. Wik present in West Caicos, writes that

Boon's acd “rice vers,” and those} cox concludes that, eo farae Hawaii is | one of the chief difficulties fs the Jack * aj...
two witpesese “bo contradicted each | concerned, tapplog can be carried out fof means of shipping the fibre, At
quher oo material polots were the only { three times a year. In mature trees J present It has to eont ninety six
persne tbat spoke of the prisonrr hav- J 1808, of dry rubber may be expected | miles in emall boats to meck the
ing tecelved any money, He asked for } asa dally yield from each tree. ‘With { ateamers at East Caicos,

trees dip. in diameter, single vertical “ ~ one
wa soqaittal ‘ twcan be made deily fortwo weeks | Reference was recently made fa N
Pe soncitor Gooeral re vege who in succession, ortwo vertical cute daily | these columiaa to coallny fecllitles $3. oo PE R M oO TH
thon axafored in ttiremeat for atoat | for one mevk: The feck ofthe trek’ 4 tn the, Wert, Laden, Us ts cpunee WILL, PURC
. on
tea minates, and retarned with a verdict ment of the trees wits wrest more | owing toa large extent to » cominete n HASE /
‘Jot negaitte 3 whsrenpon the prisoner } rubber obtained as thé fesult of the | cial enterprivs of # Hritich Company,
was discharged addition of 1-3]b. of nitrate of | the Danish island of 8t Thomas, with .
The Uvart standa adjogroed till 10 | pode to cach troe, placed [n the soll at | [te fine harbour, now offers every con- A HIG CLA SS P
o'clock this morniog. a depth of 3 or 41n., and at some dis | venience in bunkering, or effecting re. a
——S——S—= tance from the trunk of the tree. rns ira, the , factory ibere havin lately . .
East Indian Driver Severely stimulating effect upon the flow of n entire Te an ‘a L
Wounded in Naparima.

latex wea perveptiije wlihia forty: Lequipped with the nacessery mechi. h B i k : Sto k
Quick despateh le given to vee.
-. elght hours, . sel calling for eum andthe expense of Uoly the bat akes, opt i t 0. s
It was rumoured Jn San Pernendo cosling ts repor' ovumpare mos
eare past the agricultural | favourably with that prevalling el q' . yt >
Leet contcaitted of Union Tall ounce oer many toe iain foe have fenere There is, 100, b largest sites DO NOT MISS TMS OP. EP ORTUNITY.
lantation. the property of the New | sutfered more or lees from the in: dry dock, capable of accommodating
Sntonlal Company altuate a fow milo] of jocuste, Beveral generg, containing | vessels of considerable size.
off the boundary of that towns] quites numberof species, are repre:



that one of the Ieet Indian labourers | sented among the locuste { Me Hamel-Smith, the editor of Tro . . .
cou: man archipelago ¢ but the epecies responsi- cal Ale", deplores the falling away 21 Frederick .
pleea with ‘ cutlass, but et oe tle for tha greatest amount of damage pl the ate", deplores Kaglish manu ws Str cet.

out pot to be a fatal Gocureno , at
least, up to the time the train fe
San Fernando yesterday afternoon,

belongs to the genus doridium, Huoh for Trini aca, and gous YFPhone 44a
rpeton aye ory David ti"ieaate | ere Ont Stsieconsiages| CL one ace
Jn the PAdiplie d yricultural Review } cara Lo com with it for general
the assalled man was alive, though are gregarious io thelr babits, and uaey and he dove not understand why
still in @ precarious position, 5 from thelr earliest lotarcy sesembleala | ous makers do pot ue it wore
homense 1 aware, ’ prevelliog fron, ¥ Laok at the 7 Krinided 3 ta for the
co to place as exbaysy th tober uly. Outofa
rant named Sulta said to be of tbe bupply, we is a noticeable fact that ten inet 295,00) bage anipped, IZA 13 TRY T
Fidy of clowly Weather After toot eee eee a cee a
ti berel. Ay of Cio! . Ff the. od under oan oe
pony rapetieeatt nates tit pitt Teve matured and developed win y Duithd “Kingdom 4 “aod from thie. AND BE

—_ —me - :atremenen.

Cook's Capillary Lotion

wa wool a nce le tel ats till Reheat te alia thei Li

ere, and haying bead Femonstrated | they spead miovt of the day sssembled | during these ten months, Londou TO PREVENT THE HAMM FALLING OFF,
Wut Paps pearsuatany sappre,| Sis by the dare scbarileny | eer eaatacneetas meet" | eraergenthemamemegs wgeee |EONVINGED | wi eacien the roota and premote the
LE foros EXEROISING SADDLES made use of bie cutlasg, woundlag | follaw po Jeutee direction, but] makes a total sonaumption sa far as rrowth.
u PLLUTHS ETIRKUP LEATHERS she Ariver ‘severely over his hady,— | drifts aloug the lines of least reelet- | naw imports are concerned of only &
‘ 4

latter t 6 noe, whieh are generally open fielde[yicu) bags from Triaided io these
‘LOOK Boots NEVER RUST BITS the Baa Voraando bosplial where or rosdwaya, The Hylhg locusts gen: Wieods. Ko wonder our ovnsumptiag -Trox ann an .

ted .
TLE OIRTHS NEVER HUST BPURS: | fad hie gass"econ?by te Distant, | Gru otbee gratis adflalog onan | rt Bor aeeer®

p ot
4 a
‘ feod. and they frequently * plautere ja the ‘bunica * oS i at
alae Fittings im Grant Variety pid ea oneeery “by as sual) vast DUnDere ba tO ‘uaupletaly 9nd if ed eireouraied a learns frou BOTAN ID he a ane !
pence toe Qe he
— }

ik | , . . F

Pere op



a .

ol 7.8 om Peep me ig tom Ve —_ bor oT *
3 : VAlthongh the Sbamfock forwards} . - one
: LOTH ES. \orciosttior ityseaty ect be
pe? C hes fre a=thue giving them, Teng becke) s- .
02 ui :
wnt ef @ do vot make the man, | Bunautteie rasa eae f Michael -P, malar y eet:

WATERATA, .Ct they, racrely enhance | fem ~ collantl tals Ssh ‘
You hove a tenderer te ny z A : his appearance, bit siace Tratchen ond mother side could ettord & 7 Hy EPO e ULAR Pr
THE HATTER, bat to you ' wo must invest our tons | to make mistakes, Phe Casuale played cod. Btora”? ries,
tealiva the rigaificance of ‘the . fes in thent caro must be | whole-beartedly and with some indi ri- (The Cash Btore. anya,


af takenin their selotion, dual ‘cleavernees, but they were wn:

as angthieg {avolving | turned the fortune of

‘the day wae
i th It of alty kick for what
the seme expbodita ol | Sette tea Perapactdestl owe | | 1 a
. . ereon,
Wo hate » eplordid |” “Bitratia or THE GAME, *
asiortmont of the bos} Casuals kicked off in Ideal football . j “|
: ==?

Br Hatter we men
se that we can Aat the most
fastidions, at one-half the price others quote,

Straw HATS, ———

’ &. . vaiual
| ¥89G, 480, .72c, entiesuthin'

The kinda we etock

Theat Ties en-
Aance the appear-

fabrics, latest ‘iustras | the med fae oombloetloa, carrziog tbe
trations, ard a practical | bell {n the Shamrock’s area, Malogot





UL pi ceded fi the fieg kick
cutter who will Rive you taken by Norman’ de Verteuil, the
ordinary appesrance— At vou see them. Prices e
Abi fi the clearance. Ut. Hoch-
t 63 opwarda, at Lowest Prices, Liberal terms ford got posseaaion snd mak'ng Food Wd ] »
WATERMAN'S, ATEHAN'S. 7 mtaniaxavaza'es | Sekt Hochford netted a pretiy” Ron!
. ’ Ot ol
. ator - after 3minutes play, From the Eick ua l y
nf yisltors getting @ fair break Ia ioe *
WATERMAN —THE HAYTER, CLOTHIBR AND OUTFITTER, 15. Frederick Strect _|gcing dangerooy, but was fouled 7
re | ieorautine tt mess! | T'S WHAT YOU! WANE-ITS WHAT YOU'LL HAVE
Gh eer of Erde PE te | ai eon NTT cereus thea yat a irs W
urricane which visite only 14, 6 t t
March last, that contrary to ytxpecta- belande, ie onder our coneumption aie weaker, both at tie produciog é ee ete eee uel a of qrortng COME HERE-
at young ru’ rees Increase, goal
suffered vei littieon the occasion of] Maving letoff the steam I had better Tibet theosly pews 1 ave ra at | toclear, but they falled to make good

> e
now ideas ia fi
: Vhe most suitable, Bbamrock inside left got possession
And fortheee Prices wo give HATS of no Yoe uth snd carried the ball {o the. centre ' tla l
g oa will say so. when Suit S$ j where he was nicely checked by Qualit
: y .
SWAN Collars— All ahapes and ison —3 for Ze. off play became spirited with the
ord of | tna more montbeto run abe may pat | flees | oe aren pay, tales. HAT YOU'LL GET IF YOU
i; Stee as
the recent blow, The leavea=as was | give the Board of Trade figures, They | the higher exchange Jn Brazil makeq Pthrough the opening. Oontinulug to ve -
Practically the case with all leaves | are to theend of July 1 > 7 | therost of production 10 per cent. ta | Presa the Casuals gave Arthur Malo. E have got too much on hand, and they must bé cleared out before stock takings:
Shroughout the storm area—were | Haw Corouoniy— Lndd Ded 11.0, | 18 per cent Ligher, which is a serious | vt a busy time but Paitt from @ fine ge y . inch that you buy‘bocause the Gheamaia
eat! Hy stripped t bot the branches, | Jan—July, 19: 19,433 12W4 | awatter, when thls growth {fe dowin pase by Gordon we de a combined yun ver, You will find use fur every y' in ih f
Probatty | because of the stripping of! 1) BRAG ANTE | all it can to keep to the fore, we ine Op Held and teatec got cwen trom the extra good, These is absolutely no obstacle whalsorter 0 ihe way 0 preventing you
» an @ Main stems were ——— —— oe it! en! & , . . ° mi
very Iitte broken. Tle added thet It Deer, 3805 Decr 1,010, | Han Thome at Lislon le not so high aa | goal” moat Gordon equalised amidet securing a fair abare ifgou irould only take the procaution of ocming early befsre’ the best
mas ed tenet though he wat Bot | Baw Cocun only— Expt'd Stock July at the beginning of the year. | 1 9 not ene by ause, The Sbamroc a designs.are taken up head this :-— . ant
as any sequence of cause tons at) tone | know what it was a’ e endof Ja
and effect was thereby fodicate July, 1910 = 4000,” *11,.212" | butat the end of June [t was 135,00) | Detuistently And tested Dewhurst fre- v7 LA -AT Cx,
that almost the only Jabber ated, Jan ; uly, 1909 3512 1080s bags, against. 108,000 bags Paso quently up to thecal! of half time. CREAM & ECRU NE CES. A HALF PRI '
which were much brokan were certain —— ee 4
trees at the Government atation at Toner, 468 Incr. 31
Nasinu which had been * topped” at] In July only, we delivered 1,661 tone
au early stage of their growth, This | forhome consumption against 1,747
treatment reauiied in an increase In | leat year, a falling off 183 tons, Com-
the sixe of their “ beads,” ae well as uf [ ing now to foreign mannfactured we
thelr steme, and possibly a correlative | see this :—
Rreater liability to damage from | Foreign manu- Deld
wind, JSactured— Lnd’d HO,
Jan.—July, 1010 3851 3,432 tons
190 283

Y fy tn th zchapge a free . : e, 7

“ ane te arte ibe first thing ick was rared or hand. In the loveliest and beet assorted flowered avd open work designs. Examine the widihe:
t ing against aroons whic. <

tater’ pollcea cue iiss ageln at proved Son reaultant Soon after a Four inches wide worth Soy BOW em . Bix inches wide,--worth 15¢.,D0W 4.0 means
alreaby a big figure, abthe beginning by Yivian Maingot jet in : 3s. ao Eiebt Me, new 4
of the year, they now bave zid,nu | Norman who stumbled} the ball jo Five » on BIa6 tg eo So ght wv on . m Vs
page, ay his fe so {sa mystery to the meantime travelled rilious) Le 4 Bo. Right 24. & 305, now 126 aad. hos
me, especially aa London with ‘less } Pear the Shamrock goal-mouth, UG. Five ue oe Bley “op om wee Go o s a ” 2.
than balfthe crop Stilt sells against sera raved After sent In a & fine tr | . . ;
day London with Sader 41,0u bags, of | tothe other end where Dewhurst was Come and Convince yourself that all ue say about Them ts perfectly correct, ,


The London Cocoa Market. 2m , iously tested by de Verteuil, th

. WS oS 2,448 Trinidads against [avre’s 66,000, sold | Seriously tes’ 7 Ge Verteuil, the

Turning to the six chief consumlng | 1,000 ba cr expoct. It shows, asl ball being kept for & few minutes In

By Tue Eprron or "Troricat Lire.” | egotrea they compare ae under = bave always maintained, that London Casuals half with occasional ' ‘ ’
— bursts by their forward tine which : Ff; 7
The Board of Trad figures suet pub- Jan—Jupe Phd we is is the best centre for realizirg. felled Lo get past the Shamrock backs. One Frice Only. Yaluo Nowhere Like Maillard Su ree Insurance,
lshed to nd of July further awell | United Kingdon pei reer ps From one of the assaults & ty was 1

our decrease in deliveries for home r 1 21d ‘ awarded for Hands from the 12 yards
consumption to 2,010 tons, but against piconsumption) ey Iiaes nau League Football mark Ja fevour of NShamrots, De

Ree A ey ee ne ET, PA IS, ~

thie [ see that the deliveries of foreign | ¢ 21,087. 0335-13410 | STERN {UGGLE BETWEEN | Verteuil on taking charge found no
manufactured bave locreased over 80 | Jiollandyimp'ts) 14477 12518 QOD) BITANNOG AND. GASUALG dideulty in noting the ‘second sod
tone t thle would veem ae If for some | Belgium » 4088 38333 Daly ENOS IN” TILE LAITER'S fining goal of oa for 0 If epee nner ee ea
season or otber the English people — — --- DEFEAT BY 1WO GOALS from the, place kick play became |p sme positively brilliant, Casuale ;
Prenat in an increscing deaeve mene CBHZ WA 19,453 TO ONE triviog bard to equalise, but arinus | Pressed hard but though they made
fectured In an , Increasing degree to our Jan—April con- ~-_ x riving bar eq alse, but 1 art ar paseing movements, smart
orton 4 “he Wf anything. wor ae Ue teeta) 18000 25,002 12,000 A LIVELY GAME, to clear and this he succeeded In daing jatercepting gterped them. | r
oW.A. (Ito 02 12; —- was marke: .
Sen ee eee aT aad ots | Committee Tree Grice “Sais mui | aa @eteeling, Gaouila yesterday | UP, tothe god of play, tos ended a) Rs “Dever hesitates "
Why should the demand in Ger- Comp'tive Ttle 81,402 5 0,153 | afternoon Shamrock more than con+ ered, for the man wit! :

Coming now to the markets and | firmed the good impression they th sides should have been s dr aicgotv’s tendency to rueh + eee
many jump up 2,600 tons and ours | gsies, werfind these are quiet, and still treuteds in’ thelr previous matches NOTES ON THE GAME. foe ot mat n his eagerness to clear
o back over Otons? Thedemand | with the tendency to go lower rather | against Nemesia and Local Forces, | _,Xetterday’e game opened sensation nearly proved fatal for his side. The
nthe United States of Armerica ied than higher. Ontheother hand, ideas | With six pointsto their credit. they ally, John Rochford securing a goal Bbambrock bavecertaloly two of the '
also increasing, If you compare 1008 | arg steady, and there ate'no signs ofa | havd up to now secured for themeelves | 2°F the, Maroons before Shamrock | Tost clever forwards In Gordon and 1a t | t’ ant
with 1010, Last year tannot be loclud: | breakdown, (ood Ceplons uniike the | the firee place in the League table, | could setlledown, oth clubs placed de Verteuil and in Abrains and Andef- be § d p rd j z
ed in the reckoning, owing to the] others are much higher, and atibe| lhe fact that Bbamrock were golog thelr original team In the fleld and son the Cusuals possess two of the ‘ é
enormous lmportations up to April, 15 | sates on Auguot Oth, the first after tho strong caused their match against the | &zcitement ran high as to the ulti. moet dangerous backs in the League, 7
anticipation ofan Increased duty on | tank Holiday, went from 2s, to4 | Oasualy yesterday to be anticipated | mate, result of be battle, ‘Ihe | A'cdereomtackled well yesterday but y TO FEET,
cocoa In the American budget for 19-0. | gbove previous riser, present values | with considerable interest, and as ag {Combination of the Shamrock men | Woe covertain in biskicking. Although SIZES 4 10 ,
1 have several times called attestion | being as quoted below. Of\iuayaquile | obyluus reault an exce: tionally large | 4%, pretty s3 well as effective, | ing Casuals were beaten it ‘must
tothe falling away in the demand | you hear nothing, but the sicck in| and enthusiastic number of persons | Lepingwell and McUracken were the | sain eo their credit thet they atralned
English wmanufacturere for | Tougon has increased over 4,06 bags | putin thelr appeaiance atthe appolot. | tare of the Casuals half-line but | every nerve playing to the last momen 500 PLAIN SHEETS
prtniceds ve ee te ey Bococoe since lavt month. (renadas did not ed hour, With the westher again were overshadowed by L. ce Verteuil as Thou bh Pope ul_ of minal the s.
Q mect quite so a demand at the ay 7 o duties .
Udo not understand by our makers | saies dn the Tub, but the planters ae ey oe oe none erealy secondhalf ofthe game both sides errereree t. Pitts perform 300: ‘RID GE CAPS.
do not use it mor, Look [st the Trins | tainly have hada good year, With | looked forward to a fine exhibition | tedowbled their effortsand the play —————
iad ear for the ten manths Oclo far and away a record crop, they have | of football, In this they weie not EO DIED
‘. realized, proportionately, as good and | appointed forthe game wae fought a .
bags shipped, 12143 went bo 4 wer en ateady prices asavy growth. Inthe OL at high pressure from beginning Lange's Ant and Cécnroach ~—
31224,000 wen’ ie pe ten miouthe to the end of July theftoead. It waspractically a battle oison Cuacua— Yesterday afternoon at
wili clear your houre of these peste, Jt | bis late residence, No, 162 Charlotte
Ie conveniently pat up in tine with per- | Street Juan Baustista Chachs, aged
forated Ids, 24 cents cach — English 62 years. Funeral at 5& p.m. to da:
to the Nosary C

der 21,0W came to the United Kingdom | jyiand had exported 71.00 bage, and | bet t ty] bh
and from this, during these ten monthe | the record for the Lwelva inonthe aup- relied mainly upon Their formanie we
Pharmacy, burch, Friends kindly
: accept thie intimation,


London slove re-exported some V,000 1 niied by the whole of the last crop | pullithens through while the Caeuale

bags. This, with the 5,500 reduction fo ‘ ’
stock, makes a total consumption fo g fisis-cn) was only 67,50 bags, With? depended upon thelr back division,


Opposite Railway Station,

ae R. Remnaine Maharadge of Carapichaima LE |
Village, bege to taform bis friends aad the <4
~ Public (lodiars) ba general that be is pow the : ih
? Street, Port of Spain where he u




$210 per Barrel up.

Pert of Spein, Sept, 14th 19t0—20,

A GRAND DANCE Etubbuck’s White Zinc,
ON Fresr, goth “Senember, Ato, at the

Gexuine Linseed Oil, — .
erred aye coens oe donty pekat \ WD “1
Hi cay Srecerneees|DAINTS IN OIL & POWDs

Saddles Bes Lamps : - “ ;
er = ib y Leted. Guantees can be ottained from Mr, 6 ” e an:

Headsi&§Reins ‘As 3 Whips Le ar AG arora bts SoLianum”— Wood Lice Destroyed

Halters ck ~ frig ogurk wooed, Le a

a aie Bits Secretary, tS We Offer the above avs usual Coa

ers TER. . iS

Orupp / SO Stirrups rasan, J. C: NEWBOLD & O€'

o ‘sf y 5 $ 4

Collars Ss ane OP BSNSRRAY TE .

. F Spurs * Feplember 4th, 1V10 x4

PUBLIU NOTICE is hereby given, that
ie exsercice of the Power of Hale oon.

Saddle Cloths ‘ ‘Horse Brushes [iis Wises yitiens ts
eontatard {in a certain Memorsodam ef | a
Dandy Brushes | totes dit pees 288 Coconut P lan

Stirrup Leathers \ ( ' Curry Combs se a a

ees Te
—-_—— ary


mm renee ee,

. 0 She

t , v Sv onday tbe bib doy of October, 1910, . 4
Sircingles . . , Mane Combs wai thet paneet at eed steele the * _ATN THD, 1
\ VV we

‘ard of Orup-eche comprising nine acres,
False Collars Joo

bree roode, sud alziees perches, dellre

eucnWhip Lashes [nineecshe|Up to 50,000 Plant;

an -~ oe ew wanes SSF
OO geri dgater: “1° ? at ay XIE folio G23, and bocuded cn the North
. oe £ - Toes << Foon, a . by Crown Land, and by ards of Jeremish
| Martingales meres a ee Tee 6 Whip Thongs, |derrses sent i yee "Nor Exozzpina 181Ns

The Quality of MILLER’S HARNESSis well known

9 dolinered

am Kosd,
Dated thie drd dey of He eaiNG. REREY by letter only stating lowost pric

Portsof-S, ain,
° Address 'B’ 0 .
in sare of Lort-of Epain Garette OF4


Be ope ine



: Fancy Departmt.

a 7eerveteseesonnne

&|COL’D SHANTUNG SILKS, 48c & 72c,


240, 360. £00,

, Cream, 600 Yard. , RIPED VOILES— Black and

Pompadour Millinery Ribbon, 240 Fer Yard,

- Ladies Tinsel, Leather & Flastic Bolts ; Ladies Lislo, Silk ¢ Kid Gloves,


E ‘par


B) Casks Large N’fland Codfish GRELL

’? do Medium: do do
Bi do do NS. do
t; do Haddock.

| Be

e — AND — .
. 4 | Liberal

. Bags|Canadian Whole Peas.


_ Colt sh Usion & National

we veer we

Tariff Rates.




Life tor Augast:
pho Ovionial Ben

uiber jostituuen
at some future

vuce. Ab the

, SAFETY *PEN lation uf notes
ON RARTH for curteucy Io

means Ousiuves 5

We will take pleasure in showing bi
ow this style pen can be carried in
ket, purse of trunk fn any position.
t cannot spill and is always ready to

Tho pen that you want
when you want i

on tbe contrary,

creased on safe Ii

preet that the



The Port-of-spat Gazelle.

THURSDAY, 13tu SEPTR, 1910,


iby, gHARE »
We take the following from Tropical

With sous pew blood at the head of
affeire, b agaia sppeat to the Court of

Cauuct fod # semuoeralive aod vate
outlet furs portion of (heir stoced-up
eurplus capil among the smaller
planters aud sgriculturiete in the vari-
yus West Jodieo Islaods before some

established bank could very weil doat

bank the Chatrifsu (Ne Brodie Hoare
calicd allentivn W tbe dewrebilsty ©
eecurlog more byelness, Lhe circu:

cle,” be told the ebarcvhoiderd,
*,huw Lhat there jean active

our advances is not a thing on which 1
think wu can cougratulate oures! ree 3

thens increase, as long as they are lo.

at London bankers, and juvesyments
turm far too tatge a proportiua, of our
asevts frous this pyiat of view of profit
aod loss.” Here theo, is uodeolable

juvoet if wore le newded, the repula-
ten of ile Vuurt of Directors would

an 1






Very HEXtard to Beat

Wedan Supply Touwith the Nawent

Serges, Flannels & Light Tweeds.
Wo are confident you will be! pleasantly surprised by theie Etylish effects,


2 MEE, FCI Gt.



Loss cr Damage by Fire, etc.

on apy decriptin of


which meete the needs of the exten-
sive cless of small freeholders and
peasant proprietors, These differ
widely {com one another, both as
regards tmavuagemenc ‘aud control
Io certain caves they can accept
deposit and current ‘accounte, Ta
others thit ia forbidden, empowered to flaance conprebeosive
schemes of land lmprovemeat, draine
#ge, Cecalization, ruad making, &.,
bus their pelncipal business is, of
course, the graatiag of loans to the
lesser categuries of land ownera,
Agricultucal Co-operation « and
Baukiog may be applied ia four ways
boch for the beaett of the members
and for the adequate protection of
those financlag theni; 41) the joint
purchase of fara, requisites, such ae
waoures, ploughe, implements, spray-
ing machines, Huds, seeds or seediings,
&c., in order Lo evcure large crops of
good quahiy ; (2) the joint sale of
crops, & very importact matter in
these .daye of large manufacturers,
who like vo buy 100 to 80008 bags
of cacao orlbs. of rubber abead; (J)
mutual fosurances ayainst loss through
death, accidents, firs, hurricanes, &c.,
Ww saleguard Josos, crops, and other
securities 3 (4) the estabnebwent on a
sound basta of lucal credit: banke aod
fusa societioss (6) the acquimtion of
scientific kuowledJe {largely supplied,
it fe true, la the tropics by the excel-
lent agricultural department), analyses
testing, giving advice, &c. Uo-

ler individuat or

& Co. Ltd

Colonia! Bank,

impartial hand, and that no partica- Peete It.M.8, “Dee” ie due

special advantages over the general
run of sinaller, aod phen
customers, ie agricultural
could appeal for depositors as well ae) TAgus —The ILN.N. Vague” due
for borrowers, and ‘could borrow or |

leod small Joans, from $20 upwarie, on
the advice of Joral boards of directors
(on which Kast [Indian and Chluesa as | in strict quaraatine at thle port,
well as the Creole members should : iI
be secured) in a way that the Colonial , due here from New York, sia
Bank would never be able to do
Loans secured in this way woul pot
bridg in their train qny fear of the
borrower buing pressed for payment
at Inconvenient times, teadia
clusure ina way that leaves but little
dJoubt that the main object of Lhe loan
waetosecure the property, when it
wae wortb having, after the manor
woman bad done the heavy. anxious
work of forming the estate, The
bank alev would not beso saxious to
Increase the necessary
more worthy of their Intention; on
the contrary, the smaller the sum
asked the better the security and the
nhore auitadle the basiness, a
agricultural bank has done for Egypt,
# baot run on similar lines Can,

often safer,

loan as being

with the aselstance and guidance of
the Colonial Bank, do for the West
Indies; and it it were
smaliest gainers by the establuhowvnt
of it would not bea the Uourt of
inrectors and sbareholdere of the






Conts Motor (Cut Brim) Teral Hate, 2.40 oa.

With FPuggarcens-Very Light-3.00,

Gents Tan Willow Calf Bals, }iOoaR

Ladies Whito Canvas Shoes $1.08 and $1.68

‘1001 Apmey smpeo] aq],

vis Parauisribe oovor absut the 2rd
September 1010 proceeding after.
warde to Europe via St. Lucia,
Dominica and St Thomss taking
cargo passengers and mails

ot erie
London Direct Line
le of Steamers,
‘Nxw owomae Company
NAVAN =—The os. * Ravan” will sail

> on or about the 17th Septe:
taklog cargo and tssengete forbes

don and continental porta,
. Trinidad Lane of
dite Steamers
: Tawipan Batrrina axo

Teavinag CoA
* Orown of Uranada” of the Trloi-
fed | Toe will leave New York on the
ptember a
20th September 1910, nd Is due bere on

paca thd kat
t ol Glasgow Inrect Lins

Ite of Steamers,
TrigiDaD Suirriva AarD

* Crown of Oasilile” ja due here
from Glasgow on or about ibe 19th of
eptember oat will eallwame day for

waerars oO

tod aati & cargo, Passengers

obtalued here on Wednesday the 2ist in-
stant via Harbados and _ Crenada
proceeding alterwards to Demerara
bank taking cargo and malile only.
herefrom Southampton via Cher
bourg, St Michaels, and Barbados on
Tuesday, 271b September will work

LYUE. -The RMS, “Clyde” fe

i Jamaica, Colon, Cartagena and Pta,
Colombla, on Sunday 2nd October,
aud will leave the nest day for South:
ampton, via [iarbados, St, Michaels
(Atores) and Cherbourg, taking pas-
sengers, cargo and mails,

The tender will leave the Lighthouse
Jetty, Queen's Wharf at 2 p.m. with
passengera for the “ Clyde.” .

Passengers are epecially notified that
a baggage lighter to be despatched to
the Ilomenard Mail will loave the St.
Vincent Jetty at 10 Damon tne day of
saillng, and passengeré are therefore
requested tn ace that their baggage is
sent down before that bour.

Compugmie Generale
C Leoraup & Siv—

T DOMINGUE,—The French Mail
©) Steamer * St. Dowlngue’ from
Europe via Guadelope, Martinique and
St. Loucla is due here onfpr about the

2ith September, and will proceed after.

to fore

What the

dove. the

Company Ltd,
€ Tus New Cotontat Vor |

operation alsa facilitates the formation G.E,D, | wards to Demerara, Barfoam and
Settl t 8 focal associations to ‘nieet occa, > Cayenne. taking cargo passengers aud Loarzd Agusta,
monally an wwcuss questions oO! : Bile, LEXAN =
ettlements. fioance, methode of planting, new | Passengers to Arriva per RM. | (XUAPELOUPE.—The French Mui} Ponca ar ipaterey from Titres:
ceopwor fiesh varietios to be {ntro- Ste XK bteamer * Guadeloupe " ie due Livia Barbados on or about 23th
duced, with the heads of the local amers. here frou Venezuelan ports on or Tistabt prowediog afterwards ta

baok, or travelling jnspectors and
others from this side. Such au ivter
change of ideas would certainly benetlt
both the banks and the burrowers,

Tbe assistance, the greatest assle-
tance, that tbe Colonial Bank
cuuld offer to the agriculture and
commerce of the islands need pot
cume direct sin tact, by Itscharter the
Bauk cannot leod wooey, likes purely
agricultural bank can, to estate and
laudowners. ‘There fe however,
wuthing to present the Court of
-lrectors, through the head office
(which is at Barbados, not jo Londop\
ur Lbrough any of the branches, from
financing an agricultural bank, or
from sdvanciog the necessary capital
to soy Individuals or Sssociations to
who the Directors have contideace
to enabie them to start an agricultural
bank, with branches throughout the
various Islands, The Culuniel Baok,
by actiuog as bankere to this, the
exticuitural bank, would greatly ine
Crease ite owg business, withyut the
expense and trouble iocurred lo
Huaucing small borrowers, ve without
ruuuiog suy undue risks,

Such « connection, therefore, would
be to tbe advautege not vnly of the
shatebulders and tg thove wlu would
borrow from tbe agricultural bank,
but alvo ty the Direowis uf (be Colouial
tisuky in a word, it wuuld bea
benefit toall and « drawback to no
vue, ‘The shaceboldera would earn
vigger dividends withoul great risk 5
thy borrowere would be abe to cultic
vate larger acess alicss owt than at
present, and to employ more eeleatitic
methods, especialy if the baok wery
1up On cuvperalive lines and by
mutual consent It engaged experts
vecasionally, or purchased expensive
wachines &c., forthe wembere’ use.
Last, but not least, the Directors of
tbe Colonial Bauk aod their friends,
being tmembere of the leading
merchant sod baoklag firme taadiog
with tbe jsleods, would Hod their own
busiuess focieae, and thee their

sir Henry Bovell,

1 daquez




seo whether they Hobson Captain



comes along and dove The

dew what this old:
4ith meeiog of the

Q Detule,
and the diminution

the Colonies, which
but the reductiva ia
Mr D W Lalog, Med

Lsbould hke vo sve Nell McLeud, Mrs

pes, Ourepecie, cash D Sellier.

UL Shwrewe

baok bas woney tu

The following is a list of passengers
who eailed per 1M.S.B. * Tague”
yesterday from Southampton

Mr J Anderson, Miss
Mr Jose M. Arbulu, Me WE Dellainy,
Lady Bovell, Me A
Bosh, MrJ Bush, De IA Dalton,
Deatle, MeJ H Pield, Me Jo M
Mleming, MeQH Garett, Mre Gar-
nett, Mr M Gomes, Mre Goold, Mr H
Grist, Me KJ Lechmere Guppy, Sire
Guppy, MeJK DH, Me Ldurado
Mr JE fonies
Henke, Met Turia, Med P
Loria, Mre Luria, Mise E Luria, Miss
Y Luria Mr Ade Sousa Meudez, Mrs
de Soura Mendes. MrO Morris, Mr
Alejandro Orillac, Mra Oriilac, Mise Mf
Oriliac, Mr J Perkina, Mra Prada and
r My Gordon Risch Mre Rlach
ise Rlach, Mise N Riddell. Hon W J
V dshaw, Mis Shaw
Taict, Mise E Paltt
Walters, Mre Walters, Alr
house, Mr O Whittington, Mre Whit-
tingtoo, Mr F Wieting, Mra Wietiog
avd Child, aod Muld, Sie 8 Muller

itt Anduze,

Mrs Innes,

assengers below are booked
per UML, P, * Oruba,” sailivg from
Houthomptou un tbe With beptember,
WikeHt Hev Bishop of Barbados,
MeJoe hapman, Mri Delisle, Mre
eG W Fits Herbert, Mre
Fus Herbert, Me CUM Fryers. Me 1
Fullerton, Mr it George de Gale, Nrs
Gillies aud Chitd, Me M Gonsalves,
Mra Gonsalves, Master A Gonsalves,
Mean ean PE
v Kolghts, Mr ing, Mr Laing,
7 MeLeod,

Leod, Mr Ken:
neth Murdoch, Mie RU ttapier, Mr J
Misa E jellies, Ne HB
Shreweburry, Mre Sbrewsberry, dive
ry. Miee Mo ohrewebs
Me © LSuelson, or Stollmeyer, Mre
tollawyer andtbree Children, aod
two Maids, Are C Stollmeyer. Me I

White, Mes Ee Withers,


about the 2th heptember, and will

roceed afterwards to Martinique,
Gosdelou 0, Nantander, Bordeaux an:
Havre taking passengers maila and

noninkliske Wear in
bk: disehe MuilZienst
New York—Paramarito

Tug Rozat DutcH Mab —AGENTS
ARAMACOA.—The ae * Paramac-
ca" fe due back here from Para
maribo via Barbados on Tuesday 2%b
Feptember 1910, and will Jeay at
2 pam, the same day for New York
direst taking cargo, passengers aod
N ANOWILINE. The «0, "Maro
wijne” Je due here from New

La Guayra, Pio. Uavello and Curacoa
tating cargo passungers and mails,

Aru ro, Brit stare Wateon, ‘M1
i rit str, Wa WI to:
16 bre Barbados, 874 tone geal carge,
3 dog, | goat, and 45 passengers, 3
Ituyal Mall Steam Packet Ua,
Sr. Uaorx, Danish stme, Kall, 1,63)
tons, 2) hry dos, 781 one ‘Kenl care
en gers,
Riston & Vor Oo TO George Hh
Ganmex Anronio, Venez sloop, Vase
ae BStona, 6 days Tucupita—bal.

York direct on Monday the 2th 2 .
Heptewber 1910, and will leave same DEPARTURES
Mvbiue hadeotne Paramaribo taking args | Canwax Antuxio, Venes loop, Var
MANIC ~The ss, “Buriname” | “6%, # tens, Tucupita, Y casey

ot y. Dutch

rPRNAME, Dutch stmr, Haasaoot,
2023 loos, New York, 150 bage Tdad
cocus, 67 bage Venez cocua, 1,013
bage Tdad coconuts, 10) bags Veués
acovonuls, $9 bundles shins, 4 bags
fish glus 1 bale rubber, iO cratea

are, ed sundrios, a

Biden sb bebee'balats aod 1) pau
gers, By Hoyal Dutch Stall.

Fouusont, Brit sloop, Baker, 37 tons,
Grenada, sundry pkges mdse and &

8 fe due bere from Paramaribo on
Monday the 26th Septeasber 110, and
willleave at noon sharp nextday for
New York direct taking carga, pas
sengers and malls.

\ AROWIINE.~The a6, ' Maro
1 wijne* {¢ due back here from
Paramaribo via Yadoson Tuesday
4th October 1910; and wlll leave at
2 pu., the saws day for New York
direct taking cargo, passengers sod

4 Koninkitjke W, Mail
Tux Nova Dutcu Mai
Dutch Mail Steamer “ Prine der
Nederladen" {is due bere from Vene
zuelan Porte on or about 17th Septew-
ber 1910, proceeding afterwards to
Paramaribo, Havre, and Arusterdam
taking cargo. passengers and malis
pe 8 "1 LBM V.—-The Dutch
Mail Hteawer "Peins Willem Vy

OaAMro ALLURE, Venes boat, Mata, S
tons, Uristobal Colon, sundry pkges

todee and 2 passengers,

Mania Leoxun, Venues schor, Rodri-
gues, U7 tons, Cano Calorado, suudry
pkges des and 7 eengers,

Masi Constanza, Veoes schor, Vae
quez, US tons, Carupauo, G0 bris
cameut, sundry pkygew mdse and Z

xcu De JULIL, Venes guarta costes
Sanchez, 2 tous, Lristubvi Colon, I:
nen, | gun—2 passengers,

Roxy, Brit sloup, Duncan, 24 tons,



enable them ww obtala all the ulre | accounts would becowe more numer le due bere from Ameterdau via Para- Grenada, ballask and) passengers.
fur the askiag, elther for cunetives vus, largor, safer, and in wapy waye MOVEMENTS OF STEAMEBS, maribo and Demerara on or about 24h | Comer, Brit sloop, “Josep ve tons,
or thelr protéyd, wore revuwerative and saluslactory. th al Mas September 1410, ing aftecwards Urenada, ballast.
, in Uermauy, which undoubtedly | [have purposely called atteytion to § ¢ Koy to’ Uarupano, Cuomans, Uuanta, La | VaLxtiue, Hrit sloop, Wallace, 13
leads the way in the organization of | all thie fruus the tore selfish aide of ° ~ uae Line Guayra, Puerto Cabello, Curacao, tons, d{. Vincent, sundry pkges
ry agrarian credit, the busiogss of adran: | the wetter because when, io | AGDALENA, The RAGS. “Mag: | Jacmel, Aux Cayes, Hortau-lrince, | idee.
B a eal log money Uoller easy conditivos to | 4 inade selwilar appeal atthe soo: h dalepa ’ s¢ due bere from New Jand New York taking cargo, passen- ee ee
fm Lhe owuers of real cotate Is carried on | mveding, | wae Wid that the bank was | York via Jamaica, Colon, Cartagena | gers and mails,
DQUARTERIN TRIYIDAD, . by tbree classes of iuetitutions: (-) tbe | uut = pailaothrupic iustitullon, Uy | and Pio Colombis on Suadey Itch. BUANIA.—The Duteb Mail Char- Closing of Malls
B, MPU A HALL & co mortgage bauks, which, altbough | ghis J Late it thet tere hilanthropy, Beptember, and will leave the nest A tered Heamer " Aveania” ia due — °
IR, ™M RS MARINE TQUARE, pritaie und-stekings, can only bviur iy uiousos (which, alter | day for pouthamplon, via Uarbados. | here from Venezuelan oite on or Mails for Dewerars by the " Sobo”
Ole — stated witn the sancilua of the | all, is but phileathropy ina more glori- | Ny Michaels (Azores) and Cherbourg, | pbout 1st October 1910, jiroceedin will be closed op Toure the 13th
Biate, aod are, af all buves, subject to | Med {usm} did Dot ap tothe then | usking paswoye.4 carzo and malls | stterwards to Paramaribo, Havre, 604 | Hepteinter at 3 ocloe me 1
fle stuct supervision 3 (2) Che Lands | Court of wtrectuis, Today, bowever, ‘The tenger will leave the Lighthouse | Ansterdam taking cargo, passengerd | pevistiatiog closes rehs fet a, Breclee ye


; Of 16 Acros. ;
B-No reasonable offer refused. For farther particulars
a hy tn


the guarantee of

Ab, db%
Agrcunural Sopiety,

The Kept laid

heard eral £

geet wale by the le
iy eo ler; estate
Gwoere 1 (ibe iand banke, “based ou

Quer readers should wlso siudy the excellent
ef cuauisuied by ibe live, Ff Links,
Ch Praidest of

Gwturel Coslere.ce 0: tyo8, cm * ibe Keiak

etna ated Wolong od ibe Sager fodveny
agrculural Baud st iurvades,”

the 244: bad, yearly m eslog om Agi 53, 1959,
show ‘sae hin bash ot Pauk “et teal
ae, “ug 9s, begee aad Colailal secu nie,

lowasrs associations, | i belwved that, both for pubile an
persuual reasuos, @ Change should Le
wade, and can be carried out on Iloee
similar to what L bave eugyested,

‘Lhe ageicultural baok would, of
ouuree, B10 Lhe puldie, bota hers aod
tbrougbuut the West indies, fur thee
capitals buts koow of no reason why
the Uvieuisl Bank should not, invest
mjne uf ie eurplus cepital init, eas
to secure s dominating interest in the
coucero. With the vid banks experi-
euce, aud treedow from iccal Lavour-
(linus or prejudice, they oopld we
that the financing aud advances
wade were doce wilh m whee aud


the public revenues,
~~ the uml, the

the Barbuce

1» 80 the West ladias Agree fore requas'

beture we sbhprebaldes as



Queen's Wharfat 2p ui with

ogers for the Msydal
Passengers are apocially notified that
a baggage lighter to be despstohed to

fecieward Mal) will leave the Ht.
Vincent dotty ab 10 am on the day
ry pg, ao ssougers are there-
re a we that thelr
baggage is vent dowa before that

Une of Lub communest complaints of
wwlante ia wore, sad the must effec
tive epplication for thew is Mother
Greaves Worn Extesmuluates,

aud mails, te for Dvmerara “St.

by the
Cross ” will be closed pa Tharede:
teh Nepteubor at 2 eluck eine] we
cleely Registration closes at [ud pas

Matis fur Paraguaribo by the" ae
“ Intawde Nederiandes © will be closed
on Baturday the 17th Heptat 12 noon
picoleely. Hegletration closes at

Mek St. Vi t, Gs:

je Cue nee

New York by the aa wOqeoeies ae
be closed on Saturday the 17th bep-
teulae ab Iueidvk pin peeclely.
is tall aud reglization cloeeq a


ug ile Bast Avatic Line

GES of Ateuwere

Uw, HK. AlaTum & Lu,
St CROIX—The ads. “St. Croia 16
2, Thomad, ‘Dounnion, Be Lada
y a aba g i
dud Marbedos on or about the Bath
BMeptenber 1910 aad will trays the
peat day for Deawerars and Parana
argo re

Pee eee Grote is
dus by arrive lees seu Deoesaia,

ip Fredersck Leyland & |

matte eas ar a ge NM ee tM ey re

~ ew ow

NO 9317 VOL. XXIX _

FOR RENT: For Sale or Ront

RENT,—Faralebad Coaatry Real. OR SALE OR RENT.—35 , Gerden

deece Ban Lorensa, BMaracaay thor Stree’, tmall Cottage, conteining icur

oughly furnished,* River rene pear bouee, | rooms Uscal catboures Sese-age in-

Price Ne 6 Bouth § stalled, A ceeb purchaver Will meet wih

abergata. For particulars apply to Pavey

I. ScusxReEn, 41, Marise Square.—'Phone
184—Kept, 13-1.

NOK RENT OR wALE- New sod com-

The World-wide Problem of the

A cry comes from New Yuek of a
shortage ofservants, One psper aske
where are the cook laundresses, and
housemalds of the right sort? Excel-
lent rervante can easily obtained
but they bave drawbacks, For tu-
stance: Many housewives wiil not

BR NT.—Btrvatham Lodge fticuse
+ with al! conveniences fcr a samily,
ly ope wicute’s welk from Tunepuoa

wey Btation, Immediets ponscerion' modious buildiog at Tavapans of po: | have Irish maids, because they will
fury t+ ARCHIE Pasta, bireatham | site the Hetlway ttition, files op ae & | oversicep and attend Mass at break-
Ladge.— Sept, 14,—1m, shepacd dwelling howe, No reasrne¥'e | fast time on Sunday,” Again wo are
Le offer will be refuscd, For farther particalata | told: “The ‘Swedleh girl makes emi:

LET—Cottege No. 148 Henry Bireet,

poo prisieg Drawing end Dialing Koome,

2 Bedrooms, 2 Dressing rooms, Front aod

Back gale:ies, Pantry sic. Nice biche

Joe's roces ta yard, new fastalled.

Elecwie lights throvghost. Immedists

en, C. Darcant & Co,, 48 Marios

cara, of 127 Charlotte Street—Sept.

OUSE TS TET—No. 35 New Sueet,

near Savannah, with Electric light,

aaa every couvesience, Rent 23 dollars

‘monte, Apply to Stsrnexs LTD.,
‘he Siores,--9//10,—1w,. GON
FoR am sod OF 0. 3

Droadwey, under the Huyai Dutch
Ball Company's Oftices—Fine situation.
Nowly & throughout, psloted acd
whiltewasted. buitabla for storage cf

eoora, ote, For farther particulars, spply
to W, STEDMAN Arann, G1, Souta

Qas: n—Sept. Tib—Im,
ye HENtoPics the Ist Ociwbter, No,

318s, Vincent Street, Apply on the
Street, neerfavacnab, contalviog thiee

epply to W.StIDMAN ARCHEn, 645 ah

Q rey 8th Sept.— im. __

Hi No, 9, Borde Bueet, Apply to Louis

Joum & Co., Aoctioveere—2, Sackville
treet Ang. 18 Im,

yer RENT=UCottage No, 63, Tie mout

Choular Road—very convenient for
family—Moderate Root.

KSALL—A Donkey Box Cart lo food
Fe ond} ion—no reascnable offer will te
refased, App'y to Wsterman the Latter,
Cothler acd Oatil.ter, 15, Mroderick 8,
Aagust 32.—10),

WANTED. A young Lady, aged 2$,
wistes a fositon ae a Nurse or
Heusekeeper, &h fe ab'e to fucnish good
referencer, Arply to A,—c/o * Gazette”
Offics.-Fept, 14ib 1910,
ANTED—We want tosppurct a re
W spectable femele ja esch country dis-
trick, maaan egent for our beantifal Ladies

nenlly satisfactory cooke and maids

of all work, but ars *‘ezpensive” and

fires to entertaloing their friends.

erman and Scottish maids. as well as

servants representatives of other na-

tions, are too few to maintain a satis-

factory state of competition. They
drift into factory and shop occu:
tions, despite their scantier pay,

cause they will bavo their evenings
free and dislike class distinctions,”

Self Help.

haily Chronicle

farmer to the State,

bedrooms, drawing/uiniog, and froat gal: 1 Googe, Splendid Inducemests to right culturiate and horticulturiats not onl
, and all oiner convenierc Alo . an equal mind but a commercial ad-
Co age No or Allcedo Strect, Baltabe Parties, Zor partica ars write to the Colo- vantage. Nor does the best of rural

lel Agency, 70 P.ceadilly, Vort of Fpains

The Dutch People’s Spirit of

Help u Zelf,' which caught my eye
one day ina tramcar, is the motto of
the man on the land In the Nethere
lands,” writes “ Hiome Counties” in the
* Nothing fe more
refreshing to me In iolland than the
independent hands-off attitude of the

*The impressive thrift and frugality
of tolland, which is quite another
thing from parsimony, gives her agri-


Auction Salo. |

JHE vcderetpne} will sell by Pabtic
Auction on the 15th day of Senter.
eororld with galvanized fron, situste at
Cotten Hill, on Isnde of the Eerl of Dane
dovald, attached from Jealah Clark, for
erreart of lead rent and taxee,—Terms

Licensed Bailiff, &e,

Auction Salc.

THE acdereigned will put ap for Sale on
Saturdsy the 17th September, 1910
between the bourse of Land Zp.m. One
wmsll house known a9 No, 6, Platesnoe
Boad ca lands cf -Kecarpln for arrears of
land rent,
‘erms ~Cash.
Lie’d. Bailif and Auctioneer,

86, Frederick Street—Sept. 13. 1910,



0 BE SOLD-£1. JUAN, — Warp
Paice & Co, bave received foatrace

wall family, I » ¥, MONT» ifolland put on its back what it bas .
FIGHABD., Mee onedoe es Frederick Ang. W—im, the wisdom to refrain from forcing Hone to pall 3 ious of lend with sbop-boare
Direct © 8th Sept 1910 ypon its stomach. oes it a farmer ing ond’ ove barracks “Low | price, dioin:
Fr, 7 rr ———— je rich. ry a close observer, °

pox} oe ter cceatiedlibe wate LOsT. do not sce that he is ‘Jon tomediate parcheser, | For faciher pare
can easily be S biased by polog to Banta _” One finds well-to-do farmers | PONS “RP Ester, Gan Forendet ot
Ciuate Yuee love! twee eeree busigiog USil—Bewween Wer Mret end 7, [in blouseandkiempen. There ls small Wann Price & Co, Poit-ol Spain 10h
koowa se **Fera Yitte ’ hat Ae accom: Qreen's Park West, A pendant | regard for appearances, Two men ja Sept.—lu ’ ~
modation for @ family, Highly recom DBeaoch with peorle and peridota, Firder | their shirt sleeves planting surubs at a id 2

nursery were,

roepded by (hove who have tired there firm, who spoke three languages; bav:

lately, btable and Carilege Huuse etc,
3% bvor dilve feom the city, 10 minues
drive from Juan Ketlway Nation,
Lovely garden of Roses and Fiowers, l'ss-
sure, iver ianing through the Property,
Auyone desirous of iuspecticg with a view
to renting cau apply to Cuas. J. DICLE,
46 Mating Equare, x veseesion 12.b ioetaot
a=Sept tlm. . .

yee RENT —Toe le ge aud commo-

will be reitably rewarded on b ingiog same

tathe «fice of thin psper or ta Mr. Juba

Peodrich at the Teinidad Alipping aud

Trading Co, Ltd,
time intbe open
© Yon,’ sai

The Cottage No. B98¢ Viccent St.,°

market, I don't see that conditions
diferent in your country from ours,
Lut, yes, the people are different.”

dious store No, 12 Cuarlotts Nireet s
resentiy cccupled by Mesure L, F, Aa- ONTAINING dising room end}
ard Soa with a large cocua urying drawing room with front gallery, | = ert
. house, back scores tic. vic, Fur farther

eit bedrooms, , kitchen, pantry, bat
house and servants’ roc D.


Please Apply to
pee’ 3. Mt. REDD,
57, Marive &quare.
The abuve will be sold on easy terms,
Aug, 20-10

lure apply to J, Hi, Autume, 13
Potts Niposts- Nepiemter 3-10.
FLUKE TU Lbl.—do, lu srosuwey,
wil be food with all contentences.
Apply (9.87 Pembroke bt Mas E buwsn
or gd. CARHINGTON, No, 3 Su Joseph
Kosd—dept. i—laa
‘smait Cottage at back cf
Bt. (indepeadent) wita

Fifer, Salt

If your Head aches, if your
tongue is coated and your

Ne 4, Bark

}, ove bedroom, dining 100m,
baib, &c., picw yard enclosed, very private,
Heat modeste, Apply at No, 8, lark St,

Aug, 2L—]u. FOR SALE. h : & Co, have several suine of uovey
—— . mouth tastes bad, if you feel | from $1,000 to lend on spproved Cocos and
FOR_SALE:- LIGHT VICTORIA HORSE AND | nauseated on rising, if you | Tom proverles. Appilcations taviied ta
BALE—ATDARUALS,—50.lage NE . ’ Y 55 Maine Squsre, Portof spala= Sept,
k UM ine deligbtluliy cool Valay of HARNESS. _i are censtipated, it means ,;N-I*
Cascade, crate and. rout cal * A Monn nucay wih tidieg mec, that your stomach is wrong
f land mttached taleoin perfeceorder, Heriog oo f ,
eee oe een Goons, acd eae ‘Teen ther use for thera B caoh purebeser will and an need Abbey s Salt, REVO LVER STOUT
To ba sold at a baigein, Appy oo the | weet with a barga a. App'y te ue] and need it badly.
comines, of st No, WA, Afgy.s of, Cry, | LOVELACE, Coart House or 37 New Nothi ee,
eph 14th.—2w. Street. othing so bad for your
Uagy roe eee ie | : healthasadisorderedstomach, | FRESH SHIPMENT
Beudtion fet ola hes s DHE NULLS 1 nothing so good for a dis. + nace
PHARMACY, 4 or d e + | otdered stomach as Abbey’s ,
modivas lores, Nos. 36 aod 3, South 0 , Salt. Glesgow Steamor
known ac Mamou’s Sporce— Landon Add: ' Y
Quay. MOT UM ater al Goulet FIRST CLASS Soll in two nice bad Chemntt oa See
BtL—6, i ee Site . and by Messrs. WC Ross & Co., Port of Spain Sold by every Dealer throwgose
£ No, 54 Eaward Stint, situate ta VI Cc T ORI A, tee Colony = 7°
Bas Ta, ry elo reom font ed — WARRANTED. °
drawing room, diving of ' . >
bese aul, ¢ Bevoome 2 sorant | Neroced Blyton UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL, | OH,
Foo! " . TY x x FA "[ 7 ORO
Sled, “79 Bysld 2h a rete DUST RECEIVED | ines CLARE, BUNCE |” anv ean wAmrosrec cha ge
poxtoe Lorerro Dumanoizk, 107 ~ FROM - Diteot Steamship oommunicstion between Appreciated by all classes, 1
Queen Street, Portol Spsinj= 4b Sestr. the Weer tadies aud Hristol per thelaperial bl to th rou
Ques . NEW YORK Direet West I- dis Mall Mervice Compan heat .
Darticuiars oa regerds the curtieula

I * Vioriat Villa” Cornet of De Usetro

qu btying for Degrees, Dip'cwas ond Cer-

end Tludis, Laois, comity Gallerye iitcaten ty be obtalued from JAMES
Boon Lining [ovesottal Flower gardea ye UNI aESITY OF ButstuL, EXGLAXD,
mink ovr Bauen bray cba WEY & C0,” |= —
set cin penne ngs a | ww ae

nd! extmen| * .
Puitioatars apply a No, 2, Kudia Lave oF | 9545 Joly—lw ICE NOUSF, WE:
at 66, Marine nett A : or —

Be a a eran Valley. (old | 7 Scoptombor 23
modi ata eauieecite eer a | (UDidad Poblic Library, | #:"rontctee'soeet mova

eo tiv i. cling Governor, ton.

aad oe abe tack nod. ¢nere is abo 5 fue TW. Kvagus, CBG pend Bre, Kxavon)

bovee, A delighted place to spend) (cOUNTRY Mouters plese soe — aT rit~

time, For fartber particulars ceil or Freight on parres up ig 8 be., weight
apply tot cuonar & fy Bowth Qa | peg tesa tidaced to fewe conte DPaeale earners Atcizag,
Aagest 26—1639. ——~ | over, asd oot mole then Ibibe, eight ee ante, Chareb, Diego
TLE —Toovovgotryd Jamaican | cents, —Bubscsip boo —£1 per aupen i, -tortin,
‘Mare * Swestbrias,” petootly sound | allows country members ale Lovks at s Get AT 8.30,
bad very stylish io sadcio end Dele | time, aod two bike aresioved ena syle | pg" wes ~
apply YR Wau, Bt, Crus — etiption ath, yer feet For festber ° a.
‘helee _ | partlealare spp 7 to the dimaanian Bet. 7
~Fke Hayiso Vou vndibies hoe Helrorbereats will be provided, Tickets

aasy le bed frem Niro A, E. Hartegio, Mrs

T learnt, travellerect the

ing returned from their German and
Italian rounde they were filing upjtheir

anian who knows Eng-
Jand and Holland well, ‘we work bard:
er, Weare more economical, and we try
nicre than you do, | think, t¢ meet the

if See that you get the genuine article

WARD Paice & C0 heve received for
asle from private residences excellent
Houschold Furniture Ivcludiog etogie
and doube bedstesde, wicker tables aod
chelrs, presser, dining room suites, Pisso-
forte, dining tables, washstand?, sideboards
carpets, refrigerator, 2 Typewritera (Yost
and Hemington) ard o her effects, alt fo
good condition and cheap for cash—on
view ab the Auction and Estate Office,

55 Marine Cquaie—Sept. 1—Iw,
70 DE BOLD SAU pacing Coron Ev. ‘econ Es.

rps 0

fate ab Caurt, (Chaguanas, Cunie
pia, Santa Crus, San Grande,
Cedroa, &o., Xe, slao Rubber EKetates io
Tobage, spd Out tion in che south:
ris ef Trinidad. Fall particulars on
application ta WARD PRICE & CO
Auctioneers & Estate Agents, 55 Maria
Equare, Port of Spein— Sept. Li- lw,

UB & . aE
M for Rent’ several good Housre{a the
Lest residential districts at $12, $25, $59
moothly. Particulars free—from ibe Aue
tion & Eatate Agency Offices, 55 Marine
Bquare.—Sept. H—tw,

and & og QUARTS, each.

very bottle nas cork




Chacon 5t—Terphone 190,




wl Sa by Lighining are made good

bitte coats tt tei sud Bae Toronto National Exbtolttonst 1009, Whoeleale
PSSM a sucage Cra Bete Uns MYATT pacgea
Fe vanca, Cn SulnAguats; Bes ee erly street, Pox baplpem


F’ow REAM os BuAST,

It Bomoves Proud Flesh

TT a tne

Ex SS, ‘St Jan’


p the Boyal Mall
a) «© Beeam Packet Uo

cape evemiae

Aoxt Sailings to Earova’
**MAGADLENA” an 19th Beptr.
“CLYDE on a October
* ATRAIOâ„¢ ., vee 17th October
“FAGUS”. “ se Bist Octe.
* BAGDALENAâ„¢ .. a 28th Nove,

Hext Sailings for Pto. Colombia


Carthagena, Solon, Jamalca & | 312 BAG S N 0, L NA G i ARC]
“ATRATO” nan Mth Bentember “
“TAGUS* 1 ave 28th September

S00 Barrels




The above steamers will work
quarantine at this port,

Kxinrsions to Fngland


Ot at aT





Tires Class Retern Ticketa ad the above
attractive rates will be iseaed in eon

28th November ,,

These Tickets will only be ava: for
the return journey from Eagiand by an
ot the Company's Mail Steamers leaving
Southampton, as noder ¢





nertion with the Company's Mall rere nnn ean

steamers Irving Telalded on the fol- TT se

ng dates t , =

Sth Aunust 1910 |’ 20th Beptr, 1910 1 X . 4

Bind Angutt 4, ad setober ve %
tt, Ut to

Piglet Detober 191 " ‘ ‘

lath November ,. Ol Ota ~



2bch October 1910 | 234 November 1910
oth Nown Fin Dececaber s *
, ee December as | ava secas GULD MEDALS of the bignost awards wherever tb
pt esrengrye urs reguested to nota dist | chibltod..| The only CIGABS and CIGAUETTES awarded « omtiderl @ bar
ab'e till not under any ciroumstances | *26 Jamon International Exhibition, 189) im

Machado’s Cigars and ttes are f tk eee
aste. Unigue io quality sai aromas, Are for sqoker of eultars sad ra

The Wos sbi 34 Blend
CIGARETTES eanact’ by excelled or oquiled ee GAN

be extended,
Passengers are recommended to secure
thair berthe for the retara journey imme

lately upon thelr arrival in Kogtand,
For all forthee ivformation, apply at
be Company's ciica, B & J. B ‘MACHADO +
SsQuanm blink’
Port-of-Spasn: LA TROPICAL, fat Javoig'


Real Kaatate and Assurance Broker,
Valuer and General Com
tniveton Agent,


(Opposite General Post Office,)



1710. 'Bi-Genterary 1910,

edie ely
Once a Rayo. user
always: one

OF THE i? |
The RAYO tiisuir

Nickel-Piated over solid Brass
It not at your dealers call or write

West India, Oll Ce
Office s 4, St, Vincent Strest.—Telaphane it 2

The Oldel Fire Office in the W rid,


erat durcopiod a pee

iy des:

Sy Bases PS

Current Rat je y re



Lucien's Cecom and Chose!

From alt others ty reason of ed favour, aroms, and Hy
faw sips,belog va Boles to proeltes CT "Diplowe of

& ‘09.


Xertephone Wo. 70

Travelling Ne tatlve— j
volving presenta tive eENRY E, GlUuoUX,

Dyspepcura, The Liver Friend..

G CoP eee eseaersare be

ENTLEMAN of bigh standing fo the conmunlty says For

mooths | bave bono’ sufering ery tuck from Jodgesuce ant

Epaety, and Dave tried meny rv tardies, some of whick have qrve OF

way ober Trans en aoee oe a eo a ae,

sa bold at 8 shilling at ,



este br a,
et THE FAVOU Eris RMACY, ofponte Wash House
ipepcurs to country sesidents on the revelpt of 1/3 la Pouage Suaope

We goarantee ib to heal
alter allalsefails , ,


7 i anybody
wka is couemplas being sugeged, o {fyou know ! :
. DERE LEO S, 2 nvei yt

" Tt prevents Grangene,
It Cleans Old Sores,
And Heals Them,

4 Is deals ati 1 wh wounds and
eatre wheels, (bree mules and barnes, A, Lreytor, Miss D, Eckel, Mis A, Fate reby bome aatie Avimulag Diamon'
unl 8 niin A, Fstey, [pie Public tsb 03, Srystem or Domestic al
at ie cod ggailtion, tise 8 stati ab HUSBAND NO.ICE Moe ey) Hgher, aud Mealloweil Moss | T qecerel Balt herety wot! fed, thst the xtc imelts | dow''t oréeu from acatalogue waich shows a picture of @ de j
Mensa beanie Yo particulary riese ve AND : 2 The Soewte wa = at Chemie Morege by the Nate, Me Rapbast mara on awe ins of a I comotive flash light and only got a more litde twiskia
a tareele. | : scaly bog te iclorm all wbo ey Le «Mus , by Lovey's | O. Moore # bi 12 ay oucy refunded {f quality is not as guaranteed, .
alley at Moynro, or the * Red Mortar I eccckasa that Lam po lovger usder otring ‘Be tivat Le paids The tasiaeee wil ooeence | CUARNATEED 10 at \
sere urea Uvyee Eels mI). muat te paid. The businera will cact'sue > VE SATISPAC- ° .
Op iearnnieg| me (Gent dinate eee] ASR ARmuO/ "BEE WHAT YOU BUY.
. Tee oa ee we: | Ses | Me. Floveoria Gosmen bse been 8 oeniat “ |
oF Us be coprerned in any izensatitos what opted manager of re at be ; 7
\ pane ONEY. same over parporting to Le on mp: nts i. Vogeta bio Socd¢s ag vetbority to enter Ineo ih coppeecta SMITH BROS, & O° rane eebl LEADING. , d ify
L A uy terms 00 30 AN CU, HUNKLETIA = GRANT. 4 A choice selectiun just to hand ibe, Segemnle te my bewe snd cb my The Denasss Dy: 7 ‘ Welcome, bee ing barcogo i eee oe
TRINID. . wark, , eoee Drag Beer, 7 , | pared freeb TDL. ° Bina
BA Fredacioh Bumvt, | Stow Sead, Maomuota dort 24 ywa[at the Howtien Fiiammacy, | avy. atny wie? NES UUENAN, fA Taney Nas Be? BSE tO sort eee er Cla
4 OV, Beg ae
- ;



Patent Flask,

Tho Origioal and by far the best

BY DTN) BOQT DEPARTMENT. | cavrata scien Stock - Taking Over

BED LUXURIES ae â„¢ rine me om OCK - td ng ver.

ama acrece: | OOtDALL Boots, Tie a eae



H pusiTERs” Fea Bis bands and sa begn tess 10.0 ridin NA TQ pea mest ma that arket FLASK
rome’ = Fooreale goors — |Beseeeeraea|STARTLING VALUES ~ ==="
.. oi |For Men, Youths and 'Boys, Part mtn Seoretary,

Rb a e
: HE oa CERT” a Reductions
; STORES. Ww ith extra insteps straps, McGregor Pattern Trinidad Building and IN EVeRY DEPARTMANT,

DE SILVA'S mene asa Loan Association,


et “THE ASSOCIATION,” ~ New Shipment
ih § ‘ IOE+ NO. CHACON STREET. o: J. A , »
i FURNISH Nt yet oe gra for foiwards -- from. capelepmene: moan IN VW CO ODS 8.8. BRERADL: TAM BI YORK,
wee The Board of Directors of thie Association on OF THE FAMOUS =
—o— - Suitable f lion fon the gta | ATEFIMOWIDEND OF 4 PER CENT Laces Embroideries, Dress Goods}Ti ten L:
. p; ABEECROMBIB ST WU e tor any pos ton ,o0 the 8 torltee aie sur! a oot mated 5 un s en amp,

. —_— gages are now pild
Perwone a7, FOOTBALL STOCKINGS, |2=#c8.. Hes Me Me
aii» Gun t Bart St Sl OCKIN DSRENTURE On
on spphestion at the Ofice until 30th N O A complete steck
WK SMOKERS CORNER.” Gl dinn: _emmesstenne yt SKEO CH & C e thapes Entei
e nl 1 n fl i fi a" S,) ries of the Association, ‘Price Makers & Bargain Givers. larandof

5, Frodorick Street. Seerstsry de Treaster, 12 ¥wed, Stveet, Any Candle Power

Augast 26 1610.

1Â¥ THIS crry,

Bavieg Wofo of


E Bighclass Assortn ent of
bacCOS, Cigars OR) orem
R~ Cigarettes. SOLE AGENTS}

Mews of oor Ber iiton 8 arey bate > 3
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None [genuine g Uhout Centrat Sup.
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Goodwille & Wilson, Ltd |accrmr

COLONIAL TT Coconut Bectrraays Orrice: Orrice,

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don—72o. Tin

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BI call the Pew in ¢My Lady
vs ete the Craven Misture and
—T. i. Barrie,
rm R MIxtOni .
ai Doe i

miities” e108 Ti O56: U. 8. PAT: OPP, AND GREAT BATAIt
Fayptlau Cigarettes Bhe, Tia

7" Sie, Tin

Firs wnle Avbote for Tospas & O's Bottles,

i Exynilan Vigere’ts Co.’ High
hist & & Beypile

5 Cigarettes,

Bivills « Wilaon, Ltd,

B.D.E. L.N.O, R.

B Piece for * TWEED,”
A wise this chanes
fine “QUILL,”
above cost
carefally the Address,
Beto ee, way
sy pay?
given on easy pay

HALE PRICH, aa et cai
250 Tailor Made Garments|*"=

“ tance of three hundred feet through the


zchase of the lands snd balidinge st Ht!
Secretary's Ottice wo

Haturdsy Ist October, 1010, ie frection of

the following Nasolation an the aext
* lande of the Honourable Il A. Aleaser.”"
nt used a4 quactare for tle
the superstactere and beub-structure

t Wayori1unmss
ABDELNOR, ren fi comps
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pur GROCER TreSELS BROS, 70 (oT ESE POR - SALE berks

Bsn TO HAND OFFER FOR 8, L} H would not ak sn ge for ou resi aR Colonlel Becrata: tose oe.
Wich LING FISH] = ANOTHER NEW LOT |[recacsastes| BOWID @& CO.|“Fo hen —

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BYED rics PEeT lsc, Ib mee well oe for, yo és ”» ota i iD et

* TUNUU meee ein tighl' fa oar tat EX S.S. “BRIARDEN E. aie ier a Chat Catige Dotecloal Bepartnants

. SaLt nee Se ose Newfoundland God Fish ae "Modical Hall P CARMODY, |

of a bridgeover Coura I ves, Contractor
bt v6 peor be "the eum of £50.


aN PHONE~302, 85 Orums Prime Large Lunenburg COUFIBI.
fn MAOAHONT, ef rc ee (ARGH AWD MUOIUAL) . TELE 5 ’ 0 Tierces, . - SMedium , 20/10,
mannii Bava) | CUBE SUGAR—60 Ib Boxee, Smith, Robertaon & 0.) es pears. rise re ee
TUE me WYER FOR BALI ~ f = tbat owsere 1¢ purchased
feet ee scdita~ |SA LMON—Red | and Medium fed. oa hat from m, EX SS. ‘PATAGONIA from HAMBURG |Ic= asta a ae the 17K Janay,
ee MRCUITS, TABLE BUTTER in Caser— etersen’s. (22 2 BS, Balybia’— from Lond uaa, wile
Bes grcesolBei vein or — Bz 85,, Haracas at New York 100 Kee AMS TELLA tor tec od
a 18 Beles g. Jasks fe tl sed bith ue
; Bt tcon ts eat . TO, & SOUTEE qQ uA. x. Ex Ktevont Arrivals: 160 Coses Condensed Milk—Neatles 1 Ab Tius Pa ta sakes
; GROCERIES iPnone 574, GAUTIER BRENDY 19 8 sath 20 Casos GERM \ STA — “old t” _ : etre man! tat
' ss Nothing | wintecressn A NEW GARAGE. oats ets
beget ommEaWisA Microbe Killer |There is “ Nothing Suecle gs Cocoa way ——————
{Ya pened Dp Going at lowest Just as Good” Fe ee O ARRIVE, (PME SITFENS CARRIAGE FACTORY bes added & new Dereon in the
, Prices Large Botile Noo Land BULILUEIO ACLO- is 5 out Draw ororsnur ax BxIO corn,
h iw do at J dollar. for ous be Bigs White iw DRAZILIAS Cans, Whste Meter Sst ie oI na Tehvs, Vie. cam ibe 0 crane om waniela Acty, Calvalal Bocewsaly,
aerate tau GOODING, Got Wt ab Bawlin’s Drag biore the Hoglish Puaraise ras Vharmacy, cua as yee ING frebarge of at bate betas web ud wok, Lawet peices, Wyaleu,
Bares bark tales

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ee. . a nat a” \ . . ‘ em a ilnlillls fae a! he cate, toa 5. Sat cece ok
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i Lmeecpegatinieeuerey BUPRLEMENT 10 4 z.PORTORAPAIN GAZRITE THORSDAY SE: TEMBER 1b ivy 38

HUTC H [Marvellous isthe Bel of ="
HUICH TABLETS On Your Polished Floors,






Arnott, Lambie & Company


. Barbados Mutual 2? mau. 88am. sar HOUSE AND LANDIS TSAR YE |GET LOLEAR OF
puptic NOTICE is sbereby gtvea that | P>UBLIO NOTICE fs hereby valve tet For Salo, , .
to exercise of Fs‘te coo. be — 3: 1
LIFE ASSU RANCE SOCIETY. tained fa 8 cern te deed of Mortgnge ded in Huaanedl Lotie and copteiood tn a ( THAT WELL KNOWN, PROPERTY, Notico. Those Points ...
ed day of Jaanary, segiatered fa | certain deed af Mort dated the Sth
farious Systems oF Insuranco, tha cthos of the Heglstrar Genersl as Mo, dey of May 1905 rerieced a No, 1607 of | With Bix acres of Land attached. nyplne Steamer * Delta” will. arrive on
—_—_—_—_— 1032 of 1810 made between Amelie Marie | 1905 and made between Isreel Forrest nd Bituated to the Hust of the St Monday, the 15 htost, and will leave
fer Lire ASIDRANCE.—By pr mlam paysbis tor whole of life. Anais Andre of the Grab part Gpinster, | Mary Forrest of the ove part and Em. | QUUNGT ot aoe adj intog the | {9% Ciudad ‘oliver oo Tuertay, the 16th,
for alimited number cf years, Mario Krnestiag Graham, widow of the | manuel Labia of the otber part there will | Augustine Sar Ye Mg 1 iolog The Bteamer BMuraceiboâ„¢ will leave
eee ASURANCEI—Payabonta Gixed date or oa previous deatn, sco nd pert and Bt, Louls Avril Proprietoe | be put ap for sale by Pablis Aactiua by Lecal Train Stetiva. for the same fort | Sarnrdsy afternoon,
Live AT \UBANCE.—Paysble (o the survivor of two persons on the death of the third pests there will be put up for | the aedersigued at thele Anuctioa B arte THe House which is delightfully cool | che 20h, and in fu'ure {heservice Le-
ee een ar thedt Auction Mares Noe 13, Bhs Virnoet | cont Ste eee eee ey Ssh | Ho thd g comfortable, cpataion pet | Sitch pettoranctalterbetely by eke Bieaeee
A. . reete the Town ¢: pain w rined siterne! e Blaam.
me aslnee srr oN CE, Ea tale aa sccarity fot temporary loans and Kindred | serve ig tbe Towa of Purtvot Spala on | oo Toereday the 1310 day of October 1910, Poe ein ae oie rooms betty | eres Lielta™ aod *Dleresalto;”. sailing


“No Matter What The Matter is
ONE WiLL DO You Goon:

wmuiry A ASSUMANCE —To accura an anouity to the wife o2 the death of the Tharaday the 15th day of § ipa. 1910 betwsee see bone ee eae Pee et certala arg vader cover to the Bouthe Fe ee ere iaerery wil’ contaue fa
LDREN'¢ EN , . All and Binguter that certain pleco of | plece ar parcel of laud situete at Ariepitaia ore aro two large berveuts’ rooms | 1 oe not farther notice,
ti ‘BEE TERA eRSUR SNC Tbe darout iosaretee et {he minimens arcel of Tan q Dow Keown oa yes 2 the Ward of St, Avos tn thls Island ccm: aoe eere eabliog fore s hones with Ore Dort-of Speia sia °
rt Fesdar, givlog the ‘advantege of low premium daslog tle early yeare of | poy of Port-of Spsia la the Toland of Puntteg oe ftres, oud patty apes lends coach house, leo fowl houre with Augast 12t THe AGENTS
i rat taccher fetormatiaa e101 apply to Trinided hwving a frontage of 64 feet and a | of Joha Simeon partly upon laude of the | rug at the back, rabbit house, etc.
‘2, pely depth ef 82 feet and ebaition on oa the North | beiza of Bitseos Jalan aad partly upon a ‘The Cacrea have bea levelled with vis Ss
te KaNOls BKOWNE—Agont Port-of-Spaia, on lends of bbe beirs of Johe Black oa the | Road on the Soath partly Epos Lande of | wire feoce all round forming # very A oO.
L W BONYUN & CO.—San Fernsndo, Boath on a Road on the Eton lands of | Merle J Henrletts Baptiata psrtly upon] neat paddock, Goeuere has beea fencrd " ~
See Peter Arthur Kemeey and cn the West oa | laods of the sald Jobo Simeon avd partly | in round Jhe house aad la planied fa} 4 Ht vepor +t Delta I Here’ 4 sa) Jaren 18 Nobody likes them.
lords of Albert Gregorle rio a ' upon the Arlapita Rosd on the Eust partly | various fruit trees and groacd poovimone bf yee tates J salud tee P
ted this a Gry 08 A nentt, 1010, Bpon lands of the sald Joho Simeon acd | “Water aupplied on the premises from J El earoe * Mateccibe ’ xarpara pare e! | We tncan the high Pri t
over + | partly spon the atid Ariapits Road sed on} the Ht Joseph and Tucspuns Water fl tatade, By wen te ant bho high / tices you pay tor
Government Auctioneers, | tbe West partly uy wpa, lends of the ssid Works ¥ P tig to'yoporen ® Delay" Mrnealty =
TRINID Hivsle Plesrietie. of peat panty, eres Thie property Je most convenioatly | bade al Fervielo alornilirameste entre} * p R IN TT NG
BALE DAD. MONDAY THE cere DAY | Jalmas and Eagene Boosperte, aitaat ih 7 ae en from Port of Spain, éste , los Fuertos det C Orinces, sallenda de
rly more valuable | qt uae ocadet
OF SEPTEMBER, 1910, Dated thle 0 ia day of of Be a araber 1810, fotbis rusing district de Tact itie now qptace code tdbido staged oo | Gud the quality yon get In return,
UBLIC NOTICE ls is bareby von thap Asotionsers, | fooked upon se the fdacl spot of the | Viger bsate enero ariso, Consult us and get clear.
1a exercise ofthe Power of Sale coe | Teri, — bocaltty, fe acing iba St Auguaice tab. Poorto Esp ies 5 110, Pemberton’
Rabi 2a tpt Ae [AED OE wponeapgy a4 | sno arin tc] LOS AGREE Eo emberton's Printery
made betwees Dard . paper or to
Toby of pen aad Joke z'Bipust Deneis | PUBLIO NOTICE is boraby given that THUS. J. McCARTHY, | BRU Pon russpay tue sora Day | Hone 690._76 Queen Street,
Bains fod oe Lut Sar £4,189 | ferred oe Morizugoenby the Conreyene, | —— oo OF BEPTEMBEL, 1010. SALE FOR THURSDAY, SEPTEMUER aud
tt petty el be prep as ibe lng sod Law o Proper Ordivacce 1834 Abbevs 3 pratt NOISE | ta bs ereby giren the apie
Auction Mart, No, 14, 8t. Viscoot Birger aod coptaioed laa certain Deed of Mort+ in exeroiee of the power of sale con: UBLIC NOTICE Is Bereby given that ia
Port of-Bpela'en Monday the 2 bday of peae dated the ave to tbe "yee ry VS fered 4 n Morea gee bY she Coove ilo P urging of the powar of pale ceotsioed ta a
as Neo 2 OF clog sa vel ot iw
d Reploatee 1910 between the hoarse of § ead sod, tusde. between ey tabeleg or tontalned 10 ae 7 ore ee Mets tain deed of morgage bearing date the 3418

bd of March 1908 registered aa No. 753 of tbe
5A ecol of deeds for the year 1908 233 mads
nn Ardur Owcer Dominique of the one
part aod bisa Gardie of tha oiner part the

urge dated the 3d day of Angast, 107
ance between Mery Ana Healy anil -
fon Henly, A ugesta Healy, Ledle
Henly of the ons part aad Sous wo artor
Rex Btollmeyer of the oiber part and
registered ag No, 20d for the yea v 1907
Ubdtre will Le pat up for este i a undere


ALL AND SINGULAR thad cortale
cosoy plentation knewa ag * Moe KE

comprhiag ore quarres of lend witacte ja
the ward of Saste Cros io the sald I:leod
sad abattiog on ‘the Nontb pe lsod now or
la'ely of Joseph Detier on the Sooth on
isnds of Mes, Pascast on (he East 00 lend

the i rt part, Juba O patel

parnacdtanibar Whine, Bowe Walse| Ab hey 3

Srighs oi the tbled part, there will be vescent
ersigned &

Thos Not Os! liane Frimencde in te | No more Constipation | Ne

tows of San Eerntnds, on Wedeerday the :
2aiu day of September i tere, ee} more Dyspepsia! No more

ran ew hours of baad 2 a » | ulgved at thelr Adstion No, 2 0 th
Sia s fm Ce has are Bayera sod on | ee obotber rate All thet certate pa f lend situate Bilious attacks! No more Parkville Street io the Towa St * Port-or ed, oe sae ae
Te ext of land and e-cca plastation sltuste ja.) at MeVonald Viilpe ia the Ward ef Headache! No more Kidney | spain on Tuzstay the 20th day of Septem: | ptuving ow the worth oa liads pow’ or lataly

y 4, Chacon oa the soub o@ lands now or

esas io tbe Ieland of Trinidad com: : 1
ry og ove quarree be the w me more or and Liver trouble!
ebsttirg o: a .
Edisberph Eatate op the uth wpra lands You can be as certain that
Cee antral ‘iesed sod fee the | Abbey's Salt will conquer any
West spoa wre of Patrick Witlewe| disorder arising from the

Pees see Ore OMT Stomach, Liver or Dowels,

"Dated unin 12.b ee eee ie. as you are that the sun rises

bars i910 ietweee the bon s of ove aad

rt ey that SMMeesusge of land osltucte at
New Town in the Toen of Port-ot-psia
fe the said Island formerly known as No.
17a, Prolongetion cf Vision Srteat but sow
known sa No, 210, Pictos Street and aba:-
Hog pa the North formerly upon Now, 16,
19 aad Pro'oogation of Bicton ftrect
but now 112, Pie‘on Aaces on the Soath
formerly «100 No 12, Prolopgacics Pictoa
Bueet but now Ne. 18 Preton Street

the tald word of Banta Crus compdsing
three qoarrees beleg pat of the lacds
formerly knowa ae “ Mauge” and abutiiog
oa the North oa lend pow or lately of
Jergmish Dresch oa the Bou!
formerly of Mexia sow of ‘euly of ons
Brown on the East o@ land of Jeremish
Dreveh and cn tbe Weedon laad now or
lauly of Jaan Farlas with the eppateo-

"Dated thie Iti dey of September. 1910,

TMP AWN meguae wore See) Tremont ine a ns
NDT LIFE ASSUR ANG i GUMPANY Care ot th ees reat and one

ad a Edinburgh. *ecotinnd

Auctioneer, | in tho East.

« Revenve vee Ms dee Goverumeat ‘Anctousers. . pa the Rad formerly upon No, 36, tn the willage of Ly, a 1g ec
des Decuagrp un oe “ 08 pani ; Costs but little to convince ine of Wendford tien Lut aow No | se on Dads | ow of aay oe Carine
- ae ee Foubs “ “ $7,750,000 B k K 1 yourself buy a bottle if ia Trolgagation of Woodlord Street | decribed om the rust ee the parcel bereicalter
’ ‘ Ut BECURI re : OOK~ eeping cow Nu, 107, Woodleid Sires aod ou the Ce the tint oe Name, oe mace of
bee! NDERATE. RAT?. ABSOLUTE Home Icdostrles Association, — . . 1 chondas ent soreel | S709 spon Paton Bw, as aol comer Wt t aad
Pesce on arccorlty of Polistes up to 90 par cai. of — AT THE SCHOOL OF COMMERCE ed tra nny a ch fauCo itd Dated this 6 ls hans of peeptembers 1010 aa ALuilng 8 tbe porih oe Lauda of Charles
Q a Leodug oe 6
- bite . ‘dab boris & rates daring visits to Burdpe ane NOTICE, ees Neoping ie all ita Yelog devoted eo ——— =* et River aad ae sory pera of ad
otome not : . - +: sent
we I Hokies eitrast Judies wist LIGHT KEFRESHMENTS theod ef ibs ont, wil ave tbe nd NOTICE: Violin * School. |rcepiiy, Sram ute of Muscst
Reid BORRALA ACCEY TAD sni Polielgstesued 12 the Wert In: ua wri ly, e649 acon seatera of a thrie, maths’ vou Ib wueLesesd oud abutting oe the sort and east on lands of
Lied 1 Sate uD taernty om proot of death and sattistsrnt sade | ing of Bacon Bergen Cred | EATING ERE We? ter fo {a bouliy ths thepablecbeu Me J | xin H. ME SSTA LL COOPER | gers hee sad 00, tbe west ou leode of one

Y t
bog of Baer Sete panko, Crab wii? ta the Chief Adsletant, Mra

aNOUcY, of to the Ki. ect vs 4 1 ti Leeceiven aad vinits g apie fue lost cectios, Vuled this yed day of
if Wout ooh aye ts aducitied ato apsbaliongetie after Two Ylar | times 6 weeks Poosem 2 gual Nc frat | oi tis Leihbes 3 AAT) Daluoet Cuea'er Road " vo} MOTT eon
onase ‘speree w a aecvicg Lh. hava we SUON4
A BROCK AUBTIN TEA ta Berred wotll 629 pica TiveAvgut, EP Pic ceaay tea Byte Mhed x, August Sthela, wer Goverpatat nuctliocters



1n san ae Satan

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No os tare San,

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ON sage me,

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