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BAOH-200 (SÁLS.'
Fitted with
Schoener & Co.
At 68, South Quay.
Ladies’ Shoes
■/Vf-<>/-v‘m Go*
Tailors and Outfltt*
i HIGH values: LOW P
Felt Hati
Marine Sqi. irr A Chacen Stjw
$3.00. 4-00. 5 00 REAM:
X- to gtfi.00 KMf
Prayer Bool®

The arcade.


ppSp.írílBj¡!Íi| í¿ í.i
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a¡0KM Í»ÍSÍ!
r Él K::‘pí«: ¡¡''H'"
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!@ÜllííHIIIÍá!s ir 1
a i ¡i
iiihawiüeüiffli la!
SMÍnmfflW'! liiiijflfi
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al.* M í i '
lililí lili f i
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pg ¡, • i ¡fii
íw 11SI II
JÍ8I lililí ÜillSllí
;t írr0í*1t»!Jf slJiíMí
¡¡ :$$'&!> Si lÓÉffi&íjlfi fe % i©i@SÜÍ| ¡!;
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¡ siífiiííilteÉsái;!
¡!SP®ií¡PP!jii i|

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Roles, Alter giving the history of bis | You charge them with taking Incor 4 public bath,
hip with Fermin | rect.notes Prelseworth :
for him (the speaker) to kerp Pie i proferlone Te tla earanione tor ealef Mr Joeeph: said yihat the notes of ple to wei
notap ar that day. In Uharles © Hermlny ont ipeete syidence ere ee {ocornect, bat In wnees mas next tg
4 0 * .
eich ey whe pcr | ls he Gather. nye gst altbat ny fad ime | led “soc
| Proveht tothe notice of the oun tee cash book, showlng entries, titer ee ee erie be, incorrect bronghiinoet, and thee
Tuesday. att Joreph replied ta the affirm: ito pnlas- one of G4) and ihe biher [he twernbers asking questions at the Ile would Only Bae es ‘
badepeapleoiey rain he conUnued whether the 0 —Fermin, syhen be scbarged £10) Me, Justice want Tt have a note) Bree Pay
oF PERMIT AGAINST 4 A soterronne | lice of motion, should ot be accom: Fe Sretcional eerlee nari the books | that “the report of the Committee is | Siten A me ta
‘Lhe Hon. 3.8, Aucher Warner KO, led by afidavits stating exactly eu charged with sleeping

peal hotred that he psid on account, | untrue k*
acting Attorney General a: red in Tie facts which he would haveto an- + in, therefore, had @ balance of} Air. Jcieeph replied, If he ealdeo, he] goods shed Def,
tug Pe peep saa a a | Ea tatthon"ba Inanenekaris | $8 to pe Bergin ad’ oot reheaered rib fel ed no | Bad dated wate
person. . veoeep® becayee nome accompanied the notice seated hie work attended to and hel yuittes or that they were actuated by | slept, te he a
see peak motion Ltbat the above | Of eer Id, he had had | had no money. WHe(Fornin) sald, he} aay malicious motive towards him. | days. —

@ Chief Justice sald, be re: bad two notes of Prince and asked him] The members of the Commitice and RUNKENN ES. Pip Sell

whether he would take them for his} hbi:nself were not in the best of tem: | and dsordert j
services to him and it he sued upon

reat the last meetingand thio Geo. Alexander
would reccver| did not xosmeothive Sie would bo da wa
them he (the speaker) woul é poe i ee Dieronuten



(Before Thelr Honzure Menara. A.
Van 1. LuctesSinth CAtef Jus
tice, RB. A. Swan and A. D. Rusostt
LLB Justices)

Baits a Rn a os

By the Trinidad Lino to Now York
Tho ANCHOR LIVE to Glasgow and Londonderry


oy ee

awer, Joo beracea 18 was impoedtbie §




named Austerlita Joseph be strack off

the Roll of the Bollcitors of the he rules of Proosdure a tbe pr .

Supreme Court or be otherwise dealt | sent day sent to, him Pou he incor:

with on the ground that the sald borate Gene the Solicitors " aot

fasrerlite Joreph acted eaare aaa Cumaltion and be did rot rrmember form serosal mnoneye and da exer: verry nd tt he io any way oF form | llapnee emia pus

eron the 19th day of November 1907 | seeing in them any thi: tone ruck, discussion of an amicable natute, t acharge of injustice or falsl- brought op for fig’
ullly and were

2« 30th” April,
a] Ths May,

souptlsd May,
sel 4th Jane
1th Jace.

th Jane.

ith April...
ie ub




= Han Me wfaoun
ae’ May .,, ay...
“Ite Jane “lio Jace.

ORANADAT sth J 4th Jace. .
MAHAOA - 10 av)
s* “ps June.-| 3rd Jaly ...

aa] Oth Jaty,

ww’ :




6 wee

sail from Calcutta

would shortly state the facts {n or awrittes acknowleagment of the| have so allow him to Include the | queation of further evidence and afi.

der that ‘thelr Ifonours might bic 6 w be was borrowing. Although pave out the notes In the loan be] davita, thathe found many casesin | to prieoa for two wouke, sagt

better follow the case, Fermin gave | pe (the speaker) did not want toeay | then desired to get from Dregtue & | which, derpite a report having been NOTHER ASSiCLy,~ Qa

the Solicitor in question two promis | anything bard againat the Commit- | Goy, Prince cousented, gave Dreyfus already sent in, the Court received | ley chanced Botaweiad

eory notes for $110 made In fdvour } tee, he might mention that the notes & doy ajudgment on 21. 1, 08, for| further evidence: and here, there | Llizatteh Bdwants

of Fermin to sue upon, Ab the time | of evidence, in the tirst place, are very | the amount borrowed from them in-| quest to hear further evidence was sonietime during M,

the notes were brought {he Bolicitor } defective and incorrect, and secondly. | clusiva of the $110 due to bim (the | not miade only after the report to that | dence showed ‘that

told Fermin thatit was necessary or | the very report did not atate allthe | sncaker). Ile, therefore. submitted | Court but even before the Committee | the woman « blow

advisable that he (Iermin) should | fects connected with the matter. If} ehet he had no account W give to Fer | themsclres. If Thele lionoure were | cat ber, te was sevg

endorse those notes to hins (Joseph) | Thelr Honours looked at the report | niin of the recelpt of the $110, because | not satisfied with bis explanation they } montha {mpeisonn

to sue: upon and Fermin did 0 | they would see that the Committee | tne notes were his (the speaker's) Lona | could either hear further evidence or | labour

Instead of sulug on the nectes the sal plied for an adjournment on {iz property, and beyond that, he) sendthe matter back tathe Committee. | Larceny Aa 4B
se © pad 5

Due _to arrive
at Trinidad
ath October.

17th Novembir,

19. January

uib Jaauary,
Tat March:

58. “MUTLAH”
88. “GANGES*

oan ome



rrr tes

ng al brough'

the sui of 810.00 on accaunt of fees in | vite sceompanying notice of & agreed that Fermio featfon agalnat the gentiemen of the

Fespect of proceedings he then recely- | The whole motion Is graunded on tbe would give huin the notes in full satie-[Oomtnittes defeuts three days,
ed lastructions to institute agaiost | re ret the Bolle Lore Oo eedaré faction of his fees upon his giving ere} The Attorney General sald, Thetr | A Davuxxy
one James Drince for the recovery of | _ iit’ Joeeph pointer’ out Enel id that | miua few dollars, and whenever be|flonoure would certalaly not accept | Rouse was charged
thesumof $110.00 being the aggre | with respect 80. bbad notice of | could recover on the notes. he would | statements of the kind from the eolicl- (tens with deing

. * visit N gale amount of lwo promissory nutes | affidavit febould acoompany no! recover ia full eatiefaction of hie fees. | tor without remitting the matter for | charge tf « bored
This route has tho advantage of allowing ee oon to’ visit Now | nade by the said James Prince. in | inotion, It_ might be a question whether al further enquiry, althourh the eolicitor Monday The Con

York onthe way home Through tickats issued from Trioidsd to } favour of the petitioner and failed to| The Attorney General said that the sulicitor bas a right to accept security f hiuself had had the fa est opportunt: defendant was drick

G ds edi to accommodation and | fostitute proceedings, and further, for latter part of the motion referred to fortostein that way. He sobmil ty of calling evidence. Mr. Kelshall} cab teice My, Oka

lasgow from "$97.60 upwards according to a that he, sometime thereafter having | the affidavits and evidence attached, | that that is a common thing done, and| had authorised bint (the speaker) to peared” for defen

Steamer, obtained from Dreyfus & Coy. pay- | TheCourt ruled againet Dir. Joveph’s | be goain referred Their Hononre tol state that one of the statements fs al-| bliuto be a coped

particulars on application to Looal Agents, ment of the said eur of $110.00 ona | preliminary objection as to procedure. | Gandara, If he could recover, all well ther untrue, Mr. Joseph, he satd, | ile was fined ihe
oe . di C Ltd judgment including such suoa con-] agp Joseph then put in a sworn sf | and good if he could not, hetook his|saked bim whether the Committee | prisoument,

The ¥ rinidad S ipping & fra ing Vo teseed by the said James Vrince in | adavit, Froasthatefidarit, he sald, | chance, He kept the nuolee for what {bad recommended that he ehould be || DaxaznoceD
favour of the said Dreyfus & Uoy | it would be soon that he denied haviog they were worth, as he did not koow sstruck off, and he replied that they | Ile, a cabnan,
withheld payment thereof frou received on Nov. 19, 1007 from Fermin | the value of Frince at the time. He}resommended the couclusions they } slable Stewart with @

titioner and that the sald Auster | ihe sum of $10 for the purpose of enter {the epeaker) subsequently discovered | had arrived at te the Court, at Rithwond Sues Us
DIRECT STEAM TONN AGE Rts Joseph hath failed to give sufi: Jing anaction against Jamea Prince. | that Prince had property but under] The Chief Juatice said, be had never | dangerous ta p ,
cient reason concerning the premines an he (the speaker) went further aod | jnortgage. }rince subsequently wanted | heard of bickerings against the Com-|deace showed that aa
+ + T = ° da d to the sallefaction of the Committee sald that on fae same 10 13, 07, fis mosey te pay of invereet on the me Co, ctiverywhere s ehes | the Grunk end collided ae
a io under £D Oo Ts su! pove wae shaw:
Calcut a o re n i s Bolicitors’ Ordinances 1908 and 1800 fate Siren hin the amounteFermia qortgal ork, Prince came to bins correct, The only thing le that when convleted t} catia
INE and the rules thereunder. had to borrow from him the sun: of 83} (thes ker), a8 the then solicitor of | the evidence did not appear to support Heence had buea th

(JAMES NOURSE L ») The Acting Attorne General I fy order to enable him to attend to bis Gey us & Ty whom Duntan knew | the fladings the difference ts oted | was fined £2 In defeat

== Oe sald that before reading the report of | own business in Port-of Spain. Fortun: | teat money, He (the speaker) told]out, ie hed never heard of wholesale | Aesaccr, =Jon §

“NHE undernoted Steamers will the Committee to which this matter | gtely for him (the denonsnt) he took | Prince that he had two notes of bis i charges of the sort prety, to & charg

: : ; wasreferred under the Ordinance be | phe precaution to get Fermin to give|andif he wanted money, he woul Mr. Joseph pointed out, on the | bim ‘hy Constable Ls
during the coming Season i satout litule boy named Dung
te on i
25th August
8th October
BS « LAH® 10th Decenber
8B * SUTLEJ” Slet December
Sd. “GANGES® eee 21st January
For freight rates and other patticulars apply to
e J . oe oe .
The Trinidad Shipping & Trading Co., Ltd,,





Lock Stitch and
Ohals Stith.

That's whet no other
can do, beatdes om
broidering, bem:
sthching & etching
A perfect noiseless
macdine wifiarotory
abattle A l0yen:
wiltten guarentee by
the mannfactorer
witheach, Caneoy
other do as mach?
The Standard Roto
Machine be enced,
ed soioug bowing
ing men the
world over as belog
equelled Ly nous,
U after ustog for seven
Price $23.00 -$


HENRY DICK—A Man you Know,

6, Charlotte Street.

biow for pa


t ball beasloge, 6 08
breat wh ay Fite
Tensions nod
length of atiteb,


- Dos!
break ¢ i


17th April~to.





the instructions of his client, the pet!- t was sent in, be (the speaker) |

tioper, by sulog Jamee Prinoe for bis Wrote a letter at once to Mr Wian,

client on tbe notes handed to him for I the Chairmen of the Comuylttes, in-

thet purpose, jand (b) that although tmating that he bad petitioned the
ie ui

Me, Joveph received from: Messrs. | Chi stice asking that the petition
n be sent back to the Co

OIGA Rs AND CJ GARETT Ls Dreyfus & Oo, $110 0 reprosentiag | of Ferul as

pecurea G AIS coon | the aggregate amount of the notes | mittee to take further evidence there
Ether Theos OLUAbS Botton ETLES swarded's cedtisze a ‘Doooee which he induced the petitioner to ea- | on; stating be understood that no re-
the Jam@lse International Exhibition, Leo? dor over 2 bhi an ivr amch ée port was made egainst, bie, aod &
: Prince ve hime judg ng sur now
ered M jure fad, Citaretise are for smokers of otltore and discenia the hate of Mraytas do Gos S haa not port bad been we ade, Partiontaciy
The Wekinacehiy end Blending of MACHADOS OIGALS AND ld he pet tloner the balance du after Mr Kelshall and himeelf had as-

OCIGARETTHS]\esnnct be excelled of sqatile¢ im. 0 evidence wae attached, [sured him that ‘only the evidence

continued counsel, on which the Cour F taken bad been sent up. Continuing

mittee arrived at their conclusions. | the speaker sald in sending the pet!
LA TRUPICAL Eatablisbed

Solicitor obtained a judgment on § the thied occasion for the pur ot actually received $110, Drey-] The Court reserved Judgment, Burnett char
behalf of Dreyfus & Coy. sealnst the § sunmoning new witnesvess But in tua & Goya? fad’ been ble ithe doerrokoNY aiteaIo Sos ¢-This | the larceny geil
maker of the notes, Jrince, aod | view of the fact thatthe matter had | sneakers) clients and —_from | {san appeal from the decision of Awan sheets -Votnplaloant’
the amount of the Judgment | teen before them at three meetings time ta time they would discount his[J.who gave judgment for plalnutr fatedetendant sove .
Included, not only the sum }and the solicitor had ampletimeto| notes or the notes of any client {with costs fo an action of £3)) dani. | last 150 copies of
which Dreyfus & Coy. had lent | bring forward further evidence betore, | endorsed by him, aud he wou Ml pay oa| ages eustained by fire on defendants’ | at Io, per eapy aod
Prince, but the #110 also, with the f the application was refused. Wilball | his own notes and they would look to | land at Los Bajos, Defendant 1 nee
resultthat the | Bolicitor ft. trom | due deference to the Committes, that ment on thoee endorsed. } Mr, W. Savary associated with the | returned and did nob
Dreyfus &: Coy, the eum of $110 fn bis | Is abeolutely untrus. “Neither on the ly requiring money be (the| Ion, H, A. Alcazar K.0., for appel- | plainant. Defendsat ai
hands, Instedd of banding it over | first nor the second ked Dreyfus & oy, to die | lants and Mr ©. J. McLeod with Mr. | Ing to makes sericea
to the petitioner, Prince, be kept it | ask foran adjournment; bet on the | count far him the two notes_in ques-| ©, A, Child In association for respoud- [ the amouat he bad
Tt ise peculiar transaction altogether. | third occasion he explained to the |tion. Up to now they bad discounted ent, n sald be believed be
It woult seem that the Holicitor’s | Committee that he could not put bis | giju and be was bousd to pey them}. Mr, Alcazar sald that considerable | sentenced hie to
manifest duty on Betting Instructions | heads on his diary and other docu- Pack that amount, He submitted | evidence had been taken op bath sides prisonment with b
to sue was tosue Prince. Instead off ments and they all [refqaeed ey that he (the speaker) had not been jand théré” are questions both of fact} Passzasion or
dolpg that some weeks afterwards pathy. It was within the knowledge paid the $130. but be had simply [and law arlaingon this appeal, Coun: | Alexander charged
the Hollcltor sued Trince. not for | of the members of the Committee that | ified the notes by way of discoun tel read the judgment of the Courtbe: | with belng fa po
Fermio, but for Dreyfue & Coy. end | his (the apeaker’s) office furniture had | tor the purpose of ralsing money teny | lowanod a eal of evidence taken | the pur of sale
then, without instruction to the effect been Jevied apon and put up for sale perarily on thems and unless the lat the trial. be & poss ae
andof his own motion, the scilcitor | before the doore of the Court House. | property of Privce cauld realize the| ‘The hearlag wil! be resumed to day. | ant After heartet wait
took judgment from Prince which lo-f One member of the Committee even | iioney he submitted he (the speaker) — FS Worship’ wanna ,
claded Dreyfus & Coy's. debt and the f atrended the sale and made bide to | would be bound to pay Dreyfus & Voy, CITY POLICE COURT. found on defendauts
siete sor fi rine aa weer the Furchase. ie the s caker bed tie and therefore, it would be & bacden! — sale aud conritud
aclicitor sent a memorandum o} tioned tothe Comm! atthe time | on him to ‘ermin anything a tale and con '
traasaction to Deeyins & Coy. seeing | that hie papers were ia a dieordered { ‘The Attorney General ie reply said, (Before Mr, Blachwood§ Wright LL.D.) pgainat ict e &
that tbe Judgment ‘wasfor a greater | condition and he could not lay bis | with the first part of the solicitors -- Mona was fined £100 i ee ne
aniount than that claimed, they | hands on them then, although he | case which amounted to an attack on Nor gstaprisiepjeEdwend sith | imprisonment
drew his attention to the,fact; and! knew that be bad a document signed | the Comittee he did not proposs ta e 3 na wer Be ‘The Court rose e
for the first time the solicitor explalo- [by Fermin acknowledging revelpt of | deal. It {fe manifest from ibe proceed. | £ reed ames eras ” a : s p before theo
ed that the $110 was owed him by} money from him. There {6 nothing ings that the matter cama on on three Pe ou aso a tt so pea joo! pu ve
Pelnce, which amount he included in § put on the notes to show that he gare f occasions and that Mr. Joseph bad fee ol han erchie and a payor be = P :
the judgment, and the, transaction | thatexplanation or thatthey were per | every opportunity of calling witnesses Jor aging to. gorp nant 6 obly Notice ty
6 you are losctisfied retarn ited your money will be | having been completed, Dreyfus and] tectly satisfied with It, ere was | and ou the first. occasion he cross-ey- Tainan forth rowecu ion re coun J .
down abd $2.00 per mata, Coy. accepted the judgment, giviog | not a sooth relationship between the f amined the petitioner, When, on the plainent bimsell wi ted a ¢
ib adjustable cone screws to take ap weer, Does cot | the solicitor 8110 lesw about $0.00 dit | Committee and himeelf, and it might | third ocrasion, further evidence was from ihe Uustom House to the valivay Irs
én machine js ased back wards, count. The solicitor had the money I by that bd adopted too aggressive a0 | given, it was evidence purporting to from the Cust a Ho 6 at e ral way ent
changed by change of spewed, slat of thread, thickness of goods, nor | in hie hand and did not account tothe | attitude; and it was no surprise to J go into @ question of account as be- : aerate 1D, Ong hem | nga ‘TRINIDAD.
petitioner; and when the petitioner | him, therefore, thatthe proceedings | tween hins and the petitioner by refer ticle abore mentioned, niche oe Ja the kepreme Chuck
went to him he gave him ap,account | were {noorrect because they were I ence to Looks and evidence of clerks. | ticte a ore en von wh cb was e Eep Tobe
which could oot be the correct one asf ratherof « stormy nature. Even at | But allthatdid pot affect the ques- mise og Wi en lefertiant finished. led 7
Their IMonoury would see from the the third meeting he was left under | tion which is: whether the solicitor ter putt ng 8 fow questions to N tise" ee)
evidence and that particular part of I the Impression by jall the members of | recelyed the man’s money, and did not Soreelainent the ms strate ssid that } No. 7° rt ae
it which came from the mouth of ai the Oommittee t the ured | pay him. With regard ike ougges- | oe en ni eee nob be responsible Re Jane
witness who was rallied by the solicl- [nothing further from him, When, fos that he had not instructions to ae emia Dg parcel since at com- | < yon
tor himself, Counsel then read the | therefore, he heard (and from 8 mer ff sue but that the notes were endorsed |?! nants | Inetance be had to leave | Ex parte mi
report of the Holicitory’ Disciplinary | chant in town) that a report was sent # over tobtm, the whole transaction le while he ret at the station sivtag oder
Comunittee signed by Messrs. 1% A+ Jia against him he went to oueof the | of euch a vague, pecuilar and Im. fille he returned to the Customs for [ Under reedielag ant
Winn, (. I, David, Andrew Mo-{ members of the Committee, and be Proper nature, ‘The solicitor was toj hi a ert, The case was accordingly cit “ ‘
T OM. Keluhall) and A. [told bin that they had not sent inal give Formin afew dollars] No wane smilasod. OTICE |e hureiy
Thavenot which found that] report at all but that they had simply | der, it that sorb of thing he was pro- |." OT RR1IN G—Oonstable Murphy meeting ¢ half ot
Joseph fe guilty fan af profes, sent In the notes of evidence. Subse: | poslag to prove before the Committee, | C24feed Evelyn Samuel with loitering | mstter will bs
sional misconduct in not carrying out | quently, when satisfied that the re-| they did not believe him. Ae waa| Sel rince Street, and falling to give a Aotlog telat Bees
polnted out by Mr. Justiog Swan, ho | Bite wee that pee Pomplainant’s fa the Tome ial
gave Fermin ho acount and no re rnin ‘elock ‘on Satan: ot about Beate the 2h
ceipt, Nurely, there teas need of re- | in th, oclock on urday night | o’cloo Mette re
cept or entry fa bie own book to abow | [2 the street and epoketo ber, About | Cicditore enti i wr
that the amount was received on |! he saw her the same place and lode with me the v1 f
account of servicesrendered. Although grrested ber. Defendant alleged peat u 2 ‘cluek one sae f
as pointed out by the Chief Justice, as 03) when the oa from t es op al out ones ay eae oral te

regarded Prince [t might be his Jiabll. for thi be Jodued within
ity on the notesie merged in the Jud4-| Tm streets were cromded eithe eecehe | cheek ou ie 23.5 du a
tla remained liable as ondorvet of the Prete cnteaced to seven day's im- , Art O88
no e gave to Jose; @ position, a
therefore, is this: fermin creditor, dian wor cet PP cceanat pit: NL—Foros cf pte
seeking to get Judgmentagainst debtor rlogton with conveylog « silver neck- OfBoial | #

be Tust-of-Spalt

and insteucting solicitor ta do
possibly finde himself ultimately called Ice, mspected to be siclen. Deten-
us & Coy, or Nora -At the Bipi

ition taken up by Che solicitor ba. fue a Case as strongly as possible. | upon, either by Drert bridge ne eee vied
8: * ie

[ore the Comuilttee of Solicitors,—to minittes seemed to have taken

Ne might point outin passing that the | tion to the Chlef Justice he naturally
Harboge Ktreet Jameica,

soon RUBBER |

MessonmBie!! Ofiell uso and descriptions ate vow ssuntictared

WRICHS on the prem by
Med at, 71, Queea Btreet, .


Yu Apameoy PRietzaze.


4 Sal,





asa Trngarete Xtama

—— ee

contemplate being engaged, or if
tat cogeged you should not torget

2. DEVE EO ES, 2°, FARDEROE Sraeey

acatalopue waoich shows 4 picture of a Diamond the
don't orda. from a ¢ flash light and only get more litdle twlakle,
Fe sropey refunded if quality 19 wot a8 guarantoed.


you kKuaw anybody


ta this

wary for
reasun why he appeared tu person in
this matter

este, found (here was ue obee Wo an:

the effect that be was entitled to hold J um

to him for professional
not help him in the least,
atmuual (ot the petitioner's indebted. § oral evldence,
ness to hint wae twosunma,of reach fan attitude
which would leave #2 or something [ for him (the
over, so that, at all events, be wag i that meetin explained to them
bouud-to yar the petitioner the 6d. | that his principal witness was Uving at
After reading portions of the evidence | Matura, 14 wiles beyond Saugre
counsel said, it seemed to bim a mgtter | (rande, and guother witoees lived In
of considerable lwportauce, Any one e back. of Cuoupiay that it
who la a solicitor ts practically accre: | waa in: ible, haviog received notice
dited by the Court 3 and in & oomnsun- | on Friday afternoon, to have then ju
ity Nkethis where from the number | Lown of Tuesday wornlog, aod that
of peasants and not very well loform: [he would tender the eviden.s which
ed people it fs adangerous thlog tof he had and ask for as adjournment
pernlt pevple to have the authority of J till the following YY. when he
be Vourt topractice and do business { hoped to have the witnesses In attend:
with those people who engaged their [aoce, If was all in vain. He also
services with the extremest of Belated out thet Fermin whom
falth, ibis necessary that theignorant [he desired to croseexamine on
public should be protected on such [the evidence was
occasions and in every nay it leamat not present, and ‘the Committee re
ter that deserved the very ee ous at- funog even to note his objection. Sf»
tention of Theie Honours, The Gun [left but he wrote to the Chairman
mittee of Solicitors seemed to have | stating the grounds upon which he
worked very thoroughly There were [ had asked for an adjournment, The ay
several adjouraments at tho request of J swer he got was that they would take
tha eulicitor. Counsel thought that | no further evidence and he would have
the evidence showed the solieitor te fo gota opea Court to explain, If be
have taken up at one tlie ons position had bad an opportunity he would
and afterwards another. lo protes- [have been able produce the docu.
tlon of the publle counsel asked Their | ment (which he then produced to the
Honours todo what the motion sug- [ Courth—the acknowledgement of the
gested should be doue. load of $5 on 1% IL U7, with the

The procwedings in Charles v Fermin, | deposit of the two notes, ite, there.
Leetand v Ferma. Skeete v Ferialg | fore, submitted from the nt
¢ Lan v Fornin for 1007 were [ just put iu, thatit could be socepted

wught upon the application of Mr. [ ay conclusively as possible that Ferwia
omeph as bearing an the proceedings | could not K Wy eve him an

on .
oe same date, Le wis i

wetter thing aba » whee

Ny Joseph mud, lt ‘aay thi a 8b an ly
mi to atale 8 sunious position that he had «a

[orrow 85 frou bin aod deposit the

two notes. He cootended, as stated

io bie affidavit, that no ipstractions
were given to bim to sue upon the two

services,—did I the Fermin petition back to the Uom-
because the | mittee both for documentary and
the Committee took up
that made It impossible

opeaker) {o on, At

bt be neve
ht there the

Itis not dus to the fact

counsel, lookivg intv ble

eo at his language. After the
the money as against money payable | Chief Justice was kind enough totefer

Joseph, whoever the notes, to 8 the Tal
ythe anountof them, because he Fount did not aaclty Hie Worship and

cat endorsed aod pegotlated thei,
Witat authority had’ the solicitor to| UPpisonment tn defautt to pay a
treat Fermin that way? At the tlme Figs
Fermin gave Mr, Joseph the notes] oj oe
they were overdue, Me, Joseph did fig
nob give them te Dreyfus 286 Ling:
Dreyius would be sacidled with alt the lived toge
consequences ff toat condition, t
aUill beiveluded them Ia the judgment The aiewet a fight euta
recovered in the name of Dreyfus, the woman with .e
‘be whole transaction was so Involved conviction sent to vrisons for fourt
aesane wiper te Mee Josph to days and the man Fereeven da orn
itis ove by which Fennia could not | ,Z Cl 7 ERIN d—Constable Thomas
be damnitied. . '
cane a ei
‘court Wascalled by the Chie:
lice in an inforinal way at this atace, who one sated
phows the receipt produced by Mr. lor seven da ak ioe 0 2 Vi
ceeph for the loan ct 8540 aad thelginia France wire ne t ohanoed. the
depooait of the notes, dated 1%, 11, 0% | clllag Ue areed. the
¢ identified bisalgnature thereon and. vy d the Bond ene resist
said he did nat bosraw $3 then but f je executing bi tae i‘
and further, he gave Mr- t pg nuaduty | It
Jouph $10 at the tune he gave him
be nutes,

Green told her brotb-
Mr. Justice Swan bere remarked that od Se et oe

alt, Joust an bere f was Bned I36 or four days

i dullcitor weuned 1 rake tga sa and Erencie,was event bo gaol for thee

peaker), Doz

uu 1 LOmre RING aan,
been that charged with loitering

tte op baturday night.

wo *ftsken and defen


Ooumlttvs to os

two previous convictions was eent ta
Kes ht agafost them had an

geol for Keven days,
real foun: {no factt It fs not fa)

TTING.-Dlanche de Freitas aud
lan Crumpton were charged with
pun x Marine square on the 11th

re suilltag.
ver the felt

charged Kamael ( x
Aberrombe uel Green for loitering at

Street on Saturd. i
a After hearing the evidence de en

wae sent to jail

Alles Green

—Reita was
at Prince Bt,

lant who bad thirt
whether the char.


decent bebavlour The eviden
that defendant was bathing

charged with throwing stones ‘norves
“ the Comunities that thoes cha the Pewee He plea ace guilty aod
weal caked aud wajuatlog should [xpec anv Bxttavioui,: Mahendalls
Mi Jusepb explained (bat be never an East Indian was chaiged with in
intwnded to br ug suy charge of un-
fash nees 01 injuatle against t © Oo

ia | t

Mi Juenee bwan Byt you did,

tain street la a nude stats
oblp remarked og (he aecesaity for &

tha cotate ezorais

sq the fod

le o

Commiitce of fuspoction,
&, By ordinary re

eye ft 1 By
tas foart!


for ¢


peared that the parti the Debtor be ar;
ther fought ove: une:


en inflicted by | remoneration
She was o or resulve


In aid of the R.


Evidence wae | shcoung gallery,

and teas!

Loore cree

Udikdies Da

the Archtkebyp

avongy abe .
Bye mejor is
he ta vaice of ol hog
proved ee
uj ocftlow OI
the Bantrupter
Bip ordiva adied

Cuoml:toe for
ivery 38


unsravios tote F
ixbt, Maneger, it ovals apoleie®
by,Mrlouisson af.



Vi faba

Ne Pretyioy 1


Falk wide
Pech hae
fall, A Recbe'th,
2 o'stek Oe

rom tye 7 ‘

under a standplpe by the side ofa cex | Sueed,
Hie Wor- | vies

mga pales Ya :

"NO:9.ay VOL. XXIV

pes Luxunies Just Received.

m8. “ORUBA!"

o “B0d Jd
K' B40 tb fy
60c doz


ow 380 ib
ve 369 fh -
5 ave 480 Ib /
. 600 1b
MIOGET do 8'b, wae 30 pa
do, ib, he
HIRE CREAM its jar e

We Cater for Island and Picnic
uk for our special ‘Island

The Coolest Smoke on Earth.

i. sphens, Ltd.

- ee CEC EIEL,

‘Provision, Cocoa

Be 5 ~uD

4 Tienry Street.

————— oe

. > SUEY

‘A large Assortment of Shapes.
Plain aud Silver Mounted.

A Truly

Blissful Smoke,


Plt EX
F :
fappoces "sg Per N LENDIN N N Hf S.

5 Bio
NM HEWRINGS Gos per e'dos

Mpuet CHEESE: Ba par" Ib
HM eee oe 380 .
; “tne ‘CREA’ iso Bo per’ fut

Ar, —4Lso—
Bln Calces
one 405 por Ib

agp] a ~or-
8 Wilson, Ltd OUR BE

er Ront.

Tmw'Vila Morte Giga ee
a Dab festaus to 16 Jace.
me Whe orlelvsily rented for te
r oad period, bas jenna Bode vt
ou wel

gh Gay, Moytacte Py
INT, = House wit da
PL srenpiel by Carcada

MY fornieriy yM jor. B. Bae
diawiag and uiuiog rooms st
Y—Telephuno wod Water ber,

a Bas: out oftives, -Apply t
i Serre sxe, Boliciter, hte
‘Pont, Foust. +SputoMey Hila,
, i R= Farabad ae No 146
fala 15th Jose for
paetihem houiy 4, Unit ee ‘Stan-

ah, Dee ar Beiae
awiog ata

7 Fees; Pantry froat and ude

Rereeh Kitchen ead Sarvants

ce .! ¢ Uvose.—Ront $18

ire ga Bmodlale nc asecston, Ap, ly

a Creole tharmaucy. May


=> 4






Ea PN — Viroub 5
— wus
ih Bmlacter’ walk from Corepe
Seteialng Diewiog Huom,
ne Uallery, 2 iarve Bude
? 6 Hows, Kieben, Peutiy,
Bats ead Carrjage Hone,
We peinkes oF 10 LOUDWILLE
, Nate Veeduolen Huu ae

Bo. 7 we ht DG

fom the Siow’ ‘o Bork Baraas
» dresiog and

1aud Bena! oat-

Cases RED SALMON ‘ Marijrosa’’ Brand,

nee 808 070. Mey dade,

REET: (ton It aur} Cotte] 4, Medium do, * Siempre Fregco’ Brand,
WIN alt Weovredoss tore | +, Pink do. ' Patriot” Brand,

rfp? fo. aM ‘ jos Galsep-

> “ERS
Abe Tasciny pale are
eo teat rhe te x wall pasted
ee oul drs 1b Obes


CUBE SUGAR-5olb Boxes.


Wessels Bros, & von tontard

Gio wad aller Wwe

ams store lately coea.

“yf + Merchast of Na,
* Beat Apoly to E,

n Faun sok Sine oe


tienen Suess, ee
Trachea Abatevaug aonnne 1? SbUTE. QUAY,

Siwt~ | women STH






“Formaldehyde” in Oasks.|i2



223, Ohmaocon street

EfSecretary ofthe Comphny here-
"Tie Riecretare te be Compny Policies
dated 1904 end 1905 that here} 8 Pil .
hls banda aa berrthentta he

anda, a2 gs them to a: atthe
Company's office for said anit at

eazlicet convenience,

Port-of-Spals, or.
sothSept, 1900,

Trinidad Building and
Loan Association,

Toalophone: No.52
— Oe



4 percent for the half year ended on the
30th June tas,

Membere who have received the pald

wp value of their MATURED SUARES
daring the ertod ate now invited to apply

to the undersigned ab the office of the
Asreiation for the CASH DIVIDAN DS
corresponding to said shares Meu!
CELLED by means of ther matured
re to the office or their
seetine o kELE ES aod will receave
IN CaSht ooy, bela balance standing at credit

of thele said

The acne 1000,




Keeps Contents either

— OR—

Steaming Hot.

—~Ftoo DWV

ror. Salem FOR

Apa, S:reet Woodbrook, coptelateg
dreving Foon, diaipg room, two

dreesing soom and [toot galtery,
bain of itch plea aod covered with b Re
waaised isoc. "No seasonable éffer wil
relasd, Apply oa premises, May 10h,

Ce eT

OR SALES New Consdisn fll leather
wiob rebbee tyres and

srped De Pee telex 8», ** Debome’
to Tenants Agency, Ban Forasaco,


BALE—Thbe Corser Lot «:
Fi, ou per of New Sula fad bette
Htrest—facing Eut ond Notth—ias goat
eed qaiet kovllly ter the saveopeh
Rasy berms opply at Ne, 37 New trees,

NUN BALK. — Abvat Too Jbvauned

Hi Uosoant Plante. “Apply te the Ales.
oger, Chaguaremas Estate, er to O,
@ Co-May 4th, 1010 ~1a.
FOR BAle— rony, BUGGY, ANU

HARNESS —App'yto i, Pasay
The Preabytery, San Suas.—-Msy 8.n 110

aaa — — ——y——EEE


For Salo orRont isles Flesebfivay Wreyolng PALER | 0 Bags Ne, L NAGRA RICE m of New Dxrarsicn, be abandoned eo part
fOesale OR RENT — That lege Sb Fe FTO NE yeas . I'v Bogs OARDEN Blam RICE of uald Road.
1 com wodious baudieg baows asl * * Jon Mig ora.
tha, ueeeoy “7 beret sus tights | 10 Tenke OONYECTIUNERY— 19 Coot RICHMOND TULAVOO fot taie Nelo mioraal Pins
ica word “yee at 2 Gur CON ERET ION nis, | tert TRUE AY PTEXL TUGACRD Cofvmlal Becretey wy xyauty
Fr farther pestloelare Oolunial Booresary.
wd Maruiion Jt a Chaves epione 192, Cologtal Becratary’s Une, .
Pee [W1% te Port olipels, Hb Mop uy, Br Blog, 189, a

MAY 18 1910,


Ex Ss. 8.

50 Cares “TAT ICUE Balsy
190 Coton “Thrve State” Belety



om 1% on

FANCY _ axe =

Our - Reserve Stock


Victoria Lawns,

Swiss Muslins, India Linons

Dross Stuffs, Moltons, Crash


Best Assorted and Cheapest Stock in tha West Indies.

[SE BoSst && CO.

12 Froedorick Stroot.






Gladstone Bags


Hat Cases, Bonnot Cases,




ee ae


BOWD & COo,|*



Pri Largo
75 Dromy Prime DFISH


100 Pac
200 Page SHolce SPLIT | PEAS,

Ex SS. "St. JAN’ from Domorara.

350 Bags No. 1 DEMERARA RICE,
Ban XL... “Dee” s70n8 momudom

MATCH Ed —each’ 10 gror

41 Clic grou. | 50 Vase Thee tats Bulphe

pee) eee
Ex Roecont Arrivals,

we 50, 6c, and 8o,
«. 60, 8c, and 120
. 60, 80 and 12

we GO, Sc and 12¢

+s Ge, 8oand 12¢

Persian Lawns

"“Oruro” from Canada.

UES—each 80 groee.




“Mount Dillun Estato”

in_ tux Pazrsit or 81, Davio

400 ACRES.

Portions of which are planted in
Canes, Cocoa & Cocoanut

‘Those lands can be formed soto either
4 Cocoa or Rubber plantation and abuts
on the Cattaca Syrdreste Co, listates.

Thera are two Dwelling Houses
pbourers barracks and machinery on tha

For farther pasticulars please apply to
SMITH BROS. & CO. co. om

April Wim




SATURDAY, “Teth May.

The fruit Steamer will leave Porte
ofSpaln at 8 p.m, instead of 2 o'clock.
Moxvbay, JOTU SLAY.

The Gulf Steamor will leave Port-of+
8 pain at 6.3) an. for Chacachacare
all stations, She will leave Cha-

fa, Will call ab all
arrive at Port-of-

Sac a
Statious ani wil
Spalo at atdut 6,45,
Tuespay, titu May,
‘The steamer will leave Port-of- Spain
at 6 a.m, for Ohachacare direct, aod
willcalat all stations except Tetee
rons Ley on the return eB atrividgs
at Port-o! ort-oF Spain at abo ut 825 sun,
Moxpay, FORD NM
be ran ‘ms usual,

The tam 1 be
both there will no service at 1215
pm. [os © steamer will lesve
at i Pum, calling. at all elatlons ag far

e Obacechare. atd wilh returo to
Forofépain Ulrect the same ove;

orteol 8 wale ty about
§ ao servive will

NI—O0 Saturday, Lith, and Mon}
day ed May, return tickets available
foe the d‘y ocaly vu fseued at
elogle fares. oa Monda: 1, 39 sou sod
Tuesday 2th May, Heke!
for the day only wil be sold. at the
following rates t=
Five ldanda =m (df
Gas; aw 2}
ey ~~ 2

Shacachacare a
penidinary return tickets “At peual

Harbour Master,


Cotoutasy Sacustarr's Orrice,
aE Chairman of the een Pony Road

. 8, ‘BOWEN,
Actleg Becresary, Caniral wd Boant,

“That shé Moaas Pi Pleasant eet Toad frow
from Javcttoa



fa a tw


he eee tS,
WT YES 5 > . } . Ty ORR 2 ree me ATR FRA TAIT 2 ROP * TR
; a

ey 5.


praca a: LAGE VALUES BOOT DEPARTMENT. | Hightlass Tailoring Badsteads | Bedsteads

~IN~ Ladies’ JUST TO HAND: Bodeteads from $5.00.

se Taney tionste Maton, | Semeur a tet] cin DAR K GR EY VIGUNA | iseiatpitcee oe a ae 3
TS8—Patont or Self Tos Cap— a

& Insertions to Match. or Balmorals Stylith and Forvite ble a} $1, ‘Ba pr ben, full b sight of poat 1 toch thick. Brass Baik Head \
MATTRASSES from 7/6 upwards. Awadol Ist, Prize for

woirr nor . . Cal f Pp SMITH BROTHERS & COMPANY. .
GK & WHITE DRESS GOODS. | mace axpetcan vor sup ter), mat! Frock ‘uils and Clerlcal Farnents. a
. . OR BUTTON. BnOTS —Ulgh feg an pecial ,
Black & White Trimming and Ormaments, stapes stag ert nt Hos be 2200 a pair rerfectiy GCorwect ror


AND “ ~


a pair,

i } Will have Special Display thia Woe’, Wondorful Valuo, Tt WwW FE a=} D
fine BONANZA TEAS ~ a , ' Serges, Flannels, ce,

Nest Valnes in Trinidad. The Bonanza) o4jc¢ cron guaran rée0.

8 43 cents, he conte Por pound, put up in 2oz, wy, BO oT DEPARTMENT.


(Whe knows not JOHNNIE ~WILKAE | Lancashire Lusuranceta LATEST ARRIVALS SESE SS eat SRE Lately Sissi tore ota The King’s Memorial Service.

reputation in Alaska, tn Indiz,”
1» end in the United States where fe is

Yay It yourself and get 2 first-class roof wi
Roofing has
Afics, is Hollmnd pee
climate fs too severe
en Bre itrelf $y








Smith Bros, & Ca Benunze,

in Brazil, fp
madé, No


* Knows nothing of Whis -ir— toodaliog a greater total without an at the head stood « magnificent cross
1 n = . ky FIR 1 & LIFE 5 ar | excouire, ae anywhere. The of white and mauve orchids Queen The Colonial Socre tary has { 1
‘ = - ‘ trees are being surrounded with barb- Alexandra's tribute, and among others | invitations amon irate tot neat
ay * NOW MBAGED 1m 150 ieee og ae climbers and fall- that ofthe Ewperor Francie Joseph flowing gentle § lor th the ol
ry ° ing, and horses are being rehearsed tu wes conspicuous. , Memorial’ Service "at Holy. ‘T i
ROYAL [HSORARGE COMPANY, Lid. . Preciall Par peer ere mone sr eee LTS Aluiy AL en: Cathedral + +The Judges, Members of
Funds Exceed , see £12,000,000 if arch except the German Emperor porough by the he King’s repr representatives Gouna the Goneutar diody.t t ialative
GUNTS THREE PIFCE mR bl who = escorted Uommisstoner of Port-of. fn, the

N Tie’ ou SLION OF PRECEDENCE. igh House where he ae ari Pac, th
NSUKa: UES ‘effected against Precedence is giving unusual trouble Kick. and from thence he proceeded Mayor of Ban § Fernando 5 the Mayor of

Buildings and contents ot Ware- also of th tpee fat eavoys re resenting alace.
h ‘On in d ve ubliea. Ee Cie beloved Kiag George | AN ARBITRATION PENDING | @xisHon, the President of the Cham.
ouses, Urfivws, buop, and Store Poe kit. Roosevelt to unmediaiely | ‘tha Waited States bas presented ber of Lommerce, Hoads of Depart.
Promises, and Private Dwellings at 82:60. follow Ute royal kin, and that the the Foreign Office with Ite casa in | enomications. @ Various gious

loss or damaye by rire on Travelling « lImb' ellas. because of the number present and to the Throne Roum at Buckingbam f nen ofthe East Indian National Age

moderate prices French Kuvroy be assigned an equal, the Fisheries dispute which {sta be
P Fpecially made sp that they | piace. ‘These republice will thus bre | arbitiated by the ame Tribdual, | cure silllitery arrangements at the
cede eome monarchs, The colopies, ROY TCADA CLAN DEAD. our of 100 men from Volunteer Secs

cob pleceget tee King nought ice aera oot sitet ening porition and
others shoud be submerged upon such | “RUSSIAN x NEWSPAPERS, bulary rele feo fan me fave Gutter
INNUMBNADLA Frowens AND Tha Rumian pewepspery are erated cromby Street» the Fire pepe Aver
y Toeionumerable Rowers sat othe | Germany wiabes to Aoance Yermt te | ott en vs turs ects ben
of laurel and oak leaves from the trees | ways, steamship ete. but Eogland | ip, Bec prtary ey) Bente ened fret
round Washington's tomb, at Blount | and Russa object. Germany natifies | tring of a Salata of of sinty-eight mivute


PROMPT ARD toi rael E SETTLE: can be packed i in any trunk,

we age ae

dans; O"ee Walking Stick Umbrellas,

Calinana Seo Therm,

ee re

whe Bonsnmsa, ernon, planted by Kin rd he will not recognie thelr alleged ’
Porvof-Sprin At ROVAE, WIya LOIe PANIETES ov | phere of loduenee, owna baa nut | RIMLe tral tee tater at eae
" fi she has no objection
Tuolded THE * STORES The King avd Queen have sent 150 pee ommend enterprise, but any beau i down. wre acinderstend that |
guineas fod, Queen, Alexandra | 100 political intervention will be objer- the Een the Ling nocoram from "gan
— + oe | NT meas for the fauillies o nable® 1
For Business Men Only, Buren Colilers Me, Churchill refused PLAGUE IN AMOY, Femando will not partic! fiber the |
H hi =A t ee allow rescue work to o proceed Jt Bubonio Plague haa been officially | gttand w slusilar service ob St-Paul's i
am ug- merican ing ae St dar SC ONSEATED. declared epidemie at Amoy Church, Sao Fernando, 7;
O wore worr Loner (hé question of } are Gg —_—_—_—_—__
a te A} vee been unseated for ille- Ottawa May 17th. i
HE sen “Tupi ave | Naat, atti deh le weiss Metacldes tapeily the | The Graod Orange toige ot Aeal-| Todays Court List
Passenger boat g' With Doctor aed | tlw to the underaigeed who te ready to use of autorer flee ta collect voters at | ¢ tobe protests against any alteration ~——
Stowniticon oa toutd; have brea put on | dleerent note, rangiog from $25 upwards, | USENTNG OF SAPANESE-DRITISII |» in the Kingesis are expected. "froin CTVIR ARPRALS
the West Lodia Lane, sviliag about the | breidee fevesting money io mortgage EXHIBITION. OntarioandQuebees oll A s
10.b of exch maratn, ‘ beacon getele popetie within eat The Japanese-Deitieb Exhibition =. heard) Clarencs t mbar fog & Sat $
Fis faa ane (metered get etremoey one} Death pf MeO. CG, Aqul, | HeAeer Gasiznann ik

Fist class passage to Havre (1$}to 16 bh tt the ci
ays) £20, sotlon wil weep the

CORONATION QATIL We regret to announce the death on

ener eT

a ¢ advantage of Tolerate T
© aes aenmrs: ‘ . ” snterest, which fs an important item to The ee Chronicle" says the avg, eret 9 announce the death ot
The di “Ctd 8, §. . Waster wald “ape 7 ta te mu Gantie Ofen” Quebeo Legislature will petitfon for Oumute, of ae, D.@. Aqui, The fu: Cricket,

rini a ipping ‘ra ing On eg «| Sendment of the coronation oath In | core) took place at Ari at the
———————————— ~~ LATEST TI TES? TELEGRAMS . manner acceptable to French Catho- Chub of ub Jude, on Monday otters tof correspondent ae send us the the follow.
7 . noon, v. HLA. Grey, Vicar, am oom of the mems
TRINIDAD LINE OF STEAMERS ONT eryetasa tee | “areaoa “NORWAY, RANTS FEMALE | Siuung, ‘Avie cuelery theunal | tot Viele dad Starline

irade, 4,100 toas, will leave here for | $V. J & Panama Telegraph Company} Tye Norwegian Odelet{og has enact- Masonic pervice bad een conclided. eee the ‘Tuaaposs’ 0.0, ta

Pr Grreada and jtmnid: in 4 Freight tor, Totego pnd Ciudad Bolivar | Havre on or abouttho Mey Stibnet. | KING EDWARD'S OOFFIN IN [ed univerval female suffrage at the Idi the’ tune of 30 rune, Hatt
ad, carrying Throsg! . ‘ " , E ROOM " axe prs 2 become effective at the [er Mr. Grey also presided at the Yictorlans com led 16 rine frst tbe

For farther particalers apply to THRON.
WES, don, t 3t i .
= @ PROPOSED SAILING DATES eee prize Constaatly wes a Moth [ARTA LAW IN ARGENTINA, | WoretIlis Worship dlayor Veckles, | fii din ies net, outs MV vg
. "New York piste qrintied New York, ‘cH PRP coffla was taken to the Thrpne Room, nat entina has enacted Martial Law | 1s Stonineoin Gdw, Kong, J. ile nee replied with 8) runs, Haniel '
‘ WN Gr GBANADA’ Meh, 19 Mech 20 April 6. Apell 18 PAUL tl SCHEERER & CO & Grenadiers from the ‘Kin "se Com: & precaution agalost a upiversal Clark, Aria avd ey, WH . je 18 and Jhahnam 36. xs
ARACAS® 40, Moh’ 20 L April @ = Apel 18 = Ka Phone tt. Ageots. in diets sand guard wit i bour. | of tirike during the entenery ctlebtw ] now.’ We beg to offer our yeh iey Victoria Bt, in took 8 wickets tort |<
e to lees, and fo
or Gianapar AP ao April Wn fol eM oe one ith eh thas poset ouck thatther have | ‘RUCTPHOCISY TREATY Fon | the bereaved relatives, (wickets for 2h. hums Banteld took
R&CAR” ua - 4 "a ~" May == May 199 beonmede balfhourly. Tbe Royalties ADA, , Halley Visited B Barbados ¢
wee May we a. Mey a“ S Jove li Juve lo é of the household rm roske freqeent vie) sere Watblonion, May oth: . {
NorGRANADA" May 8& ... Jane vo Jase «15... Janets ueon Alexa tary 4, te not geveraily known, says the 4
BACAS* ~ Susp 8 ow Juae 4 =» Joos 25,4. Jaly 3 \ BEHVIVES AT AaeeH iNGuTAst to carly go convenient eo y a . " wekly ki Tina it ‘ley a PRICES CURRENT, j
services ORGK TO astronomer ecove: —
eal tes shore? "Steamers call at ths Inland 0 Island of Bronada both Wayd. ") panda, Palece, one fa Mroneidia |K Gnilt and the United States have tn. fre comet ae ts of eo: the feed New Youu May 11th.
Would drawf the attention nf (bose | Hoom in the evening was attended by qited King George to acpibltrale the Hardie Co ei ee etaitd who Flour, Tlendel Clears for Mey,
raona! friend of "Walley. Indies per barre

meiap ySHIPPING AND TRADING COMPANY, _MigED _ | Percbasing BOOT of BHOLB that carer Hippress of Hansa end ber broth | 7 icp eat ta SRAILAV NY LOAN,

ey bave just received or the K ‘American, Brijish, Freoch and In
et r Pink,” inorder to av New Season's Pork bri
WHIT ONDA YS. PESTIVITIES 16 German rapitallets bave reached an] mour Pink,” inorder se reTteS | iteavy Mose Pork per i pei

" sures t regarding the Chinese rail. | for tbe purpose of ascertaloln
wr e es A LARCE SAMPLE SHPM ANT Thla morning newspapers urge tbat loan, Hankow to Canton upon s | vatiations of the compass in different Uryetate tals por dulbe
latitudes, On bis Ore o bhs ten Sugar) Nuscovado 80 test 100b ait
tinkk | t Une Whit-Mondsy festivities though Taste of Gavality sublect to the approv. tat a 10 nee OE vor ene his ty

Browiwar, Now York aod Poot of ot Soon. provided Ein with eebip, the Pare: ) Meal, Kiltdried per barrel Tt

Sat INL iT ESE a te

—oFr ~ terrupted be quieter, bu
. Q geoeea Ta! accordades ath "king | BARTHQUAKE GhMOCKES |” | return but teas provide with a ao. a afin tame
WHATS THAT? American Eoots & & bees Ero OW REMOVAL OF _diablatess magma, vexpert rete | i epee, ei cad i aa diving | Cotton Siddling Unisd
4 The programme bas being lwssed for inerara, 150 =a nachile , now York end
, GENUINE DEMERARA ron way ot wows, yore, |urtitieie birt Net | phopatc eucats sine |The Eat nda Hata Con- eee goa on
GIRLS sod INFANTS vee ell one willwalk'bebiag thegen | GLYDE IN BOUTILAMPTON. gress of T . ka slab mors
s ‘ : carriage followed by the wile royal- Southampton, Nay, iéth, — N, York
‘ ite URARD| error pinnour ae ir odes euloe ceatei | Bt Mit ctived ess aul Cine | manisgembgunuay Ath love's | Longo Otay ra
‘ : : Carriages willfollow con eto |S p.m. at the Gouva Indian Bcbool Damerare Orystale
ts American Samples tant ibe is para aod oral Tadina hie HOLIDAY IN LONDON | Ifouse where reprosentative Hast Ion abet et S149 t
ce y I .
% NO FARE [If JS THE GENUINE STUFF, His ABRANGEMEN TE, The Whit Monday ‘ieliday” meaere of communication received from Hls Floating terms in Bond, ’
i a ARE MADE BY THE MOST The later arrangements are incom. fare more pumerous than usual and | Excellency the Uovernor, what steps | gucay we 31/3 }
bi d Mol pad ey ar ment ea | en eats ro contre Moe | Berea ate | |g ett
Distiled from Pura Gane Juice al OldSSE8- Experienced Workmen | Se "sutenstted to King George who those & sto indulge iheuieslvoe af the cotamunlty, interested” in this Java Sugar 0d Y Gibraltar i
i 4 goouice rom ADEE | Spore he iuienSeta cade] an yok CHAS. yy, [{Stazhinasrmentrar wovomela | | Grchsaaal ord Aatog |
hy 0 Is nothing better to refresh you then wre nleat ° Who are pid extra to make then faa ga for exatople the precau. | tween the chastened pleasures of |__| Deinnara dum Nora ma. pes Kel vel s
Takothe tip, 3/- per bole Obtaina 7 pre rly.coosequently they have | tous to Da taken again reyretiable |ihe multitude and the eatioue duties | ear anirer Mau ted perce 56/6
7 =. RD esitetion in gusrantecin ae Le feat eres at | Oe ae PIKE THRONE ROODL Ooltun, bledium’ Fine Bea :
bi , . ~ss * . ital reboare ri ery ave re igttarsines feds at’ Busklng: ae. mice Lag eek at Liverpool Hus Numa ogee ae
"Ring Sun Fetablichment Corner Queen and Charlotte Strecta -g. | ve @ velected route tw test the jn the Throne Itcow af Bucking: rool supply» xe ie ck 7 ’
Bun Feablihment Ooo Tho Woar amd Fit) esau, dicen iter [ite trustecuriit” fee "aia | GALE eee matyOm ree (Sia aS
THE Exc HANGE,’ Marino Sq uaro. on EACH PAIL, sat he popular oro ee an 7 upon 4 en white e aitk sud dy over ENGLISH PHARMACY. to Parke oe ) ’
“* t

~ oo,

a ” \ ag vere Ee Oe i aie, DY Ltt gn peg nl ret . -


sme Bein, rien ’ . . ‘

Trinity Honday.

“ Discovery Dey” having been
declared a poblic boliday in the

lace of “Trinity Monday,” out

loors will therefore be opesed
Sor basiness as ueaal vn Mon
day next, 23ed May.



‘Port-of-Spain Gazette.

Pubdlistes Daity. Monday: aad Public Hot.
daye excepted, at the Office of St, Vincent
maaan, « SOR, Port of Spain,


Advertimments of Births, Deaths,




Fitted with

' Schoener & Co.





Matriages, ackoowledgmeots ac
Auctaimert (which must be autheot
ated by the wgndture of some

for at a/6 each to be id

Casual Advertisements o: every description:
as OL per week, 33 64 per fort:
fight, $6. per month por lach—-to be

‘Wants, &¢ :—os 64 week each, to be
prepaid pe *

Eahor cand Publisher . * yr pte AmmanD.
Cashier ww GJ, KH, Foran,


‘Cheques sent to she office of this paper fo


' ae ' Pe TuPate ses be made payable
. = o fe i Genctte,
i ‘oe anor

hi Oo 4 QUA. To Conauronxpe te,

We do not bold ourselves respoanbte for, af
da we oecessarily endorse the opivions


Offer for Salia


Cocoa Estate


i «eo Sugar Estate


thip Chandlery:




South Quay.


~~ AT


Ladies’ Shoes


Solomon: AU letters’ mapa be astome
paoied by the real sigvature of the wrijer,
pot oecessarily for publication, but as a
guaranties of good faith, Rejected mianus
scripts cannot be returoed,
Advertising Soale on Appiloation.
Seer de in ddbuncetPestageinee Te
Current Events.
Appeal! Court—10.30,
the Ward of Toco by
two p.m.
High Water Morn 11.51 Even
Sun rises + cee
Hun sets 6.10 pm.
Moon sets ow «. 206 am,
Fraasur.—Yesterday afternoon at
the residence of her parents, 7 Rudin
Lane, Belmont Circular, Ada, aged 1B
ra eecond daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
i C. Fraser ang
Mr. T. N. Sampson, Funeral at $.30
this afternoon, Fiiends will kindly
acvept this Intimation.
The Jamaies Sporis—Ffund
jor Hatertsinment of the Vs-
«ntors, Pope Culixtus [IT
and Iallev’s Comefs The
Curonation Oath; Mourning
for the Keng, Proclamation
und Semorial Service; Ihe
Big Kight—Methodist Minis-
ters Up in Arma—Entoring
a Strong Protest; Arrival
and departure of tha RNS
5 Agricullurul Society—Sym-
pathy with Royal Family,
Our Article on “ School At-
tendances” ; Halley's Comet
Lo-night~Approaching Im-
merston of ths Kurth—No
One can Tell the Biect,
Suprem Court,

Weare expectiog a very flarge shipment of Ladies’ Footwear and we
must bave coom to put itio, We hare therefore decided to clear out the
whole of our presentietock off Ladios’ Boo's & Shoes and will sell every’ pair

: Absolutely at Gost,

Our atock iocludea BOOTS
eod SHOES for every occasion


We are requested to stale that no
service will be held at Holy Trinit
Cathedral this evening (We needayh

The Markets willopen at 5 o'clock
‘de m,0n Memorial bor 2th ine€, and
close at 8 o'clock,

H ° ber of plesaure seekers at
and Ladin sbould pot mits we pnt ‘oa Whit onday wes etrik:
Opportacity to get realiy hig {ogy amall ae compared with the pre-
claeg Footwear at geculoe bat- ceding fow years. There were how:
gala peices. ever a fow “ marcons” and a dance,

We are enumeratiog cf the A, memorial service will be held at
bargalus offered batwould prefer | | Suaaasrat10°oteck cn Pridey fore:

noon, 7ble hour bas been fired to

accommodate those living at a die-

tance travelling by train, .

We have received the draft ofan

+f ordinance to amend the Public OMt-
cere Guarantee Fund of 1900 which It
fe proposed to {aotreduce Into the

Legialative Oouncil,

We uoderstand that Mr. Felix des
Rources, a praduate of the Kan Juan
1.Q School, hae been, appulated to
the position of fourth alotane master
a oe
pt tte anguility Boys’ Precticlag

you to call and sce fur yoursel/t

Black Kid, Patent tip Darby
Shoes, 840 pals. ©

Wlack Glacé Kid, Pateot tip,
Balmorala (to lace) =; $1.88 to
€2.00 pair,


‘Ta Cexta,

81,20, $1.44, $1.56 to $1.80 pale.


Dre W, ©. Rose, of Sterling, Nilnoie
amagazine writer, will begin early in
June the longest power & crulee
ever undertaken. With « party of
seven others he wil speod two years
teaverving the Pacific and Atfantie
coast iloes of the United lates, Con:
tral America, Mexico, Canada and
Jamaiya'y waterway systenn

Lacklel Morilson, a young wan of
alout tueuty-two y


and of births and deaths, To get the neces-
t [cary certificate they often have to co

grand-daughter of }

the sloop before she set sail for Trini.

Josterday Bascus found to bis utter sur-

prise, that the

aud Sergeant Boyd, of the Detectives,

+ Sof age met bia ( who was erined with a provisonal war.

Mr. T Il, Cenes, Assistant Teacher
atthe Tranquility Government Bo \
Training Bchoo!, has been appolo
Head teacber of Bt Anne’ Government
School vice Mr J. 4. Robinaon resigned.
Me. Croee will assume his duties on the
ist of June,

the offerings madé At Bt
Thomas Anglican Church, Chaguanas,
on Whit Sunday was an Altar Candle
extinguisher and tapers, the gift of
the Chaguanas Females Self Help
Boclety, anoclety that Je already, we
hear, justi ing ite existence, Rev.
Mr. Todd eulta 7 relerred to the gift
duriog the morning service.

On Thoreday night's (10th Inst) meet
Ing of the Ban Jean Literary and De-
dating Association; Mr. Joa, Matthew
will read a paper on ‘Agriculture {3
the Schools of the Colony.” It ts
hoped that there will be a full attend:
ance of mernbere on the occasion,

Acorrespondent calls our attention
ta theunnecessary inconveniencewhich

ple in the Chaguenas Ward bave
ndergo in thé way of reglatration


fourteen miles esch Way Ile suggests

sesponsible person) willbe charged | a division of the district for registra-

tion purposes,

Elders and Fyffes Lt, have ylaced
orders with Workman Clark Ltd,
Hielfeat, and A. Stephen and Sons, Ltd
Glaagow, for the construction of two
steamers for thelr banana and passen-
gers service of the same tonnage and
Teasurementa as thelr steamer the
Tortuguero, viz, 4161 tons, The ves-
sels are to be delivered nex$ February.

It 1a reported from London that
Danny Maher, the American Jockey,
has been retained with a fee of £30
to ride Lord Roseberry'’s Nell Gow in
the Derby, for which event Lemberg fe
favourite. Maher hasalready tron
Craven Stakes and the Two Thousand
Gulneas on Nel] Gow this season.

During Mr Roosevelt's visit to Copen:
hagen, the grand children_of the late

M de Scholten, sometime Governor of
the Danish West Indies, presented
him a rare add interesting gift consist:
ing of a collection of Washington
relics, including an eyeglass, stick and
snuffbox, which M. de Scholten bought
at an auction at St. Croix some bun-
dred years ago,

Yesterday afternoon a large columa
of smoke silhouetted ag&iost the

Sate of a cocoa plantation situate fa | Zastern sky in the direction of Bel
F. J. Scott & | mont, caused the Brigade at the Cen-
Son between the houre of one and | tral Fire Station to hasten to the

scene; but it wasafterwards discov-
ered to be only the smoke of some
bush In the upper reaches of 8t Fran-

42 am. tf cois Valley Road,

Me R. F. Leavitt, cashier of the
Union Bank of Halifax in this city
left last night for New York by the
on Marowljne”. Mr. J, W. Martio
of the New Uoloniat Co. Ltd. also
sailed by thesame boat. Hoth gentle-
men are on a holiday trip to the

By deed No, 1312 of 1910 (recorded in
yealerday'’a “Daily Bulletin” and
The Law") Mesers. Kleinwort, Sons
& Co. and others have released the
properties of thd New Cojontal Com-
any Limited in Naparima, Savonetta,
Potdtea-Plerre, Gedros, San Fernando
and Sea Lot J Spuare and 4. Marine
Square, Port-of Spain, for £121,000,

His Grace the Archbishop of Can-
terbury bas by telegram requeated the
Bishops in commuulon with the See
of Canterbury to make the following
changes in the prayers for the Hoyal
Family : *Subetitute the name of
King George the filth for King Ed-
wacd, aod in prayers for the Royal
Fanily, add: and Bless the Queen

Alexandra and all the
Hoyal Fanlly,” .

We beg to acknowledge from the
Education Departinent a copy of the
New Code of Rutes under the Elemen-
tary Education Ordinances 1900-1990,
made by the Beard of Education on
the 8th March 1010 We notice that
“Household Management” and Eng:
lish Mistory” are includet among
special aubfecte which may be taught
fn Klemen hools, ples are
belng sent totbe Managers and Head
Teachers of schools,

As from yesterday the Hall ‘of Jus-
tice in the Supreme Cou: wore
mournlog epparel for the late Klo
Edward Vil, Yards of black clo’
enclreled the white columns between
which wore black piteamers The de
sign was peculiarly appropriate an
tent to the pdniclatration of Justice
within those walls a sombrenses of
effect which was notet all unbetittlog
the gravity of a high court of law,

A correspondent writes of the nar
row escape from possible death on
Satordey Jast which Mr. LH. Emart,
Actlng Engiocer of Surveys, bad at
Chaguanas, It appears that while the
train -was In motion Mr, Smart
stepped out to purchase some cigar.
ettesandelipped. Were it not for the
prompt manner he was pulled out of

lq dangerous position by an onlooker
on the platform, A serious tale would
have been told.

The Jamaloa Telegrmph and Guard.
taneaya that tbe pew leelth Ofice
for Kingston will not be selected for
some little Ume, a8 the City Council
will await a report from Professor
Boyce, to whouselx names have been
submitted, before arriving at a final
decision, On arrival In the tother
country Sie Rabert Boyce will inter
view the six mudicos, one of whom
Ie Dr, 1% Vorldy and another Dr,
Philip Marry and then wake 4 re-
commendation to the Council.

When the Brith sloop Advance
arrived ab this port apeeterday
moralng from Grenads, there =
a the ogers & wn, on
baive byril lbesous who antud waa
not at case: although he must have

fosgined he had hoodwinked the
Police at Grenade when he boardut

Upon the arrival of the Aduauce

ice were on the trail;

death in Klogston, tecently | rent, arrestad biw. ‘The lospector | Th iw ve .
9 while endeavouring 40 pick @ inepgo | Generel of Police at Grenada bi pre. babe Brtish seam yacht wrbleh lias
frou a tree. Jig, unfortunately, did] viovsly des a telegram to raed fro La lusyre f Monday
pot realize the danger of the fe | Teldidad, giving a description of Bas g with ¢ ree yonday
EDR PRADA, LTD wires and su, while lying lo secure | ous whoui they wauted eu a charge of OV. Hai 1. ‘aregten ‘acfeaens
° . 6 fhe fralt, be grteped ou Wa part of | eanbesslewent. The fugitive has n servanta. “Bh Tremales left t toro
the wires where it le sald the (usul- | remanded by the police till Tusedey | KNB Avesta” ‘ 'y tbe
omwewumasmy | SUH Was defective and in an fostaut Berk peoding further particulars trom ! the sess aftera20n oo swptog
aera wae vieotrocuted, reneda, Bevled with the oll boon, eon.
he - ait. am ten a oa. — - ake eine on im £ EI SO ta ATTEN I ta om fos.


ww GF

MAY 18 1910

attend the!

wong bo are to
Awung Lhowe who 4 ‘tle Cont

Bet International Ktcbar}

et Montreal In Hepternber, fn ad-
Shion lothe Papal Legate, who will
arrive on September 5, are Mee.
Sbarettt, Aosta Delegate, Mery
Heylen, Bishop of Namur, pres! dent o
the Permanent Committee of Kucha-
ristle Congresses 1 Cardinal Gibbons,
Mgr, Farley, Archbishop of New Yor!
Ngr. Falooala, Apostallo Delegate t
the United States, Mer -Len Maid,
Apoetotic Vicar, and about 0 other

The Secretary of Qourt Pride of,
Parla No, 7Gl bege to remind the
officers .an embers of the various
Courts of the Ancient Order of Forts<
tert of the special memorial service at

I~Galate—Charch, on Friday 20th
Ait apm, Members will kindly
gather at the Parish School Room
adjoining thechurch at 290 pm. A
fall gathering is requested,


An extemporaneous addition to the
Abgtican Church Ilturgy was mado ab
the service in the Lichfe’d parith
Church recently when the Vicar, Pre
bendary Bolton conducting the Litany
besought Divine protection for those
who travel by land, water or alr.
The foterpolation of “air” was dua to
the presence of Graham White’’and
hismother. The latter had expressed
a wish to offer public thanke for her
won's safety In his tight from London
to Manchester,

"An Artlean” writing in support of
our recent Article on the improve-
ment of our Craft workers, and Inci-
dentally or our remarks on a letter
sent to us by MrJ. Y. Harper, which
we could not find s publish,
concludes his commupication with the
following quotation from Emerson. “If
@ man cao write a better book, preach
a better eermon, or build a better
mouuse brap then his neighbour, though
he build his house inthe woods the
rorld will hew @ beaten path to his


Yesterday afternoon while Inspector
May, Supeciotendent of tbe City Fire
Brigade, was about ‘mounting
fire engine bound to a firealarm a!

| Norfolk Street, Belmont, the animal
whirh was quite “fresh”, got restive
and bolted oif before the Inspector Fi
a footing on thevebicle. Mr May foll
heavily tothe ground aud providen-
tlally escaped Lelong crushed, lle was
none the worse, apparently. for he
was able to get kway immediately to
the “‘acene of action”.

Tho Cathedral authorities have been
uested to provide 373 seats for the
Military at Friday's State Memorial
Beryice, Lesides this the acting At-
torney-General, fon, Aucber Warner,
K.0,, has applied for 90 seats for
Members of the Bar. Application for
the seating of a number of Prison
Warders has also been made. The
last’ rehearsal of Choir, Band and
Organ takes place on to-morrow night,
The Musical “Order of Service”
(worda of Hymns, Collects &c. in-
cluded, will ready for sale at the
Diocesan Press from today, There
have been already large ** bookings”
for same for souvenir purposes,

Oa Monday last Colonel It. John-
stone T.L,1. V., assumed charge of the

affairs of the local agency of the
Phoenix Fire Insurance Co., conse-
quent upon the Feslgantion ol Mr A
. Kcketein. The Phoenlx is among
the oldest companies which bave been
doing businees bere anc ofaccount of
ite stability fe bighly considered. We
&re sure that under the competent and
evergetic management of " the Major”
as he fe better known, the Company’
will soon regain ite former ition
mong the companies doing iness

Atabout! o'clock on Sunday after-
noon last, a woman by the name of
Marie Borbeg, who, for a number of
joan. aold nuts, suger cakes etc, at
be corner of Marine Square and
George street died almost suddenly at
her aunt's place at No. 6) George
street. The deceased suffered from
én affection _of the Jungs and was
attended by Dr. London. On Sunda
alarming symptome set fu with vom!
fog and the sufferer expired. The
Police at Besson street Station were notl
fled of the occurrence, aud they in turn
f communicated with Dr, J, ¥ Eakin,
D.M.O, who subsequently viewed the
y and certified the cause of death
aa due to * tuberculosis.” We under-
stand that two otber deaths from a
similar cause bave since occurred in
George street,

Harbour and Marine Notes

At the Harbour Master's Oou
terday before Captaln J. B. Baden
Artbur Peter clajmed the eum of nine
dollars from the Royal Mail Steam
Packot Company, for damages to the
punt * Maria® which wae run down
on the 27th ultimo by the flat “ Mir}.
an” owned by the esid Company,
After the evidence had been taken the
Harbour Master dismissed the case,
Albert Pompey summoned one Tele.
maque Windsor for the sum of $15 4¢
meat wenatees for pita for eee

0 for mn a
dollars, no costa. R reeven

The British ship «Mhine®
hae been chartered to 1eed . which
asphalt from Trinidad for New York,
Seine yrterdgy atte teh
ceeded in the direction of La Liven.

The Dutch Mall Steamer “ Mearog!}.
jee ” arrived yesterday morning frous

‘eremaribo via Barbados with § tone
feeral cargo and 17 ngers. From

ow York :—Mr, J. HE Hart. From
Barbados :—Mr. A, C. Warton, Mr, E.
O, Marebart, Mr. J. K. Abrams and 13
dockers, ‘The steamer Jofs the sane
evenlog for New York direct
LT bags ovcoa, 200 ba,
bage limes, 8 bales balata,
ages transbipaent carpo and the fol-
Serine passourere be cs . Ullom,

. r is e|
Ne J.T Glendinning eg



Pearse, Nre. Greigand Me Mr J. G

aod Mr. G. Adams,




we ene


ve ee tl.




Tailors and Outfitter!


Mow Mhowasne

St SINT as S-2

— AND ——

Felt Hats






Marine Square & Chacon


ei e Ss ae






aco. to 2G, enoh,

FOUNLAIN PENS - 3uc to $15.00 EA

New Shipment


Boot Departmen

90000000000 00000 6660 00000000 30000000 _

JOB 1T1.0T O


vvt TO $1.20 PER PAIR.

Going at less than Half:
BE 000000 0004000040000004

100 Tr) 1.50 EAOH


NEWEST TAPESTRY—50jns, Wide -1,50 Per Yorks



48c to 6GOc Yard. a


-The 8.8, * Viking” arrived on Mon- g brief Interview with the fon, ®. | cently published book, ™ Wanderin
day from Guanoco with 33 passengera { Ponsonby and have lsaroed from him } Among Sea Savages” should
--Mesers. J. Lord, I. Bareto ene BL | that hie ‘mlesion Is td renew negotia- now be well able tohead. his own
labourers from halt deposit, tidne with thie government on the | with moat people,

. ~ matter. Tbe substitution of olf for) The well printed and INustrated book
" The Ferairs to, the t ritieh pobooner coal as fact by the pavles of Lie world in which he tells bis adrentares ta full . . | .

jo be is" which ran ia! 6 ean o8 O01 use in mos read 7 +

Venezuela schooner * Ofelia “recent ] other quarters where steam power ja iz all the more eq because, Distinctive Tailoring e
Ty, having been corapleted, abe sailed } nesded, The Ii Me. eoab nin English, it â„¢
last night for St, Vincent rrith 8 pas @ it. aad thoug ing totrichs of authorest
eengers. The Ofelia” left on Bun a
day for Orietobal Colon,

his eariler claims on | but fe—like Mr. Dullen'’s wonderf

the local govarnament were not ex: of “the Cachalot”—a plain,

r + . . & \
~ oresive te ett willing to concede some- tforward narrative of atran N VAY ES I E

The Canadian Staamer “ Dahoms™ thing an secept ioe RoRrantes for eeeen and dons. so I Ss

will artive to-
Northetn islands. The Italian steamer [al ly eecured the meane hy which eat Fijian prince, who, as he —IN—

* Citta di Torino’ which was due yes: | the pioneer work should be carried eull living an .

terday Ie also expected toarrivethiej through, and only now awalte the J takes in London newe

mornlag. wanction of the Legislature to re-open

e e ’
ee Operations, After ten long years of » apart from ite charm asa se
‘ Tocluded In the cargo of the M.S, | waiting, and looking tothe derelup- life, untrainmelied by . ;
ad ow * Atrato * which Jeft on Monaay even- | ment of oll a¢ a xpneral commodity the | Kuropean conrentlona, ina beautiful * : 7
i. x. tng for Kure were, 4,905 packages | world over, we trust ove Legialaturein | country, where parti-coloured pigaere .
xo XIN CGS WDE bananas, 1,253 bags cocoa, 22 barrels | conaldetation uf the welfare of the is: J fashionable pets, and follow their °

and 4 crates oranges shipped from thle | land - will see Ite way to encourage big pastors about iike doge, is interesting

port ; 9 balea cotton, 6 cases rubber | efforts or tha glimpees tt givoa of the strange ep
and 8 live turtles from Tobayo + 785 nn contradictions of character, resulting -
bales balata, 19 bales aking, and 5 cases A SUSPICIOUS FIRE fron the struggles of the herrditary

bullion, transhipped frou the *Deita.”| A boarded and shingled house | fostincts of a savage wilh the cirilis- AN EXPERIENCED

zs learner also took 406 tone ban mressuring 25 22 with A shop pittech: in infuances of a Western education, |, 2 7
ef Coa! ‘ore leaving. mocasuring 28 x eof r @ reo
— and suingled .carrlege house apd BNGLISE OUTTLE
‘The American barquentine “ Allan. [stable measuring 23 x 12, and ont | latroduction, found the prince, “lying f +

wilde " 664 tons, Oaptain Or. whieb | oft the property of Joveph B. | on a heap of mate on * the floor,” was are” : :

arrived from South Nigeria ‘on the 4th nidge. « liquor’ dealer of Wolly. Netered Prin piles, of the London With our prosent highly trained Btaff Guarantees

instant, ‘salled from’ Brighton on Sun_ | more tock, were destroyed oa | Graphtec and otber papers) and on the Nowest Styles and best Workmanship. —« .

day after loading 850 tons Trinidad } May l2th, The property, which is ine | tables were pil ndiecriminately

Orude Lake Asphalt from (Washing: | sured In the Guardian f{re Insurance clocke, Haske, silver cups, fishing rods, i

ton U.S.A. The Uraguayan barquen- somPanys of which Messrs Musson | guns, musical boxes, and other numer. ‘
om 1

tine “Luis M. Mors, * Bo) arethe local agents, for] ous articles, ™ presente from hint ) ‘
Brighton the same day £100, was unoccupied. officlale and other Europeana” fle . }
leans with 700 tons or 4,188 barrele en was hospitable and gentlemanly, and
Trinidad dried Lake Asphalt, The Earthquake in Cartago, | anxious to do all in his power to make 4


——— his visitor's stay pleasant.
The British steam launch “ King

Newspapers from Ban Joss deted | But not long’ before he had been de Li t
Edward VIL," left last night for Ori: rted in disgrace for some months to MIETED.
tobal Calan with Dr. Stepkaa. the Rus. May 6th, ure to band from which we

he island of Vitl Levu for havin
sian Oil Expert and Mr. Harry Fowler. translate the following, says the Uolon

mecane “Starlet” of the 10th ioat. It gives prceseds bad ¥ who had offended —"
The ILM.S, * Dee” left on Saturday
night last for London and Continental

— “ ro i
hear trending detale of the destrac | smearing her allover with honey so
tion by eartoquake of Cartago and the | trartneants would increveedigvess | WEERY BY F R EN C H S TEA M E R :
ra vis Grenads with 2,34) bags | adjacent towne, her,” .
nidad cocoa, 6,748 bags Trinfdad | At Onrtago there is nota house left | Lis durance does not eeem to have SOFT
sugar, 203 bage Trinidad copra, 10 pun- | atanding éxcept tha railroad atation TO-DAY!
fee Take Ashate tO ogo cede FPO ae nee ioe, ™ foes ¢ exile, and fadted “ splendid o Beblag, wAND =
oge ar, ‘a
barrels old incl 22 bales bamboo and | Tieren, Blanca, Naversor Ban’ Rafae!; | end some of the white people bad sent | > Pee eS py ANOTHER FRESH SUPPLY OF
153 bales balata, Tae Telar sad Galrcot, have been dea; Sete bye, was the prince's 5 SAUCISSONS ayxp
royed ; the tots] nam of ki .
have vot being ascertained bat it 1s be- | {Avourite amusement, iors t ane FROMAGE PATE GRASSE
hieved that it will go into thousands, met! would not all commend them.
NOTHING TO EAT, selves | A brothera of the gentle art in AT ‘
sure ff eeeee | E31 A NT D'S, sr |
acco! 2, js Own accoun! when 5
“he bad put a fish-book through the : _ STREET j

lip of hia jester, a little * old man, and 3





~" “OH! SO EASY”


St Andrew's Golf Club,

Gentlemen who have entered for the
driving competition are notified that
the same will take place on Saturday
afternoon, 23th inst at 4 o'clock,

Late Barbados News,

‘The survivors are suderiog from han
ger, Theroisuothiog toeat nor driok,
fhe Governor of Sin Jose deapatched
bo tha 5th 50) 1bs of peas, 50 quontals
of rice, 600 Ibs of bucuits 10 quintels



DEaD BODIES THROWN UP, was usually the life and **soul of the
Thera bas been e resurrection o f th 2

bod ico to the She enery haviog been A the saggeation ofa nelguoouringy

thrown out by the earth's convulsions,

sud they are atill lying, there beiog no | Potentate, who has since taken an is TEE Stowt .-

time to rebury them. eleven on tour in Australia, steps were

A Red Crosa Society has beea formed } 20° time ago taken to mart ecricked \

by the military, with 16 members from club. It was @ fallure, je captalo, ; r 4

— f talk :
(Evo the Barbados cio, pHa M dey ote clan and | Haye a oot sod Pets
: — salmon aud Other large Quactities cf | ihe water uaul be bad red bim out,"
. OUR NEW COLONIAL BECRE- | Provisions, Dendes soldiera and police 7 44 then landed him. 99 4
rm TARY, aith pick axes, lamber aod & n¢. It ia not, perhaps, to ba wondered at é 6 3
yet Major Burdon, the newly appointed |], On account of the itrocte of Cartago f that Mr, Walker, ‘ne he telle ueina x
Colonial Secretary of Barbados will] being blocked by the houses falliog o0 | later chapter, “tat times caught the « 5
4 not be leaving Eogland before the de | eachother like packs of cards, It isim- J old jester,” whom his royal master
» parture of the mail there on June 2let. | possible to pass between them, had nick-named * Punch,” and “who
og A week after his arrival Sir Gilbert i J .

Carter on leave for three months
gud will resign on its expiry in Octo-

With 12 Additional Blades,


They are well put up in beautiful Eatin Lined Boxes.





Whlle engaged on the 12th instant

inthe work of exoavation on an old
roperty on Swan street which Messrs

Rayley & Son, Jewellers, are re-erect- rs for nought,” pulled up the stum
log, & quantity of debris fell on a | Ger all acaistance pecessary at Uartago, [carried them off the ground, an
mason named James Padmore cover- {| The Muotcipsity of San Jose bat! thenceforth forbade any of bis peo
{ng him in, and when extricated it ]-voted the sum of 10,000 colones, to aid [ ple to play “cricket * on the islands

wae found that aleg was broken be- | the sufferers of the disagter over which his away extonded, 7
low tite knee, He wae taken out and The wok of baryiog the dead os * With all his faut ” fa Mr. Wal- It keeps you Healthy & Vigorous.
promptly conve: od ‘3. the aaa! they are found have commenced. kere sumaning up to gad tts h te
aud adm s ie character, “he wasa ev,
"acoldent thet has occured sloce {bere ia no time to bury them ta he certalaly was a “‘eporteman.” ‘
: dl .
teatioa, through aa loterpreter, had gives him
ascended the Throne on thedeath of | Amnog the other churches of Cartego [information et fret hand on s
Willlam LV under the title of George [the osly thicg that remained standing | matters as butchery, cooklog, and car. ~e is —
V. le wasthe great grandson Of | was the froot walle of Los Angeles | ving. whether they would still Uketo

the German culony at San Jone to ren+ belng unluckily given “out first. ball

thi a8,
this building bas been in the bands of |" Tye church of the Soledad, fell com- The peeps that the reader geta of
worknien. pletely desteoyed, formiog ao trormous everyday life in the hinterlands of

— Vijl are tantalising.
A SUPPOSED “GEORGE Y." | m0. Near the outeide was the imageof | Pf “one ‘or his expeditions into the
Every stuwient of English [letor

the virgia on foot which waaraiucd up| intenor Me. Walker asked one of &

ir > 54 ought fo know tbat but for alead of 3] aod placed thera by some one. Among ty of three natives, with whom be
7 days which Victorla had over the [the peoplethia bas attracted much at- fhad made acquaintance, and who,
” - § | Duke of Gumberiand, he would have

eat man if they got the chance and

x e George {il and, therefore, # cousinéo FChurch, It is rather curious thst the %;
r ctoria, who was eldest in the line.of | cinck on the wall waa nob disturbed, bat | Were pat afraid of belag punisded.
i 8h bo May 24 ; “There was no hesitation,” he writes,
and beoa'May 27,1610. gions abave [uUDUEG RICPLRE LG. || da the Seepiy of “to (pesh, uuisred The QUEEN] of Beers...
The Duke of Oumberland died in 1878, a nenes Pachece, the brother of | with one voice Ike the yelp of a bun.

€ Yel
battlefts son whojhasalways mani. | doa Leonidas Pacheco, io attempting to gry “wolf, and it reemed to me that

fested discontent at hia father's ein In | leave the housewas crushed betwecn two | their eyes sparkled,”

In Papua dic, Walker wae to make
closer acquaintance with cannibaliam,
and was at one time unploasantly near
having, practical experience of its
imi :

daye late, Lad these | wall

dates bean reversed the world would] The daughters of Doo Evaristo

bave known nothing of the great@ Castro bave bees entirely covered

Victorian era, under fhe rains ri their house god the bt
——— oo og fou lougin, mare

SALE OF THE HARRY LEWIS, ote teil eg neins to ° After spending some time at Cape

The schooner ** Lewle” offer] Secor Angel Marla Bocanegra, Migis- Nelson, on the north-east coast of

ed for saloon an order by the Court of | trate of the cours of Cartsgo for the

.< May dus Knocked ous intothesurroudiogcoutryand| | f—]_ aTR, —~ ;

'. in surroup: coun ap ‘

tate Supplies ieee: 28 ee eS |e ee eas . OW G-:
ThE |

- nwo

firm of Messre Musson, Son & Co, for an two daughter, It wey beart reo | beautiful birds and butterfiles and
. wog te see this gentleman among o Ash, bi ol
the sum of $60, movotela of debra digging with is brilliantly coloured Ash, he had joined

SUDDENLY fuod end fa great t ibe poe Heel Set jMecigteate, foes explor.

- NLY. aD reat desperation ng expedition in @ unknown 7

—AT— George opts’ aoe c residing in | for bis wile aod danghters, « wih undertaken with gibe object of PianO
Dunlow Lane, took suddenly fll early The streets are all blocked, the rail: a tribe nainé&! Do

. boduras, .
Hi 7 | on May Ii vomlting blood, aud on ber f road Lines ace covered acd the bodies of been continually raiding « Warehousk,
E AER : mep, women, audchildren, that bave | frieodly coast (riba, “with no other .
—~ t . ‘oul be b

been removed are all beiog buried n2 | “@pperent reason than Che filing uf eee) we
fast an possible. thels cooking pota, . .
maallty of am inquest wes dispented | « Ab aujaalse few, momenta after the im oe dnte ‘enlloaly fol Jofmakin Gam for New, tock begs te offer jhe
ORNS STADE 3,88 Set Se i eis ears (ecm este| ccimidagenseoomeomone |
0, 1, 2, 3. —_— je anoth east, illamlaitlog the entire | been antic! ‘Mr, Walker, in the ash, ’
PBPGING HOES--No, 2, 3, 4. WAreate! yan PROBABLY DONE faved chet thie iievoization’ hus conn) by the ferud elowe ka the 1 Overatruny Piano by Ascherberg 3 50 |
700A. PRUNERS—‘Gilpia’ and "Arcade ire, teem nscale mi | iam TonneFes oo ret wa the are 1 do do. Biese 1 | (+
renteyiec — 1_ do, d
Mey Sth in the thros sail fluhlng boat | | —— 2 lo, lo, Neufeld .
CK AXES,— SOLID STEEL. | cites ice Treveiy of Me *WANDERTIGS AMONG, SOUTH | erez eccrasiotel ot 1 Vertical do, Strong = ‘80
toga Ari Sattar Say AVAGHS!” [Eek dhae Sesiengeseemey (| 2 do, da doy: e5
7* BRADE'S AGRICULTURAL FORKS ond Met Needbams Polat that. in| Underthe title of An adventurous | runuing pigs.” . 1 do do. Allison 30-
ot, FARKES do cheoging the coast before sbifting. a } Naturalist” Ar, HL. Wilfred Walker's | To tura Tock Wee out of the ques 1 do do.* Strong 40
r“ SQUARE MOUTH SHOVELS—No. 3, 4,.5 t onewetstueotpany tlabouts | Buvegees haa eoraly ‘been reviewed | bad be notion where tbe fut’ th 1 do do, Bishop 80
ie No, 3, 4,.5, nro men swan {0 00 despair, sald be | by bir. 7, Digby Pigott in the col | perty might be,, Coming to @ place ‘ ‘
d ki "po sof the Cunéemporury Kevigu, | where the tract divided, “1 hastily des re a yeas
WoOoDEN * RAKES, ee a a) Ran ied a | ae hate yet tka These aro all in‘food Condition.
. has | you are and it wae well for : ot
GOUGES FOR CANKER—},'5°8, 3-4, Lin. 2Ornee Oye aaned” throwa tabla lot among the propel | “me thes 21 Frederick Strest, l ‘ss
-PRUNI Sharles, was landed at| etory body on bie purchase uf Las | “from the police that if I bad witorme 463,
ROOURG EES aaanorg St cc ase ta es rt |
MULE BLANKETS—White and Brown, home i*blin to be ‘sulfesing frou Digby Pi ott's 8: endid review of bir, «there in full force Point te Lent to Fe TT enyenenereneemacenng
BADR GOLLARS—1610s fo poe bite Noth if bas Veen since seen or heard wake at Arete Davide, a Todd) Se prsheea aeris borg id ‘ -
= : i : :
STARRED REIN ROPE ofa eres a [eee orcs | reer emails e| [|The Colonial Dispensary,
rg Fits Village, Bt. Jeunes, a Home otayiog youth" ax Shako- “ forrartracting the brains of theie LEADING DRUGPSTORE it THE WEST INDIES,

nyo ture te pleaaantor sublecte, Mr

re nter s ,
Walkor, petole leaving New Gulnes,

pal e

suventuseus of the Two Gentlemen f
Verona tells us, “have ever homely
wits.” If the converse of the propos:


nw * Ith t too!
SENDINE -BIRKMYRE* OLOTIT-—-READY, MADE in the following | Joes neers toh arrival by the


Datavbliahect 1057,

wt ” JUST HECEIVED en French Mal BS, “ Guadelu
Bizes : 6f. it, 19f¢ x BOM, 168 x 108, esi on the previous day 0 tun'w: "which Valentine excuses his maa net he pe
\ % Of, fv x Gf, 10K x Bt, 1 ; G. Pousonts, an expe inal pethat|irignda, rier nn ney mag fortusats snows, to, make on EAU’DE VALS—ST. JEAN & PREQEIUSE.
an ‘Jo pee t era world 0 earen! ' ms
Frank Millera Harness Dressings to resow negotiation Fraslerng duly ogra Swe ilriog ew resentatives of the traditional ¥au de Vichy—Colestine, Fau de Curabsfa,

sacores Rumours bad reach we mt ul 8
holds good, and wits are obs by } malities ‘oe! i
Kouktog alow the word, bir avid * webbed Hie @

Fau dK visu, Carnine Le Franug Comprimeca de Vichy,
Eugiieh prototy Dos w t
fred Walker, (he author of a re ducks, litiog la sewewp cot far -

TVeatitles Chatel Gubsr Guyon —Miraton, da


a eee nneemeeraretans Meine ali eek . . . mats ges wre Oy

wm ry wT

o '
% - "

Ex ss.“Dunkeld’

6TIT ANNIVERMANY OF CANAL Mid Passed the following resol f 1,0H SALE —


— bealibiy cepig i)
AFFAIIS, ns valoing d oon

.Y¥ leted the] Whereas the Jeffries Jobnson| ‘aloing drawing and 4,

eb eet oreary ware ibe advent of 26 fight ie proposed for July 4 in the? rooms, frout aad hack len ~

4 offi.
@ topics of the day, 04 | tyncle Sam in connection with Usnal | State of California ; therefore, be It oiioes comp tote, te tloen


oo a
Adthe “ Cegnnation Oath” fe, fust
now, one ofthe



" | From thé 4th ™ Reaolved, that the permission of m
” _ which millions of Ills Majesty's loyal | rye, Oa ty Sietnmus, vaiteaoieed, Chat ube Permlaign otf le Cie wien “
4 an : a justt rotest againet wel of ve. when Lieut Mark Brooke | this nm rg Da epbans,
FROM NEW PORT NEWS. CUAHENDONOS BPLANDIO MAP. [wu Ltn Lay fake | any samen Heeger arms | ie Eat yuvRY demrate ana ak
. VARIOUS COLLECTIONA MADK UP A Peres 10 many of our be the name of his governmen a} cal mity Se ora ee et toaline ee
_ Oo : OREENT TOTAL ing (or Qu m re erand seoutan theron fh geners’ tn beuee cleaning be fin Me ew ‘Ahsectation proteste Againet ST ost,
-- King (or Queen) 0 ing + +] van, which has toade 6 " Association proteete againet rw
' < d ‘ d Ireland, Defender of the sirable place of habitation. the permlsston o! key rai
¥ r) oO -y *<¢ PI Ss . the gene rt * che splendidly ye Prance, modemaly acd sincerely io day'a de tra’ place © welovite the iniolaters of a denomine- Kays ts alee eee the !
the fund for the entertainment of the | the Presence of God. profess, testify, ACCIDENTAL POISONING. Hons In the Slate of Ohio aod of every ¥ abe ie es Seems mt Pek
’ inter-colonial cyctiste and athletes | and declare, that [do believe that in] oO. Thursday Sth Instant about 2 | other cold within wed

: {tb
ent of the Lord's Bupper htbuurne. aged GS yeate ¢ to stir thelr people and to unite w’
there ie not any Trenbubetantiation Dive ot Nasearn and Pen o the | ua [a protest to the Governor of Get
of the elements) of bread end wine | dock hands of the Leyland Line Oo. fornia against the permission of this
Into the Body aud Blood of Chritt at lin this city, drank carbolic acid in | fight
or after the consecration thereof by | mistake for liquor, . from the effects of a
auy person whatecorer i, and Ubat | which be died shortly alter. Arrival and departure of the
the Invocation or adoration of tbe |” 1 icntbourne anda woman resided at RMS. * Atrato,”
Virgin Macy pe any other Saint, and (11,6 fulidiog known as “The Leviathan . A half interest oe ar I
the Bacrifice of the Mass, as they &re | tn pth street. About two o'clock the -—- paglog. teams as
now used in the Church of Rome, are | women had prepared hiedinner. and] The Mtoyal Mall Steamer [Atrato| & te ee AAA, ce eee a
superstitious and Idolatrous, And as was Lhe custom of Lightbouroe he [arrived in the harbour on Sunday [pyin te .
do solemnly fa the presence of God | vould take an: appitizer” before eat- | from New York tia Jamaica, Coldn
profess, teatlfy, and declare, Ubat I do | ing, ‘Takiog up a bottle which be be-|and Columbian ports with general
make this declaration, and every part | jieved contained whisky he dranked | cargo and the followlog passengers for
thereof, In plain and ordinary sense, | geom it, but instead of whieky he awal | Triaidad,
of the words read unto me, a8 they | lowed the deadly fluld, carbolic acid, | From New Yorkt-Mey, Fh A.
are commonly understood by Kogheh | which the woman had {a a bottle, but | Creban,

Protestants, “without eny evasion | which was not known to Lightbourne. | Froin Jamaciat—Mr, A. E. Steward.

ulvocation, of mental reservation | On pading out his mistake fetold hec| From Golon seller, Emanuel Jones,

whatsoever. and without any dispen- | of jg and then ten downstairs tothe | Mr, Jas Crichlow, Mr. WW. Holder, Mr.
sation already granted me for this | Chinese store and bought a small! D, ‘Brorkson,

purpose by the Fope, or any otber quantity of eyrup, which perhaps he | PASSENGERS IN TRANSIT,
tathority or person whatsoever, OF | believed would have reliewedbinn. On| New York for Southampton t—Mr,
witbout avy bope of any such dispen- } runing upetairs to his rhpm he fell | ». 8, Moore, Me. J. N. Gallatin, Mr,
sation from any person or authority | soa the woman gave analarm. Her| EG, P

whatsoever, or without thinking that | oi hours went id and begea render | “From Jamaica jfor Southampton t—- | Vlesmon Oste—the a
Jangor can be acquitted before God | ino sestance while she ran off in| Me and Mrs K. Goodman, Mr LE. Pree

© man, or absolved of thia declaration search of Dr. Segre, but as the doctor Hawking -AlsseaW yon (2) tenon Food, Placa
or any patt thereof, although the | 1a. not inshe went back hometoher| From Colon for) Southampton t= Neave's Food, Newtes Food,

Pope, or any other person or pereons, house and found Lightbourne dead, | Dr, W. B, Ulbbins, Mr. W. B. Gibbin: pAlleabarys Food, :
or power whatsoever, should dispense | a4 4 police authorities were quickly in- | Br. I’, Savary, Me, Derrance, Mr. and Rol woa's Peteat Bartep~tapag ‘
with or annul the same, or declare | 7004 and Dr. Campilio summoned | Mrs. Hilbeck’ and family, Nr, E.| Morton's Veustias
Reming and void from they |e’ on bie arrival the man was be- | Jdioque, Mr. aud Mrs. Jones, Ue, pt. bots,

who will arrive here to take part in the
towrnanient of the loth and 17th Inst,

The appeal of the Kingston Athletic
and Bicycle Club for fundd toenter-
tain the visltora has not met with
the wide response which was anticl-
patelts and we understand that much
more will have to be done ifthe repu-
tation of Jamaica for upen-hearted
hospitality {stp be maintained.

The present undertaking is much
thore expensive than moet people ap-
pear to imagine. For Instance, the
visitors becowe our gueste from the
moment they set foot on the ateamer
their return passage money alone
totalling nearly £2 This entirely
apart from the local hotel and other
charges which will have to be met by
the local club,

It lathe desire of the K. A. A. B.C,
that the vialtors should be entertained
in ae perfect a manner as ible and
hence the appeal to all lovers of
cycling and atbletes to asalst. their
efforts, The entertainment fund ls
distinct from the expenses of tring
up the two days meeting which are

leo Very heary, but whichthe Club
hopes to provide for out of the pro-
ceeds of the meeting.

It is calculated that a further sum of
atleast £1(0 is necesary to adequately

“ALT, 21 Mal, age ee J.

the foder §h9 restores .
@ 1, Qaesss

No « Pad att A

Wa n teqi <7


Best American Cuals,

Can be landed coastwise upon early application


~~ Br —


srr peer ot

| ie


omer *
Redgu -

We ont Tes fem a %-
lovers a good oF
¢ blend ite rg: yee

moet tefreshin;
whet Tibioe is ahi

2nd May, 1930.

rovide for th tertal t 1 hel Fron Carthagens for Southampton: | Morton's Barley Sagu—ie, af
To Mourning for the Kin vin dened e and the bretbren 7 Eee Saraalii lor Sostempton ¢~ | Soft Stell Almoeto-tte .

. @ an @ brethren, From Savanilia for Boutham aad
oueng g ook charge of his body for toterment. { afr. Gockel, Mrs, A (ie de iat Torre, Pranee—1ib bot, fnad {esa .

“tel from th --—— Mr. Uribe, Mr. E. Herrera, Mr, F.

eee cr stae for the. Colonies to INTERESTING MURDER TRIAL. Gerwin, Mr. ©. Tawse, Me, J. de Col-
j the Go: a ber — ™ ma!

de ate ee with, the request that SERDICT—ACQUITTAL From Colon for Southampton t- Mr,

Vanish Batter.
40s tia, 8 reed hand i)
Siberian Batterme & &
360, tis, .

Pope Calixtus III. and Halley's
Comet... ,

\- Crecnse-Cein,
—_ {t be published for general informa: | The new trial ordered by the Crie- |, Bartelmy, Mr, K. A. Merlano, Goes t, Gam,
Tt itor 0, — tobal Cireuit Court, the jury in-the | From New York for Barbados +—Dr. i. et
» the Edilo f the Port-of-Spatu ton ss th reference to my telegram of | first rial having failed to a fee beren & Harrison Mr. A. Je Martheson, soem ~Co'gata’a Bo iat
— ay 11th public mourning will coo- fon Thursday — mornin sa Ida King. J -
DEAR Bin d~After your reproduc. | tinge to July. othe Mal mourning | Honour Judge Torin ©. Collins, The | From Jemaica for Darbadoe s=Mr, sarevilee sie
‘ tion, in yesterday's issue, for our edi: | after June 17th.” case arose, ae out readers will remem: | A.C, Thomas, Mr, F, W. Harris, Mr. un, hae
cation of the so-called Pope Calixtus ——==_=== ber, ou the alleged charge cf murder | F, Dean, Mr, James Sealey. LIBBY'S ¢. LNNER
Ilia story and bis Bult against] Proclamation and Memorial | brought against Louis Dennison av | ¥rom Colon for Barbadost—Mr. HH, ;
, Halley’s Oomet, I beg of you to be kind American about 25 yearsof ageforthe 1 St. amis, Mr, F. Duval, Me, J. PEARS rr
: and fair enough to reproduce the fol- Service. . killing of James Brows, a Jamalcaa | Machado, Mre It, 2, Machado, Mies vkacues | S$
: - lowing extracta from the Ave Mari aged 2 years, on the llth March of |G Lindsa APRICOTS

— x.
AT BAINT PAUL'S CHURCIL | thie year, at Camp DBierd Cristobal. | From Carthagena for Barbados t—Mr.
Duriye divine service at S¢ Paul's | The Hon, W. K. Jackson, Attorney Edg, Mallet.

Church, San Fernando, on Wit- | General forthe government prosecuted | Kroin Savanille for Barbados t—-Mr,

Sunday, the Governor's Proclamation | and Messrs. Carriogton and Todd, and | AlfredoSaper and Mr, A. Varella.$

of KingGeorge V waa read, and the { also Mr. C, P. Fajrman defended. The steamer left on Monday after

CHERRIgg f ~re-
EGU PLUM [890 wm,

OS 5 crt
Way Dito a Vick |

for April 1010, e 430, for’which
shall be very tach obliged

“The ridiculous story that Pope] National Anthem suog, Simuttane- { The fury found the defendant not | noon tor Noutbampton via Uarbados
Calixtus IIE, excommunicated Halle os ously, the flags on the Police tower itty aad asked the Court to deport [and Cherbourg with the following .
Comet, at the same time ainathe- | and other places were hoisted to the » him as he ls an undesirable citizen. passengers t— ;
matiziog the Turks and the devil, {top where they remained for half| Much interest was _manitested For Southampton t—Mra. Chas, F. M Ww.
continues to be repeated In popular | hour, during the trial the Court Room being | Stollmeyer, Mr. Geo, Robinson, Mr. . . wv
lectures on astrononiy, and In news On Filday next there will be a] filled throughout with West Jodiave [and Mrs. Wm Gordon Gordon, infant 84, Fredévies aa.
Papers, magazines, and even in books | Memorial service for the late King. and Americans. 2 children and 2 nurses. Mr, A. P. =
that are considered standard. Among beginning at 10 a.m), at which time it is

—— Maingot. Mr. J.D. Duke, Mr. Perey
probable that the concluding ceree-| MURDER TRIAL AT EMPIRE | Joseph, Me. P. Huttenbeim, Mr. an
montes may be taking place at CIRCUIT COURT, . Mes. Chas. Nivet, Mr and Sirs, a,
Windaor, Ato there will also be a Robert Morris, the Jamaican whoit | Irvine and jnfant, Miss A, Ford, gHom
memotial celebration of Moly Com- | will be remembered, was taken from | G, Goodwille, Mr, E Maingot.
sounion, off the Prins Joachim by thé Colon For Madeira :—Miss M. de Freitas,

—— Police, previous to ber leaving for [ Mr. and Mrs. Lewle and Mr J.

LATE COLON NEWS Jamalcaoo Tuesday, 15th March was | Jeroujmo, Mr, H. F, Xavier, Mr, Java

— tried at the Gireuit Court, Canal done, lewie Hels, Mr, Jobn Dennis de Bir,

: % onachbarge of murder and acq . et, Jobn J. Sordina, re oa

(rom the Colon dtartet.s The Zone police were ou the track of | Woodeutl, ‘Sir itavol Rodrigues, Be

The old fable of Wolf! \Wolft

was pourtrayed, we learn in Pan.

those who have been guilty of th
fouy ia the director of a famous Ainer-
ican observatory, For his benefit and
that of some nainformed Catholic stu-
dents who attended hie lecture, we
quate from Hone the following suni-
mary of the conclusions strived at by
Fatber Stein, Archivist of the Vatican,
after a rerent careful examination of
all the original documents lu the Vati-
can Archives relating to the pontifl
cate of Caliztua TIL: ”

1, Among the 101 folo volumes of


Until. recent joy eb |
‘ frees af Sk, Coorg Gaal

HAS Now xsTABLisaxe

44, Marine



’ ed the DIPLOMA OF MERIT 10 ‘vrefereucs to*all other


fORONTO 1900 “Batter aad chosper thas otters evga at highor prices
Retailadjerery where from Ic, upwards, Wholerale at 242 par 1b, from


Morris, and he wae traced to the ®Jos, Gonzales, Mr. Manuel Vascon-
steamer, but as he was in Panama | cellos, Mr, Manuel de Souza, Mr, Jos.
territorythe work of-removiog hint} 12, Macido, Ar. Anta Martin, Mr

the “ Regesta" preserved in the Vati-. was entrusted to the Colon police, Gomes, Mr. J.C, Pinta, Mr and Mrs, As a general dealer is
L - ae can Archives relating to the pontf- | jer” enon, Slmost the bo He cy From the evidence adduced ae brial Camacho and infant, Mr, at pire. N. B® .
Albort Lucion oe. rata of Calixtus 111, (143-1138 there | open, as some one had given the re| on Tuesday it appears that Morris | Ferre re (nfant, pure and 2 children,
Coco Denters & Choculats Manufacturers, is not one document contalalng the | norte that a terrible earthquake wae | worked ab Uns 9 epee Wet ih Nor a oe -—Miases fammer (2) ar Ward, my
4, Charlotta Street, Dort-of-Spain, slightest allusion to Halley's Comet. | expected. Thie scare wae kept up] Barbadian name \ cDopald ue ~ au ee eemel, 3 ty a an 88,
Sheg Representative-HENRY E. a1hkoux, 6 * In the authentic Bull of June 20, neatly the whole night aod we further | On the Sth ult, Mary gan pi aster chards and infant, Mrs. ‘
Travelling Heprey Ko. So. 1150, found auzong the official acts, the f jeaia that even the police gut. so | voking Moiris apd so great was the | H. Clarke, Mr. and Mrs, Heughton, in- mndiDo


. Boer Sohmer, “ROLE.”

Pope, to ho plore the help of God
against the Turks, decreed solemn
processions, and orders prayers, the
signal for which fs to be given toward
noon by the mngiog of bells,

% The fact ie incontestable: thle
Bull was promulgated a few weeks
after the appearance of Halley's
Comet, at a time when Lhe astrologers
had published thelr own sinister pre-
dictions; and the first of the proces-
sions téok place on July %, while the
comet was still visible,

4. It is equally incontestable that
the religious ordinances prescribed by
the Pope have no connection with the
appearance of the meteor. The evi-

provocation that ‘Morris reported the | fant and nurse, Mrs E. Phitipps, and
matter to the oss, who advised them | Mr. H. B. Philip Air, a. Ro de
a to settle tbe matter among themvel¥es, Bila, Ae. E We recko| is, and
hi The provocation ceased for a while es Waternian, Mr, W, cleveland
to have been felt nthe ey at eeceg | ahorly after began again, when | Mr, 8. Steward, Mr. P, ‘Monoray, Mr,
& o'clock on the Uth instant The | Marshal rosched Morris and} AntonioGomex Ste. I. Bouiil,
vibrations which have been experienc. | nade anattack on him. The latteria) For Cherbourg t—Mr. M. Grisol.}
ed here recently from the explosions | Self defence seized a machete and dealt ——===
The Constantine “Subscription

alarmed that they advised severaj
persons to leave their honies,


He begs to“drae spesel 6 WHE
large snipment of et
bas just received es
Steamer “Crowa of Tt:
woods | hove bees mest
tion wv price, WEOLESS
wiTAlte end he cordially ;
tion of same, '
a visit to bie ectablisbuesl Sts
prove benaicial te you. iy


of dynanjite are Likely to deveive the } Marshal s blow on the bead from the
tecta of which he dled shortly after,
are ke. experienced “in carthquake The Boss of the gang and others testi-
PACE chatecterof Maris sud showed that | The following salweriptl
: character of Morris and show a @ following su ion hi
TANS AND RACE DYNAMITE D it must have Leen extreme proveca- | received at this office n has been
Timothy Adler, was very unfortunate Hon which caused him to have com. Collected by Jobs D, Oum- £12 13
on Fri oh Gib jnstant, at Bobio, The prisoner was ably defended by Collected by Geo.4M. Cara-’ 0


from. the” Amalgamated ¥eiendly

through the reckless use of dynamite. Re } }
~ a OOO dence of contemporary authors con: , | Carrington dad Todd, and proved the oe as .
firme | the truth ofthe, Jaa tbe text of He "y nt tothe river alde oat ee pase of their cilent to be one of puré- B Fe Bterre te ~ i 18 8 a AND z
rr r © emf aishes the most peremp- | Jaw, aitached a short fuse, lighted and | LY self defense, . e te oo PM oO %
1 5 0 Ibs C O A RSE Ss AL 1 tory proot of het , held it in bis band, when ieeeaproted Morris was accordingly acquitted, | Collected by Ageplt Joseph 119 7 PREPARATORY we
764 Bags on, e 5. Fiatina, in bis work * Vitae Pon- | mangling ble hands aod damaging his nn Oollected by BW. Lack 103 2 —
Wieun {counpleted about the begin: face He was horried eff to Anscon oO TLEDDING OEREMONY. tant Quek aval ene, ~ Oi 8 j
7. ey ning vu ie year inentions the | yipepi where the surgeons a Thureday noon Zist instan: usen's lege ws (0460 °
‘ 0) B 0, 172 Ibs fi INE SA LT processlons (supplicaliones) avd the doing their best for hin, re are) at 4 o'clock at Trinity Wesleyan Stat? Trinidad Dys Works 9 i o Miss May
3 ASs Cue ? midday prayers, as they are Indicated eee Church Colon, Miss Miriam Etbelene | D, A. Walke ~ O88 "e Tess ?
’ : in the Hull i but be introduces some. 113 STALS ANI IS RECOVERING, | Field, daughter of the late James I | KM, Lighterrhan ~~ O89 ADL Salot's Radiol
. thlog of hia own when bé alleges that “yg will interest our readers to know | Field, merchant of Barbados alea | H, Freser=Tobago te ~=«CO18 '
8 482/2 Baes oa. 64 lbs. 9 3 the predictions of dwaster made by | that the Cuban wouan, Benone Maria | Gracd Master [.U.0.M. was unsted | A. Phill is ~ 200 [Queens rarey
9 3 : the astrologers Iniluenced the Pontiff | 2) Antanaque, who recelved eighteen | '9 boly wedlock to Mr. Beresford | A. Todinen and F.Pujedas 2 T 8 (Entrance iow ae
, . to jasue his orders, , stabs over her body at the hands of | Fitzgerald Lucas, Pianist eldest son | Direct Line Stevedores - O16 7 0
6, The authority of Plation as a bis | the Arab, Joseph Peontbe morning [Of William Lucas Planter, of bt, Haralyn’s Lightermen ... 018 3 NEW 75eu OB
0 rian, {a the Jight of the yerdict Jot the 1th instant, [Is still fo the | Philp Barbados, E, AH, Coker, (8, Anns) 1933 aaed
” | Botovtun thurekbarle’ end Lestor te | Uospltal aylifel eeeeriag wPlendidly ) oe aru suNENGE cosmuren, | fee Tybaeriin 7 9 Y | Monday, *
under the skilful 7] h . an 4
FOR SALE . BY such that his testimony is always tof the sabe ablity need attention of Benedicto Kenteria, a Colombian, Employees of the Govern. 136 Moy Isth—Iw. a. °
be accepted with the greatest reserve eet who [was tried and sentenced by ment Printlog Oftice 015 6 a
even when there are no manifest LABORERS LAID OFR, the Supreme Vourt of thie itepul. | Employees of Messrs, David. +42,
proofs that he ls wrong. We learn that fully 800 West Indian | lic on the 16th instant to receive! | sond Todd a ogy g ;
7, dlsaccouut is, nevertheless, the | taborers have beon laid off at Gatun, { the death penalty, for the brutal | Car Barn acd foe Plant aod 8 ORIA Noa
, only source about the Bull aud the Jin consequence of the river having | Wurder of Maria de las Nieves Ortiz, Power and Worke Jin. awed
L Comet for many authors, who have | been fo: to findan oytlet through on the 12th July last year, flores of the Trinidad ——?s "
e @ neglected the true documents relating | the spillway of the Dam, At the solicitation of the members of ectris Company, 228 PROGRAMMS OF Gay
toit, Calvislus and Fabre have s =. a the sald court, the President In virtue | Peter Lockhart, Belmont “~ 010 0 er
eS eee cially coutrl buted to accredit the f.tle CONDOLENCETO ROYALE AMILY | Of the power conferred on him, has | Staff Education Office 012 Q | Second Term Comet
> ~ faserted in the * Vitae Pontificuas The following cable was been sent to | Conmuted the sentence to one of 3) | Shainrock OO 56 U0 FH oer
8 Among the astrunomers, Lapiice | Lord Knollys at Buckingham Palace yeens luprisonmentin the pilson of _ . —
p t seenis to have been the first to use the

be capital of the Republio or In th The abo: losed
expression conjurer ks comets. Araya Societies in Coton ¢ pew prison to by copstructed fn Colon. Stet of Moye ee ee on the

= Trench (tae ES
Monpare oc Pu ‘

* @ all collecto; Bpsvich (love

<2 speaks of an excommunica: | 1 1 y . ——— pan re ate ‘
.. tion; and sincs bie tue, whenever the | *TOmAtslgamated Frieodiy Boole: | strap ation FROM JAMAIOA, tnoneye to The Gasette ood | ava Per hoa an
TONCE!! couret hea come up for discussion, | «To Lord Knollys During the mouth of March 1252] than thet date fiice not later | TyEiDAve—T pera, tr
BY SECURING A eroreisine and anatbemae fll the alr Buckingham Palace, Perwons left the island of Jamelcs | Hon might be tnade eee gite presenta: | Drowme kit of SN, "be i
The palm in thie work at Uijeginetion. 1 bi London, upder veautien Btante Frotection Laws bie after, seearly as posal. 5 paniab- (beginae) .

es . e ” U , for ne
\ The Ideal Disinfectant 1ZAL—The most powerful Pa ance te eee oxbe diane wt de jects folgred West Iu ofipe, colony. rent ee ub | BS Sees pom | phones ane

of all spermicides ! ALSO~ ising the cowet during the battle of | ed Royel Faulty, balance cane on to this port, GOOD TAILORS Jocoe pm C
a ~ gre ee ———
" { fleas and all gi i" Wace dissatead sone, ap at EDUCATION orgie ZONE The Big Fight Ween nspars—Shortbasd :
et n Tm | cone Ui “ le - a 4 % q

Izo-fxal—The greatest enciny of fle ge Mounly, ve Dario tbe we of Mareb 1.0 | METiIODIAT MiNisTERS AREUP| * WANTED Sickpee a
Carrying pests, 14, ‘There is bo foundation for the | pupils were enrolled in all tbe schools INALMS, * ’ Tae eayeoast Me ‘
assertion that the oowet wee univer. { of the Gana} done, of whieh there are ~~ AT = a. Eogivt OO

IZAL PREPARATIONS donpal theta tae pee Rees | pie Wen wii einai] SiMe atime roe, | OM PP ENG 7, forct es Ie

Com prise Veterlanry 12 AL Hold, IZAL Hoan ha 1b bere, 164k | ae Oe Eo cee in EO bes | THO Tae catkoe Steen enaanee of | Cincipattl, Obie, May Ist,—Resolu- 9 MTD ei at Oren

polt 906, satiate “1ZAL cee, TZAL yeries, IZAL Totter Bospe’ and | T* by ite appearance in as e @ s are oe were atine eee:

for coloured childcen with an en

Lwen greatly exaggerated. albth Mey, 1910.10

ing of the dlethodise Mintsters A
Mog of oploatti ‘at Witcey Chapel

Tooth er. nent of 1,21] and the average daily ay

pol an
AL INSECT POWDER! |7—-. —— seem ta | PUNE & Closing of Mkts] “Eerste
i a tobelp sal, oo
A bultle of Bickles Autl-Cons: THE ot OF POR bH—It te not | bbew make a preat . . . : TKS
IZ E OBTAINED WHOLESALE ve ay is taken scondbog to dites: elated for Canadian Healing OF tbat obeoulag Je ries-Jabneoa Ment the ON FRIDAY, the oh INST. Chasers FOR Apu
ALL OF WINCH OAN B . ? . . oi ou & ooughina short Pit will cure evesy if] but ite use are { Celifornia on duly 4 Them nlvters UBLIO NOT! ve ae, ola é
AND RETAIL FROM ; br bundead ave trhed it send aoe face, a reowe tat Ib ener ba Wolwpan | eipird Sst they hone to bare the | fon FRIDAY tne geet yeni | Mowpays-Bogee Om
» u tu t
. 7 . to lear testimony to ite merita, aebieved that gheat ieee for luelt ie of May. ‘aud thatit it mere Audits | ithe day bred for the fuversl of Mis late eelack 0 ie Pl ee
: all mapy hoow whate eplendid § all ate: to suipess it have falled bee fybt they will wud ible Lo sop ¢ Hajes y Kieg Edeord VIE, the Markets Wapasspays DATE 1 get
The Bonansa Drug Boree, Porief-Bpon & Savare Granda ellen 1 ese oi Ys etcio he le | ted Sere mecregen Sts [Puig Oren 8 anand wl TaN gta es
te w a eo Wa + Viatuse aud leant eo Ov x . e'
Bole Agents, ‘ Whe bavu be beuedlited by ite use,” ” experience, aaee Dy gallnk the wall OMS YO Pres soared annoup paluy, | gins pamente 8

Towa lark & Treevere.—3 los, ab the tnetitets ;


pocket. We bave allthe
Bew astylich obs tod

ebedes ard our Hate'not Partha:
ooly look well, but wear atd sconomy,




sod antrimmed, Allibe
very latest atylen, Hate

“01038 mo 7s no 103 Apwes ore Uos¥as OT)

culls, petterse aod
to snit all covasions at balf
the pilee you pay else-

. | . / |

Fashionable Goods “rye |sceiatichainet the Are

melodealight meliumandbesry
goderm par in allaizes and styles,
ing bere meaca comfort


We have jast opesed a large
assortment of the nawe ¢ styles,

correct. We sell you thaclo’h,
and we make your sult to measure

5 find a greater variety of
Assiatant Agronom, Department of

& ws tse all k ode— plein et dean ate Centiewes shvdes : od designs suitable Agriculture a Surinam, thanking the

correct atylea, Quality — block and trim Panama Hote la BSuciety for admitting them to bon
& 7’ Panama tote ia farther letter
a considcred, our shirte are the correct way, orary membership.—A_ father
g the lowest priced {a town.® | = _ we recelved from b Profemor i 2B 4 —

Â¥ arrison thanking the

Nowil Bo with eoyitiog TWEED AND President Suspenders kindness and courvesy in inserting io va SR ereenemneey

luke tarefalieendetog, © cacefal ieandertor: SUITINGS | Ace yoo woertog Suspend | ee eee erected Tnetsuc- ' ‘ . -
8 LADIES HATS Trimmed ere that tag and pull co tor in hia department. Everyone expocts to go tothe “MEMORIAL SERVIOX" on Friday nesi

Â¥ 1

Albert Stollmeyer, aod Georgs Fils} A

wing high ° er eer ——————
Age sj rere, ‘| Michael PL Maillard, [23

Gooas, HL POPULAR Prices

The Becretary announced that at &

tommlttee meeting held that dere the

cultural Seclety. "Tha Cash Store”)
‘HATS UND . A letter wae received from the ( ——eweeweeracee
ERWEAR : Colonial Hecretary. Intimating the
Come to us for your new ¥ Garment we vall will give Governor's pleasure to place the |e ED “+
bats, We will gaarastee autlsfactory service, whatever lative Council table at the dis of =
\ to nalt both your tes’e and price pry for it, One stock the Society forthe holdiog of meet+


We ace oto uur essbrt-
iseot of Ben's Fashionable yest indies, , Lrafeneor, 5 Bi Uerriean
rector 0 ence an
Berrlce Nombre ity ot Demerara, and A.. W. Brose Ey,


Tie Secretary Intimated ble recefpt,’
of letters from Dr. Francis Watts,
Commissloderof Agriculture for the


your shoulders every time VENEZCELAN CUCOANUTS.

oa move? Then come] In the absence of Mr, Marshall
ere for wm pale cf “ Preal. | Greig, Dr. Fredholm exhibited spect-
dent” acd lesro what real | mene of Venesuelan cocoanuts, which,

Don't wait until the Ins: momon: to get your requirements We bave what You

shades are Nexo at prices that you won't hesitate in paying,


where, and ouarantes patlafaction. president comfort ia, be weld, could be obtained stare ra x
WATERMAN -—Xho Hatter, Cloubler and Oatfuter, 15, Frederick Sreet, | Bore.qu an average of 18, per tree, It BLACK TIES. WHITE SHIRTS.

rarer aaeewn fT nutain the colony, as they fetched Black Hik Paria Tle. from 12yto24o, | Men's White Drees Shirte=Two Sted Hola®

and, Inosearch of them, in company Y AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. He had watched the late King’s career | more than the Irinidad coconut in ‘ Bleck Silk Pateot Bows—Saltable for Double Square Cafie,The Broadway”. ah

with Mr. Monckton, the Residen , with fnterest since he first saw {| the markets. Co'lars, Bquareende, each... .... 120, | Men's White Dress Shirts—Oce Bead. bole, Sqaer

him as a young man fn Canaede CENCHRUS GRAS, Black Buk Sarlton Bowe... ... From Ife ta )50, Onffece“The Lovee” Each Oe,

with ap armed escort of native police, FAMILY,
he started ons delightful ex ition, ee
@ party ascen e u A general meeting of the A 1.
Fariga river, the spreadia g boughs of tural Soclety was ea io the terial
orchids, and “dangling lana,” | Chamber yesterday afternoon, there
formlog a leaty excadee far over. | being present; His Excellency Sir Geo,
o heed," end * pelaceininfolte variety, | Ruthven Leltunte K.0,M.U. (in the
bead,” and ** palais in infinite var Sead chale), Rey, Dr, Morton, Rev. Monel;
ji intermized with all sorta of tropical | hor de Martini, Hion, Lt, Colonel @
* forms of vegotalionand rare ferns,” | seein” Lt. Colonel J. if. Collens, Dr.
ming thickly on the Denke, there | G/IL Stasson, Dr. Fredholm. Dr, Urich
he river narrowed and t Mosare. J. MeInroy, O: H. Wright, H.
fo be lett, they weremet by large nun Caracclolo, James Arbuckle, George
ra ofafriendly tribe =" tic Oto | town, J: Black, J. Lickfold, Norman
friendliness” ina sharp skirmish tess { ponvont Paut H, Scheerer, W. H
than a year before—who came bring: | vanston, (, 0. Wyatt A, Li Carr, F
ra juabtition of wage’ plantains Sand { J; Morris, Ji, H. Murray, “A. Clark,

and quantities of sa, an . f
ame The chief, whose arm, by-the- Hed, devlanc F EK, Ollivierl, George

ad been“ broken in the encoun:

Magistrate andanotherEngtishiriend, | wy MPATHY WITH ROYAL

reyrome, L, J. Hern.

"ter with Monckton and bis police, | seid, th U'llelloron and Edger Tripp,

te, *
wand set immediately aferwarde by The milsutes of the meeting of the
show them the way ‘After « long} 28th pullimo. having been previously
tramp through a forest scented with | circtlated, Fere adopted
crinum hiies, and in places * literally RESOLUTION OF BYMPATHY.
ablaze” with hugh bunches of ‘large Mis Excellency on rising (and other
* flowers of vo vivid a warlet that} members with him) said that was
*. . no painting could do them | their first meeting aince they bad re-
“Justice,” a lake was reached “thickly | ceived the sad news of tha death of
covered with wator ilies,” most of | their Sovereign. and he thought that
them ‘of a heautiful blue wilh &} before proceeding with any further
yellow centre,” and swarming with | business they should voice thelr senti-
many kinds of curious waterfowl, the | meats of regret and sorrow at the loes
most common being a red-beaded | which has befalienthe whole of the
plover, Th ltish Empire and of the world, their
Onthe other side of the lake were eympath with Her Most Gracious
houses built on poles, at a height of | Majesty Queen Alexandra and other
about twelve fect from the surface of | members§o€ the Royal Faniily, and
the water. ~ tSeir loyalty to thelr new King eorge
For an account of the physical | ¥« The Secretary informed him that
tbatacteriaties and manner oflifeotthe | hehsd not diawn upa formal resolu:
strange inhabitants of the houses, the tioa, but they could put it’ in practi-
Agat Ambu—a small surviving part of | cally the same words as used in the
what, according to native tradition, | resolution [essed by the Legislative
was once & pumerous tribe—ind of | Council. {le would’ have iuch ples-
Guck-shooting under combttona ex- | sureio forwarding their resolution to
tinotdinary. the reader tue be re- | tio liy the ‘ietbere. of "tle Hoyal
ferred ts Me Walker's boo Fawily. He need not say anythiog
Mr, Walker bas kept bis best wine | more, but ty propose a resolution to
for the tast The concluding cbapter, [the effect that “The Agricultural
in which he tells of a visit lo one of J Hoclety of Trinidad and Tobago has
Lbe rnest important of the great ‘Bird | heard with very great and deep egret,
Caves"--bomes of the “ birdsnest | of the death of our Sovereiga Ring
soup" swatlows—which are tobefound | Edward Vil and wish to record our
alluver Borneo, as wellasin Java sod | heartfelt feeling of sorrow and sym-
throughout the Malay Archipelego ana peiay, with Her Most Uracious Majea-
Peninsula. Is, for naturalists at loast, | ty Queen Alexandra and atber wem-
the cream of bis book. . bersof the Hoyal Family ; acd also
Me. Walker must pol think the | our unswerving and nodying loyalty
hope uvcharitable that before long be | to His Majesty King George V.”
h may have another bout, and that Rey, Dr. Morton sald that wae one

i ii through it be may fof the circumstances in which one
pee be ther book to offer to poor] could hardly say he had much plea.
“home-ataying™ readers as interesting | sure in seconding « resolution of the
as ie “Wandering Among South Sea [ kind, but he could say that [it wae



TAPESTRY OARPETS .. ° «ss = 8-50 to 6,00

VELVET RUGS ove aes 9Goto 1.80
TAPESTRY RUGS | eee Bdo'to 1,20


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Plain and Coloured Border,

Sheep. Skin Mats {fue titioa forme

5 In Blue, Green and Marcos,
: Cocoa Matting, 32 & 64In. Wido


FR ast, Green and Blue sizes 72 x 36, 64 x 80, 54 x 24,

92 x 24, 29 x 24.

Lieut-Colonel Uollen hi . .
with‘heartlelt affection that he did It. © Mesrs, Alex. Muir, “Marshall “Grels: f ENGLISH PHARMACY



and especiaily elnce he became Dr. Fredholm next showed some
King. He had very great reapect for the | ceachrns grass which he said wad very
King and had admired the wiedom-}-troublesome and had caused a greatdeal
with which be at times spoke, and at | of loss to crops in the Soutbern States
times reinained silent. and he thought |] where ft wae very prevalent. It

Bleok Si! Bows—20nanroard neck Speeual 184 | Men's White Drese Ubirts—All pleated frouts, eee
Blick Sik and Satin Eton Ties— Square aod ark buttoss, & tof
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the nations of the earth, would justly | there alung the roadsideand on waste Three Bottona] Each .. nme, + 846 | ommt Tonk ond Bofi—All sizes, per pair. és

entitle hin to be remembered in hie | lands, and ithad already well estab- Bleek Silk Rqoares- 36 230-Ech doe $40

White Berlin Gk ves Pee pair ree,
tory along with his illustrious mother, | llshed itself In the Lapeyrouse Lame Black F astic ik Hat Bands... ve 8 to 120 | The Kensington Umbrelia is the emsllest iodine
Since he had heard of his death, Jo] tery. Whenit gotinto pasture selda Aleck E aatio S'eove Mouratng Bands.,.10e to 15% Umbreila in the market=Eech .., 9236
every Babbath eervice among the | it caused considerable inconvenience Back O.chmere Half Hoe, From... ...150to 860 | Black Sik Hate + From .. 1.20 bo 6408,

East Indian te, he had spoken in | tograziog cattle by pricking them on lr. . Black &traw Hete—Each .,
his memo: ene told them that des | the nose, aud if 1% got into their per pe eh Be)
ite diversities of race and language, | mouths, it usually lacerated the gums .
hey were sit one, and belonged to | or the tongue, and set up more or less :
the British Raj, and eo far as lay in | seriouslofammation which. prevented s
teehee doe, | Beret eter, meets] Ul ag 70 wR IN ;
1! 2 :
united loyalty to King George V. whowent 4 $15,000 VESTED ON GOOD SECURITY— APPLYS®

The resolution was then adopted {ny | liable to more or less serious damage NM ichacl P. Mali { lard 4
’ rd

silence, by it. He thought it should be exter-
CLAYING OF COCOL, tminated as coon as possible,
ue Nowbera Like Mailfard’s, | Free Insuronag

Mr. Bernstein In presenting the{ Un the motion of Dr. Morton

‘ oe

report of the cocoa committee on the | seconded by Mr, Swanston, Dr, Fred-
excessive laying on cocoa, sald be! holm wasasked to prepare a desctip-
was ha) BY to inform the society that | tion of the grass for publication.
the evil had met with its own remedy, LICENSED COCOA HUTERS,
for the manufacturers bad discove Dr. Morton asked the following
the nature of the cucoa being sulpped | question in the absence of Dr, J. A.
tothem, and they objected to receive | Ferez in whose name it was set dowa:
ft. Mr. Scheererin his letter quoted | ‘v\Whetbera record ie kept of the
two instances, which he (Mr Bern-} number of licensed cacao buyers be-
stein) recommended to be published, | tween Princes Town and Morugs aod
jwhilst he himself had received several | of the number of visite of inspection
otherain aimilac etraln, The_conee- | patd by the police during each year,”
quence wae that buyers in Port-of.| ‘The inspector General of Constabu-
Spain were discriminating to a very lary waa prepared with a reply, but—
great extent agalost that particular| His Excellency said they were some-
classof cocoa, with the result that deal. | what iuthe dark asto what wae the
era had ceased the practice of claying | object of the question, and he thought
cocoa, The conimittes with whou be | it better to postpoueit uotit De. Peres
had epoken were of the opinion that] was prevent. Jn the mvaotine,
ifthe feciety, gave ppablicit a’ the Colonel Swain could sacertain, from p
arm that was done nidad cocoa] the questioner wha ormation « .
by the indiscriminate putting of clay | wae exactly that be wanted, ant to spend Lie nea y tie cid not As schooner 1 nara CG" at Pascagouls Miss :—
onit, possibly the smaller class of The matter was accordingly post- for if be was 1 enough for Trinide pecially selec cargo of - as

dealers would fo their own Interest | poned. he thought Trinid: >
cease fromthe practice, It must be DH, NORTOY WELCOMED, Ri nidad was quite good r
clearly Understood that for the Freach | facut,-Colonel Colleas begged to | S20Ush for him (hear hear}; and he 385 Mi LLE ALL HEA RT Une

inarket--wwhich was next tothe Amori- | weicome back to bis tleld of labour | Ws Deartily willing toassist them in ° - ;
Pitch Pine Lumber

can for Trinidad cocoa—even the| thelr respected Vice-Vresideat the | $2¥, WSF becould, ie thanked them
In fcantling. Boards and'Planks Bough & Ia

best description of clayed cocoa | Rev Dr. Morton who bad bean absent forthe wordsof welcome extended to

| Oue Price Only, | Val

De. Morton in thanking the mem.
bers for their welcome, said he
hia work and bis recreation; the
former was the mission fell, and the
latter, agricultur®y He aasured them
that be had lost none ,of his interest
in agriculture ; infact, he was more
deeply interested in it-he would not
say the older, but—the younger he
got (laughter) Itwasa very happy
day to hie wifeand himself when they

was uosuttable. Clayed cocoa of that | from the coluny for several munths. 1

description Was useless, and if the | He thought it wust be very gral ylug Bockety aang no farther business, the
practice had continued and not been | to Dr, Surton to cd on bis returo « day of meeting. after pent reeian
put down, there sould be the likeli. very Huurishiog society, to place of bern thanked by ile Escelleney nd

oO elr losinga very Important | the moribund one which ve had ie:

market. The rocos committee recon. — their attendance,
mended that the society should vive ° :

podlicity to Mr, Bebeerer's letter, and For ing Abead

ad diawn attention to it in the 8

Chedp Sale Of Ladies, Gents
Children Boots: and

600 pairs of Manufactured Ba

which were bought by our Lablen
Agente, at leas than the coat of Manu.
fecturing, these will be sold at half |4ND FOR SALE BY
the usual price, from tomorrow (Mon-

day) and as loog ae they last. It ils
well known English Boots always g ve

he report was ado on the] into public favour, goes LAING'S
tion of Air. Carr segonded by El t A
motion of Mr. Carr, seconded by Lieu | WHITE PINE CUUGH BYRUE

KEW MEMBERS, —2do, per bottie,

To be seen at our yard, s2 South Om
F. A, SKEETE & @)

33th May 1010,
satisfaction In wear, and °
taken with the Manufacture of Seuple rere aan -

Boota. This ts your opportuni
secure @ real barjan. ent! wt eer,
We have just opened a new stock of
the newest styles in Collare and Thea,
from the English and American
Market. New Colours, New Btyles,
New Designs, also Shipmenta of the
well known favourite Golf Brand
Collars at $1.20 per dozen, These
collars are considered by the public as
the very best style and moet durable
collar on the market, Gulf Hrand can
be had only at Waterwan's, Flannels,
Vicunas aud Nerges, New lot of these
have just been ope: Special vaive
ip 54 inches Tweed 480 pe
Ladlesand Children's Hale. 6 tases
wrt, opened during the past week,
We have hats of every description, to
wult all faces and pockele, Panama
WR eg
atter, Clo

Outfitter, 1b Frederick Strete Oo




WINDOW GLASS, 16, 21 & 26 07, REASONS.* WHy

PICTURE MOULDING, |Â¥4s Youre Hanpen

Ans their Arent,

ECAUBE he owne Fropertieg bi
B AUBE he muesli.
settee amy nett o

BECAUSE al! moneys col
lodged fa the Un! a Beaks Ttolued

BECAU‘E all moothly settlements are


have not yet received their stock, which to
the least of it, is « ple —=but the elect msy,
ee ee eee
ca! ra
Prescot, fo the whole town + Bross


Their pricse will be oo bigher than thee? “fd

extorted sleowbero j while ther workaasehlp ‘
ie a0 well koown that ft peeds no bush.


AQo To 2 VPOllaras wod, -



+ « Gor verily they may be cooled) « + 5. “R
Piiupely made by cheque a oe:
. Aeid Baok, Pos tha sre to be fcasd—for the nonco—between the hours off? am, ond 1 PM;
TILES For Washstands &e, =| =°AU# Hepes stem ot geting * M(gundaye exvepted) ao

aboot be unto-date wad
oat for bia to dey, and eee

Glazod Lavatory Wall Papor,|s Bee leceaece ane ether AT 76 MARINE SQUARER
TOILET SETS. "ADEE Marit tcc] AE Nee eaten te

May Mih—lo, ° . ‘a


— 1s beret \

Deck Chairs, - anounres wmone | Tint heseloe eee,

’ WANTED, 3100 to $60 since ibe areateco he Sia oP

MARB LE Le BABS- se Fromait Gla x Uf Gia "Tetaie, Wwavtep by m fady aos | Arty to anne Oo: contracted 17 EF aup By Pals
x in, yosy Tice? oaviog the Vi Seckrblle Bh, May aon —2 eet | x ear’ font GH , :
errr pe ove er om ne a TNR wre EERSTE (mR ER EE EE TE TT " , ’ ™
| bo, / -



ae ile ae a ead

Pique Tunic Suits,


Boys’ Whito Russian Sults.
Boys’ Twoed Suite—Very Cheap,
Boys’ Black Coating Suits.

two yoars up.


Our Special


cwaTr A Wonrmrurr,



B te

F Sil

E IN BLAOK and WHITE—at $1.44,

b., Light Blue Do. 84 cents,

E a

- Silk] Shantungs—36 in, 4/6,

fA SIME 81.4.4,
- 'D TULLES— All Shades—24 cents


ie +


Be “ lovely Shot Shedes—i8 conta,

AL BATIN in Black and White, 60 cente,

r Frait Sprays—ls- 6d. & 2s,

re —~ eo
e. school children exist in which the de-
a pominstion represented by the major.
me @ | ity of the residents {¢ unwilling to
: : - . malntaln a echool If It be possible; and

< itis certain that such @ school has
# been proved to be cheaper, and no lees

~ ° efficient than a estate one, On the
FROM TO-DA Y ’ other hand [t stands to reason that
any willingness on the part pf a
s 9 church to step iq and relleve the Gov.

ernment of the duty of providing suc

Tuurspay, 2ist Inst, a school, is choked off when a fovern-

By ,


- at considerabl f Teata
t he * Pri SQ}. | we on au average attendance below

pd Eile


If you'bave not yel secured a SUIT of this

Best for Hardweer,
Best for Fit and~ Finish.

White, Ivory & Paris Insertions

Bcents, 10 cents to 15 cents,



Black Beaded Ornaments, --~

FANCY SILK STRAWS | rancy wat scarves -72 cents

tn White and Cream—$2,00 and 82,40, BLACK, WHITE and COLOURED VEILINGS.

R.IMLS.P Ms tex ae

PRENT.—The RMS. “Trent” fs
due here from Southampton, via
Cherbourg and Barbados on Wednoes.
day 2th Nay, aod will work In strict
pacts.” at thi

Naw Flannel Suitings
WTacket & Pants.

FROM, 10.00.



Marvellous Valucs—24 conts, 86 cents {0 81.44

Coloured —at 48 cents, GO cents to 96 cents,

Can be easily Packed in your Cabin Trunk,
Excellent Value—only 15/+

aN EE take tw eb oid Re, no wath cecil


tempi ke.



mbury-Anerte | ADVANCE, Beit sloop, Roberta, 1 od
hh: = yurg.A | 2 be, craba, D0 plas fruits’ pores

roc eae 2 fora ete ttt PES

Wye alte DRSS. veoee bout Heteigen, §

American ilne fs due ere frow Vene- tone, 4 days Ilo Garives i ise

roceeding atterwarda to Hevre ao ms pet balals gum, and 1
Provipescta, Beit sloop, Mill

Himbare via St. Thowas, taking cars lex’, 1
here frou New York, via Jamaica, passengereand mail days St, Vincent, HH 8 pl i
TebeeprlS teas oxo is bas

go e i,

Golen, Carta ne Puerta Colombia PaEGoNta Stns S “ Pata ara” coo,
op Sunday. 2 ay, and wi eave 9 ¢ Hanmburg-American Line Is
the eet day for é uthampton, via due bere from | Hanaburg ae St. poistore Sboreecuye @ bumpity

rbhados, ichael a cores) on oe about Ma e TO arro:
Cherbourg, taking Ist class passengers | Coeding afterwards to Uerupano, Le 3 bag saod 0 brie wroot, | be
only, cargo and mails, Goayra. Puerto Cabello & Ouracac,
‘The tender wiilleave the Lighthouse | taking cargo, passengers & mails,

Jetty, Queen’a Wharf at 2y-:n), with r- Compagnie Generale
OQ Lrotaup & Son=—

passengers for the * Tague.” .
Passengers are specially notified that
T. DOMINGV'E.—The French Mail,
Steamer “St. Domingue” from

a baggage lighter to be despatched to
Europe vid QGuadelcupe, Martinique

the homeward mail will leave the St.

Vincent Jetty at 10am onthe day of
and St. Lucia, fa due here on or about
the 2tth May and will proceed after-

saillog, and passengersare therefore |;

pequecied tosee that their baggage la
wards to Demerara, Surinaci and Cay-
enne, taking passengers, inaila and

sent down before that hour,
A AGDALENA.—The lt MLS, * Nag.
i :
SUADELOUPE.=The French Mail
Bteamer “Guadeloupe” {a due

dalena” ia due here from Sout.
ampton, via Cherbourg and Barbados

bere frow Veneruelan ports on or
about the sith May and will pro.

on Vednesday 8th June, will work in
coed afterwards ta Maret . Guad-

trict quarantine at this port.
WSRUUA. The ILM "Grubs Is
eloupe, Santander, Bordedux and
Havre, taking passengers, wails aod

( yey u ts
due bere from New York, via
Tus Koran Dutcu Mat

Jansaica, Golou, Cartagens and Puerto

Colombia on Nunoday ]th June, and

will teave the next day for Soutbawp-

ton, via arbados, St. Michaela(Azores
aod Cherbourg, taking Jet, 2nd, an


—The Dutch Mail Steamer * Prins

Frederick Hendrik” isdue nere from

Anuterdant via Paramaribo and Deme-

tera on or about the Wrd May J010,

Sed clase ingers, cargo and mails
for St, Michaels (Azores), Cherbourg

roceeding afterwaris to Carupano,
nana, Guanta, La Guayra, Puerto

and Southampton, and lst class pee:
Cabello, Curacao, Jacmel, Aux Cayes,

Port-au-Prince and New york taking
hy passen and maile,
The Dutch Mall Steamer * Prine
Der Noderlanden” {se due bere from
Venesuelan ports on or about the 23th
May a erepeeding afterwards to
Paramaribo, Havre, and Amsterdain

taking cargo, passengers and mails.

Koninklijke Weat In-

dische Matiiienst
New York Paramaribo

Tne Royat Durca Mae GENTS.
OPPENAME.- Theas,“Coppename”
Is due bere from ffaramaribo on
Monday the Zird May 1010, and will

leave same evening direct for New
York taking cargu, passengers and

is port
1\AQUS - The ENS. “ Tague” is due

yaus, @ boxes provisions and 12 pas-

Munuxc, Brit echr, Oliver, 31 tona, 2
days, Nt. Vincent, 19 goats, 18 pigs,
IW ebeep, 10 boxes eg; 17 brie
starch, J bage cocoa, Ul bage pota-
toes, 9 bags yame, 50 bagy ground
nuts, 1 bag tanias, 3 crates fowls

and Id passengers,
Suv Juan, Venes boat. Ellman, 2
tons, 3 days, yucupita ballast.
May i7th.

Manowwne, Dutch star, Hidden
2U23 tons, 16 hours Barbados,”'3
fone general cargo and 17 passen:
"akira, Vened stoops Checks, 5
: ‘enez aloop, C I ton:
2 days Cristobal MGoton, 3l bags
cocoa, 10 bags corn, 3000 plantains,
OL hides, 3 goats, 1 plg, and 11 pas.


Vicrory, Brit sloop, Clowden, 18 toas,
Ijday Bt, Vincent, bz bage ground
huts, 3 bile starch, f dozen pumpkins

and 6 paasengers,

Eye tye Brit ar Legan, 1,087

ne, ye Para, water ballas

o2!, New ol, Coy, : “e
AIO ALLEGKK, Venessloop, HMuors
as, Diong I day Cristobal Colone @
horses, 13 goats, lu boge e 3
begs copra, 10,000 plantains, 3 hides
ands pert


Dew, Brit. aimr, Smith, 1,122 to
Urenada, 2,380 Lage Trinidad cocus:
28 bag Trinidad copra, £148 baga
a a <

ded molaaeer” 10° toc oorriaded

epuree lake asphatt, 2. bai be °

tre .

Ib barreta old inetal. 10) loge sedan

2d bales bamboo and 161 bales balata

Bia bht Da ovat: Maul

ALLANWILDE, Amer, bktne, G
od4 tone, Washington, U.0~ &Y) tone
Trinidad crude lake asphalt, Ly
New Trinidad Lake Asphalt Ov,
Luis ML. Monacuxa, Uruguayan bktne
Norrell, 43 ton: ew Orleans,

thelegal minimuin, The policy should
therefore be Invariably when a petl-
-OF~- tion or arecommendation comes in for
the establishment of a Government
echool, to ascertala frat whether there
B "Hi = iso chance of inducing an asvluted
“Fy school to be started there, even if the
. Government have to grant special facil-
. . ilies at the commencement. Lut there
Will belas undet-: is another lesson to be drawn from the
Tas Loree school incident sod that ls
. 8D ‘oe @ periodic report! a
Board of Education as to the condition
7 —

Roast & Steak ofthe variousgovernmentechoole of the
colony. one wonders how qeny other
country Government schools there are

15 cents, per Ib, which have no moral or legel right to

exist by reason of the smallness of

. * thelr average attendances, acd which
Briske and Stew— would certainly be ruthlessly discon-
° tinued as state-aided schools were they

under denominational management.

10 cents per Ib, | schools which by their existence more-

over ars choking out the efforte of

thove who are willing to established a

cbesper form of scbool. This Is a

GR E LL & C Ltd serious consideration, and we volnk At
0. ‘ Board of Edteation, with ‘a view to

a settlog right what is undoubtedly a

The Port-f-5pall GaZGtle. | ESvhe"derdancationel schools whose
- woes fatruggles for existence are often #0
WEDNESUAY. see nay, 191, [SVE on aan

« EAL)

Tye resolution, which stood in the
pameof Mr. de Verteuil, and which,
io his aleence, was moved by Dr;

tbe last ting o| --
er easueations with reference to the] The following je taken from an

American papet and, as the Comet
closing of the Core een wine nave | will be neareat the earth to-night, will
ing a considerably wider significance be foteresting sending It will beaeen

pengera only, cargo and mails for


The tender will leave the Lighthouse
Jetty, Queen's Wharf at 2).u1,. with
passengers for the * Oruba,

Pasyenyers are special) notified that
a baggage lighter to be despatcbed to
the Homeward Mail will leave the St.
Vincent Jetty at 1Uam., on the day of
eeiling, and passengers are therefore
requested to see that theic baggage is
sent down before that bour.

ouston Line cf dteamers,
Geo R Atston & (0. ~Avepts,
OMEREUS,—The s.e. “Homereue

ja due bere from Natal on or about
Isth May 1010 aad will leave the sane
day for New York vis Cienfuegos and
Havana taking cargo, passengers and,

a i!
Frederick Laylind &
bik Company Ltd,
Tne Nsw CotomraL Cor,

Limitep AGgxTs,
UBAN..-The 8.8, * Ouban” is due
0 bere froma Liverpoo! vie Barbados
on or shout 2ivt Mey, proveeding af-
terwards to Demerara, La Guayra,
Pro, Cabello and Curacao,

Tolephono Noa. 37:
e 4th May, 1910,


° $ th eo will begin about 8
than merely as relates to the particus | tha “ale evening “= vil tate 26


& Co.

ooh in question, and we trust | o'clock
that Tt will be ‘considered as such by | hours, oe poelng. tl all js neacly
the Board and the Departmeat of | 35,000; lee thick hi
Education. f, is evident, if ppe may Alarm at the approac! og Immer-
judge from the Information frankly sion of te earth in tl fi
the neetin e Ine le
Biven at tbe cree OY oe et eshecl | recelved “by the sclentials at Yerkes
was frow the first amistake, and one | Observatory, Prof, Barnard sald,
too, for which the Wardea ofthe die | “Home of these letvers show the
trict is really blameable; and though | Writers to be really terrified at the

- Stb,
Pare MAacarrs, Dutch atmor, Van der
oot. 1, ns, ari
Trinidad epuree take asphalt slot

Bo : it was seid in bie excuse, that hu | prospect, Most of the letters show | —— Trinidad Lane of | RARAMACCA—The 6.5, 5 bags Prinided cocoa, Ui bales bal
recom. | complete rance a to what 4 &, 1 paramao ee Lalata,
’ id MARINE SQUARE seeded whe ite for the cetabliebinent const te; ; ris. Ove writer saw the Steamerts Sa J due bere direct from New } Ue cogea pods na paseongers, By
” ra echool, there was every likelibood moon rise fat weok and was thrown Trrwibap Beirrixe aur Pi] ‘will’ leave came day fey, Wie r I
nto @ panic. WADING CO—-AcesTs. .
oh that portion ot root a large setile “Ave miler of fact no one can say | CROWN OF GiHANADA Tih a4, | maribo laking cargo, passengers end Dacre Veuey siaamer, Vilachs it
« £ exactly what the effect w v “ jranads * of the Trinl- . * °
rent fa we sae wartaintod. with logit supposition fs that the gesof | dad Line ‘will leave for New York on Se A ats . recat guuaee Pere oe Ai start Cusees mimo
the diatsict thet tha excuse ie one that | the comet's tall igo attenuated tbat | Wednesday, Ith May 1010sad Wedue | Littho via ierbados om Tuesday the | [arbedos, 1.2is be «Trinidad eocoe,
2 a
canes tbe sree for bo se esonat 7 | wilt ‘pase through it like a ball with. Mee LLAGAR ste et: Blasacag” of | Sis May 1010 and will leave same | 490 packages bananas, 4 bales

balate, 2 empty cylinders, 23 barrele

evening diret for New work taking gQuapty 7 ‘
car, | le oranges, ( crates ore ges, .
fea, 1 barrel ‘ooup hts.

i the Trinidsd Line will leave for and mal _

the | New York on Saturdsy Zist May 1014,
aa dane therson Sunday th May

a4 *

anced bei: retrated by it.
view of probabilitics con's fOr We ere dulng our est to alla

inion ate pettloment of oocca con: | terrors of all who apply to for it is

: choo! : | Established
- Stationery!

op Glasgow Direct Lyns
Id become § true that a great many people are on | 3910,
OVER tate ings domving ete cate: te polt ot elng tel, Fetnn arce | "Tolan _Divacd Tit seach enmet, ,g | bein fries toes areca
4 ‘ jshment of aa; YY bulllon, 3 cases fi
q 1 te of Steamers. ‘Trapixa Co, Lrp cases 1D, eathers an
m AND Goreramment nook, And torre tet FP tne ae Te agla aboot 8 tt... oor Conrasy | CHOWN OF AIMKAGON aie wx | Tinea, U2 Cb Uaioe:
be Y th of Ma ani TD. AGENTS + Crown of Arragon” pal m0 * «
’ “ should fred Inelated by tbe, oerd will Toes hours. sapposin F ibat the ALYBIA—The a6 “Halybla”™ Ie | Glasgow on the 12th Alay and is due to rin, sundry packages merchandise,
ye YEARS Sovernane t school be. estallished | comet fe neatly Mfteen puillion miles due bere from London vis Bar [arrive here on or about the 2th May 14. Anexve, Drit, schor, Alexander,
REVFRYTHING } 8° * | Sey aaa eRe Sema | WE aauegptar asthe nn | Sage Ble Weactcg Moet | em etT acsaes cnc” | be iurehando asd pce
4 " i tha eo OA! ter a a
oF taln di iu the first place that there i : ott sagt the tall of the comet Desuerara jing cargo paseengets ——" © pene
y - {othe aba of a suficient uniber of | in 51 witbout anyone tering aware of | aud mails, * SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE.
cS FOR — 1 ene eed keep the establishment up { It until the fact wasestaltiehed years | CAVAN —The as, “Bevan” le due .
the reguielte minimus attendance; | later by astronomers figuring out the here fron; Loadon vie Barbados ANRIVALS, — Y Closing of Halls,
4 a in tbe second place that there |e astral wanderer’s ortut, ‘bls is the | and Grenade on or about let June 1810 ‘sth May. . —_—_
Oe no posel bility of tilog tbe denoml: | most solid fact we bave te goon and pippeeding afterwards to Dewerare| ax, ptania, Vanes sloop, Fercouth Malle for Grenada and New York
hay 1 tr tors patlous! ‘authorities of iS church to | fuis certainty ressuiog, log cargo, pawen gers and mails, BW tone I day Criveobel” Terooutls bine wn “Maracas will be closed
. 00 Se dovernmen Gon ag which the bulk of the sbildrea belong ——=== Tha Bast Asiatve Line! tous uuapgrove bark, 1,700 coconuts, Baturday the zat May at 3 o'clock
' ¥ e 12 Ope aC Ae she bey are aaeley Obituary, yp of Ateamers. Btagecocos, B hides end i pas: | [yy Prechely. wietcation closes af
we wengel a.
eer | large expenditure, of public onde | We have to the death of a ON ieee | Cannan Manta, Venes boat, Oters,T house wil be closed See Werineetey
‘ ihe seowant ecboo! necessarily entails, vroumteing ted in the fs"yoe ot Master T THOMAS qbe a “Ht, Thomas” tons, 3 da i tobe Dolo, G be Tike Ith May at B o'clock p.m. prey 1
upos the mere tition of a few in- t 4 arn (aged ey care) not a ue bere from Europe vis ‘ ¥orty mA, Venues. ploop, Oarcia, @ tons, clely. Registration clones at 2H),
' POR SATE eis wetie) Sieber carat | Ree agin Reneltes tak er Satt on aie | .
t . of B,D to the future pros. | Mester of Bante Crus which took place | pray 1010 aod will leave the pest day ‘200 evconuts aud “onere A CUAK FoR AUEUMATION. —A pala
‘ ‘ vwewere Warden new district. And er Bourg, Mulatrecee Bante Onis on | for Demerers and Varsmarilo tablog ee et toe mee ful and persistent, form of rbeuustisn
Ube ac cause Ni
q ~@ . STATE equally Ra rca erro atthe -Anglicsa Church of St, Joba, | TE Passengers and pall cargo sod passengers, To Htoyal | preult of defective action ofthe ives
’ MALL COGOA eos etehiubavent of a special Ban Juan, ob half Park four o'clock = => Mail Strain a h aod kidneys, ‘The blood becomes tabs an
ee! DOOD @ eytn . ¢ Introduction © i
i . school In A oe ee tas autho je With ibe bereaved father-Com ODENTOL ‘Vixiny, Auer stuir, Builth, 102 tons, ' which causes much pain inthe tleuon
he oFr 18 Acros. ties are warrilling Ww establish one of 8 peeree te Nee Yon sand ed tnd eee a ences robot
estilo ——_—_——————SE : ooked
No peas efused, For further partioulars | their own salts cuntectod in tain lathe toast refreshiog nod delighlul Veroules Coy, tnsuy Peaartal I Gare, nad thelrice
ye ly'te onable offer refused, win eet Lot we think its adcption | No one nced enjoy the eyoy of mln Weyyld | deatribve, eee New great. Lit, aloo Dishove, ie etruogly reove mended, A. pried of
a . Uollo ad

aT would bes sound polley. | FOr e1pert | ont ume tee, ore SE UNG fiat PHARMACY 1 fruit aud ‘a pavsengere Valuss | tase spyone of thale

gnce bas sherra that there are few dip- band to enue (hip.


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atk al Te ry * Te en ie el es ib PII, Ty RE PY, OORT

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TSAI TA lone, fetal) T CEODLS GRANT) 28SURaNOn.

7 nt
HOME. [FIRE RISKS on all kinds of Yro



e — . OFrERa FOR salt perties accepted by "art og
vernment Railways. |ousesstzrges| 2x 22_soxueo- i y| FRESH SHIPMENT [oracytt INO 8 gl
© | tally servers and hysterical ladies oF | 95 Ouse Hamlltose CREAM SODAS The North Brilish & Merceati wORUBAS . 6 , aaildran, | Kiad saperviston, Braciog | $9 Caves Hamilton's se ty, Tiose ‘ ay mace MAGDALENE ® = =
ollsadte, Teron an 6 Cues 4 CREAM gonks — INSURANCE C0, LTD. woLyDes Nae,
Miss 2 Natbacbetzaia’ 00 Cumg Reindeer” brand Coodeoerd | OmomILinted A800 Glasgew Steamer |: TAU OS
¥ - Aabford, leeex, Eng! — “ as os .
Or*ibe Office of this paper. 20 Bores “BLUENOSE” CHEESE. | Total Funds at lst Decermber,j “MAU -DLENa® ™
ARRANGEMENTSIFOR eee neeine 80 Boxes SMOKED HERRING, DOB srsscseeoveseeZ19,121,310 0 0] ~ Sold brevery Denier onrvegaes | GNI
. . | 0 elt SET ERRNO, Total Revenue for year 1208 we Colony me mem Tagua, OH,
! ; - “n- wee # HaDDOCK. £4,261,486 10 10 WARBANTED. SORUDA” J) ft sf
5 I § Uy Oil, Oil, Oil, Ex R t Ani als ¢ The strong praition beld fhe Company “ MAGDALENay 7, “JHE
W. J ——— x secon Vals : meat, should appeal wo all" those who wWholeseme vo

HOSF whe are on the tracks for Oil,
will do well to oensolt 100 Bags “WOLF FLOUR.

” Empire Day & Corpus Christi. | 7 MpaNiiata Rect, | gf Oust ACADIA BOLTER
20 Cases Jam,

eure Bafe Ioanranca,


Bole Agents for Fir Department
= fla Trinidad:

| Hext u
AND imwigposntines Darthagens, Calva, 7

pprecia! od all classes, fro 2
4 Tignest te hhe ™ “THENT¢ tow Tee

* Mau -
. 2 “ The abov :
cerns |e a, atten |2° Cmmem deus | tot pie ara nun ttn, gan a
— ies ny Ltd... is
WEIT - MON DA. 5 fee et Rd, nrote °. MARINE INSURANCE effected 02 Cargo eo. ag
, 9, BROADWAY. Regiatered 4
i Aonday, 16th ntny, 1010 No. st St Viex M, DANDRADE. —9. BROAD WAX. _ Specie, (Gold {peat te an E be ttl - cork X. DISIORS te
<=: . . a ceat Bt > ¥
. Opposite General Post Office, NOTICE. THE OCEAN =: very botle nas IN 1¢ hoa
‘ N WHIT-MONDAY, 16th May, all ordioary and Incel week day trelas will at MARINE INSURANCE C8. LID branded. s ee
f Tao A mir trie will alc moon the Caparo Valley Line, conoesiog THE TRINIDAD Nit oy Mutter ieGeree | | OF LOMDOR eaurpeen: | PP ECUAL Hite
b ‘ Yyetere rail Tickets takeo oa Friday, Batardey and Banday, Mey ath, lath, mentol this Colony ged masiell for the term CAPTAL, oe one £100,000 AND OAPSULE EMBOSSED, OF FIOST cLake gig
ith walla’ One} = on | from dal er jo rege eee ose on 200,000 5
Co eect nis tar the day aly, exerpting those for dutacces of | SMLTESLCALL * ELL, | ttccclog sod eclieg ot meogrove. wood | Apents:—-THE TRINIDAD BHIP- | S¢¢ that you get the genuine artiote | RETUNY-ARE Front
+ Tile dod mg thee wie USN enh eatag| Do MtAN, "| ar cae se | ING € RADING Oo BAD FOR AL manne ae
. io TA1OS Wi non * Yi \ eo Ww! ieee, tnt tanita Srl ‘ se
Batarday, May 1th, sod Tuceday, Moy V7th from which date the Usual Goods | [EGS to tnform his {tends ond patrome | SOMIPE TRIE teseeatabed aeump NOTICE. . Tint Cae Ratnad To ‘ ic CUATRE STRINGS, double logins, | erento wowae Mill be Prowse’ | 1 rip anderigntd ty deed dated Sod RS ij Ai) i Al tieawer Testiog Tee
he “3 on pat ai vor 1 Lee i ble every de May 1920 bave appolated Me, Btmod lowing dates only x
? BK MI P rR H } I ) A Y CELLO STRING’, VIOLIN BOWS, pecs are procarable every, Oty | Whishyof Sao Raphael in the Ward of . ng cakes anty x +
i I 5 Perey Golter aed iain ret Ones Giawoned tout "Wejoct, rm on the vende | Upper Osroal, Plaster, my tree aed law-| Chacon Bt-—Telehone 190, abcd aches wr 3
R Cvesday, Math Miay, 10910. VIOLINS end MANDOLINES — prices | Miotning the Petroisam Warehouse, fal attoraey, Ile rn {GU Sepe, gg ee
t $f EMPIRE DAY, TUESDAY. turn SA focal weet |e Sea oae aN “BEES |S a marmson se, TOKIBIO x ROJAB, | ° THE Th a
: OS PIRE DAY, . S4tm MAY, all ordinary and focal week | goactity o Port-of Spata April $3 1910—Imonth. Mark eo. bert 4 Pw tiene De
k trafn day train will also be the Ca alley li HUSIC, Witoess t cf
by ale mitts Upend Dove. mala tice talon - . ee ey a Bh May, 1010, W ARD PRI f E & ( 0 9, Witeets ta eroas or mark, O, Grape, Trinidad Blecizie 0o., we pe Tieke asi one
Retara tickets taken on re Day will bs aveilable forthe day oo 5 — - XAamiteda of the Co: ° ,
f arcenting thoes for distances of twelve tailes and Opwards, which will be availyb! e *SIH.L avait , Baked Bears lo Tomato Sauce Boutbamptes a hall =
—-Q-es ° ;

ul ee along dete be run on Empire Day, but all fines will be served on t HE AMERICAN PIRE CATCHER
0 a 5: IE a: a
od Wedaceday May 3th, from whlch dito the usual Goods | 1°Y f BIGAN FIRE OA
iota Werice wl be resumes ny S28 from whic — FOR KITCHENS.

Auctioneers, Valuers, Ertale Agents
and Accountants,
SS Marine squsrve

Look! Look !! | ‘scSien 0) 3m
Me TE TN USE, USE, USE, | ranma ell
NABOB SWEET CORN—=20eper tin] Only fhe Eurest Zoe, | ispeiia sia oad

‘yozUy ~ MINH sa sbi nad Unde on @
CORPUS GHRISTIH, [iste te quia: st amor ne) TOLOPMSRO AO | cutPURnTA ASPARABTS—40¢ tin | Se Petar Carmody hoalnde, | D*Rtndad, UOT

Kindler knowa, as weil the noatest, and
the emoke le a disinfectant, Is fact it
THhursdny, 26th Diay, 1010. . ig the greatest booa for the cook ang

® SALE by private tresty—A qaas- Resulte of Aanalyals t a
Fo ot high Milase Forsture. vo thai bercee for the revacg

Peaches, Apricots & Grapes—s0c
Pricota,iurapeg ‘ he Trinidad Klectrie Coy. Lid. on | Titel ppo. thelr arrival fey

huweeit Try it todavand convine, soe tetany diniug nae wher abien PRARS ~36 ti th J 1910, The Y fd buee setucm,
wmestie, Try is and convines [orge a dining -36c per tin jannary, sample con- | the Company's uils
. . arself of {te metlis, For sale as bookcase with gl maraive side- ' tains 1— pasye uffice,
. aca CoE PUG CHBISTL Tharsday, May 26h. The passenger trains, ordinary Uroreren . * “ board, elegans. wardrobe with mirror, ~st= Total Bollds naa 2 prte per 300,000 | s37 ea mie
. wit! ali Fetare rail Uekets inened pa Weduesdey aod Thursday, May 25th and 26th, . uik-Keateh’s ate, Pssasager b ott feds seu rors ‘ari z ; Free Aa moa = a2" % ” . Lortevt:

avaliable up ‘oUowing Friday, . &, POS, waltable for dinlng-room, verandah an Al noid Ammonia 0.0016 . A
k No Goods Train will be ran on Gorgas ChristL but all lines will be eerved burio-im.’ 8 bedrooms, The agents wish to c f~ M FDIC AL H ALL Nitrogen asNitraves... as "nik ° NOT Ca

ticclar attention to this furniture, a0 it is - The above analytical results indicates 4


ge Wedoeeday, * 25th, and Friday, May 27th, Trom which date the usaal Goode 4H MEMOPOLE

encereramerevenene ia ieresen BOARDING HOUSE,

. . . ° . . No. $1, Frederick Street,
‘Workmen’s tickets will not be issued on Whit-] asove te stone xpvarates.

» Monday, Empire Day or Corpus Christi, |¥oard and Lodging,

ofa quality and workmanship seldom
seep, Orders to view may be obtained
from Ward Price & Oo, 65, Marine Sqcare,
Port-of Spaie~—11/5/10—w.
oO BE LE—No. 62 Pelham bt, of
Belmont Circatar Road. Nearly new
house; water faid on, moderate rent,
Apply to Ward Price & Co Agents 55
Marine Gqaare, Port-of-Spaiaa 11 /5/1



To whom it may Coxcern,

vernment Analy Fee BaLE Ol baw x ;
WV IT! seference to a tovicaln the + Biroe” Diatics tf wy Bue
tewspaper of the goth Apes tors
i, 3906, between

67, Kor or,
THOR SADA, | ties niyinseces

that the Ice is almost free from impurities, E VENUE 6 s'qala
that fp hae been carefully manntactared, mtoauaca Nowy stuplem
and that steam ts the form of water from | #000 Nw 617—Vinguaé
which {t has been prepared. Gado, ds
Sgd) P. Carwony,

reeteo eS MODERATE. © |'s o~ fora) 8 Onarusbe Sad Jas Risto —
. xcelien isine, a ee pain, for Tweoty-ooe (at) years
—D0o+—— fortabie Apartoeate TO ESTATE PROPRIETORS. | prersecttng nod scarchiog for at, ssposivem, NMth, Hob

&c., &c , op and under seventy (70) acres more
er les, | HEREBY GIVE ROrice te the
public in gevceral, that such a lease does pot
exist between myself and Julao G. Rust es]
never attached my cross to aoy such document
and sbould Julao G, Rust attempt to

out bis ao sa eald notice lmplies, ed
proceecings will bs taken against him by me,


“JIM LISTON” |. ccuce

100 Barre's CEMEN nt
sound, standing 16 hands qalet % Picked Teuteas an
. loberces + + +s Ka Rovent.Aa@

APPLY . 60 Firking P, Y, BU:
Fa To WA». BY,

SCHOENER & Co, & o VA n
South Quay—5/5/10—20, bette pret

Proprictress .

é6¢ . DD ray ain tt & © DAZEVEDO,
S.S, “Naparima’ 22

The 88. «NAPARIMA" will [run on'{Whit-Monday, Emplre _ FLAVOURED.
Day, and Corpus Christi, as usual on Mondays Tuesdays, and Thurs- | The Tonic Food Romody for Ner-
Gays, respectively. vous and Bodily Weakposs.

H. R. MARWOOD, —_ Fwice 81.44,

a IT OO A Peete

Muasss WARD PRICE & Co, beve
ecquuies from Lendos for ind Cocoa,
Cocoanat, and Oi! Estates. Fuilest parti-
culars of such propeties are easentia), sod
shoud ba sent to the Extate Offices, 55
Marine Square, Port-of-Spsio—May 1¢





Oropuche, 3rd May, 19t0,<035/s/10bw, -

‘ ; And other Bilious Diseases,
General Manager and Chief Engineer. DENTISTRY Gxt it at Sun Instrance Office « WHE TRINIDAD EH Bage FINE SALT
Portof-Spain, Dr. Hi, W. LYNOH.| -RAWLINS'S DRUG STORE aN he "23 Medal
e e ® Pa
. 20h April, 1910, , 12 seat 484 Deca @ *| ppRAWHINSS DRUG STORE | sees ——— 1720. High School for rl SULPHURIO ACID ina
E harry 0 USA. ARE 09 an Inscrance Oakésis No, 1 Oleonanpuianiae
== < allliaiaaeiiins = a7 Ewoderiok St ow MPORT. ‘ANT. sha oi oie Tavaroce Oompuoy a REOPENS Oniendor tre ods Aa
All branches of Up-to-date DENTISTRY - oF ar a8 bY. RAPHAEL WINE a
TRY! TRY! TRY! feet page es | a Mata wit Rete | Monday, May 23rd. | pi tere
h , . . ann Sn reder' en I will be ples an tates, B, Chacon purest. a
of acy Furot ‘
| Our High Grade Aladdin Securi Proporty for Sale| sides Te disinhin "| A F4ih Wow. brtiegtee |S RAR. ib doors no. ae
AT 8T, JOSEPH. WILLIAM BEST, ey ar a Warehouses: Shope, & | RLI STREET, oa
iS WATER WHITE 150° ILLUMINATINU OIL FrEns wi bm tbe the wed rate, Bailiff & Auctioneer. act pase theircontents, ab Car clon, Town, Port of-Spain. ce 0 an
w teovived by the madere Se ene | Nult 9 of Rates for — a
RAYO LAMPS signed ap to the 3th Jane, 1910, for Raeldenoke” en eountry ‘i
4 § a House situated on haif @of land, the WIFE N o
UNSURPASSED YOR HOME ILLUMINATION, proveriy of Mr. i Cy Morcora who bas left FOR SALE. Rint leven aioe tavereds los NOTICE. —aee

the oolovy, This property ie within elgbt
mlou'es’ Trail ett te Hallway Station,

Perfection Bloe Flame Gooktcg Stoves,| | smnste Stesaaces sir af the ser

Will do all_kisde of Cooklag, Baklog, Rossitog, Joseph Savaposh, The Louse contains
Broiling, Toasting, &c., more satiatactorily than Drasiog Room, Dialog Room aod Pantry,
= by avy ocher method, two Bedrvome with Dressing Koome, front

can be E public ts here! tiBed ea
securtag, Indemalty for the loss of Deion bold yeas repoosile ‘ot Price ~
Lowes ete Con ted, NTO: ba

weey Lightning are made good by the Mincanos abe vot belce gates my pe ‘

Taoome {2 1907 ...0snenre me ars _
ert iets [ae tsmino ncn. (FS AYA


rok. Inberests of the parties concerned,
there will be pat up for sale by
pablic auction by the sndersigned at ther

day the. 12.4 day of Jaly, 1910, between

- ae IF NOT FOUND AT YOUR DEALERS CALL OR WRITS galery. Reva with seat tunes, °e Teows Cocos me a plantation * Pay the wells | oy . HLA, Agent, Pors-of Bpats aysinb, ton

e : For further Partlcolery anply to “Gt. Catherino” seb a ray ian Spain Milles Bore, aaameand [FROM TO.DEg

West India Oil Company, NO, FON ROY alinate ia the Meozanills Ward Usioa W. Bonvee & Us—Morch Mibe “yes ig
dei May, 1010 dontablag 23 scres of food fers aad Unlimited Success, | noase ann srean—3

OFFICE: $67. VINCENT ST, Telephone ost -y along the baok of the Uropouchs Hiver s “Ta

and withia casy dutence of the Sangre
Grande Railway Btatioa,
Govt, Auctloneers,
22th May, 1910,

Cocoa. Properties


2 Cw 4h miles from the Rail-

Coan faeaice of Darid Tota

Band: Bas Heda, nee omall
wal oe &

red ta Meare

* 22ER2 WEE!

Tho alk of th TOW sures exudizioxs wy owe RUKET -. ~~
19 NOW — LAMENS’ BXUIBIT at the Crafts "a

THE EMPIRE SAL ON [S=esceeaeeees

caured mach admiration, sod wae praised b (S1anep) : a
thoon who visited the Bhow, bat eas were
few, comparatively, and Clamens' ambition C RB 0 A
‘Wes not se tlafied, street perade and a 4
BrAvsE the Liquors ‘magufactured

oe je A
sabsequent exbiblilen at the Works wae q
and wold aratbe bighest standard et

at once organised, 2ist April ‘in AS
excellence, sod to preveot fraad Works, this worked ad -
tomerd acd friends are Kindly requested 6 Dis Works wee ruched tae rehed to Geo E.

eee that oor trade fi -
which hanes mark ia on every label Pa loted, tod the eceT gh aaslons spteta- WATCH REP.

Prigc[pal Toples of the Day
—-TO—- ol,

PLA. WD FF RF _ [Halley's comet

Colllo's Stables
pring suited to mea with ama
who are

OUR LAST ADVERTISEMENT FOR — | Puoween ... cottesstapizs, wg mae wih a eal

The woet Up-to-Date Brapies in | eocally ¢ coe of 13 acres baring 60


Trloidad. bearing trees aad 600 emaller oeer and | t¢ the sterhiog otamp on eliver ready for Show, and the third Exhibi ae

0 . ts aarp« , 2
May 7Ub- 3 svpolle, together vib bt (ES. THIS 18 AN AGE OF REASON groced., Av coon oe bis wal dons crowds ownws x.

' - - ward of 000 bearing treo, on equal | ,,/iNi{t must be patent to everybody that | from 6.90.01. tellpe,crovdcolpare | 24 Frederick Git
Dg SILVA 8S nember of smaller treer and micy ‘he ites cen survive is tbe Liquor | adwind the 85 ‘ pe Pie, . ede: 7
Cocosats, ote, ($e O trode asin silacber Mundane Ta | over 100 colours of Artiste Cemiaee May 5cb—~-Im, =
Apd the third af 10 aces, baring 20 yhlv20 W oratory the masafactare of Goet Lb leasing aod “a



Dyeleg exhibited, every pi; nee aa
edeeet CoeeateenenreTgseels |! bay the Siew wit wiveand oye] ~=WIFE NOT@Re
“ ee
saa rag td |e et tae fob | PAE oh ko
* bio, sent speciaoens, 7 ina
Peo ‘atee pid tretuee it le eulsod by the | cloring wight ha lectured freza ito NY nN house and ee ions Ian Om

bas wade a special | The lay i oe
a ge getheric ay dst ;
Â¥ {the ort. Convince yoursail by m | appreciatel the lerores wpa iireted by bet she bes bolt 9 MO

3250 t

LIME, |Stables/2

Apply by letterte L.B fo “Gazette”

eo . . Alay 12th, 1910,—lea-
! Proves{there are still some who do‘not knowlts value. Aro .

eee eee ane | tlt the Enring, Cor by
you one ofthem! If so ~AND= - |HOME coMFoRts 1 Prince bo. Telephone ee Se ee ane at fre gear | be Bro of APTS hy bak
. ve dod, VallACHO, Heallnany of Clemons’ good works, fod es Gvoige Bucet Ne 3d--May F ’
Write for Particulars to Underaklty Department. TUE COMFORTS 31 the bom con be sein | foe 180 Kg ot ‘Dyorn cpa we ended te ,
MOUSE, Re $k deter Aatng yuan seruaretiey enna

Give wa rile ihe dey, 3910,

The Trinkded Shipping and Trading Uo., Imtd j*%, ayercnonore St |r eatin

BAOH-200 (SÁLS.'
Fitted with
Schoener & Co.
At 68, South Quay.
Ladies’ Shoes
■/Vf-<>/-v‘m Go*
Tailors and Outfltt*
i HIGH values: LOW P
Felt Hati
Marine Sqi. irr A Chacen Stjw
$3.00. 4-00. 5 00 REAM:
X- to gtfi.00 KMf
Prayer Bool®

The arcade.


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