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Port of Spain Gazette
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.«rng ,.OBX Qg'BPAIK 8MM 80NPAY DECEMBER 80 1S0B..

rery Dept. Crammed fall with New Goods,
The Best Values in the West Indies.
¡Imas Trade.
reh. Sparkling Wine,
Above boil!
Km Trinidad Shij
Above btiing offered Cheap.
F. A.
. lor G.3'1
s..*. x~zzs£ \rtv,~:.. ssaís v¿-'írfi¿i;
:skíSi-í.í '

Just, in Time iSS
too. i Atim & oo.
Stylish Goods
lavidson & Todd
Curtain Hooks I Curtain Kings
Picture Hooks | Fioturo Ri
^apaxLese , Enamel,
ALL tltiiSH GOODsj'.AT-
i‘Th% Arcade."

. J
[mas Presents, Toys and Groceries
K t¿i a,nti.rc; SÚTTER :
Xmas Supplies ?
A íat T arkey w Ciiiksa.
BAMS,- -Choice Irish in Casks
Bndlesi-X) >««• «i 1!.
Rats -;,<■> n«.. wb,lc n,nd,
Soaps, u c (^ ’*
Liqueur • 1Vhisky
CtM "T-7
■¿Zr\ Z~Z0'Z
Xmas Hampers.
ici:tl-S'!u6:¡ l<
dao c ¿ .Mri U u £ S 0II t' Worr Inc.
fcllRim IÍRANT .V CD.
»1 W. (pñlülNO
^ 04 Marlnot^auaro.
» ofUitV'á" tertian
ipc'il AlltrtioD Is UaUed )o|
5Q7JMS .. .a
£js’ Own Annual..
Sirica Own Annual...
[battebo,.. ...
Little Folks
Post Cards.
IN r.urvr variety.
f- --Ü-

4ZSOSÍÚ». ■;«“
w. *J!
S','"’1 r"'“ “ **■»> -
Friday, 1st Jany., 1309.
San Fernando Regatta]
; :¡
Toys, Toys, Toys,
If You ape in Doubt
Our Silver Goods
Tie Low Prices and Uptodate Slock Make them sb!1 Fast.
•Otto and ‘Strohmongoi1 Pianos,
l-FitMK» m*ytt

«11H IRCJ and CO, Tho

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G ‘ \ . . 4
: : , — ft MOCNTED SPORTS AT 8T, | temptations of the wicked” The coon: ee

—mcemecerentet creeds tonnes ees . AUGUSTINE i .
. quences of immorality did not only reet © :
/ er : — with the peraga who committed it, but ft TH \
s.. In beilltehs weather the porta snnoanced | was alo haoded dewo tp toany genera- a
] to be held*by “B,” Tacarigus Troepof | Sooe. He urged that men who did not \
‘ ure Light Horsey cone on with signal | lead tcoral and wholesome lives ahonld
noosa on the BtAga tive davaanah yes | not be toleyated fa good cobpany + that

terday sftarnnoe,, jis Excellency tha! would {on a‘ler are, tend to tel

° FOR TEE one Cradre hee an Se tee eae their Hees. ‘Me-Taieg cout deh open
arg bai are a war ier, Re fOut, of frag "tray hoke

books that won) tend ta stteagthen

thea fotellectaally, aod thereby reform

anor, and (bere wan ev tredence, « large and
Sppreciable assemblage from the serroand- .
4 4 ing dis' rite, Voder cbe brtoe of Dandmas. 2 " ,
: ter Rijiot, the fail complement of the Con. | tbeit character, maeklog them pure
* a abelsry Band rendered, with masiralebil! | Minded, It was leopossible ta be pure- 2%
a and teats, a programme of lively aad | muoded ac true Christiane if their hearts ;
1 |
. ‘ b. e


reuters. a tbe trent oft selceting wr riety black with sin, i was pot
Roe ont non ebmrsiasion: Suiicieot fop-them. to content themaelres
fe PO anon oftiver or trooper, the jadges bed a vory | with imply going to chareh and cothiog

: dsfBoult task,jend’ it iderasi i ° :
CASES PRUNES—25—5-LBS. TINS, ° Jase before’ Corpora i dobuaton wes | all la thet mses te pene a ane : i
: : 56-—1-LB, BOTTLES, arbi’ out ae the fit of two winner | terible scourge tbat waa in that midet, 1S ouse ~ ‘ann
BOXES RAISINS—5LBY. FACIL Daly won cacy The evane ie seatseary { 18 coelasion, “Mr. Lalag expressed tbe
7 a ‘ ly won oaeiiy The event for indisidas] Pe
oneke IAMS — PIO-NIO, teat cpgto se led forth powers of borre. mie aihst 4 See re nie be had
UNF ECTIONERY—70 BOTTS EACH. tmathip and dexterity, for the trooper or a) ac fait amo em.
BAG NO. 1 SUGAR, willeat fal guloe, neg aerate dere | bere atthe Gankh tactad gre Toten ie FOR THE GAY
Boxes ne ree BUGAR . in fie, szoand, jaa 1, the bet oat his adress, Hie (the rpeaker) deplored .
we Joe . ut Jetting al 6 performance 6 fact thas t at evil was practi “A Oo
GIN noe DAWSON Suge Wee not an orey one, and the okcoene of the | to aome extent bp communicate of ¢ ° Ss E Ss N ?
- Ne KEY ALOLUS win vers asa A the. more plorioas Alor chareb, If men bad more veneration ‘
—_ me . " ce came the oo lor w hi id :
© oOo pda” DP eyacs, 2" aa] > [Powe compettdon’ Aiibough the execu: Heresy ey pomg toe mare no mn f rit one remind you of the things
. BRANDY={HEN NR3SY'S 1Sran& 88 diffieat Me needed grote | hearers todo their best to reform their you have forgotten, Xou can't possibly pbin
Do DUSdRS rT TAR arm, ait, que’ antes Many eect lives and thelr mode of living. rf overy item thet mt need eekne same time,
" ‘ , wore iter faled keall the pui . ae un your eyes ovor tho list of things you havo
> VARYOUTY GN Ge PRATS CRISTAL | [ofaraivesat stints ay tas | World's Output of Tobacco, decided to purchoso this Xmas, acai soo if poy
. " , inveratina the Wanacy aed seg MAE] the stathetcal Fetaroe of the Unites havo A STYLISH BLOUSE awonng them,
| or Sal o By ~ atforded mach amasemsns, The contents States Departmeot of Agricaltore place Tf pot we wy be ploasod to number you among
. snts started on horrebsck frum a piven ie marie tabacco trop ter 1908 at 2 201, the ladies of taste who have alrealy pur-
, ~ - polot jto another point where jadiea : this emonne 690,429,000 Ib. hased th
5 . . were ‘ia waiting» with wh or 31 4 percent, of tha who'e, were pro chasod theirs,
role ont oa bine qhinky, and daced la the United Ktates itecl!, Britieli ee
; I ly e iat, they dismounted and elise Iadié comes second on the lias of tabaceo- .
; Ve . Me, inking the be ERG, remouated | fFOdaCieR, constrea, the output tn 1006 Morccrisod Blousos.
and made for t! winding pole. Some b rodaced toba, th > +
DON T FONGET YOUR ANIMALS —TREAT THEM TO | | Eriwiema nth stacked he punt cite: | Eetapeus vst. bat the Ruwtay ‘roe ora Ton trehmad with Lace Apstiquee
. fresbmeat, Le could not get to bie lady ab 000 Ibe f 1906, with th a 1" to 162,020,- .
2 . 4 °
NIOLASSINE ! fret jump, and wes the delayed for some | Iatter seer, Autiis Hongery ‘heater tee Chitffonctto Blousos.,
tore rede to vietory. ‘The tent pegelog { Earepead lint with an ontput of 167,232,- Made from White and Coloured Fabrica, nice!
i with Lane Kidte the tent periioe | 00010,At least 100,000,000 1b, were Produe leated—fi ha eeate,
. mii sworees More eceuracy of aie ‘wae, | 2 {oda bey. id,the Gereran crop OF 1906 Disab yefOmM ee re ae ne Bont,
4 wast af
—————— — SS es dem tiie’ ip this erent than ji the other ae France, doar, and Beigant In Sout Silk Blouses.
} Boiesere in this sofnection, la worthy of eet eo of todroco are Lat i
1 4 walls , han belf of eat Woegns—all shuden--atylishly made, Lac
FTHE MOST. COMP SParinadaarsamnuse Tues [iow hate im oth ae | | Ulam stimu wth vand bas tee oe
e Bad eo jame Unig at wanoun dua | Reteyarre rt wo8 ts Ae | Muslin Blouses. .
is " . nq cleer a sol BE UE eat: i
a” , ° trench of water There ws a, toatie (ry with a viel of 11,688,000 1b. Alvaye lich end plweye in the Fashioo, thess Whlta Blouses are much sought after Trinme! with
i a which caused some troab’ UGC papeeneeeten aipure Lace an sques ? a “ wes ove woe BR,
FE ASSORTMENT OF jethepostty of tg ove tthe tie COLLEGE COUNCIL. Not Blouses, eee mo
1 oe, 28 consequence not a ai was able —_— es . or
6 . Tin etons Aga dot oat pare | held in ‘tke Cnet Guetbar qeeday Made to keep you cool—trimmel with Lace and Coloured Sik Ribbooe--Whutg Net Chie and Tidy
5 . + | for the ecalla; the other t mo: » the: 4 . oe oe
, larrierd were kocked om by fey the Hoa. . lovers ¢ at Gite Sh iret Blousos,
almostevery ciupetitor, and mary a @ chair), Hoo . Bushe, Astio Ao You'll find thess in ler f. sh. 8 4 gt
| ch saed there b iad ary, How. Edgar Agostint K.C popaler favour everywhere. Shirt Style—nice Cuffe~detachab’s Collars, ‘Good
ah snotter a ats eee The action “ar. wae Attorney Gace nee agreed quality weariog Material. Ic various shades —all sizea—gond valus—at.. .- ae oe $1.20,
4 the only event absndoved, The shades} KC, Actiug Solicitor Geyeral, Mr 11, IL
. of evening had already gathered over the Havenck, Acting Privcipat of Queen's
; field when sectional vent pegeioe was | Royal College, Very Revd. Father Neville, CET YOUR WE HAY
fr —FOR THIS cemmenced ; and the obstece race which } Principal of St Mary's College, Kev. Dr, t

followed was conteated when it wae duxk, | Morton, DrS M Laurence, Mr A EClar.
aod thereforelost macboftheintecest which [ ence Coss, Mr VX de Verteul, aod Mr
would otherwine have beenvevohed thereby | b W L sich, (Sactetary),
‘Ebe courts was theaameas that of* the The minuten’ of the last meeting were
mountet jumping competion, the differ. | coflinrmid as previous)y circatated,
ence being that the rage wasrut on foot, [ PHYSICAL EULCATION aT QR. COLLEGE
And thas was brooght to a close, an event Mr Hancock moved the fo lowing amend-
of sport which afforded wach entercuin. | ments tothe rules governing ths Queen's
mentto all who witnessed it, and Regal College ; =
towards the success of which the several ple 6. “1bat the amoant of terl-pinat
ethetals sad committees worked so eolba-
Under euch
success was
atigoa troop of
Light Horse has scored yet enotbe.
pointin the watter of social functions
io which it . hes becomes adept,
Before the conclusion of the eveata,
His Execilency on the invstetion of Mr
T ft Warner, the Vice Prosdent. distribu- { of the subject, s0 thet he tuight put tor-
ed the prizes ri nly woo by raembers of | ward hiv views thereon, tut as Mr Darslem
of the Trinkiad ifla Asecctauon After f was returning next month, very probably
making thedistribntion, His Excel eacy | the matter would be adjourned pu thet an
altoded tojite Progre suf the corps, and | opporiavity might te afforded of Fealug
the me bods faitlated for improving ite what he ald avalero) bed to ray. His
macdard of shosting. a sports wound | reason for bringing forward the matter wan td th _
up wiih a coucert and dance, given by tha f thie When ke heard there was to be a} £20 which would meet the necessary x- . F : .
t oop at Light Horee 1a shen evening at {revision of theorders androtes, he was | Foosestor the preent As to how is Condensed Milko4Mitmaid and


food willes Wilson Ltd =

at Harrisons College lea be Although
wae au ei a a ie
rT oe Pred, poore!



are : 3


fers ba altered from 15 dola, to $18 50,
and from 30 dola. for a second member
of a femlly to $10.25, The extra pay-
ments lo paid over st the end of
tach term by the Rereiver General to
the Principa of the Collegs for the
upkeep of Athletics aod Physi al

Tle sid all be asked for vas, & dis‘uaior

country thea Tri the boys lo the

former plece pald 24 dollars per {erm in-
utead oe 15 dollaraas in Trinidad, and the
bead master of tha Lodge School told him
that vot a siogle parent ever chjerted to .

pay it. bot 1o the contrary they thonghe it

a very convenient nt ne had asked 5 !
ood than rects focal acd none o

tem made ibe least objection, eave Lode. | EX

talls—wbich alter all ue, onelt *

moattor, a bad put the ona) term. Sere

ioat fee at fifty chats for the .teseon that Recent A rrivals

taking the average of the Collere forthe

part year, it would give something over



= “Riverside,” Tacarlyas, kicdly alowed by | then atraggling with the Gnances of the | should be pald, the Colonial Secretary bad Nestle's 1b aud jib, °.
ry ‘ Me 1 Bo tds Lamutre' forthe par 2 Queen's Horel Cattegs nnd the Sporte Clan | reid 6 gould not be donein the way rug ‘Giltoys Port, ane itt aod Old
Throogh (hedeindess of tha General Mave? J ord theides atrack bim chat be might | gested p the met re did not ‘dom Gin’ . .
: get of tbe Railway Lepartment, 3fr HK | tring forward something of the kind, His The Co Mh romathine ns is bec ra in
Blerwood. tue ‘ o8 were rua ‘3. eat the tation wae e Lentative one bs did bos thet ine id something more woo! ave Stratbaill Whisxy. 4
ose atterding the epo ts, | want en amonat te ve and ¢! he . ¥. s
F pod aepectal train at wight Sonveyed to | told thatatbe. way be roposed to have it |, Blt Hancock : Beg Igoorant of these Colman's Blug and Starch, : -
pe P things, it arems to me thet your explene- Keen's Oxford slua, +
er. and fron: Tacerigua, the invitees to the | peid weald pot work, It wae only the shy h gacdent 7 if th e t
. concert and dance, pfiaeinle he would like to Jey before the Hoe ee pore nae Lenton. wit th ates ° Camel Blue. "
= Have just received the following Lines . olppended are the resalts of the | Henacll wate et eee ad esasey leometting to tmalch it on the pext ‘ Frices Candles-all sixes, °
oe” Laat ToRNED Out N CO. of Troopek— | the services of a diill inateuctor so thes tewahter ) n kel why th od ex Uurned and Roast Roof ‘:
“a Open toT L Ef ‘ drill ehoatd form part of the obligatory tn ' td ency er 6 woy telastecd { j Black Pepper and Spico a
t § SON Corporwl D. Joknewn Ist, Trooper Hf G, | school course, Thioke tothe sappart of shy lonld pay «wenty five ceate in ° Butter V.a. ex Cold Stor 2)
Wi: 3 | Harrigan 2od Hie Excellevey and the Council's, approval | Sfly ceote, hed thvt that Fronch Weappieg P. d
. lo) Yarpa Fust Ricr -Open to iceal | next year a drill sergeant would be a tech € Hepes: '« repli ef wee mt . rene pplog Paper~Triouuur 4
. “ “ Forces, ed tothe college, That beirg so, physical | because Che secon wey pal i ene ier “i Cocoa Begs—Doublo sawa—4by a
ED OL 8 meee Corporal 8 De'y, T.LEV, Jol, Trooper educate mae un fart accompli as tar it fee. “cnythe. pate be ete isl, te biarn Rico.
SH deGeones . e dritk lostractor was concerned, bat Cl Cask: ad bal .
. ENT Paucind = to | therg weve other » Daring the | Corneil to spprove of. jaret, Casks and half Cesks—
SANDWICH TINS _... wee 05 cents &6 cents each, Ixpivipgat TE Tt Pawuind — Opea to peer ee cekey erremes., Daring the athe ‘Attorney Geveral seounded the : .,, Bacdol—guaranteod purs wina. ;
DDING MOULDS with Covers 24c., 30c., 36c. TTRGE O Green Let, Serge Lortrooior | oo voluntary Jines, and Lbavks seriter | De Morton supported, aud suggested Denis Moumé & Vo—Drandy, pints .
ROUND CAKE PANS... «a 08 cents to 24 cents. Cutoned'’s Race-Open wera supphed with “donmy” car nes, and ) tbat errangementy should be made so thet . and quarts,
PANTRY CUTTERS—Set of 3 200. & 24c. set LaGendre let, deUousiere Zod, Unley | Br Harregle, bed Kiedy prowented “item foantry Loge conid gat in totown ip time 5 Bags Split Po s, >
b . wu peraile 7 ets) io wae, " ry
LUFF PANS in Sheets oeve 12c., 15c., 18¢. Sheet isos AND Posts Compstition—Opeo to | that if the Goreremens wes providieg £5) | Oathe suggestion of Iie Excellency the talmon, Lassy and Monogram, ‘§
RAV INERS< 120, to 2ic. cach, orces. a yrarlor a plysicalinstractor, tbe parents | ¢4 Pilon of Lae tw tivo was postponed ra 4
, ¥ STRA RS... sre ® , , . Trooper Laorie Ie, Trosper Urich Zod, | might very well te avhed to conuribate ee, allow of sMr Barslem expreniog his en)
[NUTMEG GRATEKS.... ss 04 centa each, Trooj et By noe 3rd. something to meet shat, —that wae to say, | Views on the subject, “ad

Wiiskey & Sopa Rack—Opea to Local
* Forces, ,
Ceptain ceDoleelere Jat, Corporal Joho-

the cellee +) sbow of atady was acres
by the additiia of physical education, «

oe /
Ive ‘Hacelteney explalved thst, at tbe > ACLASHLLES RE MERCADO & £0.

lant meetirg the apy! cations of the Tigh

VEGETABLE GRATERS 4.” “P80, &.15e. each,

. wee
LEMON. SQUEEZERS sue 730 cents each; 2nd. tet caren ona inten ces eee would pot Echoot for Girls and Coavent of Ht Joseph és Marine Square
. oon ecg 7 ek, “ * . ig? oR lor a! tion deen's al Collese
OLLING PINS ‘ {0."&-30c. each Orricens Event— Tent Pegslng with | would be earmarked fer thor pucisclar | for etfllation to Queen's Ropsl Call , {
: - selog w jor thet partioalar ferred ‘i Dr dt ] .
WOOD SPOONS one ve , 96 contsoach: | La porposa, If sroperly carsied out, physical | Were releried to # committes of Dr Mortoa

edocatlon mat bave bwo Lrencher, The] ®%Chsirman, Lieat Culunel Co lens, Mr Se peer, ¢ eaten nienrepmnranantsshsneeunnesnevecnsteenandireeen -
that was the bringlog oat of the masclasof | Wharton ont Dr Lacreuce. Through tne |.

the boys acd tesehiog them einsrtoess and | disporiticn, D. Morton wea obtiged tode | —— : ae
sleriveen aud vett there was the moral {clive slitting ou tbe committer, and po , GRE H A
nie mica oly Ae be arrived at by | iter shttman ued sacs boro epotated GRESHAM
. Wil Sed. what wae generally calied games at ‘ .

Brcrion ‘Tene’ Deena Geen to Lootl | wen op fully cocognined, that. the French | ander she cbalrmapublp of Mr Wharton. .

Forces. Soyernment tot Tog, afo, an the reault of | Ot tte Belmont Phludtie Beooal tre ' :

1 . d. 5 a Commissiun os, nied, tried ts lotroduce mn os
omeelees Troop Jats Biallsestion 2od. ames ic ai thee patlle schools, sod fo tomrotitee hevieg cocaltered I were altfe dissurance Societp, simtfed *
W Ussragia Lit, © Groen 2nd, 8 Marva, | Cermeny the game thing wos being done. | banimonny of (he opinion thet there was
gin 3rd, at shew slot ch tiene eemes school and therefore recommended thatthe = Eetablished 1648.4.
froma morsel polot of view, which be aiBilation be bot entertained.

Captain Acton let, Captals de Boiulere

POTALOE MASHERS we: BE. and 48c. cach,
‘Curtain Hooks | Curtain Rings
fPicture Hooks | Picture Rings.

Mounten Jumpinu Compxtition ~ Upen
10 colony.
Trorper Laurie lst, Bergeant losteactor

q —ALSO— .



~ - thought was very, obvious without ques : wee .
. ’ . ” , Ste Whatton: The Seoretary lostrocis
COPAL VARNISIT IN TINS -all sizes * Immorallty: Pua ette et Watatog ee at Fe that the "apeiicent bas rn amy t
“ ‘ INTERESTUN LECTURE BYR J 6 Latna [Ptezing Geld of Eton” Ip was pot sent. | (latedier)

cleot to beven dilll Bergeant aad paraliel
bare, they mus be supplemented by games
How were thee games kept up by the

The Secretary “Lett thecolooy.” f° In storm ut Prvlicy, prompt settlement of eleima,’ equitable ,
TUG LAW OF srousbARY EDUCATION, a , teali ho bol t h

tip, lonial Secre move i . ‘ isa!
Gucen fo Callge x st tee the siontion Si Vole ialowing f na “f it _ Mealing with: Polieyholaers; in strength‘of orzenisation y
t Le ex x tee @ Couovll of the ‘ ’ .
ure eu e loo that hay om onlerad joatenio} College, appAoted to coosider how beet he and fp sovery'hing which contributesio the
form club and paid the LAU, there was pot | existing lew re'ating to Besondary ives > Js
suthoirnt funde by wey of sutscription | tion car Le amecded 09 as to bring it into £ curity, Cheapnese end Popularity

i = ese ts ¢ el, We take the following from the Deme-
; ty! rere dy, y of December eth - bleh

” k _ ~ CI td. og delivered « highly
FO AALTP-AH-TH ALC. _|inncle mitchiedie ude
a. .

Gr wes Young Men's Guhl at the

. - roo! terday evenin, amonget the boyn to meet it; 00 thatthe | conformity with pileileges and 3 bls of %
- ew wewerraeaes “e . Her Le r ows peaaided over ance bu den was bows on the upstais Ie | ex‘ating Catlege tend toframe Kazulations . ot Life’ Assursact Y
i iI GOODS esedin. Tinlad parte Gat "eb heat | uid eae ie NE . i
Aa ‘ . . ‘rin! pareuia Cha! eir boye an a si

oe ALL FRESH GOODS AT peresotece of irepinnate tirthe aoe gameeedoold be pald for at tbe msslea’ | 1. The Ordinaace rolaling ta Keronds: {


. expen o) butit was simply ibe trautle of

the coumusity, acd polated ont the Kdveation 19 No. 131, Gestion 6 of whic muss $ MCIETY STANDS Ud UNSURPASSED

b gored fearfal romnlte of en immoral Jil. fe thst the evetea cf the oglsh publio f acy acbool of Secondary Edecatlon la the

er re .

¢ U ify Bos ois . 79 empbasized the fact that many yous

. PCAC. reece esi ees [RES Aeneas | lar ca sett eterna
a a \ e by bad sod vuogodly cowpaolong, but That ymaciple wes also carried out at the
, > .

in he peyiog swatleame. * Itoccarred to bim authorises the Colleze Council to declare

: J

* , i
the Hoya} College, sed provides ihes the, .° Ge . ~. ‘ 3

They ahould prey warcectly Woseeh ae L pone muclete ae also, carried thong popila above the axe of 9 years of aey sach ) co.. R Alston & Co. veg S f

tchool ohal!,Scn passing each entrance A” ' . ‘

é e .

; :

g..° > 3

aa -
. _ 4


tn / a ~

Cray 5 nat ihr—etianrtble iy at

es Ser een an ele


Poter Herring & Jurgen Peter
Ist and 2nd Quality.


. ‘Atthe *tonctuslon of yeaterdey'eaittiog | .. Sart Fernando Regatta, se
of the Ulstriet Conra, it belog the last for way see aay * oe “ae ae, €-s rm - —
; ty arvalin, oh beha! fat be jody treme the prods s :
Wilgons, Lit, [eer ee) “ie, en eli oe ET OT

«| Jaatioe Ruwell whe predded, a erry} mapagisg oomrsl and from the
Christen nd Now Year, les enthvatacnt whict we anderesand ta being : .
meee J omer Ropoar thinked Peeps Ai eel for their Sheye down sonysh in the (ralniog for the | YG eu ae§ mo Sq unro & Chaco n y

Y coming ¢ompetifions, it fe apperent'y an
when whiairhe cordia'ly reciprocated, fj ceming fompetifionts it fe spreten'y se ceennleerenecmemerctenn ;

‘weenie ¥
wT t 1 rh yebterdey ie tan OfA909 ell be, If Bop dopeally the
1 mr ihe raow et ire Court verory ei Noroae Rage Qt ary tate one of the very ee Sass *,

) \ .

Le Blane for abnoying one Baptiot, Mr | efoits of the kind shet San Feifando bas _ .
Norman La Blane of Merers Wilsons Ltd, | evereeen, The fatlasion in the prograrame . :
writesto ray thet he te not the pereon of several entirely novejevente ie fin itself], | .
charged and knows no!bing of the case, very walonwe ad encouragiog alge ; fot ”

j —— there tn borhiog that tends to excite # fresh

. . We aoderytand that jockey Schatler | enthaslaaminthetompetitore atanascnally
o | will arrive here to-morrow from New | tecorryat meeting of this kind so 1anch as ,

Pulverized, York, . the iotrodnotion of one or two pew eventa,



wat moet, atrikfogly shewn at the

. it preach at | recent athletic sporta meetiog held on the |” P
| am a ne : . pinion mentee ate | oar ter cetecors| = FOR THE XMAS SEASOM
Ava's Yattad Free Chgreh to-day, “What | Inde a . Mar

\ tvenai . hat it } which Sti ised fer thet the mere

9 $1.80 PER BAG. |tegeitncisirte fel wat jen aorrbatle ashe ee
° ‘ \ i a


* L
—0) — 1 [Beage® tbe evening: Qtogajse wit be theta Persttde epata for Hew Yen CHOICE '* NEC KW

. are Attentt d to the advertt meet th ath vad bucbourdepurteoeee ‘ OMFORTABLE yJ
* * ‘tention is direeted to the advertise: | mea a potice ond harbont departments, Cc 7. P AMAS
D I SEC & of P, Alesis, Principal of the [incladed with the permielos of the ’ i
. EM 5 . H ARDW ARE DEPT Ferptgliyn ish steel of . ‘Dele anthoriten end there a alatetly ox. NEAT AND SHAPELY BOOTs,
5 . ree. ¢ eddition tothe Ilat, other ver . ee
¥ e P + I & G 5 Street lo KAlenis expleyce bis olen we Commendable item fa the new event for ALSO—HALF HOSE SIIRTS, Ec, oa
â„¢M arr ns ern e oS. direct our seatere Lo pernse, college boys, to tea competed for betwee ae
' x Current Events — the etudeote of St Mary's, (aeen’s Royal
& wy = We are toformed that Meurs, Sephens | and the Naparina Colleges. an eveat
FOR SALE BY To-nar Titd are efferin; npecial inducements to which is certalato be prodactire ot a con
u 6 smoun ol entra! Ber
4th Banday fo Advest, rok ceer catieniee ballons, titer, with all the frends ond relatives of

shaving Mirrors &e &o and have leid out | the latending comzeritors, who themvalves
G. Constepolary Band plays ot Botanle | oon wary special lines is drese mashns at; sill feel that they ere vot bring unfairly

arden > p.m, . . 5 cents, 12cen'a, aod 18 ceote, and gy¢aleo | handicapped by baviog to compete against
u b Water Morn 1.49 Eves, 218 pm, | "bowling « beactifal selection ‘of Xmas | thove who io yeare, in experience and ia
5 lg rises * * 6.0 e m, | Presents and toss of every descrip ion. ovher re«pects are perhaps theie obvious
Sua enn > ores — poperiors. But pehapse the most welcome
an seta om ON gos pe We have been asked by the Management ['eddition of all t» the programme In the



kik E12 Mova tives... . the of Galf Steamer Excursion to Ban | futrodaction of the intercolonial event. It
Bout ‘ @ wv: MONDAY Fernando on New Year's Dey, for the | is rather anfortnoatd that Barbados will
: Supreme Court 10.30 am, Regatta, to atate that there only Yemain a | apparently have no representatives at tbe

— fow tickets for asle, and intevding excur- | meeting 3 bat t Interest will c¥otre in

Legislative Council 42 noon, stovists would do well to secure thelr | the Tnvidad Demerara evente;andt it is

a .[ tickets av an early date to avold | to ba sincerely hoped thet no unsportement:

Sale of propertice at East Dy River by | disappointment. The bar aad refresh: | likeconduet on tbe pert ef anyone con-

_ W, Brown at 1 p.m. ywents ate ian capable hands and will | cerned will mar tbis first artempt at the
a —— be ran at cnrrent prices, po that] totrodaction of the intercolosial element
Distribution of Pitsen by Commander | everytblog ie belog done to ensare an| {nto what has now by common consent
Coombs at Belmont Orphanage 3 p.m. enjoyable dey’soating Exeursioniste will } coma to be regarded se the necemary
—— have the advaniage of remainiog on boanl } function of New Years Day ia the

Uixh Water Morn 239 Even. 302 pra. | the steamerto witsess the Regatta, end | southern capital, Givens tairday, there
un ries



A Bright and Merry Xmas, .
‘6 Xmas Trees



[And did not forget aleo


\ ef 16 and 25 Candle Power—To Brighten the Home, —

++ 6.30 a.m. | the ship's boats are at the dis Ut those | taerery reason te, bope for an excellent

Ran sete ~~ ae 5.28 p.m. | who may denire to visit the shore. dey’s sport ;and We think wecan bardly
Moon owe ee 420 te, -—— offer better nivise to all who are lovers of
ee EEE The Datch Mali Rteamer Prins Willers 2 | aquatic sporta thaa to go to Sta Feroan to

1,104 tone, Captain Sy boer, arrived yester-
Acknowledgement. day from * Earepe oa Demerara acd Par |} aasuted!y Swill, the
Mra A. EB Walke and family desire | 2m *nbo with 80 tone zeversl cargo and the | kind that lt has ever been our fortune to

â„¢ ue
followlog passengers From Amsterdam .— | soe présented. Sag
throogh this meaiam to thank all those | £0 gs 8 r To Stock oO wne rs !

Ne ears Way and ar the
sevarel ih Test pronenwe of the

Br. Freddy Bosse, From Paramaribo :— ee
Erceat beresveer os with them 20 thelr F Asics af, Lerman, Mr. E-_ Dandelie and 3 The Local Turf.

— — deckers ering toached aft Barieawe th ' rian track. yeaterd
- @ track yeaterda "i
SEE PACE 2 FoR: pace, t ° steamer was Dot aducltied to momioge drew our, a gocdly pamber ot the Wo sant every STOCK OWNER tot know that, A
At the firsthouse of the Foot- pratique bat the Paevengece were allowed yarious equine representatives Frovy tod regularly with o enfll qua sty of —
Auls— y Hugh Clifford ; to land uoder surveillance. aly was the fretto face the apectalo s r
: ~~ eb - i
Constabulary Band ; Footbitt With very many thanks, we -bave to tet ee Terres eed Onten i ivi Oo LAS S i Ni E M Zz: &
in obago, and Catholic | acknowledge trom Me. W. Stedmen Areber | Keynote went ia company over a atreteh Ate always HEALTAY ang in PRIME CONDITION andy)
- <0 alway

, be tpcal sgent of Alesara, Andrew Usber | of [mile Reprpach was putooa & far. .

. Tle. News Notes, tbe toca 3 The Htegular Une of 16 favors XO
Omit andlsee GOING VHRR COxExH az. | SEE PACE 6 FOR! tesully gore “Lioness hee nent yeere bee cee anetter walle wee the dienes EXVENSE, You csaoot do better thea let feform parol 7
‘GEROLD AND SCHERER, | Zari, oe oa) Sebeirt, Sid (oct: | satan Blea ?

: Ye - @ nds, . :

advertisiog purposes, showing, among | lle mat Hobemiaa, bie stablecompanion, at | ~~ Your Animal's Daily F

. other things, the propoved sits at Chaga- | the 7 forlong post, pnd the two came
Ské PACE 7 For: aremag Bay of cosling wharves to be} through the hoe atretth io a manner 4
Our Editorial on «The Sur- erected by Mr. Archer. The blotters are the critics, eapeciatly Merry - - :
2on- General's Report”; Tha] very attractive, cootaining asthey do, a | bendy who accomplished the distance in TRY A BAG A'S ONOE.,
inwdad Hockey Cl be 1 telacelleny of pictures andevents. Amoog | Zains Q0seca, a great improvement, critios . .
re cy Us GME TE the pictures is ope coataining 69 types of ] say, on his previous exercise, Jrincesa
Best Sugar Production in | colonial troops of the British Empire, and | Eos, the Demerara Fepresentatlye, ¢on-
Rurope, smong the members of the ronp are ° be tooed to attract | the etuwd, teres, are ——
. aeen the fgares of Captsia ° Te wg entertain of this ly making
SEE SUPPLEMENT FOR : presealiogy the Trinldad Light Horse thins tather warm in ber f

4 a
. ye ugageme ts, *
Ihe Eust Indian ta British | Yeowaor , and @ constable of the Trinidad | She did a 6 furlong géllop in min Z3secr, fi
Guiana—His Disinelination | Polhee. The photograph from which this | Santuret was sent round for 7 furlongs, A
7 pictore fe drawo, was evidently tekea oa [time Imin 34sece, Rouncedida’t imprens

68, South Quay.

v= *

BUYING | Our Grocery Department



XMAS ‘Is now complete willall THE ror Politecs—Ihe Immi, G- I tte ocession of the late Queen Victoria's | the crowd of turfites porterdey moratog. : +E

2 GOOD THINGS we usually keep tion Agent General's Views ‘abies when contingents of all arasin | She was pucon a6 furlong spin which whe IF You Buy Your ae
SU PPLI ES : Kk. rr nmeyy | Lrinidad were represented thereet, accomphshed id twin 25eecs, Jim Liston ° a

Hore Bi nae . cl Groecers —§ ——— peat over & stretch of yb mile, pincetio : > 2

. 79°8. one ore: +t andthe c are?

OL sce no: : oe hn Items of Nowe AWRONG THAT NEEDS RESISTANCE. romped He qeseiten ‘The f re ie

Wi ES. BUYERS CALL EARLY 9 A telegram was received on Feiday night ‘ ~—— time waa 2mia Slreot, bat took some argiog ee

‘Beveral etable temdents called be fish, Caijleyd did a fast 4 fort ‘ “:

Oommen Queen do Frederick Jtz cots | ietieeterag Carl Boos, We Dated Gensel, on yesterday, and slong wich “exprening Baylor tod Sorevebary were exercised st , | iT

“ ree [ibis cases ef Yellow Fever, of which one thelr ee Tae ot tha oe hes ape js 11°30 a.m. 4 “nD l

PATRONIZE proved fata: ’ ugnatare of * A Viotim,” gave foriter| Christmas Tree Entertainment. 4


evidence of the disgusting practices indulg — ;
cate ol yehow fyaria Ge, Cleese asthe [cd nty prowiter in thnopen ates, | A. Xmas Tyee Zotertalamest wil be — FROM — g
1th Inst, and alsa.e casa under treatmeng | 24 Without the ellabtest moleatetion by { held at the Princes Ballding in ald of the 4

the police, who at timen are eye witremes | Organ Fond of Holy Trimty Catindral, me :
Giles out of Brvieteene eto twelve | ofthe valpar enactments, We think {t ie on’ Tuesday December: Zind. at apo. . ‘ (3
high time thet the police authorities should | Admlesion Gd. Tree tickets 6i fancy . . b


mruke adetirmined stir by wey of ridding the | Btalla, Parcel Port, Refreshments eto,

od ne Britiah Beoum Yacht Constint arly chy ol tbls foal blog with which ive be. wil be “In evidence. A o ocleck a ‘é

Colon, 5 ator omearod—and which ia tha circametances | Children’s Play will begin the admisuon 7
—- toust needa te intenahed by the tender

to which for adults 1s ls and Children 3d, Z
The American three manted schooner | (RP of the majority ot the participatory This perforraanre wil beim the old Cal E IAMS in or eat va
mop ain = rbaps w . -¢ aD

eee cet ia eee oatnele's caps annie degree ot justice —that The police seciog, Pane wil follow ts wpm PIOKLES, FIGS AND OTHER TOOTHSOME 1H
bight alter a vayege of 7 days fee teey teem to wiok their eyes at the public exbi- § Tickets for whleh wall be--Ladies fs and

ersra consigned to the New Trinidad Lake | Uition of lendnens ¢nacted by the sireet ) Gentlemen 2s, And re are prepared to jel At lowest
erent er 1016 prices, lu sult a Bi +? a

Asphalt Co. viregoes mud hence the koowledge of 5
Wich the prize abt gion which took Oxty aT IRICHAROsS as *

immoarity from restriiat by conatitated

The American barquentize Aremiin gga | Sathorlty, acts an an focentive tothe per-
placa on Friday atternoon Iuat ot tbe hands ST PAUL’3 PHARMACY, 2BE PEOPLES FRIBRD I
of the HT np GecrgeGoodwillefa the Gread ,

t rf: petration of offecce, It is positive'y not
Lack, Went Afvicey cieaa taareergn | tery 1418 sight to come. scree nettle

Standon Queene Pak Savannah, there
came ton close, the Grand Merstbun

days, consigned to the New Trinidad Lake | 02 patrol, more absorbed lathe occapation
Cerniva!™ inatituted by Mr, # N Mart ‘
neg, shise pabeon ied Theron in the cause THE YEAR IS T HE CciT

Your bocal Industries


Creole BRice MWMlea2al.

The ideal STOCK FOOD for Horses, Cattle and Live Stock of every
description, best adapted to our climets stan ideal prices Delivered
at the Mills at

$100 por BAG of 100 Lbs. HET.

honeble pherecters thaa to ibe sraloery
"i routioe of ecreet duty, bence there fa emsil
berber era enmee, Cruhane 2,447 tone wonder that the streats of Port-of Spain are

Aaphals Co. of smotous attestion to women of ques
harbour yesterday from isueno, Ares being made the “happy hunting ground * uf truessort, fads an echo vot ooly throuyh,
«ye. |

of ecenes that shock the moral susceptibill

Proprietors. Argentina, after a voyege of 19 ont the length aod brea ith of these iy! .
r iP ¢ The steamer is on her he lo Tempa, 2 8 ites one one uae pollcernen Ils ofthe Cadet agebut in re, fopefat beyond GOING ;
— Sania Hlovida, U.B.A , and called at thie port ee me eer ile poles aera tiene | Oa beholf of the gesersl pablic, wo take . ca
for 200 tone of bunker cos! She left Jat teen to: eal tention be ths en . hie opportacity of sangtatolating Me Fast, and so are our love- ed
HOR, S nlgnt forthe U olted States erlabuthes certalcly terome ni eoerabie Star i ice on the admittedly | snccesstal ly Celluloid and New We Cur on
A J ] I 1 : —_ ivne ofthe enlerpries to which be he "i
. canjeintg otormel that for the Christe vied ibn Lan erase tree, uaverfobly: pledged biuell Ja order to Yoar CARDS, They are Free. |. &
‘ a aan 12,0. Se rovidg whole ome amusement th . ” *
~ AT Caoir te now prepariog Worendorfer’s Masa tnade a worse of tha lazeen there aeeeee As orgsnisse of ‘the levent enter Q certainly the best we over + ataa amy
“ARANJUEZ” ESTATE {is Bons B, Thereelae} op, 31. the end of what le pow astunding disgrace | yimuente there te anse evideare thet |&°] stocked, and our customs | , Ié your presriptio’ Mag
i . new was merely actuated by au, * en coMmpous . :
» Ja out report of the Basasr for the P ton clty of the boasted importance of Poit- t k be ©
‘ we lnadvertently omited the came of Ma of Spaia, trepreasitle love forvesort pure qaud unal ers know good things | where before, ve sil

loyed ; and if iy, pecticu ar expression when they 8co them. Wo to dispense same fre

. Henderson as t t of th . +
MALE BRED RED POLLED BULLS prise in the Rover ermpetitiin, "| Further Winners of “Are You | Xumonsipnal thee eats | | still have some choice Presented pe oe

Dewar’ Coupons, Seadity suggests, thet the season chosen

by tha doyem of ‘conmercial meee Ones left, and are handing | sod Fildeys (Pateot = 4
{cr bia wait to the colony, way the Jeat them out Ab. coors SSG excep'ed)) Bs
salted A the carrying out of business a
(recasctiuns, Aa wee ¥: appropriate], Seat fan aah Mame j
femarked Pr eet the prize re
tribution, Me Martine weokatoly . in
prepsred the way for & forin of epors which 7 — rk f
fedenietly appeale to a laiger Portion of The City Di ug Store 471 Pa —_
the commonity then does any exiating fea. .
tacacf les! enterttioment, and io that
patticuler, the succes which attended bis

~o- > — _ 7 ——— e
tftorta heve Leen all th ° . .
Wherever hic banner of eport le seeiel a ‘
tbe gesia' eporteman hea Invariably sat 1 1 }
‘raeted a host uf supporters; bat that bis - ,

fret atterapt at auetd & Uemonstration in

‘ * ver ¥ . mere 7 . VELTY a
rit Rend fare sear Seer | © MATCTILKSS FOR ELEGANCE & NOVELTY

tue eporting commuesity, ts --AND— re
noicrds eat perhaps ‘opted inate ™

efcl .
aes areal oe ea FRESH ARRIVALS

come to take Trinidad om of ‘ ; at
and certainly, ube popular eotheslegy ARE NOW BEING QFENEO WE

evinced over bi: *

Zot cee! WW Rartom oe C
ethan *
i @ Ggarahve garb, That he wi

tac tb exeralng bia tigureas in- é
Huenee fe the fi .
earach wk a "paved wane | Jewellers—72, Marine Square

Wo regres to learn of the serious {2!
of Mr, Keggte Clorient of Montesrzat who
is suffering from peeunonia,

At 7 30 to wight the echolers’ festival”
fo connection with ihe Vargas Institate
fakes place prea there wll be jibe eistit

ou of prises, Pa an fends
ferited tobe presente “nue


Y. Gelhzeau Faq, No 42 Winners
Horace Contant; Eaq o/y Messrs Wilsons

Alfced Pereire Euq, No 23. Winner=J
Ki Aroeaad Kay, 64 Abercrombie Street

GA Vyten Fay, No 36, Winner—David
Miler Me Trinidad Shipping & Trading

fe e

L & Lyne » No 3. Wioner—
Heory c nck nt & Anna

3. Trave so Hay, No 3% Winner ~Chas
O Ross Faq, Marjane Squate -

DA Adameon Key, No 37, Winnee—
(seorge Lorica Eay, Trosfulk Street, Bel

8D land » No 25. Wiener —
Arther do Sitve pet veal Fall

FN Martines » No 36 Wineer
—David Adameon eq, Caledonisn Gio

wie Fra rato y git au, isos:
1. N. Bier! mmore Aven:
T Hast Fay, Ne 36, WheneeA
Telfer Fag, 68 Belnost Cisevlar Road,
¥ T Bosd bag, No 32. Whnoer—Areble
Jobastone Faq, 18 btanmoro Avemee
¥° O de Manthran, No27, Wiiser—
Ge W Aloocg, “The Melties", & Clale,

Excellent Milch Cows,

avery ® Tho MAIIAGER,




You can rely on gottiwg tho beat of everything.
thes isct, © snbssqeens sppolatment will

$ wo, @ ORE aR. Ye mide durieg Wi soaulog week,

y wt. ‘ ~

——— F

Dolahd’s Vharmecy havteceised a Sve

sariety of teal French Bootons, Noogats

endovher choice Ouofectionery, which be

oonaidered one of the largeat ever Tecalved,

A visit is jnvited by thie ¥ gos head

Members ot the Literary and DeUstiog
Section of the Victoria Inetitate areca
minded tbat the election of ofbeere aad
the teeding of the acnua! repors of the
ection will teke place on oaday Qies
insteug at 820 p.m. The freaident of
the Section sequests a good attendance,

Ule Exes over the Acting Governor has
cooepted Mr, 2, Iiado'e relusst of ble are
beetnest te We, Firs Anintent Clerk.
ja ‘orhol- 2 trate
Otice, We ondeisdd that ie view ‘of

prewu’ vt gt <7 : . , £7 e fon bh ‘ae -j
—_ “4 . Te
Y 0 [ rR . , set Aa ee
” sos . / Mae
Â¥ i
; ay


resents, Toys and Groceries,

. _\ ‘TEE STORES, oo



ne Best & Cheapest Store for all Classes of Goods.


FOR SALE nisin ttt) CIGARS.


Where ure you going to get A mall Gonsignment

Bi 100/2 Batrels ‘HALSTEADS.— - Noli 5,000 ’
60/2 Barrels ‘TURTLE BAY. Xmas Supplies ? ,

SUTTER: gerenecioent sat otsciue| MANILA « CIGARS

-_ . will fod thiags at rock bottom prices . .
per §646 Firkins Victor Camus ‘Gold Medal a ail gain to the percharer. WEST Theat quality jast reckived, and
ni, «= 45/2 " ditto ditto -° “

offered foraate Cheap - - -

alzo of all that 1 incidental to the] MOVEMENTS OF STEAMERS,

maintenance of the Public Health
Reyalatione, ws only £43000 fora pop- R M.S. P. The Royal Mali Line.
Agus —The Rat “Tsgus’ is doe

lation exttmeted aceording to the

Registrar General at 335,000 souls, or .

about Tot a year per bead of population. and’ tharbelon'on Wedrevday, ‘ewater
28rd. and will lesve the same day far New

Jt ie satiafactory to no's that the
report takes cogavance, as a matter! York, via Puerto Colombia, Cartagena,
deserving of serious attentiog at an early | Colon and Jamaica, tekirg lesb class pas
date, of the prevalence of atill birth¢ | stoge a, cargo and mails,
aod fefant mortality in the colony,
especially in viow of the striklog pri

epparently contained io the Kegietrar
Geveral's report for the same year as to
the falling bitth rata observable amongat
the native section cf the poration, We
may express the hopa that ia bie next
report, De. Clare may be able to furoish
some wore detailed facta in this connec-
tion, and to shew tbat something is beiag
dove systematically, on the hres of a
better education both of midwives aod

KonntiijRe W. Men
The Royal Dutch Mail —

Datch Mai steamer * Pring Frederik -
Hendrik" 1+ dae bere from Carecas on ox
abont the 26th December 1908, ¢ roveeding
atierwarde to Paramaribo, Havresod Aq-
sterdan: taking cargo, passengers aod nasila

trea soyiand a& Ce,
kim (1960) Les
x New Coliniad Oo., Lida

—~A pena
LMERIAN.—The on. “ Almerian”
ia due berg frou Liverpost via Darua-
doson or abont Lith Januar 9 pro
confing afterwards to Le Unayea)\ Pray
Cabe'lo and Ouracso, taking cargo, Paqens
gereard mails,


The Tender will leave the Lighthouse
Jetty, Queen's Wharf, at 1 pm, with
pesengers for the * Tagua,”

Pansengére are epectally notitied that a
bageage byhter tu de despatched to the
Outward Mall will leave the St. Vincent
Jetty at (0 ans. on the dey of selling, and
passengers are therefore requested f seo
that all -beir baggsre is sent duwn Leflore
that beur,

TRATO—The RMS. * Atrato” Is
dne hers from New York on Sanday
December 27tli, via Jamaica, Coton, Car.

mt: 60 Bags Superior Wate, & 40 Bags Superior RED, Uamss, fenton” | XU wrratte DUNVILLE’S ,

5 d Pte, Golomdla, and will le Shipping Intelllg - co, SO 4
. Raluing, Jame, & Aestd, Nuts : motbere on the care of 1ofants, as be ] tagens an: ya, d
5 . . = , . ta with tmach ciation to be { the aste day for Southampton tia Darba-’ --=
1 8. S,- Choice Irish mm Casks Frok Gtspes tibery's Flom tding, L i qd u eu rf *% Wh i § k y how Tecewwiog & “tral ain twa ditt thee ond, Cheroarge tatlog, parsoogert, ARRIVALS
Xn Chocolates | Mince feat, . Yellow fever ie fae vvaed it “ OHSS. “Atrate” leaving this port | Cova ivr, Brit steam yacht, fones, 93

on the 24th inatart. for Southampton via
disgeosed during the year, of which 38 Bart Aden gad Cherbourg, will take pass aul
proved fatal, #1 peroentage pf aboas'S0 87 | ETD ue taken ta Uarbadow, and all bareage
of the mhele. ' ‘ our ue fact, nat mul will hiva to be fusiga ed’on arieal thors
tothe cred t of the departmen® tn a) far | ©, will glen be t 5

as its bospital treatmeat ic Port-of Spain Le Nonhene Ieeade a Burbedue aot
at soy rate x concerned, is printed opt| The Teader will leave the Lighthouse
by Dr. Clare in a remarkably nsive / Jeity,'Queeo's Wharl, abl ym with pas.
manner, when he atates that the death | teagers for the *Atrato *




. . “.03
ANDLES :-—200 Boxes Wax Burmah—8s and 123 Stocking, |Cossaques, | ucts

OATS—500 Bag -y White D —su0~
500 Bags Heavy White Dutch | soy youn xis DINHER.

¥ OAPS: Camden—56/203 © ° A fat Turkey or Chicken.

" 8

ee ibat a total at 47° cases were aa Cristobal Colon ~ ballet, ne

VAIRYHIx, Brit sloop Telemaque, Ib tone, -
& dave, Ho Yirrent-—10 bile atarth, 3
parcels eocos, 13 begs pota'ucs, 32 dosen
yarms, 2 bags tavien, 13 puwphin« f bet
provisions, 11 bage yema, Zcaxks whale
oR, Wgorte, 10 sheep, US piss, 3 pote
fuwls, 4 tardes and 10 paw engers. .

Dasgavauugir, Venez host, Mere, ] ton,

Es 200 Béxes K.M. Tablet - 56/1603 Fiesh BERTROOT, Wharf etal ¢ | Pawengere are specially qtified that Qdays, Nepire- 9 be:
res EERTROOT, C4RROTS, = _ —_ rate io ey SS Peet to oat MCountey, baguage lighter eye daenphe Nod te the | Karaitis, freer Detar, Mie Nerf 3
ATCHES,—150 Cases Safety—' Threo Horse Shoe. . ; Til | sid edde tnt ths tem ratber” erik ing Higmewand Mul wi fara the O| Vincent | fore. gh feye, Lame-talan To (ee
ts — ALS0—— . “Pile » > diparity wheo there are consider: ‘ tet , Miura 's 6 .
Godfish Xmas Hampers, | furt-ol-S vin Gay te |i Mawes Teale Moen | Moree cee ecw, bts | sh teardy Bon aiyn ete
r \ . aS —= ’ t ones . Ton
> LUNENKU fo—3 KE & CO . Tierces and Drums Large @ Modium, Choice yalue of selected goods for PORT-OF-SPAIN pared with treatment 1a private, houses Mi ACDATESA—The TABLA « Magus peels quit Te New ‘Ldad lake Av
E* NEWFOUNNLAND—R.J, and Co, AG. and Co, F. and Co, $8.00 only (mee the list ) BUNDAY, 20rn FUR, 1s Ase prea of mea culpa thins unique tn | jV] icon se due here from Southampton | Dr ttoso, Veues elo np Go sales, Tene 5

the reports of the beada af Trintded de
partagots, but ia ao fae an it emphaat7es
what webave an oftea contended fur,
nawely the need of a thorouxh gad eom-
plete overbau'ing of the whole manag’
meat of the Colonial Hospital, ttle per-
bapa a vot unwe odime gute ot the repost
io questiog.

The various reports from the couotry
disteiots are aummarined tery concisely ,

days Pedernaira—1500 100 fiom and cargo
ie transit,

Greswam. Brit amr. Thompeen, 2 447
toa, 14 days, Baesce Ayren,—empty,
Ts Now Tidad Leake Asphalt Co

Pris Wittra I, Dateh sfior, Nyloa,
Us0¢ toms, 32 bra, Demerars— i tony

alrergo wad O passengers ‘uo Royal
Yate Alaa,
Rov vu Soveseiag, Heit ecbn , ¢ lemaata,

via Cherbourg sod Barbados on Wedon
day, Javuary 6ub ; and will leave tee same
day for New Yitk, via Peesto Coloable,
Cartagena’-Colon aod Jameka, taking
niails only,
HAVENT —1 be KMS,“ Tient'; le dae
here from New York on Suaaday,
Jennery 10 b, via daowica, Colon, Carta:
gena aod I'nerto Colombia, and will leave

Haddock, Hake & Split Horring,| â„¢ Ne ap bE Pieaven,


MAT. VINCENT BUILDING, 16th Decr., 1908,


The Asonual Report by the Bargeot
Geoeralon the Medica! Departmeat of
the Colony'a Civil Service for the year
1007 8, which was leid befure the last
meetiog of the Legislative Council. aod
basaiuce heen poblisbed 1a the loyal

the next day for Bouthamptoe tla Karhados

nr errr M . a Cherbourg, tsk 38 to diye, Grenade
: xX AS op COM | N G Gazette, will certaialy be found (0 ee whieh se certainty ao advantage , and we congo and ourests 10K 164 clase panocingere tor ‘Ddreme ‘ eases, Hie ee
in 7 AND — and lateresting, document ; porwith sreglad to notetnat the need ie ieee t No ae pasosgere ar sleokers will | toxes soap, 4 half drums deh. and 2

acd mre adequate water supp! 6 ste the KMS. Treat” peroagers.
8 Wo are Walting for Your Orders. standing phe fae thet Dr. Clary ied of there districts has already engsged | + The Tender wil! leave the ‘Tiabtnosee | Bvocxes, Vepes boat, Parquel, 7 tone, 3
: 9 to ral re sei ne on “yo ooo edors | tbe attention of the Gurgvon-Ceneral, | Jetty Quocn's Wharf. att pm, vith pas | days (label, baltast, ,
va 4 ae : , tobe ite shortcomings, “due tobia heviog | Toit ih as be admits, & most toe aoe eee ceenally petiied thas Oey rata Oolos are eens 4 Hotta
‘ 5 a a a8!
64 Marine, Square. THE PARK ST. GROUERY only been ta office during the Jatter ball tent neret preter eo tian Batt bagaave lighter to be despachel to the 4 dookey, 3 snd it bags tonon.
fa in receipt of the following fresh of the year under record, In bie stati¢: | ving & ad veantr distets, and HTamewenf Nai will leave the St Vincent DEPARTURES,
e oe tical eection some very Interesting and Nbould receive ware nore igh and up: Jetty at 10a nye on tha dey of sailing and 1th.

y 5 ' { x goods for the holidays -— Oc vuu, Hine eta, Coffis, 1,192 tone, Dae
me al Alteation ls (jalled {o mas FREAIL KINGAM HAMS + 100 por Ib tuarare, 12 bags ee 2 crates garlic,

12 pao engers, Viordon, Graat& ia, ~

Fewer gern are therefore repeested ty see
thitarthetr baggage 's wot dows Lefere
that bour

important facts are promioently brought
tolight We Gnd thet the total esti
mates exp*nditare on the D: partment for

flinchicg consideration st the haods cf
the Government then we are afraid bas

ne. ” in the past generally beeo its lot O3 ect ae ee PAY BALLY, Brit schor, Vale, 4
. RWIFT PIGNIO HAMS 10s the year wae £83 203 more or leas; aod . . » Vile, {S4onr,
CAUMS .. fe AND vertu agate tie 1 | tbevof tia only anol wae Actually | 8 ruficaraci one, cod wo areclad | AIR. Grtaleventgune | ti. the sucesso T re tate 3b
. — _ , “a ” spep ‘emvat poiot ou! a 1 sation of Ne . be; ate, 5 *
YORK CUT HAMS “ate [saving of s trifling £2,000 wee in our | 1? beable to exprets ont apy oe oe C. Laciaw do Hon Agents | ders comenste, B tlrs une sai, and 6

EDAM CHEESE - Bolt & Nice 4s each.
Boys’ Own Annual,. DaM CL Gdns Caraas ope
, nk ts

ER: 5 Tb, Prones le per ib., Heisios in Hb p
WV 2 Io—I 200 ib, Sy! Riis
irle Own Annual... N e ‘ beeps, Wate, deny ee
- te fot

er J
G Nate I ae Shell Almonda 10¢ per ib,
iw. : Icing Buyer !0c per lb, Coke Ornamente,
G h Morton's Self Ralsieg Flower ta ib phsa ad

atter box, . - 008 “ Y ear Jo per pha, amoe
Eleme Figs io Land 2 sb boxes, Mets Fraits

ttle Folks oe large Lares, Faney bores a
tee! in tows for preces
“se Bisomtes-ton Valen ob Fook

~ax= MIT Az.e@m — Bh Jullen, Dedoy
<, 0s ar S e Monteferospdo, Champagne, Moes aod
BoosPee ses Chandos and Mercier brsods, Chengace

i Pp Wioes. .

Corner of Park & Henry Siwects,


opinion, and we thiok ja the opinion of
most taxpayers, hardly worth the serious
friction and probable loss of efficiency
eotalled in consequence of several qub-
departmests fa which eqpsomics were
sought tobe enforced. That, however,
ubytheway, Turoiog to tho revenue
side of the account, we find that the
general population refunded towards
the onat of the Medical Rervice a sum of
£1615 ; while tbe proceeds of the share
of the immigration tax (pald hy the
planters for their usege of the Depart
meot for coolies), smuunted to no less
than £5,100. Comment thereon, as an
answer to those who oppose immigration
for ity cost ja the shape of a medical
service for tbe junmlgrenta at the *

nes cf the ny, ls topecessary -—
Re total nett expenditure of £72,000 on |. A general Meeting of thin Clab wil be
the medical service, it appeare tbat the 4 held at the (queeo's Park Ovel ve sitentay
Lunatic and Leper Asylum anc the | the 2iet instant at 62) pm Bamber

T DOMINGUE- The Freseh Mall
89 Btcamer ht Domingne fiom Europe
via Goml-luape, Martinique end BL Lele,
ja due bere on of abont the vith December
and will proceed afterwarde to Demerava,
Swioam and Ceoyeune, takieg passengers,
masin and cargo,
EROU—The Freoch Mall Steamer
‘ Peroa® te due bere from Venesaelen
Porta oo or sbout the 2éth December and
will proceed alterwardes ta Martintyse,
Guadelo spe, Santadter, ordesax an
Llavre, taking assengute, mails and cargo

ithay beeo our unpleasant uty on the
past to offer strenuous criticisar of the
ways of our Surgeon Geveral. If bv
anoual report may be takes, however, ay
an earcest of a more reasonable aod

aineteking ¢@fprt Jotbe future to act
Peoependeatly, and yet with due regad
fot the responsibilitice of bis ofice, we
cannot but welcome jt, and trust thet
the spirit that avimates it way Jong con-
tiove to dumioate Yr Clare s control of
one of the most important departments
ia the co'upy.

CittéA OR Touiva. Callan str, Fi
Brad tone, Ourecoa, Surge fa transit, No
parsengers, By New Col. Ce. Ltd.

Haw Jook. Veves beat, Uart, 1 ton, Care *
olaquite, sundry phges mdee, One Car
Avtonts, Venez.tust, Ballo, L ton, La
Cribs, eandty, phgre mdse, sod 2 pase
poe Trs r,V. boat, Ft °
10a Tr Saive, Venes boat will, bt
Boro wandry phgese tadsc, , one
Saw Fre, Venrs boat, Vague, 2 tons,

Pederna'es, sundry piyes indse,
Journ Veoes boat, Reyes, 8 tuns, Velere
nales pandsy pkges idea.
Farvrawza, Veser bot, Garcia, 7 tone
Federasles, opudry pbyee avise ,
3,0. Amugus, Bot echo, Alexander. 23
tonn, HL. Viusent, suadry phyes mdse,
yictway, Brit slowy, Clowden, 1% woub,
wht Vincent ~audty pkges mde.
Kine {Ewin Vu, lt steam lagntb,
Herge—8 toor, Cis abel Colun, 4 pase


Konnklyke Wet In

divcha Muilirenst
New York—Paramarito

The Royal Duck Mad Agence

URINAME lheas, ‘Sariseme ”
due bere on Munday tlle det December
1968, from Paramuth and will fuave the

same day dhrect fur New York takiog

The Trinidad Hockey Ciub

who are playing ¢m ‘fat dey are reyuested seugern
a eS b 9
hy va if , THE SCHOONER —_ | Departments accounted for, no feat thee —— Jouve the came dey for Paramrita tablog | , baile fof Paruanto iy the + staro:
TEVHNIO AL ADVICE Ox MANOBING OF COCOA. . most be added a further £5,425 for the . pled malls and peg Ms) WM olcloch pieslaely. Hoginterias
; ; ‘W.G.GORDON!? | cut ot vers heapitale, mostly, as ie | Boot Suigar Produotion tn Europe. Leneon Direct Line [SRM ARO _
. —— = ata pascheie co TONm pellkoow sion for tbe ative. "pope ites oatpar of beet sages | to ERTS tg teh: Nw Goloniat | Compr wy witb Ve slond “ Moods 7 the ane
Ti Main ee rected ova wih’ Gee stare Ha, a bevel ton, Thor, 8 the Burgroa, eneral | shown a mead tetettEaropecacuses | CHALYUIA— The as, “Selytie™ wit | Regietration seca sty pau eer

Bs iron steal cf Planters, Proprietors, Attoraeya and Mensgers to visit aey Estale and give Built ja Mova Scots ic 1900 Just sew York by the "Crowe ef eataase
New York by the Crows of Granada ®

4 ripeat,Jociuane of bis own office | crop was 6 032,000 tors id 1908 6, 6,710,000 eavlon of shuct 28th Decemler 104
will be closed a Wedueisy the 23rd

tocs fa 1906 7, aad 6,832,000 tune ia 1Y07 8 | takicg earpu efor Marre. Lendea, and
Sith Deter Sndie Ofets and ot | 8 30046, Germany preted 2th | Caneel Bs, av aul The a a [stirs oritek pee precbaly” New
twelve Distsict hospitals, and inclasive | yoo i and te 2.435 Uy wes ts 1007 8 *Qeown of Navarre” ls dae bere | PAPere ond Regletrativa elime a 8.30 fame
The Aska Ilangailsa beet sagar crop of | from Londen via Barbados aed Cirenads ouey Orders an New York aed Canafa
1007 8 was 1.408006 teen, as eompared | on or aboot MAb Dresater 1008 preered. | Meeed at GTO. to ¢ p.m. on dand, ‘
WE with 1,810,000 toswin 1908-4, France prv- atiorwards to Dewerara taking caige,
: coed o Tg (ons io 1007 8, a0 ant sell,
a 6, 1.000,000 tage ba 1008 = ar. fiphe: “
Are showing @ lovely lot of trimuasd | 3% Spas Tandon sie Toreades
. al

apd Lictane show 8 stetlar decline. The
Greasée op showy Jeanary 12d,

oratical adv: tloce 02 the use of manures nod metbode of sor! sad crop mentee | renaired and secoppered. Yur further
See soce Tee thet base proved cxamerdaly protuaie ia the serious wopical cowsines Teed | varticalare apply to *

ng the lest five years. , Troe; expersence
"un entifig Attculvure ahd ot (oe present time bundreds of success) cocoa manure expel iments ara LEI .
Whats Cavtrel and South Amer jamaica, Bt, Lucia, Domisics, D, MORALEJO ¢& CO,
“Oren See Denner te bie Cad bie services are availabis oy) alleited time before pis

wtepertare for Demerara on Gresa*e


Sn ,
SAY ! aa for LAISOS

hate every e000 Lesuly notwo alike, | Rasstss crop wae $6800) tome i US Hs os)

2 Co,, Port of Spain, Trinidad, Feesber, Better Cheapertbas acy | - 1.449010 1000 bo 10007, aad 1,610,000 tobe | 1900 prucedding af to Demat ( DRY ENOL si
{481 Nov pbes 3508, mare “ otber brand ‘ MILDER 'S SRORES L2D. | ia'itea. , “Tae tems pomergeesndadin | Tia GO imparted higgs eete
oe, a6 . . ‘ .

, . , . x ¥ ’ a I,


-. WATERMAN'S =: | -————_>

Xmas Goods

o %& -

\ \
. . :
\ . > yA iii .

' vf . e) ;
versa ° - * ~ om are ,
Here they are | ECE RE WH ARE AG AT NG
~ ? : Aer oar ee \ on, _ ‘CASH MAN AND WITH E / oan
+ “ jo :
Gente Ties | Beets cient noatuieaie| |i LHE THE CREDIT MAN
. « Goents, 1f ceath, 1S cente, SA cents, Prices to Ae ered tay TSE Gentiemes ! 16 iat And, like the delinquent debtor. who is always brought op for Judgment, we may pat off the Cash and Credit question, but it alwayy rissa up for adj

suit all pockets. 3 a x .
' . § +, trocelved, a ty ft itd th. tment er settlerent sooner of later,
Straw Hats . Figaoe, 7 'F - The Credit man will tell you that bisturcover to Uredit gives bim euch an advants bh
‘ r 36 exalt, 48 cents, 00 peats, Every face ao |- Sraees and Belts t argument te Teta fall aa a0 iodacerment to yqu 010 pre cent ‘dinceunt alter thee, irantagd crait eek trees fn sooeercht pa

Cash mao, bat fe aed
tlance 40 per cent, per

From £4 cénte for former. Orer 20 styles of anoom, Don’t be staggered at this assertion for itiaa POSITIVE FAQT, Let é “ ‘
G : g . ne atate & thos throw * More Light” ont
be sai Feit Hats oe Bracea stock, An article that onean buy, say, for €1635 fa & Cash Store would require to be sold fo oe Credit Stare for "$20 00, becuase hey oes sef :
‘Telescope Fer tm a me | XmasCards — - Gover teens be neti ina Cas oral bei arin raslc eat dao Steet duane coat ase a
- ‘aw, an . 8 40 por : a : O per .
Golcare 06 Dane tas 1.68, 1 88, ° Lovelicet sssortment fmportad— 3 cents, 4 cents more than be aboud pay, That is clear. ‘ fee months Credit and got 0 per cen uot Be bas atill paid 30 por cunt

custrnerelore bia ie par advice te. oa. Beware of « combioed Cash and Credit Store as itis inmposable for them too do jastics to both classes dé

Tho Placo for the Cash* Man Is tho CASH STORE,
_. —80 MAKE YOUR -— .

Xmas* Piirchases at the Cash Store

Sh I rts 6 cents, Scents, 10 ceate, 12 cents, 18 cents.

- 50 cents, '
For all occaslone~ 30 c£01t 48 cent eee | Panama Hats—2.40

1! Under the charge of Me FA, Ford will please you,
Waterman Tailoring Csittisstacet oo, fois tot jousd tar


Ail students of “the Royal | 1895, the Secretary of Slats approved of »
gxecinailon se mey le reasired by, we . "College ‘not butog perils of « omameedation made by "the Governor ,
Qouncil, thereby beesme to M geboot declared to by ie cons | Sir'Â¥y N. Broome, to the effect thet. this wm > Wo. 1, Prederiol: &t. 45 MAXavine Squmre. 4
the Royal College. ld from pobtie ‘protion with the Hoyal | Himts of 50 sbould be factersed to 75, ta 2
funds te’ uy Fern toschoole ta eonneetion ne College, eball stitesd sack prozortion to i's Increase which bad ane “ ~ *
y enenual eremications as the aceintbe number o Taide apis
with eke al Collere {or afilieted ome College Coanell shell, trom itiending St Blary’sGollegrsend ina Forest DIELCEHAEI. Pe. WV ATE. ANE,
* time to Ume preacribe. esp tech the p eceat Secretary of bate ' .
a) A salary to the Pricelpat of the #9} The pupt's of any schoo! de: | has conveated to the Legistatlea Council Who Stoadily Advances the Interest of the People, °

* elared.toteaechool fn con | being astked to approve of a@ further
Asection with the Royal | extension of the limit to 108, in view of the
“College wey attend «the | fortber torresas ta tho oamber of Trinidad
“tanpoal oxamindtiogs pre pantls since 1895.

“ gedbed by tke Oullege Conpeit We are ot opinion ‘hat tn the case ot sad aie rrrnevnenaneeraireres ae
“foe etudente of the yal | other aitiliate? echool, the salary of the | ecience he did not-see the necessity for TT Se
College, aad the pupls of | Principe) aod Chek-spitation grant allowed | appointing a master at present at ap sateen was deeto te gublle eerrante ODDS AND Enos, THE MOST Bll
‘everysuchaburiwhoshalipses {ig st Bfarya College should set the | arima for teaching that subject. whe were Catho'ice that that coucesrion | ‘The enfant extible bad atlent for IVE most daft sho be

a been most difficu

ae itatl grant for each


a “ Stadeat” of the Royal College
certified to bave givea euch
atteodancestherest aonually ae
may be reguired by the Coua-


(&) ¢ capitation grant fdr the pupils of

tha school bared on the reealts + goy of ened dxaiainationa sball standard for tha terms of gtante to be} De Lauresce regretted that be had to

afen anpost eaamination at the © ther cafor by be wudents of tbs | recommended by the Council, corsiders } dis should be made to them, a6 oogtained ia (haif-en-buar, add, ber anxloss mamme at -

: " agree with the Colonial Secretary, If the mbti ¢ s Jowing y- lst, That thee is

Hoye! College. * Rogal College. tion being given to the pumber of pupils } there was any ground at sll for * the {tie Exechency otaeeaed whee . boy jut fess d ber wit eters ote you, ‘ te Gantt’ Poeentation ors ie beaie
e a

(4) A premiom on the entrance of (iv) Section 12 which refera to capita cated 16 the schov} and the etacdard of | existence of the N College, it

ech pupil of the feboot ava tion greats on etadents of the | atrhinmonte revched by the papits. Fequired some liber Ih ibe was seat tothe Royal College b: the | row, darlieg?” she inquired, ° ** Fo-t's | tion more veed | 3rd ‘The on
+ “Biudeat” of the College. Royal College, who are not popl's [4 The question of ‘be advisability of were going to vary ine yrants to the Severe Sr Mary the thing, pet to the asiege had I want to woken 1%” Was the nok dreve the baie to pectoris ¢
BO! powerlal tonics

ion 8 provides for the attendacce of
serrived eaamivavions of ell Stadenta of
9 Colley
perry provides for attendance at
classes of inatruction at the College prevertd
ed by the Council , and contains provision
for the exemption froat sveh attendance ot
atndents of the College who sre altro
pupile of an afhliated rchorl, 92 certain

"S Neither of the exiting affiliated

of an affilisted achool aboald als>
bo sepeate ons not being ia
conto mity with the existiog
{(y) Section 12 provides for Exbibi:toon
to be awarded to ‘‘ btudente ” of
the ‘Royal Colege bet nov to} who have refided in the Culosy for a
puji's of alate achools ; tutas | precited tenn of yeate tmmediately
vinatter af fect exh dicions have) precediog apy examination’ held for the
Leen pearted bith: vu tothe let‘er | purpose of the Exhibitions, wes contidered
asvelasihe farmer; and paptl® | asd divcused by as, bat we ars usable to

smeading Nettion 12 of Ordinance No. 235 | different colleges, it should be dove a'ong
ty removing the restriction of the grant of | definite ines bat he thought it uoferr to
the S.xhidbicions therein referred to, tof give £3 for boys ina certain elas in one
eiudeota of tha Royal College, ant] eollege, aud £it fo. boys io another college
tbrowing the Exhibitions opeo to all | Tost was entirely unequitatle, and oa
uatives of the Coloiy of sone of natives ] that ground aione some definite regula
tiosa should be lari dowa iodicating the
Hoes slong which grante shoukl be
made so as to secure tothe amailer and
straggling school, a fair share of the moocy
spent 02 secondaty educetion.

pal, ee
Dr. Morton in sepporting the motion { The bighest coads reach 10 miles above ee we doe ab petenai

said that it cbould nut be merely éoofioed | our heads and the lowest 34 miles. a Iasteven fontantly . i mS

to Cathodes, bst ahould include Noseon- ——— apy otter preperation Stih'as

formicte ae well, 4 The Sste Dr, Roberteon, of Irvine, wat | properties as Capoiting Nu borg
8 Bot on wee adopted A gore pddresslag ab "yw mecting, aod baring Thet any of these nomb-re deweawd

le the audience with some of h i

Minate papers were iaid potifylog te recy anecdotes, proceeded, —"' Now I'm vee Bee ottad {

sppo ataente of Hon, I. A, Alcazar KC. | going to poist out the moral of all this,” | cen zo ta the Binsnse Drag i

asa permanent Member vice Hoo WoL phe acid. ¢ Nevermind the moral,” phout-

‘McCarthy C.MG_ resigeel, acd Mie Hon | eda little fellow ' nither story tad

schools—Bt Marya Voll avd the fist Marya College who have} mehe reoommecdation on = th Hie Exceileacy thought that what D for Preservivg and Besntif;
Coll gc -tasavatled tiee'f ef the of &t Mary s e any Bs ato , be ie y thoug' stwhabDe. | our Mr, Jnstice Rosell ant Mr, V. X, ener % eau
MePtalom conta tomethe latter bart of pawed lnes peipeted "Royal wad; ob RO. Besne Laurence had sald we ay ig ite de Veiteni} ae Ao ing Members, Bilvee ball marks were inetitated as far soepleesacns gratlecene
tion 6 whieh would enalve ite popll Collage have for the purposes of H iL Hancocn. [| Cotiege the gract was based on result Mie Excetlency aaa ced that the back a9 1900... in Eoglaod. when a law [able ina lady Go, quickly

Leceme ** Btadents” of the Royal Ueilege 3
pnd ceceequeatly tbe *aecond aad fourth
forma of afd epecitied io Baction 7 have not
been available ¢ + them,

‘The ald grarted a vat casa bas teen
of the nature of the * tust acd third wems
specified iu tec ou 7, viz, A aslary to
the Princiy a! of theechoot,ard a eapite-
tiun grant for the pupils of the school
taced on tha results of ao anpuslexamine:
tion at the Ih yal College,

3. We areaccordingly of opinion that
{2 order tu tring the law {nto conformity

The Aitorey Gevetal—I bave not got ‘bh th was pasred compeilieg sterliou articles to bo | copy,
foto my bead yet, why the greateto both | Syeereciae tueoute ye 88, Additional stamped with s leopard’s bead. . SMITH BROS kaa

Me. de Verteuil secondéd, Co.leges sre vot the eo! dyastime * Sante ———

AMigr® bel expleanlon by he Colm | “Drs Lrarenen“b: Afer's grant wat | tan tient ba been Qeeuceed’®) Co | ag Sqycmonger sae diving « donkey | AUCTION
tial Mecratary in reply to His Excel. | 5: y thia BS. ‘r . bu when itcanie to There wennstartber buaices ard the} a lace, when, at « sodice tartin i —y——
leary, withregard to section é of toe f Naparims they ‘refased bave anything | meeting terminated. donkey shied’ wad BE andere gned will voll by
tepot, the latter was adopted aud ordered to de sith it sad left it to the Government. who Jae va idly met and prety i Coron MUNDAY «be dtez

ft Nev a we ;

an support of the prncip's. oa walen St thewreaalt that the cart eparts ont 8 gd | Oa crock ne. use neateves

deal of the crovkery waa smaahed be and lwelock wo ba em enti ues

poor Iedy was borifed, and weited, in | forthearre-r en on the

some fear and Vem! lirg,for the torent of

aha we which, to suine degres »t le st,


Section 1? teen treated asa udeots

uf the Royal College, The pro-
pod new Section 9 if adopted
aul render nonecersary any
amendwent of Sectinn 12,

4. Wuh regarl to the gaestion of
rogaleticns for deshaz with ef plicatfoos
for athiiavon weaie ot oploion that. on | to Le ernton co the Gove pment
the receipe of any applestion for alBlis'f n | Inc REANFD GRANT 10 NAPARIMA (OL-
it is for the Counc} vo decide in the frat LEGE. Mary's gaot wes bised.
Jostanre aa to the recesity for acy Rev. Dr Morton moved that “ Where: Me Wharton eaitthe Priceipal of &&
addition at ailiated echoole beyond those | ae the Bosus of £5 for every papil up | Maty’s College got £50) as a yearly aaliry
alreriy existing, and serommend accord. | 1a tweory who pissed in the Annual Ex | and no mater how mary boys passed they

District Court.
(Dfore Mr, Justice Russell LLB)
. Baturday,

of B torvzasy Fen De Ree #
Name y No SipalaeB at ice
Na Quarry 8 teet~.

with the eass.iug practice, the au ndueat> ta . 2 t the occas! itled. B
an 24 The nly farther point thet the ] sminstog was agreed ain the expec- | got £750, or LIC per bead for 73 boys, casion wae extitled. Lut
necessary are ah follows J Graver would bave ta couider In euch & | tattou that Neperins allege would Prot Me sVertent ws idthe prope way dn Iowatie Abiog Aart A Cutbbert this rien &Y co-tarmonger wae a go itié- No ‘ at She sire bod
(i) Ja heetion | t, repeal the Words | care would be Ube salary of the Hriccipal | fin dit necee-ary to teach popJa above the | which gracte should bs regulated, was by | Ex ented to Jenoaty 1p h . man in bis manners, and allbedijd wasto] ~ N ‘3Bet-or Plecee a
beginning “sad Ube pupils, | a...” F and the «apitation graut to be recommend | Taud Class Uneresult, of additional work done, and | “Curnetins © Vincent v Cher'es Prajer acd Wirendly Danner pets Nae TERMS—Cosh ot the fall of
owible, v6

fa le 5 to the ¢ Of he | od for the papile usa sehool whore affiiia | And whereas it hes become evsiect | not what the ellege might need iu order

acd Join Hopkins.—¢xeca ton stayed

mind, tadg; efier all, eveo Balsam’s ass

* section ton wae deem: . edvitabie thatthe icteres a vfabe poopla of tbe |} to makeit progress. If hey folliwed the
(tL) tu beciton 7, repeat, the words | phe oa itstion grant in tbe ease cf St | Houtbere dietrict would aderer it the score | liter principle they woald ges thenjselve¢ Tene eft per moth av from | was frightened of as angst I! TW.
begioning from **@ capitation | sfary,s lee wastor uve: twenty poate | of the College were not eolarged, sod ia | into very serious difficulive, as anybody | idem v Idew ard Henry Benjenia — Lirenced Balliff an

~ sit "so hine 6 to the eod of ne
the secion and fa Hea therecf 84 Heory bt &
invert the following words “ta
* apt um pranton tte results
* obtained by the pupilsof sich
“aehoul at (he eonual esamina-

inaccurdacct with tne tetms of the f ounsequeuce there are pow six juniors aod | wouldevine aad s*kior help co a
fe lowing «© oluttoo Pawed by the Ovuneli [ une seaior snending tbe Col'eze 5 . Jarchol, He thought De Moru “ga:
atatrotiug hell ou tbe diet Novemte-, Ana whe eisis fe very desirable that { mest was besed opon an expecta'ion of
1879 vis — Naparima Collegs sbonid tesch Klemen. } whatthe eollege wen going todo, rather

“Tant ths captains grant to bef tery Suescaia hssmeoy with the new | then ontheresultof what hit bees dona

Execaiion ataysd daring payment of $2 Around the Stores.
permonth as from Jasfary ond

~—<- 19h Deer ‘GA
Tamby Mo t Loule EB, John Hoadiey & Co's stock of boys | 9)
—Relerved to Mr. Awan oa Jeane oth suite fe now eomplee ant ‘comprizes PAMPHYLIAN Hick
execution 6 ayed od énterem, actor, dill, cach, and khaki sate all 57, Duss»
marked at exoeptiona ly low prices. The Best Piepsratory Sybuut

cli wed to the College of the | arsangemect ab Queen's Royal Col ege; Hetboughtthe app lostion was pre uatare,
’ s uous premsibed by the Oullege Immaculate Conceptions fo reapect | ‘And wherese there upper clawes {ifthe Couccil they helt totcerenserhe | J: sinh Daniel y dag urell Adjourned ——— a
* Couper of etudente who peas in the {and this elementary arienos cannot cepilation namber from 20.0 30 he bad | to January f6th. 7 journe Grest targalos ln bedstende fust reorived D® Soar son fait to obteles,

(hi) Reyes! bection 8 aod becticn 9
‘aud reenset the following t—

eg, Sutject to any regutatluce

made ty the College Council,

yearly local examition shall beat § provided fur on che yrant at ps ext given { no objection, but st the same tine he
. ibe rate of £10 for every stadeut | tu ths Collegs + therefore reolved, tbag ¢ thooght there was @ serious question of | ment for defend nt. no coate,
uptohity’ this Ca'lege Conn recommend the Gor { princivle iovolved and with which the Joweph Gemes Gertoato vy IJK Ra
Ina despateb dated the 2cd January, je nment totncreave the grant to the } Board should be cavefalasto how itacted. | kterown.—Adjoarned to January 16 h( a
_ ~ | Napsrine College eo thet it may ade Mr Wharton said be sheet the view | heard telore Af, Justicg Swart oa tp Oty Drog Btore”—Cel wold Xunse cards, | age limit, bm you wi h joer
soetenenenaennnSen nS 5 quacely meet ftw inciewed scope for use | exereneed in the Jest part of Mrde Ver- Lonise Fitzwilliam ¥ Montgomery Cor. Liscoits in tia*, Jame. Perfumery, Cood a] Dregs, or Bansess? io ya §
| I | I i i “B, tuloers, teutl’s remarks andtherefo e moyel the | bin.—No service, extended to Jancery 16, | 204 s!l the alceries that have been stocked | avoid the-mistake ot patting ay
- Aas preliminary, be mentioned thet the following aempndaent That tbe oapi- Henry Apboy (jn) ¥ Raymond Hoberte, | fo8 Xmae‘ate golag a extraordinary low | rary a: College? If a0, dost,
. College wan started with whet was under: |“ tatlon gr.oe of £5 madeto the Nspariwa | —Jadgmens for plaiatiel wirs coara, * | prices—pey them a visit, oor tuition bas been cowsed ¢
HE LEADING BTURE IN THE ISLAND FUR staud .o bea mininue bag fised sa“a “College shall be given ia iecpect of 30 Lagrence Theodore v Octavia Philip. — — rewsrkadie succes (hat it
. masiuum and Governor Hobinton had .| “boys who pass the ancasl examination { Jodgneat for plalallf for £19061 with | Terracotta, large alze ower pots ead | Lwperable for |: to be wors HUME
’ t piombed | ff a Colle,e was started a {he Queen’s Koys! College, £3 being | ecats, including referee's fee saucers, worth one dollar, are bow suld at 'e give privsce Calica, free
{ = [iaSen Fercands £300 wool bs givea | tdeducied fe reopret of every boy who} Robert Moore v Juha Vielra ~ Adjourn. | Rowe's Marice Squere for 60 cert+, The | ward pupils, !
5 Te fur the Peiacipel, aloag with C.pltation, | fella to piss under the number of 30” ed to Jannary 16h Chloa plates with fancy edge at 3a doxea Tecmny
d Gianw Sabsequently when se come for | MrdoVie:teuil seconded, aad the emend Saab Wyatt © Winnifred Fernander,-~ | &t¢ aolng fest—-come carly and secure a few
{n White, Drill &

Ephraim J. . | at Rose Merizs Square for $5 to b
phritm Joseph v James Jonepb,—Jadg: balfee much re ha %, wort

for Caliege? 3s he so0
egain? Tieo, eend bin wie

— 18ts J-noary 1909 We shell
Thia week will be ° pals week at The | oir best buys festo Colegs

discussion by tre Legislative Council and | mect on belog voled for, was adrpted, He Be

probably the Finance Cummities £200 | Dr Morton's motion was theref ire ae Jedament tr va TB coats =—Jad before rash
wan fixed for the prineipel aud £3 for cap. EDUCATION FOR CATION fs 4 ment for slsintift with come, Teoanees
teattuo, wakieg a powible £30). The] dMrde Verteall moved that section 10 off _F G Netto v St. Clair Willlanee
Coliege bad bea als yesre in uperstion | the Ordinance relating to acc ndary eda. | Ja¢gcent by eont-ssiog with conte,
Jrarabuwod that it bat dove’ excellens | UGE be amended on es te daniostows | _ Janes W. Floishe: » Alexander Itsduey
to ae coaeegueaoe ves tie ent oo ameut by default for platattt wii
Dollege was doing additional work witb- acy decessed public eervact + E B. Jone v Irwin Wal .
out additional See nse, nate proposals Royal College or to aay school the ment for plaintiff with cottes re oe
were recently made thet el-montary stared to be fo conseasion with the | €) per month ae from Decenber Qlet,

Mil'er's ato . .-

range ot hee cel keo sees Geeta, «fell | SR INID AD.

hata for men, with green, black, grey aud| othe HepremeCrart of Ti

brown bends,
G No, 255 of 1907. ‘
It juno idif bast that at Watermen wt en | Dowalogo de
Is cumes to Dainty ties, rargiog fiom 6 a
canteto 36 coats, the tiste of srerybody | Lucan Alezander Robe:

’ 3 ieuce shoaid betaaght inthe Cutie, >
Sailor scleuce sho 8g @ bers Royal College, and the fees G. Heyoes & Cry. v R. Ul, Hardy- [ca be appeared, eud abo Rodasy, Made ise J he
Boys should apy ta Napsrims College, fai is Trespect a ‘noch boys hall oe paid Jodgrest. h cSaheastoat™ wh h Herdye, chesporee, vtyle, ‘aod oality. they fe Julien, aod Asgustis Jatice~D
6 Fesvou t ‘ frrepeoacbable, [0 tbe abirt lise there isa

at were it otherwise, papiis oat of the monrys ep; ropriat, d —
ed for order to { per mont! . ‘.
wben dratted {rem the country College | parpores of Socundery dari feey 2 eRe Boas from Jeu: | oictar shirt a6 30 cenios tha exces | PDUBLIC NOTICE is hereby
te 4 Mary Queen's Joyal Cullezes | He thought that the Cause! hiving | Ancustos Richardey David Gratelle— | Woodermect when shown ¢ there ere alee by an order of Hie Heoeer
ou ta q ; Padepted the report of the oommit ee ap? | ~Adjournet ts January i6th, finer grades in zephyr, lines, and ober | 2attice wade in the above
polutet to harmonize tbe existing proviy | Julie Cox Newtod & Coy, v Lovig | exteres. Ia the bisces line sthe Yaokes | 70 day of December, }
slonsol the Jawoa the question uf secondary Farfsn—Jadge ent by coafesiong with | > 8008 824 Cects which ivan adjustable con. 6 up for sale before the 4
edueation, the moment was opportune for | CO ts—order to ry thedebs by three equal stracvioa combinlog Stand wears all these | Court House, lo the Toews of
bringing forward to the notloe ol the Cony. | inetaluents as fiom Jaovary Zod poireers take the Yaukes braces a wonder. | 08 Thursday the 4b aye! r
abeled J from 1403 sp es. 1907, the might call an tnoongraity iy} Igoeca Hoda vy Loa's iidta- Judguient sl produc: losfor 24eeats, Ia the Collerling | Detween the boars of oud
ng be Pree torn sup ree 1, ¢'aw whicbat presentregul-tedsecondary f ¥ confession with covte- order to pay sbapeacitebls for the swell, | that certaia perce! of land
alter giving a prevent rr i eLolleze | education in thecolaoy. Free exbibitions § @t SU per munth as from Janoary 15th ¥ OF shool-boy, can be had, } Ward of Laventl
g6 B6, instance t 6 fect thet the faatiia | wore grated from yearto year to tte 4 . Kioiledatenax ¥ Joseph Sisgatoran— | 12 tbe Tweed linesa ee tel 4
u ied there dete ge Meeneeliy Prey sd glen, fires pupils tthe “anoual ‘exaninative Adjourned se denuary 16:, by conaent.
1 eld ate and the rancis Christoger Piova’ .
al work, it was pol fie thet an addt | enatied pop! a who gelped thenr-to are Voleatine—Juiguent Ha tate tne
iloasl gtent shoal “made @e set forth | theie ddscitieg el heat tbe Teoyal Cot | plaloud with custe, Mr i, A,
a vere t eta olation, lego or Bt. Mary's College, The Catholic | Catherion 8, Skaroer v Frederick Btesle | Mscuer,
us Whotee Thon bel boy who happesed 10 gaia a4 exbitition s ~ Us courent adjoursad to Janoary 16, —
blete furresse the tit more reseons: | would be shie to continue his education ot | Badal y Babo-—Adjourced geocraliy, tof, Weesll attention to the advertisement
le! iceresse the cepllaton somber | the Catbolie College of St. Mary's, but] be recntered ou tbres days’ nota elsewhe @ publlsbed fa this paper aod with

. Boys’ Tweed
Boys’ White
Drill Suits.
Boys’ Brown
Drill Suits,
Boys’ Khaki
‘ Drill Suits,



t Valey Red ce
ag, the cut acd ft ous Bast cpon Jands of Dubois, sad

fe Mee stbactory | ad thle ec dy of


1} from 20 to 30, b ioe 10 of \ heist moet
wou sr zs ‘Coe ied oer fa case of scogndety 1G of the Ordioance. seyelatio day. ‘© Pay one gelnea coats of the containe sosethiag of fotereet if yoes It | THINLDAD.
ve ous acd Capleatl Uirane a Sued at power ta grant to tbe sos or sone of any | | Feeaklin A. Hell v Marnelling Theodore | for your halr, * Toueare Tob
Suits , abd ie the other case ecoased pabliseervact sAmission to the | Avfoorned (o January 16th, —— 7 Tis
Thveed ‘Abe Coloolal Socretsry rep ied that thas v Jo the, Supreme Coart of
mt had Dera explained at tne twe the Cone: | careed’ pole msess “whe” herpeond | Sedgtec tor ateiaie cite tasers | cause k, Dusen of the Park Strae. |" “page Bummer) Jans
wOURIS cit beremmende te { seas wees pnodta a pear elreawetacces forsee Ahora ’ teas Nichole Ad. Crown 6f dieses yauarde men att we gto 8,
; @ position of having ‘evar:
Khaki Suits. cdinesteriobcrceaer aaa suptts | eenmtzmting aor fee pas | fees Aiea eh iy vise he varci | a bat
or of obtelalcg apaly Nicht senda: 0 Xmas
babar eles alto thee dispropen boat einostion! aCollege which as 6 ode fey ¥ Thecptilae Toate oss bow le tid, ‘Pes Ui espccle) Awcte Eillatty
Wouthe posltion of the Pebool we Pretty: mach he ie Tort a at vets, ect by celanle for splalntig with Crees psn aie a eee ie Jos tren shed
. the same nett wes selmaield tor whee f tle dolony= Josep Berra: Carda with toys TICE fe herwby. pint :
Black Suits, the Coucell recommended it to the omgare ample tentlouny ae the forces fouroes te Jeveay Ade mey Lopes—ads | Cally and Xmas Carda, QO be gen rh 7 ab tee |
erament, a teers wan bob the ich tudeced Catholics tosupport noting | | Jeep Philips v Felix Ligrense—Jadg. | Geass een | Auction Marty No be s
goacd fore: ita wt ogrant for the few | bat acetdelie edacatoa for Ca boika, | eas Ly defeai for pleintig wih evete” R RENT. Cottage N, ort of Bp eaae ih Beeb
BOYS & YOUTHS boys who 2 4 tare $ fa two higher | was based epon prieviple sod upon 6 May Ayonng v Thaddeus Walle Lani wo Las} yu ae o's Op Malvilie | Janvary wo seer we
clones De pot th ak, Neparl a Uol- Peourktions, ard be thought jt waaf Brown sad Ressuue Williems—Adjoorp- The former is use ous, 20 Queen street, | tie and interest oa
CAPS bege wes Qeiog catabiy, dealt, witb and | due to gutilo servants of the | ad \oUancary Meh special defence'to ta | beat ube Mavennabe ond tos rete socal 3; | defendant Ia Niger
5 fa alse tan Focomrataice rat [ened gaia catbaes thal abate gone Fa ie pee ny Bead stan Sy oy Faso and toe
By the thousends Crbesed grenvto previde fur teachisg bail | children who gained eabibletone fe Hie. orde We + Idew sod Hem—Seme| de Bab bewly renovated aig cobested . Bedemee
from 6c upe feaetd tol tbe ceathion ot Ba neler junis lonpiug He thought be was] The Jaden ¢ suwmoue: og the list fer R Talus, "honctte lardwarte Deere ie ENT YAS, Lee
‘ meolery E jus Baytog that the pressut state J 2etteIdsy stead ody saised te Jenaary J8, paint . warts * CLEM Doys'





fhovernmont Railways

/§.3. “NAP ARIMA,”


+ The vaual Sandsy Traine only (Ordinary aod Local) will ran on “Christmas Day.

a ” 1 ‘F \
eo za soe psn vrtnanpetrner en






N Baturdey, toth December, the Local train timed to leave Tacarlajta at 6.16
pm. will Teave there (In connection with the Light Horse Sports at B. Augus:
at) at 5.44 pm. instead, and rua 26 minotes later throughout arriving at Port of-
Spain at616 pw. Tha 10.58 pw Local will leave Tacarigus at (2 15 a.m instead
‘Oa Wednesday, 83rd December, the Local trains from Port of Spain at Lu 22 pm
and that from Tscariguast 10 48 p.m. will not run—bot
On Tkarsday, 24th December (Christmas Eve) a Local baa Jeavlog Port of-
‘pm. aod Tacarigoa wt 10.53 pm. will be substituted for those of

Boain at 10.22





Deoexmnber 2kth 2Nth 2 Voth, 1908.

On the Days of the Port-of-Spain Rucea Specwl Tratna will be ren
asunder i— .

" Chaguaoas depart. . 7 38 AM. dAring depat 10,49 AM
Jerninghem Juociios .. 743 " ‘Absdle ” 45 .
Cusepis «w+ 250 we | Arteca ° 10 52 ”
Caroni seve 108-7 58 Facsrigus oe 1088 ”
Bt, Jose ,. 88 ” apspena ” ”
Ben eet ” 817 is | St Joweph . UL ”
Port-of Spain arrive 827 oo | Ban Jasa woe AT ”

Vort-of Spain errive 2 11.98 ”




BUNDAY, Decuw one No Boat,
MONDAY, D Baa Fernando ave” 9.25 AM. Leave Codror +. 1235 em,
Arrive Cedtva n 7 128 PM. ArriveSsa Fernacdo,. 340 4
UES Ate: Ran Fernendo |= 925 An, . , ‘
ADay Derwent
WEDNESD . " Leave feacos os OOAM,
Â¥, Deceuver, 34 ArriveBaa Vernaodo.. 1050 4,
. .
THURSDAY fan Ferands a OMAN, Leave Codros © 123%,
Arrive Codros ove 1210 PM, , ArrivebenMernaade... 340 ,,
FRIDAY, Decrusze 25, (Cuauaoas Day) -No Boat, ,
BATURDAY, Daceenovds . 222% ve Codroe » 1am,
Arrive Codroe " vee 3220 B.D Arrive Ben Foronnde.. 340 4,
Â¥ Bex 37, *
ahatadets ry ea at we COORM
Arrive Ioao0e 10,10 #04,
NONDAY, Dacenaee 28. Le
aye leacce wo 60am
yD kas / Arrive Sea Ferrando, 10.50 ,,
TUESDAY! Ban Fervonds 085 a8, Leave Codroe > a. 13.38 pu,
Arrive Cedrot oo 13.10 POL Atrive Baa Forssnds., 3.40"),
wr panes â„¢
TUE a Forcanda? . OMAK
$ Arrive cases w 202K,

The Urdivary and Local Waek-day Service of Trains will be rma ia additic® to

Port of-
Spain Races) the local train timed to leave Tacarigua at 10.96 am, will leave at
110 am. San Juan 11.19 am.

the abovo— with the following execptions

On Monday, 26th, Toesday, 20th, and Weloesdsy, 20th December,
10.58 at0., Tucapuos 1105 am, Bt Joseph
arriving l'ort of-bpain 11-2) a.m.

On Wednesday, 30th December, the Local trains timed to leave Port-of Spain at

10.22 pm, apd Tecargua at 10.68 pm, will nov be run—hut isstead

On Thursday December, 31st, (New Year's Fee) a Local train will leave
w arriving Tacariyua at 1051 pm, and leaving Tacarigua

Port-of Spain at 10 22

at 10.28 pm, anivirg Port-of Spain at 11 29pm

Nors.—All Ordinary Return Rail tickets faned on Thureday, December 21th,

will be available up to Satarday, Decomter 20 .

Retarn ticketa to PORT-OF-SPAIN ONLY, tenied on Monday,
Wednesday, December 26th, 20th or 30th, will be available natu Th
December, 1908 -otber Heturo ‘Iickets ae uenal

No Workmen's tickete by Loca! Trains wal be issued 10 the 25th,$28tb, oth or

20th of Decomber, nor on tet January, 1999 (Pablic Holiday )

On Friday,
Traice will be


San Fernando Regatta

A Sreelal Train will be ruo from Port-of Spain and istermediate Stations aa

Fort-of Bpain depart... 9.20 aM, | Carapichanns dvpars 10,16 an,
Ban Juan po oe DBD gy va ny 10,27 ”
Bt, Joseph sow O37 oe tifeynia oo «=: 10.82 .
Caroni te ce O47 og | Claxtona Ray vn =: 1042 o
Cenopia o 984 4, | Pootea Pierre o «1048 te
Jeroingbem Janchion ” poo Maratolla Janction = ,. 10,83-10,56 ,,
Chaguenas 10,05-10.08 | Sen Feroando = aarrive 11.01 o
Returning from Sao Fernando for all aboxs Btations at 6.28 pro.
N Returo Rail Tickets issued on Thureday, December 3ist, will

be ores Ordinary
je up fo
Chablis Hotidsy) will be available uatil Sfonday, 4th January, 1009,


* Goups Traits AKRANUEMENTS.— There will be the usual Goods train service up
to the 24th December, Oo Christmas Day (December 25th), and on the two Port-
of Bpain Mace days, December wth acd 30th, and on New Year's Day, Frids .
ecember 31st, aod Saturday, January 20d;

January lat, there will be po Goods tealos, bat oo Seturday, Decem

Wednesday, December 30th, lhuradsy,

1009, there will be Goods traiss on all Jines—the regular Goode Service ‘bei g”
resumed on Monday, Javuery 4’b, 100 The Port-of-Spain Goods Shed will if

pen for the transaction of business up to 13 noon on the Hace Days,


The S.8. Nufarina is intended to run asunder, between December 20th, 1008
and Jancary 4th 1009, (anforeseen circumstances permitting) daring which ‘period
the followlog arrangemeots between Bas Fernaada, Cedros, etc, will be aubstitated
for the ordinary time table :— .


Port-cf-Spalo, 12th December,

Tuesday or |.
arday, 3ist

Ist January, (i ublic Boliday) alhthe Grd ary aod Local Week-day


vaday, January 3rd, 190. Those on Friday, January lat, 100),


Commission and Town Agen

General Manager and Chief- Engineer, AO fee tt, Qeovn Breve



{ an






DRO O08 090000 000000000058E8e 6080000500588 44SD F



Toys, Toys, Toys,

ie RECRCRCR 00000000 0000008O00 00540400600 404800 8H FF

If You are in Doubt



Our Silver Goods

The Low Prices and Uptodate Stock Make them sell Fast

2005 0000 0000 00000000 00000006 00-00 £0000 00-00 00000000 0000 906000000000










‘Otto and ‘Strohmenger Pianos,

Expacasty Bet ro Serr raw Cuvarg


Potacensrnyte MANO WaRtaouse

No, a Mawisie Bqumre.

DVANCED fo bmall or Sarge anme oo
easy terme 09 Jewellery

2% Frederick Btreps

Dr. J. Baloh Carrington,

motes, Of Dol bu
wr Booee.


POrNea 4 Backville Bireat opposite
Police Head Qearters. IONE ama,



Do Yon Kequira:Monoy?) REVOLVER “STOUT.

FRAY. J ANDARY 1~Bax Frawarnd Rroatras! - - ‘
\ haere | Bes Ferasade® ove £40 PM Kanes Jonson ms 8% am,
LC saruntey Juyoave, 6 Ba ersnadenn , PPLY te Joerpn /Mrrenztt, who
Lesee eet Fernando. ‘TOS eu. Leave Teneoe a OAM A prepared to lend tn whole or fn part 62
ND Anny Teaooe ‘ayy, ue BRO wy Atrive Ban Fersando,. 108) « ee the following sams
BUNDAY, Janvany, 3=. ened . 1 ' os Grootry, ot Towa Proveriion e000,
The Steamer will serveail Portessch dayabe rune, Thé ceval tine table | end oa 4 owa Eroperties Fl,
wil} be resumed on Monday, Janniry 4th leavieg Tevcoa At 6 fr, and thereafter. pant No ta Parchese Foose
Fee farther particulars see srmall Steamer's Bille, Joreph Mitchell, be haa three for, ack
® Bpecial Cheap Tickets to Ban Fernando available,for the let Janugry osly ri oa wishtal of boying, of of birin
will Fe issued at Siogle Fare for Double Jourcey, limited to tbe cs ny of the ahitable houeest Agala apply tod £
Bteainer, (30 Cabin aod 100 Steerage) abd ticketa at fatermediate Porte will be | Mitchell who ths wramee for Zale on to fet
issued atrictly subject to their being acsommodation, et al) prices rl . ,


Coly to Maathiy Trssats—

OFFER FOR bare .
ix RMa@, © Megéelona


aY BAGH 100 Ouoee Gastier BRANDY 14
tear gm mS 25
Ginegow Steamer. | “i's. stsomnor cal ee’

5,000 FIRE BRiceee
To Arrive exs8. see


Bold by every Dealer throughoat

ene Colony "wn see om, OLEOMARGAKINE—~oudda,, Cha
all pizes and be,
WARBANTED, . ned ol the proper eda,
x Recent Arrivals 3s j
. 8 ¥ yer
wholesome arn irene ACID—t0 Dent, ‘en
AND Xawagregmesnge. PORTLAND CHuEN Ty Ry
Appreciated by all classes, from the} oRT Wine WINE, ty
highest to the lowest, CIGARS —Finest Havana,

and 4 dos QUARTS, each.

WILUSK ¥—Pinest Scotch, “ae
8, Chacon Biree ag

3rd Octobe 1008,

Notice to Bian


Every bottle has cork

f ure Iniovi

branded, io visi. bis wureertse ner ha

4 + established a8 8¢ Joseph, aod

AND CAPSULE EMBUSSED. fog them for pact Patronage,

. . . them that be is agela ready to

Sea that you'get the genuine article, | tor eee pees oeson,

FOR SALE BY He also begs to remind them

plants ere grown fiom
more of the economic ones arg


Orders may be put fn for the
Ch St—Televh 190. Venezuela ; Coffee from Ja:

= Vorastero and T

Rovsrrs-C Cal
suela, true toa Elastin from :

Sapam Jeamanii f i
Ericts— Netmege, Ce ee

La Petite Glactera Saloon | =e.

Timsens, & 4
(Opposite the Colonial Bank) | vary matonwny ine tas BM
Pirst Prize awarded at the Agri-}————" ke en


cultural Show 1905 for
Cherry Brandy, Noyeav, Avolsette, San-

ago Bouquet, Corn and OD, Feler-
pum and other liquors anexcelied for

MAM an Tome

RED * Chay,

Pays Wandsomely,”
It is indispensable in the papacy:
; Honot cocos of good .

Special Old Rum (prize brand 10 years old
at 72c aod 80c per bottle acknowledged
b copnolsseurs to be the best jn the
rain ateset nectar | sacl
. er
Freach lguore to wel the moat last events Mtidew
1 as tases, an
other wines, pr And oars * Coeealfel Sr ie
At inch patis
erAiimecamceeatmeice | San Antonio’ Hed i
Fetches the HIGHEST Man
A GOOD VIEW | pruveren poator
w? - rerized os 180
Un-palrerizod . 160

Fe. & oO =m gs WAY STATION,
RELIABLE Bachelor's Stand

on 160
A will be erected for the forth-
coming Haces,

The Bonanea—Sola Apont ae
Prices of Admission will be an-
nounced later,

« Refreshments at Fred. Un0, Scott A "

prices, also Brass Band in attend- . w
ance, monte) Bie

_OORREIA & MACEDO, | gy, Atlus Fire Insursen da:
. 1806,— Centenary Year eh wt t

fe cot


Palverized ae
Un-polverized ..,

Securo Your Tlekets| “2".2cotcu"7
—TOR Tis— ay
EXCURSION TO SAN FERNANDO | 720 Marine Insuranee Me.
ON JANUARY 187, 1000, New Yeurs Day COVERNMENT A ,

HE steamer will leave the Lighthouse
Jevty a97,30 a.m, aod retorn to
Portof Spain after the day's sport.

Excurstovists will bave the opporsanity of
witnessing the tte frem on board as
the steamer will serve as @ stand, aod will
also have the use of the stesmer’s boat to
go ashore if they a0 desire.

As afice day ts aavlolpated the efty
folk should avail themselves of this oppor:

Tickets ean be hed from all the leading
places of business in the oily.

A Band will discuss aweet music, while
the Bar and Restaarant will supply Excurs
wioniste with meals apd other refreshmente
#t Towa prices. Come all! Come early t!

Eatablisned 1008
eer %,
adle Agents

Charles Hejdselck Ghempega

Reims ae

By Royal Warrant to WM, Reg!
TmM Eowasp YE st

Sun Insurance Office,

Watatsiimied 1710,
‘een eene

The Sun Incurance
fSiog is the olden Fire
a Insarance Company in
the World, feinsures
sgalzes Low or Dam.
age by Fire Sager
and Uocoe Kstetes,
Buildipgs and Machin.
“og * Dwelling Heures,
‘Noap * ne % Bhopa, &
reat Bate ther contents, ab Cur.

pete per cent off Rates for country

Plate Glass Windows Lasered,
Rewtelnsarances ean ba effected for | aken in important essce for

be me
quanss Jasis} npos aad 10

clase , hence who :
OF! en
pete Ores alt to arold thay Oat



— he
11 bls, worry, and woneg LS
Me ty evig Borie ie ,

Hash cee fie? for the los of | euce. Tuo sapere .
Leask " «mwined
etHea, oe Ar# made good by the FB cidoeald Bust

Jooome fa 1007... a. a
Total Faods 8190 Dec, 1007
2 pr ELTFHONE No. 17,
. weded, A
Rub amily Porat Spe aire! Bi raf

ba bores
W, Bopyon Fa Sas Fernando—L,


THENEVER there ts « tolids
Glamects painfad duty to Tate
work, Ite mot ble fault, tstethe Custom.
mens éyse for

alwayq deley, Cle:
aea's delay,

2,706,334 LATES! TBLEGSpME

dere immediately © 4
Ore Werle Port-ol.6pelu 70 0
Bonyso—Ban F aaa aed


Sih aidee, bas w nok surrender mF
19th December

aye Porror srarx 0

ot No 133 York Street
Vincent Street, Port of-

B.W.L, where somm'
Seale Sieg Will be roeeirey

Wee a Sp

at, make le cary for hin,

gf 8




é [POO rn,
4 pRESIDENT %.. His Excertexcy tg Governor
“ {APY wilt ho'd LOCAL SHOWS, 4
’ Mor et 4, with the co-operation of joa! Commitee eat ‘ee SCHOOL
Purge saly wre eee 0 thu LBud December, 1908,

goer apne nen od

Celery Salman Rgaiia]
Kins —



FRIDAY, ist JANUARY, 1909.j


0 tee sme gpg B8Gd Jeouary. 1000,

- eye rere


BT BAHOOROU a . ie Facellency the Acting Govéroor. The Hon. & W Kacas, OMGY
p Deus ad Prizes, aren to p pace Exbiblore cal wil offered for = aSE a ay ih e.- . Hie Fxcellency the Acting Gov broor. TI :
fog, RABHI(S, PIGEONS, LOCAL MADE Inds BASEL! guts . His Worehip J. D, Hosson, Esq, BA. Mayor of Ssn Fernando,

oor ASA
. Bxxceoutive Corzmxmittes,


A. G NOPE, Esq, A. px BOISBIEKE, meq.


. a 9 SOF. o . . .


No, 1=FLAT RACE—Timee 21 em. Opes to ali fate of any rig trading in the Gulf 4
, of Parla with a \eagth ot eal 2 woisnd overs ‘Tire allewance t balf-a-misete
rat second prize f
CE-11J0am, Upen to sinew of any rig trading fo the Qs¥ of
Paria with s length of heel of SOfm and over acd bot more than 4ft. ‘Time +
TRINIDAD” ~ ~—S—S—SO allowsnce : halt-a mioute vet foot heel. First prise $15.00, second prize $5.00,, ¢
SALE TUESDAY TUE 10T1l DAY No. 3--FLAT RACE= Time 11.20 0.0.--Open to all fats of any rig trading ia the Gait
ALK FOR TUF of Maria with a length of keel of 20f%, and over aod not moretbsa Sut. Time
OF JANUARY, 1909, allowance helf-a-minuate per foot keel, — Firet prize 812 06, second prise $3.00,
Diet thet No, 4-RACE FUR HAUG DECK D BAILING YACHTS—Time 11,3000. LW.
UBLIC NOTICE is bereby Bien oe pot foenceed 18/0, To be ateered by ameteura only. Time allawases half s mincte
ia exercive of the power of sal * saved per foot iw! Pras pleco of Plate prevented by the ladies of Trieidad.
aoe oe eee ote ery oeetnceed ce | No 6 -OFEN BAIL BOAT RACE—140 4 0, Undecked Open to sbipa’ Lots and
No, 1463 for the year 1907, and made be: te owned 1a the mjand ender 16fc Iwit Tiweallowanse ball amiaute pe foot 1

hw. Prise 81,
tween Alexander Febragol the one part | No, g-OPEN SAIL BOAT RACE—11 60am.—Undeckel, Open to shipe’ boats
ard Leon Dubanton of she other part, there and bosta owned in tha island over 16t, Lwil | Time allownnce balla misuse
Pu tauaict reac |, Ppt can vnmen ince iaree aaron
. Oy T— BRMEN'S B.S Na Xt. ~ 12 soon—Open ae Bde io,
No 2 Sackville Street ia the towk of Port- boats not more than Aft over ail, Time allowance: balf-s-raicate per foot hoel®

ol aevart

tinge Wegetablo and Flower Garden,


brs ern ce ma ahaa, : Sisters of Mercy —
, . vr en?


QOCAL COMMITTERS will faromh all Hoornsatine aque ab the

R? Prize Liste and Catalogues willbe leoued In dup courea,,
, BUGAH THIPP.—Seoretary,



the best tneans of sending to friends abroad «t this seaton of the year is through

Rian of a private greeting it is. with the xreaioet pleatare we anhoouoce tha arrival of a
nas nod New Year I'vivate Greeting Cards, Ab early visit will enable one to obtaia

geicctions for the comiog season, = Bonk contaia e Samples for nelecthons now ready

bs seen at our office 77, Queda St., or will be sent if desired to any addrevs,

Partol.Spaln, W. 4, YUILLE


To thoes desirous of secaring their families against watt, and to
Aos.rous of accumalating money in an easy mancer ed Yaa shors period of yes tt,

The Barbados Mutual


offers overy fecthty., The “PREMIUNS ARE LOW." "CLAIMS ARE PROMPTLY | of Spsia on Tuseday the t9 b day cf Jan. Price #10. Post entry,

PAID.” Will advance your premiam if soa are osble or neglect to pay 18, and your | SAry 1009, between the bears ot oneacd | wo g_mQTOR BUAT HOCE~12.13 pmOnen to any moter bosh of any bore
paliey CANNOT LAPSE po long as any eurrender valee remains, ALL T EPROFITS, two werk loguler th tale 1 of power, and up t2 25 fees. length over all, Hondictop ng aceseding}io horse power
OF TILE BUCIETY belong to tha POLICY HOLDERS. ct ee or thas certale pared ond lengtb, Urize. A Cup prossnted by Hla Exesltency the Actiog Governor,

It pays COMPOUND BONUSES, she sigriticance of which tx evidenced by she and situate in the Ward of Meyaroia the | Woy GOV, CREW RACE =1229 pon yon te, membere df the Guil Bveamera’

. | ‘
a .
Pa e
. RP .
fanvthat at the last Divinon of Profits (1905) the Boous declared, CALCULALED ON | Leleed of Telaudad comprising 14 quarrene crews, Constabulary, and Customs asd Uatbour Master's Boatmen, Firab

Genuine Carrara Marble Monuments & Crosses
“3 ° THE ORIGINAL INSURANCE ALONE, ranged from 1f par coat, per agonm on oow | MOre OF les and abutting. oo the North dule,, second 5 dole Three ere as to race of na second prita ta be given,

E Direct fr un Italy are nwo. view at the Arckntectaral Decorating Ca Those | Policies to 4) per sent. per anoum on the nidest,
1 aul: Tealso pays INTERMEVIATE BONUSES, ao that even after the death olaim bh:
obbtal of erection ore rials to beir relatives aad friends eaado in beantifally boon paid the heirs of the deceseod share fa the profita up to the date of hin *eathe

b _ - F, BROWNF—Agent, Port-of-Spain.
_ ALL SIZES-ALL PRICES. L. W, BONYUN & Go—-Avente, San Fornando,

i ( Marble TAtens both Black end Magne Squagy,
Thee teow mad chetp. * a8 aviay ~Iatending parchasacte shoald calla Arh March, 1908
oace aad secure one of the chances thst bave never been offe! 8D ‘ ~ SAVENONEY ANDGET A * S751 TLLANID Orin? TILENRY STRE ET

Architectural Decorating Co.21 40-48 ‘YOU Ast
Opposite the too *ouse. Ss !

. y
{ Fromages pa'® grasso exta-mo Ilo

Créme deo Bria,

<>. QQ. Sauciseous d’Aries,

- Choucrou'e garnie do Rtratabourg.

laode of Paoline Febras, on the

Boath upon Jande of theheirs of Jcho

Wililama, on the Kast npoo the ees sad

on the Went upon the Pialesnce pubiso road,

Dated this 17h any of Tecember 21008



clr, Salt
vescent a
The disagreeable features
of travelling can be overcome

when you have a bottle of
Abbey’s Salt with you.

we 15

No, 10 CLERKS RaCK—Time 1 p m.—Palrs fo ebell fishing boats with coxewain,
Open to the Clerks of Trinidad. Three prises presented by the Cominittee.
Conrse about half a mile.

No, M~COLLLGE OVS RATE—Time 1 30 p.m.—To be contested for by Repre
eontativos of the Qaeen'e Hayat, St. Macy's and Naparime Collerya Bive
Viate Prizes proeented by the Committce, Coarse about halfa mile,

DAD—Time? p at. becontested for by acrew fromthe Demerara Mowing
Cleb and a crew represeoting Trinkiad, i'rizes1—A Trophy for the wionlay
Club presented Ly the Itegatta Committes and Souvesire to esch uf the came
petitors, Course about a mile. ,

No. M-OPEN BWIMMING RACE—Time 2.15 p.o,—Course about Lov yards Price
dollars Vost ane 0

No 14 -AMATEUR BCULLS-—Time 230 pm. — Hepressntative of Mort-of Spain
versus that of Ran Fernando. Couree about halfa mls. Cormpetirors in thie~
event debarred from rowing No, 19 Prise + A aandeome Trophy proseuted by
Moeary RB, ‘lborne & Son, Lid, of Landes.

No. 15-DUCK HUNT— Time 2.40 pm. Open. Alive dack will be patia ibe water

to be captured by the voatewautsa. Post Katry, Ds.c03 dollars

No. 16-TUB Kal? —Time 25) pm Open.” Ceutse about SU yards, fie: 3
doliare vingetitors uct pros ide ther own Tole $0 ce approved by the judges
ofthe Waters pre

No, 1%~FOUR OABED RACING G1GS—Tima Spr. Amateure pollens, To be 4
couteatad for by urat repreeuntetive CLUB crew of Port-of-Spain versoe that of <4

Arrivéa par dernier courrier

leetmpiahed 1825.


c Head Office Edinburgh, Scotland

: : : Sen Fernapdu, U'ricees The Chall Tropt ted by Alar. Clash,
BRANCH OFFICE FOR WEsT INDIES, BARBAI OS 1, penne cur naM- alba ... $139 | Galantines de volailles trufféex, af change me the daily Faq Fete a coalition Arr. d) and ‘Ove frisen” presented by the Canaiitve,
¥. ANwoaL savenve Kxcerps - £1475,0N0 UP. OLD PORT 30 | | Atés do fole gras trufiés, utine Ofliving brings Heads | coe eT LLON AT GREASY LOLK-Eron 218 pm. Oyen Prire—line

1 Bottle FINE SHERRY = 7 24 | Cassoulets aches, Biliousness and Con- and 2 dollars,

tavestap Fon Exorev “ 11,756,000

BuNUuee Usdvadse - tee Seam 000 1 Pt MADEIRA “ «+ 301 Patirs pois au maigre stipation, which are vo free | Se }9 b ae on 8 * x vl , Ce 4
Ovamma Pats. 37,000,000 { Pe RUN Sits “ 8 Petits pois Ja pysanue. P ? Timer 330 pm, Cruree about halt s wile, Sate Prive preseuled by the

inci i Committee,
quently incidentalto travelling No. 20—AMATBUR SWIMMING RACK—Time: 240 pm.-Amateurs under If
Abbey’s Salt* will “almost are, Cuureo abous 90 yatda, Prizes A piece of Piate presented by the

s . onniittes i
instantly reliove you of these] no, T=AMATEUN SWINAUING BACH—Twme 360 pmo Amatenruorer lentes -

. ; Courve eboue 10 yards Frue tohl Sede! prexyenved by tha t onan ttee
disturbers of pleasure by its |, 22) -ROUR-OARZD RACING UIUS- First Naprientatives Oebarted Time's pm

if Mbérsi Surrenasr values. (Pkt tied with Hibboe) 30 | Cépes A Vhuile.
_ JOAN8, ADVANCED gn swoarlty of Polictes up to 90 per cent, of the}, Bor FIGS see none % Cuisves tl cic aux petits pois,
Fi tyeoder valus at 5 per cont interes . li § oe “ Sardinos aux truftes et aux achartls
g ing visits to Earope aod | CRACKERS tas w +B
f IMMEDIATE KEDUCTION to home rates daring visi Pp URACKEL RS TED BISCUITS. be| sperges

Ep amer ternperate climates . Ct fl soothing effecton the “semech Amatear pullers, ‘lc ve contested for by representative crews front Hore of
- CORPTED i ndies with | 1» JA ve 12} Choux flours, ° , yi Bao Fi do Pri A Chall G ted b
a” PEO MOsALS Aa CRPTED and Policies tuaned to the Weet I 1 Bottle PICKLES -.. 15 | Olives Farcios. Liver and Bowels. @B re Turaball Htewait & Un. (wuty-ct to condition “Ars. 4) aod Sve" prises ‘precoated

by the Committee, Course about one mile

No. 23—VRESSING RACE, SWIMMING — Time: 4.0 poo--dimateure only,
Com petitufy must swim fog ‘xed place, dross themaulves to staré aod trousers aur
ewias back to starting place. clothes must ‘bs oorrestly buiconed, fra. A

ete OF ale.
No. aUhoa AND SPOON KACK-Tin 64.40 pom. Amateurs ooly. Cawpetito «
Tnuat stack with sa ong ia & wooded apoon (tu be furnisbed by tbs Meyatta Linn.
* mittee) held between the teeth aod swita to the winning pow wihous letting “he
egg drop or touchiog it with the hand. (ourse aloue 30 yards, Irae. A proces

3 Boxes BENGAL MATCHES... 31 Noules & Maoaronis etc, etc

98 ———~0(0}————
Aho Ciledun Wau Pode $278) conmSERILT DE. PARIS:
Hanry sae

= CLALMn PAID :mmediately on proof of death and settlement.ccade

4 *
fe | TLIGLES. mach ane te adttted ara noe after Two Years BS
: G, BRUGE AUSTIN aiid Wee Awe, | Marrons glacés,
Marrovs au Siro;

aE The Board of Indostrial Traine Dattos, Nolz at Fruoosux farais
E PROFITABLE MANURING OF COCOA.) »| {co of Trinidad & Tobago, | Cccmms Rauensts noime

Uncorporatrd by Ordinance No, 14 of 1906.) lat etau café (par petites boites),

Mr .A P. Ditzen,

“Silver Mull," San Juan,

ot Piate. Port Eoury.
No, 2—WATER POLO BWIDMING ~ Times 4.9) p m.— Auatears, Six a slg.
Repressatativer of lors of Bpaib versus San Fernanda, Six pleve prize, ~

EGS to remind readers of his adver-

pact feed ia a pataral furs.

morn of the eull acd eaeblieg the piant bo su0m constaes profitable “ ae Petcare Biscamite, Bernat
SWIPES ANIMAL MANURES, , |e Bo tad soosster, Secttioters ()


5. Entries to be closed on Thursdey, 24th December at 4 o'clavk pm.
Ta all reces in which time allowsnve ts given, length of soe) of juad water lise te
. be slated, Al fiste wad pbog boats e aatr throughout thew races dlatlogulahing flage
not lees thas 90x WO foches. Colours to be deeiared at 6 of *
Motor Host Hace to atete HP. and L, of keel. imeol entry, All eutres Coe
6. Io races ove to Dive at losen three competitors to aterd of no necond prise will by

1 ay
aed 8 Nougats de Montulimar. thement in previone issue, Le ls
° 1g Als Ce Ald 5 ell open for employment, To ensvre con- Awrticios, . ,
3 ’ A N U R ES é WILL HOLD ITs Fruits Cristallisés (Reine-Claude | édence io efiicieacy. be inteady to take the 1, Ese! subsectber will rece:va two pebcecibere tlokes for admitienee to the Gra
8 a E TT et abricots). . raansgerment of any cocoa pleotations od | atynd aod Promesade Jetty, @ueh tickets ta ba obtenel ow epptication to ‘tha ion.
£ FIRS s d td ; the following termer—viz, with a monthly | aecrerary not later thea Moadey, 24h December ga 10D
; TA. £ Uucre co pommes et da cor'ses, sclery acd a bonus at the end of each Non-enbsoribers’ entrance a OU + Childrea, balf-peloe,
a f Trave Manx—"LA ABUNDANC: Be 1 al Or aft Exhibition Nougatines, Pralinos, etc, etc, yer fre? seoording to “anal aving 2 1b courees nad sonditions a8 decided uy the Commllion to to bruting, aad, all
J nD plantations inspect disputes Lo te tettled by Lhe judges, whose decision shall be nat, ‘ .
“ A . charge and at expiration of each year's P Non bona Rae of th falta
roa. & Com any, Agents. XT BISCUITS NOUVEAUX. for the satlafeetion of all concerned — 3. Now bona competitors tu may of the amateur sveucs will be supplied with we ~
P 8 mith B p EARLY IN MARCH NE} , : crop the plstaton had eve petatelaed ia tickes provided application for yame be tnade to the lon. Becretary when making theur
AT TRB Jolies Cartes Postalos pour Noth good order and Smproved before paymes 4. The Alex. Clarke Challenge Trophy, preeonted by Alex. Clark Es
COA PLANTERS f kind of orgsale manare. 1 J H of honue No. 37 to be competed tor annually , woo thrice ia euccescion to b 4. in sveag
tiple and satevess 1a profeable Foaalte {rom the fehl Ty ° ae “ch ical rt . of . f ain ot o ler anvicr. ae eres the winners The Challonge Cun ig Evens No. 22 ta bé bold pecurue tLe property of
By Brpeciaily ail forme of pone anEre Are Prater wal eee 1a proseeoa the pagel Princes Building, Po P . ners Seo Ferrando Rogatta, eld by the winears anti tha

foopers, Cabinetmakers, Yitters
neg Bilverecithe, Masovs, Brick:
tayere, Plasterers, Moulders, Printers (Com
mitore and Pressmen), atteromakers,

Taey are fcoe from chemical, acid or

enrated, natarl oaetaale to oat wrat yest fuod elemeate 10 to 15 tere

seas wh hous added wots of waret aad ory ee At 60 avers, .
10 per sore « year, they herve peared, without ex09, Rhiparrights, Saddlern

is uf si Sb etary ‘cosa per trea seach your. or aa atereze of $500 Pa ee ueaalth, pholster STI LL ON WAND,

The Best
ie Posenere pias cou of epplicstion.
0a sac $100 sprob oa cil price oss of manure p! ore (Matireanshers), Watchmskers an
ar oxen or 1,300 trees for_teoes Wheelwrights. Prize List con be obtained -TO BE

Vermouth ?

istcintnteomen emt | INVESTED | YEAMBUTH ‘CRISIAL’

eotay of Friday tiornlng.
oe Neen be opecial prizes for the work UN

7 Entries to be mule to, and farther information given by the Hoa, Socretary aod

1, Te the palling races the Regulations of the Board of Trade * f. e!
nlone at weep benwsi! known ea tbe quale of the Koad * will be obese ating sols
¢ hhuwing Races the Laws o: ab H
the i etteey Kame” wl Le cheered cee commonly called of known by
sion of the Jadges on all mattore connected with
«©The courses for the Lat liaces (Now Ted: 3] abel be wan ee Baeee to be font,
+ To start from an achorage off the Wharf, sail dows, thence to the Booy of tT'utat
*Bable, rounuing 1b from lend toses, pheoce arcuod astake boat Learing a real fl is
“ gochared off Puinte a Hierre roundiog it from North to Bouth, thecce ta the Wreck. *j
“ Buoy in the Sax Feroando bérbour, roundleg it {rows West to Last, and balsting by °
. weaitenog the St coe Pyrieg a large yon, Biae. to Weas of Settyis end,”
he sourse for the “bec! wag Yachts (Na 4
Ne Eee ate frome 09 ach + tbe Baath set at sty cette
6 To start from an acborage a: atbere of the gett:
*¢ and boad fo wind, (hence following thesame course laid down ce Nae es tnlated
6, Any salting race ig which oooe of the fate or bosty hall have completed ther;
coarse ty 3 yo shall be deolased nuid aud sosd, and shall be re-salied whea appointed
y adge:

One ton to &

» waa jen Uefure or right Bier a hg
‘Sear wile aroand each tree, varying amount

Br aad size of trees. .

Returns Fexr A ove lo Groveds on

xhe wer ENS dels trou tbe pee of bwif’s Animal Maneres Ia compad-

ia) Rerteetaetan Miata mecca |= AREON, CODD ENDORSED NOTES| P. Taillan & Cie
‘ —w

KC es ate fxane of ai yao: prot od eroeoent mesacg mls Tome Igdustiies Assoclallon |

ix mouths from tame of a — 4 —— ‘
"Xmas Festivities. | MODERATR DISCOUNT, | .. P ar Eixcellénee,"

bbe lead over als other mepures oF ial, givlog 18 bo bu per cent. better resalte,
pe avold dissppointment ft is ree. | Aly to

. wh tts of Cocoa Manure Huppert.
ma ee ee ented atibe Wes Ladies Agrloaitere! Crcforesce ta Barba .vs, dena
19u8, eg sin confiras Lhe superior advantages aad pr Gite from_sse of pooces Fe!

: ‘we Mepurte over tbe use of Chewlaal Fertilisers The experiments oo tt ot ” , , The F od Gigs shall bearla,
Seca ned fit tae Sestetiaraautctetapetome | ve csc fadiope ent Mace He “A, FE RE, | sunt efibesean, he nteg Aas Wisp Maghaad ectse Waser |
* laced ar! eo. . , . etty, and the 2 e bows,
° w,vom the Dt war deaLen wade in the Wort Indies and | There | good selection of focal pha | At the OF FIOK of this PAPER, Samples may be obtained trou Tes Bogle Beulle Collee my ead Clerks Races ebalt start from a boss stort bait"
She weneral 6xpari pee mong U cos Pesnters wie she rerious enlmel Manure Acsiysie toyraph Xmee Corde on hand rangiog 8rd Decr, ‘08, mile Bouth of the Jetty, aod Galablog as
/ + peada ced, we subuit the following na beet salted bo average conditions + ip prices {rom 8 orate to 90 peuts each. GEo R. A LSTON & Co coy mramens C Race) shell startin @ lice frou South?
o 1 Wtmmure fo Gocom 2 roores will be closed on Obristmas | PJentelisse Convent Sole Agee e yond hall pees Toad ne. Vales Fla, Pober ie dey above.
+, mivwESti—s Aon ween and following dey. OF THE SACRED HEART, A Sn oe Hock, Usoce to Wreck Baoy la the a Fernando Harbour ooo round Jobat:
4 LLYMORS Kock » . te sand es » three tines .
SOuroa rion or Brrcray Taoricate Maxvan 5 per esnt NOTICE, Barbedon, Wi te i J d ( I} } § is ‘Atteotion is particularly called to tbe hours of startlow . ay competutor
ANIMAL AM Mee YEO “ moe 1. 30 per pest. —_— HIS Teststation affords every facilit eU. 8 ISneL0s, odsef | being at the startlog post socording to programe time will forleis the race. .
Poraat ro tt . eS we g a peoberr etn Se anteeakae tate “ Clamtost Eauctise s ales tee ie et pee: a7, Faroraiox Stazez, Broskiest, Refreshments end Luvchroo will be covided ab Grand Stand :
“+ ANIMAL ORGANIC MATSEH “we A ior arvlagee, wedding cates call | fciecey la Music, Palotiog 1a Gu, Water Neus to W, O. Bow, erate rates. v “ Brand, and:
os a d seprer for balla, Pas- | Colours, ete. Spécial attention is yires to

Programmes will be given free. ‘
Special Kqeursie frelon gud-co Ecrardon bs
cureion trates eo Exeu' teuwner wil leqve Portol Spais on the
day of the Kegetts tekog pasuodizers at reduced rates, seomen:
yevere). Analsoa special oteamer to ad from Tescos od Gedten be ba Loo

. 100 per eeab.


pped we, bags ond forming tbe morale and manoers of the

: SWIFT ANIMAL MANURES rien ed tn naw double aren Fonts ee with pre; pu lee The location fs slogularly hesliby | Orews aad Bridge Work, Devise &
Oh outalde beg i snipe rds and oswe and trace mark, the grounds serrousdicg the institute qed Orowes Plate Work.

* Government and Ofticlal ete . beleg exteosive and beautilel, (ocd al | BILLINGS Grid, Porsslala, Plalsen

OTL - 1 that can ba desired forostdoor exercise | sed Ooment

° ° . Torms for Board and Tuitlon very reas | fulavs Ertreertaas hy latest incrov -
‘SMINH BROS and CO, Tho Bonanza, Agents

Hou, Secretary & Tremucers



7 mo - FN } . , . i « r *
De) BALE FOR TURIDAY THE STHDAY[ 0 SEEM : ie ; TORNIDAD emp anut” SHPO ae | PERRET Cot “Pst On.g] RM 8.P. Baar Re el any OP SORT FRESH
Piso, NOTICE w deraby gin eat | BVA ersee of tha powet of Scie com Rlemndeoc. vad


. E is, bershy given that by \
Sect Dang te eect aan eatae 4 .
“| tertale m a
wATRA ‘ y ra N No, ragefor igo} acd
& TREN wae et soy te vere ‘Petaneeg nl tes one yart and

, ; 2
ot? of the otber part, there will be put up
cri cf in aceon ewe |
Ist-abd Sed Claas only Yor Cherboure #94 | town of Port ot Spain oh Wednesday ibe sth { x ,
Southarpios â„¢ 7 eae ot oy ipo. between ees ote 1 , x

Ct Sale
byibe Coaveysheiog ant Law ig Ordleanes No 72 etd ie pareeence of
, 7 Ordcsanee a peter 7 a wae eortetne the eenditiose votteleed fa ° Deed of SCHEDULE FOR RACE DAYS.
poy sixth day of Ocister riyS made between » Mortgage rexiatered ae No 823 betaine | en
3ey Gordon Deralan of tbeome part and | 1907, end made tetoyten Dirjsh and Koon CARS
ppa Driggneed Wittshire Stokely Doosty | dabarsee of Lhe ode pat ard Unrdou Grant e i
whe Gibet part sod registered tn the Otrew | & Coot irq other part there will be mat vp N December 98h ar: th the two
the Registrar Geotral of thie island as No. | for ole bY publly aaetion by tha ender. days of the Rades, St. Clait and Bt
of be protocol of deeds for, tbe year 2895 | pi ot their ayction ynare No V4 Bly aoe clere will only ton ee for cathe
will be put np for sate by Public Aection | ylocest Hrreet fa the hewn of Port of 8 Teecte. The Jotese will lene
We worersigned at bel section Mart No, sigou Trorday the Sh day of Jacnery | Davanceh gee. ie for Bt Cisir at
Be, Viecent Sireet_ in tbe Lowa of Pert of Tho heweea ore aad twooetock pm. Ail [the Kailway~ Statlon for sito

con | ferred wpon morteapese by the Conversnc:

ta Ail and pingu'ss thoes gix pavere?

Kext Salling 8 for Pte. Colomtis, te ee iad uhercol ihe bank wnt ee . “

a fo this fata: priees 96
Carthapema, Geloz, damaica & sctes bad4 poscheg abd abuts tbe North patty

. . \
Â¥ Crows lands and partly upon she Aresa - . a te

oo Teureday tha gist Guy of December ® ofland /1034 am, for St. Ano’s At lO12 a.m poo ds Epon the Avena . af
between tbe Bours chong Bods Ps ate tee achaoge Villyge ie the Ward _ apd for the até at 10,87 a.m. erage nth OTE a rag, [Henge ten east anny wre Co ed a JUST TO : 3

wae Ja ‘tosses ue Wanget fuser of Couva ta the felacd ot Trialaed cm The regular setece will beresomed dt] MAGDALEN Am “ 6h Jany. bal upon enoye | nd and peor ype lends . \
Coot re oritee ' ‘The | gto onion. cae Shae ted aed weren 6.30 pm Chane panecre en amers will lake First: | tte Areas Rives ond | partly upon lands of ape . , , ‘

Dg ag sores ‘noe 45 perches and | ty two feet (n front upon the Couva mein 8D. HARDING, gers, ar FO an maalle, Oevas De Second state in the Ward < C 4 z

the North and West uy Crows ad by ovehended aod Alcy fect is depth
wen tbe Soh va Crown Laads end bad nispon the Nerth arse the Couva
tbe parcel of land bereinalier next des | mein yosd, on Lhe South opon lande of the,
andoa the East opon asciber parcel l Crown 1on the Est upon lands formerly
bed forming part of tbe said plantation For ing ‘Mailiarde byt now of Charips
Juan o-1be Seoood thertot seaog oe Lrehon, and on the West upon lands vf

horth Spon tts Soe attend beleta “ Wilitem Maillsed with the appurtenances

ods 3908,

be Fouth Crown Laods | Dated this 8th day of Droember 1%

pon a Ritee andoa tbe Cavtend West ugoa Pod SCULT & SON,
we Lacds, 3—Ths third thereat oven pet jog? Gort, Avctloneeis,

eocres and abuttin, Bae Nor OE pen ee —_—-
aie ten | MASSAGE

{ a Santelors jastly described on tha East

‘ Laediacd uy ibe La Guira
Bros ccd ccna West ‘upon ‘the parcel of DONE BY
intefore Breily desnbed,

t Gott. Auctioneers, No, 17, Jerningham Avenue,
ee Belmont.
PORT-OF-SPAIN 1] Reference kfodiy ” permitted by 1~

. > ickson
TOWN BOARD, | 2st Ett, Hesse Pass, D

Acting General Manager,




#xrvom Loncton,


Containing 100 Bottles Bach.


——s ‘ . 2
The Royal Mail Co; "a fine and Hea and abuts oa tbe North upon — AT —
yamrmanaiare Toren (ish |e tf Genes uence elas :
era % (Mexico), for Mezico City oe Eat

every four weeks, Ce ee ead wa che vent open

. . a
Regular services of cargo sleamers| ol Wiliam Dane, Toe Third situare {athe @ .
to acres ]
from ndon, Hall, Canki, acd Glab- Ward Bf Modterat sloresid comiprines $0 ares e l Cc a al
upon lands of Wiliam Dane and partly a of

T Service, [SRESSEE See | aes
in a
lnfer-Colental Service, |s=3 Pista ie a's | kone wo 2oM. “
bi ra sl 1s cu e
pur Company's Intercolontal Steamere | upon ladda OF Joe B. Figucros Uron sands of we
leave Barbados every altersete Tees: | Patarroo upon lard: formerly of Pedro Robin.
asy ing to = «00 aod upon lands of Chattack onthe Booth
1) Deroerara, retarning via Greuade !vpea larde of Joewion and apos lange



° HEN you ere buytog CHOCOLATE boy 2%7C3x ma :
(2) Grenada, 8 Vintsnt, 8 Loola, ends the Kart upoe lauds of Fig W saperioctty over ober beamde ad even hlabee prices, Cea nae end
SSIS AS RS ye | eto otha haus | Ne Vat coRonenae Bocas tad, ong fet ns hg
nde bewton jands ew Yor O08
Barbedos direct from Bt, Lacis. open nah Eratack and pon Landa ot Kis | Goo, Versaion, Hons Indancie, J, J, Ribelto, asd from oot Guent® ;
———e fi tuale in war
CARGO vill be booked through by the | (72 wipe ee rete a aad FA. Bigger. Senge Rs ar

ado—Sangre Grande, f
id island S acres s roods tnd ~, A le,
Compasy’s steamers to all ports called at | s perebes end abute pe ‘North tipoa lands Young—Arima, end z. A. Biggert—Searboro, Tobago. Whoieeale acthe Chief

* . ee, of Kathwarroo pon lends of Dookie and 4..3aRn rwWoOXx
908 taloing 100 Bottles Each. Parcels are Lats N 93 of the Pbilippoe . WM 43 Go,
18th Nowe, 1908, Con 8 , the pied Tete sre ane te rates Settlerment on he. South po the Philippine Cocos Deslere aad Chocolate Menufsgrureg

‘Contracts of? | NATIONAL

i No,.1 Charlotte Boreet, Port.
hon in apy town in the United Kingdom. Bair 22d, by pon bat No. 38 a ene Telephone be. by Fortvol Spain, 7

: —_— P mone ft —_—. cual
THE ABQVE ARE FROM THE | Pxmacrrs tor steam vender for triende | RinPpine Estate and on tba, Wout upon, Lesa MARSHALS" OFFICE. } TRINIPAD ie

to see passengers Of —2/6 each, which | ment aod upon lands of Haaseen and upon 10th December 1908, Ie the Supreme Yoart of Trioteeg
NOE Port-of-Spala Town Board fovite ; oN , tained at lands of _Joobun and The Sixth pituate in the | TRINIDAD. Toh
7 (feeders stor tbe snppl y of the one Assurance Comp any WELL KNOWN FIRM C Othe obtained at the Company’ ward ot Cian tread prises saces, aod fa the Bapreme Cours of Trlnided No 253 of 1908 . ohage ; oa
woeatloned artic For all farther information apply a: | ss 08 . ‘obago, la the matter of ae
the ie api oe tae Arlaplta Almbouwe, OF IRELAND Batger & oO. the Company's Ottice, m wold toler Mejesy tbe Ques Ra open taady | Summary Jarisdiction, Portot Spats The Real t voperty Ordiaance Newe
"0, 2 BREAD (lor Arlayita Almahoue) . . - . sold to Sohadnee and oa the Last upon, lands of 190s, : . : es
AO A DIME. "| Guaranteed by the Yorkshire Fre | Der, Diaz Y Diaz 8 Qa AER | Clave Jobsvon No, 802 of 1908, the matter at The ayphoatio Smt of id
No, ¢ CORFINE Aun HLANSES, i and Life Ineurance Coy BURGEON DENTIST Port-of-Spava Dated the 6rd day of Decemtet Tro, Colgate & Company u ae shares =
No.5 IRONMONGERY, . : _— ’ Aucthnecra. versue UBLIO NOTE E {+ hereby gine at
PLEMENTS tsa ahed 1824, . j ‘ + —! HH, 8, Adams & Co. Pty soos Chie H.
xas La same Hatanliahe NO. 69 ABERCROMBY STREET: WATER W:LLS, TRINIDAD. sort ot Trinad axa | NOME ishareby eines that, there Jstice madzheran me es oe
No7 > nb saTr aL > a the Supreme wrt of Trin’ an: put upan iar nal ve ma feet gand as
No. 8 MEDICINES, DRUGS 4xpAt_ SUR OE 4 0,000 . TELEPHONE 394 Tobago ~Sumwmary Jurisciouieas-Pors- Pabhe Auction at the *" Toeal'™ Poerm-cy onntrary te eh ‘ea mutha uM duys tron bt
0 DRIAS CES Veterinary) (Over) 1,200,000 November 11th, 1008 oo N of Mpa ig on Monde the Piss day of December, date of ibe Pailiosuon ” of yea
No . "¢ ot _ o ot” et 12 n’clock. noon, ‘ot: the i 7
.No 10 PA ENT FUEL S& ‘COAL, Head Office: —York, Rogland. GREENLEES BROTHERS’ OR sinking tube W Is i Ia the Matter of Jemes Aaguatas Jnseph 10 Tina Honey, (4 gulions each} 6 Dozen lose copy. of the Crowe grt
No.l) PROVISIONS (for Ariapta JE undersigned baviog been ay orate sinking tube ells in yereua Joseph Gumbe aod Cecilia { Bot'es Seorts Emulsion (eraall) 3 Docen be diepeosed with ia reepecy oft
x Almonte) AL, BOULDERS I pointed Agent and Attorney for be Meas p . any part of the Island. Corrie Potties Bovtta Emuleton a (tern), Sib, thet a o or sparcal at Inud situa!
. na, | ; to a+ . — ‘ool, souery, o Wa lonteer ai et
No. 18 UNIFORMS for eee & Risks ct Garreat nieered “ever ebb Aatanng caf by Apply to OTICE ishereby given thas there witl | G'as#’ Cases, 50 Gallons Medicinal Tino: | Tiloided or mytiniox 10 eres bee ’
for Grave diggers, CLOTRING & 30 pet cent, off cot atry risks occupied VERY OLD . be put up edd offered for ssle by | tures. ete, =. ata, ete 8 tile more of lew, and abatti
BELDING for domates of the PH cen! 1 EAST ENO FOUNDRY, Pubhe Aucti n atthe Marshel’s Auction | Levied epoe in the above matter, North by lande of Ug-eram and. fy
Arrevite Alea hone by reaidences FRED Fu SCOTS SCOTCH WHISKY, . «| Mera No. 26 Se, Viecono Street in the CLEMENT FRCS. LIVOURE, | of Jusish Randal, oa the Seach by
FORMS OF TENDER FRED Fu 4 8 . . South Quay. > | Town of Po:t-of Xpaiaon Sitarday the 2od Depaty Marsbal. of Rampat, on toe Kees by inde of
may be obtained at the Town lial on ap . ___ Areat P El RA Decr, 10th—1m. day of January 1909 a0 12 o'clock noon- TRINIDAD: sad Josiah Reodal and hy lands of
plication on and after Daz December, 10s. | —— —~ . S. PER ° wena — The itebt title snd. interest of theatre . MARSHAL'S OFFICE Besa, end on he West hy Cows lands os
TENDLRS ruost te endowed with &)gapy bol TUESDAY -THE stn General, Agent. : named Detendants ia and to one Concrete Sue Dect, 1908, orpenre byshe origina: Cows Greet
abort discription sf the articles tendered for DAL UF JANUARY 19 33, St. Vincent Street INSTITUTO VARGAS, Nogging house covered with palvaned | In the Supreme Court of Trinidad and | 00@ Jefcally réginerea ab Volume
and must besert into the undersigne! ~- Poet of Spain — fron standiog on- lands ef the beirs of Tob P 8 Jartediction | Fo'io 127 for the purpose of entering 1
wot later than the 4th January 1909, LBLIG NUTICE w Seesby given that | — + OS erdmenes generales do este plantel Ose ammary
The Board do pot nu tlemeeives to L

iu exercise of the puwer of Sale con
tovept the lowest or any teadert tawed 1m a certaia Deed of Mortgage
. Every Contractor wilt be required to ex. dated ths 23th day of June 1908, ragis
ecute a Bood wi has epproved surety tor yt ag Nu 1879 of 1006, and made te

Sorzano and known as No, 16 Duke Street, Prct-ol-Apalo. memorial by the O dicsace requea
Levied upon in the shove marters Na, 644 of 1908,
CLEMENT Frs LIGOURE, the matter of

Mary Olliviere {aslguee of Lee Lam &

#e verificaida co low diss det 13 al 19
del presente mos, de8 &llam, yde2 a

Spm. Los padres y represeniantes fe joe
atomboe, 7 todes te personas amanies de! — —— OY Morabal,

CACAO at Star KS feere bo he ur ae

Dated this 1U hdsy of Decorshee 10606.;

(“gd) U LU Bate. *,
4 Uhe due performance of bla contract, Alexander Reid and Rosalie la iast, wodan invit, toe 4 Paci
i me * sheik” ain one part, aod James Howard Tie well-known cacao plantation * St, civilisadores uctee. 0 fovltadoe para es §P E CIAL ANN OUN bEMENT BR Aa verge oles &_ Hecistrar Generel,
k JOSEPH ARNOLD EAMY, King of the other art, there will be at wi Catherine , etunte io the Mansanitis El Dwector, eory 8, Adams ed A ere SALE FOR WEDNESDOY THE Jog
: "le, ction je under Yard Union, contsiowg over acres kL . ~-aT TUE— s
fa ow Clerk and Trewater. reteueae we ee auction mart No Sache good fertile laad along fhe bank of pe Dee, 12~1Â¥, ORGE PEREIRA. No. 611 of 198 ratter of DAY OF JANUARY 190, #
“t to the town of lors pain ropouche Hiver with upwards of 42, s 2 _—
PASTOR ype GET DAY) Raa he bdo Jone He |e tue tr aad aha mr diane SpanishLibrary 3, ash PUsiienp cel bw, te
OF JAX Y, 1900, Ko hcure of Land 2orcl ch p.m, | of she Sargro Greude Railway \° UBIE BARK
-— aa ce ueelay thove ‘war several paccols | NB, Shen it ased to be shipped, the MA 8 61 QUEKN STREKT. Wiltam WUcoxr and Heory 8, Adams & serials Memorsodura, of Macigage §
+ UBLIC NOTICE ts bereby giventhat ie © op gud and (xou p antatioun sltuste in | produce of thia Eatete bad s Soe mark is A = No. 620 of 1°08, ni pas foun tog
te Mortgage dated te ayih 0 the ee ee and doanenereet toate aremed eecea plantations situate ALSO one ee Cho.) some Lathe matter of tol A-Sus there will ty put op for
4 « actes 7x3. _
May 1908 repute sd as Wo. 1.545 for the year irene ‘on land now or letely of the } in the sald Ward Union s each {a In the tp oodid sesortment

Public Auctiva by the uadersigned
Action Mart No, @ Sackville dtred,
Town of Portof Spain, 00 Wedoesday
day of Jan +909, between (he bours of
som, 4 threo several piece sf
situate In the Ward of lowar Caroal
sland af Trinidad tbe First tbereot co
ten acres be the samc & little more a

between Rampersad of the one |

ree aod Heur Each Merely Oftum Murray Crown, ou the South on & roads on she
ol theoiter pars bere wi) be putusior sale East on lend in the occupat ion of Mre
Ly public alsctizo hy tbs vaderagoed atthar Buxim,eodentue Wrat oo lend fin the
wucfoe mart No '« curver of St. Vincent and occupation of Mre Reid s the sdoond there.
dachyille Strees, Por ot Sials oa Tuesday | of comming sittecn acre snd abutting
Ohe guh day of Januaty 1909 between the buars | on the North ani Weet on Crown Land,
of Une and lwo p onthe Novth on a road, atdon the East

ot IknwuGjien Paper and Gels:
tine Laater:R, with Fiegs and Cost
of Arms of the followiog wations,
vas Laly, Eaglard, China, America
Frar@, ana Venezuela,

POST CAKDS ~The Moderd Ten Com.
mandment ‘Post Cards, ris—The Tea

Nary Olliviere Avslgces of the Jadgment
“Devs Cornalias Cyprian Vincents

Dr A. A. OUlviers and Heary 8,




midst of other smal] propersies and capante
of no htrle extension,

Mr Neorasdaty Cowleasur, the owner of
the above properties, le prepared to dis
poseof them at figurer eomewhat below
their actual aad full-valaes.

For particulare apply to


No, 608 of 1908,

f b the abettals aud be
Commendmenta tor Hasbands, wives, Iq the matter of Getrneated and wit! oe
. re food scat in a wen J Lower oo thod of Mra Reidy the third ther eof Ban Bw ep U:SA' sod friends of the Family, Landlords, Hobe Hyedman tberoot snewa ia the plan oF ore the
Cee nee a Teeaad Comprlsiog 6 | Compristag ten norte ot Ind an 1 apautiog Ma K, BERNARD ACHAM, eto., Comic and opley Carde to suid all Hear Br Adame, Property Kegistee Bouk dat wots
Jactes aod abuttiog oa re North upua land of | 09 the North Neodol, Alerender Reid? - Nolicitor, | For &sle at Waelesm 222708. sut fects and demande, fos 64 and tounded os tha Norto by
# Baddar, on the Sout u, Crown lands, on | 00 the South oo land o} Oty . Telephone No, 108,

Pero MPawine— Aciomatio~
Chrisumas aod New Year Uarde,—Ez?
traordinary tinea; Poet Carde — de
Luxe, with mottoes and verse, Eogtiob,
Spanmhor French,

xxa)=6(HoMeszcel, — The
Sacred ilatory Puss Cards, vig « Para:
diss, Adam aod Eve Expelied, The

No. 5 Henry St.—Telephowe Ney 561—Des
Meh I,

Auction Sale.
OLEAVER LANE (8t Josoph Road.)

~ON =



â„¢ a Laod
Notice le hereby gives thet there Laod ou the Souch by Crow
tll be pat up for este by Mablis Auce | by Crowa Lend acd by lacds peuslengh #
tion at the Ideal Pharmacy ab No. 27 by Abrabana Wist and on the Wen by §
Gheslotte Streca Pore-ct Epela oo Monday Land. oe Decond thersof,
9 2lat day of Decem! acres be the samen
o'clock novo, wras 12 ed and with the abuttals acd bouodares t
Portion of the Stock Jo Trade of the | sbews in tbe pian or diagram attached

‘est upos isuds of N. Toussaint. on Jar! of Charlotte Reid 4 and the foarth

the ast ore aliand singularthat certain piece | thereaf acaprilog sixteen acres known
Yor paicel of land stuste 1 tbesad Ward of | ag Lod No 17 of the Mansanille Settlement
9 Lewer Caroni compnsing 9 sures aod abutting | and abutting on the North on the Manas
00 tbe North ugon lands of Lous F185, 09 18° | aitig high road, om the South on the tiver

Sow lands of Haddar, oa the Last wpon seston Lot No 18
Grown lands edd on ine Wertapon lacds of | L@ Branche, oo the Las

fe Past upon lands of Heney Flaviay and oo | oa the Keat oa a road, and on the Weat

2 ed io tbe said oa
D of the Maozauills Nectlemens, . Daluge, J Bold by bi , Ideal Pharmscy couslatiog of Pateng | CPwa Grant enter beeen
Komarice and upon lands of Neola Toussaiot. | DCHen Ot oa Lon No 16 of the said TUESDAY 22ND DECEMBER 1008,| — Mosd'Bovind, The Pity Doce att | Medicines, Drugs eter ehtas ates ater oo ie ict od toe boaee
Dated thie 3r0 gay of Decemoes 2908, Rettlement, Bubjecd to» certaia Mot. Siosi, oust Carmel, Letaeoe and | Previously advertised aod levied noon ia

Aucticoneers. ege thereon in fevour of James the above mazter,

De Marshal,

re UNDERSIGNED WILL SELL olber places, .

A, by wublic anctiou betwees the huure| The Lord's Prayee Post Card, Paith, Hope
ot } and 2o¢ ock pm. on ths above cate— | and Charity, the Calvary Tos Mary Tree,
One Canc sie Nogaing House measuring | The Convent St Calberiae, &c,

20 x2 feo, (Ns 2 Cleaver Line) for] All wholesale and retail,

arreneof Laod Rent
& LA CAMELI A,” —61 Queen Street,

Terms: Ga-h at fall of hummer,

. Auart.ouveer,
54 Duke Street.


Goes LADIES 8 4DDLE, t
Uoe MULE, eultab’e Cocoa Estate
work, Ajply, AL, O. &cionver,

lands of Richard Jarmeq Hodge oa
laods of Jeremiah ‘Areball and by ;
Rovert Jobneon aod on the West by isuée
tioned for by Heory Joseph Leun aud tne TRIED EE
thereos comprising four acres, thres ross Pray
tbirty seven perches be the 6 ise & Lite
OF bene doluenied pod with ive abuitee
Dousdaries thereo! shewa Iu the plan or
attached t0 the Crows Graot tt a
said Kegister took at Volume LXXXVE,
49§ aud bovbded on the Nutt uy A
aud by lan ‘sot Heory Jesh nage the 7
uth by Lads see CCH, a
by ed of Bicoard fore Hudge ant Gy
the West by Crown te oof
N.B, Tne above parcels of lund wit
subject to « certain Meworscdem
Mortgage No, srt deed she sob 6
{see fyey endorsed on the said
sreuts aod made vy toe sald Heury Jom
Leva le favour of Manaco Aloe a

j 7 ‘oms Hamlyn by 1 Deed dated the 2u.b
TRINIDAD. ~| day of Jnoe 1900 registered as No 1977 of
SPRUBLIC NOTICE 2 beroby piven thal | in
Ward of Tao deceased by bis last Will and

Ldth December 1908,
In the Bapreme Court of Trinidad sod


8 Jeriediotlon~ Port. °

No. 680 of 1908, ot Bpule
la the matter of

. Antooia Valsi
TUB: -: . versus “

ICE CREAM PARLOR] jporteaserecar en te tee ot

$ d offered f t
Xm Eredexiciz st. Pablia Faction at the. Idea! Pharm 7

Manuel dSeivary late of Metelot in ibe Dated thie Sih dey ot December 3908,
‘xternent io writing dated the yth day of April
Birsptee ree, oot ls | ann
for the eame year 4urs . orn
to Escluy Saleary vy whom be bad fout child Balk FOR JANUARY 1900,
Seer cece hore ey vat
He vi at 'e
sae Ate al tbe Testator declaied thet UBLIC NOTICE "is derby | given
1 She was beuod Sod pos esred Of two Cocos estates that in exercise of the Power © eo
* and @ parcel of land at Maselot in the Ward of | vostedin the mottysges by virtue of a
Toco be 2a #8 ates being respectively called | vertain memorsoduus of mortgage num
‘eMalgretoue and Belle Sse” ‘The testator | ered 129, dated the [6uh day of February
“the said Manuel Suivery nominated and] poq7m ' sucwern LB rysh and Soonds
s appointed bs» tbe aad pxcilly dalvary | basses fa favor of Curdun Greot & Co,
[ anecuina of bis a3t will aod guarcian of tba there willbe pat up for asle ty pubite
goa agnor the said Manuel Salvary gave | Suction by the uudersgoed ab thelr


Ice House

No, 27 Charlotta Street Port-of Spain on

is bow

srg , - HAVE ON SHOW Wodoesday the 23rd day of December | Sbd mottace security

Gevised und Lequeatbed unto bis, wile the anid | suction mae No. 14 es Mineo gbirect 17.12, "08. South Qaay, . 1908 ab 12 Veloce” noon S¢ dosea Bottles Dated the agin dey of November tod

Racily Salvary tor ber hie ure and alter bor | Port of Boole on Tues ay, the ay o! * TRINIDAD A L | A Bilstole Bsreparila, 10 barrels Ralis LQUIS SULLN & 00.

Gran) unio bis usd chides share end bare | Jaguary 100 between tle hhourt of one BALK FUR TUPRDAY THE STIL ovely Assortment {Ff peom and G ubber)'25 galls Cod Liver Avouscensss
re and merry are of aed, ond fend comprning' one iioveand and “ey: ~ ‘ DAY OF JALUARY, 190, a 12 doua Colgates oriwiner rel with ~ ~ .
‘Dated this pih Guy of Deceraber 190%, enteen acrestwo roode sad nloe perches —oo—— Or eye eee 8) 12 dozeo Colgates Perfam-

be the esme alittle more or lees ‘and

EXCILLY # SALVARY. with the abuttaleard boundaries deline
moark. ated ia the diagram annexed to the
Exccurls. J certificate of title therefor registered i

Volume CLALY folio 253 of the Megintrer

ames Phipps | Book (together with the eseement to the
Twab, said plantation Dinsley to bave and to
[BALE FOR TOESDAY THE 22D DAY [enjoy the free acd ‘unrestricted right

Pb UBLIC NOTICE is beret given that to

exercise of the Powce of Sale contained in
6 cartaia Memorandum of Morigags dated ibe
ootb day of May tg08 and made by Muogareo
Kampersad je favour cof Henry Earle Hethely
Odiun Muvvey, thera will be pus up for sale
bp public auction by she uoders’ goed at ther
suction mart a coreer of Sackville and St
Vinceot Sueets, Port of Spay on Tuceday the

of] ery corks) 35 lhe, paipe
Potessem, 32 dosen bottles Floride Wate
6 dosen To-th Powders, Idozea doable
Cellenlow Trusses, 5 cases Rosbach, Min.
oral Waters, -
Levied ppon in the above matter,

t Ie tbe Supreme Court,

oe = 91.68 ].08 No. 204 of 1908. diel

HaM +e

Bottle WHISKY .. 96
Kottle Superior OLD RUAL GO
Botte PORT WINE 48


Ia tbe matior of tha estate of Leeloo late







‘Ward of Mausanivs ta the Leland of Tommy!
dad, Cocos prope Deceased, ie
SUBLIC NUUILE me berety give o
spprcation bas (esa madsia me y
bootran of the Ward of Mapsisila be

Xzas and New’ Year Cards,


Also a Gos lat of Toys and pre-
senta for the Children, - - =. .

Depory Marsha), obaie
tA riuiddd tur a Gract of Pr
OF DECEMBER 1908, ieety and fower to wes tobe and cojoy | 1 1b, Wij Aiie OTS i Geeitde'Tra pa '2? ‘wivins the hour of | SPT ay @ mt to Oh Dart before goung | | Haan el et wt Pal
—o the waters of the Tacérigue River brosgtis Th 13, "All Hee 1g . ' Seegitet Wil bad Terres ae of
Uae NOC ocee as tascaara a |domauethe Wusutlon, Paredin aad 1) Hse pig ve 12 | Werd ot Maanlla fe Sbehlacd of Seiided | TRINIDAD, DEPUTY MARSHAUS OFFICE, re
Gert areas morgane dated east as fhence teben aud derived wet ee gad Tio CHRISTMAS Fim pape 97 acres roads and § perches | Ja the Supreme Court of Trokiad aod Tobago, 10th December 1908,
qi cssober 18, registered In_ tbe Lgtoe of the in meaner provided fot = a cortala deed PUDDING —,., a0 lala and boundaree teed “hewa Inttepe Ne 4 of aga, 1 Hankrupsey, Ao the Haprome ours of Triaided and
Es a aeeent inida “Sanda Want ot | dated the eleventh doy of July in the year (1) Try BISCUITS ™ at te Ghageate attached (0 the Grown Grantee Re William Carew 8 J Tete
wade Laveen birds buasiida v atooth of Use thoussnd eight handred and th 1 Box DATES 12 tered in Volume CLV Foho 107 and bounded | Ex Parte W Since Kétertoom asd Natmmary Terlsdtction — Ban Fernando, 4
fhe one part aad Aribur eee? on sae by |foarsod made betweem Janet Moelviife | 1 Box CRXSTAL'D FRUITS 12 oa the North by 9 Road 40 loks wide aod by Aleusader ‘Casktayra Hope irading wader af 3908, Netwee saned ia tbe weld WL that {f
tg se Ne eacearteehatier [Seances ah and an Rue aad Foo | Beaseeatt neat ova inas anaes Graken WS Roteuce me ES | eater Mtshaet rata | tng Neca erent tee
Mart No. e corset of Sactrile and $2, ve ot Lhe other par of a ie ® $564 Eaut bytbe Wiad Belt Reserva and oa tbe and Says (rpm the date of the Freves a
imceot Huesia in ibe Tews of Fort ef Spuia on [ the Kegistrar Cenoral's ott. of this ——_ West by a 40 Laks wide aad by ecother ECEIVIN - Maray and Lochminte- Defends tbe Cours will to jneue ae
Drsde. and day of but 3908 | glawd aa No. 315 of the Protocol of . . Ropd y G Order made the egih day of y ma endante Botice
eres tours of one and (wo p al, deeds toe the year 1454) avd boeaded og CRONEY & CO, = [eds tats wide Ree cer of

to tha paid Parbooteab accordiog*y. wt,
Dated tus wd Gey of December By

Laie sed ~~ ot Novarneet os
N of eyceting of is the such dey of OTICE ts bere! that ob Dae ee eR THOMEON, . 4m
pas mer irmdng pv mettre |e th BO Wate “oa Uls SOUR sek sh at Kerns Ce ete | IN tapes ap ele eta earl eat ATH
ta COmpUsINE 3 ands cite ‘ueeage Pe Brut \y tbe Tecovely estate on the Easy | 9 — Auctiooners B e'clock, pm, He date aie wae Es nt athe foreao ns wen vesen ejclock
. —s=- ams
cred td eeline ie he | Dy ltey Lice tata oe eh You tea fi tm tina Rene | Una, tue fenton ene 2 -
leeds of the Punts n by the” Reso Katate and 1egoe' a, a, at with palvaaised iron tiles standin “ a
po lands of rPuua Gusasa, Leloe partly oy tha Uraoge Urove enlave with Cans do better for Xmas {than buy your SAY ! WHEN THIRSTY Me LAM Galle dus to the Kainie should te Joga, Ton eeniuiats ap llespesito ViE | the Pex for Brain Qartae cen Ee
Sciarskty sii, | Vaid aye uwetr to, |leilonest our este sik Feu] are Larson nut EOLIgH Me in tor ope cet, Sigua mR; esarnai, ato las | af dla Lag Yor Say Ma Sea
isyounacd, F. J, MOUIT & BON. a GINGER 4LE~Freah, Bparkiog . eee ee Ey erates, Visoent
ducisanse Cort, Avctlencecs . MILLERY STORES LTD, Thirst Quenching, Coun House, Sen ale, . v. Ft oputy Backs uh

. %



5 . 5 4 “
ad ae o . sy aT , meee x Buk rs
’ , ‘ *
f .

ery Dept. Crammed full with New Goods,

e Best Values in the West Indies.


pn REE Rie

LA BASSE } 3 THE * PROSPLOTIVE UNITED EUROPE, Yesterday's Uricket for Trinidad,

. M Pichon, French Miaiater for


; 4
s . ‘
Fp o , » . : w.
HOP, | * . Foreign Aftairs, hee receivet’ Sir Max 1. C, MOVDS XE VY MR. ay B Altboagh tralaing 0 ations for tha
Lancashire Ingaragce G0 | Werte sic”. turing. "the “Coatin: » PO HERRSOND A rihntled Teta sary eomenasce ge
| j U A 5 ent Prome' lag & scheme for thet wma: ae . Neck (onze the Sporteman Aryeig ot, the
tion of the Pnttat States UFOPe, teat teh fayed terday |} mata ree of the membere of (|
\ - ° BPIRE & LIFE shohshing hings and Fmperot’s and sub- atheate ave Olatr Oval wee team fyoponed crew have in the races for the
5 stitutioy Kong Edward asthe feat Preal oeptained by Mesare A. E. Uarragioacd lowming Cup and the Lotesen'onial clalp .
dent or Max is not hopeful of success, 1 G.'C, Learmosd teeprotively od resulted [ trace been doing plenty of rowing. De
. but Leeees uo other alternative tosvold | ing win for Me Laarmend’s aide by 3 Freitas pis has been aettlog at by a
. . uture wars, Oe . OW: rd th: I ] course of single senlhng, eo that whe, on
' te &-C ROYAL INSURANCE COMPANY, Ltd} Within Wwrianr srite, vevine. {285, Feek Bd sirauand, the well Tharaday, Uueerew began theit noch for
e ' ee e a" 0. AL Lemans soeterday Mr Wilbur | and Ste Mf, Cochrans whe is acgompanviog Trinldad they bad a goud deal of the pe
WITH 4N 2,000,000 Wright ew throe han tred and sixty feet bie Captain on bis tour id the West | liminary work already done.
. Funds Excced ... £1 000, high and covered 75 mies in ove hour, | Indies, played for Mr Lermond's team, ——— .
jCASE S UP-TO-DATE PI ANT s 4 eft ted inst ity (ur finales Thene are new | The wicket was fa june that orate when 4 A start wan to have Dees tnade on Tse: ‘
§ ‘. records, ant be wins several prizca. a) ub was cancel tl ” t
ne 3 Lc SURANCES effec agains Teas GATING PROPENSITIES the ball requires careful ez tor | day, y the *eall to

will probably explain the slowners of the

with Heotham and Daighteesh exchanging
laces at Sand 2 Simpeon then tovk tha
pow seat, deFreitas moving dowu( le 3,
and Benthans aad Dalgliesh atrokel int

tubbing was pat in, Bentham palring with
ADVIGER erlekot as a whole, telieved only by the | deFreitaa, and Simpoon with Dalgfert,
morrow, He dircredits the Ve evaelan | pelgrave to open the inolngs, Without « | rowing was varied, binpeon atroking twira
9 Gan he Supplie dj Prompt PROMPT AKD fr UIVABLE SETTLE: | reports: and mioimues them if true The | por being sovred.the latter was caugut by
« eenly removed by arbitration, Turpin joinet biaceptain but oulg four
“OUAUSSERIED"—Bluz & Black Seal. Of Losses MAN CultulALUy TOWARDS rune were added wheo o latter waa
- Agents: CabTRY, Wyonyerd then became atsoclated with | stelling by Mr. Steven, acd the crow
FIRST CLASS QUALITY AND A telegram froci the Hague states there | rucndand the pale took the score to 33 | wabsequently Grol oa follows —
. Ww r bat luck: a i
The Bonmnanmn, to dnve Holland ato s Franco rit a2 bat Capt Wyarar weesomeshbat lacky yng lovg row wan

loss or damage by Fira on DISTRACT W183 MEDICAL sometime after a bateman’s artival and thie | arma so on Thursday vn long afternoeu‘s

nie Wlirin_ | MACHINERY. |fnneriidin, thon asd Str |, 2500 anata t) dies centre, at
i a tore erlin denpateh saya ls poident Castro | bright batt! f Renanett, Turyia as tT dteven acted as ooac! a following
+ ° ho UNe8, Utbces,, shop, De ellings at in an the centre of “the lineli ht and cate Hreuch, i tnillest. Gelding of Capt | #fternoon thejcrew took experimental spins

Hence sil and everythin Temises, and Er) 58 and drinks to Wr Ieraels distrection. He | Wynyard and Rosere, iu the four up and down, paat Lal’enitan;
Y ig 1 y. $e
in the huilding ling... moderate prices will reniove fo the 1) edor'n eaniteriam to- eirmond haeing wou the tow took la | stalling, Walcott coring, The order of

(rietion with Fraace, he desisres, cua te | Jackson at (bird man of Gadsadbar, | De
AND OF tiowled by George Juhé ott his pads C:pt | tam The work wag watched [roa the
t Ww: d 19 alteropting to driv Simpson ath. Dalghienh % Benthaw 2
. WORKMANSHIP fe minok trritation at the Goinian cordial when yoyard 19 alteropting to e ad
° towards Freaxlent Castro, The Duted | Qadjedh : ht by HH t | deFreites bow,
rm uth at SMITH BROS AND CO pews apers ask how It 19 resonclisble with core, the be'l atriklogthe edese Mihe . a
v 9 fF A SKEETE & C0 frrendabip, aod whelher Germany desires On Sunds
ool e

. 7 by John bLefure scoring | takea in the four, the distance oo
(CAZALIS# PRATS) Qarts. Fort op Da entente, War with Venezaela is dbored | tut the baile did pa fall, ‘Donawa wen elbeing about 30 3} mites on ‘a teas
*- 02, SOUTH QUAY, {tel ond the preseat Hanadron ig regarded howled Jobu before he scored, and lar course to Pouderoyen, thenre to
Opprsite Railway Stason, LATEST AsRIVALS IN an adequate to meet all co tlogeucie-, Bennett jolned Torpin who was_caught | Sheet Groyneand diagovally back to Hout

RESIGNATION WITHDRAWN, soon alter by Castillo at foug od. | Mouse "Che first etage was done at ane
A bt Petersburg de patch annousces | Onebrene was caoght bebind the | what tore thea « atrong paddlé, the
that M1 hhowyahot bas withdrawa Mie | wickets by Joseph after scoring 2, eed | remainder at @ paddling stroke with a.
remenation of the Frenfency of the | Rogers shared © similar fate, Keleball } rather poorepriatat La Penitence, Tha
Doama, ead Cumberbatoh helred Rensett add 31 | river was exceptionally amooth, aml tho
A Tekio telegram states ‘the Japanese | pone tn the sore. expectation of experiencing the tow
Buitget has been published and meets With 10) on the tine for the Joeruf 9 | ditions of water which may ‘0 expectol

fo ee ° . x . ‘ HE. STORES,
ding Co., Ltd ror 4 been ps ‘
i Trinidad Shipping & Tra g Co., ‘ xx \T. A S HERStOS: FLAFKS, Sptnt Flaone, | Tutt geners et (sIIFLLED AND wickets, Tearwoud declared ble Innings | (0 azlst at tan Fernando was therefore nck

[Above being offered Cheap. “OR Prestals for Guo'lemen,

—— oj . —iT—

Gold Scarf Fins, Peosante, Watch los tal
Chalns, Gold Peotils, Foustelo Peos, Gold The “Caloro” tovk tire at Sagapore,

INIDAD LI N E OF ’ STEANE RS. Links, Gold Stads, Tle Cups, Silver bhar " gid it being impo-sible to soult @ ee the

Ne Slerragins team then oscupled the

wickets but were all disposed for Today and tomorrow faither tutti:

prigetpal scorers being GW | will be dune, the pairs being changed ear!

log, Bon fed Brass x garetve Bones forte shelled and sank her ate distance of eh aod the akippor with Sy and lz sflerucon, aod. on Fe wie) avother ep will

Befery Razors, Pipes, Welkiog Sticks, | “tEVISION OF HINKSE COURT — | ‘7Pecuvely. form of u paddle to Locles, alter whieh ihe

. BENG AL Pocket Books, Note Books, Cigar acd ETIQUETTE, F A goot many of the failures yere t due to erew will row over the Lee 8 course. wf

PROPOSED SAILING DATES 1908 Cigarette Tabes, Sete of Resors, Leathse : A shanghai telegram stetes that Pringa | feeble betting, Benrett an Jadar | houston they will be yolues by the stroag®

Lee Arrive Leave Arrive Cigar ond Cigarette Cares, Veot Buttons, Chur, the Regent, evived the Chi | bowled with surprising success, the farmer or crew the club caa got together, ant

Btonmers. N York Trinidad ‘Trintdad New York * Stamp Dampers, Eandow Developers wed | nesd ‘Court etiqueite, and Mioistere will | (akiow awickee for 1¢ suns aod thelatter | Wi race ty the boat houve, "

. er” 10 we Oct, 20 wu Oct, 28° ae Now, 8 Dumb Mella, Cricket Bets, Silver Bhaviog | now git during an aodience inatead of Stor 46. Awstch bee teen srranged to

Z1 4 Oct, 30 .. Nov, 7 ow» Nov, 18 Beashes, Razor aod Brosh in Cesc, Haut | (nesting, and a Kpecil Commisuon hae | tke place on Christina Day aod the fol-

RAVAL +, 08 obs} ks, Hele Brushea— F lowing Satarday when Captela Wynysard Marrlage, —
y Nov, 10... Nov, 18 ve Nov, 28 Hrashes—itver Hacks, He! poet hess ordered to oblitor ste the distinetions -_—
‘ ” Deo. Deo, Case Mile- , will elect a leans to © the probable .
RAGABY o For Ue ow Bor: * i= Deo. a “. Dea B ees ate owe “teat rocket between, Manchun emimpletion” die hee Trinided eau, Apres ed are Mie full ot tel ae Neadllng ose ai the
mn OF ORANADi" Nor. % Deo, 18... Deo. 23 iN Deo. 38 Books, Shenng = Mirror, | Shaving | Canton Hankow failway, reorea and acelysla i= oa Thutstay 17h

. * ioetant when Sir. Urathwelre {forw.
. OO or! reas ae 4 Fit ‘LAR GRATIFICATION OVER orwerly
1909 19 8 nye De ing Care a0 od] FOPULAR 2 . x dcuggut of Grenads) of the BW. by,

B Hog Glasser, Field Glaanes. ACTION, (R LEARMONDS® TEAM, . wee
RACAS" 1.. Deo 10... Des, 29... Jam 6 oe Jan, 14 ‘a tee OR Brive . Key Chess, GENERAL SIMON S ALLCTJUD waited Ia the bonds uf Hoty Wedtock tu

New Lork, December 1th, aT, Misa Mariq Anoiie Mary
Card, Cigar end Cigarette Cases, Cigar Laith ‘ QC Learmond, b G Jobn oe A . 6, Cipriant
RAVAL Dose 30 ww Jane 8 nn Jans 16 = San, 4 Suters, Canretie Paver Holders, Pocket A telecine ore au wate lon ’| K Belztave, oJackson, b Gadjadhar ., @ patent OL peek ies Nether V. om
Rss asoce J T] Jan. 27 Feb. 4 Koives, Wiluog Sete, War Hendles, Bor: | of Genera) eimons election, and geseral | (wpe Wynyard e Harragic. ® 4, 7 I town, ullich ted while Bt “vn icks, New
WN OF GRANADA” Jan, 9 4. Jam + San. Tt =—it= reign Cason, Yennle Racket, Golt Clube, Fistaseation in efpionel, © 5 Wh panes bdchoncn “ 2 presided atthe organ, Alice its eee
ret, * bites, . N f a . lf : ae
il tha above Steamers call at tha Island of Prenada-both ways Galler Boxee Date Markers, iver Pencils NaLGURAIIUN OF NEM BTEAM: | Ob Nonbert eot eat: = og | 1be questa drove te the residence of the
8 BOTS steal : . I. ONto, Joseph b Joh 9 | bride whore the recegtion was beld, T
BNIVAD SHIPVING AND 2RAVING COMPANY, LIMITED Cees | eC Emenee theftermeda and At | Sy eochrtaen demeph ® Cedjedhar 2] Blewala were tuth wemaroue abd entige
. = ~— aay | ten ompany will initijae ther new ft . eouple eabsoquently drove to &
#9, Broadway, Nee York, and Portes Spain Trinidad &W.1, PAUL H. SCHERER & CO. LATEST TELEGRAMS, Tharetay atviower tates oF ‘Samtetbteh byshoon” k Sgessbe ie beri epee rea
ee ee ———— Sa —_— t oat . Preteens eS being t aS
; (By WI. & Panama Telegraph Company } aod will land ersongera wi Entries not on 4 PRICES CURRENT,
ATOR BLAME). —— ew Yorx
THE ot siden, Deets he Total for O wickets 100 Moar! Blondel Clears fon aater 10h,
The Appeal Court bas confirmed the 7 —e nee per bere, $3 we
ody ol ditor” wae ane ts blows { Soho! Conoert at Longdenville. es bay ens worn | New! ele nat Ta
te ion Srepeinn) (OE EY Bi Maa ae eel
THE 4 “ mt Becer ot! be 3
trouble fe the a0 enlled . | W Jetson 3 OW 8 | 808 a oradonu
/ Lo Disrrcy sary Atnfing:hiltation com abn Feuley aight ‘as, Usa eronon fe wg{GWinohe $ Oo 8 O | Eng ‘land Nolamee *t
tbe with peue! th and merey oul” enteatalomient ¢ — por gallos—No quo,
indore bis talking, (oretument “bereol cr bios hire Me MR MARRAGHWS TEAM, Colton, Nida Uplana

L Cosatentlne¢ BelgrarebBeonett ..
N F Heit run out
N Letentourt b OF Beanat

DUBLIN UNIONIST CHANCELLOR, | pe, Fdwaids jo Headusacter. The
Arch blaho peat hae eee elected | seboul and stage were tasty decorate:
e G
* ‘ SNUONTRUE REPORT. Lasen on | PUES S™ 210, large Bellence whlch | TO ipeduere Iector ® eenett
‘ .

ab Liverpool pee lb, . 4g +
Kacbangs, New Y.
taadas oma day mo 476°

Prehange, N x as
Lend ight “ wt at
Demerar Sepia eebor Wah


wpe ne

parewe, rma io 10/.

NFORMAL CONVERSATION Nesta W. H. Kd ¥ Castile o Learmoad b Heer
The t Fepore that Kogland had engered on ordan,’ Milles ¥ irhecl L Fre ¥ payee ron oat bs Teeter
x P . her good «fires TReatios & rexth | Furlong, Mitchel], Wheeler, Mesars, Hen * Harregiae Rogers
-F ma ri few tothe Haitation of tper asmea goin J OW UY avehe elector b Balgrave
oc r S rese ts. monte ie aeclared to be potroe; has boca Ls ret ccra ee tey ye 3A Joseph cond b Learwo:

tt, Booter
merely reaarked (a informal cooverst.ooa | J, Bareaux, O. Cumberbateb, J. Warner, nd rot bat
hh the Ambassadirs thet there was) J) Aleong sod Baptiste. A very ne pro | TJackeon "

fale wueaeeene

i 8 d, at 2/6 ments telegram prams! ponge, epecteralar shows, dia Extess
The Wuivereal Safety Razor, Fhefileld Steel extra Hollow Groun me commis } formes de, wareaccuted ia tanner . : /
dhe Crown tafety Karor, British make with twelve Flexible Blades—$2. Le eeteark for enti eueee [or teeeey | pus sliitad cobttenous round of apptanse Test

Gillette bafety Hazor, Triple bilver Plate, at $450. t

. Voenuel fet onler fealiae
. . inclad t b bis OWLS
Kropp Herore, Houn ‘Vand Squire Pointe—f, §. 4 & f iv. Blades, at qi20 , yenbirs ao lading | tee ereeoeRe | mend ty high and evideaced the usrefal HOWLING ANALYORS,

terme rorewh. oy uly

hy ov. MbKa wikys
Btrops, at $1.32, exlvat. Bir Peicy Boott. ‘The Kio Jeotize | tr iintlasie tame in 2 tseegitid wat |OP Ee I 3 3 yee?
Aree evushes=e foal Badgor Halr, at 96 osnts, nensoapare otvont aay foreign Jofasnee | ody spend, Fauher Keney cngiaiaaied | M Hlewer = 2 eye Oy
lor wands amt wall as s 3 se
Shavig Glasses at 84 conts 4 BTEAMEX COLLISION AND LOSS Mt a OO tatrtent 1 0a } Ph iad Baa ‘

. . elandas at Li vezpeot Ni a
Bios) Maylin for use after Shaving, at 24 cents. Bauke Englaod rales of Sty berths r

Mondays Court Cat,

Pa is earch prevestaiiea aad
Tecate ace tees

r : . . ‘The *Lindholman” das seuk on the teas
William's shaving Eoap at 24 cente, . te = Qoodwju Sacds ater colsica with the the ‘ 5 = ae °
° . de 5 cols “hag > = = | -
‘ RICHARDSON & SEL AYS. gs on sce ater,” eight ree ve ee wa ewatioued WM nes be beat ; x ee Testes ig,

a fw 7 we HHO

\ oe \





me . '

to _ a \ , our ouT THI COUFrON, - ‘ >

. tt mH L 6 0 Fill it {out and send it to be IMPERIAL DUG COMPANY,—BRIDGEBURG, ONTARIO. CANADA "3
j , 2 + © . ee
e0 by La > NY Tine vever téiad FOSBO, batt you wil aapply te a bo bottle fee, Z wil tke i 4


~~ a ry


In Twenty-four Hours, °

. \ ‘ — AND — *

3008 everett :


a (HAT 18 CURABLE, |

Take two tablespoonfuls of Pornso (you can procure it atany Drug Store) and take this
4-626 times aday and upon retiring. This is the prescription of the famous lung specialist, wholes
appointed by the State of New York to establish a camp for Consumptives in the Adirondack M
and whose tyonderful cures there have atteactéd thoamtention of the oixilised world, He declares that
preparation will strengthen weak lungs, telieve the cough dieal the bronchial. tubes, and cure ai
or lung trouble that is not too far advanced, providing tho patient will assist by. ‘taking plenty of
exercise, inhaling long deep breaths. every few minutes. .

It is said that [Pa@mso will break up any ordinary cold in 24 hours, and {being free from
and drugs, it is far preferable to use among children to the ordinary cough mixtures,

The preparation can be secured trom any good prescription druggist at tho small cqst of &
$1.00 per bottle, Inquiry at the prescription department of any of our ledding Druggists
information that Pomso is put up in 6 and 16 ounce bottles with directions plainly printed’
On no account accept substitutes for this preparation as they never effect the desired results,

A local physician familiar with the treatment of this famous doctor in tho camp of the Adi
Mountains says, “It is undoubtedly the most effective known to medical science at the present time aa
7° for the open air life'in the forest would prove just as effective if used in the home, He adds that se fp

mula given in connection with the above preparation is one used by a famous authority, and that it her te

unqualified endorsement of the leading physicians of the country. ag

The physician added,""If this Pomso was known and used generally by the people, throat, lag ane

bronchial affections would rarely reach an cute stage.’ . ® eas 6

. ‘This preparation of Pomso is also a perfect neutralising agent for yricgacid, and taken night Tags
mornin vil heal and rogulate the kidneys and relieve the most obstinate ot rheumatism, if caused] bs

: uric acid in ‘the system, 2 "i


{t you neod PONSO, and have never tried it, please send’us this coupon, We will thea mail you aw order oats
Druggist for a full-sized bottle, and wd'will pay the Druggist ourselves for it, This is our froo gift made ta convines ya
to_ let the product itself show what ic can do, . .

In justice ta yourself, pleaso accept it to-day, for it places you uador no obligations whatever. PONSU Cots Bie biite

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i IVC - ‘ Note that this offer sew users only. Any pbytician or hospital not yet using PUNSU will be gisdiy sopatied
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Sn ET ES a TS: r.
. - ene: | at octously yocufar and triawphan ¢ tase: | uotile lylog on thé Hour, upon which a por Football | .
‘ AT THE FOOTHILLS. Or THE intonien diving hie Toth os Seto Sane he reem doabttal, spoloue io siinalty be | tron of ite ‘Contente hed bese spilled, The ° {tn Tobege :

By Hugh Clefond


Alayna i=


62, Marine Square, feet waa creeping round the

oo 8 bughustng expedition

*” [Dear Curconen,
' _ Just a-few lines to lot you know that I am
slaying at The Caledonian House.” ‘Friday is Christ- conld have a-nae for.

mus Day and Iam going to pay you a visit. I have all

‘ tkinds of Dolls, Balls, Railways, Carts, Thorses, Tea

Sets, and everything that you like. All these nice whieh Crank and J bo b loved.

things are hanging up in The Caledonian House.


one ancther’s
> ; is i OUr mama to sec
Come overy day this week with y of a throat pich we

Hrevently a disheveled Egore stag,

* them, tuto the patch of diogy Hight oust a
of the Dungslow ihe swokin, joa De.
SANTA CLAUS. . hemp switning abare our heads Tt was


- » -

——————————E—————————— SSX"


1 Marquise RING with 9 Diamonds,
1 » RING , 13 Diamonds,

. es
Tho Vory thing for Your Girl.
° If you bave no Giz}, the very way to Win one

Oniy 2.wo-Very Cheap-Cah Quiclkiy,


— ey


Hest Daniah Butter.

him, balf ie ep

TR Se eT

fierce draught.

arey hairs ovle mide b'

Tween a


of the ‘fe'ags. by whieb
was an


teputedle flare wea,

bo trade, leg

-, Retail at STEEHENS? GROCERY. GUODING's beacheotarr had set set bie duty, #


Wh take the following from the fotet-
esting Chrietmas Namber of the London

CRANK, the nstarehiet, who om an
insigoiGcant fvoome and his two flit

* ay tae | house, and bad elready got as far as
‘ e Poit-of Spain, the Malay Fenlosula, wae acated b
side on the verandah of the tule resthousa,
I was camping ttere for a space, collecting
land rents from the neighbouring sitlagers,
Crank had meade it hie abode bersuse it
warachesp, and beraose the forests of the
foothilla which ebut down around us held
more «range creeping, flying, and evil
smelling erestures thin any sane men

Jo company we hed devoure! the inevl-
table resthowse fighting cock —a fowt which
koows bow to make bis moaci-s felt even
afier death—enod now, stretcbed ia long
chairs, one pipes betweea cor teeth, we
were attempting todiget bim, and were
talking lazily of the bookvand the things

On a sudden the ater quiet of the trop-
{cal evening was broken by torrent of
ogly and usseemly roundsoathe, back,
uplovely oathe, that caught their tos ia

beeln ss they stumbled out
ol a throat which we ksew could only be-

that of an old mau, with Jong, giey hair
banging in divordet about ble shoulders;
a wild beard of snowy white, a pose like
secariet balb, puffy, loflamed cheeks, and
eye ta which the light of madoess seem.
tolurh. Hewes dseeed in tatterd
khekl, stalned and mottled and terns
a sbapelens pith bun het was held in one
heod, aad the other gr-eped with feverish
evergy an unenked whiskey-bott's, three
rs fail, Hle boots bad seen betior
gate and probably several letter owners,
Ma stood in that patch of Jamplight
ewaying elighly to end fro like an aie:
poart ot Its picke's, duaed by tbe glere,
end forthe moment mlent. Ooe or two
piloaleg Malaye were groaped beblad
f hafout of the sbadow,
Whh beste aad iltle ceremony, we
bastled bins indoors acd thereafter fed
blm, hoping thet the food would Laleuce
the drluk and teodte soter bim) be
bo str.tagem sou'd we induce bim to
company with the whiskey-boiwle
which now and again be took « long,

Ty waanct pleasact to watch him eat,
for he wae very dronk inded, His wane
ere were Ind-scrib-bie, aod his irreverent

le condition doubt

resoluing, We might bave borne wit!
blas batver if be had been allear, bet he
wee atiocionaly ta‘ketive, and bis lag
pore waa abom'pable. Herepeated many

oe, With a gerclah of blaephear,

bis pame was Waters, * Sav'a We
latter term be

lezatoos ta teak the clostere «f
islands shat He between the Phiiliptens
aud Javey and thea knew who oards

**Beroog Wottre“ was the nickosae by
which he was kuvwa from end to end of
the Archipelago | acd there wee probably

al or Glega'l, Ws weith as
ope time of amether (ble Sretebpd aut

hand. Bayhe had dever stadk to any:
(bing for long, foc the asveg der’

That manly pame football

der through barrea places, seeking rest, | w#s borror-s ricken fearful, ut auxbt [hd oftheshabby box frem which it bad
e places, iz I looked | valent in Port of-pain of p

snd findiog none, lke the unclean » "sddenly bis fece became hx-d in an apps} | teen taken otill stood pfar,

seit hag glare, bis eyes ba'ged from thrie sock: | aroatd me, and for a mowent 1th upht i y
opiiit he wes fe'l lower und fower in the | ete, bia game were drawn back over hie} that Waters weet bad vanisbed, Then 7 ae a reatit ot wbice, ?
bottle, ‘which he never ceasot toclatch; | teeth, & ebarp ery brokefrombim He } 1 saw bin, ofthe T hago ( G,,inoe ged Sam

and presently hia memory seemed tn ani § ater ed op. hit gazed fired upon 4 dr«k cor fo the farthest corner of the room.he } match about a tenth a
the fale Incidents arooid which it ,bad | necof the room, and he harled the now | crouched In tbe angle of the, wall, huddled | tith December they were
been p'aying, and began to concentrate | ewity whieky-bottle violently at some ua: apintoa emelier compans than I should | team of Utticers and Eng»
itself opon a aingle act cf hin, done long f seen object ” . hare conceived it poslble for the body of | wa, Arno, under that p- paige
ego, and Wdove. Io did not telif “ Takethat!” beeried. “I'm hanged | any baman being to crush itealf, Hit feet) wasd of the ¢ ascala Football @
thin narrative conserative'y, bat th J gltdIdoneit'” Then beduckednadden- | wee drawa up under bim; his right Newbary, Totags waa prop-riff
disjointed fengments pléced themselve f iv, +e red me by the arm, and lesped be- | shoulder was towards the room 1 biebacds, } and suffered defeat. bceara Iii
together in my mind, till at Ise 4 bind me, aa thoagh to avoid some lavivib'e | with crooked, claw-hke fingers, were} bao, Ht. hervahen, A. de Yount
they forme} a connected and {ntel igible Parsnet. “For Qed'a rake, drive himaway! | advanred rigidly as thoogh sacking 10 | Cochrane being abeant tb
whole, don’t Jet him touch me ! Drive bias away! | feod of some attacking eoemy; hia chia | meanry of the weather} and
It appeared tliat, nome years before, He'scoming forme . . « he's trylog ta | wae canted etitiy over bis sbowlder; bis! and N, Walser, the ormer oes
Cap'n Ettona Waters had been erploy.d » clateh me !Can’t sb0 see the f-eo of bin— | eyes protraded dreadfally in a Gxed gtare, | native conntry bonniq roused
upon the task of baildiug a bungalow in « | the retudy paint on it * Don't let him bart } “Oh, thoee eyes! Madoers (ihe madoese | fatter on hiz way for alourm
lace very vear the ceutre of northern | the cl’ man! Drive bimeway ! Ob, my | born of abetr terrot), horror, pavic, despale | We wish the Toye of Tob
rneo, ‘Hehad hed wih bim a oumler PGrd! all looked out of them rapitere erseel: ther new venture and bope
of Dyaka aod afew Chiness arivans, and | He gaveventtos yell of sheer terror, | lised upon their giszed sarleces, Olten in far distant when they wil Le
there had nob been en itber white man | breaking away from bis placa b hind me | drerme since thea have I sees those eyes | opome a team from Trinkted sab di
within s couple of hucdred miles of the | tothe centre of ths room. For a woment {Sted upon mes and each time | bave thee they have dotie la cricket, 7
placq, Use of the Chinstuao, wearying of | lestood aurugvlig violently, as though | awakened with abry upon my Sipe, torn
the monotony of his exile, bad made up his ying to ward «ff some nasern enemy, { radely out of the deptbu of sleep.
mind to deserts aud alace peop'e of bigrace | and then fell iwply in a sort of hy upua A single glaoce wea enongh to. tell ua
have a keen business Instinct. he bad done | the A vr, thet the ldafer wos dead, but the whole
the thing thoroughly, possessing bimaelf of f Crank and I gathered bim np ard cir attitade of bis lifeless Ggare seemed to
Cap’a Water's watch and spire cash before | ried bimto (be belroom ic which the | reveal more than that, He looked 30
taking hs departure. Ma aye bad depas ted bis ahaby box, We } thoogh be had died seeklog telags in the
Bornean jangles, however, are ill place: | removed his coat, wad loosened hie grimy } fertbest commer of the room from some
to Gnd your way stout, noes you be} thit Preeeatty be repovere’ conscious: | pursuing phantem, a0 thorgh be hed
Tessemed by right of birth of the inatiact | Hes, and seemed to fa'l sslep thoagh be | crashed his body hard agalnet the wall fa
of tbe foreat dweller, wherelure the Chios. | # tll wnqttered, and his be d rolled rewleas | a vain, despairing effort to elade the grip
men not only lont bie besring and g% ly pon the pillew. Crack and I left him, | of come awfal thing that sought to selae
hopelessly tnabed, but was (racked with | and retureed to the veraod bh. It hed him j os though those clawlog hands of bis
completa ‘ease ty the keen-eyed fittie | beens dinguetiog spd degrading ecene'
Dyes, wha brought him beck to camp) And the roa ilee fon of lt peemd to taint
haoging on & pole, with ankles and wrist. | for me even theclear airof the nisbt
bonnd iogetber, likes tre;ped porcupiae, | We were not left ia pesca long, bowgver,
Then Warers, bie nov) athirs’ for ven | for very soon the 6 came the paiter of bare,
Keance, pat upou the thie’, sciing In the | Dacerteln feet from tbadarkness twhind us,
tomsbdiaed espacity of jadge, Jary, and | 40d, with s emo hered cath, Ol Wotris
Prosecutors and since (here wap no tore | fombied through the doorway I rose just
upproprlate mesos of punishment at band, | in time to catch him in my arma, and so
bis prica ingenn ty euzgested a somewhar | tate bim from ana ty fell, ad be clung
srigiaalsestesce iret, he had the fallow | (0 me, we ping likeachid [lis eyee were
Hopgedihat, of coarse; bub shen fargi. J wild wih tow, and be kept them fixed
gation wee bronght into p'ayjandthe uf pod eunetbing im theda kuese ( owe
fortunate wretch was seatenced to be } thing which be alend could #¢) ing man
painted from bead to brel with the corse | wer which -madg the balr lift and stidea
gieen pafot which was oo band for tbe | UP-e my sca p- ‘
or: amentation of the bangsiow | Heb gard vein a sobbicg, broken voice
Wa'ere was probably too trporant ta | to Keep bim sway—for the love of God
reallee atthe tine what the consequences | kerphimavayt”® Aadhe p {ned to hie
would be, but I doubt alsa whether he} siu, which be bed appereatly bruleed
won'd much have cared bad be knows, Ie | ageivet sumethicg fo bis flight, saying
bad tesa sobbe', aod was nstarelly angry; | that tt was there the beggar had elutch-
alo, when awhue mn of his type ges] eihim .
bower fate hie henge he fy all tow ap. to | * He nearly—got—ma!" he ranted And,
use {tla manner mure savaze thaa | slowiog b's arm agaio be ached os Uwe
savagery itsel’, Anyway, the sentence | coa'd pot sve the paintetans left by the
wavca‘tied ost The ofortunate Chios. | p' avrorn's fingers, .
toso wat painted green, wasosrefully dried We tuok Waters back to bis rvow, and
{a the sup, and thea was lat looses to pda tobed. Then Last down, witha
Cleanse himeel! ay beat he might - Kk, to watch beside him, For «
Noxt day be wae piched up as deed asPepere he lay nearly stl, ove that be
Adoornall, The closing of the puree of bis | Opens? his oyee tow again to asus bie.
asia, and, ft may be, the admixture of f erlf that Ibad not deseted bin, The
eteen{y ia the palat, bad one their work; [ hours cept on, aod abous midntbt he
‘and Watere looked dowa upoathe egonless | fell into a beavy sleep, and ao buur later 1
face, otill awfully besmesred, avd bat, J] left bins, ;
thivk, the meereat Spprosch toa fonae'ense du not kaow procisaly how Ling @ time
Peng thas he bad kuows stoce ebiidhoud, | ela; sed, bog it wes doriug the chill, dark

ctr cavscanl|
Bolemo High M ?
slog bu of Metins pad
fe the Cathedral on Th
On Coristmas day Lew
co'ebrated { om 55%, 00 8 8 me
Masa a5 0.30008, Didnight
seo eung fo the Chuck of
Cunreb o the Berd Hert
fy one, tie "
Chapel,-Holy Nave Chejel, oad
eral conven pal ins stations,
oa i
cents, the e-val Coildr
be dia the Cathedral nt 7200m 2
‘eT, sosrrya cone :
The pupils lee tor ir
vacation ta tha (5b, aod will a
Lill February 2d Fifty ot
wa pote encwhere, ¥Oe P
pabligexamiratos 0! the Oo
ceptors, tbe resulte of W
kuown fa doe cuore,
Yor seniors, and iu ar beetle
were excep! nelly 461
The 8 atere will commosce
retreat on Bc, Rieph a's devs
they will go foc # shat

bed been lifted Impotently in a futile

attempt to thrust beck, fend off, some
thely epectre, whoee approach was dell
rate, veraterent, relentless, irrestatible

For the life of me I conld not be!
exsmiviog those bands, more thee belt
expecting to Gnd traces of green print apon

he palms and oai's, Ourgeives had beed
bedly upeot by the evente Sf the evenloy,
and, of coarse, cue imaging fous may have
bron playing tricks with us, bot &th
Criok aad Us‘ d in Ubat room sniting the
tainted sir—the plece wee reoblug with
tbe pangent emell of new paint!

"Ju kind of seens as thoogh thet China.
mau hed got even with bla at last,” said
Crank, in a atrange voies,

Then we eft (he recom, and went out to
forti'y oureclvee with « strong pip of
whiehy in halr of the dog that had thten
us, Crank called it), aod rext day wa
buried Waters with the belp of a bendfal
of nattres.

We onght rabtly to have sent for «
Fforover, Leuppose, but wa eruld expleia
the omtes‘on on ihe gr uads of the impor
slldlty of detaylog the fonaraly ard Jt
terteiny did not seem felr to fee more
peop # thon was Decesary age that awfgl
cur pas,

Wa put it into « big packiog case (It was
90 rleid that we could ane sthaighto out
tbe limbe)}; and I s!wayn pictare the beauh-
trruber to myself now altiing te 1t, Just se
1} at eaw bit, waltlog tor the Juagmens
Vay to resume the borcore of that last
Ge palring gispple.

TUB fe
Hyarinihe wa ws den
eolvente om Blinchh ose
by bls recent ilo ;
on the deathed
‘We bere ‘ie beard eon
tu #8
Bearboro’ ete 1] with fever
The dea g ation of Fever
Trinided mi-sion, a4 trp e
ioeue, hus bean eousiote
doctor's declaratsm of

Tole is the eatiicg of the tale bathe | hoars wh ob before the ¢ Heo Ctsrroxo. | for thie climes
told ue that oveniog as the featboase of f wae snddep'y aweksned by viriee of the Fatbere Doe peor, Bee,
the foovbitis, disj dnved'y, bas with mach | Mom eppaliog sagan, They tegan bri!) Smnttneeenanmenasteey with we troat, bela te :

alt, forl-tently sod with ti ubrater. | 62d clear, gathered foren aod in eceit .

atlor, And oa berold tt, and awh aky | '8n Op thescele io of eareplittiog no, 8, and

Ubbed, the msacee of ble barre ive style | ceoted abruptly hp “jue auot the

thapset nevcantitly Av drat he bad been | Werth beleg eabghs
a T Jemaged out of Led od ran vheleotly
SAY [| tatyors warts centne roa agit ogee!
PINB COUGH BYRUP will Care| the nan sees aS
that Ueogh if youre for 24 ouk foto ihe im te which we Kad felt the.

petrices, They m9 all (hf
tone the beatiades of S04
the College Fotbea Mt m Seo
reiihe Huy. Pasber Fett ont
tah AuguaiMiles Yothers ;
Pilocase of Cee be of
A eels ef 0 pout oe ’
Asdrew btatego he
Ca lege, bos pee
haieary axguinailes fort

jog 6cb place axooug HEAL

Gonstabulary Bang,

- The Contabulety Baad wit pley the

éeue This Einitooe tray ie Barasie Ger

Grand Merch .. . © Hiessi wi WVogoer

Overtarg,... “ Rotamunds"
a ons 1M Le Cart
ee AN Bae

bat ab LAINGS PUR’ bossheon het.
biivé sTuae Ale iiga “ Nomet Bh

‘The BaF thlog | oom oa opty whhiy


ie’ Good Valud In
: ’ XMAS


HLA M--6) Ibe 1.58

PERIOR RUM «a. =: 0

ws OLD YORT 48


SES oe . 8

D NUTS we «8


BACKERS ++ we Bh

; ' «bee Ub
MeCKLES ow = 1S

-o— od

ders and Balloons.

pe. 40R RENT

"LET—Furpisbed or unfurnished
funbe, 14 Queen's Park Eaat, jcontain.
jog, dining, thies bafrorms and.
youns- galiery ‘aod paviry, also
eat olben Apply to J. W,
7 A613 Qacen’s Park Eaat, Dee,




owe No 4st Vincent
e@eat,}e ol and besltny,
three large bedrooms, drawing,
d diving roums, pavtry etc.. sewer:
d slectreé light instal od, two eer.
fap sed out Bh, Tne diate
poly to Dr J. G. B. diegert

* Dee 1éth-—1m, 2

PRENT —Cotisge No 3 Cipriano!
everd (facing Esst) ecol and
egcitetle for a amail family ors
met bachelors Eles rio Light and
dos. -ApplytoL H. Lovenace
sor 37 Now Birert

RENT —Cuttsge Nowa Su Claie
Wee, conteicing 3 bedrooms, draw:
dinog royma, psniry ete, with
band sewerage lostalled.—

ENT—The premhes No SI Krede-
Me srect, lately oceupled by Mics
best clase basiooss stand \ also
Re ope aire, seuliadie {or offices,
iy Residenee ‘ Motels contalos
& aod Dioing Hooms, 6 Bedroome,,,
b tlectris ight and all coureni-
Apply toR. F Cuagks, Siacdard
soca Ofice—1m.
RENT. Ggexswoop Cottaax’
the delightful valley of St. Anos,
drawing aod dtolag Tvoms,
i, 3 dreesing roome, gallery aod
otiicee with goud stable and care
Recently rephised 04 painted
pomession, .Rent 20 per

tb itecing

c? mALSO—0
pall Cottage aujulning tha above...
Sper month. bor paiticolare apply
Axoczs, 3 Vheoon street...

Fu RENT,—Cottege, 10 Victoria
spy to Tnnidad Shipping
Oe, id, Nov 30tb...1m,

NT = Two comfortable Cottages,
120 and 122 Wucion dtreet, con:
Py sitasted withio ity y
ein’s Fark Savaoosh, ewerkge
Jights fostailed, also stabliog,
00n%, servants toom aod our
vmplets, Immediste posscssioa.
Aeulare—biesse apply at the olfice
D Kiveiro, 54 Hyata Quay:


LE That ¢al roperts
arecderick Htrcet ecideuce
Mane de Vereal, For fale
apely ba toe promises oF to
/ eteull Eeq, Gorernment
Â¥- Deo, 16 mdus.
LE.—1 Remington Typewriter
y aed 3 months), 3 Empiew
see, Kaquire A. Drevecs,
ok N.reet.—18/12/08-—1.


LE OR-RENT 31 Buildlog

la she viliage uf Sau Kalael, Vor

enquire 38 8. Deeytas, 23

Mm Stross, or Mr, A. J. Joseph,
18/12] <2. =

bSAL COR RENT. Thee deairab.®

aes, and weil known Shop Sted,

lands ot Zempty at Belmont,

a6 No. 46 Kithiy Hod, teat

ore parcheser sul meet win

Biptknally good ic. bpply bo

. Borentag & Ov Broad way. 2otb

‘ =3-1O,
UALE OR RENT —Troperty No.
LA UO Arceuil Lene A pig ta Ue wW,

O, No. 9, Krederick 56, or Mr.
Padin.—Nov. 24th—lm.

TED =A Head Teacher for tbe
Boys Catholie School, Tunapuce
pices to be addrewed to tbe Parjen
Si Joseph, 1 week—)5, 12, US
Thee ——
f A lady who can speak
Be Bagliah, French ood Spanish, de
PY Pousies as mail servant, goverceas
. pasioa ta the oouatey, noe ia
an teoommendations Apply
“ We of thin papery—16, 12, ‘OH,

WTBO—A youog man with ot
treet thiree wate axperiance 02 a
to teks over management of &

ppp fa writing only with
bo ha Dick, Sangre Graade-—
enh } week,








Gr 8827, VOL







In great varielyto auit ali tastes, at prices to meet
all requirenente,

The Best of Evefything at Lowest Prices.


Are now prepared with a magoifcent assortment of suitabie GIFTS for the coming
Festive Season.

, The somewhat perplezing question :-—* What shall I give’—ought to be much
edsier avswered than cf yore, wo have pleasare ia anoouociog that our
selection of Presents thre season for old and young surpasses any previous display,
and comprises all the LATEST NOVELTIES.


Ta this Department we are showing « beautiful variety of Geot’s Fan
all the fatest Noveltiea—Scarres, Ties, Collara, Umbrellas, Suk aod Lioen
Handkerchiefs, Stud and Link Sets, Kid Gloves, Faocy Socks, Braces, Underwear,
Straw Hosters Felt Hats, Cafa, and many other articles for wear too numerous
SPECIAL- A large assortment of * Rodget’s” Pen-Kuiyes, Scissors, Razors,
Btrops, suitable for preaents—all exceptions! ralze.

Presents for Ladies:

Nockweat io

Collara, Jabota. Plastoons, Fancy Jewellery, Pearl Neckleta, Faacy Necklets, Photo
Frames, Hom Stitched and Embroidery Handkerchiefs, Sil Blouse, Suk Uoder-
hurts, Belts, Back aad Side Combs, Brooches, &c, dt. .

Dollis, Dollis, Dolls!

In every Department we have taken iat consideration the many varied tastes,
aod whether {t be a $15 Skirt or a modest bor of Handkerchiefs you are certain
of the Beat Quality, the Lest Value, the Beat Variety and the Boat Taste



. GS, FPrederiocic Street.

Just. Received


Bales of 250 bags guaranteed qlbs each,
Dundee manufacture «.. seve


Bales of 400 bags —2}lbs 28 x 48 inches
from Calcutta

Wessels Bros, & von Gontard,

No. 3, BROADWAY 3.


vee ones ove




260 Boxes B.M. Soap.
15 BOXES she 5eLQ3,

. 78 se-t6LBL@
$0 20e BOLBS. :
ty | (248 SOLES.
o6—— .



8 x ” —25LBS TINS

Ex R.M.S, ‘Catalina’ from London








istmas & New Year Gifts

USEFUL ULFTS=Purses, Hand Vanity aud Haloon Begs, Perfumes, Lace

ea meneame

% BER 20 1908 _, DAILY: ONE PENNY

ne “|SKEOCH & CO."

4 a A ~ \
NE . GO | ' D




NDER instructions receiecd from
RV ‘

ignate Est, teustee funder
the Will of the late P. E Betsudior, thd.
undérsigned will offer for sala at thelz
office Nao Bt. Vincent Street, ba Tharae


283, Ghaocon Street

Board of Mrectors :

Hon. G. Goopwrirx, Chairman, -
Atyarpo O, Sieczat, Eeqg
EO Witson, Esq.

oa. Born, Esq.
J. A. Raracy, Esq.
BH. Bteragns, Esq.
J. W. MoCanrny, Esq,
G, QO Sroutmerre, Beg,
Hon A. Wannre Ka! Btaoding

ing Matates situate at Uy Cnndpo, * :
keowe os “Le Trivite™ and loa . a
aloux. *
For farther information sod card toy
view apply to Ti Vigasle, Arima, cet J

. Gov, Atctioncers,
Port ot Spam,
10th December, 1903.

West Africa,


DE here on or about the soth ©
December, to take paesengera for
Weat Africana Ports will not call on

NSURANCES against loss by fire

effected atlowest rates of premiama,
Triennial Dovidends declaiod every year
in favour of Policy boldera


me ee,


Secretary. miy account of nok haviog sufficiest induce
Port-of Apata, 4 4 ment, Parties who far sid va th
Noverober, 1007. FEATILERS, faree will Hindly oall for euces

68 South Qusy,


mur following Bubyects are taught ad
the Ivstituta.—

Ensgtah Composdtion, Shorthacd, Types

writing, §




niwh, French, Book-leepio
Jrewmaking, Art Needlework,
Tamerick ‘and Poiot Lace, Clases dail ,
ARTISANS CLAGES.—Englleb, Anchen tes
-snd Drawiag, on Mondays, Wednee
days and Fridays reey eetively,
CRORAL SrerION.~Taontayy at 8b pit
OrevestRan 8p ros, —Thuradiye @
B15 pa.
Trivaivad Cress Crvu, — 0 alty
Reaping AnD hecrxearion” ligustiew
Opea datly.
Admittance to the
Members aad Avocta .
ubseription: Associa’ os aurtar,
Members €6 eunuslly, , * wirera wy ‘see ry
‘The loatitate fs opes from Ste WW anes
and tiom Sto 10 p,m, daily




“Department of Agriculture. ~

Trinidad Building and
Loan Association.


PPER storey of 18 Chacon

Stroot. Possession on lat Jaa-
uary 1909. Apply on the preia*





Reasons Why Property 0 S| ay ol d VY ou SS o.
James Young Harper rok THE.

As their Agen
Cheapost, Best & Most Reliable

prin. Sr OMe

fection: axe free (a


Ta connection with the receas adverel
ment re destruction of Castyis Hous (Can
wacker) moths, §the folilowtog cetar «
moths canght on Ceroni Fata @ dur ng (be

t three weeke are paublueied foc guuersd

ECAUBE b ties himeelf
Bec this provides that eloment o!

pucaSee ed Besant as panera

onies collec’ al 2 te : aus

Jodged ia the Union Baok of Heli- oa . M iV S Bein


BECAUSE all monthly settlements are : rel =
romptly meee UY sheane poe —GO TO— ‘ P. CARMODY,
be same . - RMODY,

BECAUSE Larpar’a tyatem of getting

bout {se up-to-date and quick,
look pat for dim four and see
ts about
BECAUSE bis references are of the best.

16tb December 1y .

Voth Decenesn, '00g,
mpue Chairmen of the Caront Local Ho
Board bee gitea norles of the tullge:



“Hogunenenveenc || DWAT, CHRISTMAS GIPTS, [eaietasion rte 8
NODTICEK — - © Goeretary, Ceatral Road Board,



PPMIIE above rates are now doe, acd GUITARS (Spe ian dint retaguere) TES 3 3 & E z z
+ 80 Spanish Genuine) . = a.e 2
Ofvcs"Avine wetll Bet peste ane QUATROS (Creole Made) CLARIONETS z a 4 $ z &
when thoes remainiog snpald will bef VIOLINS OCORNETS =
handed to the Pall dor collection with | CELLOS CONCERTINAS § » en .
po addition ot 1) Per der BANJOS, ETO, ETO, ACOORDIANS, ETO, ETO. ba #3 ;
8 Maar. | Waltzes, 'wo Steps,Xmas Albums [ees 2 Es | ¥
“ from dreppiog, tree BATISYFAOTION GUANRANTNND. j 3
GOON Nkieatanie| oP Ce oe
Hale Food. bat ty osiee

Emond‘s Hale ¥

Price 6d at Janios &
fou. = Jrecle
Phermacy— Freder-
ick aod Prince bts,

‘TREASURE '—Drivenin Harness
‘Lady Geneviove’ do. do,
‘SNOWBOUND '—Very quiet In


quigt in harness, ©

‘ 20LROAT ‘—Very quiet in har.

* BRER RABBIT"—Driven in har-

‘LADY PATRIOIA '— Driven lo


St. Michael’s Estate,


Comprising 99 ncres—15,000 full boaruy trees, and 1,000
trooa in Contractor’ hamla Well watored anid fa posits *Gs
yoads, and only 10 wilnutes dtivo from Tacrarigua Railway

of Parbttaree

of Bemweao

Passing through.
de of Beazs!

\: of

W. H. Milli Lands cf J:
dee! GusnersPheippal Landa of H.

Malle avd others

aed others

. Irende of Calle, Thaves


—ALHO— ,


Comprisimg 10 acres planted with oocoa and ooconute

‘That the fe flowing Crown travea in the Caroni Rosd Dawa be declared Pablie (Local) Boads,

harness, ’ OFFERS aro requested, and will'bo taken ty « i t

g . il

no eniten || THOMAS BOYD, ee ELiph
_ Tus Exeqapres, ' MROADWawnNr, : i i f ‘
ab Dove. 198, Paimenty freta where all par{igulens cau 69 gbtalued cn apphoation, 33 4 § 3 ' j


.«rng ,.OBX Qg'BPAIK 8MM 80NPAY DECEMBER 80 1S0B..

rery Dept. Crammed fall with New Goods,
The Best Values in the West Indies.
¡Imas Trade.
reh. Sparkling Wine,
Above boil!
Km Trinidad Shij
Above btiing offered Cheap.
F. A.
. lor G.3'1
s..*. x~zzs£ \rtv,~:.. ssaís v¿-'írfi¿i;
:skíSi-í.í '

Just, in Time iSS
too. i Atim & oo.
Stylish Goods
lavidson & Todd
Curtain Hooks I Curtain Kings
Picture Hooks | Fioturo Ri
^apaxLese , Enamel,
ALL tltiiSH GOODsj'.AT-
i‘Th% Arcade."

. J
[mas Presents, Toys and Groceries
K t¿i a,nti.rc; SÚTTER :
Xmas Supplies ?
A íat T arkey w Ciiiksa.
BAMS,- -Choice Irish in Casks
Bndlesi-X) >««• «i 1!.
Rats -;,<■> n«.. wb,lc n,nd,
Soaps, u c (^ ’*
Liqueur • 1Vhisky
CtM "T-7
■¿Zr\ Z~Z0'Z
Xmas Hampers.
ici:tl-S'!u6:¡ l<
dao c ¿ .Mri U u £ S 0II t' Worr Inc.
fcllRim IÍRANT .V CD.
»1 W. (pñlülNO
^ 04 Marlnot^auaro.
» ofUitV'á" tertian
ipc'il AlltrtioD Is UaUed )o|
5Q7JMS .. .a
£js’ Own Annual..
Sirica Own Annual...
[battebo,.. ...
Little Folks
Post Cards.
IN r.urvr variety.
f- --Ü-

4ZSOSÍÚ». ■;«“
w. *J!
S','"’1 r"'“ “ **■»> -
Friday, 1st Jany., 1309.
San Fernando Regatta]
; :¡
Toys, Toys, Toys,
If You ape in Doubt
Our Silver Goods
Tie Low Prices and Uptodate Slock Make them sb!1 Fast.
•Otto and ‘Strohmongoi1 Pianos,
l-FitMK» m*ytt

«11H IRCJ and CO, Tho