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' m4 - “
, :
‘ é-

een. SUPETIOOE TO Tare PORPOP SPAIN Gagetre ‘turspAY GE TEMBER 15 lle nes i

w ' ohne , a
fs - h * b d iis ton Beprone Cees of Tetahded and TRERDAD RONBSDAY mR gern | Ta he Bopreme Conch, of Trlolded acd
” 0
eI I ¢g ar a OS utua Surmecly Jarledictite:—Pott-ol-Spele, DAY OF BEITEMBER 1810 Fammsty Joriediction—Port-of Spain. 3 HENRY STREET,
, No, 94 of 1918, puesto NOTION fs borety piven that |] No sa of HID. |
" John Betheley—Plalatiff be szorores of the Power ol orrysne, Allce Bolgiee—Tialntift , .
SUE ARSURANCE SOCIETY. fn cits «ILE WEI ae noygiyencs- | Carriage * Harri,
eh mires ov of Bad sonteleed ia 0 corteia \ joPbe Roe \
‘ UBLIO NOTICE ts iron that ty 1988, Defendants,
‘ PUT Dhoewe of tis Nomecr, Toe Coict | ones tt 2 BT ns ese 20H MidAlwe Saelslew,

Various Systems of Insura Jeotiry mate berets en tee, fi btu of dabeisg of | PUBLIO NOTICE 1y beret siren, that
Â¥ noe, Jone, 1910 there Wil be pet co for tela ined Apart twee eet the oe P purseanste the decree Bacio dated CORN MLLLS,
| Brigra ths doors of the Coars trowse, ort: | pars and arthar “Willem Stowe Wale: | te Ith Sor or one ing Chief Justa + = £8,
WHOLE LIFE AS ICRANCK.—Dy pr mium payable for whole of life, ofS ale on Theredey the WA day of | wright of the third -part, there will be gt His Romar Gay of daly, 191d» there, TRON POTS. COAL E BAD IRONS, | work. . This is fast
De 70. tora tenited ber ef September, 1910 berwrses the bours of 1 / net ap for sale hy the medersaned at bie 7 t K* LO, ORAS wer, the Dr
_ ENDQWMRST ASAURANCEt—Payatre at a Bred date or on previous deaths ont ao ey RINGULAR thar cftea No. Os Hesris Pre mesade ia the | il capatny for reels ieee Tuam | NIV ES, COCOA TWINE. of thy leek, thep
SUINT, LIFE AX URANUT.~Payatle to the parvivor of two pervs on the death | gin ‘piece or parcel of iend ol wate at awe Ban Eevoansd: oie etrece ibs dey the 25.8 dey of Beptemter 1910 b. Stencil Ink, Dietz Lanterns, jen

BHORT TERM ASSURANCE.—Ba.tatle as security for temporary loans bad kindred Tosapane ia the ssid Ward of Teverirua | hours of Laod 2 ps, tween the hoare of 1 and 3 p.ry . i org

i | cormpriet ix for. thereabouts aad Aiteate | ALL AND Sivcorar shit o rata yleed . ‘mn
ANNUILY ASSO GNCE —To secare aa anaully to the wit b of th sbuteg fa the Nerths spoa lande ot the Le at Peet te Ward of ot preel of fend aitaate ia (he Town of Show Tams a ar
huchanct, ‘ anity to Lhe wife oa the death of the | aevecth Day Adveutias’ Charch on the | Chagovoas ia tre Island of Trinidad com | Dore ol-Spaia la the Island of Triaided ‘B t = St mi

+ CRILDREN'4 EXNOWMENTA Viatul aan proviston for diuentls: Benth upon fanda vf Mary Moris em the | prisdog one qearree be tbe some more or | formerly known ae lot No. 34, Bar resk eatrice oves, wills

BALARUEVBLIE TERA ASSURANCE fhe ont Guarana tbe islam | Fost Wy acta ues Ques | eovtee Mees (hegeneirtn | 4" Uorden"duage se etaig on te | HOWKY SOALHS BRASS’ SIFTSRS, |p
™ Torresen ee the advaolege of low premlam dailog the sarly yeas of | alten the Weet ppoa Jublies Mirect, @ Me Tanet Lhewered tbe Bn “epee the | North apon the Birest formerly tuown ae And numerous other ariletes, Wholesale
: For farther totormation please epaty to : . (8gd.) 1. H. LOVELACE, Usraplchama Roya! Road and oo the} Barrack Btrees bat now deigcated had and Retail, MAGIO FOO

h . ' Acting Depsty Register, |] Waser pea Vande tf Patrick Piilleme Gordon Sureed £2,°% Bout wpe fos Special attention given (6 Wholeeale | thas by den ee
. save and exerpt therefrom four lots to! ~ No. 37, Cusfomers, tem. aod MAGIO Hew
a@ FRANCOIS RtOWNE—Agoct, Port of8pain, | | TSINIDAD AND TUBAGO. the card J uo Ocevo} Fe eee ad ga the West apos sotion and proveut § reearh dl

In she Bupreme Oourt
Io the Matter of the Estate of
Godladab, sometimes cilied **Gobin”™ late
of Vereeversoce Village ia the Ward of
OCboguanas ia the Island of Trinidad,
pusttc NOTICR Se hereby given that
Bpplication hss beea made to me by
Meeaish cf Perseverance Village tn (he
Ward of Chogusnas fa the Ivteod of Trini.
dad, Widow for a grantct Probate of ibe

Ic Ne 5 ward Suree’.
7 PONT 8 CoS Foroanade. eee Brrcutar that certela plece
or pareet of lacd situate fa the ssid Jown
of Port-of-Spsin formetty known .as No.
11, St, Panl street but now assessed aod
known ea No. 19, St. Panl Street and,
abuttiag onthe North apon cb Yormerly
No. 6, Clifton Hil Road now 22, Uilitos
DAY OF SEPTEMBER, 1910, Btreet on the Bouth upoa St. Mail Breet
renal on the Kast upon lot fprmeriy No, 10, 8r,
Wil besrlog d UBLIO NOTICE ie hereby given that | Poul Sizeos but cow No. 8, Bt. Paul Sires
at on dite the 6th deyot Acgust exercise of the powee of sale cons] and onthe Weat spon No 22, £t. Paul
$i of tbe, above-named Goblodah sows: | tained Ina certain Derd of Mortgage dated | Street, AM and Singular thet certela
Vi lage af aa late of Perseverance | the 10vh day of Basch, 1909, reg-atered a9 | mearasge and parce) of Bod eltuate in ibe
Biot. ol Dr id deoessed. who d-edon the | No, 927 for tbe yeat 1600, and made be> | said Town of Port-of Spiin formecly kaswo
toa of he dee ay haviag at the tween Alphonse Auguse of the ozs pert | og Nos, 237 end 230, Be'mond Cucu‘ar
Parsevere oe fixed piece of abode at f and Semmy Ellas Jacoteos of the cther | Ro.d nowascessed and kaowa se No, 225,
Terveveranca iitege stcresald,*tha bald] pert, there wil be pot up for aude by | Belmont Chealar Koad end abritiog ea
the sald Wit oe cole ezecnteiz camedio T pablic auction by the nodersigned, at | the North spon ‘the Bemont Cuculat
AND NOTICE hele Amotion Mart, No. 2, oorner of f Rosd on the Houth upon lecds of one
Onveat is lod ‘ts aloo given that if po | Geckville and 80. Vincent Streets, Port-of- | De Fisitas on the East ufos Rigac's
dwooty-righd ged Lefore the expiration of | Bpale, on Tuesday, the 13h day of Bep- | Strees aod on the West upon lot formerly
bie tht from the date of the | tember, 1910, between the hours of ove} No S41 tat now No. 227, Be'mont Clr
publication of this notice, the Coart will I and two p.m. ¢
woceed to feece tn the ed, eentan Pte] Firstly.—All end slogalar thet certala

Dated thie J2b day cf Anenst 1920,

JOSEPH GONZALEZ, | Caomet etme ree

3 Wenay &tarcr, erdera from the office & the
Rose’a Pharmecy, Coreez

Road and Plecaaily ond
Pharmacy, corer of an
Streets, #

For farther parttestals apnty ta,

We moryape ;
Fer oar booklete’ te nee
__. Spanlah kite Dash,

With Bur toe Erte
ik nored of atedek
Bituated to the: Mant sef the
Anguatipe Bevaseeh ‘tad wdjolng ia

BALE FOR TUEADAY, TAR St Pamphyllan High School
TODENS oh Beptombars woe
wyera, Merebsnte, acd Teachers,
recommend it'as the beat Bchoot for bos,
latendlag to go to College, well grounded
fo Latin & Freoch. Buys will be able toult
in December for the lege exams up to
the age of 13 years, Boordera necepted, For
fareber particalare, apply to the Priocipal


nlar Rosd,
Me of the sald Will . Cae en eee rag DO quate, | paved thle 30.b dey of Tole, 1816, Gd Badatist and Demonstretor a! Teale Coan,
i Deted the 87th day of Ansar, 191g. Einate ot Petive Garuceye, ea the Ward of nett LOVELAN (CAA ncrty Dental Callagee SAY ¢ HE House whieh ife
r T. A. THOMPOON, | Seote Cras, in tbe Ivlend of Trinl ad. ee 27 Erederiol: mt. confortable
Cgusé-destroys | Megistrar. | koowa ae “Providence,” aod abatiiog ov TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO, Al beaochas of Up-to-date DENTISTRY

ube North upoa laod of Ubarles Stollmeyor,
on the South upon lends of Kapacy, on the
Kast opon fanae of ane David, and on the
Yo the Saperme Ceurh of Ieinid and | Weee upon lands of one Feliz,

Oy Seoundly.—-Ail and singular tbat certain

iced on modern priociples af Fopulsc
Cet PHONE y8-—Hov, 1gth-m tone.


PCa ice tis es
Bo Ut he kar TRINIDAD,

Ja the Euprene Court
In the Matter of the Es ate of
Witians Arkkeas Ista of the Werd cf Mon-

rae mea Tt ie, san] le, Proprietcr—Decared,

No, 104,0f 1907. Be Rated of taod atnate at Coparo, ig the DELIO NOTICE [sbeibby pen thee —~Ox —
ween °. ouiserrat, 9 dsiaecd of je ere ¥en a wr
, 5 Jora deNodrige.,.Plalatid, Trlnlded, comprlaing Barres mole OF less Pp 8p lteasloe bs been mais te me by Soptel aT ber 23x0
~On ang ebat on the Norh go ods eorge dic i #0 938 ol 1
_ , . Matilda Corble James Heats, on the Bouth b; the Cepero Wardof Marssailla fo Wbelsaod of Tia | Srecow wButicling, wire feoce all -
aad Moad, ou the East apom lande ef James | dad, Pientece for a grant of Piobate.of ibe Ta ald of St Michael's Charch, Diego neat paddock. Ons aore hes been ia
Sie bos TilUnsD GoD DT EDD upnniy, Gorble .Dafecdeats, b Beanetatre, and onthe West upon lends lag wit and Testament of the sail W's A 1 ee ©. la round the Ronse sat fe peat
MURSDAY, 7 or thas ch yrdso% en the let day of June, various fru! and grove a
SALE FOR THUR Tyla, SEPTEMBER sand Wifo Notice. P by an order of Als Doaow Justice . , 1910 late of the avid Waid of fe gapb le Gente ne 5+ Water supplied oa the p ct
— Resell mide beseia on the We dey of | Aad Tairdty,—All and singu’ar that | tecanzei who diet oa thoD.bdey ofJuy,] Ledie., . tae =» we 3fe Pthe Bt Joseph and Tesspeas 15

PUBLIC NOTICE te hereby ques that in mpae publle Is hereby notited that T will | yaty 1910 bere will be putup for esle
exercies of the power of sale contained ino ra beresponsib’e for any debt cons | torte the doors of the Court Huuse Ports
certain deed ot wortgage bearing date the atib f tract by my aile, Nicholass Bancher. | of scetnon Thurredey the 15th day of Sep-

day o Much 2303 registered as No 732 of the | abe being no longer under mv prareetios, tember 1910 be:weea the buura of one aod

coftarn pices or parcel of lend sitaate is | 19:0 having a) the tlae of bis death

he Wad of Lavestiile, fa the Island off ited piece of abole ia the said Ward u
Tianid d, comprising G acree and % perche | vgnsioilla, the sad Georpe McLeen and
end sbutiog oa wwe North upon the | Josep B vod being the executors nemed

. Onn Works 1
Ickes eiptl | NA py kn
m ad fre: mA, ego, 7.

B. Drayion, Mua DU. Echols Mig As Fahey, | Sitadted, 7 mi p

Oeal of deeda for ths year tgod and mads LEON TIMOTHY, . Morvent Feta e, on the Socth wpoa lands bees Wil, And Ni i Mise ivy Rlugher, and Me Howell Moie, | 254 ,will become yearly mere
ween Aribue ey 2B yrio aus of sheone 8t John's, Nansnnea, . Ww md Bioguiae the ove nedivided | of one Owsnir, on the Eesb ujoa tends of ates a easaat bea Idged apis airay je ‘The Saieree Otuse, —1/9]50. ol ia this cislog district. ‘he ford dt]
Pint be purua lor sale talore ihe doore of tbe BSepr, 12 b, 110-19 lonrth part or shacoef the defeadans Ac- | ove McKenzie, aud on the Weer upor | expiration af tweuty eisbe days Irom the “ tooked upon sa-the

sande ut Cessmir, togethtr with the ap | dare of the publication of this notice, the locality, (rang the Bt:

wadersigued oo Thursday the saad day of Say N otl co. drew Corbie of aad ia all end stngular the

bet the bou fof 304 # pm, meseuages and lends known as Noe, 2, 4, | Percoaness thereto telongiog. Court will proesed so issue Probate of the | CV , ce The place can be:

WAM Boge vevefal, pareely of land and cocoa — tod 6 Uordon Biteet ia the town of vote) Dated the 20ch day of August, 1920, aid. Will to the enld George McLean aod Ss IN GUINEA U BRUS time on application (to Ofles
piaouasions wituate io the ward of Atinfs ta this [ HEREBY cotify tha rodlic ast tof of Spain in the island of Trinided ond LoULS JOHN & Cu., Toreph Blood nocordingly. paper or to 2
sland, abe fset thereot comprialog 35 acres give any credit to my huaband Mablea | abscting o0 the North a tot No, 161 Anctlooeerr, Dated thie Sed day of Angas’, 1930, Provision, Cocoa


mare or les kaswa as Mon kapolr’ aad | Petre, as 1 am oo lorger oudor hia protec | Charlotie Street on the South Spon Goi (spd) T. A. THOMPSON,

ebatieg om the netih oo tands now’ or lately | qion don Street on the Rest a Jonte Kegletrar, Cond
erick tocerncattes heutere |" joseruineeneane, | aterl ceiteafes tend |TBIROAD ga agg| | ames 10 NATIONA
Wie U bites and onthe west oa Langs of | Salen Vil’nge, : don Brrect save and oncept the bourse and | °° “re Sebreme Month ob Arigna’ any MansHau’s Orrick, . as
several pettiers the second thereof! coniprising Disga Martin, buildings oa Jos No, 6 Gurdon Streer, No, 1 of 1910, 6h 8 prernter, 19.0, OMMISSION) MERCHANTS A uranoce Go: :
Ons quarce kegwa es‘ Fromaut Lavd’ and eit. 1th—tw Dated this 2od day ef August 1910,, . Ie the Matter of fa the Bopreme ours of Tri Lad and No. 4 Bene Strect $8

aburung on ibs gorth and eart on lagie of Cus J TRINIDAD AND 10BA00,_ L.H. LOVELACKs ‘Ths Baakraptey Urdinages No 8 ‘ooazo, s Guaranteed by the Yortehere
Coeaver on the south cactown lands ang bn the | In tha Supreme Court Actg. Deputy it-gistrr, [and in the Aletter of the Bukro Bumroery Joriedictiog, Port-of-Spale. nd Life Tvewrance
wett un the plautatl ss * Moo bspoir” the third Tho Registry at Port-of-Bpaia of Joseph Gomes cf tbe Town om No, 1199 of 1909, 8 ife ono

thervol comprairg 3 Quarvesnd abaving cn In the Matier of the Estate of ~
the north on the parcel of land trat bere os ter n the Mater . a TSINIDAD, Yo tof-Spsin, in the Land of
described om the south aod east o6 lands of one | Alice Palmer late of the City of London in * aw . Trinided, Merobant.

Laced ‘and onthe weston lance ofoce England, Spine'er,—Deseased. BALE FOR SEONESDAY TAH 287m | and a the Satter of an spoiiation oo

Cala the ionsth thereof comprising 2 q tarrers puto NOTICE ts hereby gives thet SEPTEMBER, 1910, beball of Gordon, Grant

to the village o1 LY Auadie and atuning on the tic tlon hue Leeo mede te me b \
egen on wands pomon iol y. of oe neue Pere Poe Cor, of Adiviosnza Estate, i PUBLIC NOTICE fe hereby elven tbat puBic NOTICE ts herebs given that
éctinbya 08 ibe exst on tne parce! hereloa‘ter | the Ward of Navane Urande Soath, Pisa. ferret og Mut'gizees by the Convesaa ie puraaanes of the Decree herela of
described ond va tbe wet on lan¢s of one} ‘er fora grant of Probes of ths Wil beare boing and Law end Propety Ordiasnoe Ills Looae, Mr dustlos Raceall dated

. Caan qbe fith thereof comprl ings andi 4b] g date Sth dey of Novemte-, 1010 of Tings containe( tan certain Memarantom the oot, ot ney eld eed the Orde
rare pesst iund in ibe sald village ot DAbac: | te Estate of Alicea Falmer late of tbe Tig Mortgare No. 69 daedthe Gh Jaly ot tie ne urd mati ‘mare! a
80d abaung on the surth on lands of Cherles | Or y cf Lendon in Eogland, Mceasted who | y909 from Noted 10 SVilliam Slosoe Hobert- | (°° y ans ere wi
Basar on tbe ob ontandsol the bere © | died on the 23h day cf Jonuary, 1910 | soa and Alexender Cockbora Hope, there | C8 Pot eP for sale brfore the doors of the
Gaaries, Cleaver oo the sual on the Maunes uring at the simeof ber death © Gxed | Jin be put up for ssle by the andersigeed Coart Hones on Thareday the 70ih day
Part eee oeiare deere’ aud tue anh | Pace oL-mbie at 38, Buxton Gardens | ay his Auction Mart, No, Oo Har is From | tag boure of 1 and @ peta, No chee
tdereot comprising 9 acres Siuate at Manic ctow Eng'iand, with athe Ony o , | enade, Sin Fernando. on Wedneday tbe aad singular that carteia merauage and


aon the weld Percy Tice Cox teirg ove of .
pad ata ing up tne north sud cath on Janes tye Faecutors hrened Ia the tald WL | 23° Oay of Beptember, 1910, between the titaate le the Town of Portof-

In the matter of

Hobert Lewis a

OTICE ks bi nye a thet th at
; ere ven, thet there wi

N be pt op tot bale atthe Menhal's

Auction Mart, No. 38, Se, Vincent Strest,

Port-of-Spaia on Sstardey theS4.n Sep>

ember, 1910 at J2 u’elock noon ;

The tighttitle aud buterestaf the Defen-
dant Ja s wooden tenement covers
with gilvanized lroa s aading cn lords
ot Lord Dandovald at Bsy 8 tect, St,


Jered upon ia the atove matter,

Depa y Muabal

Werd to Housewives, | ee cinta @
b id bi be. ” ™"
[) ctcts fie ‘plate sora off send tv Co BOS OE rue cad
Jou ALKING, 3 Marice Bqasre and bave (Over) vy oe
ic veplated 16 will be Jost as good as new. Head Oiises—Tork, ~ :
Namples froe charges as follows Per 003, a te v1
cf 6 Tea Fppons~ 369, 4 per net of 6 Dessert ow. Le 7
bart fs a Fadatoenat.| gauss od Cl One
5 petaet o ‘orks SOs.—27 ze i Fo per cent. of sks

by readences T ERD, ¥ae 8093
Public Notico. | __

b- ure of one and two pio. a TRINIDAD BGO. :
i Cowan jands apd ap tus West op tands ui our Lave being reverted to Arhor Hegre Firatly-—-All thee prroel of lend altacte Foto ticad batnoe’ eeanuer Loree * Ie ae Beene toarts $1,000 to bo I nvested
t Onstaie og: thes win the BPpurenane-* phe other ince] of ply for Syke Protare | {2 the Ward of devana Grande South in | ysowa aa Twen'y-slabe Tregsreie Row To the Mattar af the E.tare of On Towa wecurl'y, Please apply to br.
t, Hse goa gn day m onetenier aei® Nod putloe fealeog en that it na Caveat | b° ieee teode and’ cone ane fear and abaitiog on the Norn on Jo f Jeanyb Wong Choop, late of Tortugs, ia | FERDINAND Jourd Marxoor, Satictor
’ F_J, VOTTA FONS is lodged before abs expiration of twenty> | Gaurected le tbe diagram anuoced’ teton A ee Treeeate Mea ee ie the Ward of Montserrat, io the Leand 5

sf Trioijad, Saoptee per, tl

USLIO NOTE -E is beeby given that
apprcetivo bas bese made to me by
Mary Wong Choog of. Tortugs, in ihe
Ward of Monteertat, ba the Islacd cf
Crinided, widow, for a grant of Letters of
Adwioistration &« the Estate of the above-

of No, 23 Se Virco st btrects Port of Spair
or Me Menard Fera inter, ‘ut wie Central Effer- ve
Bai, Queen and Henry Biresia, Port-ale yescent
Ryaln, Dated this day of August, nustl
No more Constipasot

1910~— dug 3ist-leo.
Webor’s Alpine Tea | more Dye ce

Hons a
HES AP Ble poten the Gout wil proooed | COTA, Coaot da Yok LXXXUL fall git
TRINIDAD AND TODAQO fp wee Frobste of the gald Will accords forty Sra licke wide along tbe Pool River,
In the Matter cf the Estate of J.mes Died hia 10 b dey of Avgcst, 1910, si se the W, aby e y, Crown aed,
Alco Pierre Jate of tbe Toes of f- T. A. THOMPSON, that ane eee noes the leede bes
Jort-ol-Hyeln, in Ube Island of Triol- Reguttar, J by gravel from far ds of Bamode,
cessed, ATRAD \

Kee @ Street former! called Der
Revert eed oatbe West Japon Thirty
Tragerete Road formerly Newber »
Tragerete Roady Nadi Aloo sll and
giogalar that cestaie plece or parse! of
land aad messtege sitase in the said
Tows of Porevi-Spaia formerly known as


dad, =U ~— Bocond!y— Ali thet parcel of land eltua’e | ing NambeWS Trageret but amed Jcarplh Woog Choog, focesed, . No more ;
. . Riek by pirea thet GET CLEAR OF is the od if Bayave Grande poath renumbeled and we as Nember tate of Torcage sforeaai4, who died ov the flours :Pauce vee #108 Headache!. ble
UPLES NOTIC is bere Brea | by | sloreseld compel nin Are sores and housed: | Tisty ‘Tragarete Head baviog ibirty | 16 bday of Jace, 1910, intestate, heviog ante 33 and Liver troub:
app reatho be ane a we the Benth by o ure'ng, OF | bree feet on Traqerete Koad and tweuty pat the tins of bis dests 9 G10! piece cf - * VY n be ase
qos nue Joces of the fu. of Purv-tl- Iatus peduceed for be Bolabeaterasd 47 | Mine ft and pla itcbes froma Haat fo) grad on Tortesn eforeal# tha sell Mery} RAWLIN'S.DRUG Acolybus Jouse of 10 Foiled Teter and olioned har by Holahester sed by | West oa the Northern Side thereof aud | Wong Chong being the lawial widow wed — Abbey’s Salt will co

abating on the North vpon lands now or @ relict wf tbe said deceased,

lately ia the co-upativa of theh ire of | And notive Je w'so given Lat Lf no
ong Dawsca, oo the Hoth on Tragerete | cavest is lodged lefure the expiration of
Road 09 the East vpon jot formerly | twenty-eighs deys from the date of tbe
pember Feven sof on the West wpow lot | pablication of this wotice the Guurt will
formerly number olne ** A” both La Trege | oroceed to isons letters of Admiaisirstion
reve Road? No, EL Acd also all acd aloce-

ast reepectivey fora gran of Prue
beet the wal beatt g datathe, J9-b Jay
of Fewusry iu the prar one thousand
. toebeodred aod pine of the estaie of
Sears ‘Allred Pierre tate of the Town of



disorder arising
Stomach, Liver of
as you are that, #4

Wife Notice,

T]HE puliie le hereby notiGad thas Twill
not be seapopsible for any deble coa-
trasted by wy wife, Kibel Bherue, she

Tbirdiy— Al bet parcel of Jaod elt
tate Wal ef Sivank Ureode Boath elote


Portol Spain io the Isleud of TilowWed

Prones Street West bat sow renumbered Heglstrars

aod known a8 Thirteen S.ckville Gcreet

to the sald Mory Woog Cicng accord: ‘tn th East.
who died on the 2b sey ef May one axtt comprising tad sores two roods and lee that cartalo p iroe! of laod pod messae logty. . baylag Jely my bogee acd protection with [ ‘in the Bi
thoessed cine tap ired and too bwing ot y door pernbes dolivested fx the dia. venahetnens a August. 19° oat any ja-t rane. tele $0 CO
' the 8 me gl by death opted eres fe tram ategied 30 tbe Grows Sant ju Vol reaetiy: booen. an Nemes Toreest A Dh add a TH OMSUN,” SOSEVIT EMANUEL BUERUE, Costs but litte peel

f 9H and beusded 00 the Kerib
Cy aera borty ‘ths ‘

urself, buy a.
bre, ot Ri er, on re e od * ,


Tub Pept, 1910,

leet Emaoel Bradshaw sod

ames Atoiptus Jones belog the Exe- your

.: fa che esid Town of Port-of-Spaia havisg . < Cosa OE
MARUROTICR ancora tht Wes ag fee lin su aby | Sareea stahecaatcgta to | HOU Lodastries Associallon, | "MPN a ese oe ier aaron
eevest is lvuged before lhe o2 liatiee of Pool River sod by lands petitioned for by Nosib apon « Ree formerly osiled la the Master of orcas Svea

44, Quees ¥'


to brirg more
LS pririve Pattie wet

‘The Estate of Valbing Gonsalet, late of the

tl the
Swentyorlgas dape from the dave tt Ward of Mcruga ia the said [sland Planter

ticative of tbs notice the Cuat will
vacant to 88 probate of the paid alll

acourdiog y.

Wornsh SFd o8 the West by a Reserve | dijncs Sues West laut now renained aod
forty Ove ake wite aloog the Pool River Prlnon Bue Seeeeiite Bireete on tbe Both
by lands of Antersing ord by Crows land | spon lov furmurly Namber Twenty-tbrrs
h day of July 1910, And Fourthly Tall thet parcel of land | Loodon Biseet, on ibe beat spoo the
Dared fire 90 ai LOVELAt R. citnete in o, Ward of Sovane ave rimsleder of lot formerly Nucber Thies
Deputy It vsurar, Hoath aloresa en prisls one bot (3 4) 1 Prince Birest Want and West spon los
Actg. Depaty eg * Lasort Ville Gallaecte ‘ a diesem | formerly Nawber Four A * Prince Htrest

| Ween the high Prices you pay for | ernezed to the Crowe Urant ia Vol. GXUL | Wess,

fybio $7, 80 to, ae Fort Dated vhla 6b dey of Avgent 1910,


aro served daily from 030 am. const
ing of Bacon & Egar, Saussges, (rab
Becks, Bavory Ormeleties, Paatelles % or
Stimes a week.


pretic NOTICE la bereby given that eps

plwatios bas besa made to me by Lorepso
Belwootes of the Ward of Montsewrat in the
said laland Panter as4 MMi Marques of the
Wad of Morugs in tbe sasd istaad Piepier for
@ cract Of te of the last will sod testament
dated the Gib day of July 1910 of HalLino Goa


Mansual's Orties, Meysro Rued 60 foot wide, oa the Bou

410. gt) Le it LOVELACS, ul 00 everything at Th
ta ihe Faprese ie sie‘ td Tridel aud PRINTING Brees fat at et the East by Saye Aouing Depaty Wear. | rea is gceve cat £30. aa het eae i eet a al ad ataror
‘Obagts the Weet by Jot Ne, 5, thine of his death » oe
senmang guideees Pert Soy | gud he quay you ge in etorn, |‘ Raters trzngenad teen — — [pbs aici elers
No 028 tT a matierol Consult us and get clear. feet eiltem Coivela Robsrtese, “Agere | (7S £7. Ut . Aaxccutor pared {e tbe sald Will of tbe dccearee
Gach Vanco ' Huts MeLinek aod Juante Hae | Victoria Institute) Book-Keeni eae ee ae Erte Ne chpgt | te
versua Pemberton’s Printery Conear. OOK- eeping ett ia dowol'ahe publwaton. of dba | vember,
Trosatle Jardine ard Helrlay Jar cdee, Phone 590. 76 Queen Street. Dated this 12 ie of Asrits 1010, — . putica ue Court Sul process to wus probate Te st aa
OLIVE te horety given, thar tbere will MYBKSUY 0 RISTOL. ‘ ‘Ace! lovers, The Rive Term ATTIIE SCHOOL OF COMMERCE | “pas ant ay of ugunt agta, * oompetenrs ud a jane OW a
Le pus op for acio at be Morebai's FACULTIES OF ARTS. SCIENCE, | 7° ————— Special attention ia woe belog devoted (49) 3. A, THOMSON, od Soper 4
‘Aue fon Mart. So. 20 bt, Voocen: 8 tect, . Tons . . OY < to Book-kooping 1 all ite branches. Hegistrar. *
srmaliioescecy Seitasere| , Minlane wna wcunuane (‘The Prico Institute, Ee de a — z
B pei wend voeenbad the Defra: aie Lod‘es nad Bilatol yer theleapertal Aa Welnom mt, Or. Ln.83 ss EI & the pod f Mee waanths wal have the od:

b cordeud | Di rrey Woet [dia MO Bisvice Compesy, “ econ exceliceily trained and care.
pelegculenrs ‘Bankers e& tegerds tbe etrriosls GELS bt, ape [ross tbe fact tbat

f . Ce, das vertibcates
ou tor Peateet, Diplomas end Cer. Pett Petversiy of Combsidge of the bigbest

BS dasadary lan Serta be obaal Irom JAMES grade. U1 is the opinion of mcny tbat be tes the
Jevieg pyre te, heabove waiter RATT IT Or Daurot, 2x | Pitot mperuog wind te laeotial fe 6 teacher. c
Chewenr vy Locr op. | ony ve, retusa, | vei tenne aroueneeoaes) Monday LOth Capt, 1810

dave jae woulen tor
with gelverset icon, B16
of $1 dv de Rive aud havwae 06 Met qeality


y e Asai

ML i Havouex, tro be Slectrese â„¢

Vhoce 42,
v ine itu, ra?" Deodoveld be

Lange's Ant and Cochroac wen
i MALL Beas ool
vill clear your zo 80 om vote Scone ty een -
ib per , ‘
foreved Tides 7 x ee eauk : Eoyluls cout turected ve j


Toarwary. Coe,


Get a Clean

With a Melropols or
Astor Bazor—Only o+



; I i . 6

‘ *
i .

a” +. oJ
x Recent Arrivals.
yf” \




HIRD TERM begins on Wednesday
Classes coms

1,000 BAGS FLOUR, jean

\ mence at 83) am, on that day.

ALL GRADES. Boatdera should return.on the 13(b


students at the opening of Term is
For further information


urrent Events.
Whole & Half Firkins—P.Y. 6.6. Gonperuuie “Teare for New
a= York, Mailscloee at 10 am.

Speclat Criminal Bessione—

Schoener & Co. scene oo

Constabulary Bandat Four Roade-

SOUTH QUAY. $90 pam -——
a ee High Water Morn 9.49 Even 10.25 p.m.
~ Sun rises oo ewe 6S
‘ Sun sets owe 668 Pom
————se Moon eets ove ws ae = 0.35 Be

PAGE WIRE PENGE, |p ncevctecsoynm

ce. Arthur V, Nontrichard—of a son,


Iw +4
—lKeen Racing Good Sport
—The Detaile, ”
Railway Employees Charged
with Theft—One Acqurtted

Theat L

Puts the Page Wire Fence
years ahead of competition. It
doesn’t LJ weaken the lateral wites as other locks
do—it does hold the fence in shapg yearin, year out.

Aad the high carbon steel-spring wire Th

in Page Fencescan be stretched tighter
than other fences, Makes them sag- He avy

Po'ice Court,

Olerks Petition”; AMfaltreat-
ment of British Subjects

Seeking tha Light-An Edi-
ton Interview


There will be Race Meetings at
Caracas in the near future and It Is
expected that several West Indian
jockeys of repute will be gning over to
“the South American Paris "to take
part. These will we understand be gen-
erously conveyed by thea s * Guyana”
of the Compania de Navegacion de
Venezuela free of cost. .

proof, Call for only two posts where
othersneedthree, Save youmoney all round, Come and
sesamples. Write, call, orphone for this year’s low prices,


( | Gerold & Scherer,


Mr. and Mrs, Samuel Robinson,
from the Boys Heformatory, Chertsey,
near London, are expected to-come
over to Trinidad early in November
to take over the positions of Superin-
tendent aod Matron of the Boye’
Reforpieatory, Diego Martin, respec:
tively, in succession to Mr. and Mrs
Healey who will retire from these
positione on the 26th prox, Mr. Rubin-
son and bis wife has had asveral years
of experience of Reformatory work,

Teachers, and Assistant Teachers, in
and around Sangre Grande—Manz-
abilla, ere reminded of the Agricul
tural Science Course which begins at
11.80 am on Saturday 17th instant,
the Cunapo Government Schoo!


N.8. Insist on geotting tho
White Painted Fonceo,

——— ee —


English Harness.

We Wave Just Received from Waball
A Fresh Lot

Of our well-known Foglish Harness

made fur us—to our owa specification and pirticularly meets

Icoal roquirements, Jt it clogant evough for tho smartest City
Use and strong enough for the hea ost country wour,’

Special Pony Set 21 Dollars


6 Dollirs to 24 Tollars,



The St. Vincent TMmes records th
deatbeof Mise Enilia Fernandes and
Mr. Willlam Harold, .

Ia accordance with a previous an-
nouncement. Divine Service in con
nection with the land ship “King

ard” on Sunday aflernoon last, the

v. J.J, Grabaw, officiating in the

presence of a lerge gathering. After
the address, a collection was taken,

the death of Mr, Jobh
Rtephenson formerly
Educational Officer. The deceased
wat very populser among a wide circle
of friends,

Ove ofthe Judges of the Supreme
Court sat yeaterday at 11 a.m. hearlog
epplicationa of parties claiming ex-
emption from serving as furore at the
Special Aasizes which commence ti

This Harness is specially

also sit for the purposes of heano
further applications, 8

The Theatre of Cludad Holivar ts at
feutiog fo ae to be in

for the ex


The Stalian colony {n Caracas bas

eepecial grandeur,’of the anolversery

inauguration of the new buildin

place on that occasion,

Dariog the absence of Hie 1
the Adininistrator of Dominica on 0
months leave, Me WH, Porter, Trea:
surer, will act ae Adalinietrator and
Me OA, Neignoret, senlor officer,

A baseball clab bae recently Leen
started in

Venernela, wtatee that an ertenstve
lot of wild rudder trees bee brea? Wilson (Glasgow &

ind on the lands of General Oridio | after a
eix months,


N. Abreu, Fhe extracted rubber from
some of the

ment, fs

bate ck’s Cathedral was the
ley on the fortieth anniversary of hiv | and makiog ae
ordisation to the priesthood,
brated recently,


thentlo Information received
mail, says the Anti
that Sir EC. Mick

George V," was held at the “dock ; vk placeia

resent undergoing @ thorough over. | of jostling
rfect order | the rider o
, ted vinit of la Compania | Klakes, It will
de Zanzuels y Opereta which lsexpect- ] Balgobin's inount, the
ed here next month on Its way to | sentative * Ifvugbton ” woo the face,

of United Italy ou the 20Lb inet, The {laid agalost the sider of
“Vratellanze Italiaos” will also take | frivolous,

louour | cludes Valencia and | ullere) Ate.



A communteation front Guaoara,

Rumour has it, says the St, Kitte

Express that “Archdeacon Jose

of Bute Guiana hae been offered the
Bisbeprig of Antigua,

Three hundred thoussnd dollers
edged to pay off the last debte of Bt

and Jalty ofthe Arch


From what we consider very’ au:
by the
ua ‘Sun’, we leatn
Fam Bweet-Eacott
K,Q3LQ, will ehortiy be transferred

to tne Govurnorship of Mauritlus, the

salary of which poet is £3,000 8 year,

THe unbeaten son of “Ogden” (the
Messrs. Borde's race horse Saylor”)

X which might bave been disastrous, to
trond lon his leediee ievesterday cab and boree, vot tamention the dire

crowd on hie lauding bere
morning from Demerara, after a suc:
cessful engagement on the turf.
“Baylor was accompanied by hie

etable companion “Hea Wolf, and [of Mr, Stollmeyera residance.

both animals Jooked Ja fine condition
Mr. Charlies Vincent (trainer!
jockey * Joe” Bruuner, were bot
recipients of many con

brass band accompanied the horees

from the wharf to their atables at | tered the whip too liberal to the horse


According to an advertisement elee-
where In this [esue in connection with

that freight on parcels up to Blbe
welxbt bas been reduced to four
cente, whilet for parcele over Side, and
not above 15lbe a charge of eight cents
will be made, Subscription tee of £1
r annum allows country membera
he use of six at a time, and two books
are allowed on a subscription of Is per
month. Further particulara can be

Club dutumn Meeting | bad on application fo the Librarian,

Throughout the Republic of the
United States of Venezuela} public
wotke of ulllity are belog un-
dertaken and rigoroudly shed on.
Every arrivat of the Venezuelan

pera shows the allocation of vast

ths other Convictel; City | sume of money for such purposes—an

undoubted algn of peace and progress.
May itlong continue so~in fact itall
reinainsin the bande of the Vene-

Our Article on “The Cocoa | suelans themselves to keep it so,

The new Post Office boxes are now
ready for public use, and though not
as orsamentalia design as those which
formerly did service, yet they are of the
latest atyld and are fitted with the
moat perfected Yale locks. The ar
ravgement of the boxes affords con
siderably more room than formerly
existed and with the extra-large boxes
to accommodate heavy meil, sub-
scribers of etl predes will undoubtedly
be satisfled with the new Installation,

Tbe Tucupita correspondent of “ El
Luchador” (Ciudad Bolivar) announces
the arrival there from New York of Dr
Francisco Pulgar fa connection with
the exploitation of minerals, princi-
pally iron. for which he has the mono-
poly in Piacoa. With the thorough
existence of President Gomez as also
oftheGovernor of the District, General
sor)» De Pu'gar is confident of in-
creasing the wealth aod happiness of
the district, De Pulgar arrived here,
by the as, ‘ Maracaibo” on Sunday

In the Supreme Court yesterday be-
fore Uls ilgnour Di, Blackwood
Weight, rule nisi was granted on the
application of Ne it. J. Nanco, againet
the 8,J.P. of Ban Fernando for bim to
show cause of his refusal to graota
Warrant or summons againet oie Ar:
tbur Sanderson forthe tourder of an
lodentured [musigrant on the Bien
Venue Estate some time in July last,
Mr F.E, M. Hosela B A, iastructed by
Mr E Si. Lazare appeared as juator

crowded ,with East Indisos, among
whom were many possesslog large fu-
ferests ln the colony.

We regretto announce the death of
Brother ldepbonse, USS.R, which
elgiumw on the 0th of

jast mgnth seye Tis Dominta Caro-
nicls, rother IJdephonse was in hie
atiy Beat year, being born at Liege
(Uelgtum) on March yt, 183), He was
endowed with a rare od precious

vn, talentfor artistic patoting, which it
The Dominica Chronkte ciesandee | Was ble greatest pleasure to usw for

Goverpment | the glory of God in beautifying His

House, ‘Ia this diovese he hae decora-
ted tbe Churches of St. Thomas and
Autigua ; but his name will especially

revorded for everin the annals of
the Hoveay Cathedral, where he has
left everlasting metgorials of bls great
talents. Unfortunately, be bas Tea
teken away before he could carry out
lo completion the Bishop's plea of de-

day, At 10 am today @ judge wil} | Corstiog the whole Cathedral


We learo that jockey Balgobin was
fued $5 by the Slewards ofthe Demee
vara Turf Club Laces for the charge

Pieferted egelnet hin ty

* Saylor’ 1a the D Usban
remembered that
Vapbados repre-

bat was dlequalfied, and the race srasg
eventually giveu Lo “Saylor,” Tramere
jockey Peyne was also faed $10 for the

decided upon the celebration, with | Use of Ineulting langusga to the Stew.

ards who found that @ charge be bad
* Merry
Widow," for "riding bim out,”

Ta « report on the trade of the con.
sular district of Barcelona (which in.

the export of oranges :+"The year
1000 has been disappointing to all tu.

af | torested ia (hs export of oranges, Upon

the wtolv pritee have pot been remu-
Perative, and the trade may be said to

T. thefallinthe rate of ex. e
S A B LE REQU | S | TES. aet at Implements for the gama was chauge [es tbe cause of thu present de- ues ot teed whe he aad popula:
The P , tecelvel from the US some days ago. | previo, aad ubyte seems Wo be great | of the years }912 to Iow, both ieee
6 doucsd Prices - ALWAYS. Yh -— = diMculty ia reducing the f, 0. b. cost | size as follows: ’ pelo.
.The Governor of the State off of fruit Io proportion to the altered | jun 43
Yaracuy, Venezuela bea started sf velue of tbe peesta, The orange crop 163... . 4 aahaT4
sehool fi rthe teaching of the eclentl- cootivues to suffer greatly frvin_ vigor: 3004 a * : ites
. fa methode of cultivating tobacco aod | ous inroade of {ooect poate, which in 165 4 isa
) alsa (he weeving of hats. eoine distiitts thivaten to pub an eod ou ’ 4 ob
’ ‘ eee tothe tives eulirely To euinbet this | igu7:, ogy
do the 6b thet., the vcvasion of tbe E pings e agiiculluriete pre eull exper | 1008, :
A PRADA. Ure tt hh anplversary of the indvpendeuce | ser Weg with funts employed nef 190) 7 § BT) 458
ono 3 ‘f Hissih ax snd teeth ways Kiten fo fF opre, ‘Lue local authorities are col: Te will Le seen thet au etter
wp vlploms te Pox ia es ee. +B tute wasn from Pinetnoaed prev wes reported eech year except
4 Lael chvewhere ae e ob Wel 3 0 bere laor:
@Atalies, . eradisat.og the Poole, ite whea 4 Was an loortase of

rotony, Mr.

trees, theway of experi |»
sald to evereelients Pe

‘america fro

Beott has ap
trip for he locke

locese of | to Demerara on an interesting wissinnt
‘ork to Archbisbop John M. Far: | that of securing new varieties of fehes

4s beuelan cutter

Vice | suct
Consul Harker reports as follows on iene consis

Ciudad Rolltan A eooplete | ee passing through a severv crisis To | tha House ©


tcome back !o the

We have Mt “y feott, of Merrrs.
Inidad,p Ltd,
blietnees of about

abeence on
part of which time was
% ba the Mother Country” andin,
lanada, and the United Statea of
a which last mentoned
lace he arrived yesterday by the
uteh Mall Steamer Saramacra. Mr,
rently benefitted by the
@ picture of good

gentlemen, Mr.
m. Tucker, have

Tko ax

Uo gr,
Rullls and Mr. W

jal study of certain
varieties found by Profeesor Ligen-
main during a visit two ‘years ago,
Mr, Billie le a teaching Fellow of
Zoology at. the University of Blooms
Ingtoa, Indiana, United ‘States, and
Mr, Lucker ie hie asisstant, The exe
pedition ls financed by the Uimbel ex-
edition, and the Commlssloners have
[ostruetions to remain in the colony
aelong as the results of their resear-
chee justfy thelr doing so.

On Snoday night last, an accident

e tolifeand limb of the
occupenie and driver, occurred at
“Queen's Park West,” in the viclaity

stated that the cccupants—a party

and | consisting of four, who had apparently
the | been on the *¢pree’~were belng driven
ulations, A { by acabman who seemed to be on the

bouks. Atany rate, “Jehu " adminis.

and the latter careeriog along the
road, swerved against an electric pole,
aw intoa canal nearby and fell.
The occupants, who were lu a terrible

the Public Library, {t will be noted | state of fright were thrown out of the

cab, Fortunately; no ons was worse
for their experience,


Tha Venezuelan steamer ‘ Mara«
ealbo" arrived on Sunday night froin
Ciudad Bolivar with 23 passengers,
Mrs Saatoa Palazz! and daughter, Mra
J,B Escaboasandchitd, Drand Mra
G. Herera Franco, Mise DP. LaGicave,
Miss J. Gonzales and child, Mr Rafael
Monch, Mr A, Klacre, Mr ieaao Cape
rile, Me M Delgado-Chalbaud, child
and servant, Me A. Rawirez Mr W. B,
Ford, Me Francisco Pulgar and & deck-
ers. Thesteamers cargo Included 02
oxen and 20 donkeye for Trinidad 4 103

ackages for England per Royal Mail
Ine; 1303 packages for Europe per
Royal Dutch Mail; 218 Packages for
New York per Trinidad Line, and 423
packages per Trinidad line.

The German steamer “Patogovia”
which lefton Saturday night for Europe
via Bt Thomas took away amongst her
cargo 650 bags Trinidad cocos, 75 cases
Ditters, 101 cedar logs, 737 bales balata
1210 hides and 154 balea rubber.

After a voyage of 43 dsys from Ilam-
burg (Germany) ths Norwegian barque
“Fredesel,” $33 tous, Captain Wierson,
arrived in the harbour yesterday
morning and proceeded ta LaBrea,
where she will load a cargo of asphalt
from Mec Julian Rust for the Conti-

The London Direct steamer *'Savan”
returned from Demerara yerterday
morning, She will load general cargo
at thls port before proceed/ng 40

The 6,8. “Saramacca™ arzived yester-
day from ciew York after a very pleas-
ant voyageof 6} daye with 150 tons
xeneral cargo and 3 passengers: Messrs
8 F, froctor, ©, W. Scott, and A, 5,
Creighton, The steamer left at 4
Pm. yesterday for Paramaribo with”
part of inward cargo and tbe followin
passengeres Me Ilenry Perrelra aod
servant, aod Mr O, Hendriquez.

The Dutch Mall steamer “ Prins
Frederick Hendrik” 1,3'6 toas, Captain
Nieman, arrived yesterdayfrom Europe

9 | counsel, and the court was almost | is Paramaribo and Demerara with

280 tons general cargo, 2 horses, and
27 passengers, From Arosterdam t-
Sir Land Nogenwaard. From Madeira,
aMr J,J. Comacho and family (2),
Mrc8,G, Olivierra, Me A. 8, Leca, Mr

. O Lecs, Me M. Luis, Med N. Ma.
cedo, Mr M, Gomes, Me J. Rodrigues,
Ne & Xavier, From DeweraraoNr
O.R. Vincent, Me Joe Mruover, Nr
F. G Togleston and 12 deckera,

The steamer left yesterday afternoon
for, Venesuelan porte with the follow.
log passengers. For Carupano t<
Mesers esac Uapriles, Dr. Kerranni,
QO, Wlestruck, Julio Bracconl, J, F.
Oliveros, and PF. Mirande, Mis, MM,
Ve J. BussnichideG and child, Mrs,
. de Gomes and Miss A Serabla, For
Guactsi—Me = M, Delgada Chajband
and ¢bild, Mr. RL. mingues and.
Mir. Juan Chachlu, ForLe Guayra:—
Mesara J. 11, Levewson-Gumet, J'aune,
G. Pimentet, Fred Heirgra and Jos
Uranner, For Curaces;-Mre, 8, 8,
de Sales, Mr, A, Malas Dalz, and Bir, A
Bals and 10 deckers for varjous ports,

The Duteb nail steamer Coppename
arrived yesterday from Paramaribo
afters runofthirty slz hours, She
Wrought neither cargo nor Passengers
for thle port and will leave st noon,
abarp to-day (or'New York ditect. The
lender with passengers will Jeave the
Light house jetty atl0 am. Maile
clove at 10 a.m,

The steam launch *
VIL" arrived at
Orletobsl Colon

Klog Edward
Spin. esterday from
Ay ogli the Vene
x “* Venetucla” In tow,
The “King Enward” broughs four
papeepaers. Mesers Darweat (2) and
deckers. The cargo of the Vene-
ted of ¥25 barrels bitu-

Population of Ireland,

Me Birrell, re; lylag to a question sn
f Coadoue by dlr Arial.



1919 ¢


Tailors and Outfitters!


8 ‘




Marine Square aud Chacon Streit’


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School Boo cg
College Requisit

Of eyery cCescription.

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Bed-Spreads, Beautiful Dexigus— « ql
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Lace Table Centres, Tea Cloths, Duchesse Set’
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By new patent Stringing Machine. Old Racqnole;
restrung perfectly rigid. This is our own pater
and cannot be found elsowhere,
earaencenneene |







mun tohhorshiin Sysierts tuHADA3
CLOTHES |Et eee laa) Micha P. Maillard,


° < et 4 oF on .
rie TURADAY SePTRMBRR 19 1916 oe

co . * 2
ney ewe Sb remy aes lt



do not make thé maa,

| Hie appeecte, bat sloce Quality” PULAR
BD ssigclover oot mone | opine, Sect Goods. Ts Eye Oa Bere
; Tein bona care must be is thet, (‘The

taken in theit sele.tion,
aa anything involving
the same expenditure of
of money.

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i ordinary appearance At vou cee them Fiices Ss U a TS 4

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AT should have weighed
H ned

These Ties er
Rance the appear

uality a.

uality ality


WATERMAN 'S. WATERMAN'S. Wektemazmmnza'ss [106 ibe. a exe
SWAN Callars-All ahapea and Sizes —3 fay 30¢.

fore rovecute int

« the same kind as
Dasket from whieh a bottle was miss:

18 oes Ryan sald be saw the defen-

tte court, we must assume that body, may provecute fo the Police
= ur 7” .
Mr, Nanoo—Phbis court Is not bound] = Mr. Nancot—There {fe no doubt .
the wrong findiog of the coroner. j aboutthat, All we desire is that the Io ceoy, bom. Me. See Ree dant io conversstiod on the afternoon
@ Coroner's ingu is purely a] course of justice should be allowed the ae of the 3rd instant and heard Small te
joquiry purely defend f ‘a tbat hould te tf the Eopreme Court, Clerk of the Lovell to take a mestagetoa certain
nour st uld rather not our complainant Even ir you bo so | receaod from time to time ae Actiog | girl and tell her everything fs alright
deal with tbe coronera verdict atall. | far back as the ancient authority of | Supenuiary Jastice- [a all these caps fi pm jbaving said
Mr. Nanco-I vay he question of | Foster, whole alill _bighly respected | Cities Mr, Spicer proved himself to it siked off. He ’
aetifiable homicide is pursly one of | by all the judges in England, you will | most courteous, ladustrfous and capable 9 extra good, ‘There is absolutely no obstacle whatoostet int he wey of Travent ng
"7, spon which the cou: e@] pee that every member of the corh- 2 Cours . . io
y who tries the case, It\etobe ee-| munity bes an toterest in prosecuting | 90 cf his oplaiene and who never shirk | rumored @ bottle of olf from a bas securing a fair share if you vould only take the precaution of octning carly befure Ube buy
‘ ined piter the waren of the cepecially ip . cane of murder, Ard e responsibility, Absit from ble oficial | ket and rut Ib between bis trousers designs aro taken up ead thig p—-
earned judge, on a tria! ury, No} when leay I ¢; uthoritatively, capacity he identi moelf in every
corgnarbaseby rightto faeue rich a | Zo, not ancak, On my evn authority, | movement fcr the goad of tble com fangpacedtbemoos batistiorc:| 1) Oe ABA g ECRU NET LACES —AT HALF PRI
press any oploiom about the cmsoner, [ argue thats Ny viowdathat yea ses heverer be called ide eplacoe tay they “cootalaed tice and fager, He In the loveliest and best assorted ‘flowcred and open work designs, Examine the
je coroner, Movement auch as the “League of tke | next examloed the bege and found
Hongare ao seeation and not nteter to | proscent on feclenived, ty some ackpt Paes sfoned Me Spicer al "ITP | they were cut, He banded Lovell over Four inches wide— worth Boy BOW ns me Bix inebee wide,—worth MSc, now eo
it. The question before the court } Parliament to the Attorney General. .
really wane what right hed they there| Nr, Nancos I am aaklox for no-} he, did well. He therefore moved the
on that motion, It waas right vested | thing more, and it lefor the Magie- | adjournment of the Courtas soon as u
in them under the provisions of ordl- | trate when he js called upon, to sh His Worabip coald conventently do so @ very flurrie
bance No. 1 section [6h which provided | on what authority be bases his refusal. }. without causing foconvevieace to the | on seeing bim (wrltness)
Sa Tae OR Se ges | te ete | a skpmia sfaiecnteecenigt lat tt
an act re! a ea agistrate nke ere is no case, he i
Searle pare ay a0RI the | Sa ayo, atte beacon (he ou | coepibiog tha ed an rom thelip | steeds fo tb ere o.oo ote
2 preme afiida a | dence; and then I am not at all certalo "
rule calling ‘pon such Justice to chow | that you cannot inalst upon going to of i t Ho klar eg me there was a package left out ‘which he
cause why such act should not be | the coort above and belog bound over] 94, veven abirkel work and aweys did wanted to put Into the ws me vite
ont Fonour—I take It that notice of Heb oreateane * resceuion, ron the) more than his, sbare His Icon was a ed theta about tren y mainutes after
poet tale should be given to the Mag: Hare ot uh ne sonny BT eee cates vero then taken and ror ot ie bad lockea tee That
al Ci counee iS ono! rY -
. Mr/Nanco-No, we will show you] I think you had better take your rule, all o beriwatters wore adjourced tc Mon-| anything was out. He thought

J anstalned by the death of Mr. Spicer,
He did sa_ on behat{ cf proctitlovere


, f on band, and they must be cleared out before stock |
VW aoe Bou will iad, use a every inch that you buy because the @ua


Five a we we TMs we we mee Eight wo ve 386, DOF ean

Fires ow ye Weg ap ew oe Go. Bight» ow " tie 430,00 taal ,


Come and Convince yourself that all we aay about Them is perfectly corred. 7

| one Frice Only. | Value Nowhere Like atllard’s, | Free Jnsurainee |

poet that ls only dong when a rule nist {be only objection 1 bay s that it day next, that Small had kent the keys rather raed
e, ther . 10 ————————————=== ee

asking ears call upoo min abont ite You don't appear. until 8 Friendly Societ Wiliam Fi ‘ord, another checkiog | iis Worship discharged Small and

magistrate to show cause ¢ then | month and two days afterwaids. y = y clerk. sald, it was his duty to see that | catied upon Lovell for hie defen

the defendants will harean opportuni-| Mr. Nanco; - Let them take what-
ty later on of coming before the Court | ever objection they like on the return-
and showing good reason why they [ ablerufe, We are prepared to meet
ghoula poe, be verged, psa the Heaie, them with authorities as to what js

cate wOl show ow: © sbould no! . *
lisue bie warrant. 7 itis Ifonour ordered the rule nisi to o'cleck 5 when they are asked to at-| train on the 3rd Instant, among w
. His Monour:—Then_ thie ‘Is not an made returnable on the 2th {n- | too were several baskets of aweet oll, each They could putit aa the property of
application for a mandamus at all? stent. basket contalning !2 bottles The bas- persons vakpown but not as theirs.

BG roamiatey ea] SenFomane Pulls Coot |“ vitae [neevinaanedsaers ei tnaeae som 19.00) - Sheets Comugated Calvi

Members ot the Progressive Crafts’ tbe waggona wera locked, Ile did eo
Union are reminded that there will be goods were left outsid


& meeting te-nigat, in tt, John Baptiat a t

Hall, No, 6 Pembroke Sereet, at 790 | gins wed Gor 2; bald he ‘vont goats Uy

stealing goods. the property of the rail
way. The goods were not their pro-
ety aod the charge could not stand.


ot et

eae 3 Galvanized Iron Sheet

nent ewes an application for 4 vonsible fo pr
Pule nisi, and a sear mus Was NO! e ae Cheire un! e le
railway station and the goods had | “in anewer to Hig Worship the Cor-

Jesued until rule ndei wae made abso- womnninnt ames ee
; lute. i there, was any doubt about It Commeuntcated, OVE ACQUITTED THE OTHEH CUx- to pees many pands, before | ib reached poral sald some of tha goods were ad
he referred local rules, page iw AMABK OF RESPECT TO THE LATE MI. 1 Corporal Legall of the Itailway Con. | whether there was a possibility of } ¢,

ressed tq ong Merey Young. | ie ’ —- BIGES 4 TO 10 FEET, é
{the ’
BIILER, tab. charged If 8 th taki ti ould produce an official record o!
His Honour bere quoted & passage? At ibe San Ferrando Police Court Tgbert Lavell, before Stes 1D, Huge awey before it reached. Sno rallnags addresa of the consignee but not that 500 PL N SH EET S
‘ Mr. Nanoo said that the Crown | the followiog rractitionera Mevrs L, | day, with stealing a quantity of rice | would not receive it ifthey were short authority, sald © person may Al 8
Office rules did not apply to Trinidad, | A. Ba'omon, The Hoo. J.D Hobson | and sugar and a botileof sweetoll,the| J.D, O Hallaran of Mesers Schoener indicted.’ for steatlog the © pro-
f aod the local rules were his authority | 3.4.G. Fita Patrick, L M. Hobsoo, FE. | property of the Government Kailway, | & Coy, gave evidence of having sent {some person unknown
" for being in Court {instead sperly | ® Carter, E,W. Gibbon, Inspector 0 | OF. the Sed inet. rice to thetrain, The bag was marked the . facta be proved
‘ before the Court in making an appli- my we
H. He Pasea SJ P. took bis sea’, the the defendants { Croseexamined: He was not Ube 1 The atete rte e the eee ta ce Just Landed and for sale :
testenrerented coated trove oer Hon, J. D, Hobson rose sad raid «the Intent ewployed at the Railway Fred only Dereon whorentriseofthek! [this occasion) thatthe owner fe reall oer:
ie vere. nt "eloc! @ tralia.
other members of the bar stapdioz) be | afternuon of the ged, one of the rall- Donald Balfour, clerk to Mr. Wn, Known or might be easily severt & , .
q 6 °CO¢
Y a
, i 4
Opprsite Railway Station, *


. bis process, and he submitted the

i Ma; vrata was bound todo it uoless | fore His Worship entered upon the bust- | way checkers sent a messenger to him

from the Waite Book, whereupon— | yeaterday worning there wera present | gings, at the City Police Court yester- | be thought the railway autboritics Nic. Lavare, quoting from 6 leat :
300 RIDGE CAPS, =.
before the at tia skibg an apo Ble, Norman nd, Bab Inspector ar appeared for Ys Qnnapo and whighed 105 Ibe. It a jury may fairly presume tha 6
Scott, testified to having sent sugar to In thls case complainant says be

be beard the merits of the application, | pers cfthe Court he would ask leave to] telling bim to send up a Constabla

knows the owner ard can easily bo
the train to be taken to the co ’° ‘*
His Honovr ~My view is that any: unt!

say afow words on the ead lozs they bad ~ He didso, and aboutten minutes after. } Thle closed the evidence for the “James Gucly wae here recalled and
a prosecution, fo answer to Hile Worship said the

— a oil was sent to Mercy Young
IVi [ | e Ss =

Ort Worsbtp then sald he ould


srpend the charge to ies property Sf | heron the head and the other on her | Fouxn 1x ross rested ov BiLAta mw,
: Saddles
: Heads & Reins

N Young. hand, His Worship thought theaseaalt { —Lince Corporal
Lovell “on ecetn called upon to | &cowardly one especially 5 the womag } William Gay of Looden

anewer the ancenied charge ‘old he | was ineo Interested condition, Defers | having being found vagy
bought the goode from a carterman | dant wes sentenced to two month's{ia- | Ibe of balsta gam ws
named chard by the Standard | prleoament, reasonable cause ts snepent bas


* Halters

' Oruppers


: Collars

* ~Lance-Cor, . . far the
‘ile Worship eald if that was all he ee ee Hepes ‘ord Now: ftolen. Me Frisgut al ody

+ Baddle Cloths
’ Girths

could say then be convicted him, It
Stirrup Leathers

wara very serious offence, Defendant Pauth Joeph with Sighting. Ford | £10 bell :
pEnreimeles .

re no wad Boe 100 ar tate | of Retuacot Boyd spam
;Palse Collars


ten, years 5, we
days, while Joorph Boed 4] for obtaining goode to the
ade was Eced Zl orl $180 by hed pretences MR

h ont angering 0 astable Parris pameel na = ;
chas; OF; * t or adjour: ar
ie was convicted acd floed 153 fightlog, Ball was tocreased froan £0 27

thereuntil taken tothele deeti:
and he was expected to be honest
He sentenced himto six months im-

City Police Court,
Before Mr, D. Huggins SID,


A Couson cingiina Hoss —Bergt
Boyd charged Narice,withjceeping a com:
moa gambling house acd nine other Lost
Icdisns,with being found there. They
were all remanded to tcday week, Narine

ing put oa £20 bail aad the others
oa persnnal boods of £5 each Mr,
Biache-Wilson sppeared for Narine.

Allamby aod Vivien Hoadley were
charged by Constable Hunt with stea!-
log a 8S banknote from a lad nemes

wr — —- ek
SEING 4 NOisE-—Esthel Hast wae O3T=Barwees Vor os
bronght up by Constable Bell with i, Qreene Tae Tail
making s loud voice. She pleaded SAR vettabiy rewar
guilty and was ficed 159 or seven | i) ine citice ef ible vayee se


‘De Pendrich ab the
AUNKENNEss.—Raral Codstable AI] rrag = Sept a
leyne charged Qeorgs Deojrmia with | Trading Co. Lids

drunken ap erly conduct at St, oe . *s
tavdroiyand se Tipidad Pablie Lib

James He pleaded 7 and was Gnod
(OUNTRY Mewbers

10s of sevea
Freight ou patceis op 2



Ass U Le.—Bergeant Dash char;
Frederick James mab esssaltiag Bliza
Tovis Defendact waa bound over
Se Sedoa mane oO
ap .
facta, Bobet lptioe tM :

in £b to keep the ppace for six
manors Co 1 Pai

NOTARR AtsAULT Corporal was mbes ;
Horatia Williaa, Mr, Lamy appeared | cherged Avgasta Trot at and Dookld allows coe e tt uke ane =
for Allsmby, The evidence show that | frotman with aassultidg acd beating eription pera a
Heratla weot to Mucorapo fora bath | Margaret James They pleaded not | pertieutare a5 py (o the LEpeamiA?
aad be reated bis jacket with a 85 note goiny end the case was adjourned till to- Jaae.

te pecket vn thetrank ofa tree on | 22Â¥ week, defendants baving vurrec-

which Headi itting. dered to t yesterd log. Ch ‘
who mag's Ga cone oner dase” | They werdtes bal ne pried toed | HUSBAND NOUV"

soon after Horatis entered aod Head! jaform olf whe OAM po
ca] Bearixa nis wire=The adjourved | L beret eae alee beer. 7



Horse Brushes
Dandy Brushes
Curry Combs
Mane Combs
Whip Lashes
Whip Thongs.

end bimvelf went away together. When
Horatia hid Soished bls fa b he ralased | case of Corporal Phi lost lon of wy -
thenrte aod communicated bis loss to | Walker for beatiee Jiae Walkec wan tr ! Grae ite Uberetoce en s = 4
two defocdants aed ‘got sates ese | Sessa ge gparstion defsodant was {wll ok oe otbt Loy ;
a cern ‘
vodera breadfeuit trecia his a where siz months. # £10 to keep the peace for rar porportiog to bees “hee 4

the note had been buried, b defen.

frat ed 19 hl leis on iboiter | 5 QU4MEtzoNE,, wowex Constable WENSIETIA 30M rm :

arto Heda ne pulle, whe belie nen Wood, nie, Mave hae Wad. Plam Rosd, Masstailia Se 4 ‘

Allemby bid a land ia It also, but ibe mean, aod Maud Allen with quarrelliog, eens :

trideace shiek be After hegring he, eridence Waterman . a N othing a
source acd {t evious conv ‘ '

osleto o-nvict bim acd therefore du epee vp for tbs Sey8, and Mead Ale There 1s

charged bim. Headley waa senjenced 10) or seven dope sabe othera were Seed Just as Good”

lo jirve montb'a Lmpriscoment. B

TeSorgeant Beresford a he qu
ghiteed Job rad wie praee charged. Baker Walker ate be for Cougta as tals , a
raven wai dat cscs Sree [dst wus anhst 08 BOG RN ote | econ uae
J proseeato wet rane ene a mvicted ood Seed Ai or 4 | the Exglish Ehasmecy:


he Quality of MILLER’S HARNESSis well know

’ + ie .
seyret . , Af

a tee nahin

SS a

ce a rp

7 RS

FOR RENT. } PORSALE—A two tore house (Ne Seeking The Light, | ' the boyal Mail

PUL owatenmomes | tetra, eee |. aw zoworiemaaw | AUCTIONSALES|R MS.P. sem Tons 00
2 Froos Aoxt Sallicgs to Enver

Bedrooms, 2 Drew leg roo: ead | rooms in the yard and the Sewerage has “The fact that I koow to man
. Auction Sale. | «aaGaDLRNa® tua 19th Mepbr, FROM LONDON i.


oe et * 4
Ex ss. ‘St -<
8 oe ‘ OF
. ,


Hecies, Pastry etc, Nice biche-} been fostalled This te a eplendid bargalo, y
iret rot a gor, nw aemarage fastatiod. Apply to No. 118 Daka Brreet, jbloas ate we ot work perer
aoeeeton 8G. TIARCANT 6s COy 48 « ala Or Rent | atinveoting the facendescent electri

Narcanr & Co, 48 Mariae orR nt wae inveoting the fncandescent electric
qearey Me Att Charlotte Strect—Bept. For Saleor Rent light. I wanted to turn a current of

iw, | OR BALE OR RENT.~25', Gorden electricity upon some substance of

WE uvderrigael vill sell by PabloyearRaro? 2 Stith Gerebs

4 ve! “ tos oon we z
p ‘Awciion om the 16h day of Peptens | TTAGUS™ OS “Th alee Octe,
ber, Mi01 A WOODEN CRNRWENT |" MAGDALENA" “28th Nort.
eovored with galvanised loo, eituste at

Si Mae OSL | Mle fo Pia, aonb

arrest of land’ rent acd laze Terme M
Baibft, &,
12h Gept, 1919,

OUSE TO LET—No. 55 New Breet, ‘Stree’, emali Cot coataloing fone | test resisting power that would not
FAY sear Sevenced, with Eiectrio Tinbt, | soon there eae oot alee fant Fara. ab ten cree fe my mind the
aud every convenience, Reot 23 dollars | stated, A cosh purchaser will meet with | many t ngs that might be weed, and

monte, Apply to Starnexs LID, a tergalc, For part'calare spply to Pati y determised to try carbon, The carbon
Bi Beeres 90 cle, | Screen, 41, MariseSquare—'Pbose | must be shaped like thread, 20 made
‘POR RENT Store” oe eed Ores, No, 3] 18¢—ept, 131m. op my mind to nee thread, 1 took a

under the Ruyal Dateb | Fy, & New and com, pieceot Clark's cotton" O. N.T.” as

Offices—Fioe situstion, i modlous bulidiog at Tapapane oppo- | it eed to be called—looped it around

ghost, painted and T sicethe Reilway etatlon, fitted up aq a] ina bulbas it ought to be, barned It

whitewsshed. Suitable for storage cf | when tod dwelling brave, No rece: to an esh without breaking it, ex:

eoora, ete, For farther partienlars, apply | ores will borefamd. For farther particalere | heusted the sir, acd tured on’ the
to Wy, Byeoman ARcHIX, 64, Soute

apply to W. RTEDMAN ARCHER, 64S.ath | current, Lostantly there wan light=
Goer Bere Th--lm, - Guyot Sept — im, an 7 threo or fone candle power.

- Hew Tors.
“ATRATO™ ane 14th Beptember


The above ateamers will work je strict ALSO , 2

qarantine ab this Port j ;
Ex:ursions to England 500 Barreis °:
IN 1910,

O F | ee ee
© "318s, Viacend Street, Apply om the No, 9, Dorde Btrest, Apply to Louis T bad proved the feasiblity of what ! — Pj) R [ A N HT] x GE ae
, pean NET tage HED AlBio® JOUN & Don jAostoncere2, Backville Tues tying to dow divide, be bie ro Auctioneers, | Valuers, Estate.dg SPECIAL REDUCTION cm
0. ttage No, teat. » 181m, ight la agrest number of small lig! ‘
FP iiwect, ntarpavaanab, contalaiog totes JPOR RENT Courage No. 63, Be moat |“ The next question was how loog my | SS AI maLeae acumwe, OF FIRST CLASS PARES. INViIOT..” .
Dedroowe, drawing, diniag, aud iroas Be Ohcalar Road- very convenlestyfor | small Jighte would burn, My assistants PORT OFSPALN, B.W.L RETURN FARE FROMTRINIDAD TD | 35—— ’ -
ary, and all other conveniences, | AN? | family—Moderate Rect. and myself sat down by lowip: 7. SOUTHAMPTON £20,
Cot one Na 62 ay tos Ve MONT : A Ton Cart | baib; determined not to lesre fy uot PO, BE SOLV—Er, JOAN. = Warp — AT
mail ye ° * . e rt fo ‘ st eve receiy net rac
. prcnAnD, The Celution, 84 Frederick FORSAL a rouscoable ofter will te it ea ontd ear Bull it eas wean {lone ta ast 3 lote of dand with shop-boawe Tiray Clams Retorn Tickate, a the atove V V . S | | 1} | ) M A N ARG “
Mreet~ 6 b Bort 191 —_ refaced, Apply ta Waterman the Hat Sit | Wo aut thera all dey The light hone on, | Pollet pitch F Lams ibe Swe house adjoin bertion with tha Compeny'e, Mall —
POE RR roe ieee cing ireeb, aale Ree aimee te Fe +] During the night we made a pool, ow Immediate purchseor, For fariher pare | steamers leaving Trinidad on: the fol-

diesi, so mromvees | bow long it would last. It di 6% a ticalers apply to Afr, Geurge Adhey,
lary, sittiag rooms, two bedrooms, beae = ont cotl the followiag morning, Thea | » 8 i Ternaer, Ban Fersacdo} or
jog room. diaiag foo, pany ‘Alro ___WANTED.__ 1 knew that while carbon wae the, Wann Paice & Cory Poit-of Spain= 10,4
Dbaab, outoliioes, f ngs ANTED AT ONCE<3 Iron Tarn. proper material to use aaa Glm, thread | Sepr—lo,
ed. P| W jood Shipwrights, Appl : °O PARTIPS.FURNISHING— Mess
EDWARD Greaves, 27 Bt Vincent |, Y aided oe eee Tr eetiog ee t she THE WEST SUBSTANCE 1 J Warp FRicB & LO have received for
mitect Kept 6th - lw. and Workshop, Ricbmond Btreet—3 los, | Of which to make the carbon. — ssle from private readences excellent
POR HENT— vali Voroubed=Tbetier =10rh Bept, wanted to make «# commercially Household Furniture inciading slugie

lowing dates only 3 - “4 ~ Lr
Bth Avgon 1910 | 9th Septr, 1910 _
eee «| eae -_

«Bist October 101 ” © atte anaes ,


ah November ,,
These Tickers will only de avarlable for
the return journey from Kogland by any
of the Company's Mail Steamers leaving
Soathampton, aa anders
deve socus, GOULD MEDAIS of the birnast awards wnereves j
chibited, The only CIGABS and CIGAR warded ae, 3
the Junitlaa International Zahibtion ‘on . + econ
aobado’s ra- 8D ttee. ‘yebtise.
ute Grigae in quality and aroura, “ a aan a
oq called, .

and bracing ai fut ous ue mich TP ANTED) —We wane tonppolet ee successful electric jight, A lamp that

rable female in each country dia. } WI!d burn only forty hours could
Cras to tbad lovel ne storey building trict orca ogent for our deautifol Ladtes never displace gis. f fal
known as Fern it Tighiy recom. | Goode, Bplendid inducements to right @ discoverer of a satisfactory
modstion for os {anol an verted there | Parties, Soc partica'ars write tothe Colo. | waterial for filma did not however
mended by thine who pave Ilouse cio, | Stal Agovey, 70 Piccadilly, Port of Ppaine | complete the inventions of electric
lately, Biable, a een 10 etoaces | AE. 171m, wh’ The light was in existecos but
boot drive {eon toe Haiway Statlos, | \A\/ANIED.- GOOD MILO COW, | <0 wey Lad set bern devired to use it
re rom oat ftuces and Flowers, Pas with very young calf. State price | Shere was tun auch thing asa moter
lee Live auaniog through the Property, [and quantity of milk to "8,"=Port-of-] measure, tbe cusreat and none of the
Rayune doalrone 0 jooe'ing witha view | Spain Garetle,— Aogaet Mth 1910, equipwent, that is today a matter of

fo panting, c00 OPP mosivhinuat | Wanted at One | tesesiaredar, “rt hd te devise

—Bepts 2—]ie ESIDENCE ta oak 4 Pak yihe invention of light’, he asld was —
SIDE: in either Qieen’e Park | rea e Auctio: ak 85 MARINE

PON RENT —The Ie ge aud umuto- R West or Bt. Clair, Tome for & y, eee Par state Avast, Marine Quakm

Nov 12 Osarlotte Htreet 5 SMALLEST PART CY THE TASK Equare, Port of-SpaineSept. 1—Lw. Port-of-Spain.
Dane eral by Bloure be F. Au. [ year, ata monthly revtal, Although it took we two jesra to pat Si ESIKS WAG PRICE © COCE pate.
tie App'y ta M for Rent several good Howerafa the

Son with a large cocus aryiog tholight on the market, We worked $ y es niaunnene
. DD, beat resicentisl distric » at $12, $25
At the cilice of thie peper | iy laboratery waa thea at Minto Tark, : moathly Particulers fee retn ‘he Aay. J ‘ M, p AND RADE
od all of ue slept in it There ‘thon sate Agency Offices, 55 Marine .

house, back scores etc-0tc, For further night acd day, Everybody worked,
nips apenas gee
FOR SALE OR RENT) res tcamte! chotieeey tt pian Stee ar a

and duube bd-tecs, wicker tables aod
ebairs, presser, dining room suites, Piaco-
forte, dioing tables, wasbetancs, sideboarde
carpeta, refrigerator, 2 Typewriera (Yous
aod Kemingion) a do her effecis, ali do
good condition sod cheap for cash—oa
view et the Auction Estate Uttice,
55 Marine hone e—S pr, 11,

q 7.0 BE b&b) ftracttre Cocoa Ka.

: tale a5 Caum, \Chaguanas, Cunus

Oth Novr, [7th »
2les December ,,

Pasren are aeeted to pote that
the period ‘for which ove tickota ore arell-
abte wild under any cirowmstances
be extended, ¥

Bh October 1010 | 23rd November 1910
Oshmansbip asd Bilendio

CIGARETTES saaach be excelled og


Pasvcogere are recommended to secere
Santa Crus, San their berthe forthe return joarney immee

Cedros, &o., &e. tiey Rubber Benes fately upon thelr arrival fa Eo
Tobage, end Ot proposition in the south For ali further tpformatioa, apply at
ero pane of Triatasa. Fats pacticalare op | be Company's o|
application to WARD PRICE & CO,


lara appty to J, HL, Aatoine, 18
Pee B role bepiember j—lw,

re re

. ATONE 10 Liviu, 10 Brosawey, ee nt ne ereerene | Pead
‘ i be foas Toe on counenieaces Rat wae called after he had f + Ot fone ' Ms Cor have serait iss of a ‘Valuer ged General Com” RAYO
bos st. Maa y e! a O' ‘O. Deve nevor, a
Apiir th “7 Pe NG 3 Be droepn] Tho Cottage No. 695¢ Viccent St, heures Ever cae worked a vieecty. ‘from $1,000 te leud igs epitved Cacon and mission Agent, ‘
ons Leola . cue day. veo the common labourers OAD proper les, Fp ications iaviied ta AVS TX ag . % .
se RENTOA saat Colbsge nt back of ONTAINING dining room and{ dil, Complain! Not Much! They 53 Ala:ine Sqaere, Purt-ol-npala- Sept. antenatal v ;
Hono 4, Hark bt, (ludepeuden ) wita drawing toom with front gellery, wore aa touch interested fu the light aa M-te, - [NO. 24 ST. VINCENT STREET v ,
ail, one bedroum, dising 10D» buat, pir dedcooms, oitchene pantry, bath | I was, We meres Jolly crowd. | 1 bad . . HOLD¢ STEADY ANO BGM
ne 4 enc! very private, ry 1D. aq orgeo brought ‘to the ator
be b fete bine 3 yen bey No Bo hark bt, 8 8 a Ys (Opposite General Post Ufice,)

and we lutened to music as we worke

SEWERACE INSTALLID Ob, thoes were great days} *
revi swan, | NOTICE. | VOLVER STOUT sro, pect 9

‘ ——7 oO
The above wil! be sold on easy terma We beg to rotliy the pobiie that Mr. 2, _

ug, 201m W, Sinitd of 8. James ie no more F R#Su Ss IRMEN ;
FOR SALE. purrsd ih inte pecteleg'g | ee [SUN INSURANCE OPPICE,



Is atrongly made nad bene Sales
ee ee

If nob found of eer

Ang, 21.1.

i LU LAT.—be jeige snd am
GS eeniess score No, 43 Murine Square,

' under the ** White House Hoel” Jately
coospied dy the Musers. Lascelles de
Merced & Uv. Itcaa Le easly aivi ed

: po e810 accommodate two pertivs, Heat
qooderste. Appy to. the Trastecs ol
Wacxss, Mx, U, FsTZ WILLIAM of to ML

p. gbee recourse Auto E270 cut VIGTORA” HORSE axp [Sakae] ee TONDOR, Went Indie
~ Sa a, A ODRIG! ent, § b= Zw,
Ps _ ' Cascad . ne enews The Uldast Fire O in the
FO [ous emer HARNESS, NOTICE Glesgow Steamer me pie MRT mv
ay ty ajoe * . . =~ , RE
Bees dete uteeeiit| AM ratopen tiga cy aie, tenet team

que Pablle is brreby rotifed, that the wou Leat 8
ener: sloews oanisd om at G an jal « ere

Chest Merage, by the iate Mr, Rephael ane lot! - nrescaae "

G, Moore: bas been boughs by the uoces

sigoed, to whom, al! ourstandiog accounts WARRANTED,

J {root gelerg-—Iclepboce sou
wratec service inste.ed, total Out vllicee
Apply to M, Hemei-Swi b, Jar. bulicitur,
luv Queen street, Porteul-Spaia, August

eeat aleo ia perfect order, Hasiog co for.
ther ase for them @ cash parchaser will
tert witb a bargaic, Apply ta L. H,
LOVELACE, Court House ‘or 37 New

, every description e Pred parced arson
Current Rates? *
Fitty per cent off Rates



2th ia. Sircet . wust te paid, The tuinws will cuct sue for Country Residences,
So ee eg eee § to be oortied o8 uuder the seme of Ht. O, | B® a! Plate Glass Windows
FOR SALE: oore, Wholesome 9, 4° asured, . . » «2

—— Kmab obs Mr Florencia Garman has beea ap AND Inwigorating Nosy ¥ RENT, — Ivsurances JUDGES OF GOOD CHOCOLATES. HLVEILZARUT 270 DMERMMEs b
b VaGy FOR BA le Ae ia sere + rated mansger of te fore, and bo bas A a by all demmaity for the Loss of Rect ad case oho L eee:
4 eomy & . wd eatborty to enter tote all contrects ppreciate y olasase, t i ‘ a. J
} Noofereslechesp, THE ENGLIZI ’ ‘ Fore Totes oy Linairg an uate yed ts | Lucien's Cocoa and C 5

PHATMACY, 46, Preder ck birest a ——t~ = gad ong a rocale ip my namsand cn my bighost to the the Otfier, o Tha i.

Bopt. 9.- lo.
por aa LE OR RENT—Thove oct
f “rodious Btu, Nos, 36 acd Buuth
. Qeay, Kuown ase Mason's wItE—
Appiy to LEE LUM & Uo, 31 Comioite

Ie From all others by reason of ite vega Lod favour, arin, oof
w alps belog eq ficiees to Sta ty. Diplome
Torvato National Kabioltional 1900, “Wh lente fom?”

Albert Lucien &00G
& Chocolate Man :



ag. ste yoiot) NP? OU2MAN, =| BOLD IH BARRELS 710s, Png? | ever Bone wo. 270
Aug, 3368 1910. ¢ om QUIRTE opie

i M, REID a

. M, we oe oe AR OOR,

Purt-of Spala and Arime. Unive Su rAgeat,


ot : ° {. W, BONYUN & Co,-SulnAgenis, fan Cocoa Dealera acurert, :
5 ed Beet wiiaie "HE Foroanda, : oh Chariot -
FO A othe wine | —— Vetwent Siyle, Tun Best ! Every bottle nas cork ee sat ENRY EaUOUX ad

ry veay teepectable locality, coptaln-
. i Sitewieg ro ee dintog 1000, front aod

beck gatkie, 4 bdrocme 2% servant
' rooms, ond electeia light and sass regs ib-
piuled, ‘To bepold af a bargeia pnd oa




Sure!!! branded, Te

Toteaclaple matter tosay AND CAYSULE SMDUMSE

ue ~
thet this rem or thet sum is Bee that you got the genuine artiols
the ‘best’ —~ eometines ‘the
with Le faiber to tbe though.” FORK SALE B3I
-Patobviously, cnlyece cfs

CRONEY & 00. | Bases: | ARI IROWBRIDGE & tg)! ‘KEMEDY

Coss, Ie the test la two ways, =
ICE HOUsR, Each hrend te from tbe pur. Chacon St.—Telephone 190, ow BE AM fo waa,


Eetabiaied 1828.

. sfead Office Edinburgh, Booty >

, App ations tu bs made to

Pex Louttso DuMaNolax, 107

Quees Bucs, Patol Spuondin Sey te


Fir ot Villa® Corner of De Usstro

consisting of Drewlng
ged eo br ‘Hoon acd trons Uallery,


. 3 Bed Reome A beaniilel Mov er gerden lowed , “ R oe

[Recs pe toda at | feat erase ry Marana jot Biante STS
fovestmant fur a Fiosist. For . eutswuerd, ty lower la prhe —— . OcUMDLaTED Fuyps a oe o ~ ¥

‘ cette oT 5 av No, 2 Kudio Lene or Mandoline and Guitar, ey tyne ean prove THe. It Removes Proud Flesh Co RATE RATE, ABSDLUTE'E ecuKint

J ab 46, Martue ere Ae oe iteral Barrender val
: ~A ts, end: argain~= House ¥ Values,
Pou sale. ANS ADVANCED on security of Policies ap to 98 por
“ender value at 5 per cant interest ‘a a
IMMEDIATE REDUCTION to Lome rates dusting viele GR
sper temperate cilmates * ¢
PROPOSALS ACCEPTED and Policies tasued {n the Wet SORES
reference to Head Office, nin
CLAIMS PAID Immediately on root of death apd a
9 voy of the Company a Agencise. i
LICIES on which axe fe admiterd are anchallengable aber

fend in Beaute Cres Valiey (old
rath qinre are the w-eal carriage bouse
' gud peber oad tealdings, ‘The river rane The well
i « dust atthe beck and thee be ake & fine and Teacher of Music, No, 11
i oe


ead J'sinse Ste,

~—G0 TO . di J OAMACHO, Vin? bat
Francis Farroll Emrimn/ Pan—Coraer Moeoy Trinidad Hleciris 00.; It prevents Grangens,

known Book Dinder

z Tt Cleans Old Sores,
buses A delighted te spend | = Laventiile Koad £.0.8, And Ha
ne, ferhe> perkulste cali of ond Qoickest method o me
bin ence te tub Qasy.—. eichae the 3 of jleying ies? & JUST AST pee ne ceo s Ba N D co N CE R r " ye ga eee and teres on re

1D Very matetele Ave, , ’ Suan system or Dome tie Acimals,
iar Se MONEY They are just Revfect i, FOUR ROADS. x0 Cures ra.

bu! emalcas
. “ius ‘ Bweeth lar pelectiy soune oO
A DVANCED (fe emall or large anws

wd vty mylae ap ssdgle ons Dale

Marva On é
, Be, Crage Tacodey, Goptember 19d, wom
aw) Wann, Bie a — wwe eae ye Sop
“Beye adm sais Vewved ibiee wey MHIRTDAD LOA - ve HE sego’ ce GUABNATEED 10 Give saTiar A BRUCK AUSTIN, 3
(ai baits Heya a tame Nea e. | Violin * School, | Trnes ey we hy BAD oo NCERT } TION OK COST YOU NULHINGEâ„¢ Ape
Cee ee aidov, ‘a'ee a Mtalde ab ——_ emersere 4 donde will Ue bold 00 Turedey, Boplomber Sole Agents s Se =
Morienliln A cute purcbescs, oh) micah srotahic Nonde. «Mai. MESSIAH G wePRyz! Bette Use sill be provided to srcome) | S The Porpoys
wih a berger, For par tone Ve otahic 8oods. } Hacvelses aud vate ANG Mul RR prodale thé large apatine of people Nhe SMITH BROS. & O° } volte LEADING. 4 Lert,
te dere NM, Cy E : ’ tustlos, say es end the . S&C' a't Favoulte Airated Waters— Coon ‘i
Bailey as Mozaio, arta (Rei Mena’ | A choice selection just to hand The Serna, Y “en Tee Beason bet tee, ‘ficken Mabie bene eo rca
mary Yrederick Bite: — ‘Tl otthe Exons Fnarwacy, . mvar Ciculer Road, Vv. L MUNNIS, Thitea dee. ee, ThaibtpaD, pored fiesh every woruig. . Sr E
Pins sores Aeioeliai, Lavan gS TR Te eo tes exter [i
. e

Ree he Re a yas ower a - te vers, . Sat TAT Tw yw rm
: i \ .

1a At SANGRE eure aod [ feel that Lain proval of the Secretary of Meade, Iden ee ee aes
ot ited, i tb tab b .
GRANDE, pace Jeet thee fem] SSK yon for tbe nh fo eve C A EDO NT A N .

hie a)

— remains at bho grave, aod I am glad t i permanently} and I nead not 2
| STATE DRIVER DONE TO DieaTut (have the malty of giving expres | cay ie ie a matter ot great, pleas ANE ae,
INDENTURED COOLIES, gion tiegbt from my heart, to) speek gure to me to hear that Sarin . . . i ‘yk
— a revervace and rege ave for} the time ave ectin, ~ ait
ELEVEN WEN ARRESTED, the memory of that reat merchants | have given satisCaction to the members Distinctive Tailoring +
who Hved auch a0 upright life in thie f af the profession and the public, Lean “oF wt

Yeslerday Sengre Grande was starte| city of Port-of Spain, only say tbat I bave striven to do m:
led to fied that’ a bratal ontempe tec | oe Oe ae cen) beef acd Lbave elwayeiried to do ee

volvi the
bea ben seed te homais being Rulgrants Leaving St. Vincent. conscientiously, and that 1 will con

‘ *
z “ache! NEWEST “DESIGNg =
\ toy. 4

doring the early morale. altappears

that a gang of covoll lentured to ‘ P- fof regret that I have taked up this posi. a
FOR, SALT Sere cli trits Siaty pier | ietereen ream ers ty S.
¥ ams work abont 650 o'clock when the aviv the fargest batch of emigrants | qiceesitnct Mr, Hartan, the Stig IN —} ,
* r
} 4

a driv. | eotony Magistrate of Arima, Mr. Far .-
thst hee leg the feland within living | ¢, been & 3, P, t in
beaten todeath bythe meinbers of | memory. people of this colon thle intete dattog a hare Jrare. of e -

MR, sy

er one Haboo 8t. Clalr, was badly { \ ‘ :
irate, to death * the past were not. great ‘affect + . + 4 *@ we a “Ke,
poche Roede Pia ee Grandes Cro, | emigration crasei walle thse color. | gulch Umebe bar acted ie that ‘ : ; T) ‘
given to do dralning work with whieb | ts were sending their thousands to while he wae Magistrate, he conducted . ZS é

ey were uvfamilia: Panama during the French occupation
LA Int}{Casks end_kegs—Sunol Flag Brand thal fact they were allowed theie fay | and in the early days of the American | sorter Of the district well and gare
rc - 4 >. Wages for the first week. The seonnd| Pevture, St. Vincent's contribution | very sorry that oneccount of fil health :
“ - Tos atvg week they did not complete thetrdrata | 00 time reached double figures. | be baehadto retire; but 1 hope be . ———+-00o4—— :
xr ou ¢ on Chateau La'Vine..* <4 ing tasks and if fell to the lot of the] Tat the neighbouring islands beve | wii be epared for @ consideratle time . %
’ wrt ye fare abet one ase site BERL ho One ene, deny. = Barbados’ stave | {ts end that be toay regain ble health AN EXPERIEN 4
r - .

ANTE ,, ct! .. —Flag Brand and'El Toro labour at ‘a redaecd engine, have benefitted to the tune of balf al “p%encr’ ahr the Kar werey The OED 4

Eo vets" . was thie homixrante mere distatiafied with pliion dollars, pod tee thls oullet | Crown Solicitor and Menara, H. Itobin- , tore
seen . : 2 8 le) andthe motive for the murder Ly ead Teonand J, A Lassalle. ae <

an (4 ®, t, : has bee f bone would have been io avery queer BIW * .

BW INE,in;Casos,pintsjand"quarts—W, & A; Gilbey Hyeicoe gned to no other cause Pewpar ae, Vincent robedly queer SUPREME COURT GLE x OUrT AT —

. as atlog which took placa (ers alleat colony in Panama, . With bigh ~ “

' ‘ oe 8D, je of th still this smal! number is responalble —= th our present bighly trained Staaf Queranteed” 5

DUTH in Cases, Pints and quarts—Noilly Pratt, Cutlames tte, There ores fo feenee| fore pretty Udy remittance from the | (Before Dr. Blackwood Wright Newest Bigtes and beet Workmanship 2 oe a
a ? ‘a on the top of the man's head, zone, and there are many famllice Acting J.) . . In


fracture on one of the arms and [n-| to-day that are supported by relatives —— "

nt ble lacera bou! , fon thelethmus, Brasil is by no meane Monday,
Hedied he ta erations al of thee eae a bed of Posen, the maltary yooditions In _v€ Mandamus againat SIE ta

, «
. , recel are bad, and the desth rate from] Mr, 2, J, Nanco with whom was Mr, . ad '
Dion De "Se being taken to the malaria and Diack Water faver fa sald | FB. MM.’ Ilosien, Instructed by Mr, EK
uently viewed and examined the to be enormous} and those desirous of | M, Lazare appesred tn support of the +
et Y. The eleven men forming the| Si¥ing the Republic « trial would do motion, 2 '

ang Were arrested and, later In the| Well to consider all these conditions janco said it wae an epplication

Sey charged by Superlotendent Ser- | before embarking. to . rule riot taened, to yi?

f ———S agintrate a n Fernando callin T

BREKeeeanacenner Frat Rares be pan acting Name Yesterday's Football, upon him to show cause why te Lavi ED.
ful murder of Baboo St, Clair and re- wane should not [saue® warrant or 4 aum-

manded to ancther day. BUAMROCK VY NEMESIS. mons agatost Arthur Sanderson

forthe murder of Boodboo and also

. ‘ 8-0, au application against three others
R " A LSTO N & co. mee ee NN REO re Coated tee mectibe, with the rapa dongs quite vader CA LLICIDA. .
. etand thie. The way I have seen —————
lotte Stroat, N terdayfafternoon on the Bhanirock ’ The new CORN OINTMENT, a safe, sute and effectual

FATHER SUTHERLAND done ta Ecgland, is. that there {san
-—, fround and resulted eee eee gpriication way of motion for the

AT 6T, PATRICK'S CHURCH, as against thelr adversaries nil, | 4
During the course. of the 8.30 a.m. There Waa nothlog very noticealle rite etree uct ebpiization
Masson Sunday morning at Bt. Pat-| eoue the game which fas aa one- t

beptr,, 1910, . remedy for the removal of all corns aud warts, without the use

gietrate to show cause why he did of the knife,



. _ : Mass sided as the ecore Indicates Nemesis | before me now?

rck’s Church, New Town, the Rev.| never scoreda single goal Itia hard Mr. Nancor-That futhe order you
Rae Gathetlend OF ors tle| ie, ceriaia away Coe failure, seaiog | mits wponariese me of | WW. CG ROSS & CO.,-
p , fi ry that amongst the ranka of the Ex-Col- # Honour ~~ # eskingma to ’ rs 7s


late Mr, Joaquim Ribeiro, merchant feoue a warrant
of Portot-spatn whote rewalns were ret tice Shares omnent Mr, Nancot—Becauss the Magis-
al rest on Friday last in the! doubtedly the beavier teat, but thisis | ‘ale refused. le bass public duty to


* Lapeyrouse cemetery, perform, which we are prepared” to

Rt Rev. Father Sutherland said, my fee alts deep ae eke show, he did not carry out, Pa
THE EXCHANGE dear brethren, an event unusually forwards. They threw away their} _ Hie llonour; The ordinary — rule
has occurred Io this city within the| chances by bad shooting and heal. | Would be, if the Magistrate would not

t week ¢ we have had to mourn the heara case which he vught to hear, °
ORI G D h RT M K y aeath of a distinguished Catholic Jaton and “tbe probably Whi bank: the Gourt above orders him to heac é 6 ’ ’ .
t 8 merchant of Portof Spain i. and St] councedthe end. Frometart to finish | (3 but Idon't know thatit goes by ( y dl \ Pd \) (ll

eS ee ep ee,

scons In| Shamrock were easily masters, L. de-| WY of application to fesue e ware
. that man’s life which convey useful] y, . rant,
week’ only toclear over 1,000 yards, various patterns © | Instruction to everyone of te You Vertenll, Gordon and Cumpaing found Me, Nancot—To begin with one
mR ZWEED to make room for another kaow to whom [ -refer—Joaquim| backs with the result chat the ecore | Must look at the affidavits which
| Ribeiro, who wea laid to reat on Fri-}rose rapidly. The first goal of the | ‘filed.

‘ day last, You bave beard of- the| match was scored ‘by Ouumiog wha | _ Jills Honour te Which do you

LARGE SHIPMENT immense attendance at hie funeral.{took the pass fron Gordon. The | Tefer to

. . spies Almost every merchant, in the city . Mr. Nanco y=—The affidavit of Mr.
now isthe time we specializa ia OUR MADE TO ORDER followed the foasine of the deceased | $ooDd £98, for shamrock, wae acele 1 .0t, Nene Two atlavile before ia TEE Stout


abu te

3 i { to the grave, and rbaps during} you, and weare dealing with the one
pm S5and $3. Fit, Fioish aad Style Guaranteed, tbe lest “dec ae at, Test "mo. such Toe thie one ot wes de edt s real nt Ban bream : fi apna 4 p EXCELLENCE, .
AY MAE. EATS nifested by the public of thle] Voriead: sod tire cee eee a PT eae | ordinance 2 section 2 but the Magis LR
f olty lowarde 7. men at hie death, Vartewl coat toe gaat goal in The itst traterefused to allow the informa- .

as was done on Friday last atl start the ball waskept fore long while tion to be sworn to. Therefore no ap- é

ww a to $26,
om. § § the funeral of Joaquim Ribeiro. Not | tn Nemesis quarters, Knoltys Smith on | Plication could legally be granted for

a! ly did the merchants attend In a warrant. But if Your Honour looks ’ 7 yo
BLOCKED “TO ANY SHAPE, {2 didithe merrbants attend 12 quniorpmocatiza rougbt irdownand | acrarmanr, Datlt Your Honoris | Xt Keeps you Healthy&] Vigorous. *.
touching, wes the presence of the poor Rodriguex bat Rooks loata fibe oppor. section 5 materially alters section

ofthecity, Never have 1 been moreftuaity by shooting wild. Shamrock |20fOrdinance 2, aod enables the

touched ata fuseral It was not the Magletrate to fesue a summons inatead
BE W. | ELEN DEIRSON’S | Barne pstise ftast canis | fie uh seentatbel carer | ar etumetige teitinte te
- ® that touched me. Josauly Rivelro | successive occasions, “Dhe display of Magtetrate’s refusal to issue a war-

wasarich man: he died thy: heline Nemesis was rant, he was prevailed upon to hear

q * Inting to ae 7 m 4
tlawed to the grave by wealth wap > | counsel asto the advisability of issu PB ] .
THE EXCHANGE mien, lat mybat toushed ma waa the tore turned thele-attencion to Clyien: | IP8,, Drorest, notwithstanding | the J ‘
ic al 1e nec at Tio + ae
{OL Spain and Uangre Grande, hundreds, of poo Dre roab even to] ise, Majestic game. which was in} oy entering upon a disquistion #0. to :

ware 2 ue

the streets from the .
the very grave in which bls remalne} foreshe on the fo timers ground. De- speak, the Magiet rate signified hie in-

were (placed—the hundreds | that. registered another goal the elghth for | teotion to entirely discard the applica.

tbronged even the avenues of thel shamrock, In the first half Nemesis} 00, that hedidnot intend to fel -—-Is—

® ard as we passed through them beyond the Coroner's Inquisition, H
: lay le mortal Femualasin thelr last Teo turaed up dee een ee tate | wae requested by gotel to take
A reating place! And when las myY*lofthe game, Nothing further belog { 299% a o “
the cause of that won- which he actually did in shorthand T ¥F -
| SOll dll ( sed te a ce, that magnificent wk goalstoue ‘Doth tonne horoed through bis clerk who was in attene he OU E & Ni © Beer Sa.
; 9 counsel endeavoured to show

tribute of respect. I found it in the} cutas announced, dance For a considerable time,
charitable heart, in the greatness of een ae counsel | aro to | shi
soul, in the largenese of mind o CLYDESDALE V MAJESTIC, ian be even in t eo case of a ro THAT
iy, THE Jona Ea poor, Noo sock of charity o-1 Englan ‘would throw out ma an s
ever appealed to bim in rata. Speake Majestic were mercilessly beaten inquisition, yet soother Bilt aren s eee
‘ tog for impose 1 Dave pee alrieen | yesterday on the Clydesdale ground in | {he "ing Jury although tb bad been
° occasions during. the enlihe presence of » fairly large and 8 y u
: & {n the works in which I have z thrown ous fn the bref Instance.
‘ sen engaged in this diocess—to go eoth ered rods, Although thelr His Honouet In England - com-
from door to door, from house to] tall, they eurprised the spectators b mon thing is {{ there fe @ murder

3 ¢ Brown, m merchant to merchant, tohold a Coroner's in-
B)Ze& HARNESS foe ove Black ov house, eer nore welooino, Do: peorlng the second goal o ihe match | quest, and the Coroner suight find any

BLL SIZE HARNESS ov oes Back or Browa, here did I receive a more geherous| registered the fret goal and soon after peraon guilty ot aucder | or some.
, oT TNS LINES WH LEAD, reception, than « big | Etanch for Majeatio squalited, After : ’

Joaquioa Pbeieo, And what does this] this Majestic simply fell to pieces and | Person fe sent op. ia spite of the Cor:

dattest? Theat he was the sad onec's verdict, { the usual cou
fat sr of the r, His heart Was Sele” forwarder | Aleck, Miler’ eed tohave proceedings before the Mag: 8 land are ous
sree Bieta ts Seaqtha’els| are tmnreg slg, adil! woul | INOS Sot Ot Medal oas re "
valD. ~
peed ation iebed place (and bis before the end was annovooe: turned by the Magutrate, and the .

be cherished | ~* other by the Corover's Inques rer. PTT e

pains ioe therewith) fa “the mer The- Arima Magistracy. \ ifr Naness That le cortecl, and it

Le: t rt-of- — jan0 own in Arc! ,
Seat god why? Because he was| MIL FARFAN RETIRES, AND Mth, iil Ionourt—As. 1 bave been $3.00 PER MONTH
re-erminentty ao bonest man, Le was DEANE CONTINUbs TO ACT, ten years in Assize, 1 happen to o
Prenty-als years of age wheo he came a know that le the procedure. ‘
to the colovy, and he ooly lived} On faklog bis seat at the Sangre! Mr. Nanco quoted the authority of '

amaes bis wealth. | Geande Police Court yesterda ween & Simmonite Cow Criminal WILL PURULIASE
Breyton ha yeare, ot t buelness—deal-[ing, Me Gi. O, Deane, Toe ‘Actlog Ma ribs Vol Ip 30 in sup of ble con:

'Y SIZE,HARNESS wes eee ~—SBilack or Brown.

ing with bigh aod low no one could Jistrate was tho recipient of congratus | tention that even superior courte were

f t Joaquim} ttons froin the Maron the contl ided by the principle that altboug 1?
Peet Oe te ees “Upeight ‘o tbe least tion of bis acting appointment ss foere might be a rejection of the coat A HIGH GLA SS P/A AG ,
tittle, and straightforward fn every | Stipendiary Justice of the Peace for | ner’a loquleition upon which it wae al,

$e dologe, There wera nol Arima. The Acting Governor's pon | originally intended to indict, yet upon
Hen ee lous wherever with him, po] misalon making theappolntinent was | fresh evldepes another bill Dight be

uffered at bis hands, and po] first read by the O erk of the Pease, Mr | preferred e same Avsize, Apart 0 | the B I k k °
one win ‘over be able ay that hel &. 0 0 Brien, MeJ, Fist tlan, the from other circumstances and apart si y est a es ent in® C .
came to grief, and wae delven joto] Magistrate, has resigned his oftice, and | from the law, the fect remained that * «

deatitution by the merciless hend of | Mr Deane. has Leen appointed ta cou. } the grand jury having Sgoored one

Joaquim Hiteiro? None, He was)tinue acting, subject to confirmation yal, tnigh$ upon turther evidence pre- DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY,

whet is called—aod what Ie by the Secretary of Stale fur the Volo
ereditor. 1} forced a*nan le He had quoted that to the magistrate
ior tatoo a * THE HANS THIDUTE but {t had no weight upon him, ———_

poole up higlaatcent. Always will-
21, Frederick Street.

ing to compromise, he gaveeveryonesa}| Mr A Y. O'Vonnor, (Crown Bollci- Hie Monour—That is, because of the
chance, aud If apy debtor of bis came} tor) sald: May it please your Worship | functions of the grand jury 1 they
to grief it was brouh, talamenage: \ When I tawe up by trala this morn: | don't prosecute.

Â¥ ife{ (og

ent and extravagant living. His T did not koow it would have been | Mr, Nanco—They are totolsterial (a
seeme to be an tuspiration aod en {deal | my pleasure to bear read thie comuils, | that sense, . Rrhone 444g
forthe mersbante of this great city, | sion sppolatiog your Worship, I bope, Mle Honour All the grand jury has .
and especially for hie own people the] io be Lhe permsneot Stipendiary Jue | to dole to see wheiber there jaa
Portuguese, Port-of Spalu has ne Lice pfthie district, You will peralt | prima facie case made out. t «ty
koown a more hopest mar, seldom a] we on behalfof my brother practition- | Mr. Nanoo—The magistrate’s funo. |" ~~~: eee |
more fortunate many and Ine ors as well as on my own behalf, to ex: | (lous although not taotaniount to the

Joaquica Ribeiro, Mis name will live, feel at yourappulotment During the | Counsel bere quoted the authority of ~!
Jong fa this mercsotile commugity, | Umeyou have held the appofntinent | er parts Wason ND ag E ‘
acd hie life will be an example forl temporarily, you have yivea every | }lie Monour—The objection that

©! 4 ui a e e . -t 7 tbaee
reuitas tine Potala mth Rene | tomy cade erpretee piaewirs | fiatudcririoe nator," "| TRW IT | Cook's Capillary Lotion
vw ‘ vk or
others to follow, God blessed bin} proof that you will be a wrortby occu, might ocour, fethat the person bad CONVINCED TO PREVENT THE HAIK FALLING OFF:
W. ,

wed It wisely, Ile nt of the permanent olfive. ‘a bey | already been acquitted. In that case > t
PADS, BEME-MILITARY BADILE | with mentee, te wild epeealatio tulate you, ei ‘ovens | tbe aufeefoluacquit principle. ia not it! Se ‘
CLUTHS EXEROISING SADDLES gid Got spend ean Fay Prrulatlons, | 0 gonarats you, sir, on the the as Aes ieee ene Pie gta mot " an i rengthen the roots andipromote the
PADS . STIRHUP LEATHERS thought considerately of bla debtors, THE MAGUISTHATE’S REPLY. between autrefole acquit aod functus Browla, :
LOCK BOTS NEVE BUST RITR was ores sald fad mercitul to thea, Ie W orebip, in webly veld s gh fbank epicta.., lath letrate found
* @ €L Plo! . ond meas ou ver . e oO BB. @ magistra: .
TLE GIRTHS NEVER RUST SPURS, belong « tatber, re ibeus as be was t3| aud Temes, tor your kiad alr it was dutifieula hemieide, * fading “TOM 42m AX. at
_ — w viety th v. Therefore we have ressua, | tula Unfortuuately it’le not a | whiel be bad no power tO make under cot *;
Fras ractanmes 2 arent Va bere where his lett remaloe received Es uF sppolutiwent asl bare guly | tbe coroner's ordinances, , en thelr last blesulng, to refer to bis beea eppolated toact pending the ap- ile Loneur—Uatil be fs brought be- BO I 1 A IN J ~~ Gg HENRY,
Se eT pe ee te te a Re
ee eS Ri , :
° v * .
, « . \ - +S ote t

/ . . > * . ‘ : 1
. .
% ‘ a mb . \
rte . » 8 vt wages ene sd atygednues ae


» Ladies’ Depts. Tailoring Dept.| The Bonanza. SMITH BROS, a G08


Ph e Bonanza JUST ARRIVED: ANEW SHIPMENT ey Furniture Speojalists, 4


ji ss BY STINGS, | Magnolia BOOtS | sanze = romnune

TO EAND. Has no equal either {a Price or Finish. i
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Cents to 7 Dols. Each. A. PICcTVU Rez

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yo Wrapsing Paper) —=— | at christmae Time 84.55.00.
"ita = | Smith Bros. & Co.,| 0 i

and be the beginning of a pertod of 4 Tripp's wrekty in rush through the [which have gone

. by
f W I A NDIN( Te _ {Lancashire Insurance Uo] Latest Arrivals |iatiest Sent, i | ites Titers a pn de etic Senet tise cane
that Bocialistic activities have had) that except the Editorials, all that } what the Exeoutlre ought to have

FIRE & LIFE —AT— much todo with the prevailing dis- | has been written abotit the Commis- | done, made @ comparieon of the law.
eatlsfaction, Bome of the Great

Now mazaxD 1 & 1 nD Non thera Itallway compan ia ae | has been done under arsumed | yere enga, 6 the Commission ete,
Cc AEG O QoQxkz ROYAL IESURAEOR COMPANY, Ltd. STEPHENS, ] e Poston em to arbitration, — but

names therefore when he embarked [ adon n employes have withheld thelr

,Upon hie self imposed task he bad no | resolved iteelf to four polote which
Funds Exceed ... £12,000,000 a GRRNANY'S DISTERMINATION

promise that others would follow hie led tc. he j
ECTED ALL-HEART [RSORNCEN eter against TOBACCO POUCHES | to nGhoshruistiqouann.

that this has not been done, por be ee | unreasoning and foolish laovectivea *
childiably absurd to cotpplain of j] due toa anonymous writers and a lot
anonym ty in the manner that he/ ot things besides, keeping eoverely
allent allthe whileon what has

Me I be permitted to suggest that | voked the present epistolary skierciet,
ibes going of one’s name to an article Me. Tripp may thick. thie a clever
int olumine of the way of ar arguing. and despite his un-
alw warranted imputation of ignorance on

aeserted 5 por is it proof ofan | writers like myeelf, I refuseto be so

Independent character, or honest, | easily led off the ralle to follow him
political opinton—but instead, very In the track of a dozen or more thin,
often a desire for cheap notoriety and | Let biui stick to pee Polat and foatify
public approbation, especially when | his defence ep Care's conduct
an excellent writer is tho contributor. J wih facts tag prove that

Asan iNustration of the first sugges. | hile criticiams of ate harton was
tlon in the above paragraph Sfr. Trip pe warranted and that there was no
says on behalf of a wajurity of neceeslty for the Gominisslon.
leading mecchanta” he desires t3 Unless he can do these things, the
repeat ‘principally for the indorma- | extreme weakness of the cause be h
tlon of people cutslde the Colony, | undertaken to defend becomes a pate
ibattbe bulk of representative, tnde- | pably a apparent sad no matter how
pendent opinion ts with De Clare.“ | lavoura! sand olon he may entertain
etbis not a rather tall statementin | of Dr, Cla ¢ has no right totry
{bo absence of everything except Me, | and force iv tipon other people asd
Tripp’e ipsa dixit? “Ys it the truth? | claim to be the mouthplece of repro-
Does Mr, Tripp serlously desire the ioing eon independent opinion while

bli tal f the colon
alleve that } : d By ail all 1a Boncluston letmme tell Mr. Tripp

example by eigning thelr names in
opposition to bis, in consequence of
which he has no right to feel angry

that the autboritles have coms to the

loss or damage by Fire on conclusion that the two men Brandon
Buildings and contenta of Ware- and French who were arrested while

houses, Offices, Shop, and Store| LEATHER, photo; raphing the forlitications aro

; e

+ , Premises, and Private Dwollings at | LEVANT SEAL. Aae | really spient

itch Pine Lumber, ees: |: Eee

- 2, 0, nAned. eau oO @ island o eligo-
[PMT AD fQUITABI E SETTLE: | Heal ANTELOPE &c. lied resttetlont wilt te feared nun

Heligoland as a sumroert


. A despatch from Sevilla reports the

2S. to LOs. death dacloga bull ght. of Pepite
the famous toreador 0 ity

—_— FRENCH WaiLWvay Vatabrry,

* ven pereous have mh al

Silty injured by the deralling of an

THE STO RES; exons Main fron Chertourg for

‘al Bi 6.
Genfa Complete Outfitters, | isiponrsiN1O GREAT BRITAIN.

A Blue Book gives the total lnports
Financial, Into Great Uritaia_ for 100 as os

Sy ds and ‘th
Ties dodera jgued is bs » prepired todiscount San S founds, fe and ‘the exporiaas
Proolewsy Notes, on ressanable terms, TIINIDAD Lin EW REACHES



BQUE ‘THEKA.” [seu 70°

From Mosice aALasama, _ | SUIITI BROSAND cO

aeain’ jBonanwmm,

ft. Scantling 2x3 to 12'x12,
0 fc. Planks 2x8, to 4x 12, 4 COMPLETE
ft Boards 1x8 to 13 x12

fe Flooring Roards t§ 14x6 {COFFEE CLEANING

fos Feet, Machine.

Here that be bee been asked
the representative people hero tu | that I have quite as corrects notion
enuaclete t thele views? about anonymity aa he bas, and when
If not, besides placing bia In an | I consider {t uecessary I sign my name
uncomfortable position, is it not igany coutribution I send ta the Press.
strange that among tbe many Inde: | Tbet being 20, 1t takes a far greater ”
pendent men here, well qualified to sathority, tha ban Mr. Tripp to convince 4
me because the cover of anony-~
my ‘- bse whet is written must

from 65 tw
i si Mo Town or Coantr: kk, Septr, 12th.
Properties wilt te ae. fo tu0s varglog Maracas Rew Mere Bepte
between an ago nt
As many Venetaciaa 3.60 gold coins, | MORE REFLECTIONS OX THE

sre cbtuvatie will te gurcbescd. COMMISSION OF EXQUIRY.

speak for themselves, not a single
qoles up to vow hae been cated do

Us so Ewasclal matter osnsuts prstest to what bas been sald pablicly [ a sarily upreasonabis sod
EF gS ie b L—c/e * Gazetie’ Office, | KINDRED MATTERS AND MIt. | {favour of the manner Dr. Clare's folk, shall hope for something
or a Vv EDUAR 7 TRIPP, conduct has been dealt with at the | better from bint, efter suother week .
For Rent. Commission F meditation, than bis las!
L d (To the Editor Pe f The Port of Spata | Ar be well known solicitors” 14.h Beptembe MARECHAL Nis.
rinidad Shipping & Trading Co,, t Fl FOTRIG “MOTOR COTTAGE No Na 22, “Bade Street. Very Bir,-The reoune of in Edger Tripp's t ding and mov reshected =— Promber. 1010. —
aod diauiog roms, Love gary, aud | geliberation for almest a whale meek | ed ear ere sae been poor PRICES CURRENT
IDAD LINE OF STEAMERS In thoroughly good order weaal out efficos, with large yard, Hower ee Ot deg a cc ehalf of Dy. less to reply” afraid to express what .
. garden, r corte jist pes ie seeks Clare whose reputation, I aw afraid, is | they think if they object to any- New Yong rea Beplemnbor 32th 4
oad Trinidad, carryteg Throagh Freight for Tobsgo and Cloded Bollyar) watalled, App y to comes Perr t sulfering more Irom the laterference of | thing which bes appeared in the | Four, Blended Clears for West
FOR SALE EE 3 of te a. RN, Leogoun, lutal bie f friends than from his so called ene- putio papers? On a public nutter Indies per barrel e145
. PROFOGED GALING pages 1910, wha ia Gasette Ulflce, — Beptember, bch we om of expression le | Meal, Klndrted perberrel #2232840,
ang * _arttve i800, Whatever objection de. Telep may public! pien all in on direction, | New Season's ork per bel-eNo quen 4
pile rrallst New Ye. | PAUL EL SCHBPRER & CO, | Firsse cacGaans | Dave smeinet the reply of the + Port. | inust there not, be sone resson why | Heavy Mess Fork porte 20—2)
wee ANB. 28 une Re 3 LATEST TELEGRAMS ofSpale Gazette” to his article dose | those who are fa eyapathy with Dr. |... (Urystala per 10be 4 Jt'=
oe pan 8 1 Br) 3 41, MARINE SQUARE. not inuch concern me 1 the Gasette is | Clare dare not even take advantage of | P'S9T) Nuscovadow teat i00lb 250— i
Fir oiananie ie 2 Bevt. 20 ‘Puoxe N si BQ W Ld Panama Teligraph Company, | well able to doal with bim. and slace | & Nore ds Plume to argue something in | Engi teen ices
. Rept. _———— ‘ot closed he —)
o we One, 3 a ode in SSAL ARMY: MANOEUVRES to bit beck with ae much effectas be Certalaly there is and f will tell cotton Siiddling Upland
By danaiiares: 18 = Octr, of 7 COLOSSAL | AND AL tan Invest in hig blows, Mr, Tripp whatitle, Itisthat feeling werpoul per ib. 8}
* ws Octr, 25 os Nov, 6 ertys What 1 am concerned with Isbin] foc a nan who dleplayed the Exchange, Ne ork and oes
N wo Nov, 18 4. Nov, 26. Dew 4 Lor NE i tember lzth. | wonderful combination of memory and pouseesion of those qualities ment! cen lon, wy days’ eight. bap +
Bes clianasiie Nov, 10 Now 78” Des Te Deo 13 | Antun ei F Zsa oe abecence of iniod at tbe sate thine of | ba tuy first reply, sod which appeals | Exchange New York and 1
v Ww Deo 9 Dee 17... Dee, 2 ls. OMS0N « U0, The Actuma Ary b two what has ovcurred at the Koquiry, | 108 certain class of people who know Lond on tipi wo 488 .
Dar... 34, Deo, 2 4 Deer al. , Jere 8 TR lehee ry, Uelgad parte of which he fa picking out tosult | full well that however much it may Mang ¢
or GRaNaGariee Bo we Sed, 3 ge Fat Bh ee | Tt what he Ss advanciog, as wellag hie re. | excite thelr admiration, it cannot be _—_— ~~. te
“ane ri 4 wohcuux marks about tbe ‘vallent. beroes of advanced 2 arguinent agpinst vole lesen September 12th,
Fee aboyo Steamer pall at the Lslead 0 Island of Gromada beth ways. oPe . she Great Anoaymons | Brigade, gre. the sitention of the public sloply percwt = 16,0~17,6 .
p iD LIMITED 4 BRI'K T ding over four couvtiles anh sent gad the culy one who replied to { because they adoiry such characteris uscovado
SHIPPIVE AND LRAVING COMPANY, | ‘ by extending over four cousttle mataoe rane til then. ot t Floating terms {a Bond. /
Be broetwar. Now York sa Pot of Boats. 21 pra Lrree have pever before been ithe gallantry which was certain. Tehalleoge Me, ‘Tripp to potat out |g, 2,.] perewt . .. 1u~ii/6
| "Som srotshs Sauce Grae Dre [ized iy, dogs PrP | adaerwnes at clay ital ett |e |Oecean dim ew
2 Slain times of peace and are Mr, [an article whic ity, While the Commission Sugar 0o'Y Gibrali
E> ST ANTONE rR, RS Plano & Organ} | ihcscereny ibectarse thaeine | Mirror tot the 405 lod aia Dr, | was sitting, pothlog uch wae sald vor Channel feronicrefeatiog
The reserves Lite erp 0 ot poets sppreciation ot about the drastic reforms needed Ja terms per owt, .. 1 :
* IMPORTERS. in onder the reulelke of Mr. Joba Saul the Medical liepartment, and ong | Nemeats Rum Nom. per Nea a
I , atthe Chainber of Ooniwerce ios rela would, bellove thet ts res polek which Trinidad § Cocva, G: ite
i eho we ove
bir Inidad Temper Lima English avd German Tianoa food, auog ‘ondly bia praise of Dr | ward insieed of bein elt or, dt | cotton” asim Hine doa OM
) ae > F o a slands at Liverpool .
ne Clare's Connie the conduct of Me. iit bour without one word of expla | Bank of Knglend rates of” BIN

DISOOUND FOR CASH, tered with the reguuars: A oe ee tll | Wvbarton who wae Qountel against Dr. | pation, Truly It islawentable to see | Discount ~ ww «Bpercent , *

~FOR— theses Lactics adupted to enila&t sympar fl Gonsols 68 '
er on Bin Purchaw afield as though ao actual campaign | Clare. thy. however they are just suited to | Ty: Le 0
. 4 being conducted, Acroplance eee a thle eee epithe ry} dignity of “he base which ta Petrolecas Optioe Soteata Parva Mo ‘
AYING, PU RPO Oe ren oe ee ore reese icloe stout wlth al Oubelie 1eastint toijar, M2
, ie su ". juts’
Tanks gcd Repal Ing by mw ierraphe ‘ate Brovided aid tbe weet bas, been sald cannot be refuted facility thet would'do credit to amen | General Metroleus 1-8 Se EeSsunt to par,
L Uma it allowed ful play. ‘The | aad which sivo,piuss have contlnced | of pouoges yeaie (ao offence is inteud: | Guapo 1 to 1Y-
it vown L) B bie Oret artic. je hed
z Binio4c MANURIA ‘& Speocinzity) ote pounder wit e'horuete, beat 1 be, women forward | ibe cost of the commision, charges | == =
7 “ erda!
FOR “tie Ue Es i THE aeeitor ood beri ha with all the a! A Btandant Medicines De. Kellogg
—FOR— mow fice has ise licued' a paper vebemence af bis command against Vegetable Pills compounded eb

soonyusity a ihe Press. Yor B

urns aud Scalda~Canadiso
oe ane (abode thee’ os Heallug Oil will take the fice out ofs
tuotty ole “Nom de Mum burbs of scald joore Fal pialy then any
persovally Josuly bis opponent; other preparatior, Ut should be at
criticlany sbout eponyniity con hand io = oxgsy hen eo that
seriously affecttby argument of any: Is way be availa ab any tliae,

ly vegetable substances town tenes
Nityiog aod salutary effect ‘upon
the digestive s orgens, bave through
years of attained 20 stake
pent & position that tbe rank as
standard wedicine, aye ailing shoud ‘
remember 0) a thei
position ths by the

MANURAL PURPOSES. _ [Printing Katab'istment

p Results will satisfy _ you, Brie fer etloe fT ie Groene Now typ» | 5,770,

Q bare we ee nguens ocho i grpoes of There {e009 preperation required. Jue
MAW RAE RNS Bit Coie Jos inuag Aaa [Fite Stok Seeliite Mets | ty te Su Lee tor ated | Been elapch ed ae eae
a meduay teperof my apopyuity to Le eatin o pain it teaod in weberttine hava & health: taful an d agreeable ¢ifect
dad thipping aad Trading Co,, Lmtd 'y: eer AP gated oy Toy dionghi ade U7 dte con altognhes, ea hu luggub digas aguas,




si] COL’D SHANTUNG SILKS, 48c¢ & 72c.


: Bitic, B6a, 400,
1 TUSSORE SILKS, 400 to 1.20; FANOY ST
ok 3 Drouin, 600 Yard. ; RIPED VOILES— Blick and

Pompadeur Millinery Ribbon, 240 Per Yard,


" Ladjes ‘Tinsel, Leather ¢ Blastic Belts 3 Ladies Lisle, Silk & Kid Gloves,

AP A mINs,


5. Ss. ‘OC _ AMO’
asks Large N'fland Codfish
do Medium do do
tdo do £N:S. do

do} Haddock.





— AND —

} Bags Canadian Whole Peas.









Loss or Damage by Fira, e'e.

on any decription of


GRELL & Co. Ltd


Ccottish Union National

ror-ee vemwe—we

Tariff Rates.

TUESDAY, 18rm SEPTR, 1010,



es Te




Gents Metor (Cut Brim) Teral Hats, 2.40 en.

wath Pupeeaween-Very TLight-B.0o0o.,

Gents Tan Willow Calf Bals, (20UF





Wery EXtard to Heat

Wo OCan Aupypiy sou with the Nevrent

Serges, Flannels & Light Tweeds,
We are confident you will be ploassotly surprised by their Etylish eflects.





| adies White Canvas Shoes $1.08 and $1.68

Compagnie Generale | SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. 3
Transatlantique, ve ;

C. Lrotaup & Son

Witsten: Brit atmr, Martlo, 1,768
tons, 12 hre, Grenada—OUs tons genl
car 1,800 tone patent fuel anda
deckers. To New Oolonial Co. Ltda.

wards to Demerara, Surinam and | San Jose: Venez boat. Gutlerres, 3
Ca enne. taking cargo passengers and tone ft daye, Uquire-8 quintale
mails, a
UADELOUPK,=The French Mail | Campo ALnona sr Venc% boat Mata, 3
h Steamer, ** Gaadeloupe * is due fons, Xo fers Cristobal Oolon=7
TO! evezuelan por! ou or horses, a copra, COR.
about the 26th heptember, and will and 12 passcugera, see 6

Therefore It is that we

panied by a number of soldiers he
went to the engine and ordered Thure~

i: ii

ton to come off fa he refused to

clecke aod merchants to solve the
difficulty, Aathe result of that meet-
(ng, either it might be decided that, in
consideration of their remaloing,
during the crop mouths or other
especially defined busy perioda, at work
for so long a Lime as the exigencies of
the business should demand, they
should be granted the concession dur-
Sngthe rest of the year of a weekly
day of very early closing, {it would
not ba absolutely necessary to the
useful and satisfactory working of
such aschem) that thie weekly early

the assembly of a conference

dd, Fioding that Thurston would not
leave the engine the Mayor ordered
the engine driver, a white man, to
moore out of the way aud at once com-
menced firing at Thurston. The first
shot entered the etomach wounding
bim severely but the second shot en-
tered the neck and Thurston fell dead,
There were two blackimen on the train,
a Jamaican named Robinson aod Joe
flolland from Belize, At the time the
Mayor opened fire on Thurston’ he
ordered his soldiers to open fire on


T DOMINGUE.—The French Mall
a) Steamer * St, Domlogue’ from
Europe via Guadelope, Martinique aod
Kt, Loucia is due here on or about the
24th Beptember, and will proceed after-

ae eh.

eat ee

closing day should be a Saturday as it | these two who were friende of Thure Mart Zamurot Venez boat, 8!
fu with other lines of business; to | ton, One of the soldiers fired aod the nroceed afterwards | to pomen tT S&S days, ape, boat, Simon, 7 tons,
insist upon that would perhaps wreck | ehot entered Robinson's shoulder in: | tiayre tal log passengers inalle and | Maxacatno: Veoes boat, V. La200, 534

the whole echeme, But we fancy that It is
#ome such arrangement could readily
be made i? both parties would only act
with a little give and take In the
matter, Of, as an alternative, it

tons. Cludad Bolivar—92 oxen, 3)
doukere and 25 passengers for Trint-
dad; 163 pkgs for Royal Mail, 1.903
pees for Royal Dutch Mail; 215 pkge
‘or Tdad line; 422 phge for New

filcting a dangerous wound.
hoped that Robinson may recover.
Holland was arrested end tled and
taken asa prisoner to Ceiba, but on
whatcharge no one seems to know.


ene va ee

might be arranged thatia a certain | Although the car was decorated with nonsnklipke Westin | Poy ‘ner Hoyal

punber of places of business, as many american fisga the Mayor did not dische Maildtenst, Cs Avde NevFlovy eb Melt ne

ae could Povelbly be Induced to take | show much reverence for the fact. Now York—Paremarito 12th. .

the step, a weekly day of early closing | The British Vice-Coneul here is taking Servi Epen: Beit sloop, Duncan, 2h tome, 1§ +

should be introduced 4s from @ certain [ the matter up and fe making enquiries | Tag Rovat Dutcit Maml—AGENTS, day, Granada—2) gosta, Ipigandld =,

GARAMACOAcThe ws “2aramac
ca” ie due back here from Parca
maribo via Barbados on Tuesday 2th
September 1010, and will leave at
3 p.m, the same day for New York
direct taking cargo, passengers and
NM AROWLINE. -The 6.0, "Maro
wijne” {g due bere from New

the Mthing
September 1910, and will leave same

date, regardless of what the objecting
merchants should ssy or do, some
would of course remain open, aud
for a day or two they might galu
some trade; though not much when it
came to be understood, as «@ little
evergetio public advertisement of the
campalgn could easily make it, that
greed for trada was thelr cause of
action. And in any case, wo fancy
that it would not require much time

and taking evidence, There were hun-
dreds of people on the traia and abuut,
so that even bad Thurston been 68
dangerous lunatic, unarined as he
was, he could readily have been arrest
ed without thie needless and cruel
murder, No fuse wae made when
Lolland was arrested nor any attempt
made to rescue bla, though yor 6
should haya_been arrested It le bard


Paiss Faxpenicx Werprixs Dutch
etuur, Nieman, 1,300 tons, 34 bra,
Demerara, 3 tons gent ee 2

ores an a
Dutch Mall, pastongers, ‘To Hoyat

Frevsatus: Nor bque, Wlergon, SIF

tons, 43 days, Manburg—ballast, To

Jalian Rust it at Dick i

oon News; Brit sloop, ick sot

tons, i day, Grenada -2) brie pears,

ae Fada



ireck on ay

i to elapse before the sense of justice day for Paramaribo taking cargo, 1 be;
Liberal Settlements. and reason Be pitien the bottom gt Padaen rennd mualle, “Burl . Formers Dt slop, fJakersli tone, 4
= ee ublic opinion wou! induc — omen aay - ‘ Lhe 6s. “Suriname 2d ~%

The Port-of-Spata Gazelte Heat erro snsty tolow | MOVEMENTS OF STEAMERS, {Sse duc here trom Parainatito on | 3) chetes' peace Leiter s' whee St |
‘ je the example of their more Progressive val t Monday the 2ith Beptember 1810, and bage kota puts, bags crabs, is i

—— === | brethren, and clow also on tue day " willleave at hoot sharp nextday for ee pear: passe
PORT-OF-8TAIN: appointed. True it will require some R. M S.P The Royal Mas New York direct taking cargo. pax BARAMACEAT Dae ere Ken

- ° sengersand mails,

deterniination and some independence 2103 tons, 6) days, New York—140

TRATO,—The R.MH “Atrato” fa « Maro.

due here from Southampton, vie

and public spirit on the part of the AROWLINE.=—The 3.0. tone geal carga and 3 fpaseengers,


on 2 aa CRTC DT { . ‘
ak aa joneers of such a movement to enable wijoe” {se due back here from To Ko: .
. THE COCOA CLERKS PETITION. Poem to take the firet etep; but we | Cherbourg and Barbadoson Wedoee | Paramaribo via Barbadoeon Tuesday | gavan ye ee Gampbell los +
, A tated tbe Btber day, It | are convinced that our mercantile body | day Mth September and will work in! qrh October 1010, aod will leave @ tone, 4 hee, Demerara-2 pkgs 3
i: 8 ws th ‘e furthe tence will asa whole fe unt ao utterly devord | strict quarantine at thie pork. on 2 p.m. the same day for New York | cargo, To New Uslonlal Co. i
z gj ° ber made by the pupportere Fe the ef loaders and or public "Re hesoue AON AS a were” froin New atin taking cargo, passengers and NT maa Tae Bs ook ee
ear 6 such a & 2 : y ma ee 24 tone, aye Grenada—W) pgka = «4
ST, VINCENT BUILDING. preraore aod which iile Exceiioney | Of7bicb, when It shall have suceseded | EOF E> cliombie on sunday Wine << Koninkiljke Wolfau-| Pease, i pies'Glonemon, 8 pkgvoo-
a’ 6PORT-OF-SPAIN, did not see be way to frank the beve been taken without official | September, snd will leave the next dienst. CorprNaM&: Dutch etioe, Haasaoot,
= oe a the. rovisiona of the Early Closing compulsion, and in fact ia the tecth | day for Fou! rts Oe vi Ob ‘bot Tax Rovat Detrcu Mar 208 tons, 43 bre, Paramaribo=no
Ordtbance to ‘nd whole sale] of 80 oficial inertness and jack of at Michaels (Azores) sue oe Toei 2 AGENTS. cargo, bo passengers To Royal
rdingnce 10 C0008 awe certalaly [sympathy that might well have | taking pascoyers ott tighthouse | PRINS DER NEDERLADEN—The | Dutch Mall, .
Prust eay that the causethese persone | (hu ped any attempt ta go further in J Th . Queen's AW bartat 2 pun, with Dutch Mall Steamer “Prine der | Comer t Brit slogp, Joseph, IZtons, 2. ,
have at heart isone that seems to ae | “he wetter, ote re for the Magdalens.” ‘ederladen” fe due here from Vene-{ day, Grenada—2U pkge pears, Zhagn. *
to deserve success. Ib is Indeed TAaMONT TP R Pasonngersare specially nutied that | $u¢lea Ports on or about 17th Neptem. | coconuts and 8 pei 1
a “Satracrdinary thing tbat the] MALTREATMENT OF BRITISH {be oat) lighter to be despatched ta ber 1910, proceeding ata eae Kino Howann | Vite dg Bsib, steams
Goveraor whould, wiih wo dite SUBJECTS. the fioneward Sai will leary che se, | Paramaribo, Havre, and Amsterdam) (eine, meoget ere


apparent consideration of the subject,
and in so off hand a manner, seen At
to refuse the request so reasonably

aa well as by a great majority of the

Vincent Jetty at 10,90 atm. on the day
of aalling, and pawseuyers are tbere-

taking car, ae
piss Wiltem V.=The Dutch | VEYEzveLas Venez cutter, Thoimes,
fore reques to see that their

Tue following “te taken from the Mail Bteamer “Prine Willem V4] 49 tons, & hes, Cristobal Coloa-25

Doniaica Guardian of the Jud ia

is due here from Atmvterdau via Vara- bile bitumen.

and so strongly backed up, ‘ baggage is sent down before that é oa
stants -A public telegram from Velba, eage pisribo and Demerara ou or about oth DEPARTURES, 4
a falr numberof the employers Nicaragua’ which we published on the September 1910, Sreceedin afterwards September lub *

28.b ult, stated thatthe Commander umsene,

hour. b y op a
Pees) @ RMB. Vague duel os Garupano,

employed ecaure of these clerks | o the beylla bad demanded from the herefrow Houthemptou via Cher | 7, Ta, Puerta Cabello, mOurscate OGrbado ba)" punchecas’ wolacker
wasrecently extenslvely argued at ® 17) vere ihe recallof the Governor urg. Ht Michaels, aud Barbados on | | 7 i ‘Aux Cayes, PortauPrince, 10 bags Venes 10 bege Trials?
weetlng of the Obamber of Oom | Oni brovinceand theimpriconment f Tuesday, Wb September will work aa New York teks car passen-| dad Gucoa, ska b idee Tr acsuiye x
merce jand has sines been the subject | Cr corain unicor officials. fur the iii | In strict quaraatiow at this ports ” gere and malts B cares meot) 20) tous bunker coal and 83 4
of « number of communications co the treatment of Licitish subjects and also | ( \LY VE. ~The WMG. “Clyde” fo) 8 SUAN(A.=The Dutch Mall Char. aeseogers. Hatled 10th instant, ~:
pret, both from clarke and from mer | aa iudemnity of 2.00 dollars, ‘Th due here from New York, vial A tered Steamer *Ascania® (due y Gurdon, Grant & Co, ;
chantsemploying clerks in these lines | Te Were agreed to, ‘The telegra- fJematca, Uolop, Cartagena and Pio.) oo. (on, Venezuelan Forts om or | DZLTA—Venes stme Lopes, 215 tons, 4
of business and we do not propose | Lar, sree, sites tons “ia matters | Colombia, on Sunday 2od Ouiober, | SE TAT utober Ivi0, proceeding | Ud Bolivar, 107 tons general cargo,
here to re-open thequestion as to the Laan more directly concerns British | 40d will leave the next day for South. eee siete [aremaribo, Havre: an. hod 27 ‘. agers. eusrel Bs
° THE DEST rearonabicnon, of ibe lem of 18s | colalats who pay chs minor porion | amples, vie Lasuedon St, Misbest: | Aumierdam taklog cargo, pemeugere| Nee Hay y Cut de Venes aalled
° our opinion the prayes of the petition. fof the subsidy by which the West | oes csrzo and mails, and mails, tou
We will take pleasure In showin era, it granted, will cause fer less ladle & Fi very Fele rap b Yompany ‘The fonder will leave the Lighthouse ww "The Hast Asiatwo Lane P atagonla— German sine Bchab *
how this style pen can be cared ia Dtasogof the recent Buadey Ghostag | rentment of thote, Delish subjects | Fests for ube Clyde with of Sieamsra | cocoa, 7 casen ‘bitters, Wt cedar
i unk ia a tflone~ loance, aud that to a class of | consisted of, and whea commited, we Ife G20, I. ALstow & Co loge BW cyclinders, 8 crates onions,
ket, purse or trunk fn any pos Ordloance, and thst too: More atieta | areleft inthe dark about, flowever, , Pamaangere aveeperially notified tees diate * | Seratee nerte, a0 Bides, Mt "baled
bace + s

¢ cannot spill and is slways ready to


LES ffeoted by th
‘A USEFUL PEN FOR LAD! efteoted by the

hat we would

hear such # alight loconvedience tban
were theclaseof pesons who were

on & Sunday morniog.

In glancing through JAe Clarton, uf

the fiomeward Mail will leave the St,
Vincent Jetty ot lu amon theday of
salling, and ngere are therefore
requested (0 eee that thelr baggage ie
eeut down before that hour,

Si CROIX=The a é. * Ht. Crols” le
dus to strive hery from Eurupe
via Bt. Thomas, Dominica, St. Lucia
and Barbados on or about the 13th
leave the

rubber, 4 pkgs ashes, 7 kages
copelbe ob ewe Venez vocoa 13
bales Venes balata, 113 bags cotton
seed 8 bales tobacco, By Paul §

Brith Honduras dated nd qT
is what we came across, which ni
pessibly avewer for the strong ac!
of OCoumander Thesiger, altbough

decision to close all
advocate is that, in

x zn eptember 1910 and wil M
a The pen that yout t . be event of the Kxecutive Proving by no means Loo sung for the dowde et eee (1. = | neebday for Demerara will Paramari- |. Schewer & Co.
ye when you wan obdurate Inthe matter, there should | perpetra y et AZOF fe Place bo taking cargo passengers and tnails, | Fessxvons—lrit wloop Clowdeo, 19.
be arranged a formal meeting of repre | 6 bis exsoclatoa aby eC London Direct Lane T CRHOIX B sentatives from both the clerke and | Tbe address lad y the Captain 2 . S due to arrive bere from Demerar aud 7 passengers, L4
4 the eroployere with a view to arriving | Ot ILMB, OScyila” during the recent of Steamers, ta Veraimsribo on or about the zird | BAX Just—Venes Lost Guitiorres,’ 3 +
5 ava modus vivendi whereby, without | visit, o at rose to tals port io New Colonies Comrast | Beptember 1910 proceeding after-] tons, Cano Colorado, syndry pkge
thst entire dependence upon official | which he urges on the aut orities not AGENTS words to Europe’ via St. Lucia, | mdse. .
. help and folulalive which i to often |W imaltreat Liritlsh subjects simply | YAVAN —The 0.0. “Havan” will sail | Domlolca and St. Thomes taking 4

the curse of loca] ghd
be secured that the hard worked cocoa
and provision clerks shall be fairly and

be they were blak, d io AP Me
sorin to have been taken to heart, ‘Oa Closing of Malls,

the (6th ultimo in celebration of the

© on or about the 17th eptember 1010

Torte, i
e Mek pamengere for Lon-

taking’ cargo aod
don and continents porte,

Mails for Tolugo by the

car ogvre and mails
—— Vroderck Le land &
Company Ltd

, * humaoly treated, We abould be the | completion of the first twenty miles of ny Ltd, “tpey” will bec on
MUIR, MARSHALL CO ane, just to" contend ‘that the clerks, who rallway on the coast Mesare: Veocara | ———— Tux New CoLoxial Oov | (today) the .1db instant, aeons
; Ale ee | cortalaly, when they joined the ranke | Jiccs. nv ' and sundry, of all inidad Li / Limite AUSSsTE, ocluck, m1, procleely. Hegistration |
; of employees of cocos and provision classes anhe lee a7 x“ an excursico Irinud one oO LEXANDHIAN ~The es. “ Alox- | closes at 3 p.m.
. firms, kuew what the conditions there | ttlp over the lagand to Henle, ae Steamers seican "ie duebere from Liver | ° ball for New York by the “ Copper.
r would be, should pow be tted or | Masice those ‘ene ° tes ee Tenipas BuIFRING AND 1 via Bacbados om or about: 25th | nawe" wlll be closedlon Tuesday ich ‘
~= encouraged to agitate for achange amon the Sta: Beried "On the Teaviug Co—Agaits Fostant proceedin; efterwacds to | September at 1G o'clock a.u.. preciecly,
f, . which would be seriously adverse to, oval fine teen ti ae tf at ROWN OF GURANADA.—The os. | La Guayrs, Pio. Cabello and Ouracos | iexistration closes at 0a. ,
. A evr ve ry errr rere of focouseaot tds” 4 eee they some uaplensantness trose between C “Orowa of Graneda” ¢ the Ti iol tailing cargo passengers anf tails. 8 Malt for. Golon, Canal *
d of 7, ., al ‘
f cial @. . | dad Line will leave New Youk og the 7 avenilie, ne Janelca an
| were employed. Lut 00 tbe One i ee ee atltee of Nenasa, | 10th Septounber 1V10 and {9 due here on Gussyow Lurect Lane} New Youk by the IRAls, strato


ther particulars



No reasonable ‘offer refused. For for


bend, it seems tausay
of meeting a real genuine di

to prevent apy clerk who di

to enter the “ slavery “ (to quote the

Chamber of Commerce

cocoa and provision trade, from jolo-

jog she raake of service in thase

portant branches of our commerce
a >

will be closed on Wednesday the lth,

of Steamers,
Precisely, 4

TriaivaD Guyerdu APD

Onity to | who was the brakeswao of the tralo, | 22 September 110 {ostunt at 10 o'clock am

E take a stand the tugical result of whieh | Duslog the altercation the Mayor TravixaCe. Lto. Kegistration closes a& 0,:),
; 16 Acros. would be, so fares {bat fe practical, { kicked Thurvton who went off to gey a -_— psa | FROWN OF CASTILLE ‘Tue os. | Mails for 8t. Vincent, Grenad
of not wish | revolves. This was takeo from har - 7 i Crown of Castilla’ bs due here | New York by the ag, “Ureneda™ aod

by a frend and be took bis place on
the sugine preparatory to mak) oe
relurutrip, Duawone tola&thé Mayor
of the circumetanses of Thurston bar.
fog obtaloed & revolver, and accom:

be closed on Saturday th
tember at Bua'clock yon pe ee
Paper wallsod registration closes ay”


from Glarguw'on or about the 10.4 of
Mepteinber and will aall vsme dey for
Dewerara taking cargu, patedt gers
and mails,

One of the commonest complaints of
lufante le worms, sod the moat tifee-
tive Application for them is Mother
Greaves Worm Extermiostor,

debate) o ‘the



arm . . ‘

4. - 4 . . ‘ 9°
ae = < ' = to get ink tothe fore. When erentu-)} move up Loughton, who for yonee Trainer of wietiee

> om ’ oo “ ‘ [te ge ivahim ble be could not: be sald to, have showr | Milne, .
¥, . , ' 1 a t * ff sally Balgobin did give him he » himeelf tha rogue that be undoubted! THE FORORG Hanes 44
FRAUD! | BUR ae Te. ier be anerarn tet ones (iy detain the dite By men |, Ore ie Voy ie
‘ * - Y

= ~ ¢ he wagied with eve: hcte at? the mee
¥ ‘ the aro tteree “tae 7. mime 785 secs, wae a tent {hat wilt not soon Hovranes ne 2a wat aaSee
. . 5 - o
ne KEEN RACING; GOOD SPORT. \. Tirgionumows Pater [bryce mila « path oliie Weeden | 680 ard tore Be, RE
, ° - . ter fat the e wT 's hoa’
{t fe a traud on the part of the Grocergor the Shop- ; mnate, walt al rasa" Weigtt ft gorued, aff the horees beiog gaveraly PBelalion © >
. 6 a) ek ett °
pecee fe give Fo THE DETAILS eegtand tbe Briere a dot | cogpiredna ee COUUeUPRe: | what Ree,
. . ' with a sweepstake of 10 dollara pp. Ist | an . . a » D Mery
ive 200 doltare and the [etances Floughton did remarkably Bandy, 10516,
BR HA D FIRST DAY. | egiitins sstart shee To" [teeettaertereyicaey | Suramte aro sattetoatn | oltareaeriaene
i; iBR : Payne, | Me. T. Flond’s br, g. Balbeck,
“That you have not ordered. on the plea that the sub- Tax THOROUGHBRED SoRAMBLE | T*lner Oo rioters Jockey Faroe years, 190 Tb. Dickson) Rebind the Trinidad representative, | here was, no
atitate is just as good. He is defrauding you andy de- wither tbe. Ferlonge, Open | Value 160, dollars. Three Quarter Hon. Ding om Kydent, 5 yra. MRee Toit winner i Hr, Vincent Re suctern, three
Weight for age. Rntrence $15, ore Miles wean Wace of the Nalne of 100|.Mr, Vincent nn bg Sea Wolf, THE CREOLE HAN '° abe penalised wii

frauding the Baker, who by_ his enterprise has

i Five Furlonge, ‘Value 150 dole, A
made a name anda reputation for his brea

sandy and Vi no
handi¢sp. Open to all creoles thtec if des (whew thas
years old and under that bave raced [ red 7 Ibs! oveew.

eweepatake of $15 pp. let horse to | dollars atlimeof entry. Welght for

aged, 130_1b. (Bruner) 3
receive $150 and Lhe aweepstake; 2od | age. Entrance, 10 dollara, with a] Mr. DO. 0, D

a Costa's bg, Merry

: * horse, 830, take of [0dollarepp. ist horse | Sandy, 4 years 13)1b, (algo: . But 10 dots. fing bi ad
It ig not what,zou pay—but what you got for what*you Mr, Nelsan'e c.f, Celtic Lass, 3yr8 | to receive 12) dollar sud'ithe aweep- De the oft searte’ | cathe es intceperake of 10 dna. bit | ‘otk the funy’ ote
- pay-that counts in everything, especially BREAD, You 26ib. (Schaller) **. L}etakes 2ad horve, Xdollars, Winner | Houghton waethe only non-eta let horse to receive 130 dots, and the J Gad an unusaally ten
always want our Bréid, and when you ask for BNGLISH Mr D, C, G. DaOoata’s o.¢, Oakdale of Breeders’ Stakes penalized 5 Ibs, {n tbis, the last engagement of the day Tek borte Uo gad horse, 20 dole. abe part mutuel sem
ARERY BREAD ° insi ting i a $ 2 years, 1071b, (Bullen) - 21 Dr, EB, Maasiah's bg. Colinton, which brought out ent, Bea firet | Dr KE 8, Massiash's bf, Gem, 3 sause there was litde ee
B, you must insist on gotting it, and accep ‘Thle wee the frst event on the pro- 4 years, 1101b (Cooblall) and Nerry Sandy for their fire * years, 112 1b (Cooblall) we = 1 But @ surprise wae i ;
no other {I Frame and @ fizture appearing on it | Me A. Selon Milnese R. ValWUr, face at the meeting, | Balterk mae tte | Yen ton Mituesem ValdOr, | | crowd, one whtehy persue
£ , three gears od ‘and under it did no ard Uae Wrdtee tne Lad ning ‘at the outset, and gave the other Mt 8B pears, 103 ie (Seballer) a ‘3 2 on this, 08 serecl fora
THE ENGLISH BAKERY, sito aeilities for th jarge f ane Gwen, 3 years, M3 Ib. (Ball 8 Con ee Dalbeck” coe toreugh ate years 100 1b (A brame) * ae) Bman Me, Thomas
'D| < *
PHONE 20 wane winzet | eater uri nce | eeimgtn, Geaoees somo tt acl Mere veaâ„¢ [Geet sgewemio(nior) cf Mody Subeee
mano rm. D. A : . ‘
maguanimously entered Waterwiten ad with ths Drceders wtakesctbou | “Trainer and rider of wioner: Jockey J Ne. p. Go. sib (Dal nee crul CEE, {tah and
tae tae atest oat tet or he | Seeue et eater hie |e soldi soni fe acteurs [be tars etree
5 ale (also of Mr. } doubt o a result 2 e Maiden ur bl} \. Bec
ee —————————+ | DaCosta’s stable) and Celtic Lass. The | Creole Race Uolinton bad a large SECOND DAY. for which the sartere erred mens toon ae 5

latter was the colony’s representative, following, his rivals being Lady Gwen,

aod although she had not given a gi: \zs DOr and Westmond, neither of ihe same capability,

while the others were tanyegsigl ae
vace, Turnlog te the a
vere forced ong for ah a
apable of, and Nayler’s
swainet bin, with the
vale that wides went ti
sad soon é
Vidas woo as bell ol ts
sroved ve
dandy Anise an jad
hough Gooblal did
Neylor, Time f mine

rainer of winner—v;
ate, DG. DaGoat Ae tata

fe aCosta’a
133 ibe, “

Sr En turned out, Thelma belog withdrawn

THE SCRA HANS IOAP. for some reason or otber, From the
Five Farlouge ‘alue $200, Open | stands the start appeared ta be »
to all horses, three years old and under | raise one, and this seemed to be born:
that have raced atthe meeting, Eo- tou, by the fact that Recrul:
trance, $15, with a sweepatake of $15 wh one backin was almost equivaien
hf let horse to receive 3150 and the 100 to 1) did not leave the post
aweepstake j2ad boree, 83), whllat Lady Gaen aod Val D'Or wets
Mr. DO. ©, Da Costa's cc. Osk- pulled up, the former at the churcl.

account vt hereelf either here or in | whom has as yet given an account qt
Barbados, she nove the less had the | themsetves, On ancount of his uu-
best of the backing ‘both on the pari baatisfactory performance in his pre:
neutuel, whereon 224 Uickets were sold § vious engagement, ae well as no doubt
on ber against Iai on Oakdale, aud | on account of the fact that the otber
otherwise, This waa by no means on-{ was fresb, Westroood had fewer
expected. the more so as (hechestout | backers than bis most eerious rival,

colt was carrying 111bs overweight. | Val DOr. And before the first fur
Wheo they arrived at the slariing Jong was covered Westmond began to dale, 2 years 121 (Oooblall) 1 | and the latter at the tive furlongs

" [ we. 3
point Ostdile gare a'deal ot trouble | give ble to Meriden, ang the| ME Nowra Gt, geltc,lam ©, | Seeing he, others ,golng, Scbul,
going away on several ions before § application of the whip only tended to Notwithstanding that her handicap [| (vestmand then had a cog derabl
the starter el ¢jostifed in despatebing make matters worse, the youngster | os ceated that of Oakdala by peaily lead over bis mount. He ultimately
the pairs and this no doubt reduce tefusing to move on and was conse- two stone, Celtic Lass wae fora time succeeded, however, fa taking dows
bie chances ot sizing, Celtic Laes a | quently left very much In the back- reatly fancied by punters. Opinion, | \vestmand, and chased Gem up the
tee Ud aman be cid. When tbe | ground A goodtace, however, was wit: | owever, gradually veered rovod I straight, but was unable to wrest the
horses nove off Celtic Lass took | nessed between the others, although at favour of Oakdale, and eventually | jead but Dr. Maselaba lly
tke lead, and though Oakdale was car- | the finleh Colinton won much ae be there was a difference of only a dozen although be was beaten by barely ®
rled along for all he was worth, he | liked by alength, Lady Gwen beiog an tickets more on the.respregentative of Fiength. The s was madea snbiect
never succeeded in overhsullng bie | jndifferent third Time I min. 32 secs. the Uanoon-Diss Syndicate, When | 4 vgth. abe canes nanbjen
phponent, who won on p Pau by halt-a- THE DURBAN STAKES, the horees were rent away Oakdsle had | Cognizing that e mistake badbeen made
length. ime Imin, 6 4 5 secs. Value &: One Mile and distance. aclight and inappreciable advantage, bythe starters, decided ta award tb:
‘Trainer of winpert Me. M, Avevedo | Open to all horses, Weight for age. | but he gradual ly Increased bls lead, | -Yizoe to those horses which hed tun,
Yor three ear olde oaled. ta ‘this vor let heres toecelve fae sea the and des His the freeat anplication of the tafterwardsto bave an additional
Y 5 » Celtic Lase was unable to offer for which no entrance money ot
colony or the West Indies otber than | sweepstakes 2od horse. $50. whip. race, 7
suy very serious challenge. Jt wae ‘
Jamal cme One mile, A aweepslake of | Mr. Vincent v.s. c.g. Saylor, aged aertous | that the handicap waa too aweepstakes were exacted poet ib +
Sir erecle horses enlet hace corny shed Mr, t Hoogab be Vides, aged } first for the filly, who wae easily | for the same prizes, .
pith eat ee thia rae, iota iN 128 le (Bullen) Betbeck,"i 2 praien by Me, Da Costa's colt, Time arzeainer and owner of winner—Dr.
carry 8s . Mares and Geldings nT. "e br. g. Balbeck, { nner: 7 >
Bet lb. Firat horse to receive 200 dol- | years 123 lbs, (BlEkson) . Tralnge of wine orang yee ote AUTUMN, HANDICAP, |
seks namely. aib-dolars oyun to| toa Syeure-teinr Dace) | «ge 2iMand.a Diiancn’ Vatu | erscs hut bavetaced atthe meting
, i , 300, andicap. “o a .
Ta dollars, Total value, 370 dollars, Mr. Nelaon c.f, Celtic Lass, 3 years ‘ Pn that have raced atthe meeting Entrance 24 with receive. Porat *
reeder of first horse, 100 dollars an 107 Ibs. (Schaller) 1} Entrance, $20, with o sweepatake of the sweepetake; 2ad horse 50 dole
one-fifth of the accumulated aweep-| The blue rmbbon of the meeting, and $lWh f. lat horse to recelve $150 and | \f0 1) Ou OaCorta’s by. lecrule.
stake, equal to 36% dollars: second | with competitors pretty equally | the awee stake 320d horse, $50 ms yea 133 Ibs (Bal, ‘i )
horee, to receive 100 doliars and one- | matched, the D’Urban Stakes was Me, D & Da Costa's bf Re- Mw Sb oo be ( Bee x
ufb of the accumulated eweepsteke, | looked forward to.with unusual Inter * proach. 4 years, 128 ba (Balgo- Fe . Lt tbe , + Leproach, 2
equal to 168 dollars} breeder of second | est. Live horses were entered, viz, ie yeare (Payne)

Dyspepoura, The Liver Friend.

A GENTLEMAN of bigh standing Ie the community tayt :—For the past eighlces
mouths I have been suffering tery’ much from Indigestion and the slomach
erally aod bave tried many re medics, some of which have give me temporary relint
En vow Dyspepcura bas done me more good and given me more lasting relief thao
any other remedy.” Drapepeurs je Bold at 2 philliog at PAR'S PHARMACY, Be'mont,
audat THE FAvOU ITE PHARMACY, opposite Wash House Bridge, We mal
Dyspepcura to country readents on the receipt pf 1/3 19 Postage Stamps,




Ifyou coutemplavs being enyaged, or if you know anybody
who is engaged, you should not torget
Abraws x,
@%. DEC EVR E*O £8, 22, FREDERIOK STREET. Although ‘wearing’
Dand was ‘very rest
hat account—aend ther
for some Lime in co
ib length they bras
wttle rogue was the wit
gate, Hecruit ted soa
rained the position, Gea
weond @ short distance
D Ur, with Westauand sowbes.. I
1 min 735 cece,
Trainer of winner~Jockey
Argosy. i

don’t erde. from a catalogue weich shows a picture of a Diamond the’
ize of a locomotive flash light aud only got a mere little twinkle,
Meney refundcd if quality is vot as guarantoed,


| ne .

Trinidad Dye Works | WE



PAMPHLET fe now tn preparation, CRINIDAD,

ia) Out of five entrants there wasa field | SALE FOR MONDAY Tai
ivipg fall detaila ia coonection with bore, 8) dollara, Four horses to start | Celtic Lavs, Moughtoo, Saylor, Vidus _T. Flood's .c.c. M. &
tote Mist bad will be ont shortly 5 do not PHYSICIAN of ne added money will be given. | and Balbeck, and two of ibem Bal-| >! Te Mois Serae of ou tro, Hecrult snd. Reprosch of OF SEPTEMBRE,
fiiosd yeina ‘ dollars or above previous tothe meet, | the toguee heed Addie tater | acme norte oF, tates entered were | being “Thorius, Alaytard and Bory | PUBLIC NoTIGE ib
‘ i . leclared to race, ruit being re- i widow. The palr went off at little io exercise of the F
Alindmurme. Maxcimum Treerererr Ing at which the race fs ru, penalized | was lent to the race in eonsequense of served for the Creole Handicap, ;
gg gat UR: promnpuon ayyart.| | Mergtinden deer itheaam | eleen fetlog of isiey tat exe | RIT oof aeeot tt of He bangeage ty | rtgatt hacer tna eer ed by | ee tg art of ng
Paste + 20 Pacts 3y- 0) meut 1s a0 organized aod the fone foal Og shill be deemed to | between Barbados and Trinidad at to Ust, As aconsequence the weights of arene level with Balgobla and the P1205 of 1008 and musts b
Vest » 6... Vea oye conducted that it supple ‘ thew reed ler." the merite of Houghton and Saylor, | the other two were put up by 7 Ibe. | horece were extended down the back Toby of tbe fret Poilig Wonk
vot ate En Bee ae ah ments the efforts CP tbe N * B yente iasiee Baise 1 Cppeared on the D Urban ack ne Reproach easily le the way in the [ stretch, both moving along side by | sorad part sod Jobs vas .
wT .. Ks g . 7
Grace AE QFE AME) | are ias w | [DCH Hanae Com tre, |) SDGtitege: all ato tbetanos | wtsty Smt Gen the cute | nee nnd tue galanin | Sli fol toe ue he
. hae t O lon to ele wi! a 9
Le fe a “2 Bodies 3 prescription we eee to it that Mr. T, Flood’s ¢.g. ‘Vestmond, Syra colony's latest Importation, Celtic comeaced Sines on tenth The Vayne challenged at the gate and tbe Pablia Anotioa by the . _
eee aa EY Car ainte Tipits Cee ot hese pam Thintecg ane ‘practically a jaft to | tie’ Gilet vite He ue Hehe tg | face Rave rine to considerable diasatis. | We were not raced on theit® merits | Port ol-Spala ‘0a Moadey (be 30
le o wv | It DC,
Soy TONCLEANING, ured end that these tegre: Recruit, aad lt was so regarded bythe] contest the race, Vidus taklog settee atta Petree otaae ek the Recrutt finished ahead of his ata | ‘eptemter 1010 detworn the hom

Clomens’ Speewt Process,

dieots are compoucded ino vast majority of punters, who onfyin-| the lead followed by Dalbeck
Jacket 2/6, Mornieg Ouat 4/-, Macte 2/-,

ble companion by half a length.
truly ecjentifie maaner Str. | — | Vertedon the other two starters with | and Houghton with Saylor bringing ot thowe Go fbatge of tbe, pari.

Time 2 mins. 14 4-6 secs,

Zum * ,

. tuel, Oa lining up, the _ «
Frock oat 4/- Veet I) to AE, Over B.A, Rameey base little over a glow bo taking, a sporting fhance of | up the rear, | At Daroell’a stables Say: went away at aster wriilet was Trainer of winner—Jockey Payne. compl ling ose quatre ef a4
Coag Me Skirt j- to 3/ te Oat 8-10 20 years’ experietce ia com Med beppeniog, ‘There wae one | sepatadeg bias fee che he eeeg | better than moat so-called staris—ae | THE GEORGETOWN EANDIOAP, | soo card ef Santa Gres a Ue
uy. ica 2f- vo B/) Des Jacket 2/3 pounding medicnes and the expected heppeolog. There wae one | separating him fiom the others, and was emplifted Iu the very next event~ a Me “TE ind abatting oo the Norh on Mai
Sedlingie nent ok reclis™ | oerierecontieaciatin. | | Tn"tecras fr the Gaveraora’ Gok | Iho timer tapretrreaytees [tod inoue Haawtow (oes the stag | oTiveeauaite Mile Value aon dole S99 2 Bale oe ol
tlonal, . A en 0 orees that have re 1 a
BFONGH AND PRERG- 4 new Departs] | A fem Larertan at way | which, war fe, tery bent ce to te | Dimerty Houghton tnd Galorkr the | Reteeato"Qu”* reroarh seve ts | tremectog” atemce ay det it | peg ot Eueule el
ment started. eatisfactory part of our ser- contested, ecruil was the Bret to] trio being raced along for all they | fod no difficulty in covering the | & ¢weepstake of 15 dols, bf. 1st’ boree ify b Road a ‘ales ol _
Techetand Penis 2- Vest Gt. Frock vice Is our plan of basing the Ret off, but close at bis heels was Gem, | wera worth and being fingged all the round, and Jed throughout but | t© Fecetve 250 dole, and the sweep: ter Road, gna y
Gun 2 Doe ad Heal medicees "TTC ] | Torning the dent Lend Wwestmond avs] wat ets tain decider betmetesuseh: | prbaliet on tbo other aad punished | sake Zhd bores fo feeelve 60 dale | taunt east tng
. . een Hough: fr. D. O, DaCosta’s brg. Hough. | rs
Jacket 1/t, Paote 1/- Veet G4, Skirts 2/3, Thie means that the price cessfully challenged the leaders, but | ton and Saylor, ands most excitlog eae belong tie oes ton, 4 yeara 12) Ibe, (atgatsay three Peiteee ae ren al ‘
Bodie ts GLEANING is featooable and just io eraly eee acd: cach see more thrones fie fa ages eye ee former catching having been declared off and it having | Me. 0. Vi facent " be Bos Wolf on the>Norik ob lend we a 8 i
: . instance, © are aatis * «| been decided tn run it over at once, ag ruoner “s " Sah Dreoeh ow he
Fold Hat Clesord Blocked and Trimmed — with amell profta aa our he was overhauled by Recruit, whilet,| A complaint was lodged against al- | tho hocces again faced the starters | Hoo. F, Diav's cm, Eyedent, 6 oreo
a formerly of Meria now oF
2. to 8/6. Men's Straw Hae Oleaved I/- expecsen are lose thao the Gera also ook lin down fator and | goblo, the rider of Houghton, riding when there was another false start, years 110 Ibs (Schaller) . +t 7
' : Inthe rear, F t Saylor and af y Brown oe the Kut oo
Baw te plese itis agke Sirew diss Jarge Drug Stores, Briog the Chureb the race was one between the stewards awaried the pyestigation aod Maynard, who, was plungiog Mr, TL. Elood’s bh. Vidus aged, 107 Urench and on the Woh es

along, had goné a distance uf more Ibe (Butlen) ¢

eblidrau’s, flat clesned 1s, 10 Be, 6d, your prescriptions to the Reeruitand Dr, Massiab‘s filly but the | lor, whilet Vidus, who Snlebed fourth,

than 19 yarde before he could be | Aft. T. Flood’s br. g ‘Balbeck, 4 awly of (Joss Farina vik

y 9 blocked esd trimmed = Istter found the task set ber nore j waagiven second prise through Bal- . sores, .
aeiecy topos He ginorl Bigess | [Reliable Pharmacy” | | thatoeivescapalie of tad iucrat | Geile joctay oat Baty weighed In | EMCO Siayoned tle Sater th | Tceneea Tutsstt' he Gorge | Date tiaata a
- , Su . = Cane me 2m .
ee aMonal : “nt and Me, RAMSEY, the pro ter, whilst Westmiond was pulled up| Trainer of wioner: Mr, Vinceabe feed, and Passed tbe stands for tbe were iSpedent? Hougntsee ge We if r. 3 oot :
Gcorge Btreete. i > ’ hy to the straight, ‘Time 2 mlo. P15 eece, THE C " wt Ume soins eight lengths ahead of olf, Govern!
Corner Dake sud Georg Frietor, will give bis pessounl Trainer of wi 5 . WIE CLERK'S PURSE, Neproach whore tider madeno effort | Vidus and Balbeck, The patronage
Telephona 15. altestlon tu them "THE UOVERN, ockey F ‘aye, Value $200, ‘Three Quaiter Mile, ] to move up until the top bend was | Of punters was shared by Houghton
‘ Corner ‘of Duke aod St. Presented by Hie ORs be the Open to all creoles Weight for age, | entered, Detween Parnella stables | Eydeot eud Balbeck, the first named
_ Vincent Streets, opposite Governor with §250 added frowa the fed Poa acres Cup penal. aod the Grand Stand tbe filly almont peel ee a eee backing wie Bal TRINIDAD.
. ° ont a[came to a balt, a; { ‘ace of the fac! '
New Shipment); (Cu Weight forages” Begence algreoles. | swerpstake of 8'5 pp, ‘Ist horse to | ridden in by Sebeller tut quickly re | thabihe pale wera ruaning with almost | Ia the Saprese Coed of
p & sweepelake of 10 dollars lot | fecelve $150 and the sweepstakes Zod | gaining ber stride she soon shot tothe | level weights, LEyedent carried Ill. f Toboay ae
Just Arriurd, | horee to receive the Cup 200 dol np and horee, von Wibekter’ front, Severe punlsbment was applied a eee ss Bea Wolf libs, Vidus | Vo. 148 of 1910 che Hobe a
sweepstake; 2od horse, 50 dollars, ” Mer “Wide ckler’s b, m, to Maynard, but the game little colt | 41bs. aud Balbeck Slbs. The horses | la the matter o bell 104 heel
g 8. ‘ GREW ADA’ FROM NEW YORK. UP TO THE FRONT @ | dtr. OG DaCoste’s ht Reproach erry low. 4 years, 100 lbs for once wae unable to respond to the | wentupina bunch to the tape end Vietorla Mite!
f | ' a 4 years, 1101b.(Bsigobin) 1 | ay (Welters) . . w- 2 fcallothis rider, having already run | Slipped cbrough before the gate war chell irfeate nsder ite
“OF THE FAMOUS — om De. W'S! von Wineklers tata rears 130 eatin ntaty sch gf Biarace, a0 Henreach eat of tanlene, next they got leg oeltlonnbeste ins by ele et
rs, 12 . od woo in the common . on thes!
Ko LLOID—WOLFRA THE WEST/INDIA TRADING C0. LTD, derty Widow Vyeare 100Ib, Mr. Floods ore. Maynard. & Time, 2mins, B1250eca, | wucceeded i giviog a fairly level Start, | Lo the Matter of Toe 0

(POOR MANS AID)) eh Vette co Maynard, & 7 | og 2tarei8ibs (Brunner).

Trainee of winners Jockey Payne.
Incomrogatzo J7Tit May, 1900, ears, Ivlb (Brunner, 3 aeatol five Tecaut! there “hae ee SECU ANTS’ Puare?

. ; . “abe. Qoo Mile. Value &4", A Handicap.

ee etait Tad YL AP a ebaery STE | a Meptourty Mesnard and Ateny | opsnto oi Nore tbat Save raord St | bir hele aod aklay’ af eapteat [ ey oh Ages 0 Sot
\ ‘ ‘ace ew EK out bu! t *

we beg to potify Sbarnholersenl the we thle reeene nig an entrante the starter, Carrying YONbs asagainet sweepetskect aus” Lee tat home Houghton once again proved eh pee House in the Town ™ .

s reba Bhop pte the wa have opened Dhabolo and Recrult being withdrawn, Ibe Kerry Widow wee ey ee pee gecelve $20 and the sweepatake; Hrd ben he makes us bis utad t Thoredsy, the re ia Sms

Wo, 32 Ouariotterss, Ol thoee left tocontest the race Re. ed upon asthe probable wloner, and nd Tare BS. ne bees Balbeck hs arene pole telween

Proach proved hereelve « favourle | she did not belle’ th, Ad. y » 08. Baylor ALL AN ft taod oF oe

where the lowrat rates prevail. qailit th th d, 271s tre So rte nce Of ber 12 lb (Urunper) . rant beaten, romping howe as bel ike: | plece or pareal 0 oaid
aod velght Gusranteed’ “wr Tickets being faxed On horas apalant rene omatehng eleteey (eebroech wee | Br, 0 Duceetas br g, Houghton toa) fecelviog «Beaty ovation, tre id seres and ab ate

4 near snatching victory fi: hi 2

biti i, Snide aaies anit atcae! Tease awe | uzun pery, Acophietne [a2 Winds begets, 4

& bbsrebolder and better your positicy roach led the way, but James on oe te yalaer of Reproach years, 120 Ib (Dickson one

Bher buldere are specially Fequestyd 0 erry Wilow and ijenener on May- foul Tiding was eile ed Ft the chased How at 1p (ee h iH poh

parchase from our ey oud secure | nard Jost oo time in fuliowlog in t was nyt dustalned, ‘Tine Palo. ad PAPE HG lb {Schaller} og
ball yaury ide a wake of thelr colleague, Hohaller mak: | sors, ‘this was lhe first event of the day

ta blanket wvtateera ele Gizeeh aaat | ing vo Sout to cmuratethelrexample | Trainer of winner: Mr. Seaton { fF, be Wit wun. tloughton, Saylor

— Ye 1 aso : en ,
Broadway Far fall peruiculaca rpply , they were soon to the fore and inakiog tine, slot was


Peeercent to ibe deve cer?

take advantage Dut’ the ie eee te
van ub the Barbad!
horse had Balbeck clipping along at

sten Lamp,


A Ravi gg TOofo cf
your bil

BA complota,stcck
now on oad of

the erical,

Titular sud Mogu-

Lr, aud of


' J

[4 peres aed abating 08
second place, and Kydent alsa cut tbr
ground from under the feet of Mr,

lood's recentimportation, Time imin
22:4 Sepos,

Traluer of wioner—Jockey Payne.
Three-quarter Mile, Value 1W0 dols,

arose bp nae baile *
Peake vos dey of

. Hydent Before the race Say! A handica 0 1
L Any Candle Power at lu, Bie deay the race a match between themselves « Val THE CREOLIZ RACE. given breathing exercise, Tome tired, foaled ani ownea inthe colony
, Rept, teehee & QUESTELL, At te lire furlonge Merry Widow was | gave S10. Five Furlonge Open | through the straight at racing pace | Of Wititish Goiana thet have raced
None yeauine without Central Sup-| SP. G-low” Monagicg Director, | quite three lengtls abead of Heproschy der Weight, Loree Ween tine | When the quartette lined up Halbeck | a6 the meeting Hntrance §10 with «
port emt Spina’ Filament. who wae again divided from + ele oe for age, nner of the Iwas on the inside with Houghton | @weepstake of $10 hf, Ist. horse tore

d tye eye
oot Lode and Veor susie, ReM.S.P. THE ROYAL MAUL | by other two lengths, but by the Ume (overnor'e Cup or Clerk's lurse pen-

Bole Ageot fos the *STEIM PACKET Co. (hat the curve to tbe gale was reached j Slised 7 te. Winner F both these

and baylor in the order nae
for the Canadias Tu*gsteg Leung Company

ceive $190 and ti
ydent being oo the outelde, The | $2 W) and eweepetake: End horse

a a faces penalised it) Ibe. france ip ? . - aah
MAMEL HAMEL SMITH CUASTAL BERVICK. | Hicticoland wae sorlousis abadiog: wiih a ensevatake of flop p fat botes | Iieugtton abd Royton erTided on | UF Widder Upon Cae sits Met?y | 10 weeWoproms Com
Telephone sy" opt, bith. s ocial N ti Fing the Merry Widow | All of the | znd org ae and the sweepetake ; howerer, paving s majority of close | Or, KH. Madiab’s bg, Colinton, Bumasry Jaredinion, Fett
‘ P otico. stra hte and an escltlny alehfended Mr. D0. U, Da Costas be. Ho whist albeck came ittoea wautuel Mr seas Stee " i No, 638 of 3910. tier of
PRY. The LMA “SPEY = ayy thy Keproach beating Merry Widow Dr Tee Weenie ee eg) Alot zetronsge, ‘The start was a most Gwe, 3 yr, Oe ih aroneay 3 fee ayie
- -— . ‘ unestisfa o
| Megat aati th Bue cg! me seme my | WIE Gatun ey, 2] teat tongue ea Steer’ et | carat eercotges fa th a
at Spin on Monday, 1th September ude. traveition ¢ “S years jis (Walle , gf Seb cit Uru the other pair had gone | bolo, Val U'Or, Maynard and (Vest. aon -
A Univorsity Conoh. aod will make ove irlp oaly to Tobsge sold Temperature. vesporue hot ta Mr. ©, de asian’! ef Lady | foupis gt len ee alae ton aka lew fo tc teet cad vite those NOTICE ts barely ayes
ITIL 13 years’ espestence of Unirer- boro theRyey el prea eae sitting in a draugbt, unseasonable sub Gwea, 3 years, 161K iArjoon) ‘Olin the distance to the top. corner | Was 8 foregoue conclusion, the rane be pak oF for rig Custos 0°

lun of fight tor heavy elethlog, Having to compete agalnst Reerul ut alk or more le in
noleg West ond will leave Scarhath at are fruitful causes of volde nad the ie it wae derided ot tostart Toelius te Hismmeelves aod Kye ihe between Was heavily beckon ny oodows mee
Spm, 09 Baters.y, 17a Beptesbereal. “ tant aough so perilous to persons of | Wee(uiond in the Ureole I{ave, and the | Houghton was two lengtbe tore in | Culintonand Lady Gwen mode coors
hog at the Nor & Goat sorte asanyal, “ee lwo Asien the mmeny wedi: | monster uf a creole bad pited agalnet [therear. At theax fu Jungs Balbeek # Wood running, (but at po time was the
Fos furtbor pasuieulare apply te tb floes for pia foners #0 arialug bua (be youustere ¥ wen, Va} [was leading Baylor by lees than a | Tesultin doubt, the Merry Widow won
Herel Mel Best Raat Camvenr, Geatuactlt saat avaed Ur | eo" aneat aa che Senet | eetasrae bao, dow Tol wu | aortaly by eo eon ws GSE
fi i ‘ BGs, oe a
10> go or Port of Spais. Come coartaced, Urice 3% cents, belog moved oo without any atienpy polat of the sace Bagel began it diterent third, Nose mee 2

sity Latoriat work at Kdieba gh. se
pre; ured to coach pupile for Scbola:eh!
end other gzsminatives, both Lo-al on
Koplish, at moderate chirges. Fareots
* or Gasrdiane can be furoished with race.
“" feos relerenceson epp! cation to “ Tuwr
fs Port of-tpaln Gasstte Othos.

Grande wh
the Banere Gere ot Sep

12 q'elak coos. ay
Horse, One Cave sree
Ieviel e1 oa la ihe abore a ame .

sp pas. LIGOEM,

-_ | oe RUBPLEMIET 7 1 sy
pervefinte s Apnitel Fail] Japortint _Avnoante sient Administrator Beneral’s ise bee uSera! tated ava | BAUER roe ay Tween Day SAE AS

wx ert at Tek. omy ¥ stmt oe
P ’ BUILSING © Sas mer Morris Nalee No, 904 of Wie. UF O. TOLER, 1910 PUR, 1046,
; pm paodern Main Road, Tunapuna, 3 ét6. Ja ihs be far’ of the Srgtoatipn of puts NOTICE is herby given that pric NOTION le heredygiwe that
Fon TLiCERSED Bullit, Howe & Commineloa | TRINIDAD, ry ty regen on taex teisg of the puwae of sale con bg fumes of tbe pewetcd oer ,
aan ae Tot Maine 86 Prpenee "ating | HO SvHCme Gent of Tabak af] Rel Fropeig Orban Na, [UNS ey del es matted BY Reacts, eee, ten mesce bo
coeph, Becta ‘ ome No, 2172 for 1008 “and, wad
o BeleAvrare Shela for reng Inthe mat 1 UBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given thas Tat “Hewera Fewlee if Me Aree pect teens Seed tbe Tk Ts
sipm, Ke mente . Tas Ad athe maver of 9 oa deine et Hie Howodr, Mr, Jee | Mer F. second part ‘ Grvere ar tee: fire
iy diving WHE ebeapess wi to ealeriala te a A Tinieu eter Gore at's Ordin ree, thee Wi berela on the 20h. dsp |and Tha 3 fe I wt pea Prat yer
Fie unre avcoce to hed. A. B.| Ju, WML AN ICE CREAM. “Te caniet | Add In the matter ct tbe Goode ef eee thowe wikin lanteen tte | Car tan for sete by Datla Auctios by we Lworm derome Willioms dorsling ef
ee 3h. Havelock Bt, G. TF. tae Kawte ie from tema Peter ir Wiillsma Pierre allae] from ibe date ad the pablication of inte | aavertgned at thelr Atetion Mears, No, Lé Geesared) Nas Merle Own
: ,Btables, of the Tebte $1.00 down—25 ceate ree ol R. Pierce Pegs ur Ord, late of Tena | Notios ia the Ragal Gavette a Provisional | St. Vencent Ftreet in the Trwa of Poraul- eeord the eof aid toe ge hae
ass bays, 1010, Chante Rte ret pros, Dece sed Tot state, Coniteate ot tile will ta tergd to 8, | Spite, om Tecrdsy theta bday of Oct Srptoraber, 1906, texte eved tal
TEN LL havlen, fas & Oo, ia of that jUreel a ber, 1930, betweva the bowre ol one aad Ofve ct the He phtrar Geerral
er e °
ee ATENRY DICK ALU Denote havieg claime agatnrt the aiteate la the Wards! Onur erin: | two p.m, of Fretocel of Iheds for sbe'y
i WOAI? OF Anguat 1h an you (Koow, above estate are required ta rend 1a prising 10 scree, L fe0d, 37 perches, teilocs | ACL SINGULAR that ‘ertaln ed had bef
pene Squad Lith, 1910, tothe eodersigned fall of tha * ard made be wren Asis Viercrime Joey
, . . —_— on ited Re peruicotars ated and with the abatials and-houndarise | Oceos Pisstation called *Lodlen Trali of beens part and tbe raid Adeta
meal 3k ¥rainin Tersdey ihe ge deen on of before | sthewn ia the Wae savered inthe Crown | situate fa the Ward of Montserrat ie the . ton of the uber part, there Horie bes
xt . after lee sak sey of Beptembs . 1910, | Grant registered Ia Voleme XLV at Fol, | Istaad of Tileided together with the ty Pebte anciion he the
onto > §9 000 TD taloed jateco o'aine will be enters | 911 and bonaded Os the Norh by leade ef | balid age thereon consloting of ® m=, * ' dersigned, ai their Auction Matt, Ro, i
B rearies 9 Creat Cedamer, by lands of Claudio Valdome-o | parcels ef lard, ihe firss thergo! aig Se Vir Rree, Poriet: 2
oe Hun . tors who hold any eevurlty what- | Gomes and, by lesda of Manvel Ortega on | boven nerves, threstoods, aod silrty-two ing two parce) OG huey of tetemare
: a5 trade AOR INVESTMENT oN goOD cITY seraity acd peness aide, vatze of thle the Boath by lands ef Mannel Ortega, hy | perches apd abetting opon the Noth wpa Tae Facet Towest contaivieg weces t bevneee te Ee ar of Postel re He, .
Board of Jeera Frio: | wrtiog, lviog fai Deticnlare staceasity | SUSED, thelr secail'y and prove for Uke | of Jonrph Borsa ea the Xast‘oy ieede of | Bonth 9, ot tks Ialas hall Peblie Mesa iat f_ Hs Martovea the | oniagt sits Photo ont tar ote ae
Bf tetl, ovinolg ot 2 320.m, 0 loGered: addremed 193. MK, 53, Dav. J” vie debt. Eaverd Ke'ly) by leode of Jereph M ras, | on the Seas wore landa wow pf lately of Harel A Pr Ward af Turste, in the Ip snd uf Trintéed,
‘ roment jande o' a comptiging (neacy BOG et es ond etght

Butidiogs, | donald Street Payraceta will be roads on Yridey th \
eptember l—im, foade on Friday the puel Ortene an lands | Mehebrecon the West upon lands s0¥ t
the agen stl ” 23rd day of September, 1910, betwetn the | of Mrs, Macuel Ortega ned on th Wert | latety of Burgoa and ope tbe Tediaa Tre :

. ve |
buore of two ard three Ia ihe sftertoon, wy lards of Cadainee, by lends of Leon | Pablie Rosd, ine seo od thereuf contaloing


eR erches aud ale ting of the Nomh epos

hows Tarde, Oo he Meth aan s

Vated thie 23 dey of Angust, 1910,
pups of college of . . ontiod and by lends of 1 Ort s ores, three rocde aod thizteen per
shook whe have ben contlasuaty M ’ A a UOMAS J, POTTER, t Dates thts 1 aay af soe, to chee rnd ‘Tbat:log cu the Nott apon Ue So areon Seda ite Wat woe edt 2
je the Colony daring, the pest etal, Sand , Gravel INIGADE ne 39d.) BS. a. STONE, No, 10, Carazae 8 (tlementon the South lasds, °
wil be eligible J exam Barth, W & ' at hea Ne co {Trinidad and? Regloirar General, | wpon lands vow oc lately ot Mary Jane ee Also all ond eingolar ibet certeto nareed
wuost te fee trom phys 1 eamiure, &e. Te een’ | enintpaD ° Hany Ul Sewdoclaed soe the: West open Goda abe | Chant inate fe the Ward of Us. pet
ee: ie coed hese ey meee | GLUPELIED to Contrectors, House owe: Ya the Metter of SALE FOR TUFADAY THE fora DAY | lands row or lately of Soha Kdwatd, tbe Foutrena ecres, vee rtose nad conta:
; on tbe Ga; eT examination. ere, eto. Proc ptly aed ab motera'e | Phe Acmiowtratcr-Gencral's Ordinance, OF SEPTEMBER, 1910, third Ibereof conteinirg three scree aod Cu ‘wide, and Ung tn the Noth epon lands sow
eee ol computing sbouta | Fates, For further partlealars, apply to 110. and a tbinty-two perebea and abattiog upon the in the corapation of the Crown,
MY ig bo the Sucrmary of tbe No. 10 Baoapwar, 3 the Matter of the Goods of puso NOTICE ba bereby given thab | North ppon laods now or ately of Neoma of Turure ath wpor lemes of one Plaza and
zon ing ice Saturday, tbe 27th ] Telephone OS —2tst Acg,—Im. Fraccie de Silva Eerran, } ia exercise of the power of sale con: | on {he Sonth wpon lands now o¢ ately of pe Cumrto River, oa the East a
Seer erst, eocloung m cerificate. Of | Street, in the Town of S. ferred 0 Mort she Conveyso- | ove Yaraba and pertly spon lands pow or the the Cumato Rive a pron lands of ee
‘ ringnee IE OR R Taalmagtand of Teal tk coatsiecd Ta a etate Seed eh Mars | leeds now et lately et doyon and on the | fiat Keeding to Tomanas Von) SPOR ® Road
9 woclinee faust E ht — . gice dated ibe 3d day of August, 1907 | West opon lands now or lately of ong Tree- Aa alee ail aed tloguler that cartala
each candidate te the Sectotwy Qe Ath ptrrone baring elsins against the | made between Mary Ace Henly, Hami’.{ booss, the fourth thereof coatelaing fire sod o'ber parcel of land af wate fn the sald
cmor before the day of «: Those Conventently Situated abore estate are tequired to send in [ton Henly, Angucta Healy, and Leslie | secer, three rx deand thiiteon onda ball Waid of Upper Oaroni ocmprisiog Ten
ne’ of the examfoaloa will be to the undersigned fall particulere of the | Henly of the one partand James Arthur rches and abuttiag apoo Lhe North om nod by tbe Hay acres, one rod and three perches aod
veritlog, Composition, pare verifet by sifidavit on or before | Rex Slotlmeyer of the other part acd | lands rowor lately of one Presa on theSoath abotsi the-North upen Crown lands
Be Latise-writlog, STORE ROOMS | Fitter. the sob day of September, 1010, | registered a0 No, 2000 for the year 1007 | ppon latda vow or lately of Karamoth on ryt day of August 15-0,
ies 5. £9: Lis, Lie 10, 008 £15 st e wich date no clalon will ene eee Fepat 8B for sale ty 0 endere we Eat azoa ands now r letaly of one wh Bc Th & SON,
C aS . Ttalne blgp as 0 ti afi aguon abd of tbe en ie vt,
we year of sppresticesbl pre AND COOOA DRYING HOUSE, | “Credi-ore who beld any sdcarity whateo- | Sackville Bireet ia toe Town ef Port-or. power lately of William Marri, tbe Alte meunoeern Ea tps Tarde, i tbe ‘meld esses
ever niust anvess the value of thele accarity | Spain ou Tacaday the 20th day of Septem. | therest comprisiog twelve acres ead Plots end won the paid Tews a Ki at,

binintog tb —At—
an | each beinieation, er Wo, 3 Chawioctte St.,

Ey set and take up uades 10 OPPOSITE MESSHY, GEO B. ALSTON
aoe prestlot i & CO's OFFICE,
jfoowming dus at tbe ood of tbe! Arso— Etores suitable for Frovi-

month following the firat A +
ceubip $9 a Licensed depart. sion or other Business

b payment will /Biinate ab No. 1 Chalotte Buret, Uppr
net and pitethe Railway Station,

Gordon, Grant & Co,
Sr. Vincent Buldlog,
Augast 25ch— lao

and onthe Wres ups Crewe jada and
ures lan : uo Aleseover Suwa, to
fiber the respective ap] Uriemences

Dated wbia 25th day of Augonb, 1910
F. dg, eCOTT & SUN,
Gur, Auctin'ens

and prove for the difference of give ap | ber, 1910 between the hon « of ore sad | :weoty-two perches and abniting spew the
hele weoarity aod prove for the whole om m2, ‘ of land North Spon Jaude now ir lately of Mes. TRINIDAD
bee that Mersuage, and situate at j¢ bpon laads of Ramjewan a} aD
Vayments willte made on Tuerday, the | New Town tn the ‘own of Port-of-Bpala | ef Jeetoo aad apon lance now or lately of | SALE FOR WEDNEANAY THE 2ern
{'t day of Cevober, 1910, between’ the | la the seid Isleod formerly known te No, | Chopsle on the South upon lasde formerly DAY OF SEPTEMBER 1910,
boure of twoand thies io the afternoon, 17a, Proloogation ef Piston Street batrow | uf B. BR, Coantry bat cow or lately of a
Dated this &th day af September, 1910. | known ea Ne, 210, Picton Street and abut> | Ravold oo the Cast vpoa Isada sow or pusuc NOTIOE is hereby piece that
THOMAS I. POITER, ting on the North formerly spon Noo, 18, | lerely of Pierre Voiney aud oyon lends pow in exercise of tha Power cf Bale cons | 7
Ac'g. Administrator-General, | 19 afd 20, Pro'ongation of Histon Street | of iatety of Lous F'rean and others and oa | teined in a certain deed f mortease bear: | yRINIUADY
—————“ | bat now 112, Pieron Sueat on the South | the Weet upon leude of the “Caroline | ing date the Sib dey of Jove 1000 and FOR WEDNEPDAY THE STH
TRINIDAD, formarly spon No 17, Protongation Picton | Estate” the efzth thereof coutalolng | made between Joba A exesder Plowden DAY OF BEPTENBER, 3910,
fo the Sopreme Court of Trinidad and | buweet bus now No, 18 Picton Btreed | seven sores, ibree roods and thirty-eigas ( Of 1b ove part, ond Mary Lane Jefle-a of PUBLIC NOTICED +
. Tobago, oc the Kest formerly upon No, 86, Pro- | porches acd abating opon the Noren upon | the other pars ond registered aa No. J 655 of | , . Els hereby given that
Ja tbe Matter of longation of Woodford Street but now No, | Landa vow or late'y of Thomas Harris ox | 1000 there will be pat up lor sale by Public | i exerelas ol the Power of Hale conferred
The Admlolarator-enerars O.dicance, | 105, Woodford Street aleu_ formerly upon {the South upon hioda ‘now or lately of | section by tbe undersigned ad thelr Ano- 2 orteagers y the Cosoryancing asd
1902, No. 35, Proloagatlon of Weodlord Bireet | Teelocksiog on the East epen lands now | tion Mart, No. 2 Beckville Streee in the | ow @ Property Ordls ance 1634, spa cone
Acd fo the Matter of the Goode of now Na 107, Woodford Best and on the | or lately of Bundoa and upoa lands now or | towD of Portef Spain, on \Wedvesiay the x eee cortsla Memorandums ef Murts
Roberts Henry late ct the Ward of Coura | Went upon Bictos Street. lately of Lsbangoo ord oa the Wess s a Fee fal Suiee pe between thé Hest , ‘or st. tated | tbe Tb December,
in the Idand of Tiiniced, Deceased Daced this 6 h day of BSeprember, 1910, | lacds vow of lacely of Thomas Harris, the Ail thas plece of parcel of land (held | be pur up for sale by the Srdenigued an

Intesta e. 3 JOBN & Co, tovcath therecf contaloirg tbree acd ous hiee Bi

‘Auctleneers, | Sub acres sod abattieg opon the Nerth | usder a deed of lewe dated the 10th day of cfiice No. Oo Merrie Prowmecade, on
May 1907—No, 1304 for t Wedsesssy the 28h day of Se; ’

upon tanda now or lately © Mahsbest oa i 1907 for 50 years) 1010, Tetmeen the boure cf tant a


z Actiog Chairmas,

OF, Raloh Carvingt00, | ase oon sessievs stews ar

Mkts College of Destel Bur.
maresew York, U.E.A. Sacco

lle strees opposite

persons having | claims agaiost the

AM! Id oreo:
above oetate sre tequired to send ia the Soath upon lacde pow of Jately of wl a the baiiiioge We . ate ALL those three parce's of land ett
Those well haown lends situate at Pera f to the nodersigned full particulars of the | TRINIDAD, Whliam Harrie on ihe iesb ugon lends Talend of Tlewed Por nee Bros the Ward of Rav P \ dhande North,

pow of lately of Tribean and on the West Tel

“ aty, wth day ef Beptemaber, 191 upon lands cow or lstely cf Zeeradge, the | Way moavuring 65 foes 1a front and 20) | Island of Trinidd, the frat thereof come
Ciaronco Vale, Ther bch Tate ne ditoe will te enters No. 200 of 1919 Tobaga, eguth there cont alvigg’ one quence of | feet tncepthsnd abaitlag on the Noith poising Are acree me agie mre «

Comprising 22 scree, 2 réods and 237 taived, Ie the Matter of land and abutting epon the North og lands | ° B-oedway on the Soath upoa lot No Ze gd ee peated int ‘A ohhh epnexed in
aferchen sod bounded as failows — ditors who bold eny orcasity whatso- | pha Hamble Petition of Joanitea Estelle | 907 of Intely of Dinah on the South apon Norfolk Steect on the Kass epos lot No: 1A bad levadet unt lot ol WX Fol,

Nor bs om Western Sala Road to Liego ef must arvese the yaine of their security | Pampetlonne, Jomfa Moria Pampel'onse: lands Laelia tarely of A * cog on tbe raat pete at derneot Sogenes Rolones Mek | and by ladect Sumer Richard Gonaber ee
ertia. , apen a SOW oc fat r io .
Bout, on landsof J. G. B. Siegert & Scot, | sicie’ security bud prove for the whale Fee ee eee teinra Tevatia on tbe West opon lacds pow or lataly of | Jech to & mortgage, thervoa created by {he South by bode ul A crew, on the Kost
Eng’, ow Janda formerly of Dr, C. Ma Bt debt, Pampelloune, infects under the age of | Thomas Iarrie, and ibe niath thoreot con deed and be-risg the Qiod cay of | PFT ivadia sihe ee oaths Ween by lends

Faroum, bat vow of J. Henderson, Poywenta will be made on Monday the | 91 years, by thelr mother and guerdiaa | falnicg two acd a bell lots messoring one | 4 loan Asoc Trialied Bald: fee acres “ seroodeard two waeeats
West, on tande of Lord Dandonsid, ard day of October, 1910, between the} Ratia Pampelloane handred and twenty fire t hane | the payment af ihe © | thasamse more or as, delnested in. the

Village, St. Jamer, koowa os same verided by sfhdavit oa or before] ‘Jathe Sapreme Court of Trinllad and

Tha whole of the lesd je laid ond So | bh t d ibres in ihe afterpoon, dred feet and etutting on ‘orth apoa
beantifal building Jots with well fo: med “Dated ths tb day ol Bopbrraber, 1910, [Io the Metter of ‘Drdinscee No, 43, an | lende uow cr lately of Charnes and vpon | Dated this 1s-b das ol JOHN & Cu ny roannilt Ie tl ood tonseel oe "be
streets throughout, almost the extire pro- THOMAS I. POTTER, Ordivsece to factlitae the sale of Ios Isnds now of lately of Gangse op the ‘Anctioseers, | North by Grown Lend on ibe Fouth by

fant'e Property. Boath pon lands: now of Jetely att Bodboo me | Crown Leod and by lead of Alkruo os

tenants (save and except, 7 or 8 Icts) upon ow i t
UBLIC NOTICE te bereby given thet | Road the Rutty Crown’ Lond

perty is fa the occapation of monthly Acting Adminletrator-Ceveral.

which ie built (several peat suburbora andon the West upon lands of Chats] gape yOR TIESD. by Jand peti
P a Petition has been presented to the | 80, AY, THE SUTH | tloned for by Mubua Babrsdgs sod by

cotte ges, aod spon landa now or lately uf
TRINIDAD, BEPTEMBER 1910, fanda ol Alkrooy and oa the West &:
trenecoend ator; Sidoouy and commodione SiLG FUR THURSDAY THE t6ra | Coord anger the Ordlnence Nd, ¢3 of ibe Onreu and Bingntac ihe several parcels = lands petitioned fie by Uoberdhaa and oy
dwellieg. boase ca the propersy ta which DAY OF SEPIEMBER, 1910. ceed ee oe ale ae se eoe es | of land al:aaie as fodis Trail In tue Ward PUBLIC NOTICE le boraby given thet lo | g Hoad Heseived 60 fake wide, sad tbe
—= eompr we Ber Fi
the owner at proseat resides, This PL) 1 uric NOTIUE ie bereby glrea that | Sale of Iofsav’s Ketata” by Juanita Eatelle cf Montectrat fo the ed arid In odeod of mortguze dated 30h day tf poods and foutesn perches le the pie
pe y fs: peer eo Westen st Pp in exercise of the Power A le con | Pacopetionee, Joveta aris Pam ellooner a iolning, she, Redcolutated aud mane Jace 1008 and made between Nebrajncalea more ce tes nod deliceated to the diagram
wet 6 pntege ir 2 | tained in w cestela deed of Mortgage dated | Thereas Isidore Dampellonne, Maria del [- cd ib the @la Pisntatton called Nariney and Belasy of the one part acnexed torbe Crown Grant in Vol clay
slong e Scam Car paste. Borote Vampelionse and Lusits Tgnatis | tt ee one ot enn en eee evalne | tnd Charles Clarence Boodeen of the otber fu 60 aed bourded on tbe Nesth by a Boad



Theeldeal Disinfectant

The propery ean be inapocted a acy time | the 2nd day of Jennsrye 1010 reguatered ta | Doo anne, iofente under ibe age of 21 partthere will Je by pub’ :
6 on application to the anders harehh is the ottiog of vhe Je rer eneral 94 Me. cae te their mother and Fowcdien Maris ie te eatbe N yoring one boodred iss wection the . meee et bates , iF iende of one Tele Bite
= acosp ‘appelionn eying for a sale of a1) an i ‘
ms fof the maine. st. PRIZGAR, Bollelter nea Andre of atten Sart Sploater, slogelar vibat oan is ersuege and land geld to ene ees ermad op Lhe South of Bepteber 1810 ietwesa the pours at whet menos Grane “a
. . eltcete ia the ‘ort-Gf-Spas, ta 2 p.m,
Bi] oto 8k Vioowt tr Vonasoro, | AES Bi Panthro wil bars aor tegongd ot Rashad amd knoe oe NG |S UtthcBe detec, erage ted | a ety Rasa nd stale, er ager
S Ba'o by Publle Auction by the uadersigoed 3 Bt, ne nt Breet 2 a mteing on t ©} chien ance h if peret and abutting mood Lingus Vitege la the ward of Aue lover,
13 nit Auction Bart, No, 12 8, Vincent | Norge on No" it'Not bor Bur Viscest Be, | om Ihe Noxth vpoa lends of Prean onthe | Tiravad. eosraicivg, “= Blattea ecses Notice.

Strcet in the Town of Port-of Spain on houth lauds of Edwerd Job be
on the Kast upon tod No, 69, Alvrerom: uth epon lauds of Edwerd Jobe oa thet ang abatit: o
red Uno, Scott. & Son Toaraday the 16.b dey of Beotember, 1010 | Fe ee oaths “Went opm ues Viaceas | Eu* apos lands of Uoragh and oa the | oa ‘tend aoe or lntely of ene antneey (SALE KOR THURBDAY TSE era
segreoxn ten [1 Oo eee eons ther ecricia’ piece or | Stieet. And the eaid petition will bot Weed upon leode of William Hasry andthe | iisadia on the East on fand of Me DAY OF OOTUBEE, 1014
W RANCE Atlas Aysuranca Company Limited | pa Sof lad now keown as No, Lt, | Beard by tbe Court on Mondey, the 26 b third teesoot contewing tem Bree aed T Loni aad om the Woes ou land of Me ~~
. pany Prixes Lace aitasie at Belmont fa. the $e ot ePesmaber, 2810) a ike boar a abotllog Haw the Norty 1 08 lends of Ane Iaoeh, And alo all thes parcel of and: Prarie NOTICE, fa hereby given that
m5 on all Kindsjcot kro iA ah tool Baratid srinke Teme a baring a froatege of G4 tataed’s porrow whether Jateresed of novia, ibe Slope end on the Weet prea ands of aforaald eta fos, ‘three tonteand sight fende pe Hortsagven'at the Convegea:
pad accepted by ” | depth ef 62 feet end atm tleg oo the North | eld mestnage and laod mey apply perches sod abaieg on the North oa she | sive sod Day of Fecrny Ordloanor, Bo,
oe . quake, Riot and Civil Coc motion, P' Coart by motos for k to be beard ie | Disooo (sare ond excopttwo ard a hall ., . i
j ; on lands cf the belry of Joha Black on the | Cour by masion for leave Bo OP ive suid { late eo'd to Lollcy oa quartorof a quatres | oc'teca'ot Jemae Menhes ed dial cod Ah arat Mortgage dated toe verautb dey of
1 Manno Insurance Ucmpan bon a Heed oa the Eut on lande of P an and dials aed ortg 7 of
ee etlils ercanlile pany bed, Boath ons tamiey ead ca the West oa | petiioe § & copy of the said petition mey | 401d to Jules Manuel, one belf of | 00 the Kast on land cf Jugernot Now mber ia (be year one thoused bing
(Ck CQ LTD — inspected on «8 tuo to MY Foie | Mid to Ducbas and one Int soldto Howard } pated this 18cb day of Jaty 1910. buodred ond even (regiiesed as sumter

° landa of Albert Gregorio Glote}.
+b dey of August, 191 dine Malagot of No 23, Et. Je W, COABBIE, | 2108 of 1907) and mode betecen Constance
a GOVERNMENT ABLTIONEERS, | “deteatmezin dey of ancovt tie, | Sins, auete Forte-Spala, Bollciior for | Dated ibis 195 day of Ruptembes 1910, ‘ eotiverer, 3

i . . Aa Lueretlo tsordos of the ove part ard J.
Scene Establianed 1866. G5 oe OTT cetlneesta, the Petluneers, Ny ® Ib is said the elateen sore parcel opmas Charles Bedéoe of tbe Diber pate and ane
cab Blat“Decombe

nee Dated this 71h day of September. 1910, Government acctionecrs, I i . a
oe 7, woke Agrexutes Ct 3 ", a PAINGOT, TRINIV. AU. within the oll g anteclion dated “the amie sergarh cry ot Merecae
’ wane fr yout ten 0 0} (}harles Hajdselck (jhamj3jc6 THINIDAD, Sept. Bih~ Zine

TRINIDAD, teven ded made by the suld James Charles
BALE FUK TUESDAY THE ISTH DAY | Usddoe to favour of the anid Coutancs
OF OCTOBER tl. Lacretio Gerdon there will be 0 op for

—_ ale by Debic Acctlog at tte Acelea

Bolictor for Potitionerr, [15 the Soprame, Quart of Trividad aod in (he year ove Ubousecd aloehandnd aod
: £4,495,800 7 10 Reims BDAY GF cTOBER, iv, cat | paINtDaD yeaa Jariadietioe=L'ort-of Spain,
; i 7 jo hereby girea y le

A eat beld by the Com] By|oyal Warrant to Hi M, Kieg jr fn exercise of the Power of Hale coo FSALE FOR WEUNESDAY THE Siu} | Hamsauel tale Awl nee Mort of the ualervigced st Number 12, Be
al to al! those wh ve figares Bowaso Vil fo red on Mortgacees by the Co veyane DaY OF OCTOBER, 1910, st é UBLIC NOTICE te hereby given thas in] Vinceot Stress in the town ef Poriete
' pr thoog who desire safe slag and LAw cf I'roperty Ordiaanes 38 4, “ “ o A llLotters? be addressad to the Orm Faad contained in m certain deed of Nort pos NOTICE Is hereby giveo, tat “ ‘aod la & certain deed of Mortgige dated the | October, 3010 berween the boars oi ove

PROMPTLY SETILED e THE COMMERCIAL BALK [ gage dated the 7th day of June 1907 wade fe exercise of the Power of Sale >n- OQ. FB. Isleo» Defendant th d«y of Jely 1006 segintered as No, | sud twop
pememta tor Fir Department KUOME, 148 Vines trons mere Daownarayan | Ms ah aed Terred on Mortgageos by the Coavevascing a ame 2165 for 1008 and made letweea Edward | ALL AND SINGULAR thas certeln
INIDAD. peter iare ee 1 sieredee No 7 comet rd Ee Jost ene JUBLIC NOTICE faboraby given thet | Waltiam Melby of the ene part and The reel ef ned and ecooa plantation situate
LE FOR THURSDAY ,THE 28rd fot tbe yesr100/ and aleo astelaed ie Ep. ree No 110 dsted tbe znd dave, by 20 cadet of Ula Moovar, Mr, Jon Moantecterare Life Tesures ge Uempeay of Thiel coe tiaazenitte is the talaed of
Ge DAY OF OUTOBEI, Iolv. Mucoratdara of, Mortgage No 119 dstad |asun from Gabriel Devil to Joba, James | "aay 1910, thove wll be. p asls by pedis suction Ty the undersigeed }e-ctiog CG. Munscnit, Batlewent oe:
: ot. eLeod, there wi at ep for Bale ly | ate tafne che docracfthe Cours dion atthele Auction Mart ho 34 Br, Vieceng } faiol g sizteon acres and shatsing on the
UBANCK afactad on Corse | yee HOTT, Hower ofatle'vesued | tit isewpewegts thee will te) poe ap | gee uncer gad os bi ioe lon Matt, No | Tucwotes;sin ea ‘Thoindey the Zith cay [Sucel, in the Towa ol Pure of pula, 6a | Neri spon the Fable Roed on the Boarh
ee Bilver) aod Registered abtia aod contaloed kaa | fa olgned, a6 bi , Harrie Promenade, San Fernande on | o; Qa.over 1910, between bbe boure of || Toesday the Jah dey cf Urwler J9I0, | Upoa the Le Branche Hives on the Fast
Fost, by 4a Loam nae irostgnce dated the Sch | Ne Wueliarris Eeosucdes Ba Fecvands | Reseetcag ibe Sth aay, of Usobers 1910, | gad am, betwens the boure of ene and two fire. | Brcelossambertwroty tow or lately fethe

s, ween the byure of 006 & je Y t
z OCEA day of Mey 1905 registeied as No, 2607 of f on Wedoesdey the l2.u day of Uctober, | Alt thas pereal of leod ibaste ia vbe | ALE AND SINGULAL the Aly ane ae tus certain part ot cport les oui elpbiecy, Mh ‘sa
4 ard ore! ot tbe detendact iapd or rocom plantation ealied “ Alog in of the sald
CE 08 LID eevee Larwsen Tersel Forrest pe ilo Letwees the bourse of one acd two Ward of Oropreche comprisiag nine sere, me In bil end alnguler those t Hepos” In the Valiey cf Aryo to the | Seren C, new or letely ta the wecepation
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BERR | ent, Lala oes tie Auction Uy [cal af lead, Kocwa at Nox loasdteat | Sesh cade eee tS aot | Se Ay parchee and. clocediog op the | oitatta Ta abe scld Wand of Mesuralin
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@ERADING Oo. LTD | Thureday tbe 13th d07 08 Oc ober Hig pltere pit tbe boil by Ne, 8 cf} Crowa Land and on the Kast by the igo Kid the vecond ibse:l eca- | Alco Biver 4120 tha Meswag nnd laced | fo lo SU ard ebettig ba the honk epoa
‘ ne | ee RAD BINGULAE shat certela | Altert suect Porth and oo the Weeb by | dneet ted dey ol Brotembar, 1810, Prous Elevea acsce and twelve perches pit Ne UnlhLan parsed Nota Werdiend pe Rods ow or lai oi the Groene
‘ place or parcel of Laad sltaste sd Aslepitale | N.9 aud It, Prison Altert Btrect, , ¥, PICKERING, ond slutiog ontle North a oon nae ea R Wendt Hs ord | Po tsoath nod on the Ee we O20
the Wad of 8t, Anze ta thia om §° ANU BECONDLY ALL that pareel of ‘Are foneer, | Slows te nd eet (forte ye. led Breet | toe eee 18 00 ppos lands now
SALE # [rir teeter toa ‘tn pacts Teed {toad compra « Fa ty tsi wen altste | Toe bane meatloved Morignas is ow | Hate one pd oeube Ue 8 ands | Woatind Reson ae tne Bouth ty Ne [Sto feed meecved, Sic Hels vias
mee, sbatting on the partly Bpon a the We Folne Weg io] vated La Horatio Joseph Auguotia moder | ia rscied by & fued bal j.ct to a cartels | Woodford Mireed oa the Kare by No. 21 Tigether with ibe eppartesssces thasate

Hippie 4s Trading | 8a

of Joha Sitton partly faudect ba] tbe [laud of Tileld d daivested Jo the | Memorasdsci of Traveler, No, 103, dated a bel
Fel ZA TTT fie tiers re oo Beate af Att ae tabe ogre | 0 HE OT of Mach 11 ae eee ar eee T WVecdtond Surcatt ee On he Went Oy | ied tle Eighth doy cf Septemter Ia
, 9| Marie tents Dapeste portly opca | in Vel ACIX, Fale nd Voutick Carmudy dated the 7.b deg | Decod thle Fires day of Betomber 18104 | the pero oot Ln rae & SON
up 8: Roed ——————_ vegulered se Na *
Joss Gmeca aud partly | the North by a Keeacwed Ally Lie ot 103 tee secutleg uw ‘upipment of the * Govt, Anoiloneee’ Goverswess ‘Auctioneers,

aw Y REPAIRED, landa of ibe e
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BORNE Ge Pekar, ra ate ol ee | aa ae geal Sane os bedocoir Aas urgitairecest| DORE BOT AOIL THR BRULH
ER & co. lode ef the Lelze of the gud Himovs | Links wite, tope bir with she operons brie abet ta Ate orlatoal Loanty ehd dated the 7.beey® tom ber 1606

p .° 1 . iu No, 807d of 1 LAINO'S WHITE CARBOLIG

/ Scurn Quay, Selma ard Eugene Bovsparte, BROS thee O be goelng regaiared os ud OTe a

i Datel thie Wik day of Meprwraver 1010, J Vated this in dey of Beptember m1 | BB, per bottle at the English | ered this wre say dadrgeed 110 Agee ay
r Labia Vokes C0 fo He Fea Preamp B ep duane tagpark, ON MON ia pan





bedxEs OF 10 PLAIN

Pa London at 18.
Me Sew Torkat «. 25
UPERHENS Ld. for 20c

8 OF 200 ror $3.75,



bi BRUROMBIE 87 |.


: , HONE 297,





ek clase Assorinent of
Mecos, Cigars and
. Cigarettes.
ak of oar Speclalitios are ¢
gy MIXTURE oe 506 Tit
r oy 7200
2 Tobacco o
inthe cone, Tia
f Bess Acusle in ¢My Lady
8 ly Uraven Miztara ‘and
. wIxPO ee *
Ira”, 7. $108 Tin
Rs ~ arias Ms

Agente tor Teepaut & Co's
foe igerette Co.'s High-
Egyprian Cigarettes.

bis & Wismn. Li


“Le for “ TWEED." *
“ this chance

foe “QUILTS,”
EK above cost
earelally the Address,
may ga the wrong way

MOM BER Goods given da easy pay*
Be tarzus,

vee 846, Tio
90 Tia

" @&t. Birmyortur

ES Pm aBtreet,


| isn TO HAND

Pie Large Once—I2e. par Ib,


y " mits, Ib

LT BEE a boy

, AGAIN, avznsiicn tt,

. a ko elit Eso Ib,
BADELLA (as tatty 32


> peietdon i, 7 ae WScuITa—
Me AAMIENONS, Irish Whisky,
LA ('S4~I coh Bacon the beste


Oat tase “re Bolng at lowest



Bruna wiok 84
Ot iopteabes



phons, Ltd,

mbit sae OUBE



Football Boots,

For Men, Youths and ‘Boys,



With extra insteps straps, MeGregor Pattern
—from $260 to $300, P é


Just the Boot for
___, $240 to $2.64,


Suitable for any position (on the field.


Riain jamad Club Colouws”.

Glendinning’ S,

‘5, Fredorick Streot.,



forwards -- from




FITHer Fo on






(Newfoundland Cod Fish


SUGAR—50 lb. Boxes,
SALMON—Red and Medium Red,

'Pyons 574.

Microbe Killer |

Large Bottle Noe Land 8
at 1 dol

Get it at sul’ Drog Store

Just as Good"


TABLE BUTLER in Cases—J. Petersen’ a. Ba!

There is “ Nothing

tr Coughs as Large White
Vine Cough by:up 24 cents at
the English Pharmacy,



(#oTyAl & C6-OPERA TIVE.)
28, CGumcen, Sweet

E Secretary of th the Company bere-
by informe, the holders of policies |~
dated 1904 and 1905 that there da atill a
balance of unclaimed cash dividends in
his hands, ard begs them to anni WN} the
Company's office for said dividends at
earlisat soavenienos,
Port-of Spain,
s0thSept, 1900,

Trinidad Building- and
Loan Association,

Telephone: Bo. 52

The Board of Directors of thls Avsociation

headeclaredan ~


for the half-year ended 30th Jane last, and
members whose ebares hyve now metared
or whose mortangea are now pild ap ma:
apply to the olfice for their respective cas
smounte orre eaces of mortgeg
The As

on applioation at the Office noti! 30th
Beptember next,

Deowmxaes still continue to be granted
on the aeaal terme ia accordance with tbe
rales of the Association,

Becretary & Treasorer,
August 26, 1010,

Filled by Competent Hands.

E would pot ule hg for your praserip»
Y tea trade ¢. sot koow how to
hens tp. Wen hove oli the deugs used
‘2 compousding end we (herelure bave po
need tosutelitutr, You Bop abet you hy
for ard what your Doctor ordea, Try 0
fue Drogaist Btodites as wo well a6 for Jour
a, Be ioe: right. i oat Ciapensiog

Mcdical Hall


mith, Robertson & U0,


Bx BS, *Sulybia”~ from London,
Bila CEMENT © Potora,”
Re. 88, dMaracas ot New York
76 Bales of HAY.
Ka ‘lovont Arrivalst
ILB BRANOYole all si
WHI>KY~Floees Bo ued
Ub eado fs 1 OCOA MaNCRE
FIRE BRI KS * Garcate

BSULPHURIO Al lidetis Seen Dua
Leow Fest LAVA va giGans
44, BaAZILe Lian ClUA
Chacon Strut
to Jase 1920


wight, Drege,

Stock - Taking Over.)

| Reductions



WEzEVY Goops

Laces,- Embroideries, Dress Goods
Ete, Ete, dite,


Price Makers & Bargain Givers.

12 ¥Fwed, Street.

Goodwille & Wilson, n, Ltda

ene ee ee







FOR: §

BoeoyvbD eg CO. sac hee


85 Drums Prime Large Lunenburg CODEISH.
_50 Tierces ium

135 Packages.


25 WiteGUasks du.
160 Cases Condensod Milk—Neatlos 1-lb. Tins
20 Cases GERM AN STARCH ~ “Globe,”



FOrs mx Pa Oxty
Where Mus © ates! peters Bisyoles phe e& Prey alved ou gules
null a EM, uu “uae a "Aden etre dtartt g On adore
ig charge of hu Tiauoa, Beat o worke Le went prices,





a Rep ot
pA se ws ae

Pi atent ‘Flask, ° :

The Origioal, and by fer the best
and most reliable Parzyr FLASK.

on the market,


IF ROM 82.00 UP.




20 Cases “Anchor® Brand GOUDA

ia ”

Bris. Raw


.Onloiuzrum Carbide |

{[@Batgers Jaxnge,




Ovens. willbe jeceived atthe Colonial

O' eects ‘a Ufice noua of Mowe
dey the 23 Beptens ?, 1910, forthe
gurchene on the laude and buildings es Be

iat’ a8 presens need a9 qaartera forthe
Hes cect ver of the Ba, Joseph Gorerns

Tec Govevament doea nab bind itself te
accept the “ or an tender.

Colonial Secretary,
Sth Sepumien Biden 10,
Se ee

MPENDERS alll bes recalved ap the Colo.
Ta Secretary's Ot p ta Boon oa
Seturday Lot October, 1910, tet steetion of
tbe faperianctare ead parb pob-structuce
er Couva I'ver, Contactor
fe the sum of £50. Sra

§ Gazette” dated 8b

Acting Colonial Secretary,
Colonial becrstany’s F Otice,
Dib Bep _dih Bep ow bers $10,


wo COTTAGES we under the charye of
anical Depart meat, Sheat

$25, ye ea mostbly, Apply to the

Uticer la Charge Botanical

it Clair,

ofe e ove!
to tive sccurit
souce fm * Hoya!

Director of Agrioalture.


ONES wilbe ‘Tecalved at the Colonial

on Moae
39lu, for the
at Tunspuns,


Tecan tl wood o a Fost Cas
o purchaser wi ven Ong b
withia Febiek to ua Bai
otherwise clear the a:


ain Sepp, 1A og Cola Secretary,


that owners of

jeerala ta
Â¥ WOR AD ovportaaity opt opto otha Sis Mare!
911 to apply te

over thetriehd and toe sale

ions for loenses over wach lands wil

Manb nest spplist

ticalare of the tive af

@ bes portly whe be:
arepgem tte ane the Wi lese veuen

Avty. Cole
baja Ldiu,

a te es ted aad en De ree, 7 Sten ate Re sl Slee

wea oe aia ates ee Me ee ek peau tale tb Ba

Tis hereby otilied | ter pattie informa,

EX Ss. ‘PATAGONIA’ from HAMBURG ico wha

Alves tt stare sated dite ppllced! 7

eons tbe pera ire row date fraud ty

suck Muck, to
added a tew paper fo whe Ee mite either by the yoiticy ove Sep ewsaroe Sy by


ik danas eg


wil bef




75,1,'$' 78(6'$< %( ,7(0 +(5 L '$7,< 21( 3(11< , '83:70(17 // 0$// %(77(6 */(1'11,1* 6 %227 '(3$570(17 )RRWEDOO %RRWV )227%$// %2276 )RU 0HQ

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