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Port of Spain Gazette
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Football Boots,
gfonum.». .
iLiBUm - I»
ill Interin ...
«smtaimii. for 20e
g£>E SI
l|uERCS03IBlK 5T.
â– Ml!
Areos, Cigar
I’' f,
jlwilla & Wilson, Ltd,
• *
*Wi»uii uiuaisimi
For Men, Youths and 'Boys,
Juit Iho Pool hr hi
52.40 to 3201.
Trinidad Building and
Loan Association.
I'.ui.v ",m-
Stock-'Ming 0?Br.
Uffit/^ri/ 00025®
Laces, Embroideries, Dress Goods
rice Makers & Bargain Givers
Goodwills & Wilson, Ltd.
19 J5\§
250 Tailor Made Garments
Newfoundland Cod Fish
CU151S SUGAR—EO )b Boies.
RAIMOS—Red and Medium Red,
TABLE BUTTER in Cnsor-J. Pctors
BO'YID <3s CO,
7o, south t^xr^.'sr,
citltiiMini tnjlkn |{K&5SÍtea“ “ •
85, Prim Lams Luucnbuis C0DF13U.
Patent Flask,
FROM $2.00 UP. “
oe Keg. MIBrELU.V

IrinidBd byo Works
Eft S:S;:I
4“-"-. „ iSf“-Si
l»n II. \V. I.Y.SCn
siNfiUNKAi: ma.'s
M r
Public Notlco.
hyzXr&r'i ££
Ws ai¡:-8 lea

ÍTrimmed & Simi-Ttimmcd
jts at Half Price,
ie Ladies’ Depts.
â– he Bonanza
Tailoring Dept.I Boot Department.
' just RECEDED
Plain Grey*,
Striped Groys.
Exclusive Suiting a iSptcialifcy.
Smith Bros. & Co.,
Lamiste Instratia m
Slender Make, Top interwoven with
red Glace, Very Dressy,
Furniture Specialists.
Chests of Drawers
Tiro Bonanza,
Fries on Gyp or Garap Lined with Cedar
«75 ft. Scantling 2x3 to 12x12,
7H0 ft. Plauke 2x8, to 4x12.
Ail) ft Hoards 1x8 to 11 x 12' ,
15 ft flooring Boards 1 S¡ 1J x 6
30 Feet.
For Sale fay
Trinidad Shipping & Trading Co„ Ltd
|a Trinidad ftmper Lime
net r s:iiErtEt&co.
1|ib. fcaan fcfy..
38 ritmiiUT.
b RusnltB will^y°n-
5¡4 Trinidad Shipping and Trading Co» Lintd1^
Latest Arrivals
2s. to lOs
.i- .
•EiSr.ilS JK£ iH
Lf#?5-:-...;: â– 
Tor Rent
~hzz:¿r,y.o ^'.
rr2"i"~,~ ” '“J-'-Hí
¿i.* »*i.


The Quality of MILLER’S HARNESSis well known,
•w ,aasrT2ni>,,
Up to 00,000 PI**!!
Not Exceeding 18im.

D, The stores. STEPHENS, LTÍ
Fancy Departmt.
Gants Motor (Cut Irlm) Toral Hato, 2.4D la.
V«ry Hart! to Bast
Pompadour Mllllniry Ribbon, 24c Per Yard,
Sorgos, Flannels & Light Twocds,
«. JSot™sLi "» *KV!Rn’fR*-ooEoPifriiCLS9
Gents Tan Willow Calf Ball, r/HFriu.
ladles WhltoCanvas Shots S1.0* and gl.U

-â– "'TJ
Mo Matter- What The Matter is
Ois e -wisir. no yotj goodâ– 
On Your Polished Floors.
Liquid veneer:
Arnett, Lambie & Company
e garbados ¡Mutual
Victoria Institute
Moo-ia? IS:: Sept, 1011)
IfiMSS -
r .|T
ThOii Point* . . .
f l

mt ¡t 'u«rtwx9 lYcr.v-a» wwd miHWórnu oí jjíük»i

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75,1,'$' 681'$< D.UIOL0%%5 O9 f DSWD LIOL-&/(1',11,1&n6 %227 '(3$570(17 )RRWEDOO %RRWV )227%$// %2276 LGW< '53$%7%(17 JIRQXP} 0// 0$8/@ 0*$5(77(6 L/L%8P ,} LOO ,QWHULQ mVPWDLPLL IRU H 7( 6725(6 Je!( 6, 07$'/,3LQL(IL7 O_X(5&6,%O. 7 ‘0O O U )227%$// 672&.,1*6 *OHQGLQQ_LQJf¬V $UHRV &LJDU ,f¬n I 7f¯ ( IHVFV6U MOZLOOD t :LOVRQ /WG 6MDnL& MJDD6nLV¾f¬ $%2(8125 L fµ r 0% &+2&‹ _"7 72 +$1' J*( /,1* )6,, _ 6 JURFHULHV r:L}XLL XLXDLVLPL )RU 0HQ

/( <28 $ +( (1*$*(' 65&VIWDrD rr6%J}6D 6(( :+$7 <28 %8, ,ULQLG%G E\R :RUNV $J638V6 (IW 66, f¯ f± L6If¯6L =6LLY '(17,675< O}Q ,, ?9 ,<6&Q PV ¯6f¬D¾AUeMXf«an ‘DVmf§ VL1IL81.$L PDnV f¯:L6%6n\r c¯seO 0 U $9,62 3XEOLF 1RWOFR ,LLQQRMRLµALYRLF eLYa"6\YA¯ K\];UtUnL ee :V DLc OHD cAVDVDV.LV¯L


LU7%,P72IUJI$,6 *$;U77. O1'$7 6(37IL08.+ 8 nO 21/< /$',(6 $+$ 0,66(6 7ULPPHG t 6LPL7WLPPFG MWV DW +DOI 3ULFH 02: %+/8.4 $7 LH /DGLHVf¬ 'HSWV ‘KH %RQDQ]D 7DLORULQJ 'HSW, %RRW 'HSDUWPHQW -867 $55,9(' f¬:+2/(6$/( &86720(56 n MXVW 5(&('(' ),9( 721 /27 $,7+ %526t &2 }VXP¯V 3ODLQ *UH\r 6WULSHG *UR\V ,1 0$1< 6+$'(6 ([FOXVLYH 6XLWLQJ D L6SWFLDOLIF\ :2%.0$16(I3 *,88,7((' 6PLWK %URV t &R /DPLVWH ,QVWUDWLD P ),%.t /,.( &(17f¬6 %8&. &O$&( %/6 6OHQGHU 0DNH 7RS LQWHUZRYHQ ZLWK UHG *ODFH 9HU\ 'UHVV\ 3285 '2//$56 $ 3$,5 &$5$'$6 fµ %2276 60,7+ %526 t *2 75,1,'$'n6 )XUQLWXUH 6SHFLDOLVWV %41$+=$ r )851,785( &KHVWV RI 'UDZHUV 1(: 6+,30(17 -267 23(1(' 60,7+ %526 t *2 7LUR %RQDQ]D PL c%5$1' $6( 0$6?/L %227" 7+( %21$1=$ %('5220 f¬68,7( )ULHV RQ *\S RU *DUDS /LQHG ZLWK &HGDU 60,7+ %526 t &2 ^ P /$1',1* &$76*2 m',(r /(&7(' $//+($57 (; 3LQH HVVVHIH fµ 3f¬-++ 0Of I 4,,$, ¯ 6W78( -; %47-( f«7+%./$f¬ W)520 02%,/( $/$%$0$ m IW 6FDQWOLQJ [ WR [ + IW 3ODXNH [ WR [ $LOf IW +RDUGV [ WR [ n IW IORRULQJ %RDUGV 6c [ )HHW )RU 6DOH ID\ 7ULQLGDG 6KLSSLQJ t 7UDGLQJ &Rf± /WG 60,7+ %+26L0,&2 W3/$OVU7,(,56 _D 7ULQLGDG IWPSHU /LPH J%$\L1*f±38((26%6 &203/(7( &2))(( &/($1,1* 0DFKLQH (O(*75,* 02725 QHW U VLL(UW(WtFR _LE IFDDQ IFI\ ULWPLL87 8O1:$2 0$185L3/ 80' I 0$185$/ 385326(6 E 5XVQOW% ZLOOA\rQ c 7ULQLGDG 6KLSSLQJ DQG 7UDGLQJ &R} /LQWGA /DWHVW $UULYDOV fµ=U6Gn6=00 67(3+(16 /7' 72%$&&2 ,f¬2&&,,.6 IWJOI cLLLVV V WR O2V 7+( 6725(6 OI6tGW6 6eenYY!IF" ,6OIOLOL bcAY6UVVD L/¯U¯ L fµ(L6ULO6 -.e L+ -Lprn IILSif°U /I" ‘ WHbneeVUn-nn 6I6_ 7RU 5HQW n=LLL)YLtVUL]" 6863 W=WN‹KtVVW aK]]U\R An L]P0³ ZPP c6žKE0 Lp VVDIVJV _6I_6V.I UULaa f° nf¯-n+¯ ‹0iJ£IVe cp XQ[W6W¯I6:M66 ‘6U-)LU"% Lr }rL




7KH 4XDOLW\ RI 0,//(5f¬6 +$51(66LV ZHOO NQRZQ fµZ DDVU7QL! 8S WR 3,rr 1RW ([FHHGLQJ LP nrfµrf¯r@


7(3+(1/7 ' 7KH VWRUHV 67(3+(16 /7 -867 72 +$1' )25 7+( )DQF\ 'HSDUWPW 7$,/25,1* *(176 :+,7( t 2*/n' 1(*/,*( 6+,576 *(176 %256$/,12 )(/7 +$76 *DQWV 0RWRU &XW ,UOPf 7RUDO +DWR ' OD *(176 58%%(5 +(/0(76 '2/n' 6+$1781* 6,/.6 R r R ‘ &2/2'.(' +,18,W8( 6,,$1781*&6R SFL 7DUL &2/285(' L -$3 6,/.6 7851,1* 287 68,76 9mU\ +DUW WR %DVW )25 48$/,7< $1' 67

3PcILO.f¬L" ,4 QXW.%&%2‹IOJ-8WL 2$=(0% 681'$< 6(W7(0%(5 ,W ,8 ‘n7n ,87&+ L (6 7+( )LOO(1' 2) 7+( '<63(37,& %< %$1,6+ 3$,1@ n 06 $1' 352/21* /,5( 0R 0DWWHU :KDW 7KH 0DWWHU LV 2LV H ZLVLU QR \RWM JRRG‘ 87&+ 7$%/(76 &(57$,1 &25( )25r ',*(67,21 '<63(36,$ & 2%67,3$7,21 %,/,2861(66 1(85$/*,$ ',==,1(66 /,48,' 9(1((5 2Q



Nophons, Litd,







ie London at = we D8,
WewYorkat. 95°
OR MEPHLAS Ltd. for 2Oc

E- qi OF 200 ror $2.73,




Football Boots,|.

For Men, Youths and ‘Boys,



With extra Insteps straps, McGregor Pattern

DE SILVA’S —from $260 to $3 00,

ill * FURNISHING Just the Root for fotwards «- from
HTADLISIIMENT, $2.40 to $2.64,


Suitable for any position on the field.


BPiainfiand Cliub Golours.




feuxPitons 297,




Bish clase Assortment of 5, Fredorick Strect.
dhaccos, Cigars and
S* Cigarettes. SOLE AGENTS, |
Home of Sp-olalitioa
SY MIXTURE. $00 Tyo rox
& Tobacco of
a7 Do. Tis

Sins a "My Lad
ne ‘s the vit, Dare Miztare and

saa eRoTt

vot glu us Tia 950 Us PAT. OFF AND BAEAT BRITANE
mer Fayptlaa Ciparetoor =a, Tia
“Tia Bottles,
a mle Kpeate for ‘Fespani, rk ‘Oa's
@Ezyotlag Uigarette Co.'s High- ig

§ Perkin & grptoe Orgarettes.

anil & Wilson, Ltd,

B.D. E. L. N.O, R.

Psce for "TWEED S,”
ela thle chines

A fos “QUILTS,”
above cost


LITHER eee on

Hon mys

ark. Ht, Maxnporiwuiil
* Paric shvewd,






Lage Ones-—~}20, per Ib,
oy. Couxen PIG§ FEET—I8c. Ib
ous se

x oat? "| Newfoundland God Fish


CUBE SUGAR—50 Jb Boxes,
SALMON—Red and Medium Red,

x 7
= saLr oi
She, venvitcrlt,
Srapriia’ suave

Ritog PURRE - gious” *
a ae ¥, BisvUITS—

ox roxas

x “dustteno Renee tes Sear
RaLAAMTEsORS, teat W tbe beste



ih psn wt Golng af Lowa

"72, 300 EL QuAaw,
‘phoxg 674,

a a ee

There is “ Nothing
Just as Good”


Microbe Killer

‘le Nos Laod’
a W. GOODING iota ” er Caustt i Laing's White
‘ ‘u
pest Get Ub at Bavtla’s Drug Bare |pousrs Spun 4 cou a

TABLE BUTLER in Cases—ZJ. Petersen's.) #55



a ’
4B, Chacon Atreet


HE Secretary of of the Compiny here-
by” informe the holders of policies
ated 10)4 and 1005 that there is stilia
betes of unclaimed cash dividends in
bis bands, and begs them to apply at the
Company's office for said dividends at
carhiest conveni¢nos,

Port-of Spatn,
Telus oe 1500,

Trinidad Building and
Loan Association,

Tolephome: No, 52

Tha Board of Direotors of thie Associaton
hes declared ai


for the balf-seir ended 30th Jans lav’, and
Toewbors whose abares | hare now nisture
of whose mortrages are now p ma;
apply to tho oltice for theit respective cael
anronts orre eases of mort
The As oviation is prepared Mo redeem its


on sppheation at the Office nntil 30th
September acxt.

Keo anras pill continne to be granted
on the usual terms in accordance with the
su'ee of the Assoclat

Secretary & Treasorer,
Aazast 26 1910,

Goodwille & Wilson, Lid.



ai \250 Tailor Made Garments



Filled by Competent Hands.

£ wonld ns not ak you for your prercsip-
Vere jo did we pot koow bow to
ae ee on oe hare ali the droge used
R compourdiog and se iberefore bave no
peed te sebstitate, You sets what you pay
for aed ss Gund Doctor orden. Try us
ur Drogglat
fuel preset} Pee right, Dioge
tight, Meryl oe right ia our Cispeusiog

Niedical Hall
Mo Cynon r-2320g.

Smith, Robertson & 00,


Bx 88. li Salybia"—~ from London,
Bele CEMENT * Deters."
Es 8B, Maracas at New York
78 Balos of
Ex TRovont Arrivals:


faall sizes,

UBIO Kt Cib~ia Sent Drew
pe ivi WAVANA ae ARS,
’ in baad ALIAN CIUARS,
te Jone my



SKEOCH & Co, 'pavinson ston |


Patent Flask,

Tho Original and by far tho best
and most reliable Patznt FLASK
on tho market,

FROM $2.00 UP, ~



Stock - taking: (Iver.




REV [OommDsSs


. . . 20 Cases “Anchor” Brand GOUDA
Laces, Embroideries, Dress Goods/» , , {GREE
R E : : it 20 Mores BLUENOSE "nl
ale, WiCe dite, . Brle Raw

‘Oaloiuza Carbide j


Price Makers & Bargain Givers.


Watyora Jama,




FFEKS will ba received atthe Colonial
Secretary's Uffice up to

ia Xx‘eect,

Tescher er of the St, Joseph Gorerne
awent Scbool,
The Goveroment does nod bind Itaslf to
accept the highevt or an: tacden
Acting Go'oulal Becretary,
Oth eptember, 110,


ENDERS will bereceived ab the Colon
bial Becretary’e Ulhoce up to noo:
Saturdsy 1st October, 1930, fur Stectson of
the supersteuctore act vary sub-atracture
of a bridge over Cours Re rere |
to foe fa perorit fo the som
RO.ic® “ yal Gaselie”” deted 8th

Actiog Volos Di tenressty,
Covontal Becretary’ Tomer, ve "

9.b Bep.ewber, 1910,"


8 Die COTTAGES uoder the charge of
the Botanical Departea ent, altant

od $15, mort this. eal WR the

ier | ia Charge
Director of Agriculture, 3



BO xD & CO.

Notice, oats

OPZERS wit be reveled at

Scoretary's Otfics up to
= day, tha 2%. Ay Beptera ten, ee
parchase of the Bulla 0 | Foes

ecently need 63a Peat

e eth
EX’ S.S, “BRIARDENE.” (Snr caenirs
"We Ml, GORDON, °

85 ruins Prime Large Lunenburg CODEIBN. 6th Ye » tee Beoretary,
60 Tiarcos 4 edium sy, Oe ONDE,
135 “Packages. pees noted for pattie {aforma.

tea tbat owsers of leads per
EXS6. ‘PATAGONIA'from HAMBURG icc she Crowe after the 17h Jana

ine lee which the right ff ibe Grows 8

- oe salty apto te ee atek Aleraee
100 Kegs MISTELLA ‘ parishes iefate prapont col
25 1IMs ‘ashy du, so west at m their Ahuty werk sath

Hoazeer, it granted, either by themselves

throngh o!
trae the stove mantionsd date applica.
wat ior Iesnees ore wach laude will be

'Â¥ Pe
Daricg the pesiod Tron dale to the 3ist

Merch neat applications accompanied by ,
sriiculera ol tee die of each iecks wey
mode either by the euclace owner is by
asy ¢ ber party who hes wade satisfactory
Briangem< te with ite Silage evans owner,


150 Cases Condonsod Milk—Neatlos t-lb, Tio?!
20 Cases GERMAN STARCH “Slobe#


yee GITTENS CARIUIAGE 1 ACTURY bas pdled 0 ow Departueat ia the

MOTax: UT axes gmoy

Where Mowe are, Laut cher, Buvc'es ei, cas be eomps sotly repaired oo qaigte
Swexpet, Mr kB. MILNE inch ot dadins Nasclaguesizg Cu., Loodo «

ia obarge of this beased, Beet ul wok, Lowest price,

Antz, Coloalal Kecestary,

. yo , of ~~ ~ ws Fs ,
yet, . ~ . . . ' O

. 4 \ Vy 4


eo7 aaa


le EELS ws an <
UnUl the fading of the light, when{Jobnetons, Marshall, Captain Pases ved eonctusively that the spectators mpeme Lae rae
—_ '@ | Staenre were drawd, with the scorepand the Captain of The TLn Oore tally able to appreciate the | f° \ 1 T aan : ' WH
a . j Teasiog Gl for @ wickets, *W,. Har [of Tacarigua were ales In attendance 2] niceties of the Clydesdale ‘ de
\ j fresres who pleyed w: seresponss:” Agatmark of reepect, flege on the | started off ata great and aurceed- L 5
j le for 23 of the to! ched, and J. {7 frat Blood, whites the * ¢ \
> Beall came next with 8 not outto bis Ns etl you ghey were . t ti “7p 1 \
4 a) e = ‘
f ° The representative team wil Distinctive Tai oring
i entative team wiil sal)
: for Demerara luring the current weok, ie ened bh . ‘e

possibly by the ae, fiobo, The public milita!

Will ba pleased to learn that Qo The bell. the Wesleyan [ hacd to avold defeat, pi :

robAbility, Mr, André Olprisnt 1 tolled while the procession which was food in th Al VW Ss r

eve eu cently Tecovet f bf its way to the Chueh At the became poet ively beiitla kept for E E 1 DESIGNS

recent lojury, as to be enabled to take prev the Freemasons performed the [| interval when the

1 Pt fo
. . hid place an ‘the team as selected. lass funeral rites and the usual 8 [the most part fn the Clydesdale *
@ detalle of yesterday's play are} yoll fi ft © Todd, In goal en & ~IN,— me
FOR SALE Orta rere | fasten: Bet at sonido sain ~
a TRESENTATIVE TRAM, Robe ot the City, Mau 1
\ _4 yy

ane . '
N. Grell ¢ Arneaud b H, Jobnetgne 28] wreaths were sent ae alart-tribute to | most daring faablon, W. Kocles whoee . -* @ e. nay ty
Y P. Beanett email b it, Jobnefone 42/ the departed, original position fe outeide right Y &
. sin a aon rd ie aN ce ings:
o 5 ane
PARSER Baez Og] IN MEMORIAM selbst 4
a . * orl bw. bJobn ,., : the ale lefvhatt. thoug a
BELLA In ; Casks end kegs—-Sunol Flag Brand L. Oonstantine (retired) +, Here lies Dr, Clare MeGilllvray te « mich improved pley- . wcew: a
, . “ > G. 0. Lew in Wife anything bul clear 7 {
< : 4 raiond not out .., de fe | withing | to lie Acre. er he wae unable to cope with the

RET °,,3 E> Chateau La Vine

¥. Pascal not out Casuals inad ea. Percy Taylo “ i
; ieee tat bey ier taamaciea ise AN EXPERIENCED
DANTE ,%h "5, © —Flag}Brand andSEt-Toro
; . : om ar er
T.WINEsin Cases, pints’andTquarts—W, & A, Gilbey



- . L
Total (for 8 wickets) om 184 There wea aman unknown called | sracea ‘Therfiret’ nated pelts, how,
A thedico fo an island quite near | there recelved "Oo Tee pio

oy . .
To Trinidad he came in state elde the brothers Pochherd, ane ENGL. 5 OUT £1 Eu t

With orders from the Becretary of |] ocles, McCracken and the full backs


Btate. Abrams sad Don Anderson deserve With our predent highly trained Staf
Every ane a. Ob Dr, Clare special mention, (Th combination of Newost Styles and best Workmanship + Repseatons

‘We wonder who you are.

P MOUTH in Cases, Pints and quarts—Noilly Pratt,



reer tie
HlewttI IZ

At the Hospital he soon, created a | T,
soap ecare
Whlle the patients found the milk


that wore, ot to epgak of | son, Abrams,” Leplngwell, McOracken.

bandages and castor Owen, eale PNeyman, Geel, J, LIMITE D.
Which caused the gitteons all to | Rochford and G. ogbford, =


Mounted Troopers to Camp out
at Paradise Savanna. -

To-morrow werk and for elaht days
after, up to Wednesday the 28th. inst,

ee ee

c the southern capital will bave within DETAILS OF THE GANE. er —
-_ sranaceccccsaces ites gates one of the moet important | Uvery o jeadale kicked offat453. Howe] ~ Ay >
a sections of our local efence forces Ob Dr. te, Ob Dre, Clare ser ces dale wiheae Le logwell ra. e 6 R os Ss & co.
: . paying tbat quarter a visit as basal. We wonder if you care celved the pass and fed blecentre Mo
os ready been done periodically, and} athe sald atorurios, which are | (racket but Taylor cleared. | Boon Weh received
- combining soldie work w 6, arelururies, after a free kick was awa agrinet 1 i z « . .
. Oo . R, ALS T ON &. co. some pleasure when ky ease,” since dear, Girderdsle.. Owen took not. ne sand fresh supplies art ived ox French Bail Steamer "St Domingue
of rom the result George fo 8 : ‘
5 Jotte Street, dull boy.” ut. ed ToddsTwo coraecs followed = {ir RPivearm Kotionms, wrenoh Honboms.
&, Charlotte Streat, Savanna et the southern boundary of The medicos he did plague quick ‘succession ‘Laver athen got p — ———
{fad Neptr, 3910, San Fernando {s Government propert With dlegnoess that were vague. | possession and seriously assault ‘ails Bouqgee = Bent Solution Pantaaberge
& aod it is bere that a spacious Dri! Tellow fever, mataria pleage tans: | ed cha Maroons’ defence but before the Acares, Masvothe Via Bravats, Ovedonal
me. Mall ie erected for the special purpose le Nageet, Floramye Pastilles Chatii Gaseag, ,
_ _ of “E” Company of the Infantry to While Plague always mellowed [thus securin Ssfravor, Roatris Piperasioe Midy, a
: perform their ‘evolutions ‘under rather Jats, match for Clydesdale. Going over, Pompeis, Lierre Fleurs Phoefetine Falieres, d
a cover.” Withio the same grounds are | Every one sald ome even play was witnessed, W, TreféTocarnat, —Ovillat Liqueur Bravele de, 4
the “Jioka® of the Naparima Golf Ob Dr, Clare, Ob Dr, Clare ¥ccles on gettin asion_ looked Vivits, Ucliotrepe ¥
Club, aod away in the morth east ie fonder who you are Rigaad’y Cologne. i
7 @ | corner. their Clu’ use Where many a 8 1 3
c . ao exciting gameof bridge bas taken Tam and always will be Clare. COLONIAL DI
place between * cracks” From various daice goal. However, thie movement SPENSARY,.

centres ofthe island, Itis at Paradise Iv. wasrendered abortive by Eccles get- Se ae rrnnnrrtee

; that the various units of the Mounted The various D.M.O.'s he believes [ting offside Not macy uiloutes after, ae © corm er eccere

rr I " H E EXCHAN GE Troopers willcamp out from the 19th To be all Dam Menial Orderiies Joha Rochford by a clever bit of play ,
as to the 28tb, under the command of Whose tpse dirit he presumes equalized for Casuals in « ecrimmage.

gy Lt- Colonel Swain and the officers at- Should naturally be spelt Lyi.e.e | From the kick-off both teame ‘bright- é 6 9
n} mn ¥ tached tothe companies, The Troop-| Every one said ened up considerably -and the 1
, H ers being nearly all men attached to b Dr. Clare, Oh De, Clare travelle from end ot end .
9) our aarieultural industries, the full We wonder how you dare, ‘


* : meets t Beek . with great meeigey. is one
. strength o 6 several companies ¢an- ut be sa! ofthese rushes the was shot across

M Your woaks only to clear ovar 1.000 yards, various patterns | tor be gathered, but from what we| Toballalwaystreat them fair, | from wiag bo wing by clever cotbina-

4P TWEED to make room for another neta 1 jearn abuut 60 to 70 officers and men tion on the part of George Rochford,

i arr ” 2 « Portof Spain” and We Eee es, tbe latter eventually
“Mirror” an ‘or! pain” | succeeding in scoring the second an
HIPMENT Some years ago when a similar cam did assail Janing goal for Casuals close u =
} LARGE Ss . ing OnE took” place in the Southern But all {n vata—be would not sall. | half tine Whee the teame bad ss Tree towt
mber now is the time we spocializa in OUR MADE TO ORDER Borough, the plucky Gelonel (theo An income of a thousand ad grossed the excbanges wore tainly even
dat$5and%4. Fit, Finish and Style Guaranteed, Major) Johnstone issued @ challenge). Could not everywhere ound. | for a fem minutes, ‘Then play was PAR E 7 ,
3 dant of the local forces that he with On Dr. Clare, Ob De. Olare uals Guintette keeping : XCELLENCE. ’
* PAW SIMA BEATS the Light Infantry wouldenterPrinces| We wonder if tis the alr Ing distance’ Tudd belog calleduponto |
° a $3 to $15, Bethe recunted men and lskepocee:| farm aud always will be b sare very often and, thls be muccseded : ,
. . the moun men an 6 eae am aD ways w ere 3 doling the entire satisfaction 0
i wow $3 s . sion oft The challenge was accented vi the apetatorn During tole stage of It keeps you Healthy | Vigorous
10 en al rr a 2 e' je mal aged
LOCKED TO ANY SHAPE, the Coton Company, a good friend Then fearlessly came X to the tosh’ the" ball lato ‘t net but the °
rats oT of the Major's entered beart and soul rescue whistle sounded for off-side, With only
; in the matter, and plecing lochmotl ves, And that is ¥ Alceza: k the cue |about five minutes for play,

\ 3 trucks &c., the disposal of Major The Z of the whole diécussion Clydesdale strained every” nerve to
iF ENDERSON 5 Jobostone the latter by most clever Was the appointment of a Com- | equalize but the Uasuale back division
‘ e } tactice and manoeurring steamed Into mniselon was pever passed although Bullock

~ point ~~ Pi eioces Towns the Binet 5 prisoner” Every one valde Ob Dr. 1 and Laver made some determined pad 6 f i 53
C t r the Ia ohn ire Clare, . Clare -Intentta: effpita al whic
pad Pat wow TH = EXCHANGE Cuthbert. "evhea rinces Townplans We wonder how you'll fare proved uneuceesstal,. The end was j

“ t to know what had happened the But be said announced soon after with the score
Pers-Of-Bpeim and iangre Gremio, (PU tured ous in numbers to T have no fear. standing at Casuals3; Ulydesdala 1,
: At the conclusion of the game the

greet the victorious scldiers, We
are informed that the comlog vi crowd ebeered the victors vocifer —_ is —
did arrive ously,

« (ga is not going to be David to bla bel
a play soldiers, but To whom the ale he oft did give, Th Rares Vv BILAN ROCK. bh
@ following will play for bham-

“Ne any playing at .
> that the men are going tobe put To be examined he had no desire,
through hard work during the period An Anonymous Letter more cone | rock t~ t h oO - _
the: erat beunder military discipline fidence would Inspire Goal~A, Malogot. © U E E Ni Oo Bee rs. 1
at Paradise. Every one said Berks A. Lange and V, Maingol, *
9 nee b De. Clare, oh Dr. Clare Halt-backe=N, Hetancourt, J, Pena .

ath. Wes ass. ae




We wonder who you ae lose, and Sorzano. ?
In Q.H. Spicer,] But Me. wa \ Forwards-N, Tat ‘ [' ATT;

P; THE: Funeral of Genta nQ picer, But Me. Wharton sald we’ dord N. Tel tt, ,O., Cumming, THA 8 e {
. je Fe rzano, {
: = Vutt, Reeerves~J. . " 4
FST HOUSE FOR THE BEST HARNESS,| °° At2 soso] = alt ot oe eager ND |

— erpess oa peman Y, —
‘ OUSE F R ol In Jetlerdey lowe we spnounced Both the blogiy and the lowly in The follawiag will play for Memesle i
Ana . the desth and publio career of Cap. name, to-morrow t— SS! I VR: 3 ‘
e PONY SIZE:HARNESS oases Black or Brown. tain Q H. Spicer, and this moroing Even Smith a certificate gave, Goal-Guy de Verteull. S :
Ee pO BIZ HARNESS “40+ eee Black or-EBrowo, Me te oti ubich took place at 2| Forte Bousose the matter was | Hacke—L. Wharton and ©, fdanos, 3 }

Halves—V, Scott, W. de Verteuil
and ¥, Fahey,

Forwards-G, Llanos, Hf. Jamel-
Smltb, C, Rooks, HR. Quesnel and A

Rewerves—M, V. Rodriguex, 8. Sor
zano and J, Ortiz,
Tinesman -J. Ortis.


fz, FOLL SIZE HARNESS we ess Black or Browa, o'clock yesterda afternoon, from bie Every oneal”
te residence, mm sn ca
4) XN CEM LINES Tm LMAD. baa Fernando, The iste Captain's) | Gb Dr Clare, ob Diane .
: sition lo our Local Forces, rende: But Tripp the Oracle eaid
tnecessary that # funeral befitting Lean the verdict declare,

The Piano Warehouse,

$3.00 PER MONTH -



Unly the Best Makes;kent in*8tock,

21, Frederick Street,

Bao vf On doctors wis a libel 'neath con-
Friday, to give the usual fortoightly tempt
performance, absndoned thet pro- He'd made, Again below the belt
gramme, and returned to Ban fe Hie stra.ght ip to strike,
nuendo yesterday morning |, to b Merely to aaliety @ petty spite,
resent at the funeral, Headed by To attack, outot bie way be went,
wo mounted constables, the oortene Our popular and genie! Darweot,
left for St, Paul's Church where the ‘A otaleinent be bad to make,
ceremony was performed by Mev. F, For it proved to be a fake
Merry and GC. riy with Ne. Winter Every one sald
residing at the Organ the service Ch Dee ob Dr. Clare
Batog fully choral. The order of the We Seo et bat you are
cession wee as followe:-The Light But be eal
Ynfavtry Volupteers, under the com: I do officially declare
mand of Captain Urich and Oolour, Lawad-{te
Be: Dasent with about 60 men. RL P.
the Covatabalary Hand under Sergt. O .
Major Tucver playiog the Dead March ——
along the route, ‘Tben came the

he coffin belng wra: fn :

tee Union Jack,” Foe b wate ware = LEAGUR FOOTBALL, mormer anluoy at Nurraquonett Piet,

X D, Fedele Vg 506) ——

B Normaa, Lect, Hatragia TLL | CLYDESDALE PEATEN BY vas. | Relormers headed by the newly-created

Lleut Pashley T.LIV. Sub-Jnspector VALS YESTERDAY AT THK ‘Aer the rad w: oF ' od

Carp and Lieut. J, LusieSaith. lame OOLLEGE GKOUND, HH er idd ae er Crone and one

diately bebiod the hearse were Nesers. — : cf his special depaties were arrested aod

HL, H. Pases 8.J,P., lon. 3, D. Hobson | granting out Like Lona, cLypes. | charged with assault, While they were

L.A. Mayor, Mesers, F Gibbon, Kf.) pate FINISHED UP LIKE LAMBS. beiog removed frum the club all the
gatabling parepheroalls was takeo bar-

Gibbon, KM. Kaci Archibald,
2 aber, riedly to « place cf concealment by club


Thitty men acd women whore nawos
have nul bben made public, bat who are
prominent leaders of solety, identified
with the most exclusive fashlonsble
circles bere and some weil-known Log.
doo drawing rooms, were canght whi'e
gewbling lone rald serly o3 Agauat, 3h
at the palatial Narrageseats O'nd, the
famous readesrous of the milhovalre
summer ooluny at Narragansett Pier,

Thone 446

Reberteon, E, M, Zurcher, D; McKen-| The change to brilliant suushine
sie, De. Seon, T, and a refreshing breese, afier the past | employees,
Registrar, 1. DW. a few days of incessant downpours and None of the pereocs caught gerbliog
ere lucked up, a8 is vevel in euch cance
fo America, bot their cames sod ad-
dresses wore taken,

Ne W. E. Acuold, the vice-prasident
a | of the clob was srreted, and charged
with berog a common xetobler, but be

ee — sar emcee ee mt 4

$ an ae . i

TRY IT| Cook's Capillary Lotion;

Vierber$ Joga * Gran’ AND SE ° 10 PREVENT THE Hal FALLING Orr,
was released on bail of £100,

BR, Dicepta, 1 VINGED

Tonles, KO. Dougiin, N. DiGapas, fs CON Will § . ,

- We Ld. a 'y plaooed by Strengthen the roots and‘promot
“MILITABY SSDDLE purer W. MeKenzle, Gi paul, League matches and 1 was therefore | The reid was corefaly P .P @ the

bpeppre BAD PING SADDLES | Hy High ests apa |teericerneg nee, Me ged,c | Cogon bl one seb, edd ax | ————-———" growl

BENEE Pars RTIRKUP LEATHERS the | Aasonia Order, of which the} the conditions (so far asthe weather I chief of police, Lie kept everything

AM ber ‘aed. n
“tLOCK BUTI NEVER BUST BITS OniourSergeanta Fientey, Meluzery, | desired She play Itof altbooch for veoret, so thal co cows could get ‘to the
NEVER HUT SPURS, Ford, Dillou, Bergeante Piobelro and | below the standard jaa Casuale -Cly { .
tins from the City, and then }deudale match, was neverthelesa in


, 7




ULL Gini
, wey Witttuees £0 Avant Vavioty caine the Neparima Ught Hores of 87! teresting ta watch and tha ap lause |


Urata ts Sop ete i
tader Captaln McOulloch end Lieut elicited b vod bibid » cue wit ‘ putics, toe
Joon Noedie. LisutColonele Swain Bt football on ths gn of . player aledirg Jau ec [vice the son of Wiliam

Mita ‘

> xe AOLD8.



anal d



: . ue” ” ey \ so ' [a

ve , vy




“ . 3

wmrtok Ant

COLOURED J AP. SILKS,| Wery Hard to Bent Cents Motor (Cut Brim) Terai Hate, 2.40 ea.

With Puggerveen-Very KMight-3,00,.,

Cream, 600 Yard, ,

4'Fompadour Millinery Ribbon, 240 Fer Yard,


We Can Supmiy cow writh the Newest

Serges, Flannels & Light Tweeds : = |
MOIRE VELVET RIBBONS—12c, 12 SHADES TOSELEOE FROM. | We are confident you will be pleasantly surprised by their Etylish effects. Gents Tan Willow Celt Bals, FER PAIR. z *
r . YOUTHS’ V.C. K —$1.56 PER PAIR, é
H Ladies Tinsel, Lonther d Hlastic Delta ; Ladies Lisle, Silk & Kid Gloves’ | 7° SBLKOT FROM, AND WH OAN ASSORE YOU OF FIRST CLASS | tadigs White Canvas Shoes $1.08 and $1.68 ‘
. ae
A © —~ 4

—— A mw oe = Or eernenechageren
oO ration of the new tariff. If the A Dangerous Roadway. Compagnie Generale Trinidad Line of “
FOR SALE WANT ER Dyer eeetete | a cere coon tt Shh: Cee poe up
and. fan sorter een an ceed makes retant usa of the main road Aggnta, ING CO. Acarrs. j


> wn and San Fer- T DOMINGUE.=—The French Mall RENADA.-The os. “Grenada?
the sent rentof loyalty for a really betmee 4 Brine Tact the last to} S) Steamer * St, Domtngue’ from Fy of the Trinidad Line will leave
ax potable coronation celebration. Chief | aetract from the good work which the } Europa via Guadelope, Martinique and | New York on the Slut Auguat 1010

. AT ONCE fmong Lhere are the facta that ® cele | ioeat branch of our Publie Works | Bt. Loucia ts due here on or about the | and fe due here 10th September 1010,
. weg 2a S somewhat elaborate scale | pepartment performs from time ‘to | 21h September, and will proceed afters | (YHOWN OF GRANADA.~The aa
Ba faa if vo t y pio at any rate cere fine fa the mnaintevance of the patlis wards to Demerara, Surinam and *Orown of Granada” of the Trini+
anf lasses of tr. dee and ic | would Yoada, and { agree with the opinion of | Cayenne. taklug cargo passengers and | dad Line will leave New York on the
° efor an opportunity ‘act giving the & correspondent of yours who the mails, LOUPE. thing to remember for the balance of | Other day wrote Io high praise of the (ZUADELO' t aaeloupe mete dae 0ch Septem ber 1910,

.S. ‘OC AIO.” | Fora Short Period, |seecatis ate sect. Ears af un'sey alone policy ene


ae ea a

Rev ae

aware ofthe “let alone” policy eome| bere from Veoesucian ports on or ’
sight, even ina coun where such | times adopted, wheo ‘noone. ints | about the Oth September, and will 4 Company Seg,
landmarks of time aley almost hon. out any inconvenience to which the roceed afterwards to Martiniqui Tax New CotowtaL Cor

ublic auffers because of apparent con: | Guadeloupe, Santander, Dordeaur an MITED AG&xTS,,
R ES i D E N Ha for'an “staborate cele rations of the Foutwnent at the way vbings are mov: | Havre taking pasvengers mails and a

m ALPZANORIAN The oe. “ Alex.
Coronation fa that the present King is | #8, For several monthe past there | cargo.
the first monarch sikating, oa qn has been a landslip on the road after
La Guayra, Pio, Cabello and Curaces

¥ ’ throne of bis fathers who has visited the Wireless Station ia passed, ite
th han been reduced by just one
).Casks Large N'fland Codfish Trinided he Enowe tho place and he | Tui he Neen rd ey He eg somuncine Wet ne | ee catzoeet atte ae a

FURNISHED, sociee munis i
Probabi . planted a9 protection barrier, wh Maildienst. |. ; . Guusgow Lnrect bune- 7
‘ do Medium do do cuiy "nenarchy deed or alvevaleny | op thalsndellp teat ar some sare ie PornecParreacto deb... “sicamerss i
iE ¥

andrian” fe due bere from Liver-
pool via Barbados on or about 25th
Matant proceedlo| afterwards to


‘ nation who has at an od of Bervi
Must be near the career visited the eland.'eo that here thrdw out leaves, Is. it Intended “Tar Rorat Durce Main GENTS. TetsiDaD SHlePixg ArD

: feh Travixa Co. Urn,
have a quite distinctive link that | that this damaged road over which | cha stacga.—The as, “Saramac- | ~ own OF CASTILLE the,
N 1) 1 to wapecial interest tn this thera is constant wheel traffic ay an Oca fa due bere from New York c ~The s.6, â„¢
do 4 S. d Savannah. particular soronation, | Moreover {t 18 al phe is o reniain In ite present” bait direct on Monday 12th Se vember 1910, * Crown of Castille” ie due here *
and outsiders that ew athe w tall enough to prevent & second | end wt love ue oP xngers ‘and
Aprty To “ona liberal scale that isnot purely atill- andslip? Ifso we all know what a tate aking cargo, passe Domerara taking cargo, passengers
P: tarian} some day we hope to be able long tima bamboo takes to grow, ao: (QorrENAMH. The 4.8. “Coppe-

from Glasgow on ot about the 19th of
September and will sail same day for

and mails, i
toshow that our {otense utilitarivm has | #0other five years will meet the road nawe” Js due here from Hara

* =

been the real reaton why in some di- | 44! now i positivetely dengeroue| Tato" Gn Monday th September | SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE.
G R E LL & Co. Lt rections we bare not made tba pro: Town not long sloce with ab engineer ito god will dears at nooa viare next AMRIVALS
grese ag a colony Lhat we shou! are ‘or New Yor! vec ng cargo, je

de, and that there le such a thing who thought Lhat if proper pillo "te passengers and made. Heptember 10:h i

as being foocommonplace and too ed oy ok theron toda quite safe | PARANACOA.—The 8.0. *2aramec: | RosaLix, Venea boat, 7 tons, 8 days

” 9, -
SOUTH Quay. praciical Pee eee ot ooking for agaln, Is it economy why this Is not ca" ia due back here fro ats

i Bags Canadian Whole Peas. “The Porl-oi-spala Gazelle. every dollar spent Prorgetting that | tried? eo ee Tela and will”

ihe Port 0 September 1910, and will joao at

Peretu, D0 quintals Ash,

Fraszpore, Urit sloop, Clowden, 9
tons, 2 days Carriacou, 1 put fowls, ?
4 boxe cacy and 16 passengers.

sometimes returns that no colnage can 2 p.m, the same day for New York
represent are the best sfterall \ direct taking cargo, passengers aod

Vatkraig, Brit sloop, Watlace, 18

ARPA do not aee that the time of the ails. tons, 2days St. Vincent, 1 pi

SUND ROE SEPT, 1010, ation of the current estimates can be E A AROWILINE,~The ss. Maro: a moat, Vebeep, 50. bags tanlen tS *
mt _—————s bit too early to begin operations. TAF.A. J wijne” ia due here from New bage grouudouts, 7 barrele arrowe . “
. EM. There will be no doubt a detachment — York direct on Mondsy the 2th root and 13 passengers, >
" SOMETHING WORTH REM " | goingover to representthe] ocal Forces, ‘THIS WEEK'S MATCHEA September 1010, and will leave same | Paraconta, German stmur. Schabart, ‘

; B K aod that may oost anything from £100 5 nam day for Paramaribo teking cargo, dud tonsa, 16 hours Oarupano, 3 tone
3 5 a . w according to the nuaber Monday 12:h—Clydeadale v Majestic Passengers aod mails, geonl cargo and 19 passengers, }

mee ’ 2

Anarticle reproduced from tbe Lon: sentover { Indeed it will cost the latter | —Jteferes : Nergt. nate. Dawson, AME —The ss. Suriname” | Nucttan, Ent sloop, Ralmie, 19 tone,

in these colamne on Ugureifa sufficiently strong detach: Monday, 12th - Shamrock v Nemesis S ie due here from i’aramaribo on Odaye St, Vincent, ballass (Tobago :

INOENT BUILDING. don Standa' ment to make sebow be seat, Lact | Referee : J, deVerteuil. onday the 23th September i010, aod | 4th {uat,)
S@ORT.OK. Friday leat week, shows that the atlon, beeldes expenditure In thle | Wednesday, 1Mth—Casuals v Shain: | will | at noon ebarp- nextday for DEPARTURES.
a RT-OF SPAIN, a _| approaching Coronation Je becoming connection (the exact anouut of which rockelteferces Ed, Pitts, New York direct taking cargo. par Bept 10th, “

a matter of deep public loterest inthe | 1, do pot recollect) ony £1,100 was | Saturday i7th—-t. Mary's v Casuals | sengers and mails, Mania GaLante, Venez sloop, ¥
Motherlaod, if true Unat according Toted and of that £300 was sent ioautlere Referee T3, Pendrick. M eAROWI JNE.—The as, “Maroe] nandez, 18 tone, Pampatar, uadey {
to thie same artic % no t been fixed, | ere in the neighbouriog Ieland, That Kick of 445 p.m, eberp. / wijne* te due back bere from] pgkes mdee and t passenger,

for! the Oarcnet ton bas re pert early {a eo like the wers that be 1 by all aremari bo via Barbados on puceday Nogva Evens, Venez sloop, Salasar, ®
to the coming year, but from other | meave belp su erera ia the neighbour 4th October 1910, god w: ea 24 tone, Pampatar, sun pkges y

ing lelands if occasion aclees and | “7 [2 pins the same day for New York mdue,
pources Ittia gathered that {tislikely to | rn fiigat has never been backward fo | MOVEMENTS OF STREAMERS direct taking car, eengers and | Orersa, Venes schnr, Rodsl; ‘
bein elcher May or June, It may doing thatebut why on earth not du : malla, s Bo pasenge tone Uriatobal Colon, sundry” prges ,

even yet take place in the former | i) vowediy, opeoly and stralgbifore “RAG D The Royat ‘Mat ape . mdse and 4 passengers,

month, as there la no doubt that the | & Ovi by © monk. Ith e A Vi S ¥ Koninkiljke W. Mail- | prow Der Man, V ~

Influence of the Empire Dey move: ee ey ea ey a epose o WLU: Line. dient ‘ PiAlon 10 ton Grintobel Guten, one
Tus Bora, Duvcw Mam dry pkgvs mdse and 2 passengers.

ment fe Incressing, but on the otber B vote forsuch & pu ATRATO.~The RMS “Atrato” Ie
AGENTS Bvusanita, Venez schor, Dorotal, 59


in some very fofluential | Programine of the last Ovronatioa
foclined to think that henever tbe thlog much more elaborate than that, ] strict quarantine at this por! Dutch Mall Steamer * Priue Fre rodse aod 14 passengers,

moot fe Incresnipz tement baa title | We shail publish Ia due course the daw bere (ei Boutbampin, vis ‘
odel ] Cherbourg an jarbados oo nes.
d on. the whole one 18} foremulaiiog There should be anme: | day Lith Beptember and will work in tone, Orlstobal Volon, sundry pkigaa
” . | Monocoy, Venes boat, Osracar, 7 tous,
Coronation may be and the celebration should bu uni AGDALENA, The ILM#, “Mag. j dri, Hendrik” js due here from Am: J Moeecays | ane ges
. Probab) * hi t ‘New | eterdau via Paramariboand Demerara n9 Uolorado, sundry pkges mdse, =f’
Rat be, on the ree aiaret tmmeds [versal | The Wardere | should Maclene ie due bere” froin

ately before or very closely after tba routarized and Itshould be ascertains | York v . , ber i910, pro- | VIKING, Amer stwr, Smith, 192 tons,
bl bk via Jaemetlca, Colon, Cartagena | Onor about [2th Seplew' ea » Pl
ly bet ¥ el] 4 tor thet oi verre oe Wey at want aap and Pto Colombla oa Sunday l6thr|ceedlog afterwards to Carupano, | Uuanoco, 1 ton general jatores—no

to the thi ¢ | Gumsna, Guanta, La Guayra, Pucrio | passengers By New York and Bere {
SAFETY PEN dats, Alter vandard vo which ref | forward the celebrations (nthe See eeamor ais erate Gabe Otnasaoy Jecmel Avec Caven | uden Uo : |
RE ali been made, prepe- ® Cherbour, ort-au-Prince, and Ne ~ *
ereoce has id bore! hic. b ither | St. Michaels (4zores) ao « .
THE BEST FOUNTAIN PEN Eatfetcm enh fhe tmireane | eolcliy sitador Cotati nat | aking enor, tega nle | te SADR TCA GIN the Closing of Malle, :
ON EARTH og 5 it There | £4 £04, for some which wa have no ee teen" fat 2p.n. with Dutch Mail Bleawer riueder | Mails for Carupano, Comana, Guine
arrangements: for the even! bad room to loclude {a this article at | Jetty, Queen's Wharfat 2 .
dad the * Magdalena.” Nederladen” {fe due bere from Veue- Ite, Ls Gus: ar Pio Cabello,
. : howing you are some ressone why in Trio all, (t would appear highly deatable | pauwengers for d ats yre Caracas
Retr" style pen ean be cared in tilt Ctr daa mln omar ty | Bat thie tie, ote Ourvation |, Pere ettn ic talienpatcued to | for J0ldy pcecdiog afarwarks, io | SUinge ¥endea™ lect’, wil ba
f * tion of the Coronation, It he Homeward Mail will leave the 8s, { Paramaribo, iavre, and Arma closed on Monday the 12th September
ket, purse of trunk fn any poaltions the questi fie for )evanection with the evtimates, the } the Hox he day | taking cargo, passengersand malls fst 29) p.m. precisel: Regis i
i ady to would be very much better, for | nsration of which is Just about to | Vincvat Jetty at 10,W) ur on the dey ese gers an p.m. precisely tration
t cannot spill and is always te It losesd of walliog untll our pM acwngers are there | iN WILLEM. V. The Dutch § slosee at 3 rm.
write, relatean boar that « hurried soatch. Beata, or tb matter ot Tale vactiche fie fetieet tad "ba ooo that thele Po Mall Bteamter “Prios Witlem V t) Baits for Paratuarito by the “Saray £


The pen Ahat you want
when you wat

3 . iL bi bat | ie due here from Anwterdau via Pace 7 maces’ will be closed 4
To ie taten” twee tion Tor Boe. ‘neces, 1s none Woo previous, pene ge le vent down before the maribo and Demerara on or about 2th | Noptember atSocclock p n ‘previeelyy
cary mevey wae made tn the Eat}. AtAGUS, shales for {ll -12, eo that the end of here from Houthawpton vig Cher [to ~Jrupsoo, Ouuana, Uuanta, La] dail for New York by the * Oop
Hareb would seatbe money provided Chinese Natlonal Association, }bourg, St Micbaels, and Barbados on Guayre, Puerto Cabello, Coracag, baue" will be closed on Tussday [3th
atavy rate, While the whole finan- Ta seday, Zh Heptember will work | Jacmel, Aux Deyess Vort-au-Prioce, | teplember ab 16 o'clock aa, precisely.
cial pow ota te oe ule ad The abore Assoclation bas been | Jn strict quarantine at | a port, 4 and Rew mark taking cargo, paseen: | fle stration closes at Wem,
rerieree: Totat Peeock of what we] formed sunong the Ubiuese Colony WYUK.=The Mee Yon vis 6 BUANIA.The Dutch Mall Char | sayanille, oe Foal ns
can cttord for the Covsnation eelebra- | bere for the protection and promotion See ete sageva and Pta, AL tered tieaiwer * Ascala” Ie due | New York by the I2M.6, *Atrato’
tloon, sod if thie dictum be adca'tied | of thelr loverestiand wlfere, by voll | Uo, “oa sunday und October, | Bere froin Veoetuslen Horie on of | will be closed on Wednesday the Hith.
the necessity for tee oa gy fostering thelr talellectial and social | aod will bene the ere Sita wpe det Oct iO, Hanre an Tovtithatlon abcess Ga Preciaely.
ein ry .
QUARTER IN TRINIDAD, & CO spparent edt eaulnatee for the forth | life and by she organising of enue | (Avores) and Cheriwurg, taking pee | Aneterdam tatiog carge, pametgers | Malistor bt, Vincent, Grounds and
: t. cones be ' Gov. | lowing are the officers who have beeu | sengers, cargo om
; MUIR, MARSHAL fe MARINE FUUARE, Praiben ty the oe ee eve rent | elected for the current years Monor- yan Matern Wasel at yan ein ag Die Hast Anatie Lyne tener at Sociock pant woieie

. = ae aaa & calendar yoar, of which Jese than four | sry President—Hr. Lee Lam, Presl

- 4


AL ee Ao


ene Wheel at rn " Yeuubor at oe diate: precisely.
dent—M. Hervard Acham, Vics engers for the © Uy de. Of sfeamer ‘sper malleud registration clos 04
. 7 Fey | RRS atte etira e| Bente Ge alan tot |; Eee tite Ono He Aura Cay | 1B ;
e On SATs om thorough celebration of thie Oorone: a ee “tralataoe bocrotery and the [oumeward. Alail wil leave the 8. | OT CHO[X—Theas, “St. Crole"is| ne ee a
i. . top than there bag Uren of ay ober lieamurer-Me- i Allzyae, Chinese | VincentJstty at luis mon theday of |) que tw anive here, Trou Kurope - Sw
7 . e - .
POST TOT IT will stand Ina very satisfactory post: and those of Ohlacée descent are lial: seaubied to sow that their baggage te} ana Tlarbadus” ‘on er about the igh | Suddea transition from @ bot lo a ;

seut down before that hour, Bepteuber 1910 aud wili leave the | cold Comperature, exposute to raln,
a Londun Darect Lv ne neat day for Denerara and Parana

situng ina praught. Unsessonable sub. ,
bo taking cargo paswwogers aod mals, | atitution of Light toe heavy elothing, *
of Bteanvere, T UROIX -Tha sa. Bt. Uroix" is] arp frutful causes of colts and the re:
Naw Covowiat Come aay BS due to arrive bere from Demerara sultant cough 6a perilous to persons af .:
Lap -AounTs vie Parewanbo on of about the 23 weak lunge, Among the many "
AVAN —The ss. “Savan™ will sail | September 1010 precesding alter | cilnes tor bronchial disardery 80 ar! ing

adequate aod even
3. se orole Polotratlon- t the “Qustou
of 16 Acro , . | e pourtog {a end thet every Jodieation
a. onable Zofler refused, For farther partioulars | ps ee idcrene, on the ‘evenu Infante le words. and the most sifec- Dioner about the 11th Arptamber 19h) | wards tq Europa via St. Luela, | there ls none betler than Bich le's An
we S wenteall y te be expected and which [tlee application for them Is Nother [| taking cargo sod d passengers for Log? Deaainiea aud & Thommes Qoneummptive ayrup, tty iy and bet
MoKENZILE & KIRTON. “weg anticipated from the normal Ureares Worm Exterminator, dun and coatinental puary ¢ cargo Pascengers and mails owe convinced, vente,
“ ~

j ip UOsndidates
; tlon, with regard to finance sbortly | ble for membership
membership will please communicate
SMALL COGOA ESTATE aud will be quite in a position ta mete Honorary Secselary.
Vlouee, itis pndsrstood that revenve | ._.... -—~ ~~
NES oy golncreace on the revenue | One of the commonest complaints of
, ‘
. . ~ fr oe Re, . toe : =
we a—"~ hy . ™ - bs : ,


' @

my Ete

fhe Bonanza


F Trimmed & Semi-Trimmed
fats at Hall Ptice,
nts to 7 Dole. Each.



Plain Greys, °
Striped Greys.

Exclusive Suiting a Speciality,

Smith Bros. & Co.,




7 , Ce



Sewn Wrapping Paper

ES 86in x 46in. AT 6.00 PER REAM,
Roam tarcels This is an extra atrong Farce) Paper,
Bre The samo as wo use ourselvas,




HOW WinGen Ix[t =

Fands Exceed .., £12,000,000

[XS0R4NCEs effected against
loss of damage by Fire on
Buildings and contents of Ware-
houses, Offices, Shop, and Store
Promises, and Private Dwellings at
moderate prices


eg oa




Rite Pine Lumber,




75 ft, Scantling 2x3 to 12x12,
700 fc. Planks 2x8, to 4x12,
350 ft Boards 1x8 to 1} x12,
BLS ft Flooring Boards 1§ 14 x 6,






ne ee

on, ‘or:
Properties wilt iy

mony Venozuclan

L=—c/o *

ol and airy, 3

Qensl ont offie, with

In thoroughly good order

1 \- . . a =~ + dena |

Re Ladies’ Depts.|Tailoring Dept.| Boot Departinent.

Latest Arrivals



_ EMD.



HE aderaigned ls prepured to discoont

Olee, on ressanabie termes,

he ishen la encs varylog
between $20 and $1,000,

avd Deak of Vevesnele 63,60 notes as

are obwloahle will te parcbaced,
Oa ys Elssnclal rostler consult

For Rent.

(Qorrace No. 22, Borde Bureet, Very
end disalng rooms, foot galery, ao

Eesulc light aod seworege
Â¥ 60 James Perreics, bow.




GENT'S BLACK GLACE BALS, | Furniture Spsialists,
Slender Make, Top interwoven with _ wee,
red Glace, Very Dressy, | ~~ ~ hee «




Patent Leather, Tan & Black Glace,
Mock Button or Mock Lace,




Khe Bonanza,

Has no equal either in Price or Finish.

Chests of Drawers
~ In Cedar, Cyp and Oarap, from $12,00,


Four {t. Press with 2 Doors and 1 Mirror with'large

Bureau with Jewel Drawer and Mirror.

Washstand with Marble Top, 2 rows of 1iles in
back and Commode,

Prica on Gyp or Garap Lined with Cedar


aud a lock out throvgbout the entire | pointments, shea “ooly the number of j ever on the alert, nabbed and ran im
Cotton trade will be recummended. candidates required ave considered to | his man yesterday morning. He was
THE RECENT ITALIAN MURDER, { have Bat {it should not be duly, placed before Mr, J. N. Mrierly

Despatcheefrom Rome state that p impossible and at any rate that isthe] J. P, who in his temporary occupa
the Police have arrested a fisher- | eytem to be aimed at. Theother] tlon ofthe Magtsterial chair remaud-
mso who aided the murderera of the point that should be considered is this, fed him to Monday (to-morrow) on
Kuagolino family to eecape to Bicily in { It often happens that a vacancy which | bail ia « surety fo on a charge of
his sail boat and three other suspected as an entrance j having by falee pretences obtaiued

raons’ are now under arrest. litgo- ‘sa to the amount of 81.80 with
ino who wae acting as a Forest Guard | there are many candidates; these | intent to defraud one Samuel Sanhouse
la belleved lobave been a fugitive | poste are vacant with greater frequen- | The above amount Ss alleged to be Lhe
from Canada where he wae implicated | cythan are the elementary ones, per- | extent of Regis’ bill of fare, lle was
in safe breaking. haps; and must be often at leastas | further charged with cooveying a

UAS. NORTH DiKOTA NOT | diffcult te fll in a manner fair and | handbag and # black shawl, reasoo-

PERMANENTLY INJURED, satisfactory to all concerned, Could | ably autpected to hava been atolen,

Washington Sept, loth. nota system of examination for auch [ and remanded on a similar surety,


cannot be regarded
post totheservice occurs, for which

ree Permanent th fogury at bee row us instituted also, as {athe case
ma caused to e attieship | Jo Logtand, and in colonies so near to ,
mae “North Dakota" through the lus as Demerara and Jamaica In Saturday's Excursion,
recent fuel ofl fire. It has been ascer | these places the service is graded {ato -—
ROBBER j tained that the fire started beneath | tat, Zad, ded, 4th, Sth ‘and tb class] ‘The Excurslon which will take place
Xamecs, | th magszine and jnorder to save Lhe | tlerkshipss and promotion Ie guided Batarday proiilses to be a success,
ck. f vossel and,the lives of the entire crew, | partly by examination results, aid A large number of Tickets hare been
the room waa sealed and flood partly by considerations of clase vta- | sold and aa enjoyable time is antici
FEOM When the firo waa extinguished the |] tus. Service records of course count! pated, ‘The bteamer will leave ‘at
three coal passers were found drowned { as well; but a process we andreturn ati, Hefresbuedis

Kot siftlog and | 2
wiil be ‘obtainable on

sds . Xa: 4 butes they were badly burned they | arrangement of this kind must bea board. ly a
iy 4 ‘ q q Avent; oe Bs t LOs. were probab'y noeopecions when the great advantage to those who ere | limited number of tickets rd. Oaiy 8
\ ° a O water was admitted, teady and willing by steady work and | and persons who have not yrt secured

ve LLALS, * BOYLLA AT JAMAION study to quallfy for bettee job in- | theirs willdo well tosecure thom early,
p FR L ALA SMI TH BROSAND co = adage. famalca, Sept. 10th. sire of merely walting tor the results
. M oe a” arriv ere yes: | ef len; of aod lazy service.
7 OM o B i Ee BAMA. x I H E STO R ES; terdayev. ning from ® nishiiouduras. Yesteago thera used to be ae stern of
Fowdiiy HARTIQUARE PORTO TUCO | examinalion fy aprciatmens to tee] CIT POLICE COURT.
‘ once, P, wth. sts of clerks of the peace; and sue
Trinidad —~ Genf's Complete Oulfilters, A sharp shock of earthquake was ex- rien ae the late Mr, H, 1. Hobson, Mr, . ,

L. 3, Plerreand some others entere:
the service through thatavenue. Why
the system was changed we are up:
aware; bub it was obviously a good por
one. We suagest that the whole | Paippe charged Ubaries Walker with
question of clvilservice examinations | assaultiog bis wife Jane Walker, The
should be reopened acd very carefully | evidence taken fora remand was that
gone into, with a view to securing tha | defendant choked hie wife and
admission of fully qualitied and com- | threatened to cut her with a razor
teyt young men into the service, | tie was remanded to Monday (to-
who are likely to prove a credit to the | morrow) on £10 ball with a surety,
colony, and at the same tne of secur | ALCKGED IHEFT as A Baizs,—D,
log that not a mere eotrance examin: | Carter was charged wilh buiag the
bsilee of ¥/- did convert same to his
or idlertofown use Mr. HM. T; Prizgar bas
been retained for the defendant who

pertenced bere at 10 o'clock last night.


Tus question bas recently been
ralsed In the columos of «# contempor.
ary whether it is not deeirable that
the system of recruiting for the local
Civil’ Bervice should be by mpsns of
entrance eraminations Lostead’ of by a
rystem of patronage pure and simple
apat present fa the rule,
selves we have alerays been in favour
of the system of exaniinations, and
have often urged ite

(Before Mr, wae Brierly J.P }



Towh or Country

$360 eld colne,

Giazetie® Office. ation shalt, by effiuction of time, even:
tually entitle any booby

tise tothe higher ranks. ‘The stand:

adoption by the
a ard exawinations of thecolleges also | obtained bull in £10 with a surety and
slablisbed. tpen ‘oun tats Caletac: | should be accepted as exemptiog from | was remanded to Monday 12Uh inst.
rooms, drawlog | tory lines we sbould regard it as a| tho subjects taken therein 5 aod when é
* 5 very considerable improvement. Hut Rood enough should be a apecial step- —————————
large yard, flower | in our opialon, ‘Smetaio & food deal | plag stone to sppointments, The
rge yard, more thas # mere prelieo nary en- {| uatter is ao Important one, and PRICES CURRENT,

should not be jigh

me y taken to band }

trance examination is required,





ag dae Nad AR AR oe AEE AR we AB mn SRI ie BET nap Reptenttn ee. i i legs |



, runliad, oarryte Tobsgo and Cindsd Boll . talied, A. -—
saa Trelha, tag Fovveth Tevight tos Toe ™ [Woe S4AkWu ES Gary of to TRON, Leoghun, Port-cl- | years ago, when three oF four suck but wathink It le oné worthy of carefu Naw Your ~ September 10:)
. PROPOSE S41L{NG DATES 2210 = “ea g fest Gusette Ufice, — Beptember, Orb examinetions rede” (that {8 to aay Viour, jilended t Clears tor Weer,
Sew tex ee “ fraiie 3 PAUL H, SOBBPRER & CO. “LATEST TELEGRAMS wo that would Lave sea required AN JHPOSTOR RUN IW. nal, Kulsdied per Gaal $225-3.40
on oe A i fe os - Hee . i —— No quetn
Bei cee tee a Sitpe 8 seen IT Bos 41, MARINE SQUARE = had the test brew £0 tae et cevtin; |CUATGRD | WITH RECKIVING | Heavy Mess Pork per trl, 212i}
mak AN ADA” Spt ~ ee ne 2 oe Bev a a bind 18 "Prone No. 184. W L& Panama.Telegraph Company, cates) were placed ona lengthy faset cons 4 BY UA Laie PIMCEE NCES Sugar{? ryets = 4 per toute a ar
we ae oo a oe et eo — en! 2 ~ -
AOA uate ho Oke le Gin Bem Oct THe SROUMINKuRS | ADOPT posts fetust be sdiniited the experi: BAG AND SHAWL. Hngllsh Island Molasoce
as . - . » Nove, —_ —
id wt ADs er tom Nav, 4 Nor Wo Nor. 20 “ London, Sptr. loth 0000 Maines ee oe torernment 8 REMANDED TILL, TO-MOIBOW, ootlon, Saiddling Upland
; MOP CANADA Ne 0 ‘ Now a . Dew’ 7 - De 5 R ‘ Baton meee oe tesed thet they continue the expertincnty os candl. Jobn Itegis, an tadividual not at all Exchan o Now Lorkand 8
‘ 70 New, on ety a vole was a 8 . t ‘
; srt ~ ~ Nov. Dee 8 uy Mees IT Dees a Thos. Themsow &0, would not live upto thelr agreement | prey, es every clementary mistake. unfawwillar to the Police and who wes wed? one Co ere meht.. 4833
ony aw De 1. D 2 «=Deo 31. 80, Pia ty * with the Kuployere Federation; thst} unkoown, we believe in the civil | charged about two year age before the i mh orkaod .
UF GRANAUA” Dec, C4 Jan, 3. Jam, Ube Sau. [uate ov 6 moxczand there would te no strike without first | service examinations of any otber | City Magistrate w bb stealing jewel. me ee beer le
{Oe ‘ * U, AUD OD) A having recourse to the provisions there- rt of the Empire, was le; there bery from Ne Lredee bouse ane ueene fe = Whig
d abers Steamer: call st the lelanl of Sromade beth wayz. ae of, aud a proposition ein pow erlang the | wae no statement, perhaps there was [Park Weet when he was we he Lonpon
§ OMI ‘ BD Sater aie clei ares | bot avon aay very dcHnite hoowlelgd | Devaelon of'e weddiog aad wo. gained Domerara Cryelaignct® Ot
, 1 ‘ meeting o. @ Soclety wa occas!
AD SHIPPING AND TRADING COMPANY, LIMITED 38, FRi BERI(K sf, adopted. © y Oo Oe aber of ieuneles Yor paccess to the above premises from wreremt, to = 16.0—17,6
W Headway New Yok aad Prev at Sram, Trialded, BOWS, i Oltisit, RULK OIRISIL whom appointinents could be assured | which the article wae jtiglen~seome so0Â¥ lo
Be - vs The adherents of Me, ‘Timothy | (p successful candidates ;and all who | to bave retaroed to bis little gime o ng terms in Bond.
a. Healy in Dundalk, ble constituency reached a certaln standard were con- impersonstiog {though in a diiferent Bugar oft ewe... NS-HG
a BRS Plano & Crgan’ baviog invited him to attend a demons | Sigered to have paseed. Thus the | character thls time) ta order go,carey ertuan Beet 88 % fo.
Y aid. - ‘ stration in bis honour were awsiting | number of acerpted candidates placed | on bie yillianous racticos, egiuite re Ly per & Oey Tae 34/1)
iM : le arrival at ibe siation but mean: | on the jist wae fer io excess of the } cently, itis aileg |. he Palme: nose evar ugar sy Gibraltar
e IMPORTERS. while the Redinonditew filed the ball | number of sppolotments vacant 4 and | on & lan nan Bamuel fen onNes ° or Chu nel for onlvis floating §%
Iniw? . inwhleh the reception was to take | botore this jist wasin exbausted by the proprietor of stall hotel at Queen De \ ner ew ..18U nou. 3
imé [English and German Tianoa piace aod upoo Mr, Healy and bit | sopointineot of all the accepted candi. | Hirect, se a cocoa propristor, from | Damesie Hum Nout. por gel iyi
nl a for Hire, followora arriving’ st Donoybrook | Geles a further examination wee beld, | Toco, from_ which place he just ; nct Cocey .
Fale a melee stai resulting 101 $¢ which a second b of accepted | arrived by train, having preceded | ing } Aperewt i. &
DISOOUNS R OAsH,) | Bt"), eade belong cut and bryleed. | $i ogidates got erolled, Moreover, | eight bageof cocoa whieh bad teen | Cotton, Medium Fine Bea
FOR— 1S Fo aL | dir, Healy delivered bis addreed 1 I the systein was lacting one essential | sent on by steamvr sand requested to | Islands at Liverpool Nom. perth. 18
b - or on Ilire Purchasd his constituents {9 anotter ball, element [to success; aod that was be served with board and ging pen- | Bank of England rates of
A o upon the ovoclusion of which he was} ayy provisiog for checking or tiniting | ding the steamer's arrival, In order | Discount = so B per sent
‘ | J Bystenm 5 fullowed by ® otioy crowd to bis bind "right of the Governor ta ga [to beticrdecuive bly intended victim | | Uonsole = é ¢
RAYING P R potel where the ice drew theit | entirely outside the ranks of the the practiced impostor bad provided ‘Fares ree per cent Hentesln Paris 0773.
in AND— Tach ard Repalting batons sod scatieryd the Meduan-| gocepted examinees for the bestonal | himeel( with 5 and beg to gabance ; Ke eum Options | Bite)
- . dites, of his patronage fo any nuaber of | bie proprietor— ike s ppesrance an © Dune iit 163/06
T L LI i D , ‘ imi AN ALU AD Ey PAIN TING. seere he might think a oie ae for the tone reailug hotel setter eek General Paroleue $18 tw 3-16 disco
RINIDAD iA NURIA aA Speco aty¥)3 odey for bir Lawrence Alus ude thes under urn Voeaiployed ee blia in at the first word and supplied | Guapo 7/9 to 1044 uns
> wa's palating 4 bees Festival.” | Getes, some of them worklog for | hiw with the pecessary, Tequiremente
~FOR— . Mit HOLMaN MONTs' FUNBKAIL | nothing a monthges superoumeraries, | Alter sharing the unstin' PND Deere
’ maw pibeyite nf, Motus Tune wil | Sodisoy only beplog to gateo gear |lty of his bes fore couple af Joye
. . in the ar er of Ht intment ja the service, gis car
v inti "3 Faute dri on the $4 | pon tered inexhaustible; andibesyeten) | at the 1 and went, «obe] For Barns) and Scalde—Canadi
T "MANU RAL PURPOSES. Printing Estab isbmont jostant, appeared feexbauel “(te slementory [estd, to meet Lis wits wha was ex: | Healing Oil will take the frecut ofa
/ #10 PEREE 4N OMINOUS THREAT. feature that must beremedied {a any | pected to arrive by/trats and with | burns oe scald more rapidly than any
. KR, ALIEL TRA bee pars} sacshester muvices stale that the | new wbemect the kiud. And there | whous he would sooo returu. Ip valu | other p tion. 14 should be at
c 3 7 ghaard tbe Leas af the Porvenir | rearrangement of the workia bean initial difficulty inthe | however, did the hutet-heeper awalt | hand ia every kitchen so that
t ou “et orking con: | seeine to
vsults will satis ¥Y . sint'eg chice ou Biosdway, Now type | ujons at Fern Mull belog uoeat soetne t0 “a nual colony like Trioided, | tbe return of hls guest and realiziog | it may be available at soy time)
MAM AQTUMOE ae ds. have dene ordered forthe pa fost | tory to the operatives the Masters} jt {snot often that a outticient number | after atime that be adupel There leno Preparation tequred Just
yabllebine a I Je prinee eee gine Federation bas decided that unless | of vecancies occur together torenderit | put the matter tlnto the le} apply the oil te the burn o¢ od
thi d ‘ ing all Ta ing 0 m Dem Caries be ee Oo eaaey toe ae tte 0 un to fr Ritrate a Het Aapedeateottin K ae yor Cerqeant bora of “the Wastectives ease altogatbere sad ing ebort tine
‘Ini atl Shipp d Tt q ( ” No 4 Aty—Septs 7t—)o, mrcling of employery will be called for snexsmicetica foreo many ep: .

ye \



5 qmeerneiiey ommevemme
_ , , oR £ ‘ .

\ ae


Get a Clean| |

With a Metropole or

News was received fn Caracaa on the

| Sth inet, that Carageo had raleed the
suela over lwenty

since the last ic caee of Plague
Shave Co ee re

Commission o


new Private Bnxes recent!
I eraeted at the General Post Office wilt
be ready for use as from Tueedsy

morping 13th inetant,

G. ©. Vincent, Real Property Broker, 3

0D, tine | Sonderful talaein fand st Santh Oru

t ul value In land at San! e.

oo ey Ene Yon cha get alot of land, very neer

reatrirtions from Venes
Tis having exp

‘ merican Atm
r in “47 - Astor Razor~Unly ... | - fiocere entrusted with ths ral ce of to the Beat “itond Board Oey at
E »« y t a Har .
"os I te ce nt A rr Va i Ss. ‘ 60c, sified {rosa New York cathe 3rd inet [lot If youdo not own a plot of land
. . — fo stody tbe situations, plansete, - now, it iv your fault, You will later on
: mee regret not juipping at thie undoubted
: MAI iLAR D's Et Universat (Caracas) publishes in | bargain. — *


1,000 BAGS . FLOUR,


WE beg to inform those of cur
Country Agente who bave not
eettied up for Papers sent them
quring the past two months, that we
wil compelled to make ‘other
arrangemente-so far ae sending

re to these districts are concerned
Sfthe indebtedness, up to the Slet
ult, is not settled within the next few


Mun TERS begins on Wednesday

the lith September, Classes com-
mehce at 80 am., on that day,
Hoarders should return op the 13th
Beptember, Punctual attendance of

students at the opening of Term !s
requested. For further foformation

ly to

Current Events.

Firat Quarter of the Moon.

Constabulary Band playe’at the
Botanic Gardens-5 pm

High Water Morn 8.13 Even
Sun rises . on
Rua see os 7 on
oon se tae nee
8 8. Prine Frederte Hendrick leaves
for Carupano, Cumans, Guanta, La
Guayra, Osracas, Pto, ~ Cabello,
Curacao, and Port-au-Priace. Maile
close at 2.90 p.m, *

om toe
8. 8


Whole & Half ‘Firkins—P.Y.

Schoener & Co.



That Louk

Puts the Page Wire Fence
years ahead of competition. It
doesn’t UJ weaken the fateral wires as other locks
do—it does hold the fence in shape year in, year out.

833 pm

64 & On.
6.58 p.m.
11.45 p.m.

Saramacca leaves for Para
maribo, Nails close at 3 pm.

Football—Clydesdale v Majestic and
Shamrock v Nemease=4 45 p.m.

High Water Morn 865 Even 920 pm.

And the high carbon steel-spring wi Buneeis 7. + Bokpam
high carbon steel-spring wire anes tn pm.
in Page Fences can be stretched tighter That ae ne
than other fences. Makes them sag- File avy 8 Our Big Fire 4 Friendly

proof. Call for only two posts where
othersneedthree, Saye youmoncy all round. Come and
ecsamples. Write, call, or phone [or this year’s low prices.


What We Owe to X-Rays;
Boe ng—What Me Roosevelt
Thinks of It~ Prize Fighting

Our Artio’e on * Somethi
Worth Remembering 7” | Chi-
nese National Association ;
A Dangerous Broadway.

Famous Lions of the Fleet
— Predecesanme of Crutser
Launched—Frfteenth Dread-
nought we



| Dr, Fernand de Verteull has with.
drawn bisletter, Ile naturally thinke


Gerold & Scherer,


N.B. Insist on gecttinge tho |
Whito Paintod Fonco,

that the verdict cf a trial which je
atill Sub fudice should not bethe sub-
jectof public discussion. Mer. Tripp's
putlie verdict may be an American

nly notan £nglish


English Harness,

uetom but fe certal

Dr. Pichevin, the well known French
Physician and Surgeon arrived at
Marttoique by the last french Steamer
and it fe thought probable that he will
pay. visit ta thiq colony, arriving

ere by the &¢ Domingue on the 2ith
Instant, Dr, Pichevin is fee from being
a stranger bere, haviag already visited
ustwice. Heise a Gynecologist of no
mean repute io Paris and ia deeply
interested in Cotonial affairaand fie.
quently writes on thease subjects,

jome years ago he wrote very enters
talningly of Trinidad ln La Depeche
Coton of Paris.

We understand that during the time
1t-Colonel Swain remains in San
Kernando conducting the operations
of the Mounted Troopers, be with Mra,
Hwala will oceupy Government
House formely Hijcu Cottage,

We are glad to learn that the inits-
tive bae been taken by @ prominent
eltizen at San Fernando, and that Hie
Worship the Mayor..Hon. J.
Hobson, LA, ie being asked by
Uurgesses to convene a public mesting
to consider the question of a Public
Library for San Fernando,

A cortvespondent points out that we
were wighlly in error coneerning the
suiclie Bimeseu at Bt Crug, after
examination in the bouse where h
wae fouud hanging, the doctor ordered
the removal of the body to the St,
Javeph Hoepita! Mortuary where an
autopsy was performed oy the follow.
jug day (Fridey) The wife haviog

one over to the Hospital to have “a
act fond peep" at her husband's face,
waathereupon made to bear the cost
ofthe burial Instead of the ‘Yard as


We are lad to beav that Mer. Wil-
Slam Kinith the manager of Bonce
Aventure cocoa plantation in tbe
Guaravara district, bas returned from
ble sick leave iu Urenada, feellog to

ood health again, fis nephew Mr,
V. Sinith, manager of Anandale cocus
Katate lo the above-named evluny alea

. We [fave Just Received from Waball
‘ A Fresh Lot

Of our woll-known Foglish Harney, This Harness is specially |

made for us—to our own specification and particularly meets

local roquirements, Jt it elegant osough for the smart s% City
(se and strong ovough for the hoay est gountry woar.,

~ |Special Pony Set 21 Dallars


t 6 Dollsra to 24 Dollars,




The Lowest Prices ALWAYS.


wilt spend # week fin Tria
waklog blivsclf scquainted
Uubber, and our mode of extracting
the latex, Mr. Smith Senior says
there was very wet weather
Grenada duting August.

The resent examination of Afters
of the BL ounted Troopers lias resulted

feoued ; fur ‘practival work —Lieuty

- 2 Nod e and Thos Dv Berry of the
Bs ‘igs Compesy obtaining tis
ereepererne foumber of marke.

Ite Jeene of the fod Inst, w translation
of our commentaon the dastardly, but
heppily frustrated, attempt on the hfe
of President Gomes, ineludiog' our
suggestion to the authorities relative
to increased vigilauce 80 ag to nip in
the bud any suspicion of an attempt at
avy local revolutionary orgsoizetion
destined for Venezuela. .

production of the O;

at the Victoria Ins

Monday evening at 8oclock, when all

those who kindly hare decided to take

pet are requested; if possible, to at

Heodrik * which fe expected to arrive
here to-morrow, many Portuguere
cotonlste, facluding Mr. J, J. Camacho.
Proprietor of the * Euwpire Bar and
Boda Water Factory, * are expected to
feturn from Madeira,


¢ | charged at the City palee Bonk with

came dowu on the 8,8, Grewidu, and | stead owing to previous engage. | Out
lded, ments, The minutes of the previous
with ¢ Mewtiog were pead and confirmed, after

haly Cioslu
a Ga 7 3

Iu fice Captain's cectitcatra telog | for Uausminion to the Government, [Ut rand with Pascalls Bunt cut, Lage:


{he Trinidad ttper “Grenada? whieh
arrived from New York on Frida
brought a alli measuring about
feet tong forthe oil wells at La Brea,
Acylladrical boiler 23 fectin length,
— . alen. arrived. by the sane t steamer,

Dr ble boiler was put on one of the large
‘The first rehearsal preparing forthe an barges one d ; the rialde 4

Shippin reading Company oe
tute Ie fized for | Gren a" will preeeed to La Brea
to-morrow morning. to load acphalt,
when she will carry the barge in tow,
Thie boiler will be used in connection
with tne petroleum business down

By the Dutch Liver “ Prion Frederic, | South.

The British steamer “ Wilster %
1,763 tous, Captain Martin, arrived
yesterday evealng from Grenade,
after a pleasant voyage of 12 hours,
with 003 tona general car, 1,800 tone
patent fuel and two deckers, She
came consigned to the New Colonial
Compacy Ltd.

The Canadian steamer *Ocamo” left
esterday for anadavia the Northern
Tiends with the following fawenbers,
For Ifalifax Mr Charles hing and
Me Hamel Paul. For 8t Viocent—
Ne J. M. Richards, Mise Ida
Brown, Mr W, SL Ttichards, Miss
Florence. Merrick, For Barbados
—Rev, Father Duggan C8. Spi Mel‘
A, K, Jolliffe, Meand Mre ©, Harria,
Mr. Thos Clarke and 40 deckere for
varioug ports,

ten | , THeLD-MB. “Prins Frederik Hen-

drik” will arrive from Demerara at

daybreak to-morrow (Nonday) aod

1d | willleave the same afternoon for Ven-

f | ezuelan porte, Curacao and Rayti

taking cargo, passengers and mails.

The D.N,S. *Saramacea” will arrive
ov Monday from {New York avd after
discharging cargo, will proceed to Pa-
remaribo taking cargo, passengers and

Thess. “Patagonia” of the Ham-
burg-Awerisan line arrived yesterda:
morning from Venezuelan ports wit!
Stones general cargo and 19 paesen:

ers. From Guayra; Measrs.

aring Quapp, Leand Ellas Luerre,
Pablo Perrase, M, J, Turel and 1¢

Our attentlon bas been called to the
fact that we were in error in crediting
in our leader of the 3tst ult. the Kast
Indian National Association for the
action taken in “The B:en Venue
Case.” It was the Fast Indian Nation.
al Congress of Trinidad,

The tnembers of the Trinity C CO, are
asked to attend & general meeting at
the Piccadilly E. ©, School to-morrow
evenlngat Soclock abarp, A full attend.
ance is requested ae they are plenty of
important business to discuss,

Some people about San Juan expert-
enced a shock of earthquake about
o’clock on Friday night.

Captain Nafuse of the goodshi
© Surdar ‘now lying off the port o
Sau Vernando discharging lumber,
says be fs not an American as we
meationed the other day, but comes
of the Grest Canadian Dominion, aod

i therefore roud to be o, Britleber,

specting lumber, eo “skipper
says the supply of pitch pine is
becoming more sod more scarce Io the
States and that indents for really first
class lumber will find difficulty to “be

The Royal Mall Steamers from
Southamptoo beginning with the
“Tagua” Outward bound leaving
Soutbampton on the lth, September
willcallat Antilla ** Cuba,” aod will
consequently arrive at this port one
day earlier,

The {Venezuelan steamer * Delta"
left yeeterday morviug for Culdad
_—_ Bolivar with the following passen-
At the St Anne United ['ree gere—MrM. J. Taurel, Mre Amelia

Romero. Me Andres Pila, Me F.
Church to-day Ube morning service at Rodriguez, Me Pablo Collinchini and

tL am, will be conducted by the
Rey. J A. Scrymgour, M A. At the rece Bliss G. ttacha Mies ML.
7 p.m service the preacher will be Rev, ae re RB, exe and servan'

A, 1. Hutton, BA, The Sunday ra L, M1. de Dulac, Miss Heveron an

School meete at ¥ 30 a.m. 15 deckere,

These, * Coppename ” will arrive
to-morrow (Mondsy) from Paramaribo
aod will leave at 30 a.m, the following
day (Tuesday) for New York direct
taking cargo, passengera and mails,


The St, Clair Oval waa one ofthe
chief centres of attraction yesterday
for sport loving folk, anda large and
eotbusiaetis crowd turned out to wit
nesatbe last practice game lo which
{he Trinided reproseatatise team will

ave a0 Opportunity of participatin
before tettiag out tor the â„¢ Moeulie
cent Colony” to contest the Inter.
eolontat Cricket? Tournament. The

We regret to learn that Miss
Duoo, who was on board
of the Four [oade Electric Care
last April whea enaccident occurred.
fa atill unwell and unable to resume
her duties as Assistant Mistress of the
Four Roads School where she wag

Tue Government collects a royalty
of 4cents per cublo yard for sand re-
moved from the foreshore on the
soutbern const,

The Hon. A. G. Hell, Director of
Public Works, will leave for Barbados
on Monday 306 fnstant, to take part,
ee our Delegate, [no the Quarantine
Convention to tuke place there the

following day,
We understand that In all tikelibood | foc nent Manel gas che mlcket, pere

the Moonlight excursion by the Coastal

Steamer ** Naparima” bleh the Com- peated Io the batting departm ent of
tnlttee of the Gan Feroando Boat Club | by an XC under the captalocy 5 Mr.
gpeek of meen gy me {, Arneaud. The mucet noteworth:
T g pel 4 th ounted | featureof the game was the excel.
roopere are encawped down south, I jent battlog corubloation of N
sod the Commanding Officers will bs | Greil and 0. “F.. Beanett wha
seked oe, We Gpelt | patronage. | going firat pale to the wickets put
Many of t na Napa mga. troo yg | UP 8 score of Gi before the bowling at-
bre eure tans can tx the oat and } tack could claim the firat wicket. Grelt
deel tenia ic pop ty of f broke the partnership with 2gto hie
yo credit, and at thie stage, Dennett was
reaponsible for 31, the remalniog 5

There was a meetlog of the Public y
Mealth Committee yeaterday at the beln chargeable be ten rae tarrging he

“Red House,” Ils Excellepey the

Acting Governor presiding. There

re heegents the (lon biee A. G. Bell,
arton an Ee

and Dr, J. H. Dickecn, * Ea Prada

The focal Sole Agent, Mr. Hamel
Hamel Smith, has recelved
shipment of the famous
WOLFRAM Incandescent

{ndividusl score to 42 when he
fell a victin toa safe catch by Small
off the trundjing of t. Johnstone,
Hoth batsmen played a faultless game,
(never giving the shadow of a chance}
pod alta mauch gach and Eiilliance to

ot, wy! evoked the deserve -
& bew | miration of the colookers, Ken

bal KOLLOID | opened bia fonlogs with much promise

Krom «
our experiences we can honestly bug qatertanete onntuened an bard
recomaiwnd these lamps as very groat accepting It, thus dlemissed thet
savers of electilo cutieot cousiderably | bateman for 7 W, Job: .
reducing the bill of electricity, They wba took up tthe Vecae son,
are clalined to ba stronger than many | be sald to bave s vroaehed

of the other metallic Slement
and can be used with Joss care, ‘ampe

the wicket under unenviabl .
Faraslancos, and ghich too, ould tne
. ub & severe trial on Lhe nerve of
E. Cater a ward officer of San many @ batsman of miuc
Juan wae arrested Bod rene Lelng the Dut aE eee et be
verse criticisin as to hie selection on
the larceny asa bailee af 0s. He wan] the representative team, in
remanded ta \morrow, Monday, on | be had naturally to ‘att that vracte
£10 ball with a surely lag miletress known se the public, He
— accordingly opened hie play with
much caution, aod It certainly’ took «
A meeting ot the Phspmaceutical § little time before be got his weather
Soclety was beld on Friday Jeet & pim | ¢yeonthebell, Kventually he settled
atthe Victoria Inetitute at which the | down with some degree uf confidence,
following members were presen and before tollring waa responsible
the chale, Mr, Bartholomew I. Miles | but he gave a chance at 18 which wae
(Hon Recretary and Treasurer), Mesers | 20b avcepted. The crowd, however,
Ji ©) Perrier Fou 4. 8. Ranvusle, sceined, extistied (7th bis perfurmn-
ugh Inn os, Lompies rb @ certainly rye a
Joveph and J 7 ee

Nathaoie) Braithwaite, | [urped $0 the payiilon ‘wits
brctiees were ypeceited Mfroos Dre. fllgbter beat than when ‘he much
oup to thea wickets A. Balogot

redbolay and Me, A, Nas H.C

(loa Slensuers) foe'thelr tastilig ts | knocked “up & when she wat given
i Lw, to Georges Joho, who reap.

ed a similar grep off "lector, the
latter of whom had not the good’ for.
Vune however of brvakin is dack,
Ounstantine the idol of the crowd
knocked up 3 in ble usual Myles, and in
reusikally quick time Like John
ston, he alsoretived in oder to give bat
(log oppyrtunity to others of the team,
rmoud pute cleanly earned 22 ang

which the report of the Uomuittes
&ppointed ta go iota the details of the
‘Question was subinitted,

eoztoa, ot Rei Jubles,
7. Jose, @ report
edand ia duc course wil ba
the Medical Council

wae adopt.
forwarded to

Afier a yeorrn) discusslon on drug | sber with eu additonal hy

topic, tbe te epident qhanked 4 ine caret ibe w4gie road i % Bick
Y ely attendsnce an pst * .

Bivewog etveed, ? Lehsuoe at tis Wishes, Lley ontienye





| Household. Dep

@ Bed-Spreads, Beautiful Designs—~

Tailors and Outfitters,’

aera lp ~Epmhaonintememe,

NOW sSHow re!

“Splendid Value

Marine Square aud Chacon Siro




-— FOR — a

School Books|

College Requisitesy

Of every description, we,

Embroidered and Drawn Taread Tea Moths ~
$2.40 to 8.00 cack
: $9,00 to 40,00 cock:
Lace Table Centres, Tea Cloths, Duchesse Set ¢
; and Bureau Scatfs—30c. to 48c.,
f Whito Frilled Curtain M uslins, 54 inchés te
wide— 8c, per mg
Coloured Madras Ourtain Muslins, Plain aed eRe
Tassled 360 to 96c per youll


Men's Department


Scotch Knit Golf Wool Caps, §latest colours ioe

J Stylish Straw Hats from 060, to $1.80 each, + 4
Fashionable Felt Hats, latest shade aud
colsurs—72c to $2,40

Waterproof Coats & Cape,

Travelling Requisites ~’ a ;
u “y

. 2) oe

Boot Hepar allt

I rei -


Foot Ball and Tennis Rents, “
Goldie-Ized Boots for Plavtert—~$4.00 and 58

81,68 to 3.69 per

ic! a
in black an

Men's Puttee Legging,

‘stl r

Tennis Racquets Restrund

Old te _


By new patent Stringing Machine.

restrung perfectly rigid. This is our ya
and cannot be found clsewhers





. It Is a fraud on the part of the Grocerlor the Shop- = °
a . keeper to~ givo you .

| RH AD |!


That you have not ordered. on the plea that the sub-

ct stitute is just as good, He is defrauding you and) do-
; frauding the Baker, who \by his enterpriso) has
ve made a name and a reputation for his bread.
% - Itignotwbatyou paybut what you get for what you
. . pay—thatcounts in everything, especially BREAD. You
be always want our Broid, and when jou ask for ENGBISL
r BAKERY BREAD you must insist on gotting is, and accept
é no other I!
= ee RA Um me he eer eee

Dyspepoura, The Liver Friend.

A GENTLEMAN ef high standing in the community says i=For the past eighteet>
montha [ have been sulfering very much from indigestion aod the stomach
prea and have tried many semedies, some o' which bave give me temporsry resis!

sow Dyepepcura bas done me more good acd given ms more lasting relief than
any other pemedy Dprapepcurs ls arid ata shilllog at PAR'S PHARMACY, ie’mont,
aud at THE FAVOURITE PHARMACY, opposite Wash House Bridge, We mal
Dyspepeura to country residents on the recelpt of 1/3 to Postage Stamps.



IM you contetnplava being engaged, or if you koow bod:
who is ougag you should met forget y yey


don't orde. from a catalogue waich shows a picture ot a Diamond the
ize of a locomotive flash light and only get a moro little twlakle,
Money refunded if quality is not as guarantéod,


Irinidad Dyo Works Pamphylan H sh School
Rroress 5 h Repo Doc or,

PAMPHLET le now in preparation, rpoeeeitast the best Bebool hee Le

A ving full details in coopection with
x eee wilt be out shortly ; do not jbleuding to go to Gotlege, well grounded

fail to read it. DYEING fo December for the College ener
Mintrerane "| Maxtinum teense pentcuere tet. the mace
. x » "a, apply ts the Dr!
Pete zn Hows * Varaick E. ALEXIS.—Aug. 2lat—Im. pe
‘eat one eat
. Morning Coat, Moroipg Coat 7+
Over Goat, Ble. Over Cost hfe
Bat wr Bf ktrt asjDr. H., W. LYNCH

(Geld Medalist and Demonstrator of

Bodice 3/6
Waterproofs, Carpe'n, Curtains, Tiplite, ‘Ueharry College, USA)
Dental * es

&o., conditional.

CLEANING, av Frederiolk st.
Jack Clemens’ Speciat Process, 2. Atl branches of Uprodate DENTISTRY
et 2 orpir oat S, "evta 2s, oa modern principles at Popu’
Peak Gea ae Woe Tf 4m 18 Oret Prices Pome gheechoe uniertom Pe

oat d/- Skirt s/- lo 3/ ree O mt 8 to

Je Basi fe D. Jac ‘a
A a Oakes Saeceaie Seb wretiiode —~or—

SPONGE AND PREIS 4 naw Depart. Soptembor 23:

enent afa: o~ AT THE
Jacket and Pants 3 Vest 61, Frok | 2 dmoen Bukictizg,
Coat 2f- Dinner end pee Suite 2/6. To ald of St Michsel's Church, Diego
Jacket 176, Pants f+ Veet O4,, Bkirte 1/3, T'S 40.
Bodice 1/3. Gente . +a, " . ww Be
. HAT CLEANING, Ladue, « Sf

Felt Hat Cleaacd Blocked sud Trimmed
D> to 8/6. Men's Straw Hot Ooaned 1/-
pew trin minge estre. Iadks Straw Hat,
cleaned 1f- to ¥/. Legboro and other
ehildreu’s [lat clesned 1s, lo 1s, 6d,
New Passa Hob bicckel and trimmed—
2. 61. Peooms Hat cleaved, Blocked
aod trimmed -35 6d. Sik Hota, Oork
Hats, &e,, conditional,

Corser Dake sud George Streets,

Telepheve 15


Refreshmente will be proviled, Lickrte
mey be bad from Mia Av E, Harregin, Mes
&,, yen Mise D, Eckel, Mee A. Fahey,
Mien Ivy Hughoe, and Me Howell Mor,
fo The Mitcor Of #, 1/9/10.


Provision, Cocoa

Notice ho. + Jienr Street

rp ste Bleamer “Della” will arrive on
Mond sy, the 1dtb tost, and will leave
for Cindad oliver oo Toes lay, the b6ch,
‘The teamer *Maracaids” will leave
for the same port Salunisy afternoon,
~ the 20th, end in future theeervico be
teen bera aad the pore of the Urinuce
wilt be performed allerastely by she Straw.
ee * Delta” and * Maracailo,” sziling
f om thie port every Satardey,
Tria weeky | iperery wiil «uations io
_- force until furtber aotice.

Word to Housewives,

})° wot pul ade sour tab'e ware Le-
Cruse the platede worn off pend ie te
JOUN ALKING, 3 bleitre Fquare avd bave
lw replated it will be gust ag good ae new
Kowplee freechergee ac foliywe —l'er eed
of 0 Tea Fpounn- 36°, 55 e+ wet ol 6 Dessert
Spuocns=d49o 3 per eet ul @ Teble Mpoona
a! yer tt of 6 Furke 80c.—27th Aug,

> Vr -S pele,
‘Aw. oat 22th 1910, ———.
THE AGENTS. Public Notico.
AVISO. $1,000 tobe Invested

On Towoweel'y, Pease apply to Nr,
FRRpivayD Josep Marxgon” Batcitor,
OfN 4 238 Vircoot biveet, Port-ol-® pain

or Ne Maouel Feimsavcs. of the Coeiral

dfel lunes, 15

El vapor a Duta Ties pus Clade

de toe denter, ¥ ealds
Brivar ol martes Plgalente,

¢* Marscaibs” serpardé pare e! | Bar, Qoven and Heu y Streets, Port-cls
ew, puerto al edbado, My on ie eure. Rpele, Dated this hb day of Aagae’,
nico joe vapores * Delta" y “ Maracaibo” | 1910-402 Slat—1m.

harks ilo alerastlvameste entre
decay fierce del Oriavoc, saliendo de
nel uso oosds shbedo,

“aus seivolo secanal continuw& op

Webar’s Alpine ‘ea

vigg b ots exeve arico, Dorrw Pace $108
Poerto- Esp fa. we
Ide econ ade 1910, Hava we i“

GIT yr ar



Wife Notico,

pas pablo is hasty notiied thet I will
pa ba respopille fur aay debis ous
trasted a wy wil, Kihel Bhaue, obe
having tele wy liv « aod protection with-
oat ory jut cane


nb Bet. 1910

Lig aGENTEB= 13th Ay. — Jon,

- A Univorsity Gozoh.
CVE 12 yesra’ esperience of Univer.

WF ott teuerial vok ot Ediobergh, ts
peep reity coach pops for SB sbitership
aoa otber exeminat: Ds, bok Lore! sud
Kngtiab, at prulesate chesgea, Vayeats

. or Gealians cap Le lurvinhed w th ezet.
levt seferences on epplig tatty Tuo *

ye. -Speln Ueselie tion

: Bors of

’ . ,.¢



the Grebeaters. ‘cause theyll come
home ao thiraty d

1 bethouight myself of sending out
some whinky ‘There were numbers of
men and boye working eee jaitley
ois ala wal monte’
epirite and writer Dennis set olf wre PER resee eb ness ete eee
{bate fog trot on old Nugret, fined fal particulars of what they call elt

Qur Big Fire.

Max was in the bammock under
the climbing Jaemine.on the veratdab,
clad in hia tennle flanuela, [ie wae
amoking, and reading Trilby, when I
came out dressed for church,

=—AND—-— .

Mak Alldey long the fire raged, Ibdes | ' Predteharing, Metual-benett
ete to Church.” vistated paddocks, laid waste fence Insta’ ery tems yet “ fineert in "lout
“Oh, Nan; let a poe beggar bave | 20d spread for miles. sands Of | pousaed copies of a Runday issue of she
ble Sunday loaf, Doviden 1ecreo infor: | thirsty fatizued besmirched men came | » Port of Spain Gasette,” tough It be soucbed
aE a enn eeae ana | eene bear atleaay and hen ght | SuiniaSycnewnonast: an sem,
v Li 0 7 .

. Xa what's the use of having the artived. End eniy's ew watebers mere oer tod deal of atienties,

nicest looklbg husband and the best
turn-out in the district §f you can’t
show them off?" (watch Max out of
the corner of my bye, Ife fe softening

Dash it! A fellow bas
be saya ruefully,

at the fire, I was looking at the balf- | Consequen}ly, they received visite from &

burnt tree-atumps on the bill eppoaltes
when euddenly I remembered that ol
Dennis was not home. Where could

be be?
He might have been throws. Nug-
get might have atood upon 4 cinder

good a'rere Svbo waoted information
ai Me mortbod which they fould teduce
tbelr Taso ing til's by 6 ty per can’

That a twelve fo lar maton other ciablog 10
that arount coldtd acquired by cash pay

£ dress, meio tuteling at ox dollars, memed (9 bee

“ You look lovely” (there's nothlog : OA owas proposition inentty cisradie and @ mos | oe
uve, sotoan or Aine dant, Pat | adand frites on FS ee gdate wa

on one of you least villainous hate,
take some cigars and Trilby, and, ae!
only want you to drive me Into the
township, you can stable the horses at
the Langham Hotel, and whilst I am
at church you can read all about her
ond like teeth and rosy heels to
your heart's content in the refined
retirement of the bar-parlous. Oome
pa Max!”
*Rightt Will you bring the two

thew soaouncement,

Amonpst the first erquires wee Mr. Geo de
Siva He perspicacity af once reves ad to bia
the yossibi ilies of tbe echems aod he became
ao ardeatly eager cooprratcr, The result
may be deduced (rom the foltowing etter,

” Mepicat Hath,
Puk Street,

Max rode off with tera men In earch
They “covered” and hellord for
hours, and etlll no sign, Old Nugget
came bome rideriess,

Max returned late, very downcast. .
and he said nothing!

Next morning they found bim. He
wae'nt half a iije away. Ile wast Mees Rice Bros.
lying motionless under ehady | Geatlomen,—Your very
tree awidet the golden bracken ferns,


roadtothe townabip. Our home lay me your recelpt ip full,

in the valley, and was surrounded by

Max drove meto church, and retired
tothe Langham toenjoy his books, In
the most solemn part of the service,
when all had bowed their heads, my
veil began to feel ineufferadly hot, anit
ralaed my hand to loosen it. Asldid
so I felt a sharp tap on my shoulder
(as if to reprove my evity). I did not
trouble to look round, thinking It the
act of someone of the “unco guid.”
My veil still felt uncomfortable and
put up my hand to remove it and asl
did so I heard an agitated sound of
whispering, and my shoulders was
struck violently by no gentle band. [|
turned round indignantly to remor-
atrate with a man who knelt !n the
seat behind. Iedidn’t heed my looks,
but pointed excitedly to the alste of the
church, Max was standing there,
beckoning to me, bis face deathly. his
eyes blazing! My beart stood stili ~ 5
my ouly thought wae that one of the
children had been killed] [ stumbled
fiom my seat and ran out from the
church, Max rushed to where our

Friendly Societies

Th-tay being the J3th Anniversary
of the organization of the St. Cecilia
Friendly Society, & Low Mass of
Ttequietn will be sald at 690 am. on
Monday at the Cathedral of the

foe your eothe success,
Lam, Dear Sir,
Yours truly,
‘Geo, D& SILVA,
The put cation of such a leter, proclaima
such results wih naturally excue widespres:

of the aoule of the departed brethren. | there ae already many, of by
be an “At Some” at the Society's | Rice Bros,
Hall, 64 Duke Street,

The independent order of the Sons
of Consolation members are asked to
attend a special meeting which comes
of the 12th instant.


tesolves into @ stupeodous -adver ii0¢
tion , & proposition of mfiaite
iramense mignitude, such ag
equated in Trinidad and, emisently wortby o!
our Tailor Maj xr.

over the lines and dence at the St,
John the Evangeliat Friendly Societ
Hall to take place on Thursday ¢!

made in order to coves the cost of a very elegao!

Society's Recreation Club. Membera | tit

and ticket-holders are respectful
requeated to be at the corner of Par!


Saturday, June £118 ‘to.

generous interpreta
Uon of your obligations to me surely entitles you

‘ou have my thaoks aud my bearticst wishes

id be further atin
Immaculate Conception for the repose {nveres ow weer nn any oo Operator, and
ve minutes
In the evening at 7 o'clock there, will | conversa on on ibe sucject with either of the

It ia not the purpose of this artigle to disclose
details, Suffice it lo say that the whole scheme

antes apd
$ never been

It is sot tried scheme, its Anancial
We are aekedto remind the public scundness baring been ‘noroughly tested 10

grand tnoonlight tram excursion all { movey makior operations, where it originated,
ad well a¢ in Eogiand, where similar placa have
‘g | Rad a Uemendous success, but it is new to
g | Trinidad aod there ig no doubt that la dn

15th Instant under the auspices of the | SPeratoa A very small cash payment need Le”

Now we begiata understaud the subtle and
hitherto undisclosed suggestion which the name



Kheumatism |








UR _ presert , :
” Preseri pale ‘
UT on the PAimerio Xoo () meat le ag 4
P Rowe ke, asd yo of with your conducted thet .
qrork, Thiate Jost the thing for bysivess ments the eferts “f 4
mer, the Draft are wors at the sole phyriclan fo every 4
of the feet, they bave cored very bed bon tbe dedter we

tases of Rheamatise, no lmatter bow Preacription we any te
severe, of avery kind, acute, ohronte, aod drags, she,

moecu’ar, they have cared cases of Sb and claes of keowe

40 yeare eufferiog, The FOOT DRAFT ared sod thet me)
ait draw Bhe pofsone from the whole disots ara oo a
body through the of the ekla. and truly ecientifeâ„¢ Tt .
wi'tenrety cureall pains thet arise from Ra ede
eold, pains in the folots, sciatica, zalne fo 29 + Ran acy hea ee
the, ankles, swollea kored, arms, aod Feary experieces 4
shoaldera, jambego, end various otber ills, pounding taedioine, i
MAGIC FOOT DRAFT cares rheamas joctora have o9 ae:
thm by drawing the polson from the eye A lees im ae
tem, and MAGIC Regulators afd their satisfactory part of eae ee
action and prerend a retara of the diseese, vice fs our plas of i
Guaranteed atpolately pare and harmless, charge on the erect ach ak.
Customers eal! early and secora your medicises. a

orders from the office of the Agent, or Sr.
Rose’s Pharmacy, Corner of St Joveph

little fellows with you, Nan ?* d the bird inging their | to more than the ordioary modicum of thanks, fare
naire they ie happier at home with twentest fo the lorry eur eee roe and wart fenm thie t you ‘ fenerve some gopmen Road acd Fiecadilly Borest avd St. Paul's sr pasonable wd hain San
z ea, there is ae ing tothe quiet still gute. He sill! { dation for the four beastifulty Aaished | Pharmacy, corer of Queea & Neleon with stall a
hot wind, and itis doubtful joy taking | ciocched the empty water-monkey 1 { Aitog garments which you sent ta me thls | Sereata, profia og
children to church, and I like to, bave | and when they reverently approached | *"3ci0e For furtber partlentars apyly to expengen are lesa.
Fou to myvelf sometimes. Hurry, | tim “and. bade him epeaky aa, they | .7,oo rete Bsc at rayon W, MoWARNER, Sole Arent). large Drag Shores
part yee, one barite, Tsay, plek ing & raised bim be said in thickened ae the mere to be complimented aupoa the 10 Piovadl ly Street, yout presc paises to she; .
Win the bat of fay white gown. Ae | Sir, abrop wid yo | ak thetnctccstiy acest scbanes TP pee backer | | Reliable Pharmneplll
y *Bhoys have yeerea dhrop wid ye t actical scheme, teh, eto, eto, P ‘
Thad told the groom to get the horees | + att a( all? ‘yah, lory wete Gait oot your “echenie 1 bave Fn ahah dL A th OY me
yoked, my busband and I were soon | *Teas the father ay a foing spree U'ive elegant fwerd Sult and ano less elegant Silk HOUSE AN D L AN D tod Mr, HAMSK ‘'
riving towards the township, three had entolrely : but divil a wan o' me | Vet mada in your incomsarable syle, lout tietor, will al Y, the guar
miles from Ashbrook. our home on the | pnowe how Ofll be facin’ the little o which, at Jeastas faras [ am able to Frietor, will give bia » i
Goulburn, mivthres t "—Chronicl, judge are worth from eighteen to Iwenty dollars, F. Ss t altention.ty them, ° - ae
jibe ale was hot ont redolent with . nectes sad for Lim bave tbe folionesimally . or Alo, Corner of Date caf Wa
t t t al es small sum of sizty cents ig cash, my ¢? oper: — A
which bordered “the aphill ‘winding. baviog wipad off the balaoce aad secured foe | THAT WELL KNOWN PHOPERTY, Giese Glrveta ft


With Bix acres of Land attached.
Situated ta the East of the St
Anugustine Savannah aod adjolaiog the

Local Train Station.
HE House which is delightfally cool
acd comfortable containe € bed-
rooms, drawing and diaiog rooms. ‘The



Pantry with jarge kitchoo aod beth :
are coder cover to the South. (POOR HANS 48 ean
There are two large servants’ rooms Troonponateo {7rc May, @ileg
with atore room wader separate cover, | The greatest Co-Operative Ong
There is Stabling for 3 horses with the Won lode.” 5
coach house, Also fowl house with E beg to votlly 6 *


\ general pubtic thal

s retsil Shop q ‘ i

mwo.3a Oharicweif

where the lamest tates prevall,
aod wi bh gasrane
DELIVERY i eats bask

* Bharebolder and better

Shareholders are specially

surchase from oar De;

‘ pelt Jens clividesd. .
tas oe bariokte Saengitl

ta Marken? Whaelorent y

€ | run at the back, rabbit house, etc,

The Gacrea have been levelled with
wire fence all round forming a very
neat paddock. One acre has beea fenced
In round the, house aad ig placted ia
various frait trees and groutd provisions

Water supplied on tha premises from
the St, Joseph and Tunspuoa Water

“Pita property ie. tmatt 1
la property is mont conreaiant

sitaated, 7 miles from Purt of Bpais,
and will become yearly more valuable

and especially ticket-holders of the | America, the bome of daring and origwat

bagay was standing, and fumped iu and Be crelock of that atake ne ee pf the ee eipe Talora Varraned a this rising dittrict, [a fact itis cow | Broadway, Four fall pe
Get in, for God's vake! Quickly, | trams will move off puoctuslly at that Fire tnccess of the new fin was astured even conrad Pes oa the ‘AG amet of the at 10, Bradeey & =e
quickly, Nan! and hold tight, ‘I'm go- , hour, Ladies tickets for exearslon, 18 | pace sat eone fou treouradng mosis, vow | The place eaa be iaspected at any | Gept.é—ime Maaceegey
ing fall speed | and he Iashea the qootther. Trecketesbold for either | fist completed, has brought them a measure ol | time og application to Office of this mg
horees, ** ik the whole country ison | ion or dan ired. bucress which a8 beyood even their expectations. | naner or to a
fire’ and he waves Lis whip inthe | excursion or dance as require: Their commodious premuea have na equal, | PaPet OF THOS. J. McC. "z
direction o our bhomd in the valley, The Om and M. ‘be t at least as far ag Tailoring 1 concerned, but o » McCARTHY, pameauiea
We could only sea masvesiof amoke, @ Officers an embers of the | commodicus as they are, we bave po doutt St. Avgustios. yin
Oh, wy God [ the children! }4 Ay had ' Bon-Accord Lodge, No. 2541," | thet they will soon be taxed to their utmost —WFTamreniarar ”§ 1 I] id
Ileft them? I feltas if something was (A.U.) F.8, beg to remind the officers | eapacuy, NA IIONA L
brlniog my Mark wapicdtoscrgmy | 21d, meapepact weit focmonses | Eat tur mtb bt | neva erasae,”}
ard, 6nd clenthe o *
ny jlovelese end till my finger-nails thiv afternoon map at their Lodge | allow bave always beon Baa Rice's policy, ssurance Como any ’ NEY ere 3
drove Into the flesb, It was terrible, | Foom, No. 98, Pembroke Street ng Policy apd ibe clean repuiauon itbes! Guaranteed by the Vorkehire Pur +s
The * saved” grass in the “sixty-acres” tomers.’ paturally cizims @ mu * ot son and Life neurance Coy Carrie * i
eee cert wosdes, would gu tts | Be ronmg of tee alate te | waaetien 2 oo * awe
Ouse, ony ” * The Tailors” and co te they certalal
match, and only three men near at ~| wil males us wonder whelber ere ibdl nd | SMe RAtewedk 2Aae, | yee saddben
hand to protect the children and the Around The Stores. txpaicnce of the Rice Bros, will be sufhcient 10 SUBSCRIBED CAPITA i
women! We flew along the winding _ cepe with the enormous amount of busiaers A . y L...4 $00,000
road, going full tear down the bill, the | Spxcrat—A special assortment of | WBCb must soon be theirs, CCUMULATED FUNDS oO ORN MI
bony tareetatgitadeootiog Gaanlan Garedaisterti | wre gp 4 | Bu Sa:—Tork, Hight? |x yore, oon omeall
ea 0 ° ack andten, Our price per palr, 2 8 Ce-—York, Bugiand. - TR, OOAL POI
directlona of where to move thelr also velvet rubber heels, all al . « Suglan * RADES FORKS LB
wee fae Ube Dews Of the Ore hed eChee ee Wy Hecate at the ew Shipment No, prepared to accept Risks bRaoar L a Pe
epread, nd to every bill the peopte | ——- Just Arrived, oat Fire rosultlog from Earth. ‘ . 2
were rushing and racing to sce the! Stephens Lid has Just received \ ‘ quake, Riot and Civi! Commotion. Stencil Ink, Dietz }
bush fire. And our home, perhaps, fine atsortment of pompadoue ribbone 8.8. GBRHADA' FROM MEW TORK, 50 per cant. off country riske octapled >
wae burning, and our twa little child: | millinery widths 21 cents per yard, ore by residences only Shop
ren to danger! Ucouldn’t look at Max, | Aleo colored anoire ribbon 12 shades THE FAMOUS — FRED, Ex SCOTT, s
couldat speak, I stood up in the to select from 32 ceute per yard. Ast ‘Beatrice Be
gay and strained my eyes towards Another new lot of tussure-siko4) KOLLOIN—WOLPRAY _—,, > — ee
hone, Dense cloylde of smoke were cente to 12) per yard~extra good ‘Tae Sarr or Sars” TIOWES SCALES, SAAS
travelling towards ue, Kvery second quality. . 9
firey forked tongues of Mame would a 71 ungsten Lam . Avd samerons older sriises,
pierce through the swoke and dart; Liquid Veneer, that atknowledged e avd Retedl, .
along the tops of the grass, ikeatrain Housekeepers friend, can be bad ia 2. Epectal attention given be:
of gunpowder, bulke-} gallon and gallon quantiticw— ; an S80 WELL TESTED Effer. } Customers, i

be boure could not be eden. J at Arpott, Lambie & On,
looked at Nex, ‘our te ae face tral land sce bow Eiguia Veneer works
wasdgeathly. He ould | wonders on furniture keo.,
gave tha house. if they trala the fre {a f S and so cheap,
anortherly direction the boyss faces
pasty the wind ie from the south.”
AN e whouts, aud lashes the horses. | not read at night on On
Poor brutes they are foaming At | quitoes [ had lo get wader aa eet oe
bast we near the leat wing in the road, | very early hour and even there the
I dare not look, Lcover suy eyes with | follawed me bul since J bought a phial
my hands, Mas gives agreatsbout, | of Anutimoaquit, I can sit up to late
‘ hours reading and can enjoy iny sleep,
“Bale, Nant It'e all right] Hala, {The mosquitoes simply Ay away from
thank God; They've piloted the fire } me when I have a Aut wosyuit. An.
north sthey’ve gut lots of hel| Ob, | timoequit is a Plossant amelling liquid
Nan! we ought to be thankful, . sold at Par’s Pharmacy, Belinont, and
And only aay. % Yes. Maz,” for }at the Favourile Phatmacy op)
the bot teare were Just flashing from yeh thouse Hridge—price 1/ per
ov eyes, My boart was full. phisi, We mail Antinjosquit ‘ta an
The bouse was watsucbod, All rt of the country on receipt of 1,
around for miles waa charred put of | Jy postage stamps =“ Golden Putte”
recognition. The fire had coure withiu [is the name of one of Peak Freane
twenty yards of the door, latest Biscuit creation, Jt ls the
The alr, oo we came neater the fire, feréme de la erfme of the Pastr:
was hot’ aud silillng. We dashed | Maker's art. There |e bothiog like




Poor fellow -

A Vacs prow CHAGUANAR ~A cue

tomer from Chagyanas says 5 — youe bil,


Cn ce y lar, aud of


e portand Nptral Fament,
Sole Agent tor the West Lories and Ve
for the Canadian Tungsea Lama
Telepbove 19t—-“ept, ixte,

through the gates, and Jeapt from] it, Just try a bo af
the buggy, ran toto the house, and | use no ‘other, ‘Sold io twot vines”! Notico.
kleeed and eried over the boys Jo] Pare’ Pharmacy, Belmont Su, and HERFBY ootify the public net to
tT awea'e se five fleet, mother", sald Me 6 ats mil be dea putty Py the | Bre PL Sadly to my buataad Kabien
aan fd the fire 4 m necrg Hew wy of trylog "Bolden Putts, unr salam oo loog 5 under his, pro‘ec
us e ewagmen ig’ jor A ‘aterproot Doot Poli
tiete Jack Shay, and then tt » rend wo ny) sents an ro come ee ud Ballon Village, JOSEPUINE PIERRE,
Eatttally, aud I ran and waked up [the very thing for thle wet weather, Diego Martin,
Bil and Joe aod old Denvie; the: Keepat e boots soft and pliable besides Sept. 10cb—1w 1
Fal San TB end Sach ud | SsusTisaigea seer Sooo | —
'O] al
Pennie rasa, ths are with wet begs, ‘he oadley & Oey TRINIDAN TORSGU. | Grav
oa je Stan wan | AULDARD'S Nays.—Mea's white Inthe Mutegef
wld Deants sald * twas ng place foe | D ra) 0
wossonne; Father's taken Jim Leg: cuffs and wees bende al oat 00 Tee ard ol Moraga a neat eae othe


gina horse and gallopped off to the } worth $1.30 each, Deceased, rece m8 the said blaod Master
rezand J hoard Jim say, ° Ain'tihe | de,

bess golo’ bell for leather yust’’ The

fork and Mary are bus

Weketa of tee, and lots o

arts t th . forte you ds
auent they are offering Kau

Uologne (4711) Teruel cises we $216 p
maklog | per doz Double sizes at $404 tol-
cake for fies Sham Mixture for cleaning

air and ecalp worth Yio, and 729 to be
Glegred at Zo and 90, Prat of Probate Of the last will ane tay'ameat
sted the ath dav of July sgioe! Th deles Gow

Wilsone Ltd, bave received some | ss'es Lie of Moruga a plant
tanges of new Osford suitable for | ded on the inte day of jules ie barag ns
Suleta oe Pyjemas the patterva are | te lime of bis death a fred 1 anode
very uvlyus and the coubloation of | pubis the Ward of Moruse tba sald Lovers
colours arv very pretty, Prices fran | or meeee and Miguel Marques betog ihe
10u. to Ibe, per yard, And Notte bale pre ee se & deawod
" nine eadel ue? RO coven! ia
Swan Coctane Always nest and} gq, See a twenty cigte
wlumy OT fapulne sppeasance looks oolea'we Gat id penn ane freee
eveu sfter a dosen attacks bf any | of the mid will sceoral wala Srobate
aundy Pour folds & for 303, all | Deel wmaegh rat uf igus,
shares. See thet yew wear a Hwan, ye % A Wo Nieuw,
Waterman Sole Ayeat, la this Towns, Keabtnr,

UBLIC NOTICE le bercby given that o
blcatios bas brea made to me by Lorenso

Belwonten of the Ward ft Mon'gerral ta the

said Islip Planter ant Miguel Marg ies of the
‘ad of Moruga im the auld is'aod enter for


A Standard Medicine - Dr, Kelloggs
Veyetalle Pula couipounded of enthe
ly vegetalle sulstances known to have
a revivifyipg aod salutary effect upon
the digestive orgsnsa, have through
years of wee atlained 60 ewi-
rent a preition that they rank asa
standard tuediciue The ailing shoukt
temewmber this, Simple in thrancom
posiiive they can be asumilated by the
Weakest stomach und are certain to
hare a health(ulaad syyewsble «fect
obi the slaggtsh digestive o:gaos,

Faving l0of/o of

saa A complete stock

How ou basd of
H-htpea, tpherical,
Lubular end Kogu-

Any Candle Power
posite | Nore genuine without Central Sup.

et Salt

No more Constipation | Ne
more Dyspepsia! No more
Bilious attacks! No more
Headache! No more Kidney
and Liver trouble!

Josero Gon

3 Dewar Brant.

You can-be as certai GET ange ay
ertain that ) .7 (7 pur ‘Peed,
Abbey's Salt will con iron tbe University 2

tw quer any
disorder artiing” froin the
Stomach, Liver or Bowels,
a8 you are that the sun rises
in the East,

Costs but little to convince

yourself buy a bottle if in Specia

rade, it is tha oploica of
On of imparting Bice is
‘We guarantes success, of the
If you doubt it give us 6 ial

Rel Sere


I Ne

" ”
GOV ba two elses by afl Chemists and § SPRY, The RNS °
Tha Abbey EXsrvescent Ealt Co, ua SF leave Port of Bpale’ at
S44 Queee Victoria Suet, Londen, E.G, | Wednerday, 14

at Bp.m, on Mondsy,
and will make cos
duriog thet, week

boro the Spfy will
aoleg Wert oad will leave


ES - th
8 p.m, oo Beterday, 37
Norder to bel Hog at the North dosat
I fore the Publis that ie ge ots For ‘Trariber Pane
erTanaS tt, Te Peblie Sepply Depo | Hoye] Mall Seam best
ae. Free, » Gratia and for! Noikrngtae Boarder, Te
oER lobe xX, . o 2

which be will exbitin ty bie Glace Carer Violin *

oul ad Tbe EEN be filled with saa

tuber, ad “the drei parece whe aunts | BR H, MESSIAH
wNiLew, that day the time i¢ will 2 cup | Foceives aud visita paplls

the prood possrasor of sane, oe sewud.,
ebaques nud dena! te Acar opts ke of our 147 Belmost Cucest
Y not

Fees Sota 2e BM Septamber, No chasge, See en erecceernnn coat
NVeTHENT Nove ee :

guaue tH NI NOUUs. Lange's Ant and cy

‘LG bas (from $5 5 \ olson >

vootjeun tt Oficers va _ fits wili clear your rouse Dey pens
eat Hareenen 4 SPDT YO Na. Bi Bt, Vor | [s eonseoieutly pub op it es
ge Wolaiss oficcmSepember |b fereved Ii 4 cow

y ‘
i . * es 4 abe oe « r®
peeamnieings - not pene throngh It.” Oud ed Aa
4 . aperture suitably atrenged tke F
CLOTHES \Saeaanen es
: paune ee light fs adiaitied foto a
cemera by, ns of the lene, The
wantion do not inake the man, | sariy operdtors were ps ones otic
WATER AM, , they morely enhance ae feces of Palatal ayer
You have ‘a tendevcy to sey x his appdsrance, bnit siqce de and other parte
TBE HATTER, bat do you #7 ‘we must invest our thon by glares, ninske,
teallbe the significance of ‘the jes th it bo of hed and robber,
yeive desi them caro mult ees owever, BO
takers in cheie eelo.tion, ) , Thee sentences Were oy haprened
"Br Hatter we men es ansthirg Involvint | thet realising the need for
. that ‘re can hat the Host tha sime expehditatd of see toaate lifes
festidions, at one-half the price others quote, | There Ties ene of money. is mnany, carea, Hint Cheie
dance the appeare We have . erlo! did 1 atle’ ettlon to Aoow, a
Ss mvY H ATS - aswrtment of the .
tra § Aprorer TIE ta a fabrics, Istest Muftras that, dart
940, 48 79 valuable a¢diton to tretions, and a practical
y c, Ce the well-dveeved man, cutter who will give’ you
4 ‘The hit de we stock ow} i protects
. ore the mont sultebie, bew ideasia perator
3 And forthese Prices we give HATS of no You will uyso when SUI a Ss phy aod
t ordi ’ At oasee them. Prices : 5 pert’ to
ary appearanco— z
: 2 upwards, st fect eafety without an
. ‘ WATERMAN'S. Lowest Prices, Liverat terms sf the uaw! jeldod garments formerly
: —ATo epensadle
WA T £ RMAN Ss. Wmatewruamsh's “Another, andacarcel

Bt tee


re rr aes OER SIN LT, OM SOT MT Wy . \


SWAN Céllars,— All shapes and Stizea —3 fur 30¢, invention ot aa

nn er arr ter nena teen anemones saneneneeene | 12 BO adjustment
WATERMAN — THE HATTER, OLOTHIER AND QUTFIETEG, 15. FroJerick Street CPforeiga substances. In the bh
aaa re a AEA

remalo untilhe tock their names and | raided, ssysio an fnterslew published In | Accuracy certala
dresses, fhe * Ereoicg World” “Gracious' no }
Every one given Actitions name, but | Doo'tcallit arsid 13 wessach « fall
Cross and the deputies koew whoal! ure. Poor little Str, Crom sought to
moat all were, omp into the public eye and failed,
thea allowed the frightened @ broke into the cub thinkiog he

crowd to depart, warning them that they | woukd estch aome one playing but he

Ivins, the Republican Reform candidate
foe the Mayoralty of New York O:ty iv

The men rashed foto the building,

: the soar: oo daty lovide she
malo entran overpowe:

* before he coat give the'alarm. The

distinct therapeutic value,


; Ez
deputies were armed with axes, thiukiog | must appear atthe court as witnesses | foned us lounging about “and chatting. | moaths or two years, Lupus, which, W over, You will And nse for every inch that you buy because the G@ vat ,
it might be necessary to batter down the | next Monday. We had beenattending a dance. ‘and u Agemed an incuras “Thera is absolutely no obstacle whatsoeror in the way of prevent: :
bot they found everything open. { Cross acd the depatiss then hegin to | then faished ad , VE ss podent ulerr, ortra good, There . 7, of P Bg you teu:
They climbed two Tights ol steiee, pack ihe gambling pure’ taalia for ra | foto thatluinereone he tad bene eczema, and, indeed, all forms of skis securicg 8 fele yhare if you would only take the precaution of o ming early the ben.
aod located the gemb ing room by the | moval, Crose taking charge of £6,000 io | easted onreelves at the tables, some to digeuse, readily yield to the treatment designs are takea up Read this —


whire of the roulette whoela, latest

When they entered play wae la full
awirg amid « acene of great brillisoce.
Ali the mes wore ja evening dress and
the women were baodsomely gownod
apd wore fortunes Io Jewels.

money which be foucd oa the tables.
They were thaa engeged when Chief
of Potica Caswell with balt a dozen of
hie constables appeared on the ecene,
Caswell demanded whet Croes meant by
relding the elab end faquired If ha hada

Pier, others to lock o0, when Crosa rush.
edia. I:isa bigjokeon him. We are
not disturbed as all over the jacident,

“ London Hrpress”

roduct of X ray resgarch.

of X-ray

out the waz

qrencnannsar ent ES


ith absolute

body, and to diagnos seats sdditionte
boi bl for instance,

ta tubercle wees ang Then it has a

ble‘the complete cure

w «that under the old curative
conditions would have lasted eighteen

been ‘niade possible by the

$f ible to imagine the Hmit
He ay” rete arch. Already radio-
grapoy has beea uscfully emplo
outside the region of science, note





n .

Michael a POPULAR
(‘The Cash Store”)



r -
& i


ay tee

have got too much on hand,’and they must"bs clenred out before sock? t


In tha loveliest and best assorted ‘Howered and ope work desigus. Ezaming 4 od
Bix lochee widey—werth 380) now a. nshy Se



_ Four laches wide= worth 8h, 2OW se ow

The" gaming hail wase dasziiog pice | warrant. Cross replied thet he had ‘not, What We Owe to X-Rays. plore ho: o
tare, It is s great room on the sccoad | and refused to desist pethering the gam- oem, Five wv te Wa. este tee tee Eight » #8 to 18a, DOW ne we et
floor, Bfty fret Jong and forty feet wide. log Sastraments together. Even today the terrible dangers to | the X-ray pictures taken,of the bust ,
It ie faroiabed hke fairyland, The] ‘Thea Caswell ordered ons of bietnen § Whiels the p ioneer {ovestiqators in X- | was obtained by meate of a special Five » ” ty Wey ome ate tse Eight wot bo 2ho, & 90, vow Ma gad
walls are faaked between the windows | to arrest Ivios, A Fghtennucil betweea | [capes forthe bereivct ents mae electrical instrament which melted sn | So, :
fuse rice, Contien lege, te [hana pla actos, Oae ! Ca | husaatly seo tangy eeund, | EePebearaae ot we fyur Zt Gorie and Convinedpourslf that all sxe any about Them is perfectly come ¥
tal _roge, Carved settees, tall palms, | froma revolver butt, and Ciawell aad | the deaths of men like the late Me i object of te experiment was to show . “oy
god coatly, gold and silver oramentt his followers rithdrow, teft af io Cox, who bare laboured In ‘patience | Tronardo da Vinci (sixteenth eentury) nero enemy ' an

lecoral ¢ room 0 windows ars attle {ater Cross was left alone and suffered In silence, that tan- s : r
eurtained with lace, behind which ars | the room while his men went to secure | gible idea is tined "of tha herolem | Of & mere spurious imitation, One Fitce Only. Yalae Nowhere Like Halllard & Free Insurame, 14
heavy bisck velvet portiéres, conceatiog | « waggon fo take the gimbiiog material {of the little band which has been | One of the latesé uses to which al
everything from the street. away, While ha was alose the neges | woving towards the Haal solutiod of | X-rays bare beeu put by experts has = = 7

A larga painting of the Champs Ely: | servants entered. Some distracved his | the X-ray problem. been In the locatiod of & lesson of the . =: “ s

Long after he had been attacked by
the Insidious msiady, dermatitie, aad
koew that bis case would be hopeless,
Mr Cox continued his investigations
up to the last possible moment, Karly
in the present year his medical atten-
dant wrote to the ** Lancet”: “It was
my paloful experience to vislt Me Coz
three weeks after bie right arm bad
been amputated, and a more pitiable
case I have never witoeased
human being during my thirty-two
years’ profewional career” Mr Coz
carried out much of his research work
fu conjunction with Sir Hali-Kdwards,
who continues to practise, although he
has sacrificed both hands in the pur-
auit of hie calling

But such tragedtes In connection
with X-ray experitgente tnay be, hap-
py regardod as things of the past.

t is guod to koow thet never
gala will heroes of science be doomed
vo the agonies suffered by Me Vox and
many soother X-Ltay enthusiast.

Tu-day, the X-ray operation fs
evinparatively speasiag, an {nocucus
business. Everyone of the recognised

ettention whi'e others made off wl h
two roaletta wheels acd other things.
Cross then drew bia revolver and atood
guard over what was lef’.


Meanwhile, Georgs Cuttiog, one of
Cross’s depaties and a college trieod of
Ivios, tried toget back loto the clab-
house, but was arreslod acd charged
with assault,

No waggon appeared toSirry off bs
captured material, and croas remuped
Oa guard for several hourr, preventing
the negroes removiog anythiog eles,

policeman arrived witha warrant
and arrested Cross sieo and chargei hia
with asswult. After Cross waa rem ved
threw motor-cara mysteriously apposred
aleoat jattantly at thec ub. and wihta
half ao houe every trace of gimbhozg
had bee removed.

irvine attemp'ed to cip'are the motor:
cara by telegrapblog tothe neighdoar-
ing owns, but they got completely away
takiog allevideoceexcept what Cross
had etoffed lato his pockets.

atos bangy at one end of the room facing
the peintiog of a girl awakening to
womanhood at the other end,
‘Besaful hand-carved chaira were
"grouped roaed three roulette wheels, a
faro bank, and a hazard table. The
roulette wheels are marvele of inlaid
art wroughs with ivory, gold and ailver.
Aa Cross and the deputies entered
the ball the negro attendacts thought at
firet that they were guaste and be'd
out thelr hands to receive their bate,
bat the raidere drew revolvers, aod the
negroes fled back shoatlog.
patantly the scene changed. The
pleasure-scekers’ laoghter stopped, and
there was immediate silence ae the
startled gamblers looked into siz re.
¢volvers casd beard Cross sey, “In the
“avma ofthe law I arrest you. Tolsina
game og resort, There must be no
‘doting. You mea muirchto one side cl
the room: you women Hoe upon ths
other side,”
Whoa the women realised that the

the fact that deatit has occurred

live In dread of being buried alive.

nm auy

? which it bas

It has cu

skin disease tha:

moustacbes without the sligh

Bat there fs ons this
to be agreed upon, au:
absolute need
without which no person shoul

‘his is an idea which la

wore arreated they were seized with pinic | No such seoastion hae been kuowo in sxperla numbering, roughly, about ; mended itself to the late King, who,
fy ~ a tbls countey—works with ade- | while recogalsing the tremendous part
screamed, and begged to be allowed to | fashionable circles for years. Evory quate, If nut absolute, protection from | thet radiography, is bound tapley ia

etfort is being made to keep the names
secret when the case ia beard in eoart. When X-ray work waa seriously

_ Air. J. L. Hannan, the wile of a mll- | comnieaced Lhe ray tube was put into
fioasre shoe maoufacturer, who waa io | a box, or case, the sldes of which were
Athe Narragsnestt Clab whea it was made of euch material that the X-rays

eS ob, what wlll my busband ssy when the side rays of the X-ray tube.

heknows! Picase, let me leave," cried
one woman a ber koees, but Crosa was
adamant, aod Inesisted that all abould






Heads & Reins
Collars ,
Saddle Cloths.

Stirrup Leathers

Horse Brushes

Curry Combs


Surcingles Mane Combs
False Collars Whip Lashes
Martingales > Whip Thongs.

The Quality of MILLER’S HA


NESSis well known

peripheral nerves or in the spinal cord.

Then-a watter of mere Interest to
the lay mind—electrical testing enables
definitely determioed, This should
reassuring pews to the thousands who

It is well-known now that recurrent
cancer has been cured by X-ray treat-
ment after several dperations by the

hife, But there are other directions
roved of great ser
aclever nurse who
sutfered from cuch a repulsive form of
% she was onabie to
obtain employment, and it has esabled
many women to get rid of fon-fedged
fojury to thelr skin or complezion,

that all seem
that is the
‘or foaticuting a degree

allowed to practise with the X-rays,
T ely conse

connection with the medical sad sur:

19a) work of the future, remembered
ow often In the past the discoveries
ofaclence have been expidited by uns
qualified and unscrupulous persons.


Daudy Brushes|°


. . boee ot


Ex-President Roosevelt, who Is con-
fritating editer of The Outlook, wiltes

that journal an articte on the Juhoson-
Jeffries prize fight. It ts additioaslly
joteresting because Me. velit isa
boxer bienself, and ba¢ « strong belief fa
the moral acd physical valine of the

yy bave always been fond of boxing, he
writes, and have always believed fn it a8
a vigorous, mosnly me, oae of those
pastimes which have 8 distinct moral
and physical value, brosuse they en-
courage euch essential virtues <8 courage,
hardihood, eodarsace aod eell-.onuel,
Until within few years, I used to bex
a good deal mysell, aod wheo I was
young several times took part ia contests
ofa public cr sem!{-public nature gon
erally, LT am bouad go say, with il!


I think bozing isa sport which sboald
be encoursged amoog boys acd rg
men generally, I have beea glad to
help it 00 far aa Lcould is the ermy and
navy, (where, I believe, it bas beed ao
excellent thing for thé ebliated men.


When Iwas Police Commlssiover, I
was much struck by a statement mede
tome by Jacob Risto the effect that
the establishment of toxiog clube ia
many of the poorer districts had reaulted
fo good, in rather unexpected ways;
that ia, it bad not only gleen the vigor.
ous young fellows who otherwise woald
joig “gengs” a legitimate oatlet for
their activities, bus bed sleo warked!
reduced the number of sffrays in whic
the kaife was used, Theepisit prodaced
by the bosing had to'd sgainet knife
febtion, and cistloctly: discoureged co-
alr play,

Therefore, from every standpoict, I
believe fo the encouragenient of boxing
asasport. Noresorer, box!
fesalon bas ite
the men wheas (rieod hip and regerd
bave really valued Lroald nawea cum.
ber of professional bexere, inc'uding
several ting champions: The mea to
whem I refer 1 bave foucd pquare de-
cent mea, who showed thewaelves good
citizens when their good cltrenship was

ot PO ee


Societa Di Assicurazioni in“

Contigrees of igbods ,fnspted ‘under Poligi i
Insutanée Company are requ ated to no-ify and ie .
of any damage to goods or claims *uuder said Lolines, .* ,%


> Port-o-§ fn,

> Bth August,51910,, ’
oes mo



ey 4 . be
t vi
a }?


$2.10 per Barrel up. 9 vz
“Mubbuck’s White Zine.
@énuine Linseed Oil,

GH We Offer the above as usual $ |

Eeptember Uth, 1010

Coconut Plait
. toute _ #
“Wi ASIN TD: |
Up td ‘50,000 Piste
Not Exogepina 181N8, A

REBLY by letter only stating lowest price dolire

Addross ‘'B’ ,
4 In pars of Lort-of-Spain Gasctte Offa j

Lapproved of the movement which
ia New York State at the time that £
was Pulice Commisalooer resulted fa the
enactment ofa law permitting contests
between professlonal men, wader condi+
tion which were meant to safeguard
the sport ageloat bratality and the
Other evils which bave orerywbere
teculted sornge of tater Ja the -euppres
slon of the pricéring. I saw several
which tbe fokoas of the ieee Contes ta
ich the intess of the law w:
tt In good faith, Mt curled

Talocers’y trust th .
meot afil $y 0 roused sad nile mete
itself felt co sffectivelyas toguarant ¢
thet thia isthe leet priee Might to tabe
an ad oes Pihleg! tfc 4

method could be devised to sep ae

faneleioa of the moviog picturrs takes


Patlstan Quiniye Hale Toxte

beinge back to it
faded ox Taek Tovtee eine aaty

36c.. per bottles {
be bo ne the English



Bb Beps 1110


OE ne Radel

'UTCH Marvellous is the Bifeet of © 2°

. A CERTAIN CoRR FOR, On Your Polished Floors, |
HE . ;
a Matt i
Pa totter whee wou coon THE MASTER KEY OF ALL POLISHES.
nott, Lambie & Company

TRINID TRINIDAD, Tacapuce to the Ward of Tacartgay in the | | AS ASK FOR;

a e a
al LR yor TURIDAY, TH 1 | OR WEDNESDAY THE 281 ; He t Trio'dad the Firat thereof havi
a SAUD AY OF BEPTEWSER: 10, Victoria Institute |=+= + BEPTEMBER, 1910, "Taig feot ta leagth and rooniog from North
: Suenth and 110 feet in width rooning

PUBLIC NOTICE hereby ptyen that | from Hout to West and sbattiog onthe, S**8SO%% Oeawrclexa'se
ja exorcies cf the Power cf Fa'e cous | North vpoothe Public Read on aha South

furs ASSURANCE SOCIETY. pic nog aay ge eee | ecotog areamyey ie Goecen freyuanconema lect | LODO Old Tom Gin

Jn exercise of the prwer ef sdle con. Or 1484 contsinet loa certela Meworectum [on the Weat partly upon fends of Joho

i taloot ta « certain Derd of M f M. ze No. 69 da edthe Gh Ja'y | Eusiache Borke pytly cpon laods of Wile
ak the 10:8 day of March. 1909, rriaeee dated OE. ASSE b= 4 1908 re ated io William B'oave Hobart Hem Thomas part ly apoa lan f Wilheam ABSOLUTELY THE PUREST 6Pinit
= ous Systems of Insurance, | No 027. forthe yea: i909, and made be- von and Alexander Cockbara Hops, thera | Ham sod partly apon lande ot Lameq Le MADE + . .
© | tween Al phoore Aszeste of the one pert will be put up for asle by the uodersigned,| Diaoe, And a’ao all and Singular thatcer- ’
re aod Bemmy Elise Jacobse of the cther COMMENOES ON aphie Acction Mart, No. 90 Har is Irom: | teia plece or parcel, gt dnd el uste ac ALSO TRY THEIR
BLE Aswwuance voy pr mtaza payeble for whole of life, pitt, thee will be pat pp for wile by enade, Sin Fernando, on Wedaesday the Tovarene fo the s ard cf Tacarigus

ablig 4 b: 28th { Beptember, 1010, between the | eomprlefog alx lota or thereabouts sod 5
TAs o. foralimited number of yeu. | fit ginetion Bree tecslaned a“ Monda 19th Se f 1910 boure ol one sud wo pata. abualog oa the North opon lands of the
) A URANCHIAPasalee cata Gaxed date of 02 previcts dea b, Sackville and ft Vincent Biverte, Pneteofs D ° Furatly—All thes parol of land sitacte | Reventh Jey Adven ies’ Church on the
re t AVURANUE, —Payable to Ube sarvivor ot two porsore on the death Bpelo, on Twsiay, the 13th day Of Sep: | rene inn mm Hig the Ward of davans Urands Sou'h in | Routh apon lands of Mary Morria on the

* TRINIDAD azo TOBAGO. ‘i Eat Jaads of Charter Gaakl: d
NCE—Fa" table asacconty for temporary loave and kindred tember 1916, between the hours of ove Ta the Supreme Court, Gand eee artis shee | upan Inads-of tbe beire of Heatp Quee

0 Bal In the Matter of the Estate of acre: thves rods ana twenty sic berohes upwn Inde of the beire of Henry Queen WHICH TOGETHER WITH THEIR ’
~ — i ; b rnexed to she | and 6 West apon Jubties Xtrenc,
“To secure an annuity to tre wife on thedeath of the |. ine —Allond slagals og 8 prt contain Joseph Wore Chong, lave of Tortnce, fe Greve Grant ia Vol EXXNIEL, tlle 2p ese a i. H, LOVELAGE, GEImutT
v1 y tran, ‘
AS ENDOWMENT —Ueatnl ab a proviaton ferfedoeaticn, situate a Petite Curnenye, fa tha Werd of ef Trisidsd, Bropteepers and boundet og tbe Noth bya Reserve ctiog Depaty Registrar,

Bacta Ovus, a , forty Gve licks wide. along the Poot Herr,
aoe g St plethtoce ned abeuingas on ths Sou sod st by Crowo ” MAKES AN EXCELLENT
the North apoe land of Charles Btolloseyer, UBLIO NOTICE is boreby gives thet and onthe Weat tye a Roel reanrved ay TRINIDAD AND TUBAGO,
on the South wpon lends +f Repsey, on the Spplication bay bese made tome by | Jinks wide which sepsrates the lande here n the Supreme Oc uct a“ Pp OK U os
Bast upoc lands of ove Dard, and on the | Mary Wone Choog ot, Tortuge, in the by grapted f om lardso! Barole lo ia Matter of the Ewate of J -M E- P.
Went npon lands of one Feliz. . Word ot bar cate fo th ot faleod ef tan? ods ma! rat of bard rita’ Gotladah, sometinae aslied **Uubla”™ fate
econ dy A!) aad sin, bet certain + 0 * ie Ward of Say’ je Bou pe VOTED in the Wa ,
Be ot noofiasds a ar that Tn the | Admiolatration s+ the state of the abora- sforeasld comprislog fire sere end bound. of Perveverance V Lacein the Wad ct | SOLE AGENTS

Oha ja the Joland of Trisid-d,
ord of Montserrat, to the Island of pace! Soreplh Woeg Choog. deceseod. J od on the Nerih uh by ao ot tnaraing, on Tropilecot. a eon me

Trintdad, comprideg § arree more or ace of Torage aforesail, who died 09 £08 Hite goush by on the But by : .
aad ebatilog a the Norio wpon lands of | 19 b dey of Jens, 1910, ntesvate, puring Ieods felled for bs Dal rower and au prac NOTICE Is hereby givea that foodwille & Wilson Ltd
james Heary, on the Soa'h by the Ceparo | St the tine of bis desth, Gret Pater reserved fity lisks wide sod oa syplication bes besa wade to me by ‘
ee the troa lade of James | Sole se Tortaee aforessid, ths asld Mary | West by « Road rewtved Sity links wie Meeulsh et Perseverance Villige ta. thy
Bonaetary ‘aad oa the Weet upon lands | Wong Gboag boing the Jiwial widow and | and inters¢o od bys Koad se-erred Liley | (ard of Cheguenst la the Talend of Triat THE CALEDONIAN GROCERY,
of Ri rellot of th if linte wide (de'ineated fa the nian draws f dd, Whilow jor a ct of the | Aprill7th,
“aad ‘Thirdly, ~All and, slaxuter. thab Aod nesica #9 also given tbat if ro | oo Graotia Vou XOVL, follo 615 Wil bectiog dotetbe oth depot “Aogus

plece or parcel of land pituste fe | CAve't Is loaged before tha expiration Of | Tulrdiy—All ‘shat pa cel ef lead olinete | 145 of the abore-camed Uolledsh some:

the cortata pi tf Laveatitia, ta the Island of brenby-alghs deys from the date of tba "45 the Ward of Savana Uireade Boath ofure | tases called * Goble late uf Perseverance
woree and 8 perches | POblcation of thle potles the Court will» 5.1 eomprising tea acre: Swo-sonds and foressid d od.
ond abu sree te North the | Proceed bo iseas lotters of Adwinlstratloa 1 twenty tear verohes dalinested fn the dia Milsce al tt ad ctor who ded bt ee

Morvent Keta‘e, an the 80th epos lente ic tbe eald Mary Wong Chong accords | oa ancesed to the Crowe Great ia, Vou. me of his dewh a fed place ofs ode leat

MABLE TERM s8SURANCE.—The dargest insarence at the mialmum
fe niving the advantage of Jow premium dusiag the early yeas of

eis informetion p'eaa epply to


FRANOIS BROWNF—Agatt, Port-of-Spaia,
LW, BANYON & 0O,—San Fernando,

ead kt ne te


Bact Gvill, folio 277 and & usded o ‘ ald. ~ee
ot of one Cram oa the F eat toy the 6 Cay of sepa 1910, bys Reserve forty five licks eed Miadin inte Tbe ae eneenteht un vames aie ‘
lands of Cessmir, torethir with the ap- UOMeON. the DP ol Ei er, oa the rou b by a the esid WEL UBLIG NOTICE Is bored: b

perteonaces therata telooging. Hogttrers | setereed Bity hoks wide, onthe Foat wy @] AND NOTICE te al-o glren that if so P exercne of tLe prwer of aby given thet in ia 4
Deved of Avent. isto, Reserve forty Sve lobe wide slong the veat le lodged Lefove the expiration of | certain derd of morgage bearing date the are i
rigs Aah dGHN & OU. Poul Biver and by lacde pt owed tok bY + dweo yoright days frum the of the f dey of Much a socd recivered as No. 752 of the 4
Avotloncers, | GET . CLEAR OF | vorwsn and on the West ty a Revorve pub ication of thie novios, the Court will for thereat 1908 and made \

senna | Orly fre lioke widealoog the Pol R ver | cioceed tu love ia the avid Meenah pre- ween dumer't Oscar Diminique of the ove

' by lance of Amusing aid by Crowe land, toof the esd Will accordingly. past and bites Garde of the outer part thae

. “And Four bly ait tbat paseel of land | pated the 7tb day of Aura-*, 1010, will be Fut wp for erie Lefore the doors of tbe

TRINIDAD, Those Points sivaste in the Ward of Gavan Grande TA. THOMPCON, | Seniors Sgto beumnen tbe hourery std eee

HALE FOR WEDNESDAY THE gern South aforessid cumprislog one lot No. 4 9 op.

Hegiatror, All those Several @ of land onccs,
aan Village delineated ja tha d a pao eee omy

iad, ibe 35 acres

DAY OF BEV TEMBER 3910, paesued to the Urowa Orantin Vel, ORI, | TRINIDAD

folio 17, aod boucded ca the North 4 la the Buprewe ora ol Irlold = and

heowa as we * and
—— uf Ruad 66 feet wide, om the Bou ak

b ows a danas on ths Raab by Meyuco No, 1040 1907, eres Paes south oa ianas’s ay
: thea 60 jean lo twly of tbe crowe on tbe eax on of the
Lt ond siavena Pe Lo Nott Te See et : 8 Wat ae le atovecsorigage and the bene Jota doNobe' a Rlalats, gtral eutiars’ ibe vecood Pearce oa leat o

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; aay ferred ea Moctenzees by the Cooveysno fig of sli recurity fur ibep, ls pow gested ous quares hoowa as “ Fromnoat Lasd™
78 fhe en ing and Las law ff Properiy Ordiansoe 1834 es wa fs fel seca far ib ee ae Matis Corbie . alasuing oa the eorth oacrowe iaeds end Cha,
pees dated the 20h dey of Joly 1908, ay és Ieatella MeLlewick aod Soteale ‘Bast Audrow Oortle Delecdants, Weston the plantation “ Mea spouts tig
Kog'vterod aa Ne 2104 for tha year 10) Duiel is 2h dayorAvewts 1810 | puBLIC NOTICE to heraby piven shar | ieeisasceh res sesdet heed eat eee oa
, ~ the fort pert Jube Oceon of the esoad . P,P, PILKERING, iyen order ef Ula Voaour Ue Justice | decribed oa the south aod east on leads of on
° perband Atthar Whilem Stowe Wain Avodorser, [Rear mide bowels on the Wie dey uf | L/Abade end oe the weston lands of ace
Ste se AE OTT Bright of the third pars, there will be Taly 1010 bore Maill be pat op fOr ae et ne et Ee eng taleg 8 quarrees
SIN AND TORTGU, sp ehvdi shrdiston tha 22h dey of et Mey ove | yt ap for eata by the wrdersigaed at bie TRINIDAD, bef re be Foote of the Goart House ‘st , worth be sedsuoe of lately ci eoa¢ srigue
oy “or af the Baas of J mes “house: d gine as tred au en vel ig ab] attics N saris Promenade, {2 tb ta the Bopreme cone of Tcinfdel acd ot Soe! non Tburredey the 15th day of Rep. | Cony oon the woud 00 ibe hares e

Ser 1910 Levween the beure of ace asd
Bemauy Jo intiewou—Tortat Spal ve ep Birgulae the one uvdivided

No, 366 cf 1010, forrth pare or eharee! the defeodent An ecet laud

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a MeDosald yeas ie the a ot ot We mean the high Prices you pey for Betbus “0 Yo Plalotld deem Cnekle of pod a alt and aie alan the acd abuttaqnathe sorb on lands

paler opuyiasin the I sand of E¥ssbeib £ aes Defendant. end 6 Uesdoe Street fa thetown ot Port
jog Obs Quarres te aula maore oF jssboib Lasbh y—Defendent. : .
ard sbatie, op the Ni ¥ is hereby given that | o’-Spaiaia ibe Saland of Trinidad ond
Lalevargh Esta on ibe Bret eats P R I N TI N G pen WN aelot iis Houour, {Tbe Chief | abaciog os tbe North o Joy No. 16)
shee: can ya the Evi opoe the Jates wade berrig on tbe ¥4b day of Qusslorie Stree ve tbe ath epoe Uor
Orreplobams |i ood ‘os the] aad the quality you get da return, | Jove, 1910 tbero will be pat un fur cale | dou dtrest un the Kost upoo Charlonte

ina . ope Potloh Withas Consult ds and get clear,

town of Bin Eeracato. on W;

reg iiwtape Tie, teteece the Nobody likes them,

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“ hia death @ fred place of
Twa Bacto ete of the Town of | the aie al sali Towa of Porte [8pain
Caetcaease Me Hetand of Till | sheds to one ey Easel, Bredibew and

Javes Adotphas Jones belo the Eze

co ND eerie is esa & ivea thet If we
CE le a'ea given

YR AOTC pirea tat qrvest fo lodged before the espiratlue of

wat? Fave hes teen mode to me ty twentyeelsbs days fiom the date ef the

ana Bredshaw and Jemer | oabicatia of this netice the Court wilt

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Bae Ube Melee or old ed te be proceed ta anus probate of the aald wil

bod shutting On 1be Worth Gnd east ov leads of

Teprativgl acourdiogiy the said A, U, Vowlaxwe oa the south

| Brecterd co the ew ayoa Ne, 8 Gor

“£ARA bear fora gran’ of Bas befwe tbe doora ct the Coart ttuase. Port, | Btvest ald cp (as West aioa Ne. a | eee laa aod om te went jroo on lands of 008

a? arivg Cate tbe wa da Dated shia 8).b dey of July 1980, save and exorpetterstron: foge lute sold ofS ala on Theredsy the 20h day of | doo 4 uses 654 | Ohaterte togeber ‘win tbe
A aol * 7 tbe seid Juba Ocess be the boure of J} bulldiags on fo No, 6 Gatdon Biner, ie ved doy ot
petit, telat ote ciate o! bet roverace, | based thi Ub coyot seene tn, Pemberton’s Printery soda acu sltoUtrevacte va) Dae iblnded det ere 6 Deed ty . ae
of tbe * z + OMe J,
oa iy tay duiaed'st Talanded Assge D.poty Reglsitat, arctoawe, [Phone 690, 76 Quosn Street Ctate places cr pasate of lund elieate w King: Deptty Breguet Oieumel avi |
- “Swe oe . sO

errs” - .



: REESE maaan = — a BAN. = BALK Fon
j Ie THENIDAD, . we eo rsnay FUR TAURSDAY ont REP. ey
St, Crlophe s Anatel P arly) Imporléol Avnooncement, | Administrator General's ins tepren Coors of Tilided acd | SALE EOI iubstay Tog tie DAY BALS FUR TaUnepay, » Da oF,
“witb, HE BEtp At Tas —o— ’ 1 No 204 of i910, ove . ~— . FLIO Ronde 4
C3, Dita mess BLOme he '@ 204 of 19tD, P NOTICE Ja boreby alron bbat DLIG NOTICE Se hereby given thet tn tu ose .
PRINuk’s BUILBING | © seston sfain Road, Tunapuna, Sales, bL0: lathe matter of the atpiication ot pest vom the paverol sale cons | 4 eres tthe peeve of tats ootalned to and by wien oy nate:
-ON—= TLENSED Railif, Hoose & Coren-desion | TRINIDAD, doidad and | & Aed inthe Matter of teldet ts Ccertaia dred ob Mor gure Usted
Wuesdeay 11em Gous,| tA! tlhe and Dara Coleen Ip the Supreme Court ot Teoidat aw The Real troperty Onikdance No aw 3073 fey 1000 ead wade between we 03 ced made botween Paul A egua
ADMISSION t}- 7 “Gi Jon ph. Busta Cras furs mete BLIG NOTICE fs hereby gives (hab | Harry Howsrd Fowler of the fret pat jienis of ine fret part Lave Goda of the pected te
. fe Taprpane, Bt Jom pe. esta a for tent Ia the waster of UBLIG det Cee herons aise Jn. [ Hartint Fouay F wir of the ed part | part sed’ Jobe, ix Dearie Beilier or the } Repletras Chnerel Ma §
Dancing at 3.90 p.m. reshments The Adcalaiswates-Gere-al's Ord a bee, | icq Weight made herein om the 29.b diy [end The lane va neers | te Joraraese {bird part a tb a mrenzeed oduct of mortgage (ot Lents tor sire ‘
Pree. Trinity atring nd, nus cbse prot way, to, entertaia te Av jathe ee the Grods of tf Aequse 1010, asters rm conve tote Pas an yor eats by Patho Auctiva by 16 of mortgege bonring date the & 1 dey of March | rert acd Ads rae . ;
AELY erat oon eer AB | uy a ota THE ie iro | Wie Nee or hem Hl | Eade aie a a abe i | Retr yun Ate Mech Ueki rte | Sesere) oy oa pe
s “Flevelor! t f agbial or Ore, inte 8 Netle: ta th + Gasette a Provisiona! ’ 4 i
Reimees cea bisties ote Toile oo devas ema. er “eesbe S| ates Doeaed et late Conihoata ice, wit teleaet to 6 | Spiny on ‘Toeday ihe 18. Gby of OLN | Oe Moar aad" Hign turd hanes f tos | Seah 100.
Soles 10k hep 1010 6, Charlotte Strect. LL b ow Salers agat Ires lar & Co. in respect of that pareel © e «AMS iking pert and jure of mortgage of Prot q
. & the | bre p.m, of
wan meancor sliafEnce,, | Abe eenscetptants eee AE ei Geta | alt yo emovian an ene] atria obe |Se ea
a Btinn called *
Industrial * Krainin g Acad, 14lby 1910, ome, rerited Re atdatitt oe fr bake ated and with Oe ered un boandaries wits in the. Ward ee ateweerat fa tbs Bort Sela oe wToureday the ooh day of Oren ots the other ond
Thcefayhe 20 h day of Septem o tered in Vol XLV at Fol. [ Is'and of Triotdod sazether wi mem ber 19% 30 One as: 'e
tecrien. ShecAUR cut oo'cawolt Wen: | Sita Saededgotbe Mea ty tnt | Uaigpet ener tac eant ease [WARS mew bat wor paton soa | ee
3 5 relat
Trade Hyreariee, 2,000 Gretvon who bel sarsraty wink: | Goma toy by lendth Manae Otoreeg | tree cea se, ats A04 SUSUENS | bt Tce obey pecan | pened ea
vu ea °
N moniouion je” gro, Tray Bonudes| (FUR INVESTMENT ON QUOD CITY | teres" anh trie foe the" Cisoroce'at | ACONReY cana ef Manuel Ors, Of | erent oraind Speman Lt Tig | cng ana dprena aoa algo oe oa | adr et OM
fered by the oft rial Trains PROPERTY, Applications to 1410) rice op thele scully sod prove for Ibe] o¢ Joveph Morsn on the East by lands of | Booth @ un the [ndied Trail Publle Mond | So es Tes now os Lately on Agere Raniesy rable! ‘Ls Provide oe™ a

lng will be bela,’ looing at 9 g9ra.m, io | writing, plviog fall particaiare of secnrit

eR Cowal Cheniteey Gorriaenes Buitdieg, itered Cddrined teu Mlk, 5), Dace
on a4 "am

Ten ye ia ibe follows condi: donald Steeet.—Septea ber}, iis,


Puplis or ex-pupils of apy coll or
primey shod! who bare peat eolleks

whale debt. Jy, by lacde of Joreth Moran [on ths | eat noo fonds row or lately of | ona iacas cow or lately of (lemy Over on the | Ward of Turere, te tbe bs satan
Paymerte willbe made 01 Friday the Edwerd Ke etd Orvege aod by faode | Mibsb © onthe Wes upon lands aow cf | cas: og Jands cow oF latel; Mabe eald J. 48, | COM Fiore ieee: wet
ZI day of Peptember, 19:0, bo'warn the | of Mire, Maovel Ortegs aod on the Wet | lite y of Rayg-n and spc the fodien Trall | prartin and of the sald Henry Oliver acd on Pprebee and aby iby we
bunrsol tvon d thrée iu the afierroon. hy lacds of Cadomer, by lands cf Leon | Pablie Ros, whe ree rd ibereuf contatolng | ye West on lands mow or lately of the Crowe owe land, o> the
Dated thle 25th dey of Angnst, 1910, Apostini aod by lasdt of Menus! Ortegs, | tive sores, thice tudes ond thirteen per ¢ And The hecond Thereof sootalning y acres | Qrate River, on tbe
THOMAS f, POTTER, Date wbie7 b dey of Beptember 2910, ches snd atat ieg onthe North apon Los} morece lees deliosated on the plan aonezed tb 22, Brooks, and 08 the Wen ae


Tesident io the Coloay during tbe pest . Acting Adwluletrator-Geverel. . 2. A. STONE, No. 16, Carasat S2tlieneat op the Soa b .
Raped visas ste |Motal, Sand, Gravel, | ramman, meet Redes Unni | lias op yf eg don ofc ahi at
: as
Candiduies out be free from phate] arth, Mantere, de, §} ts the Sayreme Court of Tritied sod | oye . peau guwderl aad onthe, Weel spon Garoel, ia the wd eet
cal defect ia good bealth, wad Bot ao Tn ee ot SALE FOR TUCEDAY THE sora DAY | tay ol Berton ony Of Meaverds ate chard | Fontes sores cnt Rte, el
mnaet, fuera an a oer rr Micon UPPLIED to Contracto-s, Meuse ony. The Adeala‘w rater-Genszal’e Ordlasnoe, OF SEPT EMBER, A010. third thercof couteisicg three sora end ‘Road \§9 Toks wide sod abn tingtn the Korth wee
Aay oy ‘desirous of computing should |A2, S00: bre Pay ae apie | 280 a UBLIO NOLICE ts hereby given thas | thirty-two pxrches sod aburcing ops axolac tbat otber parcel of lend | Of laiely in the
sppiy ia wihlog to the of tbe Faltty FOr Feriher prego Bnocevear, | an, od the Matter of the Goods of ee catciee of tue Borer of tate con: | Now tyeu a irnde Lately of Noone seid yard of Turure, ¢Orprising | onthe Hunth epom
Seat aren ck | Tuber tt Abend TT” | Paice th etc ah ae naan | meee Mere Coe | are oti ae rd sem agen ot | Oa ect ae tan | te ane iw ct ta
ous So A et ripelbal of the in the Island of Trinidad.— Deceased ard contaloed lo“s certain dewd of Mort. {| ' sy of ove Tindes oF the aes ete abutting on the Nowth aad Fast on crore, ed on tha Woe ms
Aa Examination fee of Give shilliogs must Toteatate, gage dated the Avgust, 1007 ye ;: on Prade now of lataly of one H, Martin (cow Alesenter Miller} | And also atest
be pad by each candidate to the Becreta’ o — made between Mary Avo Henly, Hant'- est apo bh thereof sontaining fire 0a Crows lands and om the West | or},
or examiner pa of before the day of exaunde = AM ptroos barlog claims egaiust $h¢ Iton Healy, Augueia Henly, and Leslie | boon, the fort 1 biteoa eed s baht ja of James Sylvester Woods and oo pa
bation, “ atote estate are required to send 1a | Henly of the one part and Janes Arthor | *¢ three iro de an uh is “North ca ods aod intersected by the sald Uppar
The aubjectt of the examtonslon wil be Those Conveniently Situated to the nedertigned fall particalars of he Hex Sto'lmeyer of the other part ped perches aoe ely uk rent coiheroabh Ro fay reset ved 45
Dictation, tet-writiog, Composition, sare ver! affidavit on ot before at y for tb 1907
Arithmetic, and Drovings STORE- ROOKS Friday, the 30.b day of September, 1910, theve aed n pie aale ty A Oo epder= pon lirde now ur iataly of Karamnth oe Dated this 13th day of August 19 oy aod eee a Hod
Bursaries £5, £7. Loo, Lia ro, and Lrg after which date bo claim will be en | signed at their Auction Mart, No. 2, | te East apoo Ja [s DOW *e y of one re Sorr N, a nroe isode
feastle duuog ine frst, second, tied, tertalned * Beckville Street fothe Town of Purt-o1. | Haragheadon aad on lb Y het hal tes ane avi, Auctioneers, m eon ands jot Fernandes
fourth and Bit years of apprenticeship,will | ANI) COCOA DRYING HOUSE, | Crestiors who bold any security whateo- Spain on Tuomday the 20th day of Beptem- | Dow cr lately of William Harris, the at Spo ards of 1
be awarded ta the two boys obtaining the cena the value of thelr securit therest comprising twelve acsee .aad Piass aod spon the
Dighest marks Ia each examipation, pro ~AT— ever most asreca the value of thelr security | ber, 1910 between the,bows of.oce and “ and oa the Weat
sided they seleut sod take upttades 10 | TO, BS ClnmLotte Ess. Sa ayenrily. ae aiute lor nk ‘whole i what Meeausge of land situate at TRINIDAD, : spon leads of

which they can be sppreaticed tbe
Beard, Paymeot will be bs

tbe tist becoming due at the end of ibe
third complete monte following the frst
dsy of apprenticeship to a licensed depert-
foent, firm, or master, Such payment will
be dependent upon the conduct and

eress at bis crait of the bolder of the bur.
sary, and may be withbeld, o the


Atso-—- Etores suitable for Frovi-

sion or other Bus.ness
Biteate ab No, 1 thatotte Surct, Oppx
sitethe Railway Staiion,

eed, wen the quarter apo tol ake IMMEDIATE PUSSESSIUN, APPLY

t Remjewan upon lends
a lacs now or lately of
‘Soath ppon lands focmer]y

th: reapestive
few Towa {fa the Town of Pottorepala t et with vee ‘
in the ea! Ly fortwerly krown a@ No, Dated th: 23th ds} t
7a, Prolonzation of Picton Street but now | Chopeie on the — . yf
acwn se N10, Viton Steet soa abure (Uf HH Country. bus pow or latny of PURLIONOTIGH As hereby pleas that Fe Nt Om
Hing on $he North formerly wpoa No», La, | Ravald ov 1 ey jae wer co lacde now ta exercise of the Power cf Sale con- Gon,
19 snd 2 Prolongation of Picton Bizeet | 1s ely cf leste one ae prea talned io a certain deed of mortgage bear. | THINIUAD, ~
bat now 142, Picton Spice? on the South | OF lstely of Liga Press an fog date the 8th dayot Jane 1909 and | SALE FUR WEDNESDAY 1

formerly joa No. 17, Frolongation Piowon Bee ee see caret cantalalag | M48 between Joba A exeadet Piowden DAY OF SEPTEMAER. In

* Bayments willte madeon Today, the hereof,

4u day of We oder, 1910, Laween the
bonre of twoand thiee in the aft rnoo-,
Dated this Sth dev of September 3910,
Ao gs Aduiuistrator-Ger eral.



Us bt consi ; . . Court of Trinidad sad | Stucet of the ove ond Mary Lene Jefle-s of — |
fe neunactorye Jered by the Board to Gordon, Grant & Cv, in the Bop rome tobeg oa the Rand formerly upon No, 26, Pro- | seven seres three roode pod thirty-eiges the other tort tad regievcted mNe 2 65sef{ PUBLIC NOTICE is horety
DM HAHN, — | 81, Vivoent Builalog, Ta the Matter of longstion of Wonnford Street but now No, | perches aod alut’log epee the Niels oboe | 1509 chere will be put ap for sale by Pauite | fn exerciseo! the Power of teh
Acting Coauman, Acguvt 2sib— ln The Admibistzator-Genera’a O:dinance, 105, Woodford Street alee fo werly upou nde por or fate i. a . bow or lately of avctloa by tbe Basersigued a8 their Avo fon Morteagereby tbe
seth August, 1910, Na 35, Proloagation of Woodford Street Teelcekung we the ‘Hast upon lands now tlon Mart, Nec 2 Secksils in the | Law ef Propecty Ord ance the

dio the Matter of the Goods of vow No. 107, Woodford Street and on the M

Robert Heor Jateof the Ward of Couva | Weas apon Picton Street, or lately 9 Bandoa pad upos leads now oF pe duy of September 1910 besween the | gage No, 47, deed ube ‘7.6 D

in the Island of Tilntisd, Deoonsed | Datos this 6h day of September, 1910. ey ei vurlecip of Thores Harri che | oer of ope sod two pm, 1079, from Lavades 1¢

Totenare, LOUIS SOHN & Co, | leeds now of lavely of Thomes Harris All that plece ot parcel of tard (held | be pot upfor ale by tees
. Auotioneers, | fereath there { eont “ee ithe N wth wader a deed of Jewe dated the 20th dayiol | bw office No, 0s Hania

Girth acres and sbuitirg apon the Nort | sigs 1907—No, 13M for 1907 for 60 yours) | Wedueeday the 28.4 day of
upon Isnde now ieee roe latete at with the baildiogs thereon situate a% Be:- (1910, between the boure oft am:
ie nt Pon ante eee eran Leads | mont fo the Towa of Portol'Spaia ia tha | ALL thoes three parce aol lead
WE Ram Hertis oe ene eet eee yeat | Ielend of Tilnidad known as No 13 Broed- | the Ward of Xevens Uinede Mad
trea or ate Mt Rey a teen adge, wey measaring Ky fee is froak aod 100 Ieland “f Trinkded. the fine
oot in de| ol acalting on t oats BLD, 70 acres the onme:

eighib there f coataleing cos quacice of | oo Todeay on Cae South eee Rees | eed eke rer ae heme’

lend and abyttiog upon the N Qa lands .
uow or lately of Diba oo the Boab fforfalk erect on the Kass upon lot Nu. 11 | the Crowe Gract in Vol iE,

ZY * town of Port-of Spain, on WedocsJay the | teined in a certels Memurandon df


(Western suburb of Port-of-Spain)

Dr. J. Raloh Carrington,

Graduate College of Deotel Bar.
gery of New York, U.8.A. Huccom
sor to Dr. A, E. KNTEBROOKE,

Oomoen ,
Bar No, 4 Sackville street opposite

ALL persons having clalme agaloet the

above estate sie seqolred to send in
to the nadersigued salt particulars of the
geome serided by alhdavit ioa or before
Fillay the Suth day of September, 1910,
after wh'ch date po olsime will te eater:

Creditora who hold any security whatso

1a the Scpreme Coart of Trinidad and

No, 20 of 1910,
In the Matter of
The Hamb'e Petition of Joanita Estelle
Pawpelloons, Josefa Maria Pampel'onve,
Theresa Isidore Pampellone, Maria del

Those well known leads situate at Pera
' Viulage, St. Jamer, known as

‘Claronco Vaio,”
Cumprisiog 22 acres, 2 roode aad 23

ead quarter iches aod bounded as fa'lowa — ever mast easers the value of theirsecarity fy, 9 road d onthe Wee a cu nd bounded on the Ner:h by a
. orors Pampetlonoe and Loisite Jyoatin tatel tb ¢ pon ctber bow Unes
Police Head qaarters Now. pa Westorn Maia Koud to Diego aed p ove for the a Berence oF Rive ae Panipotionoe, infente wader the aga ot oe now or tate iy haat of Tate a mat ody ot Ee f a Rebinvoa sob sod ny nd det teroen Riches ae
Bcutd, on landaof J. G, B Slegert & Sons, thelr security aud prose fot the whole | 97 soars, by tbeic moiber and guardian fon the West upon lands now or lately of ae created by ath byl odecd Axtey. op

Mala Pampelloane, Thomas J[sri1a, and the nioth thereof con- ey ime nt crcl the Tricried Balige Ba Corp bad and othe Wass ty wa
an - oF talotog twa aad @ bull tots measaring 008 J ding and Loen As-oc'atha for aceasiog | Ev scree, Unies rooce aad Foy
In the Matter of Ordlounce Ns, 43, 29 T bondred and bweaty five! ot % oue buns the prsyment of she san ¢f 600 do'lare- the eame tore or leas, #8
Ordisance to feellitate che este of Ja: | dred fees and abutting on the Norts upon Devas thie 13.h day of Augnss 1910. Disgrem scnesed te ibe
fant's Property. jands cow cr lately of Cosrnanend wpoa WOUIS JOHN & CO in vor, carvilt fo 62 aud

rt Jods now or lately of Gangee on the
puaue NOTICE fs hereby given that } south pou lend ow or ately of Boodhos Aocctloseers, North Ded tnt tpt

a Petition hus beea proseuted to the fod ibe Kast spou ths Jadiso Treil Pable

Court uo er the Ordinance No. 43 of the | Road aud on the West opon lands of Ubare the Evtty Crows
TRINIDAD, Revised Lawe of Trinided acd Tobsgo, | man, aod opoa Iinis Dow or lately cf BALE PREPTANBLA ioe Rare He At dibaos and ba
There Isa 20a wall build on the sca

SaLs FUR THURSDAY THE “ISH | eout'ol ¢ * As Ordianoce MRelatioy to tbe Gaogee. — foped 2 by Getwdhee a
{roategeand amsgaitcent axd commodio * DAY OF SEPIEMBER, 1910, Bale of Ipfent's Ratate.” by Jasvlts Es elle | 45 all and Slogular the several pareele CE bene oe od fe vn
dwelling house & the preperty ta which ° L UBLICNoTIC! paberaty ven thet r Eeoarred 00

on Vampetlonns, Jovefa Maria Pam etionue, | ot’ iand alvaate ad Lodia Trell ia the Ward ie ,
the owner ap preseot rerio, This pro- ] PUBLIC NOTIOG ia beraty given that | Theres Isidore Pampellonne, Marie del Jct Montserrat iu the Idend of Trioidad I fn a deed of mortgugerdated S0rh ent ie ee ones pea eine
perty Ie toast conveniently pimaced mere in exe cise ot the Power a 8 tar ean gave and pega sdfolatng ibe, Coco» Flantatloa taled | Jase 1908 and mase between Nibrajasateo | movers te eand cellrested ta ce iamaee
a t in Ow O-zfala dC ol 8 a. ci a ni mate .
Hed choy froatagsoa the \ cages Mato tha gd dey ot Janaery, 100 tteived adian Treti” and evluvated ap te Fcalled Narlney aad Beleay of the ove part | annexed 10 ibe Crows s

eare, by thelr mother and gusrdian Mails | aped og ore with the 8 id Plantetion
The propery can be iospecied at any tine | the othes of the Kegretrar Geverel as No, ‘emmpelionne, praying foe weale uf alani | <7 diag Treil™ tte Beet ota contal o sod Charles Ciarenoe Sooteca of theo her | { 65 and boos ded en the He
on application to the undersigned who is | 1032 of 1910 made bxtween Amelie Maric

sirgulag that certaia meseusge and lend | tog two lots messuring one bucdred fect at op for asle b able | reverved furryefive ake WHa-e ‘
shi wnnetc tyro | Rao Ataro yt Gh ona | ap I tas aac | trashy Non eect eat | Redes refute he ee | rene es ie
u atria fipe-toc Grabs f . . 'e t
° cune T. M, PRIZGAR, So'lejtor, | eto nd pare and Bt Louis ‘Avsil Proprietor: | 83, &t, Vincent Strost, ud abutting on ibe ed Kast pon acct of Sectetee sean Soe ted 2 emt between the boure of f th= West w lands of pmearae @
of No 23, St Vinceut 5 4, Vorteut-Bpals, | of the shied part, there wil be pat op fur | North oa No, 84, ot, Viscens Suect, om | the West upou a Kow!, The seound there: | AIL that patos! of fend rituste fe Di Dated sie y
Sale ly Public Auctioa by the uodersigoe¢ | be Booth on It No. 80, he Vincent St. | of coutainwy fies sccer, three toode and | mord Resd, Lingua Vitage ia tb . a bt a Pt
——~--—-— | at their Auction Mart, No, 12, St, Viccend | on the Eset upon lot No. 99, Atorcrom>y | thirieen ange h If perches sod absulos | bavane Grande Boath is the Dlaad of
Suet in the Town of Portof Bpsla oo | Street, aod cathe Wees upua vt, Vinceat fon th North upon laade of Presa on the | Tresided ‘coset tm tb e No
. @ Thursday the }5cb day of Saptember, 1910 | Street, And the ssid petition will be} moth ppon lauds cf Edward Jobe oa the ard abattleg on te, N txi9¢8 eos an ep
TBA UDO, Sool Gt GOD) * sie as tece LIME seu or yubbentates kas inal | on ses ese chemntaet ote ae ne act oy dc ates [ante ron, nape
RProermtsjr tel of Iand pow koown as No, it, 1039 o'clork ta the forenoon sod ary tied vereot. ceatauibg tl arenes Bundia on the East on land of Me DAY OF COrUBsR,
BLIC NOTICE te hereby show’

ct i whatbor Interested or sovia th Douald sad on the Weet on land of A>
Atlas Assurance Company Limited Frater Lane sitaate at Belmont inte Pid mersaage and land msy apply tothe sbatting spon tbe Norta on ivands of Ame

East, on ands formeriy.uf Dr. OG. M, B.

Farsem, but now of J, Heodsavo,
Weot, on lands cf Lord Dendonad,

The who'e of the Jatd is laid out ip
besotiial tuildiog lote with well formed
streate throcgbout, almoat the entire pice
perty te ia the occupation of moothly
teosots (save and ercept, 7 or & lute) upon
which fe built ,several seat suburborn


Peymente will be mide o. Monday the
3rd ay ot October, 1910, between the
hours of two and three in the alierncos,

Dated this 8tb day sf September, 1910,

Actiog Admiautra'or-Geceral,


Joly 171, 1910,


Theoldeal Disinfectant


FIRE RISKS on all kinds'$st Pro

bald or Ambaloo on the South a 0% lands | ai ae Hatha Toei tthe Wns pr

juldad h frontege of 64 feet and a | Uours by s.orloa for leave 00 ard io f- in exeoueol be power
perties accepted by Now prepared to accep) Huke apt 1 83 feet vod abu ion oa tbe Norsb opposition to or Ja sopport of the sald Fortis Med “oa the Wert roa be : porches and sbeung, three roods aud eight | fe-red upon Morea e Livi
The North British & Mercantile agetone Fire resuling trow Barth: ca lavda cftte heirs ef Joho Black on the | petitions m oopy of the said patitlua my f Dicauo (save end exceptiwo ands hell pe Som the North ow the | ti-g and Low ope ty

qaske, Kiot sod Civii Commotion, huatb on w Roadoa the East on lands of fonjected 09 application to Mr. Fee fits sold t» Lillo, on Ct Croix rosd oo the Buuth aod Wess | 72 ond eontale das [
. ¢ quarterof a quarres | on land uf Jemee Makh: dad of Mortgega dated the
Marine Insurance Company Ltd | Veier Aythure K-arey sod ca tbe West on inne poe Pont Spee No fh rhe sold to Jule Savuel, one ball of aqast 06 | o5 the East on land of Jevernenn wed Nor. Sterne eo Fear Out s


letds of AlLert Gregoria = 14 to Duubas acd one J sold Lo Edward

——0 Dated thie 24 b dey of Aagont, 1910, the Petitioners, Gloate:), Dated tua 13-buday of Je'y 1010. ° | hnoderd ond seven {rogl a
ewtmmiienes sc0u | COVEENMENT —AUOTIONEES, Govvnca anewecy | MURTANE SRR nO | Porn ay eeemee to | a sat wens os cae | eens EE
° . lier Fe J tLe sald the rf. cr . Jes Beddoo of (be ocher prem
Total Funds at 81st Decombor, Eatablisned 1666, | Bept, aut = 31 EonEeOF for Petitioners, Government asctionces, | within (he off bearing ate ee eee eee en Memoranda
YO08 sesserceoreeep£19,875.357 0 Ol woke Mgpextss ARSHAL® OFTic¥, Sens I dated the anne aaraeit dey

TRINIDAD, TRINTDA! b Bepumber, 1910,

Total Rovenue for year 1909 1 : SALE YON WEUNESDAY Ti §
(Tharles Heldseick Phampagug Ja" ros weowespay sue rzru | SALE YON WEUNESDAY, THR Cru |e be Eoprome coat ef Tllied tod

44,405,806 7 10

The etryng position held by the Com

pavy as set forth by the above tigares

should appetl loall those who desire sale


Bole tt for Fir Department
Aen! ja Trip per

vhs Trinidad Ehipping & Tradin
Pe & Beading

MARINE INSURANCX effected on Cargo
Bpecle, (Gold “pean te and Hegistered

or =..oC.

oes ove ore 000
BEBEBVE om sete Exon oon

fa the year ore thous
TRINIDAD, Reven Fe mete by the estd Jame
BALE FOR TUESDAY THEISTH DAY | Bedéoe Jo favour of the rand
OF OCTUBER I910, + Laeret!o G-rdon there wilt ‘
-~_ asle by Pubic Auction o¢
Mort of the undereigued at Mowbet.

Vincest Btreet ia ee tenn 7.

UBLIO NOTICE fa tered: — 0aRo,
Reolma r jo eee of the "hoveenttece thet pusio NOTICE is beraby giveo, that wean parisdvetion, Port-of-Spato.
By [Moya] Wasrant to H M Sieg
Howaso Vil

fo red un Mortgpegees by the Co vryabe io exercise of the Power of Sale orn.
clug avd Law cf Mroret y Oeinevoe 8 4, | ferred on Mcrigazoes by the Conversocin;
and contained faa certo deed of Mors. | 804 Law of Properly Ordinance, 1884 an.
page dated tbe 7th day of Jnre 1907 wade | fOstsined Je @ corisin Memorendum cf
Bersedu Daowoarayau Mabiref and f Mortgege, No. 110 dated the 2ad June,
feild c£L0e ope par. and Hagwaneing of | 1909 trom Gabriel David te Jobo James
the ober pertaed regisiered ss No [617 | NeLeod, there will be pus up tor Bue ty
ct the seer 190; aod also contained fg | the Badersigded as bls Auo'iod Mart, No,
Momorandem of Mortge.e No, 146 dated Os Larrie Promenade, Bas Fernanda on
the esld Th dey of June 1907 from | Wedneday the Sth dey of Octoder, 1910,
the add Wsownerayen Moharej to the | berween the buure of oo aod two pam,
fed Bagwaetaugh thee will be pet 3p All that parcel of land situate io the
joe Kale by tbe nodereigved, 06 bie Otilce, | Wetd of Oropsache comprising pine acres,
No 01, Hattis Fronsoade, Sin Ferzendo | bree reods, and slztees perches, delice
on Wedoreday theldh dey of Uotober, | Se im the dlegrem abarxed ty the Crown
1010 between tle bears of one and two | Gract to the cpid Gabriel David in Vo ame

ym X1f folie 623, and boonded cn the North
FIRSTLY ALL that Mrssuege aod par. | $Y Crowa Lend, aod by lasds of Jeremlas
eel of Jend Kuowa ae Now 10 and 12 of

2, Anioloe, on the Bouth aud Wess by
Prince Albert Street South In the Town of f Crows Laod and on the E st by the

Jo the matter of
Hotert Lewis

OTICE je barely ghrory th
a here ven, that there wil
N Ve pot ep ioe dale atthe Broenare
Atctlon Malt, No, 34, St, Vincent Suces,
Port-of Spain oo Sstordsy the 24h Bep-
tember, 1910 at Jo'chck oom 5
The sight title aud leterest of the Defen-
dent ia & wouden tenement covered
‘with galvanized frog standing om lards
st Lerd Duococald at Bey Sireet, St.
levigd wren in the shove matter,

2 Depaty Marsba',

UBLC NOTICE ts hereby given th
f ezercon ol the power sprate coated Hein en Thared on.
fo a pertain fea " 108 te Re dated the October, 1010 between jbo '

«y of Jn letered as Nu, | and two pm.

2165 for 100d and made tetweee Edmera | ALL AND BINGULAS tat
Willlaea Falby of the one part and The | percel of lasd ané 6 i
Manalectarera Life lowararce Gompeny cf in the word of Mf ae a
the otber part, thera will be pat up for | Trlolded krowe os int ®
ssle by poblic anction ly the padersigned’! arclon OC, Marssavia pf
at their Auction Mert No 14 A>, Viecoat | taicl g aiztece aves aud obs) s
Sweet, in tbe Towa of Pore of- psiay oa | North apor the Pablo win
Taredey the 18h dey cf October 1910, ' Bpom the Le Branchs

ween the hosra of ove and two pa, apcalodfumbar twenty sow eH ‘
ALL AXD BINGULAR that certain perce! of oorapation of Lose of OS
lend of coove piaptation caled “Moy spon lot pustey el biwm ‘
Repos” in the Valiey cf Arijo fa the Sectiva C, now or betel a he ee
Ward of Arima comprblng Thies bardnd tf J. W, Musregee 1 eons a

of Bae ST

snd (wentsseven sciee Two roode ond oF p ruil of end on

A lLetters’ be sddressed to the frm
KOOMB, 168 Vinsent Reeeat

ae ee

Home Indasirles Association,


are served daly} from 039 am consist
ing of Bacoa Eggs, Seussges, (rab

Hecke, Savory Ormelsttes, Pastelivs 2 Voraane Qairam Rod. —_ Twenty pechea and ebourdieg on the fa (he ea
Apente—THE TRINIDAD BHIP Biles a werk. ¢é Zor Sanden ane Saree twa, bate, aed Dated this 3rd dey of Reptenster, 1010, “ RE " Nota epon he Aripo Hiver and wk) .& ing ten acre he bares 1h
PING 4 OBADING Oo Ltn — Altvert Brees uo the Bouth by No, 8 of Pe, PICKERING, TREAT, Gama ze @ 0 the Houihand Fant by lew colin stad te the ri io te 4
TEA la Served oti! £30 pm Priroa A Lares reat on the Kast by Prisce ‘Ate'toeer, . Grows Land sod om the West ty ite ie Bil ard soaring on tle B®
Allert Servet bouth and cu tbe Wee by | ,,1b8 shore mentioned Mortgages vow | Paseage Ioad. Bridgetown, | Ailua! iver atso that Mewnage ond load folo 312 aid sbatllee ee 00,
B Radi cies Ale tae [Mite sna Aneta Barbados, Wedind tp gengrter wep

AND BETONDLY ALL thst parcel of
aad compt at : Fo ty etzbb aves altaste
ja ibe Ward of Wut Nepetma Wet io
the I laud of Tiludd d d= fuested fa tbe
diegram nerexed tothe Crowa Oract 19
thecsid De vensrayan Mabe} regis ered
Sprctal yeeatioa te Bow belog 1 devoted Bue EES rely Bs sed ste ti on
a ekoopieg ta 6 branches, ye £866 Fe abe

Students enrolling betecen ible aod pide, bey trpsate these laos barsty
the ced cf the moots, will bare tbe ad | fveiuad Joa lads fel choed tr by
TYPEWRITING F pele couse fa | othe South nod Eset by Crowe Lipd end

Apply to the Chiet Assistant, Mra, wee ie Ly a Roa! Jt ferred F sty
u RE Hancoce, cr tothe Mewerer, aves Cotte Sop. the appartans

ising HolfsLot portef No, 13 Wor dford tooth,
se t 7 Ww woth aod on the Ba oe?
Lara tus Renprace or pu, Tos, ! ond opatuine, Coo ike Monk bp nent file ctibe On we ved

Bowsx, Urcsatrn Woodford W reso on the Boni by Ne, 1g soe a Rad reaved Shy Eat,

‘ Woodtord Sireas ow the Kort by No gt Tr gether with tbe sppu:

z . N Cip land i he A
NIVERSITY OF BRISTOL, | Conuan tern if, Or keted g, Bed: Whodtadgrpeeeys SEE OF the Woat by | Ber eet, pitch te

the 6. dey of March, 1910,
Una OF ARTS. SCIENCE, | ord Sivan’ R 2 Deed this Fit day of Bestoober 1910, tbe guar of cue Dod i, we
. . . Orme Bi der Ope rool 5 wilh . 7 Fine Ler ‘ . *
I iege boo nd Soraten
pogdfQICME and ENOWEERING ES sai titittegcs ot: om Naar i —
Direcr Susan " tendieg om alouts sores of laod, wi)
tho Wise te Togte bea iene petted two Teonia Courts, eribide, and igen

Partioula rive '
quetitytow for t eer Dp ibe conicala Vor partsealars please ay ply 3


t Sor particulars, Apply to





ee eer enereesmmemneny

v 76 Fourit Quay, 4.7K, CUMMING Dated th tar dey a september, 1010, [LARTER Keene’ frum JANES 1A BANDEREON, fy, | Lainc’s white caRsotic T's
Whose 209, 3, Devdooald By (8) Ps PUKERING Uuivussite o7'D "Odes bas ha 35, TOUTH powben parr eies
1b orded, dosh Acgust, 3910, 1 * ; oF Dauror, Exchaxp, Brégeiows, Barbed 12 ets, and 2¢ ete, thos Somes
= . Avsileneny 9 dopa Ange bbelmweweta BNaLIstr puauacy-Veesurintusy
‘e an -—_, 7 |
fa 3


Si? DEALT. | KORBALE- OR RENT, | Hating Sette erates | Famous Lions of the Feet, | AUCTIONSALES|R pa § p fu Bra) tall
‘Cot we an ae om a

TO eine Dee a icine nese tbe lower patt oe a ahop. ‘There are & PREDECESSORS OF CRUISER
Benin Raat newer bete | Guia amet ite | | SAUNCIEED WARD PRICE & CO ..,.,for: Sauer: Bora, PROM LONDON!
Beek galleries, try etc, lea bre , og . = : | “MAGADLENA” uw. 1.2 10th Beptr, N

9 room. erage Ned. } Arply t4 Na, 118 Dake Brest, 15TH DARADNOVOHT, M
eenie Webta tnroaphowt, STermediate | so—ememnenceremaom ———— “CLYDE* Va Sed October

Do, UC. Darcant & Co, 48 Marine
uare, of 127 Chariotie Street—Sept.

OUsE TO LET—No. 35 New Sucet,
H neer Savannah, with Electric Hab,
aa every convenience, Rent 23 dollars

e wont, Apply to Ararnaxs LTD,
0 Biores,=0/0710,—1w,
RENT Store aod Oliice, No, 3
Broadway, wonder the Ruyal Yateh
Mall Company's Oficee~Fise sltnation.


arr eerensanensnneaneneataeea aR —
F Sal ‘The ottleship-crulser Tdon, which | Aucttoneers, Valuers, Detate Agents] ™ ATRATO™ 11. 17th October
ForSaloor Ront| 1 Taunchedae Dotson by vie and Accountants, TEAGUE ia cm But Onte
OR RENT UR SALE-New ond com: | Countess Clifden, Ie the Hfteenth of | ES WK mwRuse merrammes |“ MAGDALENA® Wn ove.
modious bailing at Tatepasa oppo: the capital ships. Munched for the FORT.OFAPAIN, BW,L C 1 tH
titethe Railway etulon, Guet up ase Beittsls 0 ead ee ere any © bE FOLULE juAN wa Naxt Sailings for Pto. Colombls
See eee arene ore aster pericgtens maintaine a famous tradition tn the T Price & Co. bece received Inuee Carthagena, Colon, Jamalca &



Fleet, for there was # Lion afloat 400 | (tone to sal! 3 lots of land wih shop-boare Hew Tors.
ey eau Beene _ The “See laid down ou November t “ ad" ene Peace tng bones de fauuss ~ ob Bertewter .
om! = OR BALE AGeiiegs og end one barrack, Low price to ant eTAQu ope ember
I No. 8 Borde Busects wa poly to Louis 29 last year, and Ja to be completed | jnivediate pareheser. For farther pat- | The above steamers will work is atrict ALSO

intwo yeare from that date, Ger- 7
milan Salat te" aorge 4¢ | YEnm © Grr angannro = etile | many pecan Breatocusits latched | ie Ke eur Gua Seenadoy at | emis ee . 500 Barrels
wi pe teek. Ang. 15 6 w ree more Ake ie water P. & 10: ’
esore, ote. For farther patticulart, SpPly | on RENT=Oottage Na, Sh Domont | before the end. of the’ your,” The | SARE PCe & Od, Fout-of Spein~ 10:4 Excursions to England
ta W. Srepwan Abou, 64, Booth 6.dhr Toed=yery coovouicnt for Present state of the two fleets Is as 7) 0 PARTIVS FURNISUING oMewn “ a"
iat = soar the sb Uovoder, No, family—Moderate foot chlowai~ COMPLETED, J Was Prick & Co have received for IN 1910, x - | }
315s, Vincenr Street. Apply on the A Donkey Box Cart In good UBRITISIL GERMAN, ssle from pricale residences eve! a0 . ’
premises, F OB eA eneo reatenable offer will Le | Dreadoought Nassau Household Turnitin jeetadiog, slogie SPECI AL REDUCTION |
RO RENT—Cottage No, 8” Albion refpsed, Apply to Waterman the Hatter, | Invincible Weatfalen ant , jovbe Mh nee w er dies an LASS * tad
Poe nearMavansab, sontalsiog thies | © othier and OatAster, 15, Frederick Bt, | Inflexible Rhelnland pales presser, dining room aulves, Piato- OF FIRST C FARES, * INVICT.Y
Dedroums, drawing, dinlog, aad frone gel: | 4 ooaty 3p 1m, Indomitable Posen forte, dining tables, washstande, sideboard ome Ome a 4
a are Coneaniences, Ateo | A2ea# Nellerophon Von der Tann corptte, velrigerator, 2 Typewruers (You: | RETURN FARE FROMTRINIDAD TO] 227 ad
$y) aod 6) Alinde Buel, solabe] >a aeae Temeraire acd Remington) a-d o her effecia, all ta SOUTHAMPTON £20,
~ for's Soall tan, ‘Apply to A. Vo BMOXTe _ WANTED. Superb gool condition and cheap for csah—on

RICUARD, The Oriccnen, 84 Frederick
Brreet —6ib Boyt 1910,
rok KENTA Oviiage, miaste at No

to Trloited Government Finating lock LAUNCHED, tate a Caurn, |\Ghaguanas, Cunis steamers leaving Trinidad on the fol- ‘
168 Hranco Lane, cvotaing froot, gel and Workshop, Richmond Street—3 fos, | Neptune Hielgoland pia, santa Crus, bangre Grande, lawing dates only t . "OS
1257" oon iaing room, pantry, bitcheas | —10th Bept, Jodefatigable Ghurigen a reures ac. és one Ruvt ye ra atatece ta obth yer 1910 1th Bepte, 1910
‘ d servants yoom, Also ANTED=We waus toappoiat a re | 6 olosens stiniesian G ropos the sou " o,
crip pemetcanceie | WW qrembeimnen aatrmniadic| {cee a a emeries | ie Baal goo . vee
le fartter particalars, eppy | trick as an agent for our beautify’ is : ’ : z
anew ARD GREAVES, 0, 27 Bt Vinost } Goode, Bpleadid inducements fo right} 9. oN Tae ere. fetmd Aactioncere & Esteve Agents, 68 Menne ih November " oe
Brrect.—dept 6h—1w, pariies. Nor partica’ars write to tbe Colo. Me on h yreatt fieimdall a Soren PES opt. a lWe These Tickels will only be avaitables or BR. a. ES Ez A. za © % “
OK REN T~-Fally Forowshed—Lbesiver | olst Agency, GU P.ceadiily, Vort of Spain’ Thesis [eats Hecebran M RU FRICE & CO. have | eres fourvey tron Eogland pee de
SIpSu te ee cete | \rariat-ooorymarcow. |e, Ema aie” |x culcntiutn dais ts |uceoe’ aaron td OTLB ANT) CIGARE
bias oleg to Bao = AT * ‘Bouthampto
Baste tues lovely. wat storey buildiog with very young gulf, Kiate price | Princes Koyal Feats Aegir poothiy. Particulars feer trom the Ane. ah Ontober 1810) 25ed November 1910 Vv
known ss‘ Fera Villa? with all accom | aod qusslity of milk to “8."—DPort-of | cotowat I Crates vn aie Agency Oficos, 6 Merion | “gen Nov, ye [Jib December’ = A bs tl
maodation for a family. Tghiy recou-| Spain Gasctle —Augnst 14th 1910 Australia Square, 2lat December.” davasecns GOLD MEDALS of ths highodt awards whereves
tended by those who bave lived there Wanted dato Now Zealand URTUAGE 3—~Meesre WARD PRIGE Posrongere are requested to note thet thiblted, |The oaly CIGABS and CIGARETIES awarded a
lately, Stable and Carriage House eto., anteada NCCI To ships bearing the name of Lion & (0, have several soms of mosey | the pericd for which ibeoe tickets areavell. | thé Jem“ca International Exhibition, 1801
& boar drive from the city, 10 alames were taken from the Hcotein the ex: tot : Maca

Hea Jasco Keuway Sietion in " .
giive, rcien ot Hocceand Fiowes, Tass [Uesoence fo shber Queen's Park | teenth century, whtn Scotland was

tare, iver sucolog turoogh ihe ice year, ab a monshly restal, engagement fo which t

to lenting can apply to Cauas. J. DECLE,

Anyvne desirous of fnspro

46 MaloeSquare, session 12 b lovtau
« Zl.

St . ne amxeras LA TROPIOAL:
Bosom tenon Sec FOR SALE OR RENT) ve tare det OR vase] NOTICE a panene

tesapbiy occupied by Meesrs L, F. Aas _ tines ed

Pardes Som wich are ores ar7€ eho Cottage No. 69 St Viacent St, | ot vonttgets 11, tant. Weelem

Birticulare apply to J, H. Anwine, 18

arlotee Street. ~Septemter I —lw, t £ sigoed, to whom, all outatendiog accounts
nee nm deawivg room with front gallerg,| Thomas Noward, at the defeat of the tepsid, The busin il

NIORE 10 LEX,—No, 10 Hrosawsy, teb |} Armada, She was of 500 ton: built i mort be p @ Soslnees will continous Real Fastate and Assurance Broher,
a Tyo st Joana wish we gunentenc IN house aad servants rorm. Paotrys val 1582, and carried the following strange tg be carried ou wader the name of IL. 0, Valuer and General Com , Br olle By Toasts

Pply ko . sounding armament ¢ Miss Florencia Gasman hes been s m in Agen:
or J. Caxninatos, No. 3 Su Jucyh Four demf-cannon Nine sak 2 2 sp. stly
Hosd—tept. Ln." SEWEFACE INSTALLID Lightculverins —— Exght fowlers | Powe mannkts, Of tbe tome, and bebes} iy Sreynexes ny 20 IR, Porfect y Heals wash er
{FOR RENY=A ccnall Cotegeatbacket | py... Apply to Fourteen dem!- Sixteen fowler | sud enaeeticane $e ay ato, all contract a o ——o and sd troos aulce ue ont cat
i ss, ‘Settcom, dialog ibome Lickers JM, REID, | rhe wetght of thechot fred rapes | bebelt NO. 24 ST. VINCENT STRRET| | SoDssntrated °

uaed te, ang, Ofte Marine Square, ied from Ul ifib.,
bab, &e., nice yard encl No. Be Mark st, A The above will be aold on easy terms. | Streciies apge wares ‘about! Soe sie | Anse

Rent modeiate, Apply at

Seaman pene | ROR SALE | ease ecreies at|— | aero Wk
maderite’s Whe doo Hal tel Fv Guy victORIA” Ht rebuilt In 10.8 | Bisteen your later a REVOLVER STOUT 1710, Bl-Centenary 4910,} | Blue Flame OIL cooK STOVE
Senses & bo te tee be Perea} Hi VICTORIA HORSE AND Portuguese squadron {in the Eat or TUE

#0 af to soocpmodate two parca. Kea

moderates A to the Trostecs of LL in perfect order. Alto a CON. | _A,*trong boarding party got on board
Watker, Mz. C.F rr WILLIAM or to Mr if A u ub Ff
J. Dasvzy, Park sireet. August 13 u—- F seat aloo in perfect order, Haviog a0 far.


bt. Ann's lately occopled by iJ.

te Bag. Formeriy ty Mejor A, N,
Bowen, & bedroom, drawing wal disivg
Fooms and front galery—Telephoue enw
water service inetaLed, neual out viva
Apply to M, Hamel-Nolib, Joe, Boticuor,

luv Queen atreet, Portol-Spato, Angus
3ith law.


Vaay FUR BALE,—Rmumb'e Maggy,

roomy aod ouwwfortable, amd io
evndition, fur sale cheep. THE ENGLISH
redertck bureet —

Bept. Ba }m.

OR BALE ON _RENT—Those ccw-

eer TWotee sitaateas Canals j Deet whh xn bargelo. Apply tol, I,

bt. Vincent
ANTED AT ONCE ~3 Iron Tarts} Collingwoods
ers, 6 Good Shipwrights. Apply | Vanguard

sab. ae
view at the Auction and Estate Uifice, | Fires Clase Retora Tickets ab the stove W S' | HD M AN ARC
85 Marine Fquee—Srp. li—iw, , abtractive rates will be Israed t °

a Che >

t 1 0 DE bULD—Aittractive Cocoa Es. aertioa with the Company's Mall

from $1,000 to lead on approved Cocoa and sbie will Qigara and Olgarettes are fox smacker of eziture sad

any circumstances do's
Town properties, App*icatlone invited to v aste. Unigue in quality and
Weet or Bt. Cisie, farniked, for af atillan Sodependent kingdom. Inthe | 53 Marloe Square, Port-of-tpala- Sept. | Passeogers are recommended to secure a Wor of MAOHADOS C:
fhe ficat was | Mi—lw, their berths forthe retura journey immes nalled,
Arpy to captured the famous Scottieh admiral, {ately epon thelr arrival ia England,
For tll fortber information, apply at
be Ccmyany’s cffice,

Th kmanship end Bilendin
CIGASETTAS waancl, be excelled or eq


. D, D. Andrew Barton, waskilled That was
At the effica of bis paper f in 1511, 0 that Lion is one of the oldest
ship names inthe Navy,


sHachnne Revert Ii

Tue ratte Lshereby votited, thatthe}
wit | Caetie Moree ty Leet vpehbact !

of all, however, wasthe Gold rene re ae J M p ANDRADE

ONTALNING diving room and} which fought, te Hegehip ct LACH | Se Moores hae been bought by the uade-- | Uf « '

Son ampemeens pet

Bakes, Roaste,


t pot, kettle or pin—nowhere
31eb 1910. (Opposite General Post Ufice,)

else —Kitchen coul,

aoa ey teen een tare

: Indies. will do anything any stove

SUN INSURANCE OFFICE, will do and’ will do it better.

Jf not at your dealers call 2
LonDom. cr write F

The Oldest Fire Office in UheXIV eld. Wear NDIA orn, COMPANY ®
rete Ofte, 8, ST, VINCENT STREBT, Tarphons hye



oY saqy

Cleszow Steamor

and barricaded emselveaon the
ORD BUGGY with falding back poop. Finding it impossible to get rid
of them jn any other way, the Lion's
nen puta fow barrela of powder round
the poop and blew off thestern of the
ship. and the boarders with Jt.

Tho Liou managed to get into tty
but abe wae tracked down by tout
twenty Portuguese gunboats, Five or
six ofthe latter were sunk, but the
Lion then caught fire, and was blown
up by herown mien, Home of these
were taken prisoners endthe Portu-


ther uaa for them @ cash purchaser will

IOVELACE, Court Mouse ‘or 37 New

Por Sale !

t Soll every Dealer througnoa
oue yu =m iw

FIRST CLASS guese admiral decapitated all except WARRANTED,
Thero was a Lion durtog the Dutch >
Wars. and atthe battles of Beacby . demolty tee the Lossof Res foe securing, Ine i
VI Cc t ORI A, Moad and Barfluer, but Nelsou nover 7 holesome Losses ‘by Lightoirg os made good ‘ty Lucien's Cocoa and Choe

had oue with him in any of bis great AND Xuwigeorating

Appreciated by all clas
highest to che oom frocr

the Offie,,

Newest sfyle, Telephone No. 270 From all others ty reason of Its uaequelied Marour, arqws, aud

— few sips belag ea ticieet to proclaina ite saperierity, Diploma of
modivus btorss, Noe. 36 aud 33, Bath | JLT SIT" RECEIVED SS LM REID, Agent roste National Exbtoltional 1002, Whelesale from
Snip LEELUR dn st Canin —Fitost— Tiey aAnu~ + (| BOLD TH BARRELS Mor, prnya | nlthtehs, tls, Sannin Str, Coron ete © Cacao
Bi. 6/9/10. . Tie , and & 08. QUABTS, cach | ple W. EONVUN &'Co,mSubsAgeat, San 1 Charlotte Sires, Pot
Eat] NEW YORK me Best | nee TosgigeRorretage Na Hy alkOU
quiet, very repectable locality, eootals- Suro!! een one Mo.
tag drawing rom, dining oom, drone and Eve bottle k 7 .
Back gaileriee, 4 badioome, 3 servant ream PSS eee Ty nas cor. ? [ IF a
etal) nS ba ae a eeraas a Thisa olwple nistier to vay branded, HAN FORD S § CA NDARD ‘E, ASST RANCE nae

H * ¥iytat Villa? Ooraer of De Cacia
aad Hudin Lanes, consisting of Drawing
Boom, lialng Room aed Front Ualley,
3 Bed Necws A beautilal Fiver garden
With ovee $00 10,0 plants of eboice ranetios
asd otbor pote alsod Urepesibre, A
splendid Juvestmens for a Florist, Foe
puboniass apply at No. 2, Kudia Lane or
at 46, Marive bqucre—Avg, —16,
Ui BALE—A By endid argeig~iToass
ent iand in Baste Cina Valiey (old
road), ‘Tbese are the uoge! carrlagy house
and other oud buiklings, ‘Ibe rivet rane
est ee the back and ibeze ts ako 6 bus
douse, A deligbved piace 10 spead
time, Jour farider tlete call ur
apply to? Cuokxts & Co, Svath Quay,
Asgect 2t~ 1910, .
VON UsLe,—Tuocogsized Jamaican
Mare ¢bweolbsias,” peifootly auund
mod very atylik in sadgle ond liels
apply to F 1k Ward, Bee, Crag =
WE DALE ibe Mayaio Veuand thies
extra wheels, ibece moles and barnes,
al] ja gcod sondition, also a statis as
Mas. ule Ac Pererieuiar meet
e Yor te plase
wie to ere 3. C. Provats or MeDun-
Bauey ab Moyero, os the * Red Mortar’
macy Vrude.wk Birtety Ciyom kept
“4 28ln


thatth's pom orthot sua |
the " beat’ = Bometiones ihe
wich de father to the though,”


LSM OF WYRRY,| meme ames

21th Jaly—iw Havobriousie, ostya eo cta Bea that you get the genusneariioly . ¥
Mandoliva and Uuitar, Tine ne sereat beet; YOR'SALE BY! AN EXTERNAL (REMEDY ’ stead Office Edinburgh, Rcotst.,
' Cawacho's roms bat each, Ja Ite make
Francis Forront| | tems | |ANT Dl Tor azazs a mac, | ORANOH OFFIOH FOR WEST INDIES, BARRE
arr . stared , ‘
The srelt known Book inter fare aod “ouch beeed cae { BRIT i f ve Enarsntes le tohel Revex DeceaaeD e _ “ a “ a #
feventille Tod og ae theo all echo ioxey ie hove Chacon 8t—Telephone 190, Falbolse tala 4 Accumotatso Fuxps oe on one oon ¥ g
anaise NE Gnesi aatey oat ge] | OAT fore tie Niapte eat Te aibinani nani, asSovond secon)
; is thee to. 1S) CAMAGHO, * 8 * fbe-al , °
Tees Vary moterate — Aap. ¢~Ira Exp an Ean Corer Heary Trinidad Elootris Co, 2 It prevents Grangene, ORNS ADT ANCE on security of Polictes up to $0 per oot
pmol = ow ci 5 der valo {
ADVANCED Inept Nor vune a Supe Tt Cleans O!d Sores, "MEDIA 5 DUCTION ts Lome rates daring visite 2 "i
wr . cher te ati
wr “ERINIDAT LOAN co, JUST ASK For CAHACHO'S BAN D Aud Heals Them, ‘ PEO GALS ACCRYTED and Poljcicalssued fa she Yrevt, Jostios 1
#2 Vrodertoh Mireot. INLD CON CE R T It heals all a reference to Hesd Ofice, ott walt
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