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Port of Spain Gazette
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Port of Spain Trinidad
Port of Spain Gazette
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" trinidad Tuesday '
liAir.v ukivi'kxnv '
—^¡ Just Received.
I' *M BOX*»5*
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Th» Coolest Smoke on Earth.
tatas, Ltd.
pnnraii beos
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Our Reserve StocI;.
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Mill Cost You
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kn. content jtc^lOv*
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*v$*«áís'¿-iS- 2H?
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pawtsto HOts-Nc. i. 3.1
«ÜAPf.S AORIC'-.'l.T'JRAl. reilKi
ÍQUABE VOlTl't S«OV£lS-Ns. J A >
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noeiifs pi»» CAXíPi'-i. • 3.-- <• •¡"
prvniso anpAiVs
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yates A AND ALL OTHER PRODUUR cab doot te Oot TA Thee. 1 Thos, Hagiatear of Frleud!y Sooke lon
toed Beary ina rear ie tes And BUYBRS ‘oF cone jaune sl Cascade oe A Ba aga + Bertotdipa |
gee Didoue ce BOUTH QUAY Callens, dis ly te Auten Mindi 6 ophone ‘ AMATI
ane ay age Nes yoo Drvadway April, 9- Putoldpais, Hb Noy, lta ¥
wHoWwâ„¢ ave a

a : .
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be . Lan a ee ae yaw fh ke ee ere le ea . . a ca a at on taal i oa,

- . 7 oF ~Fare 7 + - on FE Regt Sa Ee RT RN RYT TRE, RT RS TE IT
/ .

and Mr ILE. Gibbon.
Mr. Salomon seniog member of the

Hla Excellency the Governor and iis 1

with the resolutions which His Excel- amar De htate (Kinerteek Sale f°
lency han proposed. Rust ituselah George Grell, (Sweden),
' The resolutions were then Adopted

t silence,~-the members and the pub- [ Roland, 11. T. Howen, G. D. .
lio having stood since their adopkion J i 1 Uitonte ACE. é Neen SS

The Clerk read the resolutions and br Angelo Serta (Italy) Others
e ' : . ar, Onrleing. said ithe whole Court
standing) DBefore your Worsht °
: ceeds with the bus: rene ofthe Roe was moved. . Buerly, Gaston Jobnston, Beverly.
you will allow me to say a few words THE NEW KING'S ACCESSION Murray, It. M, T. Veizgar,D. MWabn,
on behalf of myself and the other prac Hie Excellency t = Geatleinen, — 175, 8, “Carruthers, ©. W, Langford,
- titioners, It fe my painful duty to | Dave Just received asf came here af A, i. Hotaford, 11 Israel Jeffers, A. L.
~ 4 tbove the adjournment vf the Court jong telegram which, T afieens re i Brown, 1.C, (Wilson, Joho Wilson,

me nate FS : id eolermh silence, to testify to our Boos r 7.
| e | OUR LATE KING, most found and most heartfelt pee ese adorh Carl ATs ( vethers “ 1.
. whe a ey ?,
: | Tributes at the Churches Legis-/ iis "ireccite *Moremnor ‘and f Gages Geet Oa ey Tf
iT. : lative Council and Courts . ,
ae ° : w e : ‘
| (Conttinuat from Page 2 HE ROLeTONG AborteD, | Menent ele” Mower fedty Gar Distinctive Tailoring,
. mon, | A. La Cartar, Geo, Fite Patelek that the resolutions be adopted. K Re Fees At:
ates to the proclamalion of the] \ A 8. Fe
fate Kine Pere “2,the memary of OUT seconsion of Itla Malerty King Osores | VO. Neel. Acie Wislend, We Jones
say how deeply we {eel at the news of and I ex the aanonorement of the Pinon, J, F. Guthrie, Cecil Wharton:
hia almost sudden death, The late | G4t¢ of His tate! Majesty's funeral is{ ©. F, Ligoure. F, A. Collins, I Gan‘
ro INCLUDEZ Klog endeared, fltoatit to bie enh | Corinto ty Pave naetaine a | tegen Ap, connor, GA. Voll
fects perbaps moretiian any other will be a dey of public mourning, af nals, Joseph Brown, Paul Giuseppl, L-
Tionarch of thie century. lle was} opecial service will be heid in the] Constantine, Ls des Eales, A. McCar,
+f Cathedeal uf wilt quinoa inher thy, F, Maingot (({c,).! Thos, Potter, O-
s meetin, an
. & great man, 4 great diplomat, & man | eee ee ne ee oe contenta’of the Soe Ton tc Ke eee Latour,

with deep affection for humanity 9,
telegram I will be able to fnform you | 1, OW.
Bei nin the Pesce Maker of | Cf the date-for tse parpone of the | frvine’ Gaaibal, Od, Board ya

@ °
Saery” | Europe Although .
—. conruintion, Se tore et he ny tet Proclamation of Ils Majesty King) Romeo, T. A. Thompson (robed), i.
_ . and Intelligence and he towered over | Ueorae’s accession and the taking o
exe all the diplomatiste of Europe. His | the oath of allegiance by members of
loas is not bo us hie subjects alone but Council, For that mecting official In-
BS to allthe world, Oar hope fe that | Vitatione will besentto the heade of
" . af .

Blashe-Fraser, EK A. Durhany, 1, M.


— IN — .

Tweed Suitings:

With our prosent bighly trained Staff guarantees

aomething more than a king, be was

Radcliffe Clarke, J. obinaon, HI, it.
Marwood, J. Paul, BOR Mole, CB
Franklin. W. Ieece, RE. Phippe, W.

Gopaul, James Caasiram, Paul Joseph,
our present King will walk in the | Public bodies the heads of the| J il Arneaud it Garcia GILA, ltecoe, Newest Styles and bost Workmanship» —- .
footetené of bis father. hurches and the Oonsule who, 1/0. G. Pantin, G. RJ. Fitz William, 0. 4
lis Worship sald that be could say | think, of the last occasion signed the | Fits William, Alec Fraser, L. Oarml: :
~ [nothing bat endorse overy remark. | Proclamation as well as tho official | chael, Wm. Scott, J. Glendinning’ J. = yu
Mr. Salomon had made, because when | 824 unofticial members of thie Uoun- | LaForest, U 1, David, W. Montgomerie 9 k d
~ ever he heard his name (His cil, Due notice will bd given to the] Gordon, A, Monteil, A‘laryt oliena, J,
Majesty-s) mentioned it was always public of that meeting of Council. I] Gioanetti, (ent) J King, i. W. Hon
with a glow of pride to him, Wish to express my appreciation of the | nett, fi, Disckwood Wright LL.D. (in
The Court, was then adjourned. attendance of the public at this meet- 1] courtiers dress, If. Stepheng,
: oe ing t they are ebaring with us tn the ex: i; ofilacbe Wilsons Hit TOR, LIMITED
" “4 IN reesion of sorrow on the de a u, G, von Weiller, Gomes, J. . e —
= LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL. Prieved King snd Sovereign, a. Tandred L Sickel J Alaa -
. . . 7 . Kelshall, K. asilon, Li — = — —_
EXRTAORDINARY MELTING HELD, [lls Excellency continuing s—There Btone, AL ib Hann, G. do Yorteull, J ;
_ w 0 er Je 2 Leo
nusoLetions of eyuraruy pasoxp | illus no further business Delors the | 8, Burke, Norman tnnies, Knox Leo / PRESH DRUGS) Some More Patents. _


MEDIGINEg} anueo: carsuces .





BOTAN D'S, sre



‘Queen Laver’ Beer

DAI L y F EED F OR y OUR WITH ROYAL FAMILY. die; but notice will be given of the 4. Laray, J.J. Hobeon, G. we si A
‘ ~~ next og asapon 4s the conten’ 0. 0 ZC.

® For the purpose of formally passing | of the telegram are known, and A. Mark, ey “hers

IMALS LF fenlutions ee pympathy s nd rend. At 12.00 the Councll stood ad-] Defore the meeting commenced s

i Fe the death of Oar Most Gracious | 2uraed: gompany of Constabulary under Sub-

~ PUBLIC ATTENDANCE. Ipapector Harragin took up alignment

Sovereign Lord» King Edward VIL, ao = tie -
dinary Dneetih of the Legisia- Among the very large number of J on the n tothe East of the build.

them was drawo “uP the Constabulary

=_—= extracri ged the chambe.
1 IQ Lure Connell was held in the Uouneit Persons who tare Most Iter: | (RE facing weet, and to the rear of

amber, Government Buldiogs, Port- | pe, Pius Dowling, O.P, Archbisho;
IL ° of-Spain, yesterda at noon, ‘There of Portof-npaint is Najestys Tw tng Bandmaster

land under
were presenti--Hie Excellency, the judges of the Supreme Court in Unde an escort of Mounted Consta-
‘ ~ Under an Mou
Governor, Be George Luthveon Le | cyl robes of office,— Their Honours bulary io charge of ‘»ub-Inspector
Hunte, HO.M.G., in full Wiodsor | sessre, A. van W. Lucle-Saith, Chief | Carr, iis Excellency, accompanied by
dress, (presiding) Hon, 8. W. Knaggs, | Justice, It, A. Swan and A. D, Museell | Capts, R.A Arkwright, A.D.G,, and
OMG, Colonial Secretary, aleo in fii,’ Justices,— Sy, Rev. Father [ G, i May, Honorary ADC, drove
JUS I RECEIVED Windsor uniform, Hon. It, 8. Aucher | MQ Byrne, U.P, V.G. Rev. W. M. | from’Government Mowe, Upon Mis
Waroer, B.A KO, acting Attoroey | Mpringer, BA, Rev. A. H Grey, Kev. | Excellency's arrival, the Band played
‘ pane eS barton i co i i: Qesbaa, De 4, Rhodes Vickgon the National Anthem ls Excelieuey,
° ¢ . .PaL, Dr. . cueon, UU... } with other military officers in attead-
A LOVELY ASSORTMENT OF Isushe, B.A. Auditor General, Hon. | pout Volonel J. 1, Callens, Y., Lieut | ance, ia pected the guard-of honour
. Lieut, Col, G, D. Swain, Commandant | Colonel Robert Johnstone V.V., Uolu- | before adjourning to the Council
bel H, 8 Marshall, MessresO, E, Brad- » Chamber,

shaw, J. N, Urietly, G. O, Ligoure, THE MEETING OTENED,
Jas Crucksbaok, Db, M. Haha, R. E Ike Excellency risiug, (and the whole
Pbippa, J. N Cox, E. A. Durbem, | assembly with him) sald s—Honoura-
Wesley Johnson, A_L, Brown, U. W. ] bis Members of the Legislative Coun-

in am Satie onntiesinlli tel xan

of the Local Forces, Hon, 4. G. Bell,

a MILLE, Director of Publio Works, in

; anc % O S Windsor uniform as well, Hon, H. L,

Eos @ j Clare, M.D., Surgeon General, Hon.
- W. 1. Coombs, 1.N. Protector of Imtul-

Y grants, Hon. D, Slyne. Heceiver Uen-4 Norman, A. D. OConnor, E. C. M. | cil,I regret that I haveto eummonyou

eral, Hon. H. Walcott, Collector of | stone. "A VM. Tharenot, Knox | so soon againto-day, but the telegram

Oustoms and Mons, G. Townsend mata b, Th .
Fenwick, G-DLG., George. Good wille, Leotaud, A. H, Lucie-Sunlt oimas that 1] recelved-and of which


and Adam Sroith, with Mr. Harry L.
IN Knaggs, Clerk of the Council, and Mr,
Thomas Beddard Jackson, Official

, Sky, Cream, Champagne and Brown. | *isthant pene. a ta black,


irwin Potter,C A. Child, W.Reece, [2 informed you—just as we met
Q. © Pantin, W. Abdollah, J, G. [thie — taorpin contaived = very
Rast, A. E. Morsford. J. Laforest, J. | explicit orders from His Majesty that
Pau, J, Bernidge Jl M. Hes. J. W [he has been proclaimed King to-day.
Vaviel, U. Syl, Willlains, 1. 3B-] And, therefore, I have suumoned you
Grosvenor, J. W. McCarthy, EB. MM. [again this afternoon in order that f
Lazare, JJ, Hobveu, , Uollins, ti. L, | may read His Majesty's instructions
Obrien, EK, 1, Smart, MA, J. C, Ox- ( and the proclamation of fis Majesty's
ley, A. Maingot {jnt) J.C. Boyer, W. | accession, You will undevetand that
Philbps, J. kk. McUracken, W. Barry [the telegram I received was a closes

Goods His Excellency 1 - Gentiewen,—This f sinith, R, A. Winn, Re Ai. 'L. Prizgar, | telegtam containing « & number _ —
au Fashionaple > fea specially summoned meeting of | these’ LA. Modu, Ee Hadelitto of e en in detail gna t has been re- AND
Council, aud the confirmation of the] Clarke, "Nath rathwalte, Qastoa | pea to the Governora of the

Ht AND SPANISH OHAMBRAY., mfloutes of the last meeting will, there | Johnston, LN, Carrington, i, | Windward Islands,
EMBROIDERLES AND LAOES | fore, be postponed, . Gomez, J. W. Tomlinson, i W.] The telegram which was then read
TOBAGU'A BYMPATHY. Gordon, A. M. Sucre, U. A. 1. Farrell | by Hie Exceliency was frou: the Secre-
The Colonial Secretary said:—I am} ij yc, H. T. Bowen, Yusuf {brahim | taryol State forthe Colonies, It con-
directed by Iiie Excellency to read the | and few ladies. taloed an intimation that King George
follawing telegram from the Hon. | jiya troop of inounted constables | wasprociaimedthatdayanda coinmend

ba H. L, Thornton of Tobsgo:—' Ab | under Sub-laospector KT. W. Uatr, | that he should be protiaimed In the
g | ccoence of steamer renders my attend: § t3.4,, His Kacellency, who wae accom: | cotony with a royal salute of guns, If


The Acmo of Purity.

Brewed from Malt & Hops only


“ance at epecial meeting of Legislative panied by Captain A, Aukweight, f possible.
“Council impossible, I presume] apo, was escorted from and to THE PROCLAMATION,

“meeting relates tq death of Llis
“Sale Bisjety in thie case, will Government House,
oat *you do ine the favour of exprees-

, “fog in Council on my __ behalf
I “ ths deep regret felt by residents of
" “Tobago at the untimely death of so
7 { “gooda Kiang!”

-—— itis Excellency read the following
KING GEORGE'S ACCESSION. | Tktnibab & Touago.
No, 2 cf 110

PROCLAMATION READ 3 By lls Uxcellency (Sir

OATHS TAKEN, GQgorck Rutuven Le

: Tea th Muntes aight Comman:

* % som \. t4 p.m yesterday another ex- er oO ja nos ne
; Ww. MS Ree aegtete tat oelng to travedtonty aveting of tbe Legisla- uished Order of bt TELEPHONE 437.

y indisposition he le unable to be| tive Council] was heldin the Uauneil ichael and St. George,

q present sane ad tian” desces Vand So ets |
. a roclaiiaa: 8, .
Y FRESH ARRIVALS OF wyonigvon woves nzvorerions, | proclatming Bing, Goose vfs fe-Cbiof fe end over the
BS Members of the Legislative Counci! of | Present. were t-—Lls Kxcellency the bago and {ts Dependencies,
Trinidad and Tobago :— Governor, Sir George Ruthven Le Vice-Admiral, thereof, d&t., —od


the death of | form) Hon, Robert dtewart Aucher
instant, laforiog relive Majesty | Warner, BA 1.0, acting Attorney A PROCLAMATION,

a t to-day | Hunte, K.Q.44G., (in uniform) pre &e, ge.
5 a = lie ioe per eequeuce of U oa intelifgence siding’ Hon. Samuet Willisu Knaggs, Gronor It. lz Hens,
which 1 received officially on the 7th |UM.G, Colonial Secretary, {in unui Governor,
a .

~ | General, Hon, Louie Anthony Whar Whereas ithas pleased Almighty
: —AT— Bleg rant VL soho On of ny, | Centre Meh ninat Genes fan | Qo ty eal ug tie Nery ou Ena ThE J.
Brith spire, gre mourning the, fons Hobert | Gervese a ticut, Coli] Ileaed’ and. Clorious Memory PianO

Hi E A “Ba ‘ A "DL H i 3 ofa sovere) 2 whose ule Wee ewer
“en . ficleat to his people as

° be peace of the world.
fal royal ear devoted subjects of. the

» Hon, Iten-
Throne, we humbly desire to pay our Director of Putte oie “ a Ueneral, ie solely and tightfully come to the

eliyn Douglas Swain, by whore decease the Imperial

Gorda the Lona fore fis | Glows of te Uptel paiie af
oh. nN ab

{rnold oro worker . other Ilis late Majesty's Dominions

. WarehousE,

“ ee Qos one


. heartfelt tribute of sorrow and syne 1 High and Mighty Prince George “ 83
GRENOWING SPADES—No, 0, 1, % atc orks swe Aen | Vouasete the en: (Onin Hares | aye, iy Eel dorgs| | In making oom for New’ tock begs to offer the
WEEDING HOES—No, 1, 2, 8 . fod fhe meme ora of the ite 7 any z grants Hou. Denis Blyne, eceiver Governor and of nmannerin- Chiet osowing i igh Class Sesond hand pianus at very low
z . al, Hon, U iarcla: ‘als o lon:
DIGGING HOES—No, 2, 3, A : ' . rae bs rot Lor ee cag rencle Genettltector of Gactome, and Hons, bago and its Dependencies and the prices for Cash,
OCOA PRUNERS—Gilpin’ and "Arcade flonan it of | eeeras Townsend, Fenwice GHGs | Hemet et counctis “therest, ‘the 1 Overstvung Piano by Ascherberg $ 50 4
(1) That the Legislative Council of | George Prud-| Archtlebop of Portofspain, ths :
‘ AX STEEL Trinidad and Tobago bave received jAlcaar JG, (uniformed Cyrus Brod. Hiahop OR dal represented by 1 do, do. Biase 100
ES, SOLID of with tbe. cotpes eofibe death of bur Carl de Vertewl, Joka Davidson] the Vicar General) the Chief Bin- 1 do, do, Neufeld 75
‘ . . toe a oeed nad Gracious Bovereign | Holwon, and Adasi Suith, with Br. | Sslareof the Wesleyan, the, Vresby- 1 Vertical do, Strong 30
ef ol
BRANE‘S AGRIQULTURAL FORES, Ming Hadward Vids os behall of [end Ste fe, th Jackson, Oficial | tiet Dénominalions Hlelate Sajes: 1 do, do, d0.." 65
BQUARE MOUI No 3,4 5 afuriiy and ete Ut | saumieregtibesematiie| Piscean | | ot do a pilgon 8
— . * ener a e e :
Q ARE MOUTH SHOVELS-—-No, 3. 4 5, fauee to ther Bajust Queen lexaudia eee et retly, larger than a the Town Cormistoner ‘of Port-of- 1 de do, Strong 40
aud the members of the Itoys! Mamily | noening. ‘Those prevent includedt— | gogin andthe Mayora of the Bor 0. do, Bishop 30

Lis Grace Archbleliop Dowling, Ver) Cisne of Ran Fernando aod Arima,

B WOoDEMN * BRAILES. thee oe ea feavemoent and Archdeacon Siolth, Chief Bs utica therefore, do cow hereby with one These are all jn flood Condition

’ their toring assurances of loyaltyand |) i cieginith aod Judge Russell (in ful} voice and consent o tongue aod
. . j devotiua to the Throne and Persea of Vv Iter, Father MM, blisb 4} proclaim the
pogGes FOR CANKEL—H, 5-8, 3-4, 1 in. devotioa to tb mailel Very May. Father J. Bee ee Mighty Prince Ukonak at Frederick Strest. eK oun
NING SHEARS : (3) That the Governor of this colony | Ney: ie, Hes. and Mrs, K, J, Holt, Hoa} pSyoenick Kanter ALERT is pow, eric: Tes [y
CROOKING P BASKETS parequestedto convey the stove re |Gparies Leotaud, Hon. | Bugove] The death of Our Late Sovereign . ‘kwhome 440,
by ADS & . solutions to Hila Majesty's Prine Ciprani, Hoa W. 8 Wollfsbon |G Happy and Glorious Memary, Le-
| MULE BLANKE'TS—Whice and Brown, feoretary of pate to the Volopies lor | Afember, of alsh dloaduree Casio’ | come ur only lawful and rigitful
- < a. 4 . be
; ULE COLLARS—16ins to 20ins . ba candice and the members of ere EW. J. Mauod, Rey LK ie ot King of “the” halted Klog- | =
‘ SADDLE SERGE—Check, Blue, White. the Royal Fawily, Tlorilek, ALA, Dr, ¥. A. de Verteull, | domof Great Britain and Irelao
5 RED 1 willnow ek the Senior Voofficlal |e Gi. if. Masson. Dr. O. F Laasalle, | andof the British Dominions q
REIN ROPE Menuber of Counell to be good enough | figut, Gal and Mra. J. 21, Gollens, | yond the fleas, Defender of the 4
to second Loe rere econ DS. . Lieut. Col and Mra Robt. qehnstone pelt Hmperor of Indie, Buper® A 3
pENIOR U Mi olnstone, Mra. G. D, Swain, jn and over o ba! jony =
RTA PAULIN: Mr Fenwick very feclingly eaid.—|}irw, D. tiyne, Mra. J, H, Hart, Mrs | of ‘Trinidad and Tobago and Ite The Liver Medicine
‘ ding the resolutions thet | Ji, 1, Walcott, Mra fH. L, Knagas. Dependencies, to whom we do F ree ‘ ’

Contalos Bo Arsenlg ur Qaicine,

is atrietty Voegotabie,
SAMPLE ES. iver Complalek hi 1 2o4neas, Coustlpstica,

. «| In secon
Gan i 2 Excall has just Td od Sirs, A. & Howe: ‘ ledge allt ‘th and tant

OINE “*BIRKNYRE* CLOTH —READY MADE fs the follow’ iz Your Excel eney has just moved, der Major and Sites Hila Laseal Leu acknowlelge all! th end constant
Wess Gfe x Aft, Bfe x Olt, 1Oft x Sit, 12 x 10f, fas overwhelmed every loyal British and dire, “EH ashley, Col. It | hulle affection, Lesreching God
) rabjochtprousuout ibe” wou, Ht na |S Mardell Male At antie VD. | by wom JKlogy, and Gueree da
Km Frank Millers Harness Dreseinge — . | ae iin thedesthofourwellbeloved |ifJ Vielre V.D, Genlata W. ILtt George the V with long and happy

the griet and sorrow which to-da

; K Edward VIL Our | setan, Lieut. Pere: Fi Lieut ©
ne , ———t BovervieS eee to “tdequately ex- a’ Nogers,. Lieut "ieneege' Ol. Vases, years 0 re Re wader iny handand oN Pang b0u rea Borree.
" Pei therfore, ask "anette | Anson’ the Coaoeular “ody ware Horersoen Hiosere tse! ApH cation | Sle Agents:
| a- . . E ut This Gouneil, ” gathered as we Chevalier A Holler (Austria Tiupeerny oat Hartel Sele fa pp ca on ge ‘ W. Cc. ROSS & ca
ow" ¥ e | ye BOW, without further discussion, Messrs Win Hollec (Denmark) A df Geiitod lnidad, this GOL0NTAL DISPENSARY.
mays a $ . . a oF

“ . .

eo! ‘
;° ’ >
‘ 4 4

‘22048 no yw nod cz Speed ore Toesey OG}
40¥ sp>pout qeII09 eq} TT¥ UF SHOHS ¥ SLOCE


nioth day of May, In the
year of Our Lord one thou-
sand nine hundred and ten.
reading of the jyrocamation
by a fanfare of trunr



pets blown by three bandsmen outside,

His Excellency s=—The proclamation

willbesigned by myeelf andthose whovw

read. It will then be
pantie outside hte bulld-
Ing, and ibe Counc en
nese mbie for cbere ; ve chlakiog the
eceasary oaths of alle;
» The Band played the National An-


The roclanation was signed
by His Excellency, His Grace, the
Archdeacon, the Chief Justice, Mr.
Justice Russell, all the Members of
Council, Neve, Maund, Horlick aod

The Council then adjourned,


Attended by the members of Coun-
cil, and the military ofticers, His lx-
cellency proceeded to the balcony of
bis office from which he read in reson-
ant yoice and clear tones the procla-
mation to a large number of the gen
eral publio congregated In the street

low. The reading was alen heralded
by aflourish of the trumpets whic!
custom, we understand, has been ob-
served here for the first time on
occasion of the — accession
of a Hing. The
executed in a befitllog, manner
apd considerably enhanced the im-

sing Dature of the whole ceremonial,
At the conclusion of the Proclamation,
His Ercellency led with the shouss
** God Save the King.” The populace
took up thecry, the Mand renderedjthe
National Anthem and the troops gave
the Royal Halute, It was 4.15 o'cloc


On the resutwption of Councll, the
swearing iu ceremony took place.
bhorn of ite drapery the mace
which had been removed was now re-

Jaced in ite original position,

iis Excellency, the Chief Justice, Mr.
Justice Russell and the Colonial Secre-
tary each subscribed to the oatbs of
allegiance, office and service, while
the members of Council only. subscrib-
ed the oath of allegiance,


Hw = Excellency t - Gentlemen.—!
thank you for your attendance, The
Connell stands adjourned eine die,

The Council rose at 4.45 o'clock,

When leaving. His Excellency
thanked His Grace, the Oonsular
Body andthe other members of the

eneral public for their attendance,
Fis Excellencey returned to &t Anne

read to the

Ak ee en epi g

q to bs for your new

Oe atylbh sds
abedes and ove Late not

Webeve ol) ktode~pisia
and fancy In the letet

acd potrimmed,
very lateot styles, Mats
to enit all occasions at ball...
the price you pey elec.

h | people for



setisfantory warvice,

aoly Jook well, but wear end econury,
we . _—_——— ment of Men's , ‘ashiocable
i ere can
$ H I RTS PA MA MA fied. . greater vs rlet rat

Mate for Lad|
of everyjdescs ‘pn,

corres slylen, Quality block and tring \warma Mate ta
Robemeyraeioee | Sesweetee/

* 77 *
paneenie’aricy | TWEED axo President Suspends
Nike tarefal ‘sandeiog SUITINGS Are you wearieg Saspend

vienmed ‘@ have jeot open

suite, patterns and

and wemabeyour out

WATERMAN —Ths Hatter, Olothlor and Qutitter, 15, Frederick reat. *


Ata special meeting held on the Sth
May 3019 the following resslution
was t—] It ka resoived, that The
East Indian National Congress of
Triok desires to convey ite sin-
cerest expreasiun of deepest syinpa:
thy and condole ce to Ner Most
Graclous BMajest:
fo the frreparable lose sustained by
herin the sudden death of our most

loved Kilog and Empéror, IL, That
& copy of the above resolution be
transmitted through lis Excellency
the Governor to Her Most Gracious
Majeaty the Queen,

Rifle Practice,
The Uocorite Riffe Range will not
re open any day this week.

Public Health,
To the Biitor of the Port-of-Spain


Sir,-While Dr. Dickson and his
aasistants are amusing thenselves in
the Oity Police Court by prosecuting
trivial breaches of the
Sanitary Laws, the Port-of-Spain
Town Board are engaged in the
innocent amusement of emptyiog
their rubbish carts Inthe Quarry at
East Dry River in the centre of one of
the movt thickly populated portions
of the town, [t is Impossible to
breathe in the early mornings on
account of the sickening smell emanat-
ing from the rubbish,

have fever this morning. a child
In this house was similarly effected for
the greater part of last week, and
sone other peoplein the vicinity are
also complaining, if it were attempt-
ed to filla large hole at St Clair with
city rubbish, I know certain people
who would most strenuously object.
What fe sauce forthe goose ought to
be saucs for the gander,
. Yours dc.

23 Biparia Hill,


Trinidad, B.W 1,
Mh May, 1910,


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In the Supreme Coart of Trisidad an

‘obs go,
Sammars Sonsdictios, Pout-of-%pato,
No, 241 of 1010,
. In the Matter of
Eal'y Bruce


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OTICE fa be eby given that there witt
tegut op for eile at the Marshal's
Auction Wart, No 36, 3s, Vincent Street,

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of May 19.0, at 120'e'cck nooe,

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fendants ina Wooden Tenement covered
wlth ga'van esd iron staoding on lasds of
the Woodb ork Estate aod known as No,
40, Kitcbeoer Sirret.

Leried nies in the above matter, ‘

Deputy Marcha),


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ty. Y- supports @ goodly sumber_of men in orp can Lane C. Ted.
i G ALY AN V/ k D IRO N N otice, constant work, The seme joeulis tne Hilt” Estate. | as pavtll gourensx » Go | an New Gotowtat, Oor.
bE YY “oo , a
* @

i irecti f° th : OF Of, BEARING PRO. . : . Lammxp Agents
aoa eee eee te peontg | VALUE OF tf BEARING PIO j VINGINEA 0:

earuing. It was suggested at the ~~? due bere from Venexuelan ports on or :
N * . .. ' on or about 21st May. proceeding af.
fine Crofts Habibiuon that | To The Editor of the Port of Spean' apont Ma 10th, proceeding after | terwarnts to Demezare, la Gusyra,

opening o:
- V the Victoria Institute might form the crwar n
. EF ROW TO DA 9 | nueleus of ‘such a techneat school as —— ands to Havre and Hanbury via Bt ito, Cabelloand Curaceo,
te required here, and that thezwork le | | Sir.—There are earrent such ¢8 | gil London Direct ane
' " Tuurspay, 2lst Inst tied on ea an extennion of chat Bb pre | ee erriace aad for’ the Clifte ESTERWALD.—The 4.5, “Wos- of St
< ’ ried on as an extension of that at pre | any Company paid for the Clifton < eanera,
; sent peformed there in other but sim- hf Estate that I consider it In the \ terwald” of the Hamburg: Naw Covowtan Comraay

~ ilar direction Wehave no wish to | public intercet necessary to contradict Auericaa nae ts due here from Vene- . L1p,.—-AGENTS
> W t P belittle the efforts boing made atthe | them, ‘Ihe price paid for the estate | £U¢l4n ports on or about May 24th ALYHIA—The as, **Salybia" Is
FITTED ITH . he * rice Institute to train the rising genera: | “lock, stocklang totret was £12000 rocesdin

ig afterwards to Havre an due here from London via Bare
tion in auch aseful subjects as short- | This price we did not pay on account | ‘famburg via Bt. Thomas, taking car- | bados and Urenads on or about 18th
-oFr— hand, typewriting, French Spanieb, [ of the oll and mineral rights, or for

.. Go, passengers and mails. May 1010 proceeding afterwards ta
re 4 sod kindred studies, for although we | the cocoa and cocoanut trees, which A
El im = have often expressed the opinion that | came into our possession—but primar

) B H : Bi | EH miuch good cculd be dune by the devo- | {ly to secure the ground, on whith to

TAGONIA—The a8. Patagonia | Deinerata taking caigo paseeugers
AND. tion of other methods, including more | run cur permanent railway without

the iamburg-Amencan hoo is here from Liverpool via Barbados

of the Hamburg American Line is | and maila,

due here from Hamburg via St | QAVAN -The as, “Savan" is due
tine weekly to each of these subjects, | deviation, or interruption along tho
and that until thatis done the [nsti- creat of the Anticline from the sea te

Thomas on o¢ about May 2lst, pro- here from London via Harbados
ceeling afterwards to Carupano, La f and Grenads on or about Let June 1910
i ” : tate willneverdo itself real justice, | the liinit of our Crown Lands,
Will be‘as under : atillthere can be po denying the fact| A deviation round Chfton Hill

Guayra. Puerta Cabello & Curacao, [ proceeding afterwards to Demerara
thata great and solidly useful work [ Estate would have meant an increased

. taking Fargo, Pawengers & waits, taking cargo, passengers and malls,
is being cartied on there very quietly | initial expenditure of several thousand
§ L0 ek u Ta Compleat G, Roast & Steak— and gerinaialy. Nevertheless, anless } pounds, Bnd in the future Increased
r - present system of the | cost of maintenancé and transport. £3

“Innidad Line of

Compagnie Generale
bed: Transatlantique,
C Leoravp & Rox

Loiope ov Gust toape, Martinique
mo St daca. 0 due here on or about
the Jith May as? wal progeed afte r-
ward to Ponert a Surman and Cay-
enne, tae t se igers, maths and
carge 4
G TADD TAGE UG whe French Mail
2 Steamy tiimleioupe" is due
bere from Venesuelan porte on or
about the wth May and will pro-
coed afternanie to Martinique, Gua.
vloupe Bantander Bordeaux and
Levi, taking passengers, roalle and

have immediately proceeded to depre
clate ite value by adopting the custon:

dad Line willleave for New York on
Wednewlay lith May 1010 and is dua
here on FE tiday uth May 1010,

bth, -

Maux Suzanse —Hrit atmr, Hodgeon
1,Uad tons, 12 daya, Mobile, cargo in
transit - (For bunker coal)

GvUADLLOUPE -French stir, Le Blang
2103 tons, 17 hours, Martsolque, 2
tona general cargo and f2 passen-
gers —fo Chas Lavtaud << Son,

Inasita;:—Vener boat Hrito, lv tone
day ©) Colon, 5,000 plantalas, 2b
bage cocua, 10 begs corn and 7

Pauxournrro, Venes (elucho, Rodulfo,
#tons, 5 days, Carupano,—37 pigs,

the whole AGENTS, T; —A .
15 cents. per Ib, | #tudiowat the institute is reodelled, | "As to oll iu our position surroundings | QT. DOMINGLL —The French Mal] ~\ROWN OF GHANAD A othe
» pe * f and perhaps the entire bulldings | thisnarrow atrip of estate, we could fe Steamer St Domingue’ fram “Crown of (iranada’ of the Trini:


greatly enlarged, we do not sea how

; A FEW STILL REMA INING, Br iske and Stew— ae re The actual’ teaching ary methods cf promptly boning well.

by practical inen and under prac Just outside ite boundaries and eo

cal conditions, of such trades as boot- | gaining much of ita oul
10 cents per 1b, making, joinery, cabloct making, iroa The inexperienced possessor of ot
and wetal foundry, and similar work, | beating lands hearing that a Cowpauy
coulinerer be either thoroughly or } of eame standing has paid such a large
decently earried on at the Institute { sum fora emall property of some 3x)
places an increased

1 ‘ ithout completely disorganising the | acres, naturally
ne’ | i G R E LL & Co Ltd mhole ofthe Dither objects of thetosti and impossible value on his land, and
‘ . tution, Not that there are not ways fea prevents its {nelusion fn any pro-
, N 5 e sa —— and means by which i! 1~ «asily con- [motion which Intends to give the

The Port-2f-Spaln Gazelle. Fee ae ae ies cnsidered be nubvcribing public fair value for its

E e whether the Government, Whee nu i have been Informed that we gave
- rt of even the present work a + | as nich as £5, fon the property in
. Tol °o Pho no N Oe 37. Tun era 1910, Vestivate could assuredly te more | question,
; —_——_—_——
eT ‘ . TECHNICAL EDUCATION. ful to effect this reorganization.
° VINCENT BUILDING. — That the colony would fanedit we
the course of his address at the ise and useful and proper ong, Dut
opeato of the recent Crafts’ Hxbibi- the Board of Manegenent of the Insti

generous with advantage, i prepared
to expend the additional funds need-
‘ - very {important question was | doubt not; and we are firmly con-
touched Xpon by Colonel Coliens ia vineed that the expenditure would be
dt May, 1910, _—
~. no when he referred to the urgent | tute should pause ere they becume ey MOVEMENTS OF STEAMERS.
as necenary | —— ——


Keninkdjle W. Mails

Tux Roya, Dutcu Mam

RINS MAURITS,—'The Dutch Mall
steamner “M:ine Mautite” fe due
ve feons Venezuelan ports on of

wut the Mth May 1010, proceedin:
afterwards to Paramaribo, Havre, av

Youre faithfully
A. Die nas
Director offfrinidad Oil Fields, Ltd.
Queen's Park Hotel

Vintne der natant, Sniith, 102 tons,
12 houra, Guanoce, ballast and 10
passergetee to New Sock & Bei-
mudez Uo,

——— i hie colony forthe evlab- Jog out o! Amsterdain taking cargo, passengers | Nkw Madsaty —Heit slovp Dickson,

peperent a a regularly organised Dacha hearieat tra iery may injuteau and inails, . we . 2 tons, | day, Grenada, t carilage,

ret Ushi har wotdtatue | eer tate eel TR [VSP M+ epee Mas | pi ie a Saas | Pasgv loo ates Toy

MOR i Svideat soproval ae dondersement of tenet that b Gatatlisbavent of = fully © ee Lang. | Irederick Hendrik” ie due pero from | days Urevada, 2 pkgs fruit and 6

, syident geetion hewn by Mis Excel- ena Lat the oe kh - school of tele NUAA —The BR M.S. “Oruba” due | 4 mytesdan via Paramaribo and Demme | _ passengers.
{htey fie Governor, who, despite the nica setroctlon may ere long be ao- here on the lith May, from Routh: raraon or about the Zird May $01, | Porostac - Ucit wtunr, Dounelly 2.553
tuuel caution, most needlessly, yet in- complished in this colony and could | #mpton, via Cberbuurg and Darbados proceedlog afterwards to Carupano, ton, 13 days, Rosario, empt: (Foe

nn cna |

poe |


, i work io striit quarantineat this | tjinan, G La Gu. Puerto buoker ooal and orders).—To Wore
variably observed in dealin with such ft be done under the auspices of the wrt t y 4, Guacta, ayra, Puer buaker coal sad
& Co. questions, clearly indicated that any | Victoria Institute we have no doubt Ps THATO The ILMB. “Atrato ‘is Cabello, Curacao, Jacmel, Aux Cayes, on, Grant 2 .
M.S. rtau Pri d New York taking | CEDAN JraNcit i—Belt sloop Carth
such movement here would receive his | that the past success and prestige of due bere frou New “York, v1] ca, . passer and New er taking 1B tous, Bt dare Nevis. Sl Pesan ‘i

Or Collens stated t r

Seen ece ot any large supply In'sdvanco of ts success batt ty mint | Jamarcs, Colon, Cartagene, and 14.) Vyitine “pill SREDERCANDEN —| sheers if plas: 4 coupe poultry,
o! 3 A -Dhy Dutch Mall Steamer “Prins a and 8 pkga peas,

ally ~ ade bouts and shoes | he clearly understood that the presebt leave the next day Tor-Sotthaapton | Poy Nelerianden” ja due here from bongs MEA utes stint, Egmond,

Books, Bh MARINE SQUARE |zsevis emcee


supporters of the Institute must hot | vig’ Herbados, Kt Michaels (Asores) | Ven. suelan pottson or about the Wsth | 21U3 tous, WS Houre, VParansarib,

reference tbe mngbt with equal truth be injured thereby in any way. Madelre, gad Cherbourg. taking Js May 1010. proceeding alterwards to sar Oo 60 transt—To Royal Dutch
ad aD " araiia: _ be: au

bave referred to almont any article = sett inaile for BL Michaels (Axores), taking es jaworgee and ine ManowlNxs=Duteh slmr Deliver

of possible local wanufacture, inthe

Madeirs, Cherbourg snd Southainpton, 23 tons Ht days, New York, 1

f boots and shoes it je well
ool frown tha there sre (0. vette. | Friendly Societies’ To Meet. aid mals for Aerbaitn, crnithene ” Koninllijta West In- hare i we ; oo 185 tone gene
7 | Betablished [EARS Oe EESE | suoness oreiwoouscn factrdaege unig 2 ew | gS tied | rte
: tat ent res oe ag | ahd en Re Gave, Way | eat tatite alg | PARAS MNT Ma Nang | PEER pe abs nt See
Stationery . in the supe Honty. ot Tbe quality ot ibe aa appr relate the sot condolence Teare the Ht Vincent Jott ab Dain Mine ta due ek, bere pm ar ; AN. Danie ane Togermana -
OVER Imported article ssa rule over that of | and loyalty to be forwarded to ibs on the ds bre bd ueted tb pee that the }7th May 1010, and.will leave came 1 tone tatbedoe | Gal bage
local snake, but simply to the fact | Imperial Mie sty King George V. thelr baggage ts went down before) evening direct for New York taking lots bedar so pepeedl

Weare sure t: call will be toud-

that the demand le greater that local that hour,

cargo, ogers and malls, 1554 tons, bunker coal and 20
*PRENT.— MS. “Trent iedue PrRNAS He These *Ooppeneme” |} ss er and 2) par
that consequently the price thi CIRCULAR Dee eee ee une via Chen OY is here from Pararncrive onf Sepeers. Dy Geo Te Alston & Co,

ott de mete locally 80 | WY HB, the ate t of auch the and Harbadoe on Wednentey | Mcnday the Zed May 1010, and will | Gc anxtourk—French etiur, Le Blaua

oy ly and most loyally responded to i—
im imported g bow,
“ ¢ » Y A Ss. that of the article made locally So rt sorrow in the loss which the], eet toate the came day \Jeate came evening direct for New .
/ B Fi R y TH / WM G | 3 Ee R also Ie it with furniture, and Ironwork, Empire and the elvilized World hi gith Atay and will ba Golooibia, Car [York taking, cargo, pavseogers and ak Carupana, part vol award


industry is yet able to supply. aad

and carrlages and carts, sod saddlery | gusined by the death of our Late] 12 Colon and Jamelca, taking lst | mails .
sé d Kens, _ Pastors ~Venész sloup, Rodriguez -15
stacy? ‘ube ail demand. tt | Mit of tovened tacmbry, and giving | last arene POs athe Cytitouse | Sex te aoe ers ated font New | tons Cristolal Golon eualry pigs
people are ef iy cpimpetents | wih our acaurances of continued Joyalty ve JAty. Queen's Wharl at 3 p.m, with | York on Monday the Zird day lio
io elenti or ” -
Etec cua htt ver | Rint rac Alle ow Unor | 2 spony for pepengers bag: | rite tad atuss (Stobgere ted
t are le Vv: eo 6 i an ngere aiia,
; ' the reason that there ara po fow 18} point two delegates on bebslf of Baie, 1 be ante thee @ llgbter | CRAITAMACUA -The 2.0. “haranac- | THOMA Vener boat, Rodrigues—T tons,
rr i Governmen on rac 0 really because the opportunities of our Boclety to meet hove cftheother | Sy, leqve the Ht, Vincent Jetty at 10 ta ts due back here from Para. | SMaturio, suudsy pkgs mee.
e - learning ta do the work io @ Uhoroug m Hiiendly Hocietics -at Bu Anthonys am, onthe day of sailing lo take their | naribo via Barbados on Tuenlay the
dy efiie! tand workmaciike wana Jlall No, 21 George St, on Friday bagiene to the barge for fami gation, Blat May 1010 and will leave sane
fs] 1. ‘6

: 3
have in the past Leen elther alwent | insisot to formulate ibe address of | ADs The MH. Tague” lndud| evening direct for New York taklog
ae —=== altogether or eles so limited as to have | Cndutence arrange other t New York, vla Jamatea, | ¢. , passengers and malls.
teew practically absent. To give but | Sie Eibere from Ne & Puerto Oulombia | ATE PMNene

tadse and 2 passéngers.
PerRoniLia--Venez falucho Velas
ques 12 tons, C. Oolon, suadry phgs





Closing of Hails,

Mails fur St.Thomas and Mavre by’
the “Virgtoia” will be closed oa

‘ tance of the capacity, readiness mae Bt. 1) . a tere |! a
Hy ong iosttte seus of car local work- OW non} Cuntenors. | on Sunday | nh May. and will tee “e La Veloce Naviga Tuesda the tub instant * 8 o'clock
» ~ am 4 lvea for new forms Bol the next day for Bouthampton. v . preeteely. Registration closes at 2.30

‘ men Ve Ae them elon for a imoment tarbadoe, Bb. | dlichael’s (Azores) | a sions Itulvans a ph lle for Grenada St, Vi t and
w . ng passe! + a re peent an

veeworrr o creation within the last few a Cee e Vapore. New York the- “Orown of

Tux New Cotonian Oourany. | Granada® willed closed on Weduee

OL, = Bor The tender will leave the Lighthouse
AN OIL WITHUUT AL‘UIIOL, ine fire mala yet tlowed © iveituee

OMAL ‘ to faitly targe class of quite
MALL COGOA ESTATE |ieectcaer ae

ull d wavy wedloines hare aleobo! | Jetty. Queen's Wharf at apo, with LoorEp— As . P

oleed oficialiy thal they are oe “pramdpent iregestient, - | passe angers for 18 katt oat ned that Crp se oe oe srevaper aud Hegistration closes at

Of 16 Acros. actually ' icenceds 4 neta! Mend eor ‘eirapose th ade a be ighter o be despatabed to Dense via Mare - jee aa wad ' iBall for Carypan , Gunman, Guaet

t ine e cacao

«No reasonable offer refused. For farther partioulars | struct and reralt soninge 0 aver tbe Vinecnt Jetty at Wa onthe dey of fog atjerwands to La Guszen oat fects lus pabglia,, Gueaceg
Hy 10 omer retusod, OF town, Bnd oe frock ig not well doue. " normediclas) oll cous that aan | sallieg, and pesangerg are, therviore A vata tavanilis witi Le ehosed on Wednesdey the Ith
y chew us of trained work which equal tble oil in site preventive and | reqvestad le sce bhatt baggrge ie peso dele tal cargo, pas igetant at 20 welock pun, Luely,

egletrativn eloese at 3 pax

This is « fv

cKENZIE & ELIR TON, | Nojccsagowssuctoowain Trinidad, beating power. sont dows Letor et

Sea. lh

at ee

rr ser rey ry 1 "eye sey J “ope 7 eo Re | ’ " “or Ne
‘ . ‘ ‘ “ . ‘
~ . , P 7 a
é te : ~ amy
r * ‘ 8 ri
. } +
. 1? ‘ wt

5 enna dieanniniontee, THE LORTOPSKAIN GAZETTE YVESDAY MAY 10 1910, 5

AT THE ~ BONANZA) GOING FAST |The TrendoFashion, | THEL 6. STH & BROS.
mene — Type writers.

: Fashions in


Men, Women and Ghildren| OU" Ne 4470-




Bdeuinned Chif.o, Chip and Straw Hats


te Match Right Through SAMPLE Our No. 4771-— ‘



| l ADIES’ DRE8S coops DEPT, : A Univo-sal Fav.urite with Horscmon, ° SO ORGR OF PEREROL RIGIDITY. CO


r Style Cards sent on Application, Oo FLEXIBLE PAPER FEED,
a: : ® Qa ”
[Most Fashionable, Materials ~a150— o Stastio eer rou,


H , (PATTERN S| gw 252% a pnane
. -OF— These important features, which in other Writing Machines ,
. may be eniployed only as oxpensiva Attachments, ara

WITH OUR N f ¢ i ; embodi in its. construction |
DID YOU GET A PAIR? EWEST SEASONS CUTS Practical Demonstration Given. :


SFO Mato Mighs Through, . Bonanza Talloring Dep’ment,


iarH BROS. &co.|The Bonanza,|gyiru pros « co.| SMITH BROS. & CO...


resent. The Commons will take the

with stealing a tin of butter, Evidence
was led which established defendant's
ull. A string of previous convictions
‘or larceny was proved agalnat lin,
after which be was sentenced to six
months imprisonment with hard

The Court rose at three minutes to
twelve o'clock, .


atm Wik Panama Tele A Company | Sn.addrenson Wednesday,
LE: eteamers " Patagonie,4 & Wid Panama Telegraph Company ) SERVICES IN ALL. THE CHUR.
— ta” and Virgie foot wel en THE LATE KING. CHES
nace: a irgtsia® sit well-ftted London, Batarday evening. Yesterday the Lord Mayor, Alder
Bers ETA Raat | ace acces omen Hm 0 nr ache
6 ut on | not yet been announced, service at Salnt Paul's Cat al
the West fadis Lace, sailing about the Both Houses of Parliament met at | similar services were held ae the

R wi i
= S&S fhe wea ae | 10 b of ecch month, Bo'clock thin afternoon aod the Privy | Roman Catholic Cathedral and every-
| First class passage to Marre (13 to 16 | Council at 4 o'clock. where througbout the Kingdow.
WABKEâ„¢ = : t
alin. | ‘Tho
Rios i noe . *9
M, a ! 8.8. * Westerwald

56 ae ‘ ow
a 2H NTIRELY dew steamer _apectall:
\ el 2Y ' i built for the West India Pinoeed

New York, May, ttu,
Hight hundred bodies have been re:
covered at Cartago, but the number
of fatalities is probably double thatin
Cartago alone as it fs lieved 2,000
perished altogether. Mr. Carnegie has
notified that be will re-build the
Palace of Peace.
‘ Dominica, th
HLM.8. “Scytla" arrived B15 am
— ee


Before Mr, Blackicood Wright, LLD.
Disornzrry BEaviovn.~Consta-
ble Maynard charged Charles Wateon
with behaving in a disorderly manner
at Prince Street onthe 7th inst, Defend.
ant pleaded not guilty It was proved
otherwise, and on conviction he was
sentenced toseven days ioiprisonnient.
—Viocent Hoberta was next cha
with Inciting Wataon to resist the
Constable, Lie waa convicted and
fined lor fourdays, .
Drunkensres.—Goba an East In-
dian, ona charge of being drunk and
disorderly was fined 15/- or five days.
Turrt.—Constable MeTalr charged
Suraj Dally sn Soona with stealing a
uantity of tanlas valued W cents be-
longing to one Jagroo. The evidence
showed that Jagroa employed the two
defendants to take tauias from the
inarket to hishome. On going there
later himeell Jagroo diecovered the
defendants had not taken home all the
tanlas given then, They were con:
victed and sentenced to fourteen days
Imprisonment each with hard labour,
Maxine A No1se.—Lance Corporal
Garraway charged Egbert Cuthbert
and Marie Clarke with making « noise
at Prince Btreet on the 8th Inst After
Rea, the evidence Cuthbert was ]
in - or four dayeaud the woman] ‘The above fund will ba close: 4
wae divchai ged. Blat of May, and all ositectuce ws 4


ath to-lay and to-morrow and adopt

fWho knows not JOHNKIE WALKER “y.Amarinan Ti
Knows nothing .of Whisite chen | Hamburg American Ling



kkkas FUNERAL NOT YET | beiog violets and lilies, placed in the

SETLLED—~QUEEN DOWAGER'S | folded hands by Queen Alexandra.


London, May Sth. COUNSEL,

ween Alexandra's health fa good The “Observer” ina foue column
and Her Majesty remains cali, and | article urges a “truce of God” in
is bearing u well. Arrangements ar pohtics and counsels King George to
not yet settled, but it ls expectedithere | follow Queen Victoria's example in
willbe ajpublio lying in etate for | Jt when she summoned the rival
Bdays in Westminster Hell and the | statesmen toa jolnt conference upon
funeral will take place at Windeor | the Hedietribution Bill and similarly
next week, but the date |e hot yet { King’ George shouldsummon aif par
settl tiesto confer with them before the
KING GEORGR PROCLAIMED Hrerogetives of the Orown be made a
KING~MARY OUR NEW irect issue in an unquenchable party
UEEN’S TITLE. contiict thuaa conciliatory interven:
King George the Fifth was {publicly | tlonfromn the Crown would avert a
fie morning, “Mary” {s{ shock and tumult of Indefinite dua

Proclamation of King George's ac- The body of King Edward les dress
cession will be made on Monday morn- [| ed lu the uniform of a Field Marsbal
trade, 4,100 fons, will leave here for
Havre on of about the May"Bith next,

with alt his Orders, the only flowers
For forther particulars apply to

The Constantine Subscription }
Fund. 1
Ths follow! ‘
received at this aflicese net beet
Collected by Joha D. Cum.
ming ws we KIB pO g
Collected by Geo, M, Oara-
bache one ow =o
L. P. Pierre . ”
Goileeted by Aghpit, Joseph .
Collected by f. W. Lack

Staff of Audit Office “
Queen's Royal College...
Stal Trlal 2

Phone 18}, Agents.

Dye Woks

Base Sawoney


Phili a -
- Todman and F. Pujadas
Direct Lue Slavedores on
amlyn’s Uightermen
KA, i Coker, (St, Anns)
ILM, Stevedorea .
Geo. Tryhane—-Colon os
Employees of the Govern-
Em ment Printing Oftice .
jOyeos O! Davide
Nou & Tod enone ! arid:
Car Barn and Ice Plant and
Vower and Worke iim-
8 a

ee eee ee


Wonld draw the attention of those
purchasiog BOOTS or SHOES that
they have just received

‘s title. tion and uncertain result. Similar
OF KINGS SPEECH. sentiments ate expressed in the Poet
The following ta the text of th | Laureate, Wr. Alfred Austin's poem
King's speech at the meetlog of the | “ Truce uf God” and also in countless
Privy Council on {Saturday sermone yesierday. notably the Arch:
“My Lords and Gentlemen,—My | blshop of Canterbury's and the Bishop
hearts too full for me to address "


2 Gomarrorcascceusos






MEMSSUmoeCcoSO rams,

‘ou | Of London's, +

to da} in more than afew words, It} “ DAILY NEWS” A NOTABLE
lamy sorrowful duty ,to announce to . DISSENTIENT.

‘ou the death of my dearly loved {| The leadiog newspapers this morn:
father the King. In thie irreparable [ing mostly echo the foregoing, the
loss which pas so | suddenty, fatien ghier exception belng the ‘Dally
upon fre and a in the whole sey NFO,

Tam comforted by the feeling that 1} SALVATION ARMY'S PRIVILEGE
have the sympathy of my future | Speclal services were beld yesterday
subjects who will mourn with me for } in several of the Royal Ubapels aod
their beloved Sovereign whose own , LY special permission the Salvation
happiness waa found inebaiing and] Army band played appropriate
promotlog thetre, I have lost pot | selections for the Queen mother and
ooly a father's love but the affection | Queen Mary.
ateand intimate relation of a dear | OLSEQUILS ON THE 18tu Olt Wri
friend and adviser, No less coufident The body will Jie ia State in the
aw I in the universal loving sympathy Throne oom at Huckingbam lalace
which is assured to my dearest mother | aud very reluctantly the fawily con-
ln her overwhelming grief, Standing | sented to its aleo fying in State in
here alittle more thon 0 years ago | Woestininater Ilall, ‘The Bret fater-
our beloved King decla that as { ment will be fa Saint George's Chapel,
Jong as there wae breath ja his body | Wiudser, and wpon completion of the
he would work 7 the good and | permanent tomb will be removed to
amelioration of his ple, 1 am sure | the Albert Meniorial Chape’, Wind-
that the opinion of the whole Nation | sor, ‘Ibe coftia will be wade from oak
will be that this declaration no [felled at Windsor and the public
fully carried out, To endeavour to Gbsequies will take place on the 18th
follow in ble footetepe, at the same gorthe aib, The gathering of Nover-
time to upbold the Constitutional | eigns will then be awoog the greatest


-~ &

loyees of the Trinidad
ectrio Company, .. 3

American Boots & Shoes


They would point out that

Peter Lockbart, Le}
Beat Baucatios nles 3 i




Witnpnawn,~The caso agelnat
Loulea Harrow, Adolphus Barrow and neneye to’The CasticOitice nets
James, Vielde for auautiing 7pomas than that date, s0 that the presenta:
ackett while executlog bis duty asa
ballitf of the Suprewe Court, wae re- Hen might be made asearly as possi

od Nr, LaChspelle whe ared

for the defendeate sald be understood ee

May Ob.

that proveediags would be taken
the de’ te at
New Yore
Flour, landed Clears for West

agalost fendan at the
Supreme Court, but if He Worship tre.
Indies per barrel... ...
Meal, Kilodried per barre! 4000810
New Season's Pork per bri—No quatn

tended to go on he was about to
argue that he had no jurisdiction,
Heavy Mose Pork per bri, 24-24)
rystals per WUbs 4.)
Sugar} Muscoy SG tost L0ulb 3.60


"Trinidad Shipping & Trading Co, Ct

snd Trintisd, carrying Throogh Treighb for Tobago sod Cladad Bolivar American Samples
2 ar Les:

Arrive Leave

re Arrive

N 7 : . Ezp i

WOPGBANADA' ch. 18 — Mo a0. Apr 86. Ape I erienced Workmen
s. ~

Moh 49 — April & 4. Aprt 16. Apel 26 | Who are paid oxtra to make them

opinfon tha
ble jurlediction he still thought it best
that it should be tried by the Higber
Court as i¢ was absurd for the Police
Court to enforce thedlgnity of the

ove Aprt @ 4. April 19 1. April 27 wo lay 6 Ga
” jovernment of these realms will | known.
oy ABANADA Aunt 2. Mey Bowe May JL. May x pro. rly, consequently they hare the earnest ‘object of my Iife: ARTISTS AT WORK, Higher Court which had ample power | Engi: Island Molassos
. ” Mee 4. May 13 4. Mey 21. May no besi‘ation in guaranteving 1 ain deeply censible of the very heavy | Mr, Albeit Mruvse Joy, the sculptor, | to inake itect£ respected, The case wae ft gallon-Ne qun.
Nor GHtANADAâ„¢ my as ~ jer a Save it we june 2 responsibility which bave [fallen upon | bas taken a cast, aod Hie Luke Fields | accordingly withdrawn. Oot idditog Upland
2 gy, Bc jane 7 Jace z + Jane 28 “ ., | mes koow that Ican rely upon Par. {and Mr, Hargeant, sketches of the | Arerrrixe 4 Woman i—Sergt Dash at verpoo! rb 71902)
oe = =Sune to duae 17 2 Jose va ly}, Th W r d Fit lament and upon the people of theese j late King charged Lewle Nichole alias Eddie | vychan ow York and
the Eo) a nen + e ear an Islands and of my Dominions beyond | INCIDENTS OF KING EDWANDS | Lap-tongue with beating woman | © root ow on dare... isi
We adore Steamers call et the Island of Rrensda both waye the Seas for thelr bely in the digcharge ILLNESS, naued Melving Miley af Sackville. St. | exchange, New York and
of thefeardious duties, and for thee] To-day’s newspapers recount the jo: | It wae prayed t during a fight Londen aight. ., oe ABTH ve
ReaD BHIPPIM(: AND TRADING COMPANY LIMITED OF EACH PAIR prayers that Ged "will grant ine] ldente of the Kings lige but these | between tne parties defeadantideew & | Gocoa Ne York | Mey t
res 5 \. wentla iereut frou —
_» Browlway, jow York a04 Pert ct Howe, Trioided, DB W.L strength by the knowledge that 1] that already reported. His deliberate | stabbed the woman In her side, Loxpox May tb
~ a ee have [a my dear wife, one who will be | jatention to die working {6 now re | Tbe wound was a silgbt one. Demerara Crystala .
x a constant helpmate In every endeay: | called as the fulflinent of hie {ntention | Defendant wes shown to have 2 Percwt ..... 198—108
. LATE ST ARRIVALS our for ovr people's good.” .,, | declared when he took the Usth in jf previous convictlons the wajosity Muscovy: ,
e Ss ul MINUTE GUNS FOR LATE KING. [190L “Alibough bla fast hours were | being for asetulls, He wae sen Floating terms in Bond.
Leadon, May Oth” | passed in coma. be nevertheless | tenced to elz months imprisopesent 8 per ow .
, The Artillery Halvo reported onjonce recognized Queen Alexandre, { With hard labour, “895 ) German Heet 88 % Lol

Damlen Pierre charged George James
with assaulting Klviea Jawee at Rich-
tnoad Mt. on Sunday inoraing, Defen+
dant admitted having steuck the
wouan with bie filet asa result of which
obe wasslightly wounded on thécheek,
They bad been jiving together for
five years, Me was focd £1 or seven

Saturday afternoon, was not a salute | who was houldiog hie hand while the
tor KID Georges but alinute guns for Arsnbishop of Uanterbury was reading
Klog Edward. prayers.


The Priry Council met so late that The German Emperor spent an hour
the proclamation was only made at condoling with Bie Williaa Goeches,
Saint, Janes Palaes aad wae postponed | the Lritish Amtassador, and Is consid:

r lsewhere. King | ring attending the funeral
until thie, morales eee Sitorvug | ROOSEVELT MAY ATTEND yO.

. }
Java Buger 00 &% Gibralter dad
or Channel for order fleating
Demeara Yar om yee f ait pt
Trinidad Coooa, G: mat. a at

ing Ked owt =
Islands at Liverpool Nam per tb t/6 ?- }


White Old Rum ene mom om

Cotton, Mediua Fine Soa
days intprisonment.

4 Hank of Engiand rates of
ous Saint James falace io a ER AL AS SPECIAL ENVO OTHER Absa'LT .-Oonsta- 6
wevee—— coals caringe witout ao. rcore te}, Tuer tape erpeciaiog tbat ae; | us Lond sharand droge Graal with | Goole cg
ee 2 ‘appoln ee
Novant ° A STUFF Auto Strop Blades— 72c, | ram iisunlorncsehadhaste te [Laver at abe claim's TP" | Maa*thetdefeladat' aa ‘hoe’ "Ci| te Recension ~
an 3? jarter. ¥ uncillors vi « vE or seven se imprisonment. ~
tat 1 SE’ TUS THE GENUIN ' alse a TO SE8 OUR aanletiy quietly 4 the Lord Meyor } There war ne raclog aticompton 1 Sreicnie Vern & Sroxs i Louies — ee
= i}! d . ersc. . . . an eritfs came in Sta! ovaches | Park on Saturday. Barrow sunrmoned te venswa fer
- fing their robes, assaulting ber. Mr, Pantia a APILLTHAT PROVES ITS YAIUE.«w =<
eee {tom Pure Cane Unica and Molasses. f § "KING GEGRGES DEMEANOUR. EXPLOSION IN CANADA, for the Saopleinant, whose evidence Those of weak stomach will find
There be WATEBPR s King G ee eyes were red aud bis Ottawa, May, showed that defendsnt struck ber} streagth [a Dr, Kolloge’s Vegujatle
ws * Tolbiog better to yefrewh yqu than a food genuine rum. demeanour showed emotion and adeep | pAfteen persons have been killed | with @ stoos. Defendant was fined | Wil used they serve to walatala ,
Taketbe u ay- Lott OLuloatle only ab sense of responsibility as he promlend and sores lojured by an explosion at | 5Y:and & costa or four days, the bealthful action of stadach
P per Lote, At 10 Doar [vo toltow inthe tooteiens of his fatter, | tie works of the Geceral Lxploetes | THakate: Lyall Norville .uounon- | and the iver, irregul whith
. x Worth 14 his dear Friend and intimate Adtler. | Gormpany at Hull, on the of tastde | Od Francis Kirlon for menacing bin | are most dletresslag, Dyspeptieg
TST a" KEE gS, "y The ceremony lasted only an hour, In } of t Titewe liver. Thethianeys |b Meraval Defendaut was ad | well acquainted with them aud jatve
z; . ‘ rrr errs the Houses of Parliament, the prix [of itideaw Ifall, the residence of ibe over in OW witha surity to keep thej them af thelr proper warth ‘They
caedinge were triefer and loformal, | Governor Ufa, tt were ovecturved, ‘or ve led relief whoa utber peop. J

by pees
Bun ¥ f a months and onde
Bua Establishment! Corner Queon and Charlotte Etroets. Cee eee Uf Lorde about. titty | Governed General were oreeturned, vay W-earts tn atta a futaignee eratione ba Ja and have fried

* STORES kk the Vath of Alleglance and niles i est.
—_AMD— THE a Feert soe of dtoureed | weet buliding sls away, aad |e or Bttrven Kadalocus} where other medicine: wece fu cad ude
THE EXCHANGE,’ Marino Gauare. . cit sudory, and Court Taters ee eoecalTautes Srgpishoosuwion canned win tat | cel by Laue Vorporal al} “eailog wes wo (ona ek,
1 . 4

. aren 4
ah . ese Ce reine men nee et REC ET OE Es anpenmacierorg, dee awn seth oe ‘ ~"\ Geseuteeeaereneas,

t CE Ene es sa . TT: Tr EET a TT 7 ve Te ee ee a . . Terr

' } 1 \ ‘ .

( y \ ‘ ‘ saat ey | \ . .
’ :
» , we tee


Ia the Bapreme Cours of Trinkd . r {

No, 85 of 1910 UBLIC NOTICE te bereby given that ,

Ts the Matter of PUBLIC NCTICE bereby atven thet Piverercive of the power. of “sale. con: .
Government Railways.|

Dp axp TOBA Tanrpan,

’ fe the Suprarne . [a the Sapreme Court of Trintdatand
ss of mn
fa the Matter of the Estate ibe town’ Tobago. DAY OF JUNE, 1910

nda Moot No. Sef I
4 aie spn, dn the [sland of Trtadad, t- of 1906, Between
p £ Deceased, Apolonio Marin—Plaiotif’ .

CE us bereby piven that ap- en
pic} NOTICE bereby we by Aiher Liward Joseph Boosge —Defendant

Ottbe sank town of Port OF] PIVUALIG NOTICE te hereb
both Letter of Administration 1 in Darmeaes canto xr hereto
ay Amanda Moutrichard, Mis Monode Me, Jestloe Rosvell deed the
meta ere any | alae er at
. lore tha doors of the Cours
a time of her death @ Sxed place of Youre Portol'Spain oa Thursday the 0th

‘The Real Property Ordivancs No, 60, in the exercise “of the Power of Salo] tained ia two deeds the Gras thereel dated
aod conferred spon mortgertes by the Con [the 23 d day of October 1899 registered of
veyapcing Ordidascs No, 72 and contaiced | No. 2682 of 1809 aod made beiweea Wil-
fo a certain Memortndam of Mortgeg- {tam vordon Gardon of tbe fier part Jose
uf _ besring datethe Ghdey of March 10U8/ Rorusio fleroandes of the second pars aad
P BLIC NOTICE tahereby given that | acd sade by Broest Danclata faxour of [Gertrade Maude Gordon of the third pstt,
byon order of Hie Hoacur the Chief f Arthat Wilitam Care (ance decess'd) | and tha second thereof dated the 25th day
Javtloe made herein on the 31st day of | there will bs put up for sale by the under fof November 1903 registered as No, 2408
trary tesbeta with Fourtera, deve from | Vsseae itee: Me ara Ee ee tte ade eat ke beer pant Clordoa
e od cout eent Street, Port-df-Spaio, on Sth mala Hernandes ¢ fret pari Gordon
‘ernoa, Moatrictarg and William dey of Jane Wwi0 between the hous of one | thedate of the pablicatint of thie Notice | dey of Jace 1910 detween the hours u 1 eee of the peevad- part and the
ee being whe oaturat and Th ‘9 Pet. fa the “Royal Gasetto,” a Drovistoasl | end 3 p.m. aid Gertrada Maude Gordon of the third
Mmidresend oaly remaining next of big df be two tadielded third parte or shares | Certiseate of Title sill be fewsed tof All thab ploce of lend situate fa the| part there will be put up for sale by public
oe Geteaecd, ‘een that’ if po Caveat 1 tw | accent decessed of and fn f Ramdbas of Gesparitio Villoge, io the | Wardol U pet Carocy coptaic.og 8 scree] auction by the undersigned at thelraaction
pottce in alec gives that ioe Covet ’ and elngular that certeis piece f, Ward of Pointe-a-Merre, Laboorer, in ress | 2 roods ‘ant 13 pereber be samen liutlel mart No 34 Bt. Vinceot Street, Port of-
Pie da tua ten fof GSanap she ano rlased once | Ward Brbace cranes Meats it ths] tisyos oceesacredls eeta te oe [patie Notaeell heey Sa
fasue Letcers of * rande, ° 0 | tale» unded the: shown on the ween the bourse cf land 2 o'o'oe!
me Gout mitt nocord to ‘Ariur’ Verpen being IC acres and 2 perchetand abaitiag | Island of Trinidad, comprisiog four acres | plan drawa onthe Crowa Gast registercd he vetieed Ringular that certain parcel
f and Willa Adolphus Moc | OF 29 Nort ped Crown lands ant lands | three roods and thirty-nine perobea, be the | fa Voluwme LXXIV fotlo 47 of the Hegister fg land eod cocoa plactation situate le the
; 1 Pweast onthe South open fsame mors or less dellnested iz the | Book and boanded on the North by fends of lan of Tosa in theisiand of Tristded
duble goth day of April, 19%, jaoda ote UV. Joreph on the East opon | ditgram aonexed to the (owa Grant is | of Agapits Lara on the South and Esat eomprising sixteen acres ant abutting on
T A THOMPSON, tea a of Juseph J, lonocend, and on the | Voume LXXXII1 fol, 861, and toasded by Crown Janda and on tho Word by lande tithe Bork on land now cr latelyof the
Registrar, est upon 2 own lands and Jands of Jean | o0 the North, fands paiitioned for by J of Mazieiliane Pena, and intersected by a Crown, oa the South on the * Le Gloria”

To the Matter of th
Dinauee Cy @ epplication of

. “



Empire Day & Corpus Christi.


* Terre Joseph, Barat. oo th th by C fand, every °
a 22 All an fingater that parcel orl t of [the East by land of abablr | abradyge me inet Tay of ans 1910, ores oo een Wee Wena head ereeroverastsonss
@NIDAD AND TOBAGO, fend sitaate fx the Ward of Gaanopo tn | and by lands cf Somakecsed on Ue Wess E. J. BCOTE & SON tow oe lavely of Richard Whim; alsa all
ja the supreme Voor. | sha laland of Trleldad som prising bya sense by jande ot ew, das Mears, 1910, Gort. Auctioneers, | that other purest of land situate In the }
at Vort ala, ir e plan an. jal a ape ne meat
reread the Evtate of Pelagle | 'eted tothe Crown Greod registered at Me a STONE, — | TRINIDAD, tal Ward ot eee conan d avattion on toe WERIT - MONDAY,
of Iacce fo tha Ward | Volame XVIII folio 959 and abutting on Realstra:r-General. | SALE FOR TUESDAY THE gist DAY OF | 5° yitwo 3 . . soe u
Romane ats Ielend f Malied the North apon laode of Nicholas Vincent — MAY 1910, 5 North ou lend now or lately of Richard mrond& agth nt 1020. 4
Speve ss ie on Bonih re vt wouter air aud ie the ‘Supreme Court of Trisidad ‘and UBLIC NOTICE fa hereby gt bat i or intely “tine Grownand on ibe Ease on “sy “— , 2
Kt Meco! ’ . veeph on the East n wea that io % . : .
paLic Nott’ R ia hereb y Bven eat Ene and apon I inteot Jd. ramterd ‘obago, ee orbs powcr of sale cvntaned io a land me or ey ais come ae N WHIT-MONDAY, 16 & May, all ordinary acd Incal ‘week day traine will
pedios bes Bn es oan § ALY | and on the Weet pon Crown lands, N. Inthe Registry at Fort-of-Spato, cortala caed of mortgage dated the grd day of tend of (he etd are asta enthared parcel tio. A mid-day train wilt leo raaon the Caparo Valley Line, connecting
; oder Falt! fat o ‘Gent ot Probate of |, 3» All and hingu ar that parcel or lob of 0 60 of 1916, i oe) and a Bie ‘lots Ul va ofl rae portion coataining three roode and with the Up aod Down mai ht los.
3 OE Od Loe a ered ene | (44 aituate fx daoches Etree fn thatowa | 7, ul? the Matlerof the Estate of (contaal of tbe Drat parte Robert Aleaoder | cn es ave vercher and abutting on the All return cail tickets taken on Friday, Satuedsy and Sooday, May 13:5, 14th,
es oe Tid, ef Pelagie Ker, | Of Atina fa ito fs'and of Trinidad knowa | Monies Flerre, late of the Ward pi Berens Mifotoss of the second pert and Necran foto | Nucus’ard frvpea the ctber portions of | 42d 15th will be available up to the following Tuesday, Return tickers taken on
at ereeron sroressld Deoraned ae lot Newt and abating onthe Nath 0 Grende, . South, ie th @ Tile tnd Sanicherria (nines deceased) of a ihird of the sems Janda, on the Sout oa lend bit Monday mall'be available for the day only, excepting those for distances of
. ' ti reel . a wi up for sal y a welve rt
Seton on ie deco | ate Mt op nae iv tht | uaULD NOTICE twoty sven tae | ReTCTeSmEER Reet a] Wenge med at Margin sive, “Aat | 1 Me Garde tain wi rae of AT-Aonday Batali sf bu sre on
mi thete uae Wg ioe tls | 28 te, em, Sue a1 La Baoan | J erento bat wn made tg tne by | eda Joc By 1G Sse | chute eget aad ard oe {Tra erst wil bo reaamede 7? 7 nt os Mune Sal Az} Vena Goode
jem al . che ooent of 2: . uure Of One wi a A a
a ne febgeticees nee 1 ene He ane | Wary of Eure Grand, Raat Pani, | Gace attain nh fa] QE 00 ae ok —
7 hed notice fa also given Subject to a certala memoracdam of | for # Grant of rrobste of the w rip, “ 5 ‘ aichea ond | aba Bott Vest oa land latal Y
Gwent fa totved before the exoiration Of | mortgage No, 129 tearing detathe 29th | dete the 26th day of Webrnary, 1010, of | Prisieg 3 teres, 1 rood and 39 perenes and) the South acd West Pthe Fast oa land of P R Ha D A s
goons-eight deys from the dete of the day of December 1909, registered at Vol. | Louise Pierre, tate of the Ward of Savana Hens oe eye tee Sone oe the] ef the Crown and oo deren’ bland sow
j reatlas af this tee coed vo Royal nue xt Mi foto 259 and nade by the auld Grande, Bouth, fa the Island of Trinidad, } hn De Castro hare & tba Bae . @ sete een ae oiowe and « the epare Tuesday, Aadth May, 1810,
RProtste to the said Aicxander Feline | 7° e asms Bylvacia Lagocentsad Fa.) of Feb uary, AD. 1910, having ot | toed sogcit A poe droge abies [ tepacces. .
B eonilty - day of Avril A.Dq 1010. {eabells tonorent ta Mouuiguor de Maitiol | 59 time cf her’ death w fixed place of | ‘etih Sud parcel of "aed a Srroneousiy| Dated thle B2od day of April 1910. day ON EMPIRE DAY, TUESDAY a(t MAY, all ovdionry and local week
Dated the 27th dey of Acril A.D., and interest to date, and eleo subject to a | Sbodest Moiuge Koad within the eald | desnbed to" the said deed of mortgage as . ay tralos willrun, A mid dey train will alec be rua on the Caparo Valley line,
T. a. THOMPSON, Hegintered Jadgment ia favour of one Ward of Savana Grands, South, the sald [ compriung six acres and two filth parts of an FY. J, SCOTT & SON, connecting wits the Up and Down malo line tralos,
Hegistrar, { Ciement Ligoure for £7 1 10, Joba Vincens briog the executor bamed fa J acte koowa ia Lageelie x tnd abuttiog ons 2 Gost, Aaetiencer. Retura tickets takeo on Empire Day wil! ba available forthe day only,
Dated the 2od day of May 1910, théesid will maronero iu this Island and abutting oo t excepting those fo, distances of twelve milea and upwards, which will be availyble
E, HADCLIFFE CLARKE, And No toe in slao givea that if ne | re eee eae ch fata "Ragis lermeny ot tl the fatlowieg day.
PAINIDA: Deputy Registrar. Caveat ia lodged before the expiration of Syarae’}, Lous ‘onthe East upon the Sunta No Goode Traia will bo ranon Ewpire Day, but all linea will be served on
PRINIDAD, twenty-aight days from the date ot the pO Trixinap. t
fe the Supreme Court of Trisiled wand foo publication Of the Notivos the Coury wilt | Cut Tver andon the West upon the Suata| “SALE KORTHURSDAY THE 10TH Monday May 83ed, and Wédosaday May 25th, from which date the usual Goods
“aa J wsntbegs Portot-$pal . proceed tolewue Probate of the will (rut road, together y the cottage’ “ Villa DAY OF MAY 1910, Traia Service will be resumed. .
‘Seton srisdictoa—Portol-Spala For inan, accordingly. Dated this sth day of M tiah
Yo, 120 vf 1910, in the Bopn i Deted the 8th day of April. A.D, 1910, een OTEOUIS JOLIN & CO, UBLIC NOTIGE Is herety given thatia
jay —Pisiotis ee ere en ae TA. THOS PSOR, Tre eee tes toner ot Sua ontae CORPUS CHRISTI,
LD Lnlay — aint Io the Metieret Registzar. ed in a certala deed of Mortgage dated the
tegistere a ~
antiaga Usetlve —Defendaat, Tho Admloltrator | Geverals Oudi-] TRINIDAD, Ty | a da cE AR Wee nde be Thursday, Ath May, 10910, 4

bance, Inthe Supreme Court of Irinided and | TRINIDAD, tween Nelly Freire Bycon of the ove part

‘obagy, SALE FUK im he othi "4 *
No. sate Registry av Port-of Spin, See eee eee caine eee eeeaadars of Mere ©, CORPUS CHRISTS, Thareday, Mey 26th, The pamonger trai, ordinary

pA vrovini f tbo Real p od local, willrun asoo Sundays, 4

Nope te Atatter of tbe Eoute of Ward pyauic NOTICE is hereby given thas ge oe ee etn arid 136 All return tail tickets iseued oo Wodoesday and Thursday, May 5th and 36th, |
> 8 a Oxere' ofthe Power ot dule con-



TICE iu hereby given thet ao
+ iio Ne ot iis Hovous Me. Justice In the Matter athe Gooda tf

be / James Virtue, late of the Ward of Cedros,
Tey ee Apa 1910, there. will is pa in the Island of Tilaiiad--Decgare

‘Hele before tbe dvors of the Court Totestate, day of Augast 192, avd made by tho will be available up to the following Friday,

Port-of-Spaia, on Tharsday the LL perons having claims sgsiost the of U.opuche, Uardever—Deceasod | ferred oa Mortgages by tne Conveysnung | oni1 Neiily Pierre Byrog in favvur of the No Goods Traia will be run oa Corpus Christi, but all lines will be served
* Love estate ar sired to send in to anid Neilly ) a n

df Jane 1910, between the hours above estate are req latestate, and Law of Prooerty Ordiaasce N2, 72 Gustave Vuchsusce there will be put | on Wedocaday, Mey 2th, and Friday, May 27tb, from which date the usual Good
42 pw,
pleco or psrcelof lead siteste io versed by afEdivit on or before Tharsdey,

Mord of Caura ta the Island of Trink | the 12h daw cf ptoy, 1910, after which dated the 17th day of December 1909, acd | signed at their uaction mart No. 2 Uorner

spplcationghes been mace to me by | mede by Adeils L'es Les in favour of John i 4 Saint Vincent Streete iu
aptisiog four acres and abutting | dete no claims will be entertalaed. h Mebpent of Reform Estate, fa the Ward | Caepard braatle there wil 1 be put up for te ached Ne a otaol-Spaln, oa Lbureday SLOT LIN PL CATO PTE
North by Crown fund surveyed for | C efitore who hold eny security what: | of Sayane Grande, Soutb, Widow, for a | sale by Pablia Auction by the undersigned | ibe 1015 dey of May 1910, Letweea the

Ban. on the Nodth ty Crows | soever must sesess the valae cf tbeie | Grant of Letters of Administration ofthe fas ther Auction MertNo 2 Corner of dt we” 7 . . .
sarreyed tor one Fe'iciano Rodrigues, } security ond prove for the differenceorg'y® | Netate cf Moban, late of Silver Stream | Salat Vincent aad Sickville Streets Port- ot sane tae abet certana a cel cf Workmen's tickets will not be issued on Whit-

pusue NOTICE ce bereby given that

ce the Evb and Wess on OU owa. up ther security acd prove for the whole} “ihe Ward of Oropuche, gardener. | of-Spain on ‘Lhuraday tbe 19.b day of Me rruate at B tasathe Ward of Ced- . .

Also aliand Siogular that coriala ¢ dele. day th Deceased, who died on the 27h day of | 1910 be:woen Ube hovre of one acd two pute iad: the Ielaud ur Trinidad cowpristo, Monday, Empire Day or Corpus Christi }
oe parcel of jand aitnate in the said Paymncots willbe made oo Fru “y the | Sep ember, A.D. 1908, heving atthetime | Allaod Siogalar that piece of Innd 6 tuate | ning acrea end abutting ou (Le North ao , ybis : 3
+ Coare in the oald Islend conse Toth day of Alay, 1910, bet ween, tbe ours of his aes a fixed Pla 6 of ahode ab io the | Ward of Ubagnanss in the Island | Weston O own tan ou whe South on 4
g four acres boing psit of the plac e jiver Stream, withia the as: ‘aid of | of Tr oompriging niue acres, three] ¢, anda aa on (tbe sas sod onl
“Soe hed and” Shattiog ont the Da‘ed thie 22ad day of April, 1910, Oropuche, the said Mabran) being the | roods and 39 perches te the same a little Crown dan del Pinao acd also all aod - wD OCrt 2
on leode of Juse Feliciano Kodri- THOMAS I. fOITER, 1, | lewial widew and relict of the sald | more or ise deliceated aod with the] singular that parcel of laad el uate io the y
eo the South oa lauds «f Aodre Aciiog Admiistrator Geceral, | geceased. abuitalsand bounderiss thereof shewn on | ssid Ward of Cede comprising ten acres CC e $) §

tn the Eset on lands cf the And Notice is also Riven that if no f the ples auvexed to the Crown Greoten-} three rcods aod Ose pwehes ba ase @
bof Antonio Valiarael aod oc Gq | nem Caveat is lodged before the expiration of | tered ia Voleme XXAVIL folio 621 of the | siete nore or fens deilavated and with the {
on Crows land. Aod ales All aod tweaty-eight days from the dete of the ter Buok aod bounded oa the North} whattele aod beuodsries there! atewn ia s a ‘
the one undivided third pirt or | TRINIDAD, pablication of this Nobice, the Coure will | by Cruwa Land, on (he South by lands off che plea acnezed ty Crown Urant entered
vithe said pantiagy C eiitoul aod | 1a ibe Bupreme Court of Troidad and | proceed to fesae Letters of Administration | Juha Andrew aod by Sarde of Jaceph| in Volume 1X folio 492 and boucded on the . noe . .
, tad Blog jar thes certela iece er reek, Port of Spal to the serd Mabranl L April, A.D, 1910, Qucar, oa the Ease by, lands of Chariea Narth by Crowa, land pod by tanda of The &8, « NAPARIMA will run on Whit-Monday, Empire \
a od acuste iq the Ward of The District Registry a ‘ort of-Spata. a th day of April, A.D, re and oa the West by lands of Oa | Neilly Pierte- ron on the tout y¥ 17), H .
fa theaad Ie aad orapcisiog tbree | In ‘ne matter of ihe, Estate of William T. A THOMPSON, Montrichard aod intersected by a road re- Grows faod on the Hant by lands of Neilly ay, and Corpus Ohristi, as usual on Mondays Tuesdays, and Thurs {
ry wee ft y part ot a acre jes Jo ep Kavanagh tata of the Ward of Hegi-trar, erred forty links wide, A . 1910. Pierre Bytoo ant by Growa lend eal 94 ays, respectivoly, * .

goathe Norhoa Isads of Jose Rante Cragin the island of driniced, | rRINIDAD & TUBAGU, a ‘6 ay of Apr: the Weso by Crown laudand ty leods ¢ Le t

¢ Rodrigues oa tbe Suath aod Proprietor, ~D ceased. be Supreme Court, Paal Piers. W
oa $he Caara Hirer and on the East P er The eat ee Portot Spsioy LOUIS JONUN & CO, Dated thial9.b day of April 1910. H. R. MAR ooD, {

lnede of Noteiza Villarvel togeiber yUBLIO NOTICE 10 hareby given that lo the Matter of Asotioneers, General Manager and Chief Engineer. \
the buikdiogs and sppuriessuces L spp Iration hss beeg made to me bY | THe Estate of Charlotte Bellerand, late LOUIS JOHN & CO ‘

beloogio satjros te two! piinehe Ksvaoagh of the Ward of Senta
Tae Lat thereat, 310 favour | Crozfor a Grant of Lotters of Admiois
oon Aun McCiean bearing date tle | irgvion of the Katate of the ssid Willem
dy of November 1905, to secure the Joseph Kevapagh late of the said Ward of
ay of the sam of seven bavtret | Bante Cror, Deceased wh? died oo or
, On the 11th day of Novemdo- 110 E ahourthe Zé:k day of March A.D., 1010,
istered. theresa mt the ri~ +t S10 | having ab the timect biedeath « Gre
feotam per acnom and pu!) | a8} oxceof abode at Hinte Cros wivhia the
the bereditementa thuv y “ee | ward of Bt Crus the sald Blanche Kave-
toe mottgage fo Iavour u Jvbu | nagh belog ihe lawial widow and relict of
bearlog dete the i0b usy of | the deceared,
bar 1900, to meursthe eps) ment ‘And potice fs also given that il no caveat
fam of two hundred dolle:s. fy lodged before the expiration of twenty:

of Belmoat. in the Lown of Port-of- aan Auctioneers, 0 Spa
Spsia, ia the Leland of Trictisd, widow [| SALE FOR WEDNESDAY, THE 187% Porto Spain, 1910
— Deceased, DAY OF MAY, 1910. TRINIDAD pr, o

3 3 We herols th UBLIC NOTICE is tereby given that lo] SALE FUR WEDNEADAY, THE Leta | <= <==
ree eee eeee yee me br | [> ‘eserche of the Power of Sale con'erad on |» DAY OF BAY, 1810, —
i mohracieractetrete| uae xondeigaeoy etme ux | PROTECT YOUR HOMES AGAINST INFECTION
Towa ef Fortalajiny 9 ibe Ianod of | Not ornentaae shay er oteiar | PPUBLIO NOTICE pare
Ler, 1908, of Cove named | Hotcson, there will be put up for sae by | wee ween by ibe Ooavereand ‘
day of Octo! of the, above pa ty ed, ba | snd Law of Property Or 5 ‘
Cnarlotta Belterend, tate of Belmont pate ie Hide Street Pines Tors, on [costatad In @ certeia Memorandum of BY SECURING AT ONCGE!!

Norman Bellerend, cf Belmont, in the} mortgegces by, the Cooveyanciog Ordinance
bate of the Will besring date the 2uvh 4909, rom Chrietiang Harris to Helens Stuart in exercise of the Juwer of Saie ova,
aforesaid, deressed,. who died on the 4th | Wednesday, tbe 18th day of May, sgio, be | Mortgege dated the 24th day of February,

dthela&h day of April, 1910, daye from the date of the publication . bavlog at the time of the bours of one and t 1894, from Coarles Hfates to Eugese .:
i mo clade er euice the Court wlil proceed 0 § CaF Of Maye 100, soeatee ot Spode. at | valu thal certain. piece or pacel of land | Wehekiod, shore will bs pat up for ane The Ideal Disinfectant {2 AL.—The most powerful
z.- f-oue Lettora of Admloistration of the Belmont aforesal the valid Nortaao [ situate ia the Ward of Savana Grand South, [py Pubio Auction by bbe eudersigood, at ‘eld |
2 4 RADCLIFFE CLARKE, Hatate to the raid Blacche Kevanegh. Bellersud being tbe sole Execator samed | ia the Istend of Trisidad, ovntalowg wioutecn thy Aga i a Marty Now on Mere Fro of all germicides ALS .
‘ - y 1 a 4s ,
Sen ee re rea eee ee oie thatitnn Corea | Satter ase tees cts fate | Wedvenags be ay day of Ser, 138 o~
“e vee 0 tals 8 ¢ wo ie -
a Manhal’s Offes, Reglteor, | 4, {edged before ther expiration of twenty” | the plan aanered ta the Crova Grant 10 ow ge | bobwie1 tue houreot ane aud 2Pu | Pareye-Baeeal—The greatest enemy of fleas and all germ -
ard May 1916, : eight days from the dete of the publics: | Heory ia Volume CLV, foo gis, and abuwieg | | AU IRE Pee ne, ne alana of carrying pests ’
Pa fa the Sopreme Court al Talaided and es tor of ia potloa the Coat wut proceed! 00 oe te bonded glfera McDasiel an floes Tovey ee Ph oKitges a’ aod de ary P ‘ .
Togo TRINIDAD to lesue I'robate of the oe MrOIM™ | Side aloog tbe Moruge road, oo tbe Sowh on | ilowated 4a ‘he diagram Aiteched to the IZAL PREPARATIONS
a reeset a, Port of-Spala To the Bopreme Court of Trinidad aod ier this 28th day of Apri, 1910 Crows land, 0a land of Philip apd | Certificate «f Tie to Charles olives in
sr" Eethe Matterof’ , Tobage. 7. A. TUOUPSON, Fe Oe tee eta Rind ar tbe | tame CONANT alte aie oud and | Ucrupthee BMedisel JZAL, Veterinary IZAL-Aald, IZAL Boao te tlh bare, IZAL
o Wills ero 235 of 1909 Regittrar. Woks ie jorug 1, edou the Noun by a Patlic Bt My
oe Millam Joby Oundasend o'hery No, 2330 ” Between guar | vast of & reserve two hundred and twests-1 655 Acoord Estate, on the South by ibe | tolvroup ; ZZAL Ointment, [ZALcresw, IZAL pories, IZAL Tollet Boape aad
— seven huks wide aloog the Morugs Road, aud | 20 “on ‘ibe. Eee by Vricedeh'p Eatate, | Tooth Powder,

Wi b's Charles Bovgton Hauil- .
The omen, GN.LG = Pislntiff, TRINIDAD fa the mstter of

dmwloisteator-eneral'’s Ordinance
The Adolo! nue

NOTICE la hereby given that And lo the matter Ol ited
ere’ veo the ter leo
py te genee of the Deore, berein of The sees Plorre and William Pierre
Pagnol, fete of the Ward of Tacari-
zve fa tbe Island of Trinidad—Deceas-
od Intestate,

on the Moruga Road ons hua ved hioks widey and on the West by Boa Acord Estate,

oa Ibs West cm Crown land an inter "
reserve jock wide, telolog two hundred screa or dhore:
Mr hued shis win de Otay ih tote, cioats. te ihe sme more ur less eiedtion, IZAL INSEC T I OWDER i
artes: <
(e2) JM MOM soos, | "Dated bac 18ih day of Apt, 1910, ALL OF WHICH CAN BE OBTAINED WHOLESALE


| Anetiaeete SMITH BROS. & CO..

’ ersus
Be. George Vere ies and others

F eticz fabe aby given thee tbere will
be est tp for oris at the defendant's
sites No, 67 Park Etreeb on

ty ibeblthdey of bay 191006
we, com: the entice |“ stnck-{c-
thé defendant conla'iog of Drage
me Fateot Meliciacs, ‘Tutlet arti-
mding sorps, perfumery, eu

Goo'ams oop and Jeffralay,-Defeadsnts

Me, Justics Kawell dated the

HR err atch {010 and te the order pap
‘of the ssid Afr, Jadtice Raase TRINIDA .
Heron BALE FOR TUEKDAy THE 318T DAY | The Bonanza Drug Stores, Port-of-Spain & Sangre Grande~

ae nonce Oe satitterans * a os abate Bn ica Padi Maa: ance,

April 1019 there _—
ater, Gass Cover, Urveerits | asted the 2d hay ary the doors of ION SALE for Thursday the 12th MAY 393
Tete eaf'y biekles, pre, om the GeuraHivoas $0 the Torn vi Porvl seo May 1910 betwesa 1 ond tonerteane . sa EREUPAD. . oat Bola Agente,
of drawers, 2 ts eros, rena’) yooke | Hpeia ou Thorley thy @ b day of Ja apm va ty baroby given that | SALE FUIS TUESDAY, THE 1070 ee aaa
prea. 1 Jot. the boars of ICE fa hereby givea that . QGhAND
ieee Fptarn Sead eat oe | aewgens eet be woon W,Besi at | paUULIG NOTICE la teraby tree haa PO te eaarche,olibe prcer of eco OF MAY, ‘4i0. FOR sINVESTMENT

lor sale by y public

1 parcels of land fa the Wards | getioa at the office of the endersizeed. | iis gin dey of March 3904 (ceyistered oo 2 NOTICE be bereby given hat k } I E ‘ —
tat tpeanes aod Monserrss ja tbls Port d-Spale, cu Toereday the 1 bh diy of No 7M to. 1908) aod wade bee weea Kepast uBLIC NOU Poret alia hat pire ay XCUP10N ANXXOUNTS FRO

Ivand, Visi—Fua’, the parceh of 1004) spy 1910 between the boare of Land 310 | Je'len of the ove pert em ‘Lee Lam of tbel wived ia a Memursodam of Morigege —ARD— $100 t $50

cocoa p.antstina situsted ia the Wald | une afersoon. other pars there will be’, at wp for sale b the 23.d June, 1004, aod mode b. o o.

sed e008 p patiigsectin bythe naenigsad at thalr| Uuog ia laveas of Tepeeed, were wt | DATRIOTIO * SPORTS | anvirte ANDREW LAMY,

pp Lavled epon ta the shove

ef x hatter,


Deputy Marehs! ‘ lor th tals pl

if Chagaecae Comprblog 13 acres ac All sed olsgolar that cor plece or
d alu dew oa whe North roel of Jand siteste ta the Ward of Taca- fon Mart No. 3 Ssek ville Street, Burt- by Vablic A uct b Bolt a

I roca faade aodoa land «f Sem Pee in the talaod of Trinkded formety aapaln 00 Tucedsy sletday of May 1910, pat op for's« Mae "Ausliog San? oF ~~, 14, Beckuille St, May ubytenee

cet Hriece, oo the Fou ard Kut | pyraiog port of the plaatstion “El Duredo’ | teyween the bourest one sod two pw. | porte the Coontsbulery 8 aiva, Urirces San Fernando To Sangre Orange.

oa Crown tance snd on tha Wot om | and comprisiog aight scree and tweaty two | Ail aad Singular thet cortata pereal of | Towa, on Tueway, the 10th day of Ney, TUESDAY, 24ru MAY ‘10,

Crowa lande, acd 2 Tand of Bunetl pees Pe atauleg oa the North os land aitaats le tbe vera Mayere in tus 1910, between a hours of o @aud‘two _ _ . i I d t { A ‘ I i

Prince ; SECOND, the pure ands 0! TOO, Yolen: 8 oom, ing sizactee sod} olouk in the aftero os. Om

cova plantation sitaste ia the Ward of the EL Dorete Wavepos the Bast cae thirty four porches avd abetting on tba} Ai} that pleco of parcel of faad compris: nee oe eee aa the Christion | HOMO IRCUSUIES SS0¢1a 02,

jeing $¢ sures snd 4 Nosth upon ths fublic oad o the Bonth ty 8 ber, be
Monorrat comprising Salacsr Atdales All ond Siogslar that | coon tande formariy of the Crowe now of us wae arts cr lees alvaatelat he Ward rotereet Tickote—tles Jratu leaves Bas

allt x

th Apel, 19%
Tutte Seprepe Court of raptitd and
F Senmiry Serta ares

; Bu sti + ivoa. letdos, Portol Spala,
ey Te the Metter of

ou the North of ae
& Tess Garcia Alanick robes aod abating oa t La of land sitaste in Sangre Grande for
« Mebmond Joseph, and on the ‘tais piece or parce Carl Boralies, o8 the Kast apun lands pow Greede Seu'b, aed b.noded on
“ aed Fad of Te Toa tke Boath on. 160d of | tog Vusgect Tesapane ia the Ward of | or tataly os Jd. Bayile'a avd on the West | he Roth by fonda of ET Cin oathe| Dome SBC pm |S LATEST NOVELTIES.

Hive seres (bree roods
Tiseekhen and on lands of the Crows, 08 | Tycarigus comprising
the) as: oa Crowa laads asd on the Ls] 4a4 tweoty perches and abating oa the

upon lands furwerly ¢f tbe Crowa now of | pouth by lnade pesitianed for by Kleber | p00 Raw Fernanda to Chegasnas, Peter Pan Collare, Jabots,

Mires ny for asle et ibe Marchal’s Antolscio J. Logis together with te) ita ae aud by lezds of Alessoser Toum | wiring cand will bv in alendance, | [lat Pine and Caartns, Relled Gold and

mca tla catia me


Movine J bt
a Ws becaby aiveu thas there will

‘ fT North of Flenrnoes therets,
yr poation Not, No $08" Y soeni Sires’, | Luess row aod on the Wert on lead of F Nort! A Joba Bucet ea the Eust 00 app L . _ [valet on the Eut by a road 30 lisks wide 0. D. LA. ~Hoe, Bec Suaby Beads, Ae],
Sapp ge Satorday, tae Mil dey | Joserh Hoes nd sos oe LPS Crap ihe | reuny Bere) aad os the West on tbe Mee aka h tha Ok dey at Nora | bad by lands of Wovbagearhy and oe ee es tuape ate LLA,—Hos, Boor, | Jumty Heals, dal? meh, |
Mp canter ese obtbe De Jona | vt lead sitaste [a the sald Ward of Topspena Mala Bo. fr made in favour of Gondon, Gract we at ea fones for y Ly | MANY VARLETIES of BUTTE LIES, i
ares be Qacers a — & Un,, for securing tbs t
Wee pire ain Kies veel Moaiserre once oa lead of Pierre Higoa, NB. The fret parcel will te a pet op foe prioetp sl som of ‘gsoto'ced fori Boras sad toornected tye Koad nerves ODENTOL Wood Gerring oad faleid wood trticles
Boia een cmae [eee Rtmeshedcieeepeninret [teted pclae Grepenpamal €200 | piedihess day ct itey ong * | Petel ie toadey stapes foro, | athe Sot teas tr te oft GHINAFOR BALE, }
Is the above mategy. os the Wert onlse 13910, This £cb dey of April 191 antuepils hiqai eptra ao =| Gaid Medal foz our exported Presarves.
’ oe . e [ated this 97th day of A perl Dele 7 shiti + bottle s¢ LAINGS Ri ve "
tos” ENT ree OCU, (B¢d.) ¥. Wabediise Kegtatcar. Auilog Adaalalewarer-Geoeral peer Avstivacar. Brats PRARMAGY ROOM, |
~ . ° - .: . . , dite. x
ds, oo SL sett as ee cn ee enema meager £ aimee pA pg Seong ne ~~ ar eres


” !


£000 TONS

Best American Cvals,

Can be’landed,coastwise uponjearly application



Qnd May, 1910,



: warded the DIPLOMA OF MRRIT ia ovreference to's!l other
4 N 1900 ‘Better aod cheaper thes others even at higher prices.
: Retallad everywhere from ic, upwards. Wholesale at 4c, per Ib, from

Albort Lucion: & Go.
"Cocoa Dealer: Yhocolate Manufacturers,
1ee 1, Charlotle Street, Port-of-Spain,
Travelling Represcotative-HENRY E. GIRQUX,
*# Phone To. So.


| Eee Schnr. “ROLE.”



764 Bags ea, 150 Ibs, COARSE. SALI
730 Bags ca. 172 lbs, FINE SALT

8,482/2 Bags ca. 64 lbs.

39 39



NS a


By the Trinidad Lino to Now York


‘the ANCHOR LINE to Glasgow and Londonderry


Arti Lewe

/Beamers, maids, New York, Bteamer, New York
| 7

CAS U..j2tch April. |“ COLUMBIA™ 890th Apell,
Ano ee eae Sik Mey {*CALEDONIA" Sf 7th Mey,

RAN wy20th May of SFURNPSSIA" Mist May,
wy gEANADA = tee May stank May GALEDONIA™, “4b Jove
*BABA” {les Jase .,/10b Joo *OALIFORNIA 30th Jase,
a CROWN OF J 2th Jave.. | ‘COLUMBIA’ 26th Jape
. . |

GRANADA’ — [UE Jove} ard duly .. | ‘CALIFORNIA’ | 8b July


4 vantage of allowing passougerd to Vint New
York on the way home Through tickets Faved from Trividsd to
Glasgow from €97.50 upwards acoording to asormmoditlon and

teamer, ; .
Full particulars on application to Local Agents, 1
The frinidad Shipping & frading Co, Led
" -_ ew - Ke oe eget « vookialh
. . ° san on . , . . 3 .
meh ou. adits BL -) gplsr Se. ee me

No, 08 of 1900.

Gordon, Grant & Co Pisintiffs,

13. Howard King, Robert Willlam

Gordon, Smith Bros & the
Port-of Spain Town Board, J. W.
Fletcher, Josephine Garcia and
Hemy Kustache, - Defendants.

UBLIO NOTICE is here’ given

thay In piireuance of they Dears
herein of Life Honour the Chief Justice
dated the Zlat day of June 1000, and ot
the Order of His Honour Mr. Justice
Bwan dated the 2th day of October
1000, there will put up for Bale
before the doors of the Court House,
in the Town of FPort-of Spain, on
Thureday\the 19th dey of May, next,
between The hours of 1 and ¢

following : ‘

Lop L—Atti Asp 8ixacLan thoee
several cocoa plantations and lands
situate Inthe Ward of Guanapo in
the said Island vis :=

(a) that certain cocoa plantation
nown as “Spring Bank,” compris
ing fifty quarrees and abutting on
the North upon lands now or
lately of George Wellington and
upon lands now or lately of Jean
Qunilette, on the South upon lands
bow or latély of the heirs of
Inocencio Hospedales, on the Kast
Upon the Guanapo River and on
tbe West upon Crown Lands}

(b} that certain cocoa plantation
hnown as " Belle Vue." conalstin,

of two parcels the first. whereo

comprises nine acres and thirty
five perches, and abute on the

North upon the Spring Dank

Estate, bn the South upon a ravine

and upon iands now or lately” of

Natividad Alfonso, on the East

upon lands now or lately of the

Crown and upon lands now or

lately. of Natividad Alfonso and on

the West upon lands now or lately
of Joseph Severin ;
the second comprises algteen
acres and abuts on the North
artly upon lands of Nicholas
avelong partly upon lands of

Juan Wartolo “and partly upou

lands of Quebrads de loe Banton

on the South upon Crown Lands,
on the East upon Janda of Anasta-
clo Luces and on the West

[hDi» the


upon Crown Land and partly upon
lands of Juan Estevan’ E illdy.

(d) that parcel of land comprising
six acres described in the Crown
grant to Nicholas Hodgebourg,
registered as Number 2125 of 1834,
and abuting on the North upon
Crown Land, of the South upon
Crown Land and upon land in the
occupation of Joseph Severin, on
the Kast upon land of John

® Strickland and on the West upon
Crown Land ;

(e) that parcel comprising nine acres
three roods and thirty-tive perches
and bounded ov the North by
lands formerly of George Francis
Betaudier but nowof James Mow.
ard King, on the bouth by iands
of Joveph Severin, on the East on
on other landsof the aaid defen-
dant, James How ard King (former
ly Nicholas Hodgebourg) and on
the West by the plantation Spring
Jiank and other lands of the sai
deiendaot James Howard King
{being the plantation El Requerdo)

(f) that parcel of land comprising
four actes two roods and twelve

nerches and bounded on the North
y other land of the sald defendant
James Howsrd King (former!
Nicholas Hodgebourg) on the Bout!
by lands of the Crown, on the
Kast by land formerly in the occus
tion of Joseph Severin and on
he West by a ridge of bills ;

(g) that parcel of land comprising
three roods and seventeen perches

and bounded on the North by other

lands of the said defendant James

Jloward King (being the Kl Hequer.

do plantation), on the South aod

Haat by lands formerly of Joseph

Severia and onthe West by other

lands of the said Defendant James

Howard King (formerly Nicholas

Modgebourg) ;

(h) that parcel of Jand comprising 1

sixteen atrea and bounded on the
North by the plantation “Sante
Atarbara” and ** El Socoro” on the
South and West by the plantation
**Santea Barbara” and * = *

Qj, that parcel of land comprising six
(eres and thirty nine perches be

he same a little more or less deli-
neated in the dlagrain attached to
the Orown Urant in Volume-XII
folio Wof the Hegister Book and
bounded on the North by Crown
land and by land of Jean Pierre
Veronique un the south by tands
of G. F. Betaudler on the Kast by
landsof Jean Pierre Veronique and
by lands of Clara Francie and on
the West by lands of August
Holler as Thustes of the Bankrupt
Estate of Kugene Masson, .

(k) Lot 2.—ALL anv sinauLan that
ploce or parcel of land coruprising
sixteen acres ang thirty perches
be the same a little more or less
and delineated In the diagran at-
tached to Crown (rant in Volume
LXI [folio 21 of the Hegister Book
situate in the Ward of Guana)
aforesald and bounded on the
North by the space reserved forty
Ave links wide along the Guanapo
river and by Crown Lands on the
South on the road to Tumbasson
twenty Hoke wide by the lands of
Hermitage Estate and by « space

reserved forty—ilve links wide
along the Guauapo river on the
Kast by Crown land and by the
road to Tumbasson twent lake
wide and un the Weat by the road
to Tuwbasson twenty Nokes wide
and by a space reserved forty-
five inks along the Guanapo
following cocoa plantations and
lands vizie

(1) that covos plantation called or
known as "BI Nequerdo” situate
Inthe Ward of Quanapo in the
sald (sland comprising fourtecn
acres three roods and thirty three


ae vandum of Mortgage dated the — b Apri i010. fa the Sa; te i
Guanepo. river aod on the We *" fetoare: oe Geert Th In the Bapreme Cours ot ‘Trlaidad and No. 188 psa Ne
upon a Tarine sod, upon beneice Peres Leon te renee Payment of | Nalttet borne 0, 180 of 1009 ime:
je stim 3: . ter
COL RBie plese or pared of nd Tatelel tml Panes his | nabs Muodermn vasbe Wharton, |, Se Lawene
a - —_ war:
prising our ace and tnicey five registered in Volume COXXXIT| || crice is heusby given, thet there} Bian, Kas pret:
perches delineated in the diagram folio 431 will bepatap Joreate a¢ the Dolen- 0. Kirton ‘
ei to the Crowp-~ira! JOUN DENNIS SELLIER, " Dasloces Noo72 Mariae fed end ee, g
August Holtec in Yalurga X SD Plaintiifs’ Solicitor. jant’s place “ 3; al ‘on Mond the Seb wane,
anil deacibed in te CersiBeaternt Eee? May i010 st Td eeork pees. | (DUBLIONOTION
Title stered in voluine XXXIIT AD, a 18 RENTING STOCK IV TRADS of P paréahnes of the
fae 1e3 f the Real property “BaLly FOR WEUNESDAY THE ist the difeodaat’a Jeweller's Establishment | Mf pour Mr, Tastiog Gena j
Register and bounded on éne Nott DAY UF JUNE, 2010. comprising gold aud silver Jawallery, elec: } day of March 1910-nd te f
aod West by Crown laude and on Uroplated wares d+, &e, 6 of [lis Hobeur Mr. J esting Sed

the South by Crown and and by
lands now the property of thy
Trustee of Masson and ou the Hast
by lands of UG. F. Hetaudiets
(0) ‘that parcel or lot of land com-
‘ prisiog our acres three and
irty nine perctres"delineated in
the diagram attecholl t) the Crown
Grant istered in Volume XCI
at folio Gssituateln the Ward of
Upper Usronl in the said Jelacd
and bounded on the North by
Crown laod and by the land of
Fabiana Uonzales and by lands of
Jas. Howard Kingon the East by
lands of Nathan Lewis and by
Crown land and on the West by

land titioned for hy Philomene
awe and by ous of Fabiana

nzales t

that parcel or jot of land conipris-
ine five acres delineated a the
lagram attac on the Crown
Grant registered in Volume
XCI_ folie of the Real Pro

tty Register situatein the Ward
of Upper Caron! aforesaid and
bounded on the North and West
on Crown land on the South by
Jand of Fabiana Gonzales and on
East b: lend petitioned for by Jean

Marie Sar
(q) that parcel of lot of land com-

prising fourteen acres, two roods

aad nine perches delineated in the

diagram attached to the Crown

Grent registered in Volume

CLXXXIX folio 145 of the Real

Property Register situate In the

Ward of Turure in the said Island

and bounded on the North by lands

of James Lfoward King and by the

Guaico Tamans road one hundred

Ilnks wide, on the South by lands

of Rooks formerly of J. B.A. An-

geron by a qua reserve aod by
the sald Guaico Tamana Koad, on
the East by the said Guaico Tama-
ne and by the quary reserve
and onthe West by land of Acham
formerly P. M. Valasquez and by
a quarry and intersocted by a road
reserved thirty links wide
4.—Also all and Singular the fol-
lowing parcels of land viz;—

(r) that piece or parcel of land situate
ja the Ward of Turure in the said
Ieland comprising sixteen acres
and ablttingon the North upon
lands of Charles Phipps, on the
South upon lends of Thomas Alex-
ander, on the East upon lands of
Jno. Richard Woodyear and upon
Crown land and onthe West upon
lands of Joseph Eugene;

(a) all that plece or parcel of land
wituate in the Waol of Turure
aforesaid comprising nine acres,
two roods and thirty-six perches
bethe same & little more or less
deliueated with the abuttals and
boundaries shown In the plan’ or;
dugram attached to the Crown
Grant entered In the Real Property
Register Book at Volume Il folio
194 and bounded on the North b:
land of John Charlies deVerteull
and Crown Land, on the South by
Crown land, on the East by lands
of J. HW. King and Crown land and
on the West, by lands of J, 3, Bal-


{t) that piece or parcel of land situ-
ate in the Ward of Turue aforesaid
comprising twelve acres, one rood
and Hfteen perches be the same a
little more or lese delineated and
with the abuttals and boundaries
thereof shown in the plan or dia.
gram attached to the Crown Grant
entered in the Kegister Book at
Volume XX folio 143 and bounded
on the North by lands of Joseph
Richard Woodyear and by lands
of J. M, King, on the South by
lands of’ Andrew Darthelmie and
by lands of. J. B, A. Angeron and
om the East by Crown lands re-
eerved and by lands of J, i, A,
Angeron and on the West by lands
f Hichard Joseph Woodyear and

by the road reserved forty links

wide and intersected by the Los i

Amatillos toad}

(u) that piece or parcel of land situ.
atointhe Wardof Upper Caroni
{o the sald Island comprising
eleven acres, tevo roods and sixteen
perches bethe samea little more
or lese delineated and with the
abuttals thereof shown in the plan
or disgrani attached to the Crown
Grant entered in the sald Kegister
Béok at Volume LY folio 457 and
bounded on the North by lands of

Boyth by lands of Catalina Thomas

by a road reserved forty links death a Bred place o

wide on the East by
od forty links wide and by another

reserved fifty hoks wide and
on the Weet by Jadds of Alex,

‘v} that parcel of land situate in the
¢ Ward ot Turore aforesaid com.
prising thirty-Ave acres one rvod
and twelve perches be theaame a
hittle more or less dellneated and
with he abuttals and boundaries
tbereo: shown in the plenor dia
graus attached to the Crown Grant

entered in the sald Register Book |

at Volume {11 follo 2 and des
cribed in the UVertificate ot title
entered ab Volume XVI1E folio 20
aud bounded on the North by a
road reserved and by land of’ M,
Gumberbatch, on the South by
Crown land, on the East by tand of
the Crown and by lands ‘of J. IL,
King and oa the West by lands of
J. Ui, Balthazar and by lands of by.

Parejo and intersected by a road

reserved thirty links wide running Pye NOTICE ia hereby givee that

Kastand West,

pypute NOTICE fu be oly gives that | ea eeee men tt ewation. 14th day Apiil 1910 thet ona

lee of the power of sale con- E Fes, LIGOUR for tele ber
persed ope Mortgs en by tbe Convey. CLEMENT Ree FOU EB Hoase ta te re mn
BRC ee ep ot ep eedale deed of | TRINIDAD, Fhareday the 9. ay
Ba oir ‘ ext eo
yen re aed the Tht dav ot March [SALE FOR WEDNESDAY THE ett | nn “ALL AND "hh

DaY OF JUNE, 19/0.

pustis NOTIOK te borety given that
le exercie of the power of sele oon
talned {a a certala Memorandam of Mort Pike
grge dated the 6 h September 1007 and P jongation of Wi oa Heed F i
made by Antonia Motins Goterrica io | sooth apon fos None ¢
fevout of Lochan aod Dootim there will | of Woodlord Suess, ce ta
bo put ap foresle Yy, Pablio Auction by | Protongaion awe
the aodersigned at tlenaction mart office | the West upon lot

1904 sod registered fa the Offion of the
Kegis rat General of thie Island as nom-
ber 056 of 1904, acd made between
Thamas Daniel of the one partand Mary
Ammon of the othee park there will be
patup for sate by public accilon by the
unJeretgred at thele Aactlon Mart at No.
14 8+, Vincent Street Port-of-Spalr, oo
Weduesday the first dey of Jace 1910
between the hours of one aed twop m.

pila msesae and p
in the Town of

ot Trlotded heart
Proloagation of Woo i
on the North apon le

IXGULAR that cortaie parcel or | No, Os Herries Promenade fn the Towa 08 | aiion of Pic on 8
te Dead sitaate ia che Ward of Moat> | 8:n Fernando on Wetoesdey the 8th day Dated this Zi dey a ah
verrat ju the Islead of Trinidad compris- | of Jane 3010 tetweea the boars of one and ae

twoo’ctock ja the afternoon. All that
col of labd situate fa the Ward of
ache comprising eight acres and ose

rood be the seme «more or lees and regis:
tered in Volame CLXIX folio 407 aod
bounded on the North by Crown land, en
the Soath Sao Ferpacdo-Siperia-Krlo } erry AD,

Road 100 Jlake wide, oo the Kost by baare FOR ep le

PERCH aod abutting on the North partly
ppon lande of Abreham MMoLern and part
ly upon lands of Toomes J. Baptiste on
the Sosth upon lands of Antoine Pierre
and oa the Kart upon Ja ds of Augustas
Pierre an im the Wert upon lands of
Thomas Nalsor,
Dated thle 27th day of April 1910,

Government Aactioncsrr.

mn land bye reserve and by San Fer
ee Ses teeta nuonomiee oad
aud on the Wee riwn lends ac ee
lende petitioned for oy Isidora Edmand, Teste men
rer ferred on Mortgazeey wid

Anctionser, snd Lew of Propsty \aigaa
ofthe R 5
4th May, 1910, Tobago tod coctual a oe
Mortgage davod ths 16a c
10Cp, (reglatered tn the Wey

ap Sth May, 1910
A CORRECTION, | #o7tatenli

No, 2173 of 1 aod
TRE pabile are hereby foformed that} Joseph Tro -A-Pa a
Mewrs, DRAYFUS.& Co. have not} Albert Teoi-A-Fas of .

obtained the cxclaalve right to bore for and | Georges Zobare Aiatos, le

wia Oil on my wife's property at Gaspo, | Alston aad Arbor Beng

as alleged fo their advertisement, ebante aod Co-parcters tegen
ALL, THAT THEY WAVK SECURED ie} Firm of Gedrge R. diva’

PERMIBSION to forre within a reason: | third pert: there will be.

able time a BOA FIDE Compeoy, withe | by Public Anctiog

mioimam Cash Cepitsl cf $200,000 b2 | their Anctlon Mart ;

which Company ALONE will the oon- | Port-of- ‘pein oa Weinedgl

ctasion be given, May 1010, betwees the bia
‘ailand Biogater tt al
arcel of land slinste me Q

in the Word ¢§ Ssrosethaiginas

comprising one lut of lead afl

the North upon a 8 *

lands of ove Thomas

vpon Jacds of one Joky

tbe Weat apor leads cf Jang

ths Meseaige thereca, a
And alee all that the

with Jotereed thereon sgtgl

acd owing by one ‘3

on a jadament deted the

fo the Sapreme Court
Ta the Matter of the Estate of Marie
Neatelce late of Blancbissease Ville:
{athe Ward of Blenchieseass in the
Iv'end of Trinktad deceased,

UBLIC NOTICE je hereby given that
P ao 10 Otioahne been” nade to ma
by Sancion §=Leatrice of the Ward of
Hlanchisveuse io she Ielacd of Triatded
plaoter fora Great of Probete of the last
will and testament bearing datetbe 45
day Merch 1909 of the aaid Afarle
Beatrice late of the ssid Ward of Bian
chisseuss who died on the 8th day of
March 1909 having at the time of her
death a Gzed plsce of abode at Blanobis
ecuse aforessid the said Sancloa Beatrice
being the solq Excentor named ja the sald


And Notice Isalso given thst Sf no
eavoat fa lodged before the expiration of
twenty-eight deya from ‘ibe date of the
publication of ths notice the Court will
proceed to isene Probate of the sald will to
the said Saccloo Beatrice necordinglye

Dated the 23rd day of March 1920,


Ss0 Perzando,

Abtorney for Bertha Richards,
May Gth—lw,



pustic NOTICE is hereby given that
fa exerel.e of thé power cl sale confer-
red Upoa mortgageos y the Conve sncing
and Liw of Broperty rdinance. No. 72 01
the Revised Laws cf Titoidad aad Tobago | vember 1906 recovered ty
and coatsined in a certain deed of mort: | Albert-T'sol-A-Fatt .
gace bearing dste the Sh dey of February | bert A. Theobald is ai
1910 daly regis’ered and made bstweea | Supreme Court of T, i
Alien Baptiste of the one part sod Vin- | Sammary Jurisdiction Ry
cent Donnstien of the otber part there | 794 of 1906, fo which chedl
will be put up fcr eale by public saction | A-Fatt was the Pistad
ty the undersigned asbis Anction Mart | Lambert A Theobild

Sf Frederick street Port-of-Spala, on Fri- | gether withthe fail

dey the 3:d day of June 1910 between the | judgment and of al

id two pr. “8
botra of ove and two p.m, oe ed this 220d day «f oa

No, of 1910,
Hathe Matter ef
The E-ta’e of Jiaisns Villeroel late of
Bin Rafael, loathe Word of Upper Caront,
in the Astacd of Tilnilsd, widow—

UBLIC NOTICE is bereby gives tba
Pep icathoa bes bron madeto we by Nica
nor Villaroe), of the Village of San

Alland alogalar thet certsia parcel of

eel, | land aitaate ia the Ward of Mootserrat ia

in the Ward of Upper Caron}, fa the Island risidad comprieing sixteen Gort,
of Trinidad, for a Grant” of Lettera of the tant ur perches te tbe ame, more or cme
Admialvtra ion of the Estate of Jiulliaoa fess aod abutting oa the North on lands of ‘
Villeroel, lute cf Ban Hatsel, fa the Ward | Aierander Torauneon, on the Soath sod
cf Upper Caron}, in the Island of Trialdad, Eas) on a trace reserved andoathe West ~ waa
deceased, who dled oo day of March by a ravine toge'her with the baildiogs | TRINIDAD. ae
3010, hevlng at the time ot her jest and appurtenances thereto belozeing. Io the Saprume pan a,

xed place of abode at Sin Refsel, fa o' q
Wars of Upper Garovl sloresald, tbe seid Dated thle Poth dey of April 1910, N Somme Jorigalcn

eanor Vullarcel belog the only aursivio, 18 of 1910 “Aaa
Aegitimate aan of the dec 7 & 1D LOUISY, * Ja the

And act'ce is aleo given that if no caress Auctioneer, Altot
is lodged Lefore the expiration of twenty: a vee
eight days frorg the date of tha pulblicas | TRINIDAD, Charles 4.8. §
tion of thien tice, the Cours wil proceed SALE FOR BATURDAY TILE leu noe Re
tofua Letters of Administrating 0, the DAY OF MAY 1910, ITOICE is beraby sien!
Estate of theeald Juiilians Villaroel’ de- AVOURED by lostraciions recelvel N be pot up fora a
coud, tothe said Niesoor Villaroel, the undersigned will pat ap for ea'e | Aucti a MactNo Sis

Dated thla 25sh dey of April, 1916. by Public Auction at his Koetlcn Mart No } Tort-of Spaia on BeteaQiReae

Cel) T. 4, THOMPSON, 38 ¥redericx Szeetta the town of Porvof- | May 1910 a 12 6°

R giatrat, 8psin ugder the Foner of Bale contained | horss * Jawes

faa Mort, Bill of Sale dated the Sth | Jeried vpon tn ths aleveggy
day of Bay 180 registered in. the office ELEMENT Fo i
or the Registrar Gecers} as No. 1236 of
the protocol of deeds for that is and
made between Elizabeth Gilland Marths
King of the one pert ond Roan Daly of

3 the Sapreme Court of Tioidad aad

No, 49 of 1910 the other part the following chattel s— Hila
la the Matter of the Fetate of A Deelhng house of ten meot sltuate mint ;
Mary Ann Salvary, late of Matelot la the | and standing us lands of Jobo Coinelius Inthe Supreme Cocrt am
Ward of Teeo—Deceased, Poyes built of timber aod covered with | 18 Pree eS he
—— gilvanizedjroa sheets sod knows as No. Bumesry Jaried wo
UBLIO NOTICE is hereby given thet | 24 of Miler‘s Lice Belmont in the town of No, 208 of 1910 ie
application has teen made to me by | Port-ol-tpain. % Je toe mations ?
Polen Hodge Rupu'to Marcio aod Mit: Dated thie 22nd day of April 1010 B, Dieyfna &
thet! St Ford all of Matelot{m the Ward WILLIAM BEST. ¥


Wiliam Fits Gntis $

JN OTICE is berety poet

of Toco, for « Graot of Probate ofthe Wil

dated the 27h day or November 2900,

of Mary Ana Salvary of Matelot afor~
arid doreased wto died on the 29:5 day of SALE roy op nay Wee wu Anchoa’ Matt Na!

November 1909, having at the tine of her
abode at Matelot
forevaii the ssid Polen Hodge, Repatto
Marcanoand Mitchel St Ford. belag the
execotors named in the sald Will of the
mld Deceneed. | ' i
bd Notice is also given thet if po
Caveat ialodged before the eapiration of

Port-of-Spala os
May 1010 at Le acl "

bous! pt
dar Witan Fue, Ka +e
o Wa a
Pram, Deéwasd WOO
the ebovs multer.

favouReD whth lastructiona received

the undersigned will putop for vale
by Pablis Auction at bis Anciion Mart,
No, 66 Frederick Street. Port-of-Spala,
the undermentioned chattels under the
Power conferred by tbe Bills of Hale Ordi
nance No, acd by a certeia Mortgage


twenty-eight deys from the date of the} Bill ia '
publication of the Notice the Coort will TO08 hed esata he ad dey of daly CLEMENT 7
proeed to fasua robate of the said Will Reguatrar,General aa No, 1,8u0- of tbe a
sceordingly. 4 Protocol of Deeds for that your and mede
ated {he 5th day of April 1910, betweea Thomas Niles of he one part and
T, A. THOMPSON, Regiowl4 Edmond Merrie of the other :
Registrar, pert. oslte bonee sootalning four rooma ~
cof w covered with galvatiss
[ron standing om wooden pilere sod | Inthe Sopems Cae %
TRINIDAD, pesilon eet ta length by 12 fect io No. 03 of 1009 s
athe Supre t « Ooe barrack eontalalog foar | No. : a
Pre ue Court of Trinkded ond rooms ballt of wood, oorered with A vane Tate om
No, 266 of 1608, ' ized troa standiog po woodea Pillars acd Ld Vers e's
the Mal woasurin, leet ha eeb in pelle ee
Thq Real Troperty Ordiosnee breadth, on cartisge how a thd stable, Chari nee
Jae Mate tat Ieessrteeaenag 3) ese Sniae |W oTice is bey Saal
a stter we 7
of The Kegatree atloaca laball | Oye oat. ofice of closes built partly of NOt be pete Ne

shal’s Anetion Maré
Breet, Pua veg

c ol a
ine rlghh title aed ote -* 7

wood and puttly of concrete covered with
alvanized tron aad measuring 3 feet by 2
leet. The whole of ihe a'ove steading on
lund bnowmes No, 4¢ Late Street, Wood-

by Order of His Hon ur Mr. Jastlee

© Swen midsherei ‘ ar
perches abutting on the North Note-Varcele a, Band care subject 1910, gules: reg on the wa saz ol Maree brook, 1a the tows of Por -of Spain, dant on « Cootiete (kT: im
upon Orown lands ca the South dey of Nowens eee 10th [ eoowary wi fe 16 sae from date of pab- . ered with later anit
upon laods of J, Severinon the Ke Z778 for th registered f teatios of thie aotice la the * Ro L lepde of Gestes ;
Hast upon lands of G. Francia and secure payment of tue soe Wo] Genste, "the Reghtrer Geverd be eothee WILLIAM BEST Marine Somes gabe wort oa,
upon Crowa lends claiued by J. eidu00e? and Interens en Of fsised acd intends to dispecee wich the | 28h April, Avciioneer, Leried epon's ,
Beveria and on the West upoo mort dett is now vestry ich trodvetisa cf tbe daplicate Crows Grant he a Berest, “
Crown lands and by lends of one the Pisfoutre herein parccle serena patel of ad carries Keven CLEMENT
: tn, B, 0, p, and q are 5 beg | errr nnnn
(ua) the cova plantation mtuste Ir hiemorenduus o Rortgasea 3 Geren a ans ta ine, Ward oft Unper .
the sant Ward ol upnane (helgbts the 1th Janus yy MAW in favour [iy regislaced ia Voluse CXNMN fine bh Forging Ahead oo IA
fo the bela a Toe Despale" to eecare pa tener fee dordon of thaResl Property Kegiater for the ne 5 4
compridog. sixteen acres aud $3,200.00 and Loterest, aot eet oe petornewont ie parwasces of | ato public favour, goes LAING'S whoa yaa
abutting oa the North upea a] Deted thie bth dex of April tain, | are nergy oe Hat Propeny Cri. | WHITE PINE GUUGH BYRUE ‘G:t en
ravine and, upon lepds of Juan EKA Deputy ieeinnts, Daud hig Bcd dey of Apri, 1910, - ~ 34s. por bettle, Foi 6-0 aan
ds of Juan Denture Volol pyBeParcel k ip subject toa Neu. Sets ENGLISH PHARMAUY te? w a
. " Wi bap
. v/
. e ” * _« *
a a? . © - . ” . . 4,
. . ~ e * -

alata tine ON AT reer LE NOTRE HE eT “fou os ao eo Serre ey

. i


hat God may havemercy on
thought hostile to the Cathole Church. s If they live uyrtoe higheenswaof daty Sed King of England they prayed that and pray ¢
} Catholics all the world over receiv and ghteeveness they need fear ov God right epare bins tong w yvide by hig euuh non Doorly read the tele:

q 4 _
‘Our Late King.

with the d t ‘ . BE to is yfaiom, prudence and experience .
[bts death, Tiowasthe Bie King ot tent wea pearenker the as tick Thig ite ‘Driteh Empire but lo geaws of the filters sod death of the a FEW OF THE Kins

Bogland to visit the Pope, and dhe} proud of being Ue éon of Vietoria , cemental Athe nations ln a bond ofunt- late King fo thes ne ervied will ba THE Pouicy,

showel grent courage “Enaland, to | tbe ood, but, as a freacemaker he | vereal pedce and concord, The policy , Ronee st Paateon the day of the mriag,
day, ie mainly a Protestant nation, | woul claseed “the | adopted and purssed by the late Kin i Klog's fuoeral, Towards the close

— City, Police “Court

bo have | nations, Alladmit that he ducceated | ’
life | Atthe Presbyterian Church, the Rev | Blackwood Weigh:
Ter ete Grown “and | 3.8 Wilson alo spoke of the death of | on Usturday b phi

mit the Catholic Church. yet ia} tbat ubey had, wnd nay ule oure to | aince he rrcelred She Chine oun: | file Mejesty log edward Vil ‘Altalte wade that ones

} oo
| THE! CHURCHES, LEGISLATIVE [lines uth rele | thas they be ‘ie ure
e fate of that opinion, notwithstand- nay wit the King at the ctose of hile Geed- wets Englishman he
; . COUNCIL AND COURTS. ing tbe criticlam which he knew hie} —" Weil, ‘tia all OO tne eae ton etter: sock wna ein today OTHER CHURCHRG =~ gret forthe Sererelgat

and there exists etill, as we read from) soos of G The leet way to; was that Poece shonhd ealet among
time to time tn the newspapers, a hoe ¢ honour the memory of those w


we attitade in certain quarters] gone before ist have the same spirit | in this, ~the

action would call forth, he had the | done tiny duty." fd the | othe {gt

courage to go tu Home and ask anf} mon was taken from the words:— | all are seated in sorrow and mourning, | Throughout the length & @ re tolght, top
Qui ° y ver the death of | breadth of the colony, in church and f meant “that ‘hecaus

audience of the late Pope, Leo XEIL, | * Quit you like men, Le strong, Theyiare. eae ° et 0 cat the | cha 1, public notice was taken of Hile | Koglistiman.” Tint he

N with whom he spent an hotr ln con- AT Wt VER CHAPEL,
| R CE OF W ALE S vervation, Wh i 1} fest gentienah ta Europe, andthe ! Majestyadesth and Atting honour pald of alarge Em
I £ whore [2n: ror was pelhape Se eat ata! tung at Hanover Ohare Leeneet lover of peace that ‘the world to his memory. @ known, |‘ exce; by

friend, he jnvariably accompanied the The ltev, W. J. Mauod preached | has ecen ’h tits or soy otherage. The wT
* PROCLAIMED Emperor to Masa, ‘ie knelt down ta | from bb Jobn, ‘1th sLapter, verves 1| person as well asthe mind of the late SUPREME COURT. knew
the Catholic Church with the Emperor | and Zi—"Let not your heart King had been enriched by natare’s —_— ba) Pertone Aa
XII G Gt. Ee Ww at his side; the King of Protestant | troubled. Ye belespin God. believe | choiwest endowments, lis stature | (Befors Their Honoure Menare, A, van vere ruck by two
= ORGE, o | Sngiand at the aolewn act of worebiy | also io vie, lo iy Falher s house are ) was inspiring, bia countenance tnajes- WW, Lieve-Sinith, Chie, Justices a, ery few jiere are Ohl as
° in & Catholic Chureb! Mauy were} many manslona, If it were notso I] tic, his deportment graceful and bie A: Suanand A, D. Rustels B,, | member when {n jabous a
sites eaten grates wie | woe niet Toe. Hie ker aS | Sa aro ube ate aceboy eg | Monday, | Basest eect
suldressed m, yet he never with. a ad chosen eate ago the ta! echbisho a
x r pare a place for you Je had the high honour, and privilege of TUE KING'S DEATH, Ufen Prince of W

drew, He né¥tr made an apology. ] those words, be said. for two reasons. ‘ales,
IMPRESSI VE CEREMONIES. King Edward was a Catholic at heart Aawe gatheredin that House of Prayer | Junching with the late Kingat Marien) There wasa large assembly Insthe | ¥°Y bad illness just
After the assassination of the late { that morning, we shared in the great] bad. J remember the te Arch: | jtall of Justice of snembers of both } Srowne: aod through hie j
Kivg of Portugal and his eon, he as-| calamity (one could hardly use any | bishop whilst describing bla stay with | branches of the legal profession besides | [28 remarkable
elsted at a solemn Requiem Masa in} other word) that bas befallen usas a] the King. saying: * That he is one of | 4 goodly number of the general public. tt oon te renult. on the
London ‘vr the repose of their souls! nation, Our hearts have been well- | the most digaltied, yet the siaplest of | present among the barristers were im | ° 8 fh adan CnOrmOos wah
d be was seated In the sanctuary | nigh broken, not so much with asense |men , that you would be scarcely # | ifon, 1, 8, Aucher Warner, K.O,, act- or bad is fellow subjects
the highest place of honour—oppo- | of LR loas, for to many of ue] jnoment itt his presence until be would ing ‘Attorney General, Ifon. I, A. | any sickness, Jy foe’

THE CHURCHES TRIBUTE, which be hoped to speak more at
— length, While mourning our great
The following are among the tributes | loss today. let us continue to pray

ald by the churches on Sunday last to | both In private and public, as we have fi the Bishop, Tu the kiogdou: of] “the King” wag only a name, but} makejyou quite at hone by bis urbane arton K.C,, acting Solicitor Gene. | Shere re no hospitals peo 4
The memory of the dcad King: = done thee day, for ur Sovereign Lord | Portugal, owing to the fearful rate at} with ao OF tel Reenve of pation: | tmandars vite great experience ahd | y41, Hon. H. A. lca ue K.U,, Messrs. Government and the beets
AT TRE CATHOLN CATHEDNAL King George, Our Gracious Queen { which iulidelity has moved in that | alloss, Perhaps when the King av | his vast knowledge had convinced tle |p Keipio Pollard, 1. FH, Ganteaume, | © 4 by private charities te ae
Aller the reading ofthe Epletioand | Victoria Mary, the Dowager Queen | country, groat antipathy exists theras cended the Throne there was in the j jate King that the progress, peace | J) FA, Barfan, WV, Blache-Wilson, im ng funds ¥ badly, 3 a re
Lhe Gospel, His Urace the Most ler, | Alexandra, }alward, Dukc of Corowall | towards the religious orders, Amongst | hearts of most of the Mritish peopte # | and prosperity of a nation depended | a, kK.” Cook, F. & LaChapelle, Vhen ast rince of Wales pus Weg
Father Dowling, Archbishop of Port- | and York and all the Hoyal Family, [the religious orders in that country | fechng of grave uncertaluty as to what ] more upon prudent and vigorous toun- Tw Biache Mraser, Gaston John: @ head of the em
of-Spain, lo the course of his re-| that they may be of one wind and sus [14 & community of Irish nuas, | hisreiga would mean to the Britlelt | welsthatupon the trained phyalealforce | ston, C.J. MeLeod, I.E, Phipps, mone s forthe i
marks, aald it would not be going | tained and comforted In their great | Now, he would tell them an} Empire, and many of us looked for | ofthe nations iis death has been }¢, 8. Rend, L, 2. Cipriani, It. J. Nanco, | 0008 ly wat on the con:
againet the custom of the Cathedral to | affliction, incident of a few pears ago that lt ward with grave foreboding for we] very uoilmely, as the nation ovee | & A. Ducham, W. Mavary, L. A. Oecil fonally did what hes
have no eemon that Sunday, but ra: Ite Excellency the Governer, Sir} wae illustrative the Catho- | remembered something of past history | which he ruled so wisely, peacefully | Wharton, ‘André i rant. 8 lyes- boepital fund. After
thertospeak on ssubject that was] George ltuthyen Te uote K.C.MG, he heart of Edward Vif, Those} He did not think one could sum up the | and wellis now undergolug & very | tre AWilliauas, 0. Ac Child, 11. . Stone, e remained patrou te an
‘uppermost in the minds ofall, name- | and the Hon, 8, W. Knaggs O.M.G., ] nuns were threatencd with éxpulslon, | character of the late Kiog better than | grave political crisis—oay—It may | and A. HL. Lucle Smith, while the soli: | 't, §¢ due to his efforts that fam
ly, the death of our beloved Sovereign. | Colonial Seerctary, accompanied by | just as the religious orders are to-day | ia the words which are tsed in the fe even a constitutional crisis, and so | citors included z-—Messre. J, J, Hobson, | of, thousands of pound
Ho Edward VII, We, the people of | Captain R. A. Arkwright, A.D.O, to | threatened in France. The Portugese | Hook of Chronicles of the son of Zecha- | his prudence and wisdom will bel FJ, Maingot, \W, Arrowsmith, J. D. collected every year to 7
Trinidad and the other colonies aro| His Excellency, were aniong the con- |Uovrernment following the footsteps of | riah who is called “a discreet coua | greatly missed [tls a constitutional | weiter, R.A. Winn. H, PB, Mitchell, talg. The King saw p 7
snjoying the immense blessing of | gregation. her near neighbour had resolved to be sellor. —and certainly the late King { maxua iu Koglaod that “The King | a, £, Brown, J. E, Attale, GL. David, eonal experience, the
living under the Kritish flag and en: Ly a peculiar co-incidence two of | done witb re igion, andtheir persecut- ' has proved biuself in all things to be | never dies, for no svoner Is the King | Pp, Maingot, OMT. Peizgar, A. Mo | Of the Crimes +
joying all the benefite It conferred, | the three psalms for morning prayer { jog hands fell heavily upon the best | ‘‘a discreet counsellor.” And because | dead than bis place is filled by the | Carthy, A. D, O’Connor(Crown Soll- of the war in India y be
and‘consequently, whatever affected | on Sunday bad a melancholy appro. tuembers uf the Church -the religious ' of the tactfaloess, the discreetuess of | heir appaent to the throne We | citor), Em. M, Lazare, |If. Ml. Iles, A. effects of the warin F fig
the Mother Country at home will also | priateness to the occasion, thare | orders, The community of Irish nuns | his counsel, and, he thought, he] havea new kiog in the person of } Lamy, Kdeard Gransaull, T NM. Kel- many: he sew and realand
touch?/us roat deep y None thought 1 penltential pisine, and one is used in | fearing ‘a hhke Jot with the native | wight add, because of a certain great- | LRU. George Frederick Prince of f shail, J, A. Lassalle, O. FA. igoare, tout no one else did, the al
whilereading the telegrams on Natur, | the office forthe burial of the dead, | reiugious addressed themselves ta ube | ness of persouality,—he bas stood for} Wales, Duke of Cornwall wad York { 3 dela Bastide, G. CO, Pantin, K. BE, | qwences of war. The Kieg inane
day morving, of the King's Illness ) They were:—" Dut me not torebuke, | King of England who was ia Lisbon at | much duriog the last nine years; and | and Wart of Chester. George Freder- Moutett, IL Israel Jeffers, H. A. Kite- but for the Transvaal way en ri
that we should ina few hours hear 0; | O Lord in thine anger, neither chasten | the time. Jiv bad jn consequence! itisalso because of bis counsel, his] ick is heim apparent to the throne aod | witliam, 1, A. de Boiasiere, Austerlitz the late queen would proby <
bis death, Whena trouble, aufferin * | mein th heavy ispleasure,” and “I | altered the day for a grand review | tactfulnessand his masterful diplomacy ie now our pew King under the title } J. Joseph, A. IL Higeby, J. A, K. lived a great deallonger. Mgsiets
or inisfortune befalls jus, we always, said U will take heed to my ways: that | that was to take place In his honour, | that we have been guided aga nation | of George V. Whatareourduticstoout | Romeo, 11. E. Mercer, L. Boaweti | 2° Was oppressed the sitem
course, felt it, but it Is increased tna | I offend not in my tongue.” ° and went down, that great man, (2 in these last uncertain years,—guided | king? Heside the duty of submission, | tonisa, L. Uumanoire, Michael Hamel- the war ,and the mm!
Mold when we are not prepared for | ‘lhe whole staff of the Cathedral { that humble convent, sab in the com !asa nation, safely ia from shallow | honour, and obedience to our new I xmith, U, H. A, Attale and KT, V. [S04 therefore ithe :
it, Oonseyuently, the tragic sudden. | clergy took part in the service. In | munity room with the Prioress and waters. Hedid not intend that morn: | king, we twustotfer up our earnest and | Kelly, The barristers wore theit pro- became tothe throne d
neseofthe news of thedeath of our | addition to tbe Archdeacon there | the community, and told them of the ing to say more than that, The loss} persevering prayers for his prosperous [ fessionul robes, Mr, T. A. Thompson, slop war, and to oes he
great pleasure he felt at being among ie too recent! \We will discover the| and peaceful reign for the spiritual | pegistrar, wae also ro 1 roughout the world
pain that it otherwise would have | \V. L. South, and Itey, G. fi. Burnett, | them and that as long ashe was King greatness of that loss as the days went | and temporal happiness of the British urlug the muaking of thetributer] tle was related to
caused, Hs Grace then went on} The Archdeacon preached a sermor | of Kogland, noone would raises band by. Wecould only pray thatat this] Empire, In the words of a great | the entire court, including ;Their flon- | CSoW8 beads of Europe;
to say, when we are judging of the suitably for the day,~the Sunday after | against ihem. ‘The words of Edward juncture one he suppposed of | Ubristiathwriter “ We pray for kings } ours, stood. of Germany was b -
worth of a Sovereign in this 2th | Ascentiontide. were all-powerful! The nuneare there the ruost perilous junctures in| and Emperorsthat God would grant} ene’ counts ADJOUANXENT xKovED, | Marperor of Russls ‘
century, we inust pot adopythe same} Tbe choir stalle were draped In| to thieday! On another occasionthe the history, or, at any rate, ta[thema long life, s secure throne,a| ‘The Acting Attoroey Generel rising ad ew, the King of oan
standard as we would If we were lig. | purple. King pald a viaitto Lisbon where the the recent history of the Brit-| prosyerous reign, faithful council, | esid;—Your Honours—It hae fallen | ‘ested to him, andh nr:
ing fu the middle ages, or the ages be- Attha conclusion of the service, the | Mritish Ambassador at the time was m ist Empire,—that ‘as a nation andjand a just people: ia fine, that He | to my ead duty, in the absence of my | She King of Greece aad
fore Christ, In jthone times the offiee ] Dead March in Saul was played,—the | Catholic, It was the duty of the people we may bo guided by the su- ] would grant them peace and whatever | friend the e Attorney General, Mr.
of the King or the Head ofthe State | mournful ascents of the organ] Ambassador to sccuinpany the Klog preme counvel and wisdom of Gods} else they could wish for the welfare | Edgar Agostini, to move the sdjourn-
wasto load his army ap battle array | echoing through the Cathedral while | ou all public occasiuns. ow it was und we pray that upon bin who | of their Kmpire or themselves.” These } inent of this Court asan expression of all throughout ore, a
against the army ofan eneiny, Nowa-] the entire church stood with bowed | well known that King ard attend. entered upon’ the beavy aod awful | words embody the duty ofallCatholics. | the eorrow and grief with which the | 294 todo his best for pa
days, the etandard of judguient of the | beads in reepectful memory of de- | ed service every Sunday; so he would responsibility of the head of this great | itis our duty to pray for our newklog | Baraod the entire legal profession | 44 there an Engl
worth of a king must be differont. | parted royalty . attend Church ‘that Sunday while in people there may descend a blessing of | because God is the source of all human | have heard of the aad intelligence of | So0ally known abroad seit
Whista King staya at home in his] The Kev. 2 'J. Holt was the preacher | Livbou. The Ambassador being a Aluilghty God, and that upon those | power. Inthe book of Proverbs Ile } the death of Llis Majesty King Edward It ts known toallofue dee’
pelece, his parhament and in the | at the 7 pm. eervice. During the! Catholic. weot to the Nuncio and ask- who hold, more or ess, in their hands | usys “Iby Me Kings reign, . + - +E VIL itwasonlyon Friday thatit became | ‘0¢0 are not popular
case of England, the Lords and the [course of hisjsermon which was )ed bim what be sbould do, “ Well,” the goverument of the great nation,— | lly Me Princes tule aud the uughty | gnown that Tile Majeaty's condition | %, certaio want of give ame
Commons mako the laws for him , | Chosen forthe season now occupying | said the Nunuo, “2 believe in the upon lis Majesty s ministers, -at this { decree justice." We learn from the | was serious: vo that when early on | fhe King had not thees pam
his Admirals and Generals 2o out and | their thoughts (the season) of Ascen- | heart of Kdward Vil. Goto the King time there may come also the wiedoin f Scripture that duriog the Passion of [ saturda morulog it was’ known that tle was genlal and freudirag
fight his battha and he aemaine at { #0n) the Rev- gentleman anade special J and ask him.” ‘The matter was duly of Almighty (iod, so that we may be | our Divine Lord the Roman governor } he had ‘Ted during the night the news | therefore ia the Great
home to attend to the affairs of Stato. | reference to His) Majesty's demise, [put before His Majesty, who rephed guided aright, and that out of what | pretended that he had powerto release | cama as a teunthe blow to the entire | Erance he was almost i.

Now, our late bovereign, Edward Vil, | The thought of Ascension was | that the Ambassador may accompany seemsto lk so much uncertainty we }orcondtma Hun, Our Divige Lord , freenchman, You cas
was first of alla gent: einan jnevery | & — Woat comforting | and elevat | him to the church but should wait ouj- may energe intu the gladaess an world. We, today, are doing what, | the effect ot that ip

eephed *Phou shouldst not have any
wense of the word, a menof consun) | ing one, he said, lifted them | side until the service wanover! King freedom of peace and tranquility. r take it, ia Se tone inna} Part of
‘ wihhkte ability, aman of @ ver kindly | up above the constant worres | Hdward never spoke a word sgainst After iefeciing to that Charch » lows,
wheat. Une of the ablest of England's § aod trials of thie atorm Lossed life. Ile | the Catholic Church, He braved the also by death, of Mis Fidler, the
ae soverelgns inimodern time. Edward | went on to say while that waseo to | eriticisins of ber epemies to show bis preacher continuing ea, gatbered, as
was inaster of several languages and { every i ue Christian sont, ibabould be [appreciation and adniiration of ity weare that morofag, under the cloud | made a vessel of election to the Gen fare particularly identified with tbe uu should know whas eB
Nie spoke them with grace and almost | much more to them all who were citi- | work, Cérdinal Manning was one of of the double toss, - the national loss | tiles repchoe# the doctrine and pre- [vad event because frum Saturday our | 24T6 sustained in thi ~
with astmuch facility as he spoke | tens of @ world-wide earthly Jinpire [bw beet fuends, We have rea. and the personel loss—we turn our | cepts of Jevus Christ in his beautiful | oath ran “ By the grace of God,"=not | ! sing such a King,
his own native tongue He knew | how staggering under the weghtofafson to hope that Gail who died for thought» away Frow the enshroudiog epialle vo the Romans. When he fs guward WIL" but * Geo: : Vv Mi, PRIZGAAR
thoroughly the diplomatic relations | heavy burden of sorrow, suddenly | all, has had inercy on him ‘They all darkness to the eternal light and we fwrote his epistle the Christian | During his short relgo,—the beet spew Mv. Prizgar, the only
that should be adoptedjwith cegard to | placed by God on their shoulders, “It Pkuew how charitable hing Ldward listen, as he (the preacher) would ask J congregation of Rome was governed | uf nine years, ~ lis lajesty the King | Uar present sald, it was
the various countries of the world, | eemed ullerly impossible, he con- | wasand what mighty effurte be put ux to do that moruing, to tbe words of J by pagan Ewperurs, stillbe commands | won aut only the ‘personal affection | %0 hear Ilie Worsbip's
and he was proverbally a man of Ptinued to believe yesterday that | forth in the cfuve of peace and good Elm who came forth fbi the them in these words * Let every soul | and regard of ali hls own subjects, but | Ut lamented King.
ace. Many nations are Indebted to | hing Ldward Vil wasdead, I would $ wil among the nations He was ever Pather:—~ Let not your heart be | be subject to the Migher Powers, for the sywpathy, admiration and respect he thought was 4
He great influence for thetic peaceful |] ePpear to inany of thew there as but [ teady to help the poor, thedistremed troubled!” And the preacer then ] there is tro power but frum God, aud [of the ctvslised world 4 for it-was een the loss of {the mi
condition ab the present time King | yesterday tbat that Chunk was fand the weak of every kind, What dealt wilh bis text. those thatare, are ordained, There: | tealised that he was the ideal constutu. | Within tnodern times. B
Edward was ainau of a very kindly thionge: fcom end ty cud mo arming | ever stalna he may have contracted ——— fora he that resist the power resist [onal monarch, He identified blmecif | Bie short reiga dove
heart to which ao ever faithfu! memory for Victoria the Good, and tbea re [through human frailty, Qod's mercy THY BAPTIST CHORE the ordinance of God, and they that [with oo political party, but he stood aad her dominions
east purchase themselves damn Pioth as the champion ‘of peace, pro- | ‘nore than had ever

beloved Sovereign has jncreased the | wete;—lev 1. J. Ilolt, Organist. Hey.

power against Me unless it was given | jlig N. peace of Europe. That

thee from above,” a an “depression of our webectand now been writhdrawn, aed
‘The faithful voice of St. Paul—the | regard tor bius and ouc loyal affection | 4 be said, hoping be Sef

trupipet tongued apostle he, who was [to bim ; and we feel that asa court we | Guty. And I thtukit my

oan forgive, and itis written, “Char Rev. B. E. Horlick, M.A, at the

tolowtered, Me never forgot hisfiiends, | Jocing at the Uoroustion of Edward

When he returned to's place, bo | the Peace Maker. and (Queen Atex. | ity covereth @ inultitude of sins." Baptist Church at moral we {tion. . —, . Render therefore
ele enquired afer, persons and | sndra, And now that day they were ~~ eal. “re lt fa known 1 youcail that to all Uheir dues, tribute to who tri- Will go down to the sges oe oideeed sorry
. eace-maker,"—than which a man | 92% present whea Hie

friends beimade when bo was there [gain mourning for hl who after BT. ANN'S, Klog Edward VIL’ fe dead. That [ bute is due, custem to whom custom,
before. Referring to his kiodliness | Dine years An earthly King, had been u bh a t of us with feac to whoin fear, honour to whom but he must es
of heart aud goodness, the Archbishop called by the King of Kings and Lord conte, Vicar General sbetking, to the nhock of be oesretteds “orgeunul honour.” Again Bt Peter, the Prince yan bere no rege ttle, lie wlied ae have no more write "
ald, he was able to apeak with author. | Of Lords, they humbly trust, to the bev pg anoounced the pustponement that be had nearly reached three } of the Apostles teaches the same doc- J ing the great duties of bla high pork. Heventh ov Jt acd wes ®
score years and ten, that he was | tine when be sald “ De ye subject to | ion totheend and reprettiog princi. { they, lawyers, (would be wa &

ity, for he had the happiness of meet | Place prepa above—ihe rest that
ing him some years ago before coming | Femalnéth for the people of God, | ONing to the death of lle Majesty of siticted with a troublesome complaint, | every bumar creature for Gods sake, | pally thar be should be removed ata | Teniioded of his death 7

to Port-of-Spaln, when he (the Arch: | With one breath they had been made | the parish festival which was to bave oly ers accustomed to think of bin | whetberto the king as excelling, or |) ot Edward VIC will be tot Ol
baron) andr Obst Clement, the | Ue eatte d me the Ree | she Dleminge which iow frovetos Se.oue iuhefall vga of a strong | Uo govsraore aa acai oy ime dor ihe | denon im af il'mea, tat Hoglad | ry af Ul me whet
me, . . 7 y manhood.—No hogering sickness hag | Pudisoment el evil doers an: Or @ f looked to help her through the tp ef aleirs ip ai
‘The deceased Ring was always a great | Jews Christ our Divine King. Our Di- Cle power to the chidien of Goda wepared us for the event} upto the | pralee of the good, for vo itis the will lL P ts Breet T ovel head %
friend of St, Clement's andofafrumer | vine Peace Maker and Peace Chareh are so Rieat and so many that [a he wasable to attend to the affairg | of God, All this convioces you that political crisia that is now facing the vrililancy which be‘
He lor . of pat, Hone, Ue | Hey Giver, hen About to | leave tins fhe iii eld the highest authority ef vf | plate, Que 1 happlre bias bee the Catholic Church fin ber ieaching puplre a pcpnatitutional Slece dhe deallog with all tasers
. e vas , . . suddenly plunged into tourning,- |aod attitude ever upholds an ¢
Prince of “Wales, duting one | there "wonls “My peace 1 give unto | ismngerent Aliigity Gedie rites ue King is the visible bond of uaion | stipporta just and elvil authority, bake teen of pron
vf his visite to the Mternal City, you i an tea aye after, fe bad left P hands are the Jestinies of Rulers and '© the Empire. Our forms of | svabe traches and commands ber au
he spenta night fa the Convent of it i y the | itt {the Mel a Mis Chureh Eurpires has veen Ht to call out of fife Sovernmentditfer, but our King is the | Jects to be ever faithful in there allegi«
ee ee eresteyinthy | uy thead, oo welland tak cafes | te Noveteno of thes reals, Ata wane We all feel and tour our|aace to lawtally | consututed civil f sion has to be faced now by b
ext a: I. calle .
vation of the vaderground Chureh a the Peace Maker had passed away be- juneware a aitaire bee all are wit.
that Convent, Again when song years | Youd the veil, continued the preaches, { Uerees of @ Tee ing of uncerlaiaty and

he t

loss. Co. ced with th authority. This loyal 1 y
has been at short one, bat teen is ark bioher tances Wensmitte to. u and ney a ft give bins atren ib much safety, ;
ego the Portuguese fioser Birent a jibe nudat of political dwcord and See neo ae in’ hen many sow no he ‘cane “the. ‘Grene ‘lave ween on the ‘Merehing, of Cate an Ine Glug George and | bls Consort, aad te shite roa ced toat ot. ve
threatened to couila ale the houses of | etrife, and such a tine as this when a | *' tealized, =" Wisdom and —suader | Apoutles noutishes in the bosom of the wee his way to dow
teligious ordews fa Lisbon, the Convent | T8468 constitutional crisle la threat. | S4¥é 10 the well proved eagaclty and jroadieg” bave Tiatked ble pul Catholio Church, and bas always been epect{ul sympathy and affection and father did. Kiegt
of the irish Domivicans was menaced, ened; when a wise and guiding hand f tire ulding hand of the Monarch, the llis beloved mother will be remetabort the rich adorninent of Gathohes of loyalty on the occasion of this melon Hs felt t ot y
and finmediately tho Prioress wrote to | is required at the belun of affairs =the | dres newaartives that he ts figiae ta as Victoria the Good; be agpevery clime and age Whilst then fholy ovvnt Thave the honous, Sirs, b: scl, bot aS ae
lis Majesty the King Leseeching bin | Kupire ia loft as it were, fatherloss, Ju | 2b 18 84 iw ith ruin tue key et le Edward the Peacemaker.” (Ve pret sharlog in tne universal sorrow caused rhe toe adjournment of the Court, subjec bo bad ‘al
to use bis Influence with the Porty | ft not our bounden duty then to suppli. | ‘oreatened with rulo, the key stone | Uo Verte ered wad prey loy the death of late Kil a | inte speaker's voice quivered several ance
+ . cate Almighty God at such * | of ite luain arch suddenly fatle ‘to the ¥ for 9 loved and gractoug | OF “vt our fe 0g, and | times and he was aluost overcome | ‘sistance In troblous
» Kuper ke tase our Ung tat lie mil gue “ci | around Our wines go taretabien Gust ecalebsinemigectfeltng | hit nog Ye toyal Uauesiea | i eos, wae fe tee a
Dominicans fs etlit a their possession, vern the tmind of King George V, | faté $0 that Une when fora while tae iy we nray Jo A Ing George V 7 Kl KO r ine seympa y {0 the THE MOTION ONANTED, dive assistance. It was B
and those jn charge of It are adiuluis- that he may perform the duties of his wis oi iter saeen Victoria ena Victoria and Tdward nav God "wild thelr vad Lwreavement, Tet ue nel ton wllis Honoue the Chief Justice sald: tele a frou the E
Lens SoShtog ii Bite sud | mote tha yeensd weereot ne Ps | wnat cation origi ouadieay ADI le and cubation | ce Cid thet Mayet | mg great be tsuons T Kony | Aten Outot Py
i i o ratky> o ,
Feng coring aluncs tag | ir earirat wurmrrest fe ucteeeanatgecdae gett gat n'a al tit | We uay ne ac het cat atari tata | leet er
gheet motives Jo the discharge e the Eapire and countless homes bring joy, that out of the lose, He | with our fellow men, so asto possess the words of the ?
his duties, and be felt the deceased Koyal Fanlly, especially Queen Alex- | S¥*" would et bring gain ‘ the unending and th word thie terrible blow that has aad
an now ibe Lows, tnourning the loss of brave sone or 7 is gaia. e a @ Uncreated peace | befallen us. Word showed the respect
Barer nape eadeanoured to do | andes (nor the Loeager Garena | Hikers Artes when al ooked glans ne oft odor Beeteo,"Amea | Relun, ax you" dave potsisd’oct | prousuig a cuighot
Nevertheless, we must bear In ming | thelr ead acd dark hour. iest the Lord Alu ghty wae Preparing HEV YATHER CANTWELL ov rag - ~ uot only, fo the British Lmpire, but n held Ic
thata King’ le not only a private And what of us? Ie there no Jesson | % Fee 0 ten ee a ewslog KING'S DEATH, ST PAUL'@ CHURCH, SAN FERNANDO, also to theuations of the world, Hef oan nation. The Fence 78
patvidual Sbut he’ ‘holds “ar pute | to Jearay Surely there ix It is Lite Edward | 1 eee dl cocn Mle wiedom, 1,00 Sunday moming at the Church'| The Kiog’s cath was alo « sub- | 7#slndted, as you said, a great King, bute, from vert
fe eition, and as such, fe responsible | that death ls no reepecter of persons, | PePset © peace af vocerying atten. Cf Notre Danede ion Secours, San | lect of commensat St Paul's Church rote in the true sense of ube | Worship very Per
for alt ble publlo acts, Of course, for |, 18 conclusion, the preacher eald ao | 28 syuipathy, Se oises atten: Fernando, addressing the congrege. [and Revd. G.¥, Dooly, Ia., touk {TOC “greater” He waa not foi | Dec loved as a the feat
wvery one uf those acta, the King, as | in heartangminddwelting continually | {a to bls duty gave pronilse of Bhat tion, the Parish Priest, Itev. Father | bis text from the ih chapter of | "40 but peace, and he will be koows | Felt that Ie was Or ke
Welle ai ofun woatd are ug sdor | wits tbe ttn and sired tort | Ue ste ng had anny etic Gamal teil My. ely "oloned | Heclrtrn Tuerys “Ten shall ie | Op eter aeryardy by the mame ai sieed Dic? Ohta
, 1» nbe Ty : rep, AC you are @ ust ret t h . * Peacemaker.”
doo ery one Stas pl power. above where Christ thé Lond Teigonas ‘The lesson thea for ts, my dears gram was receved Festenday montis spirit WAatl retwera untainted ine Journ, and ake . record on ike t ily on th Woark lm
fitUe Imperfections, and while ne | King of hings: and the tears of the | lirebren today, ia to look with cont | conveying the sad tidings Wo the loyal |.’ The Hey geotlemsn in dealing | miautes of the Court of the expression | sustained. 4a a, IME a 4
hope and trust and pray that our late | Mourner, the sad and the sorrowful, dence w the King ot Meee to send Yr | beople of thie- Island that King Ed. | with the sevond part of the text said ff | ufsorrow and condolence with King | fF bis memory be tee 7
. ithe Ereent Male * ake the pase ue polema {huught to have, yet there George, Queen Alexandra andthe rest | ‘Vorsbip to adjourn
‘e Dew wv
of him whose loss we inouro aod | ple, yet who cau realize their full | Hot waut to think of daly hae we do
farther, te show ou ives Morty of soeauing aud far teachin effect upon Jould be a change of the unpleavant
such ¢ e e civ wus aw t
andsuchas V, we trust, will be, Jy very acute staleot political way in thie rend and akees testing He
by piveng to all lawful aut bori wes for | Ay tie ceath of hie vevered auother ba | Our Caught that
God's sake our loyalty aud obedience, | wae prociaimed King on the Mtb of rt of serious
To Jqousry 10i under the title of Kd. Sata,
pert phe vil. nalvben be = lwoame : “ 5
glands Kiag. he wase man ripe In J took forward with watice. I a
years, still riper iu bis koowled end Christ ifwe are an ea veneowett deeply the jose "we havo sustained in
vast experience of men aud founae stum, the Rev gentlewan said that Wf the death of the King, and we ci
offaire. This is why the Kings, Kus. | wuet pray for lhe dead, but there was ouly hope that his suctessor will fol.
parers nod Healouman oft a cou: . Sime when ple wereratraid to peay tow tn bia footetepa and pursue the
eayor! nL, peace
Sirois pa arora ee | anata votre Tae




want VIL, te dead “Th
dead," these words are few Mand eat

of the Moyal Family and forward | {he cases on the list ta a
these expressisos to theun day, yorabip sald bo

MA, SUCTION BW N'Y TRIBUTE, Hie Worbip jee | A
ILis Honour Sz. Juste twaneald — {through a d vr did pak
( wish to meevciateytuyself,~aat think | 4iready and he

fam @ civil necessary to adjourn
1 & civil servant of the Songest Very “obo rly

King haa received from the all seeing J 40d the repentant, are wiped for ever
tai of Gods favourable Judguent, | aay.

in ourtcharity, we wust not for ~
yet to pray forhimiard doing | The Rev KH Kaatgate vcoupied
we shail do good for ourselves and for { the pulpit at All Salute Church at the
our soula, and so merit the reward of | 7 Pua service, and referred to the aad

lowe which (he word bad sustained in

harity, namely, a good and
happy ‘dea aud a beppr efernity. the death of our beloved King.

lie rel sie, but the service in the {
was where w bd in coluay, —witt
Whether tebe me pleas Peeiter H been sald by the "earned “Atbteoey

eof puulabwent, und we can | General aud my ounfier the Chief

a ry

During wattins at AB o'clock, Rev.
AW Tomson M.A. of Couva, ebo
wae (he preachér. asid that we being la
theo! uf yrest sorrow gad the

a ed A

TO WM. THE EArt sue ’

_ During High Maes on Sunday moins
ing leet at the Chugob of Bt. Matrck’s
Newtown, the Rev, Father G. \',

ter giving out Lhe usual wee!

notlows ab Sh iuattina, yits teu.
Archdeacon A, 2. Smith, Vicar Gea- Sutherland. (0 Pa Basin ee,

. addressing the cou elon said,
fhe lsad intelligence of tite tb of our alluding bo the of the King, | beud of God bay towbed us, he

beloved King Edward was flashed | spoke ne fullowe. —’ greatest inuy- | felt it would becume himww eome-
bat and that for many year be what frou Uke weusl worn:
across the wires on urday with rn 4 el me j ing aad oy oe ee ear but be

terrible suddenness, Agreat aud good | 2 ve. our Ke
wal Ings fo the King were there biruself, | pay-be
‘on tin x ree aaeeie i fowenat be would say to bim: “Just Rigg ce ail nations, It wase

Ou Menda

tly utyled Gums | Mi, SUCTICN BUMUKLL's ABeOCIATION, | Webers of the ;
ll aationg, “ouaeetor | ot OTe wary wiven fo Pray for the] lite llogoue Be Jusiice Teawoal eal; | whom Tile Worebip 31th.

King bas ' Pda nuupine hee etek a oat ee ren
great,’ world-wide ewpire ken | # “ ‘ ow egcyour dety f° ave | aad singular (act thet the Dot wk for money but | —! aseu late wyeell with wy learaed | N.J.0, took due
end or Sey Mon he: ie balov: ee uRahe Gas, bree mee ' eae abo tags Fey they supposed nations were one is rothe wuuls of aces a! la the expressions of [vo- ming
of the funeral it labia iatention to bak | loved Bovervign. | ile ever spuky 4 th wiiret ls ging to happen ow, bul | Om ward Vi ae y a ake, late we Lave ous si
ap wemorlal service Iu the Cetkadpt as! Word frem bis heart por ouuceived » he would agy tent bbe yet wo ve. 4 (Continued on Ps s 4]

: ie



& ) |

er es


Fitted with



Richly worket Cambric
Fmbroidered Flouncinga
from 12 ins. upwards—
18¢ to 300 per yard.


Port-of-Spain Gazette.




Published Dattr, Mondays a4 Pable Hol
daye excepted, at the O fice 94 St, Vioces

p Street, Port of Spasa,

Advertinmente of Births, Deaths, and

Marriages, acknowledgments and

eclumers (which must be aathenti-
ated by the hirnatare oo barged
respgnsl person) will ed

for a? a/6 each to be preprids

Casual Advertisements 01 every description:

=a 6d per week, ys 6d
might, sa. por moath pet lach—10 be

Wants, &c as 64 per week each, 10 be

P. T. Amparp,

oe A

Schoener & Co, |" 2h

Al Coeques sent to the office of this paper la | complained

2ouU QoA®’.



By Dryrot and Vermin as Woodlice, &c.





Morgan’s Lane, ‘Tooley St.




. es

Tho time kas gone by
when « voyago was an evout
in the family life Now-
a-daya almost gveryone
travels more or less, St
may bea trip of a few days;
or it may extend over adi,
year, Jn either caso a ;
trunk is necessary —vne
thut wil witbetand the
rough baudling to which it

te subjected, .
We keop caly such trunks asexporionca has shown us to ba

good, stroug and serviceablo, and our prices ure certunly the
lowest in town, We want you to oll and s20 for yoursiIt!

Cabin Trunks, 26 styles, Copper Bound,
Leather Straps extra strong $5,6,7 8, 9,to $14.40

Zine Trunks, 5 styles. syuaro tops, double
locks, 5.50, 6 dols , to 19 dollars,

Wardrobo Trunks -14,40. 16, 18.10 $24

--each complete, oe

Sult Casos-—sSi.c0to360, Packing
Trunks—v0e to 5 dollars,

[evouiss VARIETY. | | LOWEST paices.-|





2 A te lt nile a de Ml

High Water Morn

Sun sets ane 608 p.m
Moon sets 1 7.59 a.m.

PILCHERS Ltd., London, : Our bats King—Trabutea By



Payment of tills ahould be made payable
to The Port-of-Spasm Gesetie,

To CoxussronpDeNts,

We do not bold oursvres responsible for, a0f

do we necessarily endorse the oprolone
en our Correspondents la out
folomnee vf ietlers cast be accoa-
panied by the real sigoature of the wnier,
Got pecessanly for publication, but asa
guarantee of good faith, Rejected manu-
scripte Cannot be returned,

Advertising foale on Applloation.

Payitle is ddmnce—Pastaqersive
——— es
In Memoriam,

In loving memory of

Margaret ‘nee Leewan”

The beloved wife of tae
Mark W. Ashue of Carapichime
Who died at Port6f-Spain

May 10tb 1900

And the sound of @ voice that fe

Current Events,

Appeal Court 10.30 a.m.
‘Bate of Cigarettes at Colonial Ware-

SS_ Vrrginia leaves for St. Thomas
and Havre Maile close at 3 p.m,


24 Even 4.47 p.n.
soe Gal

the Churches, Leguslative
ant Courla;— Prince of
Wales Procaimed King
Feorge, V. 5 — Impresswe


Our Articles on—Zechnica

Eduestion; Friendly Socia-

tiss to Meet —4ddress of Con-

dolence ; The Price patd for| Mrs. Molt,
nurse, Mrs. Hewlett, Miss Robinson

Clifton Hvl Estate—Vulus
of Ow Bearing Properties,


Inonr Sunday's issud we inadver-
tently omitted to acknowledge Hazell's
Annual ae cur source for the bogre:
phical notes on Kin; eorge V., the
srier Prince of Wales. Trem angola [called at thie port for bunker coal
- copy of the Demerara Argosy we ob-

tained the other Interesting (nforma-
tion of his life.

Ia the Police Court repo
day Inst, ia the case of Bergeant Dash
v Reginald for the larceny of a ram
sheep, the owner of the animal was
Mrs. M. Ross and not &.C. oss, the
manager of the estateia question.


We are requested to etate that there
will be a general weetlog of the Phar
macy Cricket Club to-night at the
residence of the Vice- Presi
Frederick Street,
tolnded of itand asked to be prompt.

The itarvest Festival which was to
he held on Whit Monday in aid of the
St Ann's Catbolie Church is poetpon: | 0
ed on account of the lamented death
ofour beloved King, toa date which
will be published later on.

We beg tocall the attention of our
readers to the new, sdverusement
athese coluans tn whie! ‘jorissute state, the
ale ve Cantacty ue ie ce Florissute Estate, K; overumgat ie
eo,” rer oO! enry an rloes reona) is and chattels of
Bipeets is offfalng the pubbe great Wirected inal tants, which a pralese

advantages. Te

Teater part of the inmates harping
or Orange Grove Estate where


The matiare down for Leariug in the

Court ones have been
sah | M a week,



rts of Satur

ent, No, 30
Members are re-


of the of Spain ‘ Gazette .
urred on Saturday, . last,
The tdneral took plare onthe follow:
afterrivon frou her late residence
Yalnte-a-Prerre Road to the Church
of Notre Dame de Bon Secours and
was largely attended. The Re
Father Canfwell, officiated,

Weare requested to state that all
parades in connection with Ilead
quarter Companies, Trinidad Light
ofantey Volunteers, ordered for this

week, have been cancelled

Mr. W.S Harkins and the Lacie
Nola Opera Qompany who retently
completed a successful season
Demerara passed through thie ost

ytsterday ou board the D.

Suriname” on their way to New

UJockey Dickeon

who, itt will
remembered, piloted Saylor to ylevory

fo Demerara, was amongst

passspsene who left this port last night
or New York by the ss. * Suriname.

OV esterday ino’ ning seventy-two
e male Kast tndiate immilgrante,


Orange Grove Kstate, got beyond con-

trol, and left en ‘neqese to a their
i le the

rigvance before the Hon’

Protector of Immigrants at his resi-

dence at Tu They were met
tee toe Witson, who

hone, They refused to bear what the
nspector had to say, and Inalsted
upon scelngthe Protector, to whom,

on the way by Inepector
notified the "protector through

we understand, they afterwa

teqylily submitted.
Harbour and Murine Notes,

The Dutch Mail” Steamer * Boel-
naine,” 2,103 tonsa burthen, Captain
Egauond, arrived yeaterday from Par

ameribo after a runof thrirty
hours with cargo intrausit for
United States, — The steamer left

same evening for News York direct
with 1441 bage cocoa, 2272 packages

transbipment cargo, 223 dry bid

packages sundries and the followiog
passengers .—Mr, and Mrs, Monceaux,

ir. Cavanagh, Mr. Sherman de Witt,
Mr. T.H. L. Bridal, Mr. J. Dickson,
Mes. A. H, Jardine; Mr. A. UL, Mail-
lard, Mr. Oscar ,Caspary and Mr. E. O.

The D.MLS. “Marowljne” arri

esterday from New (York, with 150
s general car, orse, 3 mules,
“Oh, for the touch of a vanish’a] pulleand one panecnger =-Me. A. Balt
bosa, The atcamer held no communl-
cation with the shore and left the same
night for Paramaribo with part of fo

ward cargoy


The French mail steamer * Guade-
loupe,” 2,008 tons burtben, Captais
Le Blanc, arrived on Sunday from
Europe via Guade'oupe and Martinique

2 tons general cargo and
passengers - Mr. Larrony and eleven
deckers The steamer held no com-


rawaication with the shore and left

house by F, J. Seott & Son at 10 am. | game day for Venezuelan ports with

part of loward caigo, bhe took
passengers from this port.

The American tteamer “ Viking”
arrived yesterday from Guanoeco after
48.0.darun of 12 hours with Mr. oward

Tietjen and 9 steerage passengers,

The British eteamer “ Dunkeld,”

1,788 tons, Captain Waiowri

which brought a large cargo of coal

for Archer's depdt, steamed
of the harbour on Saturday ni
last «for Santlago where

willioad a cargo of sugar for tbe Uni-

ted States,

The Dapish steamer “St, Jan" 1,501

tons Captain Jogermann left on Sa

coaland 10 passeogers, For Lond
on Mrs. fay, 3 children

and Mrs. Taitt and child.

terday from Hlosario on the HK

in ballast consigne:
Grant & Co. ‘This steamer ia on

900 tons of which she took from

‘ Allonby.” bbe leaves today a!
receiving orders from ber owners,

mention of whch -vas made in

Alabama U.8.A. ‘bis steamer

The Orange Grove Barrack
Following the. valuation of

ment) G. Leown, Hutlder of
end F, Le

now awaiting the valuation o

tment Was perforwed oy dun

buildings bave alread.

the Heouny bas joeen for
erection a:

eost bwtueen £4,580 and £5.00),

uestlon as to what part of tha cost
veroment wiil r bas

Hes aod the (Government for

Seente will on im hore tbat | tess

dow. of the and the carry

of short rations and
clothing. .The Protector promised
them to enquire into the matter, and
requested them to return tothe estate

on with thelr work. They

day evening last for Europe via the
Northern Istands with 5,201 bags sugar
2U6 bags T’dad cocoa, 567 loge cedar,
117 bags Venez cocoa, 135} tons bunker

Mesers Furness, Witby & Com-
pany’s eteamsbip “ Potomac™ 2,955
tons, Captain Donnelly, arrivad yes

Plate aftera WOrAaRe ot Sighicen days
Messrs Gordon

homeward voyage to the States and

Trinidad Coahog Compsoys hulk

The British steamer * Marie Suzsone’
a sister ship of the * Marle Elsie”

vious fssueoftw, journal, arrived Jn
the harbour op Jundey morning after
& voyage of twelve dayefcom Sobile,

bound for Buenos A ith z
of lumber. She io Ta B00 tone
bunker coal from the hulk *Allonby
and left last night for ber destination,

range Grove Warrecka which

rformed on Thursday last “by
fessre, G, W. Moore, Diatsict officer
of Arima (representing the Govern:

Trinidad Sbipplog and Tiading Coy,
ine Propeletor “of Le

by Captalu E,W, Lack and Messrs,
The El Durado lealation Field was Paul a oweph and Itewkilawan, i
partly cleared on Balurday night last [soon as bhis latter is presented
burnlog of the dufected barracks will
beat ouce carrielout fu the mean-
they are Lelug cauiped under canvas, | time plaue and esiluetes for the new
protem, Cawp Master Paul Joseph,
who did aust efficient work as has
Leen testified by the medical author
ities, left, aluny with Special Constable | A more sauilary Jooality, south-eas
Lawhkilawan (aleo of the Immigration been
i } op Bunday and have been
feptaced by Hahainat All and bis soa
Ackbar Ali, os Oawp Master sod
Special constable ve
terday a further ou;
dw was sont up to Bi Dorad
the remaining * contate.

madly been prepared
and the materials elo, have been
ordensd lo proceed with at once.

the barracks which will

been atranged. There will bet
» for use of | conference between Lhe Estate authcn-

























t of




Retirementof Mr C 5 Cochrane |

‘AWe regret hating to obrunicle the
death St Marcellets,

mothertodaw of Mr. Peterson, Peltier
| Oftoe,

Coverqvesr ng the epprosthing te


OR, ALLO, Eogineer jo

tirement of Mr, Charles

charge of Surveys (who goes on leave
from to-day fora abort time durin
which big pension &6,, will bearfanged)
Me. Lf, Smart hae been appoia ta
act as Hing! Surveys.
Qn enquil
Office whether, as wae favourably
rumoured, the Crown Lands Depart
would be amalyamated wih
thatiof the tublic Workswe were told
that it would not be. We may mep-
tion, that with possibly afew excep
tions the entire budy of Sworn Sur-

ore were hopetul for such « change.
The present

neer in Gb: °

¥ at thé Colonial Heeretary's

rector of fublic Works

isin perfect touch and accord with
the Surveyors of the Uolooy and fa a
member ‘of their Ausociatfon, it
ls, all the same, hoped that It fs
pot wo Is
of this {mportant matter one that
would not only in many ways tend to

te for a reconsideration

greater efficiency (as we were made to
understand) but would aleo be an
economical move, # move that is so
desirable just now,

The following ia an account of Mr.
Cochrane's service as contained In the
Trinidad and Tobago Year Book +
21 Jan, 1870 becund Asst. Engineer,

1 July 187) Engineer in Charge of Sure
veys, Crown Lands Department
6 April 183-15. June 1503 Asistant
nrector of Public Works
16 Juoe 183—9) June 18 Director



ets here a
‘Lbe Se

moze batt!

thus far


cause of
Astor tha!
lative,’ H

er, Inve

ment of ni

tion in o
auw use

aruy and

‘1 do

until the

blon betw:
we can &

power to
*Tho ex

aud for t
the expen

Those tw


further than must men are willing to
go, but { du oot
tone way seg Why questions of

anal suppowd to by couposed of m

Of Louvre who uuderstaud questioue ‘ot
national huuvi, tu abide by their de-

Public Works.
1 Jan 1003—14 June 1903 Sub [ntendant,

To-day's Court List,

Jacob Samuel v Jug.oope,






ial Service Cable.)

(By pike W. 2. Co. tia Bermuda.)

Philadelphia April Sth.~A strong
navy as the best guarantee of peace
was advocated by distingulshed spesh-

t two sessions of the Navy

League of the United States.

cretary of the Navy Mr.

Meyer who was one of the principal
speakersat the diuner given by the
bociety declared that the money ex-
pended upen battleships sod cruuers
ad been an economic lost and pointed
to the great impetus given to the
steel industry in toe country by the
building of the
the earliest groyp of modern steel
battleships is called.
The secretary doclared that eight

“white” squadron as

Jeships, representing an ag:

gregate of £10,00,UN would have
prevented the Spanish-Awerican war,
which he said, cost the country
£101,100,000, in immediate outlay and

haa coat over £1,000,0.0 in

Pensions an amount which wil grow

ly av the years pase,

New York, March 22,—Lbe President
of the United States spoke in the

world-prace before sucha

brillant ayseitobiage at the ltotel

t he described it as * super-
a was Loe honoured guest at

# banquet of the Peace and Arbitra-
tion League aud the principal speaks

nttional peace was the key-

pote ofevery address, but no spenk-
ecadvocated the immediate disarima-

ations, Uno the other band,

all agreed tbat armies and navies
were necesaary uoti! a more utopian
universe shall have come about,
Ou this point President ‘Taft saids
use we are in favour of uni:
verual peace, and in favone of arbitra.

rder to secure it, we stand

together that we are not ig favour of
the couaotry giving up that which we

for the purpove of secucing

peace, towit Our armaments io our

our navy.
dous applause greeted the

declarations, snd be contioued.

not want to seem inconsie

tent in speaking so emphatically hee
in favour of peace by arbitration and
in using every effort that 1 can brivg
to bear ou Cungress to have two more
battleships thu year. 26m hupeful
that we may continue with that policy

Vanaua Canalis consuuct

ed, eo that then our naval force ebail
be doubled by teavon of the connec:

een the two coasts aod then
aud think wbetber we

wish to go further. Perhaps by that
tline there will be adopted a invaus
of reducing atwameot And when it
Oomen | auzaure we shall nut be the

Jateifere wilh thy geveral


pense of armament is work-

iog Wwward peace ‘Ibe expense of
war, | aun voriy to say, le having
greater weight io securing peace
than the ezpense of lives, A nation
does nut hygotly enter upua war bow,

wu fessonst ivi, because
eo le wu great tat it fs likely

lead Ler lo baussupicy even if she
wins sand, seound, Ubet if she dove but
wio the govesument, or dynasty, uo
whatever it inay be tbat fe ia cuutsul
Of the government, tw lkely to yu
down uuder the buuilistion of that
defeat at the hauds of her own People.

O things ais woikiug ju a
Wey towards peace.

*Pewoually [do uot ees any more
feaeon why inallers of nationas Buu oe
shoud nut bv retured Lu w cours of
arbitration any imury than iuetters uf

F iuatlery of nativnal pro
4 kouw that it ts going

Bub be subuitied to # ti-

OO, Be Well as Boy Ulber {question of


buttle of

earning Letweeu dations,
SS ae

a sufferer frown colle
achle s ‘Anti-odueunttive

byrup. aud leet ite quauties. It wall

aed for it, aud dows it Ubgruug bt

Le not


* BBY wulatitute far Ba klee
AG be thw Uvet, bavinng
ria Of yours. All Loe dice

MAY_10_ 1910


Black and N


B with aJl

RR er Mee MENI




At $216 por Dozen,

These socks are part ofa Manufacturers stock
Agents have procured forus, At to-day's incre
+ per dozer,

worth fully 1

Marine Square & Chacon St

is Com-


Rrimméd Ha


Dont got left but call



in the West


John Hoadley &

reel. 5 4







000.3 0000-0000000000664 20000000 900000000000 ;





BOO 0000 0000400008000 88 888



FROM 200 TO 72 JEN} Pat YAR

000000000000000009000000 0000 00000000:






FROM 33.00 TO 6,00 EAGH

Qurillinersand Uur Miner Sepa



36c to 60 Conte.



State emt ad ane ie

—e err wage

\ \

Fablic acclamation !' Son Insrrancé Oficey FOR SALE. REVOLVER ‘STOUT’ RMSE aa

~~ ILE attractive facally residence No, 140
CLAMIENS * PROCLAIMED| === ettemsecs7ee. | Tecra ten atee | aa) GHIPAI

IRE On, The Bun Insurance | gatioties, bathroom, atabling, gerdeo and ER gS it 8 HIP MENT |« raf ttt Salinge ®

Calcutta to Trinidad,

: > € Ofice fa the oldest Fire | ail roodern conren{soces In a very coot “TAGUS wf

GAMES NouRaK LINE.) THE ONLY yt "3 Tomaraore Gompacy 1a bealtby position. Price very reasonable, oY pAcH vu =a

. —— . =

be’ HE . undernoted Steamers will. sail from Calcutta Expert. Cleaner, . dnainns Live oc Dro _ Clasg ste ' =5

| uring the coming season :— . ¥ ‘ ege b s Sager ew Steamer

a od Cooce. Kataten, oy

k ail Leave on or abovt Due te ari ’ Dyer & Hatter 7, _Baildiogs tod Mochinr FOR SALE. a
ats Pio mM ts rake hee ih Roveaber, WEST INDIES. O we Krchowes, Shon # pur well known Coros Estate “BAN Soll by every beater shrosgaca) ~s
BS “MUTLAII? "roth December “7.19. Ju Ary HE CHART RXUIBITION barprovel | gas Rater heir compen 08 Cary 1. JOSE De TUMBASSUNs Dante co woe Colony “= = “m a

BS {BUTLEJ® “ Zlet Decemb-r —... auth Jan ary. bayend any diate (ha CLAMENS | “Wiity pery cane of Rates for ecnaney | [vice 72 were wiih We) ee ele WARBANTED. we AQUB® ~y
FS freight smorn be idole veprly = tt Mar p “we @Niy eee WORK ie abore Residences tos 16 with dwelling telow: 1 Cocoa f ‘. . nee a a 7

erte of the world, a fe ‘ 3 . ew
For freight rates and other patticulars apply to Pome nica and’ bas amared. those who wie Glase Wledowe | lonared. ‘reoved for | Bos 224 12 Ubetvack 90 x 22, PURZ) i ewome AGDALENA®


000 fall bearing Cuftce trece, 1 AND Xuwiggormting


: case of fire,

| ‘The Trinidad Shipping & Trading Co,, Ltd,, | Seireiieersts sae NERDICT | spoariag Indcmntty for vhe love of

atlia acclamation was general, om —
) P colamation was generale Lowes by Lightaing are made good by the |r, rce'stable, Crop for 1900 130 sage. Appreciated by all classes, from The RMS. ** Atrete®
& wonta, Portof-Spain Gasetias “Me. Js 3+] Yooome tm 1007, senencesmventf1, 638,40 —AL0— highest tothe Mader ey wil
Clameos, of Dyeing notoriety, aloo ex- |} Total Panda Zicb Doc. i007 2,764,234,
hibited the tltues aad excetlence of TELEPHONE No 1


eights of Arima, containing 26 acres, all
ented with 7,000 foll bearing trees,

atD and 4 ox. QUABTS, each.

» ATHODK OUR THEVRY DIGK—A Man you Know,| xterm sm oye | ti Ream rerausteepe Sete at
ne |

bibdited a comprehensive stock of goods, Bab Agena Sen Fernecdo-Ls

and fadeed, be furnished an exemple of . -
MAG INE. a, Ghurlotte Street. neorl: every Irench’ of the aut be W. Bonyua & Oo.—March Dib

. Oaeceatracbon ~—
ee practhoes oo completely.” Two Cocoa Houses,
Lock Btltch“and ns ‘Avout 6,000 G fee trees, Every bottle nas cork
Chain Stitch. f- The who's Show con now be sean NOTICE. Crop for 1909 60 bags, ° b nded
: ' atthe Triuidad Dye Works, Corser —- Both the properties are la very ord ra 4
That's what no oiber Dake snd George Stioes, uatil LX vietve of an agreement which his ft order, Pardol purchaee movey may re
can do, ew Wednesday, 27 b,at 10 pm. Come been entered into between the Govern: | mein on murtg'ge it desired, AND CAPSULE RMDUSSED.:
beobtering, be m-7 all atoaee 1 see for yuartelf aod be | meat of thie Colooy aod myrelt for the term For far her particalers apply to .
& continced. Old Salts, Dresses and } of fre yeare from date histeof, regardiog | . Bee that ot the > enuine drttole
A Doleelon Hate made Jike new, ~ | tbe cuuung and acliog of mangrove w CIPRIANO RIVAS RODRIGUEZ, you ge genau
machine witha: the Cuaront ewamp, I give public . 140, Heary Street,



Chaton Bt-—Televhone 190,

abutsle. ” A 10 yea
written gaarenies by
the macufdctarer
withesch. Usnany
goer fo, be macht
tandard Hotory
Machine is covoea
od amosg Sewing
Machines goen the

85 Namplan Shoton paties that any of pereons found

Dyed In over O.¢ Handred Ooh cuctiog, removlog, or selling mng-ore
i ee ene wood From the Ch orementioned aeawp

en ein
withoat a © license will ba yroseca-
A Comfortable, Refined | icisricrgem terre it oe
ses are procurable evary de
. HOME. (Sondaya exceptet) betweaa the, rec For Saic.
— of twoanl four v'cwek pion the lauds —_——
OUFERED in the Country sear London | adjoining the Vetrvleam Warehouse, abour 15 weres of tand at Longdenville

Orta C.J. RIVAS, Ban Jord Entate,
Tambasson, Caars,
April 14m, 1910

——— te


‘world over as beln, by fenced lady t ind + | South Qu ich ‘amber of fal Pam ~ THE~ oe
equelied by nous, tally Serever and Byeerieal ladiee or] A MATHISON am, | Radler tees, will be'vold now ab abhe [| . OF FIRST ChAge’y,
reteset pad foe soven days you are disastlaied retarn it aod your money will be satldren, piad wt pervision, Braclag | Port of-Spain April 25 19:0~toa2ath, wate ts Ou having left the Keaatit yy Trinidad Eleciric Go : RETURN FARE FROM TX
Q 5.00 ~$5.U0 down end $2.00 per month, a0 ‘ See ' BOUTILAMPION
Beas ball beni > Apply t b for Export. Purchaser will take . .
Deoake thread whe,7bh Glted with, pdjnetable cone acrewstotekdup weare Does not - Muss J. Mt, DEARLOVE, . ih Srebe of tiie order, ‘This property -cleraited, rit Raters Ton :
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WHAT OTHER MACHINE CAN DO AS NUCH? Or the Office of this paper, . —_—o-—— * ' M. naWeL BMITH (Jor). oo 7 00. . portion sith the G -_
Hib Apil~1m, Are eae Auctioneers, Valucts, Eilate Agente) iy Queen Btrees, Soheltor USE, UBE, USE, lowing dates cine "
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‘ RUBBER HOSF whe are on the tracks for Oil! wwelephome ale, Auction Sale. Bre Professor Cormodye fnalyels, Sat Get ‘
Qu. ar will do well to ccnsalt _—— 14h Noreaber 9
STAM PS y —AT— Sample of Ice—-Recelved from the Manage: 28h N
AT ‘ J. iM RANDRADE, t (OR SALE Pain Pastore Fiche Sane COLONIAL WAREHOUSE, ‘the Trioidad Mlectrio Coy. Lid. orf Thess Tike olen pp”
Renmmommbr@ |! 01 31) sizes and descriptiont arenow manufectared f+ Bene bot 60 neres, contaioiag 12,000 fall tears —ON— fie 1910, Thesariple cone of the Consoany ss ma
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ATRL we 77, Queen Btrect, Ye Apaxson Painreate, Rubber, Rubber, Rubber, serenade ete room, © bedrooms, NDER (ostecotions Teeelved the an- Free Atomonia “3, 20012 ao ae Qilober 1910 vd
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== to 1,000 acree, Land ] nioutisfrow San Jasa Railway Sistion- dersigoed wul offce for sale in bond, ficugen aeNitretene 0016 ‘win 21st December

“ELLEPHANT’ BRAND The above analytical reeults “naicabes | ,Pemengere are reqa

WA NTE D AT oO N CE, Aledipatle tor Ro ber. Low price. Apily totha Agente, Ward

. M. DANDRADE Vrice & Co, 55, Matlze Square, Fart-of that the Ice Is almost free from impurities, she period for bch Ubeee "
No $4 St. Visceat Street, Spaia 5/0 Te = that it hue been cerefully maautnctared | 9° cetentiggt under ony
Opposite General Post Odice. Prok SALE— Wih Eariy Possession — Cc q sa rettes and that ateam is the form of water fron: Parswugela are .
aT ae The attractive esidence kiown * which It bas teen prepared. beit terthe for the retmes fabl
THE LRINIDAD a: No. I Staonioe Avenue, St Clair] One Case contaloiug 50,000 ia eactoora led] PF. Canuonr, diately upon thele artivel be lie
with two {teeptiva roots, 4 bed- | of 10 taco LEAT Jo Aa Government Analyst, FO yor’ alt further is
= 700.08, bs! end every trodern ounrvenience, . adds .
° APPLY TO Musical * - Hall. stabliog fur two novaees large carriage — — the Company's office,
é a house, gardes, ne healtby praitioa, Low | car Ternte:—CASH on Delivery}

price. For order to view, apply to ibe
sgents,—WAKD PRICE & CO., 55 Ma-
roe bqaare, Port of-Ypsic,— 5/J/—Iw,

Go Aucts roe,
lath St, Viccent Stree,
Sth Mey, 1910. 2

‘ . 25 Tragarete Road e Bess ta foform bia friends sad patrone
° that he iv to secetpt of the faaious

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Keys Frute, Clarionet Reeds, New

Property for Sale | —— fet


WIER4 will be received by the under. | WE VENDE ¢ elqulle lot
O sigaed up to the Sub s,! 1910, fur S altuedaea Heuy em
a Hounaeituated on ball an acre of land, the § '020 No. 517—Durigeas d
propertyof Mr Lf, C, Morcoa: who bas left | 400


Lectures on Internit Combustion

* . v. NES — FTavVnzH aud AGUEI the colony. Thie propsrty is witbla eight ee 7g
It you contemplave being engaged, or if you kuow anybody aco Ns Hag ANDOLINES — prices hile . Anginea, alka ex. walk cf tue Hallway Station, wf aL oF ;
who is op od, ‘ou should not torzet aantity of ALBUMS AND SHEET And'‘other Eilious, command a wegolficeat view of the sure fo 204) eury J
gon 8 iUel, , OET tr AT COURSE OF TEN LECTURES on | [004g Sountry And overlooks the St. Pict fet Pie eae ie
: ose U7 \. ‘ne ase conta! foun - a
£9. EPEC ESL EO SS, 2, PRSERIOE StRRBT] 2% Neri. — fateruat Combaition Bnginen thei | ioe Piap gan Dials Retin aed opt
RAWLINS DRUG STORE upkeep, rupning and overh.ul by Mr,
TRICE, . $2 &OEC Ire lor] incus will be given at the Loautate at
sutticest atudears enrult. ‘fhe ¢ urre
wilt inctade Piactiosl Osnsuystrations,
Those desirous of joioing are favited to
givethe names to the Assistant Seore
tay a0 the Icetuce pot jater than 7b
May, Fee~Qve Dviler per course,

sycopsie of Lectures wad farther loforma-
tlon caa be had on application at the

Jmth, Kober

= Sm OR '
100 Barre'e CEMENT —" iii

26 Pune Ford & C
Picked TEMPE.

DENTISTRY. | epis(Gara

Or, dJ, Baloh Garrington, | 3%, Son

twa Bdroome with Dreasiog Rooms, front
Gallery, Bathroom with water laid on
Servancy Koome wie ueaal out ofhoes,
or further iculary apply to

Govt, Farm, ,
ard May, 19:0, Cina


IE gubie isbereby notified that we
hive this day purchased from Mr Lea
Seng the basioees carried co by him at
Rock River. Monae.

& bh May '10—Iw,

on't orde. from a catalogue watch shows a picture of a Diamond the a
tize of a locomotive flash ight and only get a more little twinkle, I
Money refunded if quality is not as guarantood.



Jas. Youna Uarrer
Ans thoiw Agent

Fred dno, Scott & Son .
BECAYSE bo owns Properties biosell,

Aanate | aud this proviies Goat elemen WIFE NOTICE.
Atlas lusurante Company Limited, woourlt ere Tate ekael . O

BECAUGE sll moneys cullected are daily | THE sudtic te hereby nolifiel that

Use Aladdin Security Oil

‘ In your lamps, an oil that 1s famous for its suporior Now wd to + Rak lodged ia the Union Bank of Lielifas | © wii pot hold myesif respocsible for Graduate College of Deatal Sur- 24 Bags FINE SALT fo
quality, It is wator white in colour and gives a agelaes Fire tevult tog trow Each any debta contracted by Dy WUS ANTONIA oD Shara Pea Become STh new aoe

BEOAUSE ell monthly settlements are

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' beautiful whits light, i, will not crust the wick. quake, Riot sod Civili Commotion MARGANO, Bhe not be tioen (ULPHURIO ACLU ia on
i told in cases and wood and sto barrels, Maring {Ingurancs Compan | Promptly. made by cheque upon the | frum ag ARCANO, | OmTNo, éSackville Street opposlte GAUTIER'S BRANDY @
pany Camute, Police Headqaarters Uskdale No. 1 Oleo
—— Ome BECAUSE Harper's pysten of getiiog jamuto, Su r " q
MOTOR GASOLENE || | sOvtRWWENT AUCTIONEERS, | cotTt'st tty Soite‘toe'te “UN VIE SUC ESe Game

oae for bim to-day, andeoe Low be 3f, RAPHAEL WINS Ss,


OR SALE.—Iiouse known as No. f > Lbacce Sizest,
EE srthig Road, Belmont, contain: Bib _Jeayn 10H
{og threa, Bedrooms, Drawing Hoom,

geta ebout
BECAUSE bie references are of tho best,

Ma He your Agent If wal Aud him at NA TVNONA L
* eae? 7-Doy ont | ASSUFANce Company

secure Ata serv

Munufactured especially for usa in Automobiles,
Napbtba Launchos aud Gasolone Fng noe

Rayo Lampsand Porfcction
luo Flarno Oll Stoves,
Jf not tuund at your dealora, call or writo


Establiatiod 1&6E.
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Hy Uoyel Warrsnt to H OM, Kieg
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Guaranteed. by the Yorkshire Fir | orden suneble tore Pre eionat Rood

. > omer ° rder, suitable fora Professional Nan.
Ofice; 2°Et. Vincent Street, Tolephone 631, All Lettera be addremed to the firm | @188 RISKS on all kinds of Pro ; orden ‘Apply to .
“THE COMMERCIAL SALE pertiee accepted by and Life Ineurance Coy POND. Puree
- ROOME. 168 Vincant Street established 152 4, Warden's Office City

The North British & Mercantile

established 12900

Total Funds at Stst Deosmber,
908... 2109+ sesnevhl9,121,310 0 0
Total tevenue for year 1908



anus =e FOR SALE. GHEAP,

(Over) oon see 1,600,000
Head Udee:—York, Kealand. | Qldymcbile Motor Car.

OW prepared to accept Ri, MITITED with Sh U.P. singles eyhndes
equa Fire ronuliieg from yak : engine, 2 epeeda forward, acd tes
qurke, Riot and Civil Commotion, verse, 6 eeated lody apboletercd in jeather

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50 per cont off couatry rks octupled piped s z zh Puccuanio ees A





the Tonio Food Fomody for Ner-
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Ewioe 61.a6, °


i ‘.—TO-


27 Ewoedewriolk St. Sole Ageste dur Fir Department.
ta Triunteds

gitnined “ca mae praagon ck Pops | ED8 Teinsdad Sipping & Trading

Kis PONE 9 Nov, ¢. 41900.

TICE py £4,261,436 10 10 | by retsdences only. 0
OUR LAST ADVERTISEMENT FoR DENTISTRY The strong potion ald by the Conny y rendences only. i Bcorr, r egy Naw. Anite 1 wheels, in good (Sionen). ‘g
= Dr. H. W. LYNOUL, | meat, shoata appeal to a those who WMIIGKN= IOO Dole .
deurs Safe Loeurance, . sf Pr further particulars, apply to d i
(Weld Meda and Demonstrator of FOR SALE CROANEY
a Meharry Destel College, U S.A.) .

ATass fesse da easary No us. |- April 23:b—20,

Parochial Fair,

and Ith May, iviv, sin
Taallofthe Chareh and School FPunde,
Btall Z0lderms: 24, Frederick
Baxausast—Mre LD, Gervais goe Mrs, May Sih—lm.
a Paopuia—G. Bastion, P, Mojing oad G. aba Loar nie Oe

+ FanroMee & Mopas'
4 ice Coxaus—Mn Week tess “

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2st April 10,


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& two olorey Luldlog theeroo,
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Vor far.her prteutar
Pine. ebettkn,

U8, 6 Visoost Sireet, Bulieter,
borvolsipats, 4Â¥a Stay, 1910)

MARINE INSURANCE effecved on Cargo

NOTICE. Bpecle, (Gold ree ee and Negiutecedt
[ieieiet ais tet) | THE OCEAN
Weed gt Mee Repheal athe Went of MARINE INSURANCE CO, LID

Piagieq, my tive aod “|

Hie AL ww om £100,000
TUMIBIO a ROJAB, ' heseRy i . be

The ‘Urinidad Shipping and Trading Co,, Dimtd, rare sagee< eh oom AU
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Proves thero are still some who do not knowits value. Are of them! If so -


Writo for Partigulars to

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BOAT. Ih lathes yy CARBOLIC

aldp, por lurgra Rape,